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Full text of "St Andrew's College Review, 1999-2000"

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St. Andrew's 




1999- 2000 

Support Staff 4 - 7 
Masters 8-12 
Valete 13-14 
Prefects 15 
Grads 16-38 

1st Term Events 44 - 55 

Billy Budd 48 - 49 
St. Andrew's Night 52 - 53 
Carol Service 54 - 55 

Sports Term 1 56-74 

2nd Term Events 80 - 93 

MacPherson 82 - 83 
West Side Story 86 - 87 

2nd Term Sports 94 - 1 09 

Cadets 110-117 
Focus 118-123 
Sassin 124-127 
School Life 128-133 
Track & Field Day 136-141 

3rd Term Sports 1 42 - 1 61 

Classes 163-175 


Debating, Clans 176-181 

Headmaster 182-185 

Prize Day 186-193 

Directory 194-200 

Published in Canada Printed in USA 

Review Staff 
1999 - 2000 


Mr. S. Treasure 
lain Myrans 

Yearbook Class Mike Campbell 
Marshall Doyle 
Eric Heizer 
Victor Ip 
Nick Jazcek 
Paul Kim 
Jamie King 
Warren Lowe 
Kurt Schmick 
Cameron Steed 
Nathan Stuart 
Alex Tse 

Photographers: Mr. Taskey, Mrs. Wilkes, 
Mr. Treasure, Iain Myrans, Mr. Herder, 
Ms. Venters, Ms. Picerno, Mr. Ryan, 
Kurt Schmick, Victor Ip, Alex Chow, Alex Tse. 

Special Thanks: Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Richardson, 
Mrs. Pilieci, Ms. Marsh, Mr. Arril & Mr. Swan. 

Editor's Notes: 



lhe late nights, the early mornings, and the many hours have paid 
off. Yes, we the staff of The Review are happy to be able to 
present you with your 1999-2000 yearbook! As a 'newbie' to the 
world of The Review this year I learned quickly about the process involved 
in putting together a yearbook as unique as ours here at St. Andrew's. Sure, 
we never get the yearbook completed by end of the school year but that is 
because we like to cover third term events up to, and including. Prize Day. 
The result: A yearbook that actually covers the whole year. 

There is a lot more involved in the construction of the yearbook than 
meets the eye of the reader. A simple page of photos involves building a 
layout in PageMaker and composing any heading images in Photopaint 
or Photoshop. Once this is done photos have to be cropped and layouts 
updated where needed. The final product is packed into an envelope and 
sent to the plant. For the most part I have enjoyed doing all of this very 
much. It can be very exciting to watch the book take shape. However, 
there are certain sections that 1 worked on which I would consider to be 
nightmares. Less than 50% of the graduating class submitted their 
comments until 1 phoned their houses asking for them two weeks after 
prize day. This surprised me — even the yearbook staff who vanished 
once school ended. Mr. Treasure. The Review's Advisor has been in his 
office every morning over the last six weeks of his holiday tracking down 
missing information and composing pages that should have been done by 
other members of the yearbook crew had they not vanished. We all owe 
him a big "thank you," — he deserves it! 

Having said all this, we hope you enjoy this Millennium edition of The 
REVIEW. As you flip through the pages try to keep in mind how much 
time and effort have been put into this book. A lot of time was spent in 
order to create a book we all can enjoy. 

lain Mvrans Review 


Advisor's Notes... 

This yearbook began as a team effort by the 
yearbook class. They worked in collaboration 
to learn layout skills and master desktop 
challenges. It is unfortunate that this class will not be 
offered in the coming year. It played a vital role in 
'jump-starting' the production of this book and offered 
students a "hands - on' learning and publishing experi- 
ence, like no other. However, publishing a book as a 
class endeavour was a daunting task - talk about a 
"monster" learning curve! To some extent a 'class 
approach' slowed matters down - some students grasped 
concepts and executed designs w ith ease - others clearly 
laboured. Early layouts are evident... everyone improved 
over the course of the year and if one detects some 
inconsistencies in our layouts this was all part of the 
great learning process. However. I was pleased with their 
progress despite my repeated admonitions that. "It isn't 
finished, 'til it's finished!" Thanks guys! 

Ultimately, and inevitably, a great deal was left to be 
finished after classes left in June. My greatest thanks go 
to Iain Myrans who stepped in willingly to smooth the 
rough edges and to help complete the yearbook. 

However, now the results are before you and this book 
takes its place proudly alongside the significant corpus of 
past yearbook achievements. We think you'll enjoy it! 
There are plenty of memories that are evoked by its 
pages. We hope it conveys a good sense of the 1999- 
2000 SAC experience and that it portrays an accurate 
archival sense of events as they unfolded. It is. above all. 
a students ' yearbook. Of course, no doubt there will be 
some cause for criticism. This is inevitable and comes 
with any yearbook territory. We would invite anyone 
ready to cast stones to join next year's production team. 
There is much to be done: from taking photos to submit- 
ting writeups covering school events and activities. In 
particular, we invite those Grads who. despite many 
pleadings and entreaties, neglected to submit comments 
or who went way past deadlines and guidelines. Thanks 
to all students and staff who made our jobs easier and 
ultimately we give thanks to the school and Headmaster 
without whose support the book would not exist. 

Now it is time to move on. It is with mixed feelings 
that I do so. Giving birth to these books was sometimes a 
painful experience. However, looking back I take pride 
and satisfaction in the products. I have enjoyed working 
with many students and editors who. though sometimes 
struggled and sometimes triumphed, always lived up to 
the school's motto. Through hard work and total immer- 
sion in the creative experience they learned something 
incredibly valuable about themselves. 

Finally, thanks to my family. To J.R. - perhaps one 
summer we'll get in that game of golf! 


S.R. Treasure - July 2000. 




T -? 

ji mi i m, ■ 


Y, I ' ; r.i*- 

if f ■ * 




*£ - 

Valete: Mrs. W. Bell 

The St. Andrew's College community 
is sorry to have to say goodbye to Mrs. 
Bell who is leaving us to enjoy a new 
home and lifestyle in Nova Scotia. For 
many years she has served our students 
well and has given dedicated and 
helpful guidance to our Grads. We will 
miss her devotion and friendship but 
wish her well in the Maritimes. 


thanks for your care, dedication anc 

Development Office 

Mr. J. Herder 
Mr. M. Roy 
Mrs. E. Collins 
Mrs. S. Scott 

Business Office 

Mrs. B. McKay 
Mrs. S. Toombs 
Mrs. C. Richardson 
Mrs. J. Lamb 

Admission Office 

Mr. A. Foy 
Mr. S. Robertson 
Mrs. D. Moffat - Lynch 
Mrs. C. O'Higgins 


Mrs. G. Petri 
Mrs. A. Osmond 
Mrs. M. Mix 
Mrs. M. Ash 

Hort to make SAC the best! 

Valete: Mr. T. Napier 

Thanks to Mr. Napier. SAC lias 
remained a networking powerhouse! 
We are grateful for his amazing 
expertise and the 'around the clock' 
help and support he has given to all 
network users. We wish him well as 
he heads to the U.S. to further his 
career as a network manager and 
information technology specialist. 


The Masters 

That was the right note, wasn t it 

W** s 

Ijl ft. ^nj*~ £ 








y. ■•■ 

W '*- 

' ' 

^ _ 


I'm almost at the finish 


, I THINK.... 

I hope! 

Yes, of course I'm.. 

Go Ahead! I'm great at 





Yes, it's true — teachers are just as weird (even more so) 
OUTSIDE the classroom! 

Hehehe... ummm.. What was 
i laughing about again? 

i'm really trying to 

concentrate right now. that 

camera isn't helping! 

/ ::-.' I;:: 

» 'hi 



Just a little 
'SAC Pride' 


Hey, Look — My shoelace 
is untied! 



Me Jane* 

Why do I always have to be 



"I can't believe 


STOP playing!" 


"Some people 
have NO taste" 

Ow! I can't believe I just 
stepped on my own foot again! 


Who writes this garbage!? 

We really should try 
game on the ice! 

And next week I get my G2! 

This person failed 
the test for sure! 

This next play should be like 

a graceful paintbrush 

stroke.... Well maybe not! 



Ms. Jane Kravchenko 

After 5 years at SAC, Ms. Kravchenko is 
leaving to devote her time to her family. We 
will miss her dedication and enthusiasm as 
a teacher of English and her excellent 
instruction as a coach of volleyball and 
tennis. We wish Ms. Kravcheno and hus- 
band Peter and son Satchel all the best in 
the future. 

Ms. Clare Kowaltschuk 

Although she was here for only one year 
at SAC, Ms. Kowaltschuk made a huge 
impact. We enjoyed her Geography 
classes and she shared with us her 
knowledge and enthusiasm for skiing, 
badminton, and tennis. We wish her 
well as she heads to Japan with her 
husband. Adam to teach for the next two 

Mr. Stephen Penton 

Having seen active sen'ice in the trenches 
of Macdonald House during his year here 
Mr. Penton is leaving to get married. He 
has been very active in assisting in many 
facets of both school and house programs 
and his Grade 8 English class was enjoyed 
bx all. Best wishes from all members of the 
Andrean community! 

Mr. Rob McLean 

Mr. McLean visited us this year from 
Australia. As a GAP student, he added 
much to our cricket program and willingly 
offered his tutorial assistance to countless 
boys. He assisted with our sports program 
by helping to coach many teams. His 
friendly presence will be missed by all. 


The privilege of 
being a prefect 
was bestowed on ten 
young Andreans this year, all of 
whom proved equal to the task. Led 
by our Head Prefect Alain Chicoine 
the Prefects of the 1999 - 2000 
school year provided an abundance 
of memorable moments. 

The year began well with the 
Annual Homecoming Festivities, 
which was highlighted by the dance 
that saw an unprecedented female to 
male ratio (at least 3:1 ). Homecom- 
ing put the year in flight and readied 
the group for the first of two Semi- 
formals. The Semi's this year were a 
resounding success, they were 
powered by a "Casino" theme and a 

"Cupid's Garden of Eden" theme in 
the fall and winter respectively. 
Next up was the formal, which 
proved a fitting end to a year full of 
tremendous events. The Prefects 
would like to thank the students for 
their renewed enthusiasm and overall 
good behaviour at all of the events 
this year. 

The 1999 - 2000 school year 
was not without adversity for the 
prefect group, but I think it is safe to 
say that we persevered, and in the 
end prevailed both on a personal and 
financial landscape. The financial 
success of the past year, and the 
resulting profit, should lay a firm 
groundwork for next year's Prefects 
to stand on. We wish them the best 

of luck. 

Being a prefect is an ex- 
tremely challenging endeavour, and 
while the end reward and satisfac- 
tion that comes with it keeps you 
going, sometimes it still seems that 
the academic and personal sacrifice 
is not justifiable. This is something 
we as a Prefect group wrestled 
with, and we came to this conclu- 
sion. No matter how great the 
obstacle, you are a Prefect and you 
perform as one because making 
sacrifices for the greater good is 
what being an Andrean is all about. 
That is what S.A.C. instilled in us. 
Thank you to everyone who helped. 

S. Amell 

The Graduates of 2000 

Nicholas Abraham 

House: Smith & Flavelle 

Activities: Prefect, First Soccer. First Basketball. First Criket. Midsummer Nights Dream. West Side Story, Cadet Captain. 
ESayings: Oh dear, what do we have here. I have MAD work. wwwWWWICKED. Yo Star. How old'.' (followed by) -- How 
far from Mexico? Pass that ting over here 

To My Parents. Headmaster, and Teachers. Thank you, thank you. thank you. Not much else to say is there. I don't know how to 
say thanks to so many people with such little space. So instead of 'calling out names'. I'll just mail you each a present. But 
seriously, thank you for all the time you have put into me. it will pay off. One love. To the SAC Crew: Peace out boys. It's been 
CRAZY. Mad wicket times at Rocco Ramma I. II. and II. Formal's. Semi's, and Parties. Willis, me and you at homecoming 99. 
HUGE!! Porter, let's just say every day during our last term was chilhn'. Chiz and Devo don't you forget to come visit me next 
year... I'll make you feel really at home. Sinclair, you're a dead rut. Nags, save some of dos women for me. Thompson. I hope 
you pass at Guelph. Rocco. we had some e-mazing times. Amell. Browny. Smily. and Smokey. my boarding crew. Keep it real. 
One Love to all those in A Midsummer Nights Dream and WEST SIDE, those were some of mv favourite times at SAC 
-- Nick. Ralph. Saga Boy. Cripps. ABUSS. 

Tejus Ajmera 

House: Ramsey 

Activities: Basketball. Track & Field. President of DECA. Vice President of Debating. 

Next Year: Bowdoin College for Humanities. 


■ HI 

Hi 1 ^ ^1 

Justin Albury 

House: Siflon 

It has been indeed a long and fun journey for me here at SAC. I just can't believe that it is over. There is so many people to 
thank. I just want to thank the whole SAC family (especially Mr.Bedard) for allowing me to attend SAC. I just want to thank 
all the staff especially. Mr. Perrier , Mr. Dominato and most of all Mr. Swan. Big up to the West Indies Crew man like Sands 
(Duck), Floyd (CB- Deion Saunders), Smiley (Chuckles oh giggles), Ibes (Bobby dawg). Gringo (TL/Sharky). Chicken 
(yammi) and my brethren Omar Sleem (who passed away in April 1999). I want to dedicate this graduation to my family and 
most of all to my parents and a special, missed and loved friend Omar. To my dawg Smiley what can I say papa, this is the end 
of our life at SAC. You and me have been here beuy for three years. We ran this place! Smiley and Smokey run tings LIVE! 
St. Andrew's has changed my life tremendously. I am glad I attended this excellent institution. It has taught me many things in 
life that I happened to overlook. It also made me appreciate how lucky I am to go to such a magnificent school. Beuy I want to 
send this to some of my main boys: Richie. Krack. Devo. Chisel. Bah Bah. Al. Crispal. Moisture. Ross (my brother). Ronnie. 
Gawell, Mitch. McFly and Khaz. Now I leave here having broadened my horizons and thinking about many values of life. 
Peace Out ! 

Stephen Amell 

House: Flavelle 

Activities: Prefect, Head of House, Drum Major. House Captain. 1st Football. 1st Rugby. 1st Swimming. 1st Skiing. West 
Side Story. A Midsummer's Night Dream. MacBeth. Many More Productions. Tuesday Night at the Dyson's. 

A special thanks to Mr. Staunton. Mr. Shrimpton, Mr Foy, Mr. Scoular and Mr. Service. 

Abus, Blair, Roy, Ryan, Brownie Warren. Devo: you guys are the greatest! Middleton. when we're 30 we'll go back to SAC 
and let Mr. Scoular try out our Beamers. Near. I'll never forget playing at the Coffeehouse or the Cabaret. Kevin, keep your 
fin in the water and enjoy the peaches Richardson, you're the most sincere and loyal guy in know. Sinclair, we conquered 
Napoleon, we survived Marty's driving, and we're still around to tell the tale. Willis. Huge! Gordie. you can be my wing man 
anytime. Marsh, you're the colonel, defend the title with pride. 

Mom and Dad. everything I did at St. Andrew's I did to make you proud. I love you. 

"Everyday things change... But basically they stay the same." - DM. 


The Graduates of 2000 

Yari Azzopardi 

House: Flavelle 

"Though much is taken, much abides; and though 
We are not now that strength which in old days 
Moved earth ami heaven; that which we arc. u c arc 
One equal temper of heroic hearts, 
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in m /// 
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield " 

- Lord Alfred Tenn\ son 

Simon Bayley 

House: Flavelle 

NicknamesiB. B. M. Bayley. Bayley Mon, Big Sime. 

Overall. 1 ha\e enjoyed mv three vears at St. Andrew's. I've met many new people and learned a new way of life other than 

"Island Life". It was tough to adapt to the Canadian-way but I managed to the end. There are many people here at SAC who 

helped me through the past three years. Thank you Mr. Halstead. my advisor, teacher, coach and friend for all his advice and 

guidance. I would also like to thank Mr. Foy and Mr. Shrimpton and Mr. McCue for being great House Masters. Life at SAC 

is nothing without friends. I have made friends with people that will last a lifetime. I want to thank Gummy Bear. Dodo. 

Bowser. Mark. Hormone. Skols. Jamie and Dick for being really good friends. Last of all. but certainlv not the least 1 would 

like to thank my parents for giving me such an opportunity as this to attend SAC. I really appreciated it because so many 

people are unable to have the same opportunity as I have had. 1 know all the sleepless nights you had were because you cared 

so much for my future and me most of all. Thank \ ou v erv much and I love you both. 

Blair Birkett 

House: Memorial 

\ui\ ides: Lacrosse. 1st Basketball. Head of Memorial House. National Student Commonwealth Forum in Ottawa. 
Next Year: Will be attending Queen's Universit) for Commerce. 

Ryan Brandham 

House: Ramsey 

Activ ities: 1st Football 2a. 1st Squash 3a, I si Coll 4a. Prefect. DECA Co-president. Cadet Commanding Officer. 
I have to thank my parents, for all the monev . tunc, and support Mom. vou're always there to do anything I need done, to 
run errands forme, etc. I can't believe I didn't appreciate you more all these vears. Dad. thanks for the advice, and also for 
the second chance. Brent, enjoy your time here while it lasts. Strive for every honour, every award, every position you want 
and think vou have even a half chance of getting You'll really appreciate all of them when vou're gone. Finally, 1 can't 
leave out Kristin, who's been with me for the final two ) ears, and has been as much a pan of mv life as an) one e\ er could be. 
I love you sweetheart. You always know how to make me laugh. Well, for an) students who didn't know me but happen to 
be reading this right now. I'll leave you with a thought. When 1 came here. I was Ryan Jeffrey Brandham. a shy. small. 
immature new boy. I soon became Ry, or Brandham. as 1 developed some friends. Now. I am only R.J. Brandham. a name 
you can see on one or two of those boards in the library . if I'm lucky . Enjoy your time here gu) s. soon you too w ill be just a 
name in the annals of SAC. 


The Graduates of 2000 

Graeme Brown 

House: Flavelle 

Firs! Football. First Hockey. First Lacrosse. Focus. West Side Story. Prefect. 

What is the inner meaning of ' being an Andrean' ? After looking deeper than the parties, the laughs and the mishaps . 
Beyond the missed assignments and C.O.S.S.E.T. meetings and right down to the bare bones of the St. Andrew's experi- 
ence. 1 pinpointed the essence of being here. This hidden truth is quite simple really! It is a combination of air and 
fingering creating a sound. A sound that if not appreciated or admired could cause headaches or even migraines, but to an 
Andrean's ears is the most beautiful sound in the world. You hear it when First Football takes the field, or at the Friday 
Night Macpherson game. The sound symbolizes pride of being part of a tradition. This simple sound manifests itself in the 
form of a high pitched squeal, long and sharp piercing through the ear drum which sends shivers down your spine. This 
sound is the bagpipes, and the bagpipes are St. Andrew's. So when I hear the pipes forever more I will remember that my 
brothers. Kai and Craig, paved the way for me. My parent's hard earned sacrifices. The support I received from teachers, 
coaches and many, many friends. Beyond all of that and lastly knowing that the boys before, during and after my time share 
the same sentiments. 

Warren Byrne 

House: Flavelle 
Nickname: Penguin 

Activities: 1st Rugby. 1st Alpine Skiing, 7 Year Club. Focus. 

The Future: Will be attending Guelph for Agriculture following which will attend the Royal Agricultural College in the U.K. 
for two years 

Andy Chan 

House: Memorial 

\ lot oi memorable things have been happened through my 2 years in SAC. Although 2 years are not a long time, but it's kind 
of hard to put down all my thoughts within only a few hundred words. So, I just want to say thanks to all my friends and 
teacher for the lass 2 years. First. I want to that say thanks to my parents to give me a chance to attend to this school, it's kind 
of hard for them to afford it. Thanks MOM! Also. All my friends were helping me a lot though out this 2 years too. ( WXn, 

MicXXXI Lau.BaXXy Wai. JoXX Wu forgive me if I forgot to put your name on) It's my pleasure to meet you guys. 

Good luck to all of u and don't forget to keep in touch!! 

Special thanks to all my teacher Mr. Wenk, Mr Jones. Mr Butcher, Mr. Giel. Mr Swan, Mr Inglis. Especially to my house- 
master Mr. Perrier. he not only my house-master, but also my adviser and 2 math teacher. I have too much to say in this short 
comment. It is quiet hard to explain my feeling right now, but at least I know that I have to say good bye to SAC now.(Jesus 
Christ It's really hard to finish my Grad Comment at the last minute before prize day you know But finally yeah!! 

Adrian Chan 

House: Slfton 

Four quick years have gone by. and I couldn't have spent them in any better way. Being at St. Andrew's College was a 
remarkable and worthy experience, one that will ever be in my mind. Here. I acquired knowledge in numerous subject areas, 
which will prove to be helpful when I start my university studies next September; I met many sincere people and made 
genuine friends; and most importantly. I grew from a quiet little boy into a mature and sociable person. Years from now, I'm 
going to look back and laugh at the happy moments that I've spent here. 

First off. I would like to thank my parents for their love and care, and most of all. their wise decision to send me to St. 
Andrew's College. I feel very fortunate to have such a great family. I would like to thank my advisor, Mr. Dunford. for his 
valuable guidance throughout the years; Mr. Bedard for being an excellent Housemaster: Mr. Anil, Mrs. Bell. Mr. Rush, and 
Mr. Giel for their help with my university applications; Mr. Paolini for his great coaching and tolerance when 1 played poorly; 
Mr. Halstead for developing me into a table tennis player; Mr. Robson for leading THE Magazine; all my teachers for their 
\ aluable advice: and all my friends who made these four years at SAC such a great time. Thank you! 


The Graduates of 2000 

William Cheng 

House: Flavelle 

It has been 5 years since I came to SAC. and all I can say is time passed by in a flash. Honestly. I really hated this school 
when I first came here: many times I had the thoughts of transferring to other school. The reason was I couldn't bear a life 
without girls. I'm sure all of you guys would agree with me. However I managed to stay alive. I must say that I'm a lucky 
person, to have such loving parents who are willing to send me to this private school. However. I'm not reluctant to saj thai 
I have fulfilled myself through out the life at SAC, and I did not let my parents down. I would like to thank all the teachers 
that have taught me. but in pellicular the following: Thank you Mr. Anil, for your guidance on my university applications, 
and for the greater know ledge that you have fed me on world religion, that was one of my favourite courses. Thank you Mr. 
Galajda. I reallv enjoyed being in vour biology class. Thank you Mr. Perrier for having so much confidence in my math 
skills. Last but not the least. I would like to thank all my friends at SAC. Thanks for all the good times guys. I'll miss you 
when I'm in university while you're all still in SAC. "St. Andrew's College is not an ordinary place." I would never have 
used such a description to describe SAC in my first year, however, I realized now that it is the only and the best way that 1 
can depict SAC. 

Wyn-Ron Cheong 

House: Sifton 

Nicknames: Chimpo, Lik So (The African in Gods Must Be Crazy), Xing Xing (Gorilla), civic_bOy. Skinny. Big Boy 

I'm not going to blab on about what SAC meant to me like what the others have written. Instead I'm going to dedicate my 
Grad Comment to the one and only person I admired most at SAC. He'd always be there to help me with my problems, or 
gave me the best possible advises, or made sure that I was allright, or motivated and encouraged me to keep going. He was a 
second Father to me... and he is Mr. Bedard. 

Mr. Bedard was my housemaster and advisor. Know mg that I'm a Prefect, he assured that I wouldn't put most of my time into 
Prefect duties and house duties... he always told me that academics came first. Although 1 love to help others the most I can. I 
always remembered this advice. I'm pretty sure that without him by my side, I would have struggled in nn last scar at the 
school I've learned a lot from him. I'll miss him very much. Before I end this... 
Thanks for EVERYTHING Sir! 

Jason Cheung 

House: Ramsey 

Activities: 1st Volleyball - Captain 2a. MVP. 1st Badminton. Asst. coach U16 Basketball. Cadet Lieutenant. Focus Producer. 
Centennial Committee. 

When you're a seven year club member it seems as if the end will never come. Having spent more than a third of our lives at 
the school it becomes a part of your life and finally here I am writing my last thoughts that will finish off my career at SAC. 
For me. walking to school on the lower fields, up the chapel steps at 8 in the morning while hearing the chapel bells ring has 
become a ritual. This will surely be missed in years to come, along with the Volleyball and Badminton practices, cadets, and 
rides home from Rick. I would first like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to attend SAC and their support and 
encouragement all these years. Ms. K. you've been my coach at every level of volleyball, thank you for the bits of advice on 
life and for always listening. Mr. Robson. thanks for letting me hang around your teams for the past 4 years. Mr.Cowell, the 
last seven years I have been practically living in your classroom looking for every opportunity to bother you or just talk. 
Thank you for your advice and guidance all these years and for being my advisor, teacher, and friend. Wyn. thanks for Alg. 
and Calc! Gr7 guys, we survived the seven years at SAC! Tom, I'll miss our little talks in the hallways. Rick and Kaz. after all 
that we've been through its hard to put it into words... we're finally done. 

Alain Chicoine 

House: Memorial 

Nicknames: Rocco. Big Al, Leonard 
Sports: First Hockey, First Rugby. First Football 

The lessons I learned at SAC that weren't taught in the classroom: #1. If I work hard I will succeed regardless ol how 
'smart' I am. #2. If I stop worrying about what other people think I can focus on what I'm doing... and I can do it well. #3. 
If I cheat. I'm cheating all my classmates as well as myself, which doesn't get any of us anywhere. #4. Friends last forever. 
#5. Habits are as easy to make as they are to break (which applies to both good ones and bad ones). #6. Honesty is the best 
policy Even though the truth may get you in trouble, telling a lie will get you in even more trouble than you already are. #7. 
There is so much more to life then just a good education. 

And for your reading enjoyment, a hockey quote applicable lo so much more than just hockej 
"Take care of your own etui first and ilic other end will ink< < arc <</ itself 
Bob Neely 


The Graduates of 2000 

Brian Chisholm 

House: Ramsey 

Activites: 1st Lacrosse, 1st Hockey. 1st Soccer. Flag Party for Cadets, Prefect. 
Next Year: Colby College for Social Science. 

Daniel Chong 

House: Flavelle 

Nicknames: Eata. Chicken. 
Activities: Til Soccer. Squash, Cricket. 

Thinking back on my two years at S.A.C. I am just now realizing the important lessons that the school has tought me. It would 
be difficult to go through everything, but briefly, 1 learned independence, leadership, time management, and how to dress for 
winter (my first winter being at the school). I would like to thank all the teachers and staff for making my experience at the 
school a very productive one. I would especially like to thank my two housemasters Mr. Shnmpton and Mr. Foy for being 
there if I needed them and to all my friends at the school who made the time a fun one. 

Benjamin Craig 

House: Memorial 

The first drive up the impressive driveway here at SAC is an eye opening experience and is the stepping-stone that has 
launched many of ray classmates and friends and the generations before us on a long and difficult journey. My personal 
journey here at SAC is coming to an end but the trip along the way has been full of ups and downs. It has taken me to the top 
of Kala Pattar in Nepal, onstage for the curtain call at Westside story, to and ISAA Championship in Football and everywhere 
in between. Along the way I have made a lot of friends that 1 will never forget and appreciate there understand and friendship 
and wish them all the best in their future endeavors. To my teachers, you have opened my eyes to new worlds 1 never knew 
existed and taught lessons that extend beyond the classroom. (Like how to cheat on your taxes, Thanks Mr. G.) Lastly but not 
least I would like to thank my Mom and Dad, you guys let me go when you really didn't want to and have been amazingly 
supportive in every way and let me try everything I wanted to. I didn't always succeed but I always learned a lot in the attempt. 
As we all go our separate ways after graduation I know I will always carry the lessons that I have learned from SAC with me 
and will always remember the good times and wish everyone the best of luck. 

Michael Crispi 

House: Smith 

Activities: 1st Rugby. 1st Hockey, 1st Football 

Future Plans: Deciding between attending Queens, Guelph, and Laurier for Arts. 


The Graduates of 2000 

Ryan Devald 

House: Smith 

Upon entering the gates of SAC. for the first time. I had no idea what was in store for me. It is only now, as my final year 
draws to an end. that I have come to realize the true magnificence of this place. Not only has SAC taught me respect and 
responsibility, but it has also given me a great education and the opportunity to make countless good friends and memories 
that I will cherish for a lifetime. First and foremost. 1 would like to thank m\ parents and family for giving me the 
opportunity to go to SAC. Every friend I've made, all the laughs I've had. and every adventure I've experienced is all owing 
to you, and if it wasn't for your loving support I might not have made it through. I would also like to give special thanks to 
Mr. and Mrs. Chisholm who for the past 5 years have provided me with my second home, where the door was always open. 
Well boys, what a long, strange trip it's been. I can't even begin to start recalling all the amazing times and messed up 
experiences we've had together.... man it's all been a blast. Chisholm. Thompson. Porter. Middleton. Sinclair, MacDonald. 
Abraham, Chicoine. Snider, you guys are it' To all my Islander buddies. Smokey. Smiley. Pilgram. Krack. keep it real 
boys, you guys kick a*s. Well boys the bagpipes have finally faded away, yet I assure you my ears will be ringing for a life 

Hussein Fazal 

House: Smith 

As the typical story goes, I entered S.A.C not knowing what to expect and with conviction that this next phase of my life 
would be hell. It took a few years to settle in but eventually I realized that I'd be here until I graduate and I might as well 
make the best of the situation I was in. Fortunately. I realized early enough and I still had time to change my participation 
and contributions to S.A.C life. It was when I began to take advantage of the numerous opportunities Saint Andrew's College 
provides that I realized the advantage to be had spending six years of my life at S.A.C. 

I would like to begin by giving thanks to my parents for sending me to S.A.C where 1 have transformed from a young boy to 
a man. I would like to thank all the teachers who have put up with me over the years. Special thanks to Mr. Galajda w ho 
pushed me to reach my full potential; Mr. Perner who has laid down for me a strong foundation in mathematics; Mr. 
Cameron who taught me French for six years and Mr. Scoular who educated me on the things that are more important in life 
than academics. I'd like to finish off by giving respect to ALL my friends in and out of school; Asad, McFly. Bruce, Tsuji. 
Hash. Muj. Din. Sam, Ref. Jaf. Da click, my cousin Zainab, and to everyone else graduating this year. 

Stephen Gariepy 

House: Smith 

Nicknames; Agent X. Homer. Coola, and just Gariepy or other similar renditions 

Activities: Music, Drama, Technical. Focus. ISDF. Coffee house, sports, a ton more I've missed, oh ya there was some 

school in there also. 

SAC, just a little word, S... A...C... but what a meaning behind it. I'd like to think now that I ready to start my life that now 

I am prepared to fight, and you know what I think I am. This school isn't a normal high school it isn't just something the 

government put up. This school was built with care, with love, with pride. That's how our life has been for the past five 

years. And we have enjoyed it and embraced it. And we have taken every thing out of this school that we can. And we are 

prepared. There aren't that many things that they expect us to remember, but there is one that they enforce, even though it is 

a short sentence it is a strong meaning and every Andrean will know exactly what is meant behind it. "Quit ye like men. be 

strong." We are men now, and we are strong. I thank all my teachers and the staff at the school, for providing me with the 

best times of my life maybe! But they will be the most memorable. To all the people who want to know: THIS IS SAC; 

AND I AM: ANDREAN!!!!!! End of chapter high school, next chapter... 

Alexander Gawel 

House: Flavelle 

These six years that I have spent at SAC have been the weirdest years. I still remember my first year and it feels like u w as 
yesterday. I guess that concussions don't lead to Brain damage. The people are wicked and I look at every other school and 
nothing compares to this one. SAC has an excellent reputation with sports that is not like any other school. But it wasn't until 
my final year that I realized that this isolated world would end. My final year was amazing but I still can't wait to get out. 
SAC has prepared me to the point that I am ready to leave and tackle my next step. There are lots of amazing teachers, so 
I've been told. The trip to Cancun was a different trip all together. I went down with some good friends and we made out 
names known at the bar. It was great fun when each one of us tried to take on Gord. I would like to thank Mike for this 
unusual year and for helping me when we first met the Branksome chicks. Frank next time its not going to be me in the 
corner. Blair thanks for freshening up my bathroom at room. Kyle, we have some good times together, do you remember any 
of them because I don't. Justin (Smokey I photo op. Miss. Kevin (smiley) sharky. Sorry about that. One thing 1 have learnt 
never try and dance on tables, they seem to be dangerous. Thanks to even one that made this a wicked yen 


The Graduates of 2000 

Asad Haque 

House: Smith 

For the Class of 2000. Prize Day brought feelings of both excitement and sorrow. Graduation meant it was time to move on 
and follow our instincts beyond the gates of St. Andrew's. My six year experience there is one that I will never forget; 
however, it could not have been made possible without the strong support from my family, thank you Mom, Daddy. Nano and 
Amber. I made friends from all walks of life here. Wanki, better known as Dr. David Suzuki, you know you're my best 
buddio. 2G...big 'G', you know I love jumbo butter burma prawns. OH DEAR! Huss the buss, INTENSE PHYSIO - enough 
said! Boris, Russian refugee, let's go get some stationary, haha! Nick you will always be my student. Tej, party man all the 
way. I will definitely be coming to Bowdoin for safe Ajmera jams guy! 

My experience here would no be complete without recognizing some of the teachers that have influenced and shaped my life 
and deserve a big 'thankyou'. Mr. Arril for his guidance; Mr. Walden and Mr. Galajda for motivating me to do my best; Ms. 
Picerno for being an older sister, always giving me sound advice, GRACIAS; and Mr. Cameron who has changed me both on 
the squash court and the classroom. MERCI! I will never forget SAC and my friends and teachers who made it so memorable. 
It was a long six years and I finally made it. To all the grads...GOOD LUCK. ..and to all my friends... keep in touch! Lates... 

Ken Ho 

House: Memorial 

Activities: three years Intramural Basketball, U16 tennis, 2nd tennis, 1st tennis. Cadet Band. Concernt Band. Member of 

SAC Choir. Head of Taiwanians community, and volunteer full time driver. 

Sayings: Never argue with idiots, coz they will pull down your IQ and beat you badly with their experiences. Yo, let's order, 

Taiwanians. Micolau: stop talking on the phone, let's go party. Jonwoo: Yo, go get the phone. I know you can hear. Barrie: 

don't buy too many cars. McAndy: go buy some catfishes and feed them 4 seasons everyday. Orson: don't waste too much 

time on cheating. Jackson: hope to see your new car, make sure it is made in German. Danny: let's go play basketball. 

Shocan: go get hair cut, it is cute. Jay: stop cutting your nails, you will cut off your legs by accident in one day. Ray: change 

your bedsheet. Fred: stop studying, you are killing me. Andrew: go take bath, now is summer. Ross: go to bed. stop fooling 

around like ghost. William: let's join party, don't be alone. Keng-hao: turn your phone off, I want a cawhey, stop talking to 

VVV, and umm drink milks love life. 

I want to give special thanks to Mr. Perrier. Mrs. Perrier, and Mr. Butcher. I am proud to been an Andrean. 

Gerren Hopkin 

House: Flavelle 

Sayings:Man!,Umm, Who shat? Do it like so.. .Just breeze.You're whack. 

First of all, I only have my incredible mother and father to thank for sending me to this institution. My four years at this 

place have been amazing. Through the good times and fair amount of bad times, they have been years of intense growth. It 

took a while to realise it but it was her that I really found myself. It was here that I realised my confidence and vast potential. 

The only teachers who ever taught me anything here were Mr. Myrans and Mr. Scoular. I don't care who disagrees, it's the 

truth. I wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavours. 

Special thanks to my sister Gael who was there in the hospital for me at late hours of the night. Pilgrim for being a good 

friend. Chicken, Smiley, Man! (Jacob), Chris Bibby. Gunman like Smokey. Scottie da hottie, Ariel. Pubes. Scoota. and 


Nicholas Ivandic 

House: Sifton 

It has been a wonderful experience coming to SAC. Not only, have I made great friends but I've realized being an andrean is 
a great privilege. To future andreans if you work hard, to the best of your abilities at everything you do in life, you will 


The Graduates of 2000 

Monty Jarrett 

House: Memorial 

Activities: Basketball, West Side Story 

Future Plans: College in the United States. Where exactly is undecided still. 

Ikhaz Kadiri 

House: Ramsey 

Activities: 7 Year Club!. Basketball. West Side Story, Assistant Head of Ramsey House 

Future Plans:Was accepted at Windor. Concordia for Psychology; Launer for Arts and McMaster for Humanities. 

Jason Kaptyn 

House: Smith 

Years at SAC: Six 

Nicknames: Kap, Big Kap. Giraffe. Fifi. Kap'n Krunch 

Activities: first soccer, first hockey, first volleyball, first golf (mvp/captain 5 years). 2nd hockey (best experience of my life), 

Serjeant in cadet corps. 

Boris Kholodov 

House: Flavelle 

Sayings: Money is bad, but it's necessary. You missed your tutoring session; you still get charged. Democracy can't work 

efficiently: a benevolent dictator (someone like me) is what the society needs. I skipped your class; here is your gift. 

My St. Andrew's experience was a useful one: Mr. Myrans taught me how to approach research correctly and I will use this 

knowledge throughout my life. Without Mr. Myrans. my career at SAC would be incomplete. Mr. Halstead infected me with 

two diseases: Spanish and travel. I will never be cured from them and. eventually, die from the overwhelming side effects 

they bring. Ms. Picerno was an excellent language instructor and a person with whom I could share all my thoughts. Ms. 

Rose-Kudelka, Ms. Yonder and Ms. Roncadin kept me on the right path during my years at SAC. helping me in such vital 

things as stress management and moral support. Some other staff members were nice to me. Thanks to them. Thanks to my 

parents who sent me to St. Andrew's. Thanks to my friends in the OAC class that supported me. especially to Nick. Wanki. 

Asad and Jacob, who demonstrated that they are real friends. 


The Graduates of 2000 

Hyun Do Kim 

House: Flavelle 

Activities: Rugby, Basketball. The Musical, and many performances at Nights of Recital and of course The Carol Service. 
Future Plans: Will be attending McMaster for Electrical Engineering. 

Michael Kim 

House: Sifton 

Activities: Softball. Squash. Soccer, Track and Field. 

Future Plans: Will be attending the University of Toronto for Science. 

Mathew Krock 

House: Sifton 

Michael Lau 

House: Memorial 

Activities: Rugby, Tennis, Intramural Basketball, Community Service, Volleyball, Focus, DECA, Choir, Co-Head of 
Memorial House. 

SAC just got more fun as time passed by. It's da best! Gonna miss you, SAC! Mom and Dad. thanks so much for sending me 
here... And SIS. thanks soo much for your 200% support through out my sac years ...always helping me, pushing me on uni 
application and supporting me on my girl-friendship issues. Good luck to my brother. Lastly, haveta thank Yee. Ma, Ernest, 
and Jen! Thanks so much for helping me all da time, and driving me around and cooking good food during weekends and 
tidying up our house. To my best OAC buddies at SAC: Adrian. Andy. Barry, Ken, John, Jason, Ricky, and Wyn.. . So much 
has happened in our OAC year... it was fun to hang around with you guys. lOOOx thanks! Thanks to all the last year grads. 
Joey & Hans, won't forget the game we played before the Cal exam. A salute to all my Korean buddies, you guys were always 
so cool & friendly! Take care (<gr 12)! 


The Graduates of 2000 

Joshua Lee 

House: Flavelle 

"/ shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 
I took the one less traveled by. 
And that lias made all the difference." 

- Robert Frost 

James Lee 
House: Flavelle 

Favorite Saying: GOD BLESS !!!!!!!!!!. its alright, and W AZZUP 

Activities: 1st Golf, 2nd Basketball, Sr. Cross Country. 2nd Volleyball 

First, I just like to thank God for allowing me to come to SAC. He has given me the strength in the hardest time and gave me 

joy at many things I did. My contentment of being an Andrean could not have been possible without God. 

Second of all, I want to thank my family. Grace, thanks for being an awesome sister. Mom. what can I say other then I love 

you and thank you for all the things I'd taken as granted before. And finally dad, thank you for teaching me what life is, you 

know you're my hero!!! I also like to thank all the teachers and coaches that taught me more then just education and sports 

but showed me what life can bring. At times these were the teachers and coaches I didn't agree with but looking back, it was 

these kind of experience and challenges that they gave me that made me into a man. This school not only prepared me for 

education and sports but also life. 

Forbes Lilford 

House: Flavelle 

Years at SAC: 2 

Favourite sayings: To the Forevergreens 

Good Bve To The Crew. 

Albert Lin 

House: Sifton 

Activities: Swimming. West Side Story. 
Next Year: U of T for Life Sciences. 


The Graduates of 2000 

Jeffery Lo 

House: Sifton 

Time really went by quickly throughout my years in SAC. I remember the first week, it felt like a year. Now. this place feels 
like a timeless place, you walk in at September and a second later, you walk out in June. It went by fast when you were 
having a great time. I remember a lot of guest speakers who said to us that theirs high school life was their biggest influence 
time in their life. I can see they are right. SAC is already my most influency and memorable time at this time of my life. 1 
must thanks all the teachers, staff, and students for making the best time in my life. Special thanks to my wise advisor, Mr. T. 
Myrans; my skillful tutor, and her generous husband, Mrs.T & Mr.G Robson; my housemaster and his kind wife, Mr.P & 
Mrs J Bedard; the helpful and nice librarians Mrs. Pilleci, and Ms. Marsh; the cheerful dininghall staff. Dave and Marie; and 
my good friends Adrian Chan. John Ngo. Jonathan. Nelson. Bernard. Ken Ho. Michael Lau. Adrian Lee. Wyn-Ron. Jackson, 
Ricky and J.C. and also my brother who always help me indirectly throughout the time in SAC. Most importantly, I must 
thanks my generous, and wise parents for sending me to this wonderful place to study with these wonderful people and also 
for supporting and listening to my problems and giving me the freedom and trust to chose my own path. Thank you very 

Thomas Long 

House: Sifton 

Activities: Softball. First Hockey, 1st Football. Community Service. 

Nezt Year: Queen's University for Humanities. 

Ricky Luk 

House: Smith 

Activities: 1st badminton (3 yrs); 1st volleyball (3 yrs). Cadet Lieutenant 

Seven years of my life has passed in a blink of an eye. Having spent a large part of my life at SAC. it's almost like a second 
home to me. I leave SAC having mixed feelings with happiness and sadness. The happiness of what's to come and the sadness 
of what I'll be leaving behind. Nonetheless, the countless memories I've had here are priceless. 

Without my parents, none of this would be possible. Thank you for sending me to such a great place. Wyn. what more can I 
say. I'm going to miss you being in all my classes. Thanks. J, you've put up with me for 7 years and been there for me every 
time on the courts or in the classroom. It's been rough, but we finally got through it! Mr. Dominato and Ms. K. you've taught 
me a lot on the courts both technically and mentally. I couldn't have had the success without your guidance. Mr. Cowell, 
thanks for everything. You've watched me grow old from a child to a man and you've been there when I needed advice and 
guidance. You've been a great help to me surviving the 7 years here. 


Sheldon Lyn 

House: Sifton 

Activities: 1st Cricket, 2nd Soccer, Community Service. 
Next Year: Queen's for Science. 


The Graduates of 2000 

Mike MacDonald 

House: Memorial 
Activities: 1st Hockey. Soccer. 

Sean Manley 

House: Sifton 

Activities: Softball. Alpine Skiing. Co-Producer for West Side Story. 

Future plans: Will be attending Acadia for Arts & Science 

Jacob Marcinkowski 

House: Flavelle 

Activities: First Football, First Alpine Skiing IM1P), First Tennis, U17 Basketball, U16 Tennis. U16 Football. U16 Volleyball. 
U16 Basketball. U15 Tennis, Sargeant. DECA. ISDF, Billy Budd, A Midsummer Night's Dream. H.M.S. Pinafore. The Tape. 
Clueless, Dispatches From Hell. Some People. The Age of Fable, California'97. Greece'00, Costa Rica: HACIA'OO 
Attending SAC has been an experience that I will never forget. I spent the last four years learning about life, playing sports, 
making friends with which I hope to never lose touch with, and all this wouldn't have happenened without my parents having 
sent me here. Fast-tracking, was a smart move for me. it made me work harder and become more efficient, and 1 proved io 
myself that I could do it succesfully. My parents gave me the opportunity and prvilege to come to SAC and to learn as much 
as I could from it; Thank you. I have always thought SAC to be a place of vast opportunities and learning experiences, but 
most of all a place to make "lifelong friendships"! 

Andrew McNabb 

House: Smith 

Activities: Lacrosse. Basketball, Soccer. 

Future Plans: Will be attending Laurier for Kinesiology & Phys. Ed. 


The Graduates of 2000 

Nicholas Middleton 

House: Ramsey 

Activities: First Football(97,98,99) First Weight lifting. 2nd Hockey (3 year vet). Road Trippin'. "West Side Story" 

It is still hard to understand how short my experience has been, the time has flown by. My days at SAC as a student are over 
and never again will the SAC I attended be the same. After we graduate life goes on. hence the changes that will take place. 
And so when I pass through the gates for the last time never again will I return as a student. I will leave with the same body 
with which I arrived but with a Mind and soul that have experienced the ecstasy and hardship of being an adolescent. And it is 
w ifh these experiences that I will pass through the gates and into the world with the mind to imagine, the body to act. and a 
soul full of aspirations. Instead of regretting what has come to an end. I look forward for what is to come. " Success is not 
measured by the position that one has reached, but rather the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed. " 

— Booker.T.Washinton 
Thank You to my parents for providing the opportunity to come to St. Andrew's, it has truly been the experience of a life time, 
for which I am truly grateful. Thank You to the Boyz, its been one crazy trip, but it's only gonna get better, your all wicked! 
And Thank You Ashes, you are the best, and always be. 

Aman Mohammud 

House: Flavelle 

Activities: Cross Country Running. Community Service. 

Future Plans: Will be attending Ryerson for Civil Engineering. 

lain Myrans 

House: Smith 

As someone who's lived on the campus for most of my life, and considering St. Andrew's is not only my school but also my 
home, it seems strange to be moving on to University. It also seems strange to be leaving friends who I've seen every day for 
so long -- especially Iain Rogers. Stephen Gariepy. Alex Tse. Stephen Alanko and Boris Kholodov. I know Iain, Steve and I 
are all going to miss our little hang-out (being the Ketchum Auditorium Lighting Booth) and all the fun we had working in 
the theater over the last four or five years -- a major part of our lives here. I'll always think back to my trips to Vancouver. 
Costa-Rica and Nepal which, in each case. I went on to represent St. Andrew's either in sport, academic, or community 
service work. It's been a wonderful place to go to school and I will miss it. Thank you to all the teachers I've had over the 
years; thank you to Ms. Marsh and Mrs. Pilieci, the friendliest librarians in the world; and of course thank you my parents 
who struggled to make it possible for me to attend this school. Finally thank you Carolyn for all your guidance in what has 
been a very busy and somewhat stressful Grade 13 year. I always wonder where I'd be without you. 

As my home is on campus I'll still be around when I'm not at University but I know it won't ever be quite the same. 
I'll miss this place. 

Alex Naghi 

House: Sifton 

Activities: Rugby. Football. Debating 

Future Plans: Was accepted at Queens. York, Western. U of T. Carleton. Laurier. McMaster, and Dalhousie but will be 

attending McMaster for Business next year. 


The Graduates of 2000 

Jamie Near 

House: Ramsey 

Years At SAC: Five 

Nicknames: Tweety, Little Near, Little No Beer, Chris Wakefield. 

Sayings: "Don't even talk to me.", "Listen to me Sammy, there's beef jerky, and then there's prime nb." 

Activities: Prefect, 1st Football (2a), 1st Downhill Skiing (la), Tier II Hockey (la), 1st Rugby (la). Outreach 

Committee, and member of numerous focus BBQ bands, performer at coffeehouses and Cabarets.... 
Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me the chance to be a member of this community, and constantly supporting me. I love you. 
Thanks Dan for clearing my path and Jess for coming to my games even when I didn't start. Thanks to Mr Cameron for 
seeing my love for football and giving me the opportunity to play. I will always remember this team, and your horse-races 
were a pleasure. Mr Arril, your chapel sermons have always meant a lot to me. To the prefects, I have never been associated 
with such an amazing group of people. To the final four, you guys are my best friends. See you at Sammy's Cottage. 
Thanks also to Mr Cowell, Mr Service and Mr Butcher. 

John Ngo 

House: Flavelle 

ACTIVITIES: Fencing 1998-2000, "THE" Magazine 1999-2000, Table Tennis Club 1998-1999, SAC Webmaster 1999- 

I Love You Dad, Mom Jacky and Jeffrey. Thanks to My Teachers, Advisors and Staff who had my stay here in SAC a 
memorable one. Namely, Mr. Myrans, Mr. Swan, Mr. Giel, Mr. Foy, Mr. Shnmpton, Mr. Butcher, Mr. & Mrs. Perner, Mr. 
Halstead, Carol and Luigi. Maraming Salamat Po. 

As I embed my name, experiences and views about the school. I only want to leave this simple yet significant message to 
everybody who has changed my life: "Nothing in this world can take the place of perseverance. Talent will not; nothing is 
more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Persistence and 
determination alone are omnipotent. Just remember that success is only one percent of inspiration and ninety nine percent of 
perspiration. Do the best in the finest of your ability and you'll be rewarded, trust me... Carpadiem" 

Gordon Ozawa 

House: Smith 

Activities: Rugby, Footbal, RSM in Cadets, Assistant Head of Smith House, Chess Player, Debating Society. 

Plans for the Future: Queen's University for Science 

Wan Ki Park 

House: Memorial 

One of those people who passed by here before us reminded us to remember to always take time to say thanks to those who 
give. This is my time to thank people who gave me so much during my 5 years at SAC. Without them, SAC wouldn't have 
be the same place. My Parents - 1 still remember your worried faces when you left me here alone with other 450 boys. 
Without your sacrifice, encouragement, support, concern, and love. I would not be who I am. My deepest appreciation goes 
to you. Thank you. I love you so much. Asad - I could never imagine my life here without your presence. You have been 
more than a friend to me. I love you brother! Boris - What a guy! Language Master. Real Estate Agent. Part-time student. 
Full-time tutor, Nick, Thank you for being a true bro. Thanks 2G, Tejus for being true friends. St. Andrew's College was my 
home, battlefield, learning institute, hangout, and racing track. It's truly not an ordinary place. It taught me how to love, 
hate, cry, laugh, learn, and dream. I'm leaving this place as a man of potential who is up for any challenge. As Machiavelli 
said everything that doesn't hurt one makes him stronger, I've gone through the toughest times here and made me a stronger 
person. My friendship shall be cherished and (he memories will be missed. When I leave the gate for the last time, I'm 
leaving as a man of dream. 


The Graduates of 2000 

Ryan Park 

House: Smith 

"The sense of danger must not disappear: 
The way is certainly both short and steep. 
However gradual it looks from here; 
Look if you like, but you will have to leap.' 

- W. H. Auden 

Austin Porter 

House: Ramsey 

These past four years may have been a blur, but squinting my eyes through the thick haze I think I can see a light somewhere 
in the distance. A light, that will soon lead me to the second stage of my life's journey. But. first and foremost I would like to 
thank my parents and family for sticking with me through the entirety of my immaturity and adolescence. I know its been a 
constant struggle as I've slowly learnt some life lessons, but I'm confident in saying that your patience and understanding has 
finally paid off. I could never have accomplished any of my dreams and goals without the great support that you have shown 
me throughout the years. Secondly big shouts out to all my boyz: you have given me some amazing memories and I'll never 
forget any of you. Sink the Pink- my fellow juvenile delinquent. .cyat or should I say Sunny D?!? Chiz- for the last time, those 
aren't your Eyes! Devo- my role model and icon, never leave the Dark Side. Greg - You're an asshole. Never change. Nags- 
from nights at the House of ill Repute to knife pulling. . . Never forget to always go home wit somethin to poke on. Abus- 
you're probably the only guy with a worse rep than me. Thanks. To the rest of the Grads. I wish you the best in your future 
endeavours., and to all those ladies who weren't afraid to peel off the thong, nuff respect. And finally Yo.just remember I was 
inside listening to my Will Smith cd when I heard. ...shut up ****! hold up, hold up.. .Detroit Baby. Detroit What!! -- PEACE. 

Kevin Richards 

House: Flavelle 
3 Years at SAC, 

Sayings: "yes yes yes", "what ya sayin". "safe", "rampel", "Wallace", "flop" 
Nicknames: Smiley, Vgsis, Sprewell, Spanky, Rahim 
Activities: Soccer, Basketball. Tennis. Cricket. Rugby, Track & Field. 
West Side Story, Focus. Prefect, Assistant Head of House 

If you can't be yourself, what's the point of being? 

Michael Richardson 

House: Flavelle 

Activities: Rugby, Football. Community Service. 

Future Plans: Will be attending Laurier for Arts. 


The Graduates of 2000 

lain Rogers 

House: Smith 

Nicknames: Rog. SpaceMonkey. Iain I, Iain 2. Myrans. Ben. Mini-Ben. 

Savings: "No. my name is not Myrans.". "Shut up Steve.", "murp". "You're disturbing my sense of order.". 
"Bleah!". "haing -- djibuti". "Yes, quite." "Oh bloody hell!" 

I have studied, played, made friends and. well, grown up at St. Andrew's. I have spent the majority of my waking life for the 
past seven years in this place. One thing is certain. I would not be the person I am today if it were not for this school. I have 
no point of comparison to judge the extent of this influence, but I am confident that the friendships made, the skills learned, 
the knowledge gained, and the habits formed will serve me well in all future endeavors. Thanks to my most inspiring and 
supportive fellow Andreans. my family: Stephen Gariepy. Iain Myrans, Jon Butcher, Tony Myrans, William Scoular, the 
Library staff and the whole graduating class. I could fill a page with others, you know who you are, and you deserve more 
thanks than I could possibly express. I love this school and will certainly miss it. But the memories shall last forever. St. 
Andrew 's I will not forget. 

Frank Ross 

House: Memorial 

Activities: Rugby. Community Service. Weight Trainer. 

Future Plans: Will be attending Laurier for Business Administraton and Computer Studies. 

Samuel Rothwell 

House: Sifton 

Nicknames: Sammy. Hot Beef. Roth, Softy 
Sayings: Oh Dahn. Shaft, stinky, what's going on' 7 
Activities: Football. Rugby. Alpine Skiing. Member of final 4 

To condense my last five years at SAC would not give the school justice. I always thought that my high school years would 
take forever, but as each term passed, then after each year flew bye, by the time I realised that the time went bye so quickly, I 
didn't have very much time left. As I begin my final term at SAC. I only now have begun to realise the huge effect that this 
school has played in my life. The friends that I have made here I am sure will last me my entire life, and the work habits I 
have picked up will as well. As I walk through school during my last two months here. I can't help but think about how many 
times I have bumped into a friend, or run down the chapel steps for sports practice. In short. I will never forget all of the 
valuable lessons and memories that 1 have picked up from my peers, teachers, and mentors. Thank you SAC. I will never 
forget you. 

Ian Sinclair 

House: Ramsey 

Saying: Yo Man! You wanna know something? Wanna ride in the pimp-mobile? It's MARTY time! Meet you at Mel's. 
Wanna Cyat? X Whoom! Dawg...Dawg! Sup! Whach you say'n? Ceen guy ceen! How you feeling? Porn mobile! Napoleon 
just kicked my ass! Going to see the wife! 
Activities: First Soccer, First Hockey, First Weight Training, First Crippler. 

Over my past seven years as an Andrean many people have helped me on many different levels. First of all I would like to 
thank my parents who provided me both with motivation and financial support through my long high school years at this SAC. 
It was tough at times but our strength and determination pushed us through and I can't thank you enough. A huge thanks, to all 
the people who put in countless hours outside of the classroom, to assist me with my weaknesses. To my beautiful girlfriend 
Sarah, who made things easier when things were not going well I couldn't thank you enough. Finally, to the BOYS! Chi/. 
Devo. Princess, Porter. Rocco, McDonald, Snider and Thompson the years have been great and the memories will last me a 
lifetime, keep well and stay in touch 


The Graduates of 2000 

Mitchell Smith 

House: Memorial 

Activities: Basketball, Footbal. Outreach Commitee. Co Head of Memorial House. Weight Trainer. 

Future Plans: Will be at one of the following Universities: Queen's. McMaster. and Guelph to study Science. 

Bruce Tasios 

House: Ramsey 
Years at SAC: 2 
The sky's the limit. 

Gregory Thompson 

House: Smith 

Activities: Head of House, Captain Rec Golf. First Mels. First Snocross, CHA. 2nd Hockey. 

Nicknames: T. Tommy, G. Moistner. 

Favorite sayings: Moisten. Geeeee. Mels? Happy Hanukkah. What kind of show? Floyd. Nipple. Oh, you're celebrai me 

the festive season. You don't need to go to class. Get on the canoe, the brew canoe. Dart me. 

As the haze of red and white fades and the sounds of 'As The Saints' and 'Amazing Grace' fades off into the background. I 

must say it's been the trip of a lifetime. I've made many good friends that hold a special place in my heart. Bobo, Chiz, 

Devo. Joey, Krack, Mikey. Rocko, Sinker. Terry you boys are it. I love you guys like brothers and brothers we will forever 

be. Mom and Dad I am forever in your debt and I hope I have made you proud. I love you both very much. Kath, thanks for 

doing my homework, you're the best. Steve and Graham, SAC has a lot to offer, so take full advantage of it, because the 

worst things in life are regrets. 

"He v \ou.' Don 't tell me there 's no hope at all. Together we stand, divided we fall." - Pink Floyd 

Zilvan To 

House: Flavelle 

Time has gone by so fast. I still remember the first day I passed the entrance gate when I first came here as a new boy in Grade 
11. 1 still remembered I had the feelings of the anxiety and worries about the new school, the environment and all the prople in 
St Andrew's. Luckly, everything was going pretty smooth and under controlled. I have adapted to the lifestyles in St Andrew's 
pretty quickly and soon developed into a better person as time goes by. During the past three years. I have learned a lot in St 
Andrew's in both academics and in sports. I have learned how to get along with the people in this small community in St 
Andrew's. This really benefits me a lot when I finish my study and begin to work in the society. Every little things that I 
learned and every people that I have encountered in St Andrew's were valuable experiences for me. I will remember all those 
wonderful moments that I have shared with all of you and hopefully can carry on the spirit of the Andreans forever. 
Additionally, I would also like to thanks my parents for sending me to St Andrew's to further my studies in such a fine and 
tremendous high school and receiving a high level of education. Finally. I would like to thanks all the teachers, students and 
Dinning Hall Staffs etc for providing me such a meaningful and Fulfilling career throughout my three years stay in St Andrew's 
College. Hopefully, I can get accepted In U of T at last as I wish. Then it will be a perfect ending for my high school career. 


The Graduates of 2000 

Matthew Tsuji 

House: Smith 

Nicknames: 2G, Mike Tanaka. Tug. Mr. Tagamichinoku. Sho Gun 

Famous Savings: Give me 9 B52's. drop perpendiculars, exactly. 

Activities: 1st Hockey, 1st Volleyball, 1st Golf. Co-Head of House. Co-founder of the Basement Heroics, Knight of the Round 

Table. Official Member of the Brown Table. Overkill Excursion Duo. Student Ambassador for Kids Help Phone. Ambassador 

for Special Olympics. 

My three vears at St. Andrew's has taught me many important lessons that will aid me on all of my future endeavours and has 

taught me that "life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well" Josh Billings. This can be applied 

to athletics, academics.. .life. You might not be the best on your team, the best in your class, or the best off. but if you set goals. 

work hard, and never lose focus, you will never lose in the game of life. I would advise everyone to do as much volunteer 

work as they can because "we make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill. To all my 

boys. ..respect! 

Barry Wai 

House: Memorial 

I remember the first time when I stepped into the Great Hall for lunch on the new boy orientation day four years ago. I 
couldn't believe that I would be eating in this dining hall for four years in the future. But time did past quickly; I am now 
graduating from SAC. 

Before coming to SAC. I had been in the same school for all my life (including kindergarten), so it was my first experience of 
adapting to a new school. Here I met a lot of amazing people - scholars, athletes, actors, artists, musicians and more. SAC had 
widened my views to this world. There were many thing-, that I knew 1 would have never tried if I did not come to SAC. 
Being an Andrean is certainly one of the most important turning points of my life. The terrifying workload and compulsory 
activities had kept me busy every second. Although I had forgotten what is "free time" after I came here. I've learned a lot of 
things that people from other places wouldn't have the chance to learn. SAC made me well prepared for my future. 

Finally. I would like to thank my parents for letting me become an Andrean. I would also like to thank all the teachers that had 
taught me in the four years, especially my advisor. Mr. Giel. who was always there for me. I will miss this place. 

Willie Wai 

House: Flavelle 

It seems like only yesterday that I joined St. Andrew's College because these two years has passed by like an April breeze. In 
a w ink of an eye my high school life will come to an end and it w iil unite with my other memories. I must say I've had good 
times, but there had to be bad times to even things out (I guess that's life), but I'm happy to say that I was never alone to face 
them. I had all the support that I needed from the very special people around me. each of them special in their own way. My 
first thank you goes to my parents. Mum: without your support, smile/, caring heart, patience and love I wouldn't be here. 
Deddy: thank you for vour support to put me through school, through the bad times, you were always there for me. Without 
you two. I would not of gotten a chance to study at such a place as this. I Lu\ you two with all my heart. Many thanks go to my 
Auntie Judie for taking care of me as my parent here, in TO. Finally, the ori - CISHK people; my best friends. MC. Worm, 
Hanger. Swervs. Fat, JoeJoe. Mountain Chicken: U Ma Bruthas alwayz. Mags. Mel, Friday, JBug. Kan, Hed. Heidi. AN. Sus. 
Cat, Dawn, Dorleen. Bandaid, VC1. VC2, Elle, Justin, Mart, Bon. Silky. Luke: thx for being there for me. guiding me. loving 
me. Final thx to Ms Tarn. Babybubba. Porsche. Uncle Ron. Dave. Master, Uncle 7, nashi, Miaka. Schmick. Mr. Myrans, Mr. 
Swan. Mr. Galajda. Mr. Walden and the little boyz Keigo. GMan. KP. sim, zukkuv...You are all a bunch of special people. I 
love you all. Take Care. 

Kyle Walsh 

House: Smith 

Nicknames: Stoner, Stones. SALSHY. scrap. Dopey, and Rock> 

Acth ities: Cross Country. Hockey. Rugby. Napping during Cadets. Sleeping Through Chapel. Eating at Mels. Ultimate 


Saying: "I AM WALSH". "What was I saying ' ". "Where's Dopey!". "Did Gawel get hit in the head again'". "Alright so we're 

tying one on". "I idon't speak Spanish Derrick!". "Could you give me a ride to my Volvo Mechanic?" 

I want to thank my parents for all their support over the years. There are a few teachers I want to thank as well. My rugby 

coach. Mr Swan, for showing me "the greatest game in the world" as well as Mr Scoular for his ahsoloulee dedication to 

FOCUS and being so inspirational. Mr. Service for introducing me to economics. Ms Perrier for looking out foi me and Mr 

Tsioris for putting up uwith that bum in the back row. 



The Graduates of 2000 

Justin Williams 

House: Ramsey 

Activities: Soccer. Rugby. West Side Story. Outreach Committee. Focus. Debating 
Future Plans: Will be attending Queen's for Arts. 

Brandon Wilson 

House: Ramsey 

Nicknames: Willy. Sleeper. 

Activities: 7 Year Club, West Side Story (Producer). Focus 2000 Asst. Production Manage. Administration Clerk for Cadets 

A Grade 7 veteran, weighing in at 70 pounds and a towering 4' 6" survived seven years of Great Hall lunches to become a 5' 
1 1", 165 pound Andrean. Along the way, SAC has provided many great experiences, opportunities and friendships. 

My highlight in arts and drama was being Producer for the production of West Side Story (look out Hollywood) and Focus 

World adventures with SAC include Costa Rica (Grade 9). Belize (Grade 10), and the Cancun Grad Trip 2000. 

Thanks to Mr. Josselyn. Mr. Dominate Mr. Scoular. Mr. Arril, and many others for their guidance over these past seven years. 
Thanks also to all my friends for being there for me all the time. 

Next year: Mathematics / Business Administration at Waterloo. 

Jonathan Wu 

House: Memorial 

Activities: Fast Tracker, Basketball. DECA. Community Service. Soccer, Choir. Band. 

Future Plans: Accepted at Western, U of T, and McMaster but will be going to Wisconsin to study Business. 

William Yuen 

House: Flavelle 

Nicknames: Cold-Blooded 

SAC is an unique experience for me. So many things I haven't tried before 1 experienced it, here, in SAC. Boarding, Cadets, 
Saturday school, curfew, chapel and study periods at night are just some things that made SAC so memorable. With tight 
schedules everyday (school, cadets, sports, study period). I felt that I'm not wasting time with my life. What I use to do was go 
to the arcades, watch TV. hang around malls, wasting time just to make my day fulfil. I have no control and no scheldule for 
that kind of life. Too chaotic and too much distractions. Well, now I'm back on track and actually study. I felt that these 2 
years in SAC were way longer than what I was doing all those years back in Hong Kong. A really hectic life but its worth it 
when 1 realize how much I get out of it. The discipline, the education and most importantly. I am not wasting time, I am 
gaining a wothwhile experience. Finally. I like to say thanx to all my friends that stick up for me when I need them. Peace. 


The Class of the Millennium" 

^ " 

"* /Jem 

Hjjf - vB 



n Mr ' '« 

K ^Isl 


1 - ; Vv 

^ /f^ 




♦ ♦ 

Sports, St Andrew's Night, Ski Day, Boarding, ft 

Trips, Special activities, MacPherson... & more 

.X Country Run, Track & Field Day, Middle School Mei 


?/ Banquet, Cadet Formal, Cabaret & more - SAC's got it all! 


's Cross Country Run 

Every year, there comes the 
inevitable day in SAC life 
when all active members of 
the school participate in the perennial 
cross-county run. While some enjoy 
the competition, others regard it as a 
necessary 'last step' before going 
forth to the Thanksgiving weekend. 

As always, the event began as a 
massive group forming on the lower 
fields. Headmaster Staunton blew the 
whistle signaling the commencement 
of the race and the whole crowd scat- 
tered and the quicker atheletes 
headed off ahead of the pack. 

Congratulations to Pete McClellan 
who sprinted to 1 st place. 

Thanks to all who participated with 
enthusiasm in this traditional event. 
It was a beautiful Fall day and an ex- 
hilarating way to start Thanksgiving. 

a Fall tradition 

I (alibi: I r :, ■•,,! 'i. \. J - ( t \' out 

•V f* "**c^.' ™ " 




It too! 

rade 12 Environmental Science students recently engaged in our 
annual four-day field trip to Haliburton Forest Outdoor Education 
Centre (September 26-29). This was our eighth year at Haliburton Forest 
and, once again, the trip was a challenging and educational experience. 
Students took part in studies through instruction in outdoor survival skills, 
orienteering and forestry, a ropes course, cliff climbing, a night hike and a 
30km mountain bike trek through the beautiful fall colours of Haliburton. 
A team effort was evident throughout the trip as students cooked and 
cleaned for each other; we had memorable meals: Soup de Oliver, Zaki's 
special muffins & pudding, and Giancarlo's Banana pancakes. 

ur students were able to see a feeding of the nine wolves at 
Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre and some were also able to 
observe David Bishop of Haliburton Forest call out what he thought 
was a moose during their "survival skills" hike. It wasn't a moose that 
came crashing through the bush, however, but a large male black bear 
who, after a good look around, headed back into the woods. It was a 
great trip-and I'm looking forward to a visit to the Love Canal/ 
Niagara Region in April with group of highly motivated "environ- 





— 4 

■j,Z •-*'-* 

— •> 

rV r 

*4 •■■ — 

\ f& 

"Best Trip „ 

Ever " m V ] 

fli v* 

: 'nviron nental Science 

Directed by Mrs. Lee Clements, Billy Budd takes 
place aboard the H.M.S. Indomitable at sea, in August, 
1978. It is the year following the Naval mutinies at 
Spithead and the Nore. 

The Master at Arms, played by Warren Lowe, lies 
and deceives us, while his abusive powertrip causes 
the men to loathe him with a passion. Captain Vere, 
played by Jacob Marcinkowski, tries to keep every- 
thing fair for everyone while still binded closely to the 
law. And of course, Billy Bud, played by Drewe 
Maclver, is a young boy who has just joined the crew. 
He is by far the nicest, yet most ignorantly naive 
person on the whole ship. Other actors like Cameron 
Steed, Alladin Diakun, and Austin Ball, helped to 
make this play great. 

This is a story of corruption, abuse, false accusa- 
tions, and murder. It is the first play in many years that 
has not been Shakespeare and it was very well done. 
Next year the play is going to be Romeo and Juliet, 
and you will likely see the same actors again. On 
behalf of the cast, thank you all for coming out and 
supporting us, we hope you all enjoyed it. 

Warren Lowe 


Once again, 
St. Andrew's 
College was 
honoured to welcome 
a worldly icon into the 
school. Sir Edmund 

Hillary came to St. 

The school learned 
about Sir. Edmund 
Hillary's devotion and 
commitment to the 
generous support of 
the Nepalese people. 

A special banquet 
followed the presenta- 
tion to finish off a truly 
memorable event. 
St. Andrew's continues 
to support this worthy 
cause and SAC stu- 
dents trekked to Nepal 
during this Spring. 


Quit Ye Like 

St. Andre 


his year's St. Andrew's Night and dinner was a splendid evening accompanied by great food, 
music, tradition, and presentation. Both Upper and Lower Schools enjoyed their own evening 
of festivities. 

The evening began with traditional bagpipe music, setting the tone for the Scottish heritage of the 
school. The haggis was then brought out, much to the delight of the St. Andrew's boys and staff. A 
great "highland" feast was enjoyed by all in good Scottish spirit of the occasion. 

After the dinner, the school was treated to an excellent performance of highland dancing. This display 
of talent and tradition was shown by two young but already very successful highland dancers. 


Vlen, Be Strong 

w ' s Night 

: w 

A very impressive guest speaker, Mr. Scott Bryk was then introduced, who happened to be a former 
graduate of St. Andrew's College. Humourous stories of his transcontinental journeys were shared 
along with valuable insight as to the future that many of us Andrean's may quite possibly be facing 
after graduating. 

Awards to individuals who displayed exemplary behavior and actions were then distributed to some 
of St. Andrew's finest. Other casual prizes were given out to those who had the name "Andrew" in 
their name for good nature. 

Many thanks to Mr. Ray for his masterful rendition of the "Ode to the Haggis" and to Mr. 
MacGillvray and Mr. McCue for providing stirring Scottish music. 


Carol Service 

i r 


/ /» 






v \ 



,n December 2nd the majesti 
St. Andrew's College voices reverber- 
ated and echoed sounds of joy. The Carol 
Service was held at St. Paul's Anglican 
church in Toronto. An estimated 1500 carol- 
ers directed by Mr. Clements sang hymns 
such as, "The Dorset Carol" ,"Amazing 
Grace", "Hills of the North Rejoice", and 
"Emanuel". The Prefects sang. "Little 

... Amazing Grace! 


Mr. Shields 

Back Row: J. Kelson, G.Skolnick, R.Gaudio, J.Lennox, J.Dudley, S.Lee, M.Reid, R.Arts 
Fourth Row: M.Dainard. M.Richardson, O.Manigat, F.Lilford, J.Knutton. A.Manigat, P.Perrier 
Third Row: C.Long, R.Carter, J.Popiel, J.Marcinkowski, J.McGrath, M.Richardson, A.Ajram, 
N.Ramachandran Second Row: DJ.Bennet, G.Birkett, G.Ozawa. I.Snider, R.Brandham. S.Rothwell, B.Craig, 
J.Near, G.Brown First Row: N.Middleton, S.Amell, M.Smith. M.Crispi, A.Chicoine, T.Long, A. Naghi 
(Coaches from left) C.Shrimpton, M.Cameron, G. Shields, S.Rush 

1" Football 

The First Football team was very lucky to have four excellent coaches 
on staff at Saint Andrew's College: Mr. Cameron, Mr. Shields, Mr. 
Rush and Mr. Shrimpton all worked very hard to make sure that the team 
was ready both physically, with lots of conditioning; and mentally, with 
special adaptations of our offensive and defensive plays for every team that 
we faced. 

The team achieved their goal this season through their combined efforts. 
All the players gave their best. Go Saints Go! 

Mr. Shrimpton 








1st Soccer: 

A Season to Celebrate! 

Don't let the name fool 
you; with the Fall 
Term at St. Andrew's 
College now completed, the 
SAC First Soccer team (or 
Bobby Bears as they're known 
around campus) have a second 
consecutive CISAA league 
title under their belts. Last 
year, the SAC "Bobby Bears", 
lead by team captain Yamato 
Yoshioka ('99), capped off 
their 98/99 season by beating 
a skillful Ridley College team 
in the CISAA Finals, and this 
year did it again... while once 
again facing off against the 
Ridley Tigers in the '99 
CISAA Final. 

Back Row: M. Marshall, Esq.. J. Allen, M. MacDonald. M. Fullerton, I. Sinclair, D. Domingues, D. Dawson Esq. 
Middle Row: J. Albury. R. Devald. P. Sanders, J. Gideon, C. Steed. N. Weedon, B. McNabb 

Front Row: A. Guy, J. Suddaby, N. Abraham. K. Richards, (Captain) B. Chisholm (Captain), J. Williams, A. Brander, 
N. Dadson, K. King, M. Jones Esq. 

However, now that many of 
last year's players have graduated, 
this year's squad had a much 
younger face. In fact, the 99/2000 
Bobby Bears possessed two starting 
players under the age of 14, and the 
average grade was only 12. 

But, this is not to say that the 
Bobby Bears were a less skillful 
team. In only their first tournament 
appearance since last year's final, the 
Bobby Bears defeated Appleby 
College, Hillfield College, long time 
rival school Upper Canada College, 
and eventually went onto defeat 
Ridley College (again in the finals) 
to win the Early Bird Tournament. 

But this was just the first 
achievement of many during their 


10-week season. The SAC 
First Soccer team went unde- 
feated throughout their entire 
12 game season, and also beat 
Ridley 3-1 on September 25 at 
SAC's Homecoming, then 
two weekends after that, 
defeated a challenging UCC 
team 1-0 at UCC's Home- 

Whether or not it is in 
the cards for the SAC Bobby 
Bears to repeat a third time as 
CISAA Champions, only time 
will tell. But, now undefeated 
in 20 games spanning over a 2 
year period, it is clear to see 
that no matter what, next year's 
Bobby Bears will definitely be 
a force to reckon with. 

McNabb and Albury 

Weedon races to the ball 

Stick goes for a mighty boot 

The One... the Only... Adam Guy! 

Richards shows why he's called "Touches" 

Mr. Marshall & Mr. Jones The Attentive and Loyal Bench 



C ■■■ "/ 


Half-time Break... a chance to figure out what we're not doing right! 



his year's first 
team had a total 
of seven 
players. With four players that 
were new to the game and two 
new coaches the team had a 
great deal to learn in a short 
period of time. Also new this 
year was the scoring system. 
The old system of five sets up 
to fifteen points was replaced 
with a new rally-point system 
up to 25 points. 

The season was considered 
a successful one in that we 
were able to compete with 
every team in the league. Our 
best games were played 
against the top teams of UCC, 
Hillfield, and St. Mikes. While 
at times we struggled against 
the weaker teams but were still 
to post wins against them. 

With additional coaching 
throughout the season we 
added a few plays that proved 
to be very successful and 
added to our offensive attack. 
Matt Tsuji, Mike Campbell, 
and Wyn-Ron Cheong proved 
to be our top hitters and were 
the team leaders in kills. 

Defence was a trademark of 
the team as opponent's spikes 
were blocked and dug up 
consistently by Bruce Tasios 
and Ricky Luk. The top 
blocker on the team, to no ones 
surprise was the tallest player 
in the league. Jason Kaptyn, a 
first year volleyball player 
whom at the beginning of the 
season didn't even know how 
many players were on the 

Top row: Michael Craig Jason Kaptyn JeffLo Michael Campbell. Middle Row: Michael Lau Bruce 
Tasio Wyn-Ron Cheong Roger Chau Front Row: Ricky Luk Matthew Tsugi Jason Cheung 
Coaches: Ms. Jane Kravchenko (Esq). Ms. Tracy Brown (Esq.) Managers: Derek Toms Brian Lin 

court at a time, 
proved to be an 
obstacle for 
opposing hitters. 

Entering the re- 
alignment tourna- 
ment we were 
seeded in fourth 
place. With a very 
successful day 
were able to gain 
ground on the top 
teams and finished 
the regular season 
in third place. For 
the third straight 
year our semi- 
finals would be 
played at Hillfield 
in Hamilton. 

Our camera shy Assistant Captain Matt Tsugi, and Jason Kaptyn 
looking to see if he gets to play. 



Ms. Brown and 



Canadians Aces 

n the semi finals 
we probably 
played the best 
game of the 
season. After a 
hard fought first set that was 
won by us 25 - 20 we found 
ourselves up one set to none. 
However, in the next two sets 
luck was not on our side as a 
few lucky shots and untimely 
misses put us down 2 to 1 : each 
was a loss of 5 or less points. 

The season came down to the 
last set. Finding ourselves down 
2 or 3 points each time, we had 
to play catch up throughout the 
set. Each team had a chance to 
take the lead but no one was able 
to pull away. With the score tied 
at 20 all, both of us traded points 
all the way to 25 each. With the 
ball bouncing in the other team's 
favour we lost the final set 27 - 
25 and ended the season with a 
third place finish. 

A highlight of the 
season was winning the 
Waldorf invitational Tourna- 
ment. In this eight team 
tournament we defeated 
Mentor High school, Toronto 
Waldorf, and Toronto District 
High school to win the finals. 

This year the team 
also participated in the first 
and soon to be annual CN 
Tower climb. On this day 
eight players went downtown 
and walked up the CN Tower 
in a charity event. Mike 
Craig posted the fastest time 
of 14 minutes, up the 1 776 

The graduating 
players we would like to wish 
next years team good luck. 
To the coaches: Ms. 
Kravchenko and Tracey 
Browne for dedicating their 
time and energy to the team. 
Under your 
coaching we 
improved a great 
deal throughout 
the season. 
Thank you very 
much for your 
guidance on and 
off the court. 

Jason Cheung: A 

good setter, and a 

great captain. 

Saints on Three! 

Congratulations to the entire team for a job well done. 

To all the OAC's, thanks for the memories. 

For the returning players, get ready for next year! 

Written By: 





i'Cj i r» i r» 

o, on durance; and the z 


1st Row: Tat.Musewe. A. Diakun. P. McClelland, M. Torres, Tap. Musewe, B. Kholodov. D. Woodcock, E. Heizer, T. Hurst. B. Lin, 

R. Lo 
2nd Row: Mr. Perrier, J. Leung, R. Goldhar, S. Hsu, I. Rogers, B. Lorriman. A. Hodge. T. Chiu, M. Wong, Mr. Wenk 
3rd Row: I. Myrans. R. Mackay. H. Dowell. A. Parent, D. Oram, D. Kocik, M. Greco, M. Langer. Mr. Tsioros 





ror;f; uo Tin try 

1999 Season 

: stroma I 'orformanco 'I hrouqh Cornmitmonl And I )odicalior 

T| he SAC Cross Country Team had a solid and respectable season 
this year, attending several meets and participating in a variety of 
events. The team of 30 worked hard to increase their performance 
and endurance by continual practise, regardless of poor weather conditions. 
The team attended meets at such schools as Trinity College, where 
they faced the dreaded "Mt. Trinity". The SAC 'renegades' also had many 
season's top finishers this year with boys who recorded several top ten 
finishes with stellar performances at various meets. 

" finishers. ..and stellar performances..; 


Under 16 Football 

&H \wm§ m&nm 11™^ 

Back Row: A. Percks. K. Beatty, D. Wang. A. Mallimas. A. Smilis. W. Hugh. S. Thompson 
Third Row: L.Zorrato. C. Mcfarlen, A. Chronin. B. Labuick. T. Birkett. M. Mitchell. A. Steeves. 

B. Mcullogh, G. Wong. J. Ross. Mr. J.Butcher Esq. 
Second Row: B. Burke. A. Kauffman. B. Townsend. P. Harris. A. Lupo. J. Mackenzie, S. Manchee. B. Dalton, 

N. Rothwell. A. Camargo 
Front Row: Mr. F. Cowell Esq, M. Posa. D. Banwell. R.Chan. J. Wong. O.R. Smith. M. Tzimas. G. Graham. 

K.Fullerton. A. White, A. Gosbee. Mr. S.Penton Esq. 


...a season of growth & experience 

-£tw^a ^Ah 

The Under sixteen football team began the season with great determination 
and enthusiasm. They played with a lot of heart as was demonstrated against 
UCC. Everyone on the team developed skills and improvement in team 
work was evident as they took on a powerful St. Mike's squad. 

Congratulations to all the players on this team and great credit goes to captains: 
Mike Tzimas and Gordon Graham on the defense and Brian Chan and Jeff 
Johnstone on the offense. It was an exciting team to watch and fans wish them well 
next season. 


/— jr 

w\\ (r 

Third Row: 

R. Khoury; 

H. Ng 




; V. Kim 

Second Rov 

: H-K. Kim 

;M. D 




D. Mak; T 

Merchant; F. 



Front Row: 

D. Kim; D. 


; W 


un; A. 

Chang; S. 


J. Patton 



'"This year's tier 2 soccer team has been a young 

team. The players lacked experience for the 
game so unfortunately they tended to be plagued 
by rookie errors such making good passes and 
the ability to know when to take the shot. The 
record this far has been 5 losses and 1 win. That 
one win was so far the highlight of the season; 
the team played its best with brilliant passes and 
shots on goal. 

The player in charge this year around was 
Daniel Chong (AKA. Chicken) a veteran on the 

Also worthy of honourable mention are Sheldon 
Lyn and Hun Q. They are veterans on the team. 
The team has the potential to become great but 
lacks in experience. However, if some of the 
players stick with the game you might just see 
them on the international football scene soon! 



v — " 


, Zt 



it jj \rz fr (^ 



Third Row: A. Lakhant. W. Chang. D. Choi. .A. Abserra. N. Tsioros. M. Sunderam, A. Hracs. D. John. 
Second Row: E Waits: R Hiscox, R. Miller. C. Corredor, O. Trejo, J. Bouffier, Mr. J. Clements Esq. 
First Row: D. Milnes. S. Simmons. A. Khajetoonan. D. Nudds. P. Musi Trevino, . S. Konopud, 

The Under 1 6 soccer team was lead by Ariel 
Absera - an up and coming star, while the 
MIP this season came to us from Bermuda - 
Scott Simmons used his speed and style to help him 
become a formidable player on the team. 

This squad provided great moments for its fans 
and played with skill, flash and dazzle to dominate 
their opponents throughout the league. Congratulations 
on an outstanding season to coach Clements who gave 
steady encouragement to the players. The fans look 
forward to another great season in the coming Fall. 

U15 Soccer 

It has been a moderately successful season for the U15 soccer 
team with a record of more than 4 wins, 2 losses, and one tied 
game. Through out the season the team went through many 
battles on the soccer pitch, winning some and losing some. 

The U15 squad gained much experience as they played on. It 
was leadership from people like Patrick McGrath and the whole 
team in general worked well together said Ravi. It was all these 
things which led them to a 6-0 victory against Lakefield. Their 
SAC spirit which they showed on and off the field carried them 
through tilll the end of the season. 

U14 Soccer 

This team played over ten games, lost one 
and won eight games. They tied two games 
in intensity packed finishes of the games. 
They won a tournament at Hillfield. Four games 
were won in this tournament to guarantee their 
victory. They were a fun team to watch and have 
many talented players like, Patrick McGrath, 
Elejandro, a Mexican, who displayed some 
amazing soccer moves, and all round skilful, 
enthusiastic and dedicated players. 

Congratulations to Mr. Kyle and the U14 soccer 
squad on an outstanding season! This team truly 
deserves the title of champions of the independent 
school league. 

U13 Soccer 

1st Row: 


Carney ( manager I, 


Pardinas, C. 


L. Maskaant. P. Fel 


s. Picerno (E 


2nd Row 


Springer. R. James, 
C. Berlanga 


Bornstein, A 




3rd Row 


Jolly. B. Mccall, E 

Tozzi. S. Bean 

Hack Row: 1.. Hurst, S.Euteneier, N. Leslie. A. Wong 
Middle Row. S. Johnstone, B. Muir. G. Thompson, L. Sweeting. 

Mr. Swan. 
Front Row: A.Sondhi. S.Fullerton. E. LeBar, J. LeMieux-Reale 

M. Hanson. J.Burke 

j j was a development year 

for our under thirteen-soccer 
team. With many new players 
and new to the passionate 
game of "futbol", we managed 
to ha\ e a lot of fun on the 
field. We won't mention what 
we plaeed but we'll mention 
the friendships we formed and 
the lausihs we had. 

The highlight of the season 
was our trip to Vancouver to participate in the CAIS 
tournament. The team spent a week playing very competi- 
tive soccer against private schools from all over Canada. 
The players were billeted with families and were treated 
superbly. Our MIP for the year was Jared Leslie and our 
MVP was goalie Charlie Abbott. Better luck next year 
guys. "Feel the flame of burning pain" Eric Tozzi. 

Miss Lisa Picerno 

U12 Soccer 

The team began the season with a couple of wins:3-0 
and 4-1 over Pickering College and 4-1 over U.C.C. We 
smashed Ridley College 8-1 at Homecoming and had a 
great come-from-behind victory over Sterling Hall. 4-2. 
Our team's last win was against Ridley College. 5-2. 
From that day on everything went downhill. Our star 
player left to play with the U13 soccer team for the 
Vancouver tournament and we couldn't win a game for 
our lives. Even with the wacky humor of Ankush Sondhi 
our team was down in the dumps. Our star player came 
back for the CIS A A tournament but it didn't help us. We 
lost the first game to U.C.C. in penalty shots and lost to 
Country Day 2-0. We'd like to thank Mr. Swan for 
coaching our team even though we didn't do so well. 
This was SAC's first U12 team in a great many years. 

w\.r. -rf*BM^ 

DJ2^ \'ofi 

Top: T. Haney, A. Ball.. R. Romses, W. Lowe 
Front: S. Fong, J.Lyons, L. Leong, A. Tse, S. Gariepy. 
E. Nei, R. Giel (Esq.) Absent: Peter Vogel 


■'"* ier 2 Volleyball is a sport of intimidation, 
raw power and hardcore determination. 
Well, Tier 2 teams may not be the most 
prestigious, most physically challenging, or 
most serious competitors, but that's not to say 
they can't have fun and maybe win a few 
games. The Tier 2 Volleyball squad is made up 
of people who love the sport. They don't care if 
they win or lose, as long as they get to play. As 
it happens, the team had a pretty good season, 
making it to the quarter finals ahead of many 
other school's First teams. This is a group with 
no fixed starting line up which would defeat the 
purpose of a Tier 2 team. Tier 2 teams are 
designed to give everyone a chance to play, no 
matter what the score. So whether or not they 
win or lose every game, at least they have fun. 
Winning is a first team goal, having fun is a 
second team goal. Tier 2 volleyball is not to be 
mocked, for most Tier 2 players go on to play 
on First Volleyball the following year. Of 
course, those who cease to make the First team 
are quite content to play another year on Tier 2 
because it isn't about winning, but instead it's 
about enjoying the game. That is the legacy, 
that is what Tier 2 Volleyball is all about. 

'jder 16 \ <;//ey 6 a O 

Jarryd Stock going for the big bump! 

V he St. Andrew's College under 16 Volleyball 
team was coached by Mr. Service. The team had 
three co captains: Jarryd Stock, Joseph Rothwell 
and Gian Carlos Trimarchi. 

U16 volleyball had a record of 28 wins and 21 
osses. This year's team was very young and full of 
talent. Out of the 1 1 boys on the team 9 of them were 
in grade 9. 

One of the highlights of the season was playing 
in a tournament in Ridge Town where the boys stayed 
at the Wheel's Inn. Coach Service said that the key 
moments of this year's season were learning how to 
play as a team and learning from each other. 

Special recognition goes out to Joseph 
Rothwell who received the team MVP award and to 
Breen Marien who received the team's MIP award. 
Congratulations on a szreat season. 


) • 

■ ■] If ' • 1. 

Back Row: P. Benhaim, E. Swenker. M. Gnyp. J. Lawson. 

Middle Row: A. Wakefield, R. Oosthuizen, C. Lam, N. Carron, J. Lee, 

D. VonDiergardt. M. Cheng. Ms. Phillips. 

Front Row: R. Reininger, K. Wilson, J. Maclver. D. Stock. Absent: C. Biggins 

R. Potoznick. 

The under 14 Volleyball team had an 
excellent start and finished with the 
CISAA Title. With the superb 
instructions from coach Ms. Angela Phillips, 
the team was able to finish with 1st place at the end 
of the volleyball season. 

Ms. Phillips was extremely pleased with the 
results and the progress that has been made with 
these young athletes. With the amount of effort 
and time that has been put towards the whole 1st 
term season, the U 14 team was able to achieve a 
goal that was hard to imagine at first. 

Many hard times have been passed. Tough 
matches were always played and scores were 
somewhat close. Fortunately, these young athletes 
didn"t like to give up. They were victorious all the 

Next year, they will have to work a lot harder in 
order to defend this title because other independent 
schools that have joined the CISAA will want to 
take the title that rightfully belongs to the Under 14 
Volleyball team! 


SAC Fencing 

First Fencing 

Third Row: T. Myrans (Coach l 

Second Row: W. Wai; J.Ngo 

First Row: J.Wong; K.Schmick; S-J. Wang 

General Team 

Fourth Row: K.Schmick: W. Wai 

Third Row: A.Brankley: E. Lau: J. Ngo 

Second Row: T. Myrans (Coach); S. Hon: T. Rowlands; J Wong; S-J. Wang 

Front Row: J.Mackenzie; R Hui: R. Sequeira; D. Daniel] 


The year 1999-2000 proved to be a 
stellar one for fencing. Our senior 
team entered nine provincial 
competitions beginning with the Ryerson 
University open in October and ending 
with the OCC Cadet and Junior Challenge 
in Waterloo in April. Our travels took us 
as far away as Ottawa in the East, Sault 
Ste. Marie in the North, and Waterloo in 
the West. 

Highlights of the year include Kurt 
Schick and Shang-Jui Wang winning 
Bronze medals at the Apsimon Open in 
Ottawa in November; John Ngo and Willie 
Wai being awarded Silver medals in the 
team competitions at the Ontario Winter 
games in March; and Kurt and Shang-Jui 
being ranked 193 and 174 respectively in 
the Canadian Fencing Association's 
rankings for all of Canada. Thanks to Mr. 
Miklos, Mr. McDonald, and Mr. Myrans 
for coaching us. and to Mr. Bedard for his 
wonderful support. 


■.•^sfidf^k. hmh^^^Bi 

^■^2K*v»''^£SgS B 


HFw j| 

Sl*^ mm 

Hi ^4, ! 


- ^ F 

■A 1 ' 

' ill 




2nd Tenri Sports 







,he MacPherson Tournament is a 

long standing tradition since 1983. 

The Tournament is a celebration 
of high school athletics and a showcase 
for top-level hockey from both Canada 
and the United States. 

This year was the 17 lh annual 
MacPherson Tournament. As held 
every year, Friday, January 28 was the 
"Big Game" in which all students from 
St. Andrew's College were asked to 
come out and cheer for their SAC 
Saints. The Friday night game is the 
St. Andrew's equivalent to Hockey 
Night in Canada, and always draws a 
big crowd. Usually, the SAC Saints 
play a team from the United States, 
and this year was no different. 

Andrew s Saints and the New Hampton Husk- 
ies who hailed from New Hampshire, U.S.A. 
With New Hampton jumping out to an early 2- 
lead, things looked bleak for the SAC Saints. 

By the end of the second period, SAC 
was down 4-3, and with only 15 minutes of 
game time remaining, many were unsure 
whether or not SAC would be able to pull off 
a victory. Then, early in the third, SAC fell 
down 2 goals, as the Huskies jumped out to a 
5-3 lead. However, the Saints were not fin- 
ished yet. By the end of the third period, the 
Saints had scored the two goals they needed 
to tie the game, and forced the Huskies into an 
extra time, 5 minute, golden goal, 4 ,h period. 


w &i 

well for the Huskies, as the Huskies 
continued to apply constant pressure, but, 
late into overtime, a slap shot blistered in 
towards the Huskies' net, took a deflection 
off of number 21, Rob Carter, and rico- 
cheted into the back of the goal. The Saints 
had completed a 2 goal come back, and had 
won the Friday Night game, for the 3 rd year 

Unfortunately, tournament victory 
was not in the cards for the SAC Saints. In 
the semi-final game against the St. Charles 
Cardinals, the Saints were unable to re- 
cover from a 4 goal deficit, and ended up 
losing the semi-final game. In the consola- 
tion game, the SAC Saints repeated their 

ir victory over the New Hampton Husk- 
ies, and finished 3 rd overall in the tourna- 

Aside from a third place finish, the 
SAC First Hockey team enjoyed a wonder- 
ful tournament, which entertained and de- 
lighted students, friends and parents alike. 
Next year's tournament will be the 18 th 
Annual MacPherson Tournament, and as to 
whether or not the SAC Saints will win, 
only time will tell. 


Hanging in the cafeteria after 
braving extreme weather. 

The Mexican group: salsa on the slopes! 

Getting ready to hit those hills! 

Hitting the Slopes 2000 Style! 

^ ^ \^^ - 


Every year there seem; 
to be more and more 
snowboarders taking 
over ski day. While the skiers 
fly down the hill at lightning 
speeds, the snowboarders rip 
up the jumps, launch them- 
selves into the air and grind 
on metal rail slides. 

This year it was particularly 
cold, with a wind chill factor 
of -30. However, there was . 
no mist or rain so this made 
the whole day bearable. The\ 
day started just like every 
other year. When we got 
there, the people who didn't 
bring their own skis had to 
wait in line while the rest 
dressed up to challenge the 
extreme weather. 

jb Everyone took breaks fre- 
quently due to the cold, while 
the die hards enjoyed freezing 
their butts off for hours on the 
hills without breaks. There 
were very few injuries this 

yeat, compared to last year 
when Mr. Co well broke both his 
wrists and Andrew Gosbee got a 
concussion. This year, pretty 
much everybody left as strong as 

for those who ski and 
snowboard regularly, ski day is 
a day to gain or lose respect and 
reputation from fellow peers. In 
addition, for veterans, ski day is 
the time to show novices what 
1 you've learned and also to try 
hew things to dazzle the crowd. 

However, everyone says 
- whether you choose to have a 
relaxing day of skiing, or push it 
to your limits, ski day is a great 
day for students to relax from 
the daily grind at school and an 
excellent chance to get out and 
have fun and demonstrate school 
spirit. Thanks to Mr. Staunton 
for keeping the tradition, and to 
Mr. Walden and the teachers for 
their organization and support. 








i ^ 

Hf) i/iju] 













Every year, usually in November, a night come along when each SAC boy and 
his girlfriend (or sometimes just casual acquaintance) can enjoy a night out 
together. Its called the Semi. The Semi in November is the first of two Semi 
nights (the second being in February) which both lead up to the Cadet Formal 
held in late May. 

The Semi has always been a big part of the first term because it really acts as 
the first chance for each SAC boy to show off his date to all his friends (and 
you should hear the stories told on the Monday's after). The night of Semi is 
always a great chance to spend some time together with the girl (or girls... Mr. 
William's!) that you care about. 

The theme this year was "SACasino", and it gave both the boys 
and their dates a chance to try their hands at Black Jack, Roulette, 
Slots, and Craps. Each person was handed a mock $10,000 to 
gamble with when they arrived, and the goal was to have the most 
money by the end of the night. Needless to say, more money was 
lost then won, but since it wasn't real moula, no one minded, or 
had their legs broken! By the end of the night, a good time had 
been had by all, and the last semi of the millennium had gone off 
without a hitch. 

1st B*"'*3tbatt 

Second Row: K. King, A. McNabb, A. Malamas, J. Kelson. R.Gaudio. 
First Row: M. Smith, J.Albury, B. Birkett, T. Musewe, N. Ivandic, 
R.Chau, Mr. D. Josselyn Esq. 

The First Basketball season was marked by heroic success and disappointing 
results. Approximately half the team were returning players while the rest 
were generally veterans of the St. Andrew's basketball system. Coach 
Josselyn continued to play a 10 man. 32-minute havoc inducing trap; the result, 
however, was somewhat less successful than it had been in previous years. Two 
early losses to perennial power house Huron Heights in the York Regional league 
and one to a new rival in St. Michael's in the CISAA, and the team was re- 
thinking its strategy. These early losses though provided plenty of experience and 
character for the team. This hard-earned know ledge helped the team to rebound 
and produce many close victories en-route to a championship in Quebec. 

The team's new style was reminiscent of the solid half-court game that was 
previously a requisite of 2nds and U- 16 basketball. Otherwise though, things 
remained pretty similar to the style of game spectators were used to seeing. Kevin 
Richards, the team's MVP for the second year, continued to harass opponents on 
defence with a type of kamikaze, energizer bunny-like vigour, while at the same 
time providing key offensive bursts that would leave the opposition in their tracks. 
Scoring was usually provided by sharp-shooter Nick Ivandic. who at times be- 
came so hot that he could not be stopped by double or even triple teams. At times 
the rookies also made their presence felt; Roger Chau who made it rain from 
behind the arc. Ken King and his big-man authority in a little man's body. Ryan 
Gaudio a vocal and talented little-man in a big-man's body. Josh Kelson a versa- 
tile utility player, and Alex Malamas who often provided a spark to the team on 
both offence and defence. In most teams, however, it is the graduating players that 
are the core of the team and this year was no different. 


" heroism & heartache" 

The team's chemistry as well 
as its grit and determination were 
more than evident in its ideal veter- 
ans including Mitch Smith, Blair 
Birkett. Justin "Smoke-Dog" 
Albury. Kaz, and Andrew McNabb. 

After the slow start the team 
began to take-off and quickly 
amassed a number of victories. This 
period was epitomised in a tourna- 
ment the team participated in while 
holidaying in Bermuda. The team 
went undefeated throughout the 
tournament and consistently pum- 
melled teams by more than 30 
points before finally capturing the 
championship. Like all good things, 
our streak had to come to an end, 
and did. abruptly, upon our return 

We continued our excellent 
play for one more game against 
Williams High School, a team 
seeded higher than us in York 
Region after the regular season. 
before a much more talented 
Vaughan squad would end any 
further hopes of advancing to 
OFSAA. It was on the CISAA side 
of the coin where we would experi- 
ence the greatest disappointment. 

Our first round of the playoffs 
would come against a Ridley team 
that we had previously handled, the 
result, a loss. However, throughout 
it al we never gave up and continued 
to remain a cohesive bunch of 
friends and team-mates. 

The team would like to thank 
all those who helped make this an 
enjoyable season. We wish the 
graduating players luck in future 
endeavours and look forward to next 






...An outstanding season, for 
an outstanding team. 


Back Row: Mrs. Perrier. R. Carter, J. Popiel, J. Giddeon, N. Weedon. L. Zorato 
Middle Row: Mr. Kimmerer Esq. D. Woodcock, R. Marshall, M. Crispi. J. Captain, 
P. Perrier, G. Stock, T. Long, D. Dawson, A. Dunford Esq. 
Front Row: G. Brown. I. Sinclair, B. Chisholm, A. Chicoine, M. Craig, M. Tsuji 

An outstanding season, for 
an outstanding team. First 
Hockey had an excellent 
season this year: a third place at the 
Macpherson tournament, 2nd at the 
Nichols tournament in Buffalo, and 
1st place in the Confederation Cup 
in Newfoundland. The team was 
2nd in York region to a team that 
went on to win the provincial title. 

Coaches Mr. Al Dunford and Mr. 
Stephen Kimmerer lent direction 
and gave great guidance to the 

team while veteran Brian Chisholm 
and team captain Alain Chicoine, 
lead this team to great things. After 
the unfortunate loss of the star goalie 
to another school. Matt Tsjui had big 
shoes to fill, but did a fantastic job as 
the team's primary goalie. Everyone 
played well, practiced hard, and 
pulled toaether when it was needed. 

Although there were some slight 
bumps in the road, the season turned 
out fine in the end. A highlight was 
when The school cheered on the team 
at the Macpherson tournament: they 
won the game that the students 
watched, but unfortunately had to 
settle for 3rd place in the tournament. 

SAC hockey has enjoyed a tradition of 
excellence for aiong time. Undoubt- 
edly SAC 1st hockey will be a force to 
be reckoned with for a long time to 



The U20 Team enjoyed a good 
season. Scott Simmons added some 
depth to help replace the loss of 
three veterans who graduated last year. 
Our only competition was UCC. The 
championship meet promised to be close 
and UCC prevailed by a mere 25 points. 
SAC placed second out of eleven schools. 
The highlight of the season was our 
OFSAA team. Every swimmer came home 
with at least one medal. Sam Hsu & Scott 
Simmons won Bronze; Peter Vogel won 
Bronze and Silver Medals; and Ryan 
Devald won Bronze, Silver and Gold 
medals. For Ryan it was his second Gold 
Medal in the 100 metre Individual Medley 
in as many years. 

Back Row: Mr. Walden Esq.. M.Charlebois, C. Bibby, P. Vogel. A. Tanton, 

S. Simmons 
Front Row: S.Hsu, R. Devald, C. Long, R. Blom 

making B IG waves m CIS pools! 

Back Row: Ms.Venters, J. Williams. F. Cane, C. Ng. S.H.Lee. D.McIver 
Front Row: J. Griffin. S.Manchee, D. Banwell. J. Torres 


Sr: Ryan Devald 
Jr: Stuart Manchee 


Sr: Sammy Hsu 
Jr: Drewe Maclver 

Congratulations for bringing the CISAA trophy back to SAC for the 
first time since 1987. We had a great team U16 team this year, and 
all swimmers made great progress since the beginning of the season. 
Thanks David Banwell. Stu Manchee, Jorge Torres. Jeff Williams. Ariel 
Absera, Joel Griffin. Freddie Kane. Andrew Brankley. Soung-Hun Lee. 
Charles Ng and Drewe Maclver for long hours of practice and your enthusi- 
asm and dedication to the success of this swim team. Justin Wong 
volunteered more than 20 hours of his time to run the electronic timing 
system during the swim meets. He did an outstanding job - THANK YOU! 

SAC Squash 

Despite being defending 
champions for the past two 
years, right from the get-go 
Crescent School, with the addition 
of a new #1 player, became the 
team to beat. As the season pro- 
gressed, it became evident that the 
only two teams who would chal- 
lenge for the league title were 
S.A.C. and Crescent, who were 
both undefeated by any other school 
during the regular season. 

In the final tournament, the 1st 
team of Wyn-Ron Cheong, Asad 
Haque, Ryan Brandham. Al Lalani. 
Jason Wong, and Adam Guy battled 
hard but finished a close second to 
the powerhouse Crescent team. 
The tournament was highlighted by 
Ryan Brandham' s victory in the B- 
Flight finals and Wyn-Ron 
Cheong' s thrilling. 5-game battle 
against the #2 from Crescent in the 
A-flight semis, which he unfortu- 
nately lost but put on a great show 
for the upwards of thirty people 
who crowded around the courts to 
watch this intense battle. 

This year Mr. Staunton was kind 
enough to introduce us to Chris 
Duratney, an extremely talented 
amateur player from the Toronto 
Cricket Club. A special thanks 
goes out to Chris who helped coach 
the team and put a great deal of 
time and effort into the squash 
program. Mr. Rush was another 
key in our coaching staff who 
always provided excellent advice 
and new techniques. Last but not 
least we thank Mr. Cameron, whose 
selfless dedication will surely be 
missed by the graduating players. 


1st Team Squash 

Front Row: 

A. Lalani. 

W.R. Cheung 

R. Brandham. 

A. Haque. 





Middle Row 

: D. Leunc 

. A. Racine, h 

. Ng. M. Mass, 

H.K. Kim 





Back Row: 

R. Khoury 

F. Lunan, M. 

Kim. J. Dudley 

, P. Mang 

Front Row: 
Back Row: 


2nd Team Squash 

Bornstein. M. Meyers, P. Musi. J. Moctezuma 
. L. Picerno, A Gosbee. D. Nudds. C. Corredor, 





strong performances and solid skills dominate the courts 

1 st Team 

MVP: Wyn-Ron Cheong 

MIP: Asad Haque 

2nd Team 

MIP: Daniel Chong 

MIP: Henry Ng 

The 2nd team was made up of many returning players and 
even some beginners. They were a spirited bunch that 
were dedicated and by the end of the season had im- 
proved a lot. Despite having a rough season, they managed to 
finish 2nd to a very strong Crescent team. 

Congratulations on a great season and good luck to the two 
graduating players Michael Kim & Daniel Chong, and thanks to 
all who participated. There were two MIP awards this year for 
2nd Team. 


MVP: Armaghen Chisti 

MIP: Colin Lowe 

U14 Squash 

Front Row: C. Attard. S. Bean, R. Salas, M. Pardinas. J. Au 

Middle Row: Ms. N. Maa. A. Carranza. J. Gonzalez. K. Han, N.Carron, M. Richaud, 

Mr. S. Penton 
Back Row: M. Morawetz, E. Rosenberg, C. Lower, D. Oram, C. Berlanga 

Under 14 squash may not 
have been the best team in 
the CIS AA Under 14 
league but it certainly had the most 

The boys' most enjoyable games 
were against Appleby and Ridley 
because of their co-ed teams. Mr. 
Penton and Ms. Maa coached a 
team with lots of beginners and 
improved their skills to higher 
levels. Ms. Nicole Maa (a co-op 
student) attended all of the prac- 
tices and trained the boys for the 

Colin Lowe earned the MIP award 
and the team could not have 
survived without Armaghen Chisti 
the MVP. Sinclair Bean 


Mmm® sib®m 

|his year's nordic skiing team was made up 
of many new faces, all ready to learn this 
. new, exciting sport. With Randall Blum 
being the only returning skier, some work had to 
be done. However, the team worked hard and 
the new skiers ( John Lyons, Ryan Aarts, Mike 
Campbell, Andrew Martin, Armughan Chishti, 
and for a while Eric Heizer) learned enough to 
get them through the first races. 

Highlights of the year were the York Region 
race, where the team swept the podium clinching 
the Senior Boys Championship. This win quali- 
fied the team for OFSAA, which was being held 
in Sudbury Ontario. Although there was a lack of 
snow, the team placed well in OFSAA, all reach- 
ing personal goals of high standards. 

Top row: Mr. Gaertner (esq.) Mr. B. McCue (esq.) 
Bottom row: Randall Blom, Andrew Martin. Ryan Aarts, 
Michael Campbell, John Lyons. 

Since the nordic skiing team was also 
competing as the biathlon team, 
there was lots of skiing to be done. 
Coaches Mr. Gaertner and Mr. McCue 
helped the team to develop their nordic 
skiing and biathlon skills. These skills 
should make the team ready for another 
winning season next year. 


JMl/pums aoaiiNUB 

Top row: R. Mclean, S. Manley, C. Long, J. Marcinkowski. S. Rothwell 
Middle Row: A. Rivadeneyra, B. McCal, J. Lam, A Bean, J. Housser, A. Rourke 

M. Kane, N. Konan, Ms. Kowaltschuk, Mr. Inglis (esq.) 
Bottom row: A. Camargo, A.G. John, D. Edmison, C. Gordon, P. Harris, W. Byrne 

J. Near, D. Milnes, R. Ouster. G. Wilmont. 

Our team captain 
Warren Byrne '00 
said it well when he 
stated, "It seems like every 
year is a rebuilding year for 
the ski team." Once again, 
our ski teams struggled to be 
competitive at the IS AA 
level. With the graduation of 
our team's cornerstone Pete 
Dyson, and the early season 
injury of young prospect 
Campbell Gordon, it seemed 
from the very beginning that 
this season was just not 
meant to be. 



■ espite our struggles, though, 
' we had a great year with 
some shining individual perfor- 
mances by Warren Byrne, and newly 
returned Tier II Hockey 'reject' Jamie 

At the junior levels, skiers like Dylan 
Edminson and John Housser provide 
promise for the team's future. Special 
thanks go out to our new coach, Mrs 
Kowaltschuk who made the season fun 
and exciting for all of us. We will miss 
her next year. Congratulations to our 
MVP Warren Byrne, and MIP Jacob 
Marcinkowski. Pat Harris will lead the 
team to victory next season. 

The 2 nd basketball team took a 
while to get adjusted, but 
with the aid of the new head 
coach, Mr. Shrimpton, the team man- 
aged to get through with a reasonably 
well played season. The team had two 
members from last year and the rest 
were new on the squad. The team 
initially began with 15 basketball 
members, but due to academic strug- 
gles and other problems, five members 
left the team. 

Although they worked hard in 
games, a lot of times they fell heart- 
breakingly short within only a few 
points. However, due to the diligence 
and dedication of the players, the 2nds 
basketball team rebounded near the 
end of the season. In their last game 
they lost to the number one CDS team 
by only one point. 

The well deserved MVP was Jan 
Ramlochan and the MIP was Ivan 
Leung who improved with each prac- 
tice. The remaining veterans of the 2 nd 
team will have a much more challeng- 
ing season next year when a few play- 
ers will graduate to 1 st basketball. 

Back Row: Mr. C. Shrimpton Esq.. B.Lee, R. Lo, S. Leung, M. Cook, J. Ramlochan, V. Ip 
Front Row: I. Leung. J. Lee. H. Kim, F. Hussein. N. Stuart 

Back Row: G. Robson (Coach); R. Lo; B. Lornman; M. Sunderani; A. Hracs; 

J. McKenzie; D. Choi; J. Chung 
Front Row: C. Chang; B. Lyn; G. Man; A. Khajetoorian; A. Chow; N. Tsioros 

R. Miller; R. Choi 

Basketball at the under 16 level 
this year was challenging. 
After a difficult start to the 
season the team appeared to be coming 
together but about mid way through the 
season we suffered a loss that took one 
of the key players off the court and on to 
the bench for the rest of the season. 

From there it was mostly down hill, 
but all of the players on the team this 
year have made a dramatic improvement 
and should be strong contenders for next 
year's first basketball. 

Special commendation goes out to 
Brian Brian Lin, Austin Hracs, and to 
the rest of the team who really did give it 
their all. 

MVP: Austin Hracs 
MIP: Jason Mckenzie 




This year the players demonstrated a great deal 
of spirit and desire throughout the season. All 
the players were enthusiastic and dedicated to 
improving their basketball skills and worked 
together as a team. 

I look forward to seeing all the excellent players 
in second or first team next year. Keep it Up! 

MVP: Nick Dadson 
MIP: Brandon Townsend 


With eight players returning from the strong under 13 team last 
year, and five new outstanding players, our team was looking 
good right from the get go. Fortunately. Mr. Hanson had 
coached the U13 team last year, so he was well aware of the returning 
players' weaknesses and strengths, and with all his experience he changed 
the game of some of the newcomers from "driveway hoops" to serious, 
competitive basketball. 

At die UCC tournament the undefeated saints found themselves matched 
with the also undefeated home team UCC blues in the championship finals. 
Thanks to a great save by Francis "Tough Guy" David-Coderre in the last 
seconds of the game, and great shooting games by both Tim "Book it" 
Birkett and Adam "Softy" Hoffman, the saints prevailed with a close two 
point victory. 

This trend of winning continued throughout most of the season. The saints 
had been undefeated through 18 games and had picked up two tournament 
victories at UCC and Ashbury along the way. It wasn't until the UCC 
blues put an end to our streak on our own home court. The loss ended the 
dream of a perfect season, but it also made the team realise that we were 
not unbeatable, and made us work harder for the final tournament. The 
first two games were won rather easily with some great playing by Erik 
"Get out of my house" Swenker and Denis "Don't leave me open" Wong, 
but we found ourselves again in the finals with UCC. Thanks to a great 
performance on both ends of the floor by Brian "Sit down" Harvey and 
Philippe "Lightning" Dabo. and some great support from parents, the 
saints captured the CISAA plaque with a 29 point win over the UCC blues. 
The U14 saints finished the year with a 26-1 record, four tournament 
victories and. most of all, an awesome season! 



MVP: Chris MacFarlane 
MIP: Brian Harvey 

-■' £• in . ; / 'W fw 


ft' •■ i 1 
m , j ft ; 

1st Row: Mr. K.Ryan Esq.. K.Beatty. J.Uribe, A. Douglas, 
B. Townsend. S.Chan. Z.Saleem 

2nd Row: N. Dadson, J.Stock, P.McGrath, J.Lan. 
J.Ramlochan. R. Li 



i *] / 

-&$ i^ir f 


fflPw^ * 

** * i"7i3 JBbt vdr 


1 V \ 

f 1 


1st Row: D.Von Diergardt, D.Wong. E.Swenker, 

D .Harvey, J.Lorenzen, F.David-Coderre, Mr. M.. Hanson Esq. 

2nd Row: M.Chen. M.Gnyp, A.Hoffman, C.McFarlane, 
T.Birkett. J.Maclver. P.Dabo 

Back row: R.James, R. Ferguson, G.Si, S. Jolly 

Front row: M. Service. J. Springer. E.Bornstein. 
P.Fell, L. Maaskant 

Back row: Mr. Kyle. T. Rowlands. M.Greco. G.Thompson, 
B.Muir, L. Hurst. S. Johnstone 

Front row: E.Lebar. M. Langer. S.Fullerton. M.Hanson, 


The U13 team went into their last week 1 1th out of 1 3 
teams. They played in a four team qualifier the Wednes- 
day before the final tournament against the eighth, ninth and 
tenth place teams for the final spot in the tournament. They 
ended up winning the qualifier and were ranked eighth in the 
final tournament. They played very well losing to the first 
placed York school 43-24. and then to Country Day 39-31. 
This was good enough to get them sixth place in the tourna- 
ment, and an end to a good season. 

MVP: Levin Maaskant 
MIP: Paul Fell. 



The U 12' s are a great new addition to our sport 
team line up during the second term. This 
team provides a great opportunity for the younger 
players in our school to gain some knowledge of 
the game. Then, when they reach the senior levels 
they will be ready for what will be expected of 
them. Thanks coach Kyle! 

MVP: Erik Lebar 
MIP: Mike Greco 

The Under 16 Hockey team had a very strong 
season this year. The team was lead by their 
captain and MVP Matt Mitchell. The team 
was filled with promising young players that are no 
doubt bound for the first team next year. 

There were many candidates for the MIP award but 
in the end it was awarded to two players; Jonathan 
Suddaby and David Domingues. The independent 
schools did not provide a whole lot of competition for 
this talented team with one or two exceptions. 
Despite going into the final tournament as the number 
one seed we won our first four games of the tourna- 
ment including a convincing win against St. Mike's 
but they proved to be the better team the following 
day in the final. This team was a very talented group 
of players and quality people. 

Back Row: A. White, B. Brandham, D. Domingues, S. Thompson, M. Frame. 
N. Rothwell. J. Suddaby. Middle Row: D. John, J. Johnstone, B. McCollouan. 
J. Rothwell, M. Tzimas. M. Posa, D. Amudori. J. Gartner. 
Front Row: J. Ross, A. Lupo. A. Parent, M. Mitchell. Mr. P. Bedard. Esq, 
J.Trimarchi. T. Hurst 

Top Row: Mr. English Esq., Mr. Galajda Esq.. C. Biggias. M. Middleton J. Lesli( 
J. Lawson A. McNahb B. Marien. P. Benhaim T. Fahlgren R.J. Ellis R. McKay 
B. O'Dwyer, James Allen (Asst. Coach) 

Bottom Row: B. Dalton A. Zoratto L. Sweeting B. Burke S. Lennox D. Stock, 
R. Reinin«er D. Kluwak K. Wilson C. Abbott J. Burke 

Under 14 Hockey: a time of growth and 
development and a crucial stage for young 
hockey players. It is a time to fine tune 
skills for future years of senior hockey at SAC. This 
year was no different. 

Coached by Mr.Galajda. Mr.English, and new- 
comer James Allen, the season was destined for fun 
and success. As with any U14 team, it was filled 
with new faces, but also had a few veterans to lead 
the way. Fast, hard working forwards, matched with 
strong defence and goaltending created a combina- 
tion that was a force to be reckoned with. 

As individuals they couldn't achieve victory, but 
once the team jelled together, winning was natural. 
They showed us new skills and techniques that will 
surely prepare them for under 16 and eventually 
first hockey. 

The team leaders were Captain Scott Lennox and 
assistants Billy Burke and Darryl Stock, who were 
always there to get the team going. ..and when that 
didn't work, they relied on goaltending efforts by 
Blake Dalton and Charles Abbott. 

4th Row: J. Kung. E. Cheung. P. McClelland, A. Mohammud, Tap Musewe 

3rd Row: S. Gill. D. Kocik, J. Portilla, M. Gill, D. Milnes 

2nd Row: Mr. R. English Esq.. M. Langer, B. Muir, G. Thompson. 

E. Bomstein, M. Browning. H. Dowell, S. Johnstone, Mr. N. Tsioros Esq. 
1st Row: M. Pardinas. J. Burke. J. Moctezuma, T. Chu. C. Belanga, 

D. Edminson. G. Trimarchi 


MVP: T. Musewe 

MIP: A. Mohammed 


MVP: P. McClelland 

MIP: D. Milnes 

Joining the Track & Field team is a task that 
requires great determination and daily com- 
mitment. A devoted track & field member is 
required to run every day in spite or rain or snow. 

However, the discipline is rewarding and 
fitness is guaranteed. The high standards set by 
the coaches paid off this year. All team members 
worked terrifically hard to achieve high standards 
and this team was one of the outstanding leaders 
in the pack of CIS schools. Congratulations to all 
on an excellent season. 




Perhaps one of the most memorable traditions at SAC is the Church Parade. This is 
a time when all students of SAC don their splendid red tunics and impressive 
Gordon tartan kilts. Then while the cameras are flashing, and parents and families 
are waving, hundreds of people line Mt. Pleasant avenue to view the march. With 
pipes and drums playing, proud SAC students march with precision and inwardly smile 
while thinking "I'm proud to be an Andrean!" 

As according to tradition, the Battalion marched to St. Paul's Church where an "eyes right" was 
extended to the dignitaries viewing the corps. Entering the church, each cadet removed his glen to 
attend a special service. Afterwards, cadets were dismissed to join their families or to board buses 
back to College. It was an impressive and memorable day. The annual tradition of the church parade is 
just one of the many special privileges of attending St. Andrew's College. 


from Church Parade to Headmaster's Inspection 

The 95th annual Headmaster's Parade on Wednesday, May 3rd. 2000, was by all intents and 
purposes a successful tune-up in final preparations for the Inspection. We were lucky enough 
to have glorious weather, though it was a little hot in those uniforms for the boys. Consider 
ing this, the Headmaster, Mr. Staunton, said he thought they exhibited a first-class level of 
self-discipline. He added that Drum Major Stephen Amell and Pipe Major Devon Ajram were to 
be congratulated for an inspiring performance by the Pipes and Drums. 

The Battalion Headquarters, consisting of Lieutenant Colonel Ryan Brandham, Major Iain 
Myrans, and Chief Warrant Officer Gordon Ozawa all felt this parade was a very useful tool in the mastering 
of the parade sequence, giving them the confidence to carry out a flawless inspection for the big crowd on 
Saturday. Major John Stephens, head of cadets, and Captain Brian McCue were also very satisfied with the 
day's proceedings. 

9^ Cadet Inspection 

Traditions are successfully maintained into the new millennium 

After weeks of preparation, 
polishing and precision, 
anxious Officers and ranks 
of 142 St. Andrew's College High- 
land Cadet Corps awoke on the 
morning of May 6th to a glorious 
sight. The skies were clear and by 7 
am the staff were busily arranging 
chairs, setting up tables and organis- 
ing the sound systems for the most 
important day of the year for the 
Cadet Corps. The day began slowly 
with a morning brunch and a lei- 
surely pace for dressing in our 
traditional scarlets and kilts. At 
11:30 the Battalion gathered in the 
chapel for the announcements of 
Prefects for next year. The sight and 
sound of 450 scarlet clad Andreans 
accompanied by the chapel organ 
during service was a fine tribute to 
the day ahead. 

Regimental Sergeant Major 
Gord Ozawa called for the bugler to 
sound the fall in and the parade 
stepped smartly with the Pipes and 
Drums leading under the direction of 
Pipe Major Devon Ajram and Drum 
Major Steve Amell. Deputy com- 
manding Officer Major Iain Myrans 
took over from the RSM and the 
Cadet officers, having finished their 
promenading at the side of the Quad, 
were ordered onto parade with the 
traditional bugle call. Captains Blair 
Birkett (Memorial), Whyn-Ron 
Cheong (Flavelle), Nick Abraham 
(Smith), Justin Williams (Ramsey), 
Jeffrey Lo (Sifton) and Graeme 
Brown (Macdonald-Laidlaw) 
dressed their companies in prepara- 
tion for the arrival od Cadet Com- 
manding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel 
Ryan Brandham. 

The Reviewing Officer for this 
year, LCol (ret) Ian A. Purdie CD., 
attended St. Andrew's College from 
1953-55 graduating as the Cadet 
Commanding Officer. He inspected tl 
Battalion and the march past in colum 
of route. The Headmaster congratu- 
lated the troops and thanked the man) 
staff and volunteers that had been 
involved in the Corps' training since 
September and remarked how pleasec 
he was that the Companies rose to the 
occasion to make the day a most 
memorable event for all. A spirited 
dismissal call dismissed the scarlet 
tunics that had shone distinctly agains 
the green grass of the quad. Boys 
suddenly dispersed in all directions 
and thoughts of polishing buttons wei 
quickly replaced by thoughts of preps 
ration for the evening's gala Cadet 

The 142 St. Andrew's College Highland Cadet Corps' 

* <? 'V#"^ 

* 'ft' 

J " 1 

i 1 ' ' ; 


a0 \ 

1* -JF" 

Dileas Gu Brath: Faithful Forever 


Displays of music by the 
bands, the tent building 
competition, the Mac- 
Laid law drill team and the 
Company obstacle 
course competition 
added greatly to the 
day's entertainment. 


Top Platoon: Platoon 14 (Lt. Adrian Chan) 

Top Company: Sifton Compay (Captain Jeffrey Lo) 

Top Middle School Cadet: LCpl Andres Rivadenyra 

Top Grade Nine Cadet: Cpl Mitch Myers 

Top Upper School Cadet: MCpl Michael Charlebois. 



SAC'S Festival 
of the Arts! 






SAC'S Festival 
of the Arts! 

Cabaret, Music, Dance, Special Events 




Giancarlo Trimarchi on the trail over Namche Iain Myrans overlooking the Lukla Valley 

The Beautiful Thayngboche Monastery 


This year's SASSIN expedition lived up to its expectations in every way! 
It was definitely a life changing experience for all and it provided each one 
of us with an insight into some of the other parts of our very big planet. 
Team members included Adam Brander, Ben Craig, Tom Haney, Josh 
Lim, John Lyons, Iain Myrans, Paul Perrier, and Giancarlo Trimarchi. 
The team leaders this year were Mr. Jones and Mr. Kimmerer. 

The six weeks went by very fast and there was not a moment when we 
weren't kept busy doing something. After 28 hours of flying and stopovers, 
we arrived in Singapore. Two days later we boarded flight SQ 414 to 
Katmandu and we flew for another five hours and landed in the capital city 
of Nepal. The city is nothing like you could imagine or prepare yourself for. 
After a brief three day stay in the city, we boarded a small Canadian made 
Twin-Otter aircraft that carried us to the starting point of our trek: Lukla. 
From there we hiked and tented for two and a half weeks. During this time, 
we summited Goyko Ri and Mt. Kalapathar, the latter being at an altitude 
of 18,200 feet. This provided us with a spectacular view of the surrounding 
mountains -- one of which being Mt. Everest. What barren place! Only rock 
and ice in all directions. 

The next two and a half weeks were spent in the village of Khumjung, 
where we would be doing our community service work. Some of the 
projects that we worked on included the restoration of a local chorten, 
which is a religious monument; fencing repair; teaching computer skills to 
staff members at the small, remote school there; fixing the village's water 
supply; restoring mani-stones; and roof repairs to the school. Lastly, our 
most important community service project was getting e-mail working at 
the local school. This provided the remote village with an invaluable link 
to the rest of the world. As you can see, we were constantly busy throughout 
the entire trip. The expedition provided a valuable service and offered SAC 
students many remarkable opportunities. One hopes that this unique 
tradition will continue inorder to enrich the lives of many future Andreans. 

A Yak with a whole wack of 
SAC packs on its Back 

The Khumjung School 




... an inside look at SAC's Hous 

or ding Lifi 


here 's no life like it! Boarders do it and see it all! 
Residences are their homes away from home andyou'x 
gotta love it! Life on the inside is vibrant, demanding, 
sometimes frustrating, but certainly never dull. Residents enjc 
the ups and downs of each residence which abound with 
colourful characters and the occasional eccentric. Even the 
daily routines are made more memorable due to the charade 
thrown together and who somehow manage to get along desp 
the apparent contradictions in personalities. The whole expe 
ence is a character building exercise as much as any other fa 
of the school. Boarders can hold their own in any regard. By 
end of the year, despite the care / nurturing (sometimes 'fussi 
) of ever present Housemasters and dons, the typical boarder 

All night cram sessions, hall rugby, 'hangi 


flourishes by living by his wits, adapting to the rough and 
fumble of rooming with various misfits and excels in water 
sports in the halls, cramming for last minute tests and exams 
and bumming assorted items of food, supplemented by large 
infusions of pizza and Chinese food delivered at all hours of 
the evening. Putting up with snoring room mates, someone 
else's poor taste in music or bizarre personal habits and 
hygiene are all part of creating the ideal Andrean: one who 
is compassionate, tolerant and forgiving, who, yet at the 
same time exerts a tough independence and commendable 
resourcefitlness and inner strength. The leaders of tomorrow 
receive their first baptisms of fire in the melting pots of 
SAC's houses todax. 

common rooms, pizza, weirdo room mates 


The Upper School Boarding experience: Fla\ 


Upper School 

Memorial, Si f ton: at the heart of SAC Life! 


Ramsey House took on a whole new look this year with our new Housemaster, Mr. Galajda, at the reins. The days of chapel 
skipping without an excuse and quietly driving off campus for a Mels binge were over. We all found out pretty soon about 
the wrath of the "Giraffe Handler". EB's were hurled at all those who failed to abide by Ramsey Law. 
However, all this talk about rules and punishment doesn't mean that we didn't have time to enjoy ourselves. The creation of "Timbit 
Wednesdays" was a hit in not only our house but also other Houses, as many students from other houses would join in on the 
discussions in hope of getting some timbits for themselves. The discussions varied from "Who is going to win the Stanley Cup" to 
the next "formal or semi after party". At the other end of the hallway. "Kids in the Hall" would hold open forums and "court" and 
would often "just" make chapel in time before the doors closed. 

Ramsey House enjoyed many successes this year with winning the Cross Country Run, a close second in the Track and Field Meet 
and were the winners of The Housser Trophy for most clan points accumulated over the year. We ended off the year with the "1 st 
annual Ramsey House Oscars" and a successful BBQ. The awards were presented as follows: 

1. Most EB's served? 

2. Most Likely to be seen creating spares'? 

3. Most likely to take on Mr. Galajda in a cage match? 

4. Best Dressed stud? 

5. Most Likely to Become a movie Star in exotic films? 

6. Most Likely to go to jail? 

7. Most Likely to become a born-again Christian? 

8. Most Likely To drop out of University? 

9. Most Likely to get kicked out of school? 

10. Most Likely to become a parent first? 

Tejus Ajmera 

Eric Mancini 

Gord Birkett 

Ross Marshall 

Luc Zoratto 

JanMichael Ramlochan 

Adam Brander 

Ian Sinclair 

Dave Woodcock 

Justin Williams 

As the year comes to a close it is time to say goodbye to our Ramsey Grads and wish them the best of luck in all their future endeav- 
ors. And to one last word from the giraffe himself "moments change, but memories last for ever". I..S. Mike Craig 

Thanks go out to our "Head of House" Austin Porter and our "Co-Heads" of House, Ikhaz Kadiri and Michael Craig. 
Thanks for making this a great year! dg 

Ramsev House 

Upper School Dayboys 

Grade 9 Dayboys 

La id I aw House 

Mr. Kimmerer's dayboys... Home of 
the Privileged: Laidlaw enjoyed an 
excellent year with more barbecues 
house activities, scholars & athletes 
than ever before. 

dayboys ... breezing through a great year ... 

Smith House 

With Greg Thompson at the helm 
and seniors like Walsh, Ozawa, 
Roth well, Gariepy, Rogers, 
Myrans, Haque & Crispi and others to give 
guidance it was clear this ship was on an 
unforgettable cruise through turbulent 

Through thick & thin and despite the 
many challenges along the way, this House 
gave its all. They demonstrated they were 
serious contenders in all school events and 
participated in more than their share to win 
laurels and accolades at prizeday, sports, 
track & field etc. Give them a wide berth in 
the future - Smith House is right on course! 


Domain of Gielameister 
and the Tyrant Tsioraus Rex 

Macdonald House 

Although the Upper School Housemasters like 
to pretend... it's the MacHouse Gielameister 
who calls the shots! 

~W~ "Were 's where it all begins - the 
m~~m spawning grounds where the 
JL JL small fry are nurtured and 
grow to thrive later on in the larger 
ponds of Upper School. What an active 
place it is! Plenty of fun and activities 
that are conducted under the watchful 
and caring eye of Housemaster Mr. 
Giel and his assistant Housemaster, 
Mr. Tsioros. Added help and support 
were given by Mr. Penton and a team 
of dedicated duty masters. Combine the 
energy and enthusiasm of GAP student 
Mr. Maclean, mix with the energy of 
dozens of denizens, spice it up with the 
Mexican contingent and allow to 
simmer for a while - VOILA - a 
strange and potent brew guaranteed to 
knock your socks off It was an excel- 
lent year! A good time was enjoyed by 


Track and Field 
Day 200Q! 


As Always, Track and Field 
day this year was a blast. 
We had Mr. Butcher and 
Mr. Rush dodging shot-put balls, 
Mr. Halstead measuring the 
distance of his jumpers, Mr. 
Bedard trying not to get hit in the 
head with a javelin, and finally Mr. 
Tsioros with his gun. Doobie and 
Mr. Ryan took were busy keeping 
track of the results as they came 
in from their hide-out in the van. 
Oh, and we mustn't forget the 

As far as the events were con- 
cerned, the clouds didn't keep us 
away. The Long and Triple Jump 
pits were always active along with 
the track, shot-put, javelin, high- 
jump, and ball toss venues. To 
remember all of this fun we've 
dedicated a few pages of this 
book to the day so have a look 
and enjoy! 















2 BRUCE 238 

3 DOUGLAS 210 

4 WALLACE 195 


1 SIFTON 202 

2 RAMSEY 193 



5 SMITH 124 






<r \* 













1st Rugby 

Dedication & bxiDeiience 

Back Row: G. Graham. O. Radley-Smith. J.M. Ramlochan, J. Dudley. D.J. Bennett 

3rd Row: R. Carter. G. Birkett, A. Manigat. D. Richardson, O. Manigat. C. Long 

2nd Row: Mr. J. LaMarsh Esq., J. Near, W. Byrne, M. Richardson, K. Richards, H.D. 

Kim, Mr. S. Swan Esq. 

Front Row: K. Walsh. J. Williams. S. Amell, A. Gawel (Capt), M. Crispi. 

A. Chicoine, A. Naghi 

With a record of 17 wins, 7 losses and a tie against reigning 
OFSAA winners Barrie Central, the season was a great 
success. We visited Nova Scotia in early April and won the 
three games there. We also won the Plate at the NIS Tournament at TCS. 
We defeated Fr. Bressani to take the York Region title for the third time 
in our four years of participation. This ranked us 5 th at OFSAA, but, after 
constant pressure in their half, we yielded to UCC in the quarter finals. In 
CISAA playoffs, we lost an exciting semi-final by 15-18 at UCC, who 
were our undisputed nemesis this year. 

The team was one of the most coachable yet, and Jason Lamarche ('93) 
and I enjoyed working with them. There was a combination of experience 
in provincial players Alex Gawel (captain), Gord Birkett, Robbie Carter 
and D.J.Bennett; size in Ali and Olivier Manigat; and speed in Kevin 
Richards. The dedication of veterans Mike Crispi, Al Chicoine, Alex 
Naghi, Warren Byrne. Kyle Walsh, Justin Williams and Steve Amell, and 
the promise of Oliver Radley - Smith, Jan Michael Ramlochan, Gord 
Graham, Dave Richardson and Jordan Dudley all made for memories of 
an outstanding group of athletes. With the addition of talent from 2 nd ' s 
and under 16, next year will be even better! 



Congratulations ... NIS Tournament winners! 

Tier 2 Rugby 

MVP: Sam Rothwell 
MIP: RayYeh 

Facing some very skilled, 
strong opposition and often 
first teams of smaller schools 
such as Holy Trinity, Lakefield and 
Country Day, the Tier II rugby 
season on paper may not be viewed 
as overly impressive. However, 
considering that nine of our core 
players never played the game 
before, we indeed made some 
miraculous leaps and bounds to the 
point that by the end of the year we 
were competitive with some of our 
stronger opponents. 

Special mention must go to our 
MIP Ray Yeh who for a first year 
player displayed a keen enthusiasm 
and aptitude for the game and our 
MVP Sam Rothwell for his out- 
standing effort, refined ability and a 
keen dedication to rugby at SAC. 

Back Row: S. Hus. S. Manley, I. Leung. A. Chan. M. Lan. F. Lam 

Middle Row: Mr. J. Inglis Esq. (coach). R. Yeh, R. Chan, M. Swenker, V. Kim, 

J. Wong, H.K. Kim. A. Hodge 

Front Row: R. Blom, A. Steeves. M. Charlebois, S. Rothwell, B. Craig 

U16 Rugby 

The U16 season openener against Ridley proved to be the only league loss and was 
followed by 4 consecutive victories in which the team racked up 89 points against its opponents: 

SAC 31 Crescent 

SAC 7 UCC 5 

SAC 32 Lakefield 


The amazing "get out of my way" running of #8, Mike Tzimas 

The excellent trailer ball taken by Dave "farmhouse" Banwell playing Prop 

The shifty running and excellent hooking of J. T. Stevenson 

The hands and 22 points from the boot of scrum-half Pat McGrath 

The awesome running of Pablo "Catch me if you can" Sanders at fly half 

Winger Paulino "Amigo" Musi-Trevino who, haveing never played before, ended up 

teaching our opponents how to tackle, to catch, to run, and of course, how to score 

And, at full-back, the sure hands and amazing tackling of Andrew "Never Miss" Gosbee 

1 46 

U16 Rugby Back Row: M. Kane. D. Banwell, D. Amadori. M. Frame. J. Milnes, 

M. Posa. M. Tzimas. A. Malamas. A. Hill. M. Sunderani. F. Kane. D. Dominques. 

N. Tsioros. D. Jon. J. Bouvier. N. Rothwell. 

Middle Row: Mr. J. Butcher Esq.. D. Maclver. K. Chan. J. Leung. R. Foreman. 

M. Carneal, R. Miller. J. Housser. J. Stock. B. McCullough. J. Stevenson. 

A. Lakhani, D. Leung. P. Musi Trevino. S. Manchee. A. Bean. Mr. G. Shields Esq. 

Front Row: L. Zoratto. J. Kesten. A. Lupo. P. Sanders. K. Fullerton. P. McGrath, 

M. Bottomlev. A. Camargo, A. Gosbee 

Back Row: .1 Law son. B. Downey. P. Dabo. F. David-Coderre. B. Dalton. 

P. Benhaim, A. Perks. T. Fahlgren. S. Robinson. E. Swenker, E. Tozzi. M. Browning 

3rd Row: Mr. G. Steeves Esq.. P. Gonzalez. K. Han. D. Wong. S. Jolly. D. Oram. 

E. Rosenberg. M. Myers. M. Richaud. S. Bean. M. Lin, M. MOrawetz. B. LaBuick. 

Mr. J. Clements Esq., J.R. Lennox (ass't. coach i 

2nd Row: D. Von Diergardt. N. Carron, R. James. D. Stock. S. Lennox, T. Birkett, 

B. Burke. B. McCall. C. Lowe. R. McKay 

Front Row: J. Williams. A. Zorratto. J. Miller, E. Lebar. P. Fell, J. Springer. J.Griffin 

U14 Rugby 

Ever since its inception 6 
years ago, interest has 
continued to grow in the 
U14 rugby program. This year 
was no exception with 42 young 
men trying out for the 12 starting 
positions. The team played 6 
regular season games unbeaten, 
outscoring the opposition 199-31. 
Arguably, the best technical 
performance came with a 64 - 7 
trouncing of Appleby College in 
which our second phase play was 
so effective that the opposition 
were at times totally confused. The 
forwards under the inspired coach- 
ing of John-Ross Lennox were a 
force to be reckoned with, and the 
backs were unstoppable. After the 
game the Appleby coach said that 
this was the best team he had ever 
seen at this age level. 

MVP: Scott Lennox 
MIP: Jeffrey Williams 

\ , A 


To ensure a strong season, the first tennis team 
went to White Oakes in St. Catherines for 
training camp. While there, the team had lots of 
experience and had great team bonding. Even early in 
the season, the team managed to do extremely well in 
the early bird tournament. This proved to be no differ- 
ent in the season when the team achieved a 2 nd place 
overall. The strong veteran leadership of the two 
captains Nicholas Ivandic and Wyn Ron Cheong 
backed by assistant captain Tarek Merchant built a 
solid backbone for the team, which allowed for many 
close games to be won. Sadly, most of the players will 
be graduating this year and each will be remembered 
for their individual unique character. Nicolas Ivandic 
will be remembered for his powerful serves. Tarek 
Merchant for his perfect groundstrokes. Ken Ho for 

always keeping the ball in play, and Chris, also 
known as Kentucky Derby. Some returning players 
are Ryan Cheung who never seems to remember the 
ball is only supposed to bounce once, Derek Choi 
with his winning attitude, and Chris Cheng who is 
improving more and more everyday. 

One memorable incident happened during practice 
one day; Derrick and Chris M. were playing a 
doubles match against Chris C. and Ryan. In the 
middle of the game, Ryan smashed a serve that hit 
Chris C. squarely on his face. The ball knocked 
Chris over and bounced across two tennis courts. 
After the incident, Chris was totally disoriented, 
Ryan repeatedly apologized to Chris while Chris M. 
and Derrick laughed. Quit ye like men; be strong! 

V V\A A y V 


MIP: Derrick Choi 

MVP: Nick Ivandic 

Back Row: T. Merchant. D. Choi. K. Ho. C. Chang 
Front Row: M. Mast. W-R. Cheong. N. Ivandic. R. Park. 
C. McFarlane. Ms. J. Kravchenko (coach) 


2nd Tennis 

moviriQ in the ricjht direction 

Front Row: P. Harris, A. Tse, G. Wong, D. Wong, 

Ms. C. Kowaltschuk. 
Back Row: P. Rendon. M. Mast 

Tier 2 Tennis enjoyed a fair season this year; it 
was one that was filled with up' s and 
down's. The team was coached by Mrs. 
Kowaltschuk and it displayed great improvement 
throughout the season. Their first match against 
UCC was a struggle, but during the final CISAA 
Tournament, the Til Tennis team gave it all they got 
and placed second in the league. With improve- 
ments made to line-up and strategy, SAC was able to 
beat Rosseau Lake College, and 1 team from UCC. 
However, unfortunately, the T2 Tennis team eventu- 
ally lost to UCC's second team that arrived that day. 

MIP: Dennis Wong 
MVP: Patrick Harris 

With the tremendous improvement over the 
course of the season, the MIP of the team has spent 
every minute he could to practice his skills even if it 
meant staying late after practice. With his dedica- 
tion for improvement, the award went to Dennis 
Wong. MVP went to Patrick Harris, a player who 
was agreeable and versatile at playing as any either 
singles or doubles. 

With just 7 people on the team, everybody was 
crucial and important during every match against 
other schools. The team will be heading to the top 
next year. 


U 16 tennis 

late starters. . . strong finishers! 

Front Row: A. Rivadeneyra, M. De Lascurain, M. Torres. 

C. Chmiel, Mr. T. Paolini Esq. (coach) 
Back Row: J. Uribe, C. Corredor. F. Fell. A. Hracs, J. Lau 


MIP: Jose Uribe 
MVP: Drew McLean 

MIP: Matt Middleton 
MVP: Matt Gnyp 

Front Row: Mr. P. Bedard Esq. (coach), L. Lozano, 

A. Carranza, R. Salas, J. Gonzalez 

Back Row: L. Maaskant, M. Middleton. M. Gnyp, 

B. Fell. B. Tse 

The U16 team played with a lot of enthusiasm 
and spirit. They were keen and dedicated 
players despite the amount of time they spent 
"mopping' up on the courts. This was due to the 
incredible amount of reain/snow/sleet/hail, etc. that 
was experienced in April. The common phrase 
"practice? ...what practice" was said by all because it 
was usually 3 degrees below zero and snowing! 

It was no suiprise that early matches caught the 
team by surprise but the final tournament demon- 
strated that this team could really come together and 
play with lots of spirit. In the end, the team played 
with pride and definitely gave more than a 100! 

Congratulations to MVP Drew McLean and to a 
hard workina Jose Uribe who was our MIP. 

11 14 lannis 

Although this year was not a 'banner' 
year for the U14 tennis team, the 
players showed skilful play and battled 
their opponents as well as the weather with equal 
determination. On and off the court, team members 
were polite, friendly and fun to be around. They 
were enthusiastic ambassadors for the school. The 
team was led by a core of very talented Mexican 
players who encouraged all to develop their skills. 

During the 3rd term, it was never hard to find our 
MIP - Matt Middleton, who, regardless of the 
weather, was always able to convince someone to hit 
tennis balls with him. Our MVP also improved 
greatly over the last two years. Paired with Levin 
Maaskant, Matt Gnyp won 3 matches at the CISAA 
tournament. Congratulations to all on a fun season. 


Senior Golf 

Left to Right: 

M. Robinson, J. Lee, R. Brandham, J. Kaptyn, 

E. Heizer, E. Mancini, F. Tang, Mr. Robert Giel Esq. 

Back Row: J. Gartner. B. Brandham, A. Hoffman. J. P. 


Front Row: C. Yau. R. Ferguson, Mr. R. Giel Esq.. R. 

Poroznik, C. Gordon 

MVP: Jason Kaptyn 
MIP: Mark Robinson 

MVP: Josh Gartner 
MIP: Jonathon Suddaby 

#&: »Zi 


.# . 




mmmm m 






■| 1 ; 

• ; 

.on the road ... to a 

Once again, this year, the junior golf program was 
represented by some very talented golfers. The team 
had good depth and when we were allowed, we were 
able to field three competitive two man teams. In the first 
tournament we finished 3 rd , 6 th and 8 ,h . The other tournaments 
restricted our entries to one or two. The overall results for the 
season were SAC Junior A comprised of Adam Hoffman, J. P 
Suddaby. David Nudds and Brent Brandham with 3 3 rd place 
finishes and a 4 lh place in the final tournament earning a total of 
34 points and a final ranking of 5 out of 33. 

The SAC Junior B team comprised of Josh Gartner and Brent 
Brandham was allowed to participate in three tournaments. They 
captured 2 I s ' and a 6 th place finish, including a 1 M in the final 
tournament for double points. They earned a total of 42 points 
and a final ranking of 2 nd . Josh finished 1"' in the final tourna- 
ment shooting a 69. 

The other members of the team were Clement Yau who played 
on the C team and also substituted in when required on the 
Senior B team. Rob Ferguson. Campbell Gordon. John Maclver 
and Ryan Poroznik were not entered in any tournaments but it is 
in them that we see our future. 

The Most Improved Golfer award goes to J.P Suddaby, and the 
Most Valuable Golfer is Josh Gartner. 


Senior Cricket: 

the most successful season in the 
School's 101 year h istory! 

Back Row: J. McKenzie. M. Fullerton. R. Khoury. J. Bayley. A. Chisti 
Middle Row: A. Racine. K. Richards. W. Chang. D. Sacher, J. Patton 
Front Row: Mr. R. McLean Esq. (coach). T. Merchant. S. Simmons. J. Delmas. 
M. Kim. D. Chong. Mr. T. Staunton Esq.. (coach) 

This season was one of the most successful in the 
School's 101 year history. Led by Skipper Nick 
Abraham, the team completed a very wet season 
undefeated, defeating UCC and Ridley twice and TCS 
once. The second TCS game was cancelled due to wet 

The team was a truly international one with players 
from Bermuda, Jamiaca. Antigua, Barbados. United 
Arab Emirates and Canada. The boys 'jelled' as a group 
from the opening practice and encouraged one another 
during the long and exciting matches. 

The team received excellent bowling from first year 
players Zoheb Saleem and Warren Chang. Saleem took 
seven wickets in the opening match against UCC and 
fom that point on became the "workhorse" in terms of 

attack. Other steady bowling performances were put in 
by Nick Abraham, Daniel aka. "Chicken" Chong, Matt 
"Pilgrim" Fullerton, and Josh "Gummie-Bear" Delmas. 

Outstanding batting was by Nick Abraham (55 runs - 
Not Out - vs. UCC), Josh Delmas (32 runs vs. Ucc) and 
Daniel Chong ( 17 runs vs. TCS). 

The team would like to thank Rob MacLean, our 
Australian GAP student for his help all season and 
Jason Bayley for performing the difficult job of Scorer. 

Since the team only loses two boys from this 
season's squad, the future of Cricket at SAC appears 

Coach Staunton 




The First Lacrosse team had a great 
season this year. Opposing teams 
had to face the likes of such 
beasts as Forbes Lilford and Jack Popiel. 

Graeme Brown was a great goal tender 
for the team. The expert coaching from 
Mr. Robson and Mr. Cowell, not only 
gave this team a great season, but all the 
returning players have benefitted from 
their experience and will be ready to 
fight hard next year. 

The team had only 5 graduating players 
and a pile of grade 10's who will be 
there for the next few years. Congratula- 
tions to the team on another successful 

Back row: Mr. G. Robson Esq. S. Thompson, A. Parent, B. Chisholm. 
R. Marshall, A. McNabb. F. Lilford, M. Reid, B.Birkett, G. Brown, 
W. Park. A. McNabb, Mr. F. Cowell Esq. 

Front Row: T. Hurst, M. Dainard. J. Johnson, G. Stock, J. Popiel, 
M. Mitchell. B. Loniman, R.J. Ellis, D. Woodcock. Absent: M. Craig 




Congratulations to Sammy Lam! 
#1 in the Provincel 

Front Row: Mr. G. Dominato Esq., E. Nei, R. Luk, J. Cheung 
Back Row: K. Kine, V. Leung. P. Perrier, B. Lin 

Once again, the first badminton team was led to triumph by Samuel Lam. 
There are no doubts about Sam Lam's ability on the battlefields of 
badminton. During the OFSAA tournament, Samuel Lam dominated in 
place making him first in the province of Ontario with Ricky Luk following a 
respectable fifth place. 

Because so many key players graduated the previous year, no one expected 
the team to do well. However, the I s ' badminton team still wrapped up the year with 
a considerably fearsome group of beginners tutored by veterans of the team. Of 
honourable mention were Brian Lin and Eric Nei who switched from U16 to 
badminton due to their outstanding talents. In the CISAA tournament, the SAC 
team was tied with RSGC for first in the finals and the team went into a tie breaker: 
Samuel Lam and Ricky Luk both won their singles matches easily; however, the 
first and second doubles lost and it was up to third singles Paul Perrier to step it up 
a notch. Due to fatigue from earlier games though. Paul lost in the third game 10-15 
and this resulted in the SAC l sl Badminton receiving a 2nd place in the CISAA 

Of no surprise, this year's MVP was Samuel Lam and the MIP was Ricky 

Luk who rose to become one of the better players on team because of his hard work 
ethics. However, as Ricky is graduating this year he will be sorely missed. But with 
the quality line up of players still on next year's team, we can count on yet another 
potential championship team to lead our school to triumph. 

MVP: Ryan Lo 
MIP: Brent Cheng 

■ . 

Front Row 



R. Choi 







Mr.S. Kimmerer Esq 

Back Row: 


Li. S. 

Lee. B 




. R. Lin 

. B 


U1 4 Badminton 

Front Row: M. Hanson. G. Si, K. Lam, 

R. Reininger, Mr. M. Jones Esq. 

Back Row: S. Hon. J. Park, D. Daniell. K. Wilson 

Ul4 badminton coached by Mr. 
Jones provided more of a 
threat to their opponents than 
expected. Although the team was young 
and inexperienced, through hard work 
and dedication, they matured really 
quickly and learned a lot of the inside 
tricks to badminton. 

This year's MVP was Kevin Wilson 

who remained as both a consistent and 
excellent player since the beginning of 
the season. The MIP Richard 
Reininger whose diligence and hard 
work earned him this title on the U 14 
Badminton team. 


Back Row: Mr. S. Penton Esq.. J. Tsai. P. Kim, J. Kelson, 

J. Rothwell, K. Chang, A. Chow 
Front Row: A. Wakefield, P. Joakim. S. Leung. J. Cheons 

Back Row: L. Leong. J. Lo. J. Wu 
Front Row: J. Cheong, M. Tsui, D. Mak, A. Lee, 
Mr. A. Halstead Esq. 


St. Andrew's has a vibrant sports program that includes not only representative teams but 
one that offers many other co-curricular activities as well. All students participate in the 
athletic program and what were considered non rep teams at one time have flourished to 
become highly competive sports in York Region. Volleyball and badminton would be two 
such sports in the school's history. In recent years, baseball and table tennis have drawn 
much interest and enthusiasm is high. Competition is keen and play is intense. Who knows? Perhaps 
these sports will grow to become major events in CISAA leagues in the future. 

Let's Play Ball! 

Front Row: W. Yuen. B. Mok, K. Schmick. R. Chong, 
W. Chung 


Sack Row: Mr. R. Perrier Esq., K. Ho, J. Wu. W. Wai 

3. Hsu. 

Front Row: P. Tsai, M. Lau, J. Tsai 

Back Row: B. Wai, A. Lee, D. Mak. R. Wong, R. Chan 
Front Row: C. Wong, J. Lau. L. Leong 


Intramural basketball is a great way to have some fun, acquire sharp skills and work to improve your 
game. Games take place throughout the week and play is packed with intense moments like 
Geoffrey Lau's shut down blocks or Orson's amazing deke's. There are five teams of about five or 
six enthusiasts to each team. Team names are appropriate and include: "The Claws", "The Footy" 
and "Shottas". The fiery enthusiasm has led the intramural basketball program to be one of the more wel 
known programs in the school. Thanks to Mr. Perrier and the keen and dedicated players who play for the love 
of the game and with great and friendly spirit. 

?ront Row: R. Yeh, K. Cheung. J. Ngo. W. Cheung, A. Chan Front Row: A. Wakefield, V. Kim. J. Lo, F. Tang, J. Chan 


. one more brick in the w 

Assignments, multi-tasking, math cramming, 


aging out, making the grade, hitting deadlines... 


R. Aarts 







R. Carter 









E. Heizer 




J. Kelson 








N. Le 









D. Magee 

Grade 12 









T. Musewe 







Grade 12 


A. Absera 
R. Austin 
A. Ball 
J. Bayley 
D. J. Bennett 
R. Blom 
A. Brander 

R. Chan 

C. Chang 
W. Chang 
K. H. Chang 
M. Charlebois 
R. Chau 

S. Chen 

A. Chen 

D. Choi 
A. Chow 
M. Cook 
A. Cronin 
J. Delmas 

D. Deslauriers 
A. Daikun 
M. Doyle 

J. Dudley 
K. Fullerton 
R. Gaudio 
J. Gideon 

J. Ginou 
A. Gosbee 
G. Graham 
A. Guy 
P. Harris 
A. Hodge 

O. Hsu 
H. Jessa 
N. Kanai 
H.K. Kim 
P. Kim 
R. Kim 
J. Knutton 

A. Lalani 
S. Lee 
J.R. Lennox 
L. Leong 
S. Leung 
F. Lunan 

J. Lyons 


P. Mang 

M. Mast 

P. McClelland 

J. McKenzie 

T. Merchant 

Grade 11 


Cs ts C$ 


il k* ik t* iM 





01 f% ^ ^j ^ {% ft 

i ii i m tM iMiMtkiM 

F* : "0 CS 

1 p ft 

B. Mok 

J. Nehaul 

H. Ng 

W. Pringle 

O. Radly-Smith 

J.M. Ramlochan 

M. Reid 

Grade 11 


S. Alanko 
D. Amadori 
W. Amarshi 
D. Ban well 
M. Bottomley 
J. Bouffier 

B. Brandham 

A. Camargo 
S. Chan 

D. Chen 
K. Cheng 

E. Cheung 
R. Choi 

J. Claridge 

C. Corredor 
E. Davies 

D. Domingues 

M. Frame 
R. G. Gonzalez 
J. Gartner 
A. George 

R. Goldhar 
J. Green 
R. Hiscox 

A. Hracs 

B. Huray 
T. Hurst 

D. John 

A. Khajetoorian 
S. Konopud 
J. Kung 
A. Lakhani 
J. Lam 

E. Lau 

D. Leung 

R. Lo 

B. Lorriman 
D. Maciver 
D. Maclean 

A. Malamas 
R. Miller 
J. Miller 
D. Milnes 

Grade 10 




So. you're in grade 10. You've been at the school 
for at least a year and you think you know what the 
school is all about, but you're only partway through 
your High school experience. You still have a few 
years to go. 

Academically, we did pretty well this year, and as 
far as sports go, you couldn"t find a more athletic 
group of guys. Luc Zorrato's skating up a storm on 
First Hockey, while guys like Mike Tsimas take the 
MVP on U16 Football. 

Drewe Maciver was the first grade 10 to have a 
major role in the school play by playing Billy in Billy 

We have guys like Ryan Miller and Sean Konapud 
who seem to have a gift for being able to pick up the 
ladies, and guys like Toms and Tsui lead in the 
academic department. Basically we have a really 
good diverse group of people this year. 

Thank you to all our teachers for helping to mak 
this a great year. 

M. Mitchell 
P. M. Trevino 

E. Nei 

D. Nudds 

F. Pacco 
A. Parent 
W. Poon 

M. Posa 
P. Rendon 
P. Samson-Doel 
S. Simmons 

S. Su-Wu 
M. Sunderani 
Z. Thobani 
S. Thompson 

D. Toms 

B. Townsend 
O. Trejo 

C. Tse 

N. Tsioros 
M. Tsui 
M. Tzimas 

E. Watts 
M. Wong 
R. Wong 

D. Woodcock 
C. Yau 

L. Zoratto 


J Ballesteros 

A. Bean 
K. Beatty 
P. Benhaim 
S. Bornstein 
M. Browning 

N. Caron 

D. Charlebois 

B. Cheng 
M. Cheng 
A. Chishti 

C. Chmiel 
T. Chu 


M. De Lascurain 

A. Douglas 
H. Dowell 

D. Downey 
M. Dwyer 
R. Ellis 

T. Fahlaren 

F. Fell 

R. Foreman 

G. Glen 

C. Gordon 
J. Griffin 

B. Harvey 

A. Hill 
A. Hoffman 
J. Housser 
W. Hugh 
J. Johnstone 
M. Kane 
F. Kane 

J. Kesten 

D. Kluwack 
D. Kocik 

J. Lagerquist 
J. Lau 
J. Lawson 

S. Lee 
J. Lee 
S. Lennox 


JCM fS £> ^ ' (^ 1 Jp 

Grade Nine Review 

I'm sure that anyone who looked back upon grade nine might 
lot enjoy their vision. It is. after all. the first year within the 
realm of the significantly less-gentile upper school. It is, for the 
majority, the most aggravating and potentially disastrous year 
during the never-ending task of secondary school. It marks, in a 
blunt reality, the thin line between success and failure. 

In this case, things must have gone terribly wrong. 

I personally have never enjoyed a year as a student more than this. 
I've seen Allan Bean's rugby countdowns and watched Jarryd 
Stock morph into Baby John. I've heard Hugh Dowell sing, seen 
Patty dance, and laughed at Ravi's hair. I haven't seen a real 
loser, or someone who doesn't want to excel. I've never seen 
proof of Stew's "stories' either, but that's beside the point. 

It's been an exceptional year. There's really not too much more 
to say. Great year everybody and thanks for the memories. 

Andrew Douglas 


r> n 


J. Leung 

R. Lin 

J. Lorenzen 

B. Marien 

B. McCullough 

C. McFarlane 

A. Perks 

J. Ramlochan 

J Ross 

J. Rothwell 

N. Rothwell 
A. Rourke 
R. Roy 

Z. Saleem 

E. Samson-Doel 

R. Siu 

A. Smilis 

J. Stock 

J. P. Suddaby 

P. Sun 

D. Von Diergardt 

A. Wakefield 
S. Wang 
J. Williams 
D. Wong 
K. Tuen 

thcRc\ icw 


C. Abbott 
M. Adamson 
H. Amarshi 
C. Attard 

C. Biggings 
T. Birkett 

E. Bornstein 

A. Brankley 

B. Burke 
W. Burnham 

A. Casar 

D. Chanadi 
P. Dabo 

S. Freud 

F. David-Coderre 

B. Fell 

R. Ferguson 
M. Gnyp 

M. Gontier 
J. Gonzalez 
J. Gonzalez 
J. Hui 

B. James 
S. Jolly 

B. LaBuick 

C. Lowe 

L. Maaskant 

B. McCall 
R. McKay 
M. Middleton 

J. Miller 

J. Moctezuma 
M. Morawetz 
W. Mulock 

D. Oram 

J. Park 

R. Poroznik 

J. Portilla 

R. Reininger 

A. Rivadeneyra 

S. Robinson 

%M iM H i£ I* il ii 

f*s cy. h r -^ i~ . 


Grade 8 


p a n r> o o p 

14 M 14 ii *J 14 41 

Grade 8 

The morale of the Middle School was high all year particularly because of a group of boys called 
The Middle School Council. They planned Grub Days. Spirit Da\ s, 
Barbecues and Middle School dances. Working with Mr. Hanson, the Director of Middle 
School, the Council also organised a grade eight Semi-Formal. It was a special dinner and dance for the 
grade eight's to celebrate their graduation to Upper School. This was the first time that our College 
hosted such an affair so we wanted it to be special. The food was great, and even though there were a 
few anxious moments, it was a "huge" success. The first time I saw my grade eight class their faces were 
a blur. It was hard for me to distinguish between them, but now, each face is crystal clear with memo- 
ries vibrantly and permanently imprinted in my brain. It's funny how we can forget things that seemed 
important at one time, then trivial at another. Here are a few memories so they don't get lost: 

The nervous itch at the beginning of the year 

The sweet smell of victory... over Upper Canada College 

The roar of the S.A.C. cheer filling the massive grounds at Homecoming 

The "excitement" of dances 

The itch that always comes at the wrong time during Cadet inspection 

The gnawing dread of exams 

Then, when all is said and done, the relief 

Pride, a theme through the hallways of SAC. found a home in the bodies of the grade eight students. 
And now, as we leave one life behind, and go down the hall into another we can't forget. We can't 
forget where we were, what we were, but most significantly who we have become. 

IAMANDREAN (A. Branklev) 

E. Rosenberg 
D. Ross 

A. Ryazanov 
R. Salas 

M. Salinas 

G. Si 

J. Springer 

D. Stock 
M. Torres 
J. Torres 
K. Wilson 
J. Wong 

B. Zack 


' *■ 


VI 'on r. 


M^ ^MhA 

Grade 7 












L. Sweeting 





The grade 7s had an excellent school year 
this year. It began with an excursion to 
Albion Hills where we all got to know each 
other and make some new friends. The first term 
went pretty well. 

Everyone was a bit scared at the end of the term 
because of writing exams for the first time. But 
after they were over we realized they weren't that 
bad after all. We had various field trips this year 
like going to the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art 
Gallery of Ontario, the Science Center, and my 


personal favorite, when we went to see Fantasia 
2000 on the big Imax screen. 

Who could ever forget the humour that Ankush 
Sondhi, Eric Tozzi, and Michael Carney brought to 
class every day? Or the Mexican connection of 
Michel Richaud, Miguel Pardinas, Pablo Gonzalez, 
Alejandro Carranza, Luis Lozano, and Carlos 
Berlanga. All in all it was a great year for everyone 
and one of the best grade 7 years ever. 

Mark Hanson 

M. Browning 

A. Bruno 
J. Burke 

D. Edminson 
M. Ferguson 
M. Greco 
L. Hurst 

S. James 

R. James 

S. Johnstone 

M. Langer 

J. Lemieux-Reale 

N. Leslie 

B. Muir 

T. Rowlands 
G. Thompson 
R. Tung 


Grade 6 
First Year 
at SAC 

This was the first year St. Andrew's 
has taken new students to form the 
first grade 6 class. 

The grade 6 class had fun playing 
on the new sports teams created for them 
like U 1 2 soccer and U 1 2 basketball. They 
enjoyed their new homeroom teacher Mr. 
Kyle who has just joined S.A.C this year. 
He teaches them grade 6 Science, Math. 
English, and Computer Studies. 

In Science at the start of the third 
term, the grade 6 Science class designed 
robots which no other middle school 
science class created. In the last 2 weeks 
of class Mr. Kyle has allowed the class to 
make rockets. The grade 6 class took a 
trip to the Science Center which they 
enjoyed a lot. They took part in a simula- 
tion of a mission to land a probe on the 
moon. For Focus the grade 6 class 
directed by Mr. Kyle performed a play 
"The Sure Thing". It was lots of fun for 
both the viewers and the students perform- 

To end the school year the grade 6 
class had a great trip to Wonderland. 
Hopefully next year's grade 6 class will 
have just as much fun as ours did. 

By: Nick Leslie 



Hard fought battles - fabulous results! 

This year's SAC DECA team 
enjoyed great success as 
many returning members 
provided great leadership guidance 
for the Club. With a lot of member 
remembering the success shared by 
last year's group, the team aimed 
high, hoping to achieve better than 
what we did last year. 

One of the areas in which we 
concentrated on was Quiz Bowl 
team, which made its debut last 
year, gaining some valuable experi- 
ence for the club. This year's quiz 
bowl team had fabulous results as 
they went and competed with some 
of the top high school teams from 
around the province. Co-Presi- 
dents Tejus Ajermera and Ryan 
Brandham led the squad, along 
with key veterans Kevin Fullerton 
and Jeff Ginou. 

Back Row: 
Front Row: 

K. Fullerton. J. Ginou. R. Brandham. T. Ajmera, J. Wu. 
Mr. R. Giel Esq.. 
J. Lau, Z. Thobani. F. Lam. I. Leung. K. Chan. J. Wons 

After several easy sweeps by the team through 
the preliminary rounds, SAC found itself in the 
finals with our top competitor, Waterloo 
Collegiate. Through an hour of hard fought battle, 
the SAC team accomplished a well-respected 2nd 
place, just a couple of points short of capturing the 
title. Along with the quiz bowl team, other mem- 
bers of the DECA team enjoyed success in their 
oral events. Jackson Lau, Jonathan Wu and Jason 
Wong each received honourable mentions, as they 
were placed within top 15 out of 120 contestants in 
their individual events. 

The members of the DECA teams would like to 
recognise the countless nights and endless extra hours IS 
Giel has put sacrificed in order to make this organisatio 
work. Without his constant reminders and valuable 
knowledge as a judge, few could imagine the amount oi EJ 
success enjoyed by the club. Finally, good luck to our 
graduating members, wishing them success in universit 
and hopefully carrying on their valuable experience her 
into their future university chapters. 

By: Jason Wong (DECA Secretary) 



Banner Year for Debating! 

This was a banner year for SAC's debaters - 
arguably the best we have experienced in at least 
five years. For this credit goes to a lot of people. 
As a rule when I do this year-end review, I try to 
mention each and every person who was involved in the 
events that we took on, but this time, I just don't have 
the space! I think that's a good sign, but I'm sorry not 
to be able to include what each of you did. So let's deal 
with the highlights! 

Once in seven years it is our responsibility to host the 
Fulford league tournament for the more than 20 other 
independent schools who belong - and this was our 
year! On Saturday November 13 over three hundred 
judges and competitors flocked to our campus. During 
ttiat one day our Senior Club members ran 66 debates, 
and every single boy in our Middle School was involved 
n guiding, hosting and timekeeping. As always our 
Ladies Guild were wonderful; special thanks go to Mrs 
Craig and Mrs Chanadi. We are deeply grateful to the 
1 1 parents, former debaters and friends of the school 
A'ho joined us that day as judges, five in every room. I 
those as theme for the day the debt of the "developing 
A'orld" and whether it was the responsibility of the 
'developed world" to deal with the overwhelming debt 
)f the heavily indebted poor countries - a timely topic 
lot previously debated in our league. The impromptu 
lebates dealt with the pointed issue of body piercing 
ind its place in defining human beauty! It was a super 
lay; we are delighted to have had our chance to do it 
md to have done it well. 

Our Juniors flourished under the tutelage of Mr Daniel 
Reid and received once again a delegation of young 
debaters from the Bermuda Debate Society for four days 
in April. During the Thanksgiving weekend next Octo- 
ber half a dozen of our best prospects will pay a return 
visit to Bermuda with Mr Reid and this year's excellent 
President Andrew Martin escorting them. We were 
represented by three teams at the Junior High 
Provincials; Jeremy Springer and Greg Willmot spoke at 
the Stirling Hall Tournament. For the first time we held 
a public speaking challenge within the Middle School 
and the winners were Devon Daniell and Jonathan 
Mackenzie. On Prize Day Adam Rourke was chosen as 
best Grade 9 debater, and Alex McNabb of Grade 10 
won the B.R. Mitchell Trophy. 

In October the International Public Speaking Tourna- 
ment for independent schools was hosted by Strathcona- 
Tweedsmuir School in Okotoks, Alberta, just outside 
Calgary. Our team consisted of Mike Craig, Drewe 
Maclver and Tejus Ajmera. Tejus honed his skills at this 
tournament and then scored a personal best and qualified 
for a citation in the second Fulford at T.F.S. Jeff Ginou 
was his partner here with Kevin Fullerton and John 
Lyons handling the intermediate duties. In the term three 
Fulford at MacLachlan College Jack Popiel and John 
Knutton were senior standard-bearers, supported by 
Wahid Amarshi and Alex McNabb. Even though we 
could only compete in the final two Fulfords, having 
been hosts in round one, we did improve our league 
standing over that of a year ago. 

Each month throughout the year we took to the road 
about three times for invitational tournaments and social 
events. Memorable among the latter were the fixtures 


with Havergal, St. Mildred' s-Lightboume and B.S.S. 
Particularly exciting challenges among the former were 
our participation in the University of Toronto Tourna- 
ment, in the Nora McRae for public speakers, and in the 
annual Headmaster's Cup with T.F.S. where Olivier 
Manigat, Jonathan Cheng, John Knutton and Andrew 
Martin were our standardbearers. 

Despite their valiant efforts in home and away debates, 
our friendly rivals prevailed and will hold onto the cup 
for the coming year. Then in February we took the place 
of another school which had withdrawn its services in 
order to provide a venue for the central Ontario regional 
tournament in French debate. Mr Chris George from 
Bayview Glen and our own Mr Arril did yeoman service 
that day. In tournaments like these the perfomances of 
Peter Vogel, Ryan Aarts, Andrew Cronin and Asad 
Haque continue to stand out for me. 

Undoubtedly the single (or double) most significant 
acquisition to the ranks of our Senior Debating Society 
was the arrival of Ali and Olivier Manigat. Although 
they were new to competitive debate, they took to it like 
ducks to water in all three language categories - as will 
be seen! A trio of our senior students excelled at the 
Metro regional level of competition and went on to the 
Provincials, two being Olivier Manigat and Andrew 
Martin who has made it to the Provincials now for three 
years running, a highly praiseworthy accomplishment. 

The final member of the trio, brother Ali Manigat, 
debating in French, excelled again and qualified to attend 
the Nationals in Thunder Bay where he came eighth in the 
country. A further distinction for Ali is that he was 
elected by his peers at the Provincials to represent them in 
the coming year on the board of directors of the Ontario 
Student Debating Union. As a fellow board member I am 
going to enjoy his company at the meetings! 

We have an excellent executive in place for next year: 
Andrew Martin, winner of the Brooks Trophy on Prize 
Day, will share the leadership of the society with incom- 
ing Presidents, Ali and Olivier Manigat. Secretary and 
keeper of records will be Hugh Dowell, another valuable 
addition this year. Senior Vice Presidents will be Jack 
Popiel and Mike Craig who won the C.R. Leslie Memo- 
rial Prize for his many useful contributions to debating 



this year. Junior Vice Presidents will be Alexander 
Chow, Kevin Fullerton and Jeffrey Ginou. They will 
assist in mentoring the younger members who meet 
with Mr Reid each week. There is so much to look 
forward to, plans being formed and some teams being 
assembled already. I can't wait to tell you about it in 
another year's time! It IS great to debate, and you are 
cordially invited to join the SAC speech and debate 

Rupert J. Ray, Head of Debating 



At the St. Andrew's Day Banquet 

those receiving Second and First 

Class Colours were: 

Wallace Clan 

Ryan Foreman 
Andrew Douglas (First) 
Joseph Leung (First) 
Soung Hun Lee (First) 

Montrose Clan 

Andres Rivadeneyra 
Jose Uribe 

Robertson Clan 

Justin Ramlochan 
Nicholas Caron 

Alex McNabb 
John Maclver (First) 
Stuart Manchee (First) 
Nicholas Dadson (First) 

Douglas Clan 

Allan Bean 
Hussein Amarshi 
Darryl Stock 

Billy Burke 

David Charlebois (First) 

Jarryd Stock (First) 

Bruce Clan 

Kevin Wilson 
Mark Cheng 
Shawn Jolley 
Breen Marien 
Rob Ferguson 
Chris McFarlane 

At the June 1 st Awards 

Assembly those receiving Second 

and First Class Colours were: 

Wallace Clan 

Brendon McCullough 
Soung Hun Lee (First) 

Douglas Clan 

Armughan Chishti 
James Kesten 

Montrose Clan 

Jordan Rose 

Jose Uribe (First) 

Andres Rivadeneyra (First) 

Robertson Clan 

Adam Rourke 
Dan von Diergardt 
Justin Ramlochan (First) 
Alex McNabb (First) 

Bruce Clan 

Michael Dwyer 
Paul Tsai 

Breen Marien (First) 
Mark Cheng (First) 
Hugh Dowell (First) 
Jeff Johnston (First) 

Bar to First Class Colours 

David Charlebois 
Nicholas Dadson 
Andrew Douglas 
Joseph Leung 
Stuart Manchee 
Patrick McGrath 
Darryl Stock 

Douglas Clan 
Robertson Clan 

Wallace Clan 
Wallace Clan 
Robertson Clan 
Montrose Clan 
Douglas Clan 


Some important developments happened on the clan 
front this year. Most significant was the long- 
pondered decision to re-integrate the clans so that 
each of the five clans contained a representative cross- 
section of boarders and dayboys. With the growing 
proportion of day students in the school this seemed the 
best way to achieve a balanced distribution that would be 
fair and fun for all. In such matters there are always pluses 
and minuses, but overall we are glad we did it - it seemed 
to draw us closer together and that's what the clan system 
is all about! 

The first order of business in the early fall was to meet 
as clans, to discuss our traditions, to receive each his 
distinctive tartan clan tie and to elect clan captains who 
would provide leadership in the months to come. The 
captains and their assistants as chosen by their peers were 
as follows: from Bruce Clan. Chris McFarlane and Jeff 
Johnston; from Douglas Clan. Allan Bean and Hussein 
Amarshi; from Montrose Clan. Patrick McGrath and Jose 
Uribe; from Robertson Clan. Nick Dadson and Stuart 
Manchee; and from Wallace Clan, Andrew Douglas and 
Ryan Foreman. Andrew Douglas of Wallace miniedialch 
challenged the others by setting up a clan web sue 

Shortly thereafter we initiated our internal competition 
i the running of the school cross-country which marks 

the start of the Thanksgiving weekend. The top 
finishers listed here from first to sixth were as follows: 
Simon Robinson. Chns McFarlane. Nathan Rothwell, 
Philippe Dabo. David Oram and Darryl Stock. When 
the finishing place scores were all averaged out 
Robertson was in first followed by Douglas and Bruce. 
Was this a sign of how things would turn out for the 
balance of the year? 

The answer it turns out to this question is no. So 
many aspects of each boy's performance are counted in, 
his contribution to drama, debating, cadets and other 
extra-curricular activities, plus of course his academic 
prowess. But there are the big days such as the run and 
the annual dinner in honour of our patron Saint 
Andrew. On this occasion the guest speaker was Mr. 
Norman Turner, class of 1971, and he gave a highly 
coloured, slightly outrageous address which drew 
heavily on his memories of high jinks around 
Macdonald House. Ai least no one dived off in this 
speech! We were diverted by displays of piping and 
highland dancing and the first batch of clan awards was 

In the early part of the winter with help from 
Mr. Hanson. Mr. Giel and the house captains ,1 schedule 
of indoor soccer matches and a Clan Spirit Day took 

place and in both of these Montrose Clan began to show 
its depth. Could this be a sign of the times? The race 
was turning out to be quite tight between the five clans 
and it was becoming clear that the outcome of the 
intramural track and field meet near the end of the 
spring term just might turn out to he pivotal. And so il 
was: in fifth place were Robertson with 158 points, in 
fourth place Wallace with 19?. in third place Douglas 
with 210. in second place Bruce with 238, and on top 
of the heap Montrose with 269! 

On Pri/e Day we presented the Hockin Trophy to 
the captain of the clan that had acquired the most points 
amongst its members and in the opening year of the new 
millennium that honour went to Patrick McGrath, leader 
of Montrose Clan. Roherston Clan was the runner-up 
w itli Douglas in third place. We could engage in some 
reflections of the "what it" and "if only" variety, but it 
would serve little purpose. Competitions and races, 
even the most friendly ones, are meant to have winners. 
The final standings were more closely distributed that 
has been the case in quite a w tnle and we all had fun 
taking par! and in keeping the flame of the clans burning 
i learlj You arc to be commended foi your efforts and 
(he final cheer goes to Montrose 1 





At the St. Andrew's Day Dinner we 

recognized the following winners 

from each clan or house. 

Smith House or Leslie Clan 

Second Class Colours: 

John Knutton 
Zaki Thobani 
Kyle Walsh. 

First Class Colours: 

Gordon Ozawa 
Ricky Luk. 

Flavelle House or 
MacPherson Clan 

Second Class Colours 

Andrew Cronin 
Matthew Fullerton 
William Cheng. 

First Class Colours 

Alex Gawel 
Jason Wong 
Andrew Martin 
Stephen Amell. 

Ramsey House and Clan 

Second Class Colours were: 

Peter McClelland 
Chris Chui 
Devon Ajram 
Sam Rothwell. 

First Class Colours 

Brian Chisholm. 

Sifton House or Stewart Clan 

Second Class Colours : 

Adam Guy 
Michael Kim. 

First Class Colours: 

Tom Long 
Jeffrey Lo. 

Memorial House 
or Buchanan Clan 

Second Class Colours : 

Charles Long 


Ken Chan 
Mitch Smith 
Ken Ho 
Jackson Lau. 

First Class Colours: 

Michael Lau. 

June l 51 Awards Assembly: 

Ramsey House and Clan 

Second Class Colours: 

Graydon Stock 
Jeff Ginou 
Giancarlo Trimarchi 
Jonathan Cheng 

First Class Colours: 

Jason Cheung 
Cameron Steed 
Mike Craig. 

Sifton House 
or Stewart Clan 

Second Class Colours: 

Sam Hsu 
Vincent Leung 
Ken King 
Peter Wan 
Ryan Cheung 

First Class Colours: 

Joshua Lim. 

Memorial House 
or Buchanan Clan 

Second Class Colours: 

David Wang 
Fred Tang 
Jonathan Wu 
Ben Craig 

First Class Colours : 

Jackson Lau 
Barry Wai 
Danny Mak. 

Flavelle House 

or MacPherson Clan 

Second Class Colours : 

John Ngo 
Vladimir Kim 

Marc Swenker 
Canning Wong 
Eric Heizer 
Ivan Leung 
Simon Bailey 
Marshall Doyle 

First Class Colours : 

Andrew Cronin 
William Cheng 
Jacob Marcinkowski. 

Smith House 
or Leslie Clan 

Second Class Colours : 

Kevin Fullerton 
Alex Chow 
Ryan Park 
Peter Mang 
Victor Ip. 
Nick Weedon 
John Lyons 
Michael Reid 
Andrew Steeves 
Roger Kim 
Mike Charlebois 
Austin Ball 
Alex Tse 

First Class Colours: 

Matt Tsuji 
Asad Haque 
Jason Kaptyn 
Josh Kelson 
Andrew McNabb. 

Bar to First Class Colours 

Ryan Brandham 
Wyn-Ron Cheong 
Brian Chisholm 
Stephen Gariepy 
Hyun Do Kim 
Michael Lau 
Iain Myrans 
Wan Ki Park 
Paul Perrier 
Iain Rogers 

Ramsey Clan 
Stewart Clan 
Ramsey Clan 
Leslie Clan 
MacPherson Clan 
Buchanan Clan 
Leslie Clan 
Buchanan Clan 
Ramsey Clan 
Leslie Clan 



Prize Day is over: the announcements 
have all been made, the graduates 
addressed, the prizes distributed - and 
I am left with a bulging file of lists and e- 
mail announcements that I have collected 
over these passing months. Each reflects an 
aspect of the involvement of students in 
groups large and small or even individually 
that count toward the intramural clan 
competition that is part of our tradition. 
Can it really be over for another year'.' It 
strikes me that what I have in my hands is in 
some fashion the year in microcosm. So 
much that we value, that we will remember 
is right here. 

Some of the lists are the obvious 
ones that carry so much weight, what 
athletic team or house league activity we all 
played for. what overall average we 
achieved on each report card, and who 
earned each prize. Add to that the partici- 
pants in the high profile casts and teams, 
ensembles and events. Next add the groups 
whose special activity is best know to 
themselves, but not always to the rest of us; 
let me pick a few token examples randomly 
to show you what I mean: the Chess team, 
the DECA group, the SASSIN planners, the 
Community Service Council, the delega- 
tions to ISDF. ISMF and the Harvard 
Conference in Costa Rica. 

Finally there are the individual 
students who achieved a personal best in a 
contest or feat: for example Randall Blom 
in the National Ski Marathon. Ali Manigat 
in the National Debate Seminar, and Andrew 
Cronin in the Duke of Edinburgh Challenge. 

Again these are only a few of the 
many worthy commitments, but I want you 
to know that I endeavoured to weigh them 
all in as I evaluated your personal claims for 
clan colours and as I compared the accom- 
plishment of each house in the overall clan 
competition. This is a reflection of some of 
what was best about the year that is now 
behind us. a year in microcosm. 

On St. Andrew's Day we addressed 
the haggis, witnessed piping and drumming. 

and distributed clan colours to those who 
had qualified. Many thanks to Mr. 
McGillivray. to Mr. McCue and to the two 
lovely highland dancers who graced our 
proceedings with their presence. Our guest 
speaker that evening was Scott Bryk. a 
distinguished Andrean from the class of 
1990, who travelled all the way from 
Vancouver in order to be with us and to 
reflect on the meaning of it all from the 
vantage point of ten years. 

From my point of view one of the 
most satisfying accomplishments of this 
year was being able to act on last year's 
decision to give the former New House a 
fitting and permanent name in honour of 
Mr. Geoffrey Smith. The house now had a 
name, but we lacked the appropriate shield 
of arms to mount with the others on the 
walls of the Great Hall. Before Christmas I 
commissioned our superb heraldic artist. 
Mr. Gordon MacPherson of Burlington, to 
research and to paint what we required. 

there have been 
Smiths in 
Scotland for 
centuries and 
they trace their 
kinship to 
several of the 
great clans. 
With this in 
mind our artist 

resolved to execute the shield of clan 
Chatton, which if you want to be correct is 
pronounced "hatton". 

I picked up the finished work 
during the March break and rarely have I 
been so delighted with an fulfillment of a 
dream. The new shield is one of the most 
handsome in our collection and we decided 
to put it up early in term three tor all to 
admire rather than to wait for the June l sl 
Clan Assembly when it was officially 
received. I'll let the picture speak lor itself. 

What were the outcomes of the 
two major days when we all competed head 

to head? In the fall cross-country run the 
top three clans were Ramsey, followed by 
Smith/Leslie and then Sifton/Stewart. The 
top six finishers starting with number one 
were Peter McClelland. Brian Chisholm. 
Alex Gawel, Ian Snider, Adam O'Meara 
and Mitch Smith. Two terms later the 
honours were up for grabs again at the 
annual track and field meet and without a 
doubt Ramsey had it in mind to secure 
bragging rights conclusively, but this time 
they were in for tough competition, not 
from the clansmen of Smith who slipped all 
the way to fifth place, but from the men of 
Sifton. The struggle was nip and tuck 
throughout the afternoon and it was not 
until the final relays that Sifton pulled away 
and made the day their own. Bravo. 
Stewart, for a wonderfully determined and 
organized showing! So where did this 
leave us at the end of the year? Wyn-Ron 
Cheong of Stewart was chosen as winner of 
the MacPherson Shield for his clan enthusi- 
asm and generous spirit. The Laidlaw 
Trophy awarded to the graduating student 
who has earned for his clan the greatest 
number of points during his last two years 
was won by Ryan Brandham. with the 
runner-up being Iain Myrans. It was clear 
that the competition for the Housser Trophy 
was going to come down as it has before 
either to Smith or to Ramsey. 

When the announcement was 
made on Prize Day it was Austin Porter, 
Head of Ramsey Clan, who heard his name 
being called and he accepted the trophy on 
behalf of the men of Ramsey. Undoubtedlv 
for a few moments they had reason to feel 
good about themselves, but even more 
important is the impressive number of clan 
colour winners from all the clans who had 
met the demanding criteria for each level of 

Each of them is entitled to feel 
good about what he is doing here at St. 
Andrew's College. This is what the clan 
system is all about, and this is win u is 
worth preserving and improving. 

Rupert J. Ray. 

Coordinator of Clan Activities 



1999 - 2000 

Prize Day 

r. Chairman; Chief Justice McMurtry; 

the Mayor of Aurora, Mr. Tim Jones; 

Members of the Board of Governors; 
Trustees of the St. Andrew's College Foundation; 
Members of the Faculty; Honoured Guests; Young 
Men of St. Andrew's College; Ladies & Gentlemen. 

It is always with a sense of pleasure that we 
welcome our guests to Prize Day each year. 

We are delighted that you could join us here 
today to celebrate with your sons the successful 
conclusion of the school year; to congratulate the 
graduating class, some of whom have been with us 
since grade 7, and all of whom today reach a mile- 
stone in their education; and to witness the awards 
to all those who, by diligence and endeavour, have 
won prizes. 

I consider myself very fortunate to be Headmas- 
ter of this wonderful school. Not only am I pro- 
vided with housing at the end of this quad, but the 
position of Headmaster comes with some additional 
perks. I have my very own cadet escort; I have my 

very own piper; and most importantly, when travelling 
abroad or shopping in Toronto, I have my very own 
body guards. Thank you, gentlemen, for all of your 
assistance this year. 

It has been a fun year, by and large, made so by the 
personality 'quirks' of our boys. 

Attending chapel each morning, I'm never sure 
what to expect; what hair style Kevin Richards will b( 
wearing; what new muscles Nick Middleton will have 
and how many earrings Gerren Hopkin will be trying 
to conceal. 

It's also been fun saving my money so that I could 
bid on Forbe Lilford's stereo; attempting to match wit 
with Ryan Brandham - unsuccessfully; trying to deci- 
pher the email messages on the Cricket team's confer- 
ence and helping to keep the Scottish wool industry in 
business by ordering kilts for the Manigats. 

In this my third year as Headmaster of St. Andrew': 
I have come to appreciate the ebb and flow of boardin 
school life. 

I realize now, that there are going to be peaks and 
troughs, but I am comforted by the fact that things 
normally end up well in the end. 

We have had peaks and troughs this year. Mark Twai 
once said, "never let your schooling interfere with yoi 
education", but surely the secondary school years are 
the best time for life lessons to be learned. Renownec 
poet John Keats wrote in 1818; 

"//; Endymion, I leaped headlong into the sea, and 
thereby have become better acquainted with the 
surroundings, the quicksands, and the rocks, than if 
I had stayed upon the green shore, and piped a silly 
pipe, and took tea and comfortable advice. " 

Winston Churchill stated; "While one person hesi- 
tates because he feels inferior, the other is busy makir 
mistakes and becoming superior". 
We all make mistakes - the trick is to learn from then 

I would like to end the school year in the way that 
began it. At the Opening Assembly in September, I 
announced that the theme for the year would be 
"PRIDE". I encouraged the boys to take pride in 
themselves, in their families, with their academic 




work and in their extra-curricular activities. Ladies 
and Gentleman, they have done this, and I am "Proud" 
of their efforts this year. Please give our student body 
a hearty round of applause for their efforts in all areas 
this year. 

There is a well-known Latin phrase, "Non Nobis 
Solum" (Not for Ourselves Alone) which I think 
describes accurately the spirit of the school this year. 

Examples of St. Andrew's Community Service 
efforts include: 

The work of students Adam Brander, Ben Craig, 
Tom Haney, Josh Lim, John Lyons, Iain Myrans. Paul 
Perrier and Giancarlo Trimarchi and two faculty 
members, Marke Jones and Steve Kimmerer, who 
participated on SASSIN TREK 2000. They worked at 
12,600 ft. on various community service projects such 
as; repairing fences, restoring local religious icons, 
assisting schools with the installation of email and 
working with local teams on the restoring of water 
supplies. Congratulations to this hard working group 
who represented the school so well in Nepal. 

As you probably know, the entire Andrean commu- 
nity played a very significant role in the successful 
Ontario Special Olympics 2000 Spring Games hosted 
by York Region. 1 49 boys and ten staff members 
contributed over 1200 volunteer hours to this marvel- 
lous event. Congratulations to all of these hard- 
working individuals, particularly Jamie Near. Tom 
Long. Mike Craig. Nick Weedon and Jordan Ross on 
the student side and Mr. Mark Service. Mrs. Carol 
Rose-Kudelka. Ms. Antonia Venters, Mrs. Jane 
Bedard. and Mr. Dave Currah on the staff side. 

The efforts of Mr. Service should receive special 
mention particularly with the St. Andrew's College 
Outreach Committee and the St. Lucia Summer Pro- 

Mrs. Wendy Pries is to be commended on revitalis- 
ing community service at St. Andrew's. She formed a 
council with representatives from every grade who 
organized, promoted and led many volunteer projects 
in the Aurora and Newmarket area. Some of the 
projects were: running bingos at the Newmarket 
Health Centre, tutoring at Aurora Heights Public 
School, cleaning up Machell Park, participation in the 
United Way Leadership program and fundraising for 

numerous volunteer organizations. Congratulations 

Our Duke of Edinburgh Program is alive and well, 
thanks to Mr. Mark Service and Capt. Brian McCue. 
Gold medals in this demanding contest have been won 
by Michael Craig and Paul Perrier; Silver to Andrew 
Cronin and Bronze to Jarryd Stock, Joseph Rothwell, 
Nathan Rothwell, Stuart Manchee, Alessandro Lupo, 
Christopher McFarlane, Jordan Ross, John Maclver. 
Brendon McCullough, Trevor Fahlgren and Mitch 
Myers. Congratulations to all of these boys. 

It is difficult to judge the academic record of the 
School without going outside the School. The success of 
our graduates, our University placements and our results 
on external exams are really the only objective barom- 
eters of academic health. 

I am very pleased to report that this year's Graduating 
Class, numbering 74 boys, have received over $125,000 
in scholarship offers to Universities and Colleges. We 
expect more to arrive in the next few days. 59 boys are 
remaining in Ontario to attend University; three are 
attending other Universities in Canada; ten boys, led by 
our Head Prefect. Alain Chicoine, who will be attending 
Princeton, are headed to the United States; one boy is 
attending Community College and one is taking the year 
off to play hockey. Arts, Business/Commerce, Engineer- 
ing, and Science respectively are the chosen fields of this 
year's class. Please join me in applauding the academic 
accomplishments of the 1999/2000 Graduating Class. 

While all of us were expecting this class to do well, we 
have some exceptional students in lower grades who are 
making their mark in National and International competi- 
tions. Chris Chui has been awarded the prestigious 
Rensselaer Medal Scholarship for his first overall ranking 
in mathematics and science. He was selected to receive 
the US$40,000 (US$10,000) annual award from over 
29,000 participants. His award will begin in 200 1 . 

In the highly competitive mathematics competitions 
operated by the University of Waterloo, the St. Andrew's 
College team of Adrian Chan, Ricky Luk. and Hyun Do 
Kim ranked 111" 1 nationally out of 87 1 teams. 

In the University of Toronto Biology competition 
Andrew Flavelle Martin finished 38 th out of 4996 stu- 
dents, earning himself the title of National Biology 


You will hear later in the proceedings that Andrew 
Cronin and Michael Charlebois have won 1 st place in the 
Eighth Annual E2 Management Coiporation Conserva- 
tion Video Contest for their video, entitled "Millennium 
GWS - Solutions for a Warming Planet." This is the 
second time in three years that boys from Mr. Galajda's 
class have won the award. 

Ivor Skala in Grade 12 was chosen as the senior co- 
winner of the Ross Moitow Short Story Writing Compe- 
tition organized by the Conference Of Independent 
School Teachers of English. 

Mr. Ray reports that this was a banner year for Debat- 
ing, the most successful in the last five years. As host of 
the Fulford League Tournament this year, students from 
22 schools experienced first hand, S.A.C.'s beautiful 
campus and outstanding hospitality. Andrew Flavelle 
Martin. Olivier and Ali Manigat distinguished themselves 
in local and national competitions with Ali debating in 
French at the Nationals in Thunder Bay. He finished 8 th 
in the country. 

Mr. Rupert Ray, our highly esteemed debating coach, 
has been appointed to coach the team that will represent 
Canada at the World Schools' Debating Championship 
next February, in lohannesburg. South Africa. 

Drama continues to play a vital role in the lives of 
many S.A.C. boys. Anyone who was involved in West 
Side Story, Billy Budd and Focus, please stand up. 

See what I mean! And what a resource we have in Mr. 
Scoular, Mr. McGee and Mr. and Mrs. Clements. Let's 
hear it for them. 

Athletic Highlights 

First Soccer - coached by Mr. Marke Jones and 
Mr. Mark Marshall, the team completed an unde- 
feated season and won their third consecutive CISAA 

Our Golf Team - coached by Mr. David Gaertner won 
its second CISAA Championship in the last three 

Our Cricket Team - completed an undefeated season 
and brought home the CISAA Cricket Championship 
Trophy for only the second time in 101 years. 


S.A.C. was CISAA Champions in five sports this 

Senior Boys Track and Field 
U 16 Swimming 
U 14 Volleyball 
U 14 Basketball 
U 14 Rugby 

Other team successes were: 

• l sl Hockey won the Confederation Cup in St. John'; 
Nfld. for the second year in a row. As well, they 
were Silver Medalists at the Nichols' Tournament, 
their best showing ever, and Bronze medalists at ou 
own MacPherson Tournament. Let me take this 
opportunity to commend the Coaches, the Captains 
and the rest of First Team Hockey for persevering 
during a difficult season. They coped with a lot of 
adversity this season and still stuck together. 

• 1 ' Rugby won the YRAA, qualifying for OFSAA 
and during that very challenging tournament they 
reached the semi-finals. 

• 1 sl Football were finalists in the CISAA and semi- 
finalists at the Metro Bowl. 

Individual accomplishments included: 

• OFSAA Gold for Ryan Devald in Swimming 

• OFSAA Gold for Samuel Lam in Badminton 

• Peter McClelland won the School's X-country race 

• Kevin Richards was the first ever third time MVP c 
First Soccer, attracting the attention of Bermuda's 
National Soccer Coach and Notre Dame Universi- 
ty's Soccer Coach. Notre Dame won out! 

• Jason Kaptyn won his fourth Golf Team MVP 

Today we say goodbye to three members of the 
faculty and two members of staff: 



Ms. Jane Kravchenko has been a popular teacher 
of English, Drama and Physical Education and a very 
capable Coach of Volleyball and Tennis for five years 
S.A.C. Her popularity is due, no doubt, to the dedica 
tion she displays to her students and the enthusiasm sh; 
demonstrates for the various sports which she coaches 
Jane has decided to spend more time with husband Pet 
and their son. Satchel. We wish them all the very best 
the future. 

After only one year on the faculty, Clare 
[owaltschuk has decided to accompany her husband to 
apan where they will teach for the next two years, 
ossessing many of the same attributes as her sister (Jane 
javchenko), Clare has made a very good impression on 
lis community in only a short period of time. She is a 
ery knowledgeable teacher of Geography and a comrnit- 
:d Coach of Skiing and Badminton. Best of luck. Clare. 
>you and Adam. 

Mr. Tom Napier, our Desktop Specialist, is leaving 
t. Andrew's for another position in the computer field, 
/orking behind the scenes, Tom has been a key ingredi- 
it in the successful operation of the computer network 
: S.A.C.. A thankless task, Tom has patiently supported 
ie faculty's, staffs and student's computer needs. We 
ish him well in the next phase of his career. 

Mr. Stephen Penton is leaving us for other pastures 
fter a very active year assisting with the supervision of 
lacdonald House, teaching a grade 8 English class, 
caching football, directing plays and assisting with trips 
id the weekend program. His positive attitude and 
ifectious enthusiasm for all he does will be missed, 
tephen is to be married this summer so we send best 
ishes from the entire Andrean community. 

Rob McLean, our friendly GAP student from 
ustralia, is leaving us after two terms to join Rosseau 
lake College in Muskoka. Rob made numerous friends 
aring his short stay and this was due to his willingness to 
[tor boys and help coach as many teams as possible. I 
m particularly grateful to Rob for his invaluable help 
ith this year's Cricket team. Hope to see you soon 

We also wish Luigi Oliveri on our janitorial staff for 
e past six years the very best in his new job. 

I would like to take a minute to compliment this 
;ar's Prefect body. My memories of them will be the 
ay they strolled into my office on Thursday, as if they 
vned the place. Sir, with all due respect, do this; Sir, I 
pn't mean to offend you but, do this; Sir, we have a 
urty on Friday night - any chance the School could 
tend us some credit; Sir? I mean, "Is that the way you 
member your relationship with your school Principal? 
iiese meetings are my most enjoyable times. To this. 
lain Chicoine would probably say, "Get a life. Sir." 
owever, we've had fun and that's the name of the 

Speaking of Alain Chicoine, I would like to say, in 
your presence, what an excellent ambassador for S.A.C. 
he has been. What do you think Class of 2000? We'll all 
miss Al" s calm leadership abilities and wish him well at 

In your presence, I would like to acknowledge the 
efforts of the Board of Governors, under the direction of 
Mr. Brian Armstrong. A strong Board is synonymous 
with a strong school and we're fortunate to have such 
dedicated volunteers. 

To the Ladies' Guild members, particularly Presi- 
dent Tina Rogers and Vice-President. Gerri Pike, and 
their extremely hard-working Executive - Thank you for 
a fabulous year. 

To the faculty and staff, thank you sincerely for 
your hard work and support all year. Please join me in 
thanking the St. Andrew's College faculty and staff for all 
they do for your sons. 

A special word of thanks to the Leadership Team at 
the School. Mr. Walden, newly appointed Assistant 
Headmaster, Ms. Angela Phillips, Ms. Beth McKay, Mr. 
Jim Herder, Mr. Struan Roberton, Mr. Aubry Foy. Mr. 
Paul Bedard, Mr. Michael Hanson, Mr. Greg Dominato 
and Mrs. Gayle Petri. 

A day such as this requires a two month planning 
schedule. My thanks to Gregory Dominato, Maria 
Pilieci, Edna Collins, Michelle Mix. Beth McKay and 
Gayle Petri for a superb job in organizing this complex 

All the best to everyone for a safe and enjoyable summer. 


Prize Day June 2000 



Adrian Chan 


R\jn Brandham 


Jamie Near 


Albert Lin 


Sheldon Lyn 


Matthew Tsuji 


Iain Rogers 


Boris Kholodov 


Asad Haque 


Hussein Fazal 


John Ngo 


Alain Chicome 


Ricky Luk 




Jonathan Wu 


William Cheng 


Mitchell Smith 


Joshua Lee 


Barrv Wai 


Tejus Ajmera 


Andrew McNahb 


Nicholas Abraham 


Hvun Do Kim 


Michael Kim 


Justin Williams 


Gordon Ozawa 


Ken Ho 


Jeffrey Lo 


Michael Lau 




James Lee 


Ryan Park 


Nicholas handle 


Wan Ki Park 


Kyle Walsh 


Blair Birkelt 


Brian Chisholm 


Brandon Ve ilson 


Frank Ross 


Stephen Amell 


Jacob Marunkowski 


Rvan Devald 


Benjamin Craig 

87 < 

87 1 


85 7 

83 5 
82 : 

The French Bilingual Prize 
The Gibb Geography Prize. 

I tienne Cartiei Medal in French 

The Michael History Prize 

The Descartes Mathematit s I tontesl Award 

The Old Boys' Medal in Mathematics 

The Association Vvurd 

He Music Pnze 

The LeHockej Biology Prize 

The Chemistry Prize 

The Harry E Goodman Memorial Science Prize 
The Donald Cooper Medal for Physics 
The Physiology Pn/e 

The Spanish Pn/e 

The Spanish Fluency Prize 

The Charles Ashton Medal tor English 

I tie Virot.i Chamber of Commerce Annual Scholarship 

The Duke of Ednhurgh \ Award 

The Hoiisscr Tropin lor Upper School Clan Competition 

The SAC Athletic "A" Awards Nicholas Abraham. Stephen Amell, 

Ryan Brandham. Alain Chicome. Brian Chisholm. Michael Cnspi. Jason Kaptyn. 
Thomas Long. Andrew MeNabb, Kcein Richards. Matthett Tsuii 

Andrew Ravelle Martin 
Olivier Manigal 
Olivier Manigal 

John Ngo 

Adnan Chan 

Adnan Chan 

Alhcn 1 in. I.uiiie Near 
Jonathan Wu 

Jonathan Cheng 

Andrew Ravelle Martin 

i hrist Inn 

Adnan Chan 

Adrian Chan 

\sad Eiaque 

Boris kholodoe 

Tom Hanev 

Andrew Fl.oelle Martin 

Stephen Ganep\ 

Michael t raig 

The Improvemeni Prize 

The Bruce M Hicks Education Foundation Trophy 

The Edwin Erikson Pnze for Community Service 

The Brooks Cup 

The Jim Herder Review Prize 

The WD Newman Prize for photography 

The Theatre Pnze 

The 'Backstage" Theatre Prize 

The David B Somerwlle Memorial Award 

Michael Craig 

Andrew Flavelle Martin 


i Low 

Victor Ip, KunSchmick 

Stephen Amell 

lain Rogers, Brandon Wilson 

Nicholas [vandic 

The Rev. Dr. George Bruce Chapel Prize 

The Donald B Spence Creative Writing Prize 

The Christopher Ball Pnze, 

The Stein Family Award 

The Craig Mitchell Memorial Prize 

The Headmaster's Trophy tathlete of the year) 

The School Pnze to the Head Prefect 

The Laidlaw Trophy 

The Headmaster's Medal 

The C. Vincent Massey Award for Excellence n 

Hugh Dowell 

lam Rogers 

Nicholas Abraham 

Andrew McNahh 

Matthew Tsuji 

Kevin Richards 

Alain Chicome 

Ryan Brand ham 

Ryan Brandham, Adrian Chan 

the Arts & Humanities Boris 


The Thomas A Hockin Award for Excellence in the Sciences 
The Lt. Governor's Community Volunteer Award 
Governor General's Canadian History Medal for the Millenium 
The Governor General's Medal 
The MacDonald Medal 

: V. 

Wyn-Ron Cheong 

John Ngo 

Adnan Chan 

Ryan Brandham 

The Colonel Tilston Award (effort, persistency and tenacity i 
Huiih Dowell Grade9 

Mervvn Frame Grade 10 

Gerren Hopkin Grade 13 

Nicholas Jaczek Grade 12 

John-Ross Lennox Grade 1 1 

I he F.rnnglon \w.mK igradikilniL' students utm haw made a distinguished 


othe lifeofS.A.C.) 

Blair Birket 
Bcii|,imin Craig 
Jeffrey Lo 
Ricky Luk 

Adnan Chan 
Jason Kaptyn 
I. nil Myrans 

lason Cheung 

Senior Awards 

Senior Awards 

Chris Chui 

Andrew Ravelle Martin 

Joshua Lim 
Jonathan Cheng 
Dannj Mak 
Michale Craig 
Vincent Leung 
Joshua Kelson 
(J. Tapfuma Musewe 

1. Kenneth King 

2. Samir Bhayana 

3. Paul Perrier 

4 RohinLo 

5 Jason Wong 
6- Ryan Aarts 

7 Olivier Manigat 
Ah Manigat 
Warren Lowe 
Richard Khoury 


Senior Awards 

/ Special Prizes \^ 

' The Accounting Pnze RyanAaits \ 

The Computer Science Prize i hrisChui 

The Dramatic Aits Pri/c u arren Lowe 

Ih. 1 nglish Prize Nhi 1 c 

The Guy Rullcr Art Prize Richard kl J 

The Geology Pn/c Ryan A.,n, 

The Geography Pn/e Ivor Skala 

The Mathematics 1'n/c Vincent Leung 

The Euclid Mathematics Contest Av, ard Roger Chan 

The Rennselaei Polytechnic Institue Medal Chris Chui 

The Environmental Science Prize Michael Charlebois 

1 Ik Science Prize lor PIusks Chris Chui 

The Improvement Prize Kurt Schmick 

The Humanities Prize Joshua Lim 

The University ol Toronto Biology Competition \iulreu Ravelle Martin 

TheCM Foslcr Award Warren Lowe 

The Chairman's Gold Medal Chris Chui 

The SAC Long Service Medals Warren Byrne 

Jason Cheung. Ikhu/. Kadin, Jeffrey Lo, Ricky Luk. Andrew McNabb. lain Myrans. 

Gordon O/avva. [am Rogers. Ian SukI.ui ( iiecory rhompson. Brandon Wilson 


The Prefecis lor 21 Gord BirkeltjMichael Craig, Joshua Kelson. 

Ah Manigat, Olivier Manigat, Ross Marshall. Andrew Ravelle Martin. 
Tapfuma Musewe. Tatenda Musewe, lack Popiel, lason Wong 


y J GRADE 12 V \^y 


Dennis Wong 
Michael Reid 
Derrick Choi 
Boris Mok 
Adam Brander 

10. Patrick Harris 

11. Peter Wan 

]2 Andrew Steeves 
13. Raj Vch 
14 Austin Ball 
= Jeffrej Gmou 
= Samuel Hsu 
= John Knutlon 
= John Lvons 

( .,n 



The Reeves Art Prize Adam Brander 

The Computer Science Prize Ryan Chan 

The DramaliL Arts Prize FraserLunan 

The English Pnze Jeffrey Ginou 

The Geography Pnze Derrick Choi 

The Louise Macdonald Sifton Pnze for Mathematics Keng-Hao Chang 

The Henry deB Forde Economics Pnze Chris Chui 

The Physics Pnze Kevin Fullerton 

The French Prize Eraser Lunan 

The Chemistry Prize Adam Parent 
The Spanish Pnze Oliver Radley-Smith 

The Isabelle Cockshutt Pnze for History Mike Reid 
The Music Prize Andrew Steeves. Fredenck Tang 

The Biology Pnze Derek Toms 

The Sociology Prize Micky Tsui 

The Fermat Mathematics Contest Pnze Ray Yeh 

The Wyld Pnze for English as a Second Language Pahlo Velasco 

The Improvement Prize Gavin Skolnick 

The Stuart B. Wood Memorial Prize Roger Chau 

Grade 1 



The Cayley Mathematics Contesi Pnzc 
The Andrew Armstrong Pnze for [mpnu 
The Improvement Prize 
The B R Mitchell Trophy for debating 

The Peter L. Stuart Award for the 
student in grade 10 most distinguished 
character, scholarship and extra-currict 
activities .it St. Andrew's College 

Sterling Su-Wu 

Dave Banwell 

Alex McNabb 

Michael I in 


Xtf ,M %,f 

3l A ? 

rem Brandham 
= Ali Lakhani 
= David Woodcock 
l RyanLo 
Michael Sundet 

13. Da 

I I'.. 


83 8 


Honours List 

Patrick McGrath 

Soung Hun Lee 
David Charlebois 
Joseph Leung 
Alexander McNabb 
Shang-Jui Wang 
John Houssei Cheng 
I P Suddabj 
Andrew Douglas 
Jason Lau 
Nicholas Dadson 
Joseph Rothwell 
Nathan Rothwell 
Brian Harvey 
Dennis Wong 
Brendon McCullough 
Hugh Dowell 
K\ le Beattj 
Allan Bean 
Chris Chmiel 
Breen Marion 


Special Prizes 

The English Prize 

The History Prize 

The French Pnze 

The Art Prize 

The Mathematics Pnze ihighesi sianding 

The Pascal Mathematics Contest 

The Science Pnze 

The Geography Pnze 

The Music Pnze 

The Gilbert DeB Robinson Improvement 

The Debating Pnze 

Patrick McGrath, J.P. Suddabj 

Josh Gartner 

J P Suddah\ 

Soung Hun Lee 

Brian Lin 

Patrick McGrath 

Patrick McGrath 

Nicholas Dadson 

Breen Manen 

Adam Rourke 

Major House Awards 

Hockin Trophy for Middle School Clan Competil 

The T.E Harrison Trophy awarded to the boy 
in Laid law House who best excels in studies, 
games, deportment and character 

The Edith Grani Trophy to the new boy in 
Macdonald House who has shown the greatest 
improvement towards becoming the ideal 

The King Memorial Trophy lor the boj living u 
Macdonald House who best excels in studies, 

games, deportment and charactei 

Nicholas Dadsi 

Patrick McGrath 

Grade 9 

tufa ~ * 

Justin Wong 
Charles Lai 
Robert McKay 
Shawn Jolly 
William Bumham 
Rodngo Salas 
Morgan Lin 
Andrew Brankley 
Andrews Ri\adene\r. 
Chnstopher Attard 

Special Prizes 

The Music Pnze 

The Ktlgour-Campbell English Prize 

The Science Prize 

The French Pnze 

The Mathematics Pnze 

The Advanced Mathematics Prize 

The Gauss Contest Pnze for Mathematics 

The An Prize 

The Geography Pnze 

The History Pnze 

The Robert W, Meagher Language Arts Aw 

Community Service Pnze 

The Bruce B King Memorial Improvement 

The Colonel Tilston Awards Slew 

The Roy H.M. Lowndes Pnze 

i student who best excels in studies, games 

83 3 

Andrew Brankley 

William Bumham 

Justin Wong 

Morgan Lin 

Brendan Zack 

Charles Lai 

Charles Lai 

Andres Ri\adeneyra 


Justin Wong 

Carlos Berlanga 

Andrew Brankley 

Pnze Daniel Chanadi 

; James. Miguel Pardinas, Robert McKay 

Andres Rnadeneyra 
deportment and character) 


Richard Ooslhmze 
Oregon Willmol 

Mark Hanson 
Jared Leslie 
Enc Tozzi 
Carlos Berlanga 
Michel Richaud 
Sohaih Siddiqui 


86 I 

S5 J 

Special Prizes 

The Winneit Pnze lor English 
(Proficiency in composition, grammar, 
spelling and unting) 

The Art Pnze 

The Science Prize 

The French Prize 

The Mathematics Prize 

The Gauss Contest Pnze for Mathematics 

The Hislors Prize 

The Geography Pnze 

The Music Pnze 

The Middle School Council ! 

Enc Tozzi 

Richard Oosthuizen 

Gregory Willmol 

Gregory Willmol 

Michael Carney 

Mark Hanson 

Jared Leslie 

Gregory Willmol 

iclair Bean. Mark Hanson. Jared Leslie, 
Gregory Willmot 

1 Raymond Tung 

2 Arthur Wong 
3. Nick Leslie 

4 Blake Mm. 



Ml " 

Special Prizes 

The Art Pnze 

Blake Muir 

The Language Arts Pnze 

Matthew Langer 

The Science Pnze 

K'.is in. 'in 1 1 unc 

The French Pnze 

Adnan Bruno 

The Mathematics Pnze 

Anhur Wong 

The Social Studies Pnze for History and Geography 

Nick Leslie 

The Music Pnze 

Raymond Tung 

Aarts, Ryan 

Abbott. Charles 

Abraham, Nicholas 

Absera. Ariel 

Adamson. Michael 

Ajmera, Tejus 

Ajram, Devon 

Alanko. Stephen 

Albury, Justin 

Allen. James 

Amadori. David 

Amarshi. Wahid 


Amarshi, Hussein 


Amell. Stephen 


Attard. Christopher 


Au, Justin 

Austin. Ryan 

Austin. Ryan 


Azzopardi, Yari 


Ball. Austin 

Ballesteros, Juan Pablo 

Banwell. Dave 

■ : 

Bayley, Simon 


Bayley, Jason 


Bean, Allan 

\ \ 

Bean, Sinclair 

Beatty. Kyle 

Benhaim. Philippe 


Bennett, D.J. 

Berlanga, Carlos 

Bhayana, Samir 


Bibby, Christopher 

Biggings. Cody 

Birkett, Tim 


Birkett. Blair 

( A 

Birkett, Gord 

I , 

Blom, Randall 


Bornstein. Erik 

Bornstein, Sean 

Bottomley, Michael 


Bouffier, Jorge 


Brander, Adam 

Brandham, Brent 


Brandham. Ryan 

Brankley. Andrew 

Brown, Graeme 

•— \ 

Browning. Matthew 

f \ 

Browning, Mark 

\ J 

Bruno, Adrian 


Burke, Billy 

Burke, Joey 

Burnham. William 


Byrne, Warren 

\ \ 

Camargo, Alexander 

Campbell. Michael 

Carneal, Matt 


Carney, Michael 

Caron, Nicholas 

Carranza, Alejandro 


Carranza, Alejandro 

Carter. Robbie 

Casar, Alfredo 

Chan, Ryan 

Chan, Andy 

Chan. Adrian 

Chan, James 

Chan, Simpson 

Chan, Kenneth 

Chanadi, Daniel 

Chang, Keng-Hao 

Chang. Warren 

Chang. Christopher 

Charlebois, Michael 














Suite 1103 








765 Westdel Bourne, London, Ontario, Canada, N6P 1 P3 
R.R. #2, Caledon Village, Ontario. Canada. L0N 1C0 
9 Wentworth Court. Unionville. Ontario. Canada L3R 7N6 
1032 Sir Ivor Court. Newmarket. Ontario.Canada, L3X 1M1 
6405 Lloydtown Road, Schomberg. Ontario. Canada, LOG 1T0 
56 Silverfox Place, Maple. Ontario, Canada, L6A 1G2 

I Dol Terrace, Aurora. Ontario, Canada. L4G 6X2 

I I Candac Valley Drive, Aurora. Ontario. Canada, L4G 6W7 
Sandford Drive, P.O. Box N3220. Nassau, Bahamas 

342 Second Street, Newmarket. Ontario.Canada. L3Y 3W6 

14 Tomlinson Circle, Unionville, Ontario Canada, L3R 9L1 

88 Sweeney Drive, Toronto, Ontario. Canada. M4A 1T7 

88 Sweeney Drive. Toronto. Ontario.Canada. M4A 1T7 

7 Jackes Avenue, Toronto. Ontario, Canada, M4T 1E3 

17 Northgate Crescent. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4B 2K5 

17 Wilfred Court, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4C 8P9 

81 Joanna Crescent, Thornhill, Ontario.Canada. L4J 5E9 

8905 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4C 0L5 

2395 Carrington Place."Oakville, Ontario.Canada. L6J 5P5 

291 Kingscross Drive, King City, Ontario, Canada. LOG 1K0 
Heriberto Frias #1241-B, Mexico D.F.. Mexico, 03100 
57 Valleyford Avenue, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada,L4C 0A7 
"West Ridge", #6A Kent Ridge, Christ Church, Barbados, X20 
"West Ridge", #6A Kent Ridge. Christ Church, Barbados, X20 
4 Forest Park Crescent, Thornhill. Ontario, Canada. L3T 2M6 
4 Forest Park Crescent. Thornhill, OntanoCanada. L3T 2M6 

55 Arthur Hall Drive. Sharon.Ontario. Canada. LOG 1V0 

8 Dalewood Drive, Richmond Hill.Ontario, Canada, L4B 3C3 

26 Mooreland Court, Markham. Ontario. Canada, L3P 7P8 

2o Retorno De Nova #21, Mexico City, Mexico, 01900 

72 Fairway Heights Drive. Thornhill. Ontario, Canada, L3T 3A9 

33 Wilderness Trail, Gormley. Ontario. Canada, L0H 1G0 

32 Gormley Court, Richmond Hill.Ontario, Canada. L4E 1A2 

534 Rourke Place, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L3Y 8S9 

78 Beverley Road. Upper Montclair, New Jersey, U.S.A., 07043 

534 Rourke Place. Newmarket. Ontario. Canada. L3Y 8S9 

Apt. 6G. 245 East 93rd Street, New York, New York. U.S.A.. 101 28 

145 Curtis Crescent. King City. Ontario, Canada, L7B 1C1 

145 Curtis Crescent, King City, Ontario, Canada, L7B 1C1 

128A Spruce Street, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 3P2 

145 Camino de la Plaza, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico 23410 

437 Mill Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4C 7X5 

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15 Danbury Court, Unionville, Ontario, Canada. L3R 7S1 

56 Marsh Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4C 7R6 
Box 3195, R.R. #3. Collingwood. Ontario, Canada, L9Y 3Z2 

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32 Bridgewater Drive, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4E 3N4 

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26 Wilkinson Place. Aurora. Ontario. Canada, L4G 6K2 

3 Dodie Street, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 2L1 

Park Stud. R.R. #5, Orangeville. Ontario. Canada, L9W 2Z2 

198 Millard Avenue, Newmarket. Ontario. Canada, L3Y 1Z2 

34 Steeplechase Avenue, Aurora. Ontario, Canada, L4G 6W5 

901 Princeton, Santa Monica, California, U.S.A.. 90403 

22 Snider Drive. Markham. Ontario. Canada, L3P 6Y5 

24 Vasselle Crescent. Unionville. Ontario, Canada, L3R 9P4 

Av. San Buenaventura 218-4, Mexico D.F., Mexico, 14620 

Av. Desierto de los Leones 4036. dpto 401. Mexico D.F.. Mexico.01790 

385 Ann Street. North. Barrie, Ontario. Canada, L4N 7A4 

Retorno Julieta 82, Mexico City, Mexico, 1 1920 

53 Wimpole Drive. North York. Ontario. Canada. M2L 2L2 

6F, F1.B3 Kingsland Villa, 19 Man Fuk Road, Waterloo Hill. Kowloon.H.K 

53 Wimpole Drive, North York, Ontario, Canada. M2L 2L2 

Fl. A, 7/Floor, Block 21. Baguio Villa, Victoria Rd 555, Hong Kong 

15D, Tower 5, Pacific Palisades. 1 Braemar Hill Road, Hong Kong 

90B Broadway Street, 3/F, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kowloon, Hong Kong 

273 Narinia Crescent, Newmarket. Ontario, Canada, L3X 2C9 

3F1.. 25-1. Sec. 2. Wu Chung Street, Taipei. Taiwan,108 

30 Lords Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica 

1 19 Hillcrest Drive. R.R. #1. Newmarket. Ontario, Canada, L3Y 4V8 

4 Lenarthur Court, Aurora, Ontario, Canada. L4G 6M2 


Charlebois, David 


Chau. Roger 


Chen, Andrew 


Chen, Shawn 


Cheng, Jonathan 


Cheng, Mark 


Cheng, William 


Cheng. Kevin 


Cheng, Brent 


Cheong. Jose 


Cheong. Jose 


Cheong, Wyn-Ron 


Cheung. Jason 


Cheung. Ryan 


Cheung. Emmery 


Chicoine. Alain 


Chisholm, Brian 


Chishti, Armughan 


Chmiel, Chris 


Choi. Richard 


Choi, Derrick 


Chong, Daniel 


Chow, Alexander 


Chu, Terence 


Chui, Chris 


Cook. Matthew 

Corredor. Camilo 

57-l- 1 12-2452 

Craig. Benjamin 


Craig. Michael 


Crispi. Michael 


Cronin. Andrew 


Dabo. Philippe 


Dadson, Nicholas 


Dainard, Michael 


Dalton, Blake 


Daniell. Devon 


David-Coderre, Francis 


Davies, Eric 


De Lascurain, Miguel 


Delmas. Joshua 


Devald, Ryan 


Diakun. Aladdin 


Domingues, David 


Douglas. Andrew 


Dowell. Hugh 


Downey, Bradley 


Doyle, Marshall 


Dudley. Jordan 


Dwyer, Michael 


Edminson, Dylan 


Ellis. R.J. 


Euteneier. Simon 


Euteneier. Simon 


Fahlgren. Trevor 


Fazal. Hussein 


Fell. Bryn 


Fell. Paul 


Fell. Fraser 


Ferguson. Rob 


Ferguson, Mike 


Fong. Sammy 


Foreman, Ryan 


Frame. Mervyn 


Fullerton, Matthew 


Fullerton, Kevin 


Fullerton. Scott 


Gariepy. Stephen 


Gartner, Josh 


Gaudio, Ryan 


4 Lenarthur Court. Aurora, Ontario, Canada L4G 6M2 

138 Briggs Avenue, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada, L4B 3Z2 

1048 Lillian Street, North York, Ontario, Canada, M2M 3G4 

23 Chang An E. Road. Sec. 2. Taipei, Taiwan 

4 Summit Trail Drive, Richmond Hill. Ontario, Canada. L4E 3S7 

4 Summit Trail Drive. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4E 3S7 

322 Woodland Acres Cres.. Maple, Ontario, Canada, L6A 1G1 

10F. No. 2. Alley 1, Lane 16. 20 Chang Road, Hsientien City. Taipei County.Taiwan 

10F, No. 2. Alley 1, Lane 16, 20 Chang Road. Hsientien City. Taipei County.Taiwan 

17 Mary don Crescent. Scarborough. Ontario. Canada, MIS 2G7 

House 9. Marina Cove. Isola Bella Sai Kung. Hong Kong 

#201 Dongah Villa. 1-66 Dongbinggo-Dong. Yongsan-Ku. Seoul. South Korea 

#201 2 Orchard Heights Blvd., Aurora. Ontario. Canada. L4G 3W3 

Flat 21 A MacDonnell House. 6-8 MacDonnell Road. Mid Level. Hong Kong 

7 Cortleigh Court, Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4B 3G9 

3 Old Ivy Lane, Unionville, Ontario. Canada, L3R 6L8 

Brimane Farm, R.R. #3. 870 18th S.R., King, Ontario. Canada. L7B 1K5 

Ole Ross VEI-2. Trondheim. 7075 Tiller, Norway 

58 Glenarden Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada. L4B 2H9 

Kungkido Koyong St IlsanguMaDuDong 821. Joung Bal Kunyonge Billa, 1 1 1, 302, Korea 

400 Falconwood Hollow. Aurora. Ontario. Canada. L4G 7M1 

4 Par Drive, Kingston 8. Jamaica 

25 Somerset Crescent. Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada. L4C 8N4 

82 Spring Blossom Cresc. Unionville. Ontario. Canada. L6C 1X5 

15 Mooregate Court. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4B 3W7 

R.R. #2, Norval. Ontario. Canada, LOP 1K0 

Cr. 3 #77-39 AP 302. Bogota, Colombia 

57 High Street. Hartland. New Brunswick, Canada, E7P 2L3 

839 Norsan Court. Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L3X 1 K9 

55 Boyd Court. Markham. Ontario. Canada. L6C 1 A6 

14 Whitehall Road. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. M4W 2C6 

1 1 2 Boardwalk Drive. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. M4L 3X4 

7 Harrowsmith Place. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada, L4E 2K1 

Box 267. 31 Harbourview Crescent, Wellington. Ontario. Canada. K0K 3L0 

970 18th Sideroad. King, Ontario, Canada. L7B 1 K5 

13 Blue Ridge Trail. R.R. #3, Newmarket. Ontario. Canada, L3Y 4W1 

29 Pennock Crescent, Unionville. Ontario, Canada, L3R 3M5 

143 Howland Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. Canada. M5R 3B4 

Picagregos 85. Lomas de las Aguilas, Mexico D.F.. Mexico, 01730 

Evergreen Cottage, Black Bess, St. Peter, Barbados 

R.R. #1. Kettleby. Ontario. Canada. LOG IJ0 

R.R. #1. Hanover. Ontario, Canada. N4N 3B8 

5 Loring Crescent. Unionville. Ontario. Canada. L3R 0G2 

3948 Cherry Valley Turnpike, Marietta, New York. U.S.A.. 13110 

833 Kildare Road. Windsor, Ontario. Canada. N8Y 3H3 

59 King Street. South. Belfountain. Ontario. Canada. L0N 1B0 

Box 823. 50 Kewayden Road. Nobleton. Ontario, Canada , LOG 1N0 

50 Wrenwood Court. Unionville. Ontario. Canada. L3R 6H4 

989 Lockwood Circle. Newmarket, Ontario. Canada. L3X 1M1 

42 Greentree Road. Unionville, Ontario, Canada. L3R 3.A9 

35 Long Valley Road, Aurora, Ontario. Canada. L4G 6K8 

22 Turtlecreek Boulevard, Brampton. Ontario. Canada, L6W 3X7 

3260 Woodward Avenue, Burlington, Ontario. Canada. L7W 2M8 

238 Kemano Road. Aurora. Ontario. Canada, L4G 4Y9 

140 Old Surrey Lane. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada, L4C 7E5 

19 Spnngwood Crescent. Unionville. Ontario, Canada, L3R 3Z9 

19 Spnngwood Crescent. Unionville, Ontario, Canada. L3R 3Z9 

19 Spnngwood Crescent. Unionville. Ontario. Canada. L3R 3Z9 

897 Norsan Court. Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. I.3X 111 

897 Norsan Court. Newmarket. Ontario. Canada, 1 .3\ 1 1 1 

22 Glenarden Crescent . Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada. L4B 2G6 

1 7 Ridgeway Terrace. Kingston 6, Jamaica 

183 Carrying Place Trail. Kettleby. Ontario, Canada, LOG 1J0 

Spindrift, 53 South Road, Southampton. Bermuda. SN01 

109 Kennedy Street. West, Aurora,, Ontario, Canada. L4G 2L8 

109 Kennedy Street, West. Aurora.. Ontario. Canada. L4G 2L8 

605 St. John's Sideroad. Aurora. Ontario, Canada. L4G 3G8 

325 Forest Ridge Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada. L4E 3L8 

1296 Mapleridge Crescent. Oakville. Ontario. Canada, L6M 2G9 


Gawel. Alexander 
George, Andrew 
Gideon, James 
Gill, Mike 
Gill. Sean 
Ginou, Jeffrey 
Glen, Graeme 
Gnyp, Matthew 
Goldhar. Richard 
Gonzalez, Jose Pablo 
Gonzalez, Jorge 
Gonzalez, Pablo 
Gordon. Campbell 
Gosbee, Andrew 
Graham. Gordon 
Greco. Michael 
Green. Justyn 
Griffin. Joel 
Guy, Adam 

4 1 6-488-9420 34 Lytton Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M4R 1 L 1 

705-466-3801 R.R. #4, Creemore, Ontario, Canada, LOM 1G0 

905-303- 1 879 35 Alberta Drive, Concord, Ontario, Canada. L4K 4X4 

876-684-9269 c/o Bank of Nova Scotia. Sam Sharpe Square. P.O. Box 311, Montego Bay. St. James. Jamaica 

876-684-9269 c/o Bank of Nova Scotia. Sam Sharpe Square, P.O. Box 311, Montego Bay. St. James, Jamaica 

905-770-5398 24 Dunloe Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4B 2H4 

519-942-3748 R.R. #1, Palgrave. Ontario. Canada. L0N 1P0 

905-727-0370 19 Long Valley Road, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 6K8 

905-737-5856 1 1 Gatewood Court. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada, L4B 2L6 

525-550-2942 Margaritas #12. Colonia San Angel Inn. Mexico D.F.. Mexico, 01060 

525-65 1 -94 1 7 Rada #11. Mexico D.F.. Mexico, 01710 

925-259-9455 20 Ret. Loma Del Recuerdo. No. 1 1 Vista Hermosa, Mexico City, Mexico, 05100 

4 1 6-488-3222 240 Rose Park Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4T I R5 

905-882-6160 19 Springbrook Drive, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4B 3R9 

905-940-7950 20 Harpers Croft, Unionville, Ontario, Canada. L3R 6K9 

905-726-9638 3 Fox Point Court. Aurora, Ontario. Canada, L4G 6W4 

905-508-8967 29 Chip Court, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. L4C 9G5 

905-727-4 1 03 46 Whispering Pine Trail. Aurora. Ontario, Canada, L4G 5C7 

905-843-3759 48 11 Old School Road, Inglewood, Ontario, Canada, L0N 1K0 

Han, Kevin 
Haney. Tom 
Hanson. Mark 
Haque, Asad 
Harris. Patrick 
Harvey, Brian 
Heizer. Eric 
Hill, Andrew 
Hiscox, Ryan 
Ho, Ken 
Hodge, Adam 
Hoffman, Adam 
Hon, Stanley 
Hopkin, Gerren 
Housser. John 
Hracs, Austin 
Hsu, Samuel 
Hsu. Orson 
Hugh, Winston 
Hui, Julian 
Hui, Roy 
Hurst, Tyler 
Hurst. Logan 

82-32-884-4599 102-205 Ajoo Apt.. Okleon Dong, Yeonsu-Ku, Inchon. Korea. 082 

905-880-0479 R.R. #1. 15202 Mt. Wolfe Road, Bolton, Ontario, Canada, L7E 5R7 

905-84 1 -7034 30 Ardill Crescent, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 5S5 

905-707-1323 9 Stratford Drive, Richmond Hill. Ontario, Canada, L4B 1V8 

905-895-7265 1 7455 Dufferin Street, R.R. #2, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L3 Y 4V9 

905-841-3320 2 Marsh Harbour, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 5Z2 

519-471-8525 670 MacKellar Avenue. London, Ontario, Canada, N6H 5C5 

905-850-9294 48 Mellings Drive, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, L4L 8J2 

905-47 1 -7045 58 Sir Constantine Drive. Markham, Ontario. Canada, L3P 2X2 

416-512-1244 102 Gamier Court, Willowdale. Ontario. Canada. M2M 4C9 

416-482-4331 69 Fairlawn Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5M 1S6 

905-939-7 1 86 84 Simcoe Road, Kettleby, Ontario, Canada, LOG 1 JO 

416-495-7028 49 Francine Drive, North York, Ontario. Canada, M2H 2G5 

246-432-1616 Grendon House, Sandy Lane Estate, St. James, Barbados 

905-84 1 - 1 806 65 Spruce Street. Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 1 R9 

905-508-7494 72 Willett Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4C 7W3 

886-22827-8697 1 F, #1 2, Lane 243, Tzuen-Shyan Street. Peitou District, Taipei. Taiwan. 1 1 2 

886-3-360-2008 6 FL, No. 31, Lane 65, Sec. 2 Kuo-Chi Rd., Taoyuan City, Taiwan. 330 

416-323-4711 84 Whitehall Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4W 2C7 

905-737-9454 26 Elmsley Drive, Richmond Hill. Ontario, Canada, L4C 8M9 

852-2540-0377 25/F, New World Tower, 16-18 Queen's Road, C. Hong Kong 

905-836-2640 1 184 Kingdale Road. R.R. #3, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L3Y 4W1 

905-836-2640 1 184 Kingdale Road, R.R. #3. Newmarket. Ontario. Canada, L3Y 4W1 

Ivandic. Nicholas 


171 Cooperage Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4C 9K6 
Blvd M Avila Camacho No. 1. Col. Polanco, Mexico D.F.. Mexico. 1 1560 

Jaczek, Nicholas 
James, Steve 
James, Brian 
James. Robbie 
Jarrett. Monty 
Jessa, Hasnain 
Joakim, Paul 
John, Daniel 
Johnstone, Jeffrey 
Johnstone, Scotty 
Jolly, Shawn 

905-841-6179 46 Golf Links. Aurora. Ontario. Canada. L4G 3V3 

905-727-7477 1 4382 Bathurst Street. King City, Ontario, Canada,L7B 1 K5 

905-727-7477 14382 Bathurst Street. King City, Ontario, Canada, L7B 1K5 

905-727-7477 14382 Bathurst Street. King City, Ontario, Canada, L7B 1K5 

242-325-64 14 P.O. Box N-8984, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas 

905-508-7867 84 Farmstead Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. L4S 1W5 

905-477-3383 78 Wrenwood Court. Unionville, Ontario, Canada, L3R 6H5 

905-479-1197 16 Leiland Drive, Unionville, Ontario, Canada , L3R 5R3 

905-7 1 3-8065 90 Offord Crescent, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 3G8 

905-7 1 3-8065 90 Offord Crescent, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 3G8 

905-737-0659 33 Glenayr Road. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada, L4B 2W4 

Kadiri, Ikhaz 
Kanai, Nobuyasu 
Kane, Freddie 
Kane, MacArthur 
Kaptyn, Jason 
Kelson, Joshua 
Kesten, James 
Khajetoorian, Armen 
Kholodov, Boris 
Khoury. Richard 
Kim, Roger 
Kim, Michael 
Kim, Hyun Kyu 

905-508-4631 1 1 Chaplin Court, Richmond Hill. Ontario, Canada, L4B 2Y2 

8 1-78-907-3 112 1010-2 Arima-cho. Kita-ku. Kobe. Japan. 65 1 - 1 4 1 2 

905-887-0648 66 Forester Drive, Unionville. Ontario. Canada, L6C 1 V2 

905-642-006 1 1 2 Shalom Street, Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, L4A 7X5 

905-84 1-3725 6 Pineneedle Drive, Aurora. Ontario, Canada, L4G 4 Y7 

905-939-8131 82 Carrying Place Trail . R.R. #1, Kettleby, Ontario, Canada, LOG 1J0 

905-893-9124 Annsleywood Farm, R.R. #1. Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada, L0J 1C0 

905-727-0567 206 Dawlish Avenue, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 6R2 

4 1 6-446-7868 47 Old Colony Road, North York, Ontario, Canada, M2L 2J9 

268-46 1 -0707 P.O. Box 1 1 . Crosbies, Antigua. W.I. 

905-868-9291 349 Meegan Court, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L3X 2B7 

416-225-4872 PH #6, 65 Skymark Drive, North York, Ontario, Canada, M2H 3N9 

822-643-5291 Woosung Apt. 101-602. Mokdong 200. Yangchungu, Seoul, Korea 


Kim. Hyun Do 
Kim, Paul 
Kim, Vladimir 
King, Kenneth 
King, Jamie 
Kluwak, Duncan 
Knutton, John 
Kocik. Derrick 
Krock, Mathew 
Kung. Jonathan 

822-643-5291 Woosung Apt. 101-602. Mokdong 200. Yangchungu. Seoul, Korea 

82-338-7724554 Green Apt. #806. 102 Dong. Yang Kun Gi. Yang Pyung Up. Yang Pyung Koon, Kyung Ki Do. Ko 

7-095-429-9194 Akademik Kapitsa 26, Korp 2. Apt. 207. Moscow, Russia, 1 17647 

905-886-2486 40 Valleymede Drive, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. L4B 2S2 

905-666-2129 8 Sunny Rose Court. Whitby. Ontario. Canada, L1R 1 V8 

905-838-0810 Box 40, 16267 McLaughlin Road, Inglewood. Ontario, Canada. L0N 1K0 

905-764-3403 16 Shasta Drive, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. L4J 1Z5 

867-873-3955 20 Burwash Drive. Yellowknife. N.T., XI A 2V2 

353- 1 -285-2228 45 Church Road. Killney. County Dublin. Ireland 

852-2832-921 1 2E Shiu Fai Terrace. 12/Fl.Silver Fair Mansion. Stubbs Road. Hong Kong 

LaBuick. Brody 905-841-7715 1936 St. John's Sideroad. Newmarket. Ontario. Canada, L3Y 4W1 

Lagerquist. Josh 519-927-3289 7 Rosehill Court, Caledon Village. Ontario. Canada, L0N 1C0 

LaL Charles 416-386-1986 Suite 2608, 7 Concorde Place. North York. Ontario. Canada.M3C 3N4 

Lakhani, All 905-713-1697 68 Wyatt Lane, Aurora. Ontario, Canada. L4G 7E4 

Lalani, Al 905-737-1493 12 Cortleigh Court. Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada. L4B 3G9 

Lam. Jeffrey 905-883-8567 10 Cortleigh Court. Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada. L4B 3G9 

Lam. Franko 852-2832-4272 5 Shui Fai Terrace. 1 1/F. Flat A. Stubbs Road. Hong Kong 

Lam. Samuel 905-889-0638 #LPH01. 7825 Bayview Avenue. Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, L3T 7N2 

Lam, Calvin 416-225-3714 189 Fenn Avenue, North York, Ontario. Canada. M2P I Y I 

Langer. Matthew 905-737-67 1 3 496 Palmer Avenue. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4B 3B9 

Lau. Emie 852-2833-6136 FLA. 7/F. Beverly Court. 2C Shiu Fai Terrace, Wan Chai. Hong Kong 

Lau. Michael 852-2550-6508 2/F1 . Block 45. Baguio Villa. 550 Victoria Rd. Hong Kong 

Lau, Jackson 852-2319-0240 9 Junction Road, 1/Floor. Kowloon City, Kowloon. Hong Kong 

Lau. Jason 852-2550-6508 2/F1.. Block 45. Baguio Villa. 550 Victoria Rd. Hong Kong 

Lawson. Jamie 416-239-5130 14 Edenbrook Hill. Etobicoke. Ontario. Canada. M9A 3Z6 

Le. Nhi 905-853-2973 387 Binns Avenue. Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. L3X 1T7 

Lebar. Erik 905-726-8897 1 1 McRoberts Place, Aurora, Ontario. Canada. L4G 6X2 

Lee. Bobby 905-882-61 25 18 Silver Fir Street. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4B 3R5 

Lee, James 905-88 1 - 1 999 50 Oakhurst Drive. Thornhill. Ontario, Canada, L4J 7V3 

Lee, Boung Hun 416-512-9917 PH. #206. 5765 Yonge Street. North York. Ontario. Canada. M2M 4H9 

Lee. Jeremy 905-836-5542 1 1 76 Kingdale Road. Newmarket, Ontario. Canada, L3 Y 4W 1 

Lee, Adrian 852-2778-2210 Flat F 6/F, Tower 6. Pare Oasis, Tat Chee Ave.. Yau Yat Chuen. Hong Kong 

Lee, Kain 82-42-482-22 10 #7-304 Karam Apt.. Samchun-dong. Seo-ku. Taejun. Korea 

Lee, Joshua 416-733-8557 #109, 775 Steeles Avenue. West. North York. Ontario. Canada, M2R 2S8 

Lee, Soung Hun 416-512-9917 PH. #206, 5765 Yonge Street, North York. Ontario. Canada, M2M 4H9 

LeMieux-Reale. Justin 905-884-0569 31 Tomlin Crescent, Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4C 7T4 

Lennox, John-Ross 905-655-4231 1060 Columbus Road, Brooklin. Ontario, Canada. LOB 1C0 

Lennox, Scott 905-655-423 1 1060 Columbus Road. Brooklin, Ontario. Canada. LOB 1C0 

Leong. Luis 905-883-5529 148 Spadina Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. L4B 2V2 

Leslie, Nick 905-887-5691 7 Bowes-Lyon Court, Markham. Ontario, Canada, L6C 1E5 

Leslie, Jared 905-887-5691 7 Bowes-Lyon Court, Markham. Ontario, Canada, L6C 1E5 

Leung, Vincent 905-88 1-1133 50 Fern Avenue, Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4B 3R5 

Leung. Derrick 905-508-9315 1217-20 Harding Blvd.. W.. Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada, L4C 9S4 

Leung, Ivan 905-883-6043 85 Kingmount Crescent. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4B 3X5 

Leung. Steven 852-2569-7586 Flat C. Floor 6. Kam Kei Building. 147-151 Main Street. East. Shui Kei Wan, Hong Kong 

Leung. Joseph 905-887-1 118 130 Silver Rose Crescent. Markham. Ontario. Canada. L6C 1W8 

Li. Ravel 905-836-8 118 179 Savage Road. Newmarket. Ontario, Canada, L3X 1 R6 

Lilford. Forbes 416-693-0105 125 Elmer Avenue. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. M4L 3R6 

Lim, Joshua 4 1 6-620-428 1 #807. 625 The West Mall. Etobicoke. Ontario. Canada. M9C 4W9 

Lin. Albert 886-7-386-3038 395 Ju-Ru 1st Rd.. San-Ming Drst.. Kachsiung City. Taiwan R.O.C. 

Lin. Brian 886-7-386-3038 395 Ju-Ru 1 st Rd.. San-Ming Drst.. Kachsiung City. Taiwan R.O.C. 

Lin, Michael 905-709-0409 30 Fraser Street, Thornhill. Ontario. Canada. L3T 5H6 

Lin, Morgan 905-709-0409 30 Fraser Street, Thornhill, Ontario. Canada, L3T 5H6 

Lin. Ross 886-22945-0247 6F, No.6-1, Lane 62, Tz-Chiang Rd. Chung-Ho. Taipei Hsien. Taiwan R.O.C. 235 

Lo, Jeffrey 905-472-6358 57 Smithy Street. Markham. Ontario. Canada. L3P 6M7 

Lo. Ryan 905-883-1832 9 Ardwold Gate, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada, L4B 2J9 

Lo, Robin 905-883- 1 832 9 Ardwold Gate, Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4B 2J9 

Long, Charles 705-848-7883 63 Lakeview Road. Elliot Lake. Ontario. Canada. P5A 2H9 

Long, Thomas 905-450-0523 22 Neptune Court. Brampton. Ontario. Canada. L6S 4H3 

Lorenzen, Justin 905-853-7 1 1 5 620 Gibney Crescent. Newmarket. Ontario. Canada. L3X 1 Y2 

Lorriman, Bradley 905-859-0710 Box839.Nobleton.Ontano.Canada.LOG 1N0 

Lowe, Colin 905-939-71 19 14 Simcoe Road. Kettleby. Ontario. Canada. LOG 1J0 

Lowe, Warren 905-939-71 19 14 Simcoe Road. Kettleby. Ontario. Canada, LOG 1J0 

Lozano, Luis 525-570-8020 Bosques de Tejacotes #6. Mexico City. Mexico, 05 1 20 

Luk. Ricky 905-884-1388 17 Boake Trail. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4B 2H3 

Lunan, Fraser 514-457-7836 3 Apple Hill. Baie D'Urfe. Quebec. Canada. H9X 3G5 

Lupo, Alessandro 905-476-2972 3 Georgette Street. Keswick. Ontario, Canada. L4P 1L2 

Lyn. Sheldon 876-926-4404 7 Sydney Road. Kingston 5. Jamaica 

Lyons, John 905-640-5835 68 Asbury Park Court, Stouffville. Ontario, Canada. L4A 7H8 

Maaskant, Levin 
MacDonald, Mike 
Maclver. John 
Maclver, Drewe 

905-833-4478 1 Manitou Drive. King City. Ontario. Canada. L7B 1 E7 

650-941-7674 1 1800 Francemont Avenue, Los Altos Hills, California. U.S.A., 94022 

905-841-7052 Maclver. Dodge. Jeep Ltd., 17615 Yonge Street, Newmarket, Ontario. Canada. L3Y 5H6 

905-841-7052 Maclver, Dodge. Jeep Ltd.. 17615 Yonge Street, Newmarket. Ontario. Canada. L3Y 5H6 


Mackenzie, Jonathan 
MacLean, Drew 
Magee, Dustin 
Mak. Danny 
Malamas, Alex 
Man. Gerard 
Manchee, Stuart 
Mancini., Eric 
Mang, Peter 
Manigat. Olivier 
Manigat, Ali 
Manley. Sean 
Marcinkowski. Jacob 
Marien. Breen 
Marshall. Ross 
Martin. Andrew 
Mast, Michael 
McCall, Brendan 
McClelland. Peter 
McConnell. George 
McCullough. Brendon 
McFarlane. Christopher 
McGrath. Patrick 
McKay, Robert 
McKenzie. Jason 
McNabb. Andrew 
McNabb. Alex 
McNeil. Alexander 
McNeil. Alexander 
Merchant, Tarek 
Middleton, Nicholas 
Middleton, Matthew 
Miller, Ryan 
Miller. Jason 
Miller. Jonathan 
Milnes, Jonathan 
Milnes, David 
Mitchell. Matthew 
Moctezuma, Javier 
Mohammud, Aman 
Mok, Boris 
Morawetz, Michael 
Muir, Blake 
Mulock, Will 
Musewe, Tatenda 
Musewe. Tapfuma 
Musi Trevino, Paulino 
Myers, Mitch 
Myrans, Iain 

Naghi. Alex 
Near, Jamie 
Nehaul. Jihad 
Nei, Eric 
Ng, Charles 
Ng. Henry 
Ng. Alfred 
Ngo, John 
Nudds, David 
O'Dwyer, Brendan 
O'Meara, Adam 
Oosthuizen. Richard 
Oram. David 
Ozawa, Gordon 
Pardinas, Miguel 
Parent, Adam 
Park, Ryan 
Park, Wan Ki 
Park, Jinho 
Patton, John 
Perks. Alexander 
Perrier, Paul 
Poon, Wilson 
Popiel. Jack 
Poroznik, Ryan 
Porter, Austin 











































































63 Willow Farm Lane, Aurora. Ontario, Canada, L4G 6K2 

27 Wembley Avenue, Unionville, Ontario, Canada, L3R 1Z1 

5648 Lakeshore Road, Stouffville, Ontario. Canada, L4A 7X3 

Flat 2C, 43 Stanley Village Road, Stanley, Hong Kong 

191 Coleman Avenue. Toronto. Ontario, Canada, M4C 1R5 

27A, Block 2, Cavendish Heights, 33 Perkins Rd., Hong Kong 

56 Fleury Street, Aurora. Ontario, Canada, L4G 1T9 

187 Silver-Rose Crescent, Unionville, Ontario. Canada, L6C 1W9 

23 Westminster Drive, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada, L4B 1P4 

798 Iroquois Drive, Cornwall. Ontario, Canada, K6H 5C5 

798 Iroquois Drive, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, K6H 5C5 

c/o Freeport, P.O. Box 59-2578, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.. 33159 

65 Ellen Street, Suite 408. Barrie, Ontario. Canada, L4N 3A5 

370 Alex Doner Drive. Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L3X 1E6 

742 Gorham Street, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L3Y 1L6 

#507, 95 Prince Arthur Avenue. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5R 3P6 

Unter der Haar 5, Moehnesee, Germany, 59519 

4050 46A Street, Ladner, British Columbia, Canada, V4K 3N2 

13980 Weston Road, King,, Ontario, Canada, L7B 1K4 

108 Darren Crescent, Cambridge. Ontario. Canada, N3C 3Y9 

22 Brookview Drive. Aurora, Ontario. Canada. L4G 6N1 

5 Bluegrass Drive. Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 6W4 
601 Dillon Court, North Platte, Nebraska. U.S.A.. 69101 

4828 Livingston Street , Claremont, Ontario. Canada. L1Y 1A5 

41 Cherry Drive, Townhouse #3, Kingston 8, Jamaica 
925 Tegal Place, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L3X 1K6 
925 Tegal Place. Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L3X 1K6 

67 Yorkminster Road, North York.Ontario, Canada, M2P 1M4 

72 Rykert Crescent, East York, Ontario, Canada. M4G 2S9 

Suite 1410. 7825 Bay view Avenue . Thornhill. Ontario. Canada, L3T 7N2 

40 Bolton Drive, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, L9P 1W5 

40 Bolton Drive, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, L9P 1W5 

301 Blackburn Boulevard. Woodbridge. Ontario, Canada, L4L 8K4 

18 Bovair Trail, Aurora. Ontario, Canada, L4G 7C8 

301 Blackburn Boulevard, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, L4L 8K4 

320 Russell Hill Road , Toronto, Ontario. Canada, M4V 2T8 

42 Arjay Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2L 1C7 

252 Elman Crescent, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L3Y 7X4 
Tecolotes 11, Lomas de Guadalupe, Mexico D.F.. Mexico, 01720 
P.O. Box 24472, Addis Ababa, Region 14, Ethiopia, 1000 
FI.17/B, Block 7. Chi Fu Fa Yuen, Pokfulam, Hong Kong 
605 St. John's Sideroad, Aurora. Ontario, Canada, L4G 3G8 
155 Burton Grove. King City. Ontario. Canada, L7B 1C7 
178 Hillhurst Boulevard. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M5N 1P2 

6 Greenvalley Circle. R.R. #3, Newmarket. Ontario. Canada, L3Y 4W1 
6 Greenvalley Circle. R.R. #3. Newmarket, Ontario. Canada, L3Y 4W1 
Cereza No. 9, Supermanzana 2A, Cancun. Mexico, 77500 

230 Elm Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5M 3T8 

St. Andrew's College, 15800 Yonge Street, Aurora, Ontario. Canada, L4G 3H7 

32 Parklawn Crescent, Thornhill, Ontario. Canada, L3T 6W8 

100 Reeve Drive, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L3P 6C3 

60 Harbin Alleyne, Sandy Lane, St. James. Barbados 

30 Ardwold Gate, Richmond Hill. Ontario, Canada, L4B 2K2 

24B La Vogue Court, 29-3 1 Village Road. Happy Valley. Hong Kong 

24B La Vogue Court. 29-31 Village Road. Happy Valley, Hong Kong 

#1204. 7825 Bayview Avenue. Thornhill. Ontario, Canada, L3T 7N2 

26 Murray Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. MIS 2A2 

1 Candac Valley Drive , Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 6W7 

55 Hillside Drive, Aurora, Ontario, Canada. L4G 6C9 

5 Maplewood Circle. Brockville, Ontario. Canada, K6V 1N3 

23 May Avenue, P.O. Box 599, Sharon. Ontario. Canada. LOG 1 V0 

59 Glenridge Drive, Unionville. Ontario, Canada, L6C 1A2 

4 Aim Court, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 6W7 

Rio Alto No. 4. Col. Vista Hermosa, Cuernavaca Mor. Mexico, 04730 

95 Burling Place, Newmarket. Ontario, Canada, L3Y 5W3 

#1410, 7300 Yonge Street, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, L4J 7Y5 

6-43 Kwangmyung-I-Dong, Kwangmyung-si, Kyung Ki-Do. Korea, 423-01 1 

13-1601 Namsantown Apt.. Shindangdong Junggu. Seoul, Korea. 100-754 

Carberry Hill, 32 Keith Hall Road. Warwick. Bermuda, WK06 

R.R. #3. Schomberg,. Ontario, Canada, LOG 1T0 

15800 Yonge Street, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 3H7 

70 Cassandra Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada. L4B 4A1 

261 Main Street, North, Markham, Ontario. Canada, L3P 1Y7 

196 John Bowser Crescent. Newmarket, Ontario, Canada . L3Y 7N5 

204 Forest Ridge Road. Richmond Hill. Ontario, Canada, L4E 3L8 


Portilla. Jorge 
Posa, Matthew 
Pringle, Warren 


Alcazar de Toledo. 348 Lomas Reforma. Mexico City. Mexico. 1 1000 
225 Forest Ridge Road. Richmond Hill. Ontario, Canada. L4E 3L8 
596 Parkview Road, Ottawa. Ontario, Canada, K1Z 6E5 

Racine. Aaron 
Radley-Smith, Oliver 
Ramachandran. Nayan 
Ramlochan. Justin 
Ramlochan. Jan Michael 
Reid. Mike 
Reininger. Richard 
Rendon. Jose 
Richards. Kevin 
Richardson. Michael 
Richardson. David 
Richaud. Michel 
Rivadeneyra. Andres 
Robinson. Simon 
Robinson. Mark 
Rogers, Iain 
Rosenberg. Eitan 
Ross, Frank 
Ross, Jordan 
Ross, Dumani 
Ross, Jordan 
Rothwell, Joseph 
Rothwell, Nathan 
Rothwell. Samuel 
Rourke. Adam 
Ryazanov. Alex 

4 1 6-480-9890 # 1 805, 270 Scarlett Road, Toronto. Ontario, Canada. M6N 4X7 

905-727-6088 25 Hunters Glen Road, Aurora. Ontario, Canada, L4G 3G8 

303-551-5055 15 Arrowleaf Court, Boulder. Colorado. U.S.A., 80304 

905-84 1 -7 1 1 233 Orchard Heights Boulevard. Aurora. Ontario, Canada, L4G 5A5 

905-84 1-7110 233 Orchard Heights Boulevard. Aurora. Ontario, Canada, L4G 5A5 

905-836-2867 416 Keith Avenue, Newmarket, Ontario. Canada, L3X 1T9 

905-895-2757 929 Southwind court. Newmarket. Ontario, Canada. L3Y 6J1 

525-585-1098 Desierto de los leones. 1414-15 tetelpan, Mexico City, Mexico, 01700 

441-236-3387 3 Williamsholme Drive. Warwick. Bermuda. WK08 

416-269-6028 1 1 Crestwood Drive. Scarborough. Ontario, Canada. M1E 1E6 

905-889-8046 2 Kings Inn Trail. Thornhill. Ontario. Canada. L3T 1T7 

525-589-2463 Fuente de Acueducto #101. Tecamachalco, Edo. De Mexico. Mexico. 53950 

525-585-2673 2da. CDA. De San Francisco No. 9. Rancho San Fco.. Col. San Bartolo Ameyalco. Mexico D.F., Mexico. 01800 

905-727-2628 10 Ardill Crescent. Aurora. Ontario, Canada, L4G 5S4 

441-236-1880 St. Andrew's. 62A Ord Road. Paget PG03, Bermuda 

905-886-7 1 77 34 Lynngrove Crescent. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. L4B 2B9 

416-225-9779 10 Mallingham Court, North York, Ontario, Canada. M2N 6G4 

4 1 6-485-6099 559 Balliol Street, Toronto, Ontario. Canada, M4S 1 E 1 

905-841-072 1 106 Poplar Crescent, Aurora. Ontario, Canada. L4G 3L3 

416-239-7257 41 Lorraine Gardens, Etobicoke, Ontario. Canada. M9B 4Z7 

905-841-3273 12 Carlyle Crescent. Aurora. Ontario. Canada. L4G 6P6 

905-479-9520 26 Wrenwood Court, Unionville. Ontario. Canada. L3R 6H6 

905-479-9520 26 Wrenwood Court. Unionville. Ontario. Canada. L3R 6H6 

905-479-9520 26 Wrenwood Court. Unionville. Ontario. Canada. L3R 6H6 

905-713-3070 5 Banbury Court. Aurora, Ontario. Canada. L4G 3M8 

416-444-8484 14 Berkindale Drive. North York, Ontario. Canada. M2L 1Z5 

Saleem. Zoheb 
Salinas, Guillermo 
Samson-Doel, Patrick 
Samson-Doel, Eric 
Sanders, Pablo 
Schmick, Kurt 
Scott. Jamie 
Sequeira, Ryan 
Si. George 
Siddiqui, Sohaib 
Simmons, Scott 
Sinclair, Ian 
Siu. Raymond 
Skala, Ivor 
Skolnick. Gavin 
Smith. Mitchell 
Sondhi. Ankush 
Springer, Jeremy 
Steed. Cameron 
Steeves. Andrew 
Stevenson. John 
Stock, Jarryd 
Stock. Graydon 
Stock. Darryl 
Stuart. Nathan 
Su-Wu. Sterling 
Su-Wu, Sterling 
Suddaby. J. P. 
Sun. Patrick 
Sunderani. Michael 
Sweeting. Lennon 
Swenker. Eric 
Swenker. Marc 

246-432-1288 Relando. 17A South Road. Sandy Lane Estate, St. James. Barbados 

528-338-2743 Callejon Los Ayala 450, San Pedro G.G., Nuevo Leon, Mexico, 66220 

97 1 -2-792224/5 P.O. Box 4604, Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates 

528-338- 1 873 209 San Felipe. Col. La Cima. Garza Garcia NL, Mexico, 66230 

905-770-5361 9 Willett Crescent, Richmond Hill. Ontario, Canada, L4C 7W4 

905-770-5361 9 Willett Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. L4C 7W4 

905-853-4416 545 Tugwell Place, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. L3Y 8S5 

876-927-7204 P.O. Box 169. 11 Montclair Drive. Kingston 6. Jamaica 

242-362-5327/8 Kilconquhar, PO Box N7776, Lyford Cay. Nassau, Bahamas 

905-890-6298 #2508. 45 Kingsbridge Garden Circle, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5R 3K4 

905-472-9345 43 Claxton Road, Markham, Ontario, Canada. L3P 6R8 

905-868-9797 #908, 270 Davis Drive, Newmarket, Ontario. Canada. L3Y 8K2 

441-236-71 16 1 Watlington Lane, Devonshire DV06. Bermuda 

905-477-0135 30 Emmeloord Crescent, Unionville, Ontario. Canada. L3R 1T8 

852-26 1 3-2046 "Flat 3113, 3 1/Floor, Block C, Yu Tung Court. Tung Chung, Lantau Island. Hong Kong 

905-727- 1 625 1 75 Willow Farm Lane. Aurora, Ontario. Canada. L4G 6K5 

242-324-1556 Morning Glory. Eastern Road. P.O. Box N1696. Nassau N.P.. Bahamas 

705-722-0453 20 Gables Way, Barrie, Ontario. Canada, L4N 8M3 

905-841-0609 7030 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 500. Markham. Ontario, Canada. L3R 6G2 

905-833-0689 1 3 1 Manitou Drive. King City, Ontario. Canada. L7B 1 E7 

905-84 1 -4469 1 28 Crawford Rose Drive, Aurora, Ontario, Canada. L4G 4S3 

905-84 1 -6497 30 Catherine Avenue, Aurora, Ontario, Canada. L4G 1 K5 

905-640-0666 P.O. Box 337, Aurora, Ontario. Canada, L4G 3H4 

905-478-8454 34 Elda Court, Sharon, Ontario, Canada, LOG 1 V0 

905-478-8454 34 Elda Court, Sharon. Ontario. Canada. LOG 1 V0 

905-478-8454 34 Elda Court, Sharon, Ontario, Canada, LOG I VO 

905-640-5089 18 Hill Top Trail, Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, L4A 7X4 

4 1 6-28 1 -7787 56 Elkwood Drive. Scarborough. Ontario. Canada. M 1 C 2C 1 

416-754-2770 36 Oakhaven Drive, Scarborough. Ontario. Canada, M1V 1X9 

905-84 1-4113 42 Long Valley Road, Aurora. Ontario. Canada. L4G 6K8 

905-508-81 1 1 105 Strathearn Avenue. Richmond Hill. Ontario, Canada, ,L4B 2J7 

905-940-0855 56 Briarwood. Unionville. Ontario. Canada, L3R 2X2 

905-887-3279 48 Angus Glen Boulevard. Markham, Ontario, Canada. L6C 1Z3 

905-479- 1 262 9 Leighland Drive. Unionville, Ontario, Canada. L3R 7R4 

905-479- 1 262 9 Leighland Drive. Unionville, Ontario. Canada. L3R 7R4 

Tang, Frederick 
Tanton, Alexander 
Tasios, Bruce 
Thobani, Zahir 
Thobani, Zaki 
Thompson, Graham 
Thompson, Gregory 
Thompson, Stephen 




23 Artinger Court, Don Mills. Ontario. Canada. M3B 1J9 
10 Callwood Court, Sharon. Ontario. Canada, LOG 1 V0 
7 Forson Court, Markham. Ontario. Canada, L6C 1 A9 
36 Lanewood Drive, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 4T8 
36 Lanewood Drive, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 4T8 
39 Steele Valley Road, Thornhill. Ontario, Canada. L3T 1M2 
39 Steele Valley Road, Thornhill. Ontario, Canada. L3T 1M2 
39 Steele Valley Road, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. L3T 1M2 


To. Zilvan 
Tolani. Sanjay 
Toms. Derek 
Torres. Jorge 
Torres. Marcos 
Townsend. Brandon 
Tozzi. Eric 
Trejo. Omar 
Trimarchi, Giancarlo 
Trott, David 
Tsai, J.i> 
Tsai, Paul 
Tse, Clement 
Tse. Bosco 
Tse. Alex 
Tsioros. Nicolaos 
Tsui. Micky 
Tsuji. Matthew 
Tung. Raymond 
Tzimas. Michael 

852-2546-7902 Flat 3D Alpine Court. 1 2 Kotewall Road,.Hong Kong 

876-952-5559 5 Paradise Crescent. P.O. Box 1119. Montego Bay. Jamaica 

905-737-4108 17 Cowle's Court. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. L4C 9A6 

525-568-9428 Cto. Fuentes del Pedregal, #177. Mexico City, Mexico, 14140 

525-570-1948 Loma de Vista Hermosa 396. Col. Lomas de Vista Hermosa. Cuajimalpa. Mexico D.F.. Mexico, 05100 

905-509-2612 1389 Rougemount Drive. Pickering. Ontario. Canada. L1V 1N2 

905-726-4 116 56 Offord Crescent, Aurora, Ontario, Canada. L4G 3G8 

525-593-1468 Casa 5. Av. De Las Aguilas No. 830. Col. Ampl. Las Aguilas. Mexico D.F., Mexico, 01710 

905-478-2441 28 Balmoral Heights. Queensville. Ontario, Canada, LOG 1R0 

905-726-4407 7 Heatherfield Lane. Aurora, Ontario. Canada. L4G 6K1 

c/o 23 Aldershot Crescent. North York, Ontario. Canada, M2P 1L7 

905-513-8089 3 1 Foxmeadow Lane, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L3R 8W2 

905-707-0778 35 Ronald Avenue. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4B 3Y8 

905-895-6670 861 Wildrush Place, Newmarket. Ontario. Canada. L3X 1L7 

905-895-6670 861 Wildrush Place, Newmarket. Ontario. Canada. L3X 1L7 

905-477-5399 40 Montrose Crescent, Unionville. Ontario. Canada, L3R 7Z5 

905-737-221 1 25 Eastgate Crescent, Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4B 3G5 

905-477-2341 10 Spanhouse Crescent, Unionville. Ontario. Canada. L3R 4E3 

905-737-1045 28 Normandy Crescent. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada, L4C 8L8 

905-7 1 3-0808 26 Sandfield Drive. Aurora, Ontario. Canada. L4G 6R7 

Los Arcos #40. Fracc. Los Arcos. San Carlos. Nueva Guaymas. Guaymas. Sonora, Mexico. 85506 

Velasco. Pablo 

Vogel. Peter 

Von Diergardt, Daniel 

525-606-3421 Estepa #5.Delegacion Coyoacan. Mexico D.F.. Mexico. 04500 

4 1 6-23 1 -6 1 96 40 Rathburn Road. Etobicoke. Ontario. Canada. M9A 1 P9 

905-852-361 1 6760 Owen Road. R.R. #1. Uxbridge. Ontario. Canada. L9P 1R1 

Wai. Willie 
Wai. Barry 
Wakefield, Andrew 
Walsh. Kyle 
Wan. Peter 
Wang. Shang-Jui 
Wang. .David 
Watts. Edward 
Weedon, Nicholas 
White. Alexander 
Williams. Justin 
Williams. Jeffrey 
Willmot. Gregory 
Wilson. Brandon 
Wilson. Kevin 
Wong. Marcus 
Wong. Canning 
Wong. Jason 
Wong. Gavin 
Wong. Dennis 
Wong. Ryan 
Wong, Dennis 
Wong, Justin 
Wong. Arthur 
Woodcock. David 
Wu. Jonathan 

852-2576-3738 22 Sau Wa Fong. Greenland House. 10F.F1A. Wan Chai. Hong Kong 

852-2604-7786 House 68. Tycoon Place, 38 Lo Fai Road, Taipo, N.T.. Hong Kong 

905-470-1554 5 Burr Crescent. Unionville. Ontario. Canada, L3R 9BS 

905-939-81 13 Box 193. Schomberg. Ontario, Canada. LOG 1T0 

416-590-0841 #h(l6. 2S Pemberton Avenue. North York. Ontario. Canada. M2M 4L1 

886-3-333-0649 7F. 93 Ming-Guang East Road. Tao-Yuen City. Taiwan 

905-883-6955 6 Moorgate Court. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4B 3W7 

905-471-5419 131 Cresane Street. Markham. Ontario. Canada. L3S 3W7 

905-727-05 17 1 98 Orchard Heights Blvd., Aurora, Ontario, Canada. L4G 4A8 

905-642-8175 6131 Churchill Drive. R.R. #2, Stouffville. Ontario, Canada, L4A 7X3 

905-477-2895 6 Addington Square. Unionville. Ontario, Canada, L3R 7M9 

242-363-3677 P.O. Box N-1587. Nassau. Bahamas 

905-833-0845 Kinghaven Farm. 4305 King Road. King City. Ontario, Canada. L7B I K4 

905-727-9307 1 9 Heatherfield Lane, Aurora. Ontario. Canada. L4G 6K 1 

905-727-9307 1 9 Heatherfield Lane. Aurora. Ontario, Canada, L4G 6K 1 

905-477-7664 1 1 John Button Boulevard, Unionville. Ontario. Canada. L3R 8Z8 

852-2715-9151 Flat D. 10th Floor. Block 1 , Baldwin Court, 1 54-1 64 Argyle Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong 

852-2870-2719 Hat B, 5F Block 1. Chi Fu Fa Yuen. Pok Fulam. Hong Kong 

876-927-7262 66 Barbican Road. Kingston 6. Jamaica 

852-2568-S47S Blk. M. Rm. 501. Kornhill. Quarry Bay. Hong Kong 

852-2387-1660 Room 724. Azalea House, So-Uk Estate, Kowloon. Hong Kong 

852-2870-27 1 9 Flat B, 5F Block 1 . Chi Fu Fa Yuen. Pok Fulam, Hong Kong 

905-841-7928 10 Rosewood Court, Gormley. Ontario, Canada, L0H 1G0 

905-477-7664 1 1 John Button Boulevard. Unionville, Ontario, Canada, L3R 8Z8 

905-773-2775 9 Rosegarden Crescent, Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4E 2P1 

852-2893-6888 Flat 1 1 A. Senior Staff Quarters. Ruttonjee Hospital. 266 Queen's Road. East. Hong Kong 

Yau. Clement 
Yeh. Ray 
Yu. Joon Hee 
Yuen. Kenny 
Yuen. William 

905-5 1 3-7302 1 Loring Crescent. Unionville. Ontario. Canada. L3R 0G2 

416-515-1510 #1803, 1001 Bay Street. Toronto, Ontario. Canada. M5S 3A6 

416-224-8534 #1509. 18 Sommerset Way. North York, Ontario, Canada, M2N 6X5 

905-883-6225 Suite 605. 20 Harding Boulevard. Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4C 9S4 

852-2560-9158 Rat C. 25th Floor. Choi Tien Mansion. Taikoo Shing.. Hong Kong 

Zack, Brendan 
Zoratto. Adam 
Zoratto. Luc 


37 Willow Farm Lane. Aurora, Ontario. Canada. L4G 6K1 

65 Chadwick Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada, L4B 2W1 

65 Chadwick Crescent, Richmond Hill. Ontario. Canada. L4B 2W1 






It's Not 

An Ordinary Place. 


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