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Quit Ye Like Men, be 
Strong. Let all your deeds 
be done in charity. 


10 Masters 


20 Leadership Camp 
24 Terry Fox Run 
26 Homecoming 
28 Cross Country Run 
30 Halloween 




32 Soccer 

38 Cross Country 

40 Football 

46 Volleyball 




St. Andrew's Day Dinner 
Carol Service 
Language Festival 
Peter Hillary Visit 
Macpherson Tournament 
Ski Day 
Semi Formals 
Importance of Being Earnest 
Staff-Student B-ball Game 

69 Cadet Awards 


70 Hockey 
74 Basketball 
78 Swimming 

80 Skiing 

81 House League 

82 Squash 



92 Rugby 

96 Track and Field 

98 Badminton 

100 Tennis 

102 Lacrosse 

104 Softball 

105 Table Tennis 



172 DECA 

174 Christian Fellowship 

176 Bands 

178 Duke of Edinbourough 

180 Community Service 

182 Outreach 

184 Debating 









18B Church Parade 

189 Headmaster's Parade 

190 Inspection 
192 Trips/Events 


162 Memorial 



Published in Canada Printed in USA 

86 Track and Field 
88 Focus 

168 Laidlaw 




• ••r -• 

very summer, prior to the beginning of the school year, the Prefects and I meet to discuss 
potential themes for the year. The concept is not unique to St. Andrew's College; many 
schools, businesses and other organizations identify one particular issue to serve as a unifying theme for 
all activities throughout the year. 

Over the past three years, we have selected as themes, our Centennial year's activities. Pride and Integ rety. 
They have all been effective in emphasizing the school's Honour and Conduct Codes and bolstering morale. 

This year's theme is Respect , a principle that figures prominently in our unique Andrean community. Since 
the Opening Academic Assembly, we have emphasized this important quality and insisted that all members of 
the school community be treated with the utmost respect and diginity. 

Insults, disrespect and other hurtful acts disrupt learning and teaching. All of us at S.A.C have a 
responsibility to maintain an environment where conflicts and differences can be addressed in a manner 
characterized by respect and civility. 

St. Andrew's College is a unique educational environment. It is a residential and day school consisting of 
260 boarders and 285 day boys. The boarders come from 25 countries, many of which practice customs vastly 
different from Canada. On a daily basis, respect for the different religions and cultures that exist within our 
student body is necessary and expected. 

Throughout the pages of this splendid publication you will see members of the Andrean community 
interacting in harmony. It is a tribute to the efforts of our parents, teachers and students who have such mutual 
respect for one another and made the 2001/2002 school year such a memorable one. 

-Ted Staunton, Headmster. 


I 1 ZM 

■ve it to get it, 





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^ \N 



Mike Fauids 

Dana Stewart 

Oliver Radley-Smitr^^Roger Kim 

Alex Chow 

Jason Lau 


Jae Hee 

Derek Toms 

Mr. S. Kimmerer 

rs. R. Berman 

Brian Lin 

Joseph Le 

Mike Lin 

Spenae Berma" 

• y - T -' *" IfcMtfJjTjfcyLillglllglJ'lrl'l' 1 ''- 

lub met after cadet|«^Lrhursdays ana was. for the most part, t 

■ . rjccument! Scanned ar.o ioried others and wrote articles Mike Lin and Derek To 
inten ■ ■)(•■• 

Wilkes, whose photo al pari of Ihte book. Mrs. Randi Berman s< 

matemityHeave. H wouldn't have I wtthpuT-Ker ipvoivemerfl Thank: 

ot! My appreciation of what those **w went a head of me accompli 
and commitment needed by the staff ad n&k to create a documeet like ihi-.. fo Randi Diane Ausiti 

Mr. Staunton, and Ms. Phillips for gi /incj me Ibe oppoflMnity to lest myself with this enorrnous eh'aUt & Mr. Walde 

of leviry down in the/IUBf/eon l< I4he-Ladies Guild who rarne thro 

Ihanks to my //if'. ; rid sons for Iheir undersiahdiRCj and support. I ■ ' - S. Kimmerer 






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The Managemen 

Sitting;Director of Administration- Gregory Dominato, Director of Middleschool - Michael Hansorl, Director 
of Communication -Struan Robertson, Director of Development - Jim Herder, Executive Assistant- Gayle 
Petri. Standing;Director Of Athletics - Gregory Reid, Headmaster - Ted Staunton, Director of Academic 
Studies and Director of the Upper School - Angela Phillips, Assistant Headmaster ^Joh n Walden. Missing 
- Director of Finance and Operations- Beth McKay. Director of AdmisJWhs- Au 


:eptionist - Dorothy Egnatis, Executive Assis- 
t - Gayle Petri, Administration Assistant - 
/endy Muratoff, Receptionist - Mirella Farrar 

Accounts Recievable- Julie Lamb, Administrative Assistant -Sherrill Toombs, 
Accounts Payable - Corrie Richardson, Director of Finance and Operations - 
Beth McKay 


\ PUS 

. i 

ity Counselling 

Assistant - Michelle Mix, Head of University Councelling - 
The Rev. Robert Arril, University Councellor - Stuart Swan 

Development ana Alumni 

Sitting; Development Officers - Sarah Dame and Michael Roy. 
Standing; Archivist- Ken Ryan, Director of Development - Jim Herder, 
Assistants- Sandra Scott, Edna Collins and Carrie Praught. 

(ianFarazfar, Ian Maso 

Ron O'Hare 

Sandra Weir, Mary Naoum 

Terry Kerr, Roger Routledge, John Butt and Richard Dowell 

Nancy Urena 

Karen Chamberlain, Hani Othman 

Jack Pantalone, Roland Leclair, Dieter Boehmker Nancy Shan 


Arthur Wenk 

Nick Tsioros David Stewart 

Al Dunford 

Daniel Reid 

David Josselyn 

William Scoular 

James Livingston 

Paul Bedard 

David Dawson 

Stephen Wilkin and friend 

Ben Kitagawa 

Mark Service 

Michael Ruscitti 

dam Brander - Adam was a less vocal member of the group, but, by his presence, he 

'provided support and encouragement to all. He continually insists that he is HUGE and that 

he weighs in at nearly 200lbs and counting. Although we're still awaiting the monumental 

moment when he utters his first word at a Prefect meeting his presence is nonetheless 

always felt. Adam is more than willing to do the little petty jobs that are often forgotten about 

and many times taken for granted. Michael Charlebois - Mike is known as the 

weight room prefect. You could say that Mike is the prefect who can represent almost every 

aspect of St. Andrew's. He's been in MacHouse, Laidlaw, Smith, Ramsey and Memorial House 

during his tenure as member of the 7 year club. He's all about keeping the traditions alive. That, 

and constantly running to the beer store for the after party kegs that everyone loves so much! 

Andrew Cronin - Andrew took on the role of the audio/video Prefect. He tried to be a true director 

in every sense of the word. His infamous mug mix up at Homecoming after party was a "small" 

mistake. We still don't understand how he was named Mr. Valentino at Havergal or why we never 

mind girls talking to him. Not including Jimmy and the St. Mildred's girls of course! Saying this, 

there is a lot about Andrew we don't quite understand. For the last time Andrew it's "DJ Starting 

from Scratch". He never let us forget the task at hand was to " Promote! Promote! Promote!" 

Graydon Stock - The leader of the Prefect 
body, took control immediately from day one. 
He would often give us insight on pressing 
matters by asking, "Well what do you guys 

Nick Weedon - We all thank 
Weedo dearly for sacrificing 
his fine tuned automobile to 
the Homecoming Pep Rally 
festivities. He described his 
work as a Prefect as "The 
most exhausting yet most 
enjoyable time of St. 
Andrew's". He was the one to 
always remind us how the 
position of Prefect at St. 
Andrew's is truly rewarding. 
He was a little more educated 
and prepared coming into the 
job because of the 
experience of his brother. 
This helped us early on to 
know what to expect. Over 
the course of the year though 
he never left one meeting 
without getting in a long and 
drawn out argument. While 
other Prefects enjoyed the 
social relations with their 
respective female schools, 
Nick was the "cleanup" 
Prefect and never let this fact 
be forgotten. 

Prefect COITIITient 

DJ Bennett - The man responsible for bringing Baby 

Jimmy Healey- was one of the many "special" Prefects we had this year. 
Representing the most eastern province in Canada, he brought his own 
uniqueness to the group. He worked well as a team to make sure the job was 

Blue to SAC. If anybody is interested, he wants it to be . • u* ■< ■■ 

, u. .... unu .-a x, ■ u- ,*u done right. If Jimmy wasnt co-ordinating with the dining hall for the upcominq 

known that he still has left over flyers in his room. It has . . ,. .... , .. *«....,, 

u _i u. * u ■ <j /«,■ ^, v u ., Semi he was usually wooing all the ladies at St.Mildreds. However in the end 

been rumoured that his Mom (Miss Ceo) has done . . . . . , ' , . . 

__- . , t . . . ' , . ' „ . his dashing good looks seemed to have no effect on them. 
more Prefect work than he has and subsequently has _.~ _ i . _ _. , . „ , , , , , 

contiscatedhisPrefecttie. But despite this he managed Charles-Et.enne Bergeron - Cnuc/cy /s fne steady hand of the 

to claim the Mr. BSS title bringing it home to SAC for the group as hls concentr ^on from sharp shooting crosses over into his Prefect 
third consecutive year duties. He has the un-teachable, God given talent of ordering good pizza for 

Peter McClelland - to date has shown up to every after-parties. The French phenomenon sniped many problems encountered 
Prefect event wearing the same hat. He is proud to by the prefects this year - He most im P ressed the "HENGLISH" people with 
sav that he went to rhanel more as a Prefert than his "sock" choreography on a cold September night. The frog was last seen 

n riding a yellow bus Dave Jossylyn - Early on in the year Dr.J made our 
mission clear, "Don't piss off administration. Don't lose money." 
Throughout the year J-Dawg was the man to always keep us on track, 
and thinking of the task ahead. You kept our heads screwed on when we 
got out of control. We benefited from his presence in meetings and at 
events because he always kept us on a even keel, not letting us get to 
high or too low in any certain situatiodo/in Ross Lennox — J.R. immedi- 
ately assumed the role as the chapel prefect. His attendance early 
in the morning was always a constant unlike the rest of the 

Gideon went to school as a Prefect. 











ue start 
morning i 
the end of th. 
under the tutei 
Prefect partner* 

cadet inspection. Frdhrthat point until 
wol year the Prefects in training were 
i of the 2000/01 squad. With every new 
Prefect partnerMl wkh a Prefect off he previous class they 
were granted tie osoprtunitv^ learn the ropes while 
lessening their loadjjfrthe fofn%l Taking this knowledge 
into their summer dealings, the Prefects worked hard to 
ensure that the 20001/02 school year was a successful and 
unprecedentedjone. Dubbed "the people's Prefects" ever 
single Prefect4iad a vastly different personality and sli 
set but their cohesiveness and ability to gel made then\ 
highly effeq^ WttL fun to De around group. 

Jordan Dudley- Humbly known as 
the "balloon" Prefect. For more 
reasons then one. Among other 
thinks he has left a long lasting 
impression on the benefits of cut off 
T-shirts and snapping pictures at 
the right time. His inspirational, "Let's 
go boys" war chant was often heard 
at prefect functions. His Scottish 
heritage added to his eagerness to 
don kilts at any time or place. The 
leadership and organization he 
learned as a Prefect will bode well 
as he moves on to be a commercial 
pilot in the future. His song and 
dance routine at the Mr. BSS contest 
will never be forgotten. 
~ames Gideon Fortunately, James' 
egacy was not left as the man 
ringing the Prefect average down, 
was left as the liaison to Leighton 
After parties. He often became 
enraged at the thought of organising 
an event with Branksome. To James' 
credit he set up more dances than 
he scored goals this year. This is 
impressive when you consider he 
called his prefect liaison at 
Branksome less than the number of 
free kicks he missed. Not to mention 
how badly James let us down at the 
Mr. Valentino contest. 
rian Lin - Being the youngest of the group, 
Brian brought a whole new perspective to the 
prefect body. Although not the finance Prefect, 
Brian was known to advocate for anything 
and everything that would cut expenditures. 
He is normally tame in nature however he is 
still recovering from the after effects of the 
Chinese New Year Celebration and the 
summer Prefect weekend activities. 

il Jbnday, September 10th, the whole school traveled to four different camps, to participate in leadership 
I Viand co-operative building challenges. High ropes, low ropes, "the wall" and canoeing all helped develop 
confidence and cohesion and allowed our senior students to demonstrate and practice leadership skills. While 
all enjoyed this worthwhile endeavor in camps Bark Lake, Muskoka Lakes, Wanakita and Couch iching we 
will always remember where we were September 1 1 th , 2001. Everyone was affected to some degree by the 
events that took place in New York City and perhaps being with friends, peers and colleagues helped just a 





success. It was held in conjunction with a Red & White Spirit 

Day so all students and staff were dressed in their finest school 


colours. There was almost one hundred percent participation in 

the run this year among members of the immediate Andrean 

Community. As a result, a cheque for ^J )| )( [ ^ 

was sent to the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research. 



T#5 r < 

4f s 


r~ "— .r* 


^ x.^^3^^ %^A 







liU-i'/-!:lm^![']llL^^'lUlliI , kLlLE 

nother smashing success starting with the tre„ 
J the only thing that did not disappoint. Only one of the 13 teams in action was defeated and for all the old boys in attendance 
there was a wide range of spirited sporting events to watch from soccer, volleyball,and football from the U-12to the Varsity team 
level. The Ladies' Guild showed their true colours as they sold snacks, clothes and crafts and offered face painting to the 
younger members of the community. A nearby dunk tank added to the fun with the schools "favourite " teachers learning how 
accurate the boys' arms were. At night the action didn t stop as a record 1,000 plus people attended the Homecoming dance. 
The large crowd made up mostly of girls was attracted by a mixture of the Survivor (Outwit, Outplay, Outgrind) theme and MCA 
recording group Baby Blue Soundcrew's first ever high school appearance ever. All in all, the 2001 Highlanders Homecoming 
served as another great showcase to the Old boys, parents, and friends of the college how the current student body doesn 't 
lack in athletic excellence and school spirit, not to mention a true sense of fun. 



1 1 Wins, 1 Tie, 1 Loss 

j 1 1 % " 

?>!ir#** ; j 

1 ['■■ 



Ryan Miller and Mr. Dominato keeping a 
watchful eye on the run from the rear. Brad Smith, Joe Rothwell, and 

Mr.Bedard smiling about a great race. 

Peter McClelland accepting the Cross Country Run 
trophy from Mr. Walden for being this years winner. 

I This years Cross Country Run was a huge success, with a 
record number of participants. Peter McClelland was the 
winner for the Upper School and Scott Harris for the Middle 
School. Both winners won respectively, but not without 
some great competition. Overall it was a fun day enjoyed by 

Oliver Radley-Smith and Jordan Dudley 
stretching for the big run. 

Scott Lennox working hard to catch up to David Nudds. 

*1 ; ci~^ Vi 

And they're off!!! 

Upper School Results 

1. Peter McClelland Ramsey 

2. Gordon Hunter Memorial 

3. Bradley Downey Flavelle 

House Results 



2. Ramsey 


3. Smith 


4. Memorial 




6. Flavelle 


The Upper School Students 
waiting for the start of the 
2001 Cross Country Run. 

Last years winner Jay Smith passing over the 
trophy to this years winner Scott Harris. 

Middle School 

1. Scott Harris Douglas 

2. Carson Nimmo Wallace 

3. Matthew Suddaby Montrose 

Clan Results 

1. Wallace 


2. Bruce 


3. Montrose 


4. Douglas 






Ihis Halloween was one of the mi 
exciting days of the school year. Stu 
I dents of all ages participated in tr 
costume contest. Boys were also able to te: 
heir hunting skills as they took part i 
Where is Waldo?"' Contest. Later tlu 
ing the residents in Flavelle constructe 
a haunted house on the first floor, which wa 
visited by students from Mac house and staf 
children. All money raised from the costume 
Miated to the United Way. 


Winners of Costume 
First - Tarek Merch^.. 
Second - Sebastien M 
Third - Alessandro Lun 


Winner of the Middle School Pumpkin Carving Con 

Mr. Ruscittis Grade 8 class Homeroom Class 



Combining league, play-off, CAIS and other tournament play over the past 4 years 
Soccer recorded 60 wins, 8 losses and 4 ties! These statistics attest to the dedica- 
tion, commitment and skills of the players who have played on this team in the 
past, in the present and who will return next year. Outstanding seasons were 
experienced by Liam Farrell, Scott Simmons, and Tyler Smith. In the MIP category, 
rookies Chris Yule and Patrick McGrath were strong candidates but the award ended 
up going to a player who when faced with being cut, rose to the challenge and earned 
a starting position by the end of the season, Dana Stewart. 

There were several excellent candidates for MVP this season including Captain James 
Gideon who was an excellent leader and a force to be reckoned with in mid-field; Goalie 
Adam Guy was commanding and skillful and Tim Thwaites who was effective at 
neutralizing quick attacks. However, the MVP, as chosen by the team and players was 
someone who would have been equally effective up front as he was in defense, Nick 

Figuratively speaking, First Football and First Soccer have stood shoulder to shoulder 
over the past few years in their Championship bids. With our Championship season 
over, it was a genuine pleasure for Mr. Marshall, Mr Jones, and the rest of the team to 
participate fully as spectators in support of First Footballs OFFSA victory. We 
congratulate the coaches and team on a spectacular season! 
Finally, Mr. Jones and Mr. Marshall would like to thank all our players and fans for their 
commitment and support in our ongoing quest for excellence. - Mr. M. Jones Esq. 



Back Row: Roger Kim, Sung-Hung Lee, Warren Chang, Brian Grant, Jose Uribe, Nick Tsioros. 
Middle: Mr. T. Paolini Esq, Ryan Foreman, Zoheb Saleem, Alejandro Lopez De Silane, Freddy Kane, Marshall Doyle. 
Front: Joesph Leung, Anatole Loor, Matthew Posa, Chris Lee, Alan Bean, Alessandero Lupo. 

I want to thank and pay tribute to the 18 players who played 
Tier II Soccer this year, because even though we didn't win any 
championships or tournaments, I had a team full of talented and 
enthusiastic players, and I had a rewarding time working with them. 
We play in a league with 1 2 teams, and our primary goal for the season 
was to earn enough points to make it to the playoffs at the end. 
We started the season badly. After four games we had lost 3 (two of them 
by one goal), and tied 1 . Despite playing well, often dominating the game, 
we had a hard time finding the net. We had to make changes, and we 
adopted a 2-5-3 line-up, with 2 strikers, 5 midfielders and 3 men on 
defence. It' s not easy to score a goal, and this way we were trying to take 
advantage of the one striker on our team who was scoring consistently, 
by creating lots of scoring chances for him. The strategy paid off. 
Our next game was against Albert College ranked 1 " while we sat at 5 lh . 
Who would you bet on? We beat them 4-2, in the game that would prove 
to be one of the highlights of the season. 

To clinch the last playoff spot we had to win one more game, this time 
against Lakefield. We went there and beat them 2-0. despite missing 2 
penalty shots. We then played a tune-up exhibition game against Holy 
Trinity, who were ranked 1 ■ in the other division. We beat them 2- 1 . 
Having qualified for the play-offs we faced TCS in the first round. They 
were ranked 2 nd to our 5'\ in what was supposed to be an easy game for 
them. However we knew we could beat them. We took an early lead, but 
at the end of regulation time the game was tied 1 - 1 . After half-an-hour of 
sudden-death play, the score was still tied, so we faced the dreaded 
penalty shoot-out, ... which we lost, and with that our season ended. 

-Mr. T. Paolini 



Jeffery Williams 


Alexey Altshuller 

Back Row: Sean Gill, Kevin Han, Ricardo Tinajero, Andrew dimming (Capt), Dennis Wong, Simon Lay, Eugene Ryu, 
Middle Row: Esq; Brain McCue, Andrew Carnovale, Jeffery Williams, Junyan Boon, George Nozuka, Brendon 
O'Dwyer; J. Clements Esq. 
Front Row: Jason Kim, Alex McNeil, Alexey Altshuller, Mark Gupta, Christopher Attard, Duncan Kluwak. 

The Under 1 6 Soccer Team had a tremendously successful season, playing 
first in the division. Team Captain Andrew dimming lead the team off with 
6 consecutive wins including a 3-2 win against UCC at their Homecoming. A 
turn of bad luck hit with unfortunate 4-3 losses to CDS and to Ridley College 
however the team rebounded to beat Ridley by the same score the following 
week.The most entertaining match was most certainly the game at St John's 
Ki lniamock. Within lOminutes the field was puremudateitherendand the game 
resembled dodge ball rather than soccer. A 2- 1 victory for us. The highlight of 
the season was definitely the final game of the regular season against Appleby 
Col lege who were leading the Division going into the game. The teams were well 
matched however we kept control of the ball and were ahead 3-2 going into the 
final minutes of the game. The last ten minutes with Appleby down one goal 
brought on a barrage against our defence like no other. Spectacular saves by 
Goalkeeper AlexeiAltschullerandastrong defence leadbyBrendonO'Dwyer 
kept the ball out of the net.The semi-final game brought us back against ourrivals 
UCC. We were the clear favourites and were confident that we would see this 
through and be facing St Mikes in the finals. However, try after try . goalpost after 
goalpost, the ball would simply not go in the net. We had possession of the ball 
for the majority of the game but the UCC team spotted an opportunity and popped 
one in our net. We put the pressure on as best we could but found ourselves down 
1-0 at the end of the day, ending our season one game short of the league 
championship match.Nevertheless we had great fun throughout the season and 
shared good times in practice and on the road. 

Our solid defence kept us going through many situations thanks to the effon M>f 
Brendon O'Dwyer, Junyan Boon, Duncan Kluwak, Chris Attard and Dennis 
Wong. AlexeiAltshcullerand Jordan Cyr were both on fire keepingthe bailout 
of the net and saving the day on numerous i "TWflW 

-Mr. Clements 

This year's U12 soccer team was nicknamed the "brother team" because you could 
find a Ratansi, Si . Tozzi, Lebar, Hanson, Del Zotto and Bean on it. Hammi "I'm 
on fire" surprised all with his goals when he was let out of his cage. This year's team 
had 53 goals for and 10 against. The leading goal scorers were Adam Lebar and Jon 



Taylor Walker 


Jamie Walker 


Back Row: Josh Hanson. Devon Bean, Dylan Baker. Adel Ratandsi. 
Peter Giotanich, Jon Tozzi, Jamie Walker 

Front Row: Adrian Eng, Hamilton Petropoulos, Taylor Walker, Jon 
Si, Mitch Lebar, Mrs. Picerno Esq. 

Our under 13 soccer team came a long way this year. U13 soccer is looked upon 
by many school has the first team of the middle school, as there is a Canadian 
tournament hosted every year. This year we were privileged to go to Hamilton. Our team 
held their own and after a disappointing loss, loosing in a shoot out in the semi-final game, 
we finished third in the country. After such an exciting tournament we still had to finish 
our season, and at a time when they could have let the season just run them over, they 
picked up their game and kept on playing some of the best soccer I'd seen all year. 




Robbie Kaptyn 


Anton Bennett 

Back Row: Raymond Tung, Ola Ojo, Jesse-Ross Cohen, 

Anton Bennett, Pierce Cassidy, Matthew Halloran 

Middle Row: Ben Udashkin. Wesley Tiller. Logan Hurst, 

Arthur Wong, Tony Lau 

Front Row: Nick Leslie, Chad Davis. Robbie Kaptyn, 

Alejandro Ortiz, David Kanhai, Joey Burke, Carrie Hughes 

McGuinness Esq. 


This year's I' 14 crew proved U> be a dedicated group of hard working boys, which 
included many of those disappointed players from last year's U13 squad who never won 
a game all season. Fortunately, their perseverance paid off. At U 14 we enjoyed great success. 
winning most of our games and showing great improvement at all positions. In closing. Coach 
Kyle would like to thank all his players lor their great support and efforts this past term. 


Mark Hanson 


Justin Lemieux-Reale 

Back Row: Graham Thompson. Scotty Johnstone. Mark Hanson, 
Matthew Suddaby. Jose Salas, David Kyle Esq. 
Middle Row: Andrew Conrad. Robert Iaccino. Erik Lebar. 
Blake Muir, Javo Obregon. Sandy MacKay. Michael Greco 
Front Row: Thijs Maaskant. Dylan Edminson. Paul Ross. 
Diego Morales. Justin LeMieux-Reale. Lennon Sweeting. 


Due to our late resurgence at the end of the season, we ended up first in our division and 
received a bye directly into the semi-finals with the tournament played on our home field. 
Our first game was against a very aggressive team from Appleby College, we ended up winning 
2-0. This of course gave us a birth in the finals, pitting us against our arch-nemesis Ridley 
College in a rematch of last year's championship game. Through fearless defensive play, and 
incredible pressure up front we defeated Ridley 3-0 to repeat as the decisive LU5 soccer 

Back Row: Austin Smith. Eric Tozzi, Robbie James. ^^^^J 

Santiago Mijares 

Middle Row: Morgan Lin, David Del /.otto, Chris Bromley. Alex 

Kaptyn, Adam Bucci, Sinclair Bean. Jamie Inglis Esq.. 

Front Row: Eric Bornstein, Alex Bacardi. Faisal Ratansi. Matt 

Donko, Sean Jolly. George Si. Rahim Danji. 


Faisal Ratansi 


Eric Tozzi 


U pper School 

toss Country 

Front Row: Mr. R. Perrier, Esq. Alex Bacardi, Adam Zoratto, Armen Khajetoorian, David 

Zhou. Austin Jones. Mr. A. Wenk, Esq. ^^k 

Middle Row: Chris Young, Jared Leslie, Ravel Li, Geoffrey Delean, Alex Clavert, Mr. N. 

Tsioros, Esq. 

Back Row: Mervyn Frame, Brad Downey, Gordon Hunter 

Senior MVP - 
Peter McClelland 

Junior MVP - 
Gordon Hunter 

Senior MIP • 
Ian Wright 

Junior MIP 
Ravel Li 

Middle Scb 


Cross Country 

Front Row: Ms. A. Carpenter, Esq. Matthew Browning, Michael Nourdici, Tyler King, 

Trevor Jackson, Henry Liu, Mr. A. Wenk, Esq. 

Back Row: Mr. R. Perrier, Esq. Matthew Langer, Luis Meneses, Adrian Bruno, Alberto 


The men of the cross country team endured windy, wet, and cold weather to 
run the best races of their season. All three teams, midget, junior, and senior, 
were successful at finishing second in their divisions and earning a birth to the 
OFSAA Cross Country Championships in Ottawa. 

The teams also managed to finish second overall at the championship. This was 
accomplished without a womens component to our school's total. 

The places are as follows: 
Midget Boys 

Junior Boys 
Gord Hunter 
Brad Downey 
Geoff Delean 

Ravel Li 

Jay Smith 15 

Chris young 21 

Matt Birarda 44 

Kevin Dong 59 

Austin Jones 74 

Alex Calvert 84 

Jared Leslie 

Those in bold are OFSAA qualifiers. 

Senior Boys 

2 Peter McClelland 
7 Ian Wright 
9 Mervyn Frame 

3 David Zhou 
Armen Kajetoorian 

Midget MVP 
Jay Smith 

lidget MIP 
Kevin Dong 


Before the semi-final game of the Golden Horseshoe Bowl rounds against St. Mike's, I told the players in the dressing room that I was already proud of 
our accomplishments this season. But even more importantly that each one of them completely represented what I had in mind when I created our motto SILVER. 
Strength: In believing in themselves and their team mates. Integrity: With strong character and honest efforts. Loyalty: To our school and our team. 
Valour: Confronting challenges with determination and heart. Energy: In every single game but particularly at every practice. Respect: Their team mates, their 
opponents and the game. 

I am so proud of everyone of them and my memory of this First Team will be of the character and determination I witnessed as they practised like champions and 
always rose to the challenge that lay ahead each and every week. What can I say more than our undefeated 10-0 record, CISAA championship and Golden Horseshoe 
Bowl championship. 

A special thank you to our five team captains who did the job they needed to do: D.J. Bennett, Jordan Dudley, Michael Faulds, J.R.Lennox and Brad Smith. Thanks 
als# to: Mr. Kitagawa. Mr. Rush, Mr. Shields and Mr. Shrimpton for the passion they have in our players and the game we all love! ! I appreciate their commitment 
to the program and to the extra-long prep hours this sport requires. To Mrs. Perrier for all she does for us 24-7. Your help and support is truly appreciated from all 
of the players and coaches. To Mr. O' Hare who has been an incredible asset to our team on and off the field- his taping, his magic in healing those who were injured 
and his presence on the field on game day. And finally, I would like thank all of you. the teachers, support staff and of course the students for your outstanding support 
this season and especially during Golden Horseshoe Bowl final game played on St. Andrew's Day at Sky Dome. 

A number of players have made incredible progress as football players in their first year on the team. This year's recipient showed great grit and determination 
in learning his position. As coaches, every time we looked at film we couldn't believe the impact he had on the game. This year's MIP is David Amadori! 

Three players were nominated for the MVP award by their peers. Brad Smith. His kicking was excellent all season long and Brad made many key catches this 
season (1400 yards) and score a remarkable 21 TDs and gain D.J.Bennett. D.J. was electrifying every time he touched the ball. 2000 yards. This year's recipient of 
the Horton-Thompson Trophy awarded to the MVP is Michael Faulds. His razor-sharp passing, tough running and game-breaking plays make him a true high impact 

Front Row: Kevin Fullerton. Andrew Stecves, Andrew Cronin, Gavin Skolnick. Jordan Dudley, Bradley Smith. Michael Faulds. John Ross Lennox, Donnovan 
Bennett, Mark Robinson. Dominic Sacher, David Wang. Andrew Gosbee, 

Second Row: Ben Kitagawa Esq., Michael Boltomley. Stuart Manchee. David Banwell. Jeffery Ginou. Ryan Chan. Caroll Rankin. Andrew Joyner. Charles-Etienne 
Bergeron, Patrick Hams. Michael Tzimas, Collin Collins. Ron O'Hare Esq. 

Third Row: Gregor) Sheilds Esq., Steven Rush Esq., Patrick Samson-Docl. Jeffery Johnstone, Du\ id Woodcock. Manolis Fragiadakis, Sebastien Manigat, Jean-Simon 
Bourque, Eric Davies, David Amadori. Joel Ford. Anne Perrier. Michel Cameron Esq., 

Forth Row: Kyle Beatty, Nathan Rothwell. Adam Hoffman. Brendan McCulough, Christopher Mcfarlane. Milch Myers, Phillip Benheim, Scott Lennox. Jordan Ross. 
John Knutton, Courtenaj Shrimpton Esq. 

MVP: Mic 

lael Faulds 

1 Jf ~* * f 



i TA^ 

25 1 f 

p Amadori 






lC-^^H^ •% 



•3 * 


S4C vs Lome Parfc= 49-35 




; Mary's= 35-21 

ST. ANDREWS 7 7 14 7 35 
8T. MRRV O 14 7 21 

Season Results 

SAC 26 


SAC 39 


SAC 14 


SAC 29 

AC 7 




SMC 42 

SAC 27 

AC 7 

SAC 7 

SMC 47 

Billy Burke 

Vince DeCivita 

_ * _ 

This was a phenomenal season for U16 Football. We earned second place in 
the CIS A A and, with the exception of our final opponent, outscored our opposition 1 34 
to 38. The coaches were exceptional but even the best coaches in the world still need talent 
and we had it by the barrel full. We have a host of first rate players to graduate this year - 
all of whom will make it their job to prove they deserve a spot on the First team next year: 
Look out returning First team players, training camp is going to be one tough week next 
September. Our defense was awesome: In 7 games we had two shut outs, one game with a 
single TD against us, and two other games in which our opponents managed only a pair of 
TD's. Scoring 1 28 points on the ground in 3 down football also proves that our offense had 
what it takes to open up the space. Brian Harvey did a great job as a walk-on for the pivot 
position, and was well served by the strength of Richard Colton, Andrew Wakefield, Vince 
DeCivita and Anthony Greco moving the bodies around and Alex Tanton at tight end finally 
getting the touchdown he so deserved. But the most glorious sight was to see the holes open 
up again and again to turn loose the power of Nick "Ironman" Laveau and the speed of Mike 
Gill and Billy B. Burke. Coach Butcher would like to thank all of the coaches and players 
for a great football season. - Coach Butcher 


> a 

Goooooooooo Saints!!!!!!!! 

UP A J'l f l i 4 ii IHm r gggi^—f^| 

Coaches Stewart and Robson. 

First Row: Tim Birkett, Mike Gill, Nicholas Laveau, Daniel Von Diergardt, Geoffrey Campbell, Billy Burke, Andrew 

Wakefield, Francis David-Coderre, Brian Harvey, Darryl Stock, Richard Colton, Vince DeCivita, 

Second Row: Brandon Hussey, Brody LaBuick, Sandy MacKay, Robert McKay, Jeremy King, Charles Abbott, 

Colin Lowe, Justin Chow, MacArthur Kane, Adam Rourke, James Chiang, Egor Garanine, 

Third Row: Mark Newton esq., David McNabb, Matthew Middleton, Trevor Fahlgren, Darrin Henein, Matthew 

Gnyp, Kyle Steeves, Brandon McNally, Brock Buckley, Ryan Kim, Eric Swenker, Graydon Robson esq. 

Fourth Row: Greg Clark esq., Dave Stewart esq., Zameer Velji-Pirani, Alexander Tanton, Anthony Greco, 

Jonathan Milnes, Andrew Brankley, Alexander Boileau, Chris Chmiel, Alex Maura, Malek Smith, John Butcher esq. 

Coach Newton makes Mike Gill see things 
his way! 

First down ! Second down ! Third down ! Touchdo 


• • • 

Billy Burke rumbles towards the oppositions endzone. The Saints beat Appleby 
College that day 29 - 7 and later went on to beat them again in the semi-finals 27 - 7. 

Eric Swenker and Andrew 
Wakefield catch their breath 
on the sidelines. 

Coach Butcher and team look on . 

Saints prepare for upcoming 

Saints on the defense. 


Front Row: Duncan Giel, Jamie Lawson, Matt Law, Luis Leong, David Trott, Mr. 


Second Row: Adrian Ho, Alex Mcnabb, Dennis Wong, Ryan Hicox, Fredrick Tang 

Third Row: Andrew Douglas, Ryan Wong, David Charlebois 

Our team had a very positive season. While it was unclear two days before 
the early bird tournament whether we could field the team, some last minute 
recruiting allowed us to be competitive throughout the season. We won 2 
of 6 league matches ending the season in 5th place in a 7 team league. In the words 
of one of the players, "We had a good time and improved our skills." Special 
thanks to our co-captains Alex McNabb, and Andrew Douglas who both showed 
consistent leadership on and off the court. Jamie Lawson consistently made sets 
although the bumps were not always there. Dennis Wong developed an exciting 
serve, winning many points when we played an exhibition game at Appleby. Ryan 
Hiscox filled the role as the "le barrel," helping the team with his excellent 
bumping skills. David Charelbois made many graceful dives thus saving many 
points. The bench, not seeing much playing time, practiced hard and were very 
supportive. This years MIP goes to a player new to the game who developed into 
one of our better hitters and certainly demonstrated great team spirit- Ryan Wong. 
The MVP was our middle hitter A player with great vertical and devastating spike 
-Luis Leong. Thanks for a said season 

-Mr. Giel. 







Front Row: Clinton McCullough, Bryn Fell, Kalev Hess, Ryan Bryce, 
Paul Fell. 

Second Row: Cody Biggins, Steven Pryce, Ryan Bucci, Justin Lyon, 
Richard Oosthuizen, Mr. Reid, Esq. 

Kalev Hess 

Bryn Fell 

This years Ul 6 Volleyball Team became the most talented Junior Volleyball Team I have seen. The team improved 
rapidly and were undefeated in regular season and giving up only three games in all. After dropping the opening 
game against UCC in the semi-finals we gained the edge and beat them 27-25 and 18-16. After only a 15 minute 
break we played Appleby in the finals and lost two matches straight. This was obviously a disappointment for the team 
but we were proud of our accomplishments this season. - Mr. Reid, Esq. 


Front Row: Shingo Nishioka, Justin Nozuka, Harrison Jones, Jason 

Wilson, Ambrose Fung, Dean Hamann. 

Second Row: A.Phillips, Dennis Tomory, Michael Ball, Erik Sodonis, 

Calvin Lam, Karl McCartney, Rocco Muttucci, D. Austin. 

U14 volleyball was fortunate this year to have a squad of skilled, enthusiastic and hardworking young players. From the 
outset, this team had its heart set on being the best team in the league. And they were successful in achieving this goal. 
As competition became more fierce, they held on to a first place standing throughout the season. The pressure to win the 
championship in the year-end tournament for the third year in a row was enormous. In a hard-fought battle we beat Appleby 
in the semi-finals. In the finals, for the second time that day, we faced UCC and won the championship. -D.Austin. 



Ryan staring at the fix point 

Rothwell diggin' it! 

Stock makes yet another save! 

"Ready yourselves for a block!" 

First Volleyball finished in fourth place this year after a difficult loss to 
a strong UCC squad in the semi-final match. It was an exciting season 
in that every game was close. We had some talented individuals, but 
never we seemed to get them to play at full potential on a consistent basis. 
Strong leadership on the part of captain Giancarlo Trimarchi helped to set a 
positive tone in terms of willingness to learn and sportsmanship. The only 
other graduating player, Ryan Kelly, ensured that things never got too serious. 
Throughout the season, Jarryd Stock and Joseph Rothwell were the go-to 
players. In fact, part way through the season systems were adapted to ensure 
that at least one of them was contacting the ball every time over the net. Joe' s 
consistency and technical proficiency, combined with Jarryd' s energy and 
athleticism were often enough to cause concern for opposing coaches. We 
would like to thank everyone for a great season. 

- M. Service and F. Cowell 

Back Row: Mr. M. Service, Esq. Joseph Rothwell. Breen Marien, Kevin Wilson. Ryan Kelly. John 

Housser. Mr. F Cowell, Esq. 

Front Row: Colin McKay, Jason Lau. Giancarlo Trimarchi, Jarryd Stock 


















B u 

/Ver/ There is a reason for the exclamation mark at the end. Although the performance was only 
on for one week, the work leading up to this spectacular show was rigorous and took months. For 
the three hours of show time each night, the unbelievable performance of our wily, old Fagin (Brad Smith), 
the stunning talent of our Olivers (Dylan Baker and Trevor Jackson) , Artful Dodgers (George Nozuka and 
Nick Caron), and the brilliant voices of our Bill Sykes (Jarryd Stock), Mr. Bumble (John Knutton), the 
whole cast, crew, and ensemble, kept the audience spellbounciai^e^^iie^J^^IJSv^U^the 
standing ovations, the cheers, and the applause, many were still ji^m^ng and^gin^' OdTtfj^-Plih". 

-'-••* Vii >*4i ii ri i Vii P 1 1 i r ■■^uri irniii •< ' tf ; i ji in ^'ii r it M i'' '>*^ ^ ^,. ■ 

contribution of the scene changers (You are the GLUE!) was appreciated greatly! 

This was a wonderful opportunity whether you were starting off in theatre and music or were 
already very experienced. Each person involved made the St. Andrews College Production of Oliver! 
what it was! We had an enormous cast and what really made Oliver! so special was that everyone had 
a character, no matter how big or small the role; each character had their own unique story to tell. When 
put together, life is createdon stag?. Not only was it a greajtheatre experience, many friendships were 

7il«ffl> '•".-If !iTSll[W<[»ll 

^^a » •"J 1 ^,. aid i«vi 

1 j 

• .-in. i -L'\ ji'um.^.-3iHiiH - — 


helped out. Thanks to Mr. ScoH^IW^ienfS! Mrs. Reninger. Paul Robinson and Ajny Wf igfrt; Ms. 
Hughes McGuinness. Meghan Marshall, Mr. Service, Mrs. Bedard, Mr/immeigr. Richard Gq[d>ai#tex 
Chow, the cast , the crew, the ensemble, the dancers, the acrobats, everybody. 

- Mike Lin 



■v B| ^F # S - 1 



3B "^O 





[ ■- /J 


^P 1 

■ • 


St. Andrew's 

Night Dinners 

St. Andrew's Night is a very special occasion where students and 
teachers alike gather for music, Scottish tradition, great food and of 
course Haggis. Again, both Upper and Middle schools enjoyed their 
evenings which began with the customary "ode to the haggis" performed 
by W.O. George Walker of the 48th Highlander's of Canada followed by 
a stirring rendition of the "Steamtrain to Malaigh" by the school's top 
bagpipers' Andrew Douglas, Ian Wright, Brian Grant and Matt Mitchell. 

Two guest speakers also graced our evenings this year. Mr. Steve Heron 
('77) delighted the Middle school students with many anecdotes and 
reflections of his time spent at St. Andrew's, while Mr. Courtney Stoate 
offered a different perspective as a retired school and Flavelle House 

Lastly, and as always, our celebrations included Clan awards for both 
Upper and Middle school students. These awards are offered to those who 
have made a substantial contribution to the school academically, athletically 
and extracurricularly and this year like no other typified the dedication 
that our students have to the ideals of the school and the community. Forty 
students were presented with their clan colours in upper school with 
twenty-four in middle school, setting the record for th* mos wards 
handed out on St. Andrew's Night. 

d for the mc 

Our celebration of traditions and recognition of student accomplishments 
truly made these nights evenings to remjpiber. 

Dileas Gu Brath 
ithful Forever 


27 & 29th 


friends and <family N alk ventured to St. Paul's 
Cathedral ih Toronto^ f or the annual Carol Service. 
With the choir, bag pipes and other spectacular 
individuakpformai^es,^ will be remembered by 
► all wl|b were present as t>ne of the best Carol 
Services in recent memory. 



IColin learning how to dance. 

SASSIN Presents p gfer Hillary 

C^ASSIN and the Sir Edmond Hillary 
kJ Foundation of Canada arranged for the son 
the the great Sir Edmund Hillary, Peter ,to visit 
and address the school. An outstanding adventurer 
in his own right, Peter Hillary enthralled staff and 
student alike with tales of his own mishaps and 
successes. From trekking to the South Pole to 
climbing Everest and then phoning his famous 
father from the summit. Later Mr. Hillary signed 
posters and books before having lunch with 
members of SASSIN and the Headmaster. Mr. 
Hillary was accompanied by Mr. Zeke O'Conner, 
a great friend to the school and President of the 
Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation. 

Craig MacFarlane's life 
achievements have been 
inspirational and his future 
goals and endevours are even 
more remarkable. He talked 
to St. Andrew' s students about 
overcoming his disablity, liv- 
ing a full life, and encouraged 
us to never give up. 

Curt Harnett, a former 
Olympic medalist 
talked to the St. Andrew' s 
community about commit- 
ment, dedication and 
sportsmanship. His stories 
of achievement were to 
give us the incentive to go 
forth in life and be the best. 





t t% 









recieves the Captain's 
Trophy from Mr. Bill Yuille '57 

ament didn't start well for 

surprised by the strength 

■grang their first two 

tabftaarjie in front 

Tie 19th Annual M 
our Varsity squad wl 
of their opposition whic 
games. This included the 
of a very large and vocal thro 
was hotly contested and the 
were outstandingly entertaining, wTW 
the SASSIN Shootout and the tradition? 
Hockey game. SAC finished strong, winning their* 
the tournament which was eventually won by UCC 

Tl ti »Tsfc¥ 




r. : : <z&#- 

S.d'W' . 




the conditions were 
icy at Blue 
ountain, but the 
th usiasm was 

mishaps on the 

slopes, every 
\a great time. 

hi *Jhe 






Steve, Ryan, Matt, Armen, and Luke 

Just havine a jiorVl i 

i Liood time! 

■ne Hollywood theme at this years semi-formal was 
. creative, and enjoyable. With bright lights shining 
into the night, and a red carpet leading in towards the 
Dining Hall, it felt as if you arrived at a movie premier 
in L. A. Between dinner and dessert, Oscar awards were 
given out to nominees for Worst Dressed, Finest Blind- 
Date, Best Kiss, among others. DJ Super Mario played 
outstanding music that kept everyone alive as the night 
went along. The last dance was slow and a time to be 
close with your date. Afterwards, everyone swiftly ran 
from the dining hall towards their cars to party the rest 
of the night away. 

Que Onda? 


Peter and his date! 

Gummie and his date! 


dffii * 



ebruary 9 , 2002, SAC held the second semi of the 
year. This time the theme was Valentine's Day. While 
everyone took their seats at the tables, balloons filled 
with pink and red confetti set the theme. Teddy bears 
were purchased and given to the girls when they were 
seated at the tables. After eating, the DJ played enjoy- 
able music that kept everyone on their feet. The last few 
dances were slow, setting the mood, and a time to 
remember the whole night. 

Three Musketeers 


Ollie looking good 

Smith, and Mr. Service 

Damn, We look good! 


Some future ;i 

The Importance 
of Being Earnest 

The St. Andrew's College Drama Society's 
second production of the year was a little 
smaller in scale compared to Oliver, but it 
was still a lot of fun. Based on the classic play 
by Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being 
Earnest featured a well-known cast of 
Giancarlo Trimarchi, Stuart Manchee, 
Meghan Marshall, Jane Hailes, Collin 
Collins, Jane Staunton, David Nudds, Mike 
Nesbitt, and a hilarious Gord Graham in 
drag. The audience was laughing through 
the whole performance, especially when the 
Nudds, as the butler, made an appearance 
and said one of his few lines in that funny, 
hunchbacked-style manner or when Gord 
Graham made one of his many facial expres- 
sions under layers of make-up. Another out- 
standing performance to illustrate why drama 
is so popular at SAC. 
M. Hanson 


ff Student B-Ball 


7 r n my short tenure here, I've learned one insoluble truth: 
Andreans want to win... especially against the teachers! And 
make no mistake, their team was stacked. Players like Stock, 
Faulds, Bennett, and Birkett were the quarterbacks of an 
offensive Juggernaught. However, shear desire and will were 
going to win the day. The game was a pitched battle, with basket , 
being answered by basket. But, the students, with the help of\ 
"elbows" Bennett and "3-in-the-key" Stock, began to pull 
away. Then, my coaching instincts took over. Who could secure 
avictory... and our pride. Well, there was only one answer: "Mr. 
Tres ", Headmaster Staunton. What an unbelievable display. 
He was up, down, and all around. The deal was sealed by my 
powerhouse line of heart and fire, with Staunton, Ruscitti, 
Cowell... sorry, that was a typo, Robson, Carpenter, andPerrier, 
B. But, we were down by 1. Then, in one of the finest displays 
of athleticism seen ever, with 12 seconds left in the game, 
Headmaster Staunton carries the ball. Dominato yells from the 
bench, "Go for two!" Mr. Staunton pauses, looks at him, and 
calmly says, "3! " and drops the bomb. Game over!!! The staff 
leave the floor with the "Head" on their shoulders and sing, "We 
are the Champions. " Truly a glorious moment 
Dave Stewart 

\* m 

S— '^-J5?~s— 



r«» •**.*■ 

^k <4 


10 ■ 



Zhe completion of the training portion of the Cadet program was recognised once again this year with the 
Cadet Award Ceremony, commonly known as the Commanding Officer 's Parade. The Corps continued to 
advance in the number of achievements received in the Star Leadership Program, the numerous Optional 
Programs and the two bands. In total, 339 Cadets received awards and rank promotions this year. 
In addition to course achievements, twenty-six Cadets were recognised for outstanding dedication and loyalty 
to the Corps and were presented the Commanding Officer 's Commendation. Congratulations to Ryan Kelly, 
Mark Cheng, Faisil Ratansi, Robert Lee, Richard Colton, Dana Stewart, David Wang, Johann Irwandi, Daniel 
Conrad, Jeff Hynds, Jared Leslie, Sohaib Siddiqui, Kyle Beatty, Rob Ferguson, Cody Biggings, JP Suddaby, 
Adam Hoffman, Chris Marshall, Jarryd stock, Alex Calvert, Chris Bromley, Devon Daniel, Blake Muir, Scott 
Harris, Robbie James, and Justin Wong. 



n sport few things are more difficult than defending a championship. Our 
main goal for the 2001 -2002 season was to repeat as CISAA champions, 

but this goal proved to be just out of reach as the team compiled an overall 

ecord of 20 wins, 13 losses and 4 ties, 
e started on a positive note as a short-staffed Varsity squad entered the 


r~»«-\fM->;+z-i i 

■ c^ r» i rt /"* r*\low 

\rc- +/-\ C/-\i->+l->oll rllow r\ffc 



& the drama production the team played hard, smart & passionate hockey 
losing in the semi-final. Entering the Christmas tournament season, the 

tournament (in Massachusetts) proved to be a mixed blessing as we played 
o strong games yet performed poorly in the consolation final. S.A.C. 

starting slowly against Culver, the team went on to defeat Nichols, Albany 
Academy and UCC. 

The opening day of the MacPherson Tournament captured much of what 
characterised the Saints' season. We played a weaker opponent in the first 
game and took the match too lightly - it cost us dearly. Later that evening, 
in front of a large home crowd, the Saints played their hearts out. We carried 
the play but could not score. National Sports Academy capitalised on our 
mistakes to take the m atclj^^L^ietoumamentwa 

en our lowest point of the season. As coache 
were proud of the players fortheir effort in ourfinal game of the MacPherson, 
as we played for pride and soundly defeated St. Charles College. 
In reflecting upon the season a few characteristics emerge: the team was 
decimated by injuries as only four players competed in all of our games. We 
could dominate an opponent but lacked sufficient scoring punch to put a 
ame out of reach. Our team was remarkably resilient. When we sustained 

IM^W^W we wwRB^^^^W^^Mn 

played our best hockey. 

Over March break the team participated in a fantastic trip to Sweden and 

season as the boys played extremely well, going 5-0. Best of luck to 
graduating seniors Jimmy Healey, James Gideon, Graydon Stock and 
Nicholas Weedon. Congratulations to MIP Jordan Cyr and MVP Joseph 

Michael Roy '85 

9®S?fl >■■!■%>.*■* 


Coaches: Paul Bedard 
Michael Roy 

Video: David Dawson 
Trainer: Ann Perrier 
Therapist: Ron O'Hare 


Wins - Losses - Ties 




Back Row: Jordan Cyr, Jeff Johnstone, David Woodcock, Joseph Roth well, Nathan 

Rothwell, Brent Brandham. 

Middle Row: Mr. Bedard Esq. , Mr. O'Hare Esq. , Jonathon Suddaby, Jean-Simon Bourque, 

Manolis Fragiadakis, Adam Parent, Matt Mitchell, Brendon McCullough, 

LucZoratto, Jordan Ross, Mr. Dawson Esq., Mrs. Perrier Esq., Mr. Roy Esq. 

Front Row: Tyler Hurst, Graydon Stock, James Gideon, Nicolas Weedon, Jimmy Healey 

T2 Hockey 


Back Row: Mr. Dunford Esq., Zameer Velji-Pirani, Dan John, Chris Yule, Duncan 
Kluwak, Breen Marien, Andrew Cumming, Sandy Mackay, David Del Zotto, Colin 
Mackay, Mr. Patry Esq., Manager Malek Smith, Mr. Kitagawa Esq. 
Front Row: Jared Leslie, Stephen Pryce, Andrew Carnovale, Scott Lennox, Richard 
Colton, Darryl Stock, Geoff Campbell, Matt Middleton, Ryan Bryce. 

The inaugural JV team ended up being theUWA team with a topping up of 3 seniors -Chris Yule, Colin McKay 
and Daniel John. The team competed strongly in two U16 tournaments, winning the TCS Tournament with 
a straight U16 lineup and losing in the final at the St.Mike's tournament with the full roster. Captain Darryl Stock 
led a team rich in talent - exceptional goalkeeping by Richard Colton, eye-popping offense by Jared Leslie, 
smothering positional play of our checking line of Kluwak, Middleton and Carnovale, were all keys to our success. 
In the end the team came up a little short in a disappointing and frustrating loss to Crescent in the quarter-finals. 
Many thanks to the core group of players who made and kept a full commitment to the team and to our manager 
Malek Smith for all his hard work. 

Al Dunford for B. Kitiagawa and Brian Patry 


U16 Hockey 

—^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^m^hhm ^^MM Mr '^^IMHH^Bl^BBBBH /""\ften the measure 

M.V.P. A ^^ ** ^ j ' _ ^_ V-/season is not in trophies 

Clinton McCullough 

iften the measure of a successful 
'season is not in trophies or even wins vs 
losses but more an evaluation of how far a 
team has improved and developed. This U 1 6 
team started their season getting throughly 
out-played by a very powerful St. Mike's 
team 1 4-0. Small victories during that game 
were simply getting the puck out of our end. 
Players and coaches alike didn't see a very 
bright future to the season. But with a number 
of players coming down from the J V s and an 
approach by the coaches to improve indi- 
vidual skills and team play, and real hard 
work in practice by many on this team a 
"500" record was achieved by season ' s end. 
This inspite of an influx of Injuries through- 
out the year. At the end of the year tourna- 
ment, the U 1 6' s were ranked 5 lh and played 
very well winning the "B" pool and were 
rewarded with a trip to the Semi ' s to play the 
powerhouse from St. Mike's again. They hadn't lost all season - even beating our JV team 7-0. They had only given up two goals in the 
previous 1 2 games and only one during the tournament. The task at hand was daunting, but a change of system in the dressing room prior 
to the game and an unbelievable on ice commitment to our new game plan resulted in the game of the year in this league. With minutes 
left and the score 3-2 for St. Mike's a missed wide open net was all that held us back from the biggest upset of the year. In the end we lost, 
but it felt like a win remembering where we had started the season. I'd like to thank Mr. Duguay for his commitment and enthusiasm 
throughout the season - and for riding the bus to all the practises. Thanks to those players who. whether they got their share of ice time 
or not, and inspite of conflicts with group projects and outside commitments, etc.. chose this team first more often than not. SK 

Front Row: McKenzie Wilson, Clinton McCullough, Chris Young. Richard Reninger, 
Cody Biggings, Rob Ferguson, Jordan Ekers. Adam Zoratto, Chris Bromley 
Second Row: Igor Kastelyanets, Justin Lyons, Mr. Duguay, Esq., Robbie England, 
Jamie Lawson, Anthony Greco, Craig Sherry, Phillipe Benhaim, Brendan O'Dwyer, Alex 
McNabb, Tristan Benson, Brock Buckley, Alex Kaptyn, Robert Danis, Mr. Kimmerer, Esq., 
Eugene Ryu 

U14 Hoq 

Front Row: Scott Giroux, Nick Leslie. Michael Ball. Scott Johnstone. Paul Ross, Jay Smith. Gordon Gray 

Second Row: Mr. Stewart, Esq., R.J. Ellis, Michael Del Zotto, Logan Hurst, Jonathan Tozzi, Duncan Giel. Jason Wilson, Scott Fullerton, Murray 

Kay. Pierce Cassidy, Graham Thompson. Scott Harris, Lennon Sweeting. Mr. Galajda, Esq. 

With a record of 15 wins, 5 losses and 1 tie, the U14 Hockey season can be described as one that was successful, 

once again coming close to the championship but not quite there. I'd like to once again thank my Co-Coach, Mr. Stewart 

for his ever present enthusiasm and defensive expertise and Assistant Coach R.J. Ellis for his time and effort in helping 

out with our program. Our annual TOP 5 season highlights of U1 4 hockey include: 

5. Paul Ross. ..just being Paul Ross - a source of lots of energy and enthusiasm. 

4. Lennon Sweeting's 3 penalty performance against Villanova. . without touching anyone or doing anything. 

3. Defeating Nichol's in their home rink 6-0 and then shutting them out one more time, 2-0 in the UCC tournament. 

2. Tieing St. Mike's 2 - 2 at home on our famous pull-the-goalie but forget to put the extra attacker on "face-off'. We 

still scored by confusing the other team with 1 7 seconds left in the game! 

1 . Beating UCC all year long, especially the Friday night game at the Air Canada Centre. 



Michael Ball 


Murray Kay 




After tournaments in Welland and Guelph we got down to all our league games against the 
Dther private schools. We won our first 2 games and then struggled to find our rhythm for most of 
I January. 

I At the endof January we flew to Barbados fora week of basketball and fun in the sun.The boys splittheir 
1 4 games but more importantly started to play and act like a team. We returned to play St.George's in the 
I finals and beat them by 19pointsafterlosingtothemtwiceduringtheregularseason. We went on to play 

UCC the eventual league champs and lost to them in a close game after leading in the 4 ,h quarter. 

Leading us this year were Tim Thwaites, Michael Faulds, and Sebastian Manigat. All three players 
I received votesfor MVP. Inaveryclose race Sebastian Manigat was chosen. The M1P was alsoaclose race 
I with many rookies and young players. We had a number of players whose games improved during the 
I season. The person chosen as MJP is Tim Birkett. With almost the full squad returning we hope to have 

I more successful season next year. 

I I wouldlike to thank Mr. Ruscimforallhishard work and dedication. And Mr.O'hare and hisdepartment 
for all their help. Also on behalf of the team I would like to thank Mrs. Perrier and Andrew Wakefield for 

I theirconstantsupportand patience. 

Mr. D. Jossyln Esq. 

Back Row: Michael Faulds, Tyler Smith, Sebastian Manigat 

Middle Row: Joel Ford, Jarryd Stock, Adam Hoffman, Nick Dadson, Brian Harvey, 

Patrick McGrath 

Front Row: David Jossyln Esq., Chris McFarlane, Tim Birkett, Tim Thwaites, Don 

Bennett, Andrew Wakefield, Dan Von Diergardt 

Saints Team 


#3 Patrick McGrath 
#4 Joel Ford 
#12 Michael Faulds 
#15 Tim Birket 
#21 Jarryd Stock 
#22 Chris McFarlane 
#23 Tim Thwaites 
#25 Sebastian 

#30 Brian Harvey 
#31 D.J Bennett 
#33 Nick Dadson 
#40 Adam Hoffman 
#41 Tyler Smith 
Dave Josselyn 
Mike Ruscitti 
General Manager: 
Andrew Wakefield 


Sebastian Manigat 



Tim Birkett 

M.I.P: Simpson Chan 

Front Row: Richard Choi, Simpson Chan, Brian Lin, Gerard Man, Jason Lau 

Back Row: Mr. Shrimpton Esq., Jan-Michael Ramlochan, Andrew Douglas, Austin Hracs, Brad 

Lorriman, Kyle Beatty, Bonis Mok 

Missing: Jae Hee Lee, JeffGinou 

Tier Two basketball had an outstanding year going six and three and beating the first place Appleby team in the final league game. Despite the 6 and 3 record we still 
ended up tied for fourth and out of the playoffs. 
Mr. Shrimpton. would like to thank all team members for a truly rewarding fun and satisfying season. He enjoyed every game and practice. 

The team MIP player saw very little court time in the past few years on the younger teams but really picked up his game, became a starter by the beginning of the regular 
season and challenged for player of the year honours. In the final game he scored sixteen points and did everything in that huge win. This year's MIP is Simpson Chan 
The team MVP was the emotional leader and leading scorer all year. Our offense revolved around this player and he was also a demon on defense. This year' s team MVP 
is Austin Hracs Mr. C. Shrimpton Esq. 


M.V.P: MattGynp 

Front Row: Mr. Perrier Esq., Mark Cheng, Matt Gynp, Darren Henein, Matt Whiteland, 

Alex Sham 

Back Row: Justin Lee, Alex Boileau, Andrew Brankley, Eric Swenker, Brian Daly 

"** t"""l 


We played 1 3 games, finishing up with a 5 and 8 record. In CIS AA we placed third out of six teams. Overall I was pleased with the improvement in individual skills 
and in particular our team play. Selecting our MIP and MVP winners was by no means clear cut. Four received MVP votes and six MIP votes. 
The MIP award goes to a player who had little previous game experience. However his skill development over the course of our season. The MIP award goes to Andrew 

Several players had outstanding games. Alex Boileau against St. George's, Eric Swenker had a great game against TCS, Mark Cheng rarely came off the floor, Brian Daly's 
play became more and more effective, and superlatives could be said for all. But the MVP is going to a player who hustled constantly at both ends of the floor. He played 
with a lot of heart and determination. Our MVP winner is Matt Gynp Mr. B Perrier Esq. 

It was a successful team this year. 
We won 1 of our 1 4 CISAA games 
Special thanks to the captains forheir 
leadership, to statistician Brian James 
and manager Steve James for their 
dedication. The coach and the play- 
ers would like to thank Ryan Kelly for 
his assistance during the season, as 
well as to quite a few players on the 1 5l 
and 2 nd teams, especially Kyle Beatty, 
for their help during many of our prac- 
tices. This year's M.I.P is someone 
who was new to the school but who 
quickly became a very talented re- 
bounder- Stephan Rykov. Our M.V.P, 
was also our leading scorer and the 
heart of the team. He was an excellent 
playmaker and a good shooter - 
Austin Smith. 

Mr. K. Ryan Esq. 

U15 Basketball 

Front Row: Levin Maaskant, Shawn Jolly. Austin Smith, Kalev Hess, Erik Bomstein. Kris 


Back Row: Mr. Ryan Esq., Manager Steve James, Phil Nozuka, Paul Fell, Stephen Rykov, 

Ryan Bucci, Matt Donko. Robbie James. Statistician Brian James, Assistant Ryan Kelly. 

M.I.P: Stephan Rykov 

The Ul4 basketball season was one 
of many highs and lows. Luckily for 
I me as a coach many more highs. This year 
I i was blessed with a group of hardworking 
I and coachable athletes that never lost hope 
I orfocusoftheirearly season goal... aCISAA 
I championship. This year the league was 
I very close with UCC, Hilfield, and Cres- 
Icent all posting strong teams. Going into 
I the final tournament we were peaking. We 
I were running our systems better than ever, 
I gelling as a team, and hitting on all cylin- 
I ders. As acoach I was optimistic we would 
I do well but reiterated to them team that the 
I regular season was over and the best team 
Ion the day would win it all. Lead by Karl 
I McCartney's Shaq like dominance inside 
I we overpowered the competition. He owned 
I the paint and had the knack to take over 
I games at crucial points and drop 40 on em. 
I This is why he was our M.V.P and lead us 
I to the championship. Michael Greco led the 
I back-court. He worked hard on his skills all 
I year and was our M.I.P. Thanks to all the 
I players for their hard work and dedication 
I to our CIS A A championship. 
I Mr. M Ruscitti Esq. 

M.V.P: Karl McCartney 

rout Row: Chris Simpson. Matt Langer 
liddle Row: Erik Lebar, Mark Hanson. Matt Suddaby. Mike Greco, Blake Muir, Dean 
|Hamann, Ambrose Fung 
Jack Row: Andrew Conrad, Chris Milnes. Erik Sodonis. Karl McKartney. Kevin Dong. 
jr. Ruscitti Esq 





M.V.P: Anton Bennett 



M.I.P: Adrian Bruno 

SAW? tjMinf 

if, if 

I Front Row: Shingo Nishioka, Joey Burke. Ola Ojo. Anton Bennett. Jesse-Ross Cohen, 
I Bryan Lin. Ben Udashkin 

I Back Row: Dennis Tomory, Justin Nozuka. Adrian Wu. Tyler Ehler, Paul Jenkins. 
[David Kanhai. Mr. Hanson Esq. 

* I 

This past season was a successful 
one for the U 1 3 Basketball team. 
I After a slow start to the season, the 
I boys jelled to become a force amongst 
I the teams in CISAA. The highlight of 
I the season was our trip to Vancouver, 
B.C. to represent SAC in the CAIS 
Under 1 3 Tournament. We arrived in 
the final against our nemesis from 
Hillfield-Strathallan College who was 
much the better team on the day and 
were worthy national champions and 
went on to beat us again in the CISAA 
tournament in March. I would like to 
thank our captains Anton Bennett and 
Justin Nozuka for their leadership. 
Similarly. I would like to recognize 
the support that Mr. Kyle lent the 
team. The Most Improved Playerwas 
Adrian Bruno. Anton Bennett was 
arguably the best player in the league. 
Asa coach he gave me flexibility, this 
is why he is our MVP. 
Mr. M. Hanson Esq. 


1 •*■% 






L. <u 

ut 4 

M.I.P: Colin Noble 
Josh Hanson 

Front Row: Mr.Wilkin Esq.. Dima Besenko, Adrian Eng, John Si, Thomas Tripodi. 
Corey Scott, Jack Hui. Adel Ratansi. Manager: Bobby Priebe 

Second Row: Josh Hanson. Douglas Mac Donald. John Stoneman, Scotty Genein. Mike 
Noicki, Peter Goitanich 

The St. Andrew's, U12 basket 
ball squad didn't have the win- 
loss record we wanted this season, 
but the boys impressed me with their 
play and character. The players 
worked hard no matter what the situ- 
ation. In considering the award for 
outstanding player three boys not 
mentioned yet come to mind. Josh 
Hanson was a standout this season. 
I can think of more than one time 
where he was on all game and made 
great moves throughout. Colin Noble 
is another standout. Colin has few 
equals in rebounding or driving to the 
basket. Adel Ratansi is the third 
player that must be singled out at this 
point. As our captain, he proved the 
leader on the floor and his play was 
very slick. If Adel was out there things 
happened. And because of this Adel 
Ratansi is our MVP. 
Mr. Wilken Esq. 

U12 Basketball 

Swim. Team. They showed excellent 
sportsmanship, .dedication and team spirit. This 
year, the team won 3 trophies at the York Region 
Championships, and came 2 nd place at the CISAA 
finals. Coflj^h.lations to the 200 and 400 metre 

ClSAAre'dSWs. We would also like to congratulate th 
twelve boys who competed at OFSA 
cially to Scott Simmons, Stu Mane 
and Alex Tantqn who won a silver m 
freestyle relay. A siq£e_re thank-you must go to Scott 
who did a great-job as team captain this 

by example, showed excelle nt" 
jnd was completely d> 

to Drewe IV 
md entusia: 
pfend swim meet, 
award goes to Alex Tantbn whjjpes a^ 
chlorineaT?%bakround. Coach Venters w^d lita 
thank all the senloMMdgimg^th is year for alarilfsfc 
season*^.jftntonia Venters 


Jeffrey Hynds 

| 3 

Rack Row: 
Front Rt 

Jeffrey Williims_^ 

Tnder 16 swim team was not very large this season, but they were incredibly powerful. Long hoifljrte 
in the pool building endurance and perfecting stroke technique resulted in races wortrpotnts scored and many 
personal best times. Special congratulations go to Jeff Williams and Kyle Jackson who c aptured YonTRegion recor 
in the 50m freestyle and the 100m individual medley respectively. Other top 3 finishes by Jeff Hynds. Ryan I 
and Erik Sodonis helped bring the York Region championship back to SAC for the 3'° straight year. All team me 

! Sang-Chul Yoon. Derrick Kocikand Rocco Mattucci achieved personal best times. The U16 team also did 

very well at the CISAA championship, including several top 3 finishes by Juan Lopez and Chad Davis. The M w^g 

year is Jeff Hynds who worked extremely hard in practice and gave it his all in every race he swam. The MVP 

this year goes to a young man who never backed down from a challenge and had superb swims this year, this years 

MVP is Jeffrey Williams. Ms. Thome would like to thank all of the U16 swimmers this year for a fantastic season. 

Amanda Thome 


Dylan Baker 

Z -'\ \A 


, Tony i 


'irfinond Tuns 


Tony Lau 

"his year was a great year -junior swim -team. They t ^ne year very 

fluTjlLuinq haid and showing !Tue dedication in piactjcAl g_UyjB tgfTse effort put into their 
KSajTf>is yeaib MIP !S~a^jjaan»*-who really stands out, flaTeTiacious swimmer and '" "'rrrjfft 
Tony Lau is this years MIP Thi#years MVP is a true team member and has the heagfQi^D 
Baker in this years MVP. C^acTi Carpenter would like to thank all of the Junio cigffi rv 
a fantastic season ~"_^T ^^ 

flyson Carpenter 


Back Row: Mr. Brian McCue, Esq., Sohaib Siddiqui, Duncan Giel, Eric 
Lucking, Jared Leslie, Juan Lopez 

Front Row: Justin Chow, Stephen McGill, Charles Etienne-Bergeron, 
Christopher Jowett, Javier Cortina 

Warm weather and poor snow conditions did not inhibit the efforts of this year's Alpine Ski Team. We 
hit the slopes twice a week every week skiing at seven different clubs over the course of the season. 
There are four separate CIS AA races. Team points are cumulative with the final race worth double. As such, 
even though we entered the finals in first place we were not guaranteed to maintain that position without 
at least a few top ten finishes. Despite the pressure, all ten members of the two teams skied exceptionally 
well that day. The results were good enough to maintain I s ' place in both divisions - S.A.C.'s first Alpine 
CISAA championship teams in about five years. Congratulations to all the members and a special thanks 
to our two team captains, Andrew Cronin and Patrick Harris. - Mark Service, Esq. 

I T -»■ 

Senior MVP 
David Oram 

Senior MIP 
Andrew Cronin 

Back Row: Richard Oosthuizen. Greg Willmot. Alex Calvert. Scott MacKay, David 

Oram. Diego Lorenzo 

Center Row: Mr. Mark Service. Esq. MacArthur Kane. Jeff Lam. Allan Bean, John 

Housser, Mervyn Frame. Tyron Vogt 

Front Row:jk. Dylan Edminson. Andrew Cronin. Patrick Harris. Richard Housser. 

Robbie Kaptyn 

Senior MVP 
Ian Wright 


Captain and 
Senior MIP 
Randall Blom 


Junior MVP 
Mitch Myers 

Strength .endurance, and unwavering determJalWrflfre vital eleiWKLixgl^snort of N ordic, 
Skiing. This year, we were very fortunate to have a strong grouj^HpB^PWrTrui «^9feon 
the many challenges faced during the season. This year's tea#rxonsrMcd of Team Captain 
Randall Blom. Gord Hunter. Geoff DeLean, Hu2h^*flCfl?lari Wright, Charles. Etienne- 
Bergeron. Mitch Myers and Simon Rugier. Our goal from the outset was to win the CISAA 
championship and it took place in Haliburton. 

Starting with the junior boys race was Simon Ruggier who had a tremendous race, finishing in third 
place. The senior boys followed with stellar runs by Gordon Hunter, Randall Blom. Geoff DeLean 
and Ian Wright and some personal bests by Charles, Mitch and Hugh. We madly calculated the 
timings of our top four and realised that not only had we won but we were ahead of our opponents 
by nearly 12 minutes. 
I would like to thank Coach Gaertner and the other team members for an excellent season. 

Left to Right: Mr. David Gaertner. Esq. Geoff Delean. Charles Etiene- 
Bergeron. Ian Wright. Randall Blom. Simon Ruggier. Gordon Hunter 

Nordic Skiing 


Back Row 

Silane. Ryan 
Front Row - 

Merchant. Jo 

Ryan Foreman, tJennis Wong, Joseph Leung. Alejandro Lope/ De 
Lo, Liam Farrel. Colin Lowe. Sean Bornstein, Michel Cameron Esq. 
Clement Yau. David Nudds, Andrew Gosbee. Mitch Myers. Adam Guy. Tarek 
rdan Dudlcv. Adam Brander. 



Dennis Won 

IThere were 1 8 members in the senior squash program whic 
was divided into three teams: The First Team, the Second Team and the Development Team. Thi 
year's squash teams were a very powerful and dedicated group of athletes. They worked very hard at eac 
practice to improve their game and they wore our colours with pride and determination at each of our meets 
I am extremely proud of what they have achieved. 

The Second Team won our first CISAA Tier 2 Championship ever and the final tournament was marked b\ 
a number outstanding efforts. 1 was extremely pleased with the hustle they gave on the court and we had strong 
performances from all the members of the team. They are Ryan Foreman. Liam Farrel, Andrew Gosbee, 


The First Team convinr.ii 
The First Team mem 
#1 our Team Captain At 
at #2 the up and coming 
#3 was our explosive Mitch Myers,. 
Our #4 was our reliable Clement Yau 
#5 was the very talented and full of potential Dennis Wonj 
and at # 6. the newcomer to the snort, Tarek Merchant. 

At the development level, all the 
the outstanding contribute 

s showed the potential to become solid players and will prove to he 
i competitive teams. Their daily efforts were very much appreciated. 

The future of the Team looks very bright with a great number of players returning from the squad and many | 

quality players graduating 

I would like to thank all the members of the programme for their hard work and dedication this season and 

I would like wish the best of i'— 1 - tn •>" * ka --o^" ■«♦*»*• »'»>«»• '•" »»•»:- *■. »,..«. ^Hoo,™ i 

Mr.M. Cameron 

. .lis year's enthusiastic team was composed of returning players and some who never played squash before. Nick Caron 
I. v\ as usually on hand to provide the squad with comic relief as he showed off his black rimmed 60' s style goggles. Alex Rya/ano\ was 
"id offihc courts with toenail problems, speedy Kevin Han could out run the whole team in a second but seemed to have difficulty arriving 
e courts on time even day. Chris Attard and Faisal Ratansi were in constant battle fighting for the first spot on the ladder all season 
long. AdamBucci lost against Ridley as hisattentionswereeasily distracted by his female opponents. Drew. George. Diego. Vincent, Justin. 
Jason and Eric cheered on as Ricardo was dunked in the pool for his tardiness. The SAC team remained almost undefeated throughout the 
whole lour month season. We thought we had it in the bag. The final C1SAA tournament fell on the day of a snowstorm, sadly we arrived 
late and we were not prepared against our first opponent. The day went downhill from there. We placed third behind Ridley and UCC. Not 
the finish we were hoping for but we had fun all the while. 
\ts. 1.. Picerno 

Devon Daniell 


"=— I 






Javier Cortina 


ear s team was compnsi 

f the boys this was their first experience with the sport of squash. Westarted off the season with a loss to UCC and ended 

i a clear domination of the game at the CISAA Tournament. 

as Sterling Hall. Appleby College and Ridley College didn't have a chance against such stellar players as Javier 
Cortina. Emilio Olivar. Devon Bean. Jon MacKenzie and Thomson Ho. 

( hir only competition was Upper Canada College, but with the determination and hard work of players like Jared Kim. Jose Salas. 
Phil Oram. Taylor Walker. Ankush Sondhi. Mike Mcintosh and Justin Lemieux-Reale we prevailed. 
Mrs. M. Auger 


■i-;. :f . ' 

II ^^ 









• *«k3> r 4 ^t ;'■ 1 


«^i ; 


•4T 1 















his year's Focus festival of 
the Arts was a huge success 
that started with the FOCUS in- 
troductory play. As the week pro- 
gressed students and faculty alike 
were allowed to watch their peers 
in musical and dramatic perfor- 
mances. The Focus Art Show 
was a great success in showcas- 
ing the talents and year's efforts in 
SAC's art classes. From Smitty 
and Amadori's angry Tape to John 
Knutton's crossdressing, the plays 
were breathtaking and spontane- 
ous. The introduction of the "Play 
pit" was an innovative idea that 
revitalized the doldrums of the 
Auditorium. The festival was 
capped off with the lamentable 
end in the SAC Tuck shop, to be 
demolished in the summer. Caba- 
ret was filled with a twinge of 
sorrow as performers knew their 
venue was at an end. Wailing by 
Giancarlo and Aladdin as Mini- 
Me accompanied on guitar. 

Special thanks to Mr. Scoular for 
your unerring support and your 
creative genius. 



hopscotch ipont] 


April Sfeovye^ 

She Shakes pewte JliacA 






f> A f A^7 




■ ■ • 

[iafJld*e lTou Doing In Then 


sing Whoi 
'*** all Ma 

hopscotch ! 

is a ml Hat 





"'he season was split into two very different halves. It began with a 
group of 28 players who travelled to Washington DC to participate in the 
^sligious Cherry Blossom Tournament. We played two games, winning one 
THlosing the other. A week later, the team was chosen, and after an intense battle 
Hi perennial provincial powerhouse Barrie Central and a solid win by 29 - 5 
^BcS. the team seemed set for success. Appleby were next, and the game was 
% tough lesson in getting prepared for the unexpected, but the loss to them did not 
sHhe team far back. Four days later we had won the CAIS Rugby Tournament 
fBhe first time, beating Ridley in the semi-final and UCC in the final, 15-0. 
■HKeam had come together, and were playing to a game plan very effectively. 
Then the second half of the season began. We did not win another game. Ridley 
HKa revenge in our league game before UCC beat us twice - once in a close 
league game and then very convincingly in the semi-final to end our season. 
Everybody on the team agrees that we were fortunate to have coach with me this 
year, a recent old boy and enthusiastic and knowledgeable Queens University 
Rugby grad, Mr. Mark Newton. Oliver Radley - Smith as captain was able to 
manage the team and his own game very well. It was a boost to have JR Lennox 
back. Other forwards graduating include Ryan Kelly - a natural athlete who 
picked up the game very quickly. Kevin Fullerton was a very dependable prop; 
JanMichael Ramlochan was another veteran who made an impact when coming 
off the bench, and Marshall Doyle is a tenacious player who loves the game and 
is proof that the little guy has a place among the big. The experience on the team 
lay more in the backs. DJ Bennett, Jordan Dudley, Adam Brander and Chris Lee 
are talented athletes and rugby players who will be graduating this year along 
with Andrew Joyner whose speed and strength were welcome additions. 
There are three awards given each year. The M I P Award was in the end competed 
for by three players. Jordan Ross made terrific gains in his psPRING sPositional 
play on the field, and Jarryd Stock made the transition from under 16 to gain a 
starting position among the backs. Ryan Kelly, is new this year to the school and 
the game of rugby . Ryan is a most deserving winner of this year' s Most Improved 
Player Award. 

The MVP Award goes to an athlete favoured by every team he has represented 
at St. Andrew's. A veteran of four years on First Rugby, an Ontario under 1 6 and 
under 18 player for four years, a final trialist this year for Canada's under 19 
World Cup team, the clear winner this year is another class act who is recognised 
as an outstanding ambassador for St. Andrew's. D.J. Bennett. 

Front Row: Marshall Doyle. Chris Lee, Andrew Joyner, Jan Michael Ramlochan, Kevin Fullerton, Oliver Radley-Smith. Ryan Kelly 

J.R. Lennox. Jordan Dudley, D.J. Bennett. Adam Brander 

Middle Row: Mr. Stuart Swan, Esq.. David Amadori. David Banwell. Michael Tzimas. Sebastien Manigat, Jordan Ross, Mr. Mark 

Newton, Esq. 

Third Row: Patrick McGrath, Stuart Manchee, Jaryd Stock, Phillip Benheim, Christopher McFarlane 




Our season began rather slowly, as we were unsure if there would be sufficient 
numbers to carry a team. However, as the season continued it seemed as if 
aspiring first time and veteran rugby players came out of the woodwork to bolster our 
team numbers making us a force in the league. 

Our season passed rather quickly, and it was apparent that this team certainly had 
what it takes to be a champion at this level. The players were all committed to 
success, and worked very hard to achieve this end. After the regular season has 
passed, the team had posted a very impressive 5- 1 record with 1 84 points for and 22 
against (for comparison, last year we only scored 32 points in the same number of 

Entering the final tournament, we easily reached the final with a47-0 defeat of RLC. 
The championship was a truly hard fought defensive battle stretching end to end of 
the field. When the dust has cleared, we were victorious with a narrow 3-0 victory, 
claiming the elusive championship. To put it in perspective, 3 years ago we didn't 
score a point for the entire season, so to raise the rugby level to this is truly a great 
accomplishment for this talented group of players. 

I must commend and thank the 20 committed and determined team members, who 
fought through injury and hardships to gel as a team and prove that we were a side 
not to be taken lightly. Additionally, I must thank each of our dedicated, graduating 
players: Pablo Sanders and Dominic Sacher 

And especially to our multi-year graduating players who stuck through the years of 
hardships to finally finish on top.Jeff Ginou, Andrew Gosbee, Andrew Steeves, 
Leighton Moriarty, Mike Charlebois (3 years as captain). 
Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank my new able Assistant coach Mr. 
Treasure for his help with video analysis and support with the backs, the first team 
coaches Mr. Swan and Mr. Newton for including us in theirpractices andcommending 
our progress, Gord Birkett for helping the team while the head coach ran off to 
Austria, and last but certainly not least, Mrs. Perrier for all of her support, advise and 
help on the sidelines. Thank-you. - J. Inglis Esq. 

Brian Grant 


Front Row: Andrew Gosbee, Michael Bottomley, Andrew Steeves, Michael Charlebois, Jeff Ginou, Dominic Sacher, 
Leighton Moriaty, Second Row: Jamie Ingles Esq, Sang-Ho Yoon, Patrick Kim, Kyle Steeves, Joseph Leung, Ryan 
Miller, Johan Irwandi, Alex Camargo, Stephen Treasure Esq Back Row: Jah He Lee, Freddy Kane, Tyler Smith, 
Michael Sunderani, Brian Grant, Allen Bean, Artem Dudin, Jason Lau 

Dominic Sachei 

1st Row: Colin Lowe. Billy Burke, Tim Burkett. Daryl Stock, Nick Laveau. Francis David- 

Coderre. Brandon Hussey 

2nd Row: Mr. Greg Shields. Esq., Dan von Diergardt. Eric Tozzi, Andrew Brankley, Vince 

de Civita. Robbie James. Sohaib Siddiqui, Mr. Jon Butcher, Esq. 

3rd Row: Sinclair Bean. Juan Lopez. Jeremy King. Sang-Chul Yoon. Egor Garanine. Triston 

Benson. Steve James 

4th Row: Stephen Rykov, Santiago Mijarez, Ricardo Tinajero, Alex Calvert, Jordan Ekers 

U16back2back CHAMPS 



Tim Burkett 

Fbr most coaches there are very few times in a career when you get a group 
of players who have what it takes to produce an undefeated season. For Coach 
Shields, who is now 22-0 on the year, this was his second undefeated season in a year. . . 
for myself it is just the first. 

For both of us it was a highly memorable season of rugby excellence and for this we would 
like to thank all the players; our trainer Dave Adolph; and of course both Greg Reid and 
Ann Perrier for their tireless efforts in setting and managing all the things that go into any 
successful season. 

This was truly a season to remember: back to back CIS AA Champions, a perfect record, 
and a great final game. It just doesn't get better. -J. Butcher Esq. 

Vince DeCivita 


8 wins, losses, 349 points for, 57 against 

Ttiis is the 3rd year in a row that SAC has been able to field a very powerful team in all aspects of the game: tremendous rucking, the best in the league, 
strong tackling andpowerful running.With40 boys on the roster, we were able to field 2 line-ups and a 1 4 man Smurf team who developed amazingly throughout the season. 
After w inning the first game at SJK 6 1 - 0, we met HTS who were reported to be very strong. After the previous win. over-confidence set in as the match started, and we spotted 
them a 1 7 - 7 half-time lead. With some regrouping the boys were able to rebound and won the game 35 - 24. The remaining teams in the league were not strong and we won 
all the games convincingly. 

The final tournament was hosted by SAC and we met RC in the semi-finals, winning quite comfortably. The second line played the entire 2nd half so that the starters could 
rest for a final against HTS. The first half was a hard fought battle with SAC leading by a try, but we were able to wear them down in the second half to become champions 
for the second time in 3 years. 

I am very proud of the boys' accomplishments this season, and 1 hope their rugby careers continue to flourish in future years. The Under 1 6's will have some very good additions 
next year. - J. Clements Esq. 


Anton Bennett 

1st Row: Peter Goitanich. Mathew Halleron, Adam Salomon . Trevor Jackson. Greg Willmot. Anton 

Bennett. Paul Ross, Adam Lebar, Scott Giroux, Philip Or.nn 

2nd Row: Michael Nowicki. Richard Housser. Dean Hamann.JohnalhanCartwright, Justin No/uka. 

J a\ iciC'orline/, Emilio Olivar. Jonathan To/zi, Diego Morales 

3rd Row: Mervyn Frame. VinuNatarajan. Joey Burke. Mike Greco. Graham Thompson. Ola Ojo. 

Murray Kay, Johnathan Mackenzie. GautamTolani. Mr. John Clements. Bsq, 

4th Row : Justin I A-mieux. Jesse-Ross Cohen. Adrian Bruno. Jose Salas. Michael Ball. Nick Leslie, 

Chrit Milnes. Scott Johnstone. Austin Jones 



Austin Jones 

<>ont Row: Hugh Dowell, Brandon McNally, Eitan Rosenberg. Andrew Gosbec. Scottie Mackay 
Middle Row: Mr. Bob Perrier. Esq., Nicolaos Tsioros. Justin Lee, Mr. Nick Tsioros. Esq. 
Back Row: Ryan Kim. Jayson Miller. Vince De Civita ^^ 

Midget U14 






Chris Wells Phil Nozuka Karl McCartney Arthur Wong Tony Lau Jonathan Si Julian Che 





Front Row: Jared Kim. Julian Kim, Perry Thompson, Corey Scott, William Samson-Doel, Jonathan Si, Alejandra 
Ortiz, Ben Udashkin, Julian Cheong. Saam Azargive, Jack Hui, Jonathan Kwok 

Middle Row: Scott Harns. Sean Lee, Ambrose Fung, Andrew Laptev, Blake Muir, Alex Tang, Toni Lau, Andy 
Dalrymple, Michael Mcintosh, Adel Ratansi 

Back Row: Dylan Edinson. Arthur Wong. Adam Do. Anton Bennett, Chad Davis, 
Suddaby, Phil Nozuka. Mr. Ruscitti Esq.. Chris Simpson, Tyler King 

Karl McCartney, Matthew 

Several strong individual performances were the highlight of our season. As a result St. Andrew's was 
represented at the regionals in midland by Gordon Hunter, J.P. Suddaby, and Peter McClellend. Colin Collins and 
D.J.Bennett, as members of our 4x400 meter team, rounded out our contingent of five. Gordon Hunter and J.P. 
Suddaby went on to OFSSA. 
Our objective from the outset as with all teams at St. Andrew's is to win the CISAA Championship. This was indeed 
to be a formidable task this year as our numbers did not allow us to fill all events. Nonetheless, we battled hard and 
in the end placed 5* overall of 1 2 participating schools at the CISAA Championship meet. 
1 [oweverthe Middle School Track Team was large in numbers and they achieved many fine results at then CIS V 
Track & Field meet. So the future is encouraging. On the other hand we lose a stalw art to graduation next year. I'eter^ 
Met 'lei lend, w ho has completed his 5' 1 ' year on the team, has always being an impact performer and a u onderful 
role model. Congratulations to all team members and good luck next year! - Mr. Ruscitti Ksq. 


Front Row: Kevin Lau, Brian Lin, Ryan Lo, EricNei, Kenny Yuen, Mr. Gregory 

Dominato, Esg. 

Back Row: Dennis Wong, SoungHun Lee, Richard Choi. David Trott, Brent Cheng 

This is our first year in an A.S. universe — After Sam — and I 
have only positive things to say about our level of play and 
about our team. We went into the finals with an undefeated record 
in exhibition play and the tournament was the expected three-way shoot- 
out between the red boys (us), the blue boys (UCC) and the blue-and-gold 
boys (RSGC.) It came down to a near tie all-around with UCC ending up with 
78 points. RSGC with 75 points and SAC with 72 points. The next closest 
competitor had 39 points. Graduating players Brian Lin and Eric Nei fought 
back from the brink of defeat more than once and treated the crowd (and 
themselves) to something more akin to a slam-dunk contest than a 
badminton match. Richard Choi and Dennis Wong, both in their first year 
from Under 16, won the right to be called the best second doubles team at 
the tournament — which was no small feat given the competition. These 
guys jelled as a team are were fearsome on the court. Ryan Lo gave a 
courageous performance in his final match of the year staggering not once, 
not twice, but thrice from exhaustion before being narrowly defeated in the 
consolation final. He garnered the respect of all who watched the match. 
Kevin Lau and Brent Cheng, also up from Under 16 and playing singles, 
indicated to all that we continue to be a badminton powerhouse in the the 
A.S. universe. I was most impressed by the willingness of our guys to cheer 
and to be unabashed supporters of their colleagues. We raise the bai 
everywhere we go. 

I would also like to thank Soung Hun Lee, David Trott, and Kenny Yuer 
for their fine support of the team and for the effort they put into development 
this year. I bid adieu to Brian and Eric after three years of outstanding play 
and leadership. I appreciate Brian's will to win and Eric's finely developed 
sense of sportsman and teaching. 

Coach Gregory Dominato. 

Richard Choi 



Harrison Jones 


as fast as Mr. Wenk walks th 


After a season of ups and do] 

tweaking and peaking propi 

Special thanks to Mrs. Auger 

and my end of season absen 

were expected to fit 

Front Row: Melissa Auger (esq.), Adrian Eng, Mike Ferguson, Harrison Jones, 

Wesley Tiller, Sean Eng, Marke Jones (esq.) 

Back Row: Josh Hanson, Tyler Ehler, Logan Hurst, Duncan Giel, Ton 

Duncan Giel 

The World Badminton Championships were recently placed fii Sweden. They use real 
feathered shuttles at that level. Players can go through ! 
(or birds ) reach speeds of 200-30Qla^BfcMl r tournament I 

uttles a match; and shuttles 

are plastic and travel only 

and desire to be victorious is 

of 8 teams but some final season 
to finish a respectable third! 
adding a sense of cc/iesi veness to a season interrupted by cadets 
Mr. Jones, Esq. 


: Mr. Stephen Kimmerer, Esq., Kevin Han. Calvin Lam, 

Second Row: Jeong Jin Lee, Stanley Hon, Simon Lau, Kent Fu 
Third Row: Mark Hanson 

e U 1 6 Badminton team was a young squad with a number 
oys still eligible to play U 1 4. but hopeful of doing well. Calvin 
Lam.fcvin Han had a strong seasons and progress was made 
by Mark Hanson and Simon Lau. After a very successful regular 
season- winning four matches and losing only one- the team 
didn't fairas well at the end of\ ear tournament. This young team 
be read\ to challenge next year. Thanks Guys! - SK 

First Tennis 


*'■'- H ■ ^H 

Second Row - P. Bedard, Esq. Patrick Harris, Matt Gnyp, Chris 

Chang. Levin Maaskant 

First Row - Clement Yau, Tarek Merchant. 

MVP - Tarel 

MIP - Levin 

2nd Tennis 




m P" ." 

— 7e were faced with a challenging se 
managed to play competitively again 
with more depth, losing 3-2 against UCC and h 
beating Rosseau 5-0. We were hurting in the ah. 
of our star player, but obviously not as much as h 
We knew we had a difficult day ; 
win the tourney, but what made it special was that we 
were the only players in the tournament w ho managed 
to win a match against HTS. the winners o( the 
tournament. Not bad for a couple of boys w ho had only 
been on Our team for two weeks. The rest of the team 
had a pretty good day as well as we blanked Rosseau 
Lake 5-0. As usual. Jose Uribe scared his opponents 
with his blistering windmill forehand and his fiery 
stare, while Austin Hracs impressed everyone with 
his finesse and his towering height at the net. ami 
Randall Blom and Steven Pryce were a wall at the net 
and ran down every ball. - Coach Dueua) 

~J£flw-Jose Uribe, Austin Smith, Austin Hracs, Sergio 

First FRow - Steven Pryce, Randall Blom, Adrian Rubli, I 
Duguay, Esq. 

fell Hi r4 

MVP - lose Uribe 

tennis team is made-up by a total of 7 players. 3 of 
.which play singles (seeded #1 to 3) and 4 players thai 
make-up the 1" and 2'"' Doubles teams. 
Generally 1 am very happy with the results, although we 
didn't start very well. We played 8 regular season matches, 
and managed to win only 2 out of the X. However we 
improved a lot over the course of the season, and looked 
forward to the final ISAA tournament as a way to redeem 

Here. l ) teams were divided into 2 divisions, the top two 
teams of which would advance to the final round. Despite 
the strong competition, we won 3 rounds out of 5, winning 
a total of 12 matches out of a possible 20. but we missed the 
final round by a single game. 

One of the highlights of the day includes the performance 
oi the 2 ' Doubles team, made-up by BOSCO TSE and 
ADAM BUCC1 who were undefeated, winning all four of 
their matches. 
■ Coach Paolini 

- * m^ 

U16 Tennis 

"• ~w 

MVP - Darting 

Henein V 


1 Tennis Team was 


■ai no matter how 


^B^re not ready u 


HP there. 

i'ould like to use the following 

acronym to describe 

eir season - C'ISAA. 

Second Row - Luis Meneses. Bosco Tse. Aaam micci 
First Row - T. Paolini. Esq, Bryn Fell, Darrin Henein, Chris 

U14 Tennis 


"(" stands for Courtesy 
T is for Integrity 

S' which is Self-Control 
The first A" in CISAA stands for Adaptability 
The final 'A' stands for Achievement 

A special thank you to our Team Captain, Jay t 
for his support, leadership and talent as our#l s'uv L 
player this season. 

- Coach O'Hare 

Second Row - Thijs Maaskant. Matt Langer, Jay Smith. Daniel 
Conrad, Andrew Conrad. 
LmM m I First Row -Jeff Seymour, Robbie Kaptyn, Devon Bean, Devon 

Kh.cKantvn M()k Robin ()' HaiC\ Fsi|. 

past season marked our first ever Lacrosse preseason lour. We were fortunate enough lo accompany the 
nis team on their trip down to Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania in early April. We won both our 
latches and received the necessary training before our regular season games began. As always the conference was 
losely matched with only a few goals separating any one team. On the whole we were not able to meet our own 
expectations and fell short of our anticipated goals. However, the season was an enjoyable one for many reasons. 
We had a new crop of enthusiastic young players and held an U16 game against Agincourt U.S. winning 
convincingly. We are looking seriously at the possibility of an U16 team for next year. We welcomed the 
experienced coaching of Mr. Greg Reid to the team this year and were better players for his skill development drills. 
As with any year we hid farewell to our graduating players and wish them well in their university careers! hope! ally 

Ion" a 



| Pierce Cassidy 

■ 1 

jj**tSS""" C 

1 \ 




I From Left: , Mr. David Gaertner, Esq. Ryan Bryce, Erik Bornstein, Pierce Cassidy, Sandy 
ItvlacKay, Chris Bromely, Alberto Bremer.Robert Giel Esq. missing - Richard Reininger, Adam 
i Zoratto 

Once again we had many talented individuals come out to our tryouts for the junior golf! 
team. By balancing returning players, with players who had developed their skills over last summer 
land with new players who had just joined St. Andrew's we put together a force to be reckoned with. 
iMembers of the team compete at tournaments in a two man team format. In most tournaments we entered! 
|3 two man teams.Team C comprised of different players each week Matt Suddaby, Ricky ReiningerJ 
iRyan Bryce, and Adam Zoratto finished in the top 8 overall. Team B - Erik Borstein and Chris Bromleyl 
Iwere also very successful earning 34 points and finishing in third place overall - two points out of 2" d l 
Iplace. Team A composed of Sandy MacKay and Pierce Cassidy won 4 of the 5 tournaments and camel 
|2nd in the other. On a cumulative basis they earned 70 points over the course of the season. The next! 
closest team earned 36 points. As a result the Junior Golf Team are the CISAA Champions. - R.Giel Esq.[ 





Nathan Rothwell 


Front Row: Scott Fullerton, Mathew Law, Charles-Etienne Bergeron. Carrie Hughes McGuiness, Esq.. Canning 

Wong, Jared Leslie 

Middle Row: Will Mullock, James Keston. MacArthur Kane, Nathan Rothwell. Ryan Bucci, Justin Chow, 

Jeremy Lee 

Back Row: Adam Rourke. Brian Harvey, Ian Wright. Mike Faulds, Joe Rothwell. James Cheng, Giancarlo 

Trimarchi. (Missing- Eric Swenker & Eric Samson-Doel) 

Giancarlo Trimarchi 

Last year a challenge I gave to the team 
To get more wins than we've ever seen. 
And to this end in-wins we did rake 
As the CISAA finals we did make. 
A fun bunch of guys, a dedicated team 
Working hard, playing well, potential was seen. 
The challenge was to reign in our hopes 
People said we should have other teams on the ropes. 
With graduates and outfielders Mike Faulds and Ian Wrighl 
The ball was often hit out of sight. 
A pitcher we had extrodinaire 
Mathew Law just kept pitching them in there. 
Giancarlo came with energy to spare. 
Have you ever seen a ball player with such great hair 
Captains Canning Wong and our Chuckie too. 
They were inspiring and leaders true. C.H.McInnis 

Front Row: Dima Bassemko. Gordon Gray. Tyler Walker. Bobby Priebe, 
Mitch Lebar 

Back Row: Michael Del Zotto, Jason Wilson, Cameron Healy, Colin Noble, 
John Stoneman, Ms. Amanda Thome. Esq. 


is year was the first year that St. Andrew's entered a team in the UT2 
softball league. The season was definitely a learning experience for both 
team and coach alike. Although we did not come home with any trophies or a 
league championship, we did learn a lot about the game, good sportsmanship and 
how to play as a team. Choosing the MIP and MVP honours was a bit of a 
difficult task, as every member of the team showed improvement and many 
people rose to the occasion when heroic plays were necessary. 



able Tennis falls into that category of sports which include 
. squash and tennis. They are all excellent recreation, can he 
lifetime and can be shared on a competitive or non-competitive 

Many households have theirown table and most of us have played ping pom 

at some time or other. 

Here at SAC we offer this sport in house league in the winte 
competitive sport in the spring term. Fixtui 

most competition takes place at the club level. Nevertheless, the mos 
important school competition in this area is the York Region championshi] 
and I am pleased to announce that we have won the Senior Boys" Di\ isioi 
for the second time in the last three years of competition. 

The two awards go to the members of the championship pair. Mil' is thi: 
year awarded to a player whose tactical game improved greatly - Ken 
Fu.The MVP is easy to award as this player stands head and shoulders abov i 
the level of competition seen in this region. I have to say that I was alsi 
impressed with his quiet determination and effective leadership qualities. 
Anatolv Loor. - Mr. A. Halslead Esa. 


Anatoli Looi 


j Kent Fu 

•loaches K\le. Gomes, and team prepared at firsi indoors, trying to 

retch opposing corners of Dunlap gym. or riding buses to Etobicoke for net practise » here we stood up to 
• the dreaded Ml mph bow ling machine. When the sun arrived, we met outdoors on our mini-pitch at the back field, where we became mentally tough by concentrating on trying 
id crashing into nearby football and snow plow equipment, or tr> ing to avoid tripping down the hill while running backwards to make high catches. Patiently, we waited 
out the two months for w et fields to dry up enough to pla\ our first game. Our confident and relaxed "island" family atmosphere left us a little unfocussed and ready for a loss, which 
a powerful UCC squad happily administered. After allowing over 200 runs, we were left in a state of shock to begin our turn at batting. We could register only 48 runs that da\ 
along with another 27 from their wide and no-ball bowling. Afterwards, instead of burying our heads in the sand, these young men recommitted themselves to working even harder 
at practice for the remainder of the season, and the results were often nothing short of miraculous - not that any player turned into some kind of superman - only that what started 
out as a most fragile, suspicious, and selfish team, coalesced into this most energized ami high-spirited machine, where the success of the whole group eventually became more 
important in the minds of the players than any temporary individual defeat or achievement. 

It's tough to get pumped up and rolling again after such an exhaustive effort. Naturally we were tired going into our final game against TCS in Port Hope. Thanks to a reasonably 
solid innings of batting by Josh. Warren. Mitch Myers and the boy s v. e held a comfortable lead of 1 25 runs. We once again made a game of it, by allowing them to quickly get within 
17 runs of us. Having been schooled on the effectiveness of Mr Staunton's legendary walks around the perimeter of the field during games, coach Kyle nervously re-enacted the 
ritual. Within minutes, the injured but still mighty phoenix, Zohab took their 10'" and final wicket with only his 2 nd bowled ball of the game, thus ending a 3 ri consecutive CISAA 
league winning season for St. Andrew's cricket. 

Congratulations are alsodue to Tarek Merchant forjuggling his impressive P' tennisduties with us; to Jason Bayley for his accurate record keeping. Web Site excellence, smile: to Steven 
Brooks I'm his eagerness to improve and help out: to Terry fielgrave for his bravery in facing those bouncing rocks; to Ryan Sequiera for hischeeriness and assistance; and finally to Jon 
"Winky"Fernandezforhissportsmanshipandcheeryattitude. \ J 

Mr. Kyle and Mr. Gomes wish to thank the boys for their remarkable example of tenacity and determination in the face of defeat, and. most importantly, for their special friendship. 
We respect you: "BOWLING! BATTING! FIELDING'." Mr. I). Kyle Esq. Pjfr u^fc- 1 

Josh Dclmas 

Front Row: Terry Belgrave. Zoheb Saleem, Scott Simons, Josh Delmas. Ryan Sequira. Mark Robinson 
Middle Row: Mr. David Kyle, Esq.. Tarek Merchant, Liam Farrell. Steven Brooks, Mr. Gomes, Esq. 
Back Row: Tim Thwaites, Jonathan Fernandez. Warren Chang, Jason Bailey 


Warren Chang 

1 W Slu S 1 

V V g* ■ 

L ^V S 1 

KB ; 

1 J^f ^ 

H i : -^H 
1 i^Bafi ■* C^^Bj^ ^^^^H 





Being at SAC as a member of the "7 Year Club" has really made an impact on my life. It has made 
me more responsible, and taught me better ways of living. Being a boarder for the first two years 
trained me to care for myself and be more independent. It made me new, life-long friends that I 
could never put behind. I could never forget anyone in my graduating class, close or distant, 
everyone of you have changed my life in many ways. Sports at SAC have been great! They devoted 
my extra time into extracurricular events. The games and tours have been enjoyable, and I will 
never forget playing for the teams I played for. Every course and teacher I have had, has educated 
me with stuff that I couldn't imagine my life without. I want to thank all of those who have influenced 
me into becoming a better person, and helped me through these seven years. 












■ Nicknames Bowser. Bayley-mon, Bayley Boy, Bucket 

Sayings: Hoy.. .Where's my mag-lite? Don't hate, you all know Memorial is by far the best house! Mini-me do some work!; Botts...shut your 
Mr. Walden s famous sayings: Bayley boy, you counting de coconuts in coconut country? Myrrr... Sunday 1-5!!! Bayley-mon, you are running oil Island time 7 
Activities' First Cricket (4 years); Rec, Skiing; Table Tennis; Islanders Vs. Asians hockey game; Gold Star Cadet; Red star instructor: webmaster for Cricket web 
site; Weight i oom moderator. Honorary member of The 1 -5 Club, Vice President of The Memorial House chapel skippers club. 

Comment: When I first entered the gates of SAC in September 1998, 1 was just a terrified Island boy who was afraid of his own shadow. After 4 years here. SAC, 
has surely changed all that and has made me into the man that I am now. I have enjoyed every minute of being here and being a proud Andrean. I would like to 
thank my parents for making all those sacrifices for me to be able to have such a wonderful opportunity. Mum and Dad, you stuck with me and guided me through 
the tough times and I truly appreciate everything you all have ever done tor me I do not know where I would be today without your love and support. 
I would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Perrler for making my 4 years @ SAC enjoyable especially in the boarding house. Mrs. I really appreciated all those hou 
breakfasts, BBQ's, after study treats and much more that youdid for me. You made us feel at home in the boarding house. Mr. Perrier thanks lor all that extra calculus 
help after study. It really helped a lot! W^^^ ^^W ^Kf 

Mr Halstuad and Mr. Butcher thanks for all of your helpful advise throughout all the rough times. I appreciate all that you have done for me. * 
Mr. Walden thanks for all your help and guidance throughout my time here. I thank you for disciplining me when it was necessary, without it; I don't know what would 
become of me You will have to find another Islander that can count the coconuts as well as I can. 

To all my friends graduating this year, (mini-me, Gummie. dodo, Tim, Robo, Skolz, Brooks, hormone, blackachmo. Brown, Lee-dawg, winky, sorry if I left your name 
out) I wish you tood luck in your future endeavors! For all you guys still here next year (Botts, Zeebo, Merv. Davies. swenks, Wahid, Brad, scooter, Dougie, patty, 
Phil) time is valuable and it goes by quickly, don't waste it! Before you know it, you will be leaving this place also. Make use of 
Peace out. 

Nicknames: Ickayaboo, Black Lightning, Midnight Train, Corky, The Black Fellow, Delroy, Deljames,Da Reverend 
Activities: Prefect, First Football (3a), First basketball (2a), and First Rugby (4a), Focus, member of "the Table" 

Sayings: get off me, you can't hold me, Are you drinking hatorade? Stop the hateration, irrespective of, guaranteed barnone, Dana or Grossman or 
Dias get off my coattails, this is why I hate boarding, why you all in my grill? No Carroll, my lotion is over here Cronin, Hey Doyle how's tier 2? try blocking 
somebody next time, Jan you are not a trailer, paddy hot right, paddy carry the 5, I'm open all day like a 711 , 1 can make you miss in a phone booth, 
Where's Casper?, Mike you are going to sleep already?, GIAI. does it say common room on the door, does it say grand n toy on the door, Robo do 
you think I like you, So did you dump Missy yet, I realize that I'm black. 

First things first you know how us Bennett's do we gotta keep it in the family. Mom thank you for giving me life and making it a good one. As a strong 
black woman you showed me the meaning of work ethic and perseverance. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunty Pam, Uncle Dennis, Uncle Flloyd I can't thank 
you enough for always being there for me and supporting me in all facets of my life without hesitation. Lil Ton thanks for always having my back. This 
school is yours now. It's up to you what you make of it. You have the opportunity to do all I did and so much more if you keep your head on straight 
and want it bad enough. To my SAC family the table Fauldsy, Scottie, Dodo, Jana, Timma Arie when you were wit us thanks for all the laugh and for 
giving me someone to lash out on. Shrimp dawg and J-dawg thanks to you both for teaching me a lot bout myself. Although you may not know it I 
appreciate it. Mr.C best of luck in the future you are a class act and you exemplify S.I.L.V.E.E.R. Mrs. Mix sorry I'm such a hastle. Dana, Collins. T 
Birk, A-Hoff, C-Mac, J-Stock, N. Diddy, B.Burke, Paddy, J-Ross, Parent, Mitch, (holla back youngn's)this place is yours to rule know. Hold it down. 
Last but not least thanks to Dad. No he doesn't look like Usher. Thanks for being my role model. You're a hard act to follow. I've learned more from 
these quotes you advised me than all my time at SAC. jy^ 

Nicknames: Chuck, Chucky, Snipes, Socko, Chuckerou ^^B 

Saying: That Henglish guy stole my REV; Where the Captain Morgan's at?; Don't mess with me newf!; Funny Episode!; Jojo where are my keys?; 
WMO Nancy!; St-Michel Represents 69; RHEEM: SEEN; UGHHHHH!!!!. No Joyner she is not twice my size; I have to phone Oakville; Keep it down 
punk!; I hate playing at St-Mike's; Faulds, did you read? 

Activities: Prefect, Football, House Captain, Marksmanship, Softball, Biathlon, Nordic Skiing, Roadie#6, % of the Chinese five pack, 309 Crew, Co- 
founder with Jimbo of Emerald Beef nights 

Comment: I should say the greatest experience of my life. These two years have been amazing even with a slow start. It took me a long time to 
fire the bullet but once I shot it, it was a bullseye. Thanks a lot to the Perrier's family for their incredible help. Merci Monsieur Cameron pour cette 
chance unique que je ne suis pas pret d'oublierlBonne chance I'annee prochaine. Thank you Mrs.Mix for your outstanding support. Thank you 
Mr.McCue for letting me on the marksmanship team, it's been fun and I hope everyone will recognize that you created the best cadet program in 
Canada. Thank you to everyone of u that helped me in these two years. 

Jojo, Jimmy, Brad, Fras, Joyner, Brander, Ian, Kelly. Weedz, Guy, Mike, Chooch, Pete.... it's been crazy with you guys and good luck next year. 
And to all my boys from the Islands: Gavin, ROBO, DODO you're the greatest party guys. And to my Chinese connection: Gerry, Ryan and Boris 
(emerald beef is the best). Gids, Whisky's the best place ever! Good luck next year at SAC to my rookies, Jean-Simon, Mani. Mano, Joel, bring back 
the horseshoe! 

Et dernierement, merci a mes parents pour leur support depuis mes premiers pas chez les soeurs, sans tous vos sacrifices je n'aurais pas pu 
realiser ce reve, je vous aime et vous m'avez manque durant ces annees. Merci Thierry d'avoir toujours ete la pour me montrer le bon chemin. 





The acclimatisation process of this school started off slowly with me, and I think it will take an even longer time for me to 
realise all the benefits it has bestowed upon me. The pride of being an Andrean, will follow me everywhere. My days at SAC 
have been positively influenced by uncountable personae. Mrs and Mr Robson have opened my eyes to my shortcomings 
in English, and hence, the possibilities, and, Mr. Cowel showed me Alistair Macleod's short stories. The skiin's been great. 
Mr. Gaertner. Dr. J. and the all inclusive, calculated Geo. Stewy, the phone man in Mac, plus so much more. Hugh, you 
are what the homies had in mind when they first said, "keepin' it real". Conversations with Mrs. Mix, at the receptionist desk, 
and then up in the Guidance office, brightened many a day (a smattering of Dutch will get you places). I'll never forget those 
Saturday mornings when I was roused to full awareness by the remarkable Mr. Arril and his bag of tricks. The Bedards made 
my home at SAC a friendly and welcoming place. Mr. Shrimpton and Mr. Myrans both gave extra's that added a lot; The 
Forum, and NYC. Forum opened my eyes to Canada, and to the many different people in it. Mr. Myrans' passion for histSM 
has inspired me. All of a sudden I realise that I have the confidence to believe that I can and to go for it. Somewhere alonB 
the way, I got that here. Always apply, both yourself, and to everywhere, because otherwise, you'll never know. In this last 
stretch, the culmination of my schoolin' so far, the Guidance department has been incredible. The broad base that makes 
SAC remarkable, is promising for the future. The tradition will continue. To all my friends, you were always there for me, 
and I know you will all have great stories to tell-so let's do this. Live it up! ^ 






Nicknames: B-man, Brenden, Brandus, Twig 

Activities: Prefect, SASSIN 2000, 1 s ' Soccer 3a (CISAA Champions '99, '01), 1 Bt Rugby 2a (MIP), Senior Squash 2a, 

Lieutenant of Laidlaw House 2a, weight training, Cancun 2002, Duke of Ed. Bfe, 

Deciding to attend St. Andrew's was a toss-up after my grade eight year and I am forever changed because of the decision 
that I made back then. The past five years at S.A.C. have provided me with numerous challenges, opportunities, and benefits. 
I have grown to love and cherish so much and so many here. I, myself, have grown a lot and owe it all to the people around 
me. Petey. Doyle (Ugly), Chooch, Patty, Geoff (Rage), Steeven (gimp), Weeds, Gidds, Daddy, Roach, Fully, Robo, Guy, 
Chucky, Jo-jo, R. Kelly, Dodo, Dudz, Deej, Big J, Andrew J. and the rest of the boys, for the memories, I thank you all. Keep 
in touch. Mr. Cameron - I cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm, support, and kindness over these years. Mr. 
Kimmerer - thank you for your guidance wherever we happened to be (like playing Euchre at 1 3, 000 feet, halfway around 
the world) and for getting me to chapel, sometimes. Mr. Swan - thank you for giving me a chance to play rugby and instilling 
a passion for the game in me. Mr. Arril and Mrs. Mix - thank you for scrambling around to ensure that I have a right path 
to continue along next year (if all goes well). Most importantly, thanks to my family. Mom and Dad, for all the sacrifices that 
you made so that I could attend St. Andrew's and have all the opportunities that I did, I will never be able to thank you enough. 

Nicknames: Brooksy (nuff said) 

Sayings: "Oh, rass. Wha' you mean we have a finite test today?" "Yo, who have my lighter?" "Hey, Bayley, you piece of filth!" "Bun 

up dem argument my yout." "Yo, you seen my crackhead brother?" "No, I not lendin' you my ID." 

Ambitions: To try and get back the suntan I lost in this country; yea that's pretty much it.... 

Activities: Chairman of the Memorial Steps Congregation, Member of the White Jamaican Crew, Secretary of the DJ's of SAC 

Committee, and if I'm not doin' any of those things I'll be at Weight Training 

Comments: After two years I'll be kinda sorry to leave this place. The amount of memories I've got, like the time we. ..oh, wait I'll 

get in trouble for that, nevermind. 

I want to thank God foremost, for giving me the strength ( and sanity ) to get through these past years. I also have to thank my parents 

for sending me here and for sending me money. Thanks Mom! 

I don't think it would have been as easy to get through SAC without my friends of the Island Crew, my Mexican Posse, 
the Chinese Connection, the Russian Mafia and some Canadians that didn't get on my nerves. 

I can't forget my housemasters, Mr. and Mrs. Perher, who were always there for me when I needed someone to talk 
to and confide in. Mr. Walden, who's Bajan accent could use some work, maybe some more Appleton Rum would help. Everton, 
nuff respect and blessings. To anyone that I forgot. ..too bad. Anyways, I'm gone back to Jamaica, enjoy the cold. Later. Brooksy. 

Finally... Thanks mom and dad, for letting me have the chance to study at St. Andrew's, where I surely learnt 
a lot academically and about life. I did not regret at all starting over again in Toronto at SAC, where I met the 
best bunch of friends ever. It's been two years I've studied here, and there are still a lot of names and faces 
I don't know. But that unimportant, because since I stepped into the school I knew you guys are the best friends 
I could ever have. Being able to spend good and bad times together, studying together, and just chilling 
together. Anyways, I'd like to thank Mr. Shrimpton for being such a nice housemaster, he's made life a lot 
easier here, but I'll never forget how he said I was unhealthy in my final report of grade 12. Here's a shout 
out to, Bohyeh, GerMan,7Sim, Ng Wing 7 Cheung cannot kau luay, Kenniejai, RockYau Hung and... that's 
bout all. Oh., and a shout to all the 'GWAI LO'! 












Nicknames: Bear, ChanMan, Stiffey, No-hands Chan, Chicken-ball, Fried Rice (or any typical westernize Chinese food) 

Activities: Head of Memorial House, Cadet Caption of Memorial, First Football, Tier II Rugby. Intramural basketball. U16 Football, U16 and U14 

Rugby, MacDonald House Captain, Editor of THE magazine 

Not until the moment I have to wrote that grad comment that I realize how long I have been here. 6 years ago I never thought that I would 
be someone like me right now. The first week I was here I knew that SAC is the right place for me to pursue a higher level of education. However 
I never knew that SAC provided not only education but also other important values of life, leadership, sportsmanship, friendship etc... 

I would like to thank my parents and my brother for all the advices and support. Without my family's support I won't achieve what I have 
achieved right now. I'd like to thank all my friends: graduated, graduating and non-graduating, for the friendship which I will never forget in my life, 
and I will keep in contact with all of you. Thank all the teachers for teaching me with their 100%. Thank all my coaches and teammates for all my 
17 wonderful sports terms (especially my football team with that unforgettable season). Thank all the individuals who says "Hi Ryan" every time I 
see them in the hallways for many years, just that insignificant little greeting gives me the energy and support everyday. Thank you Mr and Mrs Perrier. 
my house master, for countless support and help with school and around the house. Last but not least. I would like to thank my adviser, Mr Giel. 
Thank you for all your encouragement and assistance that you have provided for all those years. Without you I won't be able to survive the long 6 
years all by myself. Thank you! 

If you are still reading, I appreciate it. But don't waste your time, go out there and do something. If I have another chance to do the 6 years again 
I would make better use of my time and accomplish more at SAC. Time is the only limitation that restricts you! Use it wisely! 

57 days until prize day... time really flies by and I wonder where I will be after leaving SAC. I know 
will miss my friends and teachers that have made it the best time of my life here at SAC. I really 
thank my mother for sending me here 3 years ago. Many good things happened including things^ 
happening ATQ. Bors, Lun, Ger, Ng Wing 7 Cheung and his brother Hung... I will really miss yoJj| 
guys. Best wishes to Ng Wing 7 Chdung, hope you will break many poles' next year when we afl 
not here... and hope you can be "luftendunt kerjolial" and play the "peepas" well. Also I would like 
to thank the Shrimp dogg for giving me many opportunities in all aspects here at SAC. Thank-yoi 
and I hope that SAC will bring even more opportunities for great minds in the future. 




"Hhe stories will haunt us in 20 years for sure. No doubt about it, Grad Trip 
2002 was the most successful trip ever planned. 32 Andreans embarked 

l. on ajourney of learning to fabulous Cancun Mexico on an all inclusive trip. 
For 8 days and 7 "memorable" nights we were submerged in culture, and amazing 
scenery. Most memorable moments were: The bus ride from the airport, Coco 
Bongo, La Boom, The sports restaurant at 3:00 every day. the longest pool in the 
world, the infamous cruise with Ryan Wong riding the bull, Cronin with his math 
skills ( 1+1 + 1=3), Jimmy with the quote of all quotes "If I fall asleep I'm sorry". 
Austin and the phone bill incident. Dudley and the posters. Jeff Ginou...AKA 
Roger Clements the strikeout king, Graydon and his 7 unsuccessful attempts, and 
finally Cronin and his trip to Pakistan. These are just a few of the many memories 
that all 32 of us share and hope that none of the stories ever surface or else we 
will have some serious explaining to do to our future wives. . ."I am sorry honey, 
1 was taken advantage of!" 



Activities: U15Soccer(2years).Tier2Soccer(2 years), U14.U1 5, U16, Intramural Basketball (assistant captain), 1114,1116 (MVP), 
1 3| Tennis (3 years), Lieutenant of Smith House Company, Silver Star Instructor, Carol Service Band (4 years), » Concert Band 
(4 years), 2 na Class Clan Points * . 

icknames: Changster, Brake Assist, Robatusin, Dr. Chang, C squared, Derrick 

omment: As my career at S.A.C comes to an end, I leave behind many memorable memories that I've encountered over the past 
5 years of my life Memories such as the Carol Service, Cadet Inspection. Cadet Parade, Cadet Formal, Focus, Spring Fest and 
many school plays, which makes S.A.C unique; along with many sporting events. Homecoming. Sk Day, Prize Day, late nights 
studying for tests and going to McDonalds or Starbucks during my spatt will always be apart of ineas I progress onward through 
life. Special thanks to my friends (you've made my time at S.A.C very enjoyable and less stressful than it already is), Mr. Clements 
(thanks for bringing out the musical talent within me), Mr. Galajda (thanks for preparing me for what lies ahead of me in the field 
of Science), Mr. Arril (thanks for helping me out with my university selections). Mrs. Mix (thanks for organizing and sending my 
university applications), and Mr. Swan (thanks for helping mecut with university advice). Most of all, I would like to thank my parents 
for sending me to one of the best educational institutions in Canada; I will make you proud in the future from what I've learned at 
S.A.C, as well as my sister for believing in me and knowing that if I set my mind to something, I will be successful; I love you all. 
As I move on to university, I feel somewhat nervous of the fact that my future depends on the next 4 years, however, as a result 
of SAC. I also feel confident that I will be successful in whatever I choose to do. 

Wow. these three years have been so fast and so amazing . As a prospective boarder not knowing what to expect, i walked into 
Flavelle and reluctantly left my days of childhood behind . Now, 3 years later I am once again reluctant. I am reluctanttolemjf 
and graduate. I am indebted to my friends who have made my experience, my time and my SAC the one that I leave today. The 
ones that has made my life changed and renewed. The friends I've made while at school and the ones I've made because 
it. I'm thankful to my supporters and especially my parents. Mommy and Daddy, you've always been thereand I'm glad th. 
you got me this far, no matterwhat happens. I love you. Tomyboysfrom Memorial to Flavelle. thanks for the times at Commero 
Pacific, and Hong Kong: I truly appreciate it. To all the girls I've met and left behind, you've helped me mature, I love you Amy. 
To all my teachers now and gone. I'm glad that you encouraged me to meet my maximum potential. My achievements in university 
will reflect what you have taught me in class and out of class. 

"Those who labor with their minds govern others; those who labor with their strength are governed by others" 
Mencius, Chinese Philosopher 

Activities: U-16 Soccer, Tier II Soccer, Intramural Basketball, 1 st Cricket 

I can't say its been a short or long time, but it's been quite a ride nonetheless. Didn't expect at all the kind of experiences, 

which I got while here. All the drama, the sports, the fun so to speak will be strangely enough, sorely missed. It's been an 

interesting era in my life; pissed off a lot of people in high places but it was all for a good cause, everyone needs to be put 

into their place occasionally right? Keeps the sanity among the community. 

Big up all the warriors from the present to the past: Gummie, Sacher, Jayru, Mr. Bayley; Scooter, Fully, Phil, Big Guy aka 

ROBO; Skolz. Dana and Jamie; Khoury and Winky aka Stinger; Chris, Botts (England still doesn't count as an island) and 

saving'the best for last, the top a the tops from JA - Timmy!!! (too much bizzle to list off), Schmicky (ma bredrin from the 

day I touch dis place), Froggie aka Robert (jus a ramp), Brooksy, Mackie, Chicken (all a ya'll large from long time). My brown 

people - Mini Me, Zeebo and Tarek 

Anyways I have to give some of the teachers their props:- Bobby P & Mrs. P (keeping the Memorial clan well fed and healthy), _) 

Mr. Butcher (my how we've spent countless hours talking about too many problems) and Mr. Staunton. Well I wanna say Q) 

more but I've hit the limit on this thing so to all the people who know me - feel privileged ^ 

Highly Bless * a 

rlie Brown, CharBoyfcharlie. Chuck, Bones, Boney, Muscles, MUUUUUSSSSSCCCCLLLLESSSS, Pickering Sensation, 
iancer and Gimpy. 1 _^^^. . . ,„ 

"Rnaahh". "Daaaamn". *Meh". "Whooaaaa", " n g^¥!W' J ' D '"' " Maaahd Gains "' " Work 2 Ride ' Pay 2 Play ' ' pa ' n ' n ° 9 
Lifetime: 199§- 2002 (6 y ub!) 

Houses in or#r of membership! MacDonald. Laidlaw, B^fSm^garnsey, and Memorial. 

Achievement! Prefect, Edith Grant Award. U1 6 Swimmfeg MVP. OFSAA Swimming, Tier II Rugby Captain for 3 years running, Senior Silver 
Star Course Ifficer, Compa- . Commander of RamselBouse (Captain), Gold Duke of Edinborough, Establishing "Summit" Society for 
Writers Retro-fitting the weight room, living through 6 years of SAC f§od and graduating! 

I Shout outs (in no particular order): Prefects, you guys wer^amazingjjuaork with, I had so much fun! Sanders, "Cho Guy!" Reid, don't change 
the world too much Ryan Chan, keeqjn' it real. Shout ou%oj^|H|risey, the best house in the school! Always remember, life am t fun 
unless its lived. 

Epilogue- Saint Andrew's College will always bring only thaufl . : .: Ato mind. I will look back on my career here with pride and 

endearment All of my relationships throughout the years hafl elped build Kto the character I am today. My parents and parents alone 

,-onsibte for the privilege that I have endured for ttjtest half decaifflffor my mother's undying faith in my abilities and constant 

,-iy father's selflessni in sacnfiajng S J|^|^H ' '-""■ eceive a hi 9 ner education. I cannot begin to express my 

gratitude. To my classmates, all Ihe best in youj^jgrre endeavors 



Until three years ago I did not know t his school at all. Many people might think an all-boys school would be the stupidest 
place to spend three valuable years. But I believe I made the right choice. Over these three years, I have learned things 
that no other place could have taught me. After all, this school is like a big family to me; I like the feeling here, it is just like 
being at home Mr. Myrans has always been a key factor in why^gov history so much— your stories make the social 
sciences so much more fun!- Mr. and Mrs. Perrier made Memorial the best house ever. (Even though Mrs. Perrier frightens 
me sometimes still when sheWn&the door very late at night.) Mr. Perrier is very humorous, coming up with lines that stop 
me from talking back. Though I am not a great math student, you are the greatest Housemaster! Mr. Cowell, Mr. Dommato, 
and Mr Robson made b- ihsh as fun as it could be: they let me enjoy English in a different way every single year. Aha, 
Dwong2 Fred JaSHon and KHC— A; guys an is that will be important to me my whole life. You guys are just 

too great— though I might not be able \dfke some of you nefryear, M never ever forget about you guys! St. Andrew 
one of the most unforgettable memories-tn my life, no doubt. ^ 

Activity: Robotics team, Math team, Senior table tennis team, Ski team, Scuba, OSA(Oldest Student Award) 

I would like to thank my family and friends for all their support and guiding me through my high school years. It was definitely 
an experience I enjoyed and will never forget. The teachers here in SAC are probably the best teachers one could ever 
hope for. I would like to pay my tribute to: Mr. Gaiajda who helped me a lot in varies ways, Mr. & Mrs. Perrier for their efforts 
in keeping the house in shape, and last by not least Mr. Butcher for tricking us all into joining the Robotics team. I will always 
remember how we stayed up until 1AM everyday getting that hunk of metal to move. 





Two years experience in SAC. though short, it gives me a hj^^ht of my life. I won't regret choosing this school as my graduate 
high school. SAC is a unique school. I realize self-learning isvery important. It does provide various facilities, extra-cur' cuiar 
activities and opportunities which help us in self-learning. Needless to say , the teachers play an important role in the school . 
Having said that, SAC is a high-spirited school. The school memBers unite and support every single event. Everyone of us 
is willing to participate and volunteer. I feel lucky I am a member of this big family. 

Nicknames: Chew, Chewbaucca(Ginou), chowchow, Orange Apprentice. Jook Sing (Azn guys), Chowser. Chewy, Racist, Bigot, Carey 

Activities: Christian Fellowship Head, founding member; Review Photographer and Editor; Debating VP(2a); DECA 2a; Cadet Lt.; Summit; Robinson Society; 

Founding Members of THE and LIVE Magazines; Focus Tech and Producer; Robot X ghost; MATH TEAM! 2a; Assistant House Captain; Stay at school longer 

than any day boy, email moderator, Intramural Commissioner, Piss off boarders club, Rep bball player and manager. Asian Avenue Addict (AAA). School 

Photographer, Wannabe Boarder Association, 

Sayings: I don't get it; JUST because I'm on Asian Avenue doesn't mean I'm a racist!; What's WRONG with you?!; Urn....; Errr....: huh?; SaikNgogaLowtow! 

Saik ngo ga lo! (Kiss my Brain) 

Oh my GOD! Lord, thank you for your never ending compassion over these years. Lord, thank you for my time at St. Andrew's and guide me as I leave this 

place. Every one of those times at the school, both the good and the bad, each one memorable, each one precious. They have shaped me for the better. 

Father, I pray that beyond those Lion Gates, you will guide me with your knowledge and my experience from this place. I cannot believe the time that has 

passed so quickly, you know of the good times and the bad that I have passed. You know of the friends I've made and the memories I've made. I just hope 

that each of the things I've taken, grasped and experienced in my time will not be for granted, for vain or for loss. Thank You Jesus, I'm glad that you've given 

me every chance to do everything I've done. Regret or rejoice, each action and event has helped to shape me into the person who I am today. To my brothers 

who remain, I pray that they will grow as I have grown. Matured as I have matured, gone out and done things for themselves on campus. I have gotten involved 

in my 6 years and each activity has helped me. 

Thank You God. Amen. ^^^^- 

"Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty I am free at last!" 

Martin Luther King Jr. 

Nick Names : Country Club, AJ, Colgate, Croninberg, Crone Bone, 2X CC, Country Thug, The Cork. 

Activities: Prefect extraordinaire, Adjutant, First Football, 2a, (Punt Team Special forces) First Skiing 3a, House Capt, Doyle's 

roommate 5a, Scholar (only once), Host of Formal 2001 Afterparty. 

Sayings: How cool? Tso cool, Harris what Thyme is ;t?, I not think.. I sjnk, PT for life, haMusccclesss, Doyle shut up, that's p-s- 

h-y-c-o, don't question my authority, Sachas, Excuse me while I call CNN. The Camera's not on, I swear. WEOUI? She's IA, I'm 

going RS tonight. "Greatest place to meet women. ..Oasis l_oby-3am" 

Future Aspirations: President, Vice president, or Astrophysicist. Voted as the person most likely to start my son's prefect campaign 

the day of graduation, good luck AJ jr.! 

I'd like to thank my family and most importantly my grandparents for giving me the opportunity to gain all that I could from such a 

wonderful place. ^m 

To my best of friends, Muscles-Ill never forget the first thyme we met in 1996! Harris, I will never forget our never ending comical 

endevours/comments/queries.(You are trully TSO Cool, .squared) Finally to my trusted roommate Marshall Mike Doyle-who would 

have thought that we would be together for tso long. We will always be the best of friends, and I will always have a job for you washing 

my cars... full thyme. [_■*■« 

Most Memorable thymes: That chick from Czechoslovakia! The Comeback of all comebacks, that Enviro lab+video, our room in 

Gr. 11, the fire, my speech, The awards speech, Cancun 2002, my AP videos, my car, "Here's the ice...Wai, Guie-Lo!° 

Sayings: "Yo is MSN working" "I need a pair of socks" "Rasshole, dred, caw, nah," "Sacher ya bulla" "Joyner you going to 

cadets?" "Sir I was at chapel I swear" "Sir all my socks are dirty." "Tune!" "DJ Betsy wukking like Guinness" "Slide like Clyde" 

"Yo Mark you going to class?" 


1 st Cricket(4years) Captain 2years. MIP, MVP. Halstead Table Tennis, First chapel skipper(A). Best Cadet, Flavelle indoor 

Soccer assistant captain. 

Nick Names: Gummie, Gumbo, Deli, dumbass, g-bear, YoYo, yami bolo. DJ Gums, jelly bean, Splish Splash, 

It's hard to sum up my four years in 250 words. So it's best just to say my good-byes and thank yous. I would like to thank 

my teachers, Mrs. Picerno, Mr. Halstead, Mr. Shrimpton, Mr Staunton and my advisor Mr. Butcher. I know that I might not 

have been top in the class, but I definitely learned something. Mrs. Bottomley. thanks for being a mum, the laundry, the 

cooking, the place for rest, don't worry I'll be back next year sometime. However no words can accurately express 

appreciation to the two people in my life who made these 4 years possible. Mum and Dad I love you. Thank you for givint 

me the opportunity to experience a school like this. I know that it involved great sacrifice but I can assure you it was well worth 

it. THANK YOU And for my friends, you know who you are, take it easy boys. And Mr. Walden Respect that sea water. "THE 



House: Memorial 

Nicknames: J.C., Jesus. Aladine, deen, al. laddy. lads. DIE YAK I'UUN. winter 

Sayings: Sho guy' Ceen! mission.' Last night...? I have MAD work. 1 am SOO happy, shnarf? Hodge, I'm cradling at your place. Trust me! Honestly! I lost my keys! It's 

for the piay. You'll kill us all man!, don't tell me those things!, I'm quitting, fo' sheeezy. Let's not forget: blelub. nana ha. that's how I talk see'' brrrowwwn, Dave?, playin' 

cards. IOUS! Show me something!, meow, can we talk it out? Why ya gotta be like that? Pat count yo! And lor those who know ...forever greens, three pines, racing vans, 

Daisy!. 420. wilfred. the \ ideo, you took too much!, the tunnel, entertainment cube, mouse lady, the dent. RSS, bob yeem. old toby 

Activities: All the plays but three. I've also run. tackled, sknd. shot, fenced, lifted some weights, thrown a feu kicks, debated, sang, jazzed, swung, played, danced, piped. 

and been crucified. Also a first-class raider, occasional goiter, professional powcr-napper, and inventor of the legal skip. BiW^ 

First and foremost THANK YOU to my parents, especially you mom. for your constant sacrifice and support. You've given me more than you can possibly comprehend. 

Thanks to all mj teachers, tor leantm' me stuff good, and for all the second chances. Thanks especially to Mrs l'cmer. You've been a mother to me while I've been here. 

and I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you do. Mr. Scoular, I have learned more lessons, and more about myself on and around the stage than in any other 

aspect of school life, Thank you. Thank you to everyone who lias ever believed in me. supported me, listened to me, and given me a chance. There are many people I can't 

mention simply due to lack ol space, but you know who you are, Thank you for all the memories. I no longer recognise the hoy that I was when 1 first entered the gales all 

those years ago. I have changed and grown, learned, and learned, bled, sweat, and cried tor tins place. 1 consider myself very lucky to have experienced all that I have. 

;as have seemingly disappeared, but they were without a doubt the best five years of my life. To my fellow grads - we are leaving with the inexpressible collective 
experience of this not so ordinary place, and this is more valuable than anything else. We will be able to look each other in the eyes forevermore. and have that flash of 
intangible understanding of what it was to be an Andrean while we were here. I wish you all the best of luck in this bright future, and hope that our paths may continue to 

It's been fun. 
Quotes: "Even if you win the rat-race, you're still a rat" — unknown 
"One good thing about music, when it hits you. you fee! no pain" Hob Marley 
"The play's the thing!" - Shakespeare, from Hamlet ^^^^^^K^^^J 

Nicknames ^BX 

Marsh. Marshalla, Uncle Doyle, 35 year old, MarshalLlE marshmellow. Doyle, Casper, Weasel, Sultan, Horace. 

I Andrew, Patrick NO!. Austin your damned ugly. Hey homo, I know your in there! Cronin calm down, Hey! no weapons, JR! son, Tino, Creel Til whoop you. shuuuta 

upaaa.Hey you know Irish rallyer's are better then Bejan racers Gummy. Sacher Mr. McDonalds. Brander your driving cause I said so!, Charlebois you have 

no muscle's. Hk I 

Activities/achievements ^A H 

First soccer 1a. First rugby 3a, Track and field 2a. First SAC senior citizen. Gr 10 best effort award, House Captain in Mac, Melissa Stratus! 

Memorable moments 

Gr7 Homecoming pep rally/ hockey on the triangle, Gr8 St. Mildreds dances/ beating the hell out of Cronin, Gr10 Doyle and Cronin homestyle grill/ room 107 

OAC hang out. Gr1 1 3rd floor room, Gr 1 2 cronin formal after party, Gr 1 3 Cancun 2002 

1 wouldn't trade anything for the moments I've had over my seven years at SAC. I will forever be grateful to my parents for puting their earnings and faith 
in me to do well in my school endeavors. I would like to thank my teachers, Mr. Shrimpton, Mr. Staunton. Senorita Picerno. Mr. scoular, Mr. Tsioros, Mr. Hanson. 
Mr. Paolini and all my friends you know who you are. I will always remain an Andrean no matter where I end up in life. I will never forget my last homecoming. 
MacPherson friday night or most of all my last carol service. When I heard amazing grace accompanied by the bag pipes for the last time I looked around and 
saw some of my fellow 7 year club boys I finally came to 

grips that this is it, my last year as an andrean. I learnt many things and to be perfectly honest most of them weren't academic. I was privileged to be in a school 
where my friends consisted of boys from all over the world. Make 
sure you take advantage of every waking moment. ^^^^^1 

2 headmasters, 4 housemasters, 8 rooms. 7 years, priceless... ^^^^^ 

Nicknames: Duds, Finna, Dudley, John Lypfcffteuddy Lee, Jordy, Duddabee, Lobster, fudley 

Saying: YAAAAAAAAAAA, Let's Gettum boyzzzz, I was just saying, Yaa Okayyy, OW Dear. 

Activities: First Football DB (CI^AA $ Golden Horseshoe Bowl 2001), Senior Squash (CISAA champs), First Rugby, 

Outreach Committee, Prefect, Scotland Tour'frt', Washington Trip '02, Community Service 

The past five years have past so quickly andyet when I look back at all of my accomplishments ^seems so much longer. 
I guess it is true what they say, "time passes quickest when you are enjoying yourself." First atid foremost I want to thank 
my parents for always being there. For giving me the opportunity to live through experiences, so that I can set my goals high 
and dream for the skies. Thanks for everything!! Secondly a shout out to THE TABLE + one. Oliver(ollie) - You're my best 
friend and I will never forget the amazing memories we had, "Go get urn Tiger!" D.J. - You're my best friend and I will never 
forget the table arguments. "I was just sayin, D.J. PGraydon- Great times, especially on the weekends "Let's do it up!" Gideon 
- You always found a way to surprise me, r^^pmenfon to make me laugh. Jamie - The most sensitive member of the 
table but always someone I could talk to. To all nrj tjfher boyz, amazing memories and I will never forget any of you. Well 
all good things must come to an end, but at the sTgme time a new journey is only beginning. Thanks SAC for making me who 
I am 







It has been a great two years at SAC. I would like to thank my teachers and coaches for all of their help and support. Special 
thanks to Mr. Cameron and Mr. Shrimpton for all that they have done for me over the last couple years. Mr. Cameron thanks 
for all the time you spent working on film and calling coaches. Mr. Shrimpton thanks for the film, one on one coaching, and 
calling coaches, but most of all thanks for being there all the time. You are truly what you look for in a Housemaster. Thanks 
to all of my friends, you know who you are. Especially the two roomates that I have fortunately been paired up with. Special 
thanks to my family, especially my parents, who have made it all possible. Thank you for being the best parents ever. Finally, 
thanks to my friends back home who supported my tough desicion to come to SAC. Especially my girlfriend, Elena who 
has always been there for me. This school and everyone apart of it, will always be close to my heart. 

It's not about reaching goals. It's about rising above them. ^^fl 

Some people dream of sucess while others wake up and work hard at it. 

Nicknames: Winky, Wink-star Master Flex, Mr. Winkles, Wink-dog, Stinger, and King But-But, king of the Antiguan goats. 

Sayings: "I hate you guys.", "Studying calculus tonight Tim?", "I am not a Trekkyl", "Yes I am an OAC." 

Activities: First Fencing, First SAC Robotics team 

Well, who would have thought that two years would have passed by so quickly? All I can say is that they have been a blast. In only two years 

SAC has become like a second home to me. Its staff and students have also become my second family. I have had a great time at SAC and I 

have learned many valuable lessons and developed friendships that will last forever. I am proud to be an Andrean. 

I'd like to thank my mom and dad for their support and sacrifice that brought me nere in the first place. Thanks guys tor giving me the cha^H 

I'd also like to thanks members of the staff for doing their part to make me feel welcome. Thanks Mr. And Mrs. Bedard for your hospitai^^B 

good, old Sifton house. Thanks to myadvisor, Mr. Swan for pointing me in the right direction. Thanks to all my teachers who worked valia^H 

to cram asi%|ch information as they could into my brain. I will miss Mr. Jones and Mr. Butcher's constant debates over which is the ultimate ( 

science in the universe as well as reading the Bible with Mr. Perrier. Many thanks to Mr. Paolini and Mr. Scoular for helping me find inspiration 

in class^^^jM ^t_—^^^^^^^^^^k. 

And who could forget my friends. Good times. I will miss all of you. Steven and Jihad, how many hours of "The Simpsons" did we watch together' 
Tim, Tarek, Warren, Botts, Baily Gummy, Mini-me, Brooks, Phil. Chris, Sacher, Big guy, Dana, Froggy and the rest, I will miss you all. And 
don't worry; 1 won't come after you guys later in life to enact my revenge. 

SWh House Q 

iB--_ ■-.. oJ- I I . JkL.:~_ «^» 

Nicknames: Fully, Penguin 

Activities: Football, Rugby, DECA, Debating, Hockey, Captain and Heac 

Wow, 7 years, I never thought it would have gone by so fast. It seems like only yesterday, I was a little boy lost on oriel 
day It is only when I look back on that young boy and I realize how much St. Andrews has changed me for the b«l 
has been a long road but thankfully I did not have to go it alone. Everyone at St. Andrew's has done so much for |e and ^y 
o appreciative ol I ir efforts ^here are a few people who do standout in my mind and who I wish to expM rfly _■ 
pestgrat.tudi . foi ■■■■ .ihingthat : ■ -ay have done. They are Mrs. Perrier. Mr. Cameron. Mr. Rush, Mr. Scoular.B I ^^ 
,0 Mi Robson rhcreareals! manv, others and I regret not being able to name them all here. I would also like « _— 

assmate; foi keep ig or my toes and making it an interesting trip. There are some other people I wish to thank (y 
and they are my parents. Without them and their sacrifices I would not have been able to attend St. Andrew's and I don't ■* 
think I will ever be able to thank them enough for everything that they have done. St. Andrew's will live in my mind forever 5T 
and I do not think I will truly know what my time here meant to me until I'm older and able to reflect. It truly is not an ordinary \J 




"Oh man! We had homework?" "Lets play some gitze" "Books?" "Chillax!!" "I promise 

Nicknames: Gino, Bambino, Dude, Batistuta, and Gids 

Sayings: Dude Bud! Whats up?" "I am not Italian I swear! 

it will be done tomorrow" "Here we go boyz, lets do it boyz. saints on three boyz" 

Activities: Prefect, First Soccer 4A, 2 year captain, 3 CISAA soccer championships, First Hockey 3A. CISAA hockey championship, captain of first 

hockey First Rugby 1A, Acted the part of Bernardo in the production of West Side Story. j^^^^^. 

Hie Fastest four years ot my life, the meeting with Mr. Foy is still fre«f| in my mind and now I am writing my grad comment. The ride 
ipany that came with it: no better company then The Table- Stock, DJ. Oily, and Duds. Weedon (home away from home, keep 

o will he bettei.i Pete (still can't figure out the ran for fun pan of you). Giancarlo ( don't worn the cakes will never understand i 
me the assistant job) BnmdennTmrr! (or should I say Brendon) Guy ( threecjwmpiondiips in lour years you know in 
you). Big John (take you on anytime), can't forget the boarders and the awesome guys in the boarding houses that made 
Held also awesome. And all the leaders of next year make sure you take care of SAC and I want nothing but champion- 
hanks for the ride! ^^^^ 

eriences of St. Andrew's is a task that can take a long time. St. Andrew Makes all the diff 
i.l hockey trip we finally found out who • ■ H..w could I e\«fcrget the famous sac 

h\ The Alter Party. Of course trying to make II tor chapel every mourning at 8: 10 will be *»j| 
St. Andre s in the lour years and each experience has helped me grow 
continuing re. Ithankmyp: ts with all my heart, they have been there for me. They suppt 

them I would not be the today. 1 hey have given up ^o much and worked so hard for me to be ablj 

lool like this and ' i always being there. 

i followed by the amazing alter parties, the 
ling I wont forget (1 mean 1 n led to make it. I 
s a person. Thanks to all my teachers 
rted and pushed me in everything I do with out 
end St Andrews Thank you Mom and 


NickNames: Ginou, Giney. Ginola. Park W Fly, Gin and Juice, Geens. Gino, Genou, The Rage. Ginouee. Jeffo, Turtle Man, J-Man, Granola, No Sholds, Bow 

Tie. T Bone, Ginougy, Ginougins, Geoff. J-No 

Sayings- Bah Dah Goof, Goon, Rube, Clown, Joker, Chief, Fellas, Boss, Dude. Stooge, Where are all the Broads? Did you tap it? Did you piece it? 
Muah. Sunday 1 to 5 (Oh wait, that's not one of mine). That's OutRogeous, No Respect at all, Who is this? Mail on Sunday? Tap out Kevin! Just Tappity 
Tap Tap Tap out! Have you got the Rage Kevvy? . _, , „ u 

Activities: Rugby(7A) Basketball(6A) First Football CISAA/GHSB Champions, Soccer(4A). Co-President DECA(3A), Quiz Bowl Provincial Champions and 
ICDC(2A), Scholar(7A), Co-President Debating(3A), President Philosophy Club(2A). Choir(2A), SAC Bands-Trombone(7A), Flag Party Lieutenant, Kicked out 
of THE Magazine, Macpherson AP, 1 Bowtying. 

Travels: Cedar Point, Costa Rica, (California, Nevada, Arizona). (Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia). (England, Scotland. Rugby Tour), Germany (Frauke Tour), ( 
Anaheim, Cancun, Salt Lake City ^k 

I still remember my first day of school here in Grade 7. 1 was in Math Class and as Mr. Josselyn came to my name on the attendance list he jokingly said. Not 
another Ginou'" On my first report card broke a solid Ginou tradition: 57 straight terms without producing a scholar. I also became the first Ginou to walk on the 
moon (or was it sleep undet a table d ike to thank Gomer, Spaceman Spiff, and Danny Boy for making it so easy for me to exceed expectations. But seriously, 
thanks tor being an inspiration to me these last 19 years. 2003 will mark the first time in 17 years that SAC will be without one of us. Thanks Mom and Dad for 
being magnificent parents and always supporting me. I'd like to thank my eternal Co President. Our LG. C combo was unbeatable. I'd also like to acknowledge 
my 4'" brother (Roach). B-Man. Stee /ens. Joogles, Channo, Tool Time, and Lucas. I had an excellent experience in my seven years at SAC Thanks for all the 
memories. _ _, ,, 

"Right after we beat Ontario we play New Mexico" -an unsuspecting Virginia team just minutes before we showed them what Cognitive Dissonance really was. 
In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger. "I'll Be Back" "Must not all things at the last be swallowed up in death? -Plato 

The past five years here at St. Andrews have been a blast in my past. The cross country team which I was a part time member, 
the student life committee, cadets and of course the play which I was the producer. The school offered so much and I took 
advantage of what I felt was important. The guys that I knew were rather funny and amusing and made my time at S.A.C that 
much better. It would have been nice to actually have met everyone in my grade but that's ok. The staff who had conversations 
with me, we really had a good time and those that did not or chose to dislike me well you ended up with the greatest loss. 
Mr. Walden the bucket is a waiting for you as I depart, it will overflow with your tears of sorrow. Mr. Herder now the time has 
come when you get to experience what everyone else elready has. Attendance for Smith house will never be the same. St. 
Andrews I truly enjoyed my time here and hope in future to keep in touch with the school and friends that I made here. 

Nicknames: Gozah, Gozzer, Goz Boz, Gosbuuuuuuuuugh, Great Goz, Furbie, Furbs, Satan. Devil Eyes 

Sayings: Whatever, shut up Fullerton/Chow, It's the Chinese in me 

Activities: 1st Football (2 years), 2nd Squash (2 years), 2nd Rugby (2 years) 

Six long years. Five different housemasters. Four years of disappointing grades. Three consecutive years ending up in 

the hospital after ski day. Two years of good grades. One pair of bloodshot eyes. 

Too many concussions to remember the rest, I think we won some sort of Golden Horseshoe Bowl somewhere. I do 

remember playing U14 hockey and leading the team in a game with eight penalty minutes while playing goalie. Has it really 

been six years now? I can't really count that high anymore. Well it's been fun, injury after injury, hell I think I've been going 

to the hospital more often than I've been going to classes. I always loved walking around with bloody eyes and hearing little 

kids scream out "Mommy it's the Devil". But it's time to move on now, or is it? I'm writing this two months before I'm actually 

suppose to graduate, they assume I actually will? There's a long shot. 

Nicknames: Gordy 

My Years at SAC despite my whining and complaining all the time were very fun. Thanks to my coaches and teachers, your 
guidance and training helped me figure out a lot in my life and If I did poorly in your classes don't take it personally I'm just 
lazy. Thanks to my buds for just being cool. Good luck to all the boys in my grade on your future endeavors. And even though 
Mr. Robson said not to do this: Thanks Dad 








Activities: Prefect, Outreach (3a; President, Treasurer), First Soccer (4a; three time CISAA League, CISAA Cup and Ridley 
Tournament Champions), First Squash (3a; CISAA Champions, Captain), Head of House, House Captain, Student Network 
Assistant (3a), General of the Cadet Corps, Consistent Scholar. bt^^^^fl 

Through the generosity of the school and my parents making many financial sacrifices, I was able to spend four amazing 
years at SAC. Words can't even begin to describe the fond memories that I will take away from St. Andrew's. I have learned 
so many of life's valuable lessons that have shaped me as an individual, which I will carry close to me wherever I go. I would 
like to thank Mr. Josselyn and Mr. Bedard whose tireless effort and continued support, through thick and thin will never be 
forgotten. To my dad, when I am playing professional football overseas, I will buy you your well-deserved Porsche. To any 
Andrean reading this, my words of wisdom would encourage you to put meaning to every you do at the college and be proud 
of it. It is that pride that will let you stand tall. To all my boys, Pete, GC, Stocker, Weedon, Brander and R. Kelly, thank you 
for being there, friends for life! Finally, to the Prefects, yes we are legends. 
"Some succeed because they are destined too, most succeed because they are determined too" 

Nicknames: Doogie, Doogz, Patty, Patrick J Sfej. A 

Activities: First Football (CISAA and OFSAA champions '01 ), Alpine Skiing (Captain, 2 years), Tennis, DECA Quiz Bowl (2 

year provincial champions) Laidlaw House - Cadet Captain, and honorary member of Flavelle House. 

Sayings: TSO cool tsquared, PT4Life, WhatT-H-Y-M-E is it?, NO Marshall no, I sink so, Muusscclesss, M.I.E F.I.E.?, 

Woeui? Skiing?. ..I think you mean Go West Grill. BL ^H 

Overthe five years that I have been at St. Andrew's, I have had many experiences that have helped shape my individuality. 
I know that the memories will last, and I am excited to see what the future holds. I would like to thank my parents: Mom and 
Pete, Dad and Ann. I know I often take it for granted, but I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend St. 
Andrew's and for supporting me in everything that I do. I would also like to thank a few teachers, starting with Mr. Shhmpton. 
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to play football. You have not only taught me how to play the game, but also how 
to love it. Thank you also to Mr. Cameron and Mr. Service. To my friends, thanks for all the great times, and keep in touch. 
Andrew J., I not think, I SINK we've had some good thymes. Good luck at Princeton or Devry, wherever you choose to go. 
Shout out to all the other SAC guys: Muscles (let your style flow), Brander, Geoff (a.k.a. The Rage), Roach, and to all of the 
graduating class, good luck and thank you for all the great experiences. 

1 Nicknames: Newf, Jimbo, Jimdog, Speckled 
Sayings: "Where's Smitty?". "No I'm not a fisherman," "That's Labrador, not Newfoundland", "No one goes top dog on me!" "Yo bring it!", "I'm staying at Stock's 
tonight", "Honestly, are you telling the truth, because I believe everything," "Ah man I'm screwed again" " Hey pal", "yes by", [wink]. 

Activities: Prefect, Assistant Head of House, House Captain, 1 „ Hockey (2A) CISAA Champs 2000-2001 , 1 , Lacrosse, 1 , Weightlifting, Writer's Summit. Memorial 
CSM. Sweden/Finland Tour, Cancun 2002, Going to St. Mildred's with Cronin, The one YRAC meeting Weedon and I attended, Stock's weekly parties. 
Procrastinating, Making fun of Gids, Montreal with Smitty and Chuckie (Hotel du Fort), Collins Van, Road trip to Canisuis, One of the founding members of the 
Emerald Beef club. Excursions to Whisky's with Gids. 
Future aspirations: Second coming of Patrick Roy 

I never quite knew what I was getting myself into when I first decided to attend St. Andrew's. Leaving my tiny community in Newfoundland I had quite a culture 
shock my first couple of months here. However, my only regret is I didn't get a chance to come to St. Andrew's earlier. This place opens up so many experiences 

I and allows you to meet so many special people. Whether it's playing hockey in Sweden or watching one of Mr. Scoular's magnificent plays, there is something 
here for everyone and it's always done to perfection. I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Herder for giving me the opportunity to attend the best school in Canada. 
To the Stock and Marshall families for making me feel right at home whenever I came to visit. To Mr. Roy and Mr. Bedard for giving me the chance to perform 
on the ice. To the boys in Memorial for all being my brothers. To Mr. Swan, my teachers, and Mr. Stewart for all your help. To my Housemaster, Mr. Perrier for 
his wit and good humour. To Mrs. Perrier for all the talks, wisdom and just being there for me. To Mrs. Mix for all your help and guidance. I never would of made 
it without any of you. Most importantly I would like to thank my family. Thank you Mom, Dad and my sister Kate, for all the sacrifices you all have made over the 
past two years in order for me to have this opportunity. Without your love and support none of this would be possible. Finally, to all my boys. Stock. Faulds. Chuck, 
Weedon. Fras, Gids, JoJo, D.J, Duds, Ollie, Cronin, Joyner, Jamie, Gavin, Brooks, Guy, Collins, Pete, Dominic, Chooch, Robo, R. Kelly. Chris L. and my best 
bud Smitty wherever our travels may take us we will all be able to call St. Andrew's home. 





. nonono. . . . Can you follow my M symbol 

Nicknames: Aha, Aho, Agen-b 

Activities: 2 nd Volleyball, Intramural Basketball co-commissioner, DECA 

Inside jokes: ji mor bat fan! ji bai ga! Ryan. . . eh Sister beside me VCD! Andrew. 

by Luis... stop acting gay... aho! By Dennis2 

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents to give me a chance to study at SAC. Without their support, 

I couldn't have got into this great school. Although time passes quickly, 2 years only, I will never forget the great memories 

here and that I will keep in my heart forever. I would like to thank my housemasters Mr. and Mrs. Perrier who helped me adapt 

to the new environment during my first year and my advisors Mr. Giel and Mr. English for valuable advice. 

Special Thanks to Wilson (Pooner) to abide with me to be my roommate and Dennis Wong (2) to be my best friend at SAC. 

Also I would like to thanks Andrew Chen, Fred, Dennis (1), Brent, Jay, Jose, David Wang, Ryan Chan, Luis, Ryan Wong, 

Keng-Hao, Simpson, Charles, Kevin, Canning, Micky, Clement, Kenny, Jeff Lam, Derek, Ravel, David Zhou. Sorry for 

missing anyone! =) 

Final words: WAY TO GO! SAC! 




Nicknames: Hodge. Hodgie. Hodge-podge. Squirrel Master. ^^^ 

Wow. I never thought I would ever be writing my grad comment, but all good things come to an end I don't really know what to say, and no matter 
how much I do say. it wont be enough First oft though, my greatest thanks goes out to my family, for supporting me, guiding me and for giving me 
a chance to make something of myself, coming here has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. To my teachers, I have learned a lot 
at SAC, you've supplied me with the tools in which I will build my life, thank-you. and a special thanks goes out to Paul Bedard, I told you I'd graduate!. 
Now the hardest one to do: give a shout out to all my fella's. It isn't possible for me to thank you all, and so I'm not going to even try: to everyone who 
I have ever sat at a table with at lunch or sat beside during chapel, exchanged a joke as we pass in the halls, or touched my spiky hair, you guys are 
what I will miss the most. 

"True Friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget. " 

"You cannot discover new oceans, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." , Andre Gide 
Ok, I'm just going to spit words out here; the people they are directed at will understand. Bazooka Koyono; Yo lo wa; Corn Cob; Wanna do a mission?; 
I just woke up; 'cat meow"; I AM SOOO SORRY: Mongoose River; Hey Mikey!; I've trained it to stay up; Phat count yo; Ceen!; Shnarf!; We have reached 
a new low: Jesus; Bro'soverho's; Randall's 19 m ;SquirrilusMaximusBushyusTailus; Napoleon; Sir, I can explain; Blelep; My brown dance; CANCUN! 
(Everything about Cancun! Last ones in, me and Leighton!); This is mad chills; Doy Chow; Superpuke, Jerome and Winston; LF's; Got milk?: Ill be 
seein' you later; You wanna walk it?; Franklin; Mree?; Word; Bob and Dave: Racing Van; T's roof. 




Thanks go to everyone who has taught me or pushed me to my limits here at SAC including Mr. Service, Mr. Galajda, Mr. Butcher, 
Mr. Wenk, and the Perrier's. Thanks also to Mr. Staunton, Mr. Arril, and Mrs. Mix for the help and support you've provided me, 
it meant more than you know to me. Thanks also to Mr. Jones for helping me hone my soccer skills, and to Mr. Robson and 
Mr. Cowell for introducing me to lacrosse. I knew I had no chance of being called Chris anymore when you both started calling 
me Jojo too, and thanks to the boys on the team for pointing out my Bo. 

It has been a completely new experience for me here at SAC and I'm glad that my parents were willing to sacrifice so much for 
me. Through my 1 .5 years tenure here I have learned more about life and how it really works then I had cared to know before. 
However, I hope that I leave here a better and more rounded person for it than when I came. I don't know what the future holds 
.for me but it is comforting to know I can look back on my past here with fond memories. 

"There is no limit to the amount of good that people can accomplish, if they don't care who gets the credit." 
Peter Gabriel 

"Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than 

others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible." - Anon. 

"Just yesterday I knocked out a rock, I murdered a brick, I'm so bad I make medicine sick." - Mohammed Ali 

"If you are satisfied with good enough than that is all you will ever be." - Anon. 

"I hate losing more than I like winning." - Wayne Gretzky 

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le cceur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux" - Le Petit Prince 

To all the boys at UCC and SAC, you know who you are, but you'll never know how much you meant. As well, to all the guys 

I've shared a laugh with along the way, I'll miss you too. Coming to SAC was something I wasn't sure about at first, but after 

the best year of my life, I am sure glad I did. Thanks to Coaches Cameron, Shrimpton, and Newton for making me a better 

competitor, athlete, and champion. To all my teammates, you are my brothers, and I can't thank you enough for allowing 

myself and the other seniors go out in style. Mom, Dad, I will never be able to thank you enough for the sacrifices you have' 

made to send me to UCC and SAC. I love you. 

"I can't remember all the times I tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass." - Counting Crows 

£K I had been living place I did not know. 

^™ passed 4 years. I have to leave this place I know now. 

fmt The passage of time never stops, as river does not. 

^jf Each memorial moments are swallowed up. 

■L When I look back the passage, distance is shorter than 1 imagine but my footsteps are endless 

Nicknames: RK; (cho what does the 'R' stand for?); R. Kelly; Dr. Kelly. 

Activities: OAC Rep ot Outreach, Editor of SAC lit. Journal, Tutor {who made that call 7 ). Math Team. Duke of Ed, Asian 5-pack, Coach of U15 bball (great season boys) 

First Vball, First Hack, First Rugby. 

Future Aspiration: Dr. Kelly 

Memorable Moments: Breaking a chair in the dining hall my first day; Homecoming AP (-Who am I kidding? All the APs); Carol Service: Mt. Tremblant (Where's your 

older sister 7 ); Physio with T; Chapel readings; Spring Break; Bearwalk; Honorary Memorial Student (except during study); SecretOp Sesame. 

Sayings: Shut up. .. Mitchell; Caller?; 'Your clothes, give them to me'; You're the breast; You know what I like about kilts on guys?. . . nothing; Where are all the new girts?; 

McCullough your...; Where's my Prefect tie? Oh yah, Gideon' just borrowing it!; Falcon: Funny guy- right there; This frigg'ing town- Something in da Hair, make me 

sick Puke, blah ' 

Everyday this year at SAC I've tried to make up for the years I have been missing trom this college. I can only hope I've done my share for the betterment of this school 

The character, experience and pnde I have learned in this one short year will carry me for the rest of my life. The entire faculty deserves more thanks than I can ever 

give. Esp: Mr. Foy for the quickest enrolment in history, Mrs. Mix. whose flowers? Mr. Swan and Mr, Arril for your strong advice. Mrs. Pilieci, Mr. and Mrs. P. Mr. Wenk. 

Mr Jones and Mr. Butcher for your third floor humor. Mr. Service and Mrs. Hughes-McGuinnCSS tor never-ending meetings. Mr. Ryan, Mrs. Pries. Mr. Roy 
and Mr. Bedard because I might forgive you two eventually, Mr. T because you run for fun, and Red because I know I'll never hear the end ol this. To ali the boys, Weedo. 
Gideon, Pete, Guy, Gian!, Brand. Joyner, Duds. Stock. Wright, Chucky, Jowett, Muscles. Parent and Mitchell thanks for everything. Most of all. I should thank my parents 
and recognize the sacrifices my family has made for me to become an Andrean. I will never forget it. Everything I have ever done has been to make you proud. 
All I have left to say is that I wish I were here sooner- 

"A human being in not one thing among others; things determine each other, but man is ultimately self determining What he becomes- within the limits of endowment 
and environment- he has made out of himself." -Doctor Victor E. Frankel 





Nicknames : Roach, Rogah, Rocket Roger Kiiiim, Rojus, Rogerballs, Roggy Boy, OutRojus, Roger Ginou. 
Activities : First X-Box, Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field, Rock Climbing, Drama -Oliver!, Focus, Philosophy Club. 7 Year Club. 
Sayings : You roob, S'up jigga, Geeeeeeaaaaayyy, Juice it! 

Looking back at the last seven years, I question myself how I was able to survive the St. Andrew's experience. There were many 
times where I felt I didn't belong here. But there were always those who helped me through this journey of change and development. 
First and foremost, I would like to thank my own family, as well, my best friend and long-lost brother, Jeff Ginou, and his family for 
their support. It was with your help that I was able to enjoy my many years at St. Andrew's. I would also like to thank my friends, 
for enduring my annoyance and tireless jokes. In no particular order, I would like to thank Warren Pringle, John Knutton, and 
especially Andrew Steeves, Patrick Harris, and Adam Brander. (SuzyO's anyone?). Thank you guys for being a helpful hand when 
needed, although this only happened when I had money in my pocket! I would also like to thank all my teachers for the great learning 
experiences. I would like to thank Mr. Stephen Kimmerer in particular, for putting up with my childish behaviour for seven long years. 
You have been my Housemaster, Teacher and Advisor for my entire life at St. Andrew's and although we had our differences, you 
were the one person I could joke around with casually. To everyone else, good luck and thanks! 
" You're In Our World Now!' - Everquest A I 

Activities: Head of Laidlaw House. 1 U football 5 years. U1 5 Basketball, Track and Field, Midsummer's Night Dream, Oliver!, FOCUS, Drum Major of the Pipes and Drums, 
choir, band, VP of Debating. 
Nicknames: Johnny. BigJohnny, Little Johnny, Johnno 

Wow, how time flies. It seems just like yesterday that I started here. I wantto first thank my parents for their constant love and support. Without them, I wouldn't be where 
I am today. There are several teachers that really made a difference in my life, the first being Mr. Gaertner, you were a great advisor over the years. Mr. Scoular, thank you 
so much for uncovering a love of theatre for me. You are brilliant! This yearwas the greatest year of my life, and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the greatest 
show ever at SAC (even better than West Side Story Gids!) Besides all the singing, dancing and acting, the best part of the show had to be the makeup! I can never forget 
all the great times over those 3 months, and meeting so many amazing people. When one door closes, another one always opens up, and Oliver! was that door for me. You 
are a great teacher, and a great man. Mr. Clements, I never knew I loved to sing so much! You are a great music teacher, and an inspiration. Thank you Mr. Ray; you were 
a great teacher, and person. You are the reason why I want to study English in university. Mr. Kimmerer, you're a great guy. 

And finally Mr. Cameron. You were always there for me, in football or just in life, and I really want to thank you. I came to SAC in grade 9 knowing nobody. It was a new school, 
a new place, and new people and you made me feel welcome. I remember coming to football camp in grade 9, and not knowing a single person. It was great to be accepted 
into the school, and having basically everyone know me! Through my 5 years, I have had many great experiences here. Football is one of them that I will rememberfor the 
rest of my life. Being the Drum Major of the Pipes and Drums and playing at the Skydome at halttimeforthe Golden Horseshoe Bowl, winning the CISAA forfootball in grade 
10 (and being a starter), and all the senior guys on the team over the years always making me feel welcome is what I will remember the most. Football games, homecomings, 
FOCUS, Cadets, parties, Grad trip in Cancun were all great memories. I just want to thankalltheguysthatmade my time here enjoyable. Ginou, Giancarlo, Gideon, Petey, 
Weeds, Brander, Flog, Ollie, and anyone else that I left out. Thanks! ! 

First and foremost; All Praises Due To Allah, The most beneficent the most merciful. The most High and watcher above all 

things. When pathways were dark you were my guiding light, when times were hard you were my shoulder to cry on. You are 

and always will be my number One. Many doubt your existence, but my making it this far has proven your power to me. I 

thank you an infinite times over, and will always remember the lesson's you have taught me throughout the years. I must also 

thank the two people who have been there for me, not only through high school, but also through my whole life. I know this is 

supposed to be restricted to just my days at SAC. But you have been there for so much more. So I take this opportunity to 

thank my parents. Mom and Dad, I recognize all the sacrifices you have made for me throughout the years and for this I will 

forever be thankful. I send the rest of this out to my boys. Most of you underestimate how much you mean to me, but even if I 

haven't been able to show you, let this piece be the evidence. All of you mean very much to me, regardless of how different 

my life has become due to this school. You guys are my heart. Don't forget that. Jayson, Mun, Jai, Habib, Karl, Lizo, Shaf, 


One love to the MAg 7:45 Click. We Made it. 



Through the 4 years at SAC, I experienced a lot of highs and lows inside and outside of school. These experiences got me 
to realize what my goals are suppose to be and what they are going to be. My life at SAC was very enjoyable, but i will not go 
through it a second time, because I have a future waiting for me. 

"today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened, dont go into the study and take down a book and start to read, 
instead, take down a musical instrument. LET THE BEAUTY WE LOVE BE WHAT WE DO. there are more than a hundred 
ways to kneel and kiss the ground." — unknown 





Nickname: kappa, cucumba tailor 

Activities: 1 st Softball (MIP), fencing, 2nd volleyball, (2 times-!!) intramural basketball, 1 st swimming, RobotX team 


I remember the first time I came to SAC, everything was new to me, especially the way of life in the school. At first, I thought 

SAC was going to be like an army camp, with everything strict and tight - 1 thought it's going to be a horrible year. However, as 

I got to know SAC better and deeper, I was truly shocked by everyone's spirits that they put in for the school, and from that moment 

I know that SAC would be a school for me. 

Though these 2 years in SAC, I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and friendships. These elements are treasure of my 

life, which can not be made again. There will be no other Yick Mick bringing animation to me everyday no one better than E.T. 

Tarn in the K.Tam game, no other Bear could be so logical, no other Popcan be so artistic (just remember to wash your hands 

after opening some boxes), no other Paradocs will say kiss my brain, and there are too much for me to write(sorry if I didn't put 

you on here, you're still my friends!) 

It's time for us to leave SAC and go on with our own lives. Although I have just been in SAC for 2 years, my friendships to you 

are longer than simply 2 years, instead they're timeless. 











Nicknames: Spinz, Leedogg, C. Lee 

Activities: First Rugby, First Swimming, 2nd Soccer 

Well what can I say? My time at SAC was short-lived, but was a memorable one and a life learning experience. 
First of all, I'd like to thank my parents for their sacrifice and dedication they gave me throughout my entire high school career. 
Without they're on going support and love, I would hardly be the man that I have become. Thank you for giving me another chance 
and believing in me! Without you, I would not have been given this opportunity, and I hope I have made you proud. 
Many thanks go to the Perrier's; for making my stay in residence an enjoyable one and for putting up with me, as I was not always 
the easiest to handle. To Mr. Swan; your guidance and continued support the last 2 years were priceless and will not be" 
forgotten. The Craig's; for being my second family and my second home, and to my grandma; I love you and thank you for 
everything! \j 

And most importantly, to all my boys through the years: Kurt, Scott, Phil, Tim, Warren, Tarek, Gavin, Dana, Gummi. Sacher, 
Froggy, Zoheb, Bayley, Mark, Dave A, Mano. Mam. Tzimas. Jimmy, Brooks, Jihad, Winky, Nesbitt, JoJo, Miller. Thanks for 
all the memories and great times. Good luck, and I'll see you in the future. 

Coming to SAC was my toughest decision, but as I now leave for good, it seems that it was my smartest decision, as I leave 
with knowledge, friendships and life long memories. Thank you St. Andrews... You will be missed... 

Nicknames: J-R; Slugger; Rustic; Louisville; Cotton Swab; Farmer Joe; 

Sayings: Mo Fo; Where would you be without farmers?; I don't understand a goddamn thing!; Where's Dodo?; 

Activities: Prefect; 1 s ' football: 1" Rugby; Indoor track; 1" Farming; 1 s ' Injury; Cadet RSM; under 14 rugby assistant coach; House captain; 

and hundred of other things 

I am proud to be one of the few members of this year's 7-year club. It's been a long time since I first walked into my room in Mac House 
but I remember it clearly to this day. I was so nervous that my parents got upset with me because I wouldn't get off my bed to meet 
my new roommates. Thanks Mom thanks Dad. A lot has changed since then, time has passed so quickly that grade 7 doesn't feel like 
it was 7 years ago. Making the 1" rugby team as a starter in grade ten was one of my biggest achievements athletically and being elected 
prefect was the biggest honor I have ever received. I hope that my duties as a prefect, RSM, Andrean and as a brother have been fulfilled 
in my time at St. Andrews. I would like to thank all the staff for their patience with my academics and a special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. 
Bedard for all they've done around the house to make living in Sifton such a pleasure. Mrs. Perrier was always there to help like a second 
mother. Mr. Cameron for showing the true meaning of SILVER and I will always remember his energy and passion for both on and off 
the sports field. And to my advisor Mr. Shields who has been there since the beginning and who taught me as a teacher and as a coach. 
Thank you. To all my friends (you know who you are) good luck in all you do and do something you love because you love it and not 
because it pays the most money. 

Nickname: Ar Lu, Portuguese 

Activities: U14, U16basketball. 1 s ' , Til, U16 Volleyball. 

1 S1 Table tennis, U16.U 14 badminton. Cadet Lieutenant, Pipes & Drums (1996 - 2000) 

It's been 7 long years here in SAC and I still remember when I began with hatred towards the school. However, my hatred slowly 

changed to appreciation after each year. I started to appreciate this school because I started to meet many friends and learnt many 

lessons in life that I wouldn't have learnt if I was still in Hong Kong. Once in a while, I wonder how I will be like if I haven't come here. 

Within 2 months I will be leaving the school and still, I don't know whether it's a good thing or not. The good side to leaving is that 

having 7 years in St. Andrew's, preparing myself to get ready for the challenges in the front, not only academically, but also mentally. 

And now is the moment to show whether my efforts paid off at school. On the other side, I've been depending on the school and 

teachers for their support for the last 7 years and now that I'm leaving the school and getting closer to the real world, I'll have to get 

used to being independent. This year is my wickedest year at SAC. Maybe because I got the authority to bud line during lunch time, 

wearing my Lieutenant tunic yell at the kids and make them to push ups, etc keke. Also, I'm glad my buddies are always by my 

side, sharing my happiness and sadness. Thanks guys!! (Dennis *"*ing Wong, KHC1982, Aho, Hello Wong) 
Friendship forever! Good luck in the future, see ya all next year- 
Special thanks to Mr. Bedard, Waldo, Mr & Mrs. Perrier, Mr. Service, Mr. MarkE Jones 

Nicknames: Any different possible pronounciations of "Ravel"and Levar 

Activities: Intramural Basketball, Cross Country, Badminton, DECA, Choir, Math team. 

Time has no form and no shape. No one is capable of capturing time. Time flies and flashes in front of my eyes and before 
I know it I am already in OAC. I share many great memories with the school and there were times of merriment and sadness. 
I regret that I have not involved in more activities in the school as I should have. People don't appreciate for what they are given 
until they lose it. I guess that what I am feeling right now. I am glad that I will be leaving this school with wonderful memories. 
The school helps me to grow up to be a man. Finishing my high school career also represents an ending to one of the chapter 
in my life. It is time to move on to the next chapter and step forward into the future! I like to thank all of my friends and teachers 
that helped to make my experience here one of a kind. Special thanks to friends: Clement, Derrick, Jeffrey, and Wilson. Special 
thanks to teachers: Mr. Treasure, Mr & Mrs. Robson, Mr. Kimmerer, Mr. Jones, Mr. Dunford, Mr. Tsioros, and Ms. Austin. 

Activities: Prefect, CS Council, Various Sport Teams, GodSpell, Horrible Focus Plays, Cadet Captain, Housecaptain, 
Choir, madd community service hours, occasional member of Fellowship and (YES) THE Math Team, AGW (Grade 
7) and occasional bum/camper living at the Lorriman's or Lo's for long weekends. 

When you live here for more than a third of your life, it becomes a huge part of you. Through the years, I have grown to be 
accustomed to the traditions of SAC and appreciate them as well, such as Chapel, Carol Service, Cadet Parade. Prep Rallies, 
and mysterious incidents in the residences. There are too much to write on what SAC has meant to me so I'll just say my thanks. 
Firstly, thanks Mom & Dad for giving me the opportunity to attend SAC (Yes, I'll admit you were right.), your advises, your 
patience and all the things you have given up for me. Everything I did here, I did to make you proud. Thanks to the teachers, 
staffs and the administration for giving me an opportunity to develop and shine academically, socially, and spiritually. Especially 
to Mr. Hanson for being my advisor, coach and friend in the early years and Mr. Bedard for his guidance, care and long talks. 
Lastly, to my boys especially the Gr. 7 Group: Brothers, thanks for the life-long friendship and the great times. I'll remember 
you guys for the rest of my life, we're family. Good luck, I know our future will cross further down the road! 










Activities: 2nd soccer and first Table tennis 

When I first came I didn't know what to expect. I came here from my native provincial thinking, a new place, a new school. 
I wonder if it's worth it. But now, after experiencing it, I really think the world of it. It's been a great time in a great place. 
Thank you to my Parents and my family, I needed your support every step of the way... especially in starting my journey 
here. I love you very much. I would like to thank my math teachers Mr. Perrier and Mr. Wenk who gave me significant 
knowledge in the math field. To Mr. Robson and Mrs. Pries who played big roles in helping my English improve. My advisor 
Mr. Butcher who always provided me with a piece of advice. To Mr. Joiner who reinforced my world geography skills. To 
Mrs. Mix who took care of the universities to which I applied. To Mr. Walden who always kept an eye on my discipline. To 
Mr. Bedardand Mr. Newton who taught me how to live in a big community. To everyone who was involved in my life during 
my experience at St. Andrews. To my friend Pavel Rykov for always being there throughout. 

Now as I leave this place, I know that I won't forget my time here, even if it was only one year, it' s been one of the greatest 
I've ever had. 








Sayings: La dip est In vie; rheem; seen; awwwiously; hey boy you look mighly cute in them jeans why don't you come over here and...; wookin' pa nub; Your mother is 

(any statement here]; Fee times a mady; Smitty wake up ... .smitty wake up....smitty smitty....SMITTY! No Smitty I can't dip, I gotta do work.. .no smitty, I can't... alright: yo 

guy, lox the door; Down wit' da U.S. of Izza...Beeyatch! 

Nicknames: Chyooo Fras! DJ Frasie Fresh: Frazjoia; Frasooou; The Notorious One; The Notorious F.R.A; Fraser the Merciless; The Poonario Wizard; Gramps: Grampa Cekie; 


Activities (in no particular order): Flavellc Assistant Head of House, Floor Captain. Activities Director; Member of the Food Task Force. Faithful servant of Court-E-Naie 

Shrimpton. Captain of I* Skipping: National High School Mode] United Nations simulation; Hamlet; ISDF 2000. 2001; Super-Safety three weeks straight; Scholar and 

Headmaster's Honour Role; Haze member for life; 2" 1 ' Basketball's MWP (most worthless player); Faithful member of the Forever Greens Crew. I" Accutane; Operative for 

Residential life Task Force! Focus 2000, 2001 : Cross Country Running; studious practitioner of MacGyves; Co-Captain of P 1 Skoal; Survivor of Trucksauras and B loot's driving 

"What has always made the state a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven." — F. Holderlin "'Your mom's a dirty whore" — Bradley C. Smith 

"Education.,, is the only answer to the always pressing question, to the political question par excellence, of how to reconcile order which is not oppression with Freedom which is 

not license." — Leo Strauss "The last time I saw your mom she was running from her cave." - Bradley C. Smith 

I think the mere fact that I spent so much time thinking about what 1 was going to say here speaks to the special quality St. Andrew's holds. I always become aware of that quality 

after returning from a break or holiday, and it seems like I just came back from pulling a quick MacGyve or something. The camaraderie thai exists at this place is something I will 

always remember. I haven't always been fond of this place. Resistance was my operating principle for much of my first two years. I can give SAC only credit for reforming my 

shadiness. However, I am far from a Complete Man. I still do stupid things. I still pull risky MacGyve's for the sake of it I still act immature sometimes. What I have now that I 

previously didn't is a direction. I now have the sense that whatever I might do which is immature is nothing but a transgression. Although it isn't a well-defined path. 1 know now 

that I am on a path, and not wondering aimlessly through the woods. To all my hoys, past and present: Bibby (seem. Moose ta true SAC success story), Veg i for hip-hop and 

seens), Smitty (for being the Complete Man, and for completing me), Yari, Thompson (for being Thompson), Carter (for lighting yourself on fire), Tarek, Bloot. Cyat, Chuckle 

(rheem). Stock (for being a cool Head Prefect), Jimbo i for also understanding Smitty), Jamie; and to the fallen ones: Rogers. Cook, Nate. Mom and Dad: What is to come will be 

my true thank you. And to m\ bo> Hanoi: Thanks for all thai clean, clean, clean. 

Activities: U16 b-ball, tier 2 b-ball, First B-balUHou^^aptain. 

Nicknames: Gerry, Gers. These three years at SAC has impacted my life significantly. I would like to thank my family for all 
their support and guidance through my days at SAC. They are the ones who certainly made goals possible for me. I would 
also like to thank my friends for their constant support and encouragements. Boris, Simpson, Alan, Charles, ROCK heng, 
you guys are my closest friends at SAC. Also thank you Karen for all your support and encouragements taking me through 
my bad times. Mr. Robson, Juice. Mr. Shrimpton, and Mr. Ruscitti, I would have to thank you all for making me a better 
basketball player both off and on the court. Thank you Mr. Walden for waking me up every morning in my grade 1 1 year. 
Mr. & Ms. Perrier - thank you for being such a caring House Master. And finally my advisor Mr. Butcher who transformed 
me into an scholar by gating me every week in my grade 1 1 year. I would once again like to thank you all for making me 
a better person, to my friends at SAC: Boh, Alan, 8-1 boy, 6+1 Cheung, ROCK person heng, Kennie, Ryan CHAN, Chuck, 
Jowett, Jimmy, Gavin, Brooks, (Brian, Brad, Hracs, 3 guys who played in the same b-ball team with me for all 3 of my years), 
Jay hee, Edward Lee, and anyone who were important to me! 




Nicknames: Horse (U16 hockey) 

fff Sayings: "Look out for that truck, they hurt" 

Q) Activities: Prefect, Assistant Head of of House, U 1 6 Football 1 a, U1 6 Hockey 2a (CISAA champions '98), 1 st track 5a (MVP 

— - 4a, CISAA Champions '98, OFSAA '99, undefeated in CISAA 1 500m 5a ), 1 st Cross Country 3a (MVP 2a, OFSAA '99 and 

f,_fj '01 ), Cadet Officer 2a (Lietenant Ramsey Company '01 , Captain Training Company '02), School Cross Country Run Winner 

O '"• ' 01 


The 5 years I have spent at SAC have flown by. It feels like yesterday when I first came up the driveway for orientation day. 
Thanks to my parents for getting me here and thanks to Mr. Tsioros for all your help and guidance with running and school. 
To the Prefects, its been a great year, "we are legends" and thanks Juice for being there for us. Most of all thanks to my 
buddies for keeping me on track all these years - Chooch, Weedo, Brander, Guy, Gids, Kelly. I'm looking forward to what's 
in store but I will always miss these days. These are the times that will be with us forever. 

Nicknames: Brown! Taju, Teker, T-man, Tmerch, Merchant, 
Sayings: Stop ********** with me! 
Activities: 1 st Tennis (2 yrs) (Captain, MVP) 1 st Squash (CISAA CHAMPIONS!) 

Well it's been 3 years now and I've finally realized what my father was trying to tell me all this time. Mr. Bedard, if it weren't 
for you, I would never have been able to enjoy this wonderful experience at SAC. You are not only a friend but a mentor too. 
Words can't describe what this place has meant to me, but I feel privileged that I was able to come to a great school like this. 
To all my boys! There isn't the words to describe what you guys mean to me. I've never had a brother in my life, but now I 
can say I have many. I've learned a lot from you guys and I hope I've done the same for you. The memories will live in me 
forever. Timmy (Martha) my wonderfully organized roommate what can I say man, it's been a good year. Your not only a 
true friend but your like a brother to me, I hope you'll stay in touch always. Oh and I best be getting wake up calls next year! 
What would I do without you. Dodo (Mooch) I don't have any food, so go away! Phil, I'm real glad we got to be good friends, 
I'll see you in Bermy this summer! Scott, I'll never forget late night talks in your room ( you know what I'm sayin) Gummie, 
let's go pull some donuts in the parking lot, Jamie, only got one thing to say WILFRED! Fras, wanna pull a megive? And to 
all my other boys, good luck and sta\ 


d stay in touch. 



Nicknames: Boh yeh, Boh, BohBoh 

Sayings: "Full D lah!", "Wha u doinnnG?", "Hai ber!", "Sheet!", "Oh Lo!" 

•Activities: SNA, Peer Tutor, Floor Captain, Robotics Team, JV Basketball, Red Star Cadet Instructor, House Captain 
My experience at Saint Andrew's has been very memorable. When I first stepped into the school three years ago, I wasn't I 
Sure that it was the right place for me. However, things have changed, and so has my perspective. I will miss this special 
piece. There's a distinct sense of pride here, within the school, and I will take it with me when I leave, and keep it for a long 

Many people helped me pull through difficult times here and I would like to tharfc them. Mr. Cowell, for all your help during ' 
these years, in and out of class; Mr. Jones, for being there; and most importantly, Mr. Shrimpton, my housemaster and coach, 
thank you for being such a great friend. Friends are a major part of life at St. Andrew's, and my friends were a major factor ' 
in making SAC special to me. My friends: Gerard, we've been together for quite a bit now... 9 years... I hope you'll be staying 
n TO; Simpson, my annoying roommate! Lets hope we live together next year; Alan... erm... my 'handsome' friend... lets ^ 
hope we both go to UT; Charles, I hope you survive. And a 'farewell' and 'good luck' the rest of my Chinese and ghostman fj 
crew: Henry, Kennie, Ryan, Ken T, Cronin, Jihad, Brooks, Luis, Keng, Wade. Dougie, Loreman, Jason, Adrian, Fraser, and ^ 
^^^^^^^^^^^ Brad. ^ W 

^» n I came to SAC two years ago not knowing what to expect. I had grown up in a small country school most of my life, 

^^ which made me a little nervous about coming to a new school. I would like to thank everyone at SAC for welcoming into 

fQ this community with open arms. To my friends (you know who you are) I couldn't have done it without you. You guys 

* JJ^ sure know how to throw one heck of a party! To my teachers, thank you for giving me the confidence to believe in 

^5 myself. To my parents, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be my best and for your continued support. I love you 

■^ all. 

^— Until next time SAC 

Nick names: jayru, hormone, g- spot and monkey 

Favorite sayings: Brooks time for a round of golf, Steven how much money yah got? Alan can I grab one off of you? Wade 

lets go for a walk down to the steps. 

Activities; vice president of non asian vampire club, 1 sl finalist in the ethnic fatigue challenge, cricket, video taker of cricket, 

chapel skippers (Flavelle division), regular on Shrimptons waking up list. Rec snowboarding, I did fencing once but that was 

back in the day, 1 s ' smoking. 

Comments; Honestly five years is way too much for a young Bajan boy. All I really have to say is THANK GOD IT'S OVER. 

I would really like to thank my parents in giving me this opportunity to meet so many people, who will always be called friend 

by me. The greatest moments I have ever had at SAC was spent on the head master's steps, jokes and all kinds of funny 

stories were told and will never be forgotten. Mom and Dad I am sorry if this may have seemed like a waste of money to you 

via the grades but these were some of the greatest time I have had in my life so far. 

Big ups to the boys 

Past; Tino, Abbot, Paton, Bean. Hassle, koury, jorge and simon 

Present; John, dodo, gummie, timmy, warren, bowser, mini me, aladdin, pringle, hodge, gord, gavin, tarek and chris 

Future; zeebo, steven, botts. wade, dave, blake, terry, frog, scoot, and dana 

Activities: Volleyball, basketball, badminton, cross country, Christian Fellowship, focus, cadet lieutenant, lower school 

house captain. 

Nickname: Nei (said in many different ways), Eric Nei the science guy, Lil' or Big Nei 

It's been six years at St. Andrew's and things have definately changed. I have enjoyed my stay at the school and the 

friendships I have developed have been great. The atmosphere at SAC is tremendous. There is always something going 

on, no matter if it's a team playing a game, drama or just sitting back in the library talking to friends. It's been a great 

experience for me to come to this school and if it wasn't for my parents, I probably wouldn't be here. As I move on to 

university, I wish for the best for all my friends in grade 12; OAC is tough, so be ready for a challenge. Mike, remain faithful; 

Derek, win intramural next year for me; Ryan, what happened this year with all your saying (d'own worry 'bout it)? Brian, 

badminton partner for how long now? Maybe we'll be business partners with that clinic idea of yours. Finally, to the school, 

I'm proud to have spent the six best years of my life at this place and now it's time to say "Good-bye." 






Well, this is my first and last year at SAC and it has been an experience. I graduated last year from an American international 
school in the Netherlands and it's good to be able to get a chance to graduate from a Canadian school as well. I wouldnj 
be here if it weren_t for my sister who discovered the school for me, thank you Alena. To all my relatives who supported 
me either with money or in spirit over the year_s, thank you so much for everything. To all my friends now in university 
across North America, thanks for the last three years of high school and making them the best years of my life so far. Josh. 
Oliver, and Allison, you guys were the best friends I had in Europe, thanks for being there. To all my boys here at SAC, 
I can_t thank you all enough for making this year worth while. Especially to Hodge. Gord, Pringle. and Aladdin for being 
good friends and putting up with my crap even though we_ve only know each other for a short while (NHPG was a blast, 
even if we never finish it). And finally above all, my parents, thank you for supporting and pushing me to make a decision 
about this year, as well as putting up the money, you gave me another year to postpone University and life which I needed. 
I love you both very much and only hope I can be as good a parent to my kids that you both have been to me. 
"We are the dreamers and we are the makers of Destiny" (Willie Wonka). 


t the rest of life will have to bring. 

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have." - Thomas Jefferson 
Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket?" 



Nicknames: Ollie, Dirty Bit#%, Ollie Oilie Oxinfree. Radley-knob. 

Sayings: Seriously! How are tings? Can you pay tor my Mel's? Did you put it in the S$S. My ID won't work, guy! I'm on my way. I'm not going to Toronto. 

BUJU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^0Pj0* S^V 

Activities: Seven year club; 1 " football (2a) 1" Rugby (3a captain) Laidlaw house captain, Counselor in Camp ST. Lucia. Focus, Member of the Table. 


I cant believe it's been seven years. I can still remember as if it was yesterday my first period class with Mr. Cowell being a young boy from South 
i America with no idea how to read or write the English language, it's hard to believe how long I've come as a student but most importantly as a person 
during my time here at SAC. My Time here wouldn't have been possible without the help of Mrs. Perrier. I truly can say I would not have made it if 
it wold not have being for your support has my SAC mom, thanks for being just who you are. Mr. Swan thanks all the memories shared during Rugby 
season. And to the table Plus one boys you were there during the good times and the bad and for that I thank you. D J " Here is a quarter don't spend 
it in one place". Grayds " If you don't hit that I will!" Grayds thanks for all the Mel's I'll pay back one day. James " My parents wont let me play" James 
I will never forget the talks in economics. Scott boy " Ollie I think you should tell her how you feel" Scott thanks for understanding my sensitive side. 
DUDDDS" I'm living at your cottage this summer "Dudley your truly my best friend and I will never forget the times spent in BC, The cruise and Cancun. 
Thanks for making me jump through a Pam tree. Boys no matter where life takes us your always be the boys 1 !. Sandy Thanks for helping me grow 
as a person , I love you!!! . Mom Becky I love you both and thanks for kicking my butt when I got lazy. Finally Barry you're the kindness Man I have 
ever met I've been blessed to have you as a father. " I'm no longer a student, but an Andrean I shall be for life" 

Years at SAC: The greatest 7 yrs ever (1995-2002) 

Nicknames: Buju, Janaz, Jaahhhnn, Jannoy, The Original BadMan, seven year private 

Extra-Curricular: First Football (one year), First Basketball (one year), First Rugby (three years), Tier II Basketball (2 yrs) 

In true retrospect, these last 7 years have been the best years of my life. I came into this school as a boarder not knowing 

what to expect and now, as I leave this place, what little I had expected is was blown out of the water. For this, my body will 

leave but my spirit will remain. I'm thankful to all my friends, the ones I've made while at school and the ones I've made 

because of it. I'm thankful to my supporters, my parents. Mom, Dad, you've always been there for me and I'm glad that you 

got me this far. To all my dear boarder chums, I thankyou for the times I could crash with you, I truly appreciate it. My friend s 

on the Review staff, thanks for all the pics! To all my teachers, I'm glad that you motivated me to achieve levels that I would 

never have dreamed. My entrance to a higher level is because of your light reflected upon myself, 

Mr. Robson, to you especially, thank you for your unerring guidance and your poignant lessons on punctuality. 

As I leave these uplifted Gates of Brass, I will remember that all Bars of Iron in the world will yield to me because of from 

whence I came. SAC Pryde 4lyfe! 

"Those who labor with their minds govern others: those who labor with their strength are governed by others" 

-Mencius, Chinese Philosopher- 1 ^k U 

f™ Activities: Eating, Football, Eating, Sleeping, Eating, Watching TV, Eating 





When I came to St. Andrews College, I didn't know what to expect. I had never been away from home for more than a month or 
so, and I had no clue at what I was getting into. And even if I had a few ideas on what to expect, they were all blown away by the actuality 

of this place. 

When I walked in those doors for the first time, I was immediately treated like a celebrity. I was given more attention and praise 
than I think I have ever been given in my entire life. Not just on the football field, but also in the classroom I was praised. And that was very 
strange for me, always thinking that I was a somewhat average student, suddenly realizing my potential. And it was also strange that all 
of these people, whom I didn't know, knew my name and wanted to help me. I mean, all I knew was that I was in a strange place and I was 
all alone, and they could have ignored me, and I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but they didn't. They made me feel comfortable and 
at home, right away, and it has really made a difference in me. This school year has been my hardest thus far in my entire lifetime, and 
there's no way that I could have ever imagined going through something as difficult, but with the help of this school and the people in it I 
have not only become a stronger student, but a stronger person. Not every experience I have had here has been a barrel of laughs, but 
every experience I've had here has made me a more complete individual. This school believed in me. so that I could come to believe in 
myself, and now that I do, the sky's the limit. I will always remember my experience with St. Andrews, whether it's with academics, sports, 
or relationships with friends and family, because it has taught me to always strive for greatness, and one day your dreams might come true! 

Nicknames: Reider, Leckey, Tree Trunks, Colonel, el Capitan, Mikey, Stone, M Crew 

Activities: 1 st lacrosse (5yrs, Captain), Cadet Commanding Officer, 1 st Football (2yrs), ISDF, "The Mousetrap", FOCUS, Co- 

Pres Humanities and Social Science Council :-), SuperFriends 

Sayings: Kinky; But how does that make you fee/?; Chow, you're an Asian Supremacist; Chow, what would Jesus say abo 

that?; No Theresa is NOT coming; Someday you'll be a SuperFriend...; Charlebois, you're a boarding bum; Honestly, I really 

DON'T wanna talk about cadets right now. 

The first rule I learned at SAC was that you never EVER come to school wearing a suit on a grub day. Unfortunately, I violated 

this rule my first day here, and I got all the trauma that goes along with it. It took two years for me to get over it, but I eventually 

came out of my self-imposed introverted exile and joined the club. Thanks to my parents and everyone at SAC for letting 

me become the person I am today. 

P-Sandy and G-Marchi.despiteourconstitutional/Catholic troubles, we'll always be Super. Just remember the 5 hourconvos 
at Montanas, the Pita Pit and THE skating night; ahh... Mr Guy, we'll conquer Chile one of these days: Charlebois, don't let 
the ex-girlfriends get to you, or I'll have to start charging by the hour... If I had to take one person into battle with me it'd be 
you. I hope there are even better years to come, but these last 5 will be hard to beatl The only things that a$ sure in life for 
a SAC graduate: death, taxes, alumni contributions, and awesome memoi 




Nicknames: Robo, Gansta Robo, Wally. MROB 
Extra-curriculars: 2 YEARS 1 ST FOOTBALL, 3 YEARS 1 si GOLF, 3 YEARS 1 stCRIKET, CAPT First Chapel Ship Flavelle Division, Flavelle Q) 
CSM ^ 

These last 3 years have been the best years of my life for sure. I came into this school as a boarder not knowing what to expect and now, * 
I leave as a graduate. I'm thankful to all my friends, the ones I've made while at school and the ones I've made because of it. I'm truly thankful 
to my Parents, Mom, Dad, you've always been there for me and I'm glad that you got me this far, know the sacrifices were large but I finally 
made it. I Must thank the man thats helped me the most, My Advisor, Housmaster, Teacher and Coach Mr Shrimpton you have helped me 
so much I could never repay you for all the time you have invested in me. To all my boarder boys. Josh, Dodo, Tim, Fully, Tarek thanks for 
the times I could chill with you, I truly appreciate it. To all my teachers and Coaches, I'm glad that you motivated me to achieve levels that 
I would never have dreamed. As I leave these Gates of Brass, I will remember that all Bars of Iron in the world will yield to me because of 
from whence I came. My final thank you goes out to Alex Chow who wrote this grad comment for me, much appreciated. 
Real knowlege is knowing the extent of one's ignorance - Confucius 





Nick names: Paul, Skipper, Tolstiy, etc. 

Sports: tried for many sports got in only in first sleeping, first skipping, first bohyeen 

I have been in SAC community for only a year, but I think it was the best year out of three years that I've spend in Canada. 
I have met a lot of new friends and learned a lot from them and from teachers at SAC. Next year is going to be really hard 
for me because I am going to University, but I think I will be fine because I have been taught and prepared for it in SAC. 
I would like to thank Mr. Myrans, my teacher in Economics, I know he will have a memory of me, but I think not the best 
memory. I would like to thank him for giving me knowledge that I didn't have before. Also Mr. Perrier. Mr. Wenk for giving 
me my knowledge in math back, Mr. Robson for teaching me English as a Canadian language and Mr. Tsioros for letting 
me finish the Physiology course. Thank you Mrs. Mix , Mr. Shrimpton and Mr. McCue for always being there. 


Nick Names: 

Doms, Dodo, Crabby, Mooch 2, Yami Balo, Biggest online-man, porn tsar, Sach, Sachas, 
Sayings: doH 

Caw bleng ya; Cheese on bread; Damn its cold: Gummie you stink; Pavel where are your slippers?; Do who!; Faulds, DJ what you got in 
your fridge?; mchhhhh mchhhh; Gimme piece; Doyle ya ugly monkey; What de France?;; it wasn't me I swear; Country Club are you in there 
again?; Step into my office Mr. Walden I have your sea water; Where is the farmer boy? 

1 s ' Football 2 years, 1 s ' Cricket 3 years, 1" Sleeping 4 years. 1" mooch 4ever. House captain; 

Although I have only been here for four years, which is not as long as Doyle, the time that I have spent here and the people I now know, 
will be grateful for and remember them forever. Being slightly younger than everyone else in my grade it was a little hard to getting used 
to the atmosphere of the school, but it soon warmed up to me... SAC has taken me out of childhood and made into a man, not any ordinary 
man but an Andrean. I would like to thank every one in this school both teacher and staff for putting up with me for these 4 long years, as 
I did create a good fair share of trouble just for them. Thanks you Mom and Dad for making this possible, I love you. Thanks Mrs. Bottomley 
for being there as a second mom, Shrimpdawg for a wonderful OAC year, as well as Mr. Cameron, Mrs.Perrier and many others that I cant 
mention due to a damn limit.. Big up to all my breadrins, Good Bye to all. 





Nick names: Pabs, Pabaz, #9, Granfada 

ACTIVITIES: 1 st soccer starting in grade 1 1 , 1 st rugby starting in grade 12, The play'The Mousetrap", Grad trip, Costa Rica 
expansion week, Gold Duke of Ed, Deputy Commanding Officer of the 1 42 St. Andrew's College Highland Cadet corps 
Sayings: "Dumb ass answers to dumb ass questions." "Cho-guy" "Boo-Urnnnnns", "Wouei?", "What do you want Theresa?" 

Wow what a rollercoaster ride. St. Andrew's College, not an ordinary place, is an understatement. With it's amazing heights 
at formal after parties, and its stressfull lows just before exams, it's no ordinary place. I'd like to thank all those that helped 
me along the way, through the tough and easy times, you really find out who you're friends are. While I learned many things 
along my way, this perhaps was the most important. 

"Normality is a thing of the past, jump on the bandwagon and be different like everyone else." -Anon 

gg s: Bueye, hey....what'd ya say'', Guys... 
Activities: Head of House, House Captain, IstSrtth Hug'! 

My four years at SAC have been a g . ience is been 

Hssons and helped me to develop and grow as ai It; a Fromafll 

that me and dominie would think up, every momenta ' :echerishe> 

Rugby Tour 2001 , fun while it lasted, thanks DJ. Dudley and Oil e for I. • 
Bilfred. Skolz, finally, we made it, who would have thought.. I 
Dominic. Flavelle forever boyz. To all the islanders, Tirnmy, Scooter, Dodo I 
Unnoficial MacPherson half time champions. Mr. S: hanksf rever. 

to realize my true calling in life in the Social Science field. And to eveT^^^B 
jkat I acquired; here atmy time at SAC. To all my family, thanks for moHHprr"? to 
lid helping me every step of the way. Now as I leave here a student tr^ 
thing tl e world has to throw at me. Than 


16 Squash. U16 : 

ilnc B 

> throw at me 

Activities: FOCUS, Coffeehouse(s), 1 s ' Cricket, RobotX 

Nicknames: mmi-me, Mr. Hanky, Stub, Carl, mini-brown, evil Jihad, + about 70 others... 



I've been at SAC since gr. 1 1 and enjoyed almost every minute. Of course, there was the odd day when nothing went well, 
or the time when I pulled an all nighter before my gr. 12 English exam, and the entire process of Waldo's dreaded opus, but 
hey! It could have been worse. Thanks to Warren Chang, Gavin, Sergio and Merv for putting up with my music and guitar 
playing (and me'). Thanks to Jeff Ginou, Ryan Chan, Aladdin, Chooch and Andrew Douglas for making it possible for me 
to perform in front of an audience. Mr. Butcher (Butchman), thanks for making RobotX possible, I'll never forget it. Mr. 
Galajda, I will give you some cheese sauce sometime! Mini-Swenks; AEW! I'll miss you, bud. Nesbitt, thanks for all your^ 
nsane humour at odd times of the day. Bayley, I'll never stop my obsession with guitars! Hodge, keep doing what you do;" 
it makes me laugh. Shouts out to Pringle. Gordie, Brooks, Jihad, Randall, RJ, Jimmy, Brad, Davies, Wanger, Jojo, Roger, 
and anyone else I may have forgotten about! But most importantly, thank you to my parents for making it possible for me 
to come to SAC and the Perriers, my second parents. And everyone, remember. ..I'm on to you! 

NickNames' Skolz Sharky, International L, Lovah. Skolnob. Grouper, Bahamian GQ. GQ. Bahamian Gmo, Conchy Joe. Papa Skolz. 

Sayings "Yo Bey We Have chapel today' Bey That Girl Look good - "Yes Bey - - "When You gonna be off the Phone" - "Yo Dread wha ya sey" - "Yo Playa" - "Brooks 
1 lets go hit the Back Nine" - "Bey you Have any clubs?" - "ATO Covert Ops Tonight Bey" - "Bey Waldo's On My case Again" • "Sir im telling you im immune to my Alarm 
Clock" - "Sir i promise it wont happen again" - ("Myaah Skolnick Step into my office" • "Myaah Skolnick got a little too much grouper grease in your hair today' - "Myaah 
Grouper Sunday 1 • 5" (Waldo's Famous Sayings)) 

Sports: First Football 3 years, U16 football, U16 rugby, 1st Sleeping In, 1st Chapel Skippers, Honorary Member of the Sunday 1- 5 Club. Co - Founder & CEO of 
the St Andrews College Midnight Golfing Club. ^^^ 

Why do some blessed people complain about what they do not have in their lives? God's gifts are, indeed, marvelous and plain. Why don't they enjoy the small things 
and thrive? They often overlook their stable mind and a strong and healthy body. A miracie that is one of a kind, understood only by minds more astute (NS). If only 
they become really aware of those much less fortunate than their lot, their minds would then disengage from despair and feel humble and contrite at the thought. 
So let's thankfully hear life's pleasing lyre, let our minds become numb and bodies immune. After my four years at St Andrews College I look back on the day when 
I first drove through the tall wrought iron gates at the Small boy who had spent the first 1 5 years of his life on an Island, that would fit within the boundaries of Aurora. 
This place has both oiven and taken things from me. but in the end has made me the man i am today. I want to thank both of my Parents and family for being there 
when the light seemed to be blinking out and out of my reach. I would also like to thank The Perries, Mr. Robertson and Mr. Arril for all of their support and helping 
me decide whether St Andrews was the place for me. Mr. Cameron, You were my Coach but more than that you were one of my friends, you were there for me 
whenever I needed you, I am forever in debt to you for this. Last but never the least to All My bredrins, this is the beginning of a journey, can't wait to see you at the 
crossroads, we will all find our way their someday. Nuff Respect to all my Bredrins: Scoot Dawg. Big D, Brooskie, Scotty Da Hotty, Dodo, G Bear, Robo, Bowser, 
Lee Dawg, Jah Jah, Monkey, TimmahH. Blackachino, Buju. Much love. Too all those i didn't mention, much love for ya you all helped me on my journey. Thank you. 

Nicknames: Smitty |^& 

Sayings: La Dip Est La Vie! Rheem, Yo fras locks the door guy. NO this isn't dip it's. Jimmy Healey Bay, sniffing the gas again? Mike I II snuggle with you it you 

pass me the ball more'" Michael Faulds my transmitter. Jimbo... No one goes top dawg on you eh big guy' Grayds can I come over this weekend? I'v.-t - ::■■ 

to play a little shuffleboard in my time. Notorious, you know what pisses me off about you.. .you have no commitment. never want to pack. I swaref.'' St 

I'm quitting??? Joyner I also like love songs' Mike, now that are girlfriends are best <nend...what are you thinking, .he. ..he. He. Down with da US of Izz, >eyaa'ch' 

Bling Bling ....You pass the Ginseng guv Watch out or I might throwh up the deuce. 

Activities: 1 st Football 2years (Captain, CISSA Champions Golden horseshoe Bowl Champs. SAC Drama: Oliver (Fagin). Dance Captai 

bench warmer), 1 st Lacros<BS years Cadets: Captain of Flavelle andttieCadetCommunist Regime. Red Star Instructor. Focus2years.. Assis He i 

Floor Captain, ActivitieBjHctor. ^^_^^^ 

I have been taught by iH ^M ifterent teachers over the years, with many different teaching styles, but this comment is for the one teacher. \ 

high school, broke through the barrier that others did n : Mr. Scoular, I owe my success in my graduating year to you. You helped me learn thing: 

through drama that I never even knew. Along with football. Oliver was the greatest three months of my life: thank you. After St. Andrews, the whole 

to keep rolling on through school to one day succeed in the business world, because once you are on top, you never again want to be down. I's also 

a shout out to our favorite D.J. Shrimpdawg 

To the boys- Jimbo the greatest guy ever, you are the big man, speckled. But you know I love you brother. , Mike: knowing that one day I can took back on my 

highschoool career and remember that yes, .I did play with nuke. Fras. you're the man. Try to stop yourself from D-ing! Joyner the fullback. Is thanksfor making 

me feel welcome and giving me i :• me Collins, control the hairiness little guy. Last but not least 

On my departure I miJn^Bt was a grand oldjtime". 

Past 6 months have been a wild ride BC 

My time is a piece of wax, falling . i • :•• ■mite that's choking on the splinters' —Beck 


. Lieutenant, FOCUS, DECA (Salt Lake City '02), Carol, Concert, 

Nickname* Gums, Stcevci, Steven(s), Steevy Boy, St' 
Sayings: Bah. Dah, Who cares, HoiDang, Gains 
Activities: First Football (CISAA&OFSAA Champs) 2, 
Ja/z Bands etc., Choir, Scotland Tour. Cancun 02 
W> on I fust came to S A.C I didn't know any : New, a'tfc very quick years, I leave With friendships that will last a lifetime Although 
have leamftiow to take integrals and find derivative:, itli 'he people I have met along the way that have made all the difference From the 
everenlertlning party antics of Granola to wor^ng out with B-man to get "gams" these past few years have been unbelievable. The numerous 
dancesk After parties. Homecomings and sporting victoffll over UCC and others, will always be memorable. Cancun was a blast. Roach, 
Doogs. FulJjV Ugly, Big John. Bones, and everyone else,-*ou guys are the best I would like to thank all of my teachers who, throughout the 
years, havf provided me with motivation and inspiration, ahd have helped me discover my true potential. Last but definitely not least, I would 
like to thank my parents who made many sacrifices!) bearle to send me to St. Andrew's. I em forever grateful foi ihi: , am i I hope that i 1 1. ive 
made you proud throughout the years. Heave St. Andrew's with the skills and confidence to tackle any obstacles thai I may face laiei on in 


Be who you are and say what you feel, because those Who mind don't mat'. 'ran', 1 those who mattei don I mind 

Nicknames: Stacker. Grayds, G Diddy, G 

Activities- Head Prefect First Hockey (4a) CISAA Hockey Champions 2001 Assistant Captain, First Lacrosse (3a) Captain, First Recovery/ 

Weight Training (3a). Cost Rica 96, Cancun 02, Sweden/Finland 02, Focus, Flag Party Commander, Student Life Committee member. 

7 Year club Vfl 

Sayings: "Yo guy hook me up", "Is she hot?", "We are legends", "Yadayadayada", "Boys, what's on tap for tonight? , "Win or lose, we booze . 

"Do I have to call her? ". "Marsh, Want to go for a drive? ". "I'll have a party" im 4? 

Most Memorable Moments: Formal after parties, Homecoming 2002, Impromptu parties at the Stack residence. Marsh's couch. That on 

night cruise Cancun, Dudley's condo, Lunch table arguments, Semis, Hockey Championship at UCC 2001. White water rafting 

The past seven years have flown by and will never be forgotten. The opportunities that I have experienced at SAC will ba 
remembered This journey could have never been as enjoyable as it was had it not beenforthe Boys: The Table (DJB. JD. ORS. JG). Jan 
Smitty Jimmy Joyner, and my elders Marsh, Ovens, Veg. Gordy, Chiz and the up and comers Parent. Mitch, T-Birk and DVD. Tl 
also been teachers that I would like to thank that have influenced me and taught me so much along the way: Mr. Bedard. Juice, E 
Mrs. P, Mr. Stewart, Mrs. Mix and J Dubs. Lastly, none of this would have been possible without my parents. You gave me everything and 
more. I love you Mom and Dad. To my Bros J and Deeze enjoy it while it lasts cause you run the show now. 

Thank You St, Andrew's. Ck 




Nicknames: KT, Alien, Monkey 

Activity: Robotics, weight training, early runs, skipping cadets, Cancun 2001, Varsity studying (2 

When I came to SAC I was expecting this school to be full of challenges and new opportunities, sure enough this school 

provided me with many new opportunities that allowed me to excel where it would have been impossible if I stayed at me 

previous school. I would like to thank my mathematics teacher, Mr. Perrier and Mr. Wenk for helping me expand my 

knowledge in mathematics and showing me different ways to look at a question. Mr. Butcher, for showing me how to apply 

mathematics to solve real life problems. 








Nicknames: Freddy Tang with the Freddy Tang's gang. Mr.OJ, Freddy the orange juice, foote foote, Fea New, Lo Fea Yea, Fred Goa. Yo~ Tang ... 
Activities: 1" Golf. Tier II Volleyball, DECA quiz bowl team, SNA, House Captain, and Student Mead of Music. 

Attending St. Andrew's has been a truly memorable and very unique experience. I can still remember (he first day I stepped into the St Andrew's gate five 
years ago, I was overwhelmed but at the same time I was totally lost, because of the language barrier. But after years of hard work, I finally made it 
through the finish line. During these five years, I have made a lot of life-long friends, and a lot of unforgettable memories. 

First of all I'd like to thank my parents for giving me this great opportunity to come to St. Andrew's. Giving me pressure and pushing me forward; they 
hope I can challenge my limits. I'd also like to thank them and my brother for being supportive when I am down, leading me to see the bright side of things 
and cheering me on. Thanks to all my friends and buddies to create all the highlights in my career at SAC. Thanks to all the teachers who have taught me: 
Mr. Giel (My coach for DECA, Tier II Volleyball, Junior Golf. ..My former house master ...and what else?? and my accounting teacher); Dr. Wenk for 
increasing my math knowledge and also my pushup numbers and all those special Ti-83 programs; Dr. Joiner for correcting all my grammar errors even 
though it's just my geography projects; Mr. Clements and Ms. Chasson for promoting my music ability and talent to the limit; Mrs. Hiltz Mr. Ray and Mrs. 
Ray, Mr. Scoular, Mr. Dominato, Mrs. Pries and Mrs. Robson for helping to improve my English writing, grammar, reading and communication; Mr. 
Gaertner. .(Golf. ..its all about golf...) Mr. Perrier and Mrs. Perrier for being my house masters, taking care of me everyday. Special thanks to Mrs. Mix, Mr. 
Arril and Mr. Swan for helping me with all my university's applications. (Mrs. Mix, sorry of bothering you everyday ... AA ...) and finally my favorable 
mentor. My advisor Mr. Tsioros (Mr, T ...Cheese) for answering all my questions and my personal problems since grade 9. 

As I am concluding a chapter in my life another one has yet to be started. No matter where I go, no matter where I will be. St. Andrew will always be a 
part of me. Even now, I still have a silly thought of staying here for one more year, but life goes on, these will be all turning into my memories that I will 
cherish for the rest of my life. ^L fc H IWF~ 

Nicknames : TiMmAh!!!!, Martha, Twaites, Yami Bolo 

Activities: 1st Soccer (2yrs), 1st Basketball (2yrs), 1st Cricket (2yrs), 1 s " Wake up Tarek team 

I came here about as unwillingly as humanly possibly, and funny enough I think I have the same attitude about leaving. I 

can't put to words the amount that I've learned here, the amount I have matured in all respects. I have to give a special thanks 

to all the teachers who took the time to help me develop as a student, it was probably one of the most valuable contributions 

ever given to me. To all my boys, at times I don't think I could have made it through the hard times without you guys. ...warren, 

tarek, gummy, dominie, skolz, jihad, winky, robo: we rolling out of this place but I know what we had here will last a lifetime, 

even if just in memories. Dana, Scooter, Froggy, Zeebo and the rest of the guys who'll still be here fighting the good fight, 

just keep focused and show these people who are the greatest. And most importantly I have to recognize the support from 

my family, from affording me the opportunity to come to SAC, to counseling me through tough decisions and hard times; 

the contributions were countless, and so greatly appreciated. 

'Open your mind's eye and your soul will fly high'. ...SAC has opened mine, so it's only up from here 

Nicknames: Chooch, Paesane, Marge, Gmarchi 

Activities: Tier ! Volleyball. 2a, Captain: Softball: Track and Field; Hockey, Lieutenant. Duke Gold, Vice-President of 
Outreach, Oliver. Ernest, Coffeehouse. Focus, Assistant Head of House, Head of House, Nepal 2000, Mexico Exchange 
2001 . Grad Trip. J»^^^^^ J 

Amazing how fast five years can pass. It wasn't too long ago that I first passed Andy with all the scared, paranoid thoughts 
a thirteen-year-old kid has in his head. In those years, I have done more things then I could have dreamed and met so many 
people that I don't think I will ever forget. To my boys, it's been an amazing ride. Memories are a powerful thing, and I will 
have enough to last me a lifetime. Brander, Weedo, Petey, Guy, Gids, Sacher, Big Johnny, Mike. Pabs, Kelly... the list goes 
on. Thanks for being there. Mr. Service, thank-you for providing me with opportunities to see other sides of the spectrum, 
you're help is greatly appreciated. Mr. Myrans, your classes taught me that I have a lot left to learn. Mr. Scoular, your passion 
is inspirational. Mr. Robson, your classes were my favourite; you've taught me more then just English: Kristen, you'll always 
have a place in my heart. Lastly, only because they're the most important, my family. I may not say it enough, or even at all, 
but I love you. Alessandra, sorry for being a pain sometimes, you know I love you. Mom. you're all a son could ask for and 
more. Dad, you're my hero, I hope I've made you proud. I will now leave the gates of S.A.C, with the same scared thoughts 
of a kid, but the knowledge of a man who has seen the highest peaks, experienced all aspects of life, and has sat amongst 

Time is something that will always vanishes without one's notice. Three years in St. Andrews College is a special f 
period of my life. It is the first time and might be the last time for me to experience boarder's life. I am not sure how ^M 

much that I will miss the time in the SAC. But I am sure the time in SAC is important to me. To play the rule of spectator ftl 
in many different groups of people let me understood more about the relationship between people and people. Specially •■» 
when people needs to see each other everyday 24 hour with different culture and personality. I wish everyone who is \^r 

graduating this year had a successful future. GOOD LUCK SAC. 

3 1 






Nicknames: Potato, Ymg Mick, Cartman, School Grass Mick 

Activities: Sr. Table Tennis, Cadet CSM, Playing Pinball in Flavelle library, Sleeping, KT game 

Staying at school late, late nights with homework and insurmountable amounts of homework. This was what life at SAC was as 

it was described to me before I came to the school. However, when my parents dragged me into SAC, kicking and screaming 

5 years ago, I never would have thought that I would make so many fond memories in this school. In exception to the workloads, 

the unique experiences of being in the Andrean community will be my fondest and most treasured as I graduate from SAC. Thank 

you to the many boarders who rented out their rooms for me as a place of refuge during my spares. And of course, thanks to 

my advisor Mr. Myrans, Mr. Ray, and all my other teachers for steering my academic career, straight. I must say that I am 

extremely thankful and sorry for all the time in class when you let me sleep, but did not wake me up. Thank you for all those who 

made Cancun 2002 possible, for it introduced me to a strange, blissful, hazy and relaxing world I had never known before. Matt, 

Canning, Chow, ET, Andy, DW2, Fred, Zhou, Ryan and everybody else, thanks again for making my life at SAC fun and enjoyable 

everyday. As I leave school, my greatest fear is that I will lose contact with you all, as we go our separate ways in life. Thankfully, 

the world is but a small, small place, so I hope to meet up with you all later in life! 

"Next year, you are all going either be too drunk or partying to remember anything."- Robson 

Then I did a U-ey and followed (stalked) him to Burger King's" - Robson's lesson on stalking. 

When my parents first sent me here, I didn't know that we have to wear uniforms everyday. I also didn't realize the catastrophic 
effect of not being able to goto schools with girls every day. However, after 5 years at SAC, I've grew accustomed to all these. 
Now, I can not imagine what my life would be like if my parents hadn't sent me here. It is here at SAC that I actually try studying 
for the first time, and it is also here at SAC that I met many great friends. Looking back, there are a lot of great memories here 
that I will never forget (sneaking out at 3 am so we can film our own version of the Blair Witch Project) 
I would like to thank God for guiding me through my hard times at this school and keeping me focused. I can not imagine my 
high school life without J.C. I would also like to thank my parents for sending me to such a great institution that provide me 
the opportunities to try things that I've never tried before. They provided these great opportunities to me even though I have 
done nothing to deserve them. I would also like to thank my Housemasters and advisors for encouraging me when I was down. 
After 5 years at SAC, I finally came to understand the real meaning of being an Andrean. It is not about being the best at 
everything or beating up a UCC guy (although sometimes this must be done). Rather, it's building a strong, well-rounded 
person. It's being able to do my homework, play on the sports field, and march in cadets all in the same day. In the end, it's 
about carrying on the proud tradition of St. Andrew's. 


pout the 
j study. 

|h shoot 
. Jason 

Nick Name: Wanger(s), Wang Bang, Phat Wang, Fat Wang, Big Wang, Fei Wang, Wong???, Mtyagi (Swan). Commie, WANG PAY ATTENTION, DAAAAAAAAAAVE 

WAAAAANG, Two pylons and a water bottle. 

Sayings: The girls call me BIG WANG... no they don't, No hands Chan hahaha. Davies you communist bastard, sign me in please, is morpheus working?, sooooo... 

what sport are you playing this term, Tak it eashy. pen is mightier, what the dilly (Bayley), go away Chow I ^^^^^^^™b«^^^« 

I really don't know what to write in my grad comment so here a list of my most memorable times at sac, so I can look back at this one day and laugh 

good times. Grade 9: Miguel Vasquez and late night Mexican tunes/Lubricants. Mr. Giel and his jumping lacks Justin Scott taking ofl the towel... dm 

Starcralt in Peter and Marshalls room. Going home on Wednesdays. Under 1 4 volley ball 3rd place. Under 16 hockey manager, nerve racking sudden di 

out win! Grade 10: My Compaq, the good years. Max and his Korn/Ramstein. Quake 2... started it all. Nayan Max and inverted mouse... the only way to 

George John (Hey buddy yo). More under 1 6 hockey, I didnt forget the jerseys... they were misplaced (I wasp t even there). The unfortunate loss of my Half Baked 

DvD... not worth the 7 years in Tibet. Media arts summer with BoBo Lo (it looks like an overweight rat). Grade 11: 1/3 Chan Man, 1/3 Brad. 1/3 Merv. Late night 

Chinese soup noodle with Kenny (Dry UFO). U1 6 football with the Butcher. After practice Big Bottled water Midnight Chinese theater with our host.. Ryan Chan. 

Late night lacrosse stick jamming into my ribs, courtesy of Brad. Wang ■ Lorriman midnight investments (when we were kings Brad). Telling Chow to get the hell 

out of my room. Sleeping with the Simpsons. Merv. crazy antics and soft rock sleep songs. Football camp pain with Matt. Grade 12: 3rd floor Mac house single. 

DoDo's reggae tunes (one time for my warriors). After hour house captain magic tricks. First football rookie season (horse racing), thanks for all that playing time 

John (or Johns headaches rather). Mr. Giel's early morning wake ups (rubbing the hands helped). George Foreman. Ryan Chan's famous New York tenderloin 

(if you put your name on it, its a guarantee). More late night matinee with new co-host Kenny (aka rave master). Mysterious tattoos on my leg Memorial 3rd floor 

games with Svrenks and the gang (Ape, Bear. Cat. Donkey... Donkey?) Grade 1 3: My own washroom, minus the shower. Double Mr. Wenk. Finite then Calc right 

after. First Football Golden Horseshoe Bowl Champs, a season to remember (unless the migraines come back). Spinning the ball with A Ho and Poon Master ff^ 

Memorial late night grilled cheese (thanks to Mrs. P). Failing asleep to anime. Cancun. a whole other story \^J 





Nicknames: Weedo, Weeds, Neck, Darren Dangles, N/A, Point Five, Captain Canada. Commie 

Sayings: Yeah OK, That's fine. ..are you done, Reem, Giiiideeeoooon. That's a wee bit offside, Let's go play some Gitz. Pomodore!. Peace 

Activities: Prefect, Outreach Committee Co-President, Duke of Edinburgh Award (Gold), First Hockey - 3a - CISAA Championship (Assistant 

Captain), First Soccer - 3a - 2 CISAA Championships - MVP (Assistant Captain), #1 Team Canada Fan 

The first person I would like to thank is Mr. Smith. He showed me what a true Andrean was and no one person could do that job that he did by himself. 

To Mr. Dunford, I am glad to have had you as a hockey coach for at least one year and you taught me how to dig down deep and pull out that extra 

little bit; you made me think. Mr. Bedard, you let me become the hockey player that I am today. The sportsmanship that you taught me will stay with 

me forever. To Mr. Service, who saw my potential to be a good leader and forced me to take part in many different extracurricular activities; for that 

I thank you. Mrs. Pilieci, I cannot think of any one better to greet me as I enter the library; your smile warms the heart. 

To my boys: Brander, quiet yet you always understood. Kelly, you were always willing and ready to do something. Guy, some hard times but we're 

still kickin'; I will not forget our three outstanding seasons together. Petey (BGP), sorry had to add that, always admired your willingness to stand 

up for what you felt was right. Jimmy, you are still my favourite Newf. Giancarlo, there isn't another guy I have talked with about girls more than with 

you; we should write a book together. Gideon, always there. You have a way of understanding that compares to nobody. Thanks boys! 

And to my family: first, my second mother Mrs. P, who is in the same league as Mr. Smith. Your tireless effort to make everything easy for us makes 

our lives simple. To my number one fan, seeing you in the stands every game was great, even with a broken leg. To Meliss, never a dull moment. 

To my brother, always a good time but I can still take you. To my Dad, you never missed a game, and, yes, what you say does sink in. And last but 

certainly not least, to my Mum, who spent more time making sure everyone else was ready and still managed to get herself to work on time. She 

cared more about the school than I did. 

Nickname: PopcaN. Ah-Goon, Mr. Roboto 

Activities: Pipes and Drums (Leading Tenor Drummer), House Captain, Floor Captain, 1" Softball (Captain), RobotX Team 2001, CANCUN 2002 
Sayings: "Ken! I'm not going to touch you ok?!" "Calm down Micky, I'm in your car now. I've only been living for 1 8 years." "Law. . . now I see your shoes 
are shiny, but what about your tests tomorrow?" 

First of all, I would like to express gratitude to my dearest mother, a million thanks for your support from Hong Kong. I do not know what I can do to ^J 
show my gratitude, hope that a good looking report card will do. Then the next person I shall thank is my cousin, Alex Wong, who graduated SAC *"J 
five years ago He introduced me SAC. which became one of the major turning points in my life. First time studying abroad in a boarding school was m ^ . 
not easy at all. I remembered my first year in SAC, I referred the residences as "jail". In my third year, I treat Flavelle House as "HOME", a warm place ^ 
where I live together with all my Flavellian brothers, and the father-like house master and assistant house master. Mr. Shrimpton and Mr. McCue^. __ 
Mr. McCue, I'll always remember the taste of coffee u gave me at 2am in the morning™ Mr. Shrimpton. you've changed Flavelle House into the best\iJ 
residence in SAC in 2 years of time. Thank for granting me such comfortable living condition for these years! My most respectful teacher. Mr. Butcher, ^^ 
thanks for all your teachings in the past 3 years. This refers not to only physics, but also other valuable knowledge you've taught me. Thank you Ms. ^^ 
Pries and Ms. Carpenter, you have helped me overcoming my greatest obstacle, English. Thank you. Special thanks to; Micky (Ying-Mick) for all your ^^ 
help in English; Ken Tarn (KT) for all your help in Science and Maths. I will always remember our Crazy Physics Parties (with no music, no alcohol. ^J 
no girls, only 3 nerds with Tl-83s, Physics Text books and notes 1 !). Ryan Chan (Bear) for all the stuff I've learnt from you in all area. (YOU ARE ^m 
ADMIRABLE). Mat law (Kappa) and Andy (Crab-Crab), thanks for all the food sharing and being my midnight chat mate. Guys, remember to call me |5S 
out for a bubble tea chat-!! ^BaS Vi* 


I Sergeant, DEC A 


Nicknames: d2, dwong2, dennis-wong-2 

Extracurricular: Tier 2 Tennis, Tier 2 Volleyball Intramural Basketball, (Jadei Sergeant, DECA 

I just want to thank all my friends for being there for me throughout these three years herein SAC eBeofallMuring my f^H 
OAC year. Without you guys, I would have never made it through the year and every single moment we all chilled together 
was "so good". I'd also like to say thanks to my parents who've given me support whenever I needed it, whether it's personal 
problems, school problems, financial problems: they've always been there for me. Luis, thanks tor teaching me so much 
in "life and how to "have fun" and most importantly, thanks for being like a brother to me man, good luck in university' KHC, 
although I sometimes can't stand your yellow jokes, you've been a very funny person to chill with for the past two years. 
Ryan, you're my next twin brother after Luis. We've gone through quite a lot (hehe). Anyways, wherever you get to next 
year, good luck and look for me. Aha, can't stop laughing when I see you man. We've been pretty close for the past 2 years 
and you've been a GREAT friend. ..although I really hate your 'flaws'. Fred, my best roommate! The term we had in 
MacHouse was amazing eh? Well, don't study too hard in university! Try to have fun! I also want to say thanks to A.C(2), 
J.T, M.L, DW1, W.P, R.C, C.W, A.S, M.T, K.T, Memorial House, and of course, my housemasters which I have to admit 
ARE the best housemasters in SAC, the Perrier's. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mother fondly for supporting me throughout high school. Second, I would 
like to thank Mr. Robson for always poking fun at me in class and in my report card (just joking!). However, I do sincerely 
thank you for giving me the advice when I really needed some. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Shrimpton for "teaching me 
some lessons" when I was still immature. Thirdly I have some words for my good friends. Dennis, I hope you will succeed 
in the future. Luis I would really like a car that your M symbol. Alex, so... urn... How's your day Chow? Keng Hao, Good 
luck and I wish you all the best. Fred, you are just too smart for me. A Ho, I wish we could see your special "talent" again. 
Anyway, if I missed anyone out, I am sorry. Thank you all for being there for me and I wish you all the best in the future. 

^otts^ roaa Country. Nordic Skiing, 1 s ' Softbal 


Nickname: Piper /*%r ,-#^" r 

Attending St. Andrew's has been the greatest experience of my life and I owe it all to my parents and family 

this dream would not have come true. I love you and hope I have made you all proud 

So, my advice to future Andreans 9 Carpe Diem i Seize the day). Boys 

Well, I'm not gonna lie to ya, this write-up is due in a few minutes so I 

However, I cannot forget some of the more influential people during my ti 

Mr. McGiliivray, Mr. Arril and Mr. Perrier. thijtnk you all fo/ looking out f< 

Hey boys, keep in touch 

Without you 

am of being an Andrean, you are an Andrean 

ing to get 'er done in time! 

here at St. Andrew's: Mr. Bedard. IV 






It's all over... Just when I was starting to enjoy things here at SAC, graduation comes out of nowhere and hits you in the 
face like a brick. Looking back at my five years in SAC, I must say that the memories and experiences I've had could never 
be forgotten, and will remain a cherished part of my life forever. I want to thank my parents for the sacrifices they made to 
send me here. Thanks mom and dad, I'll never forget this. I would like to thank the teachers and staff for all their efforts in 
teaching all of life's most valuable lessons. Thanks to Mr.Shrimpton for taking care of me and making me feel like a true 
Andrean. and thanks to Mr. Walden for giving me the discipline when I needed it most. To all the grads, farewell and the best 
of luck in the future. .4%.- 

Nicknames: Zhou-Master, Mr. Math Contest 
I came to SAC in grade 12, at first I didn't feel very comfortable with the boarding life, but as time goes on, I made some 
friends and got used to the school. During my two years at SAC, I had lots fun. The countless CS games we played (I kick 
Joon's butt in the game so many times, MUAHAHA) I joined cross country team last year, and we made it to OFSAA, that 
was the most amazing experience I had in SAC. I want to thank Mr. Shrimpton and Mr. McCue for helping me get through 
my boarding life. Thanks Ken Tarn our Head Boy who always helped me fixing my programs. I will always remember SAC 
as I grow older. 







^m ^^^^^^^^^^ 







^ ^ 

fl ft 

Jiff m\ 

^ ti *5 

I _ M| M 

r Vf 



Ism" ^h 

l^^F - * , ^ > * i ^^IsKs 






fe w 



JS »ot 

•**: <*, 


David Amadori 

Wahid Amarshi 

Sergio Avalos 

Dave Banwell 

Michael Bottomley 

Jean-Simon Bourque 

Brent Brandham 

Alexander Camargo 

Kevin Cheng 

Emmery Cheung 

Richard Choi 

Collin Collins 

* t A h A life 

Eric Davies 

David Domingues 

Joel Ford 

Manolis Fragiadakis 

Mervyn Frame 

Brian Grant 


En n' 





1 ■- V»: 

Ryan Hiscox 
Austin Hracs 

Tyler Hurst 
Daniel John 

Armen Khajetoorian 
Dmytri Lagur 

Edward Lee 
Jae Lee 

. . '■ ma 


A * All** Al A* A* 

Derrick Leung 
Michael Lin 
Ryan Lo 
Anatoly Loor 
Bradley Lorriman 
Drewe Maciver 

Sebastien Manigat 
Jason Miller 
Ryan Miller 
Matthew Mitchell 
David Nudds 
Adam Parent 

Wilson Poon 
Matthew Posa 
Patrick Samson-Doel 
Scott Simmons 
Tyler Smith 
Phil Sousa 

Sterling Su-Wu 
Michael Sunderani 
Stephen Thompson 
Derek Toms 
Brandon Townsend 
Nicolaos Tsioros 

Alex Wade 
Peter Wong 

David Woodcock 
Clement Yau 


Chris Yule 
Luc Zoratto 

Allan Bean 

Kyle Beatty 

Philippe Benhaim 

Sean Bornstein 

Steven Brooks 

Mark Browning 

Geoffrey Campbell 

Nicholas Caron 

David Charlebois 

John Chen 

Brent Cheng 

Mark Cheng 

Chris Chmiel 

Terence Chu 

Andrew Cumming 

Nicholas Dadson 
Geoff Delean 

Andrew Douglas 

Hugh Dowell 

Bradley Downey 

R.J. Ellis 

Trevor Fahlgren 

Liam Farrell 

Fraser Fell 

Ryan Foreman 
Mike Gill 
Sean Gill 


Campbell Gordon 

Joel Griffin 

Brian Harvey 

Adam Hoffman 
John Housser 

Gordon Hunter 

B! r f 



Jeffrey Johnstone 
Freddie Kane 

MacArthur Kane 

James Kesten 

Duncan Kluwak 

Derrick Kocik 

. -. ■ p' f>\rs' fs 

Josh Lagerquist 

Steven Lam 

Jason Lau 

Kevin Lau 

Jamie Lawson 

Jeremy Lee 

r\V f*s ^ Cs 

(r% /**S f*\ 

Robert Lee 

Soung Lee 

Scott Lennox 

Joseph Leung 

Alessandro Lupo 

Colin Mackay 






L . J (J) 

A fe Aft Ah 

Stuart Manchee 
Breen Marien 
Pablo Marti 
Brendon McCullough 
Christopher McFarlane 
Patrick McGrath 

Roger McLean 
Alex McNabb 
Alexander McNeil 
Jonathan Milnes 
David Molina Davila 
Mitch Myers 

Charles Ng 
Ringo Ng 
Sang-Hyuk Park 
Justin Ramlochan 
Jordan Ross 
Joseph Rothwell 

Nathan Rothwell 
Adam Rourke 
Zoheb Saleem 
Eric Samson-Doel 
Kyle Steeves 
Dana Stewart 

Jarryd Stock 
Eric Swenker 
Alexander Tanton 
David Trott 
Paul Tsai 

Bosco Tse 

Jose Uribe 

Tyron Vogt 

Daniel Von Diergardt 

Andrew Wakefield 

Jeffrey Williams 

Dennis Wong 
Kent Yeung 

Matthew Yip 
Kenny Yuen 


rp o'o'n ft? a 

«' n •• ft 

n ft *£> ft p> T n 

fft i ft n ft ' r 

ft ' ft ft ft ft> ft 

Charles Abbott 
Michael Adamson 
Arnold Al-Aadhami 
Hussein Amarshi 
Christopher Attard 
Alex Bacardi 

Terry Belgrave 
Cody Biggings 
Tim Birkett 
Alexander Boileau 
Junyan Boon 
Erik Bornstein 

Andrew Brankley 
Chris Bromley 
Adam Bucci 
Billy Burke 
Andrew Carnovale 
Daniel Chanadi 

James Chiang 
Justin Chow 
Richard Colton 
Olivier Cosso 
Jordan Cyr 
Rahim Damji 

Francis David-Coderre 
David Del Zotto 
Matt Donko 
Artem Dudin 
Bryn Fell 
Rob Ferguson 

Matthew Freeman 
Kent Fu 
Egor Garanine 
Matthew Gnyp 
Anthony Greco 
Darrin Henein 

Kalev Hess 
Julian Hui 
Drew Hurlbut 
Brandon Hussey 
Johan Irwandi 
Brian James 

Shawn Jolly 
Greg Jongsma 
Tomi Jun 
Alex Kaptyn 
Jason Kim 
Patrick Kim 


Ryan Kim 

Jeremy King 

Desmond Kiu 

Godfrey Kiu 

Brody Labuick 

Charles Lai 

Richard Lau 

Simon Lau 

Wally Lau 

Nicholas Laveau 

Justin Lee 

Morgan Lin 


Alejandro Lopez De Silanes Albafull 

Colin Lowe ^tfe 

Eric Lucking 

Justin Lyons 

Levin Maaskant 

Sandy Mackay 


, ' / 

At* fell* fc* I At 

\ ft : f> ' n , r» 


■ p o ■ 


^» ^ |^ ^ ^ 


Chris Marshall 
Blake Martin 
Alex Maura 
Brendan McCall 
Robert McKay 
David McNabb 

Brandon McNally 
Matthew Middleton 
Jonathan Miller 
Matt Mitchell 
Will Mulock 
Terry Ngai 

George Nozuka 
Brendan O'Dwyer 
David Oram 
Jinho Park 
Faisal Ratansi 
Richard Reininger 

Simon Robinson 
Eitan Rosenberg 
Dumani Ross 
Simon Ruggier 
Alex Ryazanov 
Eugene Ryu 

George Si 
Austin Smith 
Jeremy Springer 



Darryl Stock 

Jalil Teja 

Zameer Velji-Pirani 

Kevin Wilson 
Justin Wong 
Sang-Ho Yoon 

Brendan Zack 




! O : r. n 

o * p r a a 


Jonathan Adamo 
Alexey Altshuller 
David Arnold 
Justin Au 
Ralph Ballesteros 
Sinclair Bean 

Tristan Benson 
Matthew Birarda 
Chang Boo 
Ryan Bryce 
Ryan Bucci 
Brock Buckley 

Anthony Buonaiuto 
Alex Calvert 
Michael Carney 
Jonathan Cartwright 
Sean Cole 
Andrew Conrad 

Daniel Conrad 
Brian Daly 
Devon Daniell 
Robert Danis 
Mike Decarli 

Vince De Civita 
Kevin Dong 
Jordan Ekers 
Robbie England 
Simon Euteneier 

Paul Fell 
Scott Fullerton 
Michael Genin 

Duncan Giel 
Imran Gulamani 
Kevin Han 

Mark Hanson 
Thomson Ho 
Stanley Hon 


Jeffrey Hynds 

Robert Iaccino 

Kyle Jackson 

Sean Jeong 

Austin Jones 

Igor Kastelyanets 

Andrew Khassanov 

Braden King 

Samuel Kuit 

Calvin Lam 

Erik Lebar 

Jeong Lee 

Jared Leslie 

Diego Lorenzo 

Ryan Luther 

Andrew Macdonald 

Scott Mackay 

Jonathan Mackenzie 

Ryan Marek 


Patrick McBane 

Clinton McCullough 

Stephen McGill 

Matt Mcintosh 

Chris Milnes 

Manuel Morales 

Richard Oosthuizen 

. n p fs c ** 

A *****▲!* till 



P f> 

Steven Pryce 

Diego Reynoso 

Adrian Rubli-Ornelas 

Stephan Rykov 

Jeff Seymour 

Alex Sham 



Craig Sherry 

Sohaib Siddiqui 

Jay Smith 

I HI IH |r 

p £* p 



, I a* a ft ai 

n ^ p "a^ 


Malek Smith 
Erik Sodonis 
Ankush Sondhi 
Daniel Stoikos 
Lennon Sweeting 
Ricardo Tinajero 

Sanjay Tolani 
Eric Tozzi 
Kris Wells 
Matthew Whitelanc; 
Gregory Willmot 
McKenzie Willson , 

**• © ^ ff ° 



Saam Azargive 
Michael Ball 
Andy Bennett 
Alberto Bremer 
Matthew Browning 

Adrian Bruno 
Joey Burke 
Pierce Cassidy 
Jesse-Ross Cohen 
Javo Cortina Obregon 

Andy Dalrymple 
Chad Davis 
Adam Do 
Dylan Edminson 
Tyler Ehler 

Mike Ferguson 
Ambrose Fung 
Mike Greco 

\7n " TX 

Dean Hamann 
Scott Harris 
David Hsu 

',* o ' r> ' ft ft 

Logan Hurst 
Robbie James 
Steve James 
Paul Jenkins 
Scotty Johnstone 

David Kanhai 
Murray Kay 
Julian Kim 
Matthew Langer 
Andrew Laptev 

Tony Lau 

Martin Lee 

Sean Lee 

Justin Lemieux-Reale 

Nick Leslie 





v7 • 


" ' 







Juan Lopez 
Thijs Maaskant 
Karl McCartney 
Mike Mcintosh 
Luis Meneses 

Santiago Mijares 
Blake Muir 
Vinu Natarajan 
Philip Nozuka 

Emilio Olivar 
Paul Ross 
Jose Salas 

Christopher Simpson 
Matthew Suddaby 
Jesen Tanadi 

Alexander Tang 
Graham Thorny 
Gautam Tolani 
Raymond Tun 
Ben Udashkin 
Arthur W" 




Eft fljf p ' rt 


Sean Aron 
Devon Bean 
Braden Bonner 
Sean Eng 
Scott Genin 
Scott Giroux 

Peter Goitanich 
Mathew Halloran 

Josh Hanson 
Cameron Healy 

Richard Housser 
Graham Hynds 

Trevor Jackson 
Harrison Jones 
Robbie Kaptyn 

Jared Kim 

Tyler King 

Adam Lebar 

Eric Lee 

Bryan Lin 

Henry Liu 

Alex Mann 

Douglas McDonald 

Devon Mok 


Diego Morales 


Shingo Nishioka 
Michael Nowicki 
Justin Nozuka 
Philip Oram 
Stewart Powell 
Adel Ratansi 

Adam Salomon 
William Samson-Doel 
John Stoneman 
Wesley Tiller 
Dennis Tomory 

Jonathan Tozzi 
Jamie Walker 
Taylor Walker 
Adrian Wu 
Michael Yoon 


Dylan Baker 
Dima Bassenko 
Julian Cheong 


A* All A* 


> r P P 


P P P 

f P P 

Michael Del Zotto 
Adrian Eng 
Gordon Gray 
Jack Hui 

Jonathan Kwok 
Mitch Lebar 
Colin Noble 
Alejandro Ortiz 
Hamilton Petropoulos 

Bobby Priebe 
Corey Scott 
Jonathan Si 

Perry Thomson 
Thomas Tripodi 
Jason Wilson 


The year in Macdonald House finished as it started - with a 
flurry of activities and events! The Mac House saying of 
"Work hard, play hard" was repeated by the Housemaster time and again 
and was in full force as the days to the end were counted down. Before we recap 
the fun activities of the year, let me take a moment to thank: Assistant 
Housemasters (& their families) Mr. Stewart and Mr. Tsioros, our Resident Don 
Mr. Adolph, the 30 House Captains we had throughout the year, our Macdonald 
House Council who made many positive changes in the residence, our 
Housekeeping staff of Mary, Rena, Sandra and Joe, our many Room Inspectors, 
our team of Duty Masters; Mr. Inglis, Mr. Kitagawa, Dr. Joiner, Mr. Finlay and 
Mr. Reid, Mrs. Susan Scott (our LG co-coordinator) and Mrs. Poirer-Maclver 
(President of the LG who came to every Mac House event) as well as the many 
LG members who helped out in Mac House from attending birthday bash events, 
to being drivers to Mall Run activities, to helping decorate the residence for 
special occasions. 

Some of the activities that many of the boys participated in include: the Rocket 
Club, the Astronomy Club, Weight & Fitness Training, RISK & Stratego 
Tournaments, ice hockey games, bowling nights, our own World Cup Soccer 
Tournament, socials with Branksome Hall girls, the DOG show. Capture the Flag 
night, Silver City movie nights, sleep-overs, Birthday Bash Wednesday's and 
TIMBIT Wednesday mornings, Room Inspection & Shoe Shine nights and don't 
forget about our "Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Party Celebration"! It was truly 
an amazing year with so many special events and activities that no doubt helped 
each and every boy mature and develop in 'mind, body, heart and spirit'. 
Lastly, let me thank the boys of Macdonald House and my wife Veronica and 
children Kristina and Matthew - you made this a fun, exciting and special place 
to be during the year! I can't wait until next year! 

-Mr. David Galajda, Housemaster 

■ :• 

Patrick McBane & Luis Meneses 
Justin Lemieux-Reale 

Flavelle is a house unlike any other. From the Eminem playing 
on Fraser's speakers to the constant reminder of telling Jihad 
to put his screen back in. This was not just a house with people 
from different regions of the world but a family. With the help 
of Mr. McCue and Mr. Shrimpton the rowdiness was put to a 
minimum. The house has been top shape with the help of 
Jamie Scott as head of house and with Brad Smith and Fraser 
Lunan as assistant heads of house. With leadership like that 
what could go wrong. M 

Living with a group of individuals for a year makes one learn 
things about each other, such examples as never to walk 
casually into Cronin's room and there will be people taking 
brisk walks at midnight to the lower fields. But over the course 
of a year it really came down to one thing... how clean the food 
room was. i J| 

Good luck Jamie, Faulds, DJ, Doyle, Andrew "country club", 
Joiner, Carroll, Josh "gummie", Pavel, Mark "big guy", 
Keng-Hao, Joon, Ryan, Simpson, Boh-ris, Smitty, Fraz, Alan, 
Pop Can, Dominic and Jihad 

Sifton House had another great year under the wise and 
even-handed leadership of Mr. Paul Bedard. Further 
positive guidence came from our Prefects - J.R. Lennox and 
Brian Lin as well as our Head of House, Randal Blom.We 
competed well in all inter-clan competitions and were in- 
volved in almost every Rep team the school put on the field. 
Needless to say Sifton House residences enjoyed boarding 
life and are looking forward to refurbished rooms next fall. 









Of all the years I 
have been at SAC, 
this year was by far 
the best one. Thanks 
to the Perriers for 
taking care of us in 
academics, sportsj 
and campus life, 
emorial House 
feels like home, an 
you have treated us 
like your own sons. 


Mrs. Perrier 

Memorial has had one of the best years this year. With 
barbeques rain or shine (and in the winter too!), GOOD 
food after study, Bayley's Ping-Pong and Pool Tournaments, the 
Healey Hockey Pool, the Sally Ann Blitz with over half the House 
involved.the exchange with BSS, , unmatched house clothing, 
outstanding chapel attendance... at times, awesome participation 
and performance in all areas of the school, Memorial has become 
an envy of the other houses. The members of Memorial house 
have exceled and shown leadership in football, soccer, hockey, 
rugby, swimming, lacrosse, basketball, (among other sports), 
academics, arts, music, community service, outreach, cadets, 
debating, Christian Fellowship and the Summit. Some unforget- 
table memories that made the house so closely knit this year 
include supporting the Raptors until the very end, supporting the 
Saints especially the Memorial football guys at the Horshoe Bowl, 
watching the Canada team kick some (U.S.) butt at the Olympics, 
watching the Leafs game, chillin' in Lorriman's room, the 
Christmas and grad barbeque, Mr. Perrier" s afterstudy Calculus 
and Al-Geo cram sessions, playing pool or table tennis in the 
basement, seeing a bunch of guys all in a line talking on the phone 
in the basement to theirgirlfriends(whipped!), and almost winning 
a well deserved Best Company in cadets... The memories are 
endless. All in all. it was an awesome year, we wish the grads good 
luck! Thanks so much to Mr. and Mrs. Perrier who have put so 
much effort in making Memorial the best house there is. Also 
thanks to Ryan Chan for all thai he's done lor the house this \ ear 
to make it so enjoyable. Memorial RULES! 
v - Michael Lin / Ryan Chan 

This year has been a busy and interesting year for Smith 
House. We've been very active and busy in every regard 
from start to finish. Though there were times of doubt, times of 
uncertainty, irritating members who would not stop their 
incessant babbling for more, and thieves from other houses who 
would hover around us on Pizza lunches, Smith House rose 
amidst the chaff and stood prominent. Under the leadership of 
the Grads, Smith House was unchallengable in many regards. 
Kevin "Tap Out" Fullerton was ably assisted by Alex "I do more 
than pictures" Chow, Andrew "I'm not late" Gosbee, and Richard 
"The Boss" Goldhar in the leadership roles in the House, and in 
every way made our presence known. This year, Smith House 
has consumed more than it has ever eaten in the past— with 
several pizza lunches and BBQs, we've rivaled what Smith 
House was in its youth as New House. Smith House finally got 
its beloved hoodies this year, leaving many of its competitors 
quite envious with our new look. We also found the impetus to 
launch a second clothing initiative, adding a bit of grace and 
dignity with some very sharp white rugby shirts. 

- - - — 

This was a year where the Heads of House took the steps to begin an 
era... the era of Smith House's glory days. 

Thank You to Mr. Robson for your unerring "laissez-faire" leader- 
ship and unending support throughout the year. Please don't send 
the dogs or the chickens after us. We have learned well. 

Thank You to the Grads: Kevin Fullerton, Alexander Chow, An- 
drew Gosbee. Christopher Chang. Jordan Dudley, Ryan Kelly. 
Richard Goldhar and the frequently absent Jan Michael Ramlochan. 
Under your command we've prospered as a House and good luck in 
your future endeavors. We hope to join you soon. 

To the remaining members of Smith House, keep the flame burning. 

Mr. Robson, Alex Chow 


. -■<:'. 

£ tap 






We had a great year as a House. Our Co- 
Heads of House, Giancarlo Trimarchi 
and Michael Reid did a wonderful job in leading 
the house. Chipper in the morning and well 
organised, they set the tone for the excellent 
House spirit throughout the year. TimBit 
Wednesday, pizza lunches, and barbeques were 
the highlights of the year. 
We had great participation in all school activities 
from all members of the house. I would like to 
thank them for a great year and congratulate the 
House for finishing first overall, with the highest 
numberof academic scholars and being awarded 
as the best company during cadets. 
Best of luck to the graduating members of 

Michel Cameron 


This was another outstanding year of achievement for the members of Laidlaw 
House. Lead by Co-Heads of House, "Big" John Knutton and Oliver "Where's the 
Timbits" Rad'.ey-Smith. the house continued to have a huge involvement in the events 
of the school. John had a major role as Mr. Bumble and Jarred Stock as Bill Sykes in 
Oliver while Roger Kim. Gord Graham. Alex Calvert, and Mr. Kimmerer's wife and 
youngest son had supporting roles Gord was promoted to a major role in the winter 
play, The Importance of Being Earnest, and he didn't even miss a performance, 
although Chapel didn't see his face in the 3' J term. Earnest also contained a host of 
behind-the-scenes Laidlaw members like head of lights Jeremy Springer, stage crew 
Brendan Zack. and producer Mark Hanson. Focus was filled with performances, 
direction and written plays by denizens of Laidlaw such as Roger Kim, Mark Hanson. 
Jonathan Mackenzie, Jordan Ross. Alex Calvert. John Knutton. and all the Stock 
boys; and our very own Alexey Altshuller dazzled audiences with his piano-playing 
at our many musical performances. 1 st Football's undefeated season was helped by 
players from our house like Patrick Harris, Mike Tzimas, Daniel John, and Jordan 
Ross; and 1" Soccer's championship season involved captain's James Gideon and 
Adam Brander. Prefects from Laidlaw included Head Prefect Graydon Stock. Adam 
Brander. and James Gideon, as well as future prefects to lead the house next year. 
David Woodcock and Jarryd Stock. In cadets, John Knutton was appointed Drum 
Major to lead the pipe band, which included Laidlaw drummers Trevor Fahlgren and 
Erik Sodonis. while Patrick Harris, Jordan Ross, and Oliver Radley-Smith were 
appointed to high-ranking positions. All major sports. U15 to l", had a large 
contingent of players from Robertson Clan. This is a House that gets involved and 
makes an impact and as a result won the Housser Trophy for the second year in a row. 
for the House/Clan who's members earned the most Clan points in the year. Wei 1 done 
boys, let's go for a "three-peat" next year! 

' '^V/ 








The DEC A Marketing Club has gone through a year of both ups and downs. For 
the first time in the history of the club, we had 8 representatives who went to 
compete in the Nationals in Salt Lake City. Though success was not in our 
destiny, the club's members each succeeded in setting a name for themselves and a 
precedent for years to follow. 

In the Provincial Competition, the ribbon winners were Alexander Chow, Ali Lakhani, 
Wilson Poon, Jamie Lawson, Brendon McCullough and Justin Wong. Hugh Dowell 
won 3 ribbons and a medal. Congratulations to Frederick Tang, Patrick Harris, Hugh 
Dowell, Andrew Gosbee, Andrew Steeves, Kevin Fullerton and JeffGinou in their own 
personal and team finishes in Salt Lake. 

Alexander Chow, DECA Secretary 

t SAC Christian Fellowship t 



designer Mike 


e SAC Christian Fellowship has gone through a year of dependance on God. With 
numbers usually ranging a few above a dozen, the fellowship has grown both in 
numbers and in spirit. With a focus on reaching out and encouraging one another, 
they've met for weekly gatherings on Tuesday nights at 6. From the beginning to the end 
of the year, there has been a distinct focus on the base of faith, prayer and reliance o: 
Father God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Highlights of the year includes guest 
speakers from outside, games nights, Bible studies, praise & worship nights, and sports 
nights. To end off the year, guest speakers Mr. O'Hare shared his testimony and Mr. Arril 
shared and answered questions. We wish all the graduates good luck with their spiritual 
life in university and many are looking forward to the fellowship for next year! Be sure 
to keep the faith and follow your fellowships! May God Bless Us All! 
Thank You to this year's Leaders: Eric Nei, Peter Wan, Alex Chow, Mike Lin, Adam 
Rourke and Marcus Cheng. 

r ' 

M - ands 
\J - utward 


OUTSIDE RING: Past, present, and future leaders of the Chritian Fellowship 

ff ' j Ft] 

> > 


■■ i 


I ^k 



This year marks a great beginning and yet a sad end in SAC Music. We welcome Ms. Sandi Chasson as our new Head 
Music, already in one year she's changed the department through a revitalized Wind Ensemble who won several presti- 
gious prizes at the North American Music at the Parks. Beginning it's commitment from October for the Carol Service and 
ending in May for the Ladies Guild's Annual Meeting, the Wind Ensemble established itself as an elite band for the school 
and set a high standard for years to come. M\ 

This year, under the tutelage of Mr. Don Finlay. the Jazz Band has kept itself alive and more than kicking with it's usual 
pizzaz and enthusiasm. A special highlight of the year was it's performance with world reknown vocalist Mr. Hugh Dowell 
at the FOCUS Barbeque. Not to be forgotten are it's memorable appearances at the Carol Service and Cadet's in Concert. 
Good Luck to the Grads. keep your horns up! jM 

Marking a new tradition that will hopefully be kept for years to come, the St. Andrew's Cadet Military Band began the Cadet 
events by becoming a "marching" band at the Church Parade. Unfortunately, due to circumstance and lack of coordination 
(physically not administratively) the band was unable to continue it's display of marching for the other events but DID get to 
play actual music. Overall, a successful year of music by a band that accompanies the awe-inspiring Highland cadets. Thank 
You Ms. Chasson for the good show! >*h^ " 

A new year and a new Head of Music began with a formation of a Strings section to be joined up with Havergal College, 
successful performance at SAC exemplified the interest of Andreans towards a classical taste of music. 

Despite this new highpoint for SAC Music, life throws a curvebali with Mr. John Clements leaving the school for retirement 
after decades of his leadership in the Music department. Good Luck sir! We'll miss your stories! 

Also, a farewell to the Graduating Students: Head of Music. Frederick Tang. Alexander Chow, Christopher Chang. Jeff 
Ginou, John Knutton, Gerard Man. Canning Wong and Andrew Steeves. 

Alex Chow. Assistant to Student Head of Music 





- • r? 


II i d 


I JUi 




Challenge and adventure continued to be the theme of the Duke of Edinburgh Award 
participants this year. With some 1 40 students in the Award program, many adventurous 
activities and community service ventures were undertaken. Included in the list of expeditions 
were hiking trips along the Bruce Trail near Collingwood. St. Catherines and Orillia. 
Canoeing adventures also took place in the Kiwarthas and in Massassauga. ORCA (Ontario 
Recreational Canoe Association) certifications and courses in kayaking were undertaken to 
prepare for three waterfront expeditions, including a Silver/Gold level trip in Quetico 
Provincial Park. Special thanks to Team Leaders Mrs. Perrier, Mr. Service, Ms. Thome, Ms. 
Venters, Mr. Cowell, Mr. and Mrs. OHare, and Award Coordinator Captain McCue. 

Bronze Awards; David Oram, Faisil Ratansi, Darryl Stock, Andrew Brankley. Jared 
Lestlie, Jeff Hynds. Eric Tozzi, Anthony Buanaito, Matt Mitchell. Rahim Damji, Ryan 
Bryce, Brock Buckley, Justin Lyons, Michael Carney, Kevin Dong. Justin Lyons, Junyan 
Boon, Eric Lebar, Jonathan McKenzie, Chang Boo, and Imran Gulmani. 

Silver Awards: Jamie Lawson, Brad Downey, Andrew Brankley, Geott Delean, Joseph 
Leung, Chris Chmiel. Andrew Khajetoorian, and James Keston. 


Gold Award: Nicholas Weedon 



Community Ser i 

001 -02 





Ms. Pries 



Mike Lakha. 

Andrew Brankley 




Mr. Newton 

he year in Community Service was quite eventful. The council this year, made up of so many 
talented candidates, really got the job done. With 30+ activities (over 300 hours of opportuni- 
ties) that students organized and participated in, young Andreans were able to represent the school 
well.This year.the Middle School got more involved with Community Service with several park 
cleanups organized by the council and House Captains.With the introduction of the 1 5 hour pin for 
grades 6 - 8, there was more incentive to serve the community and also provided a reward for the 
younger students. In the Upper School, this year was on of the most successful years for community 
service. From leaf raking to food bank, homes for the underpriviledged to youth councils, National 
Volunteer week to Duke of Ed/Gold Star projects, Community Service was really put on the map! 
We welcome the new council members for next year: David Charlebois, Joseph Leung, SoungHun 
Lee, Brian Harvey.Jason Wong, and Jamie Lawson. Congradulations to Nicholas Dadson for being 
elected council President for the 2002-03 year, and Michael Lin as advertisement executive. We 
look forward to a great year for Community Service this fall! For more information on Community 
Service, feel free to visit the website @ "". - Michael Lin 

Outreach initiatives of 2001 
2002 were more successful than ever 
surpassing previous years in terms of student 
participation and funds raised. 

The 2" d Annual Terry Fox Run held in September 
was a success in every way raising $9000 for 
cancer research. Over 450 students, staff and 
parents participated. 

The Bake Sale and Concession Stands at 
Homecoming were extremely well supported. 
Thanks to the efforts of numerous parent and 
student volunteers, a cheque for $2000 was sent 
to the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund in memory 
of S.A.C. Old Boy, Donald Robson ('67). who 
was lost in the September ll" 1 attacks on the 
World Trade Centre. 

The Annual Charity Coffee House, organized 
this year by graduating student Giancarlo 
Trimarchi, was spectacular. Attendance was 
phenomenal, the talent was incredible, there was 
an abundance of food provided by the Ladies' 
Guild, and fun was had by all. Moreover, a 
cheque for $2000 was sent to Ontario Special 

In January, O.A.C. student Jordan Dudley 
spearheaded a campaign of toque sales to raise 
money for a foundation called Raising the Roof 
which provides support for homeless people 
across Canada. As a result of his efforts, Jordan 
was able to send off a cheque for $1750 
representing the sale of 250 toques. 

Grade 12 student, Adam Parent, co-ordinated 
this year's Staff/Student basketball game in 
conjunction with a charity raffle. The game was 
as exciting as usual with the staff team once 
again coming out on top. Through the raffle, 
almost $1000 was raised for the Wizard 
Foundation Charity Hockey Pool in support of 
Ontario Special Olympics. 

The 2 ,K| Annual World Vision 30 Hour Famine at 
St. Andrew's was organized this year by Grade 
1 1 student, Patrick McGrath. Approximately 1 00 
students participated, many of whom even 
managed to make it for the entire thirty hours 
without eating. In total, almost $3000 was raised 
for World Vision. 

Throughout the year the committee also conducted 
monthly Casual Dress Days as well as concession 
stands at dances, theatre productions, musical 
recitals, etc. In this way, $1700 was raised for 
such organizations at the United Way. CHUM 
CITY Christmas Wish Foundation, About Face 
International and the Aga Khan Foundation. 

M. Serivce Esq 



r T , his year for the SAC debating society marked 
X first year in over 3 decades with Mr. Rupert Ray as 
the head of the society. However, the society moved on 
with Mr. Daniela B. Reid taking charge and assistance 
from from the co-presidents Kevin Fullerton and Jeff 

Sadly, the year began quite dismally with diminshed 
numbers and the lowest morale in years. The Society 
was encouraged by the sheer determination of "Tap Out" 
Fullerton and the clownish behaviour of "Joking Jeff." 
Through a couple of harsh terms, the SAC Debating 
society moved from it's winter to bloom in the spring. 

The society competed in many events through the year 
in 3 Fulford tournaments and the Ridley Cup tourna- 
ment. However, the highlight of the year was hosting the 
Annual Nora McCrae Public Speaking tournament on 
April 13th 2002. Much work was put into organizing 
and carrying out this great event, and the society would 
like to thank the Ladies Guild, Debating Executives and 
Volunteers for their hard work in this epoch in school 

There is much additional thanks to the other Debating 
Executives: Kevin Fullerton and Jeff Ginou(Co-Presi- 
dents), Hugh Dowell, Alexander Chow, Alex McNabb, 
Brian Harvey, Andrew Brankley and John Knutton 

Thank You for a great year and let" s try to achieve more 
than ever next year! 

Alex Chow. Senior Executive VP 

Cadet Formal 


f : 



l •••'.•r\ 


, = v.* 

11 ) 



ir ■ 




7 '.^ 




— £ : i_ 


. ♦ * « 
» » -» 

•^hA****^!?^ v fit 



^* 1 * r 

fer 7/j£ 

^f4^** f 



jaw at mM^ . 

41 jflL^ { ftl " 

[vi HI H If ■ ;JI Tf 





.%'. *v 


tiff < 

K 1 - '#^1 

■ id 

.- ■■ 





V 1 f ^ -^ -■» Ji ' m ' f - 







r '( 



I | ii 





t •! 

/" /% 





* y 

.~ < ^r 


Levin Maaskant's Ballad 

People went to work as normal, 

Like any other day. 

Then disaster suddenly struck, 

Dead, many people lay. 

The world was looking on in horror, 
Shocked they had nothing to say. 


ped away. 

searched, looked for the cause, 

And found someone to blame. 

They want justice to punish the sinner, 

i Who left a country lame. 

scause in our path, bystanders are caught, 
But we're still ploughing through. 
^j They are already far behind, 
we force them to start anew. 

Is this where the world has evolved? 

Is this where we set the bar? 

We care more for sinners than innocent, 

We haven't come very far. 

Manhattan in Seasons 
Justin Wong 








He strolls through Central Park alone. 
While lovers waltz in drifting snow. 
He. the victor of his world, 
Cannot see past his latest woe. 
Manhattan in winter. 

The man walks through his warm oak doors. 
As coffee, papers, strikes his face. 

PHe glares down on his empire. 
And thinks of the love; he could not replac 
Manhattan in winter. 

As the winter season melts away. 
His heart dies with births of flowers. 
His lovestruck mindcould not subside. 
Even after painful hours. 
Manhattan in spring. 

As trees begin to blossom with leaves. 
His empire dips with the falling world. 
He admires his charming Van Gogh. 
And tries to get his thoughts unfurled. 
Manhattan in spring. 

Summer comes with summer fashions 
Yet, he never curse? luck. 
Mone^dw indies, people! 
But he isVill moonstr 
Manhattan in summer. 

With a Cafe" LatteSn his ha 

The Journal in his pa 
\ He wanders Canal Streeh^one. 

Calling on the love he lacks^ 
^^Manhattan in summer. 




Its autumn in New York. 
And Liberty fades with the falling sun. 
But he's found that special lone. 
And he is now the prodigal son. 
Manhattan in autumn 

Love then marriage, 
'Tis how it'll become. 


True love has overcome. 
Manhattan in autumn. 

Manhattan, the city of lying love. 
Created bliss for this old man. 
From the city of changing seasons. 
Persistence has come from lady Ann. 
Manhattan in seasons. 



Another Day at SAC 
By Jason Kim 

Alarm went off early in the morning 
I got up while others are in bed still snoring 
Ran through cold air to the dining hall 
Had a bunch of muffins with drinks and all 
Another day at SAC 

I am sitting in a classroom 

While my flower of knowledge is in full bloom 

Sitting here, listening to words from at teacher's stream 

To be a perfect man in my dream 

Another day at SAC 





After school, many things to do are waiting 

Sports, cadets, and more delaying 

This endless pattern seems to go on forever JM 

I think it will end never 

Another day at 

Looking for the answer 

More I look for the answer, it gets advancer 

Where am I going and why? 

Am I doing this to be a perfect guy? 

Another day at SAC 

One day at SAC, I read an expression 
Which answered my unanswered question 
"Investing for the future" 
This question ended my long torture 
Another day at SAC 

A Hockey Game 
Bv Alec Bacardi 

By J 

a sport for Men, 
T'is a sport for passion, 
Never have I played such sport till then, 
Never have I played a sport with such compassion. 

From the first whistle to the last, I skate. 

I Never has my body felt so many aches, 
Whether to score or not was my fate, 
I skate frantically as my body shakes, 
Never have 1 been so frantic. 

Never has a tome been so filled with so many mistakes. 

Never have I been so embarrassed. 

The\ swept us like human rakes, Bfeh. 

A goal for us was at its rarest. ^r 


The game ended with a cheer, -jJK^«_ 

We had fought our way out. 

I hat day my spoil was made clear. 

Never have 1 played a sport with so much bout 

We departed enraged. 

We arrived m harmony. 

Like the typical male, our emotions encaged. 

Knowing presently our lives will be in disharmony. 




By Zameer Velji-Pirani 

Ramadan is a time of prayer, fasting, and 


For me it's full of disparity, ^- 

We're not allowed to eat during the day, 

This time of year I'm full of dismay. 


While I'm hungry and thirsty, I'm reminded 

of the poor, 

But, my^dfsmay is said to help me find the 


"Ramadan cleanses my body, mind, and soul. 

At the end of the month my stomach feels 

like a big hole. 


As a Muslim fasting is my duty, 
The Qu'ran is read every night, 

1 asting make* m e calm * 

My ultimate goal is to find the light. 
AL-Lahum-Ma Laka-Sujudi Wa Ta'ati 


lor two weeks I've been fasting, 
It seems like its been everlasting. 
I'm going to cofiquer this conquest 
My faith in Allah is put to the te^t. 
AL-Lahum-Ma Laka-Sujudi Wa T£"« 

Eid-Al-Fitr is two weeks away, 

I lie in bed waiting for the day. 

Eid-Al-Fitr is the breaking of the fast. 1 

My body, mind, and soul are telling me I can last. 


We celebrate by dressing up we light our house. 

We give to the poor. 

I no longer feel like I'm alone, 

I'm closer to the noor. 

AL- Lahum-Ma Laka-Sujudi Wa Ta'ati 








• W- 

>1»* • p-<i« HWfc»W 

I ux 

f . 

Grade 6 - Academic Awards 

Grade 6 Scholars- Students with a combined average 
of 80% or greater. 

80.6 Michael Del Zotto 
81.4 Jason Wilson (5) 
84.8 Mitch Lebar (4J 
85.2 Dylan Baker (3) 

85.7 Hamilton Petropoulos (2) 
89.2 Colin Noble (1) 

The Language Arts Prize - Highest standing. 

Dylan Baker 
The French Prize - Highest standing. 

Adrian Eng 
The Art Prize - Highest standing. 

Colin Noble 
The Mathematics Prize - Highest Standing. 

Colin Noble 
The Music Prize - Highest standing. 

Colin Noble 
The Science Prize - Highest Standing. 

Colin Noble 
The Social Studies Prize - Highest standing. 

Hamilton Petropoulos 
The Canadian National Mathematics League Award - 
Awarded to the 
School champion. 

Jonathan Si 
The Grade 6 "Star Chart" Award - In recognition of the 
student in Grade 6 who exhibits the most 
conscientious work ethic and leadership 

Colin Noble 


Grade 7 - Academic Awards 

Grade 7 Scholars 

80 Josh Hanson 
80 Cameron Healy 

80.1 Philip Oram 
80.9 Scott Giroux 
81 .5 Devon Bean 

82.2 Peter Goitanich 

82.5 Wesley Tiller 

82.6 Tyler King 

83.2 Richard Housser 
83.4 Sean Eng 

83.9 Diego Morales 
84.6 Dennis Tomory (5) 

85.3 Jared Kim (4) 

86.4 Adrian Wu (3) 

87.1 Bryan Lin (2) 

87.2 Harrison Jones (1) 

The Winnet Prize for English - Awarded for proficiency in 
composition, grammar, spelling and writing. 

Scott Giroux 

The Mathematics Prize - Highest standing. 

Jared Kim 

The History Prize - Highest standing. 

Bryan Lin 

The Science Prize - Highest Standing. 

Bryan Lin 

The Art Prize - Highest standing. 

Bryan Lin 

The French Prize - Highest standing. 

Diego Morales 

The Music Prize - Highest standing. 

Stewart Powell 

The Geography Prize - Highest standing. 

Dennis Tomory 

The Canadian National Mathematics League Award - 

Awarded to the School champion. 

Adrian Wu 

The Math Olympiad Award b Recognizing the top S.A.C. Grade 
7 who competed in 5 international Math Olympiad events. 

Awarded by the 


The Gauss Contest Prize for Mathematics 
University of Waterloo. 

Adrian Wu 

Improvement Prize - For the student who has made the greatest 
percentage improvement from June, 2001 to June, 2002. 

Eric Lee (Improvement of 5.5%) 

Grade 7 - Special Awards 

The Middle School Council « The Grade 7 boys who. in the 
opinion of their teachers and peers, will contribute significantly 
to Middle School student leadership in the coming year. 

Richard Housser 
Graham Hynds 
Robbie Kaptyn 
Tyler King 
Diego Morales 
Adel Ratansi 

Grade Eight Academi 

Grade 8 Scholars s^yith a 

combined average^ neater. 

80 Luis Meneses ^ 

81 .3 Pierce Cassidy 

81 .4 Mike Mcintosh 

81 .4 Christopher Simpst 
k 81 .5 Adrian Bruno 

83 Jesen Tanadi 
83.9 Robbie James 
84.1 Alexander Tang 

84.5 Julian Kim 

85 Arthur Wong 

86 Raymond Tung 
86.3 Jesse-Ross Cohen 

86.3 Ola Ojo 

86.4 Scott Harris (5) 
86.4 Nick Leslie (5) 
86.9 David Kanhai (4) 

88.3 Jose Salas (3) J 

88.4 Tony Uu (' 

esse-Ross Cohen 

AwarJed for proficiency in composition, 
gramlar, spelling and writing. 

otiii ncii i io 

Canafian Scholastic Achievement Leagu< 
le top S. A.C. student in th< 
ensive, nation-wide test oi 




est star 

il Matt 
d to th 




Julian Kii 

Middle School A 

Thomas A. Hockin Trophy for MicP 
Clan Competition -Presented to t. 
chool clan that has acquired the m 
Snts amongst its members. 

Captains: Raymond Tung & 


ilftV/:l F:i»i:I.*5MlBll»Jf-U»i*.lllli-3 

upert Ray Middle School Public Spea 
petition -To recognize the winner o. 

Justin Lemieux-Reale 

iddle School French Speech Contest - 
Awarded to the Middle 

il French student who, in the opinion 

judges, spoke most convincingly in 

French on this year's topic, "Why it is impor- 

; tant to study a second language". 

Sean Eng 

The Brian. R. Mitchell Award -For profi- 

in Junior Debating. Mr. Mitchell was 

is top debater in his graduating 


»ss Cohen 

: W. Meagh er Language Arts 
he student of the Middle School 
language is neither English nor 
id who makes Outstanding 
1 either of Canada's official lan- 

ed in 


1 1 Community Service PrL 
Middle school student v 
community-oriented activities. 

b Steve James 

t The Colonel Tilston Awards -To honour the 

i students who, in the opinion of the masters, 
have set the best example in their class for 
effort, persistency and tenacity in their stud- 
ies and in all otherjschool activities. 

1 Thomas Topodij (Grade 6) 

2 Shingo NisTiioka (Grade 7).- 

3 Sean Lee (Grade ^jgf0tt% 
The Roy H.M. Lowndes Prize -To the stu- 
dent in grade 8 who best excels in studies, 

deportment and character. Mr. 
s was a student here from 1906 to 
11912 and was a dedicated member ofthe 
I Andrean community. 
Robbie James 

Awarded by the University 

Grade 9 - Academic 

Grade 9 Scholars - Sudents with a combined average of 80% or 

80 Vincent Wong 

80.4 Jonathan MacKenzie 

80.5 Anthony Buonaiuto 
80.9 Jeffrey Hynds 

81 Jared Leslie <fl 
81.1 Jay Smith 

81.3 Jonathan Adamo 

81.6 Robert laccino 
81.9 Alexey Altshuller 
82.9 Eric Tozzi 

83.5 Kevin Dong 

83.6 Gregory WTIImot 
83.8 Daniel Conrad 

83.8 Sang-Chul Yoon 

84.4 David Arnold 

84.5 Chang Boo 

84.9 McKenzie Willson 
85.3 Scott MacKay 
86 Matt Mcintosh (5) 
87.1 Adrian Rubli Ornelas 
87.3 Ryan Luther (3) 
88.9 Richard Oosthuizen 
89 Mark Hanson (1) 

The French Prize - Highest standing. 

Daniel Conrad 

The Pascal Mathematics Contest Award 
of Waterloo. 

Kevin Dong 

The English Prize 

Mark Hanson 

The Science Prize 

Mark Hanson 

The Music Prize - Highest standing. 

Ryan Luther 

The Art Prize - Highest standing. 

Richard Oosthuizen 

The Information Studies Prize - Highest standing. 

Richard Oosthuizen 

The Geography Prize - Highest standing. 

Richard Oosthuizen 

The Mathematics Prize - Highest standing. 

Adrian Rubli Ornelas 

Grade 9 - Special Awards 

The Debating Prize - Awarded to the student who has made an 
outstanding contribution to Junior Debating. 

Jonathan MacKenzie 

The Gilbert deB Robinson Memorial Improvement Prize - For the 
student who has made the greatest percentage improvement from 
June, 2001 to June, 2002. Mr. Robinson was a student at St. Andrew's 
from 1916 to 1923 and served his school with distinction. 

Jeong Jin Lee (An improvement of 8.5%) 

The T.E. Harrison Trophy - Awarded to the Grade 9 dayboy who best 
excels in studies, games, deportment and character. Mr. Harrison was 
Housemaster of Macdonald House from 1970 to 1987. 

Jared Leslie 

The King Memorial Trophy - Awarded to the boy living in Macdonald 
House who best excels in studies, games, deportment and character. Given 
by Mrs. W.C. King and her son, Dale, in memory of Bill and Perry King. 

Ryan Luther 

The Edith Grant Trophy - Awarded to the new boy in Macdonald 
House who has shown the greatest improvement towards becoming 
the ideal Andrean. ifta**. 

Sang-Chul Yoon 

Highest standing. 
Highest standing. 

Grade 10 - Academic 

Grade 10 Scholars - Students with a combined average of 80% or 

80 Desmond Kiu 

80 Alejandro Lopez de Silanes Albafull 

80 George Si 

80 Jeremy Springer 

80.3 Jalil Teia 

80.5 Austin Smith 
80.8 Rahim Damji 
80.8 Jeremy King 

80.8 Chris Marshall 
81.1 Jordan Cyr 

81.1 Levin Maaskant 
81 .3 Alex Kaptyn 

81.9 Brendan McCall 

82.2 Adam Bucci 

82.3 Ryan Kim 
82.8 Kalev Hess 
82.8 Johan Irwandi 

82.8 Patrick Kim 

83.1 Rob Ferguson 

83.2 Jason Kim 

83.4 Eugene Ryu 

83.6 Junyan Boon 

83.9 Matthew Mitchell 

84.3 Andrew Brankley 
84.9 Sang-Ho Yoon 

85.4 Cody Biggings 

85.5 Justin Lee 

85.6 David Del Zotto 
86.4 Kent Fu 
86.8 Robert McKay 
87.8 Charles Lai 
87.8 Jinho Park 
90.1 Darrin Henein 

90.7 Simon Lau (5) 
91.4 Shawn Jolly (4) 

92.3 Faisal Ratansi (3) 

93.4 Tomi Jun (2) 
94.3 Justin Wong (1) 

The American Mathematics Competition Award - To the top-scorer in 
the School. 

Alexey Altshuller 

The Media Arts Prize - Highest standing. 

Cody Biggings 

The Art Prize - Highest standing. 

Darrin Henein 

Grade 10 -Special 

The Wyld Prize for English as a Second Language - To the student 
with the highest standing in the ESL program. 

Johan Irwandi 

The Improvement Prize - For the student who has made the greatest 
percentage improvement from June, 2001 to June, 2002. 

Patrick Kim (Improvement of 13.5%) 

The Budding Young Poet Laureate Awards - Awarded by the Ladies' 
Guild for the best works of creative writing in Grade 10. 

1 Justin Wong 

2 Simon Robinson 

3 Rahim Damji 

The Peter L. Stuart Award - To the member of grade 10 most 
distinguished in character and scholarship, and having made a 
determined and unselfish contribution to any one or more of the 
co-curricular activities offered. Mr. Stuart was Assistant Headmaster and 
a member of the faculty from 1971 to 1994. 

Faisal Ratansi 

The Science Prize 

Darrin Henein 

Highest standing. 

The Geography Prize - Highest standing. 
Justin Wong 


The Heather Inglis Memorial Prize for Mathematics 

Tomi Jun 

Awarded by the University 

The Cayley Mathematics Contest Prize 
of Waterloo. 

Robert McKay 

The Music Prize - Highest standing. 

Matthew Mitchell 

The Andrew Armstrong Prize for Improvement in English 
grades 10, 11 and 12. 

Brendan O'Dwyer 
' The History Prize - Highest standing. 

Faisal Ratansi 


The English Prize - Highest standing. In memory of Walter Findlay, 
one of the original masters at S.A.C. in 1899. 

i Engl 

! Of fill 

Faisal Ratans 

The French Prize 

Justin Wong 

The Computer Science Prize 

Justin Wong 

Highest standing. 

Highest standing. 

The Spanish Prize - Highest standing. 

Shawn Jolly 




: \ 


Grade11&12 - 
Academic Awards 

Grade 1 1 Scholars - Students with a combined average of 80% or 

80 Charles Ng 

80.6 Jason Lau 

80.8 Jeremy Lee 

80.9 Nicholas Caron 

81 Eric Samson-Doel 
81.1 Geoff Delean 

81.4 Brendon McCullough 

81.7 David Charlebois 

82 Allan Bean 
82 Kyle Beatty 
82 Liam Farrell 

82.3 Andrew Douglas 

82.4 Joseph Rothwell 
82.6 Nathan Rothwell 
83.4 Andrew Cumming 

83.4 Nicholas Dadson 

83.5 Kyle Steeves 
84 Sean Gill 

86.6 Mark Cheng 
89.1 AlexMcNabb 

89.4 Kevin Lau 
90.1 RingoNg 
90. 1 Dennis Wong 

90.5 John Housser 

91.3 Sang-Hyuk Park (5) 

91.7 Duncan Kluwak (3) 
91.7 Patrick McGrath (3) 
92.7 Joseph Leung (2) 

98.4 Soung Hun Lee (1) 

Grade 12 Scholars - Students with a combined average of 
80% or greater. 

80 Armen Khajetoorian 

8 1 Ryan Lo 

82.3 Dave Banwell 
83.5 Jayson Miller 
84 Michael Tzimas 
84.5 Adam Parent 
85.3 Jae Hee Lee 
85.7 Austin Hracs (5) 

86.3 Brent Brandham (4) 

86.4 Michael Lin (3) 
87. 1 Derek Toms (2) 

89. 1 Alexander Camargo (l) 

The Computer Science Prize - Highest standing in Computer 

John Housser 
Sterling Su-Wu 

The Louise Macdonald Sifton Prize for Mathematics - Highest 

Charles Lai 
Soung Hun Lee 

The English Prize - Highest standing. 

Soung Hun Lee 
Jayson Miller 

The Physics Prize - Highest standing. 

Soung Hun Lee 
Michael Lin 

The Social Sciences Prize - Highest Standing in a Grade 11 
Social Science other than economics. 

Allan Bean 

The Spanish Prize - Highest standing. 

Kyle Beatty 

The Environmental Science Prize - Highest standing. 

Bradley Downey 
The Music Prize - Highest standing. 

John Housser 

The Henry deB Forde Economics Prize - Highest standing. 

Duncan Kluwak 

The Geomatics Prize - Highest standing. 

Derrick Kocik 
The Reeves Art Prize - Highest standing. 

Soung Hun Lee 

The Euclid Mathematics Contest Award - Awarded by the 
University of Waterloo. 

Soung Hun Lee 

Christopher Vr»« 

— — — — " -^— — 

The Fermat Mathematics Contest Prize - Awarded by the University 
of Waterloo. 

Soung Hun Lee 

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal in Mathematics and 
Science - For grades 11 and 1 2. 

Soung Hun Lee 

The Biology Prize - Highest standing. 

SoungTlun Lee 

The Chemistry Prize - Highest standing. 

Soung Hun Lee 
The Isabelle Cockshutt Prize for History - Highest standing. Donated by 
Mrs. F.A. Schulman. 

Joseph Leung 

The Accounting Prize - Highest standing. 

Ringo Ng 

The Geography Prize - Highest standing. 

Ringo Ng 
The French Prize - Highest standing. 

Faisal Ratansi 

The Dramatic Arts Prize - Highest standing. 

Jarryd Stock 

The Humanities Prize - Highest standing in a senior humanities 

Michael Reid 

Grade 11&12- Special 

The Improvement Prize - To the students who make the greatest 
percentage improvement from June, 2001 to June, 2002. 

Ringo Ng (Improvement of 7.39c) 
David Nudds (Improvement of 14.3%) 

The CM. Foster Award - Given by Christopher Foster ('95) and 
Stephen Foster ('97) in memory of their grandfather, a member of the 
class of 1922. This year, it is presented to both a grade 11 and a 
grade 12 student who have been at the school for at least three years 
and who have made a significant contribution to extracurricular life 
with an emphasis on theatre, debating, the Review, or FOCUS. 

Michael Sunderani 

Andrew Wakefield 

The Stuart B. Wood Memorial Prize - To the member of grade 11 
most distinguished in character, scholarship and games. Mr. Wood 
was Head Prefect in 1924-25. 

Patrick McGrath 

The Chairman's Gold Medal - To next year's Head Boys who have 
earned the highest standing in Grade 11 and 12, respectively. 

Alexander Camargo 
Soung Hun Lee 

School Prefects - The Grade 11 and 12 students who, in the opinion 
of their peers and teachers, will contribute to student leadership by 
serving as prefects in the Class of 2003. 

Dave Banwell 

Collin Collins 

Nicholas Dadson 

Andrew Douglas 

Hugh Dowell 

Mervyn Frame 

John Housser 

Jason Lau 

Scott Lennox 

Michael Lin 

Drewe Maclver 

Patrick McGrath (Co-Head Prefect) 

Matthew Mitchell 

Adam Parent (Co-Head Prefect) 

Joseph Rothwell 

Nathan Rothwell 

Jarryd Stock 

J.P. Suddaby 

David Woodcock 

The OAC Prize Day 

OAC - Academic Awards 

OAC Scholars - Students with a combined average of 80% or 

80 Charles-Etienne Bergeron 
80 Jose Cheong 

80 Adrian Ho 
80.2 Ryan Chan 

80.2 Giancarlo Trimarchi 

80.3 Christopher Chang 
80.7 Alexander Chow 

81 Ali Lakhani 
82.5 Peter McClelland 
83 Adam Guy 
83 Ryan Kelly 

83.2 Andrew Gosbee 

83.3 Randall Blom 
83.3 Roger Kim 
83.3 David Zhou 
83.5 Ravel Li 
83.5 Andrew Steeves 
85.3 Adam Brander 
85.5 Canning Wong 
85.7 Simpson Chan 
85.7 Patrick Harris 
86.5 Alan Chan tk. 

86.7 Kevin Fullerton 

87.8 Micky Tsui 
87.8 Ian Wright 
88 Peter Wan 

88.2 Brian Lin 

88.3 Andrew Joyner 
88.5 John Knutton 
88.7 Jeffrey Ginou 
90 Frederick Tang 
90.2 Chris Jowetf (5) 
92 Michael Reid (4) 

92.7 Fraser Lunan (3) 

92.8 Boris Mok (2) 
93.8 Kenneth Tarn (1) 

The George Etienne Cartier Medal in French. - Highest 
standing. Donated by the late Mr. W.A. Beer, the only Andrean 
ever to nave his name on every honour board in the Towers 

Charles-Etienne Bergeron 

The Spanish Fluency Prize - Presented to a senior student 
who has made the most effort to become fluent in Spanish. 

Alexander Camargo 

The Magee Family Music Prize - Awarded to the OAC student 
achieving the highest standing in music. Donated by the 
Class of 2001. 

Christopher Chang 

The Guy Rutter Art Prize - Highest standing. 

Jonathan Fernandez 


The Accounting Prize 

Kevin Fullerton 

Highest standing. 

The Lehockey Biology Prize 

Chris Jowett 

Highest standing. 

The University of Toronto Biology Competition - National 
biology scholars finishing in the top 100 students in Canada. 

Chris Jowett (Chris scored in the 97th percentile and finished 
178 out of 5,446 entries across Canada.) 

The R.R. McLaughlin Memorial Prize for English and the 
Sciences - Highest standing in English and the Sciences 
combined. Donated by Robert R. Parker Class of 1960 in 
memory of his uncle. 

Ryan Kelly 

The Charles Ashton Medal for English. - Highest standing. 
Mr. Ashton was in the St. Andrew s Class of 1920. 

John Knutton 

The Spanish Prize - Highest standing. 

Michael Lin 

The Dramatic Arts Prize - Highest standing. 

Stuart Manchee 

The Physiology Prize - Highest standing. 

Peter McClelland 

The Stephen J. Suarez Prize - For highest standing in OAC 
Economics, donated by Mr. & Mrs. E.G. Suarez. 

Patrick McGrath 

The Chemistry Prize - Highest standing. 

Boris Mok 

Da Vinci Contest for Engineering - Awarded to the top S.A. 
students writing the da vinci physics and engineering 
examination sponsored by the University of Toronto. 

Boris Mok (93rd Percentile — In the top 100 in Canada) 
Kenneth Tarn (98th Percentile — In the top 100 in Canada) 

The Social Sciences Prize - Highest Standing in an OAC 
Social Science other than economics. 

Michael Reid 


The Computer Science Prize 

Kenneth Tarn 

Highest standing. 

The Michael History Prize - Presented to the top student in 
OAC Canadian history. The prize is given by Ian. David and 
Andrew Michael in honour of their grandmother Mrs. Isobel 

Alexander Camargo 

The Old Boys' Medal in Mathematics - Highest standing in 

Kenneth Tarn 

The Descartes Mathematics Contest Award - Awarded by the 
University of Waterloo. 

Kennelh Tarn 

The Harry E. Goodman Memorial Science Prize - For the 
highest standing in OAC Physics and Chemistry taken 
together. Mr. Goodman taught chemistry at St. Andrew's for 
21 years retiring in 1950. (Prize donated by Dr. Alan Bricknell.) 

Kenneth TarfT 

The Donald Cooper Medal for Physics - Highest standing. 

Kenneth Tarn 

The Gibb Geography Prize - Highest standing. Presented in 
memory of Dick Gibb and donated by Robert H. Bradshaw 
'53iand Alex Bradshaw ('89). 
Peter Wan 

The American Mathematics Competition Award - Highest 

Ian Wright 

The Canadian National Mathematics League Award - 
Awarded to the School champion after 6 rounds of 
competition involving 238 schools. 

David Zhou 

OAC - Special Awards 

The Improvement Prize - To the student who makes the the 
greatest percentage improvement from June, 2001 to June, 

Andrew Gosbee (An improvement of 18.4%) 

The James A. Ballard French Prize - The James A. Ballard 
French Prize for the graduating student who has made the 
best progress in becoming bilingual in English and French. 
Awardedin memory of Mr. Ballard, class or 1969. 

Fraser Lunan 

School Awards 

The Headmaster's Art Portfolio Award - Each year, the School 
purchases a piece of outstanding student art for its perma- 
nent art collection. 

Jonathan Fernandez 

The H.B. Housser Trophv for Upper School Clan Competition 
Presented to the Upper School clan that has acquired the 
most clan points amongst its members. The Intra-mural 
Challenge Cup is presented by H.B. Housser one of the 28 in 
the inaugural Class of 1899. 

(Co-Heads: John Knutton & Oliver Radley-Smith) Robertson 
Clan / Laidlaw House (Total Points: 5,386.) 

The Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Medal Award - This prestigious 
international award recognizes excellence in community 
service, physical fitness, skill development, and outdoor 

Nicholas Weedon 

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce Annual Scholarship - 
Presented to a graduating student who has demonstrated 
entrepreneurial skills over the term of his career at St. 

Oliver Radley-Smith ^k 

» * *< 

The Bruce M. Hicks Education Foundation Trophy - Presented 
to the student who has done the most to advance eguality in 
keeping with the spirit of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

Randall Blom 

Edwin Erikson Prize for Community Service - Presented to the 
student in Grades 9 through 12 who best served in 
community-oriented activities. 

Geoff Delean 
The Brooks Cup - Presented to the best senior debater by Mr. 
William Skinner in memory of his mother. 

Hugh Dowell 
The Craig R. Leslie Memorial Award - Presented to the senior 
debater who has made a particularly significant contribution to 
the Debating Program by members of tne Class of 1984. 

Jeffrey Ginou 
The Jim Herder Review Prize - To the student who contributed 
most significantly to the school yearbook, The Review. Mr. 
Herder was the editor in 1964. ^m 

Derek Toms 
The W.D. Newman Prize - Presented to the student who has 
contributed most to school life through their photography. 

Alexander Chow 
The Theatre Prize - Given by former teacher Mr. J.C. Mainprize 
for the best contribution in the field of dramatics. 

Brad Smith 
The Backstage Theatre Prize - For expertise and dedication as 
a theatre technician or as a member of the stage management 

John Housser 
The David B. Somerville Memorial Award - Presented to the 
senior student who demonstrates a love of music and shares 
his enthusiasm with the Andrean community. This award was 
established in 1995, in memory of David, S.A.C. class of 1988, 
by the many friends of the Somerville family. 

Brad Smith 
The Dr. George Bruce Chapel Prize - Awarded in memory of the 
Rev. Georqe Bruce, founding Headmaster of St. Andrew s 
Colleqe inn 899, to the student who through commitment and 
service has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the 
Memorial Chapel. 

Hugh Dowell 
The Donald B. Spence Creative Writing Prize - Presented to a 
senior student in memory of Professor Spence, a loyal 
Andrean and a member of the class of 1937. 

Derek Toms 
The Christopher Ball Prize - For distinguished overall contribu- 
tion in the general field of the Arts. 

Richard "Goldhar 
The Colonel Tilston Award - To honour the students who, in 
the opinion of the masters, have set the best example in their 
class for effort, persistency and tenacity in their studies and in 
all other school activities. 

1 McKenzie Willson (Grade 9) 

2 Brendan Zack (Grade 10) 

3 Sean Gill (Grade 11 

4 Sterling Su-Wu (Grade 12) 

5 Jonathan Fernandez (Grade 13) 

The S.A.C Athletic "A" Awards - The Athletic "A" is awarded to 
thoseqraduating students who have distinguished themselves 
as First Team Athletes in their final 3 years at the School. 

D.J. Bennett 

James Gideon 

Peter McClelland 

Mark Robinson 

Nicholas Weedon 
The Headmaster's Trophy - Presented to the St. Andrew's 
College Athlete of the Year. 

Michael Faulds 
The Craig Mitchell Memorial Prize a Awarded for distinguished 
academic and athletic accomplishment by a student in his graduat- 

Jeffrey Ginou 

The S.A.C. Elders Award - To students who have attended St. 
Andrew's College since Grade 7 or its equivalent. 

Ryan Austin 
Marshall Doyle 
Kevin Fyllerton 
Jeffrey Ginou 
Roger Kim 
Ali Lakhani 
John-Ross Lennox 
Brian Lin 

Eric Chwan-En Nei 
Oliver Radley-Smith 
Jan Michael Ramlochan 
Pablo Sanders 
Andrew Steeves 
Graydon Stock 

The Stein Family Award - Presented to a student who has attended St. 
Andrew's College from Grade 7 until graduation and who has 
made a significant contribution to school life academically and 
athletically. MRfe_^ 

Andrew Steeves 
The Errington Award - In memory of Mrs. Clela Ellis and Mrs. 
ElizabethTrrington, awarded to graduating students who 
made a distinguished contribution to the lire of S.A.C. 

Randall Blom 

Ryan Chan 

Michael Faulds 

Kevin Fullerton 

John Knutton 

Brian Lin . 

Giancarlo Trimarchi 

Ian Wright 
The Laidlaw Trophy - Awarded to the boy in his graduatir . 
year who has won for his Clan the greatest number of 
points during his last 2 years at school. This award is donated 
by the S.A.CTOId Boys' Association in honour of the devoted 
service of Robertson Laidlaw, a teacher here for 51 years. 

Adam Brander (460 clan points 

460+ clan points) 

The MacPherson Shield - Presented in memory of Lloyd 
MacPherson to the member of the Andrean community who 
contributes most to school spirit. 

Giancarlo Trimarchi 
The School Prize to the Head Prefect - In recognition of service 
to the School. 

Graydon Stock 
The Headmaster's Medals - Presented for excellence in aca- 
demics the .graduating class to those students whose overall 
average is 90% and above. 

90Trederick Tang (6) 

90.2 Chris Jowetf (5) 

92 Michael Reid (4), 

92.2 Fraser Lunan (3) 

92.8 Boris Mok 2) 

93.8 Kenneth Tarn (1) 
The C. Vincent Massey Award for Excellence in the Arts, Social 
Sciences, and Languages - Presented to the graduating 
student with distinguished ranking in the Arts and Humanities. 
Mr. Massey, an OlcTBoy of the clafs of 1 906, was the first 
native-born Governor General of Canada. 

Michael Reid 
The Thomas A. Hockin Award for Excellence in. the Sciences - 
Presented to the graduating student with a distinguished 
ranking in the Sciences. Dr. Hockin served as the^th Head- 
master of St. Andrew's College from 1974-1981 and went on to 
a distinguished career in thetiovernment of Canada. 

Boris Mok 
The Lieutenant Governor's Community Volunteer Award - This 
awardrecognizes an exemplary volunteer among the graduat- 
ing students of each of Ontario's secondary schools. 

Alexander Chow 
The Governor General's Medal - Presented to the graduating 
student attaining the highest standing for university entrance. 
This prestigious award recognizes academic excellence 
among secondary school graduates across Canada. 

Kenneth Tarn 
The Macdonald Medal - The prestigious Macdonald Medal is 
awarded to a graduating student in the name of Dr. D. Bruce 
Macdonald, HeadmasteT of St. Andrew s College from 1900- 
1935. It was given by the Old Boy's Association in 1936 to 
honour the student exhibiting the most distinguished combina- 
tion of character, leadership, academic success and athletic 

Nicholas Weedon 

Biafran Award - Presented by the graduating class to the 
member of the S.A.C. faculty or staff meaning the most to their 

Mrs. AnnPerrier 


M-U g 

' ' 



s* Tk 




r j» ti 

• J 










: > 

Excerpts from Headmaster Ted Staunton's Prize Day speech 

St. Andrew's College would not have the 
fine reputation it does without the 
contributions of its outstanding faculty 
and staff. Today, we officially bid farewell to 
several key members of these constituencies 
who have made a significant difference in the 
lives of the young men they have guided. 

Five of them deserve special recognition for their 

contributions to the life of the school over their combined 68 

years of service. Their colleagues on the Faculty held a 

special dinner in their honour in May and the boys have 

shown their appreciation earlier this morning. 

The Chapel has been home to two 

of them; our spiritual leader for 

the past fourteen years, Chaplain 

BobArril, is retiring to Canada's 

West Coast to complete his 

graduate studies in Education at 

the University of Victoria. We will 

all miss his warmth, his intellect, 

and his humour. 


His colleague for many years, 

John Clements, organist, 

choral leader, musical director, 
and coach also retires today 
after a 26 year tenure at St. 
Andrew's. He leaves in place 
firmly rooted traditions, such 
as the singing of the Dorset 
Carol, the choir program, the 
annual musical productions 
and a highly respected music 

Together, Bob and John have made the Chapel a truly inviting 
place for worship, music and community. 

The other two men leave behind 
a legacy of coaching 
excellence in the areas of football, 
squash, X-Country skiing and 
golf. We shall not soon forget the 
acronym, "SILVER", worn 
proudly on the helmets of Coach 

Michel Cameron's First 

Football team-strength, integrity, 
loyalty, valour, energy, respect - 
values held dear by the coach and 
his championship teams. I am 
sure that we will see Michel and 
the Cameron family a lot as they 
are just moving down the 401 a 
few miles to Port Hope. 

I I 

F'or the past thirteen years, 
David Gaertner has quietly 

gone about his work teaching 
mathematics and producing 
consistently high calibre Nordic 
Ski and Golf teams. One of the 
fittest men on the faculty, he now 
gets a chance to have some time for 
himself as he returns to Alberta to 
enjoy a well-deserved retirement. 

Angela Phillips, our hard- 
working and vivacious 
Director of Upper School/ Dean of 
Academics also leaves St. Andrew's 
this year having accepted a similar 
position at Royal St. George's 
College in Toronto. She has been a 
valuable member of the Leadership 
Team for the past four years and 
has done wonders in many different 
areas of the academic program. 
Best of luck Angela. I hope we'll see 
you often. 1 

Abbott,Charles„R.R. #2,Caledon Village„Ontario,Canada,L0N 100,905-838-3576 
Adamo,Jonathan,,57 O'Connor Crescent, Richmond Hill, .Ontario, Canada, L4C 7P8.905 883 5927 
Adamson, Michael, ,6405 Lloydtown Road, Schomberg,, Ontario, Canada, LOG 1 TO, 905-939-0523 
Al-Aadhami, Arnold, .48 Glenthorne Drive, Scarborough, .Ontario, Canada, M1C 3X4,416-282-7722 
Altshuller,Alexey,,19 Jarvis Avenue, Aurora, .Ontario, Canada, L4G 6W8.905.841.1127 
Amadori,David„14 Tomlinson Circle, Unionville„Ontario.Canada,L3R 9L1 ,905-479-2672 
Amarshi,Hussein„88 Sweeney Drive,Toronto„Ontario,Canada,M4A 1T7.905-887-1725 
Amarshi,Wahid„88 Sweeney Drive Toronto,,Toronto„Ontario,Canada,M4A 1T7.905-887-1725 
Arnold,Davld„4434 Vivian Road, R.R.I.Cedar Valley„Ontario,Canada,LOG 1E0,905.473.1211 
Aron,Sean„26 Stoddart Court,Bradford„Ontario,Canada,L3Z 2X8,905.775.1390 
Attard,Christopher„17 Northgate Crescent.Richmond Hill,,Ontario,Canada,L4B 2K5.905-737-8606 
Au.Justin,, 17 Wilfred Court.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4C 8P9.905-508-7432 
Austin,Ryan„22 Vitlor Drive.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4E 3W3.905-773-4966 
Avalos, Sergio. Monterrey # 317 Colonia Roma, Mexico D.F.,, .Mexico, 06700, 52 5 264 3718 
Azargive,Saam„51 High Oak Trail, Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4E 3L9.905-737-1999 
Bacardi,Alex„18 Wilket Road,Toronto,,Ontario,Canada,M2L 1N6.41 6-447-6022 
Baker,Dylan„150 Old Bathurst Street.King City,,Ontario,Canada,L7B 1K5.905 841 3086 
Ball,Michael„60 Fred Varley Drive,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 1S7.905.479.8340 
Ballesteros,Rafael,,Heriberto Frias 1241,Mexico„DF,Mexico,03100,525 688 9266 
Banwell,Dave„4 Killarney Street, Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4B 2Y2,905-770-5808 
Bassenko,Dlma„6 William Linton Trail, Stouftville,,Ontario,Canada,L3Y 4W1.905 640 1376 
Bayley,Jason,"West Ridge",#6A Kent Ridge.Christ Church,,, Barbados,X20,246-436-6446 
Bean,Allan„4 Forest Park Crescent,Thornhill„Ontario,Canada,L3T 2M6.905-771-6737 
Bean, Devon, ,4 Forest Park Crescent.Thornhill, .Ontario, Canada, L3T2M6, 905-771-6737 
Bean,Sinclair„4 Forest Park Crescent,Thornhill„Ontario,Canada,L3T 2M6.905-771-6737 
Beatty,Kyle„55 Arthur Hall Drive,Sharon„Ontario,Canada,L0G 1V0.905-478-1593 
Belgrave,Terry„213 Park Road.Chancery Lane.CH CH,Barbados,,246 428 3690 
Benhaim,Philippe„8 Dalewood Drive.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4B 3C3,905-508-5470 
Bennett,Anton„26 Mooreland Court,Markham„Ontario,Canada.L3P 7P8.905-472-6335 
Bennett,D.J.„26 Mooreland Court.Markham„Ontario,Canada,L3P 7P8.905-472-6335 
Benson. Tristan. .3 Jarvis Avenue, Aurora, .Ontario. Canada, L4G 6W8, 905-841 -5588 
Bergeron,Charles-Etienne„101 Micheline.Le Gardeur„Quebec,Canada.J5Z 3J4,450-585-8658 
Blggings,Cody„32 Gormley Court.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4E 1A2.905-887-5428 
Birarda. Matthew, .4 Library Lane, Unionville,, Ontario, Canada, L3R 5T6, 905-513-1767 
Birkett,Tim„534 Rourke Place, Newmarket„Ontario,Canada,L3Y 8S9.905-898-0795 
Blom, Randall, ,41 Benlamond Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4E 1Y8, 416. 698.8148 
Boileau,Alexander„41 Mistleflower Court.Richmond Hill, .Ontario, Canada, L4E 3T9.905-773-1441 
Bonner,Braden„57 Cousins Drive,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 1B5.905-713-3697 
Boo,Chang,207,902 Olympic Apts.,Bangi-Don, Songpa-ku.Seoul.Korea, 138-050,82 2 6418 8356 
Boon,Junyan„188 Krieghoff Avenue,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 1W3.905-477-8478 
Bornstein,Erik„145 Curtis Crescent.King City„Ontario,Canada,L7B 1C1, 905-833-0096 
Bornstein,Sean„145 Curtis Crescent.King City„Ontario,Canada,L7B 1C 1,905-833-0096 
Bottomley,Michael„128A Spruce Street,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 3P2.905-726-2871 
Bourque,Jean-Simon„7092 15th Avenue,Montreal„PQ,Canada,H2A 2T8.514 728 3536 
Brander,Adam„437 Mill Street.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4C 7X5,905-787-1268 
Brandham. Brent, .15 Danbury Court.Unionville,, Ontario, Canada, L3R 7S 1,905-475-9655 
Brankley,Andrew„56 Marsh Street.Richmond Hill„Ontario, Canada, L4C 7R6.905-884-8592 
Bremer. Alberto. Pnvada Santa Maria # 8, Col. El Rosario, Garza Garcia, .Nuevo 
Leon, Mexico,66247,52.81 8.303.5402 

Bromley,Chris„131 Aurora Heights Drive,Aurora,,Ontario,Canada,L4G 2X1,905.727.2337 
Brooks,John„Richmond Farms, Laughlands P.O., St. Ann, .Jamaica, ,876-913-4334 
Brooks, Steven, .Richmond Farms, Laughlands P.O., St. Ann, Jamaica, ,876-913-4334 
Browning, Mark, ,32 Bridgewater Drive.Richmond Hill, .Ontario, Canada, L4E 3N4, 905-883-3420 
Browning,Matthew„32 Bridgewater Drive.Richmond Hill,,Ontario,Canada,L4E 3N4.905-883-3420 
Bruno,Adrlan„26 Alessia Court.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4B 3Z5.905-884-6027 
Bryce,Ryan„621 St. John's Sideroad,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 3G8.905-727-3558 
Bucci,Adam„42 Asbury Park Court,Stouffville,,Ontario,Canada,L4A 7H8.905-640-6610 
Bucci,Ryan„51 Ballard Crescent,Newmarket,,Ontario,Canada,L3X 1S2.905.898.7248 
Buckley,Brock„5 Ferndell Circle.Unionville,,Ontario,Canada,L3R 3Y7.905-479-3455 
Buonaiuto,Anthony„200 Church Street,Markham„Ontario,Canada,L3P 2M7.905-472-4029 
Burke,BMIy„9 Elm Court.Aurora,, Ontario, Canada.L4G 6W7.905-726-4426 
Burke,Joey„9 Elm Court,Aurora,,Ontario,Canada,L4G 6W7.905-726-4426 
Butler,James„9433 Longwoods Rd.,Delaware„Ontario,Canada,N0L 1E0.51 9.264.9782 
Calvert,Alex„10 Dell Glen Crt,Thornhill„Ontario,Canada,L3T 2A3.905.771.0992 
Camargo,Alexander„198 Millard Avenue,Newmarket,,Ontario,Canada,L3Y 1Z2.905-895-5757 
Campbell,Geoffrey„R.R. #3, 4370 St. John's Sideroad,Newmarket,On,Can,L3Y 4W1 ,905-642-3673 
Carney,Michael„22 Snider Drive,Markham„Ontario,Canada,L3P 6Y5.905-294-8993 
Carnovale,Andrew„1019 Lockwood Circle,Newmarket,,Ontario,Canada,L3X 1M2.905-830-1954 
Caron,Nicholas„24 Vasselle Crescent,Unionville„Ontario, Canada, L3R 9P4.905-470-7094 
Cartwright,Jonathan„P.O. Box N 457,Nassau„,Bahamas„1.242.324.7604 
Cassidy,Pierce„29 McKay Crescent, Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 3M7.905-479-6959 
Chan,Alan,11/F, Flat B.136 Boundary Street,Kowloon,„Hong Kong,, 852-2338-3904 
Chan,Ryan„53 Wimpole Drive.North York„Ontario,Canada,M2L 2L2.41 6-391 -3833 
Chan,Simpson,20D Ho King View, 2 Braemar Hill Road.,, Hong Kong„852-2566-5194 
Chanadi,Daniel„273 Narinia Crescent,Newmarket,,Ontario,Canada,L3X 2C9.905-71 5-7933 
Chang,Christopher,119 Hillcrest Drive.R.R. #1,Newmarket„Ontario,Canada,L3Y 4V8.905-836-6886 
Chang,Keng-Hao,9F,67 Tai Yuan Road,Taipei,„Taiwan, 103,8862-2550-3363 
Chang. Warren. ,9 Brompton Terrace, Kingston 5,, .Jamaica, ,876-926-5068 
Charlebois,David„22 Thompson Road,Whitehorse„Yukon,Canada,Y1A 5R2,867.456.4558 
Charlebois,Michael„22 Thompson Road,Whitehorse„Yukon,Canada,Y1A 5R2.867.456.4558 
Chen,Andrew„1048 Lillian Street.North York,,Ontario,Canada,M2M 3G4.41 6-223-8878 
Chen,John,#1710.30 Greenfield Avenue.North York„Ontario,Canada,M2N 6N3.41 6-222-8089 
Cheng,Brent,10F, No. 2, Alley 1, Lane 16,20 Chang Road.Hsientien City,.Taipei,Taiwan. ,886-2291-34956 
Cheng,Mark„4 Summit Trail Drive.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4E 3S7 ,905-770-5545 
Cheong,Jose„House 9, Marina Cove.lsola Bella Sai Kung„Hong Kong.,852-2335-5560 
Cheong, Julian, .House 9, Marina Cove.lsola Bella Sai Kung,,Hong Kong, ,852-2335-5560 
Cheung.Andy.Flat F, 10/F, Block 17,Chi Fu Fa Yuen.Pokfulam Road,,, Hong Kong„852-2550-0385 
Cheung,Emmery„7 Cortleigh Court.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4B 3G9, 905-770-3775 
Chiang,Jame8,.1018 Lexington Circle,Windsor,,Ontario,Canada,N8S 4T3.519 948 6668 
Chmlel,Chrls„58 Glenarden Crescent.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4B 2H9.905-884-0148 
Choi.Richard.Kyungido Koyangsi.llsangu Mado-dong 821 .Joung Bal Villa, 1 1 1 ,302„Korea,, 8231 .903.61 54 
Chow, Alexander,, 25 Somerset Crescent.Richmond Hill, .Ontario, Canada, L4C 8N4, 905-883-4066 
Chow,JusIln„30 Raynes Crescent,Toronto„Ontario.Canada,M1V 3V7.41 6-291 -8795 
Chu. Terence, .82 Spring Blossom Crescent.Unionville,, Ontario, Canada, L6C 1X5,905-887-2265 
Cohen,Jesse-Ross„165 Beechwood Crescent,Newmarket„Ontario,Canada,L3Y 1W2.905-868-8013 
Cole,Sean„P.O. Box N121. Nassau, New Providence. Bahamas.,242 327 6062 
Collins,Collin„8395 17th Sideroad,Bolton,Ontario,Canada,L7E 5R7.905-859-3155 
Colton.Richard.P.O. Box 98,44 Campbell Street,Flesherton„Ontario,Canada,N0C 1E0.51 9-924-3308 
Conrad,Andrew„58 Macamo Court,Maple„Ontario,Canada.L6A 1G1.905.884.3910 
Conrad,Danlel„58 Macamo Court,Maple„Ontario,Canada,L6A 1G1.905.884.3910 
Cortina Obregon.Javo, Monte Parnaso # 130,Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico 
City.MexicO, 1 1 000,01 1 .525.520.41 1 1 


Cronln,Andrew„929 Crozier Court,Mississauga„Ontario,Canada,L5H 2T2.905-274-9009 
Cummlng,Andrew„R.R. # 1,Oro Station„Ontario.Canada,L0L 2E0.705 487 3417 
Cyr.Jordan.P.O. Box 1191,127 Goodfellow Crescent,Nobleton„Ontario,Ca,L0G 1N0.905-859-2651 
Dadson,Nlcholas„7 Harrowsmith Place, Richmond Hill,,Ontario,Canada,L4E 2K1, 905-773-4979 
Dalrymple,Andy„21 Glenboume Park Drive,Markham„Ontario,Canada,L6C 1H5.905-887-1721 
Daly,Brlan„25 Willow Farm Lane,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6K1 ,905.841.1 128 
Damji,Rahim,11 Deer Run Court.Richmond Hill, .Ontario, Canada, L4E 3M1. 905-508-6552 
Daniell,Devon„31 Barton Lane.Uxbridge„Ontario,Canada,L9P 1W1 ,905.852.3740 
Danis, Robert, ,67 Covent Crescent, Aurora, .Ontario, Canada, L4G 6R1, 905-841-8568 
Davld-Coderre,Francls„29 Pennock Crescent,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 3M5.905-948-1754 
Davles,Erlc„143 Howland Avenue,Toronto„Ontario,Canada,M5R 3B4.416-920-5595 
Davis,Chad„75 Watts Meadow,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 7L8.905-726-4230 
De Civita,Vince„160 Glenway Circle,Newmarket,,Ontario,Canada,L3Y 7S3.905 954 0714 
DeCarli,Mike„323 Fifth Street,Midland„Ontario,Canada,L4R 3WT,705.526.6486 
Del Zotto,David„37 Elia Drive,Stouffville,,Ontario,Canada,L4A 7X5,905-887-8810 
Del Zotto,Michael„37 Elia Drive,Stouffville„Ontario,Canada,L4A 7X5,905-887-8810 
Delean,Geo(f„7 Kilmorey Court.North Bay„Ontario,Canada,P1C 1 L9.705-472-841 9 
Delmas,Joshua,"Evergreen Cottage",Black Bess.St. Peter,,, Barbados„246-422-5673 
Diakun,Aladdin„033045 Drive in Road, R.R. #1,Hanover„Ontario,Canada,N4N 368,519-364-1997 
Do,Adam„The Crane Hotel.Crane, St. Philip.„Barbados, W.I. ,,1.246.423.6220 
Domingues,Davld„5 Loring Crescent.Unionville,, Ontario, Canada,L3R 0G2.905-946-9764 
Dong,Kevin„20 Cumming Dr.,Barrie„Ontario,Canada,L4N 8H6.705-739-8098 
Donko,Matt„12 Hewlett Crescent,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3P 7L2.905-477-7679 
Douglas,Andrew„3948 Cherry Valley Turnpike,Marietta„New York.U.S.A, 131 10,315-673-3360 
Dowell,Hugh„833 Kildare Road,Windsor„Ontario,Canada,N8Y 3H3.519-973-0607 
Downey,Bradley„59 King Street, South, Belfountain,,Ontario,Canada,L0N 1B0.519-927-3673 
Doyle.Marshall.Box 823,50 Kewayden Road,Nobleton„Ontario,Canada,L0G 1 N0.905-859-3982 
Dudin,Artem,2,Chekistov 2a Str.. Kiev,. Ukraine. 01 024.380-44-450-3288 
Dudley ,Jordan„50 Wrenwood Court,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 6H4, 905-474-0092 
Edminson,Dylan„42 Greentree Road,Unionville,,Ontario,Canada,L3R 3A9. 905-477-0509 
Ehler,Tyler„182 Deerglen Terrace,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6Y5.905 713 3950 
Ekers,Jordan„148 Cranberry Lane,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 5Z4.905-841-0721 
Ellis,R.J.„35 Long Valley Road,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6K8.905-841 -1 209 
Eng,Adrian„137 Goldsmith Crescent,Newmarket,,Ontario,Canada,L3X 1R6, 905.895.8422 
Eng,Sean,,137 Goldsmith Crescent,Newmarket,,Ontario,Canada,L3X 1R6, 905.895.8422 
England,Robbie„172 Hanna Road.Toronto,, Ontario, Canada,M4G 3N8.416 487 3958 
Fahlgren,Trevor„238 Kemano Road,Aurora,,Ontario,Canada,L4G 4Y9, 905-726-3007 
Farrell,Liam„1 Abbotsford Road,Gormley„Ontario,Canada,L0H 1 G0.905-727-0872 
Faulds,Michael„R.R. #5, Rockwood,, Ontario, Canada, NOB 2K0, 519-856-9246 
Fall,Bryn„3 International Parkway.Stouffville,, Ontario, Canada,L4A 7X5.905.888.5253 
FeM,Fraser„3 International Parkway.Stouffville, .Ontario, Canada, L4A 7X5,905.888.5253 
Fell,Paul„3 International Parkway,Stourrville.,Ontario,Canada,L4A 7X5,905.888.5253 
Ferguson, Mike,, 897 Norsan Court, Newmarket,, Ontario, Canada,L3X 1L1. 905-836-0014 
Ferguson, Rob,, 897 Norsan Court, Newmarket,, Ontario, Canada,L3X 1L1, 905-836-0014 
Fernandez,Jonathan„P.O. W-172 Woods Centre.St. John s,„Antigua., 268-461-1 
Ford,Joel„5354 Bayshore Drive,Nanaimo„BC,Canada,V9V 1R4.250 758 4881 
Foreman,Ryan,,17 Ridgeway Terrace. Kingston 6. .Jamaica, .876-978-5706 
Fragiadakis,Manolis„936 Church, Verdun,, P.O., Canada,H4G 2N2.1. 51 4.766.5931 
Frame,Mervyn„P.O. Box 1182,Uxbridge,,Ontario,Canada,L9P 1N4.905.852.7867 
Fu,Kent,#1 507,260 Doris Avenue.North York,Ontario,Canada,M2N 6X9,416.227.9015 
Fullerton,Kevin„105 Main Street,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 2G1, 416.485.4799 
Fullerton,Scott„105 Main Street,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 2G1, 416.485.4799 
Fung, Ambrose,. 11 Berwick Crescent.Richmond Hill, .Ontario, Canada, L4C 0B9. 905-508-9885 
Garanine,Egor,244 Patricia Avenue, Toronto, .Ontario, Canada, M2M 1J8. 416.432.8069 
Genin,Michael„31 Ritter Crescent,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 4K4.905-470-9530 
Genin,Scott„31 Ritter Crescent.Unionville,, Ontario,Canada.L3R 4K4.905-470-9530 
Gideon, James, ,46 Saint Damian Avenue,Woodbridge,.Ontario,Canada,L4H 2L6, 905-303-1879 
Giel,Duncan„69 Martin Street.King City„Ontario,Canada,L7B 1J3,905.833.4935 
Gill,Michael„87 Yorkland Street.Richmond Hill,. Ontario, Canada,L4C 9Z5.905.762.1492 
Gill,Sean„87 Yorkland Street.Richmond Hill,,Ontario,Canada,L4C 9Z5.905.762.1492 
Ginou,Jeffrey„75 Old Colony Road, Richmond Hill„Ontario.Canada,L4E 3X2,905-773-1909 
Giroux,Scott„18 Honey Locust Court,Maple,,Ontario,Canada,L6A 1G2, 905-884-29 32 
Gnyp,Matthew„19 Long Valley Road.Aurora,, Ontario, Canada. L4G 6K8.905-727-0370 
Goitanich,Peter„12 Edmund Crescent.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4B 2X9,905-770-7832 
Goldhar,Richard„11 Gatewood Court.Richmond Hill,,Ontario,Canada,L4B 2L6.905-737-5856 
Gordon, Campbell„240 Rose Park Drive.Toronto,, Ontario, Canada,M4T 1R5.416-488-3222 
Gosbee, Andrew, 19 Springbrook Drive.Richmond Hill,,Ontario,Canada,L4B 3R9, 905-882-6160 
Graham, Gordon„20 Harpers Croft. Unionville, , Ontario. Canada.LSR 6K9.905-940-7950 
Grant,Brian„6919 9th Line, R.R. 2, Beeton,, Ontario.Canada.LOG 1A0.905 729 0907 
Gray,Gordon,,106 Windermere Crescent.Richmond Hill,.Ontario,Canada,L4C 6Y9.905-886-3179 
Greco,Anthony„65 Offord Crescent,Aurora,,Ontario,Canada,L4G 3G8.905-727-5252 
Greco,Michael„5028 York Lane, Piano, .Texas.U.S. A., 75093. 972.473.7657 
Grltfin,Joel„46 Whispering Pine Trail,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 5C7.905-727-4103 
Gulamani,lmran,,452 Weldrick Road East, Richmond Hill, .Ontario, Canada, L4B 2M3. 905. 883. 5297 
Guy,Adam„4811 Old School Road,lnglewood„Ontario, Canada. L0N 1K0.905-843-3759 
Halloran,Mathew„6 Bunhill Court,Ajax,Ontario,Canada.L1S 4S7.905.686.9089 
Hamann.Dean,,45 Twelve Oaks Drive, Aurora., Ontario, Canada,L4G 6J5. 905-841 -3756 
Han,Kevin,102-205 Ajoo Apt.Okleon Dong, Yeonsu-Ku,lnchon„.Korea, 082, 82-32-884-4599 
Hanson,Josh..30 Ardill Crescent, Aurora, .Ontario, Canada, L4G 5S5 905-841-7034 
Hanson,Mark„30 Ardill Crescent,Aurora„Ontario.Canada,L4G 5S5. 905-841 -7034 
Harrls,Patrick,17455 Dufferin Street.R.R. #2,Newmarket,,Ontario,Canada.L3Y4V9. 905-895-7285 
Harris, Scott, .351 Fairway Garden. Newmarket., Ontario, Canada,L3X 1B4. 905-895-4248 
Harvey, Brian, ,2 Marsh Harbour, Aurora, .Ontario, Canada, L4G 5Z2. 905-841 -3320 
Healey,Jlmmy„P.O. Box 211,Holyrood„Newfoundland.Canada,A0A 2R0, 709-229-6871 
Healy,Cameron„54 Watch Hill Road.King City„Ontario,Canada.L7B 1K1 ,905-833-5221 
Henein,Darrln,,860 Lockwood Circle, Newmarket,, Ontario, Canada,L3X 1L1. 905-836-5717 
Hess,Kalev„68 Balmoral Heights,Queensville„Ontario,Canada,L0G 1R0, 905-478-4289 
Hiscox,Ryan„58 Sir Constantine Drive,Markham„Ontario,Canada.L3P 2X2,905-471-7045 
Ho.Adrlan.Flat F, 21/F Swiss Towers,1 13 Tai Hang Road,,, Hong Kong, ,852-2866-921 2 
Ho,Thomson„383 Empress Avenue.North York„Ontario.Canada,M2N 3V6.416 222 6315 
Hodge, Adam, .96 Mason Boulevard, Toronto, .Ontario. Canada, M5M 3E1. 416-482-4331 
Hoffman, Adam, .84 Simcoe Road, Kettleby,, Ontario, Canada, LOG 1J0, 905-939-7186 
Hon,Stanley„49 Francine Drive.North York„Ontario,Canada,M2H 2G5.41 6-495-7028 
Housser,John„65 Spruce Street, Aurora, .Ontario, Canada, L4G 1R9, 905-841 -1806 
Housser. Richard. 65 Spruce Street, Aurora, .Ontario, Canada, L4G 1R9.905-841-1806 
Hracs,Austin„72 Willett Crescent.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4C 7W3.905-508-7494 
Hsu.Ping.No. 35,Lane 164. San-Tsu Road.Lu-Tsu Shiang. Tao-Yan City„,Taiwan. .886.3313.5764 
Hui,Jack„3 Riverside Boulevard.Thornhill„Ontario,Canada,L4J 1H2.905 889 1888 
Hul,Julian„26 Elmsley Drive.Richmond Hill,.Ontario,Canada,L4C 8M9.905-737-9454 
Hunter,Gordon„27 Cherry Point.North Bay..Ontario,Canada,P1A 4E4. 705-476-1 690 
Hurlbut,Drew„80 Willis Drive.Aurora,, Ontario. Canada, L4G 7M4.905-727-8079 
Hurst,Logan,1184 Kingdale Road, R.R. #3,Newmarket„Ontario,Canada.L3Y 4W1. 905-836-2640 
Hurst,Tyler,1184 Kingdale Road.R.R. #3,Newmarket.,Ontario,Canada,L3Y 4W1. 905-836-2640 




Hussey,Brandon„45 Twelve Oaks Drive,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6J5.905-841-3756 

Hynds,Graham„28 Bridgewater Drive.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4E 3N4.905.508.9955 

Hynds,Jeffrey„28 Bridgewater Drive.Richmond Hill,.Ontario,Canada,L4E 3N4.905.508.9955 

laccino,Robert„46 Houseman Crescent.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4C 7R8.905 884 7584 

lrwandi,Johan„Kembang Molek 2, Blok J5/1 ,Puri lndah,Jakarta,lndonesia,1 1610,62 21 580 4882 

Jackson,Kyle„4 Lenarthur Court,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6M2,905.727.7052Unlisted 

Jackson,Trevor„4 Lenarthur Court,Aurora,,Ontario,Canada,L4G 6M2,905.727.7052Unlisted 

James,Brian„14382 Bathurst Street.King City„Ontario,Canada,L7B 1 K5.905-727-7477 

James.Robbie,. 14382 Bathurst Street.King City„Ontario,Canada,L7B 1 K5.905-727-7477 

James.Steve,, 14382 Bathurst Street.King City.,Ontario,Canada,L7B 1K5.905-727-7477 

Jenkins,Paul„70 Monkman Court,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 7J9.905.726.241 4 

Jeong.Sean, #306,7378 Yonge St.,Thornhill„Ontario,Canada,L4J 8J 1,905.882.9391 

John,Daniel„16 Leighland Drive,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 5R3.905-479-1197 

Johnstone,Jeffrey„90 Oftord Crescent,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 3G8.905-71 3-8065 

Johnstone,Scotty„90 Offord Crescent,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 3G8.905-713-8065 

Jolly,Shawn„33 Glenayr Road.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4B 2W4.905-737-0659 

Jones,Austin„103 Northwinds.Boerne.Jexas,, U.S.A., 78006,905.726.3316 

Jones, Harrison, .84 Timpson Drive, Aurora, .Ontario, Canada, L4G 5N5, 905-727-7446 

Jongsma, Greg, .1456 Lakeshore Road, Sarnia,, Ontario, Canada, N7S 2M1, 519-542-7311 

Jowett,Chris„177 Cobblestone Place, Box 385,Rockwood„Ontario,Canada,N0B 2K0.519-856-1148 

Joyner,Andrew,,139 Alexandra Boulevard.Toronto,, Ontario, Canada, M4R 1M3, 416. 482.3239 

Jun.Tomi.Suite 2906,1001 Bay Street,Toronto,Ontario,Canada,M5S 3A6.41 6.927.1 562 

Kanai,Nobuyasu,1010-2 Arima-cho,Kita-ku.Kobe,„Japan 651 -1401 ,,81-78-907-31 12 

Kane, Freddie, ,15 Reesor Place, Gormley,, Ontario, Canada, L0H 1 GO, 905-888-4855 

Kane,MacArthur„12 Shalom Street,Stouttville„Ontario,Canada,L4A 7X5,905-642-0061 

Kanhai. David,. 82 Village Gate Drive. Markham,, Ontario, Canada. L6C 1V7, 905.887.2745 

Kaptyn,Alex„259 Ridge Road, West,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 3G8.905-841-0765 

Kaptyn,Robbie„259 Ridge Road, West,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 3G8.905-841-0765 

Kastelyanets,lgor„160 Mellings Drive,Woodbridge,,Ontario,Canada,L4L 8H3.905.850.8864 

Kay,Murray„42 Trillium Drive,Aurora.,Ontario,Canada.L4G 5Y4.905-727-3535 

Kelly,Ryan„77 Moorcrest Drive.Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6L6.905.841.0083 

Kesten.James.Annsleywood Farm, 10744 Hwy. 27,Kleinburg„Ontario,Canada,L0J 1C0.905-893-9124 

Khajetoorian.Armen.,61 Kootenay Ridge, Vaughan,, Ontario, Canada, L6A 2V9, 905-832-8250 

Khassanov,Andrew„42 Ellsworth Avenue, Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4C 9N8, 905.780.8562 

Kiiza, Lawrence. P .0. Box 528. Kampala. ..Uganda.. 01 1.256.41. 234368 

Kim,Jared„503 Veale Place,Newmarket„Ontario,Canada,L3Y 8H9.905-898-7228 

Kim, Jason, ,91 -5 Pyungchang-Dong,Chongro-Gu, Seoul, .Korea, ,822-396-2256 

Kim,Julian„503 Veale Place,Newmarket„Ontario,Canada,L3Y 8H9.905-898-7228 

Kim,Patrick,Si-bum Apt. 15-22,Youido-Dong, Youngdeung po-Gu,Seoul,„Korea,150-731, 02.782.2693 

Kim,Roger„117 Emms Dr.,Barrie„Ontario,Canada,L4N 8H5,416.629.6487/705.792.1286 

Kim,Ryan,1702,2101 Islington Avenue,Toronto„Ontario,Canada,M9P 3R2.416 614 2009 

King.Braden.,61 Coldstream Crescent.Richmond Hill, .Ontario, Canada, L4S 1 E4, 905. 508.7770 

King, Jeremy, 64 Loring Crescent, Unionville,, Ontario, Canada, L3R 0G2, 905-513-8780 

King. Tyler, .64 Loring Crescent.Unionville,, Ontario, Canada, L3R 0G2, 905-51 3-8780 

Kiu, Desmond, Flat C, 23/F, Tower 31 Pak King Court, South Horizons, Ap Lei Chau,,Hong, Kong, ,,852.2551 .3537 

Kiu.Godfrey.Flat C, 23/F, Tower 31 Pak King Court.South Horizons.Ap Lei Chau„Hong, Kong, ,,852.2551 .3537 

Kluwak, Duncan, Box 40,16267 McLaughlin Road, Inglewood,, Ontario, Canada, L0N 1K0. 905-838-0810 

Knut1on,John„16 Shasta Drive,Thornhill„Ontario,Canada,L4J 1Z5.905-764-3403 

Kocik,Derrick„20 Burwash Drive,Yellowknife„N.T„Canada,X1 A 2V2.867-873-3955 

Kuit. Samuel. .37 Carnforth Drive. Markham. .Ontario. Canada. L3R 7V9.905.943.9882 

Kwok. Jonathan, .96 Canongate Trail, Scarborough, .Ontario, Canada, M1V 3B7,Kwok 

LaBuick,Brody„9075 Cone. 3, R.R. 1,Uxbridge„Ontario,Canada,L9P 1R 1,905.862.0322 

Lagerquist,Josh„7 Rosehill Court.Caledon Village„Ontario,Canada,L0N 1C0.519-927-3289 

Lagur,Dmytri,#1 704,278 Bloor Street, East,Toronto,,Ontario,Canada,M4W 3M4.416.944.8348 

Lai.Charles.Suite 2608,7 Concorde Place.North York„Ontario,Canada,M3C 3N4.41 6-386-1 986 

Lakhani,Ali„65 Kerrigan Crescent,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 7S8.905-477-4290 

Lam,Calvin„163 Willow Farm Lane,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6K5.905-726-1992 

Lam, Jeffrey,, 10 Cortleigh Court.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4B 3G9.905-883-8567 

Lam, Steven, Flat F, 28/F Tien Sing Mans.Taikoo Shing, 1 Tai Wing Ave, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, ,852-2503-4550 

Langer, Matthew,, 496 Palmer Avenue, Richmond Hill, .Ontario, Canada, L4B 3B9, 905-737-671 3 

Laptev,Andrew,,45 Sandusky Crescent, Aurora, .Ontario, Canada, L4G 3N3.905 726 2317 

Lau,Jason,2/FI., Block 45,Baguio Villa.550 Victoria Rd,,Hong Kong,, 852-2550-6508 

Lau.Kevin.Suite 1903,33 Empress Avenue.North York„Ontario,Canada,M2N 6Y7.416.730.1903 

Lau.Richard Siu Lun.Flat 14F, Willow Mansion.Tai Koo Shing,,, Hong Kong„852-2885-5981 

Lau, Simon, ,98 Cartwright Boulevard, Woodbridge,, Ontario, Canada, L4L 8J8, 905-850-9467 

Lau,Tony,,98 Cartwright Boulevard, Woodbridge, .Ontario, Canada, L4L 8J8, 905-850-9467 

Lau.Wally.Block 23 4A Pare Versailles,3 Mui Shu Hang Road.Tai Po„NT,Hong Kong„852.9018.4572 

Laveau,Nicholas„122 Stratford Cres.,Toronto„Ontario,Canada,M4N 1C8.41 6-482-61 22 

Law, Mathew,. House 40. 2/fl, Tseng Chuen Yuen, Tseng Tau, Sam Pui Chau,,Sai Sha Road, Sai Kung.N.T. Hong 

Kong, ,852. 2310. 9604 

Lawson. Jamie, .14 Edenbrook Hill, Etobicoke,, Ontario, Canada, M9A 3Z6, 416-239-5130 

Lebar,Adam„11 McRoberts Place,Aurora,,Ontario,Canada,L4G 6X2,905-726-8897 

Lebar,Erik„11 McRoberts Place,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6X2,905-726-8897 

Lebar,Mitch„1 1 McRoberts Place,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6X2,905-726-8897 

Lee,Christopher„207 Heath Road,Edmonton„Alberta,Canada,T6R 1S1, 780.989.0238 

Lee,Edward,#508,89 Skymark Drive.North York„Ontario,Canada,M2H 3S6.416-497-1411 

Lee,Eric„51 Quaker Village Drive, Uxbridge„Ontario,Canada,L9P 1A2.905-852-9608 

Lee.Jae Hee,#1302-234 Family Apt., Moon Jung Dong, Song Pa-Gu,Seoul,„Korea,,82-2-401-2174 

Lee.JeongJin.YeonSooKu, YeonSool Dong.536, Dong Nam Apt. A, 105- 1301 Inchon, Korea,406-1 10,82-32- 


Lee,Jeremy,1176 Kingdale Road, Newmarket, .Ontario, Canada, L3Y 4W1 ,905-836-5542 

Lee,Ju8tin„207 Heath Road,Edmonton„Alberta,Canada,T6R 1S1, 780.989.0238 

Lee,Martin„1176 Kingdale Road,Newmarket„Ontario,Canada,L3Y 4W1 ,905-836-5542 

Lee,Robert„51 Quaker Village Drive,Uxbridge,,Ontario,Canada,L9P 1 A2,905-852-9608 

Lee, Sean, A-1702 Booyoung Green Town 2nd.Mok 5-dong, Yangchun-gu,, Seoul, Korea, 158- 


Lee.Soung Hun.P.H. #206,5765 Yonge Street.North York,,Ontario,Canada,M2M 4H9.416.250.9207 

Lemieux-Reale, Justin, ,31 Tomlin Crescent.Richmond Hill, .Ontario, Canada, L4C 7T4. 905-884-0569 

Lennox,John-Ross„1060 Columbus Road, West,Brooklin„Ontaho,Canada,L1M 1P5.905-655-4231 

Lennox,Scott„1060 Columbus Road. West,Brooklin,,Ontario,Canada,L1M 1 P5.905-655-4231 

Leong,Luls„86 Paddock Lane,Markham„Ontario,Canada,L3P 7S2.905-305-9625 

Leslie,Jared„7 Bowes-Lyon Court,Markham,,Ontario,Canada,L6C 1E5.905-887-5691 

Leslie, Nick, .7 Bowes-Lyon Court, Markham, .Ontario. Canada, L6C 1E5.905-887-5691 

Leung,Derrick„1217-20 Harding Boulevard, West.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4C 9S4.905-508-9315 

Leung,Joseph„130 Silver Rose Crescent.Markham,,Ontario,Canada,L6C 1W8.905-887-1118 

Li,Ravel„179 Savage Road,Newmarket„Ontario,Canada,L3X 1R6.905-836-8118 

Lin,Brian,395 Ju-Ru 1st Rd, San-Ming Drst„Kachsiung City,„Taiwan R.O.C.,,886-7-386-3038 

Lin,Bryan„21 Foxmeadow Lane,Markham,,Ontario,Canada,L3R 8W2.905-305-1442 

Lin,Michael„30 Fraser Street,Thornhill„Ontario,Canada.L3T 5H6.905-709-0409 

Lin,Morgan,,30 Fraser Street,Thornhill„Ontario,Canada,L3T 5H6.905-709-0409 

Liu.Henry, C/O Mr. Peng Sheng Chou,5039 Finch Avenue East. Apt. # 1505.Scarborough,Ont,Ca,M1S 


Lo,Ryan„9 Ardwold Gate, Richmond Hill,,Ontario.Canada,L4B 2J9.905-883-1832 

Loor,Anatoly,304,175 Cedar Avenue.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4C 9V4, 



Lopez, Juan, Fuente del Anahuac #20,Lomas de las Palmas, Mexico,, Huixquilucan, Mexico. 
52760,011.525.291.5278 ^^^ 

Lopez de Silanes Albafull, Alejandro, .Bosque Guanabanos 106, Mexico D F 
05120,011.525.570.6575 jA 

Lorenzo, Diego,. Paseo de Los Laureles 101, Mexico, ,D.F„ Mexico, 11700.525. 570.6 
Lorriman, Bradley,, Box 839, Noblelon,. Ontario. Canada.LOG 1 NO 905-859-071 
Lowe,Colln„14 Simcoe Road, Kettleby, .Ontario, Canada.LOG 1J0, 906-939-7119 
Lucking, Eric, ,880 Tegal Place, Newmarket..Ontario.Canada L3X 1 L3,SOS.836.8727 
Lunan, Fraser,. 3 Apple Hill.Baie D'Urfe, Quebec, Canada. H9X 3G5 514-457-7836 
Lupo,Alessandro,,3 Georgette Street, Keswick, .Ontario, Canada, L4P 1L2 905-476-2972 
Luther, Ryan, ,83 Pine Street, Bridgewater. .Nova Scotla,Canada,B4V 1X4 902-543-8258 
Lyons,Justln„68 Asbury Park Court,Stouftville„Ontario,Canada,L4A 7H8.905-640-5835 
Maaskant, Levin, ,1 Manitou Drive, King City,, Ontario, Canada, L7B 1E7, 905-833-4478 
Maaskant,Thl)s„1 Manitou Drive.King City,,Ontario,Canada.L7B 1E7.905-833-4478 
Macdonald,Andrew„26 McRobert's Place,Aurora„Ontario, Canada. L4G 6X2.905-726-9766 
Maclver.Drewe.Maclver, Dodge. Jeep Ltd., 17615 Yonge St,Nmkt,On,Ca.L3Y 5H6.905-841 -7052 
MacKay,Colin„14 Burton Road, R.R. 1, Shanty Bay.,Ontario,Canada,L0L2L0,705 722 8042 
MacKay,Sandy,29 Mansfield Park Court, R.R. #4,Uxbridge.,Ontario,Can,L9P 1R4,905-985-1436 
MacKay,Scott„25 Tribbling Crescent,Aurora,,Ontaito,Canada,L4G 4W5.905 727 8100 
MacKenzie. Jonathan, .63 Willow Farm Lane, Aurora.,Ontario, Canada. L4G 6K2, 905-726-9078 
Man,Gerard,27A, Block 2,Cavendish Heights,33 Partible Rd„,,Hong Kong,, 852-2337-3583 
Manchee,Stuart„56 Fleury Street,Aurora„Ontario. Canada, L4G 1T9. 905-841-9212 
Manigat,Sebastien„798 Iroquois Drive, Cornwall, ,Ontario,Canada,K6H 5C5, 613-938-2669 
Mann,Alex,,174 Sherwood Place, Newmarket,, Ontario, Canada,L3Y 8E5. 905-853-3065 
Marek,Ryan„164 Covent Crescent,Aurora,,Ontano,Canada,L4G 6P9.905-727-4786 
Marien,Breen,.370 Alex Doner Drive, Newmarket. .Ontario, Canada, L3X 1E6, 905-895-1 929 
Marshall, Chris, .757 Quantra Crescent, Newmarket,. Ontario. Canada,L3X 1K5, 905-898-8565 
Marti,Pablo„Av. Mexico # 27-4 Condesa,Mexico,,D.F.,Mexico,06100, 525.286.7947 
Martin,Blake„4151 Ennisclare Drive. Box 4,Rockwood„Ontario,Canada,N0B 2K0.519-856-2999 
Mattucci,Rocco..9i Manitou Drive.King City,,Ontario,Canada.L7B 1E7. 905. 833.0657 
Maura. Alex., P. O Box EE15926. Nassau,. Bahamas, ,242-324-6184 
McBane,Patrick„R.R. #1, Little Current,,Ontario. Canada, POP 1K0.705-368-3118 
McCall,Brendan„4050 46A Street.Ladner,, British Columbia, Canada,V4K 3N2.604-940-0038 
McCartney, Karl, P.O. Box CB-11314,44 West Bay Street, Love 
Beach.Nassau... Bahamas. .242.327.3867/41 03 Mk 

McClelland,Peter„135 Dawlish Avenue, Aurora, Ontario,Canada,L4G 6R9.905.751.1305 
McCullough,Brendon,,22 Brookeview Drive, Aurora., Ontario, Canada, L4G 6N 1,905-71 3-3301 
McCullough, Clinton, ,22 Brookeview Drive, Aurora, .Ontario, Canada. L4G 6N1, 905-713-3301 
McDonald. Douglas.Box 325. .Gormley.. Ontario. Canada, L0H 1 GO, 905-888-0946 
McFarlane. Christopher, .5 Bluegrass Drive, Aurora,, Ontario, Canada,L4G 6W4, 905-727-8338 
McGill,Stephen„30 Wilkinson Place,Aurora,,Ontario.Canada,L4G 6K2,905-841-5407 
McGrath,Patrick„601 Dillon Court.North Platte, ,Nebraska,U.S.A.,69101.308-534-1087 
Mclntosh,Matt„52 Pringle Avenue.Markham, .Ontario.Canada, L3P 2P4.905-471-6766 
Mclntosh,Mlke„67 Willow Farm Lane,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6K2.905-841-4465 
McKay,Robert„4828 Livingston Street,Claremont„Qntario,Canada,L1Y 1A5,905-649-5438 
McLean, Roger,, P. O. Box 44, Main Street. Christiana,, Manchester. Jamaica., 876-964-2778 
McNabb,Alex„925 Tegal Place. Newmarket. .Ontario, Canada. L3X 1 K6 905-898-6243 
McNabb,David„106 Douglas Drive.Toronto,, Ontario, Canada,M4W 2B4.416 972 0287 
McNally,Brandon„P.O. Box 70,Gormley„Ontario,Canada,L0H 1G0.905-642-6236 
McNeil,Alexander„67 Yorkminster Road.North York„Ontario,Canada,M2P 1M4.416-226-4788 
Meneses, Luis, Monte de Tiribica #12,Jardlnes Montana, Mexico, .D.F.. Mexico. 14210. 525. 645. 3256 
Merchant.Tarek.Suite 1410,7825 Bayview Avenue,Thornhill„Ontario,Ca,L3T 7N2. 905-763-8281 
Middleton,Matthew„40 Bolton Drive,Uxbridge,.Ontario.Canada,L9P 1 W5.905-852-3053 
Mijares, Santiago, Bosque de Zapopan No. 29. La Herradura.Huixquih ^^.Edo de 
Mexico,Mexico,53920,525.294.1112 ^^^T 

Mlller,Jayson„18 Bovair Trail, Aurora., Ontario. Canada,L4G 7C8.905-726-1280 
Mlller,Jonathan„301 Blackburn Boulevard. Woodbridge, Ontario. Canada. L4L 8K4, 905-856-6561 
Miller. Ryan, .301 Blackburn Boulevard, Woodbridg8„Ofltario, Canada, L4L 8K4, 905-856-6561 
Milnes,Chris„320 Russell Hill Road,Toronto,,Ontarlo,Canada.M4V 2T8.416-483-9204 
Mllne8,Jonathan„320 Russell Hill Road,Toronto,.Ontario,Canada,M4V 2T8. 4 16-483-9204 
Mitchell,Matthew„252 Elman Crescent,Newmarket„Ontario,Canada,L3Y 7X4.905-895-9611 
Mitchell, Matthew., 32 Fairwood Drive, Keswick. Ontario.Canada L4P 3X6.905-476-9330 
Mok.Boris.Suite 1005,5795 Yonge Street.North York„Ontario.Canada.M2M 4J3.416-221-1648 
Mok,Devon„21 Heron Trail, R.R.# 3,Newmarket,, Ontario, Canada,L3Y 4W1 .905.707.2023 
Molina Davlla.David.Nubes # 233,Jardines del Pedregal.Mexico City,„Mexico,01900.5 652 15 70 
Morales, Diego, Arteaga y Salaza. .',' No. 800-3, Col. El 

contadero, Mexico, .D.F., Mexico, 05500,525.813.0167/3 ^^^^^ 

Morales, Manuel, Man riquedeZuniga#1 30, Lomas Virreyes, Mexico City, Mex. 11 000. 525-520-2130 

Moriarty.Leighton.,140 Rebecca Court, Maple, ,Oi 
Muir, Blake, .155 Burton Grove, King City, .Ontario. 
Mulock,WMI„178 Hillhurst Boulevard,Toronto„Ont 
Myers, Mitch, ,230 Elm Road, Toronto, .Ontario, Cam 
Natarajan,Vinu„7733 La Guardia Drive,Plano,TX,U' 
Nehaul, Jihad, 60 Harbin Alleyne, Sandy Lane, St. Jama*, 

anada,L6A 1Q2.905-737-20O3 
L7B 1C7.J0M33-0577 
nada,M5N 1P2.416-785-7919 
3T8.41 6-787-8729 iH 
125,972 618 8749 


Nel.Erlc Chwan-En„30 Ardwold Gate, Richmond Hill.. Ontario.Canada. L4B 2K2.905-508-5338 
Nesbltt,Mike„Am Tripser Waldchen 55,Keilenkirchen,„Germany.5251 1 .49 2451 92371 5 
Ng,Chartes,24B La Vogue Court, 29-31 Village Road.Happy Valley,,, Hong Kong.,852-2803-4482 
Ng,Ringo,12 Melchior Cres, Markham, .Ontario, Canada. L3R 8Z6. 905.944. 8537 
Ngal,Terry,#2206,18 Sommerset Way.North York.,Ontario.Canada.M2N 6X5.416-512-1601 
Nishioka.Shingo., 1-4-43 Suminoe,Suminoe-Ku. Osaka. Japan. 559-0004 06.6671 .4881 
Noble,Colin,,1 1 Long Valley Road. Aurora,. Ontario. Canada.L4G 6K8.905. 751. 1663 

Nowicki, Michael, ,18 Higginson Street, Markham, ,Ont; 
Nozuka. Justin, ,208 Riverside Drive, Toronto, .Ontarij 
Nozuka, Philip,. 208 Riverside Drive, Toronto, .Ontarj 
Nudds, David, ,1 Candac Valley Drive. Aurora,. Ont, 
O'Dwyer, Brendan. .55 Hillside Drive. Aurora, Onta 
Ojo,Ola,.16 Thompson Avenue, Ikoyi.P.O. Box 54! 
Olivar.Emilio.Sabinos 217 Col. Jurica.Queretaro.J 
Oosthuizen, Richard. 15800 Yonge 
Oram, David, .59 Glenridge Drive, Un 
Oram, Philip, ,59 Glenridge Drive, Uni 
Ortiz, Alejandro, Alpes 1 354, .Mexico, 
Parent, Adam, ,95 Burling Place, Newi 
Park,Jlnho,# 702.45 Kingsbridge Ga 

,L3P6G8 905-294-6613 
I6S4A9.41 6. 760.8560 
lda.M6S 4A9.41 6.760.8560 
nada,L4G 6W7.905-841-3448 
ada.L4G 6C9.905-727-1668 
lomo.Lagat, j*geria.. 234-1 -776-1 644 
lexico, 76100,01 1.52.442 180 448 

,urora.,Ontario.Canada,L4G 3H7 
. Ontario. Canada.L6C 1A2.905-887-9064 
Ontario. Canada.L6C 1 A2.905-887-9064 
.Ontario.Canada. L3Y 5W3, 905-895-4504 
Circle, Mississauga,, Ont. Ca,L4R 3K4 .905.502. 5093 
Park,Sang-Hyuk,#54,126 Belmont Drtve,London„Ontario.Canada.N6J 4W1. 519-690-0907 
Petropoulo8,Hamllton„35 Irvine Road,Toronto„Ontario,Canada,M1C 2K4.416 286 1906 
Poon,Wllson„79 Kingmount Cres Richmond Hill, .Ontario Canada, L4B 3X4.905.863.8S63 
Posa, Matthew., 225 Forest Ridge Road.RiC . 4E 3L8 905-770-7710 

Powell,Stewart„49 Chadburn Crescent.Auroi.i Ontario.Canada.L4G 4V8.90S.727.8686 
Prlebe,Bobby„205 Port St. Charles. St P«ter..Barbados..246-419-1205 

( ent.Auro 
s.St Pet, 


Pringle,Warren„596 Parkview Road,Ottawa,,Ontario,Canada,K1Z 6E5.61 3-722-8203 
Pryce,Steven„235 Rhodes Circle,Newmarket„Ontario,Canada,L3X 1V3.905-895-0621 
Radley-Smith, Oliver,, 104 Temperance Street, Aurora, .Ontario, Canada, L4G 2P8, 905.841. 1169 
Ramlochan.Jan Michael, ,233 Orchard Heights Boulevard, Aurora, .Ontario, Canada, L4G 5A5, 905-841 -71 1 
Ramlochan,Justin„233 Orchard Heights Boulevard,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 5A5,905-841-7110 
Rankin,Carroll„1216 White Pine Drive North, Eau Claire,WI,U.S.A.,54701,715 831 8614 
Ratansi,Adel„36 Ambleside Crescent,Markham,,Ontario,Canada,L3R 7T2,905-940-8435 
Ratansi, Faisal, ,36 Ambleside Crescent, Markham,, Ontario, Canada, L3R 7T2, 905-940-8435 
Reid,Michael„416 Keith Avenue,Newmarket„Ontario,Canada,L3X 1T9.905-836-2867 
Reininger, Richard, ,929 Southwind Court, Newmarket,, Ontario, Canada, L3Y 6J1, 905-895-2757 
Reynoso Malvido,Diego,GarciaGuerra 135, Col. LomasVirreyes, Mexico, ,D,F., Mexico, 11 000, 52.5202.791 5 
Robinson,Mark,St. Andrew's,62A Ord Road.Paget PG03,„Bermuda„441-236-1880 
Robinson. Simon. 10 Ardill Crescent, Aurora, .Ontario, Canada, L4G 5S4, 905-727-2628 
Rosenberg,Eitan„10 Mallingham Court.North York,,Ontario, Canada, M2N 6G4.416-225-9779 
Ross.Dumani. 41 Lorraine Gardens, Etobicoke,, Ontario, Canada, M9B 427,416-239-7257 
Ross,Jordan„12 Carlyle Crescent,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6P6.905-841-3273 
Ross,Paul„12 Carlyle Crescent,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6P6.905-841-3273 
Rothwell,Joseph„26 Wrenwood Court,Unionville,,Ontario,Canada,L3R 6H6.905-479-9520 
Rothwell,Nathan„26 Wrenwood Court,Unionville,,Ontario,Canada,L3R 6H6.905-479-9520 
Rourke,Adam„5 Banbury Court,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 3M8.905-713-3070 
Rubli Ornelas, Adrian, .Grullas 30 Lomas de las Aguilas, Mexico City,, .Mexico, 01730. 525 635 2881 
Ruggier. Simon. ,40 Jaimie Road, Thornhill,, Ontario, Canada, L4J 6A4 ,905-660-41 02 
Ryazanov,Alex„14 Berkindale Drive.North York„Ontario,Canada.M2L 1Z5.416-444-8484 
Rykov,Pavel„St. Stzoitelei 4A-13,Khimki„, 141400 Russia,,095 575 2182 
Rykov,Stephan„St. Stzoitelei 4A-13,Khimki, ,,141400 Russia.,095 575 2182 

Ryu,Eugene,Shin-an Apt 1 706 Dong 101 Ho.Moonchon Maeul.Chu Yop-Dong, llsan-ku, Koyang-si.Kyunggi- 
do,411-370 Korea, ,82-31-916-7830 B^^^^^^ 

Sacher,Dominic,"Relando", 17A South Road.Sandy Lane Estate.St. James,, .Barbados.. 246-432-1288 
Salas.Jose.Callejon los Ayala #450„Garza Garcia„Nuevo Leon, Mexico.66220, 528.338.2743 
Saleem,Zoheb„P.O. Box 4604„Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates„971 -2-79-2224/5 
Salomon,Adam,,24 Whitfield Court,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 5L7.905-727-2646 
Samson-Doel,Erie„9 Willett Crescent.Richmond Hill,,Ontario,Canada,L4C 7W4,905-770-5361 
Samson-Doel,Patrick„9 Willett Crescent.Richmond Hill,.Ontario,Canada,L4C 7W4, 905-770-5361 
Samson-Doel,William,,9 Willett Crescent.Richmond Hill,,Ontario,Canada,L4C 7W4.905-770-5361 
Sanders,Pablo„545 Tugwell Place, Newmarket„Ontario,Canada,L3Y 8S5,905-853-4416 
Scott,Corey„156 Elman Crescent.Newmarket,, Ontario, Canada, L3Y 7X1,905.853.1515 
Scott,Jamie,"Kilconquhar",PO Box N7776, Lyford Cay, Nassau,,, Bahamas„242-362-5327/8 
Sequeira,Ryan„3280 Barchester Court,Mississauga„Ontario,Canada,L5L 5Z1,905.820.3608or1253 
Seymour,Jeff„16 Aim Court,Aurora,,Ontario,Canada,L4G 6W7.905.841 .0677 
Sham,Alex„1753 Maple Ridge Drive,Mississauga„Ontario,Canada,L4W 2B5.905-625-1389 
Sherry,Craig„111 Thompson Drive.Holland Landing„Ontaho,Canada,L9N 1E2.905 836 7381 
Si,George„43 Claxton Road,Markham„Ontario,Canada,L3P 6R8.905-472-9345 
Si,Jonathan„43 Claxton Road,Markham„Ontario,Canada,L3P 6R8.905-472-9345 
Siddiqui,Sohaib„8 Perivale Gdns,Aurora,Ontario,Canada,L4G 7P6.905.727.2541 
Simmons,Scott„1 Watlington Lane.Devonshire DV06,, Bermuda,, 441-236-71 16 
Simpson,Christopher„5 Woodside Court,Markham,,Ontario,Canada,L3P 2J7,905.294.7648 
Simpson,Christopher„18 Sir Gawaine Place, Markham, ,Ontario,Canada,L3P 3A2.905.471.4968 
Skolnick,Gavin,"Tropic Winds" Easter Road, P.O. Box N1696, Nassau N. P. ,„ Bahamas,, 242-324-1556 
Smith.Austin.Site 4, Box C-1.R.R. #3,Shanty Bay,,Ontario, Canada, LOL 2L0. 
Smith,Brad„54 Quarry Point,Hudson,,Quebec,Canada,JOP 1H0.450-458-2113 
Smith,Jay„242 Kemano Road,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 4Y5.905-841-5510 
Smith,Malek„53 Treegrove Circle,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6M2, 905.841 .9069 
Smith.Tyler.Site 4, Box C-1.R.R. #3,Shanty Bay,,Ontario,Canada,LOL2LO, 
Sodonis,Erik„137 Burton Grove, King City„Ontario,Canada,L7B 107,905-833-5364 
Sondhi,Ankush,7030 Woodbine Avenue.Suite 500,Markham,,Ontario,Canada,L3R 6G2.905-841-0502 
Springer,Jeremy„131 Manitou Drive.King City,,Ontario,Canada,L7B 1E7.905-833-0689 
Steeves,Andrew„30 Catherine Avenue, Aurora„Ontario, Canada, L4G 1K5, 905-841-6497 
Steeves,Kyle„30 Catherine Avenue,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 1K5.905-841-6497 
Stewart.Dana.P.O. Box N682,Oakhill Road, Nassau,, .Bahamas,, 242.327.7559 
Stock,Darryl„34 Elda Court,Sharon„Ontario, Canada.LOG 1V0, 905-478-8454 
Stock,Graydon„34 Elda Court,Sharon„Ontario,Canada,L0G 1V0.905-478-8454 
Stock,Jarryd„34 Elda Court,Sharon,,Ontario,Canada,L0G 1V0.905-478-8454 
Stoikos,Daniel„603 Culler Mews,Newmarket,,Ontario, Canada, L3X 1V8,905-895-4222 
Stoneman,John„306 Inglewood Drive,Toronto„Ontario,Canada,M4T 1J5.416 483 7897 
Suddaby,J.P.„42 Long Valley Road,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6K8.905-841-4113 
Suddaby,Matthew„42 Long Valley Road,Aurora,,Ontario,Canada,L4G 6K8.905-841-4113 
Sunderani,Michael„56 Briarwood,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 2X2,905-940-0855 
Su-Wu,Sterling„36 Oakhaven Drive.Scarborough,, Ontario, Canada,M1V 1X9,416-754-2770 
Sweeting,Lennon„48 Angus Glen Boulevard, Markham„Ontario,Canada.L6C 1 Z3.905-887-3279 
Swenker,Erie„9 Leighland Drive,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 7R4.905-479-1262 
Tam,Kenneth„79 Hillhurst Drive.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada.L4B 3C4.905-737-5789 
Tanadi.Jesen.Dharma Husada Indah III, No. 56-58 (Block D-250). Surabaya, .East Java, Indonesia. ,62-31- 

Tang,Alexander„23 Artinger Court,Don Mills„Ontario,Canada,M3B 1J9, 416-391-41 12 
Tang,Frederick„23 Artinger Court.Don Mills„Ontario,Canada,M3B 1J9.416-391-4112 
Tanton,Alexander„10 Callwood Court,Sharon„Ontario,Canada,L0G 1V0.905-953-0100 
Teja,Jalil„203 Boake Trail.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4B 3Z6,905-883-3433 
Thompson,Graham„39 Steele Valley Road,Thornhill„Ontaho,Canada,L3T 1M2.905-886-6976 
Thompson,Stephen„39 Steele Valley Road,Thornhill„Ontario,Canada,L3T 1 M2.905-886-6976 
Thomson,Perry„18 Hilltop Boulevard,Gormley,,Ontario,Canada,L0H 1G0,905 841 4497 
Thwaites.Timothy,, 10 Taylor Drive.Kingston 6,„Jamaica„876-977-1290 
Tiller,Wesley„2 Dol Terrace,Aurora,,Ontario,Canada,L4G 6X2.905-726-4245 
Tinajero,Ricardo„Porfirio Diaz 83,Mexico,,D.F.,Mexico,1 0200.525.595.30.46 
Tolani,Gautam,5 Paradise Crescent, P.O. Box 1119Montego Bay. Jamaica, .876-952-5559 
Tolani,Sanjay,5 Paradise Crescent.P.O. Box 1119,Montego Bay, Jamaica, .876-952-5559 
Tomory.Dennis.,14628 Hwy 48, R.R. 2,Stouffville„Ontario,Canada,L4A 7X3,905 640 3755 
Toms,Derek„75 Willis Drive,Aurora,,Ontario,Canada,L4G 7M4.905-727-5771 
Townsend, Brandon, .1389 Rougemount Drive, Pickering, .Ontario, Canada, L1V 1N2, 905-509-261 2 
Tozzi,Eric„56 Offord Crescent,Aurora,,Ontario,Canada,L4G 3G8.905-726-4116 
Tozzi,Jonathan„56 Offord Crescent,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 3G8.905-726-4116 
Trimarchi,Giancarlo„28 Balmoral Heights,Queensville„Ontario,Canada,L0G 1 R0.905-478-2441 
Tripodi,Thomas„271 Ridge Road.Aurora,, Ontario, Canada,L4G 3G8.905-71 3-2832 
Trott,David„7 Heatherfield Lane,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6K 1,905-726-4407 
Tsai,Jay„c/o 23 Aldershot Crescent, North York, .Ontario, Canada, M2P 1L7, 
Tsai,Paul„31 Foxmeadow Lane,Markham„Ontario,Canada,L3R 8W2.905-51 3-8089 
Tse,Bosco„861 Wildrush Place,Newmarket,,Ontario, Canada, L3X 1L7.905-895-6670 
Tsioros,Nicolaos„40 Montrose Crescent,Unionville,,Ontario.Canada,L3R 7Z5.905-477-5399 
Tsui,Micky„25 Eastgate Crescent.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4B 3G5.905-737-2211 
Tung,Raymond„2 Deer Run Court, Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4E 3M1.905-737-1045 
Tzimas,Michael„26 Sandfield Drive,Aurora,,Ontario, Canada, L4G 6R7, 905-71 3-0808 
Udashkin,Ben„48 Brule Trail, Kettleby„Ontario,Canada,L0G 1J0.905-939-7621 

Uribe, Jose, Los Arcos #40,Fracc. Los Arcos.San Carlos, Nueva Guaymas,,Guaymas. 
Velji-Pirani,Zameer„1 Cityview Circle,Barrie,,Ontario,Canada,L4N 7V2.705-733-5243 

Vogt,Tyron„Chauffaud 1,Le Prevoux„Neuchatel,Switzerland,2400.032 931 7742 
Von Diergardt,Daniel,6760 Owen Road, R.R. #1,Uxbridge,,Ontario,Canada,L9P 1R1, 905-852-3611 
Wade,Alex„233 4th Street "A" East.Owen Sound, .Ontario.Canada.N4K 1B8.51 9-376-8610 
Wakefield, Andrew, .5 Burr Crescent, Unionville,, Ontario, Canada, L3R 9B8, 905-470-1 554 
Walker,Jamie„1 McClellan Way,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 5T7.905-841-7355 
Walker.Taylor.Suite 206,2 Alexandra Blvd,Toronto„Ontario,Canada,M4R 1L7.416-781-7156 
Wan,Peter,#606,28 Pemberton Avenue.North York„Ontario,Canada,M2M 4L1, 416.590.0233 
Wang,David„6 Moorgate Court.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4B 3W7.905-883-6955 
Weedon,Nicholas„198 Orchard Heights Blvd.,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 4A8.905-727-0517 
Wells,Kris„Oak Hill Road, P.O. Box CB 13957, Nassau N.P.,8ahamas,,242-327-4792 
Whiteland,Matthew„P.O. Box S.S. 6296.Nassau„Bahamas„242 364 6550 
Williams,Jeffrey„16139 Halpren Falls Lane,Cypress,Texas,U.S.A., 77429, 36 
Willmot.Gregory.Kinghaven Farm.4305 King Road.King City„Ontario,Canada,L7B 1 K4.905-833-0845 
Willson,McKenzie„17 Cardinal Crescent,Midhurst„Ontario,Canada,L0L 1X1,705 739 4149 
Wilson,Jason„15 McKay Crescent,Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 3M7,905-475-7148 
Wilson,Kevin„19 Heatherfield Lane,Aurora„Ontario,Canada,L4G 6K 1,905-727-9307 
Wong, Arthur,, 11 John Button Boulevard, Unionville„Ontario,Canada,L3R 8Z8.905-477-7664 
Wong.Canning.Flat D, 10th Fl, Block I.Baldwin Crt, 154-164 Argyle St.Kowloon.Hong Kong, ,852- 

Wong,Dennis,Blk. M, Rm. 501,Kornhill,Quarry Bay,„Hong Kong.,852-2568-8478 
Wong,Dennis,Flat B, 5/F Block 1,Chi Fu Fa Yuen.Pok Fulam,,Hong Kong.,852-2870-2719 
Wong,Justin,,10 Rosewood Court,Gormley„Ontaho,Canada,L0H 1G0.905-841-7928 
Wong,Peter,Flat E, 2/F, Albion Gardens, 17-21 La Salle Rd, Kowloon Tong,Kowloon,Hong Kg, 852- 

Wong, Ryan, Room 724, Azalea House, So-Uk Estate, Kowloon,,, Hong Kong, ,852-2387-1 660 
Wong,Vincent„97 Springbrook Drive.Richmond Hill„Ontario, Canada, L4B 3P9,905 771 8292 
Woodcock,David,,9 Rosegarden Crescent.Richmond Hill, .Ontario, Canada, L4E 2P1, 905-773-2775 
Wright,lan„309 Clarendon Street,Southampton„Ontario,Canada,N0H 2L0.519 797 5018 
Wu,Adrian„1 1 Granada Court,Thomhill,,Ontario,Canada,L3T 4V3, 905-707-1831 
Yau,Clement„1 Loring Crescent,Unionville,,Ontario,Canada,L3R 0G2, 905-51 3-7302 
Yeung,Kent,13D Helena Garden, 263 Prince Edward Road,Kowloon,„Hong Kong, ,852.271 .4540 
Yip,Matthew,Block 10, 11/FI., Flat C, Royal Ascot,Shatin,„Hong Kong, ,852-2645-0632 
Yoon,Michael„32 Baynards Lane.Richmond Hill,,Ontario,Canada,L4C 9B5.905 884 6861 
Yoon,Sang-Chul, #106, 1503 Yucksam Lucky Apt. ,963 Dokokdong, Gangnamgu, Seoul,, South Ko- 
rea, 135-270,822 3462 4849 

Yoon,Sang-Ho,#1 06, 1 503 Yucksam Lucky Apt., 963 Dokokdong, Gangnamgu, Seoul,, South Korea, 1 35- 
270,822 3462 4849 

Young,Chris„14 Maryvale Crescent.Richmond Hill„Ontario,Canada,L4C 6P8,905.886.5186 
Yu.Joon Hee,#1509,18 Sommerset Way.North York„Ontario, Canada, M2N 6X5,416.733.3211 
Yuen.Kenny.Suite 605,20 Harding Boulevard, Richmond Hill,,Ontario, Canada, L4C 9S4.905-883-6225 
Yule,Chris„R.R. 1, Erin,, Ontario, Canada.NOB 1T0.519 855 6356 
Zack,Brendan„37 Willow Farm Lane,Aurora,,Ontario,Canada,L4G 6K1, 905-726-1920 
Zhou, David, Suite 1606,228 Bonis Avenue, Scarborough, .Ontario, Canada, M1T 3W4, 41 6-299-5550 
Zoratto,Adam„65 Chadwick Crescent.Richmond Hill„Ontaho,Canada.L4B 2W1, 905-770-1 585 
Zoratto,Luc„65 Chadwick Crescent.Richmond Hill, .Ontario, Canada, L4B 2W1, 905-770-1 585 

SAC would like to say so long to Mr. 
James Livingston and Mr. Barry 
Davies who subbed in for Mrs. Berman 
for much of this year. Well done gents! 
We also say so long to Mr. Martin 
Duguay who returns to South Korea to 
continue his education and David 
Adolphson, one of our physiotherapists 
who will be missed in Mac House and on 
the playing fields. Hope you all gained 
from your experience being at St. 
Andrew's as much as the students who 
were in contact with you on a daily basis 
did. Good Luck, we all wish you well! 




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