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The Staff 6 

The Prefects 1 8 

Fall Term 20 

Leadership Camp 
Terry Fox Run 
Cross Country Run 
Remembrance Day 
Middle School Arts 


Fall Sports 

Cross Country 



Winter Term 64 

St. Andrew's Day 

Carol Service 
Middle School Arts 


Ski Day 

Semi Formal 
Language Festival 
Chekov Plays 
Staff Student B-Ball 

Cadet Awards 

Winter Sports 86 






Intramural B-Ball 


Spring Term 112 

New York Model 
United Nations 

Music Trip to 

Cadets in Concert 

Church Parade 


Cadet Inspection 


Cadet Formal 

Spring Sports 


Track and Field 




Table Tennis 






Grade 11 
Grade 10 
Grade 9 
Grade 8 
Grade 7 
Grade 6 





Duke of 

Music / Bands 











Prize Day 




-"aSobean * 



in early 
September 2002, we 
opened St. Andrew's 
College's 104 th school 
year in the Ketchum 
Auditorium with a m 
packed student assembly 
of 548 boys. The year 
was to be uniquely 
challenging for severa 
reasons; the double 
graduating Class of 
2003; the largest student 
enrollment in the school's 
history; the Campus L 

Master Plan construction L 
projects, portable classrooms, 
and the launch of the wireless f^, 
laptop program. ( faculty only in ^ 
2002/03 ) 

Appropriately, the Prefects chose the 
theme of "Spirit" for the school year, a trait 
that is in abundance at S.A.C. Often defined as " the 

vital essence or animating force in man ", and associated with vivacity or energy, the term describes 
state of mind or mood. It is often connected with loyalty or devotion - in this case to the school. 
School "Spirit" was particularly evident at this year's Homecoming, Terry Fox Run, MacPherson 
Hockey Tournament, "Oklahoma", special Tuesday Chapel services, spirit days, sports events, and 
Focus. The school colours of red & white were proudly displayed at school and community events. 
In spite of operating in cramped and noisy quarters, through a brutally cold and long winter, SAC 
)irit prevailed. The pictures and stories that follow are testimonials to a great year! 

fed Staunton, Headmaster 02/03/03 


ski stuff 

- spring torn spats 


- - *$> 


ptxrect crest dnd tic - masters 

p&nt brusnes 








^r publication 
/77 anm JMs ide. I 
ind e 
J what, 
, more thafi ever ph 
and staff who prov, 
nd the dedicatei ' 






\Qings, Chris Brom 
r assd Erik Bornstein ne 
y here are alway&misi 
his publi' 


;^9i;: *''/S"Ml 
• w. . . ^. .w -C- . .^^^c^^ ^/. ^>^. ^ww^l/u. y~i. . <_* 

• >.u <^ ; ^^- ^•a . <^. . .^ a. . ^ .1/ — \^ — ... i.^.^ 


*ions course - TGJ3M-0 1 - created most of 
f the special events pages as well. Cody 
y Reininger, J. P. Suddaby, Alex McNabb, 
e singled out for their contribution. While 
th a project like this, (please be forgiving) 
lects the school year as it was - one of 


The Staff & 



Mr. Michael Hanson 
Director of Middleschool 

>-.^ ,- 


Mr. Greg Reid 
Director of Athletics 






V irs.Gayle Petri 

Executive Assistant Director of 


Director of 








Mr. Kevin 


Director ol 






Struan Robertsor 
ffJIrector of 

\ » 

Mr. John Walden 
Assistant Headmaster 


Mr. Ted Staunton 


Mrs. Beth McKay 

Director of Fin^fce and Operations 





f * * 




Business Office 


Melissa Auger 

?+ & 



ien Kitagawa «!•*. 
imager Science 

David Stc- 


use Master 

I Smithi] 




Steve Rui 

nirector l)f Inforinat 







Mark Service 
2 Economics 





Ramsey Housemaste 


Mail; 1 ? 

d Galajda 





n*^_ h* ^^B 

mM'^ift 1 tmiii 





Stephen Treasu; 
Social Studies 

hw m Kowaltschuk 

lence, Geography, 

Jon But* 

t< K 

Courtenay Shrimp 


House Housemaster 

i m ■ 

Grady Robsoi 
Head of En 

\ Social S||ences 

"ead of Visual Arts 

/ - 

Marcel Te Bokl 








^ ^ 


4 A. ji 

cr * 




Amanda Thorne^ 
Science ^B 

_ ■HB*^^ 


^^^a ^^ 

i Chasson 

Head ofyMusic 


.ian McGue 

:■ " 



Lisa Picerno 
Head of Modern 

I.. S«n^ 


Jt ! 

Rob Giel 

Roffey • 


, '<H.'<:"' 1 


Diane Austin 
Social Sciences .. 



Marke Jones 
Head of Science 






William Scoujar 
Hea$rOf Drama 

Stephen Kisaperer 
Visual Se M$_dta Artt 
Laidlaw Ho/psemaster 

Tony Myrans 

Head, of Social Sciences 

Science and Phys-Ed 
Macdonald Assistant 

Bob Pe: 
Head o: 


Al Dunford 


MS Vim 

Alyson Carpenter 


■ k ^ 

'v r>* 

r endy Pries 
ommunity Servic 

' » 

Michael Ruscitti 
MS Mathematics 

fetoan Perrier 
3fcs Phys-Ed 
Athletic Store 
Assistant Memorial 


V* \ 

M>& Hlipi9£l- 


David Kyle 

MS English &? Science 

* ?~ # 



Andrew Douglas, Mervyn Frame, Drewe Maclver, Scott Lennox, Nicholas Dadson. Michael Lin, David 
Woodcock, Nathan Rothwell, Adam Parent, Jason Lau, Jarryd Stock, Collin Collins, John Housser, 
Joseph Rothwell, J. P. Suddaby, Patrick McGrath, Dave Banwell, Matt Mitchell, Hugh Dowell, Adam 
Hoffman mn n i — — — B— m J|M 

lis is was a challenging school year, with two graduating classes, construction, and various changes around the \ 
school. This year's Prefects managed to overome such challenges and live up to the years theme: Spirit. It was a truly\ 
unique year in St. Andrew's College history, with the most amount of prefects ever - twenty. This year's prefects used thei\ 
large numbers to their advantage, organizing events on a grander scale than previous years. They were busy throughout the\ 
entire year, planning events such as Homecoming, semi-formals, Spirit Week, Mayfest, the Associate Press Club outings,, 
and the Cadet Formal. The bar was raised considerably as well in their t-shirt production, and a new Grads' Common Room / 
was also created for the graduates of the double cohort. Spirit Week, another new introduction to the school, raised / 
eyebrows and brought smiles to the faces of the students with the theme of the week: Streaking. / 

In conclusion, 2002-03 was a succesful year for the school and its prefect body. The Prefects would like . 
to thank all those who aided us in our endavours throughout the year. Special thanks should go out to: > 
Mr. Staunton, Mr. Josselyn, Mrs. Petri, Mrs. Perrier, Mr. Hillick, the Kitchen Staff, the Janitorial staff, Mr. / 
Dawson, Mr. Shrimpton, the parents, and the graduating class for their continuous support. Thank you / 
for a great year. To the Prefects of next year: Good luck, and take care of our school! \. ) 

- Mike Lin & Nick Dadson \ 


Sor two days the graduating class of 
2003 headed off to Camp Robin 
Hood to develop and build 
leadership skills and potential 
amongst each other as well as a 
sense of trust with their fellow classmates. 

Through out the day a group of eleven students 
or so, led by one of our 2003 Prefects would 
rotate between different activities all aimed at 
teaching and extracting different leadership 
skills. Each group would work together as a 
team to complete ataskor challenge presented 
to them. In order to complete these challenges 
all members of the team had to get involved 
and each member was encouraged to develop 
their own leadership potential. 

On top of group activities there was also a 
chance to go swimming and watch as guy's 
flipped and twisted off the super springy diving 
board, play Frisbee, try archery, rock climb on 
an indoor wall and enjoy lunch and a show 
while a crazy few went up on stage and sang 
along to the music. 

These two days were a great way to start the 
year, make some new friends and spend time 
with old ones. We were also able to meet some 
of the new boys and introduce them to the 
graduating class of 2003, who will become the 
potential leaders of tomorrow. 



%*& &£' 

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as 5 * "jfl 




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Etc IB 








. i ^A| 



l J 


^ P 

>. -a 



1- ^ i 1 

r -< i 


' MP 




.* --< — 1 

• '■'L\'' , - ! '- c ' 1 


V.-' { :: ] 

• I ' 1 

' * . - .-* -V 'A 


■m Events Fall Tej 

Terry Fox Pun 

3rd Annual Terry Fox Run - On a drizzly day on September 29th, St. 
Andrew's College took place in it's 3rd Annual Terry Fox Run for 
cancer research, organised by the Outreach Committee. Although the 
weather was tough, all of the staff and students showed tremendous spirit 
throughout the race. Everyone raised pledges and ran for a worthy cause 
sporting the red and white school colours. Overall, the school raised 
approximately $8000 for the cause. Thanks is extended to everyone 
involved from the Terry Fox Foundation. 

-Outreach Committee 

•m Events Fall Term Event's Fall Term Event's Fall Term Event's Fall Te 

vii ** "" ^HHlPfc 

Bi - !■ Il 



' .y _ ■ <■ * v 

. .«•' 

\ fat l af 

ES*1 ' 'if «* s * 

,> • 1 

'ents Fall Term Events! 

I / 





?**** ' 



Talking on the lower fields prior to my 12:30 kick off, I came across two older gentlemen 
name tags. Forgive me, for at this point in time I cannot recollect what was written on the tl 
It I can remember what they said. "Nice legs son. What team is fortunate enough to wear kill 
ich a fine morning?" He was right you know, it was a fine morning. The forecast had been 
>ut in contrast to the weather man's opinion the day was crisp and comfortable. You could 
^victory everywhere. "First Soccer Sir. We've got a game today against De La Salle. The kilts arj 
show." "I see you're a Prefect as well. I don't suppose you still have a cane. He turned 
companion. "Remember Bill. Remember back in '58 when we had the power. We used to ski] 
of class 'cause nobody cared about us Prefects. I used to find kids who were messin' about 
of line and give 'em hell." If it wasn't for Mr. Scoular's book Not an Ordinary Place I woul 
thought these two guys had lost their marbles. That was just it though. This was what HomecomH 
was all about. Old boys coming back and reliving their St. Andrew's career through us current] 
students. These two gentlemen from the class of '58, who had maintained their friendship to the 
current day, became school chums once again thanks to Homecoming 2002. J.P. Suddaby 

Kail Term Events Fall Term Events Fall Term Events Fall Term Events 

Fall Events Fall Events Fall Events Fall Events Fall Events Fall Event 


ifall Events Fall Events Fall Event 

99 th Annual 

t ^* * ' 

As a time honoured tradition since 1903, 
the Cross Country Run at St. Andrew's 
has allowed students to show their school 
spirit as they cover a grueling 2.0/3. 5km 
run only to be rewarded by a four day 
break and a well deserved 
Thanksgiving dinner. Although chilly, 
this year had perfect conditions for the 
race, and proved to be exciting for the 
record number of students (and 
staff) who participated. 
Congratulations to all ! 






Upper School 

Smith House (Chattan Clan) - 933 Points 
Laidlaw House (Robertson Clan) - 888 Points 
Ramsey House (Ramsey Clan) - 841 Points 
Memorial House (Buchanan Clan) - 765 Points 
Sifton House (Stewart Clan) - 738 Points 
Flavelle House (MacPherson Clan) - 617 Points 

Middle School 

Wallace Clan (785 Points) 
Douglas Clan (780 Points) 
Montrose Clan (726 Points) 
Bruce Clan (650 Points) 

11 Term Event's Fall Term Event's Fall Term Event's Fall Term Event's Fall r 




MS Winners 

Jason Wilson (Wallace) 
Diego Morales (Douglas) 
Phillip Nozuka (Montrose) 

US Winners 

Gordon Hunter (MacPherson) 
Bradley Downey (McPherson) 
Geoff Delean (Stewart) 

vents Fall Term Event's Fall Term Event's Fall Term Event's Fall Ter. 


ents Fall Term 


9 / 1 


3& ~' 

I .' i I ID — 



6 - 

a \ 

/ * \ 

At a place that's as busy as St.Andrew's College, it isn't often 
hat we have a chance to stop and reflect. However, twice 
this year the school took a break to remember those that have lost 
their lives. On Remembrance Day a special chapel ceremony 
was held to think back on the Andreans that made the ultimate 
sacrifice to secure freedom in World Wars I and II. As well, a 
Prayer Circle was held with the entire St.Andrew's community 
to recall the tragic events of the September l I th attacks on their 
one year anniversary. Students and teachers alike found solace 
in the coming together of the school. - Alex McNabb 

School Arts Day 

November 13, 2002 









• ■■~>&€P&* 

: *1 

The Middle School students were involved| 
in an Arts Day on November 13, 2002 when visiting artists 
came to the school and taught the boys various different mediums 
and techniques. It was an exciting day for all 
with activities ranging from clay sculpture to 
digital photography to watercolour painting. 
It was an extremely successful event and we 
hope to make it a tradition at the school. The 
boy's favorite activity was the "Messy Hands" 
art bus! 


The pictures on this pa^ 
November. They refle 

during the first term in early 
f construction at that time. 

Looking into what will be the new gallery. 

The first steel support that 
went up during the 
construction of the new 
double gym. 



Fall Term Event's Fall Term Event's Fall Term Events Fall Term Events Fall Te 




At this point the foundation has been laid for the new middle school. 

11 Term Events Fall Term Ever\te. 

venfts Fall Term B/ente 

College. People think tha 
can't be very good. What Will 
our school is ta" J 
i transformed then 
students who get in 
the talent that lies 

"- aflA hisnnnessional team of musicians and 


._ done at 
ol students and 
-g actors. Most 

fin IW^IRT j i L 

WWJOJWH nramTjjaTCgmiijgi — 

With all this said. I spent about 30 hours a week for 

A lot of people asked me why I was involved in the ten weeks just to be in 3 scenes. I go to school, I go play 

/^production of Oklahoma. My response never wavered soccer or hockey, and then I go to play practice until 

-It was my last chance. The last kick at the can. The last time 10:00pm (sometimes later). Why would I do this? I love 

I would work on a professional production at St. Andrew's acting. I love the idea of transforming into somebody else 


I M 

\ i 


j i i 



.ittle bit 

I'lie cas. 





ept away toanimaginnrv place, 
as one of a kind. Mr. Sconlar 

> kW ■* 


out all of the stops and found an extraordinary 
s to play the role of Laurie. Jarryd Stock mastered 
tie of Curly and became the backbone of the 
•tion. He was in almost every scene singin ■ 

1 Manche 

played the us of the 

role of Judd and created one oi'themostc^Wfeing characters 

that touched UicWTOicikv 
them back in timlto a place \ .. 
world was a simple place. On a certr 
lev el, the production parallels all o\' t 
ihinns that are current!} going on in the 
. It is a special plav that reminds 
important things in life. An 
ramatic production is a 



worthwhde experience that I would 
Ive ever scene. Peggy Reininger was once again an intricate r 

BB : . B ., , ■ .. „ ~ recommend to any up and coming 

partofthecostumeselection,tailonng,andorganisation. On ... Article by 

top of that she was a principle character in the production. n r ' s - ^ Suddaby 

/"^\n the field at one point this year we had won 16 straight football 

V^/ games without a loss and were 26 wins 4 losses and 1 tie over the 

previous four years. We have won Championships and had our share 

of tough losses. jM 

More then the success on the field, football had played a very key role 

in the development of character, leadership, spirit and heart. These are 

some of the most cherished qualities as young men attempt to achieve 

the greatest of all compliments that of being considered the ideal 

Andrean. The coaches are very pleased that beyond the many wins and 

few losses contributing to the development of "The Complete Man" Is 

Still our central goal. 

We began in training camp and the 

boys demonstrated that above all 

else on team was going to out work 

this group of young men . 

In our first HUGE test after only 

nine practices we went to Cincinnati 

to play a team one month and four 

weeks into their season. After getti ng 

down early, and I might add often, 

we showed tremendous commitment 

and resolve to not give up and we 

scrapped through the final half with 

our heads held high. 

In the regular season the highlights were 

Demolishing UCC 31-13 and having a very easy time of it. The defence 

holding, according to the Toronto Star, 
"The best Running Back in Ontario" to 
negative yardage. 

Week two was homecoming and the De 

La Salle a very tough battle and a great 

overtime victory of 38-24. Highlights of 

this game were Chris MacFarlane's three 

touchdowns, Jordan Ross's Huge hit on 

the De La Salle Fullbackand Jeff Johnstone 

emerging from out of the shadow of 

Michael Faulds to throw for over 400 

'yards and four touchdown passes. 


psided victories over Ridley and TCS 
and a restlessness among 
the team because things 
were getting too easy. In 
each of those games we 
were up by 21 or more 
points at the half. 
The semi-finals saw a 
return of the enthusiasm 
and energy of seasons 
past and we played some 
of our best football 
Ridley 49-7. 

The finals arrived and confidence 
was high. It is a game that graduating 
players will want to forget, one of 
those games you replay in your head 
a thousand times. In the end we 
simply didn't make the plays 
necessary to win and we went down 
to defeat 14-12. 

When teams get accustomed to 
winning, losses of this nature take a 
huge toll, but it is only because of the 
great success that this program has 
enjoyed that a loss like this stings so 

Overall the team committed itself 
physically, grew as a football team 
and learned some very difficult 
lessons about integrity and being true 
to the most important thing: Commitment to the concept of team. 
Mr.C. Shrimpton Esq. 

1st Football 



\IISports FallSports FallSports FallSports FallSports FallSpo 

**,« Mh % n ft im ? Vfi m/i 

Back Row: Daniel Von Diergardt, Colin Lowe, James Chiang, Egor Garanine, Louis-David Lord, Nick Sachewsky, Matthew Gnyp, Sandy MacKay, 

Brandon McNally, David McNabb, Brandon Hussey. 

Third Row: Mr. B. Kitagawa Esq., Mr. G. Shields Esq., Billy Burke, Patrick Garneau, Richard Colton, Brody LaBuick, Adam Ford, Sean O'Donnel, 

Andrew Brankley, Anthony Greco, Vince De Civita, Andrew Wakefeild, Mr. S. Rush Esq., Mr. C. Shrimpton Esq. 

Second Row: Sang -Chui Yoon, Jordan Ross, Kyle Steeves, Michael Bottomley, Jean-Simon Bourque, Eric Davies, Sebastien Manigat, Nathan Rothwell, 

Eric Samson-Doel, Jeffrey Johnstone, Alexander Camargo. Nicholas Laveau. 

Front Row: Manolis Fragiadakis, Brendon McCullough, Scott Lennox, Stuart Manchee, David Amadori, Michael Tzimas, Dave Banwell, Joel Ford, 

Christopher McFarlane. Colin Colins, Kyle Beatty, Adam Hoffman. Philippe Benhaim. 

MVP: David Amadori with 
Mr. C. Shrimpton Esq. 

MIP: Matt Gnyp with Mr. 
S. Rush Esq. 

Addison Award Winners: Mr. J. Herder Esq., David 
Amadori, Dave Banwell, Jeff Johnstone, Mr. C. 
Shrimpton Esq., (Missing) Nichael Tzimas, Colin 
Colins, Stuart Manchee 




•* 93 w' *:> •» 

Captains Corner 

David Banwell Chris MacFarlane David Amadori 

Joel Ford 

Michael Tzimas 

Having just 4 returning players, and therefore 40 
rookies, most teams would have considered 
this our building year. But from the first day of camp 
it was clear that this was to be a superb team. In 
addition to the already high expectations placed on 
players like Anton Bennett and Karl McCartney, the 
coaches were thrilled to see a level of physical and 
mental preparation unparalleled in previous years. 
Many, many rookies showed up in top form and 
ready to play this demanding sport. 

The season opened the way it was to continue with 
a 33-7 domination of UCC. We met them again in 
the semi-finals where the result was 33-0: a fitting 
testimony to the strength of this year's defense. The 
big hits of Dumani Ross were overwhelmed only by 
the pit-bull aggression of inside linebackers Mike 
Greco and Charlie Abbot. Half of our games were 
defensive shutouts, while only St. Mike's managed 
to score more than one touchdown against us. 

Offensively we were blessed with a superb 
quarterback in Rob MacKay whose arm is going to 
be a formidable weapon at First next season.The 
speed of his passes meant that the receiver corps' 
hardest job was often hanging onto the ball. 


Anton and Karl were obvious leaders on the field, but 
returnee Brian Daley had a fantastic final game while 
MattSuddaby showed impressive improvement 
throughout the season. Scott Johnstone was both a 
top receiver and a superb quarterback who has already 
got the coaches dreaming of next season. If only we 
can figure out a way for him to throw to himself... 

Once again we faced St. Mikes in the finals and, despite 
a fair margin on the scoreboard, the game was actually 
close with most of the points coming from big plays 
or big errors. Despite being the only team to score two 
TD's on the awesome St. Mike's squad we made too 
many errors to be in the game at the end - but a second 
consecutive Finalist finish with 5-2 record is only one 
win away from where we want to be. 

It was an exciting end to an outstanding season in 
which 44 young men made a huge commitment to the 
development of their skills and the continuation of one 
of the best school football programs in this province. 
Best of luck to those who are going up to the 1 st Team 
level next year, meanwhile for returnees we know we 
already have the nucleus of another outstanding team. 

Mr. G. Robson Esq. 

i. RiodeW * 




U16 Footba 
U16 Football 



illSports Fall 

a • 




jgTi W Mr B 

■ «■■ BH MBB M • M 

1 ' m^ • \ 




Back Row: Scott Fullerton, Adrian Bruno, Jalil Teja, Michael Greco, Karl McCartney, Stephan Rykov, Julien Benhaim, Murray Kay, Duma; 

Ross, Brian Daly, SunJun Yoon. 

3rd Row: Clinton McCullough, Mr. G. Robson Esq., Ambrose Fung, Stanley Hon, Matthew Waton-Kent, Taylor Campbell, Anthoi 

Buonaiuto. Devon Daniell, Andrew Macdonald, Matthew Browning, Gregory Willmont, Robbie England, Joey Burke. 

2nd Row: Logan Hurst, Shea Mackenzie. Matthew Suddaby, Malek Smith, Alex Ryazanov, Dean Hamann, Andrew Khassanov, Jonathan 

Cartwright, Craig Sherry, Jordan Ekers, Tyler Bagworth, Paul Ross. 

Front Row: Mr. D. Stewart Esq., Scotty Johnstone, Charles Abbott, Chris Marshall. Robert MacKay, Tristan Benson, Brock Buckley, Anton 

Bennett, Chris Bromley, Mr. J. Butcher Esq. 






allSportf FallSports 

)orts FallSports FallSports FallSports FallSpoi 

winning isn't everything, then why do they keep score? 

- Vince Lombardi 

J Tnder normal circumstances, I would discard our 2002-2003 soccer 
\_J season. In the Ridley Early Bird, we had a premature exit not making 
it out of the round robin. During the season, we were outmatched by our 
rivals Ridley College and our perfect record was shattered. Our National 
Tournament in Vancouver was a bust, losing to Ridley in the quarterfinals. 
In the CISAA finals we were defeated by shady refereeing and eventually 
penalty kicks. The championship went to our nemesis, Ridley. As captain, 
I led my team to victory in many battles. However, St. Andrew's had lost 
the war. 

Before this season, First Soccer used to be about winning. In fact, winning 
was expected and losing wasn't tolerated. Should a soccer player therefore 
hang his head in defeat? Normally. I would be so devastated over a 
championship loss I wouldn't talk for a few days, maybe weeks. But this 
was not an ordinary season. My head has never been higher. Every test, 
every challenge was met with an unparalleled effort from 16 men. These 
men did not play for themselves, or even for their team, they played for the 
name on their jersey. They bled because they believed in themselves and 
in their school. After the repercussions of losing two players in Vancouver 
set in, First Soccer could've packed it in and called it quits. Yet everyone 
in the dressing room knew that St. Andrew's wasn't about quitting. If St. 
Andrew's doesn't quit, then wearing that jersey means no matter what, 
anything less than 100% from everyone on the field is unacceptable. First 
Soccer stepped it up a notch. __^^____ 

We marched our way to the finals of CISAA. Two weeks had been devoted 
to the match against Ridley. The final would not disappoint. This time, our 
coaches had out-thought the Ridley opponent and S.A.C. was more than 
prepared to do battle. For 90 minutes, every St. Andrew's player was 
winning his own little battle against his marker. We were winning 1-0 and 

First Soccer was doing everything in their power to stay on top. 

MtV ■ kv. 

1st Soccer 

MVP, Patrick McGrath, put his body on the line like he always 
did and displayed effort that only lifted the play of his team- 
mates. MIP, David Nudds, made the most spectacular save ever 
seen in my four years of high-school soccer. Yet, somehow, 
someway, in the 94 th minute the referee was able to award a free- 
kick and sure enough, Ridley found a way to put it in the back 
of the net. Overtime settled nothing and penalty kicks are a 
tough way to go down. Not many games are lost with nobody 
to blame. 

Patrick McGrath left these words for First Soccer. "It was a 
season that revealed our true character, our tenacious desire to 
win. It was a season marked by disappointment and loss, yet we 
never, ever gave up. As a team we were never closer, we all 
supported each other, we all won together, all unfortunately lost 
together. It was really the perfect season." Our team may not 
have won, but the 2002-2003 soccer season was truly perfect. 
Many thanks go to the coaches and to Hugh. I will forever hear 
the bagpipes. 
Jonathon Suddaby 

Back Row: Dana Stewart. Jesse Tipping. Tyler Smith, Austin Hracs, Andrew dimming 
Middle Row: Nick Dadson, Matthew Crane, David Domingues, Patrick McGrath, Allan Bean, 

it Row: Mr. Marke Jones Esq., Faisal Ratansi, Jonathon Suddaby, David Nudds. 
iam Parent, Liam Farrell, Mr. Mark Marshall Esq., Hugh Dowell, (Missing) Scott Simmons 

SportsFall Sports 

The Junior Varsity Soccer team had a challenging and rewarding season this fall. Starting 
with 40 players, the team was very competitive in its selection of who would remain on the pitch for the season. The 
early bird tournament looked very favourable with 2 wins, and the refs commented on our ability to field three almost 
completely different tier 2 teams throughout the day. Many players certainly had talent and ability and assistant coach Mr 
Ainsworth and I struggled through the process of choosing the right combination, resulting in the final JV team of twenty. 
Highlights of the year included our match against Holy Trinity School. Down 3-1 at the half, some aggressive mid-field work 
and incredible headers from our forwards brought us back to a 3- 3 tie in the last few minutes to end the game. By mid way 
through the season we had found our rhythm and celebrated three consecutive wins against Lakefield, Pickering College 
whom we beat 6-3, and TCS with a 6 - 1 thrashing. We entered the semi-finals with 4 wins, 2 ties and 2 losses. 
The semi-final match was held at UCC. We were concerned about the game as we had tied them at our Homecoming earlier 
in the season, but we were confident that our game had been greatly refined since our first battle. The game was extremely 
well played by both teams, with a nil score at the half. Dominating the play throughout the second half though, we were 
confident that it was just moments before we would be in the lead. Unfortunately, a penalty was called unexpectedly in the 
75" 1 minute of play and that spelled the end for us. A well placed penalty kick brought an exciting season to a close. 
Mathew Ainsworth Esq. 

JV Soccer 



The expectations were high this year for U16 Soccer. 
as the graduation of two classes at the end of the year, 
made this truly a developmental side for our senior team next 
year. Both Mr. Kimmerer and 1 were optimistic however, as 
a total of 13 returning players from our championship U 1 5 
side from last year made up the core of this remarkable team. 
As our season progressed, it was obvious from the start that 
this talented bunch of players possessed all the qualities of 
champions; an excellent overall skill set. teamwork and 
camaraderie, effort and most importantly the "Fire" or 
determination necessary to accept nothing but the best from 
themselves and each other. ^^^J 

littering the CISAA tournament at St. Michaels our team 
posted a flawless 7-0 record outscoring our opponents 34-4 
during the season. Our first test was against a talented side 
from TCS. and although our offence somewhat stalled, our 
defense was rock solid not giving up a single shot, ultimately 
spurring us onto a 1-0 victory. This advanced us to the 
championship game against CDS. and once again the team 
proved that its undefeated record was no fluke, triumphing 2-0 
in a rather one-sided game. 

Hack to back championships in successive age divisions is 
certainly an accomplishment, and is a credit to the tireless 
dedication by the entire team. Many players were asked to play 
foreign roles this year, but worked hard to gain the skills and 
knowledge to be successful. It was this dedication and teamwork 
that was the real triumph, as now, many of them can move up 
to the senior level and know what it takes to be successful. 

Mr. Kimmerer and I would especially like to thank our manager 
Morgan Lin for his help. Managers rarely get the accolades of 
top players and sometimes their contributions are overlooked, 
hut they are still instrumental to successful teams. Morgan's 
unwavering dedication to SAC soccer over the last 
two years video taping both our and opponent 
games, gathering equipment, running the lines and 
cheering on the team has been especially 
appreciated. Additionally we would like to thank 
Mr. Marshall and Mr. Jones for all of their help and 
allowing us to practice with the First's. Their and 
the senior team's support certainly contributed to 
the success of our year. 
Mr. J. Ingles Esq. 

Back Row: Santiago Mijares, Pablo Torres Rico, Sinclair Bean. David Del 

Zotto. Austin Smith. Chris Young. Eric Tozzi 

Middle Row: Morgan Lin (manager), Inaki Lanzagorta Larrauri. Fernando 

Esteban. Adam Bucci. Horace Siu. Mark Hanson. Tomi Jun 

Front Row: Stephen Kimmerer Esq., Ralnm Damji, Alex Bacardi, Shawn 

Jolly. Matt Donko. Alex Kaptyn (captain). Malcolm O'Hare, George Si, Jamie 

Ingles Esq. 


MVP: Alex Kaptyn MIP: Horace Siu 

U16 Soccer 


FallSports FallSports FallSports FallSports FaHSports FallSports FallSport, 


CC CDS, Ridley, Pickering, HTS, Bayview Glen 

'were all schools that this 
shut down. Our undefeated 
bring home the large silver ci| 
see it in the trophy case in 
captains Robert laccino anc 
cheered the team on to work 
a lot to offer on the field and th 
game with their teammates, 
for your leadership. Our exchj 
Guz was in shock to see us 
championship day. He had 
white stuff and it took him awlj 
gloves and a turtleneck. Guzi) 
top goal scorer this year. 
Our Mexican connection was 

lear's U1 5 soccer team 
lints were detemined to 
jagain and now you will 

Coulter hallway. Our 
Irik Lebar pumped and 
pgether. They both had 

shared their love of the 
pank you Erik and Rob 
[ge student from Spain, 
|ay in the snow on the 
i/er played in the fluffy 
! to get used to wearing 
Jn tied Erik Lebar as the 

)risedof 2 returninc 

the unstoppable link in midfield. Javo was the playe 
the team couldn't do without and we welcomed 
newcomerto the school Pato Gonzalez in defence. Ou 
enthusiastic flying goalie Lennon Sweeting perfecte 
his signals and created a new stretch called the shakira 
He plans on copyrighting it soon. Slide tackling Justi 
le Mieux Reale also known as Juice was the comi 
relief for the team. Contributions made b 
Viren, Seymour, Conrad, Dylan, Milnes, Butler, Thijs| 
and Blake were commendable. 
Thank you to all for always playing in a sportsmanlik 
mannerand maintaining a positive attitude. Our winnin 
games in the CISAA against Bayview Glen and UC 


p. nf the 

st exciting of the yea 




especially when UCC tied it up in the last 10 seconds 
of the final game. We taught those blue smurfs to go 
marching right back home. Ms. L. Picerno Esq. 

Back row: Andrew Conrad, Justin Le Mieux Reale, Chris Milnes, Blake 

Muir, Pato Gonzalez, Thijs Maaskant 

Middle row: Rob laccino, Guzman Garcia, Javo Cortina, Erik Lebar, Kevin 

Butler, Viren Ratnaswami 

Front row: Lisa Picerno Esq., Diego Morales, Blake Muir, Lennon Sweeting, 

Cameron Martin, Jeff Seymour 

MIP: Cameron Martin 

As chosen by myself and the team, this 
year's Most Improved Player goes to a Grade 
9 newboy who demonstrated an increased 
level of agility, skill and talent by the end of 
the season. He was a superstar in defense 
especially on our championship day. 
Congratulations to Cameron Martin. 

MVP: Javo Cortina 

The Most Valuable Player award also goes 
to a Grade 9 student whose superior foot 
skills and vision of the field were key to the 
many successes of this team. He is a 
versatile player with an excellent attitude. 
He scored our winning goal against UCC in 
overtime. Our soccer program will miss him 
as he returns to Mexico next year. 
Congratulations to Javo Cortina. 

U15 Soccer 

Fall Sports Fall Spo 

Fall Sports 

Sports Fall Sports Fall Sports Fall Sh 

MIP: Matthew Halloran 

3ack row: Cameron Tait, Andrew Finelli, Jameson Tipping, Pierce Casdidy, Mathew Halloran 

Middle row: Paul Jenkins, Trevor Jackson, Tony Lau, Jesse-Ross Cohen, Arthur Wong, Raymond Tung, Mr. D. 

Front row: Robbie Kaptyn, Nirushan Thambirajah, Aldo Ruiz Robert , Chad Davis, Ben Udashkin, David Kanhai, 
James Porter 

'■14 Soccer had an exhausting schedule, playing 14 games over 6 weeks this fall, with two long trips to Belleville, two to Hamilton, three in Toronto, once 
c St Serines along with hosting games here against Appleby, HTS, Crescent, and Ridley. Practices could turn frustrating as our bas,c skifl levels were 
J££Em Sing two or thL forwards without any defenders often ended up with an easy goalie save, or a shot well-off targe t. In , games ; or in 
practice when we scored, it was always cause for celebration. To really improve much a. a short 1 - term sport requires a good deal of awarenes s and comm men 
to wo king on one's sporting weaknesses. Alas, our boys found this new challenge difficult, preferring to enjoy the great camaraderie developing amongst their 
team-mates which was fine, but seldom results in wins on the score sheet, if that becomes the sole focus of one's efforts. Thus, it was no surpnse 
<w after our first 6 games, to find our record standing at 2 wins and 4 losses. We had been an easy push-over for noticeably smaller teams 
who out-hustled us consistently to the ball. As practices got longer, boys began to realise that with 1 8 players on the team 
lM their starting positions could not be taken for granted. Any student who showed consistent and responsible effort. 
V* despite any mistakes made, or who could demonstrate in a game that he had remembered a lesson or two taught 
tj in practice, quickly en|oyed the most playing time. Line-ups were juggled for many weeks, allowing students to 
» 'an .,. .... « i ~-.a <;„m ,nH Hofonci./o acoinnmontc hefnrp settlinn into a olacement where thev were most 


in pracnce. quiuMy enjuycu uic iiiucji (jiayiny ""'>-• --"'^ "i — ■■ — i-^ — ■- • - 

often try forward, mid-field, and defensive assignments before settling into a placement where they were most 

' comfortable and confident. With a very exciting come-from-behind win in the dying moments against Hillfield, we 

began a string of 4 consecutive wins, where Tony Lau and Andrew Finelli finally provided a most solid defensive 

a tandem that gave teams the greatest difficulty penetrating. They were thoughtfully supported on the flanks by 

^L Nirushan Thambirajah and James Porter. We were fortunate to have the strengths of Trevor Jackson, Ben 

1 Udashkin Aldo Ruiz, and Paul Jenkins, able to come in from the sidelines and relieve any of our defenders when 

injuries or illness arose. Arthur Wong, Chad Davis, Cameron Tait, Jameson Tipping and David Kanhai rotated 

through mid-field positions capably supporting goal mouth assaults by any one of our forwards. Raymond Tung 

always gave his best, while the pounding strides of Pierce Cassidy, the indomitable spirit of tough-as-nails 

Robbie Kaptyn, or the gritty determination of Mathew Halloran all gave goalies plenty to fearfully anticipate. 

The team improved to 7-5 and entered the final tournament against St. Mikes. We had a 2 nd half comeback 

victory with the help of Cameron Tait's three goals. We then met the strongly improved Holy Trinity team, we 

gave a trong effort but could not hold our lead. This years U 1 4 soccer team made a tremandous improvement 

kJ 1. over the season and are champions in my book. Mr. D. Kyle Esq. 




U14 Soccer 



'Spoiip fall Sports Fall Sports Fall Sports Fall Sports Fall 

A s the coach of the Under 1 2 soccer team, I was able to 
.inexperience the dream of any coach. While many of you 
may think that this would be winning a championship, it was 
the fact that I had 1 4 boys shov. up to try out for 1 4 spots on the 
roster and I was able to avoid the awful feeling of having to tell 
players that they would not have the chance to wear the red and 
white of the S.A.C. Saints. 

Our team is also unique in that it has the highest percentage of 
new St. Andrew's students. This was helped by the fact that 
many of the members of the team have brothers here already 
and they come armed with knowing what is expected from a 
student representing St. Andrew's on a representative sports 

I was very proud of how quickly the team picked up the 
College's theme of spirit by starting each game off with the 
gangwa cheer although it was generally done exclusively by 
Dylan Baker in those early games. Another highlight for me 
was to watch a couple of our players, who are presently playing 
soccer in their town's rep programs, be extremely supportive 
of those on our team who were playing the sport for the very 
first time. H 

Back row: Cameron Oram, Bobby McDonald, Sam Millette, Michael Anderson 
Middle row: Mark Jenkins, Graydon Calvert, Joshua Harris, James Butler, Stanley Lin 
Front row: Tyler Aron, Alex Culp, Dylan Baker, Adrian Eng, Jacob MacDonald, 
Mr. Hanson Esq 

While the season was only a mere seven weeks, the team was 
able to play 1 2 games and during those contests won as many 
as they lost. The boys developed from 14 players to one group 
that worked in support of each other and played up to their 
potential in most games. In the CISAA tournament we started 
with a strong victory against Ridley before losing in the 
semifinals to a very talented Crescent squad. 

Special thanks to Josh for all of his work as our goalkeeper, to 
Sam. Cameron. Mark and Bobby for their tenacious efforts in 
defence, to Dylan. Adrian and Graydon for their tireless runs 
in the midfield and to Michael. Jacob. David and Tyler for their 
scrappy work on the forward line. 

The team's Most Improved Player award goes to James Butler 
for the substantial role that he undertook as a member of our 
midfield in the latter part of the season and the team's Most 
Valuable Player award goes to our sweeper Alex Culp for his 
outstanding work anchoring our team's defence and keeping 

US close in many games. Mr. M. Hanson Esq 

U12 Socce 

Fall Sports Fall Sports Fall Sports Fall Sports Fall Sports Fall Sports Fall S\ 

We had a very memorable time playing soccer in 
Winnipeg - After meeting Crescent two years in a 
row in the semi-final, two years of double overtime and 
two years of shoot outs we have finally defeated the 
opponent, Crescent school. The team played in LCC, 
snow less, in the final. It was a great tournament and St. 
Andrew's left with the most compliments on our 
behaviour too. Although this is a trip that these boys will 
remember forever and we have a lot of memories and 
laughs. Michael Del Zotto and Jonathon Tozzi. After a 
hard fought day on our final tournament, we met 
Crescent yet again, but this time in the final. They got 
two quick goals on us and we just couldn't return them, 
but we held our heads high and know that we can beat 
them - even in the snow. 

Back row: Michael Del Zotto, Colin Noble, Daniel Morgis. Jonathan Tozzi 

Seung Mock Ha, Cameron Healy 
Middle row: Mitch Lebar, Josh Hanson, Peter Goitanich, Adam Lebar, Alexander 

Leon. Adel Ratansi, Ms. Carrie Hughes-McGuinness ESQ 
Front row: Jorge Roca, Adam Yates, Scott Giroux, Taylor Walker, Devon Bean, Jonathan our MVP made all of US feel very safe as last man back, 

Si Devon Bean. Ms. C. Hughes_McGuinness ESQ 

This year the team was a given a coach selected short list 
of players to vote for MVP and MIP, and after a very 
close result, this year's MIP is a player who ended the 
season as our starting left mid-fielder, Colin Noble and 

prts Fall Sports Fall Sports Fall Sports Fall Sports Fall Sports Fall Sports 

TheMIPfor l sl volleyball 

is a player who started 

out the season as a decent 

hitter, but a somewhat 

lazy defensive player. However, he worked hard 

and improved on almost every facet of the game. 

By the end, he had cracked the starting line-up and 

was one of the most consistent players. 

MVP: " 
Jarryd Stock 

The MVP for 1 st 
volleyball was the team 
leader whether on or off 
the court. His presence 
and calm while playing 
was a stabilizing force 
for his teammates, and 
his big hits rallied team 
confidence and spirit. While not playing, he was 
the player whose absence was most strongly felt. 
I would like to thank this young man for six years 
of dedication to the St. Andrew's volleyball 

1st Volleyball 

Fall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall Sp( 

Fall Sports 

The 1 st volleyball team started with a 
three-day camp in early September. 
There was a great deal of enthusiasm at 
the time for what looked to be a promising 
season. At the UCC Early Bird 
tournament they finished with a record of 
1 wins and 4 losses including an exciting 
35 - 33 loss to UCC in the last match of 
the day. That momentum continued into 
the University of Toronto invitational 
tournament on September 2 1 where they 
played a few tough matches against some 
of the top teams in Ontario. It continued 
on to Homecoming where they beat HTS 
convincingly in three straight games in 
what was probably one of their best 
matches of the season. Unfortunately, it 
was around that time as well that the team 
suffered a huge loss with an ankle injury 
to its captain and biggest hitter, Jarryd 
Stock. Jarryd ended up missing the next 
four weeks of play, leaving a void in 
power and leadership on the floor. The 
boys could not figure out how to 
accommodate for that loss and as a result, 
lost a couple of key matches to weaker 
teams. Those losses left them tied for 
fourth place in the league. As only the top 
four teams advance to the playoffs, ties 
are broken by looking at head-to-head 
scores. One of the matches lost during 

Back Row: John Housser, Joseph Rothwell, Kalev Hess 
Middle Row: Ryan Bryce, Jamie Lawson, Jarryd Stock, 
Andrew Douglas 

Front Row: Mr.M. Service Esq., Matt Middleton, Jason Lau, 
David Trott, Bryn Fell, Kevin Wilson, Mr.F. Cowell Esq. 

Jarryd's absence was 
to TCS, the team they 
were tied with for 
fourth place. 

Accordingly, they 
advanced to the 
playoffs and our 
season ended 

Mr. M. Service Esq. 








Fall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall Spot 

First of all let me say thank you to Mrs. D'Angelo who joined me 
in coaching the U 1 6 Volleyball team this year. Having her as a co- 
coach was invaluable to the team and the time and effort she put in is 
greatly appreciated. 

This years U 1 6 volleyball team was a treat to coach. They had a load of 
talent and a lot of character. It is always a pleasure to coach coachable 
athletes. With only one early loss during the regular season to a less 
talented but well disciplined UCC team, we entered the CISAA 
Championship seeded I s '. A semi final win over Holy Trinity secured 
the anticipated re-match with UCC for the final. 
Our boys won the first game of the best of 5 match 25 to 9 to open the 
final with a lop sided win. UCC however was not going to quit and 
fought back to win the second set 26 - 24 and the third 25-18. With 
our backs to the wall we rallied to win the fourth 25 - 14, another 
convincing win. Then it all came down to one rally point game to 15. 
Despite having a much more potent attack and Brick wall blocking, UCC 
prevailed in the 5"' set 15- 1 2 in a heartbreaking loss. To a man our team 
played with skill, heart and determination, a performance of which they 
should be very proud. 

A major highlight to the season was winning the Consolation 
Championship at the Rick Hansen Secondary School Junior Boys 
Invitational. Of particular significance was that the tournament was 
made up of 13 public school teams that play at the Under 17 level and 
at the senior age net height. Therefore considering that we were pitted 
against teams a year older and playing on a net 19 cm higher, the team 
put on quite a show. We won our pool of 5 teams, swept the quarter finals 
and then lost in the semifinals to eventual tournament winners Rick 
Hansen S. S. 

Eightofourplayerswillmoveuptothe I s ' team level next year, with four 
remaining as the core of another very competitive U 16 team. Our most 
improved player was difficult to decide. So many players improved 
greatly over the course of the season, but this player went from one who 
was on the bubble during team selection to a starter in the Championship 
match. He developed over the course of the season into a well rounded 
player who was able to provide solid hitting and clutch passing. This 
years MIP goes to Dennis Chang. „ «* 
Mr. G. Ried Esq. 


Our MVP was another tough decision. We had players who were unbeatable at 
the net. blocking everything in the same area code. We had others that 
consistently pounded the ball at opposition defenses instilling a fear that you 
could see in their eyes. We had players who sacrificed the body play after play 
to dig balls that were nearly unreachable. And finally we had setting and 
playmuking that had Senior team Coaches envying our level of strategy and game 
play. In the end, however our MVP goes to the player who led the team in all 
respects. On and oil the floor Cody Biggings was the player we needed most. His 
leadership, spirit, skills and team building were truly an asset that made the 
difference. Congratulations Cody on being this years U16 Volleyball MVP. 


Back Row: James McArther. Dennis Chang, Ryan Bueci. Erik Sodonis, Justin Lyons, 
Cameron Hadley. Richard Oosthnizen 

Front Row: Mr. Ried Esq., Steve Pryce, Cody Biggings. Paul Fell. Kyle Jackson, Jay 
Smith. Mrs. D'Angelo Esq. 


Cody Biggings Dennis Chang 


FallSports FallSports FallSports FallSports FallSports FallSports FallSport* 


t the beginning of the season, I 
inticipated that it was going to be a 
team-building year. Many of the players 
were inexperienced, not particularly tall 
and a bit too cautious. However, I 
underestimated the ability and determination 
of the young men who made up this year's 
U14 Volleyball team. They were a very 
coach-able team willing to try out new roles, 
practice new drills and support each other's 
efforts on the court. 

There were many moments I shall never 
forget- Shingo's hard serves which won us 
the game against Crescent in the final 
tournament but 30% of the time hit Dennis 
in the back of the head. Dennis's cry of "set 
it to me, set it to me" in the game against 
TFS, our manager, Tyler 
King's "yippee", Ben 
Calvert's grin, Harrison's 
superstitions, Justin's 
singing on the bus, 

Praveer's quiet determination, Michael 

Nowicki's wild forearm pass, Adrian's hits 

and Michael Yoon's questions. 

The team had strong leadership from their 

captain, Justin Nozuka - a talented player 

whose dedication and 

encouragement greatly 

contributed to the 

success of this team -for 

this reason he has been 

chosen as this year's 

MVP. The MI P goes to a 

player who spent much 

of last year sitting on the 

bench but was a key 

player this year- Dennis 



MVP Award Winner 
Gordon Hunter 


Ml P Award Winner 
Kevin Dong 

Mr.A.Wenk Esq. Geoff Delean, Gordon Hunter, Mr.N. Tsioros Esq. 
Hugh Dowell 

T'his season was a busy one with a total of seven meets. Our senior team, 
made up of Gordon Hunter, Geoff Delean, Brad Downey, Emmery 
Cheung, Armen Khajetoorian, and Hugh Dowell, was very competitive, 
finishing in second in both the CISAA and York Region conferences. 
Finishing second of fifteen in York Region allowed us to advance to 
OFSAA, this year held at Trinity College School. 

In terms of individual highlights Gordon Hunter enjoyed a wonderful 
season finishing first in the CISAA and second in York Region championship 
meets. No one can argue with his determination to get better. He thrived on 
hard work and it paid off. We are pleased to present Gordon with two 
awards. One is the gold metal for first place CISAA finish, and second being 
the MVP award. 

There is one more individual award. Going to the MIP in the midg( 
category. This individual, day in and day out, put forth a great effort. He was 
one that never complained, even when asked to move up a category. He put 
the team first in his mind. The MIP is Kevin Dong 


Senior X-Country 


Fall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall Sport, 

Back Row: Mr. B.Perrier Esq. Devon Mok, Vladie Loshkin, Greg Vandemark, John 

Stoneman, Jeff Kay, Doug McDonald 

Front Row: Michael Rubenstien, Sean Aron, Michael Goitanich, Ryan Cole, Boris 

Wong, Hamilton Petropolous. Mr. McGee Esq. ^^^^—^^^M 

Absent: Alex Culp, Jonathan Kwok, Julian Cheung, Gordon Gray, Anthony Lim 

Cross country running is a sport in 
which you measure success not only 
by podium finishes, but by daily effort 
and improvement resulting in the 
chievements of personal best. The 
iddle school team had a very successful 
eason with everyone putting forth a 
uperior effort both on race days and 
uring practice. The two awards for MVP 
and MIP go to those that worked the 
hardest, MVP of the team is Greg 
Vandemark and the MIP is Doug 
McDonald. Jeff McGee Esq. 


MIP Award Winner 
Douglas McDonald 

MVP Award Winner 
Greg Vandemark 

Junior X-Countrv 


II SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall SportsFall Sports 

.4k J&f.- 

lilf f 


This year St. Andrew's College held its first "Hoops for Heart" 
event for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The event took place 
on December 1 7, 2002. It began with a motivational speaker and 
then proceeded with all students actively participating in a 
basketball themed unit. The students were divided into eleven 
groups and moved from station to station working on an array of 
basketball skills. The event was designed to increase student 
awareness as to the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle with 
an added emphasis on living tobacco free and balanced eating 
habits. It was a fun and educational day for all ! 




St. Andrew's night is a special occasion in the year where the entire school 
can gather and celebrate the rich Scottish heritage of the school. This year 
certainly proved to be another fine celebration with haggis, piping and of course 

Eist of grand proportions. We were very fortunate to have four guests join 
estivities this year. Alistair Gillies and Don Hamilton entertained us with the 
fe_ . rousing address "To the Haggis" while Andreans' and old 
boys Jim Herder '64 and Michael Roy '85 reminisced 
about their current and past association with 
St. Andrew's, and how the school has 
influenced their lives. All in all it was night 
enjoyed by all, and certainly made us realize 
what a special honour it is to be called an 


St Andrew's Night 
e Andrew's Nfah* 


WinterTermEvents WinterTerm Events WinterTerm Events WiriTk TTerm Events 

Winter TermEvents WinterTerm Events WinterTerm Events Winte 





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: 61 Service 





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r U 



"""".IM ''' I ' 

•"""••»«/..„.;:.' • 'x-..,,,,-' 

, *"■" "in i <- <(,,, 

"•■ / '«„, 

■ ■■■■■',. i. 

■*.A,~,/, . 

' '■-■: , 

m. — , / 


* f 

£ ■ 



Term Events Winter T 


The first term of the Middle School Arts Program concluded with a fantastic concert 
presentation by all participants in the program. The celebration of the Arts filled the Ketchum 
Auditorium with fine music and lively debate, excellent drama and wonderful art. The 
program began with musical presentations by the beginning and intermediate pipers under 
the direction of Mr. McGillivray. Mr. McCue's percussionists followed with a captivating 
presentation of rudiments and songs. The Middle School Jazz band continued with a tune 
featuring solos from Emerson Wai and Peter Goitanich, and the debating program, under 
the direction of Mr. Kyle, presented two lively debates. The drama program, under the 
direction of Mrs. Hughes McGuinness, presented a stirring and funny presentation ot The 
Night Before Christmas and visual artists, guided by Mrs. Berman, presented their canvasses. 
During the intermission, there was a multi-media presentation of school life directed by 

Mr. Ruscitti. 

vents Winter Term Events Winter Term Events Winter Term Events Winter 






:R TERM EVENTS winter term events WINTER TERM EV 


Tlhe term ended in a festive assembly where Mr. Casey St. Jones hypnotized many 
students sending them off to exotic places while the audience enjoyed the spectacle. 
After the comedic display, the students battled it out in intense games of Cranium where 
the smartest and quickest survived demonstrating their intelligence and skills that are rarely 
seen during regular school days. The teachers then entertained the students with delightful 
seasonal music and a comedic act by the Science Department. SF ? §3 

NTS winter term events WINTER TERM EVENTS winte 

ki Day, A time of fun and play. It was a good day foi§everyone who went, whether 
you were out on the slopes taking the black diamond or relaxing in the chalet 
.laying some cards. What started out as. a very cold and windy day on the hills turned 
out to be almost perfect with some nice powder, warm sun and great friends. It wasn't 
all fun and games though, many of the teachers could only dream of hitting those beautiful 
snowy hills as they stayed in the chalet and marked second term papers for the upcoming 
report card. Others watched DVD's on their computers, played cards, and Risk. Some even 
hit the hills. All in all a great time was had by everyone! 
Brandon McNally 


Winter Events Winter Events Winter Events Winter Events Winter Event 


III 1 

**■ « - 


II * 

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3* . 




'inter Events Winter Events Winter Events Winter Events Winter Events 

WinterEvents WinterEvents WL 

ince its inception in 1983, the MacPherson Tournament has always been one of the more 
'popular events at SAC. This year was no different as enthusiasm for the event was high. 
This year marked the 20 th anniversary of the tournament, and as usual, it was quite a show. Our 
SAC Saints started the tournament with an 8-0 trouncing of their first opponent, St. Josephs. 
However, things were not so bright for our boys later on in the tournament. Despite a close 4- 
2 loss in the traditional Friday night game, it was an extremely enjoyable evening which included 
not only great hockey, but a performance by the pipes and drums, the SASSIN shootout, and 
the much anticipated Islanders vs. Asians game. The Saints had one final chance of making the 
semi finals on Saturday morning, but fell just short to a talented IMG Academy. Overall the 
tournament went well and we look forward to seeing it again next year. 

terEvents WinterEvents WinterEvents WinterEvents WinterEvents Winter 








WinterTerm Eve 

Events Winter I 

teiMiU - 


&p3ti\is>l / Fir^cJ 


Events Winter Term Events Winter Term Events Winter Term Evej 

1 w^ 


% 1 

1 T^r A \ 

UiChUmii 1 ^^V 

f0f^ r\ 

>d*n r*t*«« ^^ 

M t i h « o Umhll \W 
• tl d Nnddl ,T 


jfl Ejfo, 




'ZUOiW- T| 

3 II 

B Hi 

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P99 / RV 







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^^^M I 

.y^ii'"" - 

1 1 

rvfv ^/^M-r^ 'i^fcOMT 

n February 20, 21, and 22, the famed Russian 
playwright Anton Chekhov was finally brought to the 
S. A.C. stage with two of his hilarious short plays performed 
by some of the school's best actors. The first play, The 
Proposal, about a hypochondriac trying to propose to the 
woman of his dreams, starred Adam Parent, David Nudds, 
and Meghan Marshall, all acting great through the zany 
plotline. The second play, The Bear: A Joke in One Act, 
about a woman who has given up on love and the crazy 
man who redeems her, starred Eitan Rosenberg, Deanna 
Rose, Arnold Al-Aadahmi, Kevin Wilson, and Will Mulock, 
acting their best in this infamous black comedy. Laughs 
came fast and furious as the audience finally got their first 
taste of the wild and wacky imagination of Anton Chekhov. 


% f 




J^/^MTt; ^rJ.f>VW -Ttzvp &/&1- 

*^xAS>\-V Ttv^ *=•*=>»- 

Hom8 ( Q:Q j 8u8«8 







Staff -Shidbnt* Easkeftafl Game 2O05 

Hi i- 


WinbzrTerm Events Winter Term Events Winter Term Events Winter Term EvJ 



t / 



Cad* Awards 2006 

Green Star 

Platpon 1 - Scott Giroux 

Platoon 2 - Tyler King - Top Green Star mark overall 

Platoon 3 - William Samson-Doel 
Platoon 4 - Lander Cabrera, Andy Chui 
Platoon 5 - Brandon Monti 
Platoon 6 - Jeffrey Ngo 

Silver Star 

Platoon 12 - Jeff Hynds - top overall (97%) with honourable mention to Anthony U ( t ^ 

Buonaito (93), Michael Genin (93) and Chris Bromley ' 4 

Platoon 13 - Martin Lee, Rahim Damji 

Platoon 14 - Sandy McKay 

Platoon 15 - Faisal Ratansi (95%) 

hatoon 16-RingoNg(94%) 

Platoon 17 - Michael Sunderani ^^B '"' Wt 

Gold Star 

Platoon 18 -Joseph Leung (104%) with honourable mentions to Jeremy Lee (101%), 
John Housser(100%), Brendon McCullough and David Trott 
Platoon 1 9 - Nick Dadson - top Gold Star mark overall honourable mention to 
Terrence Chu 


fp,March of. '2Q03,.Mr.ToAy. Myrans, Mrr Brian .JyicC je. and.Wlr. Davig'' '*• 
Stewart accompanied 31 students to the batUeTteiils offtrSfirst antfT ~ 
Second World Wa"rS. Lediiy Ueutenant-GoJonela^et.JjEjraaym^nt- : 


and To dn ChristianSo/n, the;$rtdre 
-orJrr.OW Boys ■fought anaV$ 


k vfstt€d the"sacfe>sl i 

hd wr 

We be.gan ouf jounndv in NJoynaBdy/Franc^'a^vi'sttedbothtiie . - •&, 
; ■. Canadian. arl,d American b^achheAds at Juno arrt! Omaha.. A\sp, ,vve 
;• Jauredih'e typrmartdy tj^JgeroN/vs aroun<fCaen,'Ia town ttJer-ated oy the: ■ 

;.' . ^ - ; ; £LQm^ere*yy&.^ or the First World wl^l&jiy, 

^(jjt- ';-;> : «#^^ on the S6r/me,>^f^>; 

%2tN^ ^^^^l^.^^^^^^*Wpi^® Cot British War Cemetery (ttfe;.': 

■t/*xt '' '^v : ';^>'"^^ec^tiiW'o1'^jB awesome sacrifice J£( 

Canada during the'] 





*^y In tr^^jdre&n style, we rej^mbered the Old Boys of j 
St. Andrew's' College byiflpirekjht wreaths, along 
short ceremo j»!^t^ern|Bteries and 
rnentswme^Andreansw^ Brian 
rant and Mervyn Frame tola 
uqjd^ts vcHunte^n©d.tol_ay : th^ \\i^a'ftvor N conduc^ 
he x cer^Tj5p?iy, The otl^rk stosd'at ar 
^nbSrt^^Stered inH@^Qwtt-.wKj(. 

j^ s 'en4ptE)e.irip^vas an" 
"^affiife?airrnVorv^<iAA!ere r 


;-.<• *J»J?i 

':•■•-' ."■. '•..*! 
»*■ * . ..■ 


J-\ r ,»v.*. 








he Varsity team had a difficult season finishing below .500 for the first time in ma 
schedule jjjjfr P^a 1 ^ ljfc 0nsible fc /E$£^r results as^/e played 19 of 

ial 2 periods. Ste 
our goalie ptflli 
1 this with some 
Rational Sp 
tak£ on Bro 

scwools. , TheseasonstartedwithpromisewithourfirsJ 
1 st period the team came alive and played gresrtfiockey in t[ 
kept the score-at 1 -0 for UCC. With less than a minuteip < 
sTtot past the(UO»poalie for a well deserved 1 -1 tie. We fc 
at Colgate University where we swept both Millbrook Schc 
trip was watching NCAA Division 1 ffvals Colgate Univer 

ears. A challenging 

v&^tri&tkS. Prep 

'a shaky 

l< nlt^fdinjP^^rper Hurst 

dltePyf%napped a wrist 

_ r best hockey of the year 

ademy. The highlight of this 


Injuries were a keV factor this year although not quite to th£^xtent as the 2©f5l -02^eason. The team showed 
emendous courage at the Ridley Early Bird tournament. We played Shady Side Academy from Pennsylvania 
ith only 1 1 players. Three of four defensemen were actually forwards that we had to move back. Down 2- 
gotag into th§ 3 rd perio«tyve scored 5 unanswered goals'to win the game. Throughout the remainder of the 
, 5ar we showed flashes of brilliance but were never able to play at a consistently high level. The MacPherson 
tournament was a microcosm of our year. We easily won our Friday morning match setting thq stage for an 
exciting Friday Night game. Despite dominating big stretches and out-shooting our opponent the Saints went 
down in defeat 4-2 to a tough Gilmour Academy side. We were unable to regroup in time to take on ""^ 
Academy on Saturday morning ending the Saints run at the title prematurely 

d half of the season, saorfrig enoug 


We compfet|oT^Wi , flwPioyf<he 1 yec 

was a challenge. Untimely injuries prohibited us from playing exhibition games against OFS/ \ champion 

Mount Carmel Seco/idary & runner-upj^/like's. As a Imam w e were anxious to prove w 

Toronto's top AaBed teams. It is unf ti|ate we didn't get a chanci to prove ourselves 

stepping-in an 
lifferent feel next 

ip St Mi 1 

pping-up to the Van^^quad but wi 
ar. We wisrwthe seniors well. 
d Paul Befiterd 

the team 

longed Mjb 
ave^a totally 




Winter SportsWinter Sports 

Back Row: Jean-Simon Bourque. Matthew Crane. Ryan Bryce, Brett Galbraith, Billy Burke. Sean 

Dinsmore, Anne Perrier Esq. 

Middle Row: Michael Roy Esq., Paul Bedard Esq.. Manolis Fragiadakis. Jared Leslie, Jeffrey 

Johnstone, Brent Brandham. Nathan Rothwell. Jonathon Suddaby. Jordan Cyr. Charles Abbott. David 

Dawson Esq., Ron O'Hare Esq. 

Front Row: Tyler Hurst, Brendan McCullough, David Woodcock. Matthew Mitchell. Luc Zoratto. 

Adam Parent. Richard Colton 

MIP Rvan Bryce 

portsWinter SportsWinter SportsWinter SportsWinter 

Back Row: Andrew Carnovale, Chris Bromley, R.J. Ellis, 
Mike Ball, Matt Middleton, Clinton McCullough, Geoff 
Cambell, Steve Pryce, Scott Johnstone, Ricky Reininger. 
Front Row: Marc Stuart, Andrew Cummings, Darryl Stock, 
Mr. A. Dunford Esq. Daniel John, Cody Biggings 

MVP: David Del Zotto 

Despite the fact, our practices were scrimmages and not 
much else (what do you do with 9 guys and one puck), the 
JV season was quite successful and thoroughly enjoyable. We 
had our usual checking mites, Carnovale, Middleton, and 
Renninger, augmented by the finesse of Johnstone, Del Zotto, 
McCullough, and Pryce, and the toughness of Bromley and Campbell. With Cody Biggings 
and Marc Stuart we got very, very consistent goalkeeping throughout the year and with 
R.J.Ellis, we had our very own feel-good comeback, impossible dream, story. We finished the 
season in first place and we had consecutive silver medal finishes at the UCC and year-end 
tournaments. My thanks to all the players for making this as much fun as I've ever had 
coaching. So long Gomers and best of luck next year! 
Mr. A. Dunford Esq. 


When people ask il your season was a success, many times they are asking if you had a winning season. And no, we did not have a winning season but yes, it 
w as a success. I told the team at the beginning of the season that no one has ever accomplished anything without going through some kind of adversity. We were not expected 
to win the championship this year, we were not expected to accomplish much. However, what we did do was learn. We learned that you do not have to have a legitimate sniper to 
win a game. We learned team play. We learned how twenty players could put aside their individual needs for a common goal. It was half way through the season when we learned 
this... but we did learn it. 

The season started disappointing when we went through a string of games when we couldn't score a goal, then a stint where we couldn't stop a goal. It was when we played ours 
and, probably the entire league's nemesis, the "St. Michael's U 16 Team" that things changed. We knew as usual that we were in for a tough afternoon. It didn't help knowing that 
it was St, Mike's "B" team that won their own tournament a few weeks earlier. And now we are playing their "A" team, but this is where our season turned around. We played 
tough, v. e played smart, we played determined and most of all. we played like a team. Did we end up losing? Yes, but the score was a respectable 4-2 and one of there goals was a 
bit of a bad bounce. The rest of the season was a joy to play. At one point we w ent unbeaten in 5 games which kept our learn plugging along. 

I would like to thank a few people who have contributed to our season: Mr. Hussey without whom it would have made a very difficult season, The support from the J V and First 
Teams. Mrs. Bedard. Mr. Reid, Mr. Kimmerer. Jordan Ekers. Igor Kastelyanets and of course. Mrs. Perrier. Mr. B. Kitagawa Esq. 

U16 Hockey 

MIP: , Graydon 

Back Row: Mr. D. Stewart 
Esq., Jamie Lawson, Jon 
Tozzi, Colin Noble, Pierce 
Cassidy, Jason Wilson, Cam 
Tait, Taylor Campbell. Alex 
Leon, Alex McNabb. Mr. D. 
Galajda, Esq. 

Middle Row: David Nam, 
Mitch Lebar. Harrison Jones, 
Logan Hurst, Adam Lebar, 
Graydon Calvert, Andrew 
Baer, Jack Avalos 
Front Row: Cam Healy. Jake 
Carrick, Jake Hurlbut, Sam 
Millette, Rob Kidd, Scott 

When the Under 14 hockey team began practicing, we had one goal: to play in the championship game. We reached our goal and met our arch rival. St. Michael's 
College, in the final. And although we did not win the game, our boys put forth an excellent effort and deserve a great deal of credit in their fight to win the championship. If 
nothing else. St. Mike's learned that they that they need to respect St. Andrew's a great deal more! 

We would like to thank Jamie Lawson and Alex McNabb for their help as assistant coaches. As usual. Mr. Galajda and 1 would like to impress upon you our TOP TEN list of great 
moments this past year. ^^^| g H 

# 1 0: The Great goaltending which helped our success throughout the year, led by Cam Healy and Scott Giroux. with Rob Kidd. #9: The great efforts of the scrapper line of Mitch 
LeBar. Graydon Calvert. Alex Leon and Jake Hurlbut, throughout the year. #8: Colin's Noble's entire family and friends cheering on David Nam and Jack Avalos in their Canadian 
hockey debut at Appleby. #7: The excellent leadership of our captain, Pierce Cassidy. and our assistants. Logan Hurst. Michael Del Zotto. Colin Noble. Taylor Campbell and Jason 
Wilson. #6: The Lebar brothers and their weekly visits to the salon to get their hair penned. #5: Meeting Colin Mochrie from This Hour has 22 Minutes and Whose Line is i[ An) ways 
in the Halifax Airport. #4: The team deciding the Mr. Stewart is funnier than Colin Mochrie. #3: Jake Carrick using his smile to meet and hang out w ith the entire flight crew ol 
Switzerland flight #2: Jon To/zi: The boisterous, loud, enthusiastic, energetic, funny. GOAL SCORING MACHINE. #1: I'nder 15 King's 1-dgelull Ho 
Tournament in Halifax, Nova Scotia' Mr. 1) Galadja Esq. A: Mr. D. Stewart Esq. ^Jjl 

U14 Hoa 

InterSports WinterSports WinterSports 

ere Ve s 
can%be dicrTBe" 

s Soul our tea ihat 
in wordBts my pleasure 

e. No 
ay that we ha 
prove that the team p 

eason as we 


wo fling hard, day in 

comron goal; to win 

Ithou gfl we did not end 

«d». the work and 

into t 


in 3 touBia; 

)n in San Luis O 
ir^v around the hot 
i brdLs drills. ATM Ame 
lencanTeei) Heart-Thn 
Mrs. Perrier, Mr. *&0[jg^ 
us to win hi rnap r other ffp< 
year we have"8 gradr£t^rrgpl 

gamers wasthe most. I have ever seen and is commenda 

record of ^7 wins and 7 

g ones in Weliand, King 

ith^Sfcel of competition wasjwice as hard. 

f rom this season including almost Jeaviag 

the hotel, trying I 

gjBela&ver outage,? 

k. I would like to thank Mr. RusSitti, 

ea, and Mr. O'Hare for their work helping 

game throughout the entire season. This 

/ouiaTiKe^he graduating players to please 

stand as 1 call y$ur names. Jarryd Stock, Adam Hoffman, Captain Tyler Smith, 

Dadson, Jesse Tfcing, Joel Ford, Sebastien Manigat, and Patrick McGrath. 


rning players; Tim Birkett, Rob Mackay, Adam Ford, and 
I would like to thank i 

rd work and time he put 

team; Juice, without you we never would 
gotten where we weTe. The tram 
to the school called "The 
rd for outstanding.xo 
;tball team. This^ear the 

m. T|iis^eai 


Winter Sports 

Winter SportsWintG 



Back row: Andrew (Wakefield, Tim Birkett, Nicholas Dadason, Rob Mackay, Jarryd Stock, 
Adam r! offman, Patrick Mcgrath, Alex Boileau "*P* 

Front row: David J )sselyn Esq., Joel Ford, Jes ;e Tipping, Tyler Smith, Sebastien Manigat, 
Adam F 3rd, Dan Von Diergardt 


'inter SportsWinter SportWWnter Sports Winter Sports Winter Sports 

Back row: Michael Greco, Vince DeCivita, Ryan Bucci, Julien Benhaim, Stephan 
Rykov, Kalev Hess, Anton Bennett, Marcel Te Bokkel Esq. 
Front row: Abraham Hum, Malcolm O'Hare, Pablo Torres, Austin Smith, Paul 
Fell, Matthew Suddaby. 

MVP: Austin 


MIP: Vince 


<$ I £* 


t was a season filled with great hopes, great skill and some great basketball. Excellent 

performances were made early in the year to give promise of great things. A quick 3-0 record 

in league play, an appearance in our own tournament championship and much improved play from 

many players. We continued that trend of hustling on defense and finding the open offensive 

player. Unfortunately we were subject to hot and cold spells - inconsistent shooting and costly 

turnovers were issues with which we struggled in the second half of the year. We finished 3 rd in 

league play with an overall record of 6 wins and 3 losses. In an incredibly competitive season we 

played a total of 20 games including 1 1 games that had a point differential of less than 5 points. 

We look forward to great things in basketball next year. 

MVP: Our leader on the court, in many cases he seemed like an assistant coach. He saw the floor 

very well and led by example - hustling on defense, being unselfish on offense, and able to 

effectively attack the hoop. Austin Smith. 

MIP: This guy was not going to try out for the team this year, in fact, I had to encourage him to 

come out after seeing him in the weight room. He is an incredible force on the back boards and 

his big rebounds led to many excellent offensive attacks.Vince De Civita. 

U16 Basketball 




Winter Sports Winter Spot 

Winter Sports 

'inter Sports Winter Sports Wint 




MVP:Pablo Martinez 

Back row:Bob Perrier Esq, Austin Hracs, Brian Daly, Eric Swenker, Brian 
Harvey, Andrew Douglas, Pablo Martinez. 

Front row: Mark Cheng, Richard Choi, Philip Nozuka, Armen Khajetoorian, 
Jason Lau. 

E Including exhibitions we played 21 games, finishing up with a 14 
land 7 won-loss record. In CISAA league play we placed fourth often 
teams and found ourselves very competitive with the teams ahead of 
us in the standings. When it came to playoff time even though we were 
matched up against undefeated Lakefield, this year's League and 
CISAA champions, in the semi-finals I liked our chances of an upset. 
We had lost to them earlier by 4 points in a game where foul problems 
and two key defensive lapses in the final minute cost us. 
From a coaching point of view I thoroughly enjoyed our season. It was 
great fun. We met our first objective of qualifying for the playoffs. 
Along the way we were in several close hotly contested games. I liked 
our effort. I liked our commitment. Our graduating players provided 
excellent leadership. I felt we showed considerable improvement in 
individual skills and team play. Bob Perrier Esq. 

MIP:Philip Nozuka 

mm ua 

V Basketball 

ipports Winter Sports Winter Sports Winter Sports Winter Sports. Winter Sports 

MIP: BlakeMuir 

Back Row: James McArthur, Andrew Conrad, Erik Sodonis, Dennis Chang, Kevin Dong, Mr. M. Service Esq. 
Front Row: Chris Simpson, Mark Hanson, Erik Lebar, Blake Muir, Ambrose Fung (Missing) Jay Smith 


siderable accomplishment coAlerii^|v 

outsi/ed they were in relation to most of the competition, ■hey snuggled on the boards which made secpn 
tances offensively, a fairly rare occurrence. However, they made up for it with husilqoaitf Erii I 
anson and Blake Muir provided exceptional leadership on and off the court. J| S lith. Erik Sodonis 
onrad made significant contributions to the overall team effort respect i vely.frq^iU their ball luuidlil 
<d versatility. James McArthur and Kevin Dong provided l;ty minutes from the bench. Congratulations to all of the 
ayers lor a fine effort and an enjoyable season. Mr. M. Service Esq. * 


" **4 

WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports 



MVP: Jameson Tipping 

MIP: Ben Calvert 

Back Row: Greg Vandemark, Emerson Wai, Jesse-Ross Cohen, Jameson Tipping, Bryan Lin, Paul Jenkins, 

Adrian Wu, Mr. M. Ruscitti Esq. 

Front Row: Dennis Tomory, Ben Calvert, Shingo Nishioka, Justin Nozuka, Tony Lau .Missing - Adrian Bruno 

— w 1 ■ MBMMMMM - — u v <iai * "itmmmm 

The Under 14 basketball learn entered the season v\ ith high expectations. \\ h.i.i 'earn with many 

players joining us from the previous years under 13 team which lost in ^H 

The season started out strong. We were able to win our first four games in the month of November and looked 
nucit like a championship team with easy victories over Appleby College and Ridlev. We were being led 
by the strong play of our more senior players from grade nine Paul Jenkins. Adrian Bruno, and Jesse I 
Cohen. We left for Christmas vacation with a record of 4 1 after losifig to Crescent b\ two points just 
before the holidays began ^^^^_H v , 

January proved to be bleak for our team. We lost 3 of 5 games and although Justin Xo/uka and Shing 
Nishioka did their best to keep the teams offense productive we could not score enough points to win 
the three games by a combined 5 points. The team as a whole were improving especially some of our 
forwards. Adrian Wu, Emerson War, and Denis Tomory began to control rebounds and gave us 
hope for a successful February. Vtt^^V k. 

The turning point in the season was the addition of Greg Vandemark as jjfcia ^^He was 
invaluable and truly improved the team and our chances for victory every ti 
We started February w ith a victory at Villanov a's annual tournament. Our .. erage margin of 
victon at this tournament was by 20 points. A trip to Ottawa continued our tournament pla 
We finished second behind the strong pla\ ot Bryan Linn and the emergence of Ben Calvert as 

star point guard. We had amassed a record of 1<S wins and 7 losses heading i 
tournament .') w\ W^ *" w ^w 

At the toutjnamenfT^sopened up with a vTCtoryoverCrescent where we led 
points. OuVjoext match in the semifinals w as against Hillfield College and w 
them. Jamison Tipping played an outstanding game and we went into the fir 
points. Unfortunately we could not get any closer. Our season ended with 
14 championships. Mr. M. Ruscitti Esq. 



much as 22 
e ready for 
arter trailing by 6 

g third in the undd 




11 X 

Sports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports 

Front Row - Mark Jenkins, Ryan Cole, Alex Cole. Alex Culp, Adrian Eng, Boris 
Wong, Michael Goitanich, Jameel Hanoun. 

Back Row - Michael Hanson Esq. Michael Anderson, Bobby McDonald, Stanley Lin, 
James Butler, Joshua Harris, Cameron Oram, Jacob MacDonald, Mr. McGee Esq. 

The under twelve Saints basketball team enjoyed 
tremendous improvement throughout the course of the 
season. Although only one member of the squad had played 
organized hoops prior to the season, every member of the 
team worked hard towards the goal of making the final 
tournament. Early season shellackings at the hands of some 
of our rivals obligated Coach McGee to seek assistance in 
teaching fundamental skills. Under the tutelage of Ms. Tara 
Perrier the team worked hard and showed much improvement. 
Players such as Alex Culp, Adrian "Slash" Eng, Mark 
Jenkins and Stanley Lin demonstrated some superior skills 
and and carried us closer to our ultimate goal. The next step 
was to bring back the master of strategy Mr. Hanson to teach 
and coach our offense and defense. Almost immediately the 
team improved and won some hard fought games over some 
previously unbeatable teams. Seeing^ 
improvement at both ends of the court 
from players such as Josh Harris, Ryan I 
Cole, Bobby McDonald, and Cam Oram I 
was very gratifying. Our quest for a final 
tournament placing made the final game 
in Dunlap Gym a must win. The team 
played magnificently and did the proud 
tradition of the old brick barn proud. j 
Thank you to all the members of j 
the team and congratulations toj 
the MVP Boris Wong and to the j 
MIP Jacob MacDonald. 


H PI? fit fcj[<2 1&1L 


WinterSports WinterSports 

'inter Sports 

nterSports WinterSports 

What a thrill it was to see each player improve so much across the season: Doug MacDonald - with his smothering defensive 
posturing; Jorge Laborin - with his quick weaving left-handed drives to the basket for many lay-up points; Justin Oh - with his 
desire to learn the game and wild intensity on the court; Julian Cheong - with his tenacious defense and amazing foul shot %; SeungMok 
Ha - with his pinpoint passing, speedy learning curve, and inspired chanting of "DEFENSE, DEFENSE" whenever he graced the bench; 
Gordon Gray - with his high pressure defense that caused so many turnovers for the opposition; John Stoneman - who gave so much 
effort, despite bone sores in his growing feet, and who shone so brightly on our final tournament day against Appleby; John Si - whose 
selfless efforts by season's end made him one of our most valuable point guards; Taylor Walker - who could be seen most often flying 
horizontally through the air after a loose ball, and who always brought his best efforts to every practice and game; Peter Goitanich - who 
grew into an indomitable rebounder and playmaker; Josh Hanson - again who by season's end, put on a clinic, and scored a bundle of 
points, driving, deeking or cleverly assisting, thanks to his keen sense of the game; Daniel Morgis - our towering centre, who had to stay in 
the game so much to make sure we had a fighting chance at winning. Dan is blessed with many natural talents. And then there's Adel 
Ratansi - our fearless captain, who practiced and played with a cast for many weeks. The last hilight is from our CISAA championship day, 
in the consolation final, we were able to clearly dominate a UCC side that had easily beaten us by 20 points only a few weeks previously. 
What a thrill it was to see each player improve so much across the season Many of our boys played with bloody noses and lips, scraped 
knees and bruised arms, but all bravely played the best basketball of their young lives. I was never so proud of their effort on the floor, and 
the enthusiasm and encouragement they all generated from the bench. I may not be so lucky to work with as great a bunch of young men 
again, but that will be okay, because I know what it feels like to coach the the best. Thanks for the great memories, guys! David Kyle Esq. 

Back Row: Josh Hanson, Peter Goitanich, Daniel 

Morgis, John Stoneman, Seung Mok Ha, Mr. Kyle 


Front Row: Julian Cheong, Doug MacDonald, 

Jorge Laborin, Adel Ratansi, John Si, Tyler Walker 

Missing: Gordon Gray, Justin Oh 

ifl ^k . 


U13 Basketball 

U13 Basketball 

Winter Sports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports 

r>ngratulations to the first swim team on an excellent season! After countless 
kilometers of swimming to master their kick, pull, endurance, sprints, starts and turns and 
relay takeovers, the swimmers achieved their goals: to become fi 
to win! This year, the boys took home the trophies for the Yorl 
the 4 th ye^ia row, and went on4<MC*We" CKA A Champion 
memflfl ^,team qualified for OFSAA, ana* made a very impress 
provincial competition. ^. 

niratulat'ons to the following OKSAA medalists 

Bronze: Karl McCartney 
Silver: Robert Lee and' 
Gold: Scott Simmon: 
Dana. Robert. Drewe, 
a pl^sure anetan honot] 

Tanton and Scott Simmo 


na Stewart, Alex Ta 
ie first team swimmers who are graduat 
David, Freddie, Derrick, Jonai 
you! GooeMuck next year. 

j'Team eaptair 

.'o-captain and MVP: 2002-20' 

Silver and Biun/e medal ; s ;£• "R02-2003 
Scorfl ■,; i serious alii lete when it comes to swimming. He started his swimming career in 
w ith Bermiula's National Team. He has been an intciirai 
source of inspi i -at ion to other swimmers, by showing his c 
Scott plans to lake his (raining to the next level in Englan 

of the S. A.C. swim team for the P^t 4 years. He is a 
te dedication and commitment to this sport. Next year, 

Fell - joined 
program in the fall to prj 
his knee, and tiked it so ir 
continue training 

;reational swim 
■ehabilitation to 
that he decided to 
r swim team. 
Was a deeff- 
ed^nd enthu- 
stic m#mber 
the team, who 
really made it his 
mission to im- 
prove his skills 
and times during 
the season. 

Simmons, Stiiart Mancl 
Middle row: Freddie Kane 
Fraser Fell 
Back row: Derrick Kocik, Kent Fu, Kyle Jackson 

Alex Tantc 


nathan Mfilnes, Karl McCartney. Terry Belgrave. 

Missing - Dave Banwell 



Winter Sports Winter Sports 

Back Row Me, Adam Do, Lander Cabrera, R|an Luther, Jeff Hynds, Michael Genin, Anthony 


Front Row (L to R) Andrew Laptev, Michael Carney. Chad Davis, Rocco Mattucci, Saam 


This season of Jr. Swimminjfwas filled with 
improvements, laughter, competition and most 
Spanish chit chat" considering more than 
e team hailed from Me)UL Our small but 
team consist ed of Grahagi Hynds. who was 
tain and kept the team together and orga- 
Doran , this most polite member kept 
the teams where abouts; Jorge 
ecdo wouldn't ha^S been com- 
plete without 3 j^^sets of beads around his neck; 
orge."orareylu Diego?" DeHaiartato Gonzalez 
7>> "- > - ■■' stronMHrwl ^ but j 


hat a fantastic season! Long hours logged in th 

pool building endurance and perfecting stroke 

technique result ed in races won and many personal 

st times^^^benabled the team to win both the York 

gion and &JSAA Championships. Special 

gratulations go to Adam Do, Ryan Luther, Kyle 

kson and Chad Davis for breaking the York Region 

orci m the Junior Boys 200 FR Relay. 

The U16 freestyle and medley relay teams travelled tc 
OFSAA at the beginning of March with the rest of the 
First team. With a year's experience under their bell 
much was expected of these boys and the pressure 
perform was immense. Less experienced teams wouli 
have cracked under the pressure, but not our boys. ~~ 
medley relay team of Ryan, .^ByuDds. Chad and Adar 
i, improved on lest year's 6th place finish by winning 
' silver medal, while the 200 freestyle relay team who di< 
ot even place in the top 16 last year, placed 4 : \ onl; 
is of a second behind the bronze medallists, 
i to all of the U 1 6 swimmers for their hard wor 
ation and congratulations to all of the swimmer 

who wfW be moving up to the First team next year. 



•.trong at 
r teams; Diego 

or are 

lorales: Fernando 
Vcii jan Carabias, whq 

ed a 

Top row; Diego Morales de Murga, Pato Gonzales de la Vega Munoz. 
Fernando de Teresa Redo, Jorge de Haro, Rodrigo Lopez Dominguez. 
Adrian Carabias Barroso. 
Bottom row; Jonathan Kwok, Graham Hynds, Alistair Mann, Jorge Roca 

Salazar. James Doran. 



'inter Sports Winter Sports Winter Sports Winter Sports Winter Sports 


fter the fantastic season the team 
had last year winning the CISAA 
and then heading to OFSAA this season 
was a re-building year. We suffered 
from dwindling numbers, however, we 
made the best of the season. We took 
our training to new heights previously 
unseen by the St. Andrew's ski-team 
and by the first we^^of February in 
time for most compattjon/all team 

Back Row 

km/wk.Hugh Dowell, Simon Ruggier, 
Artem Dudin, and Gord Hunter formed 
the core of the Senior team Although our successes 

'ftliiEIH-HWiH*. ^ 

r\owausuiim s uuwiiuiii ledin ariu snuw mem uicu \\ 

Junior Boys and poste ^mising results in two race 
from the dark side of the force. Our strongest skier 
and posting a top ten result ami 


Matt Mcintosh, Simon Ruggier, Richard Qosthuizen 
: Mr. B McCue Esq. Hugh Dowell, Artem Dudin, Got 

limited our senior team put in a solid performance 
^latt Mcintosh and Richard Oosthujzen from Mrs. 
ki he way and the truth in winter^spprt. T u ' 
'ill do my best again next yWrto keSpfl 
Inter had a great season finishing first afO.. 

:iU IIUIII I \Ji \Ji ll\J, uovi y ic*i i uuy , iyiuvji\wi»u, w"w ■ %•■ iv**^ 

Region. We are looking forward to next 
years season when I will be poaching / 
athletes from the other endurance sports V 
including swimming and X-country running \ 
to join us in a sport that tests your limits and l 
forces you to reach deep within yourself to 
see what you are really made of. Best 
wishes to the graduating members of our 
team; Gord Hunter whose many victories 
to raised St. Andrew's profile in the sport, 
and Hugh Dowell whose unwavering 
dedication to the team and quest for 
personal improvement was inspirational 
to us all. Thank you, gentleman 

Adam Kowaltschuk Esq 

Nordic Skiing MVP & MIP 
Huqh Dowell & Artem Dudin 

Nordic Ski in 





9im n« W» 

Back Row: Andy Dalrymple. Tyler Munro. MacArthur Kane. Eric Lucking. Taylor Irving, Sinclair Bean 

Gregory Willmot. Philip Oram. Jeff Kay. Devon Mok 

Middle Row: Jalil Teja. Mr. J. Inglis Esq. Stewart Powell, Andrew Macdonald, Richard Housser, Bradle 

Lorriman, Han Choi. Hamilton Petropoulos. Mrs. C. Kowaltschuk Esq. Sean Cole. 

Front Row: Adam Yates, Dylan Edminson, Tristan Vogt. Adam Rourke, Mervyn Frame, JohnJIousser. All 

Bean, Tyron Vogt, Robbie Kaptyn 

Boys CIS Final wsaa i ' team level 


GS 2 nd place in Ontario 
Slalom l sl place in Ontario 

U14 A boys 

1d place standing 
D hil Oram3 nl place 

1 L>w K^ • 

Individual OFSSA award 

2 nd team level 1 

sl Place standing 
Sinclair Bean l sl overall 

Mervyn Frame- 3rd place ! ^UN-L^ 1 2 _"; 

individual in slalom in (pntario 

Allan Bean- 5th place 

slalom individual in slalymw Ontario/ u 

Tristan Vogt- 1st place 

Farwell to the graduates: 

Yo, Yo. check this out. 

Seven mountain boyz whoz SAC time was done, 
showed off their threads 'til the last race wuz won. 
Our man Rourke had some large beefs, 
with those wack calls by the UCC chiefs. 
Beaner's the guy with math in his head, 
always on top of the current point spread. 
- MC kane, nuffsaid. 
The thug from the Alps, blonde as can be, 
Gave up the 1 A to support his pos-se. 
Slolam boy Merv brought the race home, 
motivation lied with his chick on the phone. 
Lorriman wuz cool with his mates 
Always left in charge of Fixin all the gates 
House" was the man who kept the crew tight, 
aiting by the tima, he was always in sig 
He phoned the 91 1 for his ACL, 
but we won't tell that he F-E-L-L. 
Some advice from K-dawg before youz hit the streetzl 
Life lessons learned while at these ski meetz. 
Y'all did me proud and we had a great time, 
if you remember one thing, take this line: 
Y'all lived large, and took home the loot, 
and loved gettin into those tight race suits. 
Your K-dawg' s upset, gonna spew something lame«j 
now that you're gone. I'll never be the same. 
Peace out! 

Kowaltschuk M.C & Esq 


e are very lucky to have six excellent squash courts at the school. With the goal of making 
squash a centre of excellence, it is important to challenge our athletes with the best level of play 

^available. This year, 9 players from our l sl , JV, U16 and U14 ente 
ktournaments in Markham, Burlington and Woodbridge and got t« 
ktremendous caliber of squash in the province. The players wh 
[entered these tournaments were motivated to improve, receiv 
i coaching and practise. The two first team players who most' 
exemplified this spirit of commitment were Dennis Wong and^ 
[Faisal Ratansi. Each achieved a level of play in the last half of 
the season that enabled them to defeat players 2 and 3 spots above 
them on the ladder. 

What is interesting about squash is that a good athlete, who is new to the 
game, can pick it up rather quicklyW j^ Chris McFarlane proved this 

see firsthand the 

as he joined the program for the first 
challenging for a spot on the first squad 
worthy of mention is Clement Yau who 
several commitments throughout the season 
yet did not let this interfere with his game 
Then days before the final tournament he was 
in a car accident yet he persevered and played, 
despite being shaken-up and sore from the 
collision. After an enjoyable season of 
exhibition play with other schools, the I s ' i 
team finished the season in 3 rd place just 
behind Appleby in 2 nd , but with Ridley wa 
out in front in 1 st place. 
Mr. Steve Rush Esq. 

time and was constantly 
Another player 
juggled j/ 


WinterSports WinterSports 

WinterSports WinterSports Wint, 

MVP: Dennis Wong 



f &i ~ 

r \ 

MIP: Faisal Ratansi 

jSporte WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports 

r » 



Top Row: Jeff Seymour, Luis Paramo, Vince Wong, Fernando Esteban, Javo Cortina, 
Tomi Jun, Adam Bucci, Alex Ryazanov, Jon Mackenzie, Ms. Lisa Pecerno Esq. 
Bottom Row: Jon Adamo, Fernando Paramo, Matt langer, George Si, Paul Ross, Justin Au, 
Mike Mcintosh 

r I %is year's Under 16 Squash team remained undefeated all season long. The 
A determination to win and play fair was truly evident amongst the whole group. Jon 
Adamo, Fernando Paramo, Luis Paramo, Adam Bucci, Justin Au and Vince Wong were 
always ranked in the top eight and usually cleaned out their competitors from schools like 
Holy Trinity, Bayview Glen, Ridley, Appleby, Crescent and UCC. Good luck next year 
as you move up to first squash. Special mention to Fernando Esteban, Matt Langer, Tomi 
Jun, George Si, Mike Mcintosh, Jeff Seymour and Jon Mackenzie for their great efforts 
all season. We also had the chance to see Mr.Cameron often as he was the coach of the 
TCS team, we saw them so often (six times in a row) that we even knew the players first 
and last names by the finals. The Russian Embassy took our number one player at the time, Alex Ryazanov away 
from us on the day of our CISAA in order to sort out his VISA problems. Talk about bad timing! 
Our Most Improved Player was never on a squash team before this year. He started off at the bottom and hovered 
around the middle of the ladder during the season. He stepped up to play the difficult third position in our final 
championship. This player ensures that everyone knows who he is with his loud booming voice, he must take after 
lis older brother... Congratulations to the team's MIP, Paul Ross. 

A natural at any sport, the Most Valuable Player is no stranger to nail biting finishes. He is used to games ending 
in overtime and he is used to being the lifesaver of the team. He helped St. Andrew' s capture a soccer and a squash 
championship this year. The MVP had to play a difficult match against UCC in the finals, we were tied with the 
Blue Smurfs and the days' fate depended on him. As everyone in the stands nervously watched this neck in neck 
game, our team hero played a drop shot that stunned his opponent and captured our first place finish. It was a day 
that I will never forget. St. Andrew' s will be losing a fine athlete as he returns to Mexico after spending two years 
lere. The Under 16 Squash Most Valuable Player award goes to Javo Cortina. Ms. Lisa Pecerno Esq. 


U16 SquaSi 


WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports Winter 

The under 14 squash team had a very successful season. They worked 
hard, and though only two members of the team were veterans, they 
pulled together to help improve each others skills and developed a strong 
sense of unity. They were undefeated throughout the season and finished up 
with a valiant effort in the final CIS A A tournament, placing second overall. 
The team voted for their choices for MVP and MIP and this years Most 
Improved Player is Aldo Ruiz Robert who worked hard throughout the season 
to cultivate his skills and improve his serve. The Most 
Valuable Player is Devon Bean who was our number one 
player from the beginning of the season and always gave his 
best effort no matter who he was competing against. 
Mrs. Melissa Auger Esq. 



Back Row: Aldo Ruiz Robert. Ben Udashkin, Eric Lee, Tyler Ehler, Gordon Lee, Arthur 

Wong. Darryl Shen, Mrs. Auger Esq. 

Front Row: Jared Kim, Praveer Melwani. Devon Bean. Sean Eng. Michael Chong. Tyler 





Top Row: Jae-Hee Lee, Chris Wells, Eugene Ryu, Patrick 
Kim, Mark Browning, Jeong-Jin Lee. 
Bottom Row: Wilson Poon, Jason Kim, Steve Lee, 
John Chen. 

From Left to Right: Meher Sandu, Nick Tsioros, 
Miller, Ryan Hiscox, Matt Whiteland. 

Ryan I 

From Left to Right: Wally Lau, Ringo Ng, Richard Lau, 
Alex Sham. Absent: Ping Hsu, David Lau, Terry Ngai, 
Tommy Tan, Julian Hui. 

Top Row: Damn Henein, Ryan Lo, Derek Toms, Kyle 
Steeves, Patrick Samson Doel. 

Bottom Row: Rahim Damji, Omair Rahman, Jason Miller, 
Bosco Tse, Michael Lin. 

Intramural Basketball 
Intramural Basketball 

WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports Wint 

I f'" 

Champions - 
Team Rucker! 

ports WinterSports WinterSports WinterSports 



The "A Team" foi ■arksmansh ip_jh is year was 
Gauthum Tolani, Jorge Roca, Javier Cortina 
(team Captain), Joaquin Hirschfeld, Rodrigo Lopez. 
Other members of the team were Jared Leslie, 
Sohaib Siddiqui, :^e Brooks, Puncarff hi, Vinu 
""Jatarajan, Ad. 3rd andTaylor Irving. J 

larksmanship Team enjoyed a successful but 
ort season this year. The 'first' team competed in^ 

Cadet Zone competition and finished with 
lid second place just a few points of National 

Queen's York Rangers. 

Highlights included Javier Cortina's regular scores 

inth#ffl^^Pand#eWnalbe^F98/100, which 

Duid surely have qualified him has one ofrthe top 

ots in the province. Congratulations to all team 

embers for yet another fine season with our 

:hool marksmanship team. Briafi McCue Esq. 


WinterEvents WinterEvents 



' V* 

k 7Vi 


.^ ^^ 






4 1 3 

if i,\ II 

r ± v J 

/ 'siim i 

. _ 1 ; £ 1 


/IP 1 


St. Don 

WinterEvents WinterEvents WinterEvents WinterEven 













- J^*^ mm 



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\ *. 

•■>•£ ,i 



--._ fl> * 












ingEvents SpringEvents SpringEvent 



v'vv v 

\ .■ 

sr- - 


Church Para 


SpringEvents SpringEven 



m '*■ 




JingEvents SpringEvents SpringEvents 


ring Events Spring Events Spring Even 


Cadet Inspection 




spring Events Spring Events Spring Events 


4ti wnr 

Spring Events S 


.1 i!l 


vents Spring Events Soring Even 


■.^■::.^.^ V :-.. • ••-■-Vl-.JT^ 

>;.-;j0.-/.>>- ^ 



t ' It I IkMi ■' 

if k K K |r-fr 

< liHlliillllll! 

.S :--.•■ '!»' 





>;,J>4 : 




Spring E 


tough co 
a knMitf 






Heart of 


i. *.*'■ 


u xjlC 


'apolis st. p' 






£ ; ^\ 


■ f-.-r-i'.:,- : 

'vents Spring Even 




Ivents S 

V 1 




The Grade 8 Graduating class departed for Quebec City 
Wednesday June 04 and experienced the province's 
fine culture for five days, returning the 08' h of June. The 
trip was a tremendous success! The boys thoroughly 
enj oyed themselves throughout the entire trip, engaging 
in various cross-curricular activities while practising 
their oral French the entire time. Some of the highlights 
of the trip included whale watching in Tadoussac . . . what 
a sight! We observed many Beluga whales and a few 
Menkes only feet away from our boat! The boys had the 
opportunity to visit both Lower and Upper Quebec and 
experienced La Citadel, Quebec's famous fortress tak- 
them back to the early times of Champlain. They 
were even able to role-play the Battle of Quebec on 
Canada's National Park, The Plains of Abraham. After 
a long day of travelling the city and being exposed to 
French-Canadian history they enjoyed an evening swim 
at the University of Laval. The boys ate many tradi- 
tional meals including one at the famous "Cabane 
Sucre" where they also participated in folklore dancing. 
Our final day was spent visiting St. Anne de Beaupre 
and Montmorency Falls. . .both absolutely beautiful ! It 
was a fantastic trip for the boys and teachers alike, a 
memorable trip to conclude a very memorable year. 

>>?* \'3T a 



$f> v ^%kfe> 








Ti '^ 

/ ^%^* 

id a red card and 

Back Row: Nick Dadson, Tiflfeirkett, Mrchpcl Bottomley, Tyler Smith, Andrew Steves, Colin Lowe, Billy Burke 
Middle Row: Jon Butcherifffj. Darr|l-SB^<Francis David-Coderre, Dana Stewart, Andrew Brankley, Vince ^ 
Decivita, Phillipe Benhajpri. Greg S rfejfl ^*io,. 
Front Row: Scott Lennox, Chris M^aflane, David Amadori, Dave Banwell, Patrick MaGrath, Jordan Ross, J 

Stuck. Sebastian Mantgat M 

V Team came witg ^reat skill level, but also some issues with attitude and egos. We knew this cup iff... 

>ne message I'd need to get out to the younger athletes in this audience - please remember that developing a- m athlete means deS eloping 
..\ our attitude is actually more important than your level of skill. Obviously you need both skill and attitude to hccoiTlgs*yul> exceptional athlete... 
but attitude is the mosmmportuni. 

( )ur first experience v\ as a trip down to the Ohio Rugby Classic. We won all three matches, and outscored a 
numerous penalties lor talking to the ret", and were Division Champions. 
Our next experience was a trip to the CMS National Tournament at King's Edgehill school in Nova Scotia. We did a much better jo&.of being disciplined 
with only a few outbursts. . . and schooled our opponents 114-0, winning all 5 matches and the National title for the second year in a ro*. Coach Shields anc 
I were getting excited at this point... we had talent, /WD discipline... 

Then comes the week of Cadet inspection, 10 days off, the Cadet formal... and we meet UCC the following Wednesday... and we have lost our edge andot 
composure., and earn the only loss of our season. 

The rest of the season saw some steady improvement until the playoffs when, I have to hand it to these pi™ 
dismissing Appleby 44-5. 

The finals, as the many of you who came down to UCC know, were a superb display of rugby, but - to be honest - 
we could have. We did play, for the most part, a disciplined, and certainly a creative brand of rugby that made us stand out from all the teams we met tins ye 
And coming back from an 18-6 deficit with 15 minutes in a CISAA final remaining takes real discipline. 

Coach Shields and m\ self would like to thank all the players who brought it together to bring us all a CISAA Championship for the first time 
championship is a testament to the skill, determination, and discipline of these players. 
Jon «*«•*■ f™ 

■ they played a near perfect semi- 

the first time i 



st Rugby 


»«aJLitlft \ 


V. v.. ' 


s? M rm 


Is - * • . '*■ ' 







m f 

. < 

* m 



B ■ 

F "&' 

' Ai .^^^^1 

'' ^1 

, | 

1 ■■"■■'"■':'■:'■':: 

ML Hi WL 1 

I Back Row: Kevin Han, Nick Caron, Eric Davies, Stephan Rykov, Sang Ho Yoon, Jon Milnes, Dumani Ross, Jeremy King, Steve Lee 
I Middle Row: J. Inglis Esq. Alessandro Lupo, Matt Mitchell, Dmitri Lagur, Lous David Lord, Alex Boileau, Andrew Khassanov, Sang- 
IChul Yoon, Egor Garagine, S. Treasure Esq. 

I Front Row: Joseph Leung, Jason Lau, Ryan Miller, Allan Bean, Michael Bottomly, Dan Von Diergart, Jae Hee Lee, Freddie Kane, 
lRyan Hiscox. Alex Camareo 

he JV Rugby team started off very successfully initially participating in a tournament in Ohio, where we 
successively competed against many first teams of much larger schools losing 2 and winning 1 . It was evident 

even at this point that out team was going to be very competitive and what seemed to be the team to beat as the 

season got underway. 

Many measure the success of a season by their win and loss record and whether they are victorious in the final. 
However, for these 20 players, overcoming adversity and facing almost insurmountable odds proved that solely 
skill and speed are not necessarily the most important thing in successful teams. Determination, desire and above 
all pride is what makes teams champions. Although we succumbed in the final to a to a Powerful squad from 
SJK, this was the most memorable season I have ever had and these boys are still champions. 


I must first thank Mr. Treasure for all of his video footage, help in practice and support in 
i games as well as Ms. Ossenkop who was a fantastic help on the sidelines taping and tending 
F to the many injuries that we suffered throughout the year. Most of all, however I would 
like to thank our Graduating players for their effort and dedication to the team. All told 
there are 13, 8 of which played on the team for 2 years namely Ryan Miller. Jason Lau, 
Alex Camargo, Freddie Kane, Allan Bean, Mike Bottomly, Jon Milnes and Joseph Lau 
and one who has played for three - Jae Hee Lee. 

Mr. J. Inglis Esq. 



Jae Hee Lee 


Ke\ in T-Kinj 


ingSports SphngSports Sprh 

U16 MVP: 
Shawn Jolly 


U14 MIP: 
Justin Nozuka 

U14 MIP: 


Back: Paul Ross, Mike Greco, Karl McCartney, Murray Kay, Dean Hamman, Sean Lee 

3 rd row: Mr. S. Swan Esq., Javier Cortina, Santiago Mijares, Lander Cabrera, Mr. M. te Bokkel Esq. 

2 nd row: Alex Calvert, Pablo Torres, Greg Willmot, Cameron Hadley, Steve Pryce 

Front: Faisal Ratansi, Jordan Ekers, Tristan Benson, Shawn Jolly, Eric Tozzi, Sinclair Bean, Matt Donko| 

\bsent: Anton Bennett, Taylor Campbell, Sean Dinsmore, Kris Well 

(Back: Matthew Halloran, Jason Wilson. Daniel Morgis. Pato Gonzalez, Mackenzie Tait, Gregory Vandermark. Justin Nozuka, 
[Michael Nowicki. Fernando De Theresa, Mr. C. Shrimpton Esq. 

|3rd Row: Richard Housser, Cameron Healey, Peter Goitanich. Philip Oram, Vlade Lokshin, Adel Ratansi, Braden Bonner. Eric 

2nd Row: Alex Mann. Jeffrey Kay. Jack Avalos, Ben Calvert, Seoung Mok, Trevor Jackson, Robbie Kaptyn. Adam Soloman. 
iRodrigo Lopez. Adrian Carabias, Jameson Tipping 

I Front: Steve Kim, Mitch Lebar. Colin Noble, Jorge Salazar, Dylan Baker, Hamilton Petropolous, Michael Walker, Jacob 
IMacDonald. Nicholas Bedikian 

U16/14 Rugby 

Sports SpringSports SpringSports SphngSports SpringSportsSpringSports 

Track and Fid 


i ML 

rack an 

Track and Field Track and Field Track and Field Track and Field Track and 

00m & 4x400m CISAA Champions 

dous year for the St. Andrew's College Gord Hunter and J. P. Suddaby qualified for OFSAA in tl 

It was a tremendous year for the St 
20Q^aa^«Ki field team. Beg 



sHips, the Saints 
ai^jJBrfollins, Seni or MVP Gord 

, Midget MVP Karl McCartney, Chris McFarlan 
MVP Scott SimmoB, and Junior MVP 
The CISAA ChamHDnships proved to be evei 
ess Itn York Bgion with dramatic victo- 

ane^ hop 

JH fc^e 

ven yea 

|h| sSPs 4^ 5x400 meter y teams. A 

bittersweet moment Mr t ^bQM after defeating 
jthern Champions Ridley College in both relays. 
ley knew they had the talent to move on, however they 
vere upable to field teams^ m| ; that would qualify 

espective events for the third year in a row. Scott Simmons 

ship. It was a learning experience for both of^herp, and 

hopefully KM can return next year to represent the Saints at 

most prBitgous track and field meet of the high s 

jr. Many Ranks should gd to all of the guys who came out 

and ran for It. Andrew's. The future looks bright and hope- 


fully more strong runners can come along to fill the big shoes 
left by this year's graduates. . J^fl 

OFSAA Particioants/Results 

From Left to Right: 

J.P. Suddaby: 100m-5th, 200m-2nd, 400m-1st 

Scott Simmons: Long Jump, Triple Jump Gord 

Hunter: Steeplechase, 800m 

Karl McCartney: Shot Put-5th 

St. Andrew's College finished 3rd overall 
for Junior Boys 




Field Track and Field Track and Field Track and Field Track and Field 



|Back Row: Mr. Dominato Esq., John Chen, Dennis Wong, Simon Lau. 
IFront Row: David Trott, Richard Choi, Ryan Lo, Kevin Lau, 
IGeorge Si. 

ome of us did pretty well and some of us didn't do as well, 
1 but this is not what badminton is about. The main point of 
this sport is to have fun and enjoy ourselves in the games. We 
have lost to tough opponents, but so what? Winning doesn't 
provide as much of a lesson as losing, but by losing we can 
learn from our mistakes and improve. The season started with 
disorganization and rusty moments, and as the season 
progressed, we had pulled together a strong team with great 
sense of SAC spirit. York Region Tournament was a great start 
of our badminton season, and it broadened our perspective in 
terms of skills and strategies. The rest of the season went 
pretty smooth, but the CISAA hit us hard. Nonetheless, it was 
a great season worth remembering. Ryan's coaching, Dennis'^ 
|drops, George's "consistency", Simon's smashes, Richard'l 

Fggression, and Dave's frustration are always the highlights J 
le season. Big thanks to Ryan and Dennis for the coachinl 
ind all the practices, and especially Mr. Dominato forgiving hi 
inalysis in between games. Keep the team up next year anl 
lon't let us down! Kevin Lau 1 



. ., -j 



pHni - ^a 


J* Badminton 





SpringSports SpringSports SpringSpt 


pringSports Sp : 


Vincent Womg 

Jeong Jin Lee 


Back Row: Mr.Kimmerer Esq., Jeong Jin Lee, Stanley Hon, Samuel Kuit, 
| Front Row: Aldis Sung, Calvin Lam, Vincent Wong. 
Missing - Tomi Jun 

' ; year's U16 team was made up mostly veterans and therefore they 
e experienced and understood what needed to be done to be 
successful. They worked hard in practice and were open to criticism and 
coaching. Their dedication and work ethic payed off with a very solid regular 
season, lead by the exceptional play of 1st Single and captain Calvin Lam. 
At the CISAA Championships our 2nd Single, Vincent Wong finished a 
strong 2nd with a gutsy performance, while 3rd Single "JJ" Lee won his 
division with real heart and determination. Our 2nd Doubles team of Samuel 
Kuit and Auldis Sung surprised everyone by playing their best badminton of 
the year and won their division as well. Finishing with two 1st places and a 
2nd out of six divisions was still only good for 3ry place overall. Never the 
less, this was a very rewarding season. Well done gents, and thanks for your 
efforts. SK 


^K^r ^ 

gSports SpringSports SpringSports SpringSports SpringSportsSpringSports 

Early in the season it became 
apparent that the team to beat 
would be Crescent School. With 
the loss of key player Sebastian 
Manigat to Rugby and our hopes 
diminished, we still managed to 
work together as a team committed 
to this one program in building 
our skill sets and strategies. 
Unfortunately the Granite Club 
School Crescent were to strong in 
the final tournament but I believe 
our players had personal bests and 
could see how their game had 
improved over the season. Special 
mention to our two doubles teams 
Mike Ferguson and Alexander 
Leon and Josh Hanson and Tony 
Lau who were second places 
finishers in a field of 9 teams! 

The MVP this year set a standard 
of effort, attitude, conduct and 
deportment - Sean Eng. 

MIP - Two players were clear 
candidates for this award. The first 
candidate, Scott Genin, went from 
being the team bird repairmen to 
earn a spot in the final tournament 
as third singles player. The MIP 
goes, though, to the player who 
almost took top spot from his 
brother - Adrian Eng. 
Marke Jones Esq. 

Back Row: Mr. M. Hanson Esq., Adam Yates, Josh Hanson, Tony Lau, 

Wesley Tiller, Scott Genin, Mr. M. Jones Esq. 

Front Row: Mike Ferguson, Adrian Eng, Sean Eng, Tony Lau, Alexander Leon. 

Spring Sports Spring Sports Spring Sports Spring Sport 

Spring Sports 

M IP -Tom my Tan, 
MVP - Steven Lam 

Back Row: Harvey Hui, Dennis Chang, Leo Yeung. 

Middle Row: Kent Fu, Tommy Tan, Jeffrey Ngo, Steven Lam, Jeff Lui. 

Front Row: Jason Ng, Godfrey Kiu, Julian Hui, Desmond Kiu, Abraham Hum. 

A couple weeks ago I was really pleased to see table tennis showcased in a video on an email conference. We might only 
lse a little Celluloid ball 40 millimetres in diameter but technique, hand -eye coordination and agility are huge components 
of our sport, as was shown. We will never get leather as there is no CIS championship. Nevertheless there is a strong group 
of enthusiasts here and I am pleased to be associated with them. 

The future looks promising. For the first time that I can remember the junior squad is more numerous than the senior one and 
shows lots of potential. One pair reached the semi finals of the York Region championship and it is one of them who receives 
the MIP award in recognition of his efforts and the progress he made. Tommy Tan. 

The MVP award goes to a graduating student who has been an enthusiastic player for these past three years and a partner in 
this year's number one pair - Steven Lam. 

Alan Halstead Esq. 

Table Tennis 
Table Tennis 


pnng Sports Spring Sports Spring Sports Spring Sports Spring Sports 





rw Milff B K^Mwf^ 

_y / -<* 

Back Row: Mr.G. Reid Esq., David Charlebois, Jesse Tippings, Sean O'DonnellS 

Andrew Douglas, Alex McNabb, Mr.G Robson Esq. 

Middle Row: Junyan Boon, David Woodcock, Jamie Lawson, Jordan Cyr, Brett] 

Galbraith, Duncan Kluwak, David Oram, RJ Ellis. 

Front Row: Andrew Wakefield, Bredon McCullough, Steven Thompson, MathevJ 

Mitchell, Brad Lorriman, Adam Parent, Brody LaBuick. 

Absent: Luc Zoratto, Anthony Greco 

r >■ 

TUt 1 U 


I 7! 

V A 


'fJB' ^^ 

"^ * — *** ^L '\ n ft. 



. H^- ^ JP 





feH 4 fl 







SpringSports SpringSports SpringSports SpringSports SpringSpo 






4 Li 



«y .rinmrr 





■ ■» » i 

Back Row: Justin Au, David DelZotto, Austin Smith, Justin Lyons, Jeffrey Hynds, 

DuncanGiel, Mark Hanson, Braden King. 

Middle Row: Rev. Bruce Roffey Esq. Omair Rahman, Graham Thompson, Mike 

Mcintosh, Jared Lee, Tyler Bagworth, Taylor Walker, Fraser Cowell Esq. 

Front Row: Igor Kastelyanets, Chang Boo, Lennon Sweeting, Clinton McCullough, 

Craig Sherry, Logan Hurst, Robert laccino. 

Absent: Matthew Browning, Joey Burke, Paul Fell, Taylor Flanagan, Erik Lebar, 

Andrew MacDonald. 


ringSports SpringSports SpringSports SpringSports SpringSports 

Back Row: Erik Swenker, Fraser Fell, Ryan Bucci, Eric Samson-Doel, James Chaing 

Middle Row: Mrs. Hughes-McGuiness, Mark Browning, Tristian Vogt, Joaquin Hirshfeld, James Keston, 


First Row: Jason Kim, Will Mulock, Eugene Ryu, MacArthur Kane, Jeremy Lee. 

si as 

MIP: Eric Samson-Doel 

■ ■ . 

Our team this year was f 
15 great guys who were 
An assistant coach soft 
So thank you Mrs. D'An 
Nine players we have le 
So have patience as w 
A three year veteran wi 
Third base will never b 
And then we move to t 



e time for softball at St. Andrew's has come to pass 
as for my poems, this will be the last. 
An interesting season to say the least 
As for the rain, well it never ceased. 
Two games we played as scheduled and planned 
The rest they were wet, cold and finally by demand. 

pi pride, ^^k ^l 
he coaches' sides, 
has never had, 
, to have you made us glad! 
ng our beloved S. A. C. 
dress who they'd be: 
e and assistant captain too, 
e same MacArthur without you. 
bag at second, ^ 4i^ 
Joaquin's a talent with whom no one could reckon. 
At first we had the mighty Fraser Fell, 
Never played with us before, but this no one could tell. 
This year's pitcher extraordinaire, 
James Keston had a season not to be compared. 
Sean Bornstein was learning the art of pitching too 
Lots of progress he made - good for you. 
Behind the plate we had a few 

Mark Browning we're sorry we'll have no season number two. 
Next we approach our utility man 

Jeremy Lee played where ever he was needed for our plan. 
Eric Swenker our assistant captain number two, 
Thanks for everything as we needed your praise and rallied around 

you. m ^^^^^^ ma ^ mmt ^ 

But now we move onto our MIP 
And with this choice I think our team will agree. 
A player who never, ever quit 
And who was even this season in the mouth hit. 
Eric Samson-Doel you really came far 
This is way you're our MIP star. 
As for our MVP we need not look past 
Our youngest player and an arm to blast 
Team captairfl$yan Bucci you'/e the one 
Who gets this year's MVP tW- so up yoi 
To the 6 players we're lea'O^ng behind 
Good luck wii# ttaaifcy er term three spj 
Thanks to all wh<$pfay( nghis tear 
You really made S. A. C's last year 
for the, njemorifis* whether 


Sports SpringSports SpringSports SpringSports SpringSports SpringSports 

mam' 5» *■■ 

#»■ ' ■ L - '* i 1 

■■^H ^UH^MH 


VP: T E*% 

Levin Maaskant L 

I I 




m *■§» J 

V • *- * 



Front Row -Alex Bacardi, Damn Henein, Alex Kaptyn, Jay Smith 
Back Row - Levin Maaskant, Austin Smith, Chad Davis, Kevin Butler, 
Alexey Altshuller, Mr. Ron O'Hare Esq. 

r- - 

■ V 


7sf Tennis 


SpringSports SpringSports SpringSports SpringSports Spt^Sports Sp ' 


•MM fe?**;Ti fe* 




Jeff Seymour MIP Luis Paramo MVP 


U16 Tennis 

SpringSports 3 

'ringSports SpringSports SpringSports 

Kowaltschuk Esq.* 

Back Row: Adrian JS&O, ty 

lthough we didn't come in l st ,or 2 nd , or 3 rd , or 
L4 th or 5 th , SAC U14 tennis was all about class. 
Through bad weather, bad calls and bad courts, we played 
fair, dressed well and traveled in style avec Moose Travel. 
Our team consisted of the following 
Aldo "my serve is on the endangered species list" Ruiz 
Adrian " i can't control myself Wu 
Emerson "Im cut?" Wai 

Nirushin " I must organize the k'dawg" Thambirajah 
Devon "ive lost my raquet, bag, hat, head" Mok 
Devon "i finally hit a smash over the net" Bean 
Graydon "I could be playing 1 st singles" Calvert 
Josh "I think the team is great" Harris 
Tyler "just wait till you see me play tomorrow" Ehler 

hlear^Emerson Wai, Q&ortMok missing 'X^josh Harris 

The teams voted MVP is someone who displayed dedication 
from the start of the year and regardless of injury, made it to 
every practice and gave his all. I fondly remember him 
during an injury, picking up all the balls for his team mates 
in his number l's just so the practice would be more 
successful - Devon Bean 

The teams voted MIP is someone who was determined to 
prove his skill. In a ladder competition he fought for his 
rightful position on the team, and earned the respect of his 
team mates - Graydon Calvert. 

I want to express my sincere thanks to all members who 
made this an incredible coaching experience. I will fondly 
remember your enthusiasm, spirit and dedication. 
Mrs.K M~ 

U14 Tennis 
U14 Tennis 

Spring Sports Spring Sports Spring Sports Spring S 

Back Row: Jean-Simon Bourgue, Nathan Rothwell, Adam Ford, Joseph Rothwell, Jose Uribe, Matt Gynp. 
Middle Row: Mr. Kevin McHenry Esq., Jeff Johnston, Joel Ford, Robert McKay, Brian Harvey, Mr. Paul Bedard Esq. 
Front Row: David Jannetta, Adam Hoffman, Manolis Fragiadakis, Jared Leslie, Scott Johnstone. 

First Baseball 


First Baseball «»*»<& 

:ig Sports Spring Sports Spring Sports Spring Sports Spring Sports Spring 



MVP * Scott 

Simmons MlP-Ste, 


nkush Sodoni, Liam Farrell, Mitch Myers, Zoheb Saleem, 
Foreman, James Butler. 
Second Row- Meher Sandhu, Steve Brooks, Pablo Martinez, Mathew Eaton- 
Kent, Abhaniv Raina. 

Back Row - Mr. Mathew Ainsworth Esq., Simon Ruggier, Mark RyajtfKan 
osenberg. Mr. David Kyle Esq. Missing -^tft Simmons T*r!2l 




T* T kv-i ^rr^ - 4 \ . ^r - ^< 






. « 

SprinaSports Sarin aS ports SprinaSports SprinaSports SprinaSports Spritl 

i m ml 

1 > -* j 

SR. MVP: Richard 

JR. MIP: Chris 



SR. MIP: Sandy 

JR. MVP: Matthew 



Right to Left: Mr. R. Giel Esq., Sandy MacKay, Taylor Irving, Brent 
Brandham, Erik Bomstein, Richard Colton (Missing: Ricky Reininger) 

Golf at St. Andrew's is a unique sport, 
believe this is the only sport that both the 
junior and senior teams practice together each 
day, they play on the same courses at each 
tournament with two exceptions and each 
tournament is important because points are 
earned toward the ultimate championships by 
how well a team places in each individual 
tournament. The other unique element of golf is 
the players golf attracts and the interesting 
perspicuous they bring to the game. 
This year we set a goal of defending the junior 
championship and winning the senior 

The depth of the program and teams was evident 
at the Inaugural Cardinal Golf Course High 
School Invitational Tournament for local high 
school teams. Because many members of the 
senior team were unavailable to play due to 
Prefect election announcements. We entered 
one senior player, Brent Brandham and four 
junior age players Matt Suddaby, Pierce 

Cassidy, Alex Tang and Ryan Bryce into the senior tournament. Matt shot a 79, the second lowest score of the day and the team 
won the senior championship. 

Going into the last tournament of the season, the junior team was tied for 1 st place and the senior team was in 2 nd place behind 
Appleby. The junior team won their final tournament outright thus clinching the junior championship. A repeat championship! The 
seniors made it a little more interesting by placing 2 nd in the final tournament, but more importantly, finishing ahead of Appleby. 
Finishing 13 points ahead of our nearest rival , St. Andrew's won the championshiplWe accomplished what we set out to do. The 
only school to win both championships in the same season and this is the second time we have done it. Mr. R Giel Esq. 

Left to Right: Matthew Suddaby, Chris Bromley, Pierce Cassidy, Mr. R. 
Giel Esq. Ryan Bryce, Mr. D. Finlay Esq., Rob Ferguson, Alexander Tang 

Jr. & Sf 

)orts SpringSports SpringSports SpringSports 



1 »!ill ■ 
" 4' BJ 

v Jv 1 '1 

' ■ X 

1 lik ' 

" 1 







Mill, O 
been a 1 

Nicknames: Ammo, f)erty. Ammo Hummer, kink 

Activitits: JV Xeountry, U16 Rugby. U16 Hockey. T3 soccer, T2 Rugby, First Footballtcaptaiii, 

champs. GHB Chumps) First Rugby(National Tournament Champs 02 and 03. Ohio Rugby Classic champ: 

CISAA champs). There art: no words to describe what it is like to be part of a place like this; ihere is 

nothing to say that cm do justice to the live years thai 1 have been here. When f got here I couldn't wait to 

leave but time wen! on, and it is now time tor me to say goodbye. 1 can't think of anything dial I have had to 

do ihat has been in hinder to do than this: saying goodbye to the people that I have shared so many 

memories with. It's hard to leave something that has been the centrepiece of my life for the last five years 

but like all good things, it has to come to an end. To the boys who made SAC what it was Dan, T/.iin, Arm, 
Pose, Bang. Thomp. Doner. Nudds. Nic, Sunder I got a second chance with you guys, thanks. And to everyone ihat has 

iy lite here it will be impossible to iorget the times we shared Seb. Mano. Cord, Lanzo. B-Mae. Mitch, Pink. Wood. Tex, N-Ro. J-Ro. J-Feez, Tips. Scooter, Dana. T 

Strong. I want lo thank die Perriers tor making sua- I stayed on path the last two years; 
Shvimpton for his help over the last few months; it proved to be invaluable; Mi. 
Shields tor being a great teacher and coach and overall great person through the 
years; Mr Cameron who inspired me too try football and changed my life; Mr. 
my advisor; and Mr Scotitar, I wish I had had more time to work with you. SAC 
what you make of it you get back whatever you put into it. Quit ye Like Men. Be 



Kidy. BROWN,, 

I Nicknames: Bang, BangBus (with machine guns). Banghole, Farmfv 
I Sayings: "We Run Tings", "Ha, made you look". "Fire it up", "Yo, P.V.7' 
I again." Activities: First Football (3a) Captain. First Rugby (3a) Captain. 

There's no other way to start th 

Mr. Sensitive, New Boy, 
iy would I lie'?". "1 held out for better, but better didn't want me". "\er 
tg (2a), Prefect, 5 year club, Caocun 2003, Duke of Fd. 
oii than by thanking my parents. Coming to a school such as St. Andrew's is a great privilege, and 


I one that I am truly thankful for. 1 appreciate everything you've done for my sisters and I. To my sisters, Krysia. Melissa and Natalie, thank 
you for putting up with me and supporting me through all I've done. 1 know it has been a long, and mostly early path. To the teachers that 
meant so much to me, you helped shape me into the person I am today and I am grateful for it. To Mr. Shrimpton. Mr. Shields, Mr. Swan, 
your efforts in me went far beyond the norm, and you're the teachers who'll 
leave a lasting impression in mc of the great place this is. Jenny, thanks for all| 
your support, and for always being there with a smile. And now for the boys: 
^ou were what kept me here and what all the great memories are filled with: Luc. Hiscox, Miller, 

T/imas, Amadori, Posa. Dan. Collin. Nick, Nudds, 
Dot, Sunder. Tipps, Brad, Joel, Mani. Mano, Lonzo, j 
JRO, Stu, Mitch. DVD, Stock... thanks for 
everything... we're SAC BAD BOYS FOR LIFE. 


1 1 



Nicknames: Beetus, Wife beater, beatnuts. BT. fat bt, beats 

Sayings: SMDB, B-rods, give me some mo cc and c, Hey Joel.. .why is he so nice... 

Activites: Captain of U16football, 1st Football (2a), 250-pound club, U15-U16-JV basketball. Smith House Council 




These past four years at SAC have been a blast. Thanks to Whitney and all the boys] 
Roids, Soup, the Heem, Mini Swab, Fahlgren and Olivier. I would also like to acknowledge all thej 
'who offered me wisdom and advice for my future endeavours, especially Mrs. Perrier, my advisor. 
[memories will be affiliated with the school. Some things will stick out more than others and some 1 £, 
forever. Playing football in front of the Homecoming crowd and winning the Golden Horseshoe gg 
Bowl, al! the trips to Montreal and the endless drilling during spring cadets will forever be a 

t of me. Finally, I would like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to attend SAC. I hope 1 make 
Look forward to seeing you boys at homecoming nc\X year! 

especially Tanton 
jS teachers and coaches 

Some o^ my greatest 
p will remember 



grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ gruels ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads 

Asking of me to summarize my six years at SAC in a couple of words is almost impossible. SAC has been my 
life for the past six years and I will never forget all the good times. First of all, I would like to thank my 
parents for sending me to such an excellent school and always continuing to push me through my time here. 
To all my friends who I have made at SAC, I wish you all good luck in the future and may we always keep in 
touch. Remember that things will only get better! Thanks to all my teachers 
and coaches who taught me to put my all into anything I do and taught me 
work habits that I will carry through my life. The long and exciting road has 
finally come to an end and we must move on, but I will always remember the 
good times! 

;an bornstbn 

Nicknames: Boils. Bolts Clamato, Rass Crumpet, Rum Belly, Golden Fool Activities: 1" Football 01,02. C1SAA champs and OFSAA bow! champs 01, Tier II rugby 

Champs 02, Under 16 rugby champs 01, Mexico exchange 01. Australia-Hawaii-New Zealand trip 98. Cancun O.Vlef't wing and MIP. Sayings: Tuts; yo mitch hows 

1 about we do a power hour at everest; Nudds give me a ride home; no Zoheb out you; fail....; what the rasssss; sippin on coke and rum; boek; sweetheart. 

It's hard to believe that my seven years have come and gone here. It seems like jusl yesterday when I entered this great place, which over the years has become 
my home, and the people here my family. First of all I would like to thank my late father for giving me the gift of life, as well as allowing me the great 

opportunity to become a part of the Andrean community. Secondly I would like to thank my mum. you have been my back bone through all the hard 

times, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking by my side. To my second mum, Mrs. Perrier, thank you for guiding me. and always putting 

back on track you really don't know how much your appreciated. To the boys past: Gummy. Bowser, Dodo, and OH. thanks tor the great memories from those nights at Harbour 

Lights to the life long memories of SAC after-parties. To the boys leaving this place with me: Nudds, Mitch, everybody these have 

been the best years of my life, and I consider you all my brothers and we've shared some good times, especially in Cancun (Wahid 

sorry for laughing, and OAC's were are champs). To the boys still left: Zoheb my brown bradda keep it real man, and the rest of 

you take away everything you can from SAC you only have one opportunity there so sieze it. As I pass through these gales for one 

last time, I hold my head up high knowing that I have a quitted myself like a man and 

"I believe in the brotherhood of all men. but I don't believe in wasting 
brotherhood on anyone who doesn't want to practice it with me. Brotherhood is a 
two-way street." - Malcolm X 

I am now strong. 


Activities: First Football, First Hockey, First Golf and also co-president of SAC first French connection 

skipping club, Mano, Mani that's for you guys. 

Remember all those Saturday night, partying at Jonhstone, Stock, a lot of fun with a few drink, 

playing beer-pong and dancing all night most of the time with one of your girlfriend guys, sorry about 

that. I'll also remember trying to get out of trouble, arguing lfat^*_ ■V^H 

with Waldo about shoes, earring, taking off early for breaks, 

and shaving and also missed class for medical reasons, obviously. Also visiting the * ■*. < H^ fclT' * 

carwash with Mano. Mani and McCullough a couple times at night was quite funny. God. I j W %^ tat' ft 

funlikethisinacarwash. Thankstoallofyouforaawesometwoyearslhadwith you. good ; ** ^ _JS^ 1ft . *3 


never had 
luck next 


year in you lives and I hope that at one point in our 
lives our road are going to meet again. 

Nicknames: Bernie. Bernie Spice, Spicums, Burns, B Squared, BB, Lil Roy, Brandy 

Sayings: WHOOOA, jeebus, mmmrnrnmmmm...snuh, that bird is a liar, just lovin' life, biggest lie I ever told, evidently, 
sweet deal, why do they call him the bullet dodger? Cause he dodges bullets Avi. 

It's hard to believe that my time at SAC is already over. It feels like I just got here. There have 

been ups and downs, things I've loved and things I've hated, but at the end of the day, there's nowhere 

I'd rather go to school. The hallways feel too much like home. I want to thank all the boys for making this 

last year one of the best. From Cancun to the Grad Room to the famous SAC parties, it's been a trip. I 

want to thank my parents and my teachers for helping me eke my way through my academic career here. Most of all, I want to thank 

Ryan and Sandra for always being there for me so I'd have a shoulder to lean on. To my 
fellow grads, I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do, and do it with the pride of an Andrean, 
for no other source of prid 
^OH BVIL. great. 


'.11 i i u i anu ill* ivu 

i an uic ucm in wnaicvci you ctiuu^c tu uu, aiiu uu 11 wini me pnuc ui an rtiiureaii, 


Nicknames: Snoop, Snoop Dog, and Browning 

Activities: Volleyball, Rugby, 1" Softball. Intramural Basketball. Nordic Skiing and Squash 

I have had the best four years of my life at St. Andrew's College. Now that my time at SAC has come to an end I feel that I 
am leaving a wonderful community, like none other. I have made a lot of friends at SAC who will be a part of my life through 
University and onwards into the real world, I will never forget the wonderful productions Mr. Scoular has produced over my time 
here, and all the plays during Focus. I will never forget the Homecoming and Springfest Dances and after parties, the Football game 
at Homecoming, the MacPherson tournament, and the SAC pride. I would like to thank my parents for sending me to such a 
wonderful school; you can hardly imagine how much 1 appreciate their efforts keeping me here for four years. I would also like to 
thank my teacher's during my four years at SAC who gave me the best education. I would like to thank Mr. McGee, Mr. Scoular, Mr. 
Shields. Mr. Gaertner, Mr. Kimmerer, Ms. Beck, Mr. Joiner, Mr. Tsioris. Mr. Douglas. Mr. Josselyn. Mr. Galajda, Ms. Venters, Mr. 
Robson, Mr. Halstead, Mr. Ried, Mr. Dunford, Mr. Ingles. Mr. Jones, Mr. Cowell, Mr. Giel, Mr. Service, Mr. Butcher. Mr. TeBokkel, 
Mr. Swan, and Mrs. Mi: 


Nicknames: Camargs. C-Dog. Commando Saying: BIG W!!!!; No, no, no my friend; I'm not gonna lie.. 

Activities: Head Boy, Head of House. Cadet Sergeant Major, First Football. Fall play (5a). FOCUS (6a). Anything SAC has to offer, I've tried it. 

I have often wondered what I was going to say on my grad comment, and the time has finally come. It is unfortunate that I can't write more because 
every single person in my grade has affected me in some way. To my graduating class, the school will never be the same when we leave — we 
kept it real. To those who went on the grad trip, it was one hell of a ride. I just have one question; do you love soca? Wahid, you've been my 
best friend since grade 8. Big Botts. next time I almost drown. HELP ME. Jayson, you are such a nice guy. Don't change. Doel. SAC is way 
better than Richmond Hill. To Mr. Clements and Mr. Anil, you two were amazing. Chapel isn't the same without you. ^^^» 

Mrs. Mix. I have never met a more caring person. Mr. Shields and Mr. Shrimpton. thanks for giving me a chance on football. « ' 
been my advisor and teacher for many years and through your methods you taught me how to think, but more importantly, you 4 

meaning of hard work. A special thank you goes to my mom whose sacrifice made my SAC experience possible. I am so grateful * 

proud. Dad. I am so grateful with the time we shared these past couple of years. I feel like finally we got to really know each ___ 
in the morning and the hockey game - two great memories. Mom and Dad, I love you both. Andrew, you are the best older brother 

faith in me is something I will always cherish. Thanks for 
all the support. To SAC, I have loved this school with 
all my heart for six years, thank you for everything. But it 
is time to say goodbye. 

Mr, Myrans, you 
taught me the 
and I will make you 
other. The car rides 
I could ask for. Your 


grads - GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS - grads - GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads \ 

Nicknames: Campbell < Soupk 

SAC has been full of great experiences. The people I have met during ni> time have | 
world, literally. To the teachers that have been so influential in my life, particularly Tony Myrans. Thank You 1 
ve had a great time. life's just beginning though, let's see where it takes us To the SMI »B I j Thanks for 

We've finish I iter of our lives, time to start writing flic next one. 

'No Man is the whole of himself. His friends are the rest of him ' Unknown 

God mi me the serenity to accept the things l cannot change, the courage to change the things 1 can, and the wisdom to know 

the difference.' Unknown 


Nicknames: C Homicide, T-Bone, A** Clown, Feed Bag, Nick "Your Feet Smell Like A**" Caron. 

Savings: Can I tease your lip'? I'll shotgun it! If I had an egg 1 would egg you! Three Olde English's are death, trust me! La Dip est 

Fitting six years of memorable mo- 
my childhood don't necessarily gel my | 

$200, 000 in tuition is giving A LOT back. | ^ 

institution, to being a pan of my life where . ■ 

there from the very beginning and sup- ^M ^ 

As time goes on we will ail graduate (even 
Education for the double cohort, it was 
Now, to my one true love, the elixir, your 
though your taste is more than acquired. * " 

oed in my memory and all the donuts 

ments into one valid grad comment is somewhat convoluted. 1 mean, the thir 

rocks off anymore. St. Andrew's has given me so much over the years, however 1 

so let's just call it even for now. Over the years, SAC has evolved from only being 

1 would meet life long friends and make life long memories. Thanks to ad my friends 

ported me in becoming the youngest and least mature graduate to ever attend St. 

McNeil) and a new generation of Andreans will replace us. Thanks, to the Ontario 

more fun than puppy dogs and fireworks. Cancun 2003, the time of my life. 1 wish 

passionate golden hue turned me to you from the beginning. Your frivolous being is worth the mere pocket change, and 

our nexus can never be broken. I love you Colt 45. To the dip and egging runs that have been 

in the Grand Cherokee whip. Thanks, it's been quite the ride. 


What! What arc you talking aboul 

I Sayings: "Ya baby!", "Oh my gwod'". "Very nice", "Are you ready'"', "Look at this guy...", "Settle", "Oh fo sho...". "What! What arc you talking about?", "Join the 
[ boarding crew!", and "That is so funny...". Nicknames: Salbo. Charlie, Chuck, and Valvo Activities: I" lacrosse, volleyball, hockey, weight- training (weight room jus] 
weight room moderator. DECA, debating, house captain, scholar, Community Service Council member, cadets (Gold Star, Lieutenant. Sifton platoon commander). 

The journey I embarked upon 6 years ago. as I entered grade 7 at S.A.C, has been both enjoyable and challenging, one of many tips and downs. 1 have had 
the opportunity to experience life at St. Andrew's as a dayboy, and as a boarder, allowing me the chance to lake part in all aspects of life at the College, 
j Mention and thanks must go out to all I know for helping me through hard limes as well as being there for the good times, to joke with and share a good 
I laugh. To the guys I've known since grade 7, to the one's I've met along the way, thanks, it's been great sharing the journey wiih you! In particular, the 
boyzl Thanks Phil, a.k.a Ben/.ino. and Dave, for giving me a second and third home, and Campbell, Milnes, and Downey. Props go out 10 the Sifton crew: Bobby, a k a Robert Rmmd 
Eyes, Bri, Dunk. Geoff, and the honourary Yule. Thanks must also go to all the teachers and staff members who have helped me over the years. Last, but most 
would like to thank Verity, you always believed in my abilities and it has made all the difference, to my brolher Mike, 
class of 2002. for all his support, and my parents for their continual support and for giving me the chance to take part 
in a life altering experience. You have no idea how grateful and appreciative I am. 


v do I sun 

■ been great being your student. Fellowship; Don't wanna see you go. friends: You know 
nost thanks. My Jesus. You .ire every thing 10 me- rny Rock, my Guide, Jebovah-Jireb, "the 
nea lol of stupid things, bul You love me enough to see past those flaws. In this school, all 

ugh me. I hope it worked, , Looking backon my years 
ve to admit that I did have a swell time. But putting j 

kof:Itdoesn'lmatter None of it matters. Inten years, 
l cihullieamor in the FOCUS, Iramas The only thing j 
; impact that Imadeon the lives of others. Going to 

e I'd rather have come from. Peac 


T i*» 

our help. My brother and my other mentors: 
hanks tor those little boosts. Teachers: My 
; God who saves my butt in times of trouble'*. I know I have ] 
I've tried to do was have others sec a glimpse of You 
at SAC, and all the activities tha 
things into perspective, this is all 
! will barely remembet my yean; c 


For the last 4 years I've seen a lot of guys come and go. Now it's my turn. Though not all my time 
I here at sac has been joyful, it's still sad to leave this all behind. The lessons that we've learned at SAC are what 
I we'll take with us when we leave and are what will help mould our future. Now it's my turn to join the boys 
I before me whom taken the step out into the hostile world. We all have to find our own place in the world; luckily I 
have my experiences from SAC to light the way. If I could leave one note to the graduating boys of future years it 
' would be to make sure you haven't missed out on anything. 

Nicknames: Chmiel. Che 
isy. Bro give 


mc one. HEY, Dude Bud C 

. hobiha blllUHU. 

_mm m 

ities: Soccer, tennis, ball hockey, basketball... slacking off. 

Four years have passed rather quickly for me. a little to quickly i would like to start off by tiianiung my 

for all tire sacrifices they made over the years to send me to such a tint school as ttiis I'd like to thank my 

friends for not being thtre for me. Ho, Jokes I'd also like 10 thank all the rescuers I've had over my four yean at S.A.C. 

has been u wonderful experience. Finally the Bovi: 1 Dog • whad up? keheheh, M what are we doing tonight' Will 

or pizza! Freddy PJ thanks for supporting mc. and always being a good friend, good tunes. PDF. ■ keep die PDR & 

man... and don't get any more tats, Lmsi mc One sh - 1 mean Dave, I'M meet you at Palazzo l YOU WON'T BF. 

) jokes. I'll miss you man hranimmm Mac - for always being a fun, cheery psycho ,. 1 like it. Phiido - thanks 
ig my - s^^^^^^^^^^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^kl 

iet) with me One 
shout out to J Roi 
« a roller 


^DS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS 

• The four years that I have spent at SAC have flown by quickly. I still remember when I first stepped into the school on orientation day 
I - 1 was unsure of what's going on. excited and definitely scared. Over the past four years, there have been ups and downs which have 
shaped me and helped me grow. Everybody from my advisors, to teachers, to my friends have been behind me all the way through 
these good and sometimes turbulent times. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for believing in me. for 

providing me with valuable lessons in life, for helping me realize my full potential and simply to be always there to help 

: out. Above all. I would like to thank my parents for the sacrifices they have made and their constant support and guidance. SAC 

; provided me with a lot of memories. These memories will F f '4^^H . ^g " fPJF remain with me for the rest of my 

life. Thank you SAC. ^k \\ 




Nicknames: Tex. Big Tm. C Squared, YanJc, Colhn. Keg Sealer, Man In The Mountain. Btrffa!.. . ■ Vcthibcs ...,-.■ p -...■,■. Fust Track 

(2a), House Captain. The Original Stallions. FOCUS, ISDF 2001, Musketeer Missions. Not Going i<> Cadets Savings: "1 2:45. ACC" "No I did not steal ihc kegs!" "Sir, f got nothing" "1 was ack" "Whoa. . .so 
this is what the inside of the chapel looks like" "I n^y was skfc though"'^ who cans if yew have c to ^^ 

drink" -The last three years have by far been the best of my life. The experience of this school has been incredible and I could not 
imagine graduating from any other place. Huge amounts of thanks go to my parents. You guys sacrificed so much to give me this chance 
and you stood by rae through thick and thin. I love you. I wouldn't have graduated without the help of these 
£T*V#^ people: Mrs. Mix, Mr. Myrana, Shrimpdawg, Mr. Scoular, Mrs. Pilieci. Mr- Bedard. Thank you. Mrs.'ve been 

a second mother to me, I hope this school realizes what you do for it. To lay friends-we definitely have some great raern. 
Sf% Bursty, I will never forget our missions with Ziggyr Woody, The Han in the Mountain lives!; Thoreps, •;: 
■■^^ You kncw how msch fun *** would have living together. "I ain't goin back!" Musketeers for lifel Pareni 

Wf £jfl back bro ' z to -10 "*' * can always count on you; Ban, you were my first friend at SAC, sorry 
about that bar fight; Mill, Roomie, food for raassagea i3 key; Mitch, 'Who will 
organize the afterpar:. ,-. ; - "SHOTGUH COLLINS AND MITCHELL!" I hate Havergali; Stock, 

"Guess what tonight is-HQtJND NIGHT I!" caacun was 
wesomei Shouts to 8-raac, Mcfarlane, Ararao, Big T, 
Pose, Louie, Mano, Mani, Nudds, Ross, 
thwell (a stink, Manch. Good luck next year 


1 can only thank every 
experience which has 

one who helped me as much as they could in St. Andrew's, to my family for giving me this 
made grow in many ways and to all the friends I made during this two years. 

for life: 

'» «rl 


..Crazy Bii! 
h shaving cream and 

ric 'Ihe man" Davies 




Memorial House For Life 
SG get a haircut 

Josh man, you're RIPPED 
Fish Posters Rule 


Nicknames: Daddy. N. Diddy 
Activities: Soccer. Basketball. Track & Field, Rugby. Drama. Music, Lieutenant. Prefect, Community Service 

^^^^__ Without St. Andrew's College, I am not sure where I would be in life. The many experiences that have encompassed the 

duration of my affiliation with this school have shaped almost all of what I have become today. 1 am indebted forever to all the 
faculty, students and staff (past and present) who, just by being a presence, have enabled me to grow as a person - and an Andrean. 
|^^k To the friends (both Andrean and from other schools) I have accumulated during my time at S.A.C. -Thank 
P You! Without all of you I would have been lost, especially during those times when Ijust needed someone 
^ problems and screwed up ideas. I would mention all of you in thiscomment if Icould, but I only have limited 
■ you are. To my family - Mom, Dad, Jed & Keith: I know that at times I may seem distant and quiet. It is at 
J that 1 am able to look back and reflect on how lucky I am to have you all in my life. Thank you for the sacrifices 
you've given, and essentially for putting up with me over all these years. 1 love you all 

to listen to all my 
space. You know who 
these times however, 
you've made, guidance 



GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ gmds - GRADS - erads ~ GRADS ~ erads - GR* 

Nicknames: Eric Davis, Big "E" Daves, Mr. Davies, Eric "The Man" Dav 

Activities: Pipes and Drums, U16Football, 1" Football, Tier II Rugby 

Having gone to this school, I have cannot help but notice how it has changed my life for the better. I would 

never have able to go here without the support of my grandparents and parents, and for that I thank them for 

everything I have received during my high school career. Secondly the only other person I can thank for 

getting my life straight is Mrs. Perrier, without her selfless thinking, I would probably 
be in a gutter somewhere in Paraguay. Thanks to everyone who made my high school 
experience as good as it was. I won't bother mentioning anyone because I wouldn't want to leave anyone out The only 

after graduating, is that I have been privileged to go to a school that has allowed me to do so much and giv 
so many opportunities. In a way 1 feel guilty that most people cannot enjoy the same high school 
:ation that I have. 

^ thing I can say after gr 

™ me so 

Thank you, Pedro, St. Andrew's 
was one of the most educational 
difference. Although I didn't 
(not you Campbell G.*) I hope 
friends in Sifion, Robert, 
Robert and I are going to the 
now): Become a radiologist, 
Dalhousie, next year, so 
on given'er till you expire. To 
Delean, a.k.a Strije, Genius, 

was quite the experience! Mr. Bedard, Mr. Dunford, you two will never be forgotten! Cancun, well from what I remember, 
journeys I have been on. St. Andrew's was so much fun. My advice to youngsters would be to get involved, and make a 
make much of a difference, I got involved, and what a great time I had in doing so. To all my buddies 

we will meet up in the future, and when we do, I'll bring the beers, I'll bring the beers. To my best 

Duncan, Brian, David, you guys are like the brothers I never had. Many a good time was had, and since 

same school. I can guarantee many more good times will come our way. Ooal(s) in life (as of 

and use my father's MasterCard for another 30 years. I think 1 will lie at 
anyways, if i don't sec any of the guys for a long time, just you know keep 
all the ladies, you're welcome for getting the chance to talk to me.-G. S. 
Virtuoso, Kid Gorgeous. 

"The secret of I g creativity isknowinghowlohideyoursources." 

I'm kidding Campbell, you' re a funny HI'guy. 


Nicknames: Ddot, Dotter, Ddot P.I. 

Activities: First Soccer 4a, First Rugby la, U16 hockey 

2a, U16 rugby la. Hardy Boys crew member 

It's sad, I know, but our time draws near: 
For all the friends that I've made here 
It's been great fun, like you all know 
Especially before they booted "the show" 
Give thanks to those who've helped you out 
Along with them, weve changed, no doubt 
For now, our ways disperse and part 
but do no forget the place in your heart 
that keeps our memories alive and well 
until we meet again, farewell. 


"Friendship makes 
prosperity more shining 
and lessens adversity by 
dividing and sharing it." ■ 

I think too many people take St. Andrew's for granted. Too many are consumed by the desire 
true virtue of this place. It is doubtless the case that there are winners and losers in life, but 
the tough guys still be tough at Med. School? Will all of those marks that you struggled for 
are the people who can see that beyond the desire to win, SAC presents you with the chance 
experience in the world will get you nowhere 
the benefit of the big picture. Somewhere 
need help. You can't do it all alone. Will 
I might suggest, will know where to turn to. 
lucky enough to befriend; to Mr. 
prefects; and to Paddy: You are the ones 
who have given shape to my dreams. I will be 
grateful forever. 

"' 3aBB r, -!re is so much to 

player and 

own the 

ou have 

To my fam 


o win - being the best makes them blind to the 
we have to consider what winning truly is. Will 
calls make you happier in life'.' The real victors 
:o win with integrity. All the talent and 
o make personal sacrifices for 
ine, you will realize that you 
iomewhere to turn? An Andrean, 
ly; to the many whom I've been 
McGillivray; to my 

ups and downs St. 
I did this on my own and there are 
I can't do justice in this little 
for me. This place has given me 
I cannot imagine life beyond its 
most glorious cathedrals of 

: and yet I don't km 

indrew ' s has been everything I' ve ever wanted and more. I cannot claim that there 

;a great many people who deserve credit. However there are so many of you and 

space; please know that you have my thanks and affection for all that you' ve done 

much; it taught me agreat deal and allowed me to try so many new things. At times 

vails, but regardless the time has come to say goodbye. I've been in some of the 

England, but the can't compare to the simple beauty of our chapel. I've heard many great choirs, yet 500 untrained voices singing 
the Dorset Carol surpasses them all. The Stratford Festival could take some lessons from our drama 
department and I defy any unit of the Armed Forces to put on a better inspection then our corps. This has 
been the experience of a lifetime and I send best wishes to all my mates who shared the ride with me. I 

hall miss you all and this place so very much. To those who remain: Cherish 
place. Mum, Dad, thank you so much. 

Nicknames: Dooney. Downdizzle. B-Down, Brad, C 

Activities: Cross Country. Track and Field. Outreach, Duke of Edinburgh 

Some of the most memorable times of my life have come from this place. My lime here went by so fast aVb^H fl without me even noticing 

and taking full advantage of everything this place has to offer. It was the greatest four years of my life and 5 I owe it all to my parents 

for their sacrifices and the aggravations they endured from my many expenditures. Even though according ■ to them, i still haven't 

learned the value of money, 1 have learned the value of friendship, i have certainly made some life long UflKM W friends and L^L^^^^^^^^^^^^m 

acquaintances. Some of the many fun times at SAC include: skipping T's practices. Homecoming. Spring FcM tfiet parties, and the many car crashes! (Campbell and his tree, 

Drewe and his pole. Josh and his guard rail). The most memorable trip was the 2003 Cancun Grad trip. many memories; it was 

simply, "A once in a lifetime trip." Over my time at SAC. I have had my ups and downs, but overall I personally feel that the good has 

completely outweighed the bad. even things like Saturday school?! it has been a remarkable experience, one that I wi" 

for the rest of mv life. Thank you Mom and Dad and St. Andrew's for four of tjjg most memorable years of my life 


)ur of the 


a i-vint 


ADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ gmds ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS 

:Ftaz, Bill, i 

ing, Softball, 
As I reflect upon my 


■. years al St. Andrews, I just can'l believe how fast they have flown by. There are so many people I'd like to thank. First and foremost, I'd like to 
thank my- patenl ficing so much to give me and my brothers this incredible opportunity. Mrs. Perrier, you have ata 

V whether it was at school, at home, or in the hospital, thank you for all your support. Mr. Cowell, you have taught me a lot during each of the four 
B years I've had you as a teacher, your guidance and friendship will never be forgotten. Mr. Scoular. youi it predated ever 

* since I first auditioned for you. Ms. Venters, you have helped me recover from injury and achieve two of mv goal- . 

swimming, and the other was to bring home a CISAA championship. Thank you and I'll see you in Halifax' An honourable shoutout to the K-Dawg. 
wii-re always somebody to talk to, and you always had a way of cheering me up, thanks. And last but definitely not least, I'd like to I 
don't have enough room to name all of you, but you know who you are and ;■ Thank you all 

fOV don't have you don't need it now." 

Nicknames: Mano. Mani for those who still don't know that it's my roommate's name. 

Activities: 1" football, I" hockey, V 1 baseball, I st skoal, I 11 skipping co-captain, co-creator of the back spit. 

Sayings: let's pack a lip boys; Chris, I'm sleeping at your house man Brownwyn !;LET ME SLEEP B-Mac; shut up! I'm not Jean-Simon; I can't 
B speak English when I'm drunk. Hey Boys look at this girl's back hahahaha; C-Mac let's shotgun this one!; this one's forCyrand 
I Billy: meeeeeeegaphooonnne! Only two years I have been here but two years that I will never forget. Mani. Jean-Simon, Ammo, C- 
B Mac. B-Mac, T/imas, the Rothwells. the hockey team, the rest of the cakers and many others OAC guys, you guys are the best and I 

i stay friends with you forever. A special thanks to the McFarlanes. Rothweils, McCulloughs, and Manchees 
* ot me during the weekends. I will never forget: winning at the Skydome, the lunch's dips. Mc Neil's clutchness this 
kj hours at McFarlanes or Manchees. the trip in Sweden, and Finally the week in Tremblant and Montreal. Before 
B thought Ontarians were boring and didn't know how to party, well you guys proved me wrong. I went to the best 
B these last two years. Also, thanks to the Pernors for being great. En terminant. merci a mes parents, sans vous^je ne 
B moments exceptionnelles. 

to the b 



for taking great cart- 
last year, the after 
coming here. I 
parties of my life 
viverais pas CCS 

\wmm\ M:K\€ir±ii7±l 

.ds ~ GRADS - grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ f>rads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ gratis ~ GF: 

Thinking of a grad comment is a 'difficult one for me as I have been here for seven yeat 
ive to say that being a student at St. Andrew's College has been the most wonderful a 
:ce of my life. SAC has taught me so much and made such an impact on my life, but most of 
ie from a young twelve-year-old kid into the man I will be for the. rest of my life. I would first j '■'' 
to thank the Perrier's. my housemasters, for giving me such a wonderful experience in boarding life. 
\ Without your little kitchen downstairs at night Mrs. Perrier. I wouldn't have survived. As I can't thank seven 
years of teachers in this short comment, I would simply just like to thank all of you. You all have made such 
an impact on my life and I will carry the things you taught me forever. Not only have you 
teachers, but amazing friends. To my friends throughout the years. I really will miss you greatly and I fefjj 

always stay in touch. I also must thank Mac House for giving me the opportunity to be a house captain 

that during my time at SAC, (his was one of the best memories I will takeaway with me. Damn, I'm up to 230 words now! 20 more! I guess to finish off, 

st of luck, Davies, Lorriman, Richard Choi, Lin, Lo, Joel. I also wish the best of luck to my friends who still 

some time at SAC. Mtddieton, Irving, Munro (beat Irving in skiing next year) and Paddy. Live up the SAC 
perience boys, 1 know I did and leave with no regrets- Thanks to all for an amazing time! 


a vc tru !y been the best years of my life. I remember when I first stepped 
:<!e it fell.: Bsu ail toy angst quickly disappeared, and in its places 
; teachers who helped me find direction in my life, both aca 
are) for ail the good times -this place wonWnevef have! been the s 
"that's probably why youcoutd never get me to leave!}. Mr.Shrin 
f aUtfumks for always being straight with me- always telling r 
ny parents who made the huge sacrifice to send me to such a wo 
began. 1 go into the world confident in my ahi3ities;t and fin 
Stbfc.w.ay.. Thank yolieveryone, forfvetytengfaroufjienit tbfi§|| 



The last four years have been memorable. 1 have made many friends that I will have forever, and learned many valuable lessons. Through my experiences at vS AC. 1 have 
been able to grow as an individual. I would like to thank my parents who gave me the opportunity and made the sacrifice to send me here, as well as my advisor. Mr 
Giel, who's at! vice over the years has proven to be priceless. I would also like to thank Mr. Shrimpton, who always tried to point me in the right direction. Mrs. Mix and 
Miss O'Higgins. thank you for always believing in me. To everybody still here, stick with it. Time goes by a lot faster than you think. To all the graduates, the best of 
luck in the future. 

''A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad." Theodore 




an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing 
e taught." Oscar Wilde 

on is a progressive discovery of our own 

e." Will Durant 



Nicknames: Cambolis, CG-Unit, C.G. C-Gord. C Wizzle, G Roc 

Activities: 1 * Golf. I s ' Skiing, and Flavelle House Floor Captain 

SAC (not S.A.C) has been interesting place where I have met some very funny 

imded this four-year jamboree. Thanks to Ian, Fraser, Alex, Mom, and especially 

t. Andrews. Thanks to Mr. Shrimpton for keeping me out of trouble and for being 
who will remain nameless refused to. Thanks to 

210. Thanks to all the prefects in my time who 

fter parties I will never remember. Thanks to| 

vho's classes! will 

lways forget. 

rs at SAC were without 
the bearding house thai 
vice, as well as learn a [ 
i I would like to thank : 




til be the people t 

I or soccer, fit in eon 

I not have had it any 

characters. Thanks to my parents who have 
Dad for helping through good and bad times at 
my advisor when some people 
all the faithful visitors of room 
have organized the many great 
most but not all of the teachers 


Sj ( was a little unsure about living at an all guys boarding school, but now that 1 am used to it, I think it 
I time at SAC has been the busiest in my life.. .at times 1 had to take six classes, play a sport such as rugby 
ns, That is not even mentioning what 1 do outside the SAC campus... but. like anyone else at SAC. I would 
I up on me after a dismal year in grade 12 from an academic standpoint. Thanks to the housemasters of 

Sifton (Newton, Ramon, and Bedard) 

* helped me to adjust to li\ 
; university applications, 1 v 

y from home, you have no idea what thai has meant to me; in particular I would like to thank Mrs. Mix for taking care of 
A'ould have been lost without your help!! Also I owealot to my parents who took two years to convince me to apply to this school.,.] 

like to thank them for that, its well its keeping me on the right track all through High School (though it may not have seemed tike it sometimes!) Though the 
I year is not quite finished yet (we still have a rugby championship to win., .hopefully) 1 think this year has been the best year of my life so far and [will cherish 
j moment of it. Cheers. 




i the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; 

. lias is alrr M a m /erf Edt . \tio will nc 'he world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone arc omnipotent.' 

■ L^ I Calvin Coolidge 


I Nicknames: Gnf 
| Sayings: SMDB.j 
1 ItooTS 

kes. Thanks to my I 


,DS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ 


nfcs In the manv F.xtrnor..! 

thanks to the many extraord . 
thing I've done here I 
« your 
a "low I 

College with two quo* 
an nuke after four yean of learning the hard 

Nicknames: Harv. B-Harv. Harvz, Harvo, Bri. Bri-dawg. Big H. Freddie Rl, Dirk. Clark Kent. Community Sen i 

^aviiiiiv: \: | 51 I EPONO, What's happenin? Part) ai Duel's. SMALL VTLLE! Swenks Heddo! Woh. It's all about the price rai 

good life, good times, it's casual 

Activities: Head of Hot m of Debating Society (3a), PAFPO, House Captain. Cadet Band. 

wmble, Jazz Ensemble, Christian Fellowship, FOCUS, 1" Basketball (la) I" Softball (2a) J V Basketball (la)! 

Wow, what a ride. As' former graduates have staled, it would be a huge injustice to condense my four years 
-^ ^^^^H at SAC into one paragraph. My Time here at St Andrew been truly memorable. And for lh 

« people u ho have made it so special. Thank you Mom and Dad for the SW deforme lo attend S.A.C. 

make you proud. Thank you to Ms. Chasson for your guidance and instruction, not just in music, but in life. 

support and for always believing in me. Thank you Mr. Joinerfbr being a true inspiration and providing me with 

all my friends (you know who you are) 1 owe a lot of laughs to you guys. Now I leave St. Andrew' 
which taught me how to OT ercome challenges, and the other, a statement I 

17 - \ successful person is one who can la) a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him.' David Brink 

I )ncc have 1 ever regretted working hard" BH 

Nicknames: Hisco-Jeep, Cox. Eddie. New Boy, Icy Hot Stunta 

Activities Soccer. Volleyball. Hockey. Squash, Lacrosse. Rugby. Debating, Plays (acrobat). Breakdancing. After Parties. Semis/formals, Homecoming/Springfest, 

[Miller's room. Dan's house. KeUeys, Luc*S cottage. Armen's B-day(s), TLC, CANCUN 2003- OAC's are the champs baby! Plays (Hamlet. Oliver. Oklahoma), what 

a great experience! 

Well boys, it's been an amazing five years for me. First. I would like to thank my parents tor sending me to SAC and for putting up with me through the 

\ears. thank you and I love you. Luc/LZO truck, the race. 1 winl^^^^^^Miller/Millacopter. I'll beat you up one day! Sunder, since grade 4 buddy! Banwell/ 
BangBus, New Boy, your obsessed with Havigators! T/imas/T/ima-Tank. full otjH Huseless facts, go leafs go! Amadori/Ammo-hummer, RGP printers! Nudds, see you at your 

wedding! Posa. I think your old enough to not have curfew! Armen/Khajaped. theH t ransformation! Nick, its "PH" fat! D-dot, 

you're so random! Dan. were having a party at your house tonight! You guys areH like my second family; I couldn't have done it 

without you. Remember, its all about the boys! Mrs. Mix. thanks for everything. ^^^^ I'll miss our daily chats, you're a saint. Thank 

you to all the teachers who supported and understood me throughout the years,M ssH ] didn ' t mean lo make y° ur lives so <hffieolt 

SAC is the best thing that has ever happened to me and the experiences I hav 
"Trying is the first step toward failure" Homer Simpson 

gained here have been priceless. Thank You 

Nicknames: A-Hoff, Softie, A-HO. Hoffie, Ho! 

Activities: Prefect. First Football. First Basketball. First Baseball. Lieutenant;!':. ■■ Ramsej St Ax thing 1 could n 

in a high school a so much more. I refer to tool but that doesn't do it justice. There are too many institutions that fit under that category and Si its own. 

Andrew's has given me every opportunity to find the person I strive to be and F can't thank the teachers and staff at S \ •: everything they have done for me. Perhaps tl. 

'.-.ill part of St. Andrew's arc the friends that surround you everyday. To all tnj knov. exactly w h 

| been the best years of mv life ; ■■ The times we share in the classroom, the short times we had outside of the classroom, and most importantly on the field, will be f. 

I back on forever. You guys are like brothers to me and 1 wish you the best in al! you do. I would like to thank Mom and Dad forgiving me the opportunity to be a part of something so amazing 
ys and can't thank you enough for supporting me in every thing t do. Thanks Carly for being everythin 

brother CO tnd being that one person that 1 strive to be as successful as: 1 love you too. I'm going to miss 

lUCh and hopefully one day I'll be ready to move on. Thank you everybody for shaping me 
into who I am tod 

Activities: Prefect. I 11 Volleyball (2a), 1" Alpine Skiing (4a, Captain). Cadet Lieutenant (Flag Party Commander), Drama (West Side Story. 
Hamlet. Oliver. Oklahoma. FOCUS). Music (2a I - Trumpet - Concert Band. Cadet Band. Jazz Band) 

Well I have had just as much trouble coming up with what I wanted to say here as everyone else. S.A.C. has made too much of 
an impression on me to describe in 250 words or less. Coming here in grade nine was a big transition, but the welcoming and inviting 

atmosphere has helped me to become involved in 
myself overwhelmed, and cannot yet see what I'm 
time, just like the last three, and we'll all be left 
time at the school, enjoy it and lake advantage of it. 
been given - by our parents, the school, and its many 
Murf, Dill Hole. R.O.. Tristan. Irving 

some of the most exciting things of my life. In this my final year I Find 
going to do when it's all over and gone. This year will be over in no 
wondering where our time here went. So, to anyone that has more 

To those leaving let us be grateful for the opportunities that we have ^BJHTIM 

supporters. And for my last few words I have to give some shouts. To the OFSAA Krew, lead by K- 
and Johnny Mosley the bus driver. As well the rest of the Ski Team. To my hosts in Memorial house; 
addy and Dougs. And to everyone else, I'll never forget all of this' 
Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of 
[standing still." Chinese Proverb 

Bifjau u 

s in Memorial house; 


Sayings: "Fish again, lets go to 

;e'\ "Jokes!" "No. Pat 1 can't gel you 

Class Activities: 1st Soccer 2a (CISAA 

FOCUS, Band (years ago), Math Team, 

In a short time this place has 
parents, sending me here had given me the 
finest overall learning environments the 
win and lose, to laugh and cry but most 
would like to thank my entire family for all 

the Bell". "Yes 1 was on First Basketball". "Fake to make Armen". "Where is Pat today .'" "He is at the 
out of Cadets today"; "I've got money on the Ruckers." "I hate Ridley!" Hobbies; Table Tennis. Calculus 
champs), 1st Basketball. J V Basketball 2a (MVP. Captain). J V Tennis (MIP once or tw;. 

Cadets: Captain of Smith House. 
completely changed my life. Over the years 1 accepted the SAC philosophy life. My 

gift of not only higher learning but also partaking in one of the 

country has to offer. This school has taught me how to work and play, to 

importantly it has given me a safe place to mature into what f am today. I 

the support and love they have shown me over the past five years. Also ;*■* 

thanks to my coaches, they are the reason SAC sports are so good. To all the teachers, you have allowed me to become confident in 
my academic abilities, a gift, Y which will help me through any challenge at university. Finally to all my friends, it's been a blast; you 

guvs have made my years here so unforgettable. Thanks for the 
emories, good luck to you all 

\cti\ittes: XCountry Running (3A M.V.P., 2002 CISAA Champion). X-Country Skiing (2A M.V.P.. 3A YORK Champion, 3A CISAA Champion), Track (2A CISAA 

'Champion) } J ^- m _ 

As I look back on my past three years ai S.A.C. a sort of sadness overcomes me as 1 realize that the three best years of my life may just have passed by me. 
This school has done so much forme; it's given me a place to call home, to icam. and to find out who I am. While the importance of those aspects must 
not be overlooked, what I'll take away most from my lime at S.A.C. are the friendships and bonds I have made inside these gates. 
My buddies. Nathan, Stu. MeCullough. Joe. Jordan. Chris I can't even begin to explain what you guys mean to me. The jokes 
and laughter, whether ii be in the dining hall, camping. North Bay. Collingwood. Cuba orCancun will always be in my mind when 
times gel tough in hie The Memorial boys and my roommate Ammo; the late nights talking, the Skoal sessions, and the Wednesday 
some of my better moments here. McNabb. thanks tor sticking by meat the start when times were tough, you'll never know Ik 
Boo and Delean; in North Bay or at school, you guys have been by my side for the entire ride. And to all the other guys; Nfc, 
Downey, and the rest of ihe graduating class, it's been awesome! 1 would like to thank the entire Roth well and Manchee families 
so much more to me. Mr. & Mrs. Perrier. words cannot describe what you mean to me and 
the whole SAC community. Mr. Myrans. you've taught me more than I could ever have 
imagined Mr 1 . 1 guess 1 just don't has e what you have, the horrible hair and all. And finally. 
thank you Mom & Dad. you'll never understand just how much 1 appreciate the sacrifices 

ice ot those aspects must 

efora breaks, arei 

mportanl that was to me. 
[Campbell. Stock. Maciver.l 
for opening your homes and \ 


J - GRADS ~ gratis ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads - GRADS 

"* Activities: Isl Hockey 3a, C.I.S.A.A Champions, 1st Lacrosse 3a, 1st Weight Training, Captain o( Laidlaw, Scholar, Focus, 7yearClub, Du 
»t Ed Gold, Scuba, 

I can't believe it's all over. The past 7 years have flown by. It feels like yesterday when I walked into SAC for the first time. 
Firsl of all, I want to thank my parents for putting up with me for all of these years and for all of their support. I can't thank you enough for a 
that you have sacrificed. S.A.C will be a time in my life, which I will never forget, I have made some amazing friendships, guys thai I know 
will he with me throughout the rest of my life. I could fill a hook with the great experiences I've had at St. Andrew's. Hockey, focus and I' 
of Ed are full of great stories and am, 1/ nig experiences. Trips to Co/iirnel, Tremblunl. playing puck, hockev parties. Mavlest, Homecoming, 1 
been a great 7 years. And finally to (he boys, the guys who make SAC what it is: Collins. Woody, Thompson, Parent. Mitch, McCul 

IMano, Jean Simon. Dubaa. Campbell, Caron, Breener, Froggy ami Mcneil.Good luck next year boys. To the hockey team: it's been .1 

I wild ride boys, and it's been a pleasure sharing the ice with all of you, Home of the Saints. To the guys taking over: Heeel, Si. 

|Fri'-:is. Cvr. Galbraithand Dinsmore take care hovs Thanks for all the memories. 


I r,m tb< 
I Rrsi 

;iii n I am 
know wh 
:ful for it 
s we had 
1 to talk ; 

'] gol a lot of sweaters", "J'n 
LOVE SOCA'\ "Nommc" 
! we spent at rmkt of F.d Trip 

I would hk* ti tl ink ; parents and my sister far giving me the opportunity u> attends 

today, ' have artci led SAC for 6 years now , and what come to mind first arc the fnendsl 
<• you arc, "I his school has offered me some unique opporiunilics ifrai are not available at any oil 
tat. I would just like to thank Mr. Dunford and die 'Gomer' team tor an awesome year Id hock< 
I would also like ro fhank Mr. Scoular for opening my eyes about die world, f say thank you 
iboul i! is Cancan 2003, no English for 3 hours, ''I LOVE SOGA," haniburgcusas con cjueso. the liefer, 
send you to the authorities. Though I am glad to leave SAC after 6 years. 1 
niss the boys, but keep in touch, and T know we will. "The Boys." Dave, At 
uc, Hiscox, Miller, Nick, D.Dot, Nudds, Thompson Mitchell. Parent. Sum 


I Nicknames: Stink, Stinky. Stooone, Stoncr. One-one Saints 

| Sayings: 17 Saints; Shaker; guys I'm not lying; Stock your place tonight?; Fine my place it is, again; Canoe; What a brew. 

SAC has given me six wonderful years and I can say without a doubt in my mind that they have been the best years of my life. When I entered the school in grade seven I 
know a soul and i didn't know what my parents had gotten me into. Il was an experience thai ! wouldn't give up for anything in the world. Thanks MOM & DAD for all 
hard earned sacrifices that you had to make to send me here it means the world to me. 1 would like to thank Mr. Staunton tor helping out along the way; Mr. Shrimpton f 
being patient with me and helping me accomplish a dream: Mr. Bcdard for helping me become a better person, teaching me so many life lessons and make SAC hockey 
I memorable experience; and finally to Mrs, Perrier: thank you from the bottom of my heart you are like a second mother to me and I can't thank you enough 
I had or anything I needed you took care of for me. To my friends, boys (Jarryd, Chris, Nate, Joe. B-Mac, Hoff, 

^Jordan, Hoff, Tim. Dan, Stu) you guys mean the world to me. f would like to thank you guys tor the memories m^^^^ 

you gave me I will cherish them forever. St. Andrew's is no ordinary place, so Scott I hope you get to a^H 

b life in the moment kid 



I came to SAC live -years ago in 1998 in its centenii 
;v om of the sadist days of m> life when I leave these school ] 

this opportunity to come here and follow in the foot step- of my 

aking my time at sac a whole loi belter. I'm going to miss playing on our 

tool has offered me so much like Focus, sports, cadets, Duke of Edinburgh 

possible out of this school as you can get 

have been winning U14 soccer 


father. I'd also like to thank my best friends A.C. and E.S 
soccer and rugby fields and swimming at our swim meets, 
and so much more. I think I've got as much as 
out of it. My greatest complements at this school 
championship, ill a and Tier two rugby champs 

D fot 

back to back UI6 swimming champs and 1" swimming champs my last year. Also Winning M.I. P. for U i 
rugby and U 16 swimming, getting my Bronze and silvei Duke ofEdawardand winning the Col Tilson 
award in grade eight. I believe the experience I've learned at SAC 
will help me and stay with me forever. And I'm sure the name C( 
will live on 


These last five years at SAC have been really amazing and these last two have been part of the best time of my 
life. So much has happened that it's really difficult to sum it up in a brief paragraph. I've meet some amazing people who I 
really hope to stay close to. Friends who have been there every step of they . I would like to give specific shouts to James 
Kesten " Look a sh**** Van Dude" Chris Chmiel " You're such a jerk" Adam Rourke "Adam 
you're white accept that" Eric Samson-Doel " How they hell were you once a scholar?" I'm going 
to have so many memories, leaving this place and moving on is difficult. This school has given me 
so much and I have been able to experience so many different new things. I have learned so much 
and have grown immensely as a person during these last five years. I would like to thank my parents 
for giving me this opportunity and believing in me throughout my high school career. 

Nicknames: Kestosterone, Kesten. Jimmy, Canesten. K dog. Change, Jamuel 

What can 1 say about my time at SAC? Being a member of the first six-year club I have learned several things throughout my career he 
Obviously first and foremost 1 would like to thank my parents forgiving me the amazing opportunities 
that I had here at SAC. Then all my tight buddies who helped me through good times, great times, and the 
kindaall right times. Adam Top the Mercedes low. Mac good times/concert buddy/yukon bandits, Brian 
there will never be a replacement for Smallville nights, Trott we may have stop say in' it but One Shot 
will live on forever. Chris football/Williams what else is there to do. Swenks hands down. House GET 
DOWN immediately, Doel "Yo Part) at Doel's", to anyone I've forgotten I'm sorry, you have 
permission to hit me with a sharp rusty pillow. Thanks to all my amazing teachers and the ones I wasn't 
so fond of. yon all pushed to my potential or to the edge of sanity and I'm grateful for it. I've 
had the time of my life here, and I'll never forget it. 


~ grads ~ GRADS ~ gratis - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ gra 


Nicknumes: Arm, Khaje. Facciio. army, lony-2-arms, hammer, ktunlje. khujeio. khajatwoarms. tony momana. Scarface, face. peps, big catch. 

Savings: "Yen MC tba wizards game \*& night?", "MJ", "Limited editions!". "Watch Scarface, then you'll know.", "egg yolks and butta". "she's blacklisted", "you should have 
seen those pink cuffs", "my mom wont let me come back next year", "man I look like Pacino". "guys I think im in Love", "dasnahtng ropeh". "its in ni> car", "Peace Out" 
\cthiik-s: A Bball Ja. Stallions (Captain, IBA Champions 2002), Cross Country, Duke of Ed. Cadets (Sergeant. Warrant officer. Captain of Ramsey House), Mexico Exchange 01. 
Munircal. CANCUN Grid Trip 03 (Absolutely the time of my life). n unforgettable five years... wow. I cant really explain in words how this school changed my life.. SAC is definitely not an ordinary place... it was my second home 
where i became friends with guys that I love now like they are my brothers. Its unbelievable how 5 years went by this fast. ..the opportunities 
that I experienced throughout these years will definitely stay with me forever Thanks to everyone that was apart of it. First off I would like to | 
thank my parents... for without their hard work, dedication and support there is no way I would be where I am today. I !ove you and 1 just 
hope you know how much I appreciate all that you have done for me. I would also like to thank all my teachers and advisors throughout the years, thanks for all your 
help and support. To the BOYZ.. Mike (since grade 4 bra., enough said), Dan (do you love Soca??>, Dave (Yo Don. you wanna watch the Godfather's again? ..) , Pose 
(Osel.Maa, how u saaay.. manga... .), Bang (Michael Jackson Runs Tings' my man). Mil) (Brothers, mexico ... OOCMfll said). (urmmecey). Hiscox (you're the true 
stallion). Nudds (Jessica and Ale Huha). Big daddy (Jordan runs lings, and u know it). Sunder (thanks for recognizing the Antonio Montana in me...haha>. Tipp(im the 

#1 mj fan). ...thomp. parent, mitch. (you guys wanna go lo lazzo's?) good luck to 
he rest of the graduating class. . I will never forget all the parties, semis, formals. 
dances, trips (especially our grad trip), even the ps nights that we all had together 
Hopefully this is just the beginning to all of our friendships. Peace out... 
SAC Bow 4 Lite . 


r Nicknames: Spunk. Spunkin" Duncan. Dunk 
Activities: Soccer (U14.UI5.U16.JV); Hockey (U14.UI 
I've had a good four years at SAC. it's a great 
(hank my parents. They've always supported me in my 
thank my friends, because it is the students, before the 
beliefs may be, make sure they are your own. Ifyoti aren't careful, someone 
stagnation: expose yourself 10 as much as possible, including things 
of any opportunity that seems even remotely appealing to you. A certain 
combined with this proactive posture. Don"t be afraid to stop and onsen e. 
examine the world around you. Also, don't expect any favours, life is 
"Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt." - Kurt Vonnegul 
I hank you and good luck to all my classmates in their future endeavours. 

6. JV); Varsity Lacrosse: Flying: House Captain: Model United Nations: Warrant Officer 
place to go to high school and I'm proud to call myself an Andrean. The first thing I must do is 
endeavours and sacrificed whatever was necessary for my success. I must also 
*"'l activities, faculty and facilities, that make the school what it is. Whatever yoor 
will choose them for you and you'll never be the wiser. Do not fall into a state of 
outside o\ SAC. Experience is essential in one's development, so take advantage 

degree of introspection should also be 
You can learn a lot by taking a step back to 

m \ 

objective. Finally, my favorite quote: 


Well, four years seem to have come and gone like nothing, whether it was spent in 
Paris for 3 months, flying airplanes over the campus, or back home on the tundra, these years at SAC have 
been like no other. With all the Eskimo jokes, and the jokes that my closet neighbour lives 6 hours away 
by dog team. Well, let me assure you that although I may hail from the Arctic, there is little truth to half of 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ those statements. Although I've had many names from Territories and Arctic 

Boy. Mr. Shrimpton came up with the best. "Klondike Kocik". That will always stick with me. Lastly, my parents must 
be thanked for allowing me to have such a great experience throughout my career. On a side note, If any of you are ever 
on a plane, and hear "On behalf of Cpt. Kocik and his crew." I'll accept one of two things: you can sprint off the plane 
real fast, (likely) or you can stay onboard and have the best flight of your life. And no. I do not 


eat raw whale, its called Muktuk. 

When I entered the gates of SAC four years ago I can't forget how badly I wanted to leave. Here I am four years 
later, and 1 can definitely say that SAC has aided me in becoming the complete man and a well-rounded individual. Over 
the last four years I have learned to become independent in so many different ways. Being surrounded by such pleasant 
and brilliant people in such a small community and creating life long friendships. Being a border only added to the thrill 
of being here and also made me wash clothes every once in a while. There was never a dull moment whether it be Mrs. 
Perrier' s wonderful snacks after study or throwing 
water balloons out my window. Thank you to my 

parents lor supporting me financially. Mr. Perrier for al I the math help and 

thanks to Mr. Josselyn my advisor and all my teachers. Good Luck to all my 

friends in the future. Peace I'm outta here. 


St. Andrew's has been a great experience for my last three years in Canada. First of all I want to thank my 
parents for giving me the opportunity to attend S.A.C. I also want to thank all of my friends, I'll never forget you 
and I'll always remember great and fun times we had. I want to thank all of my teachers who taught me so many 
things. Thank you, Mr. Shrimpton for being a great housemaster and for always guiding and giving advice to me 
St. Andrew's College has been like a home to me and I'll be missing you all. 


My three-year experience at St. Andrews is marvelous. I would like to thank my parents forgiving me the opportunity to 
learn alSt. Andrews. They have been supporting and guiding me. St. Andrews has motivated me to discover my own strength. Terry, 
my dear roommate. Work hard next year! Mei aR. Kent, Wear the SARS mask. Is SARS still spreading? I enjoyed 
staying in your place during March break. Remember what we were doing al 2 am? 'drawing' and 'fire planes.' 
Charles. Good luck with your magician career. Wilson, 'SPARE!' after accounting. Peter, don't just pay S50 when 
the bill is S49.65. Ringo. Got into Waterloo? Thanks for helping me academically! David, have a great time with 
Richard. Wally and Kent Fu. Dennis. Play air guitar in Giel's class again? Robert, pokkei ! See you in Nova Scotia! Geoff, falling 
lipples' Catch before they fall! Angela, am I taking the same courses with you at L ! of T? Maggie, you are such an eye- 

catching tutor. Nancy and Bill: Thanks for your hard working; my room is like garbage without you. Thank you to Mr. 

Swan Ms, O'Higgins and Mr. Wenk; the> have given me precious advices 
to achieve my goals. Dunny has the best 're-quiz' policy. High school is 
OVER! Special Thanks to Mr. Bedard. Mr. Dunford. Mr. Service, and Dr 

GRADS - grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ y/v/J.v ~ GRADS 


Nicknames: klau, tongues, cactus there are so many, and I don"t know the meaning of more than half of them, 

each one of them Joe? 

Sayings: "Wha da". "Maaaybe", "OKay". "Why ME?", "Oh well ...". fabulous??" 

Activities: Tier II Squash, T/U16 Badminton, UI6 Swimming, Wind Ensemble (& ISMF). Carol Service Band, Physics/Math Team, Student 

Network Assistant. FLAVELLE floor cap O" 1 floor!). Yearbook photographer, Azn 5 pack FIFA, 1 M Chinese Ski Team? 

These three years I have spent at SAC have had a tremendous impact on my life. After leaving RSGC I was told against my will 
to study at SAC. but shortly after my arrival, I realized it was the best choice my parents have ever made for me. Boarding life has been a whole new experience, it teaches me 
how to mature independently in every aspect. I had much difficulty meeting the ligbtout time during my Gr. 10. 1 1 years, but during my final year as a floor captain, no one 
could stop me from staying up! (I would just say "im off to bed now sir...") I grew and learned so much from my friends, and without them, these tew 
years would be rather meaningless. All three of my roommates have quite distinct characters; they all brought me great moments in my life. Yo, Joe 
log. how's it going?? Wanna go chill at PMall? As for Paul, I have no comment... (haha) When we are desperate for a midnight snack, we can always 

count on Yip with his Beammer, which hopefully turns into a Z4. Cancun was such a crazy 
trip, it was definitely the best trip I have ever been to (Joe was the crazy one there!) We shall 
all stay in contact even after entering universities! 



Nicknames: J.Lo. Nosaj, Lousier, Crackhead or 
Choir, SAC Christian Fellowship, Community 
Entering SAC is definitely a major 
SAC life. "Why am I here. I'd rather go to UCC. 
St. Andrew's so much now. 1 am sure that the 
student, unaware of what was happening in the 
that I have never imagined to happen to me 
yes, your youngest son is finally going to 
YouruniversityguidanceiietsmeiloUilU ig 
the Jay I was born despite the 4 years gap which 
[hanks for your great influence. Without any of 
although we had a rough time at the beginning of 
gilT'AOE during the exam week (and taking 
the morning). Best of luck to you all! To all of my 


CH(special thanks to Service) Activities: Prefect, Volleyball, Basketball. Rughy. Tennis, Cadet Company Commander, 

Service Council Vice President. Focus, Hamlet 

turning point of my life. Wow, I can't believe it's been 4 years already! 1 still remember the miserable first semester of my 

al least it is closer to downtown Toronto!" was my initial comment about this place. mazing how I love 

memories of these past 4 years would be some of the best ones in my life. From being a local Hong Kong 

larger world; to becoming a confident leader in an independent school in Canada is something 

before. This dream, however, has come true. To my parents, thank you for sending me here, and 

University! To my sister, thanks for taking care of your craven brother. 

to the place where I want to go. To my brother, we've been buddies since 

we've never fell between us. I still remember how I mimic you all the time. 

you. I will not be the person I am today. To my AZN buddies at SAC, _^__^_ 

the year, we managed to get along again half way through. I'll never forget the "lone- 

showers in Flaveile afterwards where we heard birds singing in 

friends here, I'll miss these days I've spent with you! Special 
thanks to my House Masters: Mr. T. Mr. Penton, Mr. Stewart. Mr. Ci;ilajda. Mr. Ramon, Mr. Service. Mr. Newton; Mr. Giel and 
Mr. Bedard (You two definitely made my life at SAC a lot easier and happier. THANK YOU) finally, to all future grads...! 
^Tuesday] FAIRWELL. SAC!!! 

When you look back on things, four years goes fast. As I think about everything that has happened, all the memories, it's overwhelming. There are so many 
people to thank for helping me through my time here, starting with my parents. They always pushed me to work harder and are the ones who are responsible for my being 
at St. Andrew' s. My advisor Mrs. K, was always on top of me this year, making sure that I wrote all my tests, kept my marks up and made sure my spirits were high. To 
my housemasters and teachers, thank you as well for being there for any help I needed. I enjoyed my many roles around the school 
such as Community Service Council, DECA, and my leadership role as Head of House in Mac House. I will never forget the kids 
there, who are the reason I was able to laugh at night and also the reason why I'll have gray hairs by the time I'm 30! I also want to 
thank one of my best friends during the year in Mac House because she was the one constantly looking out for me to do well on tests, 
do my homework, and go to class and was always fun to hang out with 
almost every night. I think my greatest memories are of the sports teams, 
the championships, hanging out in friend's rooms at night, playing on the Mac House ice in the 
winter, watching Alias and Ed. and the spirit and atmosphere at SAC. These, among other things 

are what I will take with me and remember from 
St. Andrew's. 



Thank you. Mom and Dad for providing me with such an amazing experience even though I didn't deserve it and it seems like I didn't appreciate 
it. I wish life would slow down.... Can't believe I'am finally out of this place... Where will life take me next??? 


Activities: Head of Sifton House. Head Boy. SACK A Co-Head. Ulfl Swimming. First Swimming, U14 Badminton, U16 Badminton. First Badminton. Snare Drummer in 
Pipes and Drums. Math Team. PhysX Team, Producer for FOCUS. Community Service Council. SNA. Choir 

When my parents left me here as a Gr.7 boarding student. I felt like I was a stranger in a distant land. For a young, introvert Asian boy who could barely 
speak any English, this whole new environment could have turned to be a dangerous adventure. I remember I cried alone often during the first month of SAC with 
overwhelming homesickness... the time 1 will have to spend in this strange realm seemed like a nightmare. Now. looking back at the past 6 years, I do not 

know how it went by so fast. The things strange to me at the beginning of my SAC career - chapel. EBs and ERs. Pep Rally, Cadets and sports - are now 

engraved into my life and will be part of my unforgettable memories. The sufferings, joys, sadness and pleasure I experienced here at SAC have certainly 

shaped me into a well-rounded man. Thanks to every single teacher who taught me since Gr. 7. I know i have been annoying at times in terms of marks, 

but you are the best teachers 1 have ever had, and i can't thank you enough for the things you taught me. Special thanks to my advisor and housemaster 

Mr. Bedard, for his guidance and caring of my brother and myself Thanks to the staff and administration forgiving me a better opportunity to shine 

academically and socially, especially for Mr. Swan, Mrs. Mix and Ms. O'Higgins for all the application work. I'd also 

like to thank all my Korean friends, for the great times we had and the lifelong memories we made. I will never forget all you SACKA guys. 
Lastly. I want to thank my family. To my brother, I would never have accomplished what I have without your warm support and advice. 
To my parents, thanks for sending me to SAC despite huge sacrifices you had to make. I will never forget the love you shown me 
whenever I was having hard limes. 
"Things won are done; joy's soul lies in doing." - W. Shakespeare 


The education that you get at St. Andrew's goes far beyond 
What make St. Andrew's unique are the friendships you build during your 
when you leave. These are the memories that stay with you as you travel the 
Andrew's priceless. To the faculty and staff: thank you. my time at St. 
friendship; this place would not be the same without you. To my fellow 
as we head out into the real world; I hope that someday we can all lookback 
our lives. To future Andreans: live life to the 
St. Andrew's is what you'll take out at the end. 
sacrifices you made when you chose to send 
thank you enough. 

Cheer, to al! gratis. Hope ihe best for your future. Goodbye St. Andrew's! 

History or Calculus; you can learn those things anywhere, 
time at the College, and the experiences you take with yon 
road of life. It is the people you meet here that make St. 
Andrew's was made better because of your help, and 
graduates: it's been great. I wish you all the best of luck 
on our years at St. Andrew's as some of the best years of 
fullest, make the most of your time here because you what you put into 
Finally, my deepest gratitude goes out to my parents: for the endless 
your sons to the best school in Canada; I cannot 



}ADS - grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS 

I Nickname I 


Should I have to saj somethi 


Unity to thank Jesus Chrisl 

lsun lREW 


: ? And what ha' temy 


.nds thai will make my future shin 

Nicknames: Ja-Hee, Ja-e-Hee. Hec, Jau 
Activities: Co - Head of SACKA (St. Andrew's College Korean Association). Co - Head of Sifton House. MacDonald House Capta.n. Student 
Volunteer Term Coordinator. Junior Varsity Basketball (2a), Junior Varsity Rugby (3a), DKCA (2a). 2(102 Korea/Japan World C i 
ilunleer. Saying: 'What the...' (famous quote from JohnCheni 

: -figureoutwhatSACmeanstomeatWP^^Ithispoini i I wiU know the value of life SACwl : 

1 1. But certainly. SAC taught me tones of stufl dial 1 could not learn from somewhere else. 

i to catch the Mr. Perrier's (funny I joke during the classes, etc. 

ning point as well as one of the most enjoyable time in my life. 1 y 
ers who support me. and also thanks to my fellow graduate' 
Lsemaster. Mr. Bedard, and advisor, Mrs. Pries. Another huge 
cial thanks to my fellow Korean connections (Guys next year. 
use take the Chinese table. We won the game.) 

1 learned about life, friendships. 
These three years in SAC was my life 
would like to thank my parents and 
students. Special thanks to my 


Nicknames: Swabber. MR I 

Activities: Prefect. 1 M Football. 1 st Rugby . 1 st Concussion Captain. Regimental Sergeant Major. House Captain. Cancun 


Fi\ c years definitely go by quick at this place. In that time. I've had many great moments and met a 
llot of great people. Several people have helped me along the way and I'd like to thank them to no end. To mom 
S and dad for giving me this great opportunity, thanks will never be enough. I love you both. To my brother J-R. 
who paved the way and who gave me somthing to work towards. To my housemaster Mr. Bedard. w ho has 
I looked after me since grade nine. To Kirsten, who supported me all year. I love you. To all the guys. 
I thanks for ail the memories and hope e\ eryone enjoy s the next step in life. These past five years have been 

the best time of mv life! 


1 ,,,,, . sal... earned and experienced many things here ...Life at SAC 

is very different from public schools., .1 never felt part of the school at my old school ... but at SAC it feels like one big family and I 
very proud to be an Andrean S | tecial thanks to: Mr. Bedard for always helping me out when I was in Sifton ... Mr. Robson and 
.Kimraerer for always reminding i„ to tuck my shirt in... Mr. Josselyn and Mr.Dunford: the greatest math teachers ... and all 
; other staff at St. Andrew 

Band. -. ■ ■...( i ■ ■■ Pub hedShortSti i 
■ . ■ . ne. Comir 


y the counties: 


: ■ i 


i lo-l II mCi 

list). I'n iii 




Nicknames: Miguelito. Linner. Woogie 

Memorial M.A.P. in Chapel. Christian Fellowships. Carol Services. Homecomings. USA Cb.amps2K2-2K3(Rucker 4 Life), Cheering @ Metro Bowl, Streaking 
If, .use. Housecaplain in Machouse. Oliver!. Focus. Expansion week, France exchange. Entering SAC. Graduating from SAC. anil all 
Ithe 7 vears in bent 

So many people have supported, helped and devoted their time to us, I tear thai I will miss someone when mentioning names but here 
Mi Staunton. Mr Josselyn (for guidance and help with the Prefects): Mr. Swan. Ms Mis. Ms. O'Higgini i for .ill you've dot 
MRoffey. Mr O'H.ue (for help with Fellowship), Ms Pries (< S'- Mi S Mis. Pi'incr (our second parents), all the 
Preachers who've taught me. Thanks to all my friends iv ou know who you .ne I. Thanks to all m\ fellow Prefects, colleagues. 
°Bless. I'll end with a prayer: 
Dear Heavenly Father. 1 thank You for bringing me through these seven years and m these aw eaoffle years, shaped and formed 
am today 1 thank you for blessing us w nh a wonderful school, academics, athletics, and all the unique things thai nuke SAC. 
, posterity and for the students, faculty, and stuff lo continually grow in mind, body, heart, and spirit. ISIcss this place 
and be with us as we leave this place a better person Amen. ^^^^Tl^r^nll 

anil streak 

1 pray for 
with youl 


'The World is made up of differences; be unique, be yourodf.*' 


ds - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads - GF 

It is always difficul) to leave From your borne, f felt just as difficult from leai Lng SAC", as it was my "second" hoi 
Getting into SAC and keeping up with all it's commitments were hard, but as a 'lifer here', I just realized thi 
was even harder. It is too tough foi me to sa; goodbye, so l am just going to say "sa h Fellow Andreans, 

Lin, how much do you ' roms, E-Z Tomb Raider fanatic. Nick. KB tonight? Doe}, d' own i ■■ ■ ■ about it! 

Wahid, ya I had mj milk this morning. Mr. Lorriman, come visit me again in Hong Kong! Choi, so... C-dog eh? Hurst, 
still remi . grade seven science "intra64rationa] Wicked Awesome Spectacular Guj a" team? I rame, when 

going to invite me to your place? Miller. BLACK' Camargo, stop pushing people around when you talk to them. Mr. 
vay too many metaphors. Mr. Kimroerer. how many cameras do you need man? Mr. Ham s 'sslowandmy 

.ire not developed yet right? Mrs. Pilieci, don't you ever throw thai picture of BoBo awaj ! Mr. Butcher, "joy gem". Mr. Jones, ! .'■■■■', 
vorry, you won't be teaching me again, Because the review is so tight with the word count, I cannot mentioi i ail that I w 

f my lite. I would like to thank SAC as whole lor enlightening me with all aspects of life I leadership, spirit, cou . ; . 

vans, we are brothers." I shall remember thai I once attended SAC bui 1 will always be an Andrean. Good luck with your futures myfel 


. ■ ■ .. ■ 


Nicknames: I-odimer, Red. Hack, Rouge, 
ctivities: X Country. Basketball (U-13 
avings: I" Men-'., KM tonight?, 1 
' 5ACCP! 

Seven years., [i\ hard to 

ith friends oi back any where 

are with those who were 

man} people who are 

b one out... besides, there 

can only otter my 

Carrot Top, Ski Bum. Hire Bon. Archie 

to Varsity). Skiing. 5 Years Lacrosse. Mountain Biking, Head of Memorial House. Captain of Memorial Company 

can't; I've got to go skiing this weekend!, DAVE WANG!!. Oh! Funny Guy!. KB!, Lets step it up!. For Christ sake'. Lets Get 

believe. There have been so many moments and so many memories it's hard to put them all together. They just come to you when 

you have been with the school, and you just think: "Man we were real idiots hack then!" and everyone has a good laugh. These 

with me and i will not forget them. They are the most important things you can take from this place. Over my years here there 

responsible for what 1 have become; teachers, family, and friends alike. I dare not name them for fear 

is no need, tor you all know who you are. and what you mean to me! I will never be able to repay what 

thanks and continue to pass on what you have passed to me. I wish everyone good luck in the paths — ] 

the future. I 4ff^ 

Nickname: "Woppo" 
Sayings: "Make like a tree 

The pas, To 
and made me mature, f 


once told thai t 
of the year I know i 
people who I thank who I 
College are my parents An 
Ladies Guild who have helped ( 
what it means to be an Andrean. 


as a student has developed my qualities as an individual 
especially when I pass these stories on to others. I was 
■ and i never realised it till this day. As we separate al 

'Hurmy' Nudds. Ry Guy. and all the rest around. The 




i as much as 
er know. Tht 

1 1 can say, 
i - remem 
pri ze day 
dication. Shrimpdawg, i t's people tike y 
>usem aster and (from what I can a 
st teacher in the school; you' re brilliant! Pipers 


Nicknames: Manch, Stu. The artist fore 
Activities: Football, Swimming. Rugby. 

Weil the ride is over. S.A.C. has been an Interesting and Ithpiirtan't period of my life so far. The good times definite!) outweighed the bad. li - amazinj 
learn in 6 years (whether retained from class or otherwise.,..* and bow fast that time goes by. The Boys: Jro. C-Mac, Gord, Tucan. Nro. Joe la -Rude 
rog. Mano & Mani, Mexieo, gr. 1 1 's and everyone else, thanks for ail of the amazing experiences. Thank yon to atl of my teachers and coaches, past and pre* 
•ho were part of the "Grande" experience. Mr. Cameron, Waldo. Mr. Wilkin, Bernie, TS. Mr. Myrans (the one man army who doesn't get enough credit) tfian! 
II for your honest insight, and last but not least thank you Mr. Scoular. I appreciate your faith in an awkward blonde kid and f can't begin to thank you enoug! 
ong with these other teachers, for being true mentors to me. To everyone else in the S.A.C. community "good luck in the future' as the school is ever-changing. 
;choo! is changing everyday with it and, in my final year especially, 1 learned dial change can be good. I thank my parents, family, frien 
■upported HXVvr of my decisions, good or bad. over the past 6 years and continue to love me as 1 change ov 
ic day surpass all of the expectations and hopes you have set out for me and that I have laid out for 





ends alive in our world are infinite. Unfortunately nothing 
»ou are important and general perceptions, of "who or what 
r" are constantly being tried. The only thing that is im 

I Nicknames: Mani, Mano. Malamus. Rig Nasty. Seebass. Slubastien Maeheegat 

I Sayings: I'm not thai lazy, You going to class Mano? I was at physio. I was getting taped, Sorry sir 1 just woke up. Give me a ride to Aurora Convenience, l hate UCC, l can'l beliei 

I on her back, T'es une mauvaise influence Jean-Simon. I'm getting tanked tonight. Let's go after study. I can't believe he called shotgun. How you getting there tonight? Can Mano and me 

I stay tonight'.' GGGG G-Unit, What you sayin' playa? O fo sho. Slop dipping in my room! Keep it down Mano's sleeping. 

I Activities: L : Basketball 1 2a) MVP, I" Pootbalt(2a), L 1 Rugby(2a), Outreach Committee, Focus, Seouhtr production's. Preach Connection, 1" skipping (co-captain). Tremblant 2003, rooms 

I 207 and 309, Wednesdays before break. Mcfarlane's before Prize Day. Stock's parlies. Rookie Party. GHSB, Barbados. Washington, ( 'atifornia, 14-12. 76-73. McNeil's donations and Old 

Milwaukee Shotguns 

First oi'i' I would like to thank myMf - *; H friends back home for always being there for me. Also I hanks toCoi Coach 

I Cameron and Coach Ruseitti for putting me on the^B_'^ , *i, . «^^^^..j2F**]M r '^' u ,rat -'^' Thanks to Perriers for enduring me during the past two years. Thanks to the 

I guidance office for their help (special [1;.. ■' & K^-v^il '•■ft ^^H ^ls. O'Higgins). To the guys at S.AC: the good times will never be forgotten. Thanks to the 

I McLarlanes and the Manchees for making feel "tB^| iflH home. Last, but not least, thanks to my parents and my brothers lor their encouragement 

helping me make the right decisions. 
I "If the truth is told, the youth can grow" MAS 
I "You know very well who you are. don't let 
I them hold you down" Biggie 

\i:hW tiilmll <M 

HADS - grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS - grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ 

To all the positive teachers at SAC who have guided me through my stay: 

To all the boys, c-homicide. cam G, Frwoggums, Hursty. Woodronic. Thompson. Tanton. BT. Joel, the Genius. The 

memories will ne\ er he forgotten. 

To all the fallen soldiers: Perks. S. Robinson. Ronny English, the Berndogg. Ms. Beck. 

"I love all who are positn e" 

"Keep your eyes on the prize, no man separate what we create." 

The IronLung. Still Slangin'. 




Nickname: The Mexican P.l 

My first and last year at SAC: a com[ 
learned many things about school, but also many thinas about life, the type of things that you can only learn in a place like this. 1 » 

'iroument to live in tnai wnat i am accusiomnj. i nave nut uiny 

thank more than anyone in the world, my parents, for. 
school at St. Andrews College. Thank Mr. Scoular fori 
hing skills, I would have never achieve. Mrs. Mix. the greatest: 
1 me and for having the patience to listen to my crazy problems, 
.ing me feel welcome to the school since the moment I arrived, you 
eat year with not so great food, but hey, every thing has its 
ar for me will be at Laurentian University studying sports 
vcholoL- "W where to find me. Peace and I 

i ne the privilege and opportunity to finish my last year ol high 
ing me in doing so many things that without your support and 
iiv counsellor in the world, thank you for all the help you i 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ m | wam lo tnan k a || the SAC b< 

guys made it easier for me! It's been 

Nickname: B Mac Activities: I" FootWI (2.) (CISAA, Golden Horseshoe). l-Hoctej t» (CISAA). 1 Lac t I S«). Scholar, Outreach. CS Council Duke Id. DFX .A PfXl.-S. Sw den ft 

Finland Ton. Member of V/AGPR Associated Press f- viraordmaire. North Bay Sober Suck. Barrie 2003, Western Par, I & II. HnK tan elub. Tremblam 2003, ButMandl 2002, ( ollmgwood New «, 
Savings: What's shakin this weekend box.' Mano wake up. Suck mind if I sleep over. Parent gran know where 1 shot. McFarlane I'm never picking you up again. Whaaaa.. let s all quit- Asrybrjd) got 
J,.; ' \I Seil-SHOTGl'N. Nowav I'm druini: tonight. Somch.Hly grab a Sharpie! Cluteh, Honestly. Yaohya. Pioorap, Laaaalcs. 

When I look back on my years at St. Andrews, it all seems to be a blur. As my time comes lo an end. I can't do anything bul cherub the memories and the things SAC has taught me. The 
long uighB on the football field, the road trips, the corollas laughs in the dining hall, boarding rooms, and locker rooms, the friendships that [ havegauicd, a nd all the speci al qualina that _«-M*«r ' 
holds are things 1 always remember St Andrew's lias given me somewhere to belong and to flourish, and no 
love for this place Mr. Shrimpton, Mr. Bedard. Mr. Service, and Mrs. P. thanks lor all yourhelpl'll never forget 
McFarlane, Nate, Joe. ( lord, Stn, Ross. Caron, Stone. Frog, McNeil, Seb. Mano. Ammo. Parent. Mitch. Zorro. 
Hum and Collins - I don't know where Id be without you guys. Burke. Lyle, T-Birk, DVD. Cyr. and French 

Boor. Clinton and Colin - Make the best of your time at SAC while it lasts And last bul certainly not jtfl g least! want to mans im 

Mom and Dad for all Ihc sacrifices and always being there. I am more grateful than you'll ever know Thank 


ords can truly speak lo m> 
it. All my boys: Stock. 
Thompson, Woodrow, 
- There will always be room 

e Let's get serious! Who wants lo shotgun while? Mom.itwasal 

ten this weekend Stink? luatGive'er! DART-SSS! Is or am I as ripped as I think 1 am? 

n Ins epic Paradise l.osi I attributes lo place no sancuts . il noli be thither 

nt. or .herein dwell " Gordie. Jarr. Ross, ' IcCuBough, Sunk, and Stn. You guvs have been awesome mends dunn. 

c.,rs at SAC without sour amity. It's been a helluva ride and v.. I touch.. .fa 

people I regard .is highly as you...merci beaucoup pour ionics cc sue vous avez foites pom moi Mr. Sco 

trul) remarkable and I thank you tor making m) spoil- I 

strive to be your favourite grandson! Finally my Mom and Dad. 1 know I've put you llv 
id have dealt with my highs an,: ft I have and will continue to make you 

proud. H ^^* 

wBEis SSEiafflfc 

I cannot begin to describe the influence St. Andrew's College has had on roe as a person II rigorous academic demands coupled with its unfathomable athletic and 

tracurricular programs have provided me with a truly eclectic education: advancing my thinking while honing both mv leadership and equilibrium lindnif skills have 
unequivocally prepared me for more than just university. The College has also instilled an intrinsic sense of integrity, morality and benevolence and for that 1 am get 
thankful Of course, ins 6-year journey trough St. Andrew's would not have been possibly without my friends. Mr. Service, thank you for your help in developing mi 
Student and person. Your office door was always open and you always listened to me. Thank you to my good friends, Hugh. Drewe, Nick and Hot 
were always there to enjoy the good times but more importantly you stood by me rigidly during the bad ones. You have all i omprehension o 

friendship and generosity; il is Truly unique. Thank you to Dongs m> great friend and roommate since grade 8. We have had some amazing limes together 
and I realize thai sou have played an integral role in shaping my character. You always challenged yet supported me and for that I will be ever grateful 
Thank von lo Mrs. Pcrner. Your ml mite guidance and wisdom, your steadfast support and your continual charily is trul) humbling. You have been mj 
mother away from home for ihe past 6 years and lor that 1 will be ever grateful. Finally thank you to my parents for not just their 
financial backing bul also for their faith in me as a person Their fidelity has inspired me the lo develop, mature and succeed as an 

I have spent some the best years of my life here at St. Andrews College, after graduating from Belair High School in Jamaica 
1999-2000 1 had no where to go but here, my uncle Christopher Webb's(77-79) school. Since then 1 have done more than 1 could 
^^^^^^^ever have imagined and at the same time matured from the child that left Jamaica in to the man that is proud to be 

from Jamaica. Through being here I have to met many persons from the different nations of the world that 1 know of 
and from nations that 1 never knew existed such as Abu Dhabi (yoZeebol, but most of all it was through meeting 
L-~ people that learned about how the real world is, aside from being in cadets every Thursday. 1 can 

say that I have done a lot of what the school has to offer but still little overall, bul if I were to have a 
would not change a thing. 1 leave this school with no regrets and with confidence in myself. To list some 
I this school I have been: Floor Captain on the 2nd floor of Flavelle 02-03, Company Sergeant Flavelle 

I who set up the Flavelle theatre, Mac house captain first term 1 - 02 

I ftp— ■ (look for me in the painting in the Mac house library). SNA 02 - 03. 

I Fencing 00 - 01, Rec Golf 00 - (II . Softball 01 - 02. Goodbye and Thank 


second chance 1 
Ofmj marks on 
02 -03, the guy 

fr - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS - grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS - grads - GRADS ~ gmds ~ GF 

i suppose my time here is done. I've had my moments, the good and bad over the past five years, but I've come 
of it with all my limbs in tact, some soil ofeducationanda lew great friends. I'd tike to thank my parents for fork 
out the ridiculously high tuition, my public school friends for giving some sort of haven from the never ending life 
of St. Andrews and all the people that have been good to me. Douglas and Patrick, you've shown me there's a few 
good Americans, keep reaching for that rainbow. Milncs. Big Ben. and Geoff, you guys made boarding look good. 
Gord. thanks for remembering, I'll look you up if I'm in the Bay. House: don't suppose you want to go camping 
after last formal' 1 Mark Cheng is a solid guy. he reminds of a shorter version of Jesus. C- Lowes take care of Wilson 
and Kaptyn - try and get them to shower before graduating. I ' m glad Manchee far enough around the pop-rock scene. 
to try and discover inner peace (remember that stupid seagull in cancun?). Lev, Thijis; try to keep your sister from breaking anything else and Li 
Take off that skid bracelet! To all the other boys: CamargO, J-Lee, Jalil, this guy silting to the left of me, you know I'll miss you all and if yi 

want me to say something about you ask me m the hall. I " suntanning/lacrosse calls, best 
of luck to all! 


Nicknames: Mcneil, Macneil, Micky-Neil, Smokey, Bluntmasterflex. A-MAC. Piomp. 

Activities: 1 ■ Lacrosse, 2 nd Soccer, 2 nd Tennis, Member of ihe 6 year club. CSM Memorial. House Captain. Pond hockey association. Sunday detention club. Ex-Captain of 

1" Smoking. Part time member of l u skipping. President of CRON club. Team Montreal (spring break). 

Sayings: "Pitcher of your cheapest beer", "Honestly I am sober". "I am absolutely positive that.... (place bull$*** here)". "No man, I QUIT". "No sir, 1 was gated last 

weekend", "Anyone want to go to Mels? You can time .", "Hittin' Splis '.'". "SHOTGUN!, no roll". "You cant mess with the law of the shotgun". "Piomp!". 

The moment 1 saw the iron bars on the gales I hated the fact that 1 had to go to school here. And now I hate the fact that I have to leave. I hope that in years to 
come SAC can continue to provide the same experience that I have had to its future students. 1 would like to thank first m\ parents for sending me here no matter how bad 
I did. Mr. Shrinipton tor always having confidence in me, Ms. P for being my Mother away from home. Mr. Staunton for taking the time 
to get to know me, Mr, Josselyn for putting up with me for 4 years of math, Pat Coley for keeping me well fed. And Mr. Mccue for 
guiding me in cadets. And to all my homies Froggy. Mani, Mano, Scoot, Hursty, Little Camy-G, Caron. Milnes. Brandon "Shotgun" 
' • McCullough. Thompson. Wastecase Woody. Puto Jose, Parent. Lennon. 
'So where did you blow?" -Adam Parent. 

"Some may say that I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one." -John 
"If I leave here tommorrow, would you still remember me?" - Lynard 



Nicknames: Millus, Milner, Millie. Millie Vanillic Jew Wop. Ryo. Millicopter 
'()}. cadets, Hardy Boys '03. Over my 5 years at SAC I have learned countless lessons 
importance ol friend*. Not the friends you can laugh with, but those you can cry with. 
Though I have many fond memories of the quad, lower fields, and 
about SAC are the laces that became familiar over Ihe past 5 years. 
and all of the janitors who became friends to man\ of ihe students 
life. I know I am a pain in the ass. and sometimes you want to kill 
there forme year after year, though I often let him down. Sorry for 
of us can go to university, but most importantly, a friend. @- 

blush. Melissa, the best things come when you aren't looking. Now to those who made my 5 years here more 
than just worth the while, the boys. Tzimas. Ammo. Dan. Nudds. Nick T. Sunder, Khaje. D-Dot. Tipping, Joel, 
Posa, Luc. Collin. Hiscox . Banwell. I hope that all our friendships last ihe test of time. Don't forget what was 

said in Armen's limo: "We won't need a reunion 'cause wc won't ever separate." 1 love all you guys. 

'I will not cease from mental fight 

Activities: Tier II rugby, 1" rugby. Stallions (2a), weight ttiog, 5 year club, Cancun 

sided with countless memories. However, no lesson has been so valuable u that of the 
What makes SAC such a great place is not the walls, or buildings, or fields, but the people. 
gyms, they would be nothing without the people surrounding them. What 1 will miss most 
Not only my friends, but I will miss everyone who is part of SAC - all the teachers and staff, 
1 would like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to hive the best 5 ) 
me. but I promise in the end it will all be worth it. I would like to tliank Mr, Bcdard for beir 
all the trouble sir. I have to thank Mrs. Mix for being a mentor, an advisor, the reason SO 
don't forget V-Day 2003! We made you 





mil shall m> sword sleep in my 

band." School H\mn 

I would like to thank God for giving my parents the opportunity to send me to St. Andrew' s College, 
on. it has had a positive impact on my overall development as a person. I would also like to thank 
my school career even when times were tough. However, I remember when I first came to SAC, I 
like I was a part of the community. Once I immersed myself into it, I started to feel comfortable. 
Josselyn (advisor), Mr. Dunford (grade 1 1 and 12 math teacher) and Ms. P. for putting up with me 
years! haha!). We finally did it Ruckers! Biggups to everyone 
Coach Smith and GM Hracs. We all played hard. My boys at 
Diddy. O-del, Hracs. Miguel (Wishing Well), Z-dot (you're 
4 life, Mag 7:45: Lakhani, Mun, Shaff. Jai(Babu), Habil 
SAC has been fun. the sillest year was grade 8 at WWMS 


Although it has some things to improve 
my parents for supporting me throughout 
hated it. It took two years for me to feel 
The teachers I would like to thank are Mr. 
in the library for the past five 
on my squad including 
SAC: Wahid, Camargs, N. 
II SAC at heart). My boys 
I, Lizo. Even though 

" Intuition is fair even when my vision's impaired.' 


Nicknames: Milnesy. Polio, Hunky, Sexy. Pontic Tang. Lank. Stork. Sun God. Genius. 
Activities: Football, Swimming. Rugby. 

WOW. . .whalatimc it has been. 1 can still remember when I came through those arches for my 
it was. After four years at SAC I can say that I am now a well rounded citizen! Let me give a holla out to my 
Dooney, CG-Unit, Snow, Froggy, Kodik, Zeebo, Huuuuugh Dowell, Kunkles. Dimo, Blake, and many many 
the two big cahuna's. B. Mac. and Shrimp Doggydawg (the Lank). More holla'sgoout tothe non Flavellians: 

first time, what a sig 

more, and of course 

McNeil (Lcnnin is 

following in your footsteps - good job! ), Salbo, Behoy, Bobby and Delean and Duncan I wc had some sweet ass limes in the limo. getting right 
ripped!), I know I have missed a lot of peeps - but I still remember y'all. Cancun. wow what a great time. This school has taught me the best 
skills in life. GR ACIAS. In the words of Jerry Garcia, "What a long strange trip its been." PEACE 


Nicknames: Mitch. Bob, Matteo. Matty Milch 
Activities: First Hockey (3), First lacrosse (5) 

My stay at St. Andrew's has finally come to an end.. Without my family 1 
tn spend the best 5 years of my life here, for that I thank you To my parents for supporting 
way, & giving up so much in order to send me here, I will forever be in debt. To my brother, 
thank you to my grandparents, I wouldn't be where I am loday without your continued 
teachers who have helped me become who I a: 
wisdom, leadership and advice over the years. To a I 
will always remember. **** the Police — Collins 
Hurst: I guarantee we are better than them. B mac 
the same with out you boys. Finally to Kate, thank 
being there, I love you. Thanks for ihe memories 
boys, ihey will last a life time. 

vnere i am louay win 
ami . 


wouldn't have had the opportunity 

me in all my decisions along the 

for well for being Bry. Also a big 

support. To ail my coaches & 
today. To Mr Bedard an advisor, a coach, and a friend. Thank you for > our 
the boys: Parent, Thompson & Woody: Too man) good tunes to list, but times I 
GTing + Madden -Z : I'll miss the dressing room & hacking around with you - 
Shotgun no roll. Also to the Euro crew these past 5 years wouldn't have been 

you for always 


-ADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ 

Nicknames: Snow Tuts. Star. LCol. Snow. Milchagwan. Hoe Aetivitii 

I m, CadetComman il House Caplain - FOCUS - 1 

ihei ■■ .• p o SCHOAL.Whoh: ID.CCorO Whoov 

Da swhipi 

. ' 

Robo.Di i.G i B VIi . "■' Brown: the GT'sv 


vourbralwayspushii .andforevi 
ere I will be in lulu 

few who ^^ 

Activities: House Captain. 
Sayings: "Chai Van Lai ar' 

Stiis. Platoon Sergeant. Tenor Drummer, players of the IRONMAN and the "BIRDIE"... 
" "Lei wah ar .'" 
The first month at SAC was a nightmare. I begged my parents to bring me hack to HK alter the first week in the boarding house. But 

Isoon after that, my lifestyle has changed, so has my 
'it has been a truly memorable experience. First of all. I 
B to become such a well-rounded individual and helping 
_Ar. McCue for helping me getthrough my boarding life. 
have changed my perspective to the SAC school life. Thirdly to M> 
Giel, Mr. Inglis, Mr. Joiner, Mrs. Pries... Lastly, to all my friends at | 
Dwong. Kenny. K-man. Jlau. Ptsai. Pwong. Son. Slam. Slam, Yipand 
Good Luck in the universities, and see you all next y ear! Good luck 
to all those who will be staying here next year. Dlau. Jchen. Ngai... 

perspective. Now that 1 am leaving as a graduate. I will remember this place as 

would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents, thanks for motivating 

me every step of the w a\ . Secondly I would like to thank Mr. Shrimpton and 

especially in the first year. Both of you 
respectful teachers. Mr. Butcher. Mr. 
SAC. Ape, Cheung, CT, Dai-Lik, 
all those who were important to me. 



and I Stepped in SAC 
can never pay back t 
the help and support. 

advices, and i> 
Josselyn for teaching 
W.llie, William, my b 
ng I am Baity misimc VO'J guys tl 
Kreni places, ALsw. good luck ooRinco. Jlau, Peter, I 


to my mom and dad for gr 
you two have thvnys bee 
me, especially Dr. Wenk who inspm-d me in 
accountant. Thank you to Mf * aiden. Ml ' 
memories in the school 
Boh ych. Sim, Knv.v sab, Man ajKl Ryan Chan. 1 
someday, we wili be together again although we are 
ppy, Steven Liim - 1, Emmery, Dennis. Mark, 
kioei Ik-rock. Ed L*e. JoJo. Soung and 
Korean crew . You guys have made 
tal David and Kent Fu, I know you 
rear. Finally, a shoot out to all the ^^^m 

illy Bobby, Charlebois. Milnes and Mitch. Good luck to 


Being Ernest. The Proposal, 4 years of FOCI'S. 

.' rehearsals for 10 hours on a Sunday but most importantly good times with lite 

Activities: First soccer 2 years, First Squa; 

Theic'-. so much to sav about these last ? years. CISAA eham. r --.. 

so manv memories from this place that wili last a lifetime; walking down the chapel steps to the beat of 'oh when the saints', bus rides to Ridley, sneaking out to TJ S at lunch 
, „ , .kc at FOCUS but' all these memories would be nothing without the people thai made them possible. So I would now like to take some time to list the guys that made 
e a s AC an unbelievable journey. Bolts: two rum and cokes. Luc. Playmates forever Milter: these pills do nothing Doner: I am going to miss ITS. Wahid: C 

Amadori: cart i do your tic up one more time'.' Arnien: the sweetest piece of tirimisu I know. 
Posa: you wanna trade cars? Jesse: Where have you been all my life? Ban well: have you loucfced 
to thank my parents for putting up with my crap for seven 

that. I would also like to thank Mr. Cameron for getting my jg •** . 

won't be the same without you. Tzimas: please don't blow me away. 

tseox: I'll always be in your corner. Sunder: how are we Heads of House? 

e >tarfish yet? l.upo: only person from Keswick 1 know. Lastly 1 would like 

,■ years, you could have given up on me but you didn't and I thank you for 

lie lift back on track, r U sever forget your help. Finally I would like to thank Lindsey, you made my graduating year unforgettabl. 

thanks for being you. Thank you SAC for changing my life in all ways, this is a great place and 1 hop* 
it always stays the same. 

"If something is to hard to do. then it's not worth doing." Homer Simpson 
Mo matter how good you arc at something, there's always about a million _ ^_ , 
ople better than you." Homer Simpson ^^ W^ 

.' oanweu. n;o 

the entire Chin, 
my final year 
two will surv'u 


I Sayings ' icrl, James is a gambler. Hound anyone?. No Collins - we're not doing that. So », I have my tongm 

J honest, let's not get ridiculous, gi 

Activities: l"Hockey3a(CISAArhamps mblei I Soccer 3a (A. Capt. leading fine recipient). l"Lacro not! ng to show). Top! 

3a. Head- Pre le.: ' Coulhoet Executive, i :i 

*Caker,Cozumel 2000. Western H i leamMonti 1(50 u) • ■ il in of Team Monti il)The 

^aie that makes sol »pleyou are with Si. Andi 
.■■■■■ undoubte I 
•friends will in rhere arc loo many pat cular things torero h. I want to i everyom 

ISUppOCli:.' ' * "" 

:. i have meant a lot to me. thank you for your mentoring. To my friends -lha\e ilwa; h< tochei 


■ ugh, Rothwells. Roi MfcFarlai 

gTomy broth, rs, 

iU. 1 wouldbei ' ' lave 

art. They are my inspiration in everything I do. and ! can't even come close to describing 

■m. thank you. I will mi 





!s ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS - grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GR 


Nkkname: SPARKY! (Thanks Housser, for such a wonderful nick that I wiU never forget) 

Activities: Co Ikvid of SACKA, House Captain, CISMFlCdlu. '()()-'<> 1 1. Pipes* Drums liaml Honor Drummer). Choir. DKC A Provincial Competition ('02~'03), No. I in Music 
(lass Skipping (Possibly Calculus, also). Provincial Accounting Competition (3rd in the region). Cadets in Concert (Tenor Drummer '00~*03), Provincial Pipes and Drum: 
Competition ('01 -'02), Outstanding in Sleeping in every class. Oldest of the Sang Family in SAC. Korean 

Well, now I can say willl confidence. Three years at SAC were probably Ihe most important times in m> life. I learned a lot. and all 
saw much of my potentials too. I discovered my unique potentials especially in: getting highest grades while putting lowest effort possible, an< 
studying while sleeping. ! really want to thank SAC for these fabulous skills. Ok. getting serious here. 
One thing that I think I earned during the life at SAC. or if someone asks me the same question, I can 
without hesitating say; I earned the most fantastic friends and memories that were worth every second 
of my time here. What I did. thought, and said for these three years made up another me that I never 
found bct'orc—lt is a man. who has pride, confidence, and faith in who he is. I hope In sland in front 
■ of the quad some many days alter this, and feel the 

▼^ I m T" i^ # A V same feeling thai 1 gel these days when I look ai the 

!■ §\ ^J ' peaceful scenery ol SAC. Goodbye SAC! 

Nicknames: Pooner, Son-Gor, Son. Brother Son 

What is the fastest thing on earth 'Cheetah? Airplane? Light.'Tome, it would definitely 
when I arrived ai SAC. new language, new people, and new environment. I thoug ht it's g oi ng to 
as 1 got to know the school more, my hatred had been changed to appreciation. These 
to thank my parents fortheiret'i'ort of giving me the chance to study at SAC. Thanks! 
my roommate at my single room - 30 1 . 1 enjoy the Toonie Tuesday at KFC, I won't^ 
for playing guitar, I will always remember the excitement that we got from getting! 
; Gr. 1 1 buddies for the happiest year at SAC. Thanks to everyone for supporti ng me . »j 
lamilv for taking care of me for all theses valuable vears. 

be time. 1 remember the first moment 
be a horrible place for me; however, 
five years flies and 1 really have 
pecial Thanks toClement to be 
brget the fun time that we had 
)itr M license. Thanks to my 
nd finally, thanks for the Perrier 


Nicknames: Pose, Mafiose, Maf. Don King 
Activities: Soccer, and Lacrosse 

Sayings: "How you say'.'!", "Shul up da face!' 

arsat SAC have been the greatest experience of my lite and I owe it all to my parents and family. Without} 
would not be the same person 1 am today. [ love you and I hope I will continue to make you proud. Myjourne; 

etc it it wasn't (brail myboys. Especially all those who went on thegrad trip toC'ancun. You havi ■■'■.' rsofmy 

alwaysrememberchillingonthebeaehwitheveryone.Speeialthanks-^ i : i. - 
amvell, Domingues, Sunder. Nudds. You guys are true friends and will always be 
y boys. I will always remember all the SAC after parlies. Forma Is and especially 
theGradTriptoCancun. Special thanks to go Mrs. Mix. without you 1 wouldn't b 
going to university. Ms. Venters, Thanks for hooking 
icup. Mr. Scoular for his desk-hopping abilities and 
ons on life. Hope to see everyone in the future. 

aayings; now you manjaeah 

,ipi ^, ^^^^^1 

| ^Bat 


that I love. It t 

cUway", fj.jv-jn me £ 
thank you for adv 
frtL feel apart of your tit a- 
Mac. Stu, Nro, Joe, McCu! 
Natalie the one who t have s 
forgotten. \ can' t tbaafc you gpoug 
I can't thank you enough for alto 
allow DOC. to ieadsi life os gltjry. "Don' 1 

of something that ia extraordinary. The atmosphere it creates 
Otter school. It has given me the skills thai wilt allow me to be 
'ant to especially thank Mr. Punford, who has 
:lfts$ v atthe rink, or in the hall*. Mr Scoular, 
iirfoTgeuafole TotheOAC's-ihanksforntakiag 
with me and helped tne at) the way through: C 

Vou iiave created memories dint Will "-' 
•utd rtot have been created without my p: 


Nicknames: loey, Big Giant Head 

Activities: Prefect, I Hockej Vol]eybalI{MVP2001), TrackandFicld. Softball. 1 Baseball, DulceofEdinburgh.CISAAHo- 

Sweden/ Finland Hockey Tour (2002). 

Ureal St. Andrew's has almost completed and 1 have too many thoughts running through tnj head 

of a lifetime for dm and all the others graduating in this double year. St. Andrew sis not on!) a school, but a second borne 

parents, and your peers act ;is brothers. Experiences thai will be remembered f» ed into mj life, front 

i irst Football, Golden Horseshoe Champions and at a to the feelings ai the carol services 

semi's, fonnals, and afici parties, just chilling with friends in erythingyou 

jersey you thing will be reme cctation for this trulj extraordinary place . ' 


ire as 



am today and I thank them for all the opportunities thai they given my brother and I. Sam, thanks tor lei 

ho look up to. Nathan, thank jrouforeverything.youarebothtniJ) amazing brothers, t inally. to Karen, thanks (oi 

and everything, and always Listening, I love you all so much. To the teachers that ha 

this final year as well as guiding me through my high school career. Thanks to Ms. Pfoi being so great to roe and all th 
- well for keeping me on the rink as best and as much as be could. I have am 

e them ail, but you guys are all unbel 
There an ids and memories tl d find at a place 

ill be remembered I \ t't. 


;t. I' hockey. I" football. Softball MVP. 
of 2002. Cincinnati 2002, Cancun grad trip of 2003 (damn O A 

l : irstty. i would like to thank my parents fot giving me the ■ 
mh\ II of m\ tL-achers r\>i teaching mc not only acudenncs. but life lessoi 
experiences on and off the field thai I have encoumercd arc unforgettable 
noth i Mi ' '":( tre foi being more than jn ndvisoi hut a friend, Mr. Myr 
I'oothiitl and hockey coaches- Mr. Bedard, Mr Dunlord, 
J Ro.Mcculiough. L.onz.Stu,Siock.Stink,andespccially ft 

[i us a place to beg tir friendships Lou t M 

The «lucatic 
lUld specific 

e. thanks 


■> lol t , Sudd 

. and< 


:ADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ gratis ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS - 

Nicknames: R.O., PDR, Rourki 

When you spend 5 years anywhere, it will effect you in someway. I h way from this school with great friei 

and >kills In ^ nit to thank my parents for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to attend S.A.C. i 

would also like to thank all the teachers and staff members that have helped me along the v. ,■■ it me neverti 

up. I uldn'thavedoneitwithyou. Brian: Ad indAdam 

aaahhhhhh" "Please, take m) sandwich and don't hurt me". Wild Wild West. Dave;DT 
Mac. Thanks for letting me crash! e. Kesten;cruisin."Adamcallupallthe 

trt) !'" Chris: Perl. tiaust. Wasaga Mac; Good times with 


& R.O I 

team. "Yul 


Doel: PARTY. Mel's. Swenker; From the CO to across the sea's I'm guaranteed 
one bounce wit me. and you know that every place I go. there's only ever going 
one me. Bornstein: Sleep is your friend. Too many memories at > our cottage 


cknames: the Bad Duel. F. squared. Marcel. Dwayne 

Being an Andrean has definitely pui in 
- remember the great friends that I have met here, you km Hunks out to all 

i - h as the dances. Formals, and associated press meetings. Of the many school events. I specifically remember one St Andrew's Night dinni 
i and Ins words have since stuck to me, probably because I had found it humorousat the time. He talked about procrastination (the exact quote is not quite app, 

am and I find thisquite fitting since I am writing this grad comment at the exact moment it is due. Through my years of experience llur 
'v rastination isn't loo bad even if it doesn't happen to often, because once in a whdeyoujust can't avoid screwing yourself. This is ci 
an ordinary place. SAC is an academically competitive atmosphere, encouraging extra auricular events, and supporting a sheltered en 
environment that has kept us less vulnerable to some of the problems that we would have otherwise encountered in the real world. It is nov 
leave this remarkable shelter and experience the . al 



Nickname: Ghetto Faholoiis 
| Golden Horseshoe Bowl Champions - I will never forgei this victory. Mure importantly, I will never forget the tears we shed in the change i ;:uvs at this 

'■ school. No girls though - they had to be special delivered from outta town. I'm glad I goi m\ order and it came m better than I could have ever hoped (Precmsal. Townsingion and Ali 
(BTadminDin): I hope you guys realize how luck) you are that you got out when you did. Ruckers are #1 ! -Tsioros and Hisco\. you « my book. JaY Mill. Kl.o. DT. Its) 

MLin. Heinin and "downtown" Dam (i. Boaco, & owner TSmith as well as GM AHrues ... Thank you all for helping me become the sell proclaimed rookie of the . 
PS. Aeamargo. SPARKY & Jean (team jack) ). BLin. ENei. Pythagoras, (JbMac, N'Piddv, a lot of you Gr. 12's. sundance kid, dairy I shakes. . . all you guys put a smile on mj 
- KETCH!/ M \\ HAT?! Anybody I didn't mention, it's because I don'l like you. (jokes) ll's been an interesting 5 years, and if I could do it all over again. 1 sure as hell wouldn't. 
| Tim cute face'll make your wife smile 
And I check in two bags and one's just a suitcase full of Life-: 

Right Now & Later On 


knames: Scooter. Scoot Di 
ivities: lstSoccen3\ 

tout adoubt I thank G i helping mal I . oryourundyinj 

port the whole way... I arrived at SAC as an m db indnowrmleavingasamuchwiseryoungmari 

move on. My time here would not have 
lid), McNeil a.k.a Drugs. Phil. Zoheb. Sieve. 
ollins. Miller. Seb, Amo, Mani. Andre. Mark 
ahir. Warren, Tim. i i> lai 

been bearable without: Frog and Dan. i m; dawgs for life... mil 
Parent. Big T, Woody, Hurst, Droytri, Campbell, Milne; Banwell 
1 ' I hri tian. boyz from days gone: Mackie. Scholz, Gummie 
Jan ipei il thanl to Mr. and Mrs. Perrier, Mr. Bedard, Mr. Wall n il 

'The true conqu that leave no i thi se that have b norance." 



I flag part\. frequent speaker in chapel : im), dedicated mei 

as I did in but in eharaeiei 

in a last inter). 1 now believe thai I tut ...ier But the 

loflastyi es that I will bet rhelife 

I positively influe ins and ensure that 1 i,ai obablj 

lake time 10 reflectin two or ihre be stepped back from, and given 

life at S.A.C. First. Juice and Mr. Ruscitti nh you 

mhi demanded and deserved Than 

mm i 

coach (championship in 2003 with "R« 
house. - in thro 

championship losses I endured tl 
opportunities that I have been given to : 

■: the field and w : 
won't filD) BDp) 
time, lo truly comprehend, lit:: 
put in me in our M 
and understanding, unfortunate^ 

one at the 

ni> gradu 
10 the uui 

iveiyone proper recognition, bul he assured [will not forget the selfless teh, 

:re, bin I'll be seeing them often, intention latitude will be sorted oul later. <ir simp!) assumed Finally, wit] 

ni pride and confidence. And so shall u . 
a utile! mind 

gby 2a. U- 16 Football, Intramural B-ball. 2a. Champions 2003-Rucker 4 Life. Platoon Sergeant - Ramsey Company . D 
of community l year club. Math club . FOCUS 

My two years at St, Andrew's have been some of the best of my life. Il still seems like yesterda.N when I was a nervous grade 1 1 stud 
school bull will leave with great friendships thai 1 will cany throughout my life. Once 1 entered those gates erf brass I wanted i< 
ition. tin- school has done so much, I don't want to leave it behind. But as 1 leave I will tak. 

: It is hard lo express in words how much ! want to thank my parents for giving m 
like to thank my brother for helping me adjust to such a great place 
ie most out of m> time al SAC. especially Mr. Slin 

■i. 'Ugh about Mrs. Perrier as my advisor, always willing 
- made it easy for mc to adjust to such a tight knit 
and the memories and friendships that 1 had here 
ui the sacrifices made by my parents to send me here, «■ 

mom iiimj mc to do m\ 

c\peiiencc wouu) pjj 


.v ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS - grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ gruds ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ gratis ~ GR 

Nicknames: Slock, J 

Activities: Prefect, Co 

[2a). Cancan (03) 

6 Year club. 

Sayings: Yo, Sup ^^ 

McCullough, G we're -^-- 

more than that. There 

Mr. Service, Mr. 

man. I want to thank my 

yeah bro). You guys ^^ 

lifetime. Finally to my 

my bros - Dairy 1: It's 

soldiers, keep it alive. 

over the years, our style 

forever legendary haha. "I may not 

have ended up where I intended to 

Nicknames: Jah Jah, Mr. Binks, Buju, Dirty Buj, D-Block, Scully, Fox Molder 

Sayings: get off my coat tails, you finished yet, don't touch me or get off of me T-Birk. (D.J took all of my sayings last year but it was expected) 
Activities: First Soccer, First Swimming, Relay Team 3 C1SAA Records, Rugby, Co. Memorial Head of House, Saturday late night dominoes, First Cleaning 
up after Karl and Johnny. Firstly, I would like to thank God for all given to me throughtoul my life, to my parents for their love and never ending support. To 
all of SACstaff especially Mr. McHenry and Mrs. Mix for this roller coaster ride of a graduating year and lastly but just as importat to ALL of my brothers in 
arms (friends) that I have met here at SAC I want to thank all of you for the fond memories and friendships that we've shared together Thanks to the ggyt 
who on numerous occasions that were spent trash talking, you know I am right and you will never out trash talk me, C-Mac or T-Birk. To the Jedi Pimp 
Crew. ...boys we made it and to those still here for a few more years cherish every moment of it. To the Perrier's for being my family away from home and 
making me feel so at home every day at SAC, I will miss you than words will ever be able to describe. I've learnt what SAC really is. it isn't I school that 

offers good grades and great sports programs, it is a doorway that offers endless opportunities of success and happiness. The friends you make here at SAC are friends that you will keep for 

life the bonds made here are made just that strong and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

"Dare to be different and you will always stand out." "Don't just settle for achieving your goals, rise above them." 


Jare, J Dawg, Ja Ryd. Birdman, J Steeze. 

President of the Outreach Committee, Captain and MVP First Volleyball (3a), First 

Scotland (02), Barbados (02), California (02), West Side Story, Oliver, Oklahoma, 

buddy. Peace, Stink!, Get 'er shakin 'eh stone. Boys my place tonight. Hey Bang! wanna 

doin 'er up. My past 6 years at SAC have flown by. It felt like nothing at all. It has of 

are many people I want to thank tor my experiences at SAC. To my mentors: Juice, Mr. 

Scoular and Mrs. Mix. All of you have made such an impact on my life and have kept 

boys: T-Birk, Tart, Stone, Parent, Joe, Nate, Bang, Arm. Collins, Chris, Caron, Ross, 

have made my journey through SAC an unforgettable one and have given me friendships that will last a 

family: To my parents I love you so much, thank you for giving me this opportunity, I am forever grateful. Ti 

your show now, you are the last of the 

Graydon: I've learned so much from you 

and our ways with women will stay 
have gone where I intended to go, but I think I 
be." - Douglas Adams. Goodbye St. Andrew's 

basketball (2a), First Rugby 
Focus, Lieutenant in Cadets. 

go to lazzo's, sup 
course left me with much 
and Mrs. P, Mr. Kimmerer, 
me on my path to becoming a 
Stuey and McCullough (yeah 

i f 



At the end of my fourth year at St. Andrew's College, I can reflect back on all of the accomplishments and failures that have shaped me into the young man I 
am today. There are a lot of good people within the faculty and staff who provided a positive influence on myself and peers. Not only should I commend the 
staff on four great years, but I must thank all the guys 1 went to school with. The conformity and talent within our grade allowed for some tremendously 
successful sports teams. On an individual level, winning the 200 meters at OFSAA was a very special moment and one that has opened many doors at the 
university level for me. Although playing on great teams and winning individual championships was a valuable experience, I gained a tremendous sense of 
accomplishment when participating in the S.A.C. dramatic productions. I was fortunate enough to be a principle character in the 2001 production of Oliver!. 
Without a doubt, Oliver! was the most satisfying and enjoyable thing I ever did at St. Andrew's. Of course. I must thank my mother and father for cheering 
me on at every game, every meet and every performance. Home or away I could count on at least one of them being there. I must also thank my 

grandparents for their support throughout my high school career. Matthew, you must carry on the legacy of your nam 

and I wish you all the best in your final years at S.A.C. 


id it has changed dramatically. This school has had its ups and downs but has always kept on going. The younge 

Well, it's been nearly five years since I first came to SAC and it has changed dramatically. This school has had its ups and dow 

generation is lucky; they get to see 

students to step up and be leaders. 


"Stand up to your obstacles and do 

Norman Vincent Peale 

"Self-reliance is the only road to 

reward." - Patricia Sampson 

"I am only one, but I am one. I 

I will not let what I cannot do 

"Remember the difference between 

some of the most significant changes over the next few years. It is also now up to the younger 
Unfortunately, I'm not really sure what advice to give or how to give it, so I'll let others say it 

something about them. You will find that they haven't half the strength you think they have." ~ 

true freedom, and being one's own person 

cannot do everything, but I can do 
interfere with what I can do." - Edward 
■ a boss and a leader; a boss says "Go!" - 

something. And 
Everett Hale 

a leader says "Let's go!" ~ E.M. Kelly 

"Often people attempt to live their lives backwards; they try to have more 

things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want, so they will be happier. The way 
it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to 

do. in order to ha ve what you want Margaret Young I 

Nickname: Swenks 
Activities: Basketball, Football 


[he time of my 
J Brian, my best 
^ . you all made 

Softball, Debating, Christian Fellowship, Oklahoma, Focus, Cadet instructor, 
Choir, Summit, What Magazine, House Captain. Memorial House room 309 

Although having gone through many rough times here at SAC, 1 can safely look back and say that I had | 
life. With ample opportunity to live my dream and be part of a real community. I was given more than I ever expected, 
friend, you were always there for me. I wouldn't be the same without you. losh, Andrew, Adam, Dave, and Andrew. 
my time here that much better. My advisors, Mr. Walden and Mr. Arril, your guidance helped me greatly. Mr. Ainsworth and Mr Dunford. thanks 
for the great classes. Mr. and Mrs. Perrier, thanks for always being there for me when 1 needed someone. I love my two brothers Marc and Luc. and 
my sister Tanya for being more than just siblings, but great friends. I love you mom because you always knew what a as 
best for me. Dad. not a day goes by when I don't of you. I also want to thank God for putting me where I am and for 
giving me the tools to make a difference. To everyone who is where they are in life, don't expect everything to bejjiven 

to you for you must work hard at everything you do to succeed. 

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." Psalms 1 19:105 


Andrews College. Many 
and better things. I just want to 
crowd), the teachers who saw 
high school career may not have 
iiBeatty, Joel, Breen, Perks, 

Wow I actually did it. I made it through 6 years of swimming and St 
I people think I am crazy fordoing what I did. myself included. I' m on my way to bigger 

say thanks toeveryone who helped me out along the way. My closest friends (the wrong 

promise in me, andespecially my advisor Mrs. Perrier. If I didn't have her I'm sure my 

even existed. Props to my friends otherwise known as the "Questionable crowd" 

Campbell, and yeah RJ you too. 1 just want to say goodbye to those places which harboured my unconscious mind and resting body 

(sleeping). Football locker room, Library, many classrooms, Josh's room. Gym, Chemistry and the locker hallway 

You know what they say about a fat girl and a Moped? It's true... For all of you SAC boys entering your high school 

| days, make sure you have FUN and live your life with no regrets. Keep this in mind, if you ever get caught for skipping 

class just say my name and everything will be fine (1 
I am the king). 1 just can't believe its all over.. .Finally! 
I Thanks again to all of my Friends J. W.S.M.D.B. 


flADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS - grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS 

ears of my life, I have been apart of a very special plac 
I expec i .1 nd not overt . thrilled to he there. Now that my time has passed, I don't really I 

i become part of me. S.A.C. has given me so many opportunities that I will forever be grateful of. I would like to thank r 
I parents for giving me such an advantage, I love both of you with all my heart and thank you for sticking through the good, bad. 
and even worse times. The greatest thing SAC has provided me with are my friends, who make life at SAC so special. Woody. 
Hursty. Parent, Collins. Mitchell. McCollough, Amadori. John John, Zoratto, the rest of 
Euro. McNeil and the islanders, Scooter. Froggie, and Dana, I will never forget the countless 
times we shared You have ill influenced my life, and I will never loose touch. Mr. 

en I'm gone! The times I will 

on. FOCUS, After parties, and the mornings after! The realil 
aving SAC is difficult to grasp. I know I will miss this 
el prepared to move on. Thank you to everyone who has helped r 




miss most arc 


mes: J Tip 
meats: 30sccoi 
Savings: "Say what you warn but the tests say I'm Innoccn 

Shout out: Well I don't have as many memories as most of tin 

This year was by far the best year of high school ever. For that I would have to thank God, my ] ireni lamiful 

Perrier for being the best house masters ami friends a kid could ev el ! ny coaches; Jus Q <■ M 

the whole balcony thing), the coaches for the upcoming spring season " D.D ickle Dadd) meday you'll I 

Kxich J Pecz-we've got some stories. A Feez-wear a helmet to sleep just to be safe, Pi| Ncwf with lots of fo. 

fifa is still not finished. Banwell-the answer will always be NO. you to T Birk. Milk 

-Grove" the emperor will show you the way. Hoffy-the man can put an ass flap on and make .1 look good,NL, Seb-don't worr) you 

ball on day. Pablo-1'11 be seeing you soon I know it. Daly-keep it up man, you' II make it. Taylo ' eeyo 
you can kick me in the head any day buddy, no problem. TBirk-youv the fr.n; hit 
that arc returning, you better watch out for J Tip Jr. cause he will be running Oh 


rr ftei"r*'1 



knames: DT. Honda. The Anonymous One Shot 
ngs: holla front Represent the L4G, Guys settle... we're family 


<a 4.„ 

not an ordinary place. The last six years have changed 
have instructed me: they have taught me not only 
I would like to thank Mr. Kimmerer who has kept me 
have always been there for me for the good and bad 
could of finished this year. Also Mr. Service. Mr. 
Now my boys, we made it. without you guys I don't 


ice the first time I drove by Andy I knew SAC was 
entally. So many intelligent, wonderful people 

1 . but also taught me the rules of life. First, 

the last six years. Secondly. Mrs.K: My savior. You 

: the best. Mrs. Mix. without you 1 don't think I 

Rol 1 >n and Mr. Scoular. Weber, you will alwaysbein mv heart. 

, R B.H DC P.'b C.C J.K E.S F.K M.K AT E.S.D I'.S.D. and everyone else. Lastly I would like to thank my family who gave me the privilege nt| 
I attending this school. M> Mom. who loved the school just as much as I did. My Dad. who 
land always showed me that it's not about reaching goals, 
jit's about rising above them. And my bro. for the good 
' advice "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one 
f J0 less traveled by, and it has made all the difference" 





r friends that 1 ha 
cph Leung, De 
, Nick Davison.! 

| Nicknames: Oscob, MiniJTus, PB 2 ,Bosrwana,X-Box 

When I first came to this school 6 5 ears ago, I didn'i know if this was bell or worst. Going to a new school and leaving 
I m\ old friends behind to get surrounded by boys... not a smart idea. Ah well. It's over now. Throughout these 
I -.. it has left me with many memories: Mr. Butcher's "(iwai Lo" and "Gong Ying Mun ". Mr. Anil's chain saw 
in chapel. Mr. Dunford's math class in the parking lot and Mr. Tebokke] calling mc "Ebaj ." 
only down side is why oh wh> isn't this a coed school' I would like to first thank my mom and 
1 this opportunity to enroll at SAC. Second, I would like to thank my friends: RN(Lungs),MY(DA), 
jKJj M'l.i. Wl'iSunCiau i.CYiKai Mun I. l'Ti I -at Thumbs), and PW. Sorry ill left anyone out. 1 
' last minute =P BTW.ihcGI test is really tricky DLAU. Hope you don't fail a 


dad forgh in 

had to writo this 

• Us ~ GRADS - grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads - GRADS - grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRi 

Nicknames: Nicky T, Phat Nick, Phams, Road Rage 

Savings: ■■■ i kicks: 

Activities: [*ra i Commii FOCUS & | ■ i: lardy Bo Crew, The KB Crew, Lme night shinny; BBHL; shout outs 

rificed a lot by sending to SAC, Kelly for leaching rae responsibility, Betty for teaching me to party, and Deroetri. ' 

i ; ceded it, oi me cuz. And last but not least my brown brother Sacha and my girlfriei 

ions i Mr. Sin :; in V. M ' i Ryan (Thank you), and Mr. Scoular. SAC, it was the best of time) 

i : made my time at SAC a memorable experience. Ali; Hiscox (late nights and Congee runs!); Luc (LZ(ee)!); Dave (D-DOT!); I 

Miller (we're Posa (OH! Banwell (I just wauna hold her; She's Different; TWA forever; Sorry but swim team was a bust!); Nudds (EW!); BOTTS! (Australia! !); 

Amadou ; hid (We made it!) DOEL! (Ketchum!!); Brent (BHL Champs! i la; \ son!; BoBo Lo (BoBooaaa!; KB?; Kow about those badmington 

i your help); M Linner: Ales 

you way. It's been fun boyz. Thank Yoi 


Nicknames: Big T, Big Z. Horse. Crippler, Tzimatank, Coach T/im Sayin«s: Legitimately, What a bozo/clown, Thai's outta control, Absolutely ridiculous, Shut your teeth, WTMF, 

production today, Are you honestly joking me"? Activities: |° Football (3a, Captain, CISAA/Golden Horseshoe Bowl CHAMPS), I ! Rugby (3a, CAIS CHAMPS), IBA (la. League leading PPG, 

I HAMPSV 300LB Bench Press Club. Cadets (CSM of Laidlaw house). 5 Year Club, Orad Trip to Cancun, GHB at the Skydome, All of the After Parties, Kelsey's with the boys, Random 
panics al DJ'-s house, Louie's Collage, Cincinnati Trip. Every time I goi to throw on the shoulder pails and helmei and step on the gridiron. 

I'oremosi I'd like to thank my Parents lot giving me the opportunity to attend SAC. without their support through these 5 years I would never be the man j 
Dad for coming out to ever} stogie football game I ever played it meant a lot to me. I would also like to thank a couple of special teacher's here who are 
Firstly Mrs. P who was like a second mother to me in my first 3 years in memorial house. I would also like to thank Mr, Cameron, Mr. Shields, Mr. 
Shirmpton for all of their support on and off the field, I would finally like to thank Olivia for all of her love and support over the past 2-'> years, my time 

been the same if it weren't for you. and I thank you tor that. Now to the people who made my years at SAC the best of my life... All the BOY/.. Arm. 
Louie, Miller, Nuddzy, Tbooipy, Dorter, Bob, Pink. Sunderarrns, PHAT, Yank, Scootz, Loozo, JRO. Mam. Mano, J-Feez... you guys made my time here 
it was on the Meld, in the classroom, or most importantly at all of the After hour events. I don't know how 10 end this in a better way than quoting my 

First and ■■ 
1 am today. Thanks a lot 
not fully appreciated, 
Josselyn and Mr. 
at SAC would have never 
Ammo. D.I. Bang. Cox. 
thebestit could be whether 
good buddy Bang. SAC'S 


Activities: First soccer ( 1 year), First baseball ( 1 year), First smoking 

"Finally" I am graduating. Sac have been my home for the past 6 years. I made many friends from all over the world and 1 am very prou 
to finish high school at St. Andrew's. I want to thanks Mr. Giel for helping me out from the first moment i arrive 
at Machouse, also I want to thanks Mr. Bedard for taking care of me in Sifton House with out getting angry at m 
ones, All my coaches and teacher thank you for being part of your teams and your classmates. And finally I wan' 
to thanks my father for making the decision on sending me here at St. Andrews because I am very proud of being 
part of this wonderful school. 

4| were all that I ever expected, everyone knew 
town in Switzerland. I remember when I 

; on. I never sweated that much in my 
I would never have had the ambition and the 
Boy what a night that was! I truly had great 
this school is the relationship between the 
challenging time during my Grad year 
deal with a very homesick brother, in the end 
boy. Roger, Wade. Fly boy. BC man. 
You can't imagine how much that meant to me. Cheers to 

Nick names: Sw iss. ( rtto, TY, T-dot, Blc 

Activities: Al Alpine skiing (2years), J V soccer, Softball training squad (1 year). Floor Captain in Flavelle. My two years at SAC 
my name within a couple of months. It is all lever dreamed of! I never expected to accomplish this much coming from a little hick 
same mcr to SAC un a visit during my Grade 10 year, 1 especially remember of the interview with Mr Foy and his challenging 
life! I am very grateful to my parents of sending me to this school. Especially my dad. he is my source of inspiration. Without him 
courage to try something new. He really helped me during the rough limes. I will never forget that night after the MacPherson game... 
times at this school, the long weekends with Mr Perrier or the trip to Turks and Caicos with Maj. McCue. One thing I love about 
Teachers and the students. I am very grateful for what Mr Srr 1 '""*™ -"^ 1Ur **<■•<"■"■ *•■>"<> -<"»" *'»r me. I had a particularly 
because I did not only havetodealwiththcpressureof University pplications. But I had to 

everything went for the best. With a little help from my good riends Gillbrotha. Sheep 

Sterling & Emmery and many others. 1 will forever be grateful for stening to what 1 had to say. 

everyone and hope to sec you in the future. ^H 

icknames: Wakes, Big Wakes, Wakeyard, Wakeforest, Wakies 

Activities: 1" Football, I 1 ' Basketball, V Lacrosse, FOCUS, Cancun '03, Student Life Committee 
Wow. That's all I can say after 4 years, wow. They went very quickly and will not be forgotten. There has been no better experience in my life t 
. I the one which I have had here and I have enjoyed every minute of it. From Mrs. Perrier s House breakfasts to Mr. P's late night math sessic 

' a blast. For trips like California for basketball, and Cancun '03 for the grad trip it's been great and well worth it. First, thanks to my parents for 

providing the money for me to go to school at such a place as S.A.C.. Thanks to ail the friends I made here for making it an even better experience then 
it could have been; Eric. Josh, Paddy, Dougie, Merv, Nathan, Jarryd. Botts. Dadson. and everybody else who 1 may have missed. To Mrs. Perrier for 
being like a second mother to me here being my advisor and housemaster must have been a challenge, Mr. Giel for his "qu f< it. Mr. 

^| Robson's English class, Mrs. Bedard and Mrs. Mix's University Counselling have all been key to my success here. Lastly, to 
JM returning guys: A Feez, T-Birk, Billy, Darryl, Francis, DVD, Crane, the school is yours; cherish it because you never know 
.^M what you're missing until you've lost it. "I've failed over and over again in my life, and that is why 1 succeed." 


S icknames: D.dl. Farseer. shemale. GANGless 

Activities: (2a) l M squash (CISAA champions, MIP). (2a) I badminton, (2a) 

What can I say '.' It has been four memorable years a! SAC. I would 

opportunity to attend SAC. I know that they have sacrificed a lot to send me he 

was jusl busy... and to my brother. Jason. I know thai you have always been th 
I brother and I would like to say thank you. I would also lik 
I all my past roommates Joseph, Wilson. Brent, ^H 
I water elemental. DD, anddlau you guys brought 
la hood, long hours at vd. rejecting sin law in 

"soft-core" stories at Cancun. The year is rapidly 

my friends; however I am sure that our future will r 

i thank the Ferric 

AC house captain. 
[om & Dad for giving me the 
re and even though 1 never called home it didn't mean I didn't care. I 
re for mi'. 1 know that you take a lot of heat because you are my 
s for taking care of me for 4 years. I would especially like to thanks 

Nick, Ringo & Yip (my second room at MAC) and Kenny. Who can forget ape (#3). 
;o much humor. Never will 1 forget drifting to Harvey's, the endless WC games, losing 
eonietry. 6am with Joseph, learning "striking the match" on guitar, and 10 minutes of 
oming to an end and we ail will be going separate ways. I will miss this school and ai 
ross further down the road. 


IADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ 

iiknamrs: DareDevil (DD), Bid man. Pistol Pit. 

rlnp: I ioucbed2 BWandlhej didn't even Itao* " "Olacious m) Friend" "Yi| 
got triple spares ilns morning, seriously 

"Be honest, sun I ,isk you a question?" "MA! I AH AH Mk Joiner's jokes are so tunny hi 


Rnallj I realizeho* much ume left in m) s u' hie when I am ' »" ulJ 

Sixty days until prize da) andtheendol mj OACyeai (would never forget the first <ta) oi being ai I mom. for 

oppanunit] to stud) at Si Andrew's College, "here I surely learnt a lot ahout not only academical!) am! i 
years, I inula lot of wonderful moments with my friends and indubitably 11 will not be forgettable. M) lift 
as pleasurable without my Chinese buddies »Jso I would like 10 say ihanks n, n, 

Opportunities m all asrvsis here al PUvelle house, ami git lug me so many shames lo skip chapel 

Mi Punny Thank you lot all your encouragement ami assistance thai you have provided for n 
wouldn'l I s right decision on picking my courses and aiiendine a university. I would like to give 

Matthew Yip (DSL rnodem). Ringo Ng (mosonini in NHL. Lungs). Joseph Leung (CT. Chief Taurent BNT) Big N 

(Toe Man). Dennis Wong I Far seer. Gangless). Wilson Pootl I (i.\1 1 ian). Kent Yens 

Clement Van (Big Brother), Dereek Leung (Big Strenghl Leon). Bosco I se I Bostwana), Kevin Lao (Ape. OKA') 

Ik^lE lonelier. I'HI he one ol Ihe hieeesl part 

mom ana aaa tor providing me with the oppoi it; SAC for these pasl ories and good tin 

here will he irreplaceable. Too all the boy's graduating, best of luck in what ever it is you plan on doing, you've made my lime at SAC a mcmoi 
lanni. Everton and all the people who are involved with making the school look great, thanks. The good limes I've had while here al SAC wili 
no others, all the school trips, the good limes on the sports teams I've been on, our Duke trip to Cozumel. the homecomings, Fridu 

■■graduate, but coming lo SAC has made me never want to leave ii. 1 will ah 
an; , here, no one can throw a bender like a SAC boy. 2 The good tun 
r3 The bonds rn iveryone involved in the school. Shout ■ 

^astnaWal^BssssssitiSisssssssssssss^H McNtel. 

. to Mr. Walden. Mr. Kimmerer, Mr. Service. 

McPherson's and Carol Services. Some can't wait to 
remember SAC for 3 things. 1 the best after parties 

cFschool in the hockey rink, the boarding houses, and ihe playing fields. 

ere always up forasession. Sieve. Hurst, Collins. Parent, Mitchell. B-Mac. 

roll. Little guy. Delcan and anyoncelse who wanted to join. Special thanks 

r. Scoular. and the Guidance Office. 

t is «ood to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters., 

v man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gels to bed at night, and 
. to do." Bob Dylan 

in the end.'" 





i'l believe thai I have been here for? \ ea 

si mel my housemaster, my roommate, first 

ii first served my EB, first skipped class... 

nitely agree. Steven: Hey baby, dearestex- 

. Work as hard as you were la. so you won" I 

: yesterday that I first came to this school, 
eamt how to login email, first tasted dinning hall's **** 
People said the greatest time passes quickly, and now I 
roommate, how is it going? Hope that we are both in UT 
be kicked out in year 2 >: )Terry: Men ar?!!! Good luck 

12. come visit you later! Leo: Brother! Add oil ! ! Bobby: Hey, 30 inches, when will you come back to Toronto? 
cy & Bill: Thanks for cleaning my room for 3 years. Sifton needs you. ) » *Special Thanks to Mr. Bedard. Mr. 
ford. Lancy & Bill. Emerald Palace(905-836-22OO), Dr. Raymond. 


■Nickname: DSL 

•Savings: Honestly can I ask you a 
IvYC after lightsout? I'll be night elf. u? I 
tin the three years in S.A.C, I have 
Ihelped me a lot in and out of school, 
lyear. [especially like to thank Shrimp 
1 SAC » ill be totally different. Big nose 
(Wilson), Kmen (Clement) (si 

question do 1 give a S***?, Ringo arc you going to English'.' Clement wanna go DRIFT. Play 
w ould like to thank my mom and dad for letting me to go to S.A.C lor my high schoo 
experienced a FABULOUS time; 1 have learned a lot and knew a bunch of friends thai has c 
especially my roommate Kevin (APE) who has taught me lots and lots of new vocabs over the 
dog tor being so FABULOUS, without htm my experience in 
Double D (Peter), Ape (Kevin), Lungs (Ringo), Son 
soon in WRC), Far Seer (Dennis), Toe (Steven) ..I will missyoi 

and best of luck for (he coming years. 



iiya. Redly?, Coroc one man. Si Dan (Whaiv 
,: l] !<• Badminton tauaraunil Basketball, Intramural Swimi 
, Rifle Team. Ii Seemed oirij yesterday that f Brgsfep into St Andrew's 
iju soWv t<i t grade nine, i was <?Ptng lo he a boarder* spending the aexi fa 
toivc any Friends?" UjUe did I know thai friends need not it'> bo one 
1 was one of the biggest changes &i my Uf*. Althongfc sraoe 9 i* not the ymragesl, i 
overwhelming at )h-m i >i,ui j -real I y hard lim* trying tq catch up: Hw harden thii 
Time management was really hud Foai years ftAVSpasscd ai the bJinfc of M eye. 
experience.* of a life time, Thank, you 10 all the ttactew? Who had taugfcj mc and * 
House. 1 know ) am goitifl tr> Ms. P*« hamburgers wxS food after study. Tlw Matt) 
friend*; Lung Uor, JocJoe, jay Lo, EttBi, KayMun, BoBo, ftpe. DLaa, Farscer, G 
Hope thai we will H'e each other after. Bye 

was However, very 'righi 


ig to comprehend *a> itu 


Thank you Mom & Dad 

or givi 

pecial thanks lo the Perrte 

js who 



!s ~ GRADS - grads ~ GRADS ~ grads - GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ gmds ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GR. 

Nicknames I D Luki. Louii Dubaah H rpii Derps; L-Zo [ruck; Lucifer; LZ: Louis; Lou; OLUC: Zon Activities: 

Ci l 1CISAAG0W 001 McPherson broni \ t Lacro t; First Soccer CISAA Gold 2002: ETC; First gambling on 
rl >;WAGPR:DukeofEd;( un 1002; California 199 S< :den/Finh ui :O02; I ancun 2003, Pn>line, BH1 

Sayings; I wish I : id thai insert name) on the is 15 legal? rh race never ends; +1; that's Mickey Mouse; 

my do i cigai He Hoiru of thi Saints; I'm gonn drini ... II i i night; P ilazzo, or hockey party?; 

all for the #*s; N'Baad; Rtbbit; they don't ask how but how many; dammit: good times.The last 7 years 

been the best years of my life [ would like to [art of b; ■ thanking pareni ■■■.< ie if it were not for them, 

been possible. lie both very much nd I hope I have made you proud. To my brother 

i, for he ling me out with so much more than I cou 1 wouldn't rtad il « itn oui you. Mr. Ryan for pushing me to do my best i .■ 

Bedard Mr Roy/ Mr Dunford lor being so much more than just my hockey coaches. To Mrs Perrier for 

i ; formakini me laugh helping me with calculus and for just being Doobs. Finally to the BOYZ; 

( (sa, HiscoJeep, KhajaPed, Dan, AmmoHummer, coach Tzim. Nick. Bangbus, Milicopter, Nudds 
(playmate), DDol iundace, Mj Dubaah'z, Parent, Mateo Mass, Nro truck. II Saints, Albino and Brent, 
rhanl i ] : einoi cs Vou guys are what SAC is all about. I know we are going to keep in touch 

and be friends forevci SAC, it has been great 1 hank vou! 




:UADS ~ grads ~ GRADS ~ grads ~ GRAD! 






< >?; r 

















. i-- i 

.. \ 


; SJ 

GrsLCte 11 

Charles Abbott 

Michael Adamson 

Arnold Al-Aadhami 

Hussein Amarshi 

Christopher Attard 

Alex Bacardi 

Terry Belgrave 

Cody Biggings 

Tim Birkett 

Alexander Boileau 

Junyan Boon 

Erik Bornstein 

Andrew Brankley 

Chris Bromley 

Adam Bucci 

Billy Burke 

Andrew Carnovale 

Daniel Chanadi 

James Chiang 

Stephen Chin 

Richard Colton 

Matthew Crane 

Jordan Cyr 

Rahim Damji 

Francis David-Coderre 

David Del Zotto 

Matt Donko 

Alex Douglas 

Artem Dudin 

Bryn Fell 

\\de 11 Grade 11 Grade 11 Grade n Grade 11 Grade 11 Grade 11 Grade 11 Grade, 11 Grade, u Grade u 

Matthew Gnyp 
Anthony Greco 
Darrin Henein 
Kalev Hess 
Julian Hui 
Drew Hurlbut 

Brandon Hussey 
Taylor Irving 
Johan Irwandi 

Desmond Kiu 
Godfrey Kiu 
Brody Labuick 
Charles Lai 
David Lau 
Richard Lau 


Grade n Grade 11 Grade, u Grade 11 Grade u Grade n Grade u Grade n Grade 11 

Simon Lau 

Wally Lau 

Nicholas Laveau 

Morgan Lin 

Louis-David Lord 

Colin Lowe 

Eric Lucking 

Justin Lyons 

Levin Maaskant 

Sandy Mackay 

Chris Marshall 

Blake Martin 

Alex Maura 

Brendan McCall 

Robert McKay 


l*i, U 

5>^fe : 

irade 11 Grade 11 Grade u Grade n Grade 11 Grade u Grade u Grade 11 Grade 11 Grade u Grade 11 

David McNabb 
Brandon McNally 
Matthew Middleton 
Matthew Mitchell 
Will Mulock 
Terry Ngai 

Malcolm O'Hare 
David Oram 
Jinho Park 
Faisal Ratansi 
Richard Reininger 
Eitan Rosenberg 

Dumani Ross 
Simon Ruggier 
Alex Ryazanov 

Eugene Ryu 
I Nick Sachewsky 

X I .-;. George Si 

m Grade a Grade 11 Grade 11 Grade 11 Grade 11 Grade si Grade. 11 Grade, 11 Grade 11 Grade 11 Grade 11 

Jonathan Adamo 
Emilio Alonso 


*-» 10 


Alexey Altshuller 

David Arnold 

Justin Au 

Sinclair Bean 

Tristan Benson 

Chang Boo 

Ryan Bryce 

Ryan Bucci 

Brock Buckley 

Anthony Buonaiuto 

Alex Calvert 

Michael Carney 

Jonathan Cartwright 

Sean Cole 

Andrew Conrad 
Daniel Conrad 
Brian Daly 
Devon Daniell 
Robert Danis 
Vince DeCivita 
Sean Dinsmore 

Kevin Dong 

Jordan Ekers 

Robbie England 

Paul Fell 

Scott Fullerton 

Brett Galbraith 

Michael Genin 

Stanley Hon 
Abraham Hum 
Jeffrey Hynds 
Robert Iaccino 
Kyle Jackson 
Sean Jeong 

Igor Kastelyanets 
Andrew Khassanov 
Braden King 
Samuel Kuit 
Calvin Lam 
Erik Lebar 

Jeong Lee 
Steve Lee 
Jared Leslie 
Ryan Luther 
Andrew Macdonald 
Robert Mackay 

Jonathan Mackenzie 
Ryan Marek 
Rocco Matrucci 
Patrick McBane 
Clinton McCullough 
Stephen McGill 

Grajk io GraJe i 

Matt Mcintosh 

Chris Milnes 

Richard Oosthuizen 

Steven Pryce 

Omair Rahman 

Mark Ryan 

Stephan Rykov 

Jeff Seymour 

Alex Sham 

Craig Sherry 

Sohaib Siddiqui 

Horace Siu 

Jay Smith 

Malek Smith 

Erik Sodonis 

Ankush Sondhi 

Daniel Stoikos 

Aldis Sung 

Lennon Sweeting 

Sanjay Tolani 

Pablo Torres Rico 

Eric Tozzi 

Kris Wells 

Matthew Whiteland 


Gregory Willmot 

McKenzie Willson 

Nick Wong 

Vincent Wong 

Sang-Chul Yoon 

Chris Young 

Adam Zoratto 

# # 





'* «c 

' - .? 


10 Grade to Grade 10 Grade 10 Grade to Grade. 10 Grade 10 Gr, 

Gra.<i6 9 

Saam Azargive 

Tyler Bagworth 

Michael Ball 

Julien Benhaim 

Anton Bennett 

Kyle Bickerton 

Matthew Browning 

Adrian Bruno 

Joey Burke 

Kevin Butler 

Lander Cabrera 

Taylor Campbell 

Pierce Cassidy 

Dennis Chang 

Andy Chiu 

Han Choi 

Lawrence Chu 

Jesse-Ross Cohen 

Javo Cortina Obregon 

Andy Dalrymple 

4* All HA Rll 

r* r> es ft «*> 





«S^HK ■ » 



^> w 

- C 

few J(r 



■m 1 1 W c 
W, A 

if J 

mi ■■• i mm* 

imdb 9 (Shads 9 (Sradb 9 (Shads 9 (Shadb 9 (Shadb 9 Grade 9 (Shads 9 (Shads 9 (Shads 9 

Chad Davis 

Adam Do 

Matthew Eaton-Kent 

Dylan Edminson 

Tyler Ehler 

Fernando Esteban Alvarez 

Mike Ferguson 
Andrew Finelli 
Ambrose Fung 
Michael Greco 
Sameer Gulamani 
Axel Gunter Garcia 

Dean Hamann 
Ping Hsu 
Harvey Hui 
Logan Hurst 
David Jannetta 
Paul Jenkins 

Scotty Johnstone 

David Kanhai 

Murray Kay 

Julian Kim 

Matthew Langer 

Inaki Lanzagorta Larrauri 

Andrew Laptev 
Tony Lau 
Daniel Lee 
Gordon Lee 
Jared Lee 
Martin Lee 


rade 9 Grade 9 Gr 

iGrade 9 Grade. 9 

9 Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade < 

%db 9 Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade, 9 Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade 





olHi o 


Sean Lee 

Justin Lemieux-Reale 

Matthew Leon 

Nick Leslie 

Johnny Lin 

Jeffrey Lui 

Thijs Maaskant 

Shea Mackenzie 
Cameron Martin 
James McArthur 
Karl McCartney 
Mike Mcintosh 
Santiago Mijares Gurza 
Brandon Monti 

Blake Muir 

Tyler Munro 

Vinu Natarajan 

Jason Ng 

Jeffrey Ngo 

Philip Nozuka 

Fernando Paramo Ascencio 

Luis Paramo Ascencio 
James Porter 
Viren Ratnaswami 
Paul Ross 
Meher Sandhu 
Darryl Shen 
Christopher Simpson 

Jeremy Slessor 
Marc Stuart 
Matthew Suddaby 
Tommy Tan 
Jesen Tanadi 
Alexander Tang 
Nirushan Thambirajah 

Graham Thompson 
Gautam Tolani 
Raymond Tung 
Ben Udashkin 
Arthur Wong 
Leo Yeung 
Sung Jun Yoon 


_«^ • 


- 1 


Mr Vt* 




L 1 






1 1 

ade 9 Grax 

!*. *"'•+ ^~ €/ 

k - &~ / 


9 Graxk 9 Graxk. 9 Graxk 9 Graxk s 

1 .- Andrew Baer: He is a student that makes the classroom laugh with his funny interpretations in 


2.- Braden Bonner: He is a quiet person in the class but when it comes to playing with Eric he is 

the first one in the list. 

3.- Eric Lee: He is a really comic person and he has some ama/ing and funny commentaries. 

4.- Peter Goitanich.- He is always laughing at everything which makes everybody else laugh, we 

enjoy his presence. Pants and animals. 

5.- Cameron Healy: A constant joker in the classroom always making even teachers laugh. 

6.- Rodrigo Lopez: Rodrigo is from Mexico. He always has a big smile on his face, he is a constant 

ioker (Rodrigo pronounces it like that) which makes us laugh tons. He will be missed next year. 

7.- Adel Ratansi.- Adel is from Saudi-Arabia, he is a great friend and a great athlete as shown in 

the first and second term. 

8.- Taylor Walker.- Also known as sticky hands, Taylor Walker always shows off when it comes 

to managing stuff with his hands, he was the famous "Goalie" 

■\ade 8 Homeroom Grade e Homeroom Grade 8 Homeroom Grade 8 Homeroom Grade s Homeroom Gi 


This year was a really fun year with a great homeroom teacher and great students from all parts 
of the world, we laughed and fought but at last we all got to know better each other and we learned 
that although we ;nv all different and we come from different parts of the world we can all be 

friends. "x ' 

-- » . * » 

Remember that friends are forever, so keep in touch with your buddies because friendship is the 
greatest gift. 
Rodrigo Lopez 

.- Tyler King.-He is a charismatic boy who is always willing to help others. 

lO.-Greg Vandemark.- Greg is a new boy who is enjoying the St. Andrew's experience so much that he is coming back next 

1 1.- Bryan Lin.- He is well known for his neatness and his great marks. Keep up the good work Bryan. 
12.-Devon Mok.- Devon is a great cartoonist and a great writer always amazing us with his exciting stories in all classes. 
13.- Will Samson-Doel.- Will is a charismatic boy who is always willing to learn more just as shown when he went to Spain 
to learn a new language and a new culture. 

I4.-Michael Nowiki.- A person that you can always look for in bad times, he is always serious but at the same time brings the 
: - lass certain peace. 

15.- Scott Genin.- He is well known for his scientific speeches and his effort in his two favorite classes History and Science. 
I6.-Chee Sung Oh.- Chee is from Korea and he is well' known all over the school for his weird English pronunciations, he is 
always making us laugh. 

1 7.-Fernando de Teresa.- Fernando is also from Mexico, he is really quiet and is always willing to help us in whatever we want. 
18.- Vladimir Loshkin.- Vladie is from Russia, and he is really good friends with Chee Sung 
I9.-Mathew Halloran.- He is a really funny guy and he makes us laugh with his drama interpretations. 

Ij.v: Rodrigo Lopez and Adel Ratansi i 

8 Homeroom Grade a Homeroom Grade, e Homeroom Grade, e Homeroom t 

leroom Grade 

Greatest Homeroom memories: 




1 . Scott Giroux eating a piece of paper 

2. Phil Oram acting out Toz/.i in drama class 

3. Pato starting to laugh outloud and then the whole class laughing at Pato's laugh 

4. Toz/.i and his "Yate-dog" 

5. Emerson's pronunciation of church and now his nickname being "the church" 

6. Scott blowing his nose in a piece of paper 

7. Adam Salomon leaping off the boxes in drama as Max Payne 

8. Scott Giroux and Mrs. HM arguing about the term "chick flick" 

9. Adam Salomon and Mrs. HM discussing how cheerleaders are not dumb 

10. To/./.i leading hangman, badly, as we waited for our pizza 

1 1 . Mrs. HM winning teacher of the month and getting a sub party 

1 2. Michael Chong not wearing a costume on Halloween and Stewart and Toz/.i turning his uniform around so it was on backwards, and we won the contesti 

13. To/./.i 's half pipe 

*,fracfe 8 Homeroom Grade & Homeroom Grade s Homeroom Grade q Homeroom Grade e Homeroom C 


Michael Chong 

Jorge De Haro 

Sean Eng 

Scott Giroux 

Pato Gonzalez De La Vega 

f> & r> 


Justin Nozuka 
Philip Oram 
Stewart Powell 
Adam Salomon 
Dennis Tornorv 

Jonathan Tozzi 
Emerson Wai 
Jamie Walker 
Adrian Wu 
Adam Yates 

e Homeroom Graxk q H» 

Memories of Others: 

1. Justin Nozuka always singing 

2. Pato and Justin fighting for each others seats 

3. Daniel Morgis and Adam Yates as the most talkative guys in our homeroom 

4. Jamie Walker as one crazy guy who is always willing to help others 

5. Tozzi having too much energy 

6. Michael Chong as the short, quiet, intelligent type 

7. Sean as the peaceful student who brings the class average up 

8. Dennis as the cheerful, helpful student. 

9. Tozzi writing tests too quickly, so he can play "blockdude" 

10. Scott Giroux's ability to talk so "good" 

leroom Graxk e Homeroom Graude e Homeroom 


Twas home room, and the McGee eight?, 
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe 
All mimsy were the GHOBRIAL 
And the NISHIOKAS outgrabe. 

"Beware the CALVERT joke, mj 
The puns that bite, the syntax weak! 
Beware the HYNDS as well, and shun 
The frumious Cameron TAIT!" 

He took his JONESal sword in hand: 
Long time the MANNish foe he sough 
So rested he by the STONEMAN tree, 
And stood awhile in thought. 

/ Viii 

And , as in YOONish thought he stot. 
The CALVERT joke, with puns of groan, 
Came MORALESing through the HANSON wood. 
And TILLERed as it came! 

One, two! One, two! And through and througl 
The ARON blade went TIPPING-tack! 
He left it dead, and with its head 
He went LEBARing back. 

"And, has thou slain the CALVERT joke? 
Come to my arms, my BEANish boy, 
He TREVORED in his joy. 

Twas home room, and the McGee eights, 
bid gyre and gimble in the wabe, 
All YUENish were the borogroves 
And the mome raths outgrabe. 

with many abologies to Lewis Carroll's Jaberww^y 


Grauck 8 




\7 J^ __ 

Alex Mann 
Douglas McDonald 
Diego Morales 
Shingo Nishioka 
John Stoneman 

Cameron Tait 

> & m 

Grade 1 ... what a year! The homeroom of Ms. Austin, was not just any old homeroom. It was 
a great homeroom. From the high spirits of Perry to the humorous antics of Jon K it was a 
great year. Morning chess games between people like Abhinav and Mitch could always be 
seen as they tried to reach the title of chess champion. In end of term dodge ball competitions 
between our homeroom and Mr. Ruscitti's homeroom, you could always be certain to see 
people like Michael D and Aldo leading on our homeroom to hopefully a victory. But it 
wasn't just because of things like these and other achievements that made our homeroom 
great, it was because people respected one another; people went the extra mile to help out a 
student in need of help; people were really nice. The year has passed by quickly, and I'm sure 
everyone will agree with me that years later people will look back on this year and remember 
even the littlest of things. The achievements of people, phenomenal, the friendships between 
people, great, the year together as grade 7s, fantastic. 
Hamilton Petropoulos 

#acfe 7 Homeroom Grade 7 Homeroom Grade 7 Homeroom Grade, 

ade 7 Homeroom 

\\. 7 Homeroom Q 

e 7 Hom< 

Dima Bassenko 
James Butler 
Jake Carrick 


Michael Del Zotto 
Seung Mock 
Jeffrey Kay 

Jonathan K 
Jeremy Langi 
Mitch Lebar 

■ 1 

M Anthony Lim 
I Jacob Macdonald 
a Hamilton Petropoulos 

Abhinav Raina 
Michael Rubenstein 
I Aldo Ruiz Robert 

Jonathan Si 
Perry Thomson 
Thomas Tripodi 


7 Homeroom GraJz 

Grade 7 


vade 7 Homeroom Grade 7 Homeroom Grade 7 Homeroom Grade 7 Homeroom Grade 7 Homeroom 

Brandon Andrews 
Dylan Baker 
Nicholas Bedikian 

Our class is a bunch of hard working individuals who have succeeded greatly through this very hard year. I say hard because 
of all the construction going on and our tuck shop that was torn down early on during the year. We have been very grateful for 
the fact year for our teacher Mr. Ruscitti who has given our class many pizza parties and other rewards which, I think, was greatly 
enjoyed by all of my fellow classmates and I. The year was quite an interesting one, with half of our class being new boys. Cadets 
was an interesting experience, especially since I have never experienced anything quite like it before. It takes endurance to stand 
straight for over 1 hour and intelligence to learn the commands and drills. The athletic ability of our class improved greatly 
as the year progressed, thanks largely to Mrs. Perrier, who organised fun games that improved our physical fitness. All in all, 
the year was a success for all of the Grade 7 students. 

7 Homeroom Graxk 7 Homeroom Graxk 7 Homeroom Grade 7 Homeroom Graxk 7 Homeroom Grade 



Grade 6 

•** •«• 

Michael Anderson 
Tyler Aron 
Jack Avalos 


f^ ^s 



Bobby McDonald 
Sam Millette 

Cameron Oram 
Jorge Roca Salazar 
Boris Wong 

The Grade 6 class has an interesting combination of personalities. There are boys from Korea. Australia. Mexico. Hong Kong and of course Canada. Our homeroom teacher is Mr. 
Kyle, who also teaches us Science and English. We have studied many different things this year. Some of them include: building k'nex in science, studying Greece and Rome in 
history, in French we have studied Paris and Quebec, in English we studied punctuation and a couple of novels. We have enjoyed these subjects very much including all of our other 
ones. The boys in our class all have participated in at least one sport showing that we are an athletic group of boys. 

Now we will talk about the boys in our class. Mark Jenkins is a very talented basketball player. Joshua Harris is a very likeable guy. Alex Culp is very good at soccer. 
Jorge Roca is a Mexican and likes to play on the computer, Bobby McDonald is a very trustworthy guy and is a friend to everyone. Jameel Hanoun is a very smart kid and is filled 
with facts and knowledge. Boris Wong is a very funny guy even though he can be shy, Dave Nam always strives for his best while doing his work his English speaking has improved 
vastly over the course of the year. Jack Avalos also comes from Mexico and loves to share his culture with the class. Alistair Man is a boarder and loves being here all the time. 
Tyler Aron likes to play soccer, hockey and squash, Ryan Cole is a very interesting character and has a great sense of humour. Michael Anderson is a talented artist and is an amazing 
piano player he also is a good soccer player. James Doran is from Australia and is an incredibly responsible boy and on top of that is a great classmate. Michael Goitanich is class 
president and very co-operative. Sam Millette is class vice president and is very funny, and nice. Mr. Kyle is our homeroom. English and Science teacher and is a great teacher, he 
makes learning in grade 6 interesting. 

As you can tell this years grade 6 class is a very enthusiastic addition to our school. We will continue to thrive all throughout our years at St. Andrew "s. 
By: Michael Goitanich and Sam Millette 

6 Homeroom (Shuck 6 Homeroom Grade 6 Homeroom Grade 6 Homeroom Grade e Homeroom Grade. 


\\\. . A 4$'- ; <^E&?-5>--<**** ■■■■.-.■••..■ ■■■■. 



„i The year seemed to fly by in the hallways of Macdonald House and what an action-packed year it was! 1 am pleased to report that 
our Residential Life Curriculum certainly added a great deal to our current Residential Life Program. Throughout the year 1 have rem orced 
that fact that a Residential Life Curriculum is as equally important as the academic curriculum within a hoarding school The MaalonaW 
House Duty Team, consisting of Masters Mr. Kitagawa. Dr. joiner. Mr. Finlay. Mrs. D'Angelo. Mr. Inglis and Mr. Red. as well as with 
the support of Assistant Housemasters Mr. Stewart. Mr. Tsioros and our "Mac Mom" Resident Don Ms. Ossenkopp were able to provide 
an environment that was nurturing and caring, and teach values and issues in a responsible and appropriate manner to Mac House students. 
As well thank you to all Middle School Study teachers. Mrs. Shields and Ms. Grossi for providing help and guidance during the important 

study prep 1 time. I am deeply thankful and grateful for all their hard work and dedication to the boys of Mac House. Not only was the 
House supervised by our excellent Duty Team, it was also an environment for our older House Captain students to act as big brothers to 
our younger students. The job of a House Captain is 24/7 - imagine living, working and playing in an environment surrounded h> J oung 
and highly energetic grade 6. 7 and 8s! Thanks to all our House Captains (especially Tomi Jun who helped out lor two terms!) and our 
two Heads of House. Jamie Lawson and Jean-Simon Bourque for being great role models and leaders. In addition. I d like to thank out 

-■L-Housel.adiesGuildCoordinatorMrs.Housser,aswellasMrs.Poirier-MacIver.Mrs.Chanadi.Mrs.NobleandNl l s.(',Mcm\ 

„„ ,„ Mac I louse on a regular basis. The Birthday Bashes were a blast! Finally. Id like to thank Mr. Tsioros for being there and lor sen u.g 
the bm sol Mac House for the past seven years as Assistant Housemaster. 1 wish him and his family all the best! Mr. Tsioros and his famil) 
have recently purchased their own home in Aurora. We welcome Mr. Nicholas Day to assume the position ol Ass.stnnt Housemaster in 
Macdonald House in September. 

tf n 

p^ *■! 






>i v 


s Hous 

I t 





The addition of the fire doors (restricting travel between the upper school houses), the network 
shutdown at midnight, the ongoing construction and many more minor changes were not well 
received by returning students. As well, an ever-increasing day population continued to put stress on 
the boarding contingent. Despite this, I cannot remember a year where students were as respectful, 
conscientious and friendly. Through all of our mistakes and poor judgements, these things remained 

Assistant Housemaster, Keith Ramon, added an enormous amount to the life and tone of the house. 
It is probably not a coincidence that student behaviour was as good. Thanks in part to the duty team 
and the graduating Heads of House, Jae Hee Lee, Geoff Delean and Soung Hun Lee, we managed 
the highest academic average among the boarding houses and closed the gap against the day 
houses. Many other students also set a high standard in terms of comportment including Jason Lau 
who was the winner of the Sifton Award for his contribution to school spirit and house activities. Jose 
Uribe was a big brother to a wonderful group of Mexicans who enriched so much the life of Sifton and 
the school. Our best wishes to these guys and all others who move on to different places next fall. 
Nearly half of the students in Sifton will be new to the house next year. With leaders like Head Prefect, 
Faisal Ratansi, soon to be Prefect Tomi Jun, Head of House Eugene Ryu, and Assistant Heads of 
House Matt Middleton, and Andre Fernandez, the new members will be well received and fit in nicely 
with the veterans. 

It is with great sadness that my wife, children, and I leave Sifton House. We are extremely grateful to 
all the student who so richly touched our lives over the past six years. You cannot imagine how 
fortunate we feel to have lived among so many wonderful people. 
Paul Bedard Esq. 

Houses Houses 


louses Houses Houses Housed 

Houses Houses Houses Houses Houses Houses Houses 



l ^H 


l »*0^ ; V 




-his year has marked a turning point for Memorial House in 
. every area of school life. Our house has always been a home 
away from home. In other words it's the second best place to live! 
This year Memorial surpassed any level we reached in the past 
thanks to all those who were part of this house. We had a great mix 
of athletes, musicians, scholars, actors and leaders as well as a wide 
range of culture and all round strong house spirit. Together we 
achieved The Best Company Award, secured a strong sec< 
Track and Field Day, produced some of the best after study snacks/ 
meals in the kitchen, enjoyed the best of the Perrier's backyard 
BBQ's, The Award for Best Chapel Attendance which we held for 
a day, the most mathematical house thanks to the Math Den, 
success of the HUNT for Eric "the man" Davies, and we also 
acquired a higher sense of fashion this year with the release of a 
great looking line of Memorial clothing. We owe many things to 
the two who make this house home and we thank Mr. and Mrs. 
Perrier for everything they have done. They make Memorial house 
feel like an extension of their own home. We were able to show our 
gratitude this year with a beautiful canoe that will forever remind 
them of how much they mean to us. As a Head of House I felt 
honoured to lead Memorial and those that lived in the house. I will 
never forget the memories that many of us shared from the kitchen, 
TV room, house meetings and hall ways. It was an amazing year! 
Thanks to everyone! ! ! ! ! 

-Bradley Lorriman, Head of House 



,emorial House Memorial House M 

al House M 






t^^WBu^ w* 









1 i, in 



Jk ! 

mrial House Memorial Hou 

Memorial House 

emorial House Memorial 


, 1 / 


1 tbT. 

■J ^h ^ 1''- 

k~ fcW 




1 - : 

IL j 

^^r Jfl9 


-- ' i"^7 "^ rwfl| ' ' 

^fc jijP v 

"' , ^H 

i 1 


» ""^ k - 

This past year was a school year unlike any other in recent memory for Smith House. As an invincible 
unit, we accumulated a list of victories unparalleled by any other house at St. Andrew's, and the key 
to our success was participation! After kicking off the year with a tie for first in Terry Fox pledges, there 
was an undeniable feeling of pride growing in our small, construction frequented hallway, yet little did we 
know that it was a mere tremor preceding our explosive emergence as the new "house to beat". With 
protein providing barbecues and pizza lunches held in the Smith House dungeon our chemistry and 
strength were further developed. These hearty meals were also used as a time for veterans to reflect on 
years gone by, and the many defeats endured. With the mental and physical stability of the team secured 
it was time to put our athletics to the test in a game that should be next on the list for Olympic representation; 
dodgeball! Both Laidlaw and later, Ramsey suffered humiliating defeats as we simply had more true 
athletes. The dedication of the house, was mirrored by our housemaster, Mr. Kitagawa, who voluntarily 
had his (beloved) hair shaved off after Smith House was crowned champions of the Upper School Cross 
Country Run! Yet, another testament to the competitiveness of the house and another obstacle overcome 
in the years unprecedented success! Adding to these years triumphs was the successful introduction of, 
not one but two Smith House clothing lines, including T-shirts, sweet shirts, caps and our personal favorite 
- bathrobes. Thanks must be given to our co-heads of house, Alex Comargo and Stu Manchee. Both of 
these grads we instrumental in ensuring Smith House was successful in all of our endeavors. Most notable 
was our first place track and field finish. Without the strong example set by the grads, our achievement 
of all our goals may not have been possible. Thanks to the Smith House council and to all that made Smith 
House what it is today. This year we have set a high standard, for the house to uphold next year. . . To the 
remaining members, keep the flame burning! ■ Austin Hracs and Tyler Smith 



Lead by our two able head's of House, David Nudds 
and Allan Bean, Ramsey was beaten by only one other 1 
house for the Housser trophy for clan competitions in the 
Upper School this year. This alone is indicative of the success of 
the house members in the classroom, on the sport's field and in 
the many different co-curricular activities that were pursued. 
With many pizza lunches, barbeques, Tim-bits as well as some 
friendly rivalry with outer day houses, many memories will 
leave with this large graduating class as they make room 
for others to step into their place. Best of luck in all of your 
future endeavors and thanks for a great year! 
Jamie Inglis Esq. 





fc -< 


ouses Houises HkJIes Houses Houses Houses H<pses 

Houses Houses Houses House: 

Laidlaw House, the defending Houser Trophy winner as best house the last 
two years, struggled this year in maintaining it's ranking. Never the less 
Laidlaw had a solid year with the majority of it's members involved most 
school team, clubs and dramatic productions. Lead by Co-heads of House, 
Stephen Tompson and Brian Harvey, the house enjoyed numerous pizza 
lunches and "Tim-Bit' Wednesdays, much to the envy of other houses. As 
well, many members of the house maintained it's commitment to the ideals 
of team work, dedication and obligation. Returning members look forward to 
regaining the number one status to the house. To those who have graduated, 
good luck to you and your new endeavours. . .thanks for your efforts on behalf 
of Laidlaw House. 

~ v.. 

Duke Of € d i n o u r g ty 

'>-> faqr- 







Christian Fellowship 

- beginnings. Community 
Service at St. Andrew's has been increasing 
steadily year after year. Each successive 
year the college takes on more and more 
opportunities to involve itself in the surroum 
community. This year the Community f?ervij 
Council consisted of fifteen extremely capable 
and dedicated members who met every week to 
organize and plan the volunteer projects for S. A.C. 
The group of students was split up into two 
distinct sects: Communication & Advertising. 

heiCommunication portion was responsible for 
Ihe. organization of individual events for the 
college. The Advertising portion was responsible 
forthe Newsjettgr, posters, and the website. More 
projects were taken on and successfully completed 
this past academic year than ever before. Instilled 
this year was the Volunteer-Term program, in 
which students who were taking the term off 
sports could dedicate their spare time to 

omrBHm^fr service. Another new endeavor this 

ear was the C.S. New sletter. used (o inform the 
hool about past and upcoming events, and 

nterviews v\ ith current valuable volunteers. Thi 
core groups of community service projects were 
taken ojj also, such as) trips U^jiBToqd Donor 


e ~M\ 

]ood Drive, pbrk, 

3s, CN Tower 


Climb, Jpshering and Gift-Wrapping. The entire 
gradua ng class was also able to achieve the 
minimum requirement of hours to graduate 40, 
with m ny students going far beyond the expected 
by atta ning their nevF ZOO hour pins. »J 


_ Wwicil would like to thank all those that chose to participate and chaperone in the events throughout the year. Without you 
course, would not have been possible. Thanks should also be extended to Reverend Roffey, who chose to take time out of his hectic 
schedule to assist the council this year with Middle School and Statistics. Thank you Mrs. Pries, who keeps community service on 
track. The council will be saying goodbye this year to graduating students: Soung-Hun lee. David Chatiebois, Jamie Lawson. Brian 
1 larvey, Joseph Leung, Treasurer Geoffrey Delcan. Advertising Co. Mike I. in. Vice President Jason Lau. and President Nick Dadson 
Congratulations to all those selected to b^jon the council next year including: Christian Thorne, Jason Kim. Chang Boo. Aldis Sung, 
Greg Vandemark. Christopher Simpson, .lames McArthur and Joseph Ghobnal witfi returning member Imran Gulamani. The chosen 

rani. Vice President Justin Wong, and Secretary Jay Smith 

1 executive for the upcoming year consists of President Zameer Velji-P 
Make sure to visit our improved Community Service website: "^iesclubs/comservice". 
- Nick Dadson J "p^r: 





I^he purpose of the St. Andrew's College Student Outreach Committee is to 
encourage civic responsibility and a commitmenl to helping others. This 
. complements the school's mission: to help nurture "the complete man, the 
well-rounded citi/en". ^k.'^nF 

The lesser publicized, but perhaps even mot^viidable secondary purpose ot the 
committee, is to offer a forum for the development of student leadership skills. 
Committee members coordinate four major events and numerous smaller activities 
each year. It is through their enthusiasm and energy that other students are inspired to 
get involved in charity fundraising. 

In the 2002/2003 school year, the students of S. A.C. have already raised in exe< 
S 1 8.000 for such charities as the Terry Fox Foundation, United Way. Ontario S 
Olympics, the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Dr. Graham's Homes and Wo 

As staff facilitator lor the Outreach Committee, one of my greatest jus s is to be able 
o watch the efforts of some remarkable student leaders come to fruition on event days. 
here are 15 members on the committee this year, each of whom has demonstrated 
character, integrity and a keen sense of responsibility in their work with Outreach. 
Patrick McGrath (Co-president) and Alex McNabb (Advertising Coordinator) were 
the dri\ ing forces behind the 5* annual charity coffee house in February which turned 
out to be the most successful one set. Jarryd Stock (Co-president) and Sebastien 
Manigat (O.A.C. ) coordinated the 4" 1 annual staff/student basketball game i n March. 
(Once again, the staff team won!) Adam Parent (Co-president) organized a raffle held 
at the same time which raised almost SI 200. Although Adam did much of the 
organization for this raffle, it would not have been possible without the efforts of 
Taylor Walker (Grade 8). Matthew Suddaby (Grade 9). Jared Leslie (Grade 10) and 
Brendon McCullough (Treasurer) in gathering prizes. The 3 ,J annual 30 Hour Famine 
or World Vision was held in April under the direction of Faisal Ratansi (Secretary ) 
and Bradley Downey (Grade 12). With over 100 participants, this was the largest 
famine thus far at S.A.C. A new initiative this year, the brainchild of Joel lord 
(O.A.C), was the monthly sale of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Thanks to Joel's creative 
idea and ongoing initiative", sales have resulted in almost $ 1 500 charitable profit over 
the past six months. The remaining committee members: Nick Leslie (Grade 9). Ryan 
Bryce (Grade 10), Matthew Gnyp (Grade I 1 ). and Jason Kim (Grade 1 1 ) have also 
proven their value many times over in the support they have provided to all ot these 
endeavours. *tJT. tiS 3"*W'^H 

SRCs. vearsDutreacn Successes are without a doubt, a (unction ot the leadership. 
commitment, vision and hard work of the exceptional young men comprising the 

- Mark Service 









; \ 

BH ..' - 

1 *n> M 


I ■■ 

The Christian Fellowship this year was quite productive in their events. Introducing the M.A.P. program to chapel 
the students brought a new twist to the morning services and shared their views on life and spiritual matters. I 
One of these events involved DJ Lynn who rocked the house with his beats and the meaningful messages of the| 
contemporary songs. Several students were introduced to Christ, some for the first time, through such an event. 
The fellowship in general carried on its tradition of having fun and learning more about spiritual living as well as| 
fellowshiping with one another. There was growth both in bumbers and in spirit this year. Special thank you to Rev. 
Roffey for all his help and to the leaders and grads, Mark Cheng, Michael Lin, Tyler Smith, Paul Tsai, Jason Lauj 
for all their support and guidance. Good luck and God bless in the future. 

Good luck new leaders 
next year! Calvin Lam 
and Braden King!! 


It was a very successful an 
exciting year in debating. 
With talented students from 
all upper school grades, St. 
Andrew's was blessed with 
many accomplished debaters. 

Congratulations to all those who 
competed and represented St. 
Andrew's in the debating 

Many thanks to Mr. Daniel B. Reid 
for his coaching and guidance. 
Thanks also go to the Debating 
Executives for all their hard work 
and what they have done for the 

We wish the graduating debaters, 
best of luck in the future and we 
look forward to another eventful 
year of debating next year. 


ke Of Edinburgh 

The Silver and Gold qualifying Expedition in 
the White Mountains of New Hampshire - 
June 2003 

T%**> if J *, * 

m • • *• t p 

■Kns^^ -"■^ i/ > : ^M-C 



Wk Vnfl j* * j£j 



1 Sti 




„9 J 










■ - 

Knowledge - Brandon McNally 

I hold the knowledge, with which I liave, 
I stare at it, as a poor child does a dime, 
Unknowing of the vast wealth in the world. 
Quite happy to stare within its surface, 
Vet when tliat dinie looses its shine, 
I'm forced to look deeper tlian before, 
See past tlx* surface and to find nothing. 
And as the children liave parents, 
I liave wise men to guide me. 
And as the parents with a smile 
Take tlie dime from the vouth. 
It startles the \outh and they fight 

They fight for what's theirs 

lust as I fought for my knowledge, 

But tlie fatl-ier takes tlie dime and gives, 

Tliey give a bill a piece of paper, 

Tlie child sees only tlie lack of shine 

Soon though he sees the pictures 

And the words 'In Cod We Trust' 

They see the light 

They learn as well 

Tliey thank he who ^vc tlie dollar 

As I tliank lie who created knowledge 


* >J 


^*» j*i 



\J^^H ^r | 

Life Stories - lustin Wong 

Unforgettable, equivocal, arbitrary, and toMy rational and irrational all together 

Yet it all coines to play wlietlier we like it or not 

At tlie street corner, tlie coffee bar, tlie movie tlieatre, and the quaint boutique. 

Habitiul stories of predilection, antagonism, and love 

Fill our scliedules so much so, tliat we overlook reading tliem 

Esoteric stories are transients, forever searching for places to do its work 

Simple tales are abundant, and will eternally come and go 

So wliat makes a textbook story? Tliat of complexity and simplicity attaclied to tlie same spine: 

No, there are ix) guidlines 

But only in tlie liands of a true virtuoso csn o\y? justly create works worthy of a god. 

'This fables virtuoso is life and we are all subordinates in this whimsical tale of our existeixe. 

As I paint your face 

I feel Like I'm touching you 

As I paint your eyes 

You see 

Every stroke of tlie brush 

I put my life into you 

Each cub of pigment 

A breathe of air 

As I create you on my canvas 

Our souls begin to fuse 

I am, we are, o\yc, not two 

You are me and I am \oi\. 

Dream - Derek Toms 

(Based on "L Icarus" by Alden Nowlan) 

Once, it was easy. 

Tliere was nothing I couldn't live, go, be. 

Escape was always tliere, 

within reach. 
Monotonous greys transformed into 
psycltedelic rats, yellow and blues; 
Concrete to wildflowers. 
Boring walls to exotic locales. 
I was free. 

Everlasting - Jonathan Mackenzie 

This is a war but oiie of a kind 

Legions of people walking No bombs m soldiers 

All in a perfect line Only deception you'll find 

Not o\ye of tliein knowing wliere they're going to y ii want, you see, but you'll never touch me 

Unconciously wrought with hopes and desires Mind's eye is cloud)' grey 

Slowly they drift while tlie world conspires Wliat do the papers say 

You know we know wliat you're gomg tlirough So blind and so naive 

Wliat you're go\ng through I w ill make you believe 



School Awards 

The Headmaster's Art Portfolio Award £ 
Each year, the School selects outstanding 
student art for its permanent art collection. 

Michael Lin 
Mitch Myers 

The H.B. Housser Trophy for Upper School 
Clan Competition £ Presented to the Upper 
School clan that has acquired the most clan 
points amongst its members. The Intra-mural 
Challenge Cup is presented by H.B. Housser 
one of the 28 in the inaugural Class of 1899. 

Alexander Camargo (Smith House: 3,559 points) 
Stuart Manchee (Co-Heads of Smith House) 

The Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Medal Award 
£ This prestigious international award 
recognizes excellence in community service- 
physical fitness, skill development, and 
outdoor education. 

Bradley Downey 

Freddie Kane 

Adam Parent 

David Woodcock 

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce Annual 
Scholarship £ Presented to a graduating 
student who is an Aurora resident and has 
demonstrated entrepreneurial skills over the 
term of his career at St. Andrew's. 

Geoffrey Campbell 
The Bruce M. Hicks Education Foundation 
Trophy £ Presented to the student who has 
done the most to advance equality in keeping 
with the spirit of the Charter of Rights and 

Ryan Luther 

Edwin Erikson Prize for Community Service 
£ Presented to the student in Grades 9 
through 1 1 who best served in community- 
oriented activities. 

Johan Irwandi 

The Brooks Cup £ Presented to the best 
senior debater by Mr. WilliamSkinner in 
memory of his mother. 
Hugh Dowell 

The Craig R. Leslie Memorial Award £ 
Presented to the senior debater who have 
made a particularly significant contribution 
to the Debating Program by members of the 
Class of 1984. 
Brian Harvey 

The Jim Herder Review Prize £ To the 
student who has contributed most 
significantly to the school yearbook. The 
Review. Mr. Herder was the editor in 1964. 
Derek Toms 

The W.D. Newman Prize £ Presented to the 
student who has contributed most to school 
life through their photography. 
Michael Lin 

The Theatre Prize £ For the best 
contribution in the field of dramatics. Given 
by former teacher Mr. J.C. Mainprize . 

Drewe Maclver 
Stuart Manchee 
Jarryd Stock 

The Backstage Theatre Prize £ For 
expertise and dedication as a theatre 
technician or as a member of the stage 
management team. 

Joel Ford 
John Housser 

The David B. Somerville Memorial Award £ 
Presented to the senior students who 
demonstrate a love of music and share their 
enthusiasm with the Andrean community. This 
award was established in 1995. in memory of 
David. S.A.C. class of 1988. by the many 
friends of the Somerville family. 

Andrew Douglas 
Drewe Maclver 

The Dr. George Bruce Chapel Prize £ 
Awarded in memory of the Rev. George 
Bruce, founding Headmaster of St. Andrew's 
College in 1899. to the students who, through 
commitment and service, have made an 
outstanding contribution to the life of the 
Memorial Chapel. 

Hugh Dowell 
Michael Lin 

The Donald B. Spence Creative Writing Prize 
£ For outstanding creative writing to a senior 
student in memory of Professor Spence. a 
loyal Andrean and a member of the class of 
Michael Lin 

The Christopher Ball Prize £ For 
distinguished overall contribution in the 
general field of the Arts. 

Scott Lennox 

Michael Lin 

The Colonel Tilston Award £ To honour the 
students who, in the opinion of the faculty, 
have set the best example in their class for 
effort, persistency and tenacity in their 
studies and in all other school activities. 

1 Tyler Munro (Grade 9) 

2 Ankush Sondhi (Grade 10) 

3 JalilTeja (Grade 11) 

4 Roger McLean (Grade 12) 

5 Eric Davies (OAC) 

The S.A.C Athletic "A" Awards £ The Athletic 
"A" is awarded to those graduating students 
who have distinguished themselves as first 
team athletes over their final three years at 
the School. 

Dave Banwell 
Brent Brandham 
Nicholas Dadson 
Liam Farrell 
Adam Hoffman 
Gordon Hunter 
Jeffrey Johnstone 



Brendon McCullough 
Christopher McFarlane 

Patrick McGrath 
Matthew Mitchell 
Adam Parent 
Jordan Ross 
Joseph Rothwell 
Nathan Rothwell 
Scott Simmons 
Jarryd Stock 
Jonathon Suddaby 

The Headmaster's Trophy £ Presented to the 
St. Andrew's College Athletes of the Year. 

Jeffrey Johnstone 
Scott Simmons 

The Craig Mitchell Memorial Prize £ Awarded 

for distinguished academic and athletic 

accomplishment by students in their graduating 



Brent Brandham 
Brendon McCullough 

The Stein Family Award £ Presented to the 
students who have attended St. Andrew's 
College from Grade 7 until graduation and who 
have made a significant contribution to school 
life academically and 

Joseph Leung 
Ryan Lo 

The S.A.C. Elders Award £ To students who 
have attended St. Andrew's College since 
Grade 7 (or equivalent.) 

Wahid Amarshi 
Sean Bornstein 
Michael Bottomley 
Nicholas Caron 
David Charlebois 
Mark Cheng 
Richard Choi 
Nicholas Dadson 
R.J. Ellis 
Fraser Fell 
Mervyn Frame 
Tyler Hurst 
Jeffrey Johnstone 
James Kesten 
Soung Hun Lee 
Joseph Leung 
Michael Lin 
Ryan Lo 

Bradley Lorriman 
Stuart Manchee 
Breen Marien 
Patrick McGrath 
David Nudds 
Eric Samson-Doel 
Jarryd Stock 
Alexander Tanton 
Stephen Thompson 
Derek Toms 
David Trott 
Paul Tsai 
Bosco Tse 
Nicolaos Tsioros 
Jose Uribe 
Luc Zoratto 

The Errington Award £ In memory of Mrs. 
Clela Ellis and Mrs. Elizabeth Errington. 
awarded to graduating students who have 
made a distinguished contribution to the life of 

Allan Bean 
Nicholas Dadson 
Hugh Dowell 
Joel Ford 
Brian Harvey 
John Housser 
Jae Hee Lee 
Michael Lin 
Bradley Lorriman 
Tyler Smith 

The Macdonald Medal £ The 
prestigious Macdonald Medal is 
awardedto a araduatina students 

in the name of Dr. D. Bruce 

Macdonald. Headmaster of St. 

Andrew's Colleae from 1 900- 1 935. 

It was given by the Old Boy's 
Association in 1936 to honour 

the students exhibiting the most 


combination of character. 

leadership, academic success and 

athletic accomplishment. 

Patrick McGrath 
Adam Parent 

Derek Toms 
Andrew Wakefield 

The Laidlaw Trophy £ Awarded to the boy in 
his graduating year who has won for his Clan 
the greatest number of points during his final 
two years at school. This award is donated by 
the S.A.C. Old Boys' Association in honour of 
the devoted service of Robertson Laidlaw. a 
teacher here for 51 years. 

Patrick McGrath (497 points) 

The MacPherson Shield £ Presented in 
memory of Lloyd MacPherson to the members 
of the Andrean community who contribute 
most to school spirit. 

Allan Bean 
Tyler Smith 

The School Prize to the Head Prefect £ In 
recognition of service to the School. 

Patrick McGrath 

Adam Parent 

The Headmaster's Medals £ Presented for 
excellence in academics in the graduating 
class to those students whose overall average 
is 90% and above. 

90 Duncan Kluwak 

90 Joseph Leung 
90.2 Kevin Lau 

91 Sang-Hyuk Park 
91.2 Adam Parent 
91.5 Mark Cheng (5) 
91.5 Michael Lin (5) 
91.7 Alex McNabb (4) 
92.7 Derek Toms (3) 

94.5 Alexander Camargo (2) 
97 Soung Hun Lee (1) 

The C. Vincent Massey Award for Excellence 
in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Languages £ 
Presented to the graduating students 
with a distinguished ranking in the Arts and 
Humanities. Mr. Massey, an Old Boy of the 
class of 1906, was the first native-born 
Governor General of Canada. 

Alexander Camargo 
Hugh Dowell 

The Thomas A, Hockin Award for Excellence 
in the Sciences £ Presented to the 
graduating students with a distinguished 
ranking in the Sciences. Dr. Hockin served as 
the 5th Headmaster of St. Andrew's College 
from 1974-1981 and went on to a 
distinguished career in the Government of 

Soung Hun Lee 
Derek Toms 

The Lieutenant Governor's Community 
Volunteer Award £ This award recognizes 
exemplary graduate volunteers in each of 
Ontario's secondary schools. 

Allan Bean 
Adam Parent 

The Governor General's Medal £ Presented 
to the graduating student attaining the highest 
standing for university entrance. This 
prestigious award recognizes academic 
excellence among secondary school 

Prize Day 2003 

The 104"' edition of Prize Day 
at St. Andrew's College is 
dedicated to Justin Scott, 
Class of 1998, who died 
tragically earlier this year 
after a car accident in his 
native Bahamas. 

We would like to thank 
everyone for their patience 
during the past twelve 
months, a period marked by 
the most complex and 
comprehensive building 
program in the history of St. 
Andrew's College. Faculty 
and their families, staff, 
parents, students, neighbours, 
and visitors to the school have 
all been inconvenienced by the construction. As the black, red and 
white signs around the campus indicate, we do apologize for the 
disruption you have incurred this year. By the time the students return 
to the campus in September, all projects will be finished and we are 
confident that the Andrean community will be thrilled with the finished 

The Class of 2003 has fared well with 100% of 
students being offered places to university and/or college! The total 
amount of scholarship funds awarded were $1 ,092,000 with more offers 
coming every day. Some of the more notable scholarships include Alex 
McNabb, awarded the President's Scholarship from the University of 
Guelph and major U.S. scholarships and bursaries awarded to Alex 
Camargo, Derrick Kocik, Sebastien Manigat, J.P. Suddaby, Alex 
Tanton, Jesse Tipping, and Derek Toms. Our top student of the Class 
of 2003, Soung Hun Lee, turned down the Dean's Scholarship to 
Cornell to accept a place at Stanford University in California. Other 
offers to prestigious programs in the U.S. have been accepted by Mark 
Cheng, Jason Lau, Jae Hee Lee, Joseph Leung. Ryan Lo, and 
Patrick McGrath. Forty-two percent of the class will be attending 
universities in Ontario, 14% in the Maritimes and 7% in Quebec. There 
will be lots of red leather jackets on the Dalhousie, Mt. Allison, and 

McGill campuses. Five students will be studying in Western Canada 
and two students will travel to the U.K. to continue their studies. Seventy 
students, out of 138 in the grade 12 and 13 class, graduate with an 
average over 80%. Thirty-four of these boys have been at S.A.C. since 
Grade 7. A very impressive record! 

This year, out of S.A.C. 's 540 students, there were 56 school 
teams in 22 different sports, and highlights included: 10 CISAA 
Championship teams, two national Championship teams, 1 1 CISAA 
Finalist teams, exceptional OFS AA champion swimmers, Alpine skiers 
and S.A.C. 's own Donovan Bailey - J.P. Suddaby. We won't soon 
forget the intensity and desire for a football win of players David 
Amadori, Michael Tzimas and Dave Banwell, Andrew Douglas's 
skill on the bagpipes, Michael Lin's amazing artistic ability, Stuart 
Manchee's acting, Jarryd Stock's voice, J. P. Suddaby's gazelle-like 
speed and agility, Scott Simmons' grace in the pool, Soung Hun Lee's 
intellect, Hugh Dowell's uniqueness, and Stephen Thompson's SAC. 
bus. Neither will we soon forget the Cadet Corps' superb 98th year in 
existence - stellar performances at the Church Parade, the two 
Inspections and Cadets in Concert, the award winning Pipes & Drums 
band and their once-in-a-lifetime CD production Quit Ye Like Men. the 
award-winning Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Jazz Band and Middle 
School Band, the first ever Battlefields Study Trip to the graves of fallen 
Andreans from the Great Wars, the Grade 1 exchange to France and 
French immersion trip to St. Donat, the many achievements of our 
mathematicians and debaters, the Summit Writing Society's first Literary 
Journal entitled Legacy (with special thanks to Mrs. Tilda Robson. Derek 
Toms and Michael Lin), Mr. Scoular's magnificent production of 
Oklahoma, Fraser Cowell and Carrie Hughes-McGuinness' Chekhov 
Shorts and who can forget FOCUS"? 

Prize Days at S.A.C. are huge undertakings. Gregory Dominato, 
Marie Pilieci, Jen Kearney, Gayle Petri, Edna Collins and Kim Peyman 
have been preparing for this special day for months. Special thanks to 
Klaus Griese, Paul Hodgson, Rodger Routledge and the rest of the 
maintenance and grounds crew for 
preparing our beautiful campus. 
Also, to Mike, Luigi, Kanny and all 
the kitchen staff for their hard work 
all year. 
Have a safe and enjoyable summer. 

Grade 6 - Academic Awards 

Grade 6 Scholars £ Students with 
a combined average of 80% or greater. 

81.5 Ryan Cole 

82.9 Boris Wong (5) 

83.2 Bobby McDonald (4) 

84. 1 Cameron Oram (3) 

84.2 Sam Millette (2) 
85.1 Michael Goitanich (1) 

The French Prize £ 

Ryan Cole 
The Language Arts Prize £ 

James Doran 
The Science Prize £ 

James Doran 
The Grade 6 "Star Chart" Award £ 
In recognition of the student in Grade 6 who 
exhibits the most conscientious work ethic 
and leadership development. 

James Doran 
The Music Prize £ 

Alistair Man 

The Mathematics Prize £ 

Cameron Oram 
The Social Studies Prize £ 

Cameron Oram 
The Art Prize £ 

Jorge Roca Salazar 
The Canadian National Mathematics 
League Award £ 

Boris Wong 


^ » 


J 1 

-% j\ 


2069Prize Day 2003 Prize Day 2003 Prize Day 2003 Prize Day 2003 Prize Day 2003 Prize 

Grade 7 - Academic Awards 

Grade 7 Scholars £ 
80 Adrian Eng 
80.9 Tyler Flanagan 

81.6 Aldo Ruiz Robert 

81.7 Michael Rubenstein 
82.5 Michael Del Zotto 
83.2 Brandon Andrews 
83.7 Praveer Melwani (5) 
84 Dylan Baker (4) 

84.4 Mitch Lebar (3) 

85.9 Hamilton Petropoulos (2) 

88.5 Colin Noble (1) 
The Music Prize £ 

Brandon Andrews 

The Canadian National Mathematics League 
Award £ Awarded to the School champion. 
Brandon Andrews 

The Gauss Contest Prize for Mathematics £ 
Awarded by the University of Waterloo. 
Dylan Baker 

The Geography Prize £ 

Mitch Lebar 
The French Prize £ 

Alexander Leon 

The Math Olympiad Award £ Recognizing 
the top S.A.C. Grade 7 who competed in 5 
international Math Olympiad events. 
Seung Mock Ha 

The Winnet Prize for English £ Awarded 
for proficiency in composition, grammar, 
spelling and writing. 

Colin Noble 
The Mathematics Prize £ 

Colin Noble 
The Science Prize £ 

Colin Noble 
The History Prize £ 

Hamilton Petropoulos 
The Art Prize £ 

Aldo Ruiz Robert 

Improvement Prize £ For the studer 
has made the greatest percentage 
improvement over last June. 
Adrian Eng (With an improvement j 

Grade 7 - Special Awards 

The Middle School Council £ The Grade 
7 boys who, in the opinion of their 
teachers and peers, will contribute 
significantly to Middle School student 
leadership in the coming year. 

Dylan Baker 

Nicholas Bedikian 

Adrian Eng 

Praveer Melwani 

Colin Noble 

Hamilton Petropoulos 

r< v 

\>ay 2003 Prize Day 2003 Prize Day 2003 Prize Day 2003 Prize Day 2003 Prize Day 2003 Prlz 

Grade 8 - Academic Awards 

Grade 8 Scholars £ Students with a 
combined average of 80% or greater. 
80 Shingo Nishioka 

80.2 Andrew Baer 
80.5 Robbie Kaptyn 
80.8 Scott Giroux 
80.8 Vladie Lokshin 

8 1 .4 Jorge De Haro 

81.5 Adrian Carabias Barroso 

81.7 Scott Genin 
82 Richard Housser 

82. 1 Pato Gonzalez de la Vega Munoz 

82.3 Devon Mok 
82.5 Devon Bean 

82.8 Cameron Healy 

82.9 Justin Oh 
83.1 Tyler King 
83.5 Jared Kim 
83.7 Harrison Jones 
83.7 Dennis Tomory 

84.7 Adrian Wu 

85.8 Michael Chong (4) 

85.8 Diego Morales de Murga (4) 
87.1 William Yuen (3) 

87.4 Sean Eng (2) 

87.5 Bryan Lin (1) 

The Canadian National Mathematics League 
Award £ Awarded to the School champion. 
Michael Chong 

The Art Prize £ 

Rodrigo Lopez Dominguez 
The French Prize £ 

Sean Eng 
The History Prize £ 

Scott Genin 

The Kilgour-Campbell English Prize £ 
Awarded for proficiency in composition, 
grammar, spelling and writing. 

Bishoy Ghobrial 
The Music Prize £ 

Scott Giroux 
The Mathematics Prize £ 

Bryan Lin 

Canadian Scholastic Achievement League 
£ Recognizing the top S.A.C. student in the 
CSAL comprehensive, nation-wide test of 
general knowledge. 
Adrian Wu 

The Gauss Contest Prize for Mathematics 
£ Awarded by the University of Waterloo. 
Adrian Wu 

The Geography Prize £ 

William Yuen 
The Science Prize £ 

William Yuen 

The Bruce B. King Memorial Improvement 
Prize £ For the student who has made the 
greatest percentage improvement over last 
June. A loyal Andrean. Mr. King was a 
student at St. Andrew's from 191 1 to 1922. 

Justin Nozuka (With an improvement of 


)03Prize Day 2003Prize Day 2003 Prize Dc 

Middle School Awards 

Middle School Reading Prize £ Awarded to a 
student in Grades 6, 7. or 8 who has read the 
greatest number of books in the Middle 
School Reading Program during the school 
year. This award is a collaborative initiative 
between the Towers Library and Middle 
School academic program to promote and 
support literacy among our students and to 
encourage students to become life long 
Hamilton Petropoulos (25 novels) 

The Aubrey M. Foy Piping Prize £ For the 
most improved Middle School Piper. 
Donated by Michael G. Foy, Pipe Major 
1997, in honour of his father Aubrey M. Foy. 
S.A.C, 1976-2003. 
Douglas McDonald 

Thomas A. Hockin Trophy for Middle School 
Clan Competition £ Presented to the Middle 
School clan that has acquired the most clan 
points amongst its members. 
Scott Giroux (Co-heads of Wallace) 
Devon Mok (Co-heads of Wallace) 
Jonathan Tozzi (Co-heads of Wallace) 

The Rupert Ray Middle School Public 
Speaking Competition £ To recognize the 
winner of our annual Middle School public 
speaking contest. In honour of Mr. Ray, a 
teacher from 1966 to 2001 , who gave 
his time and talent to developing debating 
and public speaking at St. Andrew's , 
Ben Calvert 

Middle School French Speech Contest £ 
Awarded to the Middle School French 
student who, in the opinion of the judges, 
spoke most convincingly in French on this 
year's topic. 
Diego Morales de Murga 

The Brian. R. Mitchell Award £ For 
proficiency in Junior Debating. Mr. 
Mitchell was the school's top debater in his 
graduating class of 1977. 
Stewart Powell 

The Robert W. Meagher Language Arts 
Award £ To the student of the 
Middle School whose first language is 
neither English nor French and 
who makes outstanding progress in either of 
Canada's official languages. 
Jorge De Haro 

Community Service Prize £ Presented to 
the Middle School student who best served 
in community-oriented activities. 
Perry Thomson 

The Colonel Tilston Award £ To honour the 
students who, in the opinion of the faculty- 
have set the best example in their class for 
effort, persistency and tenacity in their 
studies and in all other school activities. 

1 David Nam (Grade 6) 

2 Bucky Pelosse (Grade 7) 

3 Gregory VandeMark (Grade 8) 

The Roy H.M. Lowndes Prize £ To the 
student in grade 8 who best excels in 
studies, games, deportment and character. 
Mr. Lowndes was a student here from 1906 
to 1912 and was a dedicated member of 
the Andrean community. 
Devon Bean 




Te Day 2003Priz 

Prize Day 2003Prl 

Grade 9 - Academic Awards 

Grade 9 Scholars £ Students with a 
combined average of 80% or greater. 
80 Pierce Cassidy 

80 Murray Kay 
80.3 Lander Cabrera Marti 

80.3 Taylor Campbell 
80.6 Axel Gunter Garcia 

80.8 Matthew Langer 

81 Christopher Simpson 
81.1 Martin Lee 

81.5 Jared Lee 

81.6 Mike Mcintosh 

81.9 Lawrence Chu 

82 Harvey Hui 

82.4 Johnny Lin 
82.9 Arthur Wong 
83.3 Leo Yeung 
83.6 Andrew Laptev 
83.9 Andy Chiu 
84 Nick Leslie 
84 Jesen Tanadi 
85.1 Dennis Chang 
85.3 Julian Kim 
85.8 Tyler Ehler 

85.8 Alexander Tang 
86.1 Mike Ferguson 
86. 1 James Mc Arthur 
86. 1 Jason Ng 
86.6 Adrian Bruno 
86.6 Jeffrey Lui 
87.1 Jesse-Ross Cohen 
87.1 Darryl Shen 
87.3 Tyler Munro 

88.3 Raymond Tung (5) 

89.4 Tony Lau (4) 

89.9 David Kanhai (3) 
90.6 Gordon Lee (2) 
90.8 Jeffrey Ngo (1) 

The Music Prize £ 

Harvey Hui 
The Art Prize £ 

David Kanhai 
The English Prize £ 

Gordon Lee 
The Information Studies Prize £ 

Gordon Lee 



The Mathematics Prize £ 
Gordon Lee 

The Pascal Mathematics Contest Award £ 
Awarded by the University of Waterloo. 
Gordon Lee 

The Fryer Mathematics Contest Award £ 
Awarded by the University of Waterloo. 

Jason Ng 
The Geography Prize £ 

Jeffrey Ngo 
The Science Prize £ 

Jeffrey Ngo 
The French Prize £ 

Darryl Shen 

Grade 9 - Special Awards 

The Gilbert deB Robinson Memorial 
Improvement Prize £ For the 
student who has made the greatest 
percentage improvement over last 
June. Mr. Robinson was a student at St. 
Andrew's from 1916 to 1923 
and served his school with distinction. 
Vinu Natarajan (8.9% increase) 

The T.E. Harrison Trophy £ Awarded to the 
Grade 9 student who best excels in studies- 
games, deportment and character. Mr. 
Harrison was Housemaster of Macdonald 
House from 1970 to 1987. 
Nick Leslie 





Grade 10 - Academic Awards 

Grade 10 Scholars £ Students with a 
combined average of 80% or greater. 

80.1 Rocco Mattucci 

80.5 Vincent Wong 

81.3 Anthony Buonaiuto 


81.7 Devon Daniell 
81.9 Eric Tozzi 

82.3 Nick Wong 

82.4 Jonathan Adamo 

82.5 Daniel Conrad 

82.6 Jonathan MacKenzie 

82.8 Igor Kastelyanets 

82.8 Sohaib Siddiqui 

82.9 Mark Hanson 
83.6 David Arnold 
83.6 Robert Iaccino 
83.6 Sean Jeong 
84. 1 Omair Rahman 
84.9 Michael Genin 
85.6 Matt Mcintosh 
85.9 Chang Boo 
86.1 Jeffrey Hynds 
87.6 Alexey Altshuller 
88.3 Sang-Chul Yoon 
88.6 Kevin Dong (5) 
89.1 Abraham Hum (3) 
89.1 Richard Oosthuizen (3) 
91.8 Ryan Luther (2) 
93.3 Aldis Sung (1) 

The Spanish Prize £ 

Terry Belgrave 
The Art Prize £ 

Chang Boo 

The Andrew Armstrong Prize for Improvement 
in English £ To the grade 10 or 1 1 with the 
greatest pecentage improvement in English 
over last June. 
Vince De Civita (27% increase) 

The Media Arts Prize £ 
Michael Genin 

The English Prize £ In memory of Walter 
Findlay. one of the original 
masters at S.A.C. in 1899. 
Abraham Hum 

The History Prize £ 
Jeffrey Hynds 

The American Mathematics Competition 
Award £ To the top-scorer in the School. 
Sean Jeong 

The Music Prize £ 

Ryan Luther 
The French Prize £ 

Matt Mcintosh 

The Computer Science Prize £ 

Aldis Sung 
The Geography Prize £ 

Aldis Sung 

The Cayley Mathematics Contest Prize £ 
Awarded by the University of Waterloo. 
Aldis Sung 

The Galois Mathematics Contest Award £ 
Awarded by the University of Waterloo. 
Aldis Sung 

The Heather Inglis Memorial Prize for 
Mathematics £ 

Aldis Sung 
The Science Prize £ 

Aldis Sung 
The Wyld Prize for English as a Second 
Language £ 

Sang-Chul Yoon 


• Day 2003 Prize Day 2003 Prize Day 2003 Prize Day 2003 Prize Day 2003Prize Day 2003Vriz.e Day 2003 Pr^ 

Grade 10 - Special Awards 

The Improvement Prize £ For the student 
who has made the greatest percentage 
improvement over last June. 
JeongJinLee (13.9% increase) 

The Debating Prize £ Awarded to the 
student who has made an outstanding 
contribution to Junior Debating. 
Michael Carney 

The Budding Young Poet Laureate Awards £ 
Awarded by the Ladies' Guild for the best 
works of creative writing in Grade 10. 

1 Abraham Hum (First Place for "The Last 

2 Jonathan MacKenzie (Second Place for 
"American Dream") 

3 Alex Calvert (Third Place for "My Mother") 

The Peter L. Stuart Award £ To the member 
of grade 10 most distinguished in character 
and scholarship, and having made a 
determined and unselfish contribution to any 
one or more of the co-curricular activities 
offered. Mr. Stuart was Assistant Headmaster 
and a member of the faculty from 1971 to 
Jared Lesli 





Prize Day 2003Prize Day 2003Prize Day 2003 Prize Day 2003Priz> 

Grade 11 - Academic Awards 

Grade 1 1 Scholars £ Students with a 
combined average of 80% or greater. 

80 Kalev Hess 

80 Lawrence Kiiza 

80 Wally Lau 

80 Chris Marshall 

80 Brendan McCall 

80 Jalil Teja 

80.3 Jeremy Springer 

80.4 Andre Fernandez 

80.4 Zameer Velji-Pirani 

80.7 Jeremy King 

80.8 George Si 
81.1 MattDonko 
81.6 Chris Bromley 
81.8 Alex Douglas 

81.8 Austin Smith 

81.9 Ryan Kim 

82 Patrick Garneau 
82.1 AlexKaptyn 
82.1 Desmond Kiu 

82.6 Patrick Kim 

82.7 Andrew Brankley 

82.7 Adam Bucci 
82.9 Rob Ferguson 
83.1 Terry Belgrave 
83.1 Jordan Cyr 
83.3 Benjamin Tang 

83.8 Matthew Mitchell 

84 Alexander Chin 
84. 1 David Lau 

84. 1 Louis-David Lord 

84.9 Terry Ngai 

85 Simon Ruggier 
85.3 Jason Kim 
86.9 David Del Zotto 

87.5 Sang-Ho Yoon 

87.7 Cody Biggings 

88.3 Malcolm O'Hare 

88.4 Charles Lai 

88.8 Robert McKay 

89.6 Darrin Henein 

89.7 Faisal Ratansi 
90.3 Kent Fu (5) 
91.7 Simon Lau (4) 
93.1 Shawn Jolly (3) 
94.8TomiJun (2) 
97.1 Justin Wong (1) 

The Environmental Science Prize £ 

Adam Bucci 
The French Prize £ 

Brandon Hussey 
The Social Sciences Prize £ 

Johan Irwandi 
The Spanish Prize £ 

Shawn Jolly 
The Reeves Art Prize £ 

Tomi Jun 
The Chemistry Prize £ 

Tomi Jun 
The English Prize £ 

Tomi Jun 

The Hypatia Mathematics Contest Award £ 
Awarded by the University of Waterloo. 
Tomi Jun 

The Louise Macdonald Sifton Prize for 
Mathematics £ 
Tomi Jun 

The Physics Prize £ 
Tomi Jun 

The Fermat Mathematics Contest Prize £ 
Awarded by the University of Waterloo. 
Jason Kim 

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal 
in Mathematics and Science £ 
Louis-David Lord 

The Geomatics Prize £ 

Malcolm O'Hare 
The Univeristy of Waterloo Avogadro 
Chemistry Contest £ 

Simon Ruggier (In the top 5% of 5,500 

The Computer Science Prize £ 

Simon Ruggier 
The Music Prize £ 

Jeremy Springer 
The Dramatic Arts Prize £ 

Kevin Wilson 
The Accounting Prize £ 

Justin Wong 
The Biology Prize £ 

Justin Wong 
The Henry deB Forde Economics Prize £ 

Justin Wong 

The Isabelle Cockshutt Prize for History £ 
Donated by Mrs. F.A. Schulman. 
Justin Wong 

Grade 11 - Special Awards 

The Improvement Prize £ For the student 
who has made the greatest percentage 
improvement over last June. 
Steven Brooks (19.7% increase) 

The CM. Foster Award £ Presented to the 
grade 1 1 student who has been at the school 
for at least three years and who has made a 
significant contribution to extracurricular life 
with an emphasis on theatre, debating, the 
Review, or FOCUS. Given by Christopher 
Foster ('95) and Stephen Foster ('97) in 
memory of their grandfather, a member of the 
class of 1922. 
Kevin Wilson 

The Yale University Book Award £ To a 
grade 1 1 student of outstanding character 
and academic promise. 
Tomi Jun 

The Stuart B. Wood Memorial Prize £ To the 
member of grade 1 1 most distinguished in 
character, scholarship and games. Mr. Wood 
was Head Prefect in 1 924-25. 
Faisal Ratansi 

The Chairman's Gold Medal £ To next year's 
Head Boy who has earned the highest 
standing in Grade 11. 
Justin Wong 

School Prefects £ The Grade 1 1 students 
who, in the opinion of their peers and 
teachers, will contribute to student 
leadership by serving as prefects in their 
graduating year. 

Terry Belgrave 

Tim Birkett 

Billy Burke 

Rob Ferguson 

Adam Ford 

Matthew Gnyp 

Faisal Ratansi (Head Prefect) 

Darryl Stock 

Daniel Von Diergardt 

Justin Wong 





2003Prize Dav 2003Prize Day 2003Pri:c 

\ize Dc 

Graduate - Academic Awards 

Graduate Scholars £ Students with a 
combined average of 80% or greater in their 
university entrance courses. 

80 Bradley Downey 

80 Fraser Fell 

80 Brian Grant 

80 Tyler Hurst 

80 Luc Zoratto 
80.2 Joel Ford 
80.2 Jae Hee Lee 

80.2 Stuart Manchee 
80.5 David Amadori 

80.5 Jean-Simon Bourque 

80.6 Wahid Amarshi 

80.7 Andrew Cumming 
80.7 Michael Gill 

81 Bradley Lorriman 

81.3 Kenny Yuen 
81.5 James Kesten 
81.5 Steven Lam 
81.5 Mitch Myers 

82 Peter Wong 

82.3 Sebastien Manigat 
82.3 Kent Yeung 
82.7 Nicholas Caron 
82.7 Hugh Dowell 

82.7 Sean Gill 

82.8 Charles Ng 

83 Dave Banwell 

83 Jordan Ross 
83.2 Kyle Beatty 

83.2 Jarryd Stock 

83.3 Armen Khajetoorian 
83.7 David Woodcock 

84 Jonathon Suddaby 
84.2 Jayson Miller 

84.2 Wilson Poon 

84.3 John Housser 
84.3 Jason Lau 
84.5 Drewe Maclver 

84.7 Brian Harvey 

84.8 Gordon Hunter 

84.8 Brendon McCullough 

85.2 Nathan Rothwell 

85.3 Nicholas Dadson 
85.3 Joseph Rothwell 
85.5 Andrew Douglas 
85.8 Allan Bean 
85.8 Adam Hoffman 

85.8 Patrick Samson-Doel 
85.8 Michael Tzimas 

86.2 Sean O'Donnell 

86.3 Brent Brandham 
86.5 Ka Long Ng 
86.7 Patrick McGrath 

87 Austin Hracs 
87.2 Christopher McFarlane 
87.5 Dennis Wong 

87.7 Kyle Steeves 

87.8 Liam Farrell 

88 Ryan Lo 
90 Duncan Kluwak 

90 Joseph Leung (10) 
90.2 Kevin Lau (9) 

91 Sang-Hyuk Park (8) 
91.2 Adam Parent (7) 
91.5 Mark Cheng (5) 
91.5 Michael Lin (5) 
91.7 Alex McNabb (4) 
92.7 Derek Toms (3) 
94.5 Alexander Camargo (2) 
97 Soung Hun Lee (1) 

The Humanities Prize £ 
Alexander Camargo 

The Social Sciences Prize £ For a senior 
level Social Science other than Econmics. 
Alexander Camargo 

The James A. Ballard French Prize £ The 
James A. Ballard French Prize for the 
graduating student who has made the best 
progress in becoming bilingual in English and 
French. Awarded in memory of Mr. Ballard, 
class of 1969. 

Mark Cheng 
University of Waterloo Chem-13-News 

Alexander Chin (Standing in the 80th 

The American Mathematics Competition 
Award £ 

Andrew Douglas 
The Geography Prize £ 

Liam Farrell 
The Spanish Prize £ 

Sean Gill 

The Michael History Prize £ The prize is 
given by Ian, David and Andrew Michael in 
honour of their grandmother Mrs. Isobel 

Austin Hracs 

)3Prize Day 2003k- 

The Physiology Prize £ 

Austin Hracs 
The Stephen J. Suarez Prize £ Donated by 
Mr. & Mrs. E.G. Suarez. 

Duncan Kluwak 

The Spanish Fluency Prize £ Presented to a 
senior student who has made the most effort 
to become fluent in Spanish. 
Dmytri Lagur 

The Lehockey Biology Prize £ 

Soung Hun Lee 
The Chemistry Prize £ 

Soung Hun Lee 

The Canadian National Mathematics League 
Award £ Awarded to the School champion 
after 6 rounds of competition involving over 
200 schools. 
Soung Hun Lee 

The Old Boys' Medal in Mathematics £ 

Soung Hun Lee 
The Donald Cooper Medal for Physics £ 

Soung Hun Lee 

The Harry E. Goodman Memorial Science 
Prize £ For excellence in Physics and 
Chemistry. Mr. Goodman taught chemistry at 
St. Andrew's for 21 years retiring in 1950. 
Donated by Dr. Alan Bricknell. 
Soung Hun Lee 

The Gibb Geography Prize for World Issues 
Prize £ Presented in memory of Dick Gibb 
and donated by Robert H. Bradshaw C53) and 
Alex Bradshaw ('89). 
Joseph Leung 

The Guy Rutter Art Prize £ 
Michael Lin 

The George Etienne Cartier Medal in French. 
£ Donated by the late Mr. W.A. Beer, the only 
Andrean ever to have his name on every 
honour board in the Towers Library. 
Louis-David Lord 

The Magee Family Music Prize £ Donated by 
the Class of 2001 . 
Drewe Maclver 

The Charles Ashton Medal for English. £ Mr. 
Ashton was in the St. Andrew's Class of 1920. 
Patrick McGrath 

The Computer Science Prize £ 
Roger McLean 

The R.R. McLaughlin Memorial Prize for 
English and the Sciences £ Highest standing 
in English and the Sciences combined- 
Donated by Robert R. Parker Class of 1960 in 
memory of his uncle. 
Alex McNabb 

The Euclid Mathematics Contest Award £ 
Awarded by the University 
of Waterloo. 
Charles Ng 

The Accounting Prize £ 
Sang-Hyuk Park 

Da Vinci Contest for Engineering £ Awarded 
to the top S.A.C. students writing the da Vinci 
physics and engineering examination 
sponsored by the University of Toronto. 

Derek Toms (Ranked in the 94th percentile out 

of 2,754 students.) 

The University of Toronto Biology Competition 
£ National biology scholars finishing in the 
top 100 students in Canada. 

1 Derek Toms 

2 Soung Hun Lee (Derek and Soung finished in 
the 96.9th percentile.) 

3 Kenny Yuen (Kenny finished in the 96.4th 


Graduate - Special Awards 

The Justin Ross Scott Memorial Dramatic Arts 
Prize £ Awarded for excellence in dramatic 
studies in memory of Justin, class of 1998. by 
Mrs. Ann Bease and Mr. Michael Scott. 
Jarryd Stock 

The Improvement Prize £ For the graduating 
students who have made the greatest 
percentage improvement over last June. 

Joel Ford (13.5% increase) 

Michael Gill (16.3% increase) 


Mrs. Carolyn O'Higgins 

Ask anybody who knows her what Carolyn's favourite things might 
include and you are sure to come up with gardening, the outdoors, and 
reading. It is also fair to suggest that she is one person whom everyone 
on campus knows. She will be a much missed person here at S.A.C. 
JVlr. btrUa.n KObertSOn ^^^^W Carolyn began life with us in 'Reception'. She was to be the 

ion at fir 

} A. 

(yes) ifi, 

It is not often that St. Andrew's graduates one of its offspring 
twice. Inamannerof speaking, thatiswhathas happened here. Struan 
Robertson 84' has just taken another bow and is off to a position jit 
Pickering College (just to the north oi*S.A.C. in Newmarket 
become Assistant Head Master in charge of Advancement. 

Pickering has indeed chosen well; forat his second gradiuiti 
we recognize Struan for his Andrean Sptft, Heart^vurid and 
Body. J 

His work in the Admission^ffice has been one of great 
purpose, belief and spirit. A happie/and more convivial individual .•* 
one could not hope to meet. He is indeed the epitome of the good- 
natured Andrean, willing to take his place on the team. 

Half measures are not in Struan' s vocabulary. He works and 
plays with the same energetic zeal. Loyal and true, Struan has not 
sought attention from others as he focused on the tasks at hand. His 
generosity with his own time has won him many friends in this 
community among every constituency. He has worked tirelessly to 
promote his alma mater with pride. There are many many more who 
now know about S.A.C. as a result of Struan's efforts than did before 
he arrived in the Admission Office. A kinder person you will not find! 

Struan posseses a keen intellect. He is fluent in our two 
official languages. He is a master in the process of debating and 
facilitating communication among people. He enjoys fine writing. 
music, art, theatre, drink, excellent food (French is best) and the 
occasional (but it has to be good) cigar. His sense of humour is sharp 
and quick. He is not a person that one would idly choose to cross verbal 
swords with. 

Well now. the corpus has been left to the last, and >hall N \t i ; m 
therefore get the briefest of attention. The tests incumbent it; the kk 
previous three areas have left things in this department somewhat on Ik 
the shaky side. True, he is an excellent shot ( as those on the Rifle 
Team can attest). He is a veritable shark in the pool; but ohhhh - that 
aching back. .' I\ 

It would be quite unethical and misleading for us to guduate 
one who we claimed to be perfect. We wish our Quaker brethren well, 
as thev perhaps have ashot at continuing the job. From all at S.A.C.- 
a huge G ANGWHA! Bon Chance Struan! 

'first face' that many would put to S.A.C, and her always welcoming 
nature and smile were what greeted those coming to our campus for the 
first time. 

After a short stay in Reception, Carolyn joined forces with the 

dmission Office. The same welcoming nature, her love of people, 

cellent writing and organizational skills, made it quite apparent that 

e would be of great value to us in not only greeting new people to our 

place, but helping them to connect with St. Andrew's College as 

prospective parents and students. 

The approach to this graduating year of 2003 needed some 
special thought and action. This class was to be substantially larger 
because the Province of Ontario was eliminating the thirteenth year. Two 
classes would graduate at once, shifting an enormous load onto our 
University Guidance Office. The need to have someone who knew the 
students, who was supremely organized, hard working, and who possessed 
excellent writing skill made her a 'shoe in' to bring the required 
additional boost to this area. I know that there are many 2003 grads who 
owe Ms. O'Higgins thanks for her effective and timely work on their 

I As is the case with so many whose interests take them into 
gardening. Carolyn has a keen eye not just for plants but for people. Her 
ability to name and discuss plants is also visible in her interest and care 
for people. She has cultivated many friendships among us. Though she 
will be missed here, we are certain that we are not forgotten. The beauty 
of the north has beckoned, and we wish her good health, good reading, 
and, above all, good gardening' 


Mr. Aubrey Foy 

Aubrey Foy, gifted musician, master, computer expert, housemaster, advisor, 
civilian cadet instructor, mentor, confidant, visionary, husband, father, and 
friend. In short (NOT AN ORDINARY MAN) 

After 27 years at St. Andrew's College, Aubrey Foy and his wife Daphne depart 
for their home in the Gatineau. Aubrey will continue to be an Anroassador for 
St. Andrew's College, assisting the Admission Office in the Q^awa area and 
travelling on an occasional basis. Aubrey has made many frierjjpat S.A.C. over 
the years because of his wonderful, caring, nature and we are all the richer for 
having known and worked with him. He will be missed but hot forgotten. 
Aubrey will now have the time he so richly deserves to devote to his first love 
which is music. . "From music I came, to music I'll return." 

Mr. Matthew Ainsworth 

It is with deep regret that the History and Social Sciences 
Department says goodbye to Matthew Ainsworth. It is no 
exaggeration to say that Matthew was one of the most 
knowledgeable and intellectual teachers that the Department 
has ever had. He distinguished himself early in his academic 
career, receiving numerous awards as an undergraduate at 
York University. He won the History Department's Grace 
Heggie and Lex Mackenzie Scholarships in his final year, 
was thrice listed for exceptional sessional academic 
excellence, and graduated Magna Cum Laude on the Dean's 
Honour Roll in 2000. After completing a Bachelor of Education 
degree in 2001 he began his teaching career with us in '02- 


unusual breadth of knowledge of history immediately 
struck us as exceptional and his intellectual imagination and 
remarkable sense of historical and political judgment deeply 
enriched the experience of the students whom he taught. 
Matthew was devoted to academic excellence in his students 
and he spent many hours above and beyond teaching good 
principles of historical research and analysis. Above all. his 
infectious, wry, rather right-wing British humour — which 
was not always understood by students and faculty alike — 
improved the days of those of us who knew him best. 

Beyond the classroom Matthew also enriched the school with 
his co-curricular interests. Apart from actively participating 
in the Aurora community by volunteering with youth groups, 
he coached our Tier II soccer and First Cricket teams. Nor 
should it be forgotten that Matthew spent hundreds of hours 
tutoring our senior history students without remuneration for 
two years before joining the faculty. 

Ms. Hughes-McGuinness 

Let me tell you a little about my friend Carrie, 

With her by my side, my first year here wasn't scary. 

Five teaching years under her belt, and I with none, 

She showed me the ropes, for I had barely begun. 

You see friends, and colleagues, this woman was born to 


From English to Drama to Chapel she even did preach. 

The boys would say she was so much more, than one who 

gave out marks, 

Because she showed she cared so much, she would often 

ignite the spark. ^ 

The spark I speak of, is one that builds confidence and 

self-esteem, Ifo^ 

Through faith and perseverance, she encourages them to 

dream. ^^^^^ 

You could find her on the softball diamond, or on the 

soccer field, 

A coach, mentor and friend, the team's confidence and 

respect they'd yield. 

You could find her in the theatre, both on and behind the 


As director, producer, or actor she never lost her page. 

You could find her on the basketball court, or on the 

hockey rink, 

Competing against the boys, many females would easily 


But you see friends and colleagues, she gave St. 

Andrew's her all, 

And I am sad to say she will not be with us this fall. 

For she and hubby Jeff, dog Marlowe, and cat 


Are moving to Calgary to Strathcona-Tweedsmere. 

So let's raise our glass to "Ms. H-M", their Teacher of the 


Our thoughts and prayers go with you, fond memories we 

will hold dear. ^"^--^^^m k 

Robyn O'Hare 

Matthew's departure leaves a deep void in the teaching of the 
humanities and social sciences at our school. He, his wife 
Karen, and baby daughter Katherine will be deeply missed on 
the campus. We wish them God-speed and all success in their 
future endeavours and we sincerely hope that they will return 
to visit us frequently as a busy life permits. 

Mrs. Marlene Ash 

Marlene Ash retired as the Campus Shop Manager in June 2003. Marlene worked in this position for 16 years and made 

her way to work every day -through snow, sleet, rain and mud - along the path that connects her backyard with the campus 

grounds. We hope that she will continue to keep the path worn even after her retirement 

Mrs. Ash may have always been passionate about books and she spent much of her working life in bookstores such as the 

Tallyman Bookstore in Aurora and University bookstores at York and Waterloo, but she was also great at finding the latest 

fads in pens, pencils and other campus shop fodder. 

Her husband Fred helped design and re-design the store layout, as well as other office layouts for administrative offices and 

Mrs. Ash also had him provide "crowd control" when she was selling books at the beginning of the year 

We wish her all the best in her retirement and thank her for helping so many students over the years with not only what they 

needed for classes (how could one boy need more than 4 rulers per year??) but also for her support when students just needed 

someone to talk to. 



[s. Antonia Vente] 

Ms.Antonia Venters hails from New 

/ick and the east coast 
is calling her back this year. Mademoiselle Venters will be teaching 

Brunsv ; 

French in Nova Scotia 

Ms. Tara Prieur 

Ms. Tara Prieur enjoyed her year atl 
as a middle and upper school French! 
trip to St.Donat with the Grade 10' si 
rable as she saw her students speak 
natural setting. Ms. Prieur had fun takinj 
7's to Le Papillon, a trench restaurant 
as part of their food unit. MademoisJ 
will be missed next year. 


tember, remaining close to all of, her 
family. During the last 5 years, she coached the swim teams af 
organized the grade 10 %.Donat trip. She also took groups 
students to France during the past 2 March Break holidays. As a 
active member of the Modern Languages Dept., she worked wit 
colleagues like Joel Fines, Jacfpjie Beck, Michel Camerori, Martin 
Duguay and Nicole Ma. Miss Venters has taught in the mi&lle and 
upper schools for many years and will miss the bonds she has crMtei 
with her students. She will miss her apartment on campus but looks 
Ion; 'ard to living the city life next year. 



Is. Lisa Picern 

■ hard to believe thaBfcgars have 

;sed since Lisa Picerno arrived at 
Irew ■" s. ready to take on her first teach- 
job! Well, in those years she has 

tainly aeeomplished a lot. As a French 
and Spanish teacher, soccer and squash 
coach, chaperone on school trips to Que- 

. Ottawa, Spain and Italy, advisor, 
duty master in Flavelle House, and Mod- 
ern Languages Department Head, Ms. 
Picerno has made many contributions to 
the Andrean community and has touched 
the hearts of many students, faculty and 
staff, and parents. We would like to 
thank her very much for everything 
she has done at St. Andrew's, and 
wish her all the best in the future! 
Good luck! Bonne chance! 
B uen a suerte! .§ 

Mr. Paul Bedard 

In retrospect, Paul Bedard has packed a great deal into his seven years as a member of the 
faculty at St. Andrew's College. Reflecting upon his career one quickly realizes how much 
he has added to the vitality and well-being of our school community. As a former student 
( 1 972- 1 979), St. Andrew' s was certainly not new to Paul when he arrived in September 1 996 
to teach French and Physical Education. What he brought with him was the characteristics 
of a true Andrean-respect, loyalty, and the willingness to get involved. In 1997 he took on 
the additional responsibilities of Housemaster of Sifton House and Director of Athletics. 
Though a great burden he handled these two roles, as well as coaching and teaching, 
admirably for two years. From September, 1999 he concentrated his efforts on coaching, 
teaching, and Housemastering. 

A fine and well recognized sportsman he showed a tremendous knack in getting the best out 
of his student athletes. He could teach the skills but his understanding and sensitivity to their 
feelings allowed him to connect perfectly with his players. This is not surprising for Paul's 
very nature is that of a true gentleman, hugely compassionate, supportive, and of the highest 

mhe CISAA Hockey Championship to St. Andrew's in 2001, after an 18 year 

absence, by defeating I 'CC on their ice was a notable accomplishment. Paul very humbly 

stride passing off credit to all but himself. The same is true when he has won 

tennis titles at the Provincial and National levels. He is not adverse to breaking new ground 

as he was the force behind St. Andrew's venture into competitive baseball this past spring. 

in admirer of Paul's inner strength and find him a pleasure to be with. He moves on 

to fill the role 
and rapidly gro 

at St. Andrew' 
continue togui 
Bob Perrier 

)irector of Athletics at St. Thomas of Villanova College, a relatively new 
Ing school. We wish him well. He has touched the lives of many young men 
Ind will not be forgotten. But his work is not over as he will 
land influence young people. 

Amadori, David, 1.905.479.2672, 14Tomlinson Circle, Unionville,, ON, Canada, L3R 9L1 
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