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^tatute^ at lut^t 

From the Firft Year of K. Richard III. 


The 31ft Year of K. HfeNRY VIII. iatlufive. 


DANBT PICKERING, of Gray's Inn, Efqi 

1 I 

-> THE , 


Firft Year of King Ricjjard III, 


Thuty-firft Year rfKii^ HENRY VIII. indufivc 

To whidt is prefixed, 

A TABLE contsumng the TITLES of all the STATUTES 
during that Period. 


By DANBY PICKERING, of Gra/s-Inn, Efqj 
Reader of the Law LeAure to that Honourable SodeQr. 

Printed hj JOSEPH BENTHAM, Printer to the UNIVERSITY^ 
for CHARLES -BATHURST, attheCrob-Keys, oppofiteSt.Dunftan'* 
Qnifch in Fleet-St reet, London. 1763. 


• >1F ~ <:. 

■ lit .'. 

. .. Tf 

.III Ci>l,' r. ; . 


;:.i I •;.-•;: 

; •. I c 

I- < 

Table of the STATUTES, 

^ontsdning the Titles of all fucK A€ts as are extant in prinf ^. 
from the ift year of K. Richard III. to the 31ft of 
k. Henry Vtll both inclufivej 

/inho I iiicbardi 3. 

Cap. I. An aA for thebettei:afiufance 
of eftates to be made fay feofibrs to 

Cap; 2« Thi fubjeas (hall not be 
charged by any benevolence, &c; 

Cap. 3* For admitting. perfons fiif- 
peAed of fcbny to bail; for in- 
quiry of efcapes of fdonft; and that 
no officer (hall feize the goods of 
a prifonef bdfdre he is convi<£ked ctr 

Cap. 4. OT the fufficicncy of jufdrar 
in the (hcriff's turn. 

Cap. 5. Thofe lands whereof the. 
Kin^ was enfeoffjsd to the ufe of 
others, ifiall Ve({ in Iiich perfons. 

Cap. 6. An iA to make pei-pemal the 
fbttute of ly Ed. 4. c.2. concerning 
proceedings incourtd of pipoVrders.- 

Cap. 7. Who (hall be bound by a 
fine levied b^re the juftices of thd 
comnfoit pl6^s: and proclama- 
tions ttlzdt thereof. 

Cap. 8; Coqceming the ihakinlg of 
dofh ; arid th^ aulneger. 

Cap. 9. . Agaiinft Italidns felling their 
mercbandifes by retail^ alia other 
reftraints 6f aliens. 

Cap. I a. The ffatute of 22 Ed.^^c;^. 
probi^ting the importation of 
wrought laces of filt: continued for 
tenyear^., . ^ 

Cap. II. Ten fcow-ftavcs (hall be 
broaght into this realnt for cvciy 

, butt 6f malthfifey, or tyre. 

Cap. 12. Agaiinft the importation of 
certain lAerchandifes ready wrought. 

Cap. 13. The contents ofveflTelsof 
wine and oih 
Vol. IV. 

Cap. 14; For relief of the colIeAor^ 

ofdifmes of the clergy. 
Gap. 15. Arefumptionofallgrants,- 

eftates, &c. made to ElizabetbG fi 

late (^een of England^ 

Private Am. 
Anm\ Ricbardi 3; 

i. TitUks Regius; under whicU ti- 
tle all the reafons and allegatiori^ 
devifed to prove the King to be 
tru€ and undoubted heir to the 
crown, are fet forth at large, and 
the fame allowed, ratified, and 
enaAed by thelord^ind commonsi 
^nd bis brothers children made 

i. An aa fof the King to have the 
lands and po(rcflions of HenryduM 
of Exeter J and of t*te dutchefs his 

3. An aiift fdr the attainder and con- 
Yi<aion of Henry dnkt of Buciing-^ 
hatn^ John hidtt^f df E^^ miliant 
Knevitty John Rujbe, T%omas Nan-^ 
dike^ HenijtSLtl of Richmond^ Jajper 
4arl of Pembroke^ George Brownti 
Thomds^ Lewien&r knight^ Jcbtt 
Gul/ord, and many more; 

4. An a6t 10 enable the ifing td, 
make grants of the pofiefiions of 
the perfons attainted; 

$. An aft for the attaiinder of thd 
, bi(hoJ}s of Efyy Sanunj and Exeten 
6>. An ^a aigainft Margaret countefar 
6f Richmond. 

7. Ah aft for the a:ttaWcr of 
fValter Rober. 

8. An a6t for the archbi(hop of 
Canterbury to enjoy the rent of ii// 


128. per annum out of the msuior 

9. An aA to reverfe the attaiodera 
made by King Hmry the Fourth, 
againft Thomas Percy earl of Wor* 
€ifier^ ^xAJimryPirqtxAQfNor^ 

10. An a£t for viftount L&vel to 
have and enjoy the manors of 
Thorpe^ JVatervile^Swinkk^Achircb^ 
Md <ibihl/lcn^ kt the county of 

, li. An ad for Jmus TtrreLi ^d 
Jmu hia wife^ cbughter and heir of 
JAnAmnMf toudiing; the lands 
of Arundellj being now attainted. 

22. An a£t for the provoft and fel« 
lows of the college of Saint Andrew 
of Neatberctffier in Yirkj for the en- 

' joying of £orty acres of land, upon 
part whereof the collage is builded. 

13;. An a£t for ceofirmationof letters 
patents made by King EduMrd the 
Fourth to the college of F^Hngbef. 

24. An aift for the city of tignUrhiryj 
touching the aldermanry lands^ and 
aldermsm oi Wejlgatey and other 
things in the city ofCanUrhirj. 
. I5« An aft of nsi(timtion of Jobn Dut- 
rant of CollevHften to all bis lands 
and tenements. 

l6. An adl for the inhabitants of the 
town of 0^«;A7>iJio have the games 
and marks of fwans. 

27. An aA touching the executors of 
John Dm mercer <^ London. 

x8. An a<St that the King (hall have 
wardthip of lands hofden of the 
duchy of Lcmcefiir by knights fer- 
vice, notwithftanding the fruft 
put in other prions* 

Anno I Hen, 7. 

• Cap. r. An aA forinaintaining a for- 
medon againft the pernors of the 
profits of land conveyed to ufes. 

Cap. 2. AFiens made denizens Ihall 
pay fuch cuAoms as they did before. 

Cip. 3. -No prote<5tions (hall be al- 
lowed by any court at Cahiu ' 

Cap. 4. An ad to punilh priefts for 
incontinency by their ordinaries. 

Cap, 5. An at^ for regi^lation of tan- 
ners, cordwainers, and curriers. 

Cap. 6. A pardon for all who aflKled 
the King againft Ekbari\iS». duke 
of Glou^fter. 

Cap. *]. An a6t for {>uni(h^em of 
offenders in huhting by night or 

Cap. 8. No Gqfcoigne or Gmen wines 
inall Be imported but by Englijb^ 
fFiffii OP irifi^ mariners andihrps. 

Cap» 9* For reviving the flatute of 
22 Ed^ 4. (. 3. for twenty years, 
veftrainins the importatioa d 
wrou^t boeSf &c. 

Cap. xo« For revocation of the pe- 
naltie$ in the^^/. IL 3. tmehing 

Priviae Ms. 
Anno I Hen. f. 

1. An aA concerning the annexing 
the duchy of Lancqfter^ and Com- 
iuatty &r ar. 

2. An a6l for the reltitution of divers 
perfons in the time of Richard ikt 
Third attainted. 

3. An aft of conviftion and attainder 
of John late duke of Narfolky Tho- 
mas earl of Surrey^ Francts vitcoMut 
Lovellp Walter jDevereuic knight late 
lord Ferrers^ John lord Zotuhe^ and 
. divers others. 

4. An aft for the duke of Bedford^ 
and others. 

5. An aft for Hemy lord Clifford, 

0. An aft for William vifcount Beau^ 
. moHt. 

7. An aft for Jobn earl of Oxford^ 
and others. 

8. An aft for Jane Mayy and others. 

9. An aft for the duke of Bedford. 

10. An aftfortheduchofsof jBfi^/vi. 

11. An aft for the countefs c^Hich- 

12. An aft for Edward^ toil and heir 
of Henry duke of BtHkingham. 

13. An aft for John\oxd mils. 

J4» y/r- 


t4» Artitnha JurMa in parBammtc, 
1$. Thereftitatioo oiibnry the Sixth, 

the duke oi Bedfirdy the duke of 

Stmn/ity and others. 
i6. The reftitntion ofQueen BSsut-^ 

baby late wife of Edwcri the 

17. Adrndkiio aOut^ (ft. 
io« An aA far aukhcmng all letters 

pateats made by the King, <tf the 

lands of peribns attainted. 
19. An a(5t for jOlen CatWalL 
%o. An ad for Hmry KirUy fitn tf 

%i. An aa fcnr miBam BnmM 


22. An aa for Jami StanUj^ derk. 

23. An aft for /ufawtt/ c;fef#, and £/f- 
ztAitb his wife^ 

24. An aft for R9g& Hftrpii 

25. An ad for the leftitution iiiTU^ 
mas Otwunde knight. 

26. An aft for Hugh iMiirMl 

27. An wBtfacffWiam Kntuett: 

28. An aot for the earl of D^im. 

29. An act for tkc Khig^s lioii(hold« 

30. An act for the King's great 
• wardrobe. 

31. An act for Nithdks Ymtx fon ind 
heir of Sv WiUiam f^atix. 

S2. An act for the fold Hungitford; 
33. An act for Johamu FawUri 

34* An ace karTbims Dildhundi 

35. An act for Anrn Pympi. 

36. Anaot for Thmat MyU. 

37. An act for Bimuni Rjo0Si imi of 

38. An act for MargonKomub of 
Ridnnmd^ the Ki^'s mother^ and 
far Th$ms earl of Derby her hvf- 

$9. An act for Lenonme HIL 

40. An act for John Wtfton^ prior of 
the hofpital oF Saint Jfbn of Jam- 
fakm in England. 

41. Anact for iZ^^/ Cfr^. 

42« An act for reftitution of T!hmai 
Grwf knighty late marouefs Dorfit. 

43. An aft for Sir William Stanlif 

44« An act for Sir JohuFirn^ kni^t^ 

and Margarit his wife. 
45i An act of reftitution (or John Ttif* 

46. An act for th^ heirs (tf Sir Gmt^ 

47.Anactfor SirJ^^ Siftaloakxa^^ 
4k An att for tvittiam Troutibidt^ 
49. An act of reftitution for Maget^ 

56. An act for Blanihi Nitrill to cnjo^ 

certain lands, noTwithflaftdidg M 


51. Another the lifae act for Margnif 
Bethtt^ John Blaekborm^ and his 

52. Ah act for RMUrt WiltoMgUff 
knight, and Bliiabith his wtfe, aid 

J3. An act of reftitution fohrlF^Kuzst 

54. An actdrreftitutioii forj^^^ 


54;. An iict thai EdwaI'd BllifnuTi. 

may ei^pv osrtaih la^ds^ ndtwith^ 

ftslnding nis releaft^ 
56. An aift of tftffticutiori ixxJobnBid^ 

57* An act of feltitutibn for Ti^MA?! 
Agard and his wife. 

58. Another act for John Biommmt. 

59. An aot far Richard PkffiUgby aod 
JobaHi his wif?. i, . 

60. An ztt far the inhabitants of the 
Ifle of Teneiti to build a bridge at 4 
place called the &flft/ jPifrry. 

61. An wctUxJohn Fojlet cfquire; 

62. An act for the mayor; bailiffs^ 
tfnd citizens of the cityof »!«-• 

63. An act fof JShn Lmhi 

64. An act of refumption of lands^ 
tenements, and other thti^. 

Anno 3 Hen. 7. 
Cap. I. Concern'mg the authority 6f 
the court of ftar-oiambar^ 

a 2 c»p. a; 


Cap. 2. Tfaecarrang away a woman 
againft her will made felony. 

Cap. 3. For letting prifoners to bail 
in certain cafes. 

Cap. 4« AH deeds of gift made to de- 
fraud creditors (hall be void. 

Cap. 5. All bai^ins named dry ex- 
change, whereby any certain fimi 
may be loft, (hall be void. 

Cap. 6. Againft unlawfiilchevifancey 
uftiry, and brokage. 

Cap. 7. Concerning the ordering and 
recovering of cuftoms. 

Csm. 8. That merchants aliens, &c. 
mall emplOT their money on mer- 
chandifes ot this realm. 

Cap. 9. Freemen of London may car- 
ry their wares to any fairs or mar- 

Cap. lo. Cofts, &c. (hall be given to 
the plaintiff where the dmndant 
fues a writ of error before execu- 

Cap. ir. No woolen cloth (hall be 
eiqxirted before it is duly manufac- 
-Cap. 12. The King's officers (hsdl 
not be retained by liveries, &c. 
with others. 

Cap. 13. Concerning the price of 
long bows. 

Cap. 14. Confpiring to de(faroy. the 
jkline, or certain officers of his 
home or council, made felony. 

Private AUs. 
Anno 3 Hen. 7. 

. I. An. 2&. for the confirmation of 
letters patents made to the 
2. An a£t that the Queen may fue in 
her own name, and for connrmati- 
on of letters patents made to Mar^ 
garet counttkof Richmond. 

. 3. An act for G/^r^^^ifr^ knight, and 
Margaret his wife. 

4. An a\5t for a |:aol to be kept at 
Lnves for the (hire of Suffix. 

5. An adt for the abbot and covent 
of Malmefiury. 

6» An z& for the culbdyof the lanih 
and tenements of vifcount Bea- 

7. An ad for the prior of the monaf- 
tery of St. ^^^21^7 Magdalene in 

8. An ad for the mayor and citizens 

9. An ad for the mayor, (heriffs, 
bailiffs, and commonalty of the 
town of Bri/ioly fi>rpavmgof the 
(bftets there. 

10. An adt for Jnne countefs <£lVerr. 

11. An a<a for Thomas PuUer. 

12. An aa for Roger Wake. 

13. An ad fcMT the town and cafUeof 

14. An ad fox the town andcaftle of 
Cahni^ and for continuance of the 
ftaple there* 

15. An ad for the attainder oi John 
earl of Uncobi^ Sir Thmas Breugh- 
tony and divers others. 

16. An ad for two fifteenths and 
tenths to be granted to the King. 

17. An ad to enable feoffees in truft 
to fue for the benefit of 'the feof- 
fors, although they be outlawed. 

18. An ad for the attainder of John 
SpynellmA others. 

19^ An act againft Thomas Penejlon 
and others. 

20. An act of refumption of the of- 
fices or places of receivers, audi- 
tors, cuftomers, collectors of cuf- 
toms, . fubfidies, comptrollers, 
fearchers, fiirveyors, and places 
of other officers, accomptants to 
the King. 

Anno 4 Hen. 7. 
Cap. I, An act for conimiflions of 

Cap. 2. For ordering the refiners of 

gold and filver. 
Cap. 3. Againftbutcherskillifgbeafts 

in walled towns, &c. 
Cap. 4. Concerning protedions and 

immunities for thofe who (hould 

be in the King^s fcrvice in Britain. 

Cap. s. 


G^ c. Tot repeal of letters patents 
to diicbarge fpiritual perfons from 
the payment or colleAion of dif- 

Cap. 6. For repeal of all grants of 

offices in the foreft of Ingkwofdy 

faving to the lord Dacn and the 

earl S N9rthumberland. 
Cap* 7* That grants of fees to certain 

officers about the King (hall be no 

longer in force than they give their 

Cap. 8. For limiting the prices of 

cloths fold by retw. 
Cap. 9* For the prices of hats and 

Cap. 10. That wine and Tbokufi 

woad ihall be imported only m 

EngUJb (hips, &c. 
Cap. XI. Concerning tl^e buying of 

Cap. 12. That alljuftices of peace 

inall ezecpte their commiffion, re* 

drefs injuries, and maintain the 

Cap. 13. Concerning the allowance 

of benefit of clergy t 
Cap. 14. All grants, &e. ciznywr- 

eel of the earldom of Afar^h ihall 

be fealed with the neat feal. 
Oqp* if^ That the lord mayor of 

Lnmift Ihall have like conferva- 

tion in all breach and overflowings 

of the 71&tf9v/» as he has within th<i 

Eone river. 
Cap. 16. Agaioft takiq^ more farms 

ttunone ui the ^ tStTtgbu 
Cap. 17. That the h^ of Oftujfu 

ufij noldine lands bv knight*ler« 

vice, fliallbein ward. 
Cap. 18. That counterfeiting forei^ 

GcSsk allowed to be current in this 

realm Audi be treafon. 
Cap. 10. For maintenance of huf- 

Cap. 20. That a profecution of 

aiftion popular by coUufion, (hall 

be no bar to others fued bona fide. 
Cap. 21. For prefervation of the 

breed and fry of ^ in Oxford Ha-- 

vcn in Suffdt, 

Cap. 22. Concerning broiderers and 

Venice gold, &c. 
Cap. 23. Againft the exporting any 

gold or fiiver. 
Cap. 24. How often a fine levied la 

the common pleas Ihall be pro« 

claimed, and then, who Ihall be 

bound thereby. 

Private A^s. 
Anno 4 ///». 7« 

I. An act of rdtitution fi}r Thenm 
earl of Surrey. 

ft. An aa for the earl of N^ini- 

3. An act for thereftitutionfor Henry 

4. An act for Richard Natrfim. 

5. An act of reifitution tor Richard 

6. An act for jyiliiam ParfonSj James 
Mgb^ and others. 

7. Ap act of reftitution for the lord 

$. An act of reftitution for Thomas 
Lacy and his wife. 

9. An act for Oliver Saint John efq; 

10. An act for JSHen Holt^ and ABen 

I I. An act for JFilliam Stanley knight. 
12. An act for die tranfmutation and 

paffing of lands without fine, by 
fuch perfons as pafs over the feas 
in the King's yoyase, ^ 
13* An act for a fub&iy to be grant- 
ed to the King. 

14. An act of reftitution of J^n lord 

15. An act of reftitution of Robert 

x6. An act of reftitution oi Henry 

17. An act for the earl of ftfrrr^. 
15. An act for Geerge earl of Shrewf- 


19. An aft for Thomas Ferrys^ efq; 
and Anne his wife. 

20. An aft for the college of AH Souls 
in Oxford. 

21. An aft for the inhabitants of the 
town of Soutbwolde, 

a 3 22. An 


gta. An aft for the inhabitants of tl|e 

town of NortbamptM. 
%$. An xSt for the inhabitants of the 

town of Leicefter, . 
H4. An ad for the expences of tbe 

King's houiholdl 
^5* An ad for the reftitudon oiAnnf 

and EUzaieth Braiinbufy. 
7,6. Anadforthecoventofthemo- 

naftery of St. Andtew in Nortb- 

C7ttpton» • 
97* An aA for Sir Edmmd GprgiSj 

. f 8. An ad for die proToft and fcho- 

lars of the King's college in Cam^ 

brUgi and Eaitn. 
%(). An ad of attainder of the abbot 

of Abbwgtott^ Join J^^xyney and 

30. An a<5l for a tenth and fifteenth 

to be gonted to the King; 

Jmo 7 £!?»• 7. 

Cap. I. Againft afaules ei Ckpbj^s 

' and foldiers retained in the King's 

Cap. 2. For protection, tiq. of all 
perfons ferving in the King's wars. 

Caip. ^. Further privileges for fuch as 
(hall go in the King's wars. 

Cap. 4. Concerning weights and 

Cap. 5. Conoeming trials in Lmdon, 

Cap. 6. That patents of difcharge 
from difmes and pdnzijmi$ fliall ex- 
tend no forther than they did- in 
the time of King Edxv. I V • 

Cap. 7. That alT ^cots depart the 

f realm wthin forty days after pro- 

* damation. 

Cap. 8. Concerning the contents of 
a butt of 'malmeley $ind the price 
anid cuftoms thereof. 

PrivMte Ms. 
Anno 7 Hen. 7. 
T. An act againfi Thomas Crofts 
a. An act for the prefcrvation of the 
fpawn of fi(h within the naffe and 
liavcngf 0//^rrf, 

3^ An act that no perfons omkwed 
within the county of Lamajier 
(houbl forfeit anv of his lands or 
goods in any other fture bat the 

4* An act for two fifteenths and tenths 
granted tQ the King* 

5. An ^ct for the eonfinnation of a 
feoffinent made by the King. 

6» An aft for confirmation oTletters 
patents made to the'Qiieen, 

7* An a<ft to make the fum of five 

' maric^, payable by the abbey and 
and covent of Barkings to be par- 
ed of , the manor of Hofviring. 

8. An aft for the counteis of Riih^ 
mond and Derbf. 

9. An z& for the earl dl8$my. 

10. An aft for vifcount lyitUs and his 
wife. ' 

xi« An aft for Thomas loid De la 

»t An aft for the prior of G^^luTf. 
it], An aft for fiir Tbmas iMett^ 

^4* An aft for I^b Jdmfm and 

Johane his wife. 
I5« An aft of attainder of y^MiXif//. 
JO. An aft of attainder o[ Roheri 

ChamkrUne knight^ and Hkbard 

Anno xitkn. 7. 
Cap. I. None (hall be attainted of 

incur any forfeiture for ferving thq 

Cap. %. For correftion of vagabonds 

and beggars, and concerxung ale- 

Cap. 3. For the authority of ju- 

fticcs of affize and of the peace. 
Cap. 4. The names, of the cities 

and towns limited for keeping of 

weights and noeaiures. 
Cap. 5. For pulling down wears, 

&c. in the haven of Southampton^ 

between Caljhord and lUdbridge. 
Cap. 6. Whe;-e cuftoms ftiall be 

paid when cloths are packed in 

one port and (hipped in another. 

^ . Cap. 7. 


Cq»» 7. For paniflung liots and un- 

ItWuI aftmfalies. 
Cap. B. For ponUhing ufiiren. 
Cap. 9. All lands within Nu^b and 

Attti Tindahj flail ix parcel of the 

countjr of N^rtbumbirimi. 
Cap. ID. For levying the aman of 

die beoevolence granted to the 

Cap. II. Conoeming the taking ap" 

preatioes in the city of Nirwicbj 

and ofordinancea to he made by 

the company of iivorfted (hearers. 
Cap. 12. That writs (hall be given 

and counfel affig^ to ipeed poor 

perTons in their fuits. 
C4>- 13- Againft the exportatioii of 

horfi» or mares, above the price 

of 6s, 8d. without licence. 
Cap. 14, Aliens made denizens (hall 

pay cuftoms as alieos. 
Cap. ij^ Ag^nft mifdemeanors by 

merins ^ their officers In county 

Cap. 16. For watch*keepingin Calais. 
Cap. ijp Againft taking pheaiants, or 

partridges^ or the eggs of hawks 

or fwans. 
Cap. 18L Thev who refufe to attend 

we King wnen he goes to his wars 

(hall forfeit their grants of fees^ &c. 
Cap. 19. Againft deceitdil (hiflBng 

and making of feather-beds, &c. 
Cap. 20* Againft alienations made by 

the wife <^ the lands of herdeceafea 

Cap. ai« The ^ualificatioii of jurors 

in attaints in Lmdm^ 
Cap. 22. Concerning the ifages of 

wnrants in hu(bamlry, laboureril 

and artificers. 
Cap. 23. For die true gauging and 

packing of falmon, eds, and her^ 

Cxf. 24. For puni(hment of pojury, 

and the manner of proceeding m 

Cap. 25. For puni(hmentof perjury, 

champerty, maintenance, and em- 

tMTttoery, by the dUcretion of the 

chancellor, tieafurer, chief juftices, 

ai)d-elerk of the rolls. 

Cap. a6. Concermng fhe fherifit 
turns in the counties of Southamftr 
tofty Surrey and Suffix. 

Cap. 27. For avoiding deceitfi]! 
fieig^ upon fuftians. 

Private A£ls. 
Anru II Hen. 7. 

f. An ad for the confirmation of 
certain lands to the King^ that 
were the lands of RUbard duke of 

:l An aft of refiimption of divem 
caftles, manors, lands, aiul tene- 
ments, which were (brmerly g^ven 
In; King Edward the Thirds and 
Kins Mcbard the Second, to Ed^ 
monadi Lan^ duke of Y^ri. 

3. An ad of reftitution for Gervafi 

4. An ad that all grants made of tfat 
manor of ffif^uk be void. 

5. An ad for the Queen's jointure. 

6. An ad fcnr the making void of di- 
vers lea(es and ofiices within the 
principality of ff^aUsy duchy of 
Con^mly and the earldom of Cief- 

f . An ad fprthe afluring certain lands 
to the prince of /i^^x, &c 

8. An ad for the afTuring' certain 
lands to the duke of TorL 

9. An ad for the prince of Wales. 

10. An a^ for the duchefs of Bed* 

11. An ad of confirmation of a fe^ 
offment made by Tbcmas marquis 
Dor/et and his wife \o divers fe- 
^>ffees to feveral ufes, 

12. An ad for the earl x^ Oxford^ 

1 3. An ad for the earl of Suffolk, 

14. An ad for the carl of Surrey. 

15. Another ad made for confirma^ 
tion of a feoffment made by the 
faid earl of Stt/T^jr. 

16. An ad for the earl of Devon. 

17. An ad for the carl of Kildare. 

18. An ad for tlie prior of Kilmaynan 
in Ireland. 

19. An ad for the cuftody and go- 
vernment of vifcount Beaumont and 
his eftatCt 

g 4 ao. An 


to. Axm&fqr Edward lord DudUy* 

S|i. An ad for John lord Zwda an4 

.8.2. Several provifoes for the indem- 
nity of the lord Daubmy^ and 

J13. An aftfor Sir Richard Guldefirdy 
that all his lands in the county of 
Kent (hall not be of the nature of 

favelkind, but dependable to the' 
eir at the common law, as in 
other countries, 
dt4. An aa for Sir WtBam BerJtley 

25. An ad for ^oha Shaa. 
at. An adt for the dean of St, PauTs. 
0.7. An adl for Thomas Mddlfton* 

28. An z& for George CaUjhf. 

29. An z& for Sinm Digif. 

30. An act fcM- Sir Richard RauUfft. 

31. An s^ct for Clement Sielton. 

32. An act for the heirs of William 
' Wcynsford. 

33. An act for John SUngefiy the dder. 

34. An act for Hugh Mitfne. 

35. An act for the fafc keeping of the 
towns and caftles of ^erwi^k and 

36. An act for the expenccs of the 
King's houfe. 

37. An act for the attainder of Frau^ 
mvifcount Lovel 

38. An act for the attainder of Sir 
JFiUiam Stanley,^ Sir Simon Mountr 
fort, and others. 

39. An act concerning the peace bpr 
* tweentheKingof f/^^ffiandthe 

King of France. 

Anno 12 Hen. 7. 

Cap. T. Concerning the taking ap-r 
prentices, and manufadShirc of wor- 
fted, fays and fiamins in the coun- 
ty of Norfolk. 

Cap. 2. For the continuance of certain 
a£ts made in the laft parliament,^ 
unto the next parliament. 

Cap. 3. Repeal of the ftatute made 
the laft parliament for labourers 

^ap. 4. That no forfeiture given by 

the ftatute i R. 3. c. 8. (hall b« 
taken before the next parliament. 

Cap. 5. Concerning weights aiid 

- meaAues* > 

Cap. 6. Merchants of EngUmd may 
carry their merchandifes to the 
marts, without payment of any 
fine to the mercmnts adventurers 
of London, but only ten marks. 

Cap. 7* No lay pmbn that doth 
murder his lord or raaftqr flial) 
have the benefit of clergy. 

frivafe j0s^ 

Anno \% Hen. 7. 
T. An aA for con^rmation pf a fcr 
pffinent made by tl^e King, and 
to give him power to difpofe c^oer-r 
t^ lands by will. 
An a<% for the afluranoe of the 
Queen's Jointure. 
An a<fl f&r the earl of Surrej. 
An aA for Guy Sopcott. 
A provifo for WitUam Stafford. 
Certain arti^ljss againft ^mof 

An act for fifteenths and tenths. 
An act for a fubfidy to be granted 
to the King, and for difcharge or 
fome perfons from paymeqt there- 

■ . . ' ' ' • 

Anno 19 Hen. 7, 
Cap. X. For attendance upon the 

King in his wars. 
Cap. 2. An act tq defer the paypfient 

of cuftom for bow-ftayef until the 

next parliament. 
Cap. t. An act for the continuance 

of the ftatute 11 H.j. r« 24. until 

the next parliament. 
Cap. 4. For ufing loi^« bows, and 

againft (hooting in crofs-bows.' 
Qzp. 5. What coin (hall be current, 

and againft the exportation t>f mo- 
ney or bullion to Ireland. 
pap. 6. Concerning pewterers and 

^ap. 7. Concerning ordinances made 

by Dodies incorporate. 

Cap, 8, 


Cqi^ S. Aganft the taking of fcavagf 
or ihpmge, except in the city of 


Cap.9. Of pioceCi in actions upon 
the cafe, 

Qip, lo. For the l^^ii^ of gaols by 
die iheriffs, and piipvei>tion of ef- 
capes oi prifoners. 

Cap. II. The pcnaltips for l(:eeping 
^eer-havsy and buck-ftalls, 

Ga^. 12. For puniftiment of va 
bonds, and for prd^rinjs of 

Cap. 13. Againft riot$ and unlawfid 

Cap. 14. Penalties for unlawful re* 
tainers and giving of liveries. 

pap. 15. The Igyids diCiJhtf que ujf 
fiudl be liable to execution for his 
debt, and to the chief lord for his 
relief and heriot, and if he is a 

* bondman they mv/ bp feiz^ by 
die lord. 

O^. i6. For continuing the ftatute 
of II /f. 7. c. 26. for holding of 
fherifFs t^unis in- the counties of 
Satttlkmpton^ Surrey and Sttjix^ 
until the next parliament. 

Cap. 17. A confirination of fo much 
of the ^atutc 11 H, 7. €. ii, as 
concerns the taking of apprentices 
in Norwich^ and a repeal of iq 
much of the fame act 9s ^on^erns 
Cap. 18. For free paffage upon 0ie 

river Seuern. 
Cap. 19. Concerning cordwainers, 

curriers and tanners, 
pap. ao. A confinpation of the fta- 
tute of 3 ^. 7r c. 10. touching da- 
mages to be given to the plamtiff 
where the defendant fues ^ writ of 
error before execution. 
Cap. 21. Concerning flllc-women, 
and prohibiting the importation of 
filk wares ready wrought. 
Cap. 22. A repeal of the ftamte 4 
H. 7. concerning factors and at- 
tornies in Calais. 
Cap. 23. A confirmation of the pri- 
es of the merchants in thcftill- 

Cap. 24. For holding the (hire-eourl 
of the county rf Suffix at &icbeftfr 
ap4 Le^^Sf 

Privaie ABs. 
Anno 19 Hin. 7. 

1. An act eonceming a ' feoffment 
made by the King, pf many lord* 
fhips, lands, and tenements, ^c^ 
belonging to the duchy oiLancafler^ 

2. An act to make void divers letters 
p^tepts formerly granted to the 
duke gf York^ after he came to be 
heir apparent to thd King. 

3. An act for the continuance of the 
' ftaple at Calais. 

4. An act to give the King power tp 
reftore Humfrey Staffordy Joht 

jBayntm^ and divers others, being 
formerly attaint of trcafon. 

5. An act for the abbefs and covent 
of the nionaftcry of St. $aviour of 

ft An indenture between the Kmg 
and the abbefs and -jovent of the 
monaftery of our Saviour and St, 
Bridget of Sicrtf 

7. An act for confirmation of a par- 
tition of lands made between fUl- 
Uam marqui$ Barklej^ and Tbmoi 
earl of Surrey. 

9. An act that no actions, plamtSj 
bilk, or vmts, being commenced 
and depending in the King's courts 
by perfons not knighted, (hall a- 
l^tf , if they be sift^rwards knight- 

9. An actfor two sjds granted to the 

10. An act of rcftitution for the lady 
Cicih wife of the late vifcounf 

' JVettsy mBam lord Wilkugbbj^ and 

1 1. An act for the attainder of James 
Thubett knight lord Judley^ Ed- 
mond earl of Suffolk^ and divers o- 
thers, confederate wiA Piers War* 

12. An act for th? rcHitution of ^- 

hert Brewcf. 

13, An 


f 3* An act for Sir ff^iUiam A^armg. 
14. An ace for the rcftitutioa of J^bn 

Heron ^ 
x^. An aA for the reftitutlon of i^- 

cbard Bariln» 
16. An act of reftitution for fPilBam 

Barky. ' 
ty. An act of reftitution for Jmif 


jtnfto 1 Hsn» 8f 

Cap. I. A repeal of the ftatuteS H 6. 

c. 2. prohibiting the King's fubjects 
. to repair into Denmark and Ifeland, 
Cap. 2. A repeal of the ftatute i R. 3. 
, u S' concerning cloth-making. 
Cap. '3. Concerning payments made 

to ^ohn Heron^ general receiver 

to the Kin^;. 
Cap. 4. For hmitation of actions po^ 

Cap. 5. A repeal of an act made 3 
. H 7. c. 7. concerning the entering 
' of merchandizes in tl\e cuftbmers 

Cap. 6. A repeal of the ftatute 11 H. 

7- Ci 3. concerning; informations 

before juftices of amze and juftices 

of p<iace. 
Cap. 7. Concerning the office of co- 

Cap. 8. Concerning efcheators and 

Cap. 9. Concerning the bridge at 
. Staines. 

Cap. 10. For enlarging the "ftatute 
. 8 H 6. £. 16. concerning the tra- 

vcrfe of lands feized into the King's 

hands by inquefts before efchea- 
tors and commiilioners. 
Cap. II. For cotitinuation of the 

ftatute u if. 7. c. 24. of attaints, 

until the next parliament. 
Cap. 12. Concerning untrue inqui- 

fitions procured by Empfm and 

Cap, 13. Againft the exportation of 

money, plate, or jewels. 
Cap. 14. Concerning apparel. 

Cap. 15. For anmUtng fteflfaieati 

Private ABL 
Aftflo I fitn* 8. 

I. An aA for the expeace of the 

King's houfliold. 
%. An act for the aOignment of sdo« 

ney for the King's great wardrobe. 
J. An act for confiimation of let*- 

ters patents made to Queen Katba^ 

rine^ for her dower. 
4. An act for the reftitution of iZoJi^ 

jRtf/^Ayknight, lord Fitxwatir. 
5« An act £br a fub^y to be grante4 

to the King of tonnage and pound- 

6. An act for repealing pf a ftatute 

Anno 3 Hen. 8. 

pap.. I. Againft the exportation ^ 

money, plate, jewels, lie. 
Cap. 2« Concerning efcheators sm^ 

Commiilions for finding of offices. 
Cip. 3, For the maintenance of ar- 
chery and againft unlawful games. 
Cap. 4.^ For protections and liberty 

of alienation for fuch perfoi^ a^ 

(hall be in the King's wars. 
Cap. ^. For p^ynient of wages to 

foldiers in the King's wars. 
Cap. 6. Concerning the tru^ maklng^^ 

Isc. of woolen cloths. 
Cap. 7. An act for perfect working 

of woolen cloths before they ftvalf 

be exported. 
Cap. 8. Repeal of the act piade at 

York for felling, of victual "by hea4 

Cap. 9. Againft mummers and felling, 

of vilbrs. 
Cap. 10. Againft aliens buying leather, 

and that curriers may fearch for 

leather Infufficiently tanned. 
Cap. II. An act for the appointing 

of phyficians and furgeons.. 
Cap. x%. Concerning reformation of 

impanels for the Sing. 


Cap. 13. UceiKes for fliooting in 

crofs-bows fliall be Yoid» 
Cap. 14^ For learchiiig of unlawfijl 

Cip. 15. CoDGcnimg the making and 

prices of hats and caps. 

Private A3s. 

Anno 3 Hm. 8. 
t» An alt for confirmation of a fe« 
ofiinent made by Thomas earl of 
Airrff to Htmj dukt of Yiri and 

2. An act of reftitution for ^amis 
Titubitt lord Awdeky^ and John 
TsUchett^ eldeft fon of the faid 
yames kird Awdeley. 

3. An act for confirmation of a grant 
made by the King of certain land^ 
to WiUiom Gompton, 

^ An act of rdftitution for John 
' ' Duiley fen of Ednund DudUy. 
e. An act of reftitution for Thomof 

fS. An act of reftitution for Elizabeth 

•f. An act for two fifteenths and tenths 

to be granted to the King. 
8. An a<5t that Sir Robert Southwell 
* and Barihdbmew Weflby fliall be 

the King's general receivers of aU 

his honours, caftles^ &r. 

Anno 4 Ken* 8* 
Cap. r. Concerning bulwarks to be 

mad6 in Cormvalnyy the fea*fide. 
Cap. 2. For punifhment of munler.^ 
Cap. 3. An act cooccmtng juries in 

pap. 4. For pioclamations to be made 

before Exigents be awarded in fo- 
reign counties. 
Cap. 5. Repeal of penalties for givii^ 

wages to labourers apd artificers. 
Cap. 6. For fealing of cloths of gold 

and filver. 
^ap. 7. Concerning pewterers and 

true weights and beams. 
Cap. 8. An act concerning Richard 

Strodfy and the privilege of parlia-^ 


Private AUs. 
Jmno 4 HtH^ 8« 

t. An act of reftitution for Henry 
Courtney earl of D^m. 

a. An act for confirmation of an in- 
denture made between the King 
on the one part, and William Court- 
ney late eari of Di^m^ and the lady 
Kaeherim his wife^ on the other 

3. An act for confirmation of an in^ 
denture made between Katherine 
countefs of Devon on the one part, 
and Sir Hugh CMvay on the other 

4. An act for confirmation of an in- 
dennire made between KatheriftB 
counteA of Devon and Sir fnUiam 

5. An act for th^ affiiring of certain 
, lands to the eari of Surrey. 

6. An act of reftitution of Thomas 
ffjndhamj fon of Sir John ffynd^ 

7. An act of reftitution for nomas 
Empfonj fon of Sir Richard Empfon. 

8. An act of reftitution for Wimam 

9. An act for allotting divers fums of 
money fir maintenance of the 
King's great wardrobe. 

10. An act for granting a fubfidy to 
the King. 

X I. An act for a pardon to be grant- 
ed to John Sielton. 

Anno 5 Uen^ 8. 
Cap. I. How the King's fubjects of 

Tournay and Tyrmn may recover 

their debts. 
Cap. 2. Concerning the making of 

cloths in Devony called white 

Cap. 3. White wpolcn cloths of five 

marks and under, may be export- 
ed unfliorn. 
Cap. 4. Againft deceits in worftcds. 
Cap. 5. Concerning jurors in London, 
Cap. 6. For furgcons to be diicharged 

pf parilb ofticesy inquefts^ &c. 

Cap. 7. 


Cap, 7. CoDceming ftrangers buy- 
ing of leadxer in open market. ^ 

Cap. 8. Coocerning fait for the 
King's pardon granted upon cer- 
tain articles. 

Private Ms. 
Anm 5 Hm. 8. 
I. An act fot the confirmation of 
letters patents made to the duke of 
%. An act for theconfirmatioa of let- 
ters patients made to the duke of 
* Suffolk. 

3. An act for the confirmation of let- 
ters patents made to the earl of 

4. An act for the reftitution of Mar^ 
garet PoUy late wife of Sir Richard 
Pole^ and fifter and heir of Edward 
late t9x\pitVanmti and Saliflury. 

5. An act of reftitution for Humfny 

6. An act for the confirmation of the 
dowry of the countefs of Oxford. 

J. An act of reftitution of Johft 
Jwdiley^ fecond fon of the lord 

8. An act for confirmation of letters 
patents made to the mayor and 
pommonalty of the city m Londofij 
concemine the packing of woolen 
cloths and other merchandifes. 

9. An act for a fubfidy to be granted 
to the King. 

JO. An act concerning Sir Edward 

I J. An act for John Heron to be fur- 
veyor of the cuftoms and fubfidies 
within the port of London. ' 

Anno 6 Hm. 8. 
Cap. I. Concerning apparel. 
Cap. 2. Concerning the maintenance 

of archery. 
Cap. 3. • Concerning the wages of 

artificers and labourers* 
Cap* 4f For proclamations to be 

made hdoxzexi^enU be awarded in 

foreign (hires. 

Cap. c. Againft decaying of huf- 

Cap. 6. For the remittii^ prifonera 
with their indidments to the pla- 
ces where the crimes were com- 
mitted. . 

Cap. 7. Concerning the fiu'es fA wa- 

Cap. 8. Concerning the making of 
woolen cloths in the county of 

Cap. 9. Aeainft deceits in making 
woolen cloths. 

C^p. 10. For commiflion of fewers. 

Cap. II. For the importation of 
bow-ftaves by ftrangers. 

Cap* 12. Againft exporting Norfolk 

Cap. 13. Againft keeping or ufing, 
crofs-bows, or hand-guns. 

Cap. 14. For continuing the fub- 
fidy of tonnage and poundage dur- 
ing the King's life. 

Cap. 15. Second letters patents ad- 
nulld) making no mention of the 
firft letters patents. 

Cap. 16. That no knights of (hires 
nor burgefles depart before the 
end of the parliament. 

Cap. 17. For cleanfing and deepen- 
ing the river of Canterbury. 

Cap. 18.. For continuance of tht 
under-flieriff of Briftol. 

Private ASs. 

Anno 6 Hen. 8. 
X. An act for confirmation of the 
King's grant made to the duke of 

2. An act for confirmation of letters 
patents made by the King to the 
duke of Suffolk. 

3. An act of reftitution for Sir Ed^ 
ward Belknap. 

4. An act ot reftitution for John 
JVlnte^ clerk. . 

5. An act for the affurance of the 
manors of Hanworth^ and other 
lands, to the King and his fuc- 

6. An 

A TABLE of the 

6. An act concerning the King's 
, general ftirveyors. 

7. An act of refiimption of divers 
offices, annuities, and other thix^s* 

Anm'i Hen. 8. 

Cap. I. Againu the decay of huf- 
bandry, etc. 

Cap. 2. Repeal of licences for im- 
p(Mtin| Gafcoign wine and Tbokufe 
woad m foreign (hips. 

Cap. 3. Limitation of adtions po- 

Cap. 4. Concerning avowries for 
rents and fervices. 

Cap. 5. Concerning artificers and 
labourers in the city of Londotu 

Cap. 6. Concerning apparel. 

Prhaie ABs. 

Atmo 7 Hen.S. 

X. An act for reformation of the' 

Fremb queen's jointure. 
2. . An act for a fubfidy to be grant* 
ed to the Kling. 

3. An act concerning the King's 

4. An act concerning the ftaple at 

5. The King's general pardon. 

' « ■ ■ . 

Anno 14 GT 15 Hen. 8. 

Cap. I. Concerning broad white 
woolen cloths. 

Cap. 2. What apprentices, &c. fo- 
reign artificers may take. 

Cap. 3. Codceming woriled wea- 
vers of Tarmoutby and Lynn. 

Cap. 4. Concemi^ alien cuftoms 
payable by Enghjbnun fworn to 
foreign nnnces. 

Cap. 5. Concerning the privileges 
and authority of phyucians in 

Cap. 6. For altering of highways in 
the Weald of ^«/. 

Cap. 7. Concerning (hooting in 
crofs-bows and hand-guns. 

Cap. 8. For allowing the clerks of 
chancery to marry. 


Cap. o. Concerning the liberty of 

corawainers in London. 
Cap. 10. Againft unlawful humine 

the hare. ^ 

Cap. II. Concerning cloths called 

Ve&s made in the countv of 

Cap. 12. Concerning coiners at any 

mint within England. 
Cap. 13. Conaming the haven and 

i^n of Southampton. ' 
Cap. IX. Concerning fuch as be in 

the King's wars. 

Private ASs. 
Anno i4 fcf 15 Hm. 8. 

1. An aft for a fubfidy to be granted 
to the King. 

2. An act tor the King's general 

3. An act for uniting divers manors 
to the King's manor royal of BeaitF- 
lieu in EJfex. 

4* An act concerning the expences 
of the King's hou(hold. 

5. An act concerning the King's 
general receivers. 

6. An act concerning the King's 

7. An adl of attainder of £Aciwrilate 
^\Aa of Buckingham. 

8. An act to give the King power to 
revcrfe the attainders or perfons 
attaint of treafon by act of par- 

9. An act concerning the duchefs 
o£ Buckingham. 

10. An aft of reftitution for Henry 
Stafford J fon of Edward Stafford 
duke of Buckingham. - 

1 1. An act for Sir ffHSam Compton for 
his more fure enjoying of certam 

12. P^ M. for Thomas Kitfon cvAzta 
and merchant of London. 

13. An z& for Sir Richard Sacheverell 

14. An act for Sir John Marney, lord 

15. An act that fuch manors as were 
formerly holden of the caftlc of 


D0%fif in JB»9/, ihould be holdeti 

of the Kmg. 
- z^. An icicoixuining 9 provifion for 

the merchants of the Hmfi id AU 
« flwryu/. ... 

, 17. An act for dike eadiaf H^him^ 

18. An act for Sbr ^M^^ fHftdfruf^ 

and AnthuH; Wmifmrt^ 
119.. An ace for Sir /£f»9 ^iztf^ 

iAo-. M act for Gmg4 earl dLShrttuf- 

21. An act for the jointure of £//2tf- 
*^/A rtfy%^, vrlfe of Gi/J/r/ TayU 

:At4 An aot that Ge»rgi SMl clerk, 
and keeper of the.Kii^t necords 
€f the oommoa bench at W^bnin" 
ftefj (hall hold his place during 

.a3» An examination of £'imvi£^jj 
feized and taken for an ideot, but, 
liqioahis examinatioii by the loid 
chancellor, difcharged. 

AuM 21 Ihnry %• 
Cap. I. The King's parfoil- 
' Cap. 2. An abjured perfon (hall \ft 

marked by tte comer widi an hot 

Cap. 3. Pkuntiflfe in stffife may a- 

biidge their plaints* 
Cap. 4. Concerning the Cale of lands 

by executors or part of them. 
Cap. 5. Concerning probate of ufta- 

mcnts, foes to be taken, &c 
Cap. 6. Concerning mortuaries. 
Op. 7. Againft fervants imbeszel- 

ling their mafter's goods. 
. Cap. 8. Againft the killing of calves. 
Cap. 9. For limiting the price of 

foragn hats and caps imported 

Cap. 10. Aga'mft exporting brafe, 

copper, &c. 
Cap. II. Concerning reftimtion of 

goods fclonioufly Aolen. 
Cap. 12. Concerning the making 

cables, &c. in Burpart^^ 

Cap. i3< Againft {duraKtie^ of b^ 
nefices, non-refidenoe, iiid taking 
of faima by Spiritual perfons* 

Cap. 14. Concerning linen dolh oall^ 

. ed dowlas andlockeram. 

Cap* 154 Termors (hall enjoy their 
leafes a^iainft recoveries had by 
feigned titles. 

Cap. 16. Concemmg artificers ftran- 
gers : the decree made diereon in 
the Star-Chamber. 

Cap. 17. For annulling letters pa- 
tents mide to the city of Tcrk^ con- 
cerning (hipping of wools. 

Cap. 18. Concermng^m^^/fupon 
7>/i/,.and the port and haven 
thereto belonging. 

Capi xg. Concerning avowneis. 

Cap. 20. The [HTfident of the coun- 
cil (hall beailbciate with the chan- 
cellor ai)d treafTuitr in puniihing 

Oap. 2t. Concerning making wor- 
fteds iit fhrmMb and Lyrm^ 

Private Mu 
Anno 21 Hen* S. 

1. An act for the affurance o^ cfivaf^ 
manors and lands to Themas duke 
6t Norfolk J and the heirs male of 
his body. 

2. An act conoeming the laft wiff 
and teftament of John Roper the 
elder, of Canterbury^ in the county 
of Kent. 

3. An act for the releafing unto the' 
King fuch furas of money as he 
was to pay to his fubjedls for any 
manner of loan by letters miflive^ 
or otherwife. 

4. An act that no perfon (hall fuftain 
any prejudice by means of the at- 
tainder of Thomas lord cardinal^ 
who was feized of divers lands to 
divers ufes. 

5. An act for the aflTurance of certain 
lands to Elizabeth duchefs of 
Norfolk during her life, and after 
tp the duke of Norfolk and his 

^ heirs. 


Aim 1^ MtH* 8* 

Csqp. t. Ccmcemhii the bu^ng of 
vrool^ and agaixift regrating. 

Cap^ 2. Concerning the trial of 
loragn pleas pleadol by felons. 

Cap. 3. Concerning PlunAfiiai 

Cap. 4. Concerning exadfions levied 
on aippfentices. 

Cap. 5. For repairing and amend- 
ing bridges and highways. 

Cap. ,6. Concerning tanners and 

Cap. 7. Againft the €xp<»tation of 

Cap. 8. For denizens ftrangers to 
pay ftnufigers cuftoms. 

Cap. 9. That wilful poifoning fluU 
be adjudged hi^h-treafon. 

Cap. 10. Concaerhin|outlandi(h peo- 
ple calline themfelves Egyptidm, 

Cap. II. Concerning powdike in 

Cap. i2« Concerning poor perfons, 
beggars, and vagabonds. 

Cap. 13. That no ftrangers^ being 
cotnmon bakers, brewers, fur- 
geons, or fcriveners (hall be ac- 
counted handicraftrmen. 

Cap. 14. How perfons cotAmitting 
petit treafon, murder, or felony^ 
thai! abjure. 

Cap. 15. The King's general pardon 
lor his (jpiritual mbjedsof the pro- 
vince 01 Canterbury. 

Cap. 16. The King's general par- 
don for his temporal fubjecfls. 

Privati jOs. 
Amo 22 Hen. %p 
z. An act concerning the duke of 

2. An act concerning the King's 

3. An act concerning the affurance 
of certain lands to the heirs of Sir 
miHm FjkU. 

4. An act concerning the town of 

^5. An act of exchange between the 
King and the hein of the lord 
« mBOCtjixitQiAi^ntague^ and others. 

6. An aet ooooen^ng cert)Ai an^ 

nuities out of the biihoprick of 

7» iUiactconoemiittAeafliiranoeof 

Hit jointure of the lady Dmithf 

couDtefsef Z3l^. 

Cap. I. Concerning the allowance 
of clergy to perfons convifled of 
petty tnaibn, murder, &c. 

Cap. 2. For the making and keep- 
ing of gaols* 

Cap. J. Againft peijuiy and untrue 

Cap. 4. Concerning coopers, and tfa^ 

making and contents of barrels, 

kilderkkiS) and firkins. 
Cap. 5* Concerning eommiffions 

Cap. 6. Concerning recognizance 

to \m taken by the two chief 

juftices, and the reconler of Ldndm. 
Cap. J. VLc^Prmb and othe^ winn 

mm be imported and fold. 
Cap, 8. Concerning the havens in 

C4p. 9. That no pcrfon ihall be dted 

but of the diocefe where he or flie 

dwelleth, except in certain cafes. ' 
Cap. lo. Againft affiirances of lands 

and tenements to the ufe of any 

parilh church, chapel, or fuch Hke. 
Cjqp. If. Concerning clerks coiv- 

wiSt breaking priibn. 
Cap. 12. Concerning exa^on of 

tolls by the Severn fide. 
Cap, 13. For trial of murders in 

cities and towns. 
Cap. 14. For procefs of outlawry in 

aAions on the ftatute of 5 R. a. 

fiat. I. f. 8, and in covenant and 

Cap. 15. That the defendant fhall 

recover cofts, if the plaintiff be 

non-fuited, or the verdid pafs a- 

gainft him. 
Cap. 16. Felony to convey any horfe, 

&c. into Sfottandy without the 

King's licence 

Cap. 17. 

A tAfiLE of the StATUTESf. 

Cap. X7» Concemiog thb .winding of 

Cap* x8>. For pulling down piles, &^» 

in the riyers Ouje^ and HfinAer. 
Cap. 19. The King's pardon to his 

ipiritusd fubje6ts in the province of 

Cap. lio. Agaioft paying Annoieti 

or firft-fruits to the fee ^ilbmin 

Prvvate Ails\ 

Anno 23 Hm. Sf/ 

t* An act concerning tn exchahg^ 
of certain lands between the Kinjg 
and the abbot of IVefimnftir. 

2. An act concerning an exchange 
of lands between the King and 
ttie mailer, fellows, and fcho* 
lars of Chri/Ts^ college in Gani^ 

3. An act concerning s(n oKrhange 
of lands between the King |uid 
the abbot of fVaUbam Hcfy Crrfs. 

4* An aet eonceming an ejccbange 

of lands between the K^ig and the 

provoft of £j/^;i. 
5. An act concerning an exchange 

of lands between the King.and the 

abbot of SuAlbdnSi 
^. An act concerning a^ exchange 

of lands between the King and tht 

prior pf St. JoMs of jtrufsdem 

in England. 

7. An act concerning an excbangls^ 
of lands between the King and the 
prior of Sheem. 

8. An act concerning an exchanger 
of lands between the King, the 
duke of £.uhmond^ and the lord 

19. An act concerning the aflurance 
of certain lands unto Hinry earl 
of Surrey^ in coniideration of his 

10. An act iox the uniting of divers 
manors, lands, and tenem^ts 
to the manor of Hun/don^ now 
called the honor of Hunjdon. 

11. An act for the aiTu ranee of the 
jointure of the lady EUzabtth covn- 

12. An act . concerning an a#ar^ 
made by the King, between JU* 
6arl of Oj^ri.of the o(ie part^ 
and John Nevill Icnis^ Ior4 Lor 
tjfmeri on the behaU fAJobn his 
ion, Anthiny WingpM^ aha others. 

13. An act for aifiinuice of the ioin- 
tures of the lady Anm^ ^ the 

. hdy Elizaiitb^ CounteiTes ofOxfgrd^ 
Margartt Veerti and others. 

14. Ah act concerning the attain^ 
der of Richard op Griffith^ and 

' Jf^iBidm Haghes4 

Ann§ 24 Hen. 8. 
Cap. t. Concerning the true tannixij^ 

and currying of leather. 
Cap. i. Concerning the true dying- 

of woolen cloths* 
Cap. 3. Ah iet for tfelh to be folii 

by w6i^hl?, in(f the prices limited. 
Cap.14. Concerning fowihg of fiue 

and hemp. 
Cap. c. Where a than kiOih^'a tUefy 

mafi not forfeit his goodis. 
Cap. 6/ Concehui^th6fale of wines. 
Cap^ T* Ah adt to continue a former 

2& made againft killing of calves. 
Cap. 8. That the def(^daht (half not. 

recova: cofts agaihf! the plaintiff 

la any adion cbmhienced or pio-' 

fecut^d to the King^$ ufe. 
Cap. 9. Againft kiUing of young 

beau called weanlings* 
Cap. 10. For the daftroying. of crows 

and rooks.' 
Cap. ii. For pavirig*ihc ftreek-way 

between Strond-Crofi and Charing'^' 

CaPr 12^. That appeals to the. fee gf 

Kdnie (hall not from hehcefoi^th bb 

had nor ufed^ but only within this 

Cap. 13. For reformation of occefir 

in apparel.' 

Private ASl's. 

Anno %^ Hen* i^ 
L An act concerning the aflfurahce 
. of lands to IValtar . Walfl}e and 


dame EHzaiitb bis yfik^ late tvife 
to Sir ff^ilSam Cmptm. 

2. An act ocmoeriaing the repealing 
of letters patents granted ter the 
mayor and burgeiles of tfae town 

3. An act for Hcencine the batch- 
ers iA L9ndm to kill their cattle 
within the walls of the fame city. 

4. An act for confirmation of an ex- 
change of lands, made between 
Henry lord marquis of D^// and 

the lord John Gny and other his 
younger lirethren. 

5. An act for confirmation of an ex- 
change of lands, made -between 
the King and the mafler, fellows 
and fcholars of Chrtfi-Cburcb in 

6. An act for Sh* Richard Lm^e^ 
knight, for his better enjoying of 
the manor of Shingofe^ 

Anno 25 Hen. 8* 

Cap. I. Concerning grafiers and 
butchers, and felling of fle(h by 

Cap. 2. For proclamation to be 
made concerning the prices of vic- 

Cap. 3^ That fuch perfons as will 
fiand mute, and not anfwer^i when 
they are arraigned for felony, (hall 
lofe the benefit of clergy. 

Cap. 4. Againft foreftaifers and re- 

Cap. 5. Aninft deceits in callend- 

• For the punifliment of the 

vice of buggerv. 
Cap. 7. Aeainft kiilicig. of young 

ipawn or Try of fifh. 
Cap. 8. For paving of jfiT^^A^m. • 
Cap. 9. Concerning pewterers. 
Cap. 10. That every commiflioner 

of fewers refiifing to take the oath 

appointed to be taken, fiiall ioxkif. 

to the King five niarks. « 
Cap. ii» AifainA tak\ng of vild« 

Vol. IV. 


> fol^l ^weert the laft day ofAAj 
. aod the laft day of Jugitft. 

Cap. 12. Concerning the attainder 

m Elizabeth Bartw zsid others. . 
:Cap. 13. What number of iheep 

,. m^ (hall keep, occupy and have 
in their own pofleflion at one time. 
^ Cap. 14. ForpUniflungofherefy.. . 
.Cap. 15. Concerning printers and 

' binders of books.. i 

Cap. 16. That every judge of »the 
- . high Courts ma^ nave one Chap- 
lain beneficed with cure. 
» Cap. 17. Coneembg (hooting ih 
crofe-bows and hdnd^guns. 

Cap. r8. Concerning clothiers with- 
in the county of Wta-cefier. 

Cap. 19. The fubmiffion of the 
clergy to the King, power to cer- 
tain perfons, .with the King's eon- 
lent and allowance, to make canons 
and conftltutions, and reftraint of 
appeals. ... 

Cap. 20. A«iinft payment of firft- 
n-uits to me pope, and the man- 
ner how bifliops (hall becleded. 

.Cap. 21. Coneemmg peter-pence 
and dtfpenfations. 

Cap. 22. Declaring^ the eftablMh- 
ment of the fuccelSon of the King's 
moft royal Majefty in the inlperial 
crown of this realm. 

Vrivaie Alls. 

Anno 25 Hen. 8. 

-I,. An act concerning the town of 

. ^hmouthy containing a difcharge 

of payment of 29]. 6s. 8d. to the 

;' prior of the monaftery of St. Peter 

r fnd Paul in Ptj^mptony and that the 
parfons^s of Ugbtergh and Black- 
aveton (hall be appropriated to the 
faid prior and his fuccefibrs in lieu 

ju An act for confirmation of an ex^ 

change of certain lands between 

.^ the duke o( Norfolk and the heirs 

• general of the earl oi Oxford. 

3^ An act concerning t^e Queen's 

,^ jointure. 

4. An 

A TABt E* of the STATUTES. 

Cap, aj. Fpr the prefiprva^icii g£ tl^c j 
havens an4 poxtf la the comi&os 

Cap. 24. For |?e<oiiticmiii|x^cer- 

;tjii(^ Ubeii^«.a^d<ffandules.hcKe«0 

tofore taken from thccrowm.'-.* 
C^Pf as- FcJr piirtifluUcnt cif fturdjr J 

.vagabond^. 4irt beggars^ . 
Cap. 26. For laws and juftice to be 

:piumftred'ai:iSf^jr/.in like fovm^O 

.it. 19 in this re»)in»L 
Qif). 27« F^r* thecpurt of aii^Biert- 

•.tadonjs. ,t • .,;: : •; ; 

Cap. 28. Air monafteries gtreii.>io 

]Uie Kiogt v(4ii€h.bave not laodsJ 

.abov^ 2ck4 bjf itbe year- 

I, An ad cpil^ern^ng the nflU- 
^xancq of ,^iverff 1^^& to the Xlog^) 

and his heirs. . .V 

2,, :Aa jaa..9pn9QC«^ng • the. aiRfc^j 
;^ce of cerMi^ |^ds l^o the l^y 
^^Uz^hetb f^uii^y fpf^iher jpifiUire* 
.3.^ .An. a<ft <:c^^i«pg . the MTw- 
^jcancftof cermi^l%i^dstp.tb$ Kiog 
and his neirs, lately belonging Xo 

4! An a<£t for confirmation. of an 
; ^eement; made between tb^ earl . 
, of Riuknd and ^he mayor /and 
-^c^paunooalty of, the irity or ToHw \ 

5, An ad concerning aa exchange 

' of cenain lands between Uti^l^wiigi} 
. pmd the duke pf Norfolk^ andrtne 
prior and covent of Thttferi. 

6, An act .conceiiaing an exchange 
• between, the JCi^^g and the arcb- 

bi{hop of Cafiterhury. 

7, An act ccJncerning the aflu- 
raace pf the moiety of lands lately 

[ inned by C^rfielis f^anderdelfe^ lying ' 
by 5/. Katheritis,^ «ear the tower of 
Londoriy unto Riibard Hill and his^ 

8» An act concerning the aflli- 
ranee of the lady Elianor CUffiiris 

9. An act contai^^ng a pardqn 

' .grants to the4uke^ofiSi!^# and 
•otherst fordebt^ 

10. An act oonMrnifl^ an ekcfaange 
':<^f certain knda between the King, 

the dci>^ of SuffiUy and the cad of 

11. An act concerning the dnke 
of Suffolk^ B place in Smthtoati to 
the King and his heirs, and alfo 
concerning the affurance of N^^ 
wich place unto the duke of Suffidi 
and his heirs. 

I2« An' act for confirmatioli of an 
agreement .made between Charles 
.^.duke of Suffolk and Sir Cbrj/lcpter 

13. An act concerning the affii- 
ranee of certain lands to Qieen 
Anne for terni of her life. *; 

14. An aft concerning the exo- 
neration of Oxford and Camkridge 
from payment of firlt*fruits and 
tenths. . 

15. An a£t for confirmation df an 
. award made \>y the King be- 
tween Sir Peirs Dutton oh the one 
part, '*and Sir William Molineuxy 
Sir Thomas S'outhworihy and others. 

16. An act for confirmatioii of an 
agreement made between Charles 
Blount y Iprd Mountjoye^ Jphri Pow^ 

" letty and'their wives, daughters and 
heirs of Robert IViUoughfyj knight, 
lord Brooky on the one p2xt^ and 
Frames Dj^i/t^ and others, on the 
other part. 

17. An a£t concerning th^ af!u- 
ranee e f all Ae t em por tl ti cs be* 
loneing to the bifhoprick of Nor- 
wich to the King and his heirs, 
and for eoaveying other 'lands to 
the bifhop and his lucceflbrs^ 

18. An aft for confirmatioh of a 
partition of certain lands. made 
between the. lord Thomar Howard 

'^nd Svt Tn^omas Pofnptgs. 
IX), An aft that all the lands and 
poiTefTions of the. earl of NmUbum^ 
herlandr for want of heifa of the 
body of the faid earl begotlsen, (hall 
come to the King and bis heirs* 
Cap. 20. 

a; TABUH. if the iSflJ^at^TES. 

20. Aa* a£( concerning: itfA^^ a#u^ 
Tvice. of certain Itnda to>Sff TA^-' 
imis AwMify knight, bQt 'cIkiac^I- 
lor a[ Englsmd^ andliii^beirsi 

21. An act ^onoeminr'the aflu- 
rance x)f a Toid plot of «Otind be- 
ing in Cbtapi in - Lsni^ * to- t\ie 
mayor and commonalty df th^ city 
of £01^ md their-fudoeflbrs; ' 

22. Anactfer;'a0ufance>of'lh^ma-^ 
nor of Halfig§ to the 'King tfhd 
hishetts. - ' \\ ,\ 

23. An zSt for the aflurance df • the 
lordihip of Cotfywiftm; dnd^eC 
thingay to Queen Jmu^ *t6t term 
of her life; J , f 

24. An tiA cen^^emine an'esfetthartjge 
of hmds between the ' King and 
tKe prefid^t and fcholara of C^-^ 

215* iAn ad concerning an exchange 
between' tho King and the prior 
and covMt 'Of Mariffn ^bbcy. * • *' 

16. Anadbonoerningthe affliranee 
of ctirtaiti knda unto Sir Arthur 
tkfnf^ l^nig^t) and hid heit^s,^ 

27. An a6t concerning the aflbrance 
of i»ltaM landtf unto Mm Fitz^ 
toiBimisi'' in recompence of her 

28. An ad concerning the srffiirance 
of certain* lands unto Aie lord 
WtlXam HfHoardy tor term of his 

29. All nft Mnceming tbe> affii-^ 
ranee of 'G^ain lands imto 7^&Mm7X 

30. An adladnalling, as vreH a 'deed 
of feoffmefit) as alfo an dnden- 
tare, firaudulently made bv^ Sir 
Tbfimas M^ij of landsin Chl/ith 
or elfeivhere in thecounty oiMH^ 

31. An ad Concemuig the atoun- 
Atr of ydm Leiois, 

32. An %& concerning the aflbvance 
of the mttior of Br^nAiU \o die 
King and his heirs. 

33. An aft concerning the King^s 
general farveyors. 

34. An ad declaring certain ordi* 

Mif6fe<t6%e obfthred Ih the town 
of Qillis and- marches of the lame, 
together with the feVcril oaths that 
evtty officer is to take. 

35. An" ad conceding the manor 

of Crf^ftHS^^fOKtOfla 

36. An ad concerning the heirs of 
the ioird iMr/9. 

> j^M;2S Henrid'ii > 

Cap. I. That felons abjuring'fbrpe- 
1 tit treafM', murder or fdony, ihall 
not be admitted to the^ benefit of 
'' thefir'Oel^.- " • ': '.^ '- •• •. » 
Cap. 2. Foi* cbntinuing of two fta- 
' tuies^made in the laA porKaanent^ 
' touching ftRrh is g|o away with 
' caflcetsv jewels^' goods or plate of 

their mailers. 
Cap, 3. t^orgMng tKfe King'i Wgh- 
neftl ^hbrfty liewly to idiot the 
' tcrtfi^fhipsiiithefhiresand marches 
' of VTalei at any titiie Mritfitn three 
' ' yeara ntxt ehfumg. 
Cap. 4. Forrcpcaling the ftatute late- 
" ty madefot^thebringingihoif dow- 
las and lockeram. 
Cap. 5. For avoiding, of exadions 
taken upon apprentices in the ci- 
ties, boroughs and towns corpo* 
rate, ' 
Cap. €. For the continXiance of' the 
ftattites for beggars and vagabonds ; 
and againft conveyance of horfes 
and mai^s out of this rlfalm ; and 
againft Wekhmen making affrays in 
thecotftityof Herefordy' Gl^uajier 
2X^Sakpy and againft the vice of 
» buggery. 
Cap. 7. Concerning the fucceffion of 

tlie crd^n. 
Cap. 8. For the continuance of the 
ftatute againft the carriage of brafs, 
lattenand copper out oFthts realm ; 
and for making of cables and ropes, 
for the winding of wods, and a- 
gainft killing of weanlings under 
the age of two years. 
Cap. 9. For continuance of the fta- 
tutes of peijury, for making of 


A TABtE <tf tfe STATUTES. 

gacds, % pcwterersy laad for fixw- 
^ ingoffl^^wdheaip* - 
Cap. 10. For extiimiiihing tbe au- 

tWity of the bimop of Rmti^ 
Cap. XI. jifor the reftiti|tion.of the 

firft-fruits in time of vacaliou to 

the nex^ mcun^bent. > . . 
Cap. 12. For declarine theJwits.of 

the King's palace oifViftminJiir. 
Cap. 13. For compelling fpiritualper- 

fons to keep refiden^upon their 

benefices* .- • 

Cap. i4» For Uoniting tbft pij^ei of 
- . mnes.; -....: -<- -^ • 

Cap. 15. For puniflioocfitofpmtes 
. an^ rubbers <m the fea« . - . . ^ 
Caet'26. For the relcafe o^fuch as 
' have obtained. pretefl|ded..licQn9es 
\ and di^pepfiition^ from tthe f(^ of 

Cajp* 17. . For giving autbority to 
. uicb as (hall fucceed iii'|h(( iPT^vvn 
. of t|i4sixa)m, when tbeyame to 
. the age pf twentv-fovir y^rs to 
make fruftrate fiicn a<5W as ftall be 
made before that time. 
C^p. iSTCoDceniing ^rieafon i^ cer- 
tain cafes. 

Private ASls. 

Anm 28 Henrici 8. 

t. An aA concerning the .attain-* 

der of Tb^fMi FitzgeraUi^ late 

carl of KiUatfy and. others, for 

raifing war againft the Kii\g in 

a. An zA for affiirance of divers 
lani^s belonging to the mon^fiery 
of £/. Saviour of Barme^defiy^ to 
the King and his heirs« 

3. An ad concerning the aflbrance 

. of certain lands unto danfie ^aie^ 
wife of Sir Hinry Parker^ (on and 
heir apparent unto tbtuy lord 
M^hy for her jointure, 

4« An a^ concerning an exchange 
of lands between the Kifi^ aivd 
the prior of 5/. Johtfs Jmi/fikm in 
England^ 1 . . 

5. An a£t. concerning the aflurax^ce 

:.of c^rtim lands fonmime bdong* 
. »ngtothc4Md<>ipof:#Wiiirri, to 
. tbi; j^ingjnd hishtirs^. . 
6. An mft: cMccraiogr jChe aiTurance 
. of a ^furly penfionx)f four faun* 
. 4red pouMs unto iU^isrt Slmrhn^ 

js Aa ^a£t Gonejscnki^ the:.attaiiWkr 

ofthelord72«m#fi£«Mfli . 
&, An .a<A con^rfniijig-tilQ affitif nee 
; of corifin .land^ tp Sir Edward 
Siymory knight, vifco\mt B^aU" 

^ AniaA 9onoemfaig ^ aflfwaoce 
,.K9f ceiJ^iplandS), and at mefluagQ 

in AWtv, unto Sir Edward Seymar^ 
'. vik&mX' Beami^fipff mi to the 
. lad V ^m#y his wile. . 
lo. An aA declaring the church of 

ElfyHgSpytii to be ftwk henceforth 
^ r^pQted and taken tQ betbe p4rij9v 

^jiurch of it. j^hH ^bin the 

ward of Cr^kgat/ in;Z<M«fe^. 
il. AxmA QonctriMOg the ^f&ran.ce 

of the moiety of J^anit^tS^t in 

the emmty ^ HiTirford^ to John 

0«<^ sid niaheirs». 
xa* An z& concernuit m.^iichaifige 

of Qcirtain Iand$ b^t^ii^en tb(» King 

and the abbot of IViftn^^^^ ff^ 

13. A(i a<St ^qnceming the i^irance 

of the m^Qt of Sfago^i Barrgn to 

the King and his heirs. 
14- Anaa fqr fohrffog of &. 

MnxarHiS Qburch-yard, in SnaA-^ 

15. An 8l4^€ocM;eming ^e ^fTui^nc^ 
. qf/Cefta^in l^nd^ un^^.tbe King 

and h# b^rsi, from Sk, /f^UHam 

jS;^;r90d others. 
x6. An adt Goncemiiig. an exchange 

between the King and the biihop 
. <i'Durhanh for Dmham^plw. 
17^ An a<ft cpncemioue the lUlu- 

ranee di. Bejnard'sHafiU Mx^ the 

duke of Ekbnumd^ and W%o hh 

18, An ad concerning'.. :M(1 exchange 

of certain lands bf ttpreen tb^ King 
. and the lord Sa9k(^^.^ . 

6 Cap. 19^ 


tg- AftaA ratif^ganawftfd'made 
by die King betwten SirAdrioM 
Artifoie and Sir ff^irifer Stmr. 

aOi itji adfc for affurance cf ctivers 
Jands to Richard Devermpiy Ton 
and heir afpsorent of WaHer lord 
F€rrtrSy in confideiation of a mar- 
riage to be bad between him an|l 
the hAj Ddrothf^ daughter of the 
car) of HunlingdM. 

at. An a& cobceming the affii- 
vance of the manor ^ Paris^or^ 
dttij Hide, and others, to the 
Queen*s grace. 

22. An aa concerning the affiirance 
of certain lands unto the King 
and his heirS) ibmedme bdong'- 
ing unto the earMom of Jiifer^. 

23. An aft concerning the affurance 
of die manor of KyrtiUng unto Ed- 
ward N$rtb and his heirs. 

94. An aft containing a pardon to 
Edward Birmpigbam^ and alio an 
affurance of the manor of Bjrnn^fff- 
tam to the King and his heirs. 

25. An aft concerning an exchange 
of certain lands between the King 
and the abbot of AbitigdM and 

26. Anafteonceroing the affiirance 
of certain kndt unto Tbomas^ Jfrmjn 
and his heirs. 

27. An aft concerning the aflu- 
ranee of the manor of HafiUmg- 
pM to the prior and coveiU of 
Cbarur-4mfii and alfo a difcharge 
to the company of mercers from 
payment of an annuity of 13/. 6 s. 
9.J. formerly paid to the £iid 

28. An aft for affurance of £vers 
lands for the jointure of Qpeen 

29. An aft far affurance of certain 
famds unto Tb$mas HstcSffi and 
to his heirs. 

30. An aft conccniingthc aflurance 
' of certain lands unto John Goft- 

lorri and his heics. 

31. An aft concerning the mar« 
riaae to be had between die lord 
JBmici^ fpn and heir apparent un-> 

to the earl of Oxfirty and the lady 
Dorothf^ eldeft daughter t>f the 
eart or H^fttMrehnd^ and fer af- 
funtnce of divers lands unto them. 
31. An aft concerning ah exchange 
of lands between the King and the 
abbot and covent of Wifimnfler. 

33. An aft concenung an exchange 
of lands between the King and 
die arcUbifliop of Oani&hatj and 

34. An aft concerning the afllvance 
of cenain lands unto the lady Ka* 
tbmm duchefs of SuffoUt^ in re- 
compenceof her jointure. 

35. Ah aft that the attamder off 
the lord Ruhford^ Phmas IVefiM^ 
Henry N^rrus^ and others, (halt 

. not be prejudicial to any other 
peribns, to whofe ufe any of them * 
fiood feifed of any manors, lands 
or tenements. 

36. An aft expreffing in what man- 
ner the lands and tenememi men** 

" tioned in the laft will of John -Roper ^ 
(hall be difpoled of and fettled. 

37. An aft between the King and 
the warden of RmauevdU. 

38. Aa aft between the King and 
the lord £^.j0ib. 

AfM 31 Hen. 8. . 

Cap. \. Concerning joint-tenants and 

tenants in common. 
Cap. 2. That fiihing in any pond, 

ftew or mote, with an intent to 

(leal ii(h out of the iaiif e, is felony. 
Cap. 3. For changing the cu(lom of 

Cap. 4. Concerning the amending of 

the river and port of Exeten 
Cap. 5. The Kine's manor Of ^tf^ 

ton^Court is made an honour,' and 

a new chafe thereimto belonging. 
Cap. 6. That fuch as were rdigioqs 

pei&ns may purchafe, fiie and be 

Cap. 7. Concerning the continuance 

of the ftatutes for puni(hment of 

hegg;ars, v^^bonds^ &c. 

Cap. 8- 

:A Ti»JcE of*te ST^TWTE.^. 

Cap. 8. ThatwocIad;i9tfoi|S'imdeby 
the. Kind's highnefe^ vykh the ad- 
vice o/bis honQttrahle<^owdl» fiiall 
be obeyed* and kept a^ though ibey 
vere made by 9a oSpiQ^iaaient. 

Cap» o. For ^iptborifing: the King^s 
highnefs to ra^e bilhopii b^ his 
letters {mtec^.^ 

Capr 10; Concerning placiing of the 
lords in the parliamctttrchamber, 
and other afiembUea* and confer- 
ences of council. . : ; f 

Cs^^ii. Forauthodi£ngitbeKiBg^s 
highnefs newly to allot certain 
town(hips in JValei. 

Cap. 1 2^ Coneeming nvrongful taking 
of bawks-eggs and birds out of the 
neft, atid finding and Caking up of 
the KUie's hawks^ hunting in the 
King's lorefty park or. chafe, or 
other ground inclofedy and killing 
of conies within any lawful war- 
rm of the King's. 

Cap* 13. All manors, lands, profits 
and hereditaments bdoneing to 
any the mcmafteries, or other reli- 
giou6 houfes difibWed, or hereaf- 
ter bvany means to be diifidved, 
are enured to the King*s highnefs, 
his heirs and fucceflbrs for ever; 
and in what wife leafes and grants 
heretofore made; or hereafter to be 
made, of them or any part of them, 
iliall take effea. 

Cap. 14. For abolifhing of dhrerfity 
of opinions in certain articles con- 
cofning chrifUan religion. 

• Private jtSs. 

Annp 31 Hen.S. 

J. An aiEl for the attaindef of the 

marquifs of £x^//r and others. 
1. An adl for the lady Tayletc/s 

3. An aA for the aiTurdnce of the 

houfe of .Saint Lawrtnce Pntatney 

to the earl of Suffix. 

4. An/ft&ibr ihe.^fliMnce diChefttr 
Placf to the earf of Hertford. 

5. An ad f<Nr the afifurance of the 
,. fi^anor of Rymt to Sir Johm Wit- 


6. An ad for the lady Jbilford's 

7. An aA for tb6 nfiurance of cer- 
tau2 lands to Sjr Chrifiopber Hales. 

8. An a£k for the refticution of Hemy 
. Norrm. 

^. An aA for the aflTarance of lands 
to ixvBichofd Siebj the manor of 
Little Baddow, the manor oiAAcb 
fydhham^ and other lands in die 
county of Effiat* 

10* An aAibr the afliirance of lands 
to Sir. Hgnry Long and Sir Tbma$ 

' S^mottK, . . 

II. An st& for the afiwanee of Bath 
Place to the earl of Soutban^tm* 

iX2< An a(^ for an exchange between 
the biihops of Rochefter and Car- 

• Ufie and the lord RuMelL 

13. An ad for the fix clerks of th^ 

chancery for the afliiranoe of tbebr 

14* An adt concerning the aflnrance 

of certain lands, to Thomas H^yatt 
* and Jane his wife, and to Thonu^ 

OalpepptTy and to EHzahetb his 

15. Aft ad concerning an exchange 

of divers lands between the King 

and the duke of Hot folk. 
'x6. An ad concerting a partition 
. of lands between Sir Thomas P^/yn-^ 
. J^J, knight, and the lady J&i*^)r 

• bis wife, the lord Thomas Howard 
and the lady Elizabeth his wife ; 
and a confirmation of an afiiirance 
of lands to Sir Thomas Jwdeley^ 
lord chancellor of England. 

17. An ad for fFiUiam Lord Parr^ 
. that the children bom of the body 
of lady Jnnej his wife, in adultery, 
Aall be deemed, and taken to be 
baftards, ' and tabled to inherit 
any of the lands of the lord Parr. 

The End of the TABLE. 


STATUTES at Large, er^. 

Anno primo R I C H A R D I III. 

Statutes made at Weftniinftef in the firft year o^ 
the rdgil of King Richard III. and in the 
year of our Lord 1483, 

RICHARD i^ the gma of God Kin^ of England, and of 
France, and lord ^Ireland, the third after the conquejl ; 
to the honour ofGod^ and of holy churchy and for the common 
weabb cf his realm of England, at his frfi parliament hotden at 
Wcftminftcr, the three and twentieth day of Jtouary, inthefirji 
iear of his reign j by the advice and ajfent of the lords Jpirituat and 
temporaU ^»d at the. requejl of the commons of the /aid realm of 
England, futnmoned to the fitd parliament^ hy the authority of thi 
fame parliament^ hath ordained and eJiabU/bedi for the quietnefs of 
bispeopUy certain flatutes and ordinances in manner following. 


jSl affs made hy &r againji Ceiluy que ufe Jhall be good 

againfi bim^ bis heirs and feoffees in trufi. 

FOrafmuch as by privy and Unknown feoffments^ great wi" Th^ feveral 
Juretyj trouble j cojisy and grievous vexations daily grow inconyc^ 
among the King's fubje^Sy infomuch that no man that buyeth nicneiw of ; 
any landsj tenements^ rents, ferviceSy or other hereditaments^ nor ^^ 
women that have jointures or dowers in any lands, tenements, or codbolt jotf. 
other hereditaments, nor mens lajl wills to be performed, norpL^i-?. 
leafes for term of life, or of years, nor annuities granted to any x Ancferf. 333, 
perfon or perfons for their fervices for term of their lives or '?^'^^' 
otherwife, be in perfect furety, nor without great trouble and ^^0. iliz^iir. 
doubt of the fame, becauje of the faid privy and unknown feoff-- All ads made 
ments : (2) For remedy whereof, be it ordained, eftablim- by or againft 
ed, and cnafted, by the advice of the lords fpiritual ^'^^^^uf'^ 
temporal, and by the commons in this prefent parliament af- againafim 
fembled, and by authority of the fam^, that every eftate fe« his heirs and 
offment, gift, releafe, grant, leafes and confirmations of lands, feoffees in 
tenements, rents, fervices, or hereditamaits, made or had, or '"^* 
hereafter to be made or had by any perfon or perfons being of ., ^ ^ 
full age, of whole mind, at large, and not in durefs, to any 'u'^^\c. i7« 
perfon or perfons; and all recoveries and executions had or 19 H. 7. €.15. 
made, (hall be good and efFedhial to him to whom it is fo made, »7 ^» 8. c. 10. 
had or given, and to all other to his ufe, (3} a^inft the feller, 
feoffor, donor, or granter thereof, (4} and i^nft the feHers, 
feoffors, donors, or granters, his or their heirs, claiming the 
fame only as heir or heirs to the fame fellers^ feofibrsj donors B or 

z Anno primo Richardi III. [ 1483. 

or grantersy and every of them, (5) and againft all other having 

or claiming any title or intereft m the fame, only to the ufe of 

the fame feller, feoffor, donor or granter, fellers, feoffors, do- 

nprs or granters, or his or their faid heirs at the time of the 

The dbte of bargain, iale, covenant, gift or grant made, (6) fa^ng to every 

tenant in tul penon or perfohs fuch right, tide, aAion or inteieft, by reafon 

faved« of ^ft in tail thereof made, as they ought to have had» if this 

aft had not been made. ^ 

CAP. 11. 
^befubjeSs of this realm Jhall not he charged hj anf bem^ 

valence^ &c. 

t% Co. 119. nr^HE King remembering how the commons of this his reabrtj by new 
X and unlawful inventions^ and inordinate covetife^ againft the 
law of this realm^ have been put to great thraldom and importable 
charges and exaffions^ and in eJPecial by a new impofttion called a Be- 
nevolence, whereby divers years the fubjedls and commons ef this 
hnd^ againft their wills and freedoms^ have paid great fums of money 
to their almoft utter deftru^ion : (2) For divers and many worflnp^ 
ful men of this realm^ by occafion thereof^ were compelled by necenitf 
to break up their hou/holds^ and to live tn great penury and wretched^ 
nefsj their debts unpaid^ and their children unpreferredy and fuch 
memorials as they had ordained to be done for the wealth of their fouls 
were anentized and annulled^ to the great difpleafure of God^ and 
The fubjefts the dejlru^ion of this realm : (3) Therefore the King will it be 
Sf if*" "^"^ ordained, by the advice and affent of the lords Spiritual and 
Siarecd with ^^"^P^ral, and the commons, of this prcfent parliament af- 
any toicvo- fembled, and by the authority of the fame, That his fubjedls, 
lences, &c. and the commonalty of this his realm, from henceforth in no 
isCar.i^at.!. ^ife be charged by none fuch charge, exadlion, or impofi- 
*^'*' tion, called a benevolence^ nor by fuch like charge 5 (4) and that 

fuch exa<5tions, caWeA benevolences^ before this time taken, be 
taken for no example to make fuch or any like charge of any of 
his faid fubjedls ot this realm hereafter, but it (hall be damned 
and adnuUed for ever. 


Every juftice of peace tnaj let a prifoner to mainprife. No 
officer fhall Jeife the goods of a prifoner until he be at- 
Every juftice 'TiOrafmuch as divers perfons have been daily arrefled and imprifon^ 
of peace may X^^ ed for fufpe^ion of felony yfometime of malice^ and fometime of 
admit a pri- a light fufpe£fion<y and Jo kept in prifon without bailor mainprife^ to 
foncr to bail. ^^^/^ ^,.^^^ vexation and trouble : (2) Be it ordained and eftabliOied 
c^\l * ' ^' ^y siuthority of this prefent parliament. That every juftice 
I'&'a Ph. & of peace in every (hire, city, or town, fliall have authority and 
M. c. 13. power, by his or their difcretion, to let fuch prifoners ana per- 
k)n»?n d '^' ^^* ^^ arretted, to bail or mainprife, in like form as though 
We by^SSea ^® ^^^^ prifoners or perfons were indicted thereof of rc- 
of peace. cord before the lame juftices ia their fdOons^ (3) and that 



1483.] Anno primo Richa&di IIL 3 

juftices of peace have authority to enquire in their feflions of aU 
manner eurapes of every penon krrefted and imprifoned for 
felony, (a) And that no IherifF, under-fherifF, nor efcheator, iLutw. tji. 
bailiff of muichife, nor Siny other perfon, take or feife the ^^%P' \^^' 
goods of any perfon arrefted or imprifoned for fufpicion of jijoQ^^^j/*^^ 
felony, before that the fame perfon, 10 arretted and imprifon- (hall feiie the 
ed, be convicted or attainted of fuch felony accorcfing to the goods of a 
law, or elfe the (ame goods otherwife lawniUy forfeited ; (5) prijoner until 
upon pain to forfeit the double value of the goods fo taken, cd orthcgL'Sd^^ 
to him that is fo hurt in that behalf, by adion of debt to be forfeited, 
purfued by like procefs, judgment, and execution, as is com- 
monly ufed in other anions of debt foed at the common law ; 
(6) and that no eflbin or protedion be allowed in any fuch 
adion ; nor that the defendant m any fuch a^on be admitted 
to wag^ or do his law. 


Of what credit and ejtaie tbofe jurors muft be which Jhall be 

impanelled in tbejberiff*s turn. 

^Orafmuch as divers great inconveniencies and perjuries do daily iiH. 7. c i^« 
happen in divers flnres of England by untrue verdiSis given 
in in^utfiiions and enquiries before Jheriffs in their turns y by perfons of 
nojubjtance nor behaviour^ not dreading God nor the world's Jhame^ 
by reafon whereof divers and many of the King^s lieges of divers parts 
of England, by exciting and procuring of their evil wilkrsy be 
wrongfully indi^edj and other that ought of right to be indited by 
Jiub excitation and procuringy oftentimes befparedy contrary to com-- 
men right and to good confcience. (2) In efchewing whereof, be 
it ordained by the King our fovereign Lord, by the advice of 
the lords fpiritual and temporal, and commons in this prefent 
parliament aflembled, and by authority of the fame, That no 
bailiff nor other officer from henceforth return or impanel any 
fuch perfon in any (hire of Englandy to be taken or put in or 
upon any fuch inquiry in any of the faid turns, but fuch as be 
of good name and fame, and having lands and tenements of 
freehold within the fame (hires to the yearly value of xxs. at Ofwhatcre- 
the leaft, or elfe lands and tenements holden by cuilom of dit and eiUte 
manor, commonly called copyhold^ within the faid (hires, to *^^a 1^''°/'? ^ 
the yearly value of xxvi. s. viii. d. over all charges at the leaft : fta/i i^j^Ji. *^ 
(3} And if any bailiff or other ofHcer within the faid counties panelled in the 
hereafter return or impanel any perfon contrary hereunto, he fiicriff's court. 
to lofe for every perfon that he fo impanelleth and returneth, not 
being of the fufficiency as is afore faid, as often as he fo offcnd- 
eth, xl.s. 

II. And the faid (hcriff other xl. s. the one half thereof to the 
King our fovereign lord, and the other half thereof to fuch as 
will fue in that behalf: (2) And that every man that will fue 
for the fame to have their feveral actions of debt therefore at 
the common law, as well againft the (heriff as the faid bailiff; 
and that fuch and like procefs be bad ahd ufed in evei^ of the 
lame action or a^ons, as be bad and ufed ia other aoions of 

3 % debt 

4 Anno priino Richardi lit t'48 J* 

debt at the common law, (3) tod thaf rib pt6te^on nor eflbin 
The indlSt* ^ allowed in the fame ; (4) and that every fuch indidment 
jnenttakenby ^<>^ any (herifF in his turn oth^rwife taken, be void and of 
other perfoni none efFea. This z& td take effedl from the fiiit day of this 
fhall be void, prcfent parliament, and hot before. 

CAP. V. 

Tbofe lands whereof the King was infeoffedjointfy with others 
totbeufeof thefeofferj Jhall be in his co-feoffees. 


Theftatuteofiy EdwArd IV. cap. 2. rebearfed arid made 
ferpetualj viz. Thai in every couri of pipowders the 
plaintiff or bis attorney fbaU be fworny &c. 

27Ed.4«c.a« 'T^Ra^en the iommcns in this prefent parliament affembUd^ That 
JL where in ajlatute made in the feventeenth year of the reign of 
King Edward tbi Fourth^ it was ordained among other^ That where 
divers fairs have been holden and kept in divers places within this 
realm^ fome by prefcription allowed before jujlices in eyrey and feme 
by the grant of jour noble progenitors and predecefforsy and to every of 
the fame fairs ts of right pertaining a court ofpipowderSy to minifter 
• therein due ju/tiee in that party; (2) in which court it hatb ever 
b(en accuflomedy That every perfon coming to fuch fairsy Jhould have 
lawful remedy of aUmanmr centrals ^ trefpaffes^ covenants^ debts ^ 
ana other deeds made or done within am of the faid fairs during the 
time of the faid fairSy within the jurijailfion of the fame^ and to he 
tried by merchants being at the fanie fairs ; (3; which courts in thefe 
days have been mifufed by flexvardSy bailiffsy commiffarieSy and other 
minijlersy holding and ruling the faid courts of the Jaid fairs for their 
Jingular profit y holding phahy plaints^ as well contrails^ deits^ tref- 
pqjfesy and other deeds done and made out of the time of the faid fears 
or fairy and jurifdi^ion of the famcy whereof in troth they have no 
jurifdihiony Jurmijing the contra^Sy debtSy trefpaffesy covenantSy or 
other deeds to be done within the time of the fair Sy and within the 
jurifdi^ion of the fame fairsy where, in troth they were not Jo. (4) 
Andfometime upon feigned pkdntSy by imagination by evil dijpofed peo- 
ple y to trouble them to whom they owe evil willy fome to the intent 
to make them to lofe their fairy and fome to the intent that they Jhould 
havCy for lucroy javourahle inquejls of c^ers to the fame fairs where 
they take their actions y (5) whereby much people coming to the faid 
fairs be grievou/fy vexed and troubled by feigned acfionsy and aljo by 
anions of debtSy trefpajfeSy deedsy and controls made and done out 

of the ttme of the faid fairSy or jurifdiftion of the fanUy contrary 
to equity y and good confcienccy whereby the lor as of the faid fairs lofe 
great profits by the not coming of dtvers merchants to their fairs, 
which for that cafe abjlain themy and alfo the commons for that cafe 
be worfe ferved of fuch fluff and merchandifes as elfe Jhotdd come to 
the faid fairs 'y (6) ^leafe it therefore your highnefsy the premiffet 
eonfideredy by the advice and affent of the lords fpiritual and temporai 
in this your prefent parliament affemledy and by the authority of the 
Cajne^ to ordain^ a/ii to eflabli/b^ TbcU from the frfi day of May 

1483.] Atmo primo RijCiSAlUDi III^ 1 

mxt icmngj w fieward^ under-ftiward^ bailiff, cmmffary^ nor 
pther mimfter ofjuch courts ofpipcwderSy hold plea upon any action at 
tbofiiitofanfperfmorperfim^ without the plasntiffor plaintiffs^ or 
his or their attormes^ in pnfence of the defendant or defendants (if 
he or they^ or his or their atiornies dejire it) make oath upon the holy 
Evangeliftsy ufon the declaration^ that the contrary trejpafsror other 
deedeomprifedsnthefame decUtratiofi^ weremade or done within thefair^ 
time of the fcdd fairy whore he taketh his a^iony and within the bounds 
and jurifdsSion of the fame fair. (7) Jnd although thf faid plain- 
tiff or plaintiffs by their oath affirm thpfamey That thefaid defendant 
or drfendants be not concluded thereby ^ but that they tnay anfwer and 
plead to the a&ion^ or in abatement of the plflintSy and to tender an 
iffuiy that the fame contrary trefpafsy or otfjer deed comprifed in fucb 
diclarationy pfberei^m the plaintijf or plaintiffs do declaroy was not 
done nor made within the/air-time andjurifcalHon pf the fsddfair^ 
hut out of the time of the fairy or at other ptaces pftt oftbejurifiSdfion 
of the fame fairy after th troth in th(St party, 

II. Andifitbefytriedy or thftt the pldntiff or pkintiffsy or their 
fittomiesy refiJe to befivom in the form aforefaidy that then the de^ 
fendant or aqendoRts be quite difmtffed and £f charged ip that behalf 
out of that court*, the party plaintiff to take his advantage at the common 
lawy or other place conpenienty as himfeemeth goody this ordinance 

m. And that everyjlewardy under-Jiewardy bailiff y commffary^ 
or other mimfter y holding and ruling any tf thefaid courtSy that doth 
the contrary to this ordinance y JhaUfor every default in that behalf 
forfeit C. s. the one half thereof to your Kghnefsy and the other half 
thereof to him that in tb^t party wiUfue his action upon this ordinance^ 
by aSion of debt in his own name; (2) and that writs of proclamation 
inaUgooSyhqftebe direSfed to everyjberiff of every fl)ire ^England, 
fo make this ordinance to be proclmmed in every part wthin hisjbire^ 
as well within francbifo as without. 

IV. And that the ordnance touching fairSy as is aforefaidy Jhoul4 
endure to the nfxt parUamenty which ordinance is now expired : (2) 
And for certain thefaid ordinance isfidl neceffary and f:emfite to en- 
dure for every andfuU profitMe to all the commas of this realm ; 
(3) be it therefore ordaii^ed and eftabliflied by the authority 
of this prefent parlian^ent. That the aforefatd ordinance be and 
ftand in virtue and (farengtbr and alway to be executory from th9 
feaft of thtAnmtnciation of our Lady next coming perpetually aftqr 
{o endure. 


fFbo /ball he hound by a fine levied before the juftices of the 

common pleas : And proclamations made thereof 

ITEM, Whereas it is ordainfdy • cftabliftied, and cnsi&ed • Net on fbe 
in a parliament holden in the time of the reign of King Edward ''«^- 
the FirJIy by thefiatute De Finibus, that notesy and fines levied in 
the Kin^s court before hisjufticeSy Jhould be openly andfolemnly ready 
and that the pleas in the mean time Jhould ceafcy and this to be done two 
^S in fhe week after the difcretion of the jujlicesy as in thefan^ 

B 3 ftmH 

6 Anno primo RiCHAROl HI. [hS^. 

Annoi8Ed.i.y?tf/i^/^ more plainly appeareth : (2) Our faid Sovereign Lord the 
r*** 'S'^"' ^^^^ confidering that fines ought to be of the grcateft ftrengtli 
How often^* t6 avoid ftrifes and debates, and be a final end and conclufion, 
iiiics (hall be that it be willed and ordained, by the advice and aflent of the 
proclaimed, lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent 
•AitCTcd by parliament \iflcmbled, and by authority of the fame. That 
31 £t c 1. ^^^^ ^j^^ ingroffing of eveiy fine, to be levied after the feaft of 
Eajler next coming in the King's court before the juftices of the 
common place, of any lands, tenements, or other heredita- 
ments, the fame fine (hall be openly and folemnly read and pro- 
claimed in the fame court the fame term, and in three terms 
of the year next following the fame ingroffing in the fame, court, 
at four feveral days in every term, (3) and in the fame time 
Atranfcript that it is fo read and proclaimed, all pleas (hall ceafe, (4} and 
Sf ^n kf ?^ moreover a tranfcript of the fame fine (hall be fent by the (aid 
Scii^ws^of j"^*^^5 ^^*^ common place to the juftices of a(rires of the 
aflKeofthe county where the faid lands and tenen>ents be ; they to cau(e 
county where the faid fine to be read and proclaimed openly and folemnly in 
the land licth, ^verv their feflions of a(rifes, to be holden the fame year, 

daimcd^hcrc *^ *™^^ ^^ *^^ ^^*^» ^^'^ ^' *^ P*^^ ^^ *^ mem time to 

* ceafe. 

A tranfcript II. Alfo it is ordained and eftabli(hed by the faid authority of 

^nt to the ju- parliament. That a like tranfcript of the fame fine (hall be fent 

fticeftof peace. ^^ ^j^^ juftices of peace of the. county where the faid lands and 

tenements be, they to caufe open and folemn proclamation of 

the faid fine to be made at four general feffions of the peace 

to be holden in the fame year. 

Who (hall be III. The faid juftices of a(rifes, and alfo juftices of peace, to 

concluded bya certify the fame proclamation to the King's juftices of the com- 

linc,whonot. ^^^^ place, at the fecond day of return of the term then next 

following, ( z) after which pfoclamation done and certified, the 

faid fine to be a final end, and to conclude, as well privies as 

ftrangers to the fame, except women covert, other than be 

parties to the faid fine, and every perfon or perfons then being 

within age, in prifon, or out ot this realm of Englandy or not 

of whole memory at the time of fuch fine levied. 

Thejmmedi- IV, And favin^ to every perfon or perfons fuch right, title, 

ate rights of claim, and intereft, which they have to or in the faid lands, 

ed U^purfucd 5^"^"^^"^s> ^^d other hereditaments, at the time of fuch fine 

in 'time. ingrofled, fo that they do purfue their faid right, title, claim, 

or intereft, by way or adlibn, or lawful entry, within five years 

next after the faid proclamation made, had, or certified. 

The right of V. And alfo faVing to all other perfons fuch aAion, right, 

T^^^t^T ^'^'^' ^'^^'"' and intereft, in and to all the faid lands, tene- 

rcver on av- ^lents, and other hereditaments, which (hall grow, remain, 

defcend, or come to them after the faid fine ingrofled, by force 

of any gift in tail, or by any other caufeormatter had or made before 

the (aid fine levied, fo that thofe perfons take their faid a<ftions, or 

purfue their faid right and title according to the law, within five 

years next after fuch a<ftions,right, tide, claim, orintercft, grown, 

oefcended, remained, or come to them ; (2) and alfo that the 


i485t*3 ^^^^ primo RiCHARDi IIL 7 

faid perfonS) and their heirs^ may have their faid adion againft Anions main. 
the taker of the profits of the faid lands, tenements, and other **^ft^Jf *' 
hereditaments at the time of fuch addon to be taken. Srof Ae^*^* 

VL And if the fame perfons at the time of fuch adion, right, profits. 
andvdtle, grown, defcended, remained, or come to them, be Jhe right of 
CflfVat baron^ or within age, or in prifon, or out of this land, "*^*^^«» ^^^ 
ornW of whole memory ; it is ordained, eftabliftied, and en-^^o^°^^.' 
a^ed by authority aforefaid. That their aAions, right, and prifoned, out 
title (hall be referved, and faved to them and their heirs till the of this land, 
time they come and be at their fall age, out of prifon, within ^V^ ^^ 
this land, unmarried, and of whole memory, fo that they or JL fe^"^*** 
their heirs take their faid a^ons, or laWul entry, accord- 
ing to their right and title, within five years next after they 
come and be at their full age, out of prifon, within this land» 
unmarried, and of whole memory, and purfue the fame a<5Hons, 
or take their lawfal entry with effeA, according to the law of 

VII. Alio by authority of the faid parliament it is ordained, An entry muft 

eftabliOicd, and enaded, That all fuch perfons which be covert, aft^n ukcn ^ 

not psoties to the fine, and every perfon being within age, in within 5 years 

'prifon, or out of this realm, or not of whole memory, at the after the de. 

time of the faid fines levied and ingrofied, by this a6t of par- fe^s removed* 

liament before excepted, having any ri^t or title, or caufe of 

adion to any of the faid lands, tenements, and other heredi-.' 

taments, that they or their heirs take their faid aAion$, (Mf 

lawful entry, according to their right and title, within five 

years next after that the faid perfons come to be of full age, ^ 

out of prifon, unmarried within this land, and alfo become of 

whole memory ; (2) and alfo fue the fame a(flions, and take 

their lawful entry, and fo purfue with effe<ft, according to the 

lawcrf* the realm of England. (3) And moreover, if they do 

not take their faid aftions, and alfo their faid lawful entry in 

the manner as is aforefaid, that then they (hall be concluded 

by the faid fines for ever, in like form as they that be parties 

and privies to the faid fines levied and ingroflfed. 

VIIL Alfo by the faid authority it is ordained and eftablifhed. Fines at the 

That eveiy fine which (hall beftt>m henceforth levied in any ^°"*n*on la v 

rf the Kind's courts, of any manors, lands, tenements, or for^c they * 

other pofielIu>ns, after the manner, ufage, and form that fines were before. 

have been levied before the making of> this zA before rehearfed. Any peribn 

(hall be of like(faTngth, effeA, and authority, as fines fo levied may levy afine 

be or were before the making of this aft, this aft, or any other fu|fJ~V!5/«n 
rt-«. .. ,° ,'i •i.A''i- tnis ttatute or 

act, m this paniament made, or to be made, notwithltanding. ti^e common 

(2) And that every perfon (hall be at his liberty to levy any fine lavr. 

hereafter, as he will himfdf at his pleafure, after the manner ♦H. 7; c.»4, 

contained and ordained in and by this a<5l, or after the manner 

and form beft>re ufed. 



g Anno prime RiCHARBI III. [1483^ 

^e length an4 h^adtb of cloths^ and the order ofifing 
them and wools. The ability of the aulnager^ and wbai 
cloths hemay feaL 

Thlsprewpblc HT^ O tbi King our fovereign hrd^ prmth unto your ISgbneft 
is taken from A your true Jubjelfi and commons in this frffint parliament ajfem- 
theftatutcroU^^j^ 7*tf/ where in time pajed this your realm of England bath 
Iluait^o^cf" if'eatly been encreafed and ricbed by the mean of true making and drap^ 
AnnoiRichj. ing^ and alfo of tru^ dying of woollen clotb^ whereby a great fub" 
fiance of the people of yourfaid realm have been fet an work, and not 
fallen to idlenejfe, as dailly nowetbey doo, but thereby truly have gotten 
tber levyng ; // is fo now, mofl gracious fovereign lord. That tho 
woollen clothes which in late denes oave been made, and yet dailly ben 
inade within this your realm^ ben unperfeQ and deceyvMy made -and 
wrought, kepyng nother refonable length nor brede, and the fame 
clothes fo as tt is aforefeid unperftfy made, and decyvably wrought^ 
(ifterward ben put to be. Jbome, and afore be notfuUy wette $ and 
many of thefeid clothes, after they ben fully wette t^nd Jbome, ben 
fet upon tentours, and drawen out in Igyngb and bredf, that is tofay^ 
feme of the fame clotbef being but of the hfgbt ^xxiiii. yardys, ben 
drawen out in knght of xxx yerdis, and in bredffrom vii. quarters 
Unto the brede of 11. yerdys ; the which clothes fojbom er they be wette^ 
or ells drawen in leyngh or in brede, as it is aforefeid, after that they 
receyve any wette they mofl of werry necejfue Jbrynk ; and alfo the 
clothmalers, and other of your feid realm, oftyn times when they 
make any cowrfe clotUs, and alfo the fellers of fuch courfe clothes, being 
bare ofthrede, ufenfor to powder and cafiflokiys offynner cloth upon 
the fame courfe clothes, to the intent to make the fame cloth toappere 
fyne and good-, and alfo the feid clothmakers and other put and cq/i 
chalke upon white clothes^ to the intent to make the fame clothes to 
appere better jhen they ben : and moreover great quantttie ofwolls ben- 
hfid out of this your feid roialme by jbraungiers, and other, in caraks^ 
galMes, and Jbippies^ which ben forted the better from the worfe^ 
barbed and clakkei, and thereof is made moche lokkys a^d refufe, of the 
which the refufe infubftaunce is left within this your faid roialme, and 
ther of moche courfe cloth is made within the fame realme, and Jo the 
fine wolls ben hadd out of this your faid realme by the feid firayngiersy 
and the courfe wolls and refufe here left, by reafon whereof there canne 
r be nofubjlance of fine drapery made within this your feid royalme to 

the great lofs of your faid Higbnefs in your cujiume, inpaying lefs cu- 
flume for the lokkys then for the hie woUynflefe, and alfo to the great 
lyurt and decay of all your feid realm, in enpayryng of the feid drapery. 
Alfo, mofl gracious fovereign lord, dyers within mony cities, burgbesj 
, and townes of this your feid realm of England, ufen to dye great 

quantity, as well of fyne clothes, as of courfe clothes, with orcheU and 
corle hr ought from beyond thefea, called jZTCcoTk, the colours made 
with the which orchell and cork benfo difeyvable, that the fame colours 
may in no wife abide, but faden away to the great hurt ofaU them 
thatwer^ or occupy anyfuch cloth fo deceyvably dyed, Alfo thefeid 


^483.] Anno piimo RiCHARDi IIL 9 

iftrs ufin U dfe many tkthes df £vers cokurs^ and upon the UJts tf 
the fami cUthti fiften and fowe greate rijfies^ called buUriJjieSj to 
tFintint to mate the fame cktbes to appire of on iobtwoj and tbo 
Bfts ofanotbir coloure wher tbrugb the byers oftbefeid clotbis am ne 
may immtb vudtrftand hut that thi (ami dotbes hen died out ofwotte^ 
is the great hurt o/wif moft dredfivereign lordy andofallyour true 
Juhgiitts whith /ball were or occupy tbefame clotbes^ and by occafion of 
ibevAkbimpeffte and unirewe makings dyings and deceyvahle aefyng^ 
mercbauntes of Jlrange eontreZf tvbicb batb ufed to hye cbtbes made 
and £id in tdis yeurjeid reabn^ unnetb dir hye eny oftbefeid cbtbeSf 
to the greate rebuke and SJbonmer of tbefame reabuy and burte of your 
Higbnifsj and of all your feid recum^ wbereupon, hut if tbe ratber a 
remedy he provided by your moji noble gracOy rf^ worry tikefybode con^ 
fefuentlyJbaUenJue tbe deflru&ion of drapery of tMtbis your fetdreabn^ 
wbicb God defends For the avoidine whereof our (aid fovereign 
lord the King, by the advice and aftntof the laid lords fpiritiul 
and temporsd, and at the requeft of the commons in the faid 
parliament aflembled, and by « authority of the fame, hath 
ordained, eftabliflied, and enaded. That no perfon whatfbever ^ . , |^ 
he be, doth-maker or other, ihall feU, nor put tofale, ^>^ter ^^|^^^^ 
the feaft of StMicbael the archangel next enfuuig, any manner wateredbieimv 
woolen doths, called broad cloths^ imlefs the fiune cloth be before itbepbttofiite. 
fully watered. 

iL And that creiy whole woolen doth, and alio broad doth, 
which (hall be made in this realm of Englandj after the faid 
feaft of St. Michael the archangel next coming, after that it be 
fully watered ready to fide, wall hold and contain in length 
twenty four yards, and to every yard an inch, containing the 
lireadth of a man's diumb, to be meafured by the creft of the 
lame doth, and alfo it (hall hdd and contain in breadth two 
yards wid^in the lifts, bv the whole leneth c^ the fiune. 

III. Alfo that every half clothof the faid wholeclothstobemade The length 
after the faid feaft, after Jus ftiU watering ready to fale, fiiali and breadth 
hdd and contain twdve yards in length at the leaft, with the ®*7 u^r^**^ 
inches aforefaid, to be oieafiir^ by the creft, and two yards ^tht. 
in breadth within the lifts; (2) fo that always the fiimehaifRep.5&6Ed. 
doth do not exceed the. length of fixteen yaros, upon pain of 6. c* 6. 
cutting the whole cloth in tli^ pieces, and of cutting the half 
doth m two pieces i (3) and aUb to loie for every whole cloth 
v'u s. viii. d. and for every half cloth iii, s. iv. d. made, fold, 
or put to bit after the faid feaft, not ftill watered, or n^ade after ^ 

the faid feaft not keeping their meafure above ordained ; (4) xhepenaltyof 
and if the iud whole cloth be longer in meafure than the faid the offender, 
twenty four yards, and the inches aforefaid, and the half doth 
of the lame be Idngor than twelve yards, with the faid inches, 
that tbcffi the buyer of the fame whole cloth (hall pay for as 
much as it doth exceed in the meafure of twenty four yards, 
and the buyer of the fame half cloth to pay for as much as it 
doth exceod twdve yards ; fo that always the faid half doth 
do Qot p^fe the lei^tb of fixteen yards, as above is fidd. 

IV* Alio 

ID Anno prima Richardi III. [1483. 

Thclencth * ^* Alfo that all manner cloths called /r/^j, to be made 
aod breiSth ^^^^^ ^^ ^^ f^^y ^^^ ^w full watering ready to fale (hall 
of ftreits. hold and contain twelve yards in length, and the inches after 
the meaTure afore(aid, and in breadth one yard within the 
lifts, and throughout the len^ of the fame, upon pain of cut- 
ting of the faid firdt in two pieces, and alio to lofe for the fame 
ftreit XX. d. 
The length V. Alfo diat every doth called Jtirfif^ to be made and put to 
«n^ breadth fiJe after the faid fcaft, afterthe ftdl watering ready to be put to 
of kerfeyi. g^j^^ fl^j^U j^^jj ^j contain in length eighteen yards, and the 
inches as is aforefaid, and in breadth pne yard and a nail at 
the leaft, within the lifts, upon pain of cutting of the faid ker* 
fev in two pieces, and to lofe for the fame kerfey iiL s. iv. d. (2) 
all the faid pains, forfeitures, and lofies to run upon the fellers 
of the faid dotbs, which fhall be made contrary to this adt ; (3) 
and that every of the faid whole cloths, half cloths, ilreits, and 
kerfeys, be perfe&ly and duly made throughout fiom one end 
to the other. 
Seals of lead VI. Alfo before the faid feaft, feals ft)dl be provided and 
to feal cloth ordained by die treafurer of England^ W he printed in lead, 
^ZVnd havir^ the King's arms of England on the one fide, and on the 
county»wjiere Other fide the arms, iign, or token of every dty, borough, or 
cloth u made, town within the realm of England^ where the cloth is rnade^ 
having fiich arms, fign, or token for a mark, or an evident 
^ token and knowledge of the cloth made within every fuch dty^ 

borough, and town of this realm, and befides that feals for 
every county of this realm for the fealing of all manner of clofh 
made within every county, out of dty borough, or town of 
the fame county, fhall have on the one fide the King's arms, 
and on the other fide the name of the county print^ in the 
Of what {kill fame. (2) And that the treafurer of England for the time being, 
andfufficicncy or his deputy^ after the faid fcaft, fhall make no perfon or 
mi^^beT*^'^ perfons to be aulnager, fealer, or keeper of the feal in any part 
^ of this realm, but fuch as be expert in making of doth, of the 
fuffidency of an hundred pound at the leaft at the time of the 
The aulna- faid deputation; (3) and that no aulnager, fealer, or keeper of 
|er s penalty any feal to be provided as is aforefaid, afterthe faid fesdl, fhall 
il^\j^^ feal any of the faid whole doths, half doths, ftreits, or ker- 
be ^ht not %«» b«t 'wch as ftiall be only made after the fame feaft within 
to feal. the county, city, borough, or town where they (hall be depu- 

3 1 W. 3. c. 10. ted aulnager, fi^er, or keeper, upon pain to forfeit to our fo-« 
^' 3- vereign lord Ae King for every fuch whole cloth contrary feal- 

ed five marks, for every half cloth xxxiii.s. iv.A for every 
ffaieit XX. s. and for every kerfey x. s. 
Cloth fliall not VIL And that no perfon whatfoever he be, after the faid 

t^ t^S" T^ ^^' ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^''^^ *^^^ ^^^ *^ ^ ^^^ nor drawn in length 
iStcring. '^*^ nor breadth, within this realm of England^ any maimer of 
woolen doth, after that it be fully watered, by tentoring or 
othenvife, upon pain to forfeit the teme cloth. 
No deceitful VIII. Alfo that no man, of what condition foever he be 
c^'^u^a^^ within the realm, aft^r the faid feaft, ftiall fet, caft, or put up- 

1483*] Anno primo Righardi IIL ix 

on may manner of cloth any flocks, or any other Kke deceitful 
thinff, upon pain of forty fhillings for every doth whereupon 
any fuch perfon (hall caft any flocks or fuch other thing* 

IX. Alfo that no doth^maker, nor other iperfon whatfoever Nocbalk fliaU 
he be, within the faid realm, after the faid feaft, (hall fet or be caft upon 
caft upon any white cloth or kerfey, any chalk, upon like white doth, 

X. And that no (hearman nor other perfon, a(ter the faid No (hearing of 
feaft, (hall (hear nor cancel any doths within this realm, ex- cloth not fully 
ccpt fuch doth be before fully watered, upon pain to forfeit ^^'^^^^ » 
xLs. for every doth, as often as he (hall fo do. 

XI. And that no perfon, (faraneer nor other, (hall fend or nor exporting 
convey any woolen doth over the fea, after the faid feaft, un- i' beyond fca. 
]e(s the fimie doth be before fully watered ; and after that the 

(ame doth be fo fully watered, that then it (hall in no wife be 
fet nor drawn in length nor breadth, (2} upon pain of forty 
killings for every cloth conveyed or fent over the fea contrary 
to this 2&. 

XII. Alfo that no manner of perfon within this realm, af- None to retail 
ter the (aid feaft, retail any woolen doth or cloths, lining, nor cloth not fully 
other, except it be fully watered before ; and after thkt it be J^^^Mt^hi 
fully watered, it (haU in no wife be fet or drawn in length or the length or 
breadth, upon pain to forfdt the fame doth, or the value there^ bnadth. 

of : the (acne pain to run upon the feller of all (iieh cloths. 

XIII. Alfo our faid fovereien lord the King, in efchewing of None (hall 
great fidfity and deceit which hath grown, and daily doth grow j?^ *uo"fe *" 
by mean of tentors, by the aflfent and auuiority aforefaid, hath 
ordained andjenadted. That no perfon, whatloever he be, (hall 

keep, have, or occupy any tentor, or any other thing, in his 

own houfe or place of his inhabiting, whereby woolen cloths 

may be in any wife drawn out in length or breadth, upon pun 

to torfint twenty pounds as often as he (hall do contrary to this 

a<% ; (2} but that all tentors hereafter (hall be ufed or occupied Tentors (hall 

for due (betchin^ of doth only^ after that it cometh ftom the be fet in opea 

mill, and before it be rowen, and for none other caufe, as well places. 

within the dty of UndM^ as other cities, boroughs, and towns 

of this realm, (hall be fet in open places; (3) and that every 

mayor of London for the time bein^, and all other mayors and 

bailiffs, and other governors of cities, boroughs, towns, and 

villages, of this ^d realm, (hall diligently furvey and overfee 

that all doths, which (hall be put upon tentors, (hall not be 

drawn out in length and breadth otherwife than is before re- 


XIV. Alfo that after the faid feaft, no (bang^ (hall buy any what fort of 
wool which (hall be fent, or (hall pafs through the (fa-eits (A Ma- wool ilrangers 
rock by eallies,.carracks, or (hips, or other veflels, forted, clack- ™*y ^* 
ed, or barked, nor no wool whereof any locks or refofe (hall 

be mad^ ; but that the fame wool be ais it is clipped, and pure- 
ly wound without deceit, and merchandifable, after the grow-: 
ing of the country, without any (brting, bearding, clacking of 


12 Anno primo RJCHAK0I IIL (i4Sg« 

Jocks, or refufe thereof to b^ miufe, as afore is faid, upon paia 
to fomit the fame wool, and the double value thereof. 
No cloth fliall XV.. Moreover, our iaid fovercign lord the King hath or- 
be dyed with jjuned and enaiAed by authority aforefiud. That no dyer, nor 
^^ * any other perfpn, (hall dye, or caufe to be dyed witnin thia' 

realm, after the faid feaft, any woolen doth with orchel, or 
cork called Jarecori^ upon pain to forfeit and lofe forty Ihil-f 
lings for every doth that he, or aqy other for him, or to his 
vfe, (hall dye, or caqfe to be dyed. (2) Nor that any perfon 
after the faid fe^ (hall fell or put to fale, within this (aid realm» 
any fuch cloth, which after the faid feaft (hall be dyed with orr 
chd, or cork called Jofecorkj upon pain of (brfdture of fuch 
doth fo dyed or put to (ale contrary to this a<ft; (3) this pain 
and lofs always to rqn upon the feller, (4) except that corl^ 
made within this realn) qf England may be ufed in d^g upon 
wool woded, and alfo ip dying all fuch cloth which is made 
only of wool, fo that the fame wool woded and doth be per- 
h&\y boiled and maddered. 
Thp/rlothand Ay J* A^fo ^bat Cork made in this realm may be put up- 
li^J'lf'*'^ on cloth that is perfcdUy boiled and maddered ; (2) alfo that 
one colour! ^^ ^V^ ^^^ ^X® ^^y ^'^* within this faid realm, after the 
faid feaft, except the (ame dyer do dye the faid cloth, and the 
lift of the fame, with one colour, without tacking or fewing of 
any bulru(hes, or fuch like thing, upon the lifts of the famci^ 
upon pain to forfeit xl.s. for every fuch doth that he (hall fo 
dye contrary to this zQt ; (3) and that no perfon, whatfoever 
he be, (hall put to fale within this faid r^m, ^er the faid 
feaft, anv manner of doth, which after the fame feaft (hall be 
decdtfully dyed, upon pain to forfeit the fame cloth, or the va-r 
lue thereof; (4) the ume forfeitures and pains always to run 
upon the feller. 
Faulty doth ^V^I* Alfo Jf any of the King's fubjeds, or any other here- 
fhall be zfttT^ happen to fei(e aqy woolen cloth otherwife made or dyed 

brou{rhttotbe than fifoie is faid, theri the iam^ fu)>ieifl or pther (hall brine all 
cbiefoflicer. jhg fj^^e c}ojh pjr ploths fo by him fdfed, before the mayor, bai- 
liif^ o^ oii^tx governor of tbe dties, boroughs, tpwns, or vil- 
lages wnere any fuch fei(ing (hall happen to be made of the 
fame cloth or cloths^ there to judge by the difcretion pf the faid 
mayor, bailiffs, or other governor, calling to him or them fuch 
perfohs as by his or their difcretions (hdl hp thought conve* 
nient, whether the (ame cloth be otheryyiffc made, wrought, or 
^yed, than is according with the ^&% before recited ; (2) and if 
The ofienderj it be judged by the faid mayoi\ bailiff, or other governor, or 
SlTo fhS'bavt ^^^ pcrtons called to them pr any of them, "as afore is faid, 
them. ^bat the fame cloth \^ made or dyed, ^nd put to fale contrary 

1 ft H. 7. c. 4. to the afordaid a£ts, then the fame cloths fo feifcd, and by them 
judgpd as is aforefaid, (hall b^ equally <:ut in three pieces in 
the prefence of the faid m^yor, bailiff, or other governor ; (3) 
the one part thereof to be delivered in the exchequer by him or 
them that fo jQiiall feife the fame doth or cloths u^ the King'$ 

1485.] Anno primo RiCHARDi III. 15 

ufe, and ih^ fecond part thereof to be delivered to the feifor of 
the fame cloth or cloths, and the third part thereof to be deli- 
vered Vo the faid mayor, bailiff, or governor, tq the ufe of the 
commonalty v^h^re they or any of mem be mayor, bailiff, or 
governor; (4} the one half of all the other fines, forfeitures, - 
and penalties aforeiaid, aAd of every of them, to be to our fo* 
vereign lord the King, and the ouer half to him or them of 
the King*s fubje<!ts that (hall feife the fame, or fue for the fame 
t>v action of debt, by writ at the common lav7, or by bill or 
plaiht ifter the cuftom of the city, tovrn, or port where fuch 
fines, forfeitures, and penalties Ihall' happen to fall or be; (5) 
ind that the defendant in any fuch adtion be not admitted to 
wage or do his law ; (6) nor that any protedion or effoin of 
the King's fervice be allowed for anv luoi defendant. 

XVni. Provided ialways^ That tnis a<Jt, or any thing there- Clothi where- 
in cotltaixied, extend hot, or be prejudicial of or to the making ""^^ ^^" Jf^ 
of an^ woolen cloth called Ray^ (2) nor of or to any cloth J^^j*^^ 
knade in JPiHchffter or Salisbury^ ufed to be fet and joined with 
ray. (3) A cloth thereof commonly ufed to be fold at forty (hil- 
lings or within, (4) nor of or to the making of any cloth called 
Vervifiy otherwife called Phnhts^ Turkins^ or Cneflrine^Sy with 
broad lifts ; (5) nor to any cloths called Packing fFhiteSy (6) 
nor to the making of any cloths called VeJfeSy Cogware^ or fvbr^ 
JteiSy (7) nor of or to (he making of any cloths called Florences^ 
with cremil lifts, nor of or to the making of any woolen cloth 
called Sailing Ware with cremil lifts, broad lifts, or fmall lifts, 
(8) nor of or to the making of any woolen cloths called Bajiardsy 
fo) nor of any cloths called Kendah^ nor of any cloth called 
Frtfe Wariy nor to any of tliem, nor to the maker or utterer of 
any of them. 


perfSlly , 

of the iaid cloths. 


In what fort Italian merchants may fill mercbaudifes. Se^ 
vcrai repaints of aliens. 

ITEM, heeaufe our faid fovereign lord thi XSngj upon petition Tht gntf- 
made to him in his faid parliament by the commons ^England, anccs done by 
bath conceived and underjloody That whereas merchants firangers ^merchants 
the nation of It^lwy tfi Venetians, Genoefc, Florentines, Apuli- j^^*^"^^H 
ans, Cicilians, Lucaners, Cataloins, and other of the fanuMa- hit realm, 
tion^ in great number do inhabit and hep houfeSy as well in the city 
^London, as in other cities and boroughs within this his realm^ and 
take warehoufes and cellar Sy and therein put their wares and mer*- 
chandifes which they bring into this faid realm y ( j) and them in the 
faid cellars and warehoufes deceitfully do packy mtngle^ and keep the 
famey till fuch time the prices thereof be greatly erS)ancedy for their 
great hure^ and the fame mercbandijes and wares they then fell to ail 


14 Anno primo Rich ARDX IIL [i482« 

manmr pitpky as well within the forts whin thy bring the fmd 
wans and merchandifeSj as to other divers and many places within 
this reabny as well by retail as otherunfe ; (4) and alfi do bsty in the 
/aid ports and other places j at their own liberty ^ the commodities of 
this realm^ and Jell thejame again at their pUafure within the fame ^ 
as commonly and freely as any of the King^s Uege people dothy (5) 
and do not employ a great part of the money coming thereof upon the 
eommodities of this realm^ but make it over the fea by exchange to di-- 
vers other countries^ to the King*s great damage in lofs of his cuf 
tomsy and to the great impoverijbing ofhisfaidfiibje£!Sy of whom they 
Jbould buy the commodities of this ream : 

IL And the fame merchants ^ Italy, and other merchants Jirangers 
be hoftsy and take iento them people of other nationSy and to fojourn 
with them daily y do buyy feUy and make privy andfecrot contra^s 
and bargains with the fame peopUy to their great increafe and profity 
and to the importune damage of the IGng*sfaidfubje£l5y and contrary 
to divers ftatutes in this cafe provided and ordained: 

IIL Alfo thefaid merchants of ItHy do buy in divers places within 
this realm a great quantity of wool and woolen chthy and other mer- 
ehandifes of the King's fubjeclSy and part thereof they fell again to the 
fame fubjeSls and other withiH this realmy to their mofi advantagey 
and much of the faid wools they do deliver to dothmakersy thereof to 
make cloth at their pkafure. 

IV. Moreover y a great number of artificers and other firangersy 
not born under the Kin^s obeyfancey do daily refort and repair to the 
city ^London, and to other citieSy boroughsy and towns of thefaid 
realmy and much more than th^ were wont to do in times pafty (2) 
and inhabit by themf elves in the laid realm with their wives y children y 
and houjholdy and will not taie upon them any laborious occupationy 
as going to plough and cart^ and other like bufmefsy but ufe the mai- 
■ ing of cloth and other handicrafts and eafy occupationsy (3) and bring 
and convey y from the parts beyond the Jeay great fubjiance of wares 
and merchandifes to fairs and market Sy and all other places of this 
realm at their pleafurcy and there fell the famcy as well fy retail as 
otherwifey as freely as any of the King's fubjeffs ufe to doy to the 
great damage and impoverijhment of the Kin^sfaidjubjeGsy (4) and 
will in no wifefuffer nor take any of the Kin^sfaid Jubjeps to work 
with themy but they take only into their fervice people born in their own 
countriesy whereby the King's faid fubje^lsy for lack of occupation 
fall into idlenefsy and be thievesy beggarSy vagabondsy end people of 
vicious living y to the great per tur bonce both of the King and of all his 
realm ; ^5) and when the merchant Sy artificer Sy and grangers before 
rehear Jeoy have gained within this realmy by buying and fSUngy or by 
fuch eafy occupations and handicraftSy great fub fiance of goodly with the 
fame fubjiance they go out of this faid ream to fuch parts beyond the 
fea as them liketh b^y and there fpend the fame goods oftentimes among 
the Kin^s adverfaries and enemiesy to the great damage ofourfove* 
reign lord the King and hisfubje£lSy and impoverijhment of this reabny 
and the commons of the fame ; and fo by occafion of the premijfeSy the 
fubjiance of the inhabitants in the faid cities y boroughSy and townSy 
now late hath fallen^ and daily doth fall, into great poverty and de^ 


1483.] Anno prioxo Richardi III. 15 

r^x, tc tbiir great undoings unkfs tbi Kinfs gracious aid be te tbem 
in ibis bebdfjbewed. 

V. Our faid fovereign lord the King, of his abundant grace, 
willing againft the premiiles to provide remedy in this l^half^ 
by the advice and aflent of his lords fpiritual and temporal, and 
at the prayer of the commons, in the faid parliament afTembled, 
and by authority of the £ime hath ordained, eftabiUhed, and 
cnaAed, That all merchants of the nation oi Italy ^ before re- Italian mer- 
cited, not made denizens, which have now within this realm chants flialifel) 

their iner« 


wares and merchandiiS^ brou^t from beyond the fea, and be- ^han^b w 
fore the feaft oi Eafter next comins (hall have, (hall caufe the ^(j, and"' 
fame to be fold or bartered in grols, and not by retail, to the imploy tb<ir 
King's fuUeas, before the fa^ day of May^ which (hall be in numeyin th« 
the year of our Lord God one thoufand four hundred fouricore ^^^ y^3S, 
and five^ (2) and (hall employ the money coming of that fale 
before the firft day of May^ within the fame port or ports, 
where they do arrive, upon the commodities and merchandifes 
of this realm, (their reaibnable cofts andexpences always ex«- 
cept and dedudted) upon pain of foifeiture of the value as well 
of all the fiiid wares and merchandifes kept and not fold before 
the faid firft day xAMay^ or otherwife fold than is above re^ 
hearfed, as of as much money as (hall be made over by ex- 
change contrary to this aA. (3) And alfo that all the (aid 
raerdiants of Italy^ which after the feaft of Ea^er next comine 
(hall bring any mercnandifes or wares into this realm to be folo, 
(hall fell or barter the (aid wares and merchandifes in grofs, and 
not by retail, to the King's fubjeAs, upon pain of foneiture of 
the value of the fame wares and merchandifes, which they (as 
afore is faid) ftiall bring after the faid feaft oi Eafter. (4) And Strangerifliall 
the £ud merchants which (hall bring in fuch wares and mer- ^[hLtTcrht** 
chandifes after the faid feaft of Eafter to fell or barter, (hall fell months l^er 
or elfe barter the fame within eight months next after their firft their arrival, 
arrival in this realm, in the form aforefaid, and (hail employ ^<! employ 
the money coming of or by the &id (ale or bartering, and eve- ^^ moncyt 
ry of them, and with the fame buy the commodities or mer- 
chandi(cs of this realm, within the faid eight months, in the 
faid port or ports where they do firft arrive f the reafonable cofts 
and expences always excepted and dedu6led} and in no wife to 
naake over fuch money by exchange. 

VI. And that the faid merchants do in no wiie fell nor barter Strangers may 
within the (aid mdm their (aid wares and merchandifes, which ^^*^ *"?7 "* 
feroain unfold after the end of the faid eight months, but carry ^not^eU ^ 
and cocivey the fame out of this realm within two months next within eight 
enfuing after the faid eight months, if wind and weather will fuffer months. 
it, or <^erwife as (bon as wind and weather will ferve them after 
the fiud two months, upon pain of forfeiture as well of as much 
money as (hall be made over by exchange, as of the faid wares 
and merchandifes fo fold or bartered after the end of the £ud 
eight months, not to be carried nor conveyed out of this (aid 
realm in the form aforefaid, or the value thereof. (2) The pe« 
xultiest forfeitures, wd lo(]e$ of all the premises always to 


1 6 Attno primo IliCHARiri IV. [148^^ 

run sUid be upon the fiud merchants of the nation of Itafy doing 
contrary to this ad. 
Strangenmay VIL Provided always that it be lawful to the faid merchants 
remove thtar of the nation of Italj^ all fuch wares and merchandifes, and e- 
goods from very parcel thereof, which after the feaft of Eafier next coming 
^^ ^® ihatt be brought to any other port or ports of this realm ofEng-^ 
knd to be fold, to convey the fame wares and merchandifes at 
their liboties to any other port or ports, or other place within 
this realm, and there to fdl the lame as afore is faid, fo diat 
A {^^"S^ they fell or barter the fame merchandifes and wares in the realm 
hoft to*a ^™»^ ^*ght months next after their firft arrival in any of the 
ftnnger, un- fiud ports of this realmi; (2) and alfo that no merchant Aran- 
lefs he be of ^er of what country ibever he be, (hall be hoft, or take to lb- 
his own coun- joum with him in the fiud realm any merchant or ftranger, not 
^* being of his nation or country, upon pain of forty pounds. * 

Aliens (baU VIII. AUb that none of the £ud merchants of Itafyy not 
not bny and made denizens, (hall fell or barter any woolen doths, wools^ 
lell ]»ool <>^ or other merchandifes in. this faid realm, which the (ame mer- 
JUSSTtSs «hants of Itafy (hall buy within this faid realm ; (2) nor that 
realm i the fame merchants, nor any other for them, (hall ddiver any 

nor make wool to any perfon, thereof to make doth in this realm, but 
'^^^aS'*^^^^* (hall have and convey the (ame woolen cloth, wools, and other 
^Ito^ merchandifes, over the fea by the (hrdghts of Marrock^ upon 
end. pain to forfeit the value of all the woolen cloths, wools and 

other merchandifes which by them (hall be fo fold or delivered, 
in whofe hands they (hall be found ; ^3) the forfdture of the 
fiime to run and be upon the merchant ftranger. 
An alien fhall IX. M(mover, that no perfon not bom under the King's^ 
not beanhan- obey(ance, as before is £ud, (hall exerd(e or occupy any han-' 
^'vZS^"***^* dicraft, or the occupation of any handicraftfinan in this reUm 
I Mod. 94. ^f England^ but that all fuch perfons which after the faid feaft 
cS E^er (hall come into this realm, and every of them, (hall 
depart into thdr own country aeain, or dfe be fervants to fuch 
of the King's fubjeds onlv as be expert and cunning in fucit 
feats, arts, and crafts, wnich the find (bangers can occu- 
py, (3) upon pain of forfdture of all their eoods which (hali 
come and dwdl in £bis realm contrary to this aA, in whofe 
hands foever they (hall be found. 
Aliens (hall X. Alfo that no perfon not bom under the King's obeyr»ice^ 
make no cloth nor made denizens, being artificer or handicraftfman, after the 
withm this fay fe^ft of Edjier, nor yet any other for him, or to his ufe, 
'* ^' drape or make any doth, or put any wool to woric to make cloth 

of within the faid realm of England^ upon pain to forfdt the 
fame cloth draped or made contrary to this ad. 
ATiens Aiall XL Alfo that all perfons not bom under the Kim's obey- 
fell their wares (ance, being artificers, or handicraft/men at the day of the ma- 
in grofs, and i^i^g ^f this acft, dwelling in this faid reahn, nor none other 
not by retail, f^^^i artificers or handicraftfmen, which hereafter fhaU inhabit 
and dwell in the fame, which after the feaft of the Anmmaatum 
of our Ladj next coming (hall uiie, exerqfe, or occupy the feat 
of merchandife of any maaner of wares withia this r^m, fhall 


t4*5*3 Anno primo RiCHARDi III. 17 

lell or baiter the fame ^wares or merchandife^ in grofs, and not 
by retail, in the port, town, or place where the fame ar ificers 
be, or fhaJl be dwelling, and m none other place, upon pain of 
forfeiture of the value of all the wares and merchahdifes fold 
contrary to this aA. (2) Alfo that no perfon not bom under Aliens fiiall 
the King's obc^fance, mhabiting, dwelling, or holding any t^e jjo &{"- 
great houfe or cnamber in this realm, and occupying any han- ^^^^fMc^ 
dkrrait, or being artificer, or handicraftfman, after the faid feaft ^ £17 c. 4. 
of the Amtundation of our La^ next coming, fhall take any ap- 
prentice, fervant, or any other perfon to work with him or to 
bis uie, unlefs it be his fon or his daughter, other than at the 
laid feail fiiall be apprentices or fervants with him, except that 
the fame apprentices or fervants fo to be taken be the King^s 
iubje^ts bom, upon pain to forfeit and to lofe for every ap- 
prentice or fervant taken to the contrary xx. 1. (3) the one half Who ftall 
of all the faid fines, forfeitures, and penalties, and of every of ft^lujis! 
them, to be to the King, and the other half to be to him or 
. them that will feife the fame, or purfue for the fame by adion 
of debt, by writ at the common law, by bill or plaint, aftdr the 
cuftom of the city or town where fuch fines, forfeitures, of 
penalties hereafter (hall fall and be ; (4) and that the defend- 
ant in any fuch adion (hall not be admitted to wage or do hifi 
law, (5) nor no protei5tion nor eflbin of the King's fervice (hall 
be allowed fuch defendant in the fame. 

XII. Provided always that this a<ft, or any part thereof, or Aliens may 
any other aft made or to be made in this faid parliament (hall ^ "^}"^ f 
not extend or be in prejudice, difturbance, damage, or impe- This provifo 
diment to any artificer, or merchant ftranger, of what nation repealed by 
or countrv he be or (hall be of, for bringing into this realm, as H. s. c. 15. 
or fdling oy retail or otherwife, any books Witten or printed^ * ^' 7- ^- ^^* 
or for inhabiting within this faid realm for the fame intent, or \^ j^Jg^ ^, *5^ 
any fcrivener, alluminor, reader, or printer of fuch books, %% h. 8. c. 13. 
which he hath or (hall have to fell by way of nierchandife, or 3* H. 8. c. i6. 
for thdr dwelling within this faid realm for the exercife of the 
faid occupations, this adt or any part thereof notwithftand^ 

C A P. X. 

The (fatute of aa Edward 4. c. 3. prohibiting wrought 
laces of (ilk to be brought into this realm, continued foe* 
ten years. 


Ten bowftMisJhaU be brought into this realm for every butt 
^ ofmalmfy. 

ITEM, // wasjbewed in the faid parliament by the bozuyers in- ^i^ft, ^55^ 
habiting within the dtieSj ieWns and boroughs of this realm^ oc" 
cupying artillery pertaining to the fame for the defence of this realm^ 
that whereas in times pafl good and able fluff of howflaves hath been 
brought into this realm as Wjell by Englim merchants asflrangersy 
whereby the inhabitants bowyers might competently live uponfuchftuff^ 
Vol. IV. C which ^ 

iS Aiino pritno RlCHARDi l£[. [1483* 

wbUb thiy bought at forty JbilUngs the hundred^ orfortfJixJlnUings 
eight pence at the mofi : (2) now it isfoy that by tbefeditious canfe^ 
deracy of the Lombards ufin^ to divert ports of this reabn^ the botu^ 
Jiaves be now at ftuh an outragious price ^ that is to fay at tight 
pounds the hundred^ where they were wont to be fold at forty ftnl- 
lings \ (3) andalfo they will not fuffer any garbling to be made of 
them J but fell good and evil atfuch an excejfrue price together utigar-^ 
bledy that by likelihood injbort time this realm is Uke to fail as well 
(ffiuffof artillery^ as of workmen thereof ^ unlefs due remedy be in 
this behalf Jhortly found and had: (4) wherefore our faid ibvereign 
lord the King, by the aflent of the faid lords fpiritual and tem- 
poral, at the prayer of the faid commons, in the iaid parlist- 
ment aflembled, and by authority of the fame, hath or- 
dained, eftablifhed, and enadled. That no merchant of Venice^ 
nor other which ufeth to repair into this realm with merchan- 
difes of thofe parts, fhall bring nor convey into this realm any 
merchandifes, unlefs the fame merchants do bring with every 
Ten bow- butt of malmfey, and with every butt of tyre, ten bowftaves 
ftaves (hall be ^ood and able ftulF, (5) upon pain of forfeiture of xiii. s. iv. d. 
^h^"^^ *"fo ^^^ ^^^ of thi laid wines fo brought and conveyed, and 
cverybutt of P^ *® ^^^ number of bowftaves with the fame butt \ the one 
malmfey or half of the fame forfeiture to be to our fovereign lord the King> 
tvre. and the other half to the party which will therefore fue. (6) 

Bowftavei ^^d that no fuch bowftaves be fold ungarbled, and but only to 
fold ungart ^^^^ pcrfon or perfons which is or mall be born under the 
bled. King's obeyiance. This aft to begin and take effect at the feaft 

6 H. 8. c. 1 1, of St. Michael next coming. 


Certain mercbandifes prMbiied to be brought into this realm 
ready wrought. 

Ed. 4. C.4, TTEM, it was Jbewed in the fame parliament by the artificers of 

A the faid realm ^ England, <aj well of the city of London^ as of 

ether cities^ towns^ boroughs^ and villages of the Jame realm^ that is 

to fay^girdlerSy pointmakerSy pinners^ purfers^ glovers^ cutlers^ blade- 

fmithsjblackfmithsj fptrrierSygoldbcaterSypainterSjfadlerSj lorriners, 

founders J cardmakers^ hurerSy wyremongersy weavers^ hornerSj bottle- 

' maker Sy and copper-fmithsy that whereat they were wont in times paft 

to be greatly fet aworky and occupied in the faid crafts for thefuftenance 

of themfelves^ their wivesy childreuy apprenticeSy andfervantSy and 

many other of the King's fubje£ls j (2) nowfo it iSy that by merchant 

firangersy aenizenSy and other y there is brought into thefe parts from 

beyond the feaSy to be fold within this realm of England, as much 

wares as may be wrought and made by the artificers above rehearfedy 

that by reafon thereof the people offirange countricsy where thefatd 

wares be madey be greatly occupied and increafedy and the faid artificers 

in this realm greaify impoverijhedy and without the King's graujhew-^ 

ed to them in this behalf are like to be undone for lack of Occupation: 

II. Our faid fovereign lord the King confidering the pre- 

mifics, by the advice and aflent of the lords fpiritual and tem- 


1483*} jAnno piitno Rich AiU)i lit. t^ 

poral, and at the prayer of his commons, in the MA parliament 

aileinbled, and by authority of the fame, hath ordained and 

provided. That no merchant ftrangeft after ttie feaft of Eqflir 

next comings ihall bring into thi$ realm of England to be (bid Certain met- 

any manner of girdles, nor hunefs wrought for girdles, points^ vv^^^^^f!^ 

laces, leather, purfes, pouches, pins, gloves, knives, hangers, broS^ht wa^ 

taylors (hears, fcidbrs, andyrons, cupboards^ tongs, fireforks, dy wrought 

gridyrons, ftocklocks, keys, iiinges and garnets, fpurrs, painted into this realm 

glaws, painted papers, painted £orcers, painted images, paint-* to be fold. 

M doths, beaten gold, or beaten (ilver, wrought in papers foi^ 

painters, faddlers^ faddle-trees^ faorfe-hame^, boots, bits^ 

mrrups, buckles, chains, latten nsuls with iron (hanks, tur*^ 

nets, (landing caildlefticks, haneing candlefticks, holy-water 

ftopps, chafEng-diihes, hanging Tavers, curtain-rii^s, cards for 

wool, (except Ruin cards) dafps for gowns, buddies for (hoes^ 

broches, bdls (except hawks-bells) tin and leaden fpoons^ 

ware of latten and iron, iron candlefticks, grates, horns fot 

lanthoms, or any of the faid wares made and wrought pertain-^ 

ing to the crafts above fpecified, or any of them, (2) upoil 

pain to forfeit all the faid wares fo brought into this realm con-^ 

trary to this a£t, or the value of the iame, in whofe hands they 

or any of them (hall be found; the one half of fuch fines and 

forfeitures to be to the King, and the othor half to himot 

them that (hall feife or purfue wr the fame by z&ioa of debt, by 

writ or bill at the coomion law, or by bill or plaint, sdfter the 

cuftom of the city or town where any fuch (ines, forfeitures, 

and penalties (hall hereafter happen to be or fall ; (3) and that 

the defendant in fuch a<ftiofi be not admitted to wajge or do his 

law; (4) nor that any. protection or eflbin of the King's fervice 4 ^J- ^'^' ^ 

(hall be allowed in the fame for any fudi defendants J\J '♦^'** 


ne ctmtcnts of vejfels of wine and dily which may not he foU 

till gauged. 

TO the ISng our jowrAgn krd^ Jbevoth Unto ymr Highnefs 
lamentaify camplaining your bumbk commons of this your pre^ 
fmtperSammiaJfmbted^ in the name of ihmfelf and of all your other 
hunMe commons of this your honourable reamj that whereas butts of 
uwie^ tailed Malmiey, tvere wont in great plenty to be -brought into 
this your fud realm to be fold iefore the twenty feven a^S twenty 
eight years of the reign efHiNtry tie Sixths hte in deed and not 
of right Mng of England, and alfo in the fame years^ and then • 
dithers of the butts held in meafure feven fcore gallons a piece^ 
and divers held fix fcore twohe gdms a pieces and the teaft of 

them held fix fcore fix gallons a piece ^ and then a man might buy 
imd have of the merchants firanger^ feller of the fend mahnfeySj 
by mean of the faid plenty of thom^ for l.s. or liii.s. iv. a. at 

and have of the merchants firanger^ feller of the faid mahnfeys^ 
by mean of the find plenty of thom^ for l.s. or liii.s. iv. a. at 
tbemoji a butt of fuch wine^ he taking for his payment thereof 

two parts in woolen cloth wrought in this your faid realm^ 
and the third pari in ready money : It is fo, fovereign lord^ that 
by the fitbfle and. crafty means of fitch porfons ftrangers as have 

C a the 

^o; Anno ptimo Richardi III. Ci483« 

the fide of fiub wimsy the wbuh have been made denizens with-' 
in this ywr find realm j haw caufed the butts of mabnfeys late^ 
wards brought into this your faid realm to be fold^ for to before 
cbr egged dnd tmnijhed of the faid meafure fo largely ^ that a butt 
of their mdlmfeys at this day fcantfy holden in meafure five fcore 
eight gallons-, and befules that they knowing^ as it feemethy what 
quantity of fucb wine may ferve yearly to be fold within this your 
faid realm^ where they were wont to bring hither yearly great 
quantity and plenteoufly of fuch wine to be fold after the prices 
^aferefaidj of their crafimefs ufe to brinz no more hider now 
in fate daysy but only as v^oUe fcantly jerve this realm a year^ 
wherethrough they have enhanfed the price of the fame wines to 
eight marks a butt ready moneys and no clothy to the great «r- 
riching of themfelf^ and great deceit, lofs% hurt^ and damage of 
you J fovereigh brdy and of all your commons of this your faid 
realm ; in confideration of which hurts and damages aforefmdy and 
for the reformation of the fame, pleafe it your highnefsj of your 
mofl bounteous and benign grace, by the advice and affent of your 
lords fpiritual and temporal, and of your commons, in this your 
prefent parliament affembled, for to ordain, enaff, and eftabUfi in 
this your prefent parliament, and by authority of the fame : our 
faid fovereign lord the King, by the advice ana affent of the faid 
lords fpiritual and temporal, and at the fupplication of the faid 
commons^ in the faid parliament affembled, and by authority of the 
fame, hath ordained, eJiabUfl!>ed, and enabled. That no manner 
Confirmed by merchant or other perfon v^atfoever he be, from the Feaft of 
a8 H. S. C.14. gj^j^^ Michael the Archangel next coming, (hall brii^ nor caufe 
* ^* to be brought into this realm, any butt of malmfey to be fold, 

unlefs it do contain in meafure at the leaft the faid old meafure of 
a C.xxvi. gallons, (3) nor no veflels with any manner wines, 
Tht contents y^hoever they be, or of what countiy they be, nor no manner 
fclof^cMid ®^ vcffcls of oil, unlefs the fame veflels of wine or oil do con- 
oil brought tain and hold the meafure and aflife following, that is to fay, 
into the realm every tun to contain twelve fcore and twelve gallons, and every 
to be foki. pipe to contain fix icore and fix gallons, every tertian to contain 
fourfcore and four gallons, and every hog(head to contain fixty 
three gallons, and every barrel to contain thirty one gallons and 
an half, and every rundlet to contain eighteen gallonis and an 
Veflels 0f ^^^> according to the old aflife and meafure of the fameveOels 
wine and oil ufed in this realm. (4) And that all the vefifels of wine and oil 
iiall be brought into this realm after the £iid feaft to be fold, (hall not 

ga*5K^- g be put to fale after the famefnift, till they be well and truly 
Rec€«npi;iS:e'8?Hg«d ^yjhe King's gauger, or his fufficient deputy, iipon 
to be made to p&m to forfeit to the Kmg all the faid wines and oil fold con- 
the buyer fbr trary tp this prefent ordinance, or elfe the value of the fame. 
Ihort meafure. /^j ^nd in calc that any perfon, of what country 'that he be, 
nrom henceforth do fell to any of the King's liege people, for 
any certain price affigned, any butt, tun, pipe, tertian, hogf- 
head, barrel, or rundlet of any manner vnne or oil, lacking 
any thing of the faid aflife or m«ifure, that the feller (hall allow 
or rebate of the (kme price to tb« buyer of Aich wine or oil as 

2 much 

*483] ' Anno primo RiCHARPI HI. a:? 

much money as fuch lacking after the rate (hall amount to, up- ' 
on pain to forfeit to bur fovereigq lord the King th^ value of 
all the wine and oil fo Ibid contrary to this prcfcnt ordinance j 
(6) any privy covenant or contraA made or to be made be*- 
twixt the buyer and the feller contrary to this onUpance ix> any tg H, 6. c.17. 
manner notwithftanding. u H» 7, c.4. 


Accumptants for difmes of the ckrgy not chargeable to anfwer 

other mens fuit sin tie exchequer. 

ITEM, fyhereasthe clergy of the provinces of C^nXtAyyxry and 
York, have before this time divers times granted to the Kin^ 5 
progenitor Sy in their convocations j Difmes to be levied of their goods 
and pojfeffionsy and after that they do appear before the barons of the 
King^s exchequer J and the nanus of the coUeHors for the fame 
grant be certified in the faid exchequer ^ when the faid collegers 
do appear before the barons of the exchequer y and enter into their 
account for the faidDi&aisSy that then the faid coUe&ors be of- 
ten charged^ vexedj and troubled with bills put by other per^ 
fonsagainft them^ for other caufes and matters than touching the 
fcdd account^ and oy occafion thereof ofientimes they fall to great 
poverty^ and caifeth the faid account to be two or three years 
banging and the Difmes not contented^ to the Kin^s great damage^ 
and the f aid ceiketors alfo : 

II. U is therefore ordained and eftablUhed by the King, his 
lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this jprefent 
parliament ailembled. That from henceforth if any Difme^ qc 
any part of a DifnUj be granted by the province of either of the 
(aid cleigies, to the King our Sovereign lord, or to his heirs, 
that after the faid certificate returned into the exchequer for the 
Difme or part of the Difme^ and of the names of the colIeAors 

for the gatherinj; of the fame Difme^ that if the faid coIle<5bors Accountants 
come by procete before the faid barons of the exchequer, and ^^^u^**.*'* 
enter in their account, that they (hall not be bound to anfwer ^fj^^^h^ 
to the faid bill or bills there put againft them, by reafon of the mensfuitt xt^ 
faid entry in their account, for any manner caufe, but only for the exche- 
the matter touching the fiiid account. ^^^^ 

III. Provided always. That if the faid accomptant be fuedin 
any other court by writ, bill, or plaint, that then he (hall take 
DO privile^ of the (aid exchequer, by reafon pf the faid account 
for any fuit, as before is rehearfed. 


A reiumption of all grants, and eftates of lands, iic. made to 

Elizabeth Grey late Queen of England. 

Thus End the Statutes made in the Reign pf King Richard 

the Third. 

C 3 * -A^? 

&t Anno primo HsNRjrci VII. [h'S* 

Anno prim H E N R I C I VII. 

Statutes made at Wefiminjier in the firft year of 
King Henry yiL aid in the year of oof 
Lord 1485. 

THE King ourfiverftgn l(frd Henry the Seventh after the cm- 
queft^ ij the grace ofGedy King (^Enj^^ndy and 9/ Franco* 
(md lord of Ireland, at bis parliament holden at Wdlihinfter the/e^ 
'ventb day of November, in the firjl year of his reign^ to the ha* 
nmr of God and holy church j and/or the common profit of bis realm^ 
iy the ajfent if the krds fpiritual and temporal j and the commons y in 
thefaid parliament ajfembledy and by authority of the faid parliament j 
bath done to be made certain JIatutes and ordtnames in manmr cmd 
form foUcmng* . . * - 

CAP. I. 

jIn aSi to maintain a Formedotf aMtn/l the pernor of the 

profits pf lands enfeoffed to ufe.' 

XI Co. ?i. T7IRST, That where divers of the King's fubjecfts having 
F. N. B. i4*« Jf} caufe of adtion by Pormedon vfi flie dcfcendcr, or clfe in the 
AafrSc^^^'^ remainder, by force or any tail for lands and tenements, be de* 
tainable"***^' frauded aftd delayed of their faid adtions, and oftentimes with- 
againft the out remedy, becaufe of feoffmei>ts made of the fame lands and 
pernor of the tenements to perfons unknown, to the itjtent that the demand- 
Ir^^R* anfs (hould not know againft whom they (hall take their anions : 

4H. t'c%!^* (^) ^^ *^ ordained, eftabliflied and enadledby the iidvice of the 
»x H. 6. els. lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons in the faid par- 
4 H. 7- c.*4: liament aflcmbled, and by authority of the fame. That the de- 
The tenant m mandant in' every fuch cafe have his aftion againft the pernor or 
tkMiflwllhwcP^^^^''^ of the profits of the lands or tenements demanded, 
aid prajert whereof any perfon or perfons been enfeoffed to his or their ufe, 
voQcher and (3) and the fame pernor or pernors named as tenant or tenants 
Mer idrafi- ]^ ^j^g fajj adliori, have the lame vouchers, and their lieu therc- 
T2e*tenant ^P^^t ^^ prayer*, and all other advantages, as the fame pernor 
Ihall have his or pernors QiQuId have had, if they were tenants indeed, or as 
tiffe and other their feoffees fbould have had, if the fame adlion had beeii 
hdvantage*. ' conceived againft them, ^(4) And if it fortune any perfon to 
a^nft"hc 3cceafe fo having feoffees to the ufe of him or of his heirs, the 
pcrnorsof the faid heir being within age, againft whom fuch aftion is brought 
j)rofits, and as pernor j then the fame heir fhall have his age in the faid ac- 
tbeir fcolftes, tion conceived againft him, ' and all other advantages, as if the 
t? H.^S.^c!io. ^^^^^'^^ h*4 died feifed of the faid lands and tenements fo in de- 
s f . . ' / ' mand. (5) And ^fo it is ordained by the faid authority, That 
all recoveries as (hall be in any fuch adlions againft fuch pernor 
. or pernors, and their heirs, ana their faid feoffees and their heirs, 
and the co-feoffees of the faid pernors and their heirs, (hall be 
as good to the recoverers aiid their heirs, as though the faid per- 
nor or pernors were tenants indeed, or feoffees to their ufe, or 
thf ir heirs, as is abovefaid, of the freehold of the faid lands ancj 
tenements, at any time of the £ud adUon ufed. 


1485-] An"^ F*"^^ Henrici VII. ; 13 

jBiens made deniztns Jhall paj fueb ctifioms as they dia 


ITEM, lyhere in time pqft divers grants have been made by jjut. ijt. 
King Edward the Fourth^ as well by his letters patents^ as by affs 
efpar^mentj to divers merchants Jirangers b&m out of this realm j to 
be dmixensj whereby they have am enjoy fuch freedoms and liberties^ 
as do denizens bom within this realm^ as well in abatement of their 
ctifiom, which theyjhould bear if they were no denizens j as in buying 
andfelUng their merchandife^ to their great avail and lucre', (2} ami 
oft-times fiiffer other Jlrangers^ notdemzens^ deceitfully to Jbip and 
carry great and notaole fubjiance of merchandife in their nameSj by 
the vwicb the fmd goods be free ofcuflom in Uke wife as they were 
goods of a denizen J where of right they ought to pof euftom as the Aliens made 
goods of grangers', by the which they be greatly advanced in riches denizens (hall 
and honour \ l^) and after they befo inricoed, for the moflpart thfy pay fuch cuf- 
cortoey themfelves with their faidgoods into their own countries^ where- Si?bS>i« 
in they be naturally born^ to the great impoveriflnng of this reabn^ xi H. 7. c'14.. 
and to the great hurt and defraud of the Kin^s highnefs inpayment of%\ H. s. c.i6. 
Useuftoms^ (^) Wherefore it is enadled, eftablifli^, and ordain- " ^*|^^*'' 
cd by the advice of the faid lords (jpuitual and temporal, and ^"^^^^<^'J„. 
commons, in the faid parliament afiembled, and by authority modities by * 
of the fame. That any perfon made, or hereafter to be made s5Car.i.c.6. 
denizen, (hall pay for nis merchandife like euftom and fubQdy, j- >• and by 
as he ought or fhould pay afore that he were made denizen } any ^*i^toai(^' 
letters patents, or other ordinances by parliai^^nt, or otherwife, toms payable 
contraiy to this made notwithftanding. by them. 


No protection ftiall be allowed in any court in OMs^ or th^ 

marches thereof 


An aH to punifh priefls^ for incontinency^ by their ordinaries. 

ITEM, For the more fure and likely reformation ofpriefts^ clerks^ -^ 
and rdigious men, ctflpobU^ or by their demerits ^eny reported^ * ^*^ 
of incontinent Uving in their bodies, contrary to their order : (2) 
It is enaded, ordained, and eftabliihed, byi the advice and 
ailent of the lords Ipirituad and temporal, and die commons, in 
the faid parliament aflembled, and by authority of the fame. 
That it be lawful to all archbiftiops and biftiops, and other or- 
dinaries, having epifcopal jurifdidUon, to punifti and chaftife 
iuch priefts, clerks, and rdirious men, being within the bounds p. - . 
of their jurifdiAion, asfliallbeconvided afore them by exami- clerks ftSu b« 
nation, and other lawful proof, requifite by the law of the puniihed for 
church, of advowtry, fornication, inceft, or any other fleflily mcontinency 
incontinency, by committing them to ward and prifon, there ^f|V"^ ®^^' 
to abide for fuch time as fhall be thought to their difcretions 
convenient for the quality and quantity of their trefpafs; (3) 
and that none of the faid arcbbimops, biihops, or other ordi- 

C 4 W^s 

24 Anno primo HlNRICl VII. [^+85. 


naries aforefaid, be thereof chai^eable of, to, or, upon any 
adion of falfe or wrongful imprifonment, but that they be ut« 
terly thereof difcharged, in any of the cafes^aforeiakij hy virtue 
' of this adt. 

CAP. V. 
An ad ihewing the duties of a cordwainer, tanner, and currier, 


A pardon granted to all them who aflifled the King in his wars 
againft Richard duke of Gloiuc/lsr. 

AnaSjhewing the penalty for hunting in the nighty or with 


Inconvenien- TT£M, Forafmuch as before this time divers ordinances andjla^ 
ciesenfuing X iutes have been made in divers parliaments holden in the fame 
^arks^&c^in* »^/tf^/w, for the punition of inordinate and unlawful huntings info- 
tliemght,*or ^^J^h parks j and in warrens within the faid realm^ which fiatuies 
difguiied. and ordinances notwithfianding^ divers perfons in great number ^ 
1 Roll, 110. f^ffie with painted faces^ fome with viforSy and otherwifedifguifedy 
i\uft to the intent they Jhould not be known^ riotoujly^ and in manner of 

Co!'Lit. 370. ^^^ arrayedy have oftentimes of late hunted^ as well by night as by 
day^ in divers forejts^ par is j and warrens in divers places of this 
realm^ and in fpecia I in the counties of Kentj Surrey, ^ir^Suflex, 
(2) by colour whereof have enfued in times paji great and heinous re- 
belUonSy infurreSfions^ riots^ robberies^ murders^ and other incon* 
venienceSy to the provocation andenfample of riotous and evil-difpofed 
perfons of this realm in fo offending^ tohich tffences could not be 
punijhed before this time according to the faidJtatuteSj ordinanceSy 
and laws of this faidrealmy. becaufetbat tbefaid mifdoersyby reafon 
of their painted faceSy viforsy and other difguipngs could not he 
The penalties i«Mvw ; (3) The King our fovereign lord, of his noble and 
for hunting in abundant grace, confidering the premifles, by the advice and 
with'd^?*^' ^^ aflcnt of the lords Ibiritual and temporal, and commons, in the 
guifcs/andtof*^^ parliament aflembled, and by authority X)f the fame, or- 
derly it being daineth. That at every fUch time as information fhall be made 
examined. of any fuch unlawful huntings by nieht, or with painted faces, 
i Ed. I. hereafter to be done, to any of the King's counfd, or to any of 
the jufticcs of the I^g's peace of the county where any Aich 
hunting (hall be had, pf any perfon to be fufpe<ft thereof that 
^hen it (hall be lawful to any of the fame coun&l, or juftices of 
peace, to whom any fuch information (hall be made, to make a 
wartrant to the (herifFof fuch county, or to any conftable, bailifF, 
or other officer within the fame county, to take and arreft the 
£ime perfon or perfons of whom any fuch information fhall 
be made, and to have him or them afore the maker of any fuch 
warrant, or any other the King's faid counfel, or juflice of his 
peace of the fame county; (4) and that the faid counfellor, or 
juftice of peace, afore whom fuch perfon or perfons fhall be 
brought, by his difcretion, have power to examine him or them 
io brought afore the faid counfellor or juftice, of the faid hunt- 

1485.] Anno primo HenRICi VH. 25 

ing, and 6f the faid doers in that behalf; (5) and if the fame The penalty 
perfon wilftiUy ccmceal the faid huntings, or any perfon with '^****°?^r°*'' 
him defective therdn, that then the fame concealment be againft ^^^ ^ 
every fuch perfon fo concealing felony, and the fame felony to 
be imiuired of and determined, as other felonies within this 
realm have ufed to be; (6) and if he then confefs the truth, 
and all that he (hall be examined of, and knoweth in that be- 
half, that then the (aid offences of huntings by him done, be 
againft the King our fovereign lord, but trelpafs finable, by rea- 
Ion of the fame confeifion» at the next general feflions of the 
peace, to be holden in the fame county by the King's juflices of 
the fame feflions, there to be fefled. (7) And if any refcous or Refcout of an 
difobeyfance be made to any perfon having authority to do ex- offender is 
edition orjufticeby any fuch warrant, by any perfon the which '**®"3^" 
fo (hould be arrefted, fo that the execution of the fame warrant 
thereby be not had, that then the fame refcous and difobeyfance 
befdony, enquirable and determinable as is aforefaid. (8 J And Hunting dif- 
over this it is enadted and eftablilhed by the laid authority, That g^i^d, or in 
if any perfon or perfons hereafter be convlded of any fuch hunt- fcionyf * " 
ings, with painted faces^ vifors, or otherwife difeuifed, to the 
intent they ibould not be known, or of unlawnil hunting in 
time of nighty that then the fame perfon or perfons fo conviA 
to have like punition, as he or they (hould have, if he or they 9 ^ 3- ^^ >• 
were convidl of felony. *^-'®* 


No Gafioin or Guien wines (hall be brought in, but by Engliji, 

Irijbf or Wiljkmeny and by their (hips. 


A reviver for twenty years of the (htute of 22 Ed. 4. r.3. ref- 

training the bringing in of wrought laces, t^c. 

CAP. X. 

Revocation^ of the penalties of King Richard's a£l 
againft Italians. 

ITEM, The King our faid fovereign lordy underflanding by a , 
fupplication put unto his Highnefs in this his faid parliament by 
the merchants «/* Italy, refuknt in this his faid realm of England, 
that where by an a€t ofparSamentj made in the parliament ^Rich- 
ard late pretending him to be King of England the Thirds holden at i R. 3. c. f « 
Wcftminfter the firfi year of his reign^ it was ordained andpro* 
videdy That all merchants of the nation of Italy afore rthearfed^ not 
madg denizens J which then Jhouldhave within ibis realmwares and 
snercbandifes brought from beyond the fea before the feaft ^Ea(Ver 
then next enfu^ngy Jheuld do^ felly or barter them ingrofsy and not 
by retail^ fo the King's fubje^s afore the firfi day of May, that thei» 
JbouU be in the year of our lord God M,CCCC,LXXXV. j/nd 
the money coming of the falcj before the faid firfi day^ within the 
fame part or forts where they arrived^ employ upon the comnuditits 
and merchandifes of this realm^ their reafonaUe cojls and exponas 
ahvay except and dedu^edy upon pain of forfeiture of the value^ as 
well of all the faid wares and merchandifes kept and not fold afore 


t6 Anno primo Hsnrici VII. l^^g. 

ihifmifrji Jay^mr dAerwififiUtben as ah/vefaidyandtffimucb tn^ 
my as jbwUhi madi owr by ixtbangi contrary 19 thefaidaif. And 
that all ibi /aid fmrcbanis {^Italy, tbi tuhub after tbifaid Fwmjt 
^Eafter brought any mercbandife or wans into this realm to befibf^ 
jbouldfiU or barter the fame wares and mercbandifei in grof$^ and 
not by rttaily Unto the Rmg^s fubjeeis^ upon pain of forfeiture of the 
value of the fame wares and nurebandifes otberwije fold, jindtbm 
ibefaid mercbantSj their faid wares and mercbandifes^ which they 
/bouU bring after the faid Feaji of Eafter, Jhould do^ barter arfett 
the fame within -eight months next after the firji arrival info tint 
Team inform aforefaid: and the money coming of or by the faid fak 
or barterings of them j and every of themy employ and therewith buy 
the commodities or mirchandifes of this realm ^England within 
the faid eight months ^ in thefame port or ports where they JhonUfrJl 
arrive y their reafonaUe cofts and expences alway except and dedu^^ 
ed\ and that they Jhould tn no wife make anyfuch money over by ex^ 
change. And the faid merchants y their faid wares and merchandifes 
remaining unfold after the end of the Jiaid eight months ^ in no wife 
Jhould fiUy nor barter within the faid realm, but that they Jhould 
carry and convey them out of the faid realm j within two months then 
next following after the faid eight months , if wind and weather will 
ferve it, and eye as foon as the wind and weather willferve tbem^ 
after the faid two months ^ upon pain of forfeiture as well of as much 
money as Jhould be made out of the faid realm by exchange^ as of the 
faid wares and merchandifes fojoldor bartered after the end of the 
faid eight months J not carried nor conveyed out of this faid reabn^ in 
form aforefaidy or the value thereof: the forfeitures j penalty, and 
lofs of all the premijfes, to run and be upon the faid merchants of 
Italy, dnng contrary to this a£t. And alfo that nofiranger^ ^ 
what country foiVir he were, fiould ho/l, or taieto fojourn with him 
within this realm ^England, any merchant fir anger, not being of 
the fame nation that he fljould be of, upon pain to forfeit and loje at 
every time that he fo doth And that no merchant Jbranger he 
fit bojl norjojoum with any other merchant fbr anger, not being of 
bit ncftion or cotmtry, within the faid realm, upon tain of xl* li. 
And that no Jfranger Jhall buy any wool, the which jball he font or 
pafs through theftreights of Mzrrock, by gallies, carracks, orjhips, 
or other vejfels', forted, clacked, or barbed, nor any wool, whereof 
locks or refufefbonld be made, but that the fame wool Jhould he as it 
were Jhorn^ and cfean wound, without anyforting, barking, or 
^ clacking, or locks 0r reftife thereof to he made, as it is aforefaid, up^ 

fn pain of forfeiture of the fame wool, and the double value thereof^ 
as by thefame a^ more plainly may appear, Alfo that the faid mer- 
chants of Itsly Jhould have and convey their wool, woolen cloth, and 
^11 their other merchandifes^ over the fir eights of Marrock, ttpon 
fain of forfeiture of thefame, as by thefame a if plainly appeareth. 
The King our faid fovereign lord, by the advice of the lords 
fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent parlia- 
ment affembled, and by authbrityof the fame, hath ordained, 
eftabliflied, and do tobeenaAed, That the abovefaid forfeitures, 
penalties, feisu^e, and aSions^ co(nprifed in the faid aAs, and 
6 every 

i487«] ' Anno tcrtio Henrici VIL vf 

xstTf of fhefi), be revoked, vdd, annulled, and of no ftren^, 
»uiift all manner of perfons, except and referved only to the 
King, to be at liberty, to have and cigoy aH mwincr of leizui«s, 
forfeits, »d penalties in Che iaid adts Ipecified : and that it b^ 
lawfiil to the King, to grant to his befeechers his letters of fafe 
condvA, and letters patents, furcly to be enjoyed, according tt> 
the tenors thereof, the above&id a« and aAs notwithfemding, 
in as unj^e wife as though they had never been had nor made. 

The fecond parliament, holdcn in the third year 
of King Hen. VII. 

TH E ^ng ourfovereign lord Henry the Seventh^ by the grace 
•f God King of England and of France, and lord of Irehnd, 
at his prefem parliament holden at Wcftminftcr the ninth day of 
Novembet, in the third year of his reign j to the worftnpofGod and 
holy churchy and for the common wealth of this his realm j by the ad^ 
vice of his lords Jpiritual and temporal^ and the commons in theprefent 
parliament ajembled^ and by authority of the fame parliament j hathor'^ 
dained and eftablified certain Jlatutes and ordinances^ in manner and 
form as hereafter enfueth. 

ST^e authority of the court offiar-chamher. Where one in- 
fUift Jball enquire of the concealtnent of another. Acoro-- 
ner^s duty after a murder committed* Ajufiice offeaae 
fiutU certify bis recognifancesj dec* 

FIRST, The King ourfaidfovereignlordremembereth^howbyun^ j Inft, ,^^ 
latvfsd maintenances, giving of liveries jjipts and tokens, and re» 
tainders by indentsires, promifes, oaths, writings, or otherwife em^ 
braceries cfhisfubje^s, untrue demeaningsofjheriffs in making ofpa» 
nels, and other untrue returns, by taking of money, by juries, by 
great riots, and unlawful ajfemblies, the policy and good rule of this 
realm is almojl fubdued, (2; and for the not pumjhing of thefe incoU'* 
veniemies, ana by occaficn of the premijfes, little or nothing may be 
found by inquiry, whereby the laws of this land in execution may take 
little effiff, to the increaje of murders, robberies, perjuries, andun^ 
fitreties of all men livings and lojfes of their lands and goods, to the 
great £jpleafure of almighty' God : (7) Therefore it is ordained^ Thcauthori^ 
for reformation of the premises, by authority of the faid par* of the coi^ 

liament. That the chancellor and treafurer of England for the of Star- 
- - — - - . . - . chamber. 

bench, and' common place, for the time being, or other two 
juftices in their abfence, upon bill or information put to the faid 
chancellor for the King, or any other, againft any perfon for 
any milbehaviour afore rchearfed, have authority to call before 
them by writ, or by privy feal, the faid mif-doers, and them, 
and other by their difcretion, by whom the truth may be known 


28 Anno tertio Henrici VIL [hS/. 

to esaoiine, and fuch as they find therein defedive^ to punifh 
them after their demerits, after the form and effed of ftatutes 
thereof made, in like mamier and fi>rm as they fliould and 
ou^t to be punilhed^ as if they were thereof conviA after 
An inoQeft the due order of the law» (4) And over that it is ordained by 
cbas^Mtoin- the authority aforefiud^ That the Juftices of the peace of every 

^^^1^ ^^\ ^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ** ^™® ^^^^Z "^y ^^^^ ^y *cir difcrc- 
of arrathcrb- ^^^ and inqucft, whereof every man (hall have lands and tenc- 
qaeft. ' ments to the yearly value of forty (hillings at the leaft, to in- 

quire of the concealments of other inqudls taken afore them, 
ahd afore other, of fuch matters and offences as are to be in- 
quired and prefented afore juftices of peace, whereof complaint 
(hall be made by bill or by bills, as well within (ranchife as 
without. (5) And if any fuch concealment be found of any 
inqueft, as is afore- rehearfed, had or made within the year a- 
forVthe fan^e concealment, every perfon of the fame inqueft to 
be amerced for the fame concealments, by difcretion of the fame 
juftices of the peace, the faid amerciaments to be ktkd in plein 
The caufft (6) Item^ the King remembering how murders and flaying of bis 
ivhy murden fubje^fs daily do iucreafe in this land, the occafions whereof be dtversi 
^'SedT ^^^ ^^^ ^^'^ ^'^ ^^^^ where fuch murders hat to fall and be doruj 
"* mil mt attach the murdenr^ where the law of the land is. That ^ 

any manbeflain in the day, and the felon not takin, the townjbip whePi 
the death or murder is done, Jhall be amerced; (7) and if any man be 
wounded in peril of death, the party thatfo wounded ftmfd be arrefled, 
and put injurety, till perfe^ knowledge be had, whether he fo hurt 
Jbould live or die : (8 ) and the coroner upon the view of the body dtady 
fliould inquire of htm or them that had done that death or murder, of 
their abettors and conf enters, and who were prefent when the death or 
murder was done, whether man or woman, (9) and the names of 
them that were prefent J and fo found, to inrol and certify, (10) 
which law by ncghgence is dijufedy and thereby great boldnefs is given 
to flayers and murderers; (11) and over this it is ufed, that withnn 
the year and a day after any death or murder had or done, the felony 
Jbould not be determined at the King's fuit, forfaving of the tartfs 
fuit, wherein the party is oftentimes flow, and alfo agreed with, and 
by the end of the year all isforgotten^wbichis another occafton of mur- 
der. ( 1 2)^ A^d alfo he that will Cue any appeal, mufi fue in proper 
perfon, luhichfuit is long and cojtly, that it maketh the party appel^ 
<hJi°^^"^^t /<««/ weary to fue. (13) For reformation of the premi(ies, the 
hb officrac* ^"^8 ^"^ fovereign lord, by the afTent of the lords fpiritual and 
cording to the temporal, and the commons, in the f^id parliament aflembled, 
law. and by ?^uthqrity of the fame, will that every coroner exercife 

Ain d ^"^ ^^ ^'^ 9'^fr^ according to the law, as isafgre reheaifed; 
indtoed AaH (h) an4 that if any man he flain or murdered, and thereof the 
be prefently flayers, Qdurderers, abettors, maintainers, and comforters of 
arraigned at fhe fame, be indi<2e4, ^'^^ ^'^ ftnae flayers and murderers, 
^c King's ^nd all other acce(&ries of the fame, be arraigned and de- 
termined of the fame felony and murder, at any tjqic, at the 
King's fuit, within the year after the fame felony and murder 

' done. 

1487.] • Anno tcrtio Hekrici VII. 29 

done, and not tarry the year and day for any appeal to be taken 
for the fame felony or murder ; ( 15) and if it happen any perfon 3 Inft.Miy2t 3. 
named as principal or accef&r^, to be acquitted of any fuch ^I^SST^^ 
murder at the King's fuit, within the year and day, that theii ^^^^^^^^ 
the fame juftices afore whom he is acquitted, (hall not fuffer him (^1 not be 
to go at large, but either to remit him again to the prifon, or let at liberty. 
elfe let him to bail, after their difcretion, till that year and 
day be palled; (16) and if it fortune the fame felons of mur- 3 Mod. 156. 
derers and acceiiaries fo arraigned, or any of them, to be acquit, i SaUc. 63. 
or the principal of the faid felon^r, or any of them, to be at- *^^^8i •S* 
tainted, the wife, or next heir to him fo (lain, as (hall require, 
may take and have their appeal of the fame death and murder 
witnin the year and day after the fame felony and murder done, 
againft the faid perfons fo arraigned and acquit, and all other 
their accei&ries, or againft the acce^Taries of the faid principal, 
or any of them fo attainted, pr againft the faid principals fo at* 
tainted, if they be on live, and the benefit of his clei^ thereof 
before nothad : ( r7)and that the appellant have fuch and likead- Appeal a- 
vantage, as if the faid acquital or attainder had not been, the fhat^s"*-* 
faid acquital or attainder notwithftanding; (18) and over that raTgncdof'^' 
the wife, or heir of the faid perfon fo (Iain or murdered, as the murder. 
cafe fhall require, may commence their appeal in proper perfon, Within what 
at any time within the year after the faid felony done, before r""*LJ"^ ^* 
the Ineriff and coroners of the county where the faid felony or ap^al 6f* ^ 
murder was done, or before the King in his bench, or juftices murder (hall 
of gaol-delivery; (19) and the appellant in any appeals of mur- he com- 
dcr or death of man, where battail by the courie of the com- 2f"^* « 
mon law lieth not, may make their attomies, and appear by ,„ayma]kcbi» 
the fame, in the faid appeals after they be commenced, to the attorney, 
end <^the fuit, and execution of the fame. (20) And if any i^^^^, .^^ 
perfon be (lain or murdered in the day, and the murderer fcape i And. 6S. 
untaken, that the town(hip where the faid deed is fo done, be 
amerced for the faid efcape, and that the coroner have autho- 
rity to inquire thereof upon the view of the body dead; (21) 
and alfo juftices of peace have power to inquire ot fuch efcapes, 
and that to certify afore the King in his bench ; (22) and that 
after the felony found, the coroners deliver their inquifitions 
afore the juftices of the next gaol-delivery, in the ftiire where 
the inquintion is taken, the fame juftices to proceed againft 
fuch murderers, if they be in the gaol, or elfe the fame juftices 
to put the fame inqui(itions afore the King in his bench. (23) 
And forafmuch as coroners had not nor ought to have any 
thing by the law for their office doing, which oft-time hath 
been the occafion that coroners have been femifs in doing their 
office; (24) it is ordained, That a coroner have for his fee, ^*'«^^']^'J*^'* 
upon every inquifition taken upon the view of the body (lain ^^^\ 
xiii.s. iv.d. of the goods and chattels of him that is the (layer body (laia. 
and murderer, if he have any goods, and if he have no goods, 
then the coroner have for his (aid fee, of fuch amerciaments as 
(hall fortune any town(hip to be amerced for efcape of fuch 
murderer as is aforefaid. (25) And if any coroner be remifs. See iH.s. cr, 


30 Annetof^HtliRlci VIL [1487- 

The penalty ail<l fiiake fiot inquifitioos ufoa th« view of the body desid^ and 
of a coroner cerufv oot according as is a!bre atdamedj that the coroner for 
^?|?^- every default forfeit to the King an hvuadrcd ihilUi^s. (z6) 
theTMaccftall And aUb it is ordained by the lame authority. That every juftioe 
cerdiV a re- of peace within this resim^ that fliall take any recogniCo^ for 
cognifimce by ^^ keeping of the peace^ that the fame juftioe do certify, iend^ 
t h"* ^"^tfe/^ **^ bring the fiwie rec^nifanctf at die neafitfeflions ofpeaoe^ 
fions. where he is or hath been juftice, that the party £0 bound naav 

So imich of be called ; (27) and if the paity make default, the fame defimtt 
this ilatute as then there to be recorded, and the iam^ recognidmce, witb 
rcUtcstolivc. ^ ^^^^ ^£ ^jjg default, be fent and certified into the dum- 
c^by sS^ i>ay, or afore the King in his bend^ or into the Km^9 
C.4. exchequer. 

• CAP. II. 

TiefBomltyfur carrying a woman sway i^ainfi berwilltbat 
hath lands or goods. 

3 Ed. I., c.ig. TTEM, ff^here women^ as well maidens^ as widows^ and wrms^ 

3 Inft. 61. Jl having fubflancesj Jome in goods moveabk^ andfomt in lands and 

\juu^^^ **^ ^^nementSy anajomt being heirs apparent unto their anodlors^ for the 

iAnderf.ti5.ii^r^ of Jiich Juijiances bun oftentimes token bj mif-Mrs^ contrary 

1% Co, 100. to their wiU^ and after married to fucb m^-doersj or to other by 

^T^^ll^^^* "^ <Ji7<f^^ ^^ defoitedj to the great difpleafure ofGodj andamtrarf 

HoS, 182.*^** /^ the King's lawSj and difparagemeiUs ofibefaid women^ and utter 

Kcl. 81. * hcanjinefs and difcomfort if their frienas^ ana to the evil enjample cf 

F€]onytoczr> an other : (2) ft is therefore orchined, eftablifiied, and ena&ea» 

ry away a wo- fey our fovercign lord the King, by the advice of the lords fpiri- 

i^cTv^C That ^^^ ^^^ temporal, and the commons, in the faid parliament af- 

haih lands or fcinbled, and by authority of the fine. That what perfon or 

eoods, or is perfons from henceforth that taketh any woman £0 againft her 

ncjj* W*^^ will unlawfully, that is to fay, maid, widow, or wife, that fuch 

to ker anceit. ^jj^ing^ procuring, and abetting to the,fame, and alio receiving 

By 39EI.C.9. wittingly the lame woman fo taken againft her will, and know^ 

this oifenceising the fame, be felony; (3) and thatf\^ch mif^^doers, takers, 

ouftcdof clcr- and procurators to the fame, and receitors, knowing the faid ofc- 

S^* fence in form aforefaid, be henceforth reputed and judged as 

principal felons. (4) Provided alway. That this a6t extend 

not to any perfon taking any woman, only claiming her as hi» 

ward or bond- woman, 


Juftices of peace mtty kt prifoners to haiL The Jherifffidl 
certrfj the names of all his prifoners at the gaol-delivery. 
\T E M, Pf^'here in the parliament late holden at Wefhninftcr, the 
" fi^ft y^^^ 9f Ricl^ard, late in deed^ and not of rights King (jf 
England, the Third \ it was ordained and enabled among other di^ 
vers aHs^ llyat every jujiiee of the peace in every Jhire^ city^ or 
town^ Jhould have authority and power j by his or their difcretion^ to 
let prifoners y and terfons arrejied for light fufpicion of felcny^ to hail 
3 Ed. I. C.I5. ^^ mainprife 5 (a) by colour whereof afterward divers perfons^ fuch 
as were not mainpernable^ were oftentimes leUen to bail and main" 



14M7.} Anno tenjo Henrici YU. ji 

friffy by jufiicis of tbi piacij againji the dm ferm §/ tbi lawy 
wberify many murdinrs andfiUm ijcaped^ to the gnat difpUafurs 
rf tbf JSngy and annajanci ^ bu lUgt ftopk : (3) Whercfom 
tne King our faid fovereigniord coK&dering it, by the advice 
and aflent of the lords fpiiitual and temporal^ and the commons, 
in this prefent parliament aflembled, and by the authority of 
the iame, hath ordained, eftablilhed, and cnafted. That the 
juftices of peace in every (hire, city, or town, or two of them 
at the leaft, whereof one to be of the ^f^rKm, have authority < ^t 3 ^*t*. 
and power to let any fuch prifoners, or perfons mainpernable by ^^^ \X 
the law, that have been imprifoned within their feveral coun- a pri^one/to 
tics, city, or town, to bail or mainprife, unto their next gene- munprife, 
ral feflions, or unto the next gacd-delivery of the fame gaols in who m main- 
every (hire, city, or town, as well within franchifes as without, P«ro»W^* 
where any gaols have been or hereafter fiiaQ be s (4) and thatthe Inforced by 
faid juftices of the peace, or one of them, fo taking any fuch l^* ^il* & 
bail or mainprife, do i^rtiiy the fame at the next general fef- Mar.c.13. 
(ions of tfaep^ce,or the next general gaol-delivery of any fuch 
gaol within every fuch coimty, city, or town, next following ^ 

after any fuch bail or mainprife fo taken, upon pain to forfeit 
unto the Kmg, for every default thereupon recorded x. li. (5} ThefherliP 
And moreover it is enabled by the feme authority. That every ft^all certify 
fherifr, boUUF of franchife, and every other perfon, having J,^«^^^^^^^ 
authority or power of keeping of gaol, or of pnfoners for fe- his cuftody to 
lony, in like manner and fonn do cert^ the names of every the juftices ot 
fuch prifoner in their keeping, and of every prifoner to tham gaol-dcUTery. 
committed for any fuch caufc, atthe next general gaol-delivery, 
in cilery county 6r franchife where any fuch gaol or gaols have 
been, or beredlter fhaU be, there to be kalendred before the 
juftices of the deliverance of the fame gaol, whereby they may, 
as well for the King as for the ptfty, proceed to make deKver- 
ance of fiich pnfoners according to the law, (6) upon pain to A «P«al «f 
forfeit unto Ac King forcveiydofauk thereof recorded, C-s.*^^^*^^^^^ 
(7) and that the forefaid 2A givmg authority and power in the touching baU- 
premifles to any juftice of the peace by himfelf, be in that be- ing of prifoa** 
half utterly void and of none effeft by authority of this prefent g?; 
pariument. ^^^^^^S^^, 

^l deeds of gift made to defraud creditors fball le void. 

ITEM, Tbat wbire oftentimet dseds of gift of goods and chattels so.Ed.vcfi. 
hofft ban made^ to tbi intent to defraud their creditors of their » ^' *• *^*^- *• 
duties J and tbat the per fan or perfons tbat maietb the faid deed of ^'^j^l ^^^ 
giftgO€tb tofanQuarj^ or other ^aees privileged^ and occupieth and 
hveth with tie faid goods andchatteby their creditors being unpaid : 
(2) It is ordained, enabled, and eftablifhed by the afTentof the 
loids fpiritual and temporal, and at the requeft of the commons 
in the faid parliament aflembled, and by authority of the fame, 
ThataU deeds of gift of goods and chattels made or to be made ^,°f°^^, 
of truft, to the ufe of that perfon or perfons tbat made the fame ^^ dcfraudcrc- 
deed of gift, be void and of none effed. ditort (haUbe 

CAP. void. 

3* Anno tettio Henrici VII. [1487. 

C A P. V. 

Rep. II ■ H. 7. All bargains by the name of dry exchange, (hall be void, where- 
c.». & 37 H. l,y ;my certain fum fhallbe loft. 

'•'•'• CAP. VI. 

None (hall make any exchange without the King's licence, or 
make exchange, or rechange of money to be pslid within the 
. land, but only fuch as the King (hall depute thereunto, to 
keep, and make anfwer for fuch exchanges and rechanges 
Kep. 37. H.S. upon the pain contained in 14 R. 2. c. 2. viz. upon forfeiture 
^9- of the fame, 25 Ed. 3. Jiat, 5. r.12. 9. Ed. 3. r.7. iS£d. 3. 

i^"* ♦S- ji^f^ 2. C.6. All unlawful chevifance and ufury (hall be extir- 

pate ; all brokers of fuch bargains (hall be fet on die pillory, 
put to open (hame, be half a year imprifoned, and pay twen- 
ty pounds. 

ji certificate Jhall be made of goods brought into one port and 
removed to another. One man Jhall not enter goods in the 
name of another. 
A c^ficate JTEM, The King our fovercign lord, by the advice and alTcnt 
brought into ^ °^ ^^ ^^^^^ fpiritual and temporal, and the commons 
one port, and a(rembled in the faid parliam^t, and by authority of the 
cuilQxned»and fame, hath ordained and enadted. That every nterchant, as 
then removed ^gU denizen as (banger, which (hall bring from hencefortfi 
into another. ^^^ manner of goods into any port within this realm by way of 
merchandife, and there do enter the faid goods or mercnandifes 
in the books of the cuftomers of the faid port where the goods 
and merchandifes (hall firftcome to, and the King's duty there- 
of, the faid cuftomers contented, or therefore with him agreed, 
and afterward that done, will convey or carry the fame goods 
or merchandifes from thence in any other port within the faid 
realm : (2) that then the owner of the faid goods and merchan- 
difes,'his {z&ox or attorney, (hall bring from the cuftomers of the 
port where the faid goods or merchandifes be fo entered, a cer- 
tificate under the fame cuftomers feals, direded to the cuftomers 
of the port whereto the faid goods or merchandifes (hall be con* 
veyed or carried, making mention within the (ame certificate, as 
well of the natural coloiu", length, and value of all merchandifes^ 
fo entered, ufed to be meafured with ein or yani, as of the 
natural weight, content or valure of all manner of other mer- 
chandifes, ufed to be weighed or valured : (3) and that the fame 
certificate fo made be delivered to the faid cuftomers, before the 
faid goods be difcharged, fo that they may fee whether the na- 
ture, colour or length, valure, content or weight of the fame, 
do agree within the faid certificate, fo that the King be not de- 
Thc penalty ceived of his cuftoms and fubfidies thereof due. (4) And if 
of acuftomcr any certificate from henceforth be made by any cuftomer of any 
omuting bi9 port whereto any fuch merchandifes or goods (hall be firft 
* brought, and there in their books entered, not making mention 
according as is aforefaid, that then the faid cuftomer or cuftom- 

i486.] Araio tertio Henrici VII. ^3 

erf 9 for their mifbehaving, (hall lofe their oiSce, and make fine 
with the King for the fame at his pleafurc. (5) And further- the forfeiture 
more, if any fuch goods or merchandifes, or any parcel there- ifthe goods be 
of be difcharged, unpacked, or put to fale within arty port then ^o\d bcforcthc 
within the fame where they (hall be firft entered, before the faid ?^^^}^^^^ ^^ 
cenificate (halJ be delivered, and the fame goods and merchan- *^^ " 
difes feen according as above is expreded : that then all the faid 
goods or merchandifes be forfeited to the King our fovereien 
lord ; the one half thereof to remain to his Highnefs, and £e 
other half to him or them which (hall prove any fuch goods or 
merchandifes fo forfeited. (6) And that the cuftomer or cut 
tomers, nor no deputy to any fuch common officer to whom 
fuch certificate (hall come, take nothing for the fight of the fame 
goods fo certified: (7) alfoit is ordained and eftablinied by au- be f^red ^^^ 
thority aforefaid. That no manner of merchant, denizen ne anyothcrpcr- 
ftranger, do take upon him to enter, or caufe to be entered in fon'snamcbut 
the lx>oks of any cuftomer of any port within this realm, any inibcowncr», 
manner of mercnandifes coming into this faid realm, or going 
out of the fame, in any other merchant's name, faving only the 
name of the true merchant owner of the fame, upon pain of for- 
feiture of all fuch goods and merchandifes fo entered: (8) and Acommonof- 
every of the fafd merchants, which fo (hall take upon him to Acerin a city, 
caufe fuch untrue entry to be made, to have imprifonment, and borough, &c. 
make fine therefore at the King's pleafure : (o) and that no per- ^^ ^ ^^ 
fon take upon him to be cuftomer, comptroller or fearcher in comprrolfer ^ 
anv port, m any city, borough or town, where he is common or fearcher 
officer, nor no deputy to any fuch common officer, upon pain there, 
of forfeiture for every half year that he occupieth the faid com- Rep.iH.8,c.> 
mon office, andofficeof cuftomerfhip, comptroller or fearcher, S^**- 
the fum of the one half thereof to the King, and the.' ~^*'^-"' 
other half to him that will fue for the writ, bill or information. ^JJ^a butS 
CAP. VIII. the owner'. 

Merchants aliens^ &c. and viBuallers^ Jhall imploy tbeir^'^^^^ 
money upon the mercbandife of this realm. 

ITEM, That wbire in the parliamtnt of King Edward /A^ 17 Ed. 4. c.i. 
Fourtby holdin at Weftminfter the feventeenth year of his reign^ 
it was ordained among other y That every merchant alien j and every 
ether viffualler, and other Jir anger ^ not being denizen^ that refort 
to any place or port within this realm^ or Wales, after the Feajl of j 
Eafter then next following^ Jhould duly imploy all the money hy him to ::* 
he received within any port within this realm^ or Wales, upon the 
merchandifes or other commodities of this realm ; {2) or elfe without 
fraud put the fame money in due payment within this realm j the 
fame imployment or payment duly to he proved by the merchant, vie* 
tualler^ or other Jiranger, before bis departing out of the fame port^ 
by writing from the merchant or merchants^ to whom the faid mer* 
chant alienj vi£iualler, or other fir anger ^ hath imployed or paid his 
monoy by him received for his merchandifes brought into this land^ 
witneJRng that he bath fo done, or elf e by fuch proofs as JhaU be 
thought reafonabli tot hi cujiomer or comptroller of the fame port, or 
Vol. IV. D <• 

34 Anno terrio Henrici VIL f i 486. 

t9 the mayor ^ bailiffl or other chief governors of afiy city^ borough, or 
town where any fuch portjhall be, (3) upon tain of forfeiture of all 
his goods being within this realm^ and to have imprifonmgni of a 
year \ (4) faving to every fuch merchant, viSfualler, and other 
Jir anger, his reafonahle cofls, with certain frovifions in the fame. 

as by the fame aSt more at large doth appear: (5) which ait was 
made to endure but only from the faid Feafl of ^n^tx, to the end of 
feven years then next enfuing ; fo that no gold and fihtr rectivedhy 

merchants aliens, and other victuallers and firangers, not being de^ 
nizens, for merchandife brought into this land^ is not imployed upon 
the commodities of this land, but conveyed and carriedout of this realm, 
iothe great hfs of the King, in his cuflom andfubjidy, and the im- 
poveri^ing 0/ this realm : (6) It is enaSed, oraained, and efta- 
blifhed by the King our fovereign lord that now is, by the advice 
of the lords fpiritual and tcmpcHral, and at the prayer of the 
commons, in the faid parliament aflembled, and by the autho- 
rity of the fame. That the faid a£t made in the faid feventeenth 
A confinna. year of the reign of King Edward the Fourth, with all things 
ft^ttrte of t comprifed in the fame touching the premiffes ^ and cve^ provi- 
Ed. 4!^ ^^" made in the fame, be good, effe6hial, and endure ror cver^ 
touching* (7) Alfo it is enadted by the faid authority. That every mer- 
merchants chant of Ireland, Jernfey, or Gernfey, that bringeth any mer- 
fli5l mTl** chandifes into this realm, fhall imploy the money received for 
the money V ^'^^ ^^^^ merchandife {his reafonable expcnces deduced) upon 
them received the commodities of this land, or elfe without fraud put the fame 
upon the money indue payment within this realm; (8) the faid imploy- 
2*th?*r^l "^^^ ^ payment to be proved as is aforefaid, upon pain of 
4H.+?™*^°"^^^^"r^ ot the vahie of the merchandife fo brought into this 
»7H. 6. cr3. land. (9) And it is ordained by the faid authority, That every 
gH. >. C.9. cuftomer or comptroller (hall take fufRcient fiirety of every of 
conunuedfor the faid merchant, viftualler, or other ftranger,, to imploy the 
/^^"fif value of the faid merchandifcs, or to put the fame money for 
' ' * the &id merchandifes received in due payment, his reafonable 
expences always deducted, upon pain or forfeiture of the value 
of the faid merchandifes, the one half of the fadd forfeiture to 
the King, the other half to the party that will fuc for the fame. 
Tills to be^n and take eSedt at the Feaft of Chriflmas ne^ 

Freemen of London m(tf carry their wares to any fairs or 


HU M BL Y ftfewen and profen onto your Higbnefs, yonr true 
and faithful commons of this your reabn of England, That 
ivhere the citizens and freemen of the city of London have ufed out 
of time of mind to go, carry, and lede their merchandife and ware 
unto all fairs and markets at their liberty out of the fasd city % new 
wf late time the mayor, aldermen, and citizens of theeityof London, 
have made and enabled an ordinance within the fame city, upon a 
great pain, that no man that is a freeman or citizen of the faid city, 
fhall go or come to any fair or market, out of the fame city ^Lon- 
don, mth any manner of ware or merchandife to fell or to ksrter, to 

a ibis 

14S6.] AnnotertioHENRici VIL 35 

this intenty that all bwfers and merchants fiould refort to the /aid city 
tQ buy their ware and nurchahdifes of the /aid citizens and freeman of 
London aforefaidy becaufe of their lingular lucre and avail \ which 
ffrdinanee^ if it Jbould hold as is before exprejjedy fhall be to the utter 
de/lnUHen of all other fairs and markets within this your realm, which 
Cod defend J for there he many fairs for the commonweal of your faH 
liege people, as at Salilbury, Briftol, Oxford, Cambridge, Not- 
tingham, Ely, Coyentxy, and at maf^ other places where lords fpi-^ 
ritual and temporalj abbots, priors, knights, ejquires, gentlemen, and 
jour fcad commons of every county hath their common refort, to buy 
and purvey many things thai be good and profitable , as ornaments of 
holy church, chalice, books, veftments, and other ornaments of holy 
church aforejaid, and alfo for houfebold, as victual for the time of 
Lent, cmd other fluff', as Hnnen doth, woolen cloth, brafs, pewter, bed* 
ding, ojmonde, iron, flax, and wax, and many other neceffary things, 
the which might not be forbom among your f aid liege people ; but, by 
the fold ordinance, evers man willing to buy any ofthepremiffes,Jball 
be courted to come to the faid city ^London, to their importable cojts 
and charges, which, if the faid aSl fbould endure, Jhallgrow great 
hurt and prejudice to the common wed of this your reahn, ojdjhall caufe 
many pernicious flrifes and debates between your faid liege people, and 
the faid mayor, aldermen, and citizens in time to come, by the making 
of the faid ordinance, the which is thought may not continue andfland 
with rood charity, the premijes conftdered\ wherefore it rrtaypleafi 
yottrmd ISghnefs mofi noble and abundant grace, tn confideration of 
the hurt likefy to grow of and by the premijjes, that it may be enaSfedT 
(2) The King our fovereign lord, in confideration of the hurt 
likely to grow of and by the premiiles, hath by the advice and 
aiflent of me lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in 
the faid parliament aflembled, and by authority of the fame, or- 
dained, ftahlilhed, and enacted. That every freeman and citizen 
of the £ud city of London, that now is, or hereafter Ihallbe, OKiy Citlcent and 
lead, carry, and gp with his or their vi<fhial, ware, or mer- freemen of 
chandife, whatfocver it be, at his or their libaty, to any fair ^^^IJ^^^jJ^^^^ 
or market that (hall pleafe him or them, within this realm of ^su^to any 
England^ any ftatute, adl, or ordinance, made or to be made fairs or mar*' 
within the laid city of London to the contrary of the premises ^** 
notwithftanding; (3) and the faid ordinance and a£t made in the 
(kid city (hall be void and df none efiedt; (4) and that no per- 
ibn of the &id city be hurt or prejudiced in lofing of his liberty 
and (iranchife within the faid city, or otherwife, by reafon or 
occafion of admdling and avoiding of the faid ordinance and a A, 
or for not obeying to the efFed of the fame, (c) And if any 
perfon be prejudiced in any wife by occafion of the fame, he 
that putteth or caufeth ahy perfon to fuch prdudice, (hall lofe 
and foi^it unto the King x.l. as often as he fo doth ; (6) and 
he that will fue for fuch forfeiture, (hall have therefore an aftion 
of debt againft fuch offender, the King to have execution of the 
one half, and he that fueth the other half; (7) and in fuch ac« 
lion the defendant be not admitted towage his law. 

Da GAP. 

jg Anno tcrtio Henrici VII. [1485. 

CAP. X. 

Cojis^ tec. awarded to the plaintiffs where the defendant 
fuetb a writ of error. 

„ TTEM, That where oftentimes plaintiff or demandant^ plmntiffs 

McS. cafes' JL or demandant s^ that have judgment to- recwer^ he delayed of exe^ 
in law, 314.. cutionjfor that the defendant or tenanty defendants or tenants^ againfl 
whom judgment is given, or other that been bjtmd by the faidiudg-- 
Th I * tiff f'^^Ufueth a writ or writs of error to adnul and reoerfe thefaid 
fhaUrecoicr judgment, to the Jntent only to delay execution of the faid judgment : 
cofts and da- (2) it is enacted, ordained, and eftabliflied, by the advice of the 
mages where j^^ds fpiritual and temporal, and at the prayer of the commons, 
the defendant j^^ ^j^^ ^^^jj parliament aflcmblcd, and by authority of the fame, 
eiror beTorc l^^at if any fuch defendant or tenant, defendants or tenants, or 
execution. if any Other that (hall be bound by the faid judgment, fue, afore 
I>ycr, 77. execution had, any writ of error to reverfe any fuch judgment, 
Cro. El. 588, j^ delaying of execution, (3) that then if the fame judgment be 
Cro. Car. 14.5. affirmed good in the faid writ of error, and not erroneous, or 
19 H. 7. c. lo. that the iaid writ of error be difcontinued in the default of the 
Salk 105. party, or that any perfon or perfons that fueth writ or writs of 
Rayra. 134. error, be non-fucd in the fame, that then the faid perfon or 
pcrfonS, againft whom the faid writ of error is fued, mall reco* 
ver his colts and damage fbr his delay and wrongful vexation in 
Co. pla. f. ft. the fame, bv difcretion of the juftice afore whom the faid writ 
24., i6x, 19s. of error is uied. 


No cloth fhall he tranf ported until it be barbed^ rowed, and 


7 Ed.4.. c. 3. TTEM, Wlnre in the faid parliament it wasjbewed by Jhearmen, 
' ' ' A fullers, and other artificers, thatjhovld live and obtain their needy 
fujientation by mean of drapery made and draped within this realm, 
as well throughout the fame realm, as within the city ^London, 
that where in afatute made the feventh year of the reign of King 
Edward the Fourth, among other it is contained. That no perfon, 
denizen ne ftranger, Jhould carry, or do to be carried to any parties be* 
yond the tea, any woolen yarn or cloth unfuUed, but that the woolen 
yam to be made in this realm Jhould be woven in the fame ', 1%) and 
alfo all cloth in the fame madejhodd be fulled and fully wrought with^ 
in this realm, before that any of the fame Jhould he hid or carried out 
of this realm. Upon pain of forfeiture of the very valure of fuch yarn 
not weaved, and cloth not fulled, had or carried out of this realm*, 
(3) the one half of the forfeiture to be levied to the ufe of the King, 
and the other half to him or them that Jhould efpy, or make proof of any 
fuch yarn not woven, or cloth not fulled, carried to any place beyond the 

II. Andforafmuch as in the faid Jlatute of King Edward there is 
no exprefs mention made, that thefaid cloths Jhould be rowed andjhom 
afore that they bi carried and conveyed out of this realm, whereby the 
faid, poor commons of the crafts aforefaid might befet in labour and 


1485.1 Anno tcrtio Henrici VIL 37 

ccaipation ; thenfore the /aid ckthsy ever fitUna unto this day^ have 
been, and yet daily are in great number carried out of this realm ^ un- no woolen 
rswedj and unjbom^ into the parts beyond the fea^ as well by denizens cloth ihall be 
as /{rangers J whereby outlandijb nations^ with the fame drapery^ are tranfportcd 
Jet in labour and occupation^ to their great inrichingj and the poor barbcW*- 
commonsofthe crafts abovefaidy through all this realm^ that of natural ^ed, and 
reafin^ as the Kin^s true liege men^Jbouldhave and obtain their needy (horn, except 
fuftentation and living by means of the fame drapery^ for lack offuch Veflcs.Rays, 
occupation daily fall in great number into idlenefs and poverty^ to their S^sulingCloths, 
uttermojl deJlru£iiony if it Jhould any longer continue: (2) the King gy* h.8.c. 3. 
our fovercign lord, by the advice of the lords fpiritual and tem- & ayH.g.c.'n! 
poral, and at the prayer of the commons, in this faid parliament white woolen 
aflcmbled, and by authority of the fame, hath ordained, ^fta- ^|^®^*^»^^- |JJ*J 
bli(hed, and enadted. That no ftranger nor denizen carry, or unrhornjfect 
make to be carried out of this realm, any woolen cloths, but 33 H. s/c. 19. 
that they before be barbed, rowed, and (horn within the fame 8 El- c 6. 
realm, for the relief, and fetting on work of the faid poor com- '^ Aim.c. 16. 
mons, upon the pain and forfeiture limited in the faid ftatute of 
King Edwardy made upon cloth carried out of this land not ful- 
Jed, to be divided in manner and form as in the fame ftatute it 
is contained. (3) Provided alway. That cloths, called vejfes^ 
RaySy Sailing Cloths^ and other cloths, commonly fold at forty 
(hillings and under, be not comprifed in this prefent z&. 

The King's officers or tenants (hall not be retained by liveries Rep. 3 Car. i. 
with others. c 4. 

No long bow (hall be fold over the price of iii. s. iv. d. 33 H. s. c. 9. 

CAP. XIV. Kep.8El.c..». 

Conjpiring to dejbroy the King^ or any lard or counfelloTj or 
great officer jjhall be felony. 

ITEM, Forafmuch as by quarrels made to fuch as have been in 
great authority^ office^ and of council with Kings of this realm^ 
hath enfued the deftruHion of the Kings, and the undoing of this realm ; 
[2) fi as it hath appeared evidently, when compaffing of the death of 
fuch as were of the Ktng^s truefubjeSis was had, the dejfru^ion of the 
prince was imagined thereby, and for the moji part it hath grown and 
been occajiened by envy and malice of the King*s own hou/boldfervants, 
as notv of late fuch a thing was likely to have enfued \ (3) andforfo^ 
much as by the law of this land, ifa^ual deeds be not had, there is no 
remedy for fuch falfe compaffmgs, imaginations, and confederacies had 
againfl any krd, or any of the King's council, or any of the King's 
great officers in his hmjhold, asjleward, treafurcr, and comptroller, 
and fo great inconveniencies might enfue if fuch ungodly demeaning 
Jhould not bejlraitly punijhed before that aSiual deed were done: (4) 3 ^^^^ 37> ih 
therefore it is ordained by the King, the lords fpiritual and tern- 39- 
poral, and the commons, of the faid parliament aflembled, and 
by authority of the fame. That from henceforward the fteward, 
treafurcr, and comptroller of the King's houfc for the time be- 

D 3 ing, 


3t Annp quarto Henrigi VII. [1487. 

ing, or one of them, h;ive full authority and power to enquire by 
twelve fad and diicreet perfons, of the cheque-roll of the King's 
honourable houihold, if any fervant admitted to be his fervant 
in his houfe fwom, and his name put into the cheque-roll of his 
houfhold, whatfoever he be, fervlng in any manner, office, or 
room, reputed, had, and taken under the ftate of a lord, make 
any confederacies, compafGngs, confpiracies, or imaginations, 
with any perfon or perfons, to deftroy or murder the Kin^, or 
any lora of this realm, or any other perfon fwom to the King's 
council, or fteward, treafurer, or comptroller of the King's 
houfe, (5) that if it be found afore the &id fteward for the time 
being, by the faid twelve fad men, that any fuch of the King^s 
fervants as/is abovefaid, hath confedered, compared, confpired^ 
or imagined, as is abovefaid, that he fo found by that enquiry, 
be put thereupon to anfwer ; (6) and the ftewara, treafurer, and 
conlptroUer, ortwo of them, have power to determine the fame 
(natter, accordin| to the law : (7) and if he put him in trial, 
that then it be tned by other tweive fad men of the fame houf- 
hold, and that fuch Qiil-doers have no challenge but for malice ^ 
(8) and if fucli mif->doers be found guilty by confeflion or other- 
wife, that the faid offence be judged felony ; and they to have 

Ca B;nt. 4S»f judgment and execution as felons attainted ought for to h^ve by 

*74» the common h^w. 

The third parliament, holden in the fourth year 
of the reign of King Hen. VIL Jnno Dom. 

TO the worjhip of God and holy churchy and for the commm weal 
and prof t of this realm ^England, ourjovereign lordHe^ry 
by the grace of God King ^England and France, and lord ^Ire- 
land, thefeventh after the conque/l^ at his parliament hotden at 
Weftminfter the thirteenth day ^January, in the fourth year of bis 
reign ^ by the advice and ajfent of the lords Jpiritual and temporal j and 
the commons y in the faid parliament affemmed^ and by authority of the 
fami^ hath done to be made^ ordained^ and eftablijbed divers Jlatutes 
and ordinances in form as foUoweth, 

EXP.6H.6.C.5. CAP. I. 

t H. 6. c. 3. Commiflions of fewers ihall be made into all the parts of this 

aiH 6 c '°* realm, and to the marches of Calais^ Gt(ien^ and Hamms^ 

vi Ed. i. cJf. during twenty five years. 

4 U.S. CIO. CAP. II. 

jUlaying of^otd andjiker^ meltings ftUing^ an4 marking tbi 


ITEM, Whereas it tvas of old time ufedy and continued till now of 
lateyearsj that there was for the weal of the King cmd the realm^ 
finer s and porters of gold andfiher by fire and water ^ under a rule 
and order belonging unto fhf mnts of Ijoxidon^ Cal^is^ Canterbury, 


1487 J Anno quarto Henrici VIL jg 

York and Durhzmf and in ether places where mints been holden^ 
end at the goUfiniths ball in London, to jine and part all gold and 
fther belonging and needful for the faid mints and fellowjbip of gold-- 
Jmthsj for the amendment of money and plate of the realm^ that every 
thing might be reformed to the rightflandardj as well in money as 
plaUy to the Uafteoft^for the weal of the Kin£s noblemen of the landj 
and common people : (2) butfo it is now, that fuchfiners and porters 
if gold and fther by fire and water.y dwelling abroad in every place of 
this realm out of the rules aforefaid^ and buy gilt ftlper from the mints^ 
changes^ and goldfmiths^ and part and fine it as is afore faid^ and for 
the moftpart oftheftlverfofinedy they do aUay it in divers manners^, 
and fell it at tieir pleafures to every man of what eflate or degree fo^ 
ever he fe, that will hey ofthem^ to makefuch works asple^yeth the 
buyers', (3) therefore men can get nofinejiher when they need it for 
their money ^ for the amendment of money a^dplate^ as hath been in 
timet paft\ wherefore it caufeth money and plate in divers places of 
the realm to be made worfe infinenefs than itjbould be^ as it appear etb 
evidently in divers places ^ to the great hurt of the King*s noblemen of 
the land^ and common people: (4) wherefore the King our fovereign 
lord, by theaflent of the lords fpiritual and temporal, and of the Aliayinr of 
commons, in the faid parliament aflembled, and by authority of gold and fiU 
the lame, hath ondained, enadcd, and eftabliflied. That no finer y**"* r"^*^' 
of gpld and filvcr* nor parter of the feme by fire or water, from j-J^g * ^ 
henceforth allay any fine filver or gold, ne none fell in any other 
wife, ne to any perfon or perfons, but only to the officers of 
mint», changes, and goldfmiths within this realm, for augmen- 
tation and amending of coin and plate, as is aforefaid \ (5) and 
that the mafters of mints, changes, and goldfmiths, for all fucb 
fine gold or filver coming to them, to anfwer the value as it i$ 
worth, according as it is now and hath been in ancient time ac- 
cuflomed after me rate offineneis: ^6) ne that no finer nor 
finers, parter nor parters, fell to no perfon, neither to one nor 
to other, any manner of filver into mafs molten and allayed, up-* 
on pain of forfeiture of the fame» the King thereof to have one 
half, and the finder that can prove, and will fue for it in the 
King's exchequer, the other half. (7 ) and if any finer or finers, ^^^^^ ^•• 
parter or parters of gold and filver, either by fire or water, allay ^^gi^j ^'ijg 
or fdl any manner fine gold or filver, otherwife than it is or- ^ 
dained in this a<^f he or they to lofe thq value of the fame gold 
or filver fo allayed or fold ; the King to have the one half, and 
the finder that can prove it, and will fue for it in the King's 
exchequer, the other half^ {V) Alfo all fuch fine filver as (hall 
be parted and fined as is aforefaid, that it be made fo fine, that 
it may bear twelve penny weight of allay in a pound weight, and 
yet it be as good as fterhne, and rather better than worfe ; (cf) Afinerofgold 
and that eveiy finer put his feveral maii^ upon fuch fine filver, and (iWer 
to bear witneb of the fame to be true, as is afore faid, upon the muftput his 
pain of the value found contrary to be forfeit ; the King thereof"*^'' '"P®" *^* 
to have the one half, and the finder that can prove it, and will 
fue for it in the exchequer, the other half. (10) And that no 37 Ed. 3.C. f 
golcUipith par goldffpilhs within this realm melt or allay any fine 18 £1. c« rj, 

D 4 filver, 

40 Anno quarto Henrici VII. 1*487. 

filvcr, to be for works or any other intent, but only for making of 

^T ^fhf ^^' ^niels, for divers works of goldfmithry, and for amending of 

may*bc melt- P'*^^ ^^ make it as good as fterling, or better, for the common 

ed. weal of this realm. 

Silver molten ^^' ^^^ *^^ ^^^y ^^" ^^ ^^^ filver, nor other filver allayed, 

into mafs (baU molten into mafs, to any perfon or pcrfdns whatfoevcr they be, 

not be Ibid, nor one goldfmith to another. {%) This ordinance to be kept 

by the goldfmiths in every point, upon pain of forfeiture of the 

fame filver, or the value thereof; the King thereof to have the 

one half, and the finder that can prove it, and will fue for it in 

the King's exchequer, the other half. 

A repeal of '^^* ^^^^ ^^ *^ ordained by the fame authority. That all letters 

patemsof patents and grants of offices belonging or pertaining to the 

offices belong- mint of our fovereign lord the King, of exercifed in the fiune, 

ing to the with fees and wages thereto belonging, be from henceforth void 

"^^ andofnoneefFea. 


Butchers Jhall kill no beafts within any walled tpwHj or 

ITEM // was Jbrojed'hy a petition put to the King our fmd 
fovereign lord^ in the /aid parliament^ by hisfubjeets and parijb^ 
toners of the parijh of St. Faith'j, and St. Gregory'i in London, 
fiear adjoining unto the cathedral church of St. Paul'j, That whereas 
great concourfe of people^ as well of his royal perfon^ as of other great 
Iprds andfiatesy with other his true fubjeflSy oftentimes was had unto 
the faid cathedral church of St. Paul'j, and that for the moftpart 
throughout the parijhes aforefaid^ the which oftentimes been greatly an-- 
noyed and dijiempered bv corrupt airs engendered in the faid parijhes ^ 
by occafton of bloody and other fouler things^ by reafon of the flaughter 
jfbeajls^ and f calling offwine. had and done in the butchery of St. 
Nicholas'^ pjh-jhamilesy whofe corruption and foul ordure^ by 
violence of unclean^ corrupt^ and putnfied waters^ /* borne dmvn 
through the faid parijhes^ and compajfeth two parts of the palace^ 
where the King's mojt royal perfon is wont to abide when be cpmetb to 
the cathedral church for any a^ there to be done^ to the jeopardous 
abiding of his moji noble perfon^ and to over -great annoyance of the 
parijhioners there^ and of other the Kin^sfubje£fs andjlrangers that 
fafs by the fame \ (2) complaint whereof at many and divers feafons^ 
clfo by the f pace of fix teen years continually^ as well by the canons and 
petty canons of the faid cathedral churchy landlords there^ as alfo by 
many other of the Kin^sfubieas of right honeji behaviour ^ hath been 
niade unto dtvers mayors and aldermen of the city ^London, and no 
remedy had ne found ; ( 3) that it may pleafe our faid fovereign lord^ of 
his abundant grace^ to provide for the confervatton as well of his moft 
royal perfon^ as to fuccour his poor fubjeif sand fuppliants in this behalf 
confidering that in few noble cities andtownSy or none within chriften- 
dom^ whereat travelling men have laboured^ the common flaughter-houfe 
ofbeajhjbouldbe kept in any fpecial part within the walls of the fame ^ 
left it might ingender fuknefs^ unto the deftnOlion of the people \ (4) 
\\it King our fovereign lord, in confideration of the premiffes, 


1487- j Anno quarto Henrici VII. 41 

hath, by the advice and aflcnt of the lords fpiritual and tem- 
poral, and the commons, of the faid parliament aflembled, and 
by authority ofthe fame, ordained and enafted. That no butcher. Butchers (hall 
nor his fervant, flay no manner beaft within the faid houfe cal- l^i" no bcafts 
led the Sialding-hmfe^ or within the walls of London^ upon pain.|"^^^|Jl' ^' 
to forfeit for every ox twelve pence, and every cow, and every or any walfed 
other beaft eight pence; ^5) the one half thereof to the King town, except 
our fovereign lord, and tne other half to every of the King's ^^^^n^ *"** 
lieges that will fue for the fame by action of debt, and no pro- ^*'"""^- 
teSion or eflbin be allowed to any of the defendants againft whom 
any fuch adion (hall be conceived ; and that in the fame action 
of debt fuch procefs be made, as in other anions of debt fued at 
the common law. (6) And over this it is ordained and enaded 
by the faid authority. That the faid ordinance, a6t, and law, 
extend, and be obferved and kept in every city, borough, and 
town, walled within his realm of Englana, and in the town of 
Cambridge (the towns of Berwick and Carlifle^ except and fore- 
prifed.) Provided alway. That this prefent adt begin and take 
eSeiSt at the feaft of the Annunciation of our Lady next enfuing, 
and not afore. 

Prote^Hons granted to them which then were, or after (hould Exp. 7 H. 7. 
be in the King's fervice in Britain. And certain immunities ^* *> ^ 3« 
granted to the feoffees^ executors, and heirs of them which 
fiiaU die in that fervice. 

CAP. V. 
A repeal of all letters patents granted to any fpiritual perfons to - h. 7. c. 6. 
be difcharged of the payment or coUeftion of difmes. 

A repeal of all letters patents granted of any offices within the 
foreft of Ingle-woody faving to the lord DacreSy and earl of 

Fees to the King's yeomen and grooms (hall be no longer of 
force than whilft they do their duties. 
Whofoever (hall fell by retail a broad yard of the fineft fcarlet Rep. *ijac. i. 
grained, or other grained cloth of the fineft. making above c. %%. 
xvi. s. or a broad yard of any other coloured cloth above xi. 8« 
i^c. (hall foreit xl. s. for every yard fo fold. 


No hatter or eapper, (hall fell any hat above the price of xxd. R«P' 3 H. S. 
the beft, nor any cap above ii s. viiid. the beft, upon pain to ^ \\'x^^ ,. 
forfeit xl. s. for every hat or cap fold above. c.48. 

CAP. X. 

Of wine and Tholoufe woade. 

ITEM, That where great minijhing and decay bath been noiv of s^. a.ftat. i. 
late time of the navy of this realm ^England, and idlenefs of the c. 3. 
fnariners wit fin the fame^ by th$ which this ngbk realm within Jhort \^yj^'^\ 

fr^cefs •♦• • • 

4^ Anno quarto HenrIci VIL [^4S7« 

7 H. «. c. «. frmfi of time^ without nformation he had tbeniny JhaU mt be cf 

* J 5* \ ^* '^' <«^^% »^ offtrengih and power to defend itfelf. Wherefore the 
< & (5 U.6^ Kin^ur tovereign lord, by the advice of the lords fpiritual and 
c. i8. * temporal, and at the prayers of the commons, in the (aid parlia- 
Repealed by ment aflembkd, and by authority of the fame, hath ordained, 

* ®^5i ^' ^ eftabliflied, and enacted. That no manner of perfon, of what de- 
^El c < C 1 1 . P"*^ ®^ condition that he be, convey or bring into this realm, Ire^ 
^ ' ' hndj fTaleSf Calais^ or the marches thereof, or Berwhkj from the 

feaft of the nativity of Saint 7^^ Baptijij that (hall be in the year of 
our Lord God M.CCCC. AC. any manner wines of thegrow- 
ing of the dutchy of Guyen or Gafcoine^ or woade called nohuji 
Woade^ but fuch as (hall be conveyed, adventured, or brought 
in (hip or (hips, whereof our faid Sovereign lord, or fome of his 
fubjeds of this his realm oi England^ IrelandyH^aks^Calats^oxBer-' 
wUX been owners, pofieflbrs, and proprietaries ; and the fame 
mailer under God, and the mariners of the (ame (hip or (hips, 
EngUJbj Irijby or JVelJh^ or men of Berwick^ or men of Calais^ 
or of the marches of the fame, for the more party, upon pain ta 
forfeit the fame wines and woade fo brought contraiy to this 
aft, the one half thereof to the King, and the other half to him 
or them that feifeth the fame wine or woade. 

II. And alfo hath ordained and ftablifhed by the (aid autho^ 
rity. That no perfon inhabited within this r^m, other than 
]nen:bants ftrangers, from the feaft of Saint John^ freight nor 
charge within this r^m or H^aks any (hip or other veiSS of any 
alien or (hunger, with any manner of merchandife, to be carried 
out of thi^i reum or JVales^ or to be brought into the fame, if he 
may have fufltcient freight in (hips or vefiels of denizens of thi$ 
realm in the fame port where he (hall make his freight, upon 
pain to forfeit the fame merchandifes, the one half thereof to the 
King our fovereign lord, and the other half to him or them 
which ibiieth the fame merchandifes. 

Illr Provided always. That this aft extend not to any (hip 
or (hips, having any of the faid wares or merchandifes, con- 
ftrain^ by tempeft of weather or enemies to arrive in any port 
or place within this realm, fo that the owners of the faid wares 
and merchandifes make thereof no fale within this realm, other 
than for vidhials, or repairing of the fame (hip or (hips, or tack«> 
Hn^ thereof, which they of necefiity be compelled to make. 


Exp. 4 Ed. 4. No perfon during ten years (|)all buy or take promife of bai^'n 
^. 4- ot any wool that (hall grow in Berks^ &c. before the 

37 H. «. c. 15. JJfumption of our lady next after the (hearing thereof, but 
5 &6 Ed. 6. ^^^Yi as (hall make yam or cloth thereof; nor any merchant 
' " (hunger before the Purtfication of pur l^dy, iic^ upon pain of 

forfeiture of the double va}uc« 


1487.J Anno quarto Henrici YIL 43 

CAP. ill. 

AU juJHces of peace Jhall execute their commiffionj redreff 

injuries^ and maintain the laws. 

ITEM the King mrfivereign lord confidereth^ That ty the negU' 4 !«*• «7o- 
gcme^ mifdinuamngyfavour^ and other inordinate coups ofjujiicn 
^f peace in every Jbire of this his reabn^ the laws and ordinances made 
fir the politique weal^ peace ^ and good rule ofthefame^ and fir the 
perfiiffurety^ and reft fid living ofbis/ubje^s ofthe/ame^ be not duly 
executed according to the tenor and effeSl that they were made and or- 
ddnedfir \ (2) wherefore hisfubjeHs been grievoujh hurtj and out of 
furety ef their bodies andgoodsy to his great difpkafure i fir to him ts 
n^hing more joyous than to know hisjubje^s to Uve peaceably under 
bis lawSy and to increafe in wealth andprojperity^ (3) and to avoid fucb 
enermiiies and injuries^fo that his fatdtubje^s may live refifuUy un- 
der bis peace and laws^ to their increaje: (4) he will that it be or- 
dained and enaacd by authority of this faid parliament, That e- o7p2m £Sl 
veryjufticeofpeace within every (hire of this realm, within the ihirs caufe this pro- 
where he is juftice of peace, ao caufe openly and folemnly to be clunation to 
proclaimed yearly four times a year, in' four principal feflions, *?* °**5** ^^ 
the tenor of this orodamation to this bill annexed; (5) and^^*"*"*^ 
that every juftice of peace being prefent at any of the laid leffions, 
if they cau& not the (aid proclamation for to be made in form 
aboveiaid, ihall forfeit unto our (bvereign lord at every time 
XX s, 

IL HsN^jcus Dei Gratia^ iic. The Kin^ our fovereign lord 
conCdereth, how daily within this realm his coin is traiteroufly 
counterfeited, murders, robberies, felonies, been grievoufly 
committed and done, and alfo unlawful reteinors, idleneCs, un« 
lawful plays, extorfions, miidemeanines of (heriifs, efcheators, 
and many other enormities and unlawful demeanines daily 
grown more and more within this realm, to the great dilpleafure 
of God, hurt and impoveriihing of his fubjedb, and to the fub* 
verfion of the policy and good governance of this his realm ; for 
for by tbefe faid enormities and mifchiefs his peace is broken, his 
fiibjdEls troubled, inquieted, and impoveriflied, the husbandry of 
this land decayed, whereby the church oi England is upholden, wtafj!?^ 
the fisrvice of God continued, every man thereby hath his fuf- ^^' 

tenance, every inheritor his rent for his land : (2) for reprefling 
and avoiding of the faid mifchief, fufficient laws and ordinances 
have been made by authority of many and divers parliament* 
holden within this realm, to the great coft of the King, his 
brds, and commons of the fame, and lacketh nothing, but that 
the faid laws be not put in due execution, which laws ought to 
be put in due execution by the juftices of peace of every (hire of 
this realm, to whom his grace hath put and given full authority 
fo to do fith the beginning of his reign, (3) And now it is come Theflacknef$ 
to his knowledge, that his fubjedls be little eafed of the faid of juftices of 
mifchiefs by the (aid juftices, but by many of them rather hurt peace in the 
than helped i and if his fubjefts complin to thcfe juftices of i?*t^*f5"''^^ 



Juftices ncg- 
ie6ling to exe- 
cute their 
or any one 
them, liable to 
pains and the 
Kine*8 dif. 

Ferfons griev- 
ed may com- 
plain to tHe 
lufticet of 
peace and»if 
they have no 
remedy, to 
the Juuicei of 
afllie, and 
then to the 
King or his 

The puniOi- 
ment of the 
jaftice found 
^ilty of omit- 
ting ois duty. 

Anno quarto Henrici VIL [1487. 

peace, of any wrongs done to them, they have thereby no re- 
medy, and the faid mifchiefs do Increafe, and be not (ubdued. 
(4} And his grace confidereth. That a great part of the vrealth 
and profperity of this land ftandeth in that^ that his fubjeds 
may live in iurety under his peace in their bodies and goods, 
and that the hulbandry of this land may increafe and be up- 
holden, which muft be had by due execution of the faid laws 
and ordinances, chargeth and commandethall the juftices of the 
peace of this his (hire, to endeavour them to do and execute 
the tenor of their commiflion, and the faid laws and ordinances 
ordained for the fubduing of the premiffes, as they will ftand 
in the love and favour of his grace, and in avoiding of the 
pains that be ordained if they do the contrary. (5) And more- 
over he chargeth and commandeth. That every man, what 
degree or condition that he be of, that let them in word or deed 
to execute their faid authority in aiiy manner form abovefaid, 
that they (hew it to his grace ; and if they do not, and it come 
to his knowledge by other than by them, they (hall not be in 
his favour, but taken as men out of credence, and be put out 
of commiflion for ever, (6) And over this he chargeth and 
commandeth all manner of men, as well the poor as the rich 
(which be to him all one in due miniftration of juftice) that 
is hurt or grieved in any thing that the faid juftice of peace 
may hear, determine, or execute in any wife, that he fo 
erieved make his complaint to the juftice of peace that next 
dwelleth unto him, or to any of his fellows, and defire a re- 
medy ; (^j) and if then he hath no remedy, if it be nigh fuch 
time as his juftices of aflifes come into that (hire, that then 
he fo grieved (hew his complaint to the fame juftices ; (8) and 
if then he have no remedy, or if the complaint be made long 
afore the coming of the juftices of aflife, then he fo grieved 
come to the King's highnefs, or to his chancellor for the time 
being, and (hew his ^rief ; ^9} and his faid highnefs then 
fhall fend for the faid juftices, to know the caufe why his faid 
fubjefts be not eafed, and his laws executed ; whereupon if he 
find any of them in default of executing of his laws in the pre- 
miflcs, according to his high commandment, he (hall do him 
fo offending to be put out of the commi(rion, and further to 
be puni(hed according to bis demerits, ^xo) And over that, 
his faid highnefs (hall not let for any favour, aflFeftion, coft, 
charge, nor other caufe, but that he (hall fee his laws to have 
plain and true execution, and his fubje<5ts to live in furety of 
their lands, bodies, and goods, according to his faid laws, 
and the faid mifchiefs to be avoided, that hi$ fubjedh may 
cncreafe in wealth and profperity, to the pleafure of God, 


1487*] Anno quarto Henrigi VII. 45 

Clergy Jhall he allowed but once. A comnSt ferfon Jball be 
marked with the letters M or T. A frovifion for them 
which be within orders. 

ITEM, Whereas up(m trujl of the privilege of the churchy divers Clerey (hall 
perfons Uttered have been the more hold to commit murder,^ rape^ be allowed but 
robbery y thefts and all other mtfchievous deeds^ becaufe they have been HdJiaSS 
continually admitted to the benefit of the clergy as oft as they did offend * * '* 
in any of the prermffis ; (2) in avoiding fuch prefumptuous holdnefs^ 
it is enaAed, ordained, and eftabliihed by the authority of this 
prefent parliament. That every perfon, not being within orders^ 
which once hath been admitted to the benefit of his clergy, 
eftibons arraigned of any fuch offence, be not admitted to have 
the benefit or privilege of his clergy : (3) And that every perfon A perfon coo* 
b convided for murder, to be marked with an M upon the ^^^ ^^^ he 
braun of the left thumb ; and if he be for any other felony, ^Y^l ^^^ 
the fame perfon to be marked with a T in the fame place of the or t! 
thumb, aiod thofe marks to be made by the gaoler openly in the Raft.'pla. f. 56. 
court before the judge, before that fuch perfon be delivered to Co, lit. 50. 
the ordinary. (4) Provided alway, if any perfon at the fecond ^^* ^'^"* 
time of afking his clergv, becaufe he is within orders, hath i"||^yperfbn 
not then and there ready his letters of his orders, or a certificate in orders ask 
of his ordinary witndfing the fame, that then the juftices, his dergy, he 
afore whom he is fo arraigned, fhall give him a day by their JJjall ipro<i«ce 
difcretion to bring in his faid letters or certificate j (5) and if J jl oSiTar^'s 
he fiul, and bring not in at fuch a day his faid letters, nor cer- certificate. 
tificate, then the fame perfon to lofe the benefit of his clergy^ «s H. 8. c. x. 
as he diall do that is without orders. 


Sealing of writings touching the earldom of March. 

ITEM, Where afore in the time of Eing Edward the Fourth^ 
dU feoffments^ gifts^ grants^ dennfesy prefentmentSy nominations^ 
releafesy warrant s^ and confirmations ^ made to any perfon orperfms^ 
of any caftles^ honours^ manors^ lands, and tenements, or other 
tereditaments, or advantages, parcel, or pertaining to the earldom 
^ March, or pertaining to any manors, lands, tenements, or other 
hereditaments in demefne, or reverfion, parcel, or pertaining to the faid 
earldamoflAaxcii, were made and paffed under a fpecialfeal, named 
thefealojthe marches, whereby is g^own great vexation, troiible,andde^ 
uit ofthefubje^s of the King ourfovereign lord : (2) Wherefore it All writings 
is enaAed by the authority of this prefent parliament. That all of any parcel • 
feoffments, gifts, grants, demifes, prefentments, nominations, Jom ofMarch 
and all other writings whereto fealing is requifite, to be made (hall be under 
after the feaft of the purification of our Lady, in the fifth year of the great (eal. 
the reign of our fovereign lord that now is, of any parcel of 
the faid «arldom, be had, done, and made by the King our 
faid fovereign lord, under the broad feal of his chancery, as 
it is ufed in all other things concerning the crown^ by the courfe 
of the common law, and by none odier feal. 



Anno quarto HenricI VII. 


Ex edit. Raft. 
Mayor ot' 

^Inft. 150* 




The mayor ^London and bis fuccejfors^ Jhall have the like 
confervaHan and authority in all the ijfues^ breaches^ and 
ground overflown^ as far as the water ebbetb andfiowetb^ 
grown out of the river Thames, as touching the punifh- 
mentsfor ujing unlawful nets and engines y as be, had with- 
in thefaid river. 

ITEM, where the nrnor of the city of London, for the time 
beings is confervatofj having the confervation of the water and 
river ojnrhzmtSj from the bridge ofStaineSj unto the waters ofYcn- 
dMandModyfzy : itisjo that within few year Sj bytempeji of weather 
and great abundanu of waters in thefcad river of Thames, Overs 
breaches^ ijfues and creeks^ have been and grown out of the f^ river 
^Thames, and by the fame divers pa/hires^ meadows^ and grounds 
of divers perfons been drowned and overjlovm : in which breaches 
tffues and creeks^ and ground drownedj the fry and brood of fijbfor 
the mcft part refieth^ and in the fame place the /aid fry and brood 
in great multitude daily is taken by the faidpjbers there j with 
ufdawful engines and nets for bait of eels ana codsj and aUo for 
the feeding of their hogSj to the utter difiruHionef the fend fry emi 
broody without a remedy the rather be provided: The i^ing our faid 
fovereign lord by the advice of the lords fpiritual and temporal, 
and at the prayers of the commons in the iaid parliament af- 
fembled, andbyauthorityof the fame, hath ordained, ftabliOi- 
ed, and enadted. That the mayor of London^ and his fucceflbrs 
mayors for the time l>eins, have the confervation and rule, and 
like authority in every of the faid breaches, ii&ies, and creeks, 
and ground (o drowned and overflown, as far as the water ebbech 
and floweth, as touching the punition for ufing of unlawful 
nets and other unlawful engines in filhing, like as he and his 
predeceflbrs have or hath in the fame water and river oiThameSy 
within the bounds afore rehearfed : and to do all other like cor-* 
redlion and puni(hment there concerning the reformation and 
redrefs of unlawful nets and engines, as he and his predeceflbi^ 
have ured and ought to ufe in the faid river of Thames. Pro- 
vided alway. That the mayor of London^ or his fucceflbrs 
mayors for the time being, have not the confervation nor rule nor 
authority in any of the faid breaches, iflues, creeks and grounds 
fo drowned and overflown within the King's ground, or being 
within any franchifes of any perfon or perfons l^iritual and tem- 
poral, as touching the punitionfor ufmg of unlawful nets and other 
unlawful engines in fifhing, nor to do any corredtion or puniih- 
ment there concerning the reformation and redrefs of unlawlRjl 
nets and engines, as the faid mayor and his fucceflbrs have ufed 
and ought to ufe in the faid river of Thames* 


I487-1 Anno quarto Henrici VII. 4^ 

The penalty of faking mare farms than am in the Ifk (f 


The charges aHi benefit of the heir ^Ceftui que ufc. 

ITEM, Where by an cftatutc made at MarWridg$j it was 4inj|. 196. 
ordained. That when tenants made feoffments in fraud to Co. Lit. S4. b. 
make the lords of the fee to lofe their wards, the lords (hould 
have writs to recover their wards againft fuch feoffees, as in the 
(aid ftatute among other things appeareth more plainly at large : 
(2) Sith the making of which eftatute many ims^nations have 
been had and yet been ufed, as well by fcomnents, fines 
and recoveries, as otherwife, to put lords from their wards of 
lands holdenof them by knights fervice: (3) It is therefore 
ordained, eilablifhed and enaded by authority of this pre- 
fent parliament. That the faid ftatute of Martbridgt be obferved 
and kept in all manner of things after the form and effect 
diereof. (4) And over, that it is ordained and enadled by the 7*],^ heir of 
£ud authority. That if any perfon or perfons, of what eftate, Ceftmquf uf$ 
degree or condition he or they 1)e of, or hereafter fliall be, holding liis 
feifed in demean or reverfion or ftate of inheritance, being te- i^^f^ ^^ 
nant immediate to the lords of any caftles, manors, lands and vi^wjtbi^' 
tenements, or other hereditaments holden by knights fefvice age, (hall be 
In his or their demean, as of fee, to the ufe of any other per- in ward \ and 
fon or perfons, and of his heirs only, he to whofe ufe he w Sf ^?^ *^' .^ 
they be fo feifed dieth, his heir being within age, no will by him tv^X'SwU 
declared, nor made in his life touching the premifles, or any of haveanaaion 
them: the lord of whom fuch caftles, manors, lands, tenements of wafle a- 
and hereditaments been holden immediately, (hall have a writ of S^^.l^^ 
right of ward, as well for the body as for the land, as the lord S^'Snr 
fliould have had, if the fame anccftor had been in DoiTeilion of wafte. 
that eftate fo being in ufe at that time of his death, and no fuch ef- Damages for 
tate to his ufe made. (5) And if any fuch heir be of frill age ^ defendant 
at the doith of his anceftor, to pay relief, as his anceftor, whofe JLhtof wd 
heir he is, had been in pofleflion of that ftate fo being in ufe ^^h. 3.C. 6.* 
at time of his death, and no fuch eftate to his ufe made or 1 R. s*'c. 1/ 
had. (6) It is alfo ftablilhed and enaded by the faid authority >9 H. 7. c 15. 
aforefaid. That fuch heir, or heirs fo being m ward, fliall have !2 5] J* f' '*' 
like adion of wafte againft the faid lords, or againft them in iJcar.».c.*M^ 
whofe ward they fo be, as they or any of them fliouId have had, 
and recover fueh damages and fuch penalties to be to the faid 
lord and guardians, as ftiould have been if their anceftor had 
died thereof feifed. (7) And moreover, if any fuch lord bring 
any fuch writ of right of ward againft fuch perfon or perfons, 
and be banced in the (ame : that then the lame defendant or de* 
fendants ftiall recover damages againft the faid plaintiffs, for 
their wrongful vexation in the fame. Provided always, that this 
aS be^n to take effeA of the heirs of them that (hall die after 
thefeaft of £42/?^, that ftiaH beinthe year of our Lord M.CCCC, 
\xx». CAP. 

^8 Anno quarto Henrici VIL [1487- 

Rep. I Ed, 6. CAP. XVIII. 

c.x». The forging of the coin of other realms allowed to lie current 

1 Mar. feff. i. j^^ ^^j^^ ^^^ q^^^ y^ tresSon. ' 



Rep.39£l.c.i. The penalty for decaying of houfes of hulbandry, or not laying 

& »i Jac.i. ^ convenient land for the maintenance of the fame, 

c. i8. 


Anions papular^ profecuted by collufton^ Jball he no har to 
ibofe which be purfued with good faith. 

Tbccnormi- TTEM, That where aSf ions popular in divers cafes have been 
ties of collu- X ordained hy many good a£fs andftatuies afore this time made^ for 
(ion praaifed ^^^ reformation of extortions^ maintenances^ opprejfions^ injuries^ exa^i-- 
atdionlfpopu- ^^^ and tvrongs ufed and committed within this realm j (2) which 
lar. anions been very penal to all mifdoers and offenders in fuch anions 

condemned^ and much profitable as well to the King^ as to every of 
his fubje£ls that them will fue and maintain^ if the fame anions 
fo fued and commenced might be truly purfued without covin or col^ 
lufvm. (3) But now it is fo commonly ufea within this realm^ that )f 
any fuch offenders offending in cafes where any of the faid a&ions lie^ 
then the j aid mifdoers or offenders y in ef chewing to leefe the faid 
penalties^ will caufe an aSfion popular to be commenced againft them 
by covin of the plaintiffs upon that cafe wherein they have fo of-^ 
fended \ (4) or elfe if any fuch ailion popular be commenced againjl 
any fuch faid offender by good faith j then the fame offendgr will defaj 
the faid aSfion^ either by non-appearance or by traverfe^ and hang- 
ing the fame a^fion^ the fame offender will caufe like aRion popuUir 
to he brought againfl him by covin^ for the fame caufe and offence 
that thefirjl a6fion was fued^ and then by covin of the plaintiff in 
that feconaaSf ion he will be condemned^ either by confeffton^ feigned 
trial J or releafe\ (5) which condemnation or releafe^ fo had by col- 
lufion and covin^ pleaded by the faid offender y Jhalt bar the plaintiff 
in the action fued in good faith ; (6; and by thefe fubtil means of 
collufion and covin the faid good aUts andjiatutes feldom been executed 
againjl fuch offenders which caufeththem to be bolder to offend theKing^ 
as zvell in breaking of the faid Jtatutes^laws J andpeace^ as in robbings 
murdering^ exaHions takings quarrels maintaining^ and the King*s 
poor Jubjects by extortion and many other unlauful means oppr effing : 
Recovery in il) Therefore the King our fovereign lord, in reforming of the 
an a6Hon po- premiiTes, by the advice and aflent of the lords fpiritual and 
puUr by co- temporal, and at the requeft of the faid commons, in this faid 
!""» ^-* ^^ prefcnt parliament affembled, and by authority of the fame, 
J„ * ]*™Si nath ordained, eftablifhed, and enabled. That if any perfon or 
an afifeon perfons hereafter fue with good faith any acVion popular, and 
fued with the defendant or defendants in the fame atSlion plead any man- 
good faith, yjgj. Qf recovery of adtion popular in bar of the faid adlion, or 
elfe that the fame defendant or defendants p!ead,that he or Aey 
before that time barred any fuch plaintiff or plaintiffs in* any 
fuch aftion popular, that then the plaintiff or plaintiffs in the 
aSion taken with good faith may aver, that the faid recovery 


l4*7*} Anno quarto HEtJRici Vria " 49 

in the faid aAion popular was had by covin, or elfe to aver that 
the faid plaintiff or plaiiftiffs was or were barred in the faid 
adion popular by covin, that then, if afterward the faid col- 
lufion or covin fo averred be lawfully found, the plaintiff or 
plaintiffs in thatadlion fued with good faith, (hall have recovery 
according to the nature of the aSion, and execution upon the 
fame in like wife and effed, as though no fuch adtion afore 
had been had. (8) And moreover, that it is enacted and or- The pt^nifh^ 
dained by the authority aforefaid. That in eveiy fuch aAion ment of the 
popular, wherein the defendant or defendants fhaU be lawfuUv ^"^ j*°r *^"*^ 
condemned or attainted of covin or collufion, as is afore faid, luflon. 
that every of the fame defendants have imprifonment of two 
years by procefs of capias and outlagary, to be fued within 
the year after fuch judgment had, or ^t any time after, till the faid 
defendant or defendants fhall be had and imprifoned, as is afore 
laid, and that as well at the Iting's fuit, as of every other that 
will fue in that behalf : (o) And that no releafe of any common f^^ rtltzCe ot 
perfon hereafter to be macle to any fuch party, whether before or a common 
after any aAion popular, or indidlment of the fame had or Pfrfon can 
commenced, or made hanging the fame aftion, be in any wife «'fchargea 
available or effedhial to let or furceafe the faid adlion, indidl- {J^jJ" ^ *^" 
ment, procefs, or execution. (10) Provided alway. That no j^^^y^g^^^ 
plaintiff or plaintiffs be in any wife received to aver any covin avemble 
m any action popular, where the point of the fame aAion, or wfaere the 
elfe the covin or collufion, have been once tried, or lawfully P^nt of the 
found with the plaintiff or plaintiffs, or againft them, by trial b^n tritd by 
of twelve men, and not otherwife. verdi£^. 


An aA that no engines fhall be ufed for deftroying tfae fry of fi(h £ x P* 
in Qr/irrf haven in 5zj^/i, upon pain of forfeiture often pounds 
for every offence. To endure to the beginning ofthe next parliament. 

If any perfon, before the next parliament^ bring, or piit to E X P« 
fale any gold of Venice^ Florence^ or Genoa for a pound weieht, 
which doth not contain xii. ounces, or that the gold packed 
be not in greatnefs of thread or colour wrought according to 
the outward fhew thereof, he fhall forfeit the fame, or the v^ue 
thereof. To endure to the beginning of the next parliament. 

The flatute provided 17 Ed. 4. r. i. againfl the tranfporting of i H. S. €.15* 
money, plate, or jewels, revived for twenty years. 


How often a fine levied in the common pkas Jhall be reed 

and proclaimed^ and who then fhall be bound thereby. 

ITEM, Where it was ordained in the time of King Edward the i7Ed.t.fUt.T. 
Firfty by thejlatute de finibus, that notes and fines to be levied ci. 
in the King^s court afore his jujiices Jhould be openly and folemnly read^ Exrfaincd by 
and that pleas in tie mean time Jhould ceafe^ and this to be done by J L^n 77 
Vol, IV. E /w^i Andcrfi*- 

^o Anno quarto H^krici VH, [ ^48 7*^, txvo days in the week^ after the difcretynt of the jufttaSy as in tbt 

"♦: faidjlatute more plainly appiareth : The King our faverrign loni 

5avu,S5,8S, gonfidcrcth. That fines oughl to be of the grcatcft ftrength to 

3 Bulft. J 5ft. avoid ftrifes and debates, and to be a final end and conclufion; 

1 RoIlyi|39 and of fuch efTeft were taken afore a ftatute made of non-dahn, 

»57»«7«* «m1 now is ufed to the contrary, to the imiverfal trouble of the 

ift^tlft wt ^^"8'« fubjcas, will therefore it be ordained, by the advice 

40ft!4X7!5oo, of the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in the 

501. , faid parliamait ailembled, and by the authority of the lame^ 

7 ^;J** - That after the ingroffing of every fine to be levied after the 

F^b^oDs feaftof £^^r,that ftiallbcintheyearof ourLordM.CXXX.XC. 

of fines. in the Kmg's court, afore his juftices of the common place, c£ 

AVho fliall be any lands, tenements, or any other hereditaments, the lame fine 

conduded bv ^e openly and folemnly read and proclaimed in die fame court 

whonot. ^^^ ^^^^ tmn^ and in three terms then next following the fame 

31 El. cft. ingrofiing in the feme court, at four feveral days in every term ; 

Capla. f. t6. and in the fame time that it is fo read and proclaimed, all pleas 

^owd.i.«45. to ceafc. (3) And the faid proclamations fo had and made, 

16^% ^%V *^ ^^^ ^^ to be a final end, and conclude as well privies as 

•54!*^*'*^ ' ftrangerstothefame, except womcncovert(otherthanbeenparties 

JEko. Taile, «. to the faid fine) and eveiy perfon then being within age of xxi. 

3 9°«si>77>S4* years, in prifon, or out of this realm, or not of whole mind at the 

Hob"**^''^* time of the faid fine levied, not parties to fuch fine j (4) and 

3H.^^*'^^^' faving to every perfon or perfons, and to thdr heirs, other than 

Th.' Jonei, the parties in the faid fine, fuch right, title, claim, and intereft, 

s4ft>H3*«44- as they have to or in the faid lands, tenements, or other here- 

Ca.Lit.37ft.a. ditaments, the time of fuch fine ingrofled ; fo that they pur- 

*^ nVf ^'^' fue their title, daim, or intereft by wa)r of adtion, or lawful 

I^iowd.tcg, ^^^^ within five years next after the faid proclamations had 

360. * and made : (5) And alfo faving to all other perfons fuch aflion, 

fcyer,7»j337> right, title, claim, and interm in or to the faid lands, tene- 

3:g' mcnts, or other hereditaments, as firft (hall grow, remain, or 

9 Co "oi. defccnd, or come to them after the faid fine ingrofled and pro- 

iiCo.69,7r. clamation made, by force of any gift in the tail, or by any 

^ycr,3.i33. Other caufe or matter had and made before the faid fine levied ; 

**+• fo that they take their adlion, or purfuc their faid right and title, 

1 And*r£i7*i!' *cco'*ding to the law, within fiv-^ years next after fuch aAion, 

I Leon.i'x3. ' 'igbt, title, claim, or intereft to them accrued, defcended, re- 

aLeon.257. mained, fdlen, or come: (6) And that the faid. perfons and 

3L^,ift7. their hdrs, may have their laid adbion againft the pernor of the 

« Co.flo. profits of the faid lands and tenements, and other hereditaments, 

I Coiioi! at the time of the faid aftion to be taken. (7) And if the fame 

3 Leon.ftii. perfons, at the time of fuch aAion, right, and title accrued, 

Dycr,f.7i. defcended, remained, or come unto than, be covert de baron, 

Bro.Fmc8iev. ^^ within age, in prifon, or out of this land, or not of whole 

3 Co.S4,9i. mind, then it is ordained by the faid authority. That thdr 

4 Co. 125. adlion, right, and title, be reierved and faved to them and their 
* ^"yd^T-aoa. heirs, unto the time they come and be at their full age of xxi. 
3lS.ii6.* years, out of prifon, within this land, uncovert, and of whole 

mind, fo that they, lOr their heirs, take their faid actions, or 

their lawful entry, according to their right and title, within 

6 five 

I490*] ^&<^^ fq>timo H£Mltici VII. 51 

five yeirs next tftcr that they come and be at their full age, 
•ut of prifiMi» within this land, uncovert, and of whole mind, 
and the iaoic anions purfue, or other lawful entry take, ac« 
cocdin^ to the law. |8) And alfo it is ordained by the author 
rity a&efiud, Tlutallfuch perfons as be covert de baron, not 
party to .the fine, and every peribn^ being viithin age of xxi. 
years, in priibn, or out of this land, or not of wtele mind, 
at the tiBie of the faid fines levied and ingrofSsd, and, by this 
find z& afore except, having any right or title, or caufe of 
ai^oo, to any of the faid lands and other hereditaments, that 
tbey^ or their heirs, inheritable to the fame, take their iaid 
adioQS or lawful enl&T according to their ri^t and title, within 
five years next after they come and be of age of xxi. years, out 
of priibn, uncovert, within this land, and of whole mind, and 
the i«ne anions fue, or their lawful entry take and purfue, 
acccMxIing to the law. (g) And if they do not take their adtions 
and entry as is aforefaia. That they and every of them, and 
their heirs and the heirs of every of them, be concluded by the 
iaid &ies for ever, in like form as they be that be jl^ties or Bro. Fines 
privies to the iaid fines : (10) Saving to every perfon or perfons, Ic^-'^i^* 
not party nor privy to tibe faid fine, their exception to avoid 
the fame fine, by that, that thofe which were parties to the fine, 
nor any of them, nor no perfon or perfons to their ufe, ne to 
the ufe of any of them, had nothing in the lands and tene- 
ments compnfed in the faid fine at the time of the faid fine levied. 
(11) And it is ordained by the faid authority, That every fine 
diat hereafter fhall be levied in any of the King's courts, of any 
manors, lands, tenements, and other pofleffions, after the man- 
ner, ufe and form, that fines have been levied afore the making 
of this ad, be of like force, efied, and authority, as fines fo 
levied be or were afore the making of this a<a i this ad, ^r any , Mar.felT.*. 
other ad in this prefent parliament made or to be made not- c. 7. ' 
withflanding. (12) And every perfon (hall be at libeny to levy 
any fine hereafter at his pleafure, whether he will after the form 
contained and ordained in and by this aA, or after the manner 
and form aforetime ufed. 

The fouxlb parliament J holden at Weftminfter on 
Monday the feventeentb day of Oftober in the 
feventbyear of the reign of King Henry VII. 

CAP. I. 

^e fencify of a captain orfoldier retained toferve the King 
in bis intended wqrs^ not doing their duties. 

F OK as ffttub as it is notcrioujly knotvn^ that the King to his 3 Inft. %6. 
great cefts and charges^ hath Cent bis amhajfadors to Charles ^ ^"^y- a- 
Us adverfary of France, to have had a cottvenient peace with him^ ^ ***• 

and to have hts right without efujion of cbrifiian blood, which was 

E 2 refufed - 

52 Anno feptimo Henrici VII. [149^. 

refufed\ (a) wherefore the Kmg^ by the grace of Godj in whofe 
hands and difpofition refteth all vi^oryy hath determined himfejf to 
pafs dver the jea into bis realm of France, and to reduce pojfeffkk 
thereof by the faid grace to himy and to his heirSy Kings of Enghndy 
according to his rightful title, whereby he truketh not only to bring 
this his realm to the ancient fame and honour , but alfo to inricby and 
fet in perfect peace and tranquillity his fubje£fs of the fame, tripling 
that thereby the more part of all cbrijlian realms Jball be in more per^ 
fe^ peace and tranquillity j and the better difpofed toferve God', which 
cannot be done by all likelihood without battle, as well on the fta, as 
in other places beyond the fea^ wherein Almighty God mufi be judge, 
in whole defence, mercy, and goodmfs, the King putteth his full 
trii/l above all other things \ (3) howbeit, many times, by the in^ 
ordinate covetife of captains retained with princes afore this time, 
great part of the^number of foldiers, for whomfuch captains have in-- 
dented with princes, at time of need have lacked of their number of 
foldiers, whereby great jeopardies have enfued, and irrecuperable da^ 
mages thereby may enfue, if remedy be not therefore forefeen and bad: 
The penalty (4) Be it therefore ordained by the authority of this prefent par* 
**K^ K*if n" liamcnt. That if any captain be retained, or hereafter (hall be, 
have thcwlwk *^ ^^^^ *^ ^^8 ®^ *^ ^^^ ^^ beyond the fea in feat of war, 
number of which hath not his or their whole and perfeA number of men 
hi$roidieri,or and foldiers, according as he (hall be retained with the King, 
not pay them ©r give not them their full wages without (horting as he (hall re- 
3 Al^sTcf 7/ ^^^^^ °f ^^^ ^"^g ^^^ *^"™» except for jackets for them that 
receive land-wages, that is to fay, vi. s. viii. d. for a yeoman, 
and xiii.s. iv. d. for a gentleman, for a whole year, he (hall for 
fuch default forfeit to the King adl his goods and chattels, and 
their bodies to prifon. 
The captain IL And that every captain, petty captain, and all other 
^*JlP*y^ohi8 having" under them retinue of any foldier or foldiers at the 
wageTwitWn ^^^*^ ^aees, (hall, upon the pain aforefaid, pay to their re- 
iix days after ^^"^^ ^^ foldier or foldiers, and every of the fame, their wages 
the receipt rateably as is allowed unto them by the King our fovereim lord* 
thereof. q^ the treafurer of his wars, without lefTening or withdrawing 

• 7*' any part thereof; (2) and for as l<3ng time as they (hall receive 
wages for them, this payment unto the faid retinues, and every 
foldier of the fame, of their captains and petty captains, always 
(hall be within fix days next and immediately after that the faid 
captain, petty captain, or other (hall have received their wages 
of the King, or of the treafurer of his wars, or their lords or 
It (hall be fc- rafters. ^3) And if any foldier, being no captain, immediately 
lonyforafol- retained with the King, which hereafter (hall be in wages and 
dier to depart retained, or take any preft, to ferve the King upon the fea, 
licence*^ or upon the land bevond the fea, depart out of the King's fervicc 

1815^6. c. 19. without licence of nis captain, that fuch departing be taken, 
s&3£d.6.c.i.' deemed, and adjudged felony, and that he fo offending fuffer 
for the faid offence punifhment and execution of felony. (4} 
And forafmuch as his offence ftretchcth to the hurt and jeo- 
pardy of the King our fovereign lord, the nobles of the realm, 
and of all the common weal thereof, that therefore he or they 

I49^«1 Anno feptimo Henrici VII. 53 

fb offending ehjoy not the benefit of his clergy. (5) And that jufticei df > 
it be ordained by the faid authority. That all the juftices of the peace xnay.en- 
peacein every (hireof£ff^ii3X»/,whercasanyfuch offenders betaken, ^,"^^5^^^* ^^— • 
have power to inquire of the faid offences, and the fame to hear ^^^ offences cf 
and determine, as they do and may do of felonies, trefpafles, Toldicrs de- 
and of other offences expreiled in the King's commUTion to parting with- 
them made, as though the faid offences were done in the fame ®^' licence. 
(hire. (6) And alfo that the faid departing of fuch foldiers, 

and alfo their retainers, if h be traverfed, be tried in the fame 

' - ' - - - - -\ The captain' 

fliall hap to die, or otherwife depart, not in the de£iult of the ofl^nce. 
captain ; fo that the faid captain, if he be gt landwages, (hew 
the departing or lacking of his foldief, within ten days after 
the lacking of the faid foldier, unto the treafurer of the wars) 
or if the captain be at fea-wagef , he fliew the departing or lack- 
ing of the faid foldier, fo lacking, to the admiral of the navy 
where he is retained, at next meeting with the faid admiral. 6 Co. 17. 


Every perfon that fhall be in the King's wages beyond the fea, £xp. 3H.9, 
or on the fea, ihall have a protection, and no deicent (hall c^.. 
prejudice him, and by his writing he may make his attorney 
to enter into lands defcended unto him, to attorn, i^c. 

They that do go with the King in his wars, may make fc- Exp. jH.t. 
omnents of their lands to the u(e of their wills without licence, ^*^* 
and they (hall have their own liveries, and authority to dif- 
pofe the wardlhip of their heirs. 

Weights and meafures (hall be made of brafs, and fent to the Altered by 
chief officers of every city, borough, ^c, 11H.7.C.4. 

CAP. V. ""•^"•^* 

Riens deins le gard /hall be no challenge upon any ijfue to 
be tried in London. 

PR AYEN the commons in this prefent parliament ajfembledj 
That where of hn^ time ufed in any ijfue to be tried within the 
city £/* London, a challenge y commonly coiled Kicns deins Ic gard, 
hath been admitted for a good challenge^ fo that no ijfue could ht 
tried in any tuardy without that there were four fufficient perfons of 
livelihood to the yearly value of\\. s. above alt charges within the fame 
city and dwelUngyOr having any livelihood within the fame ward i (2) 
and it isfo now (the caufe God knoweth why ) that there is no wardj or 
elfe butfew^ndinfpecialin plea ofland^that any plaintiff or demandant 
can have fuffcient trial in this matter^ as evidently is known j for caufe 
of the challenge aforefaid \ for in the mofl part ofwards^ as nowy thero 
be none fufficient y and if any be, there are no officers that dare fummon 
them J or elfe if they be fummonedy they will not appear y their honour 
H fi i^eat^ ttnd their amerciament fo little : ( 2) * bat it pleafe your 

£3 abundant 

54 Anno undecimo HfiNRiCi VIT. £'494. 

JOiitj diim U abundant gr^ce, by the advice of the lords fpiiitual and temporal, 
gardttaW be and by the authority of this pnefeht parHament, to ordain, and 
410 chai!enj» f^^ ^j^^ common wealth of your tnie fubjeds, eftabliih^ and ttobBi^ 
tobc tried ift That from henceforth the challenge commonly called Riens deinsU 
J/indoiu ^jri,benochailengebututteriyvoid,andof tioneefFedkj favingto 

every pcrfon all manner pf other challef^e$, whatfoevw they be, 

according to the law, 


5xp.fH* f. Letters patents made to fcveral fpiritual perfons to be dlfcharftcd 
c.s# of Di/meSy and Suinzimesy (hall extend no further than tncy 

did in th^ time or King Edw. IV, 

CAP. vn. 

-. . All ScotSy hot ftiade denizens, (hall depart this rea|m within 

c*i^ ^ ^^^* forty days after proclamation, upon pain pf forfeiture of all 
their goods, 

CAP. vm. 

P-XP. Every butt of malmfey (hall contain Cxxvj. gallons, and every 

.merchant ftranger (nail pay for cuftom xViii. s. a butt, befides 
the old cuftom, and no butt (hall be fold for above iv. li. which 
new impoiition (hall be until the Venetians abate tlieir new 
impofitions of iv. ducats at Candf. 

Statutes made at Weftminfiery Anno 1 1 Hen. VIL 
and Anno Dom. 1494. 

THE King eurfovereign lord Henry the Seventh after the cn^ 
quejly by the grace of God King ^England and of Fr2nce^ 
and lord ^Ireland, at hU parliament holden at Weftminfter the 
fourteenth day ^OAober, in the eleventh year rf Ms reign, to the 
honour of God and holy churchy and for the common profit of the 
realmy by the ajjent of the lordifpiritual and temporaly aria the com^ 
monsy in the laid parliament ajfembkdy and by authority of the faid 
parliament y iath done to be made certain ftatutes and crdtnanees^ in 
manner ar^ form following. 


None that fball attend upon the King and dobim truefervici 
fhall h attaint edy or forfeit at^ thing. 

3 Inft. 7« 'TT^rtE King cur fovereign hrdy calling to his remembrance the 
? Halcs,tt.P.C. A duty of allegiance of hisjubje^s of this his reakiy and that they 
i*Hawk,P.C. ^ ^tafon of the Jam^e are bound to ferve their princi and ftroereign 
36, ' ' lord for the time beingy in his tvarsy for the defence of him, and the 
JCclyng.14,15. &»^ againft every rebelliony power, and might ^ reared againjl him, 
and with him to enter and abide in feruice in battky if cafe fo r en- 
quire ; (^) and that for the fame fervice what fortune ever fall by 
chance in the fame battle againft the mind and wtU of the prince fas 
in this landfome timepajfed hath beenfeen) that it is not feafoncAk, 
■...-. but 

1494-3 Aono undeckno Henrici VII* 55 

imi agnnnft all laws^ reafoHj and good Mnfcimce^ that the fatdfub^ 
jeGs geiftg with their Jivereign lord In warsj attending upon him in 
ins tirfon^ or being m other tlaces by his commandment ^ within this 
land, or without^ any thing fiould lofe or forfeit for doing their true 
duty and fervid of aUegianee : (3) it be therefore ordained, enaA* 
ed, and eftabliined by the luae our fovereign lord, by the gd- 
vice and ailent of me lord$ ^iritual and temporal, and the 
cominons in this prefent parliament ailembled, and by au- 
thority of the fiune. That Srom henceforth no manner ti per- Noperfonthat 
fon or perfons, whatfoever he or they be, that attend upon the fliaD attend 
King and foverei^ lord of thi$ land for th$ time being, in his ^^^ ^ . 
perlbn, and do him true and fkithful fervice of allegiance in the bimtrue fer- 
fame, or be in other places by Ids cominandment in his wars, vice, (ball 
within this land or without, that for the faid deecl, ai>d true ^^ attainted 
duty of allegiance he or they be in no wife convift or attaint of J^^^^ ®^ 
high trcafon, ne of other ottences for that caufe, by aft of par- cihv ofencp; 
liament, or otherwife by any procefs of law, whereby he or 
any of diem fliall lofe or forfeit life, lands, tenements, rents, 
pofleiEons, hereditaments, goods, chattels, or any other things; 
but to be for that deed ^d fervice utterly difchaiged of any 
vexation, trouble, or lofs. (2^) And if any aft or ads, or q- 
thcr procefs of the law hereafter thereupon for the fame hap- 
pen to be made, contrary to this ordinance, that then that aA 
or adls, or other procefTes of the law, whatsoever they (hall be, 
ftand, and be utterly void. (5) Provided alway. That no 
jperfon or perfons fliall take any benefit or advantage by this 
2&J which (hall hereafter decline from his or their faid alle- 

CAP. n. 

Vapbonds, idle, and fulpeded perfons (hall be fet in the Altered |&( 
ftocks three days and three nights, and have none other fuf- frj^'^^**^' 
tenanoe but bread and water, and then fliall be put out o( ^^^^^^^^[^^ 
the town : (2) and whofoever fluili give fuch idle perfoos cis'. 
more, fliall ferfeit xii. d. (3) Every beggar not able to 
work, ihaU reibrt to the hundred where he laft dwelled, is 
beft known, or was bom, and there* remain upon the pain 
afinrefaid, Exp. 33 EL c. 4. (4) No artificer, labourer, or . 
lecvant, fliall play at any unlawful game, but in ChriftmaSf 
JE;xp. 33 H. 8. e. 9. (5) Two jufticcs of peace may rcj^ 
common felling of ale, tsfe. 

CAP. m. 

The juftices of aflife in their feffions, and the juftices of peaee i^ep«iH.S.c.^« 
in evei^ county, upon information for the King, fliall have 
authority to hear and determine all <^nces and contempts, 
(faving treafon, murder, or felony] committed by any per- 
iQli againft the effcSt of any ftatute made, ^d not repealed. 

E4 CAP; 

Anno undcclmo Henrici VII. 



the names of the cities and towns limited for the keeping of 
weights and meafures. 

PR A YEN the commom in tbisprefent parliament qffimhkdj Thai 
where divers aifSj JlatuteSj ana ordinances in the times of the 
noble progenitors and predecejfors of our nowfovereign lord the King 
have been made^ That one meafure and weight Jbould be ufed through- 
out this noble realm ; (2) and alfoy That in every city^ borough^ and 
town within the fame realm^ upon certain and feveral pains in the 
14 'EA»\Jksit,i,fi^dJiatutes and ordinances limited^ Jbould be a common balance^ with 
cix, ' common weights ^ and common meafureSj marked according to the ejlan- 

asEd. j.ftat.s. iard of the exchequer ; hy the which^ and other like balance^ wetghtSy 
*^^e1 ft t ^^^ meafures marked according to the fend ejiandard^ all men fl>ould!^' * **' l^^y ^^'d/ellj for the avoiding of all fraud and difcordin that behalf 
to be ujed\ (3) which aSts^ Jlatutes^ and ordinances have not been 
obferved and kept ^ as now tn this prefent parliament it hath been 
, openly by divers perfons of divers parties of this realm remembered^ 

Statutes con- 
weights and 
9 H.3.ftat.i.* 

51 H.3.flat.i. 
31 £d.i. 

to the great hurt and vexation of divers and many of the Kinfs fub- 
jeiis of this his realm : {4) for remedy whereof be it or the a- 

13 R.ft.itat.i. 


A weight and bundant grace of our mod gracious fovereign lord, by the af- 
meafure ac- fg^^ ^f ^j^g \orAs fpiritual and temporal, and by the commons, 
^dai^'of * '" **^ prefent parliament aflembled, and by authority of the 
the exchequer fame, ena6\ed and eftablifhed. That unto the knights and ci- 
ihall be fent tizpns of every (liire and city, affembled in this prefent parlia- 
'>v haca h *^^"^ barons of the cinque ports, and certain burgefles of burgh 
city, Doroug , ^Q^j^s^ before they depart from this prefent parliament, be 
delivered one of every Weight and meafure, which now our fo- 
vereign lord hath caufed to be made of brafs, for the common 
wealth of all his fubje6is and lieges within this his realm of 
England^ according to the King our fovereign lord's ftandard 
pf his exchequer of weights and meafures, as they be in the 
exchequer of our faid fovereijgn lord: (5) and that the faid 
knights, citizens, and burgeues, to whom die faid weights 
and meafures (hall be delivered, as is aforefaid, furely convey, 
or caufe th^ (ame to be conveyed on this fide the feaft of Eafter 
' next coming, by the faid citizens to their cities, and by the 
laid knights uoto fuch borough, or town corporate, or market 
town within the ihire for which they be eleded, as is fpecified 
and contained in a fchedu]e unto this prefent bill annexed, there 
to remain for ever in the keeping of the mayor, bailiff, or other 
head officer for' thie time being, of the fame city, borough, or 
Every city town, as the King's flandard of weight and meafure. {€) And 
?ilaU makc^ that the inhabitants of all cities, boroughs, and market towns 
ma within every of the faid fhires, fhall on this fide the feaft of the 

.Nativity of St. John Baptijl next coming, make or caufe to be 
made, common meafures and weights, according to the weights 
and meafures abovefaid, to remain within the faid cities, bo- 
roughs, and market towns, and every of them; (7) and the 
lame yveights and meafures to \» viewed^ examined, printed, 


weights ac- 
cording to 
them receiv- 
ed, and (liall 
xuark them. 

X494«] Anno undcdmo Henrici VIL 57 

figned, and marked by the mayor, balltfF, or other head ofE* 
cer, in whofe pofleffion the atorefaid ftandard fhall remain ; 
(8) and that every of the aforefaid mayor, bailiff, or head offi- None (hallbuy 
cer, having the faid weights and meafiires figned and printed ^,^^ ^?^ 
under the fign and print for the fame, with a letter H crowned, and me^m 
liave authority and power to make, fign, and print like weights figned and 
and meafures unto every of the King's lieges and fubjedls, duly printed, 
requiring the fame, taking for marking of every buftiel, i.d. 
(9; And that from the faid feaft of the Nativity of St. John 
JSaptiJiy no merchant, ne other perfon or perfons, M^ithin any 
.city or market town, buy ne fell with any weight or meafure, 
except it be marked, ligned, or printed m manner and form 
aforefaid, ne any other perfon or perfons out of the faid cities, 
iK>roughs, and market towns, except it be like and equal 
^th the faid eftandard; (16) and that every perfon, as well 
i^thout cities, boroughs, and market towns, as within, buy 
and fell with a bu(hel fealed, figned, or marked after the form 
aforeiaid, and no otherwife. (11) And that all the mayors, - . - „ 
bailiffs, and other head officers of every city, borough, or mar- ^^'^L j^ 
kct town, fhalfcaufe twice fn the year, or oftener, as they (hall eaSminS* 
think neceflary, all weights and meafures within the faid cities, tv^ice in the 
boroughs, and market towns, to be brought afore them, and y^v >t the 
to be duly viewed and examined ; (12) and fuchas they (hall '^*^' 
upon the faid examination find defedlive,, immediately to 
be broken and burnt, and the party or narties which in that 
behalf hath offended, and been found defective, (hall forfeit 
for the firft time vi.s. viii.d. the forfeiture thoieof to be unto The penalty 
the £ud mayor, baiiliff, or any other having jurifdicStion andofc^ndenk 
correSion in that behalf; and at the fecond time the faid of- 
fender likewife to forfeit xiii. s. iv. d. and at the third time like- 
wife to forfeit xx. s, and for further punifhment to be fet upon 
the pillory, to the enfampic of other : (13) and that two jufti- jujgces of the 
ces of peace, whereof one (hall be of the quorumy have authori- peace may 
ty, as well by examination as by enquiry, to hear and deter- near and dc- 
mine the defaults of the faid mayors, bailiffs, or other head *2SS^ ^^^ 
officers in that behalf, and alfo of*^ all buyers and fellers doing ®"***"*" 
contrary to this prefent ad and ordinance, and to fet fine and 
amerciament upon the offenders by their difcretion ; ( 14) and 
the faid weights and meafures, fo found defedive, to be for- 
feited and burnt, ( 1 5 ) Be it alfo enafted. That there be but only '^^^ "^^^"^of 
viii, bufhels rafedandftrikento thequarter of corn,«to coni**"andthe 
the (lone of wool, and xxvi. ftone to the fack. (16) Be it alfo weight of a 
ordained by authority aforefaid, That the juftices of peace a- ftone and 
bove^d, have authoritjr to make like procefs againft all per- (ackof wool. 
fons found as is abovef^d defe^ve, and for fuch fines and a* 
merciaments as upon them (hall be a(re(Ied, as if they were in- 
didted afore them for breaking of the King's peace. (17) And i4£d.3.ftat.i. 
where by other ftatutes and ordinances afore limited, it is or- c,i». 
dained that every city, borough, and town that hath a con- 
ftable, (hould have common weights and meafures fealed, up- 
on penalties in the fame limited^ that thofe penalties in 



buying by wa- 
ter meaTiire 

The lord war- 
den of the 
ofienoes done 

Weights for 
ccnnage of tin 
in Cornwall 
and Devon. 

7 H. 7. C.4. 
aa H. 7. c. 5. 

Anoo undecimo Henrici VIL [ 1494^ 

that behalf extend not to any town which is no city, bursh, or 
market town. (18} Provided alway, That this a6t flum not 
extend^ nor be prejudiqal to any perfon (elling or buying by 
water-meafure within the (hip-lx»rd ; (19) and that it be by 
the authority abovefaid ena£tea, the premifles or any other or- 
dinance afore made notwithftanding. That the laid water-mea* 
Aire within the Ihip-board (hall onlv contain five pecks, af- 
ter the faid ftandanl rafed and ftricken. (20) Provided alfo. 
That the examination of de&ults abovefaid, and punilhment to 
the offenders of every offence comoiitted hereafter within any 
of the faid five ports, (hall be had, done, and adminiileml by 
the lord warden of the (aid five ports, or bv his lieutenant of 
the fame for the time being, and none otner, the premiiles 
notwithftanding. (21} Provided aUb> That this zA of weights 
and meafures extend not, nor be in no wife hurtful or preju- 
dicial to the prince, within the dutchy of Cornwall^ for any 
weights aiqpertaining and belonging to the coinage of tin with- 
in the counties of Cornwall and Devon/bin, but that all fuch 
weights be uied, ordered, demeaned^ and correded, as it hath 
been ufed and accuftomed before this time^ the (ame« a£t and 
oidinance notwithftanding. 

nt names of towns limiied for tbefafe cufiodf of weigbis 
and meafures^ according So sbi King's ftandard for she 
Jbsres follomngj as particular^ appearetb. 


















The town oiAppleboy. 
The town of Newcajik. 
The City of CarliJIs. 
The town of LancaJUr. 
The city of r^rit. 
The city of Lincoln. 
The town of Z)^^. 
The town of Nottingham. 
The town of Leicejier. 
The city of Coventry. 
, The town of [^iff^Atfixr. 
The town oiNortbampton. 
The town of Bedford. 
The town of Buckingham. 
The town of Cambridge. 
The town of Huntingdon. 
The city of Norwich. 
The town of St. Ednrnnds-burj* 
The town of Chelmsford. 
The town of Hertford. 
In tFeftminJler. 
The town of Maidfione. 
The town of Guilford. 
The Town of Lewes. 
The town of Qunford. 


X494-] AAno undecimo HkMRici VIL $9 

Birk. The town of RgMng. 

Sakp The town of Sbnwsiwj. 

Staf. The town of Stafird. 

Herifori The city of Henfird. 

Gloiu. The town of Gbucefter. 

H^ig§m. The city of JV^raJter. 

Wilts The city of Ntw SaBskiry. 

Smth. The city of Wincheftir. 

Somerf. The town of Ikhefter. ^ 

DorJ. The town of Dmlnfttr. 

Devm The city of Extijiir. 

Conuib. The town of Lti/ludiilm 

London The fame city. 

Bri/hl The £ime town. 

^uinqiii Pcrtus The caftk of Dover. 

Cruitas Ccvent. The fame city. 

SouihofnptoH The fame town. 

Civkos Cejlr. The £une town* 

CAP. V. 
Every man may pull down the wears and engines In the haven *♦ ^ »5 j^i* 
ot Soiaban^on^ between Calflford and Redbridge ; and who- ^rLSaL 
foever levieth any other there, ftiall pay one hundred pounds 
to the King. 

C A P. VI. 
Where cuftom fliall be paid when cloths be packed in one port, O. B. n k\% 
and Ihippcd in another. Will 3. cie. 

CAP. vn. 

The principal leaders of any perfons to commit a riot or un- 
lawful auembly, (hall be committed to prifon fo long time, 
and pay fuch fine, and be bound to the peace withlureties 
]n fuch a fum of money, as Ihall feem meet to the juftices 
pi peace before whom the complaint is made, or the indi£t- 
ment found. And if the riot be with forty perfons, or thought ^ v p 
)^cinous, then the juftices of peace (hall certify the (ame, ^ -^^^ ^^ ^^ 
and fend up the record of conviction to the King and his 
council. 7^ endure to the next parliament. 

" y CAP. VIII. 

A repeal of the ftatute of 3 /f. 7. e* 5. touching ufury. He that ^^ ^^ jj g^ 
lendeth his money upon uUiry, or maketh any bargain of c.o.* 
lands or goods grounded upon ufury, (hall forfeit the one 3 ^- ^5^ 
half thereof. 


Korth and fouth Ttndale and all the lands within the fame ihall P. R. 
be guildable, and parcel of the county of Northumberland^ and 
non-anchifeihaflbethere, but all thelCing's^rits and officers 
ihall be obeyed. (2) And no man fhall demife any lands 
. for years, life, or at will there, but the leilee (haU before 
find two fureties having at the leaft xl. s. of freehold within 
the county of Northumberland., to be bound by recognifance in 
XX. li. to the King, to make anfw^ within eieht days warning, 
•to all murders, tresifons, felonies, &c. andtne leflbrfiiall for- 

.^6a Anno undedmo Henrici VTL [i494« 

felt xl. s. for every acre otherwifc let, to the King and juf- 
tices, and the lea(e (hall be void. (3) And the juftices of 
peace (hall enquire of the recognifances forfeited. 

C A P. X. 
EXP. A remedy or means to levy a fubfidy or benevolence before 

granted to the King. 


No man (hall be a Mrorfted-(hearer in Norwich^ unlefs he hath 
been feven years an apprentice, or be allowed by the mayor, 
and mafters of the company. (2) The woxAed-(hearers in 
Norwich (hall make no ordinance but fuch as the mayor and 
aldermen (hall think nece(lary. (3) No inhabitant m Nor- 
wichy being not a (hearmen (hall keep a (hearman in his 
houfe. Rep. ig H.y.c. ij. The citizens of Norwich may 
take to apprentice ttie fon or daughter of any perfon, not- 
withftanding the ftatute of 7 //. 4. r.-iy. 12 H. 7. c. i. 
5 El. f . 4. 

•' • CAP. XII. 

A mean to help and fpeed poor perfons in their fidts. 

aGeo.ft.e.sS. T)R^yen the commons in this prefent parliament ajfembled^ That 
f- •• JL wnere the King ourfovereign lardy of his mo/i gracious dijpofi- 

tion wiHeth and intendetb indifferent jujtice to be had and mimjierei 
according to his common laws^ to all his true fubje^Sy as well to the 
poor as rich^ which poor Jiihjeils he not of ability ne power to fiu ac-- 
lording to. the laws of this land for the redrefs if injuries and wrongs 
to them daily done^ as well concerning their perfons and their inherit 
tance asothfr eaujes: (2) for remedy whereof, in thebehalf of the 
poor perfons of this land, not able to fue for their remedy a(ter 
the courfe of the common law ; be it ordained and enacted by 
your Highnefs, and by the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the 
commons, in this prefent parliament aflembled, and by autho- 
rity of the (ame. That every poor perfon or perfons, which 
have, or hereafter (hall have caufe of adlion or adlions againft 
any perfon or perfons within this realm, (hall have, by the dif- 
cretion of the chancellor of this realm for the time being, writ 
or writs original, and writs oifuhpcena^ according to the nature of 
their caufes, therefore nothing paying to your Highnefs for the 
feals of the fame, nor to any per(on for the writing of the fame 
writ and writs to be hereafter fued ; (3) and that tfie faid chan-* 
cellor for the time being (hall aflTign fuch of the clerks which 
« (hall do and ufe the making and writing of the fame writs, to 

write the fame ready to be lealed, and alfo learned counfel and 
attomies for the fame, without any reward taking therefore : 
A mean to (4) and after the faid writ or writs be returned, if it be afore the 
pS'r'WrfoSs King in his bench, the juftices there (hall afTign to the fame 
jntbclr fuits po©' perfon or perfons, counfel leaAied, by their difcretions, 
in every coiuit which (hall give their counfels, nothing taking for the fame: 
pf record, jjj ^nd likcwife the juftices (hall appoint attorney and attor- 


I494-] Anno undccimo Henrici VII. 6i 

nies for the fiune poor perfon or perfons, and all- other oflScers 
requifite and neceflary to be had for the Tpeed of the fayl fuits 
to be had and made, which ihall do their duties without anv 
reward for their counfels, help, and bufinefs in the fame : (t) 
and the lame law and order ihall be obferved and kept of all 
fuch fuits to be made afore the King's juftices of his common 
place, and barons of his exchequer, and all other juftices in * 
the courts of record where any fuch fuit (hall be. , 


fFho onhf may carry a borfe out of this land without the 
King's licence. The cuftom ana price of a mare to be 

FOrafinuch as many horfa and mares of the breed of this land 
new of late have been carried and conveyed out of the fame into 
the peart s beyond thefea^ which caufeth not only thejmaller number of 
good horfes to be within this realm for the defence thereof^ but alfo the 
great and good plenty ofthefameto be in thefatdparts beyondthefea^ that 
in times paft were wont to be within this landy and over that^ the 
price of every of them to be greatly enhanfed here^ to the lofs and noyance , 
of all the Kings ful^e£ts within the fame .' (2) for remedy whereof No horfc 
be it ordained, enaded, and eftablifhed by the King our fove- ihall bccarricd 
reign lord, by the advice of the lords fpiritual and temporal, ^alin wkhout 
and the commons, in this prefent parliament aiFembled, and the King*s h"- 
by authority of the fame, That from henceforth no manner of cence. 
perlim ne perfons carry or convey any horfe out of this land »» H. s. c. 7. 
without the King's fpecial licence, upon pain of forfeiture of * ^ ®" '•^•'4* 
the fame, or any- mare above the value of vi. s. viii. d. without {^q ^qj^^ 
the King's fpecial licence, upon the faid pain of forfeiture of the above the va* 
fame mare j the owner thereof, or his deputy, receiving for 1«;5. ^f ^* •• 
the fame mare vi. s. viii. d. at the time of the feifure upon the ^^*nfiwtcd 
faid forfdture, or elfe it be not forfeit : (3) and at the time of ^itii J|^ Ij. 
feifure of the faid mare or mares, they mall be prifed by the cence. 
head officers of the town where any fuch mare is taken, and 
there openly to be fold at the beft price, and the half deal of 
the over price of her, being above vis. viii.d. to be to the 
Kiiig, and the other half to him that feifeth ; and the King's 
part thereof to be delivered to the cuftomer of the faid port. 
(4) And that no manner perfon ne perfons hereafter carry or con- ^^^ ^1 
vey any mare or mares out of this land, except every of the faid ^^ exceptW 
mares (o carried be of the a^ of three years at the leaft, and be three years 
not over the price of vi. s. viii.d. paying to the King for every old, and not 
of them, being not above the value of vi.s. viii.d. fo to be**^^®^^^ 
carried or conveyed in the fame port, fuch cuftoms as hath been v|ii]^d. * 
for mares before ufed ; (5) and that for every mare of more va- The cuftom 
lue heres^ter by the King's licence after the form aforeiaid con- of a mare 
veyed or carried beyond the fea, the owner thereof, or his de- ^^*^^^^j^^' 
puty, aflignee, or iervant, (hall pay vi. s. viii. d. for the cuf- and hcrpricje 
torn of the fame before it be (hipped, under the pain of forfei- vii. s. 
lure of every marc fo (hipped ere they be cuftomed. (6) And 


64 Anno undedmo HENiaci VII. [1494* 

over that it be enadcd. That if any pofon at llie portjnrill nvo 

for any of the mares fo to be csnied viL s. that it be iawful to 

him lb ^ving and paying the faid vii. s* to take the fsud marey 

if flie be not afore talcen by the King's ofEoery nor Ac King's 

licence be not in that bdiaifaforelaid, for the fiune mare to be 

Any denizen carried, obtained. (7) Provided aiway, Tliat it ihall be lawfol 

may canya to every perfon or pertons, being denizens, hereafter to carry a 

^b'^^^horfe beyond the iea, the King's Ucence in t|iat behalf not ob- 

own ufe. tained, for their own ufe, not intending at the time (^ the 

i£d.6.c.5. (hipping of the lame, nor dien purpofed nilly to fell him, and 

Rep. 5EU.I9. fji;^^ intent to be known by the oath of him that (hall fo (hip die 

£mie horfe, taken brfore the culhnner or fearcher of the uune 

port, this aft notwithftanding. 

ff^luit cttfioms aUens made denizens Jball ptf fir their mer^ 


"IT/HERE the King ^ir ftwertign krd is greatly demvei in bis 

VV €t^ems and fi^ftdies if merMmts andftrangersy fiuh as the 

King mirfovereign iera hath granted iy bis letters patents to be de^ 

nizeHs^ and to pay no other tuftoms nefubftdies for their menbandifi 

inward and outward but as a denizen^ tmder colour whereof they 

cuftomnot oidy their own merchandife under the form aforefaid^ ha 

mfo they colourahfy enter into the euftomers hooks the nurAeuMe of 

other Jirangers^ ealling and faying the faid goods of oth/r merchants 

to be the goods of themfo made denizens^ to the, great Ufs and de-- 

fraud of the King ourfovereign lord : {%) wherefore be it enafted, 

»« H^tx-V. ^y ** *^°8 ^^^ fovcreign lord, the lords fpiritual and tempo- 

ft5C^.x.'c.6. 1^9 suid the comorrans, of this prefent parliament aflembled, 

f.i & a. and by authority of the £ime. That all merchant Ifarang^s and 

Aliens made other, that be made denizens by the King's letters patents, or 

pay a!?h^f- othcrwifc, pay from henceforth fuch cuftoms ind fubfidies for 

tomi and fub- ^^^^ gOods and merchandife inward and outward, as they 

fidies as they Ihould have paid, if fuch letters patents and grants had never 

did before, to them been made. 


Entering of plaints in county courts^ examining offheriffs. exe^ 

cution of precepts^ viewing ofeJireatSy andgatbering ofsbem. 

Several mifde- TT THERE AS great extortion is yearly ufed and had within divers 

^Ctdb^S^^' ftfi«/w of this realm ^/Enghind, by thefuhtilty and untrue 

rilfs, ^c. en- demeanour ofjberiffs^ under'Jberijfs^Jhire'cUrksy or any other officers 

tering of holding and keying the counties in the name of thejherijf^ that is to fay, 

plaints. If any man affirm a plaint before the Jberms in the counties^ or before 

any other of thefeid officers ^ the faid fieriff'^ under'fi>eriffi, er his 

fhire-clerk^ will enter or caufe to be entered in their booksy in the fame 

plaintiff* s name^ divers and many plaints both of debt ^^ treAafSj and 

covenant^ at their pkafurcy and unknown to the fame plaintiff in whofi 

name the faid plaints been affirmed^ to the intent that if the defendant 

appear not at every Jtire-day or court hanging the Jaid plaistt^ bejbaU 



Anno undecimo Henrici VIL €3 

Utfifor his default made at every phintfmr pence ; (i) where SSveri 
times hy ecvin tetween the faidjheriffs^ under-flkrijj^s^fiireHlerksy and 
the ether fmfaid officers^ the fma drfendants being never attached^ 
fiemmmea^ nor warned according to the due form of the common law, 
wherefore the fame parties^fo put injicit, have no knowledge of any 
Jttchjuie had agmnfi them ; (3) and over that, the fame Jberiffs, «w- 
der-jber^Sy and flnre-clerks, will cauje divers phmts to be taien in 
the names offiuh perfons that are not in plain Kfe, where thefaid 
defendant fbaU have like lofs as is before rehearfedi (4 j fo that 
toe uniawfiil demeanour of the fmd fberi^s, under-fheriffs, flnre^ 
derks for the time being, and the bailHfs of the hundreds, for 
their defatdt and negligence in their offices, and covin between 
the JSiia Jberiffis, under fberiffs, fbire-clerks and ether of the fore^^ 
faia officers, caufeth the amerciaments that be in the one year af^ 
ter the books be ingroffed, to amount to great and importable fums 
of money, (5) which fums $f money been yearly levied of the poor 
commons in the faid counties by ihefheriffiss under-fieriffs, andfhire" 
clerks, cmd other their deputies being ofnofubfian£e,neiiher ofhavour, 
which deputies take and levy more by extortion than is contained in 
their eftreats, to the exprefs pillage and impoyerifiing of the faid com^ 
mens. (6) Be it thensfore enadted, ordained^ and eftabli(h< 

the King our fovcrcign lord, and by the aflent of the lords fpi- 1 • a n 
ritual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent parlia- be ^^nwi in 
ment aflembled, and by authority of the £ime,That no (heriffs, the county 
under-iheriffs, or (hire-clerks hereafter, neither any perfon in court, but 
thdr names, nor by their commandment, (hall take and enter ^*»?*.^^« 
any plaints in their books in no man^s name, unlefs the party Jl^^^^ 
plaintiff foe in his proper^ perfon prefent in the court, or elfc by prpfcnt; 
a fufficient attorney or deputy that is known to be of good name 
and difpofition ; (7) and that the fame party plaintiff (hall find 
pledges to purfue his faid plaint, (uch perfons as are known 
there in the county ; (8) and that the party plaintiff (hall have •j^^^ ^^^ be / 
but one plaint for one trefpafs or contradt. (9} And if the faid entered but 
iheriffs, under-(heriffs, (hire-clerks, take arid enter, or caufe to one plaint for 
be entered, any mo plaints than the plaintiff fuppofcth that he one caufc. 
hath caufe of aAion againft the defendant, that then the f?id 
iherifis, under-(heriflfe, (hire-clerks, that do enter, or caufe to 
be entered^ any fuch plaints contrary to the faid provi(ion and 
ordinance, (hall forfeit for every default xl. s. the one half there- 
of to be bad to the ufe of our faid fovereign lord the King, and 
the other part to him or them that will me and prove the fame ^ juftice of 
matter by action of debt or information in the exchequer. (10) peace may 
And over that, the ju(Kccs of peace in the fame counties, and examine the 
every of them, (hall have authority, upon complaint made by ®^"^j^*'55Ito 
the party fo unlawfully grieved, to examine the faid (heriffs, the«chcquer. 
under-(heriffs, or (hire-clerks, and plaintiffs ; (11) and if the 
£ud juftices of peace, or one of them, find by their examination 
default in the (aid (heriffs, under-(heriffs, or (hire-clerks, in 
entering of the faid plaints deceitfully, for his or their advantage, 
as is brfore rehearfed, contrary to this prefent adl, that then the 
laid (heriffs, undcr-(heriffs, and (hire-clerks, (hall be cohvift 
and attaint of the fame offence, without further inquiry or ex- 


64 Anno undecimo Henrici Vlt. [1494^ 

aminatlon^ (12) and that he (hall forfeit upon the fame exami«> 
nation xl. s. to the ule of our fovereign lord the King for every 
default. (13) And the faid juftices d* peace that fo (hall take 
the examination, (hall certify the fame examination within a 
quarter of a year into the King's exchequer, upon pain of 
xl.s. (14) and furthermore. That the faid flieriffs, imder- 
.iherifis, and (hire-clerks, make, or caufe to be made, a fufficient 
precept to the bailiffs of the faid himdreds, to attach, fummon, 
'?baSfffif^^ or warn the defendants that are fo in fuit, to appear and anfwer 
hundreds that ^^ ^^ ^^ plaints ; (15) and if there be anv default in the faid 
de not execute bailiffs of the hundreds, in warning of the aefendants to appear 
their offices, and anfwer to the faid plaints commenced againft them in their 
courts, or in executing their faid office. That then the faid bai- 
liffs (hall forfeit for every default unto our fovereign lord the 
King xl. s. (16} and to be attaint and oonvift thereof by like 
TwoiuiBces examination of the juftices of peace, or any of them, as before 
of peace (hall is rehearfed. (17) And that the fame (heriffs, under- (heriffs, 
view the die- (hire-clerks, and their deputies for the time being, (hall make no 
n^e&rt^u. eftreats to levy the faid (heriffs amerciaments, until fuch time 
1 • 4. c, 2. ^^^ ^^^ juftices of peace, whereof one (hall be of the ^U9rum^ 
hath had the view and overiight of their books ; (18} and that 
the eftreats be indented betwixt the faid juftices of peace, and 
the faid (heriffs and under-fheriffs, and fealed with their (eals, 
the one part to remain with the faid juftices, and the other 
part with the faid (heriffs, or under-(hcriffs, to the intent they 
Bailiffs (hall be xnay underftand if any deceit be, or untrue demeaning in them, 
therbiuJSat ^^ n^aking of their books ; (19) and that thofe perfons which 
is due. ^aU he gatherers of the (ame amerciaments, as bailiffs, or other 

By whom and officers, be fwpm by the faid juftices, that they take no more 
when the faid money than is forfeited and contained in the eftreats, fealed with 
l>en^c!dL ^^ ^^^ ^^ *^ ^^^^ juftices of peace, upon the fame pain of 
forfeiture as before is rehearfed ; thereof the fame gatherers to 
be convid by examination of the faid juftices of peace, or one of 
them, as before is rehearfed. (20) Provided, alway. That the 
faid juftices of peace (hall be appointed and named at the gene- 
ral feffions after the feaft of St. Michael the archangel, by him 
. that is Cujtoi Rotuhrum o( tht faid counties, or elfe by theeldeft 
of the Quorum in his abfence, to have theoverfight and controls 
ment of the faid (heriffs, under-(heriffs, and (hire-clerks, and 
warded by the ^^^ ^^^^^ of the faid officers, and of the faid ftieriffs amercia- 
juftices of ments: (21) and the faid juftices of peace, upon fuggeftion, 
peace againft or information of the party fo grieved, (hall make like pro- 
a^ ofFcniJcr. cefs/as in an adion of trefpafs, againft the (aid (heriffs, under- 
(heriffs, or (liire- clerks, and other the forefaid officers mifde- 
meaning, as before is rehearfed, for to appear before them to 
anfwer to the faid fuggeftion or information. 

EXP. He that hath a freehold in CalaiSy 'Out of the which any due h 

ifTuing for the keeping of the fame, (hall pay within one year 
and a day, or elfe (hall forfeit the freehold to the King. 


1494*] Anno undecimo Henrici VII. 6$ 


The forfeiture for taking of pheafants & partridges^ or the 
eggs ^ hawks orfwans. 

ITEM, Forafmucb as divers perfons^ having little fubfiance to live 
upcn^ ufe many times as well by nets^ fnares^ or other engines^ to 
take and de/lroy pheafants and partridges upon the lord/hips^ manors j 
kinds., ana temments of divers owners or pojfejfioners of thejame^ 
vnthotU licence^ confent^ or agreement ofthejame owners orpojjejjionersy 
by thiwhichthe fame owners and poffefftoners leefe not only their pkafure 
and difport that they^ their friends and fervants Jhould have about 
hawimg^ buntings and taking ofthefame^ but alfo they leefe the pro^ 
fit and avail that by that occafion Jhould grow to their houjbold^ to the 
great hurt of all lords and gentlemen^ and other ^ having at^ great 
livelihood within this realm: (2) wherefore it is ordained and Raftpla.f.eoa, 
ena<fted by the authority of this nrcfent. parliament, That it (hall The penalty * 
not be lawful to any perfon, or what condition he be, to take, ^^r taking o£ 
orcaufe to be taken, any pheafants or partridges by net, fnares, P^^^^fants or 
or other engines, out or his own warren, upon the freehold of a^^Je^r ^^ 
any other perfon, without the aflent, agreement, and fpecial ground by 
licence of the owner or pofleflioner of the fame, upon pain of nets, Sec, 
forfeiture of x. li. the one half thereof to the party that will fue *3^^' ^- '°* 
for the fame by a<Slion of debt, or by bill, or otherwife, and the ^ jg^* ][ c. x i ! 
other half thereof to the owner or pofleflioner of the faid ground, 7 Co. lii * *' 
upon the which the faid pheafants and partridges be fo taken : The penalty 
(4) alfo it is ordained by the faid authority. That no manner of ^^^^ ***^*"S of 
perfon, of what condition or degree he be, take or caufe to be fw^nseggs out 
taken, be it upon his own ground, or any other man's, the eggs of their nefts. 
of any faulcon, go (hawks, laners, or fwans, out of the neft^ upon 3 1 H. 8. c. i ». 
pain of imprifonment of a year and a day, and fine at the King's 
will, the one half thereof to the King, and the other half to the 
owner of the ground where the eggs were fo taken, and that 
the juftices of peace have authority, by this prefent adk, to hear 
and determine fuch matter, as well by inquifition as informa- 
tion and proofs. (5) Alfo it is ordained by the faid authority, Q^^tsan Eng* 
That no man from the feaff of Pa/che next coming, bear any ufli hawks 
hawk of the breed of England^ called a Nyejfe^ Gojhawky Taj/it^ prohibited to 
Lanery Laneret^ or Faulcon j upon pain of forfeiture of liis hawk d« borne. 
to the King, and the faid hawk to be at the King's pleafure : 
(6) and that all fuch perfons as bring any nyefle hawk or He that bring- 
hawks, from any the. parties beyond the fea, bring a certificate cth a Nyefle 
under the cuftomers feal of the port where he firft landed with J*^!^ ^^^"* 
the faid hawk or hawks: (7) or if he come out of S(otknd^^l^l^i^^l\ 
then under the feal of the warden, or his lieutenant of that certificate. 
march that he cometh through, teftifying, that the fame hawk 
or hawks be of the parties beyond the fea, or of Scotland^ upon 
the fame pain ; (8) and that the perfon that bringeth any mch 
hawk or hawks to the King, (hall have a reafonable reward 
of the King, or elfe the fame hawk or hawks for his labour. * 
(9) Alfo it is ordained by the fame authority. That no man xhe penalty 
take anv ayrer faulcon, gofliawk, t^fiel^ or laner^ or lanerets, for taking, 
VoL.'lV; f . in 


66 Anno undccimo Hbkrici VII. [i494« 

killing or in thor vmnm or woods, or in other place, nor purpofisly 
driTing of jfiye them out of their cbverts accuftomed to breed in, to 
h*w^- caufe them to go to other coverts to breed, nor flay them for 

any hurt by them done, but fuffer them to pafi at their liber- 
ties, ^lo) upon pain often pounds, die one half thereof to the 
party that will fue for the finne by a6tion of debt, by examina- 
tion before Aejufticte of the peace, information, or otherwife, 
and the other half to the King, ^ii) Provided alway. That 
the moiety of ibe forfeiture abovefiud, given to Ae owner of the 
ground for taking of fwans em, be unto the owner of die bid 
Iwans, and not to the dwner ^the ground 

CAP. xvin. 

Tbef^rfeiiure of him tMcbgHtb not in perfon mib the Kjng 
in bis wars, wben be is inperfm. 

''HERE AS every fubjeSty hy the duty of his aBegiame^ is 
bounden toferve and ajjiji his prince audjovereign brd at aU 
feaforts when needfiall rejuirey and mcjl fpeciailyfuch perfins as have 
by him promotion or advancement's grants and gifts of offices j feeSy 
and annuities y which owe an^ verily be bound of reafon to give their 
attendance upon bis royal perfon^ to defend the Jaraey when he JbaO 
fortune to go in his perfon in war ^ for defence of the realm^ or againft 
his rebels and enemies^ for the fuhdmng and reprejjing of them and 
He that win their malicious purpoje: (a) wherefore be it ena&ed and efta- 
not go iiv per- blifhed by the King our fovereign lord, by the advice of his lords 
Kin^in^his fp^^^sd and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent par- 
-warf, where Hament aiiembled, and by authority of the fame. That if any 
he i« in per- perfon or perfons, being within this realm of England or fFaks^ 
*Mv^li lofc having fuch offices, fees, or annuities, by any of his rehearfed 
Sl^ted^by ' gifts and grants, do not give their attendance upon him, when 
$Sicing- ne fliall fortune to go in wars in his perfon, in their faid perfons, 
as thdr duty bindeth them ; that then th^, and every of them 
making thereof default (the King's fp^ial licence not had, or 
elfe he have fuch unfeigned ficknefe, letting, or difeafe, that he 
ma]r not in his perlbn come to do bis perk>nal attendance ard 
Ibrvice after the form aforeiaid, and that dulv proved) that then 
every fuch perfon or perfons forfeit and lo(e their faid offices, 
fees, and annuities, and to ftand void at the King*s pleafure, any 
adt, ordinance, or ftatute to the contrary afore this time had or 
Certsin per- made in any wife notwithfianding. (3) Provided, That diis a& 
Ions wheicuii- extend not to any fpiritual perfon, matter of the rdls, ne to any 
'2>th*not^ other officer and clerks of the chancery, iuftices of either bench, 
iend. * barons of the King's exchequer, and other officers and clerks cf 
Dyttt sti* ^c f^d places, the King's attomies and folicitor, and the fer- 
jeantsat law. (4) Provided alway. That this aft (hall not ex- 
tend to any perfon having any fuch offices of the King's high- 
nefs, and being in his fervice within his towns and fortilities of 
19H.7.C. I. Berwick and Carlifle^ ne to the clerk of the King's council for 
the tim^ b^iog. 


1494'] '^^'^^ undecimo HbnrIci VIL 67 

What fiuff ufholfitrs Jball pit in bolfters^ fsatber-heds^ and 


TO the right nmjhipfvi cmnuns in this pre/ent parliamnt a/- * Bulftr. iftj> 
fmbkd^ Jbew9tb untoy$ur difcrut wifdomsy the wardens of the 
fdktsfinp rf ihfi araft of ufifojfters within the citf of London, (2) 
tb^ whereat Overs perfon$ within the realm of England, out of the 
/aid eitfy nnfie and do to be made unlawful andjfalfe wares and 
merchiidifeSy to the great rebuke wdttander of the Jaid crafty and alfo 
freatj^pardf^ kfsj and deceit to the King's fuote^^Sj wherefore there is 
mo fi^fident remedy purveyed^forfo much as the fame wardens have no 
power nor authority to make duefearch offuchfalfe decdvable wares 
and mercban£fes put tofale out of the Jaid city, as they have power 
and authority within the fame city^ as in feather-beds^ bo(fierSj and 
pilUwSy made of two manner of corrupt fiuffsy that is tofay^ offcaled 
feathers J and dry pulled featiers together j and of flocks and feathers 
together y whieb is contagious for maris body to lie ouj and alfo tn fuilts^ 
mattrejesj and cujbionsj fluffed with borfe-hair, fen-rnvn^ neats- 
hairy deers-bairy and goats-hair^ which is wrought in lime-fat Sj ana 
by the beat of maris body tU favour and tafte is fo abominable and 
€ont4giousy that many of the king*s fuMf^s thereby been dejlroyedi 
(3) which deceitful making of theforefaid corrupt and unbwfidjiuff 
IS to the great lofs and impoverifbing of the Kin^s liege people y cmd 
alfo to the great rebuke andflander to the (aid craft ofuphol/lers : (4) 
therefore may it pleafe the King's hig^nels, by the advice of the 
lords fpitituai and temporal, and his commons, in this prefent 
parliament ailembled, and by authority of the fame, to eftablifh, 
ordain, and enafl. That from henceforth no perfon ne perfons 
flull make, utter> ne put to fale in fairs, ne in markets within 
this his faid realm, any feather-beds, bolfters, or pillows, except Whitt itoff 
they be ftuffed with one manner of fluff, that is to fay, with dry P^^JJ ^ P"^ 
pulled feathers, or elfe with clean down alone, and with no ^nows, ^d ^ 
fcaled feathers, nor fen-down, nor none other unlawful and feather-bedg, 
corrupt fluffs, as is afore rehearfed, but utterly to be damned 
for ever: (5) except if any perfon or perfons, for their own pro- 
per ule in their houfes, make or do to be made any of the fore- 
said ccMmipt and unlawful ihjff and wares, fo they oe not offered ^^ . ^ 
to be fold in &irs and markets, upon pain of forfeiture. (6) J^f beput 
And alfo in likewife, quihs, mattrd&s, and cu(hions,be fhiffed into quilts^ 
with one manner of fhiff, that is to fay, with clean wool, or clean mattrefles, 
flocks alone, and with no fuch unlawful fluff afore rehearfed, "J^ 5^^°^' 
upon pain of I0& and forfeiture of all fuch unlawful wares and ^,^5 


Certain alienations made by the mfey of the lands of her 

deceafed husbandy fhallbt void. 

FOR certain reafonable confideratidnsbeit ordalined, enaAed, itob. 199. 
and eilablifhed by the King our fovereign lord, and by the 1 Leon. 161. 
aflcntofthf lords fpiritualandtcmporal,andthc conunons in this * ^- '^'* 

Fa prefent*'^- ^' 

68 Anno undecimo Henrici VII. [1494. 

2 RoU, 417. prcfcnt parliament afTembled, and by authority of the fame, 

3 S°* I*' That if any woman which hath had, or hereafter (hall have, aiy 
iro?iudg.i4«, ^^*^ ^^ dower, or for term of life, or in tail, jointly with her 
153.* * ' husband, or only to herfelf, or to her ufe, in any manors, lands, 
'Co.L]t.3i6.b. tenements, or otiier hereditaments of the inheritance or pur- 
365, 366, 381. chafe of her husband, or given to the faid husband and wife in 

*!hifi Tit* ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ '^ ' ^y ^^^ °^ ^^^ anceftors of the faid huf- 
C14, * ' band, or by any other perfon feifed to the ufe of the faid huf- 
Cro, Jac. X74, band, or or his anceftors, and have or (hall hereafter, being fole, 
^ MoH ®^ ^^^^ any other after taken husband, difcontinued or dilcon- 

1 Mod." IV. ^^^^^9 aliened, releafed, or confirmed, alienc, releafe, or con- 
Alienation by finn with warranty, or by covin fuffered or fuffer any reco^ 
the wife of very of the fame againft them, or any of them, or any other 
the inh«r|- feifed to their ufe, or to the ufe of either of them, after the 
deaafcdhuf- ^^^^ aforefaid, that all fuch recoveries, difcontinuanccs, alicna- 
band,fliallbe tions, rdeafes, confinriations, and warranties fo had and made, 
void/ and from henceforth to be had and made, be utterly void and of 

none efFe<5t : (2) and that it (hall be lawful to every perfon and 
perfons, to whom the intereft, title, or inheritance, after the 
deceafeof the faid women, of the faid manors, lands, and tene- 
ments, or other hereditaments, being difcontinued, aKened, and 
fuffered to be recovered, after the nrft day of December next 
coming, in the form aforefaid, (hould appertain, to enter into 
all and every of the premUTes, and peaceably to poflefs and en- 
joy the fame, in fuch manner and form as he or they (houkl 
have done, if no fuch difcontinuance, warranty, nor recovery 
Upon the re- had been had nor made. ('3) And over this be it ordained and 
covcryoralic- cnadled by the faid authority. That if any of the faid husbands 
nation of the g^j women, or any other feifed, or that (hall be feifed, to the 
tl^'^verfwn "'"c of them of the eftate afore fpecificd, after the faid firft day of 
may enter. Detemher^ do make or caufe to be made, or fuffer any fuch dif- 
3 And. 31. continuance, alienations, warranties, or recoveries in form afore- 
' Co' *^** % ^^^^' ^^^ ^^^" ^^ ^^ ^ lawful to the perfon or perfons to whom 
\ Co.* i!*' ^^ '^'^ manors, lands, or tenements (hould or ought to belong 
Dyer, iii, after the deceafe of the faid women, to enter into the fame, and 
146, 148, 340, them to poflefs and enjojr, according to fuch title and intereft 
354» 3^*- as they (hould have had m the fame, if the fame women had 
34«- ]jgg^ dead, no difcontinuance, warranty, nor recovery had, as 
againft the faid husband during his life, if the faid difcontinuance, 
alienation, warranties, and recoveries be hereafter had by or 
againft the fame husbands and women during the coverture 
and efpoufal betwixt them. (4) Provided alway, That the 
covert^und ^^^^ women, after the deceafe of their faid husbands, may re- 
but during enter into the fame manors, lands, and tenements, and thetn 
her husband*8 to enjoy according to their (irft eftate in the fame. (5) And over 
^'^R m *^'^ ** ordained and enadted by the faid authority. That if 

A woman^fole ^^ '^^^ 'Woman, at the time of fuch difcontinuance, alicRations, 
aliening, or -recoveries, warranties, after the faid firft day of December y in 
fuffering a form aforefaid, to be had and made of any of the premi(Ies, be 
recovery. foj^^ tj^^t then (he (hall be barred and excpluded of her title and 
intereft in the fame from thenceforth 5 (6) and that the "^on 


1494*3 Anno undecimo Hemricj VII. 6g 

and pcribns to whom the title> intereft, and pof&flion pf the 
fame (hould belong after the deceafe of the faid woman, (hall 
immediately after the faid difcontinuances, alienations, war- 
ranties, and recoveries, enter into the fame manors, lands, te- 
nements, and other hereditaments, and them to poflefs and 
enjoy according to his or their title in the fame. (7) Provided a provifo for 
alio. That this adl extend not to avoid any recovery, difcon- a recovery 
tinuancc, or warranty after the fiirm aforewid, afore this time ^^d before 
had, made, and fuflfered, but only where the faid husband and J^^ ft^utc 
woman, or either of them now being alive, or any other to their 
yfe, now have entries and title to the faid manors, lands, tene- 
ments, or other hereditaments, aliened, difcontinued, or fuffered 
to be recovered after the form aforefaid, and thereof now taking 
the ifliUes and profits, or any other perfon or perfons to their 
ufe. {8) Provided alfo. That this aft extend not to any fuch A woman 
recovery or difcontinuance to be had where the heirs next inheri- nu?or ftiS**' 
tiible to the faid woman, (9) or he or tRey that next after the recoveiy, with 
death of the fame woman (nquld have eftate o^ inheritance m the heir*s 
the fame manors, lands or tenements, be afTenting or agreeable confent. 
to the faid recoveries, where the fame ^Sci\t and agreement is of 
record, or inrolled. (10) Provided alfo. That it (hall be lawful ^ woman 
to every fuch wom?n being fole, or married after the death of j^$ forlhe^' 
her firit husband, to give, fell, qr make difcontinuance of any term of her 
fuch lands for term or her life oi^ly, after the courfe and ufe of life only, 
thecommon law before the making of ^his prefentadl. 6Ed.i.ftat.i. 

CAP. XXL JiH.g,c,36. 

The ability of every man that Jhall he impanelled in any in^ 
queft or attaint in London. 
^HEREAS perjury is much and cuftomarily ujed within the 4 H. 8, c. %. 
city ^London, amongjtfuch perjom as p'ajfen and been im- 
panelled upm ijfues joined betiveen party and party in the courts of the 
fame dty^ to the g^eat difpleafure of Almighty God^ and alfo to the 
dijheritance and manifold wrongs of the Kih^ s fubjeSfs^ forafmuch as 
fhere is impanelled in the fame inquetts perfons of little fubjlance^ dif- 
cretion^ and reputation j (2) and alfo no attaint^ ne other fufficient 
punijbment^ is for fuch perjured perfons before this time purveyed and 
ordained within the fame city: (3) therefore it may pleafe the 
King's highnefs, by the advice and ailent of the lords fpiritual 
and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent parliament af- 
fembled, and by authority of the fame, to ftablifh, ordain, and 
enatft. That no perfon ne perfons hereafter be impanelled, fum- of what abi- 
moned, or fwom in any jury or inqueft in courts within the fame Uty every man 
city, except he be of lands, tenements, or goods and chattels, to ^^^^ijji^^' 
the value of xl. marks; (4) and that no perfon or perfons hereafter JJ^panellcd^iii 
be impanelled, fummoned, nor fwom in any jury or inqueft in any inqueft in 
any court within the faid city, for lands or tenements, or a(5tion London, 
perlbnal, wherein the debt or damage amounteth to the fum of 
xl. marks, or above, except he be in lands, tenements, goods, 
or chattels, to the value of C. marks -, (5) and the fame matter 
and caufe alledged by any of the faid parties by way of chal- 

F3 kngc. 



What a man 
makine de- 
^ult of ap« 
pearance m - 
London ihal) 
Ibrfeit, aa4 to 

Anno nndcdmo HENRIcif VII/ 


An attain^ 
may be fued 
by bill in the 
buftings in 

A precept by 
the mayor to 
the aldermen 
|o jTunamon a 

forty djrbt 
perTont im- 
panelled and 
fippear upon 
|Ji attaint. 

A Tales for 
default of ap- 
pearance of 
the jurors. 

Pleas of at- 
taint coip- 
tneiiced in 
London ihall 
be tried there. 

No cha]1en|ne 
for lack ot 


knge, and fo founden, fhall be admitted and taken in every of 
the fame courts as a principal challenge. (6) And that every 
fuch perfon hereafter to be impanelled or fummoned to appear, 
in any jury or inqueft before any of the faid judges of the fiime 
city, malung default, at th<9 firft .fuQiinons lofe and forfeit in 
ifliies xii. d. and at the fccond de&uh ij. s. and fo at every fiich 
default after that, the UTues and penalties to be douUe : (7) 
And all fuch iflues loft in the mayor's court fhall be forfeited, 
levied, and perceived to the ufe and behoof of the mayor and 
commonalty of the fatd city j and all fuch iifiies loft in the (he- 
riff^'s court or courts ftiall be forfeited, levied, and perceived to 
the ufe of the (heriffs of the fame city ibr the time being, to- 
wards their fee-ferm. (8) And alfp be it enatfted by like au- 
thority. That the party grieved by any untrue or fane verdiA 
hereafter to be given in any of the courts of the faid city, ftiaU 
and may have and fue attamt by bill in the huftlngs of LondoHy 
holden for common pleas before the mayor and aldermen of die 
fame citv for the time being \ (9) and thereupon a precept to be 
av^arded and made by the fame mayor to every alderman of the 
faid city, or his dejputy in his abfence, to prefent or certify the 
names of four indifferent and difcreetperfons of good fame, and 
every of them of fubfiance of C, li. or more, citizen^ of the fame 
city, dwelling in his ward, to th^ mavor and aldermen of die 
faid city for the time being, at the hunings of common picas 
withu^ the fame city then next enfuing to be hoHen j (10) of 
which perfons fo prefented and certified, the faid mayor and fix 
aldermen^ or more, holding the fame cpurt of huftineSy fhall 
take, name, and impanel xlviij. by their difcretion thought moft 
able, fufficient, and indifferent ; and the tnayor and his fuc-? 
ceiS>rs, mayors of the faid city, fhall do to be fummoned the 
faid xlyiij. perfons fo by the (aid mayor and aldermen named 
and impanelled, (11) and alfo the jurors of the petty jury, 
and tlie party or parties named as tenants or defendants in 
the faid bill of attaint, to appear before the mayor and 
aldermen of the fame city at the huftings of common pleas 
then next to be holden m the fame city; (12) and if^ the 
fame attaint then, or any other time, happen to remain 
untaken fpr or by defaiJt of jurors, by challenge or other- 
wife, that upon every TaUi grante^, the faid mayor and aldermen 
fhall impanel the faid perfons which were certified by the faid 
s^dermen or their deputies, and omitted out of the (aid panel^ 
or put therein other perfon or perfons, being citizensf of the 
faid city, of the fubftance of C. li, or more. (13) And alfo, 
That all the plea or pleas to be alledged and pleaded by or for 
the tenant or defendant, tenants or d3endants, or by any of the 
jurors of the petty jury in the fame attaint, and triable oy any 
jury or inaueft, (hall be tried wjthin the fame city, and by the 
jnquefts or the fame, and in none other place ne county. (14) 
And that none of the faid petty jury, ne other parties named in 
any fuch bill of attaint, (hall or may have any challenge to the 
array, or to any perfon or poll therein being impanelled, for 


1494-)' Anno undecimo Henrici VII. y x 

lack, of fiiffidency of goods or of lands. (15} Over that It be 
provided and ena<£ted. That the judgment in any fuch attaint 
ihall not extend to any lands or tenements, ne to other jpunifh- - 
ment of the petty jury, ne other procefs to be in the (ame at- ' 
tainty than is limited and appointed in this prefent acft. ri6) The )udg- 
And if the xxiv. perfonsof the faid xlviij. perfons fwom in the lame ment where 
attaint find that the jurors named in the petty jury have made and J^^ P^^^y JH^r 
given an untrue verdidl, th^t then the judgment (hall be againft IJJtainted^a * 
the psuty defendant in the fame attaint, asisufed in s^aint fued gainft the de^ 
by writ at common law : (17} and furthermore, the judgment mdant and 
in the fiunc attaint (hall be sigginlt the petty jury, that every of ^*P*^i^- 
the jurors of the &me petty jury (hall forfeit and lole xx. h. or 
more, by the difcretion of^the mayor and aldermen of the &id 
dty> keeping the fame huftings, or any other huftings of com- 
mon pleas, to fuch ufe and behoof as other ifTues and penalties 
beea forfeited and loft in anv a^on or plaint commenced before 
the mayor and aldermen of^ the fame city, and his body to be 
imprifbnedy there to remain without bail or mainprife fix 
months, or lefs, by the difcretion of the mayor and aldermen of 
the fame city for the time being, and to be difabled for ever to 
be fwom in any jurv before any temporal judge. (18) And Tlie judg- 
over that, be it enaaed by the fame authority. That if it be ment where 
found by the grand jury in the fame attaint, that the petty iury ^l^'?^!!;' 
baveg^ven a true verdidt, that then the grand jury mall have^^ ** *™"*' 
authority and power to inquire if any of the petty jury took or 
perceived any ium of money or other reward, or promife of 
money or other reward^ of them named defendants or tenants j--^ 
in the fame attaint ; or if aiiy other perfon or perfons, by the of thepetty - 
commandment, covin, or a^nt of any of them, to or for the jury have 
intent of their verdidl given, whereupon the fame attaint is ^^^ '*'■ 
grounded ; (19) and after any fuch corruption by the faid grand ''*"*■• 
jury is founden, that then tne juror or jurors of the faid petty 
jury, that is found fo defedtive in taking and perceiving any 
Aims of money, or other reward, or promife of reward, (hall 
k>fe, forfeit, and pay to the plaintiff or plaintiffs named in the 
fame attaint, ten times the value of that lum or other reward fo 
taken, percdvod, or promifed in form abovefaid, and (hall fuffer 
imprifboment without bail or mainprife fix months, or lefs, by 
thediicretion of the faid mayor and aldermen, and (hall be dis- 
abled for ever to be fwom in any jury before any temporal 
judge. (20) An^ over that be it enadted. That fuch defendant 
or tenant, defendants or tenants in the fame attaint, (hall lofe, 
forfeit, and pay to fuch ufe and behoof, as other penalties been 
foiietted within the fame city, ten times the value of that fum 
of money, or other reward by him or them fo given to any of 
the faid petty jury ; and the uune defendant or tenant, defen- 
dants or tenants^ fliall be imprifoned^ there to remain without 
bail or mainprife during fix months, or lefs, by the difcretion of 
the (aid mayor and aldermen. (21) And if any debts, dama- Remedies for 
wsSy or cofts be recovered in any aAion whereupon fuch attaint the debts, 
IS grounded, and by the fame attaint ^t b^ foupd, that the petty «>^»» ^ ^a- 

f 4 juiy ™**^ "* 


Anno undecimo Hbnrici VII. 


covered in the jury have given a falfe fcrement, that then for the recoteiy and 
firft adion. reftitution of the fame debt, damages, and cofts, the plaintiflf or 
plaintiffs in every attaint (hall and may have and fuean adtion 
of debt againft the fame defendant or tenant, by writ, bill, or 
plaint in every of the King's courts, wherein tnefame defen- 
dant or tenant, and every of them, (hall not be received to do 
J thi^?^miff ^^^ ^^^' ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ *^^ ^ ^^ enafted. That if any plaintiff 
be nonfujtl or ^^ plaintiffs in any fuch attaint commenced before the faid 
the firft yer- mayor and aldermen upon any record remaining within the 
diftbcaterm- lame city, therein be nonfuit, or if the firft ferement therein be 
^^' affirmed, that then he or they ftiall have imprifonmeht, and 

make fine by the difcretion 01 the mayor and aldermen of the 
faid city for the time being, and that line to be and go to the 
The **^>^' tpayor and commonalty of the faid city, f 23) And if there be 
though one of ^^^ ^^ more plaintiffs in any fuch attaint oraained by this flatute, 
the ^aintiffs and if any of them di& or be nonfuit, the other by this adl fliall 
die.orbenon- be enabled to fue for the proceeding in the fame attaint; and 
Aiit.orany of ^0^^;^ j^ftj^^ding the death of the defendant or tenant, dcfen- 
®P« y)^ry* Jants or tenants, or any of the petty jury named in the fame 
attaint, fo that there be two of the fame petty jury on live, the 
The penalty fame attaint (hall not abate. (24) And alfo be it ordained by 
ofthe gr^d ^j^^ {^^^ authority. That if any of the jurors of the faid grand 
cJefeS^ J"^> impanelled and fummoned in form aforefaid, at the fum- 
• mons make default, fo that the attaint remaineth to be taktn for 
default of jurors, that then every of the faid jurors fo making 
default, lofe and forfeit for the firft default xJ. «. and at the 
fecond default v. li. and at every default after that x. li. (25) 
And like procefs to be made and fued there againft the grand 
jury, and the petty jury, and the party and parties, as is to be 
made and fued in attaint fued at the common law, and that the 
fame procefs be returnable at every huftings of common pleas; 
(26) And that the attaint remain not to be taken after the firft 
lummons returned for or by the default of the defendant or te- 
nant, defendants or tenants, or of any ofthe petty jury named 
in the fame attaint by this ad ordained ; (27) and that the faid 
have the ilTues iffues or penalties forfeited by any ofthe faid grand jury, be for- 
and penalties fgj^^ levied, and perceived to the ufe of the mayor and com- 
monalty of the faid city j (28) and that no protedlion nor eftbin 
be allowed In this attaint by this adl purveyed, (29) Provided 
alway. That upon all attaints hereafter to be commenced within 
the (aid city upon any record, wherein the trial and inqueft was 
by half-tongue, that the faid mayor and aldermen (hall impanel 
the grand jury in the fame attaint, the one half of ftrangcrs of 
good feme, and of the fubftance of goods to the value of C. li. 
and more, inhabiting within the fame city at large, and the re- 
fidue of the fame grand jury to be of like value and fubftance of 
goods impanelled ofthe citizens', as aforefaid. (30) And over 
this, be it enafted by the faid authority. That no aft of attaint 
of the petty Jury, made in this prefent parliament, nor nothing 
therein contained, other than this prefent a<ft, nor other penalty 
or puniftunent in any other a6t, than is afore contained in this 
^ • •* prefent 

The procefs 
in attaint. 

Defaults (hall 
not ftay the 
taking of the 
Who Ihall 


Where the 
attaint fliall 
be taken per 


1494-] Anno undecimo HSNRICI Vlt. y^ 

prcfent afl, be hurtful nor extend to any jury or inqueithere- ^3 H. 8. c. 3. 

after to be taken before any judge of and within the fame city. 37 H. S. c. 5; 
CAP. XXII. .. , 

The feveral years wages of fcrvants in husbandry, viz. of the ^^ U ^ 
baififf of husbandry, chief hind, carter, ftiepherd, common Rep. jE1/c?4^ 
fervant, woman fcrvant, and child within xiv. years of age ; 
and the feveral wages of artificers and day-labourers, with 
meat and drinic, or without; and feveral times limited for 
their work, meals, and fleep. 


Tie felling of falmons and eels ; their veffelsj packings and 

gauging of them. 

WHEREAS at a parliament hoUen at Weftminder in the m Ed.4. «. s. 
xxij. year of the reign of King ^vmrd the Fmrth^ among 
ether things it was ena^edy ordained^ andeftahlijbed^ That no merchant The contents 
f ranger nor denizen^ after thefeaft of St. Michael the archangel then of vcflek of 
next comings Jbouldfellor put tojale anyfalmm by butt^ barrel^ half ?^**^' "j^ 
barrel^ or any other veffel^ afore it Jbould be feen^ except the fame butt ^^Lcd?' 
Jbouldholdand contain ixxxiv gallons^ the barrel idij.gallonsy the half^ - 
barrel xxj. gallons^ well and truly pachdy upon pain of forfeiture tor 
every butt^ barrel^ and halfbarrel^fo lacking their fata meafure^ vi. s, 
viij. d. (2) And that nofuch merchant^ being under thefaii King^s 
obeyjance^ after thefeaft of St. Mkh^el, /hsuUfell or put tofale any 
manner ofjabnon by butt^ barrel^ or other vejfef^ exc^t it/hould be well 
and truly packed^ that is tofay^ the great falmon by it/ilf without med" 
dh'ng of any grills or brof en-bellied falmon with thejame; (3) and 
that aUfmall fijby called grills^ Jbould be packed by themfelves only^ 
without any meddlings upon painofforfeiture, and lofng V]. s viij. d. 
for every butt^ barrel^ or half barrel^ contrary to thefaid ait meddled^ 
pactedy and put tofale : (4) and thatnofuch merchant nor other per^ ,^, ' 

fonflmldput any herring tofale by barrel^ demy-barrel j orfirkiuy ex-, ©f veflSs S 
cept the fame barrel contain xxxij. gallons^ the half-barrel and firkin herrings, and 
after the fame rate : (5) and that the fame herring JboUld be welly how they (hall 
truly andjuftly laid andpackedy andJhouU be- of one time taking and ^ P«*cd. 
falting ; and that the fame herring Jhould be as good and as*well packed 
in the middejl and in every part of the fame barrel and other vejffels'y 
as it Jhould be at any of the ends of the fame barrel and veffely upon 
pain of forfeiting and lofing of iij. s iv.'d. for every barrely half 
barret y anafirkiny fo lacking thtirfaid meafierey and alfo upon pam of 
forfeiting and lofing ofi\], s. iv. A. for every barrely naif barrely and 
firkin ofherringy contrary to thefaid aiifortedy layed or packed. (6) 
Alfo that nofuch merchant or pailing-man fihuldfell or put to/ale ary '^^-Sy'^^* 
eels by barrely half barrely or firkiuy except the barrel contain xlij. ^iJ^*ho«r 
gallonsy the half barrel and firkin after the fame rate: (n) nor that they (hall be 
any fuch merchant nor pailing-man fl>ould meddle any galoytteuy for- ^muBd. 
veny or pyled eels with good eelsy but that the fame good eels Jhould be 
well and jvflly packedy and fo fold by themfelves \ nor Jbould meddle 
with the Jaid good eelSy nor put tojale any red eelSy upon pain offor^ 
feiture and lofing ofx. s. for every barrely half-barrely andjhiiuy Ji 
lacking their Jaid meajiirey andt^on pain of lofing ofx. s. for every 



4aU bepack- 

cities* '&c« 
(hall appoint 

Sogers of 
li veflels. 

The fereral 
fees of the 
ganger, pack 
tr, appointed 

Anno undedmo Henrici VII. U49^ 

harrdy haJf-harrel^ anifirhin^jh as afore/aid medJkd^ mii contrary 
to the /aid a£t packed or put tojaU. (8) jthdtbat no fmrchant^ af- 
' fir the /aid feqfty JbmldfeU nor put tojale any harrelUdfiJby except 
tbejamefiflffioidd well and trufy be packed^ that is to fay^ the ude* 
fi/oby toemfehesy and the fmaUfiJb^ called gutts^ by themfehesy with^ 
cut am meddling ofthefatdfnuul fijb with the great fijby and without 
meddting and packing ofthohs and broken-beJued fijb with the fad 
tde-ifi or fmallfi/h ; and that neither the tck-tijb nor finoR fijh 
fiomi be laid double in packing ; and that every tate-fijb Jbmd contcun 
in lengthy from the bomofthefin io the third joint of the tally xxvj. 
inches at the leafti and that m napes (faUjuch barrelled fififiould 
it mlonger than the little bone thathteth upon the great fat ; ami that 
the bone of every fachfaltf/hjbomd be taken away unto the navel of 
the Jamef/h i am that every fuch Js/h Jbould be fplatted dojsm to an 
handful tfthe tail^ upon pain of forfeiture ofkfing iij. s. iv. d. for 
every barrel offijb which front henceforth jhmd be found packed^ 
fartedf and meddledj napedy layed double^ or not bonei nor fplatted 
accenting to the fold a^* {q) And alfo i^ efchewing of the common 
hurts and deceits above renearfeds the faid late King ordained and 
ena&ed by the faid authority ^ 'that aU mayor Sy baili/fsy and governors 
of cities J towns f boroughsy markets y and ail other places jf this realniy 
for the time beings where theyjhould be mayorSy bcuUjfsy andgover^ 
norSyJhouU have power and authority to name and choofe adifcnetand 
oxpert perfon or purhnsy duly to fearch and gauge aufiuh veffels as 
been above rebearfeoy that theyjhould be truly packed, and keep their 
true meajure and q0ry aaording to the ordinances abovefnoy as in 
theforefaid aH thereof made more plainly appeareth. ( i o) Andforaf 
much as in the faid a£l no certainty is ^pointed hew much every fuch 
ganger y packer y audfearcherfiould take for his labour in executing of 
their faid officty they been their ownjudgesy and at their pleafures take 
for tie fame gaugingypackingy and fearchingy by way cf extortiouy 
fuch great fums of money as them likethy whereby the King^s truefub^ 
je&s are greatly mn^werifaedandwronged : ( 1 1 ) that it might there- 
fofe ple^e the Kiagfs highnefs, by advice of the lords fpiritval 
and temporal) and the commons^ in this prefent parliament 
aflembledy and by authority of the fame, to confirm, ratify, and 
eft^(h the faid a&, and every thing therein comprifed ; ^12) 
and over that, by the fame authority to ordain and eftablith. 
That every fuch gawer, packer, and learcher, take no more for 
'gauging of a barrel-ulmon, barrel-herring, barrel -fi(h, barrel- 
\ eels, hw'-^barrel, and firkin, for every piece io gauged, but a farth- 
ing ; ( 13} and for his labour focfearching and packing, if it be 
nm, of a barrei-falmon firom head to h^d, i. d. (14) and for 
his labour for boning, napin^ and packing of a bairel-fifh, if it 
be need, i. d. (15) and for his labour in ieardiing and packix^ 
of a barrel-herring, from head to head, if it be needful, ii. d. 
(16} and for fearching and packing of every barrel of eels, ii. d. 
and for fearching and packing of every (lalf-barrd of herring 
from head to hcaid, i, d. and for every half-barrel eels fearching. 
and packing, i. d. and for fearching and pacing of every firkin 
of hearing) if it be needful) ob. (27) And Qi^cr that, that all 
^ 6 and 

1494*3 ^^ undcdmo HENltici VIL 75 

and ev\enf tti6h gauger, fordid, and packer, that mbbehavcth Tbe penalty 
oroffendeth in any thing concerning the fiud offices of gsuger, of a gauger» 
fearcher aid oacker5 contrary ta this ad, and to proved brfore ^^"^Ji^^ 
any of the fiitd mayorsy baiMs, or governors of any city, town, Pj^<««n<»- . 
borough, market or any other place within thia ttaim where he ^ 
or they be fo gaurars, packers, or fearchers, ganger, packer, or 
fearcher, fiiall tofe and forfeit his faid office, and the fame ftota 
thenceforth no longer to enjoy, any leafe, grant or grams there- 
of made notwidiftanding $ ( 18) »d for further puniihment, to 
have and faffer imprifonment by the fpace of foity days widiout 
bail or mfinprife: (19) provided alwavs. That the faid Searchers and 
fearcher and packer^ or any of them, ihall nothing loceive of Inkers, ^^ 
the faid fees by colour of their c^ce, but oi3y for A^h^f I^f T^-, 
butts, barrels, hatf-barreis, and fktins, as by them fbail here- th^ take 
after be fafficiently feaiched and packed, and be not afore fu£- puni. 
iidentiy packed. This prefent adt to bc^n and take elfeft at 
the fesA of Eajler next coming, and not afore. ' 


An attaint fhall be maintainable againft the party and petty ti H. 7. c. «• 
jury : the procefs therein, the ability of the jurors, the pleas » H. s. c- n. 
of the defendant and petit iury, and their punifluneat being ^ ^*^ ^^ **• 
attainted. Panels returned by the (heriiF to enquire for the ^ift.Entt.9i» 
King, may be reformed by the juftices. Lq/l continued bfb.' 


Peijury committed by unlawful maintenance, embracing, oriaH.7.c.a« 
corruption of officers, or in tbe chstncery, or before the 
King's council, fhall be puniflied by the difcretion of the 
lord chancellor, treafurer, both the chief juftices, and the 
clerk cf( the rolls : and if the complainant prove not, or pur- 
fuenot his bill, he fhall yield to the party wronged his cofls 
2xii damages. To en^re to the next parliament. Exp. 5Bl.c« 94 

)t fhall be lawful to everjr fherifF of the coun^es of Smthamptm^ 
Surrey^ and Suffix^ to impand and fummon xxiv* lawful men 
of fttch, inhabiting within the precinct of his or thdr turns, 
as owe fint to the fame turn, whereof every one hath lands 
or freehold to the yearly value of x« s. or copyhold lands to 
the veariy value of xiij. s. iv. d. above all charges within any 
of the Taid counties, or men of lefs Ihretihood, if there beszP. 
not fe many there, notwithftanding the fUtuteof x Ji.3.r.4« >9 ^7* c. i^ 
7i endtere to the next parliament. j Inft. i«4. 

CAP. xxvn. 

A renudf to avoid deceit ful Jleigbts ufed uponfuftians. 

PRAYEN tbe commons in this prefent parliament aJTembUd^ That 
whereas fuflians brought from the parts beyond the fea unjhorn 
into this redm^ have been^ andjbouldbe tbe mift profitable ckth for 
doublets and for other wearing cloths j gnatfy ufed among tU common 
people of this realm, and longefl have endured of any thing that have 


^6 AjinO undecimo Henrici VII. . [1494- 

tmi into the. fiime realm from thefaid parts to that intent^ for that 
the caufe hath been that fuch fu/hans afore this time have been truly 
wrought and Jborn with the broad Jhear^ and mth no other inflru- 
U lawftil de- ^^'^^^^ ^ other diceitfid mean occupied upon the fame ; (2) nowfo it 
vice$ pra6Ufcd '^» ^*<^^ divers ^fons by fubtil (mi undue fkights and meanSj have 
upon fu&isM.deceivabfy imagined and contrived in/iruments ofiron^ with tie' which 
irons^ in the- moft higheft andfecret places of their houfes^ they Jlrike 
and draw the feud irons over the faid fuftians ujifhorn ;' by means 
whereof they pmck off both the nap and cotton of the fame fuftians^ ofd 
break commonly both the ground and threads in funder^ and after by 
crafty fleeking they make the fame fuftians to appear to the common pfo- 
pie fine y whoUy and founds andalfo they raife up the cotton of fuch 
fuftians^ and then take a ligkt candle andfet tt in thefuflian burnings 
which fingeth and bumethixwc^ the cotton of the fame fuftian from the 
one. end to tl^ other^ down to the hard threads^ injlead ofjbearing^ and 
ctfter that put them in colour ^ andfofuitily drefs them^ that their falfe 
work cannot be efpied^ without it be by workmen /hearers offuchfufti^ 
ansy or by the wearers of the fame j {3) andfo, byfuchfubtleties^ whereas 
fufiiammadeindoubletSy orput to any other ufeywerewontandmighten-i 
\\, dure the fpaceof two yearV and mqre^ will not endure now whole by the 

Jbace of four months fear cely^ to the great hurt of the poor commons and 
jerving men of this realm^ to the great damage ^ lofi^ and deceit of the 
King's trueJubje^Sy buyers^ arid wearers of fuch fuftian : (4) for 

remedy whereof^ b^ it enaded, ordained, and eitabliihed by the 

King our fovereign lord, and the lords fpiritual and temporal, 

. .and the commons, in this preferit parliament afiembled, and by 

A remedy to authority of. the fame. That no fuch iron or inftruments, nor 

avoid them, any other untrue fubtil mean or fleight be from hericeforth ufed 

upon any fuftian within this realm, but only by the broad (hears, 

(5) upon forfeiture of xx, s. to hie levied for every default of 

every fuch perfon or perfons hereafter offending and uilng any 

^. ^. , fuch deceivable inftruments or fleights, as is ak>reraid ; the one 

The lord * half of the forfdtures to be to the Kitig our fovereign Lord, and 

mayor and the other half to him or them that will fue for the fame forfei- 

fhearmenof fures by aAidn of debt» bill, plaint, or information, in an^ of 

London may the King's coiirts of record, where the fame may be determmed 

fwch rtie oc- ^^ *^ courfe of the common law ; (6) and that the defend- 

cupiers of iu- ^^^ in fiich behalf in no wife be admitted to wage his law, nor 

iliansand that any protection or eflbin be in the fame allowable. (7) 

clothj And over this, be it ordained by the faid authority, that the 

mayor "or his Dfiayor and wardens of (hearmen of the city oi London fpr the 

deputy^ &c. time being have authority to enter and fcarch the workman(hip 

may make of all manner perfons occupying the broad (hear, as well fu- 

fcaixh, ftians as cloth : and the execution of this prefent aft to be a^ 

39 El. C.13. ^^ji of denizens, as offorcigners and ftrangers. 


1496.] Anno duodecimo HENRtci VII. 77 

Statutes made at Wejiminjiery Anno 12 Hen. VIL 
and Anno Dom. 1496. 

THE King our fivereign lord tichry the Sevinth after the cm^ 
queji^ by the grace rf God King (^England ana ^France, 
end lord ^Ireland, at bis parHanunt helden at Wijlnnnjier theftk^ 
teenth day tf/" January, in the twelfth year of his retgn^ to the honour 
of God and of holy churchy and for the common profit of the realm^ and 
by the affent of the lords fpiriUud ^ temporal^ and the commons^ in 
the faid parliament ajfembled^ andbyonthorityof the fame parliamenty 
hath done to be made certmnftatutes and ordinancesy in manner and 
form following. ♦ 

For worftedsy fayesy andfiaminSj Norff. 

TO the King our f over eign Urdyprayen your commons in thispre^ Thcmakeri 
fent parliament ajfembledy That where the common weal ^f^^^S^^^^^ vk 
profit of your inhabitants within your county ^Norfolk, have in time ^ay take any 
pajfed been by the due occupation of making of worfiedsy fayes^ and to be apprcii- 
Jlamins^ which occupation now is like to decay y for as much as the OC" tlce. 
aipiers of the- fame may not have any apprentice, but if his father may 7 ^4- c. jt 
J^fpeni lands or rents to the value ofxx.s. lyyear, of which ability " "• 7- «• *'• 
can few or none be had to be apprentice ; {%) jo that for Ifck ofappren- 
tices the faid occupation is like to befet apart, and in time to come to be 
utterly aeftroyed, which Jhould be the lofs of the common weal of 
yourjatd county, and the impoveri/hing of the inhabitants of the fame : 

(3) That it may like your Highnefs of your benign grace in 
confideration of the premifles, by the aflent of your lords fpi- 
ritual and temporal, and of the commons in this prefent par- 
liament aflembled, and by authority of the fame, be enaift- 
cd, ordained, and eftablimed. That every perfon of the afore- 

faid occupation within your county of Norfolk, the which the The jnaken 
four wardens of the faid occupation within your forefaid coun- of worfteds, 
ty yearly chofen, (hall enable to keep a prentice, (hall by this ^^X^ F*^^- 
prcfent aft be at liberty to take and keep at all times one or ^j^* may be 
* two apprentices any perion or perfons hereafter put to the fore- enabled to 
faid occupation, fo that he pafs not two at once at the moft: take any per- 

(4) And in like wife hereafter every perfon (hall be at liberty fontobean 
to put any apprentice to the aforefaid occupation : any aft or ^^j^c,*!"' 
ordinance afore made to the contrary notwithftanding. 

c A P. n. 

The ftatutes ordained 11 H.'j.c.u^i^ 25. to re(farain riots and 

peijury, continued until the next parliament. E X ?• 

CAP. in. 

A repeal of fo* much of the ftatute oi iiH. 7. r, 22. as touch- 
eth only the wages of artificers, &c. 


76 Aaoo duodedmo Henrici VIL [i4Qff. 

C A P- IV. 
.No (otfatxae ^ven by the Astute of .xiC.3. i.S. toudiing the 
length and breadth of doth$, St^ be taken before the next 
EX P. parliament. V^; 

CAP. V. 
For weights and mafures, 

IT/HEREAS rfmibistim Oe Kii^ mr fivemm kri ioittii' 

Tbewdjihtof W hig d)e €0mmM v^ rf Ms peopb 4md U OVM the grti^ di- 

an Engimi ^ rf weights and me$funs hng tisnevfedwiMn Ms Us ualm^ coss- 

^«' f ^ ^^ ^^ ^^/Mfr ^Ms^aChvta^ and f^bir ftatytn thereof 

pound.agal- fMoe by £virs cf bis mUi progenitors^ 4U bts groat charge aeod ca(i 

k>n,anda did do mate wetgbts andmoa/Sresofbrafs aecording to ddftmndards 

h«^«l. ibereofremmning within bis treafury : (2) and/or tbat^tbatonewei^t 

II IL7.C.4. andonemoqfifre/bonldbou/idtbrougbout tbjsbisreabn^ in avoiding of all 

fraud and difi^d in that beba^^ it was at the kfi farUament^ bolden 

the xiy. day of O&oher in tie xi. year of our fatd fovereign lords 

reign J ordained^ That tbejaid meafures and weights ftmld be deSver- 

ed to the knights and citizens of every ftnre and city affenMed in the fame 

parliament y barons ofthefveportSy and certain ourgeffes of borough 

taumsyfurelyh them to be conveyed to eertain cities^ boroughsj and towns 

' fp^fifrd in afcheduk unto the fame a(f annexed^ thfre to remain for every 

to the intent in the fame aSmpre largelydeclared : (3) which weights 

and meafures upon more diligent examination had Jit h the nutking of 

» the faia Batutey been approved defe^tvoy and not made according 

to the Old laws andficUutes thereof ordained within thefmd realm : 

i4) wherefore the King our fovereign lord, by the aflq^it of his 
brds fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent 
The meafure P^^l'^nicnt ailembled, and by authority of the fame, ordaineth, 
of a bolhel, a eftabliftieth, arid ena&eth, that the meafure of a bulhel contain 
giUon, a viij. gallons of wheat, and that every eallon contain viij. li. of 
pound, an whoit of Troy weight, and every pound contain xij, ounces of 
fleriSc * ^^ weight, tod evciy ounce contain xx. fterlings, and every 
^' ftcrling be of the weignt of xxxij. corns of wheat that grew in 
the midft of the ear of wheat, according to the old laws of this 
rr Ed. I. land. ' (5) And that it pleafeth the King's Highnefs to make a 
The weights ftandard of a bufl)el and a gallon after the faid affifc, to remain 
ISilitofi^rlll ^" ^'^ ^^ treafury for ever 5 (6) and from henceforth the faid 
cities,& ^^"^ bufbcls and gallons, lately fent forth, be not u&d nor oc- 
theltatuteof cupied for no meaifures, but that they be fent again unto the 
11 U.7.C.4.. King's receipt by the feaft of IVhitfuntide next coming, at the 
tiv?^flwU*be ^^^* ^^'^ charges of the faid cities, boroughs, and towns, hav- 
broken?and ^^ ^^ ^^^ bufliels and gallons, in keeping, upon pain of 
' new fent. x. li. to be forfeited to the King ; f 7} the fame bufliels and 
gallons, fo fent again into the Kinrs receipt, to be broken, 
and with the ftqfF and metal oi the tunt buihels and ^- 
lons, other new bulhels and eallons, by the advice of the 
treafurer and under-treafurer cA England for the time being, 
- before the fqaft of AH Saints next coming, to be made and 
fized accordjing to the faid bufliel and galbn, which by this 
prefent a6t is ordained to be new made, and to remain m the 
.uid treafury, at the cofts and chaz^cs of the fame cities, bo« 


1496.] Anno diiodedmo Hbnricx YU. 79 

roughs, and towns. (8) And that «yery city, borou^ and 
town witfiin this realm, which now have, or mould have bad, 
by reafon of the faid aft made in the faid eleventh year, any of 
the faid new buihels or gallons do convey and carry, before 
the feaft of St. Andrew next coming, inta every of the fiime ci- 
ty, borough and town, a bufhel and a gallon newly to be made 
as is afbre faid, at the cofts and chaiges of the fame city, bo- 
rough, and town, there to remain ; (9) and all other bu(hek, 
gallons, and meafiires, which be to be made after th^ form by 
this a£t ords^ined, be marked and ordered after the form and 
efieA of the find aft made the laid eleventh year ; ( 10} and in 
the mean fealbn to ufe fuch bufliels and gallons, as have been ufed 
hft afore the coming down of the fiud new buihels and eallons, 
and before the making of the fiad ftatute in the iaid eleventh 
year ; (n) and that ail penalties in the firft aft exprefled be of 
none effeft until die feaft of CandbmaSy which (hail be in 
the year of our Lord God M.CCCC,XCVn. and after the fame 
feaft die fame aft made in the fame eleventh year to ftand in full 
ftrength, with his penalties, upon the fiud bufhds and gallons 
new to be made, as it ftiould have done upon the faid new bu- ' 
fhels and gallons made afore the making of this prefent aft, if All other ba- 
this aft had not been made. (12) ifnd that it be ordained j*»«^«*nf,f^- 
by the fiud authority. That after the faid new bufhels and gal- ^^l^^y^ ^ 
Ions be made accoraing to this prefent aft, that all otfier bumels 
and nllons of brafs, remaining as well in the faid treafory, as 
in all other places ofEngkmdy be before the feaft ciChrtflfnas * 
next coming damned and broken, upon pain of xx.Ii. to be le- 
vied upon every city, borough, and town, or any other place, 
having the keeping of the common meafures, that keep ftill any 
other bufhel or gallon unbroken and not damned, of brafs, than 
is ordained to be made by this prefent aft. * 

Msrcbants adwnturers. 

TO the diftreet eommons in ibis frefent parliamint effenAlid^ A petition of 
/bewetb unto y$ur difereet wifdms the merchant adventurers in- certain mer- 
haUtsng and dwelling in divers farts cfthis realm ^Enjgljmd out ^/^chanu «dvcn. 
the city ^London, that where they have their free pajage^ refert^ ^wtoFfhe 
eourfe and receurfe with their goods y wares^ and mercbandifes into dty of Lon- 
divers eoafts and parts beyond the fioy as weU mto Smxij Portugal, don. 
Britaign, Irdand, Normandy, France, Seville, Venice, DanSce, 
Eaftland, Frifeland, and other divers and many pkueSy regicnsj and 
iountriesy being in league and amity with the Rng ourjivereipi iord^ 
there to buy and/ill^ and make their exchanges with their fatd goods, 
wareSy and mercoandifesy according to the kno and ci^om ufed in eve-' 
ry of the faid regions andplacesy and there every perfon freely to ufe 
themfehes to his mofi advantage y without exaitionyfiney tmpofttiony or 
contribution to be bad or taken of them or of any of them, tOyfwr or by SyeryEnirlifli* 
€mj Rnghfb perfm or perfons ; (2) and in femblable wife they before man ibaUbave 
this time heme hady ujedy and of right owen to have and ufe their free frccrecourfe 
pajagey rjfirt and recourfe into the coafts of Flanders, Holland, J^;^^',^ 
Zcahnd, Brabant, and other places thereto nigh adjoiningy under the 


So i\otio duodecimo HsNRici VIL [ 1 496. 

without cxac- lAeyfanCf ^the, archduke ^Bui^goign, in which phuts tbeumverfd 
taST ^^ b^ ^"^^^^ (ommonh kept and holden four tinges in they ear j (2) to which 
Engliih ^T ^'^''^^ ^^' ^"8^^^^^^ /7/ri divers other nations, in time paft have 
tcrnity. ' ufed to retort, there to fell and utter the commodities, of their countries, 
*Afcllowflup ^/'"^^h^^.^^i^^^J^^f^^^i^^f^^^^^ them mcjl neceffary and 
* of London expedient for ^ir profit, and the wed of the country and parts that 
made an or- they be cofnefrom $ till now oflat/t', that by thefellcwjbip of the mer* 
^*"» fj^at none ^^^^ Qf^ Hher nurAants and ^df/enttirers dwelling and being free 
fen at a mart ^^^^^ t^ ^'(V £/* London, .^ confederacy made among themfavesy 
without their ^f their incharitM and inordinate covetife^ for their fmgular profit 
confent. and lucre, contrary to every^ £i\gli{hman'i liberty, and to the Uberty 

of the fend mart there (which is, that every perfon of what nation 
that he be ofjbould have their free liperty there to buy, fell, and make 
the commutations with the wares, goods^ and merchandifes at their 
pieafure) have, contrary to, all hw^ reafon, charity, right, and 
eonjcience, among themfelves, to ihepr/judice ofallEng^iOMncn, made 
an ordinance and confiitution^ that is to f<^y. That no £ngli(hman 
reforting to the faid marts, fl)(ill neither buy ne fell any goods, wares, 
or merchandifes there, except he firji compound and make fine with the 
faidfellowjbip, merchants ofhonAon, and their laid confederates, at 
their pieafure, upon pain of forfeiture to the faid fellowjhip of mei- 
chants of London, and to their confederates, offuch merchandifes. 
The firft co- i^^ds, or wares, fo by him bought or fold there-, (j\.) which fine, im^ 
lour 6£ tMng pofition and exahion at the beginning, when it ^asfirfi taken, was 
the fine. demanded by colour of a fraternity of Saint Thomas tf/^antcrbury, 
at which time thsjaidfine was but the value of half an old noble 
Jierling,^ and fo by colour of fuch feigned boUneJs, it hath been fuf- 
feredto be taken for afewyearspajfed-, and was increafed 
to an C. s. Flemifti j cmd now it tsfo, that the faid fellow/hip and 
merchants of LonAovi, take of every Enclifhman or young merchant 
being there, at his firfl coming, xx. li. flerlingfor a fine, to Juffer 
him to buy and fell hts own proper goods, wares, and merchandijis 
The enormi- that he hath there; (^) by occa/ion whereof, all merchants not being of 
^^11^^^^^' the faid fellowft>ip and confederacy, withdraw themfelves from the 
thlmerchJIiuf^^^ ^^''^^y whereby the woolen cloth of this realm, which is one ef 
of London, the great commodities of the fame, by making whererfthe King*s true 
fubjecfs be put in occupation, and the poor people have mofl univerfaliy 
their living, and alfo other divers commodities of divers and feveral 
parts of this fame realm is not fold ne uttered as it hath been in times 
paft ; but for lack of utterance of the fame in divers parts where fuch 
cloths be made, they be conveyed to London, where they be fold far 
under the price, that they be w&rtb, and that they cofi to the makers 
. of the fame, and atfome times they be lent to long days, and the mo- 
ney thereof at divers times never paid-, (6) and over that, the com- 
modities and merchandifes of thofe parts, which the faid feUowfbip, 
tnerchants of London, and other their confederates, bring into this land 
is fold to your faid complainants, and other the King's true fubjeSts, 
at fo dear and high exceeding price, that the buyer of the fame cannot 
live thereupon', by reafon ivhereof all the cities, towns, and bo* 
roughs of this realm in efifc^ befallen into great poverty, ^ ruin, and 
decay, and as now in manner they be without hope of comfort or relief, 

- and 

^49M Anno duodecimo Henrici VIU 8 1 

and the Kin^s cuftcms andfubfidies^ and the navy of the land great-* 
ly dicreafed and minijbedy and daily they be like more and more te 
decay y ij due reformation te not had in this behalf : (7) Be it 
therefore cnadted by the King our fovereign lord, by the ad- 
vice and afletit of the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the 
commons, in this prefent parliament aiTembled, and by autho-* 

Zealand, Brabant^ and other places thereto iligh Adjoining, ^J^^*^. 
under the obeyfance of the faid archduke, to the marts there aaionsottfaa 
hereafter to be holden, with his or their merchandifes, goods, fraternity of 
and wares, there to buy and fell, and make, their exchanges Londoners, 
frcdy at his or their pleafure, >Vithout exaction, fin^, impofi- 
tion, extortion, or conttibufion to be had, levied, taken, or 
perceived of them, or any of them, to, for, or by any Englijh 
perfon or pcrfons to his or their own ufc, or to the ufe of the , 
faid fraternity or fellowfhip, or of any bthei; like, except only x. 
Mark fterling ; (8) and that no perlon Englijhy as is afore re- No Eiiglifli-* 
hearfed, hereafter take to his own ufe, or to the ufe of the faid "^*" ^^i tak« 
fraternity or fellowfhip there, of any other £/r^/(/!r perfon, of®]^*^^^?'^^ 
what eftate, degree, or condition that he be of, fo alway that &c. for hili*. 
he be the King our f<Wereign lord's true liege man, any fine, beity to buy 
exa<£tion, impofition, or contributioil for his liberty or freedom, *"d ^^^* 
to buy and lell any goods, wares, and merchandifes, in or at 
any of the faid marts, more or above the fum of ten mark.ftcr- 
ling only, upon pain of forfeiture to our faid fovereign lora for 
every time that he doth the contrary of this afl, xx. li. and 
alfo to forfeit to the parties grieved in this behalf ten time$ fo 
much as he contrary to this pfefent a6t taketh of him j (^) and The remedy 
that the parties fo grieved (hall have in this behalf an adiiort of of.thepart/ 
debt for the faid forfeiture of ten times, in any of the King's ^P^^ ^^ 
courts within this realm, bv writ, bill, plaint or information ; fo^itare/ 
and fuch procefs to be made in the fame, as is or ought to be 
made in or upon an adion of debt at the common law ; (10) 
and the trial thereof to be had in fuch (hire, city, town, or 
place where the faid adtion is Commenced or fued; (11) an^ 
that the defendant in any fuch action be not admitted to wage 
his lawy (12) nor none eflbin nor prote<5tion be for fuch defen- 
dant admitted or allowed in that behalf. 

Of murder. 

WHERE abominabli and wilful prepenfed murders be by the law 
of God and of natural reafon forbidden y and an to be efchew^ 
ed\ yet not the lefsy many and divers unreafonable and deteJlabU 
perfonSy tasking grace ^ wilfully commit murder y to the high dtfplea- 
fare ofOody and contrary to all the laws abovefaidy (2) and more- 
over againft their natural and obliged duty^ wilfully commit prepenjed 
murdeTy in flaying their majler^ or their immediate fovereign^ under 
whom be or they bcy or owe obedienccy in tntfl to efchew the peril and 
Vol. IV. O executim 

%i Anno decimo nono Henricz VII. [1503- 

ixecutm efthe law by the benefit $/ their clergy: (2) in bcpe whereof, 
of late one James Grame, late ^Londoh, yeoman^ wilfully ajfent^ 
id andprepenfed the murder of one Richard Tracy gemleman^ then his 
tnajler, by him and his prepenfed ajfent^ the ninth day of FthniBTy lafi 

James Graine the right perilous enfampU of other evil difpofed: fj^) Wherefore, 

« "h**!dT *"^ inavoiding of hkemifchiefs toenfue,by the aflent of the lords 

^hkmato^ flP^ritual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent par- 

' liament afleihbled, and by authority of the fame, be it cnaft- 

ed. That the faid James Grame^ for the murder of tiie faid 

Richard Tracey his late mafter, be attainted of the faid murder 

as a felon that hath offended in pettv treafon ; and that the fame 

Jamesy for the fame murder, fhall be drawn, and hanged in 

fuch manner and form, as by the law of this land hath been 

ufed in fuch cafes, as perfons being no clerks, doing like mur* 

N 1 oerfim ^®^' ^^^^ ^' ought to be puniftied, any privilege othis clergy, 

whic^ioiSi ^^ ^'* demand of the fame notwithftanding. (5) Alfo be it 

purpofelv ordained by the faid authority. That if any lay perfon hereafter 

siurder nis prepcnfediv murder their lord, mafter, or fovereign immediate, 

<h*u^h* ^^hi **' ^**^y nereafter be not admitted to their clergy j (6) and 

dereyf ^* ^^^ convidKon or attainder of any fuch perfon fo hereafter 

3) H,8.c.i. offending had after the courfe 6f the law, that the fame perfon 

1 £d«6«c.xi. be put in execution as though he were no clerk. 

Statutes made at Weflminfterj Anno ig He's. VII. 
zxiA Anno Dom. 1503. 

HENWCUS Dei gratia Rex Anglia, & Franciae, & Dominus Hibcrnix, 
vicecomiti Eflex falutein. Precipimus tibi firmiter injungentes quod in 
finguHs locis infra balliTam tuam tarn intra libertatesquam extra ubi mngn 
expediens videris, publico pix>cIamationes quonindam ilatutonim & or- 
dinationutn in ultimo parlianiento noftro audtoritate ejafdem pariiamenti 
editorum fieri facias in forma fequesti. 

THE King our fovereignhrdHtTiry the Seventh aftfr the conquefiy 
by the grace of God King ^England and ^France, 'and 
lordof Ireland, at his parliament holden at Weftminfter the ftxteentb 
day tf/* January, in the ninteenth year of bis reign^ to the honour of God 
and holy churchy and for the common weal and profit of this his realm ^ by 
the affent of the lords fpiritud and temporaly and the commons^ in the 
faid parliament affembled^ and by authority of the fame parliament ^ 
bath done to be made certain Jlatutes and ordinances^ in manner and 
form following. 

CAP. I. 

For attendance upon the King in bis wars. 

Stat. II H.7. \)[7^^^^ '^ '*' parSament holden at Wefbninfter the xi. jear 
C.18. W of the King our fovereign lord's reign^ for good and reafon- 

What he Aall able confiderations in an a& of the faid parliament contained^ it was 
S'otb n^ a? ^^^^^ h thefame^ That att perfon andperfons being within this 


^5^3'^ Anno decimo nono HENkici VII. 83 

riabn£fEn^vjiA9ryf7Ac&^having$ffic£5^fie5oranmiiie5ofthiKw^^ tend upon the 
giftianigrantu anddidmtgive tbeir attendance upon tbi King's High - J^>ng"nhu 
nefs when he fiould fortune to go in wars in his perfin^ in their perfons as whcnbc^s 'in 
their duty bindeth them in that behalf ^that then they and every ofthem^ perfon in 
mating thereof default /the Ki^^s fpecial licenu not had^ or elfethe wars. 
faid perfon or perfons having fiuh unfeigned ftcltnefs^ letting or dif- ^^0.27. 
eajr) that he or they after &i proof of the fame^ ft>ould forfeit and 
leefe ththr faid offices^ fees and annuities^ and the fame tofland void 
at the Kittfspleafurey as in the fame adi more at large it is contained : 
(1) Andforafmuh as divers <md many perfons^ having of the Kings's 
gifts and grants many honours^ hrd/bipSy ca files ^ manors^ lands j te^ 
nemmtSy and other poffejfions and hereditaments^ by reafon whereof 
they are more bound to give their attendance upon the Kin^s mofi royal 
p^on in his faid wars^ than other rebearfed perfons biaving butfees^ 
offices and annuities for term of life ^ as well J or the defence of his 
meft royal perfonj as for the defence of this his reabuy which was at 
tSat time by overfight omitted and left out of the faid a^ : (7) Be it 
therefore enaded, ordained and cftabfilhcd, by the advice of Whofoevcr 
the lords fpiritual and temporal in this prefent parliament af- ^^ uTOnVhc 
fembled, and by authority of the fame, that every peribn or KinzWngin 
perfons having or occupying, or that hereafter ihall have or oc- perion in 
cupy any honours, caftles, lord(hips, manors, lands, tene- J^*'^* ^**1 
meats, suui other pofleffions and hereditaments, by reafon and 3$ he hath ot* 
virtue of the letters patents of the King our foveceign lord that the Kang^^ 
now is, now given, granted and^nade, or hereafter t9 be given, gHt. 
granted and made by our £iid fovereign lord, and give not 
their daily attendance in their perfons upon his Highnefs when 
be IKall fortune to go in wars, within this his reSm or elfe- 
where, for any urgent, or any other reafonable caufes, in his 
perion, for the honour or furety of the fame his perfon, and the 
defence of this his realm, and againft his enemies or rebels 
within the fame realm or without, for the reprefling and fub* 
duing of them and their malicious purppfe, and well and truly 
according to the duty of their allegiance to ferve the King in 
his £ud journey and voyage, and to give their attendance upon 
his grace in the fame, and not for to depart without his fpecial 
licence in writing under the King's fign manual or fignet, or 
under his great ieal or privy feal, or elfe till after general pro- 
clamation be made, that they (ball depart, or elfe the Cud per- 
fop or perfons having fuch unfeigned ficknei&s, letting or dif- 
eafe, that he or they may not in their perfons come to do their 
perfonal attendance and lervice^ and that duly proved, that then 
all fuch letters patents, gifts and mnts, ana all things in them 
contained, be utterly from hencoorth adnulled, void, and of 
none eficft, and at the King's plcafurc. (4) Provided, That From what 
all fuch pei^ns fo giving attoidance, (hall have the King's wa- !|j^j^ *°^ "U* 
ges from the time of coming from his houfe toward the King^ eve^ fuch"al- 
when they come to the King, and from the King home aeain tendant in 
at the time of their departing, after the rate of xx. miles for a wars (hall be 
day, and while they be with the King's grace to have alfo the K*** Vf^llr 
King's wages. {5) Provided alfo. That this ^ extend to no fo^'XlU- 

G a fpiritual 


tute (hall not 


3 H.8. CI 3. 
^H.8. C.13. 
ft5,H.8. C.17. 
33H.8. c«6« 

The coins of 
gold and di- 
ver cur-cnt 
within this 
realm (hall fo 
continue for 
the fums that 
they were 

Anno dccimo nono Henrici VIL [150J. 

(piritual perfon, nor to the malller of the ^ rolls, nor to none 
other officer, and clerks of tlie chancery, juftice of either 
benches, barons of the King's Exchequer, and other officers 
and clerks of the faid places, the King's attornies and follici- 
tors, and the fexjeants at law, nor to the clerk of the King's 
council for the time being, nor to any perfon being above me 
age of fixty years, nor to any perfon being within the age of 
twenty one vears, nor to any grant or patent of any ward or 
idiot, or cuftody of the fame, nor to any heirs females inherit- 
ed by reafon ot any fuch grants. (6) Provided alfo. That it 
extend not to any patents, nor lands or tenements comprifed in 
the fame, the wnich patents make mention, that any srant is 
made by the King of fuch lands for certain Aim or mms of. 
money contained in the fame letters patents. 

CAP. n. 

No cuftom /hall be paid for good bow-ftaves brought into this 
realm until the next parliament. 


Theftatuteof 11 H.'j.c. 24. which giveth an attaint in certain 

cafes, continued until the next parliament. 


No man (hall (hoot in'a crofs-bow without the King's licence, 

except he be a lord, or have two hundred mark land, 

CAP.V. . 

THE King turfovereign hrd^ feeing evidently that his coin^ and 
fpecially offifver^ is fore impaired^ as well by clipping thereof^ 
as counterfeiting of the fame ^ and by bringing into this *his realm of the 
coin of Ireland, by octafion whereof great rumour and variance dai- 
ly increafcth among his fubje^s for taking and refufmg of the fame : 
(2) for ceafing and pacifying whereof, and for the univerfal 
weal of this his realm, by the advice and adent of his lords fpi- 
ritual and temporal, and the commons in this prefent parliament 
a({embled, and by authority of the fame, hath ordained, efta* 
bli(hed, and enacted. That all manner of gold of the coins of 
a fovereisn, half fovereign, ryal, half ryal, and the fourth part 
of a ryal, the angel, and the half angel, and every of them, 
being gold, whole and weight, (hall go and be current m pay- 
ment through all this his realm for the fum that they were 
coined for. (3) And alfo that as well all manner groats of 
Englijh coin, and of the coin of other lands now current in this 
realm for groats, or for iv.d. being (ilver, and not clipped, 
m]ni(hed, or .otherwife impaired, except rea(bnable wearing 
(albeit they be cracked) as all manner of half groats, or pence 
of ij.d. of Englijb coin, or of the coin of other lands, now 
current in this realm for half groats, or for ij.d. not clipped, 
minifhed, or otherwife impaired, being filver (howbdt they 
be cracked) (hall in likewife go "and be current through all the 
fame realm for the fum as they were coined ibrj (4/ Aod 


15^3 •) Anno dedmo nono HenRici VII. g^ 

over that. That all manner of pence being filver, and having What pence 
the print of the King's coin, Ihall have courfe, and be current A^allbccur- 
for payment, as well to him in all his receipts, as to all his [hrs^j^Im 
receivers, and to all other lords fpiritual and temporal, and what not.* 
their receivers, and to all other within this his realm, without 
any manner refufal or contradidtion ; except only pence bear- 
ing fpurs, or the hiuUet, betwixt the bars of the crofs ; and thofe 
pence fo bearing the print of the fpur, or the mullet, to have 
courfe for half d. and not above. (5) And if any peribn here- The penalty 
after refufe any coin afore rehearfed, to take it in payment after of thofe that 
the effe<a and the tenor of this afi, that then he that fo rcfufeth ''«f"^« *® ^^ 
it (hall be compelled by. the mayor, fheriiF, bailiff, conftable,^Snnnpayr " 
or other chief officer or governor of the town or place where ment. 
any fuch payment (hall be refufed, to accept and take the fame 
payment, (o) and furthermore to be imprifoned, or other wife 
puoi(hed by the difcretion of the faid mayor, (herifF, bailiff, 
conftabIe,or other chief ofHcer or governor afore rehearfed. (7) 
And if the faid mayor, (hcriiF, bailiff, conftable, or other chief !^^* P?"?'^ 
officer or governor refufe to take any fuch coin in payment, as ficcr rcfuft* to 
it is above rehearfed, that then he fo refufing the faid payment, take any of 
to be compelled by the juftices of the peace of the fame coynty the faid coins 
where fuch payment (hall be fo refufed, to accept and take "* payment, 
the fame payment, and he fo refufing the fame, to be further 
punifhed for the faid refufing by the difcretion of the fame 
jullice* (8) And alfo it is ordained by the faid authprity, That Money clip- 
all manner of groats and half groats, or pence of ij, d. as well Eng-- ped or dimi- 

li/b coin, as coin of other land's, clipped, minilhcd, or otherwife n'^«* ^all 
impaired, except reafonable wearing, (hall not go nor Ije in hj^laymenu^ 
any wife current for payment within this realm, but utterly to 

be refufed and forfaken in payment from henceforth : (9) And How any per- 
that notwithftanding it (hall be lawful to any perfon having any fen may ufe 
fuch groats or pence of ij. d, clipped or mipifhed, to bring the money that w 
fame to the King's mint, there to be changed after the cuftom mwuSicd!.^ 
of the fame mint, or convert the fame into plate, bullion, or lyR.^.c.x, 
otherwife fell or imploy it to his moft profit and advantage 
within this realm, any other a<ft or aAs to the contrary in any 
wife notwithftanding. (10) Ar^d in efchewing and avoidingA remedy to 
of fuch dtppipg in tin>e to cpme, the King our.fovereign lord, pwent dip- 
bv the advice of his council, hath caufed to be made new coins co?if 
of groats, and pence of ij. d. and that every piece of the fame 
coins (hall have a circle about the utter part thereof; (11) and 
alfo that all manner of gold hereafter to be coined within this 
his realm (hall have the whole fcripture about every piece of 
the fame gold, without lacking of any part thereof, to the 
intent that his fubjedls hereafter may have perfeft knowledge 
by that circle or fc ipture when the fame coins be clipped or 
impaired. (12) And alfo it is enabled by the faid authority. 
That if the warden and controller of the King's mints hereafter 
duly execute not their offices in fearching the fame coins, and 
fee that it be made perfeft in form aforefaid, before that it pafs 
from the faid mint, that then the fame warden and controller 

G3 (hall 


No money, 
plate, or bul- 
lion (hall be 
carried into 
Ireland above 
vi.s. viii.d. 
9 £d.3.llat.s. 
5 R.i.ftat.i. 

a H.4 C.5. 
No Irifh com 
of gold or fil- 
vcr (hall be 
brought into 

Several evil 
pradice$ uied 
oy pewterers 
aiid braiiers. 

Anno decimo nono Henrici VII. [1503. 

(hall forfeit their faid office, and make fine for the fame at the 
King's pleafure. (13) Morebver it is enafted by the faid 
authority. That no manner of perfon ftiaH carry nor convey, 
nor caufe to be carried or conveyed, out of this realm, any bul- 
lion, plate, or coin of gold and filver into Ireland^ over and 
above the fum of vj.s. viij.d. nor convey any fiich bullion^ 
plate, or coin into any (hip, boat or other veflels to the faid 
mtent, upon pain to forfeit the faid buMion, plate, or coin, and 
to have imprifonment, and make fine and ranfom at the King's 
will : (14) And in like wife. That no manner perfon bring nor 
convey, nor caufe to be brought nor conveyed, any manner of 
coin of gold or (ilver above the fum of lii. s. iv. d. of the coin 
of Ireland into this realm, upon pain of forfaturc of all 
the fame coin above the faid fiim of iii. s. iv. d. fo brought into 
this realm, and to have imprifonment, and to make fine and ran- 
fom at the King's pleafure ; ( 15) and that it (hall be lawful for 
every of the King*s fubjefts to take and feife all fuch money of 
the coin of Irelandy hereafter to be brought or conveyed into 
this realm, over and above the faid fum of iij. s. iv. d. and to 
bring it to the King's mint, there to leave the fame to the 
King's ufe ; (16) and every perfon that fo (hall bring any (uch 
Irijh money to the (aid mint, (hall have the value of the one half 
of all fuch Irijb money by him fo brought to the faid mint at the 
fame time delivered to him to his own ufe by the mafter of the 
mint for the time being. 

Pewterers walking. 

TO the King our fiver eign lord^ and to the mile lords fpiritual 
and temporal^ and commons^ in this prcfent parliament af- 
fimbledy humbly and lamentabfy Jhiwn and complain unto your mofl a^ 
hundant grace^ your humble fubje^s the pnuterers and irajiers o/your 
cities of Londcm and York, and of all other places of this yatr rcabn^ 
That whereas many/imple and evifdifpofidperfins 0/ this your realm of 
Englandj't^^ the faid crafts^ daily go about this your realm from vil-- 
lage^ from torvn^ andfropi houfe to houfe^ as well in woods andforeflsj 
and in other ptace^^ to buy pewter anabrafs ; (2) and that knowing 
thieves and other pickers thatjieal as well pewter and brajs belonging 
to your Highnefsy and under your marky and to the lords fpiritual and 
temporal^ as fo other your fubje^s of this your reabn^ bring fitch flo- 
ten veffels unto them in fuch hid places to fellj and fell it for Uttle 
or nought^ and about they bring it into privy places or into corners of 
cities or towns^ and there fell much part of it tojirangers^ which 

carry it oyer thefea byfieaUh: f 3) alfo the faid perfinsfo going abouty 
and divers other ujing the faid crafts^ ufe* to make new veffels^ and 
mix good metal ana bad together y and fnake it naughty and fill them 
for good fluff 'i where indeed the fluff and metal thereof is not worth 
the fourth part that it is fold for^ to the great hurtj deceit j and 
lofs of your fubjeHs : (4) a^o divers pcrfins ufmg the faid crafts^ have 
deceivable anil untrue beams and fiales^ that one of them would 
fland even with twelve pound weight at one end again/! a Quarter "of 
pound at the other end^ to thefingular advantage of ihemjelves^ and 
' ■ ■ ' ' ■■ ' • to 

1 503 Anno declmo nono Henrici VIL S7 

io the great deceit and h/s 0/ your fidjeHs^ hiyers and fillers with 
them, ( c) For reformation of the premises, it would pleafe 
your highnefs of your moft abundant grace, with the advice 
of the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons in this 
prefent parliament aflembled, and by authority of the fame, 
to enaft and eftabliih, That no perfon or perfons uting the faid 
crafts of pewterers and brafiers, from henceforth (hall fell or 
change any pewter or brafs, new or old,, at any place or places 
withm your realm, but only in open fairs or markets, or in 
their own dwelling-houfes^ but if they be defired by the faid i 

buyers of &ch ware, upon pain of forfeiture to our fovereign 
lord the King for every fuch defeult x. li. (6) Alfo that by the 
lame authority it may becnaded and eftabli(hed. That no per- 
fon ne perfons, of what condition or degree foever he or they 
be of, from hencrforth within the faid cities of London and 
Yoriy or without, either caft or work any pewter veflel or brafs 
at any place or pjaces within this' your realm, but that it be as 
good fine metal as the pewter and brafs caft and wrought after 
the perfeft goodneis ot the fame within the city pf £A«^ir, Ofwliatgood* 
and by the ftatutes of the fame ought to be, upon pain of for- n«J pewtwr 
fciture of all fuch pewter and brafs To caft and wrought of worfe ^ Ij^'^^p 
pewter or brafs than ought to be wrought in the fame cities ; ^"^ ^ * 
that Vme half of every fuch forfeiture to be to the ufe of your 
highnefs, and that other half to the ufe of the finders tliere- 
ofT {7) Provided alway. That this forfeiture in no wife 
ftretch ne extend to brafs or pewter being in the poflefTion of 
any perfon other than the workers of the fame, or fiich as have 
the fame to fell, and being of the crafts or myfteries. (8) Of what afllfe 
Alfo. that it may by the fame authority be enaAed and efta- hollow ware 
blifhed. That no manner perfon or perfons, of what degree roaScofW- 
or condition foever he or they be of^ from henceforth make metal ihallbc. 
no hollow wares of pewter, that is to fay, falts and pots that 
arc made of pewter called Ley-Metd^ but that it may be after 
the aflife of pewter ley- metal wrought within the city of London ; The makers 
(9) and that the makers of fuch wares (hall mark the' fame ^a*j f«^ on 
wares with fevcral marks of their own, to the intent that the xh*/ forfeit 
makers of fuch wares (hall avow the fame wares by them (^s ture for de- 
abovefiud) to be wrou^t; (10) and that all and every fuch faults. 
wares not fufficlently made and wtought, and not marked in 'The jpenalt^ 
form abovefaid, found in the poflefTion of the fame maker or f^jf^b^f 
fclkr, to be forfeited ; ( 1 1 ) and if the fame ware be fold, the faid and wcf^s 
maker to forfeit the value of the fame ware fo unlawfully in feiling: or 
wrought and fold; the one half of the faid wares, or the moiety buying of 
of the value thereof, to be to the ufe of your highnefs, and the P!!J^^ 
other half to be to the ufe of the finder or finders, or fearchers 
thereof. Alfo that it may be by the fame authority enadt- 
ed and eftablifhed. That if any perfon or perfons hereafter 
uiing, buying, and felling of pewter or brafs, that* hereafter 
occupy any deceivable or falfe beams or weights of the faid 
wares, that every fuch perfon or perfons ufing or occupying 
&ch detteivable and untrue beams or weights, to forfeit xx. s. 

G 4 tb^ 


8S Anno dedmo nono Henrici VIL [ 1 503. 

the one half to the Kin^, and the other half to the party that 
therefore (hall fue by adion of debt ; (12) and that in the iaid 
aAion no protedion nor efibin (hall be allowed $ and alfo the 
faid party (b offending (hall forfeit his beams to him that Oiall 
The puntdi- feife it; (13) and if the faid offender or offenders be not fuffi- 
nicntofthc cient to pay the faid fum or fumsby them fo forfeited, that 
bf n"ot [ble to ^^^ ^^ ^«" ** '*^«^ *^ *^ mayors, bailiffs, or other head 
pay the roo- officers of fuch place or places where any fuch offender or 
ney forfeited, offenders (hall be found, to put them in the flocks, and them 
f fo to keep till the next market-^day next adjoining, and in the 

maiket-pUce to put them in the pillorv all the market-time. 
(14) And furthermore. That it be lawful by the faid authority. 
That the mafler and wardens of the faid craft of Pewtenrsj 
yrithin every city and borough of this realm where fuch war- 
dens are, and, whfere no fuch wardens are, the head or go-i 
verhor of the fame city or borough, to appoint certain perfons 
moft expert in the knowl^ge of the fame, to make fearch 
within the faid cities or boroughs where they dwell* (15) 
Seafcbers of And over this, the jufllces of peace with in every (hire, at their 
p^iner and • general feffion holden at Mtchoilmaij A^all affign and appoint 
ci^cwTbo-" * ^''^ certain perfons having experience therein, to make fearch 
rough, to' be '^^ ^^^ premises in every part of that fhire, a^ well within the 
iipcKiinted by firanchife as without, faving in cities or boroughs where 
luftices of the fearchers be appointed by the heads and governor^ 9? the fame ; 
P^^^^* (16} and that of 9II fuch unlawful pewter and brafs as the faid 

fearchers (hall find, the one h^lf t^ the ufe of your gfaf^e, and 
the other half to x\^t faid ffparchers; (17) and that in the default 
of the (aid tpafters and wardens or the faid occupations not 
fearching in form as is afprefaid, and whereby that any fuch 
unlawful metal is cail or made, pf unlawful weights ufed, that 
then it (hall be lawful to any perfon or perfons having fuf&cient 
cunning and knowledge in the fai4 occupations, by overfight 
Made P^rp«- of the mayors, bailiffs, and head officers of the (aid cities and 
cl'V l^ct ' boroughs, to fearch all the faid places, and to put the faid au- 
See 15 H. 8. thority and ad in execution in form aforefaid; (18} Provided 
C.9. alway. That this preient a£t continue and ei^dore to the ne^t 

33H.8. e.^. parliament and no longer. ' ^vv 


For making ofjiatutes by bodies incorporate. 

Hob.iTo. "pRAYEN the commons in this prefent parliament affimbledy That 
9^ H.6.C.6. X where in a parliament holden at Wcftminfter the fifteenth year 
of the reign ofthi bleJfedKing Henry the Sixth, for that that majlers^ 
wardens^ and people of guilds^ fraternities^ and other companies cor^ 
porate, dwelling in divers parts of the realm, oftentimes by colour of 
rule and governance to them granted and confirmed by charters and 
letters patents of divers Kings, made among themfehes, many unlawful 
and unreafonable ordinances^ as well in prices of wares as other 
things, for their^ownftnpdar profit, and to the common hurt and da- 
mage o/the people; (2) it zvas ena^ed. That there fliould from hence- 
forth no fuih majlers^ y^rdens^ nor companies^ make nor u/c no ordi- 


1503-] Anno decimp noiio H^NKici VII. 89 

ramt in dijbiritan^i or diminution cf the prerogative of the King^ nor 

of other y nor againft the common profit of the people^ nor none other 

ordinate of charge make and ufe^ but if it were firji difcuffed and 

proved by good and reafonable advice by thejufttces of the peace y or the ' 

chief goz^er nor s of cities^ and before them e?itered ofrecordy (2) and 

that upon pain to lofe and forfeit the force ar^d the iffe£t of all the 

articles in their Jaia letters patents and charters contained concerning . 

the fanu^ and oyer that to lofe and pay x. ]i. to the King for every 

ordinance that any of them made or ufed to the contrary \ (4) and this 'Enforced bjr 

ordinance to endure at theKing^spleofurey as in the fame a^ it appear-^ 2i}1.8.c.4r 

etb ; (5) whkb a£t is now expired^ andfith the expiringofthefame^ 

divers and many ordinances have been made by many and divers pri" 

vatf bodies corporate within d:iesy totvnSf andborougbsy contrary to 

the Km^s prerogative^ his laws and the common weal of his fubjeSts : 

(6) Be it therefore ordained, eftabliflied, andenadted bytheKing No mailers or 

our ibvereign lord, by the advice of the lords fpiritual and tem- wardens of 

poral, and the commons, in this prcfent parliament affcmbled, ^a]?^k^*anv 

and by authority of the fame. That no mafters, wardens, and n«^ ^inan* 

fellowfliips of crafts or myfteries, nor any of them, nor any ces without 

rulers of guilds or fraternities take upon tliem to make, any ^h* confent 

acls or oidinances, nc to execute any adls or ordinances by them ^J^^^ ^J^' 

heretofore made, in dlfheritance or diminution of the preroga- furw.or jiif- 

five of the King, nor of other, nor againft the common profit tices.' 

of the people, but that the (ame adls or ordinances be examin- aSH.8.c.5. 

ed and approved by the chancellor, treafurer of England^ or chief 

juftices of either benches, or three of them, or before both the * 

juftices of affifc in their circuit or progrefs in that (hire where 

fuch ads or ordinances be made, upon pain of forfeiture of 

for every time that they do contrary. (7) And over that it is No or|!cr (hall 

ena(5ted,That none of the fame bodies corporate take upon them ^^ made to 

to make any adts or ordinances to rcftrain any perfbn or per- reftram fuits 

Ions to fue to the King's highnefs, or to any of his courts for court. *"* * 

due remedy to be had in their cautes, ne put ne execute any 

penalty or punithment upon any of them for any fuch fuit to be 

made, upon pain of forfeiture of xl. li. for every time that they 

do the contrary. And this ad to begin and take effedl at the 

feaft of Pentecofi next coming, and from thencefortji. 

Sbewagiy fcavag£. 

TO the King ourfovereign lordy prayen the commons in this your 
prefent parliament affemhledy That where the merchants ondin^- 
habitants of divers cities^ boroughs^ and towns within this realms and 
fls well divers tenants of our fmd fovereign lord the Kingy as of other y 
that have by grants made by the noble progenitors and predecejjirs of 
ottrjaid fovereign lordy as well to them by fuch name or names as they 
or any of them be corporatCy as by grants made unto divers lords both 
fpiritual and temporaiy and by prejcriptiony that thcyy their tenant Sy 
refmntj and inhabitants within their feveral lordJhipSy boroughsy and 


^o Anno dccimo nono Henrici VII. [1503. 

fcwfiSj fiould bi quit and difiharged of divers and many eu/hms^ 
as of tolls and of other exa^ions demanded and ajked by divers mayors^ 
Jheriffs^ bailiffs^ and other officers of divers citieSj boroughs^ 
and towns within this realm^ for their fingular bicrej of merckmts 
denizens and of the King^s true fubjeffs born dwelling and inha- 
biting within this reabn^ contrary^ to their faid privilege, and laulj 
mere and otherwife than in times paffedy have dtflrained^ levied^ and 
taken of them a certain cujlom called Scavage, otherwife called Shew* 
age, to their great charge and trouble, which fcavage was never ufd 
NofiAvageor to be taken or levied but only of merchant ftrangers : (2) Be it 
ht^^di^ therefore oixlaincd, cftablifhcd, and cna<fted by the King our 
mcrchandifc Sovereign lord, and by the aflent of the lords fpiritual and tcm- 
cuaomed. poral, and the commons in this preient parliament aflemb- 
led, and by authority of the fame. That if any mayor, (hc- 
riff, bailiff, or other officer in any city, borough, or town 
within this realm, diftrain, take, or levy any cuftom called 
Scavaze, otherwife called Shewage, of any merchant denizen, 
or of any other of the King's fubje6ls denizens, of or for 
any manner of merchandife to our fovereign lord the King 
before truly cuftomed, that is brought or conveyed by lan3 
•or by water, to be uttered and fold m any city, borough, or 
The penalty town in this land; or if that any mayor, (heriff, bailiff, or 
for difturbing other officer in any city, borough, or town, for nonpay- 
relfh^^ /^ ment of the faid feavage, let or difturb any merchant, or 
chandife fbr ^"Y ^.^ perfon or pcrfons^, being denizens, to fell and ut- 
nonpaymcnt ter their merchandife by them brought into any city, bo- 
of fcavage. rough, and town, that then every m^ayor, fheriff, biiliff, or 
other officer diftraining, levying, or taking any fuch fca- 
vage, or otherwife offending in any thins contrary to this 
prefent afft, (hall forfeit for every time he fo offendeth, xx. 11. 
the one moiety thereof to our fovereign Iqrd the King, and the 
other moSety thereof to the party in that behalf grieved, or to 
any other that firft fucth in that party by action of debt 
in any (hire within this realm to be fued, (3) and that the 
defendants in any fuch aAion be not admitted to wage or do 
their law, nor any protedion ne cflbin for any fuch defend- 
Scavagc to be ants be allowed in the fame. (4) Provided alway. That the 
taken by the mayor, (hcriffs, and commonalty of the city of Lond^, and 
ftcnft of ^^^T ^^ ^^n^' ^^^ *^*ve and take all fuch fums of money 
London. for the (aid fcavage, and of cvoy pofon denizen, as by our 
fovereign lord the King, and his honourable council (hall be 
determined to be the right and tide of the mayor, (heriffs, and 
commonalty of the faid city of London, or any of them, this 
aA in any wife notwithftanaing. 


I S<>3'1 Anno decimo nono Henrici VII. 9 1 


Procefs in alHons upoH the cafe fued in the King^s bench and 
common pleas 

FORASMUCH as befire this time there hath been great de- Whatproceft' 
lojfs in a^fims of the Caje^ that hath been fued a% well before the fhailbcanrard* 
King in bis bench^ as in bis court of his common hench^ becaufe of^ *° a^ioiw 
whub delays manf perfms have been put from their remedy : (2) be }\fea"in the 
it therefore ordained^ enaded, aod eftabliihed by the King our king's bench, 
foycreign tord, bjr the advice and aflentof the lords fpiritu^ an4 or common 
temponly and the commons, in this prefeot |>arliam€nt af-* bench. 
fcmbled, and by authority of the fame. That like procels be f 7' ***8«»*- 
had hereafter inadtions upon the cafe, as well fued and hang-i , sid.i48yft59» 
ing, as to be fued, in any of the faid courts, as in actions of a6o. 
trefpais or debt. 

CAP. X. 

BE it ordained, eftablifhed, and enacted by the King our fo-^ 
vereign lord, by the advice, and aflent of his lords fpiri- 
tual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent parlia- 
ment allembled, and by authority of the fame. That every 
(herifF within every county within this realm of England YiVft ^, - .-. 
the cuftody, rule, keeping, and charge, from the ^indecim ^^^^a^iit 
Pafche next coming, ot every of the King's common gaols, pri- keeping of the 
fens, and prifoners in the fame, in every of the faid counties common 
where he is (herifF, during the time of his office, except all gaols fi^*?|f'» *"^ ^^ 
whereof any perfon or perfons fpiritual or temporal, or body {hcnSn![* 
corporate, have the keeplngof eftate of inheritance, or by fuc- i^Ed.j^ftat.!. 
cemon; (2) and from the fame ^indecim of Pafche next com- 
ing, that all letters patents made to any perfon or perfons for 
term of life or lives, or for term of years, of the keeping of the 
faid gaols, and of any conftable(hip of any caftle, wherein any 
fuch common gaol is, by the King our fovereign lord, or any 
other Kings of this land, and every thing in the faid letters pa« 
tents contained, be from henceforth repealed, adnuUed, void, 
and of no force ne effe6l in the law : (3} and that everv fuch 
iheriff, from the (aid ^ndecim of Pafche^ be charged and charge- 
able with the faid gaols, prifons, and the prifoners remaining in 
the &me. (4} And over tbatj where divers and marpf perfons^ for 
treafoHy murder.^ robberies^ and other felonies^ before this time have 
been taken^fomeforfufpeSHon of the fame deeds^ and feme upon indiff* 
mentSj ana thereupon brought unto the fame gaols and prifons^ and 
fometime remained in the keeping of the perfons thatfo arrefted them 
for the faid caufes^ and by colour of negligence^ fubtiUj and craftily^ 
and oftentimes for favour^ mede^ affe^ion^ or corruption^ fuffered the 
faid offenders to efcapcy as if it had peen bj negligence^ to the overt and 
exprets impediment ofjuftice^ and execution of the King*s laws ordered 
for tdeptmijhnent ofjiich offenders ; (5) and when fuch efcapes have # 

been found before tie ju/iices having authority to enquire thereof^ and 
thereupon the parties convUfed^ or elfe yielded themfehes to make fine 


52 Annq decimo nono Henrici VII. [1503. 

fortbefame^ fmall fines have been ufed to befet in thofe amfes^ to the 
little dread and fear ^ and great imboldenimg of the fold offenders and 
Piifioers j by mean whereof great and erranffeUnSy and heinous mur- 
derer Sy oftentimes have by negligence efcaped^ fo that neither they^ nor 
the keepers cf them from whom they efcapedy hitherto have not been 
f^evenl pexaX- punijhsd according to their demerits: (6) Be it therefore enad^ed, 
ties for the ordained, and eftabli(hcd by the faid authority of this prefent 
cftSe'cf^vml P^^Ji^'"^*^^* That for every negligent cfcape hereafter from any 
foS of of- sheriff, having the keeping of any gaol, or from any conftable 
fendcn. £xp. of caftle, or other, being keeper ox any gaols where fuch prifon- 
crs accuftomably have been and (hall be kept, of perfons in- 
diAed of high treafon, being in their keeping, that no iefs fine 
be fet or made for every fuch efcape, than C. mark^ and more, 
by thejdifcretion of the juftices that (hall aflefs fuch fines; (7) 
and for every perfon efcaping, being in their keeping for fufpec* 
tion of high treafon, no Iefs fine to be fet ne made than xi. li. 
(8) and for every cfcape of pcJrfons indifted of murder or petit 
treafon, xx, li. at the leaft, and more, by the difcrction or the 
juftices that (hall a(refs fuch fines; (9) and for every efcape ^ 
% perfons fufpedled of murder or petit treafon, x. li. or more, by the 

difcretion of the juftices that (hall aflefs fuch fine$; ( 10} and for 
eYer}'perfon efcaping, being in their keeping, indidloJ of felonj', 
other than murder or treafon, x. li. and for every perfon fufpea- 
eJ of felony, other than murder or treafon, as is aforefaid, to 
forfeit for every fuch efcape C,s. Or more, by the difcrction of 
the juftices, after the manner and quantity of their offences or 
Afaving of o- demerits, (ii) favjng to every perlon or perfons, their heirs, 
^1^" ""r " * r 2nd their fucceflbrs, fuch fufficient and lawful right and title to 
tiw«*arS^iinci ^"^ ^^^^^ efcapcs, and fines for the fame, or to be quit of fuch 
torthe (apic, cfcapcs, or of any other cfca pes, as they have or ought to have 
The penalty at the time of making this acS; this a<5l, -or any claufe contain- 
f or negligent cd in the fame in any thing notwithftaftding. (12) And if any 
rhl^\{GMx>at P^^^Q*^ hereafter have any prifoner in his keepmg, arretted for 
brought to the ^"fpi^'O" of felony, treafon, or murder, and that perfon that fo 
gaol. Exp. is arreftcd, efcape by negligent keeping before that he be 
brought to the gaol, that that perfon from whom he fo efcaped, 
fliall forfeit for every perfon that fo doth efcape, fuch fines as 
flull be fet by the difcrction of the juftices that (hall have au- 
thority to afTeis fuch finesi, as the cafe (hall require, and the 
fame forfeiture to go to them that be intitled to have fuch for- 
Letters patents f^'^"*"^ *^ ^'^^ ^'^^^ of n\aking this adl. (i^) And moreover, be 
<>t offices not it cnadled and ordained by the faid authority. That all offices of 
requiring ac- conftables of caftles, fortrefTes, or other places, and all other of- 
Ihall^bc7*id ^^^^^ within this realm of England ox JVales^ not requiring ac-» 
tual exercife in any of the fame offices by them to whom fuch 
grant or office is made or granted, or by their deputy or depu- 
ties, granted by the King our fovereign ford that now is, to any 
perfon or perfons for term of life or lives, and the letters patents 
of the fame, ftiallbe from the Feaft oi Pafche next coming utter- 
ly repealed, adnuHcd, void, and of no force ne effcA in the 
The continu- law. (14) And this adl, as concerning the penalties aforefaid, 


1503J Anno decimo nono Henrici VII. 93 

and every of them, to endure to the next parliament, and no ance of thi» 
longer. (15) Provided always. That neither the (heriff of the ?^^"<^«rn- 
county ot Surrey for the time being, nor anv other (heriff, have Jpf J^jJJj^^^'j. 
any rule, cuAody, orgbvemaiice of the gaols of the Kwg*s bench Surrey fliall^ 
and Marjhalfia^ or of either of them, by reafon or by authority of not have the 
the faid adt; but that Sir Tht^mas Brandon knight, and Sir %A« j[5*P*"£o^thc 
Dighj knight, and either of them, have and enjoy the cuftody ^a^^^ 
and keeping of the fame gaols, according unto their feveralyj^. ^ ' 
grants to them made, this a A notwithftanding. (16) Provided l^iwardOmrt^ 
alway. That the faid adt of refumption, or any articles therein *(y ead of De* 
contained, extend not, ne be in any wife hurttul or prejudicial ^^"^«'« pa- 
to Edward Courtney earl of Devon^ for the avoiding and repeal- ^ **^^*P^ 
ing of any letters patents, or grant to him made by the King 
our fovereign lord, of and for the conftablelhip of tne cai|le of 
Rjtftermelly otherwife called Reftorminj in the county of Cornwal/y 
but that fuch letters patents or grants of the fame office, be of 
as great force, ftrength, and effed, and to the iaid earl as a- 
vailable, as they (hould or might have been, if the faid adt. of 
refumption had never been bad ne made, (ij) Provided al- 7**^ **^^'' 
way. That this adt of refumption^ or any other adt made or to P*'****^**P^ 
he made in this prefent parliament, extend not, ne in any wife 
be hurtful or prejudicial unto any manner of grant made by the 
King our fovereign lord by his letters patents to John Morgan, 
of or for the parkerfhip of the park of Carlion with the profits of 
the fame within the lordfhip of UJke in South fVales ; but that the 
faid letters patents, and every thing in them contained, be from 
henceforth good and effedtualto the faid John^ according to the 
tenor and purport of the fame, the forefaid adt or adts in any 
wife notwithftanding. 

IL Provided always, That this adt of refumption, nor any 
other adt or adls of refumption, or repealing or avoiding of any 
our letters patents in this prefent parliament made or to be 
made, extend not, nor be prejudicial to our trufty and well-be- 
loved fervant Henry Wyatty late clerk of ourjewels, as of, to, 
and for our letters patents to him, and to Thonuu Fitzwilliamy 
late deceafed, by us made and granted the iv. day of Aprily in 
the V. year of our reign (among other) of the offices of con- 
ftable and porter of our caftle of Cmyjhroughy in our county of 
Yorky to have, occupy, and exercife for term of their lives, and 
of either of them overliving, nor to any wages, fees, profits, and 
commodities to the fame offices, or either of them belonging to 
be perceived; nor alfo as to and for the office of conftablelnip 
ofour caftle of Tykhilly parcel of ourduchy of I^«i^tf/?/r, in our faid 
county of Tork, and of the office of porter or porterftiip of the 
fame caftle to him by our letters patents under the feal ofour 
duchy of LamafteTy bearing date the xxv. day of June, in the 
XV. year of our reign, granted during our pleafure; nor to or 
for any fees or wages to or for the fame in any wife belonging 
or to be perceived j nor over that, of, to, or for the office of 
wamer or wamerfhip of the warfen of Methwoldey in the coun- 
ty of Norfy parcel ofour faid duchy of Lamafler^ to him by 


94 Anno dccitno none Henrici VIL [1503* 

us by our letters patents under the fea] of our-fakl duchy grant* 
ed for term of his life; nor to or for any wages atid fees to the 
fame oflke pertammg, or for the £uBe yearlv to be perceived or 
had in any mamier wife; but that <eveiy or the faid letters pa- 
tenta, and all things in them and «irery of them contained, be 
good and efie(%jal to him in sJl things, aocording to the form^ 
puitx>rt, and effcA of the Ikme letters patents^ andofdther^ 
them, this a&, notwithfianding. 


Far deer-hays and buckftalls. 

FORAS>4UCH 4IS kis weBunderftooi andbunvn^ that tkt 
great fjl difiruS&m cfrei deer and fallow within this realm in 
time pafi hath heeriy and jet is^ with nets called deer hays and buck- 
JlaBsj andftalUng witb heajls^ to the great £fpleafvreafeurfivereign 
lard the Juio^, and afaU we lords andetfjfr mblemen within this bis 
ridm^ having fore^Sj ehafes^ or park in their pofeffimSy rtde^ er 
keeping ; fo that if thefaid nets erJlalHng Jbeuld mlattfully be ufed 
and occupied in ttrne comings' as they have been in timepaftj the mojl 
part oftbeforefts^ chafes^ and parks of this realm /bould be therevnth 
dejlroyed: (2) Be ijt therefore cftabli(hed and enaAed, by the 
lords fpiritud and temporal^ and the conunons, in this prefent 
The penalty parliament aflembled, and by authority of the fiime. That any 
for keeping of perfon or pcrfons, fpiritual or temporal, having no park, chafe, 
buck-ft^8?^ nor forcft of their own, keep, nor caufe to be kept any nets 
called Dter-baySj or Buck-Jlalls^ by the fpace of a month next 
after the proclamation of ^is a<ft made; (3) upon pain of for- 
feiture for every month that he or they 10 kicqp or caufe to be 
The penalty kept the fame nets, hays, or buck-fiaUs, x. li. (4) And that no 
for ftaiking,or perfon from henceforth ftalk, nor caufe any other perfon to ftalk, 
^h tcflSlkat ^^^^ ^'^y bi>(h or beads to any deer, being in any park, chafe, or 
adeer^with- foreft, or without, but if it be within his own ground, chafe, 
out licence, foreft, or park Jwi thout licence of the owner, mafter of the game, 
or keeper of the fame ground, chafe, foreft, or park, upon pain 
of forfeiture for every time that he or they fo ftaikcth, x. li. (5) 
And furthermore. That no perfon ne perlbns without his own 
ground flay, take, or caufe to be taken by mean of craft or en- 
gine, any herons, without it be with hawking, or with a long 
bow, upon pain of forfeiture for every heron taken or flain vi^. 
The penalty viii.d, (6) And that no perfon or perfons without his or their 
youn*a^^^ ^^^"^ ground take any young herons out of the neft, without li- 
oucortheneih cence of the owndr of the ground where the £ud neft is, upon 
pain of forfeiture for every beton fo taken out of the neft, x.$. 
(7) And that every man that wUl, may and (hall be admitted to 
fue for every of the £iid forfeitures by a£tJon of debt, and like 
. A. procefs to be had andmade therein, as in other a<Stions of debt 
Ir^mL *^ ^^^ making of this a^; (8) and that the defendant be not 
examine an/ admitted to tend nor to do his law in any fuch a6kion, aorany 
perlbns fuf- eflbin nor protedion to be allowed for the defendant in the iamc. 
P^*^.^» *nd (9) And that two juftices of peate in thdr fcflions, (hall have 
pumih them, authority to call before ibcm aivy perfon fufpcacd.of thepremif* 

1503O Ann6 tfcdmo nono HENftici VII. 95 

fes, and by tlieir difcretions to examine them In thepremif&s. 
Tio) And if bv their examination the party fo examined be 
lound in defanlt contrary to tht premifTes, then that perfon fo 
found in default to be committed to prifon till he have found 
furety for payment of the lame forfeitures to the King; (xi) 
and that tbofe jufticcs that fo examine them, ilrall have the 
tenth part of every fuch forfeiture for dieir labour in that 

An aft toochixi^ the pmiihment of vagabonds for their firft of- 
fence, and fer their fecond offence, and of them tfiat do re* 
lieve diem. A remedy to provide for bcKars not able to work. ' ^ 

Which officers and perfons may punimvagabondB, and their 
penalty if they do hot. £xp. 39 £1. ^.4. (2) Certain perfons 
prohibited to phy at unlawful games. £^. 53 H. ^.9. (2) 
Two jiiftices of peace may rge6t common iellmg ale or Jbeer. 
jUtereds^ 6£rf. 6. €.%$. &r Rep. 21 Jac. i. ^.28. 



WHEREAS in the parliament bolden at Weftminfter the 13 !!. 4* c.r* 
Tuelday the morr&w next after AW fouls, the thirteenth 
year if the reign of King Henry the Fourth^ among other things it 
was enaBed^ ordained^ and ejlablijbed^ That if any rioty ajfembfyy Jurors iinpa- 
or rout of people againjfl the iaWy were made in any part of the realm^ Qufreof^rlow 
that thejuftices ofA)epeace% three or two of them at the Jeafl^ and the ind the iffucs* 
Jberiffor under-Jheriff of the county where Jiuh rioty ajfimbly^ or rout retosned 
f^d be done J after the fame Jhtute^ Jboidd come with the power tlicrcupon. 
of the Jbire [if need flmld he) to arrefl them^ and them Jbouid 
arrejl\ (2) and the fame jufiicis and Jher^^ or under-Jheriff\ 
Jhould haue power to record that tlyat they faould find fo done in 
their pre fence againfl the law^ (3) and that by tffe record of the *y^^ punifli- * 
fame jvjtices and Jberiffy or under-Jheriffy the fame trefpafjers tf»imcntofmaiii- 
mifdoeri Jbouid be convi^ed in manner and form as it is contained t^mtnyVthcTe" 
in the ftatute of forcible entries \ with divers and many ^^^^^^^P^^ 
articles touching ana concerning the premiffes^ as in the fame fia- "^ ^ ' 
tute made the faid xiij. year more plainly at large it appearetb^ 
(4) which Jiatute is thought good and neceffary : wherefore by the 
advice and affent of the lords fpiritual ana temporal^ and the com- 
monsj in this prejent parliament ajembledj and by the authority of 
the fame^ Be it therefore ordained, eftabliflied, and enaded. 
That the faid adt made in the faid xiij. year of King Henry ^^^ 5.ftat.x« 
the Fourth, eoncemiAg riots, aflemblies, and rout^ ofpeople, c.a. 
and all and every article and articles cdmprifed in the fame, 
and -alio all other ftatutes before this time made concerning 
the punifhment of rioters, at the time of the making of this 
a£t being in force, from henceforth ftand in thdr force, and 
be duly put in execution after the tenors and purports of 
the fame. (5) Jnd forafmueh as in the faidflatute made in 
the faid xiij. year^ it is not expreffei of what fiyjiciincy the jur^ 
ors impanelled ^Id bey or what ifues ihey Jbwld Ufe^ if they 


96 Anno dedmo nono Henricx VIL [^50^. 

appear noU ^or n$ mention ^ therein Made cf any punifimtent of ttf 
maintaincrs and embracers of the jurors that Jo Jhall be imtamUedy 
. Jhould have for their mifdemeanors^ if any be : (6) It is tncrefore 
furthermore ena<5tcd by the faid authority in this prefent par- 
How many ju- liament. That if any riot, rout, or unlawful ailembJy, be com- 
rort (hall be mitted and done at any time after the firft day or May next 
returned to in- ^.Qj^j^g^ within this realm Qi Englandy that the IherifF having 
andofwh™^'^ precept directed to him, ihall return xxiv. perfons dwelling 
fufficiency within the (hire where fuch riot, rout, or unlawful affembly fliaB 
theyfhaUbe. be fo committed and done, whereof every of them fhall have 
lands and tenements within the fame (hire to the yearly value of 
xx.s. of charter land or freehold, or xxvi.s. viii.d. of copyhold, 
VHiat ifTaet ^^ ^^ both, over and above all charges, to inquire of the laid ri- 
ihall be return- ot, rout, or unlawful aflembly. (7) And he (hall f€tumupon 
cd upon the every perfon fo by him impanelled, m ifTues, at the firft day xx^. 
jurort. and at the fecond day xl.s. if they appear not and be fwom to 

The (herifF's inquire of the premiflcs at the firft day. (8) And if default be 
forfeiture for j,^ ^^ (heriff or under-fheriff, for returning of other perfons, 
duty."*^ * "^^ being of the faid fufficiency, or return not ifliies in form a- 
forefaid, that then the faid (heriff (hall forfeit to our fovereign 
Si^'Sntein. '^'■^ *^ ^'"S' for either default therein, xx. li. (9) And if the 
ers and em-" '^^^ "^^^ xoxxx.^ 6x unlawful aflfembly be not found by tfie faid jury, 
braccri . by reafon of any maintenance or embracery of the faid jurors, 

then the fame juftices and the (heriff, or unaer-(heriff, over and 
above all fuch certificate that they muft and be bound to make, 
Caitbewy 3S3. according to the faid ftatute made the faid xiij. year, (hall in the 
/ fait^e certificate certify the names of the maintainers and embra- 
cers in that behalf, if any be, with their mifdemeanors that 
they know, upon pain of every of the faid juftices and fherrflT, 
or under-fheriff, to forfeit xx, li. if the fame jufbces and (heriff, 
or under-(herifF, have no reafonable excufe for non-certifying 
The forfei- of the fame j.( I o) which certificate fo made (hall be of like force 
turesormain- ^^d effeft in the law, as if the matter contained in the fame . 
embracers ^^xt duly found by the verdidt of twelve men : (11) and every 
whereby a* perfon duly provca to be a maintainer or embracer of the fame 
riot is not fhail forfeit to our faid fovereign lord xx» li. and as well the fame 
toand. maintainers as the embracers (haH be committed to ward, there 

to remain by the difcretion of the juftices. 

J 5;*;/:^' cap. xiv. 

% H.4! c.ii. The penalty for giving or taking any livery, l^c, or for retain^ 
8 £d. 4. C.2. ing, or bemg retained with another, during the King's life. 

7H.4.c.,4. CAP. XV. 

Several charges impofed upon the lands and perfons ofCeftuj 

que ufe. 
Thefeveral 13RAYEN The cpmmons in this prefent parUament affembkd^ that 
inconveni- ^ whcre divers and matty perfons be defrauded of their exectetiony as 
ciicies that well of and upon recognifancesjflatutes oj tbeflaple^fiatuteS'Tnerthants 
many did re- f^ ff.^^^ made^ as of their debts and damages recovered in anions of 
tuy^qu« ufe, ^^*^> trefpaffesy or other anions : andfo in like wife the lords ofwhm 
any lands and tenements be holden infocage^ of their relief Sy andfome- 


1 503 •] Anto decixno nono Henkici VII. 97 

time §fthnr biriptSy by reafm that befo being bound ^ condemned^ 1 Co. 1*3. 
end aUi he that of right ought to be Very tenant to the lord of whom ^^' ^' ^'' *• 
fub utnds andtenennntsbeholdehy caufetb by fine^ feoffment^ retoveryi "^' 
or otherwiliy divers perfom to befetfed ofthefatd lands^ tenements^ 
bnd other nereditaments only to bis ufe^ he taketh the profits of the fame ^ 
to the great burtj deceit ^ and defraud of the Kin^s true liege people 
within this bis reabn^ if that remedy be not therefore purveyed (2) 
In confideration whereof, be it ordained, eftablifhed and enact- 
ed by the King our fovereign lord, by the aflent of the lords fpi« 
iitual and temporal, and the commons in this prefent parlia- 
tneht aflembled, arnd by authority of the fame. That {roth 
henceforth it (hall be lawful for everv (herifT, or othei* officer. 
to whom any writ or precept is or flialf be direded at the fuit of 
any perfon or perfons, to nave any execution of any lands, te- 
nements or other hereditaments, againlt any perfon or perfons • , > 
rf, for and upon any condemnation, eftatutc-merchant, eftatute 'P^ f 
of the ftaple, recogntfance hereafter to be made or had, to do, fl^t^otiit 
make' and deliver execution unto the party in that behalf fuing, execudon foi^ 
of all fuch lands and tenements, as dny other perfon or perfons his debt due 
be in any manner of -^ife feifed, or hefeafter (hall bt (eifed in ^ittdgm«nti 
any wife^ to the only ufe of him agdinft whom ex&cutioti is (b ^' 
fued, like sis the bid (herifT or other ofHcer might or ought to 
have done if the faid party againft whom execution hereaftex^ 
fliall fo be fued, had been (olely feifed of the faid lands and tene- 
ments of fuch dilate as they be feifed of to his ufe at the time of 
the faid execution fued. ^3) And over that, be it ordained by the The iandi of 
faid authority,That the lords, of whom any fuch lands and tene- J^ ^c^^ua 
ments be holdcn in focage, (hall from henceforth after the death ^^^^i)^^l^ 
of him to whofe u(e any peribn or perfons as is afordfaid be the relief, he*^ 
feifed (and no will thereor declared) have his relief, heribt, and riot and other 
all other duties, like as the faid lord ought of might have had if duties. 
he hald died (eifed of the fame. (4) Provided silway. That evtfrv cejhp puufe 
fuch pelfon againft whom execution is or (hall be hadbf laiiai^ fhallbave iucfi 
and tenementS5 fo being in poflefllon of other perfons to his ufe, ?^^*??^? *• 
may have all fuch advantage in the Uw againft him ot them that ha? ff he had 
lb have execution of the lands or tenements afore rehe2lr(bd, ^s beeh tenant ol 
he might or (hould have had if he had been folely feifed of th^ the land. 
faid lands and tenements at time of the faid execution fued. (5) cejMf^euTe 
And over that, be it ordained by the faid authoritv,That if any being aboftd- 
bondoian purchafe any lands or tenements in fee nmple, fe^ tail, man»thehnj 
or for term of life,-or for term of years, ahd ciufeth eftatfc to be {J"*?.^* ^^"^^ 
made to divers perfons to his ufe, or taketh eftate to himfelf and ^ hislofd. 
to divers other jointly with him and to his ufcf and behoof, that ' ^ V ^J' 
it (hall be hwfulto the lord of any fuch bonditian to enter during J^ ^Ji^ ^'.,p. 
the (ame ufe, into the lands and tenements ahd every pared 
thereof (b purchafed by his bondman, in like manner and form 
as he might have done, if the faid bondman had only been (^ifed 
0f the £ud landaarid tenements in fee or oftherwtfc^ 

Vol. IV. ii CAP, 

gg Anno dccimo nono Henrici VH. t^5^* 


The ftatutc of ii /T. 7. r.26. touching the ability of jurots im-- 
panelled in the (henfFs turns in Surrey^ Sufex^ and Hafnpjbire^ 
continued until the next parliament. 


Shearing worfied. 
A confirma- 13RAYEN the commons in this pre/int partiansint affimhlsdy'Tbat 
^^^ff^^^dl ^henas the city ^Norwich is an ancient city^ andinthe fam€ 
jj*jj * ^^j j^ city Without time of mind among other crafts bath been ujed a eeriaim 
and a repeal' ^afi called jhearmari s crafty and the artificers of the /ami have aU 
of the rtudue. way ufed by the fame timi tojhear as well worjleasyjlaminsjfuftians^ 
as all other woolen cloth ; and all apprentices of the fame craft have 
been taken and bound toJhearmarCs craft only^ andhyreafou thereof 
they have had and enjoyed their liberties and freedom in their 9ccupa^ 
tion by the name of the jhearmaf! s craft generally ^and none otberwifei 
(2) and there have every year ufed within the f aid city to hi chofen 
and fworn two wardens of the famf crafts and all defauks by the 
faid wardens J in their craft founds to be prefented before the mayor of 
the f aid city for the time beings and the offenders in that behalf to be 
punified according to the cuftom of the fame city \ tiU now of late timet 
divers perfons for their ownfingular profit^ contrary to the common 
ivealofibefaidcityy feigning to have a craft of wor/fed Jbearingi 
. feparatefrom the fatd craft offhearmaris crafts furmitteda bill into 
the parliament holaen at Weftminfter the fourteenth day of O&oher^ 
the eleventh year of the reign of our fovereign lord the King that now 
is ; iy force of which pretended bill it was in the faid parliament en* 
ailed and ordained^ 7hat from thenceforth no man fhould take upon 
him to fhear worfteds within the faid city, but if he had been appren-- 
tice to the faid occupation of worjied-fhearing by thefpace of f even 
years y or fueh otheYas the mafters of the faid occupation Within the 
faid city for the time beings approving their cunnings with the adyiu 
of the mayor for the time being in the faid city j will admit* (2) 
And furthermore in the end of the fame a^ it was provided^ That 
the faid occupation of worfled-fhtaring fhaU not make^ nor do to be 
niade^ any ordinance concerning the faid occupation among tbemfehes^ 
hutfuch as the mayor of the faid city for the time being with his bre^ 
thren aldermen Jhall think neceffary and profitable for the weal of the 
King's fubjeSlSy as more plainly in the faid a& amongli other thingt 
Theinconve- doth appear, (4) It is fo^ thatjith the making of the faid a£f, by 
. nicBcies which colour of the fame ^ the worfied fhearmen within the f aid city within 
^ve cnfued^o themfelveSy without the advice orconfent ofthemayor ofthejaidcity^ 
S^Norwichby *^^' chofen wardens ofworfied-Jhearing^andfeparatedthefamiprt- 
the ftatutc of tended craft from theforefaid crafts called fiearman^s crafty contrary 
II H. 7. c.ii. to the liberties and good cufloms 0/ the faid city in timepajed ufedand 
The fevcral approved .• (5) and over that^ the faid pretended wardens^ with their 
praftice^ of company to them confedered^ divers and many times affemhUd and made 
of^worftecT* ordinances among tbemfelvesj contrary to the common weal of the 
ftearcrs in faid city,without any advice of the mayor of the faid city^ intending to 
Norwich. bring thejhearing ofworfleds into few nlens hands^ and to inhince 

« * ' thi. 

1 503.} Anoo dedmo nono HenriCI VIL ^^ 

the frite ofjhyiring of werftedt at their fUafure^ tnhmuch ihfft th^ 

will not admit to Rearing ofworjieds btU certain perfont^ where many 

oiier within thefaid city he as ferfeSf^ and have as great cunning 

in the f aid /hearing of worjieds^ as they that the faid pretended war* 

Jens do daily fuffer tojhear^ have ; and will not admit any man to 

the /hearing of wor/leds^ though he have fufficient cunning therein^ 

without be will compound with them^ and mate great and importable 

fisus ; by force whereof divers and many of tbe/hearmenj lately inba* 

bitants rf the /aid city, he departed out of the fame city into the mim* 

try, andfo diver sand many houfes within the /aid city now be unoc^ 

copied emddecayeiy and daily more are like to hcy to the great de/olatiom 

•ftbefaid city^ndalfo to the impoveri/hingofthe merchants buyers of 

thefaidworfle4 within the /aid city ^ whereby the great weal and prof* 

perityef the /aid city Jlandeth^andthe inhabitants ofthe/ame/upported. 

(6) In confideration of all which premifles, it may pleafe th^ 

King our fbvereign lord, of his moft abundant grace, and for th^ 

great eeal his Grace hath to the univerGil weal of his fiibje^ in 

Siis his realm, b^ the advice and aflent of the lords fpiritual and 

temporal, and of the commons, in this parliamffit aflembled, 

and by authority of the fame, to ordain, eftabli(h, and ena<£t, * 

That the forefaxi aA made the faid fourteenth day of OSfober^ So much of \ 

die eleventh year aforefaid, in every thing touching and con- thcftatuteof* 

Ceming the faid worfted-fliearing, or the faid pretended craft of ^* ^ncerneth 

worfted-fliearingonly, be utterly void, repealed, adnuUed, and the taking of 

of no force ne effcd, (7) Provided alway. That the refidue of apprentices ' 

the forefaid adt concemit^ the fetting or putting, taking or re- confirmed,and 

ceivin^, of apprentices for all the citizens and inbibitants i^vithin J^* ^[^ "^ 

the faid city of Norwich, mav (land in his full ftrength and ef- ^,^^xV 

fe<^, in fuch form as in the laid ad is expreiled and contained, repealed* 

this prefent a<5t notwithftanding. 

Far free pajfage uport the river Severn. 

'T^O the King our fn/ereign hrdjprayen thecommons in thisfrefent 
X parliament ajfemhledy That where time out ofmind^ merchants^ 
viSfuallerSj and all other your liege people of this your realm^ at theit 
pleafure have had and u/ed free courje and pa/fage through and upon 
your river and water of Severn, within this your realm^ with /hips, 
trows y boatSy and all other their vejilsy to carry and convey their mer^ 
chandi/esy vi^ualSy and other goods, from town to town, and front 
place to placcy without interruption, trouble^ vexation^ let^ ordi/lurb- 
ance^ and without any thing therefore paying or giving y until late timi 
that divers merchants and others of this your realm of England were 
by divers and certain mi/ruled perjonSy inhabited in tieforefi of Dezn, 
and other places to the /aid river adjoiningy wrongfully letted^ vexed, 
and interrupted i {2) whereupon for the fire and peaceable pa^ge and 
courfe lepon the fame water and rtver of all the King's liege people to bl 
hadandcontinuedy divers oils and laws were made and provided, and 
in efp'eciatone in the ninth year of the reign of the mo/l hhjfedy and of 
famous in -memory y your uncle King Henry the Stxthy by the which T^V^^ ^5 
a^ it was ^li/My ordained, and provided, That all your liege f^^f] 

loo Anno dedmo nono Hbnrici VII. [1503* 

provided for pi^Uj and every of tbeniy fiwdd have tbeir temnun and free pqgage 
free p^&ge ♦ upon ycurfmd river 0id water with tbeir trows, boats, andotbervif^ 
"Xs^^^ f^^W^^^"^^^ on3 other placesy witU 

4mt ut, interruption, or denier \ (3) and tfom of your Uege peefit 
or fubjeSs were of tbtir^faid cowye imd pa^ge letted or £fisirbed^ 
that tbeyjbould have a^ons of trefpafs-agatnft the ojfenders in that 
behalf I (4) and the prennjfes notvnthfiandxng, divers perfius late 
and now, being your officers of and in your city of Worcma:, and 
town of Gloucefter^ and other places adjoining to your 
fiid rwer and water, will not fuffer any boat, trowy or other 
vejfel, to pafs through and upon your fmd river and 
water without divers impojitions iy them thereupon fet^ and by 
them levied, gathered^ and reared upon the merchants and o%m^ 
ers of the fend goods ^ and nurchan&fes, by the find river aniwa^ 
$er paffing, in manifefi contempt of your fedd laws, and breach^ 
of the laudable cu/tom aforetime remembered. (5} Pleafe it 
therefore your Hiennefs, the premiiTes confideredy by the advico 
and aflent of the Jonl« fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, 
^ in this prefent parliament aflembled, and by authority of the 
Thefcrfeitiire fame, to ordain, eftablifti, and ena^ That whatfoever perfon 
totoruptany ^ pcrfons, of what eftate, d^ee, or condition he or thCT be 
with tbeir of, that hereafter takeanyimpofitionofanyof the King*s liegp 
boats pifling people, for trow, boat, or any other veflel, for any goods or 
won the river merchandifes carried or conveyed in and upon the faid river and 
of Severn. crater of Severn, or let, vex, or interrupt any boats, trows, or 
other veflels fo* paffing by the laid river and water, for any iucb 
impofition or otherwife againft your laws, that every fuch per-* 
fon or perfons, fo doing and offending, (hall forfeit to the King 
our fovereign lord for every fuch offbnce xx. 1. (6) And for every 
fuch fum or fums fo forfeit, theparty grieved, and all other per- 
fons that will fue for the fame rorfeiture, (hall have and fiie an 
adion popular of debt, as well to and for the ufe of our fovereign 
lord the tCing, as to the u(e of him that (hall fo fue for it in his 
own name } and that our fovereign lord the King have two parts 
of the faid fum fo forfeited, and Uie party that fo (hall fue for die 
lame, have the third part thereof: (y) and the party defendant 
in every fuch action mall not be received to wage his law, and 
alfo be outed of all dilatories in the fame aAion, as protedions, 
^ere andby dToin, and other. (8) And if it fortune the parties in any fuch 
tricTand S- *^^" ^^ defend or plead to any iffm, for any offences done or 
able in any of committed contrary to the premi(res« triable in the city of ^r- 
the faid aai- cejler^ or the liberties of the fame, then the fame iflue to be tried 
onfj^i be by twelve men within the county of tVorcefter, not dwelling nor 
tncd. having anv lands within the (ame city, ne the fuburbs dF the 

fame, (o; And if the party aforefaid in any fuch aAion defend 
and pleaa to an \S\x, for any fuch offence done or committed 
contrary to the premifles, triable in the (hire of the town of 
Ghucefter, or in the county of Ghmefier, the fame UTue to be 
tried by twjdve men of or in thecountv ofGUucefler, thereto ad- 
joining, not havine any lands, ne dwelling within the fame 
Theownenof (hire of the town ^Qlmefier. ( jo) Prodded alway, T\ai this 
6 aa> 

i503*I Anno decimo nono'HENRici VIL • xojc 

aft, norany thing in the fame contained or fpecified, in any Vife landslhall be 
extend not, nor be prejudicial or hurtful, to any perfon or per- u^^^kld!*** 
fons having any lands or meads adjoining to the faid ftream or they recdve. 
water of Severn j to take of every perfon or j>erfons going upon 
his or their faid lands or meads, and halmg or drawing any 
fuch trow, boat, or veflel, reafonable recompence and fatjsfac- 
tion for fuch hurts and offences, as he or they having fuch lands 
or meads adjoining to the faid ftream or water, ih^l fuftain by 
reafon of any fuch ^ing or drawing of any fuch trow, boat, or 
veilel. {ii; Provided alway. That if any perfon or pcrfons Adutyorim- 
fpiritual or temporal, or any body corporate, come before the C^* «^" "1*^ 
lords of the King's honourable council in the Star- chamber atanddcaSdin 
Weftrmnjler^ at any time hereafter before the feaft of the afcen- tbefi«r-<iMM- 
fion of our Lord,that (hall be in the year of our Lord God. M. D. ^* 
and V. and there make ^ny fufficient proof and lawful title of 
their own offer, or by other means, before the fame feaft^ tp 
have any manner of duty and impofition qf and for any manner 
boat, trow, or other veflel aforefiud, or for any merchandifes 
or goods in any of the'fiune carried and conveyed in and upon 
die laid river and water of Severn^ and the fame proof and title 
by the faid council admitted, and decreed before the fame feaft 
to be good and available to the party or parties that fue for tho 
fame; that then firom thenceforth aficr fuch proof and title 
(hewed, andfoby the faid council admitted, and by them before 
the fiune feaft decreed to be good, thofe perfons havmg fucb law* 
fill title ipay and (hall have, from the time of t^t decree made, 
all manner fuch dtities of every of the King's liege people fo car-? 
ijins or conveying any boat, trow, or other v^uel, in and upon 
toe Uid water of Severn^ according to thdr title and right fp 
^proved and decreed, after the manner and form of the faid title 
and decree ; this prefent aft, or any thing therein contained ix^ »} h. 8. 
any wife notwithftanding. 

No^ ihoemaker (hall occupy the myfliery of a eurrier, nor cur- Rq>. 5.E1.CS. 

rier (hall occupy the myftery of a (hbema^er. (2) No fanner « J*^ *• ^- **• 

ihall put a hide to fa}e before it be (UfHciently drjfed. 
H^rits 9ferr^^ 

PRAYEN the emrncn; in tbisprtfent pe^Hamem aOemUedy Tbat A «»^™^ 
ftAere at aparUament holdea at Weftminfter, tn the third year j|^ ^Th; 7! 
tftbi reign of eur fwerngn krd the king that new iu by the advict toucbine 
tftbi krebjphritual and temperate and the cemmens^ in the fame, par^ cofti awarded 
uamemt aJ^mUed; and by authority of thefamoy it tvas ena^ed, or- ^J^^f^^^^Z 
daijud^ and efiablijbed^ among other tbif^gs^ That if any defendant or ^'^JjJ^ f*, 
tenantf defendants ortenantSj or any other thatjball be bound by any eth a writ of 
judgment^ fuOj afore execution had^ any writ of error to reverje anj error* 
fueb jitdgTnentj m delaying of execution of the party^ (2) that then if 
the fime ju^ment be affirmed ^oodin the faid writ oferrory andnot /r- 
roneeus^ or that the faid writ of error be diftontmued in the default 
ef the party^ or the perfon or perjins tbatfieth the writer writs of 
error be nonfidted in the fme^ that then the faid perfon orpeHontj 
again/1 whom the faid writ of error isfo fued^ JbdHreewer bis cons and 

H ? amaie 1 

ioi Anno decimo nono Henrici VII. hs^S^ 

damages for his delay and wrongful vexation in thefame^ hydiferetion 
rfthe juftices afore whm thefaid writ of error isfued: (3) which 
aif or ordinance hath not been as yet du^put in execution^ byreafon 
whereof as well plaintiffs as demandants^ in divers anions h them 
fuedfith the making ofthefaidflatute^ have been oftentimes delayed of 
their execution^ to weir great and importable hurt ^lofsj and charges: 
(4) Wherefore the King our fovercignlord, by the advice ofthc 
lords fpiqtual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent 
parliament aflcmbkd, and by authority of the fame, prdamcth, 
eftablifticth, and enadteth, That the faid aft made the third year 
of his rcign, concerning the premiffes, be good and eSeftualy 
; and that from henceforth it be duly put in execution, 


Silk-works. ' - 

Certain things TIE it eftabli(hed, ordained, and ena<^cd by the authority of 

fik°"^**\°^f 1 **^ prefent parliament, That no manner of pcribn fifom 

to be brought henceforth bring, or caufe to be brought, into this realm of 

into this England to be fold, any manner of iilk wrought by itfetf, or 

realm. viiih any other ftufF, in any place out of this realm, in ribbands, 

wil,7*»o- laces, girdles, corfes, calles, corfes of tiffues, or points, (2) 

upon pain of forfeiture of all the faid ribbands, laces, girdles, 

corfes, calles, corfes of tiiiues and points, and every of them, in 

yrhofe hands foever they be found, or the value of the fame; 

the one moiety of the faid forfeiture to our fovereign lord the 

King, and the other moiety thereof unto any of the King's fub- 

JecSts that will feife the fame, the which to do, it (hall be lawful 

Jo every of the King's fuWe<fts at all times. {3) And that it 

ihall be lawful to every pcrfon, as well ftranger as other, to bring 

into this realm from henceforth all other manner of filks, as 

well wrought as raw or unwrought, to fell at his pleafure, any 

acftsiDr aft of parliament heretofore to the contrary made in any 

wife notwithftanding. ^4) And that it (hall be lawful to an 

I3H. fcj. perfons that have any fuch ribbands, laces, girdles, corfes, cal- 

^i^Ed^ ^c ' ' corfes of tiffues or points, wrought beyond the fea, bought 

*R.3.'ctio.^* and brought into this land by the King's licence, and to be 

1 H. 7. C.9. fold, tQ malce fale of the fame, and every part thereof, and to 

i3& i^Car«4. have licence and liberty thereto, until the Feaft of Bentecofi^tbzt 

f''3« Ihall bein the year pf our Lord M,D,v. 

CAP. xxn. 

A repeal of a former ftatute 4 H. 7. prohibiting men of QjAwj to 
be fadtors for merchants ftrangers in England. 

CAP. xxiir. 

For the merchants of the hanfes. 

Gff. madcin T^^ *^ ordained, cftablilhed, cnaAcd, and provided by the 
derogation of Jlj King our fovereign lord, by the advice of the lords fpiri*- 
the mcrchantt tual and temporal, and the commons of the fame, in this pre- 
y" Jdfihill be ^^^^ parliament affembled, for merchants of the banfeof y//m^i/y 
wealed. having the houfc in the city of London^ commonly called Guill^ 


1503O Anno clecimo nono Henrici VIL xoj 

ballda TeutMtcarumj that by the authority of this faid parliament 
every adt^ ftatuto^ or ordinance, ads, ftatutes, or ordinances 
heretofore made, concerAing merchants, merchandifes, or 
other wares, extend not to the- prejudice, hurt, or charge of the 
fild niMthants of the hanfe, contrary to their ancient liberties, 
privileges, free ufages^ and cuftoms of old time granted to the 
(aid merchants of the hanfe, as well by the King's noble proge- 
nitors, and ratified and confirmed by the King's grace, as by 
authority of divers parliaments ; (2) but that all fuch a6l, flatute, 
and ordinance, a£ts, ftatutes, and ordinances fo made, or to 
be made, in derogation of their faid liberties, privileges, free 
ufages, and cuftonis, (land and be, as againft the faid mer- 
chants and their fucceflbrs, and every of them, void, repealed, 
adnuUed, and of none effedt } any a£t, flatute, or ordinance, , 
a6ts, ilatutes, or ordinances to the contrary made or to be made 
notwithftanding. (3) Provided alway. That this ad, or any This ftatute 
thing therdn. contained, extend not, or be in any wife prejudi- ^jjc^^ijJ^J 
cial or hurtful to the mayor, (heriffs, citizens or commonalty b^rties of 
of the city of London^ or an^ of them, or the fucceiTors of any London. . 
of tfiem, of or for any entries, liberties, privileges, franchifes, 
or other thing to them or any of them given or granted by the 
King's mod noble progenitors or predecefTors Kings of^ thi3 
realm, or by authority of parliament, or otherwife; this pre* 
iient aft or any thing therein contained notwithftanding. 

Far bcUin^ the Jhire-caurt ^/Chichefter andJjs^t^ 

IN CMfidirattm that the Jbire-murt of and for theflnre of SuiJex 
is bila and kipt in the iity ^Chichefter, wbiih is in the extr earn 
part of the fame flnre^ the fame Jhire being \$x. miles inlmgtb\ by 
reafon wbereof divers and many oftbe Kin^s fubje^s^ inhabiting 
thatJInrej are fometimes outlawed^ andfometimes lofe great fums of 
money in tbat court ere tbey have knowledge thereof to their utter un^ 
doing : (2) Be it therefore enacted by the authority of this prefent where the 
parliament. That from the Feaft of Eajler next coming, the (hire.court for 
fhire-court for that (hire (hall be holden and kept one time at the county of 
Cbichefter aforefaid, and the next time at the borough of Lewes^ Suflcx ihall b« 
which borou^ is in the midft of that (hire, and fotobe kept ^^^^* 
altemis vicibus for ever; (^} and every (hire-eourt holden to the 
contrary hereof, and all things therein dooe, to be void. 

Here ind the Statutes of King Henry /i^^ Seventh. 

H4 ' \Am 

104 Anno primo Henrici VIII. [i509« 

Anno prim H E N R I C I VIIL 

Statutes made at Wefiminfier^ in the firft year of 
King Henry VIII. andin the year of our \mA 

THE King our fiver eign hrdUmrytbe Eighth after the conquifiy 
by the Grace ofGdJKingofEngUnd an4 ^France, ixd 
lord £/* Ireland, at hts parliament holdenat Wcftijiinljct the one and 
twentieth day ^January, in tbffrjiyear of his moft noble riign^ af- 
ter the prorogation^ to the honour of God and of holy churchy andhr 
the common weal and profit of this realm^ by the ajfent of the lords JhU 
ritual and temporal^ andcommonSy in this prefmt parUamenI affemiud^ 
and by authority of the fame y hath done to be ordained^ maaeand /w- 
a&ed^ certain ftatutes and ordinances^ in manner and form following. 

CAP. I. 
1^ A repe^ of an ^St ipa^le Jnno 8 if. 6. c^2. prohibiting the Kind's 

^' fubjedts to repair into Denmark ^d Iceland^ favii\g tQ me 

. to>irn of Northbarm* 

CAP- n. 

Exp. t/H. s. The King nor any other (hall take advantage of the penaltict 
f*^^- limited by the ftatute of i R. 2. c.S. touching the makiqg 

of feveral forts of cloths before the next parliament. 

CAP. m. 

All acquittances made by John Heron^ general receiver of the 
Xing*s revenues, fliall be a difcharge againft the King« 
and John Heron (hall (land chargeable to others havit^ tnter-> 
eft in receipts. To endurf onfy to tie next parliament, 


Exp. itEI.c.5. Al! adtions, Vc. for the King upon any penal ftatute (hall b^ 
ti^l.,c.5. taken within three years after the offlpnce committed, and 

for any other perfon within one year, Tp endure to the next 
parliament! . 

CAP. V. 

ji repeal of the (tQ ma^e^ that no man enter goods^ but in 

the o^ner*j name^ in the cuftomers books. 

The penalty TX7HEREAS at a parliament hotden at Weftminfter, in the 

for culloming W thirdyear of the reign of King Henry the Seventh^it tuasor^ 

|^^» ^5>^«- dainedandejiablijbedby the authority of thefamoy Thatnp manner of 

lofcth\is dur ^^r chanty denizen orftranger^Jhomd take upon him to enter ^ or caufe 

ty . to be entered in the books of any ai/lomer of any port within this realm j 

any manner of merchandijes coming into this hisjaid realm^ or going out 

of the fame^ in any other merchonfs name^ faving only the name of the 

merchant owning the fame upon pain of forfeiture of aUfucb goods 

and tnerchandtfes fo entred\ (i) and every of the /aid ntircbants^ 

which foJhaU take upon him to caufefuch untrue entry to be madtj to 

have imprifonmentj and to make fine thereof at the king's pleafttre: 

I ^ulftr. »i. (j^) it is new by our foveteign lord the Kxng^ and his kr^ fpiritual 

^509.3 Aimorprimo HsNRiGi VIH. 105 

and temporal^ and the commons^ in thntuknt parliament ajfembled^ The intent 
tveUcbnfidmng^ that the intent andcauje of the making ofthe pddfta' ^^^^^ 
tute was only^ Jirafmub^aslytbefubtiliealingoffmeY^^ xht Azit^^ 

eokurabfy entering in their own names the goods ojf merchants Jirang^ 3 H. 7, c.7. 
ersy the Kin^s Highnefs was deceived in his cuftoms^ and that the 
/aidftatute was made for none other caufe ; yetforafmuch as the words 
cf tie find Jiatutp were general; it was extended as well unto the goods 
if an EnglUhman entered in the name of me fther Eng^ifhman, as 
to the goods ofaflranger entered in the name of an Englifhman, to 

OJLf x\ IS uicrerurc uraaincQ) cuaDiiuioa ana cnacica oy uc au- a meal •£ 
thority of this pr^ent parliament. That tl^e a£t afore rehearfed, the laid 
made the faid third year, and all things contained in the fame, ^^te. 
be from henceforth repealed, adnulled, utterly void, ^nd of none 

III. And furthermore, be it enaAed by our fovereign lord the One A^/jfA- 
King, the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in «Mnrmaj cuf^ 
this imfent parliament aiTembled, and by authority of the&me, ^JSlFilf '** 
That it (hall be lawfiil from henceforth, that every Englijbman^ SwSXname, 
and all other the King's fubjeds, may in every port or haven 

within this realm of England^ Ireland^ and tVaUsy and the mar- 
ches of the fame, and in the town ci Berwiciy where it (hall 
happen any merchandife to arrive, or to be charged and carried 
out, to cuftom in his name all manner of goods and mer- 
jchaodife of another Englijbman^ox the King's fubjeAs. 

IV. And in like form, every merchant ftranger to ctillom in ^ merchant 
his name any goods or merchandife of any other merchant cuitom^g^S 
ifa^anger, fo that the faid merchant ftranger that cuftoms the in zna&ir% 
goods of another merchant ftranser, and the very owner or pro- name, 
prietary of the fi;ood$ fo cuftomed, be charged with like cuftom, ' ^®^» ■♦S» 
fubfidy, and omer things, fo that the King's Grace be not de- '^ 
fraaded of his right. 

V. And if any merchant ftranger or denizen, or any other Thepenalhr 
••' ----- - --.-- ^ for cuAoming 

. ^lifeth 

other his right or duty, that then the faid merchant ftranger or hit cuftom. 
denizen, or any other the King's fubjeft that fo taketh upon him '^ 5S^ 
or them, to forfeit to our (aid fovereign lord the King the goods ^^^SSljS. * 
or merchandifes fo cuftomed; and over that, to forfeit to the €.»»• 
party or parties in this behalf grieved, as much money as the 
gooas or merchandifes of the merchant ftranger, denizen, or 
other the King's fubjeAs (focauteloufly cuftomc^d) amounted 

VI. And thtit no citizen of London^ or other the King's fub- Nbwinetftee 
jeAs, inhabiting in the cinque- ports, or any other being free of o^prifsgeyQfr. 
prifage or butleraee of wines, by grant, cuftom or otherwife, 2^*^*"*" 
cuftom no wines of any perfon or perfons not being free of any * 
prilaM orbutlerage. 

V&« Andif any perfon, free of the faid prifage or butlerage, 


lo^ Aubo primo Henrici VIII. {1509. 

fo do, that then the (aid per&m or perfons (that &> do) forfeit to 
our faid fovereign lord the double value of the prifage of the 
£ud wines fo cuttomed. 

, ^ VIIL And further. That it be lawful to any perfon or pcr- 

' fons erieved contrary to this aA, to have an action of debt 
againft every perfon or perfons that fo cuftom the goods or 
merchandifes in his name, ^nd not in the owner's name^ of the 
fum or the value of the faid merchandifes fo cuftomed and for- 
feited $ in which adtibn none efToin nor protedUon ihall lie, nor 

I EL c. ii« the defendant to wage his law. 


4 Drit 41. A repeal of a ftatute made Jnno 11 H. j. c. 3. giving authority 

to juftices of aflife and juftices of peace in their fi^ons to 

hc^ar and determine all offences and ccmtempts committed 

againft any ftatute in force, faving treafon^ munler, or felony. 


For coroners. 
A rehearfalof TX7HEREAS by ajiatute made at Weftminfter the third year 
-5 H. 7. c. I. VV of King Henry the Seventh^ it was ena^edy That a coroner 
touching the jj^n ^^^ jj^ his fee ^ upon every inquijitipn taken upon the view of 
ccio coro- ^^ bodyjlain andmurdereSy thirteen /hillings j four penccy ofthegooas 
end chattels of him that is the flayer or murderer \ (7.) where by the 
common law a coroner had not^ or ought not to have any thing for 


that they will not inquire upon the view of the body fo by mifadventure 
jlain^ except they have for their labour thirteen Jhillingiy four pence^ 
which is contrary to the common law^ and alfo to the ftatute of ore re- 
hearfed\ whereby great inconvenience doth daily grow to the King*s 
fuhje£lSy forafmuch as oftentimes the perfon that isfo by mifadventure 
Jlain lieth long above toe ground unburied^ to the great noyame of the 
No fee due to Ktn^s liege people : (4) wherefore the King our fovereign lord, 
a coroner by the aflents of the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the com- 
pel^ iT^ain ^^^^* ^^ *^* prefent parliament aflembled, and by authority of 
by mii^ven- the fame, ordaincth. That upon a requeft made to a coroner to 
ture. come and inquire upon the view of any perfon Hain, drowned, 

f Ed. I. c. 10. or otherwife dead by mifadventure, the faid coroner diligently 
t8E4. s» c. ^. (hall do his office, upon the view of the body of every fuch per- 
fon or perfons, without taking any thing tnerefore, (5) upon 
pain to every coroner that will not endeavour himfelf to do his 
office, as atore is faid, or that he taketh any thine for doing of 
his office upon any perfon dead by mifadventure, tor every time 
forty fliillings, 
Juftices, &c. it. And that the juftices of affifes, and juftices of peace with^ 
roav inquire of in the county where any fuch default of the coroners be, have 
miM th^" authority and power to mquire thereof, and determine the &me, 
faults of ^ well by examination as by prefentment. 


1509*] Amu) primo Henwci VIII. 107 

7be aS ofifcheatcrs and commiffumers. 

FORASMUCH as divers of the Kin^s fubje^s lately have been '^e oluCc pi 
fire hurty troubled^ and fime dijherited by efcbeators and cm-- JJS^S ^" 
mJJvmerSy caujing untrue offices to be founds and Jometime returning 
into the courts of record offices and inquifitions that were never founds 
and fonutime changing the matter of the offices that were truly founds 
to the great hurty trouble^ and dijberifon of the Kin^s truejubje^s^ 
that Bke before time hath not beenfeen in this realm : (2} wherefore No office ftall . 
be it ordained, eftabliflied, and cnafted in this prefent parliament, ^ returned 
and by authority of the fame. That if any efcheator or commif- Jh^^Khfrt 
fioner hereafter return or put into anv of the King's courts any ip- courts, but 
quifitionsor offices concerning lanas, tenements, or otherwhere- whicli is found 
ditaments, not found norprefented by the oaths of twelve men, ^ * i"'y- 
and indented, and by them fealed, that then the fame efcheator ^catorw 
or commiffioner forteit for everv fuch office or inquifition fo re- commUnoner 
turned, and put into any of tne faid courts, an C. li. to the muft have. 
party or parties grieved by any fuch inquifition or office: (3) 
and that from henceforth no efcheator, ne no man fit by virtue 
of any commiffion, to inquire of lands, tenements, or other here- 
ditaments, except he, or other to his ufe, have lands, tenements 
or hereditaments, of the yearly value of xl. murks, above all char^ 
ges and reprifes, upon pain of xx. li, (4} And that it ihall be law- 
hil for all perfons that be not fufficient of freehold in pofifeffion 
or ufe at the time of any fuch commiffion to them delivered, to 
refufe to fit and inquire by virtue of the fame commiffion. 

II. And that they, upon procefs made againft them out of the 
King's exchequer by virtue of the fame commiffions, to be 
difchurged upon their oaths for their faid non-fufficiency, with- 
out fine or fee. 

III. And that every efcheator and commiffioner (hall fit in ^he eicheator 
convenient and open places, according to the ftatutes hereto- ihall fit in an 
fore made: (2) and that the faid efchcators and commiffioners open place, 
(hall fuffcr every perfon to give evidence openly in their pre- andfufterevc. 
fence, to fuch inqueft as (hall be taken before any of them, upon ^v^cv^dcncc. 
pain of xl. li. 

IV. And that no (heriff, nor other perfon, which (hall or 3^Ed.3.c.i). 
ought to return writs or precepts, return before efcheators, or i^^SA.}. 
fuch commiffioners, any perfon or perfons to inquire of ^"^y J;^?lfj^S'^' 
lands or tenements, except every of the fame jury fo returned, thofe jurors 
or other to their ufe, have lands or tenements of tne yearly value muft have, 
of xl. s. within the fame (hire where the fame inquiry (hall be which be re- 
made, without fraud or coUufion, above all charges and reprifes, turned to find 
upon pain of forfeiture for every perfon fo returned C. s. (2) T^duiy^muft 
And that the jury that (hall be fwom before any efcheator, or recdve the 
fuch commiffioner, to enquire of lands, tenements, or other counterpane 
hereditaments, (hall receive the counterpane of the office or in- f^^?^^\ 
quifition that by them (hall be prefented, indented, and fealed |2I'veitw?th 
by the efcheator, or by fuch commiffioner, and the fame deliver the firft \ 
and fuffer to reft in the poflTeffion of the firft perfon that (hall be 
fworn in the faid jury, with him to remain, to the intent that 


io8 Anno primo Hemrici VIIT. [1509* 

the laid commiffioner or efcheator may not change nor ixnbez- 
zle the faid offices or inquifitions ; (3) and this to be done upon 
pain of every of the bid perfons that {ball be fwom, xz. s. ^4} 
Ah efcheator and that every efcheator and commiffioner, QaAcr a iuiy ac in- 
«»^rcceivc q^gj^ before any of them fwom, be ready to give their verdid 
bj^^ur?. ®r prcfeotment, and offer to prefent the &me) that the (aid cf- 
^ cheator or commiffioners, or part of them, (hall receive the fame 

Verdi6k without further delay, upon pain of C. li. (5) and 
deliver the counterpane of the indenture to the juiyy in form 
An officer of above rehearfed upoiv like pain. (6) And that if the clerk of 
the chancery the petit bag of the King*s chancery for the time being, or his 
aur^oSfition ^^P^ty ^^ deputies, or any other officer there having authority 
found •ffered to receive any fuch office or inquifition, to whofe hands any fiich 
unto him, and office or inquifition (hall come, which ought to be returned into 
put it on the the faid chancery, will not receive the fame office or inquifition^ 
2}j^'^ ^ ^ ^ and put it on the files to remain of record, within three days af* 
sh'^6. c'i6.' tcr it be received or offered to him to be received^ he to forfeit 
iSH. 6. €.7. for every fuch default x1. li. (7) And the commiffioners or 
efcheator before whom the fame office or inquifition is found, 
and (a$ is aforefaid) offered to be delivered into the chancery^ 
to be difchai^ed of the penalty of xl. li. limited by ftatute for 
officera of the '^o'^'J^'cturning of the fame office or inquifition within the month; 
^h^Luer W ^"d that the like law and penaltv be to charge the officer or 
muft receive officers of the King*s exdiequer for tne time being, which ou^c 
offices found to receive inquifitions or offices returnable into the fame ex- 
unto^Srau^ chequer, for rcfufing fo to receive them ; (o) and that the com« 
miflioners or efcheator, before whom the (aid Inquifitions or of- 
fices be found, be difcharged of the penalty of the ftatute fot 
non-returning of the fame inquifitions or offices, fo that then 
the faid efcheator or commiffioners, at anytime after the month 
of any fuch offices before them or any of them taken, within 
another month then next enfuing, return the faid office into the 
A tranfcnpt chancery or exchequer, as the caufe (hall require ; (10} and that 
of an office^ the faid clerk of the petit bag for the time beine certify, or caufe 
ihajl be ccrti- to be certified, the tranfcripi of every fuch office orinouifition, 
excheqoer. ^^^^^ before any commiffioners or efcheator, to the'Kmg's cx- 
NoneAiallbe chequer the next term following the receipt thereof, upon pain 
efcheator a- of forfeiture for every fuch default C. s. (ix) and that no man 
• hove « year, be compelled, afler the feaft q{ All Saints next coming, to oc- 
cupy nor exercife the office of an efcheator by any one patent 
over one whole year; (12) and that he that is once efcheator^ 
(hall not be maae efcheator again within three years after the 
The penalties forefaid whole year ended. (13) And if any efcheator after the 
of the oiiVrnd- ftzHof All Saifits be made efcheator, or exercife his office by 
m, and who reafon of one patent over the time of one whole year ended, or 
^nlfi^of* be made efcheator within three years after, as is afore faid, that 
them^and by ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ f^id wholo year in form afore faid ended^ his pa- 
whac meaoi. tent fo made to be void and of none effeA ; ( 14} and that the 
party or parties fo grieved, (hall have his or Uieir recovery of 
every the faid forfeitures of one C. li. by action of debt, (15)' 
in which action the defendant (hall not wage l^law, nor he by 


1509*] Aimo.pmxioHBNRlci VIH. 109 

proteSScm nor cfToii^ f^c. ( 16) And the refidiie of the othar 
forfeitures expreiled in this prefent adV, the King (hall have the 
onrmoiety thereof, and the party that ^riU fue therefore by aAion 
of debt the other moiety i and the defendant (hall have no other 
delav, butas is aforefaia. 

V. Provided alway, That this a£t concerning efctieators for ^^^ mxfht 
exerci(ing of their office over an whole year together, and letters efcheators a- 
patents or grants made or to be made by any efcheator for term bove one vcar . 
of life, or (or years, or otherwife, extend not, ne be prgudicial *"*^ ^y ***** 
to any efcheator diat now is, and that hereafter (haU be made "***'^ 
and ordained in any city or town corporate, or in the dutchies of 
Lancqfter^ Ccmumly and the counties palatines of Lancajler^ 
Chefter^ Durham j or Efy^ or to, any other coun^ paladne within 
the realm of England^ Wicdes^ or the marches <^the (ame ; or to 
any efcheator made, or hereafter to be made, by any pcrfbn or 
perfons (piritual or temporal, having authority by rea(on of any ' 
firanchifes, liberties, privileges, prefonptions, or g^t, to depute 
or make any fuch efcheator in the fame. 

VL Provided alfo. That this a£t, as to any penalty in the in what placet 
fame concerning the fuilicieiky of efcheators and jurors afbre« the foitiuid 
faid, extend not, nor be prejudicial to*any efcheator ia city or ftjjBciency of 

freehold m 


towns corporate^ ne to any other efcheator made, or hereiifter to ^^JJJ^" ^ 
be made, by any perfon or perfons having privilege to. make juronis not^ 
efcheatiM^ for inquifitions of lands, tenements, or hereditaments, neceffary • 
(2} ne to any (heriff or baili|f, for returning in any pand any ' 
perfon or perfons before any of the faid efcheators, t>t iefs value 
than is contained in the ^id a^ft ; the efcheator of the county 
palatine oiLatuafier and Chifitr in this provifo only fdreprifed 
and excepted. 

Vn. Provided alfo. That this aft extend not, nor be prgu^ Juftices of 
dicial to any juftices of the peace^ for any thing done concern- peace fliall not 
ing the commifTion of the peace. ' . ^ prc)udiiccd 

VIIL Provided alfo. That nothing penal contained in this Z^^^^ 
prefent aft takjt effeft before the feaft of Eafter next coming % and made 
and this aft to endure to the ne^^t parliament. perpetual by 

X H. 8« c. V 

The lord chancellor or lord keeper may apjpdiiit two, three, or 
four perfons to receive toll or cuftom, and to imploy the fame 
upon the repair of the bridge otStanes in the coun^ of ASd^ 
mefex^ and to yield accompt thereof. 

, CAP. X. 
An Mt U Marge aftatute for the traverfe of lands feifed 
into the Kin^s bands before efcheators. 

WHEREAS ^ a Jlatute made^the eighth year ef the reign ^ArehearTal of 
Ki^g Henry the Sixths it is ordainedj among ether things^ the ftatute of 
that ne lands^ and tenements feifed into the King's hands upon ^ucWm i^- 
hiuejls taken afore the efcheator or cernmifjimerSy fhcil in no wife be tmgto fcrm* 
}et or granted to ferm by the chancellor of England, or any other landi feiied 
officer of the IQn^s vfbatfoever he be^ till the fame in^uefts and ver- into the 

no AnnopfimoHENRici VIII. iiS^ 

upon an in- £0$ bi ritumii plainly into the cbancer^ orwUthe iMchequer ; (2) 

queft of office. ^ thataUfucb lands and tenements /ball abide wholly andamtinuallf 

In the Kings hemds^ until the fame inquefts and verdiiis be returned^ 

(3) but it befo^ Tlxit he or they that be grieved by the fame infuejby 

^put out ef their lands and tenements come int^ the chamery^ and 

9ffer totraverfe the fame inqueftsy and offer to take the fame lands and 

tenements to fermy (a) and if they dofo^ then the fame lands and 

' tenements be eimmttedunto them^ if they /hew good evidence proving 

their traverfe to be true and find furety afttr the form of the find 

ftatioe^ as hi the fame flatute more at- large appea^eth. 

n. AhdnrntfitManding the faiiftatutej Sv^t efcheators and eam^ 

mffioners^ which have taken fuch inquefts after the death of the King*$ 

fubjetts^ of their covin, to the intent to put them that hadcaufe of 

traverfe to the verdilfs of the faid inquefts from the form of the pre^ 

mj/tsy would in the time qf vacation put into the chancery or into the 

9xchequer^ their fcdd office by them taken, becaufe the month fbould pafs 

irfaretbe bepnmng of the term nent enfidng, by reafon whereof they 

that/hould rf right have theferm upon their traverfe acceding to the 

' true^ intetd ofthefaidftatute, were put from the fame ferms contrary 

to right ana good tonfcience. 

lands Anied m, Formnedy whotof beit ordained^ ena6ted, and cftat- 

Knff'thandt WHhcd by authority of this prefent parlkutient, That from 

upon in in* hencefoTtA, after fucn oflke found afore any efcbeater- or com* 

2ueft of offiee, miffioner, and put into chancery or the exchequer, if any per- 
lall be let to fon or peffona which will tender a traverfe to the faid ofBoe, and 
thaTtenderetb ^^^^ to have the lands contained in the fame olfioe to ferm, 
a traverfe to >nd findcf h furety, and flieweth evidence to the chancellor of 
the fame with- England fcA- the time b^ing^ according to the.ftatute afore re* 
in three hearfed, com^ into the chancery within three months next after 

months, ^j^^ fyj^^ ^f^^ f^ p^^ j^^^^ ^1^^ cnantery or exchequer, that he be 

then by the fiid chancellor diereto admitted ; (2) and that then 
all other pat^ts or grants hereafter to be made thereof within 
36 Bd. 3. 0.13. the faiid three^months ended, be void and of none effe6^ ; the 
8 H. 6. c. 16. tad ftatvte madie the eighth ye^ of the reign of King Henry the 
18 H. 6, c,6,7. fixth, or any other ftatute made to the contrary notwithftanding. 


£XP, I'b^ flatute made Jnno tx H. 7. c. 24/ which giveth attaint in 

•3 h/s. c. 3« certain cafes againft the party and petit jury, continued until 
the next parliament. 

EXP, Untrue inquifitions found in the reim of King Henry the 

Seveitth, t)]r the procurement of Richard -Empfoh and Edmund 
Dudley, intitling the. King to tenures in Capitc, may be tra- 
verfed by the parties, though they have lued liveries, and 
their livery (hall be no conclufion. 

BXP, The ftatutcs of 17 Ed. 4. c. i. &* ^i/. 7. c. 23. inhibiting the 

tranfporting of money, plate, or jewels (iaving for the penalty 
of felony) (hall be continued umo the next parliament. 


151 x-j Anno tertlo HfiNRrCl Vin. lit 

A repeal of all former ftatutes made againft cxcefs of apparel ; Rep. i Jac.t. 
and what kind of apparel' men of all degrees and callings are ^« ^^- 
allowed, and what prohibited to wear. 

All aifiirances made to Richard Empfin and Sdmwul Dudley^ 
attainted of. high treafon, of land tothe ufe of others, ihall be 
void, and their joint fedffees ihall ftaod feifed of the whole. 
But this ftatute ihall not extend to the knds of Rfibtrt RatcUff 
lord fftzwaier* 

Statutes made at Weftminjier Anno 3 He n. VIIL 
2xA Anno iiom. 1^11. 

THE King ourfovereign lord Heniy the Eighth after the cm* 
queft^ by the grace of God King j/^England and ofFlnLnce^ 
and lord ^Ireland,, at his parKameht holden at Weftmmfter the 
fourth day ^February, in the third year'of his mojl noble reign^ t& 
the homttr ofOod and hofy church, and for the common weal of id pro*-^ 
fit of this realm, by the ajfent of the lords J^iritual and temporal, and 
the commons, in thisprefent parliament af/emhkd, and by authority of 
the fame, hath done to be made certain Jiatutes and ordinances^ tn 
maimer and form following. 

CAP. I. ^ 
Eviiry pcrfon that (hall carry over the ica any money, plate, and e XP, 
jewels, f^c. ihall forfeit the double value. To endure to the 
next parliaments 

CAP. 11. 
The ibtote made Anno i H. 8. c. 8. concerning efcheators, com- 
miilioners, finding and returning of oiHces, rehearfed, con-* 
finned, and made perpetual. 

All ibrts of men under the age of forty years ihall have bow^ Confirmed by 

and arrows, and ufe ihooting ; certam perfons excepted, bfCf 6H. s. c. %. 

(2) unlawful games ihall not be ufed. * ^^^Lg^c^^ 

CAP. IV. " ' ■'''^* 

Every pcrfon that is or ihall be in the King's wars beyond the piowd. ft93, 

ica, or upon the fea, ihall have a prote6Hon of Profeiturus, %^. 

or Moraturus cum claufula Vokmus , (2) and he may aliene his Raft.pLf.45). 

lands holden in Q^te without licence ; and if he die in that ♦ ^ 7- c« 4* 

iervice, his heir within age and in ward, (3) his exebutors, J^ j' ^' ' ** 

feoffees, or aifigns, ihall have the wardiUp and marriage to« 

ward the performance of his will. 

C A P. V. 

An^ aS for payment of wages to foldiers. 

FORASMUCH as the King ourfovereign lord intendeth, by the Ex edit. Pule. 
grace o/God^ to fend over the fea a great army, trujling thereby, 6 Co. %j. a 

1 12 Aiuio tcitio Hemrici yilL i^Sit^ 

Thepenaldet mi dfffy U frifirw ibis bisnalm m its ancient f ami and honour^ ka 

. . ^w to fit sn ptrfe&PMU and trwmiUty Hsfitbje&s cfthefium^ and 

the numSwof '^^'^''' ^ bidifpofid toferve God: (2) howbeit^many times by the 

1\2P|±. ^fi!^f^ 


foldiers, or inordinitte cevetmjnefs of captmns retained witb primes afire this 

detaining time^ great part of tbe number of fild^erSy for x/ubomfuch captains 

th«r s^ei I ^g indented with princes at time ojneed^ have hukii of the manbtr 

JS^wdepart. ^ffi^^h wbereby great jeopardy hatb enfuedj and irrecuperabU da- 

ing, iecT^' iftages may enfuoj if remedy therefore be not feen and had: {f^ be ft 

The peril en. therefore drdained by audiority of this prdent paniamenty 

fuingof cap- "phat if any captain be retained, (mt hereafter (hall be» to ferve 

SSr m£l tbc.King on the fea, or beyondtheYea in feat of war, wKch have 

number of not his or their whole ana perfed number of men and ibldiersy 

foidierM according as he ihall be retained with the Kin^, or give not 

Ihem their full wages, without abridgement, as he (hall receive 

oi the iUn^ for them : he jhall for fuch defaidt forfeit to. tbe 

A cantaiA King all his goods and chattels, and their body to prifoQ. (47 

5!«1* h*y« ^ And that every captain, petit captain, and all other having under 

Sd SvS'em ^^«» relmx^ of foldier or (bldiers at the Kane's wages, fhaU 

all tbnr wages, (upon the pain afore(aid) pay to the retinue of foldier or foldiersy 

and every of the fame, the wages rateably as is allowed unto 

them by the King our (bvereien lord, or the treafurer of his 

wars, without le(rening or withdrawing of any part thereof : ^5) 

and for as long time as they (hall receive wages for them, tois 

payment to be made unto the faid retinues, every foldier of tbe 

lame, of their captains, and petit captains, alwa^^s within (ix 

days next and immediately after that the faid captain, petit cap-> 

tain, or other, (hall have received their wages of the King, or 

of thetreafurer of his wars, or of their lords or mafters. 

It is felony (or II. And if any foldier, being no captain, immediately retained 

a foldier tode- vrith the King, which hereafter (hall be in waees, and retained^ 

out Ucence. " '*'^^» ^^ beyond the fea, depart out of the King's fervioe, wirh-« 
out licence of the Kin^s lieutenant there, that fuch depanlng 
be taken, deemed and adjudged felony : and that he fo offend- 
ing fuffer for the faid offence, punimment and execution of 
Juftlces oF III. And forafmuch as his offence (Iretcheth to the hurt and 

peace mav en- jeopardy of the King our fovcreign lord, the nobles of the realm, 
^"dd ^t^' ^^ ^ *® common Weal thereof, that therefore he or they fo 

Seieoffc^esr off^'^ding Tnot being within orders of holy church) enjoy not the 
benefit of his clergy, fi) And that it be ordained by the (aid 
authority, That the junices of the peace to every (hire of Eng- 
land where any fuch offenders be taken, have power to enquire 
of the faid, offences, and the fame hear and determine, as they 
do and may do of felonies, trefpafles, and other offences ex« 

Eefled in the Kine's commi(fion to them made, as thou^ the 
id offences were done in the fame (hire : (3) And sdfo ^at the 
faid departing of fuch foldiers, and al(b their retainers, if it be 
traverfed, be tried in the fame (hire where diey be fcH*. fuch. 
caufcs arrefted and arraigned. 

1 151.] Arino tertio Henrici VIII. 113 

IV. Provided alway, That no captain be charged by this zA The captain 
for lack of his number retained, as is abovefaid, whofe foldiers ^^^ ^L^f'u- 
ihall happen to die, or otherwife depart, not in the default of ^j^Jf^ jf^^'* 
the captain ; fo that the faid captain, if he be at land wages, depart from 
ihew the departing or lacking of his foldier within ten days after bim. 

the lacking of the faid foldier, unto the King's lieutenant there, ^ 

and to the treafurer of the wars : (2) or if the captain be at the 

fea- wages, if he ihew the departing or lacking of the foldier (o 

lacking, to the admiral of the navy where he is retained, at the 

next meeting with the faid, admiral, (i) Provided alway. That 

this ad;extend not to any captains or ioldiers, that now be, or rj^i^ j^l^ ^^ 

hereafter (hall be retained within the towns of Calais^ Hammes extend to the 

and GfdfneSy Rifebanky Berwick^ and tValfSy or any of them, and houfliold rer« 

the marches of the fame. ' vanu of a 

V. Provided alway. That this a<ft benot prejudicial nor hurt- ^^h*6* c t • 
ful to the faid captains, petit captains, nor any other, having 7 H/y.'c. u'* 
under them retinue of foldiers, nor any of them, for non-pay- 2 & 3 Ed. $[ 
ment of the King's wajges to their houlholdfervahts and other, ^-J* 

to whom they (hall daily find and give meat and drink during 4«5"««Me 
the faid fervice of war. ^ El, c, 5. 

CAP. VI. ' - 

The feveral duties of a breaker, keniber, carder, fpinner, wea^^ 5&6£d. 6. 
ver, fuller, clothier, and aulnager, concerning true making, ^ 6. 
drawing, and fealing of woolen cloths. To endure to the next '^\ ij* ^' *®' 
parliament. 43 El. c ,9. 


Jin a£ifor perfeSl working of cloths befofe tbey Jhall he car- 
tied out of the realm. 

WHERE at the parliament holden at Weftminfter the ninth day A reftraint of 
lordy Ktng Henry thefeventh (whofe foul God pardon) tt wasjbewed doth before it 
byjbearmeny fuller Sy and other artificer s^ that Jbould live and obtain be fulled, row- 
their needy fujlentation by mean of drapery made and draped within cd, mom, &c. 
this rialmy as well throughout the fame realm, as within the city of 7^*^*^' 3* 
London, (2.) TTjat whereas in ajtatute made the feventh year of the 
reign of King Edward the Fourth, amongji other it was contained^ 
That no perfon (denizen norjiranger) Jbould carry, or do to be car^ 
ried to any parts beyond thejea, any woolen yam nor cloth unfulled^ 
hut the woolen yam to be made in this reahnjhauld be woven in the 
fame ; (2) and alfo all cloth within the fame made, Jbould be fulled 
and fully wrought within thefame^ before that any of the fame Jhould 
be had or carried out of this realm, upon pain of forfeiture of the very 
value offiuh yam not woven, and cloth not fulled, had or carried out 
of this reahuy (4) the one half of the fame forfeiture to be levied to 
the ufe of the King, and the other half of that to him or them that. 
Jhould efpy or make proof of any fuch yarn not woven, or cloth notfuU 
led, carried to any place beyond thefea. ( 5 ) Audforafmuch as in the • 
faid jlatute of King Edward there is no exprefs mention made, that 
Vol. IV. ""I t}?e 

1 14 Anno tcitio Henrici VIII. [ 1 5 1 1. 

The inconve- thifaid ckthsjbouldbe rowed andjborn bifore that they is carried and 

nicncics cnfu- conveyed out of this realMj whereby tbefatdpoor commons of the crafts 

i>of tme*of * aferefaid might befet in labour and occupation ; therefore the /aid 

cbeh imrowcd ^Itfths then were^ and yet been in great number and plenty carried and 

and imlhonu conveyed out of this realm unromd and unjhorn into the parts beyond 

thejeaiy as well by denizens as by Ji ranger Sy whereby outlandijb na-- 

tions with the fame dn^ery been Jet to labour and occt^iony to their 

great inriching^ and the poor commons of the crafts aforefaid through 

all this realmy which of natural reafon (as the Kings true Uege nun) 

Jbould have and obtain their needy fuftentation and living by means of the 

fame dr apery y for lack offuch occupation daily fall in great member 

into idlenefs and poverty ^ to their uttermofi defiruSfiony ifitfimld 

White woolcit then any longer continue: {6) whereupon our faidfovereign lord King 

doth, &c. may Henry theSeventhy by the advice of his lords Jpiritual and temporal^ 

^^^^^l^ and at the prayers of the commons^ in his fatd parliament affembled, 

by 5 H?i. c/3. ^^^ h (i^^rity of the fame^ ordained^ ejiablijbedy and ena^ed^ That 

&23ti.Vc.i3* nofhanger nor denizen Jhould carry ^ or make to be carried out of this 

realm any woolen cloths^ but that they before be barbed, rowedy and 

Jbomunthin the fame realm for the relief and fettit^ awork of the 

fend poor commons of the crafts aforefaid^ upon peon of the forfeiture 

limited in the faidjlatute ofKif^ Edward, made upon cloth carried 

out of this realm not fuUedy to be divided in manner and form as in 

. the fame Jlatutes contained -^ (j)fo that cloths called VejfeSy Raysj 

Sailing Cloths^ and all other cloths commonly fold at xl. s. or under^ 

3'H. 7. c. n. be not comprifed in thefaid a6l made the faid third year of the reign 

ofourfaid late f over eign lord King Henry the Seventh ^ as by the fame 

a6ls more plainly appeareth ; (8) and for lack of due execution of the 

faid aSiSy little effeSt or profit hath followed or grown of the fame to 

the laid poor crc^fmen^ being natural fubje^fs^ which for lack of work 

ana occupation aatly fall into idlenefs and poverty, 

Aconfirma- II. Be it therefore ordained, eftabliftied, and enabled by the 

tk>nof the King our fovereign lord, and the lords fpriritual and temporal, 

ft^utci ok jyjj ^g commons, in this prefent parliament aflembled, and by 

if jH.'^'yfc.ii. J^uthority of theiame. That the faid a6ls and ordinances may 

* * ' ' (land and continue in their full ftrength and virtue; and that 

they from henceforth be duly put in execution according to the 

tenor, purport, and effedt of the fame, and of either cithern. 

(2) And that every perfon that will fue for the fame forfeitures,, 
be admitted to his a(%on of debt, by bill or information in any 
of the King's courts of record, where the fame may be deter* 
mined after the courfe of the common law, and that the de- 
fendant in fuch behalf in no wife be admitted to wage his law^ 
nor that any protection nor eflbin be in the fame allowable : 

(3) ncverthclefs, for that the draping and making of futh cloths 
called Ffjfes^ Rcyh Sailing Cloths^ and other cloths^ which, at the 
time of making of the ftatute of King Henry the Seventh, were 
commonly fold at xl. s. or under, the maker thereof and clothier 
of times pafied, and now is, and hereafter is like to be at greater 
charge about the draping and making of the fame, and alfo of 
^1 other cloths ; for that wool is of lar greater price, and alfo 
the cods and charges for the workmanfiug of fuch cloths, is' 


iS^^'l Anno tcitio Henrici VIIL 115 

far more chargeable than it were at the time of making of the What cloths 
faid ftatutc : (4) be it therefore provided by the authority afore- ^.?°;^.^S" 
faid. That cloths called Fefes, Rays, Sailing Cloths, and other g^b„?lnay 
cloths, now commonly fold at four marks, or under, be not be carried 
comprifed in this or any of the faid aSs, but may be carried over, 
and conveyed out of this realm into the parts beyond the fea, ^^2^ 
not barbed, rowed, nor (horn, this or any the faid ads notwith- *J j|] |' l[ J'" 

CAP. vm. 

jfn alt repealing an all made at York, for felUng of viSual 
by bead officers during their office. 

WHERE in the parliament of King Edward, Jin of King Ed- 
t£wJ, holdin at York in the twelfth year of his reign, among/t 
other things it was accorded and enalled. That no minUler in city 
or borough, which by reafon of his office ought to keep ajjifes of wines 
and vilfuals, as long as hejhalibe attendant to that office, Jbould merch^ 
ant wines and visuals in grofs or at retail, upon a certain pain limited 
and expreffied in the faid Jlatute, as in the fame more plainly doth ap^ 
ptar i (2)Jithen the making of which Jiatute and ordinance, many and The decays c/ 
themojj part of all the cities, boroughs, and towns corporate within cities and bo* 
this realm of England, befallen in ruin and decay, and not inhabited roughs, &c. 
with merchants and men of fuch fubjlance as they were at the time ^JjJe deration 
making oftheforefaidflatute and ordinance \for ait this day the dweU ©f the ftatut« 
lers and inhabitants of the fame cities and boroughs be mojfl commonly of la Ed. s. 
bakers^ brewers, vintners, fjhmongers, and other viUuallers, and few ^*'' »• c» 4» 
cr no other perfons of fuijlance be zoithin many of the faid cities, 
boroughs, and towns corporate, other than the forefaid vi£iuallers, at 
this day, able and fufficient to bear office within the fame, and to 
content, anfwer, and pay unto the Kin^s grace hisfce-ferm where^ 
with they he charged: ( j) in conjideration whereof, ana for the cafe, 
comfort, and relief of the forefaid poor cities, boroughs, and towns 
corporate, and of the inhabitants of the fame, be it ordained, 
cftabliihed, and enafted by the King ourfovereign lord, by the AlTeffingof 
advice of his lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, JJlft^jJg^^eii 
of this prefcnt parliament affemblcd, and by authority of the ^ viauadler is 
fame. That whcnfoever and as often as any vi<5hiallcr cnofen to chief officer, 
bear any office within any city, borough, or town corporate^ 
which for the time that ne (hall ftand and be in fuch office 
(lK)uld have the affeffing and correiUon for felling of victuals, 
that then two difcreet and honcft perfons of the fame city, 
borough, or town corporate, not bring viauallers, ne any of 
them being a vi6tualler, (hall be chofen by the commonalty of • 
the fame city, borough, or town corporate, in like form as the 
faid officer ttiall be chofcn -, which two perfons, with the (aid 
officer, (hall be fwom truly to fefs and fet the prifes and affifes 
of viftuals there, for the time that any fuch vidhialler (hall . 
abide in his faid offipc : (4) and that then it (hall be lawful to 
all and every of the faid officers, after the (ame viftuals be fet 
and fcflcd by the fame o(ficer and the faid two perfons, or one 
of the fame two pq-fbns, th^ other being abfcnt, to merchant 

1 2 mA 

1 1^ Anno tertio Henrici VIIL [ » 5 i i- 

and fell wines, and all other viAuals in grofs and at retail, 
during the time that he (hall be in any fuch office, without any 
thing therefore to forfeit ; the faid ftatute, adl, and ordinance, 
or any other a6t or adts, ordinance, or ftatute to the contrary 
made in any wife notwithftanding. 
The officers in jj Provided alway. That this a<5l, or any thing therein con- 
artd C?%rttiv^ taincd, extend not to difcharge any rainifter of the cities of 
excepted. London^ Yorky and Coventry ^ nor none of them, for any wine or 
6 R. 3. c. 9. vidtual to be fold by any by retail within any of the faid cities 
of Londun^ Torly and Coventry. 


Mummers (hall be imprifbned three months, and fined at the 
juftices difcretion. The penalty for felling of vifors, or keep- 
ing them in a houfe, is to forfeit xx s. for every vifor, and to 
be imprifbned at the difcretion of the juftices. T$ endure t$ 

the next parliament. 

CAP. X. ' 

Rep. 5 El. C.8. No alien (hall buy any leather but in open market. The war- 
icijac.i.c.*i. dens of curriers in London may make fearch for leather in- 
« H. 6. c. 7. fufficiently tanned, feife the leather, and commit the oficnder 

^^^'^'Vo toprifon. 
IQH.7. c. 19. '^ 


Jn all far the appointing ofphyjicians andfiirgeons* 

TO the King our /over eign lord^ and to all the lords fpiritual and 
temporal^ aud commons^ in this prefent parliament aJfembUL 
^"j^^f Forafmuch as the fcience and cunning ofphyfick andfurgery (to the 
perlons prac- perfect knowledge whereof be requijite both great learning and ripe ex- 
fifing phyfick perience) is daily within this realm exercifed by a great multitude of 
or furgcry. ignorant perfons^ of whom the greater part have no manner ofinfight 
in thefamey nor tn any other kind of learning ; {Q)fome aljo can no 
letters on the hooky fo far forth that common artificer Sy as fmithsj 
weaver Sy and womeny boldly and accujlomably take upon them great 
curesy and things of great difficultyy in the which they partly ufe for eery 
and witchcraft y partly apply fuch medicines unto the difeafe as be very 
noiousy and nothing meet therefore y to the high difpleafure of Gody 
great infamy to the faculty y and the grievous hurty damagCy and de» 
Jlru^ion of many of the King's liege people y rhofl efpeciaUy of them 
By whomever/ that cannot difcern the uncunning from the cunning : {3) be it there- 
phyfician and fore (to the furety and comfort of all manner people] by the 
be^fllowed* authority of this prefent parliament enafled. That no perfon 
14 &15 H. 8- within tne city oi Londony nor within feven miles of the fame, 
c. 5. take upon him to exercife and occupy as aphvfician or fui^eon, 

34&35H. 8. except he be firft examined, approved, and admitted by the 
^ *• ^ bi(hop of Londony or by the dean of PauPs for the time being, 

^,%^c. %.h 3. calling to him or them four doAors of phyfick, and for furgery 
any perfon Other expert pcrfons in that faculty, and K)r the firft examina^ 
underfUnding tion fuch as they (hall think convenient, and afterward alway 
ttSv miSftcr ^^"^ of them that have been fo approved, (4) upgn the pain of 
^ forfeiture for every month that they do occupy as phyficians or 


1 5 1 1 .1 Anno tcrtio Henrici VIIL 117 

Airgeons, not admitted nor examined ^fter the tenor of this to outward 
a<5t, of V. li. to be imployed the one half thereof to the ufe of ^®^^*» ^^' 
our fovereign lore! the King, and the other half thereof to any 
peribn that *will fue for it by adion of debt, in which no wager 
of law nor protedtion (hall be allowed. 

II. And over this. That no perfon out of the faid city, and a phyfician 
precindl of feven miles of the fame, except he have been (as is or Jurgeon 
aforefaid) approved in the fame, take upon him to exercife and f*!?*^*^ f^h ^^ 
occupy as a phyfician or furjgeon, in any diocefe within this dioce?c? 
realm, but if he be firft examined and approved by the bifhop 

of the fiime diocefe, or, he being out of the diocefe, by his vicar 
genera] ; either of them calling to them fuch expert perfons in 
the faid faculties, as their difcretion (hall think convenient, and 
giving their letters teftimonials under their feal to him that they 
Aiall fo approve, upon like pain to them that occupy the con- 
trary to this ad (as is abovefaid) to be levied and imployed 
after the form before expre(red. 

III. Provided alway, That this aft, nor any thing therein The privileges 
contained, be prgudicial to the univeriities oi Oxford or Cam- of Ojsioriaad 
bridge^ or cither of them> or to anv privileges ^nted to them. Cambridge 
(2) Afemorandum. That furgeons he comprifed in this a5i like as Raft. pla. f. 
phyficiam^ for like mifchief of ignorant perfons prefuming to exercife ^x^l 

The a£t that jufiices may return impanels for the King hy 
their difcretions. 

WHEREAS great extortions and opprejfions he^ and have been '^^^ Jnconvc- 
withm the more party of all the counties and /hires within this nicncieacnfui^ 
realm ^Englind, by'the Jiibttety and untrue demeanor ofjberiffs and ing by the fhc 
their minifersy committea and done unto many perfons in great num- ^j^ returning 
her of the Kin^sfuhje^s by mean and makings and returning at eve- ^e^K?ngwlth- 
ry fejjions hoUen within the faid counties andjhires^ for the body out control- * 
rftheflnre^ in taking and putting in^ and returning of names ^ j/'mentot*any, 
]uch perfm^ as for thejingular advantage ^ benefit ^ and gain of the 
faidfheriffs and their minifiers^ will be wilfully forfworn andpcrjur 
red by the finifier labour of the faid Jheriffs and their minifters^ (2) 
by reafon whereof many and divers fubftantial perfons (the King*s true 
fubje^s) contrary to good equity and rightwifenep^ have divers times 
and many wrongfully been indited of divers murders^ felonies, and 
ether mijhehaviour, by their covin andfdljbood, to the utter undoing 
of their lives y lofs of their goods and their lands ; by reafon whereof 
they and every of them in avoiding the utttrtu trouble and vexation 
which to them might come and enfue by reafon and occafion of the fame 
falfe indi6lmentSy (3) and alfofometime by labour of the /aid Jheriffs y 
divers great felonies 0nd murders concealedy and by the faid perfons aU 
fo by the faid Jheriffs and their minifters partially returned, not pre^ 
fentedy be and have been compelled to make fines and give rewards to the 
Jaid Jheriffs and their miniflers : (4) wherefore be it enabled, or- 
dained, and cftabli(hed, bv the King our fovereign lord, and 
by the aflcnt of the lords (piritual and temporal, and the com-r 

I 3 * mons 

ii8 Anno tertio Henrici VIII. t^5il* 

thons of this prefent parliament aflembled, and by authori- 
Panels re- ty of the fame. That all panels to be returned, which be not at 
turned by the the fuit of any party, tlwt (hall be made and put in by every 
£^'^*'^*y^lherifF and their minifters afore any juftice of gaol-delivery or 
thc^jufticesr juftice of peace, whereof one to be of the qu9rum^ in their open 
32 Co.99,6S» feflions to enquire for the King, (h^ be reformed by putting to 
ji H. 7*0. 24.. and taking out of the names of the perfons which fo be im- 
panelled by eveiy fherifF and their minifters, by difiapction of the 
fame juftice before whoin fuch panels ihall be returned: (5) 
and that the fame juftice and jufti^es ftiall command every rfie- 
rifFand their minifters in his abfence, to put other perfons in 
the fame panel by their difcretions ; and that the fame panels 
fo reformed by tne faid juftices be good and lawful : (6) and 
that if any flicriff, or any their minifter, at any time do not re- 
turn the fame panel fo reformed, that then every fuch (herifFor 
minifter fo offending, for every fuch offence ftiall forfeit 3cx. li. 
fterling money oi England \ the one half thereof to our fovc- 
reign lord the King or his heirs, and the other half to him or 
them of his fubjedts that will fue for the fame by aAionof debt at 
the common law, or bill, or plaint, where it fliall fortune any 
fuch to fall and be ; (7) and that ne eflbin ne proteAion be al- 
lowed for the defendant or defendants in that z&ion or plaint, 
(8) nor that the faid defendant nor defendants therein be ad- 
mitted to wa^ their law : (9) and that the King's pardon flioll 
be no bar againft the party and parties in the iame, that any fuch 
^ g<5iion ftiall fue. 

A confirmation of the ftatute of 19 H. 7. c, 4. ordained againft 
J^ep. 6. H. s. ftiooting in crofs-bows; and all placards granted for fliooting 
t» 13- in crofs-bows ftiall be void. 

4na3far fiarcbing of unlawful oils» 

PR AYEN your Higbnefsj the commons in this prefint parliament 
affimbledy ^at whereas divers manner of oils being brought 
, into this reabn^ as well into the city 0/* London, as to divers other 
places within this fame x^alm^ which he daily ufed and miniftered as 
well for mafCs fufiinance and comfort^ as for necejfaries for draping 

of woolen cloths^ at^dfor other divers necejfaries ufed for the weal of 
'"*''■ ^ for lack of good overfghty fear ' 

d)fai^ ^ 
the fame oils from their former nature andgoodnefs^ to the great lofsy 

jour fuhje£fs\ and for lad of good overjight^ fearchy and correct 
tion of fuch oilsy 'manyftmple perfons (buyers of the faid oils to fell 
afterward) falfely and deceivabfy by crafty means do mix and alter 

jeopardy^ danger ^ and deceit ofyourjuhjeffs: wherefore be it by 
your highnefs, by the advice ^nd a^nt of your lords fpiritual and 
temporal, and of Vour commons, in this prefent parliament aftem- 
bled^ and by authority of the fame, ordained, enadtcd, and cfta- 
bliflied. That the mayor of the city of London for the time being 
with the mafter and wardeps of the myftery or craft of tallo w-chand - 
Icrs of the fame city for the time oeing, ftiall from henceforth 


i5*2j Anno quarto Henrici VIII. 1 19 

have full power and authority to feardi all manner of oik 
broi^ht into the faid city o( London to be fold, in whofe hands Who may 
foever they be or (hall be found, and that as often as the cafe Search for and 
(hall require : (4) and that the faid mayor, with the faid ma* f^VffV^^ V' 
ftcr and wardens of the faid myftcry or craft of tallow-chandlers i^xt^oiK " 
for the time being, (hall truly learch and overfee, that the fame 
oils to be put to fale be not mixed nor altered ft-om their right 
kinds,' but that they be good and lawful as they ought to be. 
(5) And that it (hall be lawful to the faid mayor, with the faid 
mafter and wardens for the time being, to oamn^ avoid , and 
utterly to caft away all fuch oils as they (hall find defedtive, or 
falfiely or deceivably mixed, and alterea from their right kinds, 
as is aforefaid, without any let or perturbance of any perfon or 
perfons whatsoever they are or (hall be; (6) and alfo the faid 
mayor, mafter, and wardens, to commit fuch perfon or per- 
fons, as (hall be found defective for ufing of fuch deceit or crafty 
to ward, and to puni(h him or them therefore by their difcre* 
ticns, according to the laws ai>d cuftoms within the fai4 city 
or liberty oi London j ufed, had, aind made of and for other mii- 
doers and oflfenders in the faid city. (7) And be it further 
enacted by the faid authority. That the mayor v^ every city, 
borough, and town within this realm (where a mayor is) for 
the time being, or the governor or governors, or rulers pf eve* 

3r other city, borough, and (own corporate within this realni 
fo for the time being, (hall have within their jurifdidion, li* 
berty, and franchife, every of them, like authority and power 
to make and do like fearch, order, dire6lion, corredtion, pu- 
nt(hment and execution of the fame, of, for, and upon all oils 
being defedive, or deceivably or falfly mixed and altered, by 
any perfon or perfons within their liberties and franchifes, in 
manner and form as afore rehearfed, as the faid mayor, mafter 
and wardens of the faid city of London^ by this prefent a<ft have, 
or might have, of, for, or upon any oil fold or to be fold with-* 
in the £ud city of Lmdon^ 


All fiatutes made for hats and caps repealed. Who only may lI»^-*o«.*e4- 
bity hats and caps wrought beyond the fea. The pnces of **„^^[ J*!^' ^* 
(everal forts of hats and caps. s, H. s.'c.^. 

7 Ed. 6. c. 8. 

■ " ' ■ '' Repealed by 

1 Jap. i.c.a5« 

Statutes made at Wejlminftery Anno 4 Hen, VIII, 
and Anno Dam. 1 5 1 2. 

THE King our fovenign lord Henry the Eighth after the con^ 
piifly by the grace of God King y England and of France, 
and lord ^Ireland, at his parliament holden at Weftminfter the 
fourth day ^November, in the fourth year of his moft noble reign^ 
to the honour of God and holy churchy and for the common weal and 
profit of thif rfalm^ by the ajfent of the fords fpiritual and temporal^ 

1 20 Anno quarto Henrici VIII. [ 1 5 ^ 2 - 

and the csmmofiSy in this prefent parliament ajfembledy and by authc^ 
rity of thefamcy hath done to be made certain Jiatutes and ordinances 
in manner and form following. 

C A P. I. 

Bulwarks, braies, walls, and other fortifications (hall be made 
by the fea-fide in Cornwall by th,e jufticcs of peace aflignment. 

To endur^e to the next parliament, 

CAP. 11. 

Punijhment of murders. 

^^ TT7HEREA8 robberies^ murders and felonies, daily encreafe more 

tof ^y ' * 

The benefit of ^ ^ ^^ more^ and been committed and done in more heinous^ open^ 
clergy taken and defeftable wife ^ than hath been oft feen in time pafl : and the 
fcom(\xc\i^Ao psrfoni fo offending little regard the punifbment thereof^ by the ctnirfe 
commrtccr- ^f ^^^ common law^ ne by reafon ofanyftatitte heretofore made^ but 
Caufc* of ^1 ^^^^ '*^^ ^^^ rf ^^^^ ^^gji ana imagining and pleading of feigned 
boldeRipg ''" " " ' ' u- -^ ^- ^-- -- - ^^* 

men to com- 
mit marders 
and felonies. 

St.i^H.8 CI, 
32H. 8.C. I. 

and untrue foreign pleas, triable in foreign counties, to the intent to 
be removed from place to place, by colourable pnd untrue fuggeftions^ 
and for to 6'e untruly acquit by favour, might, and corruption ; fi 
that they live in manner without fear or dread: (2) for reformation 
whereof, and for the common wealth of this realm, and for to put the 
faid murderers, felons, and offenders in more fear and dread fo to 
offend: Be it ordained, cftabliftied «nd enaftcd by the King our 
fovereign lord, the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the coni- 
mons in this prefent parliament affembled, and by the autho- 
rity of the fame. That all perfbn or p^rfons, hereafter commit- 
ting mufder or fdony, in any church, chapel, or hallowed 
place, or of and upon malice prepenfed, rob or murder any 
perfon or perfohs in the King's high-way, or elfe rob or mur- 
'der any perfon in his houfe, the owner or dweller of the houfe, 
his wite, child, or fervantthen being therein, and put in fear or 
dread by the fame. That fuch penon or perfons fo offending, 
be not from henceforth admitted to his or their clefgy, (fuch 
gs been, within holy orders pnly except.) 
Trial of a felon II. And Over that, be it ena^Sted by the faid authority. That 
©teading, that jf any murderer or felon, upon his arraignment hereafter do al- 
out^of aprlvi- '^^8^' ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^"^^ chufch or church-yard for mur- 
leged place in dcr feloiiy or other place privileged for the fame, in a foreign 
atorcign county, and againft his will taken out thereof: that then the 
coanty^ King's attorney, or any other perfon that will fue o»- alledge for 

petual^^y' ^^ King> J^M the faid niurderer or felon fo arraigned, was 
at H. 8. c. ». taken at targe in the fame (hire where he is fo arraigned; that 
Altered by then the fame allegiance and ifliie to be tried by the inqueft that 
»8H.S.c.i.f.7. (hall try the faid murder or felony within the fame ihire, and be- 
iEd.6.c. iz. fof^ij^^ fatnejuftice, where the faid murderer or felon is ar- 
raigned, as though the faid foreign plea had not been pleaded 
by the faid felon : (2) arid if it be found by the fame inqueil, 
that the faid murderer or felon was taken within the fame (hire 
(as is aforefaid) that then he to have none advantage or benefit 
of the matter alledged by him for taking out of the church ok 


c. 9. 

1 Jac. I. c. 25 
yi Jac.i.c.18. 

jr5«2.] Anno quarto Henrici VIII. :i2i 

church-yard, or other place privileged, in any fuch foreign 
(hire : and this a6k to endure to the next parliament. 


The all concerning juries in London. 

WHERE at a parliament hoUtn at Weftminfter the eltuifitb n H. 7. c. si. 
year of the reign of King Henry the Seventh^ for the good 
and due adminijiration-cnd expedition ofjufiice^ it was ordained^ and 
^momg other things enaStedj That every per/on hereafter to he im* 
panelled or fummoned to appear in any jury or inqueft in any court 
rvitbin the city ^London, before any judges of the fame city ma- 
king difauh^ at the firft fummons Jhould lofe and forfeit xij. d. and 
£it ibefecond default ij. $• and fo at every fuch default after that^ 
the iffuis andpenaliies to be doubled ; (2) and a If fuch ijfues loft in 
the mayor* s court Jhould beforfeitedy levied^ and perceived to the ufe 
,and behoof of the mayor and the commonalty of the f aid city ; (3) and 
that all fuch ijfues loft in the Jheriffs court or courts Jhould be for ^ 
feitedy Ut/icdy and perceived to the ufe ofthefheriffs of the fame ci- 
tyfor the time beings toward their fee-farmy as by the fame aSi more 
plainly doth appear : (4) in the which a£f it is not expreffed how or 
'by what means the aforefaid iffues^ fo loji and forfeited for non-ap- 
pearance of the per f oris Jo impanelled and fummonedy Jhould be levied \ 
ibe lack whereof is the caufe that fuch perfons as have been impanel^' 
led andfummonedy as well for the Kingy as between party and party 
(being fubftantial and indifferent) have made many times de faulty 
and would not appear ; andfo it remaineth in Hie mifchiefas it war 
before the making of the forefaid a Sly to the great let ofjuflicey and 
the delay as well in the King's caufeSy as in other caufes between par • 
ties : (^) wherefore for the good execution of the faid JlatutCy and 
perfect remedy in this behalf to be had: ' 

II. Be it e(tabli(hed, ordained, and enaifted by the King our A remedy for 
ibvereign lord, by the afleitf of the lords fpiritual and temporal, J?*^^^*,*"** 
and of the commons, in this prefent parliament ailembled, and S^ to nM^ver 
by the authority of the fame. That for all fuch iffuc? in form iffaes focteited 
alorefaid hereafter to be loft or forfeited in the mayor's court, it by jurors, 
(hall be lawful to the faid mayor, and to his fucceflbrs, to dif- " H. 7. c. 11. 
train, and the fame diftrefs to retain, till he or they be fatisfied 

of the faid iifues. (2) And in like manner, that it (hall be law- 
ful to the forefaid (heriffs, and their fuccdTors, to di(h^n for 
fuch iflues loft in their court or courts, and the faid diftrefs to 
retain, till they be fatis(ied of the faid iflfues. 

III. Item, forafmuch as after ijfues joined in anions andfuits com* 
mencedy takeny or depending in the King's courts before himfelfin his 
bench y and before bis jujlices of the common bench y and alfo in his 
exchequery at the King's fuity or at thefuit ofpartieSy triable in the 
/f iid city of Londoxiy as well the King as the parties have fuj^ered 
great delay many times for default ofappearancf of the jurors impa^ ' 
nel/ed to try the faid ijius^ and many times for lack of jurors not hav-^ 
ing lands and tenements of the yearly value ofx\.^. 

IV. Be it ordained and enacted bj' the faid authority of this 
prcfcnt parliament, That the (hcriflfs of London for the time bcr 
• . ing. 

122 Anno quarto Hbnrici Vllt [1512. 

The ability of in^, have full authority and 'power to return impanels or arrays 

Loi^b^^^^ a<5Uons and fuits now depending, or that (hall depend in 

neUedto?iy^'^y ^^ the faid courts, or exchequer, perfons being citizens, 

an iiTue in any haying goods to the value of an C. mark, or abpve, to try the 

of tbc courts iilue joined or to be joined in every fuch action cm* fuit; (2) 

at Weftmin- ^^j ^^ ^^ perfon fo returned (having goods to the value of 

^* C. nuurk, or above) (hall be fwom and do in all fuch juries in 

like wife in every thing, as otlier perfons ihould do, havine 

lands and tenements of the yearly value (^ xl. s. over afi 

charges. • 

What ifliies V. And over that, be it ordained by the faid authority. That 

Iballbe return- ^he (herifh of the faid city for the time being, (hall return upon 

ron^*Lon "' *^ ^^^ diftrefs in every fuch a<5tion or fuit, upon every of the 

don. jurors impanelled to try the ifliies thereof, xx. d. and up- 

5 H. s. c. 5. on the (econd difb-efs, upon every of the fame jurors xl. d. and 

upon every diftrefs after that, upon every of the (ame jurors^ 
the double, till a full jury in every fuch aAion and fuit (hall 
appear, and be fwom to try the iflues joined in the fame : (2) 
and that the (herifTs that mall make any return upon fuch di- 
Are&y contrary to the form aforefaid, (hall forfeit for every 
fuch default X. li. the one half thereof to be to the King, and the 
other half to the party that will fue therefore : (3) axid that the 
defendant in any luch aAion be not admitted to wage his law» 
nor protection tnerrin for him allowed. (4) This zA to endure 
only vo the n^t parliament, and this a£t to take effed after the 
laft day of Deambert the fourth year of the reign of King Hemy 
the Eighth. Explained 5 H. 8. c. 5. 


EXP. Proclamations to give warning to him that dwelling in one coun- 

6 H. S. c. 4. ty ig ftjed jQ jj^ exigent in another. 

CAP. ^\ 
EXP. ^^ penalties for giving of wages, a(rured by any ftatute, (haU be 

t% R.'ft. c. 4* , ' impofed upon the mafter or a giver of wages. 


An aS for ftaling of cloths of gold andfilver. 

Noneflialitake TXT"^^^^ ^' ^ parliament hMin in the twelfth year of the reigm 
any tbing for V V ef^King Edward the Pettrtb^ anwngjl ether it was ordained^ 
the fealing of gftahlijbed and tnaBedy That the collefiers if the fubfidj^ and the 

filver^ll^et' ^^'^^^^^^^ J*^^^^ ^^ ^^ ''^' ** ^'^^^ «'*»» they JheuU he reqmrgd^ 

&c. ' ' ^' A'^ ^"^y ^f^^f'ter ofchth efgMyfiher^ haneUiiny vehety damafk^ 

faten^ farfenetj tartron^ chamUet^ and every ether cloth of fdk^ and 

every cerje cffiU and gold ^ and every corfe offdk of the making be^ 

yondthe fea, and the fame merchandifes Jhould feal in every time 

when they Jhould be required^ without delay ^ t^rrying^ or any tbing 

for their fealing to take by any miifn^ upon the pain of forfeiture to 

the owner of fuch merchandifes xx.s. by every of the faid collegers 

and comptrollers at every time when they refufe to feal any fuch nur- 

chandifis after fuch requejl made^ or take any toing for fealing of 

^nyfuch merchandifes^ as by the fame ^£i amongji other things mare 


1 5 1 ^0 Anno quarto Henrici YUV 123 

plainfy mffioritb^ (2} Subm the making 9/ wUtb k& the fini 

cUUQtrs and cwnptrolUrs^ and their cUrks n9i fearing the penalty 

Umiud in the fame a& have ufed^ and daily ufe to take for fealing 

of every fiece of the fanu merchandifet above rehearfedj 11. d. to the 

great Ufs^ hurt and damage of the merchants owners of the fame : 

{3) fi^ ^be fame merebants at many times bring and convey in one 

fbip iii. or iv. M. pieces of the fame mercbandifes^ which amountetb 

to XXX. or ocL 1. after the rates of ii.d. a fiece. And ferafmuch as Tbecaufewby 

tbe/arefaidpenauy exfreffed ir the /aid flatute is but xx.s. there- theftatuteof 

fore thefaid colleHorSy comptrollers^ nor their clerks fear not to run P' ^' ♦' ^ 5* 

in the jeopardy of the fame: (4) wherefore be it ordained and en- execution.'^ 

a6ted by the King our fovereign lord, the lords fpiritual and 

temporal, and the commons in this prefent parliament afiem-^ 

bled, and by the authority of the fame. That from henceforth 

the collectors and comptrollers of the faid fubfidy, nor their 

clerks, nor any of them, take for the fealing of any piece of , 

the fiud merchandifes f above rehearfed) any thing, upon p;un 

of fbrfdturc at every time xx. 1. * 

II. And alfo be it enaded by the fame authority. That if, Nocolleaoror 
and as often as the fame colleAors and comptrollers, or any of tSe\uMdv 
them unreafonablv delav, or tarry the faid merchants, or any (hall take an^ 
of them, for and about tne fealing of the fame merchandifes ; that thing for feal- 
then and fo often the fame collc^rs and comptrollers, and eve- ^^?f^^ ^ 
ry of them fo unreafonably delaying and tarrying the fame f^^gj^^^ 
merchants, or any of them, to forfHt for the fame xl. ). (2) the or, &c» fliall 
one moiety of every of the faid penalties (fo forfeited) to be not delay the 
to the King our fovereign lord, and the other moiety thereof "»«'^l?»n^ '^ 
to the merchant fo grieved, that will fue for the fame by way ^fg^w 
of information in the King*s exchequer, or by action or bill of ^ 
debt, after the order of the common law, as in other aftions 
of debt is ufed : (3) in which action the defendant (hall not be 
admitted to wage his law, nor protecftion, nor eflbin to be to * 
him allowed in the fame fuit for the faid forfeiture. 

yfn aH made for pewterers, and true weights and beams. 

T3 the King our fovereign lord^ and the honourable the lords 
fpiritual and temporal^ and the commons in this prefent par- 
liament ajfembled : forafmuch as a certain aH was made and eftablijhed 
in the parliament holden at Wcftminfter, the nineteenth year of the 
reign of the late mofi famous King your father^ Henry the Seventh 
(whom God pardon) concerning pewterers and brafiers hawking and 
walking^ about the countries^ and alfo concerning falfe beams, fcales^ 
and weights J with a provifionfor cafting of fine metaU and of per- 
feSl goodnefsy which a£l was made to endure to the next parliament , 
the tenor whereof hereafter enfueth : 

IL That where manyfimpfe and evil^difpofed perfons of this your The tenorof 
rfj/w^ England (uftng the faid crafts) daily go about this ^'^^^r the ftatute of 
realnty from village^ from town, and from hottje to houfe, as well in 19 H, 7. c 6. 
wsods andforeftsy as other places, to buy pewter and brafs, (a) ^^^"^^^^l^^^^ 
thai knowing thmcs, and other pickers, thotjleal as yjefl pezvtcr and ^** **^''*' 


|24 Anno quarto Hbnrici Vni. [1512* 

brafs belonging to your HighnefSy and under your nuirky and to the 
lords fpiritual and temporal^ as to other yourfubjeSls of this yoter 
, ' realm^ bring fuchjiolen vejfelstmto them infuch hid places tofelL, and 
feU it for little or nought y and about they bring it to privy plaus^ ^r 
into comers of cities or touons^ and there fell much part of it to 
Jirangers^ the which carry it over thefea byjlealth ; (3) alfo tbefaid 
perfons (fo going about) and divers other ufing the faia craftSy uji to 
make new vejfelsy and to mix good metal and bad together y and make 
it nought^ and fell it for good fluff ^ where indeed the fluff and metal 
thereof is not worth the fourth part that it^s fold for y to the great 
hurt^ deceit y andlofs of your fubje£ls \ alfo divers perfons ufing the 
faid crafts^ have deceivable aid untrue beams and fcatesy that oat of 
them will fland even with twelve pounds weight at the one end^ 
againfi a quarter of a pound at the other end^ to theftngular advan- 
tage of themfelvesy and to the great deceit andlofs of your fubjellSy 
buyers and Jellers with them : (4) for reformation of the premif- 
fes, it would pleafe your Highnefs of your mod abundant grace, 
with the advice of your lords fpiritual and temporal, and the 
commons^ in this prefent parliament aflembled, and by autho- 
In what places rity of the fame, to enad and eftablifti. That no perfon or per- 
*>"JyP«^^ fons, ufing the faid crafts of pcwterers and brafiers, from 
be foldw henceforth (hall fell or change any pewter or brafsjicw or old, 
chaifged. ^^ ^ny place or places within this your realm, but only in open 
Byi5H.8.c.9. fairs or markets, or in their own dwelling-boufes, but if they 
f. 6. *h«J"- be defired by the faid buyers of fuch wares, upon pain of for- 

hlTa Sy. fei^"j;<^ ^?,?"r f^i^^g" ^'^ *^ ^'""^ ^^^ ^T^ *^^ ^^^^j' '^;''- 

III. Alfo by the fame authority it may be enabled and efta- 
^fr^^' bliflied. That no p^fon nor perions, ot what condition or dc- 
fci^nd bST" 8^^^ foever he or they be, from henceforth within the cities of 
ought to be. London and York^ or without, either caft or work any pewter vef- 
fels, or brafs, at any place or places within this your realm, 
^ut that it be as gooa fine metal, as is the pewter and brafs caft 
and wrought after the perfect goodnefs of the fame within the 
c\\y oi London^ and by the ftatutes of the fame ought to be, upon 
pain of forfeiture of all fuch jpewter and brafs, (b caft and 
wrought of worfc pewter or brals than ought to be wrought in 
the fa^Txe cities ; the one half of every fuch forfeiture to be to the 
ufe of your Highnefs, and ^he other half to the ufe of the finders 
Hollow wares IV. Provided alw^y, That this forfeiture in no wife ftretch ne 
made of pew- extend to brafe or pewter, being in the poffeffion of any perfon, 
ter Icy -metal, otlier than the workers of thie fame, or fuch as have the fame to 
fell, and bping of tlie craft or myftery. {%) AJfo that it may 
by the fainp authority be cnaded and eftabliftied. That no man- 
ner of perfon qv perfons, of what degree or condition foever he 
or they be, from henceforth make no hollow wares of pewter, that 
i« ^o lay, fahs and pots that is made of pewter called Ley^metaly 
but that it may be after the affile of pewter ley-metal wrought 
The makers of within the city of London ; ( 3) and that the makers of fuch wares 
pewter vcfTeis (hall mark the fame with feveral marks of their own, to the in- 
!o!ill'°^^^ *^^^ tent that the makers of fuch wajcs fliall avow the fame wares by 


15 la.]- Anno quarto Henrici VIII. 125 

them (as is abovefaid) to be wrought ; (4) and that all and eve- 
ry fuch wares not fufEciently made and wrought, and not 
marked in form abovefaid, found in the pofleflion of the fame 
maker or feller, to be forfeited ; and if the fame ware be fold, 
the faid maker to forfeit 'the v^ue of the fame fo unlawfully 
wrought and fold; the one half of the faid wares, or the 'value 
thereof, to be to the ufe of your Highnefs, and the other half to 
be to the ufe of the finder or fearchers of the fame. 

V. Alfo that it may by the fame authority be ena<fted and efta- The penalty 
blifhed, Thaj if any perfon or perfons hereafter ufing, buying for ufingfafie 
and felling of pewter and brafs, that hereafter occupy any de-^^^i"' ^^ 
ceivable. or falfe beams or weights of the fame wares, that eve- Tg^^' **^"' 
ry ftich perfon or perfons ufing or occupying fuch deceivable and brai«r^ ^^ 
untrue beams or weights, to forfeit xx. s. the one half to the ' • 
King, and the other half to the party that therefore Hiall fue by 
a<5tion of debt ; (2) and that in the faid adion no protection nor 
efibin (hall be allowed ; and alfo the faid party fo offending, (hall 
forfeit his beam to him that (hall feife it ; (3; and if the faid of- 
fender or offenders be not fufHcient to pay the faid fum or fums . - 
by them fo forfeited, that then it (hall be lawful to the mayors, 
bailiffs, or other head officers of fuch place or places where any 
fuch offenders (hall be found, to put them in the (locks, and 
them fo keep till the next market-day next adjoining, and in 
the market place to put them on the pillory all the market- 

VL And furthermore, that it be lawful by the faid autho- Searchers of 
rity. That the mafter and wardens of the laid craft of pew- pewter and 
tercrs, within every city and borough of this realm, where °"^^^*JJ^^ 
fuch wardens arc, and where no fuch wardens are, the head *PP®"*^^' 
officers or governors of the fame city or borough, to ap- 
point certain perfons moft expert in knowledge of the fame, to 
make fearch within the faid cities or boroughs where they 
dwell. (2) And over this, the juftices of peace within every 
(hire, at their general feflion holden at ABchaelmaSy (hall a(rign 
and appoint two certain perfons, having experience therein, to 
make fearch in the premMes in every part of that (hire, 
as well within the franchifes as without, faying in cities or 
boroughs where fearchers be appointed by the heads or go- 
vernors of the fame ; (3) and that aJl fuch unlawful pewter 
or brafs as the faid fearchers (hall find, the one half (hall be 
to the ufe of your grace, and the other half to the faid fearch- 
ers ; (4) and that in the default of the faid matters and war- 
dens of the faid occupations not fearching inform as is aforefaid, 
and whereby that any fuch unlawful metals is caft or made, or 
unlawful weights ufed, that then it (hall be lawful to any per- 
fon or perfons having fufficient cunning and knowledge in the 
faid occupations, by overfight of the mayors, bailiffs, or head- 
officers of the faid cities, boroughs, and towns, to fearch all 
the faid places, and to put the laid authority and adt in exe- 
cution in form aforefaid. (5) Pleafeth it therefore your grace 
and wifdoms, inibmuch as the faid adt is thought good and 


126 Anno quarto Henrici VIII. [1512. 

'i'helUtQte of profitable, that it l>e ordained, enaAed, and eftablKhed by the 
'9H. 7. c. 6. j^rds fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this prcfcnt 
m^dc 'S^n^ pariiament aflemblcd, and by the authority of the fame, That 
tual. the faid a<ft may endure for ever. 

VII. And over that be it enafted by the faid authority. 
That if any untrue or decehrable metal, or workmanlhip, of tin 
or pewter, be fbunden either in platters, ohargers, di(hes, (au- 
cers, pottingers, trenchers, bafons, flaegons, bottles, pots, 
fiJtcdlars, goblets, fpoons, cruets or candlmicks, or any other 
fuch wares of tin or pewter, wherefoever it be caft, made, or 
wrought within this realm or without, and brought to be 
, fold within the fame realm ; that then it (hall be lawful to the 
mayor of the city of LondcHy and the mafter and wardens of the 
craft of pewtcrers (of the faid city for the time being) and their 
deputies, to have fearch of the fame within the city of London^ 
Searchen of and the fuburbs of the fame ; (2) and that in all other cities, bo- 
tin or pewter roughs, and towns, where any wardens beor (hall be, the mayors, 
vcflels (h^l be bailiffs, or head officers and wardens to have like authority 5 (3) 
appomtc . ^^ where no wardens be, then the head officers or govemcH^ of 
the fame cities, boroughs, and towns, to appoint certain perfbns 
moft expert and cttnnin| in knowledge of the (ame, to make 
(i»rch within the (aid cities, boroughs, and towns where they 
dwell ; (4) and if any fuch new wares wrought of tin and pewter, 
as is aferefaid, be found defe^Hve, and being in the pofleffion of 
the feller, that then the fame perfon or perfons that putteth any 
. fiich new w^es of pewter to fale, (hall forfeit the ramc wares, 
the one half to the ufe of our fovcreign lord the Kin^, and the 
other half to the fearchers or finders of the fame. 
This aa fhall VIII. Provided alway. That this aft concerning the forfei- 
notbcpreju- turc be not prejudicial nor hurtful to any perfon or perfons 
^cial tothc having grant of our fovereign lord the King, or of any of his 
of HlcriMr * >W)blc progenitors, by his letters patents of fuch forfeiture, but 
%S H. 8. c.*9. that they and every of them (hall have and enjoy the fame ac- 
made perpc- cording to their former grants and liberties. 

c.4.f.6. CAR VIll. 

An a£i ronceming Richard Strode. 

Ex edit. Raft, j AMENTABLY complaineth andjbeweth unto your moft dtfcreet 
jLu wifdoms in this prefint parliament affembkd^ Richard Strode^ 
gentleman^ of the county ^Devonfhire, one of the burgeffes of this 
honourable houfe^ for the burgh of Plimton in the county aforefaid^ 
that where the fatd Richard condefcended and agreed with other of 
this houfe^ to put forth certain bills in this prefent parliament agcinfi 
certain perfons named Tinners in the county aforefaid^ for the refer-' 
mation of the perijbingy hurting^ and dejlroying of divers forts ^ ha- 
vens ^ and creetsy and other bills for the common weal of the faid county^ 
the which here in this high court of parliament Jhould ofui ought to be 
communed and treated of 

And for becaufe the faid Richard is a tinner^ for the eaufes and 
matters afore rehearfedy one John Furfe, tinner ^ under-Jieward of 
fhejleimerie in- the faid county ^ in and at four courts ofthefaidftei- 
nurk at divers places and times before bimfeverally holden in the faid 


1512.1 Anno quarto HenriciVIIL lij 

tminty^ be and other have condemned the Jaid Riclurd in thefum^f 

ene hundred and three/core pounds : that ts to wit^ at every court day 

forty pmmdsy and by the procurement ofthefaid John Furfe, at the 

^id four feveral courts and lawdaySy in the Jim Jleimerie byhim holdeuy 

in this manmr publijhed andfaidy that the fame Richard, at the lafl 

parliament hoUen at W^ftminfter, would have avoided ami utterly Of-- 

firoyed all liberties^ privileges^ andfranchifes concerning theJleiToerie : 

by reafon whereof the JaidKich2a:d^ uponfour bills had and made thert^ 

ofbythefaid]ohnY}Xt(tand other ^ caufed.that the faidl^chzrd 

was prejented and found guilty of the premifes in .every of the faid 

courts in forty pounds to be loft end forfeit by him^ by reafon of an aif 

end ordinance by tinners made and had at a. place in the fend county caU 

led Crokerentor : the tenor of the which ah appeareth in afihedule to 

his bill annexed: to which the faid Richard was never warned nor 

called to make anfwer to the premiffes^ contrary to all laws ^ right rect- 

fon^ and good confcience. And for the execution ofthefame^ one John 

Agwiiliam, upon afurmife iy him made to the King's Highmfs to 

the faid condemnation to be to his grace forfeit^ thereof attmned a bill 

ajfigtud of twenty pounds parcel of the Jiaid hundred and threefcoro 

pounds^ to be to him grant hI by the faid Kin/ s Hidmefe : wheret^on 

the /aid John AewiUiam and other caufed the faid Richard to be 

taken and imprijomd in a dungeon and a deep pit under the ground im 

the caftle of LidSotd, in the faid county ^ and there and elfewbero 

remained by the Jpace of three weeks andmore^ unto fuch time bo 

was delivered by a writ of privilege out of the Kin/s Exchequer at 

Weftminfter, for thai be was one of the collegers in the faid county 

for thefirft of the two Q^deims granted at and in this prefent 

parliament : the which prUin is one of the moft hainous^ contagious^ and 

deteflahU places within this realm ; Jo that by reafon of the fame im- 

prifonmmt be was put in great peril and je^rdy of his life^ and the 

faid Richard,^ be^ in prifouy and the faid John Agwiiliam y^^- 

mg the fame cruel imprifonment of the faid Richard, intreated and 

in/iantly defired one Philip Furfe (then being keeper ofthefaid pri^ 

Jon)Jirimy to keep the faid Richard in prifon^ and to put irons upon 

him to bis more greater pain and jeopardy^ and to t^ve him but bread 

and water only^ to the intent to caufe the faid Richzrd to be fain to 

content and pay him the faid twenty pounds. And for the fame promifed , 

the faid keeper four marks of money : for the which four marks tbo 

faid Richard for to be eafed of his irons and painful imprifonmene 

aforefaid (forfafeguard of his life) promifed cmd granted to pay the 

Jaid keeper four marks : whereof he paid toe faid keeper in band tbir- 

teen /billings four pence. Ana over that the faid Richard /ir to be 

eafed of his faid painful imprifonment^ was alfo ofnecefRty driven t$ 

be boundentoThomas Denis, deputy unto Sir Henry Mamie, ktdghty. 

warden oftbefaidjlemeriey in an obligation ofthefumofanCAi. upon 

condition whereof pqrt is as hereafter foUofweth : that is tofay^ That 

if the above ^^Moi Richard Strode, defend andfave barmlejs the /aid 

Thomas Denis, and to ufehimfolfas true prijomr during the time 

it Jballpleafo the King to have bimprifoner in the caftle ^Lidford^ 

and alfo to do nothings whereby he /ball in the law be deemed out. of 

prifoutand other articles compri/ed in the faid condition^ the which the 

JaidKichaxiperfe^ly remember eth not : wherefore the premiffes by 


128", Anno quarto HENTtKi VIH. [ > 5 ^ a : 

youf great wifdoms tenderly cdhfidered, the faid jR/V^i humbly 
prayeth, that it may be ordained, eftabliftied, and ena<5ted, by 
the King our fovereign lord, aiid by the lords fpiritual and tem- 
poral, and the commons in this prefent parliament ailbmbled, 
and by the authority of the fame, That the faid condemnation 
and condemnations of the faid hundred and threefcore pounds, 
and every parcel thereof, and judgments and executions had or 
to be had for the premifles, or any of them, to be utterly void 
. againft the faid Ruhard^ and of none effe<%. 
Fines for par- And over that be it enaSed by the faid authority. That all 
liament mat- fuits, accufements, condemnations, executions, nnes, amer* 
ten void. ciaments, puniftiments, corredlions, grants, charges, and im- 
4 '°^9« pofitions, put or had, or hereafter to be put or had unto or up- 
iSi »oo »io* ^^ ^^ '^'^ Rschardy and to every other of the perfon or perfons 
6a^ 6xo' ' afore fpecified, that now be of this' prefent parliament, or that 
of any parliament hereafter (hall be, for any bill, fpeaking, rea- 
foning, or declaring of any matter or matters, concerning the 
parliament to be communed and treated of, be utterly void and 
of noneefFexSl. 

And over tfiat, be it ena<fted by the faid authority. That if 
the faid Richard Strode, or any of all the faid other perfon or 
perfons, hereafter be vexed, troubled, or otherwife charged for 
any caufes as is aforefaid, that then he or they, and every of 
them fo vexed or troubled, of and for the fame, to have an ac- 
tion upon the cafe againft every fuch perfon or perfons, fo vex- 
ing or troubling any contrary to this ordinance and provifion, 
in the which a<5tion the party grieved ftiali recover treble dama- 
ges and cofts. And that no proteAion, eflbin, nor wager of 
Uw in the faid action in any wife be admitted nor received. 

BE it enquired for our fovereign lord the King^ That whereas at 
the parliament holden at Crokerentor, before Thomas Denis, 
deputy to Sir Henry Marnie, Knight^ warden of the fleimerie^ the 
fourteenth day ^September, the fecond year of the reign of King 
Henry the Eighth : it was ordaintd^ eflablijhea^ and ena6lea^ That 
{from the day aforefaid) itjhall be lawful for every man to dig tin 
within the county ^Devonfhire, in all places whereat tin may be 
found. And alfo to carry the water to their works without any let 
or trouble of any perfon or perfons^ according to our ufages and confir^ 
mations of our charter^ and according to our cuflom out of mind. 
And if tiny perfon or perfons lety troubUy or vex any man to dig tin^ 
or to carry water for thefame, contrary to our oldctiftom and ufage^ 
and if it befbunahy the verd:6t of twelve mm at the law day^ he 
that fo lettetby vexeth^ or troubleth any fuch perfon or perfons^ Jball 
fall in the penalty of forty pounds^ as oft as hefo vexeth or troubleth: 
the one half to my lord prince^ and the other half to him that wasfo 
lettedy vexedy or troubled. And a Fieri fecias to be awarded^ as 
well for my lord prince as for the party : if one Richard Strode, of 
Plimton, tinner y at the parliament holden at WcAmintktry the fourth 
day ^February laji pafty letted^ veXedy and troubled one WilJisim 
Read theycttnger, andtAis Elford, tinner, and all other tinners in 


15^3'] Anno quinto Henrici VIIL . 1 29 

the fann parUament^ fir digging rftin in the feveral fiil rf tbe^faid 
Hichard and other perfms contrary to this our a^ made. 

Statutes made at Weftmin/ier^AnM 5 Hen. VIIL 

and Anno Dom. 1513. ' ^ 

THE King our fovereign lord Hcnrj' the Eighth after the ctfn^ 
queft^ hy the grace of God King ^England, dnd of France, 
and lord of Ireland, at his parliament hol£n at Weftminfter the 
txenty third day of January, in the fifth year of Hs moji noble 
reigfty after the prorogation^ to the honour of Goa andholy churih^ ■ - 
aid for the common weal and profit of this his reatmy by the ajfent 
cfthe lords fpiritual and temporal^ and the commons ^ in this prefent 
parliament ajfembled^ and by authority of the fame^ hath done to be. 
ordained^ made^ afid enabled certainflatutes and ordinances in manner 
and form following, , . .* 

CAP. I. ^ 

How the King's fubje^ts of Tournay and Tyrunn in France may 
have ailUrance and recovery of their debts due to them by 
Englijbmen^ and how Engliftmen of them. 

CAP. II.' 

An a£l for the trtie making of cloth i/i Devon j catled^\\\tt^ 


PRA YEN the commons and inhabitants (clothmakers^ and buyers 
of the fame) within the county ofDemn^ that where Sver» and 
many cloths called White Straits, be and have been continually mads 
within the find coMty, to the great profit of the Kin^ s fubje^stberei 
the which cloths were wont to be well and fufficientiy made, and 
bear their breadth yard broad and hcUf quarter raw^ and fifteen yardt 
of lengthy mid that no man in times paft hath ufed to make them but that . 
the maker thereof hath fet his fpecial mark upon every of the feud 
cloths fo by hm or them made, whereby every man may know their 07m 
cloths from other mens by reafon of their Jaid feveral marks ; (2)fo it 
is J that nmv-a^days the faid cloths be not fufficientiy made, ne bear 
their length and breadth according as theyjbould do^ he marked with 
every man* s own mark, whereof great inconvenience doth daily enfue and « 

increafe^ to the impoverifbing cmd hurting^ as well of the King's fub^ ... . .! 

je^s, buyers and fellers of the fame, ai of merchant ftrangers: ' ^ 

(3) Wherefore^he premises conCdered, that it may be there- 
fore enadted by the King our fovereign lord, by the afient of The true mak- 
the lords f}riritual and temporal, and the commons in this pre- ingof whitu 
font parliament ailfembled, and by .the authority of the ianie,^^**^*^^ ^^' 
That from the feaft of Pentecoft next coming, no perfon make Every tntkcr 
no foch cloths (called white-Jlraits) to Idl, without that ho be to mack to; r 
when -he is raw. ready to be toked, of the breadth of a yard cloths. 
and half a quarter, and of length fifteen yards ; (4) and rhat 
no peribn make no fuch cloths^ but if he fet his fpeoial marb 
VoL.'IV, K upon 

t^ ^Aiinor qavit;o HSNiUCi VI{L [1513* 

upon every of the faid dpths, fa by him or them made. (5} 

And that no peribn ufe no mark on his cloths fuch as any other 

perfon doth and hath ufed before him, upon pain of forfeiture 

^ . - . of every of the faid cloths, the one half to (he King, and the 

5&6£d.6!c.6. marked contrary to the form and effeA afore expreftd ; (6) 
»7 £1. €• 18. and this adt to endure unto the next parliament. 

CAP. m. 
7 Ed. 4 c. 3. An afl that white wool andcloths of five marks and under, may 
3 H. 7. c. II. be carried over the feas un(hom. None (hall carry over die 
3 M; *« ^* ^' ^* white woolen cloths above the price of five marks un- 
l^tncJcd '^' ihom, unrowed, or unbarbed. By 27 H. 8. c. 13. Whita 
^ An. c. 9. woolen cloth fold for 4/. (sTr. may be tranfported umhom. 


An aSfor avoidif^ deceits in worjieds. 

Deceits ID TJRAYEN the commons in this prsfent parliament affembUdy That 
worfteds. JT whereas worjieds which been truly made^Jbom^ J^ed and calsn- 
dred^ as of old time^ hath been acatftomed to be made^ Jbom^ djed^ 
and calanared^ have been one bf the goodlieft mercbandife andpreaiejf 
commodity of this realm y arid not onfy worn within this ream^ hit 
Mforhuchwomandufedih other realins ; (2) andfi it is ibatnawof 
late divers Jtrangers beyond the fea have taken upon tbem to dry ca- 
lander worjteds with gumsj oilSy andpreffesy fo tlmt a coarfe piece 
cfworjiedy not being pa/i the value o/xxvi.s. viii.d. is andjball be 
made\ by their faid gumsj oils midpreffes^ tojbew like to the value of 
The deceit xl. s. or better : (3) and Jf the fame worfledfo dry calandredy taketh 
*"**^^"*"*- any wel incontinent it wiJlJhewJ^otty and fotdy and ever after cont:- 
landnngot^' ^t^JHHf^ <wrf "ttnll not endure^ to the great deceit and hurt of the 
worftcds. wearers th&eofy and lofs of the faid commodity ; mdfor the faid de^ 
ceitSy and faljenefs^ the faid dry tdandring is fcomed and abhorred in 
the parts beyond tbefeayfo that no perfon do ne/haUufe in thofe parts 
anyjiicb worjieds to dry calender : (4) and dfo now of late the faid 
Jtrangers called Dry Calanders are come into this realm^ and hen 
within the fame ufe the faid dry calandrihg ofworjled^ and of thereat 
hurt of the faid common weal and commodity of this reabn aforejaid : 
II. Wfaerefbre be it enaAed, ordained, and eftabhlhed by 
Ae ai&nt of the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons^ 
iti this prefent parliament aflemblcd, and by authority of the 
No peWbn £une. That no perfon ne perfons ^thin this faid realm, here- 
iballdry cm- after do take upon him or them to dry calander any worfted 
biidcr wor- within this fiud realm, upon pain to forfeit for every worfted 
*"***• that is fo dry calandred one C. s.. (2) And over that, where- 

as the find old calandring of worfteds, called wet calandringi 
hath been ufed well and fiabftantially in times paft in the 
city of NoruMcby and yet is, by perfons havii^ cunning in the 
iame ; be it therefore furthermore ena&d, ordained, and efia- 
What n^ni bH(b»l by the authority aforelaid, That no perfon ne perfons 
only OiaH wet hereafter do take upon him or them to wet calander any w<»** 
calander wor- fted, but 'only fuch perfons as h«ve been bound apprentices to 
^^^ 4Hhffir pe^nt of the (amc craft and occupation x^i wet calandring 


J513O A^9 qmato Henrk!:! VIIL 131 

of worft^ by the fpace of feven years, or be cunning in the 
iame, and their cunning approved and admitted by the mayor 
of the laid city of Norwich for the time being, and the two 
inafters of the faid craft and occupation yearly to be chofen 
inrithin the (aid city of Nffnuuhy or in the county of Norfoliy of 
the craft of wet-calandring, upon pain of every fuch perfon or 
perfons, which hereafter (hall do the contrary, to forfeit for every 
piece iS calandred againft the ordinances and purveyances afor.e- 
iaid, C. s. the one moiety of which penalties or forfeitures above The fbrfei- 
fpeciiied, and every of tnem, to be to the King our fovereign turesofthc 
lord, and the other moiety thereof to be to the matters of the faid Jj^*"^^"' ^^® 
occupation of wet calanaring for the time being. And that it them, and by 
(hall be lawful to the mafters of the faid occupation for the time what means, 
being, and their fqcceflTors, to fue for the one moiety of all 
fuch penalties hereafter to be forfeited, againft every fuch perfon 
or perfons as hereafter (hall do contrary to the form and effedt 
of this ftatute, by a6lion>6f debt, by writ at the common law, 
or by bill or plaint, after the cuftom of fuch city, port, or town 
where (hall happen any fuch forfeiture to be or fall, or by in- 
fbrmation in the King's exchequer. (4) And that no protec- 
tion or eflbin, oe no vrager of law for the defendant in any fuch 
a<5tion9 plaint, or information, be allowable before any manner 
of juftices, whef€ any fuch fuit or information (hall be ufed for Made perpe- 
the faid forfeiture. And this ad to endure to the next parlia- tualbyft5£Lib 
ment. c. 5. 

CAP. V. 

An act concerning jurors in London. 

WHERE in this prefent pafliament h$Uin at Weftminfter the A rehearfal of 
fntrtb day ^February, in the third year of the reign of our the itatutc of. 
fovereign lord the Ktng^ and prorogued unto the fourth d^ of Novcm- Jj^'J.' ^* -^^ -^ 
bcr, in thefourthyear of the reign of our faid fovereign lord the Kingy in^.omim. 
and adjourned unto Weftminfter afore faid \ forafmuch as after ijfius 
joined in anions and fuits commenced^ taken^ or depending in the ^ > 
Kng's courts before himfelfin his bench ^ and before hisjuftices of the ' 
commott bencby and alfo in his excbequtr^ at the Kings fuit ^ or at 
the fiiit oftheparty^ triable in the city ^London, 'as well the King 
as the parties fitffered great delay many times for default of appearance 
of the juries impanellid to try the faid ijfues^ and many times for lack 
of iurors not having lands or tenements of the yearly value of xl. s. 
(2; // was the fmd fourth day ^November ordained and ena^ed^ by 
the authority of this prefent parliament ^ that thefheriffs of London 
for the time bemgy/houid have full authority and power to returninpa- 
nelsy or arrays of all anions and fuits then depending^ or thatfl)ould 
depend in any of the faid courts^ or exchequery perfons being citizens^ 
having goods eo the value of C. mariy or above, to try the if/iie 
jcined in every fuch aSiion or fuit. (3) jtnd that, the perfons fo re- 
tumedy having goods to the value of C. mariy or abovcy Jhould be 
fworuy and do in all fuch juries in likewife in every thing as other Urfons 
jhould doy having lands and tenements of the yearly value of 3d. s. 
^jeraU charges. (4) And that thefl>eriffs of the faid city for the time be* 

K 2 ingy 

1 32 Anno quinto Henrici VIIL [^513- 

ifigj Jiould nturri upon the firft diflrefs in every Jiich a^im or" 
fuity upon every of the jurors impanelled to try the iffkes there»/\ 
XX. d. and upon the fecond £ftrej5^ upon every of the Jitme jurors^ 
xl. d. and upon every dtjirefs after that^ upon every of the fame jurors 
the douUe^ tilla full jury tn every fuch affion andjuitjbould appear^ 
and heftvom to try the iffue joined in the fame. (5) And that the 
Jheriffs that Jhouldniake any return upon fuch diffreffes^ contrary^ to the 
form aforefaidy Jbould forfeit for every fuch default y x. li. the one 

Tlw explana- 
tion of the fta- 

half thereof to he to the ISngy and the other half to the party that will 
file therefore : 

II. And that the defendant in any fuch attionjhovld not he admit- 
ted to wage his laWy nor proteifion therein for him allowed ; (2) 
which Jlatute was only made for the good expedition of jt^ice^ for 
to have quick appearance 0/ jurors citizens of London at Saint 
Martin's le Grand, within the faid city^ where aU juries were and 
teen hounden only to appear to try the iffues joined of att things triable 
in London by procefs ^Nifi prius ota of the faid courts j and in none 
otter pbce^ according to their ancient liberty, privilege^ andcuftom: 

III. Wherefore, for more plain declaration of the fame good 
ftatute, be it ordained and enabliihed by the authority otthis 
prefcnt parliament. That the* faid aft be expoimdea, inter- 
preted, and taken, that the iherifFs for the time being be 
bounden to return at every firft diftrefs of NtJipriuSy to be had 
af the faid St. Martin^s^ in every fuch aftion or fuit, upon 
every of the jurors impanelled to try the iffues thereof, xx. d. 
and upon the fecond diftrefs of Ntft priusy upon evcrjr of the 
fame jurors, xL d. and upon every diftrefs of Nift prius after 
that, upon every of the fame Jurors the double, till a full jury 
in every fuch aftion and fuit mall appear, and be fwom to try 
the iffue joined in the fame. (2) And that no fheriff of the faid 
city, or other, any thing fbrreit bv force or colour of the faid 
ftatute, for any return td be made, except only upon returns 
to be made contrary to the form, declaration, interpretation, 

^and expofition of this ftatute, that is to fay, upon writs of dif- 
trtffes before juftices or juftice of Niji prius within the faid city, 
'3) and that upon all other writs' and procefles, that be and 
fiall be awarded out of the faid courts or exchequer, it fhali 
be lawful to the (herifFs for the time being, to make their re* 
turns according to the order of the law, as the (herifFs of London 
were wont to do before the making of the faid ftatute, without 
any lofs or forfeiture. 


^n ail concerning furgeons to be difckarged of quejls and other 


The caufes QHeweth unto your difcr^et wifdomSy your humble orators the war- 
wby furgeons i3 dens and fellow/hip of the craft and myjiery offurgeons enfran^ 
have been «x- chifed in the city of London, notpajfmgin number twelve perfonsj 
bcaSing^of ar- '*^' whereas they and thetr predecejfors^ from the time that no mind 
mour or other it to the contrary y as well in this noble city of London, as in att other 
lenriccj. cities and boroughs witlnn this rtalm^ or elftwhere^ for the continual 


Wliat iiHjcs 
the Oier^t of 
London fiiaU 
return upoi> 


X513O Anno quinto Henrici VIIL 133 

yirvke and ^Ondame that they daily and mghtly^ at all hour^ and 
tjmti^ give to tbe King's liege piopk^ for the relief of the fame^ accord- 
xjig to their fcience^ have been exempt and difcbarged from all offices ' 
^indbufinefsy wherein theyjbould ufe or bear any manner of armour 
mr weapon^ and with like privilege have been intreated as heralds of 
€2rmSj as well in battles andfieldsy as other places^ therefor tojland 
mnharne/fed and tinweaponedj according to the law of arms ^ becaufe 
dhey be perfons that never ufed feats of war^ nor ought to ufe^ but 
endy the buftnefs and exercifi of their fdeme^ to the help and 
comfort of the King's liege people in the time of their need : {2) And 
in the aforefaid city of London, from the time of their firfl inc^^- 
^ation^ when they have b^en many mo in number than thy be now^ 
were never called nor charged to be on quejij watchy norothfr office^ 
whereby they Jbould ufe or ofpcpy any armour^ or defenfible geer of * 
war^ where through theyjbould be unready^ and let tea to praStife . 
their cure of men being in peril: (3) Therefore, for that there 
be fo fmaU number of the faid fellowship of the craft and my* 
fiery of furgeons, in regard of the gr^t multitude, of patients 
that be, and daily chance, and in^rtune happeneth and in- 
creafeth in the forefaid city of London j and that many of the 
King's liege people fuddenly wounded and hurt, for default of 
help in time to them to be (hewed, perifli, and fp divers have 
done, as evidently is known, by occafion that your f«id fup- 
pliants have been compelled to attend upon fuch coqftablefhip, 
watches, and juries, as is aforefaid; (4) be it enaded and The furgeons^ 
eftabiifhed by the King our fovcrcign lord, and tb? Jord$ fpi- ofLondonrbali 
ritual and temporal, and by the commons, in this prefent par- ^ ^*iJ?^n 
liament aflcmbled, and by authority of the fame, That from ^^^ur or pa - 
henceforth your (aid fuppliants be difcharged, and not charge- riih offices, &c« 
able of confcableihip, watch, and of all manner of office bearing 
any armour, and alfo of all inquefts and juries within the city of 
Lendin: (5) and alfo that this ad in all things do extend to all 
barber-furgeons, admitted and approved to exercife jthe faid h s.cxt 
myftery offiirgeons, according to die form of the ftatute lately ^^^ |i^ j^ ^^ |,^ 
made in that behalf, fo that they exceed not, ne be at one 
time above the number of twelve perfons. 

All (Irangers being of the fellowlhip of the Trinity, Gfr. may buy ^^ 5 EL c. «. 
leather curried in open markets, l^c, fufficiently wrought and M • ^ • ^*' 
fealed, (jTr. 

CAP. vni. 

Every perfon that will fue for the King's pardon granted upon E XR 
certain articles, fhall have it^ 

Statutes made at We/iminflery Anno 6 Hen. VIIL 
and Anno Dom. 1514. 

THE King mrfovereign lord Henry the Eighth after the conr 
mieff^ by the grace of God Ki/tg /^Z" England and e/* France 

. K3 * m4 

13+ Anno ferto Henrici VIIL [15 14. 

and l9rd eflrtlzaAy at his parliamM hoUen at Wcftminftcr the 
fifth dof 4Jr February, in thefixth year (fhis moft nehU reign^ t^ter 
tU prorogation^ to the honour of God and holy church ^ and fir the 
common weal and profit of this his realm^ by the afient of the hrds 
fpiritual and temporal^ and the commons^ in this prefent parliamefit 
affembledy and by authority of the fame^ hath done to be ordained^ 
tnade^ and enaSled^ certain ftatutes and ordinances^ in manner and 
form following, 

Rep. 7. H. 8. What apparel temporal men of every degr^ and eftate may 
C.6. wear, and what not: The forfeitures of the oflFenders, and 

1 Jac. If c. »5, ^ijq fl^jjjj jjjjyg i^ok forfeitures, and how they (hall recover 

C A P, 11. 
Rep. -^ H. 8. The ftatute made Amto 3 /A 8. c, 3. concerning maintenance 
c J. of archery, (hooting in long-bows, and bringing in bow-- 

ftaves into this realm wherefoever, confirmed, and made 

CAP. Ill, 

Rep. by 7.H.8. '^^^ fcveral wages of feveral forts of fervants in hulbandry, ar- 

cs-aiidjEliz. tificers, and labourers, and the penalty of thofe that take 

ff V more. At what hours an artificer and labourer (hall begin 

' and end his work, and what time he IhaU have for his meals 

and flcep. 


Jn ail for proclamations to he made before the exigents be 

awarded in foreign fijires. 

^ H. 8. c. ^ "ITZHERE at a parltament holden at WeftminflKr the fourth Jajf 
VV ^Febniaiy^ in the third year of the reign of our Jovereign 
hrd King Henry tne Eighth that now is^ and from thence (for di- 
vers urgent eau/es) unto the fourth day ^November, the fourth year 
of the reign of our faid fovereign hrd^ prorogued^ one good and reafon^ 
able ail was made andordained^ touching writs of proclamation to bo 
made upon exigents Aed againfi any perfons in foreign or other finrcy 
than where fuch defendant be called of\ only to emkre from thence 
unto the next parliament : (2) which oil is now determinedy the 
effell and true intent of which faid ail is thought right available^ ami 
commodicus^ and in avoiding of outlawries hereafter to be pronmnced 
again/l any perfon by reafon of fuch foreign fuits^ to have conti^ 
nuance^ and perpetually to endure: ( j) be it therefore, by the 
King Qur fovereign lord, with the afient of the lords fpiritual 
and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent pai^iament 
aflcmbled, and by authorityof the fame parliament, enacted. 
Proclamation prdaitied, and eftablifiied* That if and where any writ of exi- 
awarded in a gent, ^t any tf mc fi-om the fifteenth day of Eafter next coming, 
frSfn whTrc ^^ ^ftP^t ft^I ^ awarded at the fiiit of 6ur fovereign lord the 
the defendant King, qt any other perfon of perfons, plaintiff or plaintiffs, 
is tued. in any aftion perfonal, agaipft any perfon or perfons called of 

any inire or city, being a fliice-corporate of itfelf, or clfe latfe 
^of aify- fuch (hire or city^ other thap into fuch toif « or city where- 


iSH'l Anno ftxio H^NRici Vllf. t^g 

into iuch exigent fliall be awaidttd, lo be called ^cori^ 
ing to the hw ; (4) and alfo ki every writ of exigent in any PcocUmations 
aAion perfonal, whereof the procefe or exigent at the £iid where the par- 
fifteenth day of Eajfer, or after, (haU be dire6ted into Xw^tor ?y »» *''^«"»n« 
m MMrfiXy the defendant being cafled late of London, or late IJI^'i^"^^ 
'of AStU^eXy and at the time of the exigent awarded not dwel- 
ling in LcndoHj nor in Middle/eXy or elfe that the faid defendant 
or defendants in the fame exigent dwe^ in any other (hire 
or place than where the King's writ runneth ; (5) then the 
juftices before whom any fuch exigent is to be awarded, in all 
a6Hons where the exigent fhaH not be direfted into London nor 
KBdiUftXy to award a writ of proclamation to be direfled to 
the (hcriff of the fame county, where it doth appear by the 
ufins of fudh aAion, that the party defendant is or lately was 
dwefling, if the King^s writ there be currertt, and elfe to the 
fiext (hire adjdmng to the county or counties, or other places, 
wbereof the party is called, or lately fuppofed by the faid exi^ 
gent to have his being of, where the King's writ (b runneth 
not. (6) And in every action as aforefaid, whereof the exigent Dyer,4i9 axj. 
ihall be direSed into Lmdm or MiidUfex^ and the defendant Bro, Err, io5,, 
or defendants in the iame called late of London or of Middlefex^ ^ . 

and at time of the exigent awarded, not having his or their 
dwelling in London or M^dlifi^c^ then the writ of proclamation 
to be awarded, made, and dire&ed unto the (hertfTof the (hire, 
where the defendant at the time of the exigent fo againft him 
or them awarded fliall have his dwelling, or, in cafe where 
the King's writ runnerii not. Unto the next (hiae thereunto . 
ac^oining; (7) the which faid writ of proclamation (hall con- 
tain the efitCMft of the fame a6^ion, and that the (heriff of the 
county, to whom any fuch writ of proclamation (haU be dire^« 
ed, fliall make three proclamations within his county at three 'ly^Ytz proela^ 
feveral days, that is to fay, two ctf the ftme proclamations in mations. 
the full and plain (hiiTe-court of the fame county, and the third Fbrproclama- 
of the faid proclamation to be made at the general feffions in tionsincoan- 
thofe parts, where the party d(if(Q(iidant is fuppoftd to be dwel- fJJ^f ^Z"*' 
ling, or in the parts of the couhty next adjoining to the county c. 10. W 1. ic 
or counties where the King's writ runneth not, that the party 5^ 6 Ed. $, 
defendant yield himfelf to ttie (heriff of the foreign county,.^'- ^* ^- *• 
to whom v>y fuch exigent in any aAion perfonal is awarded | *' * ^' '* 
fo <hat the flieriff of fuch foreign county may, upon his YJeld^ 
ing, have the body of the faid defendant betbre the jufticesj 
before whom any fuch exigent is awarded, at the day in the 
fame exigent comprifed, there to anfwer to the plaintiff in the 
feme according to the Jaw, 

n. And that every fuch writ of proclamation (hall have the Theproclt- 
feme day of return, -as the writ of exigent upon fuch foreign mation (hall 
aflion fo awarded (hall have : (2) and that every fiich writ of ^ If ^'Jf "^^^i 
proclamation be delivered of record to the (heriff or deputy 3*rca)jr<?^ 
of the county, into the which any fuch writ of proclamation is to 
be awarded; (3) and that the (heriff of the fame county duly 
do ex^ute tbp fame, and thereof make tryc return at the day 

K4 of 

» 3^ Anno f«w H?pnr|ci YIII. [1514* 

of the fiiioe writ appointed, upon psi^n tp forfeit fuch amercia' 
ment unto the King our foverei^ lords ?nd to his heirs, as 
by the difcxetion of &e juftices, before whom fuch exigent /hall 
be returnable^ (hall be (let. 

IIL.And that the officer, in whofe office fuch exigent is 

taken, make out the faid writ and writs of proclamadon, as 

hereafter iliall be awarded in any of the fiitd courts. 

The of!icer*s IV. And that the fame officer take no more for the qiaking; of 

fee for making any fpch writ of proclamation, and the entering of the ikme of 

bfprodama- recQR^, but only vi. d. 

iSToutlawry ^* "^^^ ^^ ^Y P^tlawnr hereafter be had or promulgcd 

avoided with- 9gainft any perfon or p^rRms, in any at^ion perfonal, in any 

cut writ of foreign county, aQd no writ of proclamation (as is aforefaid) 

^rror. awarded ai^d returned, that then every fuch outlawry to be 

utterly void and of no eSedt'ne force in the law ; and that 

all outlawries had contraiy to this ^!£t be avoided by averment^ 

without fuing of any wrip of er^or. 

Exp.*ar- GAP. V/ 

C* JO. 

7 ll. 8. f. I. Whofoevcr decayeth any town qr houfc of hiifbandry, or dprh 
^H. s.'c. aa. convert tillage into pafture, fliall forfeit to the lord of ttie fte 
I & 6 Ed. 6. j^^jf ^{jg pj.Qg^5 thereof. ' 'To endure iq Chnftmas. 

\fkc%. ' CAP. VL 

• ' An a^ for the remitting prifoners with their indictments to 
(he places where the crimes were committed. 

'HUV£ covers felons and murtherersy upon feigned and untrue 

furmifes^ have oftentimes removedas well their bodies as their 

inds^meniSy by utrit and otherwife^ before the King in his bencb^ smd 

cannot by the order of the law be remitted andfent down to thejufiices 

of gaol-delivery^ or of the peace^ ne other juftices ne commpmers^ 

to proceed upon them after the tourfe of tho common law : (a) Be 

Thejufticff of it thwefor^ ordained and ensiAed by the authority of this pre- 

b^nchmavre fc»^t parf»Wient, That thcjuftices of the King's bench for the 

mit prifonm" ^^^^ being have full authority and power, by their difcretions, 

out of that to retriand and fend down, as well the bodies of all febt^s and 

court into the murthcTers brought or removed, or that Ihall be removed or 

country to be brought Jbefore the King in his bench, as their indiamcnts, 

•^* f ' into the counties where the fame murthers or felonies have 

been committed and dope; (3) and to command all juftices 

of gaol-deliyery, juftices of peace, and all other juftices and 

commiilionersj^ and eveiy pf^ them, to proceed and determine 

upon all the aforefai^ homes and indi^ments fo removed, afiter 

the courfe of the common law, in fuch manner as the fame 

juftices of gaoUdeJivery, juftices of peace, and other com- 

niiflionws, or any of them might or ftiould have done, if the 

faid prifoners or indiAments had never been )>rought into the 

faid King's bench, - • 



1514-] Anno fexto Henrici; VIII. i^j 

««. • 

The fcvcral funis that watermen (hall take for their fare from'Alteredbyi& 
one place to another near to the city oiLondM ; and the water ^ 3 Ph. 5rMar. 
men refufing to accept the faid fares or wages limited, (hall ^* >^- 
forfeit the treble value thereof. 


^ aa concerning the making of certain woolen cloths in the 

county of Dcvqn. 

WHEREAS at thi parliamint holdcn at Weftminfter the twenty A rchcarfalof 
tb^ditsy of January, afttr the M prorogation thereof^ /«'*** ft*'"^«^ 
^be fiflbyw of the Kinf^imojt noble reign^ the commons and inhabitants touching the 
{clotbmakers and buyers of the fame) within the county ^Devonfliire, making of 
frayed and defiredy That where divers and many cloths^^caUed White ^^^^^ ^raitj 
Straits, be and have been continually made within the faid county^ in DcvoniUirc. 
to the great profit of the£ s fubje^s there ^ the which cloths were 
v^nt to be well and fufficiently madcy and to bear their breadth^ yard 
broad and half quarter raw^ and xv. yards of lengths (2) and 
that no man in times pqft bath ufed to make them^ but that the maker 
thereof bath fet his fpecial mark upon every of the faid cloths fo by 
him or them made^ whereby every man may know their own cloths 
from other menSy by reafon of their faid froeral marks y {i) fo at 
the faid parliament it wasjhewed by the inhabitants (clotbmakers and 
buyers of the fame) in the county aforefaid^ that now-a-days the faid 
cloths be not fufficiently made^ ne bear their length and breadth ac^ 
cording as tbeyjbould doy ne marked with every maris own markj 
whereof great inconvenience doth daify enfue and increafe^ to the 
impoverijbing and hurting as well of the Ein^sfubje^Sj buyers and 
fellers oftbefame^as merchants flrangers. (4) Wherefore the pre^ 
miffes confideredy it was therefore enabled by the King our fovereign 
ierdy by the affent of the lords fpiritual and temporal^ and the com^ 
mons^ in the fame parliament then affembledy and by the authority of 
the fanuj That from thefeaft tf/Tentccoft next after the making of 
the faid adl^ no perfon Jbmd make anyfuch cloths^ called White 
Straits, tofell^ without that it or they bcj when they be rawj ready to 
be teied^ of the breadth of a yard and half a quarter y and of length 
xv. yards y (5) and that no perfon make any fuch cloths^ butifhefet • 
Us fpecial mark upon every of the faid cloths fo by him or them 
maacy (6 J and that no perfon ufe no mark on his cloths^ fuch as any 
ether perfon doth or hath ufed before him^ upon pain of forfeiture 
of every of the faid cloths^ the one half thereof to be to the Kingy 
and the other half thereof to him that fo feifeth the faid cloths fo made 
or marked contrary to the form and effeh afore expreffed. (7) Jnd 
this a£t to endure unto the firfl day of thisprefent parliament, (8) 
And forafmuih as the faid a£l is thought to be very neceffary and 
fehovabley be it therefore ordained, eftablifhed, and enaded by The aforeratd 
the King our fovereign lord, and the lords fpiritual and tern- ftatute con- 
pora|, and the commons, in this prefent parliament aflcmbled, ^rn?cd. 
iafld by authority of the fame, I'hat the faid aft concerning 
' making 


138 Anno fbrto HenricI VIII. [i5i4-« 

toiaking of cloths, called fFhite Straits^ and every thing therein 

contained, ftand and be in his full ftrength, virtue, and efiedl:. 

(9) And over that, it ir ordained by the faid authority. That 

no perfen or perfons from the feaft of Saint Jolm Bc^ti/l xiext 

coming (hall make any fuch cloths, called fHnU Straits^ ne 

The length ^^ly cloths of that making of rufifet colour, called Rujet 

andbreadthofS/rtfi/j without that they and eveiyof them (being raw) be of the 

niffet ftraiti. breadth and length before rehearied, and to be marked in manner 

and form before exprefled, and fo bang raw, to wei^ xiv. 

pound by true weight at leaft, upon pain of forfeiture of every 

of the faid cloths made, and being lels in length or eUe in 

breadth, or marked contrary to the form and em<5t before re-- 

hearfed, or eMc bring of weight contrary to the forni before 

exprefled ; (10) the one half of the faid forfeiture to be to the 

Kmg, and the other half to him that fo feifeth the faid cloths 

7 Ed. 6. c 9. fo made> and being of weight contrary to the form and cffeA 

%^ El, ۥ iS. aforefaid. (11) And this aft to endure for ever, 


An aR to a^oid deceit i In making ef woolen cloths. 

^OR the deceitful draping and making of woolen cloths, 
' made and draped within this realm, and alfo for mea* 
furing in the fale of the fame, our fovereign lord the King, by 
the advice of the lords fpiritual and temporal, and of the com* 
mons, in this prefent parliament aflembled, and by the au> 
thority of the lame, hath ordained, eftablifhed, and enaAed 
divers ordinances and flatutes for the true making and draping 
of fuch woolen cloths, and for mcafuring in fale the true con- 
^«^iphtof tent of the fame in manner and form following: (2) Firfl, 
Sto breir That the wool which fhall be delivered for or by the clothier 
kemb, caidl ^ *"7 perfon or perfOns for breaking, kembing, carding. Or 
oripin. fpinnmg of the fame, the delivery thereof therdFore fhall be 

by even, jufl, and true poife ?nd weieht oi Hayerdepoisy fealed by 
authority, not exceeding in weight aror the rate of twelve pounds 
feimed wool, above one quarter of a pound for the waflc of tho 
The weieht of fame wool, and in none other manner. (3) And that the 
ytfo^ and yam breaker or kerober to deliver again to the fame clothier the fame 
thedoSiicr ^ wool fo broken and kembed, and the carder and fpinner to de- 
liver again to the faid clothier yarn of the fame wool, by the 
fame even, juft, and trup poife and weight (the wafle thereof 
excepted) without any part thereof concealing, or any more 
oil, water, or other thing put thereunto deceivably, (4) upon 
the pain to forfeit to the lord of the leet within the precind 
whereof fuch default is done, for every fuch default icij d, upon 
due proof of fuch deceit afore, and by the difcretion of the 
mayor, bailiff, or other head officer or the city, boroijgh, or 
town where the deceit fhall appear, the fame mayor, bailiff, 
or head officer calling to him fuch perfons as fhaJI Icem to him 
convenient for the proof of fuch deceit. 
AveavcritiaU IT. Item, That the weaver, which fhall have the weaving 
put all the of any woolen yam tq b^ wet)bcd into cloth, IhJll weave, work, 
yarn i»to the / / ^ ^ > and 

1 5 14.] Anno fcxto Henrici VIII. 1 39 

and put into the web for doth to be made thereof, as much ^cb, or rc- 

and all the fame yarn, as the clothier, or any perfon for hhn ^^^^ "• 

fhall deliver to the fame weaver, with his ufed mark put to 

the fame, without changing, or any parcel thereof leaving 

out of the fanv web, or that to reftore to the fame clothier the 

furplus of the fame yarn, if any (hall be left not put into the 

fame web, and without any more oil, breene^ moifture, duft, 

fand, or other thing deceivably putting or cafting to the fame 

web, upon pain to forfeit for every default three (hillings and 


III. Item^ That no manner pcr(bn buy any coldured wool. Coloured wool 
or coloured woolen yarn, of any carder, fpinner, or weaver, to be bought 
but only in open market upon pain of forfeiture of fuch wool j^" °^L"*^' 
and yam fo bought. 

IV. Item, That the walker and fuller (hall truly walk,- full, '"jf.^^J'^r 
thick, and work every web of woolen yam which he (hall have ^uty." ^^* 
to walk, full, thick, or work, without any flocks, or any 

other manner deceit to be ufed on the fame, and Ihall not row 
nor work any cloth or web with any cards, on the right fide 
nor on the wrong (ide, upon pain to foifeit for every fuch default 
fix (hillings eight pence. 

V. Item, Th^t the clothier, nor other perfon whatfoever. Shrinking of 
fhall not put any cloth to fale, which when it (hall be full wet ci<^* 

fliall (brink more than one yard in all the length, and one quarter ^iSve tbcvalue 
of a yard In the breadth, for the more part thereof; (2) and of 40f.&c. 
cloths called Narrows or Straits after the me, upon pain to (hall not be for- 
forfeit for every cloth othcrwife put to fale vj.s, viij, d. and fcitcd.u&is 
befide that, to dedudt of his price for the faftie, to be rebated ^ 8.c-«i«(^5- 
to the buyer thereof, as much after the fate as the fame cloth 
fo otherwife put to fale, being full wet, (h^ be (hrunk more 
than one yard of that it was in length at the time of the fame 
£de, and as it (hall (being wet) want of the breadth of one yard 
and three quarters of a 'yard. 

VI. Item, That the buyer of woolen cloths, denizen or No (training 
alien, after the buying thereof, (hall not draw, norcaufe to of cloth by 
be drawn in length, nor ftrain, nor do to be (brained in breadth ^^^^^ 
the (ame cloths, or any of them, by tcntour or wrinch, or by -5,"Ed!6.c.6. 
any other mean, ypon pain of forfeiture for every of the lam^ 3^ El. c. ao.' 
cloths fo to be drawn or (Ironed C. s. 

VII. Provided alway. That if fuch buyer of woolen cloths, 
for proof caufe the fame to be wet, he may draw and (brain 
them for evening of tbam only, fo that he exceed not one 
yard in length more than it (hall be when it (hall be full wet. 

VIII. Item, That no manner perfon work, or put upon no flocks (hall 
any woolen cloths, any flocks, or other deceivable things upon beputinclotb. 
pain to forfeit for any doth fo wrought deceivably with flocks, 

or other deceivable thing xxs. 

IX. Item, That no manner perfon, buy or fell any woolen Themcaftre 
cloths by other meafure, more or lefs, than after the true con- ^^^ j^a^ulmch. 

' tent thereof to be mcten and meafured by the yard, adding to ^i|^d!6.c!a. 
every yard one inch of the rule, upon pain to forfeit for every 


J40 A^no fcxto Henrici VIII. [^514. 

cloth to the contrary meafured, C. s. (2) the onemcHety of ali 
the faid forfeitures to be to our fovereign lord the King ; and to 
every perfon which {hall fue by writ, bilU or other plaint of 
debt in that behalf againft the perfon doing to the contrary of 
any of the faid ordinances, the other moiety ; and that the de- 
fendant in any plea, upon any fuch adion, be not admitted to 
wage his law, nor any protedton nor eilbinfor any fuch defen- 
dant be allowed in the fame. 
Ccrttim clotfis X. Provided alway. That this aft extend not to woolen cloths 
^etdontMt^ called Kifidak, nor cloths called Carpenal-whiusy commonly made 
extend* for lining for hofen, nor to any cloths called ToflokeSy made in 

the county oi Devon^ (2) nor to any woolen cloths made in the 
county oiCornwally nor for any cottons or plain lining, or friefe 
made or to be made in JValeSy Lancajhire^ and Chejbire^ or any of 
them. , 

C A P. X. 

jIn aSlfor commiffion of fewer s. 

Commiflions 'fXT'HERE in the parliament of the right nMe Prince Henry tbf 

of fewers may V V Sixths late Atng of En^and, hoiden at Weftminfter, the 

^ jmntcd ^^Jirjl year of his reign^ one goodjtatute was made and ordained^ That 

ftatuttt ^° ^ ^ f^^ ^^ y^^^ ^^^^ nextfoUowingy feveralcommiffions ofJewersjbotMbe 

6 li. 6. ex 5. inade to divers perfonsy by the chamellor of England/^ the time being 

&4.IL7. C.I, to hi namedy in aivers parties of this reabn^ where need were^ after 

the form and tenor of a commijfton in the faid a& fpecified ; wirico a& 

andpther a^sfor the authority of fuch commiJ/ionerSy and executions of 

the famcybavefince been made ana ordained andcontinuedy as been more 

plainly rehear fed in the parliament hoiden in the fourth year §ftbe 

reign of King Htnrylate King tf/ England, the Sjeventh; and in the 

fame parliament the faid fourth year it was (among other) ena&edand 

eftabliftHd^ That for fifteenyears thenfolbwingy feveral commffiens of 

jfwers Jbpuld be made tg diners perjon^y by the chancellor of £ngland 

for the time being to be namedy in all parties of this reabUy and uf the 

marches of Calais; Guines, and Hammes, where need fim bey 

made according to the faid (ommffim contained in the faid fixth year of 

King Henry the Sixth \ 4nd that all fuch comnuffioners Jbould bavefidl 

power y to makcy ordainy ^md execute ordinanceSy and all other things 

do according to the purport of the fame commiffion^ which fifteen years 

comprifed in thejMd aSl afirejaidy been now determined^ pleafeth 

it therefore the King our fovereign Ion), with the ailent of the 

lord^ fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent 

parliament aifembled, and by authority of (he fame, to ordain, 

c(labli(h, and enad, That the faid adls, and all other a6U, and 

authorities heretofore made concerning commiflioners offewers, 

and their commiflions ai^d authority, not being before this time 

repealed, abide, and ftand from henceforth go^ and effedual to 

endure for ever: and alfo that the chancellor of £iy^iW for the 

^ime being, (hall have from henceforth full power and authority 

for ever, to grant commiflioners of fewers into every part of 

this realm, and the faid marches, where need is or ihall be, to 

f crtain pcrfous by the faid chapceljor for the time being to b« 

1 5 14.] Anno fexto Henrici VIII. , 1 41 

named, according to the form and effe<fl pf the (aid commllTion 
and zA expreiTod in the faid parliament holden the faid iixth 
year of the reign of I^inz Henry the Sixth: and over that be it 
ordained, ena<5led, and eftabliflied by the faid authority. That 
all fuch commifTioners have, and (hall have full power and au> 
thority to put their commiffion in due execution, and to make 
and execute ftatutes and ordinances, and all other things to do 
after the efre<ft and purport of their commiflion; and that all 
commiflions of fewers granted or made fince the (aid twenty 
years determined, and the a<fls, ordinances, and all executions, 
and other things by the commi(rioners of the fame, concerning 
the faid commi(rions, or any two of the fame commifliohers, 
and every thing in the fame comprifed, be and (hall be, effeftual 
and of like ftrength, as if the (aid commiflion had been made 
or granted within the faid five and twenty years, immediately 
after the faid parliament holden the faid fourth year of the reign 
of King Hewy the Seventh. ' 

II. And a!fo be it enaded by the faid authority. That the 
chancellor of England for the time being, (hall make no com- 
miflion to any perfon or perfons for the execution of this aft, 
except he have lands and tenements of eftate of freehold, to the 
yearly value of twenty pounds at the leaft, or elfe be juftice of 
^mrum learned, within any of the (hires where he (hall be made 

III. And if any fuch commiflTion be direded to any perfon or -- . ^ ^ 
perfons, not having lands and tenements to the yearly value of ^^ ^ reviwd' 
twenty pounds, or not being one of the juftices of ^iorufh learn- by a j H, S. 
ed as subrefaid. That every fuch commiflion, and all prefent- c.5, 
ments and accufations, had and prefented before any fuch com- 
miflioners, and alfo all and every fines fet by the (aid commif- 

fioner or commiilioners, to be utterly void and of none eflfeft. 
This aft to endure but for ten years, and from the end of die 
fame ten years, unto the next parliament. 

The ftatute of 1 ^. ?. r. 1 1. touching bringing in of bow-ftaves, 
(hall be extended to ftrangers only, and jiot to the King's 
fubjefts. 'To endure to the next parliament. 

CAP. xn. 

None Ihall carry beyond the fea any Norfolk wool meet for the 
making of worfteds or ftamins, upon pain of forfeiture of forty 
(hillings for every ilone. To endure to the next parliament. 

Whofocver (hall (hoot in, or keep in his hou(c, any hand-gun, 
or crots^bow, without the King's licence, {hall forfeit the 
fame, and ten pounds for every (hoot, unlefs h6 hath tp the 
yearly value of thrice hundred marks. All former (tatutes 14. H. S. c.7. 
touchiQg (hooting in crofs-bows and band-guns repealed, by *5 ^ ^« ^*^7^ 
33 H. 8. C.6. 


142 Anno fexto Henkigi VIIL [1514- 


The ftatute of 12 Ed. 4. r.3. for the payment of tonnage and 

poundage (hall ftand good during the King's life. 

C A P. XV. 

An aa adnulling fecond letters patents during the King* s plea- 
fur e^ making no mention ofthefirft letters patents. 

THE Kinfs Highnefs of his gooinefs calling to his remembrance^ 
that when his Grace hath granted to divers ofhisfervants (far 
their, fervice to bis Grace done) landsy tenements^ fees^ offices^ and 
iLcon. 5«i. other things^ to have to them during his pleafure y {^) and after other 
3 Leon, a^i, porfons^ by their fundry fuitSj hai/e obtained of his Highnefs other 
*^' letters patents of the fame^ not advertififig his Grace if bis for- 

mer grants J whereby the faid former patentees have been avoided^ 
and put from the advantage of their faid former grants and pa-- 
tentSy contrary to the intent and grant of our faid f over agnUrd: 
Second letters /3) Wherefore be it ordaiqed, eilabliihed, and enaded by our 
P**^?^» (aid fover^i|n lord, the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the 

TOcntkm"of Commons, m this prefent parliament aflcmbled, and by autho- 
the firft, ad- rity of the fame. That if any perfon or pcrfons from henceforth 
nulled. do make fuit to the King's Highnefs for any lands, tenements, 

Whftt (hall be offices^ or any other tilings fo by his Grace gn^ited, or hereaf- 
^*'P^(lc<lj«^ ter to be granted to any perfon or perfons during his pleafure, 
Icttew pftents *^ ^^^ ^^ patentee Ifccn being in life, that he do exprefs in his 
of lands, of- ^^ ^^ of petition Qfc patent the tenor of the faid former patent, 
fices, &r. be- and that the King then hath determined his pleafure againft the 
fore grantedto fold firft patentee; (4) or elCs the fecond letters patents of any 
feme other, gf (h^ premifles to any perfon hereafter to be granted, to be void 
and of none effeft. 

11. This adt to commence and take effect from the fourth day 
of April next coming, and not before. 


An a£l that no knights of Jbires nor burgeffes depart before 
the end of the parliament. 

FORASMUCH as commonly in the end of every parUament di- 
vers and many great and weighty matters^ as well touching the 
pleafure^ weal^ and furety of our fovereign lord the Kingy as the 
common weal of his this realm andfubje^s^are to be treatedycommumd 
of and by authority of parliament to be concluded ; {2) f(f it iSy that 
divers knights ofjhiresy citizms for cities y burgeffes feir horoughsy and 
harms of the cinque portSy long time before the end of the faid parlia- 
menty of their own authorities y depart, and go home into their coun- 
triesy whereby the faid great and' weighty matters are many times 

Seatly delayed: (3) In confidcration whereof be it ena^ed by 
e King our fovereign lord, the lords fpiritual and temporal, 
and the commons, in this prefcnt parliament aflcmbled, and by 
I^«J^^»wr authority of the fame. That from henceforth none of the faid 
oftEeparlh- '^^g^^^j citizens, burgeflcs, and barons, nor any of them that 
me&t may not hereafter fliall be eleded to come o^ be in any parliament, do 


xsis^l Anno feptimo Henrici VIIL 143 

not depart from the faid parliament, nor abfent himfelf from the depart belbr 
iame, till the faid parliament be fully finifhed, ended, or pro- ^««ndthcrc- 
rogued, except he or they fo departing have licence of the 
ipcaker and commons in the faid parliament aflembled, and the 
iame licence be entered of record in the book of the clerk of the 
parliament, appointed or to be appointed for the commons 
houfe, upon pain to every of them fo departing or ab- 
senting themfelves in any other manner, to lofe all thofe fums 
of money which he or they (hould or ought to have had for his 
or their wages; (4) and that all the counties, cities, and 
boroughs whereof any fuch perfon (hall be eledted, and the in* 
habitants of the fame, (hall be clearly difcharged of all the faid 
"Vfzges againft t^e faid perfon and perfons, and their executors 
for evermore. 

The river of Canterbury (hall be deepncd and enhanced, (b that p r. 
lighters, &c, may pafs upon it. 

The under-(hcrifF, and all other officers of (heriffs, may con- ^^ 
tinue and occupy their oflSces within the county of the town 
of Brijiol^ from year to jrear, in fuch fort as the like do in 
London^ without any forfeiture, ootwithftanding the ftatutes 
of 42 Ed. 3* ^.9. ^ 23//. 6. a8. 

Statutes made at Wejhninfter^ jinno 7 Hen. VIII. 
^xAAnribDom. 151 5. 

THE Khtgmtrfiviriign brd Henry the Eighth after the cmpujl^ 
by the Grace of G^ KingofEBghBdyOndofFrzhcc^ and 
brd ef Ireland, at bis parliament holden at Weftminfter the 
twelfth dof ^November, in the feventh year of his mejl noble reign^ 
to the honour ofGod^ and of holy churchy ana for the common weal 
and projlt of this his realm, by the ajfent of the lords fpirittud and 
temporal^ and commons^ in this prefent parliament aJfemUedy and by 
authority of the fame ^ bath dene to be ordained^ made^ andenaSedy 
eertainfiatutes and ordinances^ in manner and form ftdkwmg^ 

If any perfon (hall decay a town, a hamlet, orhoufeof huf-MR«8-c.i3. 
bandi^, or convert tillage into paifaire, the immediate lord 5^11*- ^*- 
of the fee (hall have the moiety of the offender's land, until ^\ ^Ic.' iT*' 
the offence be reformed. . csS. 

A repeal of all licences granted contrary to the ftatute of4 H. 7. ' *^''^' to bring into this realm G^^for wines, ovThouloufi 
woad, but in EngliJhOxif^. 


144 Anno xiv; & xv. Henrici VUL [i52«-J. 

R p, . CAP. III. 

Bro.aKionpo- ^"1^*^^ what time all adtions, fuits, bills, ihdidVmcnts, or in-, 
pular, 6, formations popular (hall be fued, cither for the King, or for 

Savil, 6. the party. 

An ali concerning avowries for rents and fervices. 

How rent* TT7HEREAS divers as xvell ncblehun as other the King^s fubjeSfTy 
and fci^iccs y V have fuffered recoveries againft them of divers their manorsy 
Tcred by"^" lordjhipsy lands ^ and tenementSy for the performance of their wills ^ 
avowry. or for the furety of their wives jointures ^ or for thejnnture of their 

fons and heirs apparent ^ and their wives, or of any other per/an or 
perfons, according to their covenants and agreements , (2) emd thofe 
^ perfons that fo have recovered the faid manors by thecourfe of the 
common law, had no remedy y nor may have, to compel the fer mors ^ 
freiholdersy and tenants j which held of the fame manors by rentSy 
ferviceSy or cuJloniSy to atturn to them\ (3) nor could by the order 
of the law attain to the faid rents yfervices, or cujloms (if they were 
denied) by dijirefs or affion, without they could once attain to the 
poffejjion of the fame rents, fervices, and cu/loms, by paying or ehing 
thejaid rents, fervices, or cuftoms, by the fame freeholders, femmrs, 
Recoverers and tenants ; (4) which to do, divers and many bfthem have 9fteH^ 
havenoreme- times refufed, and yet do, to the great offence and charge of their 
dy by the confcience, not only to the dijhtritance of the faid recoverers, but alfo 
to'recovcr '" hreaiing of the lajl wills of them againft whomfuch recovery is bad, 
their rents or ^^d alfr to the dijheritanci of the faid hufband and wife, or otber^ t» 
prefentations. whofe ufe the fame recovery was fo had. (5) Alfo if there were any 
vt^^^M f odvowfon appendant to arty of the faid manors, ihefanu advowfon had 

VaS^aa \l8^ •Z^'*'^ ^^'^» ^^d a Jlrang^r had prefented, the faid recoverers ^ nor 
** ' " they to whofe ufe the fame recoveries were had, had no remedy for the 
fame difturbance, and fometime thereby they have been difinherited, 
Therecoverer II. Be it therefore enadled by this prefent padiament, and by 
may diftrain aHtliority of the fiime, That the recoverers in all filch recoveries^ 
and^rvicT^* f ^^^^^ ^^^^^ *"^ affigns, may from henceforth diftrain for the 
the tenant ^ forefeid rents, fervices, and cuftoms, fo being due and unpaid, 
termor, ^^. sind make avowry, or juftifythefame, as thofe perfons, againft 
and (ball bavea whoctr the faid recovery is, ihould have done if the faid recove- 
i^Kflw iw^edit. ^ y^^^ ^^^ y^^^ j^^j . ^^^ ^nd alfo hav€ like remedy for the re- 
covering of the faid rents, fervices, and cuftoms oy avowry;. 
(3) and alfo a ^uare impedit for the faid advowfon, if any dif- 
turbance be made : as thofe perfons, againft whom the faid re- 
coveries were had^ might or ftiould luve hJid by the courfe of 
the common law afore the faid recovery, if any fuch rents, fer- 
vices, or cuftoms had been denied them, or any fuch difturb- 
ance had been had in their times. 
The avowant III. And alfo that every avowant, and every other^perfon or 
ih ^(^/^^^^ perfons that make avowry, .COnifance* or knowledge, or juftify, 
his d*a*magc» *^ ^^^'V ^° ^'^Y <5thef perfon or perfons in any Repkgiari, or fe- 
and cofts of cond deliverance for any rent, cuftom, or fervice, if their avow- 
^"*V fy* co'^if^^^c, or juftification be found for them, or the plaintiiFs 

a Cio. 5Z0. ip x!tit faid actions otherwife barred, ftiall recover their damages 


1 5^2-^3.] Anno xiv. & xr. Henrici VIII. 145 

and cofts that they have fuftained, as the plaintifF (hould have t9H. 
done, if they had recovered in the faid replevins. Bro. damages* 

' ' * . 8. s Roil, 140* 

CAP. V. 41H.8.C.19. 

Certain labourers working in London may take Tuchwages asRep. 5£l.c.4. 
they did take before the ftatute of 6 tf. 8. ^.3. 

A repeal of the ftatute made Jnno 6 U.S. c.i. and of all other Rep- S4H. U 
ibitutes made for apparel before it. What kind of apparel ^-'3- &» ]*«•«• 
temporal men of all degrees and eftates are allowed, and what ^*^* 
prohibited, to w^iar, and Upon what penalties, and who .(hall 
have the forfeiture, and by what means they (hall be re* 

Statutesmade at Weftminjier^jinno 14 and 15 Hen. 
VIII. and uinno Dom. 1 522-3. 

THE King our fovertign lordHtarytbe Eighth afitr the conqutjii 
by the Grace of God King of England, and of France, and 
lord of Ireland, at his parlianunt holden at London tbefifietntb 
day of April, in the fourteenth year of his moft noble reign^ and 
from thence a^ourned to Weftminfter the ktfl dayof July^ the fif- 
teenth year of his faid reign j and there holden^ to the honour of God 
and holy churchy and for the weal and profit of this his reabuy by the 
affent of the lords fpiritnal and temporal^ and the commons^ in this 
prefent parliament ajhnbled^ and by authority of the fame^ bath done 
to be ordained^ made and enaSed^ tertainflatutes and ordinances^ in 
manner and form following. 

CAP. I. " 

No perfon (hall fell to a merchant ftranger any broad white 
woolen cloth made in England^ unlefs he cannot fell it to 
fonie Englifi merchant within eight days after he brought it to 
BlaciweU'haUy except the £ile be in fairs, ports, or creek9« 
To endure to the kft day of the next parliament* 

What apprentices ftrange artificers fballtake^ &e. 

BE it enaded by the King our fovereign lord, and the lords Noftranger 
fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent Aiall take an 
parliament aflembled, and by authority of the fame. That no ^PP^^^c^. 
manner of ftranger, born, out of the King's obeifance, be he ^^ ^^t^^ 
denizen or not denizen, ufing any manner of handicraft within der the King's 
this realm, ihall take from hencefonh any apprentice, except obeifance. 
the lame apprentice be born under the King's obeifance, (a) up- Made perpe- 
on pain to forfeit for every apprentice that he (hall take contrary ^"*' ^ aiH.s, 
to this adt, x. li. the one half thereof to be to our fovereign lord eip^ja-^Jd by 
the King, the other half to him or them that ihall fue for it, si h.8.c«i3. 
be it by action of debt, bill, plaint, information, or otherwife; 
) in which fuit the defendant (hall not be admitted to wage 
; law, ne any eflbin, licence, or prote^on to be allowed. 
V0L.IV. L II. Bf 



Np alien fhall 
keep above 
two journey- 
inen> except 
thev be born 
under the 
King's obei- 
5 £i. Cf. 

All ftrangers 
dwelling with- 
in two miles 
of London, 
'fliall be under 
the reformati- 
on of the war- 
dens of handi- 
crafts within 
the city. 

The wardens^ 
a proper mark 
ibr ftrangers 


of ftrangers 
wares and 

Smiths, Join- 
ers, cooperst 
which beftran- 
mark their 

Anno xiv. & xv^. Henrici VTII; [i 5aa«3. 

II. Be it alfo enabled bv the authority afbrefaUl^ and under 
like pain to be forfeited and recovered as i$ afbreGud, That no 
ftranger, being alien bom, and ufing any manner of handicraft 
within this realm, from the Feaft of All Saints next cnfuing, 
(hall in any manner of wife, ufe, take, retain, or keep in his or 
their fervices, any manner of journeyman or oovenant-fervant, 
above the number of two at one time, except the fame journey- 
man or covenant fervant be bom under the King's obeifance. 

III. And over this, be it enafted bv authority aforeGud, That 
all manner of perfons, being aliens Dom, ufmg any manner of 
handicraft, be they denizens or not denizens, and inhabiting 
within the city of London^ or fuburbs of the fiime, within the 
town of Wifimnfltr^ the pari(h of St. Martinis in tbejUlds^ the 
pari(h of Our Lady cf theftrand^ St. Clenunt of Danes widiout 
Tempk'bar^ St. Giles in the fields^ St. Andrew^s in HoWoum^ the 
town and borough oiSouthwarky Shoreditchy ffTfite^Owpel pmih^ 
St. J^hn-fireeU the pariih of Clerkenwellj St. Boulpks parifh 
without Aldgate^ St. Katharine' s^ Bermonfey-flreety or within two 
miles compafs of the faid city o( London or the parifhes aforeiaid, 
fhall be under the fearch and reformation or the wardens and 
fellowfhips of handicrafts wi^in the faid city of Londm^ with 
one fubffamtial flranger, being an houfholder of the fiune craft, 
by the fame wardens to be chofen, that is to fay, every fuch 
ftranger occupying any myftery or handicraft, as is aforaaid, 
fhall be under the fearch and reformation of die wardens, and 
one fubfbntial ftranger, being an houfholder, of that craft that 
they fhall fb occupy. 

IV. And that the wardens of the faid city of every fuch handi- 
craft, with one ftranger or houfholder (as is aforefiid) of the 
fame craft, have full power and authority, by this prefent aft, to 
limit and appoint to every ftranger of^the mvft«^ and handi- 
craft that they be of, inhabiting within the faid city, fuburbs, 
|daces, or prednd above remembered, a proper mane, without 
taking any thing therefore, by the which their wares, veffcls, 
and workqnanfhips that they make may be known. 

V. And that the wardens' of every fuch handicraft and myf- 
tery aforefaid, calling to them one ftranger of the myflery and 
occupation that they be of, being an houfholder, fhall have full 
power and authority to fearch, view, and reform, as well with- 
m the faid city of London^ as in all other places and limits befort 
faid, all manner of wares of workmanfhips made by any man- 
ner of Aichhandicraftmen, being aliens born, as is aforefaid. 

VI. And that no ftranger bom out of the King's obeifance, 
ufing any of the myfterics or occupations of finiths, joiners, or 
coopers, (hall make any manner of wares or veflHs concerning 
the fame myfieries or occupations, except that they and every 
of them put fuch marks to every of the fame wares and vcflds, 
before they fhall be put to falc or ufc, as the wardens gS their 
occupations, crafts, or myfteries fhall limit and appoint, without 
taking any thing therctbre, (2) upon pain of forfeiture of the 
double value of the fame wares and vefibls ; the one half of 


i52a-3-] Annoxir. & xv. Henrici VIII. 147 

which forfeiture to be to the King; ourfovereign lord,, the other 
half to the party that firft will fue for the fame by adtion of debt, 
bill, plaint, or information, in which the defendant (hall not 
wage his law, nor any eflbin (hall be caft, or proteSion allowed. 

VII. And further, it Is enadted by the authority aforefaid. The forfeiture 
That if upon any fuch fearch or view to be made by the wardens of wares de-. 
and one ftranger of any craft or myftery beforefaic^ after the ceitfully made 
form of this eftatute, in veflels or wares to be found in the pof- ^ ^ '*"* 
feifion of the workers or owners thereof, putting the lame vef- 

fcls orwares to workmanlhip of any ftranger falfly and deceitful- 
ly made, to the hurt of the King's liege people, and fo adjudg- 
ed by the faid wardens and one ftranger, that then fuch work- 
er or owner, in whofe pofleffion the fame falfe and deceitful 
wares (hall be found,ftiaIl forfeit the fame wares; (2) theone half 
thereof to the King pur fovereign lord, and the other half 
thereof to the firft finder thereof fuing for the fame in any of the 
King's courts by action of detinue, in which adtion the defen- 
dant nor defendants (hall not be admitted to wage their law, nor 
protection ne e({bin be to them herein allowable. 

VIII. Be it alfo enafted by the authority afore(aid. That all WtrdcDS,bai- 
wardens aftd matters of fellow(hips of all and every fuch handi- lJff9»^^» ^ 
crafts within any fuch cfty, borough, or town corporate within ^^^ay^^*^ 
this realm, where any fuch wardens happen to be, and in fuch fearch and re« 
boroughs and towns corporate where no wardens of handicrafts fiBrinftraiifenii 
are, the bailiffs, or the governor or governors of the fame bo- 
roughs or towns fo lacking wardens, (hall have like power and 
authority with the bailifT or bailiffs of the liberties with them, 

where any fuch liberty (hall be, being content fo to do, to view, 
fearch, and reform (mingers bom out of the King's obeifahce^ 
inhabiting and u(ing within any fuch city, borough, or town 
corporate, any manner of hanaicraft, in as laree and ample 
manner, as toe faid wardens and fellowfhips of the faid city of 
London may do, by virtue of this prefent aA; (2) and that sdl 
ftnuig^ u(ing any of the faid handicrafts in any of the £iid ci- 
ties, boroughs, or towns corporate, be bounden to do and obey 
in everything, according to the tenor of this prefent a£t, upon 
like pains and forfeitures as is above remembered, to be had and 
recovered in form above rehearfed. 

IX. Provided alway. That if the wardens of any fellow(hip Remedy for 
or myftery beforcfaid, bailiffs, governor or governors beforefaid, ^™P"JJ^ 
wron^lly wDl intreat any ibinger in executing of this a<ft, or ^^^"0$^, kcT 
any ming therein contained, that then the ftranger fo grieved 

may, by authority of this ad, by bill or information, complain 
to the lord chancellor and treaftirer of England^ or the juftices of 
a(&fe in the county for the time being, which, by their exami- 
nations, (hall have full power and authority to hear and deter- 
mine the fame complaint, and to award to the party complain- 
ant fuch amends, as by their difcretion (hall be thought rea^ 

X. Provided alfo. That it (hall be lawful for.and to every 
the faid ftrangers bom out of the Ki<>g's obeifance, being a 

L 2 houf- 

X48 Anno xiv. & xy. Henrici VIII. [i 522-3. 

houfholder, to have and retain as well all and every fuch ftran- 
gcrs bom out of the King's obeifance, being the time of this 
parliament with him retained as a journeyman, as to have and 
' retain every fuch ftranger being born out ot the King's obeifance, 
being apprentice with him the time of this parliament, this a^ 
notwithftanding. (2) This to endure to the laft day of the 
next parliament. 
S& XL Provided alfo. That this aft extend not to the in- 

Oxftn-dfcum-^ habitants, Grangers that now be, or hereafter (hall be, in the 
bndgty St. univerfities of Oxford or Cambridgij or within the (andtuary of 
MartiH^j, St. Martin's U Grandy within thefaid city of London. 
The wardens XII. Provided always. That if the laid wardens of the faid 
"^arktfe^^ city of 2>«^«, with a ftranger, or governor or governors of any 
JUJJ^^ * city or borough corporate within this realm, refufe to mark the 
wares of any ftranger, after that they be required fo to mark; 
that then it (hall be lawful to the fame ftranger or ftrangers, to 
whom fuch refiifal (hall be fo made, to fell and put to falehis 
faid wares fo required to be marked, and refufed, this z& not- 
Tf^f t*^^ XIII. Provided alfo, That this a(ft extend not to any othw 
doth not «t- handicrafts, than to the crafts of joyners, pouchmakers, coop- 
tend. crs, and blackfmiths, for or concerning the fore(aid articles of 

markingof wai-esof the faid (farangers. 
Who may re. xiV. Alfo that it fliall be lawful to any lorf of the parlia- 
a^R8!'c.i6. ™cnt, and every Other of the King's fubjedts, having lands and 
%% H. 8. C.I 3*. tenements to ttie yearly value of one hundred pounds, to take 
3a H. s. cx6. and retain ftrangers, joyners, and glafiers, in their fervice, 
from time to time, to and for the exercifmg with them their 
crafts, this adl notwithftanding. 

CAP. m. 

touching worfted'Weavers of Yarmouth and Lynn. 
Confirmed TJECAUSE // is difcrettly conjidered in this prefent parlioTttent^ 
t6Hen.8.c.i6. Jj ff^at the true making and drawing of worfteds^fayes^ andjlamins^ 
is one of the moji profitable occupations of this realnty and that the fame 
toorfteaSyfayfiSy andftamins^ truly and fubftantialfy made and wrought ^ 
been right acceptable^ and commodious merchandifesy as well in this 
realm j^ England, as in other foreign regions ana countries \ {%)for 
ejiahlijbment and good order whereof divers good and laudablejlatutesy 
a5lSy andordinances heretofore have been made and enaSIed-, andname- 
fyy in a parliament holden at Weftminfter the third day of Juncy 
in thefeventhyearofthe reign ofthelate King of famous memoryy Ed- 
2 Ed. 4. c.i. v^ard the Fourth', {A)fithen which parliament the making of the faid 
worJiedsyfayeSy anaJfaminSy hath much increafed and been multiplied 
in the city ^Norwich, and in divers towns andplaces in the county of 
Norfolk; (4) and becaufe the towns of GrtsX Yarmouth, tf«iLynn, 
in the faid countyy been towns corporatedy and the inhabitants of the 
fame towns now daily pradife and ufe the making and draping of the 
faid cloths of worjiedsy fayeSy and JlaminSy more bufily and 
diligently than they have done in times pafty to whom it is pain- 
ful and cofthf to tranfport and convey their faid cloths to the 


1 5^1-^.1 Anno xiv. & xv. Hbnrici VIII. 149 

Jind city ^Norwich, or to places within the faid county ^Nor- 
folk which ban far diftant from either of the (aid towns, to be 
Jearcbed and feokd by the wardens of the womed-weovers of the 
Jatneaty of ^orm^^or county^according to the faid aR of parliament 
Ttuidi the faid feventh year of King Edward the Fourth: (5) It 
is therefore oniained, eftabliflied, and enadled by the King our 
lovereign lord, and by the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the 
commons, in this prefent parliament aflembled, and by authoT 
rity of the fame. That the craftfmen called worftcd- weavers in- Elcaion of a 
habited in the iaid town of Great Tarmouthy ihall have power warden of 
and authority by this prcfcnt a<ft, from henceforth to .eleft, and ^orfted- 
and choofe yearly for ever, in the Monday next after the Feaft of 2J*J|5^^)2wrfi 
Pentecojiy one honeft man of the fame myllery and occupation, in jV«f/otf. 
being an houfholder within the faid town of Great Tarmouthy 
and having of his proper ^oods and chattels to the value of 
ten pounds at the leaft, or lands and tenements to his own ufa 
of eftate of freehold, at leaft to the clear yearly value of xx.s. to 
be warden of the fame craft and myftery for the year next 
^i^^g) (6) which man fo eleded ana chofen, (hall perfonally 
appear before the mayor of the faid city oi Norwich for the time 
bein^, the Monday next after the Feaft of Corpus Chrijii then next 
enfuing, then and there to be fwom and charged by like oath, 
concerning the true and fubftantial making of the faid cloths 
<within the faid town of Great Tarmouthy as the four wardens of 
the iaid city of Ncrwichy by virtue of the faid aft of parliament 
made in the faid feventh year of King Edward the Fourth, been 
charged and fworn for the fame city of Norwich i (7) and if the Th^ warden 
faid mayor happen to be abfent the faid Monday after Corpus ofTarmoutb's 
Cbrijiiy or elfe then refufeth to receive or take the faid oaths oath. 
then the faid warden fo eleft, within four days next after the 
fame Mondayy fhall come before the bailiffs of the faid town qf 
Great Yarmouth for the time being, or before onp of them, th^ 
other being abfent, and then and there receive a corporal oath 
for thetrueexercifingofthe fame office of wardcnftiip, after the 
tenor of the oath accuftomably ufed to be given to the faid war^ 
dens of the Cud city of Norwich, 

II. And that the faid warden of tl^e faid tpwn qf G^fot Xofr The warden of 
mouth for the time being, fo eledled and fwqrn, majr ordain and '^^jrmoutb's au- 
appoint a feal with this letter Y. to be crjgraved in the fame ^®"^- 
feal, and mav have full power and authority to view, fearch, 
feife, and feal in lead with the fame fale fo tobeaopointed and 
engraven, and none other, all worfteds, fayes, and ftamins with- 
in the faid town of Tarmouthy and fubyrbs of the fame, made, gr 
to be made, and not elffiwhefe^ in as larg^ and ample manner 
as the faid wardens of the faid city of Nonvifhy and wardens of 
the £iid county of Norfolk^ or any of them> hath or have within 
the faid city or county, or in any.vvifemay do in that behalf, by 
authority or virtue or the before remembered adt, made in the 
faid feventh year erf King Edward the Fourth, any thing in the 
fame adt contained to the contrary notwithftanding. 
m. And that no perfon inhabiting within the (aid town of Every pijrfi^i 

L 3 Great 

bit fevend 

war4eo of 
weavers in 
Lynn in Nor* 

150 Anno Xiv, & xv. HenriO VIIL t5ii2-3.'\ 

fliall mark hit Great Tarmmh^ OX fuburbs thereof, wcai^c any worfteds, dyes, 
f **cs^*c with ^^ ft^n^ins within the fame town, except he be an EngUfiman 
ayes, c.w Yiorn^ and have been apprentice to the fold occupation, and 
without he weave therein fuch proper mark as (hall be limited 
and appointed by thr faid warden of the faid town for the time 
being, eled, and fwom as is aforefaid, upon pain of forfeiture 
thereof to the King our fovereign lord ; (a) and that every 
warden of the faid town (hall limit diftind and feveral marks to 
every of the faid worfted- weavers of thefiune town of Great Ycr^ 
mouthy and the fame marks by die faid warden to be regiftered 
in a book. 

IV. And alfo be it enacted by the authority aforeiaid> That 
if, and whenfoever hereafter the faid town of Ljrm fliall be in* 
habited with ten fundry houfholders, or more number of houf* 
holders exercifing and ufing the faid craft or myftcry of worftcd- 
weavers, then, and ^rom thenceforth, that is to fay, as long as 
the fame town of Lynn thai] be inhabited with the number of 
ten fuch houftiolders at the leaft, it (hall be lawful to the fame 
inhabitants of the faid town of Lynn yearly, on the Meniaf 
next after the Feaft of Pentecoji^ to ele<ft and choofeof themfelves 
one warden of the (aid craft and myftcry of worftcd-weavers, to 
be of the value in lands and eoods as is aforeiaid of the warden 
of Yarmouth\ (2) which warden, foeie^f^, ihall yearly be fwom 
and charged at the faid city of Norwich^ in like manner^ and at 
like day, as is before limited to the wardens of Yarmmth j or in 
default of the faid mzyor of Nonvich^ then the faid warden fo to 
be ele<a for the faid town of Lynn^ to take a corporal oath be- 
fore the mayor of the faid town of Lynn^ within fuch time, and 
after fuch form, as is before limited unto the warden of 2ir- 
mmih\ (3) and that the faid warden of the faid town of Lynn 
*^^d^^^^^^* for the time being, fo eleAand fwom, by himfelf may ordain 
an au on y. ^^^ appoint a feal with this letter L. to be graven in me fome 
feal, and may have fUU power and authority to view, fearch, 
Teife, and feal in lead with the fame feal fo to be engraven, and 
with none other, all worfteds, fayes, and ftamins within the 
(aid town of Lynn^ and fuburt>s of the fame, made or to be 
made, and not eKewhere, in as lar^ and ample manner as the 
(aid warden of the faid city of Noruncby and wardens of the (aid 
county of Norfolk^ or any of them hath or have within the (aid 
city or county, or otherwife may do by authority or virtue of the 
before remembered aft made in the faid feventh year of Kiii^ 
Edward the Fourth; any thing contained in the fame ad to the 
contrary notwithftanding. 
Every wor- V. And that no perfon inhabited within the faid town of 
ftetl-makcr U) Ly^fi^ or fuburbs thereof, make any worfteds, fayes, or fta- 
manborif,and "^^'"s within the fame town, except he be an Enghjbman bora, 
to have his ^nd have been apprenlice to the fame occupadoxi, and without 
own mark. he weave therein fuch pmper mark as (hall be limited and ap- 
pointed by the faid warden of the fapie town of Lynn for tlic 
time being, upon pain and forfeiture thereof to the King our 
fovereign lordj (a) and that every warden of the (aid town (hall 


The warden 
of Lynns feal 

1 522* J.] Anno xiv. & xv. Heniuci VIII. 151 

limit diftinft and feveral macks to every of the laid worfted- 
weavers of the fame to^m, and the fiune marks by the faid 
warden to be raftered in a book. 

VI. And be it further enadted by the authority aforefaid, A warden of 
That from the Feaft of St. Mcbailihe Archai^ next coming, S°!;?'\?f^^''„ 
onto fuch time as the faid town of Ifm fliaU be inhabited with fjlw to £nn 
the faid number of ten houiholders ci the faid craft of worded- when there is 
weavers, and always after, when that number often houihold- no warden 
crs ihall happen to fail, and not be inhabited in the faid town of ^^^^^' 
f^jnny the faid wardens of the iaid city of Norwich^ and their 
fucceflbrs, (hall procure and caufe one of themfelves, or one of 
t}ie wardens of the faid craft of the faid county of Norfolk^ per- 
fonally to come and be every twenty eighth day from and after 
the (aid Feaft of St, Michael the Archangel, in and to the faid 
town of hpm^ or widun fix days next after every fuch twenty 
eighth day, and thsre to continue and abide by fo lone titne as 
he maylearch and feal all fuch worfteds^ fayes, andftamins 
made in the fame town of Lytm^ as then (hall be brought to him 
to be fealed within the fpace of one whole day; (2) and the faid The warden's 
inhabitants of worfted*wsavers, of the (ame town of J^jnn be- allowance by 
in«, Audi content and pay to the faid warden oiNorwuboxmr-^^^l^^l^ 
folk J which (hall fo come to Lynn^ in the faid twenty eighth day, commg to 
or within fix days next after the faid twenty eishth day, for his Lynn, 
cofts and expences, for every time that he mall fo come to 
Lym^ between the Feaft of St. Mchoil the Archang^, and the 
Anrnuuiotun of our Lady St. Mary^ iii.s. and for every time that 
he (hall fo come to the (aid town of £ymr, between the Feaft 
of the JfumneiatiMofout Lady, and the Feaft of St. Michasltht 
Archangel, ii. s. (3} and if the faid inhabitants of worfted-wea* 
vers of the (aid town of Lym do not content and pay to the faid 
warden comine to Lynn inform aforefaid, for his (aid cofts and 
charges the iaid iti. s. or iL s. as is above limited, then the fame 
inhabitants (hall forfeit and pay to the faid warden, or to hit ex- 
ecutorsy for every fuch derauit of payment, xl. s. (4) and if 
none of the £iid iiirardens of Norwich^ and Nar/oU^ come to the 
(aid town of Lynn^ for the caufe aforefaid, in manner and form 
above rememberad, then the faid wardens of the faid city g( 
Norwich (hall forfeit and pay to the faid inhabitants of Lynn^ of 
the (^d myftery of worfted-weavcrs, for every fuch default xl.s. 
f 5) for recompence of which penalties and forteits, the faid war- Bywhatnwnc* 
dens o( Norwich or Nor/eli^hcing thereunto intituled by this pre^' the partici 
fcnt ad, by his proper name, with this addition, that is to fay, grieved Ihall 
Unus Garilianorumy or nuper tinus Gardiaaortm artis /we ngi/lerii^ 
Uxtorumpanni lanei vocati worjledes incmtate Norwici vel comitate ®"*' 
NerfoHy as the troth requireth, (hall and may have adtion of 
debt by writ, bill, or plaint, in any competent or lawful court 
of this realm, againft the faid inhabitants of Lynn^ of the faid 
myftery, for the time being, by their fundry proper names; 
{b) and the faid inhabitants, by their faid names, with this ad- 
dition, Textores panni lanei voc^wtn-Jiides^ inhabitantes villa de 
Lynny (haU and may have like actions of debt againft the faid 

L 4 wardens 

\^rdens or 
l>ut in execii* 

151 Anno xiv. & XV. Henrici VIII. ' [152^-5 • 

"wardens of Norwich j by Ae name of GarSani artis five mgfteri* 
textorum parmorum lamorum voe. worftedes infra civitatem Nonmc^ 
vd com. NorfoU to be ufed in good congruities of Latin^ and form 
Thcparticular of the laws of this realm; (7; in which a^ons, or any of them^ 
bodies or none eflbin, prote6tion, or wager of the law (hall be (iifitred 
goodsof the q^ allowed. (8) And that the ^Kffticular bodies, or goods of 
any of the faid wardens or inhabitants being condemned in any 
of the faid adions, (hall and may be put in execution, after fiic^ 
manner and form as is ufed in actions of debt by courfeof the 
common law of this realm. 
Cloths to be VII. And moreover, be it cnaAed bvtfae authority aforeiaid^ 
n»^«* *2f** '^^^^ all cloths of worfteds, fayes, and ftamins, made or to be 
LymTand ^^^^^ within any of the faid towns of Lyhn^ and Great Tarmmtb^ 
Yarmouth, or fuburbs of the fame, or any of them, and marked with fuch 
marks as (hall be limited to the makers by the faid wardens of 
the faid town, in manner and formabovefaid, and weaved,and 
fealed b^ any of the wardens of the (aid town fALyrmy and Tot" 
nMitby m form above remembered, by force and virtue of this 
prefent adt, may be lawfully put to fale by the owners and mak- 
ers of the fame, without anv other marking or fealtng upon the 
faid cloths, or upon any of tnem to be had or made by any other 
wardens, dwelling or abiding without the faid tovms, and with- 
out any arreft, feifure,or forfeiture to be had or made of or up- 
on any of the faid cloths, for lack of any other feals or maii^s; 
any thing contained in the faid former a£t made in the faid fe- 
yenth yeir of King Edward the Fourth to the contrary notwith*- 

VIII. And over this, be it enafled by the authority aforefaid. 
That every craftfman of the (aid myftery and occupation of 
worfted-making, dwelling within any of the faid towns of Lynn 
and Great Tarmoutb^ anid fuburbs of the fame, at their own frce- 
willsand liberties from henceforth for ever,may have and take ap- 
prentice or apprentices (being male) of the age of fourteen years 
and upward, and being the King's natural fubjefts, for the term 
of feven years, and not under, u> that none of them exceed the 
number of two at once, to learn, ufe, and exercife the faid craft 
within either of the &id towns of Lynn and Great JTarmmtb, or 
fuburbs of the fame albeit the hthcr of the fame apprentices or 
apprentice may not expend inlands and tenements to the yearly 
value of XX. s. any adt or ordinance' to the contrary made or to 
be made notwithftanding. 

IX. Provided alway. That this prefent aft, nor any thing 
therein contained, be not in any wife hurtful or prquaicial to 
the mayor of Norwich^ or to his fucc€(rors, or to the wardens of 
the faid city and county, or to their fucccflbrs, in any point, ar- 
ticle, power, or authority, other than for weayin|, fearching, and 
(baling of worfteds, fayes, and ftamins, made or to be made only 
within the faid towns of Lynn and Yarmouihj or fuburbs of the 
fame, or to any of them ; and for limiting of marks to the makers 
of worfted, (ayes, and ftamins, only inhabited in either of the 
faid towns or fuburbs thereof, and taking of apprentices in form 


What ap 
weavers in 
JLynn and 
Great Yar- 
mouth may 

%6 H. 8. C.16 
S El. C.4. 

This ftatute 
flioil not be 
prejudicial to 
the mayor of 
Norwico, or 
the wardens 

152^-3-] Anno xiv. & xv, Henrici VIII. 153 

above remembered; (1) but that the faid mayor of the faid city 
rf Nartvichj and waraens of the faid dty and county, and every 
of them, may have and ufe all other points, articles, powers, and 
jLuthorities contained and fpecified in the above remembered adt, 
nyide in the faid fcventh year of King Edward the Fourth, as well e^, - ^ 1 
for the iearch, fealing, correAion, and reformation of the laid ^ 
wardens newly to be clcdt bv virtue of this prefent a6^, and 
every of them, according and after fticb form as they may do 
or ufe, any of the faid wardens of the (aid city or county by force 
of the faid a6t made in the faid feventh year of King Edward 
the Fourth, as all and eveiy other inquiries, correftions, fearch- 
es, feifings, and reformatitms to be had, for the true making 
of worfteds, fayes, and ftamins, in and upon any perfon or per- 
fonsy as well within the faid towns of Lynn and Yarmouth^ as 
without, without trouble, let, or vexation of any of the inha- 
bitants of the faid towns, in as large and ample wife as they 
might have done before the making of this prefent adl; any 
thine contained in the fame prefent aS to the contrary notwith- 

X. And alfo provided, and be it enaSed by the authority afore- None in Lynn 
faid. That the faid craftfmen of worfted-wcavers inhabited, or ^jj^^^"^. 
hereafter to be inhabited, within either of the faid towns of iander,ordyeI 
Lynn and Yarmmth^ orfuburbs of the fame, and the merchants, botin Nor- 
or any other perfon or perfons which (hall happen to buy of the wich, 
fame craftfmen, or of any of them, or of any other perfon, any 
of the faid cloths ofworueds, ftamins, or fayes, made or to be' 
made within either of the faid towns o( Lynn and Yarmouth^ and 
lealed by the faid wardens of the fame towns to be ele6t and 
fwom as is aforefaid, and any of them, (hall not (hear, dye, or 
put in CQlour, or calander any worfteds, ftamins, or fayes, made 
or to be made within either of the faid towns of Lynn and 2^r- 
mcuth^ or fuburbs of the fame, in anv other place qr places, but. 
only within the faid city of Ncrwichj or fuburbs of the fame, 
upon pain of forfeiture of every piece of worfteds, fayes, or 
ftamins, to be made within any of the faid towns dlLynn^ and 
Yarmouth^ or fyburbsof the fame, or the value thereof, (horn, 
dyed, coloured, or calandred by any of the faid craftfmen, buy- 
ers, or merchants, in any othe^r place or places than In the faid 
city ofNorwichy or fuburbs of the fame 5 the one half thereof to 
be to the King /our fovereign lord, and the other half thereof to 
fuch perfon or perfons as mall feife the fame, (2) fo that thefai4 
IfV'orfteds brought to the f^d city oi Norwich to be (horn, dyed, - 
coloured, and calandred, without covin or craft of any of the 
faid inhabitants and merchants, may be (horn, dyed, coloured, 
and calandred at and by as cgnvenient price or prices, and in as 
ready wife, as the faid inhabitants of cither of the faid towns 
of Lynn and Yarmouth^ %nA merchants buyers of the faid worfteds, 
or other of the faid pity and coun(y hadi had in times paft, or 
hereafter (hall have/ 

XL And alfo that the fame inhabitants and merchants, and No wprfted? 
every of th^jrj, fo bringing their faid worfteds to the fame city ftiaUbccarried 

154 Anno xiv, & xv. Henrici VIII, [ 1522-3. 

fea before for to be ihorn, dyed, coloured, and calandred, be reafonably 

th^ be flioni^ j^j lawfully intreated, according to the faid afi made in the 

£ud fevehth year of King £dwaratbit Fourth, aiid the ordinan* 

ces made and afiirmed, or hereafter to be made and affirmed, 

f6r the faid myftery, without let or difturbance, contrary to the 

fiune aA or ordinances in that behalf. * 

By 6 Aon». XIL And be it enaAed by the authority aforefaid. That no 

c-?: ^y, . perfon or perions any time after convey or tranfport into any 

doth iBdr^f of the parts beyond the fea, any manner of cloths of worfteds, 

cxpoitS; before the fame cloths be (horn, dyed, coloured, and calandred, 

SI H. t. est. upon pain of forfeiting; the value thereof i the one half to the 

Midepwpc- King our fevereign lord, and the other half thereof to the party 

^bys«H.8. ^^^ ^^ f^ therefore bv aftion or plaint of debt in any of the 

King's courts; (2) in which a6Uon or fuit no proteftion or ef- 

foin (hall be allowed, nor the olFender admitted tp wage his law. 

(3} '^^^ ^^ ^o endure to the next parliament. 


ff^iai customs and impofitions EngH(hinra fwarn to foreign 

princes fiaU pay. 

PR AYEN the etmmons in this pnfent parliament^ That where 
many and divers perfons^ being the Ksng^sfubje^s naturally born 
toithin this his realm^ have withdraufn themfehes out of the fame 
realm^ and tranfported themfehes^ with their wiveSj children^ and 
goodsj int$ Holland, Zealand, Brabant, Flanders, and intd other 
eountriis cf foreign frinces^ and there befwern to the obeifance of the 
. primes and lords of the countries where they be now inhabited^ making j 
there great buildings^ and be tontributaries to all manner of charges^ 
as thejtdfjeSfs of thofe countries be-, and thus they maintain^ as much 
as in tbeM iSy the aties^ boroughs^ and towns ofthofe countries^ and 
many more of the King's fubjeSls intend to do the fame, if remedy 
therein be not provided: (2) which fubjeifs born in England, w/- 
witbjlanding thai they thus eJtraHge themfelves from the King's obei- 
JaHce^ let they occupy here in all the ports, havens, and creeks, cities, 
boroughs, and totvns ^England, as freely, and as free in cujiom and 
fiibftdy, as the Kingsfubje^s do occupy, ard not only for themfelves, 
butalfo cohurably for pthtr grangers, theirjriends ana partners, and 
alfo mate themfehes quit and exempt from all charges within this 
realm, in prejudice and decay of the cities, towns, and boroughs of 
England i (3) and as for beyond the fea, th^ will obey to none au- 
thority granted to the Englifh nation h the King's Highnefs and his 
noble progenitors undet the great feal ^/Ehgland, and by authority of 
parliament, but they give themfehes over tothe'prole^ion and defence 
ofthofe outward princes, to whom they befwomfubjeas j and by thefe 
manner ofperfons rfnichcoin is conveyed out of the land : 
An EngUfli. H, Wherefore be it ordained and enaded by the King our 
(Swcato'a *^v«''«*g" lord,, and the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the 
foreignprince, Emmons, in this prcfcnt parliament aflcmbled, and by the au- 
fhall pay fuch thority of the fame. That all and every fuch fu1]ged5 bom in 
impofitions as England, andfwom tobe fubjefls to foreign princes and lords of 
aiiens 4o» outward parts, from henceforth (as long as they (hall fo abide, 



1522-3.] Anno xW. & IcV. HlNRICI VIII. 155 

and f>e as fubjec^b to fbrdgn princes and lords) that from 

henceforth fo long they and every of them (hall pay fuch cuf-. 

tozns, fubfidies, tolb, and other unpofitions within this realm 

of England^ as other ftransers of thofe parts where the faid Eng^- 

hjbrmn make their inhabitations, pay or ufe to pay within this 

faid realm: (2} and that the knowledge of all and every fuch 

peribn or perfons inhabitants, and fwom in manner and form 

as is before rehearfed within the archduke's countries, that is to 

fay, Holland^ Zealand^ Brabant^ and Flanders only, (hall be had 

by certificate thereof made by the governor or the merchant 

adventurers and the afllftants there for the time being ; (3} and 

alfo for all other realms and countries of foreign princes, to be 

certified by the King's moft noble embafladors, being at fuch 

time there, as they (hall happen to be in the faid countries upon 

the Kine's afiairs, (ball likewife certi^,' as is aforefaid, under 

their feaJ, into the chancery of our (overeign lord the Kings 

(4) and thereupon out of the faid chancery writs to be maoe, 

and direAed unto the cuftomers, comptrollers, or other officers 

of the King's cuflom in every port, haven, or creek within this 

faid realm, to perceive, levy, and take all manner of fuch cuf- 

toms, fubfidies, tolls, and other impofitions, as is before (pe^ 

cified, of all fuch goods and merchandifes as (hall belong unto 

any fuch perfon or perfons inhabited and fworn in manner and 

form above written, as well inward as outward. 

III. Provided alway. That if hereafter it (hall happen any An EnglKh- 
fuch perfon or perfons to return into the realm, and here totarr man'retum* 
ry and inhabit, that then he or they (hall be refbred to all fuch ing.anddwell- 
libcrties and freedoms in paying of cuftoms or fubfidies, and thf rSdm ftall 
other charges, as all other Engli/bmen do ufe to pay, and to have pay fuch im- 
a writ out of the chancery for the fame, this adt, or aiiy thing poiitioiuas 
therein made, to the contrary notwithftanding. . ^^^^ Englifli* 

CAP. V. Syi '**''* 

The privileges and authority of fhjficians in Lond6n. 

IN the moft humble %mfe fiew unto your Highnefs^ yourirueandThtphyGdzm 
faithful fubjeffs anibegemen^ John Chjlmbre, Thomas Lin^ ^°"**b^ 
acre, rerdinandus de viiftoria, yeur phyficians^ and Nicholas ^^^^^^ 
Halfewel, John Frances, and Robert Yaxley, andall other menrf^ bS^&t 1S5. 
the fame faculty within the city of London, andfeven miles about^ » Salk. 451. 
that where your Highnefs (by your moft gracious letters patents^ bear- This «^ 
ing date at WtftminlW the xxiii. d^ of September, in the tenth ^ Ma^ftff. 1. 
year of your moft noble reign) for the common weaJthof this your reahh c.9. 
in due exerciftng and praffijing of the faculty ofphgftcJty and the good \ 

mimjiration of medicines to be had^ hath incorporate and made ofus^ 
and of our company aforefaid^ one body and perpetual commonalty or 
felbwfinp of thefacmy ofphyficky and to have perpetual ftucejion and 
common feaU and to choofe yearly a prefiient of the fame fellewjhip and 
commonalty y tooverfeoy nde^ and govern the faid fellovfflfip and com^ 
mondty^ and all men of the fend fatuity ^ with divers other liber^ 
ties and privileges^ by your fBghnefs to us granted for 'the iommon 
walth of this your realm^ as in your faid moji gracious letters patents 



The charter 

A perpetual 
collm of 
erefted and 
London and 

A prefident 
of the college, 
and hit office 
and duty. 

The college 
Ihall have 
perpetual fuc- 
ceflton and 
a common 

And (hall be 
of ability to 

Anno XIV. & xv. Henrici VIII. [15^^-3. 

more at large hj^ecified and contained^ the tenor whereof foB&weth 

mthefi words: 
(2) TTENRICUS Dei gratia Rex Angliae & Pmncia, & Do- 
XX minus Hibemix,* omnibus ad quos prasTentes litenc 
pervenerint, falutem. Cum regii ofliciinoftri munus arbitremur 
ditionis noftrae hominum fcclicitati omni rationeconfulerei (3) 
id autem vel imprimis fore, fi improborum conatibus tem- 
peftive occurramus, apprime neceflarium duximus impro- 
borum quoque hominum, qui medicinam magrs avaritiae fuac 
caufa, quam ullius bonae confcientiae fiducia, profitebuntur, 
unde rudi & credulz plebi plurima incommoda oriantur, 
audaciam compefcere: (4) itaque partim bene inftitutarum 
civitatum in Italia, & aliis multis nationibus, exemplum 
imitati, partim gravium virorum doclorum Joannis Chambre, 
Thomae Linacre, Ferdinandi de vidoria, mediconim noftro- 
rum, Nicholai Halfewel, Joannis Francifd, & Rob. Yaxley, 
medicorum, ac praecipue reverendiflimi in Chrifto patris, ac 
domini, dom. Thomas titiili San<ftae Cecilia trans Tibcnm 
facrofandx Romans ecdefiaeprefbytericardinalis, Eboracenfis 
archiepifcopi, & remi noftri Angliae cancellarii chariffimi, pre- 
cibus inclinati, collegium perpetuum doAorum & gravium 
virorum, qui medicinam in urbe no(bra Londino& fuburbiis, 
intraque feptem millia pafiuum ab ea urbe quaqua verfus 
publico exerceant, inftitui volumus atque imperamus. (5) 
(^rbustum fui honoris, tum publics utilitatis nomine, curae 
(lit fperamus) erit, malitioforum quorum tneminimus infci- 
entiam temeritatemque, tarn exemplo mvitateque fuis deter- 
rere, quam per leges noftras nuper cditas, ac per conftituti- 
ones per idem collegium condendas, punire. (6) Quae quo 
facilius rite peragi poflint, memoratis do<5toribu$ Joan. Cham* 
bre, Thomae Linacre,Ferdinandodevi6toria,medicis noftris, 
Nicholao Halfewel, Joanni Francifco, & Rob. Yaxlev, me- 
dicis, conceliimus, ^uod ipfi, omnefque homines ejufaem fa- 
cultatis de & in civitate prediAa, fint in re & nomine unum 
corpus & communitas perpetua live pollegium perpetuum; 
(7) & quod eadem communitas five collegium fingulis annis 
in perpetuum eligere poflint & facere, de communitate ilia 
aliquem providum virum, & in facultate medicinae expertum, 
in praefidentem ejufdem collegii five communitatis, ad fuper- 
vidend* reco^noicend' & gubemand' pro illo anno collegium 
five communitatem praed' & omnes homines ejufdem fecutla- 
tis, & negotia eorundem. (8) £t quod idem praefidens & 
collegium, fivp communitas, habednt fucceflionem perpetuam, 
& commune figillum negotiis di<ft' communitatis & prefiden- 
tis in perpetuum ferviturum. (9) Et quod ipfi & fucceflbrcs 
fui in perpetuum fint perfonae habiles & capaces ad perquiren- 
dum, & poffidendum in feodo & perpetuitate terras & tenc- 
menta redditus, & alias poflefliones quafcunque. 
* iio) Gonceflimus €tiam eis & fucceflbribus fuis pro nobis 

* & naercd.bus nofiris, quod ipfi ^ fucceflbres fui pofltnt per- 

^ quirerefibi fc fucelToribus fyis, tarn in didla urbe quam extra, 

* terras 

1 522-3.] Anno XIV. & xv. HsNRlci VIII. i^y 

terras & tenementa quaecunque annuum valorem duodecim 
librarum non exCedent* ftatuto de alienatione ad manum mor- 
tuam non obftantc. (11) Et quod ipfi per nomina praefidcn- .j«^ - 
tis & coUegii feu communitatis facultatis mcdicina Lond* pla- ai^C*(ued!** 
citari & implacitari poflint coram quibufcunque judicibus in 
curiis & adionibus quibufcunque. (12} Et quod praed' praefi- They may 
dens & collegium five communitas, & eorum fucceflbresy niake lawful 
congrcgationes licitas & honeftas de feipfis, ac flat' & ordina- *2«»blics^4 
tiones pro falubri gubcmatione, fupervifu, & corredtionecol- ™^^jj^[^ 
legii feu communitatis praed', & omnium hominum eandem 
facultatem in' dida civitate, feu per feptem milliaria in circuitu 
ejufdem civitatis exercen' fecundum neceflitatis exigentiam, 
quoties & quando opus fiierit, facere valeant licite & impune^ 
fine impedimento noftri, haeredum, vel fucceflbrum noftrorum, 
juilitiariorum, efcaetorum, vicecomitum, & alior* ballivor' 
vel miniftror* noftror' hatred* vel fucceffor* noftror' quorum- 
cunque. (13) Conccflimus etiam eifdem pracfidcnti & colic- ^^ ^^^^^ ^^v^ 
giO) feu communitati, & fucceflbribus fuis, quod nemo in die- pnaire phy. 
ta civitate, aut per feptem milliaria in circuitu ejufdem, exer* uck in j:.on- 
ceat didhm fecultatem, nifi ad hoc per didt* praefidentem & f*oj?» or ^.^h- 
communitatem, feu fucceflbres eorum, qui pro tempore fuc-JJ^^^2i 
rint, admifTus fit per ejufdem prxfidentis & collegii literas fi- 1^^ be diowed. 
gillo fuo communi figillatas, fub poena centum foTidorum pro 
quolibet menfe, quo non admiilus eandem facultatem exer- 
cuit, dimidium inde nobis & haered' noftris, & dimidium 
dido priaefidenti & coir applicandum. 

* (14) Pneterea volumus & concedimus pro nobis & fiiccef- Fourphyfici^ 
fonbus noftris (quantum in nobis eft) quod per pn^dentem JP'ii^te***^^'^ 
& coU^um praed' communitatis pro tempore exiften' & SofaT tohaw 
eorum lucccfibres in perpetuum, quatuor fingulis annis eli- the overfight 
gantur,qui habeant fupervifum & fcrutinium,corre6tionem&of theotbert* 
gubemat^ omnium & fingulor* didlae civitatis medicorum 
utentium facultate medicinal in eadem civitate, ac aliorum 
medicorum forinfecorum quorumcunque facultatem illam me- 
dicinal aliquo modo frequentantium & utentium infra ean- 
dem civitatcm & fuburbia ejufdem, five intra feptem milliaria 
in circuitu ejufd' civitatis, ac punitionem eorund' pro delidUs 
fuis in non bene exequendo, faciendo, & utendo ilia; ^15) 
nee non fupervifum & fcrutinium omnimodarum meaici- 
narum & earum reception' per di(5los medicos, feu aliquem 
eorum, hujufmodi lieeis noftris pro eorum infirmitatibus 
curandis & fanandis, dandis, imponendis, & utendis, quoties 
& quando opus fuerit pro commodo & utilitate eorundem li- 
gporum noftrorumj (16) ita quod punitio hujufmodi medi- 
corum utentium didta fecultate medicinae, fie in praemiffis de- 
linquent' per fines, amerciamenta, & imprifonamenta corpor* 
fuor* & per alias vias rationab' & congruas exequatur, 
^ (17) Volumus etiam & concedimus pro nobis, hseredibus, ^ h. t. c.40. 
& fucceflbribus noftris (quantum in nobis eft) quod nee prae- Kyficiant&ail 
fidens nee aliquis de collcgio pned' medicorum, ncc fuccef-notbefiim- 
fores fui,* nee eorum aliquis excrcens facultatem illam, quo- ri^Sniwwtoo. 

15$ Anno adv. & xv. Henrici VIIL [1.5^2-3. 

* quo modo in fiitur' infra ciyitatem noftram praed' & fuburbi^ 
^ ejufdem, feu alibi, fommonieantur aut ponantur, nequeeorum 

* soiquis fummoneatur aut ponatur in aliquibusaffifisyjuratisj 
^ inc^eftis, inquiiitionibus, attindis, & aliis recognitionibus in* 
^ fra di&SLm civitatem^ & fuburbia ejufdem, impofterum coram 
^ majore ac vicecom* feu coronatoribus di£be civitatis noftne 

* pro tempore exiften' capiendis, aut per aliquem officiarium feu 
^ miniftrum fuum, vd officiarios five miniftros fuos fummon- 
' end' licet e^dem juratae inquifitiones, feu recognitiones Aim- 
^ mon' fuerinf fuper brevi vel brevibus noftris, vel hacredum 

> ^ noArorum, de re<5to; fed quod didi magiflri, five gubema- 

* toreS) ac communitas facultatis antediAse, & fuccefiR)res (ui, & 

* eorum quilibet didlam facultatem exercentes verfus nos, hae- 

* redes, & fuccellbres noftros, ac verfus majorem & vicecoiDite$ 

* civitatis noftrs prxd' pro tempore exiften' & quofcunque of-- 
^ ficiarios & miniftros fuos fint inde quieti, & penitus exone- 
^ rati in perpetuum perprae&ntes. 

^ ( 18) Provifoquod litedb noftrae, feu aliquid in eiscontent' noo 
^ cedentin prsjudicium civitatis noftrac Lond' feu libert'ejufd* Si 
^ hoc abfque mie feu feodo pro prxmiffis, feu figillat' prsienti- 
^ um nobis facienda, fblvenda, vel aliqualiter reddenoa, aliquQ 

* ftatuto, ordinatione^ vel a<^ in contrarium ante baec tempo* 

* ra fado, edito, ordinato, feu provifo in aliqup non obftante* 
^ Incujus rei teftimonium has literas noftras fieri fecimus paten- 
^ tes« Tefte meiplb apud Weftmonafterium xxiij. die SepC 
^ an'reg'noftri x, " 

Per ipfum Regem. 
Et dedata praed' ?utboritate pari' TUNSTALL. 

(19) And forafimuh that the making of the faid corporation isme^ 
ritoriouSj ana very good for the common wealth of this your realm^ it 
is therefore expedient and necejfary to provide^ That noperfonoftie 
faid politick body and commonalty aforefaid^ befuffered to exercijeand 
praiiife phyfick^ but only thofe perjons that be profound^ fadj andiif 
creetj groundly learned^ and deeply fludied in phyfick. 
Theibregoing IL In confederation whereof ana for the further authoriTing of the 
SSSiS^Md^^^ /r//^i/tf^^/^, andalfo enlarging of further articles for the fmd 
further ca.^^7'^^^ w^tf//* to be had and made: Pleafeth it your Highncfs, 
largcd. with the aflent of your lords fpiritual and temporal, and the 

commons, in this prefent parliament affemblcd, to enadt, or- 
dain, and eftablifli. That the faid corporation of the faid com- 
monalty and fellowfliip of the fiiculty of phyfick aforcfaid, and 
aU and every grant, article, and other thing contained and fpe- 
cified in the faid letters patents, be approved, granted, ratified, 
and confirmed in this prefent parliament, and clearly autho- 
rized and admitted by the fame, good, la w ful,and available to 
your faid body corporate, and their fucceflbrs for ever, in as 
ample and large manner as may be taken, thought, and con- 
ftrued by the fame; (2) and that it pleafe your ttghnefs, with 
the aflent of your faid lords fpiritual and temporal, and the com- 
mons, in this your prefent parliament aflembled, further to 



i5»«-3] Anno xiv. & xv. HctfRlci VIW. 159 

OuiA, orcfeim and ^blith, Thut the ix pcffons btSansbid in 

your iiiid mpft gracious letters patents named as principals, and 

firft named « of the faid commonalty and feilowihip, choofingto 

them two more of the faid commonalty, from henceforward be 

called and cleaped eU^Si (3) and that the fame eleds yearly There (haUbe 

choofe one of them to be prefident of the faid commonal^, and ^K^t dc^df 

as oft as any of the rooms and places of th^ fame elefts fluiU ^••^y^J*"* 

fortune to be void, by death or otherwife^ then the furvivors of **"•*"• 

the faid ele^s (within thirty or forty days nes^t after the death of 

them, or any of them) (hall choofe^ name, and admit one or 

mo, as need (hall requite, of the moft cunning and expert men* 

of and in the faid faculty in Lmhtiy to fupply the laid room 

and number of eight perfons ; (4} fo that he or they that (hall 

be (b chofen, be firft hj the faid furvivors firiftly examined after 

a form devifed by the (aid eledls^ and aUb by the (ame furvivors 


III. And where that indiocefes oSEugUmdj out of Londm^ it is Phyficians in 
not light to find alway men able fafficiently to examine (after the otherplacetto 
ftatute) fuch as (hall be admitted to exercife phy(ick in them, ^ JJJ^^^ 
that it mav be enadled in this prefent parliament. That no per- dentandiSi«e 
fi>n from nenceforth be fuffcred to exercife or ptadUfein phj^ck of the elefii. 
thn>ugh Ef^landj until fuqb time as he be examined at Lmdm^ s H. s. c.ii. 
by the fiud prefidcm, and three of the faid ele6ls; and to havc^T^^^fJ^g**^ 
from the (aid prefident or eledts, letters teftimonials of their ap- ties excepted, 
pioving and examination, except he be a graduate of Oxford oti Co. 114. 
Camiri^ey which hath accompliibed all things for his form, Cro. jac. iiit 

without any grace. iSicm^^^^ 

CAP. VI. \Oco.Cu.tsS. 

AUiring 9f highways in the weld of Kent. 

N humUe wife befeechethyour ISghnefiy ymr true and faithful fvHh- 
je£ty George Uuldeford efauire for your body^ That where there 
is J anief time whereof mind of man is not to the contrary^ hath been 
an oldcommm way^ erflreet for carriages^ and all other pajfages and 
bu/inefsfer yen and your progenitors^ and your and their people^ in the 
hundred of i2rznthTo6kj in the weld of your county of Kent, leadif^ 
and extending between and ameng the lands of the manor of Hempfted, 
of the y&W George, in the faid hundred of Cranebrook, from the 
hridge ealledHemf&cd bridge^ dividing the faid hundred of Cr^ne-^ 
brook, and the hundred of Rolvinden, in the faid weld of your faid 
eounty, to a crofs ealledTotex\dm crofs, Jianding nigh to a great oak^ 
named Hempfted oaky which is in length upon an hundred fourfcore 
and ten perches \ which common wayfo ufed is in divers places thereof 
right deepy and nfiywsfor the paffage of your people^ and alfo is notfe 
dire^fy leading between the faid bridge and crofsy neither fo commodi^ 
eus for your people^ as another way of like breadth in other places tvitb- 
in and over the lands of the faid manor might be made. 

!!• In confideration whereof, it may pleafe your Highnefs, ofculdefbid 
your blefled difpo(ition, ^vith the aiTent of the lords fpiritual and may lay out a 
temporal, and the commons, fn this prefent parliament af-J^^J-i" r 
fembled, and by the authority of tb^ fame, "to enaft and ordain, ^^^^£S,vid 



i6o Anno xiy. & xv. Henrici VIII. [1521-^. 

then keep in That it (hall be lawful to your faid befeecher, his heirs and af- 
feveral the ^ figns, owners of the faid manor oiHempfled^ at his and their pro- 
®^^* per cofts and charges, at any time before the twenty fixth day 

of May which (hall be in theyear of our Lord God M,D,XXVn, 
by the overfight and ailent of two >uftices of peace of the (kid 
county of Kmt^ and twelve other difcreet men, inhabitants with- 
in the faid hundreds of Cranebr&ok and Ralvinden^ to aifign, limits 
and lay out, over and through the lands of the faid manor, one 
other way for carriages and paflages of your grace, and of your 
people, and of your and tfaeir heirs and fucceflbrs, of as great 
largenefs in breadth, or larger than the faid old way now fcMcing 
1$, and as commodious for the faid carriages and paiTages, as 
the fame way now being is, or better, extending and leading 
dire6Uy between the faid bridge and oofs, fo that your grace, 
and your people, by the faid new way (bto be alTigned and laid 
out, (hall have the more eafy carriage and paiTage than is, or of 
late time hath been, by the faid old way; {2) and diat after the 
faid new way fo laid out and a(rigned, the faid carriages, pai&- 
ges, and other bufinefs there, may be as liberallv, commonly^ 
and freely from thenceforth there ufed and haa for ever, and 
every other thing there exercifed and kept, as before this time 
hath been had, ufed^ exercifed, and kept in the faid old way, 
without let or interruption of the faid Georgiy his heirs, or 
afligns, or any other perfon, which hereafter (hall have, hold, 
or poflefs the faid manor; {i) and that immediately after that 
the faid new way fas is aforeuid to be afligned and limited, (hall 
be (as is abovelaid) laid out, and fully made, it (hall be lawful 
to your faid befeecher, his heirs, and afligns, owners of the f;ud 
manor, to inclofe the faid old way, and every part thereof, and 
that from henceforth to hold in (everalty to them, and to their 
hdrs and a(figns, to their own ufe and profit forever, as parcel 
of the faid manor, without any common way or pafTage there 
from thenceforth to be had or claimed, any prefcription or ufe 
to the contrary heretofore had notwithftandmg. 
Anr Derfon '^^* "^"^ ^^ cmftderation that many other common ways in the faid 
may Sy out a ^^^ ?/" Kent, hefo deep and noyousj by wearing^ and(ourfe ofwater^ 
niore commo- and Other occoftom^ that people cannot have their carriages or paffages 
diou$way in by horfes Upon or by the fame^ but to their great pains ^ perils and 
KenT^bv^e J^^^^y • *^ maybe by the faid authority ertafted and e(bibli(hed, 
Sfent of two That if any other perfon or perfons, any time hereafter, in any 
jufticesoftbe place withm the (aid weld of your faid county, of his good mind 
peace, andxiu and difpofition, without any value of good by him or them to 
SiSun'dJSd *^ received for the fame, will for the common weal of your peo- 
and keep feve- P'^* ^^^^ ^^^ ^^X ®^^ ^ ^^^^ Commodious way, in and over 
ralthcold. the lands thereunto adjoining, whereof the perfon or other to 
his ufe (hall be fcifed of fee in eftate of inheritance, that the 
fame new way (b to be affigned and laid out, by overfight and 
aiTent of two juftices of peace of the faid county, and twelve 
other difcreet men, inhabiting within the hundred where any 
fuch new way (hall be limited and laid out, or inhabiting within 
the fmae hundred and other hundreds to that hundred next ad- 


X522*3-] Anno xiv. & XV. Henrici Vlir. i6i 

joining, (ball be from thenceforth holden, occupied, and ufed in 
like manner as the old way there now is, or before hath been. 

IV. And that alio the fame perfon or jperfons fo difpofed, 
^willing and accomplifhing the fame, (hall and may, for the faid 
new way fo alligned and ufed, retain, and hold in way of recom- 
pence for the fame new way fo to be given, the foil and ground 
of the old way in feveralty, as is abovefaid, to hirri or them, 
and to their heirs forever, in like manner as is abovefaid of the 

faid new way to be affigned at Hempjled\ (2) and that the faid Tbe {uftices 
two juftices of peace, and twelve other difcreet perfons, by whofe and xij. men 
overfight and alTeiit the faid new way at Hem^ed^ or any other ^allnaakcocr- 
way, by virtue of this aft (hall be hereafter aiTigned, limited, Jl^^^y j^ 
ana laid out, (hall within three months next after the a(ngn- the chancery* 
ment, limitation, and laying out of the fame, make certificate 
into the King's moft honourable court of chancery under their 
feals, of the length and breadth of the fame new yray or (treet, 
and of other things adjoining or concerning the fame, as by 
their difcretions (hall be thought mod expedient or requifite for 
the common wealth of that county to be certified \ (3) and that 
certificate to be made from time to time, as oft as any fuch new 
way or ftreet (hall be afligned, limited, and laid out in form 
above written. 

V. Provided alway. That if any perfon or perfons, or body 
politick, have, or ought to have, or hereafter (hall have anv 
church-way, or other whatfoever way or pa(rage, over or througli 
an}r manner lands adjoining to any of the faid old ways or ftreets, ' 
which (hall be taken and ufed by force of this a<ft, as feveral foil, 
and fireehold, in recompence for any new way to be made and 
laid out in form aforefaid, or have, or ought to have, or hereaf- 
ter (hall have any lands or tenements a^oining to the (aid old 
way ; that they, and every of them, their heirs, and fucce(rors, 
(hall and may have and ufe their faid way, or ways, out of, and 
into the faid new way, over and through the land of the faid 
old way or (Ireet, into or over the faid land or tenement adjoin- 
ing to the fame, and fo to pafs and repafs, as (hall appertain, 

over the fame old way, at fuch convenient place or places there- They which 
of, as therefore (hall be limited and a(rigned by the (lid two juf- ^^^ ^ T'^7 
ticcs of peace, and other twelve men, and by them to becertifi- Mwiy may 
ed into the chancery, among other things by them to be certi- u(e it. 
fied in form aforefaid, anything in this adt above written not- 26 H. 8. c.7. 

Anv perfon that hath lands to the yearly value of C.l. may »sH. 8. c.t/, 

(noot in crofs-bows and hand-guns notwithftanding the fta- ^^^' 33 H. 8. 

tute of 6 H. 8. r. 13. All former placards granted by the King ^' ' 

for (hooting in either of them (hall be void. 

Vol. IV. M CAP* 

i62 ' Aono xiv, 8c xv. Hen&ici VIIL [15^2-3, 


The marriage of tbejhf clerks alUwedy Sec. 

By old cuftom TN mofi humbk wife befeechen yotfr bighnefsj your true andjhitb^ 

no clerk of th« X fulJubje^fSy and daily fervants^ the fix cUris of your high court of 

^^tnacmr ^^^^^^^7* ^^^^ whereas of old time accuRomed hath been ufed in the 

but only the ' fa^ courty that all manner of clerks anamini/lcrs of the fame courts 

clerk of the writing to the great feaU Jnould be unmarried (except only the clerk 

crown. of the crown) fo that as well the curfitorsy and other clerks^ as the fix 

clerks of the faid chancery^ were by the fame cvAom refireanedfrmn 

marriage^ whereby all tho/e that contrary to the fame dia marry^ wert 

no longer fuffered to write in the faid chancery ^ not only to their great 

hinderanccy lofing thereby the benefit of their hngfiudfy and tedious 

labours and pains in youth taken in thejaid courts tit alfo to tie great 

decay of the true courfe of the faid court. 

II. Andforafmuch as now the faid cuftom taketh no place nor ufage^ 
but only in the office of the faid fix clerks y but that it is permtted and 
fuffered for maintenance of the faid courfcj that as well the faid cur^ 
fiiorsy as the other clerks aforefaidy maj and do take wivesy and mar- 
ry at their liberty y after the laws of holy churchy and of long time have 
fo doncy without interruption or let of any perfon : (2; It may there- 
fore pleafe your highnefs of your moft abundant grace, with the 
aiTent of ttie lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in 
tbisprefent parliament ailembled, and by authority of the fame, 
in confideration of the premiiles, and alfo for that tne faid cuftom 
is not grounded upon any law, to ordain, eoaft, and eftablifli. 
The fix clerks That John Trevetherty Richard WelkSy Oliver Leader y John Crokty 
of the chaai- William Jeffony and John Lemfeyy now being in the office of the 
ccr may mar- g,^ clerks of the chancery, and every of them, and ^11 other 
enji^their which in time to come (hall be in the fame office, and every of 
offices. them, may and do take wives and marry at their liberty, mer 

the laws of holy church j (3) and that they, and evwy of th«n 
fo married, may have, bold, and enjoy their faid office of fix 
clerks, in as ample, large, and like manner, as diey did or fhould 
do before the faid efpoufals, or as if they had pever been mar- 
ried, the fai4 cuftom, or any other cuftom or ordinance hereto- 
fore had or made to the contrary notwitbflanding. 

IIL Provided alway, That by a?iy thing in this a<ft contained^ 
the niafter of the rolls for the time being be not prejudiced 
either in the giving and difpolition of the faid offices from time 
to time, as hath been heretofore accuftomed, the forfeiture of 
that office by reafon of marriage 6nly except. And that the faid 
officers which now be, and hereafter fhall be, do g^ve fuch at- 
tendance unto the faid mafter of the rolls for the time being, as 
heretofore in the faid offices hath been accuftomed, 

Rep. 5EI.C.8. A repeal of the ftatute of 4 Ed. 4. c. 7. inhibiting cordwainers 
&i in London to pull on fhbes on certain days. 


1522-3.] Anno XIV. & xv, Hbnrici- VIII. 16^ 


Ti^ penalty far unlawful bunting the bifre. 

FORASMUCH as ourfivereign lord the Kingj andiotbernoble^ 
men of this realm ^England; h^e this time have vfed and 
exercifed the game of hunting of the hare for their difpcrt andpleafure^ 
which game is now decayed^ and' almojf utterly de/lroyed^for that dl" 
vers perfons in divers parts of this realm^ by reafin of the tracing in 
fhffw^ have killed and dejlroyed^ and dotty do kill ana deftroy the fame 
hares^ by x, xij, or xvi, upm one day^ to the difpleafure of ourfaid 
fovereign lord the King, and other noblemen of this his realm. (2) The penally 
Wherefore be it cnafted by our feid fovereign lord, by the ^^ ^ "* 
lords fptritual and tempora], and by the conunons, in thispre-'J^*^^^^"* 
fent parliament aflemblcd, and by authority of the fame. That 
no peribn or perfons, of what eftate, deeree, or condition they 
hcy iirom henceforth trace, deftioy, ana kill any hs«-e in the 
fnow with any dog, bitch, bow, nor otherwife. ^3) And that juj^cef of 
the juftices ot peace within every ihire, at every teflions of the peace and 
peace, and ftewards of leets, (hall have full authority and power Rewards in 
to enquire of fuch offenders ; (4) and after fiich inquifitions ^^^* ^V ^' 
found, the (aid juftices of the peace and ftewards of lects, for puJJi"^!*'^. 
every hare fo killed, (hall cefs upon every fuch offender, vi. s. fenders, 
viij. d. to be forfeited toourfaid fovereign lord^ that (hall be fo 
foimden by the juftices of peace in their i^fiions, (5) and the t Jac.i.c.t7. 
forfeit^re tound in every leet to be to the lord of the leet. 


Cloths made in Sufiblk, called Veflcs or Set cloths, fballnot 
be forfeited for lack of length or breadth ^ being wet. 

TjUMBLY Jhewn unt^ your highnrfs, your true fubjeSfs atids H. S. c. 9. 

XX cUihiers of your county of Suffolk, That where in thejixtb year 

of your moft noUe reigUy it was and is ena^ed among/l other things 

concerning making of clotby That any perfon or perfons Jhalt not put 

any cloth tofaUy wbich^ when it is full wet^ /hall Jbrink more than 

one yard in lengthy and one quarter of a yard in breadth for the more 

part thereof \ (2) and cloths, catted Narrows or Streits after the rate; 

upon pain to forfeit for every cloth otherwife puttofale^ \u s. viij, d. 

andtOidedu& (>f his price for thefame^ to be rebated to the buyer there* 

of as much after the rate^ as the fame cloth fo otherwife put tofale^ 

(being full wet) /haUbeftirunk more than one yard of that it was in 

length at the time of the fame f ale ^ and as itjhall [being wet) lack 

^ the breadth of one yard and three quarters of a yard, ( 3 ) And in 

the fame a£t was and is a provifo made after the form following, 

n. Promded alway^ That this ail extend not to woolen cloths called 
Kendals, nor cloths called Carpenel Whites, commonly made for 
lining of hofeny nor to any cloths called ToAockSy made in fhe county 
^Dcvon(hirc, nor to any woolen cloths made in the county of Corn- 
wall, nor for any cottons or plain linings orfrife made or to be made 
in Wales, Lanca(hire, tfniChe(hire, or any of them, 

in. So it isy moft gracious fovereign lordj that vejfesy otherwife 
called Set Cloths, of divers colours^ be made in your faid county ^/'Suf- 

M 2 folfc. 

i64 Anno xiv. & xv, Henrici VIII. [15^2.3. 

folk, ufbscb hi made to be worn in far countriis^ and not in England, 
and h offmaU prias^ not abovo xl. s. a clotb^ that do not bold the 
hngth nor breadth wbgn thoy be wet^ which the buyers do know well 
when they buy thenij fo that therein is no deceit ; which cloths in the 
SH. 7.C.II. third year of the reign of your moji noble father King Henry /ihf 
Seventh were provided f or ^ fo that they might lawfully be fold without 
any penalty or forfeiture^ though they lacked in length or breadth when 
they were full wety andfo they have ufed to do time out of mind* 

IV. And in the provifo made in thefaid a£f of the fixth year of 

your moft noble reign^ they were forgotten and not provided for^ 

which Jbould be to the utter impoveriflnng of the clothiers rf' your f aid 

county y and of all other that be wrought by reafon of c/otb-making 

within the J aid county {/* Suffolk, if no remedy Jhould be therefore 


The ftatutc of V, Wherefore your humble Aibjefts humbly befeech your 

ftJdl' *otcx' ^^ig^'^cfs, That it be enadedby all the lords fpiritual and tcm- 

tend t^ VdTes P<>ral) ^nd all the commons, in this prefent parliament aifeoibled, 

orSctOothi. with your royal ailent to the fame. That all cloths called 

Vejffesy otherwife called Set Ckthsy what colour foever they be of, 

not being above the value of xl. s. a' doth, mall not be forfeited, 

for that thev lack in length or breadth, when they be full wet, 

after the fale of them arore this time made, or hereafter to be 

made; (2) the faid a<St nude in the fixth year of your moft 

noble reign, or any other adt heretofore made to the contrary 


Wbat coiners fhaU do thai make money at any mint witJUn 


COINERS that ihall make any money at any mint, (halt 
coin part thereof half-angels, groats, and (mall money. 
The print of the farthing. The tenth part of money coined for 
any perfon (hall be paid in half-pence and farthings. This a6l 
not to affeft the coiners o£TorkjDurefmey or Canterbury, 

A confirmation of the ftatute of 11 H. 7. c, 5. touching the pul- 
ling down of engines in the haven of Southampton^ and the 
fame made perpetual. 

4 H. 7. c. 4. They which be in the King's fervice in the wars may alicne 
\ H. s'c.4.^' *^'^ lands, for the performance of tlieir wills, without any 
^ * ' fine for alienation ; and if any of them die in the King's 

fervice in war, his feo(Fees or executors (hall have the ward- 

Ihip of his heir and land. 


quam prorogad ad palatiam Weftmon* Sc ibidem continuati per quadra- 

ftata & qufttuor dies, videlicet ufque ad decimum feptimum diem L)ecem- 
n» ii ab ei(dem loco & die prorogati ufque ad viceumum feptimum diem 

1529.] Anno vicefimo primo Henrici VIIL 165 

Statutes made at the parliament begun at Londony 
and continued afterwards by prorogation and 
adjournment to Wefiminfiery Anno 2 1 He 5f . VIII. 
zxAAnno Dom. ii2(). 

STATUTA ad rempublicam fpe^nda, edita* ui prima feilione parlia- Cro. £L 853, 
menti j>rira» incboati in civitate Londini tertio die Novembrit, anno 
inri^uflimi principis Henrici of^avi Anglic U Francis regis, fidei defen- 
Ibrisy U domini Hibemiac vicefimo primo, & ex ea civitate tarn adjumati 

^ irokati ufque ad vice£mttm feptimui 
Aprilis tunc proxime inftantis. 

The Kind's pardon to all perfons of all offences, forfeitures, £ x P. 
pains of death and body, except treafons, murders, ^c. 

CAP. n. 
An abjured perfon (hall be marked by the coroner on his thumb Rep- 1 Jac. u 
with a hot iron ; and if he refule to take his paffage at the^- *5* ^ 
time appointed by the coroner, he (hall lofe the benefit of*«Jac.«-c.a«- 

Plaintiffs in affife may abridge their plaints. 

FORASMUCH as aJJifeSy which have been thought the moftDjer^ ^t, ^5, 
ffeedy remedy ^ be now by ouafim of pleading of many bars to^h 13*. 
moieties and parts of the lands put in view and plaint^ greatly delayed s}^' ^^. '*• 
for dijiculties and divijion of pleading j and one caufe thereof isy be- ^l^^i, ,*i|^* 
eaufe the plaintiffs in every affife injuch pleas to moieties and parties^ 
eannotbythe law abridge thetr plaints: (a) forremedy whereof be it ^j^^ plaintiff 
enacted, That the plaintiff in every affife from henceforth may ji, afliTe may 
at his pleafure fever and abridge his plaint, of any part or parts abridge his 
whereunto any bar is pleaded by moiety, in like manner as he pi^int of any 
or thw might do in cafe the pleas in bar had been made andP^^^^^^" 
divided to any certainty or number of acres in the plaint ; and n\nifd. 
that the plaint for the refidue of the part or parts of the lands not 
abrid^, (hall be and ftand good and effedhial in the law. ^ua 
fuidem biUa perle^aj (5f ad plenum intelleSfay per diifum donf regem 
ix affenfu W auftoritaf parliamenti predi^i taliter eft refponjum. 
Jmperfe^ on the roll. 


The fate of lands hypart of the executors^ lawful. 

WHERE £vers fundry perfons before this time, having ^'^^roII, 336. 
perfons feifed to their ufe of and in lands and other heredita- Land devifed 
ments to and for the declaration (ft their wills ^ have by their laft wills to be fold by 
andteftaments willed and declared fuch their faid landsy tenements^ ^ r <*iv«" ^*«=^- 
other hereditaments to be fold ly their executor Sy as well to and for the {^y^common 
pigments of their debtSy performance of their legacies y neceffary and]l^ be fold bf 
convenient finding of their wiveSy virtuous bringing up and advance- part of them. 

M 3 ment 

1 66 Anno vicefimo primo HfiK&tci ViQ. [1529- 

ment of their children to marriage^ as alfi for other charitable diedi 
Ube ione and exuuiedbf their 4xuuurs fir 4be hepltk cftbeirfnds. 
(.2) And notmthJlan£ng fiich trujl and confidence Jo hj them put in 
their faid eKfCutors^ it hath oftentimes beenfeen^ where fnch Iqft wiUs 
md teftaments offiiA Umds^ tenements 9 and other hereditaments have 
been declared^ and in the fame divers executors named^ni made^ that 
after the deceafe offuch tejlators fome of the fame executors^ willing 
U accon^Ufi the truft andconiienu tbcU they were put in by the faid 
Uftaior^ have accepted and taken upon them the charge of the faid tef- 
tament^ and have been ready to fulfil and perform all things contained 
in the fame '^ and the refidue of tie fame executors^ uncharitably con- 
frary to the tru/i that they were put in^ have refufed to intermeddle 
in^ny wife with the execution of the faid will and teftamenty or with 
thefale offuch lands fo willed to be fold by the teftator. f 3) jfnd 
forafmuch as a bargain andfeie offuch landsy tenements^ or other here- 
ditaments fo willed by anyperfon to be fold by his execui&rs after his 
deceafe^ after the opinion of divers perjonSy can in no wife be good or 
effectual in the law^ unkjs the fame bargain andfale be made by the 
whoiU number of the executors namedto and for the fame \ (4) by rea^ 
Jon whereof y as well the debts offuch teflators have re/led unpaid and 
unfatisfiedt to the great danger and peril of the fouls offuch teftatorsy 
and to the great hindrance^ and many times to tie utter undoing of 
their creditors : (5) as alfi the legc^ies and bequefts made by the tef- 
tator to his wifcy children^ and for other charitable deeds to be done 
for the wealth of the foul rf the fame tefla^or that matie the fame tef 
fort of tjie tamenty have been alfi unperfirmedy as well to the extreme mifery of 
exccutorf.wbo the wife and children of the faid teftator^ as alfi to the let ofperfor- 
t^^ «poi» Viance of other charitably dew for the wealth of the foul of the faid 
ciuw^a /C/?fl/^r, to the difpleafure of Almighty God. (6) For remedy 
will, may fell whcTcof, be it (enst^ed» ordained, and eftablifhed by the authority 
any lana At- of this prefent parliament. That where part of the executors 
vifcd by the napied iQ any fuch teftament of any fuch perfon fo making or 
foM ^"^ ^^ declaring any Avh will of any lands, tenements, or other here* 
3 Cro. go. ^itaments cp (^ fold by his executors, after the death of any 
Br. Devife, xo« fuch teftator, do refufe tp take upon him or them the adminiftra- 
3^ tion and charge of the fame t^ament and laft will wherein they 

Co. Lit.ii3.a. be fo named to be executors, and-the refidue of the fame execu- 
tors dp accept and take upon them the cure and charge of the 
fame teftament and laft will ; that then all bargains and fales of 
fuch land^ tenements, or other hereditaments, fo willed to be 
fold by the executors of any fijch teftator, as well heretofore 
m^de, as hereafter to be made by him or them only of the faid 
executors that fo doth aecept. Or that heretofore hath accepted 
and taken upon him or them any fuch cure or charge of ad- 
miniftration of any fuch will or teftament, fliall be as good and 
as efFedhial in the law, as if all the refidue of the fame execu- 
tors named in the faid teftament fo refuftng the adminlftration 
jof the fam^ teftament, had joined with him or theni in the 
making of the bargain and iaie of fuch lands, tenements, or 
other hereditaments fo willed to be fold by the executors of any 
fuch teftator, yrhich heretpfor^ hath made or declared, or that 


1 529,] Anno yicefimb piimo Hehrici VIII. 167 

hereafter fludl make pf declare any lUch will, of any fiich lahds^ 
tenements, or other hareditaments after hi$ decea/e, to be fold 
by his, executors. 

' n. Provided alway, That thisaft (hall not extend to give power wiU* made 
or authority to any exfccittor or executors at any time hereafter to before this 
baif;ain or put to (ale any lands^ tehements, or hereditaments, by ftatute. 
virtue and authority of anv will or teftament heretofore made, 
otherwife than they mi^ by the courfe of the common 
law afore the making this zA, 

CAP. V. 

t^atfees ought to be taken fbr probate of teftament s. 

WHERE in the parlufment boUeh at Weftminfter, in /Ar 3,Ed.3.ftat.i. 
. thirty prft yeat of the reign of the noble King of famous me* c. 4. 
mory^ Edward the Thirij t^on the compkint of his people for the out* Latcji. 68. 
rag^ous and grievous fines andfums of money taken by the mimfters of 
biftfefs^ and of other ordinaries of bofy churchy for the probate oftef- 
tamentSi ana for the acquittances by the faid ordinaries to he modi 
concerning thefame^ thefmdnobU King in the fame patliament, openly 
charged and comnumded the archbifl>op ^Canterbury, and the othef 
bijbcpsfor the time beings that amendment thereof Jbould be had; (2) 
W if mne amendment were thereof hady it jvas by the authority of 
the fame parliament accorded^ that the Kingjhould thereof make en* 
qmry by his jufticesy offiuh opprejfton and extortions ; and that the 
fame js^ftiees Jbould hear and determine them as well at thefuit of the 
Kingy as of the party^ as of old time hath bein ufedy as oy the fame 
Jlatute plainly appeareth, (3) jfnd where at tie parliament holden 3 ti. 5. c. |. 
at Weftminfter, in the third j/ear of the reign of King Henry the 
Fifthy it was reatedy That the commohs rf the realm had oftentimes 
compltuned tbeni in divets parliaments y for that divers ordinaries do 
take for the probation oftfftamentSy and other things thereunto be- ^^^ ordina- 
lengingy fometime xl. s.fometime Ix. s. andfimetimes morey againft ry't duties for 
right andjufticey wh&e m the tinle of King Edward the Thirdy men probate of 
were wont to pay for fuch caufes but ii. s. vi. d. or v. s. at the mojly tcftaments in 
by which mlawful exaSlions the tejiaments of the teftators might not be J^^^EcT* 
executed acceding to their hft wills ; C4) it was then ena^edyfor ' ' ^' 
the avoiding of fuch opprejfionsy That no ordinafy from thenceforth 
Jhmld take for the probation ofat^ teftament or inventoryy or for any 
other thing to the fame beUngingy any more than was accuflomed and - 
ufed in the time of the faid noble King Edward the Thirdy (5) i^on 
pMn to yield to the party fo grievedy three times as much as the /aid 
ordinaries Mfo receive ; (6) which a^ did endure but to the nefct 
parliament fomvingy by reafon that the ordinaries did then promife to 
reform ana amend the faid oppreJJions and exafiions ; ( 7 ) and for that The unlawful 
the fdd unhnvful exaiiions of the faid ordinariesy ana their miniftersy cxaftions of 
he nothing reformed nor amendedy but greatly augmented and increafed, ordmanwthe 
againft right andjuftice^ an4 ^ the great impoverifiing of the King^s ftatu%^ *' 

II. The King our fovereign lord, by the aflent of the lords 4 ^nft. 33$. 
fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent par- 
liai^ei^ aflembled, and by authority of the fame, hath ordained, 

M^ cftablifticd, 

1 68 ' Anno viccfimo primo Hemrici VIII. T ' 5^9- 

dbbCflied, and ena6ted. That from the firft day of Aprils in the 

The fees for .year of our Lord M.D.XXX, that nothing (hall b^ demanded, 

probate of a received, nor taken by any biihop, ordinary, archdeacon, chan- 

wSre Ae ceUo^^j commii&ry, oflicial, or any other manner of perfon or 

goods exceed perfons, whatfoever they be, which now have, or which at any 

not the value time hereafter (hall have' authority or power to take or receive 

of C. s. probation, infinuation^ or approbation of tefiament or tefta- 

ments, by himfelf, or themfelves, nor by his or their regifters, 

fcribes, praifers, fummoners, apparitors, or by any other of their 

ininifters, for the probation, infinuadon, and approbaticm of 

any teftament or teftaments, or for writing, fealing, praifing, 

re^iftring fines, making of inventories, and of giving of ac- 

Quittances, or for any other manner of caufe concerning the 
ime, where the goods of th&teftator of the faid teftament, or 
perfon fo flying, do not amount clearly over and above tho vahie 
of C. s. fterling, (2) except only to the fcribe to have for 
writing of the probate of the teftament of him deceafed, whofe 
goods (hall not be above the fame clear value of C. 8. n. d. 
Commifltooof (3) and for the commiilion of adminiftration of the goods of 
adminiftra- any man deceafing inteftate, not being above like value of C. s. 
dMiwbcre the clear vi. d. (4) and that neverthelefs, the bifhop, ordinary, or 
notthrv^uc ^^^ perfon or perfons having power, or authority to take or 
of C. ^. receive the probation or sqpprobation of teftaments, refufe not 

to approve any fuch tefbment, being lawfully tendered or olEered 
to them to bcproved or approved, whereof the goods of the 
teftator, or perlon fo dying, amount not above the value of C. s. 
fterling, fo that the faid teftament be exhibited to him or them 
in writing, with wax thereunto affixed ready to be fealed, and 
that the fame teftament be lawfully proved oefore the fame or- 
dinary (before the fealing) to be true, whole, and the laft tefta- 
ment or the fame teftator, in fuch form as hath been commonly 
aocuftonicd in that behalf. 
The fees of lU- And when jthe goods of the teftator do amount over and 
theprobateofabove the dear value of C.s. and do not exceed the fum of 
a teftament, xl. li. fterling } that then no biftiop, ordinary, nor other manner 
^(^8 doTex- ^P^''^^'* or perfons, whatfoever he or they be, now having, or 
feed C. ^ and ^hiich hereafter (hall have, authority to take probation or ap- 
not xL 1|. probation of any teftament or teftaments, as is aforefaid, by 
themfelves, nor any of their faid regifters, fcribes, praifers, fum- 
moners, apparitors, nor any other tiieir minifters, for the {»oba- 
tion, infinuation, and approbation of any teftament or tefta- 
ments, or for the regiftnng, fealing, writing, praifing, making 
of inventories, giving of acquittances, fines, or any other thing 
concerning the fame, ftiall take, or caufe to be taken of any 
perfon or perfons but only three fliiUings vi. d. and not above, 
^ Roll, 158, (2) whereof to beto the faid biftiop or ordinary, or to any other 
163,449. perfon or perfons havii)g power and authority to take the proba- 
Thc *««^^^ of ^ion or approbation of any teftament or teftaments, for him and 
a teSa^ent, ^is minifters ii. s. vi. d. and not above, and xii, d. refidue of the 
where the ' faid iii. s. vi. d. to be to the fcriBe for the regiftering of the 
%^^ \\^' feme : (3) and iiyhcrc the goo(ls of the tpftator, or perfon or per- 

* 5*9*3 Anno vicefimo prime Henrici VIII. ^ 165 

ions fo dying, do amount over and above the dear value oftcl. It. 
fterlii^) that then the bifhop nor ordinary, nor other perfon or 
perfons3 now having, or which hereafter (hall have authority or 
power to take probate of teftaments, as is aforefaid, by him or 
themfelves, nor any of his or their faid regifters, fcribes, praifers, 
jummoners, apparitors^ or any other their mioifters, fot the 
probation, infinuation, and approbation of any teftament or tef- 
taments, or for the regiftring, fealing, writing, praifing, making ' 
of inventories, fines, giving of acquittances, or any thing con- 
cerning the iame probate of a teftament, (hall from the firft d^y 
of J^lj take, or caule to be taken of any perfon or perfons, 
but only v. s. and not above, whereof to be to the faid bi(hop, 
ordinary, or other perfon having power to take the probation 
of fuch teftament or teftaments, for him and his minifters ii. s. 
vi. d. and not above, and ii. s. vi. d. tefidue of the faid v. s. to 
foe to the firibe for regiftring of the fame, (4) or elfe the fame 
fcribe to be at his libeny to refufe thofe ii. s. vi. d. and to de« 
mand and have for writing of every ten lines of the fame tefta- 
ment, whereof every line to contain in length ten inches, i. d. 
(5) and that every fuch bi(hop or ordinary, and other perfon or Teftaments 
perfons (b having, or which hereafter (hall have authority or (hall be fealed 
power to take or receive the probation or approbation of any and ^lelivcrol 
teftament or teftaments, as is abovefaid, their re^fters, fcribes, ^*™®^* delay. 
and minifters fliall approve, infinuate, feal, and regifter, from 
time to time, the faid teftaments, and deliver the fame fealed 
with the feal of their office, to the executor or executors named 
in any fuch teftaments, for the faid fum or fums abovefaid, and 
in manner and form as is above rehearfed, to deliver it with 
convenient fpeed, without any fhiftratory delay; (6) and in Hob. s 50. 
cafe any perfon die inteftate, or that the executors named in any Admimftia- 
fuch teftament refufe to prove the faid teftament, then the faid of theeoSs 
ordinary, or other perfon or perfons havinc; authority to takcof themtef- 
probate of tefbments, as is abovefaid, (half grant the admini- tate. 
ftration of the goods of the te(btor, or perfon deceafed, to the iP^^ 3^« 
widow of the fame perfon deceafed, or to the next of his kin, or ^^*^'^'' 
to both, as by thedifcretion of the fame ordinary (hall be thought 3^. Admiit 
good, taking furew of him or them, to whom (hall be^ made 47. 
fuch com0uflion,«)r the true admini(bation of the goo«ls, chat- 3 Co. 40. 
tels, and debts, which he or they (hall be fo authorifed to mi- cro kl'itf 
nifter; (7) and in cade where divers perfons claim the admini- cro! Car! 9!' 
ftration as next of kin, which be equal in degree of kindred to 106.' 
the te(btor or peribn deceafed, and where any perfon only de- To whom ad- ' 
fiieth the adminiftration as next of kin, where indeed <uvers SJiu bc*m" t 
perfons be in equality of kindred, as is aforefaid, that in every ed, whendU * 
fuch cafe the ordinary to be at his ele6Hon and liberty to ac- vers do re- 
cept any one or mo making requeft, where divers do require q^^ it. 
the adminiftration. ^M^- 59» 

IV. Or where but one or more of them, and not all being in How much tb^ 
equality of degree, do make requeft, then the ordinary to admit ordinary fhall 
the widow, and him or them only making requeft, or any one take for 
pf them at his plcafure, taking nothing for the fam(Sb unlcl's the f^^^[^ 

goods tion. 

1 70 Airno vioefia^o primo H£NRIci VIII. [ 1 529. 

goods of the perfon to deceafed amount above the valut or fum 
of C. t. (2) and in cafe the fiK>ods of the perfon fo deceaM 
amount to above the value of C* s. and not above the value or 
fum of xl. li. then the faid bifhop, ordinary, or other perfon or 
perfons fo having authority to t^e probate of teftaments» as is 
aforefaid, their minifters and officers (hall take only ii. s. vi. d. 
. inft« 14.S. fterling, and not above; (3) and that the executor and ezecu- 
The teftator*8 tors named by the teftator, or perfon fo deceafed, or fuch other 


fFcntory, bv perfon or perfons to whom fuch adminiftration (hall be com- 
bciMde and "netted where any perfon dieth intcftate, or by way of inteftate, 
to whom de- calling or taking to him or them fuch peribn or perfons, two 
livered. at the kaft, to whom the faid perfon fo dying was indebted, or 

I RoUf 35t. made any legacy, and upon their refufal or abfence, two other 
honeft perfons, being next of kin to the perfon fo dying, and in 
their default and abfenc^two. other honeft perfons, and in their 
prefence, and by their difcr^tions, (hall make, or caufe to be 
made, a true and perfe<5l inventory of all the ^>ods, ch^els, 
wares, merchandifes, as well moveable as not moveable what- 
foever, that inhere of the faid perfon fo deceafed, (4) and the fame 
(hall caufe to be indented, whereof the one part (hall be by the 
faid executor or executors, adminiflrator or adminiftrators, upon 
his or thek oath or oaths, to be taken before the faid bi(hops, or 
ordinaries, their oSicials, or commiflaries, or other perfons hiaving 
power to take probate of teftamenCs, upon the holy evan^elifts, to 
be good and true, and the fame one part indented (hjl prefent 
and deliver into the keeping of the faid bi(hop, ordinary, or ordi- 
naries, or other perfon having power to take probate of tefta- 
ments, and the other part thereof to remain with the faid exe- 
ecutor or executors, adminiftrator or adminiftrators ; (5} and that 
no bi(hop, ordinary, or other wbatfoever perfon, having authority 
to take probate of teftament or teftaments, as is above faid, upon 
the pain in this eftatute hereafter contained} refufe to take any fuch 
inventory or inventories to him or them prefented or tendered 
to be delivered as is aforefaid, 
Theproftts 6f V, Provided always. That if the perfon fo deceafed will by 
beV^ W^fcirM ***' teftameiit^ or la(t will, any lands, tenements, or heredita- 
not be ac. i^tnts^ td be fold, that the money thereof coming, nor the pror 
counts the fits of the Midlands, for any time tq be taken, mall not be ac- 
teftators counted as any of the goods or chattels, qf the (aid perfon fo 
g^^* . deceafed ^ (x) and that the fame bilhdp, 6rdinary» or other perr 
310!^' * *' ^^^ ^ perfons^ having authority to* take probate of teftament or 
Fitz. Exec. I, teftannents, as is aforefaid, upon the delivery c^ the Jkal and 
37f 51* fign of the teftatoi, do caufe the fame feal to be defaced^ and 

thereupon incontinent redeU/er the fame feal unto the faid exe- 
cutor or exe<^utors, without claim or challenge thereunto to be 
T^iCh^^Z^* made. (3) And in cafe any perfon or perfons, at any time herc- 
dehet&i *^^^^' require a copy or copies of the faid teftament fo proved, 
ThefeeVor or of the faid iriventories fo made, that then the faid ordinary 
fearch and co- or ordinaries, and the other perfons having authority to take 
picsoftcfta- probate of teftaments, or their minifters, (hall from time to 
vcntoriM.''^' time with convenient fpecd, without any fruftratory delay, de- 


1 5 29«] Anno Tioefimo primo HenKici VIIL i ; i 

liver^ or caufe to be delivered, a true copy or copies of the fame, 
to the faid perfon or perfons ib demanding them, or any of 
them, (4) taking for the fearch, and for the making of the copy 
of either of flie fa^d teAament or inventory, but only fuch fee 
as is before rehearfed for the regiftring ot the faid teftament ; 
or dfe the fcribe of regifter to be at his election and liberty to 
demand, have, and take for every ten fines thereof, being of the 
pfx>portion before rehearfed, i. d. 

VI. Provided alway. That where any perfon or perfons hav.^ Cuftomto 
ing power or authority to take probate oTteftaments, have ufed ^^^ I^^' mo- 
to take left fums of money than is abovefaid, for the prdbate of S^^/ST^'^ 
teftaments, or commiffions of adminiftrations, or other canfe afonfaTd. 
concerning the fame, (hall take and receive fuch fum or fums 

of money for the pr(rf>ate of teftaments and commiflions c^the 
adminiftrations, and other caufes concerning the fame, as they 
before the making of this adl have-ufed to take, and not above. 

VII. And it is enaAed, That every bifliop, ordinary, arch- Tlic forfeiture 
deacon, chancellor, commiiiary, official, and other pmbn or of the ordina- 
peribns havine, or which hereafter (hall have authority to take ^^^ ^' 
probate of tmaments, their regifters, fcribes, praifers, ibmmo- ^"dj>^^^ 
ners, apparitors, and all other their miniftcrs whatfoever they thing contnu 
be, that ihall do or attempt, or caufe to be done or attempted nr to this 
againft tliis a& or ordinance in any thing, ihall forfeit and lofe Statute. 

for every time fo offending, to the party grieved in that behalf, S%^*'/f ]^^* 
fo much money as anv fuch perfon abovefaid (hall take con- '^ ' ^ ^^* 
trary to this prefent a^ ; (2) and over that (hall lofe and fbr-^ 
feit X. 11. fteriing, whereor the one moiety (hall be to the King 
our fovereign lord, and the other moiety to the party grieved 
in that behalf, that will fue by adion of debt, bill, information^ 
or otherwife in any of the Kmg's courts, for the recovery of the 
fame ; in which adion no eflbin, prote£don, nor wager of law 
(hall be admitted or allowed. (^; And that every of the fame 
biihops, and other perfons, which (hall hereafter incur or ^1 
into the dangers of fuch penalty or forfeiture, (hall be charged 
only by himfelf, and none of them to be chargeable to that pe- 
nalty for other's offence. 

VIIL Provided alway. That this prefent a<a be not prejudi- ^ ordinary 
cial to any ordinary, or any other perfon, which now have, or may convent 
horeafier mall have authority for probate of teftaments, but that executors to 
every of them (hall and may convent before them all and every P^**^? the tef- 
perfon or perfons made and named executor or executors of any an'd to bring 
teftament, to the intent to prove or refufe the teftament or tef- m their ia- 
taments cf their teftator or te(hitor8, and to bring in inventories, memory. 
and todoevevy other thing concerning the fame, as they might 
do before the making of this ad ;' (2) fo that always any fuch 
ordinaiT, or other pmon or perfons having fuch authority, by. 
- themfelves, their commiflaries, fcribes, regifters, or other mi- 
nifters aforefaid, (hall not in any wife take for the fame above 
the fees limited by this 9<5t, ne in any wife attempt any thing ^^ h. s.c.t;. 
contrary to any {uut of the fame adl. 


Anno vieefisio primo Hbnrici VIII. 1529.] 

It Co. 9* 
Tht caufet ^ 
of limiting in 
what (hall be 
paid for 

of him that 
pay for a 
nxore than is 

No mortuary 
where the 
goods be un- 
der X. marks. 
Cro. Dur.»37. 
No mortuary 
but where 
have been. 
Bat one mor- 
tuary for one 


tV2>ere moriuaries ought to be pat d^ for what perfons^ and 
bow much ^ and in what cafe none is due. 

FORASMUCH as pieJHm^ ambiguityy and doubt is chanced and 
rifen upon the order ^ manner^ and form rfdemandtng^ receivings 
and dainung of mortuaries ^ otherwife called Code Prefents, as tvcll 
for the greatnefs and ^Hdue of the Jamey wbichy as bath latefy been 
taieftj is thought over-exceffive to the poor people and other perfms 
of this realmy (2) as oifofor thatfuch mortuaries or corfefrejints have 
been demanded and Uvtea^forfucb as at the time of ibetr death have 
had no property in any goods or chattels ^ and many times for travelling 
and wayfaring men^ in the places where they have fortuned to die ; 
(3) to the intent that all doubty contention^ and incertainty herein maj 
DO removed^ and as well the generality of the King's people therein re- 
mediedj as alfo oftheparfons^ vicarsy parijb priejis, curates^ and other 
bavit^ intereft infuch mortuaries and corfi prejents indifferently pro^ 

n. Be it therefore ena&ed^ ordained, and eftabliihed by the 
King our fovereign lord, and the lords fpiritual and temporal, 
and the commons of this parliament a&mbled, and by 
authority of the fame. That from the firft day of Aprils in the 
year of our Lord God M.D.XXX. no parfon, vicar, curate, 
nor parilh prieft, ne any other fpiritual perfon, nor their fer- 
mors, bailiiFs, nor leflees, (hall take, receive^ or demand of any 
perfon or perfons within this realm, for any perfon, or perfons 
dying within the fame, any manner mortuary or corfeprefent, ne 
any fum or fums of mone^) ne any other thing for the fame, 
more than is hereafter mentioned ; (2) ne alfo mall convent or 
call any perfon or perfons before any judge fpiritual, for the re- 
covery of any fuch mortuaries or corfe prefents, or any other 
thing for the lame, more than is hereafter mentioned, (3} upon 
pain to forfeit for every time fo demanding, receiving, taking, 
or conventing, or calling any fuch perfon or perfons lx^fore any 
fpiritual judge, fo much in value as they (hsul take above the 
fum limited by this aA, and over that, xl. s. to the party grieved 
contrary to this aA ^ ^4) for the which forfeiture the party fo 
grieved contrary to this ad, ihall have an adion of aebt, by 
writ, bill, plaint, or information in any of the King's courts, 
wherein no wa^ of law, eflbin, nor proteAion (hall be allowed. 

III. Firft it IS ordained, eftabli(hed, and enaded. That no 
manner of mortuary (hall be taken or demanded of any perfon 
whatfoever he be, which at the time of his death hath in mo- 
veable goods under the value of x. marks. (2} Alfo that no 
mortuary (hall be given, asked, or deman4ed from henceforth 
of any manner perfon, but only in fuch place where heretofore 
mortuaries have been u(ed to be paid and given, and in thofe 
places none otherwife but after the pite and form hereafter 
mentioned. (3) Ne that any perfon pay mortuaries in more 
places than on^^ that is to fay, in the plac^ of their molt dwel- 

' 5^9*i Anno vicefimo primo Hbkrxci VIII. i 73 

ling and habitation, and there but one mortuary. (4) Nor no ,*«^ « ^ 
paHbn, vicar, curate, pariQi prieft, or other, ihall for any pofon thcparfon &c. 
dying or dead, and bang at the time of his death of the value for sdl mor* 
in moveable »K)ds of X. iqarks,or more, clearly above his debts tuaries. 
paid, and under the fum of xxx. li. take for a mortuary above . 
ill. s. iv. d in the whole. (5) And for a perfon dying or dead, 
beins at the time of his death of the value of xxx. IL or above 
clearly, above his debts paid, in moveable goods, and under the 
value of xl. li. there ihall no more be taken or demanded for a 
mortuaiy than vi. s. viii. d. in the whole* (6) And for any 
perfon dying or dead, having at the time of nis death of the 
value in moveable goods of xl. li. or above, to any fum whatfo- 
ever it be, clearly above his debts paid, there (hall be no more 
taken, paid, or demanded for a mortuary than x. s. in the 

IV. Provided alway,That for no woman being covert baron, ^''°"*\.,. 
nor child, ne for any perfon not keeping houfe, any manner ^^^q^ ' 
mortuary be paid, ne that any parfon, vicar, curate, .parifh pricA keepbg no 
or other, ask, demand, or take for any fuch woman, child, or houfe, Biall 
for any perfon not keeping houfe, dymg or dead, any manner P^X ^^ ^^^^ 
thing or money, by way of mortuary ; (2) ne alfo for any way- SJ^J^-ferin^ 
faring man, or other, that dweUeth not, ne maketh refidence in man, or that 
the place where they (hall happen to die, but that the mortuairy maketh no 
of fuch way-faring perfons be anfwerable in places where mor-reiideBce 
tuaries be accuftomed to be paid, and in manner and form, and T^^ ^ 
after the rate before mentioned, and none otherwife, in the 

place or places where fuch way-faring perfons at the time of 
their death had their mofl habitation, houfe, and dwelling-pla- 
ces, and no where elfe.' 

V. Provided alway. That it (hall be lawful to all manner par- A legacy be- 
fons, vicars, curates, parifh priefts, and other fpiritual perfons, queathed to a 
to take and receive any manner fum of money, or other thing, P*^*^*^ ®' 
which by any perfon dying (hall fortune to be difpofed, given, ^ "**•****'• 
or bequeathed unto them, or any of them, or to the high altar of 

the church, this ad, or any tbmg therein mentioned notwith- 

VI. And be it alfo enaded by the authority aforefaid. That Nomoituaries 
no mortuaries nor corfe prefents, ne any fum or fums of money, ||^ Wales, 

or other thing, for any mortuaiy or corfe prefent, fhall be de- ff"|^j^ 
manded, taken, received, or had in the parts of ff^aks^ nor in 
the marches of the fame, nor in the towns of Cokis or Birwict^ 
nor in the marches of the fame^ but oidy in fuch parts and pla- 
ces of WaUsj marches, and towns aforefaid, where mortuaries 
have been accu(lomed to be taken and paid; (7,) and in thole 
parts and places no mortuaries nor corfe prefents, ne any other 
thing for mortuary or corfe prefent frpm henceforth fhall be de- . 
manded, taken, received, or had, but only after the form, order, 
and manner above fpecified in this prefent a£t, and none other- 
wile, ne of any other perfon or perfons than is limited by this 
prefent a£t^ upon the pain above contained in this prefent ad* 

VII. Pro. 

174 Anno riccfimo primo Henrici VIII. ['529- 

Martuaricato VIL Provided alfo. That it (hall be lawful to the bifhops of 
he taken by s^ngory Landaf, St. ' David" s^ and St. Afaph^ and likcwife to the 
archdeacon ox Chefler^ to take fuch mortuaries of the pricfts 
within their dioceies^ and jurifdiAions, as heretofore have been 
accuftomed. (2) Prbvided alfo. That in fiich places where 
mortuaries have been accuftomed to be taken of lefs value than 
is aforefaid, that no perfon (hall be compelled to pay in any fuch 

phce any other mortuary, or more for any mortuary than hath 

Places where been accuftomed, ne that any mortuary in fach place (hail be 
iT^^^*^* f ^^"^nded, taken, received, or had of any perfon or perfons ex- 
cen o ^^p^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ jj^ ^^y ^jj.^ contrary to this ad, upon the 

pain afore limited. 

Servants imbezzelUng their mafters goods to the value of 
forty ftdlUngs^ or abavi^ jhali he punijhid as fehns. 

the biihops 
of Bangor, 
St. David, 
St. Afapby Sec, 
In part re- 
pealed by 
flat. %. c. 6. 

lefs value. 

WHERE before this time divers j as well noMemeny as other the 
Kin^sfuhjeStSy have upon cmfdeme and truji deU'Oered wtta 
their fervants their casketSy and other jewelsy monejy goodSy and chat^ 
telSyfafely to he kept to the ufe (f their find mafiers or miftreffeSy and 

S Inft. f Of* 

after fuch delivery the fmd fervants havewithdraztm themfetveSj and 
gone away from their faid mafters or nnftrejfesy with thefaid caskets^ 
Jewelsy money y goodSy and chattels, or part thereof y^ to the intent tofleal 
the fame y and defraud their Jaid mafters or miftrejfes thereof and 
fometime being with their faid mafters or miftreJfeSy have converted 
the faid jewelsy money y and other chattdSy or part thereof to their own 
ufcy wfiich misbebaviour ft done was doubtful in the common hnoy 
whether it were felony or not ; and by reafon thereof the forefaid 
fervants have been in great boUnefs to commit fuch or like offences : 
(2) be it therefore enadi:ed, ordained, and eftabli(hed by the 
IGng our fovereign lord, by the aflent of the lords fpirituai and 
temporal, and the commons, in this prefent pariiament af- 
flisdl TO^wav *™*^'^> ^^ *^y authority of the fame. That all and Angular 
with any mo- ^^^h fervants, to whom any fuch caskets, jewels, moncv, g^xls, 
ney,&c.of hit or chattels, by his or their faid mafters or miftrefl^s, mall fix>ai 
•"•toi to the henceforth fa be delivered to keep, that if any fuch fervant or 
or abwL it*' ''^^^"^s withdraw him or them from their faid mafters and 
fhtill hf M onYi ™ftreflcs« and go away with the faid caskets, jewels, money, 
goods, or other chattels, or any part thereof, to the intent to 
ftealthe fame, and defraud his or their .faid mafters or miftrefles 
thereof, contrary to the truft and confidence to him or them put 
by his or their faid mafters or miftrefs, or elfe being in the 
fcrvice of his faid mafter or miftrefles, without aflent or com- 
mandment of his mafters or miftrefles, he imbezzel the fame 
caskets^, jewels, money, goods, or chattels, or any part thereof, 
or otherwife convert the fame to his own ufe, with like purpofe 
to fteal it, that if the faid caskets, jewels, money, goods, or 
chattels, that any fuch fervant ftiall fo go away with, or which 
he (hall imbezzd with purpofe to fteal it, as is aforefaid, be of 
the value of xl. s. or above, that then the fame falfe, fraudulent, 
;^id untrue aA or demeanour, from henceforth ftiall be deemed 


1 529-J ^'^^ vicefuno primo Henrici VIII. 1^5 

and adjudged felony ; and he or they fo offending, to be punifli- 
ed^ as other felons be puniihod for fckmies committed, by the 
courfe of the common law. 

U. Provided alway. That this a£k, or any thing therein con- This ftatute 
tained, ihall not in any wife extend, or be prejudicial to any ^^l not ex- 
apprentice or apprentices, nor to any perfon within tide aee of ^*"*^ ^^.*** 
eighteen years, going away with his or their mafters goo£ or onc'wStn i? 
jewels, or otherwife converting the iame to his or their own yean of age. 
ufes, during the time of their apprenticefliip, or beii^ within the *7 H. s. c. 17. 
age of eighteen years, but that every apprentice or apprentices, *' ^* •• ^*' 
fuch penon or perfons beins within the £ud age, doing or of- feflfl.c.'iVand 
fending contrary to this prefent a6t, Ihall be, and ftand in like made perpe- 
cafe as they and every of them were before the making of this a A ; tual by 5 El. 
( 2 ) the fame a6k to continue and endure unto the next parliament. ^- '^- 

No butcher (hall kill any calf calved between the firft day ofExp.a4H.8. 
Januarj^ and the firft of May^ upon pain of forfeiture of c* 9- 
vi. s. vUi. d. 

CAP. 125. 
Whofoever (hs^l fell any hats or caps m»de beyond the tb^ ^- > l^^ >• 
a|x)vethe prices herein liaoited, Ihsul forfeit jj. s. ^* *^* 

CAP. X. ^^ ^^ ^ 

Whofoever doth carry any brafs, Igc. to any port to be conveyed ^^[ ^' ' * 

beyond the fea, (hall forfeit the fame, or the value thereof. 33 H. s. c. 7. 

CAP. XL c.^/.^'^' 

At vabat time refiiuuimjhallht ntade of goods fiokn. 

BE it cnaftcd by this prefcnt parliament. That if any felon '^^ ^^^ ^ 
or felons hereafter do rob, or take :iway any money, goods, JJ^^^JJ^r ©? 
or chattels, from any of the King's (ubjeAs, from their perfon ftolen goods 
or otherwife, withia this realm, and thereof the faid felon or after tSe at- 
felons be indited, and after arraigned of the fame felony, and ^nderoftbe 
found guilty thereof, or otherwife attainted by reafon of evidence J^jftj., -,^ 
given by the party fo robbed, orowner of the faid money, goods, cro. El'. €As. 
or chattels, or by any other by their procurement, that then Kelyng, 4S. 
the party fo robbed, or owner, (hall be reftored to his faid mo- 
ney, eoods, and chattels ; (2) and thgt as well the juftices of 
Sol-cdiverv, as other juftices, afore whom any fqch felon or 
Ions ihall be found guilty, or otherwife attainted, by reafon of 
evidence given by the party fo robbed, or owner^ or by any 
other by their procurement, have power, hy this prefent aS, to 
award, ftt>m time to time, writs of reftitution for the faid mo- 
ney, goods, an4 chattels, in like manner as though any fuch 5 Co. z 10. 
felon or felons were attainted at the fuit of the ^rty m appeal* 

touching making of cables^ 8<;c, in Burport. 

MOST ^5, ¥i"^rr bii^fi' '*!.**¥ vS""f£' ^™-->- 
and otbtr the tnhabttanU of your town and oorough ^Burport, tenance of the 
within your county ^Dorfet, that where they^ out of time that no town of Bur- 

a man*i 

1 76 Anno vicefimo primo Henrici VIII. [ 1 529. 

port, and of maifs mnd is to tbi contrary^ have ufed and exercifid to mdiej-tviiAhr 
thMrf^*"^ ^^fi^y ^bem^part of all the great cables^ halfers^ ropesy and all 
other tackUng^ as weUfpr your royal Jhips and navy^ as for tb^ msfi 
part of all other fiips within this reabn^ by reafon whereof your fold 
town was right well nuuntdmd^ and inhabit edy your htgbnefs and 
yourfMeHs right well ferved^ until now of late many^ divers^ and 
ewl-^Jpofed perfons^ intending the de/lnUIion ofyourfaid tawn^for 
their private bure^ and advantage^ nave withdrawn themfelves sntc 
the country in divers places^ there taking fermSy and ujing husbanAy out 
of the find towuy andalfo daily refort to your faid town to buy, and 
provide hempy and thereof make cableSy ropeSy hdferSy traceSy halter Sy 
and other tackky which cables y ropes y halfersy traceSy haltersy and ether 
tackUy been by the faid perfomf&ghth and deceivablf madiy by rtafofe 
whereof mt only the buyers of the fame been continually thereby de- 
ceivedy but alfo the prices of the faid cables^ balferSy traceSy halterSy and 
other tackle thereby greatly inhcmncedy and your faid town or borougby by 
means thereofy is like utterly to be decay edy ruinedy and defolatedy tf 
fpeedy remedy be not by your highnefs in that cafe provided. 
Hemp grow- - II. Be it Aercforc cnadted by your highnefs, by the lords 
ine wi%in 5 fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent par- 
rt*ih^^* liament afiembled, and by the authority of the lame. That no 
Sd tSere. manner perfon or perfons dwelling or inhabiting within the 
diftance of five miles from the faid town or borough of Burporty 
(hall from henceforth, fell, or caufe to be fold out of the market 
holden and to be holden within the fame town or borough of 
Burporty to any perfon or perfons, any hemp, which (hall hap- 
pen to grow within the faid five miles in diftance from the faid 
town or borough, upon pain of forfeiture of the faid hemp {o 
fold, or to be fold, in any place or places within the diftance of 
the faid five miles out ot the faid town, borough, or market^ 
contrary to the form and effedl of this ftatute. 
Cables, hal- ^H. And further be it enaSed by the authority aforefiud. That 
fert, and no perfon or perfons, other than luch as (hall dwdl, and be in- 
tadcle of habitants within the faid town, (hall make, after the fistaft of 
^^^P ^ B? ^ E^fi^ next coming, out of the faid town, any cables, halfers^ 
port/ ^ " ropes, traces, halters, or any other tackle made of hemp, in any 
' other place or places within the faid di(hmce of five miles from 

the faid town, upon pain of forfeiture of the faid cables, halfers, 
ropes, traces, halters, and other tackle, made, and to be made 
contrary to the form and effeA of^this ftatute ; (2) the one half 
of every fuch forfeitures, as well of the hemp lo fold, or to be 
fold out of the faid town, borough, and market, contrary to the 
form aforefaid, as alfo the faid cables, halfers, ropes, traces, 
halters, or other tackle made out of the faid town contrary to 
this ftatute, to be to the ufe of our fovereign lord the King, 
and the other half to him that will fue for me fame, by adtion 
of debt, bill, or information, wherein neither wager of law, 
eflbin, nor protection (hall be allowed. 
to Pound wt» IV. Provided always, Thaf twenty pounds weight (hall be 
a ftone of accounted to the ftone. 
hemp. y^ p^ . 

1 529 ] Anno vicefimo primo Henrici VIII. 177 

. V. Provided alfo. That every pcrfon dwelling within the The worker 
laid diftauice, may make cables, halfers, ropes, traces, halters, J^^^^^S it to 
and othei^ tackle,' for their own ufe and occupations but in no Contbucdby 
^wrife againft this ad; {2) this ad to endure to the next par- 33 H. 8. c. iu 
liaunent. 37 H. 8. c. 23. 

.CAR Xlli. f„?i^*'-'K-^ 

and again by 

S^ritual ferfotis abridged fiom having pluj^alities ofti^ings^^^ Car. i. c.4. 
and from taking offerms^ &c. 

*K?OR thi more fuiit and virtuous increafe and maintenance of di- The feveral 
Jr. vinefervicey the preaching and teaching the tvord ofGodj with !>«nefit« cnfu- 
^^ and good example giving^ the better difcharge 0/ curates^ the fonMnwfof 
nmmtenance of hofpitality^ the relief of poor people^ the increafe ^this ftatutc, 
devotion^ ana good opinion of the lay- fee toward thefpiritualperfons : Savil. n. ' 

i2) Be it/ena&ed^ ordained, and eftabliflied by the King our ^'..^^r- 
>vereign lord, with the aflent of the lords fpiritual and tern- jLeon^M 
poral, and the commons in this prefent parliament aflembled, No fpirittna* 
and by authority of the fame. That no fpiritual perfbns, fe- pe rfon i^iall 
cular or regular, of what degree foever he or they be, (hall from ts^ke any land^ 
henceforth take to ferm to himfelf, or to any pcrfon or.perfons ^ b^J^' ,g 
to his ufe, of the leafe or grant of the King our fovcreign lord, , Lutw, 134I 
nor of any other perfon or perfons, by letters patents, inden- 
tures, writings, by words or otherwife, by any manner of means, 
any manors, lands, tenements, or other hereditam;^nts for term 
of life, for term of years, or at will, (3) upon pain to forfeit 
ten pounds for every month that he, or any other to his ufe, 
(hail occupy any fuch ferm» by re^on of any fuch leafe or grant 
hereafter to be made ; the one half of which forfeiture to be to 
the King our fovereign lord, and the other half thereof to eve- 
ry fuch perfon that will fue for the fame by original writ, bill, 
or plaint of debt, or by any information in any of the King's 
courts \ {4) in which adtion and fuit no wager of law (hall be 
admitted tor tfa^ defendant, nor any eflbin or protedlion al- 

II. And be it alfo enaSed by the authority aforefaid. That The fpiritual 
all and every fuch fpiritual pcrfon or perfons which now have, ^Ju"" ^r^^ 
or occupy m ferm, by themfelves, or by any other to their or profit out°^ 
ufe, any manors, lands, tenements, or hereditaments, of the offerm«(hatt 
leafe, or grant of the King our fovereign lord, or any other aliene it 
perfon or perfons, for term of life, or for years, or at will, by forthwith, 
any writing or otherwife, or that now have any annual rents, 
or other annual advaiAage, or profit, by occafion or colour of 
any fuch leafe or ferm, ftiall clearly bargain, fell, give, or grant 
away on this fide the feaft of St« Michael the archangel next 
coming, to any fuch lay perfon or perfons, as they will at their 
own nominations and appointment, all fuch leafe, term, intereft, 
and prpfit, as any fuch fpiritual perfon, or any other to his ufe, 
now hath or have, in or by reafon of any fuch ferm ; (2) fo Dyer, %$u 
that in no wife any fuch fpiritual perfon or perfons at any time 
after the fame fea(t, by themfelves^ or any other to their ufe. 
Vol. IV. N by 

178 Anno viccfimo prime Henrici VIIL [1529* 

by any manner of means, fraud, or male engine, (hall haye, 
ufe, or occupy in ferm, any manors, lands, tenements or he- 
reditaments, of the demife, leafe, or grant of any perfon or 
perfons heretofore made, or hereafter to be made, to them- 
lelves, or to any other to their ufes ; (3) nor from the faid feaft 
(hall take any annual rent, or other annual advantage or pro- 
fit, by ocodion or colour of any fuch leafe or ferm by zny 

%j H. 8. f. »3. nianner of means, (4) upon pain to forfeit for every month (o 
occupying any fuch ferm, at any time after the faid feaft, con- 
trary to this prefent ad, ten pounds, and upon pain to forfeit 
ten times as much as any fuch fpiritual perfon, or any to his 
ufe, (hall take in any annual rent, advantage, or profit, by oc- 
cafion or colour of any fuch leafe, at any time after the faid 
feaft ; the one half of which forfeitures to be to the Kin|, our 
fovereign lord, and the other half to him that will fue for the 
£ime by original writ, bill, or plaint of debt, or by informa- 
tion in any of the King's courts ; (5} in which a^on and fuit 
no wager of law (hall be admitted for* the defendant, nbr any 
eflbin nor protecStion allowed. 

Leafe* made HI, And be it alfo enafted, That all fuch leafes made, or 

^^"'"*^ to '^^^'ft^ ^^ ^ made, unto any fuch fpiritual perfon or perfons, 

odiert roOieir ^ ^^ *"y ^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^"^ ^^ '*f^> ^^""^ ^ years, or 

ufe, (hall be at will, of any manors, lands, tenements, or hereditaments, 

vekt whereof they, or any of them, (hall take any profit or mcd- 

Kng by thcmfelves, or by any to their ufe, after the (aid feaft 

of Saint Micbael^ bv colour of any fuch leafe or grant, «nd not 

by them barpined, granted and fold away Ufore the faid 

feaft, as is before limited, (hall from henceforth be utterly void, 

and of none eflfed, as well againft the leafor or leaibrs, grantor 

»id grantors^ their Iieirs and a(rigns, and againft every of thern^ 

as againft the lea(ee or leafees, and their executors and a(Hgns, 

and every of them. 

In fomc cafes IV. Provided alway. That this prefent a6k fitall not extend 

a fpintuaJ per- ^^ jjjy fpiritual perfon or perfons, in and for taking to ferm any 

toTfefTO the* temporalities, during the time of vacations of any arthbifliop- 

temporaliUes ricks, bifhopricks, abbeys, priories, or other collegiate, ca- 

ofabiOiopi thedra!,. or coventual churches, (2) nor to any fpiritual per- 

^^- fon or perfons that (hall tender or make any traverfe upon any 

oifices or office, concernii^ his or their freehold. 
No fpiritual V. And be it alfo enaded by the authority afere(aid. That 
perfon (hall BO fpiritual perfon or perfons, fecular or regular, of what c- 
buy to fell a- ftatc or degree foever they be, (hall from henceforth by him- 

fblndif(?!wn, ^^» ^^^ ^y ""7 °*^ ^^^ ***™> ^^^ ^ ^^ "f^» bargam and 
cattle, &C. ' t>wy *o fcU ^g***^ ^or siny lucre, gain, or profit, in any mar- 
kets, fairs, or other places, any manner of cattle, com, lead, 
fin, hides, leather, tallow, fifh, wool, wood, or any maimer 
of vifluarl or mcrchandife, what kind foever they be of, upon 
jpain to forfeit treble the value of every thing, by them, or by 
any to their ufe, bargained and bought to fell again, contrary 
to this prefent a^i (2} and that every fuch bargain and con- 

1 529] Anno Ticefimo primo Henrici VIIL 179 

iraA hereafter to be made by them, or by any to their ufe^ 
contranr to this aft, ftiall be utterly void, and of none effedl ; 
( 3) and the one half of every fuch forfeiture to be to the King 
our fovereign lord^ and the other half to him that will fue for 
the fame by original writ of debt, bill, plaint, or information 
in any of the King's courts ; in which adlion or fuit no wager 
of law for the defendant ihall be admitted, nor any efToin nor 
pratefiion allowed. 

VI. Provided alway. That if any fuch fpiritual perfon or in wbat cafe 
perfons (hall happen hereafter without fraud or covm to buy a fpiritual per« 
any horfes, mares, or mules, to the only intent to occupy for^n may fell 
himfelf or his fervants, to ride to and fro upon his neceflarv bu- J^Ss which 
fineis, or any other catties or goods, to the only intent and pur- he^h 
pofe at the buying thereof to be employed and put in and about bought. 
his necefiary appsu^ of his own houfe, or of his perfon and 
fervants, or in, for, and about the only occupying, manuring, 
or tillage of his own glebe or demean lands annexed to his 
church, or for the neceflary expences of his own houfhold^ 
keq>ing, and after the buying of any fuch horfes, catties, or 
goods, or exuxrife of them, or any of them, happeneth to mif- 
like an^ of them that they (hould not be good, profitable, nor 
convenient for any of the purpofes abovefaid, for the which 
they were bought ; that then every fuch fpiritual perfon or 
perfons may lawfully bargain and put away fuch things fo by 
him bought, without fraud or covin, for any of the purpofes 
abovefaid at his pleafiire and advantage, this z&^ or any thing 
therein contained notwithdanding. 

VIL Provided aiwav. That all abbots, priors, abbeiles, pri- Certalii hou^ 
orefles, provofts, prelidents, mafters of colleges and hofpitals, ^^« of religion 
and all other fpiritual governors and govemefles erf" any fpiritual mefec lands ' 
monafteries, or houfes of ndigion, by what name or names fo- in their 
ever they be called, having manors, lands, tenements, and he- hands for the 
reditaments, and other yearly profits in the right of their mo- nwintenance 
naileries or bodes, of the yearly value of viii. C. marks, or houfcil!^ 
under, and not above, may ufe and occupy as much and as 
many of their demean lands, fee-ferms, and ferms, to their 
moft advantage, commodity, and profit, to and for the only 
maintenance of their houlholds and hofpitalities, in as ample 
and large manner as they or any of tbem^or their predecefibrs, 
or the predecefturs of any of them, at any time by the fpace of 
one hundred years lafl paft before the making of this a£l have 
done, ufed and occupied ; any thing in this prefent ^ to the 
contrary notwithfcmoing. 

Villi Provided alfo. That every other fpiritual pafon orspi^tualper- 
perfons, not having fnffident glebe or demean lands in their fons may take 
own hands in the right of their churches, monafteries, and ^^ ^^^ ^^ 
houfes for pafturage of cattle, or for increafe of com, to and ^^^^**°t J^jj. 
for the only expences of dieir houfholders, and for their car- houfes. 
riages or joumiet, may take in ferm other lands, and buy and % BuUtr. it. 
feUoomandcattle, lor the only manurance, tillaee, and paftu- S>v^^3«* 
xage^of £2Chienns, (z) lb that the increafe thereof be alway em- 

N 2 ployed 

1 80 Anno viccfimo primo Henrici VIII. [ 1 52^ 

ployed and put to and for the only expenoes in their houfholds 
and hofpitalities, and not in any wife to buy and fell agadn for 
any other commodity, lucre, or advantage^ any com or cat- 
tle, renewing, coming, or growing in and upon any fach 
ferm or othcrwifc, but only the remain and overplus abov« 
their expences of their houfliolds^ if any fuch (hal> hap* 
pen, of the breed and increafe thereof, without fraud or co- 
• vin ; any thing in this prefent a6t to the contrary hereof not* 
Thepcnrfty withftanding. 

Cro El 60T' ^^' A^^ ^ ^^ ^*^*^ ^ *^ authority afotrfaid. That if any 
?cv* °** perfon or perfons having one benefice with cure of foul, be- 
xi^itnard, ing of the yearly value of viii. pound or above, accept and take 
316* any other with cure of foul, and be inftituted and kiduAed in 

c ^^*^ poffeffion of the fame, that then and immediately after fuch 
Juh! pofleffion had thereof, the firft benefice (hall be adjudged in the 

Dyer, 137,155, law to be void. 

347.35>»377- X. And that it (hall be lawful to every patron, having the 
a ^'J^*\^'^* trivowfon thereof, to prefent another, and the prefentee to have 
Vaughan.ifi. the benefit of the fame, in fuch like manner and form as though 
» Roll, 451. ' the incumbent had <Bcd or refigned, any licence^ union, or o- 
F.N.B.44H. ther difpei!^tion to the contrary hereof obtained notwithftand- 
r 'id h. ^ ^^* ^^ ^^^ every fuch licence, union, or difpeniadoa 
p\%7. ^^^9 ^^ hereafter to be obtained contrary to this prefent ad, of 

Any'difpenfa- what name or names, quality or qualities, foever they be, (haU 
tion contrary be Utterly- void, and of none effed* 

I? iM' ftatute XL- And if any perfon or perfons at any time after Ac firft 
Bycr, iir. ^^y oiJpril, in the year of our lord God M.D. and xxx. con^ 
Savil'iji;" trary to this prefent a6t, procure and obtain at the court of 
«5H.8.c.if. Rime^ or elfewhere, any licence or licences, union, toleration, 
^j^Ph^j^ijr ^^ difpenfation, to receive and take any mo benefices with cure 
c S f!!. ^^^" *^ t^crft limited, or clfe at any time after the faid day put 

%^ W* ^'^ execution any fuch licence, toleration, or dilpenfation, before 
that obtained contrary to this adt, that then every fuch perfon 
or perfons, fo after the faid day fuine for hhnfelf, or receiving 
and taking fueh benefice by force of fuch licence or licences, 
union, toleration, or difpenfation, that is to fay, the fame per- 
fon 6t perfons only, and none other, Ihall for every fuch denult 
incur the danger, pain, and penalty of fterling, and alfo 
h>fe the whole profits of every fuch ^6fice or benefices as he 
receiveth or talceth by force of any fuch licence or licences, 
union, toleration, or difpenfation i (2} the one half of which 
forfeiture to^ be to the King our fovereign lord, and the 
other half thereof to him that will fue for the fame by on- 
^iiilal writ, bill, plaint of debt, or' information in any of the 
King's courts ; (3) in which a<ftion and fuit no wager of law, 
efibin, or protection for the defendant, fhall be admiued or al- 

XII. Provided always. That this ad concerning the not 
keeping of rao benefices with' cure of fools than one, qactend, 
ne be prejudicial to any perfon or perfons, which at any time 
before the faid firft day of JpriU in tlic year of out LokA God 

^S^9'l Anno vicefimo pfimo HfiNliici VIII. ili 

IVf . D. and xxx. ihall be really intituled or pofleflcd of any fuch They may 
benefices with cure ©f foul, as concerning or touching any of ^*^P ^***'k*^' 
the bine benefices, whereof thejr OiaU then be already really in- w^rthcwf 
tituled or pofiefled before the faid day, to or under the number poirelTed ann. 
of four, and not above ; (2) and if any fuch fpiritu^ perfon or '53<?» except 
perfons fo being iat^uleid or poifeiledtof mo benefices with cure ^^y Jl*^^ *' 
of foul than four, do not by the faid firft day of Jpril clearly, *^^* ^""^^ 
«nd without yeariy penfion, refign, or otherwife give up all and 
every fuch benefice and benefices as he (hajl be fo intituled and 
poifefled of, above the faid number, that then it (hall be lawful 
^r eveiy patron, paving the«advowfon of any fuch benefice, 
over the number aforefaid, to prefent another, and the prefent* 
tee to have the benefit of the fame, in like manner and form as 
though it had been void by death, or refignation of the incum^^ 
bent, any licence, union, or other difpenfation to .the contrary 
hereof obtained notwithftanding 5 (3) and this claufe of prefea- 
tation to be taken and underftood in and of fuch ben^ces with 
cure of Ibul, as were given to any fuch fpiritual peribn, after 
the faid number of four benefices with cure fiirniflied and ful- 

Xin. Provided «tfo. That all fpiritual men now being, or 
which hereafter (hall be of the King's <x)unci], .may purchaffr 
licence or difpenfation, and take, receive, and keep three par-r 
fonag^ or benefices, with cure of foul ; (2) and fthat all other ^j^^j. . 
being the King's chaplains, and not fwom of his council, the Isc^tMSo, 
chaplains of £e queen, prince, or princefs, or of any of the 472'. ** 
King's children, brethren, fifters, uncles, or aunts, may fem- Godbolt, 
blaUy purchafe licence, or difpenfation, and retain and keep ♦j'-P* 47«'53f 
two parlpnages and benefices with cure of foul, ^ro-EUiA. 

XIV. And in like wife, that every archbi(hop' and duke may Regift.sS.b. 
have fix chaplains, whereof every one (hall and may purcha^ Who may 
iiceo^ or difpenfation, and take, receive^ and keep two par- J^^^,*^^ ^ j 
fonaees or benefices, with cure of fouh havc^morc 

Xv» And that every marquis, and earl, may have five chap- benefices with 
lains, whereof eyery one may purchafcilicence or difpenfation, cure of fouls 
and take, receive, and keep two parfonages or hcnc^ces with ^^^S °"^' 
cure of foul. ' »• *• «^ ■ .J Co,;. 

XVI. And that every vifcount, and other bifliop, may have 
four chaplains^ whereof every one may purchafe licence, and 
receive, have, and keep two parfonages or benefices with cure ^ ^ 

of foul, as is afonefaid. 

XVU. And that the chancellor of England for the time being, . 
and every baron, and knight of the garter, may have three chap- 
lains, whereof eyery one (hall now purchafe licence or difpen- 
fation, and receive, have, and keep two parfonages or benefices 
with cure of foul. 

XVIII. And that every duchefs, marchionefs, countefs, and4Co-9o»ii5« 
baronefs, being widows, may have two chaplains, whereof 
every one of them may purchafe licence or difpenfation, to re- 
ceive, have, and keep two benefices with cure of foul. 

^DC. /ind th^t the trcafurer, and comptroller of the King's 
J^ 3 bouff 

iS2 Anno vicefimo primo H£Nkici VIII. [1529. 

C0.pi.1e3. houfe, the King's fecretary, aind dean of his diapd, the King's 
V'^'^y amncr, and the mafter of the rolls, may have every of them 

CJo.E».7»3* 1^0 chaplains; (2) and the chief juftice (rf the King's bench 
one chaplain; (3) and the warden. of the five ports for the 
400.73,89, time being, one chaplain ; whereof every one may purchafe li- 
i>7- cence, and receive, have^ and keep two parfonages or benefi- 

ces with cure of foul. 
iAnd.»oo. XX, And that the brethren and fons of all temporal lords, 

which are bom in wedlock, may every of them purchafe li- 
cence or difpenfation, and receive, have, and keep ai many 
parfonages or benefices with cure, as the chaplains of a duke, 
or an archbi(hop» 

XXI, And likewife the brethren and fons bom in wedlock 
of every knight, may every of them purchafe licence or dif- 
penfation, and receive, take, and keep two parfonages or be- 
nefices with cure of foul. 
The chaplains XXIL Provided always. That the fsud chaplains fo pordiaf- 
ih«ll (hew the ing, taking, receiving, and keeping benefices with cure of foul 
letters of their as is afore&id, (hall ^ bound to have and exhibit, where need 
lords or mal- ^all hie, letters under the fign and feal of the King, or other 
^^^*' their lord and mafter, teftifyine whofe chaplains they be, and 

elfe not to enjoy any fuch plurality of benefices by being fuch' 
fhaplain, any thing in this z& nocwithftanding. 

XXIII. Be it alfo provided. That all dodors and batchdors 
of divinity, doSofs of law, and batchelors of the law canon, 
and every of them which (hall be admitted to any of the faid 
4egrees by any of the univerfities of this realm, and not by 
grace o^y, may purchafe licence, and take, have, and keep 

Doaors ind two parfonages or benefices with cure of foul ; (2) fo that al- 
batchelors of ^^ys the f;^:d liberty, by any of the provifions aforefaid given 
faw may by ^° ^ of tjie faid counfeUors, chaplains, and other perfons be- 
ilifpeniation fore Ipecified, to purchafe licence or difpenfation, and take, re- 
have two be. ceivp, apd keep more benefices than one, after the manner and 
ne^ces with fpfm a^i^faid, be t^en and underftood to extend in number 
No djfpcnla. ^^ '^^. ^^ benefices with cure of fouK than is above limited, 
tion can li- * accounting in the fame, and as parcel thereof, fuch benefices 
cence any to with cure of foul,^ as any the faid perfons (hall have in real title, 
have above or in their poflelTion, at the faid firft day of Jpri/y in the year 
^wobeneficcs. ^f ^^^ Lord^.D. and XXX, 

XXIV. Provided alfo. That every archbi(hop, becaufe he 
• muft occupy eight chaplains at confecradons ot bifiiopSt and 

eyery bi(hop, becaufe he pnud occupy fix chaplains at giving 
Every archbi- of orders, and confecration of churches, may every of them 
ftiop may have have two chaplains over and above the number above limited 
VA^} «!!!i^-„- "'^^o them, whereof eyery one may purchafe licence and dif- 
ry bifliop pcnution, and take, receive, and keep as m^ny parfonages and 
tour. benefices, with cure of foul, sts is before affigned to fuch 


XXV. Provided alfo, and be it enaded by authority afore- 
faid, That no perfon or perfons, to whom any number of 
chaplains, or any pbapiain, by any of the proViuons aforefaid 


M52g.} Anno viccfimo primo Henrici VIII. 1 83 

is limitedf (hall in any mk, by colour of any of the fame pro- Advancement 
vifions, advance any fpiritual perfon or perfons, above the ^ ™^f* ^^' 
xiumber to them appointed, to receive or keep any mo bene- apTOint^ed by 
iiccs with cure of foul^ than is above limited by this a<ft, any thSaa. 
Yhing fpecified in the fafd provifions notwithftanding ; (2) and Savil»7^,ioi. 
if they do, then every fuch fpiritual perfon and peribns, foad-^P^'^-S'S- 
vanced above the faid number, to incur the pain and penalty 1^?!^'^'^^*' 
contained in this a<i^. 

XXVI. Be it alfo further enaded by the authority aforefiiid. 
That as well every fpiritual perfon now being promoted to any 
archdeaconry, deanry, or dignity in any monaftery, or cathe- 
dral church, or other church, conventual or collegiate, ' 
being beneficed with any parfonage or vicarage, as all and 71 z. 
every fpiritual perfon and perfons, which hereafter (tail be Moor,54».pl. 
promoted to any of the faid dignities or benefices, with any par- 7»9' 
fonage or vicarage, fi-om the feaft.of St. Muhael the archangel f*"'^ 
next coming, (hall be perfonajlv refidcnt, and abiding in, at, Savil,n4,i35. 
and upon his iaid dignity, prebend, or benefice, or at one * ^olU 90. 
of them at the Icaft; (2) and in cafe that any fuch fpiritual ^.^'^^ ^*" *** 
perfon^ at any time after the faid feaft, keep not refidence at rScra'^ni 
one of his faid dignities, prebends, or benefices, as is afore- the penalty 
faid, but abfent himfelf wilfully by the fpace of one month thereof, 
together, or by the fpace of two months, to be accounted at^r^'^^*59o» 
fevenJ times in any one year, and make his refidence and Cro 'car. t4( 
abiding in any other places by fuch time, that then he Ihall for- 6 Co. »i.' 
feit for every fuch default fterling; the one half thereof fLutvui^l^ 
to the King our ibvereign lord, and the other half of the iame 

to the party that will fue for the fame in any of the King's 
courts by original writ of debt, bill, plaint, or information ^ 
in which adtion and fuit the defendant (hall not wage his law, 
nor have any efibin nor protection allowed. 

XXVII. And if any perfon or perfons procure or obtain at The penalty 
the court of Romcy or elfewhere, any manner of licence or dif- for procuring 
penfation to be non-refident at their faid dignities, prebend, Jjonl^tolle 
or benefices, contrary to this a(5V, that then every fuch perfon non refident. 
or perfons putting in execution any fuch difpenfation or licence 

for himfelf, from the faid firft day of JprU^ in the year of our 
Lord God M. D. and xxx. (hail run and incur in the penalty, 
damage, and pain of xx. li. fterling for every time fo doing, to 
be forfeited and recovered as is aboveiaid, and fuch licence or 
difpen&tion fo procured, or to be put in execution, to be void 
and of none efftdl. 

XXVIII. Provided alway. That this a<a of non-refidencejiH,^.^.,!^, 
Ihall not in any wife extend, ne be prejudicial to any fuch fpi- Wbatrpiritua] 
ritual perfon as (hall chance to be in the King*s fervice beyond perfons may 
the fea,' nor to any perfon or perfons going to any P>'grin»agc ©f refidclf?*^ 
or holy place beyond the fea, during the time that they (hall fo and by what 
be in the King's fervice, or in their pilgrimages going and re- means, 
turning home ; (2) nor to any fcholar or fcholars being convcr- »5 H.S c.i6. 
fant and abiding for (tudy, without fraud or covin, at any uni- 3S H.«.c.2S. 
vcrfity within this realm, or without; (3) nor to any of the 

N 4 chap- 

1 84 Anno viccGmo primo Henrici VIIL [1529- 

chaplains of the King^s or Queen's, daily or quarterly attend- 
ing and abiding in the King's or Queen's moil honounblehoufr 
holds I (4) nor to any of the chaplains of the prince or prihcefs^ 
pr any of the King's or Queen's children, brethren, or fifters 
attending daily in their honourable houfholds, during fo long 
as they mall attend in any of their laid houfholds ; (5} nor to 
any chaplain of any archbi(hop or bilhop, or of any fpiritaal 
or temporal lords of the parliament, daily attending, abiding^ 
ind remaining in any of their honourable houfliolds ; (6) nor 
^o any chaplain of any duchefs, marquefs, countefs, vifcoun:^ 
tefs, or baronefs, attending daily, and abiding in any of their 
honourable houfholds ; (7; nor to any chaplain of the lore) 
chancellor or treafurer of England^ the king's chamberlain, or 
fteward of his houfliold for the time being, the treafurer and 
comptroller of the King's moft honourable houfliold for the 
time being, attending daily in any of their honourable houf- 
8cr i^H'Sc. holds ; (8) nor to any chaplain of apy of the knights of the 
16. ai to the honourable order of the garter, or of tne chief juftice of the 
iSw or of ^^"g'5 htnch^ warden of the ports, or alfo of the matter of 
the attorney the rolls ; nor to any chaplain ot the King's fecretary, and dean 
or ioHcitor ge- of the chapel, amner for the time being, daily attending and 
neral ; and iS dwelling in any their houQiolds, during the time that any fuch 
fa ^as tV the chaplain or chaplains fliall abide and dwell, without firaud or co- 
ftudcrtts in ci- vin, in any of the faid honourable houiholds ; (9) nor to the 
ther univerfi- mafler of the rolls, or dean of the arches, nor to any chancellor 
ty i and 33 or commiffary of any archbifhop or biftiop ; nor to as many of 
chaplains oV° the twelve mailers of the chancery, and twelve advocates of 
the officers of ^^^ arches, as be, or hereafter fliall be fpiritual men, during 
the duchy of fo long time as they fliall occupy their faid rooms and offices i 
]Lancaftcr,&c. jTiq) j^or to any fiich fpiritual perfons as fliaU happen by in- 
jundtion of the lord chancellor, or the King's council, to bo 
bound to any daily appearance smd attendance to anfwer to the 
law, during' the timeof fuch injundion. 
The Kwg's XXIX. Provided alfo, That it (ball be lawful to every fpi- 
li^ence ot ritual perfpn or per(pi>s, bein^ chaplains to the King our fo^ 
non-rcfidencc. vereigA lord, to whom it Oiall pleaft his highnefs to give any 
benences or promotions fpiritual, to what number foever it be, 
%o accept and take the fame, without incurring the danger, pe- 
nalty, and forfeiture in this eftatute comprifed ; {%) and that al^ 
fo it fliall be lawful to the King's highnefs, to give licence to 
^very of hi^ own chaplains for non-rcfidence upon their bene^ 
iices, any thing in this prefent aft contained to the cwitrary 
iiot>*ithltandin^. * 
Ko fpiritual XXX. And be it further enaSed by the authority aforefaid, 
ocrfort belie- That no fpiritual pierfon, fecular or regular, beneficea with cure, 
^^ ^'^*| as is afore rehearfed, from the feaft of St, Michail the archan- 
take in ferm 8«' "^xt coming, by authority of any manner licence, difpenfa- 
any parfon- tion, or othcrwife, fliall take any particular ftipend or falary 
fonagc or vi- to fing for any foul, nor have nor occupy by • himfelf or by 
caraijc. ^^y ^fh^r to his iifc/any parfonage or vicarage in ferm, of the 

Icafe or grant of any pcrfop or pcrfonj, nor take any profit or 


1 5^9*1 Anno viccfimo primo Henrici VIII. 1 85 

rent out of any fuch fertn, (2) upon pain to forfeit xl. s. for 
every fuch week that he, or any to his ufe, (hall occupy or have 
any fuch ftipend or ferm contrary to this prefent ad, and upon 
pain to lofe ten times the value of fuch profit or rent as he (hall 
take out of any fuch ferm after the faid fead ; (3) the one half 
of fuch forfeitures to be to the King our fovereign lord, and the 
other moiety to him that will fue for the fame by original writ, 
bill, plaint of debt, or by information in any of the King's 
courts, in which fuit and adtion no wager of law (hall be ad- 
mitted for the defendant, nor any eBbin nor protection al- 

XXXL Provided alway. That no dcanry, archdeaconry, promotion* 
£hancellor(hip, treafurer(hip, chanter(hip, or prebend in any not account- 
cathedral or collegiate church, nor parfonage that hath a vicar *4 ^cncficcs 
indued, nor any benefice perpetually appropriate, be taken or Ti^f^^^' 
comprehended under the name of benefice, having cure of foul ''^^' 
in anv article afore fpecified. 

XaXIL Provided alfo, and be it enaded by the authority j^q l^iritual 
aforeiaid. That no fpiritual perfon or perfons, regular or fecu- perfon fliali 
Jar, of what eftate, degree or condition focvcr he or they be, keep a un- 
from the firft day of April next coming, have, ufe, or keep by i?^^?^^ 
him or thcm/clves, or by .any perfon or perfons to his or their 
ufe or commoditjr, any manner of tan-houfe or tan-houfes, to' 
bt ufed or occupied to his or their own ufe, commodity, or 
behoof ; ( 2) nor from the faid firft day of April next coming, fliall 
have, ufe, or keep any manner of brew-houfe or brew-houfes, to 
any other ufe, intent, or behoof, than only to be fpent and 
occupied in his or their own houfes, (3) upon pain to forfeit 
for every month fo nfing and occupying any of the faid myfte* 
ries or occupations, x. lu (4) The one moiety thereof to the 
JCing our fovereign lord, and the other moiety to him that will 
fue for the fame, by original writ, bill, plaint of debt, or in- 
^rmation in any of^the Sling's courts, in which adion and fuit 
no wager of law (hall be admitted for the defendant, ne any 
eflbin nor protedion allowed. 

XXXIII. Provided always. That every duchefs, marquefs, ThecfiaplaiiM 
countcfs, baronefs, widows, which have taken, or that here- ^ ducheft, 
after (hall take any husbands under the degree of a baron, may h^^^^^Jj^ 
take fuch number of chaplains, as is above limited to them husbaiuls. 
^cing widows ; and that every fuch chaplain mav purchafe li- 
cence to have and take fuch number of benences with cure 

of foul, and have like liberty of non-refidence, in manner and 
form as they mieht have done, if their faid ladies and miftrefies 
had kept themielves widows ; any thing in this prefent ad con- 
lained to the contrary notwithftanding. 

XXXIV. Provided always. That every fpiritual perfon or Spiritual por- 
pcrlbns having laods, tenements, or other po(re(nons in the ^o"* ?«*y Jt«P 
right of their houfes, ^bove the yearly value of eight hundred [jj^irown** 
marks, may keep and retain in their occupation and manu- ],nd to main- 
ranee, as much of their faid lands and tenements, and other tain their 
po(rc(fions, ^s flxall l^e necefTary and fufficjent for pafturage ^oufcs. 

' ' * ' " 'of 

A Spiritual 
perton may 
take a dwell* 
in^ baufe 
with an or- 
chard or gar- 
den for hu 


1 Roll, 44J. 


186 Anno vicefimo primo Henrici VIII. [1529. 

of their cattle, and for tillage of com, to be employed and 
fpent for the only maintenance, fuftentation, and keeping of 
his or their houiholds, and hofpitalities without firaud or covin, 
any thing in this preient a<5t to xht contrary thereof notwith- 

XXXV. Provided alway. That it may be lavful to every 
fpiritual perfon or perfons to take in £erm any ineflks,i&ftiifions» 
or dwelling-houfes, having but only orchards or gardens, in 
any city, boroagh, and town, for their own habitation or 
. dwelling, any tlmig in this z6t to the contrary notwithftand- 
ing; (2) fo that no perfon fpiritual, other than be above pro^ 
vided for, for their non-rcfidencc, have any liberty of non-re- 
fidence by colour of this provilb. Enforctd ^ 25 if. i. ^. 21. 
which is revividby 1 Eli%. c. i. 


Of what length and breadth every whole piece and half piece 
of do\^Ias and lockeram, brought into this realm, ihall be. 


Fertnors Jhall enjoy their leafes againft recoveries by fagnti 

titles^ ^c. 

HERE afore this time divers per fins have made bafis of their 

manor Sy lands j tAiementSj and other hereditaments^ fometime 

by their indentures and fmetime without writings j to other perfons 

for term of year s^ taking of them great fines for the incomes of the 

fame leafes \ and after the fame l^fors, their heirs y or affignSy have 

caufed and fufferei recoveries to he had againft them in the court of 

our foveretgn lord the Kingy and in other lords courtSy upon feigned 

and untrue titles y by craft or covin to put the fame termers from their 

3Biilft.a4s, faid terms \ (%) and after fuch recoveries hady the fame recovereeSy 

*+S. by reafon of fuch recoveries and judgmentSy have entered into the fame 

manor Sy landsy tenement Sy and other hereditaments fi toferm letteny 

and thereof have expuSfed the faid fermersy contrary to their faid leaf 

esy covenantSy and agreements ; (3) and becaufe it was doubted to 

• fome perfonSy whether the faid termers might falfify fush recovericsy 

or not : 

II. Be it therefore ena6lcd by the King our fovcreign lord, by 
the aflfent of the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the com- 
nK>ns in this prefent parliament aflembled, and by the autho- 
rity of the fame. That all fuch termers, (hall and may £diif/ 
for his term only fuch recoveries, as well heretofore had, as 
hereafter to be had, in fuch wife and form as a tenant of a 
freehold (hall and may do by the courfe of the common law, 
where fuch tenant of freehola was neither privy nor party to the 
fame recovery. 

III. And that die fame termers, their executors and afligos, 
notwithftandinR fuch recoveries fo had, (hall retain, hold, and 
enjoy their faid terms, according to their faid leafes agaixift all 
fuch recoverees, their heirs, and affigns, as they mould or 
might h^ye done againft the faid UQbvh \£ fuch recovery had 


2 Leoii.65. 

Tenant for 
terra of years 
may falmy a 
feigned reco- 
very had a- 
gainft him in 
the re%*erfion. 
6 Ed.i.ilat.i. 


^ 5^9*] Anno vicefimo primo H£NRICJ VIII. 187 

not been had ne fuffered; and that, the fiiid recovorers, theif 
heirs, and affigns, after fuch recov^ fo had, (2) (hall have The remedy 
like remedy againil the faid termers, their executors, or af- of the recover 
figns, by avowry or aAion of debt, for the rents and for- J«" *S?"^ 
vices refcrved upon the fame Icafes, being due after the fame y^^f^rent 
recoveries; (3) and alfo like aiftions againit them for wafteorwafte. 
done, after the fame recoveries fo had; in like manner and 
form, as the faid leafors ihould Or might have had, if the fame 
recoveries had never been had. 

IV. And alfo be it further enadted by the authority aforefaid, Noftatuteor 
That no manner of ftatute of the ftaple, ftatute merchant, nor cxecution bv 
execution by £//?//, be hereafter avoided, or in any wife made ^^^Sed b* 
fruftrate, by means of any fuch feigned recovery ; (2) but that f^g^ed rio- 
all perfons having any lands, tenements, or other beredita"^ very, 
ixients in execution, or being intituled, to have execution of any 
manors, lands, or tenements by any fuch means, (hall have 
by force of this ftatute like remeay to avoid and falfiiy the fame Co. Lit. 104.6. 
recoveries, as before is ordained and provided for the leafe for P>got»R«c- ««» 
term of years. «9,3o,s«. 

Touching artificers ftrangerSy what tbtf tnay do as concern* 
ing regaining apprentices^ journeymen^ &c. 

PR AYEN the commms in this prefent parliament aJfenMei^ That No ftranpr 
where in the xv. daj o/Fchrum^ in the xx. year of the reign JJ!-??''!? "*' 
of our now moft gracious fovereigrt lord the Kingy Henry the Eighth^ any^cuJ^Vp- 
dy our faid fovereign bra the Kingy his moft honourable councilin his thcr place, 
Jfar-chamber at Wcftminfter, for the common wealth of his^'natund fl»all Keep in 
fubjeSls bom within this his realm^ ' by great and deliberate advice it ^" *^*^ ^^^ 
was deemedy adjudged^ and decreedy 7%at noftranger artificer y bom jJ^J^^ ^'" 
out ofourfaidjivereign lord his obeifanccy inhabiting within any «- Rep.sBl.c.4. 
/y, boroughy or any other place within this his realm ^England, Hutt.131. 
from henceforth Jbould keep in his or their hmfe or houfeSy any manner 
cfftrangers fervants bom out of his obeifancey but only two fervants 
fi ranger Sy and no more at one time. 

II . jhd alfo all andfingular grangers that then wercy or after the Aliens houfe- 
making of the faid decree Jhould be made denizens y that at the time ^^f"ch 

or after the making thereof would inhabit within the city ^London, charges as the 

fuburbsy or within two miles compafs ofthefanuy and keep or would Ym^% Tub- 

keep houfeSy or occupy their crafty Jbould be contributories to and with j«^s <lo- 

cur faid firuereign hrdhisfubjeH artificers within the faid city of Lon-' 

don, pqyingy bearing y and fujldning fuch charges as bereafier JbaU 

be expreffedy that is to fay y that all other Arm^erSy artificer Sydeni^ 

zens or no denizensy^ of every handicraft or ntjfteryy tUbabiting as 

well within the city ^London, as in any other cityy towuy boroughy 

or village within this his realnSy Jbould payy beary and fufiain all 

fuch aAd like charges y as our faid fovereign lord his fuhje&s of like 

craft and mjjtery do always uje to pay. 

III. And if any of them refufedy or denied thejanuy or any part u&isH.s. 
thereof y then he or thy fo denftngy or refiifingfo to doy Jbould not c-*« 
a^yhr*g€r occupy ary har.d: craft yUpon the fainSydamages^c^d perils fpe- f.,,'.''^''" 


j8S Anno viccfimo primo Henrici VIIL [1529. 

eified^ as v)itt in the aSfs drjlatutes made in the xiv. and xv. y^ors 
of the reign of our nowfovereign lord^ as in one ftatjUe modi in the 
Jirjlyear'of the reign of King Richard the Third. 

IV. And that the Jame JfrangerSj denizens or no denizens^ houf- 
holders f which would remain and abide within our faidfovereign lord 
his realnty Jbovid upon lawful warning to them given^ by the mafters 
and wardens of£vers andfundry myfteriesy mentioned Qndfpeci£id in 

' thefaid decree; within thefaid cities and^townSy prefent tbemfeeves in 
AlleRsfliadlbe the common-hidl or meeting-place ofthefaid crafts^ and there to re- 
fwoni to be ceivOy and take their oathy and befworn upon the holy evangelifisj be- 
iSnff^^to obcy/^^ *i# majler and wardens of their faid crafty to be faithful and true 
him and his ^* '** ^^^i ^^^ fovereign krdy and his heirs^ Kings of England, 
laws. and to be obedient to him and them^. and his and their laws. 

V. Alfo that no flranger^ artijicory or handicraftfrnan^ born out 
. of our /aid fovereign lord his obeifancey -not being denizen^ which was 

not a houjholder the fifteenth day of February dbovefaid^ fhould not 
fet up ne keep any houfe^ /hop or Jhops^ or chamber^ wherein they 
fhould exercife or occupy any handicraft or myftery within this our 
feud fovereign lord his realmy upon pain to incur and run into fuch 
penalties as be contained in the flatuies before this time made and en^ 
adtedy as is aforefaid. 
Aliens (hall VI, And that none of the faidjirangers artificers^ or handicraftf^ 
n(»taflemble meny bom out of our faid fovereign lord his obeifancoy as well deni- 
ticleATb^'ia ' ^''^^ ^^ ^^ dtmzenSy fl)OuU qffemble in any tompanyy feUowJhipy con^ 
tbebrballs. gf'^^tiony or eonventicky but only in the common-haU of their araftSy 
I R.3.C9. with our faid fovereign lord hisfubje^s which be of the companies of 
theif^ faid craft or craftSy atfuch time as they Jhoula be commanded and 
warned by the faid majiers and wardens of their faid craft or crcftSy 
and at none other place and timcy or in atrf other manner y upon the pain 
afore expreffed: as by the faid decree Jhewed and exen^Ufiedy and 
hereunto annexedy under our faid fovereign lord the King his great 
' fealy more plainfyy and at large y it may and doth appear. 
Thefore&id VIL That tor the common wealth abovefaid, it may be en- 
b^^r ?**d* *^®^ ^^ ** ^^2 ^^ fovereign lord, the lords fpiritual and 
in th/ftar-* temporal, and the commons in this prerent parliament afTcmbr 
cjiamber con- led, an4 by the authority of the fame. That the faid order and 
trmed. decree, had, given, ana made by cur faid fovereign lord the 

King his moft honourable council, and all and every thing 
therein contained, fpecified, and declared, be holden and ob* 
ferved firm and ftable, and duly to be put in execution in eve- 
ry point and article, in manner and form as is above rehearfed, 
according to the purport, eflfeA, and true meaning of the fame. 
The ftatute VlII. Be it furthermore enaded by the authority aforefaid, 
made 14 & IS That the aft made in the parliament begun at London the fif- 
touching teenth day of Aprily in the fourteenth year of the reign of our 
ftrangere ar- ^^i^ fovereign lord the King that now is, and from London ad- 
tificert taking joumed to fFdlminJler the laft day of Jufyy in the fifteenth year 
of appmn- of the reign of our faid fovereign Jordj concerning Grangers ar- 
perpc^t* tificcrs, for the taking of apprentices, jqumcymen, and cove- 
^ ^ *• nant fervanis, and every article and provifion contained in the 
fame aA, (hall \fi frpqi henpefprtji put ii^ due ^ecution, ac-: 


1529*1 Anno vicefimo prime Hbnrici VIIL 189 

cording to the true intent, meaning, and purport of the iame, 
as well within the city oiLondm^ as in all other cities, bo- 
roughs, and towns corporate within this realm, and the fame 
to endure perpetually, any thing contained in the &iid a£t orde« 
cree to the contrary notwithftanding. 

IX. Provided always. That no artificer, alien or ftranger. No alien dwd« 
bom out of the King's obeilance, bdng a houfliolder, or in* ling in Ox- 
habiting within any of the univerfities of Oxford and Cambridgiy ^^^* ^*"*- 
or within the fandhiary of St Atortin U Grande within the city oJ^gt^Mar- 
of London^ (hall from henceforth have or retain in their fervice tins fliall have 
journeymen or apprentices, ibeiog aliens or ftrangers bom, a- above x. po-- 
above the number of ten perfons at one time, upon pain of the !^"'|^^?' ^ 
penalty contained in the faid a6t, made in the laid fourteenth and ^ g^% 
fifteenth ytst of our faid fovereign lord ; the provifions contain- ^ * ' 
ed or fpecified in the fame adl notwith(famding« 

The decree made in the ftar-chamber for artificers ftrangers^ 
by the King^s moft honourable council^ the twentieth day 
of February, in the twentieth year of the reign of our 
fovereign lord King Henry the Eighth. 

X.TTENRICUS Odavus Dei gratia Anglix & Pranciae Rex fidei dtfen- 

XjL ror» Sc Dominus Hibernix : omnibus ad quos pndentet Htent ' 
penrenerint, falutem. Infpeximus quoddam breve noflrum, de certio« 
rand* ThomaB Eliot clerico confilii noftri dired. ic in filaciit cancellar. 
softrae reiiden. in h»c verba : dilefto iibi Thomz Eliot armij^ero, de- 
rtco coniiHi noftri, falutem. Volentes certis de caufis certioran fuper te<- 
nore cujaidam finalit decreti coram nobis & confilio noihx> babit. de 8c 
Xuper executione quorundam ftatutorum & ordinationam contra^alieni- 

fea' exercentes artes & artificia manualia, inhabitantes infra reenum no* 
rum AnglisB edit. & provif. tibi prtecipimus, quod tenorem finaSs decreti 
prxdifl* cum omnibus eum tangentibus nobis in cancellar. noftram Tub 
ngillo tuo diftinAe & aperte, fine dilatione, mittas, & hoc breve. Telle 
jneipfi) apud Weftmonadl. xiv. die Aprilia, axmo regni noiiri zx. (i) In- 
ibexinitit etiam quoddam decretum per nos & confilium noftrum apud 
Weftmonaft. in Camera ftcllata redditum> & in filaciis ejuidem canceUar. 
fimiliter refiden* in hxc verba. 

XI' ' W/^^^^ ^f ^^^^ o^i* ^^^ ^^^ faithful (ubjedb, jidficers, IliefaMlka* 
< y V and handicraftfinen, bom under our obdflnce, in« tion aivfcnia- 

* habiting within our city of LondoHy and the fuburbsof thefame, plaint made 

* exhibited unto us a lamenuble bill of complaint, containing, of Lo^on*to 

< That notwithftanding many good and neceffiury ftatutes and the King, of 

* ads of parliament have been publi(hed, ordained, and made, feveralwrongs 

< and efpecially one in the arft year of King Richard the Third, "^d oDpref- 

* and the other being made in thefirftyear of the reign of our ^^°^"^ ^ 

* deareft father of noble memory, Henry the Seventh, late King ftrangen 
' of thi» our realm, and in the fourteenth and fifteenth year bom. 

* c^our reign, concerning the ftrangers artificers and handicraftf« 

< men, bomout of our eteifance, ufing and exercifing handicrafts 
' within this our realm of England^ as well for the reftraining 

* of the excelfive number and unreafonable behaviour of the fame 

< ftrangers artificers bom^ out of our obeifance, which continual 
^ refbn and repair into this our faid realm daily increafed, to the 

* great 


The ittanHbId 
and ftveril^ 
i/vrongt which 
to this whole 
realm, and to 
many mem* 

Anno viccfimo primo Hbnrici VIIL [ 1 529. 

mst detriment of our own natural fiibjeds, artificers of the 
n|ri€ handicrafts and myfteries, and of other fundry incon- 
veniences, hy occafion that divers of the faid fubje6ls, for lack 
cif occapaition, hll into idlenefs, as alfo for the refermatoon of 
fundry deceits and falfehoods pra^fedby the faid ftran|ers arti- 
fioen in their faid handicrafts, to the great damage and lofs of 
us, and of all our faid natural fulMe6ls : (2) The faid ftnngcrs 
artifioers nothing pondering or dreading the fiud ftatutes, ne 
the penalties in the fame contained and exprefled, ceafe not con- 
temptuoufly, as well to abufe the laid ftatutes, as moft part 
intirely to infringe and break the £ime, and to accumulate frocn 
time to time more offences and enormities, as weU againft ouv 
prerogative, as to the detriment of the common wealth of this 
our lealm, and our loving fubjeds of the fame; (3) for when any 
fearch (hall be made in every handicraft within any city, town, 
orboroueh corporate within our faid realm, by our fubjedts the 
iaid waroens, and others ordained by the faid laft a/£t of handi- 
craftfraen within any city, town, or borough corporate, and 
one houfholder ftrangtr bom out of our obeifance^ inhabit- 
ing within our faid city, town, or borough corporate, ufing 
any handicraft, be -he denizen or not denizen; the faid ftranger 
being, a houlholder, as before is faid, bein|; lawfully warned 
and required thereunto, according to the faid a6b, either will 
refiife to do his chity therein, or elfe he will ghre fecret warning 
thereof to his bretnren of the (aid crafts, whereby they have 
not only conveyed and hid all their unlawful, luitrue, fubtil, 
and deceitful wares, which they untruly, fubtilly, unfubftan* 
tjally, and deoekftdiy have made, and daily make, and utter to 
our lubjeAs at exceffive and unreafonable prices, to the great 
detriment and damages of our faid fubjeAs ; but alfo their fer^ 
vants and apprentices they have hid from the knowledge of the 
fiud wardens, when any fuch fearch hath happened to be made, 
and fo they defraud thelame good and honourable ftatute and a6t j 
fo that thereof no lawftil punifiunent could, can, might, or may 
enfut, according to the tenor, purport, and efFe<5t of the faid 
;ftatat|^ (4) but they contemn, ddpife, and fet at nought the 
iame, whereby, and by the other unlawful means aforefaid, and 
others, as fiibtillv fending and conveying over the fea, bacon, 
cfaMfe, powdefea beef, mutton, and other commocBties within 
this our reahn, not-only within, and but of the faid cities, towns, 
and boroughs corporate, but aUb i/rif(bin, and out of other places 
throughout our realm, by them the faid ftnngors pradifod and 
execiMd, whereby they daily increafe in great riches, and in 
great multitude in numbers of ftrangers handicraftfmen bom 
out of our obelfrnce ; (5) and when they have gathered much 
riches and money, they againft our laws convey the fame money 
over the fea ; ana then they alfo m over the fea into their coun- 
tries, and there purchafe uiem Umds and tenements with part 
thereof, and with the refidue of the fame they live thereby, and 
fometime they convert part thereof to the ufe of our enemies 
in thofe parts ; (6) and fo as well our poor fubje^ conlwainers, 


J 529.] Anno vicelyno prinu> Henrici VIIL 191 

* and alfo our fubjcds handicmftfinen, bom within our obei- 
' fance^ by the means aibrefaid, be ft»]e impoveriihed, mimOi- 
' ed, and almoft utterly decayed and deftroyed, and auny of 
^ theii}, for lack of occupation in the faid handicrafts, be con^ 
' drained to live in idlenefs, by occafion whereof they do coati* 

* nually fall to theft, murder, and other great ofiences, and con^ 

* fequently in great numbers be put to death by our laws, as we 
< be informed ; ( y ) and alfo the great fcarcity of grain and vidhial 

* at this prefent time' throughout this our realm, to be the more 
*• enforced and caufed, by reatbn of the gres^ multitude, and con- 
' tinual recourfe of tbefaid ftrangers handicraftfmen, which con^ 
^ fume a great portion of corn and vi^al, grown and bred with- 
^ in this our realm; (8) the premifles confidered, to the intent to 

* be thereof more per£B<kly and truly inflruded^ for the charitable 
^ zeal that we have to the common weal of our realm, and our 
^ faid fubjeSs of the fame, and for the quietnefs of the faid ftnuv- 
' gers, we have affigned, and given in commandment to our 
' lords, and others of our council, indifferently to examine the 
' premifles, and as well to hear the faid complainants as the faid 

* defendants, and thdr allegations and fayings of, in, and to the 
^ premifles, and to every part thereof, and the fame by them 

* heard, examined, and by good deliberate advice underflx>od, 

* to ordain, adjudge, and decree the fame, after their wifdoms and "^ 

* learning ; whereujpon as well the faid bill of ccHnplaint, the an- 

* fwer of the £ud defendants thereunto made, the replication of the 
^ iaid complainants to the* faid anfwer alfo nuide, and all other 

* alleeations and iayings of both the faid parties, b]r mature and 

< deliberate advice, by om: faid council ripdy examined, heard, 
^ and underftood : i 

XII. ' It is ordained, adjudged, anddecreed, the x Aw February^ The decree 
^ in this nrefent term of St. HiUary ; in the xx. year of our re^, made by the ' 

* in our ftar-^faamber, by the moft reverend father in God Thomas lord* ^ the 

* lord cardinal legate di latin oHht apoftolid^ fee, archbi(hop ^|^'*lj[^^" 

* of Yorky primate and chancellor of England j and by our nobles chamber, 
*• and othars of our faid council, and by the mutual aflbnts of touching 

' tiie complainants and d^endants then there being, yi man-fl»ng«rsar* 

* ner and form following;. that is to fiqr. That acoordine tt)^^^ 

* the aA (^parliament made in the faid xiv. and xv, year of our artificer ftalt 
^ reigp. That no ftranger artificer bom out of our obeifance, keep in his 

< inhabiting within any dty, town, or boroiigh» or any other houfe bat two 
« place within this our reaun of England^ from thenceforth (hall Grangers 

* keep in his or their houfe or houfes, any manner of fervants ^™' 
^ ibangers bom out of our obeiiaace, but only two ftrangers 

< iervants, and no more at one time; (a) and fliat as m«oy<»the 
^ ftrangers artificers now inhabiting within any city, town, or 
^ borough corporate, or in aay other place within our realm, that 
^ will be apprentices or fervants to or with any of our fubjedts 
^ artificers bom within our obeifance, exercifing new or old ftuff, 

< inhabiting within our re^lm, ftiall be fuffered fo to abide and 
^ dwell with them without interruption, as long as they wUl 
^ ib continue and abide with them, and can agree together. 

XIII. « And 

Stningen ar- 
tificers mav 
take Enfflidi- 
men to be 
their appren- 
5 EKc^.. 

What charges 
ftrangers (hall 
be contribu • 
tory unto with 
the Engtiih 

Anno vicefimo primo Henrici VIII. [ 1 529. 

XIII. * And %themore it is decreed^ That it (hall be lawful 
to all and evety of the (aid ftrangers artificers, now bdng houf- 
holders within our faid realm, to take as many of our (ubjeds 
bom within our obeifance to be their fervants and apprentices, 
in* the craft that they do«xcrcife, as they can lawfully get ; and 
that all the ftrangers artificers, now being houiholders within 
our faid city of LtmdoHy fuburbs, parifhes, or compafs thereof 
exprefled in the faid ftatutes, or within ^wo miles compafs of 
the faid pariflies ; 

'XIV. < And alfo all and fingular ftrangers that now be, of 
hereafter (hall be made denizens, that do or hereafter will in- 
habit within our faid city of London^ fuburbs, or pari(he$ stfbre- 
faid, or within two miles compafs of thefanie,and keep houfes, 
and occupy their craft ; (hall be contributory to and with our fub- 
^ je6ts artificers within our city of London^ Paying, bearing, and 
' fufbining fuch charges as hereafter (hall be exprefled ; Uiat is 
to£iy,as well every ot the faid ftrangers, being of the craft and 
myftery of cordwamers, hou(holders, or denizens that now be, 
or hereafter (hall be made denizens, and (hall inhabit within 
our faid city, fuburbs, pari(hes, or two miles compafs of the 
fame, (hall quarterly pay to the faid mafter, wardens, and com- 
monalty of the (aid craft of cordwainers within our did city 
oi London for the time being, vi. d. (2) And every fervant 
(hunger of the faid occupation of the faia cordwainers withiil 
the faid city, fuburbs, and precindt, not being denizen, (hall 
quarterly pay to the faid mafters, wardens, and commonalty, 
iii. d. (3) And that all other (farangers artificers and denizens 
of every handicraft and myftery, inhabiting as well within ouf 
faid city of London^ as in any other city orkown within this our 
realm, (hall pay, bear, and fuftain all fucn and like charges as 
our fubjedls of like craft and myftery bom out of our obeifance; 
inhabitmg within the cUy, borougti, or town of their habka* 
tion, at this time do now bear and fuftain. 
XV. < And alfo all ftrangers artificers, and denieens, exer- 
dfit^g the craft and myftery of cordwainers, dwdling out of our 
faid city of London^ in any other city or town within this our 
realm, (hafU pay, bear, and fuftain, fcot, taxes, tallages, fubfi- 
dies, prefts, and all other reaibnable exadions firom time to time, 
acooniing as the faid mafters, wardens, and companies of the 
faid crafts for the time bein^, (hall be bounden to pay, bear, 
and fuftain, when any fubfidy, tax, tallage, or preft, or other 
reafonable charges (hall by the mayor and aldermen of our Cud 
city of I^ondon, and the mayors and ald^kinen of our faid other 
cities, and towns, or by the common coutKil cS the faid city, 
cities, and towns, of and foranycharges or payments of money, 
to be paid by the companies of the faid crafts, citizens of 
any city, for any payment to be made unto the King's high- 
nelt, or his heirs, or elfe to be paid for any caufe concern- 
ing the common wealth of any ot our faid cities or towns, or 
common wealth o^the faid artificers, the faid ftrangers fliall 
pay all the fame thac they &aU be afleffbd or taxed to pay, as 

* con- 

^S'^B*] Anhb vicefim64)rjnio Henrici VIII. ip3 

* contributoikd with the faid companies, being our fubjedsj^Pcnalty of a 

* as our raid rub|e<5ls (hall be afTefied, and taxed to pay ; (2) and |*^*"K«r «- 

* if any of them detijr bv rcfiifc the fame, or any part thereof, contnbuto^ 

* then he or they denying or refufing fo to do, (hall not only lofeto lawful 

* the benefit of this decree, but alfo (hall not any longer occupy charges with 

* any handicraft^ Upon the pains, dangers, and perils Tpeciii^d iir ^i* company* 

* the above, remembered adts and ftatutes. 

' XVL And that as well all and every of the faid hou(holders,'stran«r8artJ- 
^ ilrangers aforefaid, as all other ftrangers artificers, made or to ficen^iall go- 
^ be made denizens, that (hall be houmolders, and inhabit and ^itb the war* 

* occupy any craft within our faid city, fuburbs, or two miles ^^"* ^^ ^^^ ... 

* compafs of the fame, as long as they (hall remain and abide [o'^^P^^ 

* vntfain the faid city, fuburbs, and two miles compafs of thefearch. 

* fame, being reafonably required and warned by the wardens 

* and other perfons, governors in any city, town, or borough 

* corporate of the faid crafts, within any of our faid cities or town^ 

* corporate, or by any of them for the time being, or by theii' 

* lawful deputies or deputy, (hall go with the faid wardens or othei* 
' governors, there as no wardens be, to make fearch according 
^ to the above remembered adts of parliament made in the xiv. 

* and XV. year of our reien; (2) which if they refufe to do, and 

* that proved before the chancellor of £«fg'/^rf, or before the mayor 

* of London^ and other cities, before the chief perfons of the iaid 
^ cities or towns for the time being, that then the fame hou(holdersi 
^ or hou(holder fo oflFendin^, denying, or refu(ing the fame^ 
' (hall no longer the fame his occupation cxercife or ufe within: 
^ this our realm, upon pain, peril, and danger exprcfled in the 
^ afore remembered adts and ftatutes. 

XVII. * And that the fame ftrangers artificers, denizens or not 
^ denizens, hou(hold€r8, whi^h willremain and abide within oui* 
^ (aid realm, (hall, upon lawful notice to them given by the 
^ mafter and wardens of their craft, or one of them, perfonally 
^ prefent themfelvesin the common hall or meeting-place of then* 

* faid crafts within our faid cities and towns^ there as they be in- 

* habiting, and then or there every of them to receive and take 
^ their oaths, and be fwom upon the holy evangelifts^ before the 
*' faid mafter and wardens of^ their faid craft and mydery withinf 
' our faid cities and towns corporate, to be faithful ana true to 
^ us and to our heirs Kines of England^ and to be obedient to U9 
^ and them, and to our and their laws, and to all adts, ordinances,* 

* and decrees made and confirmed by us and our council, or by 
^ our council, and duly and truly at all times, when they (hail' 

^ be appointed by the wardens of their fellowfhip, cnut, or The oath of 

* myftciy for the time being, or their deputies, to make fearch*^ (hangersta 

* with them according to the purport, tenor j oreffcdtof an e(htute^j„*i^^jj'g J^ 
^ and adt of parliament made in the xiv. and xv. year of our*dient to his 

* reign, and have warning and monition thereof by the faid war-^laws, and to 

* dens, or any of them, or any other their fufficient deputy or de-»"^*^*^«^^^*«* 

* puties in that behalf to them given and made, and that they ^* 
^ (hall be ready to go with the (aid wardens to, make the' (ame 

^ fearch, and that they (hall not give notice to any (brangcc of tho 

* Vol, IV, O * faid 


]fo ftfangerSf 
tout dentzenSy 
ihali keep 

ft'raiijD;er8 (hall 
not aflemble, 
but in the 
common halls 
•f their my- 

A conmilTion 
granted to cer- 
tain perfont to 

Anno vicefimo ptimo fiEKRtci VBl« (1529. 

raid fearch, until they with the fiud vmrdens come together to 
make the iaid feurch, and that they fliaU well, indifferently, and 
truly behave them in the fame, femngall affsftion^ favour, ma- 
lice, and dread of any creature^ and ^1 fraud and deoedt apart. 
So help them God and all faints, and by tiie holy evamdift. 
(a) And thevoath (6 received infenn afordaid, the (Ud ftran- 
eers (hall pay for thdr a^miflion aecoiding as om: laid fiilgeds 
have always uied to pay. 

XVni. < It is aUb further decreed, That no ftnm^ artificer 
or handiuBraftfinan bom out of otv obrnfimce, not being denisen, 
which at the day of the making of thisdecree 'is not ^hovlhoider 
Within this our vealm, or kSqpeth aHv Oiop or (hops within 
the Ikid city and fuburbs, or any ottier city, town, or bo- 
rough withm this our realm, (hall from tiiat day forward iet 
up or keep any houfe, or (bop, or chamber within our city 
of LaidMf fuburbs, or pariihes before rehcarfed, or widiin 
any other city, town, or borough, or viHage within this oar 
realm, whefein he (hall exercife and praAife any huidicraft or 
myftery, upon pain to incur and run in fuch penaltid^as be con-> 
tainedmtheftatutes before this timemadeandenaded. (2} And 
that none of the faid (bangers artKicers or handicra(tfmcn, bom 
out of our obeifanoe, as well denizens as other, (haB afiemble in 
any company, (ellowlhip, congregation, or conventicle, but 
only in the common hall of their crms, with our fubjedh which 
be of the company of their faid craft or cnifts, at fuch time as 
they (hall be commanded and warned by the mafter and war- 
dens of the faid cra(t or crafts, and at none other place or 
time, or in any other manner, upon pain afore exprraled. 

XIX. ^ Provided alway. That this decree, and every part 
thereof concerning the oraft and mvftery of cordwainers, md( 
extend as well to them that work old ftuff, as new^ within our 
city of Londm^ the fuburbs of the fame, or in any other city, 
town, borough, or vllla»s within this realm of England. 

XX. ^ Provided alfo. That notwith(hmding any words com- 
prifed in this decree, the ftrangers artifieers, denizens' or not 
deni2ens,> inhabiting in the univerfkies of Oxford and Cam" 
bridge^ and witbin-the fanAuary of Saint A/^r/zV; le (rnnuf within 
the city of LendoHy (hall enjoy all tlie benefits and advantages re* 
ferved unto them by reafi>n of any proviiion made by sft of 
parlijunent expre(&d in the (latute made in*the xiv. ttidxv. year 
of our reign ; fo that the faid ftrangers, denizens or ngt deiuzens, 
inhabiting withii^the faid fanftudry of Saint Mbrtiks k Grmd^ 
be conformable to fuch direction and order as (hall be taken by 
the reverend father in God Cuthbert bifhop dE LmAth Sir Hi- 
chard Brooke knt. chief b;ax>n of our exchequer. Sir John Mori 
knight, one of the juftices of our bench. Sir John Dauntyj and 
Sir J^n Akino knights, to whom we have of late direAed 
our letters patents, and by the fame given them power and 
authority, and commanding them, and every of them, to caufo 
die houie of every (tranger and denizen, artificer, inhalnttng,. 
and dwelling within tlie fiud fandhiary, to be fearched and 


15^9*] ^^^ ^ce&no primo HenHici VIII. 195 

^ yiewcA'j how many fervants he or they keq> born out of our ny fenrants m 

* obtifimce, and they being all viewed and feen, then to appoint ^"^^^^ 

* to eveiv of the faid ftrangers houfiiolders^ inhabiting within Gmt^t, 

* the fiua fandhiary, by them in form aforefaid fo tried^ to be Martin V. 

* within the bounds and limita of die 6id fandtuary^ fuch num-^ 5 ^^^' 4* 
^ bcr of fervants ftraheers bom out of our obei&nce, as they by 

^ fhmr difcretions ihalfthink convenient and fuffieient, and not to 

* be any detriment unto our fubjeds inhabitants within our fiud 


IkXl, ^ And oommandin| in our naoae ail and every of the 
^ faid ftraAgers, denitens, noufliolders, that they from hence- 
^ fordidonot keep within their houfes, nor any other houfe, (hop, 

* or chamber within our (aid city of LonAm^ or the fuburbs dfthe 

* frme, any mo fervants being bom out of our Obeifance, than 
^ (hall be to them at the time by them appmnted, as they will 
^ avoid thedai^er and penalty ot our laws ; and what they have 
^ done in the premifle#, that they do certify to us and to our coun- 

* cil into our Star-chamber at Wijimnfter^ at the xv. i^ of 
< Eafter next coming. In witnefs whereof We will as wdl the 

* faid decree as all other the premifTes, fhall be exemplified un« 

* der our feal/ 

Na$ aattem tenor em brevis & deereti preiiff ad reptijkienem isitf « 
giftri & gardianerttm artis five nqfterii abitarierumfive cordweimrs 
Lanimt duximus exempUficanf per prafentes. In a^us ret t^i-^ 
manivm has titeras mftrasjieri fecimus patentes. Tejii meipfi (^ud 
Wepmnajf vicefimo die ^riUs anno regninoftri vtcejmoh 

CAP. xvn. 

An aA for the adnulling of the letters patents made to the ci^ 

of Tork concerning (hipping oli wools. — -^ 

CAP. xvin. 

No perfon Oiall (hip, load, or unload any goods, to be Ibkl 
into or from any fliip at any place witlun the river of Tme^ 
between the places called Sparbawi and Hedwinjiremes^ but 
only at the town of Newcajlle. The mayor, burgcflcs, and 
commonalty of NewcaJlU^ and their fucceflbrs, may pluck 
down aU wears, gores,, engines, that (hall be made in the 
haven between die places aforefaid. 


Avowries Jhall be made by the lord upon the landy mihouf 
naming bis tenant. 

W'HERE as toett the noblemen of this realm^ as divers ether The rea/lm 
terjinsj if fines^ reeoverieSy grants^ and fecret feoffment s^ andcaufc^ 
and ka/es made by their tenants to perfins mhsewn^ eftbeiandsandf^^^^^ 
tenements bolden rfthemy have been put from the knowledge ofthrir March, t66. 
tenantSy upon whom thej Jbouldhy order of the law make their avowries Stiles, 4. 
for their rents^ aifiomSp and fervices^ to their great loffes and bin- Moor, «7o. 

P 4 n. Be 

1^6 Anno vicefimo primo Hemrici VIII. [i52j9^«. 

1 Leon. 30T. IL Be it therefore enaded, eftabliihed,- and ordained by 
Moor, 885. authority of this prefent parliament. That wherefoever any 
may^be^de Planner lands, tenements, and other hereditaments be holdeo 
by the lord of any manner perfon or perfons, by rcntSy cuftoms, or fiar- 
upon the land vices, that if the lord^ of whom any fuch manner lands» 
holden of him tenements, or hereditaments be lb holden, diftraki upon the fame 
inK his tcnwt manors, lands, or tenements, for any fu^h rents, cuftoms, or fcr- 

2 Mod. 103. vices, and replevin thereof be fued, that the lord of whom the 
Avowry in fe- fame lands, tenements, or hereditaments be fo holden, may^avow, 
cond ddivc- qj his hgisiff or ftirvant make conifance, or juftify, for taking of 
arH 8'.f^»o. *® ^^^ diftrcflis upon the fame lands, tenements, or heredity 
9 Co. iftTs^y' lAC^t^ ^o holden, as in lands or tenements within his fee or feig- 
736. ^ niorvy (2) alledging in the (aid avowry, conifance and juft»- 
Co.Lit.ft68.b.£eation, the fame manors, lands, and tenements- to be holdeu 
The avowant ^^ ^*°^' without naming of any peifon certain to be tenant of the 
ihall recover fame, and without making any avowry,' juftification^- or coni- 
damagesand fance upon any perfon certain ; (3) and likewife the lord, 
cdlsoffuit. baUy, or fervant to make avowry^ juftification, or conifimce 
S^a damUes *" '*^ manner and form upon every writ fued of iecond dc- 
t6. ' liverance. • 

aRo1U37,x40y IIL And alfobe it enaded by the faid a'uthority, Thatevesy 
*J*- avowant, and every other perfon or perfons that make any fuch 

T Salk 9^^' avowry, juftification, or conifance, as baily or fervant to any 
s Cr. 520. perfon or perfons in any replegiare, or fccond deliverance, for 
rents, cuftoms,; fervices, or for damage fefant, or other rent or 
rents, upon any diftrefs taken in any lands or tenements, if 
the fame avowry, conifance, or juftification be found for them, 
or the plaintiffs in the fame be ngnfuit, or otherwife barred, 
that then they (hall recover their damages and cofts againft the 
fald plaintiffs, as the fame plaintiffs (hould have done or had,, if 
they had recovered in the replegiare, or fecond deliverance found 
againft the faid defendants. 
. . , IV. And be it alfo ordained. That the faid plaintiSs and de* 
Sprayers af fondants in the faid writs of replegiare, or writs of fecond dc- 
at the common' liver.ince, and in every of them, ftiall have like pleas, and like 
law. aid-prayers in all fucii avowries, CDnifances, and joffifidtions 

fpleas of difclaimef onfy except) as they might have had before 
the makirlg of this adt, and as though the faid avowry, c6ni- 
fahct, or juftification had been made after the due order of the 
common law. 
Xike joinder ^' ^^^ ^^ '^ further ena<aed by the faid authority, That aD 
in aid as at fuch perfons as by the order of the common law may lawfully 
the common join to the praiiuiffs or defendants in the faid writs of replegiarC, 
^^' or fecond deliverance, aS well without* procefs as by procefs, 

fhall from henceforth join unto the faid plaintiifs or defendants, 
as well without procefs as by procefs, and to have like pleas» 
and like advantages in all things (difclaimer only except) as the^r 
might have done by the order of the common law before tl^ 
>»Gea».c.i9. making of this 2£L 


^ iSJo*] ^^^^ vicefimo iccundo Henrici VIIL 1^7 


The prcfidcnt (hall bc4drociatc with the chancellor, Vc. in exa- 
mination and puniAiing of riots, i^c. 16 Car. i. c. io. 

The ftatute made 14 £^ 15 i/. 8. r. 3. concerning worftcd wca-.EXP. 

vers in Tarmoutb and Lynn, rehearfed and continued untila6H.8.c.x5^ 
. the next parliament. 

Statutes made at JVefiminfter^ Anno 22 Hen. VIII. 
znA Anno Dom. \ ^'^o. 

STatuta boiram publicum concementia edita in parliamento tento apud 
Weftmonaftenum dectmo fexto die Januarii, anno regni pnepotentif- 
iimi & metuendiilimi Angliae & Francise Regis, fidei defenforis, &domi- 
jk\ HiberaisBf HENRICI mavi, vicefimo fecundot poft diverfat proroea- 
tioncs ejuidem parliamenti phmo inchoati apud Londinum tertio die No* 
Tcmbrk anoo vicefimo primo ejufilem regis, & inde adjumati &proroga- 
ti u(que ad Weftmonanerium, & ibidem continuati per quadragmta qua- 
tuor dies, videlicet uique ad decimum feptimum diem Decembris $ & ab 
codcm die k loco ufque ad vicefimum fextum diem Aprilis promme fe. 
quentis) & ab eo die ulque ad vicefimum fepundum diem Junii, k ab il- 
lo die ad primum diem Oftobns & a primo die Odiobris ufque ad Vicefi- 
mum fecundum diem ejufdem menfis, U ab illo die ufque ad decimura 
fextum diem Januariiiecundum lej^ tenrsB rite prorogati»& ibidem con- 
tinuati per feptuajrinta ^uinque dies, videlicet, ad ultimum diem Martii 
eodem anno vicewno pnmo, U inde ulterius prorogati ufque ad decimum 
iertiom diem 06lobris proxime fequentis. 

CAP. I. 

No perfon during ten years next enfuing (hall buy any wool g^ P. 
growing in the counties of Berkjbiriy (^c, viz, eighteen 4 Ed.4.c.4. 
counties, before tht Jffumption of our Lady next after the + H-r.c.n. 
' (hearing of the fame, but fuch as will make cloth or yam 37 H.8.C.15, 
thereof, upon pain of forfeiture of the double valufe there- 
of. No ftranger (hall buy any wool before the Purification 
of our Lady next after the (hearing thereof, upon the pain 

CAP. n. 

AnaSfor trial of foreign pleas pleaded hj felons. 

WHERE among other things it was conftdered by the whole T\it inconve* 
court of parliament of our moft excellent fovereign lord the niences cn- 
Jf/«^, holden in the fourth year of his noble reign^ That mur- J"ing the al- 
therers and felons^ lawfully arraigned of their detejiable offences^ bare feio^o plead 
them bold upon imagining and pleading of feignea and untrue foreign a piea tnablc 
pleas triable in foreign counties^ to the intent to be renwf)ed from in a foreign 
place to place by colourable and untrue fuggefiions^ and far to be^^^^' 
untruly acquit by favour, might or corruption^ fo that they lived in ♦ "' ^' *• 
manner without fear or dread: (z) For reformation whereof and 
for the common wealth of this realm, it was enabled by authority 
pf the fame parliament y That if any murtherer or felon^ upon his 

Oi nrrai^nn 

^^S Anno vicefinio fccundo Hen&ici VIII. [i ^$o^ 

arraignment from thence did alkdge^ that he bad taken of^ char A 
or church-yardy for murther orfebny $r other place privileged fir 
the fame in a foreign comPry^ atid c^gainfi Ins wiU was uUen out 
thereof: that then the Kki^s attomq;^ or art^ other per f on that tviS 
fbew or aUedge for the King, that the faid miirtherer or felon fo 
arraigned^ was taken at large in the fame Jhire where he is fo ar^ 
raignedy then that the fame allegiance and iffiie fiould be tried ty the 
in^Jl that Jbould try the fame murther or felony within the fanu 
JUroj and before the fame juftices where the faid murtherer or film 
is arraigned^ as though the faid fiM'dgn plea had not been pleaded 
by the laid felon. ( 3) Jnd that if it were found by the fame inpee/l^ 
dkU the faid murtherer or felme was taien within tie fame fitre^ 
as is aforefaid^ that then he to have no advantage or benefit of the 
matter aUedged by him for taking out of the church or clmrcb^ 
yardi or other place privtleged in any futb foreign Jbiroy (4) and that 
the faid off Jbould endure to the next parliament from then eufaing^ as 
by thjame a& made in the faid fourth year nuunfaftly appoareth. (5) 
Andforafmuch asftth the ttme of expiration of the find o& made in 
the faid fourth year^ many abomimAle murther Sy as well of priejls 
as of otBer porfons^ robberies of churchy cmd robberies of perfons in 
tbiir houfesj as well by day as by nighty and other mofi dtieflcAlt 
murthers and falonieSy have been committed and done within this 
realmy and the moe^ and more often^ becaufi that the faid Jiatute 
hath been expired and ended^ from and Jince the beginning of the 
60 mnch of parliament of our faid fovereign lord holden in the fiuth year of bis 
tbe ftat. of moji noble reign : 

^ ^ ^'h^'th' ''" '^ *^ ordained and ena<5ted by authority of this prdent par- 
thep?ca^le«l. Han^cnt, That the faid adt made in the faid fourth year, and 
«d by a felon every thing therein contained concerning the faid foreign pleas, 
that he was and replications thereunto to be made, and triak thereof, (h^ 
ttkeniaa. n6w be revived, and (hall ftand in full force and effeA^ and 
ouM^Sau- *^' continue and endure from henceforth for ever, as if 
ary» . the fame a6t bad been originally made perp^al and not deter* 

madcperpc- minable, ' • '• 
f»^- C A P. III. 

.&3Ph.&M. ^otPlumJ^edm^xfl^. 

f'^- CAP. IV. 

For exa£K^ not tq he levitd on appr^kes* 

^^5J ^^\L A '^ ^' P^^^ ^f ^*^ ^o^tttnons in this Prefent parliament affmr 
^oni^ -TX *H recitingy That where it was eftabli/bed and ena^ed. in 
prehtices^y ^*^ nineteenth year of our late foyer Agn lord King Henry the Seventh^ 
maiters, war- That no majler^ wardens^ and feUawJbip of crafts^ or any ofthemy 
dens, &c. nor any rulers of guilds or fraternities ^ take upon them to make (my, 
a£ls or ordinances^ ne to execute any aSfs or ordinances by them 
heretofore made^ or hereafter to be mde^ in difinheritance or dimi* 
nution of the prerogative of the Kirig^ nor of other ^ nor again/! the 
common profit ofthepeople^ but if the fame am or ordnances be exa- 
mined or approved by the chancellor y treafurer of England, or chief 
jujiiu of either bench\ or three ofthmy or before thejs^ices ofaffize m 
* * ' - their 

15^-] Aimo vkefimo iecundo Henrici VIIL 199 

tbar armt or fr^ifiy in ibifiire wbin fmb affs orordifmnm he 
mad€y upm pain of forfgitun of xl. li. for every time that they do 
the contrary^ as more fiaitilyin the faida^ doth appear: (2}//i6 A rehear&I of 
which time divers wardens and feUowJbips have made aSls and ordi" *« ^atutc of 
naaus^ that every (^entice JbaU juy at his firft entry in ^*«> iJ^ hwit w 
eammpn haUj to the wardens of the jfame feUowJmp^ Jome of them abufcd. 
xLa* feme X3ai.s. feme tou %/jme xiii. s. iv. d* fome vl. s. viii. d. 
fam€^ iii s» iv. after their own Jinifter mind and pteafure, contrary to 
tba meaning of the a^ aforefatdy and to the great hurt of the King*$ 
truafttbje&s putting their child to he apprentice : (3} Be it therefore 
ordaunedi eftabliflied, and tca&sA by the King our .^vereig^ 
lord^ by the advice of the brda fpiritual and temporal, and of 
thfl commons in tbia preflent parliament aBembled, and by 
authority of the &nie» That no matter, wardens, or fellow- The feet of 
(hips, of crafts^ or. matters, or any of them, nor any rulers of wardens of 
£rauimities, take from hencefordi of any apprentice, or of any^'^P**""^^^ 
oth^ perfon or perfona, for the entry of any apprentice into jjj^^ijjjj'n^^ 
their &d fellowfliip, above the fum of ii. s. 6. d. nor for his or frnman 
cn&y» when hia years and term is expired and ended, above into their 
iii. ft. iv. d, (4) upon pain of forfeiture of xl. li, for every «MBp«y- 
fioM that they do to the contrary \ the one half to the King « ^ ,. 
our fovereigp lord, the other half to the party that therefore ftJihS^pi^ 
ihall fue by adtion of debt, information, or otherwife; and videdfbrby 
|hat ia^ ^on aforeiaid no protedlion or eflbin fhall be al* »tH. s. c. |. 

CAP. V. 

For bridges and high-ways* 

E it enaAed by the King our Ibvereign lord, and the lords a remedy to 
fpiritual and temporal, and the conunons, in this pre- repairdecayed 
fent parliament aflembled, and by authority of the fame, That ^H^S^ i^ 
thejuftices of peace in every fliire of this realm, franchife, city, by wh2J 
or boroudi, or four of them at the leaft, whereof one to be of the 13 co. %%. 
fuonem, (haU have power and authority to enquire, hear, zi)d Popb. iy%* 
oetexmine in the Kinjg's g^eral feffions of peace, of all man- * ^.^- 700- 
ner o£ annoyances ot bridges broken in the high-w^ys, to the ^^^^ a, 
damage of die Kii^s liege people, and to make fuch procefs waixlpyoeeiJ 
and pains upon every prdentment afore them for the reformat andnftthem 
tioa of the faine, ^gaintt fuch as owen to be charged for the who oa^t to 
making; or amending of fuch bridges, as the Kii^s juftices «P««*bndgeSp 
of bis^bench ufe commonly to do, or as it fliall 1^^ by their 
difcrttiopa to be nec^fiary and convenient for the fpeedy amend- 
ment of fuch bridges, 

II. jtfid ufhere m many parts of this realm it cannot he known This aft iaen* 
and pfTOved vJkU hundred^ ridings ivapentake^ dt^y horoughy town, forced by i 
or parijbj nor what perfon certain^ or body politick^ ought of right ^^^'^^fj^* 
to make filth bridges deeayedj by reofon whereof fuch decayed bridges^ m not alterad 
fcT lackofburwUdge of fuch as owen to make them^ for the nuft part by thatftatiit9« 
£f long without any amendment y to the great annoyame of the Kin^s 

' ^ Q^ m.For 


too Anno viccfimo fecundo Henrici VIIL [1530. 

in. For the remedy thereof, be it cna6ted by authority 
aforcfaid. That in every fuch cafe the faid bridges, if they be 
vithout city, or town corporate, (hall be made by the inha- 
bitants of the (hire or ridin^g within the which the faid bri<%e 
decayed (hall happen to be; (2) and if it be within any city 
or town corporate, then by the inhabitants of every fuch city 
or town corporate wherein fuch bridges (hall happen to be ; 
(3} and if part of any fuch bridges fo decayed happen to 
be in one (hire, riding, city, or town corporate, and the other 
part thereof in another (hire, riding, city, or town corporate, 
jbr if part be within the limits of any city, or town corporate, 
and part without, or part within one riding, and part within 
another; that then in every fuch cafe, the inhabitants of the 
(hires, ridings, cities or towns corporate (hall be charged, and. 
chargeable to amend, niak^ and repair fuch part and portion 
of fuch bridges fo decayed as (hall li; and be within the limits 
of the (hire, riding, city, or town corporate, wherrin they be 
inhabited at the tinie of the fame decays. 

IV, And be it further enadled. That in every fuch cafe 
where it cannot be known and proved, what perfons,' lands, 
tenements, and bodies politick owen to ma|&e and repair fuch 
bridges, tnat for fpcedy reformation and amending of fuch 
bridges, the juftices of peace within the (hires or ricfings 
wherein fuch decayed bridges been out of cities and towns 
corporate, and if it be within cities or tovms corporate, thea 
the juftices of peace within every fuch city or town corporate, 
or four of the faid juftices at the leaft, whereof one to be of 
t}ie quorum^ (hall have powpr and authority within the. (imits 
of their (everal commi(fions and authorities, to call before tl^em 
the conftables of every town and pari(h, being within the (hire, 
i-iding, city, or town corporate, as well within liberty as 
without, wherein fuch bridges, or any parcel thereof (hall 
happen to be, or elfe two of the moft honeft inhabitants with- 
in every fuch town or parifh in the faid (hire, riding, city or 
town torporatc, by the difcretion of the faid juftices of peace, 
or four Qt them at the feaft, whereof one to be of the qudrum i 
ByiAnn.ftat. (2) and at arid upon the appearances of fuch cohfl:ables or in- 
6**^ ft'h*^^*" ^^^'^^nts' the faid juftices 6t peace, or four of them, whereof 
.peace may (ax ?"^ ^° ^^ of the quorum^ with the a(rent of the (Ud conftables or 
the fcvcral inhabitants, (hall have power and authority to tax and (et every 
inhabitant in every fuch city, town, or pari(h within the limits 
of their commi(rions and authorities, to fuch reafonable aid and 
fum of, money, as they (ball think by their difcretions con- 
venient and (ufficient for the repairing, re-edifying, and a- 
mendment of fpch bridges; (3) and after fuch taxation made, 
the faid juftices (hall caufe the names and fums of every par- 
ticular perfon fo by them taxed, to be- written in a roll indented ; 
(4) And (hall aifo have power and authority to make two col- 
lt<^ors of every hundred, for colle<ftion of all luch fums of money 
by tl^em fet and taxed ; which collectors, receiving the one 
part of the faid roll indented under the feals of the faid juftices 
^ fliali 

The juftice« 
may tax the 

inhabitants * 
vritb the af- 
fent of the 


*53o-] Anno incefimo fecundo Henrici. VIII. tor 

Aiall have power and authority to collect and receive aH theTwocoltea- 
particular fums of money therein contained, and to diftrain^"^^*^^''/ 
every fuch inhabitant as Ihall be taxed and .refiife payment ^°""' 
tliereof, in his lands, goods, and chattels, and to lell fuch 
diftrefs, and of the fale thereof retain and perceive all the money 
taxed, and the refidue (if the diftrefs be better) tor deliver to 
the owner thereof; (5) and that the famejuftices, or four of Tlie|iiiliee»- 
them, within the limits of their commiffions and authorities,' ^**' ^E^^i^^i 
ihall alfo have power and authority to name and appoint ^o J^^^-J^ ^^J^ 
Itirveyors, which Ihall fee eveiy fuch decayed bridge repaired bridge. 
^nd amended from time to time, as often as need (hall^ require, 
to whofe hands the faid collectors (hall pay the fald fums of 
Aioney taxed, and by them recdved; (6) and that the col- TbecoRca^ 
lc<Sh>rs and furveyors and every of them, and their executors <^" ^^S^^r ' ' 
afid adniiniftrators, and the executors and adminiftrators <>f ][2ompttothe 
them, and every of them, from time to time, (hall make a joftlces. 
t4ije declaration and accompt to the julVices of peace of the 
Ihire, riding, city, or town corporate, wherein they (hall be 
appointed colledors or furveyors, or to four of the fame ju(tices 
whereof one to be of the quorum^ of the receipts, payments, and 
expences of the faid fums of money 1(7) and if they or any of 
them refufe that to do, that then tne fame juftices of peace, or 
four of them, from time to time, by their difcretions, (hall have 
power and authority to make proce(s againft the faid colleAors 
and furveyors, and every of them, their executors and ad- 
miniftrators, and the executors and adminiftrators of every of 
them, by attachments under their feals, returnable at the ge- 
neral fe(fions of peace, (8) and if they appear, then to compel 
them to account as is aforefaid ; or elfe \i they or any of themf 
refufe that to do, then to commit fuch of them as (Kail refufe, 
to' ward, there to remain without bail or mainprize, till the 
laid declaration and accompt be truly made. 

V. And where any bridge or bridges lien in one (hire or 
riding, and fuch penbns inhabitants, bodies politick, lands,, 
or tenements, which owen to be charged to the making and . 
amending of fuch bridges, lien and abiden in another (hire or 
riding, or where fuch bridges been within any city or town 
corporate, and the perfons inhabitants, bodies politick, lands, 
or tenements, that owen to make or repair any fuch bridges, 
lien and been out of the faid cities and towns corporate; l^'it 
enacted. That in every fuch cafe the juftices of peace of the 
(hire, city, or town corporate, within the which fuch decayed 
bridges, or any part thereof (hall happen to be, ftiall have 
power to enquire, hear and determine all fuch annoyances, be- 
ing within the limits of their commliTions or authorities ; (2) 
and if the annoyance be prefented, then to make procefs into The iufticet 
every (hire within this realm, aeainft fuch as owen to make may make 
or amend any fuch bridges fo prelented before them to be de- JJ^^iJ^ 
cayed, to the annoyance and let of the paiTage of the King's agamft 
fubjedts, and to do further in every behalf in every fuch cafe, otfendert, 
%s they might do by authority of this a&, in cafe, that the per- 

2^2 Anno vioefimo iccunda Hbnrigi YUl* [^ 51^* 

IbiB or bodies politick, Iands> or tenoments, wbicli owen to 

bQ charged to the suneoding or making of fiich bridges, <^ aoy 

pMrti thueof^ were in the ftme flvxe^ ridings city, or town cor^ 

^. .- - ponute, where fiich smnoyance (ball bappm to be. (s) And 

SSTfo^' *** *" (^^mSsj and bailiffs of liberties and fianchifcs» IhaU 

procefs upon truly ferve and execute fuch proce&^ as ihaU coEnt to their 

tfaeefeiapn. bands from the faid juftices of peace afore wiiom any preicnt* 

ment (hall be bad for any fock annoyance, acccKding to the 

tenor and efib& of the 0iid pCQceft to them direAed, without 

£ivour> affedion, or cocmpuon^ upon pain %o ofiake fuch i^tm^ 

as (hall be fet npon them or any of them fay the difcretioa of tfa» 


Tbs five poets VL Provided dway. That this aA, or any thing therein 

exc^pfeed* contained^ be not pr^i»Ucial to the Bbcrtiea of the five ports^ 

oc ihendsers of the fiime. And for reformatioQ oi annoj^amcea 

of bridges within the faid ports aod members* 

VIL Be it enaifted by authority of this jHfefent partiwicnt^ 

That the warden^ mayora^ and bailiffaetesftedy and junites of 

the fame ports, and every of them^ have power aod aujtbority t<» 

enquire^ hear, and determine all manner of cpmmon anno^uioes 

iaf bridges within the fame porta and membersi, and to ma(efach 

fffoce&i paina, taxations) aiui. all other things within die fiuno 

ports and members,, as the juftices of peace may. do in othq? 

flitfea or places out of the £ttner ports,, by virtue and- a»thodty 

of thia pre&nt ^A in every bdialf. 

Allowance VUI. And be it further enaftcd by the authority aforcfoid^ 

™w^and ^^^^ the juftices of peace, or four of them*, (hail barve fuft 

colleaon. power and authority to alkw fiioh reafonaUe oofts and charge 

tK» the fiud fiirveyors and.Qo]le<£tors, as by th«r difcretioas (halt 

be thought convenient. 

IX. Ft^mmb that aHeit brumes de^ayii win wuni^d and r#-r 

paired according tp the temr efMs aSy yet neverthel^Sy if Jpeedf^ 

remedy for the amendmei^ of the ways na^ adj^ning to- epefyof the 

' * ' " ' "' '^Mh~ 

ends offutb brieves Jbould not be had and madet the 13ng^sfitjeai 

fioiditake IktJe or none avfdl or commodity in man^ P^^^t of this 

reabn by the nuding of the bridges: (a). In oonfideration wherttrf*, 

be it enafted by llie King our ibvereign leid,. and the lords ffA^ 

ritsuai and temporal,. arS tl^ commons,, ip this prefent parlla* 

liament ailembled^ and by authorili^ of the (aivie, Th^ fodi 

part ahd portion of the h^hways m every pan of this reahn, 

as well within franchife as without, a^ li^ next acyoinmg to the 

ends o£ any brieves within this raJfl^^ diftant from any of the 

(aid ends by the ipace of three hundred foot, be made, rq>aired« 

An order for and amended as often as need (ha}l reqiMrei; (3) an4 that the 

onhc waya^t J^^*^* ^ *^ P^*^ ^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ *** realm» fraachife, city^ 

th« ench of ^ borough, or four of them at the leaA, whfPeof one to be 

biidges. of the quorum^ within the fimits of their commiffions and au- 

thcH-ities, (hall have power and authority to.enqMiri^ hoar„ and 

determine in the King^s general fcflions of peace, all manner 

of annoyances of and. in fuch highways, fo^ being and lying 

next adjoining-to ^y ends of bridee^ withi^ thi$i reilqi> dittany 


1 530.T AimQ vicefimo fecundo Hsnrici V III. 203 

from any one of At ends of fuch. bridges three hundred fboty. 
and tx> do m erery thing and things concerning the making* 
repairing, and amending of fuch highways, and every of them* 
in as large and ample manner, as they might and may do* to 
and £ox the makii]^;, repairing, and amending of bridges* by 
virtue and authority of this prefent aA. ^ 

If any butcher keep a ta^-houfe, he (hall forfdt vi. s. viil. a day. J^;' J*^* '• 

CAP. vn, 

IVhoibever (hall convey any hocfesy |;!eldings, mares, or (beep, Exp.iEl.c.if . 
to any parts beyond the fea* without the King's Hcence JJ^' '/J: ^j. 
(faving for the vidtuallingof C^ii) (hall fioifcit sd. s. for every i Ed! 6! c* 5/ 
polL 5 El. c. 19. 


For denizens firangers to fay firangers eufi(mm. 

T>RAY£N the wmmms^ in thh frefme parliament qffemhkd^ Denizens (hall 
JL That when in a parUament hoUen at Weilminte tbejhentb^y like 
^^^Navembo', in thefir/i year efthe reign rfcur latt Jeuereti^^^^^?.^ 
lard ^famous memory^ King Henry the Seventh (wb^ fml ^'^^fo^thiwe 
tardan) it was ordained^ efiaU^/bed^ and ena^tedy fy a¥tim^ of /i^deniaem. 
faid parUamenty That every perfm made, or aft^ the molAng if tbe\B. 7.c!a« 
f^d aft to be made denizen, Jbouidpay of his mer<bandifes like cujlont 
andfvbfidy as he ought erjbouldpay afore thaOhewere madedemzen^ 
any letters patent, or other ordinantes by parliament or otberwife^ ta 
the contrary netwitbJlandiMf I (2) which Aatute and. orJ^iame wax 
enfy made for cufiom andfib/iif t& be pmato thefaid late Kki, and 
te our newfovereign lord-, {j^fitben which time divers grants have 
been made to divers, as weU merchant ftrangiers, as other ediens bone 
etU of this realm, to be denizens, whereby they have and enj^JSdcb 
freedoms and liberties, as do denizens born within this reabnybevsg onr 
faidjiruereign lord the Kin^s natural born fsdje^y whereof there is 
noJmaU nmnber, and every day inereafe mrn'o and more, by the which 
thefaid aliens, te their lucre and avatl,.been increcfedto great andno^ 
taUefuManceand riches, and the natural Jiih'eSs ofonrfyidjivereign 
lord and bis realm greatly impoverifbed,^ ana after they befo inricMf 
for the moft part convey themfelves, with their faid goodsy to their own 
country wherein they be naturally born, to the great detriment tf the 
common weal of this realm of Enf^znJi, cntd thefubje^ of the fame ; 
(4) it may therefore pleafe your highnefs, of your moft good 
and loving di4>ofitioD, that ye bear and owe to the common 
weakh of this your realnv by ^he advice of your lords fpiritual 
and temporal, and the commons* in this pceC^t parliament af« 
fembled* and by authority of the fame, to ordain, enaA, and 
efbibliih. That every pedbn or per(bas, whatfoever tiiey be* Aliens born, 
bom out of this reahn of England, out of the King's obeiunce* "^^fSjl*" 
made or hereafter to be made denizen, do pay to your grace, and !|^!^[ji£ch 
to your heirs, and to all and every other perTon and perfofu* oCcaftoms and 
what eftate, degree, or condition he or they be, and to all and other duties 
fing^ilar officers andminifters of cities* boroughs* and towns as they did 


II H. 7«c.x4^ 
f. i.andz. 

and duties, 
Ihall be fet up 
in every city, 
borough, or 

The mer- 
chants of the 

The table of 
icavage to be 
ict up in Lon- 
don ihall be 
examined, &c. 

Anno vicelimo fccundo Henrici VIII. Ci53o*' 

within this realm of England^ and to every of them, all fuch fub- 
fidies, cuftoms, tolls, duties, and other fums of mon^, for 
their wares, merchandifes, and other whatfocver goo<», by 
whatfoever name or names the faid fubfidic3, cuftoms, tolls, 
duties, and other fums of money, or any of them, be named or 
called, as they (hould or ought to have paid before they were 
denizens, any grant or grants to them made, or hereafter to be 
made, or any aft or a<fb, ftatute, or ordinance to the contrary 
made or had notwithftanding. 

II. Provided alway. That all and Angular officers and mini- 
fters of every city, borough, or town, wherein any fuch cuftom, 
tolls, duties, or lums of money fhall be demanded, as Is above- 
faid, on this fide the feaft oiPentecoft next coming, (hall fet up, 
or caufe to be fet up, in open place and places of every fuch 
city, borough, or town, a table,, or tables, bv which the cer- 
tainty and every 4uty of every fuch cuftom, toll, and duty, or fam 
of mon^y, of fuch wares, and merchandifes, to be demanded or 
required, as is above rehearfed, (hall and may plainly appear, 
and be declared, to the intent that nothing be exafted other- 
wife than in old time hath been ufed and accuftomed, (2) upon 
pain of every city not doing the fame, to lofe v. I. and every 
town corporate to lofe xl.-s. for every month that the fame table 
(hall fail to be fet up after the fame feaft ; the moiety of which 
forfeiture to be to the King our fovereign lord, and the other 
moiety to the party that will fue for the fame, by writ, bill, 
plaint, or information, (3) in which aftion the de^ndant fhall 
have no eilbin, wager of law, ne prot^ftion allowed. 

III. Provided alway, and be it enadted by the authority afbre- 
£ud. That this aft, ne any other aft or afts made or to be 
made in this prefent parliament concerning the premifles be nor 
hi any wife prejudicial or hurtful unto the merchants of the 
Hans of Alnmgny nor to any of them> having * the houfe within, 
the city of Lpndmy commonly called Guild-Mlda Tbeutmcoramy 
otherwife called the merchants of the Stifyard in Londorty nor to 
their goods or merchandifes, by whatfoever name or names they 
•r any of them be called, but that they, and every of them, 
fhall have and enjoy all fuch liberties, franchifes, cuftoms, and 
privileges, x% they had the firft day of this prefent parliament;, 
any thing or things fpecified in this aft, or in any other aft or 
afts, made or to be made in this prefent parliament liotwith- 

Provided alway, That the tables fo to be fet up in the city 
of Undofiy touching fcavage within the fame, fhall firft be 
viewed, examined, and approved by the chancellor, and trca- 
furer of Efiglandy the prefident of the King's council, the lord 
privy feal, the lord ftcward of the King's moft honourable 
houlhold, and the two chief juftices of the King's bench and 
common pleas for the time being, or by four of them at the 
)caft, and by them fubfcribed. 


^53^'} Anno vicefimo fecundo Henrici VIU. i^05 

CAP. lit. 
Wilful poifonlng fliall be adjudged high-treafon, and the of- Rep. i Ed. 6. 
fender therein ftiall be boiled to death. ' ^•-"i . 


j4n a£l concerning outlandijh peopky calling tbemfelv^s 

FORASMUCH as before tins time divers and many outlandijh Enforced by 
people calling themfelves Egyptians, uftng no craft nor feat ^i&aPli.&M. 
mircbandife^ have come into this realm^ and gone from Jhire to Jbire^ ^•♦* . 
and place to place in great company ^ and ufed greats fubtiU and crafty * * 5 *•*• c«*^ 
means to deceive the people^ bearing them in band^ that they by 
palmeftry could -tell nutfs and women* s fortunes^ andfo many, times by 
craft and Jubtilty have deceived the people of their moneys and alfo 
have commtted many heinous felomes and robberies^ to the great hurt 
and deceit of the people that they have come among : 

II. Beit therefore by the King our fovereign lord^ the lords 
fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent par- 
Jianaent ailembjed, and by the authority of the fame, ordained, 
eftabliihed, and enadted. That from henceforth no fuch perfon 
be fufFered to come within this the King's realm ; and if they do, 
then they and every of them fo doing, (hall forfeit to the King 
our fovereign lord iall their goods and cliattels, and them to be 
commanded to avoid the realm within fifteen days next after the, 
commandment, upon pain of imprifonment ; and it (hall be 
lawful to every iheriff, juflice of peace, and efcheator, to feife to 
theufeof our fovereign lord, his heirs and fucceflbrs, all. fuch 
goods as they or any of them Aiall have, and thereof to make 
account to our faid fovereign lord in his exchequer ; and if it 
fhall happen any fuch ftranger hereafter to commit within thU 
realm any murder, robbery, or any other felqny, and thereof be 
indited, and arraigned, and to plead not guil^, or any other 
plea triable by the country, that then the inqueft that (hall pafs 
between the king and any fuch party, (hall be altogether o^ 
Englijbmen^ albeit that the party fo indidled pray Mtdietatem 
linguaj according to the ftatute of Jnno 8 Henrici VI. or any 
other ftatute thereof made. 

III. Provided alway, That the Egyptians novf being in this 
realm, have monition to depart within fixteen days after pro- 
clamation of this ftatute among them (hall be made, upon paiii 
of imprifonment, and forfeiture of their soods and chattels; 
and if they then fo depart, that then they (hall not forfeit their 
goods nor any part thereof, this prefent ftatute notwithftanding. 

IV. Provided alway. That every fuch perfon or perfon?, 
which can prove by two credible perfons, before the fame party 
that feifeth fuch money, goods, or chattels, of the fame Egyp- 
tiansy that any part of the lame goods, money, or chattels, were 
craftily or felonioufly taken or ftolen from him, (hall be incoiv* 
tinent reftored unto the fame goods, money, or chattels, where- 
of jhe maketh fuch proof before the fame party, that fo (eiieth 

* the 

io6 Amio vkdkno fecundo HfiKftici VIII. 1 1530; 

the fame money, goods, or chattels, upon pain to forfeit to the 
fame party, that maketh fuch probf, the double value of the 
fame by aAion of debt, bill, or otherwife, in any of the King's 
courts to be fu<^, upon which aAion and fiilt he (hall not be 
admitted to wage his law, nor any prote6ti<Mi or eflbin to be 
allowed ; any tlung in this ad to the contrary notwithftanding. 

y. iProvided always, and be it fuifther enaded. That if any 
juftice of peace, iheriff, or efcheator, which by authority of 
this wB^ have power to take or feife any goods or chattels at asy 
JSffptioHSy fltany time hereafter do feife, or take the goods or 
chattris of^ny iucfa Egypti^ns^ that then every fuch juSce, ftie- 
Tiff, or efdieaior, doing the fame, (hall have, keep, and ffeiaia 
to bis own ufe, the moieey of all fuch goods fo by him (UM ; 
andof tbt other moiety fo bv him taken or ieifed, (hall taak^ 
anfwcr sJid accoutftto the King in his exchequer, aeciM^itig to 
the tenor of ihis preiisnt zA ; any thing in the faaie aft eoii« 
tained to the contrary hereof notwithftanding: and that upoQ 
any accoum hereafter to be made for the fiud other ttioiety of 
die fame goods, the accountant (hall pay no m«incr of fees or 
other charges, for his account or dlicharge to be had in tlse 
icing's exchequer, nor dfewh^e. 


An a{f cmictrmng p^wMe in marJh-Und. 

ie Ph &M \Jl/'^^^ *^f^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ eviUdifp^fed perfms^ $f their 
\^ J J^ ' ' VV pervtrfe and evil difptffitm^ malicimflyji at divers and fttn^ 
dry times have cui^ caji down^ and broken up divers parts ef the dike 
caUtd the new pewdike in marjb^land in the ewnty $f Norfolk, and 
the broken diie^ otherwife called Oldfield £ke^ by marjh-kmd in the 
ijleof Ely within the ceutityofC^mhnA^ i by reafon wheferf^ as 

well by the great abundance of the fait water ^ as alfo by the cmerfe af 
thefrejh water entrrng and coming into and by the faid parts of the 
faid ditches fo broken and cafi dewn^ the ground and paflures within 
the country of marjb'land in the counties aforefaid^ have been dSvers 
and many times drotxmed and furrounded with the tuaters aforejaidy fa 
that no profit thereof might be taken by the ozvners and occupiers of 
the find ground and paflures within mar/h^land aforefaid\ by the 
• drowning whereof the faid owners and occupiers of the faid ground^ 
and the inhabitants wtthin the faid mar/b^land^ and the level of the 
fame^ at many nndficndry times have been not only put to importwiaie 
charges and expencesy to their extreme damans and cofis^ but dtfo^ to 
their great undoings have loft much of their cattle and beaftsy then 
being and pafturing t^on and within marfh-land aforefaidy to tbeit 
great damage and lofs^ and to the great decay of the common weal of 
the countries adjoimng to the fimte; and alfo iy reafon of the fimu 
waters much people have been drofwned in their beds within their 
houfeSy and have loft the moft part of their goods being within the 
fame: (2) for the reformation whereof be it ordained, entAed, 
8nd eftabliflied by the King our (bverergn lord, by the adent of 
the loids Attritual and temporal, and the commons, in this 
prefent porfiamefff^ aflemblcd, and by the authority of ^ fame^ 


^ 530I] Anno vfccfimo fecundo HtNRlci VKI. 407 

That evay fuch perverie and malicious cutting dawn and Cutting down. 
t>reaking up of any part or parts of the faid dikes, or of any other ^^ ^TjHj"*. 
bank, being parcel of the rind and upperrooft part of the faid STa^-iaS "" 
«oun^ oTmarlh-land aforefidd, made for the defence and ial- U felony. 
vatioa of the fiime country of marlh-^land, at every time and 
times from henoefbrth by anv peribn or perfons committed and 
done, (ytherwife dian in woniing upon the faid banks or dikes, 
for the repairing, fortifying, and mending of the fame, be 
;taken, reputed, and adjudged felony ; and that the oflendtm 
•and doers of the lame, and every of them, be adjudged and ro- 
^pcxtd felons. (3) And that the juftices of the peace of the &id 
eoonties of Nirfolk and Cambridgt^ within the £ud ifle, at every juftices of the 
of their feflions within the iame ifle and counties to be kq>t, by peace to 
tiie audiority aforefaid have full power to caufe enq^iiry to be ^S^^ ^^ 
made of every fuch offence, fo at any time, in form aforefaid, ^t!rd wrowS 
hereafter to be committed and done, and to award like procefs Ut^ 
againfl every of the faid offenders, with like judgment and exe- 
cution of tne fame, if they or any of them be thereof found 
guilty by verdidt or otherwife, as the faid juftice hath ufed and 
accuftomed to do upon other felonies, being felony at the com- 
mon law. 

An aS SreSif^ bow aged ^ poor ^ and in^tent perfons^ com- 
pelled to Uve by alms^Jhallbe ordered^ and bow v^abonds 
and beggars Jhall be pumjhed. 

THE juftices of peace in every county, dividing themfelves tj h. s. c. s^. 
into fevenil limits, (hall give licence under their feals to < £d. 6. c. ]• 
jbch poor, aged, and impotent perfons to beg within a certain '^^ ^*5* 
precinA, as they (hall think to have moft need : and if any do beg |^ £]' ^] ^ 
without (iich licence, or without his precinft, he (hall be whip- Rep/sijacs* 
ped, or dfe be fet in the ftocks three days and three lughts, c. sS. 
with bread and water only. And a vagabond taken begging 
ihall be whipped, and then fwom to return to the place where . 
he was bom, or laft dwelt by the fpace of three years, and there 
to put himfclf to labour. 

CAP. xm. 

For bakers^ brewers^ furgeons^ and fcriveners^ not to be ac^ 
counted bandicrafts. 

RE £veriftatutes penal heretofore have been made agmnji i R. t.c 9. 
Jlrangers artificers for exerciftng of handicrafts within this «4 & 15 H. f . 
realm^ and for keeping ofboufes^ apprenticesy and fervants efbrangersy \^^ s c 1^ 
as by tbejaid fei/eraljiattaes more plainly is rehearfid; ftthen thi • • • 

making whereof beer brewer Sy and baker Sy which been common vie- 
tuaHerSy and alfo furgeonsyondfcrivenersy being JlrangerSy inhabited y;^^^ perfims 
and dwelling within this realm j have been put to trouble^ and great (hall not be 
vexation^ by occafien of informations brought againft them ufon the ^l^^'^^p^^ 
findjbautesyfuppofing thatfirangers ufing bakings brewingyjurgefjy '*'"'*' 
or writings fimSa be handkrapfmen ; upon the whieh information 
great doms and ambiguities bove rifen^ whether firangers t^mg any 




No ftranger 
being a com- 
mon baker, 
brewer, fur- 

Anrio vicefimo lecundo HeKRICI VIIL [i 53c- 

ifthefaid mjfteries or fcitnui^ jhsuld he underftocd fuch handicraftf" 
mm as were intended by any of the faidjiatutes ; (2) for plain de^- 
claration whereof be it enaded by the King our fovereign lord, 
and the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this 
prefent parliament aflembled, and by authority of the fame. 
That no perfon or perfons ftrangers, bebg a common baker, 
brewer, furgeon, or fcrivener, (hall be interpreted or expounded 
handicraftimen, in, for, or by reafon of ufing any of the faid 
ceon orfcri. «nyfterie8 or fciences of baking, brewing, fui^ry, or writing, 
vener, ihalibe (3) and that all informations, fuits, anions, ana procefs had, 
accounted an taken, or hereafter to be taken upon any of the £iid ftatutes, 
handicraftf- againft any fuch ftranger or ftrangers, hieing bakers, brewers^ 
furgeons, or fcriveners, (hall be by authority of this prefent z£t 
void and of none effect. 


For abjurations and [anSuaries. 

THE King our fivereign lord confidering^ that many ofhisfub-- 
je^s heretofore for their offences and merits^ have been put t$ 
execution of death by toe laws of this realm^ and many other commit'- 
ting like offenceiyfor tuition of their lives^ have fled and reforted t» 
churches y and other hallowed places within this realm^ and there be^ 
ingy have abjured the realm before the King*s coroners of the fam/^ 

(2) divers of which men (fo abjuring) have been knowfi to be Very 
expert mprinersy and many other have been feeny to be very able and apt 
men for the warSy and defence of this recumy fo that by the one mean^ 
and the other y the flrength and power of this realm is greatly minijbed. 

(3) And divers of the Jaid perfons which heretofore have abjured this 
realmy being by reafon of their abjurations in outward realms and 
count riesy have not only procured many men of the fame to the exerdfe 
and pra^ife of archery^ and have injiru£led them in the feat and 
knowledge thereof y to the great increafe and fortifications of the farrie 
outward realms and countrieSy but aljo the fame allured perfons have 
difclofed their knowledges of the commodities andfecrets of this realnty 
to no little damage and prejudice of the fame : (4) the King's high- 
vefs therefore daily fludying and dcvifing to provide for thejafeguard 
of this his realmy and ofhisfubje^Sy albeit they be trangrejfors of his 
lawsyfo that the incommodities infuing upon fuch abjurations to be 
preferved to the bejl effe^ as far as Jhall pleafe God to give them 
graces hatli ordained and ena6ted by authority of this prefent 
parliament. That if any perfon hereafter flie or refort to any 
pari(h church, cemetery or other like hallowed place, for tuition 
of his life, by occafion of any murder, robbery or other felony 
by the fame perfon committed, and thereupon confefs any mur- 
der, felony or other offence before the coroner, wherefore the 
fame perfon by the laws of this realm heretofore ufed (hould 
abjure and pals out of the fame : the fame perfon thereupon (hal) 
abjure from all his liberty of this realm, and from his liberal 
and free habitatiQfis, reforts and pafTages to and fro the univer- 
fal places of this realm, which appertain to ikt liberty of tho 


In what man- 
ner perfons 
petty treafon 
ihall abjure. 

By how many 
means ab- 
jurations of 
offenders out 
of this realm 
bath been 
prejudicial to 
this realm. 

hiift which 

'5^o. j Aiino vicefimo fecundo Henrici VIIL 209 

King's fubjedts undefained, and (hall forthwith be diredted by 
the coroner, taking and recording fuch abjuration, to any one . 
ianAuarv belns within this realm, which the fame perfon will 
eiedl ano choofe, there to remain as a fan<ftuary-perfon abjured, 
during his natural life, and to be fwom afore the coroner upon 
his abjuration fo to do, and to be burned in the hand, according 
to the ftatute in that cafe provided; {5) And every fuch perfon H. >.c.«- 
fo abjured fhall be directed and conveyed to the fame fanftuary Every abjured 
by him chofen, by the conftablesand other officers, and in every pcrfon (haJl be 
behalf ordained after the like manner and form as he ftiould the (Sauary 
have been in cafe he ihould have abjured this realm for any that he doth 
murder or felony after the laws of the land. (6) And if after choofe. 
fuch abjuration any perfon fo abjured come out of the fame ^^P- ' J*^' U 
fanAuary to the which he was affigned, and be taken without ^ j^ jjie, i* 
the fame fan(5tuary, not having the King's fpecial pardon or c. iS. 
licence fo to do : thea every fuch perfon abjured, stna after ab- 
juration taken without ianctuary whereunto he was afligned, 
Ihall fuffer fuch liki! pain of death, and after like manner be or- 
dered, as he (hould have done and been in cafe he had abjured 
this realm for murder or felony, and after fuch abjuration had re^ 
turned again into this realm, contraryto the laws of this land^ 

II. And furthermore it is enadled. That if any fuch fanftuary- xr^gmXiy |-^ 
perfon fo abjured, or any other perfon or perlons, which now ^rion do' 
be, or is, or hereafter (Kail happen to be in any fanAuary of coitunit any 
this realm, for doing any petty treafon, murder or felony^ or felony, he , 
for being acceffiry to any fuch oflFences : or if any perfon or '®^*.^^**** £ 
perfon^, which at any time hereafter (hall take any fan<5hiary of ^^Jj^y? 
this realm, for doing any petty treafon, murder or felony, or 
for being acceflary to any fuch offences, or upon abjuration, 
and fo being in fandtuary for, or upon any fuch caufe, matter or 
offence, afterward commit or do any petit treafon, murder, or 
felony within the fame fanAuaiy, or be acceffary to any fuch 
offences, or go out of the fame undhiary, and commit any pet- 
ty treafon, murder or felony, or be accellary to any fuch offences, 
and after come again to the fame fandtuary, or take any other 
fandhiary for the fame, every fuch perfon and perfons being in- 
dited for any of the fsud caufes or offences, (hall lofe the privilege 
of the fiime fan6luary by him taken, and of every other fanc^ 
tuary within this realm for any fuch caufe of petty treafon, 
murder, felony or abjuration, and for any acceflary to any fuch 
offences: (2) and that it fhall be lawful to all and fingular In what cafe 
jaftices of the peace, and the high (heriff of the county, or other ^ *^^^*/ 
place where the fanAuary is, and to all and Angular mayors, ^^0^11^0- 
Iheriffs and bailiffs pf cities and towns corporate, where fuch ^ry, amd com* 
fancftuary is, and to every of them, and to the fervants, minifters muted to the 
and officers, or any, or every of the fame juftices of peace, (he- g*«^- 
riffs, mayors and bailiffs, in their prefence to take out of xht 
(amefanouary orfanAuaries all and every fuch fan^uary-perfon 
or perfons fo offending as is aforcfaid, and being indidled of the 
fame} (3) and to commit or put him or them into the King's 
gaol within the (hire or liberty where anv fuch indlAment is 

Vol. IV. P ' found 


Trial i)t Me 
county of a 
foreien (>1ea 
pleaded in 
3 Inft. %j. 

a fan^iuary- 
perfon xndi6l- 
cd of irlony 
Aippoled to ' 
be committed 
whiUl he wu 

Anno vkcfimo fecundo HkB^RtM Vlfi. !t«S30- 

found againil ahy fuch {^effoh, faftly to belt^pt till they fliall be 
of the fame petty treafOn, murder or'felony, or of theocceflanr 
^o any Aich offisnces whereof th^ihall ba{»pen to be kididMy 
conviAed, attainted, or ^ifchar^ by-^he farw. (4) Afidifnvy 
perfon or perfons vfhich (hall be indicted of any petic tkcafon, 
murder or felony, or of any aoceflbryto ^yfiKih offence, hap- 
pen hereafter to be taken out of any fundhitfy for the-lktiie, by 
authority of this ftatiite, arid^onhisorth^ir^utaignmmt plesd 
fiuiAuary, according to the 6fder of the law : then it is^ttiaAod 
by the authority aforefaid, -rhat'^s well the Ki^^ attmiey, as 
every other perfon for the Kirtg, (hdl be admktM^to^objtd'anid 
allege, that the perfon (6 arraigned, afete the'doingof die offence 
or offences whereof he then is arraigncid,'4Id take privtlci^ of 
fan^^ry in the fame fan6hiary whereof healkge^ him tobe takeb 
out, or in any othftr plaice privileged 'Within this realm, upon, 
any -abjuration, or for any other petty' tpeifofei, ftiUrder<>r felooy, 
then whereof he is arraigned, and that he there had ahd enjoyed 
privilege of fanftuaiy for the fame, artd that he fo'hating once 
privilege of fi»i<5h}ary in the fame, <lid commit the offonce of 
•petit treafon, murder or felony whereof he th^n i$ arraigned: or 
that he went out of the faid lanAuary, ind eooimitted the fame 
offence whereof he is ihdi<5ted and arraigned, and pray that fuch 
petfons fo arraigned may be excluded of reftitution to the ianc- 
tuA^ by him den^anded. (c) And in dafe the hid plea aiid ob- 
' jeAkm fo Uleged, be denied by the perfon fo arraigned, then it 
Is farther enfadted' by the authority aforefilid. That it fliall be 
forthwith tritkl ^fore the &rne juftices,- Where fuch perfcm is fo 
anraigned,~and by the ftme juit>r$ of the fame ccvOnty that fiiall 
try the petty tfeafon, inurder or felony whefeof he is 'arraigned, 
without faither delay, in whalfoever county or counties, place 
or places of this realm the fame other taking of' fan<5hiaiy ihall 
be alleged or obje6ted' to be done or had. (6) And if the plea 
ibobjeiS^ed aeainft the faid perfon arraigned, be triedagainft him 
1>y vefdiA of twdve Dnen, or by his own confeffion, and alfo it 
be found by verdiS of twelve men, or by his own confeOion, 
according to the order of the law, that heiis guilty of the petty 
trea(bfi, murder,' felony, or of* any acceflky' td any fuch offei^e 
whereof he is fo arraigned; that then 4ike jiAigment and execu- 
' tion (hall be given and done ttpon every fuch peifon as though 
he had been no fan<^4lary^' perfbn, nor had el^med of required 
the privilege ^f the 6me. (7) And if toy fiich perfon be law- 
fuHy aoquttted bf the petty trej^n,mut46f or ft tony whereof he 
fhall be h indiAed and arraigned, then he (hall hereftored to 
the fame fan<5luary out of the which he-was^aken there to have 
the privilege of the fame, In like manner Us he ted before. 

III. Provided alway. That if any pietfon betng or abiding in 
any fan<5hiary as a fan6Kiary-perfon here;ifter, (hall liappen to 
be indited for any manner of felony fuppofed4o'be committed by 
him or her going out of the fame, or- doy^tber &nftuaiy, and 
cdfAmitting the fame felony 'whites that he ^r fhe was ib a 
fafn<Suary-per(bn, he or (he being iodidttd of Aioh felony fup- 



* 53^-3 Anrid vkeTimo fcctmdo HtNAici VIII. 2 1 1 

pofed tQ ht iom withoul tbd fanAuxry, (hall not be taken oat in faoauarv, 

of the iaaiSuary whcrdn the fame pefton ^ali then be refident, ^*'^ ^* ^^^ 

before that heor ihe be examined thereof by two erf tiie King*s ^**^' 

m^ft boiiQitrsUe cooncil, or bjfourjuftkes of pfeacecrfttie ihire 

where the fanAuary ]s, wherein the perfon fo in€ii<5kd» refldent* 

(2) And if the fame perfon fo indldlM within four days after the 

lirft exaibination dd^niake fiich proof as the 'find exatniners b^ 

tfactr dilcretion ihaU thfaik fuffident, that tjie bme perfon was 

ki the £mAuai:^ at th^ tiitie of the fidd telonj cammimd : th<n 

he or (he makmg fuch proof Ihali be fufim to Teisadri ^d be 

in the fame fandhiary, without any extra(ftion from the fame, the 

laid indi<^ment or any thing in thrs adif above written notwith-« . 


IV, Provided aMo, That If any ptrfon, whkh was at any In what cafe 
time a fan<ftuary perfon for any petit treafon, murder or felony, [^e wfvilc*^* 
obtain and have the Kin^s pardon, and thereby* oriithcrwilfi, of fanitua^ 
be at large and out of fandluary difcharged, or purged of that of- twice 
fence or caufe, wherefore the fiuf^e #ortbn took faiiAudryi mi. 
afterward do commit other petit treafon, felony or manflaughter 

by chance-medly, ' and not nnmler of malice prepenfed, and 
thereupon again take fan<ftuary for any fuch petit trealbn, felony 
or mahdaoghter by chance-qrcdly : tnc fanie perfon (hall haye 
and enjoy the privilege of fandhjary for that hh or hef other 
offence of petit treafon, felony t)r rtanflaughtcr by chance-med- 
ly, as the feme pcrfpn might have had &fere the making of 
this ^ ; any thing m the fame at^ contained notwithftand- 

V. And over this, for more fpcedy trials of murders and Trial of 
felonies, be it ena6ted by authority aforefaid, That aH manher foreign pleas* 
of foreign pleas triable by the country, hereafter to be pleaded ^'' ^^*"' ** 
by any perfon or perfons arraigned upon any ^indiftment fbriiny 

petit treafon, murder or febny, fliatl be forthwith tried before 
the fame juftices afere ^hom fuch perfons (hall be airaigned, 
and by the fame jurors of the fanfie county that (hall try the 
petit trcs^on, mviyder or felony whereof he (hsrtl be fo arraigned 
without any ftirther Mi(^it or delay, in whatfoever eounty or 
counties, phoe or plaeeg of this pealm, the matter of the mme 
pleat befuppofed or alleged. 

VL And that no peribn arraigned for my petit treafon, mur* Bro^ challenge 
der or Meny, be from henceforth adtiittted to any peremptory J/^v- 
challenge above the number of xx. (1) This aft to endure to atl^^^aay 
tbe endof the next pariiament. * challenge 

VII. Provided always. That no perfon or perfons be here- above xx. 
^fter exclude, or in any wife hurtcd, to have and enjoy any St. jiH.a. 
privilege of ftnAuary for any offence or offences, bcinff of any c. i-^^^ 
higher nature in the law than the offences and caufes fpecified P^P 
in this a^ be; but that every perfon and perfons for fuch of- 
fences of bieber nature, may have and enjoy privilege of fanAu- 
ary, in as ilee and liberal manner, and atter fubh form as 
they might have done by the laws and cuftoms of the realm 
afore the malting of this. a<5t, any thing in this aA to the 

P 2 ' contrary 

2 1 2 Anno viccfimo tcrtio HENRiCt VIII. t ^ 53 ^ • 

contrary hereof notwithftanding. Conttnuid if 28 H. 8. c. i. ^ 
iy 32 H, 8. c. 3. made perpetual : hutfe much ofthisjiatute as cm^ 
% Waw. 38,3f. eemetb ahjureaperfons and fanHmrieSj or ordering or governing ef 
perfons atjured, <md infan&mry^ is repealed b^ i Jac, i, c. 25, (i 
21 Jac. I. C.28. 

E XP« '^^^ Ktng^s general pardon to his fpiritual fubjeds, of all offen- 

. <es, committed againft the ftatutes of provifors, provifions, 
. and premunire^ and all other penalties, forfeitures, pains, 
except treafon, murder, robbery, Ve. 

CAP. XVL - > 
%X?0 The King's pardon to his temporal fubje£ls, of all (fences 

committed againft the ftatute of provifors, proviiions, and 

Statutes made at Weftminfter Anno 23 He N. VIII. 
and Amo^ Dom. 1 53 1. 

THE King our fovereign fori Henry the Eighbj by the grace 
of God King of England and of France, defender of the 
faith^ and lordoflrtl^nd, at tbefoffion of his high court of parlia^ 

ment^ after divers prorogations holden at Weftminfter the fif- 
teenth day of January, in the xxiij. year of his noble reign j to the honour 
cf Almighty God ana holy churchy and for the common weal and profit 
of this his realm J by the affent of the lords fpiritual and temporalj and 
the commons y in this prejent parliament affembledy and by authority of 
the fame y hath ordained^ efiablijbedj and ena^ed certmn goodfiatutes^ 
laws, and ordnances, in manner and form following. 

CAP. I. 

An a£l concerning conviSs in petit treafon^ murder^ &cc. 

J £. T. cri. \X/^^^^ ^' ? parliament holden at Weftminfter in the third 
ClcFCT not aj- VV year of King Edward the, Fir/l^ the fame King^monkd the 
^^ *** ^y Relates of the realm^ and them enjoined upon their faith that they 

afiSdcacon.'^ ^^^^ '^ ^'^' '*^^ ^^ ^^ '^f^ ^^^fi^^ deliver thofi ckrks^ which were 
indi^edfof^felony^ without due purgation^ fo that tbefitid KingfiMd 
have no need to put other remedy in that betialf\ i z) mid that noiwitb^ 
flanding after that monition^ divers and many cierbs conviif wereac^- 
cujiomably deliver edy and fisffered to make their purgations^ to the 
great courage of evil-doers : 

il H. 4. c. 3. n« By occajion whereof afterward^ at another parliament bolden at 
Weftminfter in the fourth year of King Henry /A/ Fourth^ upon the 
complaint of the commons, the fame King Henry the fourth thenadmr- 
t\fed the prelates of the realm of the premifies^ intending then to have 
provided remedy by authority of the fmd parjiament^ as appertained 
to his prerogative royaly for the confervation of the peace of the 

' crown \ {2) at which time the archbijbop of C»iterbury, for him^^ 

felf and all other bifbops of his prmnce^ then openly pronnfed to the 

^53^-3 Anno vkcfimo teitio Henrici VIIL tij 

fame King Henry the Fmrih^ That if any pirfmfrom thenceforth 'Hjc promife 
tvere unvtcf of any treafon which touched not the King nor his royal J^ *e ffine?or 
Majejiy^ andfuch as were notoriotify known and reputed for thieves^ thcfafc k^- 
and for fucb caufe delivered to any ordinary as a clerk convi^j that ing of nototl- 
the ordinary to whomfuch perjhn or perfons were delivered^ Jbould oui efficndcri 
fafely keep them after the effed of a conftitution provincial^ ^^'^f^^^n 
made by thefaid archbifiop and bijhops after the effect of the letters of ^^^^"^ • 
Simon, then afore that time archbijbop ^Canterbury, bearing date 
ibe xij. calends ^March, theyear of our Lord God M.CCC.L. (3) 
jtnd that nofuch traitor nor felon Jbould make his purgation againft 
the faid conjlitution ; (4) which conjiitution the faid archbijhop then 
promifed to deliver H the fame Ktng before his next parliament ^ to 
the intent that if it Jbould Jeem to the fame King^ that the fame con^ 
Jlitution were notfufficient remedy for the pretmjfes^ that then the 
faid King might provide fuch remedy as findd appertain in that behalf — . ,. 
C5) Sithen which timcy the fame conftitution was never notified «^ryA^ufcin 
Jbewed by the prelates of this realm j but continually Jithen that time (ufferinenoto.. 
manife/i thieves and murderers, indited and found guilty of their nous fcToni tp 
mifdeeds by good and fubjlantid inquejls, and upon plain and provable ^^^ P«rg»- 
evidence before the King's ju/HceSj and afterwards by the ufages ef^^^ 
the common laws of the md delivered to the ordinaries as clerks con^ 
vi^j be fpeedily and baJHly delivered and fet at large by the mi^ 
nijlers of thefaid ordinaries, for corruption and bure j (6) or elfe 
beccufe the ordinaries, enclmming fuch Offenders by the liberties of 
the church, will in no wife take the charges infafe keeping ofthem^ 
but little regarding the trial and convi^ion of tie faid offenders by 
the due and plain courfe of the common laws of the land, do fs^er 
them to make their purgations by fuch as nothing know of their mif 
deeds ; (7) and by fuch fraud aankl and make void all the good and 
prov/Ale trial that is ufedagainjl fuch offender by the King's laws, to the 
great Jlander of fuch as purjue fuch mijdoers, and to the pernicious • 
example, increa/e, and courage of fuch offenders, if the King's high- 
nefs, by his authority royal, put not fpeedy remedy in the premies ^ 
as appertainetb : 

III. Be it therefore enacted by the King our fovereign lord, Co. pi. f. 351. 
and the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons^ in this ^^^t ^^^? 
prefent parliament affemblcd, and by authority of the fame. That p^IJ^^IJhich 
noperfonnor perfons, which hereafter (hall happen to be found docommit di- 
guilty after the laws of this land, for any manner of petit treafon, vers ofFenoes. 
or for any wilful murder of malice prepenfed, or for robbing of Extended to 
any churches, chapels, or other holy places, or for robbing otany ^bci«t£rob- 
peHbn or perfons in their dwelling houfes, or dwelling place, bery.&cwas* 
the owner or dweller in the fame houfe, bis wife, his children notoommit- 
or fervants then being within, and put in fear and dread by the ted. 
fame, or for robbing of any perfon or perfons in or qear about the ^ ^"*' ^^ ^^' 
highways, orfot wifful burning of any dwelling houfesv or bams "|d. 6. c. ii, 
wherein any graun or com (hall happen to be, nor any perfon Kelyiig,67,6si 
or perfons being found guilty of any abetment, procurement, ^9- 
helping, maintaining, or counfelline, of or to any fuch petit ^^' "*' 
ireafons, murders, or felonies, (hall from henceforth be ad- Extended* to 
l|Uite4 to the benefit of his or their clergy, but utterly be ex- robberiniA 

P 3 eluded 


tents, &c. by 
I Battr. ii». 

p9one within 
holy orders, 
murder, &c. 
fhall make 
unlefs he be- 
come bound 
vith furcties 
for his good 

Anob vicdimo totb Htmaici VIIL VSi^^ 
dtfded thereof, anid iuffer death in fuch miitoier and fbnn, as 
they (hould have done for any the caa&s or oflfences aborefaid, 
if they were no derks ; (bch as be within holy orde«S| that ta 
tofiv, oftbe orders of fiib-dcacon, arai;>ove, onlyeitcept. 

Iv, And he it further enaded by authority atorciaM, That 
every fuch perfbo or peribns wUbin fuch ordtrs of fub«deacon» 
or above^ which at any time hereafter foe found guilty <^ any 
ftiit treafon, or of any murder of malice prq>enfed, or <^ any 
of the fieloaies above reheartbd, or of any aoceffiuy to petit 
treafpn, wilful murder, or to any other the Monies above fpe- 
cified^ and tdknitted to his or thdr clergy, and delivered to the 
ordinary for the bmti fhaH not in any it'ik from henceforth 
be fuffcred to any purgation, nor be fet at liberty, but remain 
and abide in perpetual prifon, under the keeping of the ordi- 
iiaiy, td whom he ffiall be committed, and his fuccdfers, 
without any manner of purgatbn during the natural l^e of 
every fuch convid, (i) except only fuch pcrfcn or pcrfons fo 

' being Within fuch hoiy orders, and convid of or for smy of 
the offences afore(aid, and delivered to the ordinary for the 
feme, do find two ftiAcient fureties by recognisance befbre two 
.of the King's jufticcsof his peace, within the fame (hire wherein 

, the petit treafon, murder, or felony, whereof he was convided, 
y^^s committed axid done, whereof one of them to be of the 

{uarum9 tliat fuch convlefl Ihall be of good abeanng aeainft the 
[ing our fovereien lord, his laws and &ibie6ls, every hMih coq- 
vi6l to be bound in the fum of xl. U« and every his fureties in 
Of whatcftatc.xx. Ij. (3) and Hut no furety be taken, unli^ foch' as may 
fball bcT*** difpend in lands, tenements, or hereditaments yearly, above 
all charges, of eftate of tnlteritance of charter-hold, s^cvi. s. 
viii. d. or elfe be worth xx. li. in moveable fubOance at the 
time of the taking of fuch vecognifance; (4) and that two juAices 
of peace, whereof one to be df the quorum^ by authority aifore- 
faid, have power and authority totakefiicb recognisance; (5) 
and that the faid jufticcs, afore whom any fuch recogniGince 
(hall be takeYi, ftall certify the fame into the King's bench, 
within four months next aiter the taking thereof, upon pain to 
lofe and forfeit C. s* for every default thereof^ 
He that is at- V, ftovided alway, That this z&. ej^end not to give any 
taint oliclony benefit to any foch perfon or perfohs, which, after their con- 
KuriaUon ^^^'""^^ ^ iudgmcm givtai acainft them, of or for felony, or 
* * ' murder, or after they be outlawed for any fuch caufe, be ad- 
mitted to their clergy, and delivered to the ordinary for tlie 
fame, but that they and every of them Ihall remam in the 
cudody of the ordinaries without making purgation, upon fuch 
peril, and in fucb manner and form, as it was ufed by the com- 
mon law before the making of this prefent z6t ; this aA or any 
thing therein contained notwithftanding, 

VI. Provided always, and it is furaicr ena<Scd, That every 
rif^S ^''^^"*^> ^ whofe cuftody any fuch convid for any of the 
;^m to tjie offences above rehearicd (hall be committed, may at his liberty 
k«i)g> b^cU. difgrade every fiicb convid after the laws of the efaurch, if he 

6 fee 

K^ ordinary 

may desrajie 
a cunvici 

JSS^'J- Aflna vicefimp tertio Henrici VIII;. xt^ 

fee caufe lb to do, and fend the convidt fo difgraded^ in fure 
and^ fafe keeping, into the King's bench, with a certificate 
under his fcal, teftifyiog the feid difgrading, (2) upon which 
tHe juftices of the King's bench, having afore them the record 
upon which die faid perfon fo difgraded was firft convidb, fhall 
give fuch like judgment of death upon the fame record, againft 
every fuch perfon fo convift, and difgraded, as the juftices . 
afore whom he was convift might have done, if the faid perfon 
fQ difgraded at the timis of his conviction afore them had been 
no clerk, his adipiffion to his clergy, and committing to the 
orcfinary, ne any other thing, ufe or cuftom to the contrary 
hereof notwithftanding ; (3) and that every fuch judgment (hail »i Co. 30. 
be executed accordingly ; ^4) and that every ordinary fo fend- *| J" \ ^' ^* 
inc any. fuch conviA difgraaed into the King's bench, (hall be MadcpcroeV 
difthargcd: again(t the King our fovereign lord, his heirs, and tualby jiHtS, 
fucceflbrs, of or for any further cuftody or keeping of the fame c. 3. 
coavi(5t, (5) this ad to continue imto the laft. day of the next 


For the making of gaols within the realoi where none be, or Viac5El.c.54. 
where they l^ weak or feeble. Where, and after what man- Exp- 13 El. 
Her g^ols mall be made. Thp juftices (hall tax the inhabi- c-*s- 
tant$ of the county for and towards the building of the gaol. ^*^p 7^5* 
Colledors for the gathering of the money taxed, and their 
authority. Shall appoint' two furveyors to fee the gaol 
builded. The collectors and (urveyors account, and their 
puni(hment if they do not. How tne overplus (hall be be- 
flowed, the ^aol being fini(hed. Corporate towns which 
have gaols within themfelves. The collcAors and furveyors 
allowance for their pains. Felons (hall be imprifoned in the 
laid common gaol, which (hall be kept by the (herifFs^ and 
repaired by allowance out of the exchequer. A provifo for 
them which have any eftatc in gaols. Continued by 33 H. 8. 
c, 17. 37 H. 8. c. ^3. I Mar./ef. 2. r. 14. and further con- 
tinued for ten years by 13 El, r. 25. 

Jn aS ag^infi perjury and untrue verdiSs. 

THE King mirjwereign lord of Us moft goodhfond gracious dif^ nu, 7. c. 24. 
pcfitiorty calling to his remembrance how that perjury in tens 3 Inft 164. 
land is in manifold caufes by unreafonable means detejlably ufed^ to the 
difiytritance^ and great damage of many and great numbers of his 
fubje£ls wilUdifpofed^ aitd to the moft high difpleafure of Almighty 
Gody the good ftatutes againft all officers having return of writs and 
their deputies^ making panels partially for rewards to them given^ 
againft unlawful maintainerSy embracers^ andjurofs^ and againft ju- 
rors untruly giving their verdiil notwithftanding ; for reformation 
whereof andforafmuch as the late noble King Henry the Seventh 
provided remedy for the fame by aftatute made in the eleventh year 
of his reign y which ft atute is now expired: 

. P4 ' 11. Bt 


Anno viccfimo tertio Henrici VIII. [1531, 

inan*s life, 
Dyer, Si. 
Co. Lit. «94- 
Cro. £1.350. 
Moor» 17. 
The proceft 
in attaint. 
Every of the 
grand jury In 

See 3;^ H. S. 
c. 5. r. 3. for 
)arort in at- 
taint; and 
c. A4- for 

Attaint where Bf. Be it therefore now enaAed by the King our fovcrcign 
d'' *i"d «? '^"^' '"^^ *^ ^^^^^ fpiritual and temporal, and the commons 
tenddii to ~ ^" ^' prefent parliament aflembled, and by authority of the 
7l\. 1. and con- fame. That upon every untrue verdift here^er given betwixt 
ccmcth not party and party, in any fuit, plaint, or demand, before any 
juftices, or judges of record, where the thing in demand, and 
verdiA thereupon |iven, cxtcndeth to the value of xl. 11. and 
concemeth n<$t the jeopardy of man's life, to the party srieved 
by the fame verdiA (hall have a writ of attaint againft ever)- 
perfon hereafter fo giving an untrue verdi6b,and every of them, 
and againft the party which (hail have judgment upon the fame 
verdidt; (2) and that in the fame attaint there (hall be awarded 
attaine'miiftbe againft the petit jury, the party, and the grand jury, fummons, 
worth twenty rcfummons, and diftrtfs infinite, which grand jury (hall be of 
i^^H.V.c.c^ '"'^ number as the ^and jury is now in atuint, and every of 
- ' them that (hall pafs m the fame, (hall have lands and tene- 
ments to the value of twenty marks by the year of fi'cchold, 
out of the ancient demean; (3) and upon the diftrefs, which 
(hall be delivered of record upon the fame, open proclamation 
to be made in the court there ; (4) the diftrefs (hall be award- 
furors in other ed more than (ifteendays afore the return of the faid diftre(st 
adHons. ^nd every fuch diftrefs (hall be made upon the land of every 

wS Jdwi*! ^f *« f«»^ Fand jury, as in other diftre(res is and hath been 
The grand * "fed j (5) and if the (aid party defendant, or the petit jurors, 
lury awarded or any ot them, appear .not upon the diftrefs, then the grand 
by default, jury to be taken againft them and every of them that fliall (o 
pclft^urJ in ^^^^ ^^f*"'^ > (6) and if any of the faid petit jury appear, then 
attaint. the p^rty copiplainant in that behalf fliall affign the falfc 

Raft. pi. f. 9*- fercment of the firft verdiA untruly given, whereunto the)' of 
Kcl. 55. the petit jury (hall have no anfwcr, iif they be the fame pcr- 

37h!7.^c.'c. ^^*^*» *"^ ^^^ ^^^» proccfs, return, and a(fignmcnt good 
- • . -* 5* ^^ lawful except that the demandant or plaintiflFin the fame 
attaint bath afore been nonfuit, or difcontinued his fuit of at- 
taint taken for the fame, or hath for the fame verdi<a, in 
a writ of attaint, had judgment againft the (aid petit jury, l>«t 
only that they made true ferement, which i(rue (hall be tried 
by twenty four of the faid grand jury ; (7) and the party (hall 
plead that they gave true verdid, or any other matter which 
Ihall be a fufficient bar of the faid attaint 5 (8) and that pica 
notwithftanding the grand jury to be taken without delay, to 
enquire whether the firft jury gave true verdid or no, 

IIL And if they find that thcTaid petit jury gave an untrue 
yerdi<E^, then every of the faid petitjury to forfeit xx.Ii, where- 
of the one half ftiall be to the King our fovereign lord, and the 
other half to the party that fucth. 

IV. And over that. That every of the faid petit jury (ha»l 
f^veraliy make fine and ranlbm, by the difcretion of tlic jufti^^ 
before whom the faid falfc ferement (hall bi? found, after thcic 
feveral offences, defaults, and fufficlency of every of the faid 

, thofcof the faid petit iurj fo^ 

pleas of the 
ciefendant in 

t he petit jury 

pyer, aso. 

Iftheplcaof petit jury; (2) and after that. 

tiic party dc- attainted (hall never after be in any credence, nor their oatn 

' ac- 

* 53^-1 Anno viccfimo tertio Henrict VIIL il7 

auxepted in any court ; (3) and if fuch plea as the party plead- fendant be 
eth, which is a bar of the faid attaint, be found, or deemed J?""^ ^gainft 
aigainft him that fo pleadeth, then the party that fo fueth, (hall R^'^pu f g^ 
have judgment to be rcftored to that he 16ft, with his reafonablc '^ •' ' ^ 
<:ofts and damages. 

V, Forefcen'alway,That any utlare in a<fHon or "caufe perlbnal. Outlawry or 
or excommengement pleaded or alleged in the party plaintiff or excommuni« 
/demandant, (hall be taken but as a void plea, and to that he (hall cation noplca 
not be put to anfwer ; (2) and that in all th6 aforefaid procefs !JS^°^i^ 
fuch day (hall be given as in a writ of dower, and none cflbin attaint. "* 
or protedlon to Ue, 'nor to be allowed in the fame ; (^) and Forfeinireof . 
if the faid grand Jury api>ear not upon the firft dKbrdTs had thcgrandjury 
againft them, fo that the jury for their default do remain, he 2*i^"f ^" 
that maketh default (hall forfeit to the King xx. s. and upon the ^l^ance.^ 
fecond diftrefs xl. s. and after making derault, for evoy fuch 

default and like penalties and forfeitures to be againft 

them, and every of them, that (hall be named in the TaUs^ 

as is before exprefted againft every of the faid grand jury afore- 

iaid ; [4} and that for and by the death of the party, or any 

of thetoid petit jury, the faid attaint (hall not abate, nor be de- How long the 

ferred againft th?. remnant, as long as two of the faid petit jury ^JSainablc. 

be alive. 

VI. And if hereafter any falfe verdift be given in any adion. Attaint of a 
fuit, or demand afore any juftice or judge of record, of any thing under 
thing pcrfonal, as debt, trefpafs, and other like, which (hall the value of 
be under the value of xl. li. that then the party grieved (hall J}" ^'^ ^^^ 
have attaint, with fuch procefs and pleas as is adfore rehearfed, ^ Icon, tj^* 
and delays to be taken away, as is afore remembered ; (2} ex- 
cept that in this cafe of attaint^ every perfon of the grand jury 

that o^ay difpend v. marks by the year of freehold out of ancient 
demean, or is worth an hundred marks of goods and chattels, 
(hall be able to pafs in the fame attaint. (3) And if the petit 
Jury be attainted, that then they (hall in this cafe of attaint every 
of them to forfeit v. li. whereof one half (ball be to tlie King, 
and the other half to the party, after the form afore rehearfed, 
and over that to make fine and ranfom by the difcretion of the 
juftices, as is aforefaid. 

VIL And if there be not perfons of fuch fufficiency within Tales in ano- 
the (hire or place where any of the faid attaints (hall be taken, as ther county if 
may pafs into the fame, be it ordained by the authority above- J?**r*. ^ ^^^ 
faid, Tfiat then one Tales ftiall be awarded into the ftiire next {foSin Sc 
adjoining, by the difcretion of the juftices afore whom the fame famecoiuitj. 
attaint^ (hall be taken, which (hall be warned to' appear upon 
like pains as aforefaid, and enabled to pafs in the faid attaints, 
as if they were dwelling in the (hire where the fame attaint (hall 
be taken. (2) And that the fame laws, adion and remedy or- An attaint for 
dained by this prefent afl, be kept for and to all them that J»«m »" revcr- 
(hall be grieved by fuch untrue verdiAs of any inheritance in ^JjJIn^g^*' 
^efcent, rever(ion, remainder, or of any freehold in reverfion 
or reiAainder. (3) And if the party in attaint given by this ^ (• • • 
^ be nonfuit, or the fame diicontinue, that then the fame attaint! ^ 


ai8 Afwo^viccfimo-toodQ Hbneici VIIL [rfjiJ 

' party fo nonfuit,. dr fo difcontimijng the faid attaint, make fine 

and ranfom by the difcretion of the juftices afone whom the fajd 

attaint Ihall be taken and depending. 

Aicaiiits mult ^ni- And that all attaints hertefter to be taken, fliall be 

befued in the taken afore the King in his bench, or afore the juftices of the 

King's bench common place, and none in other courts.; (2) ancl that mfiprius 

SbSfc"**™ (hall be granted by difcretion qf the juftices upon the diftrtfs ; 

bwr, lOft. (3) *^<J cvcnr of the faid petit jury may s^jpear, and anfWer by 

Moor, 17. attorney In the (aid attaint ; (4.) and that the moiety of the faid 

P^- ^* forfeiture of the petit jury (hatt be levied to. the vjk of our fo- 

minmm ^^™ff^ ^^^^ ^^^ *^"6 '^y ^^f'^^ ad fatisfaciindum^ or fieri fi^ or 

ammtT digii^ or by action of debt againft every perfon of the ijcdt jmy 

Attom^ in fo forfeiting, and againfl! , nis> executoz:» and adminifhators, 

attaint. having then fufiident goods of their (aid tefbtor not adminiftred, 

and the other moiety fiiall by Tike procefs be levied to the ufe 

of the party that fuetn any a,ttaint given by this a6t agginft every 

of the fai.d petit jury and his cx^utors or adminiftrators, havine 

then fufficxency of goods^ as is aforefaid, DOt adminiftred; (5/ 

Judgment ^ ^xiA the judgment of reftitutipn to the party grieved fuing 

f^^j^^this aa, and cxecutioo, thereof to be had, and Kke judgment 

for the party defendant, or tenant,, t0 be difchargcd of rShtu- 

tion, as afore this pre(eht 2& in cafe of a ^r^nd attaint hath 

The nonfuit been ufed» (6) and if there be divers plaintiffs or demandants 

one^'SntTff ^ ^^aint, that the nonfoit or relcafe of any of them (haB not 

ftiaft notpre- ^ '^^ ^^y ^'^^ hurtful or prejudidal to the refidue, but that 

judice hi* they and every of them in fuch cafes ma^ be fummoned and 

companions, fevered, like a$ it is ufed when there be divers demandants in 

adions real. . 

IX« Be it alio ordained and enaded by the authority afore- 

^id. That in every writ of attaint hereafter to be taken by or 

upon this a6t, the which (hall be fuch as other writs of attaint 

be, and after the Tefie of the fame writ (hall be written theft 

words, in Latin : Pn Jiatutum cQntinmtum ufque annum vittpmm 

Urtivm damini HtMr' oSfaviy Dei gratia Anglia V Francis S^h 

fidii difiuC V dpmini Hitfrni^f. 

Continued 3 J X. Audit is alfo enaaed, That this aft (hall take effeafor 

H. 8. c. 17. verdias hereafter to be given, and to continue to the laftday of 

&37H.«.c.»i. the next parliament. 

mSl^M ^- Provided alwav. That this aa be not prejudicial to a 
attaint upon Astute nude in the eleventh year of the late King of famous 

Raft. pi. f. 84.. '^po^ ^'^y untrue verdia given in any courts of the fame city» 
Dyer, aoi. to fue tneir attaint upon this cftatute, or elfe upon the faid 
37 H. 8 c. 5. eftatute made in the faid eleventh year, at their own pleafurcs 
^^^y^X: and wills. 

tuatby 13 El 


I S3 X 1 Arnio vkcfim^ temo HBNitici VHl. % 19 

C A P. IT. 

yfn aff concerning new making of tarrelsy kilderkins^ and 

other veffilu 

WHEkE /Ar tdi^hrewers and ieer^brewen of this realm of 
England have ufedj and daily do ufe^ for tpeir Qfumfingtdar 
kicri^ profit^ andgain^ to male in their mm houfts their barrelsy JHl^ 
dfrkinSj andfrHnSy ofmuthkfs quantity^ content^ rate^ andaj/izethan 
they Might i& *f, to the great burtj frefudieey and damerge rf the 
Kin^s liege fe^Ui and tmtrar^ to eBvers a£ff^ Jiatutet^ ancient latins 
and tu/ioms heretofore madty iad^ and ufedj and to the dtftm^ion 
tftbepoor erafi ormyflery ^coopers : (2) For refomu^tlon where- 
of, be k dnaded by the King our foyereign lord, the lords fpi- No brewer of 
ricuat and temporal, and the commons, in this prefent par- J^f.^f^f^'l^ 
fiament aflembted, and by withority of the feme. That noJ^X'Slrff* 
beer-brewer nor al^brewer, that (haJI brew to fide beer or ale, c<»p«^ nor 
fhsdl finoffi heneefefth occupy by htmfelf, nor by any other to make any bar* 
his ufe, in his houfe, nor clfewhere, the myftcry or craft of '^cl** *c. 
coMars, nor make any barrels, k3derkins, firkins, or other 
veilels, by hknfelf, nor by his or their own fervants, whereby 
they (hall put tbetr beer or ale to fale; (3) but that all ibcn 
barrels^ k'ddierkins, and ether vefleb of wood, wherewith they 
fliall put their beer or ale to fide, <ha]l from henceforth be made 
and marked according as hereafter (hall beexprefled, bv the com-" 
inon artificers of coopers, exerciled and pradifed in the laid oc- 
cupation, upon pain to forfeit and pay for erery fuch barrel, kil-' 
4erkin, firkm, or other ve(!el hereafter to be made contrary to 
the tenor tif this aft, three (hilltnj» four pence. 

n. And be it alfo enadted, TTiat ev«ry artificer of the craft ^ -y - . 
or myftery of coopers, that will exercife or praiHfe to make ajjdb^„^f^ 
any d( the faid veiftls for beer or ale to be put to (ale, (hall make be made of 
the fame veflels, and every of them, of good and feafonable feafonable 
wood, and put his proper mark upon every of them ; (2) and wood^nd 
that every barrel for beer (hall contain xxxri. gajfons, every xhc contents 
kilderkin for beer xviij. gallons, and every firkin for beer ix. of barrsh,kil- 
gallons, cf the King's ftandard gallon ; (3) and that every bar- derkins, ftc. 
rel fbr ale (hall contain xxxij. gallons, every kilderkin tor ale 
xvi. gallons, and every firkin for ale viii. gallons, of the 
Kind's ftandard gallon ; fo that they (hall be of good and juft 
mealure, or elfe above, and not under, (4} And that no • 
cooper (hall make any other veflel for beer or ale, to be fold 
within this realm, of any greater or lefier number of gallons than 
is abovefaid, imlefs he mall caufe to be marked upon every ^ 
(uch velTel that he (hall fo make of greater or lefier number of 
gallons, the true and certain numtev of as many gallons as 
every fijch other vefiel (hall contain, to the intent that every 
perfon may know the content thereof 

III. And that no fuch artificer of coopers (hall inhance the Prices of bar* 
prices of any fuch barrels, kilderkins, firkins, or other vefiels, rels, kilder* 
in the fale of them to any ale-brewer or beer-brewer, or other j^!»^ *nd fir- 
perfbn, but keep the rates of fn^ prices as bcrcstftcr enfueth, '^^'^'' 


220 Anno vkefimo terdo Henrici VIII. [iSSn 

Rep. S.EI.C.9. andjiot above^ upon pain to forfeit for every barrel, kilderkin, 
and farther jjjd firkin defedive, or inhanced in price, in any point oontn- 

ladng ^mo. T ^ *^* **» "J* ^' 4" ^' *^^ ^* *^ ^^T > ^^^ ^^^ becr-barrd ix.d. 
' for every beer-kiUerkin v.-d. and for every beer-firkin iii. d. and 
the ale-barrel xvi.d^ and the ale-kilderkin ix.d. and the ale- 
firkin V. d. 
Veflelsofalc IV. And be it further enaded by the faid authority. That 
***"^^^^ no beer-brewer nor ale-brewer, at any time after the fcaft rf 
cooper. ^ * Lammas now next coming, (hall put their beer or ale to &lc to 
any perfon or perfons to be fpent and occupied within this realm, 
in any other barrels, kilderkins, firkins, or other veftis of 
wood, other than (hall be made and marked by an artificer 
of coopers abovefaid, whereof every barrel for beer (hall con- 
tain and hold xxxvi. gallons, everv naif-barrel or kilderkin xviij. 
Sallons, and every firkin ix. gallons ^ and every barrel for ale 
lail contain xxxij. gallons, every kilderkin xvi. gallons, and 
every firkin viij. gallons of full and juft meafure, or above, and 
not under that meajfure. 
Prices of ate V. Aod that every beer-brewer and ale-brewer ihall not take 
and beer afielT- over and above for every fuch barrel, kilderkin, or firkin of ale 
ed by jufticcs g^j \y^^^ j^y^ ^^^ fy^j^ pviccs and rates as (hall be thought 
oth«-*officen. convenient and fufficicnt by the difcretions of the ju(Viccs of 
Kcll. 103. ' peace within every (hire where fuch beer-brewer and ale-bjrcwcr 
Cro. Car. ^i». (hall dwell, without any city, borough, or town coiporate, 
iKoU. 5o.pi. where no head-officers, as mayors, bailiffs, (herififs and other 
' • head-officers, have none authority or rule ; (2) and every city, 

borough, and town, where there be mayors, (heriflTs, or other 
head-officers, the fame rates and prices to be named and.fefled 
by them and every of them by their difcretions. (3) And th;^ 
the (aid ale-brewers or beer-brewers at any time hereafter (hall 
not fell their beer nor ale at any higher rates or prices than (hall 
be to them affizned after the form above reheaifed, upon paio 
to lofe and forteit for every barrel fo put to fale contrary to this 
cftatute, vi. s. for every half-barrel or kilderkin, iii. s. iv.d, and 
for every firkin, ii. s. {4) and for every ve(relconts^ning greater 
number of gallons, x.s. and for every other veflel containing lefier 
J Vem. H.«. puipber pf gallons, xiv d. The one half of all the which pc- 
jiajties 5Uid forfeitures to be to the King our (bvcreiga lord, and 
the other half to him that will fue for the fame by a<9ioii of 
dpbt, bill, plaint, or information in any of the King's courts 5 
in which adion ^d fqit the defendant mall not wage his Jaw, 
nor any efToin, prote^ion, qr privilege, to be admitted. 
Soficraakew, VI. Be it alfo furthpr cnaded by the faid authority. That all 
manner of fopemakers, withi^ this realm of England, which 
(hall put to fale any fop^ by barrcJ, half-barrel, firkin, or other 
veflel, fliall from Lammas ppw next coming, make or caufe to 
be made their barrels, half-bsMTcis, (irkiqs, and other velTcls, 
according to the rates, contents, weights, and a(fifes of old iivi^ 
The content ufed and accu(bmed j that is to fay, every empty barrel to hold 
f"^ ^\^it\ ^^ contain xx3fii. gallons, or above, and. to be m weight xxvJ. 
ope vc e 8. pQy^jg^ jj^j jjQ jr ag-Qve, of full ^nd juft ^eafurc ^ apd evcnf 

1 53 X -3 -^'^o ^icclimo terdo Henrici VIII. 22 1 

half-barrel empty to be in weight xHj* pound, and not above, 
and to hold and contain xvi. ^lons, or above ; and every fir- 
kin empty to weigh vi. pounds and a half, and not above, and 
to hold and contain viii. gallons, or above, upon pain of for- 
feiture for every fach barrel, half-barrel, firkin^ or other veffd 
hereafter to be made, had, or ufed contrary to this z&y 
ill. s. iv. d. 

Vn. And alfo be it enaAed by the authority aforefaid, That 

the wardens of the occupation or myftery of coopers within the 

city of London^ from henceforth at all times hereafter, when 

they (hall think convenient and expedient, taking with them an 

officer of the mayor's, (hall have nill power and authority, by Wardens oF 

virtue of this ad, to fearch', view, and gaujge all manner of ^^^^^1^"^^^^ 

fuch barrels, kilderkins, firkins and other veflels to be made or doiu 

occupied for ale, beer, or fope, to be put to fale within the 

city of Lmtbfh and fuburbs of the fame, and within twq 

miles compafs without the fame fuburbs, to view and fee that 

the fame barrels, kilderkins, firkins, and other veflels, as welf 

within liberties as without, be made and marked well and fuf- 

ficiently, and bear and contain their true contents, rates, knd 

meafiires, according to the efFed of this eftatute ; (2) and alfq 

to mark every fuch barrel, kilderkin, firkin, and other veflel \ 

by them fo viewed and gauged, bearing and containmg their 

true contents, with the fign and token of Saint Anthonfs crofs. 

(3) The fame wardens to have for the fearch and gauging of 

every fuch barrel, kilderkin, firkin, and other veflel h^ them 

fo fearched, viewed, gauged, and marked, one farthing, and 

not above, of the owners or makers of the faid veflel» ; and 

ihall and n(iay have authority, by virtue of this aA, to retain 

every fuch veflel as they fliall fo |auge, fearch and mark, untif 

foch dme as they (hall oe fatisfied thereof ; (4) and in cafe they 

fliall find any of the faid veflels defeAive, not bearing their 

true contents, that then by authority of this aft they may feife, 

take, »id retain every fuch veflel, and caufe the fame to be 

marked or amended according to the true content, or elfe 

caufe the fame to be burned, 

Vni. And alfo the party, owner of fuch veflel, to lofe and 
forfeit for every fuch veflfel not being of the full contents after 
the rate above exprefled, xtt. d. to l^ recovered and employed 
as is adxivefaid. 

IX. And be it further enafted by the faid authority. That in seaith of 
all other cities, borouebs, and towns, wherein no fuch war- coopen in o- 
dens of coopers be, that the mayors, fheriffs, bailiflfs, con- thercitiet,bo- 
ftahles, or, other head officers in fuch cities, boroughs, aod f?"Kl*«» ^ 
towns, (hall have power and authority to fearch, yiew, and '"^"** 
gauge all fuch barrels, kilderkins, firkins, and other veflels to 
be made hereafter in any fuch city, borough, or town, and to 
have, and take all fuch advantage thereby, and in like manner 
and form, as the wardens of coopers within the city oi London^ 
or other perfom by this aft ihould or may have or take on 
every behalf . . 

Abe^-brewer X.'PiovJ<bd al«ay«» Th»t eveiy hMf-lsfcwer may Ixepia 
SooerTo * ^ '*^*^ ^"^ ^"^ ^^*^ fcrvapf» of thf 9ivAery of craft of coop- 
boop and a- ^<^» ^ '^^^P vid niQfliDd his bands, kildwdm, firkins, nd 
mend hxsbar- ptber voflels, wtn^rein th^y iluU pit their beor to fale from 
rels. time to timtf thi$ aA or ai|v^4Ung tiMetei tontainod tp tk 

contraiy in ^ny wife fy>tivitUtwi<iingf 
The penalty XI. And be it Airther enacted by the iaid authority, That i 
^<>.rt^ls (u- any ^ejtfon^ m aay tfine 4iAer |H» Ui4 f^^tk of Lammas next 
™^'^^^' Goming, dQ oiioia^ or cwjfis to be Bui>ifli0d» aoy tmnxKraC 
banrel, kiUtrki^, w SxiWf ^ Ap doeek of any m the Kirk's 
iubjeAs, by fea(m of t^ng out the bead of fmy Aich vefle], of 
taking out of any (laff ^ut of Iram aoy fiicb vefleU that then 
eveiy fuch v^flel to bt bufnt^ and the oflfeiider to foiieit fbr 
evieay iucb QiSence iii.^ iy.d. tbe one ipoiety thereof to be to 
the KlifYg PMr favensi^n ferd, and tbe other moiety thereof to 
him or thsBi of the Kiiig's fubj^cfU that mU fup for the fame, 
to be xcoqv^vpA in «i9iHier aad ferm above rehearfiMi ; (2}and 
the party h ol^ending to be fynkpr fumAicd by the dilciBtiaa 
of the headr^csr or oSiacfPs, Wbra whom fuch defiiult flnli 
An ale-brewer XII. If is engdte^ by the authority^ this prefent padsameot, 
may keep a That notwUbftafidiflg «iy thiftg opnfiiiiied in this ad of brew- 
cooper, ^yj ^ coopers, wbeffunto this fobedule is aimexed, it Avail 
be lawful for every ale^bfe^r^ OBentioned in the fstonB aA, to 
have and ret^iii^ in hi^ fefvice ooe pcrfoa of the cnyfiery ot 
^nit of coopers to mafcib^ in his (ervice the craft of acooptf 
only in bin£ng, .hqopingi. )nd pinning bis mafter's ale-ve^ 
Wis reqtcd )»y the £u4 fidt nnd in. none othenttfe to ufe or ex^ 
erdfe:any nM^g of vilflols eonQcmin^ the craft or myfteiy « 
a cooper, whiles tb^t be. is in tiae fennce «f any ale^brewer. 

XIll. AUb it i& engOad^ That every cooper, which hereafter 
fliaU make i#y ale-yefibl fpocified by the laid ad, (baU, tm 
the fcaft. of >^»%^«jxt, coming, makrei/«ry fMch.vcflH ac- 
cording to Ibe 9fli(e ^if)ed in the tveatife called dmp^ 
nifffur4frumi fbat is tp fa% eyery barrel for ak fltaM contain 
xxxii. gallons of the faid aflife, or abovr^ of the wbtCfa vul 
nllons TYHtke the cooamon bushel to be idtd in tinA ''^^^ 
England^ evefv kilderkin for ale w'upS^Msx^ the UA affiv> 
or above, and cv^ ftrkin viii- galloosi of. affifc^ or above, (V 
upon pain of forfeiture of iii. s iv.d. for every oif the iaaacvcl* 
(as by hiiia njolii}^ made coafttiry to thJa ad*; the one half ot 
tbe fiime forfeiture to be toth« King^ and the od^ ^ . 
thatwill %fpr|heftmebya^ioiiof dcbti^bHHpW**^' 
or otherwifej in which. ;^on naeflbin^ protoJUon, ^ ^"'^ 
of law (hail be allowed^ 
Every eooper XIV. And be it aUb eimaed. That every rcooper a»* ^ 
(hall mark his veiTd with bis Qwu ffuvk* .upou pain of iii. s.. iy. d. to be lerieo 
vei&l with his and recovered after like manner and ftarm abovclUd f \v 
"""^VTl.,. aodthati^amaniiefofperfeftinlhefean5h*«aksngfortto 
5- »-3.itat «. ^ of any fooh ye&l^ (ba}l.»»tiMt tUr .ale of aoy JJ 
vcflcl, whereby the fame ale (hall be the worfe*. (3) .^ 

^Itat it fhdll cW lawful- to ev^ tk«;bff«i»«r to bring, ow^^ aad 
canfe to be^iirought alad tarried, their 4ile to the hocifdiokis of 
Qur fi>verfiign ford the King, th&Qtteen,- the priBoes, and to every 
archbifhop'a, hiOiop'a, <£k6^, mafnujBB'^, earl's, barons^ or 
ether honourable men's Vioufies, in lims, bulls, pipits, liogf- 
licads, or other vefleis of ^eater or jaigcr ,«antity .than is ox- 
pxeflbd in this^prefent aA, as before timeham been yfed in thm; 
befaeOf. (4} And ^o it fiiall be hraiful to the fiud ak-^bitwcra 
to bnng, cany, or catiie^to be brought, €onv^e4, or carried, 
their .ale toxvery man^ houfe in barreU, kilderlja^ and fir- 
kins, bearing and holding their true oonttnts acoordii^g to the 
purport and \eSe6t of ttuspfefedt^dt, any thin^ contained in 31 Elc 8. 
the. fame aifk to the contrary hereof notwitnftaiidiQg. 

C AP. V. 

T-be Ml dffiivers with a newprovifoj &€. 

OUfifiveniffi brd the King^ Hie » ^virtuous tmd mffi gracious How far the 
prime^ -nothing earthly fo highly weighings as the adtmnng ^^^^^^^^^ 
pf the cemmon profit^ vfealthand temmodity tf this hts-reabn^ an- exTend. 
fidertjig the Jmly great JankmsandJqffestuiich have happened in i»^«^ Latch/rjp, 
OMd ^ers. parts ef' this iis faid realms as v/ell by the reafen of^i^- 
the eutrag^s flwmg^ fiirges^ andteurfeefthefeainattd:upQn-marJb^ ♦Inftrsjs, 
groands, and ether Im plaees heretpfere^ tbreugh tolitiet wifdcm wote 
^md made profitable fsr thegreat eemmen width eftbis reabuy as 
^fo by^oca^m of md'Xoaters^emd'ptbereutrageeusJf^^ in and 
upennuadows, pt^wresy and other low grounds adjwtmg i^ rivers^ 
fioodSi and other water-cmrfes ; f 2J md otter tbatr by and through 
and ether impediments in and upon the fame rivers and other water- 
eonrfesyto the ine^mable damages of the eommon wealth eftbis reabn, 
which daify is hkefy more and more to imreafey wdefsjpeedy reirefi - 
and remedy be in this bebalf /hortfy provided: (3) fVherm al-- 
belt that divers- and many prmfions have been before this time made 
and ordainedj yet none of them are fyffident remedy for the refor^ 
matim of the prendfftSy nath therefore by deliberaite advice and af- 
fent of his lords fpiritual and temporal, and alfo his kyWng com- 
mons, in this prefent parliament aflembled, ordained,- eftaUi(h- 
ed, and eiuded. That commiffions of fewtrs, and other the 
preoufles, ^lall be direAed in all parts within this realm fiom 
time to time, where and when need fball require, accocdiiu^ to 
the manner, ibrm, tenor, and effed* hereafter enfiung, to£ch 
fubftantial and indifferent .perfons as fliall be- named by the lord 
chancellor and lord treafiirer oi Engfandy and the two chief 
juAices (or ^ time ^bei^g, or by three of diem, <whercof the 
lord chancellor to be one. 

IL Henry the Eighthy 6cc^ Enow jv, That ferafmuih as the The form of 
vtoUsy dhcbesy banJtsy gautri^ftwers^ gotesy caUesy bredgesyfhreamsy ^^ conunifll- 
frndfrtherde^mety by theeoaflsoftbefiay aad mofiflygrQimiy Jyi^ <>^ of kv^tn. 
aad being within fbo Umitsof A.B. ordinibeeomHyor eounties 
of . or in the borders or eonfintsof the famtys by rage of the 

'ea^ fiewing.:0md refiowingy and by mean, of the irembes offrejb 


1 2*4 Aimo Tictefifflo ter^ Hsnrici VIII. C ^5 3 ^ * 

The fewil m^aiers difcenJingy and having cmarfe by dwers ways to tbefia, be 
wui^ii tlT -^ divMpty laaraUy and hrAen\ (a) and alfi the cmnmm paffagts 
coramiLn^of A A>^ balangeriy and bcats^ in the rivers, ^reamsy and aher^aads, 
iewere. within the limits of A.B. or C. in the cmtnty er cwntisf pf 

or in the borders or confines of the fame, by mean of fitting up^ ere^- 
ingj and mating offireams, mills, bridges, ponds, fi/b-garths^ mill' 
dams, loeksi hebhng-wiars, becks, and flood-gates, or other Hie 
lets, impediments, or annoyances, be letted anaintermpted, fa that 
great and inejtimable damage, for default rf reparation ofthefnd walls^ 
ditches, bank, fences, fewers, gotes, gutters, calcies, bridges, and 
Jlreams ; (3) andalfo ty mean offetting up, eroding, mahng^ ^id 
enlarging of the faid fijb-garths, ndU-dams, locks, hebbing-taears^ 
hicks, flood-gates, and other like annoyances, in times iafl bath 
happened, and yet is to be feared, that far greater biut^ Ufi 
and damage is like to enfue, unlefs that fpeedy remedy be provided in 
that behalf 
wfe£tliin«. HI- Jve therefore, for that by reafon of our dignity, and prerogcttroe 
thecommiSi- royal, WO be bounden to provide for the fafety and prefervation rf 
oners of fcwcri ^r realm ^England, willing that fpeedy remedy be had in the pre* 
trdo"^"^ w/^j, have affignedym, and fix of you, of the which we will that 
13 Q). 35. A. B. and C. /ball be three, to be our juflices, tofwrvey the feud wads^ 
fir earns, ditches, banks, gutters, fewers, gotes, calcies j bridges, trenches, 
mills, mill'dams, flood-gates, ponds, locks, hebbing-wears, and other 
impediments, lets, and annoyances afarefaid, and the fame caufe to 
be modi, correlfed, repaired, amended, put down, or reformed, as 
cafeflwU require, after vour wifdoms ahd difcretions j (2) and there- 
in as well to ordain ana do after the form, tenor, and effect of all 
andfingukr the flatutes and ordnances made before the firft day of 
Inquirf \xf March, in the three and twentioth year of oar reigUy touching the 
whofe defaults premiffes, or any of them, as alfo to enquire by the oaths of the bofte/i 
the aiinoyaiH and lowfiil men of the faid fhire orflnres, place or places where fucb 
cei come defaults or annoyances be, as well within the liberties as without (by 
whom the truth may the rather be known) through whofe default the 
faid hurts and damages have happened^ and who hath or hoUetb anyf 
knds or tenements, or common of pafiure, or profit of.fiflnng, or 
hath or may have any hurt, lofs, or difadvantage by any manner rf 
means in the faid places, as well near to the faid dangers, lets, and 
impediments, as inhabiting or dwelling thereabouts, by the find walls, 
ditches, banks, gutters, gotes, fewers, trenchks^ and other the faid 
AfTeflTingthe impediments and annoyances ; (3) and all thofe perfons, and every 

tothechar^. tn the metesy Imtts, and bounds of old time accuftomedy.or otherwifey 
ioCo.139,141. orelfrwhere within our reabn ^England, after the qmmtify rf their 
a Bulftr. 199. lands, tenements, and rents^ by the number of acres and perches, after 
the rate^ of every perforfs portion, tenure, or fro^^ or afier the 
quantity of their common rf pafiure, or profit offjhing, or other com- 
modities there, byfuch wcr^s and means, andinhub .mannor and form 
as to you, or fix of you, whereof the find A 6* and C. to be three, 
ftmllfeem mofi convenient to be ordained and done for redrefsandrefon^ 
mation to be had in the premiffes \ (4) and alfo to reform, repair^ and 


1 55 ' i Anna viccfimo terrio HjgNRnci VIII. 22g 

fireamSf and ^ther the premijfesy in all pfdces needful; ahdthefamt^ 
as oft en J and where need /hall be^ to mate new, and to cleanfe and 
purge the trenches, fewers^ and ditches, in all places necej/ary i (5) 
and further to reform, amend, projlrate^ and overthrow all fuch msHsf 
ftreetms^ ponds, locks, fijh^garths, hebbing-wears, and other impedi- 
ments, and annoyances of ore/aid, asjball be found byinquifttionyor by your 
furx/eyinganddifcretions to be excejjive or hurtful^ {b) and alfo to depute Appoinringo^ 
and ajfign, diligent, faithful, and true keepers, bailiffs, furveyors, coU bailms, coU 
le^orsy expenditors, and other minifters, andofficers^or thefafety, con^ l«^o"t f*""- 
ferzfationt reparation, reformation, andmakingofthe premiffes,and''^^l^[^^^ 
e^ery of them, and to hear the cucount of the colk^ors, and other mim^ officcr«. 
/iers of and for the receipt, and laying out of the money that JhaU be 
lez;ied and paid in, and about the making, reforming, repairing, and 
amending ofthefaid walls, ditches, .banks, gutters, gotes,fewers, cal^ 
cies, bridges, Jlreams, trenches^ mills, ponds, locks, f^garths, flood- 
gates, and other impediments and annoyances aforefaid j (7) ^zx/^Diftrainingfor 
to diftrainfor the arrearages of every fuch colle^ion, tax, andaffefs, the arrcaraget 
as often as Jball be expedient, or oihenvife to punijb the debtors ^^%;^a^^^^^ 
detainers of the fame, by fines, amerciaments, pains, or other ^i^ Taking of 
means after your pood difcreticns j (8) and alfo to arreji and take as iabourcrs» 
777^^ carts, horfes, oxen, beajls, and other infiruments necej[faryy^or)^mtn,9xA. 
and as many workmen and labourers as for thefaid works and repa- carriages, 
rations Jball fuffice, paying for the fame competent ivages,falary^ ^^^o^Hct ncccf- 
Jiipend in that behalf \ (9) and alfo take juch and as many trees, farici. 
vuoads, underwoods, W timber, and other neceffaries, as fot the 
fame works and r^rations Jball befufficient, at a reafonable price ^ by, 
you, or fix of you, of the which we will that A. B. and C.Jhall be 
three, to be ajfejfed or limited, as well within the limits and bounds . 
afofefdd, as in any other place within the faid county or counties^ near 
unto thefaid places ; ( 1.0) and to make and ordain Jiatutes, ordinances. To make fta- 
and provifionsfrom time to time, as the cafe /ball require, for thefafe^ ^^'* *"^ *• 
guard, confervation, redrefs, corrosion, and reformation of the pre^- ***'"**^**' 
ntij^s and df every of them, and the parts lying to the fame, neceffary '. 
and behooful, after the laws and cuftoms of Xumtiey marfi in the 
county of Kent, orotherwife by any ways or means after your crum vnf* ' 
doms and difcretions ; ( 1 1 ) emd to hear and determine all andfingtuar 
the premijjes, as well at ourfuit, as at thefuit of any other whatfo* 
ever cowplaiedng before you, orfixofyou^ whereof A. B. andC.Jnalt 
be three, after the laws and cujloms aforefaid, or otherwlje^ by any 
other ways or means after your difcretions •, (12) and alfj to make and Awarding of 
dire^ all writs^ precepts, warrants j or otner cotnmandments by writs and pre- 
virtue of thefe frejetits, to alljberiffs, bailiffs, andall other miniflers, cfpt' to Aw- 
officers^ dnaotner pirfons, as well within liberties as without, before "^•^^e^'* 
you, or fix of you, whereof the faid A. B* and C. to be three, atxer-^ *** ^ ^"* 
' tain days, terms, and places to be prefixed, to be returned and re- 
ceived-, (^I'l) and further to continue the proccfs of the fame, and 
finally to da all and cveiy thing and things asjball be requijitefor the 
due execution of the premiffcs, by all tuajs and means after your dif- 
creticns : {i^)and therefore We command you, that at certain days arid 
places, when and where ye, or fix of you, whereof the faid A. B. and 
C. to be three, JhaU think expedient^ ye do Jurvey the faid walls, 
fences, ditches^ banksy gutters, gotes, fewers, calcies, ponds, bridges^ 
yoL.lV. 0, risers, 

225 Anno \dcefi1n0 tex6o H&NRICI VUL [ 1 531 . 

rivirSyJlremns^ water^coarfis^ mills j hcks^pencbeSyfi/b^gtrtbs^ jJw*- 

gatesy and other the ktSy impediments^ emd anHoyances afirefini^ 

and ac€omplifo^ ftdJU^ hear^ tad ditermne all and finpdar tbe^e- 

mi£h in dueforMy and to the ^e& aforefnd^ after yeur goad Sf- 

To compel cretions ; (15) and all fiub as ye fikdl find negligent^ gaietfieying^ 

others to obey or rebelling in the find wcrisy reparatims^ or rrformatims of the 

^mS^"« P^^W^-t ^ ^iH^^ ^ ^^ ^ execution of this our cmmififim^ that 

3 isttutr. ^9 ' j^ j^ compel tbem by diftrefi^ fineSj and amereiamentSy er by other 

pnm/bments, ways^ or means^ which U youj or fix ofyouj whereof the 

faid A. B. mid C. fikll be three^ Jkdl feem jnojf expedient /or the 

fpeed^ temidy^ redrefs^ and reformatien of the premijfes^ and due 

execiidm of the fame \ (16) and aU fit^h things as by ycufhnU be 

made and ordained in this behalf as will within liberties as twihont^ 

ye da caufe the fame firmly to be obfervedy doing therein as ia onr 

^ jtiftice appertaineth after the laws andfhtutes of this our reabn^ and 

according ta your wijooms and difcretions* 

Sberifft to re- IV. Saved always to us fuch fines and amerciaments as to us there- 

turnbeforetbe offlkdl behmg ; . (2) and we difo command our ft>eriff or flkrijji of our 

commiffioners ^/^ ^^g^/^ ^ cmtties of that tbeyftm caufe to come be- 

Ihall K^fiTf" A^ ^» ^ A rfr»ih rfthe whifh A, B. and C. tobethree^ at fuch 

enquiry. days and places as ye Jball appoint to them^ fitch and as many bonefi 

mm of his or their bailiwiciy as well within the liberties as without^ 

fy whom the truth may befilihiowny to emptire of the premises i (3} 

All other offi« conmufnding alfo aU other mimfiers andomcers^ as well within Uber- 

cers (hall be ^/^^ ^ without^ that they^ and even ofthem^ fikdl be attendeme t$ 

Sw TOmmiffi- ^ '^ ^ ^^^^ '*^ ^ execution of this our commifflon. In witmfi. 

onen • whereof^ we have caufed thefe our letters patents to be mack. H^tmfs 

ourfelfat We(linin^.er, the day of in the year 

ef our reign. 

Thecomnuffi* V. And it is alfo eoajfted. That every fuch perfonas Aall be 

oneo Ihall named commifiioner in the faid comiftiiffion^ after he hadi 

Enfo^"^* knowledge thereof, (hall cffcaaially put his diligence and at- 

35 H. s. c. 10. tendance in and about the execudont of the (aid oonnniffion. 

It.) And before he (hail take upon him the execution of the 

laid coiDmi(rion, he (hall take 4 corporal oath hdbxt the lonl 

chancellor, or before fuch to whom the faid lord chancellor 

(hall dired the Kind's writ of Dedimus potefiatem to take tlie 

fame, or before the juftices of the peace in the quarter feiTions 

holden in the (hire where fuchcommiflioAs (hall be. directed ; 

the tenor of which oath hereafter enfueth : 

The form of ^ (3) Ye Jball fw ear ^ That you^ to your cunningly wit^ and power y 

the oath. Jhall truly and ituUfferently execute the authority to you given by this 

commWion of fewer s^ without any favour ^ affeQum^ corruption^ 

dready or malice to be borne to any manner ofterfon or perfons ; and^ 

as the ' cafe flkill require \ ye fhall confent- and endeavour yourfelffor 

your party to the heft of your knowle^e andpowtTy to the making of 

fuch wholefomcy jujfiy equal and inSfTerent la%vs and ordinanccsy as 

Jhall be made and devifed by the moft difareet and indifferent nunAer 

of your feUffivSy being in commijfion with youy for the due redrefsy 

reformation^ and amendment ^ all and every fuch things as are 

contained and fpecified. in tlje faid commffion^ and the fame laws and 

ordinances to your cunning, wit^ attdpower^ caufe to be put in due 


J53»-] Anno vicefimotcrtiaHENRici VIIl. «*7 

ixnuti9f§<i toitbm favour^ meed^ dnady malice^ mr afftff}m\ as 
Godyoubilpj andattfaifas. 

VI. And it is alio enaa«d by the authority aforcfaid. That A confiriM- 
all and every ftatttte, aft, and ordinance heretofore made con- S^^l^J^ 
ceming the premifles, or any of them, aa well in the time of ^ 
our fovereign lord the King that now is, as in the time of any 
of hia progenitors Kings of this realm c^ England^ not being' 
c6ntrary to this prefent aA, nor heretofore repealed, from 
henceforth (hall ftand and be good and effedhial for ever^ and 
to be put in due execmion according to the true meaning and 
purport of tiie fame. 

Vn. And over that be it enaAed^ That the commiffioncrs 'Theaothority 
hereafter to be named in any of the faid commiffions, accord- Su/e^iSiu' 
ing to the putport and efiedt of the fame commiflions, have fuir 
power and authority to make, conftitute, and ordain laws, or- 
dinances, and decrees, and further to do all and every thing 
mentioned in the faid commiflion, according to the purport, 
effeA, words, and true meaning of the fame j (2) and the fame 
laws and onfinances fo made, to reform, repeal, and amend, ^ Mar.iefl; 3, 
and make new, from time to time, as the cafes neceflary ihall V. Vi*;. ^ 
require m that behalf. ^ 

VIIL Pl-ovided alway, and it is enafted. That if any perfon '^^^^'^a"- 
or perfons being afleiOed or taxed to any lot or charge for any fi^ersupSi 
lands, tenements, or hereditaments, within the limitsof any thofewh^ 
commiifibn hereafter to be direAed, do not pay the (aid lot and-refufe. 
charge according to the ordinance and aflignment of the com- 
miilioners, having power of the execution of the faid commif- 
fion, by rea(bn whmof it (hall happen, the faid commiffion^' Extended to 
crs having^power of the execttion of fuch commiflion, ftwr lack copyhold 
of payment of fuch lot and charge, to decree and ordain the^*"^* ^ ^"•' 
(ame hmds, tenements, and hereditaments from the owner or ' '^' 
owners thereof/and their heirs, and the heirs of every of them, 
to any perfon or perfons for term of years, term of life, in 
fee-fimple, or in tail, for payment of the fame lot and charge, 
that then every fuch <lecree and ordinance fo by them mad# 
and ingrofled in parchment, and certified under their feab into 
the Kin^s court of chancery, with the King's royal aflent had 
to the fame, (hall bind all and every perfon and perfons, that 
at the making of the fame decree had any intereft in fuch lands, 
tenements, or hereditaments, in ufe,- ]K)fleflton, reverfion, or 
remainder, their heirs, and feoffees, and every of them, and 
not to be in any wife reformed, unlefs it be by authori^ of par- 
liament hereafter to be fummoned and holden within this realm* 

IX. And alfo it is provided by authority aforefaid. That the x h^ coramif- 
fame laws, ordinances, and decrees to be made and ordained fionert decree 
by the (aid commiflloners, or fix of them, by authority of the Hiall bind the 
(aid commiflion, (hall bind as well the lands, tenements,, and ^^'•j??^*^ 
hereditaments of the King our fovereign lord, as all and cverv ^^^^^ c. t. 
other perfon and perfons, and their heirs, for fuch their intereft 
as they (hall fortune to have, or may have, in any lands, tene- 
ments or hereditaments, orothercafual profit, advantage, or com- 
modity, whatfoevertfity be,wheremxto the faid laws^ ordinances^ 

0^2 and 


No man may 
iit being un- 

What land 

each com- 

miflioner ihall 


13 El. c. 9. 

25 H. 8. c. 10. 

Avowry, or 
juftification of 
a diftrefs tak- 
en by reafon 
of the com- 
Co. pi. f,393. 

Wherf the 
ihall repay 

Anno vicefimo tcrtio Henrici VIIL £1531- 

and decrees (hall in an^ wife extend^ according to the trut 
purport, meaning, and intent of the £ime laws. 

X. And it is furthermore by the authority aforefaid»eftabliih- 
ed and enadted. That if any manner of perfon or perfons, of 
what eftate or degree foever he or they be of, that from henct- 
forth do take upon him or them to fit by virtue of any of the faid 
commiilions, not being before fwom in form as is afore£ild» 
and according to the tenor of the oath before fpecified, or if any 
peribn to named and fwom do fit as is aforefaid, not having 
lands and tenements, or other hereditaments in fee-iunple, 
fee-tail, or for term of life, to the dear yearly value of xl. marks 
above all charges to his own ufe, except he be refiant and free 
of any city, borough, or town corporate, and have moveable 
fubftance of the clear value of one hundred pounds, or elfe be 
learned in the laws of this realm in and concerning the fame, 
that is to fay, admitted in one of the four principal inns of court 
for an utter barrifter, ihall forfeit xl. 1. for eveiy time that he 
fhall attempt (b to do; (2) the one half thereof to be to our b- 
yereign lord the King, and the other half thereof to the ufe of 
him or them that will fue therefore by a<5tion of debt, bill, 
plaint, or information, in any of the King's courts ; in which 
adion or fuit no wager of law (hall be admitted, nor any efibin 
or prote<5\ion (hall be allowed. 

XL And if any adtion of trefpais, or other fuit, (hall happen 
to be attempted againft any perfon or perfons for taking any 
diih-efs, or any other adt doing, by authority of the faid com- 
miffion, .or by authority of any laws or ordinances made by 
virtue of the faid commiifion, the defendant or defendants in 
any fuch.adtiqn (hall and may make avowry, coaufance, or 
juftificatipn, for the taking of the famediftrefs, or other ad doing 
touching the premifies, or any of them, alleging in fuch avowr)*, 
conufance and juftification, that the faid diftrefs, trefpafs, or other 
ad whereof ^e plaintiff complaineth, was done by theauthority of 
the commifTionof fewers for lot or tax affefled by the bid coiAm'rf- 
fion, or for fuch other adt or caufe as the faid defendant did by 
authority of the fame commiifion, and according to the tenor, 
purport, and effedt of this preient adl made the three and twen« 
tipth year of the reign of our fovereign lord King Heftfy the 
Eighth, without any exprefTmg or rehearfal of any other mat- 
ter pr circumftance contained in this prefent adt, or any com- 
mifTion, laws, ftatutes, or ordinances thereupon to be made; 
(2) whereupon the plaintiiS^ (hall be admitted to reply, that the 
defendant aid take the faid diftrefs, or did any other adl or trcf- 

!)afs fuppofed in his declaration of his own wrong, without any 
uch caufe alleged by the faid defendant ^ whereupon the il- 
fue in ev^ry fuch adiion (hall be joined, to be tried by verdidt of 
twelve men, and not otherwife, as is accuftomed in other per- 
ibtial adUons : (3) and upon the trial of that iftue the whole mat- 
tei: to be given on both parties in evidence according to the very 
truth of the fame. 

XII, And after fuch ifilie tried for the defendant, or nonfuit 
of tlie plaintiff after appearance, the; iame d^endant to recover 

' trc- 

f 53'*] Anno vicefimo tertio Henrici VIII. ^ 229 

treble damages' by reafon of his wrongful vexation in that be^ damages with 
half, with his cofts alfo in that part fuftaincd, and that to be af- ^'? *^«» ^ 
icfled by the fame jury, or writ to enquire of damages, as the 
caufe (hall require. 

XIII. And it is alfo enacted. That every of the faid com- The wages 
-tniinoners (hall have and perceive four (hillings for every day and fees of 
that they (hall uke pain in the execution of this commiflfon of ^™"*'^»<>^- 
fewers, and one clerk, bythemtobe a(riened, ^wo (hillings for !2l^*!!^*i^c 
every day, of the rates, taxes, lots, and wains that (hall be aScffcd «^ » ^ • 
or loft by the authority ofthe faid commilCon, and to be levied and 

paid by tt^eir difcretions. (2) And that the faid commidioners, 
or fix of them, (hall have power and authority to limit and aflign 
of the fame rates, /taxes, lots, and wains, by their difcretions^ 
fuch reafonable fums of money to the faid clerk, for writing of 
books and procefs concerning die premifles, and to the coUeAors, 
cxpenditors, and fuch other as (hall take pain in the due exe- 
cution of the faid commidion, as by the difcretions of the faid 
commiffioners, or fix of them, (hall be thought reafonable. 

XIV. Provided alway. That whenfoever^ and as often as fuch Commifliont 
conimi(rion, as is afore limited, (hall be made and diieAed to ^ithin the 
any perfonor perfons, for the reformation and amendment of or !j^u^^ ®^ ^ 
in any of the premi(]es fpeci(ied in the faid commidion, within ^ 

the fees, liberties, or podedions ofthe duchy oiLancafer^ that 
then fuch commidioners, as (hall execute any fuch c<»nmi(fion, 
(hall be always named and appointed by the difcretion of the 
lord chancellor and lord treafurer of England^ and the faid two 
chief juftices of either bench, and the chancellor of the faid 
duchy for the time being, or three of them, whereof the faid 
lord chancellor and the chancellor ofthe duchy to be two ; (2) 
and that in every fiich cafe two commifltohs (hall be awtu^aed 
and made according to the tenor of the commidion above ex- 
preded, one thereof under the great feal of England^ and the 
other under the feal of the fame duchy, as beforetime hath been 
accuftomed, any thin^ afore rehearfed in this aA to the contra^ 
ry hereof not witn(hindmg. 

XV. And it is further enaAed, That the faid commidtons The charge of 
from thne to time, as the cafe (hail require, (hall l>e had and ^he commif- 
obtained without any money, or other charge to be paid for the "^"®* 

feals, or writing of the fame, unlefs it be to the King, two 
(hillings fik pence for the feal of every commi(rion, as hath been 
accuftomed, and for the writing and inroUing of any one com- 
midion, five (hillings, and not above. 

XVI. And it is further enaded. That every commidion a commiinoa 
to be made by authority of this a6t (hall endure and continue of r«wers mall 
for the term of three years next after the-r^;^^ of the commif- endure three 
fion ; (2) neverthelefs, after any commidion made and deli- 5^"*^^ I,- 
vered out ofthe King's court of chancery, the King's highnefs , ^ Elc.ofr.i. 
(hall always at his pleafure, by his writ oi Superfed^as out of his A commifTiou 
faid court of chancery, at any time difchacge as well every o«* coinmif. 
fuch cornmidfion, as every commifltcmer that Siall be made or ^hvecd bv 
named by authorily of this aft j j( 3) after which difcharge, theyi^^^JJ; 
(aid commi(IiQi>er mall have no power or authority to proceed in 

0,3 *c 

230 AoQo viccfimocertioHsiiRici Vni. [1531. 

the cttecinioo of thdr ^bmraifliofi, nor in any thing by aiitho^ 

rity of thi$a<5t. 

Howkmgthe XVII« Provided alw^yt^ Hiat fttchlawf* ads, decnes^ and 

commiiBoii- ordinances as (hall happen to be made by the find cmnnuffiooers 

5f»<J«=«c according to the tenor of thrir bommiflion, or by authority of 

flan endure, this a<!l/lhaU ibndgood and eSe£hial, and be putinduc exe- 

pution fi> k>ng time as their commiffion endureth» and no loneer ; 

accept the faid laws and ordinances be made and ingroflcd in 

parcbmentt and certified under the fetis of the Snd oommiffion- 

' March io6 ^^ '"^^ ^^^ King's court of chancery, and then the King's royal 

Altered by * afl^nt be had tp Uie fame, any thing contained in this prefent aA 

i}]^l.c.9. f. If to the contrary hereof notwithftandmg. 

XVIIL Provided alfo. That whenibever, and as often as 
i^^oantif ^^^ commiffion as is afore limited (ball be made* and difoAed 
paUtine* to any perfon or perfons for die reformation and amiaidmcnt 
of or in any of the premifles fpecified in the £ud oooamiffion, 
within the fees, liberties, and poftffions of the prindpaiiry of 
fValfSy the county palatine of Chejltr^ or wilhui the fees, i^er« 
ties, and pofleflions of any other place where there is liberty 
and jurifdi<5lion of county palatine, that in every fucfa cafe two 
pommiffions fhall be awarded and made accordii^ to. the teiior 
of the commiffion abow expre(fed, one thereof under the gieat 
feal of Engkndy and the other tender the ufiial feal of the conn- 

5^ palatine, in manner and form as is above p ro vi ded for the 
uchy of Lamajitr ; any thing afoie rehearied in this pcefisnt aft 
tp the contrary notwithftanding. 
The KiQg*s XIX. And it is pro\4ded, and alfe enaded, That the royal 
royal aifent aifent limited to be had unto the laws and ordinanoes to be 
Aall beceni- ^g^^^ by the faid commifioners, as is above&id, (hall be cer- 
chana%! jified into the (aid court of chancery under &e King's privy 
Altered by ^ ' (^) ^^ ^^ i^pct, (hall not any fev of moocy be paid for 
f 3£L^9. if X. dbe fiime privy feal^ but for the writing of the feisie certificair 
pnder the £iid privy (eal (hall be paid to the writer dieroof ir.s. 
and not above, nor no other nor greater fum for any thing 
touching s^ concerning the fame^ certificate under the £une pri* 
yy (eal/ 
ConvaiAions XX. Pipvlded alway. That the chancellors, and fock other 
in Wales and as ftull have thecuftody of the feals of the (aid principality of 
pountief 'iVdUi^ or the county palatine of Cie/ler^ or within the .tees, 
palatine. liberties, and pofiiBflions of any other place where theac is li- 
berty and jurifdidbon of county pahtme, uposk reaibnable re* 
que(t, and upon the fight of the oommidion under the King*s 
great feal of i^is chancery, (hall without delay make, out ano- 
ther commiirion under the feal of the faid county palatine, ac* 
/cording to the tenor of the King^s commiffion to them bewcd 
under his great Ceal ; (2) and to tiiofe comsaiffioners as fhall 
be naped by the lord chaneellor, Jord treafurer, and the two 
chief ju(tices, or by three of them, whereof the iord chancd- 
Re^.f. t%7* Idt to be one, except it. be withiathe fees, and liberties of the 
tu3i byl&^I ^^y o^ Lafuafiir^ within which foes and liberties thecommif- 
£<1. 6. c. 8. fioners (hall be namec^ and commiffiQns made, as is afore or-^ 


fSS'^l Aluio vkdiino teftio Henricx VIIL 231 

daincd by this aA; any thine; contained in the faid aft, or in and explained 
any provilb thotunto addea and annexed^ to the connrary ^^ ^ ^^^* '* 
thereof Rocwithftanding. (3} This ad to endure for ti^nty ^* '^ 


For obKgaihns to he taken by two cMef juftias^ the nutyor 
oftbeftaple^ and the recorder ^/Loiidon. 

FORASMUCH as the nunors of the ftapU in divers places ^Before whom 
tins realm J when anyjiapie is kept^ in the pnfence of tie recornizancet 
tonftabks oftbefamejiaple Ufore this time.have and might ImufuOj ^J^^J^^ 
take recognifance or kneuAedge for deits^ cnfy coneeming and teaching ^e?wn' te 
Uye enerdHm^fe ef the fame fiapk^ betwixt merchant aid merchant ^ftatutes of the 
the fmm jlapu^ accwraikg te divers laudable fiatvies and provifions be^ ftaple were 
ffre this time body ordained^ and made\ (2) which mofors fl»/^«vifedonly 
cef^abksj many and Jkndsj tmesjince the making of the fame Jia- ^^^^"^ 
tmt€y having taken divers recogmjances and knowledges of divers ^fbple. be- 
the King^s fithjeSlsfer debts, furnufuig the fame knmk^e $r re- twcen mcr- 
cagmfana to be made for furety ef poffmaa of fums of money for ^^^^^^^ 
fuch waresas were or have been bombt in the Jamejlaple ; where fl^«cK»*nt. 
troth the fame recognifanu did not in any tuiji totuh or concern tie 
mercbim^kje ofthejme, ne alji the parties, that is to Jay, the cof^ 
nifor^ ne the togntfee, that did knowledge and take the fame recogmf 
ances, were mercmmts rf the fame Jlaple ; (3) which recognifanas tmd ' 
knowledlges, taken inform aforefatd, are not only clear contrary to the 
true meaning and intent of the fame former e/fatutes, but alio there- 
by divers great andfan£y imonveniencies, danu^es, and deceits do 
^ly arife and grow to divers of thefuije^s of our Jivereign lord 

the King, by reafon cfthe ndfimng of the fame ; ana forafmuch as 
the Kif^s bigbnefs, if bis mofi high wifdom, percHveth the mfiiffng 
and execution of the Jame to be contrary to the form of the fmd former 

the Kin^s bigbnefs, of bis moft high wifdom, percHveth the mfiiffng 
and execution of the Jame to be contrary to the form of the fmd former 
fiatutes, therefore his pkafure is, that feme - true, lawful, and 

reaf enable bond, for fitrety of payment of the debts of his fuh^ 
je£ts, /baU be niMe and dnftfed by true and mft meant, wUchinitfelf 
may and fiM purport right and efuity, anaalfe confonant to reafon. 

11. In Qoofideration whereof^ by the aient of the Kmg's whomaytake 
highnefs^ his lords fpiritual and temporal^ and his commoas, recognizance 
in this prefent parltameftt affeftibled, and by the authority of '»/*»| n**"*^ 
the &ine, it is enaded, ordamed, and eftabliOied, That from ^^pie^^'^ 
the firft day oi April nestt ceimng^ the chief juftice of the King's Co. pi. f n. 
bencb» and the chief juftice of the common pleas, which now i Mod. 185. 
be, oraftanv time hereafter (hall be, and every of them byCoXit.»S9.b, 
himfelf» and in their abfence out of the term, the mayor of**®"' '^^' 
the fta^ of Weflndnfter, and the records of die city of London, 
for the timefoemgf jointly together, by his or thdr difcretions» 
ihall have fiiU power and authority to take recognizances or 
Icnowkdges of every of the King's lubjeAs for the payment oi 
debts, according to &icb form as hereafter enfueth : 

(2) Noverint umverfi per prafen^ me A. B. 4^ C. D. armig^ The form ol 
-teneri V firmiter obligari Jobanni at Style iVC- li. /lerling* fofvemP the recogni** 
cidem Jobanni autfito cerf attorn/ hoc fcriptum ofleiuP heeret vel ex- zancc. 

<i,4 ccut" 

232 Anno vicefimo' tcrtlo Henrici VIIL [1531. 

emf fuiiiniaP feffl^c.prtiif futuf^pojidse praftntium\ bfjiii* 
ficeroytl difecerimus infolutione debif prmJUlf voU bf cMtido\ vd 
fie, vQlumus (^ {cncidhnusy qtiod tunc curratjiiper me^ b^fretd^tx- 
ecutores meos^ \t\fuper nosi^fuimlibet mflrum^ bareJP i^ iXicut' mf- 
tros poena in fiatuto Jlapula dedeMf pro mirchandijis in eadmem^s 
recufand* 9rdinaf V provis* iaf iaV die anno regtn r^is^ &c. 
By what fealt HI. And that every obligation that ihall be ms^e as is afere- 
the fame obU- faid, and knowiedged before any of the fsud chief juffices» or 
Sjcd* ^^^' ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ mayor and recorder, 'according to this adt, fliaB be 
Vat^han, io». ^^'^^ ^J* ^^^ fe^ ^f ^^^ P^^'ty ^^ parties that (hall rccog- 
^ ' ' nife or knowledge the fame, and alfo with inch feal as the 
King's higbnefs (hail ordain and appoint for the (ame, and 
M^ith the feal of one of fuch of the faid juftices, or with the feats 
of the faid mayor and recorder, and with his or their name or 
names fubfcribed, that fo (hall take the fame recognifatice or 
knowledge ; (2) ^nd that every of the faid two jufHces, and 
the faid mayor and recorder, (hall hatve the cuftody of one fuch 
feal, by the King's higbnefs to be appointed, with one like 
print, fcripture, and fa(hion^ whicli (hall (everally remain with 
them to the intent above xehearfed. 
The clerk of IV. And further be it enadted by the authority afbre&id, 
thcivogni- That fuch. an honeft and difcreet perfon as (hall be affigned by 
**!;^* "**"'": the King's highnc(s or the fufficient deputy or deputies of tht 
S»Udtdl i? ^^ Perfons (b t6 be a(rigned, (hall make and write all fuch ob- 
London. K^tions as (hall be acknowledged and recognized by authority of 
Hub. 1ft. this adt, and Qiall c:|ufe the lame obligations recognized, and 
thcr?ihaU V* audcnowlodged in form as is abovefaid, to be inroUed in two fe- 
thrccroUs ^ ^^^ ""^^'^ indented, whereof one (hall remain with fuch of 
i^f. ' the faid juftices, or with the (aid mayor and recorder, that fo 
(hall take the fame recognizance in form afore&id, and the 
other roll with the writer thereof, appointed for the £uDe ; (2} 
and that the faid perfon by the King's higbnefs to be appoint- 
ed for making, writing, and inroUing fuch obligations, or his 
fufficient deputy or deputies, (hall be dwelling or abkling in 
the faid city of London^ upon pain to forfeit for every time that 
he and his deputy fliall be abfent by tne fpace of two days, 
psn pounds. 
Certificate of V. And further it is enaded by authority aforefaid, That the 
the recoghi- (aid perfon fo to be afligned by the King s bighnefs to write, 
xaqcpinthc make, and inroll fuch obligations, or his fufficient deputy or 
chancery. deputies, at the requeft of the creditors, their executors or ad* 
mmiftrators, (hall certify fuch obligations as (hall be taken and 
recognized by authority of this aft, into the King's court of 
chancery, under the (ad of the (aid perfon fo to l^ appointed 
-forwritrng, inaking, aind inroUing fuch obligations. 
a Inft. 290. VI. And that every perfon and perfons to whom any fuch 
obligation (hall be made, knoWledged, and inroUed (as is a/bre- 
faid J their executors and adminiftnitors, and the executors and 
adminifltators of every of them, for default of j^yment o(}^^ 
debts contained in fuch obligations, (hall have m every points 
degree, and condition^ againft the (aid recognizor and recog- 

ijji,] Anno ^ccfimo tertio Henrici yilt 233 

Tiizors, and every of them, their heirs, executors, and admi- Execution 
iiiftrators, and the heirs, executors, and adminiftrators of eve- "P®" * recog- 
ry of them like prdcefs, execution, commodity, and advantage klTowMged 
in every behalf, as hath been ufed and accuftomed before this accoiMing to 
time to be had, done, or made, of and upon any obligation of this ftatute. 
the ftatute of the ftaple, and under fuch manner and form, as 
is for the fame ftatute of the ftaple provided, (2} paying for 
fuch procefs and execution to be had, fuch like fees as is ac- 
cuftomed for procefs and execution to be had upon obligations 
of the feme ftatute of the ftaple^ and not above. 

VIL And that every fiich perfon and perfons that fliall V Where the 
bounden, or otherwife grieved by virtue of any obligation to Sf^Jj?!!*®' 
be made by authority of this aft, (hall have their like remedy iicvcdbj^«- 
by jfudita querela^ and all other remedies in the law, that they dita qugrila. 
might have had in cafe they had been bounden by obligation 
of the ftatute of the ftaple, 

Vni. And that every fuch perfon arid perfons that ftiall have -pj^^ |^. 
procefs for execution to be had by reafon of any fuch obliga- (hall have lob. 
tion to be made and knowledged according to this aft, (hall iiitbe pound 
pay to the King's highnefs, his heirs, or fucce(rors, at the time upon exccu- 
of enfeaUngof the procefs for execution to be had, one half- SjJ^^'JL 
pcny for every pound that (hall be contained in the obligation, 8G.i.c.i57f. j. 
whereof execution (hall be required, and not above. 

IX. And that every fuch perlbn and perfons that (hall happen The remedjr 
to have any execution of any lands, tenements, or heredita- ^ tenant hf 
ments, by reafon of any fuch obligations to be made and JIJi^^dSfeifedL 
knowledged (as is abovefaid) their executors, adminiftrators, ^ 

or aftigns, and the executors, adminUfa^itors, and afligns of 
every of them, if they, or any of them being put out or difteifed, 
(hall have like remeoy in every point and condition, as^erfons 
having execution in and upon any ftatute of the ftaple, after 
execution to them had, may or might have, by virtue of the 
faid writing obligatory of the ftatute of the ftaple, and execution 
of the fame. 

X. And further be it enafted by the authority aforefaid, That The juftices 
every of the faid jufticesi and the faid mayor and recorder, be- ^lerk's fee 
fore whom any fuch obligations (hall be reco|;nized, (hall take "i^gSiuS^^ 
for every knowledge of every one fuch recognizance iii. s. iv. d. 

and not above ; (2) and the clerk that (haJl write, make, and 
inroU the fame obligations, iii. s, iv.d. (3) and for the certi- 
ficate of every one fuch obligation xx. d. (4) and if any of the 
faid juftices, mayor, recorder, or clerk, take of any of the 
King's fubjefts above the fum or fums to therti limited by this 
eftatute, that then the faid juftices, mayor, recorder, or clerk, 
that fo (hall take contrary to the form aforefaid^ (hall forfeit 
for every time fo offending xl. li. 

XL And further it is enafted by the authority aforefaid. In what cifet 
That from the faid (irft day of ^//, no mayor or con(fable ofrtcogAvz^xKt^ 
the ftaple, for the payment of any fum or dims of money, take pje^^^^^ 
any knowledge or recognizance of the faid ftatute of tne (bi- taken by the 
pl^ of any of the King's fubgefts, upon pain to forfeit for mayor and 


634 Anno ykeTiBio teitio Hfiimici VIIL (i 531. 

»«^ ev«ry doic fo offendiogy xl. lu the one moiety of all and (in- 
t» and guj}!* the laid penalties to be to the King's h^ghnefs, and the 
other qM>iety to the oarty that will fue for the fame : (2) for 
the recofcrf w^erec^, the party that will puHue (hall have hit 
remedy by mfbrmation, ailion of debt, bill» or plaint in any 
of theking^s courts, in which no eilbin, protection, norw^^of 
law (hall be admitlecL (3) Provided alway. That this ad, nor 
^Ojf thing therein contained, be in any wife prqudicial or 
Juiraul to any mayor and conflahles of the ftaple for any bond 
or writing of the ftatute of the ftaple to he taken or received 
between merchants being free of the fame ftaple, for mer- 
chandifo of the £ime ftaple between them lawfully bought and 

XII. Provided alio, and be it enoSed by the authority afore- 

cet taken Cud, That all recoenifances before this tune taken betore the 
^^^ **, ' mayor and conftabies of any of the faid (iaples, whereof the 
^52^^ fuiRs luw be not paid, nor otherwHe contented, lawfuUy avoid- 
BoiHeU. ed, and difcharged by the law, (hall be as good and cflFe^al 
i|Ed.i.ftat.x. as though they had been verily made for merchandise of the 
<• 11* fame (bple, and between mercnant and merchant of the fame 

s7Ed.}.ftat.s. f^i^^ and as they ftuMild have been, if this aa had never 
%M.c^S.7. been had ne made. 

TheftMUtesttf 5i{.2^<rr*i.r.3. bR.t.e.'^. ^ touch- 
ing the hriiinne <^Gafum or Gmen wines, or Tmimfi ode, 
into this realm hy (hips only of England^ Inland^ ot W^ty 
wuk by only mafters and adariners of the fame countries, con- 
firmed. No per(bn fliaU lay on land, out of a (hip> anjr 
PrmA wine between the fea(i of St> Mchdil and thtPrnfi- 
ioikn^ upon pain of forfeiture theie^. No perfon (hall idl 
by retail any P^gmb wi^iea above viii^d. the gallao vie.i«d. 
the pint 1 nor any milmefey, fack, nimi^y^ or other .fweet 
wine, above xh. 4- the gallon. The prices off the tuft* 1»^> 
Ts H S c 104 E!?^ ^^ hogttxead of the faid wines ftiall be affeflcd by the 
St H.8. c!x4. icing's gr^feC ofieA^. The eoments and gtuging the bii 
3> R s. cif. tfsm%.'^T$ cmfimi wu$ ibi I^ i^ of the nettt p^UmnU. 

CAP. vm. 

Tbt Httf&r the havens in the weft parts. 
„ ^^ . niteoufly jheuHthy and cmpUnneth untd the King ourfivereiin 
iSrenTi^^"' * ^^^f ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ fpirUual and timporak andibi amnms, 
Cornwall zxA inihk prsfinr porliosiUne offimbUdY thi inhabitants of the towns m 
DevoQihire portfi of P^outh, Dartmouth, and Teignmoutn, in tht iw^ 
"**^i!^*' ^f I>»von(hi*ey Palmouth, and roway, in tho lounty of Cornwall, 
rT^Su^c. SI. V^ whonthfifaidports have ban in limepaft theprinapdfaid^/ 
Thegreat cafe commodious havens and ports within this roam for the road^jwtijy^f 
and bea^ ptefervftion ofjtips refirtinf from all places of the worUj as f»» ^^ 
wbich this ^^u cfprnts as oAerwifo. (a) For whore before this time d wjww^ 
2S«^ ^fJbips being under the portage of eight hundred tum, reform ufit^ 
reived ^ the ofs^ of thoJaidpcr$s or hauons^ might at the low water emj ^^^^ 
h*v«ni oi into ihefatne^ and thfre lie infurety^ what wind or ten^Jlfa'^^f'^ 

1 5gt J} Aimo vlcefimo terdo HcKkxci VIII. 1 3^ 

Uaw^ iyreafM tobmof not mfy a grtat fmdtitudi of fl^^t^,- as'wU'^\fnxniS^^ 
dftbis Tiabii as afaibar ngions anduutOrus^ bifin this iimebavi 2*rt«wuflij ' 
ie^ frifirvid aad faved, butaljb bt tifm of war the Jaid havm$ 
and Paris havo hun the grmefi fortifieatian md defence 6f ibatfaet 
of wis reakfty and the hedal prtfervatiem $f the great part tftbe 
nmj afibifame : ( 3) JrUchfittd portiand havens hem atehis frefM ' 
iinu in manner utterif deea^fed and defkeyedby mean of certain^ tin^ 
woris^ e^d Jlream'-weriSf itfedhy certain ferfens wkbin the /aid 
counties I whuhperfons more regarSng their ownprruate bscre^ than The «au(e cf 
the eaeamon wealth and Jkrety of this reedm^ have iy woriHng ^thedeiaiyof 
thefaidflrMn-workSj dtgging^ Jiarching, and waflus^ ^ ekefamu ^ «ordai4 
near unto the fre/b rivers^ waters^ and lew fbeesy drfeending md ^^^°^ 
CDening out of the lands towards and into the faid ports and havens to 
tbefea^ comunedhf thefora of the faid frefi rivers a marvellous great 
fttontOf offindy gravely^onej rolel, earthy fime^ and fSth into the 
faid ports and havens^ and havefo filled and choaled the januy that 
where h^ore this time ajbip of the portage of eight btnmed tun^ as 
is afarefiidy might have eafify entred'dh a 6w water into thefame^ 
now a flap of an bsatdroa 4m fianth enter at the half fUody to the 
decay and utter de/iru/fion of the faid havens andportSy and edfo ta 
the ruin and utter undoing of all the good towns within the faid 
couneirs ef Devon(hiie ^Cornwall, if remedy he not in that safe 
fpeedily provided: (4) For refermation wkereof, be it tnaAed a remedy to 
by tbe King oar iwefeign lord, the lords fpiritual and tern- maintain them 
poral^ and tEe commons, in this prefent pariiament afieanbled, ^^^ thefurure. 
and bv s^hamy of the fame, Thaino p^on or pccfona here- 
after Uttli iafaour or irork, or orafe to be kboured or wttonght, 
in anj manner of tm^norks, called Stream^worisy within the h}4^ 
oottQties of Devot^iiire and OoruoSedly nigh to any of the faid 
fre(h wafeecs, tirers, or low places, defcending or having 
courfe unto the fiiid ha^ecu or ports, or any of them, nor fliaH 
labour, Hgy or wafli any tin in any of the faidtin-workt call- 
ed Stream-worksy i]fsle& the iaid diffier, cnwncr, or wafher fttall 
make, or caufe to be made, foment hatches and ties iii 
tiae end of dietr baddies and cords, and therein put and tay^ 
or cvak to he put and laid, all the faod, ftoAes, gravel, ajid 
robcl digged about the mfearching, finding, and waAiing of 
the find tin, there to be whdiy and furely kept by the faid 
batidies and ties, out and from the £ud frefti rivers aaSi water- 
oourfts, or aay of them, fo that the UaA fimd, ftones, gravel, 
and robel, ne any part thereof, be for lack of fuch hatches or 
ties oot^reysed into the fiid ports smd havens, or any of themy 
(5) ^ippn poia to forfeit for every time that any owner or tin- 
nor fliall dig or waA, or canfe to be digged or wattied, .^^ ^H^'^and 
tin contrary to the fenm aferefaid^ x. li. 3i<e one half theredP ^o ^lioin^iip. 
te be so the ufe pf our fovereign lord the King, and ^ other half plied, &c. 
thereof 10 bet^anyof the inhabiiaats of the laid ports, towns, or The pajslty 
hatens, that wiH foe for the fame In any of the King's courts by ^^'JfK?* J^^ 
QTMsat writ, bUl, pliaint, information, or otherwife, wherein the }\^ • • >3* 
defindam ifasdlnotbeadiTiittei) towage his }4Wy lif my protediofV * 
or e^in (hall be allowable. 

IJ. And 

%S6 Anno viccfimo tcitio Hb^Irici VIIL [1531. 

J*>*>*»«^ n. And be it further enafted by the authority aforefaid, 
^^S^Mia T^^ if any perfon or perfons (hall happen to be fued, accufed, 
theftannary indided, imprifoned, amerced, condemned, or otherwife vexed 
€ot proiecu- or troubled in his perfon, lands, tin-works, goods, or chattels, 
•»n«*c^iiig by any of the minifters or officers of any of ^e King's court of 
ID this ftatute. fejjnary, or by any other perfon or pertons, for pnrming or at- 
tempting any fuit or adion according to this eftatutev againft 
fuch penon or perfons as il^ail ofkiKi contrary to the form afore- 
faid, that then all fuch fuits^ uccuremeius, indidlments, im- 
prifonments, a<ftions> condemna^j6ns, fines, amerciaments, and 
. every' other aft or a<fts to be ypfit in any of the faid courts of 

ftannary, or elfe^here, by ^ny p^fon or perfons, againft any 
perfon or perfons, for fuing orattempting any fuits or adtions 

S virtue of this eftatxite, flull he iitterly void and of none 
eA in the law; (2) and that the parties fued, indided, ac- 
cufed, imprifoned, or otherwife grieved or molefted, for pur- 
fuing agamft any perfon or perfons offending this efbtute, 
(hall have his adion and retnedy grounded upon this eflatute by 
original writ, bill, plaint, information, or c^erwife, in aoy of 
the King's courts, againft fuch as (hall procure or attempt to 
vex, trouble, or otherwife moleft any fuch perfon or perfons for 
fuine or purfuing for the forfeitures aforefaid, and fhali recover 
trebk damages in that behalf; and the party defendant (hall 
not be admitted to wage his law, ne any protedion, effoin, or 
The forfeiture P^^^'^ '^^ ^^ ^^ him allowable ; (3) and if it (hall happen 
of the often- ^ny perfonror perfons for purfuing any fuit or adion upon this 
der, and the eftatute, or by occafion of the fame, hereafter to be imprifoned 
mean to re- fay ^ny manner of perfon or perfons, being officers or miniffers 
coverit.. or the (lannary, their deputies, or fubftitutes, that then cvcnr 
of the juftices of peace within any of the counties afore&idt 
wherein the faid prifoner (hall happen to be committed to prifon, 
upon credible information thereof, taking furety by his difcre- 
tion, for appearance of fuch prifoner at the next general fef- 
fions Gf peace, (hall have power and authority, as well to di- 
rect his warrant to the gaoler, or keeper of the prifon, as to 
any other perfon or perfons to whom the faid prifoner (hall be 
committed unto, commanding him or them, upon pain of for- 
feiture of xl. li. to deliver, and put at large the faid prifoner or 
prifoners ; ^4) which if he rrfufe fo to do, then every fuch offen- 
der (hall lofe and forfeit the faid xl. li. the one half of which 
forfeiture to be to the ufe of our fovereign lord the King, and 
the other half to him that is grieved by reafon of fuch imprifon- 
ment, to be recovered in manner and form aforefiud ; (5) and 
the defendant in any aftion or fuit for the fame, (hall not wage 
his law, ne have any tSoin or protection allowed ; (6) and if 
it (hall appear, upon the appe^'ance of fuch prifoner at the 
quarter fe(Eons, by examination of the juftices of peace there 
being, that he was imprifoned contrary to the form of this 
eftatute, that then he ftiall be forthwith difmifled, and thereby 
difwhargcd j ^d if be were lawfully imprifoned for any other juft 

^53 ^-3 Anno viceluno tertio Henrici VIII. 237 

caufe, then to be remanded to pr^fon fay .the difcretion of the 

IIL Provided alway. That this aft, or any thing therda TWsaa (hall 
contained, be not in any wife prejudicial or hurtful to anjr o^SSsdTto'Se" 
the officers of the ftannary, ne to any of their lawfol, liberties, xifficert or 
privileges, ufages, laws, or cuftoms, faving only in the cafes liberties of the 
and provifions contained and limited within this prefent z€t^ ftannariet. 
^wfaich (hall alway be* put in execution according to the tenor of 
this a4^ ; any ufage, cnftom, privilege, ordinance, or liberty > . 
to the contrary thereof notwitbftanding. 

IV. And it is ena^ed. That this adt (hall begin toitake efiea 
from the feaft of St. Michael the archangel oex^ coming, and 
not- before. . , ' 

Jtn aR that no f erf oh Jhall he cited out of the diocefe where 
be or Jhe dwelktbj except in certain cafes. ' 

WHERE gnat number of the Kii^ifub}e(tSj as well »^^>Hob.i7 17s 
wives J fervantSy as ether the Kin/s fuhje^s^ dr^elUng iri ,gg/ '* ' * 
iiivers diccefes if this reabn of England, ani of Wales, heretofore 
have hem at many times mUd by citations^ and other procejfes com-* 
pulfory^ to appear in the arches audience^ and other hi^h courts of 
the archbijhops of this realm, farfromy and out of the diocefe where 
fuch men^ wiveSy fervantSy and other the King s fubje^s been in* 
habitant and dweUisig^ (2) and masvf times to anjwer to furmifed 
and feigned caufesy and fuits of defamation^ withholding of tithes^ 
andjucb other like caufes and matters^ winch have beenfued more for 
makcey andforvenationy than for any other jtift ccdife of fuit. 

II. And, where certificate bath been made by the fummonery ap^ 
pantory or any fuch light liteirate perfony that the party agcunfl whim 
any fuch citation bath been awarded^ bath heen cited orfummonedy and 
thereupon the fame peprtyy fo certified to be cited orfummonedy hath 
not appealed according to the certificate^ the fame party therefore hath 
been excommumcaiedy or at the Uaft ftifpended from all divine fervicei 
(2} and thereupoUy before that he or Jhe could be abfolvedy hath been 
compelledy not only to pay the fees of the court whereunto he or ft)e was 
fo called by citationy or other procefsy amounting to thefum of ii. s. 
mr XX. d. at the Uafi $ but aljo to pay to the Jummonery aptaritory « Bulft. ;». 
or other light literate perfony by whom he or fhevtasfo certified to he Nopcrfonfliall 
Jiwmonedy for every mile being dijlantfrem the place where he or ^ ^^5^ ^'^^^f 
Jhe then dwelledy unto the fame court wbereuntohe or Jhe wasfo cited v^herclbe * 
orfummofied to appeary ii. d. to the great charge and impoverijbment dwelleth. but 
tf the Kin£sfubje£lSy and to the great occafion of mifbehaviour and in certain 
mifliving rf wivesy jWomeuy andfervantSy and to the great impair- ^^^ 
ment and diminution of their good names and hone/lies: (3) Be it ^m^^^J'//. 
therefi)re ena^d by the Kine our fovereign lord, with the t Salk.'^s.' 
aflent of the ^ords Spiritual and temporal, and the commons, Co. pi. t. 364, 
in this prefent • parliament afTembled, and by authority of44S- 
the fame. That ao manner perfon (hall be from henjcetbrth j*^^' y^*' 
citedy or /un;imoiied,> or otherwife called to appear by himfelf, ,. co. 4.* 
or 'herlelf, or by ^ any procurator, before any ordinary, arch- Hetlqr 19, 
I ' ' -• ' deacon, «»•• 

^3l Axma vkefimo tenio HsMltici VIII. Ussu 

P^knnaj, 4%$. ilactti^ coountAry, nflidal, or any odior ju^ (pirittial^ out 

S *d2. **♦• of the diocefe; or peculiar jurifdi6Hoii where the perfan which 

I^JUjl^c. jfti. ^^^ ^ cited, famtmtwAy or otherwife (as is ^orebM) catted, 

i|S|. * fliatt be inbsMring ami dwelling, at the time of awarding, or 

Oo. Cur. 97» fam§ forth of the ftme citation or fmnmons ; (4) except that 

339*- It ttaXL be fbr^ in, or npon zny of the eafei or caufes hereafter 

writttti ; that is to fiiy, for any fpiritual ofibice, or caufe com* 

^Fnmtbi'virh mXtgA OT done, or oodtted) * forflewed^ or ncgleAed to be 

Fordlow, t9 donay cootiary to rigly or duty, by the bi(hop, archdeacon, 

rngftd* commiiEiry, official, or other peribna having fpiritual Jurif' 

dnflbo,' or being a fpiritual judge^ or by any other per^n or 

peDrfom wMiin the dsocefey or other jurifdidion, whereuato 

he or (he (hall be cited, or otherwife lawfully called to appear 

and anfwer. 

^^» 49* nil And except alfo it (hall be by or xfoa matter or caufe of 

jRoil,i36jf 74, appeal, or for other lawful caufe, wherein any party (hafl find 

himf^or herfcif grieved or wronged by the ordinary judge or 

jud'gesof thedidcefeor jtirififidlion, or by anyof hi» fnbftitutes, 

officen, or minifters, after the matted or cauft there llrft com- 

meficed, Md begut? to be (hewed unco the arelibi(hop, or 

Jbiftop, or any o£er having pecttltar jurifdiAidtt^ withhi whofe 

eorince the diocefe or place ^uliar is ; ^2) of tii cafe that the 
(hop, or othei" immediate judee eir ixmivcf dare not, nor 
wfll tmt convent the party to-be wed before him ; (7) or in cafe 
that the bi(bop of the cKocefe, or the)ud|ge df die pface, within 
whoffc }tiri61iaion, or before whom tht (bit bf this aft ^ouM 
be commenced and profeeuted, be party difeflly or IndireAfy 
to the matter or cauie of the fiuhe (m ; (4^ 6r \ii catk thstt any 
bkho|r, or any inferior jtidge ha^ng under hiM iuriidiftioR in 
his own right and titky or by commifR^, make requeft, or 
infbmce to the archUfliop, bifhop, or cAer (iiperior ordinary 
orjud^, to take, treat, examine, or detetmih^ the matter be^ 
Ibre hmi, or his fuMitutes, (s) and that to be. done in cafes 
onfy where the hw civil or canon doth aefRtnr execution of fuch 
neoueft, or inftance of jurifilitStioh, to be lawfU or tolerable: 
The forfeit of (6 J ^pon psdn of forfeiture to every perfbn by any ordinaryi 
Sffc^fi?^ cbmmHBiry, official, or fubditut^, by virtue of his office, or 
aeaiitil the ^^ ^^"^ f^^ of any perfon to be cited, 0t otherwiib (vimmpned, 
purport of or Called Contrary to this aA, of double dama^i smd cofts for 
tliU dilute, the vexation m that behalf fultained^ to be recovered aganft 
anyAich ordinary, commif&Ty, archdeacon, official, or other 
judge, as (hall award or make procefs, or otherwife attempt or 
procure to do any difng contrarv to this aftj by aftion of debt, 
or z&ioti upon the ca(e^ according to the cdurfe of the cotn- 
mon law or this realm in any of tiie King's high coiirts, or m 
any other competent temporal court of record, by originaf wrft 
of debt, bifl; or plaint; (7) in which aftion, no protcflion, 
other than fuch as (hall be made under the Kiog^s great feal, 
and dgned with his fign manual^ (hall be aHbv^, neither any 
Wager of hw, nor tffoin (haH be admitted ; (8) and uppn pain 
of forfeiture Ibr every perfon^fb fummoned, ckedy or otherwife 


' 53 1 •] A'^AO vke&na tsrdo Henrici VIII. 239 

called (ac is abovefiud) to anfwer bofere any fMiitttal judn out 
of the cfioceTe, or other lurtMi^liion wKart me bU pcnon fo 
dwelleirhf or i$ refident or abiding^ k. li. flerliog : the one half 
therectf to be to the King our fevereign lord, aad the other half, 
to any perfonthat unll fiiefer Ae fame it^wfoS the Kiiig'r £tod 
courts, or in any other the &id temponl courts^ by/wt, is- 
formation, biM, or plaiat; (9) in y^iich a^Hon np proteft i o a 
Dial! be allowed, nor wager cM law or effoia (hall be.adaikttd. . 

IV. Provided always, Tha» it (hall be lawAiI to everj^ juxli* Anarchbifiiop 
failhop' of this realm to call, eke, and fummoA am pmon or may cite for 
perfons inhabiting or dwelling in any biAiep's ilioeefe within his hone^ in auio- 
province, for caUfcs of herefy, if the bidiofi or other onUnary.J^^*^'* 
immediate tiMmintoconfent, erif that the ibno bifliop, ocotber J^ft^^^^^ 
immediate ordinary or judge do not his d^ty Jn pumflnntni of i Salk« 135* 
the lame. 

V. Provided aIfo» That this aA (hdt not extend in any wife tt» Previlbf^tlie 
the prerogative of the moft reverend father in Qod tjiearch* probate of cef. 
bifliop of Canterbwj^ or any of his faco^fcrs, of or for caUiig tameBttiftthe* 
any perfon or perfons ont ot the dioceft whore he or they be in- 'K^^^ 
habiting, dwelGi^, or refident, for pixibalo of any eeftaanent or ^""^"^ 

teftaments, any thing* in ^s adt oootaiMd to the eontrwy not-r 

VI. An4 be ^ Airtfaer enaAsd by authoriiv :ifiaidaid, TkntThe feet for 
no archbifiiop^ nor btfhop, ordinary, oficial, comaiffiary, or t^^ ft^ of » 
anv other fubftitute ot minilter of any-of tlie fftid anahWAops, ^^a^n* 
bimops, archdeacons, or other having any fplntari Jvrifiiidtion, /' 
at anv riine from theTeaft of Eajitr next coming, Inall aik, do»' 

mand^ take, or recdve of any of the Kin|f s fiibjeda, atty fum 
or fmne of monev for the feal of any ctcotioii» after die iirid 
fcaft to be awardea or obtained, than only iii d. fterling, upon 
the pains and penalties before limited, containedy and expreff* 
ed 11^' this prpfent aft, to be in Kke form recovered, as is afore«< 
faid. • 

VII. Provided always. That liiis aA be not in any wifelrart* Frovifofor the 
ftt! or pncjncficia) to the archbilhop of Tirk^ nor 10 his fiicceflbssy probate of tef- 
of, for, or concerning probate of teft»nent& within his pMvince S?w!I!Sc*'*f*^ 
and juriidiftion, by reafbn of any prerogative; any ifaia^ in thir Voric. ^ 
aft to the contraiy thereof notwithflanding, Rra. i &««Ph. 

1^ A "D "V * &M»CwS« 

Jin act for fepjffmnfs m^i ajfunmces of lands and Unementsi^c^^^f^no* 
made to the uftof any parifii churchy chafel^or /unlike. 

WHERE bj nafm of fnffmemt^ fines ^ rHoviritfyOfidotbir if^ FeofFmentt 
tinny and ajfkrantesy made cftrufts^ cfmamrs^ lands^ tmn^ rfu^"'^*'*^ 
mmtSy and heri£tamntiy to the ufe of porijh tbuuhm^ ^^'^^^^nvr^itl^kc. 
thtirib-wardenSy guildsy frattrnitits^ eommowttUsy iompaniis^ ^^ to churches, ' 
brothirbeqds errffed and made of dnwiion^ or if tommonafent rfthe coimooaaltiet* 
people ujithout anj torporathny and alfi tfteafon of feofpmks^ ^^ ^^i^^^^' 
rtcffoeritSy tuiSSf ami other tUjH made to anfi^H afan/mdyontntbe ufiS tong aiS hST 
and intents to have ohites perpemaly or a toktinial fervke of omefi fubjlfls, at if 
for every orfortbreefeoroy or fiurfcor^tyears^fomien* oiobiAfiu they were 

^^ aliened in 
^ mortmalnr 


lauidsto ' 
churches, * 
chapels, Sec. 
Cro, £]. s4S. 

aiTunuices of 
lands to 
churches, &c. 
fsrxx. years. 

Collateral mf. 
ihall be void. 

.Anno vkefimo tcitio Henrici VIII. [1531. 

end pnfiisefthiniaHorsy LpidSf tmmmtSy and henditaments^ when- 
rf fiubfi^lfnints^finfiyncoxiirus^ ioills^ and other a£Is ban maii^ 
cr that the fnffeesy comfefs^ . recoverers^ or other perfonsy and tkir 
heirs thereof/et/ed, Jbau take, levy^ receive ^ and perceive ^ or ccaife er 
fiffer to he taien, levied^ and perceived the ijues, revenues, and pro- 
Jits thereof y and the fame to difpofe, pay, convert, or otherwife im- 
ploy orjujfer, or caufe to be dijpojed, paid, converted, or impbydu 
any fitch ufes, intents^ or purpefis, as been above fpecified ortoanj 
other Hkiufes and intents-, there groweth andijfueth to the King out 
firuereipi lord, and to other lords andfiibje£ls of the realm, the fame 
like lo^andineonvenieneies, and is as much prejudicial to them^ asdsth, 
and is, incafe where lands be aliened into mortmain : 

II. Beit thoxforeen^Aed by the King our fovereignloid, the 
lords fpiiitual and temporal, and the commons, in this prefenc 
parliament aflembled, and by authority of the fame, That all 
.and every fuch u{bs, intents, and purpofes, of what name, na- 
ture or quality they (hall be called, that (hall be devifed, cove- 
nanted, made, dedared, or in. any wife ordained after theM 
day of March, in the three and twentieth year of the reign of 
our ibvereign lord King Henry the eighth, by any feoffee, reco- 
verer, or cooifiec, or .by any other perfon or perfons to whofe 
ufeany fuch feoflee, recoverer, or conifee (hall be feifed„ of any 
manors, laiads; tendnents, or hereditaments, or oftbeiflues, 
revenues, acid profits of them,.. or any of them, (hall be utterly 
void, andof noilr^ogth, virtue, nor effed in the law. 

III. IVovidtd ralv^^y. That it (hall be lawful to every perfon, 
beingieiied of any manors,.lands, tenements, orhereditamentsto 
his own proper ufe, or having ifeoffees, recoverers, pr conifees to 
his ufe, to make^ ordain, or devife, or caufe to be made^ ordained, 
or devifed, any of the ufcs, intents, or purpofes above fpecified, 
in fuch manner as they might have done before the maidng of 
this a<£t, and, as if this adl had never been had ne made; (2) fo 
that no fuch ufes, intents, or purpofes to be fo niade, ordained 
or devifed sifter the faid lirft day of March, be not in any wife 
made, ordained, deyifed, or appointed, to endure, continue, or 
abide by aily cn^t, colour^ terms, fentences, daufes, words, or 
other means* above the term of twenty years next after the M 
making and beginning of any fuch ufes, intents, or purpofes. 

IV. And it is further enaded. That if any perfon or perfons, 
in defrau4 oi this ftatute, bind or ordain any their heirs or fuc- 
ce(rors, or any other perfon or perfons, that they (hall fuffer fuch 
ufes, intents, and purpofes to endure and continue, contrary to 
this 2iSt, upon pains or penalties of lo(res of any othef lands, teoe- 
mentSy or h^r^taments, or of any other thing or things; or dp 
attempt or devife by any colour, craft, or means, any thing or- 
things, to make any fuch ufes^ intents, or purpofes to be declared, 
contrary .to the true meaning of this adt, to continue or abide 
for any longer time or feafon man is above limited for the fame; 
that then . evisnr fuch pain, penalty, craft, colour, and every 
other thing ana things, of what kind, nature, or qualitv(<'<^^f^ 
it be that ipaU be fo made, ordained, or devifed in defraud ofthis 

• - ■ ' a%t. 

'53*0 Anno Ticefima tertio HenriCi VIII. 241 

a6l, fliall be utterly void in the law to all intents ; and thait this ** 
ilatute /hall be always interpreted and expounded, as beneficially 
as may be, to the deftrudlion and utter avoiding of fuch ufes, 
intents, and purpofes therein above remembered, and of all 
other hke ufes and intents, otherwife than only after fuch man- 
ner as is afore by this prefent a<5t provided. 

V. Provided alway. That in fuch cities, and towns corporate, Cufoms&i ci- 
"where by their ancient cuftoms they hive good and lawful au- tics and town* 
thorities to devife into mortmain the lands, tenements, and he- f^ j^^^? ^ 
reditaments, within *the fame cities or towns corporate, that this *" *» *^ • 
a6t fliall not be in any wife prejudicial or hurtful to any fuch 

VI. Provided alway. That this aft, ne any thing therein con- p^vifoforthc 
tained, ihall extend, or be in any wife prejudicial, tb hinder or devifesof the 
impair any fuch ordinances, devices, or declarations of ufes, as executors of 
fhall hereafter be made and declared in writing, by the executors ^™ ^^^ 
of the teftaments and laft wills of Robert Jannis and John Terry^ cityof Nor* 
late aldermen of the city o(Nonvi<hy now deceafed, or by the wich. 
executors or the furvivor df the executors of either of them, of 

any lands, tenements, or hereditaments, not amounting in the 
■whole above the clear yearly value of ifctty pounds, to be im- 
ployed and converted to and for the dilcharee of tolls and 
cuftoms within the faid city, and at thc'gates of the fame, for the 
difcharge of the poor people within the fame city, of taxes and 
tallages hereafter to be aflefled and levied, and for the cleanfing 
of the ftreets of the fame city, or for any of the faid good pur- 
pofes, according to the true intents and meanings of the laid laft 
wills and teftaments, and either of them ; fo that the fame ordi- 
nances, devices, and declaraitipns be had, made, and certified 7 & g W. 3* 
in writing into the King's court of Chancery^ within two years c. 37. 
next cnfuing the fcaft 01 Eajier next coming. 9 Geo- »• c 3^« 


Ah aci for clerks convict breaHngprifoft. 

WHERE divers perfins iehtg convi^ of murder or fektif^ ^ Ed. 1. c. t; 
having the privilege of their ckrgy^ wid delivered to the ordi- 
naries^ afterwards willfully break theprtjons cfthe ordinaries^ andef- 
cape their way Sy doing and committing greaty horribkyand dete/latle 
offences; and as hitherto for fuch wilful breaking of prifons ofordind- 
rie} by clerks eonvii5fy hath not been providedany great penalty , where- 
by they flmldjland in dread of doing the fame : ( 2 ) Be it therefore It Is felony foy 
enadted hj authority of this prefent pariiament. That if any ^j^^^^f^^i 
clerk convi^ft, being in prifon of any ordinary, wilfully break thcordinMy^t 
the faid prifon, and efcape his way out of the fame, that then prifoo, to 
every fuch breaking of prifon and efcape, (hall be from hence- break the 
forth deemed and adjudged felony, and the offender therein ^- «^ 
fhall have and fuffer fuch pain of death and penaltv, and lofs of ^ Y^/ • ^* 
his lands and goods, as for other felonies is accuftomed by the 
laws of this realm^ and (hall not in any wife be adixiitted to have 
Vol. IV. R the 


242 Anno viccfimo terdo Henrici VIIL [ » 53 i • 

the privilege or benefit of his clergy, nor enjoy any fan^biary for 
the fame. 
Thqr which H. Provided alway. That if any fuch offender be within holy 
bcinholvOT- orders, that is to fay, of the orders of fubdeacon, deacon, or 
dcUvcired to priefthood, that then after he is conviA of the premifles, he (hall 
the ordinary, be delivered to the ordinary, there to remain without any pur- 
AltercdiSH-S. gation. 

<^-'- , III. And it is enaded. That it (hall be at the liberty of the 

The ordinary ordinary, to difgrade any fuch offender after he is found guilty, 
dSc convia,* ^^^ delivered to him as a clerk convidt, and fend him before the 
and fend him. King in his bench, with letters witneffmg the faid difgrading, 
to the King's (2) and thereupon the juftlces of the King's bench, having the 
^^*H^'8 record of his convidion, (hall have power and authority to give 

»3 H. 8.C. 1. jujgn^gj^t againft every fuch offender, being convidei and dif- 
graded, that he (hall fuffer death, like as they might do in cafe 
the fame offender had been a lay- man, and arraigned, and found 
guilty afore them of the faid offence, the delivering of fuch of- 
fender afore to the ordinary notwithflanding. 


An act for the exaction of tolls by the Severn ^Je. 
HERE the King*sfubje£iSy faffing upon the river and water 
j/" Severn, heme ufedtime outofmind^ tohaveandvfe acer^ 
tain path of one foot and a half broad on every fide of the fatd rtver^ 
for drawing up by lines or ropes ^ their trows y barges ^ boatSy and other 
veffels pajftng or re-paffmg on the faid river ^Severn, with wine, er 
any other merchandifcy without any impofitiony taxy or toll to he de- 
manded of them that fhould carry wine in any of the faid veffels y for 
the faid pajjlng and dratving in the faid paths acaiflomedy till nov^ of 
late certain covetous perfcns have perturbed and interrupted nutnyofthe 
King's fubje^Sy haling and drawing up their vejfels inthe faid pathsy 
taking of them fines^ and draughts y and bottles of wincy and yet daily 
ufe to takcy to the difturbance and lofs to many of the King^sfuljecfs : 
The penalty u. Be it therefore enadled by the King our fovereign lord, 
for hindering^ and the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this • 
on th?bank» prefent parliament affembled. That no perfon or perfons intcr- 
of the river rupt by any ob(lacle, let, or otherwife, any perfon or perfons 
of Severn, or pafling or re-pa(Iing, over iand upon every or the faid paths ac- 
fn^^^oftoU^' cuftomed, nor alfo a(k, take, or demand any toll, called a 
*"^ ^ ' draught, or bottle of wine, or any other tax or impofition of 
any of the King's fubjeds there going in the faid paths ac- 
cuftomed, upon every fide of the river of Severn^ there haling 
or drawing their boats, trows, or veffels, (2) upon pain to for- 
feit for every time that he or they fo (hall interrupt any of the 
King's fubjeds, or afk or take any fuch impofition, by what 
name foever it be called, forty ftiiUings ; the onehalf thereof to 
be to the King our fovereign lord, and the other half to the party 
grieved, that will fue for the fame by bill, plaint, information, 
9H. 6. €. 5. or otherwife. In the which fuit no effoin, wager of law, norpro- 
19 H. 7. c. 18. tcdlion (hall be allowed. 


153 1.] Anno vicefimo tertio Henrici VIII. 243 


An all for trial of murders in cities and towns. 

FORASMUCH as trials in murders and felonies in cities^ 
boroughs y and towns corporate within this reahn^ having autho- 
tity to proceed in the deliverance of fuch offenders^ been ofttntimes di^ 
f erred and delayed^ by reafon of challenge of fuch offenders^ for lack 
of fufficiency of freehold^ to toe great hindrance of jujlice: (2) It 
may therefore beenadled by authority of this prefent parliament. Trial of fr- 
That every perfon and perfons,^ being the King's natural fub- ^^^^ '^ corpo- 
je<a bom, which either by the name of a citizen, or of a free- S^auSTby 
man, or any other name, doth enjoy and ufe the liberties and men worth xl. 
privileges of any city, borough, or town corporate, where he li. in goods, 
dwelleth and maketh his abode, being worth in moveable goods 
and fubilance to the clear value of forty pounds, be from hence- 
forth admitted in trial of murders and felonies in every feilions , 
and gaol-delivery, to be kept and holden in and for the liberty 
of fuch cities, boroughs, and towns corporate, albeit they have 
no freehold ; any act, flatute, ufe, cuftom, or ordinance to the 
contrary hereof notwithftanding. 

11. rrovided alway. That this a6t do not extend, in any 
manner of wife, to any knight or efquire, dwelling, abiding, or 
reforting in or to any fuch city, town, or borough corporate, 
any thing in the fame adt mentioned or declared to the contrary 
hereof notwithftanding. 


Procefs of outlawry to lie in aSionSy on 5 Rich. 2. and in 
covenant and annuity. 

FORASMUCH as there is great delay in anions of trefpafs 
brought upon the fiatute of Richard the Second^ made in the 
fifth year of his reign^ againfl them that make entries into any lands or 
tenements where their entry is not given by the lawy and alfo in 
aliens of annuity^ and anions ofcovenanty becaufe there lieth no pro- 
cefs of outlawry in fuch nature of anions : (2) For reformation Likeprocefsto 
whereof, it may pleafe the King's highnefs, by the advice of the ^^ ^^^ in 
lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commbns, in this prefent an^uit'*'"' d^ 
parltameat ailembled, and by authority of the fame, to ordain covensmtt^as 
and .ena<£j[. That like procefs be had hereafter in every adlion in an aaion 
from henceforth to be brought upon the faid ftatuteof ^^r^r^ofdebt. 
^uintOj a6 is in a common adion of trefpafs at the common law, 5 R« *• ftat. i. 
(3) and that alfo like procefs be had in every writ of annuity g^ '^^j^ 
and covenant hereafter to be fued, as is in an aaion of debt. «<» 53. ^- * 


R 2 CAP. 

244 Anno vicefimo tertlo Henrici VIII. [i 53^ 


^H all that the plaintiffs being nonfidied^JbaU yield damages 
lo. Jbe defendanls in aHions perfonaly iy the dijcretum of 
the juices. 

Hutt. »i,69» 15 E it enacted by the King our fovcreign lord, and the lords 
7 '^^11 ^ JE> (pirituai and temporal, and the commons^ in this prefeat 
ft Roll', mi'j. parliament aflembled, and by authority of the fame. That if any 
Hetl^*, 14.6. perfon or perfons, at any time after the feall of the Punficatica 
5 R. ^. ftat. I. of our Lady, in the twenty third year of the reign of our fo- 
8 El vcreign lora K^ng Henry tne Eijghth, commence or fue in any 

ftloft^^Vi. court Qf record, or elfewhere m any other court, any action, 
Cro. £1. 177, biJl, or plaint, of trefpafs upon the fiatute of King liJchard xhc 
300,465,503. Second, made in the fifth year of his reign, for entries into 
jBulftr. ft48. lands and tenements, where none entry is given by the law, 
pl.°85*7. *^' M or any action, bill, or plaint of debt pr covenant, upon any 
Br. Coft«. 13. efpccialty made to the plaintiff or plaintiffs, (3) or upon any 
3 Leon. 9». contract fupppfed to be made between the plaintiff or plaintiffs, 
iSalk.»07. and any other perfon or perfons, (4) or any aftipn^ bill, or 
s Lco"^9, s». P'?^^ o^ detinue of any gpcxis or chattels, whereof the plaintiff 
Where the ' pr plaintiffs (hall fuppofe that the property belongeth to them, 
piaintiflF is or to any of them, (^) or any aftion, bill, or plaint of account, 
th '^defendant ^^ *^ which the plaintiff or plaintiffs fuppofe the defendant or 
ihzXL recovo-" defendants to be their bailiff or bailiffs, receiver or receivers of 
coftt. their manor, mefe, money, or goods, to yield account, (6) or 

any adtion, bill, or plaint upon the c^fe, or upon any Aatute, 
for any offence or wrong perfonal ioimediatelv fuppofed to be 
Fartbcr pro- done to the plainliff or plaintiffs, (7) and the plaintiff or plain* 
hereto "*^ tiffs in any fuch kind of afijkjn, bill, or jJaint, after appearance 
4. Jac. I.e. 3. of the defendant or defendants be nonfuited, or that any vcrdidt 
Mod. Cafea in happen to pafs, by lawful trial, againft the plaintiff oir plaintiffs 
law, 344. in any fuch a^ion, bill, or plaint, that then the defendant or 
defendants in every fuch aAion, bill, or^plaint, (half have judg- 
ment to recover his cofts a^inft every fuch plaintiff or phuntiffs; 
(8) and that to be afllefled and taxed by the difcretibn of the 
judge or judges of the court where any fuch a£tion, bill, or 
plaint (ball be commenced, fuecl, or taken; (9) and alfothat 
every defendant in fuch aSion, bill, or plaint (h^ll haye fuch 
procefs and execution for the recovery ana having of his cofts 
againft the plaintiff or plaintiffs, as the fame plaintiff or j^aiotiffs 
Dyer, 31. (hould or might have had againft the defendant or defendants, in 

J 71.' cafe that judgment had been given for the part of thefaid plain- 

iro, Coftft, 13. tiff or plaintiffs, in any fuch a^ion, bill, or plaint. 
He that fueth u^ Provided alway. That all and every wch poor perfon or 
/'Jrl^u ^" perfons being plaintiff or plaintiffs in any of the faid adions, 
otherwife po- bills, or plaints, which at the commencement of their Cdits or 
oiOied. actions be admitted by difcretionc^ the judge or judges, where 

8 Roll. 88. » fuch fuits or actions (hall be purfued or taken, to have their pro- 
cefs and CQunfel of charity, without any money or fee paying 


153'tO Aih^ vicefirto teitio Henrici VIII. 245 

lor the fame, (hall not be compelled to pay any cofts by virtue 
and force of this {htute, bnt (hall fuiier other pun*i(hment, as 
by tM difcretlon of the juftices. or judge, zfocc whom fuch futts 
ihall depend, (halt be thought reafonable, any thing afore re^ 
hcaried to the contrary hereof notwithftanding. 

CAP. XVI. J?;'!;!?^?- 

It (hall be felony to fell, exthangc, or deliver to any Scoti/hmanynivcd by 1 El. 
or witnih Scotland^ any horfe, gelding, &c. c. 7. and re- 

pealed by 
CAP. XVII. 4jac.i.c.i. 

For the winding of wool. 

B^E it criactcd by the King' our fovefeign lofd, and the lordi No wool (hall 
► fpirihial and temporal with the commons, in this prefent !»woundthat 
Earliament a(remBled, andby authdrityof the&mc. That from "^Sywa^. 
enccforth no manner of perlbh ne penbiis do wind, or caiile to 
be wound any fleece of ^ool being not fufHciently rivered or 
wa(hed, [t) ne wind, nor cauft to be wound within any fltisce, 
day,' lead*, (lohes^ fand, tails, deceitful locks, cot, cals, comber, 
lambs wool, or any other thing, whereby the fleece mjiy be the No deceitful 
more weighty, to the deceit and Ibfs or thfc buyer; (3) upon ^"^^U*** 
pain the feller of any (bch dcceitftil' wools to forfeit for every JJ^" 
fuch fleece v\A\ the one ihoiety to the King, the other to the % h.6. c i$. 
finder and prover of the fame deceit, by aAion of debt, by ori'- 
^inal'writ, bill, plaint, itlformation, or otherwi(c, in any of th^ 
King's courts, in which aSion no wager of laW^ efloin,or pny- 
teAion (hall be allowed for the defendant. 

m Provided alway. That this ad concerning rivering and ^u^^^^^Li 
va(hing of any wool, (Kail not in any wife extend to aiw (hire or uJiSt^alhcd 
fliires, the inhabitants whereof have not cuflomably uled before or where 
this time to river or wa(h their (heep afore they be (horn, (2) fleeces be fold 
nor (hall in any wife be hurtful or prejudicial to any perfon or 5,^ '^'** . , 
per(bns that have ufed ciiftomaUy to fell their wools by tale or „ h!"^! c. 17* 
number of the fleece or fleeces^ and not by the weight; anv u $7 H. 8. 
thing in this zSt to the contrary notwithftanding : (3J this aa c* ^j* 
to endure to the next parliament. tJlal b^^I 

CAP. XVIII. ^^^ 

For pulling down of piles and fijh-gartbs in the rivers Oufe 
arjd Humbcr. 

THE nu^ry fieriffsy and commonalty of the city of York» 
and other the Kin^s true fubjc£ls inhabiting and dwelling 
nigh unto the river of Oqfe, and the water of Humber, anddl 
other occupiers of the fame river and watery Jamentahfy complain- 
ing^ /hewn unto our fovereign krd the King., the lords fpirituat 
and temporal^ and the compions^ in this prefent parliament ajfem- 
bledy That where the faid city^ being one of the moft ancient cities 
of this realm^ hath been much relieved^ maintained^ andfupportedby 
the faid river a/* Oufe, and water of Humber, which be the com^ 
mon and dire^ parage and way from Hull unto York aforefaid^ by 

R 3 reafcn 

246 Anno vicefimo terdo Henrici VIIL [1531- 

reafon that many Jbips^ ieyhy c^s^ and hotSj and other wjjils 

have heretofore had their frank fqffagesy without lety impediment^ 

or interruption^ in and upon the faid river and water of Oufc, 

and Humber, from divers parts of this realm unto the faid city^ 

Theinconve- whereby the faid city hath hitherto m^ tbiefly been advanced i (2) 

niencea enfu- and now of late certain perfons^ fludying only for their own private 

ol^fiib-mtiuF ^^^^^'i ^^^ regarding the common weal^ but daily imagining the ia- 

itaktsy piles/ ter de/lnUfiony ruin^ and decay ^ the. faid city^ and the countries 

&c. in Oufc adjoining upon the faid river y Oufe, and water of Humber, 

and Jluiiiber; and occupiers thereof j have^ and daily do keep^ preferve^ and 

maintain certain engines for taking of fijh in the faia river ojid 

water of 0\xit^ and Hxxmbet^ commonly called fifli-garths, andfet 

in the faid river and water y in fuch places of the fame vohere 

Jhips Jhould hdve their liberal and direct paffage^ in the midfl of 

the Jireams of the faid river of Oufe and water of Humberj 

flaieSy piles y and other thingSy in and upon the common pafjage 

for JhipSy ieylSy cogSy boatSy and other vejfelsy at divers and many 

places in, the faid river of Oufe, and water of Humber; by 

fcafon whereof not only the faid JbipSy keylsy cogs, boats^ and 

ether veffels are daily in jeopardy^ and meny children^ goodsy and 

^er,chandifes in the famey of. late have beeUy and daily be like 

more to increafe to he drowned^ jjaih^ and dejiroyed^ but alfothe 

brood and fry of fiJh in the faid river y and water of Oufe, 

and Huqiber, be commonly thereby dejlroyed and putrified^ to the 

utter impov^riftment and dellruSion of the faid city, unlefs 

A commiffion /P^^^ '"^f^^ ^^ /« ^^^ behalf Jbortly provided : 

jdiall be directed to viij. perfon* to caufe (iich filh- garths, pilej, &c, fetin the rivers Oufe 
and Humber to be pulled down. Two piles for water-marks (hall be fct up in the river. 
The lord chancellor may upon requeft grant the like commiiTion at ^11 times. No fifh- 
Ifirth or other engine (hall be fet up m Oufe or Humber. With what nets men Ihall 
filh. Tlie forfeiture of the offenders, and who (hall have it. 

The Kine^s pardon to all his fpiritual fubje(5ts within the pro- 
vince of Torky and qi al] pfTenc^s and penalties not herein 
EXP. excepted. 

jin all concerning reftraint of payment of Annates to the fee 

^^- '"J^ TpPR ASMUCH as it is well perceivedy by long approved experi- 
^Cc^lxTli ^^^"^ ^^^^ ?^^^^ ^^ ine/limable fums of money have been daily 

c. ,. ' * ^' tonveyediut of this realmy to the impoverijhment of ihe fame\ and ef 
Great fums otpe dally fuch fums of money as the Pop^s holinefsy his predece/TorSy and 
money J»ave fhg court y'Rome, by long time have heretofore taken of all andfsn- 
ourofthr^ f /^&r thofe fpiritualperfms which have been namedy ele6ledy prefentedy 
realm, &c. for orpoflulated to be hrchbijhops or bijhops within this realm of England, 
firft fruits of under the title of AnxiTXt^y otherwife called firjl-fruits : which Pin-- 
archbi(hop. hatcs, or firft-'fruitSy have been' taken of every archbijhopricky or 
bUhopricks iifiopricky within this realm; by rettraint of the Pcpfs bulls y for 
: . ' confirmations y ele5lionSy admijfionsy poflulationSy prcvifionSy collationsy 
difpofttionsy infiitutionSy inftallationSy inveftitureSy orders^ holy bene- 


1 53 1 •] Anno viccfimo tertio Henrici VIII. 247 

di£fions^ paUes^ or other things requijtte andneceffbry to the attaining a^C without 
thofe their promotions \ and have been compelled to payi before they could "^^^^^ ^'^' 
attain the fame^ great fums of money ^ before they might receive any not be^had at 
part of the fruits of the faid archbijhopricij or bijhoprici^ wberetmto the fee of 
£hey were named^ ele^ed^ prefented^ or pojlulated-, by octafion where- Rome) 
cf^ not only the treafure of this realm hath been greatly conveighed out *° f^.Jmpo; 
cf the fame J but alfo it hath happened many times ^ by occafion of deaths th"natioir* 
unto fuch archbiJhopSy and bi/hops^ fo newly promoted^ within /w^^randfomctinics 
three years after his or their confecration^ that his or their friends y by the ruin of the 
-zohom be or they have been holpen to advance and make payment of the friend* of the , 
Jhid Annates, or firft- fruits ^ have been thereby utterly undone and im- ^^^^ "^^^^ 
poverijhed: and for becaufe the faid Annates have rifen^ grown^ and * 

encreafedy by an uncharitable cuflom^ grounded upon no jufl or good 
title y and the payments thereof obtained by reftraint of bulls ^ until the 
fame Annates, or fir ft -fruits ^ have been paidy orfurety made for the 
fame ; which declareth the faid payments to be exa6ledy and taken by which de- 
cfnjirainty againfl all equity and jujlice: the noblemen i^^^fireof^^^^^^^^ 
the realm y and the wife^ fage^ politick commons of the fame ^ of em- J^* juft jtidc, 
bled in this prefent parliament^ confidering that the court of Kome 
ceafeth not to tax^ take^ and exaSf toe faid great fums of money, under 
the title of PiXimttSy or firfl fruit Sy as is aforefaidy to the great da- 
mage of the faid prelateSy and this realm \ which Annates, orfirfl^ 
fruits J were firft fufifered to be taken withinthe fame realm^for the 
only defence 0} cbriflian people againji the infidels j and now they be 
claimed and demanded as mere duty, only for lucre y againfl all right * 

and confidence : infomuch that it is evidently known y that there hath y^j ^^^ ^^ 
pajfedout of this realm unto the court ^Rome, fithen thefecond year lecond H. 7, 
of the reign of the moft noble Prince y of famous memory y King Henry i6o,oool. hath 
the Seventhy unto this prefent time y under the name of Ann^X^^y ^r^^"P^3^^<» 
firjl-fruitsy payed for the expedition of bulls of archbififopricksy and^^^'^^^^^* 
bifl>oprickSy the fium of eight hundred thouf and ducats y amounting in 
fterling money y at the leafty to eightfcore thoufand pounds^ be/ides other j^^j^g ^^1,^^ 
great and intolevable fiums which have yearly ieen conveighed to thefiaidgrezt fums; 
court of Rome, by many other ways and means y to the great im- 
poveri/hment of this realm: and albeit y that our fiaid Jovereign the ^^^ ^^^Z^ 
Kingy and all his natural fubje^Sy as well fipiritual as temporaly *^^^ hisfublc^s are 
as obedient y devout y catholick and humble children of Gody and holy obedient chil- 
churchy as any people be within any realm chriflned\ yet the faid ex- dren of 
aSlions ^/"Annates, or firfl-firuits^ be fo intolerable and importable to holy church. 
this realmy that it is confidered and declaredy by the whole body of this ^ ^^ ^j^- ^ 
realm now rcprefented by all the eflates of the fame affembled in this Jxaaioni be- 
prefent parliament y that the King^s.Highnefis before Almighty Gody is ingintolera- 
boundy as by the duty of a good ckrifiian princcy for the confervaticn Wc theeftate$ 
and prefervation ofi the good efiate and common-wealth of this his {^.n^^tjiat 
realmy to do all that in him is to obviatey reprefis and redrefs the faid the King is 
abufions and exaSlions ^Annates, or firfi fruits: and becaufe that bound io re- 
divers prelates of this realmy being now in extrsam agCy and in other prcfs them ; 
debilities of their kJ:eSy fo that flikelihocdy bodily death inft>ori time Eaive^"^ 
Jhall or may fucceed unto them-, by reafon whereoj great fums of money prelates arc in 
fiyall flycrtly afur their deaths be coKveighcd unto the court cf Rome, extrcam agp, 
fr the unrefffinable and uncharitable caufe: aiczrfaidy to the univcr- 
' R4 f<^^ 

248 Anno viccfimo tcirtio Henrici VlIIw [r 5 3 x • 

fal damage^ pr eju^ce ^ tmd imptyumflmient of this realm J ifjpad^re^ 

miifbe not in due time provided : 

All fuch wy- II. It is therefore ordained, eftabjiftied^ ami enaded, by au- 

San are dc- ^^^'^^ of this prefent parliamentj That the unlawful payment 

dared in this of Annates ^ or firft-fhiits, and all manner contributions for the 

a^ifliallceafey fame, for any archbi(hoprick, or biflioprick, or for any -bulls 

hereafter to be obtained from the court of Rfimif to or for the 

aforefaid purpofe and intent, (hall from henceforth utt^ly ceafe, 

and no fuch hereafter to be paid for any archbifhoprick, or 

bifhoprick, within this realm, other or otherwife than hereafter 

f "^^fh^ii^* in this prefent a<Sl is declared ; and that no manner peribn^ nor 

them *iii£n^ perfons hereafter to be named, eleded, prefented, or poftulated 

pain to forfeit to any archbiflioprick, or bilhoprick, within this realm, (hall 

ffoods, &c. to pay the faid Annates^ or ftrft-fruits, for the fald archbifhoprick, 

tbc King } jjj. bilhoprick, nor any other manner of fum or fums of money, 

pcnfions or Annates for the fame, or for any other like exaAion, 

or caufe, upon pain to forfeit to our faid fovereign lord the King, 

his heirs and fucceiTors, all manner his jgoods and chattels for 

ever, and all the temporal lands and poflcffions of the famearch- 

bifhoprick, or bi(hoprick, during the time that he or they which 

fhall offend, contrary to this prefent adl, (hall have, poflefs, or 

enjoy the archbi(hoprick, or bi(hoprick, wherefore he (hall fa 

offend contrary to the form aforefaid. And ftuthermore it is 

and if any enadtcd, by authority of this prefent parliament. That if 

laycd?or dc'- ^^X P^'o^ hereafter named and prefented to the court of Renu 

nwd his bulls by the King, or any of his heirs or fucce(rors, to be bifhop of 

at the court any fee or diocefe within this realm hereafter, (hall be letted, 

of Rome, deferred, or delayed at the court of Rome from any fuch bifhop* 

rick, whereunto he.(hall be fo reprefcnted, by means of relh^nt of 

bulls apoftolick, and other things requifite to the fame ; or (hall 

be denied at the court oiRomej upon convenient fuit made, any 

maqner bulls requifite for any of the caufes aforefaid, any fuch 

he^«ll be perlon or perfons fo prefented, may be, and (hall be confecrated 

by his^^ch- ^^^ ^" E^ngland by the archbi(hop, in whofe province the faid 

bUhop, being bi(hoprick (hall be, fo al way that the fame perfon (hall be named 

fktik named by and prefented by the King for the time being to the fame arch« 

the King i bifhop : and if any perfons being named and prefented, as afore- 

b?fliop"being ^^^^» ^^ ^^y archbiftioprick of this realm, making convenient fuit, 

lbjetted»./hall ^s 1$ aforefaid, (hall happen to be letted, deferred, delayed or 

beconfccrated Otherwife difturbed from the fame archbi(hoprick, for lack of 

by twobifltopa pall, bulls, or other to him requifite, to be obtained in .the court 

by the^lLTng- ^^ ^^^ '" ^^^^ behalf, that then every fuch perfon nam^d and 

prefented to be archbilhop, may be, and (hall be, confecrated 

and inveflod, after prefentatian made, as is aforefeid, by any 

other two bilhops within this realm, whom the King.'s highnefs, 

or any of his heirs or fucceflbrs. Itings of England^ for the time 

(as divers being, will afTign and appoint for the fame, according and in 

havVbceiO ^^^^ manner as divers other archbi(hops and bi(hops have been 

heretofore, in antient time, by fundry the King's mod noble 

progenitors, made, confecratea, and invefied within this realm : 

and that every archbi(hop and Si(hop hereafter, being named 


i[ 5 3 < •] Anno vicefimo terdo Henrici VIIL 249 

and pnefentedby the King's htghnefs, his hen*$ or fucceflbrs, after which. 
Kings of EnglanJy and fong confecrated and' invefted, as is ^$^^ **Jj" 
aforcfiud, (haU be inftaUcd accordingly, and (hall be accepted, archbifh'^p 
taken, reppted, ufed, and obeyed, as anarchbiftiop or Ufhop of and bidiopof 
the dignity, fee or place whereunto he fo (hall be named, pre- the fee* 
Rented, and confecrated» requireth ; and as other like prelates of 
that province, fee, or diocefe, have been ufed, accepted, taken, 
and obeyed, which have had, and obtained compleatly, their 
bulls, and other things requiiite in that behalf from the court 
of lipmi. And alfo (hall fully and entirely have and enjoy all the ^^^ - .. 
fpiritualities and temporalities of the faid archbifhopricfc or j^oy ^u fpin!.' 
bifhoprick, in as large, ample, and beneficial manner, as any of taalties and 
his or their predecefTors had, or enjoyed in the faid arc)i- ^"iporalties, 
bi(hoprick, or bi(hoprick, fatisfying and yielding unto the King 
our (overeign lord, and to his heirs and fucceflbrs. Kings of 
Enghndj all foch duties, rights, and interefts, as before this time yielding linto 
had been accuftomed to be paid for any fuch archbi(hoprick, the Kin^ all 
or bi(hoprick, according to the antient laws and cuftoms oi this ^^^^^^ "ghtt* 
realm, and the King's prerogative royal. ^' 

III. And to the intent our (aid holy father the Pope, and and that due 
the court of Romfy (hall not think that the pains and labours reward may 
taken, and hereafter to betaken, about the writing, f^^gj^L^J^Sedk^**' 
obtaining, and other bufinefies fufbined, and hereaf^r tobe^f^j]^ *^' 
fuftained, by the offices of the faid court oiRome^ for and about 
the expiedition of any bulls hereafter to be obtained or had' for 
any fuch archbifboprick, or biihoprick, (hall be irremunerated, 
or ihall not be fafficiently and condignly recompenfed in that 
behalf; and for their more ready expedition to be had therein ; 
it is. therefore ena^ttd by the authority afbrefaid. That every ^^^^^^^ 
fpiritual perfon of thb realm, hereafter to be named, prefented, prelent^ to 
or pofttriated, to any archbifhoprick or bifhoprick of this realm, archbifhop- 
(hall and may lawfully pay for the writing and obtaining of his r|.^» ^r . 
or their faid bulls, at the court of Rom^ and enfealing the fame ^JjJfl^P"^ "^'l^ 
with lead, to be had without payment of any Annates^ or firft- for eveiy * 
fruits, or other charge or exadtion by him or them to be made, hundred that 
yielded, or paid for the fame, five pounds Sterlings for and after ?*»«F^™<>^i«>« 
the rate of the clear and whole yearly value of every hundred "^j^^j^^^ 
pounds Stertingy above all charges of any fuch archbifhoprick, ^ 
or bifhoprick, or other money, to the value of the faid five 
pounds, for the dear yearly value of every hundredth pounds 
of every fuch archbifhoprick, or bifhoprick, and not above, nor 
in any otherwife, any thing in this prefent a<5t before written 
notwithftanding. And forafmuch as the King's highnefs, and ^^^it parlia- 
this his high court of parliament,- neither have, nor do intend to ment not wil- 
ufe in this, or any other like caufe, any manner of extremity or lingt© ufc ex- 
violence, before gentle courtefie or friendfhip, ways smd means ^^^^^^ ^^' 
firft approved and attempted, and without a very great urgent caufe)^^*" 
caufe and occafion given to the contrary, but principally coveting 
to difburthen this realm of the faid great exadlions, and intole- 
rable charges o{ Annates^ aad firft-fruits, have therefore thought ^^^^ ^^^^ 
convenient to commit the final order and determination of the mitted this 

prcmiflcs, matter to the 

250 Anno viccfimo tertio Henrici VIII. [ 1 53 1 • 

Ktng(tocom- premiiles^ in all things, unto the King's highnefs. So that if 
pound it with j^ ^ay fccm to his high wifdom, and mod prudent difcretion, 
the court of ^^^ ^^ move the Pope's holinefs, and the court of Romf, ami- ' 
**°**^ cably, charitably, and reafonably, to compound^ other to extinct 

and make firuftrate the payments of the faid Annates j or firft- 
fruits, or elfe by fome friendly, loving, and tolerable compofirion 
to moderate the fame in fuch wife as may be by this realm 
whofe com- eafily borne and fuftained ; that then thofe ways and compofi- 
pofitions (hall tions taken, concluded, and agreed, between the Pope's holinefs 
J^ »n^^^% and the King's highncfs, (hall (land in ftrength, force and cfFea 
» of law, inviolably to be obfcrved. And it is alfo further or- 
dained, andenadted by the authority of this prefent parliament. 
That the King's highncfs at any time, or times, on this fide the 
and who (hall fcaft o( Eajiefy which (hall be in the year of our Lord God, t)nc 
have power to thoufand five hundred and three and thirty, or at anv time on 
declare, by ^j^jg (jj^ y^^ beginning of the next parliament, by his letters pa- 
tent "whether ^^^^^ under his great feal, to be made, and to be entred of re- 
this (hall be a cord in the roll of tHis prefent parliament, may and (hall have 
ftatuteornot, full power and liberty to declare, by the faid letters patents, 
whether that the premi(res, or any part, claufe, or matter there- 
of, (hall be obferved, obeyed, executed, and uke place and cfFe(^, 
S tf ' ^f ^'^^ ^* *^ *^ *^^ (tatute of this prefent parliament, or not. Sq that 
whole or iV* ^^ *^^^ highncfs, by his faid letters patents, before the expiration 
part (hall be of the times above limited, thereby do declare his pleafure to 
void, be, that the premi(res, or any part, claulc, or matter thereof, 

(hall not be put in execution, obferved, continued, nor ob^ed, 
in that cafe all the faid premises, or fuch part, clauife, or matter, 
as the King's highnefs fo (hall refufe, difa(firm, or not ratify, 
(hall (land and be from henceforth uttely void and of none effe<5l. 
and what he And in cafe that the King's highnefs, before the expiration of 
X*n h^^^\ ^^^ ^inies afore prefixed, do declare by his faid letters patents, 
in^xecuSon ^'^ picafure and determination to be, that the faid premifles, or 
every claufe, fentence, and part thereof, that is to fay, the whole, 
or fuch part thereof as the King's highnefs fo (hall a(firm, ac- 
cept, and ratify, (hall in all points ftand, remain, abide, and be 
put in 'due ana efFe<Sual execution, according to the purport, 
and be as a- tenor, efFedt, and trqe meaning of the fame ; and to ftand and 
vailablcinlaw, fc^ from henceforth for ever after, as firm, ftedfaft, and available 
as^any other j^^ ^^^ ,^^^ ^^ ^^^ f^^^ j^^j ^^^ f^jjy ^j perfedly eftabli(hed, 

ena<fted and confirmed, to be in every part thereof, immediately, 
wholly, and entirely executed, in like manner, form, and cfi5^, 
as other ad^s and laws ; the which being fully and determinately 
Ifnoredrefs made, ordained, and ena(5led in this prefent parliament. And 
may be had if that upon the aforefaid reafonablc, amicable and charitable 
by thcfc ami- ^^ys and means, by the King's highnefs to be experimented, 
cable means, jj^Qy^j^ qp compounded, or otherwife approved, it (hall and may 
appear, or be feen unto his grace, that this realm (hall be con- 
tinually burdened and charged with this, and fuch other intolera- 
ble exaftions and demands, as heretofore it hath been; and that 
but the court thereupon, for continuance of the fame, our faid holy father the 
of Rome (hall Pope, or any of his fucceflbrs, or the court of ^<y;77/r, will, or do, 


^53^0 Anno vicefimo quarto Henrici VIII. 25 c 

or caufe to be done at any time hereafter, fo as is above re- enforce the 
hearfed, unjuftly, uncharitably, and unreafonably, vex, inquiet, oJ^"""|" ^"^ 
moleft, trouble, or grieve our faid fovjereign lora, his heirs or adions, bf 
fucceflbrs. Kings of England^ or any of his or their fpiritual or cxcomrauni- 
lay fubjedts, or this his realm, by excommunication, exco- catioiu, in- - 
xncngement, interdidion, or by any bther procefs, cenfures, ^^''^*"*» ^c* 
compulfories, ways or means ; be it ena(fted by the authority 
aforefaid, That tnc King's highnefs, his heirs and fucceflbrs, ^ 
Kings oiEnglandyZni all his fpiritual and lay fubjeds of the >n^J?ch cafe, 
lame, without any fcruples of confcience, (hall and may law- *J;/^^."J|Jf '^'* 
Ailly, to the honour of almighty God, the encreafe and con- lervices (hall 
tinuance of virtue and good example within this realm, the faid continue to 
cenfures^ excommunications, interdiSions, compulfories, or any ^^ "*-"i?'*^' 
of them notwithftanding, minifter, or caufe to be miniftrecl, "otwithftand* 
throughout this faid realm, and all other the dominions or ter- 
ritories belonging or appertaining thereunto, all and all manner 
of facraments, facramentals, ceremonies, or other divine fervices 
of the holy church, or any' other thing or things neceflary for 
the health of the foul of mankind, as they heretofore at any time *"d the ex. 

or times have been virtuoufly ufedoraccuftomed to do within the «>™«pvnjf«^ 
f , * ^ 5» 1 /• • • tions, inter- 

fame; and that no manner fuch cenfures, excommunications, dj^s, &c. fliall 
interdidlions, or any other procefs or compulfories, (hall be by not be ex« 
any of the prelates, or other fpiritual fathers of this region, nor ecutcd* 
by any of their minifters or fubftitutes, be at any time or times 
hereafter publiihed, executed, nor divulged, nor fuffered to be 
publi(hed, executed, or divulged in any manner of ways. 

Memorand. ^uod nono die Juliiy anno regni regis Henrici w- ^*^*' ^^^ 
tepmo auintOy idem dominus rex per tit eras fuas patentes Jub magno' 
Jtgilhmoftgillat. A^um .prediShm ratificavit V ccnfirmavit^ et a£ftd 
illi aj/enfumfuum regium dedit^ prout per eafdem Uteras patentesy cu- 
jus t'euor fequitiir in hac verba^ magis aperte conjlat. 

Then follows the ratification in form, with the adl recited at Ratified and 
large. confirmed by 

^ 25 H. S. c. 10. 


Statutes made at Weftminflery Anno 24 Hen. VIII. 
_ and Anno Dom. 1532. 

A£ts made in thefejjion of this prefent parliament bolden upon 
prorogation at Wcftminftcr the fourth day of February, 
in the four and twentieth year of the reign of our mofi 
dread fovereign lord King Henry the Eighthy and there 
continued and kept till thefeventh day of April then next 
enfuingy to the honour of God and holy churchy and for the 
common weal of this bis realm. 



252 Anno viceflmo quarto Hs:NRrci VIII. [1532, 

CAP. r. 

J^KP- 5 Bl. Tanrted' leather fllill not be fold'but in operi ftirs and ihsffkcts, 

c. «^& 1 jaci. ^^r before it be fcarched and fealed. Who fliall be fearchcrs 

and ftaldrs, and ^hat their duty is. The cuniers duty in 

currying of leather. The offenders forfeitures, and who maU 

have them. 

C A P, n. 
No perfon (hall die or alter any woolen cloth, or hats, or caps, 
uniefs the fame be perfeAly boiled^ grained or maddered up- 
on the woad with good cork or orchd ; (2) no dyer (hall oc- 
capy brasile in the dying of woolen cloths, hats or Caps, nor 
any dung but grain only in the dying of fcarlet. Tc mtim 
U tbi next parUamenU 

CAP. nr. 

ft^H. t.c.T. Beef, pork, mutton and veal (hall be fold by weight called 

17 H4 »k c. 9* Havir-de-pois. No perfon (hall take for a pound of beef or 

Rep. 33 H. I. pork above ob; nor for a pound of mutton or veal above ob. q. 

^' '*' and Icfs in thofe counties where they be fold for lefs. 

Exp. 33 H. S. Every perfon having in his occupation threefcore acres of land 
^E? c *P^ tillage, (hall fow one rood with flax- or hcmpfeed, 

^ep. by^^sEU "P^** P*^" ^ forfeit iii. s. iv. d. for every- forty acres. An acrj 
c. 7. Cii* fliall be counted 160 perches, and every perch 16 foot and 

a half. 

GAP. V. 

That a man killing a thief in bis defence^ Jhall mit M^^ 

bis goods. 

3 Inft. s«i6s, T?ORA8MUCH as it hath been in queftion and ambiguity, tha 

1*^- -T ifaty evil difpofed perfon crperfons do attempt fekni^fif to m 

1 Andcrf^i. ^^ ^'^^^ afTfpetfon or perfons in or nigh any common highway y tart- 

' ttwy, horje-way^ orfoot-zjuay^ or in their man/ions^ mejitages^or dwei-; 

ling-places, or thatfehnioujly do attempt to break any dweVing-i^fi 

No forfeiture /^ ^^^ night-time, Jbould happen in bis or theit being in thiir m 

a thief at? felonious intent^ to beflain by him or them whom the faid einl-mj 

tempting to Jhotddfo attempt to rob or murder, or by any perfon or perfons being tn 

rob one by their dwelUng-houfe, which the fame evil-doers fhouldjo attembt bwrg- 

the highway, ]arily to break' by night ^ if the faid pe/fon fo happening in fuch ccfil 

to flay anyfuch perfon, fo attempting to comnSt murder or burgbq, 

Jiouldfor the death of the faid evil difpofed perfon forfeit or kft ^i 

gdods and chattels for the fame, as any other perfon fiottUdo^l^,^ 

ehancermedleyjhoidd happen to kill or flay arn other perfon inmsff 

their defence I (2) for the declaration of the which ambigwy 

and doubt, be it cnacftcd by the King our fovereign lord, witn 

the aflTcnt; of the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, 

in this prefcnt parliament aflfembled, and by authority of tw 

fame, That if any perfon or perfons., at any time hereafter*? "^ 


1 532.]' Anno vicefifno quarto Henrici VUL 253 

indidted or appealed of or for the death of any fuch evil difpoled There (hall be 
perfon or perfons attempting to murder^ rob, or burglarily to "ofoifeitore 
break manfion-houfes, as is abovefaid, that the perfon or per- Zq^ for^thc 
ions fo indidled or appealed thereof^ and of the fame by verdidt killing of any 
fo found and tried, (hall not forfeit or lofe any lands, tenements, pcricm that 
^foods or chattels, for xhe death of any fuch evil,difpofed perfon attempted tp 
an fuch manner flain, but ihall be thereof, and for die fame robT^*^ ^ 
fully acquitted and diicharged, in like manner as the iame{>er- 
fon or peribns (hould be if he or they were lawfixUy acquitted of Cro.€ar« 544] 
the death of the Cud evil difpofed peribn or peiTons. 


The penalty for not felling of wines at the prices aflefled. Rcp^ *« J*c*»- 
28 H. 8. c I A. (2) In what cafes juftices of peace and other ^' **• 
officers may fcll other men's wine. 37 H, 8. r. 23. (3) He 
that keepeth wine in his houfe to fpena or retail^ mall not be 
enforced to fell it in grofs. 


Whatfoever butcher killeth a calf to fell that is calved between Exp. 14 EL 
the firft day of Jamuiry and the firft of Majfy (bail fivfeit vi. s. ^ " - 
viii. d. 

CAP. vm. 

Jft off where defemlants fiall not recover anf eofts. 

BECAUSE as well many recognizances^ obligations^ indentures %i H. ilcis, 
and otherfpecialtieSj as alfo many contrails heretofore have been 
taken -and made between divers perfons being of the Kin^s mofi 
honmrable council, and others hisfulje^Sy and fy and between other 
perfonSy to the ufe and behoof ofourjaidfovereign lord the King^for 
great fums of money y then being to his grace due^and for his provifions^ 
and other caufes 5 {2) for which debtSy anions by the laws of this 
realm be to be commenced^ filed andprofecuted to the Kings ufe^ by and 
in the name and names of the perfon or ferfons to whom thefaid r/- 
eognizance^j obligations and other fpecialttes were made^ or by thofe to 
whom the faid contracts were made : ( 3) be it therefore ordainea and 
enaded by authority en this prefent parliament. That albeit that ^j* **»' ^"f* 
the plaintiff or plaintiffs be or (hall be nonfuitcd in any whatfo- ZIxm^^ 
ever aAion, fuit, bill or plaint, compfienced, or to be com- cover coftt/ 
menced, fued, or to be fued, to the ufe of our faid fovereign 
lord tiie King, his heirs or fucceilbrs. Kings of England^ or that There (hall be 
it (hall happen any verdlA to oafs againft any fuch plaintiff or »<? ^'^^^ 
plaintiff^, in any a«ion, fujt, bill or plaint, fued or to be fued, to S'thc'defaii. 
the King's ufe ; the defendant or defendants (hall not recover dant where * 
any cofts againft any fuch plaintiflP or plaintiffs ; any adt or any aaion i« 
fhitute made in this prefent parliament, or any other thing to ^?d to the 
the contrary being in any wife notwithftanding. '^^^ * '***• 

CAP. IX. Exp. H El. 

Butch/ers fiiall kill no wainlings under twp years old. Lords s^eV. c. it. 
marchers (hall have their forfeitures within their liberties. Continued to 

2) juftices of peace (hall hear and determine the fame of- theend of the 
• -^ ^ next feffion of 

PAP l^rliament by 

CAT. , Jac.i.c.i5.A 

^1 Jac. i.c«aS. 

(2) Jul 

254 Anno viccfimo quarto Henrici VIII. [1532. 

C A P. X. 

FcT the deJiruSlion of crows and rooks. 

ChoQghs» T?ORASMUCH j; inmfmerabU number of rook^ crows end 

crow« and J} choughs do daily brcid^ and increafi throughout this redlm^ whith 

d^TO^. ^^^k^ crows and choughs^ do yearly devour and confume a wonderful 

and marvellous great auantity of corn and grain of all iinds^ that is to 

wit^ as well in the /owing of the fame com ana grain^ as alfo cu the 

The gfreat in- ripening and kememtig of the fame ^ and ever that a marvellous def- 

convenicnnces trullion^ and decay of tie covertures of thatched houfes^ bams^ reeks ^ 

iwSbn or fi^^^ ^^ other fuch like : {%)fo that if the f^d crowsy rooks and 

cbougbt, choughs Jhould befufferedto breed and continue^ as they have been in 

crows and certain years pajly they will undoubtedly be the caufe of the great 

n)oks. definition and confumption of a great part of the com and grain which 

hereafter Jball befown throughout this rcalm^ to the great prejudiccy 

damage and undoing of the great number of all the tiller Sy bufbands 

andfowers of the earth within the fame. 

II. For remedy whereof, be it ena6led by the authority of this 
prefent parliament, That every perfon and perfons, as well fpi- 
Every man ritual as temporal, having, keeping, holding and inhalnting in 
heft* ^*d^(bo *"y manors, meafes, lands or tenements in their own manurance 
crows, &c. ^ ^^ occupation of anv eftate of inheritance, or for term of life, 
upon pain of or forvcars, or at will, pr by copy of court-roll, or otherwife in 
amerciament, pofleflion or ufe, (hall hereafter do, or caufe to be done, as much 
being prefent- as in him or them reafonably (hall or may be, to kill and utterly 
Sierfffmrns ^Jeftroj all manner of choughs, crows, rooks, coming, abiding, 
ieillons, &c. ' breeding or haunting within or upon any the faid manors^ 
meafes, lands or tenements which he or they (hall inhabit and 
dwell upon, and have in their manurance and occupation, as is 
aforefaid, (2) upon pain of a grievous amerciament, to be fet 
and a(re(red as hereafter (hall be expre(red : that is to fay, that if 
any offence be done contrary to the ftatute, by any perfon or 
perfons inhabited within the limits of the leets, lawdays, rapes 
or court barons of any lords having fuch courts, that then upon 
a prcfentment thereof made before the (leward of fuch leets, 
lawdays, rapes or courts, the ftewards with two of the pre- 
fenters, (by the fteward and prefenters to be named) (hall afTcfs 
and fet for every default prefented to be done contrary to this 
a(5t, fuch amerciament as to them (hall feem reafonable and 
convenient, after the quantity of the offence, (3) the faid amer- 
ciament to be to the ufe of the lord, or lords of the leets, law- 
days, rapes or courts where the faid offence (hall be done and 
prefentea, to be levied by diftrefs of the goods and chattels of 
the offender or offenders, like as other amerciaments for com- 
mon annoyances (prefented in leets) have bden accuftomed to 
be levied. 

(4) And if the offence be done contrary to this ftatute by any 
perfon or perfons, which (hall dwell and have the manurance 
of and in iuch manors, meafes, lands, tenements or heredita- 
ments, whereunto fuch leets, lawdays, rapes and courts do not 
belong, or by reafon whereof any fuch courts be not holden : 


153^-] Anno vicefimo quarto HenrIci VIIL 255 

that then upon a prefentment thereof had before the (herifFs in 
the turns, or juftices of peace in their feffions, the fteward of the 
turns with two of the prefenters, to be chofen as is aforefaid, if 
the prefentment be within the turn, and the juftices of peace, 
or two of them at the lead, if the prefentment be before them 
in their feffions, (hall aflefs and fet the faid amerciament, after 
the quantity of the offence, by their difcretions, to be had and 
levied to the ufe of our fovereign lord the King by diflrels, like 
as other amerciaments be levied upon preferments of common 

III. And farther be it ena6ted by the authority aforefaid. 
That in every parifli, townlhip, hamlet, borough or village 
-within this realm, wherein is at leaft ten houfholds inhabited, 
the tenants and inhabitants thereof fhall before the feaft of St. 
Aiicbael the archangel next, and fo during ten years next enfu- 
ing the faid feaft, at their own proper cofts, charges and ex- 
pences, provide, make or caufe to be made one net, commonly Evenr town, 
called a net to take choughs, crows, and rooks, with all things hamjet, &c. 
requifite or belonging to the fame, (2) and the faid net fo made ^ ^^^^^ 
or caufed to be made, (hall keep, preferve and renew, as often crowncts'*" 
as (hall need : and with and after a (hrap made with chaff and during x. 
other things meet for that purpofe, (hall lay or caufe to be laid, years. 
at fuch time or times in the year, as are convenient fordeftruc- 
tion of fuch choughs^ rooks and crows, and in fuch place and 
places as (hall be thought expedient to take the faid choughs. Revived as to 
crows and rooks, ^3) upon pain to forfeit ten (hillings, the one ^^® niaintc- 
moiety thereof to be to our fovereien lord the King, and the ^^" fo^*lJ^*^'* 
other moiety to the lord or lords or the fame couns, leets, law- deftru£tioaof 
days or rapes, where any fuch net (hall be lacking, and not crows, &c. 
made, and put in execution according to this aft, (4) to be levied *"^ ** ^^\^a 
of the faid tenants and inhabitants of the faid pari(h, town(hip, by g^^i^cf ic. 
hamlet, borough or village, where any fuch net (hall be lack- 
ing, and not put in ure and execution as is aforefaid. (5) And 
that every fuch net with all things requifite thereunto, mall one 
time in tne year, at the leaft, be prefented in the court baron, 
leet, rape or lawday, before the fteward of the fame court, leet, 
rape or lawday, whereunto the faid tenants and inhabitants (hall 
be bounden to fue, and appear, to be viewed, whether the fame 
be fufficiently repaired or not, for the forefaid purpofe : (6) So 
that by the advice of the fteward, tenants and inhabitants of the 
faid court baron, leet, rape or lawday, where any fuch net (hall 
be necedary to be ufed, a fure way and ordinance may be devifed 
for the reparation, continuance and putting in execution of the 
faid net at times and places convenient, as is aforefaid. (t) 
And that fuch ordinances as (hall be devifed and made bv tne 
fteward, tenants and inhabitants of and within the faid leets^ 
lawdays, rapes and courts, or by the moft pan of them, to and 
for the deftrudtion of the faid rooks, crows and choughs, (hall 
ftand good and effeftual, and be put in due execution, accord- 
ing to the tenor thereof. 

IV. And 

256 Anno vkxfimo quarto IfenRici VilL [1532. 

IV. And farther be it enaded by the authoritvaforefaid, Thtt 

as well fuch perfon an'd-perfons, as Aiall infaaoit, and hsLve in 

• his manurance and occupation^ any manors, meafes, lands, te» 

nements, or other hereditaments, wherrunto any fuch leets, 

Jawdays, rapes or coints appertain, or by reafon whereof any 

(iich courts be holden, as the tenants and £inners inhabiting 

and having in their manurance and occupation, any meafes, 

Tbeinhabi- lands, tenements or hereditaments holding of fuch manors^ 

tants (hall meafes or other hereditaments, ^hereunto fuch courts, as is 

during ten aforefaid, belong, (hall yearly, during the faid ten years, at fuch 

andtaOw or- "^^y' places and times, as by thefteward of fuch leets, lawdays, 

der to dc&T6y np^Sy OT couTts (hall be appointed, aifemble themfelves together 

crows, rooks, to view, viiit and furvey all the faid manors, meafes, lan&, te- 

&c. Aements and hereditaments, wheie they or any of them fliall 

iiappento dwell or inhabit and be refident; (2) and thereupon 

Aall^gree and conclude, how and by whatmeans it ftiall bebdl 

poffible to deftroy all the young breed 4>f the iaid choi^u, 

CFOws and rooks, for that year; (3) and liie fame aflemUy, 

view and vifitation (haU tnaike yearly, during the laid ten years, 

at moft convenient and apt times ^for the fame, and (haU put 

the (ame in due execution, fo as the faid young Weed of choughs, 

crows and rooks may be utterly deftroyed, (4) upon pain to 

-forfeit for «very year omitting luch aflraabhr, endeavour, and 

view making according to this aA, twenty uiillings, affter pre- 

fentment of fuch default had before the Km^'sjuftices of peace : 

the one half of which forfeiture to be to the King our fovereiga 

lord, and the other half to be to the ppefenters of die ftid ^- 

ience, to be levied by diftrefs, like as aMer<:iaments for oom- 

mon annovances have been accuftomed to be levied. 

The defaults ,V. And foither be ft enaAed by the authority aforefaid. That 

^^d^ ^T^" ais weH Ae juftices of peace in their feffiotts, and (heriffs in thchr 

Iccts ^! ^ turns, as ftewards, mayors and bailiffs elected in their leets, Ixw- 

' days, rapes and court-barons, to be hereafter hoMon before 

them, or any of them, Ihall give in charge to (be tenants and 

inhabitants, and all other appearing before any of diem, that 

they (hat) duly enquire and put in execution die effed of the 

premises in due time, fo that this ad may be folly and truly 

executed, and die choiighs, crows and rooks thereby deffaroyed 

^ in all places of this reami, aocording to the meaning »k1 true 

intent of this ftatute. 

Any man with VI. And over this it is enaOed, That it (hall be l^mfai to 

owne"ofthe ^^^ perfon and perfons, only nfinding and willing to take and 

ground may deflrov the faid orows, rooks or choughs, after requeft diereof 

take crows, made to the owner or occupier of the (ame ground where fuch 

&c. crows, rooks or choughsi haunt or breed, to enter, take and 

carry away all fiich rooks >or choughs, and crows, as he (hall 

take that fame day in which fuch requeft (hall be made, finom 

time to time vvitHout let, impediment or impeachment by any 

manner mean of the faid owner or occupier of the fame, 

*rhc taker of VIL And it is ferther enacted. That every farmer or owner, 

SalThavc^af- ^^^^^S ^^ ^^ own manurance and occupation, any manors, 

2 meafes, 

'^S3'^*} Anno vicefimo quarto Henrici VIIL 257 

meafes, lands, tenements or other hereditaments, whereof the ter the rate of 

yearly value or rent amountcth to v. pounds, (hall pay and give ^T'^ ^'^^^ ^* 

to every fuch perfon, which by his diligence, labour and in- ^^^^^^ 

duftry at his own proper cofts doth take any old crows, rooks 

or choughs, within and upon the faid manors, meafes, lands or 

grounds of the yearly value aforefaid, two pence for every twelve 

old crows, rooks or choughs, that any fuch perfon (hall take, 

bring and offer to any fuch fanner or owner ; and for every fix 

old crows, rooks or enoughs, a penny ; for every Ahree, an half 

penny : (a) And if any fuch owner or farmer refufe to pay the 

faid money accordingly, as is aforefaid, then upon complaint 

and proof thereof made to any of the juitices of peace or high- 

conftable, the faid juftice of peace or high-conftable (hall caufe 

the (aid money levied by diftrefs o? the goods and chattels ' 

of every fuch fanner or occupier refufing to pay the fame accord* 

in^ to the tenor and effeA of this a6t. 

vni. Provided always. That no perfon or perfons, by colour None under 
or authority of this ad,'fliall take or kill any doves or pigeons, ^iT^^^a^I 
upon the pains limited by the laws and cuftoms of this realm \^^ ^mwu 
heretofore for fpch offences ufed and accuftomed. « Roll7^« 

The ftreet-way between Charing-Crofi and Strond-Cro/s (hall be 
fufficiently paved at the charge of the owners of the lands ; 
and the pavement bein| made, it (hall be maintained by the 
owners of the land adjoming to the fame, upon pain ot for- 
feiture to the King of vi. d. for every yard fquare not paved 
or repaired. 

• CAP. XII. 

Far the reftraint of appeals. 
TTZHERE by divers fundry old autbenticjt hi/lories and chronicles^ The power, 
V V // is manifejlly declared and txpreffed, that this realm of Eng- P*^"*""^*^".^ 
land, is an empire, andfo hath been accepted in the worlds governed ^thc KingS 
by onefupreme head and Kingy having the dignity and royal ejlate ^England. 
theimperial crown of the fame \ (2) unto whom a body politick, com-- 
pafl of dl forts and degrees of people, divided in terms, and by names 
of fpirittudty and temporalty, been bounden and owen to bear, next to 
God, a natural and humble obedience \ (3) • ^/ being alfo injlitute and 
fumijbed, by the goodnefs and fufferance of Almighty God, with ple^ 
nary, whole, and entire power, pre-eminence, authority^ prerogative 
and jurifdi^ion, to render and yield juftue, and final determination ta 
all manner of folk, refumts, or fubjisis within this his realm, in all 
caufes, matters, debates and contentions, happening to occur, infurge, 
or begin within the limits thereof, without reftraint, or provocation 
to any foreign princes or potentates of the world\ {4) the body fpiritual The ^mtu 
whereof having power, when any caufe of the law divine happened to lc?ro»ng jnd 
come in quefliofC, or rffpiritual learning, then it was declared, inter- ^Sffoi^tuaU 
preted, amjhewed by that part of the faid body politick, called the ^ ^ 
fpiritualty, now being ufually called the Englifli church, which always 
bath been reputed, andalfo found of that firt, that both for knowledge. 
Vol. IV. S integrity 

258 Anno viccfimo quarto Henrici VIII. [1532. 

integrity and fufficiency of number^ it hath ban always thought^ and 
is alTo at this baur^fufficient and mat cfitfelf^ without ^e inter- 
meddling of any exterior perfon or perfons^ to declare and determine all 
fuch doubts^ and to admimfler ollfucb offius and duties^ as to iheir 
rooms^fpiritual doth appcrtaxn\ {^) for the due adminijiration where- 
of^ ana to keep them from corruption andjifdjler ajfe£fiony the King's 
mo/l noble progenitors^ and the antecejfors of the nobles oftbisreabr^ 
have fufficiently endowed thefaid churchy hth with honour andpof 
The form 9XiAfeJJions ; (6) and the laws temporal^ for trial of property oj^ lands 
"*rnme ^l^ tmdgoods^ and for the confervation of the people of this realm in unity 
Seeftatc ^ ^^ peace^ without rapine or fpoil^ was and yet is admniflred^ ad- 
temporal. judged and executed by fundry judges and ndni/iers of the other part cf 
the faid body politicly called the temporaUy\ (7) and both their au^ 
tborities andjurifdiilions do conjoin together in the due adminifiratisn 
ofju/iicCy the one to help the other. 
No appeals if. Jnd whereas the king his mo/l noHe^ progenitor Sy and the no-- 
fhajl oc ufcd, ^////j, ^^ commons of thisfald realm^ at divers and fundry parUemtenis^ 

thU rcld^. ^^ ^^^^ '« ^^^ ^^^ ^J ^^*'« Edward the FirA Edward the Third, 
Richard the Second, Henry the Fourth, ana other noble Kings cf 
this realm, made fundry ordnances, lawsyjlatutes, and provijions for 
the entire andfure confervation of the prerogatives, liberties and pre^ 
eminences ofthefaid imperialerown of this realm, and of the junfdic- 
tion fpiritual and temporal ofthefame^ to keep it from the annoyance 
as well of the fee of riomt, as from the authority of other foreign 
potentates, attempting the diminution or violation thereof, as often, 
and from time to time, as any fuch annoyance or attempt tm^t be 
known or efpicd; (2) and notwtthftanding the (aid goodjlatutes and 
ordinances made in the time of tpe King^smo/t noble progenitor s^ in 
prefei-vation of the authority and prerogative of the faid imperial 
The fcveral crown, as is ajorefaid j yet neverthelefs Jithen the making of the feud 
inconvcnrcn- goodJlatutes and ordinances divers andjundry incowemenciesand dan- 
S^appiliSTo ^^^* ''^^ provided for plainly by the faid former a£ts,fiatutes and or- 
Komc, dinances, have arijen andjprung byreafon of appeals fued out oftbis 

realm to the fee of Rome, in caufes ie/famentary, catt/es of matrimony 
and divorces^ right of tithes, oblations and obventions, not only to the 
great inquietation, vexation,^ trouble, cojt and charges of the King's 
liighnefs, and many ofhisJubjeHs and rejiants of this iis realm, but 
aUo to the great delay and let to the true andfpeedy determination of 
the faid caufes, for fo much as the parties appealing to thefaid court of 
Rome moji commonly do the fame for the delay ofjujlice, {3) And 
forafmuch as the great difiance of way is fofar out of this realm, fo 
that the muffary proofs, nor the true knowledge of the eaufe, can 
neither there be fo well known, ne the witnejjes there fo weU ex- 
anuiied, as within this realm, Jo that the parties grieved by means of 
the faid appials be moji times without remedy: (4) in confidcration 
whert^of, the King's liighnefs, his nobles and commons, con- 
fidering the. great enormities, dangers, long delays and hurts, 
that ab well tu his highnefs, as to his faid nobles, lubjedts, com- 
mons, and rcHants of this his realm, in the faid caufes teftamen- 
lary, caufes of matrimony and divorces, tithes, oblations and 
obventions, do dail}' ccfue, doth therefore by his royal ailent, 


J 532 J Anno vicefimo quarto Henrici VIII. 2591 

and by the afient of the Jords fpiritual and temporal, and the 
commonly in this prefent parliament aflembled, and by au- 
thority of the feme, enaft, eftablifh and ordain. That all caufcs All ^?^^* ^^- 
teftamehury^caufes of matrimonyknd divorces, rights of tithes, J^™^^^^^ 
oblations and obventions (the knowledge whereof by the good- junfcuaion 
nefs of princes of this realm, and by the laws ana cuftoms of fhall bead- 
the fame, appertaineth to the fpiritnai jurifdidtion of this realm) '"^^^ within 
already commenced^ moved, depending, being, happening, or ^tji^jX,* 
hereaner coming in contention, debate or queftion within this 
realm, or within any the King's dominions, or marches of the 
fame, or elfewhere, whether they concern the King our fovereign 
lord, his heirs and fucceflbrs, or any other fubjedts or refiants 
within the fame, of what degree foever they be, (hall be from 
henceforth heard, examined, difculTed, clearly, finally, and. de- 
finitively adjudged and determined within the king's jurifili^on 
and autnorityv and not elfewhere, in fuch courts fpiritual and 
temporal of the fame, as the natures, conditions, and qualities 
of the cafes and matters aforefaid in contention, or hereafter 
happening in contention, (hall require, without having any 
reii>e(S to any cuflom, ufe, or fuflfcrance, in hindrance^ let, or 
prejudice of uie fame,* or to any other thing ufed xx fufFered to 
the contrary thereof by any other manner of peribn or peribns 
in any manner of wife; any foreign inhibitions, appeals, fen- 
tenceS) fummons, citaticHis, fufpenfions, interdi^ions, excom- 
munications, reftraints, judgments, or any other procefs or im- 
pediments, ofwhat natures, names, qualities, or conditions foever 
they be, from the fee o(Roms^ or any other foreign courts or poten^ 
tatcs of the world, or firom and out of this realm, or any other 
the King's dominions, or marches of the fame, to the fee of 
Rome^ or to any other foreign courts or potentates, to the let or 
impediment thereof in any wife notwithftanding. (5} And that 
it mall be lawful to the lung our fovereign lord, and to his heirs 
and fucceflbrs, and to all other fubjeds or reiiants within this 
realm, or within any of the Khig's dominions or marches of the 
fame, notwithfbnding that her^ifter it jfhould happen any ex- 
commengement, excommunications, interdictions, citations, or 
any other cenfures, or foreign procefs out of any outwaid parts, 
to be fuln^nate, promulged, declared, or put in execution with- 
in this faid realm, or in any other place or places, for any of the 
caufes before rehearfed, in prgudice, derogation, or contempt 
of this faid a£t, and the very true meaning and execution there- 
of, may and fhall neverthelefs as well purfue, execute, have and 
enjoy the effefls, profits, benefits and commodities of all fuch 
procefles, fentences, judgments and determinations done, or 
hereafter to be done, in any of the faid courts fpiritual or tem- 
poral, as the cafes fhall require, within the limits, power and 
authority of this the King's faid realm, and dominions and 
marches of the fame, and thofeonly, and none other to take 
place, and to be firmly obferved and obeyed within the fame. 
(6) As alfo, that all the fpiritual prelates, paftors, minifters and The prelatet 
curates within this realm, and the dominions of the fame, (hall of tlus realm 

S % and 

The penalty 
of them who 
otntt to do 
their duty. 

260 Anno. viccfimo quarto Henrici VIIL [ 1 532, 

may execute and may ufe, mtnifter, execatc and do, or caufe to be ufed, exe- 
sMfammtats cuted, miniftred and done, aU facraments, facnunentals, divine 
S^iw tTthe fcrviccs, and all other things within the (aid realm and do- 
fubjeasof this minions, unto all the fubge^U of the fame, as catholick and 
realm. chriftian men owen to do ; an]|r former ciutions, proceflcs, in- 

hibitions, fufpenfions, intcrdiduons, excommunications, or ap- 
peals, for or touching the caufes aforefaid, from or to the fee of 
Rofru^ or any other foreign prince or foreign courts, to the let or 
contrary thereof in any wife notwithftanding. 

III. And if any of the faid fpiritual perfons, by the occafixxi 
of the faid fulminations of any of the (ame interdi6Hons, cen- 
fures, inhibitions, excommunications, appeals, fufpenfions, fum- 
mons, or other foreign citations for die caufes bdForefaid, or for 
any of them, do at any time hereafter refufe to minifler, or caufe 
to DC miniftred, the faid facraments and facramentals, and other 
divine fervices, in form as is afore&id, fhall for everv fuch time 
or times that they or any of them do refufe fo to 09, or cauie 
to be done, have one year's imprifonment, and to make fine 
and ranfom at the King s pleafure. 
Whofoever IV. And it is further enaded by the authority aforefaid. That' 
procureth if any perfon or perfons inhibiting or refiant within this realm, 
^omth^fccof Qr within any 01 the King's faid £>minions, or marches of the 
'^'"" fame, or any other perfon or perfons, of what eftate, condition 

or degree foever he or they be, at any time hereafter, -for or in 
any the caufes aforefaid, do attempt, move, purchafe, or pn)- 
cure, from or to the fee of Romij or from or to any other fbreien 
court or courts out of this realm^ any manner' foreign proceu, 
inhibitions, appeals, fentences, fununons, citations, lufpenficvis, 
interdi(5tions, excommunications, reftraints, or judgments, d 
what nature, kind or quality foever thev may be, or execute any 
of the fame procefs, or do any aft or aAs to the let, impediment, 
hindrance or derogation of any procefs^ fentence, judgment or 
determination had, made, done, or hereafter to be had, done or 
made, in any courts of this realm, or the Kind's faid dominions, 
or marches of the fame, foranv of the caufes aforefaid, contrary to 
the true meaning of this preient adt, and the execution of the 
fame, that then every fuch perfon or perfons fo doing, and their 
fautors>comforters, abettors, procurers,executors, andcounfellors, 
and every of them, being convict ofthe fame, for every .fuch default 
ihall incur and run in the fame pains, penalties and forfei- 
tures, ordained and provided by the ftatute of provifion and 
Pntmmire^ made in the fixteenth year ofthe reign of the right 
noble prince King Richard the Second, againft fuch as attempt, 
procure, or make provifion to the fee of Rome^ or elfewhere, for 
any thing or things, to the deipgation, or contrary to the prero- 
16 R. 1. c. 5. gative or jurifdifiion of the crown and dignity of this realm. 

V. And furthermore, in efchewing the faid great enormities, 

inquietations, delays, charges and expences hereafter to be fuf- 

tained in purfuing of fuch appeals, and foreign procefs, for and 

. concerning the caufes aforefaid, or any of themy do therrfore by 

authority aforefaid^ ordain and enaA, That in fucfa cafes where 

, heretofore 

Rome, &c. 
amy appeals, 
proceiSy fen- 
teacet, kc, 
incur the for- 
feiture of 

153^'^ Anno vif cfimo quarto Henrici VIII^ z6t 

heretofore any of the King's fubjeds or refiants have ufed to 

purfue, provoke, or procure any appeal to the fee ofRome^ and 

in all cdier cafes of appeals, in or for any of the caufes afore-- 

laid, they may and (hall from henceforth take, have and ufe 

their appeals within this realp, and not elfewhere, in maqner' 

and form as hereafter enfueth, and not otherwife ; that is to fay, 

iirft ftom the archdeacon, or his official, if the matter or caufb 

be there begun, to the bifhop diocefan of the iaid fee, if in cafe 

any of the parties be grieved, 

VI. And in like wife if it be c;ommenced before the biOiop Before whom» 
diocefan, or his commiffary, &om the bifhop diocefan, or his and in what 
commiffiiry, within fifteen days next enfuing the judgment or S^^JPJe^F^S^* 
fentence thereof there given, to thcarchbilhop of the province wfthinthis 
of QinUrbury^ if it be within his province; and if it be within realm. 

the province of Yoriy then to the archbifliop of Toriy and fo ♦Mod. ii( , 

likewife to all other archbilhops in other the King's dominion3, ''7' 

as the cafe by order of juftice (hall require^ and there to bf ^^^ *^' 

definitively and finally ordered, decreed^and adjudged, accord-r 

ing to juftice, without any other appelktion or provocation to 

any other perfon or perfons, court or courts. 

VII. And if the matter or contention for any "of the caufes Appeals 
aforefaid be or (hall be commenced, by any of the King's fub-» ^^^^ ^° ^ , 
jedts or refiants, before the archdeacon of any archbi(hop, or his ^y^ '* 
commifiary, then the party grieved (hall or may take his appeal 

within fifteen days next atter judgment or foitence there given, 
to tiie court 4of the arches, or au(uence, of the fame archbi(hop 
or archbi(hop8 ; (2) and from the faid court of the arches or au- 
dience, within fifteen days then next enfiiing after judgment or 
fentence there given, to the archbi(hop of the fame province, 
there to be definitively and finally determined, without any other 
or further procefsor appeal thereupon to be had or fued. 

VIII. And it is further enadcd by the authority afore(aid. Suits com- 
that.all and every matter, caufe and contention now depending, menced bc^ 
or that hereafter fliall be commenced by any of the King's fub- ^ftop'ft^S be 
jeds or refiants for any of the caufes aforefaid, before any of the deterniinedby 
faid archbifhops, that then the fame matter or matters, conten- him without 
tion or contentions, (hall be before the fame archbifhop where »ny further 
the faid matter, caufe or procefs (hall be fo commenced, de- *PP»*: - 
finitively determined, decreed, or adjudged, without any other 

appeal, provocation, or any other foreign procefs out of this 
realm, to be fued to the let or derogation of the faid judgment, 
fentence or decree, otherwife than is by this a<ft limited and ap- 
pointed ; (2) faving always the prerogative of the archbithop and Thepreroga- 
church of Canterbury^ in all the forefaid caufes of appeals, to him *»*« o^iht 
and to his fucce(rors to be fued within this realm, in fuch and canterbS? 
like wife as they have been accuftomed and ufed to have here- favcd!^ "^^ 
tofore. . ' ' 

IX. And in cafe any caufe, matter or contention, now de- Before whom 
pending for the caufes before rehearfcd, or any of them, or that ^ apjjal fliall 
hereafter (hall come in contention for any of the fame caufes, in caufTtouch"' 
any pf the forefaid cpurts, which hath, doth^ Ihall.or may touch ingtheKins. 

^ - * S3 the 

26z Anno i^oefimo quinto Hekrici Vin. [153?- 

the King, his heirs or fnccdlbrs. Kings of this realm'; diat in 
all and every fuch cafe or cafes the party grieved, as before is 
fiiid, ihail or may appeal from any of the faid Murts of this 
realm, where the (aid matter, now being in oontetitiOn*, or here- 
after ihall come in contentiofl, touching the King, his brirs, or 
(i]cceffi>rs (as is aforefaid) (hall happen to be Tehtilate, com- 
menced or begun, to the fpiritual prelates and other abbots and 
"priors of the upper houfe, aflembled and convocate by the King's 
writ in the convocation being, or next enfoing within the pro- 
vince or provinces where the fame matter ofcontention is or 
(hall be begun $ fa) ib that every fuch appeal be taken fay the 
party grieved witnin fifteen days next after the judment or 
fentenqe thereupon eiven or to be given ; (7) and &SLt what-* 
foever be done, or mail be done and affirmed^ determined, de^ 
creed and adjudged by the foref^d prelates, abbots and priors 
of the upper houfe ot die (aid convocation, as ia aforefaid, ap- 
pertaining, concerning, or belon^ng to the King, jlis' hdrs, and 
fucoeflbrs, in any of thefe foreiaid caufes of appeals, (hall ftand 
and be taken for a final decree, fentcnce, judgment, definition 
and determination, and the fame matter, fo determined, never 
after to come in queftion and debate, to be examined in any 
other court or courts. ' 

X. And if it (hall happen any pdribn or^perfcAis hefeafter to 

purfoe or provoke any appeal comrsy to the efie6t of this a6^, or 

r^fe to obey execute and- obferve all things comprifed within 

the fame, concerning the faid appeals, provocations and other 

foreign procefles to 1^ (bed out ofthis realm, for any the caufes 

aforefaid, that then every fuch petfbA or perfon^ fo doing, re- 

fa(ihg, or offending contrary tof the tnitf meanmg of this a6t, 

)6R.s.c. 5. their procurers, fautors, aavocates, counfellors, and abettors, 

»* H- ': ^'p?* and every of them, (hall hicur into the pains foiftitures and 

^^^'^gj^ penalties ordained and provided in the £iid (btute made in 

revived by the faid fixteenth year of King Richard the Second, and with like 

I £1.0.1. procefs'to be made apinft the faid ofFendeiis, as in the (ame 

Ibtute made in the faid iixteenth year more plainly appeareth. 

CAP. xm, 

Kep. t Jac. X. A repeal of all former ftatutes made againft excefs of apparel. 

c. 25. What apparel men of all degrees, vocations, and fun<5t]ons 

are allowed, and what prohibited to wear. The forfeitures 
of the offenders, and who fliall have them. 

Statutes made at Wtjlminfier^ Anno 25 Hen. VIII. 
and Anno Dom. 1533. 

ACTS made in the fejjion of this prefent parliament^ 
boldtn upon prorogation at Weftminfter the fifteenth day 
of January, in the five and twentieth year of the reign of 


I SS3*] Anno vkefimo ^winto Henrici VIIL .26j 

our mojl dread fovereign lord King Hznrf the Eigbib^ and' 
there continued and kept till tbe thirtietb day of March then 
tMeit enfuing^ to tbe honour of God and holy churchy and for 
the common weal and profit of this bis realm. ' 

CAP. I. 

Governors of cities and market-towns, upon complaint to them 
made of any butcher refufing to fell victual by weight accord- 
ing to the ftatute of 24 H. 8. r.3. may commit the offender to 
ward until lie hath paid all penalties limited by the fald fta- 
tate;and may fell, or caufe to be fold by weight, all fuch 
victual for ready monev to be delivered to the owner : and if 
any grafier, fermer, oreeder, drover, ^c, refufe to fell his 
fit cattle to a butcher upon fuch reafonable price, as he niay 
retail it at the price aflefled by the ftatute, the juftices of 
peace, mayors, or governors, (hall caufe indifferent perfons 
to fet tbe prices of the fame, which if the owner refufe to ac- 
cept, then the fame juflices, £2^^. (hall bind him to appear the 27H.8.C.9. 
next term in the ftar-chamber, to be punifhed as the King's ^*P* 33^.8. 
counfcl fliall think good. ' ^•"* 

C A P. 11. 
Proclamations for tbe prices of viSuals^ viz. tbe prizing of 
tbem^ and proclaiming tbe prices. 

FORASMUCH as dearth^fcarcity^good cheap andplentjy cfcheefc^ 3 inft.196. 
butter^ capons^ hens^ chickens and other visuals nccejfaryfor 
nuais, fuftenance^ happenttb^ rifeth^ and chanceth of fo many and 
divers oceaftonSy that it is very hard and difficult to put atxy certain 
prices to any fuch things-, (2) and yet never thelefs the prices of fuch 
visuals he many times inhancedand raifedby the greedy covet oufnefs 
and appetites of the owners of fuch visuals ^ by occafion of ingr offing 
andngrating the fame ^ more than upon any reafonable or jufl ground or 
caufe J to the great damage and impoverijhing of the King^sfubje^s : 
(3) For remedy whereof, be it enabled by the authority of this xhc prices of 
prefent parliament. That upon every- complaint made of any in- vidtuais (hall 
hancing of prices of fuch victuals, without ground or caufe rea» he aflefTed by 
fonable, in any part of this realm, or in any other the King's '*'®'^'yg'* 
dominions, the lord chancellor of England^ the lord treafurer, fuftices, and 
the lord prefident of the King's moil honourable council, the officers^ 
lord privy ff^al, the lord fteward, the lord chamberlain, and all 
other lords of the King's council, the treafurer and controller of 
the King's moft honourable houfe, the chancellor of the duchy 
of Lancyler^ the King's juftices of either bench, the chancellor, 
chamberlains, under-treafurer, and the barons of the King's 
exchequer, or feven of them at the leaft, whereof the lord 
chancellor, the lord treafurer, the lord prefident of the King's 
council, or the lord privy feal, to be one, fl"*all have power and 
authority from time to time, ;is the cafe (hall require* to fet 
and tax reafonable prices of all fuch kjnds of vi<5tuals above fpe« 

S 4 . cified. 

264 Anno viccfimo quinto Henrici VIII. [1533- 

dfied, how they (h^l be fold in grofs, or by retail, for relief 
<^the King's fubjeds ; (4) and that after fuch prices fet and 
taxed in form atorefaid, proclamation (hall be made in the 
King's name, under the great fed, of the (aid prices in fuch 
parts of this realm, as (hall be convenient for the fame. 
They which XL And be it enaded. That all fermors, owners, broggers, 
have yiftual and all other viduallers whatfoever, having or keeping any o( 
"*Seori!S™ the kinds of vifhials afore rehearfcd, to the intent to fell, diaJl 
aflefiecL ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ King's fubjeds as will buy them, at 

fuch prices as (hall be fet and taxed by the faid proclamation, 
upon the pains to be exprefled and limited in the faid procla- 
mation, to be loft, forfeited, and levied to the King's ufe, in 
fuch wife as by the fame proclamatfon (hall be declared. 

III. Provid^ always. That this adt or any thing therein con- 

^ tained, (hall not be hurtful to mayors, (heriffs, bailiffs, or other 

iist the pnces oflScers of cities, boroughs, or towns corporate, or to any other 
<rfvi6hial«. perfon or perlbns, or ^xlies politick, having authority to fet 

prices of fuch victuals, or of any of them ; but that they and 
every of them mav fet prices thereof, as if this a& had never 
been had nor made. 

IV. And be it further enadled by authority aforefaid. 
That no peribn or perfons, unlefs it be by licence under the 
King's great feal, from henceforth (hall carry or convey, or 
caufe to be carried and conveyed, any com, faieeves, muttons, 
veals, porks, or any other 01 the abovefaid viduals, to any of 
the parties beyond the fea, (2) except dnly for the vidhialling 
of the town of Calais^ GuifneSy Hamms^ and the marches of 
the fame, (3) and except for vidhialling of mafters, mari- 
ners, and merchants of (hips pafling the feas ; (4) and alfo 
except barrelled butter and meal to be carried to the parties of 
Jfelandy as hath been aCcuftomed, (5) upon pain of for^ting 
of the value of the thing conveyed and carried into the par- 
ties beyond the fea, contrary to this adt; the one half there- 
of to the uie oi our (aid fovereign lord the King, and the other 
half to the party that will fue for the fame by bill, plaint, writ, 
or information in any of the King's courts ; in which fuits the 
defendant (hall not wage his law, nor any protedtion or edbia 
for him (hall be allowed. 

Head officers 
of corporate 
towns may 

»3 £d.3.c.6. 
SI Ed^^cS. 

No vi^al 
ihall be tranf" 
ported with* 
out licence. 

f And. 1 14. 
CXtrsTf not a]> 

cd tc 



For fuch asjland mufe^ &c. 

HERE at your parliament holden at Weftminftcr, in the 
three and twentieth year of your tnoft noble reign ^ anumg 
yo^t^to^ote other things it was ordained^ eJiabUJhed and ena^ed^ That no perfon 
mute or who ^^ P^^fi^^ ^*^'^* thereafter Jbould hapten to le found guilty ^ after the 
do make per- ^^ of this land, for any manner 0/ petit treafon, or of any wilful 
emptory murder of malice prepenfed^ or for robbing of any thurchesy cbapelsy 
cballcjige. or other holyflaceSy or for robbing of any perfon or perfons in their 
dwelling hou/es Or dwelling-place y the owner or dweller in the fame 
houfey his wife^ his children^ orfervants then being within, and put 


1 533-1 Anno viccfimo quinto Henrici VIIL 265 

in fear and dread by thefame^ or far robbing of any perfon or perfons 
in or near about the high-way <^ or for wilful burning of any dwellings 
bou/es or barnSj wherein at^ gram or com Jhall hempen to be$ nor 
any perfon or perfons being found guilty of any abetment j procure^ 
menty helpings maintaining^ or counfelHng of or to any fuch petit 
ireafon^ murders^ or felonies^ -fioula from thenceforth be admitted 
to the benefit of his or their clergy^ but utterly be excluded thereof 
and fujfer death in fuch manner and' form as they Jhould have done 
for any the cdufes or offences aforefaia^ if they were no clerks ; fuch 
as be within holy orders^ that tt to fay^ of the orders of fubdeacon^ 
0r above^ all only except ^ as more at large appear eth by thefaid a^. 
(2) Andforafmuch as tbefaidaif extendeth only to fuch perfons as be Certain dc- 
found guilty after the due courfe of the laws of this landy divers and ^'^ ^* 
many great errant robbers^ murderers^ burglars and felons^ that do ^^ h.$.c.i. 
a^end and commit druers and many petit treafons^ rMerieSy bscrgla^ 
ries andfeknies^ contrary to the tenor of the Jaid a^^ perceiving and 
clearly ttw'^Jiandingy by the words ofthejamejlatute andaSly that 
they /ball not lofe the benefit and advantage of their clergy y unlefs they 
be found guiltv after the due courfe of the law^ upon their arraignment 
of and upon the faid felonies^ robberies^ and other offences beforefaidj 
Jo by them done and committed^ by reafon whereof divers and many of 
the fame robbers and felons upon their arraignment of the fame rMe^ 
ries and felonies y upon their indieiments againft themftand mute^ and 
fometimes challenge peremptorily over the rmmber ojtwentyy or elfe 
will not dire6lly an fiver to the fame indilfments whereupon they be fo 
arrmgned according to the order of the law* (3) And for that thefe 
efpecial cafes be not exprefy comprifhd and contained within the letter 
ofthefameftatute^^ it is neceffary arid expedient that the fame cafe be 
clearly and definitively expounded anddeclared by authority ofthispre^ 
fent parliament, {e^ And whereas alfo divers and many felons and 
robbers^ that commit and do divers and many great heinous robberies 
and burglaries in onefhire^ and convey tbefpouand robbery into any 
other fhire^ and there be takeuy indiSiedy and arraigned upon felony 
and felonious Jiealing of the fame goods in the fame other fi^ire^ than • 

there where the fame robberies or burglaries were done and commit^ 
tedy and not upon the fame robbery nor burglary^ for that it was not 
done nor committed in the fame Jbire where they befo indiSled and ar- 
raignedy and by reafon thereof the fame nAfdemeanors^ felons^ rob- 
bersj and burglars.^ have and enjoy the privilege and advantage^ of 
their clergy ^ to the great hurt and lofs of the Kin^s prerogative^ 
and great boldnefs ofjfuch offender s. 

II. In confideration iwhereof, be it enaded by the King our No man ihall 
foverdgn lord, the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the com- havchii cler- 
mons In this prcfcnt parliament aflembled, and by authority of §5rJ*5^ "*" 
the fame. That cvei^ perfon and perfon$ that is pr here- l^^ &c. wid" 
after (hall be indided of petit treafoii) wilful burning of upon his ar- 
houfes, murder, robbery, or burglary, or other felony, ac-ntignmcnt 
cording to the tenor and meaning of the fame ftatute, and ^^^ ^'"^ 
thereupon arraigned, and do (land mute of. malice or (roward ^,a^i^nee 
mind, or challenge peremptorily above the number of twenty, above 20 per- 
or elfe will not or do not anfwer diredly to the fame in- Tons, or will 

^ • ^' " dia-i?'S?^^«'' 

266 Anno vicefimo quinto Henrici VIIL [ i 53 }• 

Repealed in dIAment and felony whereupon he is fo arraigned, ihall from 
part by^ Ed. henceforth lofc the benefit and privilege of his or their clergy, 
and revived ' ^^ '^ manner and form as if he had dire£Uy pleaded to the 
by 5 & 6 Ed. £une petit treafon^ murder, robbery, burgUry, or other felo- f. 4* ny whereupon he is f6 arraigned, not guilty, and thereupon 
had been found guilty after the laws of the land. 

III. And by the £une authority be it further ena^ed, X^^^ 
if any perfon or perfons hereaner be indi(^ed of felony for 
ftealing of any goods or chattels in any county within this 
realm of England^ and thereupon arraigned and be foiund guil- 

S» or ftand mute of malice, or challenge peremptorily above 
e number of twenty perfons, as is s^orefaid, or will not 
upon his fajd arraignment diredlly aniwcr to the fame felony, that 
then the fiime perfon and perfons to arraigned and found gull- 
tv, or ftand mute of malice, or challenge peremptorily above 
the^number of twenty perfons, or will not diredUy anfwer to 
the law, (hall lofe and be put from the benefit of their clergy, 
in like manner and form as they ftiouM have been, Tf th^ had 
A man at- been indicted ^nd arraigned, and found guilty in the fame 
tainted where county where the fame robbery or burglary was done or com- 
*^^ ^^ried "™'^^^> ^'^ ^^J appear to the juftices bc^re whom any fuch 
which were fclons or robbers be arraigned, by evidence given before them, 
ftolen in ano- or by examination, that the fame f^onies, whereupon they be 
ther county, fo arraigned, had been fuch robberies or burglaries in the 
fame ftiire where fuch robberies or bui^laries were committed 
or done, by reafon whereof they (hould have loft the benefit of 
Made pe™. ^^'"^ d^^gY by force of the (aid ftatqte, in cafe they had been 
tual by 3»H.i. ^^nd guilty thereof in the fame (hire where fuch robberies or 
C.3. f.7. buiglaries were fo committed or done. 

C A P. IV. 

Only fuch perfons as be merchants adventurers to Ifikmd for 

falt-fifh, ftock-iUh, ling, haberdine, or lob-fi(h, or that be 

doggermen, or fuch as be fi(hermen that a&ually labour for 

the taking of the faid fi(h in the eaft fea-fide, or eaftfea^coaft, 

(hall buy any of the kinds of the fame fi(h, at or upon 

the ftone, or at the faid eaft fea-(ide or eaft fea-coaft, to fell 

Xep.35H.8. the fame again at any of tlie fairs of Sturbridge^ St. IviSj or 

e.y. Ely. 

CAP. V. 

For callendring of ff^orfteds. 

The ftahite of ttthEREAS at thifarliment holden at Weftminfler /i&^ xxiij. 

touching*cal- ^^ , ^ ^January, in the fifth year of our Sovereign IcrJ^s reign 

Icndring of the King that now is^ there was an aSf and oneJlattUe made^ provided 

worfteds, and efiablijhed^ for the avoiding of deceits andfalfnefs ofworftedsy as 

made perpe- ^^// ^ reafon of dry callendring thereof with gums, oils and prejfes^ 

as alio by wet callendring, by perfons having no cunning in ordering 

of the fame, which a^ was made to endure but only to the parliament 

then next following : (2) and forafmueh as it is evidently Inowny that 

the fame aSl and Jlaiute aforefaia is very good and neceffary to the 


' 533-] Anno vicefimo quinto Hekrici VlII, 267 

€6mm9n wealth of this realm : wherefore the King our fovercign 
lord, by the adfvice and confcnt.of his lords fpiritual and tem- 
poral, and the commons, of this prefent parliament aflembled, 
^nd by the authority of the fame, hath ordained, enacted and 
eftabhflied. That the faid zSt and ftatute made in the fifth year 
of his mod noble reign aforefaid, and every thing therein con- 
tained, (hall, from the feaft of St. Michael the archangel next 
conning, continue and be good and effedual in every point and 
article of the fame for ever. 

11. And furthermore be it enafted and eftabliftied by the au- 
thority aforefaid, for the common wealth of the city of Norwich^ 
and maintenance, fupportation and upholding of the houfes, 
tenements and habitations of the fame. That no manner of per- ^o perfon 
fon ufing the craft or myftery of dying of worfteds, ftamins or which dyeth 
fays, or any of them, neither by thcmfclves, or any fervant, worfteds (hall 
fa<!lor, deputy, or any other by nis commandment or affign- ^^^^ 
ment, from the feaft of Chrijlmas now next enfuing, (hall ufe "*' 
to callender any worfteds, ftamins or fays, or any other com- 
modities made of worfted yam, during all fuch time as the fame 
perfon (hall ufe the myftery or craft of dying aforefaid, upon 
pain to forfeit for every piece fo dyed and callendr^d by colout-, 
covin or fraud, contrary to the true meaning and intent of this 
prefent adl, xl. s. and to be divided in three equal parts, the one 
part thereof to the King our fovereign lord, and another part to 
the mayor for the time being, and the third part to him or them 
that will fue for the fame by bill, adlion of debt, plaint, infor- 
mation, or otherwife, in anv of the King's courts, wherein no 
dlbin, delay or protedtion (nail be allowed. 


The punijhment of the vice of buggery. 

FORASMUCH as there is not yet fufficient and condign punijh^ 3 inft. 5^ 
ment appointed and limited by the due courfe cfihe laws of this 
realm^ for the detejlable and abominable vice of buggery committed with 
mankind or beaji : (2) it may therefore pleafe the King's high- 
ncfs, with the affent of his lords fpiritual and temporal, and 
the commons of this prefent f arliament aflembled. That it may 
be enaded by authority of the (ame, that the (ame offence He that com- 
be from henceforth adjudged felony, and fuch order and form mitteth bug- 
of procefs therein to be ufed againft the offenders as in cafes g^TJ!''*^ 
of felony at the common law ; (3) and that the offenders be- ^* ft flj^i^^e 
ing hereof convift by verdift, confeffion, or outlawry^ (hall adjudged a fe- 
fufter fuch pains of death, and lo(!es and penalties of their Ion. Made 
goods, chattels, debts, lands, tenements and hereditaments, peipctual 
as felons be accuftomed to do, according to the order of the JJld roncaiwl 
common laws of this realm ; (4) and that no perfon offending in part byTi 
in any fuch offence, (hall be admitted to his clergy; (5) and 3 Ed. 6. c.a^. 
that juftices of peace /hall have power and authority, within »"/* \^^^ 
the limits of their commiflions and jurifdi<5Hon, to hear 5>"d ^Mar «^ff ? 
determine the faid offence, is they do ufe to do in cafes of other c i & rtvived 

fclo- " ' 

268 " Anno vicefimo qUinto Henrici VIII. [1533- 

and made per- felonies. (6) this z&, to endure till the laft day of the next 

pctual by 5 EJ. parliament. 

*^- '7- CAP. VII. 

EXP. No perfon with any nets, engines^ or device, (hall take any 

i3£d.i.ftat.x. gy^ Qj. fpa^n of eek, or faunon, in any waters, upon paia 

jsrIs. ftat. I. ot forfeiture of v. li. and his faid nets, engines, CsTr. during 

c. 19. ten years. 

i7R.».c.9. CAP. vm. 

The high ftreet in Holboum^ between Holbmm bridge, and the 
b^s, at the weft end of the faid (fareet, (hall be paved on 
both fides with paving ftone, at the charges of the tenant in 
fee-fimple, fee-tail, or for life, of the lands thereunto adjcrni- 
ing, their heirs and fuccefibrs, and they (hall from time to 
time maintain the fame paved ; and if me leflees do it, they 
may defaulk fo much of their rent ; and the mayor and alder- 
men of London may enquire every quarter of a year by the 
oaths of twelve men of the oSfenders. The like order (hall 
be obferved for the paving of the (breets in Souihwari ^ and 
he that doth not from time to time maintain the pavements 
fufSciendy againft his own ground, (hall forfeit to the King, 
for every yard fquare not repaired, fix-pence. 


j1 bin concerning pewterers. 

How pewter- 
ers flail ufe 
their trade. 

' the maftery wardens and poor feUtnvfiip of the craft and myfterj of 
the pewterersy as well of the city of London, as of ail other 
places within this realm of England, that whore the faid craft or 
wyftery before this time hath been one of the bejl handicrafts within 
^this realnsj which hath only grown and continued by mean of divers 
gooda^s andfiatutes made for the true exercife of the fanUy Where- 
's^ H. 7. c. 6. of one was made in the nineteenth year of the reign oftheKin^s mofi 
♦ H. 8. c. 7. renowned father^ (wbofe foul God pardon) and one other was made 
in the fourth year of the King^s mojt vi^orious reign^ concerning the 
f rafts of pewter ers and br after s^ of and for the true makings mixing 
and felling of good and true pewter and hrafen vejfels^ and alfo for 
uRng and exercifing of true weights and beams, to be occupied by the 
fellers of any fuch pewter or brafen vejfels within this realm, fo that 
none of the King*s fubje^s, nor any other perfon, fhould by any file 
of any falfe mixed brafen and pewter veffel, or any untrue weights, 
Thecauftwhy be deceived, as by the faid eflatutes more plainly doth appear ; (2 j 
the trade of ^jji^jj good fiatutes, duly put in execution, hath caufed the faid craft 
MTCTeafcrand ^^ increafe and multiply, to the great profit, and utility of a great num-> 
now doth de- ber of the King^s fubjeifs, and the commodity of pewter veffel much 
cay in this to be had in reputation in qUJlnange regions and countries, untif nouf 
'^n** of late divers evil difpofed perfons, being the King's fi^effs bom, 

which have been apprentices, and brought up in the exercifeof the faid 
craft of pewter ers, have now of late, for their fmgular lucre, repaired 
into fir ange regions and countries^ and thefe do exercife the faid craft 

' ^ ?r 

'533J Anno viccfimo quinto Henrici VIIL 269 

ef pewtifirsy teaching firangiri not only the cunning of mixing and 

forging ofaU manner of pewter vejfel^ ' but alfo do teach all things he* 

longing to the faid craft ofpewterers^ by mean whereof there is not 

only brought daily into this realm, out of Jlrange regions, to be foQ^ 

great mmber of things made of pewter, untrufy mixed and made of 

tin, wherewith the King\sfubje^s be daily deceived, and the people of 

Jirange countries greatly injlru£fed in the cunning of the faid craft of 

peivterers, fo that thereby not only a great number and quantity of 

pewter vefjel, and other^ thingi of pewter, made in divers forts and 

fafbions, amounting to a great value, which was daily and continu* 

ally wont to be carried and conveyed cut of this realm by merchants into 

Jirange regions and countries, thire to be fold andvende^d, whereby the 

commodity of tin made into pewter vej^l^which bath been had in great 

eftimation, as things very netejfary and commodious, and the Kinfs 

Odftoms thereby much advanced, is now like utterly to ceafe and decay ^ 

and not to be ejleemed as heretofore hath been, but alfo the faid craft 

ofpewterers, whirb at this day fetteth and keepeth tn work and occu^ 

potion a great number of people, Jball be utterly undone, and a great 

multitude of the Kin^s natural fubje^s thereby fall into idUnefs,- to 

the great tmpoveriflment of this realm, if fpeedy remedy for the re* 

drejs of the premtffes be not provided j (3) in tender confideration 

Mrhereof, and for reformation of the premiiles, it may pleafe the 

King's bighnefs, by the aflent of the lords fpiritnal and tempo* 

ral,. and the commons, in this prefent parliament ailembled, 

and by the authoritv of the fame, to ordain and enaA, That no Noperfon fl&all 

perfon or perfons hereafter, at any time now inhabitingi or buy any wares 

which hereafter (hall inhabit within this realm, (hall buy, orm^^of tin 

odierwife take by exchange for other wares, any manner wares !I^f ^** 

made, or hereafter to be made out of this realm, of tin, or mixt "*"°* 

with tin, as platters, dilhes, faucers, pots, bafons, ewers, fla^« 

gons, goblets, falts, fidtcellars, fpoons, or any otlier thing made 

of tin or pewter as aforefaid, whatfoever it be, upon pain of 

forfeiture of the fame ware, in whofe hands foever it may be 

found or taken, and alfo lawful money current in this realm to 

the full value thereof; the one half ot the fame forfeiture to be 

to the ufe of the King's highne(s, the other half to be to the ufe 

of the finders of the fame. 

II. And furthermore be it enadted. That it (hall be lawftd to Ofilcen may 
the mafler and wardens of the faid craft of pewterers, as weU fevcb and 
within the city of London, as within eyery other city, borough ^*" '?'^to 
and town of this realm, where fuch wardens be, and where no SSrealm* 
fuch wardens be to the head officer or governor, head officers contrary to 
or governors of the (ame city, borough or town for the time be- this ftatute. 
ing, to appoint divers perfons moft expert in knowledge of the 
iame, to make fearch and feifure, and to take into their hands 
and polleffions all fuch wares as hereafter (haD be brought con- 
trary to the true intent and effis<5t of this prefent ad, in whofe 
foever hands or pofleffion any fuch (hall be found. 

in. And alfo be it enadted by the authority abovefaid, That No pewterer 
no perfon or perfons occupying the faid craft or occupation of ^^u ^« * 
pewterers within this realm, (&11 fet on work, or retain in his ^^^^9^ ^^^'^ 


a7P Anno vicciimo quinto Henrici VIIL [i533» 

to be an ap- or their fervice, any perfon or perfons to be his or their appren- 
prentice or xicc or journeyman, being ftranger bom out of this realm, upoa 
lourocyman- ^^^ ^^ forfeit for every iuch apprentice and journeyman, x. li. 
Kcp.5. . .4. ^gj.jjjjg . ^^j jjj^j ^jjj^j jjjj ftranger bom out of this realm (hall 

occup]^, exercife or ufe, from the feaft of PitUicoJl next coining. 
No ftraneer the faid craft of pewterers, ne ^ork any manner of ve^, or 
born (hall gther ware aforefaid, to be made of tin or pewter, within any 
tcr'wrinl^''' P^^^ or places of this realm, upon pain of forfeiture of ten 

pound fterling) suid alfo upon pain of forfeiture of the fame 

pewter or tii> fo wrought, in whofe hands foever it may be found 

or taken. 
No pewterer IV. And alfo be it enaded by authority aforefaid. That no 
ihall leach his perfon. or parfons being born within this realm, occupying or 
^'^****TOiuittv •''^rcffing the faid craft of pewterers, (hall at any time hereafter 
rejgnco try. ^^^^^^ j^^ ^^^ ftrange regions or countries, there to ufe, teach 

or exercife the faid craft of pewterers, upon pain to Ide the 

privilege and benefit of an Englijbman. 

V. And if in cafe any of the King's fubjcdls at this prefent 
time being dwelling in any ftrange country or region, and there 
occupying the fame craft of pewterers, do not repair into this 
realm within three months next after requeft and warning to 
him to be given, by writing fealed with the common feai of the 
wardens o? the faid craft within the faid city, of Lmdon^ and 
here in this realm continually from henceforth dwell and inha- 
bit, that then and ftx>m thenceforth he (hall be reputed and 
taken as no EngUJbman^ but (hall ftand, and be ftom thenceforth 
out of the King's prote(5tion. 

VI. jbid firafmuch as futidry evil-difpofid perf$HSy which com- 
fMnfy bien caiUd hawkers^ by authority of the King^s kturs pattnts or 
placard^ Jo not only go about from plan to placM vntbin this realm^ 
uftng bujing and felliag ofbrafs and piwtor^ and by colour and pre-- 
time of tbi fiuM Bccnces or placarJsj ufe * " 

weights atfd boamSy but alfo do ufe to fell loth brafs and pewter which 

my mtxt m ' ' 

unlawful and deceitfable 

h brafs and pewter which 

is notgoodf nor truly nor lawfully mixt nor wrought^ to the great de- 

ait of the King^s true liege people^ contrary to the form and effect of 

the faid good aft and Jiatute made in the faid fourth year of the 

Licences and King^s mojt noble reizn : (2) be it therefore enadled by authority 

placards made of this prefent parliament. That all fuch licences and placards 

^wter^Aall heretofore had, made or granted, to any fuch perfon or perfonsj 

^ voi<j, contrary to the true meaning, form aifid effed of this ftatute, 

Ihall be from henceforth, by authority of this prefent parlia* 

ment, clearly void and of none effeA. (3) And whereas in the 

faid a^ of parliament^ concerning the craft of pewterers and brafierSf 

Pewter ftall be '^^ tn the faid fourth year 9 for divers caufes and confiderations in 

fold in fairs the fame a^ containedi amot^ other things it is exprejfedt That no 

*"d ?"*l!^^"' ^^^'^ perfon or peffons ufing the faid craft of pewterers or brafurs^ 

owners fi^uld from thmceforth fell or change any pewter or brafsy new or 

houfe«, and ^'^» ^^ anyplace or places within this realm^ but only in open fairs 

not elicwhere. or markets^ or in their own dweRing-houfeSy but if they were deftred 

by the buyers of fuch wariSy upon p<nn of forfeiture for every fuch 

default X. liM \A) ForafmAcb as the fame forfeiture is' to the only 

^ 5 3 3 • ] Anno vicefimo quinto Henrici VIII. 271 

ufe of the Kin^s bighrufiy and that anj party fear thing ^ or finding thi 
Jame^ iS not intituled to have any benefit thereby^ it hath not been 
known that any perfon or perfons have taken any pain to fearch^ or 
make any enquiry thereof^ by rcajon whereof divers and many evil^dif- 
pojed perfons^ uftng buying and felling both of brafs and of pewter ^ and 
not regarding the faidgooda^y neither the faia penalty y daily go tf- 
boutjrom village to village^ town to town^ and from houfe to boufej 
to fell fuch pewter and brafs which is not goody and alfo ufe deceive 
able weights and beamsy as they did before the making of the feud a£fy 
to the great hurt and deceit of the King's true liege people andfubjeils : who Audi 
(5) wherefore be it enadted by the authority aiforefaid. That as have the for* 
well the moiety of the faid Forfeiture of x. li, limited in the ^turcs, and 
faid ftatute made in the faid fourth year, as alfo the moiety <^t2cJ^A!dfSr* 
all other forfeitures before exprefled, and every of them, be and reSvcrcd; 
(hall be to the ufe of the King*$ highnefs, his heirs and fuccef- 
fors, and the other moiety of the fame forfeitures, and every of 
them, to the ufe of him or them that (hall feize, find or prefent 
the faid forfeitures, or any of them, or that (hall fue for the 
fame in any competent court or courts within this realm, by 
adion of debt, bill, plaint or information^^ wherein the defen- Condnued bv 
dant (hall in no wife be admitted to wage his law, nor any pro- i^ H. s. caj, 
tedtion or eflbin to any perfon or pexfons, which (hall be im- 
peached to have offended contraryto the form and effe<ft of this 
eftatute, (hall be allowable. (6) This a<ft to endure to the laft Made perpe- 
day of the next parliament. tual33H.S.c.4. 

C A P. X. 

Jyi eiH concerning the acceptance of the oatb to the aS of 


BE it enadted by authority of this prefent parliament. That 
the ad late made for lewers, and the coauni(rion therein 
recited, (hall be extended, ufed, and put in execution in the 
town and marches of Calaisy according to the tenor of the fan)e 
commiffion, in like effedl as it is enabled to be put in execution 
within this realm ; (2) and that no perfon (hall be compelled to Svery oem- 
be fwom, or otherwife bound to fit or travel in execution of gMftiopf of 
any conmiiflion of fewers within this realm, unlefs that he •^c^^^SjfT** 
dwelling within the county whereof he is, or (hall be afilgned county, 
to be commi(rioner; and tor Calaisy and the faid marches there- 
of, unle(s that he be dwelling within the £une town of Calaisy 
or marches. 

11. And becaufe that elvers perfons heretofore ajfigned to be com^ 
milEonerSy have refufed to be fwom according to the faid former a£t^ 
whereby divers comnajfions heretofore made remain hitherto without 
effectual execution : (2) be it therefore enaded. That if any per- The forfeiture 
fon alTigned or to be afiigned to be fuch commi(fioner of (ewers, of a commir. 
being required hereafter by fuch perfon or perfons as have or ^^^^j^^^' 
fliall have authority, by the Kirk's writ or otlierwife, to re- SkrSclMt? 
ceive or accept the oath comprifed in the (aid former a(Sb, every afligned by 
perfon that fo refufeth to take the fame oath, or upon that re- the ftatute of 
qudl made doth not receive the (ame oath, and that rcfufal ot »3 H.S. c. 5. 

2 con- 

tyi Anno vicefimo quinto Henrici VIII. [1533. 

contempt done ia the chancery, or returned into the chancery 
with the^faid writ, (hall lofe and forfeit for the faine contempt 
to the KingT>ur fovereign lord, five marics, (3) and lb to lofe, 
from time to time, five marks for every fuch contempt as fhall 
be done or returned into the faid chancery againfl any fuch per- 
ions, unlefs that he in the fame chancery do (hew and allege 
in the faid term, wherein fuch return (hall be made agaitdl him, 
fufficient and reafonable matter and caufe^to be allowed by the 
lord chancellor for his excufe and difchaige in that behalf. 


Ta avoid dejir eying of wild-fowl. 

The caufc of TT7HERE bifin this fimi there hath been within this realm 

^iJd^f^U^ ^^''" ^^"^ ^/'o/iW-Zw/, as duciSj mallards^ wigeons^ teals^ 

^ " ® wild-geefty and divers 9ther kinds ofwUdrfowl^ whereby not anfy the 

King^s mo/l honourable houjholdy but alfo the houfes of the noblemen and 

prelates of this realm^ have been fumtjhed for the neceffary expences 

of the fame houfeSy at convenient prices^ but alfo au mariets of 

the fame realm were fuffciently furnijhed with wUd-fowl^ there t» 

' be Joldy in fuch wife that fuch as were meet to make provifitm of the 

• fame for their houfesy might at reafonable priceSy'at the fame mark" 

etSy be thereof provided I (2} neverthelefsy divers perfons next im- 

habiting in the countries and places within this reaWiy where the 

fubflance of the fame wildfowl hath been accujlomed to breedy have 

in thefummer feafoUy at fuch time as the faid old fowl be meuUedy 

and not replenijhed with feathers to fiyy nor the young fewl fuUy 

feathered perfebly to fly y have by certain nets and other engines and 

policieSy yearly taken great number of the fame fowly in fuch wife 

that the brood of wild-fowl is abnojt thereby wafted and confumed^ 

and daily is like mere and more to wafle and confumcy if remedy be 

not therefore provided. 

Wild-fowl II. Be it therefore enaded by the king our ibvereign lord, by 

^v * "kI ^ ^^ affent of the lords fpiritual and temporal, and the commons, 

the*aftdry of ^'^ *" F^fent parliament afTembled, and by the authority of 

May and tihe the fame. That it (hall not be lawful to any perfon or perfons 

laft (lay of hereafter, between the laft day of May and the laft day of jfu^ 

Auguft. gujl^ to take, or caulc to be taken, any fuch wild-fowl with 

6.*c. 7. and ^^^ ^^ *"y ^^^^ engines, (2) upon pain of one ywr's impriibn- 

revivcd by %i mcnt, and xp forfeit for every fowl fo taken iv. d. the one half 

jac. 1. c. 18. thereof to be to the King our fovereign lord, and the other half 

and farther to him that will fuc for the fame by aftion of debt in any of the 

Tcar?"! c Z King's courts, and in the which adtion none efToin nor protec- 

& 16 Car. I. tion (hall be allowed, nor wager of law received. 

c. 4. III. And be it ena<fted by authority aforefaid. That all juftices 

Jufticci may ^^ pcace, within the limits of their commiflion, (hall have power 

•nquire of, and authority to enquire, hear and determine Ac offences afore- 

hear and faid, like as they commonly ufe and do in cafes of trefpafs. 

thT^w^ ly. Providedf always. That it (hall be lawful to any gentle- 

FKehold«^"f "™^"» ^^ ^"y ^^^^^ *a^ ^V ^^'P^^^ ^^^ (hillings b)r the year 

40 s per. ann. of freehold, to hunt and take fuch wild-fowl with their (paniels 



^533]* Anno vicefimo quinto Henrici VIII. 273 

only, without ufmg any net or other engine for the fame, ex- raay kill wild- 
«::cpt it be a long-bow or long-bows. nidi 6nl*^ ^^*" 

V, Provided alfo, and be it enad^ed by the fame authority, Noperfonfliall 
That from the firft day of March^ which (hall be in the year of deftroyortake 
our Lord God 1534, unto the laft day of June then next enfu- away tlie eggs! 
ing, and 'fo yearly from thenceforth, no manner of perfon or *^*^^^^*^'^®^^' 
perfons (hall prefume, by day or by night, willingly to with*^^®^*. 
draw, purloin, take, dc(bPoy, or convey any manner of eggs ' 
of any kind of wild-fowl, from .or in any neft, place or places 
where they (hall chance to be laid by any kind of the fame 
wild-fowl, (2) upon pain of imprifonmcnt for one year, and to 

lofe and forfeit for every egg of any crane or buftard, fo deftroy- 

ed, purloined, withdrawn, conveyed, or taken from any neft or 

place, XX. d. and for every egg of*^ every bittour, heron or (hove- 

lard, viii. d. and for every egg of every mallard, teal, or other 

wild-fowl, one peny ; (3) the one moiety thereof to be to the 

King our fovercign lord, and the other half to him that will , * ' 

fue for the fame in form aforefaid, wherein no wager of law, 

cflbin or prote<5lion (hall be allowed ; (4) and that all juftices 

of peace, within the limits of their commiflion, (hall have full 

power and authority to enquire, hear and determine the fame 

in form before rehcarfed. 

VI. Provided always. That this aft extend not, nor be hurt- Crows, rooks, 
ful at any time hereatter, to any perfon or perfons that will dc- choughs, &c. 
flroy any crows, choughs, ravens and buflards, or their egg^, ^^^ccepted. 

or to any other fowl or their eggs not comeftible, nor ufed to 
be eaten. 

CAP. xir. 

EIiTiabethBarton oi Kent^ and others attainted of high treafon, for 
that under colour of hypocrify, revelations, and falfe miracles 
praftifed by the faid Elizabeth^ they confpired to impugn and 
ilandcr the divorce between thfe King and Queen Kfltkerine^ 
his firft wife, the laft marriage between him anid Q^ttnAnney 
his fecond wife, to deftroy the King, and to deprive him of 
his crown. EXP; 

Concerning the number ofjheep onefiould keep. 

FORASMUCH as divers and fundry perfons of the King's Jul- What number 
jeSfs of this realm, to whom Gad of his goodnefs hath difpofed ^^ ^^^^ "^^» 
great plenty and abundance of moveable fuhflance, now of late with- ^^^ ^^^' 
in few years have daily /iudiedj praJfifed^ and invented ways and 
means how they might accumulate and gather together into few hands ^ , 
as well great multitude of farms as great plenty of cattle^ and in 
efpecial Jheep, putting fuch lands as thty can get to pajiure, and not 
to tillage^ (2) whereby they have not only pulled down churches and 
towns^ and inhanced the old rates of the rents of the pojfejjions of 
this realm^ or elfe brought it to fuch exceffive fines that no poor man 
is able to meddle with it, but alfo have raifcd and enhanced the prices 
of all manner of cor n, cattle^ wcolj pigSy gcefe, hens, chickens, eggs, 
and fuch other, almfl double abffoe the prices which have been ac- 
Vol. IV. T cujlomed-, 

2 74 Anno vicefimo quinto Henrici VIII. [ 1 5 3 3» 

cyftonud S (3) ^ reafon wbergofa marvettous multltudi and number 
cftbe people of this realm be not able to provide meat^ drink and 
clothes necejfaryfor themf elves ^ their wives and children^ hut^ be fo 
difcouraged with miferj and poverty ^ that they fall daily to theft ^ 
robbery and other inconveniences^ or pitifully die /or hunger and cold ; 
^4) and as it is thought by the Kinfs mofi humble and loving fub^ 
je£lSy that one of the greatejl occafions that moveth and provoletb 
thofe greedy and covetous people fo to accumulate and keep in tbeir 
bands fuch great portions and farts of the grounds and lands of tbi$ 
realm from the occupying of toe poor bujbandmeny and fo to ufe it 
in pajturcy and not in tiUagOy is only the great profit that cometh of 
Jbeep^ which now be come to a few perfons hands of this realm^ tn 
refPfR of the whole number of the King* s fubjeSs^ that fome have 

four and twenty thoufandy fome twenty thoufandy fome ten thmfand^ 
fome fix thoufandy fome five thoufandy and Jon 
Is) by the which a good ftteep for viSlualy thi 
enormitjes JoU for two fi)illings four-^ence, or three Jbillings at the mofty is 

The feveral (s) h ^^* which a good flteep for vl^ualy that was accujtomedto be 

enormitjes fold for two fi)illings four-^ence, or three Jbillings at the mofiy is 

b'*th1r*"'"'d ^^ f^^ f^^ fi* M^H^^ or five JUllingSy or four finlKngs at the 

defire^ofhav-^ '^^/ * (^i ^''^ a ftone of clotting wooly that in fome Jhires of this 

ing many realm was accu/lomed to be fold for eighteen-pence or twenty-tencoy is 

fliwp. now fold for four JbillingSy or three foilUngs four-pence at toe teafi 5 

and in fome countries where it bath been fold for two Jbillings four-- 

penecy or two Jbillings eight ^penccy or three JhilTings at the m^y it 

is now fold for five JhiUingSy or four JbilUngs eight-pence the 

leajly and fo are raffed in every part of this realm ; (7) which 

tbtngSy thus ufedy be trincijfally to the high difpleafw^e of Almighty 

Gody to the decay of the hojpitality of this reaJmy to the diminiflung 

of the King^s peopUy and to the let of the eUth^makingy whereby many 

poor pfople have been accu/lomed to befet on work ; and in conclufion^ 
if remedy be not foundy it may turn to the utter dejlru^fion and de- 
Jolation of this realmy which God defend i (8) it may therefore 
pleafe the King's highnefs, of his moft gracious and godly dif- 
pofition, and the lords fpiritual and temporal, of their goodncTs 
artd charity, with the aflent of the commons, in this prefent par- 
^o man fhall liament aifembled, to ordain and enadt by the authority of the 
have above fame. That no perfon or perfons from the fcaft of Saint Michael 
xooo eep, ^^ archangel; which (hall be in the year of our Lord God 1535. 
Ihall keep, occupy or have in his pofleflion, in his own proper 
lands, nor in the pofleflion,, lands nor grounds of any other 
which he ftiall have or occupy in farm, nor otherwife nave of 
his own proper cattle, in ufe, pofleflion or property, by any 
manner of m^s, fraud, craft or covin, above the number of 
■ two thoufand Ihcep at one time, within any part pf this realm, 
Qf all fort^ and kinds, (o) upon pain to lofe and forfeit for 
every flieep ^hat any perfon or pcrfotis fliall have or keep a- 
bove the number limited by this aft, iii. s. iv. d. the one half 
to the King our fovereign lord, and the other half to fuch 
perfon as will fue for the fame, by original writ of debt, bill, 
plaint or information in any court of record, in which fuit the 
defendant fliallnot wage his Jaw, ^or have any eflfoin or pro- 
tcftion allowed* 

II. Pro. 

'533-] Anno vicefimo quinto Henrici VIIL ' 275 

II. Provided alway. That Iambs- (hall not be accounted of Lambs under 
the number of the (heep prohibited by this a(5t, fo long as they 5"?,^^'' ^^^ 
be under the aee of a year, and not above. oowitwiftecp 

III. Provided alfo. That if any perfpn having (heep of his 

own, happen to be made executor, or to be adminiftrator to Sheep coming 

any perfon whicli had (heep at his death, or happen to be mar- {j? ^^ecutor- 

rioi to any perfon which (hall happen to have (heep at the time ^^g^f °**^* 

of the marriage, by reafon whereof the perfon fo being execu- 

tor or adminiftrator, or being fo married, (hall happen by fuch 

means to be advanced, and have above the faid number of 

two thoufand fhcep ; that then in every fuch cafe the perfon fo 

advanced to lofe no penalty for having above the number of 

two thoufand (heep by fuch means, fo that within one year next 

after fuch advancement, the perfon fo advanced, firom time to 

time, as often as any fuch cafe (hall happen, do put to fale, 

or other wife difpofe fo many of the faid (heep fo to him advanced, 

or el(e of his own (heep that he had before, fo that above one 

year he (hall not keep, have or occupy by any fuch means, or 

otherwifc by any fraud or covin, any more number of them 

than is before limited bythis adt, upon the pain before rehearfed. 

IV. Provided alfo. That if any perfon by hii laft will and Sheep be- 
teftament give to any child within age any number of (heep, and qucathed hy 
appoint them by his faid will to be kept oy his executors, or by ^•11'® * ^^^ 
any other perfon, until fuch time as the (aid child (hall come ^^ ^ **^** 
to a certain age limited by his will, that then in every fuch cafe, 

after the death of the teftator, the faid (heep, fo being in the 
pofleflion and occupation of the executors, of of any other per- 
fon to the ufe of any fuch child within age, for that time only- 
that the faid child (hall be within the age that he (hall be limited 
to have the faid (heep by the will of the te(tator, (hall not be 
accounted againft the faid executors, nor any perfon fo having 
tlie faid (heep, for the intent aforefaid, any of the number of 
the (heep prohibited by this adl ; any thing in this ad to the 
contrary thereof notwithftanding* 

V. And it is further enafted. That the juftices of the peace Juftice* of tht 
of every (hire (hall have power and authority to enquire of the peace (hall 
offenders of this ad^, as well by the oaths of twelve men, as enquire of the 
by information of arty of the King's fubjeds, and to make fuch Sjiraa^ 
liice procefs upon every prefentment or information concerning 

this a6l, as they ufe commonly to do upon prefentments before 
them of trefpals ; and that no perfon being convi^ by confef- 
fion or otherwife, that he hath done or attempted' contrary to 
this aft, (hall be put to any lefs fine than after the rates ot the 
forfeitures afore limited by this aft^ 

VI. Provided always. That no perfon (hall be put to any ^j^j^-j^ ^^^^ 
anfwer or lofs of any forfeiture by virtue of this a6t, at the. fuit ^^^^ thc^it 
of any the King's fubjecfts, by any original writ of debt, (haU be corn- 
bill, plaint or information, except the fuit be commenced with- menccd 

in one year next after the offence done or committed contrary ^^^? ^^ 
to this aa : ^2) nor that any perfon (hall be put to anfwer, nor ^^" *'* 
to any lofrot any forfeiture bv virtue of this a<Jl, by reafon of 

. T'2 any 

276 Anno vicefimo quinto Henrici VIII. [1533. 

any prdentment, a6tion or information at the King's fuit, ex- 
cept the fame prefentment, adion or information be had and 
made for the King within three years next after the offence done 
or committed. 
Every perfon VII. Provided always, That all and every perfon and perfons, 
temporal may being the King's temporal fubjedls of this realm, and bom un- 
iiScritance^ der nis obeifancc, which at this prefent time, or at any time 
&c,%8*maiiV hereafter (hall have or be feifed of inheritance, in poflefltoa or 
flieep as he ii^ ufe, or that now hath, or hereafter (hall have jundure in ufe 
will. or in pofleflion, or be or (hall be tenant in dower, or by the 

curtefy of Mttgland, of or in any manors, lands, tenements, 
paftures, feedings or liberty of foidage within any part of this 
realm of England^ JVaks^ or the marches of the (ame, that eve- 
ry fuch perfon and perfons, having any (iich poiTeflion to his own 
ufe, and every fuch perfon and perfons, to whofe ufe any other 
perfon or perions now is or be, or hereafter (hall be feifed of 
any fuch eftate, as is before rehearfed, may at all times hereaf- 
ter have, enjoy, keep and maintain upon the fame their own 
demefh lands, and all other their paftures, feedings and fold- 
courfes, which they fo have, as many their own (heep and 
lambs in number to their own proper ufe, profit and behoof, as 
thev or any of them of right had, or lawfully might have had 
and kept upon the fame, or upon any part thereof, at any time 
before the making of this prefent adl, this act, or any thing 
therein contained or fpecifieid to the contrary in any wife not- 
Twothoufand VIII. And over that be it enafted by the authority aforefaid^ 
fticcp may be Xhat in cale any fuch perfon or perfons, having any fuch 
perfon upon ^'^^^^ '^ ^^^ ^^ in poflTelTion, of or in any manors, lands, tcne- 
demcfns and ments, paftures, feedings, or liberties of fold-courfes, as is be- 
farms. ' fore exprefTed, have or do keep upon the fame their pofteflions 
the number of two thoufand ihecp, or above, the fame perfon 
or perfons fo having the number of two thoufand (heep, or a- 
bove, (hall not in any wife keep, fuftain, or have any (hecp a- 
bove or be(ide the faid number of two thoufand upon any lands, 
paftures or feedings, which the fame perfon or perfons have, or 
hereafter (hall have, or take in ferm or otherwifc, upon fuch 
like pains and forfeitures for the fame, as b^ limited in the (aid 
adl ; that is to fay, for every flieep over and above the faid num* 
ber of two thoufand, three (liillings four-pence : (a) And in 
cafe the faid demefn lands, tenements, paftures, feedings and 
liberties of fold-courfes of any perfon or perfons before rehearfed, 
fuffice not for the feeding,- pafturing and keeping of two thou- 
fand ftieep, as is aforclaid, that then every fuch perfon (hall 
and may have, fuftain, or feed upon his faid demefn lands, and 
upon his ferm-holds, which he lawfully may have, to the faid 
number of two thoufand (lieep, and not above, upon pain of 
forfeiture for every (heep above that number, iij, s. iv, d. 
Sheep for the IX. Provided alway, and be it enacfted, That it (hall be law- 
SrhulToufe^ ^"' to every perfon or perfons within this realm, keeping a 
above two houftiold, to have from time to time fuch convenietnt number 
' thourand. of (heep over and above the number exprefTed in this adt, as (Iiall 


^533-] Aiinoyicefimo quinto Henrici VIII. . 177 

be necef&ry for tHe only cxpences of his houfliold, to be pro- 
vided, kept and fed, in and upon his own lands, or other lands, 
fuch as he can or lawfully may have or provide for, in ferm or 
otlierwife ; any thing in this prefent a<ft contained to the con- 
trary noiwithftahding ; {2) fo that the fame houlholder at no 
one time fliall have or keep, for the expences of hiis houfhold, 
or by colour of the iame^ over and above the number to hiiri 
limited by this a(5^, any number of (beep more than Ihall fuf- 
fice for the only expences of his houlhold for one year, without 
fraud or covin; any thing in this pre(ent a<^ mentioned or ex- 
prelRd to the contrary notwithftandipg. 

X. Be it alfo further cna6ted by the authority aforefaid, Ho^^ fold- 
That no manner of nerfon or perfons, of what degree focver he courfesinNor- 
or th^ be, being lord or lords, owner or owners, farmer or farm- ^^^K^^H ^\ 
crs, of or in any liberty of fold-courfes within any town, tyth- 1^$ ofiMiT 
Jng, village or hamlet within any of the counties oi Norfolk and 

Si^iliy m>m and after the. feafl: of the nativity of our Lord God 
next coming, fhall take in farm for term of years, or otherwife, 
any quillets of lands or paftures, that is to fay, any number of 
acres of land or paftufc appertaining to any other perfon or per- 
fons, lying and being within the limit, extent or precin(^ oC 
the faid liberty of the faid fold-courfesj (2) but that they fliall 
permit and (uffer the faid perfons, having or being, for the 
time, owner or owners, leilee or leuees of the faid quillets, to 
manure and pafture the faid quillets j (3) and alfo to fuffer the 
flicep of the faid owner or owners, farmer or farmers of the 
faid quillets, after the rate of the fame quillets, to go with 
the flock of the owner, farmer or occupier of the faid liberty 
or liberties of the faid fold-courfes, paying the cuftomary charges 
for the keeping and feeding of tlic fame, after the rate and ufe 
of the country there commonly ufed, without any interruption 
therein to be made by the faid owner or owners, former or 
farmers, or occupiers of the faid liberties, (4) upon pain of 
forfeiture for every time that any fuch perfon having any fuch 
quillet, that fhall be fb letted or difturbed of feeding, keep- 
ing or pafturing any of his flieep, fo to be fed and kept after the 
rate of his faid quillet, for every fuch flieep iii. s. iv. d. 

XI. Provided alway. That this a<5t, or branch concerning To which fort 
quillets, or any thing therein contained, fliall not in any wileofqalHetsthit 
be available to any tenant, owner or occupier of any fuch quil- ft**"^^ doth 
let or quillets, to claim, have, or ufe hereafter any (uch pafture, ^ch iou ^* 
or feeding of his flieep, in or with any fuch fold-courfes, but 

only where the tenants, owners and occupiers of any fuch quil- 
lets have had, or might have had heretofore of right and duty, 
or ufed to have pafture and feeding in the faid fold-courfes, by 
reafon of their tenures, and occupations of the fame qui