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( For the use of Schools and Collegej:^. ) 



Bhagvandas Purwhottamdas Sanskrit Scholai^^ University 0/ Bombay ^ 1884 ; 
Senior Dakshina Fellow, Eli)hlnhtone College^ 1884-5-6. 

Urs. Radliabai Atmaram Sagroon, Book-Selleb and PasLisHBB, 

Ealkadevi Road. 



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I'liiited at the " Arya-Bhtishana " Press, 

No. 25, Badhwar Peith. 

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WHEN already tbere are some Sanskrit*EngIish Dictionaries in the field, 
it becomes necessary to explain, at the oatset, the necessity for the 
production of such a volume as the one now offered to the public. Of the 
Sanskrit-English Dictionaries, now in existence, none was written specially 
to meet the wants of Indian students and none is within the easy reach of 
the student of moderate means. Professor Goldstiicker's excellent but 
Toluminous lexicon did not even reach the end of ^ and is now out of 
print. Prof. M. Williams' Sanskrit-English Dictionary is undoubtedly a 
highly useful and meritorious production in many respects. But it abounds 
in matter not needful to the ordinary student of classics ; its plan and 
arrangement, though philosophical, are not practical ; and it takes up much 
unnecessary space by the employment of Roman character in addition to 
the Devanalgari'^ by giving insertion to unnecessary forms, and by repeat- 
ing, in every instance, the leading word in the collocation of compounds. 
It is, besides, so highly priced as to be practically within the reach of very 
few indeed. Prof. Benfey's Dictionary, not to speak of its very high price, 
contains much useless matter and is often singularly wanting in that 
which the student would naturally look for in a Dictionary. Prof Wilson's 
Dictionary gives mere synonyms, is defective in its treatment of verbs and 
generally fails to supply to the student the additional information he seeks. 
Moreover, being an old attempt, it is superseded by the performances of 
later writers. Of course I do not mean to disparage these works ; on the 
other band I value them highly and I have elsewhere acknowledged my obli- 
gations to them. I only wish to show that the Indian student of Sanskrit 
classics is thus left without any Sanskrit-English Dictionary, which, being 
within his easy reach, would satisfy his ordinary demands. While lecturing 
to Sanskrit classes at College, this want of a suitable Sanskrit-English 
Dictionary was often brought to my notice ; and, last year, I was prevail- 
ed upon by my publisher to undertake to prepare the present work, chief- 
ly to meet the ordinary demands of High Sohool and College students. 
My chief object, accordingly, in compiling the present Dictionary, has been 
to prodace a volume of moderata size, as cheap and handy as possible with- 
out sacrifice of clearness and facility of reference, which the student can 
e(Hmiiaiid at any time and place and in which he would find all that he 
wliiumfy require*. , ^.^^^ ,^ Google 


Having pointed out the necessity for such a Dictionary I prlSbeed to 
explain the scope of the present work and to deiiae the extent ' of Kterature 
which it is meant to cover. Sanskrit • literature embrace's two -distinct 
periods — Vedic and post-Vedic. The first comprises the font "f^^das and 
their auxiliaries, viz., the Brdhmatias, the Upanishads, and thef Siitras. 
The second comprises metrical law-books, the great epics, tl^e several 
systems of philosophy, grammatical literature, legal digests and com- 
mentaries, rhetoric, poetry in its various branchSs, the drafcas, the 
Pura?ias and UpapurAnas and treatises on mathematics, astrology, 
music, medicine, and other branches of knowledge. Of these the 
first or Vedic period is not covered by the present Dictiomiry, my 
object being to supply an adequate help for the study of post-Vedic, 
more especially, of classical literature. Accordingly purely yeclic words 
— words which are not met with in classical works and are peculiar to the Vedic 
literature — will be found altogether omitted. The Vedas, being the earliest 
record of human progress yet known to man, unquestionably afford much 
food for reflection and speculation ; and it is the duty of every son of India 
to study these sacred writings on other grounds also. But I think sepa- 
rate appliances ought to be in existence for the use of the Veditt student. 
The meanings of Vedic terms are not yet settled. SiyaTia's renderings are 
not in harmony with the opinions of modern scholars, and the latter again 
differ as much from one another as they do from the great Indian scholiast. 
In such a state of Vedic scholarship an independent lexicon of purely Vedic 
terms explained in the light of modern philological researches would be 
highly useful to those engaged on a study of the Vedic literature. But this 
task being very arduous and beside my purpose, I have striqtjy confined 
myself to the post-Vedic literature. However, it miist not at all be sup- 
posed that the present Dictionary embraces the whole post-Vedic literature 
in all its branches. Even after the exclusion of Vedic literature the field of 
Sanskrit learning remains so vast that, in order to produce a lexicon which 
would cover the whole of its ground and do full justice to all its branches, 
many years of patient and incessant labour are necessary ; and the fniit of 
such labour it will be impossible to give in a single volume, however large. 
To explain and define the innumerable terms of logic, law, rhetoric, mathe- 
matics, philosophy, grammar, music, medicine and other branches of learn- 
ing with accuracy and precision is a task not yet attempted by any Sanskrit- 
English lexicon except, perhaps, that of the late Prof. Goldstuckei*, which, 
as I have already intimated, did not reach the end of even th^* first vowel. 
This small volume is intended as an aid to the ordinary student of classical 
literature and cannot pretend to be in any way exhaustive^ on^liese lines ; 


nor can it render aid to any bnt a mere beginner in many of the special 
branches of learning indicated above. However, grammar, rhetoric and 
law, as being more intimately connected with general literature, 
are more particularly attended to iq the compilation of this work 
and most of the ordinary terms peculiar to these branches are explained 
as clearly as the nature of the work allowed. Of other branches 
of special learning such as logic, mathematics and medicine the 
student will find ouly the most ordinary terms included, while in the case 
of such branches as music and astrology even this has not been found, in ^ 
cases, possible. Again the names of such plants and trees only are inserted 
as are met with in general literature. Those peculiar to medicinei though 
found in Sanskrit lexicons like that of Amarasinha, have been omitted as 
being of very little use in making a general acquaintance with Sanskrit 
Uterature. Obscure and unimportant words never used in literature and simple 
compound words («. g, ^«»i4«, ^^^ j ) which present no difficulty of meaning 
are, in many cases, excluded ; and so are simple derivatives from words 
\vhich the student can very easily form for himself. Names of auth^^rs 
and virorks have also had to be omitted. They are of no use to 
the ordinary student in his studies' and are too numerous to deserve, infloi^ 
lion in a small volume, besides the fact that there now exist many eatalognes 
of Sanskrit Mss. from which such information can be gathered if required. 
My object in making all these omissions was to effect as much saving of 
space as possible without diminishing the usefulness of the book. To re- 
capitulate, the present Dictionary includes words occurring in the general 
post-Yedic literature — such as the epics, the metrical law-books, the moral 
tales, the prose of Danc^in and Bana, poetry in its various branches, the 
dramas, and the Pur&nas — most of the ordinary terms of grammar, rhetoHo 
and law, and the most ordinary terms of logic, philosophy, medicine, and 
some other special branches of learning. It does not include Vedic words^ 
names of plants and trees except when they are met with in general litera* 
tnre, obscure and unimportant words never used in classics, extremely 
simple componnds, obvions and simple derivatives, names of authors and 
works and the more technical terms of the philosophical and scientific 
branches of learning. 

Some words are now necessary in regard to the plan and arrangement 
of the work. And first it must be pointed out that the head of etymology is here 
attogether left out of consideration. Comparative etymology, such as would 
be serviceable for philological purposes, however useful in itself, was of 
coarse ont of the question in a volume like the present. Simple derivatiooi 
I diat given in Wilson's Sanskrit-English Dictionary, wouldb>I b^Uem 

igi ize y g 


have much increased the balk of the volame without practically adding to ita 
utility. This latter also, for this reason, I have altogether omitted 
and confined myself to giving such derivations only as deserved at- 
tention on account of their singularity ; ( See inf^,'irT^pT, W?>f, ^, Ac.). 
Again I have not considered it either advisable or necessary to give all pos- 
sible meanings of every word. Some which never occur in literature and 
are quite out of-the-way have been omitted. For the sake of clearness the 
different significations of each word have been separated and numbered by 
black Arabic figures ; and, in doing so, meanings sufficiently distinguishable 
from each other, even when ultimately referrible to the same general sense, 
have been given separately. But mere shades of meaning and particulari- 
ties of use which closely run into one another have been generally grouped 
under the same figure. In order to save space I have made a point of not 
making, in any case, the number of synonyms under each sense needlessly 
large. To the ordinary student, especially to a beginner, quotations are of 
great use as furnishing illustrations of the use of a word in a particular 
sense ; and they also often assist in corroborating a doubtful meaning or 
fixing the signification of a word in a particular passage. I have, therefore, 
very often inserted quotations, mostly from classical writers, and have ge- 
nerally supplemented them by references to other places. All the works 
usually read in schools and colleges and a good many more have been copiously 
drawn upon for this purpose. In giving quotations and references generally 
the most suitable editions have been used ; where many editions existed 
it has sometimes become necessary to compare some of them. In the case o£ 
El&vyas the chapter and verse are always given as they are almost coincident 
in all existing editions. But in the case of prose works such as Bdna's K&- 
dambari the page is never cited since there is very little or no chance of the 
pages of the different editions coinciding with each other. To take an exam* 
pie, what is page 85 in Dr. Peterson's edition of BdTia^s K&dambar{ is 
page 169 in a Calcutta edition, and, for aught one knows, may 
be some totally different page in a third edition. For similar reasons in 
making quotations from and giving references to plays I have thought it 
advisable te give the Act only without citing the page. My object in fol- 
lowing this course has been not to localize a book which may be used 
everywhere, by making references by page to editions which are in parti- 
cular use at particular centres only. In this connection I may be allowed 
to observe that it is a matter for regret that, in spite of the so-called 
spread of Sanskrit learning, we do not yet possess accurate and trustworthy 
editions of some of the classical works usually read at colleges. Th» 
Hrichchbakadka and the Uttarar&macharita^ for instance, af6>nndoubtedl7 

Digitized by V^nC 


two of oar best Sanskrit plays ; bat anfortanately their texts are yet in 
a most unsatisfactory condition, and antbors have no option bat to nse 
sach material as may be within their reach. In addition to quotations and 
references I have noted grammatical peculiarities where necessary and 
have often added other information which, I hope, will be acceptable to 
the University student. At the end are added two appendices : the first 
treats of Sanskrit prosody and the second is explanatory of the names of 
noted mythological persons, &c. The student, it is believed, will derive 
much assistance from them. ( For further details see ^ Directions to the 

In the next place I must mention the works which I have constantly 
consulted in the course of the compilation of this volame. Professor 
Goldstiicker's Sanskrit-English Dictionary was constantly consulted to the 
middle of the first vowel, and I derived many happy hints from it. Pro- 
fessors Bohtlingk and Both's excellent and exhaustive Sanskrit-German 
Worterbuch has been constantly by my side and has furnished me with 
hints for many of my quotations and references. Indeed I have made my 
own selection and have drawn upon aoarces not drawn upon by those 
authors. But my indebtedness to them in this matter I must frankly ac* 
knowledge. Professor Taranath^s Y&chaspatya I have consulted throughout 
for the different significations of words, for quotations, and for other in* 
formation in which that work so richly abounds. Professor M. Williams' 
Sanskrit-English Dictionary, so rich in synonyms, has been a constant 
source of aid and has supplied many excellent equivalents. The Professor's 
scheme of compound words has also assisted me a great deal. These authors 
have been my principal guides and I most thankfully acknowledge my deep 
obligations to them. I have also now and then referred to the Sanskrit-Eng- 
lish Dictionaries of Benfey and Wilson and the Sanskrit-Marathi lexicon of 
ihe late MUhava Ghandrob&. Moreover, I have had frequently to consult 
Sanskrit lexicons, works on grammar, rhetoric and prosody and a great many 
other texts — some of them very ably edited by competent scholars. To the 
authors or editors of all such works I tender my most hearty thanks, 

I shall next advert to a few particulars which call for some explana- 
tion. Though compounds are generally arranged under their first members^ 
I have purposely deviated from this course in a few instances and treated 
them as leading words when such a course appeared to me to be more snit- 
tible. To effect saving in space I have also treated some words as com- 
pounds which, strictly speaking, are not so. Such are the abstract nouns in 
^ and W and the adjectives in 'T?, ^ and f^. There is /one more 

Digitized by 



irregularity imposed upon me bj the exigencies of the press : I mean the 
orthography of anusva'ras in the body of words. In a lexicon, where, in 
arranging the words, such anusva'ras are treated as nasals, it was 
my intention to insist on the usual mode of representing them by 
their corresponding nasals ; but owing to the extreme inconvenience of 
the press added to the ignorance of scribes through whose hands such a 
work must necessarily pass I had no course left but to give up my intention ; 
and, as a consequence, no one fixed rule has been followed in regard to 
this matter. But as this irregularity is not likely, in any way, to interfere 
with the usefulness of the work I hope the public will indulgently excuse me. 

In fine I trust that this volume will be useful not only to High 
iiSchool and College students for whom it is chiefly intended, but also to the 
general reader of Sanskrit classics ; and if I learn that this object it has 
fulfilled even partially I shall consider myself amply rewarded. 

However, in a work of this magnitude, dealing as it does with the 
whole stock of knowledge in a language copious in its literature, I am 
quite aware that many imperfections and shortcomings must have occur- 
red from my own want of knowledge as well as from other causes. 
Indeed I have occasionally discovered snch shortcomings even in the 
great works which I consulted, and I do not at all imagine that my attempt 
can be free from them. In partial excuse of these I hope I shall be 
allowed to plead the immense labour and close application that such a 
work demands. The reader will also consider how errors quickly multiply 
when a work has to pass throngh several hands. I need not add that I 
shall be very happy to receive suggestions for the improvement of the 
work and shall very willingly adopt such of them as may be useful 
in a subsequent edition. 

In concluding I tender my hearty thanks to Mr, Krishnaji Govind 
Oka who, in addition to supplying several valuable hints, saw the whole 
work through the press and to whom alone is due the credit of whatever 
may be good in the execution and general get-up of the work. My 
thanks are also doe to several other friends who have assisted me in one 
way or another in the compilation of the present Dictionary. 

Bombay, December, 1888. L. R. VAIDYA. 

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( 1 ) In this Dictionary words are arranged in the N&gari alphabetic 
cal order. 

( 2 ) When words, really dissimilar owing to difference in derivation 
or grammar, are identical in form, the form is given once only as a leading 
word, and nnder it are treated the several words under large Roman 
figures like other words in the Dictionary, e. g. ^w, iu^, ^r^, 

( 3 ) For the sake of clearness, the several meanings of each word, 
when sufficiently distinguishable from one another, are given separately 
and numbered by black Arabic figures ; mere shades of meaning are not 
treated as separate senses ; but, in such cases^ generally several synonyms 
are given ; and the student must use his discretion in finding out which of 
them is the most appropriate in any particular passage. 

( 4 ) Simple derivatives from words, which the student can easily 
form for himself and which present no material difference of meaning are 
generally omitted. Thus potential passive participles in ^1^, ^ or M'fl^i the 
less important past passive participles, abstract nouns regularly derived from 
adjectives, present participles and adverbs formed from adjectives are, ex- 
cept m special cases ( See ^ffit ^, left out. These, it is believed, the student 
will be able very easily to make up by the ordinary rules of grammar. 

( 5 ) Names of authors and works are omitted, except in some notable 

( 6 ) Some words which are used as indeclinables, but are clearly 
derivable from nouns or adjectives, are given within brackets under the 
nouns or adjectives from which tbey are derived and are not treated as 
separate words , e. g. ^ftl^T under ^T. 

( 7 ) The meanings of past passive participles and other similar 
derivatives are not given in full as tbey may be very readily got at by a 
reference to the roots from which they are derived. 

( 8 ) Quotations are given in small Nigari type after the meanings 
which they are meant to illustrate. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


( 9 ) All remarks upon meaoiogs, explanatory and grammatical 
statements, and notes of information are enclosed within brackets. 

( 10 ) (a) Componnd words, except in a few cases where another 
conrsd appeared advisable, are grouped under the first word in the 
compounds which is denoted hy a bjphen ; thus-«in:^ under ^7 means 

{b) But where the formation of a compound is irregular and cannot 
be obtained by substituting the leading word for the hyphen and apply- 
ing the ordinary rules of Sandhi^ the compound is given in full, e. g^ 

MHTTO^, ^*nft^, 3f?wfw, Mfncrw. %^. 

(c) In every case compounds are arranged in the Nagari alph a- 
betical order of the words, which, in combination, are to be added on 
to the leading word. 

{d) When a compound itself forms the first member of other com- 
pounds, the latter are given immediately below it, the first componnd, 
in such cases, being represented by a ( ° ) preceding the word which forms 
the last member of the new compound. Thus ^^TPT under TO means not ^•fHr 
but TOiPIPT. 

(e) For the sake of convenience some words formed by Taddhita 
pratyayas^ are treated as compounds. 

( 11 y In the case of nouns, feminine forms, when of sufficient im- 
portance, have been, as a; rule, treated as separate leading words. In a few 
cases, however, in which the feminine form makes no difference in meaning 
beyond that of sex it is indicated under the masculine word. 

(^ 12 ) Every leading adjective has its feminine form given after i^ 
within brackets ; but this course has not been followed in the case of 

( 13 ) (a) In the case of roots the Arabic figure, preceding A, P and 
U, denotes the conjugation to which the root belongs. 

{b) Under each root some of its important forms are usually given* 

(c) Verbs formed by prefixing, prepositions and other words to roots 
are given under those roots in Nagari alphabetical order. Thus •nftfT 
and ^tRtit must be looked for under ^. Tbe hyphen which follows pre- 
positions indicates that they are to be prefixed to the leading root in order 
that it may give the senses that follow. 

{d} Sometimes roots change their form or pada (voice) or both under 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


the influence of certain prepositions or when used in certain senses. These 
changes have been noted within brackets in their proper places. 

( 14 ) A few words and meanings, inadvertently omitted in the body 
of the Dictionary, have been given in the form of a Supplement at the end. 

( 15 ) App. I. gives in an intelligible form the definitions and 
illostrations of snch metres as the stadent is likely to meet with in Sanskrit 
classics. As regards names of mythological persons, thor^e most generally in 
use have been thrown in App. II. for the sake of easy reference, and all 
synonyms and epithets in the nature of synonyms are included in the body 
of the work. Thus the word H^ will be found in App. II. where a short 
account of the hero is given ; but the synonyms ( TTtH^^* fn^ and 'ITFJP'') 
will be found in the body of the work in their proper places, 

( 16 ) In a few cases the rules uft Sandhi are not strictly observed 
for the sake of intelligibility. 

( 17 ) The system of transliteration followed is, in no item^ a new 
one and will easily be understood by the student without any explanation. 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



of GrHXTmnattcal terms, ^c. 

Aer Atm A'tmanepmda, 

a Adjective. 

sU Ablative. 

net ••••Accusative. 

App Appendix. 

Bah. or BaIm....Bc^uvrt'A2. 
eons.. ...••.. ••••...Causal, 

Cf. •••Compare. 

CoMP •,,. Compound. 

coRpor^...,.. Comparative. 

Dat Dative. 

ienoffl .••••^ Denominative. 

d(iid,^t • Desiderative. 

<^« Dual 

tg .....{^ ex&KLpli gratia ) for ex- 

I^x Example. 

/• ••••••...Feminine ( of adjectives ). 

M ••••.Feminine ( of nouns ). 

k Figurative or figuratively. 

Aq-.. •••Frequentative. 

?«n, Genitive. 

?»ffl •Grammar. 

\' ^' .••...( id est. ) that is. 

J*<^.- •••••.Indeclinable. 

1^ Infinitive. 

^... •...Instrumental. 

'^^^* Introduction. 

lit •...Literal or literally. 

loc .Locative. 

m Masculine. 

Math ....Mathematics. 

misc Miscellaneous. 

n Neuter. 

nom ..Nominative. 

num • Numeral. 

op Opposed. 

r or Par Parasmai^ada, 

pass Passive ( present third per- 
son singular ). 

phil •••..Philosophy. 

pi Plural, 

pp Past passive participle. 

pres ••...Present ( third person 

singular ). 

pron ......Pronoun. 

q. V ..••••( qnod vide ) which see. 

Sch. • Scheme. 

sing Singular. 

super Superlative, 

Tat. or Tatpur. .. . Tatpurusha. 

U Uhhayapada ( Atm. and 


vi Verb intransitive. 

voc Vocative. 

vt Verb transitive. 


of t7ie J^ctmes of W^orJcs. 

^•« Amarakos'a ( in three l:a'nAas, 

Bombay edition, 1882 ). 

'^^ 8 Amarus'ataka (published in Ka- 

vyasangraha, Calcutta, 1872), 

ABtniL...A'nandaIahari' (published in Ka- 
vyasangraha, Calcutta,1872). 

A. R Anarghar4ghava (in seven acts«) 

Asv As'vadhari' ( published in Su- 

bh'ashitaratnakara, Bombay, 

Bg BhagavadgiU (in eighteen ad- 

hya'yasy Calcutta,l879). ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 



Bh Bhirata (in eighteen par vans). 

Bhag Bbagavata (in twelve skandhas). 

Bhartr Bhartriliaris'ataka[ (i.) Sr'inga- 

ras'ataka, published in Kavya- 
sangraha, Calcutta, 1872;(ii.) 
Nitis'ataka, (in.)Vairagyas'a- 
taka, Telang's edition, 1885]. 

Bh. P Bhashaparichchlieda. 

Bh. V Bhaminivildsa in four vila'aas, 

Vaidya's edition, 1887). 

B.R BalaramdyaTUi ( in ten acts .) 

Br. A Brihadaranyaka. 

Bt Bha<dk4yya (in twenty-two sar- 

gas, Majumdar's series, Cal- 
cutta, 1878). 
<]Jhando. U.Chha'ndogyopanishad. 

Chat Ch&takashtoka ( in two parts, 

published in Ka'yyasangraha, 
Calcutta, 1872). 
*Ch. K Chan^&ikaus'ika (in five acts). 

Oh. L Chandraloka (in ten Ma^u- 

khas, Calcutta, 1874.) 

Ch. M Chbandomanjan ( in six staba- 

kas, Calcutta edition). 

Ch. P Chaurapancha's'ika (published 

in Ka'vyasangraha Calcutta, 
1872 ). 

D.B.or ) T\ f ui, f 
D.Bh. ) -l^ayabhaga. 

D. K Das'akumaracharita (in two 

D . R , Da8'arnpa(in four parichchhedas, 

Hall's edition.) 

Gaut. S Gautamasu'tra. 

Ghat Ghatokarpara ( published in 

Ka'v7asangraha, Calcutta 


Git. G Gi'tagovinda (in twelve sargas, 

publislied in Ka'vyasangraha, 

Calcutta, 1872.) 
G.L Ganga'lahari (published in K4- 

vyasangraha, Calcutta,1872) . 

Gj M Ganaratnamahodadhi. 

Har. Ch.....Harsbacliarita (in eight uch- 

chhvasas ). 

Has Ha'sya'rwaya. 

Hit Hitopades'a ( in four parts ). 

Jaim. N, M. Jaiminiyanya'yaratnama'Ii, 

or Jai 



mmi _. ^ 

Kad Ka'dambari' 

Kalika. P...Ka'lika'pura'na. 

Katho Kafhopanishad. 

K. D Ka'vya'dars'a (in three j>ari- 

chchkedas, Bibliotheca In- 
dica series, Calcutta, 1863). 

Kir Kira'ta'riuni'ya(in eighteen sar^ 

gas, Calcutta, 1875). 

K. I*r Ka' vyapraka's'a (in ten ullasas). 

K* S Kuma'rasambhava (in seventeen 

sargasy Nimayasa'gara edi- 
tion, 1886 ). 

K. S. S. ...Katha'saritga'gara, 

Kus Kusuma 'njali. 

M... Manusmriti (in twelve adya'yas^ 

Mandlik's edition, 1886). 

Mai Malavikagnimitra (in five acts). 

Mar. P Markand/eyapuraTia. 

Megh Meghaduta (in two p^rte, Nir- 

nayasagara edition, 1883 ). 

Mit Mitakshara ( Bombay edition, 


M. Karika-Mi'mansakarika. 

M. M Malati'madhava ( in ten acts, 

Bhandarkar's edition, 1876). 

M. Mud.....Mohamudgara ( published in 
Kavyasangraha, Calcutta, 1872). 

Mrich Mrichchhakarika ( m ten acts). 

M. S Mahishas'ataka (manuscript). 

Mud Mudriirakshasa ( in seven acts, 

Telang's edition, 1884 ). 

Mug Mugdhabodlia. 

Mv Mahaviracharita (in seven acts, 

Borooah's edition, 1877). 

Na Naishadhacharita (in twenty- 
two sargasy Calcutta edition, 

Nag Nagananda ( in five acts ). 

Nal Nalodaya (in four sargas, 

published in Kavyasangraha, 
Calcutta. 1872). 

Niti. Pr Ni'tipradipa(published in Kavya- 
sangraha, Calcutta, 1872). 

Panch Panchatantra (in five tantras). 

Par. P Parvati'rariTiaya ( in ^yq acts). 

P. Bh Patanjalamahabhashya« 

Digitized by "^ / 




Pr. B Pran^bharana ( published in 

Kavyam^la, Bombay ). 

Pr. ch Prabodbachandrodaya ( in six 

acts ). 

Ft. R Prasannaraghava (in seven acts). 

P. Y Patanjali's Yogasiitra. 

B Raghuvans'a ( in nineteen ear- 

gasy Nimayasagara edition, 

Bajat Ilajatarangi?^. 

Btm Ramayana ( in seven ka'ndas). 

Bat Ratnavali' ( in four acts ). 

B. 6 Rasaganga'dhara (manuscript). 

Rt jBitusanha'ra (in six parts, pub- 
lished in Ka'vyasangraha,Cal- 
cutta, 1872). 

R. V jSigveda ( in ten mandalas. Max 

Miiller's edition). 

Sai:. SVkuntala (in seven acts). 

iSank.K. : 

Sa'nkhyaka'rika' . 

Sank.K. ) 
or Sank- I 
hyaK. j 

Sank. S Sa'nkliyastitra. 

Sant. S. ...S'a'ntis'ataka ( in four parich- 

chhedas, published in Ka'vya- 

sangraha, Calcutta, 1872). 

Stf. D Sarvadars'anasangraha. 

8»*' Br S'atapathabra'hmaTia. 

S^Bh. S'a'ri'rablia'8hya(in four adhya- 

yasy Calcutta edition, 1874). 
8D Sa'hityadarpana ( in ten parU 

chchhedasy Calcutta edition, 

1878 ^ 

8ii M Siddhintamukta'vali'. 

Sik. S'iksha'. 

®^ S'is'upa'lavadha (in twenty sar- 

gaSy Calcutta edition). 

S. K Siddha'ntakaumudi'. 

S. Kant. ...Sarasvati'kantha'bharawa, 

S. L Sudhalahari (published in Ka'- 

vyamalu, Bombay ). 
Sr. B S'rutabodlia (published in Ka- 

yyasangraha, Calcutta, 1872). 
Sr. T Sringaratilaka(publi8hed in K4- 

vyasangraha, Calcutta, 1872). 

T. K Tarkakaumudi'. 

Trik Trika'nc/as'esha. 

T. S Tarkasangraha. 

Udd Uddhavadu'ta ( published in 

Ka'vyasangraha, Calcutta, 


t^t Uttarara'macharita ( in seven 


Ut. M UtpaiamaV. 

Va j. S Va' jasaney isanhita'. 

Vas. D Va'savadatta' ( HalFs edition). 

Ve Veni'sanha'ra ( in six acts). 

Vid. Bh. ...Viddhas'dlabhanjik^ (in four 
acts ), 

Vikr, ••••••Vikramorvasi'ya ( in ^yq acts, 

Pandit's edition, 1879). 
Vikr. Ch Vikrama'nkadevacharita ( in 

eighteen sargas^ Biihler's 

edition, 1875). 

Vir. M Vi'ramitrodaya. 

V. P Vikyapadi'ya. 

Vaj Ya'jnyavalkyasmriti ( in thre© 

adhydyas, Bombay edition. 


Note. — The small Roman figui« follow- 
ing the name of the work indicates the 
canto, chapter, act, &c. and the Arabic figure 
the verse. 


of the names of Jluthors 

2*» Ch4>»ky«. 

°»l. Halayndhfl. 

If? ..Jagannitha. 

***• Katyajana. 

KuU KuIluTca. 

Mall Mallinitha. 

Pan Panini. 

Ud Ubdhato. 

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IT md I An interjection 1 
of jHty; 2 of calling, e, g, 3T 
JRPrfjSof blame orreproacL, 
«^.3Tq^9^iir9T. II A pre- 
fix implying 1 negation aris- 
ing frin similarity {e.g. 3T3rr- 
1^: one who is not a Brah- 
fflajm though like him ) ; 2. 
priTation [e. ^.ar^rST* absence 
of f? ) ; 3 difference ( e. g, 
vptSi i^er than a «TT ); 4 
£iiijiki^on( e.g. 3^5^ hav- 
ing i^t^^Kry slender waist); 6 
Wb(H8.( e. g. apfT^rr: bad 
coafact ); 6 contrariety (^. 
^ ai(9f»t4K; contrary of white 
I. «. bhck). These meanings 
see p8t together in the fol- 
loiring stanza : — ^T^lHrTT^- 

'Wf jR^'T^t ri<«^di I ^rrr^- 

%\ II If the noun to wliich 
iris to be prefixed begins 
v3k tTowel, the 3T ass^uiiies 
fc fmn apt ( ^. </. ST^fT^TT) ; 
lit if the vowel following 
As t| happens to be a 7, 
Aknde is sometimes neg- 
JMibJ (j. fir. il^lf^rj or anr- 
^V ^^ ^* ^^ name of 
; H is the first word 

1^^ Bystie syDable #f , 

I liemg ir and \. 

^^(r^^^^ w IV. n. A name 
of Brahman ( n. ). 

»?^irPn[ «. ( y. 'ft ) Free 
from debt. 

divide, to distribute. With 
^-1 to break asunder; 2 to 

^tfr w. 1 A share, portion ; 
2 inheritance, 1!^^ ^q^- 
?T^ M, IX. 47;3 a shoulder; 
4 tlie numerator of a frac- 
tion ( in math ). Comp. 
— ^tftr «»^« share by share. 
-?ir^ n. the dividing into 
sliares ; -^THC ^« ^^ ^^\t^ 
a co-heir. -f?c» fff^ « 
a sharer, ftr^^^^itf ^- 
^qrrrqrr: Yaj. n 132. 

^r^nir I '^* 1 A part; 2 an 
heir, a kinsman. II 77. A 

^f^PT w. Dividing, sharing. 

BTO?5r a. ( /. ?^ ) 1 Strong, 
stout ; 2 sharing, dividing. 

3rf^a.^(/. ;ft ) A sharer, a 
co-heir, «^ ^ ^: ^'TW^: 
Yaj, II. 114. 

%tl[ m. 1 A ray of light. 

1, 32. 2 ligbt, refulgence. 

^fgy'nffff P^^ Sis I. 9; 3 
dress ; 4 a minute particle, 
an atom. Comp. — ^rnr n, 
a collection of rays. -^, 

fW w». the sun. 

M^ w. ;i Cloth, q^ff ^rr%^- 
ftHf^imnrnjK.s. I. U;2a 

mantle; 3 a leaf. 

^UH^Hf /. A plantain. 

it^FV la. (/. HT ) Radiant, 
splendid. II t/i. A name of 
of Ch^nakya. 

itft vL 10 U. iS'^'tf 3f^. 

M^ xn. Used in all the senses 
of a}^. CoMP. — are-m. a 
bull's hump, -ir »• 1 an ar- 
mour to protect the shoulder; 

2 a bow. Mr^rHn", «t%*Trc 

w. a yoke or burden put 
upon the shoulder. 9ffnnR!« 
'SIT, M%>Trf^ w», one who 
carries burthens or a yoke 
on his shoulder. 

M^W a. (/. ^ ) %u at^PT. 

*ff tt. 10 U (|>p. 3fn?r) 
To shine. 

^ffRr/. 1 A donation, gift; 2 

► sickness; 3 pain, distress, 

•tfffl'/. A gift, donation. 

Mf?j^ n. Sin, tf.^. aT5fr*4fr 5i%«r 
^ 'TT'ir CoMP.-^ a. sinful, 

9tf^/. A gift, a donation. 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



%tf^ mlThe foot: 2 the root 
of a tree. Note — All words 
meaiiiug 'foot' have also the 
nieauing of ' root of a tree'; 
Cf. alTiT. Cojir. — q- w. a 
tree — ^^^ m. the part 
under tlie ankle-joint on 
eitlier side of the foot. 

Vl^ vi, 1. P. (pp.^(^^) 
To move tortuously. 

11^ n. 1 Sin; 2 son-ow. 

IfSI^ I m. A name of Ketii. 
II a. (/.^T) Bald, desti- 
tute of hair. 

M^^'i^ «. (/• «Fr) Free from 
thorns ( lit. ) : free from 
enemies (Jig. ). 

ni^if^ I a. ( /. grr ) 1 ^^<^ 

the smallest; 2»ot the young- 
eat. II m. A name of Buddha. 
^^Sf^S^f. Failure, disappoint- 
ment, (used in hnpreeations 
only, <?. g. ?T^«TRrrf^'^f^ )• 
H^l^ m, A snake. 

9T^^I a. 1 Idle, inefficient; 
2 inti-ansitive (as a verb). II 
n. 1 Absence of occupation; 
2 an improi)er act. Comp. 
—iraL *• comnutting im- 

;properacts.-%iTw. the liber- 
ation of the sold from the 
fruits of action. 

spRHSli a. (/• f^r) Intransi- 
tive ( as a verb ). 

H^UFtI a. (f.m) Kiitire, 
whole. IF n. The supreme 

Br<rf^ «//.?fr)Iiicomprehen- 
sible. M. M. I. 

^SIT'SFa. (/.FaRT) 1 Clear; 
2 p'"^» sinless, honest. 

a^^l^^^Sirr /. Moon-light. 

^^|?fPFT«. (/.^qr) lUncon- 
trolled; 2 unable pr weak. 

BPIiF^r «. (/. 5^ ) 1 ^' "^vell, 
sick; 2 true. Comp.— ^p^f a. 
one whose promise is not 
9f^f;^^itr^ inil 1 Sudden ly, 
accidentally, 3Hit*fl9|*l(J^W 

^4 vjjnr^ f^^H as.; 2 
without any cause, ITiHI^rt- 


a^PT a. ( y. "TT ) Sudden, 

B^SfiTE'^ iud. Suddenly, unex- 
pectedly, causel ossly , st^fS 

%iTR:Bh. V. III. 8. 

WI!T*r?T^»^. 1 Reluctantly, 
umvillingly; 2 unintention- 

BTSfrnr I 'w- 1 A name of Rahu; 
2 the supreme soul, II cr, 
(/. irr) Bodiless. 

M^I<"iH. *"^'- Causelessly, 

^ <N?r K. S. IV. 7. 

l^^fn^?}. Wicked act. Comp. 
— <?nf^ a, one who does 
what ought not to be done. 

BT^^n^ in. 1 Improper time; 2 
unfavourable tune. Comp. 
— smf 71. a flower blossom- 
ing out of season.-ir «. un- 
seasonable. -^ns^i^t^ ?w.l mi- 
seasonable gathering of 
clouds; 2 a fog or mLst.-^n^ 
a, impatient. 

WEr^^«. ( /. ^^) Unseason- 
able, produced out of sea- 

Mf%^nra.(/.5fr) Poor, de- 
stitute, ar^^if: ^^ ^'^' H 
ftg^p^ K. S. v. 77. 

STi%p?r^^ a. ( /. JjJJ. 

Innocent; 2 useless, arra^- 

?J^r%^ Ve. III. 
«fj7 a. (/. ^m) 1 Not 

blunted, shari», unimpeded, 

Pl sffTT V^*- I'? 2 excessive 


\m{^^incl 1 Not from any 
Aerc"; 2 not from any 
cause. Comp. — H^ a. se- 
cui-e, free from all dangers, 

BT^c^r ». 1 CJold or silver; 2 
any metal except gold or 

B^^T^THI a. (/.W) 1 Un- 
lucky; 2 clumsy. II w. 1 
Evif; 2 misfortune.. 

a tortoise; 3 the tortoise sup- 
posed to uphold the world, 
m^i^ m. n. Free<lom froui 

prepared; 2 not accomplish- 
ed ; 3 not made or created. 
II n. An unheard of action. 
Comp. — ST^ rr. junpr ac- 
tised in anns.-Hn^l?^ <"- 
1 who has n(.t iulilaed 
his senses ; 2 >> ho .has not 
attained union wit|i God . 
-^ a. ungrateful. -gRff 
a. having an ujiformed 
mm /. A daugh^ 
placed on a level wir 
Hfnr a. (/. CT) U4 
uutilled. Comp.— r^ 
a. ripening or gifo _ 
unploughed laud, ^jfi^i^^ .^ 
wild, BTf^^'^ f^lT<?rt«l5t 
Kir. 1. 17. R. XIV. 11?; V-. 
STOrTT a. (/. 5fr ) Housele^^ 
IT^/. A mother. \i X 
STW ?i. 1 Oil; 2 <»intiueu|,:^ 
^(^^ n. A-n armuur. '" ' 
3^f||^^/. Inactivity, neglect 

of duty. 

aw vt. 1 r» P. ( pp. ^Y^nr) 
I'To re^ch; 2 to pervade; 3^ 
to accumulate. 
ar^ I w. 1 A die ft»r playing 
with; 2 part of a car; 3 a 
wheel; 4 a car: 5 a snake; 6 
legal proceedings; 7 a seed 
of which rosaries are made; S 
the soul; 9 sacred lore;; 10 
a weight of 16 maehM'rXi^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 




person bom blind; 12 ter- 
lestrial latitude. IT «. 1 An 
organ of sense; 2 sea-.^alt. 
-CoMP.— BTT^q^T w. a dice- 
board -B^nFft"/- a rosary.- 
"SinnT fn- a .tca'iibler.-^fflf 
»». byp«it«nu!«e.-^^n^ a. 
skilled in dice.-^ggr m, the 
:papil of the eyo.-ri^f m. 
gambling, pla^nng at dice: 
— ir m, a diamond.-^ a, 
skilled in gambling. -?f^ 
». science of dice.-^^^cff 
«f. a judge.-^^PT n. gaml)- 
Ing, playing witb dice. 
^■^ ^RT, ^^[5^, fn, a gambler. 
^•^R^ n. gambling.-^ m. 
% gambler, i. e, a dice-ro 
gi», 3f^: ^nAf^ 1). K. 
-^Il^ m. bull yoked to a 
«ttTiage.-qTf^n. a law-court. 
-^I«^,'rti^^ w. a judge 
>^«| m. ca^it of dice.-qTf 
m, 1 the name of the founder 
Vi the Nyaya pbilosopby; 
9 * follower of that system 
4rf phib>sophy.-^fnC w. a 
^iWt4o6d-»irf;n'/. a rosary. 
■iim m. the king of dice, 
.4^ the die called kali. 
-<^^lfr /. a game of dice, 
^^^l§t€ ^' ft gau)bling-hou<ie.- 

Em. an unfair gam- 
•4%irr /. the art of di- 
«ap^j|v7 m, one skilled in 
ffaEjing with dice,-^f?r w. 
yniSect skill in gambling. 

«. ( /*. W ) Steady, 

IJPH la. (/. 'fr) Unbroken 
«&jiuped, whole. II m. n, 
JLAfi eonuch; 2 (pl.)f/avfi or 
•'^flftgnin 3fHed grain.CoMP. 
^f/. a virgin, an un- 
l:mV^A virgin. 

,.-•- C/' ^} Undccay- 

ifh^*^mm /' the 

third day of the bright half 
of Vais'akha. 
iT^fp;^ a. (./:€irT) Imi>cri- 
shable, inexliaufJtible, 3T?f«^' 

Megh, II. 8. 
HW la, {r\ff ) Imperi.-^ba- 
ble. II7/1. 18'iva;2Vishmi 
III w. 1 A syllable, a^JTr- 
ornn^4fl«T Bg X. 38: 2 a 
vowel : 3 final l)eatitade ; 
4 Bmbman (tt), 5 the 
sky. CoMr.— ^ipT, ^^ w*. 
a writer, a scribe. -^"^j 
». a metre rcgidatcd by the 
numljcr and quantity of syl- 
lables, e, g. ftr^'ff, ^rr 
&c.— "SFpfl"/ a reed, a pen. 

-^^*. '^Rf*^, 4tRin^ w 

a professional scribe. -^^cCT 
/. a reed, a pcn.-^i^ rn. 1 
writing;2 tlio alphabet .-ajf^- 
^f, a^vritingboai-d,R. xvin. 
^^« "3^ ^^''^ scholar, a stud- 
ent.H5r^/«f/. syllable by sylla- 
l>le.-^7^JT JK 1 wiiting; 2 
the alphabet. 

sroif^/. Intolerance, malice, 

3TOTC ^n, Xatural salt. 

3^^ n, 1 The eye; 2 the num- 
l)er 'two' CoMp — ^y?f7w. 1 
the eye-ball: 2 the i)upil of 
the. eye .-TT^ a. 1 seen, visi- 
bly present, 2 hate<l, dis- 
liked, Na. iv.70.-fTtw. water 
-'nTy «. a coat of the eye, 
-ffhry n, the eye— lash. 
-fraf%?T n. a glance, a 
sidelong look. 

^TftrC^; Tw. Seasalt. 

^l^^^a. (/. wiff)l Unbro- 
ken; 2 imconquered; 3 ^ut*- 
cessful. 3j^j»T%45;nT: Ve. i. 

^Tl^ n. 1 A bad field ; 2 a 
bad pupil. 

Bf^ffr? wi. A wahnit tree. 

STO^ft^fr/. xVii army cousI,st- 
ing of 21870 elephants, 
21870 chariots, 65G10 horse 
and 109350 foot; ft'JJt'qnr- 

1*^ 'Pin'^jprpR^fHNrt v~ 

fTflT Ve.n.(Technically ^rW« 
??r^, ^^^ ^ifif^'fl are sub-di- 
visions of BT©). 

Bfllf^/ 1 A childish whmi; 
2 rud*^ behaviour. 

WJT^ <». (./". ''^fT) Entire, 
whole. CoMP.— itmifn w. 
full sovereignty. 

siiS"^^ I '*• Xon-refutation, 
admission. II m. Time. 

BT?5r$ a. ( /^ ) 1 Not short, 
tall : 2 gr^at, art wm^: flf - 

^: «. G. 
3n«n7 ///. An excellent j physi- 
9T?;rnf ;/i.n. 1 A natural lake; 

2 a pool Wfore a temple. 
s^flspy a, (f,^ ) Complete, 

whole, entire, R. ni. 4. 
Cowp.— Mff'T'r.'''. the uni- 
versal spirit, Brahman (7*.). 

Bf^^ini^ ,/• l^i^repute, want 
of fame. Comp.— ^^ a. 

BT't t?/. 1. 1 P. ( pres. stnftr ) 
To go. 11. 1 r. (f)f'€8. 3T*TI?r) 
To move^toi-tuously. 

srq-. m, 1 A luountain : 2 a 
tree : 3 the suu ; 4 the 
number '>eveu' ( in math. ). 
CoMP.— BTTFTlfr./^ a name 
of Purvati.-^TRT^ w. 1 a 
beast : 2 a bird. 3 the S'a- 
rabha, a fabulous animal 
with eight legs. 

HvpsQ- m. A tree, 

3TnRr(*)'^a. (/.«Ur) Des- 
titute of resort, destitute of 
resources, "TT^FTf^^ >S'an- 

HHf I <*' (/, ^ ) Free 
from disease, healthy. II m. 
1 Health : 2 medicine, drug ; 

3 the science of antidotal. 
CoMP. 9nnN«K 'W- ft physi- 

^TfT ''*• 1 A mountam ; 2 a 


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[a. ( /.*Hr)lUnfitto 
be approached ; 2 inaccessi- 
Ue ; 3 unfit for sexual in- 
tercourae, ^I'ig^^ T^^qptf^ R. 
O,; 4 diiHcult to un- 
dereta nd, Hsrr>f^: qTTTftr 
^^•(IHM44|i^: Bbartr. ii. j 
58. CoMp.^vpfqr n. illicit ! 
sexual intercourse, e, g. ar- 

IHF^ m. n. Aloe wood, a kind 

of sandal wood. 
ifirr^ I «. ( / >^ ) 1 Very 

deep, unfathomable, ^f^- 

?TO'frli"%t Pi'^fr^'nvfTr Sis. 

II. 48 ; 2 difficult to compre- 
hend, 3iJiiNt^RMi jprr.* Am. 
1. 1. II m. n. A hole, chasm. 
CoMP^^IT^ m, a deep lake. 

innTw.Ahouse, Megh ii.l2. 

«|Pk m. Heaven. Comp. 
— Mhir^ m. a god. 

HJTT I a. ( /. «fT ) 1 Desti- 
tute of qualities, ^l«IM<jJ^ 
%fr%r>fT5 Ud, ; S desti- 
tute of good qualities. II 
m, A fault. 

«|^ I a. (/. For^ff) 1 
Light ; 2 short (in Prosody) 
^ait^gMi H^ 5^ H Sr. 
B. II m. n. The fragrant 
aloe wood and tree. 

iraf m. A Vdnaprastha. 

ITifr^r^ I a. ( /. n ) Im- 
perceptible by the senses. 
II n. 1 Anything that is 
beyond the cognizance of 
the senses ; 2 Brahman (n.) 

^flffifl'/. 1 A name of SvAhi, 
the wife of Agni ; 2 Treta or 
the second age of the HindiLS. 

zif^m. 1 Fire ; 2 the deity 
presiding over fire ; 3 con- 
secrated fire ; 4 the fire of 
the stomach, «. e, the diges- 
tive faculty ; 5 bile ; 6 gold. 
CoMP. — 9TMnf »• mainten- 
ance of a perpetual and sacred 
fire, -l^r^ *»• preparing the 
holy fire.-9|Vf^ m. one who 

peqjetuaUy maintains a sacr- 
ed fire, (also Bf|ft?fffir</. V. ) 
-^^PfPf m. a fiery portent, a 
meteor. -TT^^TT ». oflFering 
pray<»r3 to fire -^ff m, a 
spark of fire, -^k^n., pPTT 
/. any religious act perform- 
ed by means of firc.-5||/f^f 
/. kindling sacrificial fire 
with clarified butter. -Cfirsr n. 
Agallochum. -^J^ m. fire- 
brand. -j;? n. an enclosed 
space for the consecrat<»d 
fire. -ejiHK ^. a name of 
K4rtikeya,-%5 ni. smoke 
-flfit^ m. the south-east.— 
uShn*/. fire-work, illumina- 
tion.-ip| TW.a gem supposed 
to contain solar heat, -ipit 
/. the earth. -^ n. a place 
forkeeping sacred fire.-pTflL 
m. a house-holder wlio has 
placed and consecrated sacri- 
ficial fire, R. VIII. 25. -^- 
wm /. maintaining a sacred 
fire.-ifl m. Skanda, the war- 
god ; II ». gold, -•m^t^m. 
Skanda, the war-god. -Pir«|rf 
/. a tongue or flame of fire ;- 
W^ n., %ffT /. the three 
sacred fires viz. a^rfTtt^ 
jTtI'T?^, ftnd ^Rtq". -f m 
an incendiary Hft? ni, one 
who sets fire to a bier. ~f^ 
/. Agni's quarter i. e. the 
south-east -^ /. The Ple- 
iades.-\^Pf n. a receptacle 
forkeeping the sacred fire. - 
^fi^^ **• t)ie apparatus 
used in a sacrifice with fire. - 
q^^/. the ordeal by fire. - 
q^ m. a volcano. --^J^ n. 
the eighth of the eigliteen 
Pnrawas. -JJ^BT/ conse- 
cration of ^fire.-5|%^ m. 
self-immolation of a widow 
on the funeral pile of her 
liusband. -If^^ m. the 
flint.-nftf m, a fiery arrow, 
a rocket.- mi m. smoke 

-^ n.* the Pleiades-Jj «, 
water -5j in . Skanda .-iff^ 
m. 1 the sun-.stone; 2 the 
fiint.-inu n. dy.spej»sia.- 
5IJJ m. 1 a deitv ; 2 a Br^h- 
ina^m. -3^ ./. kitchen.- 
f^fT w. keeping tlie sacred 
firc. -i^^ I m. a kind of 
insect; II m. gold. -77f^ w. 
the world of the deity that 
presides over fire.-^ f, 
Svahii, Agni's wife, -^fff m, 

smokc.-^ltl^ **. ^ol<l '-if^ 
/. improved digestion .-^[R^ 
n. a house for keeping the 
sacred fire, Sak. iv. -f^n9 
m. 1 a lamp; 2 a rocket; 8 
an arrow; 4 saffron. hJJ;!^ «. 
saffron.HJtT w. a kind of 
sacrifice. -^^^K 'w- bumiug 
of tlie dead with due cere- 
>iiony.-^f^, ^ETfnr »^ 1 wind; 
2 smoke -firt^^ ^. tak- 
ing Agni for a witness, 
^ ^?^^firf(rf|rir^ (form- 
ing friend-ship in the pre- 
sence of fire, i,e, taking Agni 
as a witness. ) Ram. -^rfq[ 
ind, to the didi)Osition of 
fire, (used in composition 
with ^ and g e. g. arj^^ 
ff r^ making over to fire. ) 
-fhr w. 1 an oblation to 
Agni; 2 maintenance of 
sacred fire. 

BTltfir a. (/. ^ ) Referring to 

a^irl «.(/• TT'^ Foromo8t,fir8ti 
chief, best (as in annft*.') 
II n.l Foremost point or i^rt, 
^TrwC^iTJrfr^^ir^ Bh. V. n. 
175; 2 front (as ininT- 
^, ar^w M. M. I ) ; 
top, summit, e, g\^^\W' 
JfT^f ; 4 beginning. ; 6 
excess e, q,w({ %^(>"or« 
than ^0 ) CoMP.— lt9[7^ 
m. the tip of the nn- 
ger. -ipif^ (changed in- 
to M'ft^) w. ?j. the front of 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



an vmy, vanguard •ifreT 
9. the first seat, a seat of ho- 
noor i?rqiir«'nTt>S^|r^TJ Mud. 
i.-gjTT'w. 1 the forepart of 
the hand; 2 the right Iiand. 
—iST^ 'M> the forepart of the 
hcdj.-T w. a leader.-Tjor^ 
a. that which should he con- 
eidered as the foremost.— ^ 
»« I an elder hrother, Sis. 
u. 69- 2 a BnihuiaTia, -nrf 
f. an elder sister,- h^ h ^ m. 
Ian elder hrother; 2 a Bru- 
baDam. M. ii. 20 -ifrRr w. 
m Br&hmawa--f^5f w., fW^fr 
f. the tip of tlie tonguo.-jofj-w. 
• leader.-trirF /. the high- 
est mark or act of reverence. 
-^f| »• precedence in drin- 
^^^-^*r 'w. the forepart. 
^41 /. the principal 
•P>fien. ->{x^ w. the heart, 
Ve. III. -mfli^ a. going 
in uont.-^^t^ m. the 
faader in a figlit.-tTwir/. 
«riy dawn, ^'^jqf^ J- 
fl^ ^^¥?P^TiT^^-qT Sak. IV.- 
lie a. taking the lead, R. v. 
^l.-fW m, the forepart of 
Hw hand, anrf ^ JfJJi^iTf- 
fil^ K. S. v. G3.V- 
1W i». 1 commencemeut 
of '&e year; 2 the month 
Jiiiqpiis'irsha.-frt »». 1 a 
tt^l donation of lands to 
anas ; 2 land thus 

W*c. D. K. 
inRlriu/ In front of, he- 
jht CoMP.— ^T^ ;». a leader. 
IWm. a houseless man, /.e. 
ik Vioaprastha. 

(/. »fr) 1 Foremost, 
\ 2 elder. 

. An elder hrother. 

(/ nr ) See a?f%iT. 

1 In front, at the 

(wkb the ace. or 

i pi iM <l 'RPJ^nr Sis II. 

;||'Silll^<»^ ii^the se- 

quel, tf.^.jpTr^^WTt. COMF. 
— Ti »n".^, w. a leader.-f^- 
pW I «i. a second hushand 
II /. a younger sister mar- 
ried before her elder, ^ST^ 

^r ^r^f^s^^TT Laugikshi 
quoted by'^KuU on M. ni. 
160. -^c I a. going in 
front' II w. a leader. 
^riHT I a. (/'. qiif) Foremost, 
topmost, principal, great, 

arinr^^^ R vm. 24. IIw. 

An elder brother, R. vi. 73. 

srg- r/.I 1 A.O>r^«. a^q% ) To 
go. II 10 P. (/>p. 3T- 
fqw ) To go wrong, to sin. 

ar^n. lEvil,misdeed, ^PtHpT- 
'J^^^frT: R. V. 7; 2 sin, 
|T^?T^H»:^(^ Sis, I. 26; i. 
18; 3 impurity; 4 vice; 5 
name of a R^kshasa.CoMP.— 
Hf m. 1 an inauspicious day; 
2 time of impurity from the 
death of a relative, arqi^ fSj-- 
f^ ( the days of im])u- 
rity having passed ) .-ififoi' 
I 7*. a particular prayer daily 
offered by Brahumnas; II m. 
name of the author of the 
prayer, -f%^ w. a snake. 
-^(^T^ a, wicked. 

^nnir/- A cow. 

^T^ ^- ( / 'it ) ^''ot hot, 
cool. CoMP.— >2jf>pi[^ w. the 

M^ I a. (/.rr) 1 Not 
terrific- 2 fonuidable, terrible 
(Cf. •^^^ and 3T3^JT ). II w. 
A name of S'iva. Comp.— . 
lf^5^i Tnf ''J* a worshipper 
of the terrific forms of S'iva 
and Durgtt. 

a^i-/. 10 P. (/);>. af|%^) 
1 To countj 2 to mark, to 
stamp, arh^q^ T (t^ ^fTr^^ir: 
Ud;3;Ti%T!r'^T^flW: R. O. 

9^ wi. 1 Mark; 2 a stain, f^- 
'T^3r?f|P<r.1%rJfr^.^: K. S.I. 
3; 8 one of the ten kinds of 

diama. The ten kinds ares- 

^HHftft ^M*iPr ^ II ; 4 
part of a drama, an act e, g. 

lap, thigh, 35rtCI vfflr^ »mr^- 
^ K. S. IV. 20.: e proximity 

f&r?^»nupmfl^fTf^R.ii. 88. 

7 a number; 8 a hook. 8 
a curve or bend; 10 the side 
or jflank. Comp.— s|«nffC m. 
the closing part of a dram- 
atic act which prepares the 
audience for the next.*- 
9ir^ w. See af^fTjfig-.-ffj^^r w. 
matJiematics.-\m^/. man- 
ner of holding the body.- 
q^«r^ m, turning the body. 

embracing, an embnice, M. 
M. viii; 2 a nurse.-<ni[r 
m. permutations and com- 
binations (in Math), ifr^a. 

1 resting upon the side or 
hip; 2 approaching, coming 
near. -^^ «. that act of a 
drama which furnishes a clue 
fo the whole plot. -|^f|T/* 

ai^ii^ w. 1 Air; 2 fire; 3 

Brahman ( m. ). 
^^^ITT w. 1 The act of marking; 

2 of stamping, impressing, 
^t^./'. A small oblong drum. 
^^ w. A key. 

M*^ (.^) ^ ^- 1 A sprout, R. 

VI. 47., K. S. m. 32; 2 

hair. 3 blood. 
H^TT «. (./'. W ) 1 Budded; 

2 genninated. arisen, f. g. 

Bt^4[r 77*. n. 1 A hook, especi- 
ally one used to drive an ele- 
phant; 2 check, restraint, 
ft il i^ lf;^?^- (poets are with- 
out any check i. e, licensed). 
Comp.— iTf w. an elephant- 

^driver, a^'tj^fimt^^'mf^innr^ 

Digitized by 



Sis. XII. I6.-5I?:?/?. a restive 

T^t^^ w. n. An elophaiit-driv- 
er's hook. 

at«^? [TS) m. The uauie of ft 

Bl^lfftcM / An enibrace. 

Bt^ m A kind of drum. 

B^m vt. 10 U. { ;>i>. 3Tpm ) 
To mark, to stamp. 

^ml ind,{a)X vocative particle 
implying solicitation, abuse or 
4oy; (3) a particle implying 1 
attention, Sis. 11. 12; 2 con- 
firmation, cpT=^ grf^T ^JT- 

3 reverence, am ft?[^HP^- 
^W'jm^ O.M.; 4 inteiTOga- 
tton;5recurrcnce(with f^^in 
the sense of *ho\v much more,' 

nr^rT^r 5T>r. Paiich I. ) ir 

n. 1 A limb, a part, 
R, HI. 4:6 ; 2 the body ; 
3 division; 4 a department 
of a science. 5 an expedi- 
ent, a means; 6 a secondar}' 
pari of a whole; 7auv tiling 
that is subordinate to an- 
other; 8 that part of a word 
to which the affix is attach- 
ed ( in Gram. ) ; 9 the 
numlwr * six. ' III ?«. pL 
(generally) Name uf Bengal 
proi>cr or its inhabitants. 
CoMi*. — ^tPt ind, jointly or 
reciprocally. °^«r w. the re- 
.atiou of principal and sul>- 
ordinate. -3^f>^, t*^ wj. 
See atiTCrsT. -^ I w?. 1 a sonj 
2 the god of love: 3 passion, 
desire; 4 a disease. II n, 1 
blood; 2 hair. -iTSpi w. a 
son. -"STT/. a daugljter. ^[t- 
q* m. a particular division of 
the world. -5^^ m. tlie 
ceremony of touching certain 
pans of the body.-q'irtT /. 
an embrace, -mfr^^il /. a 
nurse.-^ m. distortion of 

body-^ m. 1 a son. Sis. i. 
1 ; 2 the God of love. -*rl, 
^^ m. a sen*aut who has 
to shampoo his master's 
body. -*r^ w. rheumatism. 
-W*t, CRJ^ /. 1 ai^ ar- 
mour; 2 a garment. hchT 
m. scented unguent -xr^, 
^nr w. a name of ^F^, the 
king of Anga.-^ n, hair. 
-ft^n^/. change of bodi- 
ly api>earance. -f^r#T »». 
jesticulation. -ftUT./- 1 such 
learning as is comprehended 
under a^; 2 palmistrj'. -% 
1^ w. token, sign, hint. 

embellishment of person. 
-Bff^ ./*. compactness or 
symmetry of the body. -^- 
Tf m. bodily con tact. -f[pc w/, 
jesticulation -f^ I ^. "iw- 
tilated. IE m. the God 
of love. 

M^nii w. 1 A limb;2 the bodv, 
Sis. IV. G6. 

sfPT (T ) w. A yard, a court, 

H * <i iMHl qpfrif 6'-*iirf"^ 'itcTr 


^ifi^ m. 1 Fire; 2 Brahman 

B^^ m, I Name of an ai>e, 
son of Vali. II ?/. A brace- 
let worn on t)ie upper arm, 
riMS"^'^'I^H''i^ R. VI. 78. 

at^nr/- 1 A woman ; 2 a 
beautiful woman. Com p. — if- 
^ m.a number of women. 
-ftr^l »J. a name of the tree 

1 arm*. 

stT^^- A biitl. 

B^iTTC I wj. w. Charcoal. II 
VI, The planet Mars. Ill m, 
pL The name of a country 
and its people. Comp .— >^- 

f^nrrr >^. Tfft- ^w^, 

/*. a portable fire-pan.-^nff^ 
/. the g^injd plant. 
HTTC^ w. 1 Cliarcoal; 2 the 


planet Mars. Comp.— ifl^ 
m, coral. 

afnTft^KT/. 1 The stalk of the 
sugarcane; 2 the bud of tlie 
kins' nla tree; 3 a fire-pan. 

M'nrft^r ^^ The early blossom 
of the kmn'uka tree. 

^nrftw/ 1 A bud ; 2 a 

mPt^ f' A Ixnlice or jacket. 

BtpT5«. (/Kt) 1 Ha>-ing 
limbs; 2 corporeal; 3 princi- 
pal, chief. ( 0]} to a|iT), 

S. D. VI. 
sWt^rT w. 1 Acceptance,?r- 
*^ 5<Tft5'Wf*T!5 Jag; 2 
agreement, promise. 

ajrr wi. A hand. 

iraft (95t)«rw. A finger* 

B^irfl' (^)«r5Fw.A finger- 

5Hip3r w. 1 A finger . 2 the 
thumbj 3 a measure equal to 
eight barley-corns, joined 
side by side hi breadth. 

I. 28. ; 2 the thumb. Comp. 
— ?ftr=T »i. a crescent-shap- 
ed sectarial mark on the 
forehead, especially of the 
followers of S'iva.— ir, ^fTT 
71. a finger-protector used 
by archers to protect the* 
thund) from being injured 
by the bow-string. — q^ w. 
the joint of fingers.— g^ 
n, the tip of the finger.— J 
jrr . ?f?^ f' » seal-ring. 
— ^t^ «• cracking the 
fingers. -#^ /. giving a 
hhit by the fingers.— Jf^ 
m. making signs by the 
fingers.- f^TJ^ ??., ^TT *»* 
cracking the fingers. 

a*5pfNr w. w. A finger -ring. 

Miiy m. 1 The thumb ; 2 the 

Digitized by 



great toe ; 3 a tliumb's 

breadth an a measure. 
1^^9^ w». The nail of tlie 

HW w. 1 an arrow ; 2 an 


ihw, »• Sin, ^j^H^frrH^ir- 

;rt^ ( t\ I. for 3T»rf^ ) imr- 

1^ 'rnr f^<T^ Ve. i 

IjRt ''I* 1 A foot ; 2 the root 
oft tree. CoMP. — ^^r w. a 
S'fidia.— q* fw. a tree.— qpT 
». sucking the root of a tree. 
— fi;«f m, the ankle. 

aT^rf.I.lU. (pp, 3r?ir; pres. 
'PlftW) 1 To t^o, to move ; 
2 to ?peak iudLstinctly. II 

1 P. (/)/). 3T^ in the 
first seiwe, a 4fi^ri in the 
?emd; pres. ^T^^fH) 1 To 
^;2to honour, to worsliip. 
With a^T^ to run awav, to 
i^wtt, TO^— 1 to go up; 

2 to rise, 4<*v4f<-i{t^i{^c. 
0. L 6. f% — ^1 to bend down ; 
2 to Iwsen, ^ qb-^i^ ^qRT 
Jnrt; (when ehildliood wa? 
ffnwfaally [)a?<%ing away) Bh. 
V« II. 47. «nT — ^o go back 
Bh. V. I. 65. ^— to go 

in^a. I Blind. II n. A 
mSgttoHe eye. 

fj, X tnicta!>le cow. 
B»» { /"• IT ) Not last, 
f o^ 1/ «r ) Fixed, iin- 
BvM^ II w. 1 A luoun- 
^jfc»iock ; 2 a pin or l)oIt. 
Wfi9. Brahman ( «. ). 
^^ 41^1)11 w, tlie K iug of 
iMliManis, t. e. the Hima- 
^^-^iF^qr/. a name of 
WgP^ — ^flTO"/. the earth. 
*^4Mt^vi. the Indian cuckoo. 
Hpf** an epithet of [n- 
fctS^^I^-^flfw. the Him- 

4lK/«. trithotti under- 

5rf^ a. (/. ^.) 1 Undis- 

tinguishable ; 2 indistinct. 

3rf^rf^?pr a, (/?!T. ) Unex- 

Btf%?!T /. 1 Disregard ; 2 

^rf^T'^^ I <y. (/. s^lTT) Un- 
iaiaginable. ^. (7. a if^^^ f: ijr- 
5 ^ HT^ T ffiWif'n ^jfipm. II 
?n. A name of S'iva. 

BTftR a, (/. ?T ) Not of long 
duration, brief. Comp.— 5ifg 

» wHf , >5pr. iHr» *rnit 

C»^?^ /.lightning,3^'^n^- 
tyfe^hTt^ Kir. II. 10. (Note- 
The ace inst., dat., abl. and 
gon, singulai"s of this word, 
viz 3rf^il,3Tf^'^,3T|%n^, 3T- 
f^j^, and 3?|^rrf^, are used 
as indccliimbles in the sense 
of * soon, shortly after.*) 

5T^gr I «. (./'. 'OT) 1 Pellucid, 
clear, transparent, Megh r. 
15; 2 pure, ^ rrsnr^W i?f?r : 
Bh. V. I. 80. II m. lA 
bear ; 2 crystal. Comp.— 
si[r^ f. pure speech,—^ 
lo.havingclear water ; II «. 
name of a lake in the Him- 
alaya, Kad.— «T5r '"• a bear. 

H^^H w. An action free fi-om 
fraud, 3rig^ ^^H ^^^: 
Mud. I. 

B^^:©^ w. 1 An action free 
from defect or flaw ; 2 un- 
intemiptedness, co»nplete- 

^f*rfl2^ w. Hunting. 

Wm I ''. (/m) IFirm ; 
2 tljat which does not give 
Avay : 3 ['crmanent, imperish- 
able. II m.lA name of Vish- 
rm or K?*ish7m ; 2 one who 
is finn and does not give 
way to passion, XT^SI'^^- 

^ K. Pr. v., where 3T» is 
used in both the senses. 
Comp.— «|iT5r ?«. 1 Bala- 
r^ma ; 2 Indra,— ifpifir w. 

-^ - 

Kamadeva.— in^TO' m. the 
sacred fig-tree. 

arsi: I vt, 1 P. ( ;)/>. aftcT or 
3n%fT ) 1 To go ; 2 to driye, 
to propel. II. r/. 10 U» 
( W- ^^ ) To shine. 

inr I «• (/ irr ) Unbom. 

II w. 1 A he-goat ; 2 Bidh- 
man (m.) ; 3 Vislmu; 4 S'iva ; 
5 KAmadeva. Comp.— aippf;- 
w, goats and sheep 
(collectively). —v^ w. goats 
and horses (collectively).— 
B^T^t^ ^^ a goatherd. — 
i{jS^ '»• goats and rams 
(collectively).— ipcw a large 
seq)ent that swallows ft 
goat.— iftft^ in, a goat- 
herd.—^/ a multitude of 
goats.— T, inT w». a goat- 
herd — ^ftf m. a surname 
of jVf^. 

3finF (^r) ^ w. Siva's bow. 

Minr (it) ^ » . S^e the preccd- 
ing word. 

snnr^ a if, «if ) Not last^ 
not the least. 

^nrr^ «. Of a vigorous, 
mind, energetic. 

iTHPt./' A path, a rf)ad. 

^^inPl /. 1 Destruction; ^ 
cessation of existence, (used 
in imprecations, rf^??|>inft-' 
^^ 3pnt%fTOft^: Sis. 
II. 45.) 

^nn^ w. A port^jut, an 

3T5PT m, 1 A fr(»g ; 2 th^ 

BTJIT ^. (/ ^ ) (KIT^ i* 
substitucd foi 3firc in some 
cases) 1 Undei-aying ; 2 not 
subject to old age. 

BT^ w. Friendship, R*. 
xviii. 0. 

3nr^ 0. ( /. ^r ) Continual, 
pei*petual. ( Note — The ace. 
and inst. singulars of this 
word, viz. Bfin^* aiid if^- 
^f^ are used as indeelinables^ 

Digitized by 




"in Uie sense of, 'peri)etually, 
continually/ R. vi. 23. ) 

abandoning, not gmng up. 
CoMP.— ?=^imr /. another 
name of^RRB^smr which 
consists in using a word in 
an elliptical meaning without 
depriving it of its priuiary 
sense, e, g. ^3:^ : ^^.- 
fgiX '«• a noun which does 
not vary its gender even 
when used attributively ( in 
Gram.) e. q, %^: ^W^^,' 
^pi[{fl xV she-goat J 2 Prakri- 
ti or nature; 3 MAya or illu- 
sion. CoMP.— ip^^E^t^ '''• 
a nipple dei>ending from the 
neck of some Indian she- 
goats (lit.) ; a term for any 
useless or worthless object or 
person (^fiu- ), *• g»^W^^' 

M5IT?T«- (/ ^) Unborn, 
not yot born, BTSfffPfT- 

Hit. CoMP.— 3?f^Rr «• 
having no regret.— 3^ 
f». a name of Yudhishthira, 

( Cf . MUM^i^ ) f^ w^wm- 

II. l^yZ.— elfff ni, 
a young Indian bull the 
hump or' which has not yet 
grown.-— sahrr <^»- having an 
undeveloped beard.— ^S8f^^ 
TO. a minor, a youth under 
sixteen (in law) — '^TT I ^<- 
having no enemy : I [ w. a 
name of ^f^rflrt, the first 
P4ndava prince, sfsf^^yir- 

5r*r?f^^»nfr?T^: Ve. m. 

9Tirn% '«. Having no wife. 
Vl^in^^m. The same as aT3ir- 

Isitwr^X /: A young she-goat. 

^(ffm I a. (/.?W•)I'ncon- 
que^ed. II wi. 1 A name of 
8'iva; 2 of Visbwu. Comp. 

— iTT^in a* one who has 
not subdued his mind. — f- 
l ^jf a. one who has not 
subdued ills senses. 
9|f^ n. The hairy skin of a 
tiger, lion &c., but especial- 
ly of an anteloiHs usod by 
the religious student as a 
couch, seat &c., ar^PRT^nrS"- 

30, inrrrSM ^frPr?Tr%'5^ ^ 
V. 67. Comp. — «rrif^ in. 
an antelope. — ?ni%'5 ^• 
clad in an antelope-hide. 

^nrr n. 1 Area, court; 2 air, 
wind; 3 the body; 4 any ob- 
ject of sense; 5 a frog. 

STftrcr f' A river. 

sThfir I «. ( ./*• OT ) 

Straight, not crooked ( lit. 
and fig, ) II w. A frog. 
Comp. — Ji m, an arrow. 
^f^r^ m. A frog. 

gested. Vi n, 1 Indigestion, 
as in ar^of ^^ ^ ; 2 vig- 
our, absence of decay. 
K^TI% /. Non-existence 
(usecl as an imprecation, e.g. 
3T*^I^r^^ >JJTr?[ ) 
B^nfjr^r/ A courtezan ( in 

theatrical language ). 
aff {pr n. xV shield. 
^^ «• (/• JCTT. ) 1 ^^^ knowr 
ing ; 2 ignorant, Bhartr. 
11. 3 unwise, stupid; 4 not 
having the faculty of under- 
^^nernr I «. (/ fr) ignorant, 
unwise. II n. 1 Ignorance ; 
9 spiritual ignorance, which 
causes self to appear a dis- 
tinct personality, and matter 
to appear a reality. 

ff ; pres. ar^r^^nr-^ ) To 
make clear, to unfold. 

V[Sr^CH ». Bending, cur>-ing. 

9T3n|H m. w. End, border, 

especially of a woman's gaiT 
ment, ^pp^^iT^^I^ %^ '^- 

^'^^^ft^ Ud. 

aif3:^T?T a. (/. ?Tr ) 1 Curved, 
bent, 3Tf^^ .^qqi^: R. xviii. 
51. 2 handsome, graceful, 

R. II. 18.; 3 honoured R. 
IX, 24:.; 4 strung together, 
R. VII. 10. Comp.— « / a 
woman with arched or hand- 
some eyebrows. 
STsrH;^ vt. 7 V (pj). »IW ) 1 
To anoint; 2 to de- 
corate; 3 to glorify, to 
celebrate ; 4 to distinguish ; 
5 to go, to approach. With 
B^-1 to anoint ; 2 to 
pollute. SiPrRr— to reveal, 
to make manifest. W— 

I to anoint; 2 to extol, fit 
— ^to manifest, to revea l, 

Sis I '2(i. 
VfSW^ I m. Name of the ele- 
phant presiding over tho^ 
west or south-west quarter. 

II «. 1 Act of applying an 
ointment ; 2 hlack pigment 
applied t<> the eyelashes, 

-^R. G.; R. vui. 8 ; f Wf- 
^[SIT^^T^T vMrich. i; 3 oint- 
ment; 4 ink; 5 night; 6 » 
suggcstetl meaning (in Rhe- 
toric) See 5?t^5T; 7 the pro- 
cess bv which it is sugges- 
ted (in Rhetoric), 3T=wit- 
f^qrff^rs^T^f^ K. Fr. n^ 
CoMP.-^rwrar /. a ^tick 
for the application of colly- 
rium, 4IHI>^^^<^nK^ Sik. 
B T JiJ THr/- 1 Name of Hanu- 
mat's mother, 2 the process 
by which a sugges ted me an- 
ing is got at (See ^>^^ ?)• 
3T3:3lfiy m. 1 The open hands 
placed side by side ana 
slightly hollowed, N^'^i*^ 

Digitized by 




^r^ff ^r : Ve. I. ( hence ) 
a modf^ of supplication when 
f^nch hands are raised to tlie 
forehead, e.g. 3T3ni|f?r if^fr 2 

a hbatiou; 3 a niea.^ure suflfi- 
<^nt to fill both hands wlien 
placetl side by side, jf- 

in<MH Ye. I. CoMP. — 
Ipf^w. making the anjali 
or respectful salutation.— 
^nfcFT /. a doll or puppet 
inade of day.— 37 m. n, cav- 
ity produced in making the 

salutation with tlie anjali 
Tais^ to tJie forehead. 

^'f^^h'm (/. ) A small 

^^^ <^' (/. ^) Straight, 

5n:TOr wd. 1 Trulv, in the 
proper light, R. xix. 31; 2 

J^jight; 3 soon, instantly. 

^ff&fy w. The sun. 

^Wk w. or ». 1 The fig-tree; 
2 its fruit. 

^Vt. 1. P. Cp;,. BTTTrr) 
Toioam or wander, (witli 

WrrH qft-to wander about. 

^ •• .( /. ^ ) Roaming, 

•IS? n. Act or habit of wan- 

<hp g about, 
^t;fr)/. The notched 

^^^tomity of a bow, K. 

^I^r 'ft ) /. A wood, a 

^RfN( m. A wood-man, a 

«W/. The habit of roaming 
or^tt^ring, especially of 
^'^^^^ mendicant. " 

'''W'('W)/R<'aniing al>out 
*^fW^^*' mendicant. 

To transgress; 2 to hurt, to 
injure. II JO U. ( pjy. 
^nilT ) To condemn,to sliglit. 
«?f I a. (/. ^ ) Dry, dried. 
II tn, (acconling to some 
also w.) 1 A room on the top 
of a house; 2 a tower; 3 a 
market-place; 4 a palatial 

buiidiug, 5r>srq(nVf? ^^ 

R. VI. G7. Ill n. Food, 3f. 
r^ 3Rq^: Bh.(where Nila- 
kan^ha explains ars^jTHf: bv 
3T?"^^f%^%?rr?..) Com p. 
— ^T?fra" m, very violent 
laughter. -ff%^ n., fRf, m. 
WT^ w.loud.laughter,ahorso- 
^^^g^i' -frftr^ m. an epi- 
thet of S'iva. 

iTf^ m An apartment on the 
roof of an Indian house. 

Mfrff^r/. A house of two or 
more stories, a lofty house. 
CoMP.^^^ m. a brick-lay- 
er, a mason. 

3TS|r/. The same as ^^^izj 

^J*f n. A shield. 
B^t;f. II P. (pp.vlf^) 
io sound. II 4 A (;);>. 
arft^r ) To breathe. 
^Pnira(/. ^) Small, in- 
significant, low; (as the first 
part of a Karmadliaraya it 
niDlies deterioration or'con- 
toinpt, arr^yHn?-: S. K.) 
^#r (^) m 1 A pin of the 

axle; 2 a limit, a boundary. 
srPnrgr m. 1 Minuteness;* 2 
atomic nature; 3 the sujwr- 
human power of making 
oneself infinitely small, being 
one of the eight Siffdkis, 
^TJ I «• (/.^ror 01ft ; compar. 
WH^Bp^; super, v/f^W' ) 1 
Small, minut^; 2 atomic. 
II m. 1 An atom of mat- 
ter: 2 name of S'iva. 
CoMP.— -^ / lightning. — 
HTTilf^nir O' having the 
size of an atom, .^ sf • 

•T'^^TCTOr-q^X S. Bh. 
— t^ w. /. atomic dost. 
^Mtn n. the motes in a sun- 

^^3^ <». (/. iirr) 1 AcnCe, 
clever; 2 minute, atomic. 

3T«»Tw.«. 1 An egg;2 a testi- 
cle :3 the scrotum ;4 the ma<(k- 
bag; 5 an epithet of S'iva. 
CoMP.— iipi^ w. castra- 
tion. — ^i^K w. an oval, an 
ellipsis.— ^f^^ ^j^^ ^l^ppi^ 
m. the scrotum. — -^ »». 1 a 
bird. 2 a fish ; 3 a snake; 4 
Brahman (w.) (Cf. jfnjir.^^r- 
^)« — ^^ ^ff^ /. swel- 
ling of the scrotum*. 

H'^^ra* I //I. The scrotum. II ». 
A small ofTf^, ^T^THprf 

gmyy ^qrm^R. G. 

^r*^ m. A full male, a man. 

^ vt.l. l\(pp, anr, Bif^) 
1 To go constantly ; 2 to 
walk ; 3 to obtain. 

3??IT w. A precipice. 

3T?n^ i7icf. Undeservedly .un- 

a^rafrrr m.A figure of speoch; 
(in rhetoric. ) K. Pr. x. 

BT?T^ I a. (/. ^ ) Unre- 
strained. II w.Not the object 
of the rule under considera- 
tion, ^r^TOTT'm'^ s. K. 

WHf ff. (./I s^n* ) U^iwearied, 

BT^n^pf a. (/ ^ ) Unwearied 
energetic, K. S. v. 14. 

BT^T^ tn, I An illogical reason- 
er; 2 had logic. 

Wfif^'f «• (/• W ) Unthought- 
of, unexjKscted. Comp.— .^- 
spf «. what has come unex- 

^<irah^*JL. "*^'- Unexpectedly^ 

9T?P7 w. A particular liell. 

wn^^. «. (/. ^ ). Se« H- 

9|?f^ iwf/, 1 Thcrefopc, for this 
reason, K. S. i " " 

Digitized by' 





•50; 2honoe, from this place» 
«3 in 3Tfr3;^4*r or amf ^TT% 
^p i ^qit^ ; 3 froiu thi»5 time, 
henceforth. Comp— 3p|i3[^i??r/. 
for tliis ohject. -BTtT?^«W. 
from tliat reason, tliere- 
fore. -"ik*.^^ ind. lieitceforth. 
— TJ^ imL for thi:^ very rea- 
son. -Pi^tI^ ind, on this 
ground, for this reason, -qr^ 
ind, 1 licnceforth; 2 further 

"*H^if m 1 Wind, air; 2 a gar- 
ment made of hark. 

^|?r^/. 1 Common flax; 2 
Bengal flax ; 3 linseed. 

^^y^ ind. This wonl is used 1 
as a prefix to yerhal themes; 
2 as a prefix to substantives; 
nnd 3 as a separable preposi- 
tion with a word following in 
the accusative. 

As a prefix to verlml them- 
es it expresses: — 1 beyond, 
over; 2 too far past, e, g. 

As a prefix to nomis not 
-derived from verb.< it ex- 
presses : — ^1 beyond; 2 sii'*- 
-passing, arf^C^^fl- Kad. 

As a separable preposition 
with a word following in tlie 
accusative, it means 'superior 
to,'e. </. 3TI^ ?J^r^^:. If 
3Tfft constitutes a Tatpur. 
in com|)ositi<m with a nomi- 
nal theme, either it must 
-express a In'gher degree as in 
^TlWrr^ * an excellent king,' 
or the sense of the word ^- 
•^ must he supplied after it 
-and the latter part of the 
compound understood in the 
sense of the ace, e, g. 3?(% 
^r^' ( i. e 3Tr^^rp?T: ^5 ) 
CoMi'— s^fir^l^ m, a jMir- 
ticular sacrifice. -I^FJ^^ a, 
past tlie liook i. e» un- 
manageable, ( as an ele- 
$)hant.)-Bi^ a. exorbitant. 

excessive. -STO? *"^' exces- 
sively, exceedingly. -iTWr 
C w. 1 contempt, blamo, 

a very large bmly.— BTPiT- 
?: I. a. negligent of the 
established customs; II m. 
irreligious conduct. — B^ff^^^^ 
a. surpassing the sun, 

Jt%3r: Megh. 1. 4B.-.3Tr^- 
^/. morind indifference to 
the pleasure of sexual inter 
course. -^S^MT '"• 1 ^^^ 
ascetic of the highest degree, 
t. tf. a Sanyasin ; 2 the high- 
est stage of lifer/^. Sanydsa, 
-^^ntfT w. 1 a great calamity, 
a danger, ^f^^^ RPT'^^TW- 
f^TT^ ; 2 a desperate act trr- 

Ve. II. HlT**^ I ^' l*e- 
yond tlie cognizance of the 
senses; II w. 1 the supreme 
soul ; 2 the soul or g^ ( in 
theSankhyaphil.);IIIw. 1 
Naturc or Pradhdna (in the 
Sankhya phil. ) ; 2 mind or 
ifjf^(in the Vecbinta phil. ). 
-^^ /: exaggeration,hyper- 
bole, irfjT^ n ^ ^3^:^ 

?^r ^ ^ 4r T^^ rd.-77>T 

a. beyond fraud /. e trust- 
worthy -ofi^r /• 1 ail <»^- 
aggerated tale; 2 idle or 
meaningless speech. -^^a|- 
5 ind. too early in the mor- 
ning, -^ipj a. past whip- 
ping t. e. unmanageable (as 
a horse ). — IT*^ wi. 1 ex- 
treme \m\\ or suffering: 2 a 
kind of ^wnance. -^2 a, 
able to do \vithout a bed- 
stead. -^T'^ '^*- sulphur, 
-^ff a. a fool -ITT a. 1 
very meritorious ; 2 with- 
out any merit or qualifica- 
tion, -iff /. an excellent 
cow, -^r^ ti. victorious [ 

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over arimes. — ^TT «. ex- 
cessive practice. — ^^TO"/ a 
lotus-plant. — gr?r» OTRT 
;w.a mushroom. — ^pf a. iin- 
inliabited. — ^•iTff' <*. su- 
perior to his parentage. 
— "^^T «. very rapid flight of 
birds. — fTf w. an exces- 
sive gift., 3TI^^^ ^%^: 
Chan. — ^v^^w/.an excellctU 
aix.^her.-^Sftr'Sr *^'^ past sleep- 
ing time. — ^ a, disem- 
barked. *- 4>>.*( r/- a g"*l ^'vlio 
is))ast five.-Tnr w. the teak- 
tree.— ^^^5 m. a good 
road. — tr^ a, 1 one who 
has overcome his enemies j 
2 a great enemy. — qT^RT w. 
incest ( considered as a very 
heinous sin). — qit ind. in 
tlie early dawn, e, g. qrfrn^ 

(Sc«7. .sWtrf. ) Apa.staml)a; 
M. IV. G2. -qr^^ w. un- 
broken continuity, R. in. 
r)8.-Jc*TrT a. past mea.sure, 
immense. — \\Hi{ m. 1 un- 
warrantable strct<;h of a rule 
or principle; 2cxcessive fami- 
liarity. — ijir w. an extra- 
vagant question, e. g, the 
question of Balaki in Bri- 
hadara7/yaka. — i f ^ ^r f. a 
girl who has attained 
a marriageable age. — HT^ 
in. 1 great burden ; 2 
excess, R. xiv. 68. — HHT 
m, a mule. — «frT wi. sui>e- 
riority. — ^fj- m. a lightning, 
— ^ft"/- last extremity, ex- 
cess, STRf T^H^TT^ir^J^S:- 
«f^?PTrf: grrnPT Sis. x. 
a. exceeding pniper mea- 
sure. -iTnr*[ ind, exceeding- 
ly, gf^t^f^^Hn^o'^ffF^ 

l\. S. v. 48. — *|pf w^. too 
much pride, BTfrTTr^ ^ ^;Vi* 
Chan. -'njT'Ci. superhuman, 
divine.-iTni a, emancipated 



&om mcofh, finally libemted. 
-jrlT w. the name of a tree 
and a creei)er, Sak i. -X^ 
m. a ven- great w amor fight- 
ing from a i-ar. ( bt^ >s thus 
defined :-3lfiif!(5 ^N^'ST^ 

an excellent king. — ^m 
w. 1 dead of night ; 2 
an optional part of the ^- 
ftfhr sacrifice, -^pil^ a. 
agwl, old. -^%^? m, a vici- 
ous elepliant. -%ty a. ex- 
cefr'ive, -%pn| iml. excess- 
ively, -ffey^ excessive rain 
( considered as one of the 
six calanjities of the season. 
V- tf^' ) -«^rf*T. /. 1 an un- 
▼amntable stretch of a nile 
Iff principle : 2 the inclusion 
of what is not intended to 
come under a proposition 
(in logic ) : 3 the inclusion 
ofsach things in a definition, 
as ought not to come under it 

(Cf.arsqn^) f^H^EPPTs^rr^'qfrr 

«inS^ftrTT[ R. G. -^q" 7w. Irc- 
mainder; 2 remnant of time. 
^M^ vi, a man superior 
to Ihemost excellent woman. 
-^ a. sui>erior to or 
iroise than a dog. -j^^?«. 
Uk excellent dog. -^^^ 
M* in violation of an 
ttpeement. -^T^ a. above 
W, 3if?r«^T H^ Mug.-^. 
^0. a name for the semi- 
l^iek and vowels, -^^nf 

1 Going over or 
|iljOBd(/«V. and.%.); 2 sur- 
iMfng; 8 transgression; 4 
illl^eet; 5 an imposition; 6 
tltbn; 7 passing away 
^M time)* 

m* Act of overtaking 

ing over or beyond, ( lit. 
and / y. ) 

a|j%^K w. 1 Act of passing, 
overtaking; 2 excelling; 3 
passage of a planet from 
one zodiacal sign to another. 

91^f^ w. A guest entitled to 
hospitaUty, atf^p^^ ^. 
f^'THL »^"^- ^^'- ( Manu thus 
derives the wordi-qr^crfr ft 
(^^^ miT% IT^rt^: ^^:| 

f^T^^qf^ll in. 102) Comp.— 
Plfqf /. hospitality due to a 
guest.-ijTBT./'. honouring a 

guest.-^T^qnr, ^f^iRrr /. 

^ee 3?jrlf^4f^fRr. 
BTfH?^ w. Extended applica- 
tion of something said be- 
fore, analog}*. ( It is thus 
defined r-Bpq^fJT'jffrrHr: fT 


a^f^TPR iu Exceeding, going 
beyond bounds. 

srff^rr^ w. lLapse(as of time) 
5r % ^qfi%qr?T: Sak. i ; 2 
neglect (as of duty); 3 trans- 
gression, deviation from laws 
or customs; 4 opposition, 

M I ^R-^ ^^ (/• ^^ )' Exces- 
sive, sni)erfluous. 

3rf^(*)^?w. 1 Surplus, 
excess, redmidancy; 2 differ- 
ence ; 3 pre-eminence. 

srfif^fifnr «• (/•'ft) sur- 

Mfil^n*! w- A i^ardonable of- 
fence or misdemeanour ( in 
cinl law ). 

vf^fm^m. Harsh or unplea- 
sant speech. aTl^?IP[fftfrfrT$?r 
M. VI, 47. 

^^fif^/. Surpassing. 

Vf^T^I m. lExcess, Sis. ix. 
77 ; 2 superiority in quality, 
quantity or number. II a. 

(/. ^) Pre-eminent, supe- 
rior, 3|f?RnR^T^(fRr Kad. 
Comp— ^f^ /. 1 hypciv 
bolical language; 2 the nam^ 
I of a figure of speech differ- 
ently defined by different 
authors. It is of four kinds- 
acconling to K. Pr. and of 
^ya kinds according to S.D. 
Other authors differ fronk 
both. (Note — The aec. and 
inst. singulars, viz. 3T(1t^pn( 
and ^j^^"^^ are useil as in- 
declinables in the sense of 
* exceedingly, eminently.') 

MfiwnaR a. (/: m ) Emi- 
nent, abundant. 

mTH« (^)Rr^a. (/. ;fr) 
1 abounding, 2 Excelling ; 

^^ ; ^fn%<T: K. Pr. u 

srfJlAII^ n Act of excelling.. 

Mftf^f^^R" n. OveiTcaching^ 
cheating, fraud, falsehood. 

itf^fHT '«. A leader. 

B^f^i^ m, 1 A gift, a grants 
R. X. 42; 2dismissal, glint- 
ing permission. 

v(^m^ w.l Lil)erality,2 kil- 
ling; 3separation; 4rgiving 
over, consigning, K. S. vi. 

Mflr(fft)Hnrw. Dysentery. 

Mfif (^)^rnrf^a. (/."ft) 

Afflicted with dvsentery. 

S^^ the preceding word. 
97^7 iW. Exceedingly^ 
excessively, quite, ipn^- 

2^jnjrrf!ri=nitW ( ». I for 

Hfft^ ) K. S. I. 12. 
sw^r I a. (./*. m) I'nimrallrf. 

ed, peerless. II. m. The 

sesamum plant and seed. 
WFira. (/. F^r) See3|iT. 

97i[qK3fr^ m. Tlie sun. 
^wrf^il^H w. The sun. 
H^tv^tlf/* A small quantity of 


Digitized by 


l#ir^a.l Not bright, diiu; 

2 feeble; 3 insignificant. 
^^TfT^f; a. (/. ^?Fr) See 

9mff. 1 A mother; 2 the 
mother in-law of a woman . 

Vff^ftlV^ /. Elder sister (in 

theatrical language) 
Q|f^ m. Wind. 

its proper limit, much, ex- 
cessive, ( as in aT?T?T^rTT 
exceedingly passionate ) ; 2 
endless, perpetual, ft" ^<T- 
^pq'fTf^rwr^ R. xix. C5. 
CoMP.— BTTTT ''^ al)solute 
non-existence (in logic) See 
ap^.-^nra. Gone for good, 
gone for ever, ^^HR^^'HTr sf 

m^: R. Mil, r)6:-^Trm< 

a. 1 much, excessive. 2 
what goes much or quickly. 
-^fff^^ m, a Bi*nhma77a, 
who ixjrpetually lodges as a 
student with his teacher. 
— ^^Ntnr w. 1 close connec- 
tion, ^irrwr-2r%^?piT^^>r 

Pan ; 2 inse^winible co- 

«p;![f^5F I a. (/. ^) 1 
Going much or fast ; 2 veiy 
near; 3 not near, distjiut 
II n. Too great nearness. 

^P^RfN- o. (/. f r ) Going 
too fast, H^^qtqrfW^^H^- 
'^T^'^T Bt. 

^mRT'/^.l Lapse, as in ^n^- 
FPT; 2 death, destruction, 
e.g. qpnm ^ ^Hl^; 3 
distress; 4 gnilt; 5 trans- 
gression. 6 absence. 

9|^f^ a. (/. fff) lEx- 
ceeded, surjjassed; 2 out- 

9|firir «. Exceeding a day 
in duration^ 


Vl^mi^ w. Transgresnion, ex- 


WJjJ w. 1 Close meditation; 
2*a gallinule. 

MW ind. In this matter, liere, 
in this place, in this respect, 
tlien, &c. CoMP. — vpni 
( used as a pronoun; m, -^T^ 
./'. -? ftr ) honorable, revered, 

( This word is used cliiefly 
in dra:na to indicate a i>er 
son wlio is present, ft"- 

^5^Mv. I. ). 

3T^?«r 3. (f.^m) 1 Con- 
nected with this place, local; 
2 produced or found here. 

^TTT «. (./". Tr ) Shameless, 

3^ m. The name of a great 
Jihhi,{See appendix II. und- 
er 3tf^ ) CoMP — ^irTrf. fPT 
m the moon. — %ir w» Atri's 
eye. ^,^,°jr^, ^ w. 
the moon, Cf. ar^H^TT^^ 
^^r%(?^^: R. II. 75. 

5T«r ^nd. I It is used as an 
auspicious particle. 3Tr|JT- 

?ir[f^ II It is said that afq- 
does not mean auspiciousness 
but the very hearing of that 
word is auspicious. Hence 
at the commencement of the 
S. Bh.,we have BT^j^sifTr^J- 

^%^^ H^. II A particle 
expressing! beginning, com- 
mencement, 3T^ qtm5^rH5f5 
" Here begins &e." P. 
Y. I. 1; 2 doubt' e, g. 
^«^W^^; ^T^^?t:; 3 sub- 
sequent time,(aftenvards)3f^ 

snTPffj?!^: xnTr?r R. n. 1; 

4 interrogation, 3|^ ^- 
m(^ '^^\ C^.M. "Are you 
able &c." 5 condition ( if, 
in case whether ) 3f%r, 


(«. e. ^) ^i9i^i^^k^ 

m^iYe. xii; 6 totality 
entirety, ^^ irf sqr^qf^RR: 
G.M. "we shall explain the 
whole Dharma;*' 7 t*on junc- 
tion ( and, also ) ift^t^ 
^^- O. M. CoMP. — if- 
Pt ind, moreover. — ^^ 
ind, what else, certainly, 
assuredly, ( mostly foimd in 
plays).— f^ tnd, how much 
more. — ^ ind, moreover, 
and, and likewise, R. viu. 
51. — 5 iW. but, on the 
contrary. — ^ twr/. or, or 
perhaps, ^?f ftr ;r €f^ 

^fT^rr^nrrm ft- j^sirr^Ut. 

VI.; anmiTfT^FSfr R. 1.4; 
^-T^ ^ ^^ ftf&jij^viiu 
45, also 47. 

MtrfPr m, A Brahmawa skil- 
led in the j)erformance of 
the rites enjoined by the 

^rrt? I w. 1 A priest who 
has to do with fire and^owa; 
2 a Br6hmawa. II 7/1. n. The 
fourth Veda consisting chi- 
efly of formulas, intended 
to obviate the effects of any 
mistake attending the per- 
formance of a sacrifice. 
CoMP. —f^ a, one wha 
knows the Atharvaveda ,^ 

ff^prr^f^ f ifAq: R. vnu 


MM'^rK n. Ritual of the 

5T«ft ind. Used in the senses 
of ap^-. 

BTf-yf. 2 P. (;)/). 3rnf ; jyres. 
3Tr%) 1 To eat, to devour ; 2 
to destroy. 

Vf^ m. A snake whose fangs 
are taken out. 

STfflrrrt. (/.Tr) Unfavour- 
able; 2 unskilled: 3 left (as 
a hand ) ; 4 without anj 
gifts (as a sacrifice ), 

vf^ a, Tooth-less. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



I «. i/.m) 1 Not 

girea • 2 given unjust- 
^; 3 not given in mar- 
liage. II 7>. A donation 
wiudi is noil and void. 
CoMP. — ^l^ir^HL »'». one 
who seizes what ]ias not 
been given away, a thief (in 
]aw).-^fjr /, not betrothed 


Hffir/. An unmarried girl. 
am ». Eating. 
m«rla. (/^)lTooth- 

faie ; 2 ending in a?^. II m. 

wm a. (/ W ) Not scanty, 

lK#f «. 1 Disappearance, 

AiM, H^fr^t^'t Pan-; 

SakoLce of sight. 
91^1 Pron.(m, a|et» /• ^» 

«. 9^1. ) That ( refer- 

OBg to a thing that is not 
■?«); *«<«^ RM^tf...^^. 
a|^ is also used in the sense 
e{ 2r<(And as the correla- 
tive of i|^; but in this case 
^anst not immediately fol- 
lov the rektiye ; when it 
JMiiuJiiitely follows the rela- 
tiieft only expresses 'srftr^.* 
0ht farther information 
ftt Ae point See K. Pr. vii. 

W(tm «- (/. 'W ) 1 Untam- 

•i|»«. (/.i)5t) 1 Un- 
4piid on account of want 
rfTfffsms entitled to in- 
tall^ e.g. ar^fPi* ^nmrPTj 
ts^ Rating to inheri- 

1 The mother of 

ftcow; 3 the earth; 

Com?. — ir, 'h^ 

oC Adtii I. i. a 

" i^m^bstititte 

of a strong-hold or fort. 
Com p. — ^r^ 9)1. an un- 
fortified country. 

«T^ I a.(^,TX )Not distant. 
II n Vicmity, ?l6TOr f^ 
M^^' R- VI. 84. 

%T^i|^ ind. In the vicinity, 
near, R. i. 48. 

V[m a. Blind. 

iTfC la- (/ CT ) 1 Inyisible, 
unobsenrod • 2 unforeseen ; 
3 mifelt. II n, 1 An un- 
foreseen danger ; 2 dest- 
iny, fate ; 3 virtue or vice 
as the eventual cause of 
pleasure or pain. Comp.— 
V[^ a. having an object not 

^ evident to the senses, meta- 
physical.—^ a. previously 
unseen.— qTH a. having con- 
sequences that are not yet 

iTff^ Of. A malicious look, an 
evil eye. 

^>i^ <»• (/• 'If ) Improper to 
be given away, ( in civil 
law ). Wife, sons, deposits 
and some other things are 
considered as ar^ in Hindu 

3f^ la. (/ ^ ). Godless, 
impious. 11 m. One who is 
not a god. Comp. — ^^^pff a. 
not having the god Indra 
as mother /. e. not rained 
upon , ^ f^ g^ %H^^' 

^ Kir. I. 17.(Cf. ^* ^^^.) 
BT^ wf. 1 A bad or impro- 
per place; 2 a bad country. 
5T^ a. (/. ^f) 1 Free from 
defects or faults ; 2 free 
from the faults of composi- 
tion, ?r^%TOr^ K. Pr 

I ; m^ ?rTOi ^:l^^^^ s. 

Kant. I. 

9|i^ m. A season when milk- 
ing is impracticable. 

9fqp ind. 1 Certainly, truly; 

2 manifestly, «TrHrf^ ^ if- 
S?^ qitr^»T?[r Bh. V.I. 95. 

'TJW I o, (/. ?ff ) Supema- 
tural, wonderful, marvelloiu. 
II w. The marvellous, conai* 
dered as one ojf the eight or 
nine Rasas, (in rhetoric). 
,S><f under r^. Ill n. 1 Sur- 
prise, astonishment; 2 « 
ppodigy. CoMP.— ^^ m. a 
name of S'iva. 

9TlTt% JW. Fire. 

WTT a. (/. ^) Glutton- 

WT I w. Food, anything eat- 
able. II ind, Toniay, now 
now-a-days. Comp, — i|f% 
ind, even now, to this day, 

^^ Ch. P. 50. ( Almost 
every stanza of Ch, P. bf« 
gins with ar^pT) .-^m^ ind. 
from or till to-day -iff ind. 
this very day.-f^n., f^ 
m, the present day, e. ^. 
^^RHHKmt. -^'l. ind. be- 
fore now.- Tp^ ind. from 
today, amW^Tmr^ IW- 
f^JT^rer: K. S. T. 86.-«^iftif 
a. likely to happen to-day or 
to-morrow -•i^/. a female 
near delivery, ar^rtfTPIC'Si' 

Mim I «. (/ 5ft ) 1 Ex- 
tending over or referring to 
to-day; 2 modem. II m. Thd 
period of a current day, 
Comp.— ^ m, the aorist. 
See STftpfST. 

BTOfPft^ a. (/. irr ) 1 Be- 
ferring to to-day; 2 current, 

977^ n. A worthless or good* 
for-nothing object, e, g^ 

9?fit m. 1 A stone; 2 % 
mountain ;3 a cloud; 4 a tree 
5 the sun; 6 the name of 

Digitized by 




a measure ; 7 tlie number 
*aeven/ Comp. — f^ m 1 the 
Himilftya ; 2 »» epitlict of 
S'iva.-4fh^/. ^lie earth.-:3r 
n, red chalk.--3iT/. aname 
of Parvati.-^PT'n', ^^ / ^ 
name of Parvati,-|%«f^ m. 
Indra, the enemy of mount- 
ains, ( or of clouds according 
to S3me,)-SiPT /. a riv^i" 
taking its rise from a 
mountain .-qfrTi^nr «*. the 
Himalaya as the lord of 
mountains .-pff jn. a name 
of Indra.-rtr w. a mountain- 
peak.-^^TR w?. essence of 
stones I. e, iron. 
^giflff 7n, Mildness, moder- 
ation, M. IV, 2. 

lll«r I «. (/. ^) 1 Not two; 
2 witliout a second, unique. 
II n. 1 Non-duality, unity ; 
2 identity of spirit and 
matter. Ill w. A follower of 
Buddha. Cqmp, — ^nt'?^'".! 
one who teaches advaya or 
identity ; 2 a Bauddlia. 

an[R w. Any passage which 
is not intended to be used as 
adoor, 3n[[^^ sr ^RfN^^ 
^^^^fcT^M. IV. 73. 

«lf|^ I a. (/.;!rr)l With- 
out a second t, e. matchless ; 
2 without a companion i, e, 
alone. II «. Brahman ( w. ) 

«|W I a. (/ frr) 1 Destitute 
of duality ; 2 peerless, uni- 
que. II n, 1 Identity, same- 
ness, arlct g^ajri^qt': Ut. I ; 
2 ^he Yedantic doctrine of 
the identity of Brahman (n.) 
with tlie universe or with the 
soul; 3 Brahman (rt.).CoMP. 
— ^nf^'»» one who main- 
tains the identity of Brah- 
man (w.) with the universe, 
a Vedantist. 

if^ I a. (/. ijr) 1 Lowest, 
meanest; 2 worst, II m An 

imblushing paramour, qnrtf 

^Pff^ff K. Pr. I. CoMP.— 
^ n, the foot.-^T^w. the 
part of the body below the 
navel.- UPT, %j^«i7 ^'?' a 
3^^ I a. {J\ ^)1 Lower, infe- 
rior; 2 low,vile; 3 silenced.ll 
m. The lower lip, pf^'Jr ^^t 
^^ip^r^r Sak. i; f^tsVrnl^: 
K. Pr. I. Ill w. 1 The low- 
est part; 2 a reply. ( Note- 
Some of the cases of ar^T* 

viz, 3T>^^, ^T^mg;, 3T>rr^HRr 

and 3T>ifr?T5 are used as in- 
declinables in the sense of 
*below, beneath, in the lowei: 
regions'). CojiP-^Trft «• 1 
lower and higher; 2 worse 
and better, Mai. i.; 3 nearer 
and further; 4 sooner 
and later.-3^ ( forming 
^TM'ff^) wj. tlie lower lip, 

II. 67, -^!r°5 m. ». the lower 
neck. -^TPT w. drinking the 
lower lip i, e. kissing.-^??, 
the nectar ( t. e. sweetness ) 
of the lips. -H(W«h w. the 

3T>?#T «. if' "^ ) Reproach- 
ed, censured. 

HVit^grt. »w^^. 1 The day be- 
fore yesterday; 2 on a pre- 
vious day. 

3T>^ m, 1 Behaviour contrary 
to religious and civil law; 
2 unrighteousness, injustice. 

Wicked, unrighteous. 

3T^^/. A widow. 

BT>^iV?</, Below, down, be- 
neath, under, from under; 
( with ace. arlf^ST^^, abl. 
3TW pll^-idlr!, gen. ?re:qR\C: 
wSak. I. and loc.^^^ ^'cr.) 

I. 2. CoMP. — Bt^pir w. a 
lower garment, -iV^fHT w*. 

an epithet of Vishwu or 
Krishwa. -BTTOL/tK/. llower 
and lower, a^^ »t^ ^KJ- 
iTfTr Bliartr. ii; 2 just ^be- 
low, ( with ace.) ;nRWQt f - 
^: ^4hTCr5 Sis. I. 4. -^- 
IFEPf w. sexual intercourse. 
-5|^ m. the lower part of the 
hand. -^JPTT w. undermin- 
ing, -ij^/. 1 descent; 2 
degj-adation.-if^ m, a mo- 
use -^^ jw. a thief, 
-f^/. the south, -fft*/. 
down-cast sight, -qpf tn. a 
down-fall. -Jj^fiT »'. a seat 
of turf for persons in a state 
of impurity, -^HT >". the 
lower part. -^"^Tf w., ffhr 
w. nether world. -J^Jf a. 
with the face hanging down, 
^rs w. flatulency, -^^<^- 
fllf 7? . the Nadir. 

«T>T^?rT ^. (/ 'ft ) Lower. 

aT> y^f fr q> «»^. The same as ar- 

of Sankhya K. 44. 
Bff^ /w^/. As a prefix to ver- 
bal themes it expresses 

* above \ * over and above \ 

* besides'. 
As a prefix to nominal 

themes it expi-esses; 1 es- 
eellence ; 2 supcrioritv ; 3 
abundance &c. 

As a separable adverb or 
preposition (with ace. or loc. 

it expresses *over, upon, con- 
cerning'. ( Note-In compo- 
sition with nouns aTi% oft- 
en forms adverbs and has 
then the sense of * on * 
•concerning', *in' e, g, a|Wr- 
^, 3^[^RH^&c. Thus some 
of the following compoimds 
may also be interpreted ^S 
indeclinables ). Comp. — SW 
Ia.(r,m) IperceptM^ 
present to the sen see, i^- . 

Digitized by 





Bh, V. IV. 17; 2 3Ui)erm- 
teading, presiding over; II 
m* a saperintendent, presid- 
ent, M. Yii. 81. -H«TT w. 
the mystical syllable Om, 

-irfiT 1 '«^« 1 ^^^ t^i<^ ^"^? 
2 on the fire; II n. a gift 
made to a woman at the 
time of her man-iago. ^rvqftr 
is thus defined by Katya- 
wia: — R^I^*lft^Tr^^ ^- 

f% ind, on high, ( with 
-mcc. ) ar-^'^R?!^^ S. K. 
..«lf>^PT w. high censure.- 
li^ a. together with its 
"bal! f. ^. 3r-^.S^: * a share 
ioge&or with its half. /. e, 
«8&are and a half'-siniT. 
"ijuT. concerning the soul or 
Bnduuan ( n. ) -^f?H< w. 
Ae soul. *f^^/. ^^nw n. 
Ae science concerning the 
5<HiI. o^/. delight in the 
•contemplation of the supre- 
sne soul.-f^^ m. a supreme 
lomL-j^f^ n, supervision, su- 
peimtendence. «^rc m. an 
4iverseeT of workmen. -«|ir*T 
4I» . ardent passion.-^PT «• 
.UyUj meritorious, posscss- 
fag finperior qualities, qrr>^r 

" ^llegh. I. 6. -"in3 ind, on 
t knees .-f^|o^ /«. a tumor 
Ifte tongue -T^r o. Imv- 
tlic bow-string stretched 
r» bow ) rff^ '^ffvTJq^*- 
t^JSatk. K.-iprf »/. a tooth 
_ J over another.-f^ w . 
-iPIJt&tercalated day. *^ m, 
Mij.^^^m /.a 
or presiding di\i- 

jw* a supreme 

ifc, 1 a master, 

1^ A^foleri 2 a kmg 

lilsMftlc sovereign 

or ruler. -3^ ( iJT ) ^ m, the 
supreme spirit. -3nr «• hav-- 
ing many children -jpT lu 
the supreme spirit, -m;^ a. 
past measure, excessivc^-Jn" 
^ 1;?. an intercalary month. 
-?T^ m. the supreme spirit. 
-^ w. a cliarioteer.-fnt, ij 
^ w. an emperor, a supreme 
ruler,f>JTrHqt JTPT smrpTTnT; 

K. 8. 1. 1., iNrfvrrrinrnTr ^r 
^^rrplf K. S. \\ 85.- 

?[r^^w. 1 supremacy; 2 an 
empire, -h>^H ind, 1. in 
the universe. 2 as regards 
the universe, - ^^h ». 1 a 
partial speech, advocacy; 2 
a name, an appellation .-ft- 
^3^ ind, on tlie subject of 
science, 3Tf^rf%^ ^^^^ V. 
P. -^ a, 1 very beautiful; 
2 very rich, f q ^PsTT^Frt^ 
M : K. S. V. 53 -fft ind, 
concering Han. 
^rf^ T o. f/ ^FT) 1 Addi- 
tional, more tliau, f^PTf^R"- 
^ ^T^^^fl^ <T=^ 8ak. i; 2 
superior, 3;^ ;r ?T?l^:^fwr ^- 
?rr^ R. 11. 14; 3sui)emume- 
rory, superabundant, e. g, 

*^J; 4 peculiar to, iniTT- 
^rf^tysvn^Gautama.lI ?i.l 
surplus, abundance, redund- 
ancy,. 2the name of a figure of 
speech (in rhetoric). Comi»- 
BT^ a. exaggerated, ^if^qr 
n, exaggeration, liyperbole, 
caricature -i|^ a, abun- 
dant, prosperoui?, R. xix.5.- 
f^fplr w. /. An intercalary 
lunar day.-^n"^ w. An in- 
tercalary month .-^T^f%^ 
/. exaggeration, hyperbole. 
BTf^<i;rT w. 1 Location, as the 
meaning of the 7th case (in 
gram,) 3Tr=n%,Sf^^rr^ Pan; 
2 receptacle, support; 3 a 
complete argument dealing 
with one question, (In Mi . 

mamsA and Vcdanta ) ajo 
"is thus defined : — ft^ 
iR^IM^^ (/. e. doubt) 

4 supremacy; 5 a court of 
justice; 6 a claim. Comp.— 
%^f«|i #«. a judge.- ^^'X^ 
VI, n. the hall of justice.— 
Rj.^|«-^ w, a syUogism or 
conclusion wliich involveii 

3?f^*<Pl* Jii- 1 A judge or 
magistrate; 2 a govera- 
ment ofticiah 

3^^I?«K w. The overseer of 
a market. 

stfvr (vft) cFTT m. 1 Govern- 
ment , royalty ; 2 preroga t i voi 
3 ownei-sbip, e, g, ^ 
^rf^rR^:; 4 title, privi- 
lege e, g, ^''Jq^^ ^JsTTTT JJf- 
f^^TTT.; 5 a paragrajdi or 
section ,V^f^Y^tT itri^tTT- 
f^^fT*. Mit.; 6 a heading 
rule ( in gram,); 7 charge, 
m^rfWfr ^: Hit.; 8 
duty, ofiice, ^r9^nTl^T?f: 
Megh. I. 1. CoMP — BTHili 
a, invested with authority. 

invested with ^0 i,e, a sup- 
erintendent, a governor, a 
right-ful claimant, a pro 
prietor. &c, 

^fr?r «. {fm)l invested 
with power; 2 appointed. 

B?r%trf^/. The same as afi^- 

B|T^lR>r w/. x\n invasion, an 

BTr^HfTT ^^ ♦S'^'^ the prece- 
ding word. 

SYT^I^ m, 1 Abuse, con- 
tempt; 2 dismissal. 

Mf^n^ «. (/ ^) 1 Acquired; 
2 known, Bhartr. 11. 

ll{f^Sipi{in, 1 Acquisition; 2 
study, knowledge; 3 accep- 
tance; 4 finding treasure* 

Digitized by 


Irove, considered as a mode 
of acquiring property (in 
civil law ). Tlie Mitdkshara 
sa y9-3Ti% q-^r Rf^: mf^: 

«[f^?pPT w. 1 Acquisition; 2 

3T(^^sr?T ». The act of walk- 
ing or moving. 

^TT^W(chr/ Land on the up- 
per part of a mountain, 
table-land, aTr^HT^TOTI^^ ^' 
gppcqpr R. n. 29; K S. in. 

grf^ m. 1 A ruler, a regent; 
2 a king, a?^ TifRr'n^: 

yn^ R« n. } ; Rr?: jt^^tpt 

Rtt^Kib. I. 1. 

^rf^^w. A master, a superi- 
or, a ruler. 

5|f^^^ m, 1 Ascent ; 2 
mounting, over-topping. 

^fMi^^"l ^^- ^^^ the preceding 

^iRrfif (ftW/. A ladder, a 
flight of steps. 

3|f^ (>ft> ^W m. 1 Habita 
tion, abode,'sft: %?JTrP f?f^- 
^fcTff'^<»r ; 2 an upper gar- 
ment, mantle ; 3 applica- 
tion* of perfumes or fragrant 
cosmetics, ^r^nll* '811^4^1'^- 
zfrfltTSVflf^^fnTr Sis. II. 20 ; 
4 scent, f/agrance, afi'^q'- 
fTC^ '?r^: R, vin. 34. 

Mf^rTf^Tf «• 1 The act of 
causing the divinity to take 
up its abode in an image ; 
2 application of perfumes. 

^tf^^f^ /. A wife whose 
husband has married again, 
a superseded wife ; arf^T^^rr 

M. IX. 83; Yaj ii. 184. 

9tf^%f^ n. Marrying again 
while a former wife is living. 

stf^T^nr m. A place, a recep- 

Hf^^rrtl'y^ A fire-place. 

ttf^SFT n. 1 Approach • 2 
a basis ; 3 residence, seat ; 

4 a to^n ; 6 power, dom^" 
.nion ; 6la prescribed rule ? 

7 a benediction ft a wheel. 
BT^sftfir/. Perusal, study, 3|v|r- 

f ^^'^ T^^C^: Na.^. 4. 
wSllftfHL «. (/• 'ft ) A scholar, 

one who has finished his 

studies, (with loc. e, g, 

^\S^(f * versed in the ! 

Veda 'j 3T*fr '^jg^^rq^ D. 


^'nSfT ^« (/' IT ) Dependent, 
Mibservient, ^^^r^'^ J^A•^S- 
^^^^^l?flrC^:R. I. 72; 
^^^^M m^ ?rft^f 5^^ K. S. 
IV. 10. 

Wlrr a. ( / ^ ), 1 Excited, 

K.; 2 unsteady, as in 3T>ftr- 
Bl^^i;3 confused, perplexed. 
5T>ft^/ 1 Lightning ; 2 a 
capricious mistress ( one of 
the NAyikas ). 

^f^tE I a. (/. CT) Solicitt'd, 
honorary. TI w. 1 Solicita- 
tion ; 2 honorary odice, 

ST^JTr ind. At this tiuio, at 
present, now, ^^{^ t^ m- 

K. S. IV. 12. CoMP.-ri^r 
rt. of or belonging to the 

BTyTSFT w. Buniing fire with- 
out smoke. 

3T^fif /. 1 Want of firmnc>s ; 
2 incontinence. 

^5^ a. (/. «2rr ) 1 Unap- 
proachable 3T^sqw'»TT'^^ 

^r?^7twm:lt. I. 10 ; 2 

invincible ; 3 proud. 

ar^^nr w. 1 Studying ; 2 re- 

Bl^^sn^ ^. Reading, study, 
leaniing, awril'Tr^-^-^^HIHI'T- 
^^^ f^>SW^ M. II., 241. 

9|un?Brr^ ^' 1 determination; 
2 effort, exertion ; 3 comp 

lete identification of two 
things such that one of the 
things is absorbed into the 
other ( in rhetoric ). This 
aT« is the basis of the figure 
called atf^ftM^Ph" and of the- 
mw^ called cr-^n^flW. f%- 

fl^K. Pr.x. 

a^Lir^frnq' m. 1 The same as 
arvqw^fn^T g. v.; 2 energy ; 3 
perseverence, constancy. 

si^f^Pf w. Eating before the 
last meal is digested. 

9Ti,S|Tqs|? m. A teacher, a pie- 
ceptor. According to Vishnu 
3^0 is either an arr^r^ or an 
^qiM?T?T. An arr^ is he who 
invests a boy with the sac- 
red thread and teaches him 
the Veda. An ^o instructs 
for wages. (M. ii. 140-41.) 

BTWirrr w. Instmction, lectur- 
ing. According to law-givers 
3T« is undertaken either as 
a charity or for wages or 
in lieu of services rendered. 
It is one of the six duties of 
a Br^hmawa. See ^^A% 

^J^TRT w. 1 Study ; 2 a lec- 
ture; 3 the thne when sa- 
cred books ought to be read; 
4 a chapter ( as of a book). 
(Note-The chapters of books 
are called by several names 
in Sanskrit. The following 
are generjilly in use -^^r'l? 

^7^, ^STO rn,y Vr^» P4pr» 

a^wanf^ cr. ( /. 5ft ) studious, 
engaged in reading. 

M^«IT^ m. 1 Act of raising; 
2 attaching erroneously the 
predicates of one object to 
another ( in Ved&nta phil.) 

taching the properties of» 
snake to a rope i. e. roistaK- 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


ing a rope for a snake '; 
8 erroneous knowledge. 
Hun^^ n. The same as 

l|U|nrf m. IThe act of throw- 
kg or scattering upon ( as 
Md); 2 a field. 

Hi^nif^qr w. That part of 
a wife's property which she 
leceiTes at Uie time of going 
to her husband's house. Kat. 
ti»B defines it : — iTrJ*???'?^ 

lft*5fnr am ^ft^if^' II 

l ^ mu M* 1 Attributing er- 
n&eouslj the nature of one 
tltmg to another. Cf.sfurrrt? 
(2 ); 2 residing in,pre8iding 
J0fer; 8 putting down upon 
(as m q?;t\qr^.) 

Wllfi"! « 1 Supplying an 
ifiipsis ; 2 discussing • 3 

WDJK w. The same as 

It^l^m. A conyeyance borne 
Wdiawn by camels. 

yy « . S'i\-a. 

W^/. A wife whose hus- 
heod has married an addi- 


iMlfif n. Solicitation, en- 

/ See the preceding 

«. (/. ^ ) 1 Uncertain, 

'^ ; 2 separable ; 3 vm- 

not permanent. 
». 1 A road, a way, 
'it^^^ ^r^J< ; 2 dis- 

- B. I 47 ; 8 time,. 

, resource ; 5 sky. 

•^*^ «. 1 a traveller, 

fif^r^xt^^ K. 8. VI. 
* $ 8 ft niule< 


4the sun.— irr/. the Qslh- 
ges.— qftw. the sun.— ^ 
m. 1 a messenger; 2 a 
trayellmg carriage. 

9|%^t^ I a. (/. m) Speed- 
ing on a journey. II m. A 

9|«^3^Ior. (f.^^) Going 

fast, 1^ ?nfr,S'^'^d<*-^l^ 
Bt. II. 44. II ?w. A traveller. 

Vf^i^ Im. A sacrifice, H'TMRT 
f^^rf^ftRNn^R. V. 1. II 
w. Sky. CoMP.— f(f^fr^f^ 
/. consecration connected 
with an aro.— ^NtT/ the 
MimansA philosophy pro- 
pounded by Jaimini. 

a^Vf ^ n. 1 One who institutes 
an m.'^K ; 2 an officiating 
priest . 3 technical name of 
a priest of a particular class. 
CoMP.— %f m. the Yajur- 

MV^TllH w. A traveller. 

VI^J^J^ n. Twilight. 

np^vil 2 P. (i?p. 3Tf^) 1 
To breathe; 2 to live. With 
ir-to be alive, ^Trf^R^T m- 
^[^ Bt. IV. 88. II 4 A. 
(pp, ^fHn) 1 To breathe ; 
2 to live. 

5!rtir a. (/. W ) -N'ot entitled 
to a share in an inheritance. 

9?;TSfi^(% m. A name of 
Vasudeva, father of Kri- 

«I«WT «. ( /. ^ ) Eyeless, 

si^flfTT I a. (/. ^ ) 1 Unable 
to articulate; 2 containing 
what is blameable; 3 illiter- 
ate. II. n. An abusive 
word or expression. 

^TSfflr I w. 1 Absence of fire; 
2 something differing from 
fi re, e.j , 3R?rri%^ ^^ ^ 
^<t^AfH. II «. 1 Having no 
sacrificial fire (as a house- 
holder who does not keep 
sacred fire, or » eavT/Mv)] 

2 irreligious ; 3 having a 
bad digestion; 4 without the 
use of fire, (^ ftpRFT ^ftf- 

VIII. 25. 
Hf^ I «. (/ V ) 1 Sinlesa ; 
2 handsome ; 3 safe, secure, 
without injury, ^f^n^»rnr- 
^r^ ^^; R. V. 7; 4 defect 
less, 8?»T|V|WHMI ?prr» Am. i. 
1. II m, 1 White musUid ; 
2 a name of S'iva. 

H^SW^. (/. frr) 1 Unruly 
( as an elephant) ; 2 licenti 
ous ( as a poet ). 

WT I «. (/. i|r) Incorporeal, 
without body, Rnp}»T: ^Wr- 

ijcTrrRr:K. s. iv. 9. 11 m. 

The god of love. ?Tgirt JtW- 
'P^iT ^R^ K. S. IV. 18. 
Ill n. 1 Sky ; 2 the mind. 
Comp,— irgj^j^w. the foe 
of K^ma i. e. S'iva. '^nj^ 
/.sexual pleasure.— ft^jn, 
a love-letter, ^T^q^ftr^tfr. 
q%nii^K. S. I. 7. 

^H^^H I a. (/. wr) With. 

out colly rium, ^^ »j-,p,., 

53r%K.Pr.i. II,;,.Aname 
of Vishyiu. Ill n. I The 
sky; 2 the supreme soul. 

/.Jt^ ^^^inft) An ox or 

^frfW^rtfMpff/ Fluency as 
a qualification of a speaker. 
Hemachandra mentions 35 
such qualifications. 

9T^f4^H w. The time which 
dws not belong to the curr- 
ent day. In grammar it is 
either JTrTrf^fTT the past or 
HI^^^T^^TtTT the future time, 
if such a period does not in- 
clude the Current day. 3^« 
TT^r ( current day ) is thus 
defined by Bha//oji>-aTfft?!r* 

^^^ ^?r ^^^T: S.K. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

■ I — ^ 

MffiW a. i/.W) 1 Bound- 
less ; 2 perfect. 

^W«W «. (/. OT) 1 Not 
Ixjfore the eyes, unperceived; 
'S destitute o! a superinten- 

^|ifV8VPf m. I Absence of 
study ; 2 time when there 
ought to be an intermission 
of study, especfially of the 
ITcdas. ( It is also used in 
the sense of a holiday.) 

9|«f«f w. Breathing, living. 

H^fg^n^cf. (/. f^cCT) Un- 
able to comprehend. 

Wpi^^ I a. (/. SffT) Boundless 
( m time, space, or number ) 
appcTr^^jPTf^ ^^ K. S. I. 
B. 11 m, 1 A name of 
Viahnu; 2 a name of Vis- 
liwu's couch i, e, S'esha; 3 
n name of Krishna; 4 of 
Ills brother Baladera; 5 of 
8'iva; 6 a name of Vasuki, 
king of the serpents. Ill n. 1 
The sky; 2 Bi-ahman («.) 
Co MP, — §■/§: m. an epithet of 
Indra.-I^ m, 1 an epithet of 
Vishnu; 2 a name of the 
serpent S'esha .-^n^ a. of 
boundless extent, ar^f^fTTrr 
f^^ ^5^^?5r^Panch. i -^^r 
m. Vishnu.-ftuRT m. the 
name of the conch-shcU of 
Yudliish/hira. Bg. i. 16. 

^TFfTC 1 «. (/. ?T) 1 Having 
no interior; 2 having no in- 
terval ( either of space or of 
time ), near, immediate, e, g. 

3 near, ( as a rektive. ) 
II 72. 1 Contiguousness ; 2 
the supreme soul. Comp. — 
"W m, 1 the son of a K sha- 
triya or Vais'ya mother by a 
father belonging to the cast^ 
immediately above the mo- 
tlier'3 ( in religious law ); 2 
an elder brotheri 3 a young- 
er brother. 


M*TT^ii ind. Immediately 
after, aftenrards ( used with 
abl.) ftdH-^cyMC^fTHr?, R. 
IX. 1; ap^r^ %Rlt^5p?fc^ 
R. 111. 33. 

^TSF^rS^ «. (/ «rr )iNext in 

3PFW/. 1 The earth ; 2 the 
number * one ' ( in math. ); 
3 a name of Panati ; 4 
the ihrvd grass. 

^T'P?^ «; (/ ?«ir) 1 ^p other, 
not different, identical; 2 
without any attention to a se- 
cond, BT^'^l^^qj^^r ^\^ Bg. 
IX. 22. SsolCj^rqit^qf^r^- 
^q^TT Bg. VIII. 22. Comp. 
— TRTi T^RT ^. having on- 
ly one resort left, 3T5p?T- 
'Tfcf^ 31% i^Ttiq(rf%' ^rV 
Ud. -^ m, an epithet of 
Kamadeva, ^^\ ^ fTT'nfr- 

K.-'^/. a female who ne- 
ver belonged to another t, e. 
a TJrgin.-*Tn^«. not attend- 
ing to or waiting upon any- 
other, ar^i^^ipTr* qfrmi^ifht 

K. S. III. 63.-^ a. 1 
closely attentive; 2 depend- 
ing upon only one for liveli- 
hood.H3T>^'T «. not com- 
mon to any one else- R. 
VI. 38. 

a^cT^^I m. 1 Want of con- 
nection; 2 comparison of 
an object to itself which 
raises an implication that it 
is peerless ( in rhetoric), as 
in ?^f^3Rpf r^f^iTT^G.L 
17. Sf^K.Pr. X. 

STTT '^. (/. TT ) Destitute of 

BTTTCTT/^rTw.lNot injuring; 
2 non-payment ( as of a 
debt); 3 nondelivery, as 
of a pledge ( in law).' 

BfTT^ ^. (/• ^rr) Childless. 

I ■■ ■— — 

«T«n«rr «. (/. «fr) JShamoleas. 

^T^nnirV ^^^ a grammatically 
correct form. 

BT^TTer^ I «. (/. ?T) Inexcus- 
able, unjustifiaUe. II m. An 

BT^rn^I a. (/. HT) 1 Free 
from loss; 2 undiminished^ 
unceasing. II w. Absence of 
diminution, permanence. 

STTTff^^- (/. 5ft )1 Const, 
ant, steady, durable, R. ivxi, 
4G; 2 uninjured, safe, a^Wr- 
{^ ^ffvqj^ K. S. IV. 81. 

9T^ j^EPVr ^T ^^^ *^^ neuter 
I. e, the masculine or femi- 
nine gender. 

^T^^^Ia. (/.W) 1 Re- 
gardless; 2 careless, unheed^ 
ing; 3 not requiring another 
thing /. e, independent of 

BT^f^^ ind. Without regard 
to, regardlessly. 

^??I%?f(T. (/.fTT) INot se- 
parated, possessed of, ( wi^ 
the abl. ) ^rV^f^^rnfrHTHt 
Hr*r>S^: m^ Mud. I.; 2 
present^ not gone. ^cvRro'>f'< 

MTPRT a. (/. 5rr) Ignorant, 
unacquamted (with the gen.} 

r^r^IfT^rrr^ Mv. n. 

3TT>ft?r a.(/.CT) Undesirable. 
^^P^r^lRi A Non-ix'petitioD, 

5Srtt Sis. 11.43. :rr- r. 
3^5p?^rapr^ a. (y .^qr) What 

ought to be abandoned from 

af^ m. One who docs not 

make a salutation to others* 

and returns salutations witb 

his blessing, viz a Brih- 


3T^?lt^«. (/. ^) ^^^«^* 
gardly, miserly. 

Wr«n: a. (/. ?[r) Naked, uar 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


inww. IMbfortime, ill-luck; 

2adTeraity; 8 gambliBg; 4 

W^nW a. (/. ?|f ) Fallen 

aio misfortiine, M. x. 95. 
«WM« (/• «5r ) 1 Unrestrain- 

ni.89; 2 unlocked. 

W^«. (/ ifr) Priceless, in- 

5W^a. (/. eaft") 1 Priceless; 
afc%bly revered, K.S. i.58. 

'Wi I «. 1 Waut of mean- 
ing nonsense; 2 a worth- 
few object; 3 misfortune. 
na.(/.tft)l Wortliles.s 
wdess; 2 unfortunate, un- 
taAy; 8 nonsensical, niean- 

^'ffif^a. (/. 2KT ) 1 Non- 
sV"^tive J. ^. expletive 
(w 1 particle) ; 2 non-sen- 
8W|3 unprofitable; 4 un- 
Inda, II n. Nonsensical or 
"woaerent speech. 
^<^</'^) 1 Unworthy; 
Smiutable. 3 not de^erv. 

W*. 1 Fire, sqfH^^C ^ nr 
WW^iNa.iv. 18.. 2the 
8(4lrffire;3dig|^tive power; 
4tt^CoMP.-:.^ffSf cr. stom- 
*cH^-fij^/, Svaha, Ag- 
Bfttae.- ^^ m, loss of 
Hpj fto> dyspepsia. 
Tlwf. 1 Not enough, 
fim) 1 Not indo- 
■gent; 2 unable. 
(/.^) INota 
««•«. tf. much, a|;fFqfiTf- 
^nmqi9/{^: Bh. V, II. 
«gaW<». (/•.OT)lUn- 
<*l|i fw; 2 inapplicable; 
8|i^^P no opportunity or 

* C^ fr) Resistless, 
: ^»K: M. 

3?jr^i%Bnr «. (/. frr) 1 Not se. 

parated or cut; 2 unbound- 
ed; 3 excessive; 4 undiscri- 
minated, unmodified, ( in 

^W^W ^' (/• W) I Irre. 
proachable, blameless, R. 
VII. 70 ; 2 unobjectionable. 
( Note -There are two nega- 
tive prefixes in 3T«Cf.B?ft(^) 
CoMP.— S^ift /. a woman 
with a faultless form.-^:^!' ^. 
of faultless form i. e beauti- 

3T5T?n^f;f I w. 1 Inattention . 
2 inadvertence, II a. (f, ^t) 

3H^I% a. Unlimited, infinite. 

^f^ «• (/•'Tr) Not low 
ue. high,illastrious,5^Hf^^ 

^nrr? R. xvn. 27. 

^i^^n «. (/. ^ ) Incessant, 
uftinterrupted, Sak. n. 

M5f^Rfra[i'MfA Incessantly, un- 

ai^TTO^ a. (/. wj> ) Chief, 

SffPTH^iT w. Independence, 
absence of support. 

BT^^r^r^hR «. A purificatory 
rite observed by a woman in 
the third month after con- 

3?5fTOt w. 1 Absence of lei- 
sure; 2 unseasonableness, 

M. IX. 

free from dirt. 
^Fr^^ /. 1 An unsettled 
state. 2 incontinence; 3 an 
endless series of causes and 
effects, the regressus in infi- 
nitum, (in phil.) j^' 

K. Pr. II. 
af^PRTIFT la. f/.?rr) Un- 
stable, fickle. II in. Wind. 
Ill n, 1 Instability; 2 in 
continence, misconduct. 

W^V <?. (/ifff ) Regardless. 
^•IW5 ind. Without taking 

M»l%^ff^w. Regardlessness. 
W^r/. See 3?5i%|ffor. 
MfllPT w. Fasting, a fast. 

^'^^W ^' { / ^ ) Imperish- 
able, eternal, 

MT^w. 1 A cart; 2 a living 
being; 3 birth. 

MT^RrT «. (/. ffX ) Not set 
(as the sun or moon ), anf* 

^f^ r?^?T?rr^ Ve n. 

iT^f'^w. An unlucky day. 
iT^n^Fn^ m. 1 Improper time; 

2 famine. Comp -3j?f w. a 
man who has become a slave 
voluntarily for sustenance^ 
in famine ( in civil law ). 

MHI^<^ a. (/. ht) Undisturb- 
ed, composed, 

^«1M|«| a . (/. B r ) 1 Not arriv- 
ed, ?[r^nsi7T^ >^ w^v^- 

5fR<T^ Hit; 2 not obtained;. 

3 unknown; 4future. Comp. 
— ^^%^T^ w. looking to- 
what is to come or follow.-— 
W^^/. a young girl not 
arrived at puberty .-«Tnn>fm. 
future bodily pain.-^>^H w. 
One who provides agamst 
what is yet to come. 

^^TTTT w. 1 Non-arrival; 2 

STTRT^ «. Free from fault or 
sin, arrS^iprRT Jf: ^* ^ 
^h^^^ Sak. I. 

^TTT^nC w. 1 Bad conduct; 
2 violation of religious or 
civil law. 

a^^nrrr «* Cool, free from heat. 

STsngr a, '/. n)Not fatigued, 
^Srvf^^JRTSr: R. I. 21. 

^Hl>*i5 I w. Not self, other 
than spirit or soul. II a. 
Without spirit orsoul.CoMp^ 
— jjT o» one who does not 
know self, foolish, Sak. n. 
-^ o. one who has no con- 
trol over his sen^«. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Hm'WffN' «. (/IT) Not 
suitable; not fit for oneself. 

"JH^W «• (/ -^r ) 1 Without 
a lord or master; 2 helpless, 
poor. CoMP. — ^HT /. a 

l|8|f^ 7n. DL«»reganl, con- 
tempt, e. g. ipfj ^% sq^. 

9|sri^ «• Without anj begin- 
ning, existing from etemi- 

tj, 3fiT^n^n?f^^ K. s. II. 

9. CoMP. -^3^;^'=^, 5T5?r a. 
Laying neither beginning 
nor end, eternal. -^lr^^ a. 
having neither beginning 
norend.-ifwn^^i.having no 
beginning, middle, or end. 

«nT#n" CI. (/. m ) Fault- 
less, defectless, xm^TT^'T- 
'Rl^^frfT^ Sis. II. 2-2. 

«HnT a. (/. W ) What 
ought not to be eaten. 

^^Jfyii^ w. The not coming 
in proper order, 

if^rpw I o. (/. prsFT ) 1 

Kameless; 2 haying a bad 
name. II fK, The int^rcalarj 

Ifqrni^ I »^. A name of S'i- 
▼a. II 93. Health. 

H^inn'/. The ring-finger, so 
called because it has no 
name like other fingers. Cf. 

aWiPwr /. The ring-finger, 

€. g. 3T^(^ d^H*'^r^>TrfK- 

«rfW5r <?. (/. m) Inde- 
pendent,uncontrolled. Comp. 
— iPff ^« having an in- 
dependent livelihood, q?ir- 

HSfP^nET I «. (/. W) I^c- 
quiring no labour or trouble 

^ftT HW^H" Hfid****l Sak. ii. 
II m. Absence of exertion. 

a, (/. ?ir ) GoBtinual, 

Hiff^ff:; ind. Continually, 
eternally, e. g. aHFnf ^ T> 
5 W^HTfr: Kir. 1. 15. 

^^fHNr ^- 1 Crookedness 
( moral or physical ) ; 2 dis- 

IT^fRfrr /• A girl who has 
not arrived at puberty. 

^«rf$ fn» 1 Other than an 
A'rya: 2 a s'iidra; 3 a mle- 
chha: 4 an ignoble person. 
II a. Ignoble, Na. iii. 57. 

«l^«. (/. 'r?) 1 Not re- 
ferring to a i^ishi; 2 not re- 
lating to the Vedic hymns, 
aT^"*^lft*S. K. 

17>1K'=^ >/?. Not undertaking, 

«♦ g* ^BiT^Ti' 'ig^^TPrf JWt 

^Tfn^'fl'/. S'iva's lute. 

^HIH*j/^ r/ A woman dur- 
ing menstruation ( in 'ritual 
works ) . 

arfFffr/. Di-ought, consider- 
ed as one of the six cala- 
mities of the season. Cf. f|%. 

^^rraPPt,^*' One not belong- 
ing to any of the A's'ramas, 

ST^W^^W 'w. Not belong- 
ing to any of the A's'ramas. 

BT^rp^a. (f.m) Not lis- 
tening to the advice of, R. 
XIX. 49. 

^T^iTr^m/* Disrespect, indif- 
ference, f^mniV^IT ^ >^- 
%-2 R. II. 57; ^ftjRTPr^qjfr- 

^f^^irfW^mrijiK. s. 

VI. 12. 

STTT^W n, A new garment. 

vpnwfK^' Abstinence, star- 

aimifir/. 1 Not sacrificing ; 
2 l^d sacrificing. 

Mfn^ a. (/. fir ) Unca lled, 
unbidden. Com?.— ^r^nf^- 
3^m. an uncalled for speak- 

er.— 7qf^ a. seated tf»*a 

uninvited guest. 
i|p|r%^ tn. An ascetic hariag^ 

no fixed abode. 
MPnfH a. (/.•fr) 1 Not 

swallowed ; 2 present^ not 

to be supplied, (in rhetoric). 

^rf^r^ o. (/. 'WCr) 1 Trans, 
lent ; 2 uncertain ; 3 un- 
stable ; 4 not peremptory, 
not obligatory (as a rule) ; 
5 unusual, irreguhir. Comp* 
— PF'n'/. an act of wor8ld|> 
which is voluntary and oc- 
casional. -^, ^p^f^, ^^inr 
m, a son given away by his 
parents to another tempora- 
rily, (in law).-^nn^ ^. a. 
compound the sense of 
which may be equally ex- 
pressed by using its compo- 
nent parts separately. 

9#ff^i^ «. 1 Not an organ 
• of sense ; 2 mind. 

MPr^^r a. (/. w) 1 Kot 

modest, bold; 2 not private; 
3 unstable. 

^PtH^ w. 1 A frog; 2 a bee; 
3 the Indian cuckoo. 

B^fnPl^ I a. (/. ^ ) Cause- 
less, groundless. II w. 1 
Absence of a cause or oc- 
casion; 2 an ill omen, ^n??^- 

p?T Ve. III. Comp.— prtfifc- 

iir /• a^ei^ion of ill omens. 

MftftM^ii ""^- From no 
cause, without a cause. 

«#rPw M. 1 A god: 2 » 
fish. Comp,— 3|T^r# m^ 
Brihaspati, the preceptor of 
the gods .-4^ t7. the iiojjr 
place, called Yishnu-Eslie- 
tra, Bhog. i. 

ing to the gods. 
Hf^lr^l a. Without twiaki- 
ing (as eyes ), ^k^m^^MH-- 
^inf^: R. III. 48. II^n. 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 




1 Absence of twinkle; 2 a 
god; 3 a fish. 

^^f^ «• ( /• ^ ) 1 Uncon- 
trolled; 2 uncerteiB; 3 ir- 
jegahr, Ut. v. 4 transitory, 
poishable. Comp.— sjsff m, 
an bdeterminftte digit ( in 
oi^>), -jjMiT /. a wo- 
vuok irregular or unchaste 
iftooBduct..^^ a. Laving 
I fixed or regular employ- 
r or income. 

^ijftir^^ a. (/.^) Unrcs- 
llihed, uncontrolled, arf^r- 
f^W54l% JfnTfTrf^fSRrcSak. 

^d^iiC «. 1 Uncertainty, 
«»i*; 2 absence of obliga- 

^rw: Ch. M. 
^*ft*H a. (/. ^fTT ) Not in- 
*»ted; 2 unexplained. 

^Mmable; 2 unrestrained. 
1| II* I A spy; 2 son of the 

gof lore. CoMP.— q^ n, 
«»ky; 2 an unobstructed 

«. The supremo soul, 
n ( 71. ). 
W «• (/. ffT) Unascer- 

1 a. (/^) 1 

ble, i ndescribable ; 

r to be nicritioned. 

The world (in Ve- 

2 Maya or illusion, 


1 Non-depression; 


(/. ffT ) Unhappy, 

/• 1 Absence of hap- 

2 poverty, 3rf^|fHr- 

^ *lfWilt^ TfTT 

«.lWiiid; 2 Tvind, 

a deity; 8 

.41 ^ne of the 

of the body, 

tlie other two being ^r^ and 

Rrf. CoMP. — vm^ «. course 

of the wind.- ^TRfHT «t. 

,son of the wind, ( ^^ijh or 

?ft^).-BTrrtK, ^I a. feed- 
ing on the wind i. e, fasting; 
11 m, a serpent.- ^n!l w. 

sTf^^syfr*^ a, (/. m) m- 

judged, undiscriminated, 3T- 

fm Sis. II. 27. 

BTf^l[nt tnc?. Incessantly, con- 
stantly, unceasingly, ^Ji^jft 
T^T^m^PPTT Bh. V ir. 1G2. 

B^rS" I a. (/. ST) 1 
ed, undesirable; 2 unfavour- 
able; 3 bad, unlucky, omi- 
nous; 4 not honoured with 
a sacrifice. II w, 1 Disad- 
vantage; 2 evil, calamity. 
Com p. — >i^i)lH^ w. expecta- 
tion of evil.- ijf m. an evil 
planet .-jppnn" w. connection 
with a wrong argument.- 
9»H w. evil result .-^fsfff/. 
fear of evil or niisfortune!- 
^ fw. an evil omen. 

Sl^T^q-^R: tii(f' So that the 
arrow does not come out, 
i.e, not with excessive force. 
Cf. |^c:r^^7^. 

3^f^t M a. (/.^) Unan- 

swered, unrefuted. 
3T!fN7 ^n. w. 1 An army, ^ 

Bg.i. 2; 2 war, battle, fight, 
combat; 3 front row. Comp. 
— ^ j/t. 1 a warrior; 2 a sen- 
tinal; 3 the tminer of an 
elephant ; 4 a mark, a sign ; 
5 a military drum. 

^«ftf%'(t/. 1 An army; 2 a 
certain force, vU. one-tenth 
of^an 3T^f^ q. V. 

^T^Kr la (/• W ) One who 
has no lord or superior, with- 
out mastery or control, Sak. 
II. II m. Vishnu. 

^I'ftW <»• (/• ^) 1 Without 
a superior, unohecked; 2 
unable, ^rftrfT ^f^^SP^rtNTT 

^nrrft^rfjTft wr^ipic Bh. V. 

II. 182; 4 atheistical. Comf. 
— "^ m. atheism, denial of 
a supreme ruler of the uni- 
versc.-^n^ m. an atheist. 

^T^ o. (/. ^) Careless, in- 

3^ ind. As a prefix to verbs 
and nouns it expresses 
*after,' 'along,' 'along side 
of/ *noxt,' *under' &c. 
When prefixed to nouns 
in adverbial compounds, it 
implies 1 proximity ( e, g. 
^TJH^near the forest); 2 
propriety {e.g. BTj^tr^ ac- 
cording to nature i. e, 'pro- 
perly); 3 conformably with, 
( ^. 9' ^J'R^ according to 
order ) ; 4 along side of ( e, 
g, aijit'ni along the Gan- 
ges ). 

As a separable preposition 
( with ace. ) it expresses 1 
subsequent time, ( after ) 
^TT^f ^nr^ S. K. *it rained 
after the muttering of pray- 
ers'; 5F^5?tTr^3 Af^ R-ii. 
24; 2 likeness, ^ TTfifj % 
Vikr. TV. 'every thing of thee 
resembles mine'; 3 inferi- 
ority, BTJflffrr: S.K. 'gods 
are inferior to Hari'; 4 pro- 
ximity, pnf^ f^^a^ ftJF?J 
S. K. 'the lightning flashes 
near the tree'; 5 along side 
of, ^f^^t^p^Rmr ^ S. K. 
'tlie army is encamped along 
the river'; 6 participation, 
fR'^T? ty^^: 'Lakshmi parti- 
cipates with Hari.' 

«T^ o. (/ ^ ) Lustful, 

^J'lWr w. Discourse, con 


^ig^lrttiW. «• (/. *^ The 

next youngest. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

"^l^ppPW n. Sympathy, ten- 
derness, compassion. 

3|gg!i»qrr/. The same as 3^5- 
^^^ q. V. II. II. 48. 

^4**^«l a. (/. win* ) 1 Swift, 
expeditious; 2 pitiable, K. 
S. HI. 70. 

■B?3«fR^ 72. 1 Imitation; 2 re- 
semblance, similarity. 

Bfjsii^ m, 1 Attraction; 2 
grammatical attraction; 3 
delayed performance of a 
duty. 4 the bottom of a 

"S^gcfrfor m, Tlie sani^ as oT^- 
^# q, V, (Also 3T^^^ w.) 

'H3<ft«H| >«. An alternative or 
substitute in case of necessity 
(in religious law) e. g, WT^'^ 

'^^^\A\^ <». if. TT) One who 

goes as he lists, e, g, aT^rfrr- 

ST^'iftfi *«. The same as aj^- 

qfTOT q* v, 
^d-shlH «. (/. W ) Oppor- 


3T4*I«^H. ''^^^ Opportunely, 
en a proper occasion. 

^d4?liSi w. The act of pro- 

-»^3^|t7l a, (/. 57r) 1 Fa- 
vourable, agreeable; 2 con- 
formable to; 3 friendly, kind. 
II m. A faithful or kind 
and obliging husband, ( in 
rhetoric ). He is thus de6n • 
• ^ •— ^^5f?^ ^^TTf'^:. Ill iu 
favour, kindness, JfRfr'TR'- 

r. IX. 
Mit''^/ 1 T«»iitation; 2 co- 


^dlh^-ft< «. {f'^) Dcntat. 
ea like a saw. 

'Bl^iliiH w. 1 Succession, me- 
thod; 2 an index showing 
the successive contents of a | 
•book; 3 proper order, ^^^ j 

< y i^*fi«hH^ r R. vi. 70, 1 


«T5^»TT w. 1 Proceeding in 

order; 2 following. 
^i*H"fl" { for^ ) /. A table 

of contents. 
^^T^^n"/. 1 Imitation; 2 a 

subsequent rite. 
^J'&r^ in. Tenderness, com- 
passion, Megh. II. 52. 
^T^^TTf ind. Perpetually, 

every instant. 
M5^^ m. The doorkeeper's 

or charioteer's attendant. 
^5^r^ «• The stipend given 

iiy temple servants. 
^d^^lft /• Act of revealing 

or reporting. 
BTyr ^ ni. 1 A companion. 

2 a follower, a servant, rf^- 

fT^WT Trtr% ?=f5 R. n. 58. 
II a. (/. ?rr ) Following. 

H3^T^^ (i'if'^0 Following, 
imitating, e. g. ^ M^H^gpT^ 

BTjifl m,l Following. ;r #rf^ 

V. P.. 2 post-cremation of 
a widow; 3 imitating, ap- 

H3^IH^ «. The same as 3T^- 
T\H q. V. 

^JTf^ w. A roaring echo. 

^*i^l^^ w. A cowherd 

^Tjurf^ "«• A companion, 
a follower. 

Sf^ //i^/. Behind the oxen or 

^T5?i'T «. (/. ^ ) Congenial 
with, suitable to, 3T53^ ^V 

9T^ori{^ '^'/. 1 Naturally ; 
2 favourably. . 

5?35^/ A lute. 

HJ^ m. 1 Favour, kindness, 
R. II. 25; 2 conferring bene- 
fits ; 3 acceptance. 

IfgiT^ n. The same as 3Tj?r- 

^r|Hlif<li 'W. A mouthful. 

^5^R ?»• 1 A companion; 2 

Digitized by 

a follower, a servant, R. n. 
4, 26, 52. 

H^^ffSr/. A female attendant, 

^TJ^nr^ ffi* A follower, an 

^i'ilfi'ahl/ A female foUoir- 

^373f^ <T. (/. rfr ) 1 Impro- 
per, unusual, e.g. ar^*^ («. 

/. for ^f^ sr ) W ^^^^ 

K\{^3^''> »^ak. IV ; 2 strange. 

M^f^^fT^ w. 1 Meditating 
upon ; 2 recollecting; 3 an- 

«?5f^^/. The same as ag- 

if^^OT^ ^« A garment which 
hangs down in front from 
the waist to the feet. 

BTj^sgf^/. Xon-extirpation, 

BT^p%^ m. See the preceding 

, word. 

BT5*r f^' A younger brother. 

STJ^n^'H. '^- ^^ younger 

^2^/- A younger sister. 

^a^l^ I ^w. A younger bro- 
ther, IT a. (/.?!fr)Bom^t6r, 
as a son to his father, ar^JT- 

HKtdH^ r>s7^yrfr: R. ^'^ 78. 

ing by, dependent. II w A 
dependent, a follower, H^fr 
^ 5frf^2^r^53ftf^: Kir. i. 
10; I. 14. 

^g^fl r /. 1 Authorisaticm; 
2 issuing an onler or permia* 

5^23^/ 1 Assent, permission^ 
^ leave to depart; 3 an ^^ 
er or command. (Alsoa^J^- 
Tn. ) 

STJ^TT^ m. One who com- 
mands or enjoins. 

BTj^rrqpT n. The same M 

STJIffit q> V. 
^3pr^ w. IThirst; 2 a dnnjp * 

ing vessel, %rrrnryT^R/*- 



* «i5?r^ (1) argprW^sf 

P)>8i 3,x. 2;3 wish, desire. 
•wn^ri w. 1 A ressel from 
wiich liqaor is drunk; 2 
distribatiug liquor. 
tigprrr »». Repentance, M. 
XI. 227. 

H^r^^Jnd. Very minutely 

«by grains. 
^^^o, (/. ^^) Free from 

ftpti or anxiety. 
*f4^^tf. (/. >nr)l Having no 

botta, unsurpassed, the very 

^ryq* f^ M. 11. 0; 2 

w* ttsed in the grrpf or the 
fiKi person ( in gram.). 
«g^la. f/^) 1 Princi- 
l»l, Aief; 2 best, excel- 
ieiii;S unable to answer, 

4 low, inferior . 5 southern, 
n «. A reply which is 
eyaaive and therefore held 
fefie BO answer, (e. g. of the 
defendant in a law- suit ) 
•Q^I|*T ff. (/. nr) 1 Steady, 
variffied; 2 without waves, 

'wftwrnr^nFTtni^ K. s. 

w. 48, where 3T« is used in 
wl tike senses. 
ymr/ The south. 

». Want of exertion. 
'I. (/'IF) Not a- 

I. « not deviating 

6wi» the sutra ( either of 
^ W of v^ |^< u| in the 

.,. Sis. 11. 112. 
Hamility, want of 

m,i/: ^)Thin, lank. 

Iff. (/.^) 1 Not 
,A0l elevated; 2 ac- 
-Jt. n m. One of the 
%ir Meats to be obser- 
"m^m retiXng the Vedas. 

■ 'r.VllNotgen- 

f, mean; 2 

followed by a wife, ^ HFJ^- 
Cfj^rr^ K. Pr. IV., where 
both the senses are meant- 
3 having a suitable wife. 

S^gf^PT^ ind. Daily, every 

argf^ljj^iw^.In every quarter, 
in every direction. ' 

3?3^ m. 1 Order, injunction 
2 a rule or injunction rel- a preceding rule or 
injunction (in gram. ), q'^r- 
^^rgi^r^RT^J^ Pan. 

^S^f n Consideration, re- 

3T2qnr «. C/2T) Not exalted, 
not lofty. 

^^a . (fnn) Unutterable. 

'^^5?r^ I «• (/^) Following 
R. III. 88. II «. A measure 
of time in music. 

3?3frf w. Celibacy. 

^T5>2IT^5r w. 1 Pursuing, run- 
ning after; 2 pursuit of any 
object, research, investiga- 
tion; 3 going after a mis- 
tress; 4 cleansing, pxirifying. 

S^t^Pf Ji. Meditation, religi- 
ous contemplation, m m sf\. 

S. VI. 21 

arj^nr 'w« 1 Conciliation; 2 
courtesy, civility; 3 humble 
supplication; 4 regulation 
of conduct, disciJ)line.CoMP. 
— ^Kpf^TTTi. a conciliatory 

argsfT^ m. 1 Echo; 2 conse- 
quent sound. 

^d;ilf l ^ «. (/. f«Wr) Sub- 
missive, humble. 

^4^lT^<*r/. A female cha- 
racter in a drama subordi- 
nate to the heroine (frr'^r) 
such as a friend, a female 
devotee, a maid servant, 
a nurse, female artisans, 

&c. (ip[^ JTwf^mr ^^ ?rsqf 


^'a'nfiWti. (/.m) Nasal 
i. e. uttered through th^ 
nose.CoMP.— ^nft- w. a com- 
bined consonant beginning 
with a nasal.H^ m. the- 
dropping or disappearance 
of a nasal. 

MJf^f^Tw. Describing in the 
same order as previously 

told, e. g^mm^^r^f^ %, 

«?3^f?r/. The same as aw- 

^il4NWl5l« a. (/. 1^ ) Ac- 
quired without detriment to 
the paternal estate (in law)^ 

H3^PIT n, 1 Falling on or 
upon; 2 following; 3 propor- 
tion ( in math.) 

3<iM^*i ind. Along the road. 

3T5[q?r w. A chorus, the bur- 
den of a song. 

M^q^ ind, 1 Step by step; 
2 word for word; 3 after, 
immediately after, 3?s?ftgq:^* 
ifTl^: K. I. 44. It is used 
with a noun in the genetive 
<*af?e. 3Tn%«rnT5q^. R. xi^ 

M yijift /. A way. 

*T^4f^'«- A searcher, one- 
who follows or seeks for, 
( with a noun in the gen.. 

^3Hfl*fr/.A kind of slippers. 

aT5tT>f m. A letter or syllable 
not preceded by another. 

B^a'ri^T f^' Guileless, untaint- 
ed, Bfjgf^ ft^ l%3r?T^ Ut. II. 

^TJ^F^TRT w. 1 Failure of 
proof or determination,, 
doubt. 2 non-statement. 

BT3Trf%/. 1 The failing ta 
be, failure, cT5{r^r^ipT^ihr- 

^r^rqiyrrf^rr: Bh. P. ( ?fr- 

?q"4fi5qqf% is the failure of 
the intended meaning or 
any consistent meaning;) % 
tho not being apjjlicaUe; ^ 

Digitized by 




sbsence of ivasonftble 

HTPi O' (/. m) Incompara- 
ble, matchless, excellent. 

ll^qiff /. The female elepha- 
Bt of the south-west. 

Bijn^^ O' {f.^) Incom- 

If^q^ a. (/. nr) Incompa- 

ai^q^fi^ / 1 Non-percep- 
tion, non-recognition ; 2 
non-perception as one of tho 
six kinds of proof recogniz 
ed bj the Mimansakas. T. 

^f^HHHT w. Non- perception 
ii?ant of apprehension. 

«l44rtMT n. See argq'WJ^JT. 

H^^^f^Flt. fti' One who does 
not wear the cord of his 

Sf^injir m. Anj aggravating 
thing that increases a dis- 
ease (in medicine). 

m^M^i?tR< *^' A particular 
fallacy in logic. In this fal- 
lacy the ar>;ument being one 
of all comprehensireness 
does not leaye out anything 
to senro as a JCTT* The ex- 
ample generally given is 

H^q^i] m, A particle which 
18 not an Upaaarga, as 

^n^V]^ /. 1 Absence; 2 


the not being able to remem- 

Wfjp^ 7». A new garment 
not used before, aT^rrftnn^- 
ifWn^ Kad. 

«19qre^ a. (/. WB[f) Not 
clearly discernible. 

aqm^l^ r?. A heinous of- 
feree like the five wahdpdta- 
lti8. According to Vishnu 
they are 85. Manu men- 
tfoils 80. 

••tw</. In succession, 


following, going after, e. g. 
t4dl5MI?f <»i{|H1*^'JlRl.Bt. II. 

11. 'plucked flowei's following 
creeper after creeper/ 

^«IHH w. Drink taken with 
or after medicine. 

^^HHH «• Preserving, keep- 
ing up. 

^d^^^ ^^' -^^ follower. 

S?g^a. (/. ^) Regular, 
orderly. Comp. — TUXm. one 
who has regularly sha|>ed 
limbs.-^6r/^ a <^ow which 
calves regularly. 

^ai^Al^ ind. In regular 

3T3q?Ta. (/. 5fT) 1 Not en- 
dowed with; 2 not invested 
with the sacred thread, (in 
religious law,) 

sijq^lT^w, Trackmg, tracing, 

^JI^I^H w. A gift, a dona- 

y^f^pffmn^ind. Going in sue- 
cession, e. g. ^^TPTyr^- 
Jim^ * having gone house 
by house, he sits down', 

Bya q ijl^ l '^« Additional use. 

ST^^^ w. Entrance, R. iii. 

^nq^^pf* n. See the prece- 
ding word. 

ar^JUCT w. A question refer- 
ring to what has been pre- 
viously said, (as by the tea- 

^JR^lf^/' Close connection, 
especially ,ogical connection, 

M^M^i*^ w. Throwing into. 

BT^pn^ T«. Alliteration, repe- 
tition of the same consonant 
though the vowels may differ. 
^«%in^'^5^TnT :Mammate(For 
instances See K: Pr. ix., S. 
D. X.) 

aT^[gf m. 1 A companion ; 2 
a follower, nrjST: ^^K(^ 3(r- 

mip^ m* 1 Connection, 

attachnient; 2 Qninternipti>d 
series (e.^.%^f7« an uninter- 
rupted series of hostilities )„ 
continuity, R. i. 64 • 3 
cause (especially of a crime), 

ff^ M. VIII. 126 *iet ( the 
king ) inflict punishmen^K OA 
criminals having ( first ) as^ 
certained the cause*; 4 ift* 
tcntion, design- 5 obstacle ; 

6 an indicatory letter which 
is annexed to words to niark 
some peculiarity in the ae-> 
cent, inflection, or deri yation ; 

7 Commencement, beginn-- 
n^g; 8 course, pursuit; 9 in- 
troductory reasons. 

^^<FV^ n. Connection, asso* 

^^ff^S{^a.(/. 9ft) 1 Follow- 
ing in unbroken continaitjr^ 
5-* Ji^mj^in^ " miseries 
never come single'*; 2 mUr- 
perrading, R. vi. 77. 

Bij^H ». An auxiliary foroe«. 

9^^^ m. 1 Reviving tbft, 
scent of a faded perfunuief 
2 an after-thought. 

H7$r^ n. Recollecting. 

a^j^n' ^n. 1 Knowledge other 
tlian remembrance. See T«£L 
under j/|[. According to ihm 
Naiy^yikas, it is of four 
kinds, viz 1 xranff, 2 ^T^pirT^ 
S^gmT. 4 m^; 2 undeiw 
standing; 3 impression tMi^ 
the mind derived from direct 
perception; 4 experience^ 

IV. 105. CoMP. — f^FV a. 
established by experience^ 
H^HTT m- 1 l^ignity, autho 
nty, 3!grHI^ft^^?RTqft^ 
fTT^ R. I. 37; 2 certainlgr; 
resolution, as in iffi^HI^; 
a symptom which indiea&ei 
the feeling ( H(7 ) piodae 
by its appropriate ctm»i 
( in rhcftoric ). af • is ttuK 

Digitized by 




defined :—4fT# ir^iTtt W^ 

&e 8. D. III. for farther in- 

If^jfl^ n. Representing feel- 
ings so as to make them the 
diamctoristic of a poetieal 
composition, ( in rhetoric ). 

«mn|or w» 1 Repeating 
vLat has been said; 2 re- 
pettantr a proposition in or- 
der to ref ate it. 

«Vm][|f /. The same as 3TJHf » 

«Q9^ w. A jjrant of herecU- 
taiy land in return for ser- 
Tiee ( a modem law-term ). 
A younger bro- 


/, 1 Assent, pcr- 
_ 2 the day on which 
tke moon rises nearly full. 

pBMsnre of assent or concur- 
HUIUL, (a modem law-term). 
«pp|8f ft. 1 Assenting; 2 in- 

n. Consecration by 
'leeital of appropriate 

«. 1 Follwing in 85; 2Thecre- 
of a widow with the 
the husband. 
The same as arjprfft 

Kos III. 

X Inferring as the 

ST^pi^ or con* 

Amwn from given 

inSinkhya and 

►) ; 2 inference; 

Mooftpetnre; 4 » lo- 

by the way 

eomt^ among 

(in rhe- 

iHT^iilwBefer falls 

w§ ifmmk, there 

therrfore, that the god of lore 
runs before them while shoot- 
ing off his arrows. ' See K. 
Pr. X. 81, and the illustra- 
tion. CoMP.— ^f^/. rea- 
soning, logic. 

»i3*Tr?^a. (/.Rrarr) Being 
the ground of inference. 

Hj'ipar w. The following 

»ig(Pfffry'. A Conclusion from 
given premisses, knowledge 
resulting from syllogizing. 

^^3^ «. (/. m ) Inferable, 

MJ'fi^f n. 1 Pleasing; 2 as- 
sent, acceptance. 

B^iinr w. A subsequent sac- 
rificial act. 

^d^rd[ ^- A follower, a com- 

Mg^niT/ Retinue, attend- 
ance. ( Also ar^^rnr n.) 

M^^lf^^i m. A follower, an 

ar^^lPf n. Following. 

M3pirf^I a. (/.ift) Fol- 
lowing, consequent upon. II 
m. A follower, an attendant, 
*«T^ ^^^ Mjjj^ira^^V . R. n. 

ar^^iPTm. 1 A question; 2 
solicitation; 3 censure, re- 
proof ; 4 reb'gious meditation* 
5 explanation, comment. 
CoMP.— ^i?f[^ m. a spiritual 

5iT5^itinT w. A question. 

9V^C^ /. Affection, love, 

V^n^iPf n. 1 Pleasing; 2 
loving, being attached to. 

^If^^opf n. 1 A continuous 
tinkling echo produced by the 
sound of a bell &c.; 2 & 
meaning suggested by what 
is actually said ( in rhetoric ) 

119^/. Love, attachment. 
if^^oir/. A by-road. 
*T3!rf^ «• (/. frr) Solitary. 

an^nr ^n. Love, attachment. 

R. HI. 10. CoMP.— iprrn. 

the external sign by which 

love betrays itself. 
ai^^pnt "*.<'• i^vcfy night, 

night by night. 

ITJCI) ^W/- '^^^ seven, 
teenth Nakshatra or lunar jr^ 
mansion consisting of three 

arjipr la. (/. Irr)lLik^ 

resembling; 2 fit, suitable, 
(generally with gen.); 3 ac- 
cording to. II w. 1 Confer^ 
mity, likeness; 2 fitness. 
ST^qpr ind. Conformably, 
agreeably to. 

9T3CN' w. «. 1 Obliging-ness, 
compliance; 2 consideration, 
respect; 3 the application 
or bearing ( of a mle ). 

9T^r>l^ n. See arg^. 

^^^m m. Repetition of wh$t 
has been said. 

if^nr »». A peacock. 

9f^%<T m. 1 Anointing; 2 « 

^^l^T^ n. 1 Anointing ih* 
body; 2 unguent so used. 

arj^ a. (/. ^rr ) 1 In natur- 
al direction, in regular order, 
(op. to srfir^R); 2 mixed 
( as a tribe or caste ). Goxp. 
— H^ a. speaking in favour, 

5rt PtT: ( 9ciL ^ ) Sis. II. 
25.*fnr a. ploughed with 
the grain, e.g. ^^^H^t %^ 
g^r: Jrf^'^^^ft 'lio ploughs 
the field first with and then 
against the grain.'-ir «• ap- 
plied to the offspring of & 
father superior in caste to 
the mother.-'Jt^ipt m, /, So$ 
tlie preceding^ 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 



ifaFirr a. if.^) INot ex- 
cessive, 2 not manifest. 

9fm4 m, A geneological 

9m% a, (/. %( ) Somewliat- 
oblique, ( applied to the mo- 
tion of a planet. ) 

9y^qf<q9f w. Repeating, recit- 

SI3^W^ m. A year. 

513^ n, 1 Obliging or 
gratifying another; 2 com- 
pliance, obedience; 3 conse- 
quence, ^result. 

^^m I m. Obedience to tbe 
mil of another. II a. (/.w) j 
Obedient, ! 

ira^nri w. A chapter of the j 
Vedas. j 

Sfmr*!^ n, 1 Causing to re- . 
cite, teaching; 2 reading to ; 
oneself t. e, mentally. ( It ■ 
occurs in this sense general- ] 
* ly as a stage-direction, sff^- j 

ar^^nr ^n. The >nnd that | 
blows from behind. (3T3^-. 
?f to windward. ) | 

vm^m. 1 Repeating by i 
way of explanation, explan- , 
atory reference to anything ' 
already said: 2 tliat which j 
points to an injunction given 
before and illustrates it by 
the way of comment, (op, to 
ftf^); 3 report, e. g. ff^f- 
^^Ig^: * a report of ( an- 
other's ) misdeeds \ 


the subject or a part of 
the subject in a sentence 
( a//, to f^^ ). In a sent- 
once the subject is supposed 
to be already known and is 
repeated in order to show 
aU connectionwith the (^^ 
or predicate, wliich affirms 
or denies something about 
it : only the predicate con- 
veys some new information 

about the ^TW» ( ^!l««l^*i" 

ar^^nt'l^ i^^' Time after time, 

m^tm w, 1 Perfuming the 

clothes, 2 an oily enema. 
9^3^f^9f w. The same as arj- 

STSf^frr/ Finding, obtam- 

o13f%;5 a. (/. g[r ) 1 Inter- 
mixed, argftS f^ f^ ^* 
^^ HT^ V. P. ; 2 hurt, 
]>ierced, bored, 2|fter5fl«ki^- 
f^r^rr'^ qfTRTfTT I 5^^^ 
inrr S. D. i. ; 3 set ( as a 
jewel ), sun-ounded, inter- 
l twined iT;cRnPT3lt<f ^W«|f- 
R- ^J5T^ Sak. 1. 

3^;ft>^PT n. i Obedience; 2 
acting in conformity with, 

Sigf^prW fn. Dying after, 
perisliing after. 

S^frf/. 1 Pleasing another 
by acting conformably to his 

will, ^•'aid^PH'il^*^**'^^^ 
^^r[: M. M. IX. ; 2 applica- 
tion or bearing of a preced- 
ing rule or its part on 
a following one ; 3 re- 
j)etition e. g. ^Mhh^- 
f^(*jM fH: * 3T* iii a repetition 
of letters.' 

3T^^ m. The same as arj^qpf 
q. V. 

^3^^*iL '^*^- Constantly, 
continually, ff^ ^ T^^rqj- 

9T^%iCf m. n. Entering after. 
9f;r%^;f n. The same as 

gjynr q- V, 
^^m ^ 'ii' ^^ secondary 

3l55«(^Ht^w. Perception of 

a judgment or sentiment, (in 

Vedanta phil.) 
Sf^cHpST w. 1 Hu rting, p ierc- 

ing, sf fl" ^fter3''n>fK% 

Digitized by 

D.I. ; 2 obstruction ; Jl 

contact, Sis. ii. 20. \ 

Mgm i ^i*^ n. 1 A curse, a# 

imprecation ; 2 repeating. 
^«i^4lfli w. See aTJsqrfTT. ^■ 
^iH^^ n, Following, especi- 
ally a departing guest as tr 
mark of respect. 
B4^ei^ l /. The same aa^ 
arj^^nf q. r. " 

3?5?W C' {/' Wr) Devout,.^ 
faithful. "^ 

aiOT^^a. (.r. srrr )1 Follow-^ 

ed by a himdred ; 2 bought 
for a hundred. 
a^^T^ w. 1 Repentance,, 
regret. Sis. n. 14 ; 2 deep 
or intense enmity, qftTT-^ 

y^ift M. M. VI., Ri^qrat^- 
J^ ^t 'HT: Sis. XVI. 2 ; 3 
hatred ; 4 close attachment ; 
5 the evil result of an ao^ 
which clings to it and caused 
the soul to enter other bodies 
( in Vediinta phil. ) ; 6 
rescission, as of sale ( uii 
law ). 
9|9{^f^r /. One of th<, 
heroines described in tk«j 
rhetorical literature : a mis- 
tress who is overcome witl| 
sadness because she ap^ 
prehends the loss of bm 
lover. « 

3i5^rPR:a. (/4t)l Conj 
nected as with a coiiae^ 
queuce, e. g. Jt^l^^^l 1:^ 
* hatred brings on sorrow' 
2 faithful ; 3 penitent. 
B|f|^< m. A Rakshasa. 
Bi3^^R n. 1 Instructio 
precept, advice, 

inni^Kir. I. 28; 2 expla 
tion, explanatory treat! 
3T^%Jir3W«'r»!; F. Y.I. 
imlft^^^^Am. 1. 1 

stractor, adviser ; 2 chase 




Vikr. IV. 

^gW%^ «. (/. ^ ) Leftm- 
ing, practicing. 

JB^isHt/' Instraction, com- 

i q ^^f^H ^* 1 Constant stndy 
(»r application ; 2 repeated 
and devoted service. 

'^l^l^i 'w Repentance, re- 

N^IaD^H »t Sorrow, repent- 

l?3VT «. Sacred tradition. 

wji|4| m. 1 Connection, as- 
sociation, attacliment, adher- 
ence, ^. g. ^^^^^i[^ ft=5Rt- 

^4<!lf?[7: *tlie fire of love 
produced by association was 
allayed'; 2 connection of 
woid with word ( in gram. ) 
3; tenderness, compassion. 
Hg^fPr^ a. (/.**) Con- 
•nected with as a necessary 
result, Kir. vi. 85 ; 2 cm- 
ilnacing, attending generally. 

n^^f^m^ a. (/. qr ) To 

be supplied (as a word from 
a preceding sentence ), nv- 

Bt. VII. 94. 

^^^ m. Sprinkling over 


ig[^^R n. See bj^^. 

I5^(%/. Praise. 

ifjigi^/. 1 A kind of metre 

consisting of fonr padas 

of eight syllables each {See 

App. I.); 2speech;3a name 

of Sarasvati. 

iqgH ». 1 Commencement 

«r coarse of proceeding ; 2 

Iferformance, as in %^p|f- 

TO^; 3 religious practice, 

^^^ ?%9r^g^rT^ Sak. iv. 

||{imi| fi. The causing to 
lierforman act. 

? IT I a. 1 Not hot, cold ; 
lazy, slnggish. II w. A 
*he kitiw. Ooiip,-irrfN' «• 

neither hot nor cold. — j w« 
the moon. 

ai^cil^ m. A hind wheel. 

^4^ft<IH . «w//. xVccording to 
the Sanhitd text of the Veda. 

Mj^MM «. 1 Inquiry, m- 
vestigation ; 2 close inspec- 
tion ; 3 suitable connection. 

Bl^^iRf m. Regular connec- 
tion, which is the result of 

, reasoning, e. g, j^ ^T^fNt- 
??nr%^«frfT^: * thus the 
connection ought to be taken 
as resulting from the bear- 
ing of the words.' 

Md^H I MH w. Regular com- 

M5^r*W;8[ a. (/. g[r) Con- 
nected with. 

Sf^^fX m. A follower, an 

m^<<ar n. Following, going 
after ( lit. and/^. ) 

9T^4 m. A reptile. 

^^qr^f^^pr^ if^d' Every mom- 
etit, e, g. ^ ^^VH f^HTPT 

3^5^rm «. (/. ^ ) Friendly, 

^4^|jjij ivfi. Evening aft4>r 

evening, every evening. 
B|f|^K w. 1 Going after, 
following ( lit. and Jig. ) ; 

2 castom, usage ; 3 establi- 
shed authority ; 4 conform- 
ity to usage. 

aT3Hrr>rr/. Pursuit. 
l,3,rTf^a.(/.of^) 1 Fol- 
lo>viug, going after, ^ntjflf- 

Sak. I. ; 2 according with or 
to, a^TijTrjHrftfT^^T S. Bh; 

3 prying into, investigating 
( as in f^jrgffrfH)* 

^S!^:^ rt. (/. f^ ) Indic- 
ative of, pointing out. 

%T3l^f%/* Following, con f 01 m- 
ing to. 

«f3%7^ n. Rear-guard. 

^TgR€|i9fii^m(/. Having entei- 
ed, having gone into, e. g, 5t- 
^f 'Vr»T5^^r'^i!^*liaving enter- 
I ed house after house.* 
I lT3^?rr<t/. Tlie cow sacriticed 
. at the funeral ceremony. 
' MJ^rr n. 1 Remembering; 
j 2 repeated recollection. 
, 9?3^^ The same as STJ^inC^ 

M^^^ a. (/* fIT) 1 Sewn on; 
2 closely attached to ; 3 un- 
I7«|?^^pf m. An after-sound. 

Cf. 3T3T^^. 

STH^Ii w. The nasal sound 

\vlucli is marked by a dot 

] above the line and which al- 

; ways belongs to a preceding 

j vowel. 

if^f^rof w. Imitation, i-es- 

9^r^[^ I m. n. Disposition, 
temperament. II w. Race, 
9TT^R ^n* 1 A Br^hmana 
who is able to repeat, read, 
and teach the Ve<la ; 2 one 
versed in the Yedas and 
VedAngas, ^< J^gi ^\^: <lRr- 
4> " d r 4>H I^<T; K. S. VI. 15. 
«T^ <^' (/• yf ) 1 Unmarried; 

2 not carried, 
V^'^ f. An unmarried 
girl. CoMP.-»T*nr w. fornic- 
ation- ^TRJ w. 1 the brother 
of an unmarried woman ; 2 
the brother of the concri1>ine 
I of a king. 

I M^(^ n. Want of water, 
I drought, 

! H^j^lT w. Pointing In succes- 
1 <iiv(? reference to what 
j prt?cedes, q^TRf^^TTj^^ ^- 

ST^ rt. (/. TT ) 1 Whole, 

entire; 2 not less, not in- 

i ferior; |^H% ^*flW.^ R* 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


VI. 50. 3 undimiaishcd, 

«|TC I a. (/. qr ) Watery, 
nch in water. II m. 1 A 
buffalo ; 2 the francoUne 
partridge; 3 an elephant; 
4 a frog. Ill m. pi. The 
name of a country, ar^qcfif- 
^ 3^^^^ R- VI. 87. 
CoMP.— ir n. g^^ger in its 
undried 3tate.-ijr^««inarshy. 
H^ I a. Thighless. II m. 
Aru97a, the charioteer of 
the sun. Co^v.^mif^ m. 
one whose charioteer is 3T« 
t. e. the sun. Sis. i. 2. 
^Sf^fima.{/.m) IWeak, 
powerless; 2 free from pride. 
H^yrC «. (/. ^) 1 Saline 
(the same as 3?^); 2 not 

S|^^ m. 1 One not conver- 
aant with the i^igveda; 2 a 
boy not yet invested with 
the sacred thread and hence 
not entitled to study the 
Veda, aT|^ ^^^^: Mug. 
Uraa. iNot straight; 2 


H^ a. (/ «rr ) Freefrom 

debt {lit. AndJUf.) ^TR^^ir^T- 

^ flKf^ ^IT'T^fSrPt: R. XII.54. 

iTj^t^o. (/ 4t ) The same 

imr I«. (/•'W) Untrue, 
false, fW^5rrf?tf?7ni M. IV. 
1 88.11 n. 1 False-hood, cheat- 
ing; 2 agriculture. Comp — 
i|p^/. an untruth, a lie. 

M^9(jn m. An unfit season, 
improper time. Comp.— ^«4|| 
/. a girl before menstrua- 

ll^lilf a. 1 Not one, much, 
many, Kir. i. 16; 2 more 
than one, apW^f^^JFTf J ft"- 
fSf ^inPir^T5|T Yaj. II. 120; 
9 separated. Comp.— HKft 
«. consisting of more than 
one syllable.- 5f^<7. hav- 

ing more than one vowel.— 
«TJ^ I a. variable; II 
m. 1 want of perma- 
nency, unsettled condition; 
2 uncertainty; 3 an unes- 
sential part, e. g. 3?%^rp?Tr 
afjs^s^lF: * indicatory letters 
are not an essential part*, 
oifTf m. scepticism. «^fr^ 
m. a Jaina. -B|iJ I m. mul- 
tiplicity of objects or topics ; 
II a. 1 having more than 
one meaning, ar^^-p^ ^- 
5^^ K. Pr. II. ; 2 hav- 
ing the sense of the word 
3T%^.-l|PH«r m. dependence 
upon more than one, abid- 
ing in more than one.-ifsr^ 
dnd. for a long time, -ifhf 
m a boy who belongs to two 
families, viz. to that of his 
own and to that of his adop- 
tive Either. -W I a^ bom 
more than once; II 
HI. a bird. -^ ind. 
in various places. -^ ind. 
1 in various ways, ( ^ ) 

^nir; 2 often.-^r m, an 
elephant, Tf Wff ^^^ H * |^ * 

ir^jnfrw i^» K« -5^ «. 1 

many-faced; 2 dispersed, 
going in various directions, 

Bt. II. 54. -f^rq* a. 1 mul- 
tiform; 2 of various sorts. 
3 fickle, of various nature, 
e, g. 4KMI^4 ^n[^<^l^4>^m 
Bhartr. ii. -^^JNt »>• 1 a 
name of S'iva; 2 of Indra. 
-^^fsr 7>. the dual and 
plural numbers .-^fKi| ind. 
many times, frequently .-ft>ir 
a. of many kinds, various. 
Hair fl. cloven-hoofed. -^ra[ 
tnrf. 1 in various manners, 
M^^Vl 0\( S ^m^^i^H. Bt. 
II. 52; 2 several times, fre- 
quently. 3 by large numbers 
or quantities, 3f%fr»}jinfr 

^^{Km Hit. 1 
BiitV m. A fool. 

and dumb, a^^T^TTT^lTOJ 
<r^»mr^K. Pr. vn. (Cf. 
vyij^r ) ; 2 wicked, perverse; 
3 blind. 

Bi%9ff(. a. Sinleps, fanltlesp. 

a^r^^ m. ( nom. sing. 3i%fr ) 

Sl^^n^ «. (/ ^m) The Bawie 
as 3?^^%^ 9. V. 

9^$lr^irT^?nir a. (/. ?irr) A kind 
of fallacy,or ^^?fPTTO-(in logic): 
It is of "3 kinds. It is called 
in>frCT if the arigument 
is too general, 3|f<|NI<"l if 
it is not general enoug^b, 
and aiJTOfrR:^ if it is non- 

BT^r^ir n. 1 Plurality; 2 want 
of union; 3 anarchy. 

^T^ n. Absence of tradi- 
tional sanction. 

H^ ind. No, not. 

ST'^t^fr^rfi^w. Not sleeping^ 
in a house 1. « a beggar. 

ST^t^Ff m. A tree, R. 11. 15| 

V. CO. 
^Jlff^WT n. Unfitness, impro- 
priety, 3T^f^fq[^ 1T'*IW*t- 

T^^^rrr»ni K. Pr. vn. 

^'ff^t^ w. Want of stretig1;h» 
want of energy. It is thus 
defined :-^it^qT^r4h^ %^ 

m^ t ^m n. 1 Modesty, hum!- 
bV; 2 tranquility, sf^jT^^ 

Kir. IV. 22. ^ • 

Bf ^ iH w. Not one's own, 

adopted ( as a son ). 
«T^ I a. {f. ^=m) 1 Lowest, 

worst; 2 youngest; 3 near; 

4 last, e. g 3p> ^^(^ * in 
the last stage of life; * 

5 handsome, beautiful, Sia^ 
IV. 40, Megh. I. 2». (TKfe 
meaning^ is very dottl ' ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


tiioa^JVUU.xeDd^ra «Pff by 
p^ itttbe places referred to. 
Vjft'ia and S'abdamikva Me 
ihtumty Sanskrit lexicons 
flucb giTC it y II Jtt. 1 End, 

ibftvflSiUd.. (^'^ ^^iT^ir- 
»W^: q»^ft5r: Bh. V. I. 2; 
8fcait^ bonndary, c^. a|^p,jr- 
^•Pw^^jn^STs ; 8 end of 
iteitare *. g, gep<T:, W- 
^rei; 4 pUnce in general, e. 
9* ^pIFjr: •forset-ground,' ^- 
^iWSltar H. II. 58; 5 end of 
!^ death; 6 the Onal letter 
q{» void (in gram. ); 7 the 
lyt void of a compound; 8 
ddUteftSoertainment, T^nff- 

vM;B proximity, nearness, 

'• 9* inr^ ^i^. III. ». 

Katoie, disposition, essence. 
tV m, », The last portion, 
the raaoainder (as in %^'rT or 
ft^r^.'y CoMP.— sT^TOTi^g- , 
W^lf)l«i m. 1 a barber; 2a 

<JU«dUa.--qrr, ^iK^,^irfrqr a. 

mortal, destructive, -fn^ m. 
^^calli. -ciiiH ^' time of 
death. -«r ^* going to the 
end, thoroaghly conversant 
"^^^T^RT ^« ^ figure of 
speHh ( in rhetoric ). -fTHT 
«.X;anontier guard; 2 a 
falFJEeeper. -t^sr a. hidden, 
Mttliled. -t^ m, drop- 
pay ef the final of a woid. 
-^^j^. perishable, ahT5P?f 
1% fir: -^ifei: m. 1 a 
nH (who dwells in the 
mjm 9i ilia teacher;) 2 a 
MkUs, (who dwells at the 
i^ of a village.) -%t^ 

of deftth. -^r««rr/. 

k; 2 tbe place for 
( mr bfiuial. -^f^Hi^ 

eeonemonies. -h\ 
IJBpaOi; 2Yama. 

the god of death, R.ii. 62; 
8 a destroyer, ^<|»^W%l4 
ff Ve. in. 

9|<Rnil^ ind. From, on, at the 
end, border &c. ( This form 
is used for neariy all the 
cases of h*^ ). 

VFffK^ind. This word is used 
(I) adTerbially,(2) as a separ- 
able preposition, (8) as a 
prefix to verbs, and (4) in 
composition with nouns. 

When used adverbially it 
means 1 * in the middle', 
*>Yithin»' ( generally with a 
noun in the loc. «. g, 
W^^f^l^K)' 2 * in the 
interior ' ( with a noun 
in ^the gen., 5T^3n«nirwir- 
^^frfrtJ^nr^f Ve. III. ), iTff- 

Jfw^Hf^ Kir. 11. 58; 8 hy 
way of seizmg. e. g. d;miwil 

As a separable preposition 
it means 1 *within;' 2 ' be- 
tween' ( with a noun in the 
gen. e g, ^tnn%: y^^- 
nfJr?T ^TTW). 

A^ a prefix to verbs it 
means 1 'in the middle', ♦be- 
tween *, as in ^'ffl^; 2 

In composition with nouns 
it means *in the middle of,'*in 
the interrior of,'*in the heart 

^[^\^' CoMP — Mfir rn, the 
fire in the body, the digestive 
faculty. -i|if I a 1 compre 
bended, included (with abl.), 
nMH*r\t^ ^^- * tlie three 
are included in the former'; 

2 essential, indispensable; 

3 dear; II n. interior. - 
Mrar^ m. Brahman («,) 
tliat resides in the heart, 
(in Upanishads.) -MT^ n, 
hidden intention. -iTpir^m. 
Ithe soul; 2 the internal 

{eelisigs,heari;8 the supTene 
soul as residing in the intem- 
orof man,(in pha.)ip?TO?i!lftr 

^ftaini K. 8. VI. 21 -«mpr who finds his pleasuiM 
in his soul or heart' ^lr«^:g#* 

^'^mfR: Bg. V, 28 -|T)rir»* 

an internal organ ^ q g ^m n. 1 
the seat of thought and feel- 
ing f. e. the mind; 2 the 
thinking faculty,ijr^^»?T;^r^. 
^ &c. M. M. v.-^g^ 
I a. internally crooked ( W. 
and Jig, ). II w. conch- 
shell. -«|f|r^ m. the inner 
comer.HSKir? m. inward wrath. 
-if^ a. unnecessary, unavail- 
ing, f^q^^^fl^r Sar. 8. 
-ini«. 1 gone into,-^lipt 
into e. g. yq^rM^ii ^i t ^s ftf^rg- 
^^{\ *of tasteless woids that 
have slipt into tasteful vers- 
es'; 2 included in or by, 
belonging to;3 interior, hid- 
den, secret, e, g. %ir^^irt%- 

destroyed; 5 forgotten. --9|^ 
a. pregnant. -^i%^ a, with 
l)oi8on hidden m the heart, 

'TFTTTJ: -^ ». an inner a- 
partment of the house.— irs^C 
n the stomach. ,-?Tni' ^' in- 
ward heat. -^n. intestines, 
bowels. "^Tlfm, inward heat. 
-^ 7n, an intermediate re- 
gion of the compass, -^[f^ %. 
a private door within the 
house, -qs" m. w. a screen of 
cloth held between two per- 
sons who are to be united 
until the right moment of uni. 
onisarrived.-ipp^i/j«^. in the 
middle of an inflected word. 
-qfb^^T n. the inner-most 
prment. -qpf, qr^if m. X 
insertion of a letter( in gram.). 
2 a post fixed in the middle 
of the place of sacrifice ( in 
ritual literature^. -^ftf5 a. 

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tHTolved in,,iiicl«dcd hy. -5 
C w. 1 tHe female apart- 
■ dents, especially of a king; 
2 the ladies who live in the 
lemale a|>artments ( collec- 
tively ). 3 the principal wife 
x>i a king, a cjueen. °^^ w. 
a guardian of the women's 
apartments, ^^pf m. the la- 
dies of the palace. ^JT^K ^'J- 
the gossip of the women's 
apartments, "'^p^w, °W^ 
fn. a chamberlain; a superin- 
tendent of the harem, -irft- 
^ m. a, superintendenr of 
the women's apartments, «• 

Wfq- Ch. K, -Jifpfir/. Ithe 
heart, the soul; 2 the inter- 
nal constitution of a man; 3 
the ministry of a king, -irf^- 
^fH" <*• residence in the in- 
terior, -irrscr a. one who has 

-suppressed his tears, Mcgh. 

' I. 3. -Hr^ w. 1 inherent na- 
ture; 2 inclusion, e. g, anff- 

/. inward meditation or an- 
xiety. -^/. ihe interior ef 
the earth.-iiPT^a. distracted. 
-jj?r a. still-bom. -^irnr m. 
the suprossion of tbo breath 
and voice.-fft^ a.l inherent, 
2 latent, 3PfT#rfT5:^:Ut. 

^ in. superintendent of a 
king'fe harem .-q^/. a preg- 
nant woman. — q^ w. an 
undergarment. -«nf>r o. 
learned, -^r^^^r n. a lower 
garment. -^ ?«. inward 
fever. -%^/. the Doab or 
district between the Ganga 
*nd the Yamuni^ rivers. 
-%^»n;^n. the interior of a 
Louse.-%f^(ftr)5fr w. super- 
intendent of the women's 
appartment. -^rftT w» the 
interior of the body, -ftr- 
<^/. the name of a river 

rising from the Yindhya 
mountain. -4^ a. internal- 
ly conscious. -^^^/. a pre- 
gnant woman. -#9rT »». in- 
ternal pain, sorrow, -^r^nv 
a. having water inside,5rttpt- 
^«T:wfryHf ^?=^«l(i^R. in. D. 
-^TTt I M. internal treasure, 
inner contents- II a, 1 
strong, powerful; 2 heavy, 
ponderous, t^.i^ ^h g?5|^- 
^^f^: ^^^ r^Tii^Megh. 
I. 20. -#?nt 'wrf- amongst 
the armies, e, g. ^:^ plft- 
'THlR^frf:. -WW. a term 
applied to the semi-vowels as 
standing between cons(mants 
and vowels ( in gram.) -^ 
m. an elephant. -fPET m, a 
suppressed laugh. —ftw a. 1 
interposed, separated ; 2 
concealed, hidden; 3 dis- 
api)eared, vanished. o^Tf^ipr 
m, a name of S'iva. -9:^ir 
w. the interior of the heart, 
H^W I «. (f.Kf)l Interior, 
being in the middle of ( oj;. 
to Jfrer); 2 exterior, (in 
these senses ^^ is declined 
like a pronoun but the loc. 
sing. fern, is only a|H<l*ll« 
when refeiTing to gft* «. g. 
afPrTCnrf ( not 3 T ^ v<^i ) ^ 
ar«f^); 3 similar, ( also ar- 

4 related, dear. e.^.ar^Rr^- 
fr ^^. II w. 1 The interior 
( lit. and Jig, ) ; 2 intermed- 
iate space or time, ftfflq^Hl r: 

HTv 3 period, term, as in 

space hi general, ^rrr^=3TFrr 
r'l'^PP^T^ K. S. I. 40; 5 
footing, admission, ^r^Wt 
%?!Rf 5ffqf ^: R. vi. fiG, fTs^- 
"TO" l^^^^^t"^ R. XVI. 
7 ; e occasion, arrttfr 

M. I.J 7 difference f. ^. 
^nfRg^TTOT^C * *^® difference 
between iir^flT and ^^/ 

<Tf^r#^: R&m., ^rj^mt 

f^nt K. vni. 90; 8 re- 
mainder ( in math. ); 9 » 
variety, a kind, e. g.. JR^ 
ift^rtcrt" ''To means a kind of 
fish'; 10 a hole, a breach; 
11 a deficiency, a failing, 
€. g. 3trfr?r: ^^:, m\<f{i 
ffjnj^; 12 the supreme soul ; 

13 the mind, e, g. ^mij:^* 
(r. e. 3t?T:^r^'^;^«J?cT: ) ; 

14 a surety, a bondsman; 

15 another ( manner, kind, 
way,&c.) n^rffTt CR^pt PfCPl 
R. VI. 2Q, ( In tins sense 
atcR' is always the lat- 
ter part of a compound 
and will in most instances 
answer the English word 
' other' when preceding 
the noun. The gender of 
affT^ remams the same ( i. e. 
neuter ) whatever the gend- 
er of the noun preceding it as 
first part of the compound, 
e*g, <l^mCf{ 'another king'.); 

various, different, ( when 
used in the pL ); 16 exeell 
ence,qrpn^^ J^T^ yqi'dC W 

Rr (%Hrm>ir^: Mai. i.Cf. 3t- 

^ (f ); 17 garment ; 1ft 
purpose &c. See Mall, on 
R. XVI. 82. CoMp.— arq^qr 
/. a pregnant womau.-^" a. 
knowing the interior, pru- 
dent, jjfrTnrr: f^ irg ft^ 

^ Jf ^JJTfT Kir. XI. 24. -^ 
a, nearest, immediate; 21 
most similar (in gram).*] 
^ a, nearer, more intimate, 
-f^^/. an intermediate re-j 
gion of the compass, -jf^. 
gri^ m. soul or god that 
resides in the heart .-ip|^ mJ 

mixed caste. -^ a. 1 in- 
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uBiSdf intenial; 2 standmg 
Mt^^fK^^ind. In the middle, 

a|99fir 1^ An impediment, 

^I^^UTT «'w'- It is used adver- 
hkllj and as a proposition. 
As an adverb it means ; 1 
«m the way,' R. xv. 20 ; 2 

* between '; 3 * in the mean 
time'; (3r7TTP?TTr=:'»t inter- 
nals*, ' now and then', e. g, 

Vna* ) ; 4L near, at hand. 

Aa a ^position ( with a 
nrngaim the ace. ) it means 1 

* fartwaen,' btmh rsrt ^ itt ^ 
«i|«^: P. Bh ; 2 * with- 
out/ CoMP.-%ff (<|r)/. 1 
a Ikkid of open portico ; 2 a 
kaid of wal l, ^Mhc'TO'^- 
J^Wt'Rnt^. li. xn. 93. 

^11^ ind, between the 
*I*WW lit- Obstacle, impedi- 

f^ 8ak. I., r7H^<r4t H^ 
^I^Rfi r: R. HI. 45, 
ikfimil^ n. 1 Intermediatd 
wfmoR ; 2 intermediate time; 

•Wft {tf ) V ». 1 The in- 
tafiMBdiato region between 
msA and heaven ; 2 the 
•tooaphere, sky. Comp.— 7. 
^ «* the interior of the 
«lBM)^6ie. -^y ^rt m, a 
tML^^^Nr^^- ^6 intermedi- 
negion as a peculiar 

a* (y. «ir) I Screened 
jrotocted by, <f . ^. «k%^ 
R;% T|3ir; 2 made in- 
Igp interposition, ^^- 


t*K%l*flft?Tsj 4 impeded, ob- 
stracted by g. g. zTg* ff^iyr- 

ap^ET^ n. An island. 
ar^fNr ^' An under-garment. 
^^^ tnJ. Amidst, between. 
a|«^|yi m^. 1 Amidst, be* 

tween; 2 without (with ace. 
'^ffpclt^ KW^ K^^\^^{^ Bh. 

Of Mud. 111.; 3 with regard 
to, with reference to, ( with 
ace.) ^^Ng^^T'PtT^ TfJTT- 
W^ 'IdiftH Sak. V. 

ar^RV^/. Concealment, cover- 
ing* ^'dMl*14^3<>cM**|l»?5 
Sis. viii. 12. 

arRHsVH' «. Disappearance, 
invisibility, apfT^^nRTftr- 

«irrrrPfwcnfi^2ft?r5:K. Pr. x. 

ai^i^lf^m. Concealment. 

ar^fflfa. (/.5T) Being with- 
in, in the middle. 

a^f^ /. an elder sister ( in 
theatrical language). 

ITp^frarl «. (/. aFT ) . Near, 
proximate. II n. Vicinity, 
proximity, ?1IHpcl*'^t«1^l'«^^- 
^JqpC^ R. II. 24. (3?|'tl<ihm 
fonns Tatpur. compounds 
with a following past parti- 
ciple, e. g, 3TpTrif<l^rfT:, such 
an expression being consider- 
ed as a compound. atf^lJlC, 

mean * near ' and are used 
as indeclinables with a noun 
in the gen. or abl. case. e. g. 
3fflT* ^^^ or i:?n?f5). CoMP 
— a^psnC y'*« ^ contiguous 
support. -?PT (f- veiy near, 

ajfH^t/- 1 An elder sister (in 
theatrecul language. ) ; 2 a 

vS^ a, (/. ^t ) 1 Immedia- 
tely following; 2final, ulti- 
mate, last, «fT:<*l4itMNl4ft- 

^^ cjf^q^ Hit. i.Comp.— if • 
nR m, the last unit, the num- 
ber ' nine , (in math ,).*«f- 
Uf^f. the little finger. 

ai5^/, A fire-place. 

3^5?^ ind. ( loc. sing, of afifr 
sometimes used adverbially)! 
In the end; 2 in the inside;8 
nev. CoMP. — wrar m, 1 a 
pupil; 2 a neighbour.-^rtpepi;^ 
OTjlapupil, ap^^™^- 

^rt^fn^T^^ifttr Prsjnr ve. 

ill ; 2 a chund^la. 
afi^ I a. (/. 5:?iir) 1 Last ( in 
place, time, or order ), a^Jir- 
cftr HJHyi4^H^ |tirR> I. 
71, VIII 71; 2 immedia- 
tely following; 3 inferior, 
lowest. II m. 1 The last syUa- 
ble of a word; 2 a man of 
tbe lowest tribe; 3 the hist 
lunar, montli, m. fffRpf ; 4 
a Mlechha or foreigner 
III n. 1 The 12th sign of 
the Zodiac; 2 a measure of 
number a thousand billions. 
CoMP. — af?^nf^7». a man 
or woDian of low caste, espe- 
cially one of the following 
clasges^-^Tpj^T^, njqp^^ ^^^ 

^> 3 ^y , f R^, arr^iT^.- 

amftf /• ft funeral sacrifice.- 
fft-/. funeral sacrifice.-iujBf. 
». the last debt, viz that of 
begetting children. (There are 
three debts which every Brdh- 
mawa owes (1) to the sages^ 
(2)to gods and(3) to deceas- 
ed ancestors respectively.The 
first is discharged by study- 
ing scripture, the second by 
sacrificing, and the third by 
begetting children. See B. 

^ "[h VIII. 30).-«fr4g: «., 

ffc^r/- funeral rites,-'5r, W- 
^f^^m. 1 a s'lidra; 2 a chA- 
ndala.-inRr,irr^ o. belong- 
ing to the lowest caste.- 
^ m. the last or Kali age.- 
inPr «. of the lowest origin. 

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H^ m.the rejection OT drop- 
ping of the last letter. 

11^!^^ m. A man of the low« 
est tribe. 

•I^^irr/. A woman of the low- 
est tribe 

mnr n. Entrail, intestine, af- 
Vift^^f^ &c. 11 V. I. COHP. 
— ^rft||[/. 1 rupture, 3r the 
swelling of the scrotum, -ftf- 
fJF / the name of a rirer 
rising from the Vindhja 
mountain.HfTH./- * garland 
of entrails. 

IFJ ( ^f) /. 1 A chain, a fet- 
ter; 2 the chain for an ele- 
pliant's feet; 3 an ornament 
worn round the ankles. 

9P^fk w. The same as af^ 
q V. 

•Ff^^ w. 1 Swinging; 2 a 

9t9^vi. 10 U. (pp. an^ ) 
To become blind, e. g. 

9T^Ia. (/. 5:>fr) 1 Blind 

( lit Audjig. ), ;TO?r'"^fR: in 

nfO\^Kf\. (Ut.) G. L. 15, 

fir'T'«T^f?ip?f^6n(/?i7.) Ve. 

Ill ; 2 making blind,ob9tnic- 
ting the sight, (as in ar-^nr- 
inf). II n. 1 Darkness; 2 
turbid water. Comp.— ^f^ 
m. n. darknosfi {lit. find Jig.) 
-gpr m. 1 a well of which 
the mouth is hidden ;2 a well 
overgrown with plants &c. 
-fPRTi^rnW, ^f^^ w. great 
darkness. M«*^^H^ n, 
complete darkness. ->f^ a. 
mentally blind. -«pnTr/. a 
female imp causing diseases 
in children, ar^^p^n^ a. 
becoming blind. 
•F^rsfT I «. (f-^) Blind 
(/i7.and/^.). II w. Name of 
a lUkshasa, Comp.— afCr^, 
'iftiM^f^ .^ffi^ll ,^5 »». an 
epithet of S'iva who killed 

Andhaka.-^ f/i. name of a 
mountain, -ff^ tn. pL des- 
cendants of ar^if^ and i^^. 

q[^?T^5H«r Kir. i. 39, 

Vl^iam/ 1 Night; 2adis. 
ease of the eye; 3 a kind of 
game,(thc blmd-man*s buff). 

9T7^m. A well. 

W(PS( I m, pL The name of a 
country and its people. II 
m. A name of a low caste. 
CoMP.^^^irAiC a. belonging 
to the arw tribe. -^J^ m, 
pL a dynasty of Andhra 

%T«r I m. ^be sun. II n. 1 
Food; 2 food as the lowest 
form in which the supreme 
soul is manifested (in Ve- 
d^nta phil); 3 boiled rice. 

Goup.—arir ^* ^^^^ ^ 
general, (used in the same 
sense as ar^r). -iTpSOTW w. 
food and clothing,^«ed aj^f W) 
•^IHIT fn. meal-time -^ m. 
n. a large heap of boiled rice. 
-<f^r€7 w. 1 granary; 2 
Vishnu; 3 the sun. - irfN' 
*». dysentery, -irw 7». food 
and water (t. ^, support, 
maintenance). -i|T^ m. a 
servant who works for food 
only. -^TOF/. the divinity 
supposed to preside over ar- 
ticles of food, -fj^ 'w. a 
fault committed by eating 
prohibited food, -^ m. 
want of appetite. -'JJI?/' a 
form of Jrfr.-irTO »»., 1?TOT 
n. the ceremony of putting 
rice into a child's mouth for 
the first time, (usually per- 
formed between the 5th and 
8th months after the child's 
birth.)-ilfn^ n.Brahman (n.) 
as represented by food.-^p^ 
TO. an epithet of S'iva. «-»r^ 
«, plenty of food.-Hil^^^l 
( q ) m. the material crea- 

tion, being the loweist ten 
in which Brahman ( n. ) is 
considered as manifesfeiof 
itself in its worldly existenot* 
-^I9f /. precaution in eattof 
food.-^^ n. food and clotb> 
ing. ( I. e. the necesaarief 
of life ). -v^^^lf m. law or 
custom relating to food, m, 
to the practice of eating to- 
gether or not. •ItM' m. lear- 
iogs. - li^K m. consecra- 
tion of food by means of a 
sacrificial act. 
W^ pron. (/, *^. w. Tim^ 
1 Other in general, €,g^^ 

vH ^z[k^m ^^^4;^i 2 

other than, different from, 
(with abL or as the last 
member of a compound, e. g. 

ftT^K^sf ) ; 8 extraordinary, 

^rqr ipfr%:5nnft tw« ^(f^' 

Bh. V. I. 69, or >^»qr w^ 
^. ( or f^-^^zz 
the one-the other, ar'7Tj<«i^ 

^R* ^Tr^nr^T^fffH^nnT^ Sis. 

II. 62. The neuter apiri 
especially with a following 
^ occurs frequently in the 
sense of * besides ', * more- 
over ', to connect sentences 
loosely joined together. ) 
CoMP.—BT^n^rrr a. not 
common to others. -^^ f. 
another's wife. -^^ m, a 
step-mothcr's son,-%if ». 1 
another field ; 2 a foreign 
domain • 3 the wife of an- 
other.-ir, ^rrf^5C: a. 1 going 
to another ; 2 adulterous. 
-ifhr «. of a different line- 
agc.-f^nr «. who&e mind is 
fixed on some one or some- 
thmg else. -unr «. of a 
different origin. -?nr a. aay 
one of many. HTt a. either 
of two. -jpiif a. diflicult to 
be borne by others. -^^» 
%^(mi, 1^ (I. having sn- 

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other diTiaity i. e^ addressed 
to saother divinity, ( as a 
^f \ -5lff^ «- of another 
^•"^y. -'nff^ "». the sense 
III aaoiher word. ^^^r^R ci. 
atiallj resting on the 
of another word, ( as 
a Bahn. compoond ). -4f^ 
«k 1 devoted to sonie> 
tiling else ; 2 expressing 
SQiDethiiig else, -^j ^ m. 
the Indian cnek^o supposed 
to be reared bj the crow, 
iRF'ig?! ^ tf^fl^^ K. S. 

mi- 59. — fjjif /. a woman 
pWflott^y promised or be- 
" * to one and mar- 
to another. -4tir, iff- 

fcoy wiio may be adopted 
as m son in want of a legiti- 
OMlla son.-a|?)^ w. a crow, 

ie^' Tersatile; 2 inatten- 
^^•^ •^nryiC «. » eon bom 
of another mother. - ^^jjir 
oubelonging to another king- 
wi». *-19fir, fpI'W *". a word 
iMviiig the gender of an- 
«*fcer ( f , e, an adjective). 
Ol* 4|'^-4(t4T. -^TT »>• the 
ii^tfMa or Indian Cuckoo.- 
' a. common to others. 
\f.% woman not one's 
In Aetoric she is one 
ot fte three categories of 
tte J^incipal female cliarac- 
teiB m a poetical compos!- 
tltfS, Ihe other two being 

^^M «Mi i?nfrrwft. ^r^ is 

' Another's wife', or *a 

L'As 'another's wife' 

f ii fiMid of festivals and 

\ Wkit opportunities, is a 

to her family, bare 

The 'damsel' 

iyiiir art jet married, b^sli- 
flnliinradaiibe ageof 
\mS^i^M,9Xi adalterer. 

H^l^ m. The same as apq- 

-^SK^V^^jm^ind, On one of 
two sides. 

^^^7|;h. '^^^ ^ either of 
two days, on the one day or 
or on the otlier. 

3T^^f{^ bid. Used in the 
sense of the abl. or loc. 

of arqr. ( 3r^cT^-3r=^^ 

or Tir?T^-^r^mq, =^ on the 
one side -on the other, 
d4HH">irt{IPlrf^T^ni : «fffT^- 
^%ffR'^: Kir. v. 2). 

Bfi^inr *'^> Used in the sense 
of the loc. of afi^, absolute- 
ly or with the ellipsis of a 
word implying *place', 'man- 
ner* &c. 

^T^^r^r <^^* 1 In a different 
manner, differently, nif^ %- 
T f??p^W Hit ; 2 otherwise, 
else, e. g. arq^ftftrrhT^ 
'otherwise there would be 
contradiction' ;3 on the other 
hand, on tlic contrary ;4 un- 
truly, e, g. ^p^^\^[(^ >t??t 
jf^r^^ Qxnnr:; 5 badly, 

wrongly, erroneously, ( as 
in sT'^iiQ^ ). 3To in combi- 
nation with the root ^, VT 
with ^, &c. means 'to undo' 
' to change.' Comp. — .^;|^ 
ind, doing otherwise, differ- 
ently>. g, ap^r^^rr^*. 
-^finRr/- erroneous concep- 
tion of spirit.-iTPf m. altera- 
tion, difference, -^f^ a 
speaking differently, prevari- 
cating (in Iaw).-^f^' a. 1 
altered; 2 disturbed by 
strong emotion.? .-f^f^ I a, 
wrongly proved or establ- 
ished ( referring to a cause 
which IS not the true cause) ; 
II n. au unessential cause, 
a concomitant circumstance, 
( in logic ). -^^ n, untrue 
or ironical praise, ( iTT flf- 

M«WV if^d. 1 At another tim©, 
on all other occasions than 
the one under question #• ^4 

^ gi^ f^ Sis. II. 44, R. 
XI, 78; 2 at one time, once, 
once upon a time. 

Wr^ «. ( / Ur ) 1 Belong- 
ing to anotJier; 2 being in 

9T^^ ind. At another time 
( the same as aspq^ ) . 

ar^fW ind.lAn unjustor un- 
lawful action; 2 injustice, 
impropriety ; 3 irregularity. 
GoMP.^^o^ m. an unjust 

*T»'IFft't a. (/. ^ ) UnjuBt^ 

iT^irncir a. (/. z^ ) l Not 

authoritative; 2 unlawful, 
unjust; 3 improper, indeco- 

H^^ a, (/. ^r) Entire, 
couiplete, notdeficient.CoMP. 
— lt»r a, (/. nr or lit ) not 
having a limb too little. -K- 
f^ a, neither deficient nor 

^T^^V^^i^. On the ^ other 
day, on the following day, 

a^t^t^ prmi. (/.^ITT ) Each 
other, one another, mu- 
tual, ( generally sing, ) 
CoMP. — sfvTfT fn. mutual 
non-existence, mutual nega- 
tion, one of the four div-i- 
sions of apTF^ flf. r. ( in Vai- 
s'eshika phil. ). -HfM^ »w. 
reciprocal relation of cause 
and effect, -^f^/. conver- 
sation. -4fn^ m. mutual 
quarrel, -fnif »». killing 
one another, -%f 7/1. mutual 
dissension or^mity. -ff|nff«f 

Digitized by VjOOQIc 



m, mutual partition made 
by the sliarers of an inheri- 
tance without the presence 
of any other persons, -ff^ 
m. mutual effect of one upon 
another. -^frfrtsiiT m. reci- 
procal action or influence. 
^^S'M'r fn reciprocal relation 
of cause and effect. 

^^e|k tnd, 1 Following, after 
9p^q^ W ^AH^ i ^ ^ m ^: R. ii. 
16; 2 favourably, friendly 

M^T^^Vf^ tnd. Favourably, 
friendly disposed. 

^^ll^^^^Jnd, 1 After, after- 
wards; 2 immediately, in- 

^T'T^ «. ( /• BT^ ) Follow- 
ing. ( The loc. sing, arjf^ 
is used in the sense of 
* behind ', * from beliind '). 

IT*^^ m, 1 Connection, asso- 
ciation; 2 retinue, attend- 
ance, ?Rr ?^>^^Tftr5fr 4t? ftr^- 

^n^ ^ Bt.v. Q^ ; 3 family, 
race,lineage, r^jj^rPT^ ^^ R. 
1,9. rn[^3rftTnti.l2;4the 
male descendants^fn^^irrr^^- 
if: Yaj. II. 117; 5 gramma- 
tical connection of the words 
in a sentence, ?TRr^qf fr% 
'ITJ: q^'^^hl^ S. D. ii; 
6 logical continuance ( op, 
to sqf^iW * logical discontin- 
uance' in this sense), ar'TTT^T^ 
T^^'^r^n^fT^: Bhftg, I. 1. 
iS^T.S.under srft.CoMp.— |r 
m. a geneologist, R. vi. 8. 
-''ififW n. 1 agreement and 
contrariety; 2 rule and ex- 
ception. 3 logical continu- 
ance and discontinuance.- 
WIlRlX an affirmative uni- 

^T^^ft^^. (/. sft) Connect- 
ed witli as a consequence, e, 
9' ^T ^^^RT y^:. ( See ap^.) 

54*^4 «. (/ if ) Having a 
meaning obvious or easily to 

be understood from the 
etymon, ?r^ ^4^[^4f Tm 

^rtt^r^rn^R. iv, 12.Comp. 

— Tf^ ». the literal under- 
standing of the meaning of 
a word.-^fifr/. 1 a proper 
name whose meaning is in- 
telligible; 2 a technical 
name which conveys its own 
meaning ( in gram.). 

^•^iWi"! n. Scattering suc- 

M«'i4ii4 w. 1 Permission to 
do as one likes; 2 following 
one's own will. 

s^^^rftnr a. (fm ) Connect- 
ed with. 

B??^r^ m. Race, lineage, 

ar^n^^/. Regard, consider- 

9T?^r?^/* The ninth day of 
the latter half of ^^J m^ 
and «KI^|r^. 

^^gW «. A funeral cere- 
mony performed on the 

3f74^ tnd. Day aft^r day, 
every day. 

^*^ T ^^H ^' -^^ explanation 
referring to a subject men- 
tioned before. 

a y y^r^igl m. 1 Adding an ob- 
ject of secondary import-. 
( The instance generally 
given to explain this word 
is: — Hi Pnfr RWR7 TT ^R^, 
where the going out for alms 
is enjoined to the beggar as 
his principal object and his 
bringing a cow when he can 
see one, as the matter of 
secondary import. ); 2 such 
an object itself. 

ar^i^T^ itul, ( Only used in 
combination witli the root 
f") To support, to assist.. 
(it is either considered as a 
prefix or not. Hence ap^- 

f^rqr or Bp^ f7?rr» ) 

^T'^fTftr o. (/'. W 1 Mention- 
ed after ; 2 inferior, of se- 
condary import. 

SF^T^ «t. Repeated mention 
(referring to what has been 
stated previously,) 

3T*^NH n. Putting fuel (to 
the sacred fire ). 

ST'W'^ m. 1 A l)ail or de- 
posit delivered to a third 
person (in civil law) ; 2 re- 
pentance, remorse. 

9T^r^ w. Property present- 
ed to the wife after marriage 
by her husband's family or 
by her own relatives. It Is 
thus defined by Kat: . — ft'TO* 

^^1^4^ n. The same as 
ap^P^ ^. V. 

M^K*^ w. Touching, espe- 
cially the touching a person 
who institutes a sacrifice in 
order to make him parti« 
cipatc in the merits of the 
religious act. 

^•^K*^*^ w. The same as 3T- 

M^iX\^^ n, A widow's as- 
cending the funeral pile with 
the body of her husband. 

^fT^FCPf n. 1 Worsliip, ser- 
vice ; 2 sorrow ; 3 taking a 
seat after another. 

M^w4 n. The monthly 
s'raddha ( in ritual litera- 

BTT^TTfl^ w^ The same as 3f- 

3rf^(^)^«. (/. ^) 1 

Joined or connected ^ith ; 
2 possessed of ; 3 under- 
stood ; 4 connected gram- 
matically. COMP — W «• 
having a sense which results 
from the context. ^^ITf «*• 
the doctrine of t^e Mim4n- 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



»k«is that tbe words in a 
sentence express their mean- 
ings not generally Lnit as 
connected with each other 
in tliat particular sentence, 
K. Pr. n; for farther in- 
formation see K. Pr, v. 

^"i['4H. *'*^'- Verse after verse 
(in i^ greda). 

aMNrf^ »• Searcliing, in- 

M^^N rf /• ^^^ same as aHf- 

9r%7 m. Seeking for, search- 
ing, ^ d^W|i^«fr'*l3<fif C" 
<ffF* ^T5 fTrft" Sak. 1. 

sr?%^»r n. See ^^^, R. xii. 

«T^y: (only ;>/. in classi- 
cal language ; nom. dTTT: ) 
Water. (According to Hin- 
du mythology it is the first of 
the £hre ^mentsof cr^tion, 
the oUiOT fou r being arpuw, 
^, artir and, ?l^r, arq- f?^ 

I. 8; however, it is the 5th 
object of creation in M.i.78). 
CoMP.— ^TT w. an acqnatic 
animal, -'iff^ m. 1 the ocean 
2 a name of Vanina. -Plr^ 
«. fire. 
^TT iiw?. As a prefix to verbs 
it means 1 *away' ( e, g. 
«^nft *to take away'); 2 de- 
terioration ie, g. afCTfr 'to 
act improperly'); 3 nega- 
tion, contradiction Qe' g, 
3fqtSq[ * to deny^. 
As a separable preposition 
(with a noan in the 
abl.) it meani^ 1 -away 

from', e. g, ^r^^r^^ ^f^- 

*^fNfPftTOI^'^<; 2 ^irith- 
out' e. g. aiT f^: ?t^TK:; 8 
*wiUi the exception of. e. g. 

la Xatpnr. and Baha. com- 
poends with nouns it imp« 

lies the same meanings as 
the prefix to verbs. In adver- 
bial compounds it means 1 
•away from' (as in a^cn^^^) : 
2 * without ' (as ui anf^^ 
^HrcO? 3 '^^^*" the exception 
of («. (/. 3|qt%»Tt f^ ^:) ; 4 
negation, contradiction {e.g, 
artn^PT^). CoMP.— M^»^ 
7n. a bad road, -a?^ a. 
free from falsehood, -l?^ 
a. lifeless. -JR^^T a, cruel. 
^-cfit^ m, an indelible 
disgrace. -^iFiTT «. sinless, 
faultless.-^fr%' m. a misera- 
ble belly. -«in^ffif)' /'. news, 
infonnation. -^{^T^ a. free 
from the noise of a thunder 
(as a cloud.) -'^ft'ff n. fault 
offence, ^^ 'RTT^It^ft^T- 
f^^T^ ^f^>IT^ Sak. v. -n^ 
a, without a parasol. -?ft^ 
m, n, a bad ^ <7.v.;-^f|r^ 
ind, on the left side, -fiy 
a. without self-restraint.-^ 
a. far from ten. -f|l[p|^ ind. 
between two regions of the 
compass, -^fff /. an evil 
spirit. -|[^ w.any bad thing 
HFRC !^. an entrance to a 
house other than the proper 
door.-^ a. free from smoke. 
-5f^ o. without a nose, e, g. 

-^17 a. sleepless {Ut.&udjlg,) 
-^Tf?" m, a wrong reading, 
e- J. y iflPfrPTt g M^wiilJftl'S 
wiiQr«»» :qrr7:|aTTqT3^:fff]'?lr5T^- 
^:-qnr a. of low caste, (lit 
deprived of vessels).-*!^ a. 
fearless, undaunted, R. in. 
51. -HT'ft'/- the last lunar 
mansion, (the same as HT^t). 
-*ft Of. fearless, -ifi^ a. 
free from grief or anger. 
^m^i wi. a by-way, a 
side-way .-*pf a 1 having a 
bad face; 2 having a face 
averted.-qi}g[^ o. headless.- 
^^ m. 1 accidental death; 

2 a great danger or illness 
from which a person recovers 
eentraiy to cxf>ectation.-» 
ITQ^ w. disgrace, infamy.- 
^^a. free from au;:er, Brq^rVT 
'T^^RTCMftTcff R. IX. H.-^JH' 
i «•(/• "TT or ift ) deformed, 
ugly, odd-shaped; II w. de- 
formity .-f^fH y. Miy4 or 
illusion, e, g. ?r?f^ ^ftf^- 
^rrt^^n^.-'fHT/. » bad lute, 
-^OfFf w. an ill-omen.Hft!Uii;^ 
ind, fearlessly .-i[i^ w. 1 a 
corrupted word, (either in 
form or in meaning ), 9pqrq|'. 

Bhartr., ^Tq^P^^' Hf^;2 the 
word a?tT.-ftlT^o. headless. 
-^ a. deprived of beauty* 
Sis. XI. 64.-^rMr a. 1 not 
left, right; 2 contiaiy, op- 
posite (arro^ f *to keep the 
right side towards one').— 
?Efcs|;^ ind. to the right.— 
f^^^ m. a wrong conclu- 
sion - f^nf w. 1 funeral ba* 
thing; 2 bathing in water 
with which a person has 
previously washed.-^q^ a. 
with o ut spies, ^^j[ffi^^ hTI^ 
rr^'ftf^rTjETW Sis. IX. 112.- 
f ftnf w. silly kughter, laugh- 
ter with tears in the eyes, 
(common among low people: 

^l^HIHMflftr1^).-^HT/. dis- 
respect, contempt, 

M^fSF^Tn.l Doing wrong; 
2 ill-treating, injuring. 

^TT^T^w. 1 Pischarge (as 
of a debt, e. g. WWV^A^)l 
2 wickedness ; 3 any impure 
or degrading act or rite. 

amri| w. 1 Drawing down, 
pulling away, detraction, de- 
cay, {op, to ¥r^#;; 2 decline^ 
degradation; 3 anticipation 
of a word occurring later on 
( in Mimansa phil. ) 

if^ra^ «.(/. (iR7r)Petr»ct 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



ing, making inferior, ^i 
W^«?mr'^irr: S. D. i. 

HWi^ m. 1 Drawing away 
or do\Yu; 2 making inferior; 
3 saperseding. 

av^r«|irt »». l Uurt, injury, 

^^^>s ft^rnSM- PtVtr^- 

m^rr^ti Sis. n. 37; 2 dis- 

^Wn^ ^^M 3 a mean 
action. Comp.— ^ift^ a. 
malicious.-pir yl, i^te^ m. an 
offending speech. 
•fnKrr^ a. (/ ftw) Act- 
ing wrongly, offending, in- 

W*ff2K, 5T ft^" fi q^ift" i l Sis. 
II. 37. 

in^ifir/. The same as <Hi(*|- 
rg'. t;. 

snfTE' I m. A crow. II a. (/• 
CT j 1 Drawn down or away 
2 low, inferior. Comp. — ^iff- 
fit <<• of a low tribe. 

ir?fiK%/. 1 Injury, hurt, 
disservice. Sis. ii. 5^; 2 ac- 
quitting ( debts. ). 

W(^ /. 1 Immaturity; 2 

trrnnr I w. Going away, 
retreating. II a. (/. iTT ) 1 
Without any order; 2 in 
wrong order, ii-regular. 

UTTlirirT n. See 3Tqi^nT(I.) 

anwr^ m. See arqiinT (I.) 

arni^^ m. Reviling, abusing. 


WW «. (/. OT ) 1 Without 
wings; 2 not on the same 
side or party; 3 adverse. 
Comp. — qnf m. impartiality. 
-TrRft o- impartial. 

aiq^ir^ m. Decline, decay. 

irqi^iTor n. 1 Casting away, 
thro>ying down- 2 throwing 
down, as one of the 
five kinds of ^A^ in the 
Vab^eahika phiL, the 

four being ^p^tpT, ^TfJ^f^r* 

^^fWt, and JHR" . 
H^«i*f w. Going off, passing 

away, departure, ( lit. and 

^. ) R. in. 7. 
MTTTT n. The same as arr- 

JPT ^. r. 
5T7TCW. One who blames, 

one who says what is dis- 

irnrr A a river. (See arrcnrr). 

«TTnt3^ a. (/. ^r ) Deprived 
of its gates ( as a town ) . 

^TTspr Jn, 1 A limb or mem- 
ber of the body. (The Kis'i- 
ka saysr-^TtT^^nn^^ 
5f Ht:, but other writers 
differ from this ) ; 2 the 
body itself, ^fl ^^ M iV^-^ f ^' 
f^rfmprf ftPT^ Bt. VII. 62, 
( where ^!^T^^ is rendered by 
the commentators by ^f . ) 

aTRHT m. 1 Warding off, pre- 
venting; 2 any evil accident 
occasioning death. 

Wnrrfir^a. (/.^ft) Murder- 
ous, killing. 

STT^ m. 1 A man who docs 
not cook for himself e, g, 
3TT% ^N^:; 2 a bad cook. 

^TtPRT wi. Decrease, decline, 
deterioration, taking away. 

HT^m w. 1 Departure, death 

fHf^^if ^fjrnrr^ r^i'^^D. 

K.; 2 a failure, a deficiency, 
TR^RTR^lrf^ftnTr: Sis. 
XIV. 32; 3 absence, want; 
4 improper or irreligious 
conduct, R. XV. 47; 6 injuria 
ous conduct ; 6 unwhole- 
some regimen. (In the 
following stanisa afo is us- 
ed in the last two senses: — 

T^ q^ II Sis. II. 84. ) 
Wr^rft^a. (/. •» )Wicked, 

iTO^rt^/. 1 Worship, rever- 
ence, e. j?.ftft?nqf^4ift*pTr; I 

2 loss, destruction. 8 ex*« 
piation ( of sin ) ; 4 expense- 
WT^m I a. (/. ^) X 
Shadowless.2 without bright- 
ness. II m. A god. ( The 
following stanza from Na. 
says that gods liare n^ 
shadows :— ^Jfg - ^cf ftrqrm 

^\ I T#nf#?T mi Rftftr €r 

^^^ ?^^H5 II XIV. 21.) 
^TT^ET wi. 1 Cutting off; 2 

M^T^5^»r w. The same as air- 

arnnr w. Defeat, overthrow. 

BTqurnr m. A son inferior in 

qualities to his parents, ( iJT- 

BTT^ff^ «. pl^ The fire sub- 
tle elements, (asther, air, 
fire, water and earth,) which 
are not yet become the fife 
gross elements. 

^rnrj"/. A screen or wall of 
cloth, especially the scie^ 
surrounding a tent. Gomp.« 
^ m. to.Hsiug aside the cur- 
tain, (sfq^qror *with a 
toss of the curtain' oft» 
occurs as a stage-direction iB 
plays when a character en- 
ters precipitately on the 
stage in hurry and agita* 

^^5 o. if' 5 or 33^)1 Awk- 
ward, xmcouth; 2 diseased, 

3777 ^* 1 One unable to^ 
read; 2 a bad reader. 

Mqf^'^CT «.(/ mrj) 1 Unleam- 

ed, (%>ijrt" ^wm^^rnr^m 

Bhartr. ii. 7; 2 wanting in 
skill or taste. 
MT»ir «. (/ «W) UnaaleaUa 
(as an article), ajJUWI^- 

Digitized by 




im^ n. Pasting (in sick- 

WRrT a. (/. m) 1 Without 
ft ImslMmd; without a master. 

w«fNra. (/. 2irr)l With- 
out a wife. 

an^n. Offspring in general 
(whether male or female, 
whether sons or the later 
generations of a Gotra. 

Sometimes, however, the 
woid means only 'children', 
B. I. 50) CoHP.^qpinr a. 
desirous of offspring.-qtf w, 
the vnlra.-if^cpi' m. a patro- 
qrmic aflix ( in gram. ). • 
v(K^ n, sale of ofbpring. 
-^ SI. ft crab. 

Wfil^ n. 1 Bashfulness, 
irnnr/ Bashfulness. 
IfM^ft^vj a. Bashful, 
mww o. (/ ^W ) Afraid of 
(with the abl. €. g. H^ I KM^- 
^: *af»id of a wave,* ^fif- 
?r^rnr^: *afraid of food' ). 
in^ n. 1 Absence of a road; 
2 a bad or wrong road. ( lit, 

jrf*^ f^. CoMP. -inft^ a. 

pozBuingbad practices. 
infi|;(^ M. The same as BfcnT 

«WW o. (/. ^^W) 1 Unwhole- 
some, unfit (as food ordrink) 

ft'^RT:; 2 inconsistent, ob- 
noxious, e.p.fll' H3rrt 'irT^t' 
^^ftHWfrf; 3 bad, un- 

iWf I M. A reptile. II n. 1 
Ko place; 2 a bad place; 3 
i word which is not a g^ or 
in inflected word (m gram.) 
Covp.^sp^nrl n. proximity; 
n ^ proximate, very near. 

irwr n. 1 Pure conduct; 2 
ta a^QonqpIished work; 3 an 
exodtefc imk. ( Cf» ly^^ 

for which infR is probably 
a various readmg.) 

^funr^ m. 1 Non-entity; 2 not 

^the meaning of the words in 
a sentence, a?TO^^ ^mr- 
4: K. Pr. n. 

irq^ m. 1 Stating, adducing, 
(as a reason), ^riM^^ i i^siia- 
W^:3'rf^ f^nir^Nyiya 
S.; 2 an argument, a reason* 
(according to the Vais'eshi- 
kas ^rq-o is the second step 
in a syllogism); 3a pretence, 
a pretext, a disguise, <j(imV 
^fTFSlt^irWl: R. II. 8; 4 a 
butt, a mark; 5 place, quar- 
ter, ^. ^. r?rW7^^^:; 6 
name, reputation • 7 deceit. 

«mM|f«( n. Evil thoughts. 

anv^ Iff. Degradation, dis- 
graceful conduct. 

^iqrwr^Ia. (/.^nr) 1 Re- 
viled, blamed; 2 imperfectly 
pounded; 3 abandoned. II 
m. A wretch lost to all sense 
of right. 

ftfipRr Iff. 1. Removing, taking 
away; 2 bad conduct, bad 
policy; 3 injury, disservice. 

Sis. II. 14. 

tnsfiprn. 1 Removing, tak- 
ing away; 2 acquittance, (as 
of a debt). 

^TT/^^ «• (/ «rr ) Not yet 

arqfjf^/. Remo vmg, tak ing, 
away, e. g. ?|'^ HiHMj -^> 

9T<rft7 w« See arq^Pr, €. g. 

MM^I^H w. See arq^gfrT. 

MHHli^^ »w. A person who 
has lost his caste through 
some great offence, and with 
whom his kindred will not 
eat or drink from a common 

iTFrPr n. A bad drink. 

vrrairm. du. Badly formed 

/. A woman who 
has miscarried. 

MTOlPf ^* A bribe. 

iniNr w. 1 Falling away ot 
down, aTRfprtS^N* Tf^JPTT* 
cnihlf%sr Sak. IV. ; 2 incor- 
rect language, ( whether the 
form of the word be at van* 
ance with the rules of Sans- 
krit grammar or its sense 
not a Sanskritic one) ; 8 the 
name of the lowest class of 
Prakrit dialects ( in belles- 
lettres ), any language oUier 
than Sanskrit (in S^astra) 

a^^ m. Dirt. 

an^iTPf m. n. Disrespect, difl« 
grace, aY^m«ti^«i P^t ^S%l 
K. S. I. 21. 

arfHTifir n. Cleaning, oleaa- 

arqfftffa. (/ fir) 1 Obscure, 
unintelligible e.g. arqijfWr 
ifTfiprrf ; 2 unpalatable, un« 
bearable,ftf|7t jfRnr ^T^^ffeT- 
qTjpt«T*TOclrtRr ^^ Sis. XV, 

aiqriirir ^* Retreat, flight. 

ijq^ I a. (/.^) (In some sen« 
ses the word is treated as s 
pronoim except as the latter 
part of Dvan . and 
pounds.)! Posterior, follow- 
ing, later; 2 western (op, to 5- 
t), ^^ti St'lft^^TTfr K.8. 
1. 1; 3 last (in space or time) 
e. g. aTrft^'«T?TT%^ : I ?rtr- 

( In this sense it may 
form with a noun a g f sflf f ra* 
^ compound of which it is 
Uie former part «, g. arq^- 
^ : (aitrt aRPTFT) the hind 
part of the body.'); 4 other, 
different, ar^ f;^ i|i|f% 
W^ WltW^ M. I. 85 5 6 

Digitized by 



low, inferior, (op. toqr); 6 
than which there is nothing 
superior i. e, supreme, abso- 
lute ( for this sense, Cf. 
^j^H and arj^rt ). When 
^^K occurs as opposed to 
* the one ' ( the one — the 
other) or to ' some ' ( some 
—others ) used plurally, 
the correlatire terms used 
are anx, ^? y>^y?> ftt^ 

Ac., e.g . ^^^^ i\'^K^^Kk\\f^^ 

V. 60, v{^ r^gfflTjL^ ^HT?, 

II n n. 1 The hind quarter 
of an elephant ; 2 the future. 

III m. An enemy. Comp. 
«n% m. du. the »Tr|^Tr^ 
and ^i%^ fires. — b^it »• one 
of the eight divisions of 
Tp ^^9kin \ viz. that in 
which the sjfrq- ( suggest- 
^ sense) is subordinate to 
something el8e,(^Jj^^HMit^i- 
ayi^- K. Pr. v.,) the example 
given there being: — art^ 

af7?l I a. living at the 
western border. II m. 1 
the western border, the west- 
ern shore'2 death. Ill m, pL 
the country or the inhabit- 
ants of the western borders, 

R. IV. 63, 58.-«T5?W m,jpL 
&^3Wn^ (III).-«HR a. 
various. (Cf. BTqrrrr).-^ 
971. the second half.-a^^ ni' 
afternoon, the last watch of 
the day.*f?fTr /. the east.- 
^f^ m. the hind part of the 
body.-inr m. an inhabitant 
of the west.-^ ind. in 
another place. ( ty^TT-anCT 
m the one place-— in 
the other ).-^(||«fi|^ tnd. 


in the south-west.-«nR' m. 1 
the latter or dark half of a 
month • 2 the other side.- 
^X a. various, e, g. 3jq<q( r; 
^tNJ" Te^(% * various cara- 
vans travel.' -trfP'FfN' »». 
pL the pupils of Pdnini 
who live in the west. 
-jplrir a. easily led by others. 
-HT w. the latter half of 
the night. -t7^ m. another 
world.-^/. pL the latter 
part of the rainy season.- 
^IXf /. the latter part of 
autumn.-^^^|c|r w. the 
western point in the horizon. 
%f^ a, referring to the latter 
part of the cold season. 

»TW?fr a. (/. tCT ) 1 Dis- 
satisfied; 2 bloodless, pale. 

arn^/. 1 Cessation. 2 dis- 

JJTTW w. Contest, dispute, 
especially about the enjoy- 
ment of propertv, (ar^^ 
«r*lft^^: Vir.'M. ) 

«T^TT^^ «• (/ ^ ) Contmued, 
uninterrupted, a^R^TTr: ^r 
l^^prT S. K. 'the caravans 
go in uninterrupted conti- 

5|qn/. IThe hind part of 
an elephant > 2 the west ; 3 
suppressed menstruation in 

9fq'Cr^ ind. In front of, e. g, 

STTCTH' I »>. Aversion, anti- 
pathy, e. g. ^s^K\m^K^ 
ft^s ^nnrfWfeyTO?p?!Ri:. II 

o. (/• IT ) Discoloured. 

arm^«. (/ Vr^ ) In front, 

not averted. Comp. Sf^rai^ 

f^ a. 1 with una verted 
ce; 2 presenting a firm 
front y 

^Hi l filJi w, 1 A name of 
Vishnu. 2 name of. S'iva 
arniflnir /. 1 A name of 

Durg4; 2 the north-east 
quarter; 3 a kind of drag. 
«TqTrsB[ a. (/. ^)lSinn^ 
committed (as an offence)€^» 
T »nTrW3!^WCF^n;, (general, 
ly used with the loc. and 
occasionally with the gen. of 
the person offended, ^I^Tfft 
^3fffW?T WSr^^ Sak. IV.); 

2 missed ( as an arrow X 

fiildH^ Sis. II. 27. 
arroRs/lSin; 2 an offence. 
Sfq^nr w». Offence, transgres* 

sion, fault, q^qciM<"^H|il 

R. I. 6. 
»rTftqi?I«. (/. fr)I>esti- 

tute of belongings (as a Fa* 

gin ). II wi. 1 Non-accept* 

ancej 2 destitution, pover* 

BTqft^^a. (/.^) WitiK 

out property, 
MMfl'^ft^l l /• An unmarried 

ai^f^flT o.(/, irr) Not quite 

mature ( liU and fig. ) 
«TqWf^/i. (/gft) Not 

antagonistic, rKf^^H^lTJI^ 

M. VI. 
M^R^^^I^ n* Innumerable* 

ness, infinity. 
«rp9l%^ a. (/. ^) 1 lU-con- 

sidered, foolish- 2 untried; 

3 not clearly established. 
Comp.— ^fffft^r a. acting in^ 
considerately, foolish. 

3T"Tt"r ind. In the west which 
is not far, e. g. ^^fK^ toI^- 
( with the ace. or gen. e, y» 
arqftir viiH or ^m^ ). 

ind. On the follow- 

ing day. 

WrChr «. (/. W ) 1 Not in- 
visible, perceptible to the 
senses ;2 not distant, not re* 
mote. ««M| 

w^l<^fr^tn(7. In the sightjtf, 

Digitized by 



ipif^ii. Exclusion, prohi' 

ip^f. A name of P4nr»tl. 
( Kilid^ deriyes the word 
M follows:— ^ RfWrr- 


«W^ a. ( /. m) 1 Incom- 
plete, insnffictent* 2 miable, 
incompetent, arnW ?f<W* 
^^tWriftRT^Bg. I. 30 J 

iniS^ fit. Want of order or 

WH «. A pin or bolt. 

IffcVn A- The same as an*. 

WWT7 »t. 1 Denial of know- 
ledge, erasion. e^ g. ^ ^ Vj- 
**»l|ftl4t^if AIM : ^ vW?i; 
2 concealing, hiding. Comp, 
— ^WT w. the fine inflicted 
on a defendant for denying 
a charge on which he gets 

^nrnf^l^lir /. 1 Thirst ; 2 
aidait desire. (B{Mr(|Rl«hi is 
also used in the same sense 
bnt probably wrongly.) 

SITOtN^T a. (/. "^;)£rec 
boat desires, e. g, sn5Tfir% ^- 

ftwiFtl ^Al'^^l^rtli^"^** 
inf^Tit. A park or forest 
pbitted in the vicinity of a 
9niCV m. A hole, an aper- 
*W, ?nw q*t*iKM««*lcl 
ibd. I.; 2 an inner apart- 
ttent, a lying-in chamber. 
Wm^ n. Covering, screen- 

anW «. 1 Complet ion, com- 
fil^ performance, f^PTTT^- 
^•iPlfe'WaW- Kir. I. 14, 
H p ff deft 141 Pan.,am^?Fft^> 
"' rJ«n*Wift»ra.xvu.68.; 
»f«tf. complete 

delivery of the soul from the 

'Prf%'T'ffl^:; 3 a gift, a 
donation ; 4 restriction of a 
general rule ( according to 
9'^rrf ) ; 5 abandonment. 

BfqV^ n, 1 Abandoning; 2 
a gift, a donation; 3 final 

ITT^^ n. 1 Removal from 
one place to another, as in 
^^IHmcfT; 2 taking away, 
depriving one of, e,g, ^^ 
<NIM^<?H< > 

BTT^rnr ^^ 1 Hefntation as of 
an erroneous imputation, e. g, 

i^HHr^ltl &c. (in Vedinta 
phil.);2 an exception, (op. to 

pPT: ^: K. S. ii. 27; 3cen. 
sure, blame, evil report, e. g^ 

M\^M\<f\ ^ 4hft4(%; 4 an 
order, a command, ?T^WWr- 
\^ TfTn%#r^: Kir. xiv. 27. 

^mrnc^ n. Concealment, co- 

^miR^ w. 1 Secret manner; 
2 apart, aside ( in plays ), 

^ Mil^Hl H*l^lcl S. D. VI. 

3<4<|ff\i<^ n. The same as bt- 
q^frfbr ^. V. (The inst. aftr^- 
(trf^TT means * apart,' *aside' 
in theatrical language and is 
opposed to H4tl^^; it is 
speaking in such a way that 
only the addressed person 
may hear, ^rq;^ is also used 
in the same sense ) • 

Brnn? w. Deduction, sub- 
traction ( in math. ) 

^4^fi;JC n. The same as 3tt- 

3Tq^l%/. Completion, ful- 
^^qff^f. Cessation, end. 
Wphf I a. (/. ;aff ) 1 Re- 

jected, discarded ; 2 abject^ 
contemptible. II m. One of 
the twelve kinds of boos 
among the Hindus, viz. that 
rejected by his natural par- 
ents and adopted by a 
stranger, Yaj. ii. 132. 

in%>f m. Piercing in a wrong 

iTT^iRr m. Prodigality. 

in'^ m, A low man, a 
wretch, ( the same as aTTO^T 
which probably is mora 
correct ). 

a|t|w^ m. The soul. 

BT^nmr I a. (f.m) Free 
from grief or sorrow. II »i. 
The asoka tree. 

^rrPW a. (/. HT) 1 Nofc 
last ; 2 not having another 
in tbe rear, i. e. last, 

^RTif^J^Ut^., jreff^T^wn- 

VI.; 3 extreme, e. g, W(PS^(- 
BTTSC^ra' w. The same as ar- 

arTS* n. The point of tho 
hook for driving an elephant. 

aiT^ a. See arqr^. 

WT^ W a. (/ ^ ) Contra, 
ry, opposite, adverse. 

ar^THf m. 1 A low man, an 
outcaste, (in this senao 
generally as last member of 
a compound, e. g. qt^TFyPT* 
ir^ ); 2 the children of six 
degrading connections, viz^ 
of a Brihmana with tho 
women of the three lower 
classes, of a Kshatriya with 
the women of the two lower, 
and of a Vais'ya with one 
of the S'udra class. M. x, 

B? M^<f^ w. 1 Abandonment: 
2 gift, donation; 3 final 
deliverance or beatitude. 

Digitized by 




H^^ m. 1 A valid reason; 
2 departure, retreat. 

ififcnc^ n. Going away, es- 

Ifr^ m. A spy, a secretemis- 
sary, 4(5ll^^|4ii>il^^TO4'T^- 
«ar m ftf^Rlft^Tf : R. XIV. 

«n?^^ n. Going away, re- 

BTT^rrc m. The same as arr- 

^HqujKm n. Removing, driv- 
ing away, expelling e. g. 

^ mmv ' i^ ^RftfWt?ir. 

Ifq^flt/. See •mti^^i. 

H^f^^C »». 1 Any part of a 
carriage except the wheel; 2 
anus; 3 vidva; 4 excre- 

iTT^o. (/^) Insensi- 

Hq^ifnC m. Epilepsy, falling 

Wff a. (/.fr) Destroying, 
removing. (This word occurs 
only as the last part of Tat- 
pur. compounds, e,g. i^WTf » 

srr^/. Bemoving, destroy- 

9|q^^ n. 1 Taking away, 
removing; 2 stealing, rob- 
bing ( in law ). 

arq^ft^a. (/?fT) Thrown 
off, lost, parted with, argf- 

Qft^lflf^'/. 1 Abandonment; 

2 exception, exclusion 
9;pfl|Tt m. The same as ar^TfT- 
or g. r. ( The word is used 
figuratively also, aR^ ^ a?r- 
rJTnrfTt ^FTH!^ Sak. i. * or- 
how shall I conceal myself, 
f. e, my name and real 
position.' ) 

m^ff^ M. 1 Denial, conceal- 

ment of knowledge, e. g. 

ir^7 2 dissimulation; 3 af- 
fection, love. 
Vfifj]^/. 1 Denial, conceal- 
ment of knowledge; 2^ a 
figuro of speech in which 
the real character of an 
object is denied and that of 
another super-imposed upon 
it, e, g, %t 'P?lH"4«H^<"rRi: 
( For other instances See K. 
Pr. X. under arqr©) 
arq^^T^ m. Diminution, less* 

irqriK.tW. Westward, south- 
BHTORrr n. 1 Driving away, 
removal; 2 payment, liquida- 
tion, as of a debt (in law )• 
STfTRRifi; n. Pay ment, liqui da- 

tion, e. g. ^TPT^^TPTn^. 
^rnfrCt /• Emotion arising 
from fear &c; •m'f.ffitHfl^rf 
?T^fqr RPl^-jH^HI Kir.i. 27, 
imifr I a. (/. m ) Present, 
perceptible. II a. (/. ^) 
sTtNf «. (/• ^m ) Not entitl- 
ed to dine in the same row 
t. e, an cufc-caste. 
a^mi-JK^ a. (/. ^ ) The same 

as a^rrt^ q, v. 
«nnr m. 1 The outer comer 
of the eye; 2 a sectarian 
mark on the' forehead; 3 
the god of love. Comp.-^^t 
n. a side-glance.-^^ /. a 
lady having eyes with beau- 
tiful outer comers, qf^ Jpr- 

^CT Yikr. I. 
9m% «. (/ ^) 1 Westem. 

2 southern. 
arfTpft/. The south. Comp. 

— rm/. the north. 
aTqnft5T «. (/. TT)! Opposite; 

2 western. 3 southem 

taught by Pdnini ( as a rule 
&c. ); 2 one who does not 
study Panini's grammar, a 
superficial sanskritist. («Tr- 

iHnW ». 1 A worthless utensil, 
or object; 2anundeserTingor 
worthless person; 3 one not 
worthy of receiving gifts, 
Comp. — f^Jir/. »» action 
which makes a man worth- 
less. -flF^ /. doing annn- 
proper act. -^l^v? a. giving 
to the undeserving. -^«« 
cherishing the worthless e.g, 

irn^sr n. 1 Taking away, 
removal; 2 the sense ex« 
pressed by the fifth casein 
Sanskrit ( in gram. }. 

M^TPT m, 1 The anus; 2 that 
of the five vital airs which 
goes downwards and out at 
the anus (the other four 
being qpr, ^r^, ^HTT^ and 
wrr^r ). Comp. — fiT ». J^« 
anus. -q^5r, ^IJ ^- t^e vital 
air called STTR". 

wrrorftRLa. (/•*) Not 

revealing evil. 

sm^gent. Pl' of ^.f; »' 
Comp. -5^ff^n. lig*i^; 
ing. -^nrj w». an epithet of 
Agni and Savitri. -«!ttl «• 
1 the ocean; 2 a name of 
Varana. -prf^ w. 1 *^e 
ocean- 2 a name of Visbiu. 
-qi^m. 1 the oc ean;J |ft 
name of Varana. -hIM^** 
food, -f^ ». fire. -«ftPr *»• 
the ocean, 

a^r^pfpf^fn, Cleasing, wip- 
ing off. 

BTTm w. 1 Going away, pass- 
ing? away; 2 separation,^- 

VI. 75;3absence,disapp»r- 
I ance ; 4 loss, jnj^* ''^f^^ 

•fqrt^rttira,(/.m)l NotI ITM^ <l%rtt6'='l^ ffi*-' 


Digitized by' 

5dM(Jv 6 misfortiiiie, oftla* 

WW I «• (/ Kt)l Unboand- 
ed, shoreless, ilHmitable; 2 
ott of raieh. II n. The op- 
ponte iNmk of a rirer. 

•WlWa. (/. RaRT) Incom- 
petoit, ineapable. 

'WfWa. (/. ^) Distwit, 

'Wrf fl. (/. ^) Par, remote; 
( ved also as an ind, with 

•f^ «• (/ q^ ) 1 Useless, 
iinpiofitable; 2 unnieaning. 
n n. Incoherent language, 
(considered as a fault of 
oompofflUon in rhetoric ), €- 

5 I). 111. 128. 
'WpNt a. (/. ^in") The same 

«WR^ n. Covering, con- 

tnffl^ n, 1 Retreat, retum- 

Pg;2 revolving. 
•HT|pi a, ( /. wr ) Unres- 

^THrtt / 1 Covering, con- 

oeumg; 2 opening, laying 

IRT|hf /. The same as a^qj- 

SRBnil a. (/.^) Help- 
^ destitute. II m. 1 Re- 
fuge, recourse, support ; 2 
»tt awning spread over a 

HVnAV m. A quiver. 

iVVm ». 1 Throwing away, 
qiMmg; 2 killing. 

w. Going away, de- 

if^nuf. (This word is some- 
ftaee cimnged into f^ when 
piixed to verbs ^nd nouns 

Am a prefix to verbs it 

aiPm^Ao); a •nWMP to,' 
♦towards,' (e. ^. iTPt»nt&c. ) 

As a separable preposition 
( with the gen. ) it is con- 
sidered to have no special 
meaning and the noon in the 
genetivo is to be rendered 
with the ellipsis of ' a drop, 
a little \e.g. #Wr^^qn[ 
* there might be a drop of 
clarified butter.' 

As an adverb or conjunct- 
ion it expresses lalso, more* 
over, besides ( e. g. (k^^- 

°nrfl" htto: grRrairt Panch. 

I. *' and Vishnus'arman also 
taught the princes'); 2 
thou gh, ev^n iUJ ie.^.^^ppfit 

^^3«g^rMn^W^Ht(Pr inf- 

^1^1 1 ♦ ( love ) pierced with 
flower-arrows, though they 
were tender, and parched 
with breezes, though they 
were charged (cool) with 
water-spray^; 8 therefore, 
consequently ( ^. g. XKi^ 
^t^^ !nrTfF4:» where Byft 
is rendered by aTTH^); 4 
even, f?^Tf^^nT%W f^^ 
i^lPt JP'fr Sak. I. ; 5 fear 
or anxiety, (^. g. arpt^ 
H^ there is perhaps a 
thief); 6 hope ( <?. ^. an^ 
ij^%?r^ * I hope I might 
master the Veda'); 7 con- 
tempt, ( e. g. f^raifFit ^«l<-<f*{- 
R" ftP^P'IWJ? * shame over 
the wretched Pevadatta, he 
would go and water the 
onion', or w«% ^rg* 9^-^9l|^r4 
aH^jH*^^ 'fools tender ad- 
vice; to those thou hast 
listened I ); 8 indifference, 
(^ i:4fift %^KH|tH^3* 
H<I^H Bt. VIII. 92 ♦ do as 
you please, praise us or re- 
tain us. Ac'.) 
It is used as a particle of 
exclamation, e.g. anqft^n^ 

It introduoes a quettieo 
being then the first word of 
the sent«aoe,|*rttTftRTr4 fB^ 
flPrgr^ K. S. v. 88, abo 
84 and 85. 

To numerals it imparts the 
notion of totality e* g. ^rmfw 
'ffl' «r<^^ifT^ *of all the four 

To interrogatives itimparta 
the notion of indefinitenest* 
ftrtftr ' some one or 
something ' ; y^, wffit 
•somewhere ', ^i^rf^ ' some- 
time', ^fW^ ' somehow', 
flff^r^. ilT^TftM' Ac. In 
this case it has sometimes 
the sense of *■ indescribable * 

( »TpRhT) also, srf?rinfi* «r- 

'iNNpht: ^rW^'^: Ut. VI. 

To particles or adverbs it 

imparts additional force, e,g. 

^» ^>S(^, *TPrtT, vfirs Ac. 

Either by itself or when 
joined to ^[^ it de* 
notes likeUhocMl and is 
often used when the speaker 
wishes that the thing Would 
taken place, atf^T^nr f t^q^- 
ftqH*IV^%'<IT*T'^r ^^ Sak. i. 
BTf^^fttflT ^111^1%^: Ut. II. * I 
hope&c' (^Rpr— ?pn(^ a al* 
though — ^nevertheless; e, g^^ 

jmrr: Kir. i. 28. where 

2T^ has to be understood). 
arf^^W a.(f. oft) 1 Praised; 

2 described. 
afl^l^SW a. (/. wr) Free 

from sediment, clear. 
«?f^«ir a. (/. ^) 1 Not 

ancestral or paternal; 2 

«rf^wi a. (/.ifiir) Uninherit- 

ed, not ancestral, 
arf^r^^fif n. 1 Covering, con- 

cealment; 2 anything that 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ooTere ( lit. ^ndjig. ) (Also 

lllPtf!^ m. Ooncealment. 
«lPiiR[ «. (/ ^Sr) 1 Tied on; 

2 accoutred. ( Also fcR^ ) 
ilf^f^rw m. One who is joint 

In property with others and 

shares in the same religions 

vA^ri^ a. (/ frr) 1 Covered, 

concealed {lit. 9kndjig.)ji^'' 

•the queen covered with 
tears did notrgive any reply';2 
not covered, plain e. g. ar^ 

«rt)(^/. 1 Destruction, loss. 2 
destruction of the universe, 

Bh. II. 

vr^t'^FCr «• A cold (consider- 
ed by Sus'ruta as a disease 
of the nose. ) 

^^^^/. Without a husband, 

V. 70. 

MS'rarfl.C/.f^raT) Sonless. 

H^r^/. A daughter who is 
not appointed by her Either, 
on failure of a son, to raise 
np male issue for him. 

^Sf^^ind, Not again, once, 
forever. Comp.— WfR w. 
not taking back again.-iTTf . 
Rf/. final beatitude.-«rT fn- 
not occurring again. 

iWCa. (/ CT)1 Not fat, 
lean; 2 not loud, not viol- 
ent; 3 irrelevant, unassist- 
ing, as a word (considered in 
rhetoric as a fault of mean- 
ing or sense ( ^^?Wjj ^^ 
the instAnce*ft??tW fiffl^^- 

irrelevant because the ex- 
pansion of the sky has 
nothing to do with the ces- 
sation of anger). 
H^ m. A cake of flour, 
meal &c. 

9T^ n. A cake of wheat- 

WSP^ /. The sil k-cotton 
tree, otherwise called ^TT^'Tt^. 

a?^ «• (/• ^ ) Incomplete, 
not full, arqi^ril^^ ^«l*fyH: 

^ ^iTffrr? R. Ill- 83. 

M^ a. (/• ^ ) 1 Not exist- 
ing before, quite new ; 2 
unknown ; 3 unparalleled,ex- 
traordinary, wonderful, afij^ 

CT^ffH: Ud.; 4 not first. 
Ilffi. The supreme soul. Ill 
n. Merit and sin as the cause 
of future happiness or misery. 
CoMP.— qfir/- one who has 
had no husband before, t. .e. 
a virgin, -f^^ w. an alto- 
gether new authoritative in- 

Bf^pn^tW. Not separately, 
collectively, together with. 

lf)l^ n, The same as wtm 
q, V. 

S^^IPIIT/ 1 Attention, heed- 
ful-ness, e. g. ^^^PBT^l^ 

49; 2 respect, deference; 3 
consideration; 4 care, ex- 
pectation; 5 reference, rela- 
tion; 6 need. (The inst. and 
loc. singulars of this word, 
viz, ^:^^m aiid BT^^jnTT^ are 
used generally as last mem- 
bers of a compound in the 
sense of *with reference to; 
e. g. ar^ s^ JT^^ cT^^OTT 

^r^'qr^'R^^trft^^ni K. Pr. 


3i^lir^a. (/.ur)lTobe 
considered or regarded; 2 
to be had regard for. 

artl%^ a.(/.frr) 1 Regarded, 
looked upon ; 2 considered; 
3 desired. 

artW (/.m) 1 Departed, 
lost {lit. hndjig. ), 3^3^- 
Ptf^rtW^Nt fft! Sis. III. 1 

2 deprived of, free frotn, 
(withabl. e. g. 5?!IT^0f 

3 contrary to (with the abl. 

B|^ Imperative sing, of f 
with 3Tqr q. v. Comp.— (tft- 
ilf/. a festival or ceremony 
where followers are denied 
admission; ( similariy we 
have aiQl^MM^r) ^T^fl^rt^. 

^T^riFVa. (/. iriT) IHav- 
ing a limb too many or too 
few; 2 infant; 3 timid, 
fearful . 4 not under sixteen 
years of age, M. viii. 148. 

3T^ a. (/. 5fr ) 1 Removed 
from, (with the abl. e. g* 
^THpfpir arJtr: ); 2 not put 
on, R. XVI. 78. 

arqtf ^* 1 Removing, taking 
off ;2removal of doubt by the 
exercise of the reasonmg 
faculty ; 3 negative reason- 
i»g» (PP- t o arc), yfritfp T<f ^- 

V. II. 74 ; 4 the exclusion 
of all things which do not 
come under the category in 
question. (3?^:aTt^Tl^ 
says Mahes^vara on rfXPIW 
^ rm^. K. Pr. II. ). 

9T7lf^ «. Reasoning faculty, 
(the same as arcffC g'.v.,) 'HT* 
tg^d< f HH^ll^ ^ Bg. XV. 15. 

irtW«. (/. flDTobere- 
moved or taken away, e. g* 

iT«f|'^^ a. (f. 7n) Not being 
of human origin, not made 
by men, of divine origin^ 
as q^^^n?^' ^t^^^VI^ 
Jaim. N. M.; »T$r^RPT^* 
M. M, IX. (not established 
by man). 

ai^tt^ «i. The name of the 
last or seventh part of the 
Jyotishfoma sacrifice. 

m.l Going away, p«s- 

Digitized by 



sing ftwajr; 2 abeorption ; 

8 destraction; 4 destmction 

of the QiUTesre. 
tIPirT n. Incidental or ir- 

rekrant matter. 
WTO I a. if.m) Not 

bright, dark, e, g. ar^T^irw 

ft?:^: ; 2 wanting in 

bA^tae&Sj{lit. and;^.)snrr- 

B. 1. 68. 

«Wf«Ia. (/. fir) 1 Not 
perUining to the topic 
under discussion, irreleyant, 
ftft'imt^^ R. G. ; 2 oc- 
ctsioiud or incidental. II n. 
The standard of comparison 
i. e, V][f^ ( in rhetoric). 

'TWr ^' (/• HT ) Going too 
hst for others to follow, 

m'l'^ 0. (/. F^n*) Not bold, 
modort, toshfol, e. g. ^: 

^WJrTfl. (/'^ Perplexed, 
nn^ «. Without issue, 
childless, aTift ^NHH Ufir Hp^- 
^OT35: Yaj. II. 144. 
Hifinr /• A woman who 
haajiot borne a child. 

'Wft^fl. (/. ^)1 w^* 
cannot be warded off or hin- 
dered- 2 not angry. 

^WWf^.C/.fT) Without 
an adTersaiy, unrivalled, e,g. 

'WfilWo.C/.W')! With- 
ontin opponent, without a 
mA§ 2 unlike. 

imftiff^/. 1 Want of un- 
dnrtandang; 2 confusion, 
P<qitti<y , ( 3<J^ftMf^i| - 

Kil,; Sabsence of ready wit. 
gywHfiiHft.ii^-TT Gaut. 

ni l lwm «. (/. *^) 1 i^'n- 

ohilneled» tmhnpeded; 2 
by Mrik without 

any obfltmcticm, as a ^r? 
(in civil law). 

Wrflpm a. (/. wr) Of un- 
equalled power. 

WiRW o. (/. *fr ) 1 Modest, 
bashful; 2 not of ready wit, 

W?RPR «• (/• ^ ) Unrival- 

9Tl|^nr a.(/. Hi) Unequalled, 

a^lfitrira- (/-tlT) An un- 
rivalled warrior, ( having no 
Hflii^ or a rival warrior ), 

Sak. IV. 
amt^M* «• (/. ^f) Free from 
dispute, uncontested, ir4'- 


WlfiTCTa: (/-Tr) 1 Un- 
equalled inform; 2 incom- 

Wifirft* (/. nf ) Of inoom- 
parable valour. 

WTfirtJTOfr O' (/. ^f ) Hav- 
ing no rival in sovereignty, 
subject to one rule, R. viii. 

ar^f^rfTT w. Want of solidity 
or ^firmness, {lit, And Jig.) 

Bh. II. 
WrRlfff c. (/. ?ir) 1 Unim- 
paired, unaffected, ITT lf%rT- 
RrfcTT Bhartr. ii. 40; 2 
unobstructed, unimpeded, 

5^n^: Ve.i. GoMP. — f^^a. 
of unimpaired intellect. -%- 
If a. with unimpaired eyes. 
-IW^«« having an unim- 
paired course. (See above 2), 
- "^fif T o. of irresistible 
power or weapon, jf f^in%- 
f?lV(*K: Kad. 

arif^ft^ a. 1 Not understood, 
not dearly intelligible ( as a 
a word ) ; (This is regarded 

. as a defect of a word in rhe- 

toric. A word is defined as 
being a^nftw if it is used m 
a sense which it may have 
only in a certain class of 
works. K. Pr. VII.); 2 not 
pleased or satisfied. 

arinfT/ A girl not yet given 
in marriage. 

WPWC/. W) INotvisi* 
ble, imperceptible; 2 absent. 

anninrlo. (/.V) 1 bar- 
ing no confidence, distrust* 
ing, ^w^^i^ ft>l^flHI*fl<-i{*q'> 
H^ ^: Sak. i; 2 having 
no knowledge; 3 hay* 
ing no affix ( in gram. ) 
II fif. 1 Distrust, want of 
confidence, e» g. m^V^vA 
'^^^(^^^^[^^ (soil, #^q^ 
Silhana. * a woman's figure 
is a field... for all kinds of 
distrust'; 2 the not being 
understood, the not result* 
ing clearly; 3 a non-affix (in 
gram.) ^^l^tRp^j^sjf'iq; Hn?t- 
mt^ Pan. 

^H^fll*1H. «w^. Prom the left 
to the right. 

aTH^TR a. (/. ITT ) Not princi- 
pal, secondary, subordinate, 
( op. to'i}ror), aTRTf tTT^sW^ 
Hit. ( In most instances 
the word occurs as a neuter, 
either as an attribute ton 
noun or absolutly or as a 
part of a compound in the 
sense of 'any thing second- 

aT3n2^ a, (/. «an* ) Invinci- 
ble, unconquerable, ^RfpJ^^ 

vfsijir Bh. 

aroi ^» 1 Incompetent, .un- 
able, (with the loc. e. g. 
^r^F^^S'TS* *unable to draw 
up') ; 2 not powerful. 

aTTr>HT «• \f\'^) Assiduous, 
attentive, vigilant. 

Wni^ «. (/. ^) Joyless, 

, sad, Bt. X. 9. 

Digitized by 



«|iprr/ The rereree of snff, 
the same as ar^TTT^ ( II ) 

WIRPrl a. (/.orr)! Im- 
measorable; 2 unauthorized, 
without proof . II n. 1 No 
i^uthoritjf. e. a role, in jane- 
tion, saying &c, which is not 
binding ; 2 irreleTancy.(Cf. 
such words as BTTrriTFf, aPTfj 

Wr^ la (/,m)l Immea- 
surable, unbounded ; 2 not 
to be properly understood or 
ascertained, e. g. arPr^^rFTT- 
5^hTW JiR^TfT^f^^ ^j:. 11 
n. The supreme soul. 

Wjirpfi'/. Not going, not 
progressing, ( used only in 
negatiye phrases, implying 
an imprecation, e, g. a^nrr- 
Pr^ ^I?Tr^ * mayst thou not 
be able to progress*) . 

Wrjpira. (/. ;?KT) 1 Not 
employed, not applied ; 2 
wrongly used (as a word) ; 3 
not usual, strange (as a word 
in a particular sense or gen- 
der). In rhetoric being bt© 
is considered as a defect of a 
word which must be avoided. 
In the instance «nir *?% ^- 
^^^ ftw%rRj%i^wr» the 
rnaac. form ^sRf: is 3T«, for 
although grammatically cor- 
rect, it is not generally used. 
K. Pr. VII. 

^nriPrr/. INot taking place 
not proceeding; 2 inaofcivity 
inertion, inertness, arnr^ 
*HI^Tiiii>wi^H5f>r: Yoga 

9TSr^ w. 1 Want of attach- 
ment; 2 want of connection; 
8 improper time or occasion, 
e. g. BT'rtnTTPt^^ ^ "^i M<CT 

Wl^mf^ a. (/ ^) Not be. 
longing to the subject 
matter, irrelevant, ^Ht ^l ft^l 

(v. /. foraT«n'o)'Tf^^n?r 
M. M. II. 

Wl^pr o- (/ nr) 1 Unsuit- 
able to the time or subject, 
irrelevant; 2 accidental, ex- 
traneous. CoMP.— ip^hsn'/.a 
figure of speech in rhetoric 
in which the information to 
be given is conveyed by 
stating something else. Ac- 
cording to K. Pr. it is of 
five kinds and is defined as 
conveying the subject-mat- 
ter, if it is of a specific na- 
ture (1 ) by means of genera- 
lisatiDn, or if it is of a gene- 
ral kind ( 2 ) by means of 
specification, or if it is view- 
ed as a cause ( 8 ) by stat- 
ing the effect, or if it is view- 
ed as an effect (4) by stating 
the cause, or (5) hinting at 
the subject matter by stating 
what is similar to it. ( For 
instances See K. Pr. x. ) 

WTfir «. (/ m) Unploughed. 

WTPI7TPr«lf a (/. sft) Not 
belonging to the subject- 
matter, am(*<Pl*t^n'5^>fI%- 

K. Pr. X. 

arsTTT^ «. (/. W) 1 Not ordi- 
nary, special, extraordinary; 
2 not original. 

«n?nm «. (/.«I«fr) Second- 
ary, subordinate. 

wmr a.(/. Hr)lN'otob. 
tained, not taken possess- 
ion of , ^H|H*h^ ^^Trf^IttT 
^7jriTf|t?f: Bh. P.; 2 not 
arrived; 3 not authorized 
( as a role ) . Oomp. ^9?^- 
ff^ a. unseasonable .-«irn7 a. 
out of season, ill-timed, e,g, 

'ifW^ n .-^Nt «• not arrived 
at puberty. -^(^^, ^'TOfK « 
a minor in law, not of years 
to engage in public business* 

(A boy is a minor whi'* 
under sixteen years of ag^ 

^: Daksha.) 
ifinffr/ 1 Non-attainmentf 
non-acquisition, <l^H i ffiHf l S : 

^r^ff'wnnrrK. Pr. iv,* 

2 the not being estalished 
by a rule before, e. g. ftf^- 
HjM*<H l vh ; 3 the not takhi^ 
place, the not occurring. 
WrT»nf^nF«. (/.*r) 1 Un- 
warranted, unauthoritatiye^ 

B.; 2 unworthy of beiiig 
MPm I a. (/IT) IHsagree* 
able, disliked, offensive, $jg* 

J^^f or ^ ^leHrqjjpfi^^ 
M. ir. 138; 2 unfriendly. 
II n. An unfriendly 
act , ^;^' ^ ^ lft»M I|¥ l ^(^ 
ift 'fT^R^rf^^pR'l.. Ill »»• 
An enemy. Comp. 9|^^|t|f 
a. speakig harshlv, W^ 
S^vm^ Yaj. I. 78-^nfl- 
^» Hff^ a« speaking harsh- 
ly or unkindly, ^rmr^FT^ 
TT^ ^ 'lIpR^rf^ ChAiWP 
«Tm «. (/ «T ) 1 Not foU- 
grown; 2 not bold, gentle, 
timid, M ^ll^^f f ^: ^H^flT 

'^^^jqr^ q-: Bajtt. 

^fSTOT/. 1 A giri whohM 
not attained womanhood; 2 
an unmarried giri. 

^gW a. ( /•. ?fT ) Not protract- 
ed, as a vowel (in gram. ). 

MHIiH / (generally pU The 
word is thus derived :— «T^ 

^^) Certain female divini- 
ties who reside in the sky i 
and are the wives of the 
Gandharvas. They are «ob» 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


as the 
women of gods. 
Ihef are Teiy fond of baUi- 
11^ a&d are said to hare 
ben produced at the chom- 
ing of tiie ocean; ^f^TRTT:- 
sirtirtlft^: R, . VII. 58. 
Ths Kfidambarl describes 
14 fauli^ of them : — f|^- 

•••irt ^rg^ l^Tf^ &c« &c. 

OdttF^-^f^ n. a pool in 
iMi the aimi^ : bathe; 
({wAqiB it is the name of a 
fiiiMiihir place, Sak. yi. ). 
-^ M. an epithet of Indra 
(^ Wng the lord of the 

9ft(|gf/ Tie same as 3im<^ 

«?*•*• (/.«r) 1 Without 

Wk ^atr ee),qr: «TJI^#fr 
1w ^ijsqr mis gf^Ht: 

(ftftiiNW:) V^j. 8.; 2 
twfeee, resultless, imr T'li'- 

flfltK^: M. II. 15d;3emas- 
oMMl nnmanned, ^H^ri^ 
IHp;|pg ; Bam. Comp. — 
i||l|P^ a. disinterested 

k«* (/• TT) Froth-less, 
i fwm. II n. Opimn. 
'ffSi«* (/. ^) l^ot bound 
BfljT . ittBtniined; 2 un- 
aidhg, nonsensical, con- 
faMHoTf. ( The following 
mtgivBa as instances of 
M^Mieal and contradic- 

iJli^ Oowv-^lla. 

scorrilonSt foul-mouthed, ab- 

»W1^ «. (/. ftpW) The 
same as snrB: 9* v, 

vn^ a. Without friends, 
without companions. 

9{^m I a. (/. wr ) 1 Weak, 
feeble; 2 unprotected. II n. 
Want of strength, week- 
ness, f<T:f^ ^H I HMfflftl^- 
*T4rtHt^<IMHs P. K. 

M*IW| /. A woman, ^V^^ 

|lR"4^rtHI*L Bt. X. 12. 

ipfPf I a. (/. ygn ) Unimped- 
ed, unobstructed. II m. 1 
Non-obstruction; 2 non-re- 

»WFW a. (/. ^f) Without 
friends or relations. 

vnm a. (/ W ) 1 Full (as 
the moon ) ; 2 youtlif ul. 

Sffin^ tn. Submarine fire, 
(lit. having water for fuel ), 

XIII. 4. 

9T37 a. (/. ^ ) Not wise, 
ignorant, foolish, a<q^KHH - 
Hi^HlflL Sank. S. 

9T^^/. 1 Want of intellect; 
2 Ignorance, foolishness. 
OoMP.— ^H, ^^^fi^tnc?. 1 
unintentionally; 2 ignor- 

a^j^l^ I a. ( nom. sing, a?^) 
Ignorant, foolish. 11/. (nom. 
sing. «?5<I,) Want of intel- 
lect, ignorance. 

S|i|l^ I «• {/• ^ ) Ignorant, 
foolish, stupid. II m. Want 
of understanding, ignorance, 
stupidity, /^TT^i}f>f»T^|Trf^- 

Kir. I. 6. Comp, ^ip^ «. 
9|C^ I tn. The moon; 2 Bha- 
nvantari, the physician of 
gods; 3 camphor. II n. I A 
lotus; 2 one thousand mUli- 
(ms. Ill m. n. The conch. 

CoMP.-qjrtujf /. the seed 
vessel of a lotus.-ir «»t. an 
epithet of Bra|iman ( m. )- 
WP^^ m. the sun. i|I|J| a. 
lotus-eyed.-Jj,»f^, trft tn. 
Brahman ( m. ).-frW^ m. an 
epithet of S'iva.-f^ m. the 

9TVirr/ A pearl-oyster. 

«|f%in#/. 1 A multitude of 
lotus-flowers; 2 a place ab« 
ounding with lotus -flowers; 
3 a lotus-plant. GoMP.^qf^ 
m. the sun. 

^ ry jw . 1 A clo ud, e. g. uf qr- 
f^n^q[ft^^?PRl'^^:;2 a year. 
8 the name of a mountaiiu 
Comp.— ffif n. a century.— 
^rrcm a variety of camphor — 

«ri^ m. 1 The oc<»n, drfN^* 
f^^^FfT^: A. R.; 2 a 
lake; 3 the number * four ' 
( in math. ) ( stftvf when 
used metaphorically means 
'store* as in ^(fPTTf^)* 
GoMP.— m. -«fnr w. froth, 
foam.— IT m. 1 the moon; 2 
the conch .-HT/. 1 spirituous 
liquor; 2 the goddess Laksh- 
mi.-^lr'Tr/ the earth .-»firt|' 
/. a name of Dv4raka,Kri8h- 
na's city.-;pr9r^f^ m. the 
moon.-^;f m, froth, foam.— 
«T«^«j5t /• a pearl-oyster.— 
^fipf m. a name of Vishnu. 
-^C w. a gem. 

annir^ 71. 1 Unchastity; 2 

sTwfP^ I a. (; /•. oirr ) 1 Not 

proper or fit for a BrahmaTta 
( Hal&yudha says: — surer- 

2 hostile to the Br&hmafias. 
II n. I An unbrahmanical 
or disgraceful act, e, g. ^ 

<:%?r^ (^ l^f^:;2an cxchi- 
mation of distress uttered 
by a Br&hmana answering 
the English *' help '* «* a dis 

Digitized by 



graoeful deed is perpetrated*' 
( mostly in theatrical lang- 
uage bat sometimes else- 
where also, a^^Trq- 41'T^'^t^ 

S. S.) 
«nrfr^ a. Without Brahma- 

•W^/. 1 Want] of attach- 
ment; 2 incredulity. 

5flPR^ a. (/. ^^) 1 Unfit to 
be eaten; 2 prohibited for 

IWT «. (/• it) Luckless, 

wnr I «. ( /. frr ) Unpropi- 

tious, inauspicious. II n. 1 
Sin, wickedness; 2 sorrow. 

«|9f^ I a (/. irr ) Free from 
.fear, secure e. g, {^V \ Hi ^: 
TOt^jrni^. II n. 1 Free- 
dom from fear; 2 remoTal 
of fear, protection from dan- 
ger, safety, security. Comp. 
«Prt^5T. spriffnta. caus- 
ing safety .-fif&;fjr ui. 1 a 
war-drum, 2 a proclamation 
of re-assurance. — ^f^f^r /. 
promise of protection from 
danger .-^^PT w« giving assur- 
ance of safety .-T^ n. a 
written document grant- 
ing assurance of safety, a 
safe conduct ( a modem 
term), -j^f a. granting sa- 
fety.-^pipf n. assurance of 

BTT^ m. 1 Non-existence; 2 
destruction, end, H^rq* ^i^j^ 
JIRTTH^nr ^ i^MIH. Ram; 
3 final beatitude, HI^<j*<H^H' 
ft^T^sr^ ^ Kir.xn. 30. 

91)f^ a. (y. «i|T ) Inauspici- 
ous, u nhappy, apr^TR prf^ir- 
^'TT^ HT'^nTr'Fff^ Mahi- 

IWRT a. (/. Iff ) Without a 
share, (as in an inheritance). 

inrf fn. 1 The not being, 
the not existing; 2 absence, 

want, failure, (^-^frif^ 3^ 
(t*^J «'^f%r?Ti Brihaspatij 

3 non-entity, ^p^ ^^s^: 
S. Bh.; 4 non-entity consi- 
dered as the seventh category 
in Kaniida's system (It is dis- 
tinguished as qFPTnr, srMwT- 
^TW, ^T^T'tTPTnr and aj*i}l^|- 
Hpr); 4 death, destruction, 

H^npir /. Non-perception, 
alienee of correct under- 

^Wrt^JPIf n. A word which 
can neither become a masc- 
uline nor a neuter, t\ e. a 
word which is always a fe- 

9Tf^ ind. As a prefix to verbs, 
it expresses 1 * towards, ' 

* to, ' ( e. ^. arf^ * to go 
towards '); 2 * for', ' again- 
st '( e. g. 9(Ci!m% * to wish 
for ; ); 3 * on ', *upon ', (e. 
^.3TpTI%^*to sprinkle upon'). 

4 ' on ', ♦ above,' *over ' (e. 
g^ ^tPpJ. * to overpower '). 

As a separable preposition 
( with a noun in the ace. ) 
it expresses 1 * towards ', 

* in the direction of ' e, g, 
fV'lPr ^>f^ ^^ S. K.; 
2 *with regard to' e,g, H^ f • 
ft-RpT; 3 by, sev erally, e. g. 

In composition with nouns 
it implies 1 superiority or 
intensity, as in arf^^, 
^ri^tTrt"; 2 ' towards, ' in 
the direction of as in arft"- 

&e. In the last sense bto al* 
ways forms adverbs, e.g. 3^1*^- 

311^ (y(t) ^ a. (J. HJF) Lust- 
ful, libidinous, ^ ^^K^^ft -- 

fPTr:^R . XIX . 4. or ajPr fir^, 

Vlf^RriMr/. Wish, desire. 

nf^nirnr i a.{/.m) 1 Lorina 

lustful; 2 desiring for, (wiik 
acc.d.^. ?n% J^RProRTi 
II m. 1 Love, affection ; 
wish, desire. 
Mf^T «. 1 A courageoi 
attack; 2 mounting, asceni 
ing ; 3 ft beginning, an 
dertakm g, e.g . %fTftnfW- 

9^1^ni?TT n. The same as ^' 

9lf^niirf^/. The same as ^' 

^itP^vSt^^X^ m. A rcviler, an 

^^f^Pi^rr /. 1 A name, an 
appellation ; 2 a word, a 
synonym, >1%ft^3TO1^^5'irift- 
^ Vis. P. 'R^STK is a 
synonym of ^ft^ '; 3 &nie^ 
glory ; 4 beauty, e. g. ^:^* 

II. 17 ; 5 proclaimiiil^ 
atf ^^^H n. Fame, notoriety, 

glory. I 

Mpf^«T m. 1 Approachtoft 
coming near e. g, ?Rr^ If- 
pPT^gW^; R. v. ll;2a^ 
rival, ( as in 54«k«ii|(^JiH ); 8 
sexual intercourse, t» g* ^* 

sif^PFR w. The same as afl^- 

':?T^fW^ R. xii 85. 
iTPt'Fir «. (/ 'W ) Aooea- 
sible, OTw^frf^^iTRilf q^- 
^R<^i^T4 l: R. 1. 16. 

B#mr^a. f/.sft) 1-^^ 

proacliing, coming near ; a 

having sexual intercourse. 
aif^nr^ n. A tumult, aft 

H^rftflr/ Ouarduig, pnrtect- 


Digitized by 



UpflK m. 1 Attack, onset; 2 
lobUng, pIunderiDg; 3 cbal- 
]eD||e; 4 comprint ; 5 

HPnifT n.Tha same asar- 

Prtff ?. r. 
Df^l^rf^ n. 1 Friction; 2 

po0Mfision bj an cfil spirit. 
Itf^^ffl I m. Striking, beat 

^; 2 complete destniction 
extirpation, Ji^T^wrPt^infT- 
f^JWffJT^f^^ETTcT* m Sank. 
K. L II n. A harsh pro- 
niBMfaUion produced bj the 
rutfjitKi of sandhi roles. 

5#niW«.{/. Rf^FT) Ward- 
ing tf, extirpating. 

V^fi^S^^ An enemy, 

3#Br«.lGhee; 2 dropp- 
ing ghee i^n the offerings 
atMedfioes, M<flfly«i<i4M4ij^- 
*H^<it^lHma Mt. III. 

lri3{nm «. The same as 9T- 

lAft m. A serrant. 

^Init^ n. Employing 
cfaott or spells for a male- 
Toltii purpose. 

i^e^K «• 1 Employment of 
dkftOli <»r spells for a male- 
toImI purpose; 2 killing. 
Cmb.«-^I^ m. a ferer caus- 
al Wskcmntation. (Sos'ruta 
qpb of such a feTer}.-ip^' 
%f imaQla for working a 
^|^^4tT M. a sacrifice 
JnAag a charm. 

In. 1 Family, race, 
SnoUe descent, ^r- 
adc> tv., or^4^- 
<«fkMiJ9; 8 ni^hre conn- 

A magician, a 

head of a family; 5 fame, 
gloiy;6 attendants. 
irf^^npr «. (/. W)! Bom, 
produced; 2 noble, well- 
bom, 3II?q^^^Tp^^T^ ^: W- 
^^^ JT^r: R. xvn. 4.; 3 
learned, wise e, g. (^^) 

^HH.; 4 pure, faultless, 

e. g- 5r3if^crHn?r*iPt3rrH^n%; 5 

handsome; 6 honest, noble. 

a^nn^ /. Noble descent, 
high brith. 

a^^rinT tn* Complete yietory. 

MpiR l M"! »>. Touching the 
head with the nose as a 
sign of affection. 

S^f^fln; I m. A name of 
Vishnu. 11./ The name of 
the twenty-second asterism. 

MfH^ra. (/-^IT) .1 Know- 
ing, acquainted with, ( with 
the gen. or loc. ^fr ^llrfPl- 
'*y.:i<H'l rfii'^Pi^ 'PTj Ut. 
V. ); 2 clever, skillful; 3 ex 
periencing, getting experi- 
ence, ( with the gen. or loc.) 

jiTr:K.S. 11.41. 

9^^^ /. 1 Remembrance, 
recollection; 2 recognition. 

9^^T9R ^- 1 Recollection; 2 
recognition; 3 ft token of re- 
cognition e, g, ^^rn^ ^ $ft» 
Fqr arf^Wr^ ^^nm Ram. 
(3^* has this meaning in the 
title arr'&^rTsr^n^r^T^); 4 the 
dark portion in the moon's 

atf^pr^tnJ. (used absolutely 
or with a noun in the 
ace.) 1 Before, in the pre- 
sence of, fp^»fTft^CTr^ Jprt" 

^nff: Kir. ii. 69; 2 towards, 

Kir. XI. 8; 3 near; 4 on 
both sides, qi^apRpT^ (^tit* 

Bt. IX. 187; 5 completely, 

throughout,^.p. affS^t ^WfTf ; 
6 quick, quickly, e.g. ?r^pf, 
pnrt.CoMP.— jfpf m. the be- 
ing on both sides. 

arf^WIT w. 1 Extreme heat; 
2 great pain (physically and 

i^ fimpr o. (/. wr ) Deep red. 

Bii^tfflif^H^inJ. Towards the 

aif^nr^ m. An attack. 

^^f^TSflf m. Abuse, curse; 2 
hurting, oppression. 

•iPro^tf n. Possession by an 
evil spirit. 

9^f$f^/. 1 A name, an ap- 
pellation, e. g, ff^ 5»«ii<«»W- 
f^ ^^ t\*^Wy 2 the 
literal power of a word, vtg^ 
that power (or process) which 
expresses the sense whicb 
the word has by commoa 
consent or contention ( op, 
to FTOTT andsfiRr ),<r5- 

p^^lt^ K. Pr. II. CoMp. 
— ip a. founded on the li- 
teral or original meaning of 
a word or a sentence, ( as a 

arfH^iPr I n. Naming, teUing 
expressing; 2 » speech, dis- 
course; 3 ft vocabulary. II 
m.n.l A name, an appella- 
tion, ff^if^^5TO^5rf!HT: 
Kir. 1. 24; 2 a word. Co^p. 
-^ «!., Hmr/ft dictionary, 
a lexicon, 

5Tp»>iR^ a.(/. PWFT)Ex- 
pressing, denominating. 

Mf^Wfftg^o. (/.*)1 Ex- 
pressing, denominatm g|^2 
speaking, ?* JP^ (wT 

t^'ftftrqiS^I^^ ptTrrt" Am, 

S. 23. 
avf)f^n^ n. Pursuit, attack. 
arfSf^ n. 1 Meaning, sense^ 

signification; 2 the primaiy 

meaning of a word, i?fWhr* 

Digitized by 




ftPinyiHcflR[fJ^"li'«T5l' K. Pr. 
II.; 8 the subject matter, 
fltf^^^^^^P^^'RLK. Pr. I. 
«lf^{urT /. 1 Desire, wish, 
^if^Mnr^^in^ S. Bh. I. ; 2 
coveting another's property; 

3 desire of taking ( gener- 

^^fUTPf n. 1 Desire, wish; 2 

profound thought. 
iif^Tfr^m. 1 Delighting; 2 

applauding; 3 encouraging; 

4 wish, desire. 
Blf^prs^n. 1 Applauding, 

greeting, praising; 2 rejoic- 
ing, delighting; 3 wish, 

Vlf^^[^7^a.{/.^) 1 To 
be applauded, greeted; 2 to 
be rejoiced at, 

VJ^pm «. (/.y)Ben t, cunr- 
ed, fiTT <1<iUTl*rtdi ^ rPfl 

91^^ m. 1 Action and 
postures expressiye of senti- 
ment especially when ex- 
hibited in a dramatic per- 
formance, il(?*1<fiH^lfflrt(%- 
sft: R. XIX. 14, aipRqr^ 

qft^gPrtlTfTT ^' "• ^^\ 2 
dramatic representation ;(it is 
four-fold: (1) artpt^ convey- 
ed by bodily action, (2) qrf^ 
by speech, (3)3fffr^by dress, 
decoration &c. and (4) ^(^^ 
by the manifestation of feel- 
ings,as by perspiration,horri- 
pilation &c. ) rtft^dl|'*lH^' 

cTJnr Hfff ^^ i g*pfr • ^ 

iirqrtT: Yikr. n. 

«ri^ a, (/. ^) yew, fresh , 
young, arpT^r^ f^M*<fi^'?M*|: 
B. IX. 29. GoMP.— «(H^, ^- 
irpir a. quite youthful. 

9l^qr^ n. A bandage, a 
blind ( for the eyes ). 

nWr^lT a. (/. i^u ) En- 
pged in, 3|Mnt>Sp?%^K?T 

«iWft*nr«. (/.^W)l Left, 
quitted ; 2 one asleep at 

^ftR^T*^ n. 1 March (in 
general ) ; 2 inarch of one 
who desires to oonquer, i. e. 
an invasion. 

MP l ftjfif / Completion, ac- 

«^f^rftf^«. (/CT) 1 Pos- 
sessed of, endowed with, if- 

4iMlrt l d ^: R. n. 76 ; 2 
determined, engrossed by. 
( ^Tptf^ftS^ in this sense is 
thus defined in S. D.: — 

' not caring for censure, 
abuse, disrespect &c, means 
determination of purpose ' ). 
9i^l^r^ «• 1 Close appK- 
cation, attachment ( with 
the loc.,^:*^^^^^: K&- 
s'ik&. or WT^q^I&^nH^^n'^l^* 
Mit.) ^t<Nr55T5%^*Tl%^: 
Sak. III. ; 2 determination 
of purpose, determined re- 
solution, 3T ^ l d^ q| fiP l^ ^- 


3 the instinctive clinging to 
life and bodily enjoyment, 
( in Yoga phil. )• 

l«^ft%ftR[ a. (/. jft) 1 Ad- 
hering, clinging ; 2 deter- 
mined. ( See 9\P^(^^ ). 

«lPlfH^*hW n. Going out or 

S^Pl^Tsq^nr n. Going forth, 
issuing, sallying. 

Brf^R^^Hfri /. Completion, 

^rf^ff^tT? ««• Denial. 

«tf5pft^ a. (/. fd) 1 Perform- 
ed, represented (as a drama); 
2 fit, proper, suitable, arPr- 

Bh.; 3 highly ornamented ; 

4 eTei^minded, patient ; 5 

friendly, kind ; 6 exoeUent; 

7 angry. 
M^pftfit/ : 1 Frioidslup, kmd- 

ness, ITT'r^J^'TPr^tfrftjfi? 

Kir. xiii. 36 ; 2 expressive 

Mf^r%f m. An actor. 
Mpf^o. (/ ^) To here. 

presented or performed, ( as 

& drama ) ^ cprrf^^ tfS; 

^d^g- ^^^ni 8. D. VI. 

«^Prtr «. ( /. wr) 1 Not 

different, identical, ^WPt 

^JTpW^NTRr Pr. Ch. ; 2 not 
cut, not rent, not broken. | 

ST^irWr w- 1 Approaching, 
arrival; 2 going forth, de- 

«ri^nf% / 1 Approachingt 
coming near; 2 completion. 

«Tpr«m a. (/. »rr ) 1 Come 
near, run towards; 2 seek- 
ing refuge; 3 overcome, 
afflicted, e. g. ^rrfrf^^ f^ 
4 unfortunate; 5 guilty; 6 
dead, deceased, «. g, iiP^pSf 

«Tpnft5?r a. (/fiT) OreN 
flowed ( lit, ), overwhelmed, 
shaken ( Hg. ) e. g. ir3#f* 

^rf^^"l w. FiUingjfiUing out. 
stfjT^I*!^ ind. Successively. 
«tf5*nrT8I5f n. Ccmsecration 

by sacred hymns. ^ 
^iPrmftra. (/, fir)! Brought; 

2 consecrated with hymns, 

^^ qf»i['^ W" ft« T; Bt. 1. 4, 
Mf^nitpr n. Spreading orer^ 

throwing over. 
BifpfinftrT^«wc^.Tothe rigW^ 

a^f^nnr^ n. 1 Coming fortk» 

ceeding, acting. 
Mf^nnflr/. l Approach, arti* 
vai; 2 obtaining, ao<|mii0f* 

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(^if; 3 affectum; 4 HlicHi- 
tion, wiflh, dedre; 5 mis- 
coaoeption, eono^itiif ob- 
jects with the notion that 
they refer to one's own 
self (in phil); 6 killteg. 
CoMP.— vtf^a. possessed 
of self-respect, prond. 
UPr^ff^a. (/.ift)! Pes- 
sessed of self-respect; ^2 
proud, arrogant; 8 one who 
conceires objects with the 
notion that thej refer to 
one's own self. 

«^^3?;«- (/• W or ^) 
1 With the face directed t#. 
^ards, facing, fronting^ #. g. 
"^^^IP^^S^ ; a n«ar, 
approaching, ready for, g^- 

^wPrj^ ^V R. vii.i, srnr : 

V. 64; 3 friendly disposed; 
4 with the face upwards. 
itf*?^^ ind. In the direc- 
tion of, in front of, irt 

55P<^r5»Hfi Hpnn^ Sati., 

Kir. 11. 69. 

•tf^<». (/CT)ToHchsd, 

iTPFHRa. (/.m) Quite 
withered, quite faded. 

»rf5RinRr/. A BolicitatioB, 
a request. 

9?fWarr f- S^e the preceding 

9?f^in% m. A foe, an enemy, 

9?f^'3TH n. 1 Coming near, 
approaching; 2 attacking. 

HfimfiRto. (/*) Going 
towards with a hostile inten- 
tion, attacking, R. xii. 48. 

»lPl3F?fra. (/.^IPr) 1 As- 
8auTted,attacked, ^P^ tV- 

vfinm^. I Intention, pur- 
pose, design, ^ff^THPnifiTir- 
^ tH ^*rfffr Ram., or ^^z 
^PS^^[m '^m means the 
intention, the purpose of a 
poet;' 2 opinion , belief,mean- 

ipgt%f%3 'yti^yinyf%^- 

S. D. II.; 3 implied sense, 
baring of a word or sent- 

owe^Rwp^ ^ w*yrt 'Trafyr- 

ipPB^ D. B.; 4 reference, 

irPfi?! «. (/ m) 1 Intended, 
dfliigned, iTOpPrfTf^^Rm^ 
Hit. J 2 wished, desired* 
agreed)le; 3 meant, implied* 

f$^. Hit. 

ljM|jUi| ru Sprinkling upon. 
•ft^ a. { /. fTT ) Oyer- 
(ovreced, overrun (/i7.),over- 
lAAwd (Jtg.). 
H^l^/. An organ of appre- 
hes^OQ of which there are 
fm, vis. (1) ear; (2) skin; 
(8) eye; (4) tongue, and (5) 
tt»e,(more usually called 

Hfi^ m. 1 Defeat, subju- 
gatfen, arf^«r: 3^ ^ W^^- 
m B. II. 4; 2^ the being 
mnqpoweiedf ^^^I^HW^*^- 
y|g)msl:^P^ Sak. n.; 3 
tamilinfinn, abatement of 

tcontempt, dbrespect, 

mm I ^V^rm'' Bhartr. 

h; W; 5 rise, spread, 3Tw- 

ftjuuywi 'iS'^ f^-rt^: 

l| | wr «. The same as arf^- 

lUllPf n. Making yictori- 
-JSH; luring ttAstership 

fc 14. 

^^1^1 ^*'* 

**PPflIV «. (/.IW) The 
same as •ff^Hlft^y. v. 

Hfypirq^ n. Addressing. 

H^P]^/. 1 Defeat, discom- 
fiture, ^iPf^^rqi^^pTfT: J- 
5l35fn^ T HTT 'TP^r: Kir. ii. 
2 ; 2 disrespect , humiliation 

i?Pn!?r I a. (/. fir) 1 With- 

ed, desired, agreeable, arpr- 

Bt. I. 27; 2agre^, approv- 
ed, admitted, JrftrCTIIF«rr- 

wsT^pffsTR. S. Bh. II n. 
Desire, wish. 
i^f^fYTTI^ a. Wishing for, 
longing for, H^^^pPRF: ^'ff- 

Sis. XVI. 2. 

mP<H*^"I w. 1 CalUng, ad- 
dressing, inviting; 2 conse- 
crating f . #. making sacred 
by reciting mantras, 

if^THT m- 1 Killing, slaught- 
er; 2 war, combat; 3 danger 
from one's own party, trea- 
chery; 4 a binding, a tie or 

i;ff$nT$ n. Rubbing; 2 inva- 
sion, devastation of a coun- 
try; 3 war, battle; 4 spirit- 
uous liquor. 

flf^PT^ n. Oppression, de- 
vastation of a country ( by 
an enemy ^-c.) 

«ff^TT^ ( ij ) m. 1 Touch, con- 
tact; 2 sexual intercourse, 

Sak. v., or rT^fTPrwrPnnrff 
Hr^H^f^: D. K.3in- 
sult, offence K. S. v. 48. 

«rt5rTO(f)'r«. The same 
as arPnrl g- v. 

Hf^nrrf w. Ebriety, mtoxica- 

i^f^TfPr ^' 1 Self-respect, 
honourable feeling, arpfiTpr- 

^«rfT: Kir. ii. 19; 2 pride, 

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Vr rf ( 9CiL ^: ) *rcf!<t^r- 
iTrf: q^ Sis. ii. 101; 2 as- 
fiiduous, studiously engaged 
in, e. g. ^iri|«iqT'^H^<T'.; 3 
versed in, skilled, WW^- 
fi^-rhH i 3^«TPrP!: Kumarila; 
4 learned, of acknoAvledged 
position ( as an author or 
a language ) ; 5 charged, 
prosecuted ( in law ), 3?!^- 

wif ^l^ r)i, 1 An assailant, 
an enemy; 2 a plaintiff, an 
accuser, 5f ^^pkr^rt^^ ft- 
«^ (^R4l''l*lci Kat. 

BffMlHr m. 1 Attack, onset, 
battle, sp^ ^TffTni^^Tfnni 
Kir. XIII. 10; 2 energetic 
effort* 3 learning, scholar- 
ship, 3T5n'^rtt^*I ^T5^^^^- 
CPfT^ I 3Tfl4lM^fft'^ S'a- 
bara; 4 close application, 
connection, ar^irft' ?Tr*H*^- 

rmf^^ Ch. p. 11 ; 5 ft 

charge, an offence as aubject 
of an accusation, irf^'^rf'TT- 
f^^cft^Vt srrqp^%3^ Yaj. 

II. 10, (arPrj^qTr f?^%nt- 

^qrrw: Mit. ). 

9ff^ni^^}/i. A plaintiff, a 
prosecutor ( in law ) . 

Sff^T^COT/ Protection in every 
quarter, universal or com- 
plete protection, JT^TPfT^ 
R^^^TT^qr Kir. I. 18. 

BTpfCf^/. Pleas ure, de light, 
attachment, ^ ^'Nll^frr# 
5rr^^ R. IX. 7. 

aif^TCTI' n. Delighting in, 
finding pleasure in. 

%Tf5TTnr«. (/ HT ) 1 Pleasing, 
delightful, agreeable, ^r^f^- 

R.I. 89;2beautiful,3tf^nm 
^3'^?T^^h^:R. X. 67. 
B^PrtP^/. 1 Relish or taito 
ifor, pleasure,delight, h^" ^- 



^: Silhajia; 2 ambition, a 
strong desire, -qi^ ^f\pTW- 
(^^^ g^ Bhartr. n. G8. 

lirf^TF^ n. Any cry, noise, 

«TPr^:ir I. «. (/TT) 1 Pleas- 
ing, agreeable, handsome, 

^ M.ix. 88 ;2 conformable to, 
Sak.i.; 3 learned, wise, 3^1^ 

ari^^q^ipm ql^BTRT^ Sak.i. 

II m. IT he moon; 2 Kima- 
deva; 3 Vishnu; 4 S'i\^a. 
GoMP.— q^ tn, the name of 
a fast observed in order to 
obtain a desirable huslmnd 
in the next world, Mrich. i. 

^^f$p^ 71. Jumping over 
or across. 

^^f^^of n. Wishing, desirr 

ITf^THf^ «. Wish, desire. 

^^f^f^]^ i».Si>eech, expression, 

(jf^tj^N&ges'abha//a on R. 


^^f^^^iTf^ m. Cutting, destroy- 
ing, ^■Jm^^t^TWPJ ^t^* ^'^- 
qr ^l^t^m: Bt. Tii. 37, 

9#THnT w. 1 Desire, wish, 

3T^,sPrHr> 5T^^ ?mrf^^ ^' 

III. 4; 2 longing especially 
of one in love, sf i^ ^Rq^ 

^'♦I'drtlTf^nrrf^THF^: Sak. ii. 

8#rWT55|f a.(/. 5RT) Wishing, 
desiring, covetous, ( with 
the ace. ifcpT'nT^F^TOf^- 
5^T^tHr3^:Kir.xi. 18). 

5?Pr*lpr a. (/. m) Adher- 
ing, embracing, shrouding 
Megh. I. 36. 

irfJrgf^ «. (/. m) 1>13- 

turbed, agitated, inconveni- 
enced, BHf^5fBd^lMMi**l 
Sak. III. 

l^f^IijjTr/. A kind of spider. 

«lf$r^r^ n. 1 Addressing, 
allocution; 2 salutation. 


Saluting respect 
Raining upon* 


BTf^^Tf w. The same as arf^- 

aTpr?rR5ir «. (/. ^rr ) Respect- 
ful, humble. 

3Tf*HTT^ ^'. Respectful salut- 
ation of a sui>erior or elder 
by an inferior or junior for 
the sake of obtaining his 
blessing. ( It consists of 

three acts: ( 1 ) sf^r^PT or 
rising from the seat, (2) 
^TrtirrT or touching the feet, 
and(3)3Tf>t^or the uttering 
of the formula of salutation). 
arPfftff^ w. Complete perva- 
sion, inclusion of the point 

of limit, <?.^. 3TprJr4KTp#^: 
* 3ir means until exclusively' 
( I. e, excluding the point of 
limit ) and until inclusi?elj 
(t. e. including the point 
of limit)'. 

^^Prft^^. (f-m) Widely 
known, celebiated. 

B^[pr?f^/ Growth, increase, 

B?f5r«iC^a. (/. ^i;f) Revealed, 
made manifest, distinct, ap- 

3T pio€<FH> /. The becoming 
clear, manifestation, revela- 
tion, ^jfr^t^Wnnnf^- 

f^f^tq^ S. D. VI. 
Sf^vqnPT n. The act of 

%?f5T«inniia.(/ft^) Com- 
prehending, including, sur- 

^ff^ps^ff^/ Universal pern* 
sion, comprehension, ( the 
same as arf^tf^ q* «•) 

^if^rcirrfTTn.! Pronoundng, 
uttering, speaking ; 2 «» 
uttered word or speech. 

vilM^mfflK m. Th« same «8 

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Sf^^f^^T n. Blaming, insult- 
ing, nttering an accusation 
whether founded on truth or 

^5f ^Kt^ Mife. 
i|fip&?irT/. Fear, alarm, doubt, 

SfPt^nTrr «. The same as ^- 

PWT q.r. 
*«fi«Rrftf?ro. (/. cH-) Said, 

declared, named, e, g, ^Iff^ 

5?fiRrFr a. {/. ^^) 1 Insult- 
ed, blamed, accused ( espe- 
cially wrongly^) e,g.^ ^TpT^- 

# ^ f^ ^c^r#q^^ ^rr; 2 

in-kmed, defamed ; 3 hurt, 
injured, inflicted, ^(^ ^^m^- 

3?PRr(^;f^ ./*. 1 Abuse, ca- 
Inmny, scandal, defamation; 
2 asking, begsing. 

s^ft^TT m. 1 Charge, accu- 
sation (atfirwT: qr^r^pT^^: 
Mit. ) ; 2 a curse, an impre- 
cation; 3 calumny. Comp.— 
5^ jw. a fever produced by 

SlpRTTR n. Pronouncing a 

3|PrtftfT a, (Am) Cold, 3T- 
Pnfr<ff^: Kas'ika. 

S^Prtr^^T n. Intense ginef, 
excessive pain . 

srt^PI^ n. Sitting down to 
^^rdddha or repeating a 
portkmof the Veda. 

^^f^ ft. (/ =5W) Befeat- 
«d, hmniliated, 

5#rtT m. 1 Defeat, discom- 
fiture, misfortune, calamity, 

% 3tf^rfw RJn^ « <K l^. 

^1-75, XIV. 54; 2 connec- 
tion, attachment, ^^ftfrT ^- 
^**'^Mn^ Sis. VI r. 68; 3 
oriteldng, copulation; 4 
IKiBnsnoa by evil spirit.^, 


^rT: Madhavaniddna; 5 an 
oath; 6 a false accusation, a 
calumny; 7 curse, abuse ; 8 
«?f>m<>«i?T n. The same asa^- 

3Tprq^ m, 1 The religious 
act of pressing out the juice 
(>f the Soma plant; 2 ablu- 
tion preparatory to religious 
rites; 3 sacrilicc (in general); 
4 bathing ( in general ) ; 5 
the extracting of liquor. 

STp^par^or w- The same as bt- 

STprf^^tff a. (/. TfiT ) 1 
Sprinkled over, 3?^!^ rTT ^- 

XlH^lf^f^'^K Ch. p. 29; 
2 inaugumted, solemnly in- 
vested, enthroned (as a king 
or an idol ) e. g. srt^ qft^- 

srpir^cR' in, 1 Inauguration 
( of a king or an idol ), af- 
^Pt^* {g^^l^d)-: R. XIV. 
7 ; 2 conscci-ation by sprinkl- 
ing water; 3 water used at 
ah inauguration; 4 bathing 
( in general ), ^^rnr^f f(T- 
3»frl5<^*L K. S. V. 10, or3T- 

5 bathing of tlie divinity to 
whom worsiiip is offered, 
CoMP.— ^f»n. the day of 
inauguration. -^^TH^ /. the 
hall of coronation. 
3Tl*fN-*<H n. The same as a^f^y 

%^^(?. V. 

B?PT^^5T «. ^larch with an 
army to attack an enemy. 

Btf H^^ I ^ v^ ( dcnom. ) To 
march against, to attack, m-. 
ft^TP^^rfH^^'rf^ HH'I: Ve.ii. 

STPTCT" 'w. Praise, eulogy, 

^^iPt^ ( ^^ ) ^ '«. 1 Oozing, 
flowing; 2 great increase, 
excess, <^(^Kq?^jpf sp%- 
^tqrT^'^W I^. ^'v. 29 ( here 
3Tf ^^ « ^M^ ? moans * letting 

out the excess i, e, emigra- 
tion'); 3 running at the 
S|fW»T m. Strong attach- 
ment, love, devotion, t, g^ 

atf^T^hnr m. Refuge, alielter, 

^Tpm^?rr m. High praise. 

3Tf5r^f#T m. The same as *- 
%qr q. V. 

VifHiMWH m. War, battle, (^- 
'A ^^TRrnr^PfTfT: Halayudha ) 

^^Pr^P^ w. The organ of 

srf%^r^>SRr m. A detractor, a 

STpRH^r/. 1 Promise, decla- 
ration, ?m ( soil. 3[^r^) ^- 

?qffHH-^f ^<^< lH jfd8 cT I Ram.; 

2 deceit. 

STi^^^PV^R w- 1 A deckiration, 
a promise ; 2 imposing, cheat- 
jug, deceiving, qTrnT^WnTTt 
^'J'^^^ff^^ftdH R. XVII. 76, 
q'C}f^»:rr^q^q^ til Sak. v.; 

3 aim, intention, purpose, 
(l^in^'MT in explaining ^^nr 
says :— 3Tf^pm^4r^r=2T^f^- 
?^^'^T^|?^ ^); 4 making 

^Tpraf^ m. ( According Uh 
some authorities y<?w.) 1 A 
declaration, a promise; 2 in- 
tent, purpose, aim; 3 im- 
plied sense, bearing, ( the 
phi-aso3T?r»TpnSl^:is frequent- 
ly met with in exegetical 
works where it means * such 
is the sense ' of a passage ); , 

4 belief, opinion, e. g. ^^^ 

srf^TO^TITT wi- 1 Concourse, 
confluence ; 2 war, battle, 

stPrf4>T m. Connection, as- 
sociation, relation, sjx--. 

^Si^'i{ vj^ Kiis'ikA. 


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im.lJL companion ; 2 
• l6iT»nt| A follower. 
Hftnt^n. 1 Approaching, 
(whk hosiiU intention ) ; 
S an assignation, an ap- 
pointment of loTcrs, ff- 

«T^I^ ftRf% ^fir*ft Gi*. 


Hp Wi|» i. Creation. 

^fflf^ifrT «. 1 Gift, donation; 
2 killing. 

irflr^nK w. Coming near, ap- 
proaching ( especiallj with 
a hostile intention). 

t t fSl^ l ^g^ m. Conciliation, 

^UPlM I ^S. «*^- ^^ *« CTening, 

i^iPrcnmr^. Sis. 1. 16. 

VlPf^m: Pt. 1 An assignation, 
an appointment of lorers, 

ft^^^Git. G.V.; 2 » place 
trhere lorers meet by preri- 
«UB appointment, r^ft?f3ftff<T 

^ft^qgpnt^ Git. G. Ti. CoMF. 
**C^rf ^- ^ locality adapt- 
ed for assignations. (The 
8. D. recommends the fol- 
lowing eight places for loTers 
to meet:— (1) a field, (2) a 
garden, (d) temple-rains, 
rl) the house of a procuress, 
(5) forest, (6) a place of 
pilgriinage,(7) the cemetery, 
(8) the banks of rirers &c. 

artfi^fmrii S.D. TI.) 

a i Pwi t ^iM /. A woman who 
meets her lorer bj assigna- 
tion. (»To ii rariouslj defin- 
ed; the definition in Am. is 

^^^Sf^nmt^r: K.s.Ti. 48. 

/. The same as iT« 
q. r. 

irf^ipf n. Indulgence in, 

fondness (as iniTOi%«^). 

Hf^rilf m. Attachment, lore, 

5OTBg. 11. 57. 

WtflftlT a. (/.fir) Ex- 
pandedi foil blown. 

^PftWf tn. The same as er- 
pf«PC q. P. 

MPlfW a. (/. fir ) 1 Struck, 
hurt, injured, ^n^lP^li^iTr- 
TO^i^lprp^ni: Am. S. 1;2 
subdued, orercome; 3 multi- 
plied ( in math. ). 

Mf^ff^/. Striking, hurting, 
injuring ; 2 multiplieation 
( in math. ). 

Hf^rfTT n. Bringing, eon- 
Teying, R. xi. 48. 

er^ifqrm. 1 Calling, inrok- 
ing; 2 sacrificing. 

«lfsifnr m* 1 Robbing or steal- 
ing; 2 attack, assault; 3 
arming, taking up an ar- 

iff^lfff^ m. Laughter, merri- 
ment, sport. 

Uprf^ a. (/IfT) 1 Said, 
spoken, declared, named; 2 
placed upon, &stened upon. 
CoMP. — i^T^ii^ff m. the 
doctrine of the Naijajikas 
that the purport of a sen- 
tence arises out of the logical 
connection between the 
words and not out of the 
sense of the words them- 
selres (K. Pr. ii.). 

nf^TftT ff*' Making an obla- 
tion of clarified batter. 

apft I ind. A protracted form 
of »rf^ q. V. II a. Fearless. 

•T*^ a. (/. nrr) 1 Lustful, 
libidinous, %^f^: fTPT^r- 
inT3Tr5PflW5r.Sie. ▼. 64 (Cf. 
i^i^); 2 anxious; 3 fear- 

lrtt^»ro.(/. Vrr) IFrequent, 
repeated; 2 perpetual, con- 

H^tl^nt tnd. 1 Repeatedly; 
2 constantly; 3 exceedingly. 

«pW^OT I a.(/. Hr) Wiriwd 
desired, ipfff^ j^ (%f^ 
fW^iPrri^ Ram. Un. 
Wish, desire. 

m4K m. 1 a cowherd; 2 the 
name of a pastoral tribe; (the 
more correct form of this 
word is e^T'ftr). Comp.— ^ 
/. a hamlet of cowherds. 

•T^tlirrr m. The some as «?f^- 
WT q. V. 

H^fm m. 1 A ray of light, 

2 a rein. 

H^fWr m. The same as stfilr- 
^ q- V. 

•pft5 m. 1 A ray of light; 
2 a rein; 3 desire; 4 attach- 
ment, lore. 

•rftrIa.(/.CT) IWished, 
desired ; 2 dear, belored. II 
n. Desired object, e. g. 

inrr^c. Bt. xx. 24. 

tfiftVT /• A belored woman, 
a mistress. 

lT3nT(/. »^r) 1 Straight, 
not bent ; 2 well, free from 

iTJifircir a. (/. OIT ) Not a 
serrant t. $, independent. 

H^m. An epithet of Vishnu. 

imf a. (/.fIT) Non-existent, 
wnat is not or has not 
been. Comp. — iTrW^ »• 
a coTcrt or metaphorical 
expression. -Hirnr <«• 
the becoming changed of 
a substance to what it has 
not been before. ( The no- 
tion implied by this term is 
expressed by the afiixes cal- 
led f%ir ; the familiar in^ 
stance is qqhrftHf'^J^' 
g^R R. n. 3 ), -^ a. un- 
precedented, ar^nr^prq^: 5^5 
Ve. lit. -ms^ ««• *^« ^ 
cominff^ manifest of th^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


wkadk hMS not bem before.-- 
' a. bftTing no eaem j. 
>/• N(»-exi8te]M)e, non- 

fii*|f%/-l Anj thing but earth; 
2 no o bject for, ^ ^r? ^1%- 
fiftlcTii. the honour at the 
^ecasion of dismissmg me 
mw iBdeed no object for ( i . 
li beyond ) my wwhes.** or 

Sis, 1. 42. 

'ifPnr «• (/. IT ) Not sup- 

wt^, not hired, not paid. 

IWW' «• 1 Undiridedness, 
dose union, ^THTFltftTflnr^- 
^r^Bbartr. I. 24; 2 same- 
Bess, identity, fT^T^T'rir^ q- 
jWi* H)^1 > ^4l : K. Pr. X. 

9f9v f^ A diamond. 

«l"*N«r a- (/. ^^n* ) 1 UnEt 
fte food, prohibited as food; 
9<ne whose food must not 
be eaten. 

Wmnla. (/.frr) INear, 
proximate; 2 new, fresh, e,f;, 

#:. II n. Proximity. 
Ifi^ir n>* 1 Anointing in 
Hfeneral ; 2 rubbing the body 
with unctuous substances, 

aa tonsuent. 

#4vr »• 1 Anointing in 
^teenl; 2 smearing the body 
iMi imctuous substances ; 
9ft|)^f^g coll^ium to the 
4^pNiraes ; 4 an unguent. 
«. (/. 5Kr) 1 Pre- 
, extraordinary, e.g. 

:• 2 moredian, ex- 
^ («ther in quantity 

l ^^swyW r W: ( in 

1 lt»Tf(inqi»lHy). 

^^/ iy6nnia»io n,con- 

5vr Tftror 

K. fl. V. 7, q^ ^ftrt^ f<!r«r- 

Ws R. II. 69; 2 command; 
3 admission of an argument 

«?Hf^rPf n. The same as 

B|«n^I a. (/. ^) 1 In. 

terior, being in the middle, e.g. 

^^^ ^*«?2r>lPTnT; 2 con- 
versant with, famiiiar with 
( with the loc.), e. g. ^jt^^t- 
*T^^ ^- ^«Tr?[; 8 intimate, 
nearly related. II n. 1 In- 
terior, middle, the space 

yr^ R. HI. 9 ; 2 the mind. 
( M»-«I^Ofr is often used in 
the sense of 1 *to initiate in', 

3flr^rT»R:I>. K., or i|rJ|F«|TT- 

Ram., or 2 * to make a near 
friend of a person' e. g. rqw- 

w>«p?Rr in* acnrr a^^T^rftf - 

cTT:. CoMP.-^inin'/. the art of 
TOntonnes s, arwpfTT'frffrj V 

J), K. 

^"^^^^ «• (/• ^) 1 Sick, dis- 
eased, injured, 

*P^rf*i^fll m. A soldier who 
attacks the enemy yaliantly, 

Bt. T. 47. 
M^ft^ftfl m. The same as 

ar^irft^ m. The same as a?- 

'fTK^'Tft'^H^rr^^ Bt. Y. 46. 

M^-IW w. 1 Arrival; 2 setting 
( of the sun ). 

ff^^rtT n. Worship, rever- 

^l^^^f. The same asapiHK 

«Wt I a. (/. Oft) Near, proxi-. 
mate, aT ^J|Hl^ltiMH<^^ft ; 
R. II. Z2. II n. Proximity, 

^rry yr* Git. o. i., 9r%- 


M>^rt^/. Request, solicita-^ 

tion, ar^^H^pfip^^ m^i K* 
S. I. 52. 

^T*'rt^ (/'••fr) Solioitinf, 

M^*^/. 1 Respect, h«i* 
our; 2 worship. 

H^PPN «• (f-m) 1 Roe- 
pected, honoured; 2 fit, pro- 
per, suitable, ^.^. wiwfr 

w^5 5f^^«Tr fr^if ^^ ?rft- 

ai^^ilk^ 11. Extractloi, 

drawing out (as a thorn.) 

9|»4privrm »». An open spao». 

%I>«I^^'F»^ w. 1 An impe- 
tuous assault; 2 marching 
against an e^emy; 3 diaaU* 
ing an enemy by blows Ae^ 

M^^^^?^ n. The same aa 
»?MT^^'^ q- v. 

V^nrf^ 11. Taking foo4, 
eating or drinking. (Mil. 
thus gives the literal mealt* 
ing: — ^vq^|rr»t ^ ^"'?rnC%- 
^^R^ ). 

a^^irvfr^ m. 1 Taking food, 
eating, drinkiug, e, g, ailW- 
^W^fl^ fP?RfPrftt#- 

^;2 food, 3iwn[T»^>qnTtr- 

^!ir«fr KdsikA. ^ ^ _ 

if»«i«ri^ »• Food, ^rfrn^ft- 

^^qp^mnt^ ft^: Vikr. 

if^^^^pr w. 1 Practice, et^ 
cise; 2 study, ft^TR«W%^ 
H«l<Rl5^ll% B. I. 88. 

11*^1^;^ a. (/. f%W) De- 
tractor, calumniator, enTi- 
ous, spiteful, e. g, HI*<I^M^- 

«^«I^pT / Calumny, envy, 
spite, ^raTM^lflPlf^Ij M^ 
R. V. 74, or ^ ?r niH»^y rW 
ft^>j3; R. IX. 64. 

Digitized by 


ed, frequently practised, 
TTf^P^T^m'ftry^ Am. S. 
^2; 2 ' studied, JTR-^q^fTT 
3^^f^*^^^[?m Bhartr. 
III. 89; 3 multiplied ( in 
math.); 4 reduplicated (in 
liv^nii^ m. Striking the flat 
of the hand upon the breast 
in defiance. 
^P^J*ifipr ». 1 A false accu- 
sation, a groundless com- 
plaint; 2 a desire. 
ai^^fn^iTR n. A false accusa- 
tion, a groundless comp- 
^^T^^fnnr I a. (/. ^ ) Come, 
arrived. II m. A guest, a 
visitor, <?. ^. q'NrwTPral'TO:. 
«P^RW m. 1 Arrival, visit, 

?|f^j^r?T: Mv.ii., orcr?r>f^^- 
»r»rtPT^]J^: Sis. I. 23; 2 
neighbourhood; 3 battle; 4 
enmity, hostility, 
•f^rnPR w. Arrival, viait, 
tj ^**IHIH^ ^rthj: Kir.iii. 

•P^MMR*" tn. One who takes 
care of his family. 

M^^ininT m. Assault, attack. 

^I^IIR w. Begmning, com- 

^HP^r>=IR w. Placing upon or 

^l>^rF?T «• (/. ^?fr ) Diseased, 

^P-^Cnrf w. War, battle. 

BP^nrff »w. 1 Ascending, 
mounting: 2 transition 
from one place to another. 

^T^-'ntf^ w. The same as 

M^^smfi m. Repetition. 
^ai^^lf^/- Repetition. ( See 
. dfH^lfrT and the verse 

quoted there. ) 
«?«CrfrI a. (/. 'irr) Near, 

proximate, fHTT «^f?T*$*r 


^qT% ^^ K. S. vx. 2.1 
( Mall., however, does not 
take ^T^q^r ^s ft^ adjective 
here; we propose to translate 
3MT^ wt by " when the 
spring is approaching. " ) 
II n, Neighbourhood, vicani- 

ty, ^f^>qrT?f r ^jpqnjnr- 

ft^fNf? Bh. (This word re- 
tains its ablative ending 
when com|)ounded with a past 
pass, participle in tR", e, g. 

H«ITO^ »y*^- Near ( with the 
abl. or gen. t,g. ^mi^wm- 

ap^TPET fn. 1 Repetition, re- 
peated occurrence, sqnPn^TT 

sqr^qfrrr ffir M^MiHif^^nw- 
{t9^{^ ^qttrqm S. Bh. I ; 2 

repeated practice, habit, ar't- 

imiwirwcit ftPr^ ?nj; K . S. 

V. 65; 3 study, t^^^rrffl" (t 
q^TBH^ l>aksha; 4 the eifort 
of the mind to remain in its 
immodiiiod condition of 
purity ( in Yoga phil.), 3T«- 

rp^ Bg. VI. 35; 5 redupli- 
cation ( in gram. ) ; 6 the 
firsi syllable of the redupli- 
cated base ( in Pamni ) j 7 
multiplication ( in arith. ); 
8 neighbourliood, vicinity 
( also \tritten 3T«rnr ^ ^Iws 
sense), ^ipfNtW^:^^- 
fT Wr^ltfTT^B. K.CoMr. 
— ^iT m. deep meditation 
preceded by the efforiT to 
keep the mind in its unmo- 
dified condition, e, g, 3|v?|t- 

-hK m, dropping of the re- 
^P^^nfT n. The same as ar- 

H>«ITf*nT w. 1 Hurting, kill- 
ing; 2 impeding, obstruct- 

sp^lffR m. 1 Robbery ; ^ 

conveying. | 

M^Sf^ITT n. 1 GoQBOoration 

sprinkling ; 2 sprinkUoj 


qr^R. xvi.57 
^^Fr%^ flr. (/. W) Usual 

apjpnr fn. 1 Increase, AU^j 

mentation; 2 prosperity. 
ST^jpfRt^^ n. Loud acclama^ 

tion. I 

«I^3pPKrrT w. 1 Rising froni 

one's seat to receive a g^estJ 

2 rising ( physically ang 

morally ), e. g, s^Jt^tppm- 

levation, high position, 5f^^ 

3ir:.R. IV. 3. j 

BT^g^T^^. Springing againj 
st any one, assault, an^f^'j 
HPg^^% g^ R. II- 27. 

BP^^ m. 1 Rise ( as of th^ 
sun or moon ) ; 2 olevation, 
prosperity, hWT f^ t^tfJl^g^T- 
^^TWH: R. ni. 14; 
beginning, commencing:; 
a festival. 

3Pjr?rrfK«T w. An illustratioii 
of a thing by its reverse. 

B^)^^^ m.One asleep atsan^ 

^gjP'' w.l Rising from one'i 
seat to receive a guest; J 
rising, originating. 

BP-5im o, (/. nr ) 1 Appro- 
aclnn g, reaching, 5?npg^nf- 
;j3%Vm R. VIII. 15; 2 givcD 
without solicitation. 

W-g«fH/. Great prosperity, 

BT^^im w. 1 Approach, 
arrival; 2 a promise, an 
agreement, M. ix. 55 • g 
accepting or acknowleding 
to be true, (as in ap^J^ir^ 
ifTT). CoMP--f^ri[n^ m. an 
admitted axiom. 

Bft^ppTf^ / 1 Defence, pro^ 
tection, e, g, in^11*3^rr^ ^i 

Digitized by 




W ■ I I II 

i wA ^rflff ^Tl^Wit; 2 consol- 

atioB; 3 agreement, absent; 

1 4 impregnation of a wo 

i|K|qf9 m. 1 An agreement; 

2 a means, an expedient, 

III. 19. 

Vfijqrqsr ^. A bribe, an in- 

a^^«. (/. fIT) 1 Come 
near; 2 accepted, Megh. i. 

8f^ ( »« ) ^ m, A bread. 
9P^m\ Discussion, reason* 
ing: 2 supplying an ellipsis; 

3 guess, conjecture, qrp^- 

P^HI'^-IW fTJTOT^ ^^TP^Iri'. 
M. M. I. 

Ifjjr. t. 1. P. (pp. 3Tf?rcT) 
To go, to wander about, e, g. 

SPS( n. 1 A cloud; 2 sky, at- 
. mospbere, qft^ ftTT^ VPx' 
Vff^i Sis. IX. 8; 8 talc; 4 
I a cyplier,(in matli.),CoMP.— 
i' H^r^iTO ^- clouds as the 
only shelter. — '^^^ m, Ind- 
ra's thunder-bolt. Sf^f^ 
I a. touching the clouds, 
Teiy" high, e. g. «Tr^mT^^ 
Ml^l'*l«^ «f»rS^iri'c^^5;II m.l; 
irind; 2 a mountain .-9ffif m, 
one of the elephani^^ support- 
tag the globe.-fq^TPf m. a 
tame of Rahu.-jp^ n. 1 
Mier; 2 rced.-»n^ *« • Aini- 
^liii Indra's elepliant.-JffPTT 
/•series of clouds. ar^H^ 
' I «. touching the clouds t. e. 
tty high, anifi^r^nrr: Megh. 
ml; II 111. wind» 
IMlEii. Talc. CoMP. — >f ^Eif^j^n. 
dk of talc. 

Vil^The female elephant 
tf &m east, the mate of 
Aii&vata, Indra's elephant. 
4iKrw^i|i|vr. m. Airavata. 

MlW (*) / A sharp-pointed 

arf^ I m. Lightning. II n. 
A collection of thunder- 
clouds. Ill a. (/. inr ) Pro- 
ceeding from clouds. 

aHN* »». Fitness, propriety. 

BT^me/. 1 Quickly; 2 a little. 

9r^ I v^ orrt. 1. P. (pp. arpt. 
fT) 1 To go to or towards; 2 
to eat; 3 to sound. II vi. or 
vf. 10. U. (pp.^pnf) 1 
To be afflicted with disease; 
2 to hurt. 

aiH I o. (/. ^f ) Unripe. II 
m. 1 Sickness, disease; 2 

STif^r^I a. (/. W) Inan- 
spicious, unlucky, anfimp^rr- 
«nt (%f^^ ?T^ K. S. V. 65. 
II. n. Inauspiciousnoss, ill- 
luck , evil, w<t qrr t srftlWtn- 
BHVe.n.(This formula often 
occurs in dramatic literature) 

IT/HrF^r <r. ( ./'. wtff ) Inau- 
spicious, unlucky, *. g, afif- 

^ Mahimastotra. 

»r»r^ I «. (/ ^Tif) 1 With- 
out decoration; 2 without 
froth or foam, ( as boiled 
rice ). II w. The castor-oil 

9pml a. (/. fff) 1 Not 
perceptible by the mind, un- 
known; 2 not liked y not 
agreed to. II m, 1 Death ; 2 
time; 3 disease. 

9f?rf^ I M. 1 Time; 2 the 
moon; 3 a rogue, a cheat. 
II /. 1 Unconsciousness, 
ignorance; 2 absence of in- 
tention, e. g. 3 <Hf^^lfl ^ 
ifT^, * haying eaten these 
six ( tilings ) unintention- 
ally. ' Com?.— <{^ «. unin- 

9|iHr m- A ressel, a uteniil, 
e. g. air^rsf ^«5t ^ ^FqT^'Pf 

*T*WJT <».(/. n') Unenriooa. 

W^W «. (/.W?) Not 

worthy of the madhuparkm 

9fil«ni I a. 1 Without the 
organ of desire; 2 without 
intellect (as a child ); 3 in- 
attentive; 4 having jio con*^ 
trol over the mind. II ii>^ 
The supreme spirit. III ». 
Inattention. Comp.— ?nfa. 
unthought of. -«ff?f a, Idis- 
approved; 2 reprobate. -ifh? 
m, inattention. 

«TT»rW a. (/. ^n^) The same^ 
as Mffff I q» V. 

ifRT^ ind. Not a little^ 

ST*T^IRPC a- (/. Xf ) Unattrac* 
tive, disagreeable, displeas- 

S|iT?^ I a. (/. PTT ) 1 Not 
entitled to study Vaidika 
texts, ( as a S'udra or a 
female ) ; 2 not knowings 
Vaidika texts, ajH^MI^li iffl^- 

if: M. XII. lU; 3 Not re^ 
quiring the recital of any 
mantras ( as a ceremony ); 
4 without any charm as a 

cure, 3T;nrr ^T^^p^rnm^t^rr ^ 

I? ^t^^ 5Rr TTHPT^: Bh. 
V. I. 111. 

WT^ CT. (/. ?^) 1 Not slow^ 
active; 2 not little, much,, 
great, excessive, ^rif'^i^Ht?- 
f^ RftTH'Tr^'lFa: Bh. V. 
IV. 1. 

STHT ct. ( / m) Without 
egotism, devoid of worldly 
attachment, ^<'o|vmH^4 f- 
^H?^f^$< ^ H : M. VI. 26. 

arinnTr /. Disinterestedness, 

H»nc I '». ( y. Cr ) ItnmortaU 
imperishable, ^3fil*f^'ni ^f 
fim^^ ^ W^ Hit. II m. 
1 A god, a deity; 2 quick- 
silver; 3 gold; 4 ft pillar; S 

Digitized by 



name of a mountain; 6 the' 
name of a lexicographer, 
whose lexicon has become 
rerj popular; 7 the number 
•88 '(in math.). Comp.— iriT 
sf^.a nymph of Indra's heaven 
3*ll"IiHII% ( T i l HiH i Hi : Sis. i. 
51. aff^ m. an epithet of 
mount Meru. -^Hf^ wi. 
an epithet of Indra.-in^f^ 
m, Brihaspati, the teacher 
of gods.-BnTTf/. the celes- 
tial river I. e. the Ganges - 
^fHT^ TT). the abode of gods, 
]ieaven.-f^sif nt. a name of 
Brihaspati^-jf^, ff^ m. an 
epithet of Indra, 3|^?nff^- 
<*K | rt^V ^ R. XIX. 15.- 
^ud^ m, a name of the 
part of the Vindhya range 
near the source of the Nar- 
madd.-c^T? ^. the lexicon of 
Amara,-?T^?ft/. 1 a river of 
the gods; 2 an epithet of the 
Gkinges.-^ m. 1 a wish- 
granting tree; 2 a tree in 
the garden of Indra, aplT- 

JT^ Bh. V. I 28.-TrF m- 
name of a tree. ( Cf. ^<^< ( <> .) 
<-^[7 m. a Br&hmana who 
lives by attending a temple or 
idol.-qt%,)f^,Cnq' epi- 
thet of Indra.-^ n.the resid- 
ence of Immortals, paradise.- 
3«7?fr Tn. a wish-granting 
tree.-fflpll' a. like an im- 
mortal, -f^ n. crystal. 
99Nr fn. the abode of gods t . e, 
heaven, ^irt ^TF^P^r^HRl' T- 

^rq-J Tirtlj^dlH M. II. 5.- 

^iT^/. an epithet of the 
Ganges.-^ /. an Apsaras 
or nymph of heaven. 
iprrr^^ft / The name of 
Indra*8 capital, inNT^rfJ^T- 

^rrnftK. Pr. I. 

Ifirft/. 1 A name of Indra's 
capital; 2 a female of gods. 

Hfivf I a,(f. w^H) Immortal, 
imperishaole. II m. A god, 

r:«?Tf5RriW^T^: R. vii. 58. 
CoMP.— MnniT/ an epithet 
of the Ganges, ( TT* ) W^' 

giTT^ Vikr. Ch. xviii. 104. 

iTiTJS[^Pf5|L a. (/. ift) Not 
injuring vital organs. 

3T^a. (f'V) 1 Trans- 
gressing every bound; 2 dis- 
respectful, improper, iTPrtr 


ar^Hlf^ /• 1 Transgression 
of due bounds; 2 impro- 
priety of conduct, violation 
of due reverence. 

i^»r^ m. 1 Anger, passion, 

WlfT 5f ftft^TRT: Kir. i. 
88 ; 2 anger, considered as 
one of the 88 minor feel- 
ings (STpT^rrR-irr^) in rheto- 
ric. It is thus defined: — 

ftM^S'rt': R. G.; 3 non- 
endurance, impetuosity, j?^- 
WnnfiftPtrhf TFtlPr'fr Ve. n. 
(nnri^ 'angrily, passionate- 
ly ' often occurs «s a stage- 
direction in plays). CoMP.— 
«?if a, without anger or 

passion, without indignation, 
Kir. I. 88.-fr^ m. an angry 
laugh, a sarcastic sneer. 

•Th4^ I. a, (f.^)l Impati- 
ent, intolerant; 2 passionate, 
angry, ^ ?9^'?l'iPf<'^H^"i: 
R, III. 53. II n. Anper, 

H^fk^ a. (/. ?rr) Angrv, 
wrathfu l, afpnr^pwnrfW: 
nrp33^: Ve. ii. 

Wf%^ft. (/. ofr) Angry, pas- 

WfH^ I a. (/. m) Spotless, 
pure, defectless, K. S. vii. 

82, 88; 2 white, ^^"iNrfJpr 

K. S. VII. 28. II n. 1 Talc ; 
2 the supreme spirit. CoifP« 
-<nffi|r^m. the wild goose.— 
?[^ n. crystal. 

ViTHT / A name of Lakshml^ 
the goddess of wealth. 

5TO^I^a. (/. m) Stainlwi,. 
pure, ( physically and moral- 
ly )♦ JrtHHfM^ T <^flKf ^ H 
^^ftftTTJ^M. M. II. 

^H^ m. 1 Disease; 2 stapi* 
dity; 8 time. 

MITT I /. 1 Tlie day of the 
conjimction of ^e sun and 
the moon, the day of the 
new moon ( C/. ap?r7FIT)T 

q^ VyAsa as quoted by 
Mall, on R. xiv. 80; 2 the 
sixteenth digit of the moon. 
II a. Measureless. III. ind^ 
1 Near ;2 with,together with. 
CoMP.— 1T5?!T m. the end of 
the day of the new moon.— 
«f^ n. the auspicious time 
of STTT. 
aT»Thr I o. (/• m) 1 Feeble, 
thin, weak; 2 without flesh, 
not containing flesh. Comp. 

-«lh^«fr«- (/^) not 
relating to a preparation of 
rice with meat. 
9T9Tpir m, A counsellor, a 
minister, STTfrq^: ^^^j^. 
fp^:R. III. 28, ^TTTr^i^q^ar- 

TT X[fi\ ^'A\^ ^^W^PTT; Sis. 
n. 5fi, Bt. III. 28. 

Wrnr I a. (/ irr ) 1 Bound- 
less, measureless; 2 not 
whole or entire. II m. The 
supreme spirit. 

MTFTTr/. Insult, disrespect. 

«T«n^^ n. Pain, grief. ( Cf. 

irml^a. (/. Jft) Modest, 

vrm^ a. (/. fft ) Super-na- 

tural, superiiuman. 

Digitized by 


(/. wm) Th% 
mm M »n?ni^ q. V. 
» mW #/. The same m 

'WW I «. (/. 5ir ) 1 Simple, 
in&MegB; 2 meMorelesB. II 
n. The gapreine spirit. 

inm/. 1 Absence of worid- 
ly delttsk)!!, ( in Yedanta 
P^'); 2ftb«ence of fraud or 

imOir) ^/. The same as 

'WW('rr)?W/. The day of 
tilt cmi]im<^on of the son 
ttd tbe moon, the new- 
mteft^, the fifteenth daj 
ot tibi dark half of a 
l»rjnoiith. (wi?MnT^: 

^^ «• ( /• W ) 1 Bound- 
Un, measoreless, infinite, 

™to8e, iiPiRT^ ft- <r?frt H^ 
rftlTsf cpftr?r Ram.; 2 un- 
poSshed, unclear ; 3 un- 
bwim, CoMP. — «TPT a. of 
Qinessured splendour, -ift- 
ll|«. of unbounded energy, 
Afwrerful. -?hir^ «• of 
hiMless glory. -^jjp(^ a. of 
Mifie splendour. -f^»r I 
0* ef unbounded valour; II 
% III epithet of Vishnu. 
'fcl IS. ( Thi* word is 
"WiBrfbe tiiough its reverse 
(Ak)j6 neuter, as will be 
fl^'iftim the quotations 
WWk^ Not a friend, 
.^•Hujj, a foe, an advers- 

yitfr Sis. II. 87., ?f^ 
aJPtfllt^ % Sis. 11.101. 
g*>*r WTi%f, IT «. one 
'••Bfmghig enemies, -f^- 
%% -MM conquering his 



''^o- (/•ft) Sick, dis- 

MPW n. 1 An object of 
worldly enjoyment; 2 flesh; 
3 guilelessness, honesty, 

•rftfn. ISin; 2 pain, dis- 

^l^T^^'(/'Wf) Anything 
or person referred to with- 
out a name, ipf W^J^^JW^pr 
qr^rqft >yRnf Yaj. ii. 86, 
•T^TTTJ^: Hnfl 87. 

•?jpfr la. (/. ^ffJT ) 1 Not 
loosed, not let go; 2 not liber* 
ated from birth and death. 
II n. A knife. Comp.— f^ 
a. sparing, frugal ^^ qf^T 


H3fl?^tW. 1 Prom there; 2 
from above i. #. from heaven, 
from the other world; 3 here- 
«pon, henetforth. 

Wr ind. 1 Here, •T^WhJT: 
OT 'nft^^^ Hf%r?Tr : ; 2 
what precedes; 3 in the other 
world, (op. to ff ) #. ff. 

^r fTs^ ?r5!^iX;CoMP.— fir a. 

belonging to a future state 
or world. 

STjirr tnd. ThuB, in this or 
that manner. 

Ma^T Gen. sing, of 3|^ m. 
q. V. Comp.— 3»?T n. a well- 
known family .-jif »». the son 
of a well-known man or bom 
in a noble family. 

HJ^irr^PT a. (/. orr ) Of re- 
spectable birth, of a well- 
known race. {See 3?r5«?TnT»r 
and the quotation given 

iY^|[^a. Like that, of such 
form or kind. 

same as •T'ljni 7- v, 

•T^ «• (/• fifr )Formless, in- 
corporal, (op. to ijjt, which 
is thus defined in Sid. M. 


m. A name of S'iva.CoMP.— 
5^ m.a quality consideied aa 
»?• by the Vais'eshikas, (for 
instance h*, »nrt, HTW, v- 
•^T&c. ) 

HT[^ I/. Shapeless-ness. II 
m, A name of Vishnu. 

»T^ «. (/ W ) 1 Baseless, 
without support; 2 not found 
in the original, without 
authority, ^^ijj^ f^^;^^ 

/V*'TR^'*'T3^ Mall.; 8 
without material cause op 
origin, (as sniR- according 
to the S^nkhyas. ) 

•T^^ «• (/^^) Invalu- 
able, prioe-less. 

•TJ^FW n. The root of a fra* 
grant grass. 

iryr I a. (/ iir) INot dead, 
2 imperishable, immortal. 
II m.lA god; 2 Dhan- 
vantari, the physician of 
gods. Ill n. 1 Ambrosia 
supposed to be churned out 
of the Kphtrasamudra and to 
confer immortality on the 
person who tastes it, ^^- 
rglT^Pyr^fMfr^ Kir. v. 80, 

Vi^^l R. VIII. 4(), III. 16; 
2 water, e.g. BT^^^ffPRftr 
^ff ( tlie formula repeated 
by a Brdhnuina at the time 
of sipping water before com- 
mencing to take food), or 
»T^fPr>iIf5T^ ^^ ( the for- 
mula repeated at the time 
of sipping water at the end 
of dinner ) ; 3 clarified 
butter, »T^^rJrqHP<fy ^T^r- 
PftS ?fRr Sis. II. 107; 4 
the Soma juice; 5 quick-sil- 
ver; 6 the leavings of a 
sacrifice (qr^rtrtf^if?t ^^7T^), 
7 abns obtained without so-> 
licitatio n, ( ^ ^^rorr^ W 
'TPt f^TT^Pwni.), See 
M. IV. 4, 5^ SmUk; 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

9 food; 10 ft sweet- 
meat; 11 gold;' 12 poison; 
13 splendour. 14 final c- 
maneipation, ^(^A^ '^^rfnr ^ 
Am. I. 1: 15 the supreme 
spirit. Co3iP. — BT^ m. ilie 
ujtoon.-M^vjij, BTO^ w. a 
god, a dcity.-3TrfrT wi. a 
name of Garut/a ayIio once 
stole 3To. {See Bh. i. 33). 

-ti^4^r/. a fly .-3?'^ ^^' «; 

vessel containing ncctar.-iT^r 
m. Itlie human soul; 2 tlic 
supreme soul.-crtpi'fi" /. 
inoon-liglit.-f^fvif^, ^1% m. 
the moon,3TfcT^I^"?«I ft^^% 

m. IV. loi.-^w., -^rnT/ 

flow of nectar, -q* w. la 
deity, a god- 2 one wlio 
drinks wine, e, <7. ^^H*idT- 

^ -T^/. a grape.-^Fg m. 
the moon. -^STfw. a deity. - 
ipRj"^ n. the churning for afo 
- 4n^%f| /". a name of Durga. 
-^^ m. ambrosia, e,g. f^^m: 

^fl^ Bhartr. iii.-c7?Tr /'. a 
nectar-giving plant.-^g^;??. 
the moon -^^ 7/?. a shower of 
nectar, bt^^^ m, a name 
of Vishnu.-^^ m. the 
essence of 3T«» .-^77?. the moon. 

K^^^f. a kind of medicinal 

vmfri / A drinking ves.- el. 

lY^gqr in iK Not false! y, rl i»:h t- 
ly, truly. CoMP.-inf^ «• 
speaking truly. 

Mhi^ «. (/. ^^r ) Without 
fat, thin. 

5?^t=rE^«. Foolish, idiotic. 

BT^wr 1 «. (A ^'^ ) 1 ^^ot fit 
for sacrifice, ^\'^ ^T^^ 
M. IV. 53; 2 unholy, impure. 
ar^-W? ^^^ ( ^?r^ ) M. 
Ji. 239. II n. 1 Excrement, 

M. IX. 282; 2 an unlucky 
omen, e.g.^^^Ji W^^^f^pf^- 


%rf. CoMP.-BTrfT «. soiled by 
ordure.-f^nr a, smeared with 
ordure, foul. 

^^^ rt. ( /'. ^r ) 1 Immeasur- 
able, 3T^ ft'fT^^F^^i, U. X. 
18; 2 unknowable. Comp.- 
^?Tr'i;,I. «. magnanimous ; 
II in. a name of Vishmi. 

BT4t^ I a. (/. ^ ) 1 Uncrr- 
insr, unfailing, infallible, 3T- 

E. I. 44; 2 reacliing the 
mark, ^^jsqrqt^ ^tttH" m^^- 

jfJR in r)3,K.S.iii.G5,5R:rrt- 

f^V'^s^^: Mogh. 11. 10; 3 
productive, fruitful, JT^^q'H'- 

qT^'.iw*r3fT5T r^^l K. S. n. 

5. II m. 1 Tlio name of a 
river;2 an epithet of Vish/iu. 
CoMr.— ^trg- ?n. a name of 
S'iva.-jffe- a, of unemng 
mind.-inTo. of never-failing 
strength .-^T^ a. whose 
words are not vain -f^fihH 
a. of unerring valour. 

3T^ I n. The eye. II hid. A 
particle of affirmation. 

^^^ I n. An eye, ( as in 
543Rr) II m. A father. 

BT^ n. 1 The sky, rothcr, 
m^^'^^7^ R. XII 41: 2 a 
garment, R-^tpTT^C^^tr^" f^- 
5qiT-v|',5^q^Trl5g>^i 11* R. 
III. 0; 3 ^alc: 4 saiTron; 5 
a kind of ])erfume. Comi'.- 
5T^ ^n. 1 the end of a gar- 
ment; 2 horizon.-BTT^Kn w. 
a god, f^^^T^ ^(^r^K^tt- 
^PfTTTf K.S.v. 70. 

5T'^(;ff ql m. n. 1 A frying- 
pan; 2 one of the hells. IT 
m. 1 A young animal; 2 the 
sun; 3 a name of Vish?iu: 
4 a name of S'iva. 

^jpqg I in, pi. Tlie name of 
a country and its inhabit^ints. 
II m. 1 Tlic offspring of a 
man of Brahmafia and of 
a woman of Vais'ya tribe. 

qTT M. X. 8:) 2 an eleph- 
H»T5T/- a sort of jasmin; 2a 
woman of the Ambashfha 
caste, ( in this sense also 

3T^^5r Kull. 
5T*^/. ( In the fir^t sense the 
voc. sing, is 31^^ in classical 
literature.) 1 A mother (also 
used as a term of respect), 

xiv.lG,r^rJT'^K:^r^: Sak. 

II.: 2 a name of Dnrga; 

3 the name of a daughter of 

3T *^|<^| i^)/' A mother. 
3T?WTf^r5RT /. 1 A mother 

(also used as a term ^f 

respect ) ; 2 the name of a 

wife of Vichitravirva. (•S'c'^ 

Api>. II.) ; 

3tf^:^^r/- 1 A niotlicr (ah'O 
u^ed as' a term of respect ; 
for instance, the brother-in- 
law of the king, kneeling 
before Vasantasenii and 
making profession of his 
lore, is made to say in 
Mrich. ^srfW ^f^k 3J 
^ f^'^frT^.O ;2 a name of 
rArvati, sTT^flftW^r^?: ^'' 

^^nm^^^rn: ^^- s. vi. oo; 

3 the name of a wife of Vi- 
chitravlrya. (Sw App. II). 
CoMi\ — f^?:, ^frf w. » 
name of S'iva 

^*?^[%?r m A name, 1 of 
Ga/;cs'a, 2 of luirtikoya, 
3 of Dhritarash/i-a. ( ^TrfN"- 
^?T is the more correct form 
of this wordl. 

^p^n. Water, J^n^^f^' 

R. I. r>l, XI. 11. CoMP.- 
gr=T /w. la drop of water; 
2 a shower .-^^TJ^^fTt f^!^^ 
m, the short-nosed allegttor- 
*f^J^''^ ,» porpoise.- 

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fik^f f, a funeral rite in 
irhicL crater is presented to 
Ae manes of the deceased. 
-^ m. liail.-^^ w. a lake. 
-^ a. aquatic.-^ I a. 
grown in water, ffq^f^ if 

Ram.. II w.l a lotus, f ^r^ftoT 
JTTf y^^Ff %T (ftW^) Sr. T. 
3; 2the thunderbolt of Indra ; 
III m, 1 the moon ; 2 the 
idraga bird; 3 the conch; 4 
camphirc.^'aireJfr /. the god- 
dess Lakshmi. ^^ m. Bra- 
hman ( m.). -H«^< I 7). a 
kins; II m. 1 the moon; 2 
the coDch. -fr^Sfit yn. the 
tsa. -f m. a cloud, H^ T ^j^h 
JftlJFfetet R. I". 53, tT- 
WW *H*^<tffr'i^i:^ Kir. v. 
4, also 6. ->^ 7«. 1 a cloud, 
IHW|4j5i|ijV|<fq(T^: R. VI. 

H^f^nra^j^w ^tt: K. 

S.iv. 43; 2 

I the ocean, ^ 

talc, -P^OT 

rBhartr. ii. 
6;8tlie number '4' (in math.) 
{Kote:— all words meaning 
* oeean * are used in this 
8MM in math. ). -fHf^ ^» 
tile ocean, ^^'^f^dH^Rl^- 
k^ Kir. V. 30. -^ OT. Va- 
ima, the regent of water. 
HW w. a current of water, 
^ yjM MMfff^ffgt*^- Bt. I. 8. 

dcMoig-^ut tree called ^TrT^. 
(lleQider ^^7^). -«rT«. 
%hkA. -^m. la cloud; 
S 4e ocean, -infi' /• the 
nM<tfa river, -J^w. a 

«Ppt^|^Kir. V. 12. -^r- 
« m 4lio ocean, -^ff^ «. 

Ali^iu^ K. S« 111. 67, K.Yi. 
•^jKl^nff «• the lotus 
rW^ftW.* Kir.T. 
>/. A ktitt.Hrif, 


^if^wj. a cloud, rffift'dft^l- 
jj^Tfjj^ Kir. III. 1, K. S. 
HI. 18, Sis. IV. G8.-^rt^/. 
a bucket.-pf^ rn. sporting 
in water.-%?f^ m. a kind of 
cane growing in water.HFT^ 
n, a current of water -^rf^^ft" 
/. a leech .-%^^/. a bucket. 
MTf|k7T I a. (/. ^) 1 Pro- 
nounced in shutting tlie lips, 
so that the sound remains 
as it were within the mouth; 
2 pronounced while ejecting 
saliva from the mouth. II 
n. The growling of a bear, 

rftf^J^t^ ^?qpnT'13r<Trf% Mv. 

v., Ut. II. 
H^^vi. 1 A. (/)i>.3TP>TcT)To 

9T»PQ 71. 1 Water, ^iJMH - 

Sis. II. 61, ^rj^itwr^- 

T^n^^ Bg. II. 67, R. 
I. 89; 2 the sky. Comp.— 
^IK «• a pearl. 3T»TOrf3T 
a. done with water. 9T^#- 
f^rf^ m. the ocean, qfrnffrT- 

f^: Sis. I. 20.-*jr w. smoke. 
9T»ffir I »». 1 the moon ; 2 
the Indian crane. II w. a 
lotus, ^4^l«Ht3|' Hi^^qf^^nr- 
(^ K. Pr. VI I. ;^ or ?!% rRT y- 
m^^^ ^fC^^il^im^ Sr. T. 
17. ^^JT*^ ^« * uiultitude of 

^^iiPr, ^H'HH. ^'fiiRr wi. an 

epithet of Brahman («.). 
ar^r^tfMI'/. 1 alotus-plant, 

^ ff^ (^m\ ifWr f^w^rr 

Bharfcr. 11.18; 2lan assem- 
blage of lotus flowers; 3 a 
place where lotuses abound. 
^{"^j ^?wfri^ w. a cloud . 

Rtr w»- the ocean, ««jpT»%- 
fH*n%^ MfH*<l TTPcnn Sis. 

II. 100, qr^p^if^vrt^ ;f^%- 
"tS^^H^^: ^Rf II. 58. 

^t^rq fqr|) ^ Mv. V. afWfl'. 
^?, ^P^^lW '*• a lotus, Bf- 

'^^il^f ^iFiRf citi'^r t?pr «f«r- 

?fTC.K. S. 11.44. 
STJ^Tzr «. (y. 4t) Watery, 

nrr: R. X. 58. 
anir ^n, A mango-tree. ( ^Jf^ 

H^tT I «. (/. ^PST ) Sour, acid, 

fl^r: Bg. XVII. i). II m. 1 
Sourness, acidity, (consider- 
ed as one of the six kinds of 
tastes or flavours, the other 
five being 7^, ot^t, ^, 
(^j and ^i^m); 2 the com- 
mon citron; 3 emctation or 
belch. Ill 71. Butter-milk 
with a fourth part of water. 
CoMP.— «p?|f a. acidulated.— 
4I^Ji w. a sour emctation. 
-irf^ «. having a sour 
smell, -iftr^r »»• sour butter- 
milk.-'3UTif^ m, limetree.— 
f^Tf w. acidity of stomach.-* 
qiTT n. tamarind tree.-^sCT 
m, sourness, acidity.-pff 
m. the tamarind tree.-fftnr 
f zedoary. 

^M«h fn. A species of the 
bread-fruit tree. 

5^tht/. The tamarind tree. 

Hi^TFr «. (/*Tr)l Not w ither- 
ed, 3^*«(H'J*Jli wyf f^K^ 
Tfir ^qTR.M4r. P.; 2 clear, 
clean, pure, bright, uncloud- 
ed, e. g. ^i\'^'^\^^\^^ qfrf% 

M'R^/. 1 Vigour; 2 fresh- 
ness, verdure. 

V[t^(^)mf' lA sour 
taste in the mouth; 2 the 
tamarind tree. 

i^frJSHHL ''*• Sourness. 

HH^v*. 1 A. (pp. «rf^) To 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


go. (According to some su* 
tiiorities, this root is used 
also in the Par. ) With 
if9;|l[;^o intervene, #. g, 

1^- 1 to prosper; 2 to rise 
as( the son, moon, &c.). 
7^-1 to come in sight, 4,g, 

onrr:- 2 to rise ( as the sun 
or moon), ar^^^^n^^PT- 

5ar5r:qi*#fnjUci.;3to a- 

rise from, to originate, 4, g. 

^^TT^:. ^ni (changed into 
qr^)-to run away, to retreat, 

qBTq% Bh. 
9f9f m, 1 Going or moring to- 
wards, (in this sense used on- 
ly in compounds, as in af^- 
TpT ) ; 2 good luck ; 3 a die 
to play with. Comf.— «^f^^?r 
a. fortunate, lucky, e, g, fpac- 

fortunate, 5rTH:^Kr •nT^TfT6 
iT^TTT Kir. V. 2.0. 
IT^r^ n. Freedom from dis- 
ease, healthiness. 

M^*^^-T«.(/.«rr)lNot fit 

to perform a sacrifice, ( as a 
boy not invested with the 
sacred thread ); 2 not fit 
for sacrificing ( as a thing ). 
l|«f^ m. Absence of efifort or 
exertion, ^qH*<|wr: H'TTTT: 
D. K. (3T^%5f and ^^Hd^ 
are used as indeclinables 
. in the sense of * easily *. ) 
«T«fm' «»<^. Unsuitably, un- 
fitly, not as it ought to be, 
not as it is intended to be. 
CoMP.— fH" «. 1 disliked, 
not according to wish; 2 in- 
8ufficient.-^jf%?r «• impro- 
per, e. g. •iq*iti*ld^HH*(.- 
ffq* a. 1 unfit, unsuitable, 
improper, f^nqt^M^ CTPtT- 
^ftTT^ Ve. II.; 2 useless, 
unprofitable, (iii'c^cqi|i||d«r- 

H M. XII. 240. -^m; ind. 
1 unsuitably; 2 uselessly. 
-ir^ n, unsuitableness. 
~ljt^ ^* intimation of an 
occurrence or act contraiy to 
expectation.-^ a.unpreced- 
ented.-M^ a- 1 incorrect, 
incongruous, ^^^f t ftr»ff I 

^^.S^nrPfr ^ ^HHjJl'^l 

»PTVr»it or aRVnflJH^flrtlX 5 
T.S.;2 improper, unfitting.- 
^nind, erroneously, impro- 
peny--OT5TOri^ «. not act- 
ing according to the scriptur- 
es, irreligious, aPT^rwiH^rtt 
^Tf^Wi^ir^: mrada. 
ifinr n. 1 Motion; 2 the sun's 
path north and south of the 
equator ( called respectively 
^^nq^ and Al ^ ^n q H ); 3 a 
road, a path, ( as in ^7?^- 
^. 0<lV^ ); 4 the attain- 
ment of eternal bliss, m^: 

^:r^\1^^^s^^J^ V^j. s. ; 5 

the period of the duration of 
the sun's progress north or 
south of the equator; 6 the 
solstice (in astronomy); 7 
an entrance to a military 
array of troops, 3Tq%5 ^ ^2 

^mrHPPni^irTr: Bg. i. ii. 

CoMP,— affnr w. the inter- 
val between the solstices.— 
frT ». the ecliptic. 

*Wl^^^ a (/. m ) Uncheck- 
ed, unrestrained, self-willed. 

WlPrt" a. (/. ^rr) Unchecked, 
GoMP.— ;n^ a. withuntrim- 
med nails, Megh. ii. 29. 

ST^T^R^ n. Dishonour, dis- 
grace, infamy, stain, ^hW- 

or 3T?nit *<^<iJi)fl ^nir ^ t- 

^s^ M. viii. 28. 
WrfT^^u^a. (f.^) Causing 

dishonour, disgraceful. 
«W^Rir «. (/. ^^) Infamous, 

ai^RI^I n. 1 Iron, 3Tl^t!HM4r- 

ft- ^ H^ R. vin. ^3; 2 

steel ; 8 Aloe-*wood. II vi» 
Fire. Gomp. «|^ n. a 
pestle. l|^^|u^ m. M. 1 a 
large quantity of iron; 2 ex* 
cellent iron. if^r^E^KT^ v%» 
loadstone, ^ ^ra^ tTT^JTHT^* 
<ft^r<Tf^PT^B. 3LVII. 68, 
K. S. II. 69. ""^ m. the 
loadstone, ><<f t^|*rt*<r^^ nyr- 
%T «i^«ir4i*<-ci:*i"l*lf*Elllf| 
M. M. I. «TiV^3||K ^' a blaok- 
flniith. a|l|^')d n., BT^^P^T 
m. rust of iron. 9T«ft^ m. 
an iron hammer, s. g. jnf ^ 

an iron net. BT^Finr w* <^ 
iron vessel, -ijftnn' /• •n. 
iron image. ^TiTPHf a. made 
of iron, ^r^lg^ m. an arrow^ 

V^q^^nr: #>nr^r^ B. v. 

56.-^fr w. 1 an iron jave- 
line ; 2 an iron nail 
R. XII. 95. -fj!T n. 1 an 
iron lance ( lit. ) ; 2 * ▼«)- 
lent proceeding (Jig. ) a?T:- 
9rrtHlp4^fflr^<fq-:3T|^2|P K. 
Pr. X. HilhrRr o. having a 
heart as hard as iron,,JJ5^- 
fW:^l/tn*?Tr^R. IX. 9. 

wrrN^l a. (f.m) Un- 

asked, unsolicited, obtained 
without solicitation. II ». 
Unsolicited alms. Coifp. 

— i^rnr, ^rriltm «. obtain- 
ed without solicitation, i|iif 

2^- -11% a. subsisting on 
alms obtained without beg- 
ging. M. IV. 5. 
^FCHRra. (/. 5Fijr)10nefar 
whom it is not permitted to 
perform a sacrfice, ( as a 
S'udra.);2 not fit for a sa^ 
rificial offering. Comp.— ^- 
IPT n. sacrificing for a p«f» 
son for whom it is not pec* 
mitted to perform a aacti- 

inrmift^ «. (/. *r ) 1 im- 
proper, unjust; 2 absvfl^ 

Digitized by 





ST^rt|T^». 1 Improprietv, 
oniilness; 2 absuidifcy. 

ITOT ». 1 Nataral tQsposi- 
tii)a;2Ii«lt, stop. 

39^ m</. 1 A vocative part- 
icle of gentle address, Bh. 
y. 1.5, 11, 44, 121; 2 a part- 
ide (l)of enconragement, ar- 

^m^ Bh. V.I I. 150, (2) 
ofldicitation, arf^t ^*^ffi ^^ 
(I ^^ K. S. V. 28, 
(^ of interrogation, 3?f^ 
<Bd^l^<>>i y<<W K. S. IV. 8. 
'Wif fl. (/. 'TO' ) 1 Not unit- 
ed; 2 ttnfit, unsuitable, im- 

8 iidt attentive ; 4 untrue, 
WTO^g. CoMP.— ^TfT a. corn- 
nutting wrong acts.-^pq* a. 
qdte improper, quite un- 

suiifcHe, BfjrF^T flr^; crt- 
?TK.S^v. G9. 

'gpr ff. (/. irr ) 1 Single; 2 

<«d» (as a number/ Comp. 

-•^ w. S'iva. 

•V«. K&madeva. 
•HflJ tWrf. Not at once, 

«e^te£M. COMP. — qf^ w. 

•CpAeDding gradually .-^rf- 

f «* Bvccessiveness. 
"y **• (/• '^ ) 1 Separate, 

S^S 8 odd (as a number). 

vfll»»— ^^ j». tlie name of 

•Slpl^f S'iva. -^f m, the 
'*'"'^h w. a name of the 

• (Md ( as a number), 
w. the name 

^T?^ )» ^- 

r: Sis. VI, 50. 

n. a kind of 

in which the 

^_ occur in the 

l^Stijpdda of a stan- 
"* senses. «ra- 

lig^ la. (/. fff ) Disjoined, 
detached. II n. Ten thou- 
sands. CoMP. -f^fic a. prov- 
ed to be inlierent and in- 
separable ( in Vais'eshika 
phil.).—ftf^ //proof that a 
certain thing is inseparable, 
(in Vais'eshika phil). 

vi^ ind. 1 A vocative parti- 
cle, 3T^ ^/Nnr f^jrrr w^ 

f^^nr^ Bhartr. in.; 2 an in- 
terjection (l)of anger, (2) of 
fatigue, (3) of recollection, 
(4)of fear, (5)<5f surprise, (6) 
of grief, 3T% ^^rqr^q^TTTsrflt- 
^^^ipq^Mud. II. 
^<?HT »»• 1 Separation, dis- 
junction; 2 a widower; 3 
unfitness, unsuitableness; 4 
dislike. 5 an iron hammer. 
^^*^ a. (/. T^ ) Improper, 

ar^twir/. The capital of RA- 
ma situate on the river Sa- 
rayu, aT^^qr ^^^ft ^' 
^'TT Jrf^PTrrt T: Ram. 
STsStTH' w. The offspring of a 
S'6dra man and Vais'ya 
ST^lft" I a. 1 Without origin, 
>i1'I^IHi4iHt^"^ K. S. II. 
9; 2 bom in a manner not 
approved by law or religion. 

II m. A name 1 of Brah- 
man ( w. ), 2 of S'iva. 

III /. Not the womb. Comp. 
— ipipj^^a. not bom from 
the womb, *'^qKH*<^f^'»r 

^TTfTRf^fr ^ ^rf^^r: Mv. i. 

-^r, ^^irr/- a name of 
Sita, Janaka's daughter. 

M^^^ir ^« Unsimidtane- 

^4 t Pl<» a. (/ ^ ) Having 
no regular derivation, ( as 
a word ) . 

V[f: m. The spoke or radius 
of a wheel, ****(lFf!«Pcft5 
(t<T^r?pqn%^n^f*R[ Vikr.i, 
Comp.— t^y,^f5g|pn.l a wheel ^ 

or machine for raising water 
from^well, %M*imNKMgV|f» - 
^F^nK W^fRpftfT : Panch.ii. ; 
2 a well. 

Vf^:^ «t. The spoke of a wheel. 

HHT^ I a. 1 Dustless; 2 
free from the mental condi- 
tion called xm^q. v.; 8 not 
having the monthly courses. 
11/. A Young girl before 

Bn:5T^^ a. ( / ^sur ) The 
same as arrant I q* r. 

^rfi( I m. /. du. Two pieces 
of wood used in kindling the 
sacred fire. II m, IThe sun: 
2 fire. 

9TV%/. The same as aftpT I. 

BT^yif m, n» A wilderness, a 
forest, JTHTT WT ^ mf^ HT- 

JTfT54q^rr^>mr ^jr? Chdna- 
kya,CoMP.-sfWTO*»t. a forest- 
keeper.-B^Pf n. going to a 
forest, living in a forest, -iff 
TSf^^^m. an anchorite, a Vdna- 
praeth aq.v,, ^ ^^ ^^ j^p^. 

'nr^^^Tr^;^f^nT: Sak.iv. 
-Sfnpft/. a wild pkntain.- 
Tnr m, a wild elephant not 
yet tamed. "^^^ w. a wild 
pigeon .-^f^^^ /. moon- 
light in a forest ( lit, ), any 
decoration which does not 
sen'e its purpose {Jig, ). 
Moonlight in a forest is not 
appreciated or enjoyed by 
people and is thus purpose- 
less. Similarly decoration 
when not appreciated or en- 
joyed by those for whom it 
is intended is useless. Thus 

?«?:' K. \ VII. 22 
Mall, observes ar^r^ arr^- 

^o^^r^ a. living in a for- 
est .-trf" w. 1 wild or savage 
state, e, g. JTVrT'Wrht^^RT 

''Digitized by VjOOQI? 

duties of a Vitnajyrastka q, 

forest ( lit. ), a fool {fg.) 
( one who can show off his 
learning onljr in a forest 
Trhere there are no people ). 
-^ififfSfff /. the gad-fly .-W^ 
m. a forest-keeper.-ni[» 
fnr w. king of the forest, 
I. e. the lion or tiger.-^f^ 
n, weeping in a forest ( lit, ), 
doing anything to no pur- 
pose (Jig*)* ( Cries in a for- 
est are useless hccause they 
are not heeded by anybody. 
Hence 'arc^'^^^f^- 
"^p^Tf^ says the Vidwhaka 
to the king, in the Sak. ) 
H<rt*|vjHKU4^^f^^: Am. S. 
76. -«n?^ w. a raren.-^Rf »i. 
dwelling in a forest .-^ffip^ 
fw. an anchorite. 9Ti:o^ff|Fr- 
fipf w. the same as arr'^- 
(^ q, r.-^^ w. a wolf, 

^ T ^^ I <=K «. A forest. 

W»«rnft (Pt)/. A large 

9fnf I «. (/ W) 1 ^^^'' »• 
pathetic; 2 not pleased with, 
averse to. II n. Non-co- 
pulation. CoMP. — ITT »»• a 
dog, (lit. without shame dur- 
ing copulation). 

^wJ/- 1 Dissatisfaction, dis- 
contentment- 2 absence of 
pleasure, want of amuse- 
ment considered to be 
brought on by the longings 
of love. (It is thus defined: — 

f ft^: I artffn my, 8 discom- 
fort; 4 anxiety, agitation; 

5 want of rest, uneasiness; 

6 a biliary disease. 
«|^f^ 1 iw. 1 The elbow. 2 a 

fist. II m. f. A cubit of the 
middle length extending 
from the elbow to the tip of 
the little finger. ( HalA- 
judlia says:— *T^^rtip*lrj^- 

^ <P^«P^: fnsi^ftnr:). 

9m%«ir a. (/. W) Having 
the length of an aratni, 

^iftH^tnd. Quickly. 

BT^C'Ht^ a. (/. m) Unplea- 
sant, disagreeable. 

ariT I w . A covering, a sheath. 
II w. n. The leaf or panel 
of a door, l^'HJ^^IlSft'^lfiHir- 

Tjfr ^it^i«4(? ^rs^rni Bh. 

V. I. 58. Ill m. An awl. 
a^^ 7w. n. The same as brt 

II 7.1.. (Akoarrtf/.) 
H^ ind, A vocative particle 

implying 1 scorn, disdain, 

G. M., 2 emotion, haste. 
9n|^F7 I w. The lotus which 
0}>ens its flower at sunrise, 

I. 32, 88, or ^^ ^ ^i - 

QtVJ:) Sak. ii., R.i.48.xiii. 
28. XIV, 50. (This flower is 
considered as being one of the 
five arrows of the god of 
love, which are thus enu- 
merated r-arn^'^^nnW ^ ^Jf 

M^^^ l' ^^ m^^r" The word 
3T« applies to the blue and 
the red variety. ) II m, 1 
The Indian crane; 2 copper. 
Com p. — ?fPT m. a name of 
Vishnu, 1?^ T^^W^fTT^ 

Hn^RH?*^^: Bh. V. IV. 
8.-^5 w. an epithet of Bra- 
hman (w.). 
^Cfiff^'ft/. 1 An assembl- 
age of lotus-flowers; 2 a 
})lace containing lotus flow- 
ers, e. g. jpftrf^W^ H^:5lt- 
^^r^'^ Bt. V. 70. 

H^ih a. (/. W ) 1 Devoid 
of taste, una])preciative, in- 
sensible to the beauties and 
charms of, %TO%*5 «RI??^(^- 

(^ Ud.. 2 flavourless, taste- 
less, insipid. 
WTn«. (/nr) Cool, un- 
impassioncd, cmfHil'lH^vt 
fWkrRpf ^^Ve. I. 

^ilP l < q. Lf^ 'f^) Cool, un- 

STCnraro. (/. ?|fr) W ithout 
a king, auarcliieal, aTTRT^ 


3fcnRC '"• A no-king, one 
not a king. Co^p.-^fififtsf a. 
not fit for the enjoyment of 
a king.-^tnftr^f a. not esta- 
blished or licensed by the 
king, illicit. 

«TO(%w. 1 An enemy, ^:#S 

fCcTf: Ve. iii.Kir. xi.l8.;2 
the numlKjr %\ Comp.-^m. 
defeat or destruction of a foe. 
Birnv I a. (/. «3jr ) Crooked, 
curved. II w. 1 A crooked 
arm; 2 an elephant in rut. 
CoMP.-^^ /. a woman 
having curled hair, ^ »TW* 

VI. 81.-1^^113^ a. whose eye- 
lashes are curved, q^f (fif ^ 

W^m- K. S. V. 40. 
^^HT/. A courtezan, a bar* 

srt^ HI. 1 An enemy, sTPft^lR- 

J?5HT?T^TRr %^3rRTT& K» ^> 

IX., fti>?nt^5r: 3r: R 

59, CI, IV. 4; 2 the whei 
of a carriage; 3 an eneaa 
of humanity, (applied 
six feelings* which distur 
the balance of thcniiud. Thi 

are (1)^^,(2 :;*M,(3)*^'(^ 
%f» (5)j^, and (6;il?fTtX " 

^nrff 5Tf?n^r Kir. I. d; 
the number * six', Comp. 
jn7 n. 1 an enemy; 2al>^ 
of enepaies,-n «. a destroyr 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

of enemies. S|1%^ m, a sub- 
jugator of enemies .HCTT,^ ». 
an enemy's countn'.-q^fjpf 
«, ihe six enemies of liuma- 
nity, ( See above 3 ).-»rfiT 
a, desirojer of foe^. 

iKw^HX^- jN'ot entitled to 
any share of ancestral pro- 
perty ( as an heir incapaci- 
Uted to inherit on account 
of apostacy or impotence ). 

^ift^ifrT « (/. «rr) Not re- 
hting to ^^4" q, V. 

ilgrn. A rudder, Hf^^t^^- 

^R^rpTTf: Sis. XII. 71. 

«|^ m. A stream of water 
fiODi clouds. 

l^Iii. 1 A crow; 2 a 
haxfH; 3 the nimba tree; 4 
gaifie. II n. 1 A woman's 
jng-in chamber, R. in, 15- 
TLmH luck, evil, e. g. Jflfte- 
♦Sr ^^ : 3 a portent fore- 
bo&g evil; 4 a symptom 
of approaching deatli, ( (ffi^- 

%): 5 butt-ermiJk; 6 good 
Mc, happiness; 7 a kind 
<if fiquor. CoMP.— ij^n. a 
^|fag<-ia chamber.— ?frt% I a. 
a«i9»nons; II m. continuous 
good fortune, train of hap- 

^gyftg«TiPrqrw^% Mv. i.- 

^SPI H. a name of Vish«u.- 
<Sfc / . a Iving-in couch, 

<p W^H^py m. a name of 
WfcB^ («f o being the name 
wfc Anoon whom Yishnu 

1 Aversion, dislike; 
#f appetite, ^JTflf^- 
Sus'ruta; 3 an 
__jTy explanation. 
(/. ^) Disagree- 
Free from (Hsease, 


M^^I a. (/. ■rr or •ft) 1 
Reddish-brown; 2 ruddy; 
3 dumb. II m. 1 The sun, 
^^^'T?!' *i<fi^^ii>"ltgr>T%: R. 
V. 69; 2 the name of the 
charioteer of the sun, qpr?^- 

^^^ frtt ft<t<1*i fi. V. 71.- 
III n. 1 Red colour; 2 saf- 
fron. CoMP.-innr w. a name 
of Grarur/a.-^ipEffjjrt.thesun 
-H^KT w. a name of Garu- 
</a.-9ff7irir '/>. a name 1 of 
Ja^ayu, 2 of Kama, 3 of 
Sugriva, 4 of Yama. -BfT- 
^irr/ 1 the Narmadd; 2 
the Tapati. -7f^ m. break 
of da y, daw n, ( ^TrT^ ^ift^: 

^nrr^^'Trt^ ^r^rl" ) . -¥^<^ m. 

a ruby, -^if^ w. a red lotus. 
-^*^tRwt»«' » name of S'iva. 
-fiW/' ^^^> the sun's >vife. 
-<9r^;T «. ft pigeon.HErrtfq- 
m, an epithet of the sun. 
%T?f^ <».(/. ^ ) Reddened, 

8. v. 11. 
B?^T%nf m. Redness, 3?^%- 

^^ ftW^ ^HT^: Bh. V. 

n. 180. 
^TF53r^ a. (/. ^ ) 1 Sharp, 

inflicting wounds, B?^*rf^r^- 

^FTHPRPr^N^ ^'^iTT: R. i. 

71; 2 acrimonious. 
BTF'P^y: 1 The wife of Va- 

sisfha ( See App. II. ), ^T- 

^R. I. 5G, K. S. VI. 11, 
82; 2 the morning star so 
personified, Comp. — "STlf^, 
srnr wi. Vasis/ha. -f^ff^rr- 
H m. the maxim of the view 
of M^'^ ( the star so call- 
ed ) . The maxim is thus ex- 
plained by S'ankardchArya :- 

^jg»j rrt cTTiiHjt^i ^-nrT^- 

97^ a. Not angry, good- 


tampered, a?^ ^fgi?rt^Rr- 

H Panch. i. 
«T^ HI. w. A sore or wound. 

Comp. — i^^iq^ a, causing 

a sore. 
MIRT o. (/. ^ ) 1 Formless; 

2 ugly; 8 dissimilar, unlike. 

Iln. IBad figure; 2 Bia- 

hman ( n. } ( in the Ved4n- 

ta phil. ). Comp. — ffi a. 

not to be won over by beauty, 

v. 58. 

^ i« J, An interjection 1 of 
calling, (used in addressing a 
person inferior in position), 
«. fir. T ^ Ht T?f : ^FRmr^: 
^: (^^ H^ (said by 
YAjnyavalkya to his wife) ; 
2 of anger; 3 of envy. 

B^^fT^ a. Seedless. 

a^ ind. An interjection 1 
of calling to inferiors, aft^ 

fffiRRr Ve.^iii.;2of callmg 

angrily, a^^ ^^7 Ve. in. 
arft^ o. (/: ^) Destitute 

of splendour, dim. 
M^ «• (/. nr ) Free from 

disease, healthy, r-^^itH^y- 


WfPr^ «. (/. oft ) The same 

as 3T<>T 5« i'- 

shining; 2 producing want 
of api>etite. 
W^ vt. 10 U 0)^;. B^fSfPf ) 

1 To heat; 2 to praise. 
M* tw. 1 The sun, 3Trf%'5|;m- 

^oTJCiWT^^*': Sak. IV.; 

2 a ray; 3 fire; 4 crystal. 
5 copi)er; 6 the name of a 
pla nt, 3T%^Cfcrfr ft ifVar "^^ 
ftl" H'^Hf^^lJtJ^H Sak. II,, 
#^*^^'^^?^^- «^««rK- 
^^ Panch. I.; 7 the 
number * twelve *; 8 Indra, 
Comp. — i|^[if^ m. the sun- 
stone. Hl'J^^^ w. , the 

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conjunction of the sun 
and the moon.-^?y w. 1 a 
ruby; 2 the sun-stone.- 

of the sun.-^«-^H tw. a kind 
of sandal trec.-^^^ m. an 
epithet 1 of Kama, 2 of 
Yama, 3 of S'anais'chara. 
-irr, f^^f^/' an epithet 1 of 
the Yamuna,2of the Tapati. 
Jf^^q^f, the light of tlie sun. 
-5Ff^, yr, ^5 wJ. the same 
as 3nfiT?nf q- v.-*n»T?Y n, the 
disc of tlic sun. -f^fTf '«• 
marriage witli the arka 
pknt. (The Hindu religious 
law enjoins such a marriage 
before a man takes a third 

wife^ (^rr^'rftf^r^^ g^6# 

^5^^^ Kns'yapa ). 
BTip7 m, n. 1 A wooden bolt 
for fastening a door, ^t{- 

^Pr^^TO^fft K. Pr. I., or 
rt ^t P^^HHRmf^^ Mrich. 
II.; 2 a bar; 3a wave. 
STlf?yf/. The same as 3T^ 

XVI 11. 4. ( This word is 
metaphorically used in the 
sense of * something inter- 
vening as an obstruction or 
bar, ^rr^T'tcWT f^ ^T^' R. 
v.4:5. Cf. also ?Fr^ %^«7^- 
^ nil??Tr 3ftw^ |%»i^5f?T: K. 
Pr. vm.). 

•T^f R^^f /. A small bolt. 

H^vi. l.P 0>p. 3Tr^)To 
be worth, to cost, q(TV^ 

ffgyJIll^ Panch. I. 
1|$ m. 1 Value, price, fT^R^ 
ininr»iTiLM« vin.398,3m?T: 
mPtHi: * caused to fall in 
price or depreciate in value'; 
2 an offering of various in- 
gredients to a god or a 
Br&hmana; ( the ingredients 
of this offering are: — a^: 

?5Tj I q^: r^rsnT^^ifT h- 

^^' ^Kf^dNlq «T^ Megh. 
I. 4. CoMP.— ^ a. worthy 
of respectful offering.-^frijr- 
iffy7i. rate of price,proper 
price.-^^tn'TT w. fixing the 
price of commodities, ^sffrl 
^«rt ^W^^^WT'f ^: M. 
VIII. 402. 
BT^f^m. An epithet of S'iva 
BT€^ I «. r/. €^ ) 1 Valuable ; 
2 venerable, ?TR^?fR^RT^q 
Inf^^qrW Ptf^: 
11 n, A respectful offering 
to a god or a venerable per- 
son consisting of various in- 
gredients, 3?c^?T ftfrT ^4 
*[T^ 11. XI. 69, 3R^ifi?cq»br 
W^^fRT: K.S.I. 58. R.I. 44. 
bHJ vt. 1. U (p2K 3?f%?f) 

1 To praise; 2 to worship, 

a?rff?f8t3fnft5i: qo?p^?^?rR[. Bt. 

1. 15, XIV. G3, XVII. 5, R. 
I, G, 90, II. 21. XII. 89; 3 
to salute. With H^-to 
worship, ^f^^TT ?TH>qr^ Rf- 
ft: it'Tf^'TPTT: Bg. xvHi. 
40, Bt. I. 24. jf-to worship, 
HH^i^t ^'K^'ft^ Bt. II. 
20. II vt. 10 U ( pP' ^- 
|%T ) To honour, to worship. 

9r^ rt. (/ W ) A worship- 
V^T, ij^^^rf*[3|f^^:M.xi.224. 

9r$<f ». Worship, the hom- 
age ^mid to deities and super- 

H^fifT/. The same as a?^5r 

«T^ /. 1 Worship; 2 an 
image or idol destined to be 
worshipped, ^ff^r^i^- 
V^: H^lt^ffTt P. Bh. 

BTf%/. A flame, ^^^irrr^^T^- 
5r ff f^OT-^pT^^^TT Vikr. i., 

a#TO.I w. 1 A flame, ^^'^ 
m ^ i {^i {i \ iW R. Hi: 14.; 

2 light, lustre, H^H|<( ' ^i((*i 
K. S. II 20. II m.lX ray 
of light; 2 fire. Comp. «f - 

ftWif^w. 1 fire; 2 the sun. 
«T^ «. (/. ^} ) Fit to bo 

worshipped, Bt. ii. 20, vi. 

ST^I W. 1. P (pjy.^Tm) 

1 To procure, to gain, to 

cam, ft^sinf^n^ q^s^ 
^^km:^ Yaj. II. 118, Na. 
V. 84; 2 to take, to take 
up, Bt, XIV. 74. With ^- 
to procure, to ol>tain. II vt, 

1<^- y ( PP' 5Tf%nr ) To 
obtain, to procure. 

3Tift^ a. (y: f5f5|n- ) Procur- 
ing, one who obtains, e, g, 

BT^ n. Procuring, gaining, 
^^^'TnrJr^ J^3^ Panch. I, 

^T*f I a, (/. ^ or ^l*) 
White, clear, f^nxn^^ftjir- 
T^'^ft^ Sis. I. C. II m. 
1 The white colour; 2 the 
name of a tree,- 3 a peacock; 

4 the only son of hi^i mother; 

5 a name of the third PAn- 
a'ava prince (5^^ App. II); 

6 a name of Kartaviria.(iS^« 
App, II), III «. Grass. 
Comp. — grf% a. of white 
colour, Sis. I. O.-wnr w. an 
epithet of Hanumat. 

3T^5ft/. 1 A procuress; 2 » 
cow; 3 the name of a ri- 

irf m. 1 The teak tree; 2ft 

BT-^^ w». The oce«n, ^C<^?- 
^^: R. I. 16, HI. 30, 59. 
Comp.— BT5=^ m, the extre- 
mity of the ocean .-TJK^ ^ 
m. the moon; II t?, nectar .- 
4^^r /. the goddess Laksh- 
mi.-4T^i^ m. an epithet 1 
of Vishnu, 2 of Varuria.- 
^(r?f n. a boat or ship. 

ai^of?^ 71. Water. Comp. «Hff 
w. a cloud. H^hr^ ^' * 
shell. m4^^''<* tlie ocean. 

il^S^T n. Censure, reproach. 

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tf^ f' 1 Pain; 2 the end of 
a bow. 

«lf%^r /. An elder sister 
(iu theatrical language) Of. 

^H^ vU 10. A (2V>. 3Tf^ ) 1 
To request, to sue, to sup- 
plieate, to entreat, (with 
two accusatives, €,g. iT^^ 

Ft, xrv. 88; 2 to strive"*!© 
obtain, to wish. With ^rpr 
-to beg, to request, to sup- 
pticate, fi t f1h«|f^'4IM|^«i' m- 
<«f*n^NH*^^ Vikr. IV., or 

'*^R. IV. 58. 3Tf5r!r-to 
Tequestj to desire, jt- 1 to 
de3ire, to wish for, to beg, 
to ^requ e st, ar sRT^ ^T'^IT fftf 
iff^^^fT^HT: Bt. VII. 48, 
B. VII. 50; 2 to go in 
aeareh of, to search, 3Tp^qUf 

inr ?ft«Tt 'Tr^T g^fff^rnniTt Bt. 

Tii. 48; 3 to attack, to fall 
iipon, f#qt W^\ ^ ^^: 
SR^^HlAf^ R- XV. 5, '"or 

]i9fitF^ iRFnrr^^ mn R. 

»• 56. irffT- 1 to make 
tm enemy of; 2 to encoun- 
ter, to meet with a liostile 
pturpose, 1^^ 5f r?T»J?T«T THH'- 
^ Bt. vr.25, (here JTf^r^W w 
aqplftined in another way 
■J«>) . ^'^- 1 to consider, to 

^ffEvpT: R. XI. 73; '2 to sub- 
tJwntiate by proof, to corro- 
J^^JT- ^^ '^g; to re- 
, to supplicate, e, g, 

^■t^ Object, purpose, e.g. 

\*(^^9 is often used in 
Muse A9 the last mem- 
%raf ndjoctiTal compounds 
lidviij be rendered by 'in- 
-.^Pfl§j fbr/ ^ for the sake of 
% mobmmt oF Ac.,^J7rHr^- 
tifdif B. t. »n It. 10, 


^'^i Bg.iu. 9.1n * J^r^. 
%Jt \3riT:' and *3Tr«T^ ^4 ^c[* 
3f^ has the sense of **ward- 
ing off ** but it is derivable 
from the sense above given- 
The ace. dat, and loc. 
singulars of this word, viz, 
^T, 3nfrr aiid 3T^ often 
stand as last members of 
adverbial compounds in the 
above senses, t?ffqrfnp!T^- 

Sak.iv., ?TT^^l<tl^-^*-%^^ 
^TT^'ir^: K. S. VI. 13.); 2 
U3e,utility, profit, advantage; 
3 motive, reason, ground; 
(in these three senses the 
word is generally used with 
the inst. e,g, ^Rt J^ 'fflt^r^:, 
^ tT^T fT^^rr^ 5Tff ^% ^FT^- 
ST Bg. in. 18, ST^;nnr»tT 

l^rfW jS^: Panch. 11.) ; 4 
meaning, sense, significa- 
tion, e. g. ^¥(^W^r, 

5 anything expressed by 

word3,tT^lr ^I^^ HJT*^ K. 
Pr. I. (According to i>oetici- 
ans tliis 3?'^ is 0^ ^^^ree kinds, 
vie, m^ or primary ( t. ^. 
expressed ), ?r^ or second- 
ary ,and 5?!jTq- or suggested.) ; 

6 money, wealth, riches, 

^, M^RfTt^j:^ Panch. 
I.; 7 interest, concern (as 
in ^pj 'one's own interest); 
8 attainment of riches or 
worldly prosperity ( con- 
sidered as one of the four 
ends . of worldly life ( 5^- 
«rr4)» t]i« other three being 
>rf, aiTR and ^), aTcjys^. 

1. 25; 8 affair, matter, 
concem,f^?rT^ ^tf^i^ r^- 
Wf^rf^RTTT: R. I. 72, or 
ar^^^^fr'JTPn^'TTK. S. 


III. 18; 10 an object of 
sense, anything which can 
be perceived by any of the 
senses, fP?r?«T: QTT fT^ 
afV^T^ TC »Ff: Katho., 
( the objects of sense 
are five in number, viz. ^[«^, 
VT^y ^qr, T?r and xp>f); 11 a 
request, a petition ; 12 man- 
ner, kind; 13 an action, a 
plaint ( in law ). Comp,— 
9Tf^«li(C "». charge of money, 
office of treasurer. -H'JT^ w. 
1 another matter, a new 
affair, ars^hnr^PrTPTPT W 
K. S. 111. 18; 2 a different 
meaning, (as in ar^iHrClrtr- 
ft?f^r^). ''^^m w. a figure 
of speech ( in rhetoric) . It 
consists in the statement of 
a general proposition to sup- 
port a particular one or of a 
particular instance to sup- 
port a general proposition, 
(1 )«fi^^^q^f^l1H^HKI^?r- 

PnT>nf^: Sis. II. 13, ( 2 ) 

'HJr «mi^r ". i<>o. -m- 

f^l^ a, one who solicits 
wealth. -BTrt?irfC m, a figure 
of speech dependent on sense 
and not on sound -MT^PT w. 
income, acquisition of wealth 
-^mf^/. 1 one of the five 
processes of inference of the 
Mimiiusakas ; it is an infer- 
ence by which any apparent 
inconsistency is explained 
away, e, g. cft%^% ft^T 
^%r ( where the inference of 
^n^Ht^'f explains the incon- 
sistency) ; 2 ( acc( rJing to 
some writers on rl et >ric ) a 
figure of speech in which a 
relevant statement leads to 
an inference unconnected 
with the context or vice versd 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

t*«l%»ii : II Am. S. lOO.-T 
i|rj(9f 7i . acquisition of wealth . 
-i^ctp^m.tlie glow of wealtli, 
the warmth of Dioney, a?^- 
«jprr ^f^ig^i^f?^ Bhar- 
tr. II. 40. -^^ m. a trea- 
sure, -^r, «»l. «. yielding 
i\ealth, U8eful.-«FnT 1 m, dii. 
wealth and pleasure, R. i. 
25; II a. desirous of wealth. 
-^Tif^ 92. 1 a difficulty, a di- 
fficult matter; 2 a pecuniary 
difficulty, e. g. sf ij^K'Sf-i^j. 
' -^^M n. execution of any 
basines3,3Twji}fi|4f r^r :Megh 
I. 88.-in^ w. denth of 
meaning e, g. Hl<^<4^k^. 
-^ a. extravagant, wasteful. 
-^KlPf I a. full of meaning; 
II 91. la collection of things; 
2 considerable wealth .-^p^ 
n. truth, the real nature or 
cause of anything.-^rat »«^^' 

1 with reference to the mean- 
ing; 2 in fact, really; 3 for 
the sake of money, ^M^^^^- 

Mud. I.; 4 on account of. 
^^i|^^^jj[^», depth of meaning, 
^m^ Jlkf^M. M. i.HT 
a. 1 advantageous, useful ; 

2 liberal.— ^JH" »y. 1 unjust 
seizure of property. 2 waste; 

3 finding fault with the 
meaning of a passage.— 
^)^ m, a literary blemish 
in regard to sense. ( The 
faults of composition are 
classed under the heads 

of q^f^, T^rf^T, m^^^ 

und ar^r^; for an enumera- 
tion and explanation of these 
See K. Pr. vii.).-p m t : \y ti ^. 
contingent onwealtli.-^'^vif 
lit. determination, decision.- 
^fit m. 1 lord of riches, a 

king, ftrf^^^rficrw^^ iHr^ 

B. II. 4G, IX. 3; 2 an 
•pithet of Kuberaw-qf ,g«if a. 


intent on gaining wealth, 
covetous.-jff^/. a source 
of the grand object in a 
drama. ( Thev are five:- (1) 

«3r, (2) f%^; (8) cnrr^r, W 

g^,and (5)^.).-JI#rir ««• 
asury.-^T^ m, composition, 
text, stanza.-4f^ a. selfish. 
-jJhsi w. indication of the 
real meaning.-%f w. differ- 
ence of meaning, e, g, 3^^- 
^ ^T'^^.'.-TFTw. wealth.- 
HPT m, acquisition of wealth. 
-79 a. 1 having meaning, 

Pan,; 2 serving some pur- 
pose, not useless; 3 signi- 
ficant, e. g. 3|^^ ^ IT X\' 
^^r^-.-^nr w. l an expla- 
natory remark ; ( it recom- 
mends a precept ( (^ ) by 
stating the good it brings 
on, by enumerating the evils 
tliat result from its omission, 
by setting up long practice, 
&c.); 2 declaration of any 
purpose; 3 praise, 3T^^!|'^: 
I d-t ? ^ ^r^7?^;^nT Ut. I.- 
fy\ a. sagacious, wbe,-f|^ 
/. accumulation of wealth.- 
f^^F^r w. 1 deviation from 
truth; 2 prevarication.-«fir 
m. expenditure.-^ip5f w. 1 
science of polity or moral 
and political government, 

^(^ Mud, III.; 2 science 
of general conduct iu 
life.-^lt^ **• lionesty in 
money matters, f?^f^(^ ^• 
^RmW^^t ^?<T? M. V, 
10G.-;^^«rpr n. treasury .- 
^fTip^ w. connection of 
sense with a word or a sen- 
tence.-flr^/. fulfihnent of 
desired object, success. 

mfsrr /. Request, begging, 
entreaty, Na. v. 112. 

Mtfr^fW. lAs a matter of 
course, in fact, ij5|%^^it 

^fPTT^IkRTnt H^ S. 1). X.; 

2 tliat is to say, nauiely. 
MIV^ in, 1 A watchmani 2 

a minstrel whose business it 
is to announce the diffeeeni 
hours of the day. 
9lrt^ I a. (/. »ft )I One who 
seeks for anything, ( with the 
inst. e, g. ^rphlT 'in*); 2 
desirous of ( with the inst. 

e.g.^ w^ ^^p$ ^^)i 

3 entreating any one, ( with 
the gen. e.g.9{^ ^^^W^.) 
II m. 1 A l)egg«r, a suitor, 

^^If^: Mv. I., ?|%|r^fp?f* 
f%rT?ftRR;^R. I. (5, II. 54, 
IX. 27; 2 a prosecutor, a 
plaintiff, a complainant, (f 

^K I ^^ ^^M ^^*IK ^»W|Kl- 
^(^: R. xvii. 39; 3 a 
servant. Gomp.— ^pf^ imf. 
at the dis|>osal of beggars, 
( with f:. e. g, ftns^^ ?K- 
f<I«l4td: Na. i. 10 ). 

M^fhr a. (/. irr) Destined 
for, relating to, (always used 
as the last member of a com- 
pound, ^if^^ rK#T«[ Bg. 
XVII. 27.) 

ardjla. (/.«fr)lWartLy 
of being sought; 2 appro- 
priate, significant, ^*4 ^- 

IV. C; 3 fit, projwr; 4 wise. 
II 71. Red chalk. 
h| I f'. or vi. 1. P. (j>P' 
Hf|?f ) IToask orbcg,^- 
^ fftfir ^fT*r^ R. V. 17; 
2 to go; 3 to be hurt, to b« 
troubled. II vt. 1. U (pp» 
aiftcT ) To kill, to hurt, ni:- 

50. With ^fir-l tokiU; 2 
to fall upon, 3lrqiflftlP^^J 3' 
mt Bt. XV. 115. aift-t<> 
pross, to afflict. Ill vt. 10 V. 
IpP' B^) To hurt, to kill. 

Digitized by 



•ffsf ». Pain, trouble. 

»rt^/. 1 Going; 2 begging; 
3 kUKng. 

•f^ I CT. (/. ^) Half, form- 
ing a half, ar^^irnf ^TT^TTT- 
rgir R. VII. 45. II m. n, 1 
The half, ^mi sTfj^im-- 
^ Jfr^ R. XIII. 7d; 2a part, 

if?^Sak. I., R. III. 59; 8 

lialf a short syllable. (3To 

nar be^^ecoliarlj compound- 

L ed with an ordinal, e, g, ^^- 

f^ ' containing the third 
mIjt ) half I. ^. two 
and a half ' ). Comp.— 
lliq^m.a half.— Mf^91[^a. sliar* 
mg a half .-«Tir n. half the 
lKxdf.-«rl w. a quarter, 

B. X. 56.-aT^5«r o« having 
j 0ftly one half ieft.-Qff^pr w 
I 1 llolf a scat; (it is consider- 
ed a mark of great respect 
to make room for a guest on 

(Ae same seat with one's self, 

#if^?rRRr|r ( sal. y^g^ O 
; iLn. 73, or ipT ft" iw^^ 

mnrNr^^H^f^rt^fnTFT&c. Sak. 

VM.); 2 exemption from 
«e«0iire.-f3j m. 1 a half 
imWA; 2 ftu arrow with a 
I 'ttoeeotr-shaped head; 3 a 
CMMCnt-dhaped nail-print.- 
*^ S'iva -^TfT o, half 
IPTHt?^^ I' t. 1. 
/, a broken speech.— 
.)PPr«i*l a partial rise; 2 
'rtftijiliii^ of the half-moon. 
'Mfjpl^it. a short petticoat.— 
WKfft ^F "** ^^ epithet of 

MM^ete,^^^niC n, fTT^ /. a 

of gniin, half a 

/I a name of the 

K*m^^9^9* w, a 

pi A »triogs.- 


^tl^ m, the hemisphere.- 
m(9§[ m. 1 the half moon, 

fjr q": K. S. VI. 75; 2 a 
Iialf-moon-shaped blow, e^g, 

^drAdi^ l^ ^Ht :; 3 the semi- 
circular mark on the j>ea- 
cock's tail ; 4 au arrow the 
head of which is like a half- 
moon , B|>} ^^ ^^^\ ^{^^S^ ^- 
^?{tf ^ R. XII. 96; 5 a half- 
moon-shaped nail-print. °W- 
?fffC a, halfTiuoon-shai)ed.- 
^^t^^ m. a short bodice. 

w. 1 mid-day; 2 a day of 
12 hours.-7Trtl^» HT^*^ »». 
that form of S'iva in which 
he a]>poars half male and 
half female .-PrW /. i»id- 
night.-^nP^T^nf /. twonty- 
five.-JTT w. a particular mea 
sure.-qiT «• ^^alf way.-qij* 
i'nd. mid-way.-iyf c w« lialf a 
-watch, f . e. one hour and a 
half.-Hnr iff' a half, ?R[>tHr^ 
^f^W «fill%?T^ K. S. V. 50. 
B. VII. 45.-^ini w. 1 a 
sharer; 2 entitled to a 
lialf.-HRSfTC «». mid-day. 
-VTR^^ /, a variety of 
the Magadhi dialect .-^n'H'* 
Hl^^«h *''• a necklace of 
twelve string3.-«n'n' /. lialf 
a short syllable.-ifr^ »w^/. 
mid-way .-^nftrar «• 1 l^ap- 
pcning every half month; 2 
lasting half a month .-^ffe" 
w./. a half clenched liand.- 
7n^ m. See anfff^.-W »w. 
a warrior fighting on a car 
who is not as perfectly skillcil 
as a ^, e*. ^. ?r^ ^^^t% THT : 
(«ci7. ^i) Bh.-nw w. 
mid-night, R. xvi.4.-Pr^iV, 
^9Jh?nr w. the visarga 
sound before ^, ^, w, and ^ 
(in gram. ).-^ft^ w. a 
side-look, a glance. -%- 


^irA^ ^* A follower of 
Kan&da. -41||W m. the 

radius of a circle, -fnf w* 
fi^ty. -%^ «• having only 
half left. -IJt^ w. half a 
6"7o^*a.-^fti|' Iff. a cultiva- 
tor who takes lialf the crop 
for his labour, -fnc w, a 
necklace of twelve strings. 
-^^p^ a, half a short syll- 
9?>f!ir w. n. The same as Bfvf 

»TW^ rt. (/. ift) Measuring^ 

a lialf. 
^? cr. (/. ;|t ) Entitled to 

a half. 
ai^ n. 1 Placing in or upon» 

qi <I^J" ll ji<^>iH ' JH*l R. n. 35; 

2 inserting, putting in, giffr- 
^^^fT^WHT: R. XIII. 9; 

3 delivering, making over, 
resigning, ^ ^^fnN^^^- 
orR, 11.55:4 piercing, <ftw- 


arf^ m. The heart. 

B?^ w. n. 1 A hundred mill- 
ions; 2 a serpent ; 3a namo 
of the mountain Abu; 4 the^ 
name of a demon conquered 
by Indra^.5 a cloud; Q% 
swelling or tumour (in me- 
dicine ). 

«T^ la.{f.m) 1 SmalU 
little; 2 weak; 3 youngs 
childish, ( rarely used ia 
classics as an adjective ) . II 
fw. 1 A boy, a child, ^W 
^TR IV^H^dH^ gfr: R. "i. 21,. 
25, VII. 67; 2 a fool, an 

^la, (/. ^) Excellent. II 
w, 1 A master; 2 a Vais'ya. 
CoMp. — q*^ m, a Vais'ya of 
rank. ( The word has three 
Jem, form^: — arqf, ^rtf, 3T- 
qfoft qq. rr. ) 

B^rJpT^^* 1 ^^^^ ^ui^'i 2 9L 
name of the ar/:a plant; ft 

Digitized by 




the head of the ;)i7n>, f^- 

ornrtHT ^?^ Cg. x. 29. 

IW?/. 1 A mistress; 2 a 
woman of the Vais'ya tribe. 

Hlfifof^/. The same as arq^ ^. v. 

«T^/. The wife of a Vais'ya. 

5T§5i: I m. 1 A liorse, ??^ff- 
^fq^TT^fJTJrr: Sis. xn. 31; 
2 one of tlie ten liorses of 
the moon; 3 an epithet of 
Indra. II a. (/• ?fr)Mean, un- 

IT^ / 1 A Mare; 2 a 

9f?|^ hid. 1 Before, behind, 
( in time or place ), 3hT^ 
ti^Fim?^^ fT^ T^ fT: 
Yaj. n. 178, ar^ «^i^?^- 
ir^^nH^M. V. 51); 2 hither- 
ward, on this side; 3 within, 
near, ( with the loc., ^Tf^- 

pcT Sak. I.). CoMP.— 3KTf^- 
^ a. modem, -^jy ?». the 
near bank of a river. 

«fi?hl a- (/. '^ ) 1 Coming 
hithenvanl; 2 coming to 
meet any one; 3 being be- 
hind; 4 following, subse- 

wHr^«- (/.'TT) 1 Mo- 
dem; 2 later than (with the 
abl. e, g, q^4 1{^^ ^T^Wt- 
5nP<T^^ S'at. Br.) 

«f^ ??. Piles. 

an^ n. Piles. 

itJi^ « (Z'^r) Suffering 
from piles. 

V^^Jhr »*. A plant called 
Surana ; so called because it 
is supposed to cure piles. 

«^ I vt. or ri, 1. P ( In epic 
poetrv used in the Atm. 
also) (i^j;. aTf^)lTode- 
serye, to merit, f^Pn" ^TT^J- 
«rpnftvrmff^ Sak. vn., or 
^pr»fr ir^ '^^ Ram-; 2 to be 
entitled to, sfj T^: f^'^' ft- 
^?Tif|f?r Sak. VI., or ?| # 

^frrP5?|iT^I% M. IX. 3; 3 to 
undergo; 4 to be equal to, 

?r ^ ^ n ^[ '^ aM' q KH|P?f Sak. 

Ill,; 5 to worship, to hon- 
our; 6 to deserve to be done, 
Na. V. 112. (The second 
person of this root joined 
with an infinitive represents 
a mild form of command, 
request or advice e, g, SFT^- 
f(% * Be pleased to do ', ^ft- 

yi '^ q r ^i-^lft trf^K R. V. 

85. ). II vt, 10 U. (i>j^. «T- 
f%^ ) To worship, to honour, 

rrml^c=^ Hyr^qrPr: Bt. i. 


M|rla.(/?J)1 Worthy of 

respect, arit'THt'nT'I.f^^'^' 
Jrtf^ 'TT^^ M. viii 392; 2 
worthy of, entitled to, (with 
an ace. or an infinitive, %^{- 

m: M. IX. i44,?rcTF?qmiN' 
wr?rrr5n ^^^'^nni Bg. i. 

30.); 3 proper, fit, ff ^?4t^- 
ff ^g^TR. JPanch. i. II 7n. 
1 An epithet of Vishwu; 2 
of Indra; 3 price, iTflf^n^- 
qft^JpT^: K. S. v. 12. 
9:1^ w . Worship, adoration, 

f^rsq^^^f^qTW^ni: R. xi, 

S^^off / The same as ar^T (?. 

ST^I m. 1 A Buddha; 2 a 
superior divinity with the 
Jainas thus described: — ^- 

q^f:. II a. Worthy. 
Mt?fTla. (/.?rf»)Worthy. 

II 7W. 1 A Buddha; 2 a 
Buddhist mendicant. 

STf>/. Worship. 

l^f^/. Veneration, homaf^ , 
adoration, vh^l^ -^^ Jli^jq : 
S. K. 

V(i[a. (/Itfr) Worthy, re- 

i|?!|[^ rt. or vi, 1. U (pp* «r- 
f^fT ) 1 To adorn; 2 to pre- 
vent, to ward off; 3 to be 

^tiS n. A yellow pigment. 

«T^7^ w. «. 1 Hair, a curl, a 
lock, f^ rffAI'hHrfHrt^ ^n^* 
3r'?[r5^^Megh. ii.2,(Mall. 
quotes in his comment on 
this S'loka. '^fHTf^W^RWJT- 

ff fy ^ ^: * to show that ajo is 
used in the neuter also ) R. 
1. 42, IV. 54; 2 curls on 
tlie forehead; 3 saffron appli- 
ed to the l>ody. Comp. — 5|- 
^ m. the end of a curl. -ST- 
;^/. 1 a young giri from 
eight to ten years old; 2 the 
name of a river falling into 
the Ganges, -im./'. the ca- 
pital of Kul>era, othewise- 
called 3Tt7^r. "t^f. a ^"^ 
of curls. 
3T?3r?lfr/. 1 A giri from eight 
to t^n years of age; 2 the 
name of the capital of Kube- 
ra,fi»Trf^«l^i rtP^rtlt**!^! *\^' 

lo.CoMP. — Mf^, wfrtH* 

^C fn, Kubera, the^lordof 
Alak&, 3|rq^fr^r^rn^fWa K» 
XIX. 15. . 

^TcTrfT m. The red resm of 
certain trees. Com p. — tff 
m, the alakta juice, STc^^iOT' 

r^ rT^qrt «nr*T^fnmr Bam. 
-rnr »»• t*^© r^<i colour of 

M^^^ >»• The same as 3^- 
^ q.v.{ This substance was 
formerly used by ladies as an 
article of decoration with 
which thcv dyed certain 
parts of tiie b ody. Se e the 
quotations.) aTty^K^rW^^ 

(^HPf R. VII. 7, Prctf^fl^- 

%^ y \\lM K. S. v.84.flr- 

Digitized by 


ir^Wi^fjrqrsrf^ Paucli. I. 
HfHlfrY I'«-(/- '^ ) 1 Having 
no good marks, inauspicious, 

if^ri^r Hf c?r?mr^TH: K. xiv. 

5.; 2 having no dednition. 
II ». 1 An inauspicious 
sign; 2 a no-definition or 
bad deiinition. 

''TB^^ a. (/. ^;^) 1 Invisible 
imknov^'n ; 2 unmarked; 3 in- 
6ignfii<»nt in appearance; 4 
tree from fraud ;5 not second- 
aiy, ( as a meaning ) . Comp. 
— 4||^ a. moving invisibly .- 
UTipff / unknown birth or 

K- a. V. 72.-f?rrr a dis- 
gviaed, incognito. 
Wraf (qf ) ^/»- A water- 
H«f a.( /: 3 orE?ft ) 1 Heavy; 
along (as a syllable \. 3 
serk>as, solemn; 4 intense, 
▼sclent. Comp— ^«^^ m, a 

n. 1 Decoration; 2 
ornament ( used figura- 
tive^ also, ^irft ffrw^'?5^ 
*• WHi r^niH^C^ g^: Bhar- 

a. Fond of decora - 

^C/-*^) Skilful, 

' m. 1 The act of deco- 

2 an ornament; 3 

of speech; ( they 

iwra (lliini (] under the heads 

'f^2* 4 the science and 
fm rhetoric, 3T*%rTT^^- 

CoXP.— ^rW »• *he 

rimd art of rhetoric 

}, nod dramaturgy are 

\ itteh^ied in «I.o though 

SpMS, liimzD^iiirgy is 

' far ontMiments. 


BTH^fnr^ M. The same as ar- 
r!^K q. V, 

BT«*fn%/. 1 Decoration; 2 
an ornament ; 3 a figure of 
speech, ^.^. i^lrtflri : N^^^I^Ih- 
?5^fi^^f^: Bh.V. II. G, (where 
the woixl is used in senses 2 
and 8 ), or the following 
stanza of Jayadova in whicli 
Mammato is contradicted in 
a poetic fashion: — ^{ NST^JC 

^7 Chandraloka. i. 

Bmftf^f / Adorning, orna- 

a^fTiT ♦«. A kind of bird. 

V(PS^s:^^m. An earthen water- 

9^f{^ iiuL A particle meaning 

1 enough, no more of, 3??^ 
?Tf|crr?r fT^ WT K. II. 34, 

V. 82, ( in this sense used 
with an inst. or a gerund); 

2 no need of, no use 

of, BTF^y^t^ftt ^^^ ^rn^- 

qrCT5 Sis. II. 40; 3 iu a 
high degree, greatly, exces- 
sively, ^^|T^ ^^ mcrrTr^^H^ 

q% q?T: Sis u, 40, STHJ^f 

?T?n?^: ^^f^: ^"l^lrtH, Sak. 
VII.; 4 suQicient for, equal 
to, (with the dat., tT^^rn^H^ 

^:^5?r^>S«=^ fft"- ); 5 able, 
competent, (used with a loc. 
or an infinitive, ^^mml^ 

Ram. As prefixed to f , 3f o 
is an ifqq^ and means *to de- 
corate.'). CoMP.—i^T^ a. 
sufficient for livelihood - 
>5Pf a. rich, x?|^«[: ^qr^wv^i 
M. VII. 162.-ip 7/1. thick 
8moke.-;J^iftT a. sufficient 
for a man.-ir^ a. strong 
enough .-jfq^/; sense enough 


-5JJBJ a, able, competent^ 

5(T: Sis. II. 9. 

5T?*^ I «. ( ./*. 2T ) Not libi- 
dinous, chaste. II m, A 
woman's aimrtment. 

B4Hj^ tfi. The palm of the 
hand with the fingers ex- 

^r^ «. (/. «n" ) 1 Homeless, 
houseless; 2 imi>erisliable. 

STrr% in, 1 A mad dog; 2 
the rtKa tree. 

B^HT^ iw(/. A word without 
meaning occurring in the 
gibl)crish of the Ph'dchas 
(mostly found in dramatic 
literature) . 

^fjiqi ?y n, A basin for water 
at the foot of a tree. Cf. an- 

3?H^ a. (/. W) 1 Ttlle, indo- 
lent; 2 slow, 'iTKiHRKrtfiil- 
Tf^rMegh. II. 11), Am. 8, 
07; 3 languid, 3T?m^f?^:^- 
JTltf^: ( scH, at^: ) Am. S. 
4, also 1)0. CoMi'.-f^pTT /^ 
woman with a languishing 

81?TO?fr o. (/. effr) Tlie same 
as 3TW^ q. V. 

B^Hnr w. A fire-brand, R^^TT- 
?y(<Tm^^'r K. S. II. 23. 

W^5(f ) 1 /. A kind of gourd. 
II n. 1 A vessel made of 
gourd; 2 a fruit of this 
gounl, which, being light, 
floats on water, i^thus we 

have f^ f^ ^TRff^ 1 ^P fPT 

in the Mv.) CoMP.-qnT ». a 
jar made of aldbu. 

STtTPC rt, A door. 

^ifly 7W. 1 A large black 

We, Sis. IV. 57, R. ix. 

41 ; 2 a scorpion ; 3 » 

crowj 4 the Indian cuckoo; 

5 spirituous liquor. Comp.— 


Digitized by^ 

^n n. a flight of bees, ari^- 

A^f^Vi Crit. G. i.-finr «. 

the red lotu3.-»n^ /. a 

flight of bces.-^h^ w. 

hum of the bee. 
-Sff^ife n. The forehead, 3|f^- 

%5r^?H^pf,^ Bh. V. II. 

^iflipTf M. Tlie same as 3Tr57T- 

^rf?PT a. (/. nr ) 1 Having no 
marks; 2 having no gender 
(in gram.). 

ntf^K m, A water- jar. See 

Hf^ m 1 A krge bbck bee, 

Sis. VII. 4. 

HfMT/. 1 A bee, BTf^ftwr: 
C^ir^ ^^* Bhartr. i. 5; 2 
a swarm of bees. 

Hf^lF^ I w. 1 A terrace be- 
fore a house-door, e. gjJ^^- 
ff^^^^^; 2 a place 
before a door. II w. j^^. The 
name of a country and its 

"Mfi^H-sir m. 1 The Indian 
cuckoo ; 2 a dog; 3 a bee. 

^ifi^*!^ m. 1 The Indian 
cuck oo; 2 a bee; 3 a frog. 

Hf?y«n»r m. The same as 

lT^«ir I a. {J, efir 1^ Unplea- 
sant; 2 false, untrue, pre- 
tended, f^cT: ^nrlr^t*N^^- 
4l4'MmH|f*|JIT: Am. S. 23, 
also 33, 43. II n. 1 False- 
hood, untruth. 2 the fore- 

wffftr^ a. (/5flr) 1 Dis 
agneoable; 2 false, 
f/. A small water-pot. 
ind. An unmeaning word 
in the dialect of the PWdchas 
( mostly occurring in drama- 
tic literature ). 
%P*nf I «. (/ftw) Stoin. 


less, II m, Tlie supreme 

H*^ I a. (/. yr)l W hat 
cannot be seen, HJT^TRilfrf^- 
^q^: R. I. 68, {^ ^m?{ f rif- 
^^: Mall.); 2 one wlio does 
not go to any other world 
after death. II w. 1 End of 
the world, destruction of the 
univ erse, ry H^*lftTTf»t^^- 
^ti\ *jHfl% Ram. CoMP.— 
^I'TF^ «. (/ ^lir) extraor- 
dinary, supernatural. 

irrfNfT «. Invisibility, dis- 

imf^ a. (/. HT. ) 1 Firm, 
steady; 2 tranquil, unagitat- 
ed; 3 not fickle; 4 free 
from desire. 

M^^ «• (/•'^) IFree from 
desire; 2 indifferent to sen- 
sual objects. 

M1^h%7 «. (/• ^f ) 1 Un- 
common, supernatural; 2 
unusual, rare; 3 peculiar to 
the sacred literature, not 
used in classics, ( as a word 
or phrase ) e, g. sftltftT^n^r- 

'rtsr^T^^-.g^fqrrnT^Trik. i.l. 
Br»«T a (/. ^^) ( op. to Hf- 
^, ^ and ^W^ ) 1 Small, 
little, scanty, sH'q^^aWrf 
gldffl^e^ R "• -^7, I. 2, M. 
XII. 74; 2 trifling, M. x. 
8G; 3 seldom, rare, (as in 

sT^q^^nl-^^ ^r^O; 4 of 

short existence. ( The ace. 
inst. and abl. singulars, viz. 
d^^r^, ^^, and 3T^qT5 »re 
used as indeclinables in the 
sense of * easily ', ' with- 
out much trouble \ • a 
little', * for a slight reason', 
jftfJrr^ Pm> Ram. ) CoMp. 
— HFT a. very little, very 
small. -<H I «hi|^< a. satis- 
fied with little. -mj^ I 
a. short-liTcd, M. ivr 167; 

II m, a goat. -^TTfT^ m. the 
taking little food, -f^ <'• 1 
other than small t. e. large; 
2 other than few i. e, many, 

^r?if5rr: Pr. Bh. 17; 3 other 
than little i,e, much, Pr. Bh. 
9. -a^sr a. slightly def- 
ective, not quite com- 
plete. -^ <ir ^ M. a small 
means. -iT'^^ I <»• having 
little scent; II n. the red 
lotus, -s^ a. scantily clad. 
-^ rt. shallow, superficial.- 
|i%a, narrow, minded.-^ <i. 
not rich, poor, M, iii. 66. 
->j^ a.weak-minded.HTiraLa. 
having few descendants, -if- 
HPT «. 1 of little measure; 
2 of little authority. HT^RT 
a. of rare application or use. 
-llfor I w. the unaspirated 
letters of the alphabet ( as 
op. to irfPfPT ). They are 
the voweb, the semivowels, 
the nasals and ^iv^R3^5PGPt 
^ ; II a. having little or 
short breath. -^^ a. of ^ttle 
strength, feeble, -fftf «. 
weak-minded, unwise, M. xi. 
30. -^rtf^ cr. taciturn. -«? 
v^f[ o. thin-waisted.-ifpr w. 
a little.-^jiU a. small-bodied. 
-^2| ri. cheap. -%>apt «• 
ignorant, silly. ^f4|*i|^ a, 
cooking little t. e, stingy.- 
mi^ a. young in age.-^frft- 
;q^ a tacitum.-f^^^ET a. of 
limited range, R. i. 2 -^^ 
ind, 1 a little, e g. Wj^^f* 

Rr B?r>3'?:f^ i h^t^t: •4t*5; 

2 seldom.-^fC^ n. a small 
pond which is dry in the hot 

BTP'nr (I. (/ f^«nir) The 

same as ar^ q. v. 

irfH^ra. (/.Iir)l Dimini- 
shed} 2 put down, lowered 
in position or estimation, ?- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




VT ^^.S/^rH»^'-Jm<4 : Na. 
I. 15. 

^t^^n «. (/. OT ) ( tlie *M/>er. 

of 3fRr ) Least, smallest. 
iffF^TOL". (/• ^) ( *'ic com- 

pcrr. of 3?rq ) Loss, smaller. 
fUT/l ( tiie voc. sing, of this 

word is 3TW ) • A mother. 

tfl^Vt. 1. P {pp. 3 tf»^)l 

To defend, to protect, xnnw- 
JPTHt ^ gtt f^'4?T: R IX. 1; 2 
to do good to, 5frq5ffrftr: STTW- 

Sttk. I.; to please, to satisfy 
to giye pleasure to\ 

XI* 75, I, 05; 4 to like, to 
desire; 5 to fa\*oar. ( In 
Piwiiii*s Dliatapaflia several 
oilier senses are given bnt 
&ey are not met with in 
da&iics. ) 

99 ind, ( The initial af of 
ilus preposition is sometmies 

ffW ( for 3T^iTr?r. ) K. S. 
l.l.Cf. 3Tft.) 
A» a prefix U> verbal themes, 
it oqnesses 1 disrespect (^. g, 
^fir)» 2 support, resting 
(#.^. ^*HrtM ), 3 purifvmg 
^C g* aR^Tcf )» 4 littleness 
(^ ^- *nT^)» 5 diffusion 
(«rf.aT^^), e determi. 

»■**(» {<f.^. arror), 7 <le- 

fM^ioD, bending ( e. g. ar^- 

J||), 8 commanding (e. g, 

W|R)> 9 depreciation, 10 


. Ab m preposition it means 

*ammjr' 'off', *away from' 

Ab the first member of an 
•djeeliTBl ccHnponnd witli a 
amatl queans 'af^^' (called 

IMRla. (f.^)l Oppo. 
«;«otffeEai7;2 di^wimard. 

ST^^;^ n. Cutting off, ex- 

ar^^l^ 'w. Bust, sweepings. 

Mlchf^ ^f a. (/. m) 1 Seen; 2 
known; 3 received. 

arpfrra "'• 1 Space, place, 
room, ar^^inift f^^^^T f^TT 
%: ff^T^ Ram., ar^irn^- 
'TftfTT^^Rlft^M^III :Panch. 
IV.. 2 occasion, opportunity, 

^'T%>TT:;3 footing, admis- 
sion, rT^qrt% ftg^r'lf^Pm't^- 
W^^SWPfT^Panch.iv ,(w^) 
^ J <'^'^r|5j|ri>n^*l^ Sale. 
VII ; 4 aperture; 5 interval, 
intermediate time. ( With 
tlie roots ^r and f and their 
derivatives 3T« means *to 
make room for', *to give 
way to,' e.g.-^f^^r^rf^ 

^:. With ^, it means 1 
to get a footing, tT^^^^^RniY ^ 
Wr^:Sak. i.;^irNjit^'^^ 

2 to get an op|K)rtunity. 
( See 2 above ). W^ith ^, 4o 
hinder ', * to impede *, ( pf- 

i^Megh. 11.28). 
ar^^titf^^ 'w. A religious 
student who has committed 
an act of incontinency con- 
trary to his vow. ( 3T^^«iff 

III. 280). 

^T'TSjr^f ??. Bending, contrac 

H^5»35T w. 1 Investing, sur- 
rounding; 2 attracting. 

^f^ryr I a, (/. er) lExpell- 
ed, turned out; 2 removed; 

3 pulled: 4 degraded, out- 
caste. II m, A low servant, 
^'^^^Ijr^^M. VII. 126. 
( Medh4tithi ex|>lain8 ar* by 

Wr|rflr/. 1 Suitableness; 2 

possibility, probability. (a|?r- 
^wfrrtHT'Rr S. K. ). 

^n^ffPt. «. {/. * ) Barren 
( as a tree ). 

^n^Nfn^T^r «. Crying out, weep- 
ing aloud. 

ST^nirir m. l Letting out to 
hire; 2 rent; 3 a duty, a taX; 
4 price. 

^^Wlf^/. 1 Descent; 2 ap- 

^^fjfP Tr/. Neglect, omiss iott 

5??TlRt^ »». 1 Abuse; 2 a 
curse, an imprecation; 3 a 
discordant noise. 

^TSnfef m, 1 Trickling; 2 fetid 

ar^r^^nr »»• An imperfect 

apTKRir w. Decay, waste, 
ar^^ m. The same as a?^- 

qTir q. V. 
H^^T 7?. 1 Throwing down- 

2 throwing down consider- 
ed as one of the 5 kamian$ 
of the Vais'eshikas, (See un- 
der^ri^)j3censure, blame; 
4 despising. 

BT^i^qfift/. A bridle. 
^TTORT n. A deep ditch. 
M'TT'R' n. 1 Contempt, dis- 
regard; 2 censure, blame- 

3 insult. '' 
MTT'^ w. A pimple upon 

the face. 
^T^l%/. 1 Pcrcoption,knoTr- 
ledge: 2 true knowledge, 

TOnmf^f 3^^:S. Bh. 

H^IH m. The same as ^VlfH 

q. r., Bg. IX. 2. 
a^^irnr^* (fr)l immersed. 

plunged into. 2 depressed, 

low, ar^jsmr jrrw^^arr ar^- 
'r^w^qwi(trw'f^: ) Sak. 

III.; 3 deep. (The word is 
sometimes written apHT )• 
V[^^[^7n. 1 Plunging, JTHpnir- 

g<(i" i Hnni^rii R. T. 47; 2 





(ftTflrO Sak. I., ff <Mi || ^j(| - 
iT^CfRU^: Ri.i, 1; 3a bath- 
ing-place. ( Written also 

«rnnf!T n. l Plungii.g; 2 
bathing, ^TV|HH«|i||f^|q" f^- 
RriT ^7 ^ Rrft^RLSr. T . 1 . 

«f^fff I a. (/. ;frr ) 1 Abus- 
ed, censured; 2 wicked, vile; 

3 satirized in song. II n. 1 
Reproach, blame; 2 an evil 

'^^TITT ffi. Fault, defect, ar^- 
^ TU^TJPTH Mall, on Kir. 
XIII. 48. 

nr^m^'Z^ n. 1 Veiling; 2 a 

Rvf^ RY:;3 covering. Comp. 

-^^/. covered with a veil, 

^^R^J'MH^Sr Sak. V. 
»iiaf"^«*^l /• 1 Veiling; 2 a 

yeil; 3 a curtain. 
M^ilf"^^ «• (/. rrr) Covered, 

rsptifffPfrr^nf^ K. S. iv. 

9T1f7^ 7/. 1 Hiding; 2 em- 

ISTf^j^ 77. Assaulting with 
intent to kill, (in criminal 

9Tfi^ 7W. 1 The withholding 
or failure of rain, JpitiHt^- 
4l|feH^i< C T^Prrr R. XII. 29, 
I. G2, X. 48; 2 drought, |%^ 

^?rt cK^^y^^^r^ i^- s. V. 

61; 3 obstacle, impediment; 

4 a hiatus, as in (%^ rTT- 
^ ?T^ T^W fTTir TP^, 
Bhartr. ii. 2. ( in gram. ); 

5 nature; 6 a term of abuse; 
7 an elephant's forehead ; 
9 a lierd of elephants; 8 
the sign (^). 

«T7l|^ 71. 1 Obstacle, imi>edi- 
ment; 2 disregai-d. 
aTT'TTf'w. The same as 3T^?IT 

«f?rW7n. 1 A hole in the 
ground, a cave; 2 a stone- 
mill for grinding com. 

9r7^n$«T 71. Rubbing, rubbing 

BJIMM m. 1 Striking; 2 

killing; 3 a stroke, a blow, 

IfffTTr: ^nt^^ (^rO Niti. 

Pr. 2; 4 threshing com in a 

B^T^^^ ^- Whirling round. 

3T^M|N"I ' w- ) 1 Proclaiming; 

ST^sft'TTr /• j 2 a proclama- 

3T^?n'*T7i. The act of smelliug. 

3TT^ I «. (/• TT ) Silent, 
mute, ^nf'rT^ HT^^HK^^HI 
mr^ Sak. I. II 71. 1 The 
not speaking; 2 blame, re- 

aTT'^Tj^a. (/. 2ir) 1 Not 
fit to be utt<jred or spoken 
out (as filthy or obscene 
language ), ^f^^^qj M. 
viii. 2G9; 2 not blamable, 
not deserving censure, ^'^ 
^'^^^:^ ^fft Wf ^sfr^TrfrUt. I. 

3^^^ ( '^ ) ZT 771. Gathering, 
especially flowers &c ,rrfT: ^- 

^qr Sak. IV., or arf^ d^aH f - 
^■W?T%^r^ Sis. VII. 71. 

BTT^C^ w. Employing, ap- 

BTir^ 771 The pendant crest 
of a standard, f^^-b^M^Hj- 
JnVfWPT Tj: Sis. v. 13. 

BTT^^ w» 1 Pounding, re- 
ducmg to powder; 2 sprink- 
ling absorbent powders on 
sores ( in medicine ). 

aTf^7 771. An ornament (such 
as a chouri ) hanging from 
the top of a banner, f^f^r^ft- 

STf^T^ «». A brush for 
fanning off flies, a chouri. 

STT^OTf w. A cover, <4i|j.f|HI4- 
•t{j<K ( mKPO Ram. 

9T^r%9w «.(./*. ^)i Cut 

off; 2 divided, separted: 3 

particularized ( as by a quali- 
fying adjective ) ;4*bounded, 
detennined, f ^^|< 5j ^^f^ « 
^ Bhartr. ii. 1.; 5 se- 
parat^ from everything 
else by the j)roperties peculi- 
arly predicated of anything 
( in logic ). 

BT^T'^fC^r I «. (/. m) Mixed* 
intermingled. II 7». A horse- 

5T^^b^ m. 1 Part, portion; 2 
separation ;3 limit,boundaiT; 
4 particularization, 5 deter- 
mination, decision, ^[5^^^- 
TT^W^ Pi ^ Nt^f^^TTT*. Bhartr, 
quoted in K. Pr. ii.; 6 the 
property of a thing by which 
it is distinguished from 
everything else. 

Mi*&4'* la. (/. ^^} 1 
Disthiguishing, particulariz- 
ing; 2 separating; 3 deter- 
mining, deciduig. II 71. A 
predicate or characteristic 
( in logic ). 

BT^IT^ 771. Victory, ^'???t^- 

JfrTici^R.VI. C2. 
B^^jjl / Contempt, disrespect 
disregard, 3?r?^''^TfW f^^' 
^HHT ^' ". -il. Comp.— 
^q^^ a. treated with con- 
tempt.-^ :?5f n. the pangs of 
humiliation, TTTsff^q': TO^^ 

ws^^ar^T'^Jrpr ^rfNRr Sis. n. 

3T^T?fpr 71, The same as 3?^ 
^.». R.I. 79. 

M'^TTi. 1 A hole; '2 a pit, 
^ ^^^ Km ^f^^^f^^ 
Ram.; 3 a well; 4 any low 
or depressed part of the body, 
Yaj. III. 98 ; 5 a juggler. 
Comp. — oF«S^ m. a tortoise 
in a hole ( lit,), an inexperi* 
enccd man who has seen nO* 
thing of the world ( /^. )• 

«T^(ft) /.la hole, » 
cavity "g a welL 




W^ « (/• 8r > Fkt-noecd. 

iffS «. 1 A hole in the gro- 

. rnJ; 2 a well; 3 the back 
of the neck. 

^^i^ 71. A particolar flight 

^nrtV m. ft. 1 A garland: 2 
an earring, fTfri^^H^^HTT- 
TO: K. S. VII. 38; 3 a par- 
ticolar ornament to be worn 
on the head: ( hence any- 
thing that prominentlj 
fignres as an ornament, %• ^ 

^flRf^fTPrnrnrftw: (itpt- 

gftty; ) Chat. II. 8. Cf. 

•J^i^cn m. n. The same as 

'TO? a ( /. irr ) Heated. 

an ichneumon's standing on 

hotgroand; (metaphorical 

ly said of the inconstancy of 


WlWtt. 1 Slight darkness; 
2jhrim es8 in general, affir- 
^\\A ^V^m^njf^ Sis. XI 
^7. (Mall, obi^cnres in con- 
AMtion with this use of ihe 

'^TO^^llTW^. ). 
'TOC «i. See ar^CT, Na. 

M1ii\n.'». 1 Descending; 2 
'""••Bg; 8 translating from 
J^lwgwigc into another; 
^Ifttttmct, a quotation; 
g ff<^ bathing-pkce ; 6 an 

^PMwa; 7 intooduction. 

^^W'l'M / 1 A abort prajer 
^^ ^he beginning of a work 
^iLich U sm>po§efl to cause 
'•^ dlfinity addressed to 
;^'^^^nd from heavea; 2 an 

^^\^/* The aame as ^ff- 

«Wl^ tt*l Treading, M. M.; 

HWIffir m. 1 Stretching; 2 
the unbending of a bow. 

MT^ir^ M. 1 Descent: 2 an 
incarnation in general, H^- 

X. 84, or ▼ST^^Ot f^ft:; 
3 an incarnation of Vishnu; 
(they are ten in number, viz. 

^Tr^rrJT, Tff , fpsir, ya:, and 

^^. The first Ashfapadi 
in the Git .G very shortly 
describes them all. They are 
alluded to in the following 
stanza also:— ^^rj;^^^ apr- 

^ jsrq^ fit JITf?^ ^FRT'TTr 

fWf^r^J^ 5f»?: Git. G. 
iQ; 4 rise, appearance, ;i^|- 
^^ ^T'rBI^^qH't R. HI. 
36, T. 24; 5 form, J?n^(^- 
f^C^rCTTrTTT^r ( rTqr) Sin- 
kara ; 6 a sacred bathing, 
place; 7 a pond; 8 a land- 
ing place; 8 translation. 10 
introduction. CoMP>- q |n ff / 
an account of an avntdra.^ 
n^ m. a prayer causing the 
descent of a deity. 

'ITOrr^o. f/. f^) Mak- 
ing a descent. 

Wr^rr «. 1 The causing to 
descend; 2 translation; 3 
adoration; 4 possession by 
an eril spirit. 

STT^nin'/. A woman who has 

^n4V m. 1 A stimuhuit/ 2 
any pungent food which ex- 
cites thirst. 

9Tf^Rf I «. (/ irr > 1 Clean, 
pure, (as in^^^pfT^RT ; 2 
white, 5'^TTO^r:^rar|'<fJffFrr: 
Bt II. 18; 8 beautiful; 4 
meritorious, H^MftHM'Hft ^ 

:m%^ ^* Kad ; 6 yellow. 
Tifi. The white cploor. 

[iWfFr n. 1 A glofioua tr 
Talorous deed, HIM<flH^^H* 
m^TP^B. XI 21; 2 the o^ 
ject of a legend. 3 a pom 
occupation. 4 cutting or di» 
▼iding into parts. 

«W^r^ n. 1 Tearing, cull- 
ing into pieces. 2 a spade. 

M^fff m. Burning down. 

Wfr* a. (/. •!>; Melted, 

H^r^ fn. IMilk. 2 milking, 

Vm I a. (/. m) 1 Low. 
inferior; 2 faulty, defectire^ 
T Vf^ |liT?^5iffJtrq*l^*l MaL 
I.; 3 disagreeable, blauiable, 
R. VII. 70. II n. 1 A faulty 
a defect; 2 vice, sin. 3 
censure, reproach, 7^7|T^- 

^frnrnrr^a: R. VII 70. 

iT7>|Pf n. 1 Attention, attea* 
tiveness, ar^fVPR? ^i^ ^ 
(f^m)KS.iv. 2;2 care* 
fulness, devotion. ( arr^sf^n 
•attentively', ^[opT 3Rr 3^^- 

TTuftr^n^ ff/rS^jm^ Vikr, 


BTT^FC m. Accurate determl* 

^^NK^ ^' 1 Determination; 
2 affirmation, emphasis; 8 
limitation ( as of the sense 
of a word, ^rn^^VR^ Pan,); 
4 restriction to certain in« 
stances with exclusion of 

9?^T^ m. 1 Application, atten- 
tion ; 2 a period of time, ^- 

^Megh.ic. 24; 3adi* 
vision; 4 a limit (exclusive 
or inclusive, and either of 
time or space ) ^JR^frnOTfif. 
<f WT?fTff|it K. S. IV. 48; $ 
a hole, a pit. 
Kf^ltt^ n. The same as iff* 

IT^^tnYr ^ Treating with die* 
respect, insultin g, yfff fT/j^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

«rmwft*^^ Sak. III., fifT- 

?^5fFn*rr"rniL^- vm. 48. 

Hqf^I a. (/. Iff)! Shaken, 

£is. XIII. 36; 2 insulted; 3 
disregarded, spumed (as in 

'3?w>j?nP>rTTrfr'nfT'^0» H *»• 

An aseetic who has given up 
all attachment to worldly ob- 
jects (He is thus defined :-3T- 


«T^\ppr w. 1 Shaking; 2 agi- 
tation, trembling; 3 disre- 

9n^<nEr fn 1 Falling off; 2 
dust; 3 abandoning; 4 dis- 
respect, censnre. 

VT^^r n 1 Protection, defence. 
2 satisfaction, joy; 3 desire; 
4 love, affection. 

«n5m «. (/. ^) Bending, 

«n;ff^ /. 1 Humility, mod- 
esty; 2 bowing do>vn, stoop 
ing, Sis. IV. 8; 3 bending 
( as a bow ), ^rj^PnRffT: 
Kad. ( where the word is 
used in senses 2 and 8). 

«l^^ I a. (/.;5r) Bound 
on, tied, fastened II n, A 

•nrsnrl'i tf- it) Bowed, bent, 

Ut. 54. 

Wrr ( «rr) ^ w. 1 Causing to 
descend; 2 throwing down. 

9rRrT «. ( / ^) Hat-noaed. 

H^TPT w. 1 Causing to bend 
down; 2 bencUng, Iwwing. 

Wpp^ m. Binding, girding, 
putting on. 

«|^ eft)/! The earth; 2 
s river. Comp.— *ft««'''aga- 
bond.-f^, f^i «IW» lfilr» 
qnir m. a king, Mft<*«flMrfl- 
gftWw» ^f ^: R. ?X. 30, 

144, n. n. 93, Bg. n. 26.- 


^riviTFr n. the giOoe.Hfl[. ^i 
m a trec-nw n. the surface 
of the earth. 

^'rt^R' »• 1 Washing, ablu- 
sion, sf^qt^a^I^qr ^T^f- 
^^ir»C.M.£c.209;2 sprink- 
ling water on darhha grass 
at a s'rdddha ceremony, (in 
ritualistic works). 

9f^^^ I w, pi. The name of 
a country and its inhabitants. 
(It is identified with the 
modem M4lv^. Its capital 
was Ujjayini. There was a 
temple of Mahakdla in its 
suburbs, very famous in 
classics. See R. vi 84, Megh. 

I. 35,) ^7^\J'^A/,i\^^^m^]'' 

R<illH|<|H Megh. I. 30, 3T- 

^finrf fy^fTf : R. v c. 32, 

i^Pr. II /. 1 A name of 
Ujjayini; 2 name of a river. 
(Written 3T?p?ft also). Oomp. 
-3rw.,3x7/. the city of 
the Avantis i. e, Ujjayini. 

MT^^Vn* /. Ujjayinf, the 
capital of the Avantis. 

STTcpR'n. Alighting, descend- 

9T7^pr m, 1 Falling down; 2 
descending; 3 a hole, a pit; 
4 a hole or pit for catching 
elephants. (ar^qTrT^ r^^^ 
»T^*^9r^Ionft^ Yadava ), 
aRqffTJm: ^Ttf^ B. xvi. 78. 

BY^qT?prn. Knocking down. 

BmiPm a. (/. Iff) One who 
has lost his caste. 

%|^4tT ^. 1 I'ressing down; 
2 a drug producmg sneez- 

ST^rfrjT/. 1 Damage; 2 vio- 

Brnthf W; 1 The being awake, 

UffT Bg. Ti. 17; 2 percep- 
tion, knowledge,^^ Iff'^T^- 
^IrHHO^y ^: B. vu. 41, T. 
' 64j 8 judgment, discHmi- 

nation. | 

BT^^ft^R w. The same as an 

M^W w. 1 SplendoTir, ligl 
2 manifestation; 3 pcrce| 
tion, knowledge; 4 fal 

af^HT^nir w. The suprei 

BTT^pTf a, if. »5ff) Contracted 

3^ri^|tT m, 1 Bathing after 
sacrifice for the purpose < 
purification, '^^R^^ir^ 
R. I. 84, IX. 22; 2 wat^r. 
a supplementary sacrifice 
atone for the defects in a pi 
cipal one, aTT^pirj<tr ^fH 
XI 31. CoMp.— ^;;nT "• l>ai 
ing after a sacrificial co" 

M7^ w. Abduction, carrvin| 
oflF. " I 

«f^iT a,(fJHO ILow, inferici 

undermost, lowest; 3 ned 
intimate; 4 last, younges 

Wnw o. (/ ^ ) Bespiad 
disregarded. Comp.— n^ 
m. a restive elephant. 

3T^iff?f /.Disregard, contcmp 

ST^THt w. 1 Trampling; 8 d< 

^T^if^ m, 1 Impatience- j 
effacing, obliterating. 

ai^fii% m, 1 Consideratioi 
investigation; 2 one of th 
five principal parts of a plaj 
( It is thus defined: — iT 

Bl^vn^ m. Disrespect, coB 
9l^iipi;ff n. ) Tlie same as aq 

af^rm«nTr/- ) ^r^nr ^. r. 

garding, slighting, prie??t 
^TTTf^Sak. VI. 

with the head bang^iig 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


WHI'^W w. 1 Loosening, set- 
ting at liberty. 
r^PW iw. 1 A limb, 5^^^- 
5=it f^rra: R. xiL 43, Am. S. 
40, 46; 2 & part, a portion; 
3 a component part of a 
Bjllogism, (in logicj ; (they 
are five, viz. ^(^, ^, ^^- 
frr. ^S^rH^ and f^ipf); 4 the 
body. CoMP.-^^ m, the 
meaning of the component 
|>arts of a word.-^T^ iW. 
part by part, severally. 
^11^ I a, (/. ^) Hav- 
ing B^^qr q. t\ II m, A 
syllogism (in logic). 
il^r 1 flr. (/. u) 1 Low, in. 
ferior, zt^ fORt^fi^q-f- 
<«ij|q Bg. II. 49; 2 mean, 
tmiiiipo riant, ft^^lT^rirrrT' 

K. S. VIL It; 4 

ta>>iti>rn, ^if^x^ *i»olow* or 
ii Wow' U used as «n 
I 'Una Up,), II, ", TJio j 
i thigh of an f^oplmnt. i 
iT\— ^% TfL X 41m? iiiiru- 
'11; 2 t)ku last hulf.-iffr ! 

H; II «/, 1 ft yoiinL^fi'r ^ 
i>rotWf; 2 tk S'liiira.-'iTry' " | 

. -I. Iy»l»:iag^mg to A luiv iiantLn 
n w, ft low tnlM(?.-5iif m, the 

tnwintrtjn oyer t\ hich tla* ^nu 

TOfli/ l(.Vt!^itiun| 2 re- 
p^s r^liixftihvu, 

*roi%/ 1 11 ♦M ( ni i n t • 2 gam - 

WTf^ «. (/ IT ) Deformed. 

^nfT^rir w. Want of appetite. 

ST^^ m. 1 Obistraction; 2 re- 
straint, 3 a siege; 4 the inner 
apartments of a pakee, i. e, 
theseraglio; 5 the wives of 
a king taken collectively, 3T- 
^^inr??Tfq-B I 32, IV. 68, 
VI. 46 ; 6 a covering} 7 a 
fence; 8 a watchman. 

«mi>f ( f^) 2F I wj. A guard, 
II n. A barrier, a fence, 

BT^^t^PT n, 1 A siege; 2 an 
impediment; 3 women's a- 
partments in a royal pakcc. 

MTOf^RfT/. A female of the 
inner apartments, qg^gcfn - 
f^^f^Tfil^^: Sis. xu. 20. 

'H^Ct^PT w. 1 Causing to des- 
cend; 2 taking away, depriv- 
ing; 3 rooting out. 

BT^fr^ f^K 1 L>escent; 2 heaven; 
3thi^ lir^eending scale of 
iKitf?- In Indian music; 4 a 
pendijiit ii ranch of the In- 
dian fij^^-Lrce; 5a creeper en- 
eirt'liiig a tree from its 

sr^lTn?^ n. 1 Alighting,- des- 

teiidiij^; 2 ascending, 
Kf *T '/n 1 Stain, ill-fame, ^- 

^ H f1f'i^Hi^*fl^ R. XIV. 

;I8; 2 Msmio^ censure, ST ^nr- 

^^'^r^q'4l R. xiv. 57. 
W^t^^ ( Sometimes written ir- 

i^ ) ^ '^. (/OT ) White. 

H fih Tin" white colour. 
iTTt^W «^ iK The white colour. 
ST^W=? t^L 1 A support, prop, 


&0; 2 hiitiging down; 3 de- 

r^i^T^fm^JT^Vll": Bhartr. i. 
HtH'WH ^'< The same as 3^- 

5^T=Tr^ ^^sik, v., orar^Fs^nrr- 
^HpniHr^Sis. IX. 6. 
Wff^^'. (/ irr) lAnnoint- 
i?d; 2 proud, arrogant. 

Wrfte" a. (/. «y ) 1 Eaten. 8 
licked; 3 surrounded, ^iff* 

^m^ Ve. in. 

*T^^W /. 1 Sport, play, 
mirth ; 2 contempt, dis- 

W$^fT w. Pulling out, cutt- 
ing off, ( as in alr^n^* ). 

l?^^5fV55r w. 1 Robbing; 2 
wallowing on the ground* 

IT^T^ill' m. An J thing scropcd 

Hh'^TOT / 1 Rubbing; 2 ad* 
oming the person. 

^^W^ m 1 Smearing, anoint- 
ing ; 2 pride, haughtiness, 
«4^HHI<I«M|: Mud. lu., R. 
V. 53; 3 association; 4 orn- 
amentation; 5 assault, ^^ 

q^i^H^M* ^n»r% wt^th: R. 

VUL 36. 
aT^%«rT n. The same as a?^- 

T ^. V. 
^^sfkw *»• 1 Licking; 2 aa 

extract (as of soma drug). 
M^^f^cfiT/* The same as 9p^m 

%^ ^. V. 
BT^^ m. 1 Sight; 2 looking, 


lT?f<7hK^n' 1 Looking, beholtl- 
ing, ^ iPJJ<<=(rti*^^T| : R. xx, 
60; 2 a look, glance, ^i^- 
J^I'flf^^K: TI^C^I^^: R. X. 
14; 3 an eye; 4 looking over, 
commanding a view of, $i%*- 
«M<Mt^H 4|^iJ^|iHI Mai. I. 

^^HiPk^ 71. A look, a glance. 

ai^rar^ m. 1 Evil report. 2 
censure; 3 confidence; 4 de- 
pendence; 6 command. 

Vro «. (/. OT ) 1 Independ 
ent, free. 2 not having one'a 
own free will, dependent, 
^ l ^ ^ !i M 14K y ^ Bg. la. 5. 
CoMP.-ff^n'^* whose sensea 
are not heW in submission. 
^^i|f^H a. not submitting 
to another's wUk- i 

Digitized by VjOOv IC 


il^^lfllif «. 1 Drying up; 2 

<I ^ OM 'w»» 1 Renuiinder; 2 
end, terminAtion. srpn'nnf 
( * having only the name left 
behind' ), ^IT^T^ ( * haying 
only the tale left behind' ) 
are used metaphorically in 
the sense of " dead." 

•f^W a. (/. <W) 1 Ungorer. 
able; 2 necessary, ineyitablc, 
indispensible Comp.- ^i^ n . 
inevitable performance, 

Hm^inr a. (/. q^; The same 
as 3T^^ q. v. 

tK^^fiind. 1 Surely, cer- 
certainly, by all means, at all 
events, frt ^^^Vi f^THTT^PT- 
rq<|H^MH fi (JT^Pr) Megh, I. 
10. 61 ; 2 necessarily, inevita- 
bly, wnr^'rtr «!«iwh4 ^I^Pr- 

^q - r<4^^<4Jj^ Megh. It. 30. (If 
compounded with a potential 
pass, participle the final nasal 
of the particle is dropped, 

€. g. B^^pTirnt). CoMP.- *Tr- 

ftsf a. inevitable, a^^T^hTrft"- 
^ HHTT: H^ TrTRf^ Hit. 

^T^r^lTT/* A fog or mist. 

i^^^^ini m. 1 Frost J 2 white 
dew, e. 9.^ ^A ^^\^^^i^\kAm 
^I^3^KnFtTfr^:j8 pride. 

yn^T^rf n. Taking any thing 
from of! the fire, arf^piTipn^ 

i5JT:qrr*lf?^K1|^: S. D. lu 

«TTC«^ « (/.«ir 1 Haughty, 

stubborn : 2 contiguous- 3 

bound, tied; 4 supported. 

H^^^f m. 1 Leaning upon, 

resting; 2 resoluteness; 8 


impediment: 5 stupefaction, 

paralysis, <v|li^C*MH^H qpr- 

•TT R. «£. 53; 6 support, 

prop, <IIJ|<4H144hA^^: M.M. 

UL 7 gold; 8 pride, haughti 

ness, (as in fir^rfXJTH. ) 

iT^C^f^ ». 1 Resting upon. 

2 a pillar, a post j 8 support^ 
ll^^f»q< t > l / 1 Cloth tied 
round the legs and knees of 
a person sitting on his 
hams; 2 tying a cloth round 
the legs and knees, ^p^%- 

iiT?Rn^rcra:M. iv. 112. 

aitr^v^A^ ^. The united 
downward flight of birds. 

vn^^ («r) m. 1 Habitation; 
2 a vilkge; 8 a school. ( See 

iT'TO^r «. (/• wr) Ended, ter- 

V^i^ m. 1 Descent; 2 rain; 
8 occasion, H«iniiH^H<H<l- 
'rnTT^n^'T: Sis. II. 8, R. 
XII. 87; 4 favourable oppor- 
tunity, «TT?fT^6^*<kHjH sr^- 
^^Sak. I., K. S. VII. 
40; 5 leisure, ^1H*<^4<<i<^ 
fr^rf^THnr: M. M. IX.; 6 con- 
sultation in private; 7 a year. 

H^r^i^ m. 1 Permission to do 
as one lists; 2 relaxation; 
8 independence. 

irw^ ^w. A spy, an emissary.. 

ai^^^ «. Stepping down. 

iT^r^nr ^» l sitting down; 2 
failure (as in ^<|^i«|^ ); 8 
fatigue, exhaustion* 4 end, 
termination; 5 badness of a 
cause (in law). 

HY^fTf^ n. 1 Oppressing; 2 

vr^fffsf n. 1 End, termina 
tion, cessation, ?r^^?Tp^T'TT 
R^f^ d i<<HM I * i R. I. 95, n. 
23, 45, xviii. 10;2apause, 
8 death, i^rtJJ^NI^HI^ ?FT^: 
qT3T(%«/^ Sak. vi.; 4 
boundaiy, limit* 5 residence. 

ar^^lW n. 1 Conclusion, end; 
2 completion; 8 remainder; 
4 determination, decision. 

af^AfTT n. Removing, caus- 
ing to remove. 

•nftnr «. (/. fir ) 1 Termi- 
nated, ended, finished, ^t|7- 

^T^ftlW f^lHTrfMl R«^ *x« 87, 

53, 2 determined; 8 known, 
understood; 4 stored, ga- 

irrt^ m. Sprinkling,^: ^- 
S^T^^^^h^* Mrich. It. 

ar^^^ir n. The same as anr- 
^q. P. 

lT^r^?|f5f m. 1 A camp. 2as- 
sault, attack; 8 descending. 

1T1^*VT n. See Vi^^r^ ( 2 
and 3). 

ar^^^r w. IDirt, sweepings; 
2 ordure; 8 the privities. 

an^^^TTT w. Spreading out. 

aT^^?fn:»w. 1 A curtain; 2 a 

av^f^ w. 1 A worthless thing, 
aT?r^prfw<: K. 8. V. 66; 2 
the unreality of matter. 
GoMP.— arKK^. the super- 
imposition of unreality. — fi|r- 
i^ m. attachment to a bad ' 
thing, K. S. v. 66. 

9T^r^tn/ 1 State, condition, 
g^qr^^: ?E^: fr?r; R.xii. 80; 
2 situation, circumstance, 

<Tt ?TPT^^ JifJrmRx R. 
xui. 5; 8 stability; 4 de- 
gree, proportion; 5 stage, 
period ( as of life &c. ), 
'^^^T^ f!CT: M. M. B. 

ar?f^<i^^ fT ft^'^r: R. n- 

7 ; 6 appearance in a couit of 
justice. CoMP. —^5^^ I*. 
the four periods of huttan 
life, viz, wr^, ^rNtT* ^frt^Tt 
and TT^ ( in medical sclefi* 
ce ). -ipf 1. the three states 
ofirnp^, ^^ ^^^ §5^ (»«i 

' Veddnta phil.).-fiT n. ttie 
two states of ^ and ^fgr 
( in phil. ). 

an^tn'T ». 1 Residing, dwdU 
ing ; 2 place, abode- S 
period of staying, 4 ditoa* 

anrftqft/ The same asaff^ 
V^qr^. I 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 


mmm n^omng, trickling. 
mm^n. Fanuig<^,dr0p 

mfafif n. 1 Pounding of rice; 

2tb6 langs ( in medicine ), 

^TO^wrrnr^ Yaj- ui 94, 

mp^ n. 1 Throwing away; 
2plandering;3 redeeming; 
4 temporary cessation of 

HflOrm. The back of the 

inirc m. 1 A thief; 2 a 
sbik; 3 apostacy ; 4 rede- 
Ktwry; 5 temporary cessa- 
tion of hostilities. 

UrtilWT/ A waU. 

iQmrn. 1 A smile; 2 a 
jfist, a joke, ^mnnrm'^TOJf - 
jjb^ Bg. XI. 42. 

I|^^^ n. 1 Dissimulation 

ttfeneral; 2 the conceal 

meat of an inward feeling, 

eoQi^ered as one of the 33 

i mboidinate feelings (in rhe- 

! toiic )• As an instance may 

i lewtedBh. V. ii. 80. (It 

il liias defined in the B. 

.^.Jf. The same as a^r- 

F ». Di8^e3pec^ disre- 

/ The same as a?^- 

jf^ Disrespect, disre- 

y. 1. 6. 

ImL 1 Downwards; 2 
«•{/.#) A guardian, 

*. (/. W ) Stooping, 
id* Dumb* 

~ ;2|Dwerafn 

( with abl. ) ; 3 headlong; 4 
southern. II m. Brahman 
( ». ). CoMP. — ^r:^ o. 
having the head downwards, 

ftrn: M. at. 249. -»f5f a. 
M^rtt/. The south. 

ing down R. xt. 78. 

H^^J^ o. (/. IT ) 1 South- 
ern; 2 descended. 

9T?T«1| a. ( /*. ^mf ) 1 Impro- 
per to be addressed, e, g. ar- 

^^ ^fir^ fp^r q^T^ ^ 

^5? 2 vile, b ad, ar^r^inr^- 

It. 36; 3 what cannot be ex- 
pressed in words. Comp. — 
^fT m, the vulva. 

irorPwW o. (/. Iff) Bent, low. 

«r.F^ «. (/ n ) 1 Situat- 
ed between ,( as in ar^pJTT- 
f^;^); 2 included; 3 sub- 
ordinate, secondary; 4 not 
closely connected. Comp.— 
f^t f^^/* an intermediate 
quarter; ( they are ^W'ftj 

3Trt^» %^<ft and ^inr^ ). -%- 

ff m. a place situated be- 
tween, an intermediate re- 

Hifft^/. Obtaining, receiv- 
ing, fTT- f^sk^ d<^lrf^«l»f*Tii 
K. S. V. 64. 

inrt ^' 1 This side; 2 the 
near bank of a river. Comp. 
— int "»• the ocean, -fffrr 
a, 1 belonging to the ocean; 
2 crossing a river. 

Bl^rr^ ^* The son of a 
woman by any man of the 
same caste, other than her 
first husband. ( ftfft^ J q-J 

ar^Vr^ w. A thief. 

iTfT^^ I ^. Unclad. II m. 

A Bauddha. 
M^ I m./.A sheep, flW^- 

III. 6. II m. 1 The sun; 2 
wind; 8 a mountain; 4 iA 
enclosure. 6 a imt; 6 a 
blanket. Ill/ 1 An ewe; 
2 a woman in her conrsev. 
Comp.— il^^ffif m. a kind of 
tribute, -qv m. a woollen 
cloth, -qin ft. a shepherd. 
-^«fW fi.the name of atown, 

^ Ve. I. 

v(f^ I M. A sheep. II n. A 

vT^f^fk^ m. A flock of sheep. 

Hf^l^npr a. (./. IT) Not 
boasting, modest, II xv 7S. 

a^lR^a. (/.«T) 1 Full, 
entire, perfect, q^B^')^^- 
j^r^^?5itir Megh.i. 24; 
also I. 34; 2 regular, ?ir?nr- 
Pr**<1|rt TPT^ifW^- Sii. 
xt 10. 

l|(%^f^ I or. (/. Ftyr ) Un- 
changeable. II m. 1 Absence 
of doubt; 2 absence of al- 
ternative or option; 3 a 
positive precept. 

lil^irRr /. 1 Absence of 
change ;2 the inanimate prin- 
ciple called STfPf and con- 
sidered to be the material 
cause of this universe ( i^> 
S^nkhya phil.) JtriH^frTrflr- 
frt^: S4nk. l\.8. (See also 
V&chaspati's comment on 

iTf^fiV^ I a.(/. irr) Immuto- 
ble, unchangeable. II ft. 
Brahman (n.). 

3?f^OT a. K/ fir) E«f 

tire, undiminished, un* 
hurt, uninjured, e. g, ftifr^ 

HT^rff I o. (/. ff ) Bodilesf, 
incorporeal. 11 m. A com- 
pound whose sense cannot 
be expressed by its compo* 
nent parts separately, (i» 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



llf^rir ^* l^Veodom from obsta- 
cles, aT:*?nT^>r ^nr: ft^ 

ad: 5i%«rr^ K. i Ol. (Note— 
tUis word is neater while 
O^T is masculine. Of. aff^.) 

^ift^rrt^ a. (/. nr) Not 
thought out, not considered. 
Com p. — pt'^T/i^ a prejud- 
iced opinion. 

Hf^^l^ n. A direct flight (of 
birds ). 

S^^RW lo. (/. m) Not false, 
Irue, ff <fl fl '4 H II <W'*( H ?* (^' 
^ Sis. XI. 33. II n. Truth, 
3Tl^^^n!Tf nrqr^ Sak. HI. 
(This word is used adverbi- 
atlj alsOjM.ii. 144). 

«ff^?«nr rn. n. Quicksilver. 

IT^^ I a. Not distant, near. 
II w. Proximity. ^The ace. 
inst. abl. and loc, singulars 
of this word, rit : — ^ I ^^H. 
«?(^ijror, an^^H and arf% 
are used as indeclinables in 
the sense of *not far'.) 

wlf^tf. 1 Ignorance J 2 spi- 
ritual ignorance. 3 illusion 
or Maya (i. e, that principle 
which, according to the 
Veddntists, makes us see 
the whole universe in Brah- 
man (n.) which alone ex- 
ists,) bti^ ^MIinM5H^rtH<{1«0r- 

^rer^f ^nrf^^rrf^G. L. 2. 

CoMP.-i(H' a, caused by ig- 
norance or illusion. 

nOPi^ /. A non-widow, a 
«narriod woman whose hus- 
band is livi»»g, ^T^fH f^Tt^' 
^^^fkmn. Mcgh. 11.36. 

lVf^«r I m. 1 Rude be- 
liaviour,offence, a?^r^c?5f%- 

^ ?'WHUT^*'*<r5 Safe* 
1.; 2 indecorum, impro- 
priety of conduct ; 8 arrog- 
Itnce, rudeness, 3?t%T- 
<fHm^ ft^ S'ankam. II a. 
f f. inr } Rude, immodest. 
H^PTPfPT It 1 Non-separa- 
tion; 2 inherent and in- 

separable connectbn; 8 con- 
nection in general (ai^sfrHr- 

r^ K. Pr. u.) 

^W^ «• (/• ^) Rude, im- 

mT^PHFci. (/ ^FfiT) 1 Un- 
divided, entire; 2 unparti- 
tioned, joint in interest, as 
a family or property, (in 

Mf^THRT ^* 1 The not divid- 
ing; 2 undivided inheri- 

^f^^lM ^ 1 Certain articles 
which are not divided at the 
time of partition; ( they are 
enumerated thus: — ^# qr^- 

M. IX. 219); 2 indivisibility. 
MT^ror «• (/ ?fT ) Not desist- 
ing from ( with abl, ), un- 
interrupted, continual, aff^- 


B^ff^t^ i^ff' Eternally, con- 
tinually, aT|9T?f Mi*l4*flt ^- 
m? Bh. V. 1. 113. 

VlM^f, 1 Incontinence; 2 

Brf^C?Va (f.m) 1 Close; 
2 substantial ;8 uninterrupt- 
ed. ( •fT^TIT'^ is also used 
adverbially in the sense of 
* closely, fast ', an^^^nrrfft"- 
Pt^ cnif: Sak. m. ) 

9^fy^ w. Absence of delay, 
quickness. (9|f^pw? and 
^if^H^H are nsed adverb- 
ially in the sense of "with- 
out delay, quickly ". ) 

S?ftW»W^ ff. (/ fTT) Quick, 
without delay. ( Also used 
adverbially. ) 

mT^TW/. An ewe. 
MJ^^f^a. (/.fTT) 1 Un- 
intentional, not intended, 

( as in 9firWff^iVJ%f7flf<r; >; 
2> undeckreicl, not to bfe 
said, or spoken. 

ttf^ft^ a. (J. ^m) 1 Unin- 
vestigated, not thought out; 
2 indiscriminate; 8 public. 

9^f^^^ m. 1 Hastiness; 2 
want of judgment or fore- 
sight, a^fttfr: MIH I ^^I ^T^ 
Kir. It. 80. 

Mfr^N^RT a. (/. nf ) 1 With- 
out doubt, 5*9rfT?pir^^rfir i^r- 
p^nr^Tufsr^rf^Tfrr: K. Pr.Tv.; 

2 without fear. 
Mft^ I «. (/.^) Alike, 
without any difference. II n. 

1 Absence of difference, uni- 
formity ;2 identity. Comp.— 
^ o. not knowing the differ* 

vH^ m. 1 The ocean; 2 « 

MPT'RI' «J. 1 Not the obj^HTt 
(j. e, transcending, beyond) 
'RRFTHTBRRT'lf^^i M. M. I- 

2 disappearance, absence; 3 
disregard of objects of 

nRr^rr ./: 1 a river; 2 the 

earth; 8 heaven. 
IT^ /• A woman in her 

V^r^ m. Name of a hell. 
ar^Kr / A woman having 

neither husaband nor soils, 

?I??W5jrRrrT: M. IX. 218. 
Hff^ I o. Not being in, not 
existing in, e. g. W^^'^m^- 
ffrT?^. II /. 1 Absence of 
any means of livelihood, ^* 

M IV. 223or^^uf«nfr f^ 

^ ^^^ffr^f^H^iQ M.ix. 74. 

X. 101; 2 absence of wagOB, 
H^^ ind. Not in vain, sttc- 

ifjft*/. Drought. 
a|%?ff«r w J Looking towards ; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



t aHentbn, ewe, Hv^nH^- 
«nrif^9: B. XIV. 85; 3 
larding, considering, R. 
JVf. 67. 
1/fim/' The same as vf^wn 

Ultir I a. if. nr) 1 Unknow- 
abfe; 2 unobtainable, un- 
attainable, it m, A calf. 

lft,T I a. (/. HT ) 1 Untime- 
Ij; 2 without any limit. II 
fli. Concealment of know- 

Wn <*.</. ^) 1 Irrecukr, 
not conformable to rule; 2 
ikot sanctioned by the a'as- 
tnu, e. g. 3Tt>l q^^4 *H 

UtRl^ra. Sprinkling \vith 
tfeshntinghand. (fi^Vv 

«|%f ffl. Sprinkling, moistcn- 

«lsf ». The same as bj*^ q. v. 

IW^Ia. (/ ^IfT) 1 Not 

I if^paient, indistinct, e, g, 

j ih6H«HH^<tf q:; 2 invisible; 

I 8 nndetermined, ^^M'hl^H- 

ft^eqpT^ Bg. tt. 25: 4 un- 

faumn as a quantity or 

mmber ( in algebra ). II m. 

1 Primary matter which has 

BOlyet entered into exist- 

me; 2 a name of Vkhnu; 

t^S'iTa; 4 of Kamadeva. 

HI ». 1 The primary germ 

iMfcure out of which all 
!|l«nomena of the mate- 
ddtortd are doreloped, ( in 
M^ phil.) See Sank. 

gtoivi «n:: Katho.; 2 
IMlimu (n. ); 3 the soul; 4 
^tonnm. Coup.— ng^fTT 
tbfltt imikating of unmean- 
iff MWMl-Mlf^ a. whose 
tN|^i&iii|^ is faiscniiable.-^ 
%' iMiliQ«Iala«4|gnpff m. 
4ite0ii|r<»iitf existence, 

(in Sinkhya phil. ). -<nr;I 
m. the colour of the dawn 
II a. mddy — ^ff^ m. an 
unknown number or quanti- 
ty (in alj:cbra).- ?to^ m, 
an epithet of Siva. — ifft?, 
^r^a, mysterious in his 
ways or dealings. — ^n^ «. 
speaking indistinctly .-^ff^ 
n. equation of unknown 

3T«(«T a. (/. irr) Not mutila- 
ted, sound, i)erfect, 

irs^lsr^nT I w. An animal 
without horns though of 
an age to havo them. II a. 
^/ TT). Not having the <iis- 
tinctive marks of one's sex 
or kind, e. g, »T5?!hT5Tr ^T^. 

M«nT I «. (/ trr) Free from 
pain. II iw, A snake. 

M^aVt^cr w. 1 The ocean ; 2 

«TWirfir(^) ''TK m. IXon- 
scparotion, M. ix. 10. ; 2 

«TniT^TOfft?[ a. (/.'*) 1 
Steady, permanent, faithful, 
e. g. ^(WK^qfH^lfM ; 2 Vir- 
tuous, moral, chaste ; £true 
in all cases, without any 
instance to the contrary, 

(^r^s^pr^(t m^: K. S. v. 
36, jf^t^^qn^T^i^ fRr 

^"^ a<54||S|^l^ ^^: Sak. 
VI ; 4 not having the flaw 
called sqfn^^ </. v. (as a 
^ in logic). 

arcil^I a. (/. «rr). 1 Im- 
perishable, immutable, ^rff- 

Bg. U. 17; 2 eternal, ever- 
lasting, anfr^ qrfi^qr^ Bg. 

XV. 1, ( 3T3|flf^) ?fi%T(^siTf5?r W- 
^^qrqrg: Bg. n. 84 ; 3 un- 
expended, un wasted; 4 eco- 
nomical. II m 1 A name 
of Vishnu; 2 of S'iva. Ill 
n. 1 An indeclinable ( in 

gram.). (^^ f^j fWtJ inIs 

^ftr ?r^«rni.); 2 Brahman 
( «. ). CoMP.-avpNf^ a. of 
imperishable nature. — ^f m. 
the class of indedinables. 

^Ml4>^W m. 1 One of the 
four principal compounds in 
Sanskrit grammar. ( It is so 
called because it always- 
forms indedinables ( aT^«F7 ) 
from substantives, e, g. ^- 
jsjf^; the other three com- 
pounds are f^, ?T^CT and 
^(^^ ) ; 2 non-expenditure 
owing to poverty, in^ |%rir- 
nvpiiv^: Ud. ( where both 
the senses are intended ); 3 

M«nft^ «. (/. ?irr ) 1 Agree- 
able, having no disagreeable 
element, f?^ fiTT: ft^TrT'TT fT 
#4''-^t0liTJ Sis. V. l.;2true. 

3T«rniR«. (/ «Tr) 1 Im- 
mediate, close; 2 open; 8 

M«2W^a.f/. ^m) 1 Dis- 
orderly, irrejiular; 2 not 
stable, moving, ^H!iP(*<Pt- 
^H^t^ ^^TPI K. S. I. 33. 

M^^r^^r / 1 Irregularity^ 
deviation from established 
rule ; 2 an incorrect opinion 
on a point of civil or reli- 
gious law. 

M«ir^ft^?r a. (/. m ) 1 Not 
conformable to law or prac- 
tice ; 2 ill-regulated ; 3 
fickle, unstable, e, g. a???;^- 

^?««r^fr* o. (/ ^) Not en- 
titled to eat or drink with 
people of i^ie same caste^ 
out-casted, excommunica- 
ted; 2 not to be discussed 
at a law-court. 

arsiT^ffWa. r/.«r) imme- 
diate, without any interven-^ 
ing thing, direct, 

l«T«rrfr?fi «.(^. nr. ) Not 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


Bumifest, e.g.n^ wH^- 
fiTnTr^^.II n. 1 Elementary 
flubstance from which all 
things were created, consi- 
dered as one with Brahman 
(n.) (in Ved^nta phil.);2 
the pnmary germ of nature 
(See ?^sr ) according to the 
Sankhyas . 

IfCfnr fri. 1 xVbsence of fraud, 
honesty ; 2 reality, ji f^«r- 
^rf^PT^rrt ^: Sak. I. 

«niinrc m* 1 Cessation from 
work; 2 a business not prac- 
tised or understood, arcTFnT'S^ 

Panch. I, 
Ifdirflr / 1 Inadequate per- 
vasion or extent of a pro- 
position ( in logic ); 2 the 
non-inclusion ( exclusion ) 
of part of the thing defined, 

m^!m^ «• (/ cirr. ) Not 

extending to the whole cir- 
cumstances, not pervading 
the whole extent inVais'eshi- 
kaphil.) e. g. ^ft4'T^qT«!ff- 
cq-:. CoMP, — jf^ a. a cate- 
gory of limited application 
or partial inherence as re- 
gards time or space. ( in 
Vais'eshika phil^ar^qR^f frT: 
?ppr*f f^^lTipr^sq^ Bh. P. 

«I«^Tf^ ff. (/. «r) Unob- 
structed, unhmdered,obeyed, 
e. g. 3<w||ffl|fl: ^^if. 

V^T^^^ (/.ffT)l Hav- 
ing no proper derivation, 
e g. 3T^rT#OT^r«^: (mean- 
ing am^^Jfqr:); 2 incx 
perienced, not practised, as 
in 9f^^5{tif^u II m. One 
not proficient in the gram 
mar and idiom of a language, 
a superifictal linguist . 

•IJPr a (/nr. ) Not obsenr- 
ing religious rites or obli- 
gations, Bl^fTRPTT'^Tn^ mf^- 

114, iu. 170. 
IT^ I v« 5. A (pp.^im or 
117)1 To reach, to attain, 
to go to. e,g. ^im^T^q^Jfi^ 
Yaj. 1. 261; 2 to obtain, to 
acquire, 5f ^^'fnT'ng^ M.i. 
109, or «»n* T#CPn^ m^^: 
Na. VI. 43. 23, ix. 
9; 3 to per\'ade, to occupy, 
* ^^^^ ^fPT>r4^: Bt. 
i£. 30. With ^rq*- toob. 
tain, to acquire, ArqirTOyrr- 
TJ^ M. VI. 82 Rr- to per. 
vade, to o ccupy, jr ?TnT^<TP?' 

R. IV. 15, Bt. IX. 4, 
XIV. 96, xvii. 60. II vt 9 
P (PP- MfOT) 1 To eat, 
ft>^ jn^^Mt^TPl^M. II. 61, 
IK. 106; 2 to taste, to enjoy, 

Bg. IX. 20, or zff^i^ ir?^- 
Oi n^ >!%% W^ Hit. I. 
With ir-l to eat, x?m|^f%^- 
??Bt. I. 13,xv.29,Vii.8; 
2 to drink, e. g. sr sttVI^ST^- 
^♦^r^". Wtrl ^o ea^» f* ^'l' 
«'TP>fr'T.5 M. VI. 19; 2 to 
enjoy, q^TTTTrf ifT^nrr^ Bh. 

iT^rapY m. n. A bad omen. 

MfcnrF y. 1 Inability, v^ 

?nr^?^ ^ jf »f»rRrPnr?n?r 

R. X. 82; 2 weakness, power- 

Brtf^a. (/, m) 1 Fearless; 

2 without any doubt. 
BTO^T w. 1 Eating, feeding; 2 

enjoying; 3 pervasion; 4 

food, inrf^rero^ ^jt^i flfiTH^ 

mifH M. III. 118, v. 78. 
M^r^/ Hunger. 

J TO^riy / Hunger, ^?TnRnr: 
4»rtlft»l?^, or ar^TW ^HJRf- 
qrr (^f^ Sat. Br. 

VfRrfSW «• (/.^) Hungry. 

STTTf^lr I m. 1 Indra; 2 fire. 
II m./. 1 A missile; 2 the 

thunderbolt, ottw 'Tf^Bfl^ 
^.fincl^. xu. 56; 3 a.fiftili 
of lightning, inrf^: ^if^cm 

tnr^>nTr R. vm. 47, ar^V 

%;pr: K. S IV. 43; 4 the 

lip of a missile. 
arirvf ». 1 Brahman (n.) ; 2 

the primary germ of nature 

according to the SankhjM*. 

tvM^n^ S. Bh. 
ITOT^ «. (./*. '^ ) Defence- 

less, destitute of refuge. 
Hinft m. 1 Brahman (n.y; 

2 an ascetic who has given 
up all worldly connections. 

H^^^a. Q. 0,7) Incor* 
poreal, ST^.rc^ nfH HT'W^- 
fJTr^nrtOTT Ve. at. 

WnW o. (/. ^RT ) Not con- 
formable to sacred authority. 
CoMP.-f^rf|lf, ftri[ a, not 
enjoined or sanctioned by 
the S'dstraf. 

MftW Ia.(/.m) 1 Eaten» 
enjoyed; 2 not sharpened. 
II n. 1 Eating; 2 enjoy* 

9ff^ m. 1 A thief; 2 an 
oblation of rice. 

Hf^rr m. 1 Fire; 2 the sun; 

3 ft demon; 4 wind. 
Mflr^ I a, (/. ^) Inan- 

spicious. (^^:) arf^^ Ri% 
iffHT^rf nHT^?TT HT?r^t Ram. 
II n. 1 Ill-luck; 2 mischief. 
CoMP.-3Tf^C «n. 1 bad be- 
haviour, rudeness; 2 con- 
duct not sanctioned by any 
recognized authoritv. 
Hftrea (/CT) 1 Not laid 
down in any authoritatiye 
work; 2 not sanctioned bj 
any recognized authority: 3 
rude, barbarous, uncefinedf 

4 atheistic. 

irtftfT". (/ fir) Not corf, 
hot. GoMP.*?|f^ m. the sun. 

M^ftfr I )*<^* (It is naed 
in the singular even witli n 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


noon in the plural and is aU 
mj8 feminine whatever be 
fte gender of the noon. ) 
B^tj. 11/ The numbei' 

mlNiira.(/.*) Headless. 

ligf^ I a. Impure, foul, 
<.y.lTr^gf^:iiH%. 11/ 1 
Impuritj; 2 disgrace, de- 

l^ll^/ Imparitj, foulness. 

i|^ I a. (/ *rr)l Inauspi- 
cious, unfortunate; 2 im- 
pure. II n. Sin, misfortune. 
CoMP.— ^ir m. an inauspi- 
doQs omen. 

[ a,(/. 7W(f) Not yacant, 

irfpff^ Sak. II. (execute 
joor business). 

»r|ff a. (/ fir ) Unripe, raw. 

iiml a. (/ qr) Without 
lemunder, whole, perfect, 
entire, *dli^ •IT «F%TJ*'T- 
?!r^ R. Ul. 65, also48, bt^ 

Dd. II m. Non-remainder, (h 
^, 3i%#ir and ^T^^fH^ are 
med as indeclinables in the 
sense of "wholly, entirely," 
irrt^.=TPn^^*T^ W; K. S. 

?iri% Bg. IV. 85. ) 
irtNrIa.(/?FT) Without 
sorrow, not feeling or caus- 
mg scnnrow. II w. Name 
of a tree famous in Sans- 
faifc fiterature. ( According 
to Ae conrention of poets 
tUi twe puts forth flow- 
€m mh&oL it receives kicks 
fttttt young beautiful ladies. 
bl«lhtttoii to this circum- 
itttowife bare in the K. 

^Wnt Tl^ IfW?*^ I *n^ 
III. St. and in the 

ir. 15. See 

also R. VIII. 62. ) III n 1 
The blossom of the Asoka 
plant; (the flower of this 
tree is considered as one of 
the Ave arrows of K6ma- 
deva. See aKPT-^); 2 quick- 
silver. CoMP.— l|ir%/ the 
eighth day in the first half 
of Chaitra -?Rr, »r«T, IFf^, 
f|[f m. the A^oka trce.-pntnr 
n. name of a feast wliich 
lasts during three nights. 
— ^fif^iPilRr ^» ^1)6 maxim of 
the grove of flw'ol-a trees. The 
maxim takes its origin from 
Rdvana's keeping Sit4 in 
an as^oka grove and denotes 
that, where there are sever- 
al connections possible, any 
one of them is as good as 
another and the preference 
of one of them cannot be ac- 
counted for, as Ravan^ pre- 
ference of an 3T#Rr^2in' »s 
a resort for Sit& could not 
be accounted for. 

urot'wr a. (/ ^m ) Not to 
be kmcnted, 8|^7l^MM'^f- 
"^TP^Bg. n. 11. 

vm^n, 1 Impurity, foul- 
ness; 2 defilement contrac- 
ted by the death of a rela- 
tion, ( called ^ffNft^) or by 
a new birth m the family, 
(caUed 9f^^ )^»Tfknr- 

XI. 183. 

HifiwRW^ / A feast at 
which people are invited to 
eat and drink, an invitation 
to eat and drink, Bt. v. 92. 

^ItpTfi w, pL The name of a 
country and its inliabitants. 

H^ipit m. 1 A stone, JTm^^- 

cri|f?rpin^«>'^qRTmJTHw R, iv. 

77; 2 flint; 3 a thunder- 
bolt. CoMP.— ^RH" n, bitu- 
inen.-«f , jn^VT m. a parti- 
culai* class of devotees, Yaj. 
Ul. 49.-q^, ipfir, »». an 

emerald. -Tf ». 1 red chalk; 
2 iron. -113, :i|^ «. 

bitumcn.-infll/ an emerald. 
^-^TTT m. an axe for break- 
ing stones, -^wf n. benzoin. 
-^rpy «. a mortar of stone, 
-^fr^ m. an emerald. HETC 
w.w.liron; 2 sapphire. 

H^»Fff w. 1 A fire-place; 2 
a field 

M^H^fl^ I m. It. A fireplace. 
II m. Name of a plant, 

a??^/ The stone ( in me- 
dicine ). 

IT^ I m. A comer. II n. 1 
A tear; 2 blood ( more 
correctly written bt^ q, v.). 
CoMP. —If 7rt. a blood-drinker 
I. e, a fiend. 

»TWT I a. (/ TT) I>eaf. II 
m. A snake. 

IT^TT^ m. Non-performance 
ol^'rdddha q v, Comp,— 
^ftn^ a. one who has taken 
a vow not to eat during the 
performance of the s'roddha 

STMF^ a. (/5^) 1 Un- 
wearied; 2 incessant, con- 
tinual.^ (sTMRT; is used 
adverbially also in the sense 
of 'continually.') 

ST^C'rfr)/ 1 The sharp 
side of anything; 2 an angle 
of a room or house; 8 the 
edge of a weapon, fT^ f-jp 

It, 20. (This word is chang* 
cd into arv when it follows 
^^t 1*^, ^ and some other 
words in a compound, e. g. 

irgr-nrtr^ K. s. i. 82, 

where ^TgTN" is explained by 
Mall, to mean {fig, ) * fr^ 
from defects' 'symmetrical'.) 

VifNr (w) «. f/^r. w) 

1 Unlucky, unprosperouis; 

2 without beauty, pale, ir- 
'rfNTr: ^»ri%<MI^^ ff <f^ 
ifllTl^Sis. xv.^. , 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


r n. A tear, cnrnr ^[4t W 
^^gf3^: R. iiL 61, vui. 
25, xu. 4, 62. CoMP. — ^- 
f^ a. afflicted with tears. 
— q'Ttij^ a. filled with tears. 
*^f^ a. whose eyes are filled 
with tears. -^Rj^ o. bathed 
in tears. -n?T m. flow of 
tears. -"JJ^a. filled with tears 
*^f5ff«r o. whose eyes are fill- 
ed with teare. -g^ a. having 
tears on the face, -tit'^m «. 
having tears in the eyes. 

-^T'^'in; 71. Mischief, unhappi- 

wHta. (/.?ft) Not sanc- 
tioned by the S'ruti or Vedas 
( t. e, either altogether irreli- 
gious or sanctioned by 
Smriti only ). 

^Wffwla. (/.wr)l Ugly; 
2 vulgar, abusive, obscene, 

^ Yaj. 1. 33, II n. 1 
Rustic language, low abuse; 
2 a fault of composition, so 
named; it consists in 
the use of a word producing 
in the mind of the hearer a 
feeling of either shame or 
disgust or inauspiciousness. 
In the instances " TW^.'^iT- 

^f ^t^3:"and"(^;fir cT- 
-PIT % ff^ " the words ^rr^HT, 
iTigr and ft^rpjT produce 
respectively a sense of 
shame, disgust, and inauspi- 
ciousness, ?TWT giving 
an idea of the male organ 
of i^neration, ^5 of the 
wind that escapes at the 
anus, and ft^T^T of death. 
( K. Pr. VII ). 
Mii^f f. The ninth lunar 
mansion consisting of ^ve 
stars ; 2 disunion, disjunc- 
tion. CoHP,— >ir, HT f't- A 
name of Ketu. 


, Im, (yir;/i. »^ )1 A liorse, 
^T^T^^ ftW^R^: K« S, VI. 
39; 2 the number * seven '; 
3 a particular class of men, 
( thus defined: — ^TOJ^^Tfg- 

U^'k^ ^^w^ f^r ^' w )• 

II 7/1. du, A horse and a 
mare, Comp. — afiR^/. a 
whip. -3Tf^^- strong in 
cavalry, -bt^^ew '«• ^ guard- 
ian of horses. -BTnjf^f "*• 
veterinary science. -ifR' m. 
a buffalo. -STTtf m. 1 a 
horseman; 2 a ride. -^^^ a. 
broad-chested like a h#rse. 
-^^ m. 1 name of a tree; 
2 the ear of a horse, -grft 
/. a stable for horses, ^gi^- 
W, 5Ktf^ «. skilled in man- 
aging horses. Hjrrir w- a 
mule.-^ jn, a horse's hoof. 
-^frB" w. a stable, -qf^ 7». 
pasture for horses. -^^HT- 
I[rr9rr/.a riding house.-P^ftr- 
f^pi7* 19. a f arrier .-f^T^HT 
/. farriery. -JHm w. a kind 
of centaur, -frc w^'C A*>«- 'ft ) 
a mule. -^ m. a riding 
messenger, -qnr *"• one who 
has the charge of grazing 
horses. -plipKspir '»• * groom, 
-q", qr^ m. a groom. -^5^ 
7/1. a groom, -HT/. lightn- 
ing. -Hfllf^niir/. the natural 
enmity between a horse and 
a buffalo.-5^ m. a kinnara 
or celestial chorister, f>p^p?T 
T^ nfcf iTMfJ^q-: K.S.I. 11. 
-%>f m, a horse sacrifice, if- 

^TT. M. XI. 260. -'^t^, %- 
>Slnr I a. relating to the 
horse sacrifice; 1 1 7W. a horse 
fit for the AA^ramedha 
sacrifice. -J^ /• 1 the first 
lunar mansion; 2 the month 
of As'mna,'^^ m the keep- 
er or rider of a horse, -nr 
m, a earriago drawn by 

norses. -mtj' uauie ui a 
river, -fnr »». the king of 
horses, 1. e, T^'iR^ q- r.-^ 
iJjf /. a kind of snake. -7^^ 
m, the same as arvj^f q. v. 
"T^ «• 9ing. horses and 
mares. -?f^ m. a horseman. 
-^JK, ^rSK" m, a liorseman. 
-f^ I a. skilled in manage- 
ing horses; II m. a jockej. 
-%fT w. a farrier. -^ETTHry: 
a stable, -^n^ w. a colt. 
-WW ^^ ^ manual of veteri- 
nary science. -^4|(f^^r X- 
the natural enmity between, 
the horse and the jackaL 
-^TTf ,^fTf^ w. a horse man, 
a horse-soldier, srf^sTfKTIR- 

management of horses and 
cars, charioteership, ^HHiH" 
V«rtVT?[ M. x.47.H?irT«. 
a stable for horses.-^fq* n, 
skill in horsemanship. 

9|f[^^ m. 1 A small horse; 2 
a bad horse, a hack. 

W^rf^'Tr/- The first lunar 
mansion; ( also arflT'ff )- 

9^^?^^ m. The holy filg-tree, 

^%W M. VIII, 246. 

w^TOPT «. (/. *r ) 1 Of to. 

day, not of to-morrow; 2 
making no pronsion for to- 
morrow, M. IV. 7. 

W^^^Erl^^ (^' (/.*r) The 
same as aiv^^ 9. v. 

srr^^ a. (/. cflr ) Brawn by 

«lf)[^ I m, A cavalier, a 
horse-tamer. II «i. du. The 
twin physicians of gods said 
to be the twin sons of the 
sun by a nymph in the form 
of a mare, e. g. {^nV^ 

MfiMt/. 1 A nymph con- 
sidered as the mother of the 
AB'vin^; 2 the first lunar 
mansion consisting of tfivee 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



stars. CoMP. ^jfmKf^^y 

jnf m. the twin sons of 

As'rinj. (See. ^f^ II.). 
Iftpftf I <i. (/. nr ) Relating 

to a horse. II ??. A number 

o! horses, 
ifqv^m. The same as ^m^ 

which is the more usoal foim 

of the word, 
mnr/ The same as BTPnTT 


irnri a. (/ ?irr) Eight- 
fold, consisting of eiglit 
parte. II n. 1 A whole con- 
sisting^ of eight parts ;2 ft 
chapter of the Higveda ; 3 
a group of eight, e, g. itnr- 

f^ q?f^ q: 5T!TiT: ^^J^ ^^i- 

i^MM^i' CoMP. -.3^'iy n, 
a land of board for playing 
with dice. 

»|f^ /. 1 The serentb, 
ei^th, or ninth day after 
fall moon, M. iv. 113;2a 
smitfha to be performed on 
any of those days. 
HfOT w. An aggregate of 

iflftwKW- (always^/, nom. 
3re or a?sf^.) Eight ( In 
composition with other nu- 
menls it often assumes the 
form sfin e. g. aiEff^^). 
CoMP —aw n. an octagon. 
-i|f a. lasting eight days. 
-^ m. an epithet of Bra 
hman ( w. ).-3K^»t. a king 
who has eight duties to per 
form; (^airil%^f^^ ^ ?rar 

ind, eight times.-^lfl^ n. an 
octcgcm.-9|^ 71. 9ing. a flock 

ftf M^t COWS.-i[ar I CI. 

eigli-fold, M. Tm.40; II n. 
aM. the eight qualities 
rajfii a BHifaixiaffa ought to 

and ar^rr. "imr^ «. 

endowed with the eight 
qualities abov-e-named.-Hl'- 
^F w. the number ' 24 '.- 
^ 71. a lotus with eight pe- 
tals.-ft^piHry rn, pL the eight 
regents of the cardinal points 
viz, f %3?(^,?nvlWl^» W^y 
mj, ^, and t^nT.-ft»'nf 
m. />/. the eight elephants 
wliich guard the eight car- 
dinal points; (they are:-%^r- 

'fr:)-fifT/. the eight cardin 
al points of the compass, viz. 
^T, 3;fXt. ^I%^i 'i^Nt, T- 

f%Trr, ^M. ^^n and $w^.- 

y^ ind. 1 eight-fold; 2 in 
eight parts, nH]s2\fff^sfHl?nr 
^; R. XT£. 3.-^^ ». jp/w<7. 
the eight metals collectively; 
( they are:— 5^ ^of 5 m- 

I a. having eight legS; II iw. 
a kind of spider.-»i^rnT ». 
the collection of eight lucky 
things; ( they are differently 
enumerated : — ( 1 ) ^^rr^r- 

'T. ( 2 ) f?r*J^P!: H'lrtl-^^T 

f^ ^m mrr ^nifCT": )•- 

mf^<< g a. occurring once 
in eight months.-^!?f m. the 
eight-formed, an epithet 
of S'iva; (these eight 
forms are thus enume- 
rated in the opening stanza 

• of the Sak.— i|T ^: ^- 
fpsTT (i. e. water) ^ff^ ft^- 
^ ^ f1%: ( t. « fire ) qr ^ 
r'ft ( K ^. the sacrificer ) '^ 
i ^% ^>nr: ( t. ^ the Sun 

;;and the moon ) ^f^r^tftpfj 

(/,#. the earth) im «?lPnr: 

qpr^'Jr: f /. e. air) qr^nrrfJT: 

^:. ). *^^ w. (possessing 
eight forms ) an epithet of 
S'i\'a.-C^w. the eight jeweb 
taken coUectiroly.-ffT w. the 
eight sentiments in poetry 
tiz. '4MK*K*r^rJfT?I^H- 

Am. ; (according to some au- 
thorities ^nn^ also is a ra^a. 

T* nr: K. Pr. IV.). "^WN^ 
a. endowed with the eight 
sentiments of poetry .-ft^ a. 
of eight kinds, ^^ ^^TT^fl^ 
^ M. vu. 154.— ^iw n. 
eight hundred.-^n^» V^'? 
f». a name of Brahman (w.). 
-HT wi. 1 eight parts of the 
body with' which very pro- 
found obeisance is perform- 
ed, ( the phrase HTHf^ ^TT*^ 
is often used ); 2 materials 
of worship taken together; 
3 a dice-board, ^^if m. 
an offering of eight 
articles. ( See^ 2). ^n^fPT 
m. prostration of the eight 
parts of the body as in reve- 
rence (wrj^ ^ n^fTOTl- 

Mif»>iwfi5<«i Rnrri %T^r jnw 

7). sexual enjoyment of eight 
kinds t e, the eight stages 
of love-making. ( ^irrjf «ft?f 

^fr^fnTW" M^<Pd 'rtff^TT :) . 
Bnrrr^^ «w»». (always p/ ) 
o. eighteen. *^JCPr »• 
/)/. the eighteen Pur&n- 
as. ( See under j^fT. ) 
^'^Hf/. the eighteen lores, 
(See under fr^ ) ifTTTf 
I m. 1 a spider; 2 a faba« 
lous animal called $'arahhcf^ 
3 a pin or bolt; 4 the 
mountain Kailisa; II m. n. 
1 a kind of di^uered clodi 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



for dice; 2 gold, 3||^|JMl^31M< 

/. twenty-eight. 

inn la. (/. 4t) Eighth, 
M. u 86,37, X. 120. II m. 
The eighth part Comp.— 
^^ m. an eighth part. 
"^fffii '^ a. one who omit- 
ting seven meals partakes 
only of the eighth. 

•iCT^ «. (/. «Fr) The eighth 

llgfi^l /» A weight of four 

ainr4|-/.The eighth day of the 
first and second half of the 
lunar month. 

Hfg/: 1 Seed; 2 kernel. 

91^^/. 1 A round pebble 
or stone; 2 kernel; 3 seed- 

9|if{p^ m, A knee. 

^¥ilvt or r/.l. \J(pp. 3?f9- 
^ ) 1 To take, to seize; 2 
to go; 3 to shine, Bi^q* ¥- 
iqr^f^fl'PT: K« S.x. 85, 

Xi.81. (There is difference of 
opinion as regards the mean- 
ing ofaTTH in these verses. 
Mall, seems to follow w^- 
^n^TT in holding that arf* is 
•n indeclinable, having the 
senseof ipjjf . Vallabha, anoth- 
er commentator of Kalid^sa, 
ihinks that it is an ungram- 
matical form wrongly used 
hj poets. V4mana derives 
it from this root ( i. e, ^ 
I. ) and paraphrases it by 
(Srtt^, ). II vi. 2. P ( not 
conjugated in the arnhr^ 
or nonconjugational tenses ) 
1 To exist, sim^RfNt II^T#- 
HB. V. X..129, or ^f^^ 
W^^HiScBg, It. 12, omf^ 

qnwjc y^h 

112; 8 (a) to belong 
to (with a gen.), ^ 

ft- cT^PTrt?rT W%5^^^ M- 
vxu. 417; (/8 ) to possess 
( with a gen. ) Hlfiff^: nr% 
^ M. vuc. 57; 4 to live, to 
reside, Ufftr ^ ?f B 11: 
5 to become, ^if^»? ar^RJ ^- 

j ^ ^^miiO t ^rarf »inrTr^fl: Kir. 

m. 6. 6 to suffice ( with a 
dat. ) ar^rf^V qi^<f«Rnt 

Jag.; 7 to be affected ( with 
a loc. generally ), fir J ^ 

sTTrt f^?cSak. I ( This root 
is often used merely as a 
copula like the English " to 
be ". The form 9m which 
is found in some fonxw 
of the perfect is some- 
times separated from the 
original base and used 
by itself in poetry, ct qr^TTT 

61.) With S||f^-tobe 
visible, to spring up, ^m^ 
* frJT^ TT'^nT^rt^rrtfq: M. 
M. I. srffC(- ^ appear, to 
spring up, ^fTr^4lj^: M. 
I 6. civf^-( in the Atm) — 
to out-weigh., 9^ «qfrl?^ 
JT^^CnrBt. II. 85.III. 
a|?=r vt. 4. P ( but when 
preceded by a preposi- 
tion U ) (pp. «|CT ) 1 To 
throw ( as a weapon ), nf^^' 

^^*if*r*?fnni R. ^u. 23; 2 

to leave, to give up ( as in 
aTFT^HT, 3T^(T*TT, ^^^ V 
With «?f^-to surpass.nfir 
-toascribe the nature of one 
thing to another, 1^^- 1 to 
quit, to leave, to abandon, 

Ve. ui., f^Pp^m^TPTToni^ 
K, S. V. 44, fironrt^fVr- 

grftTg^RTSSis.i 55,; 2 to 
refute, f^qrQ^ «T«TWV^- 
ivqtfini 0. P, L Hfr* 1 to 

ptaotise, a?>q^«Tiftf ^TTTfiW- 
^ R xiu. 57; 2 to perform 
repeatedly, WTftt xtV^^^* 
FTjSak. II., K. S. u 50; 
3 to study, ^^1m*^Rn^ 
M IV. 147. iff- 1 to throw 
up, to raise upyx^*j<^|'^ S, 
K.; 2 to turn away from. ^- 
'rPt-l to put near; 2 to 
trust; 3 to propose, to sug- 
gest, ftft^yr^^ Sak, m. 
'f^JT'^T^^JT f-^^T^ m Kir. 
U. 8;4 to prove ;5 to hint. 
f^-1 to cast down, to put 
down, to place down, li^THt 
*«^WId ^W 1^^^ 'HT 
Ram., TiSjTjjt '^#5 ^{Vl M. 
VI. 46; 2 to resign, to give 
up, to relinquish, ^ ''T^JTI^- 
Wl^f^ il^^^^H, R. It. 7, 

Ve. lu.; 3 to put upon or 
into, ST ^ft^ '^^^f^ Hrr»?57- 

Jl Bt. I. 22, 5nnn«i^FP?rE* 

?n<hmPRt^^ Hit. i(. • 4to 

state, to make a . statement 
of, aHtMt '^TPrf^ Mall, on 
Sis. I 17; 5 to confer on^ 
to bestow on, jxif 'fiHf^'W* 
* ftT% R. xit. 2, fUmrl <<> 
expel, to quit, to give up, 
f^c^?rTt4tWr^fTH«T^nc Sis. 
I. 55. IX. 68, R. XIV. 84; 
2 to send back; 3 to 
ward off, to defeat, to 
destroy, ?rart,% ^ gft% ft- 
TTW^l Bt. I. 12, 3TF>T ?r% 
ftr^?TiTR. V. 71; 4 to put 
into the back-ground, Bt. i. 
8. qtr-l to leave, to quit, 
to abandon, c^^inwr gW 
f^TOft Kir. V. 27; 2 to re- 
fute, fr^^nwAr* j^: fm^ft* 
«fS* f(^^ ^jKmK s. D, I. 

q^-to spread, Kir. v. 84; 2 
to turn round, K.S, ii. 68; 8 
to surround, K.S. i. 44; 4 ^ 
turn away; 5 to }i^ entamgM 
flfWIo ozelude, ^ f» 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



KKt T-*o throw, ft-lto 
aepante to extricate, Bt. 
TXU.I16 ; 2 to diride into 
pwt8,R. X. 84.tT^r^*«r- 
WPi ( I e. even in part ) 
Bepamtelj. f^— 1 to pat 
dofrn, to place, fl^?T^snT7f: 
l^^^rft? M. lu. 226; 2 to 
make over, to consign to the 
«reof,3fTf^q^cjTT^?ir: Yaj. 
Ui. 45; 3 to fix on or in,|t»qr- 
W^\ tIt fJtf^ qi% Git. G. v., 
<*f trt" f^^lH^I Ram. f^ 
^—1 to undergo change- 
2 to take wrongly, xnfi^ 

Biirtr. III. ^^-1 to unite, 
H. UI. 85; 2 to unite in a 
mnpoond; 3 to take col- 

taken jointly or sererally.' 
.^- 1 to abandon all 
woeWy concern i. ^. to 
tecome an anchorite, |f^- 

»«l?srf^ Bhartr. ni. ( mis ) 
19; 2 to put down, to place 
iomk; 3 to abandon, to give 
op, to quit, ^ ^'-^TWHTT- 

Ibgh. II. 80, R. II. 59, K. 
8, Tii, 67; 4 to make orer, 
toam gign to the care of. 
llW «• (/ ^TT) 1 Not 
vmt Testraint; 2 not tied 

Wg'l ||<| a. (/. ?rr)im- 
•pWe, without any inter- 
JWjt ol time or space ). 

ind. Undoubtedly, 

«• (/. ^ ) Out of 
t, U. n« 203. 

tecf. Inaudibly 
of the person 

np; 2 not 

reunited after partition, as 
an heir (in civil law, ) 

^«^d I a. (/. ^ ) 1 Not 
refined, not cleaned ; 2 not 
adorned, not decorated ; 3 
oyer whom no purificatory 
rites are performed. 11 m. 
An ungraramatical form. 

^^^H a. (/ frr. ) Not on 
familiar terms, strange, un- 
acquainted, 3Ttf^5(Trr qft:- 
rq^: Kad. 

Wf^^pf n. 1 Disorder, con- 
fusion ; 2 want, destitution. 

»?^?^ilf*r /. The same as 

'T^^ ^ ^' (/. ^ ) Joined, 
not united. II m. The pwu- 
sha or soul ( in Sankhya 

MfTfT^ inc?. Oftener than 
once, a^in and again, 

21,Megh.u 29, 39. CoMP. 
-^TWW m, repeated birth. 
^TO^ «• (/. ^fiT ) 1 Not in- 
terested in, indifferent to, 
aror^: spsr^'sr^H^R. i. 21; 2 

detached, disunited ; 3 de- 
tached from worldly feelings 
and passions. 

^T^HF^- a. (/. ^^t) Thighless. 

iroftr m. An enemy, an ad- 


«Wfhr ct. (/. irr ) Not be- 
longing to the same gotra 
or family. 

%|fiji^ m. A broad road. 

*?*inr a. (/ ^^) Without 
number, innumerable, M. i. 

iT^^nr a. (/. iir) The 
same as ^b^ g. p. 

H^Ia. (/. TT) Solitary, 
unassociated. II m. 1 Ab- 
sence of attachment; 2 Pu-- 
rusha or soul (in S&nkhya 

BT*%«rt!l /. 1 Incongruity, 
improbability; 2 » figure of 

speech based oh the appar- 
ent violation of one of the 
relations of causation, ( S€e 
K. Pr. X. under ar^irrf?). 

^T^t^«- (/^r) Notuni. 
ted, not associated. 

M^r^ F. a. (Am) 1 Not 
really existing, unreal ^arj^ir- 

S. Sh.;2 not being, amf^ c^ 
flTRpifr^: K. S. IT. 12; 3 
untrue, false, wrong, e. g. 
ff^f ^iTl%|* fR[WfT; 4 wi- 
cked, vile; 5 bad, R. i. 10. 
II n. 1 Non-existence, non- 
entity; 2 falsehood. Ill m. 
Indra. Comp. »9Yi3r^ m. a 
student who neglects his own 
s'al'hd (recension) , and stu- 
dies another. He is also cal* 
led^TPm^; (fT^rmfqr:cr- 
it^^r^ M-q'i j^^ vT^i ^rwr- 

-BTFTT w. 1 a heterodox 
doctrine; 2 money obtained 
by foul means • 3 a foul 
means. -MPTTt ^. an evil 
practice. -^K^ n. a bad 
deed. -«R^^f /. 1 an un- 
true action; 2 fabrication 
of falsehood, -^^(t/ bad 
treatment, inhospitableness. 
-l|f m. 1 bad opinion ; 2 & 
wicked trick. IT^mT /• 1 
nonexistence; 2 badness; 8 
untruth. 9T^7 n. 1 non- 
existence; 2 wickedness, bad 
ness; 3 untruth, unreality. 
-^ a. evil-eyed, -^ftf m. 
a bad road ( lit. ), an 
evil pra ctice (Jig. ), ai^f^nr- 

jT^RTj: ?nnrr ^nr^ Bh. V. 

IV. 36. -^ftiTf ^- receiving 
presents either unfit in 
themselves ( as frRT ), or 
from improper persons ( as 
ft ^ ).-*Tn' wi. 1 nonexist- 
ence; 2 an evil dispositioii* 
ff^/. 1 low /oecupation; 2 

Digitized by V^jC 


iriokeduess. -v^^f^^rc m. evil 
practice. H^^if m, evil com- 

Wt^mift/, Wickedness. 

K^/ An unfaithful wo- 

Bfipir I a. (/. ^m ) Untrue, 
fclso. IIw. Untruth, false- 
hood, M, XI. 69. CoMP. 
-i^flf^ a. speaking falsely .- 
^^^ a, treacherous, wicked, 

iTff^ a. (/. ^) 1 Unlike, 
dissimilar; 2 improper, un- 
fit, mn: i%H'^Ǥlf (%fr^ ^- 
if^ Ve. y. 

lf^ffn![ ind. Not immediate- 

iffp^ n. Blood. ( This word 
Las no forms for the first 
five cases.) 

innr I w. The name of a 
particular tree, Sis. vi. 47. 
Il n. Throwing, sending. 

^iWP'^P^ «. (/. ^t^ ) Certain, 
beyond doubt. ( 3TfTT[?'^*l is 
used as an indeclinable in 
tlie sense of 'certainly', 'un- 

3i|frr^ I a. 1 Unbound, at 
liberty; 2 not joined to- 
Kpther (as words ^, II m. 
The* not joining together 
mccording to sandhi rules (in 

4f^ff | <|iq «i. 1 Non-percep- 
iion of objects, not bringing 
tbem to the mind; 2 remo- 

iHWfit l ff f f' Not returning, 
M. «T«Pn^ TcT: *gone never 
to return.' 

^iirf^T a. (/. ;ir) Unconnec- 
ifi by funeral offerings of 
nceballs (according to some 
muthorities) ; unconnected by 
blood-relationship ( accord- 
ing to others). 

•TO^c. if. ^m) Vulgar, 
low, obscene* (lit. unfit for 
mn assembly.) 

«Wr o« (/ IT ) 1 Uneyen 
( as ground ) • 2 odd ( as a 
number) • 3 unequalled, un- 
surpassed. CoMP,— re, nfpr, 
^Fsnir fn, a name of iCama- 
deva who has an odd number 
of arrows, viz, five.-^nnT, 
'rtTt ^f^R" ^. S'iva who has 
an odd number of eyes, viz. 

STO^lRTo. (/. m) 1 Un- 
becoming,^^qf^;r yffr fff^ifr- 

Ud.; 2 absurd, foolish, non- 

sW^^ff*R[ «•.(/ 'ft ) Acci- 
deni^l, not intimate, sepa- 
rable. CoMP.— ^iiT^ w. acci- 
dental cause, not intimate 
and inherent (in logic ) ( Jm 

fTcT^ Bh. P.) 

^T^J'T^ a (/. ^) 1 Separate, 
several, unconnected; 2 par- 
tial, not whole; 3 not com- 
pounded, not joined in a 
compound ( in gram. ) 

3?^»Tnr a. (/. HT ) 1 Not com- 
pleted, not finished, R. vm. 
76; 2 not fully acquired. 

^fl*ftl|^*lRHL ^* ( / ^ ) 

Acting incon8iderately,af«nft 

R. G. 

ar^gjt a. (/. 'nf ) 1 Not com- 
plete, not finished; 2 not 
whole; 3 not full, partial, ^- 

^5 Mud. I. 

BTO*;i I a. (/ ;5r)l Un- 
connected, incoherent; 2 
nonsensical, tmmeaning; 3 
improper, wronjr, M. xu. 6. 
II n. An unmeaning or 
nonsensical speech, ( for 
instance ^ i fMi^ifif ^^'ft 
when spoken by some one. ) 

speaking unconnectedly ^ 
sr^tlTW m. 1 Non-relatioo« 
absence of any connection, 

^5?T: Bh. P. 

«rtWT>T a.(/.>|r)Not crowded, 
open, accessible. 

9f^PT7 m. 1 Improbability, 
impossibility > 2 non-exist- 

3f^ (vTT) «T « (/ ^^) 1 Im- 
possible; 2incompreheiisible. 

»T^^ a, (/. wr ) Not effectel 
by human effort, not arti- 
ficial, natural, apft^ 'TfTfl'- 
iPT^: K. S. I. 81. 

am^ ^. (/. fir ) 1 Dissenti 
ent, differing from; 2 dis» 
liked, averse; 3 not allowed* 
not permitted, not consented 
to. CoMP— iipfrt^y^a. tak- 
ing without the consent of 
the possessor (in law ) , 

ST^iit? m. 1 True insight, 
real knowledge; 2 steadiness 
calmness, composure. 

ST^^'^.a. (/. *rtt) Im- 
proper, incorrect. 2 imper- 
fect, incomplete, 

9T^n7 ^. 1 Ii'on ; 2 a particular 
mantra used in throwing » 

^mv^ a.{f,^) Of a differ- 
ent caste, ^rf^ sfPT flTq^- 
H*iti«i'^i5irfH^ ^i^Sak. I, 

ar^ a. (/ fT ) 1 UnaWe to 
endure; 2 impatient. 

a|^rf9f I m. An enemy. II n. 
Impatience, intolerance. 

STOfRr«. (/. ^ ) 1 Lonelr, 
solitary, friendless- 2 witfi- 
out any assistant, M. yffft 
80, 55. 

^imm «. (/ fir) Unbegn- 
able, insufferable, intolefftM^ 

R.I. 71, XVIII. 25, K. •. 
IT. 1. 

Digitized by 




«ranv}i^iW. 1 Invisibly, im- 
perceptibly; 2 indirectly. 

HHfl^ a, (/. ^ ) Unat- 
tested, unwitnessed, with- 
wt any witness, BT^^nftftrj 
«^j M. via. 109. 

mnmia. (/.«n-) l One 
whose evidence is not admis- 
sive ( in civil law ); 2 one 
incapacitated to attest any 
legal document ( in civil 

iwr^rrr i «. (/ "^) 1 Speci- 

iic, special, peculiar; 2 not 
existing either in H^tT or in 
ftTQ't as a hetu ( in logic ), 

i«rtrKfrO- M m . A fallac y 

«f f^^nrnr. ('S^*^ »wrrPfnr). 

UTOa. (/.aorMft)lNot 
good, ill-behaTed ( generally 
wkh loc,)} 2 wicked; 3 dis- 
tasteful, disagreeable, anft- 
^r?»THfgr irry^Kir. 1. 
i; 4 not $anskrit^ corrupted 
(as a word). 

Wrf«r a. (/. wit) 1 Incura- 
ble ( as a disease); 2 diffi- 
cidt <}f accomplishinent, im- 
pQtii^e to accomplish. 

1WW<^ q> ( /: gfft) Unsea- 

^W:ifrH«!:,Kir. ii. 40. 

tmir^ I a. (/. «!ir) 1 Pe- 

adwr; 2 extraordinary. II 
ft. A peculiar or special pro- 

«nPNr<i. (/. W) Unbecom- 
i^)^ fli^roper, unfit. 

"Ifiliqi^ ffM?. Unfit, impro- 
9«^ tobeeoming, tfM<^^N< ^ 
^i» ««Hqn^l Sis. 11. 70, 
CBLxi. 55, R. vin. 60. 

-WliCl a. (/.n)l Sapless; 
SvMioiii strength, stuff or 

«^ wortU^ss, amt iftrrr 

^AuS^^AA*^ fflfc Ml. ix 'mjr 

1^9^^ -MHk, fbe&le, fmtl, 
iMi|p^B.Tm. 51, Sis. 

niMp^mSm^ i«iprofit»bte, 

II m. n. The eranda iree, 

III n. Aloe-wood. 

%^ I ind. The second pers. 
sing, of the present tense of 
ar^ used as an indeclinable 
in the sense of 'cTO (thou).' 
Cf. art^. II m. 1 A sword, 
R. XII 40; 2 a knife used 
for killing animals. Gomp.- 
aTr%«n^ sword against sword. 
-^rry m. a small pillow for 
the cheek.-iff^;i^ m. a sol. 
dier who fights for wages.- 
^, ^ m. a crocodilc-^iTO" 
/.'\he edge of a sword, R. 
X. 41, 8G. °ij?r n. 1 The vow 
of standing on the edge of 
a sword (according to some); 
the vow of keeping constant 
company with a young lady 
and yet abstaining frOm 
sexual intercourse with her 
(according to others). See 
«llf?Nrr; 2 any difficult 
task, ^ %%ft^ ft'^PPTl^- 
^ l l Uff ft ^ ^ Bhartr. ii. 28, 
64.-^m', >fr^«F w. »n arm- 
ourer.-^, ^j^^TT/, a knife, 
Vikr. Ch. iv. 69.-^w I m. 
n. 1 the blade of a sword; 2 
a sheath; II m. the sugar- 
cane, R. XIV. 48. -^inii *». 
sugar-cane.^^ifn. a particular 
^^^l-^Nm,^/' a knife. 
Jfr^ n. fighting with swords. 
J^ m. a soldier armed 
with a sword. 

«l^nir ^* The part of the face 
between the under-lip and 
the chin. 

BT^n^r/. A youthfull maid- 
servant of the harem. 

llftwl a .(/. m) l>ark, dark- 
coloured, black, «T|%?rr %lt- 
inff Sant. 8. ni. 4. II m. 
1 The black colour; 2 name 
of the planet satum; 8 the 
dark fortnight of a lunar 
month; 4 a black snake. 
CoMP.-r«|f%^ m. fire.-if. 

ipf% ^iffTm.the lapis laatri^ 
-^r^TFT n. the biue lotusw— 
%UT/. a woman with black 
hair.-pift w« a particuhr 
mountain,-*nnrr/. abladk- 
eyed lady, m ^<flHI^^FT^ 

vr. Megh. II. 49.-^ a. hav- 
ing black eyelids. 
arRro"/. 1 The river Yamu- 
nk', 2 a youthful maid-servant 
of the harem; 3 the indigo- 
iTf^ la. (/ ;ir ) 1 Ra^, 

unbaked; 2 unaccomplished; 
3 not derivable by inference. 

II m. one of the five 
fallacious hetvs (in logic). 
It is of three kinds, viz. 
STPnTf^^t tjjM^HlRi'flLj and 
^I^dlf^^'* Th® fi^ consists 
in the TV^ property not ex- 
isting in the qr^ST} the second 
in the so-called *?ietu ' not 
residing in the xpf and tho 
third in the W^f^ property 
not residing in the HfWT. 

M5 I m. /)^. 1 The five vital 
breaths or airs of i»bQ 
body; 2 animal life,%ai(|^: 
5WM*L'l**l^rf^^^ Bhartr.u. 
110. II m. 1 Spiritual lif6; 
2 life of departed spirits. 

III n. Grief. Comp. -^qffW 
n. life, existence, -^fif «•• 
breaking of life, i||a*fH54^- 
.S^ff^TTC Bhartr. ii.-^ 
m. a living creature, -^fv* 
a living creature, ^HTTPn?'!- 
iT I*<i | J-q^ qrr: Sis. iv. 29. 

9T9fffn. Misery, sorrow, pain, 
M. XII. 19. 

^9Hf^ a. Never closing the 
eyes in sleep. 

af^ m. 1 An evil spirit^ % 
demon; ( the word is thus 
derived in the following 
stanza:— ^infllMf I Hi : JfT- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


III. 54; 2 the sun; 8 an 
elephant. Gomp.— iffvR',^- 

^ m. 1 the lord of the 
'Asutas; 2 an epithet of 
Bali. -9|p^ m. an epithet 
of S'ukra, Uie teacher of the 
Asuras. -mtJ n. bell metal. 
-ft[^m. an enemy olAsutas, 
i.e. A god.-ft5, ^^, f;?^ 
tn. an epithet of Vishnu. 
•igfy>r a. (/, ^f) 1 Not easily 
accessible; difficult to obtain, 

Vikr. II. 

l?5^w. An arrow, ir ^firS: 
^njq- Kir. XV. 5. 

af^fi^m. An enemy, ^tTH<T 
FPTfTPTJip:^: Sis. ii. 117. 

l|^;|l|T^ n. Disrespect. 

irq^ vt. or v*. 1. U (pjp. 
•T^J^) 1 To detract, to 
6com, to envy, ( with the 
datire of the person enyied); 
2 to be angry with, afq^fi^ 
ft n^JRt 5RPTJiWrf^: Bh. 
With 9|f^''-to calumninate. 

aiQ^q^ir m. A detractor, an 
enrious man, ^\ ^l'^n(gj!{^ 
f^^S^ Ffl^'W ftf^llHl Sant. 
8. III. 7. 

Hqj^ir n. 1 Calumny; detrac- 
tion; 2 jealousy. 

H^^ /. 1^ En vy, jealous y. 

K.); 2 calumny, detraction; 

8 anger; ^<jj«(i4l?f* KkH 

K. vi 82, 
H^a. 1 Envious, jealous; 

2 displeased. 
•I^I^i*^[ipir /. The wife of a 

king who being shut up 

in the inner apartments never 

sees the sun, ( ^ftijmiin ft 

^fl^^n. 1 Blood ; 2 saffron. 
Ooxp. 11^77 m. a Riksha- 
sa. in|l![qm m. the falling 
of blood.-*ffWjjmw. »f 11^- 
m,W !»». bleeding. H^^n^^, 
Hm^ l M / the skin^ni^- 

ff/. a blood-vessel. 

lT^«rF a. (/.m) Charm- 
ing, lovely. 

•TtrOTla.(/.^) 1 Void 
of loveliness, languid, ^^rtlT- 
H^m^K M. M. I.; 2 ugly, 
deformed. II n. 1 Ugliness, 
deformity; 2 demerit, worth- 

M^^feW a. ( /. ^ ) 1 Un- 
shaken, permanent; 2 un- 

V[^ I a. (/. ^err )1 Thrown, 
cast away, given up, ^^(^^ 
Vr^^m^^Sp^^i Ve. vi; 
2 despatched; 3 finished. 
II m. 1 The western moun« 
tain behind which the sun is 
supposed to set, qR^r2|»<Tt^f?r- 
ftmt ^rf?Rt^5rr5 Sak. IV., 
B.xvi.ll;2 sunset ;3 setting 
in general ; (iT^fT^ is used 
as an indeclinabie with it'T* 
f . or m and means 1 to set ; 2 
to disappear; 3 to be remov- 
ed, R^»r: ^i^m^l^H'Ttfi: 
Hit. u; 4 to die, ann* ifr^- 
Pm r^^lw^^f R. yhu 61. ) 
Coifp.— im«r,iif^, firft m. 

the western mountain be- 
hind which the sun sets, ar- 

f^dyT^Pt^jn^rnnt Sjs. xi. 

1* -M^^^N^ n. the resting of 
a heavenly body on the 
western part of the horizon. 
-7^ m. du, rise and fall, 

Mud. in. -ffStT «. whose 
anger is laid aside.-vpn' n. 
setting. -^ a. foolish .-«q^ 
a. scatterd hither and thi- 
ther, confused. 

IT^fTT^r ». Setting, 

Vf^inni «. 1 Setting; 2 fall, 
subjugation, ?r<irw^?finf ^- 
r^Wrgc R- 3tl. 9; 8 dark- 
ening, obscuring, qifnrctfrFf 
^^ rivH9 B- vi. ss; 4 the 
tiansit of a planet. 

ar^^W^RTf n. The same as 9r- 

9Tf^ tnf/. Being, existent, 
present. ( aff^cf is often used 
as an expletive at the oom- 
mencement of a tale or nana- 
tion.) CoMP, — cKTif m. a pre* 
dicament. -^^ a. having 
milk. -^ n. existence. -^ 
R?r m</. doubtfully, ( 'shall 
I or shall I not' ). 

af^m n. The not stealing. 

9T^^9T7 n* Reproach, blame, 

%n^ ft. 1 A missile weapon 

(Wnro^ Ve. Ill R. xn. 
23; 2 a weapon in general, 

R?^fffr#r Prft^PTHRT^ R. 

II. 41,84, III. 58; 3 a 
bow. CoMP. — BT^ITC a- 
an arsenal. -MTTffr ^* * 
wound, a cut. -lir?^ m. an 
arrow. -«|irr, WkH^i wftf 
m. a maker of weapons.-(% 
f^ir^^rfi »». a surgeon, -jpf 
fti^flT/. .surgery, -ifrr. * 
f^ffi. a professional warn* 
or. -ftflTT n. warding off 
a weapon.-iFir >a. a mantra 
by which a missile is eon* 
secrated before it is thrown. 
-*rni', 'mNf ». a fnrbisher. 
-^^ ft, fighting with weap- 
ons. H^sr^ ^* dexterify in 
wielding weapons, -^f a. 
skilled in the science of 
arms. -f^^lT/ the sci^ce 
of arms. -^r/« a shower of 
missiles. -%f m. the sci^oe 
of arms, -^^rar/. militeiy 

aif^ m. A warrior fighting 
with missiles. 

ir^qprn. lA bad place; 2 
an improper place or ocoa* 
sion. ( The loc. sing, antir* 
i|r is used as an indecli n aHa 
in the sense of * unseasoft* 
ably*, 'inawrongplaee,*oii 

Digitized by 



• wiei^ object, * 4. g. a(|^. 

m^Pn «. (/ fT) 1 Moving, 
fiot fixed; 2 personal ( as 
piopeity > ; it is the same as 
1m in this sense ( in law). 

if^ n, 1 A bone, M. in. 
182; 2 the stone of a frait, 

(WWj: ( an^m^ ) M. IV. 
78. ( At the end of oompo- 
imds ar^ in certain oases 
smunes the form ^^, e. g. 

arrpr). CoMP. — IR! »•» 

W «., %W^ «. marrow. 
-j^ m. a bird.->VF^ m. a 
oane of S'iva.-ifwt m. a 
8lttk4oD.-S|%7 >"• throwing 
tk bones of the deceased 
kt^ holj waters.-)Tir« ,^ 
«. I dog.-afr m. fractare of 
the b(HMS.-«|ff3n' /. a neck- 
hce of bones.-^nfl^ m. a 
Btvaof S'iva.-^pf|^ m. col- 
lecting the bones after bnm- 
iag a oorpse.-^ff^ m. a joint. 
-944^ «. throwing the 
bones into the Ganges.^^^^n'f 
H^ AV ^o marrow.-fOT' 

uMirA 1 Want of firm- 
vm{m. and fig.), 2 want of 
ptak laanners or decoram. 

«*«•*(/. XX) Unsteady, 

••W<».(/.CT)1 Not clear, 
ftot dearly yisible; 2 not 
«intood,indistinct, doubt- 

ttaWWPr (t'^T^^ S. Bh, 
be toadied; 2 unholy, im- 

'mr*. (/-ST) Indistinct, 
I i ftyu Covp.-qnv A. in- 
,. Mh0t Tesali.-4rnf a. lisp- 
;i^tf«^«ydBg indistinctly. 
Wllffmik^ It is the base 
rf'ito'iiifc personal pro- 
iliA«i» ftM. Tpl of 

the same. GoMP.-f%^ a. Hke 

MW^ «. (/• W) Our, 

ours, ITfrtHAml? ^hfj^: 

Bg. xu 26, Megh, n. It, 
SVFVTf^a. Like us. 
M^^^j.fT a. (/ ^) The same 

M^'ir* «. (/ H^ ) 1 Illegal, 
not belonging to the Hindu 
institutes; 2 not within me- 
mory; 3 one not belonging 
to the Smarta sect. 

Mf^ ind. Used sometimes 
in the sense of 3T^. «. ^. 

K. Pr. III. Also see Mall, 
on Kir. in, 6. 

^>nfT/ Egotism. 

9TW i m. 1 Hair of the head; 
2 ft comer, 11 n. 1 blood. 2 
a tear. CoMP.—sfrr w, an 
arrow.-ir w. flesh.-Jf m. a 
Rikshasa.-^/, a leech. 

V^f. The same as arr^ (?.v. 

«T^ ^- (/ ^^ ) 1 Poor, in- 
digent; 2 not one's own. 

3T^^ a. (/. ITT) 1 Depend- 
ent, not one's own master, 
3T^pit^ fit J^^T^RT Vasis- 

H^^H" «». A god, a deity. 

ilff^ w. A low tone. (arprnC 
is used as an indeclinable in 
the sense of * not aloud', * in 
a low tone.' ) 

3ir^^4 «. (/ ^ ) Not lead- 
ing to heaven, unhoavenly, 

^r H Yaj. I. 156. 

HWmM m. 1 A Brjthmana 
who is not invested with the 
sacred thread and has not 
yet performed his studies; 
2 interruption of stady. 

^W l f*> <% m^ f . ftft\« without 
ownership (in civil law). 

H^Iv/* l.A (pi>. iif|3T) 

To go, nffl^Hft t^psynl^ «(f^« 
^tTPrt ITT: Bt.rr. 4. II rt. 
10. U {pp. atf^) To 

Hf ind. A particle implying 
1 commendation, 2 reject- 
ing, 3 deviation from cus- 

9|l^ a. Proud, haughty, 

a^^H^^ ftf^.- ^?JP^^ xm 
Bt. I. 20. 
Hfff n. A new garment. ( f- 

x4!jA ^ ^^ ^T^ ^^ *frtt- 

a?f^n. (nom, 3Tf ^-f* or|ft- 
^ ilDay-time, H^mtTTTnTfl^ 
T ?fVr cfiT^r'rfl'ItTtMegh. ii. 
25 ; 2 ft day t. e. day and night 
together, (as in »T^l^f^- 
f^ ). (As the Ust mem* 
ber of a compound «Tft ge- 
nerally appears in the form 
of arf m« ori?. and sometimes 
iff m. As the first member of 
of a compound arf^ftud irn" 
are the usual forms ). Comp*^ 
— B^fFirr m. the sun. i^ifTy 
im m. the approach of day 
Sl^ipr m. 1 a series of sacri' 
ficial days; 2 a month, vf. 
f^pra i'n^. day by day, daily 
iVfl^frn. day and night.' 

^ ^> ^^^ fi f> eJ*^ ' 

the sun.«|f]^n. commence- 
ment of the day, morning. 
5(|f :^ n. evening. MfrfT^ 
». day and night, M. i. 64. 
9ffi^ ( nom. sing, of the first 
personal prononn ). Comp. 
— mPpIiT /• ft contest for 
superiority .-^Ifprtn*/. Ifts- 
scrtion of superiority, ego- 
tism; 2 military vaunting. - 
UTRWoinfit/. self-lwre consi- 
dered as spiritual ignAance, 
(in YediAtapUl.) Bg.u. 
71. vu 4; 2 egotism, prid#, 
haughtiness; 8 one of the 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


S5 elements of creation ( in 
S^nkhya pliil.) -^Jlpin', ^- 
|ff«|[^/. 1 the running for- 
f^ard of soldiers with emula- 
tion, ^^fr^fiJjffnT fi^igpp 
Kir. XIV, 82; 2 vaunting. 
-*Hf ». self-conceit, a high 
notion of one's superiority. 
-^inrm. self-love considered 
as ignorance (in Vedanta 
[>hil.);2 self-conceit,egotism, 
1^/* HfH vn. the same as 

ippF^ a. (/. wrr)Unplough- 

i|f L m /. Name of the wife 
of Gautama. {See App. II) 
OoMp. — ^inr tn. an epithet 
odndra -«f^ m.^'at^nanda, 
son of Ahalyd. 

ip[f ind, A particle imply- 
ing 1 sorrow or regret e, g. 
«fff ^ffJntfirTffrf^.Bhartr. 
u. 92. Sant.S.T, *>; 2 wonder, 

ifTi Bhartr. lu 35;3 fatigue^ 
4 joy; 5 calling. 
iflfr ind. The same as arcf 

ITO* I a- (/.'it)! Not to be 
etolen or taken away, M. ix. 
189 ; 2 not to be shaken 
K. S. V. 8. II m. A moun- 

li^ m. 1 x\ snake, (thus dis- 
tinguished from 3^ :•- ^TC- 

irr: ) ; 2acloud; 3 the sun* 4 
m name of R&hu ; 5 the 
demon Vritra. 6 a rogue, a 
rascal. Comp. ^-.^pf m. air, 
wind. -^Rt^ m. slough of a 
snake. HS^ni? ^^ a mush- 
room, -f^nr m, a name 1 of 
Krishna; 2 of Indra. -^j^- 
WT ^. a snake-catcher. -f|[ 

an lehneumon; 2 a peaoook| 

3 Garu/iia; 4 a name of In- 
dra. Sis. i. 41. -^^ »• 
«i72^. snakes and ichneu- 
mons. -5f|jftR|ir.r. the na- 
tural enmity between a snake 
and an ichneumon.-prfffriw. 
slough of a snake. -^rt% rru 
1 a name of S'esha; 2 any 
large serpent, -^W^ *w a 
kind of boat. -4tT n. opium. 
-^9 n. danger to a king 
arising from his allies.-yp(m. 

I Garu^; 2 a peacock; 3 
an ichneumon. -ar-T w. an 
epithet of S'iva. 

.3?^ a. (/. m ) Innocent, 

' harmless; M.iv. 246. 

Sf^^EfT/* Harmlessness, the 
not injuring or killing any 
thing, arfi^flf ff^q^^^^f^^- 

M. X. 63. v. 44, VI. 75, 
Bg. X. 5. 

9if^ tn. A blind snake not 

^^ I a. (/. m) 1 Not 
placed; 2 unfit, improper, 
M. III. 20; 3 disadvantage- 
ous; 4 hurtful; 5 hostile. 

II m. An enemy, ^iht Xf^ 

?^ R. XI. 68,iv.28, Bg. u. 
36. Ill n. Damage. 
Vl^ a. (/.RT) Not cool, 

hot. CoM P.-yfg. €irr, Rir- 
rr, lirinst. wnr^. ^f^ tw. the 


3^JT I « (/- TT) 1 Possessed 
of, not deprived of; 2 great, 
R. IX. 5: 3 not outcaste, 
not vile. II i». A sacrifice 
lasting several days. Comp. 
— ^if^m. a witness who 
is not unfit to give evidence, 
( in civil' law ) . 

H^ m. A Cowherd. 

m^ I o. (/. W )Not yet of- 
fered as ail oblation. II m. 

Religious meditation, pnfer 
and study of the Veda, to- 
gether called Jrtrtir.) See M. 
HI. 78, 74. 

11% ind. A particle implying 
1 reproach, 2 regret. 

B^jpr o. (/. *r ) Causdess, 
groundless, Bg. xviu. 22, 

Siff ifid. A particle implying 
1 agreeable surprise ( *how 
great, how marvellous'), e^. 

ixHittT'' Sak. I., 3T^ W^U{^ 
painful surprise (*ah !' ) e. g, 

HPT: Sak. vi., flf^ft ^3?r- 
fSfl^^in^s Bhartr. II. M- 

3 surprise in general ('oh!*; 
arfr '^^ tldlMf^l^ Sak. il) 

4 enjojrment or satisfaction; 

5 fatigue, 6 sorrow, regret, 
(aUs!)e. flr.aTfTRrW^^ 
^i^Ram; 7 praise ( bravo!) 

eg.'^\^n:r^' ^pm^ 

8 reproach ( fie ! ). BfftfW 
is used in the sense ofl 
calling, addressing, e. g. 
BTft^mi^ ^TfWMWh K.8. 
III. 20, 2 cDmpassion, e, g, 

Bg. I. 44, 3 fatigue. M|l^- 
^r^4r: is used to indicate 
surprise, often agreeable sur- 
prise, 3ifij(H5}H)t«l?^^l*" 
?rR?f!f5fTir M. M. v., 3T- 

Ve. I. ( in both these places 
Jagaddhara undei^tanib 
the expression to mcaa 
aip^.) Comp.— 2^ir / 
the same as STTf^'J^f^ ?. f • 
anrnr «wcf. Instantly, speedt- 
ly, at once, arfrPT Hf ft'ff* 

irrfff^fr* K. s. v. 86, B. 

V. 71. 
Bfaflr^ir m. A Jaina asoetie. 

Digitized by 



m ind. As a particle implies 
1 ftsseni, 2 compassion, 8 
ptin, 4 reminiscence ( e, g, 
9fr^/%Hr«^Ut. VI.). 

It is sometimes used as an 
expletive, e. g. 3ir W Jpq^. 

As a prefix to verbs it 
Bwaas *near' 'towards', 'from 
all sides,' 'aroand'. when 
prefixed to roots meaning: 
y go,"to give,' or 'to carry.' 
it reverses the action ex- 
pvesaed by the root f, g. 

As a prefix to nomis, 
A^Ktires, &c, it implies 
dinanation, e^ g. ^\^u^ 'a 
Mtk shake,' 3Tr%^ 'a 
Btflesqaint,' ^TfTPf 'whitish.' 

Ab a 8eparal>ic adverb or 
ffl^osition, it forms with 
noons compound adverbs, im - 
^yg * the limit exclusive ' 
A^rX or 'the limit inclusive 
Wftf^X (e. g. ^ims^ as 
was the ocean t. e. either 
^fhding or excluding it, 

|RB»i. 5.), or is used by 
%8f with a noun in the abl. 
l)eiBing 'until* (exclusively) 
firtWfl*0nqlasi vely), ajf ^jfst- 

JB: Bh, V. IT. 38. 

VWL An interjection imply- 
lR|!|l»colIeciion, Ut. iii.,2 

,. 8 acceptance, e.g, 
i 4 r^ly. 

ff-(y»*ir) Boasting, 

lUuilibg, tnemb* 

^ff^* ^^ 

MW*7f n. The same us arr- 

VT^PPST a. (/ 9:irr ) Shaking, 

trembling, agitated. 
MT^C »w. 1 A mine, Jfi^CnfT 

^nr^: H. lu. 18, or ari^ 

cnrcr«Tr«rt i^ ^rwt: ^m 

Hit.; 2 a multitude, e, q, 

3 the best, excellent. 
W^ft^ m. One appointed to 

superintend a mine. 
*Traf^«. (/ ft*)lPro. 

duced in a mine, mineral; 

2 of excellent breed, ^\frf- 
TT^ftpT : ^fTftpT : 5ff^ : Kir. v. 7. 

HRi'T'T ». Hearing, listening, 

>F^ TO^^nr^iRr^qr Na. i. 

WIT^ «« 1 Drawing towards 
one's self; 2 drawing the bow; 

3 attraction, fascination ; 4 a 
die; 5 playing with dice; 6 a 
board for a game with dice; 
7 an organ of sense; 8 a 

W^^SR" I a. (/ ^ ) Attrac- 
tive. II m, A magnet, a 

«TRr4«T n. 1 Pulling, attrac- 
ting: 2 seduction. 

W^^^/. A crooked stick 
for pulling down flowers, 
fruits, <&c. 

^rch ff r<<i a>{f.^) Attrac- 

W^rt%.o. (/. "fl- ) Attract, 

HWHT «. 1 Wish, desire- 2 
taking hold of, confinement; 
3 comprehending, under- 
standing* 4 counting, reck- 

MrapPT ^. 1 Ornament, de 
coration, B?f<fcHf<tt>f^ft^^ 

TOJ: Wf>nrr: B. xvn. 22; 

2 dress- 3 disease. 
arpfTF^nvr m. l Missing, re» 

membering with regret: 2 

fainting; 3 darkness; 4 a 

knot, a joint. 
9Tni^ m. A touch-stone. 
WFPw a. (/. «l^ ) Testing 

with a touch-stone. 

w?fT^*!^ «. ( /. *r ) .1 

Causeless, ^^TTOI^CT ^Hlt- 

* ^^TT^^ ^^^\ S. Bh.. 

2 unforeseen, unexpected, 

HPIRreT/ 1 Wish, desire, j^ 

i^k^^(K^ yr M H\ ^\m \ Am. 

S. 41; 2 the presence of a 
word in a sentence indis* 
pensable to the completion 
of the sense; (S. D. defines 
«?r<» by sfrftf^q-^^ffRfttr: 
•the non-completion of the 
sense'), irrw f^ 4)^^dl4>N 

vmf^rg^s ^^\^^: s. D, u- 

3 purpose, intention; 4 look- 
ing to or towards, expecting; 
5 inquiry; 6 the signific- 
ancy of a word. 

ITRTO' w. 1 A funeral pile. 

Wirrr «». 1 Form, figure; 2 
appea ranee, countenance, arr- 
^TTTflT^nnr: B. i, 15; 3 the 
expression of ths face as 
furnishing a clue to the dis* 
position of mind, «. g. jf^ 

B . 1. 2 0, or BTr^irrcA3ninTR7.^ 
T^r^ /^i^iiftdR; 4 hint, 
token. CoMP.— 5ir/., ^hnr 

n. dissimuUtion, suppression 
of all outward manifestation 
of the feeings. 
afmnf?^ n. Calling.caUing up^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


r/. See the preceding 

ifffilfrn m. Tlie right time. 

mW l fH^ q. (/ ^ ) 1 Un- 
timely, unseasonable, BTTfrrR^r- 

2 instantaneous, momentary. 

UrarR^^fft/. Lightning. 

Hr^PTT^ m, n. 1 Light, clear- 
ness; 2 vacuity; 3 sky, at- 
mosphere; 4 aether or at- 
mosphere considered as the 
fifth element, {See under 
ajgr) ; 5 atmosphere consider- 
ed as one of the nine sub- 
stances (?r5T) hy the Vais'e- 
shikas. As such it is the 
substratum of the quality 
'sound' (^^;: hence we hare 

(». e, aTT'Fr^) RhI^H ft^TTf 
qpf: R- xiu. 1. and ^jfHf*«TiT 
3«^ ^ flWir sqrPT f^V^ Sak. 
I. 6 Brahman (n.) as 
identical with aether, ^fT!^»r^ 

Br. A.; 7 place, H^Hi^ l ^lHJII - 
ipTPjTrfifr: Bh. V. II. 165. 
( arr^ft (loc. sing.) * in the 
air', often occurs as a stage- 
direction in plays when a 
character on the stage asks 
some question to a cliarac- 
ter not on the stage and 
listens to a supposed speech 
in answer to it. The term is 
.thus explained by Bliara 
ts : — ^rp^THR^f ^<^I<1H1- 

grftyri t Rr'FTrt w e. g, (cnt^- 

^ ) ftr Wftl'H &c. Sak. lu. or 

(^i*i^)3r9iST gjMF&r tA 

lUi^^ ^ ^ f%rf ?T^ Ve. 
in. or ( ^ ^ aTRRjt ) fttftr^ 

iR^rqdr Ac.Ve. ii.) Comp.— 

f ^ w. 1 any helpless per- 
son who has no other pos- 
session than the air; 2 Indra. 
-^^nffT/' tlie horizon.-cF^ m. 
Brahman (n ).-iT m. a bird. 
-^tTT/ the celestial Gan- 
ges, ^<rq|*|^Jli|iqri ^^^• 
^jifl^iilJt R. I. 73. -frr/- 
the celestial Ganges. -'^^T 
m, the moon -in^/. a sky- 
light, -ffq* w. 1 a lamp 
lighted in honour of Lak- 
shmi, or Vishnu and elevat- 
ed on a pole in the air at 
the Dipdli festival; 2 a bea- 
con, a lantern on a pole. 
-^fpRT n. 1 speaking off 
the stage; ( it is a supposed 
speech which is replied to 
as if it had been spoken: f%"- 

^^TTf^ S. D. VI.) ( in 
dramaturgy); 2 a voice or 
sound in the air. -ipTrTw, 
the celestial sphere .-iffsf n, 
1 a heavenly car; 2 one 
moving throurjh the air; 3 
moving or travelling through 
theair.-^flf^m a watchman 
on the outer battlements,- 
TW »>. 1 the same as aTRTT- 
^HlPT?r ^. ». ; 2 a superhuman 
voice from heaven.-^^ n. 
1 the Armament; 2 the air.- 
^[^/. voice from heaven; 
it is also called aT^ l OR " ft 
qpfj" * incorporeal speech', e. 

g. 3T^rftft^ ^pff H^'fTTpr- 

^f^7^ Ve. III., ^t (^ 

^'^H-WTI ^rW Sak. iv. 

-^ifr^n. rain.-^qirf?^ m. 

^nftTTT (5^) «. Want of 

any possession, poverty. 
MT*K c. (/. "n}) 1 Crowded, 

overspread, full of, Mnfh^- 

50, m^ ^ jpnrrqnfW 

iiffitT Sak. v.; 2 scattered. 

Vl^PViinf n, 1 Compression^ 
contraction; 2 contraction 
considered as one of the €Lrm 
karmanshjthe Vais'esbikas; 

collecting; 4 curving. 

Wfil^^f^ «• (/• W ) Con- 
tracted, compressed, ^. ^. ^- 

WfiP'^Rf a. (/. ffX) Con- 
founded, rash. 
«?raRT I a. (/W) IFjUed^ 

full of, H^qirt|MJ<yBI2»«fft 
^^ Am. S. 81; 2 con- 
founded, agitated, disorder- 
ed, e. g, srfW iTRl^Hm^**!^!'- 
(^ 3r5nn5«?t5^; 3 irr^^> 
ute, undetermined, 3?f^^- 

Sis. II. 1; 4 overcome with, 
affected; 5 incoherent, con- 
tradictory. II n. An inhabit* 
ed place. 
^ia> l ft^ a. (/. nr) Pistressedi^ 
confounded, agitated, vfnJi^ 

S. V. 85. 

BTT^f^ a. ( /: fir). A Ctthr 

contracted, H^MK^ l i i it^m r * 

fPr?n%>TFf5r Kad. " ■"• 

irr^ w. 1 Intention, pQf4 
pose, *. g. T^W^nx^t^^El^P^lf^ 
Tirq^^q^z ST^^; 2 w&ilr, 
desire; 3 feeling, state ciF 
the heart, ^>^|M('^<H4^«f 4lf^' 
rt4|ci||c|^f^3f|f %tiv: Ut VI, 
q^n??t HNl^i^H ^ftfP?' 
Am. S. 4. ( mf 5TH: 
ingly ' often occurs wC'li,^ 
stage-direction in plays. ) 

HT^i^ /. 1 Form, fi^neA^' 

4 ; 2 the body, f^fJJr 

1.; 3 appearance, (' ^^ 
aiTff^:), often n-)ble api 
ance, e, p. inrfl^??nr 
Wp5T ; 4 tribe, «w 

Coicp.-*ir«r m. 1^ iisir 

Digitized by 


worcU belonging to a certain 
fmmmatical rale which 
does not exhibit every 
watf belonging to that rale 
bat only specimens, e.g. ^qrrr- 

Signt*/. 1 Attraction, gra- 
Titation, arrfll^rf^H ^e cT^ 

^Ai^W ^^f^ # Bh4skara. 
2 bending of a bow, Am. 

WfeK^ «• (/. XX ) Halfshut. 
(applied to ejes ); (it is thus 

Bi% mi 5?n¥^5fr?rTr ) Kir. 

mjft, M. M. v., Mud. III. 
^ TTOWc ». The constellation 
Ctamomus. (This is a word 
of uieek origin.) 
2inCf «, 1 Calling calling 
but; 2 a cry of lamentation; 
8soaiid;4war, fierce battle* 
l^afrimd, a defender, 6 a 
hosier; 7 a ^g whose 
kingdom lies next bat one, 

W|M ,Tn,207. 
^WPVI )•• 1 A cry of lam- 
WtoH o n ; 2 calling out. 
^PW a. (/ nft) One 
^Wjiwiu to a place where 
tMvare heard. 

1 Arriring, appro- 

orereoming, ob- 

8 Borpassing; 4 

6 oyerloading. 

rs^The same as BfjiiTTr 

• 1 Stepping upon, 

^ K. S. 

g<Hngoveror be- 

" ig; 8 might. 

1^ 1 8port» plea- 
ove, a 

D, K. 

firg K. s: II. 48. 
9Tn|C7 I a. (/. c^ ) Cursed; 
2 sounded, €. ^. ^OpTn^K?- 
'IflSTfTJ^a^; 3 abused, cen- 
sured. 11 n. A harsh cry, 


Mn^Kr «». 1 Vociferation; 
2 reviling, blaming; 3 a 
curse or oath; 4 abuse, Yaj. 
II. 304. 

^rn^^ «. A walnut tree. 

am^lR w. Curse, impreca- 

ainjif m. Sprinkling, mois- 

BIRn^RT «. (/. 3|ft)EfiFect. 
ed or completed by gamb- 

97T?En'T ^* Fasting, purifi- 
cation by fasting. 

BTRinni^ m. 1 A judge; 2 
the superintendent of a 
gambling house. 

WI[nT^ I a. (/. <^) Pro- 
pounded by Akshap4da or 
Gautama. II m. A 
follower of the Nydya doc- 
trine, a logician. 

aTRfTR: «• A charge of adul- 

BYT^rnC^ w. The game as arr- 

MTOffer^- (/IT) Guilty, 

llrf|(f^Ia.(/.l|») 1 Ec- 
lating to gambling; 2 won 
at dice; 3 gambling at dice. 
( BTn%* VT^ • debt incurr- 
ed in gambling '. ) 

snflrflnrr / A particukr 
song sung by a character 
approaching the stage, Vikr. 


SITIfft^ «. (/.fr ) 1 Intoxi- 
cated; 2 A little intoxicated. 

V[f^ m.l Reviling, censure, 
blame, ^^'C^i^liMilftdftlll- 
cfi( Kir. XIV. 25; 2 tossmg. 

pulling off, throwing away, 
^'<i9*l%qf^t%f^=3RIRf'g[ K.S. 
I. 14, "^r^^^^irgor: Bhartr. 
^iii;3a deposit; 4 apply- 
ing, putting in or into, nj^- 

^rtnTPrm»fp!fi^ K. s. vn. 

17; 5 taking to itself, as- 
suming, ( as the meaning 
of another word. ), ^flrrt" 
trCT^fj K. Pr. 11.; 6 infer- 
ence, irR^rr sTf^rRBT^ K. 
Pr. II.; 7 a figure of speech 
variously de6ned by various 
authors; ( for a summaiy of 
the various definitions, Su 
R. G. under afr%? )• 

W&^T^ m. 1 A detractor, a 
calumniator, an accuser; 2 
a thrower; 3 a hunter. 

W^"T n. Throwing, tossing. 

^rn^ ( ¥ ) m. n. The name 
of a tree. 

^mift^ n. Hunting. 

STRC m. A spade, a hoe. 

Mf^^slH »». A name of In* 
dra, a^nrq^r: ^TRlt* W^ 
K.S. in. 11, ftifhff -: ^»nr^- 

^Tf"IIHc^W'4«ft*H'i R« !▼• 

aTri!!^^ w. 1 A thief; 2 a 

hog; 3 a rat; 4 a spade. 
W^rC «. 1 A spade; 2adig- 

amsTPr m. n. A natural pond. 
aff^fPT m. The same as affur- 

BTT^ «t. 1 A mouse, a rat, e. 

jr^vfr*: ^Toft. 2 a thief; 8 
a hog; 4 a spade; 5 a miser, 
(thus defined :-Ohft ^%- 

trw^.) CoMP.— ¥^!|^ m. a 
mole-hill.-7^ n, a swarm. 
of rats.-^ m. an epithet of 
Ganes'a.-qnc m. a man of 
low caste and profession. 
fff^l^ m. a loadstone.-jpi 
m. a oat.-^ m. a name of 

Digitized by 



Hlf^t? m. Chase, hunting. 

GoMP.— >^fi^ n, a cavern, 

a mine. 
-STP^T^ m. The same as btT 

^n?tf%7 «f. 1 A hunter; 2 a 

Yft^nr m. The walnut tree. 
9(n^X/'l Name, appellation, 

Sak. VII., or.M«j|5*n^r55'- 
jgi ^mrir K. S.i. 26; 2 the 
title of a work, e. g, 1|V|^ffr- 

^^r^iim I «. (/• 'tr) 1 Coun- 
ted; 2 spoken, told; 3 made 
known; 4 conjugated. II n. 
A verb, H|«<HMHMI^§^I^H. 
Y^ka. (An Bifo is thus de- 
fined :— HT?^ f^l^^<^ ^- 

-aiPQ^IT^ / 1 Pttblioition; 
2 fame; 3 name, appella- 

nn^irR ft. 1 Speaking, de- 
claring, making known ;^ 2 
allusion to some old legend; 
(»Tr^?TFt 4 : lj - i)fo : says the 
S. D, and gives the follow- 
ing illustration: — ^:^- 

<(ft?Tr.- Ve. III.); 3* reply, 
i as in qiTT^qprit: o^ Fkni- 
ni); 4 a differentiating pro- 
perty; 5 a story, a legend, 

W ? ^ ^ M. M. 11., or 

<prrf% ftrfnPr ^ M.m. 282. 

3|ilMIH^ n, A tale, a short 
legendary narrative, ^TT^^Prr- 

RPiflHl yHfi^HH nn^?Tr Kad. 

^MIH^I^^A m. A messenger, 

n. 44. 
^^W l Rt^i /. A species of 
prose composition. (Several 
f^rriters on rhetoric divide 


prose composition into ^fr^ 
and ^^Mlf^ 4»r and try to 
distingaish them from each 
other; the f ^^rtt?T of Bkna 
is instanced as an arr^ and 
the Kadambari of tlie same 
author as a sample of ^^ 
The S. D. thus defines BTP5^ 

'NWa^ ^TRT^?!^^- Ban^in 
says there is no distinction 
at all between ^^^{ and 9^0, 

w[m^rrfr"K. D. I. 28.) 

S€e the quotation under 3^- 

»Tn5«llf%^ a. (/. *) One 
who tells, informs or com- 
municates^riW^qnft^" ^- 
^ff^ ^5 *"nPd*^<: Sak. t. 

BTT^Q^ a. (/. irr ) Fit to be 
communicated, proper to be 
told. ( ^r^^r^t? 'fit to be 
communicated in words.' 
Megh. 11. 40. ) 

Wnfk/. 1 Arrival, e. g. ffir 
f^Prnf^^tPfPTPR: («ct7. 8T- 
in^r:) Sis. IX. 48; 2 return; 
3 origin. 

SIHFJS I «. 1 Coming, arriv- 
ing; 2 stray; 3 external; 4 
incidental, adventitious. II 
m, A stranger, a guest. 
CoMP.-ir o, local (as a dis- 

WT'giir I «. (/ 5Kr or 3|{t ) 
1 Incidental, adventitious, 
e. g. a?PP5«T ft^TO":; 2 
coming uninvited, e, g. aff- 
»P34n «nR; 3 stray, Yaj, 
II. 68; 4 spurious ( as a 
readin g), aiw " nN^- W[^^- 
ft«^f^l'34» ; ^fSi Mall, on K. 
6. VI. 46. II m. A guest, 
a stranger. 

Hfit»r m. 1 Arrival, appear- 

ance, «. g. aT«?^fr^«F9^£ 

Jr%Bg. VIII. 18,R. XIV. 
2 addition; 3 birth, o 

^«nTcT Bg. u. 14; 4 
study of S'4stras, R. i . 
5 lawful acquisition of a 
thing, arPT^^ qrfr 

II. 27, also 28; 6 sciei 
a system of philosophy, 

m R. X. 26;7a traditioj 
doctrine or precept, 
^ ^Fnr: Vni Kir. II. 28 
the Vedas, 

f^(^<tll^^HI*> Kir. XI. 
8 the last of the four k 
of proof of the Naiyfiy 
otherwise called ^frs^ ( 
Word of a trustworthy 
the Vedas being considi 
ed as such); 10 kno^ 
ledge; U theory, as op, 
practice (sr^); 12 
affix; 13 interposition 
letter (in gram.); 14 a grani 
matical augment ; 14 vouch^ 
or written testimony. Cou} 
— ^ft^ <*' studied, read, e:^ 
amined.-f^ m. a leam( 
man, JnftT frqiTTf^BTWI' 
VI, 4I.-%f^a. 1 knowi 
the Vedas; 2 learned in 
s'4stms.-q^f^ a. suppoi 
by legal vouchers, arrT 

^n jprr^rPr^pFfrq: Mit. 

WnPTn. 1 Approach, arri 
R. XII. 24; 2 return: 3 •! 
proaching a woman for sex 
ual intercourse. 

^rnn^ n. Sin; 2 offence, fai 

z(^m Sis. II. 108, ^t 
^ Hl^l^i m Na. lu. 52, 
8.41, 43.^ 
a. giving offence, comi 
ting a mischief, 

Digitized by 




f/. The South. 
. r«- (/.^)1 Very deep 
^ f /. and/i7.) 

. «•(/. *^) Arrir- 
impending, future. 

^fc^o. (/^r) iS^wjarr- 

^ rfl ». A dwelling, a house. 

• ^Hp, .^|f^7|>^ a. an in- 

f^ idiary. -^ »i. smoke is- 

p ng from a house. 

^ /.An agreement, pro- 

^ Je, acceptance. 

^ l^ n. A concealed sug- 

i^ ifion. 

•. Nid. (/.*r) Belong. 

' f to fire or to a sacrifice 

\^ rlormed with fire. 

\^l m. The priest who 
'^ idles fire at a sacrifice. 
■'^ w. The place where a 
^ frificial fire is kindled. 
f Wlo.(/'.*)lFici7;2 
' ered or consecrated to fire, 
^m. An epithet of ^^ 
5lti.lBlood;2 ghee; 3 
"^M; 4 a missile presided 
^er by fire. 

7/ 1 The wife of Agni; 

[the south-east quarter; (it 

[presided orer by 3f«» ), 

- r«ir TO. A Brahmana 

tied to the foremost seat 

yi dinner. 

«. The first Soma 
at the aifhf^pj- sacri- 

j «. 1 Insisting, e, g, ^- 

IW»^ qi[rfornrr:j 2at- 

ikt, determination, 

iK.S. T.7;3favour, 

e;4taking, seizing, 

r ». A name of the 

Tho full-moon 

I; 2 the name 


^inifnri^r^ w. The sam^ as 

^IWfi;«ir (/. ^ ) One who 

appropriates to himself an 

^N€«Tr/ 1 Friction, con- 
tact; 2 shaking, moying, 
^"iRlilNSH^I 5R^^: Sis. i. 

STT^ m. Rubbing, friction, 

3Tr^"T n. The same as m^^ 

^ q. V. 
^Ifcrr? w. A limit, a boundary. 
Vimm m. 1 Striking, a blow, 

a stroke, a wound, ?ft?frqTrf^- 

(^ff1d^4f4i*wti*<'fr: Sak. 

I., 3pqr^i% fT^nn^nr K. S. 

II. 50; 2 killing; 3^ a mis- 
fortune; 4 a slaughter-house 
^rnriff ^ft^RRFT ^-«T^ Hit. 

*^iwn*f ». 1 Striking, killing; 
2 a slaugher-house. 

W^nr wi. 1 Sprinkling chiri- 
fied butter on the fire at 
certain sacrifices; 2 clari- 
fied butter. 

3?T^C^ «.l Rolling; 2 whirl- 
ing round. 

StH^ m. Invocation, calling 
out to. 

W^mr /. A proclamation, 
a public announcement, af- 

^jj^r^T^ ( V. I. for fff^orr ) 
^i ^^^r^^ ^ D. K. 

V^mrn w. 1 Smelling 2 satis- 
faction, satiety. 

WmK w. A multitude of fire- 

Wf^^ «. (/ ^ifl") 1 BodUy, 
corporeal; 2 expressed by 
bodily action, (as ari^TT 
which is 3rti^ ^rrf^q^ 3!r- 
rrt: ^A^itH ^) ( in dra- 
maturgy). II m. A player 
on a tabor or drum. 

inPiOT w. A name of Briha- 

I W^rav m. A learned nuMU 
^mn TO. Rinsing the month* 

l|nR*r ». Rinsing the mouth, 
sipping water before religi- 
ous ceremonies, <^Ki^i(4 ' 
H?T: Yaj i. 243. 

M^^^H^^ n. A spittingwpot^ 

B?r^[l| m 1 Collecting, gathe- 
ring; 2 a collection. 

MF^TW «. 1 Conduct; ^ 
usage, practice; 3 practising^ 
performing,(a8 in J^Tt^RroT]^ 
4 example as op. to precept, 
Na. I. 4. 

Mi"qi«i TO. 1 The same as 
aTF^JpT q* t^-; 2 ^an/i. 

Sipernc TO. 1 Any fixed rule of 
conduct in life, ^rj^n^^ irtt- 
HIHI^K^^ ^PF^: M. I. 107; 
2 a custom, usage, dftH^ 

M. II. 18, or arr^rnr f?q-- 
f^^ »nTr 'iiftrrr Sak. v.. a 

conduct, behayiour. Comp.— > 
^ w. a lamp customarily 
waved about any person aa 
a mark of auspiciousness.-^ 
tpnTW^ **• inhaling smoke- 
as a customary rite, R. vii. 
27, K. S. yu. 82.-%^ 
m. difference in customary 
law.— ^JS" a. fallen from 
established rules of conduct 
in life.-fjnr «. fried graia 
thrown customarily on a 
king or any other important 
person, R. ii. 10. -5fft/^ 
A'rydvarta, the holy knd, 

Wirrft^a. (/. ^) Con- 
formable to rule or practice,, 

W^pI to. 1 a preceptor, a 
teacher; 2 a spiritual pre- 
ceptor; ( he is thus defined:- 

spf^ M. II. 140) See under 
awwrnnr; 3 one who pnp« 
pounds any religious docjU 
line, ( e. g. S'ankm. MaA* 

Digitized by VjOO^ Ic 

Tft, R&mdnuja.) Comp. — • 
^nr^Rn* waiting upon or 
seiring the spiritual precept- 
or, fiw «• Tonerable, honour- 
^1^(4^ w. IThe proficiency 
of a holy teacher; 2 teach- 
ing, instruction, 3||^|4* ^- 

^ TP^nrn^n^ M. M.i,, 

^: R. XII. 78. 

afpfinft/. A spiritual pre- 

ITf^T^frft/. The wife of a 
spiritual preceptor, ^^wrt'if- 

^^MiM r4<Tr^4f ^ qrtcfr? 

Mt. in. ( said by Paras'u- 
rama whose preceptor was 
S'iva ). 

«W^P5irwr / Desire of 
communicating something. 

Wi^rT I ^. (/ m ICover- 
ed, <h<if|f^(ft f^s5(pRFFft 'nft 
Kir, I. 36; 2 heaped, accu- 
mulated; 3 strung, ar^ifi^TcTr 
{Km) R. VII. 10, K.S. 
VII. 61. II m. 1 A weight 
equal to 80,000 tolas; 2 a 

ail'yi ^ «. 1 Suction. 2 ap« 
plication of cupping glasses 
to the skin ( in medicine ). 

Ml^^r f ^' Cloth, clothes, 

Vl^^irtW n* 1 Cloth, clothes, 

^^fT^: Yaj.i.82 ; 2 corering, 
hiding; 3 a sheath, a cover- 
ing; 4 the wooden frame of 
• roof. 

^IT^^^ w. A tree. 

^I*3R^ I a.(/,^)l Scratch- 
ed, irritated; 2 mixed. II 
n. 1 A horse-laugh; 2 mak- 
ing a noise with the finger- 
nails by rubbing them 
against one another. 

MI^R^^ n. 1 A scratch 
with a finger-nail; 2 a horse- 


311^^7 m. Excision, cutting 

HT^»^ n. The same as 9vr%- 

STTi^t?^ *?. Cracking the 

arr^t^ ^. Hunting, chase. 
BTT^r^ n. A flock of goats. 
STTiniT ». The same as apT- 

Hnnnr «• Famous birth, 

well-known origin. 
iTT^ff^if m. A horse of a good 

breed. ( ^pFrnf'T'rf^'Tr: W- 

anf*/. 1 A fighting, match, 
war, battle, ?f ff ^TPT'TT t?wnft 
?rr^^T^^^:R. XII. 45; 
2 battle-field. 

^rifN* ^' 1 Livelihood, sub- 
sistance, e. g. %X{iH%^p^ f - 
f>r: ^n^^JT; ( the word occurs 
in such compounds as ifin'* 
^, ^^nff^» i^Ml^fl^ ); 2 a 
Jaina beggar. 

urnHtVf «• Livelihood, sub- 
sistence, H^rirnff^jf ?f^ifr5 

Panch. I. 
Mr4IRl*l/. The same as aff- 

*fT q. ». 
arrH^/. 1 A servant working 

without wages; 2 doomed 

residence in hell. 
WffRt/. Order, command, 
ain^f/ Order, command, apf- 

^r^T^^ f^^^lrrnir Sak. 

gR^^, R. XII. 7, K. S. 
III. 22, R. XVII. 79. Comp. 

«?2^^. 5T5[^rrfc^a. obedi- 
ent.-«|pc»>. a servant.-sff^/i. 
execution of orders. -<nrn. 
an edict, a written order.-^q^ 
^nr, *!^ w. disobedience, 
insubordination, HHTnt't IT* 

*Tw: Mud. III. 
lymn^r i*. 1 Oidering, com- 


manding; 2 making known. 

anrifn. Clarified biatter; (in 

Yedic literature it is thus 

distinguished from ^:-¥!f^« 


III, Comp. -^inr «• a vessel 
to hold clarified butter. -^^{7 
m. 1 an epithet of Agiu; 
2 a deity. 

arn^R «• Partial extraction 
of thorns and the like from 
the body. 

arH^^iR I ^. 1 Ointment for 
the eyes; 2 fat. II m. An 
epithet of Handmat, ^jl^- 

^; Kad. I 

arrsw^ft/. Omtment for the ' 
eyes. Comp.— ^rfr /. a 
woman who annoints or | 
makes ointments, 

an3:ir%^ m. A name of Ha- 1 
ntimat. . 

«an?ll%«R' rn. A wood-man^ • j 
forester. ; 

%^lf^ m. A kind of bird. 

arrrJ^CT w. The leaping mo- 
tion ^f a calf. 

arrstr m. l Puffing, swellings 
spreading, *K<JlilMl >T<Nrr.' 
Panch. I . i pride, self-coa* 
ceit, HfNi<ff»r^ qi^m. 
Sis. III. 74 , ( m^^ 'pvomA- 
ly,' 'majestically', 'in a stetelj 
way' often occurs as a stsg|^* 
direction in plays. ). 

X^fW^WK m. 1 The soTiodiiiv 
of a trumpet as a sigi^ <$ 
attack; 2 noise or uproaw of 
the battle: 3 the roaring, of 
an elephant; 4 pride, 
gance, ftj^: ^SW?t%^ 

^^ct^Pr 'rr Bh. v. u 

Sanger, passion; 6 
ness, pleasure; 7 co^ 
aimfm.n Measure of 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



^m o. (/ TOT )1 Wea lthy, 

rich, «iir#^jmHfVi ^> 

'^ fT^ 'PTT Bg. XVI. 
15; 2 rich in, abounding in, 
possessing abandantlj; (used 
as the last member of a com< 
poimd or with a noon in the 

M^Mll^Ji ^iigq: ). OoMP. W 
UHlfi^ a. cnriching.-^rc o* 
formerlj opulent. vrnr4^~ 
^^j «fr5*Tr5«ir «• becom- 
mg ndi or eminent, 
lOT* I a. (/. gfiT ) Low, in- 
ferior. II n. Sexual enjoy- 
ment IB a certain position. 

iff^ii. Exceeding minute- 

mft «./. 1 The part of 

tl)e leg just abore the knee; 

2 the edge of a sword; 3 

tbe pin of the axle of a 

• itit. 

IB«f I jvi. 1 An epithet of 
Br^unan (n.) ; 2 the scro- 
ton. II ft. A multitude of 

•Il^^ta. (/. ^)lHaTing 
■■''J ^gs; 2 fuU-grown 
^ a bull). 

9|^ m. 1 Disease, sickness, 

«W: fl%: Yaj. ui. 245; 
laffiction of mind, agony, 

t^<a pprAension, fear, gif- 

t^Jttj 4 the sound of a 
*^ fr^ tabor. 

r«.lABOrt of whey; 

, cakmity; 8 speed; 

>R'giria«fyjiigj 5 


a. (/:w; ISpread; 
2 stretched. 

dearounng to. kill some one, 

Wf^ Brihaspati, ipf ^ wj^^ 

Tin. 850; 2a felon, a thief, 
a murderer, a rarisher, an 
incendiary, Ac. ( i, e. one 
who . commits a heinous 
crime), ^t^fsays: — iffit^ »F- 
X^*^ ^#*HfPi^rqrf: I %T^- 

ITRTT 'T^. 1 Heat of the sun, 
sunshine, e. a. a tif iq rMf<^ 

i[)R. I. 52;21ight.C.MP. 
— ^TTTT w. shade. -777 «. 
mirage. -^ n. an umbrella, 

Sak. Y. R. 11.18, 47, K.S. 
I. 6. (44i ». the sun-stroke, 

yjTST Sak. III. -HTW «. » 
parasol, jMfJ t ^ji^ ^r^ ^ 
ifldldMIK^ I HL R. I". 70, IX. 
15. -^«7 a. dried in the 

irnrY^ ir^. An epithet of 

ajPR: «t. Pare for being ferri- 
ed orer a rirer, passage- 
naoney, aTRTTRnr^^iSfirfT ?r- 
Tl% <TfTH«^ Ud. 

aimn^(f^)^m. Akite. 

arrm^ m. The same as •?nTr 

$nRl«tWl«. (/.ift)lPn> 
. per for a guest; 2 hospitable, 

S. Y. 81, B. XII 25. II n. 
HospitaHty, arfrfj^^nrftfrf^- 
?nWn Sis xiY. 88. 
«|f^|%A/. Hospitality, arr^- 

V. r. 85, 

mfilvir I m. A guest. Us. 
Hospitable reception, iRirt^- 

I. 58. 

Wfil^a^ o. (/. ^ ) Rekl. 
ing to an a||%^ g. r. 

airt^tT^ ^. Abundance, ex- 

^ l f< I ^ I M vt* Abundance, ex* 

9Tr^ m. A raft, a float. 

arrffto. (/. 'rr)lHurt, in. 
jured; 2 influenced by, cfj* 

xn. 82; 3 sick in body er 
mind, e. g. ^^^^ft(t^^(^ y- 

yRTgfT'M^in^^^n^ dim «fr- 

«4f4«;i^ll4if: ; 4 feeble, weak. 
CoMP.— fSTTHT/. hospital. 

arr^tir ^* ^ musical instr«« 
ment, a? <^i9'^|«|/^*i ^- 
q": Ve. i., (HJIHIdl^l'^ORll- 
ftnTRB. Yiii. 84; XT. 88. 

Mma (/.W)l Taken, accept, 
ed; 2 attracted; 3 extraeted, 

TmrTOKtr^^':^^ R. ▼. 2f. 

CoMP. — 119^ a. 1 one whoM 
pride is humbled, one wh« 
is defeated; 2 (• flower) 
already smelt. ^^'MH9\E7 
^nrjr^: Sis. xir. 84 ( where 
arro is used in both the 
senses. ). -f|^ a, humiliat- 
ed, degraded. -^PT^ a. one 
whose mind is transported. 
aiRint w. 1 A soul, Birrfrf 

2Biahman {n.) 7. #. tha 
supreme spirit, e. g. ^Tffnj 
^ dtHIAM^ 8TR?nr: IT^^J; 
3 spirit, Titality, coura^; 4 
the body, f^: ^iff^^H f 
"^^ ^^ff^lrmr R. 1. 14. ar 
M«|^gwrRlJ H^HlHIHirH^l ^^^ 
iTOPf^fTRPt Kir, IX 66; 6 
natural disposition; 6 tta 
understanding. iTH|<^U«4^ 
^rRP^HT^ B. xviic W 
(where tfp^ 10 used m 

g. u. 10; 8 the faculfy of 
ieason; 9 the son; 10 ^ 
fire; 11 wind; 12 a son, e. g. 
W^r^yfsfRlfir; 13 the self; 
(used in this sense as a reflex- 
iye pronoun and in the sin- 
grular number and masculine 
..gender, even when it refers 
to two or more things, or 
to nouns in different genders, 

^H^ Sak 1 , 5j i[^^- 
m^ ^i W^ ^: R^. 

If 0, BTJr^TPf WH^^ Jt^f^^- 

JBh., where 3T|ri?RTI^ refers to 
a feminine noun in the plu- 

i[fti)f an^HR i!cT*^frhPr w- 

%tPr Hit.; 14 effort. Comp^ 
1^^ I a. independent. ^ II 
m*l^ wife's brother; 2 a 
)9on; 3 a jester ( in diamatic 
liidratare) ,-«|qfrr m.conceal- 
ii^ one's self, ^ iff ^TTcHF- 
«frt ^% Sak. i.-«rf||? m. 
• fish ( known to feed on 
^e weak of its species; the 
S4ni4jana says:-»rr^f^3r- 

jqpi xt. finding {Measure in 
jMsA^t seeking spiritual know- 
ledge, a?RminqT ftftl!^^ 
^tflk^ mNt Ve. i.-MTV^ 
m» self-dependence .-f^ a. 
«#lf-possessed, Br,i^VTPrt T 

^ K. S. III. 40.Hn[T III. 
}» son: 2 the god of love. 
pmiTif^H^ «• 1 one who 
lives hj his own labour; 2 
jQne who lives by his wife; 3 
/« public performer, -q^ a. 
^ loriog one's self, possess- 
^ of self-conceit; 2 loving 
;jOxj^ supreme spirit only. -4^- 
lind aside, (used as a 
lirectionin theatrical 
ge in the sense of the 

QHdm the aMie 

8en9e:*-«r>inif ^ inr^ IF- 

ftr ^'rnr ir?r^ S. D. vi. )» 

Pff Sak. I. -gft"/ a cave, 
the hiding pUce of an 
animal, -^n^f^ a. selfish, 
greedy.-^nr m. 1 suicide; 2 
heresy»-inf^ m. 1 a suicide, 

w^^^fr(i^ ^s^)-, 2 a 

heretic, -qt^ m. 1 a crow; 
2 a cock. -^ m. 1 a son* 2 
the god of love. -irr/. 1 a 
daughter, w^ 3^ ^fVt^P^ 
2|iTfJnrp|f: R. xiii. 78; 2 the 
understanding. -iF'niL w. a 
son, <1t^<HMId^MHI H|rM^ - 
*H«5^* : R. I. 3a, IRP^- 

m. self-denial, victory over 
one's aelf.-fr <"• a sage, 
one who knows self. ^\\^ n. 
1 knowledge of the soul or 
supreme spirit; 2 true 
wisdom. -^^ n. the true 
nature of ^e soul or of the 
supreme spirit. -^Iffir ft* 1 
self-sacrifice; 2 suicide. 
-^mf^«n. a suicide, »?f?»r- 
««n^^ ^P^WJ^*^1T5Wr « Yaj. 
III. 6.-in^ n. 1 self-pre- 
servation; 2 a body-guard.- 
f€r»t.a mirror, 3TqKin r4|PTP r- 
tr^T^: R. vii, 68.-f^». 
spiritual knowledge.-ffH^ 
HI. « suicide. *fd|^ a. con- 
stantly in the heart.-f%^ 
/ self-reproach. -Pt%^ ». 
offering oneself as a living 
sacrifice to the deity.^^^ a. 
one who constantly seeks 
spiritual knowledge. «lpiT- 
i|fq^ ^' one of the two mod- 
es (voices) in which Sans- 
knt verbs are conjugated,F- 
HUMNf^^i^ • root ogn^ 
JMgatfid ia the Aimmn^atla. 
HPT a« aelf-iUuimtiAtedw^ 

^nn m.1% son; 2 ih# gnA 

of love.H|iffir /• gelt Iff 
plause. -^ijj, ill^i^ m^ 
one's own Kinsman; (tlMgr 
are three, viz. 1 father^ 
sister's son, 2 mother^ 
brother's son, and 3 moihe^m 
sister's ^on; afT^lTQ: ^^: 

c^«ii<3«^ii«if%%'?r men 41^ 

m: II ). -<Nr »». spiritoj 
knowledge, knowledge of ihm 
self.-^m. an epithet JL of 
Brahman («.) ir«4 ftF^ 
Wipi: K. S. II. 58, 2 of 
Vishnu, 3 of Siva; 4 U^ 
god of love; 5 a son; U^ 

1 a daughter; 2 the ondap- 
standing.-iinfr / a paztu49 
of the supreme spirit. «tr4^ 
^ a. selfish, greedy, a^^F^^- 

.-il1^nC.a. proud.-4|fi3i|^ «k 
a learned man who stadittf 
his own nature and that 4jt 
the soul with a view to at- 
tain final beatitude, e. g. wrf^ 

^A mM^UH^J^ WCI»T*lfi^- 
T^S^^-^M^ I7>. an epithe* Ji 
of Brahman ( m. ), 2 of Vi* 
shnu, 3 of S'iva, sTf^spjqg^ 
AHIrH^ i rHH K. S. III. 70,^ 
the god of love.-^w/ «el|» 
protection - fTPT m. burl^ 
origin, w^THPT^'Tn' fV^fe 
Mud. IV. -^x^irr/ se lf j h^ 
lusion.-^9|^a. self-possesa^ 
composed, (^^^^Tft^fflfflli 
W5 *l<^IS**nT I •ff'Tir^^ 
cWrj^: Ut. M.)t si^m* 

'^icHJii n ^'i^^i R- VIII, lit 

-HUir / 8uicide.-^nr wk .ft 

2 one's control (9n<*rv#'4l^ 4 
o^ y *to win over.*^ 
having oontrolover seltp i 
possessed; ^ m. a 
man^a sa ge,^. g. i|f(k^ 

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taoiher-iii-Iaw. 2 a son- 8 a 
jester (in dwmaiic Hiera- 
'•"°«)--f'^ I/- action as »• 
prfs onese lf, <%fin«m^ft- 
■ffVifllNfliTI B. II. 83; II a. 
Jttidiiig in A'tman q, r.* 

ar/I one's own power or 
*y. (*«^V4rqi to ^ 
bast of one's power e. ^, \i 
t W^ g y ^^^Rfnf^Rrqr ). 

^im / self-praise, boast- 
iag. |(i|i| m. self-restraint. 

^«^NVfl»^l« son, ^^irr«ff- 
«% cyrP»rtPTw^ R. m. 21, 
^n. ^7, xvn. 8; 2 the god 
tf Ifove.^^inipir/. A daughter. 
^^rw iW. one's own. #. ^. 

f . ( o^ 'to appropriate ' ) 
•>fH|| /. suicide, -f^ «• 
btndficial to one's self. 
HW*^ «. (/. nr) <me's own, 
MoBging to one's self, ^. 

«li^ w: K. S. II. 19, 


lA(/.iir)l Be. 
toging to self, one's own* 
2 beneficial to one's self. II 
a1 A son; 2 a wife's 
hwlher; 3 a jester ( in dra- 
matic Iherature ). 

«lil^Mra.(/qfr)l In- 
lake, endless, abimdaiit, 

Plliitnil MtkLu.; 2abso* 


«. (/.i|») 1 Press- 
lO^pent; 2 destrootiTe, 
Wfim m. A descendant of 

f, A wmnan in her 

Sa 1 The wife of Atri; 
woaaan in her ooorses* 
,,Ia» (.A^lft) Rekt- 
«odiaAyMnp»v«^« II 

«!• 1 A Br&hoia^a who has 
studied the AtbarraTeda; 2 
the Atharvayeda. 

MI«|4PiiK m. A BWUunaaa 
who has studied the Atha- 

Hr^ M. 1 A bite; 2 a tooth. 

ITRT ^. 1 Respect,regaid, re- 
▼erence,af i{ if«l^ •! iPT^^p^in 
^WTO^Tftfiwr^t Kir. i. 
S3» ^PTPI ^TO^^»Tr^: K, S. 
VT. 13, 20; 2 commencement; 
3 care, close application, K. 
S. Ti. 91; 4 love; 6 effort, 
* l 41<l^<|Rfl(n> K. S.VI.41. 

Wff^ n. Respect, notice. 

WTO »t. 1 A looking gU ss, 
a mirror, ai1riffs|iTfH|r#i| W 
^RHiiHI<<fft | *3| K. 8. vu. 
22, B. xvu. 27; ( used me- 
taphorically also, $. ff, W^ 
2PTRR Kad. ); 2co|^of a 
work ; 8 a commentary, gloss. 

Hr?^ »». A mirror. 

HITO^ n. 1 Showing, 2 a 

«Vff9^ n. 1 Bunting; 2 in* 
juring, killing; 3 a cemetery. 

HT^ n. 1 Taking, re ceiving, 

V. 11; 2 acc ept ance^ Sein- 
ing, getting, vm ^ ft- ^frft- 
^ Wft ^iftsjlftt R* IV. 86. 
•rr^ I a. 1 First, primary, e^. 
ft^ ^ift;M<" 1 ^H Am. I. 4. 
28; 2 principal, pre-eminent 
II M. 1 Commencement, be- 
ginning, W^f^ <WF*ft?ir5 

ift^wfTfnniM. 1. 8, Bg. in. 

41; 2 first in time, existing 
before* 3 pre-eminent, prime, 
^'l^fftiHlft^H, K. S, u. 9, 
Bg. IX. 18. ( «Tn% is used as 
the last member of com- 
poimds in the sense of *'such 
like,'* •* and others " " and 
others of the same nature" 
e g. ^r^ WfW: Pan. '^»n<i 
others of the same nature are 
caU#d roots/ P4fiini uses 

«Vn^ at the end of woid84o 
indicate gmmmatical gioa|p9 

ft &c. llff^and ifli^a are 
used as indeclinables in tka 
sense of "in the beginning' 
*at first.') CoMP.-^UfSiir ». 
beginning and end.-ifm 
•. having the acute aceent 
on the first syllable, -mCf 
i|^ m. the creator, an epi- 
thet of Brahman (m.), 3g^ 
XI. 87. -«|^ M. the first 
poet. (Brahman ( m. ) an4 
Vilmiki are so called; the 
first because he promulgated 
the Yedas and the second 
because he is supposed to 
have unwittingly^ uttereJ a 
verse in cursing a fowler and 
subsequently to have com- 
posed the first poem in Sans- 
krit, the R4m4ya9ia}.-qn^ 
n. a priaiary cause, f^^ 
* ^ [iW^^*l Am. t. 4. 26; 
(according to the Ved4ntista 
Brahman (n.) is the primary 
cause of die mniverse; ac- 
cording to the Sinkhyas it 
is ^^^ or ^f^^ according 
to the Naiyiyikas and Ym- 
s'eshiteis atoms are the ma- 
terial cause of the universe 
and not f%iT).-^nc^ »• Aa 
first poem: (the Rimdyana is 
supposed to be the first poesa 
in Sanskrit). -^ m. 1 Hk^ 
supreme God, the creator of 
the universe, ^^ wnt 

12, rir«llWn: 3ff: ^Wf: 
XI. 88; 2 an epithet oi 
Vishnu; 3 of Siva. 4^ 
M. an epithet of Hiiafi|A- 
Kas'ipu. -9^, ^P^T >n, 1 
the supreme deity, the laid 
of the creation; 2 an epithet 
of Vishnu and Krishna, .% 

R» x» ^i ^f^^P^f^i^^^^f^^- 

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• m Sis. I. 14. -^^ n, gener- 
stire power. -^ m. 1 
Biabman (m,\ the primeyal 
being; 2«n epithet of Vbhnu, 
f«MrtK»ftM«iH ^ R. XII. 8; 
,8 ftn elder brother. -4|Pr n. 
primitire foundation, prim* 
•Tftl cause. -^f m. Vish- 
jia in his thiid or boar in- 

. carnation. he|^ m. the first 

Vflf^^il m. A son of Aditi, 
a god, a diyinitj. 

ifrf^fir m. 1 A son of Aditi, 

' a god, a diyinitjr; 2 the sun* 
3 a name of Vishnu in his 
fiftii or V&mana incarna- 
tion; 4 a coUectire name of 
12 dirinities, «Trf??qr3fr- 

^t^:Bg. X.21. (these 
iwelre suns shine onlj at 
Hhe end of the world. Gf. 
Ve.iii.) GoMP.— ^m. (son 
<»f the sun ) a name, 1 of 
Sugrira, the monkey-king; 

. 2 of Yama; 8 of Saturn; 4 
of Kama. 

Urtfr ^ > (/ m) First, prior. 

mr^^l^ m. 1 Distress; 2 
lattlt. St€ Sis. !!• 22. 

mr^fN^ n. 1 Setting on fire; 
2 whitening the walls ^. 
on festire occasions. 

tdfn «• (/. nr) 1 Honoured, 
respected: 2 respectful. 

mi^ M 1 Gambling; 2 a 
die used in gambling; 8 a 
board for gambling. 

Wfl^ M. 1 Adrice, 
^instruction, precept, e?^- 

i Ximn: R. I. 92; 2 account, 
t information; 8 a command, 

/^ Bam.; 4 a prediction, 

•^nnte^f?Yaj. u. 804; 

6ft substitute ( in gram.), 

* HWft* ^'ll^ ffi^ 5#l if^- 
. !^gW^ R. xu. 68. 

I a. (/. Hr) 1 Rrst 

in position, pre- eminent, 

nrpr^ R. I. 11; 2 first in 
time. ( vm is often used as 
the last member of com- 
pounds in the same sense as 
B?n^ ). II n. Grain, food. 
GoMP.— qiflf^ m. the same 

ipfPT or the inanimate prin- 
ciple which is the material 
cause of the uniTerse accor- 
ding to the Sinkhjas. 

WfTT/ A name of Durg4. 

lirin?r m. Light, brilliance. 

WlpT «. (/ ir) Voracious, 

llf^inf n. A deposit, pledge 
(in law), 1^ fn(?*: nf^ 
fPrwnfft^S^ Kat., ^t^TPPR'- 
ftmiftTH M. viu. 165. 

Hr^ifiyil n. The state of be- 
ing indebted, ( in ]^w ). 

Hf^P^ n. 1 Gonriction of 
crime or error; 2 a refuta- 
tion; 8 injuring, annojing. 

Hivn^r «»• 1 I>ouig* execnting, 
performing, proTiding, sr^inrt 
rti'll^^lW'^l'ftillAI^ R. 1. 
24; 2 infusing, putting in, 

^:S.D.ii.;8 creating, engen- 
dering 4?lil4>IMi HfHr: Megh. 
1. 3, jpfpww^Rvn^ 1. 9; 4 
a pledge, a deposit, Yaj.u. 
238; 5 keeping sacred fire, 
(the same as Brmfpff^ ), 
ffqbj^nvrr^T ^ M.V.168. 

^HlfHcfi M. A eeremonj per- 
formed after cohabitation to 
procure or farour conception. 

Mran: «- 1 Support, stay; 2 
aid, patronage; 8 a recept* 

acle, 'TO^nwt >gprt i|finiMr- 

C?rt m\ K. S. VI. 67; 4a 

reserroir, ernRmi^KHj^^- 
*ni;^K, 8. in. 48, f^ic'rifiy 

f^r Panch. I ; 6 a dam 
or embankment; 6 a basin 
round the root of a tree. 

7 the meaning of the sefenth 
case (in gram. ). 
•Iff^ m. 1 Mental agoigr. 
anxietj, (op. to sq)f^ whic^ it 
bodily pain\ arrf^^l^nf* 

V. lY. 11, Tin. 27, IX. 54; 
2 a bane, curse,miserj, W^* 

MZf: gak. iv.; 8 » pledge, t 
pawn, a mortgage (^ in kw), 
Yaj. II. 23, M.vTu. 144.4 
residence. Gomp.— sl^ m. 
enjoyment or use of a de- 
posit.-^^ M. one who eajofi 
a deposit without the owner^i 

tnf^^ir^qr «. A judge, 

Mrich. IX. 

mf^TVir n. 1 Excess, pit- 
ponderanoe; 2 saperioritf. 

HlPitft^ a.(/.nft)lIU. 
lating to a tutelary dii^ 
( as a mantra ), M. vu 88; 2 
brought on by fat^ (si 
pain ). ( According . te 
Sus'rutapain iseither sfMh 

ftHVf »nf^HW?rtr, or irtSl- 

inf^TFir «. 1 Supremacy, 
power, ( awFT ) JU^Plft 
^rpTTfjqRT Bg. II. 8; 2 «iM 
duties of a kinjr, qr^ft: jf 
H*WlftMt^ Bh. 

HimWWa. (/. nft) Be. 
lating to beings; 2 ctaari 
by animals, ( as pain )• Sit 

Hn^Crvir ft.Hoyalty, supwaw 
sway, Jfift ijir: fifl^f^nEH^- 

n^qinr^ m R. xyh. 30< 

il l fil^^ ftiK n. A gift nadi 
to a first wife upon mai"^^ 
another. ( lyn" ftefWIlJIlflPi 
fn^5^^f%^ D. Bh. ) 

recent, of recent origiOi 
HP^m>m. TlMi rider orMr- 

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erof aa dephant; arfjl^^ifr-* 
^ M*lf^i||«^ R. Yii. 46, V. 
48, rv-iii. 39. 

HfUffPf It. 1 Blowing, mfls- 
tkfo; 2 a bellows; 3 sweUing 
«l the belly, dropsy. 

imnffi^wr a. (/. gjhr ) 1 Re- 
kiing to the supreme spirit, 
t|nritaal, holy; 2 caused by 
^ mind, (as pain or sorrow.) 

m^i^f^ n. 1 Anxiety. 2 
sorrowful recollection, 

IW^ IS ^ m. The same as 3T- 
«inw q. r. 

«IMn(%7 a. (/. mt) Caused 
bj wlhynsa, that is, by 
ascrilMng the nature of one 
thing to another ( in 
Vedinta phil. ). 

l«M^V a. (/.^) Being 
an a journey, ^jpJrft'Sff^ j%- 

^iriJ ^ff^ir-srf^^FnpT ^ Bh. 
Urursff n. The office of an 

odkvarifU q, v. 
Sff^rv m. 1 A militaiy drum, 

Bg. I. 1^; 2 the thunder- 
doud. CoMP.— wgfif I m. 
an epithet of Vasudera, the 
litiier of Krishna; II m./ 
ft biTge drum beaten at one 

m^/. 1 Bending, bowing, 
stooping, j% ^VRTprfS**^- 
^gC«ir»r %TRr ^ Am. 8. 22, 
^■IWft^-^ft*'^ 44; 2 salu- 
tation ; 3 homage, rererenoe. 

aninn. 1 A drum in gene- 
nl; 2 dressing, putting on 
ilotiies or ornaments. 

IIW^ ^. Mouth, face, ?r<Pnf 
f«Kft^rfftvr: R. m. 8, i. 

' 19. 1 Immediate pro- 

ff ( either in space or 

tiaia)! 3 su^ceesBiou. 

i|ii|»«t ». 1 Infinity, endless- 

MM^ (in iiiiie, number, or 

Pr. II.; 2 immortality: 8 
boundlessness* 4 ad upper 
world, heaven, e, g, jVr ^• 

HPr^ I m. 1 Happiness, joy, 
R. xu. 62; 2 an epithet of 
S'ira. II ft. The supreme 
spirit, (in VedAnta phil. ) 
Coup.— qrn. a bridal gar 
ment. -ipf?f m. semen, -ipii 
a, blissful, made up of hap* 
piness. o%f^ m. the inner- 
most case of the body. 

aipn^ m. Happiness, joy. 

aiFf^t^T I a. Pleasing to. II 
n,l Delighting, making hap 
py; 2 the treatment of a 
friend or g^est at meeting 
and parting; 3 paying res- 
pects to. 

aiiHf^ t». 1 Joy, happiness* 
2 curiosity. 

afRW^- 1 Bringing ;2 invest- 
iture with the sacred thread. 

ainf^ m. 1 A theatre, a danc- 
ing-hall ; 2 war, battle. 3 
the name of a country. 

^HMM ^* 1 Uselessness, 

TfRT*^^ J»im. S.. 2 unfit- 

aiPfRY ^* A net. 

M<^ilf^4 'w. A fisherman, aff 

TTftftWIHM^XH^r^ R. XVI. 
65, also 75. 
a^^fc^r m. One of the three 
consecrated fires, otherwise 

called ^^pmf^. 
aTRTf M. 1 Constipation; 2 

iflf«t% m, A name 1 of Ha- 

numat, 2 of Bhima. 

arNN I a. ( /. HT ) Parkish, 
sli>chtly blue. II m, A bUck 

ati^y^ n. Favourableness, 
suitableness, kindness, ipir- 

Yaj. I. 74. 

«n<i|9|fir n. Acquaintance, hi* 

irr^iTv^ n. Favourableneas^ 


mjinPiw o. (/. ifr ) Rury. 

an^mf^HR n. Nasality. 
M!3S?^ a; (/ «tt ) FoUow 

ing, pursuing, tracking. 
aff^p^/. Order, series, 8ua» 

cession, M. in. 23. 

arr^grs^ ( % ) y^* '^^^^ s*™^ ^ 
*T»3«i^ q^ v.y ^wflg«i*JS«i Y»j. 

I 57. 

injin*^ I «. (/ ^ ) !>•- 

rived from inference. II 
n. Pmdhana of the 84n- 
khyas, «. ^. aTr?fiTTf»ir»T«^- 

^^f^^^Ved. S. 

Regular, orderiy; 2 faTO«^- 

HTjf^^ir w. 1 Natural ©r 
regular order, proper dk- 
position, anj^!*^ IF^: 
M. X. 5., also 13; 3 favour^ 

an3%^ fn. A neighbour 
who lives next to the next- 
door neighbour. ( Kulh 
commenting on M. viti.Sti 
say s;- fti^f l iJ j fH I 4fl srrf^tfip 

dlik's edition of Manu, how* 
ever, the word occurs in tiie 
form 3r3%T7 in several of 
the glosses printed there)* 

comitant, implied, secondary, 

<ht^*4|«j*IPl'*^ Kir. n. 19. 
( See w^{^^ and the ex* 
planation given there ) ; 2 
proportionate, relative; 8 
elliptical (in gram. ). 

arrsTl a. (/.4t) 1 Wet, 
watery, marshy. 2 produce* 
in a marshy region. II le. 
Any animal frequentiaf 

I niarshy or w]p^nr jpUops* 

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M. Aoquitiance of debt I 
(^Tit. And J ig.), (^grpnO 

B. IX. 65, M. IV. 257. 
m^HHU n. 1 Mildness ; 2 

femdness, M. 1. 101; 3 com- 

pMsion;4 sinlessness, M.iu. 

ifimaf n. Clumsiness, stapid- 

nnm «. (/• '^r ) Final, termi- 

MP^ fl. (/. ^r) Internal, 
concealed, hidden, 5«ff?|iniffr 

«Rr*rPfTr:^f^ rj: m.m. i. 
mtmK(<f)^r ia.(/.#) 

Atmospherical, heavenly, ce- 
lestial. II n. The :finnament, 
the intermediate region bet* 
ireeii earth and sky. 
4 < |*qiT l ^i<N a. (/. ^ ) Being 
inside a house. 

iW^H^ft^* «. (/• ^ ) Pro- 
duced or occurring within a 

im^PfPKT/. The same asarp^r- 

iffi^jpf. 10. U (p]).'W^f^) 

^0 swing, to move to and 

IW^frtr m. 1 A swingj 2 

W.'^ffFRT ». Swinging; 2 

moving to and fro, shaking, 

c^^JiH^rnr Ud. 

W<-mR|^ w a cook. 

^ITVMf n. Blindness. 

Wff^ tn. pi. The name of a 
country and its inhabitants. 
fThere is much difference of 
opinion as to its real situa- 

^tm"^ «. (/ 8ft ) 1 Of 

noble birth, wellborn; 2 

W^ft^a. (/.^) I>aily. 
*t)ccurring every day, tote 
."^iformed every day, M. ui. 

wWiflt< ! ttl , /• 1 Logic, 
logical philosophy; 2 meta* 
physics, JTW* a«lHI'^1R|l*1- 

jffl^'Ccfr §ftR?r'i M. M. I , 
M. vi£. 43. 
tnqLv«. 5. P (also 10 U) 
( p^. anWj desid. fc^) ; 1 
To obtain, to attain, g^Rrf 
y^iJd ^**<fS[^Hiafl Sak. I., 
or ^ ^ryHMf^iT'^nT ^: B. 
in. 88; 2 to pervade or oc- 
cupy; 3 to go to, to reach. 
With 9T9[1|-— to go to, 
to reach, ^ *N l |HaHlH |; 
Bh. ar^-l to obtain, to at- 
tain, ^H^M H?qf?hS[B. III. 83 
BT^^nrsRi:^^ Sak. ii.j 2 
to reach, qft-l to be able; 2 
to be competent, q^qfnf fNT*^- 
^ w^ ^fr^irT^TTRm Bg. I. 
lOjStobefuU; 4 to defend 
to save, fiTt qtf^5*in?h 

qrrn^H^raffRT^ Mai. v. ir- 

I to obtain; 2 to go to, to 
reach, ^ JwrpnTOT: MI'KIN iT^ 
R. I. 48; 3 to meet, Bt. v, 
96. f^-to pervade, ^^Frf^- 
TT^ «m^ f^«f?r Bg. X. 16. 
R. xvui. 40. ?gr^-to complete, 
to finish, to end, ^m^^ ^- 
'^^^^ft^^fT: R. a. 28. 

WWCa. (/. ^) Offensive, 

BTnnr n. a cake, a bread. 
MTTTf/. A river, a stream, 

Rr^'^Trft^ ^TpTfTTTnr: R. 

XI. 17 , Sis. ut. 72. 
W^rttiT m. The son of a river, 

an epithet qf Bhlshma. 
s|fqr«T m. A market, a shop. 
W^F^.^i a. (/.^)Mer- 

chantile, relating to traffic. 

II m. A merchant, a shop- 

Wq^TT ^. 1 Approaching, 
happening; 2 obtaining; 8 
necessarily following, ir- 

aifqflpirla, (/. ifr) Aooi- 
dental, unforeseen. II at* A j 
hawk, a falcon. 

«irri%T/. 1 Changing inta; 2 
procuring, obtaining; 3 mis* 
fortune, calamity* 4 an oa* 
desirable conclusion ( is 


anqf /. Misfortune, calaint:^, 

g^RL R. I. 60, or «if%%«r; 
cr^^ffrnrrq-^Kir. u. 30, mlso 

14. CoMP.— airnT wi tin^ of 

distress.- ^ m. a pcmctic» 
or profession not usnailj 
proper to the caste bat «!• i 
lowable in time of distreB8» 
(in religious law ). 

B^n^r/. Misfortune, cabuni^ ' 

srrqf^nir m. 1 An emetaU; 
2 a kirdta or barbarian. 

^?rr' Sak III.; 2 reduced tq, 
fallen into (generally xriA 
ace.) as In Ji^jRlT^:. Cokf, 
H5f??rT/. a pregnant wotnih^ 

R. X. 59. 
^ m Pt^^ i y w. A thing obtaQk* 
ed f6r a consideration, ( <^ 

ring in the afternoon. 
W^n. Water, ^. p. «ir9tf%- 

in^nr « 1 Rushing upon, de- 
scending, falling upon sot* 
denly, ?T<|MMH^1^(^ K.S..11. 
45,R.xn.76;2the instttn^ 
the current month; henoa^- 
first appearance, ailUhmm 

XI. 2. Bh. V.I. 116. 

adverbially in liie 
'at first flight'}. 

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tiim,' 2 attainment, obtain- 
•rnifT ». Tending to, ^r^T^pr 

wiT'^Trpir^ S. K. 

9fnR A. 1 A drinking partj, 

Hr'-Bh.;2a tavern, a liquor- 
shop. CoMp.-wfilr/. a tarem, 
B>iv. 42, K. S. VT. 42. 

lfnn% w. A louse. 

W^ m, 1 A garland, ^if- 

^: M. M. 1. ; 2 a crest- 
jewel tT^JT^ *rt|"?l4p|»V R. 
xnn. 29. 

Wfrr la. (/. ;fT) Stout, fat. 
U «. A well. Ill n. An 
odder, teat, 3Trft^*mnrf ^rnT- 

J^R. n. 18. 

tirj!^ I m. A l>aker, a con- 
fcSioner. II n. A multitude 

WlffB^m, Floor-meal, 

aimn. 1 Flow, current, ^- 

ft. Sis. m. 74 . 2 fiUing, 
makmg full. 
~ 71. Filling, making 

Wj^ W.Tin. 

mf/efff. 1 Conversation ; 
Smiositj^S bidding fare- 

m^VT I m. 19'ame of a kind 
<d payer repeated before and 
wIUbt eating ; (the mantra to 
lie^qpested before eating is :— 
3!f9q?3rT»Tf^ m^ and that 
In le repeated after eating 
k*-*l^fnPNT=1^ftr ^^TfT). II 
t. tee act of making an 3'- 
•Wltn (seat) and an arpr- 
IRsr ( covering ) for food 

9gW I (T. ( /: RT ) 1 Gained, 
.j*jtained; 3 tniated, con fid- 
•^ itbl ; 3 true; 4 reasonable, 
«|gniibl». II m. 1 A friend, 
ft credible person, ( ajft 7f if- 

xn.52.1Il7). 1 A quotient ^in 
nlatb« ) ; 2 an equation of 
a degree, (in math. ). Comp. 
— ?FrRr I o. 1 one who has 
obtained his desire; 2 one 
who has given up all world- 
ly desires; II m, the suprene 
Boul.-«pft /. a woman in 
pregnanc7.-5frq[ I a. one 
whose word is credible and 
authoritative, trrff^f^ff^jp^- 

Sak. v.;II/. 1 the advice of 
a friend; 2 authoritative 
word, (S'ruti and Smriti are 
considered such authoritative 
evidence), aTrW2ir»TJHRT«Tt^f- 

^- ^f xrRf 2Rr ^^ R. x. 28. 

-^j^/. the Vedas. 

S^tflr/. 1 Acquisition, gain; 
2 reaching; 3 fitness, pro- 
priety; 4 completion. 

aiFir a. (/. «^) 1 Wftter>'; 
2 obtainable. 

an^irrT la. (f.m) stout, 

robust. II n. 1 Love; 2 
growth, incTcase. 

STFirnFT w. 1 The act of mak- 
ing full or fat; 2 satisfac- 
tion; 3 advancing; 4 corpu- 
lency. (Also 3?|tq|inf/.) 

Mn«5^». 1 Welcoming., 2 
bidding adieu, taking leave 
at the time of departure. 

WXTT^ «• (/• 'rr ) Reachmg 
to the feet (as a dress). 

971^7 ^- i Bathing ; 2 
sprinkling water on all 
sides. Comp.— isnl%^ ^^- * 
householder who has passed 
through the first order. (Also 

^inrt? tit. The same as ^pfw 

W^^m, Opium. 

MnT;5la. (/. ;p) 1 Tied, 

bound, fixed; 2 formed, 

made; 8 hindered. II n. 1 

A yoke ; 2 a bindingi 3 
affection • 4 ornament. 

V['.W^ m. 1 A tie or bond; 2 
the tie of a yoke* 3 ornament 
4 affection. (^PT^ 'the tie 
of love*, ir?r ^r^-^ H'RTW- 
^J^ fk^t^ Am. S. 88 ). 

aVTV^ m. The act of teariag 

arr^Pf w. Aflfliction, injurir^ 

T ^rrmwrvT'ir'^ M. iv. 54, 

W^TVIT ./.I Affliction, injury; 

2 mental agony. 
aTf3[^ fn. A sister's husband 

(mostly used in theatrieal 

language), Ut. i. 
Mi'tlrW w- 1 Knowledge ; 2 

instructing, informing, 
arr^^a. if.^) AnnuaU 

yearly, anf^^: ^RK' M. tm, 

^fPTTT f^'l Ornament, decora* 

tion, ftPlH|MKMIHi"llfl 4N% 

^ ?T^r «rnSwPT ^^^w^ K. 

^ V. 44; 2 act of nourishing. 

l^fHT/. 1. Ligl»t» splendour, 
^»Tt ^THnrr TVr Panch. IV, J 
2 Colour, appearance, ayy 
4iH**("|1h TtT^T^rFT^fT^ K^ 
Pr. IV. ; 3 a reflected image- 
4 resemblance, H^^f^f^fPT? B. 
II 10. 

arnini' m. An introductioa^ 
a preface. 

arpn^ n. 1 Addressing,, 
speaking to; 2 conversa^ 
tion, fli:ar\RrHr^«»ni^.5: R. 
u. 58. 

«TPn^ wj. 1 Splendour . 2 » 
reflection, «. gr. aTPTRTrj W2"t 
^^^;3 semblance, phantom 

( as in rHprnr, nr^^mr); 4 

fallacious appearance ( aa 

in ^?^PTRf ) ; 5 purpose* 
MHTT^C m. A collective name 

of 64 demi-gods. 
arn^'^frfNT «. (/. «lft ) Magi^ 

caU II n. IncantatioQt 


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to arf*?^^ q, v., ?rt ^l4<fl«?l- 
rti|%5f;n^ K.S.I. 26. 

•IfPnfpirn.l Nobility of birth 
2 rank- 3 learning; 4 beau- 

«nRw/. The same as arRr- 

9|rf^r^rl^ w. A lexicograph- 

^rPiy^HI ». 1 The being in 
front of or face to face, (%^- 

•T: I 8Trfta^4H. Panch. i.; 

2 farourableness. 
wT^rennr »»• Beauty. 
«llf5r^PW a. f/. ^) Relat* 

ing to bA^tt q- v.y 3 Trpr^- 


«nPmf^ I «• (/ ^) To be 
offered as a present. II n. 
A present. 

WlT^f^^n Continued repeti- 
tion, irfHifPft^ Pan, 

iTpftr I fft- P^> The name 
of a country and its people. 
II m. (/em, •rt") A cowherd, 

n^ ^lik ^t ^^ Ud. 
CoMP.-fT%, ^^, qfiiTEirr 

/. a village mainly inhabited 
by cowherds, 

Wftft/ The same as 9f%f\^ 

sn^On n. Physical pain, in- 

*?Rpr «. (/• 1!F) A little 
curved or bent. 

^fpfhr m. 1 Expanse, circuit, 
•ircumference, ar^Pr^^W- 

S»k. I. (iF^^qr? *from 
the broad cheek' Megh. 
n 29 ); 2 effort: 3 the 
expanded hood of a cobra* 
g enjo yment, e. g. (%^qr^r«t5 

sm^RTt <Jr. (/. 0) Inner, 

HHIIfiR^' n. Any efttftUe. 

BIMfri^V «. (/. * ) 1 Re- 
sultmg from practice; 2 be- 
ing near, neighbouring. 

VP^^*^ a. (/. *r ) 1 Re- 
latm g to ap^^ q, v., ^. fl'. 

^T^Jt^; 2 important, 

iini, tW. The same as art y.t^. 

BTPTa. (/. irr) 1 Raw, un- 
ripe, immature; 2 uncooked, 
unbaked, M. iv. 223: 3 un- 
digested. II m, 1 Disease, 
sickness- 2 constipation; 3 
grain freed from chaff. 
CoMP.— >3|f^nrm. the upper 
part of the belly .-Jpcif m, a 
water-jar of unbaked clay. 
-iff^ a. smelling of raw 
meat or of a burning corpse. 
-W^ m. a kind of fever, 

P(^!^ Sis. n. 54.-^^^ a. of 
tender skin.-qpr n. an un- 
annealed vessel, ^Jfr^'r mf(^ 

179.— r»F wi* dysentery - 
^PT m. constipation.-^j?T m. 
the cholic. 

air*n^ a. Lovely, charming. 

Mnnr^, n. Pain, sorrow. 

arPFiprn 1 Addressing, cal- 
ling, calling out to; 2 wel- 
coming, bidding good-bye; 3 
invitation, aT^^PT^^irT 
Yaj. I. 112; 4 permission ; 
5 conversation, ^i^^t^H^^ 

Wr^ I a. (/. ?j[T ) Having 
a slightly deep tone, arpp^T- 

Megh. I. 84. II m. A slight- 
ly deep tone. 
afPT^ m. Disease, sickness, 

amrr^ iR^iHiH^w : R. nx. 

48, Sis. It. 10. 
wrmftr^ o. (/. ^) Sick, 
afflicted with disease. 

HPfrTFfr a. (/. ^m) i^^ 

ing till death, afr^fCTPifTs ^- 

*Tqt: 4jUf lt^r^"|*l*!ii»; Hit. t» 
WI^^Tf^^W o, (/ ?9f^'L8St- 

ing till death, ^'' i })-^^^K ^ 
^fl^ H^<Hi " l f Pc T ^ ; M. U, 
a?nrf m. Crushing, squeez- 

9|PT^ w*. Advice, counsel. 
arnf^ tn. The same as an?i 

MiHr^^ I m. /. A kind rf 
tree. II w. Its fruit, a|«|*<t4- 

^inTRrRr^prniL Bh. v. u. 8. 

aTRT^ wi. The same as af- 

ay f fR^ w- Sorrow, anxiety. 

aTTm(*)W/. Curd of milk 
and whey. 

arrf^ wi. w. 1 Flesh, ^m^ 
ftcrs{^f^^^ R. n. 59 ; 2 
an object of enjojrment, (^• 
^) ft'^imif^^t ^ R. XM- 
11.3a bribe; 4 desire; 6 
enjoyment; 6 food, huk, 

BTI33(^ /• Wearing, putting 
on (as clothes or ornaments). 

HI3?? n. 1 Commencementj 
2 a prelude, a prologue, (m 
dramatic literature, ) li ^ 
thus defined in the S. D. 

Every Sanskrit play is hi* 
troduced by such an airSft* 
^rgf^^WRT a. ([/• *r ) Belong- 
ing or relating to the olltfr 
world, e. g. ^fcir^ Tft^ 

ailtj^l i n ' l m. Son or descend- 
ent of such a one /• i^4 
scion of an illustrious faii^« 

M. I. 

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atiog; 2 eioitting; 3 paUmg 
en, wearing. 

iq^4^ ffi. 1 Joy, pleasure; 2 
faa^ancy, perfume, an^- 
f^HT^ R. I. ^3, ijmiiHU 
H(im\ ITrlTgpiWSfOT? Sis. u. 
20, Megh. I. 31. 

an^ir^ n. 1 Rejoicing, dc- 
ii^ting; 2 making fragrant, 

wn^^ m. Robbing, stealing. 

WSinia. (/?Tr)l Remember 
^ ; 2 learnt bj heart; 3 
spoken oft said to be, consi 
dered, ^ ft" ftlSilHId^ T- 
^^^\4\H*4 '. ^ ^ Sis. u 10. 

atlMH ^' 1 Mention, repeti- 
tkm; 2 stadj of sacred texts. 

VQ'^m ». 1 Sacred tradition- 
2 a Veda or the whole Vedic 
Jkeiatoie, awf ST ^dwilnr^J 
D.K. or airwrF?iqi^ *irqftH|- 

9i W^: ^T##rg^: Bh.; 3 
jnoeired doctoine; 4 instruc- 

fglM^^ M. An epithet 1 of 
Bhntarish/ra; 2 of K4rti- 

IMf^fll^i «. A fish. 

m^«.The mango tree, Megh. 
« la, Bh. V. I. 104. II n. 
She froit of the mango tree, 
Sh^Y. n. 8. CoMP.-^ 
mu Ae name of a moontam, 
^Bppm%^:Uegh. I. 17.- 
%|^ /. a portion of dried 
Mugo frait.-^^ «. a grore 
dL.mmgo trees, ^frJTTW^ 

HilHrm^ The hog-plum. II 
^MiB fruit. 

" n. Tautology, reitera- 
L of words or sounds. 
is« See the peceding 

I*». (/<Jit *»»?#) The 
iiee. II »• 8o«r- 

tamarind tree; 2 aeiditj of 
HTW m. 1 Arriral; 2 income, 
revenue, Yaj. i. 322, 827. 
M. T£U. 419; 3 gain, profit, 
( op. to ^^);4 the guard of 
the women's apartments. 
CoMP.— siRC m. du. receipt 
and disbursement. 

Wir:^f^ I «. (/• 8|{t) Ac- 
tive, indefatigable. II m. A 
man who in order to obtain 
an object uses forcible in- 
stead of gentle means. (?ft- 

?l^=qnf:^5*Nrs K. Pr. x. 

»|RnT«. (/^^ 1 Diffuse, 
prolix; 2 long. 3 large, big; 
4 drawn, attracted; 5 curb- 
ed, restrained. Coup.— bt^ 
/. a woman with large eyes. 
-M^rnr «. havinglong-com- 
ered cyes.-wrm/. remote 
futurity. -«CfT/. *lie plain- 
tain tree. -^«m. a panegy- 

VlfUfPT n. 1 A resting place, 
a house, an abode; 2 the 
place of the sacred fire; 3 a 
sanctuary; 4 receptacle, 
abode, t^f^H^<^mcl>f aninr 
K. S. VII. 5, R. in. 86. 

m^mf. 1 Length, exten- 
sion: 2 futurity, ^tjnft ?TT ^- 

^nf;TP^:Si3.xiv.5,M.iv 70j3 
future consequence, BTRftr «r- 

M. VII. 76; 4 majesty, dig- 
nity; 5 accepting, obtaining J 
6 work, e.g. f^ jjT* w«v.^ 
t1IH^4HlJi^ttHH» 7 restraint. 

Wir^ «. (/ mi 1 Depend, 
ent, <?f«T?f5^3^^ ^^^^ 
J^l^^Ve. ui.; 2 docile, 

iirwf^/. 1 Dependence, 2 
affection; 8 strength; 4 
boundary; 5 expedient, re- 

medy; 6 steadiness of coa* 

wir ( wr ) ^nmrn n. Un». 

ness, onsuitableness. 

•rmw n. 1 Stretching; 2 
length, extension. 

STTinpii n. Impatience, long* 

HHW I o. (/ ^ ) Mad e of 
iron, n|% IT ^^ fflRnft W* 
W Bh. V. u. 69. II n. 1 
Anything made of iron, aOT* 

K. S. VI. 55; 2 iron. 

Mnr^/. A coat of mail, am 
armour for the body. 

«IFirpr «»• 1 Coming, arrival; 
2 natural temperament or 

in^fT m. 1 Stretching, eX- 
tending; 2 restraint, Hforrqnr- 
qrnrirr: Bg. iv. 29; 3 length, 
expansion, f^^^iHIH ijf »ft Mo- 
gh. I. 57. 

ifRTfT m. 1 Effort, exertioB« 
n^n ?Tfr^^Rnf% Sak. ii., 
Bg. xviii. 24; 2 wearinesa, 
fatigue, wwff <f^rrwr:A 
#rf HT ^^^ Bh. 

ifl]FV|i m. A minister, am 
agent or deputy. 

W^^ m. n, A weapon; (thejr 
are classed under three heads : 
( 1 ) srrrr, e. g. a sword, 
(2)f^rTJ^,#.^. adisc, (8) 
T*^ry»K, e. g. an arrow), ^ H 
H|<^H plii'tlJfTHH^ B- 1"- fi^» 
Coup. — arirrt w. an arm#* 
ury, arsenal, »Tf'T^f9Hn?rt' 

Hprrqrrgw'enrrit n^Pt v e. i. 

ainf^ m. A soldier, a war* 

9Tr3(S|ii^ m. A warrior, a sol* 

«lf^^ m. The same as arq'* 

l^j^n. 1 Life, duration of 

life, ^irg^infSt hpt^ M. it. 

1, ^^r- ^ «• 62,xii. 48; 
2 Tital power^ Comp^- 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


«» wiabing for Ufe or health. 
mj^if m. a sacrifice to 
W>talii longeffity. -|[«^ •• 
« medicament. MT^^Tt ^' 1 
•liyc; 2 long-lived; (the 
word is often uaed in 
nlays in addressing a no- 
bly bom person. A Br4- 
hmana is also so addressed 
in saluting. M^na says :— 

*,tf^^^.) -irS /. longe- 
vity. -%f m, the science of 
health or medicine. -^|1^, 
Hf^ m. a physician. -'^ 
m. end of Ufe, decline of 
mijcir I «• (/. ««rr ) Giving 
long life, preservative of life, 

t^ M. 1. 105. 

Hfl^tHT m. 1 Appointment; 2 
the performance of an act; 
8 offering flowers, perfume, 

lHJjtirV m* Th^ son of a S'6- 
4ia by a Vais'ya wife, (His 
business ' is carpentry. See 
M. X. 48.) 

-UnrNnr ♦»• 1 Effort, exer- 
tion; 2 seizing, taking. 

:9|f4f>|if n. 1 War, battle, 

42, also V. 71; 2« baUle- 

Urir me^. An' interjection of 
•ailing, expressive of affec- 

Ull^ I Ml. n. 1 Brass; 2 oxide 
of iron. II m. The pUuiet 
Mars. CoMP.— ^ m. n. 

llf^Hf m. 1 Protection, pre- 
servation; 2 the junction of 
the frontal sinuses of an 
elephant;- 3 an army. 

H^^KPir m. 1 A watchman; 
2 aviUage or police ma- 

HI. An actor. 

MnfH ft. An eddy. ^ 

SYTT^I a. (/. a*) Wild, 
^rest-bom, (op. toV[^^y, II 
m. n. A forest. CoMP.-^[|(r 
m. a wild cock.— c|^ m, a 
wild beast. 

m^fpnm I. «• (/• «irr) 1 

Wild, forest-bom; 2 relating 
to a forest. II m. A forester, 
an inhabitant of the wood. 
Ill ». One of a class of 
religious and philosophical 
writings which are either 
eomposeil in forest or must 
be studied there. ( aK^^Ufir- 

5?^ arrr^^T^j^riJT^ .) 

l|f^/. 1 Cessation; 2 wav- 
ing lights before an image. 

9TRi|Ti7 n. Gruel made from 
the fermentation of boiled 

HTC^ /• Beginning, com- 

97T^«|7 fit. 1 A courageous 
man; 2 boldness, confidence. 

^H^^fA /. 1 A branch of the 
dramatic art, ( See S. D. vi. 
420 ff.); 2 a kind of literary 
style; 3 a style of dance. 

Ht^vyr m. 1 Work, undertak- 
ing, BmA'.irnirr^^TjB.i. 15, 
Bg. XXI, 16; 2 beginning, 
commencement, grq|^>i' fT- 
M^MfiiliHI^nf^'l^l^ Megh. 
II. 86; 3 haste; 4 effort, ex- 
ertion, Bg. XIV. 12; 5 action, 

posture, f^«iii^fiii^^ nnm^ 

R. u. 31; 6 slaughter; 7 

9|T^«9f^ n. The same as dTK^H" 

q. V. 
WC (^) ^ m. 1 Sound; 2 

SinCf^ w. Insipidity, want of 

SITO /. 1 A shoe-maker's 

awl; 2 a probe. 
«inpitn^. 1 From or to a 

^tant plac e, jfemote^ < iro^ 

PW?T «ir T* ^^fWf^Pfel Bh. > 

II. 10. (This word is genenflj 
used with abl . in these senses 
e. 9- «TRnRT5 *near the forest 
or away from it.') 

9||^]# m. An enemy. 

i|TO*ir a. (/. ?w) 1 Remote; 

2 proximate. 
Bmfflrf? «. 1 Waving a ligfct 

or a vessel containing it at 
night before an idol, e,$» 
^TrafW" H-*h3H^ yftg;^ 
a light so waved, qr^TflTrt^ 
fT^ ^nrql^ ^ S'anfcar^ 
mfP'R' *»• 1 Propitiation (« 
of a deity), afRMSfPff^ •* 
l<}^>?Tt ff^lft^ K. 8. I. 
59; 2 a means of pleasing, 
Wir'mPC'!" ^: K. 8. VI. lij 

3 pleasing, satisfying, grati- 
fying, arr^rttHPr i «TOrfr^ 

Ut. I. ; 4 accompHshmentj 
5 cooking; 6 attainment, 

UraVRT/. Service. 

amMt /. Worship, adop- 

aVKHT M. 1 DeKght, pba8W% 

fpi[^fTrnr: Bg, m. 16, unw 

CW: Ve. I ; 2 a ^g^J^> * 

grove, »im'nftMrHflft*fl**i 

Bh, V. I. 81. 
MTOPWr m. A gardener. 
Hin^l^ w. A cook. 
Hn? m. 1 A hog . 2 a crsn, 
^nW\if» R^«^ elevation, (^ 

andj^.). <*|r*||%ft A^ft 'JC" 

?n*I^M4^lPt8r Sak. IV. 
mft^ III. 1 Emptying; 2^^^ 

9ir^i;f n. Freedom from di* 

ease, good health. 
«n^ »». 1 Attributing t» 
nature of one thing to ^ 

other, ( in Ve d^nto^ pho^ 

Sara ; 2 idenlafioaticni. P 
in IH^tMIHIH^ )j 8 



mg ; 3 the atriBging of a 

ifFCif m. 1 One who mofonts, 
a rider, (as in anir?rT,*nirfhr» 
&c.); 2 ascent • 3 haa^ti- 
ne9s» pride ; 4 elevation, 
elevated place ; 5 a moon- 
tain, a heap ; 6 a woman's 
waist, ihe Irattocks, Bf htt T 
mi^ Ud.; 7 length. 8 
measure ; 9 ride. 

mOf * ! ». 1 The act of rising, 
-Mceading, aff^tfipj TT^Nr- 

8. 1. S9; 2 a stair-case. 
Wfr «. (a son of Arka^ 
Am epkhei 1 of the planet 
8aliini, 2 of Yama, 3 of 
fiama, 4 of Sogrira. 

Hula. (/. *^1) Stellar, re- 
gulated hj the stars. 

in^ /. A sort of yellow bee. 

Mtpsi n. Wild honey. 

t»Pwr I a. if. HtX) Relating 
to the i^igveda. II n. An 
efifebet of Sitmareda. 

HpfeV n. 1 Straightaess ; 2 
jaektede of beharionr, hon- 
eai^, sincerity, open hearted- 
new, a^fl^ mPrf^I^R^ Bg. 
mi. 7. 

«■*«. (/ ^) Strnckby 
oijaiEiity, afflicted, disturb- 
iii B. u. 28, Till. 31, 
aa. 10, 82; 2 diseased, 
airtfqp q^H^ R. I. 
\% oppressed, unhappy, 
m ^TfR Sak. L 
fliwr.— ^rr^ ^^ m. a ery 
m. a friend of 


«pil a. {/. 41) Conform^ 
flpilt labting to the season, 

M^ ^^aMMVQ^^ -U Ml* A 

«Nli»«i^lIie year. IiIiW« 

M. IV. 41; 2 oertain days 
after menstmal discharge 
favooiable to c<mception; 3 
a flower. 

^TT'^ft/. A mare. 

W^^^/. A woman during 
her cmirses. 

WfH/ 1. Pain, injury, *pr- 

ifPi^Megh. I. 63; 2 mental 
agony. Am. S. 89; 3 sick- 
ness, disease; 4 the end of 
a bow. 

Wff^ifhT o. (/ ;fr ) Fit for 
the office of a priest. 

srr^VUn. The office of a 

BTit} a. (/. iff ) Relating to 

WfSNr o. (/. «lft ) 1 Signi. 
iicant; 2 rich; 8 wise. 

arrf a. (/. rf) Wet, moist, 
?HNTyir ^^H^ifift : Megh. 
II. 28, 1. 43; 2 fresh, new, 
«. P- aFrtM^TCW: Am. S. 
2; 3 soft, tender- 4 loose, 
flaccid. GoMP.— >fn^ Tkfresh 

ailir«l7 n* Ginger in its on- 
dried state. 

anff /• A constellation so 
called, consisting of one star. 
CoMP. -*-|pini' M* ^ name 
of Keta. 

aif^|«rT9^ I a. (/kSV) Ap- 
plicable to half the root or 
to the shorter form of the 
verbal base ( in gram."^ II n. 
The name of those termina- 
tions and affixes which be* 
long to the six non-conjuga* 
tional or general tenses^ 
(m gram,). 

•flf^Ia. (/.gffr) Sharing 
half, nJating to half. II m. 
1 One ^o ploughs the gro 
and for hi^U tile erep; 2 oM 
bam ol * Vaitf'ya mmmm, 
batbmight up by • %Ar^ 

hmana ( f^9ink*^n*9^^ ^T 

Hr<Ia.(/. ^)Koble, high, 

respectable, ifWnrnf^^^mnff- 

^ Ram. II m. 1 Name of tb» 
Hindu;and the Iranian peo- 
ple as distinguished froat 
•prr^, ^, 'TTW; ( the distino- 
tion is very cleariy seen in 
the Vedic litemture} ;2 nama 
of the first three castes as 
opposed to S'tidra ; 3 ft 
master; 4 a preceptor ; 5 ft 
friend; 6 a father-in-law (aa 
in arr^w ) ; 7a man who b 
faithful to the religion and 
customary law of his country* 

f^ fW: ); o a man of hi^ 
birth; 9 a man of nobla 
character; 10 a respectable 
man* Han honorific designs* 
tion, (in theatrical language) 
The following lines contain 
rules as to the use of this deai- 
gnati(m;-(l) (^ O^prsT ifjf 
^ %?K:f (2) ^r^ «r#lrjp^- 

(4 ) ^^RT«*^»Tr?iT -SK^ ^:. 
OoMP.— air^ 'w. name oT 
~ the land extending from tfa^ 
eastern to the ?restem sea, 
and bound on the north ana 
south by the Him&laya and 
the Vindhya respectirely; 
afffTJfTJ \ tyklWH^I^ ^- 

M. II. 22. -^ a. 1 easily 
accessible to an honourabb 
man, flM!^4|«) fl^^rf^J": Bl 
n. 88; 2 deserring hononc 
respectable. -%Q'm. a regiM 
inhabited by Aryas. «^ Hli 
1 son of an hononraUa \ 

Digitized by 


eBptOT; 8 an honoarific de- 
signation of the son of an 
elder brother of a husband 
bjr his wife, or of a prince 
hj his general; 4 son of the 
father-in-law, i. e. husband, 
(in theatrical language) (In 
tills sense the word occurs in 
almost erery play in' speech- 
es assigned to female cha- 
meters. )-lir!|' O' 1 inhabited 
by the Aryas; 2 abounding 
with respectable persons.-vfi if 
m. the way of the honourable, 
-fJj^ I a, distinguished, re- 
spectable; II m. a gentle- 
man, a man of consequence, 
m respectable man, a man of 
honour, q^i<|!KJ('sir^ ^^Prt^ 
f^limPr Pr. Ch.i.-f^ n. the 
behaviour of a nobleman. - 
^nr n. a noble or sublime 
iruth.-^fj* a. bolored by the 
nHciR' m. The same as arr^ 
q, V, (The feminine form of 
this word is either 3?f^^ or 

mP^f' 1 A name of Pdrrati; 
2 a mother-in-law; 3 a res- 
pectable lady; 4 a kind of 
metre. ( i>ee. App. I). Comp. 

— 'ftnr/. ^^^^' App. I. 

«irJ a. (/'ff ) 1 Relatingor be- 
longing to a i^ishi; 2 Yedic 
iop. to cttif^^h or classical ), 
^. g* 3Tr^: ^^Pl:. II m. One 
of the eight forms of marri- 
age*, in it the father of the 
bride receires one pair of 
kine from the bride-groom 
C^IKI^I^td *Dw*i. Yaj. I. 
59 ) : for the names of the 
eight forms see. sir7r. Ill 
n. The holy text i . e. the 

mn^ m. A steer fit to be 
let loose. 

or belonging to a i^ishi; 2 
renerable, respectable. 

9Tff^ Tn. A Jaina, a follower 
of the doctrines of Jina. 

illfs^fl'/. The same as arNt 

BfTW n. See btft. 

9TnT>rf ^* A water-cobra, 

HPPT^ ^' 1 Taking hold of; 
2 killing; 3 touching. 

arrn^ w. 1 Support, protec- 
tion, ^iHrtMK«l t!i««*?- 
i^ ^TCHT Jag., or a^ft^ 
3rq^PF^ ^l^^i « li^33i Mall.; 
2 a prop, a stay, ff ft" T?TfTf 
*llt<^|rtwfl T ^n^R^^^H^I Sil- 
hana ; 3 receptacle* 4 the 
depending on or from. 

M iH*<H n. 1 The depending 
on or from; 2 supporting; 3 
a house; 4 a person or thing 
with reference to which a 
sentiment arises; anything 
on which, as it were, a senti- 
ment hangs, ( in rhetoric ). 
There are two causes (R^- 
V ) which giro rise to a sen- 
timent, viz. aTRTi:^ and 7- 
^fcpf. In the karuna senti- 
ment, for instance, the per- 
son dead is the a ^ iB^H of 
the sentiment and the at- 
tending circumstances which 
aggrarate sorrow are its ^- 
^5Tfft or feeders. 

air^F^ m. 1 Touching, tak- 
ing hold of ;2 killing, especi- 
ally an animal at a sacrifice, 
as in iffRTiT'. 

HHTir m. n. 1 A house, a 
dwell ing, ^^ r fl S^rFHIRrit 
Pr^RPrUTt?^ PfjT{^ Ram.; 2 
a receptacle. (arrfPtf *to 
dw ell,' «t o lire,' irfrnnrfi^- 

srhv^ a. Relating to a mad 
dog, canine, STT^pfr PMPt^ 
lf#?f : srgmL Ut. I. 

iff!9f«w ft. 1 UgUttesa^ 2 in** 

JH I HIW n, A basin for water 
round the root of a tree, f%« 

5fr«i.R. I. 51. 

MfPW a. (/. ^ ) The same 
as arwif q, v. 

9n^7^ I a, if. ^?rr) See 3ir- 
?7^. II n. Idleness, want of 
energy; ( Sus'ruta defines it 
thus : — ^HR^ ^TF?3?HTf: ^- 
i i t^Ht^fJi-fc^^ ) ; 2 want of 
energy, considered as one of 
the Sd subordinate feelinge^ 
( as in the following stan- 
za:— ;T ?PTr ^ N^f r^4 | ^ n^f 

arn'nw w. A fire-brand. 
aiHTPf fi. The post to whidi 
an elephant is tied, dnr'H^f^- 

'Cf^ynPTfMhni^r ^f^: R. i- 

71, IV. 69, 81; 2 a fetter. % 
tie; 3 a rope*. 4 tying, bind- 

WHlPnir «. (/. 2|ft) Serring 
as a post to which an ele- 
phant is tied, STrHTl%* ^«Wf- 
PTf fi^^:R.xir. 88. 

STnvrr ^^.1 Narration, spee^ 
2 conrersation, er^ ^f^Mlf 
fV*llS*l''IWM f? "gtf^ Sat 
i. Am. S. 42. 

sn^s^TPT ^. Speaking to, eoo- 

Sfrerrf (f)/. The same ennj 

eimr^ n. A fan made«i 

snT^ I fit. A bee; 2 a scont* 
on. 11/ 1 A woman's fenHJl^ 
friend, R^I^^H f^ fliM'^ 
TJ: K. S, T. 88; 2 a m^^tf 
range; 3 a line, a streak, A^ 
8. 89 ; 4 a bridge; ( 
also ent<^ in these 
Am. S. 28, Megh. n. IK* 

lflf|i|t|^ n. Embiacni|f, "^Hl 
embrace, ^Ckm^iprtt W^ 
m. 65. * ;* ■ 

•l.f*nr/fih Aki|id of MIM 

Digitized by VjOOV 



mfSN^ m. A large claj wateiu 
hIINe^ vt. The same as a|^^ 

^tf<l*m n. Whitening walls 
^, on f^tire occasions. 

WffiS^u. A particular attitade 
in shooting, arf^^^TrteliK- 
tP?5nR.m. 52.(5<#MaU. 
en K. S. nx. 70 ). 

9m I M. 1 An owl; 2eboBj. 
m: A pitcher. Ill n. A 

iffd^pf n. Rending, tearing 
ift pieces. 

HJllipf ». 1 Scratching; 

SfUBling; 3 writing. 

«|#kvft/. A brush, a pencil. 

^ (fv n. 1 A writing; 2 a 

t^g, a picture, fpf ^. 

tCMl. CoMP. —gnoir/. a 
]Uilmg. — #qr A- haring no- 
lisfaig left but a painting, t. 
4^ deceased, a«|ft<W1IMtT ft'- 
«B. XIV. 16. 

IgiltJii. Smearing, plaster- 

A. 1 Loo^ng, sight, 
, 46, also 22, q^f% t 
yif fiftk. I.; 2 light, splend- 
«0^8vangeofsight, annr 
Ml (^^ TO W Wf&*qj^«l 
Wlbgfc. 11.22, B. VII. 5, 
ftA.A4«;4abaid's word 
4|fnt8A» afl 9pqr, afrnt^ir Ac. 

iJLXL 9. 

»%>! n. 1 Seeing, 2 

^ »« 1 Stirring, abak- 
,4jpl»ting; 2 mixing' 

3 shaken, agi- 


sininr «. The act of sowtQf; 
2 sowing seed; 3 a vessel, a 

arnr^ n. A veil. 

9inrC^ n. 1 A shield;2 ment- 
al blindness, ignorance, ^in 
Vedimta phil. ; 3 tlie act of 
covering or hiding, arf^f'TRI' 

R. V. 13, X. 46; 4 a cover* 
ing • 5 a cloth, a garment ; 
6 a wall. 
arr^^n. 1 Turning, revolving. 
2 a whirlpool, yf fi»?rf Sir%^- 
5irPT: R-vi. 52, ^ItcIrW^: 
Megh. i.28,a|R#: ^^<fHii( 
Paneh. i. ; 3 deliberation; 

4 a crowded place ( where 
manj men live close together); 

5 a kind of jewel; 6 a turn 
of the hair. 

M(^^ «». 1 Name of a form 
of cloud personified, 9fr?f ^^ 
5^R^^ 5^^r<H«?*HI*tMe- 
gh. I. 6; 2 a whirlpool; 3 

•TtoSt w. 1 Turning: 2 cir- 
cular motion, gyration. 

Wrf?^(?ff ; /. 1 A row, a con- 
tinuous I me, a<>> T *fffl >nppr- 
fff^l (sIHt^ qr Am. S. 18j 2 
a series. 

W^^Rffl- (/.«r) Slightlj 

Wni^W I a. (f. ^) Neces* 
sary, inevitaWe, q^Jr^^r^T^nr- 
?E?^Bh. P. II fi.lNeces. 
sit J; 2 inevitable coBclusioa. 

HTVufSr/. Midnight. 

ifT^^r^ m. n. 1 A dwelling 
place, a house* 2 * dwelling 
for pupils and ascetics, f^- 
<TWryH ^3WT?: B. vux, 14. 

ifn'^rur n. A house. 

W^ffl <». (/.IIT)lDe. 
dded, det^mined: 2 finish- 
ed, completed. II »• Bipe 
com ( when thzasjied.) 

WW «• (^fr) Bringing, 
proving, (ttMdAhi»j8 fts 

last member of a oompom^j 

Ir^rr^cr h|^«w^6c^b.xiv. 


irnrr «. 1 Throwing, scatter- 
ing; 2 sowing seed; 3 a 
basin for water round the 
root of a tree; 4 a kind of 
drink ; 5 a bracelet ( also 
^TT^n'^); 6 uneven ground^ 

MffRT ». A loom. 

aTRTTV n. A basin for water 
round the root of a tree. 

iinvnr fn. 1 A house ; 2 % 
dwelling place, a place of 
refuge, 3n^|*i|ej!^<?nrfrllft 
B. n. 17. 

arnr^ »• 1 Sending for, in- 
viting ; 2 invoking a deity 
to be present, ( op. to Rw- 
ihr in this sense ) ; 3 offer- 
ing oblation with fire, Yaj. 
I. 251. 

Hlft^Ia. {/.*r)IBelat- 
ing to a sheep, M. ii. 41, v. 
8; 2 woollen II n. A wool- 
len cloth, a blanket. Cokp. 
-^tflnii' a. made of woollem 
thread, M. n. 44. 

•flf^;i a. (/. ;5r ) 1 Curved, 
crooked; 2 thrown, put in 

Hff^^ m. An awl, a drill. 

hJT^I^ m. 1 Manifestation, 
presence, appearance; 2 an 

Hlfirwa (/W)l Turbid, 
foul, fT^ftwi»l:«lR:3^^^fl^: 
B. XII. 36; 2 impure, qm 
r^<jW??t^n5*: K, 8. T. 

87; 3 dim, obscure, fiw^- 

vui. 42. 
mf^^hi^ n. Manifestation, 
making visible, *?^pr 5^ 

?JNirt«^rT^ S. K. 
9|rf^c^rc m. The same as if- 

•»f%r a. (/ tt ) lEnter^ 
2 occupied, engrossed; 
possessed (bv/a]i^^?il spirit) 

Digitizecfby VjC * 

iflf^ ind. A particle imply- 
ing ' before the eyes,' * open- 
ly ,' * evidently '. ( usually 
prefixed to the ix>ot3 y, ij 
und aT5, e, g. mi^fAl^'^i- 

w R. IX. 55, Bir^rr^ (k^ 

ifnfN' w. The sacrificial cord 
ivom in any particular 

ifr^ w. A father ( in thea- 
trical language ). 

«fl^ w. The same as B?fyrr 
q. r. 

Unt/'. 1 Order; 2 method, 
mode, aR^rf«Tr ^n^ ft^- 
r^pfrnrj^^: M. lit. 248 ; 3 
a purificatory rite, M. ii. 66. 

OTTli^/ Tlie same as air?^. 

9|fgf% /. 1 Return , reversioft , 

frit^fTfT^RRR. u. 18; 2 
recurrence to the same 
point, a^^||(^tT^ ^rr^: 
R. Tin. 38; 3 repetition; 
4 repeated reading, study, 

if^^iftfl Ud.; 6 repetition of 
birth and death, K. S. vu- 
affff^ /, Raining, a shower 
of rain. 

ifnr^r *«• 1 Hurry; 2 flurry, 
agitation. Am. S. 83; 3 
agitation considered as one 
of the 83 subordinate feel- 
ings (in rhetoric). 
8ir%ipT9t* 1 Representation; 
2 stating a complaint ( in 
law ); 3 ft plaint (in law), 
aT|%^ m. 1 Entering, en- 
trance; 2 entertai ning,^ g ir- 
ing phice to, n^ ^W^ft- 
irfSbrR" R. V. 19; 3 intent- 
ness, deYotedness to an ob- 
ject; 4 pride, arrogance; 5 
flurry t agitation; 6 demonia- 
cal possession. 


Ml^inr n. 1 Entrance; 2 
demoniacal possession; 3 
passion,fury;4 a work-shop, 
a manufactory; 6 a house, a 
dwelling » 

Hi%ftrarla. (/.i|ft)10wn, 
peculiar; 2 inherent. II m, 
A guest, a visitor. 

9T|%^ m. A wall, a fence, 
an enclosure. 

»TI%CT n, 1 Wrapping round, 
tying; 2 a wrapper, an en* 
volop* 3 ft wall, a fence. 

W€r m. 1 Eating (as in srr- 
?TrnT, m^H\i\ ); 2 one who 
eats; ( in this sense it occurs 
as last member of com- 
l>ounds, e. g, J?rrv, arfinrnr, 


^rr^r^nr w. l Expecting, wish- 
ing; 2 declaring. 
MPCNrr/ I^esire, \io\tQ, (^ 

R. xit. 44 ;2 speechjdeclara- 
tion; 3 imagination, arr^hrr- 

^^l M. M. V. 

irntf? «• Desirous, hopeful. 

afn[f^/. 1 Fear, apprehen- 
sion, TOT^Hf^ fR^rftnrfr t^- 

'P^'irPfr Sak. I., 21; 
2 uncertainty; ( Gadadliara 
often uses the word in this 
sense); 3 suspicion. 
aiffr^ m. 1 The seat of feel- 
ings, t. e, the mind, the 
heart, 3||*n^HI Jlf^ H^J- 
?TnjPTf^: Bg. X. 20; 2; 
meaning, purport, gist, $t^^ 

Mall, on K. S. vi. 46; 3 a 
seat, a chamber, a place of 
residence, ^I3'l*^f^^l11^<l 
Bg. XV. 8; 4 ft receptacle, 
a reservoir (as in ^^nff5T> ^- 

TnffT* ^■'TT^nr, Jronnr ) ; 4 

prosperity ; 5 a bam-S will or 
pleasure; 7 fftte, fortune* 8 ft 
pit made for catching ani- 
mals, «n^ «r^fpiTOt ^ ftrf 


f^nr^ Bh. CoMr— Binirw^ 

MnoT w, 1 Fire; 2 a demon, 

Asv. 1. 

BTRTT n, 1 Speed, quickness; 
2 distilled spirit; (in this 
sense more usually written 

arrer/. l Desire, hope, ex- 
pectation. BTf^r 'Tty^t TPRt 
W^ ^^r^ Mriil4. Ve. v., 

T^ T^T^^^RL R. n. 
2, B?r^f 'T ^Tft^nr^ B. xiL 9«; 

2 a false hope or expectation; 

3 a region, a quarter of the 
compass, ^I^K^q^RdlHIIIIT- 
HUII^^4l ^^ R. IV. 44. 
CoMP.— inr w. an elephant 
presiding over any quarter 
See under 3|^i?TiTif.-:^^in^^ 71. 
the fetters of hox>c. -«rnT Tn. 
the regent of a quarter of 
the compass. (There are 
eight regents presiding over 
the eight principal quarters- 
tW are:— f%?n»: 1^- 
f^^ ^^ 'T^l 5%r V9' 
^HFT; ^^WtT f^^ i^RT?^ Am. 
I. 3.2.) See under 3|g|^4Mlrt. 
-fq^rt^fW/- the demon of 
hoi)e I. e, a fallacious hope. 
-?J5 m. a thread of hope; 
slender hope, -i^^ m. 1 
bond ofhope, B?rjrTW»»C: ^* 

I. 10; 2 consol^itioD; 3 ft 
spider's web. -*fir m, disap* 
WftRf «. (/. fff) Eaten, 

erly grazed by cattle. ^|f» 
ftrtpPT «. 1 food; 2 s^^ 
faction, satiety, e. g. i|r87 

9?!^ ^' I Fire; 2 the stdt; 

3 a demon. 
«llf%^. 1 Prayer, wialji^ 

blessing, benediction; < i|,Jb 

thus defined:—^ ^ 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 


affo dififere from ^ in as 
mach as it is a mere expres- 
sion of good wishes which 
possibly may not come off 
trae, while ^ is a boon sure 
of falfilment. Tlius we hare 
^Sak. ?r: ^^5%^- sfl^: iv.) 
^4i:|M<*llf^H: R. I. 44, K. 
S. T. 76; 3 a serpent's fang. 
CoMp. ^i^^f «i. expres- 
sion of a prayer or wish. 
tlrti^^nr ». a blessing, a 
^Mdiction, amfftl^nrtjift 
iv*qw?lL5T^d S, D. VI. 
Miffi ^ m, a snake. 
'Wft/. 1 Wishing or bestow- 
fflg t Messing; 2 a serpent's 

V^:-^ 3 a kind of venom. 
CoMp.— ft^ «. 1 a snake 
l^^eral, »nr^'T<njftl%«P#Jr- 
?W: R* w. 67j 2 a parti- 
cnkr species of snakes, 3^- 

rt^s»iiPri^ ^^!sS^ Ve. vi. 

•ml iW. Quickly, imme- 
<Bit dy, dir ectly, ^if?n^ ^- 
'IK'f^mw «T^r^ Megh. 

n». n. Rice. Cohp. — sirr- 
Rf «. smart, active, -if I 
0. swift, fleet; II m. 1 
wni^2 the sun; 3 an arrow, 

H xu. 91. -irrf%5?c I « 

8TO» fleet; II m. an epithet 
rf*e smi. -^ I er. easily 
WWed; Il^fw . an epithet 
w 8%». -jftf^ 7«. rice ripe- 
Bi^in the jrainy season. 
•jWllftm. 1 Wind, air- 

jg":^j iyilft': Kad. 
y||R<»>. A mountain. 

of dry. 

i (^^ ) ». The same as 




m. A 


W^ I a. (/. ;^| ) Marvel- 

Ions, wonderful, extraordi- 
nary, 3Tr^ iprt 'frfr^ni^ 
S K., or rRTJ ^rn^ 5FrH W- 
*^: R. XVI. 87. II n. 1 A 
wonder, a miracle, a marvel, 

^: Ud.; 2 surprise, asto- 
BTnl^m ». Aspersion, 

w?^ «. (/. iprr) 

made of stone. 
Wt[W I a. (/. ;ft ) 
made of stone. II 
name of Aruwa, the 
rioteerofthe sun. 
•TiTVWr «. (/ ^ ) 1 Made 
of stonc; 2 carrying stones, 
•rriRPT a. (/. ifr ) 1 Con- 
gealed; 2 partially dried, 
^•JI^*<H*545^R. IV. 24. 
imrrr w. The act of cook- 
IIPHT w. ». 1 A hut, a her- 
mitage, a dwelling of ascet- 
ics, ^Tl^Whnr^: Megh. 
n. 88, I. 1, R. I. 48, 68, 
58; 2 a period in the reli- 
gious life of a Br&hmana, of 
which there are four, viz, 
TO^, TfI^^, ^[^^^ and 
^fs^qm; (the first three As'ra- 
mas are enjoined to Ksha- 
triyas and Vais'yas also; 
according to some they can 
even enter the fourth), 
^ Rirtl^HH'rHHII^: R. viu. 
15; 3 a college, a school; 
4 a wood or thicket where 
anchorites practise penance. 
CoMP. — jpj" m, the head of 
a religious order, a precep- 
tor. -^ m, 1 the special 
duties of each order or pe- 
riod of life; 2 the duties 
of one living an anchorite's 

life, ^ firmrvHH^f ^^Sak. 

I. — 'TTt TTW, WIT w. a 
hermitage with the surround- 

ing grounds, a penance- 
grove, V|'flffl<*<|'M»m< fjpr- 
fH ^ mx Sak. I. -^ a. 
fallen ' from any religious 

WNPliF a, (/. ^) Belong- 
ing to any of the four cid- 

irmw ^* 1 Substratum, re- 
ceptacle, resting pUce, e, g^ 

?[«nv^«rfc^ jpf5 ixm ^u 
or?nTPinf55TOr^ ?wr: B. 

Ill, 58; 2 an asylum, a 
place ofrefuge, IKry ^^HL' 
^^^ r^\HWH\ *<T|1l Mud, 
II ; 3 prop, support, R. ix, 
60; 4 a quiver, inT'HMqy- 

^««prc^ R. XI. 26j 5 

assistance, help; 6 autho* 
rity, sanction;? dependence^ 
8 patron, sup)K)rter, master, 

ft^Tv^f sf fsicr% qt^wr ^flhfi 

fTrrr: Ud.; 9 connection, 
association; 10 seeking pro- 
tection, ( one of the six 
modes of foreign policy.) See 

amnr (5). Com p.— iire ,,gif 

m. fire, f^ ^pr QTH^NM: ^^- 

5^" ^rr^nrnfTT^ Ud. -f?nr o. a 

word the gender of whicb 
must agree with the gender 
of the word to which it 13 

imiil^ 7J.1 Refuge, asylum. 
2 taking refuge with. 

%iniT I «.(/• ^ )Compliant, 
obedient, P^^lTRSfT^W: B. 
XIX. 49, Na. lu. 84. II «i. 
1 Stream, river* 2 fault, 
transgression- 3 a promise, 
an engagement. 

mf^ /. Tli€ edge of a 

S^iPOT I ^. (/. W ) 1 towell- 
ing in, inhabiting; 2 taking 
one's station at or on, ( aa 
in nmiRir^O; 3 practising, 
ol>serving;4 having recourse 
to. ( In these senses the 
word is generally^ used with 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

the *cc.) II m. A dependent, 

It'T^ 'ftr^'fTpntJ K. 8. 

Ill 1. 
•rraw o. (/. ^IT ) Promised, 

nn^ m. 1 An embrace, 

^ Sis II 17. Am. S. 
15, 72, Megh i. 3j 2 con- 
nection, contact. 

W*qT/. ^« ^^^ 

irr^ n. A number o! horsei . 

tTPinr I a. (/. vfi ) Relat- 
ing to or made of the holj 
fig-tree. II n. The fruit of 
ilie holy fig-tree. 

ITf'i^^r I a. (/. Tift) Belong, 
ing to the month aTfT^. II 
w. The month am^. 

ITPjgifl"/ The day of full- 
moon in a3ff%;f. 

W^^'HPI^ *"• A. farrier, a 

STPiTH m. 1 Breathing freely; 
2 consolation; 3 cessatioti; 
4 assurance &f safety or 

•I I 'MKI^ n. Consoling, eha«r- 
ing up, encouraging. 

Mri^«h ^* A caralier. 

iflf^^T m. The name of a 
month in the Hindu cycle. 

inf^\S|%«r m. 1 A name of Na- 
kula and Sahadera, the last 
two Pdn</aTa princes; 2 the 
twin physicians of gods(«<«.). 

•fPfrr «. (/ *Tr ) Made by a 
horse ( as journey ^.). 

irnnV *». 1 Name of a Hindu 

month, «fr^rir^ «nnTf^f% 

Megh. I. 2; 2 a staff of the 
wood of g?>5nr carried by an 
ascetic, »T«Trf^^rnrfr: ^^^• 
fT^ K. S. T. 80. 

•inrnrr/ The20th (cc<i*) 

and the 21st ( V^TTT*) lunar 
mansions. Gomp. -^vpr m, 
the planet Mars. 
ismvit / The day of full 
moon in the month «nfnr* 


arr^ir m. The eighth part. 

inf|[ ind. An interjection im- 
plying 1 recollection , 2 
anger, e. p, ^: ftr>f!ftf?r *r- 
viKHlWr Jrflqrgr:, or a^f: ^^ 

n^(^ nvimfr: Ut. i., 3 

angry contradiction, e, g, 
aff: ^WTf^'ft^ Mud I., 
•TT: 5^T5 f^lH^lrtMI-i* Ve. 
L, 4 pain, # g. 9\\: ^ftlT5[, 5 
sorrow, #. jgr. fi^^HMlHr: ^r^- 
^ ^TT^ K^fflT? 1^^: Ud. 
MraLt?». 2. A ( /)/). «Tr 
flTfT) 1 To sitdoMH, aff- 

*ij^:M.n. 198.2toHTe, 
to dwell, to inhabit, to make 
one^s abode in, HN««ll«4(T*i!'| 
^^r^ Bh., or y^sniE^j 3 to 
sit quietly, to take no hostile 
measures, 9{ih\i[ m^;^^P^ 
i^ Sis. II. 57 ; 4 to be, to 
continue to be, ir^JhrPf ^^ 
Panch. T., Bg. n. 61 j (in 
this sense the root is some- 
times used with a noun in 
the datire, when the datite 
denotes * result/ e. g. btt^ 

f:); 5 to be contained in, ar- 

Tp«T T^t frft^innnH?r Sis. 

I. 23 ; 6 to let go, to put 
aside, (as in ^p^ ?ITW^), 
Am. S. 97. With id^-to sit 
down on or in, to occupy; (in 
this sense it goremt the ace. 
of the thing occupied),iTMTmr- 
fnfi?^**^?*!!^ ^{^fpft Sii. 

II. 6, R. n. 17, IT. 74, MJ- 

1 to sit down after, ap^T^ 

**¥^^«^ B. !• 56, apirr^!nTr«[ 

R. II. 24 ; 2 to serre, to 
follow. W^r^ ^ indifferent 
to, to be careless, to be neg- 
lectful, finipr V ir*r> f^r^fr 
^ ^^TH^ Sis II. 44. Bg. IX. 
9, K. S. II. 18. ir?-^ wait be in attendance on, 
^^^^jjMW?> K. S. n. 86 : 

2 to pass (as time) e. g\ 

8 to go to, BqmNilift- v^X- 
^irMftfTU: Bt. T. 107; 4 
to undergo, a??*^ q-f»JJ^ 

resort to, t^^Fhtn^q^^nPTfJi 
S. D. II.; 6 to perform (as 
a rite) ; 7 to practice archery. 
^r^-l to be in attendance 
on, to attend respectirely, 
^Tf : q^qraw K. S. II. 88, 
R. X. 62; 2 to seek ilit 
patronage or protection of, 

^W^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^l^ 
Panch. I. ; 3 to sunoand; 
4 to partake of. f7i(-to lit 
down, sTrjfr^ ^*?r^i arfir«5^ 
Ram. ?Ef:57-l to be in at- 
tendance on, to wait upon, 

^rsrr^^mjWf'^TO R. nn* 

14; 2 to perform, ^ ^^ 
iiymm Ram. 
9^m m,lA seat: 2 * boir, 

^m^a.(f. ^ur) llnteat 
on, attached atron^ to, 
(generally usM with loe;); 
2 continuous, perpetual. 
Ooiry.-f^TO', ^m^, im^, a. 
baring the mind fixed en 
any object. 

Hf'Brf^/. Attachment, din- 
tedness, application. 

aircfiTm. 1 Attachment te 
any object; 2 connectifll« 
association, fir^fr IT* q»W^ 
IK Bg. IT. 20; 3 <»»- 
tact, (4^nJr) H%f«TinT^ 
snunrJr K. S. T. 9; 4 fixttg« 

•Trtftrtt /". A whirlwind. 

simmir «. 1 Fixing? 2 g^ 
ting entangled, Tf!f^T»W 
«9Rn[ Sak. I.; 8 atta^ 
ment; 4 contact. 

W^thff 1 Intimate nniott, 
juncti on^ ftni ffr Rr^ipfr^ 
*<HIW^4l*U5 ^*' '•» 2 pW" 
fit, acquirement; 8 rofaitto 
between two or more ptesi* 
mate terms and tiie 

Digitized by 



th^fmw9f ( ia togic ) > (ir- 


UnPlo. Moath. (This woid 
has no forms for the first 

URTf n. 1 Sitting; 2 a seat, 

ft ftool, wfy*Rrrqr jfFr- 

?|: B. III. 11, or ^?r^rT^> 
3ftWT?aP»: «>i« I. U;3 
«n/ pecmiar mode of sit> 
tiiig:4anj peealiar mode of 
sexoal eojojrment; 5 main- 
tthuiiga post against an 
cnemj, .one of the six modes 
of ioreign policy which 

WTO; 1 ; e the front part 
irfw Apbant's bodj. Co>ip. 
•HSf » sitting down, /5J%- 

jtwrtvrtTr: B. a 6. 

MWffT/ Seat, a stool. 
«iraift/.l SmaU seat; 2a 

W^/. A small couch or 
«Uong diair. 

'•W a. (/,|T) 1 Near, 
pmiiBaie; 2 imminent, aff- 
«TO%^S Bh CoMp,^ 
^m m, hour of death. 

''I^Wnf a. ( / Vfr ) Block- 
«A up, confined, amr^infr ^- 


Itif M- 1 DtstiUation, de- 
•cAJtt; 2 spiritaous liqaor, 
W«OTq- ^TT^ J?^:^ K. 8. 


Wlilf s.l Attacking, mak- 
■ywy -npon. 2 atUining, 
yw pHshmg. 

WKm*1 a hard shower, 

rnl^, Megh. I. 17, «; 
IM lauding an enemy; 8 
"^iMhrofan ally; 4 pro- 

|inil'«tA swofdsman. 
^inMA. A paitiedar tow 
eifkiaeit accocd- 

ingto soma it consists ift 
standing on the edge of a 
sword: according to others 
in being constantly near a 
yoathful girl and resisting 
the temptation of sexual en- 
joyment; ( the Y4dava ex«> 
plains it thus i-^JWrj^^if 

ftr'TfnT: ^^Tf^rftfHrc ^^ (t ?f- 
^ ), M^T^prftf fJT^rf^^r^ R. 

xm. 67. Figuratirely the 
word is used in the sense of 
*• a diflScuit task or under- 
taking/' Thus Bhartr. says 

f<pT^.(Cf aiftr^nmr). 

n^fm I a. (/,tf) {op. io\^) 
1 Belonging or relating to 
eril spirits, ( as in an?flr m 
i|T, or arr* trf%:); 2 infernal, 
demoniacal, iirSft HTfrfpTfir: 
Bg VII. 15, XVI 6, 7. II m. 
1 A demon; 2 one of the 
eight forms of marriage; in 
it the bride-groom purchases 
the bride from her father; 
(*ff^ If^^ni Yaj. I. 61, 
M. m. 81.) (Theothe,ge 
Ten forms are:— ififr^^f , Hf- 

«ry't/lSurgery:2ft female 
demon, ^f^R(^^i0^: Vc. i, 

W^jTanf «• (/. fr ' 1 Farming 
or wearing a garUnd; 2 in- 
terwoven, introduced. 

«T,#^ '«. Wetting, watering, 
pouring in. 

Hr#^^ w. The act of pouring 
into, wetting, sprinkling. 

lff%4//)« Arrest, custody, leg- 
al restraint ( in criminal 
Uw ); it is of four kinds, 
viz. " f*ir^^2 CWfW: JHIT 

ifF^^^r n. 1 Assiduous prac- 
tice or performance of any 
action; 2 frequency, repeti- 
tion, and^ 3hry«T^ 8* K. 

m#fr/. The same as w^m 
J. r. 

MTHF^ m. 1 Ascending, 
mounting; 2 an attack, B^ 
XTii. 52; 3 reproach; 4 ^ 
walk of a horse. 

aiVfUTf^r n. The same as aff- 
^^^ <7. ^. 

HR^fNw n. Galloping with 
full speed. 

iTRffr m. 1 A covering; 2 a 
carpet; 3 a blanket thrown 
over the back of a horse or 

HT«rc^'»-lThe act of spread- 
ing; 2 a carpet, rfHIim^* 
^rVC^ X'nHji.yiM; 3 abed; 
4 an elephant's housings. 

irr^^frc m. Spreading, scatter- 

Wf^?ni? a. (/.^) 1 One 
who believes in God and an- 
other world; 2 believing, pj. 
O'ts, faithiul, »irf^^; M?- 
HPfW Yaj. l268. 

aiff^^f^^ n 1 Belief in the ex- 
istence of God and another 
world; 2 piety, faith; ( S'an? 
kara commenting on Bg. 
XVIU.42. sa ys;— y ff^a^ if 

afrfilT /• 1 Considerati<M), 
care, regard , »I?^«^^OT' 
Crirjqr: R. X. 43; 2 assent, 
promise ;8 hope; 4 prop, sup- 
port; 5 effort; 6 state, con- 
dition; 7 an assembly. 

WWrr »• 1 A place, a site; 

2 an assembly, Tl^^nn^^n^ 
^VfRT^'l Kir. I. 16 I 

3 a hall of audience; 4 • 
recreation-ground. Comp.— 

an assembly-room. 
llfCTPft/ An assembly. 
iff^Tf ». 1 Place, site, ^f^- 

l^^V^ ff^^-^ff^ K. 8. 

V 69, also 10, 48; 2 rank; 

8 dignity, authority* 4 butt* 

ness,aSair; 5pr<^« auppaft. 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


III. 86; 6 object, recept- 
acle, as in ^'>«rRq'^. 

aif^Mfvf n. Trembling. 

Hr^q^lf / Emulation, riralry. 

Wnrnv fn, 1 Striking, rub- 
bing;2 flapping; 3 the flap- 
ping motion of an elephant's 

yi ^mn n.l Rubbing, strik- 
ing against, stirring, appTT- 
fWd*^'^l'*^5^5 Sak.ii, 
OrM\k\\ JI«lt4»(rtHdcqi|"I|*( R. 
XVI. 62, lu. 55, Yi. 73, Am. 
8. 54; 2 arrogance. 

URt^nrm. 1 The ^r^a plant; 
2 the sound made by strik- 
ing on the armsj 3 a kind 
of jasmine. 

«Trf4fte«r w. 1 Blowing, ex- 
panding: 2 contracting, 
closing; 3 the sound pro- 
duced by striking on the 

cur, 3TltHf1i<rV!WI^Wini[ Sis. 
II. 68, Yiii. 50. 

•mm*?*r «^( /IT ) The 

eame as 3{|^^' q, v. 
«IT^ w. 1 Mouthj 2 face, ^rr- 

t^ll^^ ^"Mrt*ll^**(rtH Sr. 

T. 1;3 openmg,( as in a^- 

^'the opening of an act.'). 

CoMP. — srr^TT w. spittle, 

8ali?a. HR^Jf^W a* kissing. 

— qn" n. a lotus. H?jnw w. 

1 a dog; 2 a boar.-t^tipi;^ n. 

HTRFfSf n. Flowing, oozing. 

•TfWr/. i^^^ 3TRHr. 

«frw w. Blood. CoMP,— q- m, 
ft demon. 

•mrq w. 1 Flowmg, run- 
ning ; 2 discharge; 3 pain, 

* affliction. 

irnrr^ m. l A wound; 2 flow, 
issue ; 3 pain, affliction. 

ITFPfrf •»• 1 Flavour, taste, 

u. 5, or (lffWfi«|(| fN^^H*li 

^ fttrt ^^* Megh. I. 41; 
2 enjoying, experiencing; 3 
eating, tasting, V1%<IWI<- 
«F^nnJ^^: K. S. lu. 32. 

Ml^rn'T w. Tasting, enjoying. 

aiff I ind. An interjection, 1 
of reproof,2 of severity ,3 of 
command. II An irregular 
verbal ,f orm of the third per- 
son singular present tense 
of a defective root meaning 
" to say, to speak, " (traced 
by native grammarians to 
^). There are alto>r ether 
five forms of the root exist- 
ing in the language, viz. 3|r- 
^, arrr^:, afr^, arrfj:, and 

WW «. (/• ^ ) 1 Beaton, 
struck, ( as a drum ); 2 
struck ( generally ); 3 trod- 
den, gr^Tfct m^ (^: )^^^IR 

^>i^nrfWfi?r Sis. n. 46; 4 

rolled; 5 multiplied (in 
math. ). II m. A drum. Ill 
n. 1 A new garment ; 

2 a nonsensical speech, an 
assertion of impossibility, 
( for instance, f^-qrg^^H^). 
CoMP.-?snjf«T «. noted for 
good qualities. CI. arrfltTfy- 

WtTcC/. lA blow, a hit; 2 
killing; 3 multiplication (in 
math. ). 

arrfSFT w. The same as arif fff 

Mlf^ a. (/. ^) 1 Taking, 
seizing, R. i. 40; 2 accom- 

anfTT n, 1 Removing from 
one place to anotlier, bring- 
ing, ^Pi< l f< "i m ^f^m «nni 
Sak. I.; 2 performing, ac- 
complishing (as a sacrifice); 

3 a dowery given to a bride 
at the time of her marriage, 

H?^rgrvm^<"ft^fl'ift: R. vn. 

HffiT m. 1 Sacrifice, rpr ?r- 

H^^ Hf rc* Sis. nv. 44^ 
2 battle, war, ^ ft^^nfn^- 
ft-^ R. VII. 67, Bg. I 18. 
CoMP.-q^p^ / desire rf 

STTfl^ «. A sacrifice, ^fifif- 
q^Jl^nrapJHnr Sis. xiv. 88. 

HRJ^^Io; (/.«ir) To be 
offered as an oblation. li 
w. One of the three sacred 
fires ( taken from the hoQse- 
holder's perpetual fire ). jS« 

9Tr^ rn. 1 Taking, bringing; 
2 taking food; 3 food, M. 
XI. 77. Comp.—Rrji w. 
want of food.-iiTif^ m. the 
juice of the body. 

WWr^Ia. (/.^)lTo be 
taken or seized; 2 artificial, 
adventitious, e. g. arrfT^^- 
HR/f^On^: ( also see Mall 
on K. S. VII. 21 ); 3 of 
which the speaker is aware, 
(as the identification (antt?) 
in such figures of speech as 
^^^RT, 3rfrl1l4l(Ph &c. ; in ^^^H 
or vnPcTTT^, on the other 
hand, the identification is 
not 3Tr» generally) ; 4 accom- 
plished or effected by decor- 
ation or ornamentation. {Sh 
under afi'ifnr. ) 

STT^T w, 1 A trough near a 
well for watering cattle; 2 
war, battle; 3 calling, in- 

^lftfil<<^ w. The son of a 
Nishada father and Vaiddii 
mother. (3in?P^^in^l- 

Wftfra. (/nr) 1 Placed, 
deposited; 2 made, done* 8 
entertained, felt. Comp.— 
vl^ a Briihmana who keepfl 
sacred fire. Cf. arr-^^.- 
WIT o. mariced, spotted.* 
t9i[f^a. noted for good qni^ 
ties, ^5c^ ^^iftfltW%4' 
^ R. v£. 71. 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


'»' A ji^gter, a 

Ee^tcher, 3?^ WRif^- 
Pi*afW?4r ;?nrMad.u 

mifir/. 1 Offering an obla- 
tion to a deity, ffgnff^PJinf- 
^R. i.82;2 ftp oblation so 
offered, R. i. 53. 

3Vr|^/. Calling, invoking. 

«lf|w «. (/. W ) Pertaining 
to a snake ( as poison. ) 

VK$ ind. An interjection 
expressing 1 donbt, aU 
tematire ( or ), e. g, arr- 
ft ft^r^fl ir4 ^fHt«T5fTpt: 
fltk. I., or <Krq|«fl H^a:?Trfl^ 
irnft^rt^fspr: Sak. v.; 2 in- 
teiwgation. CoMV.^^^fkp^ 
/. 1 creit self-respect, (arr- 

flTJSlftAm. n- 8. 101); 2 
■JlKteiy Taunting; 3 vaunt- 

ing of one's power, ftirjiBr- 
HlftJ^^rw Bli.V.1. 84,Bt. 
V. ^7.-^ip^ ind, a particle 
implying doubt, affH^ 

Sak.T. ( Both 3Trft (1) and 
^rrfrrTS^ are usually the co- 
relatives of ftnr^ 'wliether'). 

a^lV n, A series of days, 

WfiwI a. (/.?|ft) Daily, 
performed every day. II n , 
1 A religious ceremony to 
be performed every day at a 
fixed liour; 2 daily work. 

^IRf ;^ w. Joy, delight, m^- 
ef T^f^m Panch. iv. 

^I^^IIH «. Gladdening. 

HTf ^ ^^* 1 A law-suit arising 
from a dispute about games 
with animals; ( Kaghav^* 
nanda on M. vxn. 7. says: — 

H^); 2 appellation, name,. 
^ITRt f RnTTFlf^ Ram. 

3?Ff^^ w. Appellation, name. 

^flfr /. 1 Name, appellation- 
2 calling, calling out. 

9?nFPf »». 1 A call or suramons^ 
from government; 2 invoke- 
tion of a deity; 3 challenge; ' 
4 a call or invitation (in 
general), ytr^rTT* ^^K 
Panch. iii.:6an appellation^ 
a name. 

BTTfT^ w. 1 A summons ;. 
2 a name. 

BTfwrWT *w. A messenger^ 
^^FlTR^- ^H^Sff^: Bt. n. 
44. (where 3T^f|^^%i1T.* oc- 
curs as a variant for Bfj^qr- 
.^^^'^ ) 

f mi. Ask interjection 1 of 
iiig^,2of calling, 3 of 
eonpassion , 4 «f reproach, 

flfT^l. P (i>i?. f^) To 
gOf to go to or towards. 
WitH ^i|^ to rise or as- 

pi^ Ud. 9^-9^ to rise 
mik» worid, to prosper. II 
«<*P(M?. f5T)Togo, togo 

mt3M#r-*lto surpass,to 

^gktt.8>$ 2<^j> ass,tospe nd 

'^ kF-4bt« i^fi% ^JNttT^; 3 

to go away or 

to remember, to think of 
( often with the gen. ) n^T- 

Bt. VIII. 119, Kir. xi. 74; 2 
{See III below). ^-1 to fol- 
low. 2 to imitate (in going) ;3 
to succeed. ^T^^- to follow, 
to come after. %hfC^l to in 
tervene ; 2 to screen. 3 to 
obstruct. (^«afrrRrf).HT-l 
to de|Mirt, to be depriv- 
ed of, to be free from, ^with 
abl. ) BTf^^r^. R. v£i. 
70; 2 to perish. mPt- 1 to 
get; 2 to approach ; 3 to 
serve. ar^-WT- to approach. 
9|)^- to flourish, to pro- 
sper. aT»jr7- 1 to arrive, s^- 
rfid*WiHfH*3'ld5 R. y- 1*; 
2 to accept, ai>g^m«rfr?qf: 

Mcgh. I. 38; 3 to attain to,to 
be subject of, ^r^ ^ ?W^- 
tfH*3^fi^ Hit. iv.a^*nr-to in- 
tend, to mean, ^JiofT ^pT- 
V^ ^ H^f^sPL I'an. arr-to 
know, to be aware of, ^%0^ 
^ ^TTTEC K. S. III. 13. arr-to 
come. ^- 1 to rise, to 
ascend e, ff* ^r^ flf^flf 
?Tnf:; 2 to flourish. ^-^ 
1 to go to e. g.m^qii ^^h 
5T5^ f^5iT^;2 to attain 

3wr ^r^ ^Tit^'rnR^qm^ Kir. 

IV. 22. pRr*^ ^<^t out, 
to go out. q^-1 to depart 
life; 2 to run away, to re- 
treat, e. g, m q^ ^ aft^^ 
•he who runs away, saves his 
life.* q^-1 to go round nf^- 
sr^rrq^: Megh. i. 56; 2. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


to sarround, f^«?Trftf^: TfttTf- 
Pikh^i R. xii. 61; 3 to 
traasform oneself, to change, 
ir-to depart life, ^ ^rq- ^^f- 
^^ Katho. irf^-l to trust, 

to confide, ^f^rf^mfrRr srr>- 

fi( S. Bh; 2 to go back to, 
^rfffflPT ijfr: H4ill l H R. V. 35; 

3 to be well-known, ^^ ^7: 
^W{ ff^ 5r4f<T: R. xiu. 68; 

4 to be pleased or satisfied 
qi^iST.frT: R. m. 12, xvi. 
21. (The caus JTrqrf^^ means 
•to inspire confidence,' *to 
co'.rince,' cTt: ^^^.R^jftTT 
5r--qfTT? Wff R. xj. 73 , m 

«?fqT2TPrji%^5^T^ft«firr ^• 
NP* imr Ve. u.). IT jx-to 

go to receire, ITT^qr^T^- 

f^q-q- cn*(ft (rt) K. S T.^ 

81. ft-1 to expend; 2 to 
undergo a change e g,7\^ i^- 
iff iT^qq^jSto g o aw ay, e. 

pass awaj, 57<¥r<nrny: R. V. 
14 ; 2 To go oat, to trans- 
gress, ^(m^frrqi^ ^""Jirif^^: 

..•'T »q?ff5: 5T3rr^.T^ R 1. 17. 

^ITT-I to go awaj #. g, 'qq- 
^ ^^^' ^^\ 2 to separate, 
to depart, f f?qF^a«q^a5f qr- 
1H Yaj. 11. 2. f^ft-to 
change (generally for the 
contrary or worse). ^T^-to 
meet, to come t gether. 
fr^-to accompany. ffTi**— 
1 to^be connected ( in logic) 
{See ^^^[^) ; 2 to assemble, 
to meet, HH^dl : ^- 
Hrq": Bg. I. 1. ?sr IT- to come 
to gether, to unite, e, g,^^tr^ 

^ '^mnrr^ . ^^-to collect. 

^^T-to obtain, ^fq^-to de- 
termine, to judge, ^#»fqqdlf- 
^5f liq^j: Bh. Ill (with 
9r5f always prefixed) vt, 2. 
A (pp. a^ffT; cam, ai^qpr^; 
€fe«V/. ST^pinTtf ) To study, 
to learn, to read through, 

#vRry ^^tflr^irrTTV Bt. 1.2. 

fWV ^^' The sugar-cane. 

fjj ''*• The sugar-cane.CoMP. 
— ^FTTT -^i* ^- the sugar-cane, 
-xjil'lfi m. a gatherer of sugar- 
cane-.-^ / the name of a 
river.-^rRniiT /. » meal of 
sugar -IT^, qrrj^ / The 
name of a rirer-^t^ n. a 
sugar-miU.-f^m. the juice of 
the sugar cane.-TT w. a 
sugar-cane wood.-^rft^r, 
^r^/. a garden of sugar- 
canes .-f^^Tf^ m sugar. 

flJ^R m. Sugar-cane. 

f^^^ijV^/. A region abounding 
in sugar-canes. 

ra^ m. Sugar-cane. 

fl-ITST m IThe first king of the 
solar dynasty in Ayodhy^; 2 
a descendent of f^Tf^. e. g. 

inrq* R m. 79. 

f^I v(. 1. P (;>/?. q^) 
To go, to move. II vt, 1. P 
( pp. i(^ ) To go, to more. 
With j^-^o more to and fro. 

fir vt, or VI 1. P (pp ifPlTfT) 
ITo go, to go towards; 2 to 
more, to agitate, q>4r ^?r 
f^^PT^^ ^ Bg. VI. 19. 
used in the Atm. here. ) 

^iT la. (/,ift)l Moveable; 
2 wonderful. II m. 1 A hint 
or sign; 2 an indication of a 
sentiment by gesture. 

fYPf n. 1 Shaking; 2 an indic- 
ation of a sentiment by 

ilMff ^' 1 Palpitation; 2 in- 
tention, purpose ( f Pnt ^- 

^qr K S. V. 62; 3 motion, 
of the various parts of the 
body as indicating the in 
tentions, 3?r^ W^^if?^ . . . 
W^T^yil^* Tf: M. VIII. 
26; 4 gestures suited to in- 
ternal feelings. Comp.— ^- 
f^, IT a. skilled in the in- 
terpretation of internal senti* 

meats by external 

f^ m. Name of a tree; (iSt^ 
so written firtf, e. g. fj?^ 
rr: #6^ tJt. I.). 

f«9T /• 1 Wish, desire; % 
question or problem (in 
math. ); 3 the desiderative 
form ( in gram. ). Coup. 
— f^Tf^ /. indifference W 
worldly objects.-^ n. deriv- 
ed sports, Megh. xi. 26.-^fV 
m, an epithet of Kuben.-^ 
qi[^/. fulfilment of wishes. 

ff^ m. 1 Teacher; 2 sn 
epithet of |rf frf^, the teadier 
of gods. 

fTiir/. 1 A sacrifice, #|^ 
^n%«rn^R. i. 68; 2a gifts, 
a donation; 3 an image: 4 
a procuress. Comp. — ^ftVI 
m. a frequent sacrificer. 

f^^T m» An ox let loose. 

Ttr (HT)/. 1 The earth; 2 
speech : 3 a cow : 4 name 
of the wife of Budha. Comp. 
-iftW m. the globe, the eartL 

ff%^/. The earth. 

f^j)r<m. (/ rr, n.VlfJ 1 
Another ; 2 different from, 
other than, Kfliffiq^'HR..* 
ftfrr Ud.; (often used with 
abl. like 3T»T q. r. ); 3 lo^» 
ordinary, ffTT f^ ^'^ ^ 
^'^^Wit^: Kad.;4tbe 
remaining one of the two; 
( in this sense it is often 
used as the last member of 
a compound, #. g ^firt'cTT ) 
«. g* ft^*Af^<\im I". ( fJTTJT! 
and flT^are used in the 
same senses as arqtf: and 
W^^ qq. vv,) Comp. — fft 
pron. mutual ( generally 
aing, ). ^ifprT m. mntoii 
dependence ( in phil./ *^^ 
m. 1 mutual connection; 2 
a species of Dvandra ^^ni^ 
pound ( op. to irqnnT ^« ^' ) 

f^^^^tnrf On another dft/f! 
the oth^ day. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



1^ iwi. 1 From here» hence; 
2 fron this time; 3 from 
this vorld; 4 from this per* 

9qi(^K. S. 11. 55; 5 here, 
fHrPrft^ltft^^: K. s. 


f%iW. ( When placed at 
the ezMfof a word merelj to 
Aim what the form of that 
void 18, the word is used 
vitboot anj case-ending, e, 

§. rftt^ ^^ iryt Ji^rrar^ 

wi^. When placed at the 
^ of a substantire to in- 
dicHte its meaning, the sub- 
aittttTeis used in the noroi- 

%»9:Si8. 1. 3, ^^rWf?5- 
?n?r: Bt. 1. 1. When used 
to indicate the meaning of 
t maimee it is merelj added 
on to Aat sentence, e, g. qf- 

flm M, Kariki. At a particle 
it implies 1 cause or purpose 
(becMse, since, that), grPT- 
Mf Tfll^nt^ Mai. I.; in 
tin sense it is often pre- 
^oded bj f^* and then 
mum 'for what purpose' 
tnderapltasizes the cmestion, 

«W«*iniiWSr«^W^K. S. 
%U,)i2 manner, method, 

( 10^ ilras ) , ffit ^^^J^ 

W# flPtr: ^TCCITF: Sis, 
x* H ; 8 manifestation, e. 
f iftrft; 4 finis, e. g. 
^Xfi^ WT: ^:: 5 
«!•(%, relation, #, ^. R^ 
^{^.|^ ^lustration, (gen- 
«*r with aij^ > I?. ^ 
l y Hill ftpyfi^K.Pr. 
9b#»mitation or opinion 

fNpjwj Kftflr ^ wi^f fist 

g||jt.t.«p o rtig|p^ 


^R, XIII. 1. CoMP.— «n| m. 

substance.-H^tlH^ ind Aor this 
purpose.-sifur/ » meaning- 
less talk.-q^^f^ n. dutj, 
obligation, -^^[i^nff^ o. 
wholly at a loss what to do. 
-inw a. of such extent or 
quality .-Tfrf n. 1 occurrence, 
ercnt; 2 * tale, a storjr. 
f^f ind. Conformablj to 
tradition, e. g. 9^^^^{^' 

f^rWTEr w.l History; 2 legend; 
3 tradition recognized as a 
proof by thePauranikasj(?» is 
thus defined :-\rtM^rnnftw- 

TFftfrTfr^ ^T^^^ U) 
f^^m^ind Thus, in this man- 
ner, rpgriTt fit^M-dHii ^^?i:ya. 

I. 143. ( Sometimes such 
forms as f T^^r^, f^^TT^ 
are used in the same sense ). 
CoMP.— ^ a. 1 so circum 
stanced; *^ true, faitliful (as 
an account ) .-f^\f a. 1 of 
such a kind; 2 endowed with 
such qualities. 
f^^ a. (/ ^^) To be gone to- 
wards, e.g. ffq-:f^^ J^^- 
f^^ I a. (/.« ) ITrarelling; 
2 cruel; 3 low, rile. II m. 
A eunuch. 
%^^/- 1 A disloyal woman ; 

2 an abhUa'rika' q, v, 
%fpipron, (w. »nnc»/- fTO.». 
^ij) 1 This, here, refer- 
ring to something near the 
speaker, (ff?r^ 5Fn%f^ iF- 
cf^^; 2 present, seen; 3 
what the speaker has in 
mind. It often refers to 
something immediately fol- 
lowing, «. g. f^jrgi^RrWw 
JHT t^ ....^CI^T^ TT'T^ ft"* 
^n:K.Pr. Tii.It occurs con- 
nected with 1^, mi , !nT^,»T- 
^ or ftrf or a personal 
pronoun partly to point out 
anything more di jiinctly or 

prominently, partly pleona- 
stically, e. g. H^JT^f H"»PITJ?r 

f^pfhr ind Now, at this mo- 
ment, in this case, f^pftifW- 
^A^ flR^TT^ivm: Ud , f- 
^f!?W^r^ qR Hin% Jag. 
CoMP. — ffif a. of the present 
moment, coeval. 

f^ n. 1 Sunshine; 2 reful- 
gence; 3 wonder. 

fviT w. Fuel, especially that 
which is used for the sacred 
fire. Com p. — Sfjifv^ «. a 
hatchet, an axe. 

f^ff. Kindling, lighting. 

f^r m IThc sun; 2 a king,s|- 

*r T^HCt^7Tr^nT«i^ R.ix. 5. 

fP^P-f^ w. A large bee, ff^- 
Fefr? (%T?T75 Bh. V. I!. 183. 

f /^W/- An epithet of Laksh- 
mi, wife of Vishnu. Comp.— 
an^^^i* ^lic l>^ue lotus.-4Jf^ 
Ii/i. an epithet of Vishnu; II 
n. a lotus. — ^ I/I. an epithet 
of Vishnu. 

I'f^C # )^ »». Tlieblue lotus. 

<iftffWr/. A group of blue 

f^f^lT^ m. A blue lotus. 

1*5 m. 1 The moon* 2 the 
number * one ' v '» math. ). 
Comp.— 2|f«TW «. the white 
lotus, -^in^r/. a digit ( t. f. 
the sixteenth part ) of the 
moon ). -^fi^iT/. 1 » di- 
git of the moon ; 2 the 
ketaki flower. -^TRf '»• t^* 
moon-stone.-ir *«. the planet 
Mercury.-^/ name of the 
river i^\ or 5rH^»-lR^ ^» 
the ocean, -jif w. an epithet 
of the planet Mercury. -HT 
/. a sort of water-lily, -aju 
m. an epithet of S'iva. -»r 
v^l3j n the orb of the moon, 
-wift/. tlie day of full moon. 
-^^ m. an epithet of 
S'ira. -Tf^ n. a pearl -^Hf^ 
%IRf /. a digit of the moon. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ma epithet of S1va. 

J^VC ^* ^^ ^^i A mouse. 

f^ ''^^ 1 ^'^'^ name of the 
king of gods; ( in Vaidika 
literature the word is used 
in a variety of senses ); 
2 firstfforemost, ( used as the 
last member of a compound 
in this sense e. g. ft^.) 

CoMP. -iT^pr, wnr m. 

-an epithet of Vishnu or 
KrishTia. -iff^ m, a demon. 
*MISf^ n. Indra's weapon, 
the ^rainbow. -«f^ m. 1 
name of a mountain; 2 ft 
rock. -^TST w. Airavata, 
ihe elephant of Indra. -^ 
771. name of a mountain. 
-;^ w. 1 a sofa ; 2 a 
plat-form. -i[^ m. teaclier 
of Indra, u #. Brihaspati. 
^-if^Tt 'ft^^ '^^ ft knid of 
insect. -^TTT '^* '<• 1 Indra's 
ix>w; 2 ft rainbow. <-iin7 »• 

1 stratagem or trick in war; 

2 juggling. -irrfl97 I a. 
deceptive, unreal; II m. a 
juggler.H^ w. a flock of cot- 
ton. -fTF ^* ^^^G ileoaddru 
tree. -^I5^». 1 Indra's bow. 
2 the rainbow. -;ftH w. 
sappliire. -irsft/. an epithet 
of S'aohi.-^^M^ ^* ftn epi* 
thet of Brihaspati. -Ji^tf m, 
n, name of a city on the 
Yamun&, situate near the 
modern Delhi, f»!nnE*pPT^- 

Tr^ifl: m «r'3 ^^' Sis. u. 

^3.-5?f C^ 7j.Indra's weapon, 
the thunderbolt.-*{^ m. 1 a 
festival in honour of Indra 
2 the rainy season. -tTf^ 
m. Indra's world, -fry wa. 1 
-an enemy (destroyer) of 
Indra (when the accent 
is on the last syllable ); 
2 one whose enemy ( des- 
troyer ) is Indra i. e. Vritra 
( when the accent is on the 


first word), f'KfljTrqil^&c., qV?r^: ^PTTn>cr- 
vrni: Sik. ( this refers to fir 
whose father intended him 
to become the destroyer of 
Indra but who, owing to 
a mistake in the accent, 
was ultimately killed by 
Indra. ) -fp^PT m, a kind 
of insect. -%9rpflr m. the 
leader of Indra's armies i, e, 
Kiirtikeya. -g?f m. ( son of 
Indra) a name 1 of the mon- 
key-king V4U, 2 of Arjuna, 
3 of Jayanta. 

f*Jl* w. An assembly room 
a liaU. 

f?fr#/. The wife of Indra. 

f PW n. 1 An organ of sense* 
(there are two kinds of 
indt^as.vU.jff^^^q^ and 
^HT^qn'^; they are;— (1) 

'T^^^t I (o\^o jjTf according to 
SQP^c) ( 2 ) TT^^ r^cTO< 
'T^ECtw ^^ ^CTT M. 11.90 ),. 
2 semen; 3 power, force; 4 
power of the senses; 5 the 
number *5' ^in math.) Comp. 
— «t4 m. an object of sense; 
they are:-^cf ^r^T^CiET^- 
^i Nf»yq r ^ Am. I. 5. 7. 
- tRWf w. the residence 
of the senses i. e, body.- 
9|t^(T I a. perceptible to the 
senses; 11 9/}. an object of 
sense. -fn'*r w. the assem- 
blage of the organs of sense, 

M.ii. 215.-5rpr?i.the faculty 
of perception .-{irqf m. the 
' curbing the senses.-?!^ 
sensibility.-^ m. the group 
of the organs of sense, f^^^R 
TO;1ff^^r4 : Sis. X. s.-^rftro- 
tq* m. the contact of an organ 
of sense (either with its 
©bjcct, or with the mind ).- 
f^ilRiH/^ /. per>'ersion of 

the organs. -^^ITT m. nncon« 
sciousness, insensfbility. 

f^vi.7. A (pp. fqr)To 
kindle, to light, to set on 
fire. With, ^PSr-to kindle, 

fPisf m. Fuel. 

f«:if^ 72. 1 Fuel; 2 kindling. 

f*T »*• ^^ elephant .Comp.— 
QPT^ m. a lion.-^fqr^ ut. an 
epithet of tjanes'a. .^['ft^' | 
^ff^ smartness,8lirewdness. 
-^tnr /• ft young female 
elephant.-fiir m. a young 
elephant, a cub.-g^/.« 
female elepliant. 

pirl a. (/. >HT} Wealthy. 
II m. 1 A kmg; 2 an 

f«i5ir a. (/. ^inm* or piro) 

Wealthy. ! 

f«Brry. a female elephant. 
fiWLa. (/.*) 1 So large, 

so m uch, yq ftfa" 55^5^?^ 

2^0 many, ??«% ^r#r m 

xiii. 67, 
f^nrr/. Qnantity,t{^3qT^- 

ppnmr^R.xui, 5; 2ft fix- 
ed measure, ^^: trft^^ftf- 

'TPTT^WJiLl^- ^ J- 77. 
f^ n. 1 A desert; 2 saline 

fn^ '»• 1 Submarine fir«; 

2 ft flftsh of lightning. 
f^r/. 1 The earth; 2 water- 

3 speech; 4 goddess of 
speech; 5 spirituous liqnor. 
Comp.— B|*i|^,^i!p:«. li*il.- 
^^ m. the ocean. 

fR«T n. 5ee fTT. 
f^/, A cucumber. 

sleep; 2 to throw, 
f^j^/. The earth. 
f^^mf' One of the five start 

at the head of ^«TfllT?« 
f^ ind. 1 Like, in thewnw 

manner as, ^i^^f^Y <tfW B. 

I. 1 ; (in this sense it indic* 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

lies an ^qriir); 2 as it 
were, as if, ijquji m ij^.'^ VfrgfpT- 
f?«TO^f^ K. I. 22; (in 
this sense it indicates an ^^ 
%fr ); 3 in some measnre, 
a Bttle e. g. ^j^rr f?rr^; 4 
B»riy, almost e. g. jrfffl^f 
^)^. It is used witli inter- 
nttatire pronouns almost 
wShout any meaning, but 
with more elegance and 

♦ ^lifrfl'flH.Sak. I. 

I^(#) ^/* An elephant's 

ff^Ipf.l. U(;)p. !?f^)To 
go. "With ^^-to follow. II. 
Vt.i.V (2>/7. fftrr) 1 To 
goj 2*0 spread. With ^- 
to sesrch, to go in search of, 

&?.45.sf-to send, e.g, w^\ 
WTWR:. Ill vU 6. P 
0»p. ff ) (in conjugational 
ieues the base is f^ ) 1 
To wish; 2 to cherish; 3 to 
dioose. With «i^-to search, 
to tiy; «|f%-to desire. 7^-to 
***^« l|Rf — ^to receive, to 
*^P*, <T?T: JTffrear Rftfrf ^- 
M 8'riharsha. 
W». 1 The month A's'vina, 


^^f^^^ftftftWEPnnnT: Sis.n. 

fi^X ^' Fire. 

fi^ft^/. A reed, R. xii. 23. 

f5 m.f. 1 An arrow; 2 the 
number * five '. Comp.— ay- 
fPf n. a 1>ow. -^ira' iM. 1 a 
bow; 2 an archer. -4firc *». 
a maker of arrows, -f^ m,f. 
a quiver, -qt?*, f^^ w. the 
range of the arrow. 

fr «. {/. rr) 1 Sought, 
wished for • 2 agreeable (as 
in TCT^ ) ; 3 respected ( as 
in f^ff^iTTr ). II w. A lover, 
a husband. Ill n. 1 Wish, 
desire . 2 sacrificing. Comp. 
-B|Pff% /, a statement 
by a debater or controversia- 
list which is favourable 
to his antagonist also, e» g. 

I a. fragrant; II wi. any fra- 
grant substance; III 7u sand. 
fCT^ w. sacrificing and 
chanties, f^rfjfff^- tiH^i^r- 
iRIT^ &c. Mv. III. 
fCT?r/. A brick. Comp.— ^ 
n, a brick-house, f C^/^^ a. 
built of bricks, -q^ ^» » 
road made of bricks. -^ifTfT 
m. laying the foundation of 

a house. 
flU^ tniL To one's fill or satia^ 

fft/. 1 Sacrificing, sacrifice; 
2 wish, desire ; ( in this 
sense the word is used by 
Patanjali in his BhAshya to 
indicate his desire that any 
particular form, though not 
sanctioned by Panini, should 
be considered as correct ;• 
Cf. 4q^i^^M. ) ; 3 any de- 
sired object; 4 oblation con* 
sisting of butter &c, ; 5 im- 
pulse, hurry ; 6 invitation. 
CoMp, — ^^ w. a miser, 
-^ 977. an animal intended 
to be killed at a sacrifice. 
ffir?l5T/ A brick. 

J^ > M, The spring season. 

f^ in(L An intorjection 1 of 
anger, 2 of pain, 3 of 

ff ind. Here (refering to 
time, place or direction )• 
CoMP«-mpf tnd, in this 
world and m the next.-rir a. 
being here.— TJtV m, this 
world, this life.-f«r «. stand-- 
ing here, being here. 

fmj.An interjection 1 of 
pik 3 <A sorrow, 3 of an- 
gn^4 of percepticHi, 5 of 
rnqpueioB, 6 of calling &c. 

I«H i| 2 to pwrvadfi; 3 to 
1ll|l|'4l^tlirow, S to eat; 


If^vt. 1. A (;>p. tftrcf) 1 
To look, to behold; 2 to re- 
gard, to consider; 3 to think 
e.g.f^twi^ ^l^^^n^\4 
to care for, ^ ifrnriPfT^^r*^- 
jfrt^ K. S. V. 82; 5 to in- 
vestigate into the good or 
bad luck of any one. ( In 
this sense the person whose 

future is in question is pat 
in the dat. e. g, f^^Tfq- pfil 
jpb ' Garga foretells Kri- 
shwa*s future'.) With 3|1%- 
to suspect, ^^':?nnT'T>Jrt?t 
Hit. a^-to inquire after, to 
investigate, arr^-l to expect^ 
^T^^r^iFW^Kir.ii. 21; St 
to require,^{i^5?T''Rr^4*ft- 

Digitized by 


'^m^^ct S. Dj 3 to pay re- 
gard to, a^W^W 5^'^#|.■. 
«tT^Tr: Ud. aif^- to look 
towards. ^TT- 1 to look at, to 
cast a glance at, qi^t^HHH • 
%9^^^ Bg. i^ 28; 2 to con- 
aider, to think, q^^Nnr^T 
'inpnft. Kir. II. 2. ^^- 1 to 

look up to, ^nr'nTj^w^-' 

K. S. VI. 7; 2 t o wait, ^(^ 

IX. 90. ^fJT-1 to see in pros- 
pect, e. g, rr^ ftiTTJc^ * I 
see di>1i col ties in bis waj '• 
S to conjecture, to expect, 
irr^4)" ( the Par. is epic ) 
M^ <TF^''Ti^»Pff PPft^rq^ ttam. 
^^-tolook up.^nr-l to over- 
look, to neglect, to look with 
indifference on, ^5^'* q: ?r- 
^rwr^i?3r?r: K. S. r. 47; 2 
to let escape, to let go, ^^- 

M. VI £1 344. ptr-l to view 
completely, qi^Rnftlrf^ 
Bg. I. 22; 2 to look for, ft. 

4iP^c|,iHrti}^ Vikr. Ch. i. 29. 
ift-to examine, to put to 
test, Ihrr {sciL fwq-:) ^q ^- 
^ M. IX. 14, qr^f^: ^ 
* tested as to potency, ' 

II. 62. jf-to look at« to see, 
K. X. 44, K.S VI. 47. ifRr- 

to wait, fi^rJir ^^ ft^'fff 

2fir^crf?r:M.ix.77. Trim- 
to look in return, ^-to see, 
to behold. COT-to mind, to 
care for, ^ sq^^fftT HJ^J^: 
«nir: R, XIX. 6 ^flt-l to be- 
hold; 2 to think, to consider. 
flT^-l to inspect; 2 to con- 
iNder. ^g^-io neglect. 
^KPr n. 1 A look, a sight; 2 

^ eye, arPryt kPt <ff?nfi- 

Jf^ S ak. i.i B. II. 27. 
tVPf^ *». (/<?»!. •m) Afor- 

flfffc^jn. Looking, sight, f^- 


irh|5^ S. Bh. I. 4. 

fw/ 1 Viewing, considering 
2 sight. 

fl5 vt. or vi. 1. P (pp. t%?r) 
To go, to vacillate. With 
ir-to tremble, ^(jf^ Jjpmr ft"- 
ft; Bt. XVII. 108, Am. S.l. 

i^ vM. A rpi>. iif^ ) 1 To 
go; 2 to censure. 

i^vt.2. A(pp. if^ ) To 
praise. ^(rt7Htll*i«1>i|^tJHH '• 
R. xvui. 17, Bt. IX. 57, 
xviu 15. 

i^J. Praise, commendation. 

fjir «. C/'. Wr) Praiseworthy; 
R V. 34. 

|f^/. 1 A calamity of the sea- 
son .they are six, viz, 1 exces- 
sive rain, 2 drought, 3 rats, 
4 locusts, 5 parrots, 6 foreign 
invasions. (STfrTlftHltlft^- 

^WPT: ^cTT frPT: ^yfTrOtf^TTtf- 
3|rrftfrfT^: R. I. ^3; 2 an 
infectious disease; 3 travel- 
ling; 4 an affray. 

fpiTr^. Quality f{^T...?^ 
tPTT «rr *either bygua .ty or by 
quality' R. ziii. 0. 

tflflr (/. lift ) I «• Such. 

H^(/. ^) jsucha kind, 
of this aspect, endowed with 
such qualities. 

|[^a. The same as fw^.r, 

fc^ f. 1 Desire to obtain^ 2 
wish, desire. 

ft^a^ I a. (/. err ) Desired. 
II n. Wish, desire. 

fc^ a. Desirous to obtain, 

^h?^rtY^lf^ ?f g^r^tT^ R. 

V. 69. 
i^lvt,l.F(pp tft?r)To 
go, to shake. II vt. 2. A 
( pp. \^ ) To ^o, to move. 
With 7q-to nse. Ill vt. 
lO.U (pp. tRiT) 1 To move. 
2 to throw ;3to pronounce, 

I.1S4, Kirx26.WiTH^ritl 
to utter, to tell, R.ii.9j 2 To 

put forth, aryif iT^^^^TJ- 
<^^f^2fr? K. VIII. €2; 3 to 
throw up, R. VI, 18 -H" to 
propel, to send, R. iv. 24. 
^P^-1 to move, to shake; 
2 to utter. ^i39i^--to utter. 

f <T ». 1 Alovingj 2 going; 
8 See ^rr. 

f ft*T I a. (/ Off ) Desert. II 
». Barren soil, arnfft^KtW^- 

s^ n. A wound. 

fnf ^. Wandering about aa a 
rehgious mendicant. 

f^r^ m. /. A cucumber. 

l^viM.P (;>p.tffe*cT)Ta 
envy, to feel impatient at 
another's success; (this root 
is used with the dative of 
the person envied, e. g, r^ 
S^iif^S. K.) 

W^ a'(/m) Envious. 

t%;^ (q|/. En>7 of anothw's 

f«ifr (^) 5 «• Envious. 

tftjy ;?ft j /. AcudgeU (Also 

I^v/. 2. A(i;i?.ff^) ITe 
command, to rule; 2 to own, 
to possess, ( generally iifl#d 
with the gen. e. g. 3nii*tiiA'* 

Bhartr. ui. 30; ; 3 to bo 

f^ I a. (/*. w) Powerful, sup- 
reme. II m. 1 A lord, a 
master, K. S. ii. 3; 2 an 
epithet of S'iva; 3 the 
number •eleven'. Comp.«» 
jO /• Benares -^^T ». « 
name of Kubera -r^r^ (noni, 
fing,wm)See the preceding, 

f^ /. 1 An epithet of Dui^; 
2 a wealthy lady. 

f^TFT m 1 A ruler, e g. f^ 
'T:«ftq3nfTH.^2 an epitliit 
of S'iva* 3 a& epithet ct 

hrK)/. An epithet of Dur/irA^ 

f.^/.^^n. Suptema^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

oonsidered a3 oDe of the 
eight sidfihis or attributed of 
diTinity; the eight eiddhis 
are:-3fftiTr nftm ^ »Tft^ W- 

fift /. Durga, S'ira's wife. 

t^ a. (/ ^ or # ) 1 Able, 
povrerfol; 2 wealthy. II 
M. 1 A husband ; 2 
Uie supreme spirit ; 3 a 
wealthy man- 4 master, 
lord; 5 an epithet of S'iya; 
6 the god of love. Comp - 
|i|^ m. athei9in,H7fn!l^ n. 


a temple.-^pf n. a royal as- 

H<T(^)/*An epithet of 

i^^vt. 1. A (p.p. tf^) 1 
To go» to oiove ; 2 to kill; 3 
to see, 

1^ m. The month A's'vina. 

^^9^ind Little, a little, slight- 
ly. CoMr.— ^c «• wjiat is 
easily attained — ^f^ a 
whitish — ^jprq" m. a mean 
man.-in7>^ a. to be gained 
for little.-fPEI' ^» a smile. 

f^/. The pole of a carriage. 

f;^(*)^r/.l A painter's 

■ ^ 
brush: 2 »Q elephant's eye* 
ball; 8 An arrow. 

ff^ Iff. Fire. 

for m. 1 KimadeTa;2 spring. 

f^ ri. 1. A (pi?. JrVdTl 
To aim at, to attempt; 2 to 
desire, ^IPKfqT4;rnf W (%ft|* 

fr^ T^f^jf^r^rr Yaj. n. ii6. 

With ^r^l to desire ;2 to at- 
tempt to perform, Pr^f.^ ft*- 
'?W^:ir«W^J^Kir. i. 19. 
fir/ 1 Effort, exertion; 2 
desire, wish. Comp.— ^ m* 
1 a wolf; 2 a kind of drama 
consisting of four acts, S. D. 
vc. Cf. ^^!.'^ f ff m. a wolf. 


1 1 ind. An interjection 1 of 

calling, #. ^. ^ "^fJr nmr m- 
dPH*jrK. S. I. 26; 2 of 
aoger; 3 of compassion ; 4k of 
eommand; 5 of acceptance; 
6 of interrogation; 7 an ex- 
|ietife. In classics it is ge- 
BorallT used after anTf 7 and 
A^ with a slight modification 
fd the sense and often only 
as an expletive, e. g. tf^ 5- 

Bg. !▼. 85, 5ft ^ ^ fl<T<T- 
^Mh- Bh. V. u. 92., 

^i*fH^Am. S. 63, (%r? ?nr 

l|gW«rHit. I. (1%5 here 
WMI8 * how much more *). 
1L «. 8'iva;this word forms 
^sseeondpart of the mystic 

jPMde aftr^. 5#'tf under ar. 

ffc I a. V- ^W) 1 Address- 
Mfiaap^nBon , e. n. aij^- 

ii|i;i^t a said (as 

o»>. to inferred ), erg. «^wf% 
Cif^^ JT : flHrf^ffT^ '^. 11 
n. A word, a sentence, a 
speech. CoMP. — «T^^ a. 
spoken and not spoken. -7- 
q^Sr^rC m. a peroration, -pf- 
^^ m. maintaining an as- 
sertion. -^?^ff a. a feminine 
or neuter word of which 
also a masculine exists and 
whose meaning only differs 
from that of the masculine 
by the notion of gender ( in 
g«^m. ). -iPfrF n. speech 
and reply. 
HTlrir/. 1 Speech, expression, 
M. VIII. 104: 2 the expres- 
sive power of a word, ^nrot- 

Am. I. 4. 10. CoMP.— 1^- 
^/. speech and reply. 

l^ty w, 1 A saying, a sent- 
ence; 2 a eulogy; 8 a name 
of the S&maveda. 

^rM. P {pp. 3flrf) To 

sprinkle, to wet, vifhf^^- 
CW »irit^ Bl. ui. 6, XTH. », 
R XL 5, 20 With 9^-t<i 

sprinkle with consecrated 
water, f^cRr ^?!frn?>5W 
Sak. IV. ^-to sprinkk 
around, ir-to consecrate bj 
sprinkling, ?ft%;T H^^**||HH 
M. T. 27. ?Ehr-to hallow by 
sprinkling, Yaj. i. 24. 
^mf^ n. 1 Sprinkling; 2 con- 
secration by sprinkling, ^- 

y^^Nnrnniii^inr?! R. r. 27, 

K. S. VII. 70. 
TlfT^ m. An ox or bull. Comp. 

HTt m» a small bull. 
5Rf vi, 1. P {pp. a|tftr?T 01 

tr%7f; pres. a|>i»f^ oricift) 

To go, to nove. 
^^ f A cooking pan orpot. 
^^W «. (/ Wrr ) Boil ed in a 

pot, f . g, ^jfqy^t ^ ft^nr^ 
^ri? I <». f /. Iff; compar. HT- 

JTT or aJl^ftiT^; «ii^er. ttt^ 

or aflftnr ) 1 Powerfolt 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




mighty; 2 formidable, terri- 
ble, JTW^CflSMfll^lM. Megb. 

*it. 50. ft^Pm f fljjM^ R. n. 

'«6, ^^rrrnrr ^ Sak. m., 
Bg. XI. 30, M. VI. 75; 3 
noble; 4 ferocious; Spun- 
gent, sharp. II m. 1 An epi- 
thet of Rudra; 2 the poetic 
sentiment called ^ q. v.\ 3 
One bom of a Kshatriya 
father and a S'udra mother. 
CoMP. — it>f wj- 1 t^ie 
Chcnnjyaha tree; 2 garlic.— 

^^nWt/ a name ofDurgA. 
-irrfff or. base-bom.-^5^ 
fn, an epithet of S'iva. -^- 
fSTO*/. a name of the Ganges. 

^t?^ 4. P (;)j>. ^pTrT or ^- 
q" ) To gather, to collect to- 

^rN^cr. (/. W) 1 Praise- 
ivorthy; 2 accustomed to, 

sfhrrPTT'Wf^^^: R. i. 50, 

«. 25. III. 54, 60; 3 right, 
^proper, suitable, (generally 

vith an infinitive) ^f^ T % 
' *l'lrt<»»f% ^f^rpi Sak. IV. 
»^ff. (/.W)l High, lofty, 

( lit, and %. ), ^T^HTn^ Rjr- 

3r:K. S. VII. 68; 2 loud,. 
|iigh-sounding, Sis. iv. 18. 
CoMP. — ^T^^ a. 1 high 
and low, 3^lrT%5 ^J M. vi. 
73; 2 various, M. i. 88.-?f- 
^P" m, the cocoanut tree. -^- 
cT w. music, dancing &c. at 
a tavern. -^fH" «. high and 
low.-A^^^jdl/, a woman with 
a projecting forehead. 

irW^^ inch 1 High, above. 
XJit^ndfg. ) Pr%^€r^tf^- 
^fPTyirlr: Sis. I, 16; 2 loud. 

t^^^f^a. 1 With the eyes 
faised up; 2 with the eyes 
taken out, blind. 

5^ a. (/ ^ ) 1 Formid- 

Jjable, terrible; 2 irascible; 

?S loud; 4 quick. 

^Mf^ m. The last watch of the 

^^^ fn, 1 Collection, ;rtT: 
i^«l^<l ^J^Sf^ 'FP^^ R' 
II. B4; 2 the knot of a 
woman's wearing garment; 

3 gathering, ff^ g^qlpe^ 
WC^ Sak. IV.; 4 pros- 

^^^py n. Mind. 

4^V^^ a. (/,m) On the 
point of going, R. ii. 6, 

;i^TTT «. 1 Eradication, sep- 
aration ; 2 removal ( as from 
a place.) ; 3 a kind of charm, 

4 working tliat charm. 
^lerrc ^J. 1 Pronunciation, ut^ 

terance; 2 excrement, dis- 
charge, JTTJ^fWnTW^: Hit. 
I., M. IV. 50. 

gmrrr w. Articulation, pro- 

^^^jr in. A banner. 

^j|4^ ind, 1 Aloft, high, 
above; 2 loud; 3 greatly, 
powerfully. Tliis word is 
used adjectively in com- 
pounds, and rarely by itself 
also, T^^:HT?rr^T r^i^- 
^^ ^ K. S. II. 47,!T^r7q-- 
1% Rt^^if^Nf 'HR^rtT^ Rat. 
IV. CoMP. — ^FT w. a 
high family, (^ifrq;)T^:- 

r^ ^^^^: Sak. n.-gs-Ti. 
clamour; 2 a loud pro- 
clamation, -^nrr^ ^wcZ. l ex- 
tremely loud; 2 extremely 
high.-rTn? ind, 1 very loud; 
2 very high, K. S. vii. 68.- 
M^, ^n^ w. an epithet of 
the horse of Indra. 
^T^B5"W a. (/. ^) 1 Destroy- 
ed, 4-csj'4|j-( V, I. for ^fii^^l ) 

Mud. VI ; 2 extinct (as a 

si^f* a. (/. t^ ) Going up 

4«9H«I n. Moving upwards, 

going up higli. 

;T«OT^^ n. 1 Rubbing the 
body with perfumes; 2 cover- 

^^^HRFT o. (/. 5ir) Not amen- 

able to rule or command. 
^^SRST «. (/. ^^rr)! Opposed 
to the law-books ( ci\:U and 
religious ) ; 2 deviating from 
the kw-books ( civil and re- 
ligious ). 

xifi^rTf / Extirpation, de* 

st ruction. 
^p5|5^a. IWith the neck 

jaised; 2 higli: 3 great, 

noble, tirtTrrinir>sfq' Prg^^i^- 
^.sPTtyr«R: K. s. iiir75. 

Tf^tffw la. (/. w) Full 

of mushrooms, ^ q^ ^^m 

•^ ^S'^^JrtTH I W-qrr^Megb. 

I. 11. II w. A mushroom. 
^?^8^ I Of. (/. 8T ) Aban- 
doned. II n. Leavings, frag- 
ments, remainder (especi- 
ally of food). COMP.— cITF^- 

«Tr/ a stale invention.-i|t^ 

n, wax, 
^«^7^<!|i w, A pillow, 
^r^^f^ a. (/. «^) Dried up, 

T^^ «. (/. ^nr ) 1 Swollen, 

^ m ) Meg h II. 21, ^TiHt- 

^) K. P . VII. ; 2 high, lof^. 
^**4!^W a. (/*. Hr) 1 Unbrid- 
led, unrestrained, apqj€if» 
(3T<t ^fTr^»rTS^PWl%^f%<T5 Sis. 

II. 62; 2 irregular. 
gnid^ w. 1 Extirpation, de- 
struction, R. XIV. 74; 2 

^•B^^H ». 1 Cutting off: 2 

^r«g^ w. Remainder. 

^^^rVT I a. (/. «^ ) Mak- 
ing dry or withered, T- 
'Egt^ToiPrf^TTPrr^ Bg. II* 8. 
II ??. Drying up, parcliiDg. 

( physical and moral ), ^- 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



?r:^^Mcgb.i.58; 2 growth, 
increase, Kir. v. 31; 3 pride. 

4^^u| w. Raising, elevation. 

^P^ «. (/. m ) 1 High, 
lofty: 2 produced; 3 proud; 
4 grown, increased. 

^i^ff^J' The same aa Tx^- 
T ^. r. 

T«. Breatliing, sighing. 
I a. Om) 1 Breath- 
Bag; 2 consoled, Megh. ii, 
87i II fi. 1 Blooming, blow- 
ing; 2 life, breath, flf ^ 
5fHT^?r^ftrH^ Sak. III.; 

the vital airs of the body, 
r m. 1 Breath, l^qTsiit 

«»rw%*pnt H^ Bt. I. 3, 

Megh. II. 89; 2 a sigh. 8 
dying; 4 consolation, Am. S. 
11 ;5 an aur-hole;6 a chapter 
of a book ( e, g. of Bana's 
f Jmfifl ). 

^^5^1 vt. 6. P ( ]}p. :3^ftFcT) 
To glean. With jf- to wipe 
oat. II vt. 6. P {pp. ^f%^- 
;t ) 1 To bind; 2 to finish; 
3 to abandon, to give up. 

9911^ ( ^)^f. The name 
of a city, the capital of the 
Avan tis, ^ vffrjjTprqpy^^f^ 
'WPr ^J^^^Hftpqr: Megh. i.27. 
( See 3r jf?f ). 

9iamsf ». Killing, ^^- 

_^H^S. K. 

^fiwnr a. (/. it) 1 Ooing 
op, rising, e. g. ^f^arfR^ 
JTT^:; 2 on the point of de- 

Srting,^f^iffpnJj;^f TO^ 
. M. IX. 
WW^ I m. 1 Opening, blow- 
ing; 2 breaking asunder. II 
«• (/ W) Blown, e, g, ^r^ 

'Vf^|an' n. 1 Opening; 2 

-llPila. (/. ^Visrr) Having 

Ami bo«r*«triBg loosened. 

^^^'^'^ I «. (/. HT) 1 Splen- 
did , blaz mg, ^ ilf^m^-Hf^ F 
H^4^»^rt: Na. I. 1; 2 beau- 
tiful, ?mf ft^^' i f^^t ^: Na. 
n. 110; 3 expanded, II w. 
The sentiment of love. Ill 
n. Gold. 

^^^?prT «. 1 Sliining, brilli- 
ancy; 2 beautifulness. 

T5|T vt, c. p {pp. Tf^Ffnr) 

1 f abandon, to quit, ar^- 

Ch. P. 50, Bt. XV. 8^, R. 
I. 40, 51; 2 to avoid, R. 
vin. 84; 3 to give out, 
to emit, Sis. iv. 03. 
With ir-l to abandon alto- 
gether, e. g. ^q^qit ^^fnfr; 
2to avoid, f^jpSiT^ t^Fsfe 
^tt^^ ^: ffJf^J-: Hit. i. 

Tfinir w. 1 A cloud; 2 a 

^^^ «. Abandoning, re- 

^ S^m.^ Glean ing, ^Tpg^:^- 
^ift»c!il^rrri% R. v. 8, M. 

X. 112. CoMP.-^f^ a. one 

who lives by gleaning.-f^^sy 
n. gleaning com or grains, 
M. IV. 4. 

^TQ^T n. Gleaiiing. 

gr w. 1 Grass; 2 leaves. 
CoMP.— IT m. n. a hut, a 
hermitage, (grass and leaves 
being used in making huts ), 
R. I. 50, 52, K. S. V. 17. 

^ n. /. 1 A lunar mansion, 
a star, ^qr^TRrtrrf^tfjg^^: 
R. XVI. G5; 2 water. Comp. 
— ^^,^^ I w. n. a raft 
or float, |^§f ^r %T5l^- 
Tl^m^nr^ R. I. 2;IIw. 
the moon.-fff^, fj^ m. the 
mo on, l^^jj^M l^i Rat. i., 
i*<l^4i^l;JM^U r^mrq*: K. S. 
V. 22.-qt|' j». the sky, the 

^^4|< m. 1 The name of a 
tree* 2 the threshold of a 
hoas«; 3 a eunuch. 

4J^if n. Flying up, soaring^ 

Na. I. 125. 
^jnrc a (/. ^) 1 Agreeable, 
excellent; 2 f Drmidable, grff- 

^gi^T ^M. M. V. 

^^Yt 1 «. (/. TT ) Flown €• 
g* ^^ juiqf^oi: II n. A 
particular flight of birds'. 

^^fi^Pf n. The same as ^{q^ 

7^^ ;w. An epithet of S'iva. 

^^ m. pi. The name of a 

countrv, the modem Orissa. 

^C^ m, A ball of flour, 

?T?^r^^^rsr: Yaj. I. 288. 
^5 ind. A particle 1 of doubt, 

2 of deliberation, 3 of in- 

W I a.{f.m) Woven. II 

ind. A particle expressing 

1 doubt, indecision, ( or ) 

^ 'Hf^^^ Sak. III., f^^rnr: 

Bhartr. iii,40j 2 alternative, 
option, (or),K. S. vi. 23; (lia 
these two senses it is usually 
a correlative of f^ meaning 
^whether'); 3 connection, as- 
sociation, ( and, also ), H>f- 
^rf^H^^f^r Bg. II. 29; 4 
interrogation. ( Sometimes it 
is used as a mere expletive). 
With a following arrfT oie 
arrftf^ or f^, it is usca 
SS" a particle of doubt or de- 
liberation, c, g, ^^ ^\ W^ 
^ ?^5?Tf^^ 5^1w. With a 
precedmg (^ it expresses 
1 * or ', ^^ ^^ ^ ^ 
f^^^^fs^. Am. S. 9, 2 
Vhow much more,' *hovi 
much less ', %<ft Hjif^ ^ 
p4.jdlwT^^ 0h/P. 39,(nr 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 



nnfW: B. It. 62. With a 
preceding ^ it means * on 
the contrary •, iTnnnfrJ«^^ 
*y^ ?TW 7?3f<! ^i^niTj Sis. 
II 55. When repeated it has 
the sense of 'either — or '. 
Vfn^ m. The name of a son 

01 Angiras. Comp. — HSlf* 
1g< | gH^ w. Bnhaspati, the 
teacher of gods, ?y m i it^ i:qT- 
j4^>^i||<|!) n^nrwi[ Sis. II. 

^^ <»• ( /. 'Slir ) 1 Desirous 
of, anxious y ^^ilfHHMIHI- 
r^: K S. VI. 95, TjR^rqjr: 
Megh. z 11 , Sis. iv. 18; 2 
regretting, sorrowful; 3 ab- 

4r^e I a. (/. yf 1 Abound- 
ing in, richly endowed with; 

2 mad, furious: 3 excessive, 
much, aft^r?!^; qnTy^T- 
f ^'FtTH^fl' flit, I.; 4 superi- 
or; 5 uneven. II m. 1 An 
elephant in rut; 2 fluid 
dropping from the temples of 
an elephant. 

^«*i5F a. (/.w)l With- 
out a coat of mail; 2 with- 
out a bodice or jacket. 

€Wfcr^<M /. A raised particle. 

ir«lnrla. (/.^)1 Having 
the neck uplifted, prepara- 
tory to doing any thing, r^- 

H.xv. 11; 2 anxious, eager. 
II m. A mode of sexual en- 
C^JtTf/. 1 Longing for a be- 
loved person or thing, ^ftr- 

2 missing any thing or per 
son, i||«fr*dt jfCT f^^ts^J 
IT^9?7 ^m^ Megh. II. 20; 

3 anxiety or regret jn gene- 

irfj«3?*^'r Sak. IV. 
W*f*ll«'. (/. Iff ) 1 Anxious; 
2 longing for a beloved per- 
flon or thing. 

^^'Wirilf /. One of the eight 
heroines represented as long 
ing after her absent lover 
or husband. (She is thus 
described;— 3|prfj fr?Tf^f%^- 

^''fnTr a. (/ TX ) Having 
the neck uplifted, ^f^rvrt ^- 
^^ T?yrm Sis. IV. 18. 

7^^^ m, 1 The act of tremb- 

7^iiq«r w. J ling, agitation, 
tremor, ft»HfN***I#|rint f^* 
^^^(V^ Am. S.28, 90. 

^^^ w. 1 Rubbish ( as in 
5f^^t?^n:);2 heap, multi- 
tude: 3 pile. 

T^^f^C >». A kind of musical 

^^s^f;^n. 1 Cutting off; 2 
rooting out, 

7^^ m. 1 Pulling off or up- 
wards; 2 elevation, pros- 
perity, f^5ffj: yrta^^^H, ^* 
IV. 244; 3 increase, abund- 
ance, chfT5TPTf^ v^Hia^ y^ 

J37JK: R. IV. llj 4excel- 
lence, ^r^: ^ ^ Hp^ ifft- 
W: fMRr H^ '^ Sak. u; 
5 self-conceit, boasting. 

^Hh4^ w.l Drawing upwardsj 
2 taking off, pulling off. 

T^^inr 1 M. pi. Name of a 
country and its inhabitants. 

(k^i ), R IV. 88. II m. 1 A 

fowler; 2 a porter. 
^^wrra. (./*. ^) Having 

the tail erect and expanded, 

R. XVI. 64. 
qr^«i;f^9^ /. 1 Longing for, 

regretting: 2 a wave, ^P^- 

ftrnPT 'm^: M. M. Ill , 
(^>?here the word is used in 
senses, 1 and 2); 3 dalliance; 
4 a bud. CoMP.-HT^ n. a 
style of prose-composition, 
which abounds with com- 
pounds and harsh^soonding 

letters. ( h^» fJj^Rnrpf «^- 

wi^" TCnr'^»i:,Ch. M. VI.) 

^TOFTT n. 1 Tearing or pul- 
ling up; 2 ploughing, inr 

Megh. I. 16. 

^ ITTT m. 1 Winnowing com; 
2 piling it up. 3 one who 
sows com. 

^^^€{^ n. ) Cough (in 

^'^fftran'/ ) medicine). 

'ft'irC a, (/ TX ) Scattering 
upwards, R. i. 38, K. S. 
V. 26, VI. 5. 

€«lfl^*f». Prockiming, prais- 
ing, celebrating. 

^q[T w. Lying down with the 

. face upwards. 

7^q[^ m. 1 A bug; 2 a louse. 

^S^m «. (/. ^ ) Dishonour- 
ing one's family, irf^ ip|r ^?- 

tgjwqr ?Tqr Sak. v. 

venr m . The singing of the 

9^^q^ m. A parasol. 

T^ifif n. Jumping up, spring- 
ing upwards. 

^T^T^ a- (/; irr ) 1 Brawn up 
or out; 2 tilled, ploughed; 3 
excellent, eminent, best, M« 
V. 163. 

;re^t^ w. A bribe, Yaj. i. 

^e^*^^ «». 1 The receiver of 
a bribe; 2 a bribe. 

^f%H m, 1 Ooing up or out; 
2 progressive increase; 3 de- 
viation, transgression. 

9^!lfi;9rT n. 1 Going up or out; 
2 surpassing, exceeding; 3 
the passage of the soul oi^ 
of the body, t . e. death. 

;nf|iift/. 1 The going up or 
out* 2 the passage of the 
soul out of the body, i. €, 

^9mm w. 1 Gomg out; 2 
surpassing: 8 tEansgresmon. 
:ed bAjOOOTe 

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iNTv »• I Ckmoar- 2 pro- 
ekmatioD; 8 an asprey 


i?|ff K. The^ becoming wet 
or moist. 

T^jlirm. 1 Excitemcnty dis- 
qaietade; 2 sickness. 

^fiV«rIci. (/HT)! Tossed 
np, thrown upwards; 2 de- 
molished, destroyed. II 7». 
The oAaf/ura plant. 

^''irfNfr/ An ornament in 
the shape of a crescent worn 
in the apper part of the ear. 

'•OT «. 1 Throwing or toss- 
ing up, Megh. I, 47; 2 des- 
pkkhing ; 3 vomiting. 

i'fJw w. 1 One who throws 
orfaKsesup, Yaj. u 274; 
2 a stealer of clothes &c. 

i!l9«Rn.l Throwing upwards, 

5?lr«iMoi|j^ Sak. I.; 2 throw- 
ing upwards considered as 
one of the five I'armajis of the 
Vais'eshikas, (See ^K^); 
8 Tomiting; 4 a kind of 
l«kct for deaning com; 5 

^^ihn a. (/ nr ) Intermix- 
ed, interwoven, R. viu. 53, 
xm. 54. 

imw/. A kind of perfume. 

^'TOlIa. {/. m) 1 Dug 
np, excavated; 2 uprooted 
(is a tree ); 3 eradicated, 
totally destroyed, displaced, 
deposed, deprived of power or 
w*hority,e.flr. ? rq i Mi< 5?prfr- 

tPf l%f 5f^, ( where the 
ivoid is used in senses 2 

w4 8), or ^romsififfPw: 

B !▼• 87. II w. A hole, 
•cavity. Comp. -%fjy/. 
Uie ^^ortiv^y digging out 
«(«itii hgr nwans of horns. 

task s Ac. ( T?«rfT%<9r: ^ 

^'Wfit^ '^ ( y* 'ft ) Uneven, 
having ups and downs, ^mjTT- 
ft^^: Sak. I. 

^ «• (/. W ) Wet, moist. 

71f^ m. n. 1 An ear-ring, Bh. 
V. n. 55; 2 a crest, an 
ornament worn on the crown 
of the head (Note: — ^When 
preceded by the word mAy 
To loses part of its original 
meaning and expresses 
merely ' an ornament * ac- 
cording to some. According 
to Mamma/a the word ^ 
expresses in such cases ^ 
f^^lTTrT, this, however, being 
merely a device to expkiin 
away the usage of standard 
authors. 4>"f|^rf^|R if ^ ^ofi- 

R^d«t?n^nT^^,K. Pr. vn). 
T^T a, (f,^ ) Overflowing 
its banks, R. xi. 58, 

Tfnr » Dried flesh. 

^^^ la, (/. »fr > 1 Upper- 
most, highest; 2 most elevat- 
ed, principal; 3 best, excel* 
lent^^ftrin?\W <rf^^: i|- 
TTH^ W^ Bhartr. ii. 67, 
Bg. i.24;4 first, greatest,M. 
II. 249. II w. 1 Vishnu; 2 
the last person equivalent 
to the first person in English 
grammar ( in gram.) Comp, 
— Btn* w. the head, ^rf^.f'sr- 

<^irrff a»ri^: R. vn. 51, K. 

S. VII. 41, Ve. HI., Bg. xi. 
27. -iT>|ir a. high and low. 
-H^ m. the best half. -Hf 
m. the last or ktest day.- 
ITT* W^^ w» a creditor.- 
jj^^ m, 1 the last person in 
verbal conjugation corres- 
])onding to the first person in 
English grammar; 2 the su- 
preme spirit • 3 ftn excellent 
man.-«r¥ <>• oi excellent 

fam3« famous, tUost rious, gip* 
riou8.-^4i^ m. intriguii^ig 
with another man's wife» ad- 
dressing her privately, &c.-« 
fTTf? n. the highest of th# 
three fixed fines (inlaw) 
TiTTT f An excellent woman* 
^^^n a. (/. nr) Uppermost, 
highest, best. 

T^w. 11 Upholding. 2 
^H^rrn. (stopping, arrest- 
ing. 3 a prop, a stay. 
T^fT la. ( /. W ) 1 Upper 
higher, ?f ^IHKHnfimfRj 
R. IX 60; 2 produced in the 
north, northern, M. v. 92; 3 
left. 4 later. Utter, following, 
as in iTr.^ or T^iftj?t^, 
M. £1. 136; 5 superior, chief, 

{ op. to 4M>fr ), H^Tfrit ^^^- 
jrrv4?f R. xui. 7, xvn. 

12, K. S. V. 61 ; 6 more, 
more than, (generally as the 
last member of a compound 
in this sense ) e, g, 9{it ^ 
IHT^ ; 7 to be crossed over, 
II m, 1 Future time, futurity. 
2 Vishnu ; 3 S'iva. Ill n. 

1 Upper surface or cover . 

2 the last part of a com* 
pound; 3 an answer, ^^^f*t ^ 
5?f^?rrrn R. ui. 47 } 4 a 
defence, a rejoinder (in law); 
5 the fourth member of an 
^Rnrrr ( >» MlmAnsi ) Ss€ 
under ai^CT; 6 conclu- 
sion- 7 remainder. ( The 
inst. eing.y viz. Ta^ is 
used as an indeclinable ill 
the sense of * to the north of, 
• on the left side of,' and 
then governs the ace. or gen, 
of the place referred to e. g. 

1^ Megh. II. 12. Cf. ^ft%5r) 
Comp.— a|>it^. superior and 
inferior. -i^f^cifrt w. ^eir^ 
ship, inheritance, -Sffit^'r 
f^ m. an heir,-iTY^^changr 

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e< into9|q[«r) n. the pm- 
•pess of the son to the north, 
«g. via, 24; Mall, on K 
^. HL 25.-«|iJ n. 1 the 

tipper part of the body, R 
F^in. 51 ; 2 the latter half. 
•«lf m. the folloiring daj.- 
^^W w. A felse reply - 
Birer / the northern qoarter. 
^-«IRI?r /. the 21st lunar 
*iansion consisting of three 
«tars.-»|p|if»i. an upper gai^ 
.ment.K.S.v.lG, Sis. 11.19. 
-^?ICa. other than Twr i. e., 
«outhem.-gr^f^ o. successive, 
yaj. n. 136.-3i|ry »i.(form- I 
ing either Ttt^ or Tn^- 
f) the upper hp.-^jni m. I 
toe npper part of the body, 
K. IX. G0.-4uny «. future 
lj«ie--5?««. i>/. the nor- 
thern Kurus.-^jfrwjr «. «/. 
toe northern Kosalas, ftgr- 
2^^TT^TOn[ R. IX. 1.. 
fWm /. funeral rites, ob- 
fequies.-^^Tf m, a lied-cover- 
ing. a corering, R. v. 65, 
xvn. 21. -IT a. bom sub- 
Bequent ly or afterwards.- 
*^PiH «. i*^. the northern 
Jyotishas.— qr »W. in what 
follows, subsequently, later 
on.^^I^ iW. 1 from or on 
the north, to the north of 
/generally witli gen.). 2 
Bubsequently, later on. (Also 
^5nt )--f^ / the north, 
T^r •'Hty m. Kubera, the 
»«gent of the north.-ff^ w. 1 
the northern wing,- 2 the 
iflark half of a lunar' month; 
3 the second part of an argu- 
^^ni, /^ e. a reply, mi\^^ 
2^-|W4|^ffHJjHiM*Hf4( Sis. II. 
15; 4 demonstrated truth j 
p the fifth member of an ar- 
f^^TTT (inMimansi). Stf« 
^der 3rf^^rrT.-«n" «!. Ian 
tipper garment ;2 a bed-corer 
•^g.-'W TO. the northern 


^'^y--^ w. 1 the last mem- 
ber of a compound (in gram.); 
2 a word capable of being 
compounded with another.- 
^f^ /. the north-west.-m^ 
/. the north-east. HU ' g^^ «|. 
a cover-lid.-iT^'ift n.l a dis- 
pute, a discussion; 2 the 
plead mgs in a kw-suit.-qr- 
^I^ft/ the 12th lunar man- 
sion consisting of two stars. 
-^mmt /. the 26th lunar 
mansion consisting of two 
stars.-5ft»rRfT/. the Vedanta 
philosophy as distingubhed 
from Mimins4 proper which 
is usually called trjfift»Tf«r.- 
?9^f^ n. the indication of an 
actual reply.-^^^ n. the 
declining years of life.-^w 
^ upper garment .-fff 
>i?ir w. an assistant. 
TrrtT a. (/. Iff ) Inundated, 
washed over by wares, ^fpft- 

^# T fthrtn: R. m. 86. 
^11^ n. 1 Coming forth or 

out of ; 2 landing, disem* 

barking ; 8 crossing. 
^^f^ind. 1 Abore; 2 aft^r, 

afterwards (with abL) €. g. 

^ITO'/. The north, «y^^^- 
^tftftr^^tfpiTTK. S. 1.1. 
^g^rtNrw . An upper garment. 

^^Xfi^t »»^* On a subsequent 

^irfrf ». Violent threatening. 

^fW^ o- (/• m) 1 Stretched 
out ; 2 with the face up- 
wards, TTi|i)x^^lf,|^l|||5^j)^- 

^W I 'km iftirsr ^rt^- 

^f^- ^JT^ ^fP^ K. Pr. VII. 
Yaj. I. 247 J 3 npright; 4 
shalIow;6 open. Coup.— tnf- 
W TO. a name of Dhruva. -^- 
^r I a. lying on the back, slee- 
ping with the face up- 

suck hng, an infant. 
^WT TO. 1 Great heat; 2 afl 

*ion ; 3 excitement. 
^TWT TO. 1 Transporting oi 

2 kndmg; 3 getting rid 1 

4 vomiting. 1 

4nnm TO. I A deiirerert 

an epi thet of S'iva. J 
^^TTT^In. The act of hnj 

or de livering. II m. Yisk 

strong; 2 formidable, 

«ft?^R^: Ut. ii„ M. M. 

8 difficult. 4 elevated, lol 
II TO. An ape. 

^^ «. (/ 'rr) Lofty, liii 

JTr^grf r Sis. II. 5, M.M. 
«^ TO. Fried grain. 

'^^^^ (/.fiRIT) Ifi 
stigatmg; 2 exciting, si 
mulat ing, as in m^r^t^m 
^^HRw. I 1 Excitenwi 
^ \ instigation ; 

^T|4n;n/. j sending, 
patching; 3 sharpening, 
lishmg. 4 an exdtings 
5 an inducement. 
^^^^^^«' (/-V) Deco] 
ted with upright arches, 
r*lt^tnfs?'^K. S.Tii. 9 
R.'xiv . 10. 
T^Stef «• Lifting up, raisi! 
«'^Mf TO. 1 Abandonmeni 
quitting; 2 cessation faa 
woridly attachments. 
T^TRT TO. Extreme fear. 
^R^ «• (A ^RTT ) (usedoB^I 
as the last member of ccHtf 
pounds ) 1 Rising, sprbgl 
ing up, R. xu. 82, K. I 
VI. 69; 2 coming up <rf 
forth, standing up. 
^^m^ w. 1 The act ofrisifl| 
or standing up, Bhartr.i« 
h 2 resurrection; 8 effiiiV 
exertion^ wj iTir^l«ir4«^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



8tk. ii; 4 ttw, ori- 

f; 5 war, battle; 6 a& 

7 joy, pleastire; 8 

kening ; 8 acquiring 

or property, M. ix. 

a courtyard. 

r n. 1 Causing to rise 

) up; 2 exciting, in- 

tg; 3 awakening; 4 

«. (/.m) 1 Bom, 

" sprung up; 2 en- 

^Y0uriDg;8 increasing, ad- 

ng; 4 risen or rising 

la seat), ^nitPmr 

^^Pfmr- B. VII. 10, 

ra. 60, Sis. I. 15. 

- -«t^!lPJ m. tliepalm 

J hand with the fingers 

^ a. With upraised 
s, ^rMitH'h^^^f^ Sak. 

f m, A bifd. 

,1 Rising, going up; 


a. (f.m) With 

banners, jt^T^it: 9" 

^ (Jlft^) R. II. 74. 

^ o. Flymg, going up. 

7 1 Risin^going, 

1 2 birth, ftg^^l^HfllJ^- 

(TR. nii# 88; 3 produce 

, orig in, ^ ^^[^t^^i 

tTaTnm Sr. r. 17; 

t pnmt, productiveness. 
p. -«ihR^ m. a type of 
, a mark of the twice- 

rm. 1 A wrong road (lit. 


[M^ mcMis, • astray.' ) 
r*»</. W) Bom, pro- 

l«. </: W) Pleshkss, 
ill 11.1 The Uuo 

k>tu$, R. T O. 26; 2 any 
water-lily, «f)AWMHM^^ri^-4l 
Sak. I., R. III. 36, xii. 86, 
Megh. I. 26; 3 a plant in 
general. Comp. — ^f^^ a, 
lotus-eyed, -qnf w. a nail- 
4^R^^ /» IThe lotas plant; 

2 an assemblage of blue 

T^if^sr n. Cleaning, cleans- 
ing, M. V. 115. 

7?qr7 wi. 1 Destroying root 
and branch; 2 a disease 
of the external ear. 

TrqiT^n. 1 Eradicating, des- 
troying root and branch, 

^S^^ia^f. The dry and sap- 
less bark of a tree. 

gr^ifTfr m. 1 Flying up, a 
spring, a jump ( lit and/^.) 

Hj^ J l ^ llH . Hit.; 2 an un- 
usual event boding cala- 
mity, a portent, M. vn. 50. 

3 calamity, destruction, 

«rt wqrw: S. L. 1, Ve. I. 
CoMP. ^^^^i ^m m. a whirl- 
wind, a hurricane, R.xv. 28. 

7^qr7 I a. (/. fr ) With the 
feet uplifted. II m. Birth, 
production, appearance, Yaj. 
II. 225. CoMP.— ^rir ^. 1 a 
child; 2 the francoline par- 

^nrwl«. f/.f^) Producer, 
generator. II m. A father. 
Ill n. Origin, cause. 

^liMmH n. Producing,genera- 

ting, 4rm<jfirT?q^ irrff^q* 

qfi ' M(rt*i<i M. IX. 27 Am. S. 

2, 2^). 
^^^rf^mf^ 1 A mother; 2 

a white ant. 
^^qrnft/. Health. 
^(fMrra. {/. cr)l Uncaged, 

unconfined; 2 extremely 

3l!^^f* «. 1 

Pressing out;2 

foam, froth; 3 gush, orer- 
flow, ( ^ff^ ) ^w(ftrfir!ft- 
jy^^CPRirrw^ Megh, n. 28, 

or THfrt" f^r >ijm ^rr: trt- 

f^ ^TPi;^ Ut. m., M. M, 


^^'f*! n. The act of press* 

hig or pressing out. 
^^SFBTa. (/. «^) With the 

tail erect. 

^^V^ «. (/ W) 1 BristU 
i»g? 2 joyful, deh'ghted. • 

^'W I «. (/. m) Flashing 
forth or diffusing light. II 
m. Blazing fire. 

^fsrar m. Abortion. 

««fiti w. ) lHurling,throw- 

^^!?Wr «. ) ing after; 2 joke, 
jest; 3 violent burst of 
laughter, ridicule. 

tT^TOT w. 1 Looking into, 
comparing; 2 looking up* 
wards; 3 guess, conjecture. 

^^9w/ 1 Carelessness, in- 
difference; 2 conjecture; 3 
a figure of speech, based on 
the similarity of the wj)a- 
mef/a and the tipamma in 
certain respects. It consists 
in the expression (or im- 
plication) of a probability of 
the identity of the vpameya 
and the upamhna owing to 
such similarity. (For a com- 
plete explanation of it, See 
B. G. under Tr>^). See 
for instances, K. S. i. 1, 4, 
8, 12, HI. 25, &c. 

^H^ m, A jump, a leap, a 

^?sr^ M. Jumping or leaping 
up, springing upon. 

^:^^[^/. A boat. 

4^t^ n. Excellent fruit. 

4^ \ ^ w. 1 A jimap, a spring? 
2 the jimiping attitude. 

^rgrnfla. (/IT) 1 Blown, 
swollen, full,open, e. g. pftj* 
rfinpTT:; 2 sleeping supine- 
Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

J r- • : ^ 

H lnto9Tipr)^* the pro- 
-gross of the sun to the north, 
Bg. via. 24; Mall, on K. 
6-. ni. 25. -ir^ n. 1 the 
lipper part of the body, R. 
'XVIII. 51 ; 2 the latter half. 
•«|f m. the following day.- 
^fprnr w. A false reply .- 
Mrar / the northern quarter. 
^-^rranrr /• the 21st lunar 
4KiansIon consisting of three 
«tars.-3intT'^^ an upper gar- 
ment, K. S. V. 16, Sis. n. 19. 
-ifjnr a. other than TtRT i, e., 
southern .-^iff^ a. successive, 
Vaj. II. 136*-Bft8' 7W. (form- 
ing either ^Tf^ or TW^- 
5) the upper lip.-^jrpi m. 
le upper part of the body, 
ft. IX, 60.-5|fnT »i. future 
lime.-gre' m, ^>/. the nor- 
Ihem Kurus.- e^^t^ tn,^l. 
the northern Kosalas, ft-gx- 

gcTrg^i^Ti^rtK K. ix. i.- 

|)fr^ /. funeral rites, ob- 
feequies.-^s^ m. a bed-cover- 
ing, a covering, R, v. 65, 
xvii, 21.-ir a. bom sub- 
Bequently or afterwards.- 
9^^!^ tn, x)L the northern 
Jyotishas. — ?f ind. in what 
follows, subsequently, kter 
on. — frat. iw€?, 1 from or on 
the north, to the north of 
J[ generally with gen. ). 2 
Bubsequently, later on. (Also 
^^m^ )--f^ /• the north, 
*^, •^HT Wi. Kubera, the 
regent of the north .-jtV ^- 1 
Uie northern wing; 2 the 
flark half of a lunar month; 
8 the second part of an argu- 
ment, ?, e. a reply, xn^nTS. 
M<i*i«Hl^f^K3^<4ittf!lH.Sis. li. 
15; 4 demonstrated truth . 
S the fifth member of an ar- 
I^^FTT (inMimAns^). ^ee 
tnder arf^Rjxor.-qr «j. 1 an 
Sipper garment ;2 a bed-cover 
•^S'-'W w. the northern 


way.-q^ n. 1 the hist mem- 
ber of a compound (in gram.); 
2 a word capable of being 
compounded with another.— 
^f^m /. the north-west.-^ 
/. the north-east.-ij^orf m. 
a cover-lid.-«P5^ n.l a dis- 
pute, a fiscussiou; 2 the 
pleadings in a law- suit. -qir- 
Fipft/. the 12th lunar man- 
sion consisting of two stars, 
-«TT!inT^ /. the 26th lunar 
mansion consisting of two 
stars.-4W^/. the Veddnta 
philosophy as distinguished 
from Mlm&nsi proper which 
is usually called ^JjWhrfflr.- 
FRfTT n. the indication of an 
actual reply .-^^m w* the 
declining years of life.-^r^ 
^w. an upper garment.-^ 
>^ m. an assistant. 

T^tT «. (/. TT ) Inundated, 
washed over by waves, »TRft- 
^ #T f^=?rtn: R. vn. 86. 

^^i^ n. 1 Conung forth or 
out of ; 2 landing, disem* 
barking ; 3 crossing. 

^^ni^tnd. 1 Above; 2 after, 
afterwards (with abl.) e. g. 

^i^nr/. The north, aT^?5^- 

4^y > H n. An upper garment. 

^■^Xfl^ ind. On a subsequent 

hI^jSh ». Violent threatening. 

^nSTR a. (/. 5Tr) 1 Stretched 
out ; 2 with the face up- 
wards, 3'TirHl't^HHI|5»MI|5d)^- 

rtr^ I Ifftft ^^ ^f^' 
^:?K1?T9TR%K. Pr. VII. 

Yaj. I. 247 ; 3 upright; 4 
sliallow;5 open. Comp.— ^HT- 
IT w, a name of Dhruva. -i^- 
^ I a. lymgon the back, slee- 
ping with the face up- 
wards, *^ ^nr'nrqt ^r^nr^- 

%^^\^jmH, Kad.; tl m, 
suckling, an mfant. i 

T^fTT m. 1 Great heat; 2 afflil 
tion ; 3 excitejnent. i 

^WC w. 1 Transporting ove] 

2 landing; 3 getting rid o| 

4 vomiting, 

^WCelT w. 1 A deliverer; \ 

an epithet of S'iva. 
g^frt^Iw. The act of landinj 

or delivering. II m. Vishnu 
^W^ I «. (/ ?^ ) 1 Greal 

strong ; 2 formidable, ir 

^fftr^nnrr: Ut. n., m. m. v. 

3 difficult. 4 elevated, loft| 
II m. An ape. 

^^ «. (/. nr) Lofty, higB 

t^l, ^.^l«IHia4j;i^l?H«flA|fl 
^J'^lf^ Sis. II. 5, M.M. y 
3^W »i. Fried grain. 

^m^a. (/,f^m) lln* 
stigating; 2 exciting, sti 
mukting, as in Ml^H?^> n y . 

¥%lRw. j 1 Excitemenj 
> instigation ; ] 

^%inTr/. ) sending, desi 
patching; 3 sharpening, poJ 
lishing. 4 an exciting speech | 

5 an inducement. 

^^TTT a. (//«fT ) Decora- 
ted with upright arches, :3%. 
T"f tm-^ ^^ K. S. VII. 93, 
R/xiv. 10. 
^^HH »• Lifting up, raising: 
^-^1141 m. 1 Abandonment^ 
quitting; 2 cessation fron^ 
worldly attachments. 
9^17^ m. Extreme fear, 
^^a.(^f.^^T) (usedonlyi 
as the last member of com* 
pounds ) 1 Eising, spring^ 
ing up, R. XII. 82, K. S,l 
VI. 59; 2 coming up ot 
forth, standing up. | 

7^qTf ^* 1 !^^^^ ^^t of risingi 
or standing up, Bhartr. iirj 
9; 2 resurrection; 3 effoit^l 
exertjbn, frai ^^Jv^Mt* 

Digitized by VjOO 




n. dl; 5 war, battle; 6 a& 
inny; 7 joy, pleasure; 8 
nrakening ; 8 acqiimng 
irealth or property, M. ix. 
215; 10 » courtyard. 
mnpr ^* 1 Causing to rise 
or come up; 2 exciting, in- 
Btigaling; 3 awakening; 4 

N^ m. i/.m) 1 Bom, 
produced, sprung up; 2 en- 
deavouring ;8 increasing, ad- 
Tancing; 4 risen or rising 
( as from a seat ), ^nJJPfrfr 
iffgrrgf ^ ' ^dl ^ P B. VII. 10, 
K. S. vn. 60, Sis. i. 15. 
CoMP. — 9fil^ w, the palm 
o! tbe hand with the fingers 

R7|«n( a. With upraised 
eyelids, ^<MitH^I^*<T% Sak. 


f^q^ m. A bifd. 

feqriRn. 1 Rising, going up; 

ft flving up. 

ifm^ a. (f.m) With 

uplifted banners, gt^T^it: ff- 
CJl<Mdl*H (*«ft^*^) B. II. 74. 
mtfH^ a. Flying, going up. 
jqNf /. 1 jEtismgj^ go ing, 
ap; 2 birth, ftt|5rMl'^H«1l|iM- 
Rf^jcTT R- VIII. 88; 3 produc- 
tion, origm, «j^jgi?trqrf^: 
r\^^^ St. T. 17j 
proiit, productiveness. 
€«|p. -^sitTRii m. a tyi)e of 
Ibth, a mark of the twice- 

. 1 A wrong road (lit, 


W iiil. means, • astray.' ) 
«.(/.frr) Bom, pro- 

f. w) Fleshless, 
afli.lThe blue 

k)tua, R. Y iL 26; 2 any 
water-lily, «f)AWMHM^^ri^-4l 
Sak. I., R. III. 36, xii. 86, 
Megh. I. 26; 3 a plant in 
general. Comp. — ^f^^ a, 
lotus-eyed, -qnf n, a nail- 
4^R^^ /« IThe lotas plant; 

2 an assemblage of blue 

T^if^sr n. Cleaning, cleans- 
ing, M. v. 115. 

97qr7 w. 1 Destroying root 
and branch; 2 a disease 
of the external ear. 

^n^rs^n, 1 Eradicating, des- 
troying root and branch. 

^S^^ia^/. The dry and sap- 
less bark of a tree. 

gr^iffff w. 1 Flying up, a 
spring, a jump ( lit and/^.) 

Hj^ J l ^ llH . Hi*-; 2 an un- 
usual event boding cala- 
mity, a portent, M. vn. 50. 

3 calamity, destruction, 

«rt infiRTW: S. L. 1, 
Comp. — 'T^, 'fPf m. a whirl- 
wind, a hurricane, R.xv. 28. 

^^qrf I a. (/. fr ) With the 
feet uplifted. II m. Birth, 
production, appearance, Yaj. 
II. 225. Comp.— ^rir w». 1 a 
child; 2 the francoline par- 

^?qrwla. (/.f^)Producer, 
generator. II m. A father. 

Ill 71. Origin, cause. 
^liMmH 71. Producing,genera- 

ting, 'drMK^H^c^t^ innFT 

qfi ' M(rt*i<i M. IX. 27 Am. S. 

2, 2«i. 
^^Trfl^frr/. 1 A mother; 2 

a white ant. 
si<H[rf> / Health. 
^(fMrra. (/. cr)l Uncaged, 

unconfined; 2 extremely 

9:?!<^r«N• 1 Pressing out;2 

foam, frothy 3 gush, over- 
flow, ( ^ff^ ) ^iT*i(ft«j«ft. 
<<»4I^^I W <t Megh, II. 28, 

or THfrt" rr >ijm ^rr: fmr- 

f^f?t ^P^ Ut. ui., M. M. 


^^'f*! 71. The act of press* 

"^g o r pressing out. 
^^areera. (/. «^) With the 

tail erect. 

^^V^ o. (/. W) 1 Bristl- 
iiig; 2 joyful, deUghted. • 

^'W !«.(/. m) Flashing 
forth or diffusing light, II 
m. Blazing fire. 

^^^^ m. Abortion. 

4«ll<l w. ) IHurlingjthrow- 

^^!?Wr w. ) ing after: 2 joke, 
jest; 3 violent burst of 
laughter, ridicule. 

tT^TOT w. 1 Looking into, 
comparing; 2 looking up* 
wards; 3 guess, conjecture. 

^9W/ 1 Carelessness, in- 
difference; 2 conjecture; 3 
a figure of speech, based on 
the similarity of the upa^ 
meya and the upama?ia in 
certain respects. It consists 
in the expression (or im- 
plication) of a probability of 
the identity of the vpameya 
and the upamhna owing to 
such similarity. (For a com- 
plete explanation of it, See 
B. G, under T%aT). 'S^^^ 
for instances, K. S. i. 1, 4, 
8, 12, III. ^b, &c. 

^«?f m, A jump, a leap, a 

^?sr^ n. Jumping or leaping 
up, springing upon. 

^:^^[^/. A boat. 

Hi^hrS n. Excellent fruit. 

4^ \ ^ m. 1 A jump, a spring? 
2 the jumping attitude. 

^rgrnr I a. (/. IT) 1 Blown. 
swollen, full, open, e. g. pftj* 
r5tnnrT:; 2 sleeping supino- 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



Ij. II n. The female organ 

of generation. 
wm w. 1 A founUin, a 

spring; 2 a watery place. 
«n»f m. 1 Embrace, union: 

2 the surface, the side, R. 

IV. 74; 3 the haunch or part 

above the hip; 4 the jap, 

ift«ITJr Megh. II. 25; 5 the 
edgeofaliill, R. vi. 3; 6 
the roof of a house; 7 the 
interior, ^IfM^flN^HW; 
(aJT'Wr:) K. S. i. 10. 
VrfPlfr a. (/. m) Associat- 
ed, joined, e. g. Tr^PnTr^T- 

^fr^l^lif «. Throwing up, lead- 
ing upwards. 

WRfW a. (/. W) 1 Decayed; 
2 ruined, destroyed, up- 
rooted, »r^roj«nr f^Nr^ri^^f ^ 
Kad.* 3 extinct (as a book). 

Wr^nt m. 1 Pouring out, emis- 
flion, tit%?fl*lifTHi*lfrr: Megh. 
I. 19, 87; 2 abandoning, 
giving up, K. S. \iv 45; 3 
gift, donation, M.xi. 193; 4 
loosenini/, delivering; 5 ob 
lation; 6 the anus, M. xii. 
121; 7 excretion; 8 com- 
pletion (as of study); 8 any 
general precept or rule 'as 
op. to 3?tT^K )> OTfT^f^%?fr- 
W' fr?f5qTpnr; qriK. S. n. 
27, 3<mKp|N4|ifitffl"il^MV"4 
«q^|^: K. Pr. x. 

'^win n. 1 Letting loose, 
abandoning; 2 gift, dona- 
tion; 3 a ceremony connect- 
ed with the suspension of a 
Vedic lecture, M. iv. 96. 
^r^4 m. ) 1 Going or gliding 

^^^ »» [upwards; 2 swell- 

«wfH«. (/. 'ft) lExceed- 
ing; 2 towering, rising, e. g. 

Yi^nr m. 1 A festival, a jubi- 
lee, M. ni. 59; 2 joy, merry- 

making» IT f?^ ftrSlR^WI? 
B. IV. 7S, XVI. 10; 8 Height 

elevation; 4 wrath; 5 wish. 
CoMP. — «f%?r w. the name 
of a tril>e, ^"H^^i^HT^^ 
f Hr f^tH^t R; IV. 78 

^f^rrf »». Destruction, decay, 

^^^EITW» 1 Destroying, over- 
turning, Bg. XVII. 19, 2 in- 
terrupting; 3 cleaning the 
person with perfumes, M 
II 209; 4 healing a sore; 5 
ascending, rising; 6 elevat 
ing, raising; 7 ploughing a 
6eld twice. 

^ ^Ii<li m. 1 A policeman, a 
guard; 2 a porter, a door- 

^HTT^w.l Removing, keep- 
ing at a distance, driving 
out of the way; 2 reception 
of a guest. 

^mrrf w». 1 Inclination, ef- 
fort, energy, ^T^Vrfrff : f"- 

Sak.n., Megh. I.14.;2de. 
termination, resolution, f 

?T: Am. S. 10 ; 3 perseve- 
rance. 4 power, ability, M. v. 
86.; 5 firmness, fortitude, 
Yaj I. 309, 6 firmness, or 
fortitude considered as the 
feeling which gives rise to 
the heroic (vira ) senti- 
ment (in rhetoric); (^JpfltHJ 
?ft»T: ^^;5?«rr ^^ S.D. 
III. ): 7 happiness. Comp. 
.^>|;f I m. the heroic ( virn ) 
sentiment ( in rhetoric ). II 
w. increase of energy, heroi- 
sm.-i[|^/. firmness, per- 
^i^^f}^ n. Effort, perseve- 

haughty, ^N^f^l m> 

2 excessive; 3 fickle, in- 

fluenced, m4t«IT^ft^ C^-t 

f^^«!PHirt?nrrtt via 7i. . 

^igif a. ^/.i^r)lRe8tla«^ 
uneasy, unquiet, R. xii. 24^ 

2 anxiously desirous o% 
eagerly expecting, ( general- ' 
ly with a noun in the inst; 
or the loc. fty^T \^n^ ^ ^* 
u. 86; 3 fond of, eager c|, 
R. u. 22; 4 regretting, sor- 
rowing for* 

^?^ «. (/'. ^) 1 Unstrung, 
loose, detached J 2 irregulM| 

3 deviating from the sktr^t^ 
of Pawini, Sis. ii. 112. 

^^r m . Evening twilight. 

^r?0l|^ Iff. 1 Sprinkling, pour- 
ing; 2 showering, spouting 
out; 3 increase, overflow, 
excess. 4 pride, haughti - 
ness, TtRCr rti^^ ^^i-silt^l- 

T^T3^W^7 Sak. XV. 
^%^nT w. The act of shower. 

ing or spouting upwards, 
T^r^ I fff. 1 Height, eleim- 

tion ( lit. And Jig. ) ( ^fifrt) 

v. 8, 24; 2 thickness, £at« 
ness*; 3 the body. II «. 
Killing, slaughter. 

^?^W ift. Smile. 

77^^ ffi. A loud sound. . 

« mrf. A prefix to verbal 
dan nominal themes implj * 
ing 1 superiority («. jr. ^r^^ 
2 separation, disjunctioii, 
(e. g. ^TT^gfr), 8 mo tiott 
npwaids ( e. g. ^^ffl ^^4 
gain («. ^. ^r<q^)» 5 Pabfc- 
ity ( e, g. ^^<Rl )i 6 pnde 
(^. ^. ^-^^s? liberatiott 
(e. g. ^3Tr?T), 8 absence (e. f . 
;i?cnr), 8 breaki ng, bl owm^ 
opening ( e. g. ^g g^ \ 30 
pre-eminence («.p. ^rrfc^fU 
power (e. g* T?«rf ). la oWfc. 
position with ^ouns i|| 
forms adjectival andadfiMh 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



faUcompoondd, e.g. ^rfff , ^- 

9!PC tnd. Above, northward, 
to ttw north of ( with abl. ) 

if^n. Water, ar^ftr^ cftTfTt 
^Slfr*^!!^^^ Sis. n. 84, 
Bg. II. 46. CoMP.— it<T m. 
margin of water, bank, 
fihore, 35f^^ifiip^^Tt}f iT- 
^4yTPfT«T ff?r vqt Sak. ir. 
-HWfC w». a reservoir, a 
cijtem, a well -^rflPT ^- a 
W»ter-jar. -^^ w. dropsy.- 

piesentation of water to the 
deceased ancestors, Yaj. m. 
^•-^ w. a water-jar. -^n? 
«, entering water, bathing. 
9||t^ m. an aquatic ani- 
md. -f m. an heir, a near 
UMmn. -^t ''}. a cloud - 
iQtii. ayoke for carrying 
water. -^FSf m, a thunder- 
sJjower -^n^ ». aJiy aqua- 
tic herb. H|ri^ /. sprinkling 
consecrated water over a 
Ak person to allay fever, 
*frtf «. touching different 
firtsof the body with water. 

«|t(^)W a. ( /• W) Watery. 

't'S'"' (/ ^W ) Raised up 
(IS from a well ), 4<^i;<^' 
fruS. K. 

l^nr/ A woman in her 

*<#%(/. m)l Withele- 

top, overtopping; 2 

^derated (lit. and/g.) 

^ Sis. u. 21, 

S8; 8 large, broad, 

^} 4 advanced in age; 

{nten8e,R. n., 

r§0; 6 fierce, R. xi. 

flcsdted, m rapture, 

i>»lfir: B. IV 22. 

[ir«<Nr) I Turned 

ll^^flbaB; 8 upper. 

" "*>< fftee^neiit. 


OoMP. — nTIr w»- the nor 
them mountain, i. e, the 
Him&laya.-^lipf n.the sun's 
progress north of the equa- 
tor. Cf. ^frrRrr.-iTrirw/. 
return to the north, R, vui. 
SS.-in" m. a northern coun- 
try .-q^of o> sloping towards 
the north.-^nr «. northern. 
7ff9l$ro- facing the north, 
Megh. 1. 14. 

^S^ «. A leathern vessel. 

^^S[^n. 1 A bucket, a pail for 
drawing water out of a well; 
2 rising, ascending; 3 a 
cover or lid. 

7^^n%a. One who hollows 
the palms and raises them. 

^^TFT «i. 1 A fish; 2 a 

;rfq[^ n. Water. ( This word 
has no forms for the first five 
cases and is rarely used by 
itself. It is found only at the 
beginning (with the final ^ 
dropped), or at the end of 
compounds. It is not a sepa- 
rate word but only a substi 
tute for z^ according to 
some authorities). Comp.— 
g^«T m, A water- jar. M. ii. 
182. -IT «. aquatic, watery. 
*\f|pr m. 1 a watcr-jar; 2 a 
cloud. -f>3| m. 1 the ocean, 

fi*<MHr frf^ R. VUI. 8; 2 
a cloud; 3 a lake- 4 a water- 
jar. ^^^SFnir> °*I^^» °^ /. 
Lakshmi, tlie daughter of 
the ocean. ^^^^Qf^ST f* the 
earth, ^^tnr m. the king of 
oceans, i. e. the chief ocean. 
-qpr n. a water-jug, M. in. 
96.-^PT«''.^«awelh ^^rir«t* 
1 a frog in a well {lit.){^ an 
inexperienced man of limit- 
ed ideas who knows only his 
own neighbourhood (^.).— 
^ n. a paste. <—9i|nc m. a 
water-carrier, i. #. » d(Hid.F- 


ifPT n. a fiftieth part of an 
B<u^,-3J^ m. a watery cloud, 
-Wl^f^*^ «. salted.-^rai nt. 
waterspout. l[^9^tn. The 
ocean, R. iv. 52,58, x. G, K. 
S. VII. 73. -^/^n a house, 
a dwelling. -^fpEf m. resid- 
ence in water, ^f?pnNf- 
^^^rra-^fTTT K. S v. 26.-^if 
m. a cloud. -^f^H n, a water- 
vessel. -fVj m. 'a drop of 
water, sj^f^ ft>ir mfk 
^^^i^fk^i K. S V 24.-V- 
ITT fn. a water«jar. -P^ 
Tf, butter-milk containing 
fifty per cent. water.-fCT''«. 
a vessel for drawing water. 

T^m. 1 Full tidings, intelli* 
genco, news, ^rWt^ ffynt- 
<T: ^n'affJ^T^: Mo.ih. u. 
87, R. xu. 66; 2 a pure 
and virtuous man. 

Tfinir m. News, tidings. 

^^.Iff/. Satisfaction, sati- 

T^pirr/. Thirst, ft^<4 (!i a<- 
»qT^<fl^iTt: Ve. vi. 

7f^ m. 1 Going upwards, 
rising, ^{t^ f^t^: R. xu. 
36, a. 73; 2 advancement, 
prosperity, ^i*hr«T^T ?T- 
qr^ *^*l4l<^^f^ Sak. IV., 
R. IX. 7; 3 the eastern 
mountain behind which the 
sun is supposed to rise; 4 
creation, production, rise, 

3n*rtlV-<^'5'^*C R« I ^» *^« 
S. ni. 18, R. vui. 22; 5 
light, splendour; 6 result, 
consequence, R. i 15; 7 
accomplishment, fulfilment, 
R. III. 1; 8 profit, revenue; 
8 interest ( i. e. premium 
paid for the use of money ). 

coMP . — H^w. vfirM^tPf- 

f^,^^ w. the eastern mo- 
untain behind which the 
sun rises, ^^prfc^^[rR?*liW» 
«^^Ka^4*{ Ud., or f^<fl^<nlt'» 
ffiftiRS^: Sp^ I. 16--^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

^ m, the plateau of the ! 
mountain beliind vtlnch tlie I 
sun rises. 

^^^h I w. Rising, ascending. 
II m. 1 A name of Agastya; 
2 name of a celebrated king. 
{See X\)\\ II.) 

^ft n. 1 The belly, TTTf^r^- 
g pi ^4 >gr^l?^'^H K. Pr. 
VII., M. IV. 175; 2 cavity, 
interior or* inside of any- 
thing, r^ ^>TOnr^ *H«?K<2f- 
ifsf^^ Sak. VI., R. V. 70, 
Sant. S. I. 5; 3 enlargement 
of tlie abdomen from dropsy 
or flatulence; 4 ;ilaught;er. 
CoMP.-^n^T^PT»' flatulence 
of the body. -WT^ m. the 
navel. -s^l^g" //i. the tape- 
worm. -^TTT w. an armour 
covering the front of the body, 
a belly-band. -fTOT^ m. a 
glutton. -^gil^iTw/. till the 
belly is full, -qt^^ w. feed- 
ing the belly, supporting 
life. 4^0lf^ ^' nourishing 
only one's own belly, glut- 
tonous, -^ra" m. foetus. -^- 
%^ m. an epicure, a glutton. 
^^<fi| m. The ocean. 
^^5K a. (/ 5|jr ) Having a 

large belly. 
^PNt/. A pregnant woman. 
^fttT a. (/. W) Fat, corpu- 

^f«Jr iw. 1 The future result 
of an action* consequence, 

p. K., M. IV. 7G, XI. lOj 2 
future time, futurity. 
ir^F^'?^! a. Shining or blaz- 
ing upwards, R. vii. 24, xv. 
76, K. S. III. 71, VII. 79. 

II w. 1 Fire, ^rflr^t^fMr^ 
^RrTW^^ HHaH, Sis. II. 42: 
2 god of love; 3 S'iva. 
W^ a. One whose tears gush 
up, weeping, R. xi?14, Am. 
S. 11. 


4^^H n. Throwing up, rais^ 
ing, erecting. 

gr^r^ I a. (/. frr) 1 Elevated, 
high; 2 great, illustrious; 8 
generous, bountiful; 4 dear, 
beloved; 5 highly or acute- 
ly accented. II m. 1 The 
acut« accent, ( ?TF^R:f ^PTT- 

S. K. ), Pr^^^^rq^ ^ ^^- 
tt: ^^firt^ Sis. II. 95; 2 a 
gift, donation* 3 a kind of 
musical instrument. Ill n. 
A figure of speech tlius de- 
fined:— T^^^gsf: ^M'*4fai 
^Mrt<^i" i *i K. Pr. X.; ( for an 
example See Megh. ii. 12- 

^TPf *'«• 1 Breathing up- 
wards; 2 one of the five 
vital airs (the otlier four 
being JTPT, a^qpT, ^^^ and 
^TR" ) ; it goes up and out at 
the throat; 3 the navel. 

^ff3fW a. (/. ^) With up- 
lifted weapon, iif3rT?jfHf%^- 
'fr^^hf^^^^: Ve. ui., R. 
xii. 44. 

^r^rr «. (/. ^ or 0) 1 High, 

lofty, illustrious, munificent, 
honest, sincere. 3 eloquent 
4 large, wide, broad, K. S 
v. 3G; 5 beautiful, charming, 
K.S.vii. 14. (the ace. Sing, 
^^{K*i is sometimes used ad- 
verbially, Sis. IV. 33. ) 
CoMP.— ^iftffa. noble-mind- 
ed, ^<li*lR«iHi ^^ ^- 
^ Wtf^^ Hit. -^^ a. 
high-minded, magnanimous. 
-^ a. 1 highly intelli- 
gent, R. III. 30; 2 noble- 
minded.-^^r'T «• generous- 
;i^Rr I «• (/"• W) Indifferent, 
apathetic. II w. 1 A stoic, 
a philosopher; 2 indifference, 
€^n9m i «.(/. •IT)1 Indiffer- 

ent, free from affection,^' 

S. 11. 13 ( Jo is here called 
^r^nfi^, because in the San- 
kliya doctrine souls are not 
supposed to have any part 
in the creation of the mater- 
ial universe); 2 not involved 
in a dispute: 3 neutral (as 
a king or nation). II tn, 1 A 
stranger; 2 a neutral; 3 a 
common acquaintance. 

tf^ri^iT^ ni. 1 A superintend- 
ent, a door-keeper; 2 » 
spy, an emissarj ^ 3 an ascet- 
ic who has given up his vow. 

wm^^^- 1 Saying,declaring; 
2 opening a discourse or con- 
versation, K. S. VI. 65; 8 
an example, an illustrar 
tion, ^ty^ffirfrff : qrnWf^ 

l[K^ Kt: Sis. 11. 33; 4 
an illustration considered 
as a figure of speech by some 
authors; it closely resem- 
bles ar^WTfT^ ftttd is veij 
minutely distinguished from 
it, See R. G. under ^^^TC^J 
5 the third member in % 
five-membered syllogism ^ 
logic); 6 a panegyric beg^^ 
ning with some such w« 
as 5nrt^ and f uU of alUtelir 
tioiis ; ( it is thus defined iH 
the Prat&parudra -—^^^ 

%n!:M ) «. g- ^inc^t^ 
3nff5rfr*^f?r Vikr. i.,w- 

R. IV. 78. 

gr^I^w. 1 An example ?r 
illustration ; 2 the begm* 
ning of a speech. 

2 risen, ascended, Bh» Jf 
II. 85; 3 grown, augm^f 
4 horn, produced j 5 wff» 

Digitized by 




M, lofty. CoMP.-iftpfrt. 
wefl-flcqaaint<?d with th^ 

9^OT ». 1 Looking up ; 2 
«eing, beholding. 
^hft/ The north, W%^Wf 
jNwg w^: Megh. i. 57. 
'Whr flf. (/. IT) 1 Northern ; 
, 2 tamed towards the north. 
j efH^r I a, f/.^^rr) Being or liv- 
ing in the north. II m. IThe 
I countnr to the north and 
west of the river S'anVvati; 
2 one who lives in the north, 
B. jy, G6. Ill n. A kind 
of perfame. 
f|rt m. High water, an in- 

^^in «. 1 Throwing, dis- 
clmgmg ( as a missile ) ; 2 
speaking, saying j 3 utter- 
%ponouncing, K. S. n. 

fKlm.lX kind of fig-tree j 
a kmd of leprosy ; 3 a 
ftrohokl : 4 a eunuch. II 
% Copper, brass. {See zpfX-) 

l|||ff «. ». 1 A wooden 
miiar used for pounding 
ito-and separating the husk ; 
^jiB iartar in general 

Mr/. A married woman. 

iSgpt a. (/.m) Shaking, 
y ll Bpg to tremble, terrify- 

y[»l Going up, ascent j 
origin ; 3 vomitmg. 
iFmgrant, (%w^r»ft- 

a^ R. XVL 47 ; 

kg a strong smell 
or bad). 

1 Elevation; 2 rising, 
erect, K. S. vii. 

^%JUl8. 36: 3 appearance, 

fHMi, piodactbn, B. iv. 

8, 81 ; 4 a shoot, 

ijmmfkgt Bt.Vf . 8. 

^nnn^ w. Bleached clothes, 

VII. 11, or wi[?rnnrt?^?|rn^. 

wqr^rq; Am. U. G. 112 ; 
but not necessarily a pair. 
5€«Mall. on K. S. vn. 11) 

^^nr «• i/'^) Excessive, 
much. gf^W^3?aTCn7t^^: 
M. M. v. ( ^?TT^ *^^» 
means 'extremely* 'excessiv* 

^Alfl *n. One of the four 
chief priests at a sacrifice. 

^TI[TT w. 1 Spitting out, vomit 
ing ; 2 emitting, giving 
out, oozing, going out, R. 
IV. 57, VI. 60, Megh. u. 6 ; 
8 eructation ;4 spittle, saliva. 

Tfitr=T w. 1 Vomiting ; 2 
eructation ; 3 cxtiTi>ation. 

^iffftr f' 1 Singing ; 2 chant- 
ing of the Sumaveda; 3 a 
variety of the iirt/a metre. 
( See App. I. ) 

^i(iVi m, 1 Chanting of the 

• Samaveda . 2 the second 
part of the SAmaveda, ^?Tf€ 
wfm^ ^m Ut. u. ; "3 a 
designation of a?t5 the tri- 
literal name of God. 

4f\^ a, (/. "if ) 1 YT)mited: 
2 let out, emitted, poured 

^J^ «• (/. 'nt) Uplifted, 

^??hT '«. A section, a factor. 

7^nRf fn» 1 Taking up; 2 any 
object that may be ac- 
complished by religious or 
other acts ; 3 eructation 

3^irf^ ». ) 1 Lifting up, tak- 

7/1. ) ir 


ing up; 2 eructa. 

^finfPnirr /. Replying in 

^t^rft^ « (/. «r)l Excellent, 
exalted* 2 tied, bound ; 3 
deposited, delivered; 4 lifted 
up ; 5 recalled, remembered. 

j ^Tf'frT «. (/ ^) One having^ 

the neck uplifted, Am, S. 98. 

' ^ m, 1 Excellence, ( used as 

! the last member of a com- 

I pound, e. g, it% ' an excel- 

I lentbuir;T?[TTq^f^nmi1^5T 

3f^%^??|^mr: S. K.); 2 the 

hollow hand; 3 fire; 4 a 

model ; 5 organic air in the 


7ipr w. A caq)en tor's bench, 

^T^ Bt. VII. 62. 
gr^nPT w. ) Friction, 3Iegh. r. 
^iTf^/. ) 61. 
^«or w. 1 Rubbing, qr^- 

ftr^; Mrich. II.; 2a cudgel. 

qriC^ w. Flesh. 

^4((g rw. A watch or ward-^ 

4< l <!^ w. w. 1 A key ; % 
the rope lind bucket of ft 

^i[TT5T I a. (/. ;ft) Opcning,^ 
unlockin g, v^^^^ sf ^Rt f^- 
^Tt^Tf^: ^'f^lt^l^RH^ Hit. 
I. II 77. 1 a key : 2 laising, 
lifting up; 3 a water-wheel. 

gr^nr ^^l Striking, wound- 
ing; 2 a wound, a blow ; 3 
a club, a mallet j 4a weapon; 
5 rismg, elevation ; 6 begin- 
ning, commencement , a|f« 

R. IV. 20, g^[RT: JTorlr'ir- 
^rn^K. S. II. 12 ; 7 jolting 
( as of a carriage), R. ii. 72; 
8 divi<*ion of a book, chaptet« 

^ift^ »J.l Announcing aloud? 
2 general report. 

7f^ m, 1 A bug ; 2 a louse; 

T«' (/• Tl) 1 Formidable, 
whose staff or stem i& 
raised, ( <fpT: ) ^i4^^ qf^- 

flr^rprnjR- x^'i- 46. Comp— 

qfFr '^t.! a kind of fish; 2 a 
kind of serpent. Cf. «t* 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



«l3^ ^. (/. Cr) 1 Large- 
toothed ; 2 high, Ull; 3 ter- 
rific, fonnidablo. 

Wfm ^« 1 Confinement, 7- 

^^jPT: Bb.; 2 taining,subda- 
ing ; 3 the middle, the 
waist; 4 a fire-place-, 5 sub- 
marine fire. 

^fr^ I « «/ mf) 1 Unbound, 
unrestrained, free, ^j«t 
^5fRf^ir R. I. 78; 2 
self -willed;3 proud, haughty- 
4 large, great, excessive, 
Megh I. 25. ( Tfr»T5 in J. 
means ' violently ' * without 
restraint, ar^tfjif 5i(&wnT: 
Ut. HI ) II m. An epithet 
of Varujia. 

^fnv^ n. A kind of honey. 

Wn o.(/m) Tied, bound. 

^nr«ra. (/.Cr)l Mention- 
ed, described, ptfticularised; 

2 desired, wished for. 
yriH^ »(. 1 Inflaming, light- 

^i^^f^.l Exciting (asm 
^ii^^Pt^ m } 2 illuminating; 

3 burning of a body, &c. 
lfit^ a. (/. irr) Shining, 


^pr a, (J. Hf) Proud, haugh- 

^Ti fn, 1 Illustration, explan* 
ation, exemplification ; 2 
ascertainment, search, in 
quiry • 3 a brief statement, 

^^^^[ Bg. X. 40 ;4 as- 
signment; 5 stipulation; 6 
spot, region, place, ^- 

wOT ^nf*»<rfl^i^?fhTrftw- 

^ K. Pr. Ill,; 7 a. I object, 
a motive. 

Wf^X^ M, An illustration, an 

Winw I a. (/. ^^ ) 1 To be 
iitnstrated or explained; 2 
to be intended. II n. The 
aabjfct of a sentence ( 0p. 

to ft^ ). For further ex- 
planation ^ee under afjT^. 

7flf)f7r m. 1 Light, lustre lit 
and Jig, ) f^C^rq^^7^4)^^ 
^ir)m|E<T!i^^4T*'4: D Bh.; 
2 division of a book, chapter, 

^flOT WJ. Flight, retreat. 

^^ I a. (/. ^ ) 1 Raised, 
elevated, rthjrtj^«f yg-w^ Bt 
IX. 7, R. IX, 60; 2 exceed- 
ing, excessive ; 3 haughty, 
vain, 3nj^>ff^:«T: R. xii. G3 ; 
4 excited, intense, K S. iii. 
81 ; 5 rude, ill-behaved; 6 
majestic, vffn^CTT ^T'l^T^fN' 
Tpr ^Off^ Ut. VI. II w A 
king's wTestler. Com p. — if- 
•f^f TT^lf «. high minded, 
haughty, proud. 

^^gfif/ 1 Elevation; 2 pride, 
haughtiness; 3 a stroke. 

7^^ m. 1 Breathing liard; 2 
blowing, sounding. 

4^1^ H- 1 Taking out, taking 
off ; 2 extricating, rescuing, 

R^.nr eS4^«T3r.f^?T^? R. 

It. 25 ; 3 lifting, raising; 
4 destruction, eradication, 

^^l[ M. IX. 252 ; 5 final 
emancipation. 6 vomiting; 
7 acquittance of debt; 8 any- 
thing vomited. 

7^ m. 1 Courage to under- 
take a thing; 2 great joy; 3 
a festival. 

^^[^ n. 1 Animating, en- 
couraging: 2 erection of the 
hair on the body. 

7^ i». 1 Sacrificial fire; 2 
a festival, a holiday; 3 the 
name of a Yiidava, a friend 
of KrishTia. (See App. II. ) 

75[W a. (y . ^(f ) Raising the 

d^m n. 1 Ejecting, vomit- 
ing; 2 fire-place. 

wm I a. (f. m ) Vomited. 
liifi. An elephant out of rut. 

^r^^rt m. 1 Rabing, liftia|f 

• up; 2 deliverance, redemp- 
tion; 3 rescuing, ext nest- 
ing; 4 a part to be set asiffo 
from patrimony for the bene- 
fit of the eldest son (in law); 
5 the sixth part of booty 
taken in war which belonga 
to the king, M. til 97; 8 
final beatitude; 7 debt. 

^^rr n. 1 Raising, eleva- 
ting; 2 delivering. 

^5^ «• (/• ^ ) 1 Heavy, full 
of ; 2 thick, gross; 3 firm; 
4 able, competent, Bh. V. 
IV. 40. 

T^^nr w. 1 Throwing up- 
wards* 2 shaking. 

T^qsfn. Fumigating. 

^^f^^ 72. Horripilation, ovec- 
tion of the hair on the bodj. 

^r^ a. (/. m)l Rwsed; 
2 delivered; ( pp. of |f wMi 
TTf^q V.) 

;ar|f(r /. 1 Drawing out, 2 
extraction, an extract; B 
delivering, rescuing; 4 I** 
scuing from sin, purifjii^ 
finally liberating, ifn 

O. L. 28. 
^TfUf :;r n. A fire-place. 
7^ m. The name of a xtTn 

R. XI. 8 ( T?iRg ^<»ftifi r y 

qrir: MaU. ) 

^f^^ m. The name of a muc< 

ed tribe, ( fft*"^T J'TT^J 

j^fiif^ 8i^?^5frf HtrqiTs 1Taj1» 

«t^ f». J 1 Tying up, hai^ 
7f^ n. I ing ; 2 hanginj 

one's self. 
^fW a. (/. W) StlOB^ 

^f a. Having the «l 

raised, HfftT^ir ^^ ^I^^WSV 

|f^fp^s B. I. 8. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



■«• (/-^Sr) 1 Blown, 

1; 3 awakened, excit- 

e4;9^recalle<l to memorj (as 

•a object perceived before). 

fi^ 09, X Reminding, awak- 

toi^; 2 recalling to memory, 

tX). HI. 

id^ I n. Something that 
renunds or calls to remem- 
iwance. II m. The sun. 

^^ w. The same as ^iff^ 

^ I a- f/.2T)l Excellent, 

I. 181; 2 exalted, magn- 

tvmtiiis, II m. 1 A fan 

lor wiBnowing com; 2 a 


3lf «« 1 Creation, gencra- 

Mh production, r??ff7- 

iMft^WfrtlTr: R.f II. 18, 

W. 1. 8, Am. S. 91, M. i. 

W, iTaj. in. 80; 2 source; 

8 *n epithet of Vishnu. 

Stlf M. 1 Production, ge- 

^n^^bif; 2 magnanimity. 

"*^r«.lThinkig, thinking 

I 2 production, genera- 

^^ , 9 inattention, neglect. 

Wm 9* Badiance, splen- 

*wr, K. S. V. 78. 

1^< «•(/. TT) Radiant, 

^m^ splendid,Am. S.7G. 

'*' ii« 1 A shoot or sprout 

1^ plant- 3 a fountain. 

,— W I a. sprouting, 

(as Tegetation ). 

plant, M.I. 46.- 

\'^ txrtanj. 

//^) See ^flpnr. 

V-«r)l Bom, ge- 

^roduced; 2 capable 

^ peroeiTed by the 

a^Ajpr (in Vais'e- 

:Q«»0i»lion, produc- 

«T r^rjitJ t^ i fa fHpf : K. S. 

vx. 82. 

^f m, 1 IBreaking through 

TJTfT n. J or out, i. e. be 

coming risible, setting in, 

beginning to grow, ^ ^^^i 

^^fH^m: R. ▼. 38, k. 

S. Tii. 24; 2 horripilation; 

3 a spring of water. 
^^^ *»• 1 Whirling, flourish- 
ing; 2 regret. 

^^*rTw. IWanderingabout; 
*Z rising. 

^^iW o. (/. W ) 1 Raised, 
held up; 2 ready, on the 
point of, (as in arnTcTPft ^- 
inr:); 8 engaged in, intent on 
(generally with the loc.) T* 

^m:?Pt5^R- XT"- 61; 

4 actire, perserering. 
^r^ fn. 1 Effort, iTq% 

pfrqm^ K. s. T. 3, ^nrr^ 

^^ It ft*-^ ^iT^*Pr f 
irIrm: Panch. u.; 2 conti- 
nued effort or perseverance; 
3 raising. Comp. — vf^ ^* 
Discouragement, dissuasion. 

TiPPr »• 1 Raising, elevation. 

^^IT^ ^* X Going out, walk- 
ing out; 2 a pleasure-garden, 
a park, WrdTO'l^^r- 
ftR*t^rpJhTr«?fr Me>:h. i. 7, 
26, 33:3 purpose. Comp.— 
m^, f FH^'w. a gardener, K. 
S. u. 36. 

4«IH«h «. A garden, a park. 

; g H f m^ n. Bringing to a con- 
clusion, accomplishing, as 
in ^%^TR5f . 

^fJtT w. 1 Effort, exertion, 

^^^ fl"^^ Panch. II.; 
2 work, the work of an of- 
fice, j5R%ff^(TT ftffTJT- 
«Ilf^«lirir ^Tlt m Vikr. II.; 3 

^ m. A kind of aquatic 

TW yw. 1 The pin of the axla 
of a carriage: 2 a cock. 

^f^ m, A loud noise. 

^ftPIT a, (/. ^1^) 1 Increased, 
augmented; 2 distinct, evi- 

7f^ m. Excess, preponder- 
ance, increase, m^r^^^qp- 
RdHHl'/^nr: ?Tf^^^: Ve. i., 
^?r?^?3: Am. S. 71. 

^^H|i m. A year. 

Tf^TT n, 1 A gift, donation; 
2 pouring out. 

^H^ n. Ejecting, vomiting. 

^n[^ m. 1 A remainder, a 
surplus; 2 excess, prepond- 
erance; 3 cleaning the body 
with perfumes. 

«^fH «. 1 Ascending; 2 
turning from side to side, 
springing, ^3t4^i4,i 1 fli>THiif»> 
?m% Megh. I. 40; 3 pro- 
sperity, elevation; 4 grind- 
ing, pounding; 5 rubbing 
and cleansing the body with 

7f>|7 n. Sly or suppressed 

71$ m. 1 A son; 2 one wh» 
continues the lineage; ( in 
this sense generally used as 
the last member of com- 
pounds ), Z^qfH^mt ^ «- 

nrr^ R. w. 9; (Mali., how. 

ever, renders ^f by ;frq^ 

45; 3 one of the seven 
courses of air; 4 marriage. 
^ff^ n. 1 Lifting up, beaiw 
ing, carrying, R. n. 18, xiii. 
8, K. S. ni. 13; 2 riding, 
^' XIV. 20; 3 marrying. 

^rfPT I a. (/.Iff) Vomited. 

II m. Ejecting, vomitinar. 
¥fhf o. l/m)! Vomited; 

2 without rut, as an ele« 


Digitized by 


grfft^/. The same as t^jr* 

^TfTT »'. 1 Ejection; 2 shar- 
inir;3 non-existence of a sub- 
sequent consequent on the 
absence of an antecedent 
( in logic). 

^fT^m. 11 Banishment; 2 

^ ' f f ff*| n, j abandonment ; 3 

slfl^ m. Marriase, weddings 

Pr M. 111. 43. (There are 
eight forms of marriage 
mentioned in the Smritis: — 

;Hnrflr/. A coim(TOiT^.) 

^rfi^«. (/ *) Rolatins: 
to marriage (as a mantra ), 
M. IX. 65. 


xrfi[ira. (/.m) Sorrowful, 
anxious, vacant -minded. 

^flr^for n. 1 Looking up or 
upwards; 2 Bijrht, seeing, 
lookinjj at, R. ni. 1 

^ff^j»«r n. Increase. 

5n(iT I m. ITrembline, shak- 
ing; 2 agitation, excitement, 
anxiety, BL^ xii. 15; 3 re- 
gret, sorrow. 4 fear, ^^- 

Megh. 1. 86 ;5 astonishment. 

II n. A betel-nut ( fruit ). 

^\M^ n.l Agitation, anxiety; 

2 infliction of pain, ^i^- 

Tin. 852. 
^1^ a. Furnished with an 

elevated altar, f^Jf 'Rjtl^ 

H. xvH. 9. 
^%7 m. Shaking, trembling, 
gtfpy a! (/ ?yr ) 1 Overflowing 

its banks, R. x. 84 ; 2 

transgressing the proper 

^tCT I «. (/ m ) Loosened, 

4>Mli^Sk^H [ <<l< ! Hi^? : R, VII. 


6, K. S. vix. 57. II n. 1 The 
act of surrounding ; 2 an 
enclosure ; 3 pain in the 

^r^ m. A husband. 

^>f^ n. An udder. {See^;y^,) 

g^'f vt. 7. P (^/?. ^tT or ;rir ) 
To wet, to moisten. 

^fif w. Moistening. 



m. \ rat, a mouse. 

a. (f m)l Raised, 
up, Sis. IX. 79 ; 2 
3 great, eminent, R. vi. 71. 
II m. A boa. Comp. — 9Tnr<f 
a. elevated and depressed. 

-f^T^ a. carrying the head 

^«!f^/. 1 Elevation, height,^ 
•fir^^Te^H^ T%H^2^ W% Am. 
S. 80, Sis. IX. 72; 2 raising; 
3 increase, prosperity, high 
position, i<f|J^Hf!f ^*: 2|r- 
Wft^rf^lfrt^: Panch. III., 
Bh. V. I. 41. Comp. -f^ 
m. Garu</a. 

^^fPf n. Raising, lifting up. 

^aW^r o. (/. W ) Erect, up- 
right, lofty, high, ^^^mnPT- 
ZHTT^tt^ cTcJ Sis. v. 68. 

TW ( frr ) IT tw. 1 Raising, 
elevating; 2 analogy, re- 
semblance; 3 inference. 

^^/Tf^ n. 1 Elevating, lifting 
up; 2 drawing up water; 3 
deliberation, discussion ; 4 

^*n5r«. (/W) Having a 
prominent nose, *. g. ^^nf 

^vrnf »t. Crying out, hum- 
ming, chirping. 

^^rr? I w. Tying up. II n. A 
gruel made from the fer- 
mentation of rice, 

^rt*nr «. ( / W ) 1 Sleepless, 
awake, ^li | ft< I H^R^^ H i ^a^- 

W^mm^- Mogh. II. 25, f^. 
»nn?rg^ x(^ ^yqi": Sak. vi ; 
2 budded, blown, tf. g, ^:pnr- 
m. One of the sixteen 
priests at a sacrifice. 

^•^fflHf w. (op, to Tfir^^y 
Coming out of water. 

^•^tT I o. (/I ^?fr ) 1 Insana, 
frantic; 2 drunk, intoxicat- 
ed; 3 possessed by an evfl 
spirit, M. III. 161. (Mitik* 
shard on Yaj. ii. 182 ex* 
plains y ir^ by ^TWf^TT^^tiit. 
ftmrnTf^fH^^T^S' :. Alst 
^^e M. IX. 79. ) II m. The 
dhattura plant. C< MP.— iifif 
n. tlie name of a country.-^ 
f5pt?f I a. spoken in drunk- 
enness or madness; !I w. 
the word of a madman. 

^wpi^T «. 1 Throwing off or 
down; 2 killing, slaughtefr 
R. vi£. 52. 

^5^I«.(/'. fr)l Mad; 2 
drunk; 3 extravagant, in* 
toxicated, R. u. 9, xvi. 54; 
4 causmg intoxication, ifjf* 

^5EITp^ Sis. VI. 20. n 

m. 1 Insanity; 2 intoxi<ak 

^^q-a. (/STT) Inflamed 

with love, K. S. v. 55. 
^^*rf^«5 a. 1 Mad; 2 intoxi* 

^r^jpT^ ) a. 1 Ex» 

^»PT^ (./: ^^) ) cited <r 

disturbed in mind, R. XL 

22; 2 repining for a lost IV- 

departed friend. 
xf*^^ m. 1 Agitation • f 

killing, slaughter. 
779fq^n. Sliaking, agitatiajf; 

2 hurting, killing. 
^>Ht<a «• (/ W ) Shiniajf. 

radiant, R. xvi. 69, 
^hS* ! ». 1 Rubbing; 2* 
fragrant essence used fer 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

fMTRr M. 1 Shaking, agita- 
ting; 2 killing, slaughter; 3 
a snare, a trap. 
4 1^14 I m. 1 Madness, ex- 
tiaYigance; 2 lanacj consi- 
dered as a disease of the 
mind ( in medicine ) ; 3 
madness considered as one 
of the 33 subordinate feel 
ings (in rhetoric) ; it is thus 
defined:— f^trt^f ^^r^: 
«nr^Hmftf*t: S. D. HI.; 
4 bloom, e. g. ^^irnf ^^ qr- 
^Rr^.lla. (/. ^) See-^' 

^t4U4i n. One of the fire ar- 
rows of the god of love. 

4^H a. 1 Measuring up- 
Wiids; 2 a measure of size 
orqaantitj; 3 prici. 

ij«^fif m, 1 A wrong road; 
2 deviation from the right 
lotd ( lit, ), improper con- 
duct^ evil course (fig. ), f^- 
f'm'HHVllRl^lH, Panch. i. 

Jf^Tis^fi. Bubbing, wiping 

i^if^/. The same as 7^T 

^^BT a (/. V(t) Mixed with. 

^^^1^ a. (/. m) 1 Opened, 
as an eje; 2 blown, as a 

i^lNr*. 1 Winking; 2 be- 
foimn? visible; 3 blowing, 
gy ndiny. 

Jtim «. I 1 Opening the 

KlJkil n. ) eyes; 2 blowing, 


(/.Ijfir) 1 Raising 

fni^H: Megh. i, 
, R. 1.39, XI. 26; 
Piliini', waiting for, expect- 
6i^, XI. 23, XII. 
-il^K« S. VI. 34; 3 near to, 
Oftjfte pomt of, ready, pre- 
jtoiiof, R. ZTi. 9, III. 
M%4k 9<modinjr, making a 
• K. S. Ti. 2. 


^'SPJIT a(/. ^ ) Loud sound- 
ing, noisy. 

^5^ a- (/. Jrr ) 1 Unsealed; 
2 opened, blown, as a flower. 

4«^«l n. 1 Rooting out, 
eradicating, ilKMl'^rtH^JrR 
tw: R. II. 84; 2 destroyinj?. 

^5^/. Corpulence, fatness. 

^4i q «. ) 1 Opening the 

^;%!^n.J eyes; 2 blowing," 
blossominir, ^^^ qt TT ^T 

X., K. S. II. 33; 3 awaken- 
ing, rising, springing up, 
Sant. S. III. 13; 4 flash, 
ftSJ^^«r|lt? Megh. It. 18. 

^^i^H n. Unfastening, 

;rqr ind. As a prefix to ver- 
bal and nominal themes it 
expresses 1 power, ability 
{€, g. ^cr^f?t), 2 pervasion 
(e. g. ^Jtpfft^), 8 advice, in 
Btruction {e. g. 3xrf^f^, 4 
death {e, g. TqTfT), 6 naw, 
fault, defect ( e. g. ^^^\^ ), 
6 giving («.^. ^qrT(^)» 7 
beginning, commencement 
( e. g 5Wi?r ), 8 study ( e. 
g» ^^^?nT )> 9 reverence 
( «. g- ^T^fftcTs PtrTT 3^ ). 

As unconnected with verbs 
and prefixed to nouns, it im- 
plies inferiority, e, g, T^TJ^: 
*an assistant master, 'TqiUf^: 
♦ a vice-president, ' Tqrn^: 
' a secondary liusband ' i. e, 
a paramour. 

As forming Avyay. cona- 
pounds with nouns it has 
the sense of 'direction to- 
wards, nearness, contigu- 
ity* (in space, number or 
time ) e, g. ?q^q«{^ , SMqff- 
?R^. In com|)Osition with 
numerals grg forms ^^r- 
niiflfl' and means ' nearly ' 
•almost,' e.g. gtrfir^: ' near- 
ly thirty '. 


As a separable preposition 
it is used with a noim in 
the ace. if it means 'inferio- 
rity *(<?. ^. 3^ fit g^: ) and 
with a noun in the loc. if it 
means * superiority ' or * ad- 
dition' {e, g. ^^ CTW f^t^T:). 

4M^4 w. 1 Proximity, neigh- 
bourhood, J^r cTTHT^^m^- 
^*»Tft^^s Riv. 35. K. S. 
yii. 51; 2 ppace near a 

^H*l!*H. i^d. 1 In the vicinity 
of; 2 at or near the throat. 

^*T?TOT/. A short story. 

44*^r&*l /. The finger 
next to the little finger. 

xlR^lii'1 n. 1 Doing service 
or fa?our; 2 instrument, 
implement, apparatus, ( as 
in 03Tr^ ywiiyM*Coi^), Yaj. 
II. 276, M. IX. 270; 3 
means of subsistence; 4 the 
insignia of royalty. 

^Hehl^^l/. Rumour, report, 

^nnnl a. (/. €r ) One who 
does a service or favour, 
^rq^f^^ itf^: Sis. II. 37. 

\ 1 Preparation; 

^^^K m, 1 Help, assistance, 
favour, -dM^KW'Wf^ (t H^ 
fnffJT^^^Sis. n. 37, 

^:K. S. II. 40, III. 73, 
Yaj. III. 284; 2 prepara- 
tion ; 3 ornament. 

^iTOT*/-lA r oyal ten t; 2 
a palace. ( Also 4q*|R^.) 

^^T^unrf/ 1 A royal tent, 
R. V. 41, XI. 93, XIII. 70, 
XVI. 55, 73; 2 a palace, R, 
V. 63. 

^^aii^^i /• Small card- 

^'{^^ o. (/. ^)1 Near, 
proximate; 2 solitary, re- 

^H^^lm m. A Br&hmana 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

bachelor statu pupillari^ 
who intends to become a 
householder in future ( in 
religious law ). 

OTJ^Tf/. A. canal, a ditch. 

^M'JH^t^m^ m. A trough 
near a well for watering 

^nifrrw /• Aid, assistance, 

€HfhH w. 1 Approach, ad- 
Tance, qtR?T: ffHlillM*^: 
M. M. vii.j 2 work, under- 
taking, enterprise- 8 com- 
mencement, beginning, ^%- 

XII. 42; 4 a plan, an ex- 
pedient, a stratagem, ^rr^Tn^- 
(^^4*^: M. Yii. 159, R. 
XTiii. 15, Yaj. I 845; 5 
practice of medicine; 6 a 
test of honesty, &c. See 

^miiH'l ». 1 Approaching; 2 

undertaking; 8 commencing; 

4 medical treatment. 
amtiH l Cl^ T /. An introduc- 

OTl%Wr/. Service, favour. 
OT^Irrr/. Place for playing, 

^mjir^ m. Censure, reproach, 

i<l"li>M*l1IH<fl*fS«lT R. 11.53. 
4MlR)^H n. Censuring, blam- 

vqTFl^ m. 1 An ass; 2 one 

who censures or blames. 
^Tli ( fiT ) ^ w. The sound 

of a lute. 
^^W^ m. 1 Waste, decay; 2 

V7^ M. 1 Mention, hint, 

allusion, ^fpflq^q^n?!" JfJTf^ 

t^rq^Mud. IV.; 2 threat, 

^|tr^Ti|- n. 1 Throwing down, 

casting down* 2 accusing. 
^r^T «. (/. IF) ( used only 

at the end of a compound ). 


ApproachingjfoUowing, join- 
ing, receiving, M. i. 46. 

^f^nrr tn, A small or inferior 

d^W^ ^. (/ W) 1 Acquir- 
ed; 2 accepted; 3 reached; 
{pp, of iT^ with ^;^ q.v.) 

TTTi^/ 1 Approach; 2 ac- 
quaintance, knowledge ; 3 
acceptance; 4 attainment, 

^nJlH »». ) 1 Going to, ap- 

^^nFHTw. ) proach, advent, 

VI. 69, IX. 50, Megh. i. 2J 

2 knowledge, acquaintance; 

3 attainment, acquirement, 

^^«hpnTr^fWrrnT:Sak. i.; 

4 intercourse (as of the 
sexes ) ; 5 undergoing, suf - 
fering, feeling; 6 agreement, 

^H^F«tR: I ind. Near a moun- 
tain. II m. Name of a north- 
em countrjr situate near a 
mountain. ' 

^>T!gr m. A cowherd. 

^^^Jl^ m. An assistant 

^T^S^ n. An embrace, 3^- 
rifH ?l%q^ ^ K. S. IV. 17, 
f»'-nTR tt!^^^<iH'lli?|H Sis. X.88. 

^M^ijff n. 1 Hiding, conceal- 
ing; 2 embrace; 3 astonish 
ment, surprise. 

^^n?^ M. 1 Confinement; 2 
a prisoner; 3 favour, en- 
couragement; 4 joining, an- 
nexing; 5 a minor planet (e. 
^. rrf,%J). 

^r^nnr^ «• 1 Seizing from 
below, taking hold of, ^^rf^ 

Mv. u ; 2 capture. 3 holy 
study, ^O^^^f^mT^ ^{IV^- 
rmj ry; Ram. 
C719T^ m- 1 Making a present; 
2 a present. 

npini m. «. 1 A pr«snt; 2 
an o£fering to a king or great 

man, M. u. 179, Yaj. n. 

^MMM fn, 1 Damage, insult, 
injury; 2 destruction ; 3 
touch, contact; 4 assault ; 5 
disease; 6 sin. 

^TT^TT n. Proclaiming, pub- 

TTO" »». 1 Contiguous sup- 
port, ar^r^trnrrRNhr^^t K. 
XIV. 1; 2 shelter, protection. 

^S^^sm m. A variety of tb« 
ruddy goose. 

xnnrff?^ n. An eyeglass. 

^rT^3^ a. i pi ) Almost 
four, nearly four, i. e, thret 
or five. 

?rr^ m. 1 AccumulatioB, 
increase, addition, ?=T^PpgT- 

^ %ftr5 ^f^^ ^^"^ ^ ^- 
nrj: Sis. n. 87, ix. 29, 

2 quantity, heap; 3 eleri- 

^<niT 'w. ) 1 Approadi; 2 
^q^TTT n. J cure. 


4q^ | i>^ m. A kind of eaerei 

7«T^[T?! ^' 1 Attendance, ser- 
vice, worshipping; 2 court- 
esy, compliment, poHt^ 
ness, polite behaviour, ^- 
WVrt ^ y^g^K. S . IV. 9, 

3 practice, performance, M. 
I. lll,x. S2;4acer6moBy, 
a religious performance, ^' 
S^^\(^m^^^M\u K. S. VH. 
86; 5 an appendage, an 
article of decoration or fur- 
niture, R. VI. 1, VII. 4, K. 
S. VII. 88; 6 c ustomaiy 
obeisance, homajre,Trt??ftfr' 
QTf^ 5T ?^ nr^pjT^rc'rfTt Sak. 
ni., R. III. ll;7innodc «f 
address, H'T Hgl^Hf ^?' 

t.; 8 an article of wCitsmp 
( they are variously describ- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


id); 9 conduct, bebarioar, 
f*<<#^^i' ^ M. I. 116; 
10 application of care, 
pf»ciioe o£ medicijie; 11 a 
present, a bribe; 12 a pre- 
text J[3 a request, a solicita- 
tion; 14 secondary applica- 
Uon or figoratire use of a 
word (tbe same as ^^^ 
H' «'• X Ji^rjT^C ^ ^BT'f 
mi K. Pr. X.; 15 identiB- 
cation based on siinilantjr 
( in rhetoric % TH^^^I ^ 

rr. II.; 16 tbe occurrence 
ol^and^ in tbe place of 
wgo ( in k!ram. ) 
l^Wt/. Accumulation, co!- 

\n. HeatinfT, bomia^r. 
, .r », Persuading, coax- 

TOPf m. 1 Addition, in- 
eiQise; 2 appendage* 3 ri$e, 
btrth, origin. 

!^| •■'•»• 

fPI|7 m. 1 Tbe act of wbisp- 
•ring into tbe ears ; 2 
iimbeiy, treason ; 3 rons- 
1^ to rebellion, bringing 
owr to one's p«rtj, ^xmrgH- 

EcT: Kir. n. 47; 4 (usuni- 
•^ewamtion, ^if'CTTi^^^ 
iWq; Pancb. i. 
TOtfT n. 1 Means of liTing; 
Spojperty as a means of 
6mig, M. IX. 207; 3 living, 

lifrgi. 236. 

Wnf^Klil/ Subsistence, lire- 

ijlil^Ia. (/.;flr)l LiY- 
iK •&» subsisting on, aQf^- 
liil^ft^ M. xa. 114, 

Mnpff uvula, ^TRfq«nT)(T- 
mhU. m^ U m. A 

dependent, a follower, ^ ifS* 
'it^ft^r^ It. ^, 16. 
^Tifts^ I a. r /; «ir ) 1 Af- 

fording a livelibood, patron- 
izing; 2 affording materials 
for writing . ^rtr*^Wl^d>W 
R.G., or ^f^i ^Kf^g^BBH^yr- 
^^i Hftwrf^ Bh. II m.l 
A patron, 2 a source, an aa- 
tboritjr, f r?ny5qift''TRt m^m- 
^ *'4i^eMHrj ^i27lrt%%^ S. 
^npjt^rn. 11 Affection; 2 
444)M*^ n. J enjpyment. 
;i<7^/.l Knowle<^e obtained 
bjr one'self and not banded 
down by tradition, invention, 
^iPi*«f^^«m4r<«I^ S.K,, qr%- 

?T#rt n^TPPni R. xv. 63. 2 

commencement of a tbing not 
previously done. S^^^^rj- 


4Md^'^ n. 1 A respectful 
offering or present. 

VqUTT "»• 1 Hei^t, warmtb; 2 
pain, sorrow, e. g. R^r.'lJTf IT- 
J^KJ^ffTT^ ( V, /. for BTJrrrr- 
^ ) 'R'Tfa'; 3 sickness, dis- 
ease; 4 baste, hurry. 

TTVTT^ n. T Heating; 2 dis- 

44^^^ ^> 1 The lunar aster- 
ism called a?i^; 2 another 
lunar asterism, otherwise 
called gpT^. 

ilMHI^^'l /• 1 Land at tbe 
foot of a bill or mountain, 
*ny^f ^» Mrq4>l; R. IV. 46, 

^m^ m. 1 Any thing which 
excites thirst or appetite; 

Vi Ve. m.; 2 biting, sting- 
ing; 3 the venereal disease. 
im^tf^h *»• 1 One who shows 

mne or 

the way, a guide; 2 a door- 
keeper; 3 a witness. 
;rrw <'• IP^' ) Almost ten. 

nearly ten i. 
^qr^/. A present, an offering 
to a king or a great man, 

If^irr? R. IV. 70; V. 41, 

Tii. 30. 
^q^rn n, )lAn oblation, 
77fm«F». )a present; 2 a 

gift for procuring farour or 

protection, a bribe. 
^rql^ /. ) An intermediate 
^qftFOT/. } quarter. ( they 

are four q^#ft, »Trt^. %▼- 

?ft and ^prtf ). 
iTT^ w>. ) An inferior dei- 
^'fRWr/. ) ty. 
7^1^^ m. 1 Iu3truction,advice, 

teaching, prescription, i^- 

;nP»n^:K. 8. i. 80,M.viii. ^ 
272, Am.S.26, R. xii. 57; 2 
specification; 3 pl^>pi^text; 
4 initiation, communication 
of a mantra. ( ^j[q?hl^ ^ 

^ q ^^^ ' m. An instructor, a 
guide, a preceptor, e, g, 3tr- 

^q^l^nT n. Advising, instruct- 

7q^ m. A teacher, a pre- 
ceptor, a spiritual adviser, 

?tT^ fff : Ve. L 

OT^ m. 1 A cover; 2 an 

^q^ m. 1 A nipple of tfce 
udder of a cow; 2 a milking 

^rqiT^ ''•• 1 An unhappy ac- 
cident, misfortune, calamity; 
2 injury, trouble, J^^TEnr^- 

nch. 1.. 3 outrage, violence; 
4 national distress; 5 rebel- 
lion; 6 a symptom, a super- 
yenient disease (in medi<- 

Digitized by 




4iyv|J ^ t/i. A by-law, a second- 
ary religious precept, M. 
u. 237, IV. 147. 

^q\^/, 1 Imposition, forgery, 
fraud, M. vui. 193j 2 test 
of honesty &c. of four kinds, 

ft: 5frt^m3T 3^: K&lik&. P.; 
3 a means, an expedient, 

^ Sis. XIX. 68; 4a penul- 
timate letter ( in gram, ). 
CoMF.— ^ m. a serrant 
who has iJeen guilty of dis- 
7iT>^ «i. 1 A semi-metal; 
( they are : — lTWr^rfr?TT: ??[- 

^ ^ <(\^ i^ 1* ^ f^^^prj ) ; 

2 a secondary secretion of 
the body, (six in number). 

^TVTH' »• 1 Placing or rest- 
ing upon; 2 a pillow, a 
cushion, f^JcTTW^ }J^^^^ 
Bhartr. iii. 79; 3 peculiarity 
individuality; 4 affection, 
kindness; 5 poison- 6 ex- 
cellence, #|q>|Rf f^^ >fn: 
^^^^^prf^^Sis. n.77. 

44Ml4t^ ^* -^^ pillow, a 

44M l i"l ^* 1 Consideration, 
reflection; 2 drawing (as 
by a hook). 

^<V|^ m, 1 Fraud, dishonesty, 

^Wf^ ^Stri^^^JTOl^ Kir. I. 
45; 2 auppresaio ven\ sug- 
gesiio falsi, (in law), M. 
vxtr. 165; 3 terror, threat, 
compulsion, false induce- 
ment, «r%^T(%i%f^rf!H 5=«TTrr- 

^rm^Yaj. II. 81; 4 the 
wheel of a carriage. 

;iirf^^ m, A cheat, a knare; 
(the more correct form of 
this word is a^q/^.) 

«f^f^ I a. (/. W ) 1 Fumi- 
gated; 2 being at the 

point of death; 3 suffering 
extreme pain. II m. Death. 

^q^/. A ray of light. 

Tqv^ I m, A lip.Il n. Blow- 
ing upon, breathing. 

^PTw H i ^t ^ m. The aspirate 
visarga before the letters 
qrandqr. (^^^HnftqrTT^r 
S. K.) "^ 

^TTTrf a. ( fm ) B efallen, 
come, e. g, ^\^^^AZ'W^^ 

^nqr;r^ip|- n. A Subordinate con- 
stellation; ( there are 729 
such constellations in all). 

^mHi n. A suburb. 

Wl^i% /. 1 Approach; 2 
bending, bow, salutation. 

^fp^ w. 1 Bringing near ; 
2 attaining, gaining; 3 
inrestittnre with the sacred 
thread; ({jfilM^**?"^ ^^ 

H^ ^^ j^: I ^n^T %^nT 

4 the foiuth member of the 
fivefold syllogism (in logic); 
(it is thus defined:— «qrrfff- 

4mg;H n. 1 Leading to or 
near; 2 investiture with the 
sacred thread, ^nHTITrr^rrrjr- 
^r^ fr?rrq'nT^ d^- M. n. 

108, 173. 
^MHMlR'i^ r/ A kind of fxq- 
j^fr^. It is formed by sweet- 
sounding ( ^\>ffsEf9(^ ) 
letters. The K.Pr. quotes the 
following dr^^ from the Ku- 
ffinlmata as an example: — 

^q^f^ n. The same as ^tpfzpf 

4H^'^^ ^' 1 A paramour; 
2 a character in a work of 
art next in importance to 
the hero ( e. g. H^xtX in the 

^ qj ff €H ' n. The same as 77- 

JniTT^^T^rnTT? M. n 36. 

^mrPrarr/ a character in 
a work of art next in im- 
portance to the heroine. 

^fff^nf 771. 1 A bundle; 2 an 
unguent applied to a wound 
or sore; 3 & peg to whidi 
the strings of a lyre are 
attached and by which they 
are tightened. 

4m»? ^T n. Applying an on- 
guent, anointing, pUstering, 

i ffff fi^ m, 1 The act of da- 
positing; 2 an open deposit, 
any article en trusted to one's 
keeping, letting him knoif 
what it is. ( ^Tjf^t^^ nf^T ^• 

^ f^f^r iT^^Mit. on Yaj. 

II. 25. ) 
7qf^>9PT ft. 1 Placing neat; 

2 depositin<r; 3 a deposit. 
^m'^ f^ m. 1 A deposit in 

general; 2 a sealed deposit, 

f^rff Pn'^^ Medh4tithion 
M. vin. 149), Yaj. 11.25, 
M. Yiii. 145; 3 pledge, pro* 
perty under the care of a 
grqf^qPT w. 1 Approaching, 
coming near; 2 sudden and 
unexpected attack or occur- 
rence, t^crf ^f^ W^ ffilr 
qj'q^ d^*Ml'^Mlfi; ^: Sak. 


xi4pi*f4|" r w. 1 Invitatioiir 



ed, established, colonized, B, 
XV. 27. 

^i^ff^fqV /. 1 Certain mystical 
writings attached to Ae 
Br^hmanas ( n. ) the aim of 
which is the ascertainment 
of the secret sense of the 
Veda, i<1l^|w*W fP^nrft^ 

Digitized by 




fifJffitT^'ftrfrBli.V.ii 40; 
(Ac word iB varioasly'derir* 
«i:- ( X ) ^J'T'fk ^H \ mA 

fi^f^flL^* ( ^ ) JTfrtflg!^'-^- 

tho ^'h'fmft^ 108 Uponi- 
shads are mentioned; bat 
additions have been made 
eten t<r this number): 2 trae 
kaowledge, knowledge re- 
gaiding Brahman (n.); 3 
tided or religions lore; 4 
Mcwey, seclusion. 
fvNVT ». A street^ a prin- 

Tqf^lcipPTn. 1 Going out • 
2 the religious rite of tak- 
ing a ebild for the first time 
into tbe open jiir, (general- 
hf performed in the fouHh 
mitbofits age); 3ft main 

Vl^Ctrn. A place for dancing. 

W?Io. (/.9ft)0ne who 
brittgs oroomes, K. S. i. 60. 
U m. A preceptor who per- 
forms the ^q*f^*f ceremony. 

nviR^m. 1 Juxtaposition; 
SMatement, proposal, /^f<Tt 

^ 8. 23; 3 suggestion, 

^N^VI'^H: M. M. vx. 
Wfc«. A paramour, ^qq- 

ftflif «Hs qn^nrt^ ^: Sis. 

».W,M.iii. 155, IV. 216, 

I/. 1 Appearance, pro- 
K; 2 cause, reason; 3 

Eir. n. l);4fit- 
etjT) 6 ascertain- 
on, an as- 

conclusion, ^rqqf^r^^fffr if- 
iVRlKir. II. 28; 6 a means, 
an expedient; 7 accomplish- 
ment, non-failure, ^^pqfrqqfrr 
^Ti'^^tc^^: R.v. 12, ^fT- 
qtprqrVnnT: Bh. P.; 8 at- 
tainment, acquirement, R. 
XIV. 78. 

T^f f7. A word next preced- 
ing, a word-prefixed or pre- 
viously uttered, r^^: ^ ^. 
T^f^^rPfT? R. XVI. 40; 
2 a title, a degree, ( e. p. 
^5» ^^f?); 3 a secondary 
word of a sentence. 

^H1*f o. (/. fIT ) Fit, proper 
(generally with the gen. or 
loc.)^:trT^^ ^Jl'spir qjqt' 
Vikr. M., yq q ^i?H^I^4iHl - 
RT^W^ Sak. n. 

^TT'lftVT w. ) Investigation, 

^rrnfiw /. I examination. 

^nni >». 1 Unexpected oc- 
currence; 2 accident, misfor- 

^VTRrar n. A crime or sin in 
the second degree. ( *jf|q| <T« 

^UPaidiinasi), Yaj. ii. 210. 

^qmW>.l Effecting, doing. 
2 giving, delivering; 3 prov- 
ing, establishing by argu- 
ment, demonstration. 

OT'nT w. The same as ^rq'Tf- 
W^ q* V, 

yiq^ri fw. n. 1 A shoulder; 
2 flank; 3 the opposite side. 

T^nf^TT w. 1 Pressing down, 
devastating; 2 inflictins; 
pain, 52n^Pwrcrifr;?5r^ M. 
vx. 62; 3 agony, torture. 

gPTJ^ n. A suburb, 

^^l^il'l w. A secondary or 
mmor Pur&na. ( They are 
thus enumerated by f7rr^:~ 

4 ^(fi^JtT : tTTRJ ^n^ »TRr; 

^l^ifW^irr / Yawnmg, gap* 

^rqjR^ n. Pointing out, ia- 

9^mH »• 1 Delivering over; 
2 a present, a bribe; 3 » 
tribute, e. g. iTV4IMW<I^H 

^fip^HT «•! Seducing, allur- 
ing; 2 a bribe, an allure«^ 
ment, an inducement, ?wr* 

'nrr-jpT'mfH^f^ D. K. 

T^f^nrr n* Overlooking, dis* 

9^^^ m. Invitation, sum 

77g^ m. 1 Unlucky aocid* 
ent, injury, trouble, ^n%* 
W ^«^f|twt^r ^: R. ▼. 6,. 
Megh. I. 17, ^^vi;\m B?^F»mt 
^H4lg R ?lf^: K.S.n. 82; 
2 a calamity, a danger, B* 
i£. 48; 8 fear, ^m %^{^^t 
R. xiu. 7; 4 distress, diffi« 
culty, adversity, arv 'KT^- 

ipp K. 8. IV. 46; ft 

a portent, a natural phe* 
nomenon foreboding evil; 6 
anarchy; 7 an eclipse of 
the sun or the moon; 8 ft 
name of R4hu. 

^fq4>7 m. 1 Connection; 2 an 
affix; 3 a particular mode^ 
of sexual enjoyment. 

^9^^{^)^m, A pillow. 

^q^j a, A few, a tolerablo^ 

^<WTf »». The lower arm; 

^q>fir w» 1 Fleeing away» 
retreat; 2 division. 

^rr^n^ /. A secondary dialects 
44^fr|> /> The same as t^h^- 
IT ^. V. 

Digitized by 


i — 

^ <y \|i j: m. A by-law, a second- 
ary religiouB precept, M. 
U. 237, IV. 147. 

^q^/. 1 Imposition, forgery, 
fraud, M. vul 193, 2 test 
of honesty &c. of four kinds, 

f^i ^fim^ 3^: K4lik&. P.; 
3 a means, an expedient, 

^ Sis. XIX. 58j 4a penul- 
timate letter ( in gram. ). 
CoMF.— .^j?r m. a serrant 
who has iJeen guilty of dis- 
^^f^fTJJ fn. 1 A semi-metal; 
( they are : — ^mr^nfTfTT: ?3'- 

^^ tflnW f?flt^ fllWlTJ ); 
2 a secondary secretion of 
the body, (six in number). 

^< f\ | f *f n. 1 Placing or rest- 
ing upon; 2 a pillovr, a 
cushion, Rgnyw^ H^^T^ 
Bhartr. iii. 79; 3 pecmiarity 
individuality; 4 affection, 
kindness; 5 poison; 6 ex- 
cellence, #|cwtf Pr4 ^n: 
^!^^^5qf^%Sb. 11.77. 

^TTiPft^r n. A pillow, a 

^4MK^ f>. 1 Consideration, 
reflection; 2 drawing (as 
by a hook). 

^qri^ m. 1 Fraud, dishonesty, 

V^ #Tf9^5«P^ Kir. I. 
45; 2 suppressio ven\ »ug^ 
gedtiofahi^ (in law), M. 
vxti. 165; 3 terror, threat, 
compulsion, false induce- 
ment, T^rrf5n%j%fTTT^ sqrrr- 

Trf^Tf^HYaj. II, 31; 4 the 

wheel of a carriage. 
^nf^^ m, A cheat, a knave; 

(the more correct form of 

this word is «^qi(^.) 
^iVlf^Ici. (/W)lFami- 

gated; 2 being at the 


point of death; 3 suffering 
extreme pain. II m. Death. 

^rq^/. A ray of light. 

^H^HM I m. A lip.I I n. Blow- 
ing upon, breathing. 

^^hHt)? m- l^he aspirate 
tfisarga before the letters 
q^and^r. (3r5THI*ft^Hl4'.tfl 
S. K.) 

^rrnr a. ( /^rr ) B efallen, 
come, e. g. iH^^^^ffSm^S^ 

^M^%i^ ^. ^ subordinate con- 
stellation; ( there are 729 
such constellations in all ). 

4<J^4K n. A suburb. 

^cpTi% /. 1 Approach; 2 
bending, bow, salutation. 

^q^^ m. 1 Bringing near ; 
2 attaining, gaining; 3 
investittrre with the sacred 
thread; (J^FK^hHt %^ 

?rtNr5^ ^irit^hMH^ f^: ); 

4 the fourth member of the 
fivefold syllogism (in logic); 
(it is thus defined:— ^frffr- 

;r mg|^ n. 1 Leading to or 
near; 2 investiture with the 
sacred thread, ^HHI^S^rrJ*- 
^r^ t^fimUHl flPT*. M. II. 
108, 173. 

^Vmtftmf' A kind of frqr- 
jqra". It is formed by sweet- 
sounding ( jhs^VjI* ) 
letters. The K.Pr. quotes the 
following ar^A from the Ku- 
ffinimata as an example: — 

79^f^ n. The same as 3tpnTf 

^Ppff^f^m, 1 A paramour: 
2 a character in a work of 
art next in importance to 
the hero ( e. g. Jrfrt< '^^ ^^^ 

n. The same as 77- 

iTI^n^lM^I^H? M. IX 86. 

^THJfk^/> A character in 
a work of art next in ua- 
portance to the heroine. 

xiMHI^ m. 1 A bundle; 2 an 
unguent applied to a wound 
or sore; 3 » peg to which 
the strings of a lyre are 
attached and by which they 
are tightened. 

44H197 n. Applying an un- 
guent, anointing, plastering. 

^ MPt^T m. 1 The act of de- 
positing; 2 an open deposit, 
any article entrusted to one's 
keeping, letting him know 
what it is. ( >dMft$M) J-f T ^- 

^ {^^ JT'intMit. on Yaj. 

n. 25. ) 
^qf^^^PT ^« 1 Placing near; 

2 depositinir; 3 a deposit. 
^r^l^f^ fn. 1 A deposit in 

general; 2 a sealed deposit, 

f^r<f i^!^^ Medhitithion 
M. VIII. 149), Yaj. 11.25, 
M. VIII. 145; 3 pledge, pro*' 
perty under the care of a 
«tjf^qm nt. 1 Approaching, 
coming near; 2 sudden and 
unexpected attack or occar- 
rence^ t^gl^grfrf^tOT^ fft 
^5^^ H<*^l'5jMlft ^: Sak. 


^i|p y ifH<i r w. 1 InvitatioDr 

gpqr^^ftW a. {/.m)l Plac- 
ed, established, colonized, B. 
XV. 27. 

^nfrH^ /• 1 Certain mysticil 
writings attached to tiie 
Br&hmanas ( n. ) the aim of 
which is the ascertainment 
of the secret sense of ^ 
Veda, titrjTwr^ H'^wRfTO 

Digitized by 




l^'Tf?^P**?!TBh.V.ii 40; 
(the word is variously' deriv- 
ed:- ( X ) ^^nftr fRtm^ 

ftjH^* ( ^ ) jrfP^rtgJ^'^- 

tlie3^jqf]^^108 Upani- 
^iods are mentioned; bat 
additions have been made 
eien to thi» number): 2 true 
biowledge, knowledge re- 
gudmg Brahman (n.); 3 
swred or religions lore; 4 
wowjrf seclusion. 
ViPNii w. A street, a prin- 

i^PlMhH'^ n. 1 Going out; 
2 the religious rite of tak- 
ing a ebild for the first time 
into the open ^ir, (general- 
ly performed in the fourth 
ttflo^iofits age); 3 a main 

Wip^n. A place for dancing. 

tWjIa. (/,ift)One who 
bfbgs oroomes, K. S. i. 60. 
II w. A preceptor who per- 
forms the ^mi^H ceremony. 

ffnRHin. 1 Juxtaposition; 
Ssfcitemcnt, proposal, ^?<T: 

^ 8. 23; 3 suggestion, 

^^UrnjRf: M. M. vi. 
WR^ut. A paramour, b^t^- 
filft* «fW: q^^^ *r: Sis.,M.iii. 155, lY. 216, 

|/» 1 Appearance, pro- 

^ A} 2 cause, reason; 3 


/Kir. n. l);4fit- 

4ll^'pipnety^ 6 ascertain* 

1^ i|iiMiiiiifiwiti<m, an as- 

>*W ikaKHtstiated 

conclusion, ^Mi 4 r^^<HfH ¥- 
isn^Kir. II. 28; 6 a means, 
an expedient; 7 accomplish- 
ment, non-failure, ^^qql rf 
^fi^^tt^^: R.v. 12, ?rr'T- 
^qrirPnT: Bh. p.. 8 at- 
tainment, acquirement, R. 
xiY. 78. 

91777 «. A word next preced- 
ing, a word-prefixed or pre- 
viously uttered, rf^qr: ff ^- 
q^Pr^RT? R. XVI. 40; 
2 a title, a degree, ( e. 17. 
^^» ^^y?); 3 a secondaiy 
word of a sentence. 

<fTW o. (/. «|T ) Fit, proper 
( generally with the gen. or 

loc.)TcnT^* ^Ji*T^ srr*: 
Vikr. II., Tg q r ^ i^ dgl ^^iHl- 
ft'T'^rJn^ Sak. II. 

^l^ft yr w. \ Inrestigation, 

^TTHRw /. ) examination. 

^TTRf w. 1 Unexpected oc- 
currence; 2 accident, misfor- 

3^77Frar w. A crime or sin in 
the second degree. ( ?r?M<T- 

^ijPai/hinasi), Yaj. ii. 210. 

^TrfT^. 1 Effecting, doing. 
2 giving, delivering; 3 prov- 
ing, establisliing by argu- 
ment, demonstration. 

^rrn' w. The same as Tqq'f- 

9TTP| m,n.\ A shoulder; 

2 fiank; 3 the opposite side. 
Hfq*tf>l'| «. 1 Pressing down, 

devastating; 2 inflicting; 

pain, WTrf^Pw^r4t^^«[ M. 

VI 62; 3 agony, torture. 
H^j^ n. A suburb, 
grqj'CPT »• A secondary or 

minor Purina. ( They are 

thus enumerated by ^fit:- 

«^T^T?^ /. Yawning, gap* 

ilM^A^^ «. Pointing out, ia- 

7HM7H w. 1 Delivering over; 

2 a present, a bribe; 3 • 

tribute, e. g. cT^rqrW^^ 

4M» l rf>*i^ n.l Seducing, allur« 
ing; 2 a bribe, an allure-- 
ment, an inducement, 7^* 
^^^jpr^H^i^ D. K. 

VH^M^ w. Overlooking, dis* 

y^f^ m. Invitation, sum 

T^T;^^ m. 1 Unlucky accid- 
ent, injury, trouble, ^^« 

w ^[*^ff?^q«?r ^: R. v. 6,. 

Megh. I. 17, VPRRT «t^fT^ 
\j?r*gft?rP«nT: K.S.u. 82; 
2 a calamity, a danger, R. 
U. 48; 3 fear, ^r I^^T^f^r 
R. XIII. 7; 4 distress, diffi- 
culty, adversity, arq- ir^^- 
^IWffW'rt «nnTf^ ^Tfttn^qf- 
T^ K. S. IV. 46; S 
a portent, a natural phe- 
nomenon foreboding evil; 6 
anarchy; 7 an eclipse of 
the sun or the moon ; 8 a 
name of R4hu. 

7q4>7 m. 1 Connection; 2 an 
affix; 3 a particular mod<r 
of sexual enjoyment, 

^W(?l")^w». A pillow. 

^^T^5 a. A few, a tolerable 

H'linf w. The lower arm* 

T^Pff »»• 1 Fleeing away» 
retreat; 2 division. 

9tf)f f^ /, A secondary dialect.. 

^qjjj^/. The same as T^TH^- 
n q. V. 

Digitized by 






«;i^//A round 
in sacrifices. 

IHT^lpr «». 1 Use, practice, 
enjoyment, ^ arrj ^^^l ^TW- 
'TTSq^'tT ^n«rf?T M. 11. 94; 
2 usufruct; 3 pleasure, satis- 
faction; 4 CO habitation, E. 
xxT. 24. 

WRH «• (/ *rr ) Like, resem- 
bling ( as the last member of 

M^^W^ n.l The act of address- 
ing or inviting; 2 of per- 
fluading. ( Ttpt^TTyr^F^'R 
S. K.) 

^qr^irtt/. A staff for stirring 
fire ( in ritualistic works ), 

W^^ m, 1 Friction, rubbing 
down, e. g. W^^ J^^^i- 

^r\i^\ 2 injuring, killing, 
destruction; Sunhusking- 4 
reproach, abuse; 5 refutation 
of a charge. 
WVf^A 1 Resemblance, equal- 
ity, similarity, ^«5?}«rt' ^• 
Rr^lf?^ Sis. I. 4; 2 a 
figure of speech (in rhetoric) 
corresponding to the Eng- 
lish simile, «. g. 3TPTF ^1^^- 
If^; it is thus defined by 
Jaganndtha : — HTT^ J^ ^f- 

Jay adeva defines and illustra- 
tes it thus i-^yqr'n' ^^ inTTTiy- 

fSffrt^'nTfT^nTf^ Chandri 
loka v.; 3 the standard 
of comparison, ( the same as 

1. 47, H^fhT'ni'WS^^ K.,s. 
I. 50, JitjT ^r i^^^T^r"^^ 
^nrr ^^r Bg. n. 19, 

(where S'ankara explains 
vq-^r by s^qrT a?^ ); 4 a 
likeness ( as a picture, &q.) . 
OoMP— {(«^n. any object 
used for comparison, K. S. 
I. 50. 
^'qiTO/. lAwetnurse. 2 a 

near female relative; (they 
are : — •nj^f '?(3t*l*ft fi"- 

Brihaspati. ) 

^i|HH ' «. 1 Comparison, K. 
S. I. 36j 2 analogy, con- 
sidered as one of the four 
kinds of proof by the 
Naiy^yikas; il is defined 
as being qf&^ffpi^^Tr? ^rw- 
^^Pf? ; 3 the standard of 
comparison, that with which 
anything is compared ( op. 
to ^rq^ ) ; ( as such it is 
one of the four requisites of 

^nm ), ^[HiHH^Rrtii'i^'ft'rtq; 

K. S. IV. 5, H^PTR^ri^ ^ 
M^^IHR 'TJ^^: Vikr. lU 
Tqf^ /. 1 Resemblance, 
comparison, similarity, fKR- 
q ^^lMf^dt ^m Na. I. 24 ; 

2 knowledge of things de- 
rived from analogy, a con- 
clusion arrived at by TTRTT 
(in Ny&ya phil. ) xfrii^H'-^ld* 
Prffr^tT%qi^fft^ri* Bh. P.; 

3 a figure of speech, more 
generally known as ^^m 

^it{^ I a. (/. nr "> Fit to be 
likened, fit to be compared, 

^ R. VI. 4, XVIII. 34, 37. 
II n The object of compari. 
sion ( in rhetoric ), vq'^Rt- 

^^[^^ ^f^K. Pr. X. CoMP. 
— ^TTT/ a figure of speech 
consisting in the mutual 
comparison of the ^qiTTT and 
the ^^H^ which raises an 
implication that the like of 
them does not exist. ( Cf. 
3T5p^)j for instances, See 
K. Pr. X., S. D. X. 
m^ «"• ^ bride-groom, a 
husband, B. ni. 1, K. S. 
V. 45, 

'91^ f»- A minor aaigicftl j 
^pn ^y^ <;> 1 Marriage, e^g. 

^fN^; 2 restraint. 

^i|HH^ n. 1 Marrying, tak- 
ing a wife; 2 restrainirip 

^q^ m. One of the sixtean 
priests at a sacrifice. 

^qur^^ a. (/ HfT) An ask* 
er, a solicitor, a suitoTi % 

^q^rraiT n. Soliciting,appn»- 
ching with a request or 
prayer. I 

^rqiTff^ «. 1 A request! a : 
prayer J 2 a prayer or request 
to a deity for the fulfilment ' 
of a desire, ?nr^ ^fW ^^ 

II.; 3 a present promised to 
a deity on the fulfilment of 
a request made ; the pva- 
sent generally consisted of an 
animal,8ometimes of a human 
being. See M. M. t. (afir 'rtl 

also is used in this sense. 

^ipirnr m. Additional form 
uUs at a sacrifice. 

4'qqM *»• Approaching, oom^ 
ing near, K. S. vn. 22. 

4q^4| m. 1 Application, em*- 
ployment, use, utility, aisftf*- 
^nj^f^rpr^fo^T^ K, S. i. 7 ; 
2 administration of medi- 
cine; 3 fitness, smtableness; 
4 contact, proximity. 

^iTT^ I a. (/. ^ffr) 1 Eclip- 
sed ; 2afi^cted,overtak^[i bj 
calamity; 3 tinged, coloux^A, j 
II m. The sun or the 
moon in eclipse. 

^iror m. A body-guard. 

Tqnfn* n. A guard, an oirt« 

VTCira* {Am)t Stopped. 

Digitized by 



««»s«d, r^crr^ M. T. 66; 
2 dead,^. ^. RrHtrr^ ^ 
ft>Ti3>^t (^: OoMP.— ?E^ 
<i. mdiffereni to woridlj be* 

fT#/ 1 Ceasing, stopping; 
2 death ; 3 indifference ; 4 
lefmining from sexual enjoj- 
ment; 6 conviction of the 
fatilifey of ceremonial acts. 

44W n, A secondarj or in- 
ferior gemj (^iTlTTlft ^i^W 

^R^; Bhi^vaprak^a'a. ) 
i^^ m. 1 Ceasine, stop- 
|ia|g| 2 abstaining from; 3 
dMh. ' 

ifCW «. 1 Abstaming from 
tb pleasnres of sense,* 2 
iteiniagfrom ceremonial 
Mil; 8 ceasing, stoppmg. 
iTOT «. 1 A secondarj 
1; 2 » subordinate 

9IIPr«i. 1 Colour; 2 an 
cdi^ of the sun or moon, 
''TOli?^ V.Ir*: HyTTtTT fffl"- 
^%iT^Sak. Tii.; 3 cala- 
nit]r, affliction, injurj, ^(irr- 
ft* |Hp|4|tTi|i !> t R. XVI 
7; 4 reproach, blame, abuse. 

i^H !». A viceroy. 

W9t mi. As an adverb it 
nemsl high, above, upon, 
fiMUudu the tipper side of, 

fflk ; 2 besides, in addi- 

■fc; Saftcrwards, v[^^ 
ftt?^ 'T wm V M^ Sant. 
8.11. 7. 

'M m MpumUe preposition 
Att^hettM., gen. orloc.)it 
gJiigjL <ttf orer, above, $, 


at the top, Yaj. i. 819 ; 3 
beyond, in addition to, Yaj. 
n, 263; 4 on, upon, in con- 
nection with, in rejard to, 
towards, crr^Tt^T^ q^- 
1^ R. lu. 24, Sant. S. lu. 
23. 5after,3Vritfgft^cn^^^ 
qr%^fJT^&^. (1'hc double fonn 
^Mjf<lft" ( used either abso- 
lutely or with the ace. or 
gen. ) means 1 just above, 

J?^ f^^:: 2 very high, 

Bh. ) CoMP. — ^ETT a. mov- 
ing above ( as a bird ),HnT» 
^fq- «. upper, -^rr w« the 
being above or higher. -^f^T 
/. the ground above. 

^<f7^C€TFl «nc/. As an adverb 
it means 1 over, above, Yaj, 
I. 106; 2 further on, after- 
wards, *W4l"IM<^^r ft* ^J^^- 
«Tlfq^MlT*i|f4|^ M. M. VI.; 
3 behind ( op. to,j^^r5 in 
this sense. ) 

As a preposition ( with 
the ace. or gen.) it means 1 
over, upon; 2 down upouj 
3 behind. 

^Mfl^«Vi m. A mode of sexual 
enjoyment, ( q*MI<^i1 fT?^ 

^^^^^ »». A drama of an 
inferior class of which 18 
are enumerated; (they are:- 
STlft"^, ^fte^, J^, H?^, ^- 

^^» ftft^, and ^rn^rtrr S. 

D. VI.) 
^TTCtW m. ) 1 Covering, sur- 
7qfi'\9^ «• ) rounding, block- 
ing, R. VI. 44; 2 obstruc- 
tion, impediment; 3 trouble, 
disturbance, fRT^ft^RHTJ- 
qtMrTfCtSak. x.;4 pro- 
tection, favour. 

^SIOm^ w« An inner room, a 

private apartment. 
^nrv m. 1 A rock or stone, 

irt^ ^ wRd^yq'^T %<T:Sr. 

T. 8, Mcgh. I. 19; 2 a pro- 

cious stone, a jewel. 
^4<4«(h m. A stone. 

^PTH^Pr w. 1 Ascertainment, 
observation, ^rtlgrt^«^f^fJTn^- 
Ct^Sft^ Sak. IV.; 2 desig- 
nation, mark; 3 the impli- 
cation of something not ex- 
pressed in addition to that 
which has been expressed, 
synecdoche of a part for th% 
whole; ( it is thus defined:— 

q^w*T^ S. K. 

xmrtf&^/. 1 Obtaining, ac- 
quisition, gain, R. v. 56, 
VIII. 17; 2 perception, know- 
ledge, JfPTT^ 3^^^: Bh.; 
3 a guess; .4 perceptibility 
considered as a kind of proof 
by the Mim&nsakas. 

xJ4W m. 1 Acquisition, »t- 

CTt7#fqtq*Tr5 ^^fri^jq^m 

Sak. vir ; 2 comprehension 
otherwise than from memory, 

ITT^ g"?T^^t/<?lUtJma R. 

XIV. 2; 3 ascertaining. 

^M«r/. 1 Refined sugar; 2 

gM^lfi^^ / Thirst. 

li ^ lffi ' i f n. A portent, a nat- 
ural phenomenon consider- 
ed as boding evil. 

Tiff^err /". Desire of obtain- 
ing, Sant. S. I. 12. 

^rq%^ '«• 1 Anointing . 2 
cleaning, whitewasliing ; 8 
the becomins? dull of senses. 

^cfj^q^fn. 1 Smearing, anoint- 
ing; 2 an ointment, an un- 

^q^ n. A gi*ove, a ganlen, 
a planted forest, Megh. i. 
24, R. vui. 78, M. IX. «6«i 
X. 60. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


^^if^ m. 1 Minute descrip- 
tion, detail. 

^^q^of^rn. Description, deline- 
ation, Bfl^^lMlM^'^'f ^^^- 
5p][; Sus'truta, Yaj. i 320. 

^M^H^ fj. 1 A place for exer- 
cise; 2 a district; 3 a king- 
dom; 4 a bog, a maralij 

TTT^rir »•. A village. 

Tqif^ n. A fast. 

gi|^ l ^ m. 1 A fast, fasting 
^. g. ^q^ercr nnETT, Yaj. 
1. 175, III, 190, M. XI. 195; 
2 kindling a sacred fire. 

^tf^ff^Tw. Carrying to, bring- 
ing near. 

^inng-m. 1 A king's ele- 
phant ; 2 ail J rojal rehicle. 

^tf^fl f /. Profane science, 
inferior sort of knowledge, 

4Hftq m. 1 A deleterious 
drug; (they are:-iT^7#f ^- 

2 factitious poison. 
irr^ »>. 1 Investiture with 
the sacred thread; 2 the 
thread worn bj the first three 
castes of the Hindus, f^^- 

(Srt <>f5 R. XI. 6^, M. n. 

9<qi|^ M. Increase, collec- 

W^ m* A cUss of writings 
subordinate to the Vedas. 
( They are four, one gr» be- 
ing attached to each of the 
four Vedas, Thus Bng^T* 
is attached to ^in^,^^^to 
^'37<, tM^ to H\H^\, and 
JITfnrrwto B|%jtt^. accord 
ing to Sus'truta and the 
Bh4Taprak4s'a, however, arr- 
^^ is attached not to the 
yyj^ but to the artrW^. ) 

"iT^^nr ^. )1 Sitting down; 

-Wl^hR ♦*• i 2 being attached 
to; 3 voimng by stool. 


4<llm^ n. The three periods 
of tlie day, viz, morning, 
midday and evening. 

74^r^^M «. A supplement- 
ary explanation or inter- 

^qilim m, A small hunting 

^TT^'T tn* 1 The becoming 
quiet, assuagement, cessa- 
tion, extinction,3rJ?t^3pq[ h^- 

Am. S. 5; 2 calmness, pati- 
ence, quietude; 3 control 
over the senses. 

^PTfRT ». 1 Quieting, calm- 
ing* 2 extinction, cessation. 

7<n[R| m. Lying by the side 

KiM^IMi ». An open place in 
the vicinity of a town or 
village, R. xv. 60, xvi. 37. 

^T^rren* /• A secondary 

HWftr/. The same as g^nr- 
^ q.v., H. VI u. 31, Am. S. 

Tiinrr^ *»• Sleeping in turn 
or rotation of those who 
keep watch at night. 

tm^l<7 n, A place near a 
house, a court before a 

^qRnfTT n. ) Leaming,train- 

^<TfiJW/. ) ing. 

OTffT^ »t. The pupil of a 
papil, ^^: JT'Trt cRIT: ^Trt 


^4^^<1 »• ) Adorning, oma- 

^^T^j^Tr/. jmenting. 

^Pre^rr n. Drying up. 

^r^TH/- 1 Giving ear to; 2 
range of hearing; 3 a super- 
natural voice heard at 
night and personified as 
a nocturnal deity revealinjr 
the future; (the Uar&vali 

says :— ^r* f^^ qfNrf^^- 

W. «<Ttl37gf?^r^qiirKad.; 
4 promise, assent. 

T^T^ m. i 1 Juxtaposition, 

^WTT n. y contact; 2 an 

^4H^H m. 1 Curbing, re- 
straining, binding; 2 th« 
end of the world. 

^q^ET^tT ^' A secondary con- 
nection, a modification. 

^44:<'ill| fn. Growing together. 

^H^^lf »». An agreement, » 

T q<j^€|K n. An tjnder-gar- 

^Wlf^ »». 1 Withdrawing; 
2 withholding; 3 attacking, 
invading . 

^T^fR w. 1 Drawing in or 
together; 2 withdrawing; S 
attacking, invading; 4 col- 
lection, assemblage; 6 sum- 
ming up, a r€sum\ 6 deatii; 
7 conclusion, e.g. 4ii*HllMH- 
n^ ta^afrg^iPrJt^; 8 a pep- 

^M^^iRhL ^' A hetu whidfr' 
is not BTJtT^fTf^iC ^. v. 

^nra^ m. A summary, an 
abstract, a resumi. 

^^ff^nrrr «. 1 Addition; 2 
further enumeration; (this 
word is technically applied 
to the vdrtikas written by 
Kdtyiiyana to supply the 
defects of Pinini's sutra^^ 
See Mall, on Sis. ii. 112. 
Cf. f(^ ); 3 a substitute in 
form or sense (,in gram.). 

TT^fiTf m. 1 Respectful sa- 

^r7;^i^ar n. I lutation by 
touching the feet of the 
person saluted, ^JTfit rH^- 
^rqyPr: qn^^T^rTHT ^ 
Mv. II.; 2 polite ad^ 
dress; 3 oollecting, joiningt 
4 taking^ aceepting (as a 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

irife), Yaj. i. 56; 5 an ap- 
pendage, a necessary article 
ot use or decoration, 
arofrf /. 1 Connection, 
union; 2 service, worship; 

3 gift, donation. 

?rqw^ m, 1 Approach; 2 
gift, donation. 

^mH n. 1 ^coming a 
pupil,^H^lg«<H ^ it^' 
^HRTHpr Bh. ; 2 going near 
to; 3 neiihlwurhood. 

TT^fTR m^l Immediate con- 
nection; 2 a descendant. 

4M4«^I^ ot. Laying down, 
giving up. 

i H^HNH ^* Gathering to- 
gether, heaping, ( <lMHHIvfr- 
^{rtrCTT^S. K. ) 

Vf^la. (/. m) Killed 
«t a sacrifice (as an animal). 
II' f». Condiment. 

^iPmi/' Friendly persua- 
sion. ( :rq'flrHr'Tr 44HMi*i 

TOR w. 1 Approaching; 2 
pregnancy, the first preg- 
nancy of a cow» ( iHltimi^r: 
8. K. ). 

97^rrf n, 1 Going towards; 
2 what is approached as a 

iq^ m. 1 Ailment, sick 

Sus'rata; 2 injury, misfor- 
tune; 3 portent, natural 
phenomenon foreboding eyil; 

4 an eclipse- 5 an indica- 
tioD or symptom of death; 
6 an inseparable preposition 
prefixed to roots, ( thus 
defined: — m<MH^*<A*rM^- 

%. ) ^o are twenty-two in 
namber: — Tt ^Rf» W, ff5, 

^H, fr «rt^f «rf1r, arf*. y,5r?T, 

^1 ^, <rit, ^rqr; according 
towttl»e«ry ^1^7 Are mean- 
iBl^'thaDflelTes, andisim* 


ply bring to light the hidden 
sense of roots when prefixed 
to them. (^ d4>dH^) ; accord- 
ing to another they are sig- 
nificant by themselves (m^- 
^dfi«f. ) They modify or 
sometimes entirely alter the 
sense of the root; ( ? c|< T ?^ l 

frrHfrrf^cirrf?fR^;T: S. K.) 

T'Wlr^ «. 1 Pouring on; 
2 misfortune, calamity; 3 » 
portent; 4 any person or 
thing subordinate to ano- 
ther ; 5 a word which by 
composition or derivation 
loses its original independ 
ence while it also deter- 
mines the sense of another 
word ( in pram. ). 

TTO^ w. Approach, access. 

^TH^ n. Goinir near, appro- 
aching, advancing towards. 

^Wfufr /. A cow fit for a 

^HH'S y n- The solar halo. 

^<T^C I «. (/. rr) 1 Joinec% 
connected with, accompani- 
ed by; 2 troubled, affected, 
injured, R. vai. 9i; 3 fur- 
nished with an TqW'tCitsa 
root), gnfjIi^TO^rtt: ^ 
Pan. ;4 eclipsed. II m. 1 The 
sun or moon in eclipse* 2 a 
libidinous man, ^^WSf fT 
ai?n%[tiT^*Tr : Kad. Ill w. 
Copulation, coition. 

T^^ ^^ n. 1 Pouring or 
sprinkling upon, watering; 
2 infusion. 

^nT%^ n. 1 Worshipping, 
honouring; 2 service; 3 us- 
ing, enjoying, M. iv. 134. 

^iT%irr/. 1 Service; 2 wor- 
ship, honour. 

^rq^^C m, 1 Any article 
whicb serves to make com- 
plete, an ingredient; 2 con- 
diment; 3 furniture, appur- 
tenance, apparatuSjSUch as a 

broom-stick, Ac, M. lu. 6S, 
xit. 66, Yaj. II. 193.; 4 am 
article of household use;5« 
an ornament; 6 blame, cen« 

THWii"! ». 1 Killing, injur^ 
ing; 2 ornament; 3 a colle«« 
tion; 4 change, modification* 
5 an ellipsis. 

irq^?frnr w-l Beautifying, orn- 
amenting. Mall, on K. xi, 
48: 2 an ornament; 3 a 
collection; 4 a supplement, 
any thing additional . 5 an 
ellipsis, ITT^hflTT^q-^^^f f^s^- 
"Tl^ f% i|*r^H. Kir. XI, 88. 

xi M^^ a. (/ flT ) 1 Adorn- 
ed; 2 modified; 3 collected, 
( i>p. of y with ^q- ^. V. ) 

^^ri^ iH. J 1 Stay, support; 

^i^i^pprn. J 2 encouragement, 
incitement; 3 basis, ground. 

^ffPfror n. 1 A covering; 2 • 
bed; 3 anything spread out, 

^^^l/. A concubine. 

;rrBT I m. 1 The lap; 2 mid- 
dle part in general. II m. 
n. 1 The ma e organ of 
generation, WT m^^T^f^fn 
^^-^^^^'Tfr: Yaj. lu- 
314; 2 the female or« 
gan of generation, ^ ^q^ tf* 
^^5 Bhartr. i. 20, (in 
Yaj. HI. 92, the word is 
used in senses 1 and 8 ); 
3 the anus; 4 the 
liaunch or hip. Comp. — f^- 
Tf^ m. continence, Yaj. lo, 
814.-^, ^^ m. the Indian 
fig-tiee, (the tree is so« 
called because its leaves re- 
semble in shape the female- 
organ of generation. ) 

^^finernr ». 1 Proximity, 
nearness; 2 approaching^ 
coming into the presenoe^ 
of; 3 worshipping, waiting, 
waiting upon with a prayer, 
obeisance, qpfl^%f[^ W^Tt 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

Sandhjdprajoga , «4Tm^^- 

Vikr. I., ^qr^Ji^^HT^: 
^V^ih^^^ ^: IV.; 4 a 
sanctuary; 5 remembrance, 
recollection, memory, Yaj. 
IV. 160. 
€'«T^tTn'«T n. 1 Placing near; 

2 the awakening of memory; 

3 attendance, service. 

^MHII^<4^' m, A servant. 

IT^n^Rr/. 1 Approach, pre- 
sence . 2 obtaining, getting; 
3 accomplishing; 4 remem- 
brance, recollection; 5 
aervice, attendance. 

^ny^^ m. 1 1 Touching,con- 

yTwt'f w. J tact; 2 bathing, 

ablution; 3 rinsing the 

mouth, sipping water as a 

religious act, 

yn^ ^ f^ /. A minor law-book. 

^H^*4m n. The periodical 
flow of a woman. 

VT^^f n. Rerenue, profit. 

^r?f^ «• (/ «TT ) 1 Censured, 
rebuked, disregarded; 2 im- 
pure; 3 doomed, destroyed 

j^qr^^qf^; 4 hurt, injured;^ 
Titiated, polluted, ^?rr4^: 

jcn'^rt^ ^T^rr* cTer?qr%r- 

firq;^ Vishnu. Comp. — Hi^- 
3|[^ a. agitated in mind, men* 
tally affected. -^ a. daz- 
ried, blinded. Kir. xii. 18. 
-.>f|f a, infatuated. 

W^^^i^ a. (/. m ) lU.fat^d, 

^qf^H TT /. Dazzling of the 

^nr?C«r ». 1 Bringing near; 

2 offering gifts tosuperlbrs; 

3 presenting victims; 4 serv- 
ing out food. 

«t{f|^ff n. Satirical kugh- 

«i|«ll^^r /. A small box 

eontaiiUDg condiments or 


betel, «iy|f^*|i{|^fpf^ ^• 
nrf^ffjp^r^ Tfr ^7^ D. K. 

^^T^JK ) rn.l Oblation; 2 a 

^IH^IKcVi ) present to a superi- 
or; 3 an offering to a deity. 4 
honour; 5 indemnification; 6 
food distributed to guests. 

Tm^ft^^ m. A name of the 
Kuntala country. 

^<Tfra" w. 1 Fun, play; 2 ridi 
cule, R. XII. 37; 3 satirical 

4H^li|e|i m. A jester. 

T^ffa. •/. cTT) Placed, put, 
( pp. of y^ with ^q- q,v.) 

^<T5^/ Calling, calling out, 

TWC w. 1 Proximity; 2 
solitary or private place, 

D. K. 

^miH n. 1 Inviting; 2 invit- 
ing with prayers. 

^rqffj I ind. 1 In a whisper; 2 
secretly, in secret, privately, 

qTt^yrtfl %"rr?: R. vm. 

18. II f». A prayer 
uttered in a low voice; (See 
M.ii. 85 and Kalluka on it.) 
1 Invitation to 

begin; 2 preparation, begin- 
ning, commencement; 3 com; 
mencement of reading the 
Veda aft«r the performance 
of a preparatory rite (in 
ritualistic literature.) 

^qi^pf? ^' 1 Preparation, 
beginning, commencement; 
2 a ceremony performed 
before commencing to read 
the Veda after the monsoons 
Yaj. I. 142, ( m ritualistic 

^^l»n a. ( A m) Killed at a 
sacrifice ( as an animal. ) 

^iqHH*! ind. Before the eyes, 
in presence of. 

tive, ^nwqr^ftfT flPT? V^ 

^MI^IH w. 1 Approach, arrir- 

al ; 2 occurrence; 3 agreet« 

4Hm n. The part which 13 

next to the end or top. 
^mq^u| n. Reading tJie 

Veda after initiation. 
^hU\ n. 1 a subdivision ; 2 

any minor limb or member; 

3 a supplement of a supple* 

ment; 4 ft class, of worka j 

supplementary to the Veddn- 

gas. ( jcpr^r^RTHT^r^^- 

^trr^K »t. 1 Position; 2 


}n, A short tale» 
a short narra* 


^qi-^ ind, ( used only witb 
Uie root y ) Support* 
ing, infusing vigour- ( it I3 
considered as a prefix or not- 
hence ^rgiit^cq or ^m3| ^rM\, 
Cf . ai'^rlr. ) 

4qijH^ n. Anointing, plaster- 
ing the ground with cow- 
dung, M.v.l05:(Medhatithi 
explains the word by »r3T%s 

wn^^^m, Transgression, de* 

^^rrfPT «.l Taking, receiringv 

acquiring, ^»^ WW^i "^^ 

l«^cn3Rin^ M. vm 4i7 . 
2 conveying some sense in 
addition to that actually ex- 
pressed, f^Pnrt" «m%T:.- 
^iTKPn;^K. Pr. 11.; 3 with- 
drawing the otgans of sense 
from the outer world; 
4 the material out of whidi 
anything is formed, a mate* 
rial cause, f^fJrf^ iWr f^- 
jqrRrt 'T %^prnf Adhikanl- 
naratnam4U, Sank. K. d; 
6 mention, enumeration; 
a cause, a motive. Comp. «* 
IITTC^ n. a material causey ^f* 
f^qf^iTirgi 4^|qKHW » 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




iAit B%m% aa »nif^E^ilt q* v. 
K. Ft. II., S. B. u. 
9^q|^ m. 1 Fnizd, deceit, 
deception, (Cf. ?[qf^); 2 dis- 
crimmatiTe or distinguish- 
ing property, fTjmvfr^^FftnT: 
K. Pr. n, ( 7% is of four 
kinds, viz, afrfrT, jpr, pRT 
9od ^f ); 3 limitation, con- 
dition ;4 a nickname, a title, 

5 rirtuous reflection; 6 a 
man who is careful to sup- 
port his family. 

^nif^ a, (/. qrr ) Exceed- 
iag, snpemumerarj. 

^m^l4 lit. 1 A teacher in 
jpraenJ;2 a spiritual teacher, 
a religious preceptor, (^ ^. 

Mad. I. An y% instructs 
for wages. ( f^*^ ? 1^ 

fSH^jfiiturnr: ^ 5^?ir M. n. 

141. ). Set ar^qrtnrand »fr- 

^rowfrar /. A female precep- 

97|UvniFft/. The wife of a 

Wi ail4t / 1 A female pre- 
ceptor- 2 the wife of a pre- 

l^nil[^ /. (nom. sing.tff^) A 
ahoe, #. ^. ^MHf-iqi^^ inft 
^493t^ H.^ M. II. 178, 246, 

l4tf «. 1 Proximit/, ricinity, 
^dWlft^W ^«!RJ^, R. TXI. 
84, XTi. 21, Megh. ^24; 2 
flUci^ border, edge, 7iTf?Rr 
rtit^il (W": R. Til. 50; 
*i 8. HI. 69, Am. 
8. «S, K. S. va. 32; 

ihtJMgJrof the eje. 
itflnrla. (/:^)Near, 
lUiSHi. lu^tghbouring. II 

^"iniro. (/. 5Hr) I a. Last 
but one. II m. The comer 
of the eye. Ill n. Vicinity. 

^rrni »i. l Approach* 2 a 
means, an expedient, a reme- 
dy,Am. S. 2Z, M.vm. 48; 3 
beginning, commencement * 
4 effort, exertion, Bg. ri, 
36 ;5 a way, a mode, M. ix. 
248, X. 2; 6 any of the 
four means of success 
against an enemy (in civil 
polity ) ^^iifqi^TOn^ 5 /t- 
^ ^M* f qfttq r Sis. ii. 54, 

ft?Tr: M. VII. 109. CoM- 
p. — ^"^Ciy^H. the four ex- 
pedients against an enemy, 
f?iz , frnr, ^R*, ^^ and tk- 
( According to some autho- 
rities these expendients are 
seven in number. They add 
mm, ^^, and ilf^iK to the 
four already mentioned ).- 
^fi^ m. the fourth means, 
that is, punishment.-ij^ m. 
application of means or re- 
naedy. Max. 10. 

^rqw^ », 1 Going near 
to; 2 becoming a pupil; 
3 a gift or present, ?r^gr- 
«mN-,R- f^ nftfTt qf^: K. 
S.ii 37. R. XV. 79. 

f^mX^ »•• Beginninjr, com- 
mencement, e. g. ^ki^^mX' 

^qr^ n. Acquiring, gaining, 
arJM ^qT^^ Panch. ii. 

44rA*T m. ) 1 Taunt, re- 

TTfrfHT «. I proach, abuse, 
censure, \^ ^f»nftir<T>r ^^^ 
yrrPHT^f T%4f^ Sale, v.; 2 

^^^n^ «• 1 Coming back, 
retumintr, ^c»Rf Hl^ld^jqi- 
^S^nfft-^TPf: R. vxu. 58; 
2 wallowing, revolving, turn- 
ins round. 

^TTTH^ m. 1 Recourse, asy* 
lum, support; 2 reliance. 

^qr^m ftis 1 A servant; 2 a 
worshipper, a follower: 8 a 

^tfTO*^ m. 1 Proximity; 2 
a quiver. 

TqrnEnrn. )1 Engaging in, 

^Tna'rr/. ) performing, M. 
It. 69; 2 practice of arch- 
ery* 3 service, attendance 
waiting upon, M. m. 107 
Na. I. 54, Bg. xui. 7, Yaj. 
III. 156; 4 worship, adora« 
tion; 5 religions meditation. 

^7Wr/. 1 Religious reflac* 
tion; 2 service, attendance; 
3 worship. 

4mt^H*l n. Sunset. . 

Tqrf^ / 1 Service, atte&« 
dance; 2 worship. 

TTTfTt ^' Slight refresh- 

^«nf^ I o. (/ m) Con. 

nected II m. Danger or 
destruction from fire. 
T^lfT^ «. ) 1 Leaving, aban- 
^^ / J doning; 2 over- 
looking, dbregarding, neg- 
lecting; 3 indifference, con- 
tempt, R. XIV. 65; 4 neg* 
lect considered as one of the 
seven expedients against an 
enemy. Set ^^\^, 
^^ «-(/_W) Possessed rf, 

( pp. of f with ^q- q. v.). 

il^ m. Kame of Visnna tr 
Krishna as the younger 
brother of Indra in his 
fifth or Vl^mana incarnation, 
^f^m^fi- ^RPflr^ Git. O.T. 
(where there is a pun on 
4lf<^^( , that bemg tho 
name of the metre in whkh 
the t'loka is written.) 

^^a. (/.HT) 1 To be effect- 
ed by any means; 2 to bo 
approached; 3 to be obtain^ 

^rtria. (/. fr) 1 Anayrf 
for battle, as an army; 8 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



brought near* 3 adrancod, 

begun; 4 married. 
^rtm»Ta. (/.m) Last but 

;ar%i:qrr9r m. lA beginning; 

2 an introduction, a preface; 

8 occasion, medium, ^^^11%- 

zgni M. M. 1; ,4 an apposite 
argument or illustration; 5 
the ascertainment of the ele- 
ments of anything. 
74lfllH^ n. Confirmation, cor- 

^f^i n. A fast, fasting. 

;5ftr/. Sowing seed. 

^j»^ vt. 6. P (pp. sT^lRT) 

1 To press down, to subdue; 

2 to make straight. 

^angt vt. 6, P ( pp. ^ppf; pres. 
3^, tvilh) 1 To confine; 
2 to compact together; 8 to 
fill with, gByT^f^ tf W^ 

IT. 144; 4 to corer oyer, 

^t^i Bt. XTii. 88. 
inpron. (used in the dual 
only.) Both, ^ qf^ %f^ T- 

<!nr Sis. lu. 8, K. S. iv. 48, 
mT II. 14. 
^H^rp^'on. (/.*). (Though 
this word has a dualistic 
sense, it is used in the singu- 
lar and plural only; some 
authorities, however,use it in 
tiie dual also.) Both, ^^t7- 
'fRflft' 'IJ^frf^: R. IX. 9, 
^W* fir ftaH I <<qmj « VI". 23, 
Am, S. 60, K. S. vii. 78, 
M.u. 55, IT. 224. CoMP.— 
«q^ a. liying in water and on 
land, amphibious.-ff^mt/. 1 
feom boUi sides, on both 
aides (with the ace.) e, g, 7- 
n^:fo>f %r:S.K.,M. vui. 
' 815. Yaj. I. 58; 2 in both 
^cases; 8 iu both ways, M. 

I. 47. «f;,«^ o. haying a 
double row of teeth, M. i. 
43* ^3^ a* 1 looking either 
way; 2 two-faced. •g'^St/. 
a cow, Yaj. i. 206.-^ ind. 
1 in both places; 2 on both 
sides; 8 in both cases, M. 
lU. 125. o^^ a. living in 
water and on land, amphi- 
bious.-trr »wf/. 1 in both 
ways; 2iu both cases.-f^fHT 
/.the two fold science, i. e. 
religious knowledge and 
knowledge about worldly 
affairs.-c^nnr a* haying the 
marks of both sexes.-^fH^ 
m. dilemma. 

^^(^)^g^ ind. 1 On both 
days; 2 on two subsequent 

^H ind. An interjection 1 of 
anger; 2 of interrogation; 3 
of assent. 

^HT/. 1 A name of P^ryati ; 
(in this sense the word 
is thus deriyed by K&liddsa, 
probably on the authority 
of the K^lik^ and S'iya 
Pur&was;-^g^ ^ m^n^Hi 

K. S. I 26.),71!rf^*^^- 
3p»PT^q^^R. III. 23, K. S. 
III. 67; 2 light, splendour. 
8fame,reputation; 4 tranqui- 
lity. 6 turmeric. Comp.— .jr^ 
m. The Himhlaya.-q^ m, 
an epithet of S'iya, j^jtg^^nr- 

Kir. V. 14.-^ffnrm. an 
epithet of S'iya.-flff w. 1 
an epithet of E^rtikejra; 2 
of Qanes'a, 

*iR m, ) The upper timber of 

4^ m, ) a door-frame. 

^ m. A sheep. 

Wl »». (/«'»• •'ft) 1 A snake, 
W5rt?4i<*l^ai R. I. 28, M. 
yil. 23; 2 a semi-diyine ser- 
pent usually represented with 
a human face (in mytho- 

logy), M. iw 196; 8 leadj 
4 the name of a city, R. t^. 
59. CoMP.— irft, iHH m. 
1 Garuda; 2 a peacock> 
sr^f^^a. haying a serpent 
for a wedding-ring.-^^ nr. 
an epithet of S'ira.-^nr »• 
the king of snakes.-^p^^ 
m. n. a kind of sandal wood. 
-^m^ n. the abode of thr 
NdgnSj i. «. qirTTtT. 

^^ } m. A snake. 

^<«t^ n. An armour. 

a sheep, pff^tT'nnW^ jg- 
TPjqr M*^P» Bh.;2 a ceruSi 
demon slain by Indra. 
^rw »«• (/«»». •^ ) A ram, 
^^Kftind, A particle implying 
1 assent, admission, accept- 
ance ;2 extension. (It is used 
as a prefix to the roots 
aT^,x'and ^ and is not 
treated as a separate worl* 
hence wo haye ^ftfff tT t and 
not ^v(t ^:^. The word b 
used in the following forma 
also:— ^, T^^arftt XK^y) 

V. II. 18. 
^^ n. The breast,, the 
bosom, R. I. 18, K. S. yi. 
51. CoMP.— ^fnr n. injoij 
to the chest, -iff, ^fff m^ 
disease of the chest, pleuii- 
sy. ^fN", ^rcfiw, ^ PCf^^ 
m. the female breast, %^HT- 
3Tfa^fKt^rt| Sis. ym. 
59, ^3i|t <>P«l^iail-n'^ 
vm. 53. -^ t?. a breasi- 
plate, an armour. ;3'if^fS|44^ 
a. haying hair on the brea^. 
-▼, WTT w. a breast-plate. 
-^^jl^ n. an ornament of 
the breast. ^iHIHL ^- l3i^>^ 
chested. -^rf^raT /• • nede- 
lace of pearls hanging 0^ 
the breast. -^«nv n, ffo 

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^<gt«» A Vais'ja. 

1WW a. (/ tW) Broad- 

f^ I «. ( / iir ) 1 Legiti 
«»te, bom from a married 
|niple of the same tribe 
ana caste; 2 excellent. II m. 
A son. 

^riuf. The same as 7^ 

»jft;?q^ n. XV. 70. 

??a, (/.^ or^; comjyar. 
^idm^, super, ^rf^ ) 1 
Wide, spacious • 2 great, 
kige, R. VI. 74; 3 mucli, 
txcessire; 4 precious, valu- 
alk CoMP. -HPT w, Vishnu 
mtheYamsna incarnation. 
^m. a long road.-Rr'CT 
C laliant, mighty.-^ to. 
jtnhable necklace. 

^'Wr ■!. A spider. ^Se* 3;^- 

W/ 1 Wool, feltj 2 a circle 
rfnair between the eye- 

lift tntf . The same as t^ 

f: m. An owl. 
SI. A calf. 
/ 1 Land; 2 fertile soil. 
iM^/. The name of an ap- 
fm». {Su App. II. ) CoMP. 
gW m. a name of king 

*m. A kind of cucumber. 

fm 1 The earth, %^i|v|(r- 

'^ fi. II. 3, I. 14, 30, 

[il.66, Megh. I. 21; 2 

\mO; 3 space. Comp.- 

w^% "fRr? ^T wi. a 

;m. 1 a mountain; 

I serpent S'esha.^)|7(m. 

kiBOQntain; 2.a king.-^ 

k feoet 

f i^ 1 A kind of shrub, 
fw ^jw^j aspigatog ere- 

l^_w. lAn owl, f«ri||?r j^- 
rajK": sftf?rHN*^l4»: Sis. xi. 
o4; 2 an epithet of Indra. 

T^^OTFT n. A wooden mortar 
used for cleansing rice, M. 
m. 88, V. 117. 

^]EN%^ «. (/. ^ ) Pounded 
in a mortar. 

Tgff m. A large snake. 

^?^ m, A porpoise. 

^Hhl /. 1 A fiery phenome- 
non in the sky, a meteor, 
M. IV. 103, Yaj. I. 145; 2 
a firebrand; 3 fire, flame, 
Megh. I, 58. CoMP.— .^ifft- 
5 a. a torch-bearer.-ifpi m. 
the fall of a meteor-^?^ m. a 
demon, a goblin, M. xn. 71. 

^^p^f. 1 A meteor; 2 a 

^^F^ n. The foetus. 

^FT(^) «r or. ( /*. 'TT) 1 thick, 
abundant; 2 much, exces- 
sive,superfluous,K.S.vii. 84; 
3 manifest, clear, rT??Tr^- 

_5^ iTpV: R. IV. 33. 

7^eh w. A firebrand. 

^MhH n. 1 Leaping or pas- 
sing overj 2 transgression. 

^I5W o. (/. HT) 1 Shaking, 
trembling; 2 covered with 
thick hair. 

^<4<JH ». 1 Happiness, joy; 2 

^m^ o. (/ ^ ) 1 Convales- 
cent; 2 dexterous, clever; 

3 pure; 4 happy, delighted. 
Tin^ m, 1 Calling out in a 

loud voice; 2 change of voice 
by emotion; 3 a bad speech, 
WfJriFTr: m^x Bhartr. iii.6; 

4 a hint, a suggestion. 
^UW m . 1 Happiness , joy, 

«^fqM? S. L. 1 ; 2 
light, splendour ; 8 the 
chapter of a book ( e. g. of 
the K^vyaprak^'a. ); 4 a 
figure of speech thus de- 
fined : — ar^rtrtjpr^Mj'f^r- 

G.; for instances See G. L. 

82, 85. 
TlVRnr ». Splendour. 
'nftc a. (/. frr ) Rubbed, if- 

(^: W n|«fty: Bhartr. ii. 44w 
^fc^«T n. 1 Plucking out, qr- 

Yaj. u. 217; 2 plucking 
out the hair. 
Tif^ n. I Irony, ^n jf rr J 

^A^/. JtoS. (flT- 
^1^ 'ironically' often occurs 
as a stage-directibn in plays). 

Tllff m, 1 Allusion, mention^ 

2 boring out, digging out; 

3 rubbing, scratching, if^** 

Kad.; 4 a figure of speech 
thus defined and illustrated 
in the Chandr&loka: — 1|{|^- 


Tlff^nr fi. 1 Rubbing, scratch- 
ing; 2 digging, Yaj. i. 
188, M. V. 124 ( where the 
word is used eiiiier in tha 
first or in the second sense); 
3 vomiting; 4 mention^ 
allusion, 5 writings 

tift^ m, A canopy, an awn 

;nfl W I a. (/. W ) Excessively 
tremulous. II m« A largo 
wave, a surge. 

4\\^^ w. (nom. eing. T^PfTj 
voc. sing, ^^H<, H^^,H^nr:) 
S'6kra, son of Bhngu and 
preceptor of the A euros. Ho 
IS known as a writer on civil 
and religious law (Yaj.x« 
4. ), as an authority on civil 
polity ( •rj(|ft<l^^H«r>SPl 
jftfiKK- S. III. 6, Wfl5ir- 
OTT JrWf?ni: Panch. v.), and 
as noted for his wisdom, Ai , 
ifhnT^Hr ^: Bg. X. 87. } 

Digitized by 


W^f* Wish, desire. 

^ I*) K^n, J ant root of 
ft certain plant, ^*rrq^- 
fS(t 5?ftrf^Bif«l|S*^t*q5Sak. 

9Si vt. 1. P (pp. 3?rRrcT, Tf^. 

?r, ^:f) 1 To bam, aff'TN^K 
^H l f*><^14^ »TCfH^ Bt. Ti. 
l,xiT. 62, M. IT. 189; 2 to 

ponish, ^V ^nrqt^ti, M. 
ir. 273. 

9^ m. 1 Early morning; 2 a 
libidinous man- 3 saline 

Vin' «»• 1 Black pepper ; 2 

^Wq- m. 1 Fire; 2 the son. 

^nraL/. 1 Morning light . 2 
dawn, morning, ^^Mrftft^- 
ifRr K. xit. 1, ^THW^r- 
W^ ^TTTPt Ch. P. 6; 3 the 
doitj that presides oyer the 
morning and eyening twi- 
light ( often used in the 
dual). CoMP.— T7^>f 

9^1^/. The eyening twilight. 

^ifr !/• 1 ^arlj morning; 2 

. morning light; 3 twilight; 4 
flaline earth- 6 name of a 
daughter of the demon 
B&na. ( See App. II ) ; 6 a 
cooking pan or pot. Cf . WWA. 
II ind^ Earlj mthe morn- 
ing. Coup.— «in7 m. a cock. 
-^W o. morning earlj.-q^, 
fifof m. a name of Anirud- 


dha, husband of 7ir. 
^n^ a. (/. m)l Dwelt; 2 

^ifW«T<t^ a. (/. m ) Once 

occupied by cows, 
^^'w. (/fw- •??) 1 A camel, 

82, M. III. 162, IV. 120, XI. 

201; 2 a buffalo- 3 a bull 

with a hump, 
gffe^/. 1 An earthen wine- 

Tessel of the shape of a 

Camel; 2 a she-camel. 
^««T I o. (/. «^ ) 1 Hot, 

warm, R. xii. 4; 2 sharp, 

strict, actiye, B^r^ snPnft^- 

( where the word is used in 
both the senses. ); 3 pung- 
ent; 4 cleyer.II m. n. 1 Heat, 
warmth; 2 the hot season 
( ^R* );3 sunshine. Ill m. 
An onion. Comp.-b^, ^FT, 
J[, fif^^f ^ftT, Ff^ wi. the 
sun, R. y. 4, yiii. 30, K. 

s. III. 25.-Mf5nnT. BTnm, 

qr^cm m. approach of the 
heat, the hot season.-^r^^ n. 
hot water.-^iTFr m. the hot 
8eason.-^ns"T «m. 1 hot ya- 
pour; 2 tears. -^T^ «». «. 
an umbrella, a parasol, K. 
S. y. 52. 
^'Bcnir I a. (/. qjr ) 1 Smart, 
actiye; 2 sick of feyer; 3 
heating, warming. II ivt. The 
hot season. 

T^TQ a. Suffering from beat, 
^5^«^: f^\^ Rrtl^ cftrt- 
WTH^rftRnSt Vikr, II. 

^fim^ff^fft. Heat. 

;i^^ m. n. 1 Any thiag 
wound round the head; 2 a 
turban, a diadem, a crownet; 
3 a distinguishing mark. 

^ipptla.(/. eft) Wear- 
ing a diadem. II m. At 
epithet of S'iya. 

9^ m. ) lHeat;2thehet 

4Ui<|| IN. ] season; 3 angei^ 
warmth of temper; 4 eager* 
ness.CoMP.— )TfQ[M.the Mm. 

4^^ m, 1 Heat, warmtl^ 
K. S. y. 4«>, yii. 14»M. 
II. 28; 2 steam, yapoai;. 
K. S. y. 23; 3 the hot sea- 
son; 4 the letters ^, ^, 5, J 
(in gram.) Coicp.^HniV. 
m^ the hot season. 

g^ m. 1 A ray of light, 

ftycr: Ye. n., R, iv. 66;a 

^W/. 1 Morning light; 2 a 

^v*. 1. Vipp.-^f^) Tohiui, 
to kill. With aTT or siTT-l 
to surpass, to excel, R. xix« 
5; 2 to destroy, to remoye, tt 
frighten away; 3 to g^^ 

^ J ind. An interjection of 

^ff (calling. 

;rf^v}. A bull. 


li ind. 1 A particle used to 
introduce a sentence; 2 an 
interjection (1) of calling, (2) 
of compassion. 

litla. (/.cr) ICarried as 

a load or burden- 2 married. 
It m. A married man. Comp. 
, — ^91^ a. armed, mailed.- 
«fpS a. one who has xiiarried 
a wife, -^r^re w. a young 

^nrf /• A girl who is married, 
^fft/. Marriage. 
^jRr/, 1 Weaving, sewing} 1 

protection^ 3 enjoyment* 

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IJif^n. An udder. 

Ii;^i?9 n. Milk. 

V^^^. Milk, 3C^^|^Mmi% 
?^t^rtigr? R. It 66, ( where 
sJpispT is probably a mis- 

W «. (/.IT) 1 Wanting, 
deficient, not complete, f^- 

2 mmos (with the inst., e,g. 
^i^^l(^^^)t 3 inferior, 3:^ 5f 

«^5»Pn5t ^^ R. II. 14. 

^md. An interjection 1 of 
intenogation. 2 of anger. 3 
of reproach; 4 of arrogance. 

^vt.l. A (jpp.^R^) To 

1S<A W. S4€ HT<f . 

Wjaim {fimPt}S(f)A Vais'ja. 

^kd.See ^. 

Wi». The thigh. CoMP.— 

•prmg from the thigh; II 
*. a Vais'ya. -^|Cr, fiRT, high as the thighs. 
"kpl n, Sm knee.*"*-^ 

^l/. Strength, rigour. II 

14 I n. 1 Kama of the 
ttooth K&rtika; 2 energj; 
S power, strength; 4 life, 
taAth.ILa.(/.^) Strong, 
fowecful, e^. ^^^n^q^K- 

gjWL^» Vigour. 

l^l ff (/. Hf ) 1 «. Strong, 

^«R^ (/• 'ft ) ) powerful. 

Wk/. lEncrgj; 2 strength; 

WW I «. (/ fir ) 1 Power- 
ful, strong, j^^ n wy^fSnf 
<^R. XI. 64;2 brighten- 
edjboutif ul, ftifw ^RTfrfSr- 

innm[ R. XX. S9. II ». 1 

Stongth; 2 energy. Comp. 
.-•^ITOl o. spii^ted, magn- 


Vf »• 4- woolen cloth. Comp. 
^^W» Wt 'rtN «. • spider. 


3i^/. 1 Wool; 2 a circle of 
hair between the eyebrows. 
Comp. — Rp^ m. a ball of 
wool. • 

^<T[% «. 1 A ram; 2 a spi- 
der, 5CT[^rfT »<T3r3C#|" ^Pirft 
Bh. V. I. 90; 3 a blanket. 

^vi, 2. U {2>p.^^)To 
corer, to surround, to hide. 
With if- to corer, e.ff.^.- 

^ (*) I «r. (/i*)l 
Rising upwards, derated; 2 
high, superior; 3 not sit- 
ting; 4 torn (as hair ). II 
71, Eleration, height. Comp.* 
1^^ I m. an epithet of Ketu-, 
II a. one whose hair is torn. 
-^^ n. 1 motion upwards; 
2 action for attaining a 
high place, -^ffir »• the up- 
per part of the body. 
-vri^ I/, ascent, eleration; 
II a. going upwards. 
"^f^ I a, haring the 
feet upwards; II m. a fabul- 
ous beast called S'arabha.- 
ing[, ?r, 5 «. 1 raising the 
knees; 2 long-shanked. - 
jf^ I a. 1 looking upwards; 
2 aspiring; II /. concentra- 
tion of the sight on the spot 
between the eyebrows, (in 
Yoga phil). -^ m. a 
funeral ceremony. -qFOT »• 
sublimation. -<nf o. having 
the heels upwards, -^ffq;^! 
«. one who abstains from 
sexual intercourse, one who 
lires in perpetual chastity; 
II m. 1 S'ira; 2 
Bhlshma. -^frr<|i a. hap- 
pening after a short time. 
— ^qs* w. the upper world 
I. e. hearen. -^IRf m. the 
wind in the upper part of 
the body, -^vrf^ I ^' sleep- 
ing with upturned face (as a 
child;; Urn. S'ira. -|[^Rr 
m, expiration.-f^fiRf /.la 

5«5 , 

horse*s back; 2 clcratioat 

i;^ ind. 1 Upwards, aloft; 

2 in the sequel; 3 in a high 

tone, aloud; 4 afterwar&» 

(with the abl.) 
9^^ M. A ware; 2 cur» 

rent; 3 light; 4 human in* 

firmity; 6 speed, relocity; 

6 a line, a row; 7 anxiety. 

Comp. -if^j a. crooked. 

-ifffSr? w. the ocean. 
i^m /. 1 A wave; 2 

a finger-ring which shines 

like aware; 3 regret; 4 the 

humming of a bee. 
7fA <"' Submarine fire. 
^ikxtf Fertile soil. 
^'fi^f' A kind of cuoumbef. 
'kjj^^ ''*• A porpoise. 
4k^^ m- An owl. 
Ig^q^vK 1. P (^>j^. 3rf^)T^ 

be diseased or disordered. 
9^ m. 1 An acid; 2 th# 

carity of the ear; 3 dawn» 

day-break; 4 the Malaya 

mountain; 6 saline earth. 
^H^F n. Bay-break. 
9;q«T »• Black pepper. (Also 

Ijqt I o. (/ cr) Impregnate 
ed with salt II m. ». A 
barren spot with saline soil. 

l^cif m. 1 Heat; 2 summer. 

^^cvf^n. 1 The hot season; 
2 rapour, exhalation; 3 heal^ 
warmth; 4 the sounds ^, j^ 
11^, and 1[ (in gram.) 
Comp.— ^tnnr m. Theap* 
proach of the hot season. 

^ vf. 1. A ( sometimes P ) 
(pp. ^^) 1 To conjecture; 
2 to reason; 3 to infer, ar- 

ydjji Hit. III. With aT7-l 
to lemore, ^ (^ ^m^^ttt^ 
Sa k. lu. ; 2 to follow immedi* 
atoly. arr^-to ward off. 

Digitized by 




Upr -1 to guess. 2 to cover, 
if<T- to bring near or down, 
Ptf^-' to bring about, to 
achieye. q^ff^ to sprinkle 
found. ^fk'rL to deny; 2 to 
interrupt. s|^f^-to arrange 
an armj against, f^- to 

arrange an armj, 5^^ ^^^\ 
VhfW^H «qjT ^m^ M. 
Tu. 191, ^^- to assemble. 
9kf m/1 A conjecture. 2 ex- 
amination and detemiinat* 
ion; 8 supplying an ellipsis; 
4 understanding. Cohp, ~ 

«T<f)f consideration of pros 
and cons, e, g. ar^^rci^^ ?r- 

^TTwrrr?. ( Su arfrr. ) 

^i^/. A broom. 
^ft^O /. An assembly, a 


^ tnc/. An interjeoiion of 1 
calling, 2 ridicule, 3 censure. 

^ I vf. 1. P (pp. w^; cau9. 
^^ydesid. BTftf^.) (In 
conjugational tenses the base 
of tlib root is W^) To go, 

e. g. sR.-qfrrreiffir. with ?^ 

(A)— to join. II vt. 3. P 
VPP" ▼?!) (mostly used in 
Ihe Vedas) 1 To go; 2 to 
meet; 3 to gain, to acquire. 
Ill vt. 5. P {pp. vor) 1 To 
fcurt; 2 to attack. 

WW n. 1 Wealth; 2 pro- 
jperty, effects; 3 gold. Comp. 
-^pp^ ». inheriting or re- 
ceiying property .-«if^ m. an 
inheritor or receiver ofpro- 
j^erty.-dTPT m. 1 dirision of 
|)roperty,partition; 2 a share. 
HFC fn. 1 an heir; 2 a co- 
fceir.-ffft^^w, an heir. 

1|EI(r I m. I A bear; 2 the 
name of a mountain. II m. 
f». 1 A sign of the zodiac; 2 
a lunar mansion. Ill m. 
jpf . 1 The seren stars called 
the pleiades; 2 the seyen 
JRishis, Comb.— nUT n. the 
circle of stars.-^ntr »». an 
epithet of the moon.-ni|[^, 
. fPf m. 1 Jambuyat, the 
king of bears; 2 an epithet 
of the moon.-ini. ^' ^^^ 

name of a mountain near 
theNarmada, THl^nT^OTff- 
^P!^ R. y. 44. -^HT^ ». 
obserring the stars. 

i|(^ m. 1 A thorn; 2 a 

W% vt. or vi. 6. P ( pj). aif%- 
fr ) 1 To praise; 2 to shine. 

HT^/. 1 Splendour (properly 
^); 2 a hymn; 3 a yerse 
of the i?igyeda; 4 the col- 
lectiye body of the ^igyeda; 
(in this sense the word is 
used in the plural). Comp.- 
^^nr n. the performance of 
certain rites by reciting 
yerses of the ^igreda.-%f 
m. The oldest of the four 
Vedas.-^'f^^/, the arrang- 
ed collection of the hymns 
of the -Rigyeda. 

^r9[^ I m. a hell. II n. A 

W^^vi. 6. P. (pp. vj^^f ) 
1 To become hard; 2 to fail 
in faculties* 8 to go. 

i|p«9^/. Wish, desire. 

lE^rM.A {pp. wf^) 1 
To gO; 2 to inyigorate; 3 
to acquire* 

WW ^' ( /. ^ or 5* ) 1 

Straight ( Ht. and fig.); 2 
fayourable, Comp. — ir m. 1 

an arrow* 2 one who is hon- 
est in his dealings. -^fi^ 
n. The straight red bow of 
India. ( according to some 
authorities; but many think 
that ^ is prefixed to fWlTT 
through misunderstanding. 

Wt%/. 1 A straightforwanl i 
woman*. 2 a particular gait. 

i|^ n. 1 Obligation; 2 debt; 
8 a fort; 4 water* 5 land; 
6 a negatiye quantity ( ia 
algebra ). Comp, — 9^9^11^ 
m. the planet Mars. -^rPI* 
?nr, Br?%^» Mqi^frrr in- 
payment of a debt. -sfrfOT 
n. the recovery of a debt! 
-Iff m. 1 borrowing; 2 a 
borrower. -?ri^ w. paymoit 
of a debt. -fW »«• one whp 
is bought as a slaye by paj* 
ment of his debts ( in lai^i 

?[Rr: Mit. -4|^«^, ^rr^ m. 

a securit y, a b ail. -^5^%/.^ 
^hfT »t., 4hinf n. discharge 
from debt, -^mr ». a bond 
acknowledging a debt :( in 
la^ ). -^1^ ». payment or 
discharge of a de]4, 

HtftRi «. A debtor. 

IPftt^. (/ •ft ) One under 
any obligation, indebted. 

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proper; 2 honest, trae; 3 
wofshipped. H n. 1 Fixed 
nile; 2 dinne l&w- ( this 
word 13 mrely met with in 
daaaics though its negative 
aijff is common ); 3 truth. 
4 livelihood by picking 
gains in m field, Vfqfsr^ 


fT? M* 1V.4. CoMp. — ^ni^ 
«. an epithet of Vishnu. 

^rtPIT m. God, the upholder 
<rf truth. 

^q^f'nJ. Truly. 

^1^^/. Bcproach, censure. 

1Q«. 1 A period of the 
jwr, a season; there are 
n seasons in a Hindu 

ftpwr; ; 2 The mens- 
fm evacuation; 3 the peri- 
m likTOurable for concept 

««aeason; 5 Hght. 6 the 

~f ^^'•. CoMP.^^sny 

Mn»e atuation of a season ; 
S.ik time favourable for 
mn^im, vi>, sixteen 
^^pls firom menstrual evacu- 
Wl*» -f^ m. the seasons 
|W^]^y*-'I!f^ m.havmg 
J^ttwoacse with a wife at a 
ftp wourable for coneep* 
•fep^Wl^r »». the revolution 
«W seasons. -*Rfi- /. » 
Ppw during her courses.- 
9f^ ^ beginning of a 
-•fnf HI. the spring,^. 

l1 a characteristic of 

1 ; 2 ft symptom of 

BT^ ^on.-ff%/.revoIu- 

f.4f the seasons, -^ff^ 

»«. the junction of two 
s^n3.-f5;n?fr/a woman 
who has bathed after mens- 
truation and so prepared 
herself for sexual intercourse 
R. I. 76. 

^% tii^. Except, with the 
exception of, without (with 
the ace., inst , or abl.) e.g. 

?2?^' ^^^ ^ ^t^ 
?<^r^ B. ni. 68. ( The 
instrumental is very rarely 
u^dwith this preposition). 

^t^^ ^. A priest who of- 
ficiates at a sacrifice. (They 
we 16 in number such as 
(i^ t ^W Ac ). 

^^^^ «• (/'^)1 Prosper, 
ous, thriving, R. n. 56; 2 

stored. II ».l Stored grain; 
2 a demonstrated conclusion • 
Smcrease, growth. 
^1^/. 1 Increase; 2 success, 
prosperity; 3 accomplish- 
ment J 4 supernatural power. 
^vt. 4.5. P(^^. ^) 
lio prosper; 2 to please. 
With ^»i^— to prosper. 
'ini w. A deity, a divinity, 
, m^ w. 1 A name of Indra; 
I 2 heaven. 

^IE^(^ m. ( nom. w^m'* 
•W*fti» IJPr:, ace. pi, w^Vl) 
A imme of Indra. 
Vff^ w. A player on a kind 

of musical instrument. 
^[^^ m. a white-footed 
antelope. Comp.-^^ ^^ 
«. 1 name of aTfir^;^:, son of 
5?9«r. 2 an epithet of the 
god of love. 

m%vt 6. P (pp.^)t 
lo go, to approach; 2 to 

IT^H" «. 1 A bull. 2 the 
best or most excellent of 
any species;^ in this sense 
It is generally used as the htst 
member of a compound, e. g^ 
^^^ )j 3 the second ol 
the seven notes of the gamut* 
4 ft crocodile's tail. Coup. -J 
^W m, the name of a moun* 
tain.-Wf^ OT, an epithet 
of S'iva. 

W^f. 1 A cow; 2 a mascu- 
line woman; 3 a widow. 
^rf^ w. 1 An inspired poet 
or sage; 2 an anchorite; 8 
a ray of Hght. Couv.^^^^ 
/. a sacred river .h|^ n* 
a .Kbt ti^^o ffered to the 
^IS'fi^^^hrtK/^ name of a f es- 
tinrf'eiRlfcc 'fifth day in the 
first half of the month of 
Bhidrapda. -1^1^ w. the 
world of the ffishis.-^^^ m. 
1 praise of the 2?ishis ; 2ft 
particular sacrifice com- 
pleted in one day. 

^lfi m. /. 1 A double-edged 
swerd; 2 any sword; 3 i^ 

w^ m. iS^inpr. CoMP. — %^ 
fTTi %3 «•• a name of Ani- 
ruddha.-Jjw m. a mountain 
near the Pampi lake, the^ 
temporary abode of lUm^ 
with the monkey*ehiet Su* 

%*^* »». The white-footed 


IBfflSufl^*?^ of If pa. 

^!ijmt^fSmik,9 con:.) Ac 


P*93ion, 4 remembrance, 

*<»"»OT^itized by Google 

M( ind^ An interjection of 1 
remembering, 2 envy, 3 
contempt, 4 compasdion, 5 

%m pron. (/. ?Fr ) 1 One, 
single; 2 unique, singular; 
8 pro-emineni, excellent; 4 
same, identical ; 5 ohe of 
two or many, Megh. i . 80, ii . 
15; 6 a, an, ( used as an 
indefinite article ); 7 alone, 
^mly, Bbartr. iii. l4; 8 un< 
paralleled, peerless. (^-«T- 
^or 8fqf theone-the other,' 
*8ome-othcrs.'), Comp— Wf 

1 a. 1 haying only one axle; 

2 haying one eje; II m. a 
crow.-iTif, BT'nra- 1 close- 
Ijrattentive <'.j7.q ^^ l MH(*fii<j ;2 
Undisturbed; 3 single-point- 
cd.-^tnm. 1 a body-guard; 2 
ihe planet Mercury -H^^f^ 
91. a funeral ceremony per- 
formed only for one an- 
cestor. -3i^ I M. 1 the ex- 
dosiye aim or boundary; 2 
» secret place; 3 monotheism ; 
II «. exclusiyerecourse,rf3r: 

Si8.ii.88;III a. 1 inyariable, 
perpetualj^^rTT^^rprfJTt CST- 
^;pG[)Bhartr ii.7 ;2excessive; 
(^^JfJT^ tn</. means * ex- 
ceedingly*) -IFOT^ tW tho- 
TOUghly, wholly, Bhartr. m. 

^ I Mfft ^ Megh.u. 46^r^ 
€1. next but one. -^f^4i a. 
final, conclttsiyo.-^f^Tf I a* 
1 closely attentiye; 2 pas- 
sable by one only; II n. 
la meeting, place; 2 mono- 
theism. °5rnf a, Se4T^^t(n a, 
<-9T^ m. 1 the same intent- 
ion; 2 the same thing; 3 
the same meaning. -«ff m. 
the period of one day.-irnfq'- 
^ o. characterised by • one 
umbrella ( referring to uni- 
▼ersal soyereignty), qiiiPTPf I 



^TTRf : ^^^ R. n. 47.-«Ti%- 
^ m. one substitute for two 
or more letters, as in the case 
of the word ynft. -3?rT# 
/.la single string of pearls, 
Sec, tr^RTTt^ Vif^^jnt ^: 
Vikr. Ch. i. 80; 2 the 
name of a figure, thus de- 
fined ---^^^^^ ^ T- 

?^ W^ K, Pr. X. 
( in rhetorie ). -^^^ m. 
one connected by the offer- 
ing of funeral oblations of 
water only to the same de- 
ceased ancestor. -^TfC m* 
{/em.xO ft uterine brother (or 
sister. ) -7f|r n. a funeral 
rite performed for one 
indiyidual deceased, not 
including other ancestors.- 
V[^ a. one by one, cyery 
single one.HpTO^ if^d' one 
by onc-^tq* m. in a con- 
tinuous line €. g, q ^v) Ji ^^. 
fiSlt^^:. -^irt o. I one- 
anded; 2 one-rayed.-«|^ I 
ct. haying the same oceupa* 
tiou; II n, sole business.- 
qnH' m. 1 one time; 2 the 
same time. -«ltn^ a, con- 
temporaneous. '^^^^^ m, an 
epithet 1 of Kubera ;2 of Bal- 
bhadra; 3 of S'esha. -^ a. 
haying the same preceptor, 
-^re I «. 1 haying only 
one wheel; 2 governed by 
only one king; II m. the 
chariot of the sun. -^f^ a. 

1 wandering alone; 2 liying 
unassisted -^fttft/ a loyal 
wife.-f^T^ n, fixedness of 
thought on one object.-^- 
?|fT, ^^^ a. imanimous.- 

2 a Stidra.-3in!f a, bom of the 
same parents.-fjqj^ m,/. a 
S'(idia.(mOT: irfWr^^irw- 


9rnftir<>- belonging to the 
same family, of the same 
kind.-f4)f(l^''>* ftu epithet 
of S'iva.-niy a. ^f. ^:, n, i^) 
1 one of many; 2 one.HR a* 
(/. rr. «. m) loQe oftwo» 
either; 2 one of many.-ffpfo, 
closely attentiye to one thing,. 

ir^^r?ff5nFr^ ft ^RtaPiMp 

My. lu.-frnv m. the accunita 
and continuous adjustment 
of song, dance, and instni* 
mental music, -ffi^^ I «v. 
a spiritual brother, a felkm 
-student; II a. belonging to 
the same religious ordert 
Yaj. n. 187. -^m. a name 
of Gai}es'a.H|f^«i:^irt. desigaa* 
tion of a class of sannyih 
8tns otherwise called fir* 
The following stanza from 
H4rita giyes fou: orders of 
^annyasins :^ yj^N^l' WK^ 

name of Ga7ies'a.-«|,fRr«. 
la crow; 2 a philosopher^ 
-^ m a portion or diyision 

of a whole. ^Y^pTlf^nSFfW,** 
an inference as to the wbda 
when proof is giyen of a I 
prSF^ Vikr. iv.)^rt?««E 

1 haying the same propertMtf;| 

2 professing the same relhj 
gion. -^,4fn^, ^^^'I 
fit for a single yoke; 3 ^- 
for but one kind of laboBf. 
-;nrtn. a principal actoti 
a drama. -if|[f m. 1 an aasisi' 
ant; 2 one side or 
-q^/. I a faith ful ^ 

g^t^ Megh.i.l0^2a< 

dcnly, ^Fm^^FTi^ PW*W5j 
w. an epithet 1 of Vi^ 
2 of S'iya. -f^ir, fifW * 

^n epithet of Kubem. -f^ 
0. united by the offering of 
the funeral cake. -QfRlf /. a 
feithfol wife, -nflr, ^^ftr^ / 
% Bingie string of pearls. 
-ifftr a. 1 uterine; 2 of the 
MM family, -^^f, ^^i«. 
an absolute king, -tnr ». 
erne night, -f^f^^q: m. 
a 00 heir, -f&nf «. 1 a 
w«d having one gender only ; 
2 m epithet of Kubera. 
-^^f;r «. the singular num- 
bw.-ffein' /. a heifer one 
year old-qf^^Ttn' /. consis- 
teney in meaning, unani- 
™*3r.^-'irWC. ^ ind. 1 only 
COM*, 2 at one time; 3 gud- 
*<fe^.-ftt^^^jm. 1 Kubera ; 
2»«»ir.-Rr'^f^w, a rival. 
-vt *. a pre-eminent war- 
^.-^Wr^^/. the clotted 
hanrof a woman in separa- 

f$^ Megh.ii.29.H5rqj-m. 
tta&iinal whose hoof is not 
^Wtttt--V?lnCF^^ m. a Brih- 
•Mif of the same branch or 
■^gjt-'tT m. 1 an epithet 
•iTiahAu; 2 a rhinoceros. 
mV"t* » fc^nd olDvandva 
Wttound in which only one 
<itJ|iB tiemb ers is retained, 

fr|> fftciyr for ?TnTiPr«T^).- 

JPR a. keeping in mind 
W|t las been heard only 
ffP^ j^ g . closely atten- 
^jgW^ ^ q« witnessed by 
^Mrt^r_a. one year old. 
HSPi^ *l«^/ » heifer one 

IP^V- m) 1 Solitery, 
iticbtboat a coadjutor; 

; 1 From one side, 

e-riAt; 2 one by one. 

>i|Wf '<m one Bide-K>n 

^Ib we ]^ce; 2 
r t 



in a combined manner, to- 

^J^TO «w{/. 1 At the same 
time, at once; 2 once upon a 
time, ^nnrr ff %: SC'T^J^f- 
ft^; D. K. ^ 

q^SF>if in//. 1 Singly; 2 to- 
gether; 3 at once. 

'WT a. (/. HT) Solitary, alone. 

^4iAI^ ind. One by one. 

'T^fTftr^^- (/. *) Solitary, 

V'*I?^W »»• Combination, as- 

WS^ a. (/. iir ) 1 Proceeding 
from one. 2 belonging to 
the same party. 

Jfml vi. 1. A (pj?. in^JT) To 
shake, to tremble, to stir. 
With arr-to drive away e, 
g- ^TfflWl' ^T-to go up- 
wards. II ri."l. ^ (pp. 
frt%ff ) To shine. 

fjlfPT w. Tremblingj shakijjg. 

ip[t?i. 1. A(/>p. q(%7f) To 
annoy, to resist. 

ffT I a. ( /. TT ) Deaf. II 
m. A kind of sheep. Coirp. 
— ^pIT o* deaf and dumb. 
(In *ai%gr^r<TI^ ^ $It^- 

^mr^' K. Pr. VII. ai%^. 

5^ is used in the sense of 

Ifiy^ i». 1 A ram; 2 a wild 

q^ m. A kind of black 
antelope; the following s'lo- 
ka thus defines the several 
kinds of deer: — b^^^ TTTfr 

CoMP.-iT^F^ III. deer*skin - 
RlH^' w. the moon. -J^a. 
one having eyes like those 
of a deer. -^m. the moon. 

Ifonr w. The same as ipr q. v. 

ipfV/. A female black antelope. 

ipr I o. (/. fir) Of a variega- 
ted colour. II m. A deer. 

iprf I pron. ( m. f^:, /. q^^ 
». W«I ) This, as pointing 
to what is nearest to tha 
speaker, (" ififhnfSr ^ ^. 
tr^.")It is sometimes usedt# 
give emphasis to the person- 
al pro noun, e. g. ir^T^t ^HT- 

f^''«rtl^SR:Mv. V. It often 
refers to what precedes when 
it is associated with an- 
other pronoun, e. g, ff)f 

^"^ nK^^^Hurit^ R. G. 

It is sometimes used in eon* 
nection with a relative or 
correlative clause. II ind. 
Thus, in this manner, at 
this time. CouF.^^^^ a. 
one who does anything foy 
the first time. 

'PT^ o. (/. ^ ) Belonginif 
to this, relating to this. 

ir?T5f ffi. Breath, expiration. 

!f?||% ind. Now, at this time. 

^m^ (/ ^) ] a. Such, 

fpnfftf 1 \ sach like,«f 

'T^ff^J (Z-^) )*l»i3 kind. 

iprr^ I a. (/. ^ ) So rnueh^ 

so great, so many, of sncb 

extent, qffTT^S^?^ ftnc^ ^T% 

R. II. 51. II ind. So far 

so much, in such a degree.. 

V^vi. l.A(pp.^(^) 1T# 

grow; 2 to prosper. 
Vr^ m. Fuel, e. g. ^fi^^rr^ ^ 

^ya[^ m. 1 Fire; 2 man. 
ff^^n. Fuel, BTSTHpnj^^*^- 

*l^ R. VIII. 71. 
If^/. Prosperity. 
ipr^n. 1 Sin; 2 mischief^ 

crime; 3 censure, blanie. 
tpTf^ (/.*) )ti.lSinfd[5 
tPff^^ (/.*)) 2 wicked. 
ly^o^ m. Castor-oil plant. It 

is a small tree; hence th^ 

well-known couplet, '^^:^<- 

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vfVil^ tn, A ram. 

^?nTQ n. 1 A kind of per- 

fame; 2 a kind of cucumber. 
^PSf^ m. An epithet of Ku- 


^Tvr/* 1 -^ cardamom plant • 
2 cardamom seed. 

qFjnrtf /. A particular pljnt. 

%^^/' Small cardamoms. 

«^r?f tttc/. 1 Just, exactly, e. g. 
^n^ * exactly so.'; 2 same, 
identical, e.g. ^ ^fTTcT:; 3 
^nly (implying: exclusion) e. 

'^. m4 ^ ^5^: ( * not oth- 
ers ' is the implication ) ; 4 


like, a«, ( implying similar* 
Hy, ) e. g, 'jft^ q^ ^4^3; 5 
it sometimes implies empha- 
sis, e. g. 3Tf^ T^^f^. It also 
implies * command; * * re- 
straint;' * diminution' ac- 
cording to some authorities. 
fpr^ ind. So, in this way, 
thus, ^r^f^ ^ qr^ ftj- 
r^r3^7 K. S. vi. 84. Some- 
times it implies assent (yes), 
q yI)c T <f^ Ut. I. and rarely de- 
termination. CoMP. — HfW 
a. so situated. -^nT^<^^. 
in this manner, -^jpr a. pos* 

Bearing such qualities* 

«• of sa^h a kind. 

of such quality, of sac 

description. -^:^ a. of voxkt 

a form or kind. -i%^ a* of 

such a kind, 
fptcl. 1. A (p/). q|^)To 

go or approach. With <|ft- 

to seek. 
^^<T w. An iron arrow. 
if^TT/ Desire. 
T^fW^ /. A gold«mith*« 

fpjTr/. Desire. 

% ifi(7. An interjection of 1 
calling, 2 remembering, 3 

Ifja^iWiJ^d. At once. 

\3^yBi n. Singleness of time 
or occurrence. 

:%^i|ii[^tW. At once, qv-^ 

'%ipi( n. Supreme power. 

^^^^nT^^* 1 Unity of words- 
2 the being formed into one 

^ilil^ ^. Unanimity, con- 
currence, sameness of •pi- 

^q^Hir^m. lA thief, **f 

Pi 5 ffjrr^^innft^T D. K., 

2 tbe possessor of a single 
'^JtililH n. Attention fixed 
on one subject, 

^^[l|St«r ^* A soldier of the 
bodj^guard, Raj. ▼. 249. 

^^in^ «. 1 Unity; 2 one- 
ness with the supreme soul; 
8 identity, 

^<MI^^<^^ w. 1 Existence 
in the same subjects; 2 co- 

extension ( in logic ), frr^^ 
?<fl^^»n^*i"^ sqnt??^ Bh. 

^,^iira.(/.*r) 1 Ab- 

solute, perfect; 2 exclu- 

t^^lf^<4t m* One who com- 
mits one error in reciting 
the Vedas. 

^[^fiH.^ n, 1 Consistency in 
meaning; 2 the sameness 
of purpose. 

ijf^lirftsira. (/2^) 1 Ephe- 
meral; 2 of one day. 

%ip[ n. 1 Oneness; 2 iden- 
tity; 3 unanimity; 4 friend- 
ship; 5 an aggregate. 

^f I «. 1 Sugar; 2 a kind 
of spirituous liquor. II a. 
(/•^) Made of sujrar. 

m^ ) m. A carrier cjf 

q^^ni^ ) sugar-cane. 

i{^:^[f!fi m. 1 A desccndent of 

q h^-€q^l4iH<Jil'^» ys Mur&ri; 
2 the country ruled by the 
1^ I ». A nut of Uie |^ 

tree. II a. Prod«ced bom 
the f (p^ plant. 

5tf^^2ir «. (/. * ) 1 Optionrf, 
Toluntary ; 2 arbitrary. 

l{>f^' m. A species of sheej^ 

^l^T (fV) m. An epitheidi 

^a. (/.''ft) Belonging t# 
an antelope ( as skin, wool, 
&c. ), Yaj. I. 259, 

^^ I m. The black anielop* 
II a. (/. <lr ) belonging to a 
she-antelope ( as skin, wool, 

^Tlff^vil M. The state #i 
having this property or pe- 

^^^^ m. 1 A reader of «lift 
Aitareya Br&hmana ( njh[3 l 
one belonging to the ^[9^t^ 
^jn^T of the ^greda. 

Historical; 2 legendary^ lai* 
ditional. II m. 1 An hi^HP* 
ian- 2 one who knowa 19H 
cient legends. 
Q^tlV f>. Traditio nal inaiqf^ 
tion, ^«ni9'n4 ^ HriRpW 

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3S fi^ganted as a kind of proof 
Igrtbe Paar^ikas,and class- 
€dwith sfrqqj^ BfjiTPr. &c). 

t<W ». The state of being 
jftirr ( of this purport, har- 
mg this meaning ) t . e. scope, 
rtBtance, f^^firr M. M. 

^W*. Sin. 

^'^i^ o- (/. 'ft) Lunar. 

W ^ «• (/•}&) Belonging 
to India. II m. lArjona; 

iHl^jR** I a. (/. ^) De. 

ceptiye, magical, illusory. II 

HfapNi «. ( /. sflr) Affected 

witE morbid baldness of the 
$S![^ m. A kind of ele- 

^f m. Name 1 of Jajanta, 
fltto{Indra;2 of Arjuna- 
Jof tiie monkey chief V^. 

^4 a crow, R. xn. 22. 

gNW 1 I n. The world 

V^Kinr / of the senses. II 


UL 1 A Tocatire particle; 
interjection of ( 1 ) call- 
( 2 ) leminiscence, ( 3 ) 

A house; 2 a re- 
Mn A bag. 
lA house; 2 an 


r/. A bug. 

. « vt. 1. P ( ;>p. 

>lT«tbediy; 2 to 



a. Perceptible to the senses. 

^'^t/ 1 The east, 2 an epithet 
of S'achi; 3 misfortune. 

^f'^fsf I m. An epithet of the 
sun. II a. (/.^) Consist- 
mg of fuel. 

^f^P^ n. Quantity, number. 

^Cnr^ m. Indra's elephant. 

^rrnr m. l Name of the 
elephant of Indra- 2 an 
excellent elephant, 3 the 
elephant presiding over the 

TO^ / 1 Lightning, 2 
the female of Indra's ele- 
phant; 3 the rircr Rayi. 

^^ n. Spirituous liquor. 

^eT m. 1 A name of ifM^tt i 
the son of Soma; 2 The 
planet Mars. 

^H^ffgsrr ) ». A kind of per- 

^%^ J fume. 

i^fflff^W I »i. 1 The planet 

Mars;2 an epithet of Kubera. 

II n. A kind of perfume. 
^ «• (/ ^) 1 Belonging 

to S'ira; 2 dirine, 3 regal. 
^OPft /. 1 The north-east 


quarter; 2 an epithet rf 

^«.(/. ^) IMajestxt, 
befittmg a lord; 2 powerful; 
3 belonging to S'ira. 

^N^«. 1 Power, sway; 2 
dominion. 3 supremacy; 4 
the divine faculties of omni- 

^ presence, omnipotence, &c. 

q^^nj ind. During this year, 
in the present year. 

^5^^^ a. (/. ^r^rr) Belongu 
ing to the present year. 

^tf^ «• (/ ^ ) Sacrificial, 
ceremonial. Comp. --^fh^ 
a. referring to sacrifices and 
pious works. 

'i^AlRK* o. (/. ^) Hap. 

pening in this world, terres- 
trial, sublunary. 

5lf|^I«.(/*)l Of this 
place; 2 temporal, worldly* 
11 n. Business. 


inundation; 3 a multitude; 

4 continuity; 6 traditional 

instruction; 6 a kind of 

aitijvi. 10. U (pp. 8?rf5nT) 

To be strong or able. 
airiri^. (/irr)Odd. Iln. 

See a?ln^. 

arfirilt*^* 1 Bodily strength, 
eneigy; 2 light, splendour • 
3 stay, support; 4 metallic 
lustre; 5 the generatire 
faculty; 6 a form of style 
abounding with compounds. 

/t?niK. D. I. 80.) 
^it^K^^c^' (/. 5ft )Possesse4 

of strength, power, Ac. 

^ft'fW «• (/• ^ni ) Powerful, 


9ft^ I m. pL The name of *, 
people and their country 
now called Orissa, M. x. 44, 
II n. 'J'he japii flower. 

*ft^ o. (/. fir ) Woren, sewn 
with threads across. Comp* 
— ^l?fo. 1 sewn crossvrise 
and length-wise I 2 extend*^ 
ing to every quarter. 

^mm./. A cat. 

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%f)r m. 1 Boiled rice; 2 
grain washed and cooked 
with milk. 

l)(i{^tW. IThe sacred syllable 
(om) uttered at the begin- 
ning and end of a reading of 
the Vcdas; 2 a particle 
implying 1 acceptance ( yes ) , 
^? ^^» nT[^: M. M. ▼!., 
^qflfJtrJTrFf^^f ^jrrf%«r: Sis. i. 
75, 2 command , 3 assent , 
4 auspiciousness; 3 Brah- 
man (n.) GoMP.— ^f^m. the 
«acred and mystic syllable 

^t^ o.i/.m) Wet, damp. 

t||T«ntv<. 1. P; 10. U (pp. 

g jl^pi d ) To cast upwards, 

to throw up. 
Bfrtr a. (f. m) 1 Wet, damp; 

2 in the shape of a hostage. 

CoMP. -SfRPT a. receired as 

a hostage. 
afK ^' Burning, combustion. 
afrrr w. Pungency, sharp 


medical plant; 3 an annual 

plant or herb which dies 

after becoming ripe. Comp, 

— f^ m. The moon. -«T^m. 

the moon, -ir a. produced 

from plants, -qfil' m. 1 a 
physician; 2 the moon. hT' 
^ m. the capital of Hima- 
laya ( considered as a king) 

VII, 69. 

•frH" m. A lip. CoMP.— nif 
91. the root of the lip. -q^ 
m, a tender lip* ( in this 
compound the last member 
is used almost without any 
sense. ) -jr n. the' cari^ 
made by opening the lips. 

«fr^a. (/. «^)A M% 

^ tnc/. 1 An interjection of 

*(1) calling, (2) addressing; 
2 a particle of opposition. 

ij^r^ir n. A peculiar mode of 

1^, BthcW n. A multitude 
of oxen, 

i^^^q n. Formidableness, 

lllrq' m, A flood. 

WP^^/ 1 Fitness, proprie- 
ty; 2 fitness as a mode of 
determining the sense of a 
word in a sentence. ( WTT^*^- 

liifr^^ n. See 4^f^. 

ifhl':M76''ff* Name of Indra's 

W^lri^^la.(/.nit) Ener. 
getic, Tigorous. II w. a 

^jj^TE^ n. Vigour of life, en- 

^lifW^w^n. Brightness, bril- 

JttSf^ ^. A passenger in a 

lihjWCla. i/'ft) Made of 

Udumhara wood.IIw. Name 

of a region abounding in 

Udurnbara trees. 
af^ m. An inhabitant of the 

Odra country. 
alNivaV n. 1 Desire ; 2 an- 
llhl^ m. The third of the 

fourteen Manns. 
«lNf^ o. (/. q* ) Northern, 

inhabiting the north. Comp. 

— ^ftnr «• going in the 

northern direction. 
a^lff^ m. A name of Pari- 

kshit, son of Abhimanyu 

and ITttara. 
s^^rnrn^ m. l a name of 

DhruYa; 2 the polar star. 
s^irnnif^ w- See «I^<1MM|<. 
Bft^^a. (/. ^) 1 In- 
born, natural; 2 produced 

at the same time. 
»iW^ o. (J. ^) Treating 

of portents. 
^^nfiWiIa. (/. w^) Por. 

teutons, prodigious, B. xiv. 

53. II n. A portent. 
«t>W^ a. (/. ^) Borne 

on th e hips. 

^^t^^^a.if.^) 1 Tb»t 
which is ralid generally but 
is liable to be abolished in 
exceptional cases* 2 genen^ 
as opposed to special; 3iia» 
tural, inherent; 4 deriratire. 

^lir^M n. 1 Anxiety, im- 
easiiL^s; 2 desire, seal, ^l* 
?g^ fffTf^n Rat. I. 

HlWa. (/. *r) Referring 
to water, watery. 

^Jt^T^I^ a. (/. 4V) Contaitt- 
ed in a jar. 

a^f^7 m. A cook. 

Jh^ a. (/. *) Voiaeiow. 
gluttonous, *«5Hl<R*<flM^ 
wvi^(^^^: Vikr.ui. ^ 

iM«. (/. ^ft) Being k 
the womb. 

^^^f?T^* Buttermilk wilb 
an equal quantity of watac 

iltmi w. 1 Generosity, magn- 
animity; 2 greatness, «* 
cellence; 3 depth of mag^ 
ing, ff I?>sl| <l4f^^^i lff 

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- «. 1 Indifference, 

w%, q4f^^ snir: crrj. 
Wffft^ ^/Sgrq^R. X. 25. 2 
flolitarinesg, loneliness; 3 in- 
ference to worldy a^irs. 
m^^ n. See 8?t?cr#^. 
•Ij^f^Iw. 1 Copper; 2 a 
fadt of the Udumbara tree. 

•fflpH%/A branch of the 

Uatanhara tree. 
VfflriirA. The office of the 
jng^ priest, 

iHHili n. A kind of honey. 
^fRrsFa. (/- ^) IndicatiTc 

«Jt^|5^n,l Arrogance, insol- 

enoe; 2 boldness, adrentur- 

onanes, ^Jlns^qTir^lf^nWfim- 

ycM.M . I. 

9j|f|^ I a. (/. ^ ) Deduct- 
ed from patrimonj. II n. A 

porti on 80 deducted (in law). 

mf n. 1 Spring waterj 2 


iof to marriage; 2 obtained 
on account of marriage, Yaj, 
vu U8. n 71. A gift made 
to a woman at her marriage. 
llmil fi. Height, (physical 

^knfim a. (/. ^ ) Being 
Mrtiie ears. 

'i'lWt n, A residence, a 

/. See, 4hnJT#. ^ 
»* 1 An eclipse; 
or moon in eclipse. 

tt-fy.'fit)! Second- 
metaphorical, figura- 

) Being 



; 2 acquired 

A fftisd doct- 

rine, heresy; 2 a low prin- 
ciple of Tirtue. 

«ft^^ «. (/ ^) Deceitful, 

«tlr7^ n. The wheel of 


^WrRJf^^ «. (/. ^ ) Kela- 
ting to the rite of investi- 
turewith the sacred thread. 

MIhP|TM*w. 1 A thing pledg- 
ed or deposited; 2 a pledge 
(in law). 

'^^n^^ I a. (/.^)lScrip- 
tural, theological- 2 based 
chiefly on the Upanishads, 
e. g. ^{if^^t ?rthT?, *the 
Ved^nta philosophy.' II m 

I The sunreme soul; 2 The 
follower fl an Tq^«r^. 

^ft^rftft^ a. (/.Sfft) Being 
near the knot of the wearing 
garment, 4lM^ft*H« {^ 
jft ^«rH^ ^»T5 Sis. X. 60. 

Hrrrf^mr «. (/. *) IReady, 

within reach; 2 fit, proper; 

3 theoret-ical. 
^^nif^a. {/.^) 1 Serr- 

ing for a comparison; 2 

shown by a comparison. 
l^npir T*. 1 SimiUrity; 2 a 


fit; 2 obtained by efforts. 

II ri. A means, an expedi- 
ent, f^r^4hPr#r t^^^h, Kir. 
n. 65. 

wrftra. (/. H) Produced 

M'Mlf^ I a. ( /. * ) 1 
Proceeding from kindness 
or forour; 2 opposing, imped- 
ing. II m. A staff of the 
wood of the cffg* tree. 

•IhwtT. (/. rtt) Made of 

^q^ n. Fasting, a fast, 

Mn^^ «• Food suitable for 
a fast. 

i|rqr^^ fj. Fasting. 

WnrW I CI. (/. wr) Serv- 

mg for riding on. II m. 1 
A king's elephant. 2 any 
royal rehicle. 
W^%ftRir a. (/. ^) Get- 
ting livelihood by entire de- 
votion to anything 

^^f^'nrPw a. (/. ^) 1 


WWiJrt a. (/. ijfr) 1 Able 
to harm or injure* 2 portent- 

«lrif^^^ a. (/. 6r7r) Living 
by fornication. 

Wr^ir n. Cohabitation, 
sexual enjoyment. 

mIh^iRI^ n. An offering^ 
an oblation. 

^?(^nf^ a. (/. ^) 1 Condi- 
tional; 2 pertaining to at- 
tributes or properties. 

^ti'^n^^rnw a. (/ ^ ) ob- 

tained from an UpddhyAya. 

ifrtRR I m. The fire used 
for domestic worship. II a. 
(/: Jft ) Relating to gmfir. ' 

5|pr inrf. The sacred syllable 
of the S'ridras, being a 
substitute for ait^whlch they 
cannot use. 

^tlK^ I a. (/. ift) Renting 
to a serpent. II n. The aster- 
ism called ^ikm. 

lIlTVr I n. A coarse woolen 
blanket. II a. (/ ^) Pro- 
duced from or relating to a 

im^9^ n, A flock of sheep. 

^krthV^ «i. A shepherd. 

H^ra I. o. (/. ^ ) 1 Pro- 
duced from the breast, t . e, 
produced by one's self; 2 
legitimate. II m. A legi- 
timate son, Yaj. n, 128. 

ilNir a. (/.^) See^L 

W'* o. (/. off ) Made of 

»Jf^«.(/.^) Woolen. 

_, ._Rclat- 

I ing to subsequent time, 


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ifK^^ n. A funeral cere- 

^^fffl^ I a. (/. ?|ft ) Be- 
lating to a deceased person, 
funeral. II n. Obsequies of 
a deceased person. 

«f^^ I m. 1 Name of a i?ishi; 
2 submarine fire. II a, ( /. 
^ ) Produced from the 

^^. ^* ^ collection of 

^i^ifi^fBi m. Kandda, the pro- 
pounder of the Vais'eshika 
JDars'ana. See Aulu'kyadar^ 
s'ana in Sar. D. 

^V^nwifl. (/.^) 1 Re- 

. lating to T^r^j 2 pro- 
, pounded by 4^H^» II »• A 
treatise on polity by g^R^. 
afllN?*^ w. Excess, super- 

^^Kft^w. Thesonof UsW' 

nara. (See App. 11.) 
%fKfK n. 1 A bed, aNt^OT 

^Fr»nTrr:!r%4H3:.B. K.; 2 

a seat; 3 the root of a fra- 
grant grass; 4 an unguent 
madeofgifir;5 a fan; 6 
the handle of a fan or 
a chdmara. 

»^q^ n. 1 Pungency; 2 
black pepper. 

^tq)Sf 71. 1 A herb; 2 a medic- 
ament; 3 a mineral. 

5|iisrf?r(^)/. lA herb; J8 
a medicinal herb, e,g,TjfiM^t' 
cnftirf ^HFT:; 3 an herb 
which emits fire, Kir. v. 24; 
4 an annual plaol. 

«fM^«. (/. ir ) Relating 
to a drug or medicine, 

^1^ n. Rock-salt. 

»ftqfr a. (/. ^ ) Eekting 

to day-break. 
^Ihr^/ Bay-break, mom- 

»fkPW «. (/ ^) See met. 
^ff^^ I n. The milk of a camel. 

IlV(/.^)Relatingto a 

camel,produced from a ca mel. 
^fjFcir n, A multitude of 

a^a. (/. #r) Lip-shaped. 
aft5^ a. (/. OTT ) RelatiM 

to the lip, labial. Comp.— ^ 

m. a labial letter; theyaw 

3-. 3r, qt. '^» f » ^' 5 *°^ t-r 

^ i ;y a. pronounced with 
the lips.-^T^ nt, a labial 
vowel ; they are T and a;. 

a^^ n. Heat, warm th. 

^mo^ n . See W«*T, 

a(K^ »7. S(e ^M> R. xnu 

^l m. 1 Brahman ( w. ); ' 
. 2 Vishnu; 3 K^madera; 
4 fire; 5 air, wind; 6 Yama, 
the god of death- 7 the sun; 
8 the soul; 8 a king; 10 a 
peacock; 11 a bird; 12 the 
mind; 13 body; 14 time; 
15 a cloud; 16 a word; 17 
bair. II n, 1 Happiness, 
pleasure (as in ^i^ 'heayen,' 
according to Yaska) ;2 water, 

cq ^ Yaj. II 108, * ^ cf. 

fiW" 55^ iHt r^gqrR?r: Vi- 

dagdhamukhamane/ana; 3 
head, e.g. *>mfm^TR *" *Rf 
w^ HTl^ 3rfnr fnprr^^. 

^JtB" I ni. n, 1 A drinking- 
vessel, a cup; 2 a particular 
•measure known as 3?f5^; 
8 bell-metal. II m. Name of 

a king of Mathura. ( See 
App. II).CoMP.-vf^ fT^, 
f^f^t fini ^' an epithet of 
Krishwa, enemy and con- 
queror of Kansa, ^ ^ft^- 
fi'm ^\fVm ^ Ve. I., Sis. 
I. 16. -vfltr ». bell-metal. 
"^URtn, 1 a mixed tribe. 

^rgOt 2 a worker in pewter 
or white brass generally. 

«|i^SF n, ' Bell-metal. 

^15^4 vt or ri. 1. A ( pp. 
^f^) ITo wish; 2tole 
proud; 3 to be unsteady. 
II vt. l.A (pres ^NiH) 
To go . 

^^ffim m. The Caataha bi'd. 

^I5f /• 1 A peak, a sum- 
mit; 2 chief, head; 3 the 
hump on the shoulders of the 

Indian bull; 4 an ensign or 
symbol of royalty. (According 
to grammarians ^r:^ is tte 
form which must be substi- 
tuted for^P5^ at the end of 
compounds, e. g, f^^TR 
* three-peaked'.) CoMP.-*iH 
m. 1 a buffalo with a hump 
on his shoulders, irftWt 

iv.22,K.S.i. 56;2amoi«- 
tain, ^ir^f^rrrw^ /^rr^: *• 

xm. 47.-infr/. the hiparf 
loins.-^q- m. an epithet of 
ofTT, a king of the Sobt' 
race, R. vi. 71. ( See App, 

^R^ m, n, 1 The hump oil 
the shoulders of the Indian 
bull ; 2 h ead, chief , fWS* 

Digitized by 




poLk, a samrnit; 4 a sym- 
bol of royalty, R.iu. 70. 

^^^f^ffK m.lA. moaQtain; 2 
a ball with a hamp on his 
shoolders; 3 a name of 
Jting t^nr. CoMP.— j|n;i|T, 
^mf. Revati, wife of Bala- 
rama, Sis. ii. 20 

^St^ «>• 'I'he cavities of 
to loins, ( ^ij^ 5RPTyr^ 
let. on Yaj.iii. 96.) 

n^ /l 1 A peak, a summit; 
Xa quarter of the compass, 

8 beanty, grace; 4 a wreath 
of Ckompaka flowers; 5 a 
Sicred treatise. 

^^npf r m. 1 A crooked piece 
il wood at the end of the 
htcj 2 the Arjuna tree. II 
91. A flower of the Kutaja 
tree,Megh. i. 22. 

-IJpr ». The Bakula tree. 

^nllH I m. Name of a plant 
bearing a berry, ^ 4iP>ff^^- 

U ft. 1 A berry of this plant; 
2 a perfume prepared from 
]t» berries. 

^TOft^K^TPTTs) M. M. 

MV a. (/ ?r) 1 Hard, 

«M; 2 laughing, 
iipaft/: Chalk. 
•WNl^l A hiding place, 2 

^ Interior of a forest, 
.WWb^ liW^ Bt, I. 27; 3 
\Mfy wood; 4 grass, qriT^g 

7pm W Trf: R. VII. 65, 
nx. 110; 5 a climbing 
^tal^ 6 the side or plank; 7 
tt» armpit, ifftr^^fM ^ 
IwmW^Sis. n. 42; 
r%^ birfblo; 9 a gate; 
Hwi end «f the 
^ 0ipei^ ^vAidi^ after 
mill., is oanM round 

the body, is brought up be- 
hind and tucked into the 
waistband; U the harem of 
a king; 12 marshy ground. 
II n. 1 Sin;2 a star. Comp.- 
-9|%9|Plf m. 1 a superinten- 
dent of the harem; 2 a 
gardener; 3 a door-keeper ;4 
a paramour; 5 an actor • 6 
a debauchee; 7 eagerness of 
feeling, strength of senti- 
ment.-^ n. the shoulder- 
joint.-q* m. a tortoisc-^jfiT, 
fTFJ «t. a dog. 
^W/. 1 An elephant's rope; 

2 a woman's girdle; 3 the 
wrist; 4 a surrounding wall; 

5 a courtyard, an enclosure ; 

6 a room, an apartment, zR*- 

70, *if*rtifH*HH^r^^nffTrr 

r{>^: Kad.,M. vii. 224; 

7 similarity; 8 the armpit; 
9 the end of the lower gar- 
ment, which, after the cloth 
is carried round the body, is 
brought up behind and tucked 
into the waistband; 10 the 
waist; 11 tying up the waist; 
12 an upper garment; 13 ob- 
jection or reply in argument; 
14 emulation,riyalry. Comp. 
"M^K ^. 1 an inner room, a 
private apartment; 2 another 
room.-q? m. a cloth passed 
between the legs to cover 
the privities. 

^K^i /. ( used in most of 
the senses of ^^\ ) 1 The 
girth of an*' elephant or 
horse; 2 a woman's girdle; 

3 similarity ; 4 the inner 
apartment of a palace ; 5 an 
upper garment ; 6 the bor- 
der of a garment ; 7 an 

sfrmir/ An enclosure. 
%^ m. 1 A heron ; 2 a 
. . kind of mangO; 3 an e^uthet 
of Yama; 4 a Rshatriya; 

6 a false or pretended 
Br&hmana, {e.g. Yudhish- 
<hira at the paUce of ViriWa.) 

CoMP.-^PTjlPPJC ««*^ arrow 
furnished with the feathers 
of a heron, R. n. 81.-JQf nu 
n. a pair of tongs .-^inc m. 
a dog. 
cA^€ 1 m. 1 Mail, defen- 
it^fi^^ J sive armour, ?n5- 
^tf: *^i3-jtf^fj^ R. VII. 59 ; 
2 an iron hook to goad an 
«)i^<^ I m. n. 1 A bracelet, 
?ri%^ ^xVn^ ? ^^^ Bhartr, 
IT. 71 ; 2 an ornament in 
general, Ht »it: tN" ft 5^^- 
^ ^JWm^ Hit. I.. 3 a string 
tied round the wrist, \^, t^ 

l^^jt ^f^ Mv. II.; 4 a crest. II 
m. Water-spray, PnW dTRft 

/PHy r» gfry^T^ Ud. 

4)1^^ "I /*. 1 An oma- 

^^^fNiT J rtkent furnished 
with bells; 2 a small beU. 

5CTr!f m. n. 1 A comb, a hair- 


^^RT n. Buttermilk. 

4i^\ ^ »». »>• A skeleton, ^* 

M^i f ml f f^ q; Asr. I. Comp. 

— TH^'t.''** S'iva, 
^li^^mw w. The body. 

*^ m. The As'oka tree. 

jjf^^ m. The hand. 

UPH^I vi. 1. P ( PP' ^f^ ) 
To sound. II vt. or vi. 1. U 
(pp. ^Fif^) 1 To bind, f^if^T 
^PT^^irCJ,^ Bt. XIV. 94; a 
to shine. 

31^ m. 1 Hair, BTl^rsftf^fwr: 
Upeir^lt ITT- Bhartr, I. 5; 2: 
a scar; 3 the hem of a gar* 
ment; 4 name of a son of 
Brihaspati, ( See App . II); 
5 a cloud. CoMP. — Mlf^ 
a. having dishevelled hair, 
Kir. I. 36. -T|f «. seiah 
iiig the hair, takmg by 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

- ■ 

the hair, B. x. 47, xix. 
31. -q^, ifnir, f^ »i. thidc 
( or ornamented) hair; ( qj- 

^pg^ Am.) . -irfff w. smoke. 

iK^iRPf «. A free-market. 

^^i[«9 m. The ocean. 

^fk^f. A she-elephant. 

^WlJhfti »nd Hair against 
hair, t. e, pulling each 
other's hair. 

Omi^ m. The ^r^ bird. 

ir^ ". (/ ^)1 Bad, dirty; 
2 vile,wicked. 

^ISf^ ind, A particle 1 of 
interrogation ( often imply- 
ing * I hope,' or * I hope 

not^' ) €,j. gygpt^ ^ «*nrtr- 

B. V. 6, 6; 2 of joyj 3 of 
ifi^ I m. n. The hem or end 
of a garment. II m. 1 A 
bank, any ground border- 
ing on water, ^•ti<?'^H- 

Pr. I.; 2 a marsh, a morass; 
8 a particular part of the 
tortoise; 4 a particular part 
of a ship. CoMP.—q- m.(/cm. 
<|^) 1 a turtle, a tortoise, %^- 

Git. G. I., M.i.44,xii.42; 

2 an attitude in wrestling; 

3 one of the nine treasures 
of Kubera; 4 (/.) a kind of 
lute. -^/. marshy ground, a 
morass. -«tfr ««. thcborder 
ol a l4ke or stream. 

y^gf^ sfrr ) f. The end of 
W^^fl^ [ a lower gar- 
^^iR^ r ( nient gathered 
4i^l^ * ) up behind and 
tuck^ into the waistband. 

UTiJ^ a. (/. n ) 1 Scabby. 2 
unchaste, libidinous. 

dlW I m. A cloud. II n. 1 
Lampblack, ipjf lyiyr^^^^. 



Kad.. 2 collyrium, aT^Tjpt nt 

/%>(?T*'^J|«l^It»f^1|*i Ch, P. 

16, Am. S, 88j 3ink. Comp. 

iflW »». a lamp.-ft'^f^ir m. «. 

the wooden stand on which 

a lamp is placed. 
sit^n^m. 1 The sun; 2 the 

Arka plant. 
«K5^ m. A dress fitting 

close to the upper part of 

the j» ody, M^ \ *'"S!f^*g*^ 

Rstl jr ^l^l< 4 ^PTT : Bat. ii., 

Panch. II.; 2 mail, armourj 

3 a bodic e, ^; ftr »<^|p[ 
'rtl^ ^jnw ^r+^^f^^r: Am. 
S. 81 ; j ffir^ ^*?^<K1i' 5frqr: 
^'^t^^r frtt a bad work- 
man quarrels with his tools') ; 

4 the skin of a snake; 5 cloth 
in general; 6 husk. 

«Ag*rjJ m. A snake. 

*5!%fr a. ( / m) Furnished 
with a mail or armour. 

^•iftRr !«.(/ *)lFur. 
nished with an armour. II 
m. 1 An attendant on the 
women's apartments, a 
chamberlain, ^i ^^r*- 

Bat. II.; ( he is thus de- 
fined^— atjj^^T ft- 

^S^ny: *iniftr?rf5t>Stq% ); 2 
a debauchee ; 3 a door- 
keeper ; 4 a serpent; 5 
*S^5^ /. A bodice, ?♦ 

'Rhnit4%HR Am.S. 23. 
qjhr I m. 1 The hair ; 2 an 

epithet of Brahman ( m. ) . 

II n. 1 A lotus; 2 ambrosia. 

Comp.— ir m. Brahman, 

( »«. )."''ffT w. Vishnu. 
I^W^ m. A kind of bird. 
i^W7 m. 1 K&madeya ; 2 a 

kind of bird. 

*W(1IT) Km. IThcbeUy; 

2 an elephant; 3 the sun; 4 
an epithet of Bmhman(m.). 

^HH m. A kind of bird. 

^jgr »t. 1 The temples of an 
elephant, ^fftpj^nf ifrf^T^- 
f^ B. u. 37, lu. 37, 
IV. 47 ; 2 a kind of grass * 

3 a mat, M. ii. 204; 4 the 
hip; 5 the hollow abore the 
hip; 6 a corpse; 7 a hearse- 
8 an arrow; 8 custom; 10 
a cemetery; 11 a particular 
throw of the dice in hazard; 
irS^ (^R^IiaSf ^[P< Mrich. 
u.; 12 excess, as in Tfifi?. 
Coxp.— 97^ m. a glance, 
a side-look, (^#ir^) j^irreT- 

I., Megh. I. 35, Bhartr. i. 2, 
Sant S. I. 27. -^"^ »• 1 
water for a f imeiul libation; 
2 rut, ichor, ^^'cfii m. 1 
fire; 2 gold; 3 Gaiies'a, Yaj. 
I. 285. -^K w. 1 a mixed 
tribe of low social position, 

^jjtT: Us'anas); 2 a mat- 
weaver. -«9fh7 m. a spitting 
vessel. -fSlTf^ m. 1 a jackal- 
2 a crow; 3 a glass- vessel 
-^t^ m. a hamlet of herds* 
men. ^^H m, a species of 
departed spirits; (thus des* 
cribed by Manu : — 3|%w?J^^ 

xu. 71), ^^rfm: ^T^IfRfJni- 
JT^J ^rtrnS^ jri^ M. M: v. 
(the Bombay edition has %• 
2rq?Rr.) -H^m. 1 S'iva; 2 a 
goblin. H^ftf m. n. the but- 
tocks. -9t«r m. 1 gleaning 

^ com with the handS; 2 roy^J 
misfortune. -'nfWJir/- '^^ 

2ii7^ «. n. 1 A string; 2 a 
bracelet, BT W^H^ ^Ct ^ 
^imft Ch. P.16; 8 a Bone; 

4 the link of a chain; 6 a 
mat) 6 sen-salt; 7 ^ 
side oi^idge of a movmtiflif 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


B. XVI. 31, K. S. VII. 52; 
SUble-Iaad, Sis. iv. 65; 9 
an army, a camp; 10 a 
royal metropolis. 

IS^^M. A mountain. 

^PHfn. The roof or thatch 
of a house. 

9?1f m, 1 A flying pan, a 
shallow boiler for oil or 
baiter; 2 a turtle's shell; 
3 ft well; 4 a hill of earth; 
5 ft piece of a broken jar, 
K8,v. 37. 

lft(rfr)/.l The hip, M. 
tul 2^; 2 the buttocks; 
(the word is considered as 
rdgtf and colloquial in 
these senses; the S.D., for 
iDS<iaoe, says that ^^ is 
W^ in • ^ftt<? ffJr 'T^O; 
S an elephant's cheek. 
CoMP. -US' n. the loins. 
-V ». 1 a cloth tied round 
the loins; 2 a aone. •^n 
SI. the buttocks. -«nfis^/ 
ft woman's xone. -^f^ m. 
the rider of an elephant. 
«^H^ m. the loins. -^(iUHr 
/ a girdle of small bells. 
«^ n. a female zone or 

IJfNfr/. The hip. 

id^ m. n. 1 A cave; 2 the 
ttvity of the loins. 

HQl^ M. The posteriors. 

l|a. (/. ? or ^ ) 1 Pung. 
«4aaid« sharp, Bg. xru. 
9flltagrant , strong-scented, 
B. v« 43; 3 having a bad 
sodl;4bitter,Ya]. m. 142; 
i displeasing, disagreeable, 

▼i» W; 6 envious. If », 
Pngeney, acerbity, as one 
^ottha six flavours. (The 
'sift iftWOTMC;— q^C, ^, 

'Pn* s'Ws <?lw?r ft^wl^fi'iPT). 

m »»1Aa improper act; 2 
•Miat. Ci»P.-iiftT, *. 
i« Mr.a gnat.-isr^ the 

TtW^Aa bird. -Pr<»l^ m. 
grain not inundated.-%f n. 
a certain perfume.-^ m. a 

!|55?|f I a. (/. w) 1 Sharp, 
pungent; 2 impetuous, hot; 
3 displeasing, disagreeable. 
II m. Pungency, acerbity, as 
one of the six flavours. See, 

qqr^lf^/. Rough manners. 

9|^ n. buttennilk mixed with 

^^^ n. An earthen vessel. 

qC^t^ m. 1 A pungent flavour; 
2 a man of an inferior and 
degraded tribe, a Chancf41a. 

T^^lvt. 1. P. 10. U (pp. 
^ff; pres. *^, *OTI?t-%) 
To miss, to remember with 
regret. II vi. !• A (pp, 
tg^; pres. *^) To be 
anxious, to long for (gener- 
ally used with the preposi- 
tion 7i( and a noun in the 

K. Pr. X. 

2irr I m. Name of a sage, the 
teacher of that recension of 
the Yajurveda which goes 
by his name. II m, pi. The 
followers of that sage. Comp. 
— ^ m. a Brahmana skill* 
ed m the ^r? branch of the 
Yajurveda. -^JK%1| »• a 
Br&hmana who has studied 
the Eatha branch of the 

Sf^^nt m- ^^ epithet of S'iva. 

^li3Ta. C/.fT) Hard. 

^KfNiT/. Chalk 

^K^la. (f.H^ )l H ard, 

stiff, ^ixqr 'rffllrH '^Nrwt^ ^- 
ft^wfiO^ ^\ Wft Am. S. 
72; 2 inflexible; 3 hard- 
hearted, cruel, ^r f^v*f ^n^' 
5Tr: ^J^' K. 8. IV. 5, or 
S?r>r ^K?%% *fl«l*l5|^l Am. S. 
6;4 giving pain, ^ft^ft- 

^*H?I*^'W 5^^_Megh, 11,29; 
5 violent, f^t^i^^fS^t ^ ^^ 
H^m m^4 \ *i Vikr. u. II 
SI. A thicket. Oomp. — j- 
9* M. a tortoise. 

!|if^ /. 1 A sweetmeat 
made with refined sugar- 2 
an earthen vessel for cook- 

;|^^}/ Chalk. 

^^a {f.KI ) 1 Hard, so- 
lid; 2 sharp, piercing, r Iff 

^ Sant. 8. 1. 22; 3 cruel, 
hard hearted,^r*rriRr^fT%4- 

^fwr !fr^%n^HfK.Pr. 
IV.; 4 developed; full ( mo- 
rally or physically) %AliaKI- 
ft'-fr^ltt^dft : 8is . I. 20, «ir- 
tf*t*IXfl*dCM»l«pfr>I Ut. I., 

^W I vf . or vt. 1. U ( pres. 
aftrRr,*iiT ) 1 To be proud; 
2 To unhusk. II vt. 10. U 

( PP* <PnT; pres. ^ihrqf^-^' 

1 To protect, to defend; 

to unhusk ( as gram. ) 
«inr a. (/. ¥r) 1 Dumb, 

hoarse; 2 ignorant, stupid. 
«ir*^ W ^ Tif. straw. . 

^rnrW^o. (/• iit)To 

be fed with straw, (as a cow 
or buffalo >, R. r. 9. 

WkW^ n, A kind of vessel. 

«F*^f /. Science. 

1^ (1^) w m. Stem. 

Jirfn: I a. (/ ft) ITawny; 2 
haughty, impudent. II si. 1 
A servant; 2 the tawny 

^HlflH' in, A sword. 

3K«ll v^ or vi.l. P ( jpi?. V- 
pR" ) 1 To sound ; 2 to be- 
come small; 3 to go. II vi. 
10. P (i>l).«Uf^ ) To wmk, 
to close the eye with the Ud», 

Hr«r m. 1 A grain, M. xi, 92; 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

2 a grain of dust; 3 a drop 
( of water ), spray, ifT^mift 
*ll(^41d<*l>"ll*i Sak. 11 1., STT- 
mm^i Megh. I. 26, 45, n. 
6, Am. S. 54; 4 an ear of 
com ; 6 an atom, a minute 
particle , 6 a very small 
quantity Sant.S. nx.5.CoMP. 
*"^Tf ) W;^^« ^ nickname 
of the philosopher who pro- 
mulgated the Yais'eshika 
system of philosophy.-q* m. 
a kind of spear, ^m^**«l- 

<^*HAH, 1^. K.-ftfWPK' w. a 
kind of bird.-f^pr ^' * 
whirlpool.-^ITl.««^. particle 
by particle, drop by drop, 
grain by grain, little by 
Kttie, K. S. IV.27. 

^i^iqr m. 1 A grain • 2 a 
Bmall particle ;Qskn ear of 

;s^^^ / 1 An atom, a part- 
icle; 2 a drop ( of water ) 
Megh. II. 35 ; 3 a kind of 

^lif^ m. n. A car of com. 

W^ «. (/. ^ ) Small, di- 

^^5^ ind, A particle express- 
ing the satisfying of a de- 
sire, ^^?q ^: prtf^ < he 
drinks milk till he is satis* 
fied. ' 

«li^fT ( F ) /. 1 A she-ele jA- 
ant; 2 a courtezan. 

^€^ I m. n. 1 A thorn; 2 a 
prickle, a sting, Yaj. iii. 53- 

3 a finger-nail • 4 horripila- 
tion ; 5 any troublesome per- 
son who is, as it were, a 
thorn to the state and an 
enemy of order, n5q*3ir(?- 
*^^: Vikr. Ch. r. 1, 
M. IX. 260, (y#) f^fftr- 
J5JffT^ppr*7«ini Sak. vii.; 
6 a Texing speech ; 7 any 
«ource of rexation, M. ix. 
253. II m. 1 A bamboo; 2 


a workshop • 3 fault, de- 
fect. CoMP. — sT^pf, «WSF, 
ri^m. a camel, - ^^ l im n. 
extracting thoms ; 2 re- 
moving annoyances, ^r?^- 

IX. 252. -jjf m. 1 a thorny 

b ush, y^i tn pTcHt ^^: fft- 
^*7?fnrHr: Mrich, IX., 2 
the S'almali tree, -^isw m. 
the Fanasa tree, -*ir^ w. 
supp ressing disturbances. - 
ft^r^rr «. suppressing a 
source of rexation, Vikr. 

Ch.T. 1. 

*«f*W a. (/. m) 1 Thorny; 
2 corered with erect liair, 
^^9X: *JT*crRr^TO: B. vii. 
22^ K. S. Tx. 15. 

'i h^tfa^ a. (/ ifr ) 1 Thorny, 
*31*ft ^hrr: Vikr. Ch. i. 
116; 2 rexatious. Comp.— 
qjW •»• the^Pana«a tree. 

^*ftiWl m. A thomy kind of 

afry w>n>l The throat, ^: 

^ftd^|^i||ft|*4f«(: Sak. ir., 

*^ ^'fff^rf m^ f^ri^ 
3"wftrBRt ^m^ VI.J 2 the 

J^lnf^Megh. I. 3, arciciT. 
*^f^rT3rTf^fr K. S. T. 57; 
8 the Toice, ftfpr? ftr^TT^fe 
g^R, TH. 64, xir. 68; 
4 the neck of a ressel; 5 
immediate proximity. Comp. 
-Q^pfl[Of n. a neck-ornament, 

^PTT^^ Vikr. Ch. I. 24. 
jj^^jili f t^ m. an epithet of 
S'iTa.-qgPwr/. the Indian 
lute.-vpir a. coming to the 
throat, ?. €. on the point of 
departing* *. ^. 5T 'I^^TT'l'ff HRT 
^A: *7»m^.-^rr m. n. the 
side of the neck.-^ ind. 
1 from the throaty 2 ex- 
plicitly .-flT a. reaching to 
the neck.-^t^nj m. a kite.- 

^tl^^iw.abig lamp.-qf^rir 
tn. a rope passing round an 
elephant's neck, -wm /. a 
short necklace, ftJ^T *HTpr* 
r^irj Vikr. Ch. xnn. 102. 
-•if^ »». 1 a jewel worn oft 
the neck; 2 a dear or belor- 
ed object. ..^[ffr3|[ a. reside 
ing in the throat, t . e. Oft 
the point of departinirt 
». XII. 54. -^^}K «»► 1 
parching of the throat {Uf.); 

2 fruitless expostulatta 
(/^•). -^5inr w. hanglHf 
round the neck. -Wf •. » 
kind of embrace, (thus d«* 
filled :-2^^|^^^grftMrw>T^ 

WT5 R^ XIX. 32. 

^7n7m.lAboat; 2 a spade; 

3 war; 4 f^ camel. 
^t^fim/' A necklace of (m 


^^/. 1 Keck, throat; 2 a 
necklace, a collar. Co]ip.«^ 
f7». 1 a lion; 2 an ekplMi 
in mt, *^tnwft^ D. K.; 
3 a pigeon; 4 explicit meA* 
tion, e. g, ^iiOfiiy-^H* 

ttiSt^ m, A camel. 

*5ira. (/.«W)1 Rebtinjr 
to the throat; 2 gMmL 
Comp. -^ m. a gattunl 
letter; they are:— *3T, ^ K 
^^y «I, ^» y, and ^.-^ «. • 
guttural Towel; they •» <f 

sJiTR" n. 1 Threshmg, sepai^ 
mg the chaff from theg»in» 
2 chaff. 

ejnrft/. 1 A wooden mwia^ 
in which the threshing Ol 
grain is performed; 8 • 

*f^/. Sinew. ' 

sRf^p^ /. A ^ort sectKHl 
(in Ve4iw5 woAs ). 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

i|ii./.ll Semtching; 2 
tt/ /itching, JfTTlH^f: 
^Rft^K. S. 1.9. 

iavt^^T w. 1. u (ir is 

imj6 added on to tbe base 
ei tikis root ) ( pjf. ^' 
ft?r» pr^. *ljr^-^)lTo 

iib;2 to scmtdi, ^i^<<HI^H ' 
ft TO(^ B. n. 87, Jjiftir*-- 
WrfKTOR: K. 8. III. 86, 

'PIRf f^ Slifc VI. 
Mf/. 1 Scotching; 2 

?ii|J99r n. Scmtcfaing, rub- 

^mi#/. A brash for rub- 

*Wr / 1 Scmtching; 2 

*^«. (/.W) HftTing or 

iSSSikg i&e itch, itchy, ^li^- 


#)|!ir m. 1 A basket for hold- 
ii% gmiBi 2 a safe; 3 a 

1<M/. The lute of the 


i^M. Acat^:pillar. 
(fivfrn. The name of a sage. 

(te App. II). CoMP -,J|fi|, 
/ S'akutaUi, Kanra's 

If^ ^ 1 M. The dearing-nut- 

l^llant; (the nut of this 

tiqs^^mrs turbid water), 

|»M.VT.67.II n. The 
aiM^istree, 7 ^R7T4r^- 
||#l>IIiry&manastktra. 1. 1. 

otwM i of many, 8|pr ITR^ 

ifc s, mr wit jf^ jprf^- 

1^ »rn=iTrt?l'Sak. I., i^jf inr- 

^TTR^^ 'ft^mr? Ve. I. (^R<T7, 
howeyer, is often used as a 
mere strengthened substi- 
tute for ftrjj. ) 
SFW pron.{f. ^.n.xn) Who 
or which of two, l^ritV: ^- 

*i%: Bg. II. 6. (It is 
sometimes used in the sense 

ofy?n r ). 

WnifW w. Fire. ( Cf . linPTTw) 

^f!^ proH. ( declined in the 

plural only; nom. and 

*cc. ^)1 How many, i?f^- 

flhir: Sant.S. m. 18. When 
f oUowed byaipr,^5r,orf^,^ 
generally loses its interroga- 
tire character and means 
* several ' • some, ' HftJf ^^T- 

Pr ^i*i<ii^ »Fnrr+ ^i^Rf^i 
y ^ Am, 8,25 , aft^witr V- 

iTPErr^Megh. I. 2. CoMP.-^- 
?f^ ind how many times. - 
y^ ind. 1 how oft«i ; 2 in 
how many places or parts.* | 
qW pron. ( /. 1|T or ;ift ) 1 
some, several, a certain 
number, J^\ frfhq?ft^ ir- 
C^TiTW WftT Sis. n. 72, 

^^ITPit: Megh. i. 23. -f^ 
a. of how many kinds.-n^ 
ind. how many at a time. 

€|r^ W.or vt. 1. A (pp. 
^^ ) 1 To boast, to 
swagger, 7p^ ^s:^^ ^ mi 
Bt. XVI. 4 ; 2 to praise, to 
celebrate • 3 to abuse . 
With pr-1 to boast; 2 to 
disparage, ^^ >t^ c^rr^rr- 

J^jStt^HT? ft^R^ Bh. 

«|fe^^ n. The shoulder. 

^^ vt. or VI. 10. U ( jD>p, 
^^fi[^ ) 1 To converse, to 
hold conversation, ^r^i^r^ 

ar»IH ftt ^ Bam. ; 2to telU 
to relate,todeclare,a|*|flT ^rfr 

Bg. II. 84, B. XII. 15; 8 
* to describe, y^lT^gj»^ ^W^t 

'ftRRJTftr frw?c!r Hit. i j 4 

to inform , to give inform* 
atioii about , M. xi. 114 ^ 
5 to beteay. 

or, a relater* II. m« 1 A 
disputant; 2 a stoiy-teller. 
^^^sf n. Karration, relatioB* 
^^^^^ inA How, whence, te 
what way, in what manner^ 
^ ifro^?^ftMRr:Hit. 
I., irrS^Hr: C^ sf ^: #:yd 
% ftOT^: B. I. 64, in. M,. 
Sometimes c«r^ introducea 
a question when the 9peaker 
doubts the propriety of what 
he says, CM*rr?»frt ft^<*ll(5j 
Sak. I. 

^ip^ is often connect* 
ed with the particles ff* 
^, 5!nr,Jor f^f^ in ordier 
to generalise the intenopi- 
tion , and may be rendered bj 
*how indeed,'^if«rrTfrnw- 

3>r% Tf^^ '• B, u. 54, cff^i^ 

\i Sak. I., ^ flrr TKT^ Ut. 

When eonnected with tha 
jparticle ^w, it means *ia 
every way,' in anyway/ 
*on every account,' *some« 
how,' * with great diffi* 
culty,'^5|^rf^ ^SffT ?t%?^: 
y^ M. vr. 11 , g^g» r 

148, jJliltMift^i : 5^1 irqr 
^ y^ffR Bam. With^ 
f^orr^^orarf^ it meana^ 
'by great effort,' on any ac- 
count, ' ' somehow, * * with 
great difficulty. * y«A^9^ 
iHirt ^ncr • K. 8. HI. 84, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



50, R^^q" ^i'^nrj'TR K. s. 
Ti. 8, Megh. z. 8, 22, Am« 
S. 12,89,78. CoMP.— «kRt- 
V m. an inqoisitire person. 
■'^Mi'l. ind, how, in what 

^fni^iljll^ Sis. II. 62, ^^- 

Ka. xviL 126, HIT /• what 
manner, what sort.Hpn^ a. 
of what measure. ^^ a. of 
what kind, of what nature. 
«<^|k<T <*• of what shape. 
^m/'l Mention, • allusion, 

^^RT ^ wprt rnr^ ggr ^f g - 

if: l|^*T^^HJ^: ^ fl" fl^R- 
^ffft Sak.ui.;2conTersation; 
3 a tale, an account, ^irvn^ 

inym^MiHAH^^ ^^% Sis. 

II* 40; 4 a fable, frUT^^^sf 
WRWlt 'ftftfJlftf W??t Hit. 
I.; 5 a species of prose com- 
position often distinguished 
fromB||i»q |(^^l; ( JT#H^r^^ 

m^i ). iSfe under afwmt- 
^. The phrase i|rr ^f^ ( lit. 
* what mention' ) is often 
used in the sense of * much 
more so ', or < much less so', 

W^^^ R.yui. 48, ainmn- 

X. 28. CoMP. — H^n^ »t. 
taking pleasure in a dis- 
course. -^< n. 1 the course 
of conversation, t*l^*4ffiH 
^rom^ H^fTI Mrich.; 2 an- 
other tale. -9in^r ^' begin- 
ing of a story. -Tfif «t. the 
bc^nning of a tale. -9i[nr 
111. 1 the opening of a drama 
faj the first character enter- 
ing on the stage orerhear- 
ingand repeating the last 
words of the prelude, as in 
the case of the MudrA- 
likshasa and the Yeni- 
Mnhara* 2'tk* beginning of 

a tale or narration, 9i|-jrqn:- 

IV. 20. -^m^tHM ^* narra* 
tion, relation. -^SFr n. the 
device of a &ible • 2 giving a 
false account, -ift^ n. the 
introductory part of a story, 
-•inf^ m. a tale, a fiction. 
sr^ir ^* 1 talking, conver- 
sation, the course of conver- 
sation,^t|p?tf»hf pTV- ^Wftj- 
mJji'N^* I. 85; 2 a curer of 

poisons, ^ffiinrd'Pf 5i^<nRfr- 

5 Kir. I. 24 ( where the 
word is used in both the 
senses ). -SfPT M. an actor. 
-J^Hf ». the introductory 
part of a tale. «f%fni|^ m. 
changmg the course of a 
story. -%«r I m. the remain- 
ing part of a story; II a. 
one of whom only an ac- 
count remains, t. $» dead. 
OK*^itTOt »T<T: *dead',*deceas • 

^^PRir n. A small tale; ( the 
Yet&Upanchavins'ati is cited 
as an example ). 

^ift^ o. (/. m) 1 Told, nar- 
rated; 2 expressed ( iir^ ). 
CoMP. — q^ n. tautology, 
considered as a &ult of com* 
position, relating to a sen* 
tencc. It consists in the use 
of a word without any pur- 
pose, K. Pr. VII. 

^f I vt. or VI. 1. P (prei. 
t^) ITo grieve, 2 to cry, 
to weep; 3 to call. II m. 4. 
A (pres. ^^) To be con- 
fused, to suffer mentally. 

IK J ind. This particle is used 
at the beginning of com- 
pounds and marks the use- 
lessness, badness, littleness 
or defectiveness of any- 
thing. CoMP.— «T^ n. 1 a 
bad letter; 2 bad writing. 
-9|^ m. a little fire. -Vfur^ 
m. a bad road. «-iffr n» bad 

food. -^SfT^ n. a bad chiliL 
-9|viir€r m* 9k bad habit. 
-m4 a. 1 useless; 2 unme- 
aning. -M^ n. afiHr X^ 
tormenting, torture. -i|f%n 

1 a. 1 despised, disdaineHir 

^or:iT»ITS^Bhartr. 11^06^ 

2 teased,troubled, air^^RP^!^- 

(tRr: Ut. v.; 3 insignificai^ 
mean;4ba(l, disagreeable; It 
m. a miser, M. xv.210, 22^^ 
Yaj. 1. 161. ^'Hf^ifi. avarioe, 
stinginess. -M^ «. miscily^ 
-9P9 m. a bad horse^ 
-MRRR a. ill-fonned,q^. 
-^rnn^ I CI. wickedU 
following evil practices; H 
m. bad conduct. -^^ m. m 
bad camel. -7^ la. iejadt 
lukewarm. II n. lukewmrm* 
ness. H[tr m. a bad carriage^ 

arw^H^-^ a. 1 spealdiiK 
ill or inaccurately or indis* 

tinctiy, ^ irr* f^^nrf^ ^rttst 

f^^Rtftny^ Bt. VI. 75., or m* 
P^^»PTOr?q': Sis.xiva*. 

^k^^ n- A canopy. 

ifTpfH.l Destruction, alai: 
ter ; 2 war; 3 Sin. 

^^ \ I m-lA 

W^^m ) pknt, ^<44l|t% fi 

^irorinr.M. M. riu, bI 

I. 35, Megh. I. 25, B, 
99 ; 2 a kind of gra^B ,^i 
turmeric. II. n. 1 A : 
tude, »|^|4^4i<'^4 __ 
^H^nT>'IFT3 Sak u. ; a. 
flower of the K<»damha } 

CoMP..-^rt%W».l a lra| 
breeze, H ^ J l^*flfaclHM<0^ ^ 

2 8pring.-^4f|^^^i^ nu 
maxim of the Kadamio^i 
It is applied to 
simultaneous^rise .or i 

Digitized by 

*ffy Bh. P.-%5 OT. a frag- 

nnt breeze. 
€^ Im. 1 An iron goad for 

« dephant; 2 a 8aw. II 

n. Coagulated milk, 
9^ r m. The plalntain 
m^ f tree, 3;^zf W^- 

^s^;^m\it Am. S. 95. 
I il^/ 1 Tlie plantain tree, 

WRHP^W^W^^: Megh. 

^W<«*tJiHHLii. 83, R.xu. 

«,Yii. III. 8; 2 a kind of 

deer; 3 a flag carried by an 


^M^Whcn, at what time, 

^*nift?ra*K* <y^. With 
ft Uoving an^ it means 

•^ BOW and then, ' * some- 
%iei,'* at some time*; with 
A fidowing ^fsf, it means 
*il|Oinetime, ' ' at one time 
•iDother, * M. II. 54,144, 
W.i5, 101; witha foUow- 
^ ftfJt it means * once, ' 
* once upon a time, ' * at 
Sflna time or other ', R. ii. 
87,M.iT. 65, 74,169. C^- 
l(te^^jl%?[ * now-now'.) 

nt-y. Wife of Kas'rapa 
I mkKA&t of the Ndgae. 
also W\). CoMP. 
a serpent. 
Ift. Gold, J|r5n»^i«r?rf- 
r.Megh. I. 2, 87, 
V^iKMftrir. i. 78. II m. 1 
SUWUfa'a tiee; 2 the 
i-iaree; 3 mountain 
6oiip.^«r4f n. a 
-•l^fH, Mfit 
rot ilto monn- 


Dhaithra trec-^ffHT, #^t w. 
a golden hatchet.-^, ^i^^ 
n. the royal parasol.-«nf ^ • 
an ear-ornament made of 
gold, *^t ifim^: tr^fHT 

HIT ch. P. io.-4T^nr »». 

gold dust.-«rir a. golden, 
Kir. V. 89.-c^ «. a yellow 
orpiment. -^ n. a gold 
cord.-W#/. a gold mine. 
*H^W n. The name of a 

I. 50. I 

^IJ'W «. (/• TT ) One-eyed. 

^7^ t?^. ( denom. ) To 
reduce, to lessen, to rednce 
msize. ^fflrT:ir5rtl^^ Bt. 
xvn. 25. 

5|rfTO«* (/.bt) (super, of 
Wqror gT5) 1 The smallest, 
least. 2 the youngest. 

^rt^lt^ /. The little finger, 

^4 \\ Hih\ \ / 1 The pupil of 
gir^fhft j the eye. 2 the 

little finger. 
^fpft^nS a. ( /. ^ ) ( compar. 

of 3?^ or gr^ ) 1 Smallerj 2 

?K^ /. 1 A harlot; 2 A 

female elephant. ( Cf . ^T^) 
g|t5 m. 1 The heart. 2K/ima- 

4j^/. a patched garment, 

^?fr%5i% Sant. S. IV. 5, 19, 
Bhartr. iii. 19, 86. Comp. 
-^^T w. wearing a patched 
garment as a sign of Yogism, 
*^?rf^ m. a religious mendi- 

«fkf I m. n. 1 A bulbous root; 
2 garlic. II w. 1 A cloudy 
2 camphire. Com p. ^^ n, 
a radbh. hbtTT ^« the gar- 
den of Indra. 

4nfr IT. The white wat^-lUy. 

ifrfti m. n. A cave, a valley, 

Megh. 1. 56, Bliartr. n. 68. 

II m. A hook for drtring an 

elephant. CoHP.-97nirt «». 

a mountain. 
qSrfrr/. A cave, a valley. 
«irft w. 1 Love; 2 an epi« 

thet of the god of love, *^* 

5^'=^^ft^>iHI*f«|J||fi^|q Sr. 

T. 1, 2, Bg. X. 28. 

GoMP.— ^ m. the pudenda. 

-^f^ m. passion, ;;desire.— ^ 

f ^ m. an epithet of S'ivs. 

"S'^t 3^^ ^^ t^® malt 
organ of generation. -^^if9r 
m. a mode of sexual enjoy- 

eft^ I m. n. 1 The cheek; 2 
a portent; 3 a new shoot ot 
sprout; 4 reproach, censure; 
5 sweet sotmd; 6 the plan- 
tain tree, *'^rt<rt}»|*ii; «r^- 
flr^: Am. S. 48. II m. 1 
Gold; 2 controversy. Ill «. 
A Kandala flower, B, xm. 

^f^/. 1 The plantain tree 
or the banana tree, ift<tO ^- 
y^T^ JRV^ Megh. I. 21, Kt. 
II. 5; 2 a species of deer. 8 
a flag; 4 lotus-seed. Coup. 
— 55PT w. a mushroom, 

^ftW «i. n. A ball for play- 
ing with, K. S. I. 29,v. 11^ 
19, R. xvi. 98. CoMP.-^ftiff 
/. any game with a ball. 

*f>? (r) w. 1 The white 
lotus; 2 the blue lotus, %• 
fSyrtNHIfl'^^^i^ffJTtT: M. 
M. VII. 

?fr^ m. 1 The neck, R. uu 
84; 2 a cloud. 

sjnro f' The neck, MrVT ^* 
?fT rg^I^ Sis. IV. 18, Yaj. 
II. 220, Am. S. 16. 

i|{|% I m. The ocean. 11/. 
The neck. 

n. 1 Sin; 2 a swoon. 
/. 1 X tochmcal 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



name for a girl ten years old; 

^M" K^^m ); 2 a daughter, 

■mvSi f^W^: R. XI. 53, 
XIV. 28. 3 a virgin, an un- 
married giri, Yaj. i. 105; 

-4 an unmarried girl as a 
principal character in a 
poetical composition. See 
«nder «pqift. Comp. -eHT tn, 
«eduction,f^: ^*^^ | -fcgH |« 
^ Yaj. I. 61. -IR m. a 
waiden, f*^F?:fnc: ^rar^T^- 
^TRT: M. M. VII. -^rpf m, 
the son of an unmarried 
woman, Yaj. n. 129. 

-^K^^ m. The youngest bro- 

IF^I^/. The youngest sister. 

{A«-4|| /. 1 An unmarried 
daughter, B. i. 61, m. 38, 
w. 10, M, X. 8, 9; 2 a girl 
4«n years old; 3 a virgin, 
-an unmarried girl, M. viii. 
367, lu. 33; 4 a woman in 
general; 5 the sixth sign of 
«the zodiac^ vit. Virgo.CoMV, 
^-B^:3< «. the women's 
apartm ents,^ ^T^rt^ :yi*<*Hf4 
'^ift^JPTT ^'^f^r 5f:f^fW: Mv. 
II. -«|T I a. following after 
young girls; II wi. 1 the 
inner apartments of a 
house ; 2 a man who 
follows after young girls. 
«^4J| I m. the name of 
* country; II n. the name of 
an ancient city in the north 
of India, now called Kanoj. 
•^PT n. the position of a 
planet in the sign Virgo. 
-^fff^r A. taking a girl in 
marriage* -fnf n. giving a 
girl in marriage, -f^ fn, 
file violator of a virgin. 
•Hji^ jn, the bad repute of 
-a virgin. *a^ n. dowry, 
^-^Rr m. a son-in-law. -gi^ 

m. the son of an unmarried 
woman, (called ^iPft^).-^ 
n. the women's apartments. 
-^ fiu 1 an epithet of 
K^rtikeya; 2 a son-in-law. 
-TTir I a. 1 consisting of an 
unmarried girl, R. vi. 11, 
xvx. 86;fcII n. the harem, 
-y^n. a lovely giri, ^r««lT- 

^r^TT^PTT'T H^?TIHI^ Mv. 

"i. -^Crftr w. the sign Virgo, 
-^^^ m. a son-in-law, Yaj. 
I. 262, -Q^'if) n. money 
given to the bride's father 
as her price. -^^t4^ w». 
the choice of a husband by 
a maiden, -f^ w. ravish- 
ment, M. III. 33. 

^•^I*! 1 /. 1 A virgin; 2 

*P^*I J a young giri. 

?fr?c ri. 1. A (pj). ^^, pres. 
^f|TT^ ) To shake, to tremble, 
*rt 5fr3*^ Mrich. IV., R. 
IV. 81, Bt. XIV. 31, XV. 70. 
With 9?^-to pity, to take 
compassion on, ^fr^Jfrj*- 
q% Mrich. IV., K. S. IV. 39. 
aiT-to shake gently, a?^- 
fr*f^«r*T>ft R. II. 13, Rt. 
VI. 23, 33. ?r-^ shake, to 
tremble, sTr*T?r ^fl|><^ : Bh., 
Bt. XV. 23. f^- to shako, to 
tremble, ^^>rtiiPr ^I^TW 1 ft- 
*l^»*^ Bg. II. 31, iCTST^F- 
^^ ft*qTTm Mrich. i., 

• R. XI. 19. ^TTJ -to take 
compassion on, to pity, R. 
IX. 14. 

^Ff^TT m. n. Fraud, deceit, ^- 

Sant S. II. 2, §>H^1ld^A 
^&^WrJTqpinj Bhartr. i. 77. 
Coxp.— vifTB' m. one who 
pretends to be an ascetic^- 
qj a, deceitful, WK^^ srsjT- 
^^*lri?l*l 4»M<iMit'ii1lf&^: Sis. 
XV. 35.-9t4^ fn. a fraudu- 
lent contrivance. •^Vl t. 
a forged document. *T^|«r 

Digitized by 

n. deceitful talk. -^ m, 

^^f^^ »». A rogue. 
^KxtI" ) «. 1 a small shell; 
«ir^f^ J 2 braided hair of 

gi^qf^^ /. A small sbell, 

( used as a coin) p||H|"'^ftlrt 

Panch. II. 
«l7qf^ m. An epithet of S'iva. 
^m€ m.n.lA door; 2 ^ 

leaf of a door, e.g. i?|f- 

34, CoMP. -7i[T?^ n. the 
opening of a door. -ir m. a 
house-breaker, a tliief.-tff^ 
m, the junction of the leaves 
of a door. 
<lt4H m. n. 1 The skull, ^* 

^: M. M. I.; 2 a piece of a 
broken jar, *Mlrtd<jy*4l'U«*'?r* 
JT^?T^§rH^: Bh. P., M. vni. 
93; 3 a multitude; 4 a ^^ 
gar's bowl, M. vi. 44.Co& 

an epithet of S'iva. -irfwi 
/. an epithet of DurgA. 

^ Hlfo^ftl /. A pot-sherd, It 
IV. 78, viiT. 250. 

qnnR^Ia. (/. 17)1 Haf^ 
ing a skull, Yaj. 248-, ¥ 
wearing skulls, K. S, v. 78r 
II m. 1 An epithet ofSlj^ 

>I(Tq-: G. L. 28j 2 a matt* 

low caste, "'"^ 

^fpl' w. 1 An ape, a mon^l 

Rt.i. 23, M. XI. 154; 2 » 
elephant. Comp. ->f9l| ^ 
an epithet 1 of R&itta$€ 
of Sugriva. HPT »»• (*• 
chief of the monkeys) Ml 
epiihet 1 of J&mbuvat; C 
of HanAmat, wrtfJf W#*> 
iafry4KsBt. x.a2; a^<i 
Sugriya, «r^ inr *«ft'<Vl#^% 



ft T trt.iM^-^r^/ name of 

epithet ofArjuna, Bg. i. 

benzoin.-TO m. an epithet 
ofRama.-i^ «. brass. 
^Kfhm m. IThe Chdtaka 
hiitl; 2 the ri//iW bird. 

<Prtir ^. The wood-apple- 
toe. II n. The fruit of 
this tree. Comp.— BfT^^ ma 
kind of monkey. 

«teyl a. (/9rr) ITawny; 2 
IftTing tswnj hair, M. iii. 8. 
n m. 1 2^ame of the founder 
of the S^nkhja system of 
^«opliy;2 a dog: 3 ben- 
Wj ft fire; 5 the tawny 
tmm, CoMp.— 9P9 m. an 
^i&t of Indra.-^p% w. 
|5»^-'«frTr / an epithet 
Oftc Ganges.-^^/. the 

^»Hiy» S'6tra of Kapila. 

mf^fi 1 A brown cow; 2 

"^ Irad of timber tree- 3 a 

^••tt rf perfume. 

'fei^-C/.W)! Brown; 
y Mc-re^ reddish, f^^r^- 

Wwjf = ftT^dl^HHf*{ Sak. 
TO^B. XII. 22. ri m. 1 The 

tt ec^ur; 2 benzoin. 

r /. 1 The Mddhavi 
2 the name of a 

«.l The ceremony 
1*^ J of tonsure* 
(/. ^) Mean, wottli- 

1 A doTe, a pi>?eon; 

I in general. Comp^ 
ijCa kmd of perfume. 
' ii« Mitimony. -99^ 

^ •^'^r/, a kind 

|mg of pigeons. 

a mode of joining the hands 
in prayer, &c. 

V%Pir I »«. A small pigeon. 
II n. Antimony. 

^rttw m. A cheek, B. it. 68, 
Yaj. III. 87. CoMP. — ^n^ 
m. a substance against which 
any thing is rubbed, Kir. y. 
36. -4|ri9^ m. the cheeks. - 
Prf^ /. the temples and 
checks, -^nr wi. the colour 
in the cheek. 

^nr w. 1 Phlegm, one of the 
three humours of the body, 

(the other two being ^}^ 

3MT^ljd.; 2 watery foam. 

^QMP'-M ft w. dry ginger. 

-*nTOT / spittle.-^rw w. 

pulmonary consumption .-c;f 

o, antiphlegmatic. -9^ m. 

ferer arising from excess of 

phleg m, 
^T'lW a. ( /: W) Phlegmatic. 
^^ «. (/. * ) Troubled 

with excess of phlegm. 

^J^kW^ (•#)»». /.The elbow. 

(Also 2ff«Fpr.) 
?pr^^ I m.Ti. A headless trunk 
(especially when retaining 
TitaHty ) ^ ?fq?^ririr IT»ifr 
^^ B. VII. 61, xii. 49. II 
m. 1 A name of Bahu; 2 the 
belly; 3 a comet. Ill «. 

^fk^p f. See ^f^. 

^ftl^r^ m. The wood-appletree. 

?|iH 1W6?. A particle meaning 
Iheadj 2 water- 3 happi- 

^vt.l.A ( pp. sKipr^ or 

aFW; /w-*^. ^irm) 1 To 
desire, to wish, f^sjuyj^ ^- 
^ f%n5 B. V. 26, IX. 
48, X. 53, Bt. XIV. 82; 
2 to be in love with, ^rw^- 
^^ ftTR^ *^rf^ ^^^. 
q^M. M. I. WxTHaf^-1 

to desire; 2 to kve. fHor^^ 
to desire excessively. 

^RT m.lA tortoise, e. g. ^. 
p7y«5W%* y^:; 2 a bam- 
boo; 3 a water-jar. Comp^ 
-7^ m. a king of turtle*/ 

^H^a m, n. A water-pot 
usedby the ascetic, Wto ^- 
2ir<r^: Yaj. I. 133. Comf. 
— fTF fn. the tree of whidh 
^<» are made. -if^ w. aa 
epithet of S'iva. 

^J^ I «. (/ IT ) 1 Lustful- 
2 lovely. II n. Desire. Ill 
w. 1 The god of love? 2 
the As' oka tree ; 3 a Br&hmft- 
»a. CoMP.-g^ ^. a heron.. 

«»r^jftw«. (/. nr) IDesir. 
able, d esired, ar^pq^nfJ^nrtV. 
Tinr? K. S. I. 37; 2 love- 
ly, beautiful, iT^ ,ppff^ 

(t^./.forr«Pfk^) ngf^ 
Sak. III. ^ 

^f^ «• (/. ^r ) Lustful. 

^WHln.lA lotus, ^mmt 

Megh. I. 31, 48, n. 2, 13^ 
Sr. T. 1 ; 2 water; 3 copper^ 
4 a medicament; 5 th«- 
Sdram bird. II m. A specie* 
of deer. CoHP—ai^rfT/. ^ 
f lotus-eyed lady. -^rnirC m. 

1 an assemblage of lotuses,* 

2 a lake where lotuses abound 
-Mnnrr /. an epithet of 
Lakshmi. -VRpf m. aa 
epithet of Brahman (m.), 

^m^ ^ fTOm%5f K. s* 

Til. 70. -f^iprr / a lotus- 
eyed lady, -^liiy^ n. safflc^ 
wer. -iff^ 71. an assemblage 
of lotuses. -If ?;i. 1 an epi- 
thet of Brahman ( m, ); 2 
the lunar asterism callecl 
Bohinf. -H^, ^rf^, in^m. 
an epithet of Brahman (w.). 

^F'lH^ «. A small lotus. 

^HWr /. 1 An epithet of 
Lakshmi; 2 an exceUi^l 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



woman. Comp.— qfflt, ?Efi5r ^' 
an epithet of Vishwu. 
Mip^gi^/.l An assemblage 
of lotuses; 2 a place abound- 
ing with lotoses ; 3 a lotas 
plant, ^;^(^ Hf^^^XiV ^ 

Bh^y . I. 8, (3?pR3:) 
*^|t^»fi*lf^4l<i|nl*i'i : R. IX. 
80, XIX. 11, Megh. ii. 27. 

^IPir/. Beauty. 

*^ «. (/• *) Lustful, libi- 

4^7 ^» 1 Shaking, tremour; 
(in rhetoric ^i^ is eonsid- 
dered as an indicatire sign 
(^IJPW) of some senti- 
ments), ^Jf if4: VfRT- 

%f^ («*>TRqnmr) K. s. 

Tii. 46, R. xui. 28, 44; 2 
s modification of the svarita 
accent. Gomp. — Hf*!^ »»• 

4n^ I a. (/. ;Tr) Trembling, 
shaking. II m. The a'ia'ira 
season, (Noyembcr, Decem- 
ber). Ill n. Shaking, tre- 

ij^ /. Tremour, shaking, 

ITTRT rn. Wind. 

* (W)Pnir m. The name of 
a tree; ( also w\^^% ), ^[f- 

<g ff ^i ft Hy tf ^ ^r^i^^M.M.ix. 

*r «. (/. Jir) Shaking, mor- 
ing, agitating, f^^fR- ^sn/^T 
-JWf^*^ Na. I. 142. 

iii^t;*. 1. P (pp.efffrfT)To 

#f^o. (/. ^) Variegated. 
^kV^ I m. 1 A blanket, 

*inrt?f sf irmt ^tth: Vidag- 

dhamukhamanc/ana; 2 a 
dew-lap ; 3 a sort of deer; 4 a 
wall; 5 an upper garment. 
II fi. Water. Comp.— ififj- 
^ n, a kind of carriage cor- 
ered with a coarse blanket. 
iM^mr/. 1 A small blan- 

ket- 2 a kind of female 

Ji!^^^ m, A bullock. Comp. 
— frfEWf »• a bullock-cart. 

**(*)/ A kdle. 

*lla. (/.^ or %) Vane- 
gated. II m, n. A conch, a 
shell, 3Nlr: H^rr5ftfW: Murari. 
Ill m. 1 The neck; 2 an 
elephant; 3 a bxacelet* 4 
the variegated colour. Comp. 
- C Jf iY /. a lady having a neck 
like a conch- shell, -^^^m / 

I a neck marked with three 
lines like a shell ( considered 
to be indicative of exalted 
fortune ); 2 a ladj having a 
neck like a conch-shell. 

oHiwNr 1 ^' P^* The name of 
a country and its inhabitants, 

^(^:R.iv. 69. (According to 
many authouties the read- 
ing m^^m- ia wrong here. ) 

II m. 1 A shell; 2 a species 
of elephants. 

^m o. (/. iff ) See ^nPT ei. 

^RKla. (/. ^orCT) (gene- 
rally at the end of com- 
pounds) Who or what does 
or makes or causes, e. g, 

H^^^. ffe^JT, S-^'^^JT. II »«. 
1 A hand, M. v. 136, R. ii. 
81, Me^h, I. 41; 2 a ray of 
light, qfrT^JWrTfyn]^ fl" (^ 

f^THI^ Sis. IX. 6, (where the 
word is used in senses 1 and 
2), Megh. 1. 39; 3 the trunk 
of an elephant, %?f: ^Wt^ 
' ^^ nf^: M. M. IX.. 4 
hail; 5 a tax,a toll, a tribute, 

t|t ^T'lR. IV. 58, M. vn. 
128, 129; 6 a particular 
measure oit length equal to 
24 thumbs; 7 the constel* 
lation called |^. Comp.— 
afif n. Ithe tip of an ele- 

phant's trunk; 2 the fore- | 
part of the han4.-«Tr^ni w. i 
a blow with the hand.-^sfr^^ i 
m. a finger-ring.-«Tff*^ m. \ 
the act of supporting with I 
the hand.-9Tf^ir|7 m. 1 the 
chest; 2 a blow with the 
hand.-^!?^ m. n. a nail.— ^ 
«ri«T?!r, 4«f?4ii, qiT «. a lotns^ 
like hand,a beautiful band,^- 

iU.-<ir?W «. w. the hoUow 
of the hand. -f^^c4^ ffK ft* 
1 a tender hand, ^^0997- 

Rt. VI. 30; 2 a finger.* 
%^ m, the carity of the 
palm. Ghat. 22.-i|f m.,l|^Qf 
n. 1 taking the hand xa 
marriage; 2 marriage; 3> 
levying a tax.-i|ff m. 1 « 
husband; 2 a tax-collector, 
-ir m. a finger-nail, Am. 8. 
85, M. IT. TO-HTPr «. ft 
stream of light .-ff<ar m. the 
palm of the hand, ^Qin^ (%• 

^WWRT ». »w a'maiaka 
fruit on the palm of tbs 
hand; (the expression is used 
to signify 'ease and rivid^ 
ness of perception' as in iSkm 
case of the fruit on the paloa 
of the hand), ^RfTHPTH^j^rer- 

o^q* a. resting on the jalia 
of the hand. -^fT?y, ^inv^.il. 
a kind of musical iii3tnt«, 
ment.-^nftraFT, irnft"/* €lq^' 

ping the hands, ^^<d^ t l|r 

f^m Na. III. Ir4imi Jt 
the name of a rirer. ^v m^ 
I paying taxes; 2 tribi 
-^it^T? «. licking the 
-qf^ »?. a saw.-qfi|^cf 
sport in water.-qppr 
tender hand; 2 a 

sword ; 2 a cudgel. 


Digitized by 



n, mamage, -jr m. the 
Ittnd3 joined aud hollowed.- 
fg «. the back of the hand. 
-^TRT, ^py rrt. 1 a sword, 

OTGit G. X.; 2 a finger- 
ittfl.-Hrr w. an excessive 
iribnte,-^ m. a finger-nail.- 
^pn* w. an ornament worn 
roand the wrist. -jtht m. 
smoke. -Jrfr w. a kind of 
weapon.-^ m, 1 a fincer- 

Mcgh. u. 33; 2 a sword. 
"^* ^T^TSir •'». 1 a sword j 2 
wme of a tree; 3 a ceme- 
teiy: 4 name of a country .- 
IPST/. a finger. -irfNTT m. 
witerthrown by an elephant's 
^rant-mf;!!. a finger-nail. 
-Wf «. tlie fading away of 
'V*-"^pf n. a marriage- 
thread worn round the wrist. 
-ftn^^ OT. an epithet of 

IW I m, n. The water-pot 
of an ascetic, II m. 1 The 

jyaegn tnate tr ee; 2 hail. 
^^^^' -'nHRRf/. the water- 
P^of ati ascetic. 
«GV /. Hail, Megh. i. 54, 
Bk. V. I. 35. CoMP -ir n. 
^•^•'•-^WRt w.the cocoanat. 
^•'HreR m. a shower of 

^t«. 1 A skeleton; 2 the 
'^^^ M. M^v^3a 

The name of a tree. 

An elephant's che^k; 

r, Sant, S. iv. 19;3 

^^; 4 an atheist. 

1 A crowj2 a name 

'the propoonder of 

^andart of theft. 

dcphant, /^n^ 



Bh, V. I. 2. 

5FC C^)5 m. A kind of bird. 

dfi^lm. The son of a Vais'ya 
man and a Sudra woman, Yaj. 
I. 92.IIn. 1 Doing, perform- 
ing, executing, Yaj. in. 308; 
2iict, action; 3 an organ of 
sense, ^ti ^JTofif^;!^ iff 
^(Trt?ff R.vur. 38,42, Megh. 
I. 5; 4 the body, ^^^fpfir^- 

K. S. IV. 5; 5 an instru- 
ment; 6 a cause, a motive; 
7 the idea expressed by the 
instrumental case (in gram ) 
(thus defined: — ft ^ m^ i 

^^^ ^KT ^ ^rn" fT^nrr ^^- 

^ ); 8 a document, a bond, 
documentary proof (in law), 
M. vm. 61; 9 a division of 
the day ( in astrology ) . 10 
beat of the hand to keep 
time (in music), K. S. vi. 
40; 11 an instrumcntai 
cause ( in logic ). ( sqrqtmr. 

w^v"^ ^^ijyt ^rn^i T. s. ). 

CoMP.— ^rf^ w. the soul.- 
WR m. the organs of sensecol- 
lectiTely.-i|pr ». the head. 

Slrtr w. 1 A bee-hive; 2 a 
sword. 3 a small box made of 
bamboo, JT^njgiT^fitt^ Kad., 
imnrnirc^ Bhartr. I. 77, 
(used in the neuter here); 
4 the Karandava bird. 

y<)jg t>'r )/• A small box 

*ft'<iV J made of bamboo. 

^TC^ m. 1 The back of the hand 
from the wrist to the root of 
the fingers, ^c^^^: R. 
VI. 83, 2 a young elephant; 
3 a young camel; 4 a camel 
in general; 5 a kind of per- 
fume. CoMi>.—;3f^/. a lady 
whose thighs re.semble the 
back of the forearm, ^r ^(f;^' 
mf?r ^rp?j!F q% f^% Am. 
S. 69, Si9.x. 69, Na. xi.4n. 


WK^i^ m. (/em. op|^)A 

^Crf^RT ^' An elephant. 
y<f a . (/. m) ) Mixed, in- 
^i(M^ «. (/. m) } terming!- 

^rg^iPRrgj^ Git. G. xi. 
2»iW (M) m. 1 Mud, ( See 

Medh&tithi's explanation of 

the word as occurring at M. 

XII. 76.\* 2 mixture of fried 

flour and curds. 
<l»<^Ii >». 1 The name of a 

co untry, y (Tf?T^; 5^ f^hRT* 

^i*I*?"I^ Vikr. Ch. vni. 2; 

2 the stem of a lotus. 
^iCPT «. (/ HT) 1 Dreadful, 

terrible, Bg. xi. 28, 25, 27, 
Sant. S. IV. 12; 2 pointed; 

3 high. CoMP.-^a. having 
terrific teeth, -^"^qfr /. am 
epithet of Durga. 

^R^mtf. A terrific form of 

lltHRTW M. M. V. 
^fiilfft* m, 1 A tree; 2 » 
sword. - 

m/ft^ff. Scratching. 
iljftoft/. A female elephant, 

WS ^' Bh. V. I. 2. 
^rtk w. 1 An elephant, B. 
III. 87, Sant. S. i. 22-2 
the number * 8 ' ( in math.), 
CoMP.— ^m. a large ele- 
phant. -^ m, the f^ntal 
globe of an elephant, Bh. V. 
n. 177. -nflr^ n. the roar- 
ing of an elephant, ^|f|?t^- 
ft*TI^f?ni^ Am.-^ m. ivom 
-q 7». an elephant-driyer. 
-^"Nf, W^t ^TWiT m. a 
young elephant, -if^f m. a 
column to which an elephant 
is tied. -TTTEn^ »i. a Uon. 
-jpjT »».an epithet of Ganes'a* 
~«rt w.^ big elephant, ^- 

f^ 8. -%irt?ft M, a flag 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

carried by an elephant. 
^ wi. a troop of elephants. 
^<Km. 1 The shoot of a 
bamboo •, 2 a shoot in gener- 
al, <<^Hi(li41?^ : M&gha quot- 
ed in K. Pr. x.; 8 a thorny 
plant without leares, e,g, 

^: qr^^^t^f:; 4 a water-jar. 

^^fifVisr OT. w. l)ry cow-dung, 
OoMP.— 9Tf)f m. fire of dry 
cow-dung, e. g. ^^fi^^^\' 
'mfir. ^<WW/. a strong 
gale of wind. 

^Ifftf^/. The goddess of 

i^p^ I a. (/.«rr) Tender, 
pitiable, exciting compas- 
sion, ^f^Fty^^iiq^ft^: Ut. 
I. II m. Sorrow as one of 
the eight sentiments in 
poetry ( in rhetoric ), jCTf^- 
'fcfi^TRntCIHt** ^^T^: Ut. 

qt^TI^ R. VIII. 70. CoMP.— 
^^ /. the mallika! plant, 
-ftnq^ OT. the feeling of 
love in separation (in rhe- 
toric ). 

T^kV^ f. Co mpassion^ pity, 
^JVnRjdf ^r?^i R. ^111. 
67, Megh. II. 30. Comp. — 
«fp;r^a. kind.-Hrir «. t^nd- 
«r-hearted, sensitive.-^prf^m. 
store of mercy. -^, ly^, a. 
▼cry kind, e.g, ^lf"ff%|r ^rF»rr- 

-^^^^mf a. void of pitv, cruel, 

R. VIII. 67. 
«|f^ m. A finger-nail. 
1^^ I m. An elephant, ^^5- 

<l(lfM^ Rmft^H Sis. xn. 5, 

V. 48; 2 the Kamika'ra 
tree. II /. 1 A female ele- 
phant, jprrr 45*^*^ ^^^^ 
K. S. III. 37, R. XVI. 16; 
2 name of the mother 
of^ Pttla^avya, Comp,— jj^, 


^ m. a name of Pilbikavya, 
the founder of the science 
of elephants. 
2|rt?T n A fern. ^)1 The skull; 

2 a cup. 

5F[?^ m. 1 A crab; 2 Cancer^ 
the fourth sign of the zodiac ;, 

3 fire; 4 a white horse; 5 a 
water-jarj 6 a mirror. 

2friTT 1 m. 1 A crab; 2 

^^[?e|r J Cancer^ the fourth 
sign of the zodiac. 

^^^^)f. A sort of cucum- 

5ir^ f Jf ) /. 1 Th e jujube 
tree, 4»<^*iiH^R jfH" tT^^- 
?rtrwTT Sak. IV ; 2 fruit of thi^ 
tree, Yaj. i. 250. 

SF^Tla. (/. n) 1 Hard; 2 
6rm. II m, 1 A mirror; 2 a 
hammer; 3 a broken piece 
of skull, M. M. v.; 4 a 
leather rope, Am. S. 7, 
rnccording to one au»hority). 
CoMP.-«nT w. »he Khanjana 
bird.-if^5^ m, a very dnrk 
well.-3fn)f m, a curl of hair. 

^Rf^CI^ m. A sidelong look, 
a glance. 

*'*fty« A pot with a sieve at 
the bottom. 

Sfj^^rr la. (/frf)l Cruel, 
unmerciful; 2 hard, ^^TTcTT- 
t^M^<li<il^ K. S. HI. 22, 
I. 36, R. III. 55, XII. 41 ; 3 
desperate; 4 difficult to com- 
pr-hend, ?nf fT ^IT^K*^ ^HT 
^ rffwiM^ Hrc?ft Jayadeva ; 5 
excftPsive, ?t^ 4^4i^ l T^fKl{ ^- 
^ R. IX. 68; 6 faithless, of 
bad conduct e. g. ^ rj^ 


gif% w. Cancer, the fourth 

sign of the zotUnc. 
SF^? ) m. Name of one 
«h'4^^<4) ) of the eight prin- 

c'mal cobra?. 
^j^ I w. A kind of fragrant 

tree. II «. 1 Gold; 2 » 
yellow mineral. 

pierce, to bore. With Mf or 
^pTT-to hear, to listen to, iff- 
*"l^?IrH*fH^(^|.jL Bt. u. 7» 
xVm. S. 13. 

5pt 7W. 1 The ear, ftiA: If^- 

MMM WTBRT ^f^: R. l. 

Ch. P. 10, Megh. T. 44, 11. 
2, 40; 2 the handle of a 
vessel; 3 the helm or rodder 
of a ship; 4 the hypotenuse 
( in geometry ) . 5 name oft 
renowned hero in the Mahl«^ 
bhdrata. ( See App. II J. 
CoMP.— ^ti^ m, the audi- 
tory passage of the outer ear. 
-SI3T »w. YudhishihiiB. — 
9^f^|^ m, near or close to the 
ear, ^5R1% ^ *"lfl^*^i5 
Sak. I. -1^3, ^i\f. an oraa* 
ment for the ear.-^^^ «. 
giving ear, listening^ to. 
-Mr^<KTW m. the flapping of 
the elephant^s ears.-q:W* 
firm f. rumour, ^^i^mfir 
ind. from e^^r to ear,-||^ 
m. a constant noise in 
the ear, (in medicine). 
-iflr^Tr«. audible, -ijff ^* 
a helmsman. ^rfinTt ^- 
WT ^' ^ tale-bearer, att 
informer, -^inr, ^TTT ^^ ^•'^ 
bearing, calumniating -^Iff 
m, the root of the ear, 1^ 

V. -f^|T( m. Arjuna, thr 
third Panefava prince. HPT 
m. the flapping of the ele- 
phant's ears, R. nc. 71. 
-^^ w. a helmsman, * 
pilot e. J^ 3HPN rtT y ^t 
1%^^ 'TntT. -"Wrtrtf A 
a female elephant, -qif .»H 
the range of hearing. -qtW 
/. going from ear to ear. 
*-i^ /: the lobe of the ear. 

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^-qro' m, a beautiful ear. -^n^ 
A. Ian ear-ring, an oma- 
meot of flowers worn on 
the ears, ^T^^wt^l^ytPn^r 
Jrfgjt H^i Pr. R. ij 2 
ihe As'oku tree. -<^:7 w. 1 
the Kadamha tree ; 2 the 
^Oita tree; 3 the blue 
ktofl; 4 an ear-onament. 
-4|hf •!. the lobe of the ear. 
-^PW ». IJW/. ancar-oma- 
ment. -^[9^ n. the root of 
the ear, R. xii. 2. -^fr*f 
/. a form of Durg&.-^ m, 
in elevated plut-fonn of 
htmboo. -^f^ I a. earless; 
n M. a snake. -^^ a. the 
aoditoiy passage of the ear. 
^^ii. piercing the ear to 
iMdre ear*ring3.-%f m., 
%f ear-ring. -uqffft 
y,the outer part of the ear, 
Ki, n. 8. -fpy m. n. ear- 
icfae. -^n* «• ftudible, loud, 
M. IT. 102. -^m^, ^M^ 
8|. running atthe ear, dis- 
^^ttige of ichorous matter 
lB(m the ear -^/. Kunti, 
fl« mether of Kama. HJhT 
I a. earless; II m. a 
mak e. 

^nAr m. p/. Name of a coun- 
ty in the southern portion 
of the Indian peninsula, 

Jfe^ *<Pl5lr^^3 Vikr. Ch. 
mu. 102. 

A steersman. 

/. 1 An ear-ring. 2 

Ai pericarp of a lotus; 3 
Iho middle finger; 4 a fruit- 
lloek. 5 the tip of an ele* 
littat'8 trunk; 6 dialk; 7 a 
fSI, a small brush, 
^^ppil^ I m. 1 The name of 
M toe, Pfe^*K4J|H^ C?f 
4|ft: Bt. VI. 21. 2 the 
I Mkup of a lotus. II n. A 
mmvi of the Kamikwru tree- 
(KlBdisa has thus moralised 

" 171 

over it: — !|^rqi|^ in% ^'^^t 

'Wir: sTfft-: K. S. in. 28), 
Rt. VI. 6. 

i|({^^m. 1 An ass; 2 an ar- 
row of a particuhir shape. 

UpSt/. 1 An arrow of a parti- 
cular shape; 2 name of the 
mother of M^ladeva, the 
father of the science of thoft. 
CoMP. — ^ w. a covered lit- 
ter for the conveyance of 
women, ^r»fft^T^ ^g^lc^r^t- 
H R. XIV. 13.-^ m. Miila- 
deva, father of tlie science 

of theft, y^ff^fT ^ ^ qr fiy 

T <iP » f|<ti^art| ^ H| Kad. 
W^hn «. Cutting, Yaj. u. 229, 

286; 2 spinning cotton or 

«iiti*{|/^ Scissors. 
?|rfiR^)/.l A knife; 2a 
^^ ) small sword; 8 

^^^la. (/.eut) 1 What 

ought to be done, ^Nlw T 

nakya. 2 what ought to be 
cut, destroyed, put down, 

3T:Htar^^?Tr^ ftwr^^- 

«^ ^rt'^iWr Bh. II n. 
Duty, task. 

^ m. 1 The supreme spirit^ 
2 an epithet of Brahman 
(m.); 3 of Vishnu; 4 of 
S'iva; 5 a doer in generalj 
( it should be translated ac- 
cording to context. See, 
M. lu. 160, IV. 172, vui. 
845, R. II. 64.); 6 agent, 
( considered as the meaning 
of the nominative case ) (in 
gram. ), 

Hfiff /. 1 A knife; 2 scissors. 

jl } m. Mud. 

i|^ I m. 1 Mud, slime, ffft- 

m^R. IV. 24; 2 dirt, filth I 

8 sin. II fi. Flesh. Coup. 

—Bir?^ ^^. a receptacle for 

9i^ m. n. 1 Old or ragged 

garment ; 2 a dirty garment* 

3 a garment coloured red« 
Hi**«Fa. (/.^r) Wearing 

a ragged garment. 
^fir^ m. A kind of weapon, 


ml(^ m. 1 An iron sauce-pan, 
a frying-pan; 2 a piece of^ 
broken jar, ?h^ it^H^ ^- 
Z^A^ Ghat. 22; 3 the 
skull; 4 a kind of weapon. 

^U^ftr fn, n. 1 The cottoa 

^^^ /. / plant. 

IRW m. n. Camphor, ^T^^'^ 
iTil^I?rjF*^n(% Ch. P. 8. 
GoMP.— 1^ m, a field of 
camphor.-^ w. Camphor- 

H^q^ m. A mirror. 

H^ a. Variegated, Yaj. uui. 

iFJr I «• (A ^) Variegated, 
spotted, t^Ri^ *Mlf1*iif( 
K. S. IV. 27. II m. 1 Tho 
variegated colour; 2 sin; 8 
a demon; 4 the Dhattura 
plant. Ill w. 1 Gold. 2 

if^^n. 1 Action, deed; 2 
performance, office; 3 moral 
duty; 4 a relig ious rit e; (it 
is either ftc^Tj^WTM* or ^^ 
^^y% 6 product, result; 6 
natural active property, as 
maturity of heat; 7 perform- 
ance of religious rites, as 
opposed to speculative re- 
Ugion; 8 the object of an 
action ( in gram.), *5flPH* 
^nrt" IT'Sr Pan.; 8 motion 
considered as one of the 
seven categories of things 

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( in the Vais'eahika phil. ) 
(thus defined:— q4iii^HU«h 

it is five-fold: — Br$M(4 ff^- 

TTt ^^iWmft ^ ^ ); 10 
fftte, t. e, a certain conse- 
qaence of fonner acts, e, g. 

^A^ »rr^ iRt:. Comp. - 

9T^[nr a. incapable of busi- 
ness. -if^T w. part of a sac- 
rificial rite, as srq-rir of the 
• Dara'a sacrifice.-MRl^lilT w. 
the right of performing 
religious ri'es.-3T3'5r'T «• 1 
according to action or func- 
tion; 2 111 accorJance with 
actions done in a previous 

birth.-3t?T ^- 1 ^0'^> *^- 
ministration of an office or 
business; 2 the end of any 
task; 3 ft bam, a store of 
grain, &c., M. vii. 62; 4 
cultirated ground.-«4<^ n. 
1 difference or contrariety of 
action; 2p^nanc% expiation. 
•^ai^gff I a. final; II m. » 
workman .-«TnfW m. one who 
lives by the profesion of an 
artisan. -BTT^iT^ I a. endowed 
with principles of action, 
aciive, M i. 53; II m. the 
SOul.HffitT w. an organ of 
action ;(th"y are:-^r^qn^- 

See fi^).-^^nT, w. any 
honourable or valiant act, 
magnanimity, prowess.-xnr- 

"fif a. busily engaged.-?inc»». 
1 a hired labourer, a servant 
who is not a slave, ^«ir<T • 
^«rrrZTTCT:I^anch i ; 2 Yama. 
H^ m. an agent who is at 
the same time the < >b]ect of the 
action ( in gram. ) ( f^ifqiTf^ 

-4|^i« m. n. that depart- 
ment of the Yeda which 

relates to ceremonial acts 
and sacrificial rites. -«||R 
m. 1 one who works for 
wages, a workman ; 2 
an artisan, a mechanic; 3 
a blacksmith, fft^n% *dl'i^ 

ftJIHT^ ^A^ ^MK^H. 
Ud.; 4 a bulL-^mft? tn^ 
labourer, a workman. -gFfSrefr 
m, n. a strong bow. -€ftt^^ 
m. a washerman, -^jir «. 
able 10 perform a task or 
duty, a?TrH*A^'f \^ ^Jnt 
^|^Tf55r<T: R. I. 13. -%W 
n. the land of religious acts, 
viz. HT«T^V. -jm»«. leaving 
off work. -^I^nr m. 1 a 
name of R&hu- 2 a uian of 
low acts or deeds; (the 
following four persons are 
called iiro{ — 3Tfj[^*: pJjH^f 

W^HT: ). -^n^ / 1 the 
motive Impelling to ritual 
acts; 2 ft»>y positive precept 
which enjoins a religious 
aH. -9' m one acquainted 
with religious rites .-^ni ^. 
abandonment of worldly 
duties or ceremonial rites, 
-OT" a. corrupt in action, 
immoral, disrespecta^»lo.-^ 
m, 1 sin, vic», M. vi. 
61; 2 error, defect, M. i. 
104 ; 3 evil cosequence 
of human acts; 4 discredit- 
able conduct.-'i^ncir ^» name 
of a compound, a subdivision 

of ffrj^, e. g. cTfg^q- ^nfvfrr- 
^ ^nf ^ ^^Cv Ud. 

-wi^ m. 1 loss of benefit 
arising from religious acts; 
2 disappointment. -«rR^^* 
a participial noun (in gram.). 
-«nw/. the name of a river. 
-Pty a, given to the per- 
formance of reh'gious rites.- 
qiy m. a source of action.— 
<n^ fn. ripening of actions. 

recompense for acts done in 
a former life.-Sfi^^l^ «. 
a term for certain preposi* 
tions, particles, or adreibs 
not connected with a verb 
but with a case of a nomi, 
e.g,4^ia '^k mH^ %.' (^ 
fS^^j itRt and RwM ).-'^l4* 
m. relinquishment of thm 
results of religious rit«s.— 
qn7 n, recompense «f actions 
( e, g, pain, pleasure, &e.) . — 
ihi rn, 4>SPT n. confinement 
to repeated birth, as the in- 
sult of good or bad acta.— 
w, ^1^/. 1 the land of re- 
ligious rites, viz. ^TrT?W^; 
2 ploughed ground, — ^- 
irf^ /. the same ms 
^hrr 9- V. -5JW n. a kind 
of sacred grass called ^^, 
-^ n. the fourth age of 
the worid, i.«. the Kali^taga, 
-^)iT m* 1 performance of 
worldly functions and reli- 
gious duties- 2 active exer- 
tion, industry. -^T^ w. fate j 
considered as the inevitabitt ' 
consequence of actions done 
in a former life. -f^Tf«ir Stm 
^T^qr^. -^TT^ /. a work- ! 
shop. -^ft?y,fl[^ o. assiduous, j 
laborous. -^H" w. attadi* | 
mentto worldly functionB. ! 
-H^I? ^* a minister, a^te- j 

m. an ascetic who expects i 
no return for religious deeds 
performed. -^rflnL «• one 
who witnesses the good or 
bad actions of man; (there j 
are nine divinities that wit- 
ness all human actions : — | 

W ^iflnTO- -firfir/ accoin- ! 
plishment of any object, 
success, K.S. lu. 67. -^Cff^ 
n* a public office or place of 

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^ I a. (/ 5r ) Skilful in 
work, clever, working dili- 
getttlj. II n. The diroc- 
tor of a sacrifice. 

^T^ r a. (/. xna) Skilfttl, 
ctever. 11/. Wages. 

?rt^w. An ascetic. 

W^ m. A blacksmith, Yaj. 

^la. (/.^) 1 Work- 
ing* 2 one who performs 
TeHgioos rites with the ex- 
pectetion of ^me result, qir- 
ftNi|||^*1 'iWl' H^Hf ifl'fl H'rr- 
jNr Bg, VI. 46. II m. An 
trtisan, Yaj. ii 265. 

«Pw o. (/. W ) Skilled in 

^^ wu The market-town of 
two hundred or four hundred 

l4 1 m. 1 Drawin?,dia?ginjr, 
Yb]. II. 217; 2 attracting; 3 
ploos^hin?; 4 a furrow, a 
tr^di. II m. n. A weight of 
gold or silver equal to six- 
teen miuhas. CoMP. — afpfor 
»i the same as ^jpfrrT ^, «• 

1^ m. A husbandman, 
Yaj. n. 265. 

l^^ii. 1 Drawing, dragg- 
ing,- ben ding, H^^HMHRHi 
^^♦n^ R. XI. 46, yii. 62; 
S atteftctmg; 3 ploughing; 
4 emaciation, M. rii. 112. 

^A^/, The bit of a bridle. 

f^.^/ 1 A. furrow ; 2 a 
mwr, a canal. II m. 1 A 
tie of dried cow-dung; 2 
*gir!cnttare, cultivation. 

^^H^ ind. At any time, M. 
11.4,40,97, IV. 77. 

19 I vt. or vi. 1. A (jpp. 
<^) 1 To count ; 2 to 
«Wid.II vt. 10. U (pp. 
^fl*tj pres. iir^^qfjf-^. ) 
1 To count, to reckon, 
«»f. WTj ^t^^dlMf*( Bg. X. 
»*;.2tohold, toweild, to 
^•te, to put on, to bear, s%- 

Git. G, I., or !fi%(iAf^rT1«l- 
ITTH I., or a7fT?T ^iRTZf^T^ qrpjT 
q^ JT^ 55^ XII., Sant. S. iv. 
18; 3 to assume, to take, 
Sis. IV. 36; 4 to undergo, 

sfT^nt^^ Bhartr. i. 72. 
5 to know, to understand, 
to observe, to take notice of, 

Na. III. 12, II. 65, Sis. ix. 
93; 6 to consider, to regard, 

»qn?rf^r<TqPn^ 'TTHprr ^T^y- 

qj^^rg q-ff^ft^ CJit. G. IV., 

^jripj^vii., Sant. S. IV. 15, 
Sis. IX. 58 ; 7 to go. With 
Wl to take, to take hold of. 
Sis. VII. 21; 2 to bind, to 
hold together, Sis. i. 6, 
IX. 45; 3 to know, to 
observe, to take notice 
of, f^'!\HHi^^\ W^ W^- 
^Ttrqrft Git. G. III. ^f^- 
Ito know, to understand, 
to consider, to regard; 2 to 
remember, f^ — to maim, 
to make defective. ^"Jt— 
to sum up, to add. Ill vt, 10. 
U (pp, ^^\ pres, <*»i««<(S- 
^ ) To drive, to impel, to 
urge on. 
TBf^mla* (/. wr) 1 Sweet and 
indistinct, R. i. 41, vm, 59, 
Rt. VI. 30; 2 making noise, 

f?r^t?*<?l«l^ll'^*<q! Sis. VI, 14, 
IX. 74, 82, R. XVI. 12; 3 
weak; 4 crude, undigested. 

II m. A low or soft tone. 

III n. Semen. Comp.— ^JT- 
X m. the Sdrasa bird.-B|j- 
mf^ m. 1 a bee; 2 a spar- 
row; 3 the chataka bird.- 
9Tf^^fn7 m. a sparrow.-HR^TT 
m. 1 a sweet humming sound- 
2 sweet discourse, ^c<^rt|- 

wt^lfiF^K^Kad.', 3 a boe. 

^y^flW o. high, sUarp.-iifff 

1 a. havinur a swt>et voice ;II 
m. (/em. <V ) 1 the Indira 
cuckoo ; 2 a swan; 3 • 
pigeon, -^er m. 1 a con- 
fused noise. Sis. vi. 14, 
Bhartr. 1. 27, 37, Am. S.28; 

2 the buzz of a crowd, x^- 

ftran", ^r^Rirr /. a wanton 

woman -cJTR' m. tlie Indian 
cuckoo .-g^lW^ /. a wanton 
woman.- ^/i 1 silver ;2gold, 
^TrTygnftfffffygJT ^ Jr^Ve.m. 
^^JPT/ 1 character of gold. 

tf^5rq[S5r5 Git. G. vin.; 2 
illuminaii<»n of n manuscript 
with gold.-*^ m. 1 • 
pigeon; 2 a peacock; 3 the 
Indian cuikoo; 4 a low 
8weettone.«-;TrT»».alow sneet 
tone.-iTR*n n. the prattle of 
childhood.-^ low sweet 
toii«>; 2 a dove; 3 the Indian 
cuckoo.-^ m. la gander, • 
swan, jfr^^r^cTr: ^t^tHWHr.- 
Br. II. 18. R. viu. 59. K. 
S. V, 67; 2 the supreme soul, 

^M<!|| m. 1 A spot, A mark, a 
dark strenk, R. xiii. 15; 2 
the ru.*tofiron; 3 a fault, 
a stain, di*reput<», R.xiv.87. 

*AchH m.(fem^ ^^) A lion. 

SR'WjrT m, A whirl-pool. 

?frtrir I w. 1 A bird; 2 an 
animal struck with a poison- 
ed weapon. II w. Flesh of 
such an animal. 

?inw n. 1 A wife, 4t<4^^H|[ 
wr^ R. xn. 34, I. 32, vni. 
83, Am. S. 66; 2 the hip, 
'fTf^m^ f^rtlrtJtfl^'ir Kir. 
VIU. 17; 3 any royal citadel. 

ef^H^ n. 1 A spot, a mark; 2 
an offence, fault: 3 taking, 
grasping, e. g. ^rt^lr^^^m- 
^^^5^: cfR-*lfa?T:; 4 un- 
derstanding, apprehension. 

H^t^sfT/. 1 Taking, grasping, 
seizing, Ananda. L. 29; 2 

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understanding, apprehen- 
sion; 3 putting on, wearing. 

UnW^/ Wisdom in gene- 

^ff9H m.(/m.o5ft) 1 Ayoung 
elephant, flSfenrt ^KH>t: V- 
^qpiTT R. III. 32, XI. 89; 2 
fin elephant 30 years old; 
3 A young camel or any 
f oung animal. 

qnvr m. 1 Bice which Is sown 
in June and ripens in De- 
cember, B. IV. »7, Rt. Ill 
5; 2 a pen, a reed for writ- 
ing with; 3 ft thief. 

iipjinrm. lAn arrow; 2 the I 
kadamba ivee. 

^ ■ <<4ft n. Butter. 

^I^IV?^ m. n. The foetus. 

?V;9i^ (T) w. (/«». ^ ) A 
apanow, M. v. 12, Yaj. i. 

^nro C'B') »». «• A pitcher, 
a jar, a dish. Am. S. 54, 
Bhartr. i. 97, Yjij^ i. 208. 

nW# (^)/- A pitcher, a jur. 
Oo9iP. -^ 'n. ftn epithet 
of Agastya. 

H^^TO. n. 1 Strife, quarrel, 
fir. T. 8, Bhartr. i. 21, Yaj. 
II. 10; 2 war, tattle; 3 
deceit, falsehood; 4 violor.c?, 
beating, M. iv. 121, (^fHft 
^^ l R^d^aidl4HH Medh&- 

tithi). CoMP.— liniftnr /. » 

uroman separated from her 
lover in consequence of a 
quarrel; (the S. D. thus 
describes her:— ^l^^KHiQ 

Git. G. II.). -aitnpr o. 

takea by force, -f^ m, an 
epithet of N&radn. 
^fnvr /. 1 A small part of 
anything, M. ii. 86, viii. 
86; 2 a digit of the moon, 
( they are sixteen ) , JfTHT ^ 
m aFif?r»P(f JfTHIffT: K. S. 
▼. 72,Megh. 11.26; Sin- 


terest(t. e. premium paid 
for the use of money), Plff^- 
H-ffraM1MIM*rtl- Sis. IX. 22, 
( where the word is use! in 
senses 2 and 8); 4a division 
of time; (according to some 
^^th part of a day, according 
to othars rrinr^l^ part); 5 the 
60th part of ^ th of a zodi- 
acal sign ; 6 a syllabic instant 
(in prosody); 7 the mens- 
trual discharge; 8 any prac- 
tical art, mechanical or fine- 
( 64 arts are enumerated in 
the S'aivatantra); 8 skill, in- 
genuity* 10 fraud, deceit; 
11a boat. CoMP.— Btn^n. 

1 interest, profit, i?t% ^hTFT 
^ ^ ^:^M ^qnt Lil4vatl; 

2 another digit.-^rapr w, 
la tumbler, a dancer; 2 the 
sharp edg<» of a sword.-wy- 
ITn. deadly poison .-%fvir I 
<>' Ray* wanton; II m, an 
epithet of K&ma.->9|^, Pif^, 
il^t ^y 'HI w. the moon, 

^r^:y^q^ ^:^^ Ud., K. 

S. T. 72. 
^23- 1 "». A gold-smith. 

{fTHTT m. 1 A band, a bundle* 
2 a whole collection of 
things* 3 an ornament in 
general, jThi^j^lMt^ ^ f^- 
?j^K.S.i 43, in. 58; 4. a 
woinan*s zone, Bhartr. i. 57, 
67, Rt. III. 20j 5 the rope 
round an elephant's neck; 6 
a qairer; 7 an arrow; 8 a 
peacock's tail, ^ri?FT^%5 f^- 
^flnrppni^ Rt. i. 16;9the 
moon* 10 a shrewd and in- 
teUigent man; 11 a poem 
written in one metre. 

^tJ^mH^ ' I n. 1 A series of 
four stanzas on one subject 
and forming one sentence; 
for an illustration, See Kir. 
lU. 41,42,48,44; 2 a loan 

to be paid when the pcaoDd» 
spread their tails. II m. 1 A 
string of pearb; 2 ^ wpe 
round an elephatit*s neck; 3 
a wabtband. Sis. ix. 4^; 4 
a sectarian mark on the foic- 

^^f^rfinm. lA peacock, B. 
VI. 9, JBlt. 1. 16j 2 the In- 
dian cuckoo; 3 the IndiBii 

?FWffWr/. The night. 

si^fsrw M- Name of a pttntr 
Sis. xiu. 21. 

iBI^mf^ m. A cock. 

^IPKf^ m. A kind of mwwtl 

iff^ I «!. 1 The fourth age of 
the world, the iron age, coo* 
sisting of 4,820,00a jma 
and l^ginning from the 16th 
of February, 8102 Bt 
C, M. I. 86, IX. 801; 
2 this age personified; 8- 
strife, dissension, quaml, 
H^r 'ffspuffe: Am. S.19,B. 
IX. 88?4war, batti6;6t«» 
worst of any cUis8;6the 
Bibhltaka tree? 7 thesiflj' 
of a die which is maiked 
with one poittt; 8 a h«». 
II /. A bud. CoMP. — «Kr 
qrror, Act «. an epHbifc 
of mrada. -Jir, W«».w 
Btbhitaka tree. -^ifn. S«r 

^Si^sm ) /. 1 An unUowa 

^f/f^ ) flower, a bud, ^* 

^CT: Sak. VI., R.ix.8% 
2 a streak, Bhartr. uuU 
( in some editions). 
sfffi^ m. pi. Name of a oooa* 
try and its inhabita nts; ( W- 

grPTT:), R. iv. 38. 
«lif%!ir m. A mat, a screen* 

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9A7 m. 1 l^ame of the 
fooantain oa which the 
Ifamoni rises; 2 the son. 

CoMP. -iifjur, nr, n^m. 

H^f. the river Yaman&, 

48, Bh. V. 11. 120. Git. 
G. xa. 2.-flrft m. the Ka- 
linda moantain. ®ht, ^'^mw* 
^i|WV/. the rirer Yainun^ 
Bh. V. 17. 8, 4. 
l(tey I d. (/. HT ) 1 Covered 
vrith, fan of* 2 mixed, hlend- 
ed, affected. Sis. xix. 98; 8 
impenetmUe. II n. A hirge 
hap, ccmfosion, inr it'itT- 
«^ aRk^^RldR^^^ta Bg. 

HeiVla. (/ qr) 1 Turbid. 
Mttf* foul, w^^T^nnr- 

aW^^W xrai^ Vikr. i., 
i 18; 2 dark, opaque ; 3 
liJtwe, choked, *7: ^pW^- 
fWjf^T^r^: Sak. iv.j 4 
iriiM, bad, sinful; 5 lazj; 
ioDable, incompetent, )^- 

04? 7 censurable, blamable, 
ft. XIV. 73. II »i. A buffalo. 
IH n. 1 Dirt, mud, frinHT- 
ffpN: Rt. lu. 23. • 2 sin. 
UNiP.— ;$lrf%7 a. iUegiti- 
flKl»,M.x. 57, 58. 
i^fCw.«. The body, Bg 
IP©. 6, Bh. V.I. 103,11.43 
f^ m. n. 1 A yiscous 
Mfittttit deposited by oily 
flAitinoes when ground; 2 
a MM of tenacious paste; 8 
Al^ ilih, ordure; 4 mean- 
leav, deceit, hypocricy- 5 sin ; 
6 incense; 7 levigated 
PMrier, K. S. VII. 9, Yaj i. 
Sfl» OoQCP.— qfi^m. the 
ipimamte plant. 

». Deceiving) over- 


m. The tenth and 
^Hftt^i f .U»t incarnation of 
TIAm, ikt destroyer of the 

wicked and liberator of the 
world, *ti*»Pi4ffN% ^RtV^rftr 

mift^ it Oit. G. L 

?F^ I «. (/ 'PTT) 1 Practica- 
ble, feasible ; 2 proper, 
able, competent ( either with 
a gen. loc. or inf., or at the 
end of a compound, e, g, trt*- 
^ ^r^r: 'competent for duty,' 
^E^^T'fi^ ififTfq-: 'not able to 
do one's work*, ^ ^nff^ 'ff^: 
*not able to rule.*). II m. A 
sacred precept, an ordinance; 
2 mAuner of acting, pro- 
ceeding, M. VII. 185, espe- 
cially in religious ceremonies, 

^i^^pc[R. 1. 94; 3 end of the 
world, universal destruction; 
4 a (lay of Brahman (m.) 
covering 432 million years 
of mortals and measuring the 
duration of the world, ^^ 

Sant. S. IV. 2; 5 medical 
treatment of the sick; 6 a 
termination denoting simila- 
rity with a degree of in- 
feriority, Rn^iHI i?% %^ qrft 

art^fir ?r?qq r ^K. Pr. x., 
or jpTffT^r^ irf^r^f ^rffVR. 
III. 2, or ^trrr^TOl^ 
▼f^^r?^ TRflt Sak. II., or^. 
4 ^m 5f : JTf^M^li^H. K. 
S. in. 14; 7 a resolve, a 
determination; 8 one of the 
six Vedangas, viz.f that 
which prescribes the ritual 
and gives rules for cere- 
monial and sacrificial acts. 
See under %^; 9a prescrib- 
ed rule, a prescribed alter- 
native, optionality. snpT: ^- 
^: * a rule to be ol^erved 
in preference to others, first 
duty^ best alternative ', ^^^. 

M. XI. 30, nrm: ^fT^q: Sak, 

III., M. lu. 147. CoMP^ 
— ^N" »«• end of the worMU 
universal destruction. •^I|T* 
f^ a. lasting to the end of 
a ^»^. -Hfft m. renovation 
of the whole creation. -^tSHT 
m. author of a Kalpasiitra 
q. V, -Knr fn. end of tihe 
worid, universal destruction^ 

a tree of Indra's paradise. B, 

I. 75, XVII. 26, K. S. a. 
39; 2 a fabulous tree grants 
ing all desires, f^ sf ^^- 
PmH»»MMI<M : Na. i. 15^ 
hence any generous person. 
-*nwm. a liquor-shopkeeper.. 
■W^l, wRWf / 1 a creeper 
of Indra's garden, Bhartr. x. 
90; 2 a fabulous creeper 
granting aU d esires, ^fPTTlH^: 
ITHf^ 4\H|rtfJ^ ijpf: Bhartr. 

II. 46. -flpr ». a manual ot 
ritual in the form of • 

iV^^q^ifm. lArite;2a barber.. 

Sf^^if n. 1 Forming, arrang- 
ing; 2 performing; 3 cutting;^ 
4 fixing; 5 anything pkcal 
upon another for ornament. 

?lfFq«!T/ 1 Fixing, settling, 
a<^^R>^Hl 5 ^(^ HPT- 
^fjHPTT Yaj. II. 120, M. ix. 
116; 2 performing- 3 form* 
ing, arranging; 4decorating». 
ornamenting; 5 fabrication^ 
6 composition; ^inventioa;: 
8 forgery; 9 a fancy, aa 
iden, an image formed in 
the mind, Sant. S. u. 8; lO 
contrivance; 11 Arthdpaitt 
q.v. (in Mimins^ pW, );^ 
12 imagination e. g. ^r^acpfpir 

*li'^1«ft /» Scissors. 

^ifrW «. (/ m ) Arranged,. 

formed, {^p. iftj^ q. v, ) 
IISFIT^ I a. (/. qr ) 1 Sinful; 

2 foul, dirty. II m. n. I 

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Stain, dirt; 2 sin. JnnjPTrf- 
iliFJRr: Bg, IV. 80, V. 16, 
M. xu. 22. 

aKFin^ 1 a. (/ ift) 1 Varie- 
gated; 2 black and white. 
II m. 1 The variegated col- 
our; 2 a mixture of black 
and white. 3 a demon. 
€oMP.— «|^ m. an epithet of 

^RF^^f, The river Yamu- 

^^<F«r la. (/. ?5qT) 1 Sound, 
healthy, «t: ^ ^^tRt ^?tW 
«^^^f:^ Vikr. m., Yaj. 
1.28; 2 ready, prepared, 

«t ?T^ Bh; 3 clever; 4 agree- 
able, auspicious (as a dis- 
course); 5 deaf and dumb. 
II n. 1 Dawn, day-breakj 2 
to-morrow; 3 spirituous li- 
quor; 4 congratulation, good 
Irishes. Comp.— ifffT ^.» IT- 
fhf /. the morning meal, 
break-fast, -qro, <nH^ m. 
a distiller. -^ I m. mom- 
iug meal, break- fast; II n, 
anything light, trivial or 
unimportant, ^ KI^H^ yg?- 

Mrich. IX. 

^IfPlir/. 1 Spirituous liquor; 
2 congratulation. Comp.— 
^flH, MHcfi m. a distiller, 

^ItF^rT I a. (/. orr or oft ) 1 
Beautiful, agreeable. 2 ex- 
cellent; 3- happy, salutary, 
propitio us, good, if»wn«inf 

r?nn& iT^ HT^rt" ftv^ 

M. M. I.; 4 lucky, for- 
tunate, Megh. II. 46. II. 
n. 1 Good fortune, happi- 
ness.aTTHt^r^ JTrn^^T^orrPT- 
fi^lfl tWftHT Kad., or^- 
»^?f^tjF»C M. III. 60, 
B. 11, 50, XVII. 1 1/ 2 virtue. 
8 a festival; 4 gold- 5 
beaven. Comp.— ^ a. 1 
Tirtuous, good, Bg. vi. 40; 

2 propitious, lucky. -^^nr n. 
friendly speech, good wishes. 

2FfiirT5frci. (/Pwr) Auspi- 
cious, prosperous, 

^^rftlH a. (/. ;ft)l Happy, 
prosperous; 2 lucky, fortun- 
ate ; 3 propitious, auspici- 

^^rft/ A cow. 

m9i a. (/. m ) i>ea^- 

cRj^Irt «t. 1 A large wave, a 
billow, 4iWlt^Hlt^ia»>^^ Bh. 
V. I. 59; 2 an enemy; 3 
joy, happiness. 

**flp*'ft/« A river, ^y^y- 

H^ ^^HNHldirH^ : G. L. 50. 

^R^^vt. I. A (pj}. ^irftRf ) 1 

To praise; 2 to describe, to 
compose; 3 to paint, to pic- 
^4|^ I m. A mouthful. II n. 
A mushroom, R^>l|||^ y^^- 
f5f ^ Yaj. I. 171, M. V. 5. 

sippf m, n, 1 An armour, 
a mail; 2 an amulet, a 
charm, a mystical syll- 
able considered as a pre- 
servative lik3 armour; 3 a 
kettle-drum. Comp.— inf w. 
the birch tree. -fC «. wear- 
ing armour, old enough to 
wear an armour, ypT|T^ ^' 
irrr: S. K. Cf. R. vm. 94. 

^H^ f. The leaf or panel of 
a door. 

qrr Wri a. (y.^orf^) 

1 Mixed, intermingled; 2 
set, inlaid; 8 variegated. II 
m, n. 1 Salt; 2 sourness, 
acidity. Ill m. A braid or 
fillet of hair. 

^RPT ( V ) ^/ A braid or fil- 
let of hair, affTy^qgJlfvrait- 
y^ Am. S. 59, Sis. ix. 
28. Comp.— >nc, hT^ w. a 
fine head of hair, a^ ^piir ^" 
^H^ Git. G. xii., Ve. I. 

W^^^ m. n. A mouthful, arr- 

5, IX. 59. 
'CTf^ «. (/. err ) 1 Eatcnr 

2 chewed; 3 taken, seized. 
{f^^T? n. The panel of a door, 

^T^NNft. CoMP.-F «. * 

^SR^fUff. See Jfj^T. 
^r^ I a. 1 Omniscient, Bg. 

vuc 9; 2 intelligent, clever; 

3 wise, praiseworthy. II «. 

1 A wise man, a thinker, a 
sage, M. VII. 49, Bg. x.37; 

2 a poet, 4T: ^rttW^Hrtf B. 

I. 8, ^ 2Rf3wT: ^^[^ 'rtrtr- 
^^W^Ut.1., Sis. II.B8; 

3 an epithet of S'ukn, the 
preceptor of the demons; 4 
Brahman ( m.); 5 Vilmfli 
the first poet; 6 the sua. 
HI/, The bit of a bridle. 
CoMP.— ^fg* HI, an epithet 
of V^lmiki, the first poet. 
-JIT m. an epithet of S'ukri. 
•^CPir w. a great poet, tft^^' 

^r ys^Naf I. i45.-;cnnw 

m. an epithet of Vilmiki. 
glgfipy m 1 The bit of a 
^iN<f>r /. J bridle. 
qrf^/. Poetry, lr^?|[^>lf* 

^FRr(*r)^ ». The bit of a 

Wiit^ a. (/.««^) SUghtlx 

warm, tepid, R. i. 67. 
2|75if ». (oj;. to f«i|) An 

oblation of food to deceased 

ancestors, M, i. 94, 95, m. 

97, 128. CoMP. — ^, inf» 

^^«f m. fire. 
e|i^ m. (used in tho plural) 

A whi p, ^tt^ y^WtC fT^ 

W Mrich. IX. 
?irar/. 1 A whip; 2 floggiBg? 

3 a string, a rope. 
ilrf^lj I m. n. 1 A mat; 2 

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A bed. II m. 1 Food; 2 
dotiiiog; (according to^^, 
boirerer, it means * food 
ftod doihing ' together. ) 

«4(#)^m.n.l The back 
booe; 2 a kind of grass. 

iWW I a. (/ 5^) Foul, 
dbhonouiable, discreditable, 
^4^|r4»^HrW RfTf^iYt Ut. I. 
n II. 1 Sin; 2 a swoon; 3 
dejection of mind, depres- 
sion of spiritfl, ^fTtHI ^^vm- 
Wft^ fryqfl»-m^ Bg. n. 2. 

9;i(K «. i>/. Tho name of 
* ooontiy, the modem 
Kishmir. (Its position is 
tiwa described:— ^ I K^IHJ " 

Vlfla. (/. ^5^) Fit to be 
viqi^ed. II n. Spiritnons 

M. 1 A tortoise; 2 
of a /2idhi, the hos- 
land of Aditi and Diti and- 
die father of gods and 

«Jrt. l.P (i;i>. ^fq?T) 1 
To tub with h touch-stone, 
^ tes t, *<3!H 47^cC|rt4i- 
<WTW»rf^ 5f »T^tT& Na. n. 
^h 2 to rub,, to scrape, 
Bt III, 49; 3 to injure, 
to destroy. 

W I a. (/. qr) Rub- 
bing. II «. 1 Bubbing; 
2* to uchstone, gj^f^ ^17^- 

St. 11.69. 
Wf». 1 Rubbing, marking, 

Wfi^Pli^iiH^llKPt: Kir. v. 

«ia tost of gold by the 


W^fi Ihe game as Knirr q. v. 
••«I«*</1T) lAstrin. 

««rt|2fciig»nt, wfefT^nr- 

W|<4<1*^^: Megh. l 31; 


3 red, dark-red, ^pt^^- 
^^r^n?*5: K. S. HI. 32. 4 
brown; 5 improper, dirty. 
II w. w. 1 Astringent fla- 
vour; 2 the red colour; 3 a 
decoction which has one part 
of a drug with 8 or 16 parts 
of water, tlie whole being 
boiled down until one qunrter 
is left, M. XI. 153; 4 gum, 
resin, extract; 5 plastering, 
anointing; 6 perfuming the 
person, Rt. i. 4; 7 dirt, un- 
cleanliness; 8 attachment to 
worldly objects. Ill m. 1 
Passion, emotion; 2 the 

SIT^rf^ or. W^) Tinged, 
coloured, arj^f ^^m^rT^rrtt 
K. S iv. 34. 

?lrt^ a. Injurious, mischievous. 

«frq'(%)5??CT/. The backbone, 
the spine. 

SW I a U/gT)l Bad, evil, 
wrong, *sir*Ud< nrTf R. XV. 
43, 'gone from bad to worse'; 
2 painf uljgrievous, Hfff^'^f^- 
^rTT;^'it^: R.xiv. 56, or ^tCT 

Ch&nakya; 3 difficult, iftj 
^.SI^^TR:: Vikr. iii., Yaj. 
III. 29; 4 difficult to subdue 
(as an enemy), M. vu. 
186, 210; 5 mischievous, 
injurious. II n. 1 Evil, diffi- 
culty, misery, suffering, un- 
easiness, M.^ ^TTfrf 5F^f^ 
Panch. II.; 2 sin. (^iTif^is 
used as an indeclinable 
in the sense of * alas ' ! 

^^??Tr* tTTf^Rf ^ ^W Bh. 
CoMP.— MRRT «. arrived or 
obtained with difficulty. -«|vC 
a, giving pain or trouble. 
-tHpj a. one who performs 
hard penance, -^TP^ «• ac- 
complishable with difficulty. 
*-^«ncT n. a bad station, a 
difficult place. 

qjftr/lTest, trial; 2 pain, 

^mi vU.P(m>.2|ifim) IT^ 

go, to appi-oacn. With ft— 
to open, to expand, R^«|(^ 

I., Sis. IX. 47, K. S. VII. 56; 
{cans. pres. ^pto^-^).With 

2 to drive out or 
away, to banish, to expel, 

'TR^R^^Il''^*! Sls. IX. 10. 
5r- to open, to cause to ex» 
pand, miiThi4rtc|H*||?J^:(5. 
g!^:) Ghat. 19. f^-to open, 
to cause to expand, ^^^- 
Wri^ ^Kfk^^mi^ Bhartr. 
II. llvt.2. A ( pres, ^7^ 
or *^ ) 1 To gO; 2 to de- 

Musk, Bh. V. 

121. II. 4, Sn 

7. Ch. P. 7. 

the musk- 


m^ ] T. 

CoMP.— yq- 
JliJIT n. The white lotos, 

Rt. III. 15. 
^ m. A crane. 
W^m n. White copper. 
q^ I a. (/. wr ) Made of 

bell-metal, M, iv. 65. II n. 

1 White copper, Yaj. 1. 180; 

2 a gong of bell-metal. Ill 
m. n. A drinking vessel of 
brass. CoMP.—cRKw. (/em. 
oft ) a brazier, a worker in 
bell-metal.-rlTW w. a cjmbal. 
-iT?T n. Verdigris. 

gjjcfj I OT. 1 A crow, M. viL 
31; 2 an impudent fellow; 3 
a lame man; 4 washing 
the head only in bathing. 
II n. A multitude of crows. 
CoMP. — vtM^lH^'^FT ^* 
the maxim of the crow's eye. 
It takes its origin from the 
belief that crows have but 
one eye, which, as occadion 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


requires, they move from 
the cavity on one side into 
that of ilie other, and is ap- 
plied to a word which serves 
two purposes in a sentence 
\mng put only once, -nft 
«t. an owl. -7?^ m. a snake, 

•-*^Ri*( /> ^tjciflu n. the 
natural enmity of the owl 
«nd the crow. -f^^f. the 
^w^d plant.-9'f . 9f^ m. 1 a 
wagtail; 2 a side lock of 
hair. -iTdr *n, the Indian 
cuckoo. Hn^ft^ n. anything 
happening unexpectedly and 
sccidentally, an accident, ar- 
ffj^Ht: ^K^ 4>|*dlt(|- 
if ^TT M. M. V. r This word 
is used adverbially also in 
the sense of * accidentally, ' 

fl^itf?^ Ve. n. ). ""^^I^m. 
the maxim of the crow 
4tnd the palm. It origina- 
tes in the unexpected 
fell of a palm tree at the 
moment when a crow sat 
on it and indicates any un- 
expected and accidental 
-occurrence. See Mall, on 
Kir. u. 81.- (j i jgRhti a. 
•<»ntemptible, vUe.-^ m. 
the tooth of a crow, i. e, 
anything impossible or not 
existing. %?|%qaf n. search- 
ing after an impossibility, 
«ny useless and unprofitable 
task.-A^^ m. the submarine 
fire, -f^fr / a hght slum- 
ber.-qipr, qifW m. side-locks 
of hair on the temples of 
boys and young men,R. iii. 
28, XI. 1, 81,42.-inF I n. 
the sign(/^ )in Mss. marking 
that something has been left 
out; II m, a mode of sexual 
«n]oyment.-3«9, jf w. the 
Indian cuckoo.-%i| a. shal- 
low, iFT^T^r n^ S. K.-jftF 

m. an owl.-in^ m. a gallinule. 
^s^^ m, barren com, the ear 
of which has no grain, 

Bh. where Nilakan^ha ex- 
plains ^^nrr by ft^^TW^onff- 
»iT.-^ n. the shrill sound of 
a crow. It is considered as 
indicative of future good or 
evil under different circum- 
stances, '^wt/. a woman 
who bears only one child. 
-^^ m. a shrill tone. 

1 Timid, cowardly; 2 nak- 
ed; 8 poor, indigent. II m, 

1 A hen-pecked husband,- 2 
(fern, qfl") an owl; 3 
fraud, deceit. 

^iWOiiF ) W m. A raven. 

«ftl^f^ ( Fft ) /. 1 A low and 
sweet tone, sr9<^t4^4H( ^- 
iitO^H^j^i D. K., Rt. 1.8; 

2 a musical instrument with 
a low tone played by theives 
to ascertain whether a per- 
son is asleep or not, qiTprj- 

fr<«l^: D. K.; 3 the 
gunjd plant. Comp.— ^ m, 
the Indian cuckoo. 
^rf^rPPFT ) /. 1 A sum of 
^lf%*lY ) money equal to 
20 cowris or to a quarter of 
A pana; 2 a weight equal 
to a quarter of a mdsha; 3 
a part of a measure; 4 the 
beam of a balance. 
*lf^«{|/ 1 A quarter of a 
pana.q. r.; 2 a quarter of 
a measure; 3 a cowri, 

^iraSt /". A female crow. 

^Rf^f. 1 Change of the voice 
in emotions, such as fear, 
^ger, (PK^^^Mft^^KTJ-- 

it fftrcwi K. Pr. in.; 

2 a word of negation so used 
as to imply the contraiy, as 

in questions of appeal, (tk« 
meaning is sugges^ied by a 
modulation of the voice); 
3 muttering, murmuring. 

ifn^rfBT ^* A descendant of 
i|i^^, an epithet of kingt 
of the Solar dynasty,^f)rf^-> 
*<|rtl*^difm^l«( B. VI. ?, 
XII. 80, 46. 

^njff ^* The palate. 

iin^l^t^ w. 1 A raven, II. n 
14, Yaj. I. 174; 2 a snak«; 
3 name of a hill, Yaj. ul223, 

^i^^vt. 1. P (in epic poetiy 
in the Atm. also, «. g. ^ 
^ f^f^ Bg. I. 32.) 
(pp- ^iit%?f; p^es. ^jf<fH); 
To desire, to long for, ^ 
ijfr^ T ^TOfir Bg. XII. 17, 
XVIII. 54, M. II. 242, Sak. 
VII, R. xn. 58.WithmP^-* 
to long for. 9fr- 1 to desire; 
to wish for, M. x. 121, Y«j. 
I. 153, 47;. 2 tore- 
quire, spnn'- to lie in wait 
for. ^- to desire, to wish 
for. ^ncr- to desire, to wish 

qnifr fn, A sidelong look, a j 
malicious look, a glanofl^ j 
^i^'TM^^RnT: Bt. V. 24. 

?Knr m. A crow. Cf. ap^. 

«lihffT /. 1 Wish, desire ; t 
inclination, appetite, ^FI^- 
mj^ ^^^\m Sus'rata. 

?W%5a. (/. *) Wishing 
for, desirous, Bg. xi. or, 
Sant, S.iv. 11. 

W^ m. 1 Glass e. g. »IWT 

Ud., or^rtifi* ^n^5r*rwj 

a loop, a .swinging shelf, ft 
string so fastened to tilt 
yoke as to support buiJ- 
ens; 3 an eye-disease yf> 
ducing dimness of sigiit* 
CoMP. "Vlftf. a gkss ewajr 

-Hl^ m. crjratal. quartJ, 

Digitized by 




8«it. 8. 1. 12. -«|^, f?TT 

%, black salt or soda. 
m^ \n, A string or tape 
ff^sf^j which ties a parcel 

or bundle of papers or the 

leayesofa manuscript. 
HI^hRIi^ «». A manuscript, 
^gr^ «. 1 A cock; 2 the 

Chakrava'ka bird. 
^iriH ». 1 A little water; 

2 bad water, 
irtrrl ^. (/.*) Golden, 

made of gold, cfin^ W 

Megb. II. 16.- II n. 

1 Gold, (icirtir) ar'^rwrr- 

^ ^S^TH: M. II. 239; 2 
bnlliancy; 3 property, weal- 
th; 4 ^ filament of the lo- 
105. lUm. 1 The Dhatiura 
pknt; 2 the champaka tree. 
CojfP. — >)t% / a woman 
with a gold complexion, Bh. 
V. U. 72. -gj^ m. a gold 
"wne. -pift m. an epitliet of 
the mountain Meru. -^/. 
I gold dust; 2 a golden or 
yellow soil, -^ffif «. a treaty 
pf friendship between two 
parties on equal terms. 

«N?rr(w) m. The Kovi- 
da'ra tree. 

«r*(F^) /. 1 A girdle, a 
iromtn's ssone furnished with 
smill bells, ^J|iii4Amft yy- 

Sis. IX. 82. K. S. I. 37, in. 
55,11. VI. 48, Am. S. 18, 
SB; 2 name of an ancient 
titrin the south of India, 
one of the sacred cities of 
tteHbdns; ( the seven citi- 

*''#rr4t*<fi><*i:). CoMP. 

"^^''^'rtlr/* *'^® same as 
^ (2). -^ n. the hips and 


y I Sour gruel. 

«irr^ n. Acidity. 

q^ m. A rock, a etone. 

^inf^ ) n. 1 Hardness; 2 

qi^ri^v^ ) sternness, hard- 

Hjpr I a. (/. 'TT) 1 One-eyed, 
M. in. 155, 177. 242-2 
perforated^ broken (as a 
cmvri), ^[^: WTTOTSFfl^ 
sfH q r ^^ r t^ JTTW Bhart% 
HI. 5, 

^CT^W {K) w* Son of a one- 
eyed woman. 

«igr%7# /. 1 An unchaste 
woman; 2 &n unmarried 
woman. Comp. — ^f^ m. the 
son of an unmarried 
woman, (a term of reproach 
generally used in the voc., 

^t^^^ Mrich. 1.) 
^irf¥ m. 7?. 1 A section, a 
part; 2 the portion of a 
plant from one knot to an- 
other; 8 a division of a 
work, a chapter of a book, a 
separate department or sub- 
ject; 4 a stem, a stock, a 
branch, 3;^^* ^»r?V: 4i<rtW 
^ Am. S. 95, M; I. 46, 48; 
5 a cluster, a bundle, a mul- 
titude; 6 an arrow; 7 a 
long bone, a bone of the 
arms or legs; 8 a cane, a 
reed; 8 a stick, a staff. 10 
opportunity, occasion; 11a 
private place; 12 Tile, bad, 
sinful, ( at the end of com- 
pounds only ); 13 water. 
Comp. — ?fff^ m, a maker 
of arrows. -ifl'^IT ^n^ an 
iron arrow. — fTt Md^ fn» 
a screen surrounding a 
tent, a curtain. Sis. v, 
22.-qnf 'w. an arrow's flight. 
-98' m. 1 one of the military 
profession, a soldier; 2 the 
husband of a Vais'ya wo- 
man ; 3 an adopted son, 
any one other than one*s 

own son, ( The word im^ 
plies faithlessness to one*a 
own family, caste or religioA 
and is often used as a 
term of reproach. ^j>f ^ f- 

Mv. HI.), -ifr M, a fracture 
of bones or limbs.-^ m. an 
archer. -^JHt/ the lute of 
a Chane/ula.-^if^ m, a knot^ 
a joint (as of a plant) .-rar- 
m, a soldier, one who lives by 

wCi^K fn. An archer ; (some- 
times used as a term of re- 
proach, Mv. III. ) 

^rfrt^ m. A reed-basket. 

^I^l^ind, A prfix implying 
insult or reproach (generally 
tVith^) e. g. zf^p^f^^V^ 

^fkVfir: (f^ (/. cr 1) Cowardlj^ 
timid, "afraid, discouragedt 
^TffTT: ^^U \ i\^ Sak. m., 
Am. S. 7, 80, 75, R. xu 
78; 2 confused, i)erpexed; 3: 
tremulous through fear, R, 
II. 52, Am. S. 79. 

IVrr^ w. Cowardice, ^T9t4'%-^ 

^«T 5ftRr: M vT«Tf^flinni.R. 

XVII. 47. 
SRFirnR m. 1 Name of a 

sage and writer on civil and 
religious law, Yaj. i. 4 . 2 
name of a writer on gram- 
mar who wrote Vdrtika$ to- 
supplement Piwini's Sittraa. 
^l^^lHpft /. 1 An elderly 
widow: 2 an epithet of Pir- 
vat'f. Comp.— ^if, ^ m.. 

^firtl^P^ (T' (/. f^) Ac- 
complished with diffioHlty. 

2inf^^ m, A writer of stories^. 

^linNr I m. 1 A kind of goose» 
R. XIII. 55, Rt. IV. 9; 2aa 
arrow; 3 a sugar-cane; 4 tho 
Kadamba tree. II n. Flower 

Digitized by 


of the Kadamha tree,R.xiii. 
^ff^ift ^^ I A spirituous 
liquor distilled from the 
flowers of the ^r^ tree, 

•^KH^ Sis. 17. 66. 
^n^O* /I 1 A spirituous 
liquor distilled from the 
flowers of the ^^ tree ; 

2 wine in general, ^nt^- 

TF^^JT: qPcT^ jf^T^qTHL Ud.; 

3 the fluid issuing from 
the temples of an elephant • 

. 4 Sarasvati, the goddess 
of learning ; 5 a female 
if^nrrMt/ A row of clouds, 

t(^ Bh. V. 17. 3. 

iiinnr^W «• (/ ^ ) in- 
cidental, occasional. 

ifm^ffi' A species of snake. 

^H»f w. 1 A forest, a grove, 
R. XII. 27, XIII. 18, Megh. 
I. 18, 42; 2 a home. 
Com p. — Btf^ m. a con- 
flagration-^ri^li^m. Ian in- 
liftbitant of a forest ; 2 a 

^ ( ftft <ih 71. The little finger. 

^P^ m. 1 The son of an 
unmarried woman, (^r^H ' 

Yaj. II. 129 ) See also M. 
IX. 172; 2 an epithet of 
sqrw; 3 of Kama. 
m^ «• (/. ?fr) 1 Desired, 
lored, dear. 2 pleasing, ^- 
inrtl^nT^: R. 1. 16; 3 love- 
ly, beautiful . II m. 1 A lover; 

2 a husband, t^|<l»icH<H^ - 
^f%%(»T5Rr)SU. X. 3,29; 

3 the moon; 4 the spring; 
5 a kind of iron; 6 a pre- 
cious stone (in composition 
with^, ^ and aPTff);? 
sn epithet of K4rtikeya. Ill 
fi. Saffron. CoMr.-»^(i|^ 


». the loadstone. -"rflnt^w. 
a peacock.-^Tf ^» t^^® load- 

^lihfT/. 1 A beloved or lovply 
woman; 2 a mistress, a wife. 
Sis. X. 73, Megh. u. 16; 3 
the Priyangu creeper- 4 the 
earth. Comp.— w^f^ff »*• 
the As' oka tree. See aHfl^. 

<W^K I wi. n. 1 A large forest, 

(t^ Ve. VI, Yaj. ii. 88, 
Bhartr. i. 86; 2 a bad road; 

3 a hole, a cavity. II m, 1 
A red variety of the sugar- 
cane; 2 mountain ebony. 

^TrRr/. 1 Desire, wish. 2 per- 
sonal decoration or embel- 
lishment;3 loveliness,beauty ; 

4 beauty enhanced by love 
(in rhetoric); (in this sense 
the S. D. thus distinguishes 
it from ^r and ^t: — ^^• 

fWtf qpT>lhT^ ) ; 5 a lovely 
or desirable woman ; 6 bril- 
liancy, brightness, Megh. 
II. 21; 7 an epithet of 
Durgi, Com p. ^^iX a. 
beautifying, illuminating.-^ 
n. 1 bile ; 2 clarified butter, 
-f, ^T'W a. adorning.-^ 
w. the moon, -if^ I a, love^ 
ly, beautiful, splendid, Me- 
gh. I. 30, K. S. V. lU II 
m. the moon. 

SfiTTT w. Anything roasted or 
baked in an iron pan. 

^r^nnr w. a baker, a con- 

^Ffff^ a. (/.SCT) IPat 
to flight, nmning away, fly- 
ing; 2 afraid, l^a. V. ii. 

^^r^s^sif m. Name of a 

^iV\U^ I a. (/. ^) 1 Fraudu- 

I lent, dislioncst; 2 wicked, 

perverse. II m. 1 A flatterer, 

a parasite. 
SfiPp:^ n. Wickedness, fraud. 
Sfn'ipi' m. A bad road (/if. and 


^HIH ] »i. A follower of a 
\ certain Sdiva sect 

clffTrft^cBr ) characterized by 
carrying skulls as ornaments 
and eating and drinking 
from them. 

q H IMlfoHL *'*• ^^ epithti of 

^nPrar«.0-^) Sliapedor 
behaving Ukt^ a monkey. 

smfqR^ I a. (/. i«r) 1 Be- 
longing to Kapila; 2 taugbt 
by him. II m. A follower of 
th« Sankhya system of 
philosophy propounded bj 

^3<r^ m. A contemptible 
man, a coward, a wretch* 

Panch. I. 

^|^€| n. 1 The monkey spe- 
cies; 2 the tricks of tiie 
monkey, monkey-like Be- 

q^T^ 1 a. (/. ^) Grejv 
of a dirty white cloar. II 
n. 1 A flock of pigeons; % 
antimony. Gomp. -M^f^ >*• 
antimony applied to the 
eyes as collyrium. 

^«^ ind. An interjection 
used in calling oat to 

5(OT I rn, 1 Wish, deaije, 

67, M, II. 5; 2 attachmaat 
to worldly objects, Bg. a 
62, M. IT. 94; 3 affectioiu 
love; 4 sexual pleasure o<Ki« 
sidored as one of the loor 
ends of life, (uf^^^) Of. 
BnJ ( 8 ) R. I. 25; 5 la3t, 
desire of carnal gratificatioBi 
M, n. 2U., 6 the god If 
love; 7 a species of fw 

Digitized by 



mango tree; 8 an epithet of 
nrBdjomna; 8 of Balar&ma. 
n n. 1 Object ef desire^ 2 
wmen virile. Comp.— i^ 
m, 1 fire of passion, riolent 
desiiej 2 fire of lo^e. •^^hPT 
n. 1 kindling the fire of lust; 
2 an aphrodisiac.-^H^^ m. 1 
a finger-nail; 2 the male 
organ of generation.-^fT ^' 
the mango-tree.-B^IP^i^fnC «. 
the infloencc of passion. - 
*^Nfe^ ff. overcome by lore. 
•WH m. See ^rp?rfit.-^ 
1 0. blinded by Ioyc or pas- 
skm.II ii.the Indian cuckoo. 
H^/ musk, -a^ftnto. 
him% food at will.-3f^i^- 
f H libidinous, lustful.- 
IFW «. a pleasing grove.- 
1^ M. an epithet of S'ira. 
miA^^* amorous, lasciri- 
W.-<«n?fnC fn, an epithet 
of Pradyanma, son of Kri- 
dma and Eukmini.-9|^r^ffi|' 
n. snppreasion of passion, 
*»ttMn. -iTOf n, 1 unre- 
ibained enjoyment; 2 eating 
atiriU. -¥nip: a. lore-sick, 
aiMed by lore, e. g. mH\^ 

• 'Ik an^ epithet of Aniruddha, 
lotrf Pradyanma. -STpuni 
«» fibidinoii?, enamoured, M. 
Tn^.-9ir^ In. 1 arrow of 
Aifodof love; 2 membrum 
^nA, n m. the mange tree. 
fi«*RpRf .-B|T?R ^.1 a vul- 
Mvi S6arac&.-^F$ a. over- 
fm}fl love , ypTRft ft* JTfr- 
ll|BWil'll'iiMli Megh. 1.5. 

5t a. orercome with de- 
impMs&oned. -fcg a. 
^^ to obtain the fulfil- 
E«f« desire. hImT w. 
'';4dlietof Kubera;2 
ipme Boul. -^i|?|f n. 
jjgmtmiMB^iionof water 
iMplflMi "friends i^ho are 
wm mMM ^io it by law, 

Yaj. III. 4. •TTffT «• over- 
come with passion. -^cTT 
/. an epithet of Rati, the 
wife of Kdma. -^ot, ^if^ 
a. following the dictates of 
passion .-^nr 'w* 1 Volunta- 
ry action, M. xi. 45; 2 de- 
sire, influence of desire, Bg. 
V . 1 1 .-^? tn. 1 the paramour 
of a harlot; 2 harlotry, -fr^ 

1 a. 1 one who acts as he 
lists; 2 one who grants a 
request. 11 m. the supreme 
soul, -^fe" w. 1 a paramour; 

2 copulation, -i^r /. 1 
amorous sport- 2 coi)ulation. 
-^ a. able to act as one 
pleases.-^nH a. able to go to 
any desired place, R. xiu, 
76. -tit/, a libidinous wo- 
man, Yai. III. 6. -jr^ m. 1 
the quality of passion; 2 
satiety, perfect enjoyment; 
8 an object of sense, -^|T> 
^Tt o. moring unrestrained, 
K. S. I. 50. -^K »». 1 unre- 
strained motion; 2 indepen- 
dent or wilful action, ^ 
^R^ »n^ ^Nr#T: R. 
xiT. 62; 3 sensuality, Felfish- 
ness; 4 free will, M. ii 
220. -^Crf^ I o. 1 moring 
unrestrained, Megh. i. 63; 
2 libidinous, lustful. II m 
1 Oaruefa; 2 a spairow. -ir 
a, produced by papsion or de- 
sire, M. va. 46, 47.-f||^I a. 
conquering passion, R. ix. 
33. II. m, 1 an epithet of 
Skanda 2 of S'iya.-?rat ind. 
1 from passion or feeling, 
M. III. 173; 2 of one's own 
accord, willingly-Sknowingly, 
intentionally, cKf^^ ^jpTrf : 
Yaj. 1, 168; 4 at will, un- 
restrained. -?fny m. the Indi- 
an cuckoo .-f a. granting a 
request, fulfilling a desire.- 
^/. S€e iFTH^J. -fijif a. 
looking lovely .-JtET a. grant 

ing any desired object, R. 
1. 81. II. 63.-3^, 5f /. a 
fabulous cow yielding all 
desires, Bg. x. 28-^/. 
the female cuckoo.-^ m. 
the god of lore.-^ /. a 
cow of plenty, a heavenly 
cow granting all desires. ^- 
iKvnr? m. a brazier, -uff^- 
;i[m. an epithet of S'iva.- 
'T^, 7?^/ Rati, wife of the 
god of loye.-qitT fn, an epi- 
thet of Balardma.-x|%fiT n. 
expressing one*s desire or 
hope, e.g. ^fTf^ ^iR^. 
"THPS m. an unrestrained 
question .-^in? m. a speciea 
of the mango tree.-^t^ 0. 
sensual gratification ( al- 
ways used in the plural ).- 
mf m. the festival of the god 
of love,(on the full-moon day 
in the month of Chaitra ).— 
^ a. infatuated by lust.-^^ 
m, seminal e£fusion.-^^r^ 
a. libidinous, ifTi?!^ 5^ ^- 
Hi(^^ : Bhartr. iii.'*112.- 
^^r^T I a. 1 taking any shape 
at will, arnnr^ ?^ xTjiSg^pt 
*IHi^i| T^T; Megh. i. 6- 
2 beautiful, pleasing. II m. 
pL a district lying in the 
east of Bengal, R. iv. 88, 
84.-^^, Sf^grr/. a hariot, a 
courtezan.-H^ /. membrum 
virile.-titH a. overcome with 
passion.-^ a. 1 desirous; 2 
libidinous. -^ m. a gift 
chosen at wiU.-^^^ m. 1 
the spring; 2 the mango 
tree.-^lQifr /. moonlight.- 
^^r »w. subjection to love.- 
^21 a. subject to love.-^nj 
a. saying anything at plea- 
sure, f^n^ a. disappointing 
d3sires.-f^ a. indulging de« 
T. 154.-^?% I a. indepen* 
deat,acting according to will. 

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Y. 82. 11/. free and un- 
cbecked b^iaviour. -ff^/. 
increase of passion. -^ n. 

gthe trumpet flower. -^ w. 
1 a love-shaft; 2 the mango 
tree. Ses 9^^. -^tRST n. 
the erotical science, Mall. 
on K. S. VII. 94. -?Hr^ 
m. attainment of desired 
objects. -^OT w. the 
spring. -^ a. fulflUing anj 
desire, R. v. 33. -^ n. 
V^t3y4yana'8 Sutra on eroti- 
cal science. -^3^ a, caused 
by mere desire without any 
real cause, Bg. xvi. 8. 

^liPrrl o. (/. s|T) Lustful, 
libidinous. II n. Desire, 

<WHHr /. Desire, wish, 

tWHHft^ n. Beauty, attrac- 

^HH^ tnJ. 1 According to 
wish, according to inclina- 
tion, at will, *IHHK"ll(T|^tl 
jr ^'q^HriiPi M. IX. 89; 2 
willingly, joyfully, Sant. 8. 
IV. 4; 3 freely, without 
doubt, M. u. 189, Yaj. i. 
82 ; 4 well, very well ( as a 
particle of assent) , ir^nH^'Tr- 
fr^T «rr ^RT^ *I«I5 ^aeWl" Sis. 
II. 43; 5 granted, no doubt, 
admitted that, [ usually fol- 
lowed by 3" or <T^fl?^(yet, still) 
as its CQirelative] ^rpf PPTT T 

Sak. II, R. VI. 22, iv 13, 
xii. 75 J 6 indeed, really, 
surely, (implying at the same 
time a contradiction or un- 
willingness. ) 
«WH^HK(/. TT) ) a.Lustful, 
<ldH^R (/. ^) [libidinous, 
m^f^^ (/. 'ft) ) R.XIX.50. 
^H^ I a. (/. ?7r ) Lustful 
n. m. 1 The spring; 2 a de- 
^IHf^'4il /• Spirituous liquor. 
^inf^n^Ia. (/. *(t) Lustful, 

II m. ,1 A lover, a lustful 
man who pays attention to 
women, ^|HTi|rfq<|\f: IT ^fj 
Sfi'cf ^^ ^: ^rnfir: Am. S. 

2, Rt. I. 3; 2 a uxorious 
husband; 3 a sparrow; 4 an 
epithet of Siva; 5 the moon; 
6 a piiieon; 7 a chakra- 
vdka bird. . 

sifrPl'ft/.l A woman in gene- 
ral, ^^ ^f^ R. IX. 69, 
Rt. I. 28; 2 a loving or 
affectionate woman* 3 a 
lovely woman, !^ %^ qfT^nr 
^(TT^rf^ ^^TPT-.Pr.R. 1, 
4 a timid woman; 5 spiri- 
tuous liquor. 

^(3^1 a. (/. g^r orsfft) 
1 Wishing, desirous; 2 lust- 
ful.libidinousll.m. 1 A lover, 
a libidinous man, R. xix. 
33, Rt. VI. 9; 2 a sparrow; 
3 the as' ok a tree. 

3in3pi?r/. A woman desirous 
ol wealth, &c. 

9in3^ /. A libidinous wo- 

^tW^ ^' ^ carriage covered 
with a woollen cloth. 

^inf^< ;g fit. A vendor of shell- 

ciiHfir m. 1 A native of the 
Kambojas, M. x. 44- 2 a 
king of that country; 3 
the Punna'ga tree; 4 a spe- 
cies of horse from the Kam" 
hoja country. 

^Rt^ a, (/. »?t) 1 Desirable, 

rr f^CT ^ *l«n^R*i Sant. 
II. 8. 2 beautiful, lovely, 
^^ 5T HT'^T: R. VI. 
30; 3 optional, perform- 
ed for some particular 
object {op, to ^(?^) 3Jrcf 
*I^M"^M ^rfr^: R- X. 50, Bg. 
XVIII. 2. CoMP. -Mf^TTR 
M. a self-interested motive 
or purpose.-iir^ n. a rite 
performed with a view to 

future fruitioiu -f«fr /; 

agreeable speech* -^pf n. 

1 an acceptable gift; 2 ^ 

voluntary gift, -^f^ •• 

voluntary death, suicide. 

-5Pr «. a voluntary vow. 
*l*^l /. Wish, desire^ 

intention, R. i. 85, Bg. x. 1. 
m^ «. (/. »wr ) Slightiy 

^jnr I w. n. 1 The body, ^^ 

•IT M. M. IX, Bg. v. 10; 3 
the trunk of a tree; 3 Hm 
body of a lute ( the whel» 
lute except the wires); 4 
assemblage, collection- H 
a home, a habitation; B 
principal, capital; 7 a butt; 
a mark; 8 natural temp^Mi* 
ment. II n. The part of tlw 
hand just below the fingtm 
especially the little and the 
ring finger. It is regaidedl 

as tlie JT3rrqTW*J, M. n* 

59. Ill m. One of th» 
eight forms of maimgo^ 
more generally known as iRw 
iJT^cq-^.tj, Yaj.i.60.GoMP.— 
s?r^ m.the digestive faculty^ 
"^^ m, bodily suffering or 
pain.-f^^r^r /. treatmenl 
of the diseases which affeet 
the whole body.->n«r «*» 
measurement of the body. 
-^Hfn. an armour.-^ fTi. 1 
the supreme spirit; 2 ^10 
writer-caste proceeding from 
a ^bPjii father and a ^ mo* 
ther; 3 a man of thai castas 
Yaj. I. 336, Mrich. ix.-^^f 
/.la woman of this caste^ 
2 the myrobalan tree. -^ 
/. the wife of a ^^q^. 
flinr- «. corporeal. 
^n^^ I a. (/. f^(m) Relai* 
C|)|(f^j in>? to the boc^ 
bodily, corporeal, M. xa* 9» 
Sfirf^r/ Interest, (t. ^pm* 
mium paid for toB nee it 

Digitized by 



money ). Comp. — ff^ /. 
1 hkiaest consisting in the 
xm of any animal or capital 
stock pawned; 2 interest of 
whieh the payment does not 
affect the principal, 
^irr I a. (/. ^ ) (at the end 
of a compound) Making, do> 
h gy Work ing &c. e.g, f-Jj^c, 

^"**K> ^^^r, ^nranr. n 

a. 1 Act, action, e, g, ^^- 
^; 2 a term designating a 
aoond or a word which is 
vot inflcscted, af^i^R M. n. 
Uy 125; 3 effort. Sis. xix, 
27; 4 determination; 5 re- 
Sg^s ansterity; 6 a has- 
ted, a master- 7 power, 
itMigth; 8 a tax, a toll- 9 
a ieap of ^now; 10 the 
Himalaya mountain. Comf. 
"i*-i|^ in. a man of a mixed 
od low caste, M. x. 86.-^- 
<a. working, acting as an 
V^^ ^KMliC ^n- name of 
a tree. ^rfN^ m. 1 a 
taaer; 2 a mineralogist. 
-^1/. a toll-station. 
^WWlo. ( / R^CT ) ( of ten 
at the end of compounds ) 
1 Making, acting, doing, 
«i^ng &c. Bg. I. 42, Yaj. 
11. 156, III. 150, M. VII. 
^ 2 an agent. II n. 1 
Be relation of the noun to 
tm yntb in a sentence or to 
^far words governing it (in 
SMBu); (these relations ai-e 
MKMhwding to Panini :-(l) 

^^)frj*^, 3;?ircor(4>tjr?r^ 

gjWKl'l an<l (6) 3Tf^r^); 
What part of grammar which 
tarts of these relations, 
Hitear. CoMP. — H^^ n. a 
figtte of speech in which the 
Wto H^TCIR' is connected with 
^itenes of verbs as in f^^n^ 

K. Pr. X. -^ m. the active 
or efficient cause ( op, to 

SlirrT n.lA cause, i. e. that 
which is invariably antece- 
dent to some product and is 
not otherwise constituted (in 
phil.); according to the 
Naiyayikas it is of three 
kinds, viz. 1 MHmfU ( inti- 
mate or inherent) as threads 
are of a cloth . 2 ^nnr^Tftr 
( non-intimate or nom-in« 
herent ) as the conjunction 
of the threads is of cloth; 3 
f^T^TT ( instrumental ) as 
the weaver's loom is of cloth- 
2 cause, reason, R. i. 74, 
Bg. xui. 21; 3 instrument- 
means, Yaj. III. 20, 65; 4 
motive, R, xvi. 22, M. viu. 
347, Yaj. II. 203,- 5 the 
origin or plot of a play or 
poem- 6 a sign, a d cument, 
a proof, an authority, M« 
XI « 84; 7 that on which an 
opinion or judgment is 
founded; 8 an or^an of 
sense; 9 element, Yaj, m. 
148; 10 the body. Comp, 
-T^IT w. special plea, denial 
of the cause of complaint, 
admission of the charge 
generally but denial of the 
issue ( in law ). -e^K^ w. a 
drimary cmse, an atom. 
-T|«r fn, a quality of the 
cause (material). -HIHT /• a 
figure of speech thus de- 
fined: — q%?nf %«T gr#^ 

^qjri K. Pr. X. -«rrf^ 

m, a complainant, a plaintiff. 
-^fft ^*- the orig nal water 
produced at the beginning 
of the creation, -f^^hf «• 
without a cause, -^nft^ n, 
the inner rudimentary Iwdy 
or causal frame ( in Vedin- 
ta pliil. ). 

yifJT/ Pain, agony. 

«F!TI^ O; (/ ^') An exa- 
miner, a judge. 

^ITftTV m. A sort of ducky 
fftt*llt*«ff *|(><<I :%^^Vikr. ii. 

^I K^ m. A crow, 

gRTO"/. 1 Imprisonment, con- 
finement; 2 a prison-home, 
a jail; 8 part of a lute be- 
low the neck ; 4 pain, afflic- 
tion; 5 a female messefTger. 
CoMP.— BTHK, ^ w. a pri- 
son-house, a jail, ^RT^^ r%- 

^TTJ^R. VI. 40, Sant. S. iv. 
10. -iJfT m. a prisoner.— i|ny 
m. a guard of a prison. 

^rf^ I/. Action, act. II m. 
/. An artist, a mechanic. 

^ i R<y r/ 1 A female dancer; 
2 a business, a trade; 8 a 
memorial verso or a collec* 
tion of such verses on a 
pliilosophical or scientific 
subject , e. g, Bhartrihari's 
Karikas on grammar • 4 
torment, torture; 5 interest 
( I. e, premium paid for the 
use of money. ) 

^a^jfy^ ^. A heap of dried 

SffT^I a. (/. 15:) 1 A maker,aii 
agent, a servant,an artizan, 
an artist, f|% ^ ^ ^TT^tft^ 

^>Na i.38,Yaj. 11. 249, 
M. V. 128, X. 129. [They 

are :-tT?jr ^ tT^^^W ^flfl^ir^- 

Rrf^q-^ JTm": I ] II w. 1 An 
epithet of fl^H^IT^^, the artist 
of the gods; 2 an art, a 
science. CoMP.—'^ m. one 
who commits burglary .-it m. 
1 a piece of mechanism, any 
product of manufacture; 2i^ 
young elephant; 3 & hillock, 
an ant-hill. 
<!ti i »fil^ o. (/. gifr) Com- 

Digitized by 




passionate, kind, tender. 

q^HF^ n- Oompassion« kind- 
ness, pitj, Na. I. 134. 

^n4i^ n. 1 Hardness; 2 
soliditj, Sis. II. 17j 3 stern- 
ness, 4»|4^4 »TPr?f^ %<n% 
Am. S. 24; 4 firmness. 

«r^«^ «. Gold, ^?i?nrnS«T^- 

ifrgrrniT: Sis. i. 20. 

^mfi^^ft w. An astrologer 
who foretells destiny, aFT?fr- 
ft*r sfPT ^F^ D. K. 

^ri^ I a. (/ * ) Belong, 
ing to the month of Kdriika^ 
B. XIX. 39. II m. 1 Name 
of the month in which the 
full moon is near the ffrpRT 
( pleiades ) ; 2 an epithet 
of Skanda. 

ffiriW)'/. The full-moon day 
in the month of Kdrtika. 

iinfTfl^^ m. A name of Skan- 
da- he is so called because 
he was reared bj the seren 
Krittikas Comp. — Sf^ /. 
P^rrati, mother of K4rti- 

«|i|r^ n. Totality, entirety, 
cTrf'^tWT ^IV^H ft^N^I-i 
^PhMI^I^ M. ni. 183. 

^Ta.(/.4r) Muddy, fil- 
led or covered with mud. 

^\h^ m. 1 A petitioner, a 
suitor, a candidate ^ 2 a rag. 

W^f^r^F m. 1 A pilgrim; 2 
one who subsists by carry- 
ing water from holy rivers j 
3 a caravan of pilgrims; 4 
an experienced man. 

Ifrr^fv^r n. 1 Poverty, indi- 
gence; 2 compassion, pity; 
3 niggardliness, imbecility, 
Bg.'u. 7. 

H^tNt I o. (/. # ) Made of 
cotton. II m. n. 1 Any 
thing made of cotton, M. 
Tin. 326; 2 paper. Ill /. 
The cotton plant. Comp. — 
arf^ n, the seed of the 
cotton plant. -;fit^^ /. 

spindle.HE^f^^ a. made of 
cotton thread, Yaj. II. 179. 

<t i m1fa^ a. (/. SffV) Made of 
or from cotton. 

?irniff^i:l / The cotton 

^irrrf # ) plant. 

^j^ I a. if. ^) Finishing 
a work, doing it well or com- 
pletely. II n. Magic, witch- 
eraft, f^fVl<4H^<Ti4i4*'l ^4^- 
^ Bh. V. II. 79, Vikr. Ch. 
viii. 2. 

3Frf^«. (/^)1 Manu- 
factured, made ; 2 embroider- 
ed, intermixed with colour- 
ed thread. 

^injVla. (/^l)Fit for 
or able to do a work. II n. 

1 A bow, Rrfnr H^*ftMT?T«5W 
4i » J4tg Kir. 1. 44; 2 a bam- 

Hrr^I a. (/.liJ) What ought 
to be done, made, performed, 
&c. Yaj.i. 297,M.n£. 248, 
V. 69,vui. 61.11 n.l Duty; 

2 work, affair, M. m. 69, 
140, V. 150; 3 a religious 
act or performance; 4 oc* 
cupation, enterprise, emer- 
gency; 5 want, need, occa- 
sion ( with an inst. ) ij^ 
yrq- >nrcff VT FTr^ ^ Pancb. I, ^ 

Am. S. 71; 6 conduct, de 
portment ; 7 a law-suit, a dis- 
^^4tl^ Mrich. IX, M. vm. 
43;8an effect, the necessary 
result of a cause {op, to 
^rr ) sf ^^4tK«lrt^^$r: 
mvFq- H^ K. Pr. X; 9 
operati-n (in gram. ) e, g, 
arr^; 10 motive, object, 
purp' se; 11 the denoue- 
ment of a drama, ^rrffcn^- 
^^tli <T5^ r^^^ Mud. iv; 
12 healthiness (in medi- 
cine ). Comp. -BT9fT<T a. in- 
corapetent.«-Bl«R| 4f^ ^rt w. 
deliberation on the argu- 

' ments for and against ai 
proceeding. -Bif^ m. 1 tl 
planet that tiecides ai 
question in astrology; 
the superintendent of a wo: 
or affair. -^|^ m. 1 the q 
ject of an enterprise, 
purpose, M. ni. 167; 2 « 
application for employmcD 
-MftR[ a. 1 making a x 
quest; 2 seeking an emplo 
ment; 8 pleading a eau^e , 
court, going to law, Mrich.i 
-ffPT «. superintendence < 
public affairs, M. rii.Ul 
^;j[ f < m . discharge of any d 
*!• •^'liC a. efficacious. -?KR 
n. du, cause and effect, o^ 
m. the relation of caoj 
and effect. -^^^ m. tin| 
for action, season^ oppa 
tunity. -^hr^ «. importanl 
of an affair or busine3s.--fl 
9PIP I a. prudent, cautiool 
II m. an executive office 
Yaj. II. 191. -'egw a. out ( 
work, out of employ, remoj 
cd from an office. -^*1, m 

1 consequently, necessariJi 

2 through some object 
motive, -^^^sf n. 1 insp 
tion of work; 2 looking 
to public affairs. -Ppf^ 
settlement of an affair, -j 
w. 1 a man who does a m 
less thing; 2 a mad, ecc4 
trie man; 3 an idler. -IT 
m. idleness, laziness. -5 
m. a messenger. -^T^ ^ 
aim, an object, -ftqnry 
reverse, a misfortune 
m. 1 the remainder of 
business, M. yii 158; 2 P 
of a business. -Rf^/ 8' 
cess, -^mf w. office, p^ 
of business. -^ a. 1 
structing or counteract 
another's work; 2 op] 
to another's interest. 

H^nr^ 1. 1 Thinness, emit 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

bn, MegH. i. 29- 2 small- 
feas, Kttlenesa, scantiness, 

m. A husbandman, a cul 


^ [or ij^] m. n. A 
Mtt or weight of different 
ilues, M. viii. 136, 386, 
1, 282. 
^TTTWa. (/.^)Worth 

F*a. (/. «"ff ) IBelong- 

ig to the black antelope, 

In 41; 2 belonging to 

Lridhna or Vishnu, R. xv. 

i; 3 belonging to Vyaaa- 


WrW I a. (/. # ) Made 

I black iron. II «. Iron, 
ter »». An epithet of the 
m of love. 

fila. { J.fft) Black, of 

dark or dark blue colour. 

im.l The black or dark 

lue colour; 2 time, ^KT^W- 

k R. I. 33, Sr. T. 8, M. 
L 90; 3 a x)eriod of time, 
t V. 153; 4 the proper 
ime or occasion, R. iii. 12, 
y 6, XII. 69; 5 time con- 
felered as one of the nine 
frarya« by the Vais'eshikas; 
B tlie supreme spirit in his 
opacity as the destroyer of 
Universe; ^;;l^: ^rr^qr 

rtr. 111.39. 7 Yama, the 

of death; 8 the black 

of the eye; 9the Indian 

^oo;10the plahet Saturn; 

M epithet of S'ira; 12the 

J^r; 13 destiny, fate; 

II a measure of time (in 
Me and prosody ); 15 a 
^n who distills and sells 
lofaotts liquor. Ill n. 1 
W; Si kind of perfume. 
''^•'•^•WBT w. iron.— 9f- 


Ifrfoir m. a scholar, one 
who can read. -9^^ I 
m. a species of sandal, 
tree, Bh. V. i. 70, R. iv- 
81. II n. the wood of that 
tree, Rt. iv. 5 -irflr, v^n^ 
m. the conflagration at the 
end of the world.- itT «. 
haying a dark blue body, as 
a sword nith a dark blue 
edge.- Mf^ n. hide of a 
black antelope.-atiTT ^. & 
kind of oollyrium, K. S. tii. 
20. -HTlT m. the Indian 
cuckoo.-siRft^ «w. l033 of 
time, delay. - ifTinr wi. 1 
lapse of time; 2 loss by lapse 
of time.-iT^^nr m. 1 an epi- 
thet of the sun* 2 the su 

preme80ul.-9f^nEnf^^- 1 & 
bee; 2 a sparrow; 3 the Cha- 
taka bira.-9f^^ m. time as 
the destroyer of erery thing. 
- WfC ». 1 an interral; 2 ft 
period of time; .3 another 
time or opportunity. ^MTT^ 
a, hidden or conceaW by 
time, oifnc a. able to bear 
delay, of^ m. an animal 
renomous only when enrag- 
ed, as a rat.-if^ m. a dark, 
watery cloud.-ir^rf^ w. ap- 
pointed time. - ST^f^ /. 
season of mourning i. e. 
of ceremonial impurity on 
account of a birth or death 
in the family .-HRW w. iron. 
-HIT a, sown in due season. 
5^^ n. a blue lotus. -«R*?fi3r 
m. an epithet of S'iva.-?|fy 
m. 1 a peacock ;2 a sparrow; 
3 ftn epithet of S'iva. - 
^r*T «. appointing a time.- 
«ft'f^'5tif' 5R*ft/. misfortune. 
-SfT^ n, death. -«|Rt<7 *w. 
noise, -ffy m. Yama. -^^ 
m. n. la deadly poison; 2 
the poison churned out of 
the ocean and drunk off by 
Si'ra, ar^iffir %5frf?r fr: f^ 


«rrw^f Ch. p. 60.-fr^m. 
1 the sun, 2a peacock; 3 the 
supreme spirit.-HiiT m, lapse 
of time, course of time, pro* 
cess of time ( ^ifrSHt^ m *in 
process of time') .-Tlirirr /• 

1 fixing a time; 2 death.- 
^ m. 1 delay, loss of time, 
Megh. I. 22; 2 passing the 
time.-^^lR', 9^ n. the lirer. 
'TtTT /. the rirer Yamun6. 
-^B(fi[ w. a year.-'qiif n. I 
the wheel of time, time re- 
presented as a wheel alwaya 
moying; 2 the wheel of for- 
tune or fate, the vicissi- 
tudes of life. -f^lT ». a 
symptom of approaching 
death. -"^iTMJfr «• summoned 
by the angel of death.-^ I 
a. knowing the proper time 
or occasion, ^jf; ^^ iTT W- 

?f 'FfFrff^^TirfrqH:, Sis. 11.88. 

R. XII. 33. II m. Ian astro* 
loger; 2 a cock.-^p^ n. the 
three times, vit, the past, the 
present and the 'uture.-^ 
m. death .-^, ^if^ w. 1 the 
line of conduct suitable to 
any particular time- 2 
de ath, ^ ^ f jffjttT: ^if^H^- 
«T\rfyTprT?T: K. Pr. iv.-^Tt- 
•TT /. p'olongaton of time. 
-Pr^W w. fate, destiny .-pt- 
W^ n. cl»ronology.-qv a. 
ripened by time, i. e. spon- 
taneously, M. vi,21, Yaj. i£i. 
49. -qff<^TOm. standing for 
a lime so as to become SJale. 
-*Tnr m, the noose of Yama. 
-gS" I w. 1 a species of an- 
telope; 2 a heron. II n. 1 
name of the bow of Kama; 

2 ft bow in general .-iT^TW ♦». 
S'arad., t. e the two months 
following the rainy season. 
-JHiT w. an epithet ol S'ira, 
-ifpf n. measure of time, 
-^icfm. a species of ap^^.-l^t 
/. the manjisiha plant,-i|f« 

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^ iw., WTf w. procrastina- 
tion. ~^iT/n. fato, destiny. 
-4ff^^. an epithet of S'ira. 
-tifft-, ^r^ 1 a dark night. 
2 the night of destruction at 
the end of the world. -^^ 
». steel. -PtT^ m.^pro- 
longation of time. ^|^ /. 
periodical interest, ( payable 
at stated times, M. yiu. 
153 ). -^fsyr / the time of 
Satam, t e, a particular 
time of the day at which 
an/ religious act is improper. 
-^1^ m, 1 retaining for a 
Lang time, M. viii. 148. 2 
lapse of a long period of 
time. -^T^ <>• opportune. 
-r^ m. the black and most 
poisonous variety of* the 
snake. -mnT mx the black 
antelope, -gjir, ^3^ *>• a 
particular hell, Yaj. ii. 222. 
^fi^ m. the tama'la tree. 
^•^k^^ a. terrible as death. 
-^ wi. an epithet of S'iva. 
-^if^/. delay, R. xiu. 16. 
^m^ n. 1 Liver; 2 a mole, 
a freckle; 3 a water-snake. 
;^(rt^< w. 1 Name of a 
mountain and the adjacent 
country* 2 an assembly of 
religious mendicants ^ 3 an 
epithet of S'iva. 
^ M^g | ». Buttermilk pro- 
duced in a jar by churning. 
^HTT / An Qpithet of 

^l^ftTfqr wi. 1 The hair of the 
bead- 2 a serpent's hood; 3 
a demon, an imp, a goblin; 
4 a student of the Kaliipa 
cMHIMch w- The teachings of 

^n?*^ I a. .(/. 5(?r ) 1 Re- 
lating to time, depending 
on time, ^^^l *lft^^(^^"W 
Am.; 2 seasonable, II m. A 

^llf^^tif / 1 Price of a com- 
modity to be paid by in- 
stalments; 2 periodical in- 
terest paid at stated times ; 
8 blackness, black colour; 
4 ink or black ink; 5 a mul 
tiiude of clouds, a dark cloud 
threatening rain, ^iTfc5%^ 
ftft^ 3n?ri%^ R. XI. 15; 
6 alloy in goldj 7 a female 
crow; 8 a scorpion; 9 a 
form of Durg4; 10 spiritu- 
ous liquor. 

^irrfiSnT I «. (/. %) Pro- 
duced in or belonging to 
the Kalinga country. II m. 
pi. The name of a country. 
Ill m. 1 A king of that 
country, s^^MI^ ^ifA«it<iH- 
W^f^mi^: R. IV* 40. 2 a 
snake; 3 an elephant. IV. 
n. A water-melon. 

cf il Tfe ' ^ a. (/ tft) Connect- 
ed with or coming from the 
mountain Kalinda. 

SFiT^^/' The river Yamund, 

I, R. XV. 28, Sant.'S. iv. 
13. CoMP.- ^t^, %f5r ^« an 
epithet of Balar&ma. H3^/ 
Sanjna (if^), a wife of the 
sun.-^t^ m, Yama, the god 
of death. 

^ 11^*^*1 *»« Blackness Am. 
S. 88. 

5intw^ w* I Name of a large 
serpent inhabiting the Ya- 
mun^, killed by Krishna, 

?FrtHqfl'q^^:*rsnr Git. G. i, 

R. VI. 49. CoMP.- ^i^^T w. 
an epithet of Krishwa. 

?KT?{t/. 1 Ink, black ink; 2 
an epithet of Pirvati, S'iva's 
consort; 3 a row of black 
clouds ; 4 a woman with a 
dark complexion; 5 night; 
6 an epithet of Satyavati, 
mother of Vyisa. Comp.- 
ffifq' m. a buffalo. 

«lil^<!|i «* A heron. 

ch l ifin a. (/ IT) Belonging 

to a particular time. 
i^Tpsfr^ n. A kind of sandaln 

wood. [ Also ^TTP^q^.]- 
<ji y ^m w, 1 Foulness, dirti* 

ness, turbidness; 2 opacity 

( lit. Aiidjig. ). 
2frF%irIa. (/. m) Belong. 

ing to the Kali age. II w. 

1 The liver. 2 a kind of 

sandalwood, K. S. vii. 9. 
chiftn^ m. 1 A dog ; 2ft 

species of sandal. 

sirf^Rwo. (/«»ar)?2xi8t- 

img only in fancy, fictitions, 
counterfeit, e, g. ff^ sg^qf^- 

^!X^^ I a, (/. ^m) 1 Timely^ 
seasonable ; 2 agreeable, 
auspicious. II n. I>ay-break. 

yy^^HUcfi n, Auspiciousnesa* 

SCT^rf^nirl « (/.^) Ar- 
morial. II n. A multitod^ 
of men in armour. 

«frrf ^ wi L A cock : 2 the 
Chakravaka bird. 

siff^ w. Saffron. 

m^i\ /. 1 Turmeric; 2 » 
courtezan ; 3 name of ^ a 
river in the south of I&dia« 

^(t^R. IV. 45. 
5in«^ I a. (/ wif) 1 Endow- 
ed with the qualities of & 
sage or a poet • 2 propbo- 
tic, inspired, poetical. II m. 
An epithet of S'ukni» 
the teacher of HdkehaaaSn 
III n. 1 poetry, poetiod 
comi)Osition, m^l^ is vari- 
ously defined by writers on 
rhetoric :— (1) w(i'< cTI^J^ET- 
^qqT%^f q^^ffl" Dandin. 
(2) cT^^ ^ro^ ^3«IT^^- 
frft 3^: yn^ Mamma/a^ (8) 

^r^ rim^ ^!F^^ yia^va ^ 

niitha. (4) r^pTRn^^^f^m^^: 
^TT : ^r«^ Jagann4tlia \ 
2 a poem, 8 happiness iwU 
fare, CoMP.— wf «• poetic 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

tiiOTght, poetic idea. °^k^ 
w. a robber of the ideas of 
another poet, ?r^ ^riff fr 

Yikr. Ch. i. 11. -^i^ w. a 
stealer of other poems, a 
plagiarist. -4)r>|hr^ m. a 
rhetorician, a critic, -tf^nir 
a. one who has a taste for 
poetical composition, -fft^ 
». a figure of speech thus 
dftfiaed by mammafa;- ^Jf^- 

t&c science and art of rhetoric. 

W^/' Understanding, in- 

IKIHl w. 1. A (jfp. ^rfhtRT) 
1 To be visible, ^ ^^ ^ 
^J »K?W ^ ^^^t Bh. 
m. 2 to shine, to look brilli- 
Mrt or beautiful, B. x. 86, 
ni.24, K. S. 1.24, Bt.ii. 
25: (Iwnce) 3 to appear 
or look like. With if- 1 to 
be risible; 2 to shine, to 
look brilliant; (hence) 3 to 
appear or look like. JiRr- 
1 to appear Hke 2 to shine 
b opposition. f%- 1 to open 
19 as a flower; 2 to shine. 
^-- to appear like. ( Caus. 
fWWf^-%). With pth- 1 to 
«peii; 2 to take out, to pre- 
Mtt to the sight; 3 to turn 
«Qfci to banish, e, g, ajfT- 
A«*RI%r[. If- 1 to show, to 
ifisiOTQr, to disclose, to le- 

fl&k. I; 2 to lighten, to 
««Bie, q^ H*UTqr*(*: 
Wlfi^'SKPr^ rf^: Bg. xiii. 
i^S to bring to light, to communicate, 

• Wm H^\i\^^ Ch&wakya. 
ttij. 4, A {pp. ^Rnr ) 1 
to appear like; 2 to 

. •• A species of 
far mats, roofs. 


&c. Rt. HI. 1, 26. II n. A 
flower of that grass, K. S. 
VII. 11, B. IV. 17. Ill m, 

I Cough, catarrh, ^f^r^J^^r- 
^\(^^: Sant. S. 11. ^9; 2 

fJti \ l\\ I m, pL The name of a 
countr}\ II /. Name of a 
celebrated city on the Gan- 
ges, the modem Benares. It 
is one of the seven sacred 
cities. See. ^^. Comp. — q- 
m. an epithet of S'iva, 

^Rd^ «. (/. 'ft ) (generally 
at the end of compounds ) 
Shining, apfoaring like, 
having the semblance of, e, 
9. fsTcHnf^r^ *one who deports 
himself like a conqueror,' (%. 

^^^f. See ^rrt% II Comp.— 
^TfTT fn. nn epithet of S'iva. 
-4irwr/ pilgrimage to Bena- 

<ft '> AH ff/ A. plant commonly 
called ^fHTtr» ^^TW^* fWTF- 

HjinK?* #Trt^^nT M. M. 


t^ t ^^ K I a, (/. *) Bom in 
or coming from Kas'mira. 

II m. pi. The name of a 
countn' or its I 
n. 1 Saffron, q^lT^fNT?T^- 

t^nprGit. G.I, Ch. P. 8; 2 
root of a tree.CoMp. — ^, IT- 
WT?C^?i. saffron, Bh. V. I. 71. 

^'fi^if V. Spirituous liq»>or 
Comp— q" n, flesh. 

^ l AW m, 1 Name of a cele- 
brated sage; 2 a name of 
Kana-ia. Co3tp.— ;f^ m. 1 
an epitiict of Garuda; 2 of 

^r^^rRr ^«. 1 An epithet 
of Garuda* 2 of Aruwa. 

mV^m^/. The earth, gj^PPTl^ 
qTrTffnfPr ^ f^^: Bh. V. 
I. 68. 

Sirr^ w. 1 Rubbing, q{^ 

II.: 2 that against which 
anything is rubbed, rff^nfSr: 
jji^lt'Jir 4i^ |rt^| ^: Kir. v. 

>m Mall. ). 
SfTT^nr « (/. *r) 1 Red, 
dyed of a reddish colour, 

^f^: R. G. 

^rS" w. 1 A piece of wood,, 
especially one used as fuel,. 
M. IV. 24 1 J 2 wood^ or 
timber in general, 
49; 3 a stick, Yaj. 11. 218; 
4 an instramcnt formea-ur* 
ing length. Comp. — ifi^f^ 
m. ta. a wooden house or en- 
closure.-BT^^iftjft/. a wood- 
en bucket. -^^^/. the wild 
plantttin. -^ffl? w. a small 
insect found in decayed 
wood. -g»f TO, a worm 
generally found in wood» 
-s^fp^ w, a kind of wooden 
shovel used for baling water 
out of a boat for cleaning its 
bottom, -^aj, fi^Sflfr wi. a 
carpenter. -^ w. a small 
worai found in timber, -^r^ 
m. the Indian pine tree 
otherwise called ^^^ | ^ . 
"5 m. the Palaa'a tree^ 
-JJMI^i^f /. a wooden 
imago. -^it^FT »?. » wood- 
carrier .-jj^/. a funeral pile^ 
-ITT «• 1 wooden, M. ii, 
157; 2 hard-hearted, craeL 
-Ji^ m, % bier, a wooden 
frame on which dead bodies 
are carried, -t^i^^' w. a 
small worm found in wood, 
(the same ««s *l^js)-- Hl"- 
f^ m, a cudgel armed with 
iron.- ^\z m.n.Vk wall made^ 
of wood. 

^18^ - n. Aloe-wood. 

cCTOT/ 1 The path of wind 
and clouds; 2 a quarter or 
region of the world, (fe^)? 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

8 a limit, a.boundqxT I?^rST 
fW^: K. S. V. 28; 4 the 
last limit, extremity, excess, 

Ill, 35; 5 a measure of time 
equal to tlie thiirtieth part of 
a Kala'. 

^if^^ '«. A bearer of wood. 

Ifffe^r/. A small piece of 

*llfiry/. The plantain tree. 

iirraLri. 1. A {pp. ^urffiTfT ) Te 
cough, to make a sound in- 
dicating any disease. 

ifTRT m, 1 Cough, catarrh. 

Jfrmr/. j Comp. -^ a, af- 
flicted with cough. 

Him^ m. {fern, ^ ) Bufifalo. 

tm^f^ in. n, A ponJ, a pool, 
Bh. V. I. 43. 

1ff^(^)/. 1 A sort of lance. 
2 indistinct i^peech; 3 light, 

^V^ A A by-way, a secret 

W\%^ I a. (/. OT ) 1 Dry, 
withered; 2 mischievous; 3 
large. II m. 1 A cat; 2 a 
crovr ; 3 a souhd in general 
III n. In iistinct speech, 

^^ff?^/. A large drum. 

«liT^<#/- A young woman. 

falf^ ' I m. A kind of tree 
having beautiful red blossom, 

f%5r^i : Chdwakya, 20. 
II n. The blossom of this 
tree, r^ f%5^: ^l^^fSC^j^R- 
Prf ^'^T^Rt. VI. 21. 
fa^tj^^ m. The j;a/a«'rt tree, 

fSh'f^ m. 1 The cocoanut tree; 
2 the chdtaka bird, (the 
brid is also named as ftrf^^r, 

f%5ir'=ft )/A small bell. 
Sis. IX. 74, K. S. VII. 49. 


r%flrc I m. 1 A horse. 2 the 
Indian cuckoo; 3 a large 
black bee; 4 the god of love; 
5 the red colour. II n. The 
frontal sinuses of an ele- 

Rf5l%CRr w. 1 A parrot; 2 
the Indian cuckoo; 3 the 
god of love; 4 the as' oka 

f%3nfy «. 1 The filament or 

fef^F^F/n. j blossom of a lotus 
or any other plant, R. xv, 

X^ fw.'A hog. CoMP.— H 
m, a louse. 

Rffg" In. Secretion, excre- 

fgfffcfr J ment, dirt. 

fiF?r?7 w. 1 A copper vessel; 

2 rust of iron, &c. 

fe«r »J. 1 A com, a callosity 
a scar, >frP'niT*Tr%«n^*Flft^& 
(?t) Git.G. I, Mrich, ii„R. 
XVI. 84,xviu. 47; 2 a wart, 
a mole. 3 an insect found in 

f|ftT?r n. 1 Sin; 2 a dru^ or 
reed from which spirits 
are produced, M. viii. 826. 

f^^vt, or vi, 1. P 1 To cure 
( pres. f^l'^FWlfi' in this 
sense); 2 to live; 3 to de- 
sire; {pres. %rif^ in these 

f^ff^q* m. (/em. ^) 1 A 
rogue, a licr, a fraudulent 
man, Am. S. 17, 41, Megh. 
II. 48; 2 the rfAa«?ira plant; 

3 a kind of perfume. 
f^il^ind, (a substitute for ^ 

used only at the beginning 
of compounds.) A particle 
expressing * blame,' or * de- 
terioration.' CoMP.- ^f^ m, 
a bad slave, a bad servant.- 
\^[^ m, a horse - ;t^ m. a 
mythic »1 being with a human 
figure and the head of a 

horse, 3nff^rr* ^rnpTftq^TRT- 

^f%"Wi;R. IV. 78, K, S. 

I. 8. ^^, °|^r w. an epithet ' 
of Kubera.- 5r€f / 1 a female 
Kitmara, Megh. 1.56; 2 & 
kind of lute.- jrer^ m a my- 
thical being with a human 
head and the form of a 
horse, K. S. i, 14; ^f'lit m. j 
an epithet of Eubera.^q^f^ 
I a. having a bad king. II \ 
m. a bad king.- ffTF »*• 1 ' 
the beard of corn; 2 ah ' 
arrow; 3 a heron.- ^f^ m. ' 
(nom. «en^. ^^n^f) a bad 
friend, ^ f^^j^ ^\^ ^ ^if^ 

^^^Sf^'rKir,!. 5. 

i^i^^ I pro. ( nom. sing, 
^: «»., (^n{^ n., ^ /. ) 
Who, what, ^: ^\t^ J^ginff I 

^^wSak. I., qiT^.i^j^rsr I 

f?j^ ftrfr ?^ ^ f% sr '^ ??nt 
R. vm. 67, a<ir*<mw?m>nr 

^^ Na. I. 30. The neuter 
8ing,\^f^ is often used with 
an inst. in the sense of 
* what is the use of, ^(^* 

Hit. I. or T'iry'^rqt^lnT ^- 

t^^^nr ^r^fl[,Mrich.ix. f^% 
5?Pr, f^nrfi" <>r ^?r is often 
suHixed to this prenoon to 
render its sense indefinite, ^- 
{^(^^: * a certain Yaksha *) 

inr: Megh. i. 1, 2|jr^ ( a 
certain lady ) rTcT tr^^TrT^ 
M. M. I. ^%^%r^ ^^Wfit 

fT^fq-: I, fr^RTH yrtHf^ < ft 

^TTHR^q^m^ ff- 

^^^^r^q^f^Rm^^ I. q^- 

fir ^ ^^?i? ^"^^nrtf 
rrrt^tf^ f^rqi^r^ Git. 

mean * a little' * something*, 
^if^f ^ T^n^PlHTr Yaj. u, 
116. With, -s^ it 8oa» 
times means, 'indescribaMi\ 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

S*^ ^- fT IS sometimes 
added to ^is word to give 
elegance and force to the 
meaning and may be render- 
ed bj 'what posBiblj. ' ftrfW 
<t-.. Hl^rfini Az^ Sak. I. 
Su f?. II ind. 1 A parti- 
cle of mterrogation, €, g. (^ 
«Wf ^^if^^tf^rrfif ;do hun- 
ters roam about in this wood' ; 
2 a particle expressing 'whj, 
wherefore', ifft^^cT^tTl'N^ 
^fofy Sak. T.; 3 whether 
(geoerallj as the correktire 

»riK5!r ^ fShri^ ?nx K. S. 

n.2S.CoMP. — Mft «w<^. 1 
lome what, to a consi- 
deaUe extent; 2 iades- 
ephably (as to quality, na- 
ture or quantity ), henec 
mudi more, Teiy much, 
gftgPK f»Hfir ^?^ Git. 
6. I. %«ff^ r»T^4 ^3ft^ 
Sat III.- H^ a. haying what 
motiTe oraim.^.^f^^^qrTr- 

wd. why, wherefore. Am. S 
11 -^^?r a^ haying what 
«wae.-ffirm£. why, (^^r^' 

WitPT ^F^Tty^ K. S. V. 44. 
-?, ??T ind 1 wliy, Prq-jrc- 
«W:(%5^^^ Am. S.31j 
8 ^oubt or uncertainty, 
(or) Am. S. 9; Show much 
QHttiliow much less, H^*^- 

9Xad.-ifit m, a servant, a 
A»C ^\ ^\ f%^CH^"- 
B. H. 85, Am. S. lOO.-SR-cr 
/» a femal*' seiTant.-cRft /. 
ttevite of a Sprva«it.-«K^W- 
%jlH^^ /• Any situation in 
inidi one a^ks himself what 
«B|kl to be done, perple- 

2eJ^ *''9?rW «. having 
'•it wmtm orcauset-f^?^ 


ind. what a pity, ( express- 
ing dissatisfaction ) e. g, 

^f^. -^[Pr o. ft I*zy fellow 
who doe^ not yalue moments. 
— ifPT «. belonging to what 
family.-^ ind. moreover, 
further.-^Pfm«/. to a certain 
degree, a little, -f^^ ind. 
to a certain degree, a 
Uttle, f%l%ir^«IT^^Tlt iPTf^ 
R. u. 46, XII. 21. ^ 
a. a smatteror. °^^t a. doing 
something, useful. ^g^TH m. 
sometime, a little time. ^JitT 
a. haying a little life left. 
°*inr «. only a little, -cf^ 
a. conversant with which 
Veda.-f(rtrin(?. how,then,but, 
however.— 5 inrf. but, yet, 
nevertheless, {k^ qurf jt^tT- 
^FTTCTT^nnrq;^ R. i. 65. 

-^^ a. having what deity. 
-ffrff^f TP(?«- having what 
name, -^tR Tfa. having what 
cause or reason. -pfiinT^tnJ. 
why, wherefore. -5 ind. 1 
whether e, g, f^^ '^ irpf ^- 
5?r q'R'^qT'fi SFTf^ ^; 2 much 
more, much less, a^f^ 5R?tiRr- 

rr^^n^T >at: f^n ^frf^ Bg.i. 

35; 3 what indeed e. g, 1%^ 

possibly, how is it that, /%- 

tflf^^ ^^: Sak. VII J 2 can 
it be that, f%j(^ Tpir ^^T^- 

Sak. II. -T^, inrnr a. 

miserly, niggardly. -q-CT»FH 
a. of what power, of what 
energy, "^p^ind. how much 
more, ^gsT^^rT^^: Me^ih. i. 
17, 8. -JPFRJJ ind. in what 
manner. -JWr^ ^- possessing 
what power. -^ a. of 
what sort, oi what 

nature. -^:^T ^' ^^ ^^^^*' 
shape. -^ a, poor, mean, 
insignificant. -^^, ^^ 

/. rumour, report, itrMmt^^^- 
V^^ f^K^ Ut. 1. -^^rnif 
Iff. an extravagant man. -^ 
fW. a particle of interroga- 
tion, RfJTT ^^d^HT^ frjfTr- 
J5?TT Sak. VII; 2 whether, or, 
(%• 5^f^ »nff'T^T% f^ fir- 
^ q|^: Sr. T. 7. -firT «• 
knowing what, ^-curpn^ tu 
following what occupation. 
-^fh7 a. of what halntff. 
-p^ ind, whether, how, 
^>: *t rrf^ q^: f*f^- 
?3'y3ffl^ : Megh. i. 14. 
f^fl^a. (nom. sing, ftrrr? 
w., RPT#/., f^T^m^n.; ) How 
great, how far) how much, 
how many, ^^ft^»ftf>r: UTT^f. 

^tftrqr^Na. I. i80.f^rqr*t 
?F(^ ? ^^rmJSant . S. J. 25 , 

f^ ^3Pqr ff?r Sak. iv; ^r^ 
filrq<ft JTprr ' what ( of what 
account) is a king'; 2 
some, a little, a small nun* 
.ber, ftir?!^ f^^rfPT: ^fft ?f?f : 
f^pjrrf: Bhartr. 11. 78. Comp. 
— ^J^^r/. effort, vigorous 
and persevering exertion.- 
oh l t^*t «wc/. Ihow long; 2 
some little time. -f^K'C ind^ 

how long, {^;^p^ vr^Rr 

jifHt K. S. V. 50.-^^ ind. 
1 for a short time, a little 
wav, how far, how distant, 


^fj^ m. A hog. 

fifT'^ w. 1 A scribe. 2 a pig. 

flRTT m. 1 A ray or beam 
of light, a ray of the sun 
or moon, tf%r {^ ^^t jnTOpT- 

K. S. I. 3, Il.v.74, Sis.iv. 
58; 2 a small particle of 
dust. Comp.— ?i^ a. »adiant, 
refulgent.-»nf<7^ '»• the sun* 
f%?T^ I m. 1 Name of a de- 
graded mountain tribe who 
Jive by hunting, fhtfrf HI 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


qtR?rnTr:K. S.I. 6, 15; 2 
tt savage; 3 a dwarf, qTf?TPT- 

y(T5[ Rat. ii; 4 a groom, a 
horseman; 5 name of S'iva 
in the disguise of a Kira'ta 
II m. pi. The name of a 
tjountry. Comp.— btRR. w- 
sn epithet of Garut/a. 
nrClffl /. 1 A female Kirhta-^ 

2 a woman who carries a fly- 
flap or chowrie, R. xti, 67; 

3 a bawd, a procuress; 4 
P4rvati in the disguise of 
a Kira'ii, 

f^lfrft m. 1 A hog. 2 a cloud. 
fH^ft? m. n. A diadem, a 

crest, a tiara, RrftsnTOTtTir: 

K. S. VII. 92. CoMP.-vsirf^l. 

m. a king. -^(f^R;^ m. an 

lepithet of Arjuna. 

ftsftfKI o. (/ *) Wearing 
a diadem, Bg. xi. 17, 46. II 
nt. A name of Arjuna, (thus 
explained in the Mah4bh4- 

»ta :- j^ ^1%^ ir art gvtrar 

^^\l^ ftrffiVTH:) Bg. XI. 

ftr4VcI«. f/n) Variegat- 
ed. II m. 1 Name of a 
R^kshasa slain by Bhima. 
Ve. VI ; 2 the variegated 
colour. CoMP -f^, f%^^, 
^JP^ m, an epithet of Bhima 

f^T^ Im. 1 Play,trifling.CoMP. 
— f%f^ n. amorous agita- 
tion, weeping, laughing, be- 
ing angrj, &c. in the society 
of a lover. II tW. A parti- 
cle expressing 1 certain- 

Sak. i; 2 report, tradi 
tion, ^pjr qt^ r%pr ^tl- 
«fN^:R. VI 38.3r^TR*ftRr- 
^ ^^: P. Bh.;3 dissatis- 
faction, dislike, x^ (^ %f%- 
JP^ G. M; 4 contempt, 
^ {^ qt?^% G. M; 5 pro. 


bability gr^: f^ R^^ gr- 
^^ G. M; 6 cause, reason, 
H^WfJ^CT't,*For he said 
so.' G. M. 7 feigned action, 

5mw f^r-f^ rrt 'RT^ R. u. 


fa^jpRff OT. ) A sound, a cry 

RKt^Hhryr/. ) expressing joy. 

f^'(4fe|hc4|?l^ ( denom, verb ) To 
make a noise, Bt. vii. 102. 

^ti^rsr n. 1 A mat; 2 a thin 
plank of green wood. 

f^n^iT^n. 1 Fault, offence, 
injury, guilt, M. vm. 235; 
2 sin, Bg. III. 18, VI. 45; 3 
a disease. 

f^^^'l.w. A horse. 

fehi^lHil m. n. A sprout, a 
young shoot. See (%W^. 

f«h^D< m. 1 A youth, a lad, 
a boy below fifteen, a minor 
in law; 2 a colt, the young 
of any animal; 3 the sun. 

f^i^rt^/. A maiden, a young 

^iTf^^irvr (Mr)w IName of a 
country; 2 name of a moun- 
tain situated in that country. 

f^PhK>iT ( W ) /. Name of a 
city, the capital of /w«^Hnc?Aa 

f^FTsar I a. Vile, contempti- 
bleTlI w./. 1 The forearm; 
2 a cubit, a span. 

V^^^ ) w. A sprout, a 

f^^lH^ I young and tender 
shoot, ^^Tr^^: ^n^l^fcf qif^- 
i^: R. IX. 35, ytf ^^rt^ -f f f i^ - 

:§rT^n?r ^r^mr^i Ut. m. 

g(fr?l7? I a. (f.f[) 1 Poor, 
indigent; 2 miserly. II »i. 
J) I, The name of a country. 
Ill m. Ahorse. 

^fcra I «. (/. ^)Hard, 
firm. II n. A bone. 

offf^^ m. 1 A hollow 
bamboo. 2 a whistling 
bamboo, ^ ^"H^^l^cT^^Tt^: 
R. IT. 12, 73, K. S. I. 8; 3 
name of a people; 4 name 
of the commander-in-chief 


of king Virate. {SeeAjpp. 
II. ). CoMP. — f^ m. an 
epithet of Bhima, the se- 
cond P&nc/ava prince. 
iffT m- lA worm, an insect, 
Rt. II. 18; 2 a term expres- 
sive of contempt ( genenDy 
at the end of compoands, 
«. 9- Tflf^ffte' 'a miserable 
bird. ' ). CoMP, — |r m^ 
sulphur, -x n. silk.-^if /;■ 
lac. -nf^ m. a firefly, 
2(?ca* w. 1 A worm. 2 m 
bard of the Mdgadha tribe. 
*W(/.^) ]a. Of wbat 
^St^ > sort, of what 

*rf5r(/. ^Eflr) ) nature, ^ 

I. 137. 

*wnria.(/.isrT) 1 CnW- 

yating the soil; 2 pooTg 
indigent; 3 niggardly. IT 
m. 1 An epithet of Yama, 
the god of death; 2 a kiad 
of monkey. 
«lf)[^ I m. 1 A parro^ 

^qf^Bh. V. 1.58. II«i.jrf. 
The country and the peopis 
of Kashmir, III n. Fl^,-^ 
CoMP.-fS" m. the mango 
tree. -^cR" ?*. a kind of pea- 
fume. '^ 
5|frt a. (/ «n^) 1 Strewn, 
scattered, spread; 2 covered- 
3 placed, put; 4 injaredf 

gf^T^r/. 1 Scattering. 2 coT^- 

ing, concealing; 3 ijijuria^. . 
^gf^9f n. telling, narrating-. 
cifH^rf / 1 narration; 2 fame. 
chlJt^ ( c/<?72om. v^i-ft ) 1 To 

tell, to utter, mention, B. i. 

87, M. u. 124, IX. 42; 2 ta 

praise, to celebiute. 
gjffPff /. 1 Fame , renown, gloiy, 

good name, ^^If^<4irlli4|4j«|. 

i^^^E. IL 64, Megh. I. 

45, M. n. 9; 2 favour, ap- 

probation; 3 dirt, mud; 4 

Digitized by 



•oond; 5 extension, expan* 
fikm; 6 light, lustre. Comp.- 
H^il a. famous, celebrated, 
n m. an epithet of Drona, 
the military preceptor of the 
KaonTas an<i PAn(&yas. 
-«ri a. famous, celebrated. 
-^ m. the leaving behind 
of nothing but fame, e. e. 

#lf/.l. P(pj,. j,{tf?RT) To 
bmd, to pier, to fix. 

I^ii. 1 A wedge, a pin, 
^f}tJ«^2?lf ^RT: Panch. i; 2 
tlaucejS a post, a pilkr; 
4the elbow; 5 a blow with 
thcdbow, 6 a flame; 7 a 
miaoteurticle; 8 an epithet 

^iW«* 1 A wedge, a pin; 
2s]MlIar, a colomn. 

4^ I «. 1 A heayenly 

; drinl^ similar to Amrita; 2 
fctoey; 8 a beast. II n. 1 
Blood; 2 water. CoMP—fir 
». the ocean, -q* m. a demon, 

Itorst/. the The pin of an 

itew 0. (/. Iff) 1 Tied, 
Wand; 2 fixed, infixed, nailed, 
t'wJlf&^lfiJ^M. M. V. 

*Vla. (/.OT) Naked. II 
«»lAnape, a monkey; 2 
^ San; 3 a bird. 

|/.lllie earth; 2 the base 
^a triangle or any plain 

I %«»• 

I J wA A prefix implying *de- 
jwecMon', 'badness ', • sin,* 
*-^nfMach ', ' contempt. ' 
liitoany places it assumes 

*"'®»''"''IPiPtw, a bad deed, 
*■■■■ act. -nf m. an 
QptpHina planet, -iffif 
;^*jP>%wga without a 
'^m^$mk'9A Q§nihotrm^ 

a physician or a riyer. -%« 
a. wearing bad or ragged 
clothes. Jffi^l/. wickedness, 
impropriety. -iT'^T^a. low- 
bom, -ffj I a. deformed, 
ugly. II'*^. an epithet of 
Kubera. -fhft/. a bad lute. 
-IP& m. 1 a fallacious argu- 
ment, fallacy, sophistry. 2 
a heterodox doctrine, free- 
thinking , yfTq^fvqffr: ?nT<T- 

^TCT^n^nr^rf^ G. L. 81. ^^ 

m. a sophistical method of 
arguing. -^ n. a bad tea- 
cher. -f^Tf n. an evil day. 
-^ /• 1 weak sight; 2 
evil eye; 3 an opinion or 
doctrine opposed to the Ve- 
das, M. xii. 95. -%^ m. a 
country where necessaries of 
life are not available or 
which is subject to oppres- 
sion. -^ I a, ugly, deform- 
ed. II m. an epithet of 
Kubera. -vft a. 1 foolish, 
stupid; 2 wicked, -^^m 
a bad actor.-^rf^^ffr/ a small 
river, ^vf^ t^l«JHft*|Panch. 
I. -TRT w. a bad mast<5r. 
-«fni^ m, a miser, -q^ m. 

1 a bad way ( lit. andjf^. ). 

2 a heterodox doctrine. -;jif 
m. 1 a bad son, a wicked 
son; 2 the planet Mars 
( where, however, y means 
* the earth*. ). -3^^ m. a 
low or wicked man. -c^ a. 
low, vile, contemptible.- fSj*- 
^ a. disagreeable, contemp- 
tible, low. -OT m. a bad 
hoat, 5»g^: ?frIT? 3|rt*r M.ix. 
I61.-|ffr, 9Hnt.m."a de- 
graded Brahmawa. -if^ m. 
1 bad advice; 2 a charm 
employed to secure success 
in a bid cause. -4|tT m* an 
inauspicious conjunction of 
planets. -^ I a, having 
bad juice or flavour. II m. 
a kind of splritiwas liquor. I 


-^T a. ugly, deformed, to:* 
^TTjr^Ct;. /. forft^j™ 
^ SPTTpp^^ ?F?r M. IX. 1 
-^ar ». tin. -^ n. lead. 
^^» ^r^'T I a.abusive,8cur* 
nlous, using bad language, 
n n. abuse, bad language.^ 
TT »>. a sudden and violent 
shower, -f^^r? m. a degnui- 
ing or improper marriage. 

M. ni. 63^^/. bad be! 
haviour. -f^ m. a bad phy- 
sician..^^ a. rude, wicked, 
lU-tcmpered. -5r?r n. a bad 
place. HErf^^lT: a small river 

fU ^^ Panch. u. *^fft > 1 
evil conduct, wickedness;* 2 
niagic; 3 roguery. -^ / ^^ 
bad woman. 
ylt^i'.l.A Ow^.j|r^)To 
^d. II ^/. 6. A (pre.. 
^) To moan, to groan. 

Illr, 2.P(^,,,.^^)Tc^ 
nnm, to coo. 

5^ n. A kind of spirituous 

SrtStfT w. A mountain. 

3^5 (^)^ m. One who 
gives away a girf in marriage 
with due ceremony and suit- 
able decorations. 

y*^(j)^ w- The^cavity of 
the loins just above the hips 

5»sP^ ^. P^- Name of a 
country otherwise called 

yg gy I w. n. 1 Chaff, ar^ 9? ^ 

Pr. X; 2 a fire made of chaflP. 

II ». 1 A hole, a ditch. 2 

armour, mail. 
gr^H" m. 1 A cock, a wild 

cock. 2 a whisp of lighted 

straw, a firebrand- 3 a spark 

of fire. 
^■Jrf^ ( ^ )/ Hypocricy, ia- 

terested observance^ of ro^ 

ligious duty. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



^fit/' A hen. 

x«f m. 1 A wild cock. 2a 

cock in general. 
^^ m. (fern, .ft) A dog, ?f- 

Mrieh. II. CoMP.— ?rn[m.a 

species of deer. 
«^ m. The belly. 
«|f^ m. 1 'Jhe belly, the 

womb, the part of the belly 

containing the fojtus, fl^Sr^ 

irnRir^^ ¥f^^ Sis- ^^'^• 

40, R. XV. 15; 2 the inte- 
rior of any thing ( in R. x. 
65, the word is used in 
senses 1 and 2.); 3 a cavity 
in general; 4 a cavern, a 
cave, R. n. 88, 67; 5 the 
sheath of a sword, ^i^^rf?: 
o. one whose only care is 
to nourish his belly, voracir 
ous. CoMP. — ^]pT »i. belly- 
sche, colic, 

T. 9. CoMP.— ifir, ^n.a 
nipple. -^TT n.,fi^/. 1 the 
slope of a female brea«t; 2 a 
female breast (f^T having no 
sense ). ^i|r(7 m* ^^^ pome- 
granate tree. 
^'fncla, (/. ^orft) 1 Go- 
ing slowly, creeping; 2 low, 
vile; 3 detracting. II m. A 
fixed star. 

n. A species of lotus, 

^^ m. 1 A tree; 2 the planet 
Alars; 3 name of a demon kil- 
led by Krishna, ( also called 

jr^HT Im. A thief who 
$^ ' 1*^^ J breaks into a house. 
^^/. An epithet of Sita. 

y^ufs" ) 

Jf^fe ^ [/. A fog or mist. 

j>^itH n. Curvmg, bendmg, 

n. Saffron, jfyimr^-. Js^ m. A measure of capa- 

1^?!^ Bhartr. i. 10, 25. 
CoMP.— irfir '"• name of a 

^p^I vi. or vi. 6. P (^p. 
gsf^iT) 1 To utter a shrill cry ; 
2 to go; 3 to polish; 4 to 
contract or be contracted; 5 
to impede; 6 to write, to 
deUneate. With ^ih^— Ito 
be crooked or curved; 2 to be 
contracted, Jl^mn^iPr ^IRPT 
#f^?5?crf^: Panc h. ni. ; 
8 to close, to fade, **<rt<4- 

m(^ m^"^ !>• K- K- ^<- 1- 
P (i?jp. ^(^'j:pr^8. j^. ) 1 
To make crooked,to bend or 
curve ;2 to move or go crook- 
edly; 3 to make small, to 
lessen; 4 to shrink, to con- 
tract. With BTT-to contract, 
to curve, to bend, K. S. m. 
70, R. VI. 15, Bhartr. i. 3. 
fk" to contract, to curve- K. 
S.v. 74. 
^^ m. The female breast, a 
teat, a nipple, Am. S. 90, Sr. 

city equal to eight handf uls, 
^^i^f.l A key, Bhartr. 

I. 63; 2 the shoot of a 

*p«rfT a. (/. ^) Contracted, 
""bent, curved, (;);>. of 5^ 

II. q. V. ) 

^ir m. n. 1 A place over- 
grown with plants or cree- 
pers, a bower, an arbour, 

?ffiT?T: Oit. G. VII, R. ix. 
64, Megh. 1. 19; 2 the tusk 
of an elephant, ivory, Comp. 
— ^ftX »». a bower, a place 
overgrown with plants 
and creepers, ^>p^Tp{i^K^y 

G. I, M. M. V. 
^pc^m. 1 An elephant; 2 
anything pre-eminent or ex- 
cellent (at the end of a 
compound only:— ^gr^^T^ 

'rfTnTTi^^ro^r^T^^s Am, 
III. 1. 59; ) 3 the A$vattha 

tree; 4 the constellatiaa 
called f^. GoMP.— 3i|9f|^ 
91. the division of an aTmy 
consisting of elephants, an 
elephant corps. -^riFf in* 
the Jis'vatlha tree. — 3W^ 
^ m. la lion; 2 S'arftUia. 
a fabulous animal with e^ht 
feet. --Iff m. an elephant* 

3RrIv^6. PQ)/). grf^) I 
To curve, to bend; 2 to act 
dishonestly, to cheat, II «. 
4. P (pres, 5?^) To IwBak 
into pieces, to break asna* 

mz I m. «• A waterpot, a jar. 
II. m. 1 A fort, a strong^* 
hold; 2 a hammer; 3 a tree; 
4 a mountain. Comp.— ^||tb 
2irr/. a female servant. «^4t 
m. 1 name of a tree, M^gjli^ 

I. 4, R. XIX. 87, Ghat. ISt 
2 a name of Agastya; 3 at 

^^sir n. A plough without « 

^Vch m. A roof, a thatcb, 

^?invr m. 1 An arbour form!* 
ed by creeping plants ores*^ 
running a tree, a small hoosef 
2 a thatch. 

^T I m. 1 A measure <rf 
grain* 2 a garden ne«r« 
house; 8 a sage, an ascetic 

II. n. A lotus. 

sgTC fn. The i)ost round wMeM 
the string of the chaiiilq|f* 
stick winds. 
^dH n. A roof, a thatch. 
^I. m. 1 The body. %m 
tree. II. /. A cottage, a kni^ 
CoMP.— ^i|r ^. a porpoiaau. ■* 
^ feC ^* A cottage, a hot* 
^^^ a. (/. «r ) 1 Oroofcdl^ 
""bent, curved curled, R. ^t. 
82, XIX. 17; 2 tortuoosf ^^ 
insincere, fraudulent^ dS^ 
honest. Gomp. — iira^ <b. 
malevolent, -^^ifif^a. lHiEr» 

Digitized by 



iag etared eyelashes, -^^fff- 
f0. dishonest, malevolent. 

|ft8^/.l Coming steal- 
Mj as a hunter on his 
piey; 2a blacksmith's forge. 

fft/. 1 A carve ; 2 a cot- 
tage, a hat, [Amar. gives ^- 
? HI masculine ] M. xi. 7'A; 
3 a bawd, a procuress. 
CoMP. — 'qcff w. a religious 
mendicant of a particular 
<«ia (J3lftfr fW^f^- 

«Bt^ ^^nr: Bh.). -«i^ m. 
ui» ascetic of a particular 
oiderwho consigns the care 
o! }m bmily to his son and 
f^mm engaged solely in 

fA «. n. ) A bnt^a cottage, 

ffltar«.J Am. S. 48. 

1^ A bawd, a procuress. 

^ ) I n. 1 House-hold, a 

fMTJ family, Yaj. ix. 45, 

H. XI. 22; 2 the duties and 

tares of a family, rfjqTftTJ'- 

5^. B. VII. 71. JI m. n. 1 

A kinsman, a relation by 

descoit or marriage ; 2 off- 

q»Dg, progeny; 3 a name. 

I OoMF.^ilTtTf m. n. domestic 

I disnmoD. -vfc tn. the burden 

I ilttefamily, H^TcT^rTirJar- 

I iviidant and attentive to 

' %.«dfiure of the family. 

"" «. A householder, 

a pater fdmilias, 

<Hi^ Aa has a family to take 

«» A «#: ^F^ ^^'^ ^Tff?r 


9.41X78. VI. 85. 

mji./ 1 The wife of a 

Iniiibrilili I and generally in 

, cjtBp pirfths hou se, ^g^y - 

Mm. ^m. 86, Am. S. 

li|||fi.«Qiiwaa in general; 
S»«aMti«f families. 

To cut, to divide; 2 to grind; 
3 to blame, to censure. 

f?5f ». 1 Cuttmg; 2 pound- 
ing; 3 abusing. 

fT (fi') «ft /. A bawd, a 
procuress, a go-between. 

.grSpHT «• One of the ten 
blandishments of women, 
vit. aifected repulse of a 
lover's caresses. (It is thus 
defined in the S. D;-%^r^- 

Wl^ «. (/• 3^) Who or 
what divides or cuts, fJT- 

VfH\^' M, M. V. 

2»frc I w. A mountain. II 
71. 1 Sexual intercourse; 2 
a woollen blanket. 

^ft^ m. 71. 1 An inlaid or 
paved floor, ground paved 
with mosaic, R. xi. 9; 2 

'ground prepared for the 
cite of a mansion; 3 a jewel 
mine; 4 a cottage, a small 
house; 5 the pomegranate 

ajftfnf^/. A maidser\ant. 

Jgk^fp^ m. 71. The same as 
jn^Try q. V. 

5»^ vt. or vi, I. P. {pp. 
#ferf ; i>rtf*. ps^ ) 1 To be 
kme or mutilated; 2 to be 
dull or idle, to be stupid; 
3 to loosen. 

grar m, A tree. 

f[TC 771. See JJTT. 

hatchet, JTTg: *<irt^«l ^^TT- 
^T^B? ^^Kf ^^ Bhartr. 
III. 11. 
jrarrf^ w. A wood- cutter. 

^^iR^I / A small axe 

jr^TF 7w. 1 A tree; 2 an 
ape, a monkey. 

3^ 771. 1 A tree; 2 a moun- 

5^ m, A bower, an| arbour. 

jfTfV (if) Tit. A measure 
of grain equal to a quarter 
of a ^^ and containing 
twelve handfuls. 

tg<H<^ 1 «. (/. HT) Opening 
or expanding, as the blos- 
som of a flower, R.xvin.37. 

II m. An opening bud, ^o 

<*<Hrt|H<«i: f^»?r^: 8is. II. 

7, R. XVI.47. Ill n. A par- 
ticular hell, M. IV. 80. 
gr^^rf^a. (/.^)1 Budded j 
2 cheerful, smiling. 

jrqnr ». 1 A wall, y^q^qrcPr 

Yaj. II. 223; 2 plastering a 
wall; 3 eagerness, curiosity. 
CoMP.— Irf^ m. A house- 
breaker, a thief,-%rfT 1 w. 
a digger. II n. a ditch, a 

9:^vt. 6. P {pp. fTpnr) 1 

To support, to aid; 2 to 

g^or^ m. A young animal 

just bom. 
^orr I a. (/. 4t) smellmg 

like a dead body. II m. ti. 

1 A dead body, a corpse, 

ai^Nr: j>"jMI< h' ^ M. xn.71; 

2 an epithet of contempt- 

III 771. 1 A spear; 2 a foul 

,j5f^ 771. A cripple with a 
withered arm. 

^^ a. (/. sift) Fat, corpu- 

aty g^ (/. gf) 1 hlunt, ^ 

"*fTqWmf^3^7S,K- S. Ill, 
12; 2 stupid; 8 weak, in- 

^g^ m. A fool. 

^t^ a. (/. ff T) 1 B lunt- 
ed, dulled, *|^H*i4w^- 
f^*<T ^TRTt ^THnf f^t^: Bh. 
V. II. 78, K. S. II. 20; 2 
mutilated; 3 stupid. 

^Im.n.l A bowl-shaped 
vessel, a basin; 2 a round 
hole in the ground for re- 
ceiving water. 3 a pool, a 

Digitized by 




well, especially one consecrat- 
ed to a deity; 4 the bowl of 
a mendicant.II m. (/em.c:ff) 
Son bom in adultery ,the son 
of a woman by another man 
than her husband while the 
husband is alive. See, M. m. 
174. CoMP.—BTftK wi. A 
pander, a pimp, one who de- 
pends on a Kunda ( II ) for 
his livelihood, Yaj. i.^ 224. 
^^fMI"/. 1 a cow with a 
full udder; 2 a woman with a | 
full bosom.-^T 7n. 1 a 
keeper of concubines; 2 a 
follower of the chdrvdka 
doctrine, an atheist; 3 a 
Brdhma?ia bom in adultery .- 
^d^ m, a low vile man.-iftt^, 
^ftPPSft n. 1 gruel; 2 a group 
of ^r^ and itrrt*'. 
gf^tT m. n, 1 An ear-ring 
^ 3?r%^ 5T $i^ Bhartr. 
II. 71, Ch. P. llj 2 a 
bracelet; 3 the coil of a 


^4fh^ \ / Encircling (as a 
Trbrd)«fPPTri%PTrs'rFi¥^ f^- 
iT<TF ^^HT^RTrf^ Na. 11.95. 

^^>I a. (/. *r)l De- 
corated with an ear-ring ; 2 
circular, spiral. 11 m, 1 
A snake, jrst^TJH^^^^ ^• 
rlte^ R. G. ; 2 » peacock ; 
3 an epithet of VaruTJ*. 

%firw/.lA pitcher; 2 a 
student's water-pot. 

*^ m. An epithet of S'iva. 

5^ n. Name of a city, the 
capital of the Vidarbhas. 

*RrT »i. A man. 

^tr I. ^ The sun ; 2 fire ; 3 
a guest ; 4 an ox, a bull ; 
6 a daughter's son ; 6 a 
sister's son ; 7 a twice-bom 
man ; 8 the eightli mMrta 
of the day, 3Tft gfjft (^^Mf 

^^^rr^- j^T:'^: ir «• 

1 The Kus'a grass; % a sort 
of blanket. 
g^WiT Jw^. 1 From where, *. g. 
f(T ^^ H| S *^^: ; 2 where, 
where else, t^P^% : frT : 
Sak. II. ; 3 how, e.g. H\^- 
5f^5 Mf^ilT 5?r: ; 4 much 
more, much less, e. g,^'^ 

^^3pn^ ^^tft ^fi'jft 

jTf:. (^tT^ is often used in 
the sense^of the ablative of 

D. K.). srfq", f^ and '^HT 

often follow fTfT^ and render 
its senseindefinite, CoMP.— 
^ a. 1 Whence come ; 2 
how happened. 
^3?fr ?». 1 Desire, curiosity, 
inclination ; 2 eagemess, 
vehemence, ^frt*rt|^^"^ ^ 

Git. G. I. 
^gq" m, ) A small leathem 
^w/. ) oil-bottle. 
5«H I a. if. Hr)l Wonder. 

ful ; 2 excellent, praised. 

II 71. 1 Pesire, curiosity, 

R.m. 54, XIII. 2, XV. 65; 
2 eagemess ; 3 wliat excites 
curiosity, any thing interest- 
^ ind. 1 Where, in which 
place, sTfrrrr^^^ir^T Hit. 
I. ; 2 in which case, ^iraf 'FfC- 

sometimes used for theloc 
sing, of f^). When followed 
by Mft" or f^ it becomes 
indefinite in sense. cg^lT^H. 
-^'T^RI ' in one place 
-in another.' M. ix. 34. 
CoMP.-.fir«. where living 
or residing. 

^^vf. 10. A (pp. ^m ; 
j)res, f ?qq?» To abuse, to 
censure, to condemn, M. ii. 

I 54, Yaj. I. 31. 


^g^^[9( n. "I Abuse, contempt, 
IpBr /. J abusive hinguage, 
'V^Rf ^ t^HH M. IV. 163. 
giP^m «. (/. nr) Despised, 
contemptible, mean, hateful. 
3?^ w. The ku^'a grass, 
gftr w. w. "1 1 A painted cloth 
^pjftf- I serving as an 
elephant's housings ; 2 a car- 
pet in general. 

m. lA spade, a hoe; 

The same as fP^ 

^g^ \m, A watch house, a 
fJ^T J dwelling rabod on ft 


grH?ir «». A crow. 

*^ ?n. 1 A lance, a barbed 
dart, ^^rt^f^'ffJTHimflH- 
^^^^^rtHT^Git.G.i;2 a 
small animal, an insect. 
,^^ I m. 1 The ha ir of the 
head, a lock of hai r, *qi«l^f- 
fT r^4xt^lM4rff ^TOPr Ch. P. 6; 
2 a drinking cup ; 51 » 
plough II tw.i>^ Name of a 
country and its inhabitents. 

*Rr I »». P^' '^^^ ^™® ^^ TT 
country and its people. II 
w. Kame of a king, son^^ot 
^^. CoMP.-g^[or f*Vr 
Kunti, the mother of t^ 
Pindavas and the adopted 
daugliter of kmg Kunti. 
*»tu. 9. ^{pres. S^)l 
To suffer pain ; 2 to ohaf 
to ; 3 to embrace. 
^Itw.n. A kindofjasm^ 

^IT: Megh. n. 50. II n. ^ 
flower of this plant, 3T8¥ 

I. 47. Ill m. Epithet Of 
Yishwu J 2 a turner's IfttHc. 
CoMP.— flirc wi. a turner. 
*^^.Acat t^/^ 

aj^pft^ Amukitudeoftotttf- 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

5J m, A rat, j^ mouse.. 

be excited, to get strengtli, 
f*9' fKr: W^ ; 2 to be 
^SJJi (generally with the 
dative of the person who is 
the object of anger, but 
flometimes with the ace. or 
gen. also), 5^ ^ JET W5 
R. III. 56, Sr. T. 8. With 
5Tfir-to be angrjr, Bt, xv. 
55. qft-to be angry, jy-l to 
be excited, to get strengtli ; 
2 to be angiy, ft/?r^f^^ 

^W^ Panch. i. ^n^-to be 

^in ^fft. A fisherman. 
^tt/. A kind of net for 
aWimg small fish, 
fl^ «• (/. ^) Despised 
niwn, contemptible. 

1^ n, A base metal, any 
BMtal but silver and gold, 
M.vii. 96, X. 113. 

ft (^) I m. The god of rich- 
es and the regent of the 
iwithem quarter, j>^<jjHi f^- 
^fS^'nw ^ i?f> ^ipt r1*- 
^ K. S. III. 25. Comp.- 
'rtl't M^<V >«• An epithet of 
Uoontain Kail4sa. -^11^ /. 

^fml a. (/. «^) Hiimp- 
tedud, crooked. II m. 1 A 
coned sword ; 2 a hump on 

\ «. . The name of a tree, 
VIII. 247. 
^ JRBT/, An unmarried girl 
.iWit years old. 
Hflm. A mountain. 
lit w. 10. U (pp. %Htf^) 

Jpy y> *o sport. 

•IPKM-IA son, a boy, a 
JOHlh, B. III. 48; 2 a boy 
U«p five; 8 a pmice, an 
h^j l| |wn <wit ( espe^Uy in 


11; 4 a name of Skanda, 
the god of war, ^Rf^ ^- 
JTncfi[^^: R. III. 55; 5 a 
parrot; 6 the river Sindhu, 
CoMP.— ijn'R' »»• 1 one who 
takes care of children; 2 a 
name of king S'^liv^hana. 
-^?arr/. 1 care of a young 
cliild; 2 care of a woman in 
pregnancy or confinement, 
midwiferjr, R. m. 12. -^frf^- 
q^, ^ff5T m. a peacock, -g/. 

1 An epithet of Parvati ; 2 
of the Ganges. 

j^*i | <cfi m. 1 A cliild, a youth ; 

2 the pupil of the eye. 
^Hlft^ (/ ^ ) la.Furni- 

fPTfft^C/. "ft) /shed with 
girls, abounding m girls. 

SfrHlR^I )/. 1 A young girl, 

^p{f(\ ) one from 10 to 
12 years old; 2 a maiden, a 
virgin, «?l^<f<4i'4iMM*<IH 3^- 
ftR. VI. 69; 3 a daughter; 
4 an epithet of Durg4. 
CoMP.— JH" m. the son of 
an unmarried woman. -^TOt 
m, the father-4n-law of^a 
girl defiled before marriage. 

^^I a.l Unkind, unfriend- 
ly; 2 avaricious. II w. 1 The 
white water-lily; 2 the red 
lotus. CoMP.— ^a. abound- 
ing in lotuses, SJJITJ ^ ^- 
R5R.1v. 19.-^/. Ian 
assemblage of lotuses; 2 a 
pond filled with lotuses; 3 
a water-lUy with white flow- 
ers which open at moon- 
rise, J5fl[?ft Hffnfi^ HR^ 
U. VI; 86, afcTf^ ^^l%Pr^ 

ofiiR&Hr Sak. IV. °tfr w. 
the moon. 
^^ I m. n. 1 The white 
water-lily which opens at 
moon-rise, j;^^: W^ Rt. 
HI. 2, 21,22,23,26, Megh. 
I. 40; 2 red lotus. II n. 

Silver. Ill m. 1 An epithet 
of Vishnu* 2 name of the 
elephant that guards the 
south; 3 camphor; 4 a spe- 
cies of monkey; 5 name of a 
Ndga, R. xvi. 76, 81, 86. 
CoMP.— 9|f)ni^ w. silver. 
-MRJT, ^mm 'w. a pond 
full of lotuses, -f^r w. the 
moon. «^nr w. an assem- 
blage of lotuses. -«fitT, lf?r, 
if^, ^W, 5ff w. the 
moon.-^/. the lotus plant 
with white flowers. 

5'^R'ft/. 1 An assemblage 
ot lotuses; 2a place abound- 
ing in them ; 3 the water- 
lily with white flowers, T^- 
RrV^T^ fvJlt^^f^^TT^ Sis.ix. 
34. CoMP. — Tff^fevr, ^ m. 

^the moon. 

3p%f«ir »J. An epithet of Vi- 

^irr/ An enclosure of the 
sacrificial ground. 

5P^' m. 1 A pitcher, a water- 
pot, a jar, ^if^MttHpfi 'J^- 
;n^ R. II. 86, Am. S. 95, 
8r. T. 13; 2 Aquarttis, the 
eleventh sign of the zodiac; 

3 a measure of grain equal 
to 20 dronasy M. vui. 320; 

4 the frontal globe on the 
forehead of an elephant, 
T^M^^rt^ ^ 6pt ^' 
Bhartr. i. 59; 5 closing the 
nostrils and mouth so as to 
suspend breathing (in Yoga 
phil. ); 6 the paramour of 
a harlot. Comp. — SffTf m. 
1 a potter, Sr. T. 15j 2 a 
mixed tribe (%^fqrin f^^TtT- 

Us'anas ). -qH" wi. the 
name of a town, -ir^ IFH^, 
^iPr, wn m, 1 anepithet 
of Agastya, JRWrtK^H^: 

^^^^Ir^Rr; R. iv. 22, xr. 
55; 2 an epithet of Drosa, 
the military preceptor of 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



the Kauravaa and P&ncfa- 
Tas; 8 an epitliet of 
Vas'is'^ha. -^«t / 1 A 
bawd, a procuress- 2 an 
epithet of abuse. -?yfr 
n. that time of the day in 
which AqtMrius rises above 
the horizon. -9f^«F m. 1 a 
frog in a pitcher ( lit, ) ; 
2 . an inexperienced man 
who knows his own 
neighbourhood only {fig*) 
-^f^ m. the hollow on the 
top of an elepliant's head 
between the frontal bones. 
^H^ m. 1 The base of a 
column; 2 suspension of 
breath by closing the mouth 
and the nostrils by the right 
hand ( in Yoga phil. ). 

dPTT/. A harlot. 

gEt^ror/. 1 A small pot; 2 a 

^jkf^m. 1 An elephant; 2 a 
crocodile. Comp. -«rt7 ^n, a 
particular hell, -if^ m, rut, 

^ft^ 171. 1 A thief who 
breaks into a house; 2 a 
plagiarist; 3 a wife's bro- 
ther; 4 a child of an imper- 
fect impregnation. 

$4^ /. A small water-jar. 
GoMP. — ^f^ w. a kind of 
venomous serpent. -THIi w. 
(sing, or plj) a particular 
hell in which the wicked are 
baked like potter's vessels, 
M. XII. 76. 

j^f^iK »»• The pttnndga tree. 
CoMP.— 1)%^/. a sort of 

^*RK fit. A shark. 

^^^Ii I m. A thief, ^^ 

^^^ \ m. The Indian crane. 

^<n m. (/. «ft ) la deer m 
general, n^ ^ jt^ ^ 
H^fff fV fr*r mf fT^T: Sant. S. 
I. 14, IV. 6; 2 a species of 
deer ( ^<n |T5Tnr:^^Tr5f^- 
f(^ j^^ ) Comp. — Sf^r* 
5Rr!rr, %Wr / a deer-eyed 
woman.-sfiPr/ musk. 

^{aih m. The same as frtt^.v. 

,yn%W *». A crab. 

^^ m. A shoe maker. 

yt2" m. I The yellow ama- 

«^ m. Enlargement of the 
scrotum ( in medicine ). 

^^ ( FT) m. An ospr^y, Yaj. 
I. 174. 

«^ /. 1 A female osprey, ^- 

68; 2 an ewe. Comp.— ir^ 
m. a flight of osprejs. 
«^ {^) 1 Im. A species 
^?:^(^) ^ J .of amarant, 

29. II n. The flower of this 
plant, ^m^ n^^K^^i^. 
Megh. II. 2. 
gjf^ I w. jpi. 1 The name of 
a country situated in the 
north of India near the mo- 
dem Delhi, p^:3r^:»rRl^^T^ 
g[?^F^ Kir.i. 1, f^xm rfft»r^ 
^rt^i^^a^ I. 17; 2 the 


^'ikr. n. 
^ri. 6. P (pp.fffff) To 

kings of this country. II m. 
Boiled rice. Comp.— ^ n. 
the extensive plain near Del- 
hi, the scene of the great 
battle between the Kaura- 
vaa and Panc/avas, y^A^^ 
jn^ ^m^agni^'- Bg. I. 

1, M. u. 19. -^rniH «. 

the same as jnf^jN' <?. v, 
-^r^» inr w. an ep ithet of 
Duryodhana. -ft^ w. a 
wei^t of gold equal to a- 
bout 700 Troy grains, -f;^ 
m. an epithet of Bhishma. 

Digitized by 

j^ m. The red species of 

^4& /' A wooden doll. 

j g fH ^Tt. A lock of hair on 
the forehead. 

jT^cR-The same as fr^W^ 
q. V. 

^^fi|^ I m. n. A ruby. II 
n. 1 Black salt. 2 a mirror. 

JT^ m. 1 A cock; 2 rub- 

ggS^ m. A dog, ^rq^r|p?Pr sipf 
(t :^ T^ 3^^ Panch. if. 

^n^r /. The same as 

^f Another form of ^f q, v, 

^fiff n. The same as ^^ ^. r. 

^(^)%Tm. IThe knee; 2 

"the elbow. 

SC^^'J^ I w. «. A sort 

|(^)'fN^ I oj ^:dke 
worn by women, qit^ljqnEW 
^<Wt<T^^-.I^t.v. 9. 

^Iw w. ( /<fm. °f|t ) 1 A 
shoemaker; 2 a servant. 

^^jy I n. 1 A herd, a troop, a 
multitude, ife««n^ «*Tl5fc*»n- 
^^^11 Git. G. IV, *i4|};Aft- 
iftpT^^T^^ Sak. II, Sis. ix. 
71; 2 a race, a family, n^- 
fjfy5y>(4|- p. n. 75, ^^firt%- 

the residence of a family, & 
house, an abode, 4il^f^>^- 
5^: R. xn. 25 ; 4 a h%h 
fiimily, noble descent, ^^ 

gr?n(frmnrf^^^ Mrich it, 
M. VII. 54, 62, 63; 5 4ii6 
body; 6 a country; 7 a Ml, 
a gang ( in a contemptvoOB 
sense ). II «. The chief of « 
corporation or ^ild. Coifp. 
~9?^ a. of a mixed <Aa* 
racter cr origin, ^^ifir ». /. 
the second, sixth and we 
tenth lunar days of a hiU 
month. oifiTm. Wednesday. 
-itnTT /• * respectable er 
chaste woman, -'itilfr «• 
a man who rahlfli 'tua 



principal mountain, one of a 
cla?!? of seven mountains 
whitii are supposed to exist 
in the ^eren divisions of the 
continent (they are:— ifl^ 
^TpHT: ^RT: ^l^'TFt ^^RT^^: I 

rfT: ) - ^ff^fi «. sprung from 
a noble family .-a^PpfPT wi. 
femOy pride.-^'^IT wi. a 
duty or custom particular to 
a Eamily or caste .-a^T^T^ m, 
la family priest; 2 a geneo- 
legist. - ^ ify 'R^ q. maintain- 
ing a family .-^^ m. 1 the 
cWi of a familyj 2 an epi- 
tbel of S'iva.-^p^TT I a. 
bii^-liom. II m. a horse 
<rfagood breed.-gr?W,^3r^, 
377^. well-bom .-^^ m. 
the bead of a family .-^T'Onn' 
fK. a family name.— ^VHolH 
m, one who is a disgrace 
to his family.-SR?^ m, one 
who is a trouble to his family. 
-«wPKr, W^f /. a girl of 
high birth, ft^^srgrvj: 5?5^- 
serosR: M. M. vii.-^rc w. 
the founder of a family, - 
qpS^ 0. a custom peculiar to 
a family. — af i^j^ef i m. one who 

I is a disgrace to his family. 

I <»^fif m, destruction or ruin 

I rf the family. -nTft» ^Jjpt, 
%i9t %«7 i». the same as 
. Jiipity ^- V. -W cf. ruin- 
iag» family, ^qtlf : J^y^lPTT^ 
fi^ X. 42. -ur, :i|nT a. 1 
vdtbom, of high birth; 2 

I aMeatral, hereditary. -^^ 
n. • high-bom or disting- 
Qldied person, hi?^ in/L 
If Mrtii^ Hft^ m, one who 
^ao^qtfies or perpetuates a 
*P%. -fitter »!./. anim- 
fmitBi lunar day, i7u., the 
4tV 8ih« 12th, or 14th, 
fiCihJUif sMmih. -AlH^ m. 
mm wlia doea hoaour to 

his family. -^, #T?ff w. 
the gloiT of a fami'y.-jj^^ 
/. See 3»«<^^Mf. -^'TfTf /. 
the guardian deity of a 
family. K. S. vn. 27. ->f;^ 
m. a duty or custom pecu- 
liar to a family, ^f^^^t^- 

^f^PTt irj^qprf ^^mi^ Bg. 

I. 48, M. 1. 118. -^fsn^ in. 
one who continues a family 
->5rrT^ w. a son. -g;| m. 
one who is able to supi>ort 
a family, a grown-up son, 

R. VII. 71.-^^^ o. glad- 
dening or doin^ honour to a 
family. -«n1>l«||f /. a girl 
worshipped at the celebration 
of the orgies of the left-hand 
^dktas, -^TpQ"/. a high-bred 
virtuous woman, -^if^ '»• 
1 a camel; 2 an outcaste, a 
reprobate; 3 ruiu of the 
family. — TOTTr /". the series 
of generations comprising a 
race. -qf?T m. 1 the head of 
a family; 2 a sage who 
teaches 10,C00 pupils with 
free board and lodging. ( j- 
5ft^r <^I*ll^^ ^6*f<IHir<^|q- 

gf^: ^^: II ) arfq- sfR- Jtrq-- 
^f^m<T^^^t%5nt>T^ ^f?^ Sak. 
I, R. I. 05. -«Tfg^/. an 
unchaste woman, -^nfi^j m- 
f^^^r ^rr^ff/. a chaste high- 
bom woman. -;j3f m. a nobly 
bora youth, ff ^ti^»ir(ry5f: 
^t^yiH^lgTT^ Mrich. iv. -j- 
^«r ^- la respectable or high- 
bom man, qf»5^^ j>riU<»NI ^- 
fi?Wnwt »T^rtnn^ Bhartr. i. 
92; 2 an ancestor. -^<T fn. 
an ancestor. -^Tf'lf/. a vir- 
tuous wife, -^pinr /. the 
nursing of a pregnant 
woman. -4r«|ffr ./". family 
honour or respectability-»!nl 
m. the custom of the family, 
the way of honesty, the 

best way. -^ a. nobly 
born, of respectable birth. 
-4rf^» ^3^ f. a woman 
of good fauiily and cha- 
racter, -^ft OT. a principal 
day ( they are Tuchday and 
Friday ) .^-f^rtTf /• knowledge 
handed down in a family. 
-ftTT w, a family priest.— 
fi[ old and experienced 
member of a family .Hipf w. a 
family vow, ft^H^T^^-^: 

^^ cnHpr^rfrT ^: Bh. V. I. 
18, R.iii. 70.-%rf^ wi. 1 ti.e 
chief of a family or a guild; 2 
an aiiisan of noble birth. 
-^^«rr/. family respecta- 
bility, ineluf-ion am'»ng res- 
pectable families, M. nr. 
Be.H^fTftr/. po-terity, con- 
tinuation of lineage, M. v, 
159. -^H^ a, of respectable 
family .-%^ m. an excellenc 
servant.HSJt/. a woman of 
good family, anfT^rpPTfTctf- 
s^ 5?5ano jTfyf^:, Bg.i. 41. 
-RwT/ antiquity or posteri- 
ty of a family. 

^f^;^ I tt. (/. OCT ) Of good 
family, of good birth. II m.l 
The chief of a gu Id- 2 an 
artisan of eminent birth; 3 
an ant-hill. Ill n. 1 A mul- 
titude; 2 a group of from 5 
to 15 stanzas on one sub- 
ject and forming one sen- 
tence; for instances ^tt R. 
I. 5-9, Sis. I. 1-10. 

gn?r?r/. An unchaste woman; 
Yaj. I. 215. CoMP.— irt% 
m. A cuckold. 

^^•^%r 'n. A kind of pulse. 

3R?7T^ m. n. 1 The nest of a 
bird, ^jrtN^rtg f%^5T %5?r 
Na. I. 141; 2 the body; 3 
a place, a spot in general; 
4 a woven texture, a web. 
CoMP.— ptHfif m, the act 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



ot sitting m a nest, hatch- 
ing, brooding. -^ m. a 

ti^lf^*!/. A bird-cage, an 

^rtlH m, 1 A^potter, TOT ^ 

Bhartr. ii. 95j 2a wild cock. 

^|F^ m, A hand. 

«f^I a. {f,^() Well- 
Dom. II tn, 1 A kinsman, 
Yaj. u. 233; 2 the chief or 
head of a guild; 3 an artist 
of high birth. Comp. — ^fH" 
/, the time of each daj on 
which it is improper to be- 
gin any good business. 

^1^41 m, 1 A bird in generalj 
2 a sparrow. 

^i^la.(/,^) Of good 
family, high-bora. II m, A 

35f^1 m, pi. Name of a coun- 
try and its rulers. 

ff^ (?ft) KM.n, 1 A crab; 
2 Cancevy the fourth sign of 
the zodiac. 

'SffT (^) ^ ''J. w. The thun- 
derbolt of Indra, fr^ fj: 
5f^ fftTftPJt^ H^^ K. S. 

ir. 20, 3T%^5nir 3>fa^ i <u<i RR. 

1.20, R. III. 68. CoMP.-^- 
T» Tlf^ »i. an epithet of In- 
dra. -STRi^ «w. a particular 
mode of sexual enjoyment. 

^Fft/. A wife's elder sister. 

*^hI «.(./. 5n')0f high des- 
cent, well-bora, M. vii. 210. 
Ilm. A horse of good breed. 

grffl^^ n. water. 

^tf|< 1 M.l A crab; 2 Can- 

gp^Rcff J ctfr, the fourth sign 
of the zodiac. 

jg^rgifT/ A firebrand, 

JP^pf m,pl. Name of a country 
and its rulers. 

<^<4im I n. Grael. II m. A kind 
of grain. Comp. — irfijyf n. 

'^^ I «.(/. ^^) 1 Delating 

to a tamily; 2 well-bom. II 
m. A respectable man. Ill 
w. 1 A bone; 2 flesh; 3 a 
winnowing basket; 4 friend- 
ly inquiry after family 

rr/.l A virtuous woman; 
! a small river, a canal, a 
stream, jiH|^'^Hq|^q|s^ R. 

^nftT% 'iNrgnr: Sak. i, R. 

VII. 49 ; 3 a measure of grain 

equal to 8 dronas, 
^ w, 1 A flower; 2 a lotus. 
5^ m. See, 3T?:. 
25^r?y n, 1 The water-lily; 2 a 

pearl; 3 water. 
^V?^ n. 1 The blue wat<»r- 

lily, .t^ ^^<^^^i*?i^^^rM^- 

ffofjoi^ M. M. v;J2 a water- 
lily in general; 3 the 

<jl<I^T^*fl / 1 An assemblage 
of lotuses; 2 a place abound- 
ing in lotuses; 3 the lotus 

^f^TT^a. (/. ^) A tell-tale, 

low, vile, means. 

^^^ m, pi. The name of a 

J ^ (fjr ) f w. 1 A weaver, y- 

K. Pr. vii; 2 a name of the 
weaver caste. 

^%Bft/. A basket to hold fish 
when caught. 

j%?r w. A lotus. 

jr^ I. w. 1 A kind of grass 
held sacred and used in 
religious ceremonies, R, i, 
49, 95, M. II. 48; 2 name 
of the elder son of R^ma. 
(Stfif App. II).IIw. Wa- 
ter, as in J^^FT' Comp. 
—MIT I «. the sharp point 
of the blade of the km'a 
grass. II a, sharp, shrewd, 
penetrating. ^^[^ a. having a 

5^ R.v.4.-iT^rtr ff. pene- 
trating.-«l5jf)^ n. a ring of 
kus'a grass worn Rt reli- 
gious ceremonies. -MT^R w. 
a mat of kus'a grass. 
jn^f^RT «.l a lotus, a water- 

W^' (cmr:) Sak. iv.R. vr. 
18; 2 the sa'rasa bird. - 
?ctn^ w. name of a place 
in the nortli of India, Ve.i. 

3f^nT I ct. (/ !^r ) 1 Right, 

proper, good, auspicious, 
^^. xviii. 10; 2 happf. 
prosperousj 3 able, skilfA 
clever, well-versed, \i^t^ \ 
^ J^^ I ^H Yaj. I. 318, II. 
181.11 w.lWelfarc, a happy 
or prosperous condition, 
happiness, q-JT^ 37^ ^n^ 
CI^I'MHijffi^ft :R.I.58, 3T??ir» 

gh.ii.88; 2 virtue; 3 clever- 

ness, ability. Comp.- JifpT a. 

desirous of happiness -JHT 

m, friendly inquiry after a' 

person's health or welfare. 

-4|f?5 a. wise, intelligent. 

J^^rfw^ta. (/. sft ) Happy. 

prosperous, R. v. 4, Meg^. 

II. 49. 
3PW/ 1 A roi>e; 2 a bridle. 
jT^fl^/. Name of a ci^, 

the capital of Kus'a, Rama's 

^pftRTla. (/. ^H") Sqmnt-^ 

eyed. II w. 1 Name of thc> 

grandfather of VisVamitra? 

2 a plough-share; 3 s^"" 

ment of oil. 
^1^/. A plough'share. 
A^JlHi 7n. 1 A bard, a singer;. 

2 an actor, a dancer, ?|p^- 

Tft^r^TRL Ve. I; 3 a am- 
monger; 4 an epithei of 

. V. -^ . , Vdlmlki. 

penetrating intellect, shaqi, ^||4 iw. The water-pot ofW 

shrewd, (a^)firRa[tf^' ascetic^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



»i. 1 A granary, a cuj)- 
_ ;rd, a store-room, ^ v^^f 

Hit. i; 2 a fire made of 

^r(. 9. P (i>i?. jftrT) 
1 To tear, to extract, to 
draw out, Rt^iJTsoU^ JTWr- 
^ Bt. XVIII. 12, xvu. 10, 
vix. 95: 2 to test, to exa- 
mine. With ^rt-topxtract, 
to tear,to draw out, ^rrlrf^ra^- 
(^'Hr^:^F^tT^ Gangasli- 

B. VII. 50, Bt. IX. 30. 

J^^lf m. 1 The sun; 2 fire; 
8 an ape. 

^Ifin,n. A kind of leprosy, 
^PJ^BrtPT^fTPT ^ Bliartr. i. 
5d. CoMP.— -B^ m. sulphur. 

*ft^(/5ft) ) a. Affected 

fBW'( / ?Tr ) ) with leprosy. 

yfe m. 1 A kind of pump- 
kiu gourd; 2 a false concep- 

f^Blhr^ /«. A kind of pump- 
inn gourd. 

OTrt. 4. P (i^p.^^^)! 
To embrace; 2 to surround. 

7^ TO. 1 An inhabited 
cwmtxy; 2 one who lives ou 

fA (Rr) ^ [ Also written as, 
ilff^or^.] Im. A money- 
bnder, a usurer, II n, 1 
Any loan or thing lent to be 
v^itid with interest; 2 lend- 
i^money, usury, the profes- 
»» of usury, Yrj. i.ll9,M. 
1 90, CoHP.— qrr w. usury, 
wy interest exceeding 5 per 
cwii. -ff^ /. interest on 

Jt(gH t|| M. VIII. 151. 
9JR|f/. A female usurer. 
"^^ * /. The wife of a 

J m. An usurer. 

*l^fll^|^ ?T^^ Megh. t. 4, 
10, 32, II. 3.2 fruit; 3 
menstrual discliarge. Comp. 
— inPT w. the calx of brass 
used as a colly riuni. -ot^ff^ 
m, a handful of flowers. -5T- 
f^j ^iftr^nC w, the cham- 
paka tree which bears yel- 
low fragrant flowers. — ^q-- 
^f^ m, gathering flowers, 

K. Pr. m. -i^^TO^ir w. a 
chaplet. -3TOf, a^T^pf, fj 
7/1. an epithet of the god of 
love , i§HI#l*M: R. vii. 61, 

Bhartr. 1. 1, Rt. vi. 34, Sis. 

vni. 70, frff^^^irnrrr: M. M. 

I, ( where °5 is also the loc. of 
ygq-). See 3TTft^. -MT^TC m. 
1 a garden ;2 a nosegay ;3the 
vernal season, vg^ff jyTT^T^: 
Bg. X. 35, Bh. V. I. 48.— 
lTR»nir w. saffron. -BTnETT 
n. 1 honey; 2 a kind of 
spirituous liquor. -H^TPfPT 
a. brilliant with blossoms. 
-^iJ^.^ITT.^SF^, W^m. an 
epithet of the god of lore. 

rr(^<^d<j^^*i Git. G. X, 
IX. 39. HP^ a. heaped 
with flowers, -ot n, name 
of the town of P^taliputra, 

^m fRr ^c. Mud. 11. -?7?rr 

/. a creeper in blossom. -^r?Sy 
/. a woman in her courses. 
-^R5r n. a bed of flowers, 
-TrfiRr in, a nosegay, a bou- 
quet, JfJT^tT^Rf^ at iT?fr ^ 
^•lfVni*[ Bhai-tr. u. 33. 

jrgifn^ m, A thief. 

^p^ 1 7w. n, 1 Safflower, B. 
VI. 6; 2 saffron; 3 the 
water-pot of an ascetic, II n. 
Gold. Ill m. Outward affec- 
tion (compared with the 
c^donr of saflSower ), 

^f^ m, a granary, a corn- 

3r^r|% /. Fraud, cheating, 

^fJ^T m. 1 An epithet of 
Vishwu; 2 the ocean. 

gpf m. Kubera, the god of 

^(f«li IM. A cheat, a rogue, 
a juggler. Comp.— 2|5T^ a. 
conjuring, cheating, -qfa^ 
a» suspicious, cautious, wary, 
-^W, ^C ^. a cock. 

apf?!? n. i Juggling, decep- 

grf^Ff/. ) tion. 

jif^ I TO. 1 A mouse; 2 a 
snake. II n. 1 A small ear- 
then vessel: 2 a glass vessel, 

S^fff \ /. Interested per- 

4«fPt«M I formance of religi- 
ous austerities. 

3Pf^ w. 1 A cavity, a hollow; 
2 the ear; 3 the throat; 4 

^Tf R^ n, 1 Sound, especially 
the cry of the Indian cuckoo* 
2 a sound uttered in copu- 
555/. ' the same as 5^ q, v* 
^/. 1 The last day of a lu- 
nar month when 'the moon 
is not visible (amr /".), <T jrf- 
fj|4lHrt?HH: B. G.; 2 the 
deity that presides over this 
day, M. iii. 8G; 3 the cry of 
the Indian cuckoo, ^K^ifti^ 

ftlXi Git. G. I CoMp,— 2ffgr^ 

5^, T^, ^ET^f ^. tl»e Indiaa 

q7 i?e. 6. A, 9. U (;>;w. $^ 
^Hlfd, ^Tjft^ ) To sound, to 
make noise, to cry in dis- 
tress, ^'oirr^Brrr ft^r: Bt. 

XV. 26. 
^/. A female imp. 

^^ m. The female breast, es. 
pecially that of a young Oj^ 
uamanried womn. See^ 

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^gf^r^) /. 1 A small brush 

^^ J of Lair, a pencil; 2 
a key. 

^^Tiivi. 1. P (j;/?. ^cT)To 
make any inarticulate sound, 
to coo, to warble, ^^ gjFT 
4irt<|*^H^t^ Na. 1. 127, 5f^^- 
f^ ^^^t "n^ K:. S. hi. 
32. Rt. VI. 22, R. II. 12. 
With \% qff , or f^-to coo, 
to make an indistinct noise- 

«5ir mAl Cooing, warb- 

?inpf n. V ling; 2 the rattling 

^^^n. ] of wheels. 

^ I a .(/^g r)l False, e. g, 
yri: ^5^fTri%^: ; 2 im- 
moveable, steady. II m, 
n, 1 The bone of the 
forehead with its pro- 
jections, the crown of the 
bead; 2 a prominence in gene- 
ral; 3 a horn; 4 end, cor- 
ner, Yaj, m. 9G; 5 a sum- 
mit or peak of a mountain, 

f-q-: Megh. ii.50, R.iv.71;6 
head, chief; 7^ heap, a multi- 
tude, e, g, 3T^f^ *a multilude 
of clouds', B^r^^" * a heap of 
food '; 8 a hammer, an iron- 
mallct; 9 a plough-share, 
the body of a plough- 10 
a trap for catching deer; 11 
a concealed weai)on, as a 
dagger in a woollen case or a 
swod in a stick; 12 illusion, 
fraud; 13 a roguish scheme, 
a trick; 14 a knotty point, 
a puzzling question ; 15 
untruth, falsehood ; 16 a 
water-jar. III. w. 1 A house, 
a dwelling ; 2 an epithet of 
Agastya. Gomp. — ar^ff w. 
a loaded or false die, ^J^n^r- 
qm^i Yaj. It. 202.-Bnnt 
n. an apartment on the top 
of a house.-H^ nt. ambigui- 
ty of meaning, o^qry. a 
tale, a fiction.-^<fpr m. a 
trick, a stratagem.HVcnC w. a 

rogue, a false witness.- 
^H I a. 1 clieating, brib- 
ing . 2 forging a document, 
Yaj. ££. 70. II m. 1 a man 
of the writer • caste ( ^fR^) ; 
2 an epithet of S'iva.-gfff^t- 
tp^ m, a false ^KInIt^ ?• v» 
-?^ w. B swordstick..-^^- 
^^ w. a cheat.-^HT/. a false 
pair of scales.-tf ^ a. (a 
country or house ) where 
falsehood, is considered a 
duty. -^^^ w. bilious 
fever to which eleplants are 
subject, 3TR^ %tT(W^r- 

M. M l.-qr«7«ir fJ^' a pott'T. 
-qro, t^ m. a trap, R.xm. 
39. -TTTT ^-a false measure, 
a false weight, -^tf^ »t. an 
ejnthet of Sk'anda. -^ n, 
a trap, a snare for deer^ 
birds, &c. -^cy n, treachel 
rous or unfair warfare, -^f^ 
tnd, in heaps, in multitudes. 
-^^*Tf% / w. 1 a species 
of the s'cdmali tree- 2 the 
club of Yama, R. xii. 95. 
•H^fRpf 71, a forged grant or 
decree. -^177%^ w. a false 
witness. -^ I a. standing 
at tho top, keeping the 
highest position, ( used of 
a person who stands at 
the head in a genealogical 
table); II m. the su- 
pr.'me soul ( immoveable, 
uniform and perpetually the 
same ), -^^ n. counterfeit 

3g?n^ w. 1 Elevation, pro- 
minence; 2 the body of a 
plough, a plough -share; 8 
fraud, deceit. Comp. — MT- 
J^X^ n. an invented tale. 

^^ n. The same as j^Kir, 

To speak, to converse. II vi 
10. A {pp. ^r«tfT; pr^. ??- 

or^d ) To contract^ to close. 
*P^*T/. 1 The h"m of «nj 

animal; 2 the peg of a late, 
^flri w. Mountain ebony. 
r^m. A well, ^ q^ T^- 

Bhartr. 11. 49, Rt. i. 28. 
Bh. V. I. 9, M. IV. 202; 2 
a hole, a hollow, a cave; 3 
a leather oil-vessel; 4 • 
mast, ^'^'pf^S^T^: D. K. 
Comp. — at^, atq- w. horri- 
pilation, -srr^si- w. la tor- 
toise in a well {lit.) - 2 an 
inexperienced person who 
never leaves home {Jig^ ). 

«^^^ m. 1 A liole, n cave; 2 
the hollow below tlie loins; 
8 a well; 4 a stake to whick 
a boat is moored ; 5 the 
mast of a vessel; 6 a funecal 
pilcj 7 a leather oil-vessol- 
8 a rock or tree in the 
midst of a river. 

^fTT (f j) ^ m. The ocean. 

^^/. 1 A small well; 2 • 

^{^)K I a. if. tt ) 1 
Beautiful, agreeable ; 2 
hump-backed. II m. «. The 
pole of a carriage to which 
the yoke is fix^. Ill m. A 
hump backed man. 

^ W^ /' 1 A carriokgp 
covered with a cloth; 2 the 
pole of a carriage to which 
the yoke is fixed. 

3r?r w, n. Food, boiled rioo» 

5?l?r«ini^ 'TTsrj^: Mrich. IV. 
^^ I fit. n. 1 A bundi, 
a bundle; 2 a handful of 
kus'a grass; 3 a peacock's 
feather,- 4 the hair between 
the eyebrows; 5 beard* <CA'- 

cfTTOT^.f ^fi^: Sak. yi; 6' 
the tip of the thumb aod.tiha i 
middle finger brought it^ eoft* 
tact; 7 « brash; 8 dMiU» 


Digitized by' 

fmwl; 9 boasting. II m. 1 
The head; 2 a store-room. 
CoHP.-^ n., %^f;c m. the 
cocoanut tree. 
^f^Hiir / 1 A }^)ainiing brash 
Cf pencil; 2 a kej;3 a bud, a 
blossom; 4 inspissated milk. 
[ti. I. U {pp. ^^) 1 
leap, to jomp; 2 to frolic, 

Bt. xi\'. 77, 9, XV. 45. With 
9f- to jamp up, to leap up. 

^«. 1 Leaping; 2 play- 
ing, frolicing. 

^1^/. 1 A festival in honour 
of kamadeva held on the 
^fteenth day of chaitra; 2 
t^M-moon day in chaitra, 
^ m. The part between the 

f^ m, Su 3f^r. 

f^m. 1 A tortoise, 5??^ 

ni. 105; 2 Vishnu in his 
second or Kttrma incarna- 
tion. CoMP.— iiWtffT w. the 
Kurma incamatiou of Vi- 
fthnu. -JjH*, %g^ n. 1 tlie 
eorerof a dish, a lid; 2 a 
tortoise-shell. -^cr^T »«• Vi- 
sbira in the shape of a tor- 
toise in his second incarnation, 
^n. 1 A shore, a bank, 
f|ir 1* ^t^lf^^^rfl Na. I. 
127, spft ^N^T^^yHT^ R. xn. 
^» B8; 2 a pond; 3 the rear 
of in army; 4 skirt, border, 
P«*»mity, 4»rt|^^rt'5 ftj^ 
9^%Ka. I. 141; Sadecii- 
vHgr, a s^opc; 6 a heap, a 
Mted. CoMP. i|tiq?^ I a. 
evq4fig or teaimg away 
th^bank, ^*^R^ ffiwr: qinr- 
^tmii\i ^ Sak. V. 11 m. the 
bofa river. ^pft«liqr/- 
• 'P^^nCi 3gft«qr^ a. 
nthig or grazing on 
of a river. ^A\|f| 
^.^ US' on the banks of 
tlVl.'-^. mlfttidonabank. 


^^M^H a. breaking the 
banks, R. iv. 22. €|[fS3ff a. 
breaking or carrying away 
the banks, -itfty. a river. 
-1FWr,,yi^ M. an eddy. 

«ra|f;f m. A kind of pump- 
tin gourd. 

ag^/. A fog, a mist. 

^Ivt. 5. U (pres. fr«fflt, 
fw^. ) To hurt, to injure, 
to kill. II vt. 8. U [ The 
root is generally Atm. (with 
prepositions) when used in 
the sense of-1 injury, 2 cen- 
sure, 3 serving, 4 doing a 
rash act, 5 changing the 
condition, 7 reciting, 6 use. 
Pan. I. III. 32.1 (pp. fr- 
tT; cam. ^fR?^-%'/'^'^« f%- 
^1^ ) (tlie senses of Jf are 
almost infinitely modified 
according to the noun it is 
joined with. ) 1 to do, as in 
^rft^rrft- (^ rT^r; 2 to manu- 
facture, to prepare, to shape, 
as in 4^i^ " (}lt^ 0T^^ ^frqTff : 

^ gF^^ ^T^rf^^^; 8 to 

make, as in 5j^ ^% J^THT- 
^>^HI ^ R. I". S5; 4 to let 
out, to make, as in sf wir CT- 
f^ag^ M. IV. 45; 5 10 
build, as in ^ ^frt; 6 to 
compose, as in f^ ^rnt J ^- 
r^ M. I. 58; 7 to form, as 
in Btuf* ^f^r^ ; 8 to create, 
to engender, as in ^- 

9 to perform, as in tjjrt ^^T- 
f?r; 10 to tell, to narrate, 
f^s in?p4 yftl%; lltp a ssume, 
as in sfRT^^^Trr^ ^^hi* ^ '^j. 
itT. 162 or as in w ^% mr* 
r^^OT^or ^ m^^ ff\t fW; 
12 to execute, to carry out, 
to obey, as in 2|r^^ Jf»r ^RT- 
T^ or 5r ?RCnrt 'RJR ^ or ar- 
ft^^ ^T^* ?nr Bg.xviii.73;13 
to cook, as in ffTPJT; 14 to 
effect, to accomplish, as in 

^r^ Hit II.; 15 to make a 
sound, as in qr^p^r, «5?f:^» 

^^rfrqr, ^nir?5T; 16 to 

spend, as in ^rn* ^f^; 17 
to appoint as in 3r-qiEn5!:,^- 

vx£. 81; 18 to put, to place 
(with a loo.) as in g^aEft 
(^: f^ or :y^ ^^ff fT^TT; 
19 to think,to regard, as in 
X\^ <j" H€^rtf[ ; 20 to d<r 
anything for the advantage 
or injury of another ( with 
gen. or loo. of the person ), 
as in a?^ f%- ^ ?FFt^^ or 
'T^ f * »?Pr; 21 to direct 
towards, to turn the atten- 
tion to,as in m ^ ^^:f^[:. 
With adverbs ending in 
^rnr.* f means *to reduce 
wholly to ' * to cause to be- 
come,' *to make subject', e^. 
W^^TfC fS" * *^ subject to 
one's self, ' H^TOrnr fT ' to 
reduce to ashes;' ST^inf^ 
y * to practice the use of 
weapons; ' ;t^ ^ * to offer 
a libation of water to the 
dead; ' SfT^ fT * to violate 
a maiden '• efiYk fT to die; 
f^ fr * to be long in doing 
anything, to delay; ' ^C fT 
* to play on the the lute*; 
^n^nPr fr * to clean one's 
nails; ' q'f fr * to set foot on 
(lit. and Ji^,) e. g, ^^R^^^ 
^ JTOV^^Slf^n: Srtk ir, 

(nr^Kad. HH4j rif to, think 
of ,to meditate' ;»rTi% ^T 1 * to 
determine, to resolve upon 

2 to *tliink, ' 3f|rt)4>H|j^^ 

Kad.; iTT^ fT, f^^ *to 
think, of, to intend, to 
mean; w^ y ' to have re- 
ference to'TT^-^c^rfttr^^^- 
%f?r«frT^ Mai. y. if^fT'to 
phice in subjection; * (^9^ 
' to separate from, to be 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

4tbandoiied. by/ '^^p^ ^ 
*to contract friendship with.' 

With nouns, adjectives and 
indeclinables ^ is often used 
to form verbs, somewhat like 
the affix *en' or *fy' in Eng- 
lish. The usual meaning is 

• to make a person or thing 
to be what it is not previous- 
ly*, but sometimes other mo- 
■cUfications (some of which 
are given above) of the sense 
^Iso take place. Thus ^f>^fl « 
^ means * to make that 
(which is not black) black', 
•*to blacken'. 7«r^7 'to 
make one (who has not done 
flo Wore) to raise his eyes 
(eager)'.f^pftfr/to embrace' ; 
^^q|f^ * to value (as little) 
^s grass' ; 3TT%F ' to in 
•dine, to induce' ; »|^^ 'to 
reduce to ashes'; H^l^ 'to 
make slow, to slaken'; 5^- 
^ ' to roast on the end of a 
pointed poker'; fPRnfT * to 

* pass time; ' ^linii' '^o 
please, to satisfy.' Some of 
these are given below, but 
the number of verbs that can 
be so formed is practically 

With #rfi-l to favour^ 

Am. S. 52; 2 to accept j 
:3to confess, to acknowledge, 
-4 to promise, to undertake, 

TOI^ 'Ht iy*3f^ Mud. 
11. mRc- to exceed, to sur- 
pass. 9?f^- 1 to be entitled, 
to have a right, to be in- 
vested with authority, %^rrwT- 
^ft'sirt? %^ Bt. II. 84, 
Yaj. u. 30; 2 to have refe- 
jrence to. ( arf^fTrq is often 
used in the sense of ' with 
reference to', * referring to ', 


• with regard to ', ♦ on the 
subject of, rff^'rairPTi'^F^ 
ilftrrrni Sak I., R. xi. 62;) 
8 to bear, Brf^% T* ^ff: 
Bt. VIII. 20; 4 to over- 
come, [ in (3) and ^4) the 
root is Atm.] ; 5 to re- 
frain from. 115- [ Pai-as.] 

1 to imitate,to follow, M. 11. 
199; 2 to look like, to be hke 
( oft-en with the gen. )3? J^- 
^ -^m^ 'TTTF'T^^ Kad. 
^- 1 to wrong, to 
insult, q^tr^ ^^fi #TR. 
Bt. viu. 20; 2 to injure, 
to inftict injury on ( with the 
gen. of the peraon injured), 
^nPT f^T^^aiT^'nFr: Miglia 
quoted in K. Pr. x. iiqr 
- 1 to remove, ^ ^^^l^^^- 

irTr^«n^K..S. v. u. 2 

to put aside, to give up, f^- 

^ ^pr^t^Hqr^^r R. VII. 

50. ip^ip^-. 1 to initiate in; 

2 to make a friend of; ( Su 
under ainffTr )• W^- to ad- 
orn, 5nTI^A^*dif^dl«Tr«TRt- 

«Tl^f^- to make manifest, 
to make visible, to show 
( See under. art^). ^'T- 
( pres. ^q*Oi^ ) 1 to be- 
friend, to serve, to assist, to 
oblige ( often with the gen. 
or loc. of the person obliged, 
M. II. 149 ), Bt. viii. 18. 
In Megh. ii. 38, ( arpPTSliir- 
^^:k^ ) Mall, renders Tt^T- 

^ "; 2 to attend on, to wait 
upon; ( j;>w. HTT^lffT ) 3 
to adorn, to decorate; 4 to 
make efforts ( with a gen. ) 
Bt. VII. 119; 5 to prepare, 
to elaborate, to perfect. ^- 
qi- 1 to deliver; 2 to per- 
form a preparatory rite, M. 
IV. 95; see ^rqi^nf^; 3 to con- 
secrate by hymns. ^, ^- 
^y ¥^, ^ or u^. 

used in all the senses of 
^ifty, R. XV. 70; iSe« under 
^r^, iirT9-to contemn. Set 
under ^jn!^. ^nft— , S^« under 
^m. RfCTt- 1 to abuse, to 
revile, to contemn ; 2 to 
conquer. See under fffC5« 
f^-to thou anybody as an 
insult. ^^T^ or infirtJ- 
to walk round somethiBg 
keeping the right side to- 
waids it e. g. ^T^fWtf^ 
frt f?TnnT5f7rt ^^r|rrt>f<ff ^?' 
R. II. 71. TO- to act WHO- 
ngly. Prg^-to reproach, to 
condemn. ( See under (^). 
;fiT^-to salute, to adore,5ft- 
«rq- 'PRfT^ S. K., See un- 
der sR^. Pr- to injure to 
wrong pi'?- ^ remove, to 
break, to frustrate, Bt. xy. 
54. f^- 1 to make light 
of, to condemn ; 2 to expel, 
R. XIV. 57, Bt. V. 100 ; 3 
to refute, to give up- 4 to 
annihikte. 5lR5-*o '^^^^ 
to contemn ^RT- (Paras.) to 
reject, to disregard, to 
take no notice of, ^ 

* sn% Bt. VIII. 50. I*- 
{pre9.^^^^\^) 1 to sur- 
round; {pre$. cm^irftft) 8 
to polish, to refine, to adon, 

^rrq-R. G. 3<^-l to pJaiJe 
in front, f% ^r^ ^Vm 5^* 
^fTRT ftn?fftr«rv Ve. n. 
See under 5^. i?-to cow* 
mence, (it is also used i» 
many, senses of f wWmh^ 
any diange of meaning )• 
See Am. S. 13, M. yiu. 
239, R. I. 6, M. vu. «f 
60. I« Bt. VIII. 19, it m 
the sense of * to assauji, 
to insult.') jrf*-to reqaito, 
to repay, (^ f;?ir^ f^'^fT 

^ ^ifiwftfir ^'. Ram. inm 

Digitized by 

remedy, «llPlPl^n^ 



sffrgf^f? <TT% Bh.; 3 to re- 
talwtc, R. XII. 94; 4 to re- 
store, to replace, M. ix. 285. 
jji[rt|'-l to mete out, e, g, 

^^W ^ ^^nrfft ^^^ ^^' 

ilptenj Bhartr. ir. ( Mis. 
11; 2 to believe, to confide, 
sum-to make manifest, to 
Bialve visible, to show.. See 
under qrjff . ly^^-to requite, 

to wtara (an obligation), 
ff-lto alter, to change, j%- 

awsrqff 4tTr: K. S. i. 59, 
R.XIIL42; 2 fco disfigure, 
K 11.52; 8 to create, to 
eSeek, M. i. 75; 4 to 
otter, (Atm.) Bi. viii. 20; 5 
io njure, to disturb, |ff- 

R. XTu. 58. f^- 1 to trou. 
fe,foharass, K. S. n 1; 2 
to cause change in, 

Itonmke manifest, stPT^ 
ajTOtPr Chando. U.; 2 to 
cxpkin; 3 to tell, to nar- 

, iSa)lto commit, ^ 

™r^ftt. Mrich. IX ; 2 
6i.£0tform: 3 to manufac- 
^1 {?res.t^^) 4 to 
cffseente by the recital of 

9mim, M. r. 3G; 5 to 
picftm purificatory cere- 
*<ij» over (a person), 

iwm xt. 31; 6 to adorn, 

'ftt'HES^ TT^nntt^ Sis. 

^M;9 to polish, to refine, 

ffi^ 4i^jT ^rW Bhartr. 
P^ f rpft-4o turtt aside, 
^SBR t^^PI^Pf* B. VI. 14. 

Mr|e^ii. A Und of par* 

208 * 

T^ ( ?P ) '^ ^- A lizard, 
a cliameleon. 

fTSfT^r^wi. 1 A cock: 2 a 
peacock ; 3 a lizard. Comp. 
-4^iir m, an epithet of Kir- 

fr^hfiScffr/ The raised und 
straight part of the neck. 

IF'S* I «. (/. '^) 1 Causing 
trouble, painful ; 2 bad, 
miserable, wicked • 3 being 
in a painful situation. TI 
m, n, 1 Difficulty, trouble, 
hardsliip, calamity, danger, 
f^ 'Tfrff^: B.xiv. 6 M. 
VI. 78 ; 2 bodily morti- 
fication, penance, expiation, 
M.iv.222,xi. 191. (^T^^is 
used as an indeclinable in 
the sense of 'miserably,' 
* painfully,' ' with difficulty*). 
CoMP.— ijfof a, 1 one whose 
life is in danger ; 2 breath- 
ing with difficulty; 3 hardly 
supporting life.-^rt^ «. 
carable with difficulty (as a 
disease) ; 2 accomplished 
with difficulty. 

fr^ I vt, 6P. {pp, ^tT ; pres. 
^fTTft.) 1 To cut, to cut off, 
to divide, to tear asunder, 
to destroy, ^^Jf^ i^^jW%?fr 
^f'mt Jlf|?(1*i M. M. IX, M. 
VIII. 12, Bt. xvr. 15, IX. 42, 
XV. 97 With m^ to cut off, 
to tear asunder, to divide, 

^-1 to tear out, ^rfTr^frfrq' 

ffrf^ M. M. v. ; 2 to cut 
off, R, xii. 49. ^-to cut 
off, to tear off, p|^fl|?|c| hPT- 
^ Bt. vn. 11, HWf%TTT*f : 
R. vii. 58. II vt 7. P {pp. 
f rr) 1 To surround ; 2 to 
^^ I a, (generally at the end 
of compounds) doer, maker, 
performer, manufacturer 
composer, &c. See Bg. xv. 
15, M. I. 18. II w. lAtt 
affix used to form nouns 


from roots ; 2 a noun formed 
by a Krit affix. 
^pW I a. f/?fr)I^one, perform- 
ed, made, manufactured,(pp« 
deed, movement, M. vxi. 
197 ; 2 service, benefit ; ft 
consequence, result j 4 name 
of that side of a die wliioh is 
marked with four points ; & 
name of the first of the four 
Yugas of the world extend- 
ing over 17,28,000 years of 
men. See M.i. 69, and Kull. 
on it ; 6 the number * 4*. 
Comp.— ST^ a- done and 
not doup, J. e, done in part 
but not corapleted.-st^ I a. 
1 marked, branded, M, vin. 
281-2 numbered. II m. that 
side of a die which is mark- 
ed with four points .-itwRr 
a. one who joins the hands 
in reverence, Bg. xi. 14, M, 
IV. 154.-^^^p^7t «• following 
another's example, subser- 
vient.-iT3^fnC w. custom, 
usage.-i^ I a. causing an 
end, terminnting, II m. 1 
fate, destiny, ^ «f^ rf»nf nt- 
afTnrs Megh. II. 42 ; 2 Yama, 
the god of death, ftffhf fr?Tt- 
cTft^r^ 5?ipcW^^ Hit. I.; 

3 a demonstrated conclusion, 
a dogma, a proved doctrine ; 

4 a sinful or inauspicious 
action ; 5 an epithet of Sa*^ 
turn ; 6 Saturd'»y. oipf^ m. 
the sun.-^^ w. 1 cooked 
food, «f>fti^j^^ f*r^: M. IV. 
219, XI. 3 J 2 digested food, 
excrement.-STTCnf «• g^i^ty, 
criminal.-9p|ir ^» saved 
from fear or danger.-^rt^l^'ir 
a. crowned, inaugurated.-- 
9Tv«rr^ a, practised.-%ri or. 
T successful ; 2 satisiRed; 
contented, ^: flfNfd^ 
^irfWf^ -Ks. I. 29, 
3 ; 3 clerer. (S'^tffir *ta 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

maintain/ ^^ ^FjT^nT^JT- 
^ ^q: irfmfiV<T: Am. S. 
lo).-3Tq>^Pr «. careful, cau- 
tion*', uttentive.-BT^f^ a, 
fixed, appointed, bounded, 
liniited.-3T^CT a. 1 sum- 
moned, made present ; 2 
fixed, scttled.-a(T^ a, 1 
armed; 2 skilled in the 
practice of arms.-BTnPT ^ o, 
advanced, proficient, II nv 

the supreme soul.-HTT^ «• 
offending, criminal, sinful. 
«Tr^^ «. 1 having control 
over himself,of a self-govern- 
ed spirit;2 purified in mind. 
-MR^T a. adorned.-Mnira' 
a. labouring, 8uffering.-3^- 
BlfPf a, challeng' d.-^wrrf «• 
making effort, striving.-^- 
Kff a. 1 making penance by 
standing with up-lifted 
hands; 2 married. -^qstnT 
a. 1 befriended, assisted ; 2 
friendly.-grT^frir «r. used, 
enjoyed.-^^ I a.l one who 
has done his work, R. ix. 3 ; 
2 skilful, clever. II m. 1 the 
supreme spidt ; 2 a san- 
nya' sin,'-^^^ a. one whose 
desire is attaii»ed.-^n^ I a. 
fixed or settled as to time. 
II m. appointed time, Yaj. 
II. 184:.-^w a. 1 who lias 
accompl shed or attained his 
object, Bg. XV. 20 ; 2 satis- 
,fied, contented, Sant. S. in. 
19.-ffj^ »i, .a puichaser.- 
m^ a. one who is waiting 
impatiently for the exact 
moment, e. g, fcRHfr % 
T'R' srffTj 2 one who has got 
an opportunity.-of a. 1 un- 
grateful, M. IV. 214; 2 de- 
feating all previous measures. 
•■^jr m. ,a boy on whom 
the ceremony of tonsure has 
been performed, M. v. 58.- 
9 I a. 1 grateful, M. vn. 
209, 210; 2 correct in con- 


duct. II m. a dog.-^t^ a» 1 
one who has vbited holy 
places; 2 one who has 
studied with a professional 
teacher; 8 fertile in expedi- 
ents, -^rar wi. a servant 
hired for a stated peiod,- 
^ a,l prudent, considerate; 
2 learned, educated.-PrHr- 
wf m. a penitont.-^nj^ a. 
resolved.-jijf a. skilled in 
archery.-^ or. done f ormer- 
Ij' -Mf^^d w. assault and 
counter-assault, R. xn. 94. 
-Hfir^ a. 1 one who has 
taken a vow; 2 one who has 
fulfilled his promise.-^^ 
a. learned, educated, wise, 
M. I. 97.- 3^ a. learned, 
wise.- H^tTT a. 1 stamped, 
branded,M. ix. 239 ;2 excel- 
lent, amiable; 3 defined, dis- 
criminated. -Pra* «• learned, 

3Rr: I^JW *aPi'«i^ 5^ ^ - 
5Tn% ?(R«f*i. ?anch.i.-%?r5T a. 
hired, paid, ( as a servant.) 
Yaj. u. 164.-%^ a. Se^ 
fTrnr.-^ a. attired, deco- 
rated, iTrrtf^ fcf^ %^fr- 
3r^!TRGit. a. XL-^ftHO. 
1 splendid; 2 beautiful; 3 
dexterous.H^ft^ a. purified. 
"^fsm a. studied, e. g. 3- 
TPf frfVr: * who has spent 
his labours over Pwa'na, t,e. 
who has studied that branch 
of literaturc-^cfpFq" a, re- 
solved, determined.-H%?T «. 
making an appointment, ;ff- 

Git.G.v.-^^ a. 1 restored to 
consciousness or animation, 
-^T^ffff a. cased in armour. 
HErnfWoRT /a woman whose 
husband has married another 
wife, a married woman hav- 
ing a co-wife.-f^, W^m o. 

1 dexterous, clever, skilful; 

2 skilled in archry .-f^^piT /• 

1 skill, dexterity; 2 skill 
in handling; arms, 4flc^ 

Pr Ve. VI. 

created, e, g, ^T^Tcf <T^ ?r*r?[- 
f^rq^ ; 2 artificial, 3Tfr?nr- 

52 ; 3 adopted ( as a son ) 

f^^ (arr?n»^^T?ff:) ,Megh- •■ 
II. 12; 4 assumed, simulate 
ed, false, «^rf**rt^ ,fc^ ^• 

' Pr?qnfr^:Mud. III. 

5f?ni,«w<^. Enough, no mor 
of ( with the inst.), ap-HT T* 
rf ?S^ Sak. I. ar^nr PRT ^ 
?T5 R.xi. 41 

5rt%/. 1 Doing, manufactur- 
ing; 2 action; 3 creati<m, 
work, composition, ^fN^^^ 

f^ini.^a. XXII. 155, R. XT, 
83,64,69 ;4 magic, enehaat- ' 
ment; 5 injuring, kill- 
ing; 6 the number * 20 % 
CoMP.— ^^ m. an epithet 
of R&vana. 
frfirt a. (/. 5ft ) (often uaed 
as a noun) 1 Expert, clercr^.. 
wise, learned, tf ^<H4l^t9%* " 
ff fifl R. XI. 29. Kir. ii. 9j 
2 good, virtuous, pious- 

^^^W: Bliaitr. i. 56; 3 
fortunate, lucky; 4 obeying 
doing what is enjoinedj 5 "* 
one who has done his worit 
or obtained his desire, satisk 
fied, contented, ^ i<jHPiffi^ 
r^ frfr^m? R. III. 51. 
XII. 64. 
fT^ \ ind. ( with a gen. if 
^?fjT f not compounded) For, 
for the sake or, on accoQB. 
of, arf^ ^<? l 4^<i^t^ %#• 
I^a'rftf^ Bg.i,85. YAt 

I. 216, rif^ 2irw ^ 

Digitized by 



1^/. 1 Skilly hide, espe* 
dallj ihe bide of an ante- 
lope on which a leligioas 
atode&t sits; 2 the bark 
of the birch tree used for 
writiflg; 3 one of the lunar 
mansicmB, pleiades. Comp. 
-TO. ^RT^ CT. an epithet 
M Siva, ^ frf^r^TOWT^ 

;iniRRrK. s. 1.54. 

j|ftro/.|?/. IThe third of 
tlie 27 constellations con* 
listiag of 6 stars, the 
pleiidfis ; 2 those six 
stars represented as six 
Qjmplis nursing Kartikeya, 

: the god of war. Cohp. 

j "WliOT* 4PRT, m. an 
eptlhet ^ Kartikeya. -^^ 
^ tie moon. 

Wifl. 1 Working well, 
WW to work powerful j 2 
akHhl. II 01. A mechanic, 

jpiio. (/: ^2ir) 1 What 

Oigjit to be done, right, pro- 
per; 2 practicable; 3 who 
n»y be seduced from allegi- 
ttee.II«. 1 Work, deed, 
•ftion, conmiission, ^5rf|{xr- 
UtetWcquR. II. 12,61; 
Jdttljr, M. n. 237 • 3 pur- 

el, end ; 4 motive, cause, 
s, 1 A class of affixes 

. _„„ future passive par- 

fIR/ 1 Action, deed ; 2 
iiq^;8 a female deity to 
mb sacrifices are offered 
fc ttotm ctiYe purposes. 
|fr|Io;(/. TT) 1 Artifi- 
eiu, not spontaneous, R. 
SiQ. 75, XIX. 37 ; 2 Adopted 
(is a child). II m. A' grown 
iip.W who is adopted with- 
oiiifte consent of hisna- 

4HtT4. n. 181, M. IX, 
i|l«!5iaii.lA kind 

of salt ; 2 a kind of per- 
fume.-i|q', ^if^ m. incense, 
a kind of perfume.-^jif m. 

5w fi%T ii.-Tysnir »». a 

doU.-^j^ /. an artificial 
floor.-^ n. a park, a gnrden. 

ITcTOL »«^« (at the end of 
numerals) Fold, times, e, g, 
?f^c2r:ten times,* M. 11. 79. 

ffW I ». 1 Water ; 2 a mul- 
titude. II m. Sin. 

fi^^ a. (/. ^) All, whole, 
entire, Bg. in. 29, M. i, 
105, T. 42. 

^frnr ». A plough. 

fi?R ». Cutting, cutting off, 
tearing asunder. 

iiTT I a. (/. «lf) 1 Pitiable, 
poor, wretched, ^HTrfr ft" W* 
f^tM"Il^rHI*iriH*Sf Megh.i. 5, 
Am. S. 61, (used/^. in the 
sense of 'ujj^blo or unwil- 
ing to do, or understand 
something * oTpn%^rfT^« 
Bhartr. ui, 17); 2 low, Bg. 
II. 49 J 3 miserly, stingy. 11 
n. Wretchedness. Ill m. A 
miser, |rqat^ ^ ^cfr 3lt 

CoMP.— \ft, 5^ o. little- 
minded.-?f^^5?y a. kind to the 

^<qrr/. Pity, tenderness, com- 
passion, ^^rqrr^I^lJfljift 
ft^ir7T^K.S.T.2G, Sant. 
S. IV. 19. 

ffkHl^ m. 1 A sword, e. g. f - 

^: ; 2 a knife. 

»mr"i^ /. A dagger, a knife. 

fniPfl"/. 1 A pair of scissors; 
2 a dagger. 

^m^ a. Merciful, compas- 

ffiff/. The Sister of fTT and 
wife of 5(f^. CoMP. -qftr 
m. an epithet of Drona. -gif 
«t. an epithet of ^W^tn^r^. 

fr4t^ «. 1 Underwood, forest; 

2 firewood; 8 water; 4 th« 
beljy. Coup. -qpRf w. J » 
rudder; 2 the ocean; 8 aiiv 
wind. -4)^ m. 1 fire; 2 
an a^s; 3 a spider, B. X7|« 
fi^I a. Full of worm8,wonnf. 
II. m. 1 A worm, an insect 
in general, M. i. 4O5 2 
worms (disease); 3 an a89| 
4the lac ( dye ). Comp.-^ 
5PiNr, ^SP^ fn. the cocoon of 
a silk worm. °^^ n. silkea 
cloth. -IT, HT^i" n. aloewooi 
-Iff/, lac, the red dye pro- 
duced by insects. -HTHIT^ ^- 
ft^m. a shell-fish, an animal 
living in a shell, -^rt^r, %^ 
m. an ant-hill, -qj^ m. the 
udumhara tree.-^j^m. theu 
fish living in the conch. -^ 
f^/. 1 a bivalve shell; ^ 
the animal living in it. 
^^(/.'^r)] a. Having 
^Pi« C/- HT) J wonns,wormf . 
§piftHT/. A fruitful woman. 
^Jt^vi. 4. P ( pres. fT?Tft) 1 
To become lean, to become 
emac'ated. 2 to wane ( as 
the moon ). 
fW o. (/.'W. cornpar. ^njft- 
^: ««i^^r. ^if^. ) 1 Lean, 
emaciated, weak, M. iv. 184; 
2 small, little, minute ( in 
siase or quantity ), e, g. 5f^- 
Pr T ^TT^: f^TW^ Bhartr. 
i£. 28; 3 poor, M. vii. 208. 
CoMP. — arin' m. a spider. 
-bW^/. 1 a woman with a 
slender frame; 2 the pru 
yangu creeper. -^^ a. 
^itn^/. Hair. 

fTOI^^w. Fire, jfft: g^^l l i^iW i ^ - 
inffnf^ R. II. 49, VII. 24, X. 
74, K. S. I. 61. Comp.— ^- 
IT^ m. an epithet of S'iva. 
^All7ii1*l «t. An actor. 
ffj^Ivl.l.P ivp.^) 1 
To draw, to V9^g^ topmff 

Digitized by 




to tear, TOfT f&T 2 ftlH cTT 
^^^ R. II. 27; 2 to attract, 
Bg. XV. 7; 3 to lead or 
conduct, a3 an army, e, g. 
fT ^t 'Tfrff ^H R. IV. 32 ; 
4 to bend (as a bow), 
•!!<^iq"df»%l^ll5^M: B. ▼• 50; 

6 to become master of, to 
orerpower, to subdue, inw- 

f%Rq^pfr f^HTI^ ^n?l% M. 
n. 215. 6 to plough, e. g. 

7 to obtain e. g. ^A(^^ 
iTf^nr:. With VPT-I to draw 
back or away, to puU off, to 
lake away, to drag away, 
i^ 2^i P > 4 <1* )^ r ^^< i 'Hi( ^■ 

^n^twr^^ f^tf*% ^ Rt. 

IT. 14, R. xYi 55; 2 to 
lessen, to diminish, 1^- 
to draw, to draw away from. 
BIT- 1 *^ draw, to draw to- 
wards, to pull, to attract, 

iv'TT^^^ri gTcft 5* *t- 

^^npq* ^^n^ Hit. I.. Am. S. 
72, K. S. II. 59, R. I. 23; 
a to bend, as a bow, Sis. 
zx. 40: 3 to snatch, to take 
by force, Bt. xyi. 30; 4 to 
supply a word or words from 
a previous sentence. ^-Ito 
draw up, to pull up, to extri- 
cate, 3|»K^(3^ HTt^ffcfT^ 
E.Ti. 14; 2 to enhance, to in- 
crease, f^-to sink down, to 
diminish. f^T^- 1 to draw 
out, to pull out. 2 to 
exact, to snatch, to take by 
iorce, ft^^TJiT^ ^^ 5#^ 
R. V. 26. qR-- to draw, to 
pull, to drag, sr-1 to draw 
«way, to pull, to attract; 2 
io lead, as an army; 3 to 
bend, as a bow. ftf-l to draw, 
to pull; 2 to bend, as a bow, 

^rRnt %j fi^^'TTrrPt^ Sak, 

Yi. f^-to remore. ^f|^-4o 
make near. II, vt. 6. A, (pp. 

^) To make furrows, to 

frq«rr ««. 1 A plough-man, a 
farmer. 2 a plough-share; 
3 an ox. 

frqn" ) wi. A ploughman, a 

^F^«h j husbandman. 

^Pr/. 1 Ploughing; 2 agri- 
culture, husbandry, i!ffq% m- 

Mud. I, Bg. XVIII. 44, 
M. I. 90, III. 64. CoMP. 
— ^ftf^ Oi living by hus- 
bandry ,-qrpy n. agricultural 
produce or profit, Megh. i. 
16,-%^/ agriculture. 

^^^<4 m. One who lives by 
nusbandry, a farmer, ^jf^ 
^Irfq- |r«ff^: Yaj. I. 276. 

^V||< Iff. An epithet of S'iva. 

IPS' o. (/ CT) 1 Prawn, at- 
tracted; 2 ploughed, (^>p, 
offT^g^. v.) 

fTi^ I wi. A learned man. 11/. 
1 Drawing, pulling, attract- 
ing; 2 ploughing. 

ff«or Iff. (/. fPTT ) 1 Black, 
dark, dark- blue; 2 wicked, 
evil. II. m. 1 The black col- 
our; 2 the black antelope; 8 
a crow; 4 the Indian cuckoo; 
5 the dark half of a lunar 
month, from full to new 
moon; 6 the Kali age- 7 
Vishnu in his eighth incar- 
nation as the son of Vasu- 
deva and Devaki, e. g, iffl- 

Hf^Rr g?n!;Git. G. vm; 8 

an epithet of Vydsa, the 
reputed author of the Mahd- 
bhdrata: 9 an epithet of 
Arjuna ; 10 alocwood. III. w. 
1 Blackness, darkness (phy- 
sical and moral ); 2 iron«; 3 
antimony; 4 the black part of 
the eye; 5 black pepper.CoMP. 
— aT^r^ n. a kind of san- 
dalwood.-«^t»r wan epithet 
of the mountain Raivataka.l 

-^i?ftPT w. the skin of the 
black antelope. *-3Hr^, «(ir*! 
^f 5|ff^ ♦». iron, crude or 
black iron. -971.^, «lf%<t 
m. fire.-wrfr /. the eigfatix 
day of the dark half of 
S'ravaua^ which was t^ 
birth-day of Krishna. '^ 
^TTWRT »». the holy fig-tree. 
-^^ w. a species of snake^ 
-^ n. a red lotus.-^^«* 
of black deeds, crimmal, 
guilty, -efrfeir «. * »Y»ii. j 
-^VtRT m. ft bufiPalo. -qrrr *- 
a kind of sandalwood.- *^ ; 
enlf^n w». a gamUer. — 1|^ «•- 
fire, aTT#f% «»m^ffd wm* 
nw^ R. VI. 42.-^(|^ HI. 
an epithet of S'iva,. -;ff?c 
m. la species of antelope* 
2 an antelope in ge&end- 
-^ m. a bee. -^^^y ». montf 
acquired by foul meaas. 
-4iMI*H m. a name of Yj4^«, 

Ve. I. -iw w. the dadc 

half of a lunar month. — mp 
m. the black antelope, i|l| 

ipfr^ Sak. VI. -^, 9|9|4|; 
^r^ m. the black-raced lao^ 
key. -«T^tf m. the 2Vid» 
//r?^a or black Yajvrvi^ 
-t¥tf m. the loadstone, ijif 
m. 1 a name of R^hu; 3^« 
«'ticfra.-^r?^$5f TO. 1 fire R. xi» 
42, M. II. 94; 2 an epithat 
of R^hu; 3 a low man, a p«o-- 
fligate, -^^ f. name ol« 
river. -^igr<^TO. a crow..J|8f* 
t, Wt TO. the spotted aule«> 
lope, f^^nffft- ^^^: ?^ nif • 
f^^q^^ Sak. I. -ri^ iK^ 
a buffalo, -^r^f, ^TRfir^lt. 
an epithet of Arjuna. 

<*W|* n. The hide of ^» 

Iblack antelope. 

f?v^[?V I w. The gunjd pla&l^ 
II «. Its berry. 

S|«afr/« 1 An epithet ol#«^ 

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4, wife ot the Fkxid^ns; 2 
Mine of a xiTer in the 

ff^rr/ Block nrastard. 
{ti^^4 **• Blackness, 
jT^fl-/. A dark night, 
f Iir*.6. P (j?i?. ^) To 
poor out, to scatter, to dis- 
pewc, to strew, e. g. >ftt ^. 

Mft?[Am. 8. 11 or ftflr^- 

(f. iT» Bt. ui. 5. With 

^i\%(pres. m {^ (^ ) to 
seqUuKitand scatter, (with 
joy, fcr abode or food) e, g. 

ioi^diate. «TT-to scatter, 

^: R.n.lO. Bff— 1 to spread 
^wmdj 2 to dig tip. 5rf- 1 to 
*Kwiip,B.i. 42. 2 to dig 
*«t;8to engrave, to sculp- 

TORS^BT'rfH'- Vikr. iii. qft- 
1^ to gnrroimd, qf^^fHt ^' 
f^^ 5%: R. VIII. 85j 
Sto deliver, R. xviii. 83. 
f-1 to scatter, to throw, 

Vn^ Ve. I; 2 to sow, as 

*o mjure, to tear, ^dfj<i t 
^^ST^: Sis. 1.47. f^- 
to scatter, to throw about, 
iosmad about, E. S. iii. 
OrKir, II. 59. ^-to 
Wv, to abandon, K. 
8. . sr« 6. i^m^ to mix, 
to IMJ( together. ;5tgil-to 
wie, to pierce, E. i. 4, II 
•Mrtl (pp. ^; pr«. ^- 
!g^ f*T ) To injure, to 

=fl*fc lO.tJ (pp.^f?rT; 


to mention, R. i. 87, H. 
VII. 167 ; 2 to commemorate, 
to praise, e, g. ^TiJ^f^^S^ 
f%^^ Bt. XV. 72. 
|wv/. 1. A(pp.||ff) 1 To 
be well managed; 2 to re- 
salt in, to be fit for, to pro- 
dace, to effect, to accomplish, 
to bring about, to tend to, 
( with a dat. ), ^»?tr^^^ 
f^i^l'IM^yr^ VfVRT :Megh. 

I. 66, *H|% WrPT Sak. v, 
R. VIII. 40, V. 18, f^^(t 
qr^I^'TfPT^fr^T^ K.S. V. 44; 8 
to become, to happen, to oc- 
cur,?Rf^q^f>: xf}^:Bt.xvi^ 
12, IX. 46; 4 to be prepared^ 
to be ready, ^w^ ^^n&if^ 
Bt. XIV. 89. ViTH HT— 
to result in, to accomplish 
( with a dat. ), ^tt- 1 to 
result in (with a dat. ), M. 

II. 202 . 2 to be prepared, 
to be ready, M. iii. 208. sr-1 
to happen ; 2 to be successful. 
ft- to be doubtful. 

Cans, (^THpn^-W). With w 
- to adorn, to decorate, jf- 1 
to prepare, to make ready; 2 
to scheme, to sketch. ^- 1 
to prepare* 2 to decide, to 
determine. ft"-to doubt.^n^- 
1 to intend; 2 to resolve, to 
determine on. ^(^T- to pre- 
fpa. (/.ml (pp. of wq; 
q» t\ ) 1 Prepared, done 
( lit. and fig. ) e. g. J^rft^: 
« dressed '; l|H^^H(^^JTy 
' with hair Ac. cut ' ; 2 
thougt of; 3 produced.CoMP, 
— cfif^yT/. a title-deed, a do- 
cument, -^ m. frankin- 

/. 1 Accomplishment^ 

success; 2 invention, con- 
Rf&^ a.(f,^) Bought, 

'^k^f^ M.p/. The name oia 
country ahd its people, HTH^ 
*l«rt^*q^iu95lf 5^r: R. 
II. 17. 

%^r^ I a. (/. ^ ) Squimt- 
eyed. II n. A squint eye^ 

( Cf. aff%^rr). CoMP.-Hi(r 

a. squint-eyed. 
%^/. The cry of a peacock, 

^^fn^r: Bhartr, i. 86, R, i, 
39, vih 69, XIII. 27, Megh. 
I. 22. 
%WTty ] m. Apeacock, fTf : 

%fiir^ J ^'T^W^ Bhartr. 

I. 87. 
%f^wr/ A tent. 
%fr m. 1 A house; 2 living, 

habitntion; 8 a banner. 
%?nf I in. 1 Name of a plant, 

Ghat. 16; 2 a banner. II. n. 
A flower of the Ketaka 
plant, %?rlrs 5l%f^: M^h. 
I. 28, R. VI. 17, xm. 16. 
i>id^ /. 1 Name of a pknt 
( the same as %r?nir), fRmpT- 

^ ftvr% ^rf^: %?rttTnj: Rt. 

11.23; 2 a flower of that 
plant, Rt. n. 20. 
^5!nf w. 1 Summons, invita-- 
lion; 2 a house, an abode, 

M. M. II; 8 place, site; 4 
a flag.a banner, ^ *ft^ T- 
FJTT ^T^ ^*l%fT^ Ve. II, 
R. tx. 89; 5 a sign, a sym* 
bol; 6 an indispensable act 
( often religious ), Ptinrttf^- 

^^^[ Ve. III. 

%^nT fl. (/.fff) 1 Called, 
summoned; 2 dwelt, in- 

^ m. 1 Brightness, lustre; 
2 a flag, ^t^^rf^ %Sr: 
5?^f^ sfMrTW Sak. 1,9 
a chief, a leader, any emi- 

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trent person (o^ten «t the 
eird o! compomidte), Hg«q^- 

« comet, a meteor, M. i. 
^8; 5 ^ BigDf & toark; 
B the descending node 
eon^idered as the ninth 
planet and the tnmk of 
Biha,e.y.ignrr : ?*3«hC^- 
ifij^iritTBfir^nft^ Mud. i. 
OoHP.-^qf-ifi. the descend- 
ing node. -^ m. -a cloud. 
-TO/, a'flag-staff, R. xii. 
108. *-^ n. Zdjpi* ia2ii/i, 
(otherwise called %^). 

1|r^ m. 1 A field under 
water, a meadow; 2 -ft basin 
for water round the root 
xd a tree; 8 a mountain; 4 
a particular mountain form- 
ing part of the Himalayas; 
5 a form of S'ira, Comp. 
' ifdl n. a small djke, 
^rth/ raiscl to keep out 
Water. -^sfHT '• a particular 
form of S'iva. 

Ik^fRm. 1 The head; 2 a 
oheek* 8 a joint. 

^Pim^ nt. A rudder, a large 
oar used as a rudder. 
^ ^;W f>« 1 ^b« centre of a 
circle; 2 distance of a 
planet from the first point 
of its orbit in the 4Ch, 7th, 
or 10th degree ( in astro- 

%^ m. n. A bracelet worn 
on the upper arm, %^r T 

^ i l ^ rj yciai : Bhartr. ii. 19. 
R.Ti. 68, K. S. Tii. 69. 

%<(5 m. pL The name of a 
country (in the south of 
India) and its inhabitants, 
R. IV. 54. 

^St^/ 1 The science of as- 
tronomy; 2 a woman of the 
Kerala country. 

^vf.I. P {pp. %fim)l 
To shake; 2 to sport. 

%?9c|r rn. A^ncer, a tum- 


3ffi^ Ii7i./.lPhiy,*port;2 

joke, jest; 8 amorous sport, 
y nT:%n%?^ : Am.S. 7, TPff- 

^; Git. G. i,M.Tiii.857. II 
/.The earth. Comp.— aifW/. 

1 sportive skill, wantonness, 
amorous addsese; 2 the lute 
of Sarasvati. -Am m. the 
confidential companion of 
the hero of a drama ( e. g. 
a f^^^PVi ).-|Sh«iiHft/. Rati, 
wife of the god of love.-iRT- 
«$ m. a camel. -^^[f^[^/. 
a wife's youngar sister, -i^- 
iT m. an actor, a dancer.-^, 

plea8Ufe-hou«e, a private 
apartment, Am. 8. S.-^rr- 
n^ m. a sensualist.-^TC a. 
j^nton, amorous, -^^m. 
joke, fun, pastime, ^-j^ 
m. a species of kadamba tree. 
««^l|frn. a pleasure-couph, a 
aofa, 4ifiMl^^*<d<l(tlH Q^5.Q. 
xi.-nf^/. the earth.-fff^ 
m, a boon tsompanion. 

^f^m. The ew'oita tree. 

*rfl'/. 1 Play, sport; 2 amo- 
rous sport. Comp.— R[?ir m. 
a cuckoo kept for pleasure.- 
^^. apleasure-park.-^Sffm. 
a parrot kept for pleasure. 

%^ o. (/. W ) 1 Peculiar; 

2 alone, mere, sole, isolated, 

Tj^r ^ra^rr^ R. ". 68, K. 

S. ir. 84j 8 simple, pure, 
unmixed, ^RTf^^mR'Hd^J 
^^FPJ K. 8. V. 12. (*^rHH 
is used as an indeclinable in 
the sense of • only, merely, 
wholly, solely, absolutely', 
R. I. 24, H ^!^...Mf^-*not 
only...but' Rj[n.l9,20,81j). 
CoMP.— tipfif^a. one whose 
essence is absolute unify, K. 

8. II. 4. -n^tW. only, sim- 
ply, merdy, purely, wb<41y.- 

$hirf^ m. a logician, no! 
conrersant with any cOffi 
branch of learning. 

*^f^ a. (y * ) 1 Alone, 
only. 2 deyoted to the 
doctrine of absolute unity. I 

%^ m. 1 Hair, K. S. r, 
68; 2 the hair of tbe head 
R. II. 8,M.ii. 211; Sm 
mane of a horse or liotu 4 
a ray of light; 5 an ^pitM< 
of Va;ruiia; 6 an epithet ol 
Viihjiu. Comp. ->«(H tti. ] 
the tip of a hair; 2 l^fl 
hair hanging down* 8^ cut- 
ting of the hair as a reHgklai 
ceremony, M. ii. 65. -^^n 
m. much or handsome tHBrJ 
-^9iJ|«i;n. dressing orarfsq^ 
ing the hair of the hma\ 
-«in>n^ «•. a mass of faair^ 
-ijflfTin. a louse. ^MI^Ml 
ind, hair to hair, pul&g 
each other*s hair, Tm% 
II. 283. -^ m. a braid <d 
hair. -^[^ a. seized by Um 
hair. -^Hf m., i|^ n. pall- 
ing the hair ( eiUier in lOfltK 
rous sports or in fightott) 
«. ^.?^%^nr^-Kad. (Ot 
implication being sf ^^Hfij^ 
Megh. 1. 50. - K ^* moiCiil 
baldness, -f^sgr^f^ m. a hair- 
dresser, a barber. -Hf^ «•, 
the root of a hair.-^nT, ^Wfc 
f^ m. much ( or omanMHt- 

ed) hair, ?r %^fninjr ^u4im 

S. I. 48, VII. 57. («TrV:t|lFit 
f ^?!^^i:HTtmit : ^^n\<^\ Am.). 
-ihf m. a hairband.''-^, ^flt 
/. the head or any ofScor 
part of the body where balr 

grcgfs . -jranHt /m Hnfc ; 

Hlil «. a comb. -T^i|f;/l 
dressing the hair. -^ 
a tress or fillet of hair. 


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'*54l a. (/. m) Sit ^r%^ 
n. m. An epithet of Vishna 
or Kmlina3g. i. 30. Comp. 
—in^ I m. the mango 
tree, n ». a weapon of 

titt at^vaitha tree. 

■<ftW«. (/ ^) Having 

, P0 or loxQjriant hair. 

'tt^m. 1 A lion • 2 name 

q{ ft Rakahasa slain by 

^iduut] 3 an epithet of 

^riibtt; 4 one haying fine 

kii^OoMP. --f^^pr, >msT 

«.» epithet of Krishna, 

Umx. 1. 

IWiy. A woman with a 
knnfal braid of hair. 
te(^ )K I m, n. IThe mane 
(^ofalionO e.g. iprqrS^ 
IMHHI^ <l4iSK*<lrt ; kad.; 
%^ the filament of a flower, 

Jrht: Megh, i. 21, R. 
in 67, Sis. IX. 47 . 3 the 
*« ^ toe, r^ir^Tt^n^fHr%^ 

ffe*5WrT ^: Mcgh. n. 
IfirK. S. u. 55.4 the 
JHfiM^a tree. II ». A 
ft>fWof the hahula tree, 
K»lx. 36* CoMP.-^rqfH m. 
tt^hetof the Mountain 

JJNnt-^ n, saflEron. 

<5 0|^ f^»»- 1 A lion, )3[Z' 

^Jg^M ^:^ R.n.29, 

If H«ft«l«l 3^r 5rt: Sak. 
•^(jfy. used as the last 
Waler of a compound it 
neiM *be9t, excellent' ). 2 
ft tine; 3 the citron plant; 
4 tte, punna'ga tree; 5 
^9^ of the father of 

*1« 1. P (prwJKR^) To 



Ir^fir ^, i>/. The same as %- 

yy^ w. A demon, a. goblin. 
m^^ m. A ruler of the keku- 

tkir-T nt. Kame of a demon 
killed by Vishnu. Comp. — 
«?fr, ftlW, ftj, f^m- an epi- 
thet of Vishnu. 

<%r|^ «. A flower of the 
ketaka plant. 

^^ I n. 1 The stake in a 
game ; 2 gambling ; 3 false- 
hood, deceit, fmud, roguery, 
'R^hReMtUr lr?wr^ K. S. 
IV. 9. II w. 1 A cheat, a 
rogoe^ 2 a gambler; 3 the 
dhattu'ra plant. CoMP.-«r- 
%?r wi. a trick, adeyice*-^f 
m. falsehood. 

a^^< I ». Rice, com. II n. A 
multitude of fields ;al80 V^^. 

V^r^ («=«rm) »». A maxim 
denoting a fortiori argument, 

^ (from ^^ how much more). 

^iT7 I 7^. 1 A gambler, a 
cheat, a rogue; 2 an enemy. 
II n. Tb» white lotus which 
blossoms at moon-rise, ^ 
II. 73. Comp. — ij^ m. an 
epit^t of the moon. 

^r^^^ m. The moon. 

lil^f^/. 1 A creeper bear- 
ing white lotuses^ ; 2 a pond 
abounding in white lotuses ; 
3 an assemblage of white 

|t^/. Moonlight; 

%99|rr^ m. Name of a moun- 
tain, a peak of the Himit- 
layas and residence of S'iva 
and Kubera, Megh. i. 11, 
58, R. n. 85. Comp.— ^ro 
m. 1 an epithet of S'iva ; 2 
of Kubera, ^<^|^hi M^ cT^F 
f»%; R. V. 28 orW^CT^- 

^^TOcTft^STPff Vikn i. ^ 

%^ m. A fisherman, ^^p$\ 

( t ^ l^^J I ftf fO Sant. S. tti. 

^16. S 4€ M. X. 84, 

V^'^ » . 1 Perfect isolation, 
exclush-eness; 2 individually* 
ty; 3 detachment of the 
soul from matter, becomlBg 
one with the supreme spirit* 
final emancipation or beati- 

%iftW I a. (/. *r ) Hair^ 
like, fine as h*iir. 11 m. The 
sentiment of love, lust. Ill 
n. A quantity of hair. 

^r^«ff^ /Astyleofcompoei- 
tion (according to many 
authorities, the correct form 
of this word is ^{\ } ^ q. v.). 

%^K ». Youth, childhood, 
tender age ( below fifteen:— 

#fl[«rw. 5<?tf ItftPfT III. 
i^f^m. 1 A yfoM^^ ^g.jn 

Bam. ; 2 the ruddy goose 

^^ w 'nc^^T^rr Git. o. 

V. • 3 a frog; 4 an epithet 
of Vishnu. Comp.— f^w, 
a pigeon.-jp^ m. an epithet 
of the sun. 
%|«h«l^ n. The red lotus, 

^^>sRr ?r^ cif^ g^ j^^.)^^ 

?rR.(>. or ^^4a^i4^i^HAdy 

?n^ 5ff&*qr: Sis. iv. 46. 
^eUf m* A white horse. 
^fat^ m. {fern .°wt)1 Thfr In- 

dian cuckoo, t/^f^rti ipii^ 

5^ K. S. m. 82, IT. 

16, R. xii. 89, Bh. V.I. 

7; 2 a firebrand. Comp. — 

W^FW» ^^^ m. the mango 

flShir 1 ♦». jo^ Name of a 
s^H^ j country, the. hilly 

stiip of land between tiie 

Sahy&dri and the ocean. 
ej^ ^ /. A name of Renuk4, 

wife of Jamadagni. Coif». 

— ^ VI. an epithet of 

^*«^l^zl%^ Google 




i| ^ 4Hnf^ m. Name of a festi- 
val held on the fall-moon 
night in the month of 
Aa'vina and celebrated with 
rarious games. 

qgrr m. 1 A foot; 2 a tut, 
a shed; 3 crookedness (phy- 
sical andmor.»l). 

^rrc w. n. The hollow o^f 
A tree, ^^ fi^4Jld<id<''T«?t 

Rt. I. 26. 

i^t^^ 1/ 1 ^ naked woman; 

i^fs^ j 2 an epithet of the 
goddess Burgd. 

*^ (^y. IThe^urre d end 
of a bow, ^jPrf^l^rNr^f^ ^* 
^^^ R. XI. 31; 2 the end 
or extremity in general, at- 

46, viii. 86; 8 the edge or 
point of a weapon; 4 the 
liighest point, excess, emi- 
nence, excellence,^,^. arPK^ 

<rn SKtr^T^TJ^; 5 the horns 

of the moon, K. S. ii. 26; 

6 ten millions, a crore, M. 

Ti. 63, R. xiL 82; 7 tbe 

complement of an arc to 90® 
( in math.) ; 8 the side of a 

right-augled triangle ( in 
math.); 9 a class, a depart- 
ment- 10 one side of a de - 
batable question. Comp.— f- 
tifC m. a millionaire, -fir^ 
t». an epithet of Kiliddsa. 
-1PI(T /. the cosine of an 
angle in a right-angled tri- 
Angle ( in math. ). -f ^l n, 
two altematiYes. -m^ n, a 
rudder. -^TFT w. the guard 
of a stronghold. -%^r[ a. 
striking a point (lit,); per- 
forming a most difficult task 
(M' ).-Tra;«»^« ^^ hundreds 
of millions, in multitudes. 

Wftr^fT a. (/. m) Forming 
the highest point of anything, 

^^itf^K m, 1 The hair collected 

on the forehead in a knot; 2 
an ichneumon; 8 an epithet 
of Indra. 

c|fffi:C^)^»«. A harrow. 

5|^rt /». 1 A diadem, a crown ; 
2 the hair collected on the 
forehead in a knot, matted 
hair, ?Rt?frT*>n>f3^P"r%nTC- 

XI. 18. 

e^t? ^» A. fort, 

^^rft/, 1 A naked woman 
with disherelled hair; 2 an 
epithet of the goddess Durgi. 

^i^r^ m. 1 A fortified town, 
a stronghold; 2 the stairs 
of a pond; 3 a libertinej 4 
a well, a pond. 

5Kt«r wi. 1 A comer, an angle , 

Bh. V. II. 173; 2 an inter- 
mediate point of the com- 
pass; 3 the bow of a lute, 
a fiddle-stick; 4 the sharp 
edge of a weapon- 5 a stick, 
a club; 6 & name of the 
planet Mars; 7 a nanao of 
the planet Saturn. Comp. 
— jrT rn. a bug. eht^lcfill^ 
ind, from angle to angle, 
comer-wise. -W^?f m, a 
mixed sound of several musi- 
cal instruments (thus defi- 

3": Ve. I. 
SKPrr w. See ?rV'W. ^___ 
^Yt^ I m. n. A bow, «?f|^5^ 

?nj^ Sak. V, M. nt. 280? 
2 morbid irritation or dis- 
order of the humours of 
the body ( in medicine ), as 
in f^rT^ltr, ^m#T. CoMP. 
— W3f^. WPrr a. enraged, 
furious. -l||if «. 1 att 
angry or passionate man; 2 
the course of anger.-<Tfii. 
pretended wrath.-^rv «»8nb* 
jection to anger. -%iT ^* 

^ml a. (/. m) 1 Pf 
sionate, wrathful, irascible; 
2 causing anger; 3 "tt*** 
ting, causing disorder of 
the humours of the body. 
II n. The becoming angiy. 

o|^mi /.A passionate woBi«n» 

^TOW: Am. S. 65, K.S. 
Iti. 8. 
^mK «. (/>ft)l Angty, 

Git. a. X; 2 causing anger- 
3 causing disorder of tto 
humours of the body. 
SF^W a. (/ fyr) lTender,soft, 
delicate, fl^nn^d^l'I^W 

II, 'Rq-^sr 'TPft f%^>T^^^ 
«FtHW5 Bhartr. ii. 66; a 
sweet, agreeable, plwsin^* 

?* f^ Hr«»^ Bhartr. i. »»; 
8 beautiful. 
^Hrh^ n. The fibres of m 

K. Pr.x,^y^ ^^F^^ 
fk ^itW^mtn: Bhartr. i. 
98. II m. An eyebrow. 
^gtX^ m. A species of grain 
eaten by the poor, f^^ ^r5j- 

HHcUd Martr. ii. 100. 

stock of a lotus. 
^t^ 1 m. The lapwing 

cRrtftzir f ^firTHiTT.-^mifS^- 
M. r. 13. 

blown flower, ^f^ns: w^^* 

VI ; 2 •ny thing paita^^J 
dereloped but not fol^^^ 


^^ m. 1 Passion, wrath, ^K'Hi«j i* -^"-^ •—';;- i. 
anger, *^ fWIW- ^LW(3b§!e ^ "^ ' 



lotoS; 4 a kind of perfome. 
?l^f^ m. The same as n^ 

*fcr a. (/frr) Budded, 
floated; 2 ground, pound- 

i|^ I m. 1 A hog, Yaj. iil 
173; 2 a lafi, a boat; 8 the 
biieast; 4L the haunch, the 
U^ the kp; 5 an embrace* 
6 the planet Saturn- 7 
name of a degraded tribe. 1 1 
«, 1 The weight of one tola'; 
8a kind of berry. Comp, — 
liFY m, name of the country 
ol Ealingas. "^^^n^ m., a 

fjw. Tlie body of a lute, 

^ jpy «. ». A loud and 

W^Qsed sound, an uproar. 

lH^ a. r/. ff ) Experienced, 

Iflmed, skilled, wise, xrr- 

Jfezh.!. 30, tpfiTRT^^- 
C|M.vii. 26. 
mnVK «. «. The name of a 

^: Bt, w. 6. 

«r (^) m. n. 1 A ressel for 
hMflg liquids, a pail, a 
kdiH, a cup; 2 a vessel in 
jgfiml',3 a box, a cupboard, 
Vtamk; 4 a sheath, a scab- 
hsA; 5 a case, a cover; 6 
rtoie, mass, provisions, M, i, 
t9|7a8tore-room;8a trcasu- 

Sjanapartmentwhere monev 
iwt,M. viu.419.9gold 
4^.wref wrought or un- 
VfiAgbt, wealth, treasure, 
ftAwB^|Pl<1*il|JlMq^R. V. 
i$ IP a dictionary, a lexicon, 
'^J^»bulary; U a closed 
»abud, fnr f^l%RfcT 
ff» or ftpnr^rf^: 
B.xni.29, m. 8; 
It of a fruit; 13 
I a $k aSk-worin, 

Yaj. xn. 147; 15 vulva, the 
womb; 16 an egg| 17 a 
testicle or the scrotum; 18 
the penis; 19 a ball, a globe; 
20 a term for the five 
sheaths or cases which 
successively make up the 
body enveloping the soul 
(in Vedanta phil.); 21 a 
kind of ordeal (in law), 
Yaj. a, 114. CoMP. — 
^rf^fftr* »I^^V ffi. 1 a trea- 
surer, a minister of finance; 
2 an epith3t of Kubera.-9T«TT 
^ m. a treasury, a^ storeroom - 
^RHCm. 1 one who makes scab- 
bards; 2 a lexicographer; 3 
the silk-worm while in the 
cocoon- 4 a chrysalis. s^t7 
^f^n^m. a silkworm.-^ w. a 
treasury, a store-room, R. 
V, 29.-^ m. the Indian 
crane. "Hl^^t ^TW m. a 
treasurer, a minister of fi- 
nance.-^2^ jw. n. a chest in 
which treasure is kept.~^rn%- 
^ m, an animal living in a 
shell. -^f55/. 1 increase of 
wealth; 2 enlargement of 
the scrotum.- ^f^cff f 1/ a 
knife lying in a sheath.-^ 
I a, incased, sheathed. II 
m. an animal living in a 
shell. -^ a. deprived of 
riches, poor. 

c<?lAlft^^ n. A bribe. See^- 
^if^ which is the more 
correct form of the word. 

SRtOT^ff^m. 1 Trade, busi- 
ness; 2 a trader, a mer- 
chant; 3 submarine fire. 

SFtftr (Pr)'tw. The mango 

siffg- 1 771. 1 Any one of the 
viscera of the body ; 2 the 
belly, abdomen . 3 an inner 
apartment ; 4 a granary, a 
storeroom. II n. 1 A sur- 
rounding wall . 2 the shell 
of anything. Comp. -HTTT 

n. a store-room, qi ftHH l ^ ' 

f^ Ve. Ill, M. IX. 280. -ar. 
fir 't. the digestive faculty 
-'TrFr m. 1 a municipa 
officer, a constable ; 2 a stores- 
keeper. -^Rj/. evacuatioft 
of the bowels. 

^StWSR I »i. 1 A grannry ; 2i 
a surrounding wall. II n. A 
brick-trough for watering 

^^t^ I a. (/. vf{i) Moderate* 
ly warm, tepid. II n. 

%nr W H m. pi. The name 
of a country and its people^ 

IX. 17, III, 5 vt. 71. 

^m (^) m /• The city of 

«^W w. 1 A kind of musical 
instrument ; 2 a sort of spi- 
rituous liquor. 

«^^i«"«n wt. 1 A hypocrite ; 
2'a mendicant who walks 
with eyes fixed on the 
ground to avoid injury to 

^ «. (/. ^) 1 Tied to the 
sides, being on the sides ; 2 

Sift^ci. (/. ift) 1 Being in 
the belly ; 2 being in a 
sl^eatb , 3Tit 2f^ifftrg^«T ''TOT- 
jnwf 5^ Bt. IV, 81. 

^>%^Icirm. A sword,a scimitar, 

9Rrr Kad. 

q^^ 1 m, pi. The rame 

e|ffcf|Or J of a country nnd ita 

rulers { the same as ^i^or* ) 

^r^ I a. (/ ^) 1 Living 

in one's own house, i. e^ 

independent, free; 2 domeg- 

tic, homely; 8 fraudulent, 

dishonest. II n. 1 Fraud,^ 



evidenoe, Comp.— w m. 
the kutaja tree.— fWfT ^. 
an independent carpenter, 
one who works at home on 
ilia own account, -^if^^ m. 
a false witness. -^l^T *•• 
giving false evidence, per- 
J il ^nh^i \ »>• 1 One whose 
^^^^ J occupation is to 
catch bird?, &c. in traps; 2 

one who sells animal flesh, 
a butcher. | 

^tftf^K^ m. 1 A hunter; 2 
a black-smith. 

^ftf^^ir I ?w. An epithet of 
Chinakya, a celebrated wri- 
ter on civil polity, and a 
— prominent character in the 
Mudrar4kshasa^(S^: 5f&- 
?nrf^: ^ T«T: Mud. I. II n. 

1 Crookedness; 2 fraud, de- 
ceit; 3 wickedness. 

^^ 1 a. (/. *) Necessary 
for the household.^ II n. 
Family relationship, 

,^i5f^ I a. (/.cfr) Consti- 
tuting a family. II w. The 
father or master of a family. 

^mq m. A goblin, a demon. 
Coup. -^ m, an epithet of 

4^|Heh n. 1 Desire, curiosity; 

2 eagerness, vehemence; 3 
anything creating curiosity, a 
wonder. 4 festivity, gaiety. 5 
marriage thread worn on 
the wrist, R. viii. 1; 6 the 
ceremony with the marriage 
thread precedinga marriagCj 
1 PJi pleasure, happiness- 
8 joke, fun; 9 song, dance, 
showj 10 friendly greeting, 
salutation. Comp. — «TniX ^ 
n,,^ n. a room for festivity,a 
pleasure house,*t4*|Jl|<1|Jrr- 
^K. a. VII 94.-fiFqT/, ^' 
fir n. a solemn ceremony, a 

53.-iJK°f ^' ^' & triumphal 

arch erected at a festival. 

sftnprw (^if) n. 1 Desire, 
curiosity, interest, f^q^- 
?^?C?r: Vikr. i; 2 eager- 
ness, vehemence; 3 any* 
thing causing curiosity. 

s^f^RfT m. A spearman, a 

^1\M m. (son of Kunti) An 
epithet of Yudhishthira, 
Bhima or Arjuna, 

5|fhr a. (/.'ft) Relating or 
belonging to a well (as 
water) . 

^^ ^ n. 1 The pudenda; 2 
a privity, a privy part; 3 a 
small piece of cloth worn 
over the privitiesj 4 a rag- 
ged garment, ^hjiffii ^id^^JI- 
^it^^^mV^ Bhartr. 
m. 101; o a wrong or im- 
proper act, sin. 

^tt^ n. 1 Crookedness; 2 

5^mt I «.(/.*)! Juvenile, 
youthful. Virgin, maidenly, 

2 soft, tender. II n, 1 
Childhood ( to the age of 
I five) ; 2 maidenhood (to the 
ago of sixteen), virginity, 
qx ^^\K^' ^ ^^^^Xm 

trrVry trfj K . Pr. i. or fer- 
?r? ^H \ K mh ara Bg. nis. 

Comp. —^jc^n. the rearing 

and education of children. 
eh^H l i^ n. Boyhood, youth, 

tender age, ^m^^ r^t- 

JS^iTf WPT- Ut. VI. 
^ H l R<=h ^. A father of girls. 
cfiln i tX^^ ^* The son of an 

unmarried woman. 
Slfj-jf m. The month Kdriiha 

(the word is thus derived: — 


S. IV. 33, anything caus- 
ing delight ( Jig. ) m 

M. I, r^Jf^ rtl<tit^ W %w- 
y^K. S. V. 71;2thef^^• 
moon day in kdrtika; 3 the 
full-moon day in A^^vina-A 
festivity in general; 5 a 
festive day on which templef* 
streets, houses &c are ilia* 
minated; 6 elucidation (at 
the end of titles of woijor, 
«. g- ^iA*^Hrjj4»iy?lt ftricW- 
3*. «4^qm^). Coxp.-^ 
qftf m. the moon.-f«^ «. tl» 
stick or stand of a lamp. 
^^if^ ) /. Name of the 
e^i'fN)' j i^^ace of Yishun* 
g^Ia.r/^) Relatingtoto 
Kurus, ^'T ir^qvrtRr^^ 
cT^tir: Megh. i. 48. II «. 

I A descendant of KiirQ« 

«Fh:^: Ve. nit 2 a rulwof 
the Kurus. ' 
^StX^ tw. 1 A descendant of 
Kuru, i^t^sqf : q^: prqiqft- 
^^%N?rQlrtfrts ^vSnt Ve. I, 

#RPr vi; 2 a ruler of the 

g^^c^ fTi. The zodiacal sign 

Scorpio ( a word of Greek 

^W I a. (/. f<V) 1 ReUtog 

to a family, ancestral ; 2 w 

a noble family, well-born. 

II m. A worshipper of irf^ 
according to the left hand 
ritual. Ill n. The doctrine 
and practices of the left haM 

^k^^H m. The son of a dtf- 

of a 

loyal wife, 
5^n%^ m The son 

chaste female beggar. 
^TH%^ m. The son of a »- 

^ male beggar chaste or 

iiarriage "ceremony, R^ii. '^ij^/ 1 Moonlight ( Ut ) t!gitizt^*by^OOgle 

ldllS!ir I a. (/. ^) 1 Belong. 
&igto a fmmilj; 2 custo- 
mary in a family. II *•. 1 A 
vreayer ; 2 a heretic ; 3 a 
fioHower of the left hand 
IfiU^ ritiiaL 

^fM^ I a. (/. ^f) Belon^ng 
to a noble family. II «fc. 
ITfaeson of a female beggar; 
2^a left hand ^'oibto. Ill n. 
1 An evil report, a scandal, 
wftrRT^HTM^Tf^l^ R. XIV. 
86,84, m <j(trnHI<f{)aHM% TT- 
lhn<&^ ^i Megh. II. 49 ; 2 
an improper act, bad con- 
**t, wf?f frf^T? ftTnrftf 3^ 
^^ ^ rflH'^fl^ Ve. II ; 3 
t eombat of animalg ; 4 
mr, battle; 5 The pa- 
^nda . 6 high birth. 

4MNr n.l High birth ;2 
fcrnily scandal. 

jh^ m. A kingof JTi/Zttfat, 
^•yi^i<<^ Mud. I. 

^^'I^ m. A Dog. 

^(hnr o. (/. ^nr) Noijy bom, 

of a high birth. 
*%{^)^a. (/.ft) Belong, 
ing to or coming from Ku- 

XT. 45. 

itor (^) ft /. The north, the 
quarter presided over by 
Kubeia, J^. snr^ ^tt iTT- 
FfR^ TSfft^rw R. IV. 66. 

*Nra.(/^)l SUken; 2 
luade of Kus'a grass. 

W|W(Fir) n. 1 WeU-being, 
brapiness, prosperity ; '2 
flkufnlness, cievemess, e. g, 

'rft*J<fl^*il: Sis. X. 13. 
• », A bribe. 

}/. A present,an 
offering; 2 greet- 
mg, friendly inquiry after 
hjj^ welfare, &c. 
wl|#^ «•« An epithet of 
ya s soft of Kausalyi. 

>ai. lUma, son of 


Kaus'alyi Bt. vii. 90. 

^^Vt4t/. Name of an ancient 
city in Oauda. 

c hlRl^ I o. (/ *r) 1 Incas- 
ed, sheathed ; 2 silken. II 
m, 1 An epithet of Indra ; 
2 an owl ; 3 A lexicogra- 
pher ; 4 marrow; 5 an 
ichneumon; 6 a snake- 
catcher; 7 the sentiment of 
love ( iJiTTT ); 8 an opithet 
of ft^ffft'T; 9 one who knows 
a hidden treasure. Comp. — 
ami%i Mft «. a crow, -^f^tar 
m. the cocoanut tree, -fjjrir 
m. an epithet of R^ma. 

1^^/. A cup, a drinking 

^ftl<=ft /« 1 Name of a river 
in Bihiir* 2 an epithet of 
Durg&; 3 a style of composi- 
tion thus defined: — JfnTT- 


a woman's lower garment of 

T^rwrt^TTH^^rrr K. s. 
vu. 9, HTr^^*>%irt^?ffk^: 

Rt. v. 9. 

^^Nif^ n. 1 Sloth; 2 the prac- 
tice of usury. 

^^ I d^ ' m. A cheat, a knave, 
a juggler. 

jfi l ^4 m. Name of a cele- 
brated gem obtained at the 
churning of the ocean and 
worn by Vishnu, ^^fI^JH 
i^RTff^ f^? R. VI. 49, X. 

10. coMP.— ?wfr^, ^ini, %' 

^ m, an epithet of Vishnu. 
5^ v«. 1. A {pres. V^)l To 

make a creaking sound ; 2 

to stink. 
ifi«l^ m. A saw. Comp. — «bs^ 

^y^^ m, the Ketaka tree. 

-qrf, inf «t. a lizard. 
IF?K^ m.lAkind of partridge; 

2 a saw • 3 a poor man ; 4 


Ii91 M. 1 A sacrifice, unitHt- 

^ ^IHIHMRfl'nT ^: in. 88, 
M. Yii. 79 ; 2 an epithet of 
Vishnu ; 3 one of the ten 
Prajdpatii, M. i.^. CoMP. 
— T^iT m. the rprq? sacri- 
fice. -;Jf , fl^ m. a demon, 
a goblTn.-x^KlRL'w. ^^^ epi- 
thet of S'iva.-in^ »w. The 
performer of a sacrifice.-q^ 
m. a horse.-^^^ w. an 
epithet of Vishnu, -^^t w* 
a god, a deity.- ^nc »w. 1 
the a$*vamtdha sacrifice, 
«rvrv^: iFHTF^ M. XI. 260; 
2 the iiJ^q sacrifice. 

IF^ V*. 1. P (j>2'. ifn«i«T) 
To injure, to hurt, to kill. 

HitpT n. A slaughter. 

IfrtTTcF «. A camel. 

nwltftrar m. i>Z. The name 
of a country, a|5hf?'^ ?R«?%- 
ftPFRT^ B. V. 39. 

Hi^r^ or vi. 1. P (;)p. *lt- 
cT ; ;>r^t. *^) 1 To cry , to 
weep, ^?[riilT:^'nr^T^ ^- 
oft^xpj Vikr. I, ^?^ R^3fT- 
<^r R. XIV. 68, Bt. III. 28, 
V. 5 ; 2 to call out, to call 
out piteously to any one, e^» 
wrffRr ^ffl : *^ m^. With 
9Tr-l to call out to, q&lfli^ 

Mrich. V; 2 t o cry ^out , to 
creak, to cry, «j«^mml^gf^5j: 
cnTflrTT*??fi^l«r^ ^^W* Bt. 
iv. 7, Bt. XV. 50. 

W^vi. 10.U(^pi;.^*ftcT)To 
sound or cry out continually 
( generally used with 3ir)« 

^Ip^ ) n. 1 Cry of weeping 

l(jf^ ) or lamentation, fr^n^- 
f^ ^jftrmPR'^ft'T^: B.IX.76; 
2 mutual defiance, challenge. 

either by itself or preceded 
by Tq and gn» is i*i ^^ 
Atm.. when it means * get- 
ting over ', • conquering, * 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


* energy*, ' application ' and 

• development or increase'.] 

liRriqf^) 1 To walk , to st ep, 

Bt. viu. 2,25; 2 to jump, to 
leap, WH iTW ^%5 (fft Bt. 
n. 9, Y. 51; 3 to ascend; 4 
to excel, ft^<T: ^rlNlrNMf 

S to take possession of, 

to fill, %^FmT «nTr%«Tffir i?^- 

%5f R. xiY. 17; 6 to under- 
take, to strive after, to be 
competent for, ( with a 
dat. or an inf. ), e. g. 

IX. 23, ^^TPTcrtTiifi*ifl<r^- 
fl- 5r t^RT^ ^nr^ af^prr^ Vikr. 

Ch.i. 16 ; 7 to have scope, to 
be at home in, e, g, wig 

WH^ ff%:: or^Rirnr^^R^wR 

Bt. VIII. 22; 8 to have 
«exaal intercourse with. 
With sfftr -1 to cross, e, g. 

'^lftt"irRi^*l'T; 2 to go 
beyond, to transgress, Megh. 
II, 40, I. 57; 3 to excel, to 
surpass ; 4 to pass, to pass 
^way (as time), e, g, ar?^- 

•or 8?('^^ iTW^ M. V. 76; 
S to disregard, to neglect, 

;. g.^ ^i^r^m mt^ ^crwwr^i- 

ftr ^ ^ S^=f: Mai. i,or 

^qiq-lRr Bh i. arf^- to as- 
cend. BTW^r- to occupy, to 
take, e. g. sp-qr^rtrTT TOf^- 
^TFTT^ H^Ht^ Sak. ii. s^- 

3- 1 to follow ; 2 to begin; 
to give the contents of. 
«n^-* to visit one after 
another, ^nf- to leave, to 

go away from. «iPr- 1 to 
go to, to approach, to enter, 

€. g. 9{(^[^wm ^^^: ^rt" 

jfq[VH ^» 2 to wander* 
91^. to withdraw. a|f- 1 
to seize, to conquer, (qf^) 

jPT^^q^^rRL Bhartr. i. 70; 
2 to approach . 3 to fill, to 
take possession of, €.^. ^ %- 

w^m^ ^^r^fPrj^rpr: Mrich. 

V. ; 4 to begin, to commence. 
5 ( in the Atm. ) to come 
up, to rise, e. g. iTRr^mrTf^lr- 
f^Rf^f ^TTrP R. V. 71; 6 
to occupy. ^?ir 1 to go up, 
out or beyond, e. g. ^:^i jtt- 
•n fir^iiHfi M. n. 120 . 2 
to neglect, to disregard, e. g. 

;yq^ Bh. III. ^V-1 to 
approach ; 2 to assail ; 3 to 
make advances to, e. g, H^f- 
gr^^F^^ ^ftmHj 4 to physic; 
5 (in the Atm.) to commence, 
to begin, e. g. q'^ft^a^l^W 

go away, to exit, to leave; 2 
to come out of, Bt. vii. 71. 
ff^-1 (in the Atm.) to display 
spirit, courage or strength or 
heroism, ^r^pTcT^^Hflfr^- 
^qxN^ M. VII. 106; 2 
to turn back; 3 to march 
against, to attack. <lft-l to 
walk about, to walk round; 
2 to overtake. JT- (in the 
Atm.)l to begin, to com- 
mence, H^^ 'cr ^rf^^rg^y^rr- 
^R. IU.47, K. S. iii.2;2 
to walk on, Bt. xv. 28. ^rf^- 
to return. Rr- 1 ( in the 
Atm.) to walk along or 
through, Bt. vni. 24j 2 to 
assail, to overcome, to con- 
quer. ^«ri%-l to trangress; 2 
to pass ( time ). ^iv.- See 
^. ^^r 1 to come to- 
gether, to meet togetherj 2 

to traverse, to go of pan 
through; 3 to approach; 4 
to enter on or in^ e. g. «tiS| 

Tipnf^R.v. lO.^RT-ltO 
occupy, to take possessioa 
of, «. g. HHU^ OTT^W CTjBfc 

. iy^nft^fHW R. iT.4;2 to 

assail, to conquer. 
m^lm.lA step, a pace,jg.^> 
^RT: Jf^^ m^^ Hflpr: 
Bh.; 2 a foot; 3 going, oto- 
ceeding,course,(^n?n![ or^i^ 
*in course of time, «gradtaalJ^ 
R. HI. 80), >TF?T^^ ft >!'«<% 
jT^irif?r Mrich. I, B. iru 7, 
82; 4 preparation, readiness, 
Hrfr WW ^^ «*T: Bt. n. 
9, ( the word, however, it 
rendered by mn^ ^^^ ^ 
the glossarists )5 5 regular 
progress, order, series, siie- 
cession, M. vii. 24, ix. 86, 
II. 178, III. 69; 6 met hod; 
manner, %w?R%^^?f}^ 53^^ 
R. VII. 89; 7 an undertak- 
ing, an enterprise; 8 *c*?^ 
deed, w<rj|^'H^ %5f ^ir=q^mf 
a f^ iT r ^ q T ^V - m- Am, S. 88, 
«^l^T iirt?T: %^' 4:8; 9 m: 

particular manner of recite 
ing Vedic t^jxts; 10 power, 
strength; 11 performance^f- 
T^pnr^^^ar Sis. xir;" 
58. II n. Mud. Comp. — Ifr 
5^C,H5^^»». regular or- 
der, due arrangement, -^ff^* 
'RTj W^Cnf «• descended or 
inherited lineally, -^^if jt 
the sine of a planet, dedina- 
tion. -ff^ «»<^- g»<iaaHr» 
successively. -^ «* in»m% 
krity. -ITO ind. gi»duJly» 
by degrees,, regukrly, suc- 
cessive! v, R, XII. 47, M* tm 
68, iu.'l2, VI. 28. . -J 

IFiWl a. (/.W) Oldw^ 
methodical U m. Af ta^ 

Digitized by 



whogoes throagh a regular 

coarse of stady. 
Hipf I m. 1 The foot; 2 » 

horse. II n. 1 A step; 2 

mlkiDg; 3 proceeding. 
HiPw «. (/. ^iT ) 1 Succes- 

flire; 2 descended lineally, 

K] 1 m. BeteUnut tree, arr- 

isprt^rtrn Vikr. Ch. xTiii. 

»eii4HfSl|q Vikr. Ch. i. 29. 
%t^M. Buying-, purchasing, 
ILnn. 201, 202. Comp.— 
m^ m, a market, a fair. 
Hi9f «• bought.- %n^T n. 
ade^of sale, a convejance, 

i^fffTEqcT Brihaspati). -fir- 
fpr m. du. trade, buying 
tad selling, M. viii. 5.-ftr- 
f^l^ m. a trader, a mer- 

WT n. Buying purchasing. 
1^^ m. 1 A trader, a deal- 
er; 2 a purchaser. 
^BC^a. (/. J^T.) A thing of- 
feied for sale in the maricet, 
M qp. to %?T which simply 
means *fit to be purchesed.' 
Win. Baw flesh, ^ydMdHft' 

I'^r'wnn^ M. m. t. 

CoKP.-«T5, «Tf,5'^I <'. 
Siting raw flesh, M. V. 131. 
II m. A demon, a goblin, 
K X7. 16. 

tiS^^ w. Thinness, emacia- 
^^fM^' m. A sawyer. 

^i«. (/. nr)f pp. of^ni:. 

g. i>. n w. 1 A horse; 2 » 
foot, a step. Comp.— ^ftpj^ 
o. omniscient. 

^iRt/. 1 Going, proceeding; 

2 eurpasfting, attacking, 


clination of a planet; 5 the 
ecliptic. CoMP.-4||^ m., itr- 
W> fW ». the ecliptic, -qnf 
m. the equinoctial points or 
nodes of the ecliptic. -^FHT 
m. 1 the ecliptic; 2 the 
tropical zone. 

1fr^(C«r)«ir »». 1 A purchaser; 
2 a trader, a dealer. 

fvf^ m. 1 A worm; 2 an 
insect. /S^e ffS)*. CoMP.-irn. 
aloewood.-|n7 m*an ant hill. 

fifm/' 1 Execution, perform- 
ance, ^K^^ f^ ^ptRij ^nrrtr- 

f^^niTwN Megh. II. 51; 2 
an act, a business, an under- 
taking, M. II. 4; 3 activity, 
bodily action, labour; 4 wor- 
ship* 5 teaching, education. 
(^RTf|- ^r^ilT^ ^^^ B, 
III. 29; 6 knowledge, |^?r 

i^m *t^<fH*it'<ir Mal.i. 

7 practice, as op. to WW 
(theory) ;8medical treatment- 

8 a literary work, ot?t »r%- 

Prr^^: fWPnrt *iif«^iHt^ 

Vikr. i;10a purificatory 
rite, a religious rite or cere- 
mony; 11 an expiatory ritC; 
12 ceremony of offering ob- 
lations to the deceased an- 
cestors ( vn8[ ) ; 13 motion; 
14 motion considered as one 
of the seren categories of 
the Vais'eshikas. See under 
JfTiftt; 15 judicial investiga- 
tion by human means or or- 
deals (inlaw); 16 action 
or the general idea expressed 
by a verb ( in gram.). Comp. 
— a^p-^^ if, practising ritual 
observances. -BTTT'I^ wi. 1 
end of an affair, execution 
of a task, f?F^N«I^M^>5flf^- 
m^^ ^: Kir. 1. 14; 2 libera- 
tion from ceremonial acts, 
absolution.-^P'^TTT^* speci- 
al compact or agreement, 
f^RT>5TMHI«^t1i5[ Jft^ ^' 
iTfJT??r^M. IX. 53. -IT^- 

WW a. one who loses m- 
law-suit through the state* 
ments of the witnesses, Ac. 
-iffirf w« *^6 saroe as ^"ifftr 
q. V, -4hHm m. 1 the body 
of ceremonies enjoined in the 
Hindu religious law; .2 all 
the particulars of any busi* 
ness. -«FTT fn. 1 an agent, 
a performer; 2 a beginner,, 
a fresh student; 3 an agree* 
ment. ^tf^Pl^ m. a wit- 
ness whose testimony id 
hurtful to the cause ( ia 
law ). -pjnifr w. evidence. 
^^pj[ m. mode of medical 
treatment. -^ n. a verb. 
-^ a. diligent in the per- 
formance of one's duty. -<nT 
m. the third division of ft 
suit at kw comprising wit- 
nesses, documents, and other 
proof advanced by the plain- 
tiff orcompkinant. -n^ w. 
1 connection with a verb; 3 
the employment of expedi- 
ents or instruments, -^7 
m. omission or discontinQ<- 
ance of aiiy of the essential 
ceremonies of the Hindu re^ 
ligion, ffF^TTHtqr^ f «n^ ^m* 
M. X. 43. -^ a. engaged in 
actual work, or practice, e. g^ 

necessity, necessary influence 
of actsdone or to be done.-^- 
^nir,^T^ a.expressing any 
action, as a verbal noun. -iff- 
f^ m. a plaintiff, a com- 
plainant, -ftf^ m. a rule 
of action, mode of perform- 
ing any rite, M. ix. 220, 
-ft^^TT n. 1 an adverb; 2' 
a predicative adjective. -^- 
ffTT^/.teaching.-^ET'iPnrr^ m. 
the repetition of any act. 

buy, to purchase, ^TfTTT 3^- 
^^ ?rt^ *mJh^qi Sant 

s. III. 1, M4 \ i '^^tjprv 

Digitized by^ 





Hit.i,M. yiu. 222; 2 to 
barter, to exchange, e. g. 

fi^. With w -<^o W- 
-f^ to bay off. to redeem. 
q]ft-(in theAtm.) to buy, 

If HtTPT qR^*. ^^^ ^^ '^- 
f^qn tt. VIII. 72;2 to hire, 
to purchase for a time (with 
inst. or dat.)^?^ ^?^ ^f ^- 
ft5,{l?T: S. K.; Sjetumjo 
repay, fT^T^ ^Rf: mjT- 

orprjI^^pn^Bt. vui. 8.f»-lto 

sell, (in the Atm.) ^TT^^^ 

S.I. 12, M. VIII. 222; 2 
to barter, to exchange, qf^- 

f^jT^yr^iLPanch. ii. ^^^ 

iflntvf. 1. P (jpp. *fHr?f ; 

1 To play, to amuse oneself, 

i; 2 to gamble, ^fj^ ^ 
ifif^; Mrich. II., 5TOs ^- 
^.R^j^f^M. IT. 74j 3 to 
trifle with, ^TT»Trw*^5Mt<i 
^fW^ >f^^f%Rr: K. Pr, 

VII, arf^^m^-.S^tqcT^- ^- 

tflf ^tft^ 5^- ^*^^^- ^• 
With ^5- l(Atra.)to play, 

to amuse oneself , ^i^ #^- 
T»TPm% T^ f^ Tf^R Bt. 
III. 10; 2 (Paras.) to make 
jioise w^Mri ^WK S. K. 
( The root is in the Atm. 
with the prepositions aTj, ^, 
qft and arr prefixed to it). 
V^m. 1 Sport, pastime, 

pleasure; 2 jest, joke. 
iftTj^fT n, 1 Playing, sporting; 
2 a plaything, a toy. 

^^^^•^- ) A plaything, 

irt^ /. 1 Sport, pastime, 
pleasure, ;S^T^ft^?!pTrr!"3^" 
t^HI^%H%lS : Megh. 1.38, 
61; 2 jest, joke. Comp. — 
m n. a pleasure-house. - 
%Fl m. an artificial hill as 

a pleasure resort, ^SterW^ 

W ^4><^^gH ^< a' ^W » Megh. 

II, 14. -qrrft/ a prostitute. 

-iFrt' »»• feigned anger. Am. 

S. 12. -OTj: m. a peacock 

kept for pleasure, R. xvi. 

14,HC?;^ n. Rati, wife of the 

god of love, 
^et^ I. n. (/. ^) Bought 
(pjp. of 1^ q, V. ). 11 «. 
One of the twelve kinds of 
sons amongst the Hindus. 
He is a son purchased from 
his natural p?irents ( ^<W 
fTP^ Mtcf: Yaj. il. 131, 
M. IX. 174 ). Comp. -b^- 
1^ OT. returning a thing 
purchased to the vendor 
admissible in some oases 
by law. 

^T^ \ m. A curlew, a heron. 

5^ -wi. ( but with a preposi- 
tion t)t., e. g. ^uf«t T^riSa^- 
v^M.iv.48) 4. P {pp. 
grcg:.) To be angry (with the 
dat. of the person who 
is the object of anger, e. g. 
^% 5^-^ )j but sometimes 
with certain prepositions 
also, e. g. g^^qWft' 3«^'. or 
^ ^\ ^FtrjI^O. With. 
sr^— to be angry in return, 
M. IV. 48.^nt-to get angry 
with, ^^rtqrtlr ^ (%• rf Pf- 
?faf irniBt. VIII. 76. 

^^/ Anger 

«^v<. or VI. 1. P ipp- ^) 
1 To cry,to weep, to lament, 
^^fc^ ?F?mnT: Bt. VI. 
124; 2 to cry oufe, to yell, 
to call out, arrff^ 5r«Jt^ sft^* 

srnir 'nrnr^ Bt. xiv. 31. 

ifV'iTH arj-to pity, to take 
compassion on, BffH'- to be- 
wail. w-1^ cry,to cry aloud, 
e. g. a^ xfrtNm f^CTC *% 
fi-^ srtft^fqr^r ^ ; 2 re^ 
vile, to abuse, ^m^^TTTJ- 

v^ 50rPlr^ i'iHiRf M. vm. 

267. ^-to lammt. ipm^-t^ 
revile in turn, fr-1 to call 
aloud, to cry out,Bt. zvi.3S» 
XIV. 42; 2 to utter (with aa 
ace); 3 to call out to(with an 
ace. ) 4 to resound. «lf-4o 
^la. (/.CT)1 Cried outy 

2 called out to, (pp. of 5^ 
q. V. ). II n. Crying. 
!gr I a. ( /. ^) 1 Cruel, wick- 
ed, hard-hearted, cf^^TTt^^^- 
iSt^K ^if^^ ^^^^ R- «f- 
4, Megh. II. 42; 2 haitf^ 
roughj 3 formidable, terrible, 
destructive ; 4 wounded, 
hurt ; 5 strong ; 6 hok, 
sharp, disagreeable, M. 11. 
88. II m. A hawk, a heron. 
Ill n. 1 A wound; 2 slau- 
ghter, cruelty, any horrible 
deed. Comp. — ^arraftfl^- 
of terrible shape. II m. aii 
epithet of Rivana.-^^nirnCtf. 
following cruel or savage 
practices. -BTT^Rf «. Icon* 
taining fierce animals ( as • 
river ) ; 2 of a fierce dispod- 
tion. -^ir>fk^- 1 * bloodj 
deed; 2 difficult labour.-^f^ 
a. fierce, cruel, unrelenting. 
-^^^ o. having costive bo- 
wels unaffected by strong 
porgatives. -n^ »>• sulphnr. 
-1[^ a. 1 evil-eyed; 2mi>* 
cmevous, villainous, -ilf^^ 
fw. a raven, -t^rtf »». fttt 
epithet of the planet Saturn* 
fli;^ m. A purchaser, Yaj. 11. 

i^ m. Name of a mountain 

(the same as ^K). 
?^ m. 1 A hog; 2 thehd- 
low of a tree, ff fT f«T fiMlA 

3 the middle of the chest, 
the middle part, ^t% <^4i(** 

Ch. XI. 75; 4 an epithel of 
I the planet Saturn. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


^f n.ll The breast, the 

<rtT/. J chest, the part bet- 
ween the shoulders; 2 the 
interior of anything, a cavi- 
ty, a hollow. * CoMP.— ^^7|r, 
^fit» ITf w. a tortoise, -qif 
n, marginal writing; 2 a 
postscript to a letter; 3 a 
supplement; 4 a codicil to a 

ii4i^i^ ». Embracing. 

f£tlltg^ m. a. Rhinoceros. 

iSt^ m. 1 Anger, wrath, 

inR*r>ii'4fH3rrT^ Bg. u. 62, 

6$, Am. S.. 18; 2^ anger 
considered as the feeling 
wUeh gives rise to the rau- 
dra lentiment (in rhetoric). 
<^.— ^i%iar?r «. free from 
Wrth, composed, -^[f^a. 
omrcome or infatuated with 

WPila. ( f. 5fr) Inclined 
townth, passionate, angry, 
|»^»We^^jr?f ^"^ fcf ff^ 
W In^^nn^: WT: Ve. m. 
fl a. The being angry, 

^|l^ o. Passionate, insolent, 

lINl ». 1 A cry, a yell, a 
dBitt,a noise ; 2 a measure of 
tfUMce equal to, Jth of a 
X^M, a koss, ^pJ ST^- 
fWl^ T?^ R. xiu. 79. 
5f*^'""^Wy> *^l/% ^. a large 

•5«. (/«fr)CTyjng.II 
*. Aery. 

*^ (/<?«. <(^) A jackal. 
(%K^is optionally takeiias 
tfc^bisc of this word in the 

jgjre cases). 

IWmJl A curlew, a heron, 

W[«*t%(i:Rt.iv.8; 2 
Wift tf a mountain said to 

^ '^Nt^nC Megh. I, 57. 
CoMP.— BTffTw. the fibres 
of the stalk of the lotus. 
"Mnfir, mR: m. l an epithet 
of KArtikeyaj 2 of Paras'u- 
rAma, {See Megh.i. 57). 
"■^TTT* ^JfT w. an epithet 1 
of Kdrtikeya; 2 of Paras'u- 
1[^ n. Cruelty, hardhearted- 

^f i*i.P(i^^ ?^ft?r)lTo 

call, to call out,; 2 to cry, 
to lament. II 4. A {jyrea, 
W^^ ) I'o be confused. 

f?5 v/.r, 4. P(;>j?. jFr?T)To 
be fatigued or tired, to be 
depressed, ^ ^r^ST'f ^ f^:^ 
Bt. V. 102, XIV. 101. With 
f^-to be fatigued. 

JPT ) w. Fatigue, languor, 

ppiTT ) exhaustion , J^/^?t- 
f^^T9RT: fJT^'W 3rt^: Sis. 
IV. ^ij, M. VII. 151. 

RRTa. (/. fTT) 1 Fatigued, 
c1HMM*ld^ R. U. 13j 2 
faded, ^ri^ JPT-i^ q^ 
Tf^q^ Jf^tf^: Sak. iii, 
R. X. 48. 

g grRr /■ Fatigue. Comp.— 
f%^y?^ a. refreshing, invigo- 

f^vi, 4. P (i>p.ffinr) To 
become wet, to be damp, 
T %ff#<^'r^lM': Bg. II. 237, 
Bt.x^^II. 11. 

c|5^ I vt. or ri. 4. A ( also 
P. according to some autho- 
rities), (p2;. fir^ or flri%rr) 1 

To be tormented, to be af- 
flicted, to suffer, T^:crn^ 

M. viu. 169: 2 to torment, 
to molest. li vt, 9. P {p'p. 
flF7, or f|5f^ ) To torment 
to molest, to distress, fjFTJfr- 
^ cy^^TTf^rn^^lff^rt^ Sak. 
v., R. XI. 58, K. S.u. 40. 

fi5fim(./:?ir) )«. 1 Dis- 
%«'(/«T) ) tressed, suf- 

fering pain or misery; 2 
tormented; 3 faded; 4 self 
contradictory speech, e, g, j|r- 
J^y ^^, (jpjt>. of fir^ g. v.), 
flfft"/. 1 Affliction, anguish, 
pain; 2 service. 

ift^WIa. (/Wr) 1 Im- 
potent, emasculated, M, in. 
150; 2 unmanly, timid, 
weak-minded , R. viii. 
84; 3 base, idle; 4 
of the neuter gender. 
II «f. n. 1 An impotent man, 
a eunuch; (he is thus des- 
cribed by Kit:— ;f ijif ^f^ 

?l^ ) ; 2 the neuter gender. 

^ m. 1 Wetness, moisture, 
R. VII. 27; 2 running, dis- 
charge from a sore; 3 dis- 
tress, pain, suffering, R, 
XV. 82. 

jl^ m. 1 Pain, anguish, 
trouble, suffering, H^i ij^ 
(?^TcTt('t>f^ K. S.v. 86., 
Bg. XII. 5, XVIII.8; 2 wrath, 
anger; 3 worldly occupation. 
CoMP.— inr o. capable of 
enduring trouble. 

|fe"»l(«On. 1 Impotence, 

^IPt^HH^; 2 unmanliness, 
cowardice, ^ iTT ^ »nr : qr^ 
Bg. n. 8 ; 3 uselessness, 
powerlessness, R. xii. 86., 

ffpf w. The lungs. 

IT ind. 1 Whither, where, 

q^: fr g* it qftlTfr: Sant. 
S. II. 5. ( f;- is some- 
times used in the sense of 
the loc. of f%x^ e. ^. 97 [ t>. 
?rf^ ] >%). With a follow- 
^^g 9^) it means 1 some- 
where, anywhere; 2 some* 
times. With a following 
f^9^, it means lin some 
places, *ftftj^; ifH^nrt"- 
ftr? Rt. i. 2, R, I. 41; 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



2 in some cases, e, g, arr^t- 
T^ SF/%fS": 9n%f . IT- ir- 
irlien irepeatcd in a co-ordi- 
nate seitence denotes 'great 
difference or incongruity/ 

qr Hit: R. I. ^^ Kir. i. 6, vi. 
37.y|^-«f«T^ *i» one j^lace^ 
in another*, 9rf%r^ ^PTT H^^ 
?^^f fr^RT q-JTPir ^mrf f irf^ - 
^ R. XIII. 19, Bhartr. i. 4. 
- CoMP.-f^T o. belonging to 
Trhat place, being wliere^ 
gj^©/. I. P. (iU^. fTpnr ) To 
sound indistinct ly, to^hu ui, 
to tinkle, ^\^ fPT^n^^M 
Am. S. 28, ftit^t^rfHT C- 
f^fnTrT: iror^Hit, ii. 
ITT w. ) 1 A sound in 
IP^T w. f general; 2 the 
Urf^^ w. r tone of any musi- 
HTpif wi. ) cal instrument. 
^fti: vt. I. P ( j;p. m^ ) 1 
_To boil, to decoct; 2 to 

fjtf 1 7». A decoction , a solu- 
Tjjjtr J tion prepared with a 

gentle heat. 
ffrf^R^ a. if. ^ ) Met 
with occasionally, rare, un- 
^ fit. 1 Destruction, dis-ap- 
pearanco;2 lightning; 3 a 
iield; 4 a farmer^ 5 Vishwu 
in his fourth or Naraeinha 

To hurt, to injure, f qf jf^ 

sqpTrrnrnna^ K. s. v. 5J-; 

2 to break ( ^j: ) H" f^Tr^- 
ftf(Ti:%H^: R. XI- 72. 
;|for wi. ^^. 1 -^^ instant, a 
measure of time equal to 4 
of a second, ^jW^r^gf^^F 
j^Ti^^ j^:R. I. 73,11. 
60, Megh. I. 2 C, M . viii. 
844; 2 leisure, affifPlr W^f^f- 
or-.^r'T^^rf^ Mai Ij3a 
fit moment, an opportunity, 

cfr 'Tf f^ '<r% «Tfft?r fif^ HP-V 

f^^rr: Panch. i, Megh. i. 
02; 4 a festival, joy; 5 an 
auspicious or lucky moment; 
6 dependence, servitude; 7 
the centre, the middle. 
CoMP.—Bt^ ind the next 
moment, after a little while. 
-%iT VI. a momentary delay. 
-^ I 7n. an astrologer. II n. 
water. -^ /. 1 night, ?pr- 
<i m^ ^[1 lk <ji ^ : R. T^"* 74, 
XVI. 45r 2 turmeric, ©gf^ 
fw. the moon. Sis. ix. 70. 
o^ m, a night-walker, a 
fiend, a demon, m^M^i ^^• 
TTt ^"Kl^H'^ l ltl R. xui. 75. 
^arfi.^ n. night-blindness, 

nyctaiopsis. -^^, Jnrnjr* 

SWT /. bghtning. -^i^'Sm 
w, the poii^oise. -^t^^ Qf« 
transient, frail, perishable. 
-*i f ^4j|^ ind, only for a 
moment, -^ff^, m. a pigeon. 
Jf^fix(f^si m. a sect of 
atheistic philosophers who 
deny the continued identity 
of any i>art of nature and 
maintain that the universe 
perishes and undergoes a 
new creation every instant. 

?^^ m. A wound, a sore. 

^pnr ??. Injuring, killing. 

^fpl^a. (/. SfH") Momen- 
tary, transient, ^>j ^jPt^- 
ff»TRHt?^ R- vni- ^2. 

^tPTcFT/. Lightning. 

^TpRCa. (/. 5fV) 1 Having 
leisure; 2 momentary. 

^TtT I ^. (/. ^ ) Wounded, 
hurt, injured, bitten (p;?. of 
^^ q/r.\ R.I. 28, n. 50, 
ui. 53. II w. 1 A hurt, a 
wound, wr«affHI^M't Mrich. 
v; 2 scrotching; 3 destruc- 
tion, peril,R. 11.53.— s^ rt. 
victorious .-^^ w .dysentery. 
-^f^f^ m, a cough produced 
by injury, -ir w. 1 blood, 
e. g, ^ f^y^^: <vn^i ^i 

VII. 23; 2 pus, matter. -^- 
flf/. a wonian who i3 no 
longer a virgin. -^RW ^- 
mangled, covered with cuts 
and wounds, -ff^ /. des* 
titution, the being without 
any means of support. — ?|Tr 
m. a religious student who- 
has violated his vow, 
aarRr/. 1 injury, wound; 2 
damage, loss, e.g,^;\mm- 
f^:; 3 destruction, cutting, 

?jf^: qt=^ Sak. ii; 4 decftj, 
diminution, y^llMwRl^drtU 
K. S. II. 24. 

^frf ?N. 1 One who cuts or 
carves anything • 2 an 
attendant, a doorkeeper; 3 
charioteer; 4 a man bom of 
a S'tidra man and Kshatriya 
woman; 5 the son of a 
female slave ( e. g. f^^ ); 9 
a fish; 7 Brahman (m ). 

^fHf m. w. 1 Dominion^ 
supremacy , might ; ^ 2 
a man of the kshatriya 
caste, or the kshatriya 
caste (collectively) «. (/. ^j?rT* 

^ y^ ^3r: R. n. 53, M, 
IX. 322, R. XI. 69,71.CoMP. 
— ^t^W »«. an epithet of 
Paras'urama. -^?r «- 1 hiu- 
very, military conduct- 2 
the duties of a kshatriya,'^ 
w. a governor, a satrap.— i(^ 
771. la Kshatriya by caste. 
Mil. 38;2a vile ^s^af»-i>a 
(as a term of abuse), -f^^n 
/.•military science. 
^fi^ m, A member of the 
militaiy or second caste, iff- 

M. I, 31. CoMp. -fTT w». an 
epithet of Paras 'urama.* 

^[ri^r^^ ] /. A woman of 

^IVf^ V the kehatriya 

^fff^lftpiir) caste. 

^[rfiln^pft /. 1 A woman et 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



t^e I'skatrii/a caste; 2 the 
wife of a K^hatriya, 
irfWI' / The wife of a 

Wa- (/'fi'O Patient,forbear- 


^(r? I ri. I. U 0>^?. ^ipTfT ) 
To fast, to Ihj abstinent, M, 
V. G9. II i;f. 10. U (i?i>.^- 
fr)To send,to cast, to direct. 

•^fJW I. w. a BatuMha men- 
dicant. II. n. 1 Defilement, 
impurity; 2 destroying, sup- 

lin^^ w. A Bauddha or 
Joina mendicant, ^ij^^vi^ 
^C^nr: ftr ^^ Chawa- 
kya. 110. 
Ifrrtf/. 1 An oarj 2 a net. 

• WJ «. An offence. 

^ /. 1 X night, f^n»n^- 
ftf ^ m[i Sak. VI, R. II. 
20j 2 tanneric. Co3ip.— VH" 
TO. a demon, a goblin, rHT: ^- 
'nl: ^gR^Fyra": Bt. n. 30. 
-SRC, srm m. 1 the moon; 2 
<!amphire. -^5T ''i- » dark 
cloud.-^fC «|. a demon, a 

iWr/. 1. xV, 4. V pp, ^\^ 
or^jftTT; pres. ^jR^, STF^frf) 
1 To be patient or qoict; 2 
to allow, to suffer, "3T?Tt ^TTT- 

''ffiW R. Tii. 34j 3 to par- 
don, to forgive, ^SHE^ ^ 

? W: R. XIV. 68;4 to endure, 

top«t up with,3TnfPT»Rn:7^rRr 

^ ^ll^fl ScTRR" Hit. II. 5 to 
w^tj 6 to be competent or 
able to do anything, ^ ^; 

'StiW 'R: Sis. I. 38, ix. 05. 
W «, {/ irr) 1 Patienf, ' 
enduring, submissive; 2ade. 
^t»te,comi)etent, able, (with 
^^inf.) e.g. iTfMT f^ 

Ytj, m. 141, f^ ^ vti^^ft- 

5 ^ijt: R. viir. 59, xi. 6, 
K, S. m. ICj 3 friendly, 
favourable^ 4 bearWe, tolera- 
ble; 5 appropriate J suitable, 

Psnr; R. I. 13; 6 fit for, (^ 

Sak. 1. 
^Ififf /. 1 Patience, forbear- 
ance, forgiveness, rlr^ir*. ^Hl 
^%^ ^9y^^T 'iVIt^- Sis. 
II. 83, R. I. 22, XVIII. 9, 
Sant. S. III. 9; 2 the earth j 
3 an epithet of Di;rg4. 
CoMP, —IT w. the planet 
Mars. -:J^, ^ra »«. a king. 
«t^ (/•*)( «• Patient, 
«apT* (/. 'ft ) j of a forgiv- 
ing nature, ^Jrt" W=^^: IfPft 
Sis. II. 43. 

^ff^ w. 1 A house, a residence, 
an abode, zfiHHI^ ^W^ M. 
VI. 61; 2 loss, decline, waste, 
diminution, decay; 3 p<*cu- 
niary loss, M. vm. 4ul; 4 
removal, destruction, end, 
termination, ^ ^^l^ ^ ^ fr^^^m 
W^v[ Am. S. GO, {^mm ^Rf 
f^ ^rtfrf^ Rt. I. 9; 5 
universal destruction {^^^)) 

6 consumption; 7 a disea>»c 
in general J 8 a negative 
quality (in algebra). Com p. 
^[r^^» ^fT^T^ «• causing de- 
struction, ruinous. -^fi'n'rm. 1 
time of universal destmction; 
2 the period of decline. -^JTOT 
m. consumptive cough, -q^ 
wi. the dark fortnight, -^f^ 

/. ^nr m, an opportunity of 
destroying, -^ffir w. con- 
sumption. -?n!? w*. the wind 
that is to blow at the end 
of the world. W\^f, total 
loss, ruin. 

^[T^ m. Consumptive cough, 
^frf^Ia. (/. oft)l Dimi- 
nishing decaying, B^KHjr^ 
^(ft(^ %^ Bhartr. n. 60, 

R. XVII. 71; ^^consumptive. 
II m The mooti. 

H[ff^|«5 a, 1 Wasting, decay- 
ing ; 2 perishable, fragile. 

^^vt. or r*. I. P ii'p, 3yf^fr) 
1 To flow, to glide; 2 to 
stream forth, to pour out, 
to run, Bt. ix. 8; 3 to drop, 
to trickle, to oozc; 4 to 
perish, to become useless, 
to have no effect, qrtr>S^H^ 

IV. 237; 5 to slip from, to 
be deprived of. With f%-. 
to dissolve. Caus, (^jFTTf^) to 

^^la. if. KX) 1 Melting 
away; 2 moveable; 3 perish- 
able, e. g, ^r: ^FRffq- g[mj% 
^?^Wr ^=5q^. II f«. A 
cloud. Ill n. 1 Water: 2 
the body. 

^ffTT n, 1 The act of flowing, 
dropping or oozing; 2 the 
act of perspiring, afjf^^TTO- 
9r^^: R. XIX. 18. 

^frft^^^ m. The rainy season. 

^[T^^•^lo. u {pj>. 2errf^) 

1 To wash, to purify, to 
cleans e, <?^^ . ^T^fT^pt K^^ 
^^^ ^ii4»lfti^: fsfrq*^; 2 
to wipe away. With jf- 1 
to wajih, to purify, to clean, 
M. III. 264; 2 to wipe away 

^. g- ( ^rqr^: ) %5rn?3^'|^r?r 

^iTT ) w. 1 Sneezing; 2 

^^^^ r cough. 

m^ I a (f. ^ ) Belonging 
or peculiar to the military 
tribe, aiM^^OT 'kt ftTRT 
\^ f^%(T: R. I. 13. II n. 
1 The k'shatrli/a tril»e; 2 tho 
qualifications of a Kehatriya 
(they aretlAis described: — 

^Hf^^ Bg. XVIII. 43) . 
W?Trt. (/. W) Patient, for- 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


bearing, enduring {pp. of 

IHhiT/. The earth. 

^lif^/. Patience, forbearance, 
forgiveness, Bg. xviii. 42. 

^fm I a. Patient, forbearing. 
II m. A father. 

KfR a. (/ «Tr) 1 Scorched, 
singed ; 2 diminished, thin, 
^lender, emaciated, iffTT- 
%»H^MIt^HHH q : Sak. Ill, or 
ifinrem^ ^T^TT^ 'TftWT 

rTMegh II. 17, 19,26; 
little, afcnall ; 4 weak- 
m^la. (/. rf) Corrosive, 
acid, pungent, saline. II m, 

1 Jmce, essence ; 2 treacle ; 
3 any corrosive or acid sub- 
stance, mt ^ 5rf8rr5 Mrich. 
V. (i.e. making it still worse, 
Cf. ' adding insult to in- 
jury'); 4 glass J 5 a rogue, 

a cheat. Ill n. 1 Black salt ; 

2 water. Comp.-h^S" w. 
sea salt.-Hinr «. a^ ^^^' 
line unguent.-^ffj n. an alka- 
line fluid.-^, ^cR"* ^ff^» 
^[WS[ tn. the salt ocean .-^^, 
f^lf^ n, natron, salt-pctre 
and borax .-^rft/. a river of 
alkaline water iu hell.-gft, 
^PH<h 'f /• saline soil, f^irf^- 

Ud.-'%«'?^ w. au alltaline 
substance.-^^ tn, a saline 

^fTTcfT w. 1 Alkali ; 2 a cage, 
a basket or net for birds ; 3 
a washerman ; 4 fresh bud 
of a flower. 

^[f^ n. ) 1 Accusing of un- 

^U^of^/. I faithfulness. 

Wft^/- Hunger. 

Unf^ a. (/ m} 1 Distilled 
from saline matter • 2 false- 
ly accused. 

^fCfft^ n, 1 Washing, cleans- 
ing with waters ; 2 sprinkl- 


IffffJriT a. (/. fir) W ashed, 
cleaned, m^ 3 W^ 5 ^* 

«fff frRrfjr^Hgm: Sis. 

X. U. 
R[f I vt. or tji..l. P 0?/;. f^ 
or sSt) 1 To decay, to 
waste J 2 to rule, to be mas- 
ter of. II vt. 5, 9, P (ptes. 
Rs^^y ftr^) 1 To destroy, 
to diminish, to corrupt, ^ 

40; 2 to kilL to injure. 
P(MS. (#T^) 1 to waste, 
to decay, to be diminished, 

^ Hit. I, qflT^F^^ni^ RfT- 

99. With BTT-to decay, to 
decline, to be diminished. 

'Tf<:, srenirl ^ ^f<»j, to 

wane ;2 to be emaciated. 
Cans. (OT^, OT^) to des- 
troy, to remove, ^^\t^ ^ OT- 
^rg ^TOtf^: J^ri^ Sak. 
VII, Megh. 1. 53,11. VIII. 47. 
Rrm/. IThe earth J 2 an 
abode, a house ; 3 loss, des- 
truction ; 4 the end of the 
world. CoMP.-f^, t«^C w. 
a king, R. i. 5, in. 3, xi. 
l,-?lfO|- m, dust.-^ m. an 
earthquake.-^?; m, a king, 
a prince.-ir I w. 1 a tree ; 
2 an earth- worm J 3 the pla- 
net Mars ; 4 the demon 
Karaka killed by Vishnu. 
II n. the horizon.-^/, an 
epithet of Sita, Rama's wife. 
-^f?jy 71. the surface of the 
earth.-^f m. a Bvdhmanar' 
\|^ m. a mountain, K. S. 

VII. 94.-?rru', q", ^^, 'inv» 

,yi5, ^:fiTrl w. ft king,^a 
sovereign, R. 11. 51, v. 76, 
VI. 86, VII. 3, IX. 75, Na. i. 
1.-^ Vi, the planet Mars.- 
3ff^ a. dwelling on the 
earth .-^ m. 1 a mountain, 
Kir. V. 20, Rt. vi. 26 • 2 a 
king.-«T¥?^ n. the globe.- 

tw n. a ditch.H^ m. a t^. 
-^n|;f m, a cor[)se.-ff%/. 
patient beha>-iour,-«3fre 
m. a cave within the earth, a 
hole underground. 

f^ m. lA disease ; 2 the 
sun • 3 ft horn. 

f^ vt, 6. U, ( but Paias. 
when preceded by arfS^, sjfit 
and arf^ ) 4. P ( pp . (^ 
i)r««.feT^-%. f^RTf^) ITo 
throw, to cast, to send, to 
let go, ipir H^rt 'TPT f%* 
^r f^TW^ M. XI. 263, 
Sant. S. III. 16^ Bhatr. ni. 
67 ; 2 to put on or into, 151- 

smffi-f^iTFrc: ftrrr ^^r?qft- 
^Ir^r^r Sak. vu . 3 to cast 
away, to get rid of, ftr ^« 

iPT H^^q-^rr f ^3Pr ^'rr ^ ftpr- 

Sr^ qri Mud. II ; 4 to fix, to 
attach to, ?Kr ?^ '^^T^ fc' 
qr(% Hit. U; 5 to reject, to 
disdain . 6 to insult, to re- 
vile, to abuse, M. viu. 270, 
Sant. S.iu. 10. With ^f^- 
1 to offend, to abuse ; 2 to 
surpass. ST^-1 to cast down, 
to abandon; 2 to slander. 
5|r-l to hit, to pull down -,2 to 
pull off, to throw off, to take 
off, to snatch, snTrf^«h|rtf^«l- 

jnTtTT^Hr[?nr R. vu. 7 ; 3 to 

neglect ; 4 to insult ; 5 to 
object to (as an argument) ; 
6 to infer from circum- 
stances.^- to throw up, 
Rt. I. 22. gr^-1 to cast (HI, 

M. M. V ; 2 to insult ; 3to 
hint, ^^i|jqrftrrf& Mrich. 
IX. Pr-lto put down, to 
throw down, Yaj. i. 103, 
Am. S. 80 ; 2 to entrust, 
to put in the hands of, 
to consign to the ca^e of, 
M.viii. 179,180, VI. 3; 8 
to encamp j 4 to cast off. 
frft-l to surround, 'tTPlihf:- 
mRRhh^ K. S. vi; 88 ; 2 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

ftaembnce, T^--to bind up, 

^Bftj^irrW K.s. vxi. 14 jT-1 

to throw at or in, %^rcrf?hTr 
tqf7: m'^: Hit. i, ^i^jq 
|lrt?r^M. IV. 53; 2 to 
interpolate, e, g. ^ cnf 
^f(^H% ftr-1 to throw, to 
mi, Am. S. 54j 2 to 
divert; 3 todfetract. ^^-1 
to heap, togather, aTTdqi W - 

I. 52,2 to with-draw, to 
destroy ; 3 to shorten, to 

fridge , in%^ ^TT f^r ^v 

^HhRrf^^^irMegh. u. 45.^ 
ftWI /, 1 Sending, throwing' 
rflf *. 1 Sending, throwing, 
<»rthig ; 2 reviling. 

IMt (PT) /. 1 An oar ; 2 a 
>^;3a weapon, 

ft?^ m. 1 The body ; 2 the 
cpnng season. 

wfl«. (/ irr)l Thrown, 
ttst; 2 abandoned • 3 scat* 
tend; 4 disregarded, dis- 
respected ; 5 placed, (pp. of 
f^q. r.) II n, A wound 
GiQsed by shooting. Comp.- 
^R m, a mad dog.-Pf^ a. 
®iacted in mind, absent- 
JnJaded,-^ a. prostrating 
fi»e body, lying down. 

1^/. 1 Throwing, sending. 
2 sohring a riddle, explain- 
Hg a hidden meaning. 

^^' ^42[! ^''^^^'' ^^^ i 

^pw*. W^) Quick, si>eedy. 
'''^^•"^Fril^ a. working 

wRf *«<?. Quickly, im- 

jWrBt^i.44, fiRT^^Rr 


IWt/. 1 Loss, destruction, 
JM^s2ftno&nce against 
•i^HtaiM, (the foUow- 
^nm instanee, ^f ^• 


Hfhv^ ^< The whistling of 
holloa reeds. 

^ffK I o. (/ TT) Thin, ema- 
ciated, waned, ?8l^: Kft^^SI^ 

K. Pr. X. ; 2 little, small, 
slender; 3 weak, powerless, 
(2V>. of ftr ^.r.). CoMP.-^ 
m. the moon on the wane,- 
ifnr ^. one who is purified 
after having sufiFered the 
consequences of sin.-joif a, 
one who has enjoyed away 
his merits. -If Wf a, slender- 
waisted.-^f^r^ a. inhabiting 
a delapidated house.-f^rePf 
a. destitute of coura$;e or 
prowess.-^^ a. having no 
means of subsistence, out 
of employ, 

^gtW «'*• or ri. 1, 4. P (2)res, 
^r^, ^6fr5?Tft) 1 To spit, to 
eject from the mouth ; 2 to 
be drunk or intoxicated. 

^nrr (W) a. (/. qt) Excited, 
drunk, intoxicated, afif) J:- 
W^HT^irr Ve. V, 

iftt M. w. 1 Milk, M. V. 8; 
2 the milky juice or sap of 
plants,^ ?r^^^I%5r^^- 
^ STfrTT: Megh. ii, 44 ; 3 
water. Comp.— a?? »». ^^ 
infant, a sucking child.-^^- 
ftt^ m, the sea of milk. ^ 

I iw. 1 the moon ; 2 a pearl. 

II n, seasalt. o^, otH^/ 
an epithet of Ijakshmi.-arrg: 
m, the pine tree.-^ m, the 
sea of milk, ^rtt^^k fnpr- 
jurK. S. VII. 26.^^?PTir m. 
the moon. "^Frar,^^/. an 
epithet of ^jakshmi.-T^, 
m. See ^^T'-^jft" m. a wave 
of the sea of milk, R. iv. 27. 
-3^r^ w. rice, boiled with 
milk.-^ m, a young child, 

ff^ Mv. iv.-ir n, coagulat- 
ed milk.-j-if m. the as'vattha 


tree.-mift/. a wet nurse.— 
f^, pr^ ml the sea of milk, 
t5: ^f^^Ufff R. 1.12.-^ 
/. a milch cow.-*ftt w. 1 an 
embrace ; 2 water and milk ; 
3 milk-like water.-^ m. a 
child.-^ft', ^f^ m. the 
sea of milk.^%^f%/. inspis- 
sated milk.-f^ m. a name 
of the four trees, il^nf , ^- 
»IT, arv^^ and inC?r.-fTC w. 
cream, the skim of milk, 
curds.-^fjff m. the . sea of 
milk.HJTC m. butter.-fjpHf^ 
m, the foam of milk. 

Ilftft^/. A dish prepared 
with milk. 

H vi, 2.P (/>2>. jpf) To sneeze, 
to cough, x^ w^ 3R^ r8- 
ftMlrtji^qi Ch. P. 10, Bt, 
XIV. 75.} 

^^ O; (/ '»^) 1 Beaten ; 2 
practised • 3 pounded, (jpp. 
of^^.r.). CoMP.— »nr?Bta. 

«^/ « . 

m n. \ Sneezmg, a sneeze. 

Wf vt. 7. U (pp. BT^) 1 
TO strike against, to trample 
upon, % rt*>^lT^INdI%<5: TI^: 
Bt. XV. 43; 2 to bruise, to 
crush, to pound, ^jfofffr Htfl^ 

qrrm?^ Bt. vi. sc.'With^- 

bruise, to pound, P l MMt^ 
^5^^ »T^^»l Bt. XIV, 88. 
5ff I a. (^. ^^ Comp, ^t^q^. 
Super iffff^;) 1 Minute, 
tiny, little, trifling; 2 mean, 
vile, base, g^^ ^ ^tTT JT- 
q%r K. S. I. 12, M. VII. 27; 
3 wicked, cruel; 4 poor, in- 
digent; 5 miserly, Megh. i. 
17. II m, A bee, a wasp, 
CoMP.-3TWr w. a kind of 
unguent applied to the eyes 
in certain diseases. -WT w. 
the small cavity of the 
heart. — ^f|jt|| m. an owl, 
-^5 m, a smaU>shell, r^W 

Digitized by VjOOQ Ic 



.«. a miiJ lorm ot leprosy. 
-^^^fn* / 1 a girdle of small 
bells; 2 a small bell.-^^T^ w. 
red sandalwood. ~^S ^« 
any small animal, -^(^iT 
/. a SDiall gadfly, -ji^ «• 
1 simple, silly, ignorant; 2 
mean, lo\y. -W *w. honey. 
-^Tf m. a minor disease 
( 4:4: are enumerated by 
Sus'ruta ). -nn!T w?. a small 
<)oncb^sliell. -uPrfT w. a 
bivalve shell, -5prf «. low 
gold, i. e, brass. 

^W o. (/. W) Minute, 
^mall ( applied especially to 
diseases and animals ). 

mrr/. 1 A prostitute, Sf^- 
mf^^T^T^'fF: Kad.j 2 a woman 
defective in limbs; 3 a quar- 
relsome woman J 4 a bee. 

iraW. 4. P (2>pwf^) To 
be hungry, Bt. v. 66, vi. 44. 

^T>j ) /. Hunger, M. x. 105, 

w^ ) 107. CoMP. -BTT^, w 
Y^ a. afllicted by hunger. 
..^^ a, emaciated by hun- 
ger, -f^m^nj^'^ hungry 
and thirsty, -f^lfrf /. ces- 
sation of hunger, appeasing 
of appetite. 

^^T5 a. Hungry. 

S«^ «. (/. ^ ) Hungry-, R. 
II. 39. 

wq* m. A tree with small roots 
and branches. 

^^Oii^vt, 1. A, 4. 9. P ( j>j). 

"V*^' ^^; ;^''^^' ^"^"^^ ?^~ 
r^, ?i^rf^)l.To shake, to 

tremble, to be agitated or 

disturbed, to l>e imsteady, 

E. IV. 21, Sis. vni. 24; 2 
to stumble (literally or meta- 
phorically ) . With xf, f^ or 
;5Pj- to tremble, to be agitat- 
ed, to be disturbed. 

Ve. III. 

m\f I a. 1 Agitated, un- 
steady; 2 disturbed; 3 afraid 
(jj»jn of %r^ q. V. ). II f». 
A churning stick, i^^ H^- 

2 a particular mode of sexu- 
al enjoyment. 

^jf. Linseed. 

mr vt. G. P (^pj). »^) 

"^i'o cut, to scratch, to make 
lines or furrows. 

y^ m. 1 A razor, R. vii. 4C, 
M. IX. 292 ; 2 a razor-like 
barb attached to an arrowj 

3 an arrow; 4 the hoof of a 
cow or horrjc. Comp. — SR^ 
n. the oi>eration of shaving. 
.^1^^^^ 71. the four things 
necessary for shaving.-^pT, 
^rW7U a razor-case.->n^ a. as 
sharp as a razor .-JT 'w. Ian 
arrow with a shar phojrs^- 
slue-shaped head, f%fm: 
gC^: R.ix. 62, xi.29;2a 
sort of hoe, a weeding spade; 
3 a barber. -H^, ,ji^ ^' 
a barber. 

g^oCT)/. A knife, a dag- 

S^ ) ger. 

gftoft/. The wife of a l«ar- 

wf^?M. A barber. 

t'^ci.i/,^) Small, little. 

t^oMP.— ^TTH^n. the younger 
brother of a father. Cf. ^. 

^W^ a. (/. ^) 1 Little, mi-, 
nutc; 2 low, vile; 3 poor; 4 
wicked, malicious; 5 young. 

^ «. 1 Landed property, 
soil, a field, e. g. ^N^ ^rf^- 
^IWf^ ff^^nrqfrTrTT fl?: Mud. 

I, M. X. 114; 2 place, re- 
gion, *4d^H*i4 ^^^?^^- 
;frq;Bhartr. i. 77, Sant. S. 

II. a, Megh. I. IC- 3 a sa- 
cred spot, a place of pilgri- 
mage, $# ?jnTf^rfRr|pf ^rrt" 

rnr^: Megh. i,46,Bg.i.l;4 
an enclosed spot of ground; 
5 fertile soil; 6 place of ori- 

gin; 7 the body considered 
as the abode of the soul, "" 

K, S. VI. 77, Bg. xiu. 1, 
8 the mind ; 9 a wife, ^ 
3rmt TW^ M. III. 175 ; 
a house, a town ; 11 a pi 
figure (in Geometry), a di 
gram. CoMP.-arf^l^i'fcn'/- 1 
tutebrj' deity of any con 
crated piece of grouiM 
amSt^, ^m w»- a cultivator, 
husbandman.-ifPf?T w. (^ 
metr\'.-ipf a. geometrical 
siMSjR) /. geometrical proof 
-IT I ci, 1 produced in 
field ; 2 bom from the bod; 
II fw. the offspring of t 
wife by a kinsman duly a 
pointed to raise up issne 
the husband, M. ix. 10 
Yaj. 1. 69.-ifm «. hegott 
on the wife of another.-f I 
a. 1 knowing localities ; 
clever, dexterous. H «. 
the soul; 2 the supren^ 
soul, Bg. XII. 2 ; 3 a hH 
tine ; 4 a husbandman .-qf^ 
m, a laud-owner, a landlonj 
-^ n. a place sacred to 
deity .-^n^ ?». 1 a man e 
ployed to guard a field ; 2 
deitv protecting fields ; 3 ^ 
epithet of S'iva.-qTW w. ti 
superficial contents of » fig^ 
(in math.).-«rt%/-*^^<^^ 
sion of a field.-gfi"/ ^^^ 
vated land.-^rftr ^- ^ 
quantity represented 
geometrical figures.-l^? * 
See %W.^1I m. 1 a^*' 
bandman ; 2 a sage who 
sesses spiritual knowle< 
K.S.I1I.50; 3 the soul, 
o. resMingata sacred pla< 

irt%^ I ci. If. m R^i^*^ 

to a field. II w.lAfamn 
M. viu. 241, 243 ; 2 a to 
>rf^ m. 1 An agriculton^ 



Taj. II. 161 ; 2 a husband ; 
) the soul ; 4 the supreme 
oal, Bg. XIII. B8. 
f^la. (/. 1(f) 1 Relating 
a field ; 2 curable in a 
titure body, t. e. incurable 
a the present life, e, g, bti%- 

K. Pr. X, II n. 1 An organic 
lisease ; 2 meadow, grass, 
pasturage. Ill wj. An adul- 

ui.60.Megh. 1.47 ;2 sending, 
striking down. 3 transgres- 
sing; 4 i>assing away (time), 
delay, dilatoriness ; 5 in- 
sult, abuse, ^ ^R%^%T'^^: 
Yaj, II. 204; 6 disrespect, 
contempt; 7 pride, haugh- 
itiness; 8 a nosegav. 
Nr I a. (/. m) 1 A 
^hrower, a sender; 2 inter- 
polated; 3 abusive, disres- 
pectful. II i», A spurious 
or interpolated passage. 
JTT n. 1 Throwing, sending; 
2 spending (as time ); 3 
omitting; 4 abusing. 
\m/. 1 An oar; 2 a net 
for fishing; 3 a sling or 
anv instrument with which 
imissiles are thrown. 
F I a. (/. ^f) 1 Conferring 
ibappiness, ease or benefit; 

I^Bg. I. 45; 2 prosper- 
|WB, secure, happy. 11 m.n. 
jl Safety, peace, happiness. 
I well-being,^\f5 Jf : %rtr ^r2T?^- 
\h(: Git. G. Ill, ftTp^Rr 

i^^rWiTH^ Kir. I. 17, M. 
,B. 127; 2 preserving, pro- 

f***^g, R.xv. 6; 3 keep- 
what is acquired. 

Cf. ^fpT; 4 final beatitude, 
eternal happiness ; 5 a 
kind of i»erfume. Comp. 
^nWT^ iT'PfrC a. propitious, 
causing peace and security. 

^T^^'- (/• ^) Safe, secure, 

^ ri. 1. P (p2K tm-, pree. 
^qfrf) To wane, to waste 
away, to become emaciated. 

4t^ w. 1 Destruction; 2 lean- 
ness, slendemess. 

Inr w. 1 A multitude of fields; 
2 a field. 

l^nr w. The post to wldch an 
elepl»ant is fastened. 

^JPt 1/1 The earth; 2 the 

^jfofj" J niuiiber'one'(ininath.) 

5^^ m, A pestle. 

^ wi.l Pounding, grinding; 
2 the stone on which any- 
thing is powdered; 3 dust, a 
pnrt'cle. CoMP.-^T^rr. stand- 
ing to scrutiny or investi- 

<^ftT^H< ?w. Minuteness. 

9^m. 1 Shaking, moving, 
tossing, Mcgh. i. 28, n. B2; 
2 jolting, K. I. 58; 3 agita- 
tion, emotion, disturbance, 

g[Wtr^l.?r K. S. III. G9, ^[^: 
^ ^fimn ^mFTf^rq"^ ft 

i{^: Sak. VI. 

^fhrr I 71. Agitating, disturb- 
ing. II ?/?. One of the five 
arrows of Kdmadeva. 

^jiT w. n. A room on the top 
of a house. 

^ftf^ 1 /. See ?SfPft. CoMP. 

m^ /— irNhrw.theocean, 
-^pgr m. a kin^. 

^V?r i ''*• The ehamjiala tree. 
II ??. 1 Smallness; 2 mean- 
ness; 3 honey, HW<Md«R^ 
R. IV. 03; 4 water; 5 a 

particle of du^t. Comp.— ir 

n, wax, 
llfit^ n. Wax. 
^H I w. 71. 1 Silken cloth^ 

wnrtmtfT^^ ( ^%) R- X. 

8; 2 an airy room on the 
top of a hou^e; 3 the back 
of an edifice. II ?>, 1 Linen 
cloth ; 2 linseed. 

^n. Shaving. 

Ifftft^F tn. A barber. 

^ vt. 2. P ( but with ^n^ 
m the Atm.)(7)p. 5j^j j:?re8. 
tf'^tf^) To whet, to sliarpen. 

^mf'l The earth, f% ^i^^ 

^ zr?[ Mud. It; 2 the number 
' one ' ( in math. ). Comp. 
-IT m. the planet Mars, -q-, 
tRt, Sy^ m- a king, ^^i|r- 
cn^: Git. G.I, ^cTjf^f^;f^!Tt- 

r'?r ^^mrr {^ ^^rjirfq^Rajat. 

-^?[^7w. la mountain; 2 a 

^»ir?Lr/. 1. A (jyjK^mf^^) 
To shake, to tremble, ^in% 
^ JT^ Bt. XIV. 21, xvit. 78. 

f|-T?^vf. or vi. {pp. ^ or 
^%ft?T ) 1 To be wet ; 2 to 
exude, to discharge juice. 

f^wri. 4. P (;>;). fl^nof or 
^%j^?T ) To hum, to coo, to 
whistle. With jf- to mur- 
mur, to whistle, Bt. vii. 

^T 7«. 1 Sound, noise ; 2 
venom, poison, e. g. Jjor^^ 

yJr n^f%5^^^^ •? 3 mo- 
istening; 4 abandonment. 

^%Tr.^. iThc roaring of a 
lion,* 2 a battle-cry; 3 a 

^fT?T w. The roaring of a 

Digitized by 



ff I m. The sun. II n. 1 An 
organ of sense; 2 a city; 3 
a field; 4 a cypher; 5 a dot, 
an anusva'ra; 6 the sky, W- 

m. 72, Megh. i. 9j 7 liea- 
renj 8 a cavity, an aperture, 
a hole, M. ix. 43j 8 an 
aperture of the human body, 
( of which there are nine, 
'VIZ, the mouth, the two 
ears, the two eyes, the two 
nostrils and the organs of 
excretion and generation ) 
^m'^ft' ^^^^ Yaj. I. 
20, M. 11.58, 60, V. 182; 
10 a wound; 11 happiness, 
pleasure; 12 tale; 13 J^ra^ 
hman ( ». ). Comp, ?^? I 
iw. 1 A planet; 2 the de- 
scending node of Rdhu. II 
m,n. 1 chase, hunting; 2 
a shield. -BTTmT/' an epi- 
thet of the Ganges. -^^F^ 
w. 1 a meteor; 2 a planet. 
~ ^»g^ ^w. the planet Mars, 
-^fnrflnft /. an epithet of 
Durga. -^TfTt^ w. an epithet 
of S'iva. ^ir w». 1 a binl, M. 
XII. G3; 2 air, wind, ^' 

iT; Bh. Ill; 3 the sun; 4 a 
planet,^.^. arrqt f^ ^ ^TF; 
^f^r5j5^r:;5 a grasshopper. 
6 a deity; 7 an arrow, 
^arf^ OT. an epithet of Ga- 
rurfa. oB^cT^ w* a hawk, a 
falcon. o^ipjxnT m. an epi- 
thet of S'iva. ^HmT *«• 1 
the eastern mountain on 
■which the sun rises; 2 an 
epithet of Vishwu. ofy, o^. 
^W, o^n^* an epithet of Ga- 
rur/a. oirtV/. the earth. o?^^pf 
n, 1 the hollow of a tree; 2 
a bird's nest. -4nTr/« t^^ 

Ganga of the sky. -»rt%/ 
flight in the air. -ifiT m. a 
bird. ^S^HH w. a kind of 
gallinule. -ifh^ »i. the celes- 
tial sphere, ©RrW/. astro- 
nomy. -^fiTfr w. the moon. 
W^Ky dnr^ m. 1 a bird; 2 
a demon. 3 the sun; 4 the 
wind; 5 a cloud. ^St^rtJ'/. 1 
a semi-divine female able to 
flv; 2 an epithet of Durg^. 
-jar?T n, air-water, i. ^, dew, 
rain, frost, &c. -»«fM^m. 
a fire-fly. -fRRy w. 1 a 
cloud; 2 smoke, -^fit^ m. 1 
a fire-fly, ^m^(t?5iimf%^r 

ftH5'^'5r?i?q: Megh. u. is. 

2 the sun. -mfffPT »». the 
sun.-^ m. a rocket, ^gg: 
jjyOTf?!^ Bt. III. 5. -'nrf wi. 
darkness. -3«qr ». a flower 
in the sky ( lit. ), anything 
impossible (Jig ,), e. g . arq-f- 

a planet .^^^ m. a falcon.- 
Hrr »i. the jewel of the sky, 
I. ^. the sun.-iftHTri. sleepi- 
ness, weariness.-grt m. an 
epithet of S'ira. -^nft ^* 
rain-water, dew, Ac-^T^ 
m, snow, hoar-frost, l^r^r^ 
^{^[PT a. resting or dwell- 
ing in the air.-^rCt^ w. a 
celestial body.-^en^ »». wind, 
air.-^g^, ^*pr «• produced 
in the sky. -^^ i». the 
moon.-^?r?ft/. the earth .- 
V ff^gfi n. the sun or moon 
gem.HJt «. having a cypher 
for its denominator (in 
i^^i^d I a. (/. ^ ) Hard, 

solid. II m. Chalk. 
iS^lv^c m. A curl, a lock of 

1 To purify; 2 to come forth, 
to appear, 3 to be born 
again. II vt. 10. U (jpj). 
crpTfT ) To fasten, to bini 
to set. With ;i'?i— to inte^ 
mix, to intermingle, R. viii. 
53, XIII. 54. 

joined, e. g. ^^d^l^^nif 
f^^^wm^^. Sak, viL 3 
mixed, blended; Sj^wd,. 
set,studded,(as inTfPraft^). 

^itilvt. 1. P (i'J^. ^*t) 
To chum, to agitate. II vi, 
1. P (l^res. ^^) To 
limp, to walk lame, Na.xi. 

?5nar 1 in, A churning stick. 

^^* J 

ijpinT w. Clarified butter. 

i^nrraF w. A bird. 

?!rf^?Kr/. A ladle or spoon. 

'^JPff «• (/• ^W) Lame, crippl- 
ed, M. III. 242, Bhartr. 
I. 64.C0MP. -.%|2r, ^ «* 
the wag-tail . 

isnnr I M. A species ofthff 

wag-tail, tnfff? *5W?r^' 
^;fl^H^^: Sr.T.4,|^- 

^^^^ ^^k inr^ ?^/' 

f^. 5, Git. G. XL II n. Go- 

ing lamely. Comp. -^ *•• 

the co-habitation of sau^ts. 

^5PTr \ /. A species of 

m The wag-tei^ 

Bh. V. II. 7»r 
Yaj. 1. 174,Am. 

^r^Iri, 9. 

^■^^ Digitized 

^ m.l Phlegm; 2 a blind 
well,. 3 a hat<;het;4a plough; 
5 grass. Comp. ""^fj'l 
a ppitting box. -^Rf 

1 a jackal; 2 a crow; 6 

an animal 




bosmesg is to negotiate 
marriages; 2 the half closed 
lumd. CoMP.— «|i^ m. a 
particular position of the 

.hand in shooting, Am, S. 1. 

^^m f. 1 Chalk; 2 the 
external opening of the 

^(?)flFlir/. A side door. 

^}/. Chalk. 

flW I «• (/fT ) Dwarfish. 

n «. A dwarf. 
HIT/. 1 A bedstead; 2 a 

kind of grass. 
^ »./. A bier, 
fftf m, 1 xV batcher; 2 a 

hm^, a fowler. 
^ftW«. (/• ^H" ) Dwarfish. 
^IW /. 1 A bedstead, a 

conch, a cot; 2 a swing, a 

hammock. Cohp.— h^ m. 

1 a club or staff with a 
skull at the top considered 
a3thcwei4)on of S'iva and 
earned by ascetics and 
yogww, M. M. v; 2 a name 
of Dilipa. *Nf^, ^spj m. an 
^ithet of S'ivni-Btfit^ m. 
an epithet of S'iva. -QTR^, 
9Q^ a. 1 low, abandoned 
2%, stnpid. 

^^Wl/. A small bed- 


ff| «<. 1. A {pp. ^f^; 
F«. W^ ) 1 To break, to 
^ to crash, to divide- 

2 to annihilate, to defeat; 3 
*o disappoint, to disturb, to 


n. Breaking, dividing. 

^]/. Chalk. 

SI. 1 A sword, e. g, ^ 
1., Ve. III. 2 the horn 
wirittnooeros; 3 a rhino- 
U «. Inm. Coup.-i|ftrm »»• 


a. sword-cut. -ifr^fnc »». a 
sheath, a seabbanl. -irrf^^ 
n. a buffalo's flesh. -«^ m. 
a rliinoeeros. -^^ m. a 
scabbard. — \|^ m. a swords- 
man.-^/, 1 a small sword ; 
2 a female rhinoceros, -^nf 
n. the blade of a sword.-^fn" 
a, sword in hand, -jqj^ «. * 
vessel made of buffalo's 
horns. -Rf^fR, Rr^prar n. a 
scabbard. -jf^Rfrr/ a knife. 
-3J^^ m. a sword-cut. -'IW 
n. a sword-blade. -^ a. 
armed with a sword. 

^Tf|C^ m. 1 A swordsman; 2 

a butcher.. 
^Qj^I a. (/. ;ft) Armed 

with a sworJ. II m. A rhino- 

qj8*h ^A Sickle. 

?9n- 1 m. n. 1 A break, a fis. 
sure, a fracture; 2 a piece, 
a fragment, a portion, f^: 
^tf^TrF^^-^%^5 Megh. I. 30, 
K. S. VII. 48, Sis. IX. 9j 3 
a section of a work, a chap- 
ter; 4 a multitude, an as 
semblage. II «. 1 Candied 
sugar; 2 A flaw in a jewel. 
Ill n. 1 a kind of salt; 2 a 
sort of sugar-cane. Comp.— 
9TVr n. 1 scattered clouds; 2 
the impression of the teeth in 
amorous sports, -^npft / 
1 a measure of oil; 2 
a lake ; 3 a woman 
whose husband has been 
guilty of infidelity. -5K'in'/- 
a shoit talc. -^fTT^ n. a 
small poem, ((d>i*h^ ^f^ 
fJT5^^^r?^7t ^ ) e. g. 
ir^^. -IT m, a kind of 
sugar. -^ITT/. scissors. -q"- 
^ w. 1 an epithet of S'iva, 

ۥ g. V^H^^St^V^r^^^W ^- 


Mv. II; 2 an epithet of Pa. 
rashurama, sou of Jama^ 
dagni. -q[^ iw. 1 a name of 
S'iva; 2 of ParashurAma. 3 
of R^hu ; 4 an elephant 
with a broken tusk. -qi'T «• 
a confectioner, -s^^a^ m. ik 
partiial destruction of the uni- 
verse in which all the .spheres 
beneath svarga are dissolved 
in one common ruin, -iffiv 
n. a segment of a circle. 
-*ft^^ m. a kind of sugar. 
-t^^ ». a kind of salt. 
-f^mK fn. sugar. -^r#- 
TF /. candied sugar, -^f^ 
iW. 1 bit by bit, piece by 
piece, piece- meal; 2 into 
pieces. -^Stm /• a loose 
woman, an unchaste wife. 

^j^^l^ I m, n. A fragment, 
a piece, a part. II m. 1 
Candied sugar; 2 one who 
has no nails. 

^TST I«. (/5Tr) 1 Break- 
ing, cutting, dividing; 2 
destroying, annihilating, ^- 

Git. G. X. II w. 1 Breaking 
or cutting; 2 biting, injur- 
ing, hurting, ^fz^ v[^{^y^^ 
SFPT i<%^^H Git. G. X, R. 
XIX.31; 3 interruptingj^ti^- 
^^rfSrrTH: R. IX. 80 ;4 cljcat- 
ing, deceiving; 5 refuting, 
Na. VI. 113; 6 rebellion, 
mB[^ {(Jenom, verb) 1 To cut, 
to break in pieces, to tear, 
Bt. XV, 54; 2 to destroy, to 
annihilate, to defeat, ^ipff^- 
q^^ ^rfftt iHPiy Hit. II; 3 
to disturb, to influence,tf.flr« 

Panch. I. 

^TTFT w. n. A piece. 

?SRr^ «. (/. ^) 1 Cut, bro- 
ken in pieces; 2 destroyed, 
annihilated; 3 rebelled; 4 
refuted, controvejrted ; 5,be- 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 

tmyed, disappointed. Com p. 
— ft'?^ a. maimed, mutila- 
ted. -frT «. dissolute, im- 
^fff^fTT./- One of the ciglit 
Na'f/ikas in Sanskrit poetry. 
She is dcscrilwd as behig 
Bngry with her husband for 
his infidelity; (the S.: D. 
thus describes her:— gpj^f^ 

;TjPm r) K. v. C7. 

"^Sft^ft /. The earth. 

^jlftcjjf/. J^^. Fried or parch- 
ed grain. 

i^gftc »*• 1 Name of a tree, 
Yaj. I. 302; 2 an epithet 
of Indra; 3 the moon. 

-^iff vt. 1. U (j)j>. m^; 2)aes, 
m^ or ^m^) To dig 
up, to delve, to excavate, 
M. IT. 218, Rt. I. 17. 
IViTH itf5T- to dig. ^- 
to dig out, to root out, to 
eradicate ( lit, and Jig, ), R. 
IV. 37, Bt. XII. 5, XV. 55, 
Mogli. I. 52, R. IV. 33, 36, 
XIV. 73. fir-l to dig, to dig 
upj 2 to bury fg^TpTi f^^T^^rg": 
H. XII, 30, Yaj. III. 1, Bt. 

XVI. 22; 3 to fix, to implant, 
to pierce, pt^mi^ ^C H% R. 
III. 55, XII. 90, Bt. UT. 8. 
qft-to dig round. 

■^^^ fn.l A miucr;2 a house- 
breaker; 3 a rat; 4 a mine. 

^«iH '?• 1 l^iggi^»gi excavat- 
ing; 2 burying. 

^^rPr( 5fr ) /. 1 A mine, R. 

XVII. O^s xviiT. 22; 2 a cave. 
'^Slf^n, A spado, a hoe, a 


^fjj^ m. The betet-nut tree. 

=?«r^ I a. (/. n ) ( oi^» to ^, 
?R^^, ?^ ) 1 Hard, rough; 2 
sharp, strict, R. viii. 9j 3 
pungent, acidj 4 dcn^^e; 5 
hurtful, injurious, cutting 
( as a spech) ; 6 sharp-edged 


^ <flH^H1KMM*i Git.G. X; 
7cruel. II wi.l An ass, Yaj. 
II. 1(jO, M. n.201, IV. 115, 
120. 2 a mule; 3 a heron; 4 
a crow* 5 name of a demon 
slain by Rama, R. xii. 42. 

CoMP.— Btg, 5irc, ^?t^*«. 

the sun. -^5^/. la stable for 
asses; 2 a barber's shop.- 
-^ffH"> ^kl^ m. the francollne 
partridge. - ^H r^ m. the 
month J*/eshtha,^^i iflf n. 
a stable far asses. -*^^, ''TO 
a. sharp-nosed. HfT «• a 
lotus.-*;fftf5 VI. an epithet 
of Rama who killed the 
demon ^SfT.-^f w». the bray- 
ing of an ass.-^irn n. a lotus. 
-^rnr w. an iron vessel. 
-qr^ m, a wooden vessel. 
-finr >t. a pigeon. -«nf w. 
a donkey >cart. -^nMS* 1 ^^ 
osprav; 2 the bH^ng of 
an ass.-^rrwT/. a stable for 
asses.-^^^/. wild jasmine. 

?jnf^r/. Powdered musk. 

^^ribsfH {/.m)\a. Drinking 

m{b3[^ (/.Iff ) J ass's milk. 

?jjfl"/, A she-ass. Comp.— 
-i^ m, an epithet of S'iva. 
-^ m, a jack-ass. 

?!fF I «. 1 Wliit^; 2 foolish; 

3 cruelj 4 desirous of pro- 
hibited things. II m. 1 A 
horse; 2 a tooCli; 3 pride; 

4 Ka'madeva; 5 S'iva. Ill 
/, A girl who ehooses Jier 

^ vL 1. P Oy). m(i^ ) To 

pajn, to be uneasy. 
<5l^i 71. Scratching. 
^^W./*- A venereal disease. 
^JT^ m. 1 Scratoliing; 2 the 

date tree. 
f^^t w. Silver 
m-sif. Itching. 
1^ jx I m. 1 The date tree; 

2 a scorpion. II n. 1 Silver; 

2 yellow orpimcnt. 

^C^/. A date tree, R. it, 

^f^ m. 1 A thief; 2 a rogue; 
3 a beggar*s bowl; 4 the 
skull; 5 an umbrella; 6 * 
piece oT a broken jar. 

^^^1 /: A kind of ooDy- 

?SW J rium. 

?5rt; vt. 1. F(pp.^flm) To go, 
to move, to go towards. 

^(*)Ia. (/.^)lMuti. 
lated, crippled, imperfect; 2 
dwarfish, low, sharp. II «• 
n. a lArge number ( nV« 
10,00,00,00,000). CoMP.— 
^TRfa'dwarfish, small, short* 

<j|^2 m. «. 1 A market-town; 
2 a village at the foot of a 

^n^ t>i. 1. P (jrp. x^fkn ) 1 
To move, to shake; 2 to 

^[^ I m. n. 1 A threshing 
floor, M. XI. 17, 114; 2 
place, site; 3 a heap of 
dust; 4 sediment. II m. 1 a 
wicked or mischievous per- 
son, ^: f^j". ^?Tt?r: ^: w? 

i?r5:%5f Pi^lAJ^ Chi7iaky8. 
(^JH'ft^ is ^ed in the sense 
of 1 * to crush;' 2 *to 
hui-t, to injure; ' 3 * to treat 
ladly, to scorn,' qf f ^ ii^<#« 
frf?,S^=5rT^r:Mrich ii.)Comp. 
— .gf^y. abuse, wicked lan- 
guage. -^F?72. a thr^iuig 

floon.^jr^^nfl't'^^^Tnft/- tlw 

post of a threshing floor. -^^ 

m, /. a sweeper, a cleaner. 

-^(^ nu quick-silver. -^TO* 

i)^ m. keeping bad comr 

pany. ia'^^V^iC "'^- *t the 

time when barley is on tho 

threshing floor. 

i^Hch w. A pitcher. * 

4^r^f^ m. A bald-headed 

<aHfi<^ "i* A mountain. 

^ (^ft) /. Sediment oE 


Digitized by 



odwoiLcake, e, g. i^^qm\%. 

Vmi Bliartr. n. 100. 

^ {^)mn, n. The bit of 
« bridle. 

^lfe5ft /. X multitnde of 
fhresluDg floors. 

^tfltiiK w. ) 1 HurtiDg, in* 

«rfl*Rl /. ) jaring; 2 treat- 
ing badiT, Sant. S. i. 25. 

«5 rnrf. A particle express- 
ing 1 certainty (indeed, ve- 
T3y>rfTflif 4*|t^H5ifq<qc|Kad, 
'JfPram^^'TrT^ |^:Kir. 

m\K III. 51 ; 2 entreaty, 
c^iation, ^T TSTJ ^r ^ ^- 
'^ W^ ^ 4^f f rt Nag. hi; 
3 JMohibition ( with a ge- 

5?^ ^ ^rf^PF? Sis. II. 

70; 4inqui i7, ^r mj ( i . tf. 

W*H%^ Mud. II, ;f ^^ 

5P5Tf ijffir K. S. Iv. 24 
5 reason, ( for) r^^^^tt^t ^ 
?^g^ K.S.IT.IO; 6 re- 
8^ dejection,(i^ is some- 
toes used merely as an ex- 

: pfetire and sonaetimes only 

I **>*dd grace to a period.) * 

; ^5t •*• Darkness . 

\ ^Jfftltr/ A place for mil- 
*wy exercise. 

I Wff /. A multitude of 

I *w4bg floors. 

I ^». 1 A stone vessel for 
^fing drugs; 2 a jnt: 
8 hatfaer; 4 the chataka 


i^Af ' ^ drying pan. 
*JJft)2'«.(./:^ Bald- 

^iy q.f/gr ^Bald, l«ild- 
<*5 *rt^^ j(^ Bhartr. 

^ *► »?. A mountainous 
<»tthynithe north of In- 

dia and its inhabitants, M. 
X.44 . 
^Jlt ?w. j?/. Tlie name of a 

cou ntr}- and its people. 
^T^ w. 1 Anger; 2 violence. 
^Rf m, 1 Itch, scab; 2 name 

of a countrv. 
^^P=i w./. 1 An exi^ression 
of 'repr.=ach at the end of a 
compound, e.g. ^nirrw- 
^ ' a Imd grammarian, 
one who has forgotten it.' 
?ap^^^ 77?. Poppy. COMP, — ^ 

m, opium. 
^nf^RT w- Fried grain. 
?Sr?*- (?j) ind. The sound 
made in clearing the 
W^ 7;?. \ A bier, a lx»d- 
?a72T /. ( stead on which 
^^ ^/. I dead bodies are 
^rnft /. ) conveyed to the 

?5[r5T I m. Sugar-candy. II 
77. Name of a forest in 
hnrnhshetrahMmi by Agni 
with the assistance of Ar- 
juna and Krishwa. Comp. 
— T^ m, name of a town. 

Sf^r}'"* ^ confectioner. 

^?n^ I «. f/. ^) 1 Dug up, 

excavated ; 2 toni, rent. II 
7?. 1 An excavation ; 2 a 
ditch ; 3 an oblong pond. 
CoMP.-^/.'a moat, a ditch. 

^jrffTgfr I 777. 1 A digger ; 2 a 
debtor. II «. A moat, a ditch. 

^jfTfTf /. An artificial pond. 

?5rri%/. Digging, excavating, 

^rnr w. 1 A spade • 2 an 
oblong pond ; 3 a thread ; 
4 a wood, a forest. 

^TTf vf. 1. P (pp. igrr??T) 1 
To eat, to devour, to feed, 
to prey upon, to bite, i^r^- 
'^TJ^M. V. Z2, 53, 
Bh.Ti.G,ix.78,xiv.87, 101. 

WW I a. (/. ft^) Eating, 
consuming, II w. A debtor. 

Ijfr^'T I m. A tooth. II w.. 
Eating, chewing. 

^n^^.'^' (/• 5fit)Mischievoug^ 

^fjm V. Food, victuals. 

^^rf^ «• (/ 0) ^lade of or 
coming from the Khadira 
tree, M. 11. 45. 

^m n, 1 Digg ing ; 2 injury. 
Comp.— g^^ 771. the cocoa- 
nut tree. 

^'rar O' (/. f^T^) One who 

^rr^/. A mine. 

4JllPl^ »7. 77. A hole in a wall. 

?aT^^ m- A house-break*. 

?jnT 777. A measure of grain 
equal to 16 dronas, 

^rrft ^^)./» 'S<'<' ^snr. Comp. 
^JTlfH^ «. cooking a ^Aari 
by measure. 

^^/. The T7'tf/«, or second 
f/uga of the world. ' 

f%ftrt w. 1 A fox,(/em.fty, 2- 
the foot of a bedstead. 

ftqf In. C. P (jij). 1%^. 
jp7'^8. P&Rrt^) To strike, to 
afflict, II rt. or ri. 4, 7. A. 
0^;>.Rr5r)lTobe depressed^ 
to suffer pain or misery, to 
be wearied, to feel tired or 
exhausted, Jjrrt ^J^J^^ 
ft^3^ aR*<'9i l^^rnft" Sant.S. 
"I- 7, ^^3r?^^?yrT: 1^^ 
^^\^: Sak. V, Hit. u, Bt. 
XIV. 108, xvu. 10; 2 to 
terrify. 'With qft-to suffer 
pain or miser}% to be dis- 
tressed, to be wearied. 

f^ri^ w. 1 An ascetic ; 2 a 
pauper • 3 the moon. 

ftrsr a. (/ Wr) 1 Depressed^ 
distressed, suffering pain, 

t^^n^ III; 2 wearied, ex- 
hausted, i|4^|JI iflcKM^Vfr- 

HPcrSr^TO Ch. p. Ill, R. m, 
few w. w. 1 A^ piece ^f 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



waste or Qncultivatcd land; 
2 an additional Iiyifin ap- 
pended to the regular collec- 
tion, M. III. 232; 3 a 
supplement in general, (f^- 
vrt^ is used in the sense 
of 1 * to devastate, to make 
vain or powerless, ' e, g. 

Sis. II. 34; 2 *to make 
im|)assable, to obstruct,' R, 
XI. 14, 87. ^sns^isused in 
the sense of *to become 
impassable, to be blocked 
i»P. e. g, l%«*hj^ ft^TPTPf f 
TOgr rPT^FTf^ K. S. 11.45). 

^pnif m, A tawny horse. 

wi: w. 1 A hoof, R. I. 85, 
AI. IV. 67 ; 2 a kind of per- 
fume; 3 a razor; 4 the foot 
of a bedstead. Comp. — 

srnrnr m. a kick. -«t^, ort 

a. flat-nosed, -^nf^ /• » 
horse's foot-marks .-q* m. 
an arrow with a semi-circu- 
lar head ( Of. j:^ ), 
jr^?^ /. Military exercise, 
practice in arms, ariRqfiT- 

I^<^«h 'w. An iron arrow. 

3|?i^c|? m. 1 A razor-case ; 
2 an iron arrow ; 3 a pillow. 

m a. (/. w) Small, little, 
low. Comp. — ^[^ m, a 
father's younger brother. 

%|? m. 1 A village, a small 
to>vn ; 2 phlegm ; 3 the 
club of Balarama; ( at the 
end of compounds this word 
expresses * deterioration, ' 
^. g. W^ *a miserabol 
town' ). 

%|G^H m. A minstrel, whose 

business is to awaken the 
master of the house with 
music and singing. 

%f%5^ m, A libertine. 

^tf m. 1 Lassitude, depres- 
sion ; 2 exhaustion, afCvr^ 
sf^: Megh. i. 32, R. xvui. 
45 ; 3 pain, Am. S. 30; 4 
sorrow, distress. Am. S. 
63, Sant. S. m. 23. 

%2C 1 71. A ditch, a moat. II 
m. A bridge. 

^ vt. or vi. 1. P (j)p. #^) 
1 To shake, to move to 
and fro ; 2 to tremble. 

%W«. (/. HT) Sportive, R. 
IV. 22. 

?^Wf n. 1 Shaking; 2 play, 

^!^/. Sport, play. 

4fis/- 1 Sport, play; 2 an 

^ff^/. A cunning and shrewd 

^SlTT «• (/• Tf) Crippled,lame. 

^ ( ^ )«.(/• HT ) Limp, 
ing, lame. 

^f^H^ir m 1 A helmet; 2 an 
ant-hill; 3 the shell of a 

i^mf^f. A quiver. 

^i^lf vt. or vi. 2. P (in the 
non-con jugationaltenses U.) 
(pj^.wm) 1 To tell, to 
communicate ; ( witli the 
dat. of the • person ad- 
dressed ); 2 to be 
known. With 9|f^'— to be 
known, Yaj. ni. 301. MT-l 
to tell, to narrate, to commu- 
nicate, f^JTr^qri? ^nnr: Ve. 

^r^(m R. XV. 72, Bg. 

XI. 81, xTiii. 68, R^ 
xn. 42, 91, II. 11; 2 to 
call, to denominate, B. x. 
21. frft- to be toU 
known, sr- to be well known. 
jpiCT- 1 to decline, to re- 
fuse, to reject; 2 to deny; 

3 to interdict; 4 to surpass, 
to excel, f^- to be famoos. 
sirr- 1 to explain, e. g, 

«rr? ; 2 to tell, to conunuiii. 
cate, 5t. XIV. 118; 3 to 
call, to name, e.g. (f^^:) 

1 to enumerate, to count, to 
sum up, to calculate. 
Pa««( ^qrnr^) to be known, 
to be named, Bt. ti. 97. 
Cqu8 (^qrTin%-%.) 1 to 
make known, to proclaim, to 
relate, to declare, M. vii. 
201, XI. 99; 2 to make 
renowned, to praise. 

^^rni a. (/.frr)lKnown;R, 
xviii.6 ;2 named,denominat- 
ed,called; 3 told; 4 celebrat- 
ed,famous, notorious. Goxp« 
— «|^a. notoriously vile, 

9^ri% /. 1 Renown, fiime,| 
glory, celebrity, M. xtl 86; 

2 a name, a title; 3 praise; I 

4 narration; 5 the biculty' 
of discriminating objects 
by appropriate dcsignationtl 
knowledge (in Phil.) Sis. 
IV. 55. 

^RTPTT w. 1 Declaring, dimlg- 
ing; 2 confessing, puUtcIy 
declaring, M. xi. 227-. 3 
making renowned, cele* 
brating. I 

Digitized by 



IT I a. (/. iff ) ( «sc I only at 
the endof conipoun<ls)Gomg 
cioring, entering, being,* 
rmnaining, having sexual 
intercourse with, &c., M. 
n. G2, vm. 386, R. ni. 
13. II. OT.l A Gandharva; 
2 a^Q epithet of Ganes'a; 3 
a long syllable ( used a^ an 
tl)l)reTiation of 5^ ), (in 
prosody). Ill ». A song. 
ijiR { ^ ) ». ( according to 
some authorities ttt i^ 
* wrong form: — q ; |gi T % ^^ 
•tnsphere, the sky, ^TTTPt- 
fTOHflPanch. v, R. iii. 
43, Sis. IX, 27; 2 a cypher 
(innaatli.). Comp.— i^ii' n. 
the bigbost heavens. -itlTT 
/. a celestial nymph, an 
ap$ara9. *imrn m. 1 the 
ran; 2 a planet . 3 a celes- 
tial spirit.-JH5[«. rainwater. 
-^5^ «. the planet Mars. 
"WTfJ'T w. a flower in 
the sky 1. e. any unreal 
thmg, an impossibility. Cf. 
9^. -qft' m. 1 a deity j 2 
« eeksUal spirit, Megh. 
i»ttj 8 a pbnet. iHTf^r, 

Clo>moTinginthe ai|> 
Ilii.labird ;2 a pUnet. 
8 a heavenly spirit, •unr 
«. 1 the sun; 2 a cloud. 
*^I a abiding in the air. 
Um, a celestial being, Sis. 
XT, 53. -ftrjf /. ftn epithet 
of Ae Oanjjes, Jpnff?r3%^- 
. gRMH«|^^t^f Had. -w» 
^19 a. situated in the sky. 
*"fV^ m.lair, wind;2 name 
0! one of the eight Maruts. 
^/. 1 The river Ganges, 

wt nur ti^w^n R. v.x.7o, 

IB« xu 11, ( ttib name is 

occasionally applied to 
scleral* other rivers held! 
sacred in India ) ; 2 the 
Ganges personided as a god- 
dess. CoMP. — Mjf ^t^w. 
1 water of the Ganges; 2 
pure min-water such as falls 
in the month of B|f^. -H- 
^fff^ w. 1 name of a sacred 
pkcc; 2 the descent of the 
Ganges on the earth, «rtfr- 
^ f ^ 'OPmrf rTR: Kad.-^^ 
m. the source of the Ganges. 
H^ n. the river Ganges 
and the district two koss on 
either of its banks, -f^- 
1^ /. the Gangetic kite. 
-If m: \ a name of 
Bhi^hma* 2 of Kartikeya. 
-^Pf m. an epithet of Bhl- 
«hma.-|[|T ». the place where 
the Gauges enters the plains 
( also called f ftlTT) .->fr m. 

1 an epithet of S'iva ; 2 the 
ocean. ^^ ??. name of a town. 
-^if w. 1 an epithet of 
l^iishma; 2 of Ki^rtikeya; 
3 a man of a mixed and vile 
ca5»to whose business is to 
remove dead bodies; 4 A 
Brdhma^m who conducts 
pilgrims to the Ganges.-^ 
m, 1 an epithet of S'iva; 2 
the ocean.-H%af w. the bed 
of the Ganges.-^iniT /.la 
pilgrimage to the Ganges; 

2 carrying a sick person to 
the river-side to die there.- 
HWK w. the place where the 
Ganges enters tlie ocean. 
-^JRf m. 1 an epithet of Bhi- 
«hma. 2 of Kartikya.-^^ 
m. name of a rft^, 

i(m^^i V f. The Ganges. 

'f'llrw t'i. A precious stone, 
otliorwise called it\^K. 

iptCJ" nt. 1 A tree; 2 the 
period of a progre^jsion (in 

Jl^\ vi. 1. P (pp. Tf^) 1 
Toroar,3rrrj^: Bt.xiv. 5; 
2 to be drunk, to be con- 
fused or inebriate<l. il ri. 1. 
P (2)res. iri|f?r )Tu sound in 
a particular way. 

^Tl* w- 1 ^^^ elephant, ^^^ 
TTSir^l^^^: Ct. X. 9; 
2 the number *eiglit*; 8 a 
measure of length (thus de- 
fined: — ep^rrn^tjj^'n ft^- 

<ijWi^ »nr:); 4 a demon kill- 
ed by S'iva. Comp.— %|li«ft 
w. i the most excellent 
among elephants; 2 an epi- 
thet of ^TPnr, the elephant 
of Indra. -n^fff^ m. the 
prince of elephants, a noble 
elephant. -yf\w^ ^' a su- 
perintendent of elephants, 
-«n^ «f . a common or low- 
bom elephant. -MfPT I *»• 
the religions fig-tree, II n, 
the root of a lotus, -^iff^ 
m. 1 a lion; 2 Siva, who 
killed the demon inr.-9!nri?7 
w. one who gets his lireli- 
hood by elephants, an ele- 
phant-driver. -*9TT^ WW 
OT. a name of Gabies a. -^fT* 
1^ w. science of the treat- 
ment of elephants.-9Tr^^» 
e'ephant-driver.-«|T|:, iirj- 
if n. a name of Uastinipura. 
-^ 171. an excellent ele- 
phant, f% ^^iffT »r5f?iK«ni% 
Sr. T. 7; 2 Airavata, Ift- 
dra's elephant. 6!|^ m. an 
epithet of Siva. -«|^ ni, a 
large esculent root. -^>fr- 
ftni^ w. a U'^me of Garucfa. 
-«rftl /, 1 a stately flfait 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

like that of an elephant; 2 
a wouian with such a gait. 
-;ifTft;ft/. a woman with a 
stately elephant like gait, 
--^f^/, a kettle-drum car- 
ried oil the back of an ele- 
phant. -^/. a multitude of 
elephants. -^, l^RT a. as 
high c»r iM as an elephant. 
— f^ m. Ian elephant's tusk; 
2 an epithet of Ganes'a; 3 
ivory; 4 a peg, a \in pro- 
jecting from a wall, •if^ a, 
made of ivory. -^R ». 1 
the liquid exuding from the 
temples of an elephant; 2 
gift of an elephant. -5fnaT 
/. the trunk of an elephant. 
-q^ m. 1 an excellent ele- 
phant; 2 a very tall elephant, 

«Rfr:?«rcTrT;?f:Sis. YI.55. -^J- 
jj^ in, a large and excellent 
elephant, iTH J^H^ >4?C f^- 
^T^ '^5^ 3^ Bhartr. 
n. 31. -3c »• uame of Has- 
tinupura. -iT^^, ^d^^/' » 
stable for elephants. -^WT^ 
tn. the sacred fig-tree. -jJt^ 
ti. the oiruauients with which 
au elepliant is decorated, 
especially the coloured lines 
on his head. -H^fM^il* 
H>a9ft /« ft ri"g <^r circle of 
<;iepliants. -i^^^rtT ?». a lion. 

supposed to be found in the 
projections on the forehead 
of an elephant, -3?ar, ^?^, 
. j^^ff m. a name of Ganes'a. 
-4t77 fix a 1jo:>. -^ nt. 
a herd of elephautSt li. ix. 
VI. -^W^«' fighting on 
an elephant, -^j^ m. a 
noble elephant, -afn a. hav- 
ing' elephants, H. ix. 10. - 
^nr w. a troop of elephants. 
-W^/« ^li*- science of elc- 
Vl'ints. -?Eff^ n. a name 
of ,■; \bi lip ura . -^^TFT ^ • 


1 bathing of an elephant 
( lit. ); 2 vain or unproduc- 
tive efforts resembling the 
ablution of elephants which, 
after squirting water over 
their bod-es end by throw- 
ing diii and rubbish (,fig.). 

e. g. fft(T^Rf%?r i%^r Hit. 

^^ w. 1 A mine; 2 a trea- 
sury-, 3 a cow-house; 4 a 
mart, a place whore grain 
is stored for sale-, 5 disres- 
pect, cout<?mpt. 

'TIR' a (>'. 5TT ) 1 Contemn- 
ing, putting to shame, ex- 
celling, t^rt<4»*<rt*w ^nrir^- 
^^31^ ( '^r^icq"^^ ) Git. G . 
X, ^$rtiM4 H JH< li*l xii; 2 
conquering, ^rri%?Tl?Wr^5f 
Git. G. I. 

'fW /.I A tavem;2 a drink- 
ing vessel; 3 a hut, a hovel. 

^f^sm^ f, A tavern, a liquor- 
shop. ' 

«nr vt, 1 p. (pp. JTl'^) To die 
tiD, to draw. 

?rT w'. 1 A screen ;2 a fence ;3 
a ditch, a moat; 4 an impe- 
diment; 5 a kind offish. 
CoMP.— ^c^^^^n^, cT^«TW. 
rock or fossil salt, especially 
tliat found in tlie district 
called Ga^a, 

1?^ ^^, 1 A young steer, 

jffT: K. Pr. X; 2 a lazy ox. 
^^ I a. Crooked, hump- 
backed. II wi. 1 A hump on 
the back; 2 a javelin; 3 a 
water-i)ot ; 4 any useless or 
good-for-nothing object.(Cf. 

»T5^ '/'. 1 A wat r-pot; 2 ' 
a fingor-ring. 

S^^-«\ 1 «• Hmnr 

backed, crooked, bent. 
T'V^^/. '^- cloud. 

A cloud. 


^r^ m. 1 A mouthful; i | 
raw sugar. 
inF(?T) m. A sheep. 
i|jq |{ m, A golden vase. 

j^vt. 10. U (j>in »TpnT)l 
To count, to number, to 
enuraei-ate, ?fft5(*Hrt4^lPf 
ijofqTJTf^(irt?¥t K. S. VI.84. 
iTT^ iT'nnHI Git. G. u; 

2 to class with or among; 

3 to sum up, to add up; 4 
i<\ calculate, to compute; 5 
to take into account, to give 
considei-ation to; 6 to esti- 
mate, to value at; 7 t<^ 
consider, to regard as, to 
think to be,to ta ke te be . 

f^^^KT'l.Git.G.iv, 3IM^<1 ^\n^ 

I, R.viii.GO,xi. 7ri,v.20;8 
to ascribe to, to attribute 
to (with a loc.) iir^=<t^ 
j\rn^ Bhartr. 11. 54; 9 to 
attend to, to take n otice ofr 

Vikr. IV ; 10 to care for, 
(generally with a negatire 
particle) ^ fl" ipm ^^' 
frft?T?^^n<TPl Bhartr. n. 9, 
Sant Sr I. 10, Bt. n, 63, 
XV. 5, 45. With ^-1 lo 
]>niiso; 2 to enumerate* 
^T^-to disregard, qft-1 ^^ 
count over- 2 to consider, 
to think, 3Tmt*TonPl M^^. 
I. 5. ij'-to calculate, ft-l *^ 
numlHjr, Y«j. 111, 104; 2 to 
consider, Megh. 11. 46, B. 
I. 87; 3 to disregard, Pf:^ 

ni. . 

«for m. 1 A flock, a multi- 
tude, a troop, a coUectiODj 
^ TT^TT f^ Bg. \n. 7i2 
a series, a class; 3 * l^- 
of f(4lowers or attendant': 

4 a troop of demigods con- 
sidered as Siva's ^' 
dauts under the spew 

Digitized by 


<upcrintendeuce of Ga- 
nes'a, a demigod of 
tWstroop, f^inr^irqT ^ 

Kir. V. 18, K. S. vii. 40, 
Tl, Megh. T. 83, 55; 5 any 
assemblage or society of men 
lormed for the attainment 
of tlic same ends ; 6 ft sect 
( in philosopliy or religion) ; 
7 a detachment of an army 
Kxyosistmg of 27 chariots, as 
Toany elephants, 81 horses 
and 135 foot ( a small divi- 
sion of ar^fff^); 8 ft 
nomber (in math.); 8 a 
io(* (in prosody); 10 a 
satis of roots or words be— 
^fa^^to the same rule and 
«Sd after the word 
^ ike series ( in gram. ) 
^. f . 3|^Ff?TT i. ^. the class 
<rf|ioot3 which begin with 
3f^*JIan epithet of Gawes'a 
€oW«— >BT^tf|- m, a name 
^ Gaiies'a.-^^^ m, a name 
of the n|ountain Kail^sa as 
fte residence of the Qanas 
rfffita. -irf^, B|pr«Tf*r m, 
la name of S'iva Sis. ix. 
Wj 2 of GaTies'a : 3 the 
■cHrfof a troop of soldiei-s 
«r^of A class of disciples 
Sin'*' a mess prepared for 
^''^llttmber of 2)ersous in 
«9*bon, M. IV. 209 ; 
f|*f<li T a, one of a troop 
wwinber. II m. the leader 
of *qr religious association, 
aim. 154. — ^^ m, a name 
^•Qanapati, S'iva's son, 
M I. 271. ^fpnfV /. an 
"efMiefe of Parvatf . °^jrT n . 
**M»d. -f^lR, fi\f^ m, 1 
4tqA^t of Gancs'a; 2 of 
Ww>-'^^|^ m. the rhinoce- 
jt'y H IB. 1 a classifier: 2 
*jSjWiet of Bhfmasena.-^. 
2JM^. lor % ^rfiohv series 
mmm^'Ust % ntimbor of 


times, -iffer /. a particular 
high number. -^nVi^ w. * 
dinner eaten in common by 
a party of virtuous men. - 
-^ipr M. a metre measured 
by feet, -pnr a, forming a 
troop or assemblage, -tfl^ 
/. 1 Initiation of a number 
or a class ; 2 performance of 
rites for a number of per- 
son s.-^fff/.j;/. 1 troopsiof 
particular deities who gene- 
rally appear in classes; 
( they are thus classified: — 

^ ^•^\TrTr: Am. i. 1, 19 ). 
-ys^ij n. public property, 
common stock, ->^ m, the 
hea'l of a class or number; 
2 the teacher of a 
school. -ffiT* THT^ '». 1 an 
epithet of S'iva;2 of Ga?ies'a. 
• -TTf^r /. an epithet of 
Durga'. -q*, q^ m. 1 a name 
of Ganes'a; 2 of S'iva.-<T%^ 
in. See. iTTf^t^. -^3^^ «. 
the breast, the l)OSom.-g^f 
I m, the head ef a tribe or 
class. II m, 2)L the name of 
a country and its people.-^ 
m, the leader of a tribe or 
class. ->T^ w. 1 an epithet 
of S'iva, iFT^I^dTT Kir. v. 
42; 2 of Ganes'ft; 3 the 
l^-ader of a class. -^fhinT 
M. eating in common.-«f|f 
?/?. a rite common to all.- 
^^X^^ n, name of an empire 
in the Dekkan. '-TJ^ n. 
a series of nights.-f^ n. 
See, ^'^^^. -^r^ //!(/. in 
troops, by classes.-ff^, ^- 
^^ m. a species of |>erfume. 

n^^ I a. (j\ pT5frr) Bougiit 

for a large sum. II m. An 
arithmetician; 2 an astro' o- 
ger, e.g, tqr*i«»ir%iFn^T^- 

9pf^ /! The wife of aa 

TI«nf 71. 1 Reckoning, calcula- 
tion; 2 adding, enumerating; 

3 considering, supposing; 

4 believing, regarding. 
IPPTT / *^^^ the preceding 

word, Megh, i. 10, ii. 24, 
Am. S. 64, R. xi. 6C. 
CoMP. -itRt/. the same as 
nn^ q. V. -qftr wi. an 
arithmetician. -Tfirfirpr m. 
a minister of finance. 

ifi^/. Countinjj. 

TPhFT /. 1 A harlot, a cour- 
tezan, J^JCW *Tf^*f T ^^ 

^qrf^Tf^r Sis. ix. lO; 2 
a female elephant; 3 a kind 
of flower. 
nf^ I rt.(/.nr) INumbered* 
counted, calculated; 2 regar- 
ded,cared for,(/);?ofir»r<7 e>.)It 
w. 1 Reckoning, calculatingj 
2 the science of computa- 
tion, mathematics, [compris- 
ing arithmetic ( qT??nf^fr 
or ^^Fni^fT ), algebra (Cr- 
iTT^) and geometry (^^-. 

^?n1n3tw??rr Mrich. i; 3 

the sum of a progression ; 4 

a sum in general. 
iTPr%«r in. 1 One who has 

made a calculation; 2 a 

qp^Rj I a. (/. Ht ) Having a 

troop, e, g, 'NUPri! ^having a 

pack of hounds', R.^ix, 53. 

II m. A teacher. 
T^.^' (/. ^) Numerable^ 

what may be counted. 
IT*^^ I m. The A'ai'mLa ra 

tree. II /: 1 A harlot; 2 a 

female elephant. 
T^5irr/. A bawd, a procur- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

9iT '^- 1 ^'^6 cheek, the 
whole side of the face in- 
cludiui? tlie temple, ^rj^nr: 
t^^ll^l ^TT%: ^ Am.^ S. 
81, fRi'«P?Rt^'nSH5T5 K. S. 
Tii. 82, Megh. T. 26, ii. 
29; 2 an elephant's temple; 
3 a bubble; 4 a boil, a 
pimplc; 5 goitre and other 
excrescences of the neck, e, g, 
jfT^^-lft fTT^: #f^: Sak. 
11; 6 a joint, a knot; 7 a 
mark, a spot; 8 a rhinoce- 
ros; 8 a warrior; 10 part of 
a horse's trappings, a stud 
or button fix^ as an orna- 
ment upon the harness. 
CoMP.— Hit «t. a rhinoce- 
ros .-J^qTirT n. a pillow, e. g, 

^ Sus'nita. -jrgT w. the 
juice that exudes from the 
elephant's temples, rut, ichor. 
-^q* m, a well on the peak 
©r summit of a mountain. 
-qfPT w. any large or con- 
siderable village. -^, v(^^ 
m, the cheek, --^m^ w. a 
broad check, yfy vjjj ^4^^^ '- 

Sis. IX. 47. -prfTT /. Ian 
expansive cheek. 2 the open- 
ings ill the temj»les of an 
elephant from wliich juice 
exudes, f^lh^RPn^^'^f^: 
(inr:) U. V. 43, xn. 102. ifr- 
IT m., iTRyr/ inflammation of 
tlie glands of the neck. -^^ 
a. exceedingly foolish, veiy 
stupid. -ftr?5T /. any large 
rock. -Ipjy m. 1 a huge rock 
thrown down by an earth- 
quake or storm ; 2 the fore- 
head. -^ETTJ^/ name of a 
river otherwise called ifTsft. 
-^T7 w., ^qt<f /. 1 the 
cheek, ^f^(H<q*l>W^*d^ 
^ ^ ^ V^ Sr. T . 7, jfT- 
V^' ^tftffT^%^: R. VI. 


72, Am. S. 77; 2 the tem- 
ples of an elephant. 
i\4g^ m, 1 A rhinoceros; 2 
an impediment, an obstacle ; 

3 a joint, a knot- 4 a boil» 
a pimple; 5 disjunction, se- 
paration; 8 a coin of tlie 
value of four cowries. Comp. 
-^rtt'/. the same as ^T^'f^.v. 

W^fft/. 1 The name of a 
river flowing into the Gan- 
ges; 2 a female rhinoceros. 
Comp. *^ w., ftrW/. the 
S'dlagrdma stone. 

'T^S^/. A lump, a ball. 

TT^ w. An epithet of S'iva. 

Tif^ tn. The tiunk of a tree 
from the root to the begin- 
ning of the branches. 

tlfi^f- 1 A sort of pebble; 
2 a kind of beverage. 

if^tr w. A hero, a champion. 

^ *»./. 1 A pillow; 2 a 
knot, a joint, 

^\/' 1 A joint, a knot; 2 a 
pulow; 3 oil; 4 bone. Comp^ 
— <r^ m, a kind of worm. 
°»T^ »i. lead. -q'ft/. a small 

i|*^ m . ( 1 A mouthful, a 

q^Jjn"/. I handful, JprPT »flj- 

^nrw ^^^. S. III. 87 or 

2 the tip of an elephant's 

jfiTw w»- Raw sugar. 2 a 

n^ la. (f.m)l Gone, de- 
parted, passed, e. g, irfTT Tf- 

ffrr ^"^^^"^^ ft^^f*r^; 

2 dead, deceased, K. S. iv. 
30 ; 3 gone to, arrived at ; 

4 being in, contained in, 
resting on, e. g, fPTRfT *sit- 
ting in an assembly', ff^Trf 
'existing everywhere'; 5 (in 
compounds) relatmg to, re- 
ferring to, connected with, 
witli regard to, ^trqf^ ?n^- 

Sak. I, jinT?n ^' *lo^e f^r 
a son', (2>j>. of Jjij 9. i'.). II 
«. 1 Going, motion, ij^ f^- 
^^^^6rr^: Sis. I. 2; 2 
manner of going, gait • 3 an 
event. Comp.— sr^a. sight- 
less, blind. -H^^ I a. 1 
one who Ims accomplished a 
journey; 2 c-n versa ut, fami- 
liar with any thing. 11/, 
the time imme ii-«tely pre- 
ceding new m*K>n when a 
small streak of the moon Is 
still visible ( ^jt^J^^JJf- 
^^^)« -Ml'RT w. follow- 
ing custom or preced^at 
-M3TI^^ <». blindly follow- 
ing custom or precedent, q- 

f»4^: r«nch, I. -^ <*. one 
wjiose end has arrived. -^T^ 
«. 1 p«^or, indigent; 2 
\rhose moaMing b already 
expressed, ( hence) unmean- 
ing. -^T^T, ^rf^flRfi W^ «• 
expired, dead, Bg. 11. 11. 
-Hnrt w. 1 going yid com- 
ings, reiteratod motion, Bg. 
IX. 21 ; 2 irregiUar coar$o 
of the stars (in. astronomy)* 
-Hrf^ rt. free from anxiety, 
^PP}'' ""WJ^ «• decrepit, 
very old, near death. — HW- 
m /, a woman past lier 
courses or past child- bearin)^. 
-TWr^ «. disspirited. -i^- 
^^o. bereft of strength. 
*^ir^^ a- freed from crime 
or sin, purified. -|pra- rest- 
ed, refreshed. — ^?T!T o. de- 
prived of sense or conscious- 
ness, annsele^s, -f^^^ ind, 
yesterday. -M<<HH<| a. come 
back again after liaving gone 
away, M. vii. 186. HSPf o. 
bereft of splendour, dim, 
faded. -XTTT a. lifeless, dead. 
-9|T«r almost gone, near- 
ly passed away, «. g, ^nrav 

Digitized by 




-«pfeFT/ 1 a widow; 2 a 
woouin whose hnsband id 
jibroad. -fJl-^fHlT o* 1 suffer- 
tng losses, iiiipoTerished; 2 
faded, bereft of b anty or 
yplendoar. -^^ a, ad- 
ranced in age. -^ m, w. 
I«!?t year. -^ a, at 
peace with, reconciled -«9tr 
/?. free from pain. -^^PT «. 
pa^t infan<-y. -^?^ «. 1 
mnihilated, lifeless; 2 base. 
-fpSfgR' m. an elephant ont 
of rat. -^flT o. indifferent 
to worldly pursuits . 
?|Pr/. 1 Going, mo^-ing, gait, 

»^ K. S. I. 11, STTOlt- 
?^^m^5C 'rfM^: Sis. IX. 
78, Megh. X. 16, 19; 2 
«cces5. entrance, w^ ^^r- 

1. 4; 3 scope, room, if^r^r- 
m*\M ft^^ K. S. V. 64; 
4 state, condition, position, 
sitaation, qTP>gft|^: (f^i) R. 

^ ^ ^iR^nr^ Bhartr. ii. 
104, f^ rffTqt ^rtfrT R;iW 
n. 48; 5 means, ejcpedient, 
coarse, altematire, apT^^ 
Pfrnfif: Mud. ni. or ?k^ ;fT- 

6 a march, a procession ; 7 
ttt t«isue, an erent; 8 source, 
ongin, acquisition, tf^iTT^- 

^ ?^ >f^ j^r lif^ 

M. I. 10, Bg. n, 43; 8 
knowledge, wisdom; 10 a 
pwiod of life ( as age, youth, 
Ae.) ; U course of events, 
fete, fortune; 12 recourse, 
»fage, asylum, ilfVT^iTr rmr- 
*'lf:M.viii. 84; 18 transmi- 
gmtion, metempsychosis ; 14 
* ranning wound, a sore ; 
Ktbedhmial motion of a 
I^Wt in Hs orbit ( in astro- 
■Offlf y*, 16 * term for pre- 

positions and some other 
adverbial prefixes when im- 
mediately connected with 
the tenses of a verb or ver- 
bal derivatives ( in jzram.). 
CoMP. — ^aT5?=r^ fn, following 
the way of another. Hfif «'. 
forlorn, without refuge, help- 

'P^ «. (/. 'ft X 1 Going, 
moving, locomotive; 2 tran- 
sient, perishable, qr^rfpT^ 
Kir. n. 19, ir?^ ql^-rq": 
XI. 12. 

JtlvLl, P ipp.T^) To 
speek articulately, to speak, 
to say, to relate, to enume- 
rate, aRKF^ M<I*<^*C Sis. II. 
69 or ?pCT<TT^^ ^n^ ^m(t 
R. VI. 45. With ^- to de- 
clare, to say. 

Tf^ I w. r Speaking, speech, 
a sentence ; 2 disease, sick- 
ness, 3Rq^ ^ ipg;: q^qffi^R. 
IX. 4, XVII. 81, Sr. T. 13 ; 
8 thunder. II m. A kind of 
poison. CoMP.—BT?pyni. dn. 
the two As'vinSjthe physicians 
of Kods. -3?^ m. the chief 
of all diseases, f . e. consump- 
ti on. ^" 3tiR m. a cloud. 
-Wjfit m. a dnig, a medi- 

*l^fi(^ I «. 1 Loquacious, 
talkative; 2 libidinous, lust- 
ful. II m, A name of Kama, 
the god of love. 

Tf^f. A nia'-e, a club, frj^- 

f^'ppTr ? f%r% ^ vl?. I. 

CoMr. -MMMlP^ «. having 
a mace in the right hand. 
-"^T m, an epithet of Vishnu. 
-Jpt^I a, a club -bearer, one 
who fights with a m«ce. II 
m. an epithet of Vishwu. 
rg^ w. a figlit with clubs. 
-f^ff a. armed with a mace. 
if^I «. (/. 'fr) 1 Armed 
with a club, Bg. xi.' 17; 2 


sick, diseased. 11 rw. An 
epithet of Vishwu. 
inrf I «. (/. V ) Stammer- 
ing, stuttering. ?f(r^ tW^ 

inf^ ^^rm" Am. s. 53, ^rrt- 

X, (used adverbially nlso, 

Rt^t^ i M fT arr«q^T?r^»!L R. vui. 
43 ). II ?/?. V. Stammering, 
indistinct orconvulsive utter- 
ance. CoMP.-%^pT w. low in- 
articulate sound expressive 
of joy or grief .-^pc^/. speech 
interrupted by sobbing, &c. 
-CTCl flr. uttering stammer- 
ing sounds. II w. 1 indistinct 
or stammering utterance ; 2 
a bu£Falo. 

?ra" I a. (/. lUT) To be spo- 
ken or uttered, 47. II 
??, Prose composition ( not 
metrical but framed in ac- 
cordance with bamiony ), 
K. D. I. 11. 

;/i. X weight equal 
.,^__^ , to 48 gunja's. 

it(f lo. (/.'ft)! One that 
goes or moves ; 2 one who 
has sexual intercourse with a 

i^ift/. A carriage drawn by 
oxen. Com p. — ^ m, tbe 
same as ipff. 

ITT^ r/. 10. A (j^rei*. ^^) 
To injure, to hui-t: 2 to ask, 
to beg; 3 to move, to go. 

it\f I 7/2. 1 Smell, odour, yiq-- 
n Qni^liMl" ! R. ^J^: 2", ^' 
TTTfTPT^sqt: Megh. 1. 21, 
when used in this sense as 
the last meml>er of a Bahv- 
rr/7a Comp. with ^, cjfn', 
5 or grPras the first member, 
ifvT is changed into itHf. Also 
when comparison is intend- 
ed as in <irL|rtMiV TO", or 
when a little of some thing is 
meant as is in ^prtRr Hflpf ) ;2 
smell considej;ed as one of 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

t»io '1-L gnnas of the A'ai- : 
8 e^lilkas. ( It resides iu ' 
yf^f acconliiig io tliera, 
?rr ifvc^ 7i:?ft T. S. ) : , 
3 i^ iwrfuuic, a fragrant , 
aiibataiicft, e. g, ^^^4 ^- \ 
m^^\ Yaj I. 281 ; 4 sul- 
phur ; 5 pounded sandal- . 
wood ; 6 connection, rcla- 
tionsliip ; 7 a neighbour ; 8 I 
pride, arrogance ; 9 a small i 
quantity. 11 w, 1 Smell ; 2 
black aloewood. €omp.— Bf- 1 
-f^r^/?. a kind of perf unie.-3f i 
— ^^fi^ w. removing smells, j 
""^5 n, fragrant water. -^ \ 
•Pjf y'. the wild lemon-tree.- ' 
^in^ff^ m, sulphur .-MCTT ?. I 
a mixture of eiuht fraijrunt 
substances offered to deities; 
these substances vary ac- 
cording to the deities to j 
whom they are offered. -HT- j 
«| m. the musk-rat.-ifr^St^ 
m. a vendor of i>erfu- i 
mes.-ifriiy I a, rich in ' 
odour, fragrant, e, g. JT^rrWl- j 

II m. the orange tree. Ill w. 
«andalwood.-fj^[l|' w. the | 
organ of smell.-f*f, ihTt ft- j 
f, fft^w. the scent -ele- 
phant, an elephant of tho ! 
best kind, if>^ ^^ ^ jt>- : 
^i R. VI. 7, XVII. 70, Kir. i 
XVII. 17.-ir^in'/. spirituous 
liquor.-^f n. scented water. I 
-^qft"^ w. one who lives ; 
by perfumes, a perfumer.- 1 
^rjw (forming jpJf? or ^t- i 
^) the civet-cat.-^ff^sin".^*- 1 
1 a female .servant whoso 
business is to prcpare per- 
fumes ; 2 a female artizan 
living in the house of another, 
but not subject to any con- 
trol. -iTrrS^FT, 2irr*- /. ^^ftuie 
of Satyavati, mother of Vya- i 
sa'-^rer «• aloewood.-^il'./! | 
a kind of perfume. -%^j^r, [ 


^fa'»i /'» musk.-jFT «. li»v- 
iu[S, the proiHjrty of odoui*.- 
5fpr ^'. the smelling of any 
od(»ur.-inV7?. fragrant water. 
-^Cr /' tlie nose.-4gJ w. a 
musical instrument o( a loud 
>{»und used in battle, ns a 
drum or trunq^et.-^ n. a 
kind of oil prepared with 
fragrant substances .-^f^ n. 
aloe>vood.-^p5?j n, a fra- 
grant substance.-g^ /. 
musk -5f^f^ m. the musk-, m^ /. the 

nosc-pTr?^ /. a kind of 
jasmine.-«r m, an epithet of 
a class of manes or infernal 
deities.-^HTftRTr ./'• turme- 
ric. -qr^yRft/. zedoary.-<TRr- 
«T w?. sulphur.-pt'^f^f?CT/. 
the smoke of burnt fragrant 
rcHin. (so called from its 
dark colour or cloudy nature 
or from its attracting de- 
mons by its f«agrance).-3[5q" 

I »i. 1 the vetasa plant j 2 
the ketaka plant. II w. a 
fragrant flower.-^j^n"/. the 
indigo plant.-OT;Tf/. a kind 
of imp or goblln.-iK^ft'/. 1 
the pn'i/angu creeper ; 2 the 
bud of the champaka tree. 
-^ 7n, the mango tree.-^^ 
/• tTie earth.-Tn*^ I w. 1 a 
largo black bee ; 2 sulphur. 

II m.n, name of a particular 
mountain to the east of 
Meru.-4inpfl' /. spirituous 
liiiuor.-irrft^/. Iac.-»ir5|fc 
?w. the clvet-cat.-jufr /., ^' 
f^^ ?w., ^pJlr/ *ilie nmsk-rat. 
-^q* ?;j. 1 the civet-cat ; 2 
the musk-deer.-^^ m, a 
bull.-ifnpf m, sulphur.-»frf|'- 
4t/' the bud of the champa- 
ka treo.-j^/' preparation 
of I'erfumes.-rnr I wi. a kind 
of II w. 1 a sort of 
perfume ;2sandal wood.-t^^fT 
/. the priyangn creeper.-Ht- 

jqr/^ « l»ee.-^ /. 1 the 
earth j 2 wine j 3 Saty»T»ti. 
mother of Vyiga ; 4 a kind 
of jasmine.-^ m. the wind, 

UC. 25.-^/. the n.-se.-^f^ 
in, the wind ; 2 the mii»k. 
decr.-^T^ f. the nose.-4%|[H 
m. wheat -fi^ w, the Mia 
tree.-«;iir^H n, a kind of fra- 
grant berry (^r^T«y).-^((%'ft 
/. the musk-rat .-%^|T w. 
musk.-^f^ m, sandal.-^j^ n. 
the white water-tily.-ffi^^|ir 
/. a female servant whose 
business is to prepare per- 
iV^^ ifi» Sulphur. 
it^7f72. 1 Continued effort, 
perseverance ; 2 hurting, 
killing ; 3 manifestation ; 4 
hint, intimation. 
it>^ m.l A celestial muBician, 
a class of demigods who are- 
considered to be the singers 
of gods, ^i ^^ «l4l«t W- 
t^SRt fitr^Yaj.i. 71, M. 
XII. 47 ; 2 a horse ; 3 the 
musk-deer -, 4 the soul after 
death and previous to it? 
being bom again ; 5 a singer 
in general ; 6 the black 
cuckoo. CoMP.—snfTt 3^ «. 
the city of Oandharva$, an 
imaginary city in the sky 
pro^bly the result of 5wue 
natural phenomcnon.-^nT ^' 
Chitrarafha, the chief o! the 
Ga7i(Ikaravas.-f^WfT /• the 
science of music.-f^^lf w 
one of the eight forms of 
marriage. In it the marital 
rektion proceeds entirely from 
the mutual inclination of» 
youth and maiden without. 
ceremonies and without con. 
suiting relatives, M. iii. 31 
(See under JTT^).-%f nw 
that of the four siibordina*- 
Vedas which treats of mclU 

Digitized by 


(iS'^ un.i?r <fqf^) .Hf^, f- 
^^ /«. the castor-oil ]>krit, 

ir^ m. j)l, TLe name i-f a 
country and its rulers, 

JHin'fi'/. 1 A wasp ; 2 conti- 
BOOU'? fragrance. -*CoMP. 
-ipii^ w. small cardamoms. 

1^15 «• Fragrant, perfumed. 

»m I «. ( / 5Frr ) ( used 
only at the endof compounds) 
1 Baving the smell of, e. g. 
^^t»^Pl^; 2 haying a very 
lit^ of, i. q. ^fnpipHr 'a 
Iwo&er only by name.' II 
«. 1 A seller of perfumes ; 2 

iWfel I «./. A ray of light, 
a sanbeam or moonbeam. J I 
«. Tlw sun. Ill /. .Vn epi- 
ikioi Srca'ha', the wife of 
il^/.CoMP.— ^c, qrf^,f^ 
w. the sun.-iWI I w. the sun, 

37. II n. one of the seven 
di?isions of Pa'ia'la, 
ipft^a.(/.^) IPeep, ^- 

Bk.V.ii. 105; 2 thick, 
impervious (as a forest) ; 3 
pfrofoundjsagacious; 4 grave, 
solemn, serious ;^5 inscrut- 
i^, difficult to be p rceivf d 
or understood ; 6 dcep- 
eoonding (as admm).CoMP. 
«4illi^ «, the supreme soul. 

^M^^ f. A large driunwith 
t 4m^ sound. 

i^ttl^ m. A small round 

i!^«ftiOrt?i. 1. P (j>/?. ipT; 

^ ^nrtR^ ) 1 To go, to 
m/f^ e. ^. n^ jr- ^rW" 

Wl^ TOr^«^^ ^: Sak. 
^ttriTi|o|^li(Jl ir%f|^Hit. 
1^ It, Til. 29; 2 to pass, 
to fi8» away, to elapse, 

Ainx^ 8^ # to go to, to 


at, to 

resort to, to arrive 
reach, M. iv. lt)l*, viii. 
10; 4 to go to the stat^ 
of, to become, to undergo, 
^ ^^ ^^ fPFfrt f ^^JTT- 
^iTT^s^if^ K. S. IV. 14; 
(in this sense ly^ is gene- 
rally preceded by oq^, of^q-- 
q*, Ofrt or similar other noun 
in the ace. e, g, ^Tfr^qwr n^ 
*to be the subject of laughter,' 
ft^r^ qir 'to be dejected', 
^3 (k^mi »T?T:*dead,' aTr|<^ 
qij^*tobefree froui debt'ic); 
5 to have sexual intercoui'se 
with, i\^^^q*\^m{^ 'R. G. 
Yaj. I. 80, With 3T^- to 
pass away. mPT" 1 to ob- 
tain, to acquire, Tf^ ^nr^ 

n. 218, VII. 33, 34, Bg. ii. 
G4, R. n. 66; 2 to reach, 
to go to, to have access to, 

Panch. I; 3 to fulfill, to ac- 
complish, ^nriJr%^ jfT,^ ST5- 
iMrgf ^TfT^r?^ Mai. i; 4 to 
know, to understand, to 
learn, ^^l^Hf^^l^-ifl: ^^^ 
tg>rr^I?TP5C Bt. VII. 37, M. 
VII. 30, Yaj. I. 99; 5 to 
take a husband, M. ix. 91. 
B^wrr-to find. 3T5- 1 to 
follow, to accompany, mj\ 

f^X'^TT'EfrrT , R. II. 2, M. 

xii. 115, Kir. V. 2y 
2 to imitate, 3TT^r|^ q^Jfir- 

^f^ '^Tf^^m^ R. XVI. 

13; 3 to approach, to visit. 
^^^^-See afrTT . i^ - to go 
a Way, to go away from, 

rt Bhartr. I. 75. atf^-lto 
approach, to visit, to meet, 

M, I. 1: 2 to fitid casually, 
to mret by chance-, 3 to 


have sexual interc'jurhC with,. 
Yaj. II. 205 H*W Ito ap- 
proach, to arrive, ^- 
^TMr^ifr 5^: Hit. i . 2 to 
obtain, to come to. S|>>|Qf— 

1 to advance towards ; 2 to 
rise «T^Jt^-to et nsent to, 
to accept. 9Y^-1 to know, 
to learn, to think, to under- 
stand, e.g.tfi^ WfTft?^- 
f|?f Hftrf f ^^T53T^ ^'t: Mricli 
I, Bg. X. 41, R. vui. 88, 
Bt. V. 81 J 2 to guess, to 
take for. 9Tr~l to come, to^ 
approach- 2 to go to the- 
state of, to entertain. ^-1 
to rise up, to go up, ar^l^- 

^iTfTiigif^ttr ( nwi ) Rt. I.. 

10; 2 to rise from, to pro- 
ceed, to originate, e,gjr^' 

R. V1I.16, Am. S. 91 3 to; 
be famous, to be well known,. 
R. XVIII, 20.^-1 to go, to 
approach, to attain, to pene- 
trate, Sis. IX. 89, Bhartr. ii. 
lOj 2 to undergo, u. jr.. 
<T^ ^^yrpiTf^; 3 to have 
sexual intercourse with, gwT 

^'^\ ^^^\ ^ w ^Hftcrr- 
'Egrf^ M. III. 34j 4 to 
go to the state of, to- 
attain, to acquire, <TR^- 
^n'^^^'fl^'fg*! K. S. I. Sy 
Sis. IX. 6, Bt. XV. 92; 5 to 
consent to. ^qf- 1 to come, 
to approach, ?T^ft>T^ ^^ 5f 
MiyMMM^ Sak. iv- 2 to go 
to, to go to the state of, to- 
att^in, e. g. ^^r^W4\nr{: or 
^ftjqrr^:: 8 to obtain, 
Yaj. II. 143. ^- 1 to ae. 
quire, to obtain, ^«=£»iRf 
Pfrm(^ Bg. IX. 31; 2 to 
acquire knowledge. f»r^ 1. 
to go out, to depart from, 

gCT^M. IX. 83, Am. S. 61; 

2 to be cured of (a disease) ; 

3 to remove, q^r- 1 to sur- 

Digitized by 


round, to pervade, ^^^THT- 
«m«T?!tnr»ni: Sis. vi. 2; 

2 to return, qrft- 1 to walk 
round, e. g. ^^ (^ H^A- 

to sui round, Sb., ix. 26, 
Bt. X, 1; 3 to spread every 
wlierej 4 to die, ^ ^;^f ^rf- 
fTfP^crftinTrtT^ ^^?r Bhartr. 
III. ^8} 5 to obtain; 6 to 
know, to understand. ^T^- 

1 to finish; 2 to approach; 

3 to subdue. !^-to advance. 
jjfH- 1 to advance towards ; 

2 to return, ly?^— to 
come back. JiTjf- to ad- 
vance towards as a mark of 
respect, ^7^m flf^'t fT^r 
g|r^ Bh. V. m. 8. ft- 1 to 
disappear, B^j:. xi. 1; 2 to 
pass away, Hi^T^Trf^ fTTI? ^qp- 
j[f^ Sisix.lT.Rrf^ Itogo 
out;2to vanish, to disappear. 
ftiT- to separate, ^-(iu 
tlie Atm. ) 1 to come to- 
gether, to meet, to encoun- 
ter, e. g. 3?^: ^^P^ 1). 
K; 2 to have sexual inter- 
course with, f5?trqr ^ ^^TtT: 
M. VIII. 378. ^r»rt^-lto 
approach; 2 to study; 3 to 
acquire, HPTTgr^ir^RWn'^- 

'T^E^^T^ ?T?[^ M. vm. 41G. 
^TTT- to know completely. 
^jqrr- to befall, 

Vaft8. ( JT»nTl^-?r ) 1 to 
cause to go, to lead, to I'e- 
ducc to; 2 to expound, to 
explain; 3 to denote, to 
convey, to signify; 4 to pass 
(as time). With »rT- to 
convey, to signify, to tell, 
Bt. X. 62. BTf- 1 «o brinvT; 
2 to t<?ach; 3 to wait, ^-to 
pass (as time), (^^^^(^ 
^ OTf: Sak. VI. ^n^- to 
bring to gether. 
TT I «. (/. ^t) (at the end of 
compounds) Going, moving, 


going to, reaching, touching, 
^. 9; Sf^^f «WIH. II m. 1 
Going, moving; 2 march, 
especially the march of an 
assailant; 3 sexual inter- 
course with a woman, jl^T- 
sifiTT: M. XI. 54; 4 a roud; 
5 a game played with dice 
and men; 6 inconsiderate- 
ness, sui)erficiality, hasty or 
careless j^erusal. Comp.-^- 
ipT fn, going and coming. 

J\H^ a. (/: fi^ ) 1 Leading 
to conviction; 2 indicative 
of, suggestive of, rf^w ^^^ 
crff^c^TT^rn.^: M. M, i. 

Tff^ n, 1 Going, moving, 

Sr, T. 7; 2 going consider- 
ed as a karman by the 
Vais'eshikas. See under ^- 
^; 3 march of an assailant: 
4 cohabitation ; 5 obtaining, 
*lPW, I a. (/. ^fl" ) Intending 
to go, e. g'mi\*\^. II m. A 

tp^ I a. (/. Tiff) 1 Acces- 
sible, appro* cliable; 2 in- 
telligible, easy to under- 
stand; 3 fit for sexual inter- 

coui'se,3TfJrwrt f^^ ^ro »F«rt 

r^ ^rf^^ 4l^ Bli.; 4 
meant, implied; 5 suitable, 
desimble; 6 curable ( with a 
gen. ) ^ j\i:qt JhrP^R (^* 
Trq^^rrr:) Bhartr. I. 89. 

23nS^ [/.Name of a tree. 

'f^ I a. (/. \j ) See iT^ftT, 
R. I. 36, Megh. II. 1, 3. II 
m. 1 A lotus ; 2 a citron, 
CoMp.— ^^^a. restive (as 
an elephant ). 

jpfdKf 1 /. The name of a 

ipftftsm* J river, if^ttnTT: ^- 
iTfir Megh. I. 40. 

^nr ''i. 1 Name of the people 
living round Gay a and the 

district inhabited by them ; 
2 nome of an Asttra. 

^nn"/. Name of a city in. 
Bihar which is a place of 

aiX I ^. (/. ?ff ) Swallowing. 
II m. 1 Any drink or fluidf 
2 sickness, disease- 3 swal- 
lowing. Ill m. n. 1 Poison; 
2 anantidote. IV n. Sprink- 
ling, wetting. CoMP. — hRt- 
^/. 1 the insect calJed 
Lakshh', 2 the red dye pro- 
duced from it. -fft /. a 
kind of fish. -^ I a, poi- 
soning, administering poison 
II 71. poison. -5RI w. a 

^rrr w. 1 The act of swal- 
lowing; 2 of sprinkling; 3 

xfi^yf m. Foetus, embn'o. See 

if^ 1 m. n, \ Poison in 
general, ^lirtpl^ ^9ntfrf ^m^- 
^^Git. G. IV, tH JMit^ ' 
^^^ 'Hf RrRt *i>i*fH. X. 2 
the venom of a snake. II w. 
A bundle of grass. Coxp^ 
— ^ft m. an emerald. 

imf. Swallowing. 

tR^ a. (/• m ) Pokoned. 

^TKT'l w. 1 "Weight, heavi- 
ness. Sis. IX. 49; 2 im|K)r- 
tance, dignity; 3 worth, 
excellence; 4 one of the 
ei^ht siddhis or faculties of 
a yogin by which he* can i 
make himself heavy at will. I 
See Sf^. I 

T^ «• (.^. 8T) 1 Heaviest, 
2 most important, &c. 
( Suj[)er. of 5^ a. q.v, ), 

TfN^rt.C/- #) Oomjpar, 
of rr^ a. ^. v, 4|«W^r4M<?^« ? 

Sis. 11.24, ^n^r tO^tt^ irjii: 

II. S7. 
?TFy 'W. 1 Name of a huge 
bin!, son of ^f^^t^q and fW^, 
the chief of the feathered mce. 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


the enemy of serpents, and 
the vehicle of Vishnu; 2 a 
building shaped like Garat/a- 
•3 name of a particular 
militaiy array. Com p. — 
oTirWMUtn epithet of Aruna, 
the charioteer of the sun.-Bt- 
^ mjm epithet of Vishwu.- 

an emerald. -%.T5r »«• au 

•epithet of Vislinu.-^^ m, 
a pai^cular military array. 

Wlm. 1 The wxn^ of « bird,- 
2 eating, swallowing. Com p. 
-«!5 w. 1 Gara^/a, jt^tTT^- 
^S^'fl'n^lpt': B. ni. 57; 
2 a bird in geueral.-iff^f^ 
«. aqaail. 

^f«y«* GaruJa, the cliief of 

^ 1 w. 1 Name of an old 
^ge, one of the son^f Bra- 
hDian( w,. ); 2 a bull; 3 an 
t'arthwonn. II m. pL The 
descendants of Garga. Cosip. 
""^^ilRPJ ». the name of a 

^nkw, 1 A whirlpool, an 
fddj; 2 a kind of musical 
jostrament; 3 a kind of fish; 

^*\tt/» A chum, a vessel 
for holding wat^jr. 

TW w. A kind of fish. 

^r^ I vi. P. (pp. iij%rr ) 
1 To thunder, to emit a 
deep sound, ifirfrf ^^^ ^ ^- 
^^ ?*g lt:^T ^^: 
I'd. ; 2 to roar, to growl, 
^RW^^irtfeBtxv. 21, 

^ ^ ftrt? Mnch. V, ijif^ |-- 
R:lN(%%c?5% Bt n. 9. 
WwH ^ -to thunder in 
rctomt *o echo, K. S. vi. 
*^. Hftr.-l to roar at, to 
roir^lMiiat; 2 to resist, to 



JT('iril)To sound, to roar, to 

?r^ m. 1 The roaring of ele- 
phants,- 2 the rumbling of 

4|^«f 71. 1 Sound, noise, growl, 
roaring ; 2 passion, wrath : 
3 war, battle ; 4 reproach. 

inft/ I The thundering of 

iffV 771 . j clouds. 

«rf^ I o. (/. m) Sounded, 
roared. II ??. The tli under 
of clouds. Ill in. Aroanng 
elepliant in rat. 

IT^ Im.n. A hollow, a hole, a 
cave, ^FTET^^ iTffJ M. iv. 
47. II m. 1 The hollow of 
the loins; 2 a kind of dis- 
ease; 3 name of a country, 
a part of the 7'rigartas, 
CoMP.— 9?nT^ »«. an ani- 
mal IrV'ing in holes or un- 
derground, e. g. a mouse, a 

iplt /. xi hole, a ditch, a 

irftoRT/. A wearer's work- 
shop ( so called on account 
of the weaver sitting at his 
loom with his feet hi a hole 
below the level of the floor). 

J[\m. 1. P, 10. r. {pres. 
^i\%^^'^'^) To sound, 
to roar. 

?r|*T I w. 1 An ass {fern, 
°* ) ,3Tl?^ ^1l[nf ^ft^ ^ 

ftr&n T^HRl, ChAwakya, M. 
VI n, 298; 2 smell, odour. 
II n. The white waterlily. 
CoMP.— st?", STir^ m. 1 
name of a particular tree ; 2 
a tree in general, -i^r^ n. 

a whito lotus. -»pr m. a par- 
ticular disease of the skin. 

inl m. 1 Desir<?, greediness, 

tSr ( /. 5TT ) ) a. Covetous, 

'r^C/.W) 1 greedy. 

IWf o. (y- 'ft) 1 Desirous, 

greedy, covetous^ M, iv. 28; 
2 pursuing with eagerness, 
ipj- //1. 1 The womb, Ihe belly, 
%^^^ ^ If^^ M. VI. 63; 2 
a foetus or em»'ryo, »pff$H^- 
i[J>=r«limP«l|5 K. S. I. \% 

R.m. 12, II. 75; 3 the timo 
of conception, e g. »P?fe^,S^ 

child, the brood or offspring 
of birds; 5 the offspring of 
the sky, i. e, the vapours 
drawn upwards by the rays 
of the sun during eight 
months and sent down again 
in the rainy season; 6 the 
inside, the middle, the in- 
terior of any thing, f^^^PPT- 

3|fir^Hr ^^ftft^Sak. IV, R. 
V. 17, IX. 55, Sis. IX. (}2', 
7 an inner apartment, a 
lying-in chaml>er; 8 flny in- 
terior chamber J 9 a hole; 
10 food; 11 fire; 12 tho 
rough coat of the fruit of the 
jack (q^nr); 13 the bed 
of a river especially of tlie 
Ganges on the fourteenth 
day of the dark lialf of Bhd- 
drapada when the river is 
fullest. CoMP. Tpfhir, ^^^ 
m. an interlude during an 
act. (It is thus defineil in 
the S. D:— at^^qpret 41 *- 

>frff: ^T: qTrT^r^rf^ ) e. g. 
Wr{[^^P^ in theZ?a7ara'wa'- 
yciwa. -^^Shifrl /. descent 
of the soul into tho womb, 
-BTTK *^« 1 uterus ; 2 a»i 
inner and private room, a 
female apartment ; 3 a 
lying-in chamber ; 4 the 
sanctuary of a temple, tlie 
chamber where the imago 
of a deity is placed. -3?r^Fr 
n. 1 impregnation, ^thWr- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


^:) Megli. I. 9; 2 a puri- 
^catorj ceremony performed 
^fter menstraation to ensure 
and sanctify conception, ir- 
Hf>IFT^ Yaj. 1. 11. -3TTO^ 
?«. the uterus, the womb. 
— MFVfT 'w» mis-carriage, 
abortion. -f^C ^^. ft sove- 
•reign by birth. -g^qf^/. the 
formation of the embryo. 
— ^7MMIrt in. mis-carriage.-^- 
'Mmint^/*a- cow or female mis- 
carrying from unseasonable 
jestation. -^5^ a, procrea- 
tive. -^RT^ m, time of im- 
j)regnation. -^gRT, ^^m. 
uterus. -|^ tn, pains caus- 
ed by the embryo, tliroes of 
childbirth. -^tT m. miscarri- 
age.-^, jf^, %i5^ 7? . 1 an 
inner apartment ; 2 ft b'^"^" 
in chamber; 3 the sanctuary 
-of a temple, e. g. (^1^ tf^' 
^TRTlM. M. I. Hqrfor n, 
impregnation, c mception.- 
'^rfJ^RT «• prodticinur abortion. 
— ^"if^Pf "• quickening of the 
foetus in the uterus. -^|^ 
/. 1 birth, delivery; 2 mis- 
carriage. if^lfCT a. content- 
ed as regards food or issue. 
^fr^rw. (fim. *^) a slave by 
-Itirth ( used also as a term 
of abuse ). ^9 a, ( nom. 
eing. g"^ ) causing abortion 
— ^^/ pregnant. -\in'CT «-, 
^UTOfj f\ jestntion, impre- 
gnation. -4.^^ m. abortion 
•^if^F^ ^n, rice ripening in 
sixty days.-tfpT m miscarri- 
age after the fourtli month 
of pregnancy. -^tTT n. 
nourishment of the foetus. 
-H^n, supporting a foetus, 
R. ni. 12. -i^FT m. an inner 
apartment, a bed chamber .- 
m^m month of pregiianc3\ 
— iJlr^Pf n. delivery, bir h. 
— ^fNf/. la pregnant wo- 
man; 2 the Ganges over- 


flowing its banks (/i^.), 
-t^f^ n, protecting the 
foetus.-;5:q",H;q<|i w. a child, 
an infant, a youth. -^WT 
n, a symptom of pregnancy. 
-f^jpT 71. a ceremony per- 
formed for the sake of de- 
veloping pregnancy. -^/. 
a pregnant woman. -^^(% 
./*j ^f^ w. 1 the womb, M. 
XII. 78; 2 the being in the 
womb, -f^^s^pf /'. aWtion 
in the beginning of preg- 
nancy. -^^TT /• pains of 
childbirth. -Wfj^C^ ». the 
formation of the embryo. 
-i^jT w. a kind of instru- 
ment .for extracting the 
dead foetus, -^r^^ /. the 
abode of the foetus, the 
uterus. -^f*n" »«., ^hlf^ /. 
the becoming pregnant.—^ 
a. 1 situated in the womb; 
2 internal.-^rr »« alx)rtion, 
m s carriage, Yaj. m. 2, 
M. v. 66. 

«f j|^ I m. A chaplet of flow- 
ers worn in the hair. II n. A 
period of two nights with 
the intermediate day. 

IT^ m. Enlargement of the 

iff^c^Y/ ^ pregnant woman 
or animal, ^rfT^rfWlT^nT^ftrrHT- 

^M.M. IX, Yaj. I. 105. 
CoMP— B^^TT n, mid-wife- 
ry, care of pregnant women 
and new-born infants.-^y^j^ 
71, the longings of a preg- 
nant woman. — W||ch<"l w., 
«^riif^ /. science of the 
progress of pregnancy (a 
purticalar liead in medical 

Tf^ a. (/. m ) Pregnant. 

IT§5/ 1 A kind of grass; 2 
a reed; 3 g«^ld. 

Tf^rM P (j>i). JTf^ff) To 
be proud, to Ijecome haugh- 

ty, e. g. ^4»lr^ ^^ fnf^: 
Panch. I. 
q% w. 1 Pride, arrogance, 

tV t ^^^rqT: R. a., rnn 

m\ ^fmnt^'T^ Bh. Y. n. 
107; 2 pride considered as 
one of the 83 subordinate 
feelings (in rhetoric). (It 
is thus defined by the S, D. — 

iHT^ 7n, A watchman, a door- 

?T^ yM, 10.A(>2^.in'ilT;pr€J. 
Tt^, Tf^^ ) T To blame, 
to reproach, to censure, M. 
IV. 199; 2 to accuse, to 
charge with; 3 to be sorry 
for. With ft*- to blame, to 
censur^to reproach, ff f^«r- 
IfJT^fTTVT^: M. IX. 68, (the 
Atm. here is not classical), 

xfi^ 71. ) Censure, blame, 

?Tf«rT/ ) aWse, 

ifff-/. Abuse, censure. 

W «• (/ icfr) l>esorving 
censure, blamable, j\^ 5^- 
j^^M.A'. 149. CoMP.— 
q^f^ a. speaking ill, p^^eak- 
ing vilely. 

imi. vf\ 1. P (;>/>. ni^) 

1 To drop, to ooze, to tri- 
ckle, ^irtJ|rt^l'!^qj cY-^tH. 
Bh. V. If. 21, Am. S. 91; 

2 to fall down, to drop* 
down, s{^^ imgr: Bt. xiv, 
99, XVII. 87, R. VII. 10," 
Sis. IX, 75; 3 to vani^ 
to disappear, to be removed,' 

Ch, P. 1, R. III. 70, Bt, V. 
43. With. f%?^- to ooze 
out, to trickle down, R. r. 
17. <niJ- to drop down, Bk 
Ti. 4, f^- Ito drop downjif 
to ooze, to trickle; 3 to ^is* 
appear. II vt. l.P (pp. nWW) 
To eaM-o swallow. Ill t?f. 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



10. A (pp. mk^ ) 1 To 
pow out; 2 to filter. 
ifH OT. 1 The ihroAt, the neck, 
Bhartr. i. 64, Am. S. 88; 

2 the resin o! the SaUa tree; 

3 a kind of musical instru- 
ment. CoMP. — ^^ 7w. a 
I«articular disease of tlic 
^i"^t» -"^2|^ ^- *^'C tuft of 
kir on the neck of a horse. 
-^f7 m, a bull's de\v-!ap. 
-4T «. goitre. 4|^4)^ m. a 
kiud of bird having a fleshy 
purse hanging from the 
throat. -iTf iii., i^TT ". 1 
5*eizing by the throat, thrott- 
ling-, 2 a kind of disease; 3 
name of certain days in the 
daiirfertnii^ht of a month, 
r/:. the 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 
13tli,andthe three follow- 
ing days.-^^^ 71. the gullet. 
-fnc ». the mouth. -^^ftTT 
/.t necklace. -«fr^ a. able to 
eat much and di if e • t, healthy , 

^^^^^'"-'^^ m ft peacock. 
ijfiniir/. the uvula, -^pft 
/' swelling of the glands of 
t^e neck. ip^CT^ft, »r%?J^- 
I ^/. a she-goat, -f^^f m. 
1 seizing by the throat, 
cellaring; 2 an arrow 
'ifii a crescent-shaped head. 
HfelW a. seized br the 

1?51m. 1 The throat, the 
i^;2akbdof fish. 
^^ ». 1 Oozing, trickling, 
•Amg, leaking. 
R(Ntr\/. 1 A small pit- 
Mk j c^or • ^ a small 
*ita-]ar with a hole in the 
iwttMifrom which the water 
dn|8 upon an image in 
ift % A strong but lazy 

lf^ «. (/. HT) 1 Dropped, 
fallen; 2 melted; 3 emptied, 
loose; 4 filtered; 5 lost, de- 
prived; 6 decayed, imjiftired 
( pp. of ?n^9. p. ). CoMP. - 
JT n. advanced and incu- 
rable leprosy when the fingers 
and toes fall o£f. "^^ a. 
toothless. -«nnT a. one who 
has lost his eyes, blind. 

^ i f^^y W' A kind of dance. 

iJF^ vt\ 1. A [pp. »T^>TfT ) 
To be bold or confident. 
With ^- to be bold or con- 
fident,^ ^ffrF^Kf^^T^ ^^ 
JPFH?!' ^4|^ sfftr^fJT^: Vikr. 

Ch. I. 16. arfM^r^jj- ^^' 

JT9v[ Sis. X, 18. 

fidcnt, audacious. 

ifFiCf /• A multitude of 

Tlfl[ m. The cJieek, especially 
tliat part of it which is near 
the comers of the mouth; 
( this word is considered 
vulgar by rhetoricians. See 
K. Pr. vn, whore the fol- 
lowing instance is given: — 

5^:) CoMP.-'^fjjft/, a small 
round pillow to put under- 
neath the cheek. 

mf^ m. 1 A wine glass ;^ 2 

TflV^ ^- 1 A vessel for drink- 
ing spirituous liquor, tr^ 3j|-- 

Mrich, IX. 

YfF^ 7/i. 1 Crystal; 2 iajns 
lazuli; 3 » goblet, a vessel 
for drinking spirituous 

ifFf 17/. 1. A (pp. nf^) To 
blame, to censure. 

i^ (a substitute for qf at 
the beginning of certain 
compounds ) Comp. — SfHf 
m. 1 an airhole, a round 
wmdow, JffTf^^^lwt t?!^- 


V ^ HHK R* XI. 98. K. 8. 
vxi. 58. •nr^ n. a kttice. 
-MninT o. furnished with 
wiudows,-3|if7;, a multitude- 
of cows, (also iffarfranditT^). 
-M^ 71. pasture or meadow 
grass. -Mfft/. 1 a posture; 
2 a trough for feeding 
cattle, -nf^^/ lac. -irt 
a. of tJie value of a cow. 
-Hf^rar w. c .ttle and sheep 
-MIR" w. a shoemaker.->9f^ 
n. bulls and horses. -Mf|i% 
a. cowshaped. -9?n^r<ir «- 
the daily measure of food* 
given to a cow. -fsy w. an 
excellent bull, -f^, fi||^ m. 
an owner of cows, 

TfV^ m A species of ox, fg*:. 
^f^tf^Mftltfl: K. S. I. 5ft 
Rt. I. 23. 

iF^fy I w. The wild buffalo. 
II 71. Buffalo's lK>m. 

Tf^nj^ in. The same as i\^ 

irpnft/. A herd of cows. 

if«l| I a. (/. «i|r ) 1 Consist- 
ing of cattle or kine; 2 com- 
ing from A tow {as milk,, 
curds, Sic); 8 proper or fit 
for cattle. II ??. 1 A multi. 
tude of cows; 2 paslure- 
land; 3 the milk of a cow; 
4 a bowstring; 5 a colour- 
ing substance. 

«I«^JF/. 1 A herd of cows; 
2 a measure of distance 
equal to two kros'as ; 3 » 
bowstring ; 4 a colouring 

Tfs^ n, \1 A measure of 

^rsgfir/. j" length nearly 
equal to two miles, a koss ; 
2 a measure of distance 
equal to two kof?9, (kros'as), 

if^j ] /• ^^ ^^"^ ^^ fifJ'ass 

ir%5 y on which cattle - 

*T^^f5|fT) feed. 

'^^^ '*. Red chalk. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1 To seek, to hant for, to 
search, ^^T^TT^r »n?^f3r»' ^- 
fr^ Rt. I. 21 ; 2 to make an 

«rt^ I a. (/. qr) Searching 
for. 1 1 m. Search, inquiry. 

9|%ipr ». \ Search or inquiry 

Tf^v^f, ) after any thin J?. 

^I?ipPf«. (^ W) Searched, 
souglit, looked for. 

if^ vt. or vi. 10, U (pre^. inr- 
qr^-W) 1 To be thick or im- 
pei^viou-* (as a forest) ; 2 to 
enter deeply into, 

ilfiT I a. (/, stt) 1 I>eei), 
dense, tliick. impenetrable ; 

2 inexplicable, liard to be 
understood, 3T5T 'HT^ ^fT- 
^\ Sant.S.x.8,?rfHft: ^TW- 
*rf% qt PM I H^M*^ : Bhartr. 

H. 58 ; 3 inaccessible ; 
4, causing pain or dis- 
tress, ^fnrffOT *<flH«l • Tf^- 
Sant. S. III. 15. II n. A 
wood, a thicket, a forest, 
Bh. V. I. 25 ; 2 a hiding 
place ; 3 a cave ; 4 pain, 
T^K I a. (/. ^ or to Deep, n. 1 An abyss, 
a depth ; 2 a thicket, a f^- 
c^^t ; 8 a cave, a cavern, ift- 
^g^ifiXHri^t^ R. II. 26, II. 
46, Rt. I. 21 J 4 a riddle | 5 
hypocricy ; 6 weeping, cry- 
ing; 7 a place difficult of ac- 
cess. Ill m. An arbour, a 
^fXtJ\ A cave, a cavern, a 

recess in a rock. 
l|f /. A song, a verse. 
«inr I a. </. ift) 1 Being in 
or on the Ganges ; 2eoming 
from or belonging to the 
Ganges, iTFRf fiPRf ^TTJ'f 
airmmH^ K. Pr. X, K. 8, V. 
37. II w. 1 An epithet of 
Bhishma ; 2 of Kitftikeya. 
Ill 71.1 Rain water of a pecu- 
liar kind, (supposed to be 

from the heavenly Ganges) ; 

2 gold. 
ifHT? 1 m. A kind of prawn 
9|ni%ir I or shrimp. 
ftfnif'r '". 1 An epithet of 

Bhishma; 2 of Khrtikeya. 
qfttarla. (/.*) Being in 

or on the Ganges. II m. See 

iTfirnipr. ni w. Gold. 

YfT^I^ w. A carrot. 

^TT^RFm w. A quail. 

»Tr« rt. (/. grr ) 1 Dived in^, 
bathed in, deeply entered; 2 
closely pressed together, 
tightly drawn, close, fa-t, 
R. xvV, 60, Am. S. 86; 3 
thick, dens'»;4fullof, thick- 
ly inhabited by, nQ f^Mldt rT- 
^^W(^ f^ft qf B. IX. 
72j 5 strong, vehement, sfT- 
HM|(gH4i^ ( Sr. T. 12, Am. S. 
72; 6 much, excessive, JTlJt- 

HT^ Megh. It. 20. ( vmr^ ja 
used as an indeclinable in 
the sense of * closely, fast, 
cxcr»?;sively, much, heavily, 
&c. '). CoMP.— MfPrrn^ w.a 
close rmbrace,xVm.S.JJ6.-5f5' 
I rt. close-fisted, avaricious, 
msierly. II w. a sword. 

irnm «. ( /. ffr ) 1 Relating 
to the leader of a troop; 2 
relating to Ganes'a. 

4in4^ I »i. A wor3hii>per 
of Gawes'a. II w. 1 Worship 
of Ga7ies'a; 2 the leadership 
of a troop, 

^nf^T^ir w. An assemblage of 

?n%fr m. A worship|>er of 
G awes 'a, 

qt^^) m, n. 1 The bow of 
iff^^ f Arjuna, presented by 
Soma to Krti-ttUrt, by Varu- 
na to Agni and by Agni to 
Arjuna, JTnfJ* ^Sffif^ fW<l 
Bg. I. 29; 2 a bow in gene- 
ral. Coup.— >3|*^ m, an 

epithet of Arjuna, Megh, i. 

irnfff^^ w. An epithet of 

Arjuna, the third Pan^/tTa 

^U^Ml f ^^ «. (/. ?flr) Caused 

by going and coming. 

^M^ l ^^if^^ ' « (/ «ft) Caused 
by following or imitatrnj 
custom or precedent. 

ing w. 1 A song; 2 a shiger: 
3 a celestial chorister; 4 
the male Indian cuclccK^- & 
the large black bee. 

irr^ m, {/em. •^ ) 1 A sin- 
ger. 2 a Gandharva, 

ijnr w. 1 The bodj, m 

11; 2 a limb, a member, 

3 the forequarter of 

elephant. Comp.— 

/ a fragrant unguent up] 

ed to the body ^ 

n, a shield. -^^QT^ «♦ 

cleaning the person irifli 

perfumes, •gfi^ a. cmaciit^ 

ing the body. -ifHNft / • 

t..wel. -irfg: /. a to flj 

slender body, K. vi. 81.HI 

w. the hair on the bo4g 

-H?fr/. a thin and tcnfl 

body.'-^f^gff^ n. the p* 

cat (so called because it coit 

tracts its body in order to 

spring ). -^ffff w. a «n»l 

bird, the diver. 

Yinr ni, A song, singing* 

m f \^ )m,lA musidaii, « 

infinr ) singer; 2 • <*«*• 

of sacred i>oems. 

ffl^r/. 1 A verse; 2 * ^ 
which, though religW 
does not belong to aoT^ 
the Vedas; 3 » JP'** 
dialect, Comp.— H5H »• ■ 
writer of PrJXn't T«ni«« . 

Vaj. I. 45, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


^n.vL or vi. 1. A (j>p. iTT- 
ft^) 1 To stand, to stay* 2 
to aei o at,aTni>Trr rT% sqfq- C- 
lHl*l*fl?Mf : Bt. VIII. Ij 3 
to seek, to search for, to in- 
qnire for; 4 to compile, to 
string or weave together. 
*^I«- (/. ^0 Fordable, 
not rery deep, shallow, ^TltTf: 

B. IT. 24. II n.l A shallow 
^lee, a ford ; 2 a placfi, a 
«te; 3 desire of gain, cupi- 

IBftr 1»». Name of the 
in^j father of Vis'v^- 
«n^-W. H^y 3pr ^«. an 
epwi of Vis'v^touira.-^nnr 
s. Au epithet of Ka'nyar- 
jy^ gf the modem Kanoj. 
4p^mAn epithet of Vis'y4- 


k Singing, a song. 

" ^ A carriage drawn by 

#^/. 1 An epithet of the 
wg^ ; 2 name of a prin- 
feis, tbe mother of Akrura. 
-5<f »*. an epithet 1 
^hma ; 2 of K^rtike- 
3 of Akrara. 
I «• (/• ^) Relating or 
to Gandharvas. 
singer,a heavenly 
Wttter^ 2 one of the 
1^ forms of nsarriagc. In 
X&eaariial relation pro- 
caAi fieoL the mutual incli- 
4^ the parties without 
and ivithout the 
of seniors, (aTN#: 
s Yaj. J. 61 ) See 
8 a subordinate 
of music at- 
ftft of the 
t If. mi^c, 


■ *■ * 



whose mind is possessed by 
a Gandharva. -^rRTf /. a 
mu^ic hall, a concert room. 

ifhin: m.l The third of the 
seven primary notes of music 
usually denoted by ajj 2 red 
lead; 3 the name of a coun- 
try betwen India and Persia, 
the modem Kandahdr- 4 a 
native or a ruler of that 

qhfrft m. An epithet of 
S'akuni, Durjodhana's ma- 
ternal uncle. 

iTT^I^ m. An epithet of 

^lif^cff; I w. 1 A vendor of per 
fumes, a perfumer ; 2 a 
scribe, a cleric. II n. Fra- 
grant wares, perfumes, q-- 

jfT^: Panch. i. 
in^ a. (/ 'ft') (used at the 
end of compounds) 1 Going, 
walking, having the gait of, 
HHl" T'fe'pT H^^^lrt? R. 11.30, 
Am. S. 61j 2 riding, R.iv.4; 
3 applying to, relating to, 
;. g. ^pay qpft ^: Sak. IV. 

III. 49 ; 4 leading to, e. g, 
^rj^TTRt W{* ; 5 devolving 
on, escheating, Yaj. xi, 145. 
ilNHt «. 1 Deepness, depth 
(of water, sound, &c.) ; 2 
depth or profundity ( of a 

' meaning, a character, a sub- 
iject, Ac), Sis. I. 55, R, 
III. 32. 

^t^ m. Singing, a song, Yaj. 
III. 112. 

VTR^ m. A singer, a musi- 
cian, T srer T ftir ^ tr^: 
(v. L for irnnfT:). Bhartr. iii. 

ifmw w», 7j. A song, a hymn. 

m^lp^f. 1 A vedic metre of 
twenty-four syllables, qnrft 

SROT^rr^ Bg. X. 35 ; 2 » 
hynm composed in that 
metre ; 3 a particular verso 
written in that metre, hehl 
specially eacred and repeated! 
by every Brn'hmana at his 
morning and evening devo- 
tion. (It is this :— ?ff^f«J- 

^ ^' ^^hm^ Rv. Ill, 62, 

TRhni a. (/. ofr) One whi 
sings hymns especially of 
the Sa'maveda. 
ITRPT I w. (/. ;ft) A singer, 
Bliartr. in. 27. II n. 1 Sing- 
ing, a song; 2 practising 
singing as a profession. 
?rr^ I a. (/. tt) 1 Shaped 
like Garuc/a ; 2 coming 
from or relating to Garudk. 
II m. n. 1 Gold ; 2 an eme- 
rald, R. xiu. 53 ; 3 a chana 
against poison ; 4 a missilo 
presided over by Garu</a. 

TTF^^ m, A charmer, jft 
dealer in antidotes. 

^Il*«^^ n. 1 A missile presid- 
ed over by Garu^/a, R. xtr. 
77 . 2 an emerald. 

nr^ a. (/. >ft) Belonging t& 
or coming from an ass, asi- 

Tr^[^ n. Greediness. 

TT^ I «. ( /. iff) Derived 
from a vulture. II m. 1 
Greediness . 2 an arrow. 
CoMP.—w, ^ra^ m. an 
arrow furnished with a vul- 
ture's feathers. 

npl (/ ^) 1 o. 1 Uterinej 

irft^fT (/. 2ffr) J 2relatingto 
jestation, M. ii. 27, 

?nf^ ) n. A number or 

?rrf3ToirJ! assembUige of preg- 
nant women. 

nrt^n. The position and 
dignity of a householder. 

intsr^Im* 1 One of tkfi 
three sacred fires p^rpetuaUy 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

maintained by a household- 
er, received from his father 
and transmitted to his des- 
cendants, M. II. 231 ;2the 
place where that sacred fire 
is kept. II n. The govern- 
ment of a family, position 
of a householder. 

^^ I a. (/. *; Fit or 
proper for a householder. 
II m. The ^ye yajnyaa to be 
performed daily by a house- 

^ntl^^ ^» 1 ^^^ order or es- 
tate of a householder, dome- 
stic affairs ; 2 the five daily 
yajnyas of a householder, 

4HrtH n. 1 Straining fluids • 
2 fusing, liquefying. 

illH^ m. 1 The lodhra tree ; 
2 a kind of ebony $ 3 name 
ef a sage, a pupil of Vis'v^ 

Vlff^f* 1 A curse, an impre- 
cation ; 2 abuse, abusive 
language, ^[<^ ^7^ ^llrff^lftS- 

^^^EnHt: Bhartr. iii. 

(Misc. ) 20. 
'ni^a. (/. m) 1 Melted J 

2 strained ; 3 distilled. 
tft^t^n. The seed of the 

^I^^^l i ^ ^* An epithet of 

j9an]aya,y3on of Oavalgana. 
^(fK^vt. 1. A (pp. nr^ or iTT- 

fi^) 1 To dive into, to l^the, 

to plunge into, iTT^ ^• 

?T5 Sak. ii,«r»nf|^'S5fW'TRr: 
Bt. XIV. 67 ; 2 to penetrate, 
to enter deeply into, to roam, 
to range, ^i^ ^i^W^ ^T- 

II. 14, SiFpffnTrnf: Megh. 
X. 48 ; 3 to be absorbed in ; 
4 to entertain, »pT^ i|- (r^- 
it^nrf^K. S. V. 46; 5 to 
<^um, to stir, to agitate ; 6 
to destroy. With m^- 


(sometimes changed ihto q-, 
«ylM(l Ht^rf^ ^TTfT K. S. I, 
1) 1 to penetrate into, to 
enter, K. S. i. Ij 2^to 
plunge into, to bathe, ^,S- 
^rmfFf^S^^ 3Fn?: Yaj. I. 272. 
^fq'-to break in. f^-1 to 
plunge into, to bathe in, tf- 
TTOt ft^TTfT R. XIV. 76, xix. 
9; 2 to agitate or stirabout, 

XIV. 30 ; 3 to enter, to per- 
vade, to penetrate into, R. 
XIII, 1. ^-to enter, to 
penetrate into, to go to, H^- 
TTftir ^tWT^ Bt. XV. 59. 

TFf w. 1 Diving into, plung- 
ing, bathing ; 2 depth, in- 

qifr n. The act of diving in- 
to, bathing, &c. 

^tt^ a. (/. m) 1 Bathed, 
plunged ; 2 penetrated, 
searched about, iTn?«1HRrfrt 
JTf^T^ Bh. 1. 21, {pp. of iTTf; 
q. v.). 

ftr^ jw. 1 A ball for playing 
with ; 2 name of a tree. Cf. 

^^' . _^ ^ , 

f^ / ( nom. 8ing. nf: ) 1 

Speech, speaking, language, 

Sis. II. 15, H^'rt'I^M^ 
fnrr f^lf^^^^T^ Sak. I, Yaj. 
I. 71,M. XI. 35; 2 invoca- 
tion, praise; 3 a n^me of 
Sarasvati, the go ddess^ of 
learning. Comp. i?ll41 / 
Sarasvati, the goddess of 
speech.^ ;'rt%,'ft4fir» 'ft's^TRr 
m. 1 a name of Brihaspati, 
the preceptor of godsj2a 
pandit f a learned man. tRt^ 
m. an epithet of Briliaspati. 
ifJNW. »fWrT w. a god, a 
deity, Bh. V. i. 84. 

fiTO /. Speech, speaking, 

pffti a. Venerable,respectable. 
II m. 1 A hill, a mountain, 


a rock, an^ 

2 a wooden ball with m 
children play; 3 & dii 
of the eyes; 4 an hond 
title given to Sannyah 
(e. ^. ^TT^^Pn^). Cf. ^i\ 
5 the number *oightV 
math.). III/. 1 Swallow! 
2 a rat, a mouse (wri 
also prtf in this sense). C( 
— t[SC 77?. 1 a high mount 

2 an epithet of S'Its 
the Himlilaya mountain. 
^ m. 1 an epithet of I 
Himalaya mountain; ^ 
epithet of S'iva, f^|<|^m(i| 

m. a species of tortoise Ivn 
in mountains.-^REeir m, 
dra's thunderboIt.-qr^,d 
ar^m.a species of the Kada 
ha tree, -^fr^ m, a care 
cavem.-^fPrar/* *^g ear 
-^ffPT 77). a blind or one-ei 
man. -^fippr w« » mound 
grove, -^g^" «. tbe sumn 
of a mountain,— inrr/ H 
of a river. -^T w> a P 
for playing with, -Jffr/j 
mountain cave. -TC I 
living or wandering on 
mountain, ftlt^T^ ^ 
STPTOT^ l^r>Tft Sak. II, II 
a thief. -^ I a. mountaj 
bom ;IIn. 1 talc, 2 rod chafl 

3 benzoin; 4 bitumen; 
irom -^ /. 1 a name 
P^rvati as the daughtelj 
Himalaya ;2the hill planW 
3 the mallika' creeper; 41 
pebble, a small stone ; ^ 
epithet of the Gangee, ^ 

of Kiirtiteya; 2 of Gan«1 
^^trftr 77». an epithet of »1 

^imn. Talc.-^WW-**^ 
of mountains.-^TO**' ^^ 
thunderbolt. -f5^;j * ^ 
fort, any st: 

Digitized by 


i)taixi8, w^ 3 WM^H 

•^iTPT^M. vu. 71, 

-fR n. a mountain 

B. -^13 w. red chalk. 

\^n, Inara's thundei;bolt. 
: n. name of a district 
akshinipatha. -'nft, sr- 
[/. a mountain torrent. 
, ;f;|[ a. inclosed bj a 
tttein. -*ff^ /. 1 an 

khet ef Parvati ; 2 of the 

nge8;3 a river in general, 

.V.iv. 3.-f^rt^, f^^ 

L the declivity of a moun- 
-"rt^ m. name of a 
'tree, -^gcq^ ». bitu- 
• -fS" »t. the top of a 
•-JRniwt, the declivity 
I a mountain. -3p^ m. the 
i)le-land of a mountain.- 
r/ the female of the Bos 
uens. -f)T^ m, an epi- 
let of India. -^ I a. moun- 
■Bn-bom. 11/. 1 an epithet 
[the Ganges; 2 of P&rvati. 
r/. the ktctaja tree. 
»i. an elephant. -^, 
• ». red chalk, -^j^ m. 
ia high mountain; 2 an 
?itbct of the Himdlaya. 
^ rfli.the Himalaya moun- 
fctom. -u^ fi^ name of a city 

^^the Magadhas.-^JTW m. 

ikmd«fbird.-ijnl»t. an 

•^rthet of Ganes'a. II n. the 

^ of a mountain, -w m. 

tepithet of S'iva. -^ n. 

>land. HETR m. J iron; 

iSan epithet of the 

mountain. -5^ m, 

Ap^k& mountain. -5- 

)f/ an epithet of P&rvati. 

r/ a mountain torrent. 

m. A ball for play- 
ing with. 



K^S. 1.60,37, H^ l^ffrf i Y 
RftunPTPTRf R. U. 41. 

m^v*. 6. P(;?;?.Pff^)To 
swallow; (according to some 
authorities this is not a 
separate root ). 

pTW I a. (/ ?yf ) Who or 
what swallows, e.g. prf^Ptt^- 

SeeBh. V. I. 55.11 w. The 
citron plant. Comp. — f^, 
iTff fn. a crocodile, a shark. 


f*|t^l^ m, A tumor in the 

Prf?r(ft)fra.(/. frr) Eat- 
en, swallowed. 

^(5t)«5 w. 1 A singer. 2 
a Bra'hmana who chants the 
hymns of the Sa'maveda, 

jC\^ 1 a. (/. rTT) 1 Sung, 
fhanted, mm^ ^^ ^- 
cT^Mrich. in; 2 said, de- 
clared, Jftw^rqiT^fl^trW Ve. 
u, M. M. ir, (pj). of rt q, 
V. ) II n. Singing, a song, 

Pr ^^%^ Mrich. in, K. S. 
111. 38. CoHP.— SfiH' n. 
the apparatus of singing (e, 
g, a lute ). -1^ w. the ar- 
rangement of a song. -5r o. 
versed in the art of singing, 
-ft^ I a. one who loves 
music. II m. an epithet of 
S'iva. -AlT^rl m. a Kinnara, 
"^n^ w. the science of 

^««h n. A song. 

?ft^ /. A term applied to 
certain sacred writings in 
verse, in the form of a dialo- 
gue and containing an ex- 
position of certain religious 
doctrines, e, g. H^^^fhTT, U- 
H'ft?!!. The term, however, 
is specially applied to the 
Bhagavadgitd, ^rft^: qft- 

Bh. V. n. 40, ifrFrr^imrr.v- 

iflfij/. 1 A song, singing, 
arft Un^Tf^Trf^ iflf^: Sak. 

fr: inf^^TPPT^ ipj?- K. 8. 
in. 4C ; 2 name of a metre. 
(See App. I ). 

«iW?i*5Hi /. 1 A short song; 2 
pingi ng. 

'ftfi^^.. (/./fr) One who 
recites in a singing manner, 

rnizm-. SIkshA. 
'ft^ «• (/. «^) 1 Swallowed; 
2 descnbed, praised, (pjy. of 

wry. 1 Praise; 2 fame; 3 

^vi. 6. P (;)2'' TTji^rtf*. JT- 

IW) To void by stool, to void 

m*U^ ) m, A particular 
a'ilSJ j fragrant gum resin. 
i[^ m.lA bundle,a bunch; 

2 ft bunch of flowers, a 
cluster of blossoms, ^3^- 
W<ii*«5gMW: Sis. VI. 60} 

3 the plumage of a peacock; 

4 necklace of pearls in gene- 
ral; 5 a pearl necklace of 
32 (or according to some of 
70) strings. Comp, — 9rl I 
m. a pearl necklace of 24 
string?. II m. n. half of a 
cluster.-srif^T^ m. a kind of 
com.-iTir fn. ths palm tree* 
-<KH m. the vine. 

^^(Srsir m. The same as 5^^ 

jpr vi. 1. P (pp.j^ orjyf^- 
?T;pr<j^.j^or jflFnf^) Ta 
sound inarticulately, to hum, 
to buzz, HtTT^^JppflgTO- 
^^rffj f < ff < l 1 l < * ft gft^ Git. G. 
II, Bt. II. 19, VI. 143, XIV. 2. 

^ m, 1 Humming; 2 a 

Digitized by 


ehister of blossome, a nose- 
' S*y. CoMP. — ^ m. a large 
lilack bee. 
iJlR «. Soundmg low, hum- 
jmri" /. 1 A small shrub of 
that name, bearing a red 
black berry, f% ^nn J- 

^TTPTR Vikr. Ch. i. 25; 2 
a berry of this shrub used 
as a weight or an artificial 
weight called gunja' weigh- 
"ig 2t^ grains; 3 humming, 
a low murmuring sound- 4 
a kettle-drum, Bt. xiv. 2; 5 
a tavern; 6 reflection, medi 

^^ \ /. A berry of the 
gunja' plant. 

jpflRf n. Humming, murmur- 

Bt. n. 29. 
jfit^lf. 1 A pUl; 2 a pebble, 
any small ball; 3 the cocoon 
of the silk-worm. 4 a pearl, 

V. 70. UoMP.— Bt^inr n. a 
kind of collyrium. 

jg^/. The same as gfir^^.v. 

^fW^vt. 10, U (jpp. jftfT; 
i?r«#. 5^qi^-r|* ) To en- 
close, to surround, to en- 
Telop, to hide. With h^- 
to veil, to screen, r^nftf^TftTT- 
5rgi%W K. S. 17. 11 

5^5" m. 1 Treacle, 

*. g. Rnrr ^3^ ^ ^jit- 
jpfit 3^2 or srgrjprlt^inT: ^• 
5^rn*5jt«r: Rt. v. I6; 2 a 

globe, a ball; 3 a mouthful; 
4 an elephant's armour. 
CoMP.— 7?pfi' n. water mix- 
ed with molasses. ..^|[^/. 
sugar. -llhpT *»• rice boiled 
with coarse sugar, -^^n., 
m^ m. n. sugar-cane. -^/. 
a milch cow symbolically re- 
presented by molasses and 
offered as a present to a 


Bra'Aj/iona.-f^ n. a sort of 
sweetmeat, flour and sugar 
ground and boiled together. 
-«|ity m. the Vtlu tree. -^- 
^<r/. refined sugar. -^ n. 
a cupola. -^ft^T^ /. myro- 
balan preserved in molasses 

fl^CMI) w. 1 A ball; 2 a mouth- 
ful ; 3 » kind of drug pre- 
pared with treacle. 

5J3H n. Spirituous liquor dis- 
tilled from molasses. 

ijST/. 1 The cotton plant ; 2 
a pill. 

ijTTSin'/. 1 Sloth, idleness; 2 

4^^l«iiM w- 1 An epithet of 
Arjuna,!yq^ ir«ft%^ry5T- 

%^ >Trr?r Bg. i. 24, u. 9; 

2 an epithet of Siva. 

il^il^i^H w. A rattling 
sound in the throat caused 
by cough. 

jpf%^ m. 1 A ball or a globe- 
2 a mouthful. 

ijcjr vt. 10. U (;>;>. jpTtT, 
pres. ^T'Rrfrt-rl' ) 1 To invite; 
2 to advice; 3 to multiply. 

jpr ''1. 1 A thread, a string, 
a rope, ^: T^^ il^lM^dl^SfiT 
Bh. V. I. 9; 2 ft bow-string, 
^^^nfril?jpiH3<T^ R- IX. 
54; 3 a sinew. 4 the string 
of a musical instrument, 
Sis. IV. 57; 5 a secondary 
element, a subordinate part; 
6 a quality, an attribute, 
a property in general, M. ix. 
22; 7 good quality, virtue, 
merit, excellence, eminence, 
R. I. 9, 22; 8 an adjective, 
a word subordinate to an- 
other in a sentence; 9 ex- 
cess, abundance, superfluity; 
10 ftn organ of sense; ll a 
subordinate dish, M. m. 
226; 12 a cook; 13 an epi- 
thet of Bhima; 14 abandon- 
ing, leaving^ 15 an ingredi- 
ent or constituent of nature. 

any of the three propcrtiw 
belonging to all created 
things; ( they are ^p^, ^ 
andcTirq), R. m. 27, Bg. 
XIV. 5 ; 16 an object of 
sense; ( they are ^,^, 
^rq-, x^&nd jfvr); 17 tk 
chord of an arc ( in Geo- 
metry V, 18 the substituiioi 
oftjja?!'*^ and ai^fQrf, 
T, V, and cf (short or loi^) 
( in gram. ) ; 19 qaa% 
considered as one of 4« 
seven categories (q^fpff:) 
of the Vais'eshikas; (accord- 
ing to them these qualitica 
are 24 in number ) ; 20 
quality considered as a pTO- 
perty of sentiment ( in rhe- 
toric ) ( TTOf is thus defined 
by Mam ma fa : — % TH^^- 

or[: K. Pr. vfii. Accordijg 
to Danc?in, Vamana and 
some other writers GtfDfli 
arc properties of ^P^Wii 
3?^, They enumerate ten 
Gunas under each of the?« 
heads. According to Mam- 
mato, Jn3^:HflKI%MI«2- 
^ ^rj^ K.Pr. VIII.); a 
repetition, multipIicatioD, 
( in this sense the word oc- 
curs generally at the end of 
compounds and is translat- 
able by ' fold,* * times ', €.^. 

^renFJ ^W- Chanakya), 
R. II. 25, M. n. 85; ^ 
property, considered as W 
meaning of a class of words 
(Ingram. andMimansI); 
(according to grammananB 
the meaning of words is io«'- 

instances given to lUofflW*' 

Digitized by 



these meaninge ) ; 23 a 
proper course of action ( iu 
politics ); the proper cours- 
es of action for a king in 
foreign politics are: — 1 iff^, 
(alliflnce), 2 (^^ (war), 
3 m (march), 4 ^4Pf (halt), 
5 3?fff ^ ( strategem ), 6 |>fl- 
m ( aid of other kings ), 
Sis. n. 26, M. vn. 160; 
U need, use (with aninsti) ; 

25 efficacy, good effect; 

26 the number * three ' ( in 
matk). CoMP. —3?^ a. 
Ireed from all properties. 
-9lf$r9Pr^ n. the region of 
tbe breast where the girdle 
IsiMtcaed. -^<mi n. love 
oi Ae good qualities of 
oth^B, approbation, Kir. i. 
iI*-^l5[&W »i. conformity 
or suitableness to good 
ijtiafities. -^P-8|^ a, excel- 
lent, good, endowed with 
liitnes. -^I^nr^ m. de- 
ttactioa. -^|c|i< m, a mine 
ftf merits, one endowed with 
•II Tirtues.-lTRril a. rich in 
'5*»^. HHI^«|. a. haying 
^odities. -^TTinc w. a rccep- 
Weof virtues, a virtuous 
S&t3fm, .^Ypii;!!- o. virtuous, 
ttBdlent*-^^;Bli4 ^. excel- 
fcace of merit, the beinsjen- 
<fcwd with superior qualities. 
-Wft^ ». panegyric, eulo- 
S^ -^'^frer «• superior in 
"*n***lrt^ n, 1 an unes 

' •wKSt or secondary action; 
2 fte secondary or less im- 
>>*^t« object of an action 
"^ftl^m.), e. g. (S*H*i in%- 
r§^. -«liK I o. pro- 
lofgood qualities,pro- 
jllm. la cook who 
8>|ib;^ ode dishes or any 
uf&lesof food; 2 
i of Shima.-^pr *^- 

m t m mm g good 

, 245 

qualities. -1J5T a. admiripg 
or attached to virtues, ap- 
preciative, nor^frr ^^ ft- 
tn%<T: Kir. u. 5. -i?^ n. 
appreciation of merit, -lypr 
OT. an assemblage of virtues, 

%f% Git.G. u., Bh. V.I. 103. 
-^Tf^, 'nf^ o. who appre- 
ciates good qualities.-^ a, 
who admires merit, apprecia- 
tive, ^firpr jqnift nr^ Hit. i. 

"'RCj ^RRT w. the, three con- 
stituent properties of na- 
ture, viz. m^, ^if5, and ffq^. 
->f^ m, the virtue or duty 
incidental to the possession 
of certain qualities, -firf^ 
m. store of virtues. -Sf^in^ 
m, great merit, -^^^rr n. 
mark or indication of an 
internal property, -fpqf^r^, 
t^ipft/ a tent, -r^^, ?rn[^ 
w. a word whose connotation 
is guna orquality, au attribu- 
tive substantive, an adjec- 
tive, (^.^. ^). -f^^^^prr 
/. discrimination in appre- 
ciating the merits of a per- 
son, a just sense of merit. 
-W» fWIT WJ. a mast, or a 
post to wliich a ship or boat 
is fastened.-.fT%/ a second- 
ary or imessential condition 
or relation ( jji^ i jPf) . 
-^«T fn, attachment to 
worldly pleasui'cs. -^hS^Pfw. 
a name for the Sa'nkhya and 
Toga systems of philosophy. 
-^^ /. great merit, perfec- 
tion. -^9Tt m, 1 an ocean 
of merit, i,e, a very meritori- 
ous man; 2 an epithet of 
Brahman (w.). 
jpicfr w. 1 A calculator. 2 a 

mijitiplier (in math.). 
ipTT n. 1 MultipUcation; 2 
enumeration. 3 describing 
merits or qualities, ff ^jt- 

Git. G. vu. 
ipr^/. Studying, collating 

and correcting copies. 
!PTPT?frr/lStu<ly, repeated 

reading, f^'^Jfl^Jsr: ^[{j^ ^HT- 

^4»^"im«< m Sis. II. 75; 

2 dancing, the science of 
dancing; 3 the prologue 
or introduction to a drama; 
4 a garland, a necklace, ^- 
?Frf f^HHI^ii"Il^^rA'nanda- 
lahari 3 ; 5 a cypher, the 
character which expresses 
nothing ( in math. ). 

ifonft^r I«. (/. ^) ITobe 
advised ; 2 to be multiplied ; 

3 to be enumerated. II m. 
Study, practice. 

ijpnirr/- ^ tumor, a swelling. 

UPRT a. (/. m) 1 Multiplied; 
2 heaped together, collects. 

|IP>ni.a. (/. 5ft ) 1 Principal 
( op. to guna ) ; 2 endowed 
with merits, Yaj. ii. 78, M. 
VIII. 73 ; 3 auspicious } 4 
familiar with the merits of 

ir#p o. (f-m) 1 Made 
secondary or subordinate ; 2 
deprived of the original 
meaning or importance. 
Com p. — 5^nr n. the second 
of the three divisions of 
kdvi/a (poetry) (in rhetoric). 
In it the charm of the 
suggested sense is sub- 
ordinate to that of the ex- 
pressed meaning. (It is thus 
defined by S. D:— arq-fj 

eight subdivisions of this 
division of ka'vya are men- 
tioned. See K. Pr. v. ). 
^jhjsf n. 1 Concealing, cover- 
mg; 2 smearing, e, g. ^i^^ 

Digitized by 




ISf^ »• (/. ^r ) 1 Surround- 
ed, covered ; 2 pounded, 
reduced to dust, (^p. of jy 
q. V. ). 
^Js^ m, 1 Dust, powder; 2 
an oil-vessel; 3 a low pleas- 
ing tone. 
^jN^ Tw, Flour, meal, pow- 
31^ o. (/. rir ) 1 Pounded, 
ground; 2 covered with 
liP'C «. (/• ^'TF) 1 Endowed 
with virtues; 2 to be enume- 
rated; 3 to be described or 
praised; 4 to be multiplied. 
UW w» The same as j^ q. v. 
Vc^r^ m, 1 A bundle, a 
ounch; 2 a nosegay; 3 a 
chowrie; 4 the chapter of a 
^vi. 1. A (^p. ijftrr; p-es. 

afl^ ) To pky, to sport. 
^ n. The anus, Yaj. in. 93, 
M. V. 136. CoMP.— Btanc rn. 
piles. -W^ »». obstruction 
of the bowels. '-ThR? m. 
piles. -^Irar Jw. the opening 
of the anus.-g|5t?y, ^^cfi 
in. piles.-?!^ m.constipation, 
Batulence.-<n^^. inflamma- 
tion of the anus.HTO m.^ro^ 
lapsus ant\ -q^>jii^ n. the 
anus.-^^ 771. constipation. 
Jig I vt. 4. P (pres.fpx^) 
TO wrap up, to cover, to 
clothe. II vt. 9. P (^pres. 
jJWfrT ) To be angry. Ill vi. 
1. A (pres. tH^ ) To play, 
to sport* 
5r^ m. The sound of a small 
oblong drum. 

Thecka'taka bird. 

3P^I r^ 1. P (pp. nrqrPr^or 

«p ; j?m. Tfmqf^ ) J 
To guard, to protect, to 
defend, ^rrff^ flt^qr>fnPl"- 
tr^ R. II. 8, Bt. XVII. 80: 
a to conceal, ftrTO«rr^- 

f^^Mffi<ihi*^|ifH *TlMI^4^ Am. 
S. 22, II vt. or w. 1. A 
(pres. ^ the fiist 
sense, afltiw in the second ) 
1 To censure, to despise 
(with an abl. ) ; 2 to con- 
ceal. Ill vi, 4. P (pres. 
iprt^ ) To be confused or 
disturbed. IV vt. or vi. 
10. U {pres. Jfrrqf^-^) 1 
To shine ; 2 to speak, to 
declare; (the Kavirahasya 
puts together all these roots 
in the following stanza: — 

ijRrtT w. 1 A king; 2 a 

iprlo. (/.Hr)l Protected, 
guarded; 2 liidden, conceal- 
ed, secret; 3 invisible. II 
m. An appellation (espe- 
cially but not necessarily) 
suffixed to the name of a 
Vais'ya. (^rf^is suffixed 
to the name of a Br^ahmana) 
q^ to that of a Kshatinya, 
ipr to that of a Vais'ya 
and en^ to that of a 
S'udra. This rule about 
the use of these ap- 
pellations, is not, however, 
strictly observed). ( J^nr^is 
used as an indeclinable in 
the sense of 'privately, se- 
cretly' ). CoMP. — ^PTT /. 
a confidential communica- 
tion, a secret, -irfit m. a 
a spy, an emissary. -'«(T I 
a. who or what goes secret- 
ly; II m. 1 an epithet of 
Balarama;2 a spy, an emis- 
sary. Hjnr n. a hidden gift 
or present. -%9 ^i.a disguise. 

IPHT w. A preserver. 

jprnr /• One of the principal 
female cbaracters in poeti- 
cal composition. She is re- 


presented as married to 
another and as concealing 
her lover's endearment, either 
past, present or future. 
nf&/. 1 Preserving, protec- 
tion, M. I. 94, 99; 2 coa- 
cealing, biding; 3 covering, 
sheathing, arRninrrg ^t^jf^ 
Kad. ; 4 a hole in the ground^ 
a cavern, a sink; 5 digging 
a hole in the ground; 6 » 
means of protection, a forti- 
fication, a rampart ; 7 ft 
prison, frpr^ J^ iiRit^dH- 
*: ^7^ Sis. XI. 60 ; 8 the 
lower deck of a boat. 
jjq^ vt. 6.P (pp. ^^x^es. 
'^^) 1 To string together,. 
to tic, to wind round, Bt* 
VII. 105; 2 to compose. 
jftTcTa. (/. err) Strung to- 
gether, tied. 
^m.l Tymg, stringing to- 
gether; (hence) 2 com- 
posing ; 3 a bracelet; 4 a 
whisker, a mustache, 
ArjITfrr/. 1 Stringingtogether? 
2 composing ; 3 good com- 
position, ( ^T^ ^•<l^4l: ^* 

TjH^l vi. 6. A ipjp. 5* ) To 
make an effort or exertion* 
11 vt. 4. A(j;p. 5^)lTo 
kill, to injure ; 2 to go. 

U^ n. Effort, perseverance. 

U^ I a.(/.F or ^;c<wy>ar. 
in^, super. ifftE)! Heavj-^ 
weighty, Rt. i. 7, B. xii. 
102; 2 great, large, extend- 
ed; 3 difficult, aiduous, icf- 

filR<l[iiit"n ^^^ ' I. 1, ?lq^ 

^jphmt ^ff ^rf^ftj ftWft^ B. 

I. 34, II, 35; 4 violent, ex- 
cessive, 5^: ^^^ W^ICTft 
R. m. 17, Bg. VI. 22 . 5 
important, momentons, fqr* 
«imL Heft WTO H^rtk^l 
Vikr. iv.j 6 long ( in dxao** 
tion ) g^ ftff^ T^fiy 

Digitized by 




Uegh. II. 20; 7 best, 
excell^t ; 8 dear, be- 
loved; 9 venerable, re- 
gpei^ble; 10 haughty, 
proud (as a speech); 11 
(a sjalkble) long by nature 
or position (as jtt in m^ or 
JT in »fHfr); it is usually re- 
presented by the letter it 
(in prosody), eg. BTjj^n^. 

f^TTirsfTWr Sr. B. IIm.l 
^fath er, ^ n^ g^^TF ^ 
Jif^^TOf^* ^ B. IV. 1, III. 
SI, 48; 2 any venerable or 
Pfspectable person, an elder- 
ly relative, g^iPpT^T^Tftr^t^Fr- 
TO^3<i<^ltrt*^nafil^rMl: Bh 
V.ii.7,18,lM9, Bg.ii.,5; 
Sateadier, a preceptor; 4 
« ^iiitBal preceptor, a reli- 
gioas^ teacher, tf tTrfi ^{^^' 
^^f^^TJTTinPT R. I. 35, 
57, especially one who per- 
iotms purificatory ceremoni- 
^ oyer a boy and initiates 
liim into the sacred lore, 
^ii. 34; 5 head, chief, 
^Wrt 3^ f^\^ R, 11.68; 
6 the constellation called 
Puihya- 7 the propounder 
of a new doctrine; 8 name 
of Brihaspati, the preceptor 
^ gods;9 the planet Jupiter, 

m^i Sis, II. 2j 10 an epi- 
tbet ol Brorta, the teacher 
o! fte V&adekx&a and Kau- 
»"»} 11 an epithet of Pra- 
*Maaa,the leader of that 
fidwfii of the Mlmdnsakds 
^*idi goes by his name. 
Cite. — «|^ ?n. a precep- 
y »faef<Hr i nstructing a pu- 
fyH ft^ jfrt ??Jrr^ R. V. 
*7-j^lW I o. highly re- 
^2% ^ ***• ^^® supreme 
^2^''*llf m* worship, ado- 
im» instruction 
to a s^es of 

teachers, traditional instruc- 
tion, -ipf TO. any venerable 
person, an elderly rektive, 

B^. Y . II. 7. -gTF<r, ^ff^nr, 

^iT^qr^ ?w. 1 one who defiles 
his step-mother; 2 a violator 
of his preceptor's bed, (these 
are regarded as aiRrnWrPr 
in Hindu religious law), M. 
XI. 103. -ffiirrr/. fee given 
to a spiritual preceptor. -%- 
^fr m. the constellation Fu- 
%a. -qrsfT a. difficult of 
digestion -*T «. 1 the con- 
stellation Pu8hya\ 2 a bow, 
-T^ m. a kind of drum or 
tabor. -^^ 71. a topaz. - 
f*IM^ w. relative importance 
or value. -^[^^ to. a bachelor 
who resides at his precep- 
tor's house, -^peh: m. Thurs- 
day. -ff^ f. the conduct 
of a pupil towards his 

2P^ «• (/. 2|ft)A little 

y(^)^m. 1 The district 
of Gujariith; 2 a native 
of Gu jar dth, ^ ^ j{(^ crfhnr- 
q^ii<if iin JJRf^ q'jJffT^ %• 

kr. Ch. XVIII, 97. 
^jMi )/. A pregnant wo- 
5^ j man , <?. ^. gfipff 

£^J». Molasses, Cf. to, 
U^^ ) TO. A buncii, a 
Jj^^ f cluster. 
^P'lT m. The ankle, aTr?p?r- 

^ojfcpifif|i]qw|u K. S. VII. 

5fF*T I TO. 71, 1 A clump 

of trees, a thicket, 

a bush, M, i. 48, vii. 192; 

2 a troop of soldiers, a divi- 
sion of an army, consisting 
of 45 foot, 27 horse, 9 cha- 
riots and as many elephants; 

3 a fort; 4 the spleen; 5 a 
chronic enlaigement of the 

spleen (in medicine); 6 a 
police station. 7 » wharf of 

Hf^^ a. (/. Jft) 1 Growing 
m clump or cluster; 2 hav- 
ing the spleen affected by 

5F4t/.A tent. 

?l(^)'^raFwj. Thebetel-nut 

jf vt 1. U (2)j). j]^ , pres. 
ij3^-^)To cover, to hide^ 
to conceal, to keep secret, 
l|?^ Vft^ M. VII. 105^ 
R. XIV. 49, Bt. XVI. 41. 
With gtf- to embrace, fTt- 
^i^tr ii i^ ^ lf^^ ^' «n. 63, 
xviii. 47, Bt. XIV. 52. pr-^ 
to hide, to conceal. 

ijf TO. 1 An epithet of E^- 
tikeya, ijf !RlJ?l&ffnjn% : 
Kad., K. 8. V. 14; 2 a 
horse ;3name of a cha'nda'la 
king of SVingavera, a fnend 
of R&ma. 

fUj/. 1 A cave, a cavern, a 
hiding pUice, y^ i^^^H l ^^ - 
5^?(Nfiir R. n. 28, 61.2 a 
pit, a hole in the ground; 3- 
the heart • 4 hiding, con- 
cealing. CoMP. — anf^ a. 
placed in the heart. "^^ 
n. Brahman ( n. ). -^^Ji a^ 
wide-mouthed, open-mouth- 
ed. -fTir ?». 1 a mouse- 2 
the supreme soul. 

5^ n. A wood, a thicket. 

»p^ TO. 1 A guardian, a pro- 
tector; 2 a blacksmith. 

TTfT I a. (/. frr) 1 To be con- 
cealed; 2 secret, solitiaiy, re- 
tired; 3 mysterious, Bg, 
xvin. 63. II TO. 1 Hypocri- 
cy; 2 a tortoise. Ill w. 1 A 
secret, a mystery, ^V^f^W- 
f^5«rRr?Bg. X. 88; 2 » 
privity, the male or female 
organ of generation. Comp« 
— ^m. an epithet of S'iva. 
-#TSfr TO. the firefly. *-p|«^. 

Digitized by 



m, urine. -HTpRT ^« secret 
conversation. -*f«r m. an epi- 
thet of K4rtikeya. 

JIWR ^' N^nie of a class of 
demigods who like the 
YalcSias are attendants 
of Kubera and guardians of 
his treasures, 5^+^iT ^^\^ 
Megh. I, 5. 

ij^/. 1 Dirt; 2 ordure. 

TOT o. (/ in* ) 1 Concealed, 
hidden ; 2 covered, ( j)p. of 
5C ?• I?* )• CoMP.— at^ 7n, 
a tortoise. -Btf^f ?«• ^ snake. 
-3^WHL 'w. ( forming ^ji\rT{' 
^.—^^tv'^^H]^ cer:^fftfr ^'^- 

c*^mt?^^0 the supreme 
soul. -^c^T^r, ^ »i« one of 
the 12 kinds of sons in 
Hindu law. He is described 
as being bom secretly of a 
woman when her husband is 
absent, the real father being 
unknown. ( ij^ sf'^??^ ^rqp^ 
^I?r^5 5^* ^'PT: Yaj. n. 
129 ).-5fty w. the wag-tail. 
-qtf 7». 1 a hidden path ; 2 
the mind, intellect.-<rrf 1 TT- 
^ rw. a snake, -^^rq" w. a 
spy, a secret emissary, a 
disguised agent, -jp^^ m, 
the hahuln tree.-Hpfr ^n. a 
passage underground.-St^ 
m, a crow.-«r^ m, a frog:. 
-fITRrJ! >». ft concealed wit- 
nes?, one placed to overhear 
secretly what has been said. 
ijjT m, n. Feces, ordure. 
^ «. (/. ^Tf) Voided by stool 
(as ordure). 

ijjron'/. The eye m the pea- 
cock's tail. 

^ vf. 1. P (prea, nrl^ ) To 
sprinkle, to moisten, to we^. 

am vt\ 1. P (jpres. ^prf^ or 
H^) To sound, to roar, 
to grumble. 

mn'It/i.lA small red variety 

of gttriic; 2 ft tumip; 3 the 
tops of hemp chewed to 
produce an inebriating effect, 
the ga'nja'. II n. The meat 
of an animal destroyed by 
poisoned arrows. 

T^t^ '». -^ species of jackal. 

^ vt. 4. P {pres. T^^fK) To 
covet, to desire, to strive 
after greedily, to long for. 

ml a. Lustful, libidinous. 
U m. The god of love. 

inar a. Greedy, covetous, 3T^- 
i|^^ #4^R.i.21. 

^P^ **• I Desire, greediness. 

n?Ia.(/.¥ir) Greedy, CO- 
vetous. II m. w^Avulture, 

^%m:K. Pr. iv.,It.xii. 
50, 54. CoMP. -;^ f». 
name of ft mountam near 
Rajagriha.-qRr, ^HT w. the 
lord of the vultures, an epi- 
thet of Jatdyu.-^^nr, ^rfSlff 
a. furnished with vulture 
feathers (as an arrow). 
T^f. lA COW which has 
""had only one c alf , a young 

cow, ^ HiT?^T^ q;g ^ 

fil^Mrich. HI., R.ii. 18.2 
(in composition with the 
names of other animals ) a 
young female animal, e. g. 
^TfHcTPTft': * a young she-ele- 
m I n. 1 A house, a 
habitation, a mansion, R. 
III. II, M. U. 34, III. 
83, IX. 89; 2 ft wife, e. g. 

g^iT^j 3 the inhabitants 
of a house; 4 ft sign of the 
zodiac; 5 a name, an appel- 
lation. II m, pi, 1 A house, 
a mansion, |% ^ ^x^: Mud. 
I. or fTiMIK vHMRHf^Jlitwr*^- 
^<0^w Megb. u. 12. 2 ft 

wife. CoMP.—MV «. a loop- 
hole, a round or oblong 
window. -^f^» t^i i^ 
m. 1 a householder; 2 » 
regent of * a sign of the 
zodiac. -M^rft^m. a house- 
holder. -Brii" wi* household 
affairs, any household mat- 
ter, nfT^f ifirrtci^^f ^' ^^' 

67. -BT»=ry n. a kind of sour 
gruel. -BT^^I?^ /. *^® 
threshold. -BnP^^ ^' * 
flat oblong stone upon 
which condiments are ground* 
-^^T^pr m. a garden attach- 
ed to a house, -B^nVT w* 
the order of a house-bolder, 
the second stage in the re- 
ligious life of '^ Bra'hmana. 
-iTWfij^TW. a househelden 
-gr^qm w. any domestic nui- i 

sance -^TT^rrT /I. ft domes- 
tic utensil, anything required 
for household purposes, 

^fTTfir* ^^ K- ^'' "• 
-flR«S^ w. the same as jfl^ ! 
^ q. V. -^rft?T, ^R^t^ «• • I 
tame domestic pigeon. -?|OT 
n. 1 household affairs; 2 1 
house -building. — ^A?[ *• 
household affairs. °^l^^'* 
domestic servant, ^^^^^ 

gf^4??niT: Bhartr. i.^l.-^" 
^ fw. domestic disunion.-5»T- 
^5|i m. a house builder, a ma- 
son, Yaj. III. 146.-Jg "»• 
a domestic cock. -%ri "' 
hou«»ehold affairs, M. v.150. | 
-^^ /. a house consisting 
of two rooms contiguous to 
each other but one facing 
west, the other east.-fW 
w. a familv secret or scandal 
-^, W?f m. ftflft^e J)0^ 
in the housc.-^n^JT/^ 
ceit,disguise. ^f^lftJixt* 
^gff^^ m. wise only mt^ 
house, I. e. ignotint, swps. 

Digitized by 



^fffi J. a tenace in front of 
tie hoose.-^nr vt a domestic 
Bhye -^'^THf I/. tli.» goddess 
of a house 11/. pL a class 
•f hoaschold deities. -^^^^ 
/. the threshold of a 
honse, zthtt ^^' H^ T^lf - 
^^tflHlH Mrich, I. -^r{ff n, 
wind,-'WfR>w. a wild pigeon. 
-4It »?. a sparrow .-q^ m, 
I a householder, a man in 
the second stage of life, who, 
ftfter haying completed his 
studies is married and settl- 
ed; 2 an adviser; 3 a sacri- 
ficeL-qny m, 2 the guardian 
of a house ; 2 a house-dog. 
-%IS|f m. the site of a habi- 
tataoiijihe ground on which 
it fliindd and which sur- 
rrands it.-i}%^ m. solemn 
aitfance into a house ac- 
cwdingto prescribed rites. 
-m m. a domestic ichneu- 
m6ii.-i(f^ M» a domestic 
offering to all creatures, to 
«apeniatural beings and to 
hooa^old (^ iitiee, M. ni. 

a sparrow, 41 ^ rf^^wf^:?^- 
jji^WUH^r^n Megh. I. 23, 

i ISI). o^inn'/. a deity to 
Wm a domestic oblation 

1 tf iilbred.-)if«T m. 1 one who 
6iiiYen from his house • 2 
tdesfceqping a house, break 
tn^btQ a house; 3 failure, 
ray ''or destruction of a 
tuOj; -^/ the site of a 

*<»«. -^mpf.^. prying "ito 

Stic affairs, causing 
quawds.-iff^ m. a 
-«npTOT/. a l>at. HJT 
] ***0g. -%vr w- la house- 
I ippr j^2 a domestic sacri- 
i householder, 
r R. L 7. {See 
a stick to 
, <Hl'j£leiiKQ occasions, 

flags are fastened, ^^^^^r\\- 

yKkqUr^PrffrfTT K. S. vi. 

41. -^^fiin'> m€t /. a gar- 
den near a houso. -i%tT m, 
the owner of a house. -^T^ 
a threshold. -^c|^ m. a dom 
estic parrot, one kept for 
pleasure, Am, S.lB.-^t^^RF 
»i. a house-builder by pro- 
fession, -f^ m, a house- 
holder, M. ni. 6], 78. See 

a householder. See ij^PTT. 

°>^ w. the duty of a house- 
^Jf^n^if m. A householder, 

(If^n^ is a wrong form of 

Uiis word). 
^[f?ng a. disposed to lay hold 

^1^/« A wife (generally 

in charge of the house), 

jit^t^iv fq-: Sak. iv., R. viii. 
67. CoMP. -<lf n. the 
position of the mistress of 
the house. 
^f^sf m. The master of a 
house, a householder, if)>fMc) 

41: Sak. IV, Sant. S.ii.24. 
1^ a. (/. cTT) 1 Taken, 
seized, ij^ fT %lt5 ??3^r 
\lfnTPfti^ Hit.; 2 accepted; 
3 obtained, attained; 4 
worn, ( j>p. of 5ni[ g. V. )• 
CoMP. — iPlt/. a pregrant 
woman. -f|^ a. 1 run away, 
dispersed; 2 disappeared, 
i|^rPKa. (/'ft) Who has 
comprehended ( with a loc.) 
e. g, Jpfffft ^5^3- 
T^la. (/.KIT) 1 To be 
attracted or pleased, yMifTf 
iT^ ^^^: Kir. ii. 5; 2 
belonging to a house; 3 
dependent; 4 domesticated; 
5 situated outside of, e. g. 
^PTijirf%;fT *an army out- 
side a village.' II m. 1 

The inmate of a house; 2 
a tame animal. Ill n. The 
anus. CoMP. — HPf »*• 
a sacred fire which it is in- 
cnmbent on every Bra'h- 
mana householder to keep. 

ijwT/ a village adjoining to 
a city. 

IT vt. 9. P (pjK qTo|';pr«*. ^pfT- 
frT)! T(» utter a sound, to call 
outjto invoke ;2 to announce, 
to proclaim, to speak, R. x, 
68; 3 to praise, to extol, %- 
(^W- Hl^Mrt^ ^^ Bg. XI. 
21, Bt. VIII. 77. With ot- 
to encourage, Bt. viii. 77. 

II vt. 6. P (pres. fSttfrt or f^- 
Hf^)l To swallow, to devour, 
to eat ; 2 to emit, or eject 
from the mouth. With «?- 
q-- ( in the Atm. ) to eat, 
to devour, fT^nrPK'TT^ f^- 
^Tr%qTF#%fT5 Bt. VIII. 
30. -^ to eject, to emit, 

to vomit, s'fSrral" ^r^t.^ 
qrf^5a^«rn%^ft»T^r7ir Bh. 
V. I. 11, R. XIV. 53, K. S. 
I. 88. f^-to swallow, to eat 
up, Bh. V. I. 88. ^^- 1 to 
swallow; 2 (in the, Atm. ) 
to promise, to make a vow. 
D. K.ii. ^TJf-lto throw 
out, to eject; 2 to cry aloud. 

III vt. 10. A (pres. ^\m^) 
To make known, to relate, 

TrjSF 1 m. A ball for playing 
thw J ^ith. ( Also n^). 
^ I a. (/. m) 1 One 
who sings, e. g, ^ m^'Wir: 
^t^^ S. K,; 2 to be 
sung. II n. A song, sing- 
ing, the art of singing, 

f^PTrTT Sis. II. 72, »mH*ld**" 
m Megh. II. 28, R. xv. 69, 

?|^rf. 1. A (pp.'^l^) To 
seek, to scarcn, to investi- 

t|f 11. A house, a habitation^ 

Digitized by 


M. II. 184, HI. 58. CoMP, 
itt^^Rn: o. bellowing at 
home only, i, e, a coward. 
)^7lff ^ a. sharp at home 
only, I. e. a coward, irffrf^ 
a. shouting defiance at 
home only, t. e. a coward. 
W^^f^J^ a. making water at 
home, i.e. indolent, ^^s^r^ 
m. a braggart, a boaster, ii^- 
fTj m. a house-hero, a car- 
itfii5!L«. (/ ^) The same as 

;jjj^^/. A wife, the mistress 
of the house, H^^m: f^^ 
fl^ H^ \m ^5^T Megh. 
II. 14. 

^ of, 1. P (i>2^. ^; p'««. 
?Tprf?r ) 1 To sing, to sing 
a song, T ^?%^^T^ TT^ M. 
IV. 64, or ?fis?TtITrqTTl%^ 
^ff^idlH . Sak. I.; 2 to 
speak in a singing man* 
ner; 3 to relate in metr- 
ical . lanfirua^e, e. g. iffrT- 
mm^^^ Ve. ii;4to 
irelate, to call, to describe, 
^*H^t^ ^^ K. S. II. 5. 
WiTK.«T5- to follow in 
singing, arjnnrr^ ^PlJ^- 
^^fPhRTPT^ Git. G. I. 8Tf- 
to censure, to blame.^f. 
to sing aloud, to sing in a 
high tone,^r^qrgp»mr Megh. 

B. II. 12. ^- to sing, to 
sing near , e.g. f^^THI^^^- 

qf^- to sing, to rehite, to 
describe. f%- to censure, to 
blame, to reproach, f^ffq% 

^^^firr^n^ Na. i. 79. 

'IfT «. (/. tt ) Coming from 
a mountain, mountain-bom. 

J>R<|i I c. (/. i|{> ) Mountain, 
bom. II m. n. Red chalk. 
Ill n. Gold. 

Ilf^ n. Bitumen. 

"^ I w. /. 1 The stars; 2 


the sky; 3 the thunder- 
bolt of Indra . 4 a ray of 
light ; 5 a diamond ; 6 
heaven. II /. 1 A cow, e, g. 

8, M. IV. 191 J 2 the earth; 
557rnt^ ^Wi R I. 26, 
Megh. I, 80, Bg. xv. 13 • 
3 a mother; 4 speech, the 
goddess of speech, fT^tfrt TT- 
j^rK^ f^rr: R. n. 59,- v. 
12 ; 5 a quarter of the com- 
pass ; 6 water (/)?.) ; 7 the 
eye 5 8 an arrow. Ill m, 1 
A bull, an ox, Miv. 72 j 2 
the hair of the body • 3 an 
organ of sense; 4 the sign 
Taurus of the zodiac ; 5 the 
sun ; 6 the number 'nine', 
( in math, ); 7 an arrow. 
CoMP.— Sfi^^ff m. w. 1 a 
road or spot trodden down 
by oxen and so made diffi- 
cult to pass ; 2 the cow's 
hoof } 3 the point of a cow's 
hoof;-«|j^ m. 1 a cow's ear; 
2 a mule • 3 a snake ; 4 
a span (from the tip of the 
thumb to that of the little 
finger ); 5 name of a place 
of pilgrimage in the South, 
sacred to S'iva, rVtT^FT^rt^^^- 
Hliiir^^l/'^^e Ba'rika' bird. 
-ftW» «<?Vw m. 1 a plough; 
2 a pestle, -j^ n. 1 a herd 
of kine, ffif^qrjt^'TljlTR^- 

^5^ 'nM'ni: Git. 6. iv, 

2 a cow-house; 3 name of a 
town (where Krishna was 
brought up), -fiffrsir «. 1 
one who does not help a cow 
in the mud; 2 squint-eyed 
-fT^ n. cowdung. -^ «. 
cow's milk, -ijn' /• a nail, 
-^jjpr/. a young cow which 
lias had only one calf. ^Jlrjpr 
n. a pair of oxen. -litS' »*. * 
cattle-shed, -iff^ m. 1 dried 
cow-dung; 2 a cow-house. 


«-i|f m. capturs of cattle. 
flRr »t. the ceremony of pre- 
senting a moutlif ul of grass 
to a cow when performing 
an expiatory rite. -^ ». 1 
rain-water; 2 clarified butter 
coming from a cow, — ^p^ 
n. a kind of sandalwood. 
-^^ I a. 1 grazed over by 
cattle; 2 frequenting or fre- 
quented, K. S. V. 77; 8 
within the range of,- ^^irft^ - 
spTf^lN H^cTT Bh. V. i. 
85; 4 moving on the earth; 
II m. 1 range of t»tde, 
pasturage, ^TTC?fT: gf^RlRr 
itr'^Tr^ Kir. IV. 10; 2 a dis- 
trict, a country; 3 rang« 
of the organs of sense, ml 
object of sense- (hence) 4 
power, influence, control, 

TC^f^W M. M. I.: S th« 
horizon.-'^pf^ n. 1 a cow's 
hide* 2 a particular measure 
of surface, thus define 1 fay 
Brihaspati: ^ ^f^ffg^ *^ 

^ m. an epithet of S'ivs. 
-^nC^K" «. a cowherd.-^ 
m. an old ox or bull.-nil 
w. the urine of a bull or oow, 
~^MlReh 71. auspiciousness. 
-9rw^ tn. an excellent bull 
or cow.-^^ n. a cowhoujw. 
-If I n. a cowpen; 2 family, 
race, lineage, M. m. 109, 
IX. 141 ;3 a name, an appel- 
lation, ^Tl *f f^H«*(^ ^tl^O Wt 
R. XIX. 24, HTfr^^ftRI*- 
* ^ l ^jJll^^HI Megh. II. 28; 
4 a multitude; 5 increase} S 
a forest; 7 a field ; 8 a road; 
9 wealth ; 10 an umbveHi^ 
a parasol : 11 knowledge of 
futurity. 12 a genus, a W8% 
II m*a mountain. ^^nfJIC 
the earth« ^ a. bom in 4fe 
same foimily, agnatic, Tfff* 

Digitized by 



u. 135. ^^ m. a geneologi- 
Cftl table, a pedigree. ^1^ 
w. an epithet of Indra, jfpr- 
ft^'^W^: B. ui. 53, VI. 
73, K. S. II. 52. *^t^H»f, 
*^P5f^j?r w. calling by a 
wiongname, TtT »fpr^Wft- 

S^yf^ ^ K. S. IV. 8, iprrr^ 

^lit^foS ^ in" T rR Na. I. 
30 .-^rr/ 1 a multitude of 
cows ; 2 the earth .-^ n. 
a yellow orpiment.HfT/. the 
river Godavari.-^PI' n. 1 
ihe gift of a cow ; 2 the 
ceremony of tonsure or cut- 
ting the hair, anr^^Pf- 
ftiMrarj; R. HI. 83, f^%- 
^R*nr. Ut. I. ^e^ WfT.- 

fn^«.la plough ; 2 a spade, 
• ioe.Hjprfl'/. » river of that 
QAine m the South, -jf, w 
«. a cowherd.— ^t^ m. 1 the 
Bulking of co^S;2 a cow's 
inilk ; 3 the time of milk- 
ing cow8.-f|f3T n. 1 the 
time when cows are milked ; 
8 the milking of cows.-^- 
sft / a milk-pail.-f^ »». the 
nrine of a bull or cow.->^ 
8. A herd or multitude of 
e9ws.-i^ m. a mountain .- 
^> W ffi, 1 wheat, M. v. 
w;2the orange.-igf^iii. 
thtt time when cows raise 
op the dust of the earth 
*^ retoming home, i. e, 
trenmg twilight.-^ m. a 
imkh cow with a calt-VT ^> 
t aountain.-#^ /. the 
tircim bird.-;n^ m. 1 the 
htiui cmne ; 2 name of 
^ ttmatry.-4n(f^ m, an epi- 
Aet of Patanjali, the 
l«Al»r i£ the Mah&bh&shya. 
*^ «|f9 m. X a kind of 
Ml»)2akind of gem.-<nt|' 
«»la boll ; 2 an owner of 
NH^I 9 an owner of kine.- 
Lnln9i*a4dwliard.-p|tl[f m. 

1 a cowherd considered as 
belonging to a mixed tribe, 
fffTt^W ft^: Megh. x. 16; 

2 the chief of a cowpen ; 3 
the superintendent of a 
village; 4 a king. ^^MUlBfr, 
^ftr, "f ^ m. the chief of 
herdsmen, an epithet of 
Krishna. ^^ m. the betelnut 
tree. °^/ a cowherd's wife. 
^'•Pljfi'/. the youthful wife 
of a cowherd, 'fpn>jit5^tT- 
^f^pT Bh. P.-^ in, l*an 
owner of cows ; 2 a bull ; 3 
a leader, a chief; 4 the sun ; 
5 an epithet of Indra * 6 of 
S'iva ; 7 of Krishna • 8 a 
king.-q^m. a sacrificial cow. 
-qi^r^ /. a curved beam 
which supports a thatch.-qj- 
FT m. 1 a cowherd;2 a king; 3 
an epithet of Krishna. ^^iT'ft 
/. a cowshed.-cfp'Rr 'w, 1 a 
cowherd • 2 an epithet of 
S'iva.-qxi^^fn*, qrrtt /, the 
wife of a cowberd.-^ft^f m, 
a species of wagtail. -J^s I 
n. a cow's tail; II m. la 
sort of monkey ; 2 a sort 
of necklace, one of two or 
four or thirty-four strings .- 
^H^ n. bust of S'iva's bull. 
-^ n. 1 a town-gate ; 2 a 
principal gate ; 3 the orna- 
mental gateway of a temple, 

-^(t^ n. cowdung.-ipKnr «• 
a superior cow or bull.-jr^n! 
m. place where cattle graze, 
pasturage for cows or oxen, 
Yaj. u. 166.-iy^m. the 
time when cows return 
home, I. e. evening twilight, 
-^m. a mountain.-«rf|r«fiT 
/. a gadfly .-4^?^ n. 1 the 
globe ; 2 a multitude of 
cows.-ii?ta. rich in cattle.- 
iflf n. the same as q*q|^ 
q. r.-«Rffjpirr/. a tractable 
and good cow.-4f^/. name 
of a river«««iq' m. a cowherd. 

-inr «t. n. cowdung, M. in^ 
206. °ftnrt TiW n. a mush- 
room, a fungus .-lira* n. beef, 
-inj III. 1 a kind of frog ; 2 
a jackal, ^Tjig^ ^^^^ ^ 

ft 'fi'ngipnPf^^ Sis. xvi, 

25f 3 name of a Gandharva^ 
-Rn? w.lan owner of cattle* 

2 a jackal . 3 a worshipper^ 
a devotee.-^|C|' I nt. n. a kinj 
of musical instrument, Bg« 
I. 13. II m. 1 a crocodile, « 
shark ; 2 a hole of a partie 
cular shape in a wall mad» 
by thieves. Ill n. 1 a houa- 
built unevenly ; 2 a cloth- 
bag containing a rosary .-^- 
f^ /. a clothbag containing 
a rosary .-JUS* a. stupid as an 
ox.-{[ir w. cow's urine.-^ 
m. a kind of ox (ir^)..^ 
m, a gem brought from the 
Himalaya and the indua 
describeid as. of four varie- 
ties: — ^white, pale-yellow^ 
red and dark-blue.-«n<f n. a 
carriage drawn by oxen.^fiff 
«n. 1 a cowherd ; 2 tho 
orange ; 3 keeping or tend* 
ing cattle .h[^ m. la water- 
fowl ; 2 a prisoner ; 3 A 
naked man, one wandering 
about without clothes.-^ 
m. 1 cow's milk . 2 curds ^ 

3 buttermilk. ^ n. butter* 
milk.-^CHT m. a superior bull* 
^^ n. a measure of distance 
equal to two koss.-nft^W,. 
XXUf. the Ba'rika! bird.-^- 
m /. a bright yellow pigment 
prepared from the urine or 
bile of a cow. -tT^f^ n, a 
measure of salt given to a 
cow. H4lj|Ht Hl^ff w. a 
kind of monkey with a red 
face and dark body, M. M- 
IX. -fJrtt /• a prostitute^ 
-.^p^ m. a calf. o9|f^ m. % 
wolf. -^t$ir m. a (Dclebratel 
hill in^the countrjr about 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

M. H. 184, m, 58. Comp. 
^ itt^ Rg^ o. bellowing at 
home only, i. e, a coward. 
fi^^lTl^ g a. sharp at home 
only, i.\ a coward. ^lt^f^*i 
a. shouting defiance at 
home only, t. e. a coward.