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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 


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Union College 
Barbourville, Kentucky 


The Transition 

of the 


Mahlon A. Miller 

As usual, the Union College school year was a conflicting mixture of stability 
and change with returning upper classmen and the arrival of new students. 
However, the fall of 1982 was marked by the resignation of Dr. Mahlon A. 
Miller after 23 years of leadership as President of Union College. 

Mahlon Miller was born in Verona, Pennsylvania. He received a B.S. degree 
in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 1943 and did 
graduate work at the Cast Institute of Technology (mathematics and engi- 
neering) and at Western Reserve University (psychology, personnel, and 
management) while he was employed by the Air Force as a civilian research 
worker from 1943-47. From 1947-53, he studied and taught at Drew Univer- 
sity, Madison, New Jersey, where he received the degrees of Bachelor of 
Divinity and Master of Sacred Theology. During these years he taught mathematics, New Testament Greek, philos- 
ophy, and religion, served as assistant to the dean of the seminary, and served a pastorate in New Jersey. He then 
attended the University of Zurich, the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, and the American School of 
Oriental Research in Jerusalem, and continued his advanced studies in theology at the University of Tubingen, as a 
member of the first group of Fulbright students in Germany. Mahlon Miller interrupted these studies to come to 
Barbourville in 1955 when he was appointed assistant to the president. In 1959, he was named president of Union 

President Miller's presence on campus acted as a catalyst for a great deal of reorganization, planning, and eventual 
growth of the college. For example, very early in his tenure, the president prepared the first issue of the Trustee 
Newsletter (June 15, 1959), an important means of communication between the campus and the trustees, which has 
appeared at least once a month and has played a notable role in involving the trustees more deeply in college affairs. 
Also, the campus was literally transformed by the projects undertaken during the 1960's. The new construction 
included an additional wing to Pfeiffer Hall, the faculty housing project known as College Park, the Physical Education 
Building, the Student Center, a new men's residence hall, and an addition to College Courts. Baldwin Place was 
remodeled and Tye House completely renovated. Plans for the most recent building on campus, the science building, 
were made during this time even though its actual construction was delayed. The Board of Trustees surprised President 
Miller with a well-deserved honor: When the building was dedicated at Commencement, 1973, it was the Mahlon Miller 
Science Center. 

On September 23, 1982, Dr. Miller resigned from the presidency and chancellorship of the college. However, he 
offered to continue as president emeritus and work out of Louisville part-time, raising funds for the college, until May 
31, 1983. In the meantime, a Central Management Team was appointed to direct the college. The team was made up 
of Edward H. Black, Director of Institutional Planning and Evaluation, as Chairman, with Robert D. Carey, Executive 
Vice-President; Dwight C. Stewart, Dean of the faculty; H. Warren Robbins, Dean of Graduate Academic Affairs; Boyd 
R. Todd, Business Manager and Treasurer; and Milton H. Townsend, Vice-President for College relations and 
Development, as members. 

The Reverend Dr. Jack Carter Phillips, former president of The National United Methodist Foundation for Christian 
Higher Education in Nashville, Tennessee, was elected president of Union College at a called meeting of the Board of 
Trustees of Union College in Lexington, Kentucky, on December 9, 1982. Dr. Phillips, who is 48, began his duties on 
January 3 on the campus where he received an honorary Doctor of Law Degree in 1981. Dr. Phillips earned the 
Bachelor's Degree at Birmingham-Southern College and the Master of Divinity Degree at Vanderbilt University. 

The inevitability of change has touched Union College once again in the 1982-83 year. Mahlon Miller and his wife, 
Laura, had quickly gained the liking and esteem, not only of the Trustees but also of the faculty and students, when 
they first came to Union. Likewise, Jack Phillips and his wife, Juanita, have already won many of the hearts which lie 
close to Union College. And so, as history seems to repeat itself in this sense, Union can look hopefully to a new future 
of planning, reorganization, and growth built upon the firm foundation which has already been laid. 

Jack C. Phillips 




After 23 years, President Mahlon A Miller resigned as president of Union College. 

Dr Milier came to Union in 1955 as assistant to the president. In 1959, he was appointed president. 

Dr Miller has been a friend to the student and a leader to the campus Because of this, the 1983 
Stespean staff dedicates this yearbook to Dr Mahlon A. Miller. 




Mike Smith (right) was a very active young man on Honors Day 1983. 
He received the highest senior academic award, the President's 
Award, from President Phillips (left). Mike also received another five 
awards after the President's Award. 

Water fights were common on campus during the last two weeks of 

The Campus Post Office is an active place during the morning hours 

Lori Morrison gives a delightful performance during Talent Night 

Amos Sykes has to crawl through a booth to get to the dance. 



SrV.+hi Collier 



Dr. Lester Woody received the Student Senate Distinguished Profes- Mike Smith and Deronda Collier really get involved in their race for 
sor Award on Honors Day 1983- Student Senate president and vice-president. 

Left to right: Mindy Starr, Priscilla DeFore, 
Lori Morrison, Leah Short, Kathy Alford, 
and Bobbi Sutherland pose for their shot. 


Curtis Allen 

Flat Lick, Kentucky 

Business Administration 

Rickie Allen 

Flat Lick, Kentucky 


Judy Broughton 
Salt Gum, Kentucky 
Elementary Education 

Terry Carnes 
Mills, Kentucky 
Business Administration 

Paula Carson 
London, Kentucky 
Social Work 

Lorrie Cash 
Somerset, Kentucky 

Connie Gibson 
Pineville, Kentucky 
General Education 

Susie Goodin 
Arjay, Kentucky 

Jennifer Hall 
Barbourville, Kentucky 
Elementary Education 


Arthur Honican 
Versailles. Kentucky 

Susan Hoskins 
Pineville, Kentucky 
Elementary Education 

Mohammad Jahangiri 

Shiraz, Iran 

Business Administration 

Kennedy Jawan 

Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia 


Brad Jones 
London, Kentucky 
Music — Business 

John David King 
Barbourville, Kentucky 
Business Administration 

Raymond Latrelle 
Barbourville, Kentucky 
Environmental Studies 

Alex Rae Lyttle 
Barbourville, Kentucky 

William McDonald 

West New York, New Jersey 


Jack McWilliams 
Barbourville, Kentucky 
Physical Education 

Vada Merida 
Barbourville, Kentucky 
Elementary Education 

Diane Middleton 
Cawood, Kentucky 

Dennis Mills 
Barbourville, Kentucky 
Elementary Education 

Glenna Mills 

Flat Lick, Kentucky 

Elementary Education 

Fredda Minick 
Beverly, Kentucky 

Arthur Pritchard 

Brenda Shelton 

Gertrude Smith 

Barbourville, Kentucky 

Barbourville, Kentucky 

Walker, Kentucky 


Elementary Education 


Jackie Waldroop 
Fondc, Kentucky 
Elementary Education 

Byron Walker 
Medford, New Jersey 

Shan West 
Artemus, Kentucky 
Business AdministratK 

Susan Williams 
Somerset, Kentucky 
Business Administration 



Graduation is a happy event for (left to right) Rickie 
Allen, Scott Broughton, Judy Broughton, Terry Carnes, 
and Gertrude Smith. 

Jeff Lanham is thinking of the future. Pat Layton can- 
not keep from smiling. 

Left to right: Susie Goodin, Arthur Honican, and Fredda Minick can't wait until it 
is all over 






a * 





Dr. Phillips (left) gives Dr. Ezra Jones, Spring Commencement speak- 
er, an honorary degree. 

Dr. Phillips poses with Miss Pat as she receives an honorary degree 
during commencement. 


Larna Abner 
Kathy Alford 
Roger Alford 

Left to right: Amos Sykes. Albert Barnes, Stephen Nagbe, and Rick Jamison pose for their shot at the President's Open House 

Jeff Hensley 

Left to right: Taran Cleare and Bernice Kyereboah lift 
their heads from their nap to say. Oh, it's you " 

Sandy Hinkle 
Tina Honican 
Rebecca J. Huntley 

Rodger David Jackson 

Karen Lane 

Judy Laws 

Deborah E. Lockard 

Kenneth Lockard 

Doug Lunsford 

Sue Ellen Marshall 




Lefl to right: John Arzoumanian, Chris Santerelli, and Warren Kendig take time out for a photographer 

Billy Martin 

Margaret Martin 

Charles B McGarry 

Jerry Mcintosh 

Valerie Joan Merida 

David Messer 

Diane Middleton 

Glenn R. Miller 
Gregory Ben Mills 
Kathy Mills 

Sherry Lynn Mills 

Malcolm Miracle 

Barb Trimarco gets a well deserved rest from burning 
the midnight oil. 

Happy Mobe 

Kathryn Muln 

Stephen Nagbe 

Anne Elizabeth Neff 

Penny Pace 

Catherine M. Pesce 

Carol Ann Pray 

Left to right: Steve White and Mike Smith study in the 
Science Center Library. 

Chris Puliiam 
Warren Reasor 
Melody Kay Rice 

Peggy Sams 

Fairy Schwartzkopf 

Teresa Ann Smith 
Mike Smith 
William Selby 

Kevin R. Solley 

Mike Taylor 

Michael Thompson 

Tony Tur 

Sharon Warriner 

Audrey White 

Stephen White 
Teresa Williams 
Deidre Willson 

Left to right: Rick Jamison, Susan Williams, and 
Felicia Pembleton prepare snacks for the dance. 
As you see, Susan is preparing, and Rick and 
"Fish" are taking. 


Jana Angel 

Laretta Barton 

Glenna Beverly 
Randy Bright 
Drenda Brock 

Lori Brockman 

Left to right: Debbie Lockard, John Gacesa, and Pete 
nham are "burnt out" after playing intramural vol- 

Donald Buchanan 

Left to right: John Hayes, Joe Logan, and Angie Hos- 
kins are the disc jockeys for a dance in the Student 

Laurie Ann Burgin 

Benpierre Cabuay 

Loretta Carroll 
Sherry Caudill 
Taran Cleare 

Dwayne Cooper 

Left to right: Robert Troike and George Georgitsis are 
waiting for the serve. 


': J*V&& 

y 4 V 'i- ,^s)* . 2 j t m^^e^hq 

Billie Cornett 
Brenda Faye Craig 
Kenneth Crawford 

Everybody helps to get the net ready for volleyball. John Gacesa sets the ball up. 




Nancy Alice Dunaway and Chuck Slusher enjoy refreshments during Dr. Bob Swanson is looking for trouble. Doesn't he look authoritative? 

the dance. 

Bryan Frederick 
John Gacesa 
Pam Garner 

Scott George 
Alan Gover 
Diane Green 

Connie Halcomb 
Jimmy Halter 
Alana Hammons 

Tim Hammons 

Bret Hash 

Sherry Hensley 

Deborah Herd 

Regina Hubbard 

3everly Hudson 
Carol Jackson 
Lisa Johnson 

Kennedy Kambararni 

Warren Kendig 

Bernice Kyereboah 

John Lusby 
Mike McWilliams 
Uneeda McWilliams 

4' h 

Billy Martin enjoys himself at a dance in the Student Center. 

Sharon Adams (smiling) enjoys watching pool 

Felicia Pembleton 
Tammie Perkins 
Vickie Phipps 

Left to right: Michelle Englemann, Wendy Blanton, and Sandra Left to right: Jana Angel, Hubbard, and Nancy Barger popped 

Peters huddle in Pfeiffer for a photo out of nowhere for their photo 

Dowanna Ramsey 
Jeff Riede 
Cynthia Rhinehart 

Kelly Roaden 
Chris Santarell 
Linda Sharp 

Bobbi Sutherland 

Mary Tayl- 

Sue Ellen waits for a partner to dance. 

Ricardo Testino 
Barb Timm 
Barbara Trimarco 

Greg Warfield 
Ellen Weber 
John White 

Mike Wilcher 
Darwin Winston 
Jennifer Witt 

Here are Rick Jamison and Susan Williams at the re- 
freshment table again. They got caught again. 


Troy Abner 

Kenny Adams 

Sharon Adams 
Anosha Anderson 
John Arzoumanian 

Randall Asher 
Gary Bain 
Lori Bam 

Vickie Bingham 
Wendy Blanton 
Felicia Bowling 

Billy Brock 

Euna Broughton 

Jimmy Bundy 

Freddie Buchner 

Marquetta Burkhart 

Pete Burnham 

John Carey 

Mary Caldwell 

Matt Callihan 

Allyn Campredon 

Dolly Cobb 

Melinda Combs 
Virgella Combs 
Debra Creasy 

James Crutcher 
Jill DeBusk 
Sandra Overstreet 

Nancy Dunaway 
Robert Dunaway 
Michelle Engelmann 

Burl Fannin 
Sheridan Foley 
Joseph Gentry 

Susan Gist 
Cynthia Gleason 
Susan Glenn 

Richard Hampton 
Robin Hancock 
James Harmon 

David Harrell 

John Hayes 

Nobutera Hayakawa 

Rick Held 

Lisa Hinkel 

Sharon Holland 

Angela Hoskins 
Steven Hoskins 
Troy House 

Everyone enjoys the steak cookout. 

Left to right: Mr. Milton Townsend (Vice President for College Development) talks with Donald Gilbert, Gladys Huff, and Ann Nagle 
at the President's Open House. 

Deborah McMullen 

Pat Marion 

Pamela Martin 

Kellie Mays 

James Mitchell 

Robin Moran 

Charles Pichler 
Derrick Poff 
Todd Powers 

Kenji Suzuki 

Randall Sweat 

Amos Sykes 

Jerry Tatarka 
John Taylor 
Joyce Taylor 

Lisa Taylor 
Herminio Torres 
Robert Troike 

Deborah Valentine 

Cotha VanDoren 

Paula Vaughn 

Bernice Kyereboah is happy to get her picture in the yearbook while 
she is running (or walking briskly) to lunch 

Ronnie Williamson 

Chung Yun Won 

Jill Garner and Jeff Hensley mingle during Presi- 
dent Phillip's Open House. 




President Jack C. Phillips 

Mr Edward Black 

Vice President for Administration 

Mr. Milton Townsend 

Vice President for College Development 

and Relations 

Dr. Robert Carey 

Vice President for Institutional Research 

Mr. Boyd Todd 

Vice President for Business Affairs 

Dr. H Warren Robbins 

Dean of Graduate Academic Affairs; 

Professor of Education 

Dr. Dwight Stewart 

Vice President for Academic Affairs; 

Professor of Philosophy 

Rev. Dr. Quentin Scholtz 
Campus Minister 


Mr. Allan Green 

Chairperson of the Division of Humanities; 

Associate Professor of Music 

Dr. Betty Stroud 
Associate Professor of Mus 

Dr Robert Matthews 

Professor of Religion; Head of the Dept. 

of Religion and Philosophy; 


RE— ^ 



1 i 

Dr. W. Gordon Marigold 

Head of the Department of Languages; 

Professor of Languages 

Dr. Lester Woody 
Professor of English 

Dr. Jan Finkel 

Associate Professor of English 

Dr Andelys Wood 

Associate Professor of English 

Dr Dianne Ferris 

Associate Professor of English 

Natural Sciences 

Dr. Santaram Chilukuri 

Chairperson of the Division of Natural 

Sciences; Professor of Physics 

Mr. Clevis Carter 

Director of Coal Technology Program; 

Assistant Professor of Physical Science 

Dr. Robert Swanson 

Assistant Professor of Environmental 


Dr. Randel Martin 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Francis Nussbaum 
Associate Professor of Biology 

Mr. Ivan Bunch 

Instructor of Coal Technology 

Dr. Na2ir Khatri 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Wayne Evans 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Social Sciences 

Mr. Sherman Oxendine 
Associate Professor of History; 
Coordinator of Appalachian Semester 


"^3? -,i.»^- 

» 4U- 

, jjsss "Shsr-- 


k -^Eii_-= 


jgg jr 

*£"** »"£< 

IK ■ •" " — 

mmm . ^ 

VL .«?: **** J« 


^K . . .H 

^ j -^,— ^ 


lU iHr 1 

^~~ — 


i«^» - 

B J|B 

5.- gWB 


• 1 V" 

1 JK 

| tj 

"J w 1 


Dr Deril Mays 
Professor of Psychology 

Mr. James Cox 

Chairperson of the Social Science 
Division; Executive Director of ALCOR, 
Inc.; Associate Professor of Social Work 

Dr. Roy Silver 

Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Dr. John Taylor 

Assistant Professor of History 

Dr Jack Luzkow 

Assistant Professor of History 

*"" 1 

I WL "*■ 

V ' , 1 1 

1 B 


^^^ \ 


Dr. John Willis 

Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Applied Sciences 

Miss Frances Patridge 
Chairperson of the Division of Applied 
Sciences; Associate Professor of Health 
and Physical Education 

Dr. Pete Moore 

Head of the Department of Health and 

Physical Education, Director of Athletics; 

Coach; Professor of Health and Physical 


Mr. Larry Inkster 
Assistant Professor of Health and Physical 
Education; Coach; Intramural Director; 
Assistant Director of Athletics 

Mr. Joe Hacker 

Assistant Professor of Business 

Miss Paula Hammons 
Assistant Professor of Office 

Mrs. Mary Manis 

Head of the Department of Business; 
George Langford Memorial Associate 
Professor of Business 

Mrs. Anne Adams 
Reading Specialist 

Dr Arthur Hafner 
Professor of Education 

Dr Jean Letch 

Associate Professor of Educatii 









Dr. John Boyd 

Part-time Graduate Professor 

of Education 

Dr. Marilyn Watkins Martin 

Head of the Department of Education; 

Assistant Professor of Education 

Dr. Doris Thompson 

Associate Professor of Education 

Miss Sheila Tucker 

Instructor of Business Administration and 



Mr. Edwin LeMaster 

Rev. A.K. Layton 
Dean of Students 

Mr. Dwight Hendrix 
Development Officer 

Mr. Charles Dibble 

Director of Adult and Non-Profes 

Continuing Education 

1 ^M^M 


I*"/ < ' 

1 ■ 

iCc : 

/r M± 




Mrs. LaDonna Carey 
Financial Aid Officer 

Miss Mary Alice Lay 

Director of Alumni Affairs; Assistant 

Professor of Home Economics 

Mr. Bob Potter 

Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 

Ms. Pat Schweitzer 

Pfeiffer Hall Dormitory Director 

Mr. John Brooks 

Stevenson Hall Dormifbry Director 

Mr. James McFerrin 

Head Librarian; Associate Professor of 

Library Science 

Mr Richard Lockett 

Director of Experiential Education; 

Instructor of Political Science 

Mrs. Deborah Cornelius 

Assistant Director of Upward Bound 

Mrs. Freda New 

Administrative Assistant to the Dean of 


Mrs. Brenda Jones 

Administrative Assistant in the Office of 

Academic Affairs 

Mr. Dan Crabttee 
Admissions Counselor 

Miss Sharon Morgan 

Assistant Director of Admissions 

Mr. Brian Berube 

Career Counselor; Instructor 

Mrs. Darita Mills 

Loans and Collections Officer 

Miss Beverly Swafford 

Secretary to the Office of Graduate 


Mrs. Daphine Keith 
Secretary to the Registrar 

Mrs. Elizabeth Harris 
Secretary to Special Services 

Mrs. Janet Tarry 

Director of Special Programs 

Miss Joyce Newsome 
Computer Programmer 

Mrs. Faye France 
Circulation Supervisor 

Mrs. Beverly Hensley 
Library Secretary 

Mrs. Jean Brown 
Assistant Cirulation Super 

Mr. George Black 
Programmer Analyst 

Mrs. Cassie Gallion 
LRC Secretary 

Miss Jane Robbms 

Upward Bound Outreach Counselor 

Miss Phyllis Sexton 
Bookstore Manager 

Miss Debbie Long 
Duplication Supervisor 

Miss Virgena Bingham 
Secretary of Alumni Affairs 

Mrs. Louise Martin 

Computer Operator; Data Entry 



i if s£- 

v: ;, ..' *** 

Mrs. Debbie Prichard 

Secretary of the Office of Academic 

Affairs; Office of Weekend and Evening 


Miss Sharon Campbell 
Development Office Secretary 

Mrs. Cheryl Hamil 

Secretary of the Development Office and 

Public Information 

Mrs. Margaret Senters 

Secretary of the Office of the President 

Mrs. Mary Walker 

Executive Secretary of the Office of 


Mrs. Judy Dunn 
Business Office Secretary 

Mrs. Debra Smith 
Financial Aid Counselor 

Mrs. Susie Hale 

Assistant Director of Adult Education 

Mr. Donnie Ward 

Public Information Officer 

Mrs. Vivian Smith 
Snack Bar 

Mrs. Mary "Josie" Taylor 
Snack Bar 

Mrs. Jeanetta Johnson 
Snack Bar 

Mr. Ronnie Mills 

Science Building Custodian 

Mr. Cecil Smith 
Security Guard 




Mr. Russell Mills 
Centennial Hall Custodian 

Mrs. Pat Layton 

Student Center Night Manager 

Miss Mayme Wallace 

Student Center Night Manager 

Cafeteria workers: Left to right. First row: Al Creasy, and Helen 
Messer. Second Row: Flo Gray, Ann Hammons, Chelsie Warfield, and 
Ann Pritchard. Third Row: Joe Mills. 

Maintenance workers: left to right. First Row: Marie Branstutter and 
Ernest Lickliter. Second row: James Gray, Bill Gray, Harold Jordan, 
Tom Jordan, Ray Branstutter, and Tim Johnson. 


Circle K 

Left to right. First row: Charles Gross; Second row: Sue Glenn, David Jackson, 
Bill Jackson, Roger Alford, and David Messer 

I Lori Morrison, Third row: 

Circle K is a service organization for college men and 
women operating on campus, and is similar to Kiwanis and 
other service clubs. It is leadership and character-building 
group, which serves the campus and the community. 

Annual Events 

— Union College Jamboree {held during the Daniel Boone 

— Christmas Party for the Cumberland Valley Compre- 
hensive Care Center for the children 

— Special Olympics 

— Elderhostel 

Circle K sponsored a Musical Jamboree in the Fall of '82. Pictured above 
is the Brush Creek Band 

Orange And Black 

Left to right: First row: Robert Troike, Amos Sykes, Sue Glenn, and Roger Alford. Second row: Charles Gross, Dr. Jack Luzkow (advisor), Raymond 
Short (editor), David Messer, and Bill Jackson. 

The Orange and Black is the campus newspaper published by the student body. The paper comes out semi-monthly and covers all campus activities, 
special events, and news. 

Appalachian Wilderness 







L I 





Mr Br S H 





| WW 

Br ifl 

■ » 

■ 4 


4 ™E?/ ' ,a== ^ 


S8BBwH8wIbBMPv^?^ ■■'.■ 


Left to right. First row: David Jackson. Second row: Ann Naglee, Adam Houghton, Bill Jackson, and Dr. John Taylor (advisor). Third row: Charl 
Harper, Charles Pickler, Malcolm Miracle, and Mindy Starr. 

The Appalachian Wilderness Club is an organization that encourages wilderness recreation and fellowship among its members. The club is very 
active. Every other weekend is spent cave exploring, white-water rafting, or on some other exciting wilderness recreation. 

Beta Chi Alpha 

Left to right: First row: Liz Veitch, Robin Hancock, Priscilla DeFore, Jill DeBusk, Brenda Shelton, and Wendy Blanton. Second row: Pam Garner, 
Deronda Collier, Bobbi Sutherland, Debbie Lockard, and Judy Broughton. 

The purpose of Beta Chi Alpha (BXA) is to develop an appreciation of beauty, culture, and art, while promoting the social welfare of the sisters and 
enhancing respect and friendship among the sisters 

BXA is also an active service organization. The sorority sponsored the Valentine's Dance and the American Cancer Society Smokeout here on 
campus, and worked with the Cumberland Valley Abuse Shelter and the Special Olympics. 

Student Senate 

Left to right: First row: Penny Pace, Susie Goodin, Vita Coleman (vice-president), Robin Hancock, and Laurie Ann Burgin. Second row: Wendell 
Clark, Mike Smith, Kenny Crawford, Stan Brock (president). Rick Jamison, and Roger Alford. 

The Student Senate is the student body government of Union College. The Senate seeks to have the voice of the students heard and so represent 
students on various campus committees 

Lighthouse Singers 

Left to right First row: Allyn Campredon, Robin Hancock, Felicia Pembleton, Lori Morrison. Laurie Ann Burgin, and Dan Crabtree (co-director). 
Second row: Ann Naglee, Gladys Huff, Lori Brockman, Bethany Crabtree, and Elin Crabtree (co-director). Third row: Sue Glenn, Sue Ellen Marshall, 
and Sandy Overstreet. Fourth row: Debbie Creasy, Lee Ann Alford, Mindy Starr, David McKinney, Quentin Scholtz (campus minister), and Donald 

The Lighthouse Singers are a group that promotes Christian fellowship, 
enjoy the excitement of sharing God's love to those around them 

nd nurture Through singing, they are able to express their faith, and 

The Lighthouse Singers travel frequently to churches of all denominations in Kentucky and Ohio They perform in morning worship services or 
evening services, Sundays or Wednesdays. 

Mu Omega Beta 

Left to right: Warren Kendig, Bill McDonald, John Arzoumanian, George Georgitsis, Marty Williams, and Chris Santarelli. 

Mu Omega Beta (MOB) is a social-service fraternity that promotes unity and fellowship among its members. Membership is open to all male students 
of Union College. 

Iota Mu Gamma 

Left to right: First row: Nancy Barger. Second row: Janet Deadwyler, Michelle Englemann, and Mary Taylor. Third row: Laurie Ann Burgin, Sherry 
Messer, Kathy Alford, and Felicia Pembleton. Fourth row: Melinda Combs, Allyn Campredon, Cindy Gleason, Sherry Caudill, Barb Trimarco, Billie 
Cornett, Sherry Napier, Audrey Fitzgerald, and Tammy Perkins. 

Iota Mu Gamma is a sorority to benefit the college by promoting services, fellowship, and unity. 

Iota Mu Gamma is an active sorority. During the academic year of 1982-83, Iota Mu Gamma sponsored the Halloween Dance, a number of other 
dances, and service projects. 

Gamma Beta Phi 

Left to right: First row: Kasey Evans, Deronda Collier, Susan Hoskins, Vita Coleman, and Charolette Gambrel. Second row: Sandy Hinkel, Teresa 
Williams, Jennifer Hall, Pam Garner, Constance Pickard, Bobbi Sutherland, and Barb Trimarco. Third row: Dr. Lester Woody (Advisor), Peggy 
Sams, Cathy Pesce, Margaret Martin, Debbie Creasy, Charl Harper, Debbie McMullen, Cotha VanDoren, and Bernice Kyereboah Fourth row: Billy 
Martin, Arthur Pritchard, Troy Abner, Bill McDonald, Donald Mobelini, Norman Hayes, Doug Lunsford, Cliff Gregory, Benpierre Cabuay, Kenny 
Crawford, and David Greene. 

Gamma Beta Phi is a national honor society promoting scholarship, leadership, and good citizenship at Union College. 

On Honors Day 1983, Gamma Beta Phi received the Women's Club Centennial Award for sponsoring such campus and community services as 
Faculty Appreciation Day, a Christmas party for the children from the Cumberland Valley Abuse Shelter, and the Special Olympics. 

Science Society 

Left to right. First row: Susie Goodin, Regina Smith, Taran Cleare, and Bernice Kyereboah. Second row: Krishna Chilukuri, Mike Smith, Norman 
Hayes, and Kenny Crawford 

The Union College Science Society provides an organization dedicated to continuing or creating an interest in the sciences. The Science Society is 
also to promote fellowship among science students and faculty. 


Left to right. First row: Manager Robin Hancock, Mike Taylor, Robert Troike, Ricardo Testino, John Arzoumanian, Greg Fornia, Chris Santarelli, and 
Manager Debbie Lockard. Second row: Coach Drew Pringle, Darwin Winston, Kennedy Kambarami, John Lusby, Donald Buchanan, Pete Burnham, 
Chuck Slusher, Maher Shaat, Mohammad Jahangiri, John Gacesa, and Coach Larry Inkster. 

The Union College Soccer Team finished the season by placing third in their division at the state championship tournament. In contrast to last year's 
overall winning record, the team finished this year with an overall 4-7 season record. 

The Bulldogs lost several players to graduation before fall 1982. Only seven of the 17 members of the Union squad had played college soccer before. 
Out of the other 10 new players, only three had ever played soccer. Adding to the obstacle of inexperience were injuries to the team's two leading 
scorers, Mohammad Jahangiri and Stephen Nagbe. 

"I was pleased with the way our season turned out even though we had some trouble getting started," Coach Inkster said. "I think after the first 
couple of games we began to play better as a team and learned from our mistakes." 

Coaches Larry Inkster and Drew Pringle agree that with a year of experience behind the 

. things will only get better for Union College soccer next 

Mike Taylor passes the ball to another player. 

Left to right: Freshman Robert Troike and senior Byron Walker look 
on while their team plays hard. 

Darwin Winston (left) tries to steal the ball from his opponent (right). 
Kennedy Kambarami looks on. 


Left to right: Front row: Scott Broughton, Darryl Smith, Richard Hampton, Happy Mobelini, Al Gover, and Chris Pulliam. Second row: Rick Held, 
Jim Crutcher, Guy Carter, Doug Lunsford, Jerry Mcintosh, and Mark Held. 

The Union College Men's Basketball Team ended their 1982-83 with an overall record of 13-15. The Bulldogs finished their conference record at 8- 

The Bulldogs were led in scoring and assists by sophomore guard Al Gover. Gover also led the KIAC Conference in assists, averaging 7.1 a game and 
averaged over 15 points a game. Guy Carter, a senior center, led the team and conference in rebounding. Averaging 11.2 rebound, a game. Carter 
made the KIAC all-conference team. 

The team as a whole averaged 74.9 points per game and shot over 50%. One of the highlights of the season was the Bulldogs' victory over Berea 
College by a score of 76-75. Union also used the good ol' Bulldog bite on LMU in their last home game, winning 84-83 in overtime. This game was 
particularly memorable because it was the last home game for Coach Pete Moore. 

Coach Moore was pleased with the enthusiasm of the students and faculty, which was better this year than in previous years. He was also impressed 
by the turnout of Union fans at the KIAC tournament held at Berea. The team's play was greatly influenced by this kind of support. 


AI Gover jumps to put in two for Union. 

Coach Pete Moore gives instructions to the team. 


^_ / 

^ J 

*■ I 




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The added responsibilities Pete Moore has acquired during the past 
ten years cut into the time he could put into coaching the Union 
College Men's Basketball Team. "We need to bring someone new in 
and break them down a little," he said. 

When Moore took over as head coach prior to the 1962-63 season, his 
only duty besides coaching was teaching. Since then, he has become 
the Union College Athletic Director and the Head of the Department 
of Health and Physical Education. He will remain as Athletic Director 
and Head of the Department of Health and Physical Education so that 
the new coach will have more time with his players. He said, "I've been 
thinking about it for several years. It is not just something that has 
come up out of the blue." 

Moore said 21 seasons of coaching is enough. "You don't do some- 
thing for 21 years and not miss it some. But I think the basketball 
program needs some new blood — a younger, enthusiastic person, so 
that they can have a better program." 

Dr. and Mrs. Pete Moore pose for their picture commemorating his 20 
years of coaching. 



Left to right. First row: Lori Brockman, Lon Muncy, Nancy Barger, Jana Angel, and Lisa Johnson. Second row: Sherry Messer, Tammie Perkins, 
Sherry Caudill, Billie Cornett, Regina Hubbard, Sherrie Napier, and Felicia Pembleton. Third row: Dennis Macy, Diane Green, Sharron Oxendine, 
Marquetta Burkhart, Virgella Combs, Paula Carson, and Coach Karen Fishbaugh. 

The Lady Bulldogs ended their 1982-83 season with an overall record of 11-16, 3-8 in the conference. They finished as runners-up in the KWIC 
Tournament with players Regina Hubbard and Billie Cornett making KWIC All-Tournament Team 

By the end of the season, freshman Virgella Combs led the Lady Bulldogs in scoring and rebounding. She averaged 14.7 points a game and 7.8 
rebounds per game. Following Combs was sophomore Regina Hubbard, who averaged 11.6 points and 4.8 rebounds per game. Sophomore Billie 
Cornett averaged 9.4 points and 5.7 rebounds per game, despite missing much of the early season due to a lower back injury. Another sophomore. 
Sherry Caudill, averaged seven points and 4.6 rebounds per game while sophomore guard Lisa Johnson contributed five points and led the team in 
assists, averaging 3.7. 

As a team, the Lady Bulldogs a/eraged 43.3% from the field and 60.9% at the line. Union averaged 68.5 points and 35 rebounds per game. 

The Lady Bulldogs will be graduating only three seniors. With eight sophomores and three freshmen returning. Coach Karen Fishbaugh is viewing 
next year with optimism. "The girls coming back next year can form the nucleus of a good team, along with a couple of good recruits." 


Regina Hubbard is ready for defense! 

Virgella Combs goes up for two. 

Virgella Combs is at the line. 


Left to right. First row: Adam Houghton, Byron Walker, Priscilla DeFore, Liz Veitch, Melinda Combs, and Maher Shaat, Second row; Coach Drew 
Pringle, Mike Smith, Robert Troike, Don Buchanan, Chuck Slusher, and Mike Taylor. 

The Union College Bullfrogs finished the season with a 2-8 record. This 
year's team captain was third-year member Byron Walker, who re- 
ceived the Kathy Brick Memorial Award and holds the school record in 
the 500 freestyle. 

The Bullfrogs completed the 1983 season at the State Swim Cham- 
pionship Meet. Even though Union did not finish high in overall scor- 
ing, Coach Drew Pringle said he was pleased with his team's effort. "I 
thought our swimmers did a real good job and represented the college 
well. We are still in the early stages of building a strong swimming 
program here and I think we're off to a good start." 

Byron Walker, team captain, (left), waits for the gun. 


Left to right. Coach Allan Green, Robert Troike, Ron Warf, Mike Smith, David Jackson, Crit Johns 

The Union College Tennis Team finished their regular season with a 2- 
12-1 record. On Thursday, April 28, Union participated in the KIAC 
Tournament at Clinch Valley College with Johnson and Jackson win- 
ning at #2 doubles. It was the only victory for the Bulldogs after 
drawing #1 and #2 seeds in the singles draw. "We drew some tough 
opponents," Coach Allen Green said, "but we played some good 
matches against real tough opponents We only lost one match out of 
the ones we should have won." 

Union had to overcome bad weather all through April. Coach Allen 
Green attributes their inconsistent play to this. "It's been disappointing 
recordwise, but I think the guys have really improved a lot, particularly 
given all the practices and matches we have missed due to bad 
weather," he said. 

Junior David Jackson smacks the ball back to his opponent. 


Left to right. First row: Joe Logan, Richard Rand, Mark Carson, Jeff Bundy, Scott George, Jeff Hensley, Mike Wilcher, and Coach Larry Inkster. 
Second row: John Gacesa, Rod Sears, Alvin Bailey, Ron Yanich, Kevin Solley, Jeff Allie, Jim Halter, Bill McDonald, and Kevin Kidd. 

Combining speed and power, the 1983 edition of Bulldog Baseball was one of the most exciting in recent years- After starting out very slowly, playing 
below .500 for much of the season, the Bulldogs finished strongly, winning their last nine games. These nine victories qualified them for the National 
Association of Intercollegiate AKIL (NAIA) District 32 Playoff and also earned them at least a tie for the K1AC. 

The season began with two trips to Alabama, one during spring break and the other a weekend trip later in March, which saw the Bulldogs come in 
second in the University of Montivallo Baseball Classic. This tough early-season competition laid the foundation for the type of baseball the Bulldogs 
would have to play later in the season. 

During their final nine games, the Bulldogs scored 116 runs, had 114 hits, hit 15 home : 
team record of .327, hit 41 home runs, and stole 124 bases in 142 attempts. 

i and stole 52 bases. For the season, the Bulldogs hit , 

Their final record of 20-15 included records of 12-4 in the conference and 15-7 in the district. It was a very exciting year indeed for the fans who 
watched the home runs fly out of the Recreation Park. 

Alvin Bailey (left) shakes hands with Jim Halter (right), complimenting 
him on a good job. 

Coach Inkster (left) congratulates Mark Carson and John Gacesa. 

Jeff Hensley (batter at the plate) is ready for the pitch. 


Left to right First row: Rcgina Hubbard, Jana Angel, Sherry Messer, Sandy Overstreet, Lisa Johnson, Sharron Oxendine. Tammie Perkins, and Billie 
Cornett Second row: Coach Karen Fishbaugh, Teresa Haggard, Debbie Creasy. Sherry Napier, Lisa Taylor. Lori Brockman. Felicia Pembleton, 
Wendy Blanton, and Jill DeBusk. 

The 1983 softball season got off to a slow start due to bad weather and to losses in several close games. However, the Lady Bulldogs played well the 
latter part of the season, winning nine of their last fourteen games. They finished the season with a 9-17 record and placed fourth in the KWIC 

Jana Angel and Billie Cornett had fine performances in the outfield, and Regina Hubbard and Tammie Perkins did excellent pitching jobs. Felicia 
Pembleton led the team in hitting with a batting average of 394 Lisa Johnson was selected to the KWIC All Tournament Team for her fine offensive 
and defensive play 


The Hanging of the Greens is a festive event on the campus during the 
Christmas season Mary Taylor (high above) and Priscilla DeFore prepare 
the Iota Mu Gamma window. 

Dr. Randy Martin participates in Beta Chi Alpha's campus activity tc 

Gamma Beta Phi members Susan Hoskins and Art Pritchard help during Faculty Appreciation Day Miss Frances Patridge is taking advantage of the 

The above cast is from the fall musical production of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown The characters are (starting at the bottom and going 
clockwise) Kasey Evans (lying down), Joe Wick, Cathy Pesce, Troy House, David McKinney, and Cotha VanDoren. 

The Monkey's Paw was a student-directed one-act production performed by the Union College Drama Department. Sam Bowser 
Pictured are (left to right) Joe Wick, Randall Smith, Debbie McMullen. and Whitney Green. 

The Madrigal Dinner is the highlight of the Union College Choir': 
season. Pictured are (left to right) Adam Houghton, Lori Morrison, anc 
Deronda Collier. Lori and Deronda are singing a duet. 

Mr Sherman Oxendine (left) retires from Union College after 19 years 
of teaching. Mr. Walter Powell, second vice-president of the Alumni 
Association, gives Mr Oxendine hearty congratulations and a plaque 
commemorating his years of service. 

The Union College Choir dresses up in Elizabethan costumes for the Madrigal Dinner 

Larna Abner and her escort, Byron Walker, dance as Larna is 
the 1983 Homecoming Queen. 

Cabaret is an event in which students and faculty display their talents. 
The emcees for this year were Darwin Winston (left) and Debbie 
Lockard (right). 

Deronda Collier sings "Tomorrow" during Cabaret. 

The Stage Band is featured during Cabaret. Dr. Candy Wood is 
featured in a tenor sax solo. 

The 1983 Stespean Staff 

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