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Full text of "Statutes of Centenary College of Louisiana"

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Corner of Church and Lafayette Si--. 







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Corner of Church and ^afayette Sts. 


5th. The children of Methodist Travelling Preachers of the 
Mississippi and Louisiana Conferences shall be entitled to Tuition 

6th. The Faculty, with the advice and consent of the Executive 
Committee, may admit to the privileges of the College, such worthy, 
indigent young men as are unable to pay the usual fees: and shall 
take from them a bond or note, payable in two years after they leave 
the College. 


Of the Hours of Study, and of the mode of ascertaining the pro- 
gress of the Students. 

1st. The Hours of Study shall be from sun-rise until breakfast, 
and from eight o'clock until twelve in the forenoon ; from two until 
five in the afternoon, and from dark until nine o'clock at night; 
(except on Saturday and Sunday.) During which time every Stu- 
dent shall keep his room, unless called from it to recite, or by some 
urgent necessity, of which he shall always be ready to give an ac- 
count to any member of the Faculty, who may observe his absence. 

2d. No Student, except in case of absolute necessity, will be al- 
lowed to visit town during study hours, or after 9 o'clock at night 
without permission from the President or some other member of the 

3d. Every Student shall diligently apply himself to such studies 
as may be prescribed to him by his teacher, and shall be careful to 
attend every recitation of his class. 

4th. The time and place for recitation of every class shall be ap- 
pointed by the Faculty. 

5th. Each Professor and Tutor shall keep an account of the reci- 
tations according to the plan the Faculty may devise. 

6th. All absences from Recitation, Composition, or other College 
exersises, with reasonable excuses, shall be recorded and sent home 
to parents or guardians, at such time as the Faculty may deem 

7th. The Faculty have power to adjust the classification of the 
students, and either to promote any one to a higher class, or degrade 
him to a lower, according to his abilities and progress, or his want 
of them. And they shall also cause the several classes under their 
care in the Institution, to be assigned to, and taught by the mem- 
bers of the Faculty, or other instructors, in conformity to the direc- 
tions of the Board of Trustees. 

Of Public Speaking. 
1st. The Faculty shall provide for Puplic Speaking and Compo- 
sition as their judgment shall direct 

2d. Nothing indecent, profane, immoral, or pertaining of party 
politics, shall at any time be delivered in the College Chapels or on 
the public stage, under such penalty as the Faculty shall judge 
proper ; and it shall be the duty of every student who is appointed 

to speak in public, to show to the President, or some officer desig- 
nated by him, the whole of what he proposes to speak ; and he shall 
not fail to observe such corrections as may be made in his exercise. 


Of Deportment. 

1st The Students are expected to consider themselves and each 
other, as young gentlemen, associated, for purposes of mutual 
improvement, and are to behave themselves accordingly J avoiding 
all turbulence, rudeness and violence. 

2d. They are to treat the President, Professors and Tutors, on 
all occasions, with respect, obeying implicitly all their lawful com- 
mands, and in every respect, so demeaning themselves as those should, 
who know that their character for correct behaviour, is not less im- 
portant than their character for intellectual acquirements. 


Of Religious Exercises. 

1st. The exercises of every day shall be opened and closed with 
prayer, by the President, or some other member of the Faculty, 
when all the students shall attend. 

2d. The Students shall attend Divine Worship in the College 
Chapel or elsewhere every Sabbath, at 11 o'clock, A. M. 

3d. The due observance of the Sabbath, is earnestly recommend- 
ed, and all practices in-consistent with the reverence due to the day, 
are expressly prohibited. 


Of Punishments, of Misdemeanors and Offences. 

1st, The Punishments in the College shall be admonition, pri- 
vate and public ; dismission ; suspension for a limited time ; suspen- 
pension for an indefinite time, and expulsion. 

2d. Any Student under censure, expulsion excepted, is still a 
member of the Institution, and shall obey the recommendations of 
the Faculty under penalty of expulsion from the College. 

3d. A second indefinite suspension is considered as equivalent to 
expulsion, and shall, in all cases, preclude the possibility of re-ad- 

4th. If any student shall neglect his studies or interrupt the stud- 
ies of another, or disturb, or impede any officer in his lawful em- 
ployment, or be guilty of profane cursing or swearing, of intoxica- 
tion, of striking, or insulting by words or gesture, a fellow student, 
of keeping the company of persons of known immorality, of playing 
at cards, dice, or other game of chance, or any other thing grossly 
immoral, of which the Faculty shall be the Judge, he shall at their 
discretion receive any punishment. 

5th. Dueling, or any concerned in promoting or abetting it, in 
any way, shall be punished in all cases, with expulsion. 


6th. No Student shall be permitted to wear, carry or have in his 
possession, a dirk, sword cane, or any deadly concealed weapon of 
any kind whatsoever. 

7th. No Student shall keep for his use or pleasare, any riding an- 
imal, or dog, or gun, or pistol. 

8th. No Student shall bring or cause to be brought, into College, 
or keep in his room, any spiritous, vinous or fomented liquors. 

9th. No Student during the regular sessions of College,, shall at- 
tend any ball, theatre, horse race or cock-fight. 

10th. If, in the opinion of the Faculty, the character of a Stu- 
dent shall be so vicious as to render him an unworthy member of 
the College, he shall be admonished or censured, and if he do not 
forthwith reform, his parent or legal guardian shall be requested to 
remove him from College ; and in case of a refusal or delay, the 
Faculty are to remove him by suspension. 

11th. Every suspended Student shall immediately return home, 
or reside in such place, during the period of suspension, as the Fac- 
ulty may direct. And upon application for re admission, he shall 
produce satisfactory testimonials of his good behaviour while absent. 

12th. An indefinite suspension of a Student, not before suspend- 
ed shall expire at the discretion of the Faculty. 

13th. No Student shall under any pretence whatever, cut or oth- 
erwise injure the College Buildings, or Furniture, or Enclosures, or 
Trees planted or growing therein. Any student offending herein, 
shall pay for such injury, and be subject, besides, to such other 
penalty as the Faculty may deem proper. 

14th. Any Student absent from recitation without excuse, shall 
be reported to the Faculty in session, and fox jive such offences, his 
parent or guardian shall be informed, and if such delinquencies still 
continue, such student shall be dismissed or suspended. 

15th. All disorderly conduct at Chapel during the calling of the 
Roll, or Religious exercises, shall be reported and punished accord- 
ing to the offence. 

16th. All boisterous conduct, hallooing, playing on instruments 
during study hours, must be carefully avoided ; and any one failing 
to observe this regulation, shall be punished with reproof, dismission 
or suspension as the case may demand. 

17th. Collecting about Church doors, before or during divine ser- 
vice, and talking so as to interrupt the miuister or congregation, or 
crowding in the vestibule, will be regarded a violation of good order 
and decorum ; and any student herein offending, will be punished 
according to the offenca. 

18th. All leaving Church during service, or talking so as to annoy 
others, is also a violation of good order ; and if any student or stu- 
dents, after being admonished, should persist in such practices, they 
will be dealt with in such manner as the offence deserves. 

19th. The occupants of rooms shall be responsible for all improper 
noise that may be made in their rooms, and all improper or immoral 
conduct that may be practiced in the same. 

20th. No Student or Students of the College will be permitted to 
annoy the Female Schools established in Town, either by walking 
by or about the premises, alone, or in companies, so as to attract at- 
tention, or by any other act which may be deemed indecorous by 
the Faculty. And those who continue to commit such annoyan- 
ces, shall, after due admonition, be immediately suspended. 


Of Dismissions and Withdrawals from College. 
1st. Any Student desirous of leaving College before the comple- 
tion of his course, shall, if a minor, produce from his parent or legal 
guardian, a written certificate or statement, that such is his wish, 
and the President is authorized to grant him such certificate of dis- 
mission as he may deserve. 


Of the Library, 

The Board of Trustees shall appoint a Librarian, who shall exe- 
cute the duties of his office according to their directions. 


Of Degrees. 

1st. Any Student who shall, after receiving the Degree of Bache- 
lor of Arts, remain in College for one year, and attend upon such 
studies as the Faculty may prescribe, may receive the Degree of 
Master of Arts. 

2d. The Degree of Master shall not be conferred on any Bachelor 
of Arts, unless he presents a satisfactory thesis, or submit himself to 
examination by the Faculty. 

3d. The Degree of M. A. shall not be conferred on Graduates 
unless the Board have evidence that subsequent to the time of grad 
uation, the applicant or person recommended shall have applied 
himself to study, or Reading, or some Literary or Professional pur- 
suit; and when said Degree shall have been granted, the applicant 
shall be entitled to a Diploma. 

4th. All Diplomas shall be prepared agreeably to a form prescri- 
bed by the Faculty, and the fee shall be ten dollars. 

5th. All Students shall attend the Commencements and the can 
didates for Degrees shall perform the exercises assigned them, under 
peril, in case of non-compliance, of being refused their degrees. 


Of College Fees. 
1st. Every Student shall pay three dollars per session, into the 
hands of the Librarian, for the privilege of using the Books of the 
Library, and for the purpose of increasing it. 

2d. All College dues shall be paid, and a certificate of such pay- 
ment shall be presented to the President, before any student can 
receive any Degree. And no student shall receive a dismission, 
unless all his dues are previously paid. 

3d. If any Student be expelled, any money which he may have 
advanced, beyoud the time he was in the Institution, shall be re- 
funded to him. 


Of Commencements, Sessions, Examinations and Vacations. 

1st. There shall be an Annnal Examination, commencing on the 
Second Monday preceding the last Wednesday in July, which is 
Commencement day. 

2d. The regular Academical year shall begin on the first Monday 
in October of every year. 

3d. There shall be a vacation, from the 24th December to the 1st 
of January, and from Commencement day to the 1st Monday in 
October, of each and every year. 


Of Expenditure. 

. 1st. Every Student whose Parent or Guardian does not lesidein 
the town of Jackson, or its immediate vicinity, shall have an Aca- 
demical Guardian therein, nominated by himself with the consent 
of his parent or legal guardian, whose duty it shall be to take charge 
of the necessary expenditure of such student ; and with whom shall 
be deposited such a sum of money as his parent or legal guardian 
may think proper. In the article of pocket money, the strictest 
economy is most earnestly recommended and requested. 


A Copy of these Bye-Laws shall be handed to each Student on en- 
tering, and he be required to read them before matriculation, and 
then to enrol his name with the understanding that he, on the honor 
of a gentleman, will observe them so long as he is a member of this