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To all who are interested in the preservation and compilation of the early fam- 
ily records of the illustrious house of Stewart in America we extend greeting. 

No matter how the name is spelled all Stewarts entitled to the name are de- 
scended from some line of the Scottish nobility. To us in America this merely 
means that our Stewart ancestors had superior opportunities to develop the natur- 
al qualities which all brave and brawny men possessed. In this little magazine the 
editor will endeavor to crowd all the essential records available of New England 
and New York Stewart familes from the immigrant ancestor down to about 1850. 
Early New York records are very vague and very few, so we shall ask our readers 
who may possess early family records to communicate them to us, that we may 
put them in print and disseminate them among others who are eager to see them* 

We ask you to send a dollar to the publisher so you may receive the following 
numbers. They will become scarce and valuable, as not a large number are being 
printed. It would also be a favor if you would immediately notify your kinsfolk or 
correspondents of the existence of this magazine that they may have an early op- 
portunity to subscribe. We shall have a ''puzzle department" for subscribers try- 
ing to get further data on their line. - .; ' . ^ 

The publisher is very glad to say .that T^e ' shall }i^ve the invaluable collaborat- 
ion of Mr. Horace W. Dickerman of New York City, who has made an extensive 
study of the Connecticut Stewarts. 



WALTERS STEWART had an estate in Perthshire, Scotland. Son: Robert. 

ROBERT* STEWART (Walter^), bom 1655, married Janette Forsyth. He is 
said to have been one of the Covenanters who took part in the Battle of Bothwell 
Bridge in 1679 against the troops of Charles II, in which the Covenanters were 
defeated. Crossing the North Channel in an open boat Robert Stewart took re- 
fuge in Ireland, settling at Londonderry, where he had kinsmen, and where he was 
soon joined by his family. His estate in Scotland was forfeited. He died in Edin- 
burgh in 1715. His^MTidow is supposed to have died in Colrain, Mass., at an ad- 
vanced age. Children: 


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1 John, born 1682 in Edinburgh, Scotland 

2 Robert No trace 

3 Juliana 

4 Samuel No trace 
JOHN« STEWART {Robert,^ Walter^) settled in Ireland, 

where he niarried (1) Elizabeth, daughter of John Clark. He 
came to America with his family and his mother and her fam- 
ily, landing at Boston Oct. 14, 1718. He was one of the 16 settlers of Londonder- | 
ry. New Hampshire, one of the proprietors and a prominent man in the Scotch- 
Irish settlement. He married (2) Elizabeth Forsyth.* He was a carpenter by 
trade. He made his wUl Apr. 3, 1741, and died Apr. 6, 1741, in his 60th year, and 
is buried in Deny, N. H. His widow died in Colrain, Mass. Children of John 
^^ewart, all but Mary being mentioned in his will: 

1 Charles, 1705, in Ireland; l^^Nov, 15, 1727, Mary Ayers; 2 Jenett Lindsay 

2 Robert -^1 735 Lydia Blair(?), in Andover— no further trace 

3 James Mentioned in father's will— no trace 

4 John, 171 1 —Rebecca (Costa) Patten 

5 Mary, 1716 4 Nov. 7, 1738 

6 Samuel, 1718, Ireland or aboard ship; —Alice 

7 Joseph, Jan. 6, 1721 ; ^Margaret 

8 Margaret —William Aiken 

"Thefollowingletters were written by Joseph* Stewart. He lived to be over | 

100 years old, dying Feb. 22, 1821, in White Creek, Washington county, N. Y. 

White Creek. N. y.» Aug. 28, 1818. To John Stewart: - I have received your letter and am sorry 
to hear of your sickness. By all accounts of our descent we are of the royal bouse of the Stewarts. 
My father was John, the eldest son of Robert, my grandfather, who was obliged to fly to Ireland when 
they were newly married. My granny »as sent to Edinburgh and he was bom there. As far as I can 
learn they belong to the House of White Rose and not altogether separated from the House of Black ' 

Hall. My grandfather's family's names was John and Robert and their sister's name was Juleyan. 
Samuel, the youngest. My grandfather had a good estate in Scotland when he fled from it. King J 

William would do nothing about it; neither would Queen \nne, but when King George came to the ' 

crown their uncle Samuel Stewart, by the help of the Duke of Argyle. recovered it. This must be the f 

estate you mention. I was informed that Uncle Samuel died without issue, left no heirs. ; 

The way that I came to know of our descent wae by old Father James Stewart of Colrain. You 
may remember young James, who married at last Margaret Anderson, your cousin. That descent was 
from White Rose, for he himself belonjei to Black Hall. )le had a catalogue of the house of StewarU 
for many hundred years, but son aU carriea it away wltH- him to Pennsylvania. I did not know all 
ihis until after my father's death. This I knew they belonged to the Rose party, by reason of the 
high esteem they had for Charles I who bad many good properties. My father's eldest son Charles, 
who is your uncle, and my father and your grand unde Robert would never own the last pretender or 
any of the race by reawn of his spurious bath. No man dare assail the name of Stewart, that was if / 

he would not forfeit his life. It gives you the reach: James I had two sons,* James and Robert; James ) 

III had two sons, James and Robert. This is the whole I can give you at present. I am afraid you t 

can't read for since I got that fall at your house I could nevKr hold a pen to write straight. I would j 

beg you would acquaint me of your proceedings, therefore I rest. Your father, Joseph Stewart. I 

White Creek. March 16, 1819. Dear sir: -I received yours of the 16th February last, informing 
me that the heirs of Elisabeth Forsyth thai she married a Stewart. My father's name was John Stew- J 

art, the eldest son of Robert Stewart. My mother's name was Elisabeth Forsyth. My grandmother's 
name was Forsyth, her Chrstian name forgot. My great-grandfather's name was, as I believe, Walter. | 

My grandfather's name by my mother's side was either William or James, which I cannot tell. ( 

The last letter seems to have been left unfinished and was never sent. It is 
now a highly prized relic in the possession of Joseph's descendants. 

t= means married; -f- means died. A date following name is date of birth. I 

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CHARLES* STEWART (Mn,^ Robert.^ Walter^ married in Londonderry Nov. 
15, 1727, Mary Ayers, daughter of Samuel Ayers. On Feb. 27, 1748, he bought of 
Samuel Rankin of Londonderry two lots in Colrain, Mass., and sold his homestead 
in Londonderry on Aug. 26, 1748, to his brother John Stewart and removed to Col- 
rain. June 19, 1749, he bought a house and home lot of Joseph Rankin of Pelham, 
upon which he settled the same year. He was chosen titbingman in 1754 and in 
1759; one of the committee to manage the affairs of the town in 1759; he was also 
surveyor and hog constable. He was a soldier in the French and Indian war. He 
married second—intention recorded at Pelham, Mass., Apr. 24, 1759— Jennet Lind- 
say of Pelham, who survived him. His will, executed Apr. 1, 1776, was probated 
May 6, 1777. Children, all mentioned in his will, by his first wife: 

1 Elizabeth, Jan. 11, 1729; ^John« Clark of Colrain 

2 Mary, May 5, 1730; ^Dec. 21, 1754, Abraham" Peck (SimQn,^ Johni) of Colrain 

3 Margaret, Oct. 4, 1731 ; l=John Kately; 2 ^^ John Anderson; 3~ blames Stewart 

4 William, Feb. 12, 1733, Londonderry, N. H.; =^ Eliza beth" Clark (Matthew*) 

5 John =Ann, daughter of Michael McClellan 

6 Samuel No trace 

7 Jennet intention July, 1765, Joseph Bell of Halifax, Vt. 

8 Rebecca, 1742 -^John* Stewart (John,* John") 

9 Lydia --Feb. 23, 1775, Joseph McKown of Colrain 

To be continued 


) JAMES^ STEWART, bom perhaps in 1680, was a wigmaker in Concord, Mass. 

He is said to have been descended from John, a natural son of King Robert III of 
Scotland. His son Alexander carried with him to Pennsylvania the "catalogue" of 
the Stewart family. James removed to Colrain, Mass., in 1742, and his name ap. 
pears in a muster roll of men positioned at Colrain in 1743. He died in Colrain on 
J Sept. 20, 1773, "aged 93 years". His widow Jane died there Sept. 8, 1777, in the 

78th year of her age. The only children identified are: 
I 1 Alexander ; probably lived in Sudbury and awhile in Colrain 

j 2 James, Nov. 11, 1729, in Concord 

I 3 Phebe, Jan. 28, 1732, in Concord; John Workman and lived in Bernardston 

Another daughter is thought to have married Thomas McGee of Concord 
JAMES* STEWART (James^) appears in Colrain in 1754. His first wife was Ag- 
{ nes. She died very suddenly Feb. 12, 1784, in her 48th year, leaving a large fam- 

' ily. His second wife was Rhoda and his third was Margaret, daughter of Charles^ 

^ Stewart of Colrain and widow of John Anderson. James was town clerk from 1764 

( to 1789; he held the rank of lieutenant and was a very prominent man. He died 

) Aug. 14, 1809, in his 80th year, and in the settlement of his estate in 1810 are men- 

tioned his children Martha, Elizabeth, Hugh, Simeon and Mary Ann. In the Cof- 
/ rain records we find these children of James and Agnes Stewart: 

: 1 Martha, Jan. 14, 1756 

i 2 Ephraim, Sep. 22, 1757; t Sep. 17, 1761 

( 3 James, Feb. 9, 1759; +1777 

\ 4 Hugh, Aug. 19, 1 761 . (He was granted a cattle mark May 24, 1787) 

\ 5 Elizabeth, Aug. 29, 1763 

6 Levi, Aug. 10, 1765; I Sep. 21, 1765 

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7 Simeon, Sep. 27. 1766 

8 Walter, Dec. 18, 1768 

9 Mary Ann, Feb. 22, 1771 

10 Daniel, July 29, 1773 

11 David, July 1, 1776; +Oct. 10, 1779, by a terrible scald 

Hr We are not sure as to the second wife of James,'^ given as Rhoda on the 
preceding page. The Colrain records give these children of James, jr., and Eistber: 

1 Jesse, July 8, 1784 

2 David, July 8. 1784 

3 Clarissa, June 2, 1787 

HUGH* STEWART (Jamesr James^) and Rhoda had the following children re- 
corded in Colrain: *- • 

1 Nancy, Dec. 30, 1785 

2 Electa, Dec. 11, 1787 

3 Ephraim, Dec. 14, 1789 

4 David, Jan. 30, 1792 

5 Charlotte, Oct. 10, 1794 



ALEXANDERS STEWART was born in Perthshire, Scotland, on the river 
Tummel between Loch Tummel and Loch Rannoch. He was twice married and by 
his first wife had three sons: 

1 John -f in Johnstown, N. Y. 

2 Robert 

3 Joseph ; a colonel in British army in the island of Jamaica: - ttovT 
ROBERT* STEWART (Alexander^) married, probably in 1780, in the parish of 

Dull, Perthshire, Jane Wilson. Children: 

1 Alexander Scotland 

2 Catherine Scotland 

3 John Scotland 

4 James, Aug. 20, 1786, Scotland 

5 Charles Johnstown, Fulton (then Montgomery) county, N. Y. 

6 Christy Jonnstown 

7 Jane Johnstown 

8 Robert Johnstown 

9 Joseph Johnstown 

10 Daniel Johnstown 

11 William Johnstown 

12 Pavid Johnstown 

JAMES3 STEWART (Robert,^ Alexander^) married Dec. 28, 1815, Sarah Wright, 
at Johnstown, New York. The family lived in Fayetteville, Onondaga county, N. 
Y. In 1840 they went west to Hebron, Illinois, where Mr. Stewart died March 29, 
1863, and his widow died Jan. 9, 1870. Children: 

1 Robert Wright, Oct. 29, 1816; -Feb. 22, 1842, Susan A. Ross, Geneva, Wis. 

2 William H., Oct. 8, 1818 ; r^Nov. 8, 1853, Marretta Ehle, Hebron, 111. 

3 John, Dec. 25, 1820; --June 30, 1849, Harriet W. Ehle 

4 Eunice Jean, Mar. 24, 1823; ^June 16, 1841, unmarried 

5 James Milton, Nov. 24, 1829; -Sep. 1, 1853, Mary Hamilton 

To be continued 

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**Samuel Stewart was also living in this, the northwest part of the town, dur- 
ing and probably before the (^Revolutionary^) war," according to Dr. Asa Fitch's 
manuscript history of Washington county, N. Y., book 200-400, entry 288: Hart- 
ford Proprietors & First Settlers. "He was from Colerain or Pelham, Mass., and 

several families from the same vicinity mov- 
ed into town soon after father moved here. 
Stewart used to relate this incident. When 
Burgoyne was transporting his provisions 
from Whitehall to Fort Edward, through 
Fort Ann, the wheel of one of the wagons 
broke down and the wagon was left in the 
road. Stewart went to it and rolled a barrel 
of choice pork or beef off from it and away 
into the bushes, and then came with his ox- 
en and got the barrel on to a crotched stick and drew it home. Crotched sticks 
were the first vehicles in town for drawing loads, the two ends of the fork dragging 
upon the ground, the team hitched to the butt end of the stick and pins being driv- 
en into each fork to keep the load from rolling off backwards." 

"12— Samuel Stewart, an Irishman, in the northwest part of the town/* says 
the same authority, entry 296, First Settlers of Hartford, in enumerating the sett- 
lers "who were located in town when I arrived, nearly all of them having come in 
just a year or two before me (1779) ; beginning at the southeast corner of the town 

and going north." 

3^ 3^ 3Kr 

"Samuel Stewart, residence not given, served from Sep. 26 to Nov. 18, 1765, 
on the western frontier in a company commanded by Capt. Israel Williams of Hat- 
field," according to Massachusetts Archives. "A Samuel Stewart also served from 
Apr. 16 to June 20, 1761. at West Hoosack (Williamstown) in a company com- 
manded by Lieut. Seth Pomeroy of Northampton." 

Samuel Stewart served in the Revolutionary war as a private in Capt. Andrew 
Billings' company in tVe Third regiment of New York troops under Col. James 
Clinton. He enlisted July 13, 1776. Muster roll June 28 to Sep. 28, 1775. 

Samuel Stewart served as a private in a company of pilots (scouts) under Col. 
John McCrea in the fall of 1779 (Aug. 26 to Nov. 23: Capt. Doty). 

Samuel Stewart served as a sergeant in Col. Graham's regiment of levies for 
3^2 months in the fall of 1780. —New York in the Revolution as Colony and State. 

Samuel Stewart served as a sergeant in Capt. Long's company in Col. Alexan- 
der Webster's regiment of Charlotte (Washington) county militia in November, 
1780. Oliver Stewart's name also appears as a private in Col. Webster's regiment. 

In the first census, 1790, there were three Stewarts with families in Westfield: 
Samuel, 2 males over 16 years of age, including the head of the family, 1 male und- 
er 16, and five females; next name, Benjamin, 1-0-3; and Oliver, 1-2-2. There was 
also a Samuel, 1-1-2, living in Salem, in the same county, in 1790. 

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As to the word "Irishman" we shall state that no Stewart was Celtic Irish. 
The Scotch settlers in the north of Ireland rarely intermarried with the native Ir- 
ish ; in fact, the Irish were generally dispossessed of the territory where the Scotch 
settled. But the Scotch settlers were termed Irish when they began immigrating 
to America: they even called themselves Irish, but generally they objected to the 
term when they found it was associated with the idea of Catholicism. 

"Of the great historic name, the clan Stuart," says James Savage, "were Aust- 
in, Charles, Neil and Robert, prisoners of war from the sad field of Sep. 3, 1651; at 
Worcester, Cromwell's crowning mercy, sent to Boston, where they arrived May 
13, 1662, to be sold, but noc to perpetual servitude, as John Cotton gently suggest- 
ed to Oliver. I can feel no doubt that the great majority, between three-fourths 
and nine-tenths, of the exiles died of scurvy or broken heart; and not one in fifty 
of these young men left any progeny." 



ROBERT* STEWART bought property in Norwalk, Conn., in 1660, moving in 
from Milford, where he had not been long. He married on June 12, 1661, Bethia 
Rumball, daughter of Thomas Rumball of Stratford. He was living in 1687. Re- 
corded births of children of Robert and Bethia: (Church records.) 

1 James, Mar. 19, 1663. In Norwalk in 1687; ensign in 1713 

2 Abigail, Aug. — , 1666 

3 John. Mar. 18, 1668. In Norwalk in 1708 

4 Deborah, May — , 1669 

5 Elizabeth, Sep. — . 1671 

6 Phebe, Feb. — , 1673 or 1674 

JAMES' STEWART was in Weymouth, Mass., in 1669 and possibly earlier. 
He married Anna Bates, daughter of Elder Edward Bates. He is referred to as 
master of John Bicknell's sloop in 1674; he served in King Philip's war in 1676, and 
his son James is named in the will of Alen Duglen, a Weymouth Scotchman who 
was killed in that war. Children of James and Anna: 

3 Susanna, May 23, 1669; ♦June 13, 1692, Luke Short of Marblehead 

4 James, June 26, 1672. No trace. ^^ Many of the early records of Weymouth 

5 John, Jan. 22, 1674. No trace have been lost or destroyed. 
X Hannah, Sept. 23, 1683; Sep. 9, 1703, David Thomas of Middleboro 

A Mary Stewart married on the same day Jonathan Thomas of Middleboro 

BENJAMIN* STEWART ( ,'i James ») of Weymouth married (intention 

Feb. 6, 1719-20, in Ipswich) Patience Andrews. They lived many years in Glou- 
cester before removing to Upton. The birthst of their children are not recorded: 

1 Patience ^ Jan. 4, 1736-7, John Watkins, Upton 

2 Susanna, 1725 Mar. 20, 1743-4, Stephen Rolph of Grafton: Mendon and 

3 Joseph : *Dec. 8, 1752, Jane Wilson. Upton Princeton 

4 Benjamin, 1730; - Apr. 10, 1754, Deborah Rider, Holliston 

♦ means married; -= means marriage intention: -h means died; — means refer to page. 
tSuaanna was baptised Sep. 5, 1725, and Lucy on July 11, 1731, Gloucester. 3d parish Annisquam. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

/ ^ 


5 Lucy ^May 10, 1757, John Wilson, Upton 

6 James, 1735 ^Nov. 9, 1761, Mrs. Lois (Adams) Allen, Medway 



ROBERT* STEWART (Mn,^ Robert,^ Walter*), born in Ireland about 1707, was 
bequeathed i'lO in the will of his father in 1741, of which the "son Charles Stuart 
aforesaid and Samuel Stuart of Andover" were named executors. He was a soldier 
in the French and Indian war; was at no. 4 (Charlestown, N. H.) in 1747; enlisted 
at Windham, N. H., Apr. 7, 1760, in Capt. Alexander Todd's company under Col. 
John Goflfe. There was a Robert Stewart who married Feb. 22, 1 733, Lydia Blair 
in Andover, Mass. The Andover church records give the baptism July 11, 1726, of 
Mary, daughter of Robert Stewart. This doubtless refers to another Robert^ 

JAMES* STEWART {hhn,^ Robert;^ Walter'), bom in Ireland about 1709, was 
living in 1741. He is thought to have died about 1750, leaving a son John, born 
Sep. 12, 1746, at Londonderry, N. H. See Samuel.* 

JOHN* STEWART {John,^ Robert,^ Walter'), born in Ireland afcout 1711, marri- 
ed Rebecca Costa, born in Edinburgh, widow of Robert Patten who died on the 
passage to America. John Stewart* removed to Windham, N. H., where he was 
invoice taker in 1743, selectman in 1745, surveyor in 1748 and tithingman in. 1749, 
1768 and 1759; he was an innkeeper in 1 765. He was a soldier in the French and 
Indian war and was one of the garrison which so gallantly defended no. 4 (Charles- 
town, N. H.). He again entered the service Mar. 26, 1760, under Capt. Alexander 
Todd, Col. John Goffe's regiment, for the invasion of Canada. The regiment went 
to Crown Point. He died Mar. 29, 1761, from the effects of overexertion in* their 
44-day advance through the wilderness. His widow married (3) David Hopkins and 
removed to Shelbume, Mass., where she died Feb. 6, 1802, aged 90. 

1 John, Sep. 22, 1743; ^^Dec. 31, 1765, Rebecca* Stewart (Charles*), Windham 

2 Robert, Sep. 15, 1748; 1^ Sarah Woodward of Halifax, Vt.; 2 Susan Smith 

3 Rebecca, Dec. 20, 1750; -Feb. 26. 1757 

4 Mary, May 2, 1753; -hMar. 8, 1757 

6 Hannah, Nov. — , 1756; 4^Mar. 15, 1757 

6 Adam, 1768; -Apr. 24, 1777, unmarried 

SAMUEL* STEWART (JoKn.sRobert,* Walter'), born about 1718 in Ireland or 
aboard ship, married Alice.t They settled in Colrain prior to 1751 ; owned and oc- 
cupied the east half of lot 6, which was located about 40 rods north of Fort Morris. 
They removed to Shelburne in 1769, selling their home lot in Colrain Aug. 24, 1770. 
They sold land in the second division Apr. 20, 1780, and removed to New Perth 
(Hebron), Washington county, N. Y., where on June 11, 1783, they deeded land in 
Black Creek to Stephen Smith of Rupert, Vt. Alice was living in 1800 with the 
Merriman family in Salem, N. Y., and is thought to have died in Ohio. 

1 John, Sep. 12, 1745, Londonderry; ^Mar. 12, 1772, Huldah Hubbel 

2 William -Mary Harris 

8 Isabel - — ■ — Moore: removed to Pennsylvania 

4 Samuel, Feb. 23, 1749, Londonderry; - Elizabeth Abbot of Pawlet, Vt. 

*The vitml records of Londonderry, N. H.. contain this isolated entry; **John, son of John and Jean 
Stewart, was bom June 29, 1787.'* 

tThought to have been Alice AUhison, perhaps widow of his brother James. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


5 Mary, May 13, 1753, Colrain; - Robert Archibald, lived in Salem, N. Y. 

6 Alice, Mar. 26, 1754, Colrain; ^rWilliam Smith, settled at Putnam, N. Y. 

7 Rebecca, July 26, 1756, Cohrain; = Merriman, lived in Salem, N. Y . 

8 James, Jan. 5, 1759, Cobain; killed 1791 in Harmar's defeat by the Indians 

9 Sarah —Robert Gilliss of Salem, N. Y., his second wife 
10 Robert 1766, Colrain; ^Elizabeth Huggins, lived in Salem, N. Y. 

To be continued 



ROBERT WRIGHT* STEWART names? Robert? AUxarxder^), born Oct. 29, 
1816, married at Geneva, Wis., Feb. 22, 1842, Susan A. Ross, born Oct. 10, 1821. 
He died Dec. 20, 1876, Hebron, 111.: her death not of record. Children: 

1 Eunice Jane, Feb. 26, 1843; - Feb. 22, 1863, Prentice Bowman 

2 Ellen Amelia, Feb. 5, 1845; 4 Jan. 14, 1861 

3 James Morris, Jan. 14, 1849; -f June 23, 1849 

4 Mary Elizabeth, May 25, 1850; -Jan. — , 1873, Thomas Charles 
6 John James, Dec. 24, 1854; ^Sep. 22, 1880, Frankie Nichols 

6 Charles Freflerick, Oct. 23, 1856- 4^May 13, 1865 

7 Harry Edward. Aug. 27. 1880; -^Feb. 23, 1882, Hattie Thomas 
WILLIAM H.* STEWART (lames? Robert? AlexanderO, bom Oct. 8, 1818, mar- 
ried at Hebron, 111.. Nov. 8, 1853, Marretta Ehle, born July 3, 1829, Canajoharie, 
N. Y. He finished his law course in Union college in 1843 and went west and join- 
ed his parents in Hebron, 111., where he farmed until elected county clerk of Mc- 
Henry county. III., in 1857, when he removed to Woodstock. He joined the Union 
army in 1862 as captain of company F, 95th Illinois infantry, 17th army corps, Ar- 
my of the Tennessee. He was woundeld through both legs at Guntown, Miss., in 
1864, invalided home, recovered and returned to the front. At the close of the war 
he returned to the practice of law and held several county offices. He died in Sep- 
tember. 1907, and hb widow died in January, 1921. Children: 

1 Adda Wylhemien, Aug. 18, 1855, Hebron; - June 21, 1888, Frank Spitzer 

2 Albert Monteith, June 25, 1866, Woodstock; ^June 14, 1888, Marion Tresise 

JOHN* STEWART Uames? Robert? AIexamier»), born Dec. 25, 1820, married 
June 30, 1849, Harriet W. Ehle. a sister of Marretta, above. The dates of their 
death are not given. Children : 

1 James Ehle, Sep. 2, 1850; - Nov. 18, 1874, Nettie Van der Karr 

2 Sarah Catherine, Oct. 27, 1852; +Dec. 26. 1861 

3 Robert Wright, Sep. 10. 1854; ^Jan. 8. 1862 

4 Anna Margaret, Jan. 21. 1857; I Oct. 24. 1865 

5 Lizzie Adelia, Aug. 14, 1859; ^ Jan. 20. 1862 

6 Richard Henry. Dec. 25. 1862; —Feb. 4. 1885. Mary A. Wilson 

7 Alfred Henry. Apr. 15, 1865; f 

8 Walter Scott. Oct. 18, 1867; 1 -1921890, Margaret Merry: 2 Eva Inman 

9 Edward Marshall, Oct. 9, 1870; living at Richmond, 111. 
10 Carl Schrembling, Mar. 20, 1873; ^ 

To be continued 


1. CORNELIA STEWART (mother's name thousht to be Marsaret) mftiried Dennis Christie or 
Christy, who cmme from the north of Ireland. Their children were: John, bom Sep. 29. 1766, married 
Anne Tripp; Mary, bom in 1767, married (1) a Kidney. (2) Josiah Bull; Martha (Whaley); Elisabeth 
(6room6eld); and William, born July 5. 1772, married Ruth Bull and settled in Prince Edward coun- 
ty, OnUrio, Canada. There were probably other children. The census of 1790 fciyes Cornelia Christie 
as head of the family and resident of Beekman, Dutchess county, N. Y., in wfalich county Dennis 
Christy lived the greater part of hb life. Her parenUge desired. E. May Christy, Silver Creek, N. Y. 

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VOL. I NO. 3 



"SAMUEL STEWART of Westfield, in the county of Washington and State of 
New York, farmer, of the one part," signed an indenture on Dec. 15, 1791, assign- 
ing to "James Henderson of the same town, county and state, of the other part, til 
that certain piece or parcel of land, lying and beingnn the Provincial Patent in the 
Town of Westfield, and is known and distinguished in the subdiv- 
ision of said patent by the name of Lot No. 38, which lot contains 
by survey 262 acres cf land; now this is only meant to contain 40 
acres of said lot, described as follows: Beginning at a hard maple 
stake being the northeast corner of the second quarter, thence 
running south 87 degrees 30 minutes west 20 chains 69 links, on the 
^ line of George Patteson; from thence south 8 degrees east 14 chains 
and 50 links on the line of Reuben Clark; thence north 87 degrees 
and 30 minutes east 7 chairs and 
66 links on the line of Samuel 
Stewart; thence south 8 degrees east 7 chains and S 
68 links on said Stewart; thence north 87 degrees S 
east 13 chains and 3 links on said Stewart; thence n 
north 8 degrees west 22 chairs and 18 links on said S 
James Henderson's land at the place of beginning. 
* * Upon consideration that the said James Hen- 
derson, his heirs and assigns, shall faithfully pay 
unto the said Samuel Stewart, his heirs and assigns. 


40 acres 


and every year and on every first Tuesday in May in every 
year the rent of one shilling per acre current money of New 
York. * * And further, the said Samuel Stewart reserves a]l 
waterfalls fit for mills, with free ingress, egress and regress, and gold and silver 
mines and marts for shipping. * * " [James Henderson^ (John.'' James,^ James^).] 
This conveyance was signed by Samuel Stewart, without any indication that he 
had a wife. It was witnessed by David H. Manrose and Edward Deake. On Oct. 
31, 1793, Samuel Stewart appeared before Alex Webster, J. Cur., and acknowledg- 
ed the same to be his voluntary act and deed. It was recorded Aug. 14, 1797. 

The town of Westfield was a little later divided into the towns of Hartford, Ft. 
Ann, Putnam and Dresden. In the second census, 1800, we find no Samuel Stew- 
art in Washington county. 



JAMES STEWART was born Sep. 28, 1777, at Fort Ann [formerly a part of 
Westfield], Washington county, N. Y. That was in the very height of the conflict 
for American independence, and at times all the families in the neighborhood were 
-compelled to take refuge in the fort. On one occasion, when the men had gone for 
provisions, Indians entered the fort and found the baby James at his mother's 
breast as she lay sick in bed. One of the savages took the infant by the heels and 

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was about to dash its brains out, when the mother feigned summoning the white 
men. The barbarian dropped the child and fled. James grew to manhood in that 
region, working as a lumberman on the Hudson river. He married (1) in 1803 iii 
Bloomfield, Ontaiio county, N. Y., Roxanna Stillman, born Mar. 22, 1786, in Mas- 
sachusetts, daughter of Benjamin and Abigail Stillman of Bloomfield. In 1806 they 
moved to Buffalo, Erie county; in 1810, back to Bloomfield; and thence to Junius, 
Seneca county. In 1819 they embarked at Olean Point on the Allegheny river and 
went to Sangamon county, Illinois, in the western wilderness. Mrs. Stewart died 
Nov. 11, 1833. He married (2) Mrs. Phebe (Russell) Twist, born in Newark, N. J., 
widow of John Twist, born in Cambridge, Mass., died July 13, 1831, at his mill on 
the Sangamon river. She died Jan. 11, 1836. James Stewart died Apr. 16, 1872, 
in his 95th year, on the farm where he had lived over 50 years. Children: 

By wife Abigail 

1 Jane C, Oct. 2, 1804, Bloomfield; --*1820-21, Oramel Clark 

2 Benjamin H., Mar. 22. 1806; 1 - Margery Morgan: 2 ^Nancy Hall 

3 William A., May 24, 1809, Buffalo; -Oct. 14, 1841, Elizabeth Haman 

4 Abigail C, May 16, 1811, Junius; -Oct. 29, 1835. Ossian Stone 

5 Mary M., Apr. 6, 1813, Junius; 1-^Nathan E. Constant: 2^Miletus W. Ellis 

6 Roxanna. Sep. 8, 1818, Bloomfield; -Jan. 30, 1873, Ira Knights 

7 Martha B., Mar. 10, 1821; -:Nov. 26, 1840, George W. Constant 

8 James O., Oct. 20. 1822; -{June 6, 1849, at Paducah, Ky. 

9 Joseph B., July 4, 1825; ^ in the 22nd year of his age 

By wife Phebe: 

10 Emeline —Addison Foley 



DANIEL* STEWART, "a Scotchman," was admitted an inhabitant of Barns- 
table, Mass., Oct. 3, 1662, with 18 others who were either married or 24 years of 
age. There is nothing to indicate that he had relatives in this country. He was 
living in Eastham June 12, 1671, when he sold all his land there, on the east side of 
Bass river, to John Doane, jr. His wife Mary acknowledged the deed. On Mar. 4, 
1673-4, Daniel, then living at Barnstable, sued Nathaniel Fitzrandall for assault 
End was awarded 20 shillings. Oct. 9, 1674, he had some controversy with Richard 
Handy of Sandwich over the ownership of a marsh. In 1684 he was a resident land- 
owner in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, and soon after located in Edgartown, where 
he died In 1703. His will, dated Jan. 6, 1701-2, was proved Aug. 4, 1703, and nam- 
ed wife Mary; sons James, John and Charles; daughters Dorcas Bailey and Sarah 
Harlock. Children of Daniel and Mary: 

1 James 1663; 1-20 f 1687, Benit Briggs: 2 4 1 1694. Sarah Wait 

2 John 

3 Dorcas ^ Bailey 

4 Charles living in 1745 

5 Sarah — Harlock : her estate was settled in 1745 

JAMES2 STEWART (DanieU) was by occupation a cooper. He went to Roch- 
ester, Plymouth county, where he married (1) Aug. 20, 1687, Benit Briggs. He 
married (2) June 4, 1694, Sarah Wait. He died in 1727. His will, dated Aug. 21, 
1727, was proved Sep. 21, 1727, and names wife Sarah; sons Daniel, Joseph, Ben- 
jamin and Jam es; daughters Eleanor Handy and Mary Jones. The widow Sarah 

*^^ means married; '- means marriage intention; 1^ means died; — means refer to page. 

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died in 1751 and in her will, dated Dec. 20, 1763, which was proved July 17, 1754, 
she names sons Daniel, Benjamin and James; children of her son Joseph; and child- 
ren of her daughters Eleanor and Mary. Children, born in Rochester: 

By wife Benit: 

1 Jonathan, Dec. 21, 1687; died young 

2 Benit, Sep. 2, 1689; died young 

By wife Sarmh: 

3 Eleanor, Nov, 16, 1694* '^-- Handy 

4 Mary, Mar. 30, 1696; -^Robert Jones 

5 Daniel, July 22, 1697; =:June 9, lH^, Prudence Parker, in Barnstable 

6 Sarah, Mar. 22, 1699; died young 

7 Joseph, June 10, 1701 ; —Patience Parker 

8 James, May 19, 1703; —Apr. 16, 1730, Hannah Dexter, in Rochester 

9 Benjamin 4-1765, unmarried 

DANIEL* STEWART (James,^ DankU) married in Barnstable on June 9, 1726, 
Prudence^ Parker, bom Aug. 6, 1705, in Barnstable, daughter of Samuel^ (Robert*) 
and Hannah (Bumpas) Parker. They removed from Rochester to Hardwick, 
Mass., about 1736. It is not known where they died : the son Elkanah removed to 
Barnard, Vt., and the Hardwick historian says hb father perhaps went with him. 
Children of Daniel and Prudence (Parker) Stewart: 

1 Mercy, June 11, 1727 

2 Mary, Dec. 18, 1728 

3 Susanna, Jan. 21, 1731 ; ^Jan. 16, 1750, Ithamar Reed of Petersham 

4 Hannah, Feb. 15, 1733; died young 

5 Peace —Apr. 30, 1753, Samuel Atwood 

6 Elkanah, Aug. 12, 1737; Sep. 7, 1761, Lydia Cobb 

7 Samuel, Oct. 12, 1739; ^ 1756 in military service 

8 Daniel Sep. 5, 1768, Eunice Allen 

9 Hannah, June 20, 1747; Sep. — , 1766, William Sherman of Rochester 
PEACE^ STEWART (Daniel^ James;^ DanieV) was born about 1735 in Roches- 
ter, Mass. She married in Hardwick, Mass., Apr. 30, 1753, Samuel Atwood, said 
to have been a son of Samuel Atwood of Cape Cod. They settled in Bennington, 
Vt., in 1761 : he was a member of the first company of militia organized in Benning- 
ton Oct. 24, 1764. He served in che Revolution in Capt. Joseph Safford's company 
of militia In Col. Ebenezer Walbridge's regiment, Aug. 2 to Aug. 8, 1781, and in 
Capt. Ebenezer Woods* company, commencing Oct. 13, 1781. His wife died before 
1 776 and he married (2) widow Sarah Smith, by whom he had a daughter SaDy, 
who married Reuben Wickwire. Samuel Atwood died in Bennington Dec. 23, 1796, 
aged 72. Children of Samuel and Peace (Stewart) Atwood: 

1 Jerusha Samuel Smith and lived in Swanton, Vt. 

2 Samuel, July 25, 1756, Hardwick, Mass.; ^Joanna Tupper 

3 David - Susanna French 

4 Jonathan - Eunice Thompson 

5 Hannah 1762; Daniel Smith and lived in Monkton, Vt. 

6 Paul 1764; Polly Curler 

7 Prudence 1 Stephen Fuller: 2- Frederick Smith 

8 Moses 1770; j Oct. 14, 1815, Bennington, unmarried 

The Stewart Clan Magazine invites all who possess family records of Stewarts 

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to send them to us for publication. The assembling of a large amount of data is 
sure to result in the untangling of many threads of ancestry, and we may have the 
very item you lack: in case your line is completed to the immigrant ancestor your 
contribution might solve the enigma of others. The placing of all Stewart records 
in one repository will be of inestimable value to all. The success this publication 
is meeting surpasses our expectation and its sphere is widening steadily. 



JOSEPH* STEWART (JoKn,»Rofecn,«Walter>), bom Jan. 6, 1721, in London- 
derry, N. H., married June 1, 1747, Margaret Thompson. They removed to Col- 
rain, Mass., before 1752, when they owned and lived on lot 43, which was located 
well under the protection of Fort Morrison, to which the family resorted in time of 
danger from Indian raids. He served in the French and Indian war: was a fence 
viewer in 1756-57, collector in 1757 and was chosen in 1760 to manage the affairs 
of the town; in 1757 he sold the south half of lot 44 to Alexander Thompson; 1762 
he sold land in the second division to James Anderson Thompson. Mar. 15, 1770, 
they sold their homestead and in 1773 the family removed from Colrain to Halifax 
and Bennington, Vt. He served in the Revolution under Colonel Blair, Albany 
county, N. Y. In 1800 he was living in Washington county, N. Y., where he died 
in White Creek on Feb. 22, 1821, aged 100 years, 1 month and 5 days. Children 
of Joseph and Margaret (Thompson) Stewart: 

1 Susan, May 18, 17—; 1 1750 

2 Mary, July 13, 1750; +July 28, 1750 [Hitchcock, widow 

3 Joseph, Apr. 6, 1752, Colrain; l=Oct. 3, 1774, Rosanna Harmon: 2— Hannah 

4 John, Feb. 14, 1755; - Feb. 22, 1777, Susan Smith 

5 Alexander, Apr. 10, 1757. No trace 

6 Mary, June 27, 1759 

7 Ann, Sep. 24, 1761 

8 Jonathan, May 3, 1 765. No trace 

9 Solomon, May 3, 1765. No trace 

To be continued 



JAMES MILTON* STEWART (James? m)en? Alexander^), born Nov. 24, 1829. 
married Sep. 1, 1853, Mary Hamilton. He died Apr. 1, 1858. ChUd: 
1 William James Stewart, Aug. 2, 1855 

To be continued 


2. STEWART (who had brothera Benjamin and OliYer) married iohii Pattiaon and had: 

Rebecca, George, bom 1791 ; Lydia, Ann, Polly and John. The son George died August 12, 1849, and 
among the papen in the office of the surrogate of Madison county, N. Y., is a deed dated Apr. 4, 1816, 
from Amos McBride of Madison to Jonathan Pattison "of Colerain. Franklin county, Mass.," for 59 
acres lot 76, Madison. N. Y. Who was John Pattison's wife? Mrs. E. C. Givens, Sherrill, N. Y. 

8. E. STEWART was bom in Ulster, N. Y. Hts eldest son William settled in Lancaster county. 
Pa., and. had a son Thomas, who married a girl named Nelson. Thomas had five children: William 
Nelson, Edward, Henry, Alfred, bora Aug. 15, 1852; and Ida. What was E. Stewart's first name and 
how was he connected with other StewarUT Frank T. Stewart, Overbrook, Kan. 

4. BENJAMIN STEWART received the first deed in the town of Potsdam. St. Lawrence coun- 
ty, N. Y., July 9, 1802. By first wife Rebecca he had: Elisabeth, who married Rev. Esra Healy; and 
a son who went wesh^ By second wife ^ .ny Woodruff he had three daughters: Selinda, Susan and Sce- 
lata. He died Oct. 8, 1845, aged 82. .ntecedents wanted. Harvey H. Wood, Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

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ASSor.iATif JEUiTUR, uoKACK w. ]ui;kkkm AX, g w. era st, xkw tomk city 



ALEXANDER! STEWART, a tailor, married Oct. 15, 1662, Hannah Templar 
in Charles town, Mass. She was born in Yarmouth Jan. 5, 164^^ daughter of Rich- 
ard and Hannah (Prichard) Templar. Richard Prichard, a shoemaker of Yarmouth, 
in his will dated Jan. 22, 1669, probated Feb. 20, 1669, bequeathed to his grandchild 
Hannah, wife of Alexander Stewart, and to her children James and John. Alexan- 
der was administrator of the estate of James Nicholls in 1667; he bought a house 
of Ann Templar in 1674, and in 1678 he signed a receipt for £20 from the Templar 
estate. In 1682 he sold to Peter Tufts 11 acres on the Mystic side, from Richard 
Pritchett, lot 128. His wife Hannah died Aug. 21, 1674; and all the children, ex- 
cept James, were baptized May 9, 1675. Children, born in Charlestown: 

1 James, May 8, 1665; probably died young 

2 John, Nov. 24, 1667. No trace 

3 Samuel, Dec. 19, 1669. No trace 

4 Hannah, Jan. 24, 1672 

5 Margaret, Aug. 1 1 , 1674 

Dr. Savage thought he afterwards went to Marlborough, but there is no evidence. 

ALEXANDER* STEWARD of Marlborough, Mass.. married May 23, 1688, 
Deborah [Rediat] Forbes in Sudbury. She was born in Sudbury in 1652, daughter 
of John Rediat and his wife Anne Dolt, who were married Aug. 26, 1643, in Sud- 
bury. Deborah married (1) May 23, 1679, in Concord, Daniel Forbes, as his sec- 
ond wife: Forbes died in October, 1687. in Marlborough. Alexander Steward was 
called "of Boston": he was a member of the west regiment of Middlesex, garrisoned 
in Marlborough Mar. 18, 1691-2, and also in the Indian war, 1704. His wife Deb- 
orah died Apr. 22, 1720 [1721], aged 68. Alexander died Apr. 6, 1731.* Children 
recorded in Marlborough : 

1 Mary, Feb. 13, 1689 

2 Daniel, Feb. 6, 1691; ^t Dec. 12. 1719, Persis Witte 
8 Alexander, Jan. 15, 1695-6. No trace* 

DANIEL* STEWARD (Alexander^) married Dec. 12, 1718-9, Persis Witte, in 
Marlborough. She died July 26, 1786, in New Braintree, at the home of her daugh- 
ter, Persb Ayers. Children of Daniel and Persis, born in Marlborough: 

1 John, May 4, 1721:^ Aug. 20, 1740 

2 Daniel, Oct. 14, 1722- : Mar. 13, 1748, Lydia Cutting, in Leicester: Paxton 

3 Mary, Oct. 16, 1724; : May 27, 1756, Edmund Parmenter 

4 Deborah, Feb. 18, 1727; -Feb. 24, 1747-8, Isaiah Watt 

5 Persis, Mar. 23, 1729; 4 Aug. 25. 1736 

6 Antipas, Dec. 28, 1733; 1^ Sep. 8, 1773, Rachel Haley, in Cambridge 

7 Rediat, Apr. 12, 1736; May 22, 1765, Lucy Adams, Brookfield: Montague 

8 Ebenezer, Aug. 22, 1738; i Aug. 1, 1740 

9 Persis, June 19. 1743 ; - May 15, 1 766, Jabez Ayers 

'Alexander Steward married Feb. 7» 1721-2. Wheeler.- Marlborougli church record. 

t= means married; -^ means marriage intention; 4- means died; - means refer to page. 

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ROBERT^ STUART (sometimes Stewart) of Norwalk left no will. His widow 
Bethia and eldest son James were appointed administrators Dec. 6, 1688 [Fairfield 
county wills III. 260 J . James Beebe sold their land [IV, 4b. 4c] . Children : 

1 James, aged 26 [in 1689. He was bom Mar. 19, 1663.] 

2 Abigail Cosier, aged 23 

3 John, aged 21. [The town of Norwalk on Mar. 4. 1708-9, "makes choyse of 

4 Deborah, aged 19 John Steward to claim and sell all stray jades for 

5 Elizabeth, aged 17 the town," etc.] 

6 Phebe, aged 15 

7 Sarah, aged 13 

8 Samuel, aged 11 ye next May ensuing 

9 Rachel, aged 3 

Ensign JAMES^ STUART (Robert^) of Norwalk left a will, Jan. 19, 1750-1 [X, 
218a]. Wife Experience. Executors: son Robert and son-in-law John Taylor. 
Witnesses: Elnathan Hanford, James Taylor, Hannah Hanford (Hannah Hanford 
now wife of David Lockwood. June 12, 1751; X 219). [James Stuart was appoint- 
ed May 11, 1710, ensign of the north company in the town of Norwalk by the gen- 
eral assembly of Connecticut.] Children named in will : 
1' James 

2 Robert 

3 Hannah, wife of James Taylor 

4 Deborah, wife of James Pickett. [They were married Apr. 14, 1726] 
6 Mary, wife of John Morehouse 

6 Eunice, deceased, wife of John Parret 
SAMUEL* STUART, Sr.. (Robert^) of Norwalk, will Sep. 6. 1748 [XI] . Wife 
Hannah. Executor: oldest son Samuel. Witnesses: William Taylor, John Stuart 
3rd and Isaac Chase. Inventory taken by Nathaniel Darrow and John Stuart, jr. 
Children named in will: 

1 Samuel, eldest son (also referred to as 3rd Samuel). [Ensign 1748] . 

2 John, second son 

3 Simeon, third son 

4 Nathan, youngest son 

5 [Daughter], deceased: children— Joseph, Elizabeth and Mary Araton 

6 [Daughter], deceased: children— Samuel, Dorothy and Sarah Saintjohn 



Lt. WILLIAM* STEWART (Charles* John,^ Robert,* Walter'), bom Feb. 12, 1733, 
in Londonderry, N. H., came to Colrain, Mass., with his father and resided on the 
old homestead. He married Elizabeth^ Clark, daughter of Matthew* Clark (who 
was killed by the Indians in 1746) and granddaughter of John' and Agnes (Adams) 
Clark. She was born in 1738. William Stewart became prominent in the affairs 
of the town, both in peace and war. He was a soldier under Capt. Israel Williams 
at Colrain and Charlemont in 1755, 1755 and 1757 in the contest against the In- 
dians and the French: he was one of the minute-men who marched on the Lexing- 
ton alarm in April, 1775, under Capt. Hugh McCIellan, and he later served as a 
lieutenant in the militia. He served with Lt. James Stewart [page 3] on the com- 


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mittee of correspondence for the Revolutionary war, and was a member of the 
committee of seven appointed May 16, 1779, to discuss, approve or disapprove the 
new constitution of Massachusetts. He was chosen selectman in 1769, 1779, 1781, 
1783, 1784 and 1786. In 1770 he with three others bought land lying in Bernards- 
ton Gore **on a river called Green River," and in 1771 he was one of the signers of 
the petition to have the Gore annexed to Colrain. He sold his old homestead to 
William Nelson and went to live with his son in the Gore. He died following a par- 
alytic stroke Dec. 6, 1799, and Matthew Clark wes appointed administrator. His 
widow was still living when the inventory w^s taken Nov. 19, 1804. Children: 

1 Thankful, Dec. 24, 1758, Colrain 

2 David, Feb. 24, 1761 ; - Miriam Haven and lived in Colrain 

3 Sarah, July 26, 1763 

4 Jonathan, Nov. 30, 1765; +Sep. 10, 1767 
6 Mary, Nov. 5, 1768 

6 Jonathan, Apr. 10, 1771. [Jerusha, Apr. 10, 1771.— Town clerk] 

7 Ann, 1781. [Perhaps daughter who married Thaddeus Maynard] 

JOHN* STEWART {Charles* John,^ Robert,^ Walter^) born about 1735 in Lon- 
donderry, N. H., came to Colrain probably with his father in 1748. He became 
one of the bravest and most daring Indian fighters of his day. When still a mere 
youth he started out one day with his gun to find a scray cow. As he went through 
the woods he heard the tinkling of the cowbell, but he noticed an odd regularity to 
the tapping. With the caution which life in the wilderness develops young Stew- 
art crept through a thicket until he discerned an Indian sitting near a spring — the 
redskin had taken the bell off the cow and was alternately ringing it and picking 
the flint of his musket, waiting for the white man to walk into his trap. It was a 
bright idea, tlright, but the bullet which the lad put through his head ended for- 
ever this Indian's scheming. On Mar. 25, 1756, Stewart enlisted under Capt. Isra- 
el Williams and served at Charlemont until Oct. 18, enlisted again the next day and 
served till Jan. 20, at the same place, entered the service Nov. 3, 1758, under Capt. 
John Burk and served four weeks at Morrison's fort in Colrain, and enlisted again 
Dec. 1, 1758, and served till Sep. 24, 1759. Tradition claims him as a Revolution- 
ary soldier, but no enlistments have been found. He married Ann McClellan, born 
in Ireland in 1736, daughter of Michael and Jane (Henry) McClellan. She died in 
Colrain Feb. 14, 1801, and the following year he sold his homestead and lived -with 
his son Enos. Some five years later he went to live with his children at Truxton, 
Cortland county, N. Y.: there he died Aug. 28, 1818. Children [his record] : 

1 Robert, Sep. 29, 1761, Colrain; -hMar. 1, 1776 

2 Charles, July 5, 1763; 1^ Mary Hurlbert: 2^Hannah Gates: lived in Truxton 

3 Enos, July 15, 1766; Dec. 6, 1787, Lucretia Clark: Colrain 

4 Mary, Apr. 13, 1769; i Jan. 14, 1773 

5 John, Sep. 20, 1771; +June 22, 1772 

6 Hugh, June 16, 1773; and settled in Truxton, N. Y., in 1803: -[1857 

7 William, Feb, 23, 1776; and settled in Truxton in 1803: -fin Ohio 

8 Anna, Oct. 15, 1778; John Wilson of Colrain 

9 Polly, M3r. 16, 1782; :^18C2, Dea. Billy Trowbiidge: Truxton 
SAMUEL* STEWART (Chafles* Jo/in,^ Robert,^ Walter^), born about 1737 in 

Londonderry, N. H. We'll give you our hat if you can complete this man's story* 

To be continued 


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Eunice Jane^ Stewart (Robert W.,< James, ^ Robert,^ Alexander^), born Feb. 26, 1848. 
married Feb. 22, 1863, Prentice Bowman. She died Apr. 9, 1866. Their only child, 
Susie Bowman, died in 1865. 

Mary Elizabeth* Stewart (Robert W.^), born May 25, 1850, married Jan. — , 1873, 
Thomas Charles. She died Aug. 28, 1878. Children: Robert Stewart, Mar. — , 
1874;Alfred, Sep.— ,1876, died Dec. 13, 1876; Susie Luella, July 31, 1878, died 
Dec. 24, 1885. 

JOHN JAMES^ STEWART (Robert W.*), born Dec. 24, 1854, married Sep. 22, 
1880, Frankie Nichoh. Hebron, 111. ChUdren: 

1 Mary Nichols, Nov. 6. 1881 

2 Robert Wright, Dec. 9, 1883 

3 Donald, May 2, 1891 

HARRY EDWARD* STEWART (Robert W.<), born Aug, 27, 1860, married 
Feb. 23, 1882, Hattie Thomas. He lives in Minnesota. They had: Bessie May, 
June 30, 1883; and others of which I have no record. 

ALBERT MONTE ITH* STEWART (WiUiam H.,* James,^ Robert.^ Alexander'), 
born June 25, 1866, married in Lincoln, Neb., June 14, 1888, Marion Tresise. In 
1892 he returned to Chicago and engaged in the coal business, going to Tennessee 
in 1906 to operate mines. Knoxvilb, Tenn. Children: 

1 Helen Wylhemien, Feb. 1, 1891; June 25, 1912, William Ernest Evans 

2 Harriett Marion, June 25, 1892; fJuly 25, 1892 

3 Kathryn Eugenie. Dec. 11, 1897; ^^July 11, 1917, Walter Robart Moore 

JAMES EHLE* STEWART (John,* James,^ Robert,^ Alexander*), born Sep. 2, 
1850, married (1) Nov. 18, 1874, Nettie Van der Karr. She died Mar. 21, 1885: he 
married (2) Feb. 3, 1886, Mary J. Darling. Children, by first wife: 

1 Frank Cogswell, Sep. 3, 1875. He and the others live in Washington state. 

2 Glendora, Nov. 24, 1878 

3 Clyde Irwin, Nov. 18, 1881 

4 Clarence Vanderkarr, Mar. 15, 1885 

RICHARD HENRY* STEWART (John*), born Dec. 25, 1862, married Feb. 4, 
1885, Mary A. Wilson. Champaiga, 111. Son: 
1 Harold Wilson, July 3, 1886 

WALTER SCOTT* STEWART (John*), born Oct. 18, 1867, married (1) Feb. 
19, 1890, Margaret Merry: married (2) Eva Inman. Washington state. Son: 
1 Clifford Waterman, Mar. 9, 1891 

WILLIAM JAMES^ STEWART (James M.* James,^ Robert:^ Alexander'), born 
Aug. 2, 1855, married Nov. 1, 1877, Dora Dixon. Children: 

1 William Ballard, Aug. 23, 1878 

2 Noah James, Apr. 4, 1880 

3 Milton John, Aug. 31, 1882 

4 Jessie Hamilton, Aug. 14, 1887 


Janesville, Wis., Oct. 7, 1922. Dear sir:— Your letter at hand and I am sorry that I am unable to 
give you any information. My father, W. W. Stewart, had an old leather traveling bag full of old let- 
ters and papers: some of. them were very old and you could scarcely read the writing, and after his 
death we sold our home and furniture and came to Janesville to live and not thinking anyone would 
care for them t burned all the papers and letters. I am sorry now, for I think you could have found 
all the information you wish in those very papers. Hoping you will be able in some way to f*nd what 
you wish, I am yours truly, Belle Stewart. 

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Aiisnr.f ATK JSDirruK, iiorace w. iuckkrman', e w. otth st, kkw yokk «'tty- 




JAMES STEWARD, who came in the ship Fortune, which arrived Nov. 11, 
1621, at New Plymouth, was the first of the family to set foot on the shores of the 
New World. It was the second ship to arrive in Massachusetts Bay, the 
famous Mayflower having been the first. In the division of lands in 1624 
James received a single share, indicating that he had neither wife nor 
child. His name does not appear in the division of cattle June 1, 1627, 
and as the total population is supposed to have been represented it has 
been assumed that he died or removed before that date. There is a possibility that 
he was the father of Daniel Steward of Barnstable (page 10) and Hugh of Chatham 
(page 18), and perhaps others. 

JAMES STEWART was in New Haven, Conn., on Dec. 4, 1639, on which day 
a court of New Haven Colony enjoined him and another man to make double res- 
titution to John Cokerill for 5 pounds and 17 shillings which they stole out of his 
chest on the Lord's day in the meeting time. Feb. 18, 1643, he and about a dozen 
others were "fined each man six shillings for late coming to the meeting with their 
arms'*! Mar. 7, 1643, be was fined one shilling for "late coming to trsyne." In 1646 
he was "complayned of for ^everall disorderly expressions and com tempt of the ma- 
gestracye in this place." He might have been the adventurer of the Fortune, 

JAMES STEWARD, perhaps the same man as above, was in Stamford, Conn., 
defendant in a civil action in 1649, and was a landowner there in 1660. Hunting- 
ton, in his History of Stamford, says he was "probably a son of Alexander of Wat- 
ertown," whoever that person may have been. This James was possibly the father 
of Robert* of Norwalk (pages 6 and 14). 

An odd bit of information gleaned from the History of Northern Wisconsin 
(1881) is this: "His (Alexander's*) great-grandfather, Robert* Stewart, came over 
in the Mayflower when an infant and settled at Roxbury (Litchfield county). Conn." 

JAMES STEWARD, a Scotchman of Salem, 1653, was a servant to John Gif- 
ford.— Essex Antiquarian, XII no. 2, 70. . . At a Court of Assistants held at Bos- 
ton Mar. 3, 1673, James Stewart was "plaintiff on appeale relating to i30 the jury 
found against him. The jury brought in their virdict, they found for the plaintiff's 
reversion of the former judgment." This may have been the James of Weymouth, 
1669 (page 6). 

JOHN STEWARD'S name is included Nov. 4, 1653, in a list of "35 Scotts be- 
longing to the iron works" in the inventory of William Paine (Essex Quarterly 
Courts, VIII 102). 

JOHN STEWARD of Springfield, Mass., was a prisoner at the battle of Wor- 
cester,* England, Sep. 3, 1651, and was bought by John Pynchon in England. His 
house was among those consumed in the burning of Springfield by the Indians in 

***CromweU cfeptured the entire army. . . . Many of the prisoners were deported; John Steward 
was among them. On coming to England he was sold to service and John Pynchon was buyer." —A 
petition* in the handwriting of James Cornish, clerk of Hampshire county court, sent by Steward to 
Sir Edmund Andros, Boston. Scotch prisoners sent to Massachusetts in 1652 by order of the English 
government included William, Charles, Niel, Austin and Robert Stewart, shipped aboard the "John & 
Sarah" from London for New England, May 18, 1662, John Greene, master. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


October, 1675. He was among those who took the oath of allegiance Oct. 1, 1678, 
and was one of the 123 heads of families or legal citizens of Springfield who on Feb. 
3, 1685, shared in the division of common lands on the east side of the Great River 
[History of Ludlow, 33]. His wife was Sarah,* daughter of John^ Stiles of Spring- 
field. Hedied Apr. 21, 1690, and bis widow Sarah married in 1691 John* Sackett 
(Simon^) of Northampton, who was bom in 1632 and who died Oct. 8, 1719. No 
births of John Steward's children were recorded, but he probably had : 

John, who bought land in Springfield in 1693 of John Riley 

Allen, bom 1678. — Fergus Family, mss., 1906, by B. Frank Green 

JOSEPH STEWART and his wife Mary, in Salisbury, Mass., had: 

Joseph, Dec. 19, 1667, Salisbury. No trace 

"RICHARD STEWART is mentioned by Farmer as of the artillery company 
in 1652, but to me the existence seems shadowy."— James Savage, 1862. 

WILLIAM STEWART, Lynn, Mass., died Mar. 18, 1664. His widow Sarah 
returned the inventory of his estate June 29, 1664. (A Sarah Stewart married Dec. 
15, 1664, Thomas Abbott in Andover. She died Feb. 16, 1715-6, aged about 69.) 

WILLIAM STEWART, a shopkeeper in Ipswich, Mass., came in 1684, from 
Scotland. His wife was described by John Dunton, a bookseller from England who 
paid Stewart a business visit, as a beautiful woman of 33. Stewart presented the 
North church with a silver cup inscribed "Mr. William Stewart's gift to ye Church 
of Ipswich, June, 1693." He died that year. (History of the Stewart Family, 69.) 
William Stewart died Aug. 3, 1693, aged about 44, and his widow Ann married Col. 
Bartholomew Gedney of Salem and died Oct. 15, 1697. 

ALEXANDER STEWARD was granted 14 shillings 2 pence on Aug. 24, 1676, 
for service as a soldier in King Philip's war. (Alexander of Groton, Conn.) 

HUGH STEWARD received .4 2-04-06 as a soldier under Capt. William Tum- 
or June 24, 1676, and his name appears in a list of Turner's men as they came from 
Boston, taken at Medfield 1675-6.— N. E. Register, 1887. 

HUGH STEWARD, aged about 20, gave testimony Feb. 3, 1656. —Middlesex 
County court file. 

HUGH! STUARD was in Falmouth, Mass., in 1669, and the births of a num- 
ber of his children appear in an obliterated condition on the records of Yarmouth, 
only James' name being legible. In 1676 he was taxed £12-15-06 "towards the 
charge of the late war," only three men in Yarmouth paying a heavier tax. He re- 
moved to Chatham,* farther out on Cape Cod, where he was living Feb. 11, 1690-1, 
on the promontory of Monomoy.t He made his will Mar. 5, 1710-1, "well stricken 
in years." The witnesses were Mary Doane, Joseph Doane, jr., and Mary Doane, 
jr. ; executors, Joseph Doane, esq., of Eastham and Eon Joseph Stuard. Affidavits 
as to signatures were made Jan. 25, 1715-6. Children (except James) named in 
will, with probable fragmentary birth records: 
1 Mercy Htiil 

*The name of Hugh Stewart appears in the Chatham tax list Apr. 29, 1678. 

tHufh Stuard of Monomoy was a signer June 27, 1711, of a petition from said village to have a 
release from "being impressed into remote service" on account of the presence of a French privateer; 
and to remove the province tax because '*twenty>three rateable men" and their families had lately 
gone to a place named Duck creek fai Pennsylvaniaw-N. E. Register, 1880, 408. 

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[Mercy married Edward Hall, son of Gershom Hall of; Harwich] 

2 James, Feb. 11, 167— 

3 John, Feb. ii, 1674'S 

4 Michael, May 2, 1677 

5 Katherine =*May 13, 1702, Nathaniel Nickerson, son of William 

6 Lydia =^about 1^00 Joseph Covell, son of Nathaniel, and died 

7 Joseph —about 1712 Mary [before 1704: daughter Lydia 

8 Samuel [l=Nov. 21, 1721, Deborah LathropJ? 

9 Temperance 

10 Joanna 

11 Ebenezer =Oct. 17, 1716, Ruth Higgins of Eastham 

Hugh* left widow Wait. John,* not mentioned in his father's will, later appears as 
part owner with Joseph* and Samuel* of the Steward farm. 

MICHAEL* STUARD (Hugh^) had already "received his part," as stated in 
his father's will in 1711. The administration of Michael's estate was granted Sep. 
6, 1716, to his brother Samuel— both of Chatham. Widow Mary. Children of 
Michael and Mary Stewart, recorded in Chatham : 

1 Bethiah, Sep. 21, 1704; ^ May 25, 1727, Samuel Hamilton 

X Patience, Aug. 27. 1713 

DUNCAN* STUART, a ship builder, was in 1654 a servant of George Hadley 
of Ipswich, Mass., and it is probable that he was a prisoner from the battle of Wor- 
cester, England, 1651, born in Scotland about 1623. Savage suggests that he was 
perhaps a brother of Alexander Stewart of Charlestown (page 13) . He married 
Anne Winchurst, an English girl who came over in 1647. They lived in Ipswich in 
1658, in Rowley in 1659, Newbury from 1659 till 1689, and again in Rowley, where 
they died— he on Aug. 30, 1717, and she on July 9, 1729. Children: 

1 Katherine, June 8, 1658, Ipswich; [^ Paul Wentworth]? 

2 Martha, Apr. 4, 1659, Newbury 

3 Charles, June 5, 1661 ; ^ ♦May 8, 1689, unmarried 

4 Elizabeth, Nov. 2, 1662; =^Nov. 3, 1685, Sylvanus Wentworth 

5 James, Oct. 8, 1664; he was thrice married, and died Sep. 17, 1750 

6 John, 1666; he was married four times, and died Dec. 23, 1753 

7 Anna ; - Nov. 10, 1685, ColHn Eraser, Newbury 

8 Henry, May 1, 1669; -^young 

9 Samuel, 1674; ~Jan. 30, 1700-1, Dorcas Baston, in Wells, Maine 

10 Ebenezer, 1675; ^ May 23, 1698, Elizabeth Johnson. He ^Apr. 30, 1749 



Lt. JOHN* STEWART (]ohn* Mn,^ Robert,^ Walter^) bom Sep. 22, 1743, in Wind- 
ham, N. H., married there Dec. 31, 1765, Rebecca* Stewart (Charles,* John^). In 
the fall of 1773 he removed to Shelburne, Mass., settling on a farm he bought of 
his cousin, Samuel* Stewart (Samuel,* John^). He marched Apr. 20, 1775, on the 
Lexington alarm as a sergeant in Capt. Hugh McClellan's company, Col. Samuel 
Williams* regiment, but being too late to participate in the battle they returned af- 

*= meftiis married; -^ means marriage intention; -^ means died; — means refer to page. 

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ter 16J^ days* service. He was chosen second lieutenant in the 2nd company, 5th 
Hampshire county regiment, on Apr. 22, 1776, under Capt. Hugh McClelli^i, Col. 
David Field. Feb. 23, 1777, he enlisted with the rank of lieutenant in Capt., Law- 
rence Kemp's company. Col. Leonard's regiment, for service at Ticonderoga; dis- 
charged Apr. 10, 1777. He enlisted Sep. 22. 1777, as lieutenant in Hugh McClel- 
lan's company. Col. David Wells; discharged Oct. 18, 1777: he was in Capt. John 
Wells' company in Shelburne Nov. 21, 1777. His wife Rebecca died July 23, 1815, 
in the 73rd year of her age, and he died Jan. 19, 1819. Children: 

1 Mary, Oct. 7, 1766, Windham, N. H.; -loct. 19, 1794, Ephraim Cady 

2 Rebecca, Dec. 8, 1767, Windham: - Dec. 25, 1860, unmarried 

3 Lydia, Dec. 16, 1768, Windham; - Dec. 29, 1818, unmarried 

4 Elizabeth, June 6, 1770, Windham; 1 ^Feb. 23, 1792, Thomas Fowler. 

5 Agnes, Aug. 4, 1771, Windham; ^1793 Dr. Daniel Allen of Colrain: went west 

6 John, Apr. 27. 1773, Windham; -Apr. — , 1796, Charlotte Flagg 

7 Catherine, July 27, 1775, Shelburne; - William Anderson of Colrain and went 

8 Margaret, Oct. 1, 1776, Shelburne; ^ July 26, 1777 [to Kingsbury, N. Y. 

9 Clark, , 1777; i July 31, 1777 

10 Jane, Nov. 29, 1778; - Dec. 31, 1805, Clark Fowler 

11 Martha, May 30, 1780; --Mar. 1, 1803, John Fowler 

12 [Infant J, Apr. 22, 1782; 4 May 3. 1782 

13 Adam, Mar. 22, 1784; ^ Feb. 2, 1809, Judith Phinney: no issue 
ROBERT* STEWART (io/in/ John,^ Robert,^ Walter^), born Sep. 15, 1748, in 

Windham, N. H., married (1) Sarah Woodward of Halifax, Vt.: (2) Sarah Smith of 
Salem, N. H. He inherited 314 acres of his father's land in Halifax. Vt. He was a 
resident of Cambridge, Mass., at the outbreak of the Revolutionary war: his name 
appears as first lieutenant in Capt. John Calef 's company of New Hampshire troops 
in a return of the company dated Nov. 5, 1775, at Great Island, Piscataqua Har- 
bor: he enlisted in June, 1775, fw six months. Jan. 1, 1776, he enlisted as a priv- 
ate in Capt. John Wood's company in Paul D. Sargent's regiment to serve a year: 
re-enlisted Feb. 11, 1777. He served as ensign in Capt. Benjamin Whittier's com- 
pany in Col. Jacob Gale's New York regiment, his name appearing on a pay roll 
of the f»ompany dated Nov. 4, 1778, at Exeter, which joined the continental army 
on Rhode Island. He enlisted from Windham May 8, 1779, to serve three years in 
the continental army, and in October that ye^r he took part in the battle of Sara- 
to;?a. Ha resided in Shelburne. Mass., in 1800, removing to Salem, N. H., where 
he spent the remainder of his life. Children, born in Windham, N. H.: 

1 Rebecca, Oct. 16, 1782; ^ Mar. 4. 1803, in Shelburne, Mass. 

2 Sarah, Oct. 16, 1782 ; drowned July 31, 1787, in a well at Windham 

3 Abraham W., Aug. 4, 1786; - Betsey Cochran 

To be continued 

ARCHIBALD' STEWART had son Thomas. 

THOMAS^ STEWART (Archibald^) lived in County Down, Ireland. He mar- 
ried Mary Stewart or Stuart, born in County Monaghan, died Dec. — , 1799. Rev. 
Thomas died Dec. —, 1816, at his home in Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland. 
They had: Susanna, 1770; Margaret Catharine. 1772; Olivia, 1776. and Thomas. 

THOMAS« STEWART (riwmas,^ Archibam, born Mar. — , 1780, in Ireland, 
married Catharine Shute in New York City. Their son Franklin^ married Amelia 
Barron Jacques, born in Woodbridge, N. J., and had: David Dennison.' born Oct. 
10, 1858, in Philadelphia, died June 13, 1905; and Katharine. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

H ^"t 






ALEXANDER' STEWART was in New London, Conn., in 1720, where his 
youngest son Samuel, said to have been bom on the high seas, was baptized July 
24, 1720. Alexander settled in Voluntown, Conn., while some of his sons located in 
East Haddam. On Apr. 28, 1727, Alexander Stewart of East Haddam bought land 
in Voluntown of Samuel Whalley. On Jan. 20, 1728-9, Alexander Stewart of Vol- 
untown bought land in Voluntown of Charles and James Campbell. On Sep. 25, 
1740, his son James of Voluntown deeded land in Voluntown to him. Two days 
later he deeded "to my^son Thomas Stewart of Voluntown" land by the north side 
of Pocomuck Pond in Voluntown. He died between this date and July 20, 1742, 
when John, William and James Stewart and Margaret and Thomas Hungerford, all 
of East Haddam, Thomas and Samuel Stewart, both of Voluntown, deeded to their 
brother Nathaniel of Voluntown land in that town ''belonging to our honoured fa- 
ther, Alexander Stewart, deceased." May 19, 1743, Samuel Stewart of Voluntown 
sold to Benjamin Pierce part of the land "my father, Alexander Stewart, bought of 
Samuel Whalley." Apr. 21, 1746. Nathaniel Stewart of Voluntown sold land to 
his brother Samuel which "my father, Alexander Stewart, deceased, bought from 
John Stoyell." [He married (2) Nov. — , 1732, Jennet Rogers]? His children: 

1 ? Alexander ; -=tabout 1723. Margaret and died in 1 732 

2 John 1703; -about 1726, Elizabeth . He died Sep. 18, 1791, se 88 

3 Margaret ; - Thomas Hungerford 

4 WiUiam 1706; l-^Feb. 2, 1732. Hannah Campbell: (2). (3) and (4) 

5 Thomas ; Jan. 27, 1735-6, Anne Rogers, in Voluntown 

6 James ; ^ about 1737, Keziah Scoville, daughter of Benjamin 

7 Nathaniel ; —Experience -; '- 

8 Samuel, bp. July 24, 172c, New London; --1741; Elizabeth Kennedy, Glasgo 
JAMES^ STEWART (Alexander^) was born probably in Scotland about 1715; he 

married Keziah, daughter of Benjamin Scoville of Ea&t fiaddem: she had brothers 
Lemuel and Nuthan. James was granted a cattle-mark in Voluntown Dec. 5, 1789, 
"a crop of ye left eirr and a halfpenny on under side of ye same ear." He deeded 
his land in Voluntown to his father Sep. 25, 1740, and settled in East Haddam. 
where mo3t &f his children were bom: 

1 Mary, bp. Apr. 30, 1738, Voluntown 

2 James 1740, East Haddam; ^ Mar. 24. 1763, Rhoda Graves 

3 Lemuel 1742 ; Lydia and settled in Williamstown, Mass. 

4 Nathaniel -Sarah and settled in Harpersfield, N. Y. 

5 Elizabeth, bp. Sep. 8, 1751, East Haddam 

6 Samuel, bp. Nov. 11. 1753, East Haddam: settled in Williamstown, Mass. 

7 Lydia, bp. May 15, 1757, East Haddam 

*The EllioU Stewart msnoacrpt. contributed by Mr. Inglis Stuart of Beaeon. N. Y., was written 
in 1875 by EUiott W. Ste^^art of BuSTalo. N. Y.. based on information obtained in an interview June 4, 
1866. with hie uUde^ ElUiott Ste«rart. at his home in Ogden, Monroe county. N. Y. The Stewart gen- 
ealogy, covering much of the same ground, was published Sep. 18, 1918. by Mr. Ethelbert Stewart of 
Washington, D. C. for his children, and copies have been presented to the editors of the Stewart Clan 
Magasine by the author. Additional data are interpolated in this article. 

^^z^ means married; -: means marriage intention; -«- means died; means refer to page. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


"One of the (laughters married a Harvey* and another married Nathaniel Stil- 
son, a Baptist preacher, and lived in Harpersfield, Delaware county, N. Y.: one of 
their sons lived in Geneseo, Livingston county, deacon of the Baptist church. The 
daughter who married a Harvey afterwards married a Draper: one of the sons 
named Samuel was a presiding elder in Vermont; Gideon, another son, was a pre- 
siding elder at Lima, Livingston county, N. Y., born about 1782; I met him about 
1835 at a protracted meeting at Covington, Wyoming county, N. Y.: he was a man 
of wealth. Another of my aunts married a Cone: one of her sons, a farmer, visited 
me in Vermont in about 1805." 

JAMES8 STEWART (James,^ Alexander^) married in East Haddam Mar. 24, 

1763, Btioda, daughter of Jedediah Graves by his third wife, Allen, whose 

other children were Stephen, Russell, Allen and Amos. "Amos Graves brought me 
up; he married Hannah Kennedy and had some ten children—Lurancy, Cynthia, 
Amos, Chauncy, Milton, Hannah and others. My father lived in Essex, Vt., Pitts- 
town, Dorset, Crown Pointt and Greenville, N. Y." Children: 

1 Ambrose + of quick consumption at 14; old enough to carry father's chain 

2 Uriel, Nov. 23, 1765; ^ Anna Holgate and settled in Westford, Vt. 

3 proline 1767; ^-Aijel Graves at Colchester, Conn. 

4 Barzillai, Nov. 7, 1769; 1 ^Mary Frost: settled in Weybridge, Vt. 

5 Amasa 1771; + young 

6 Amasa, Aug. 16, 1773; —Lois Budd and lived in Pennsylvania 

7 Rhoda 1774; -James Ager and lived on Lake George 

8 William Henry, Dec. 14, 1776; - Patience Denton 

9 James 1779; drowned in Lake George at the age of 20, unmarried 

10 Elliott, Aug. 19, 1782; --Susanna Griffin at Richfield, Otsego county, N. Y. 

11 Philetus, Mar. 7, 1785; =Ort. 26, 1805, Susanna Ballard, in Hamilton, N. Y. 

12 Huldah 1789; =Silas Harrison 

Carolina's children were: Lucinda, died at 2 years; Dudley, m nrrifi a Mqf'^w: 
James, married Content Benjamin; Selinda and Rhoda. 

Rhoda had 4 or 5 children and died young: her husband was a school teacher. 

Huldah's children were: Truman, Lovinia, Caroline, married S. Lindley; Re- 
becca, died of consumption; Erastus, married a Fish; Diana and another son. 

LEMUEL* STEWART j: (James,^ Alexander^) and wife Lydia lived in Williams- 
town, Berkshire county, Mass. He was a wholesale merchant and owned part of 
the college. His store full of goods was consumed by fire: he shed tears at the loss 
but was able to rebuild. He gave his sons a good education, and acquired a large 
tract of land in Ohio, and equipped his sons Scoville, David and Milton to go west 
and farm it but they came back after about three years. His wife Lydia died Oct. 
28, 1793, aged 42. Lemuel died at about 65. His will was dated Aug. 1, 1807, and 
probated Dec. 1 the same year. Children, born in Williamstown : 

1 Lemuel Scoville, Aug. 10, 1773; ^rrrMay 14, 1805, Eleanor Davison, Pownal, Vt. 

2 Cynthia, July 13, 1775; Thomas Bishop and died before her father 

3 David, July 16, 1777; -f Mar. 11, 1779 

4 David, Jan. 21, 1781 

5 Milton, Dec. 20, 1784: a doctor surgeon in the War of 1812 

6 James was a doctor in Palmyra, Wayne county, N. Y. : - in Ohio 

«Gnce Stewart and Esra Harvey were married Feb. 1, 1762, in East Haddam. 
tJames Stewart was granted May 2, 1772, a tract of 50 acrea situated on Lake George in Tlcon- 
deroga, south of Tomlin'i patent.'-Essex County. N. Y., p. 813. W. C. Watson, 1869. 

XA Lemuel Stewart served from Berkshire county in the Revolution and was commissioned captain. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


NATHANIEL^ STEWART Qames;- Alexander^) enlisted on the first call for 
troops in Capt. Josiah Starr's company, Col. Benjamin Hinman's regiment, Con- 
necticut, and served in the northern department in the Revolutionary war. He re- 
moved to Harpersfield, Delaware county, N. Y., where he owned 500 acres of land. 
"One of his sons came to see me: he married a Dibble; he visited me here in com- 
pany with Esquire Dibble of Byron, Genessee county, about 1840." The will of 
Nathaniel Stewart of Meredith, Delaware county, N. Y., was dated July 9, 1818, 
witnessed by Cyrenus Stilson, John I. Keeler and Sarah Stilson: a codicil was add- 
ed June 4, 1821, witnessed by Cyrenus, Sarah and Ashael Stilson: probated July 5, 
1830. Widow Sarah. Children, named in will: 

1 Nathaniel, executor (bom 1777; - Alma Georgia and had son James.— D.A.R) 

2 Mary Smith 

3 Keziah Qeorgia (^Elijah Georgia and had Charlotte) and her son Elijah B. 
SAMUEL^ STEWART (James,^ Alexander^), baptized Nov. 11, 1763, in East 

Haddam, "was a shoemaker by trade and lived in Williamstown, Mass., was poor. 
Had a son, ai blacksmith, who lived on Pompey Hill (Onondaga county, N. Y.), an 
ax- and hoe-maker, good mechanic: I heard he made some axes and hoes, just be- 
fore he left for the west and put no steel in them; this was a shabby trick. His 
sister, who lived at Newark (Wayne county), N. Y., called on me here: she married 
a tailor and had but one child, a daughter." Samuel^ was probably the father of 
Terry, who with wife Betsey had Martha, 1799, John, Emily, Russell, Abigail, Su- 
sanna, Betsey, David, Norman N., Terry and Caroline, recorded in Williamstown, 
some of them as having been bom in the adjoining town of Petersburg, N. Y.; and 
of Salome, who married Dec. 28, 1801, John EUithorpe, and of Thomas, who with 
wife Huldah had Sally M., 1816, Martha, Solomon P., Almira O. and Thomas F.— 
the father died Aug. 26, 1829. Ambrose, who with wife Keziah deeded part of lot 
64 in Pompey, Onondaga county, to Samuel Baldwin on Mar. 10, 1808, may have 
been the son alluded to in the Elliott Stewart manuscript, quoted above. 

To be continued 



Capt. JOHN* STEWART {Samuel,* John,^ Robert,'^ Walter^) born Sep. 12, 1746. in 
Londonderry, N. H., married Mar. 12, 1772, Huldah Hubbell, bom May 20, 1752, 
in Stratford, Conn., daughter of Elnathan and Mehitable (Sherwood) Hubbell. In 
1759, when 14 years old, he enlisted in the French and Indian war and marched in- 
to the province of New York and took part in a fight with the Indians at Oriskany. 
He was with Gen. Jeffery Amherst at the taking of Montreal in 1760. He became 
a conspicuous figure during the American Revolution. After the war he settled at 
Ticonderoga, where he kept the Mount Independence inn until it was destroyed 
by fire in 1794, and he moved to a farm at Burlington, Otsego county, N. Y. Be- 
tween 1806 and 1811 he resided at New Haven, Vt., and from 1811 until his death 
July 31, 1829, at Middlebury, Vt. He was a man of eminence in his community, 
of heroic stamp of mind and stanch character. His widow died Aug. 24, 1847. 

1 Cynthia, Dec. 25, 1772, Bennington, Vt.; 4 Mar. 17, 1857, unmarried 

2 Aaron, Mar. 22, 1775, Bennington; ^ May 16, 1807, Selinda Colt, New Haven 

3 Noble, Apr. 3, 1777, Pawlet, Vt.; - May 17, 1814, unmarried, Middlebury 

4 Ira, July 15, 1779, Pawlet; Oct. 29, 1814, Eliz. Hubbell of Lanesboro, Mass. 

5 John. Mar. 10, 1785, Ticonderoga, N. Y., June 14, 1802, Manchester, Vt. 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


WILLIAM"^ STEWART (SamueU* John,« Robert,'' Walter'), bom in Londonderry, 
N. H., served as drummer from Mar. 21 to Oct. 20, 1757, in Capt. Burk's company 
at Fort Edward, and also fought in the Revolution. He married Mary Harris, and 
they accompanied his father and family from Colrain to Shelburne, Mass., in 1770. 
His subsequent history is unknown. Children recorded in Colrain: 

1 Eunice. Apr. 4, 1769 

2 Lemuel , June 28, 1 772 

SAMUEL*^ STEWART (Samuel,* John,^ Robert^' Walter'), born Feb. 23, 1749, in 
Londonderry, N. H., was a small boy when his parents moved to Colrain, Mass. 
He moved with his parents to Shelburne, and began farming for himself prior to 
1773. He joined Capt. Hugh McClellan's company and marcher! on the Lexington 
alarm: re-enlisted while at Boston May 1, 1776, in Capt. Robert Oliver's company, 
Col. Ephraim Doolittle's regiment, for 8 months. He fought at Bunker Hill, and 
was under Arnold at Quebec: Feb. 23, 1777, he enlisted as sergeant in Capt. Law- 
rence Kemp's company. Col. Leonard's regiment, for service at Ticonderoga; dis- 
charged Apr. 10, 1777. He removed to Salem, N. Y., Where he married Elizabeth 
Abbott of Pawlet, Vt., who was born in Salisbury, Conn., Oct. 21, 1759. They re- 
moved to Whitehall and in 1786 to Bristol, Vt. In 1816 the family migrated to 
Royalton, Ohio. There he died Aug. 28, 1827, and she died Feb. 4, 1836. Children: 

1 Chauncy Abbott, Mar. 27, 1782; died in Royalton—sons Daniel and Henry 

2 Mary, Apr. 5, 1787: ==Mar. 22. 1808, Jehiel Saxton 

3 Phebe, Apr. 7, 1789; -Isaac Isham 

4 John, May 10, 1791; -Hiildah Hayes 

5 Eunice, Aug. 4, 1794; ^ Vaughn 

6 Samuel, May 6, 1796; ^ Jan. 15, 1818, Cherry Edwards 

7 Elizabeth, Feb. 15, 1798 

8 Harriet, Feb. 23, 1800 

9 Electa, July 11, 1802 

ROBERT^ STEWART {Samuel* John,'' Robert,'' Walter^), born in 1766 in Col- 
rain, Mass., accompanied his parents to Washington county, N. Y., in 1780 and 
settled in Salem. He was a soldier in the closing years of the Revolution. He 
married Elizabeth Huggins. She died May 2, 1819, in her 50th year. He died on 
Mar. 1, 1847, in his 81st year, in Salem. Children : 

1 Mary, Mar. 2, 1789 

2 James 

3 Robert ; merchant in Greenwich, N. Y.: died unm. in Salem 

4 Isabel ; -John Huggins 

5 Samuel ; ^ in Salem 

6 Elizabeth ; Chester Billings 

7 William 1801 ; settled near the old homestead and died May 19, 1867 

To he continued 


JOHN STEWART of Springfield, page 17. The two Johns mentioned are the samp man. He was 
captured at thp Battle of Dunbar and after v^ardR sold to the Lynn Iron works (or 130. His name is on 
the list of 35 prisoner** brought over on the Unity in 1650. He was a servant ta John Gifford, agent of 
the iron works. In the case of John Gifford vs. John Bex & Co., "Nicholas Pinnion, aged 49 years or 
thereabouts, and John Vinton, aged 38 years or thereabouts," depose! Jan. 24, 1653-4, "that John 
Stewart, Scot, and John Adams were constant servants in the hous? of Mr. John Gifford." He was 
afterwards so'.d to John Tynchon and taken to Springfield. WILLIAM of Lynn and ROBERT of 
Norwalk, pages 6 and 14, wt^re priscners from the Buttle of Worcester and were brought over on the 
John & Sarah. - Alice Heckman Stewart, 105 Langdon ave., Waterlown, Mass. (Mr?. Stewart poss- 
esses the most voluminous collection of Stewart data in the country, compiled by her husband, the 
late George Sawin Stewart, a genealogist of high rank. - Editor.) 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

"E r 







DUGALD STEWART, a native of Scotland, -tSep. 23, 1839, aged 72 
ROBERT* STEWART (Alexander^) ] June 23. 1837, in his 88th year 
JANE, wife of Robert* Stewart, -f Oct. 13, 1837, in her 83rd year 
In memory of CHARLES* STEWART, departed this life July 24, 1840, ae. 57 
In memory of MARY, wife of Donald Stewart, Nov. 3, 1832, aged 61 
In memory of ANNE, wife of John* Stewart, sr., who departed this life Nov. 
20. 1817. aged 71 

Sacred to the memory of CATHERINE, consort of Robert* Stewart, Smith- 
field, Madison county, who departed this life May 8, 1824, in the 44th year of her 



URIEL* STEWART (James,^ James,^ Alexander^), born Nov. 23, 1765. married 
Anna Holgate. He was the Rial Stewart living in Granville, Washington county, 
N. Y., in the first census, 1790, with two boys under 16 and five females. They re- 
moved to Westford. Chittenden county, Vt. He died there Oct. 24, 1833, aged 67, 
and the widow Anna died Jan. 2, 1843. aged 78. Children: 

1 Alvan* 1790. Granville, N. Y.: Utica. His son Alvan« had Alvan^ and 

2 Lucy Douglas.^ 

3 Rhoda 1794; I July 2, 1811, aged 17, at Westford, Vt. 

4 Salvia 

5 Eunice 1799; * May 18, 1802, aged 3, at Duxbury, Vt. 

6 Anna, Oct. 1, 1801 ; -Mar. 25, 1812, aged 10 y., 5 m. and 24 d., at Westford 

7 Asenath — Larkin and lived in Montgomery, Vt. 

8 Martha (Patty) =.Elder Peter Chase of Berkshire, Vt. 

9 Sarah =May 15, 1831, Plumy Fassett, Montgomery, Vt. 
10 Elvira ^Rev. Bryant: Madison, Wis. 

Alvan* was the great anti-slavery advocate of New York. He devised and put 
into operation the so-K:alled underground railway scheme for aiding runaway slaves 
to reach Canada: he was associated with Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Charles Sumner. 
John Brown and other leaders. Candidate for governor of New York in 1844. 

BARZILLAl* STEWART (James,^ James,^ Alexander^), born Nov. 7, 1769, mar- 
ried for his first wife Mary Frost. They settled in Wey bridge, Addison county, Vt. 
Mary died Aug. 2, 1809, aged 36. and is buried in Bridport. He married (2) widow 
Mary ("Polly") Williamson, by whom he had a daughter Mary. Polly died Aug. 8, 
1814, aged 37, and is buried in Cornwall. He married (3) Nov. 26, 1815, in Shore- 
ham, widow Mary Hyde: her son Salmon married Emily^ Stewart, daughter of Phil- 

*FToin the collection of Stewart data made by the late Mrs. Jennie F. Stewart of Syracuse, N. Y. 
Mrs. Stewart's interest in genealogy was profound, and she derived considerable pleasure in freely 
helping others to unravel their perplexing tangles of ancestry. The valuable collection of material 
which she left was very kindly^loaned by her daughter, Miss Maude C. Stewart of 244 Kirk avenue, 
Syracuse, to the editors of the Stewart Clan Magazine, and copies now repose in their archives, to be 
given our readers through these pages. 

'|'=r memns married; :^ means marriage intention; ^ means died; — means refer to page. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



< Barzillaih 




















Adeline B. 


Alvan Uriel 




Erastus B. 




d about fourteen children: 

Rev. Elias Hurlburt of Andover, Vt. 
1796; r Jan. 25, 1818, Dorothy Williamson; he Mar. 2, 1844, 
Olive Myers in Bristol 

1 Jan. 9, 1823, Lorain Stow: (2) EmUy Humphrey 


1 Oct. 30, 1833, Hannah Sargent, in Ludlow, Vt. 
1809; I May 22, 1826, aged 17, in Weybridge 
Robert Myers of hiewbem 
-^ Sep. 12, 1838, Clarissa Myers, in Bristol, Vt. 

Feb. 10, 1839, William S. Howden, in Ira, Vt. 
^Dec. 21, 1842, Elvira L. Parmelee, in Bristol 

- Moses Blowers 

In the third census, 1810, Barzillai* Stewart of Weybridge was enumerated with 
a wife between 26 and 45 years of age, a girl over 16 and under 26, a boy between 
10 and 16 and 4 boys and a girl under 10. 

AMASA^ STEWART (James.» James,^ Alexander^), born Aug. 16, 1773. married 
Lois Budd. They lived in Pennsylvania. "She was one of the prettiest girls I ever 
saw, and he has told me since that he never saw her out of humor." Children: 

1 Sophia "She married at 30 Deverough, a good Methodist farm- 

er: he died and left her a good farm at Springfield, Erie county, Pa. She 
had three sons. She died 3 years ago [ 1862 j" 

2 Selina "She married Thompson, a farmer at Springfield. She 

had some ten children, and moved east, I heard: had a son Elliott." 

3 James "He lived to be only a few years old." 

WILLIAM HENRY^ STEWART (James,^ James,^ Alexander'), born Dec. 14, 
1776, married Patience Denton. Children: 

James F. 
Gora Denton 
William H. 
George W. 

Was married twice: living at Cardington, O., in 1865; 
Married and had several children: died in Illinois. 


Baptist clergyman, settled in Georgia 

Settled in Oregon 

Captain in the Union army during the Civil war 
ELLIOTT^ STEWART (James/ James,^ AUxander') born Aug. 19, 1782, married 
Susanna Griflin in Richfield, Otsego county, N. Y. They went to Georgetown, in 
Madison county: on July 3, 1809, he bought land in DeRuyter of Thomas Ludlow 
for $444; lived there four years and then moved on the Fisk place in Lebanon and 
stayed one year, selling to Fisk. (He sold land in Lebanon to Dr. Smith for $872.) 
"Then moved to Truxton, Cortland county, and four years later to Fabius, Onon- 
daga county, and was there about four years and moved to Covington, Wyoming 
county. Stayed here about five years and traded for a farm in Bergen, Genesee 
county, and after 13 years on this place I moved to Ogden, Monroe county. My 
family has been as follows:" 

1 Anna D. - Samuel Graves and had Jane, Harriet Helen, Homer and 

2 Arvilla Malvina i at 18 years Harlan 

3 Lurancy at 18 Sands Oathout and had Edwin, Rhoda and Lurancy 

Digitized by 



4 Cynthia Sophronia; —at 18 Alonzo Belknap 

5 Julia Ann ~at 24 Niles Oathout : had Charles and Emily : Riga Center 

6 Emily Amanda -at 16 William Hammond and died at 23 

7 James Elliott -Anna Rice: had Delia Frances • 
PHILETUS^ STEWART (James,^ James,^ Alexander^), born Mar. 7, 1785, in 

New York state [Census of 1850], married Oct. 26, 1805, Susanna Ballard, in Ham- 
ilton, Madison county, N. Y. She was born Feb. 28, 1786, in Massachusetts, daugh- 


ter of Dane* and Rebecca (Forbes) Ballard. They settled on a farm of 100 acres 
in Georgetown, where they spent the remainder of their lives. He was a devout 
Baptist and held the office of deacon for many years. She died Jan. 14, 1868, in 
her 82nd year, and he died Aug. 16, 1872, aged 87. Children: 

1 Allen Philetus, Nov. 14. 1807; :-:May 16, 1842, Sarah M. Rider 

2 James Uriel, July 20, 1809; ^Oct. 20, 1841, Eunice Justice 

3 Corydon Forbes, Mar. 11, 1811; =^Sep. 9, 1832, Mary Ann Johnston 

4 Emily Asenath, Oct. 27. 1813; =Oct. 31, 1831, Salmon Hyde 

5 Elliott William, JuJy 14, 1817; ::^Nov. 13, 1845, Marion Jamieson 

6 Alvan F., Apr. 18, 1819; 1^-Oct. 29, 1843, Camera Owen, at Montrose, Iowa 

7 Sanford Head, May 22, 1821; =Aug. 30, 1843, Sarah E. Seals 

8 Susan Evaline, Mar. 20, 1823: ^ Oct. 23, 1843, Francis Burt 

9 Oscar Orville, Aug. 19, 1825; -^1847 Ann Fisk and disappeared Nov. 21, 1857 
10 Mary L., Nov. 23, 1827; ^1850 Orange Baker: Kankakee county, 111. 

To be continued 



JOSEPH* STEWART QosepK* John.^^Robert,^ Walter^) born Apr. 6, 1752. in Col- 
rain, Mass., married Oct. 3, 1774, Rosanna Harmon, born May 17, 1754. He sett- 

*Dane Ballmrd wai born Sep. 9, 1758, in MasBacbusetto, and died Apr. 16, 1831, Georgetown. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


led in Halifax, Vt., and also lived in Bennington. They removed to Washington 
county, N. V., on a farm where, it is said, the apples that fell from the trees rolled 
down into Vermont. He was a soldier in the Revolution, serving with his father in 
Col. Blair's regiment, Albany county state troops, and was granted land bounty for 
his services. His wife Rosanna died Apr. 25, 1813. He married (2) Dec. 12, 1814, 
widow Hannah Hitchcock, in Bennington, Vt. He lived in Cambridge, but was of 
White Creek when he dated his will May 10, 1826: probated Nov. 19, 1828. The 
will (exemplified copy) of Hannah Stewart of White Creek, N. Y., was filed Jan. 3, 
1844* at Manchester, Vt. Children of Joseph and Rosanna: 

1 Eunice, Feb. 26, 1776; :^-Horace Bamum 

2 Joseph, Mar. 14, 1778; =Sarah Dunton 

3 Reuboi, Apr. 9, 1780; =idaughter of William Johnson: Aug. 12, 1838, Ohio 

4 Rosanna, July 1, 1782 ; =^John Allen 
6 David, Jan. 20, 1784 

6 Margaret, Apr. 18, 1786; =^June 17, 1804, Asa Kellogg, in Troy, N. Y. 

7 Mary, Feb. 20, 4788; =- Lauderdale 

8 Sylvester, Mar. 7, 1790; =^Dec. 16, 1810, Almira Doty, in Shaftsbury, Vt. 

9 Anna, May 16, 1794; =Asa Kellogg after the death of Margaret June 11, 1819 
10 Enos, Jlinel8, 1797 

Col. JOHN'^ STEWART^ (Josepfi,^ JoKn,^ Robert,^ Walter^), bom Feb. 14, 1755, in 
Colrain, Mass., went to Vermont with his parents. He married Feb. 22, 1777, Susan 
Smith, born Mar. 14. 1758. He was a Revolutionary soldier, serving for two years 
as corporal with the Vermont troops, part of the time under Captain Hopkins and 
Col. Seth Warner. He served in the War of 1812 and was promoted from the vari- 
ous degrees of rank to that of colonel. He settled in Kingsbury, Washington coun- 
ty, N. Y. He died in August, 1831. His wife died in 1841. Children: 

1 Chauncy, Apr. 15, 1781 

2 Rhoda, Feb. 15, 1784; ^Daniel W. Wing of Fort Edward 

3 Elizabeth, Feb. 13, 1787; -Apr. 7, 1801 

4 Martin Luther, Mar. 23, 1789; 4-Sept. 11, 1815 

5 Susan, Oct. 15, 1791; -hJan. 5, 1864 

6 Margaret, Apr. 27, 1794; —John Calkins 

7 Ann, Nov. 25, 1796; f Feb. 7, 1871 

8 Mary, Nov. 28, 1799; -hDec. 7, 1869 

9 John Calvin, Feb. 14, 1803; —Serena Linendoll 

To be continued 


JAMES STEWART, 1-41-S, and JOHN, 1-4-S, Crown Point. GInrton covnty. N. Y.. in census 1790. 

Eleanor Stewnrt, Johnson D. Stewsrt, Lydis Stewart and Ann Stewart of White Creek, N. Y., ap. 
pointed Dyer Parce of the same town Aug. 14, 1824, to act about real estate in Virginia county, Ohio, 
"situated on Middle Island creek and known by the name of Lemuel Stewnrt's survey, whereby we 
are now interested." <- Miscellaneous Records of Washington County, N. Y., I 197. 


5. JOSEPH STEWART of Cambridge, Maryland. His seventh son was Francis A., my father. 
Was Joseph's ancestor a Revolutionary soldier? Mrs. C. H. Randall. Randolph, Neb. 

6. CONSIDER HARVEY MORRISON, born 1769 in Saratoga. N. Y., died 1846 at Lowville, N. 
Y. Wife Prudence, buried Lowville. Their parenUge desired. Mrs. Louise M. Ford, 88 Jewett Place, 
Utica. N.Y. 

7. PHF.BE STUART married Eli Leonard. They were my grandparents. Phebe's father was in 
the Revolutionary war. I think they came from Kentucky to Ohio. Mrs. L. B. Ayers. Hebron, Neb. 

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ALLEN P.* STEWART (Fhiletus* James,^ James,'^ Alexander^), born Nov. 14, 1807, 
in Georgetown, Madison county, N. Y., married May 9, 1842, Sarah M. Rider. He 
lived on a small farm in Lincklaen and died childless. 

JAMES U.* STEWART (PhiUtus,* James,^ James,^ Alexander^) born July 20, 1809. 
married Oct. 20, 1841, Eunice Justice. He was graduated as a physician at Fair- 
field Medical college and began practice in Lincklaen. He removed to Missouri 
and was building up a very lucrative practice, but became dissatisfied and removed 
to Jackson, Mich., and becoming infatuated with the gold fever he went to Califor- 
nia in 1852. He returned and took his family west and taught school till the Re- 
bellion broke out, when he went into the service. He was there disabled : his wife 
died in 1864, and he spent his last days in Dayton, O. He had a large family of 
children, most of them dying young, the only one reaching maturity being: 
X Elliott James 1849; living when last heard from (1876) at Ft. Sully, S. D. 

CORYDON F.-^ STEWART {Philetus* James,^ James,^ Alexander^), bom Mar. 11, 
1811, married Sep. 9, 1832, Mary Ann Johnston, born in Jamestown, Chautauqua 
county, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1816, 
the daughter of James and Rox- 
ina (Klock) Johnston of James- 
town. He partially learned the 
trade of hatter when a boy, and \ 

afterwards worked at the print- 
er's trade. He turned to farm- 
ing and went out west. He was 
postmaster, justice of the peace 
and station-master at Lawn- 
dale, 111. He died in Bloom- 

CORYDON FORBES STEWART ingtOn, 111., Oct. 7, 1892, and "^"Y ANN JOHNSTON 

his widow died at the same place Jan. 12, 1898. Their children were:© 

1 Jacob Forbes (Frank), Feb. 4, 1884; =June 26, 1857, Lois Moore: no issue 

2 James Philetus, Oct. 3, 1835; =Jan. 12, 1858, Harriet E. Newcomb 

3 Caroline S., Nov. 19, 1836 ; =May 3. 1854, James J. Stanchfield [dier 

4 Corydon E., May 15, 1838; —Caroline Clayton of Alabama: Confederate sol- 

5 Mary A., June 9, 1839; i==Joseph Cooper; (2) Aug. — , 1873, Oscar J. Hyde 

6 Orloflf A., Nov. 8, 1840; - Aug. 9, 1841 

7 Fannie E., Apr. 6, 1842; 1= 2211857, Nathan H. Gary: (2) Coleman Houser 

8 Orloff A. T., Jan. 2, 1844; =nNov. 21, 1871, Esther V. Snook: Union soldier 

9 Rudolph A., Apr. 30, 1845; Union soldier with brother: killed May 9, 1862 

10 Oscar Orville, Jan. 29, 1847 ; 4 Sep. 30, 1848 

11 Izora E., Apr. 2, 1849; ^Sep. 2, 1868, John D. Tribbey 

12 Zelda Leonora, Nov. 24, 1855; ^Nov. 24, 1879, John S. Osburn 

13 Ethelbert R., Apr. 22, 1857: ^Dec. 27, 1879, Lettie M. Cox 

Symbols and references: ^= means married; -^ means marriage intention; ^ means died; number 
preceded by daah means refer to that page; (T bible record, (2; church record, :X town record. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


ELLIOTT WILLIAM* STEWART (Philetus,^ James,^ lames? Alexander^), bom 
July 14, 1817, married Nov. 13, 1845, Marion Jamieson, at Camden, N. Y. At the 
age of 14 he went to Paris, Oneida county, and worked on a farm for three years: 
he attended Cazenovia Seminary and took up the study of law, completing his leg^ 
al studies at Camden, Oneida county. There he began the practice of law; later at 
Utica and in 1846 located in Buffalo. Confinement in the law office affecting his 
health he took up the study of agriculture and in 1852 he purchased a 225-acre farm 
in Hamburg, near Lake View. He began writing for various papers and for many 
years was editor of the Live Stock Journal, published at Buffalo. He was appoint- 
ed non-resident professor of agriculture in Cornell University in 1876-77, and was 
for a number of years a contributor to The Country Gentleman and wrote a stand- 
ard book — "Feeding Animals." He was the compiler of the manuscript on the gen- 
ealogy of the Stewart family. He died at his country home at Lake View in 1894. 

1 James Elliott ; died at 7 from an accidental cut by a scythe 

2 John Jamieson, Nov. 29, 1848; -hJan. 21, 1905, unmarried 

3 Marion McKie, Feb. 3, 1851; 4 Oct. 2, 1878, unmarried 

4 Alvan, Apr. 17, 1853; unmarried: resides on homestead at Lake View 

5 Jean Lillian, Sep 25, 1855; unmarried : resides with brother Alvan [1918] 
ALVAN F.* STEWART {Fhaetus,^ James,^ James,^ Alexander^), born Apr. 18, 

1819, married (1) at Montrose, la., Oct. 29, 1843, Camera Owen. He left home at 
the age of 17 and went to Ohio and later to Illinois. He adopted the Mormon faith 
and went with the exodus from Nauvoo, 111., to Utah in 1846, and became a dignit- 
ary in the Mormon church. He visited his father's family in 1866. After the death 
of his wife he married again and had six more children. Children, by Camera: 

1 Helen C. hat 14 months 

2 Oscar Marion, Sep. 23, 1845; had several wives 

3 Joseph Alvan, Dec. 24, 1847 

4 Fidelia Louisa, Jan. 1, 1850; — Stinson: resided Roalyn, Wash. 

5 Mary Lucinda, Dec. 24, 1852 

6 Matilda Caroline, May 10, 1855 

7 Temima Besella, July — , 1857 

8 James Elliott, Sep. 11, 1*859 

9 Mahouri Alma, Oct. — , 1861 

10 Ephraim Philetus, Nov. — , 1863 

SANFORD H.'^ STEWART (Phdetus,* James,^ James,^ Alexander^), born May 22, 
1821, married Aug. 30, 1843, Sarah E. Seals. He remained on the old homestead of 
100 acres in Georgetown which his father bought in 1805; it was gold in 1908 by 
Sanford's son Philetus,* after having been owned by the family for over 100 years. 

1 Dora, Oct. 29, 1844; ^Spencer Shapley and had Walter, Janette and Sanford 

2 Oscar. Oct. 1, 1846; =Dec. 18, 1872, Harriet Currier: had Arthur 

3 Anna L., Dec. 29, 1851 ; =Feb. 11, 1874, Lewis Niles: six daughters 

4 Mary L., May 30, 1857; =Jan. 26, 1832, Noah Reynolds: sons Ray and Clyde 

5 Philetus, Feb. 6, 1860; i=Feb. 7, 1884, Mary Ella Wagner: (2) Sep. 10, 1907, 

her cousin, Lena Wagner. No children. 
OSCAR O.-^ STEWART (Philetus,^ James,\James,^ Alexander'), born Aug. 19, 1 825, 
married at 22 Ann Fisk. He early began making money, dealing in cattle and dairy 
products. In November, 1857, he went to New York City with a large consign- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


ment of butter and cheese, and after leaving the commission house at 5 o'clock in 
the evening of Nov. 21 to take the North River boat for Albany, on his way home, 
he was never heard of again. His widow never remarried but continued to live on 
the farm in DeRuyter, with their four children* 

1 Ida ; = Gifford : Syracuse 

2 Adelbert ; =Sate Peckham: DeRuyter; one son 

3 Millie ;= Davis: two daughters 

4 Flora ; =Theodore Reynolds: DeRuyter; son and daughter 


This concludes this branch of the East Haddam Stewarts— a line of diversified 
genius and ability as doctors, lawyers, soldiers, ministers and adventurers— and we 
shall later follow the lines of other sons of Alexander, ^ some of whioe use the spell- 
ing Stuart. It is a coincidence worth noting that two Stewarts of other septs — 
Edward Yost Stewart (Charles H., Charles N., Charles) of Ilion, N. Y., and Geo. W.* 
Stewart (Alanson,* WiUiam,'^ James,^ John^ of Haverhill) of Lowell, Mass.— both recog- 
nized in the picture of Philetus^ Stewart, in the January number, a striking resem- 
blance to certain members of their own families. 

Amasa, page 26. The 7th child of Barzillai* Stewart is erroneously given in the 
copy of the Weybridge town records as Amanda. The gravestone says Amasa. 



DAVID« STEWART {William,^ ChurUs,* John? Robert,^ Walter^) born Feb. 24, 
1761, in Colrain, Mass., married Miriam Haven, born Dec. 27, 1760, in Hopkinton, 
Mass. He was a soldier under Gen . Daniel Shays. He was an active and success- 
ful farmer, his land being in that part of Colrain known as Bemardston Gore, and 
the house he built there in 1793 is still standing (1903). He died Apr. 4, 1830, and 
his widow died Nov. 23, 1845. Children : 

1 David, Dec. 21. 1788; soldier in War of 1812: -hMar. 16, 1825, at West Point 

2 Jane, Dec. 26, 1790; =Erastus Chapin: Leyden and Greenfield 

3 Amos, June 4, 1793; z=Margaret Oaks: (2) Lydia Babcock 

4 Betsey, Aug. 25, 1795; =Jesse Nelson of Colrain 

5 William, Aug. 21, 1797; i=Jan. 1, 1822, Susan Brown: (2) Prudence Trumble 

6 Joram W., Mar. 3, 1800; =Oct. 22, 1826, Martha Cannon, in Rutland, Vt. 

To be continued 

J. K. Stewart, C. B. E.. honorable secretary of the Stewart Society, Edinburgh, 
Scotland, and editor of the society's publication. The Stewarts, has become interested 
in the Stewarts of America through the work of Dr. Francis Edward Stewart of 
Philadelphia, who is a life member of the society, and has written Dr. Stewart and 
asked his cooperation in a study of the origin of the principal Stewart families in 
this country. This is interesting news to descendants of the scattered clans in this 
country and may lead to the establishment of connecting links between the immi- 
grant ancestors here and the old lines in Scotland. 

The County Court Note-Book, published by Mrs. Milnor Ljungstedt, rural 
route 1, Bathesda, Md., is a periodical of great value to those interested in South- 
em genealogy and deserves a general support. The subscription is $1 a year. As- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


sociated with Mrs. Ljungstedt is Mrs. W. S. [Pauline Stewart] Crosley, Naval Sta- 
tion, Key West, F.a., and together they expect soon to publish a 2-voluma work on 
the **Stewarts and Floy ds of Virginia: their Catalogue," comprehending also the 
Stewarts of Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. 

"The Mayflower and Alden Kindred Historiographer** is a quarterly publicat- 
ion put out at $1 a year by John Alden Seabury, box 114, Jamaica, N. Y., which 
merits the support of every Alden descendant. It was through our grandmother, 
Henrietta^ [Alden] Edson (Gilbert,' Elijah,^ Josiah,* Samuel,^ Joseph,-^ Joseph,^ Hon. 
John*) that we inherited a love of record-keeping. 


The first death among our subscribers which it is our regretful duty to record 
is that of Harvey H. Wopd, which occurred Jan. 22 at his home, 44 Canton street, 
Ogdensburg, N. Y. H« w«b over 70 years of age and was a great-grandson of Capt. 
Benjamin Stewart of Potsdam, St. Lawrence county, N. Y., through his daughter 
Sarah, who married Rev. Ezra Healy. Capt. Benjamin Stewart was from Hart- 
ford, Washington county, and is thought to have been a son of Samuel,*"* the son of 
Charles^ Stewart (Johrv^) of Colrain, Mass. He was an influential and highly re- 
spected man: he received the first deed, dated July 9, 1803, given to a settler in the 
town of Potsdam: he was a captain of militia in 1806 and served in the War of 
1812. He was twice married, his second wife, Amy Woodrufif, having been born in 
Pittsford, Vt., on Sep. 19, 1794. His will, dated June 1, 1839, was witnessed by 
Silas Wright, jr., then governor of New York, and was probated Aug. 14, 1846, the 
heirs named or cited being the widow Amy and daughters Selinda, Susan and Selat- 
ta; Rebecca Guardian, living at Paris, Richland county, O.; Polly, wife of Henry 
Olin, living at Marseilles, Noble county, Ind.; Martha Stewart, Wayne county, N. 
Y., and Almon Healy, George Healy, William Healy, Jessie Healy, Orilla Healy. 
Melicia Healy and Pamela Healy, all of Cobourg, Canada W. For all this inform- 
ation and the following data taken from the Grant cemetery between Potsdam and 
Canton we are indebted to W. J. Heckles, county historian, Canton, N. Y.: 

Benjamin Stewart d. Oct. 3, 1845, a?. 82. He was one of the First Settlers in 
the Town of Potsdam. 

Rebecca [his first wife] d. July 23, 1828, ae. 57 

Amy [his second wife] d. May 19, 1888, ae. 92 

Scelata [a daughter] d. June 12, 1834, ae. 6 years 

Susan [a daughter] d. Feb. 10, 1888, ae. 55 years 



Hugh Stewart among original members at organization Oct. 15, 1811. He died in 

August, 1856. ANNA, also an original member, died Ausj. 4, 1868. 
Betsey Stewart joined Sep. 13, 1812. She died in February, 1871. 
Malinda Stewart, adult, baptized Mar. 6, 1815. 
Lucy Stewart joined May 1, 1831. 

Anna and Polly Stewart, children, baptized Jan. 12, 1812. 
Eliza, John and Emeline Stewart, children, baptized June 3, 1813. 
Jonathan Severance Stewart, child, baptized June 3, 1813 (named for early mem.). 
Polly Trowbridge Stewart, child, baptized Dec. 19, 1813 (named for early member). 
Deborough Stewart, child, baptized Nov. 25, 1818. 
Jonathan Severance Stewart, child, baptized July 7, 1822. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 








STEWART of Perth, Scotland, had brothers John and Thomas, who 

died before 1791, and perhaps a sister Catherine. He had at least three sons and 
three daughters. Two of the sons came to America:* one may have returned. 

1 Alexander, born probably dr. 1740: merchant in Perth, Scotland 

2 Charles 
' 3 Jannet 

4 John 

5 Anna 

To John Stewart, Perth, Scotland, I 

CambridKe Street of New York, North America. 
Dear Brother:-^ We received your last • • • informing us of your being married • • • 2 child- 
ren which much surprised • • • • not writing before, but according • * • * I shall give you a 
short narrative * * * ^ friends that are dead. Your uncles, John and Thomas, are both dead, 
and James Robertson and Chatcrine Taylor and my wife died four years age, and I have eight child- 
ren buried and four alive, and the oldest is fifteen and she is stone-blind; and your brother Chnrles 
has four dead and three alive, and your three sisters are alive. Jannet is keeping houre with me; Ann 
has a son named John. We all live in Perth. This town is much enls^rged &ince you saw it last. I 
still continue in the old way • • • • strange that you had not got some • • * • could inform 
• • • or any place on re* • • • • more particularly have • • • • have be* • • • York 
and how you are doing in business • • • prosper in the world • ♦ • I shall give you • direct 
Recount next letter, but a • * • uneasy or you write again. Direct to * * • care of Peter Cam- 
- k mason in G* • • Alex Stewart, Mercht above the * • * • to had a more affection for • * 
c 'dering what care • • * Do for yourself • • • • will be a dutiful husband and parent to 
• is the earnest desire of your affectionate brother, ALEXANDER STEWART. 

^OHN^ STEWART was born probably about 1748, in or near Perth, Scotland, 
and came to America perhaps before the Revolutionary war. He married Leah 
(Naphiens) Morris, a widow, who had a son, Robert Morris, who was born Nov. l6, 
1774, in Princeton, N. J.f John was living in New York City in 1791, and there is 
a tradition that he had previously lived in Colrain, Mass. , The date or place of his 
death is unknown. Leah died Aug. 14, 1801, aged 52,0 and is buried in Truxton, 
Cortland county, N. Y.J Children of John and Leah : 

1 Charles, Jan. 1, 1784; =Sep. 12, 1806, Elizabeth Severance, in Truxton, N. Y. 

2 Anna 1790; =John Peirce, Truxton, and -f Apr. 23, 1826, aged 48t 

Symbols and references: =^ means married; -^ means marriage intention; 4- means died; number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; (\) bible record, (i) church record, (3, town record, (^ grave- 
stone, <5) estate, (i) court record, '7. land record, (^i military record. 

•Letter from Mrs. S. Goddard, dated at Truxton, N. Y., Jun<> 6, 1890. to Nrlson Westcott, a soncf 
Owen Westcott. "When your sister Lizzie was here in the fail she wished me to write what I knew 
about Grandfather Stewart and send it to you for her cous'n in Watertown. This is what I know. 

"Between 1750 and 1760 a family came to this country from Germany with a young daughter by 
the name of Leah Naphiecs. When she became a ycung Indy she married a young gentleman named 
Morris. They had one son, Robert. The father did not live but a few years afterward. When Robert 
became a young man he married Miss Charity Matthews. Before his mnrriage two young gentlemen 
of the name of Stewart came from Scotland. One of them, John Stewart, married Leah (Naphiens) 
Morris, the mother of Robert. She had two children by this marriage -Chnrles Stewart, who married 
Betsy, or Elizabeth Severance, and a daughter, Annie Stewart, who married John Peirce, my father. 

"Leah (Naphiens) Stewart died Aug. 14, 1800." (This is an error for 1801.) 

+Po>sibly Princetown, Schenectady county, N. Y. 

"^Peirce monument in Truxton: "Hon. John Pierce died Sep. 7. 1860, ae. 72. Anna Stewart, his 
wife, died Apr. 28, 1826, ae. 48." Another stone reads: "Leah, wife of John Stewart, died Aug. 14, 
1801, ae. 52 yaars. Her daughter Anna, born 1792, died Mar. 9, 1838." 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Robert Morris married in Shaftsbury, Vt., Mar. 7, 1792, Charity^ Matthews, 
born Dec. 31, 1778, daughter of Capt. David« rJames,* John,< John," John,* Ed- 
ward» of Tewkabury, England) and Lucy [Fay] Matthews, formerly of Colrain, 
Mass., latterly of Shaftsbury, Vt. The Morrises removed to Truxton, N. Y. 

CHARLES^ STEWART (John^) was bom Jan. 1, 1784. supposedly in Colrain, 
Mas3., or Bennington, Vt. He married in Truxton, Cortland county, N. Y., Sep. 
12, 1806, Elizabeth^ Severance, bom Feb. 24, 1787, daughter of Jonathan* (Jonath- 
an,^ Joseph," John,!' John^ of Ipswich, England, and Salisbury, Mass.) and Elizabeth 
[McClellan] Severance.* Charles* and his wife Betsey lived on the Cheningo road, 
in that part of the town of Solon which was annexed to Truxton Apr. 4, 1811. He 
moved into Truxton village later and after the marriage of his daughter Emily in 
1830 he bought 40 or 50 acres on the road between Tmxton and Tully, about a mile 
from thfi village. There he died Feb. 14, 1848, and his wife died Feb. 28, 1871. 
Childm, biH'n in {now] Tmxton; 

1 Efeza, June 21, 1806; i=15Sl827. Dr. Melvin A. Webster, (2) 175-1843, Hiram 

Middlebrook of Syracuse: Lindleytown, Steuben county: no issue 

2 John, May 2, 1808; =May 22, 1839, Mary Hudgins of Hart county, Ky. 

8 Emily, Mar. 23, 1810; =Oct. 14, 1880, Owen Westcott, s. of Gorton Westcott 

4 Jonathan Severance, Feb. 17, 1812; -hAug. 3, 1814 

5 Robert Morris, Mar. 24, 1814: Qovemor of Missouri^ 1857-1861 

6 Hannah, Sep. 17, 1816; - Sep. 10, 1818 

7 Jonathan Severance, Sep. 24, 1821 ; i— Dec. 16, 1862, Adeline E. Nichoson 

8 Azariah Blanchard, Feb. 28, 1826; =Jan. 18, 1848, Elesiff Mills 

JOHN* STEWART (Charles,^ John^) married May 22, 1839, Mary Hudgins of 
Hart county, Ky. He was associated with his brothers Robert and Jonathan S. in 
building railroads in Missouri. His wife died July 16, 1868, and he died Aug. 28, 
1873, at St. Joseph, Mo. Children, the first five having been bom in Hart county, 
Ky., the last, in St. Joseph, Mo.: 

1 Anna, Aug. 23, 1840; =Sep. 30, 1857, Judge William M. Carter of St. Joseph: 

2 Robert, Oct. 27, 1841 ; -^Jan. 20, 1886, St. Joseph, unm. [she +2411878 

3 Emily, July 26, 1843 ; 4-Oct. 22, 1843 

4 Mary, July 1, 1846: =Jan. 26, 1875, Thomas M. Haynes of St. Joseph 
6 Eliza, Sep. 17, 1847; -hNov. 26, 1862, St. Joseph 

6 John, Oct. 26, 1850; +1854 
EMILYS STEWART (CharW John') married Oct. 14, 1830, Owen Westcott 
of Tmxton. They lived in Homer, between Homer and Cortland, where he owned 
a saw mill, grist mill and wagon factory known as Westcott's Mills. Children: 

1 Sanford P., Sep. 29, 1831 ; +Mar. 15, 1837 

2 Robert Morris, Mar. ^9, 1834 ; -^Mar. 27, 1837 

3 George Nelson, Apr. 29, 1836; =Jan. 16, 1858, Julia A. Geutchens: +2421922 

4 Elizabeth, Sep. 2, 1839; =May 23, 1860, John Severance, St. Joseph, Mo. 

5 Anna Eliza, July 2, 1842; =June 1, 1865, Rufus Jordan of St. Joseph, Mo. 

6 Emily Jane, Jan. 25, 1845; i=15S-1863, Henry B. Palmer, (2) C. H. KeUar 

7 Helen Elesifif, Mar. 22, I860; =Mar. 21, 1872, Dr. C. E. Barker of Tully 

'Jonathan Severance was bora Apr. 11, 1760, son of Jonathan (bora June 12, 1726, died Apr. 2, 
1822, married Aug. 80. 1749, Thankful, daughter of John Stebbins of I>i^field; she died Dec. 8, 1806). 
of Deerfleld and Green.leld. married Jan. 10, 1783, Elizabeth McClellaff. born July 21, 1762, Colrain. 
daughter of Michael and Jane (Henry) McClellan. In 1800 he removett from Colrain to Truxton. N. 
Y.. where he died May 16, 1846. 

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ROBERT MORRIS^ STEWART (Charles,^ John^) went to Kentucky as a boy, 
and making his way westward he settled in Buchanan county, Mo., in 1838, where 
he practised law. In 1846 he was a delegate to the state constitutional convention, 
and for ten years was a member of the 
state senate. He was lieutenant gov- 
ernor under Gov. Polk and in 1867 he 
was elected governor. He was active, 
in association with his brothers John 
and Jonathan S., in founding the sys- 
tem of railroads which center in Mis- 
souri and built the Hannibal & St. Jo- 
seph railroad and was its president. 
Gov. Stewart was a staunch Unionist 
and boldly vetoed all the pro-slavery 
bills passed by the legislature. He ve- 
toed the iniquitous* "St. Louis Court 
Bill," and so cogent was his reasoning 
that they were unable to pass the bill 
over his negation. When the legislat- 
ure passed a resolution demanding his 
reason for certain vetoes his answer 
was, "It was my prerogative. I had 
the will to do so, and did it." He did 
not favor abolition but would not 
stand for secession, and his unflinch- 
ing attitude and upright character 
held Missouri from joining the Con- 
federacy. On leaving office he entered ^*»^- »^»>«'* M. Stewart of MiMourt 
the Union army as an officer. Failing health compelled his resignation. He never 
married. He died in St. Joseph Sep. 21, 1871. He brought the mastery of mind 
and the scrupulous training of the Scot to guide the destiny of a young state whose 
population differed widely from him in many characteristics. 

1^ 1^ 1^ HH 1^ 

JONATHAN SEVERANCE^ STEWART (Charles.^ John^) married (1) Dec. 16, 
1862, at Albion, Orleans county, N. Y., Adeline Erie Nichoson (double wedding 
with her sister Helen to Charles Stanton), born Mar. 2, 1821, daughter of Dr. Orson 
and Lucy [Morris] Nichoson.f She died Nov. 22, 1891. He married (2) Dec. 16, 
1892. Aurelia Augusta Streeter of Watertown, Jefferson county, born Apr. 2, 1834, 
in Copenhagen, Lewis county, daughter of Nelson and Aurelia Augusta (Parsons) 
Streeter. He died Sep. 14, 1902, in Watertown. From the many long obituaries in 
the newspapers this excerpt from the Watertown Daily Standard of Sep. 22, 1902, 
perhaps best epitomizes this good man's life: "In the death of Jonathan Severance 
Stewart the community has lost a most esteemed citizen, the church one of its most 
devoted and useful members and the cause of temperance one of its most consistent 
and strongest supporters. Truly, a good man has gone to his reward." His widow 
resides [1928] in Watertown. Children, both by first wife: 

'Extracted from John F. Severance's "Severance Genealogical History/' ChieaKo, 1898. 
^Oraon Nichoaon waa bom Mar. 2v 1795, in GaU-ay. Saratoga county, N. Y., and married Jan. 1, 
1820, Lucy Morris, born Feb. 13, 1799, daughter of Robert and Charity (Mathews) Morris. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


1 Francis Edward. Sep. 13, 1853; =Mar. 17, 1886, Mary Ida Seidel: res. Phila. 

2 Charles Nichoson, Aug. 8, 1866, Albion; -fFeb. 29, 1868, Homer 

Dr. AZARIAH BLANCHARD^ STEWART (Charles,* John^) studied medicine 
in the office of Dr. Blanchard of Truxton and practised awhile in that place. He 
married Jan. 18, 1848, at Portageville, Elesiflf Lumeme, daughter of William Web- 
ster Mills of Mills* Mills, near Hume, Allegany county, N. Y., and settled in Hume, 
where he practised many yeais and there died Sep. 23, 1878. Children: 

1 Charles Mills, Apr. 19, 1860; =Oct. 11, 1871, Anna Mariah Ketch: 2 daus. 

2 Mary Arabdla, Mar. 1, 1862; =Nov. 20, 1878, Dr. Elbert, Lu Verne Fish 

3 Allan Blanchard, Sep. 23, 1863; =Nov. 22, 1893, Sidnie Ada Loomis 



Ci^^RLBy STEWART* [John,* Charles* John,» Robert,^ Walter^), born July 16, 
1763, in Colrain, Mass., married first M^ry Hulbert, daughter of John Hulbert, the 
Indian fighter of Colrain. A separation followed and a second marriage, and then 
a final separation. His second wife was Hannah Gates, born in Leyden, Mass., 
abdut 1777. He is said to have been a carpenter and erected the house [still stand- 
ing in 1906] in which he lived at Leyden about 1793. It seems that for a time he 
was a follower of a religious sect called Dorrillites, who flourished in that neighbor- 
hood. In the summer of 1796 he went to Truxton (at that time a part of Fabius, 
Onondaga county), N. Y., his family joining him the following winter, the journey 
being made with an ox team and occupying six weeks. There he became a pros- 
perous man, prominent and active in building up the new town, giving the settlers 
means of transportation through a line of teams to Albany, and having built for 
himself a spacious house, popularly known as the 'big red house,' he entertained 
immigrants free of charge. He erected a saw mill and grist mill, and g^ve the land 
for the cemetery, and was at one time the second wealthiest man in Onondaga 
county (the county was later divided), but reverses came: a big lawsuit over water 
privileges was waged year after year until both parties lost most of their property. 
Between 1819 and 1827 he visited his relatives at Middlebury, Vt., taking the jour- 
ney on horseback, sitting erect and stately in the saddle, his long white hair done 
up in a queue. In 1834 he removed to Michigan, building a house at Genesee, in 
Genesee county, where he resided until his death in 1837. His widow Hannah died 
in 1846 or 1846, in Flint, Mich., a member of the Baptist church. Children, by his 
second wife: [Cf. Charles & Mary on next page.] 

1 Clarissa 1794, Leyden; ^David Mather and died in California 

2 Amy 1797, Truxton; =Elijah Pierce of Truxton 

3 Luke 1798; =Ruth Wrisley: one<!hild— Reuben* 

4 Laura ^Joshua Kendall : Lafayette, Ind. 

6 Maria, Jan. 1, 1804; =1826, William Roome Earle: Truxton 

6 Ransom ^Adelaide Ellsworth— Charlotte,« Charles'* and Mary* 

7 Angel ine =Dr. John A. Hayes 

8 Addison, May 29, 1811 ; =Lucy Tilton: Flint, Mich. 

9 Madison -^young 

10 Franklin -f young 

11 Samuel, June 16, 1818; i=1838, Jane Taylor, (2) 186—, Rebecca E. Widener 

•He was without doubt the soldier from Ashfield who served in Col. Wesson's Massachusetts Line 
regiment in 1778, 1779 and 1780, and the same who served in Capt. Oliver Shattuck's company, Lieut. 
Col. Barnal;>as Sear's regiment, in 1781. 

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nilEY. NEBRASKA issued monthly APRIL, 1923 %^ per year VOL. I NO. 10 



CHARLES STEWART and his wife Mary had the following children: 

1 Robert i/S— ; -^at the age of 9 years [421821, Asa Austin of Homer 

2 Susannah, Aug. 20, 1786:1 =Feb. 17, 1807, Charles Forbes of Truxton, N. Y., (2) 

3 Mary 178—; =Feb. 18, 1807, Edward Hopkins, in Truxton 

4 John 179--; -^1797, in Truxton, from accidental poisoning 

5 Sophia =rJohn A. Hinkley, in Naples, N. Y. 

6 Anna =Sep. 19, 1815, Rufus Stearns: -f 8^1823, Ben'gton, Vt. 

7 Huldah =Jan. 6, 1814, Backus Kinney: -f Whitewater, Wis. 

8 Sarah =Dr. Elisha Doubleday, in Truxton 

9 Rhoda i=^Sarauel Leonard, (2) 17tl826, Rufus Stearns, 5u|>ra, (3) 

821836, Alson Squiers: -j 4^1844, Bennington, Vt. 



JOHN^ STEWART, weaver, of Haverhill, Mass., is first mentioned Mar. 13, 
1731, in the Essex county court records at Salem, and again in the records of his 
majesty's court of general sessions held at Ipswich on July 13, 1731. Tradition 
says that he came over the sea with a brother Thomas, a doctor : that the brother 
went south, perhaps to New York. John went about the parish, setting up his 
loom and weaving 
cloth and blankets 
for the people. He 
married on Mar. 9, 
1735-6, Susanna 
Mitchell, born on 
Nov. 17, 1701, in 
Haverhill, daught- 
er of Andrew and 
Abigail (Atwood) 
Mitchell who came 
from Charlestown 
between 1695 and 
1700: Abigail died 
Dec. 14, 1714, in 
Bradford and An- 
drew married (2) 
Apr. 12, 1715, Ab- 
iah Hazeltine: he 

died Nov. 25, 1736, old home of JOHN and SUSANNA STEWART IN WEST PARISH. HAVERHILL 

and Abiah died Feb. 2, 1745-6. John Stewart settled on Sweet Hill in West Parish, 
Haverhill, north of Captain's Pond. Benjamin Wheeler from the upper part of 

Symbols and references: means married: '■ means marriage intention: -^ means died; number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; T* bible recrrd, (T) church record, (^ town record, (?» grave- 
stone, CD probate record, (T) court, 1^ land, £: military, (») pension, «Si U. S. census. 

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Rowley bought land adjoining May 23, 1738. John deeded to his son James Jan. 
28, 1777, land which he had bought of Mark Wentworth. For f91 he deeded land 
to Abel Greenleaf, merchant, of Newburyport Jan. 2, 1777. His wife Susanna died 
[no record] and he married (2) Margaret Gilmore, born [Apr. 24, 1724] in London- 
derry, N. H., the 
daughter of Capt. 
James Gilmore* 
and his wife Jean. 
In his will, probat- 
ed at Salem Jan. 4, 
1785, he mentions 
his wife Margaret; 
his daughter Sar- 
ah, wife of James 
Miller, bequeath- 
ing her £12 in law- 
ful money and **riy 
loom and tackle to 
be delivered to her 
after the decease 
of my wife"; son 
James, **tl-10s, 
my fustian suit of 


hat, Wiiicb is his full part and portion out of my estate with what he has heretofore 
received of me'*; Mary, wife of David Gilmore, 1*12; Susanna, £ 12 and **one moi- 
ety of the household goods which was left by her late mother"; Anna, £ 12; Mar- 
garet, £ 12 ; John, "all my lands and buildings, together with all other of my estates 
both real and personal,'* he to be executor. A Stewart seal still remains affixed to 
the will. He died Nov. 6, 1784, in Haverhill. Children of John* and Susanna (Mit- 
chell) Stewart, the first three recorded in Haverhill: 

1 James, Oct. 8, 1736; 4- young? 

2 Mary, Sep. 21, 1738; =June 4, 1772, David Gilmore of Salisbury, Mass. 

3 Susanna, bp. Sep. 28, 1740: probably died unmarried Aug. 9, 1827 

4 James, Jan. 8, 1743-4; =Nov. 23, 1769, Sarah Rawlings of Salem, N. H. 
Children of John* and Margaret (Gilmore) Stewart :t 

5 Sarah, hp. Jan., 1755;% =Dec. 30, 1783, James Miller of Chester, N. H. 

6 John, bp. June, i756',X - Jan. 31, 1784, Mary McClure of Salem, N. H. 

7 Anna school teacher: living Nov. 26, 1837, unmarried 

8 Margaret =1800, Elijah Rice: ^ Dec. 18, 1859, Henniker, N. H. 

9 Thomas and Lucinda, and perhaps William. — Family letters 
, To be continued 

•Capt. James Gilmore died in Windham. N. H., June 1, 1758, in his 56th year. In his will, dated 
May 19, 1758, he names wife Margaret; ?on-in-law Gawn Armour and wife Janet; son-in-law Samuel 
McAdams and wife Mary; 9on-in-law John Stuart and wife Margaret and their three children, Sarah, 
John and the youngest not yet baptized; son-in-law James Gilmore and wife Agnes, etc. 

iThis John Stewart shnuld not be confused with the John Stewart, jr.. born in 1727, who married 
in Ipswich on Jan. 16, 1756, (as his second wife?) Abigail Phips, while he was a resident there and who 
had the following children recorded in Haverhill: John, Jan. 15, 1756, d. Jan. 19; Sarah, Jan. 22, 1757; 
John, July 7, 1758; William, Mar. 7, 1760, d. June 11, 1762; Thomas, May 17, 1762, and Lydia, bapt- 
ized Aug. 18, 1765, in the First Parish church. This John died in Unity, N. H., in 1818. 

;"Baptized on his life's account who is a member of Rev. Dr. Davidson's church at Londonderry." 

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JAMES"* STEWART lived in Lower Chanceford township, York county, Penn- 
sylvania, where he made his will, filed for probate June 11, 1829. In a later article 
we hope to give more about this man and to trace his ancestry.* The executor of 
his will was James Maughlin. The testator made bequests to Nancy Stewart, the 
widow of John Stewart; to Mary, wife of John Scott; to Eleanor Stewart; to children of 
Mary Stewart, wife of James Reed, and to the "children of Susan Peden, the wife of 
my son James Stewart." [York county wills, Q-190] 

JAMES« STEWART (James^) was born in Pennsylvania in 1781® or 1784.© 
His early life was spent in Lcwer Chanceford township, York county. Pa. His first 
wife was Susan Peden, who died soon after the birth of her third child, and the 
children were raised by her people. James went to Ross county, Ohio, before the 
War of 1812 and is said to have been a soldier in that war. His second wife was a 
widow whose maiden name was Phebe Cox: she died prior to 1848 and is buried 
beside her last husband in the Concord cemetery, but the part of the tombstone 
carrying the dates of her birth and death has been broken off. About 1848 James 
Stewart married (3) a widow whose maiden name was Jane Moore. He died Oct. 
4, 1857, in his 74th year, near May Hill, in Scott township, Adams county, 0., and 
is buried in Concord cemetery, in Highland county. Children by Susan Peden: 

1 Samuel raised by Elizabeth (Peden) Ramsey: went south 

2 John, Aug. 2, 1808; =Mar. 26, 1829, Ann McBride 

3 Elizabeth raised by Rebecca (Peden) Bogle: = Daniel Ord 
Children by Phebe Cox, all born in Ohio: 

4 James 1819; =Louisa : soldier in Civil war 

5 David C. 1823; —Elizabeth Guthrie: soldier in Civil war 

6 William P. 1824; 1= Martha A. Whitley, (2) Margaret 

7 Mary Ellen 1825; = John Berry 

8 Josiah 1826; 1= Susan , (2) Mary 

9 Harmon 1827; i=Margaret , (2) Jane 

10 Noah 1828; i=Alcena , (2) Mary M. : soldier in Civil war 

Child by Jane Moore: 

11 J. M. 1849; -l-young To be continued 

*Any additional information on th's family should be communicated to Col. John T. Stewart, 2228 
Knapp St., St. Paul, Minn., or to the editor of this magazine. 

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ENOS« STEWART (JoKn/ Charles* John,^ Robert,^ Walter^), born Apr. 15, 1766, 
in Colrain, Mass., married Dec. 6, 1787, Lucretia Clark, bom July 20, 1767, in Ley- 
den. He was a farmer in Colrain and carried his produce, together with that he 
bought in large quantities from the neighboring farmers, to the Boston market, 
realizing a generous income from his transactions. He was a whig. His wife died 
Nov. 6, 1833, and he died Nov. 29, 1856. Children: 

1 Lydia, Oct. 26, 1788; =Briggs Potter of Leyden: -1-1859 

2 Sarah, Dec. 28, 1790; =Robert Riddell, bom Nov. 15, 1789: 8 children 

3 Enos, May 20, 1794; lawyer in Boston: -hl847 

4 Luther, May 5, 1796; =1820, Belinda Barber 

5 William, Dec. 10, 1798; fin Rock county, Wis. 

6 Anna, Oct. 24, 1800; =:Lewis Clark 

7 Matilda, Nov. 12, 1805; =Mar. 12, 1827, Charles Smith, Whitingham, Vt. 

8 Polly, Dec. 4, 1807; =Lawrence Kemp 

OLIVER* STEWART* {Samuel,^ Charles,* John,^ Robert,^ Walter'), born Mar. 2, 
1761, in Colrain, Mass., removed with his parents to Westfield [Hartford], Wash- 
ington county, N. Y. When less than 16 years of age he enlisted with the New 
York troops, and served at various times during the Revolutionary war. He mar- 
ried (1) Apr. 8, 1784, Cynthia Jacques, born Sep. 2, 1765, daughter of Jonathan and 
Lucretia (Wells) Jacques of Hartford. About 1796 he removed to Augusta, Oneida 
county, and settled in that portion of the town called Mile Strip, now included in 
Stockbridge, Madison county. His wife died Sep. 9, 1835, and he married (2) Jan. 
6, 1844, widow Margaret Spoor: she died June 20, 1854. He died Mar. 21, 1858, at 
the age of 97. Children, the first six born in Hartford: 

1 Lydia, Apr. 25, 1785; =:Aug. — , 1801, Alfred Edson, Stockbridge: -{-111841 

2 Charles, July 27, 1787: =Dec. 24, 1809, Mercy Wilcox: -t 25^1865, in Wis. 

3 Samuel, Mar. 1, 1789; =May 30, 1822, : -hl0|1850, Wales, Erie county 

4 Henry Wells, June 17, 1791 ; -hNov. 3, 1793 

5 Ezra Jakways, Apr. 7, 1793; =Feb. 24, 1839, Sarah Marie Carpenter: +8^66 

6 Acynthia, Mar. 25, 1795; =Jan. 4, 1820, Charles Doolittle: -[-May 22, 1873 

7 Enos, July 13, 1798; =July 6, 1841, Sophia --: -f July 17, 1883, Illinois 

8 Lucretia, Sep. 5, 1800; =Dec. 25, 1821, David Brewer: he -hAug. 2, 1858 

9 Hannah, Aug. 1, 1803; -[-Jan. 4, 1839, unmarried 
10 Ruth, Nov. 11, 1806; -f May 28, 1841, unmarried 

We record another death among our subscribers — that of Mrs. Angeline Allison 
—which occurred Feb. 24, 1923, at her home at Olathe, Kan., her age being 73 years 
and 10 months. She was a leader in the Kansas movement for temperance and 
equal suffrage and was prominent in women's club circles. She was a great-grand- 
daughter of Oliver Stewart of Stockbridge, Madison county, N. Y., above. 


8. JAMES STEWART (supposed to have come from Kentucky to Indiana) married Rebecca 
Jackson and had: John, Nicholas, Cag:er, Alexander, Luzanne and Jane. Jane, born Sep. 9, 1831, from 
Morgan county, Ind.. married Clayborn A. Carr of Casey, III.: she died Jan. 8, 1912. Mrs. Carey S. 
Welsh, 261 James avenue, S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

'The proof that Oliver was the son of Samuel has not been established. An entry in Oliver's bible 
states "Rebeca Stewart died Feb. 8, 1823, aged 84 years and 8 months" (bom May 28, 1738). 

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ir.Ar 2 3 1923 




FIL LEY, NEB. issued monthly MAY. 1923 $i per year VOL. I NoTTl 

Edmund Hayes Bell of Washington, D. C, a descendant of George Steuart of 
Lancaster county, Pa., 1717, sailed this month for a visit in Scotland. On his re- 
turn he will give us any interesting Stewart material he may come across. 



A Page from James^ Stewan*s Old Family Bible 


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JAMES^ STEWART QoHnO, born Jan. 8, 1743-4, in HaverhUl. Mass., married 
there Nov. 23, 1769, Sarah Rawlings, born in New Salem, N. H., July 26, 1748, 
daughter of Benjamin and Martha (Wheeler) Rawlings of Salem, N. H. They set- 
tled near his wife's home in Salem, and in 1773 removed to Dunbarton,* N. H. He 
served in the Revolutionary war as a soldier from that town, attaining the rank of 
ensign [sub-lieutenantt]. At a meeting of the selectmen held on Jan. 20, 1779, Ensign 
James Stewart was chosen with.Capt. Thomas Caldwell and James McCalley as a 
committee "to hire the soldiers as cheap as can be had." The selectmen of Dun- 
barton on Sep. 7, 1780, chose James Hogg to collect the beef tax for the army in 
the west part and James Stewart to collect that in the east part of the town. In 
his old age he removed to Springfield, N. H., where he died Nov. 5, 1816. His wid- 
ow Sarah died at Bow, N. H., on Wood Hill, Aug. 5, 1819. ChUdren, the first three 
having been born in Salem, the others in Dunbarton: 

1 Abiah, Aug. 27, 1770; +Nov. 19, 1770 

2 Benjamin Rawlings, Aug. 19, 1771 ; =Mary Clough 

3 Susanna, Jan. 23, 1773; =1789, James Colby: -f Dec. 18, 1848, Bow 

4 Mehitable, June 17, 1774; = Joseph Woodbury: +Mar. 28, 1813 

5 James, Aug. 10, 1775; =Margaret Clough 

6 John, Dec. 30, 1776; =Dec. 26, 1799, Susanna Bancroft: Croydon, N. H. 

7 Martha, Sep. 23, 1778; =June 11, 1796, Jonathan Merrill of Went worth 

8 William, Sep. 26, 1780; =Oct. 25, 1803, Ann Sargent of Bow 

9 Jonathan, June 6. 1782; -(-Oct. 1, 1788 

10 Abiah, May 31, 1784; -hApr. 12, 1799 

11 Sarah, May 17, 1786; -hOct. 6, 1788 

12 Jonathan, Aug. 5, 1789 ; =Dec. 28, 1814, Sarah Hazzard: +Sep. 1, 1873 

13 Sarah, June 25, 1795; =Daniel Williams: two children 

JOHN« STEWART Qohn^), baptized Jan.—, 1755, in Haverhill, Mass., married 
(int. Jan. 31, 1784, HaverhiU) Molly McClure of Salem, N. H. He served in the 
Revolutionary war, and became a captain. After his marriage he settled in Deer- 
ing, N. H., and in 1799 removed to Warner, where he died Mar. 18, 1828. 

1 Thomas =Nov. 17, 1805, Nancy Harriman: 10 children. Captain 

2 John, Jan. 25, 1787; =Nov. 29, 1814, Hannah Dalton. Captain 

3 Polly 

4 Susan 

5 Lucinda 

6 David i8or; =Lucy Bean: -f Apr. —, 1885, without surviving issue 

7 William, July 22, 1801 

8 Nancy [John =Dec. 11, 1803, Sally Gordon of Henniker] 
ANNA* STEWART (7o/in»), born in Haverhill, was mentioned in her father's 

will. She was a school teacher and never married. She was the letter writer for 
the family, and a number of her well written letters, signed Nancy Stewart, to the 
Millers at Enosburg, Vt., and letters to and for her nephews and nieces, are still 

Sjrmbols and references: ^= memns married: -^ means maniage intention; "h means died; number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; ® bible record, (a) church record, (i) town record, ® grave- 
stone, (6) ^obate record, (*) court, (j; land, {hj military, (?) pension, (g) U. 8. census. 

*Dunbarton was the home of other Stewarts. Samuel Stewart of Dunbarton married Agnes Clyde, 
bom June 28, 1744, Windham, daughter of Daniel and Esther (Rankin) Clyde. He died there Apr^ 
28. 1804, aged 60. and she died May 19. 1835. aged 91. Samuel Stuart and two James Stuarts were 
rigners of the Dunbarton petition of Mar. 11. 1796. 

, tAn Ensign was a commissioned officer below 2Qd lieutenant, abolished at close of Revolution. 

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preserved and have been the source of considerable information. It is likely that 
the children Thomas, Lucinda and William^ ascribed to John,' were the children of 
John-: she referred to them as '*my brothers and sister" in a letter written Dec. 27, 
1817, Warner, for John Stewart, jr. [John*]. 



JOHN' STEWART (Jamcs,« James*), bom Aug. 2, 1808, in Lower Chanceford 
township, Ycrk county, Pa., was brought up by an aunt (his mother having died 
when he was a child), Rebecca (Peden) Bogle, near Mount Perry, Perry county, 0. 
He married Mar. 26, 1829, Ann McBride, who was bom in Ireland on July 1, 1803. 
Mar. 1, 1832, he bought the s-w,>4 section 11, township 17, range 16, Perry county, 
O., on which he lived until 1854, when he moved to a farm near Jefferson, Clinton 
county, Indiana. In 1864 he moved to the vicinity of Loda, Iroquois county, Illi« 
nois. He died Jan. 14, 1870, near Paxton, Ford county. 111., and was buried in the 
Loda cemetery. His widow died Jan. 3, 1891. Children: 

1 William Richie, Dec. 25, 1831; =Oct. 20, 1853, Nancy Barr 

2 Margaret, Apr. 22, 1834; =Dec. 11, 1856, Thomas Lackey Miller: +3JP1893 

3 James Peden, Nov. 5, 1837; =Oct. 10, 1861, Virginia Miller: -fl351900 

4 Sarah, Nov. 20, 1842; =Nov. 22, 1860, Thomas Lackey Millert: +3031896 

5 Mary Jane, June 12, 1844; =Oct. 31, 1865, Asa Allen Bridgman: 4 8*1906 

J AMES^ STEWART (7ames,« James*), bom in 1819 in Ohio, married Louisa 
. He enlisted Aug. 22, 1862, at Newton, Iowa, and was mustered into serv- 
ice Sep. 13, 1862, at Iowa City, as a private in company D, 40th regiment Iowa 
volunteer infantry: discharged June 27, 1864, for disability. Little Rock, Arkansas: 
pension no. 527408. Children, all bom in Ohio: Phebe J., 1841, Hezekiah E., 184^, 
Louisa E., 1844, and William C, 1846. William C.** Stewart enlisted Feb. 3, 1862, 
at Macon City, Missouri, mustered Nov. 1, 1862, at Monticello, Mo., as a private 
in company H, 2nd regiment Missouri state militia, volunteer cavalry, for the per- 
iod of the war, and was killed in action Apr. 21, 1863, at Chalk Bluff. James^ had 
another son, Herter A., bora 1849. 

DAVID C.^ STEWART (James,^ James^), bora in 1823 in Ohio, married Eliza- 
beth Guthrie. Private in company G, 172nd regiment of Ohio volunteer infantry: 
drafted Nov. 2, 1864, and assigned to company G, 43rd Ohio, but never reached 
that organization: pension no. 1073769. Children, born in Ohio: Mary Ellen, 1843^ 
Minerva J., 1845, Margaret A., 1846, John Henry, 1849, Sarah E., 1851, Rebecca, 
1853, Armanas P., 1855, David L., 1857, Martha E., 1859, Oscar W., 1863, and Lydia 
C, 1863. 

WILLIAM FJ STEWART (James,^ James^), born in 1824 in Ohio, married first 

Martha A. Whitley, second Margaret . He was a cabinet maker. Children, 

all bora in Ohio: Catherine A., 1844* Phebe A., 1846, Thomas A., 1849, Justus, 1852, 
Amanda, 1854, King Noble, 1856, and William, 1859. 

MARY ELLEN^ STEWART (James,^ James'') , born in 1825 in Ohio, married 
John Berry. Their children, all bom in Ohio, were: Phebe A., 1842, James, 1844, 
William, i847» and Margaret, 1849. 

*Any additional infonnation on this family should be communicated to Col. John T. Stewart, 2228 
Knapp St., St. Paul. Minn., or to the editor of thia magszino. 

fThe two Thomae Lackey Millers were cousins, the latter being a bretber4o yirginla. 

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JOSIAH' STEWART (James,^ James*^), born in 1826 in Ohio, married first Susan 

, second Mary . His children, excepting Harrison, were born in Ohio : 

George, 1849, Harrison, 1852 in Illinois, Nancy, 1857, and May, 1858. 

HARMON' STEWART aamcs,« Jamcs^), bom in 1827 in Ohio, married first 

Margaret , second Jane . He was a carpenter. Children, all born in 

Ohio: Walter, 1851, Lewis, 1853, Kansas, 1855, and Noble, 1857. 

NOAH' STEWART (James,^ James*), bom in 1828 in Ohio, married first Alcena 
, second Mary M. . Private in company G, 172nd regiment Ohio vol- 
unteer infantry. Children, all born in Ohio: James R., 1849, Catherine, 1851, Sar- 
ah, 1853, Mahala, 1855, America, 1855, May, 1857, John W., 1865, Margaret, i867f 
David L., 1871, Nancy J., 1871, R2becca A., 1872, Phebe A., 1874, Thomas M., 1876, 
Noah A., 1877, and Cora E., 1879. 

To be continued 



JOHN* STEWART (Jo/in,^ JoKn,< Mn,8 Robert,^ Walter^), born Apr. 27, 1773, in 
Windham, N. H., resided on the home farm in Shelburne, Mass. He married Apr. 
— , 1796, Charlotte Flagg, born in 1774, daughter of Samuel and Grace (Fisk) Flagg 
of Brookfield, Mass. She died Aug. 23, 1827, and he died Jan. 28, 1843, in Coh'ain. 

1 Catherine, Jan. 19, 1797; =Feb. 12, 1822, Wilkins B. Clark, Vernon, Vt. 

2 Roxanna, Apr. 5, 1798; -f Sep. 12, 1802 

3 Electa, June 5, 1800; -j Sep. 14, 1802, in the great epidemic 

4 infant 1 8o i ; -fae. 3 months 

5 Samuel F., Sep. 9, 1803; =Apr. 19, 1837, Mary Sweet, in Milford, N. Y. 

6 Ira, Aug. 23, 1805; =Caroline Little of Halifax, Vt. 

7 Amanda, Nov. 17, 1809; =Mar. 27, 1834, Lorenzo Severance of Shelburne 

8 Eliza, Jan. 12, 1813; =1841? Dennb Daniels 

ABRAHAM W.« STEWART (Robert,' John,^ John,^ Robert,^ Walter^), bom Aug. 4, 
1786, in Windham, N. H., was a school teacher, and served as a soldier in the war 
of 1812, for a time on garrison duty at Portsmouth, N. H. jte married June 5, 
1814, in Salem, N.'H., Betsey R. Cochran and lived for some time in that town. 
His wife died Jan. 9, 1868, and he died Jan. 3, 1870, in Haverhill, Mass. 

1 John, Mar. 27, 1815; =Apr. 19, 1838, Alice S. Webster, in Haverhill 

2 James C, Oct. 7, 1817; -=NoV. 29, 1843, Abigail W. Clarke, Haverhill 

3 Robert, June 6, 1820; =Dec. 26, 1860, Sarah J. Moore of Parsonfield, Me.* 

Alexander Stewart -hJan. 31, 1847, aged 50— Sarah, his wife, -hApr. 28, 1852, ae. 55 
Catherine Stewart -1-1871, aged 64 
Daniel Stewart -f Aug. 29, 1845, aged 92 

Daniel Stewart, from Perthshire, Scotland, -^Aug. 14, 1850, aged 84 years 
Catherine, wife of Daniel, } June 23. 1869, aged 85 
John Stewart -f-Sep. 10, 1845, aged 42 
Malcolm Stewart, from Perthshire, Scotland, 1806, -h Feb. 28, 1820, in 55th year 


Duncan, from Perthshire, Scotland, born July 26, 1758, -rJuly 26, 1811 

Elizabeth, h\s wife, -Feb. 26, 1844, aged 87 

Archibald Stewart, t Nov. 30, 1849, ae. 61— Mary Bell, wife, +Feb. 16, 1850, ae. 54 

*From the collection of Stewart data made by the late Mrs. Jennie F. Stewart of Syracuae, N. Y. 

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i.Kn, T. KIISO.V, KIJlTlfll • AS»Ori AYr, HOHACK llirKKHMA.V, X KW JIAVK.V, C.i.XS. 

FILLEY. NEB. issued monthly JUNE. 1923 " >i per year VOL.1 NO. 12 



BENJAMIN RAWLINGS^ STEWART {James,'^ John'), born Aug. 19, 1771. in 
Salem, N. H., married Mary Clough. He died April — , 1799. Children: 

1 Obed had a wife and son in Boston 

2 Betsey = James Sargent, bom Dec. 10, 1786, son of Simeon 

3 Benjamin R., June 3, 1799; =Dec. 8, 1822, Abiah S. ElUott 

JAMES3 STEWART (James;^ John'), born Aug. 10, 1775, in Dunbarton, N. H., 
married Margaret Clough. Children : 

1 Abiah —Levi M. Davis, in Bow 

2 Matilda 

3 Margaret 

4 Harriet 

5 Eiisha C. 

JOHN« STEWART (James,^ John'), 
born Dec. 30, 1776, in Dunbarton, N. H., 
married Dec. 26, 1799, Susanna Bancroft 
and removed to Croydon, N. H. 

1 Gardiner 

2 Hazen 

3 Caleb 

4 Walter 

5 John 

6 Susanna 

7 Harriet 

John'), bom Sep. 23, 1778, married June 
11,1 796, Jonathan Morrill of Wentworth. 
She died Mar. 30, 1854, aged 80. Child- 
ren : Mehitable, Seth, Sally, Betsy, Mau- 
rice, Belinda, Jonathan, Millard and E- 

John'), bom Sep. 26. 1780. in Dunbarton, William and Ann (Sargent) Stewart 

N. H., married at Concord Oct. 25, 1803, Ann Sargent, born at Bow Nov. 7, 1784, 
daughter of Simeon and Martha (Bunton) Sargent. He was a carpenter and con- 
tractor, and lived in Dunbarton. where his first six Children were born, and moved 
to Springfield, where his son Philip was born; thenc^ to Bow, where he was taxed 
1817-20 and where Jerome and Alanson were born. He then moved to Pembroke, 
and later to Chelmsford [now Lowell], Mass. He removed to Billerica, a nearby 
town, and worked on the Middlesex canal, then building, while his wife Ann kept a 
boarding house for the laborers on the canal. William joined the Pentucket lodge 

Symbols and references: -~ means married: ^ means marriage intention; -r means died; number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; CD bible record, (?) church record, (a) town record, grave- 
stone, (D probmte record, (*) court, (j; land, ^; military, (s) pension, ® U. S. census. 

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of Masons June 30, 1825. Lowell was not then an incorporated town and Pentuck- 
et lodge met in what was called Middlesex Village. He died at Billerica Center on 
Jan. 8, 1857, aged 76, and his wife died Aug. 6, 1863, at Billerica. Children: 

1 James, Nov. 22, 1804; +Jan. 2, 1851, unmarried, in Cuba: master machinist 

2 Simeon Sargent, Oct. 27, 1806; r=Mar. 15, 1829, Maria Spalding 

3 Cynthia, Feb. 2, 1808; =May 14, 1824, John Hall Osgood 

4 King Derias, Sep. 29, 1809; =Nov. 27, 1836, Abbie Carleton 

5 William Henry, Nov. 21, 1811 ; i=June 17, 1838, Catherine Nelson 

6 Martha Ann, Nov. 25, 1813; +Oct. 2, 1814 

7 Philip, July 23, 1815; =Dec. 7, 1848, Mary Lavina Wilson 

8 Jerome Bonaparte, Sep. 23, 1817; went to California 1849: no trace 

9 Alanson, July 13, 1820; =Feb. 23, lB60t Mary Ann Cad^on^ 

10 John Chappin, Aug. 18, 1825; killed in battle of Petersburg, Va., June 1 7, 1864 

11 Melissa Ann, Dec. 3, 1828; +Dec. 8, 1829 

JONATHANS STEWART (James,^ John^), bom Aug. 5, 1789, in Dunbarton, N. 
H., married Dec. 28, 1814^ Sarah Hazzard, bom Mar. 6, 1796, in Springfield, N. H., 
daughter of James C. Hazzard.* They resided for a time in Springfield, his name 
appearing on the poll tax list for Bow from 1819 until after 1821. They removed 
to Andover, N. H., where they are buried. She died at West Concord Dec. 3, 1872, 
aged 76, and he died there Sep. 1, 1873, aged 84. Children: 

1 Sophronia Sargent, Oct. 17, 1815; =Dec. 13, 1837, Asa P. Thompson 

2 Erie Warner, Oct. 8, 1817; =Sep. 1, 1845, Betsy Rose Page of Wentworth 

3 Anna Fuller, June 21, 1819; +Apr. 2, 1839, Andover 

4 Betsy Greeley. Aug. 14, 1821 ; =Apr. 22, 1 847, Cyrus Truell of Bedford 

5 Benjamin, Aug. 21, 1823; + Aug. 31, 1823 

6 James Carr, Aug. 21, 1825; +Oct. 21, 1826 

7 Jonathan Morrill, Oct. 30, 1826:=Oct. 4, 1857, Marietta E. Sanborn 

8 Susan Colby, July 30, 1829; =Oct. 24, 1847, Oliver Whitcomb of Bolton, Ms. 

9 James Carr, Oct. 24, 1831 ; +Dec. 12, 1852, unmarried, at Andover 

10 Sarah MarioQ^Apr. 13, 1836; =Jan. 1, 1851, Daniel Osgood of Franklin 

THOMAS' STEWARTt (JoKn,« John^), bom in Deering, N. H., married Nancy 
Harriman, daughter of Asa Harriman. Children: 

1 Asa =Lydia : children— George,* Jane, Frank, Malvina, 

2 Sarah -funmarried ^.[MarindaajodMvia 

3 William -fin infancy 

4 Mary =Hiram Morrill of Andover: Charles* and George 

5 Nancy =Gideon Stevens of Franklin: Jennie,* Ellen, Emma, Ben 

6 Susan = Searle of Salem, Mass. : John,* George and boy 

7 Rozella = Joseph Holt of Penacook: Frank* and Fred 

8 Thomas W., Aug. 24, 1823 ; ==Susan Gault, Pembroke 

9 Jane 1835; =Joseph B. Stanley, Concord: no children 

10 John Harriman, May 15, 1831; =June 18, 1855, Susan Towle, Concord 

Capt. JOHNS STEWART (John,* John^), bora Jan. 25, 1787, in Deering, N. H., 

•James Carr Hazsard was born Aug. 2, 1759, in old Chester. He married Feb. 11, 1787, BeUy 
Greeley, bom Feb. 28. 1769, daughter of Shubael and Hannah (Pettlngill) Greeley of Salisbury, N. H. 
He died Mar. 24, 1838, in Springfield, and she died June 6, 1857. He was in the battle of Bunker Hill 
and at Ticonderogm at the age of 16, and was an ofRcer in the war of 1812; son of James Hazard, bom 
1786, died Apr. 26, 1814, in New York, and Anne Carr, bom Dec. 5. 1787.® 

Ilnformation about this family was kindly foraisbed by Miss Caroline S. Stewart, Concord, N. H. 

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married in Warner Nov. 29, 1814, Hannah Dalton, born Nov. 21, 1792, in Warner. 
He was a prominent man in Warner and was a captain in the militia. His wife 
was killed Sep. 24, 1884, by being thrown from a wagon. He married (2) Dec. 21, 
1848, Lydia Gibson of Henniker. He died Sep. 28, 1851. Children : 

1 Marinda B., Dec. 12, 1814; =Feb. 12, 1838, James Bean: -hJuly — , 1846 

2 Isaac Dalton, Dec. 23, 1817; =Feb. 8, 1843, Elizabeth G. Rice of Henniker 

3 Cyrus H., Aug. 22, 1819; i=Susan Evans, (3) Louisa Gillson 

4 Leonard, Sep. 20, 1821 ; i=9jri847 Judith H. Davis, (3) 28J1882 Jane Osgood 

5 Mary, Apr. 28, 1824; =Jan. 27, 1846, James Bean, supra 

6 John M., Apr. 13, 1828; =Meli8sa Fisher: children— Nettie and Grace. 

To be continued. 


•Y COL. JOHN T. rrewAirr of rr. waul. minn. 
WnJ^IAM RICHIE* STEWART Qohn,^ James* James^) married at West Rush- 
ville, Fairfield county, Ohio, Oct. 20, 1858, Nancy Barr, bom Feb. 14, 1886, daughter 
of Gabriel and Martha (Brown) Barr.* They r^noved to Jefferson, Clinton county, 
Ind., in 1854 and bought the a}4 n-ej^ section 13, township 21 north, range 2 west. 
In 1864 they moved to Loda, Iroquois county. III., and bought the s-wji^ section 
33, township 24 north, range 10. In 1876 they moved to Mecklenburg county, 
Virginia, and in 1877 to Adams county, Ohio, returning to the Illinois farm in 1881. 
He died May 17, 1916, in Paxton, 111., and was buried in the Loda cemetery. The 
widow is BtiU living. Children : 

1 infant, June 22, 1854; -hsame day 

2 Anna Elizabeth, Aug. 1, 1857; -f Jan. 20, 1884 

3 Thomas M., Nov. 21, 1861 ; -hSep. 21, 1864 

4 infant. May 13, 1864; +May 24, 1864 

5 John Truesdale, Jan. 13, 1868; =Jan. 1, 1900, Ida Belle Wilson: res. St. Paul 

6 Martha Rebecca, May 2, 1874; =Sep. 26, 1900, Dr. Norman Perry Mills 
MARGARET* STEWART (John,^ James,* James'), bom Apr. 22, 1834, in Perry 

county, Ohio, married Dec. 11, 1856, Thomas Lackey Miller. They moved to Pax- 
ton, Ford county. 111., in 1865, and to Oskaloosa, Clay county, in 1870. She died 
Aug. 3, 1893, and is buried in the Oskaloosa cemetery. Children: 

1 Sarah Catherine, Oct. 24, 1857; -hOct. 10, 1873 

2 John Stewart, Mar. 2, 1860 

3 Anna Janette, Dec. 28, 1862; =Dec. 14, 1882, Thomas Boston Walker 

4 Ida May, Apr. 9, 1865; =Nov. 21, 1894, Arvey Curtis Porter 

5 Minnie Alice, Sep. 30, 1867; -f Sep. 20, 1869 

JAMES PEDEN« STEWART (John,^ James,* James^), bom Nov, 5, 1837, in 
Perry county, Ohio, married near Jefferson, Clinton county, Ind., Oct. 10, 1861, 
Virginia Miller. They moved to Paxton, 111., in 1864, and to Oskaloosa in 1870. 
He died Jan. 13, 1900, and is buried in Oskaloosa. Children: 

1 Joseph Addison, Aug. 11, 1862; :^Oct. 2, 1894, Jennie Austin Harrel 

2 Ella May, June 30, 1864; =Apr. 15, 1891, William Henry King 

3 Alma Maud, Mar. 27, 1868; +Sep. 10, 1869 

4 John Francis, Oct. 27, 1870; =Mar. 23, 1902, Mamie Ethel Foster 

5 Iva Jane, Feb. 6, 1874; =Apr. 17, 1901, Stewart Patterson Dow: -hl2|1914 

*Qahriel Barr was bom Apr. 1, 1802, in Pennsylvania, and married Mar. 9, 1826, Martha Brown, 
born Dec. 15, 1805. He diod Oet. 17, 1850, and she died Jan. 26, 1875.0 

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6 Eva Ann, Feb. 6, 1874; =Aug. 6, 1895, Vincent V. Puttman: +Jan. 15, 1901 

7 Virginia Florence, Dec. 26, 1880; -j-Dec. 5, 1883 

SARAH« STEWART (Jofin,^ James,^ James*), born Nov. 20. 1842, in Perry coun- 
ty, Ohio, married Nov. 22, 1860, Thomas Lackey Miller, cousin to the husband of 
her sister Margaret. They lived near Mulberry, Clinton county, Ind. She died 
Mar. 30, 1896, and is^ buried in Fair Haven cemetery. Children: 

1 Chalmers Henry, Sep. 9, 1861 ; =Dec. 21, 1887, Ida Page 

2 MaryR., Julyll,1863;-hNov. 5, 1864 

3 Anna May, Feb. 27, 1865; +July 18, 1868 

4 Dorleska Jane, Oct. 22, 1867 ; =Apr. 7, 1887, William C Hart 

6 Margaret Belle, June 13, 1870; -Nov. 13, 1889, Silas Bailey Stinson: 4 23^18 
6 Ella Virginia, Nov. ^0, 1874; =Jan. 27, 1897, W^lUam A, Jw^pbs 
MARY JANE« STEWART (John/ Jamesfijames^), born June 12, 1844, in Perry 
county, Ohio* married Oct. 31, 1865, Asa AJI^ti Bddgman. Theyjived at Mattoon, 
Coles county, Ht ^ She died Nov. 8, 1906^: buried in Dodge Grove cemetery. 

1 Anna Augusta, Mar. 13, 1867; =Feb. 3, 1897, William Frederick Johnson 

2 Gertrude, Feb. 2, 1870 

3 Harriet Frances, May 9, 1%72'r =^an. 11, 1903, Fletcher H. Gowdy 

4 John Chandler, Sep. 29, 1876; =Dec. 5, 1895, Nellie Fitch 
• 5 Henrietta, Miy 1^, 1878 ; -f-Mar . 3, 1879 


This number completes the first year of the Stewart Clan Magazine. We are 
going right ahead with it and ew(^ to run it for many years. It is customary for 
publications of this class to begin complaining about lack of merited support, and 
to wobble and fall, but the editor of this little whiz-bang knew all about the dis- 
couragements of life — iQ, fact, he li^kes them in a grim way— before he started. But 
we have met no discouragement— nothing but kind words and helpfulness. We 
acknowledge our gratitude to the many good folks who have sent us data, and we 
will mention their names as we publish the information. Two fine gentlemen of the 
royal tribe haveknocked us silly with gifts of $20 and $25 to help pay the postage 
and bribe the ofiicial record keepers, while others have generously furnished illust- 
rations, bought extra copies, etc. 

As we presume that our readers preserve and intend to bind this magazine we 
shall coptiaue the consecutive numbering of pages until the publication-has reached 
a bulk suffici^t to make a convenient book. Then we shall publish an index as a 
supplement. Subscribers whose time expires with number 12 are invited to renew. 

The interest aroused has started scores to digging up and collecting records, 
and this is "bound to'result in many discoveries of important clues. The chief cred- 
it for all that may be accomplished will belong to our confrere, Mr: Horace Dicker- 
man (whoi»iU>w enjoying life ferreting through barrels of old records in his bunga^' 
low by the sea at Branford, Conn.^ while his wife is spending a few months in Eur- 
ope), who awoke our drowsy interest in Stewart lore. A query of ours (we were 23 
years old in those days) in the New York Biographical & Genealogical Record of 
1907, unanswered for 12 years, fell under his eagle eye and he wrote us. We replied 
in that heavy-heeled way that Uncle Obadiah uses on a fellow, but "Dick" never 
lets 'em snooze. He got us out after a few years. And again, in our old age, we 
took up the Quixotic journey and expect to spend the next half century in this un- 
remunerative but most glorious work, Mr. Dickerman carrying the lantern. 

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FILLEY. NEB. JULY, 1923 VOL.11 NO. 1 



BENJAMIN R/ STEWART (Benjamin R..^ James,^ Jo/in>), born June 3, 1799, in 
New Hampshire, married Dec. 20, 1822, AbiahS. Elliott, born in 1804. She died 
in 1852 and he died in 1884 at Boscawen, N. H. Children: 

1 D. Rawlings 1824; -hyoung 

2 Betsey, Oct. 22. 1825; =Amo8 C. Kimball: no children 

3 Hiram, Jan. 19, 1828; =:[Sep. 8, 1850?] Hannah A. Kimball: no children 

4 Aurilla A., June 12, 1830; =William Chase: no children 

5 Drusilla, Jan. 31, 1833; =John Sceva 

6 David E., May 23. 1842; =Martha Noyes: no children 

BETSEY* STEWART (Benjamin R.'*) married James Sargent, born at Bow, N. 

H., Dec. 10, 1786. son of Simeon and 
Martha (Buntin) Sargent. He died 
June 9, 1876, aged 89. Children: 

1 Mary =Benjamin Page 

2 Cyrus 

3 Larkin, Jan. 28, 1818 

4 Martha Y. 

5 James 

James,^ John^) of Croyden, N. H., mar- 
ried in Orange, Vt., Oct. 28, 1837, 
Sarah Powers. 

JAMES* STEWART (William,^ 
Jame5,«Jo/m»), bom Nov. 22, 1804, in 
Dunbarton. N. H., was a master ma- 
chinist. In the employ of Isaac & Seth 
Adams & Co. of South Boston he was 
sent to the island of Cuba to set up 
sugar mills, and while working on the 
Santa Anna estate he took the yellow 
fever and died Jan. 2, 1851, and is 
buried at Lago Grande, 

ART (William,^ James,^ JohnO, born 
Simeon Sargent* Suwart q^^ 27, 1806, married (1) at Lowell. 

Mass., Mar. 16, 1829, Maria Spalding. He was a member of Pentucket lodge of 
Masons raised Nov. 29, 1827. He and his brother Philip went from Concord, N. 
H., part of the way by ox teams across country to Grand Rapids, Kent county, 
Mich., in 1836, where Simeon took up land, cleared it and brought up his family. 
He married (2) in Buffalo, N. Y., in 1836, Ellen Ruth Beaumont. He died at 

•Editor: G«o. T. E4son. Fllley. Neb. Associate: Horace Dickerman. New Haven, Conn. 

Symbols and references: ^= means married: ^ maniage intention; + died; X buried; a number 
preceded by dash means refn- to that pase; (T bible record. (T) church record, (J) town record. grave- 
stone, d) probate record, court, %i land. J) military. (S) pension, @ U. S. census; cu) private record. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




Grand Rapids May 3, 1874. 

William N., Mar. 28, 1837: 3 ch. 
Sarah 1840; 4-1876: 4 ch. 

James Randolph, Feb. 9, 1845 
Anna C, Sep. 25, 1847 
Mary M., May 16, 1856; +1|81 
iam,^ James;^ JoKn^), bom Feb. 2, 1808, 
married May 14, 1828, John Hall Os- 
good. She died at Suncook, town of 
Pembroke, N. H. Children: 
1 Cynthia Ann, Feb. 18, 1829 
Alonzo, Aug. 4, 1831 
Melissa, Aug. 14, 1833 
Ellen, July — , 1834 
James Henry, Dec. 9, 1838 
John Emery, Apr. 22, 1840 
Nancy Jane, Feb. 28, 1843 
Anna Eldusta, Nov. 1, 1847 
{William,^ James,^ John«), bom Sep. 29, 
1809, married at Colebrook, N. H., 


King Dcrics^ Steuart 

Cynthia* Stewart Osgood 

Nov. 27, 1836, Abigail Carleton, born 
Sep. 12, 1814, in Jackson, daughter of 
John and Sally Carleton. He was a 
grist-miller and worked for years for 
his brother-in-law, John H. Osgood, in 
his mill at Suncook. He was a mem- 
ber of Harvard lodge of I. O. 0. F. of 
Suncook, which he joined on Sep. 24, 
1849, serving as noble grand until 
July 1, 1877, He. died at AUenstown, 
adjoining Suncook, Jan. 13, 1882, and 
his wife died at Claremont Apr. 20, 
1888: both are buried at Claremont. 
1 Cynthia Ann 1840; =John 

Thompson: - 1872, Concord 
WILLIAM HENRY* {William.^ 
James,- John'), born Nov. 21, 1811, in 
Springfield, N. H., married (1) June 
17, 1738, at Grand Rapids, Michigan, 
Catherine Nelson. He married (2) 
Nov. 28, 1866, at Lowell, Mass., Em- 
marey [Nichols] Lee, born in 1825 at 
North Stockholm, N. Y.: she died at 

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William Henry* Stewart 
widow died Apr. 3, 1892, at Lowell, 
buried at Billerica. Children: 

1 James Philip, Apr. 2, 1849, Low- 

ell; =June 21, 1881, Catherine 
A. Cullinan: sailor in Civil war 

2 John Alonzo, Oct. 5, 1850, Bill- 

erica; =1868 Frances Davis, di- 
vorced from her 1881: soldier in 
15th regiment of Maine volunt- 
eers, discharged July 15, 1866 

3 Mary Evelyn, Sep. 1, 1856, Sun- 

cook, N. H.; +Aug. 12, 1898, 
unmarried, Durrah, Calif. 
STEWART (William,^ ]ames,^ John^), 
bom Sep. 23, 1817, in Bow, N. H., 
went to California during the gold 
rush of 1849 and his family lost trace 
of him. 

(To be contfnued) 

Bow July 19, 1893. He was a mach- 
inist: he died Nov. 26, 1888, at Sun- 
cook, buried at Bow. No children. 

Jame5,2 Jo/in»), born July 23, 1815, in 
Springfield, N. H., married Dec. 7, 
1848, Lavina Wilson, born in Tyngs- 
boro, Mass., daughter of John t^nd 
Mary (Morse) Wilson. He wa.s by 
trade a mason and went with his bro- 
ther, Simeon Sargent Stewart, out to 
Michigan before his marriage, work- 
ing awhile at his trade at Sandusky* 
Ohio. He returned to Billerica and 
went to Cuba with his brother James. 
Coming home again he entered into 
the grocery trade at North Billerica. 
He was a member of Merrimac lodge 
I. 0. 0. F. of Lowell, 1836. He died 
Apr. 22, 1879, at Billerica, and his 

Vhilip* Stewart 

George W. Stewart of Lowell, Mass., is at present on a tour of the west, look- 
ing after his extensive mining interests in Oregon, Colorado and Arizona. At Mur- 
phy, Oregon, he is hunting down and prosecuting ranchers who, having^ lost a suit 
in the state supreme court over water rights, are taking reprisal by dynamiting the 

Digitized by 



ditches and flumes of the mining company. Mr. Stewart will later spend two or 
three weeks near Tucson, Ariz., where his company is putting up a large ore mill. 



ABRAHAM W.« STEWART {Robert,^ John* John,^ Robert,^ Walter*)— continued: 

4 Sarah, Dec. 30, 1822; =June 29, 1842, Isaiah H. Emerson 

5 Rebecca, Apr. 11, 1825; =Alfred B. Noyes: +Jan. 24, 1901 

6 LucindaT. 1827; -h Nov. 29, 1844 

7 Mary P. 1829; -f-Sep. 14, 1834 

AARON« STEWART (Mn.* Samuel* John,"^ Robert,^ Walter'), born Mar. 22, 
1775, in Bennington, Vt., married at New Haven, Vt., May 16, 1807, SelindaColt, 
bomNov. 8, 1789, at Montville, Conn., daughter of Capt. John and Susanna 
[Bulkeley] Colt. He was a man of fine physique, standing six feet in his stockings 
and weighing 190 pounds when only 16, was well educated and his penmanship 
was beautiful. Until the outbreak of the second war with England he was engaged 
in teaching at Charleston, N. Y., Longmeadow, Mass., Rutland, Vt., and other 
places. He volunteered in the war of 1812, but his career was brief: he was killed 
at the battle of Sackett Harbor and was buried July 16, 1813, in the military cem- 
etery there. His widow removed soon afterward from New Haven to Payston: she 
married (2) at Duxbury Nov. 9, 1825, Dea. Ellas Wells. She died Mar. 6, 1860, at 
Duxbury, Vt. Children of Aaron and Selinda, bom at New Haven, Vt.: 

1 Charlotte Matilda, Feb. 28, 1808; +Sep. 25, 1810 

2 Homer Hine, Apr. 1, 1810; i=July 12, 1837, Jane Elizabeth Campbell 

3 Ira Hubbell, Feb. 6, 1812; =Jan. 7, 1834, Eunice Boyce 

IRA« STEWART (Jo/in,* Samuel* John,^ Rfjbert,^ Walter'), bom July 15, 1779, in 
Pawlet, Vt., married Oct. 29, 1814, Elizabeth Hubbell of Lanesboro, Mass. He was 
a business partner of his brother Noble until the latter's early death May 17, 1814. 
He became a man of great prominence in western Vermont; a member of the legis- 
lature, trustee of Middlebury college, etc. He died Feb. 13, 1855, at Middlebury. 

1 Dugald, Sep. 26, 1821; =Jan. 26, 1857, Sophia C. Allen: -hMar. 30, 1870 

2 John Wolcott, Nov. 24, 1825; =Emma Battell: govemor of Vermont 1870-2 

3 Huldah Mary, Jan. 24, 1829; +Apr. 12, 1830 

WiHmm Stewart +Feb. 17, 1804, aged 9l8t ymr 
Mercy, wife of Wntiam Stewart, -f Nov. 27, 1799, in 76 year 
Alexander Stewart 4-Dec. 2, 1853, aged 90 
Barbara, wife of Alexander, -j-June 15, 1839, aged 72 
John Stewart 4 May 25, 1861, aged 64 
William Stewart -f Mar. 29, 1847, aged 48 
James Stewart f Apr. 11, 1851, aged 45 

Persons making search for data among old wills and deeds are sometimes chag- 
rined to find that their great-great granddad signed with an X. This is not necess- 
arily a sign of ignorance: the John Henry may have been his. The X was original- 
ly used as a symbol that the signer pledged himself by the Chrbtian faith to the 
tmth of the matter to which he affixed it. 

'From the collection of Stewart data made by the late Mrs. Jennie F. Stewart of Syracuse, N. Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

■' i 8 n^ 







AUGUST. 1923 

VOL. 1 1 NO. 2 



Samuel* Stuart (John,^ Samuel;^ Alexander^) -j-Oct. 6, 1850, aged 84 years. —Content 
Stuart, his wife, +Nov. 15, 1848, aged 76 [Content Douglas, born Sep. 4, 1772] 
Samuel Drake, son of Alexander and Susan Stuart, -fDec. 23, 1838, aged 4 m., 3 d. 
Alexander* Stewart -f Jan. 18, 1883, ae. 84.— w. Susan Drake -hSep. 9, 1871, ae. 63 
John* Stewart 4^Feb. 1, 1864, aged 73.— wife Emily Ann +Mar. 26, 1869, ae. 67 
Elizabeth A., daughter of John and Emily, -hNov. 20, 1856, aged 31 
Charles H.* Stuart -hMar. 21, '83, ae. 71.— wife Caroline E. L. -hNov. 27, '69, a. 47 




ALANSON* STEWART (WiUiam,^ James,^ Jo/in>), born July 13, 1820, in Bow, 
N. H., married at Billerica, Mass., Feb. 23, 1860, Mary Ann Carleton, born Oct. 
17, 1839, at Lowell, daughter of George Rich and Nancy [Tripp] Carleton. He 
was by trade a machinist, and work- 
ed for Isaac & Seth Adams & Co., en- 
gine and sugar machinery builders. 
He went to Cuba at times for this 
firm, and worked at his trade in Sun- 
cook, N. H., where he lost his life in a 
gas tank explosion. He died Feb. 1 1 , 
1869, and is buried at Epsom. His 
widow died May 26, 1908, at Epsom, 
and is there buried. Children, born 
at Epsom, N. H.: 

1 George William, Aug. 24, 1860; 

=Sep. 2,1886, Elizabeth K. 
Nutt, Lowell 

2 Mabel Evalyn, Oct. 21, 1864; = 

Oct. 23, 1882, Samuel Roby 
Yeaton: 5 children 

3 Nettie Alice, Sep. 24, 1869; = 

June 4, 1888, George Elmore 
Batchelder: 3 children 

(William,^ James,^ Jo/in»), born Aug. 18, 
1825, at Lowell, Mass., was not mar- 
ried. He served over three years as 
a soldier in the Civil war, enlisting on 
Aug. 26, 1861, in company D, 29th regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers, Ninth 
Army corps. He was in 27 battles and skirmishes during this time, only to lose his 
life near the close of the war. He fell at the battle of Petersburg, Va., on June 17, 

'Editor: Geo. T. Edson, FiUey. Neb. Aasocimte: Horace Dickerman, New Haven. Conn. 

Symbols and references: = means married; '• marriage intention; + died; X buried; a number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; (T: bible record, (t) church record, (s) town record, ^ grave- 
stone, (i) probate record, (T) court, Q) land, n) military, (•) pension, (g) U. S. census; uD private record. 

Alanson* Stewart 

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1864, and was buried on the field by 
a comrade. The town of Billerica 
has honored his name by placing it 
on their memorial monument at the 
center town from whence he went 
forth to hold up the name of home 
and country. 

(Jonathan,^ James,'^ John^), born Oct. 8, 
1817, in Bow, N. H., married Sep. 1, 
1845, Elizabeth Rose Page of Went- 
worth. He died at Cambridgeport, 
Mass., Aug. 14, 1871, aged 53, and is 
buried there. His widow died Nov. 
13, 1906, aged 84 years and 3 months. 

1 Sarah Emma, June 9, 1846; nev- 

er married: school teacher 

2 Mary F., Oct. 21, 1849, Somer- 

ville; =Frank D. Sanborn 

3 Franklin P., July 6, 1854; unm. 

4 George Edward, June 11, 1859; 

=1877 Myrtle Morrill of La- 

conia, N. H.: ch.— Blanche John Chappin* Stewart 

JONATHAN MORRILL* STEWART (Jonathan,^ James,^ Jo/in'), born Oct. 30, 
1826, married Oct. 4, 1857, Marietta E. Sanborn of Andover, N. H. He died Dec. 
31, 1889, at Concord. Children: 

1 Arthur Charles, July 12, 1858; =July 8, 1886, Helen Speed: two sons 

2 Elmer M., May 22, 1861 ; + Aug. 28, 1892, unmarried, at Concord 
THOMAS W.* STEWART (Thomas,^ Jo/in,^ John^), born Aug. 24, 1823, married 

Susan Gault of Pembroke, N. H. Children: 

1 William 

2 Edward 

3 Ella 

4 Frank 

JOHN HARRIMAN* STEWART (Thomas,^ John;^ John'), born May 15, 1831. 
married June 18, 1855, Susan Towle of Concord. He died Mar. 26, 1915. Children: 

1 Charies Harriman, Dec. 31, 1859 

2 Susan Towle, Dec. 31, 1859; =June 26, 1901, Geo. W. Bunker: +May 22 '18 

3 Caroline Stanley, June 13, 1861 : resides in Concord 

4 Grace Ella, Feb. 13, 1872 

5 Emma -<-in infancy 

Adam Stewart married Nov. 18, 1821, Lucy Marsh of Henniker: their son John 
M. was born June 20, 1822, in Henniker. 

To be continued 

Stewart is the sixth most common name in Scotland, the order being Smith, 
McDonald, Brown, Robertson, Thompson, Stewart, Campbell, Wilson, Anderson, 
Mackay, McKenzie, Scott, Johnston, Miller, Reid, Ross, Paterson, Eraser, etc. 

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WILLIAM-* STEWART (AUxander^), born about 1706, probably in Scotland, 
married in East Haddam, Conn., (1) Feb. 2, 1732, Hannah Campbell. She was ad- 
mitted June 10, 1733, to the church there: she died June 21, 1743. He married (2) 
May 8, 1744, Sarah Buck, who died Sep. 6, 1746. He was appointed Nov. 6, 1745, 
guardian of Daniel Steward, a minor child of his brother Alexander. He married 
(3) Apr. 7, 1746, Thankful Graves, who died the following September. Then, after 
ten years, Apr. 8, 1756, he married his fourth wife, Mary McWilliams, and on Feb. 
25, 1759, he and his wife were admitted to the Millington church, in which their 
children were later baptized. Her name was in a list of members Dec. 13, 1788. 
They spent their last years with his son Nathan, who had removed to Litchfield. 
There Mary died on Feb. 17, 1799,® in her 74th year, and he died Jan. 17, 1800, in 
his 94th year;® they are buried in the Milton cemetery. Children, bom in East 
Haddam: by Hannah — 

1 William, Dec. 29, 1732; -f Aug. 14, 1749 

2 Hannah, June 7, 1735; -|-Aug. 21, 1749 

3 Samuel, June 9, 1737; 4-Aug. 29, 1749 

4 Nathan, June 27, 1739; =Mar. 11, 1760, Martha Shaw 

5 Joseph, June 8, 1741; +Aug. 19, 1749 
By Sarah — 

6 Sarah, Apr. 7, 1745 
B> Mary: — 

7 William, bp. Mar. 3, 1759 

8 Samuel, bp. Mar. 3, 1759; soldier in Rev. 

9 Joseph, bp. Feb. lo, 1760; soldier in Rev.: -|-1843, Pultney, Steuben co., N. Y. 

10 Benjamin, bp. Aug. 15, 1762 

11 Hannah, bp. June 8, 1766; -|-Dec. 29, 1794, aged 28, East Haddam® 
NATHAN« STEWART (WiUiam,^ AUxander^) married (1), in East Haddam, 

Mar. 11, 1760, Martha Shaw, bom May 22, 1744,® in Hartford, daughter of John 
and Martha Shaw.* He settled in Litchfield about 1762. His wife died Nov. 27, 

1786. He married (2) Eunice : she died Sep. 12, 1819, aged 69.® He died 

July 12, 1824, aged 85.® Children, the first one having been born in Blast Haddam: 

1 Jared, June 4, 1761; -j-Jan. 26, 1777, a prisoner of war in New Yorkt 

2 Hannah, July 6, 1763, 

3 Nathan, Apr. 27, 1765 

4 William, June 5, 1767 ; ^1795 Jane Hall of Kent 

5 MoUy, June 17, 1769 

6 Martha, July 30, 1771 

7 Sarah, May 22, 1773; f Oct. 12.. 1779 

8 Alice, Jan. 10, 1776; = Moses Eldred: 4 sons and 3 daughters 

9 Jared. Jan. 22, 1779; -f Oct. 2, 1779 

•MuB Georgim Stuart of Utica, N. Y.. hM (umUhed tome very interesting records from old bibles. 
John and Martha Shaw had:-George, Sep. 16, 1780: Martha, Apr. 1. 1733. died Dec. 8, 1748; John, 
June 18, 1735; James, Nov. 19, 1789, and Martha, May 22, 1744. John Shaw died June 13, 1744, in 
Hartford, and his widow Martha married Samuel Wright and had: -Jonathan, Mar. 13, 1746, at Hart- 
ford; Mary, May 8, 1748; Sarah. Nov. 5. 1750. and Samuel. June 28. 1853. Samuel Wright died Dec. 
29, 1754, aged 86. and Martha, his wife, died Jan. 1. 1755, aged 43. The Nathan Stewart bible is the 
authority for most of the records of his family. The name is spelled Stuart in later generations. 

>Jared was one of the soldiers under Capt. Bexateel Beebe. in Philip B. Bradley's regiment, who 
were captured by the British at Fort Washington. Nov. 16. 1776, and confined in New York. 

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10 Betsy, May 1, 1784; =Julius Griswold* 

11 Luna, Sep. 3, 1786; [i=^ Prescott, (2) — Aylesworth]? 

By Eunice: — 

12 Eunice, Mar. 14, 1790 

To be continued 



JOHN B.« STEWART (Samuel,^ Samuel,' John,^ Robert;' Walter^), born May 10, 
1791, in Bristol, Vt., married Huldah Hayes, born at Bristol Mar. 6, 1800, daugh- 
ter of David Hayes, a pioneer of Mahoning county, Ohio. Previous to 1816 John 
went to Cayuga county, N. Y., where he was engaged in teaching when his father 
joined him while on his way to Ohio in the fall of that year. Returning to Bristol 
the next spring he made arrangements for the removal of the family to Royalton, 
O., where the father was building a house in the wilderness. This journey was 
made with two yoke of oxen and a horse and occupied 40 days. Here he resumed 
his work as teacher and surveyor and owned and cultivated a small farm. He 
was appointed pension agent, and every three months he rode horseback to Cleve- 
land and brought back two canvas bags filled with silver dollars: the old soldiers 
gathered at his house, the bags were opened and the money counted and paid out. 
He died in Royalton Sep. 13, 1881, aged 90, and she died Mar. 13, 1883, aged 83. 

1 Caroline, Oct. — , 1822; =1846 Sherwood: Riverdale, Mich. 

2 Henry -fin Kansas: 6 children 

3 Royal -fin Kansas: 3 children 

4 Elizabeth 3= William Wilber 

5 John =Rosalthe Allen: Columbus, O., -f 1886 

6 Phebe, Aug. — , 1840; ^Charles W. Fitzwater 

SAMUEL^ STEWART (Samuel' Samuel* Jo/in,^ Robert,^ Walter^), born May 6, 
1796, in Bristol, Vt., married Jan. 15, 1818, Cherry Edwards, born Nov. 22, 1800. 
He went to Ohio with his father's family and settled on a farm in Newburgh, six 
miles from Cleveland. His wife died Nov. 21, 1858. Children: 

1 Jehial S., Oct. 15, 1819; =Jan. 12, 1850, Sophia Thomas of Bangor, N. Y. 

2 Noble I., Apr. 15, 1821; -hMar. 25, 1856 

3 Calvin M., Nov. 4, 1825; -f Aug. 26, 1845 

4 Rudolphus E., Jan. 24, 1828 

To be continued 

Dr. Francis Edward Stewart of Philadelphia at one time organized a Stewart 
society, but it was allowed to disintegrate. He has proposed that a society be now 
formed to take up search of old Scottish records. What do you say? 

The Manchester [N. jH.] Union and Leader for Feb. 25, 1923, sent us by Mrs. 
A.M. Duncklee of Milford, contains a picture and write-up of Flora Stewart of 
Londonderry, a negress, who died Aug. 17, 1868, at the age of 118. It is thus re- 
corded in the published vital records of Londonderry, but few of us will believe it: 
she would have been 61 years old when her son George was born. This Flora Stu- 
art was liberated from slavery about 1815 by some member of the Stuart family 
who had settled in Virginia, and with her pickaninnies Isaiah, George Washins^ton 
and Salona sent for security to Londonderry, where they lived out their lives. 

•"Betty, wife of Julius Griswold, departed this life Dec. 20, 1809, in her 26th year, leaving a son 
named Nathan Stuart, aged 4 mos. & 22 days, & who died Mar. 6, 1810, being 7 mos. & 8 days old." 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 






JOSEPH* STEWART (Benjamin,^ ^,^ James'), born in Gloucester, married 

[intention recorded in Upton Dec. 8, 1752] Jane Wilson. He died in 1759 and his 
estate was administered that year in Upton. Children: 

1 Joseph, July 6, 1753; =May 31, 1789, Sarah Mosely, Hampton, Conn. 

2 Submit 1755; +Aug. 16, 1822, aged 67, unmarried, in New Braintree 
Capt. BENJAMIN* STEWART (Benjamin.^ /^ James'), born about 1730 

on Cape Ann, married in Holliston Apr. 10, 1754, Deborah Rider. He served in 
the expedition against Crown Point in 1756, from Upton, and was an officer in the 
Revolution. His wife died Jan. 9, 1766, in Holliston. He was adminii^trator of his 
father's estate in 1 772 in New Braintree. He [of Boston] died of smallpox June 6, 
1775, aged 45, and is buried in Harvard.® Children, recorded in Holliston: 

1 Asenath, Sep. 17. 1754; =Dec. 6, 1772, Silas Wood of Mendon, in Uxbridge 

2 Anna, May 21, 1759; =Sep. 23, 1776, Joseph Smith of Chesterfield, N. H. 



ART (Alanson,* WiUiam,»]amesr John^), 
born Aug. 24, 1860. in Epsom, N. H., 
married in Lowell, Mass., Sep. 2, 1886, 
Elizabeth Knight Nutt, born Aug. 25, 
1860, at Rockport, town of Camden, 
Me., daughter of David James and 
Caroline Elizabeth [Clark] Nutt. He 
lived at his home in Epsom until 18 
years of age, when he started for Lo- 
well to "make his fortune." Fortune 
has, in a degree, been kind to him; 
nevertheless, enterirg into the employ 
of John Tripp in the roller covering 
business, a business connected with 
the cotton textile industry, he has in 
the end become owner of the entire 
business. He is a member of Pen- 
tucket lodge of Masons, raised 1896. 
Qeorge William^ Stewart Children, bom in Lowell: 

1 Alanson Eugene, May 30, 1887;=Sep. 14, 1910, Ruth M. Sawyer 

2 Ethel Elizabeth, Jan. 1. 1890; =June 16, 1913, Roby Stdrr Johnson 

3 George William, June 27, 1900 

•Editor: Geo. T. Edson. Filley, Neb. AsBocImte: Horace W. Dickermnn, New Hmven, Conn. 
Symbols and references: means married; : maniage intention; -^ died; ^^ burled; — a number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; (X' bible record, (?) church record, rf) town record, grave- 
e, (D probate record, (ij court, (?) land, ^ military, (i) pension, (g) U. S. census, {ii) private record. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


ALANSON EUGENE^ STEWART (Qeorge W.,'>Alanson* William,^ James,'- John') 
graduated from Lowel] high school and attended Worcester Polytechnic institute 
four years: he graduated from Yale in 
1912 as an engineer. He married at 
Rockland, Me., Sep. 14, 1910, Ruth 
Morrill Sawyer, daughter of Franklin 
Barnes and Ida Augusta [Gardner] 
Sawyer. He is a member of the Ma- 
sonic fraternity, raised in Torrington, 
Conn. He is at present with the en- 
gineering department of the Public 
Utilities commission, Hartford, Conn. 
Child, born at Mount Carmel, Conn: 
1 Alanson Eugene, Apr. 1, 1913 

ART (Qeorge W.,'^ Alanson,* William^' 
James,'^ John') married at Lowell June 
16, 1913, Roby Starr Johnson. Child: 
1 Elizabeth Johanna, May 23, 
1921; -hJan. 18, 1923 

ART tQeorge W.,^ Alamon,* William,^ 
James,'^ John') graduated from Lowell 
high school and went to Colorado in 
1920 to attend the Colorado School of ^ , , . 

Mines. He returned later and enter- ^'^'^ ^^ ^'^^ ^^'^^^^ ^"^^'^^^ ^^^'^^ 
ed Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Boston in 1922. He was made a Ma- 
son at Golden, Colo. 

This completes the genealogy of the descendants of John Stewart, the weaver of 
Haverhill. Although his descendants are not numerous they may claim achieve- 
ment j^ soldiers, master artisans, scientific and business men. Few of them have 
left New England, a rather unusual thing for a family of 200 years in America. 


From the Organization of the County from Chenango, 1806, to 1835 


Alexander Stewart of Utica .-. 

Alexander of Smithfield 

Alexander D. of Fenner 

Benjamin B. of Smithfield ... 
Charles Stuart, RidgeSeld, Ct. 
Cornelius & George of Smithf. 
Cornelius & George of Fonner. 
Cornelius & George of Fenner. 

Cornelius D 

Duncan & John of Lenox 

Duncan of Lenox 

Elizabeth, "my daughter" 

Elliott of DeRuyter 

Elliott of Lebanon 

George & wife Mary or Mercy 
George & w. Mercy of Smithf. 

Henry of Smithfield 

Henry of Smithfield 

of John Menzte 

to Hungerford Aug. 24, 

of John G. Evans Mar. 8, 

of Mercy Lucas Aug. 13, 

of Peter Morey Ort. 17, 

to Garrit Smith Mar. 21, 

to John Wilbur Oct. 1, 

to Abraham Dodge 

of Royal Cooper July 20, 

to John Messinger ..Mar. 10, 

to John Stewart Dec. 4, 

of Nathan Steward ..Apr. 26, 

of Thomas Ludlow July 3, 

to Doctor Smith 

(see Cornelius) 

to John Evans Apr. 2, 

of Asa Munn Feb. 14, 

to Aaron Nash Nov. 22, 




Town of Sullivan 


Smtthfield & Fenner-$4,000. 
Smithfield: contract to sell.. 

Nelson & Fenner $800. 

Smithfield $859 

Fenner .- $197 

Fenner $400 

Lot in Peterboro $100 

Lenox (Defarrier land) $150. 

Lenox, undiv. 'i int $400. 

Brookfield $3,600. 

DeRuyter twp $444 

-.- --. $872 


AQ- 51 
AG- 14 
. U-509 


Stockbridge $100..Y.340 

Stockbridge $l,460.AA-257 

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Hugh Steward 

Hugh Stewart of Eaton 

Hugh of Eaton - 

Hugh of Eaton ■ 

Isaac Steward 

Isaac Stewart of Brook field ... 

Isaac of BrooLfield 

laaac nf Chenango co., w. Ruth 

Isaac Steward of Columbus .. 
^ Isaac -d of Chen, co., w. Ruth. 
' Isaac -d of Chen, co., w. Ruth. 

James, w. Eliza (see Robert) .. 

James of Smitbfield (see Robt.) 

Jim^sof Smithfleld 

James of Lenox 

James of Lenox, wife El.aa 

James of Lenox, wife Elisa 

James of I>»nox, wife Eliza. 

John Stuart of Eston. 

John of Lenox, with Duncan .. 

John & J. Duncan Stewart of L 

John of Lenox, wife Alta 

John of Lenox 

Joseph Stuart of Faton 

Joseph Stuart of E., w. Eliz. .. 

Lemuel of Ham.lton 

Lemuel of Eaton 


of Perley Munger July 18, 1825 

of Isaac Hovey Nov. 24, 1828 

to David Dean Jan. 20, 1829 

to Hopkins Mar. 22, 1832 

of Nathan Steward. .May 27, 1822 
of Nathan Steward... June 6, 1822 
of John Dalrymple...Oct. 29, 1822 

to Bela Hammond 

of Prince Bruicester.Nov. 12, 1838 

to Hill Nov. 12, 1833 

to Hammond Jan. 1, 1834 

to Bronson Apr. 10, 1819 

to Thomas Stewart.. Apr. 10, 1819 
of Myndert Wimple.. .Oct 7, 1819 

of Ange Defarrier Oct. 18, 1824 

to Spencer Apr. 26, 1826 

to John ft Duncan S..Oct. 16, 1829 

to Cobb Nov. 6, 1882 

to Joseph Stuart Feb. 2, 1820 

of James, wife Eliza .Oct. 16, 1829 
to Messinger (see D.).Mar. 10, '31 

to Messinger-— Dec. 4, 1882 

of Duncan Stewart ...Dec. 4, 1882 

of John Stuart Feb. 2, 1820 

to William Stewart ..Oct. 24, 1882 

of Hitchcock July 20, 1796 

of Troup, attorney ..Aug. 10, 1818 

of Gaut -..June 18, 1834 

To be continued 

Eaton $160. W-154 

Eaton I208.AA. 9 

Eaton $98.AA-210 

Eaton AE-321 

Brookfield $1,000..W- II 

Brookfield $600-.W- II 

Brookfield $60..W. 17 

Brookfield $300.AH.422 

Brookfield AH-43$ 

Brookfield AH-437 

BrooVfield AH-437 

Smitbfield V- 61 

Smithfi«*ld ¥452 

Lenox $360.AH. 42 

Lenox $950.AH- 41 

Lenox AA- 57 

Lenox AF-251 

Lenox AFSM 

Eaton WMI 

Lenox $100 .AF-2W 

Lenox A0.27I 

Lenox AF.2S5 

Lenox $400 -AF.2» 

Eaton $400..W-3II 

Eaton AH-IH 

Hamilton, 90 acres $666..0-942 

Eaton, 81 acres Y-112 

Smlthfisld, 11 acres AI.274 


NATHAN* STEWART: in the list of his children last month we omitted: 
10 Sarah, Sepi 1, 1791; ^Caleb Pickett 
WILLIAM* STEWART (Nathan,^ William,^ Alexander^), born June 6, 1767, in 
Litchfield, Conn., iharried in 1795 Jane Hall, horn Apr. 26, 1772, daughter of Asa 
and Rachel Hall of Kent, Conn. They settled in Winfield, Herkimer county, N. Y. 
He died Dec. 10, 1817, and she died Aug. 12, 1822, aged 60. Children: 
1 Calista, July 30, 1796; +Jan. 16, 1818 
Homer, July 30, 1798; -f Oct. 30, 1817 
William, Dec. 13, 1800; -hJune 9, 1802 
William, Sep. 5, 1803; =-Apr. 14, 1830, Delia Ann Stephens 
Cecilia, Sep. 20, 1805; =Nov. 19, 1823, Ozen Keith, son of Luke 4b Martha 
Jane, Sep. 5, 1808; =Mar. — , 1824, Elon Eldred, son of Jehoshaphat & Polly 
Louisa, July 1, 1811; -hJan. 13, 1832 
infant, Dec — , 1814: 4 Dec. — , 1814 
Homer, Dec. 18, 1817; -hSep. 18, 1818 
WILLIAM* STUART (William,* hlathan,^ Wil/iam,* Alexander^) married Apr. 14, 
1830, in Columbia, Herkimer county, Delia Ann Stephens, born Nov. 2, 1806, 
daughter of Sylvanus Haulsey and Mary [Fairchild] Stephens. They resided in 
Winfield and after 40 years removed to Clinton, Oneida county, where they died— 
she on Aug. 13, 1876, aged 69, and he on June 29, 1 885, aged 82. Children: 

1 William Howlsey, Jan. 20, 1831; +June 19, 1839 

2 Alice Ann, Apr. 26, 1833; =1865 Clark Brown 

3 Mary Jane, Oct. 2, 1835; =June 14, 1870. William Marshall Potts: +51885 

4 Charles Marvin, May 12, 1839; +Oct. 19, 1871, unmarried, in Illinois 

5 Georgiana, May 2, 1843 

6 Rosamond A., Sep. 24, 1846; =Sep. 29, 1886, William Marshall Potts: +1902 


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Ephraim Morris mentioned in his will (Danbury, Conn., Probate, VI 242) his 
daughter Eunice, wife of Nathan Stewart. 

"What is the idea in searching the Scottish records?" asks Mrs. M. M. (Clara 
Stewart) Jones of Akely, Minn. "Is it in quest of the millions of money that is in 
chancery court in England which belongs to our clan of Stewarts without doubt if 
^^ it could be traced out? My father said our great-great- 

^t^^HSt^SfT grandfather tried to trace it but failed on account of some 
jJ25J23 record being lost." It would be very romantic if the lost 

record should turn up, but meanwhile we can all have a lot 
of fun getting our family records in shape and tracing our 
line back to the immigrant to America. A clue to the fam- 
ily in Scotland is a seal or coat of arms. Some of the im- 
migrants are known to have brought seals with them. John 
Stewart, son of Duncan of Rowley, Mass., used a seal on 
his will; John of Haverhill impressed his family seal in wax 
on his will, and Lt. William Steward of Stonington, Conn., 
owned a ring bearing his family insignia, and a set of china 
SHIELD OF THE OLD LORDS dlshcs bearing the Steward arms is said to have been in the 

HIGH STEWART OF SCOTLAND . - #i_.j j^ -n^i-t. U.J 

possession of one of his descendants. But these are bridges 
we are hardly ready to cross, as many still have yawning gaps between their great- 
grandfather and his forebears, with important dates lacking. In later issues we 
shall deal occasionally with Stewart emblems. 

Mrs. Katherine Holton Cram of Colerain, Mass.. has copied the inscriptions in 
all but one of the old burying grounds in that town and before she became ill Nov. 
9, 1922, had copied on index cards the greater part of the records to be found on 
the old town books. Her object is to write a history of Colerain, but at the time 
of writing to us, Mar. 4, she did not know whether or not she would ever be able to 
finish it. Unselfish and devoted workers such as Mrs. Cram should certainly be 
especially aided by kind fates that their work might benefit the world. 



JOHN C .« STEWART (John,^ Joseph,* Jo/in,^ Robert,^ Walter^), bom Feb. 14, 1803, 
in Kingsbury, Washington county, N. Y., married Serena Linendoll. He lived at 
Fort Edward practically all his life until a few years before his death, when he lived 
with his daughter at Glens Falls, where he died Nov. 13, 1891. Children: 

1 John J., May 27, 1830; -{-young 

2 Susan S., Aug. 22, 1831; =-M. H. Bradt, Glens Falls 

3 Rhoda, June 6, 1833; = William R. DeGarmo: New York City 

4 Charles B., Dec. 16, 1834; =Jane T. Marvin of Troy 

6 Mary Ann, Sep. 29, 1836; =Oct. 7, 1857, Walter S. Durkee: -hSep. 22, 1869 

6 George W., Feb. 27, 1838; =Dec. 2, 1880, Elizabeth Vanderberg: San Diego 

7 John C, July 26, 1840; -hunm. Feb. 12, 1877, from effects of service Civil war 

8 James R., July 21, 1841; =Aug. 16, 1873, Grace V. Bushang: Glens Falls 

9 Rosana, Apr. 23, 1842; H-Aug. 24, 1860 

10 Margaret E., Jan. 22, 1850; =Jan. 6, 1882, John C. Barry: Memphis, Tenn. 

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FILLEY« NEB, OCTOBER, 1923 VOL. 1 1 NO. 4 



JAMES^ STEWART (Daniel^) is given on page 10. His first wife, Bennet 
Briggs, was born Oct. 14, 1667, the daughter of Samuel and Bennet (Ellis) Briggs 
of Sandwich, Mass« 

JOHN'f STEWART (Daniel^) of Edgartown, Mass., married Margaret ;. 

He died in 1736. His will was dated Feb. 25, 1735-6, and probated July 13, 1736. 
The widow Margaret and these children are named in the will: 

1 James = Aug. 30. 1733, Mehit able Spooner, Barnstable 

2 Deborah 1705; ^Nathaniel Vincent, sr.: XMar. 17, 1788, aged 83 

3 Mary 1705; =Dec. 14, 1738, Joseph Pease: -f-Sep. 19, 1785, aged 80 

4 Benjamin No trace: not mentioned in aunt's estate May 7, 1745 

5 Elizabeth == Merry 

6 Daniel 171 1; =1738 Jean Vincent 

CHARLES2 STEWART (DanieV) of Edgartown was fined in the Vineyard court 

in 1690 for beating an Indian. He married Margaret . She died Mar. 18, 

1730, and he died Feb. 27, 1760.® Children, bom in Edgartown:® 

1 Jedidah, Jan. 1, 1709 (Jedidah Stewart was a witness to a deed in 1727) 

3 Lois, May 20, 1714; i=Dec. 27, 1734, Thomas Hughes of Nantucket, (2) July 

2 Beulah, Jan. 2, 1711 [17, 1744, Thomas Neal: +Jan. 27. 1803 

4 Hannah, June 14, 1716; =Oct. 30, 1736, John Meader, Nantucket 

5 Abiah,Sep.21, 1718 

6 Samuel, Dec. 1, 1722: =Nov. 15, 1744, Sarah Smith, Nantucket 

7 Anne, Mar. 31,1725 

8 John, Jan. 18, 1727 

9 William, Mar. 20, 1729; =1752 Ruhamah Mayhew: -{-Dec. 24, 1824®® 
DANIEI/ (James,^ Daniel^) is given on page 11. 

JOSEPH^ STEWART (James,^ DanieV), bom June 10, 1701, Rochester, Mass., 
married (int. Sep. 27, 1724, Rochester) Patience Parker, probably a daughter of 
Daniel and Mary [Lumbert] Parker of Barnstable. Administration on his estate 
was granted Sep. 16, 1746, to his brother James of Rochester. Three children, also 
mentioned in their paternal grandmother's will of Dec. 20, 1753, were recorded in 

1 Samuel, Aug. 19, 1729: served in Canada expedition, 1759, from Edgartown 

2 John, Oct. 19, 1732; fin Crown Point expedition 1756: "res. Plymouth" 

3 Seth, Feb. 23, 1736; -j-in the campaign of 1756, aged 20: from Hardwick 

4 EUsha (an Elisha, enlisted from Bristol, -(-Aug. 14, 1777) 
JAMES* STEWART {James,^ Daniel), bom May 19, 1703, Rochester, married 

Apr. 16, 1730, Hannah Dexter. Children, born in Rochester: 

1 Eleanor. Jan. 21, 1 731 ; =Dec. 11, 1751. Joseph Paine of Freetown 

2 Sarah, Oct. 24, 1732: =Jan. 23, 1755, Elisha Benson of Middleboro 

'Editor: Geo. T. Edson. Filley. Neb. Aasocimte: Horace W. Dickermnn. New Haven. Conn. 

Symbols and references: means married: -:- marriage intention: 4 died; -' buried; — a number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; (X bible record, (T church record, (i) town record, grave- 
stone. (?) probate record. ^ court. (X, land, <X miliury. (•) pension, (gi U. S. census, (gi private record. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



3 Elizabeth, Jan. 1, 1736 

4 James, Feb. 1, 1737; =Mar. 12, 1761, Lydia CrandaU 

5 Hannah, Jan. 11, 1740; —-Aug. 28, 1760, Benjamin Benson of Middleboro 

6 Mary,* Mar. 15, 1742; :^May 14, 1770, Amaziah Bowles of Dartmouth 

7 Thankful. June 17, 1746 

8 Anne, Apr. 18, 1749; =Nov. 23, 1768, Charles Hammond 

JAMES8 STEWART (io/in,^ DanieV) married in Barnstable Aug. 30, 1733, Me- 
hitable Spooner and is said to have settled in Martha's Vineyard. His eldest child 
was recorded in Barnstable: 
1 Mehitable, July 17, 1735 

[A Mehitable Stewart is said to have married Job Holmes in 1752. It is prob- 
able, however, that this family removed to Hebron, Conn.] 

DANIEL'* STEWART (io/in,« Daniel^), bom about 1711, in Edgartown, Mass., 
married about 1738, Jean Vincent, daughter of Thomas and Sarah [Martin] Vin- 
cent. t He was administrator of the estate of his aunt, Sarah^ [Stewart] Harlock: 
the division of her property was made May 7, 1745. His widow Jean was appoint- 
ed guardian of their daughter Elizabeth in 1780. Daniel was buried Nov. 28, 1778, 
aged 67, and Jean was buried Jan. 26, 1791, aged 75. Children, born in Edgartown: 

1 Timothy, bp. Dec. 23, 1739; =1763 Thankful Dunham: served in Fr. war, 1757 

2 Jean, bp. May 25, 1740; =Oct. 22, 1761, Hezekiah Dunham: -rl3ai773, ae. 33 

3 Thomas, bp. Nov. 27, 1743; =Sep. 21, 1769, Hannah Daggett 

4 John, bp. Mar. 30, 1746; i=Elizabeth Norton, (2) Mary [Smith] Lovejoy 

5 Anna, bp. Sep. 11, 1748; = William Vincent: -hSep. 4, 1804, aged 58 

6 Hugh, bp. May 5, 1751; 1778 Mary Marchant: Rev. soldier: Farmington, Me. 

7 Elijah 1753; i=Jedidah Butler, (2) Hepzibah Pease, (3) Sally Beetle 

8 Love 1755; =Apr. 8, 1779, Nicholas^ Norton (Judah^) 

9 Holmes ® drowned at sea 

10 Elizabeth 1759; XAug. 13, 1800, aged 41, unmarried 

11 Susanna, bp. July 24, 1763; =Jan. 26, 1784, John Daggett, jr.: -hJune 3, 1800 
SAMUEL" STEWART (C/uiWcs.«DameP), born Dec. 1, 1722, in Edgartown, 

married in Nantucket Nov. 15, 1744, Sarah Smith, born Mar. 2, 1725. He died at 
the age of 71, from injuries received when a cart was overturned upon him, and 
was buried May 15, 1793. His widow Sarah died Dec. 23, 1810, aged 84. Child- 
ren, recorded in Edgartown: 

1 Eunice, July 26, 1745; XJan. 31, 1798, aged 53, unmarried 

2 Mary, Apr. 6, 1747 

3 Sarah, Aug. 26, 1750; ^Dec. 10, 1767, James Mason 

4 Jedidah, Oct. 16, 1752; =Apr. 14, 1768, Eliphalet Leach: -hMay 6, 1773 

5 Samuel, May 17, 1754 

6 Abigail, Oct. 27, 1756; =Nov. 7, 1782, Nathaniel Vincent: -\ Oct. 1, 1839 

7 Benjamin, Apr. 9, 1759; =Sep. 1, 1786, Thankful Luce 

8 Hannah, Oct. 7, 1761 

9 Michael, May 16, 1764; -Mar. 24, 1790 

10 James, Apr. 2, 1767; I Aug. 16, 1785, at sea, aged 19 

11 Jean, Mar. 8, 1769; - Oct. 30, 1790 
To be continued 

*Tbe Mmry who mmrried in Rochester Nov. 2, 1765, Dftniel Randall, and Mercy, who married in 
Barnstable Nov. 2, 1747, Thomas Bump of Rochester, were probably daughters of Daniel, page 11. 
tThomas Vincent was buried Dec 11, 1778, aged 94, and his wife Sarah was buried Jan. 26, 1779. 

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Nathan of Brookfleld 

Nathan Steward of Brookficld . 

Nathan Steward 

Nathan Steward of Brookfleld.. 
Nathan S. Steward of B., w. Anna 
Nathan Steward 

fNeil of Smithfield, wife Jennet. 


Philetua of Georgetown 

Philetus of Georgetown 

Robert of Montgomery county 

Robert Stuart of Sullivan 

Robert of Smithfleld, w. Catherine 
Robert of Sullivan, w. Mary ... 

Robert of Sullivan, wife Mary 

Robert Stuart of Sullivan 

Robert of Smithfield 

Robert of Sullivan, wife Mary 

j Robert of Smithf., w. Catherine ( 

* James, wife Eliza f 

Robert Steward of Nelson 

Robert G. of Fenner 

Thomas of Smithfield 

Thomas of Smithfield 

Thomas of Fenner 

Thomas of Fenner, wife Jennet* .. 

Walter of Oneida county 

Walter of Albany 

Walter of Albany _ 

Willism Stuart of Eaton 

to Sutley Oct. 31, 1809 

of Palmer Sep. 10, 1810 

of Giles Nov. 12, 1810 

to Elizabeth Steward Apr. 27, 1824 

to Isaac Steward June 6, 1822 

to dau. Eliz. Steward Apr. 26. 1824 

to Hungerford Aug. 24, 1818 

of Peckham May 8, 1817 

of Pierce Mar. 21, 1831 

of Smith June 22, 1802 

of Pickard June 22, 1808 

to Thomas Stewart. -Mar. 14, 1809 

to Barton July 6, 1814 

to Montgomery July 6, 1811 

of Gastin Oct. 4, 1814 

to Wilcoxson Apr. 26, 1816 

to Hall Mar. 18, 1819 

toBronson Apr. 10, 1819 

to Thomas Stewart.. Apr. 10, 1819 

of Richardson Dec. 28, 1836 

of Thomas Stewart July 3, 1843 

of Robert Stewart... Mar. 14, 1809 
of James & R. Stewart.Apr. 10, '19 

of Dickey Sep. — , 1830 

to Bridge Dec. 9, 1834 

to Cranson Dec. 3, 1810 

to Purdie Dec. 22, 1810 

to Fowler Jan. 24, 1814 

of Joseph Stuart Oct. 24, 1882 

Brookfield, 44 acres C-424 

Brookfield,27 acres E-245 

(Mill) E-247 

Brookfleld, 144 acres V-475 

Brookfield $600..W- II 

Brookfleld USOI 

Smithfleld M* 7S 

Georgetown, 2 acres H-W2 

AO. 10 

Cazenovift _ BB- 41 

Sullivan, 125 acres P.247 

Smithfleld L-201 

Lenox K«130 

Lenox? K-1J3 

Sullivan W.2e2 

Smithfleld AC- 31 

Sullivan ¥.3M 

Smithfield ¥• II 

Smithfield V-452 

Nelson AO-313 

Fenner BA- 31 

Smithfield L-209 

Smithfield ¥452 

Smithfield AC-30$ 

Smithfield AK- 12 

Sullivan 8-145 

Lenox E-341 

Sullivan Q- 51 

Eaton AMIM 

JOHN* STEWART "lived in old Lancaster county [York county was detached 
from Lancaster in 1749] south of the river, and moved into Lancaster county and 
lived down Chestnut Level way."t Some of his children, according to tradition: 
1 Thomas, Jan. 1, 1806; = Margaret Nelson 
John ; -hyoung 

[daughter] ; = James McCrea 


James 1822; lived in Newcastle, Lawrence county 

THOMAS« STEWART (John^) was born in Lancaster county. When a young 
man he drove a team, hauling for the Martic Forge. He married Margaret Nelson 
of Mount Nebo, and bought a farm in Martic township. He died Sep. 23, 1881,® 
and his widow died Dec. 8, 1888, aged 78 years and 8 months. Children:® 
1 Mary Jane, July 2, 1829; ^ Rolandus Brubaker: -hOct. 19, 1897 
William Nelson, Apr. 22, 1831; r^July 4, 1862, Clementine Spence 
Lydia Ann, July 12, 1833; -f Oct. — , 1838 
John, Sep. 30, 1835; -hJan. — , 1837 

Sarah Martha, Jan. 9, 1837; = William McCue: 4 Oct. 4, 1872 
David, Feb. 9, 1838; -^Oct. 13, 1911, at Lancaster 
Henry, Jan. 2, 1841; killed Oct. 9, 1862, at Perryville 
Edward, Aug. 24, 1843; f July 30, 1864, City Point hospital: Union soldier 




*In hia will made in 183S Cornelius D. Stewart of Smithfield mentions his wife Mary, bis father 
Thomas Stewart and mother Janette; brothers John, Alexander, Robert G., James and sister Mary. 

f A warrant of survey was issued Aug. 17, 1734, to Thomas Stewart, Lancaster county, "grant him 
to take up 100 acres of land in Chestnut Level adjoining John Stewart's land." 

Digitized by 



9 Frank, June 26, 1846; -f Feb. —, 1849 

10 Margaret Ann, Apr. 16, 1849; =Thoma8 Neal, in York: +1916 at York 

11 Alfred, Aug. 16, 1862: resides near Millersville 

WILLIAM NELSON^ STEWART (Thomas,^ John*) fought in the Union army 
throughout the Civil war. He married July 4, 1852, Clementine Spence, born Nov. 
10, 1833, daughter of Jesse and Rebecca [Fullerton] Spence.* They removed in 
1867 to Linn county, Iowa. He died Dec. 27, 1908, and she died Mar. 2, 1916. 

1 Edith, Dec. 26, 1863; =Feb. 6, 1874, Thomas J. Marshall: -f June 17, 1908 

2 Anna, Apr. 2, 1866; =Mar. 4, 1876, Linneus H. Hodgin: Springville, la. 

3 Franklin T., Feb. 18, 1868; =Oct. 10, 1881. Julia Holbrook 

4 Mary R., Aug. 4, 1860; -f-Feb. 22, 1880, bobsled accident 

6 Eva E., Nov. 1^, 1863; --^Dec. 24, 1894, Charles Steele: Springville 

6 Sadie, Aug. 12, 1866; =Jan. 3, 1888, John C. Roberts: Springville 

7 Alfred J., Mar. 22, 1868; i=Mar. 19, 1896, Matie Woodward 

8 Gilbert Victor, Mar. 8, 1871; i=Mar. 3, 1901, Daisy Cress 

9 Martha May, Jan 19, 1874; =Dec. 24, 1893, John B. Hood: Central City, la. 
10 Clyde, June 23, 1877; -hMar. 3,' 78 

l^elson,'' Thomas,^ John*) married Oct. 10, 
1881, Julia Holbrook. They reside at 
Overbrook, Kan. Children: 

1 William Henry, Aug. 28, 1882 

2 Herbert Lester, Sep. 2, 1891 

'Nelson,'' Thomas,^ John*) married (1) Mar. 
19, 1896, in Maquoketa, Iowa, Matie 
Woodward of Seward, Neb. She died 
Feb. 7, 1901, at David City, Neb. He 
married (2) June 6, 1906, in Central City, 
Iowa, Harriette Laura Piatt. Dr. Stew- 
art is a practising physician at Mitchell, 
Neb. Child, by first wife: 
1 Caroline Gay, June 10, 1896 
Nelson,' ThoTTuzs,« John*) married (1) Mar. 
3, 1901, at Marion, Iowa, Daisy Cress. 
She died Feb. 17, 1906, at Central City. 
He married (2) Jan. 24, 1912, Mabelle 
Bowen. Children, by first wife: 

1 Paul, Feb. 16, 1902 

2 Alfred, Oct. 26, 1903 

3 Lillian, Feb. 17, 1906 

There is little doubt that the ancest- ^^^'^'^ ^^^ ^^^^'^'^ 

ors of this family of Stewarts dwelt for several generations in York or Lancaster 
county. Those having any records of the early Stewarts of that section are re- 
quested to send them to the editor of this magazine. 

•Jewe Spence, born May 4, 1802. married Aug. 23. 1828, Rebecca Fullerton, born Apr. 26, 1807. 
He died Nov. 22. 1842, and she died Mar. 24, 1886. 

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ALLAN> STEWART was a soldier in Lieut.-Col. Alexander's Highland regi- 
ment which was captured in Boston harbor by the Americans early in the Revolut- 
ionary war. He was bom in 1 755 at Cromdale on the Spey, Invernesfr- 
shire, Scotland,® and was a tailor. He was therefore useful to his capt- 
ors for several years. He visited the Scotch settlement at Londonderry, 
N. H., and was won over to the cause of American independence so that 
he joined the colonial army and was mustered into service at Westford, 
Mass., serving altogether 18 months.®t He married in Littleton, Mass., 
June 24, 1779, Mary (or Molly) Berry of Westford. They settled soon 
after in Dunstable, Mass., in that portion which is now Nashua, N. H., where their 
first four children were born. In December, 1783, he was one of the signers of a 
petition to the New Hampshire legislature to "be allowed to elect a representative 
in Dunstable." He removed to Ryegate, Caledonia county, Vt., before 1790.® He 
applied July 25, 1832, for a pension, which was granted. Molly died there about 
1835. In 1840 Allan was residing in the family of Cyrus Heath in Ryegate:® later 
he went to live with his son John in Barton, Vt., and died there Jan. 28, 1846, aged 
91. Children: 

1 Mary, Aug. 8, 1779; =June 2, 1796, William Craig of Ryegate 

2 Francis, Jan. 12, 1782; =Sally Bedell 

3 Betsey, Aug. 2, 1785; =Luke Higgins 

4 Allan, Apr. 22, 1788; =July — , 1809, Mary Miller [my in War of 1812 

5 Margaret, June 7, 1 792; =Sep. 28, 1811, Robert Armstrong, who +in the ar- 

6 John, Oct. 25, 1795; =Janet McDonald 

7 William W., Sep. 1, 1799; -f sb 27, unmarried 

MARY'f STEWART (AMan») married in Barnet, Vt., June 2, 1796, William 
Craig, jr., of Ryegate. They went west. Children: 

1 William, Apr. 30, 1797 5 Mary, Aug. 1, 1807 

2 John, Mar. 18, 1800 6 Margaret Mclnlay, Apr. — , 1809 

3 Allan, Mar. 21, 1802 7 Robert, Aug. 7, 1811 

4 James, Apr. 26, 1804 8 Francis Stewart, June 23, 1813 
ALLAN* STEWART (AUan^) married July -, 1809, Mary Miller, bom in Rye- 
gate Feb. 15, 1789, daughter of Alexander and Jean (Allen) Miller. Children: 

1 John Crawford, Jan. 30, 1810; -hJan. 9, 1813 

2 Jean, July 17, 1811; 4 Apr. 30, 1816 

3 Mary, Mar. 29, 1814: =John Conant of Lowell, Mass.: had John and Henry 

4 Adeline, May 30, 1816; i=Jan. 1, 1840, Morrill Ingalls, (2) Abbott 

•Editor: Geo. T. Edaon, FiUey, Neb. AsBoclate: Honce W. Dickerman, New Haven, Conn. 

Symbols and references: — means married; -^ marriage intention; + died; v buried; — a number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; bible record, (i) church record, (a) town record, ® grave- 
stone, ® probate record, (•) court, Q) land, (i) miliUry, ® pension, ® U. S. census. Ui) private record. 

tAllan Stewart enlisted Oct. 19, 1779, as a private in Capt. John Porter's company in Col. Samuel 
Denny's Second regiment and was discharged Nov. 23. He enlisted July 6, 1780, from Dunstable, N. 
H., under Capt. Proctor, Col. Cilley, and served to Dec. 15. On July 25, 1781, he was mustered by 
Col. Moses Nichols "to fill up the ContinenUl army" at West Point, credited to the town of Amherst, 
and discharged Dee. 16.^ 

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6 Margaret Allen, May 22, 1818; =(2nd wife) Horace W. Stevens: 4 Oct. 3, 1894 

6 Jane Allen, Apr. 18, 1820; =Norman Harris, Lowell, Mass.: -hJune 16, 1844 

7 Alexander Miller, June 17, 1822; +Oct. 11, 1832 

8 Allan, Aug. 4, 1824; =Sep. — , 1869, Cecilia Egbert, Lowell, Mass. 

9 Duncan, Feb. 4, 1826; =Sep. 20, 1849, Margaret Ritchie 

10 Eliza, Jan. 1, 1828; +Nov. 20, 1851 

11 Nancy Miller, Mar. 21, 1829; +Sep. 10, 1848 

12 LiJlias, Sep. 12. 1832; =Horace W. Stevens: 4 Nov. 28, 1863, Walpole, N. H. 
J0HN2 STEWART (Allan') married Janette McDonald, born Apr. 27, 1797, 

daughter of Alexander and Agnes [Ross] McDonald. They settled in Barton, Or- 
leans county, Vt., where their children were born.* 

1 John Allan, June 17, 1828 

2 Alexander McDonald, Oct. 22, 1829 

3 Mary Berry, Aug. 16, 1832 

4 William Wallace, Feb. 23, 1834 
6 Eunice Kimball, Oct. 2, 1836 

6 Alvin Newton, June 3, 1838: soldier in Civil war, Wisconsin Soldiers' Home 
ALLAN* STEWART {Allan,^ AUan') married in Lowell, Mass., Sep. —, 1869, 
Cecilia Egbert. They removed to Livonia, N. Y. She died in 1873. He died in 
Batavia. Children. 

1 Ida R., Sep. 11, 1860, Newbury, Vt.; =:17|-1884, Harvey H. Curtiss, Buflfalo 

2 William H., Apr. 17, 1868, Livonia, N. Y.; 1=29*1888, J. Lillian Mulligan 

3 Barstow J., Mar. 9, 1870; rrrl4Jgl891, Rose Curry 

DUNCAN8 STEWART (Allan.* Allan^) married Sep. 20, 1849, Margaret Rit- 
chie, born Oct. 29, 1830, in Kilmalcolm, Scotland, daughter of Archibald and Eliz- 
abeth [Leitch] Ritchie. He died Sep. 10, 1882, at Topsham, Vt., and she died Sep . 
23, 1906, at York, Me. Children: 

1 John Conant, June 19, 1860: resides at York Village, Me., unm. 

2 Archibald Ritchie, Apr. 1, 1862; +Dec. 16, 1864 

3 Mary Elizabeth, May 19, 1868; =Oct. 9, 1883, Charles Bowman, Topsham 
WILLIAM H.* STEWART (AHan,' Alian.* Allan^) married (1) Sep. 29, 1888. J. 

Lillian Mulligan, bom Jan. 28, 1868. She died Dec. 9, 1892. He married (2) Nov. 
30, 1900, Mayme Florence Carney, born Mar. 9, 1878. Children, by first wife: 

1 Margaret L., Jan. 10, 1890 

2 Jennie Frances, Apr. 4, 1892 

BARSTOW J.< STEWART (Allan,^ AUan,* Allan^) married Nov. 14, 1891, Rose 
Curry, born July 28, 1876. Children; 

1 Louise, Feb. 29, 1892 

2 Allan, July 6, 1893 

MARY ELIZABETH* STEWART (Duncan,^ AUan,^ Allan^) married in Tops- 
ham, Vt., Oct. 9, 1883, Charles Bowman, born Apr. 2, 1860, in Barton, Vt., son of 
Paschal and Louise A. [Harvey] Bowman. He graduated from Dartmouth Medic- 
al college in 1874, and practised in New Boston and Manchester, N. H. She died 
June 3, 1898, in Manchester, and he died Apr. 12, 1918. Children: 

1 Florence Anna, Apr. 4, 1886; =George Choat Fumess: Douglaston, L. I. 

2 Edith Margaret, Apr. 7, 1890; i ^ohn Foster, (2) George Allan Richardson 

*Thefle records are taken from the town records. John and hia family probably removed. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




WILLIAM^ STEWART {Charles,^ DanieV), horn M&t. 20, 1729, in Edgartown, 
Mass., married about 1762 Ruhamah Mayhew, born Dec. 29, 1728. They settled 
in Chilmark. He was a soldier under Col. Zacheus Mayhew in the alarm at Chil- 
mark Mar. 2, 1757. His wife died Mar. 10, 1823, and he died Dec. 24, 1824.© 

1 John 1753; =Dec. 24, 1772, Lydia Cottle 

2 Catherine ; =Apr. 6, 1776, Thomas Butler 

3 Jedidah, Sep. 6, 1758; +Apr. 5, 1848, unm, 

4 Jeremiah ; =Nov. 6, 1788, Mary Lumbert 

6 Nathan 1761; -(-Jan. 2, 1770, aged 8 years 6 months 

6 Margaret, July 10, 1766; =William Tilton: 4- Nov. 1, 1849 

7 William, June 12, 1768; =Sep. 17, 1789, Bersheba Tilton 

8 Deborah ; r_ Sep. 20, 1792, Hebron Mayhew 

9 Carissa, Mar. 23, 1772; =Sep. 22, 1791, Norton Bassett 

ELKANAH^ STEWART {Daniel^ James,^ Daniel^), bom Aug. 12, 1737, in Hard- 
wick. Mass., married Sep. 7, 1761, Lydia Cobb, daughter of Elisha Cobb. He was 
a soldier under Capt. Samuel Robinson, in Col. Ruggks* regiment, Apr. 9 to Dec. 
17, 1755, in the Crown Point expedition. He removed to Barnard, Vt., as early as 
1779. He died there of hydrophobia caused by the bite of a mad wolf: his will is on 
file at Bennington, 1:403. His widow Lydia married Apr. 22, 1784, John Benjamin 
in Barnard. Children, bom in Hard wick: 

1 Priscilla, May 3, 1762; ^ Sep. 5, 1782, Fitch Dutton 

2 Samuel, Dec. 2, 1763, i=Apr. 5, 1787, Chloe Bishop, (2) 22S1789 Sarah Egery 

3 Prudence, Apr. 11, 1765; ^ Sep. 5, 1782, Timothy Banister, Hartland, Vt. 

4 Lydia, Sep. 19, 1767; Feb. 19, 1789, Asa Paige, Barnard 

5 John, July 19, 1769; ::^Lucy ; she -h6|1816: -f Feb. 16, 1841, Barnard 

6 Moses, Apr. 19, 1771; =Lois Foster: to Waitsfield, Vt. 

JAMES^ STEWART {James,^ James,^ DanieV), horn Feb. 1, 1737, in Rochester, 
Mass., married there Mar. 12, 1761, Lydia Crandall. A James Stewart served from 
Rochester in the Revolution and was reported as having died Mar. 7, 1778 (also 
given as Aug. 20, 1779). Children: 

1 Benjamin, Nov. 13, 1761 

2 Dille, Jan. 18, 1763 

3 Pelegf July — , 1766; enlisted in 1781 but discharged 

TIMOTHY* STEWART {Daniel,^ John,^ Daniel^), baptized Dec. 23, 1739, in 
Edgartown, Mass., married in 1763 Thankful Dunham, born Sep. 10, 1741, daugh- 
ter of Daniel and Sarah [Huxford] Dunham. He was a soldier in the French war, 
his name appearing Mar. 21, 1757, in a list of Duke's county men in Lt.-Col. John 
Norton's company from Edgartown. He was murdered at sea in 1765, and his wid- 
ow married July 10, 1766, Joseph Vincent. Only child: 
1 Jean, Apr. 17, 1764; =May 26, 1791, Oliver Mayhew, Chilmark: -h2431833 

THOMAS* STEWART (Daniel,^ John,^ DanieU) married Sep. 21, 1769, in Ed- 
gartown, Hannah Daggett, baptized Jan. 28, 1748, daughter of Dea. Benjamin and 
Margery [Holmes] Daggett. He died July 24, 1823, aged 79 years 9 months, and 
she died July 31, 1841, aged 93. Children, born in Edgartown: 

1 Timothy, Aug. 22, 1770; i =26 SI 792 Jedidah Pease, (2) 15S'18 Abig. Daggett 

2 John Holmes, bp. Aug. 23, 1772; --Abigail Hathaway: to Union, Me., 1791 

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3 Prudence, bp. Od. 23, 1774; =Oct. 15, 1797, William Vinson, jr. 

4 Love, bp. May 2, 1779 

5 Thomas, bp, Nov. 4, 1781; =June 3, 1822, Lavina Pease, Edgartown 

6 Nathan, bp. Jan. 4, 1784; =Nov. 26, 1807, Mary Vincent 

7 Betsey, bp. July 20, 1788; =Nov. 23, 1809, Augustus Frisbie of Branford, Ct. 

8 Hannah, bp. Apr. 29, 1792; +Jan. 10, 1796, aged 3 years 10 months 

JOHN* STEWART (DanieU^ Jo/in,^ DanieU), born Apr. 25, 1744, in Edgartown, 
married (1) Elizabeth* Norton, born Sep. 24, 1746, daughter of Solomon* Norton. 
They settled in Hebron, Tolland county, Conn., before 1771. In 1785 they remov- 
ed to Cambridge, Washington county, N. Y. Elizabeth died there Dec. 29, 1807. 
He married (2; about 1813 Mary [Smith] Lovejoy, widow of Joseph Lovejoy. [On 
Oct. 6, 1820, John and wife Mary deeded land in Jackson to Eliza Stewart of Lans- 
ingburgh.] His will was dated June 7, 1825, and probated Nov. 24, 1834. He died 
Sep. 15, 1833, and his widow died Feb. 5, 1880, aged 100 years, 10 months and 15 
days. Children: 

1 David 1771; =1799 Elizabeth Kenyon 

2 Daniel =Mary Kenyon: to Blenheim, Schoharie co., N. Y. 

3 John settled in Oswego: accidentally killed 

4 Solomon mentioned in father's will, 1825 

5 Elijah soldier in War of 1812: unm. 

6 Elizabeth ; r=(late in life) Dyer Culver from Hebron, Conn. 

7 Mary 1790; unmarried 

8 William Randolph, Aug. 26, 1813 

9 Jane Charlotte, bp. Aug. 13, 1815 

10 Susan Caroline, bp. May 24, 1817 

11 Timothy Bartlett, bp. July 20, 1823 

HUGH* STEWART (Darnel,* Jo/in,2 DanieV) was a soldier of the Revolution. 
In 1778 he married Mary Marchant, born in 1757. They removed to Farmington, 
Maine, about 1810. He died Aug. 3, 1835, aged 84, and she died Oct. 8, 1846, aged 
89. The following children were baptized May 26, 1794, in Edgartown: 

1 Henry 1779; =1800 Sophia Church.— D. A. R. lineage books 

2 Charles 

3 Mary 

4 Daniel 

5 Hugh 

6 William Marchant 

To be continued 

Investigation has shown that family tradition usually places the immigrant 
ancestor two or more generations later than he belongs. And tradition is quite 
naturally made by repeating what one has imperfectly understood as a child and 
then supplying the hero from better known individuals. 

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9. JOHN STEWART lived at McCoysville, Juniata county, Pa., and moved to Butler county. 
Hia daughter Elixabeth was born Nov. 14, 1784 (or Dec. - , 1785), and married in or in the neighbor- 
hood of "Scrub Grass" church in Butler county Jan. , ISIO, Snmuel Thompson, son of Willism 
Thompson, a Revolutionary soldier: she died Aug. 29, 1873. Who was John Stewart? Was his wife 
Mary Bell? Miss Martha M. Turner, Sute Historical Society library, Lincoln, Neb. 

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DUNCAN* STEWART appears first in Ipswich, Mass., where he married ear- 
ly in 1654 Anne Winchurst. Both were in the service of George Hadley [Essex 
£Ourt files, 2:130]. They moved to Newbury in 1659, and for 30 years occupied a 
^^|. farm on that part of the Dummer estate now a portion of the 
^^■^11 Caldwell farm in the By field parish and near the Rowley line. 
i^^r No evidence has been found that he or any of his sons engag- 
pW^ ed in ship-building or ever owned a ship-yard as stated in 
^ Gage-s History of Rowley. His name is on the Newbury tax- 
list of August, 1688; and in the Rowley list of 1691, when he was assessed i'2. 

He deposed in 1698 that he was about 75 years old.® By deed dated Feb. 20, 
1698-9, 'Dunckin Steward of Rowley, planter,' sold to Capt. Stephen Greenleaf of 
Newbury the rate lot and right in undivided lands of Newbury belonging to *roy 
son Charles Steward, late of Newbury, deceased' [Essex deeds, 16:17]. He was 
among those inhabitants of Rowley living northwest of Rye Plain bridge and Long 
Hill Mar. 16, 1702-3, whose minister's rates were abated. He was admitted Sep. 
26, 1 703, to full communion in the Rowley church,® and his widow was admitted 
to full communion Sep. 17, 1721, 'thought to be nearer 100 than 90 years.' James,* 
John,* Samuel* and Ebenezer* Stewart signed an agreement Mar. 17, 1713-4, for the 
maintenance of 'our aged and honoured parents, Duncan and Ann Stewart,' who 
since 1707 had resided with their son John [Suffolk court files, no. 19,265]. By 
deed dated Apr. 16, 1718, James Stewait of Boxford, John Stewart of Rowley, 
Samuel Stewart of Wells and Ebenezer Stewart of Rowley, 'being y« only surviving 
brothers of Charles Stewart, late of Newbury, deceased,* confirm to Capt. Stephen 
Greenleaf the land and rights in Newbury of said Charles which 'our hon^ father, 
Dunkin Stewart, late of Rowley, deceased, was pleased in his lifetime to sell.'® 

Duncan Stewart died in Rowley Aug. 30, 1717, 'aged 'tis thought about 100 
years.'® Anne died July 9, 1729.® They had at least 12 children, of whom the 
two eldest were born in Ipswich; the others, in Newbury: 

1 Jane =June 2, 1682, Joseph Esty of Topsfield 

2 Catherine, June 8, 1658 

3 Martha, Apr. 4, 1659 

4 Charles, June 5, 1661; -} May 8, 1689, unm.: soldier 1688 against Indians 

5 Elizabeth, Nov. 2, 1662; =Nov. 7, 1685, Sylvanus* Wentworth (William') 

6 James, Oct. 8, 1664; i=Elizabeth , (2) June 25, 1733, Sarah Prime 

7 John 1666; i=Elizabeth , (2) Elizabeth Dresser, (3) ^arah 

Bailey, (4) Margaret Gage, (5) Mary Somerby 

8 Anna =Nov. 10, 1685, Colin Frazer, Newbury 

9 Henry, May 1, 1669; probably died young 

10 Solomon -f Dec. — , 1690, of starvation on brigantine Adventure 

11 Samuel =Jan. 30, 1700-1, Dorcas Baston, Wells, Me. 

12 Ebenezer ==May 22, 1698, Elizabeth Johnson, Rowley 

•Editor: Geo. T. Edson, Fllley, Neb. Anociate: Horace W. Dickerman, New Haven, Conn. 

tTbia genealogy was prepared in 1909 by Mr. Stewartaqd is contributed to the Stewart Clan 
Magasine by his widow, Mrs. Alice Heckman Stewart of mitertown. Mass. It represents the sum 
total o( investigation and research on this branch and constitutes in full a remarkable work. 

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JAMES* STEWART (Duncan^), born Oct. 8, 1664, in Newbury, married about 
1687 Elizabeth — ■ — , who was the mother of all bis children. His name appears 
on the Newbury tax-list of 1688. He served from that town in the Canada exped- 
ition of 1690. He 13 first mentioned in the Rowley records in 1693: his wife was 
admitted to the Rowley church on Oct. 20, 1695,* and he was baptized and admitt- 
ed on Feb. 12, 1698-9. From 1709 to 1723 they lived on the John Pickard farm in 
Boxford [Essex deeds, 69:192], attending church in Bradford. On their return to 
Rowley about 1 723 they located in that part of Rowley now Georgetown. There 
Elizabeth died and was ''buried in Bradford" Oct. 28, 1732.® James married (2) 
June 25, 1733, Sarah Prime, daughter of Samuel Prime. She died Dec. 29, 1747, 
and he died Sep. 17, 1750, in Rowley. Children: 

1 James, July 19, 1688, Newbury 

2 Charles, Jan. 16, 1689-90, Newbury; =1712 Mehitable Dennet 

8 Edward, Sep. 20, 1693, Rowleyj i==June 5, 1718, Hannah Green, Bradford 

4 Abigail, Nov. 26, 1695, Rowley; =Nov. 29, 1736, John Yell of Ipswich 

5 Solomon, July 24, 1698, Rowley; =June 28, 1727, Martha Farrington, Andover 

6 Benjamin, Mar. 3, 1700-1, Rowley; XMar. 20, 1701-2 

7 David, Jan. 9, 1702-3, Rowley; -{-Jan. 10, 1706-7, "choked with a croqier" 

8 Hannah, bp. Apr. 22, 1705, Rowley; =Dec. 28, 1730, Samuel Trask of Salem 

9 Elizabeth, bp. Nov. 10, 1706, Rowley; =Mar. 28, 1728, Ebenezer Gove 

10 Mehitable 1710; -i-Jan. 3, 1728, Benjamin Foster of Salem 

11 Moses, July 9, 1712, Boxford; =Nov. 7, 1734, Lydia Lindsay, Salem 

12 James 1715-6; =Jan. 11, 1741-2, Mary Boynton of Rowley 

JOHN* STEWART (Duncan^), bom in Newbury in 1666, seems to have left no 
legitimate male issue, notwithstanding that he was married five times. He was a 

man of considerable prominence in Rowley. His first wife was Elizabeth , 

who died Dec. 20, 1689, in Newbury. He served in the Canada exj)edition of 1690 
and on his return settled in Rowley. His name is on the Rowley tax-list of 1691. 
He married (2) before June 23, 1695, Elizabeth Dresser, daughter of Samuel Dresser, 
for on that date she was admitted to the Rowley church as his wife: he was baptiz- 
ed and admitted Feb. 12, 1698-9. His wife died Sep. 29, 1726. He married (3) Mar. 
8, 1727, Sarah Clark-Bailey, widow of Nathaniel Bailey and daughter of Josiah and 
Mercy (Boynton) Clark of Ipswich. She died Feb. 7, 1748-9. He married (4) Sep. 
5, 1749, Margaret Harriman-Boyn ton-Gage, widow of Jonathan Boynton and of 
Daniel Gage of Bradford and daughter of Jonathan Harriman. She died Oct. 16, 
1752. He married (5) Dec. 12, 1753, Mrs. Mary Somerby of Newbury. 

Like his brother James, John Stewart was a carpenter. His homestead was on 
the site now [1909] occupied by George B. Blodgett: the old house was taken down 
in 1850. He was selectman in 1706, 1718 and 1724. His will, dated June 1, 1756, 
proved Jan. 17, 1757, mentions "my now wife" and "the bond to Summersby"; 
daughter Elizabeth, wife of Amos Pillsbury; daughter Mary Hunt, widow; daugh- 
ter Sarah, wife of Ephraim Boynton; grandson Stewart Hunt to be executor [Es- 
sex probate, 334:228]. The seal upon this will bears a heraldic emblem, apparent- 
ly a lion rampant: only a portion of the seal remains on the original document, on 
file at Salem. John died Dec. 23, 1756, aged 90 years 8 or 9 months.® Children: 

1 Elizabeth, Dec. 11, 1689, Newbury; ^Feb. 23, 1705-6, Amos Pillsbury 

2 Mary, Oct. 3, 1699, Rowley; =Aug. 12, 1731, Jeremiah Hunt of Billerica 

3 Sarah, Apr. 25, 1712, Rowley; ^ May 12, 1732, Ephraim Boynton 
*"Eliutb«th Steward, James' new wife/' joined Oct. 20, 1695.'-Rowley church records. 

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SABiUEL^ STEWART (Duncan^), born in Newbury between 1670 and 1676, 
married Jan. 30, 1700-1, Dorcas Baston, daughter of Thomas Baston (or Boston), 
in Wells, Maine, where he had been granted 100 acres in 1699. He was baptized 
"upon confession of faith" Nov. 1, 1702, in the Wells church and was admitted to 
full communion Aug. 17, 1712. By occupation he was a carpenter and millwright, 
and in later years, an innholder. His descendants spell their name, some Stewart, 
others Stuart. He died in Wells before Mar. 11, 1752, on which date "Samuel Stew- 
art of Wells, house-carpenter, John Stewart of Scarboro, husbandman, and Zebulon 
Stewart of Wells, cordwainer," conveyed to "Jeremiah Stewart of Wells the north- 
erly half of the house in which our hon'd father, Samuel Stewart, late of Wells, de- 
ceased, last dwelt, including all the rights we may have on the decease of our hon'd 
mother, Dorcas Stewart of Wells, schoolmistress" [York deeds, 33:23]. Children: 

1 Samuel, June 4, 1704; i^Apr. 22, 1726, Dorothy Allen of York 

2 Joseph, Nov. 28, 1706; h^Nov. 29, 1729, Mary Lord of Berwick 

3 John, Aug. 6, 1709; 1=1732 Mary Preble of York, (2) 13JI1735 Mary Bragg 

4 Zebulon, May 20, 1718; -^July 12, 1736, Penninah Getchell of Wells 

5 Jeremiah, May 27, 1716; i=May 20, 1744, Sarah Paul, (2) Abigail Jones 

6 Dorcas, Aug. 26, 1718 

7 Amos, bp. Od. 28, 1722; H-young 

8 Amos, bp. Od. 4, 1734; soldier in the Louisburg expedition in 1746 
EBENEZER> STEWART (Duncan^), bom in Newbury about 1676, was a sol- 
dier in the Canada expedition of 1690. He married May 23, 1698, Elizabeth John- 
si n in Rowley. His homestead in Rowley was "northwest of Rye plain bridge and 
Long hill": the farm now is in the Byfield parish, Georgetown, on Warren street. 
He was a husbandman and innholder and was one of the selectmen of Rowley in 
1726. His descendants, without exception, use the form Stuart. His wife was ad- 
mitted to the Byfield church May 23, 1714, and then baptized. She died Apr. 12, 
1749, aged about 72,® and on Apr. 30, 1749, Ebenezer died, aged about 73, * 'with- 
in three weeks of his wife." Administration on his estate was granted May 8, 1749, 
to his oldest son Robert [Essex probate, 328:511]. The heirs-at-law were: sons 
Robert, Richard, John and Charles; daughter Sarah Stewart alias Webster; heirs 
of Elizabeth Webster, deceased; daughter Ann Stewart alias Lowell; daughter Mer- 
cy Stewart alias Clough; and daughter Jane Stewart [Essex probate, 329: 64, 66]. 

1 Sarah. May 19, 1699; ^Dec. 1, 1719, John Webster of Kingston, N. H. 

2 Robert, Nov. 26, 1701; =Dec. 11, 1727, Ann Adams, Newbury 

3 Richard, Oct. 16, 1704; =Apr. 4, 1728, Judith Poore, Newbury 

4 Elizabeth 1706; =Feb. 17, 1726-6, Benjamin Webster of Kingston 
6 John, Oct. 20, 1709; -?-Nov. 10, 1732, Hannah Bailey 

6 Ann, Mar. 27, 1712; i=June 13, 1737, Nathaniel Brown, (2) Samuel Lowell 

7 Mary (Mercy), Oct. 26, 1716; =Dec. 26, 1734, Ezra Clough of Kingston 

8 Charles, May 31, 1718; =Dec. 31, 1741, Sarah Fisk, Newbury 

9 Jane, Aug. 7, 1720; =Dec. 24, 1751, William Davb of Newtown, N. H. 

To be continued 



ELIJAH* STEWART (Daniel^ John,^ DanieU) served in theseacoast defense at 
Martha's Vineyard from Sep. 1 to Nov. 21, 1776, under Capt. Benjamin Smith. He 
married (Ij Jedidah Butler, daughter of Gamaliel and Mercy [Dunham] Butler. 

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She died in Edgartown Feb. 11, 1804, in her 49th year. He married (2) on Jan. 7, 
1806, Mrs. Hepsibah [Pease] Pease, baptized June 23, 1765, daughter of John, jr., 
and Jerusha [Norton] Pease and widow of Thomas Pease, jr. She djed Apr. 25, 
1824, aged 64 years, 7 months and 23 days. He married (3) Apr. 28, 1825, widow 
Sally Beetle. He died in 1827. His children Anna, Susanna, Bartlett and Polly 
were baptized in Edgartown July 29, 1791, aged respectively 14, 9, 7 and 5 years. 

1 Anna 1777; =Nov. 10, 1799, Seth Vinson 

2 Daniel 1779; -f Feb. 25, 1782, aged 8 

3 Susanna 1782; =May 6, 1804, Joseph. Dunham: + Aug. 13, 1816 

4 Bartlett 1784; =Dec. 21, 1815, Lavinia Waldron, Tisbury 

5 Polly i786;=Jan. 24. 1827. Jethro Norton 

6 Jean, hp, July 29, 1791; :=Mar. 26, 1815, Daniel S. Vincent 

7 Jedidah, Apr. 15. 1795; =Apr. 8, 1824, Tisdale Smith 

BENJAMIN* STEWART (Samuel,^ Charles,^ Daniel^), bom Apr. 9, 1759. in Ed- 
gartown, married Sep. 1. 1785, Thankful Luce. She died June 29, 1830, aged 78 
years and 4 months, and he died Apr. 10, 1840, aged 82, in Edgartown. [We have 
no record of any children.] 

To be continued 

Jonathan Stewart married Apr. 12, 1791, Sally Gray, in Colrain, Mass. This 
record was found by Mrs. John W. Cram of that town. She cannot place him, and 
neither can we. A Jonathan Stewart, born in Colrain May 10, 1771, [cf. pp. 12, 15] 
is said to have removed about 1800 to Little Falls, Herkimer county, N. Y. Mrs. 
Cram has sufficiently recovered from her long illness to resume the work of collect- 
ing data for her history of Colerain. 

Mrs. Milnor Ljungstedt, route 1, Bathesda. Md., editor of The County Court 
Note-Book, announces in the August number that she and Mrs. Pauline Stewart 
Crosley would be glad to receive conditional subscriptions (names only) to their 
forthcoming book, **Floy^ and Stewarts of Virginia: their Catalogue." The scope 
of this work will also take in bordering counties, and the material will be in catalog 
form as collected from church registers, land offices, etc. It will probably make 
two volumes, and the, price will not be over $15. 

A volume that would be a fine thing in our private libraries is one compiled by 
Dr. Francis Edward Stewart of Philadelphia, giving a very extensive genealogy of 
the old Stewart i^oyal family. Dr. Stewart has prepared the manuscript from wide 
sources, and also ^ves a, description of some 117 coats of arms. This work ought 
to be published, and the author will do it if assured of enough sales to pay merely 
the cost of publication. The book should be worth $5 to any descendant of this il- 
lustrious house. Dr. Stewart's address is 11 W. Phil-Ellena st., Germantown, Pa. 

The August issue of The Mayflower and Alden Kindred Historiographer was 
published from Erwin, Tenn., where the editor, John Alden Seabury, is now located 
as editor of The Erwin Weekly Magnet, a progressive and interesting newspaper. 

The editor of this magazine is feeling jubilant over the birth of a son Nov. 4, 
who will be handicapped with the name of Stewart Edson. 

SymboUand references: means married; -:- marriage intention; + died; y buried; — a number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; (D Bible record, (s) church record, (7) town record, grave 
atone, (T) probate record, (I) court, Q) land, ^ military, (») pension. ® U. S. census, en) personal datum, ^ 
town or local history. 

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CHARLES8 STEWART (James,^ Duncan^), born in Newbury, Mass., Jan. 16, 
1690, married about 1712 Mehitable Dennett, daughter of Alexander and Mehit- 
able [Tetherly] Dennett of Portsmouth, N. H. He located at Hampton FaUs, N. 
H., the same year. He was a smith by trade. In 1712 he was in the New Hamp- 
shire military service [State papers, 14:12], and was admitted Apr. 12, 1713, to 
full communion in the church in Hampton FaUs.® He died there in 1748. His 
widow was living Feb. 26, 1752. Children, born and baptized in Hampton Falls: 

1 David, bp. Sep. 5, 1714 j 

2 Mehitable, bp, Sep. 15, 1717; =Nov. 10, 1731, Abner Philbrick of H'pton Falls 

3 Dennefti bp. OO. 13, 1717 

4 Jonathan, Jan. 19, 1718-9; =Nov. 13, 1740, Anna Carey of Hampton Falls 

5 Susanna, bp. Jtdy 12, 1721; -|- young [rill of Salisbury, Mass. 

6 Susanna, bp. Oa. 21, 1722; i=13J1739 Jacob Satteriy, (2) 17S1764 Aaron Mor- 

7 Sarah, bp. OO. 15, 1727: admitted to church July 6, 1742 ® 

8 Moses, bp. Apr. 12, 1728 

EDWARDS STEWART {]ames,^ Duncan'), born in Rowley, Mass., Sep. 20, 
1693, married (1) in Bradford June 5, 1718, Hannah Green of Bradford, born Oct. 
10, 1701, daughter of Thomas and Hannah [Hazeltine] Green. She died Mar 1, 
1723-4, in Bradford. After her death he removed to Wells, Me., [Essex deeds, 73: 
197] and married (2) in York Mar. 12, 1730, Bethia Batten of York, daughter of 
Abraham and Mary [Young] Batten. She was received May 4, 1735, into full 
communion in the Wells church.® He was a smith by occupation, and served in 
the Louisburg expedition, 1745, and is not further reported. "Apr. 28, 1748: the 
Widow Stewart's house burnt in Wells and she and her child carried off by the In- 
dians."® The first three children were bom in Bradford; the others, in Wells: 

1 Mary, Sep. 28, 1719; =Mar. 8, 1736-7, Nathaniel Boynton 

2 Thomas, Jan. —, 1722-3; -hyoung 

3 Green, bp. Mar. i, 1723-4, in Bradford 

4 Abraham, bp. Mar. so, 1734-5, i^^ Wells 

5 Isaac, bp. Odt 5, 1735: served from Arundel in Fr. war, Bowdoinham in Rev. 

6 Hannah, bp. June 19, 1737 

7 Thomas, bp. Aug. 24, 1740: served from Arundel in the French war 

8 Betty, bp. Jan. 3, 1741-2 

SOLOMON' STEWART (James,^ Duncan^), bom in Rowley July 24, 1698, en- 
tered the military service from Rowley May 5, 1721, as sergeant under Capt. John 
Wainwright and served till Aug. 24, 1721 [Mass. archives, 91:26]: from Feb. 28, 
to Nov. 20, 1722, he was in Capt. Johnson Harmon's company, fighting Indians in 
Maine [Mass. archives, 91:53]; from June 24 to July 23, 1725, he acted as "pilot" 
[scout] for Capt. Richard Kimball's troop of horse [Mass. archives, 91:142]. He 

•Editor: G«o. T. Edaon, Filley, Neb. AnocUte: Horace W. Dickennan, New Hayen, Conn. 

Symbols and references: means married; -^ marriage intention; + died; X buried; — a number 
preceded by dash means refer to thkt page; (D Bible record, d) church record, (i) town record, g.-ave 
■tone, ® probate record, (e) court, Und, (D military, ® pension, (gi U. S. census, cQ) personal datum, (^ 
town or local history. 

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married in Andover June 28, 1727, Martha Farrington of Andover, born in 1702, 
daughter of Edward* Farrington (John,* Edmund*) and Martha, daughter of John 
Browne of Reading. They were admitted to the Bradford church Dec. 31, 1727, 
and lived on a farm in Rowley adjoining his father's homestead. They removed to 
Salem before 1734 and to Lunenburg in 1738; constable in 1747, a school commiss- 
ioner in 1760 and selectman 1760-64. He was a grantee of Rindge, N. H., June 16, 
1749, and served on the committee which laid out that town.® He died in Lun- 
enburg Feb. 28, 1768, aged 61,© and his widow Martha died there Nov. 6, 1777, 
aged 77, "a vartus wife, a kind neighbour & a tender parent."© His descendants 
spell their name Steward or Stewart. Children: 

1 Benjamin, Jan. 26, 1728, Rowley; =Jan. 9, 1761-2, Rebecca Taylor, Lunenb*g 

2 Solomon, Jan. 14, 1730, Rowley; =May 28, 1766, Elizabeth Taylor, Lunenb'g 

3 Phineas, Mar. 27, 1732, Rowley: =:Apr. 22, 1766, Anne Ireland, Lunenburg 

4 Daniel, Nov. 21, 1784, Salem; =Mar. 14, 1767, Mary Ireland. Lunenburg 

6 William, Mar. 14, 1736-7, Salem; =July 26, 1768, Abigail Ireland, Lunenb'g 

6 James, bp. Aug, 19, 1739, Lunenburg; probably died young 

7 Mary, Sep. 7, 1740, Lunenburg; =Mar. 19, 1761, Samuel Pierce of Lunenb'g 

8 Jacob, Apr. 22, 1743, Lunenburg; =Nov. 18, 1766, Elizabeth Pierce 
ROBERT^ STUART (Ebenezisr,^ Duncan^), born in Rowley Nov. 26, 1701, mar- 
ried in Newbury Dec 11 , 1727, Ann Adams, born in Newbury Apr. 29, 1706, daugh- 
ter of Capt. Abraham and Ann [LongleUow] Adams. From Byfield they were ad- 
mitted Oct. 11, 1730, to the church in Kingston, N. H.® He was of Amesbury in 
1746, and thence removed to Newton, N. H., where in 1766 he was one of the or- 
ganizers of the first Baptist church in New Hampshire and built their first meeting 
house. He died in Newton at the age of 80 years. His will, dated Aug. 31, 1781, 
was probated Apr. 4, 1782.® Ann died in 1787. Children:® 

1 Samuel, Nov. 3, 1728, Byfield; =July 12, 1768, Grace Hubbard, Kingston . 

2 Anne, bp. Sep. 27, 1730, Kingston; -f- young 

8 Sarah, Oct. 16, 1732; =Dec. 24, 1761, Samuel Chase of Newbury, Mass. 

4 [daughter], bp. hJov. 28, 1736; -hNov. 30, 1736® 

6 Anne, Oct. 31, 1736; =Nov. 3, 1767, Maj. Barnard Hoyt of Amesbury 

6 Mary, Mar. 11, 1739; =Nov. — , 1760, Col. Samuel Chase of Litchfield 

7 Elizabeth, Mar. 10, 1741; =June 4, 1767, Reuben Currier, South Hampton 

8 Robert, Sep. 30, 1743; =Mar. 1, 1770, Ruth Currier, South Hampton 

9 Stephen, Dec 26, 1746; ^Apr. 6, 1776, Sarah Peaslee, Kingston 
10 Ab 1748; +young 

RICHARD* STUART (Ebencter,* Duncan^), born in Rowley Oct. 16, 1704, mar- 
ried (1) Apr. 4, 1728, Judith Poor, born in Newbury July 8, 1708, daughter of Jo- 
seph and Mary [Wallingford] Poor. She died about 1747. He married (2) July 
14, 1748, Mary [Fisk] Stickney, widow of Jonathan Stickney and daughter of Sam- 
uel and Sarah [Redington] Fisk of Boxford. He was in the military service in 
Maine from Dec. 26, 1724, to Apr. 24, 1726. He lived in the house known in later 
years as the Fletcher-Pike place on Warren street, Georgetown. He sold this pro- 
perty Feb. 13, 1763, to John Pike of Newbury and removed to Leominster. There 
he died at the age of 73. His wiU, dated June 26, 1773, was filed Nov. 4, 1777, and 
probated Dec 1, 1777. The will of his widow Mary, dated Aug. 19, 1779, was filed 
Apr. 4, 1780, and probated May 1, 1780. Children, all born in Rowley: 
1 Ebenezer, Jan. 3, 1728-9; -f-Oct. 3, 1749, aged 20® 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


2 Joseph, Aug. 6, 1731; =Aug. 28, 1756, Mary Snow, Lancaster 

3 Elizabeth, bp. Apr. 14, 1734; =Dec. 5, 1757, James Smith, 3rd, of Newbury 

4 Judith, bp. Mar. 14, 1735-6; =Apr. 11, 1754, Moses Lull of Rowley 

5 Benjamin, bp. Mar. 12, 1737-8; -} in French war, 1755-56: from Leominster 

6 Richard =Oct. 11, 1764, Eunice Stuart of Temple ton 

7 Jeremiah, bp. May 29, 1743; =Feb. 4, 1762, Hannah Stuart of Lancaster 

8 Mary, bp. Nov. 30, 1746; =Sep. 19, 1764, Thomas Mears of Lancaster 
^9~^ Jonathan, June 1, 1749; +Mar. 6, 1750 

10 Hannah 175 1; -rOct. 30, 1753, aged about 2 years® 

11 Ebenezer =June 10, 1777, Mary Smith, Leominster 

J0HN3 STUART (Ebenezier,^ Dunaxn»), born in Rowley Oct. 20, 1709, married 
(published Nov. 10, 1732, Rowley) Hannah Bailey, bom in Rowley June 30, 1709, 
daughter of Capt. Jonathan Bailey. He was of Newbury in 1743, and removed 
thence to Lancaster in 1746; was in the military service in 1757 [Mass. archives, 
95:497]. He located in Templeton before 1763, but the date and place of his death 
is not found. It is probable that he died in Leominster at the home of his son John, 
about 1792. Hannah died there Oct. 26, 1793, 'aged 84, a widow.' Children: 

1 Johnson, bp. July i, 1733. Byfield® 

2 Enoch, bp. Feb. 16. i734'5f Byfield 

3 Sarah, bp. July 17, i737, Byfield: =Dec. 23, 1755, Samuel Burrell, Newbury 

4 Elizabeth, bp. hlw. 11, 1739, Byfield 

5 Hannah, bp. May — , 1742, Byfield; =Feb. 4, 1762, Jeremiah* Stuart, Lancaster 

6 Eunice, bp. Nov. 4, 1744, Byfield; =^Oct. 11, 1764, Richard* Stuart, jr., Templ'n 

7 John, June 26, 1747, Lancaster; i=14|81 Eliz. Dresser, (2) Rebecca Houghton 

8 Jane, Feb. 6, 1750, Lancaster; 1 Oct. 8, 1771, John Porter of Winch'n, Leom. 
CHARLES* STUART {Ebenezer,^ Dunaxn*), born in Rowley May 30, 1718, mar- 
ried in Newbury Dec. 31, 1741, Sarah Fisk, daughter of Samuel and Sarah [Red- 
ington] Fisk of Boxford, and in 1746 they removed to Lancaster. He died there 
July 31, 1750, aged 32. William Fisk of Rowley, in his will dated May 23, 1764, 
bequeathed i'40 to "Sarah Stewart, widow of Charles Stewart, late of Lancaster, 
deceased." Children: 

1 Samuel 1742; -hAug. 9, 1750, in 9th year, Lancaster® 

2 Phebe 1744; ^Aug. 9, 1750, in 7th year 

3 Huldah 1746; -i-Aug. 10, 1750, in 5th year 

4 Solomon, Feb. 9, 1748; =Apr. 10, 1766, Elizabeth Moore, Lancaster 

5 Sarah, Apr. 8, 1750; =Mar. 29, 1772, Asa Smith of Lancaster 

To be continued 



WILLIAM* STEWART (William,^ Charles,* Daniel'), born June 12, 1768, in 
Chilmark, married there Sep. 17, 1789, Bersheba Tilton, born there Dec. 25, 1769, 
daughter of William and Bersheba [Mayhew] Tilton. He died Apr. 14, 1829, aged 
60 [60-10-2®: 62-11-28®], and she died Feb. 6, 1841, aged 71 years, 1 month and 
13 days. 1790: 1-0-2, Chilmark.® A partial list of their children: 

1 Sophronia i8oo; +Aug. 24, 1831, aged 31 

2 John 1802; r Aug. 1, 1827, aged 24 years and 10 months, on passage 

3 daughter, May 12, 1806 from New Orleans to Boston 

4 Edmund 1810; =May 16, 1838, Lurana Fisher: -hOct. 26, 1848 


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SAMUEL^ STEWART {ElUanaK* DanUl,^ James,^ DanieU), born Dec. 2, 1763, in 
Hardwick, Mass., married (1) in Hartland, Vt., Apr. 5, 1787, Chloe Bishop. She 
died Nov. 2, 1787, in Barnard, Vt. He married (2) in Hardwick, Mass., Oct. 22, 
1789, Sarah Egery, born in Barnard, daughter of Capt. Daniel and Mary [Perry] 
Egery. He was a farmer in Barnard and died there Feb. 19, 1813, aged 49. They 
doubtless had other children than those recorded in Barnard: 

1 Polly, Mar. 24, 1791; -^May 23, 1810 

2 Chloe ; =Apr. 23, 1818, Isaac Cummings 

3 Benjamin ; -hSep. 8, 1802 

4 Elizabeth, Aug. 7, 1807 

5 Emily, Jan. 13, 1810; =Jan. 1, 1829, Silas Newton 

MOSES-^ STEWARD {Elkanah,' Daniel,^ James, ^ DartieV), born Apr. 19, 1771, in 
Hardwick, Mass., married Lois Foster and settled in Waitsfield, Vt., about 1797.® 
He died there Jan. 22, 1818, aged 47, and his widow married (2) July 21, 1822, Job 
Dow. Children, recorded in Waitsfield: 

1 Moses, Apr. 26, 1799; 4-Nov. 6, 1802, aged 23^ 

2 Lydia, Sep. 3, 1801; -fNov. 8, 1802 

3 Lydia, May 9, 1803; -^Mar. 18, 1822, Lyman Nuttmg 

4 Lois, May 9, 1803; =Mar. 13, 1827, Chester Butterfield 

5 Lovina, Feb. 7, 1806; =May 2, 1824, James Dow 
^6 Oren, May 26, 1807; -hJan. 9, 1818 

7 Lucinda, Feb. 22, 1809; =May 24, 1826, Chester Sawyer 

8 Polly, May 12, 1811; i=28fl828 Luther Fairbanks, (2) 5|'36 Israel D. Rust 

9 Parney, May 29, 1814; -hOct. 13, 1814 [ustus,^ Lorenzo^ and Sarah- 
10 Moses, Feb. 12, 1816; =Sarah : children— Moses,? Silas,' Gordon,' Aug- 

To be continued 


Homer Hine« Stuart, jr., died Mar. 13, 1923, in Florida. He was born at Wil- 
low Tree, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1856, and b biographically noticed in Severance's "Lon- 
donderry Stewarts." 

William Henry Harrison Stewart died Sep. 17, 1923, in Cazenovia, Madison 
county, N. Y., aged 82. He was born in West Eaton Jan. 30, 1841, ninth child of 
Jonathan and Olivia [Chubbuck] Stewart. 

Dr. George W. Earle, president of the Wisconsin Land & Lumber company, 
died Oct. 10, 1923, at his residence in Hermans ville, Mich. He was born Oct. 9, 
1849, in Truxton, N. Y., son of William Roome Earle and Maria^ Stewart (Char- 
les,« John,* Charles,^ John^ of Londonderry, N. H.). A very good write-up with 
portrait is given in The IXL, of Hermansville, for October. —36 

Lyman Stewart, founder and chairman of the Union Oil company of California, 
died recently, having just passed his 83rd birthday. He was a pioneer in the oil in- 
dustry, beginning with Drake's original well near Titusville, Pa., in 1859. He serv- 
ed three years (1862-66) in the Union army. He lost his entire fortune in 1872 in 
the Pennsylvania fields, but made a new start in 1883 in the virgin field of Califor- 
nia. He was worth $50,000,000 when he died. 

On page 66, in the Allan Stewart family, it was Allan 3 who died in 1873, and his widow who died 
in Batavia. Mary Elizabeth 4 married Charles Bowman Sturtevant, son of Paschal Sturtevant. 

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F Lb 1 ^ 1924 






TIMOTHY* STEWART (T/umuw," DanH^ Mn,^ Danid'), bprn Aug. 27, 1770, 
in Edgartown, Mass., married (1) Jan. 26, 1792, Jedidah Pease of Chappequiddick, 
born June 3, 1768, and removed to Union, Me., before 1790,® where he appears on 
the tax list of 1791. Jedidah died May 19, 1815. He married (2) Oct. 1, 1818, 
Abigail Daggett, born Oct. 24, 1785, in Vinal Haven, Me., daughter of Benjamin 
and Elizabeth [Hathaway] Daggett. He was a surveyor. He died Mar. 29, 1844, 
at Union. Children: 

1 Levina, Feb. 8, 1793; =Dec. 31, 1815, John Coffin Ripley of Appleton 

2 Anna, Apr. 23, 1795; =Timothy Weymouth of Appleton 

3 Leonard, Aug. 2, 1797: prisoner of war, 1814, on Melville's island 

4 Hannah, Aug. 19, 1799; ^ July 10, 1818, Ansel Snow 

5 Love, Feb. 22, 1802; =Richard Harwood of Hope 

6 John Holmes, Oct. 8, 1804; =Oct. 28, 1830, Olive Clark Fairbanks 

7 William Dougherty, June 4, 1807; =Apr. 4, 1733, Maria Bills 

8 Thomas Martin, Oct. 10, 1810; =Feb. 27, 1733, Maria N. Butler, Edgartown 

9 Oren Oxford, Sep. 9, 1819; =Apr. 11, 1847, Mary Ann Robbins 

DAVID* STEWART (John* Daniel^ John,^ DanieV), bom about 1771 in Hebron, 
Conn., married in Washington county, N. Y., about 1799, Elizabeth Kenyon, born 
in Rhode Island about 1781, daughter of David and Mary [Rogers] Kenyon. He 
died in 1834 in Jackson, Washington county, and she died there May 14, 1844. 

1 Hannah i8oo 

2 Solomon, Oct. 22, 1801; =Nancy Bristol, Fort Edward, daughter of James 

3 David 1803; =Susan Watson, daughter of Simeon 

4 Phineas 

5 Duncan 

6 Nathan, Nov. 27, 1812; =Dec. 12, 1836, Patience Youngs 

7 William, Mar. 27, 1813 

8 John 1818 

9 Joseph 

10 Emeline = James Watson, son of Augustus 

11 Henry 1822; + July—, 1855 

12 Mary 

13 Ann Eliza 1826; +Sep. 5, 1882 

NATHAN« STEWART (Datdd,'' John,* Daniel,^ John,^ DanieU) married Dec. 28, 
1836, Patience Youngs, born Mar. 8, 1812, in Easton, Washington county, N. Y. 
When less than 20 years of age he united with the Baptist church at Greenwich, 
and was a deacon 60 years. His wife died June 1, 1892, at Greenwich, and he died 
there June 13, 1900. Children: 
1 Reuben, Dec. 27, 1838; =Jan. 28, 1869, Jane Fielding Sherman 

•Editor: Geo. T. Edson, Filley, Neb. Associate: Horace W. Dickerman, New Haven, Conn. 

Symlmlsand references: means married; -^ marriage intention; f died; x buried; — a number 
preceded by daah means refer to that page; ® Bible record, (D church record, (i) town record, ® grave 
stone, probate record, court, (D land, (i'j military, pension, ® U.S. census, (il) personal datum, (^ 
town or local history. 

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2 Julia, Dec. 13, 1841; =Jan. 22, 1863, James E. Collins, Greenwich: 3 children 

3 Norman Fox, June 18, 1851; =Jan. 18, 1871, Anna Cora Miller 
REUBEN' STEWART {Nathan,^ David,' John* Daniel^ John,^ DanieV) married 

Jan. 28, 1869, Jennie F. Sherman, born Aug. 12, 1844, in Greenwich. He died Apr. 
5, 1893, in New York City, and she died Dec. 24, 1921, in Gloversville, N. Y. 

1 Mildred Frances, June 2, 1870; =Sep. 7, 1898, Samuel Wallace 

2 Maude Colton, Aug. 27, 1871: supervisor of kindergarten, Syracuse schools 

3 Robert Gray, Mar. 7, 1873; =June 10, 1903. Anna Renison: ^Apr. 10. 1919 

4 Charles Neil, Jan. 8, 1878; =Dec. 28, 1904, Lorena Hodder, Glovefsville 
NORMAN FJ STEWART (Nathan,^ David,' John,* Daniel,^ John,^ Daniel') marri- 
ed Jan. 18, 1871, Anna Cora Miller, born Oct. 20, 1852, in Troy, N. Y. Son: 

1 Sanford W., Nov. 17, 1871, Jackson; =June 5, 1895, Lila D. Nye 


*' Engineering on the Farm^' 
Col. JOHN T. STEWART, professor and chief of 
the division of agricultural engineering in the depart- 
ment of agriculture of the university of Minnesota 
from 1908 to 1917 and an officer of engineers in the 
U. S. army during the world war, has written a book, 
"Engineering on the Farm." It is primarily intended 
as a text book in agricultural schools, but will prove 
invaluable to the practical farmer. It contains 538 
pages and sells at $2.25, and is published by Rand, 
McNally & Company of Chicago, through whose cour- 
tesy we are enabled to print the portrait of the auth- 
or. An article on Col. Stewart's ancestry appeared 
in the April, May and June (1923) numbers of this 
magazine, under "Stewarts of York County, Pa.", 
tracing back to James^ of Lower Chanceford. 



JUDSON GARNER STEWART was born Jan. 16, 1821, near Bowling Green, 
Ky. He was a son of JAMES Q. STEWART, who emigrated from Kentucky before 
the Civil war to Calloway county. Mo., where he was an extensive land owner and 
slave holder. Judson G. became an abolitionist and was therefore disinherited by 
his father and lost connection with his kinsmen, one of whom became mayor of 
Los Angeles and another was organizer of the chautauqua at Ottawa, Kan. Jud- 
son married Nov. 3, 1842, Lucinda Wright, in Calloway county. Mo. He was a 
physician and surgeon, and served with honor in troop G in the famous 7th Kansas 
cavalry under Col. Dan Anthony in the Union army during the Civil war. He 
died in December, 1869, at Wathena, Kan., and his widow died there Oct. 7, 1886. 

1 Electa Helen, Sep. 13, 1843, Lancaster, Schuyler county. Mo.; fin infancy 

2 Vitula Catherine, Mar. 25, 1846; ^Mar. 12, 1869, William Bush: t 7^1874 

3 William Taylor, Sep. 5, 1848; -L^Apr. 1, 1920, unm., Wathena 

4 James Albert. Apr. 21, 1851, Davis co., la.; =Nov. 14, 1876, Emma Wilcox 

5 Malcolm Garner, Feb. 21, 1855; fin infancy 

6 Zadoc Lewis, Jan. 11, 1859, Paris, Kan.; =Feb. 3, 1892, Eleanor V. Mitchell 

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JAMES ALBERT STEWART (Judson Qamer) married Nov. 14, 1876, Emma 
Wilcox, in Salem, Ore. Residence, Wathena, Kan. Children: 

1 Ora Lucinda, Sep. 13, 1877; =June 22, 1912, W. G. T. Baker: Wathena 

2 Hattie Emma, Dec. 28, 1879; =Dec. 27, 1910. John Breckenridge Kennedy 

3 Edna Attalla, Aug. 10, 1883: unm. 

4 Judson Albert, Oct. 14, 1885; =Nov. — , 1914, Jennie Walker 

5 Dudley James, Nov. 28, 1887; -hin infancy 

6 William Lewis, Dec. 13, 1889; =June 1, 1916, Hazah Morris 

ZADOC LEWIS STEWART (Judson Qamer) married Feb. 3, 1892, Eleanor V. 
Mitchell, at Oketo, Kan. Children: 

1 Laura Frances, Oct. 15, 1893 

2 Oliver Garner, Oct. 9, 1898 

The family of JanuM G. Stewart conmsted of Vitilla, Garrett. William, Catherine, Judson Garn- 
er. Elisa and Cantley Wallace. Vitula married a Jones of Missouri. Garrett married Sarah Gutridge 
of Tennessee and had: Sarah Ellen, James, Ann Elira, Fillmore, William and Newton. William mar- 
ried Nancy Wright and had: Nancy Ellen, Mary Elizabeth, Catherine, Margaret, Clay and Tabitha, 
who died young. Catherine married. Elisa married a Williamson. Cantley Wallace married Lucy 
Davis and had: 'Dodie', John, Mary Ellen, Addie and Don. 



M0SES8 STEWART (James,^ Duncan^), born July 9, 1712, in Boxford, Mass., 
married Nov. 7, 1734, in Salem, Lydia Lindsay, daughter of Capt. Eleazer Lindsay. 
He died in Lynn previous to Apr. 22, 1764 [Essex deeds, 100:145]. His widow was 
living in Danvers in 1755, and was alive in 1771. Some of their children : 

2 Nathan 1739. Salem; n^Mar. 24, 1763, Mary Brackett, Boston 

3 David ; =June 27, 1775, Anna Bickford, Salem 

4 Elizabeth 

SAMUELS STEWART (Samuel,^ Duncan^), born June 4, 1704, in Wells, Maine, 
married (1) [int. Apr. 22, 1726] Dorothy Allen of York, born Sep. 6, 1707, daughter 
of James and Dorothy (Barsham) Allen. He married (2) [int. May 2, 1752] Mrs. 
Elizabeth Goodale, widow of Zachariah Goodale, sr., and daughter of Josiah Little- 
field. He was a housewright, member of the train band in 1757, and was living on 
Aug. 26, 1776, aged about 72, but died before Nov. 10, 1785; his widow Elizabeth 
was living Mar. 18, 1786. Children, bom in Wells: 

1 Jeremiah 1727; -^^Nov. 11, 1749, Ruth Favor of Wells 

2 Amos, hp. Apr. 27, 1729; -|-young? 

3 Samuel, Feb. 25, 1731 ; =Aug 27, 1765, Jemima Hatch 

4 Elijah, Jan. 24, 1733; =Nov. 6, 1755, Tabitha Morrison 

6 Dorcas, June 2, 1735; ^Jan. 26, 1750, Joseph Cheney: -f-Jan. 6, 1817 

6 Dorothy, Aug. 4, 1737; ^Jan. 13, 1753, Isaac Hatch 

7 Huldah, Oct. 15, 1739; =Nov. 27, 1755, Samuel Morrison 

8 Mehitable ; =Apr. 9, 1760, Zachariah Goodale, jr. 

9 Joseph, bp. Apr. 3, 1743; probably -h young 

10 Reuben, hp. Od. 7, 1744; +young 

11 Reuben. May 20, 1756; ^ Jan. 29, 1778, Elizabeth Gilpatrick: -hApr. 28, 1831 

12 Amos, hp. Jan. 23, 1757; =Apr. 20, 1780, Mehitable Rutland: -hMay 19, 1839 

13 Meribah, bp. July 20, 1760; =Sep. 24, 1795, Isaac Linscott, jr., of Cornish 
JOSEPH^ STEWART (Samuel^ Duncan^), bom Nov. 28, 1706, in Wells, married 

[int. Nov. 29, 1729] Mary Lord of Berwick, born in 1711, daughter of Capt. Samuel 


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and Martha (Wentworth) Lord. He died about 1734 at Berwick, and the widow 
Mary was appointed administratrix of his estate on July 23, 1734, and on Apr. 26, 
1735, she was appointed guardian of the two little chfldren. She married (2) Peter 
Grant of Berwick. Children of Joseph Stewart, bom in Berwick, Me.: 

1 Wentworth, Oct. 20, 1731; ^^^Feb. 4, 1753, Susanna Lombard 

2 Dorcas 

Joseph steward of Wells and Sarah Gould, Salem, pub. Jan. 2S, 1728-9, Salem, baons forbidden. 

JOHNS STUART (Samuel^ Duncan^), born Aug. 5, 1709, in Wells, Me., married 
(1) [int. Sep. 16, 1732] Mary Preble of York. He married (2) Nov. 13, 1735, Mary 
Bragg, in Scarboro, daughter of John^ and Mary (Bennett) Bragg. She joined the 
church in Scarboro June 6, 1736. She was buried Mar. 18, 1751, in Dunston. He 
married (3) June 6, 1751, Mary Holmes, in Scarboro. She was buried July 2, 1777. 
He married (4) Oct. 2, 1777, Mrs. Jane (Roberks) Anderson, in Scarboro, widow of 
John Anderson. He was representative for Scafboro several terms in the Massa- 
chusetts General Court, and was stiU living there in 1792. Children: 

1 John, Mar. 11, 1736, Wells; =Apr. 9, 1761, Deliverance Haines 

2 Mary, bp. June 25, 1738, Scarboro; =July 30, 1761, James Boothby 

3 EHizabeth, bp. Jan. 8, 1742; -hyoung 

4 Sarah, hp. Jan. 16, 1743; =Sep. 19, 1765, Josiah Boothby, brother to James 

5 Joseph, bp. Sep. 13, 1744; =Abigail Staples 

6 Timothy, bp. Mar. 23, 1746; =July 19, 1772, Molly McKenney of Gorham 

7 Samuel, bp. June 5, 1748; 1=12^71 Anna Pratt, (2) 25279 Lucy (Foss) Harmon 

8 Dorcas, bp. Aug. 9, 1752; =Aug. 10, 1769, Jonathan Andrews, jr. 

ZEBUL0N8 STEWART (Samuel,^ Duncan^), bom May 20, 1713, in Wells, Me., 
married [int. July 12, 1735] Penninah Getchell of Wells, baptized there June 26, 
1716, daughter of Joseph and Eunice. He was a sergeant in Capt. George Berry's 
company from Apr. 1 to July 16, 1759, at Fort Pownal on the Penobscot river, and 
was almost continuously in the military service from 1748 to 1766: he was a cord- 
wainer, and was living in Wells Apr. 4, 1792 [York deeds, 59:193]. Children: 

1 Eunice, bp. July 18, 1736 

2 Susanna, bp.Apr. 2, 1738 

3 .Hepsibah, bp. Dec. 6, 1741 

4 Hannah, bp. June 26, 1743; =Nov. 17, 1767, Jedediah Lowe 

5 Elijah, bp. Feb. 9, 1755; i =305-78 Miriam Lowe, (2) 22$ 95 Mary Merrifield 
JEREMIAH^ STEWART (Samuel^ Duncan^), born May 27, 1716, in Wells, Me., 

married (1) May 20, 1744, Sarah Paul, in Salem, Mass. He married (2) July 21, 
1 763, Abigail Jones of Wells. "■ Children, born in Wells: 

1 Joseph, bp. Apr. 14, 1745 

2 Priscilla, bp. June i, 1746; f Nov. 3, 1770, John Jones 

3 Sarah, bp. Od. 4, 1747; =Sep. 26, 1779, Benjamin Durgin, Scarboro 

4 Rebecca, bp. Aug. '24, 1749; =Dec 1, 1773, William Durgin, Scarboro 

5 Jeremiah, bp. July 18, 1753: : Feb. 24, 1776, Mary Bathrick, Cambridge, Mass. 

6 Molly, bp. Feb. i, 1756 

7 E^bienezer, bp. A^. 12, 1761: Mn Revolution 

8 ? WilHam Parker, bp. Sep. 13, 1767 

To be continued 

Joseph Stewart of Salisbury, Mass., 1667, (page 18) was Joseph Stowers? 


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Editor: Qeorge Thomas Edson^ FilUy^ Nebraska 
Horace W. Dickerman. 36 West Idth st.. New York City; Associate 


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VOL. 1 1 NO. 9 



JONATHAN* STEWARD (Charlc5,»James,2 Duncan'), born Jan. 19, 1718-9, in 
Hampton Falls, N. H., married Nov. 13, 1740, Anna Carey of Hampton Falls. He 
was a blacksmith. He died about 1790 in Pittsfield, N. H. Children, born H.-F.: 

1 Mary, Sep. 3, 1741; - young 

2 David, Jan. 16, 1744; - Feb. 28, 1765, Abigail (Thorndike) Davison 

3 Mary, Feb. 4, 1747; -Oct. 24, 1765, Josiah White, Hampton Falls 

4 Anna, Jan. 10, 1750; =Nathan Roby of Hampton 

5 Jonathan, Aug. 10, 1752 

6 Mehitable, May 7, 1755; =Nathan Green of Pittsfield 

7 Lydia, Apr. 28, 1760; =-Jan. 19, 1794, Nathan Roby, Hampton Falls 


BENJAMIN^ STEWART {Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), borri Jan. 26, 1728, in 
Rowley, Mass., married in Lunenburg Jan. 9, 1752, Rebecca Taylor, born June 4, 
1728, in Littleton, daughter of Jonathan and Rebecca (Powers) Taylor. He admin- 
istered his father's estate in 1758, and bought land Oct. 12, 1761, in Cavendish, Vt. 
His ^ife died Oct. 10, 1797, in Lunenburg, and he died there Feb. 26, 1815. 
1 Martha, Mar. 18, 1754 ; = June 29, 1773, John Litch 

SOLOMON* STEWART {Solomon,"^ James,^ Duncan'), born Jan. 14, 1730, in 
Rowley, Mass., married in Lunenburg May 28, 1756, Elizabeth Taylor, born Oct. 

Symbols and references: means married: : marriage intention; \ died; ^ buried; — a number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; T; Bible record, rf) church record, (i, town record, grave 
stone, (A) probate record, fi> court, t^ land, s military, f) pension, (g) U. S. census, uT) personal datum, (a 
town or local history. 

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22, 1735, in Littleton, daughter of Jonathan and Rebecca (Powers) Taylor. He 
was a pioneer settler of Fitchburg in 1764, and was a recognized patriot during the 
Revolution. He removed to Canaan, Maine, about 1777. He died June 22. 1802, 
in Bloomfield, Me., and she died there Jan. 15, 1804. Children, born in Lunenburg: 

1 Mary, June 5, 1757; =Sep. 8, 1774, Joseph Sawyer of Fitchburg 
' 2 Betty, May 10, 1758; =Apr. 22, 1777, Isaac Russell 

3 Rebecca, Mar. 4, 1761; = Samuel Bigelow, Bloomfield 

4 Solomon, Aug. 7, 1763; =Dec. 15, 1785, Betty Bigelow, Bloomfield 
PHINEAS^ STEWART (Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born Mar. 27, 1732, in 

Rowley, Mass., married in Lunenburg Apr. 22, 1756, Anne Ireland. He was one of 
the carpenters employed in building Fort Halifax on the Kennebec: he was a pion- 
eer settler of Fitchburg in 1764, and removed to Canaan, Me., during the Revolut- 
ion, 1779 or 1780. Children, first four bom in Lunenburg, others in Fitchburg: 

1 Samuel Bird, Mar. 28, 1757; ^ Sally Turner 

2 Anne, Nov. 23, 1758; =Jan. 12, 1777, Seth Wyman. Canaan 

3 Phineas, Oct. 27, 1760; -:-Sep. 19, 1782, Molly Snow 

4 Abraham, Oct. 15, 1762; =Sep. 12, 1784, Sarah McKechnie of Winslow 

5 Thomas, Feb. 15, 1766; =July 13, 1790, Olive Moore 

6 Martha, June 28, 1772 

DANIEL* STEWART (Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born Nov. 21, 1734, in Sa- 
lem, Mass., married in Lunenburg Mar. 14, 1757, Mary Ireland. He served in the 
Revolution, was school commissioner in 1783, and died in Fitchburg June 2, 1802. 
aged 68. His widow died in Bloomfield, Me., Jan. 30, 1818. Children, born in Lu- 

1 Daniel, Oct. 3, 1758; — 17S1 Rachel Kemp of Norridgewock, Me. 

2 Benjamin, Feb. 12, 1761; =June 12, 1788,® Sarah Kimball: f 7g'20; no issue 

3 Mary, May 10, 1763; =July 8, 1783, Benjamin Mulliken 

4 John, Aug. 18, 1765; =Feb. 26, 1787, Abigail Whitcomb 

5 Amasa, Dec. 18, 1768; ^Aug. 30, 1788, Eunice Ireland. Canaan. Me. 

6 Amherst, Feb. 17, 1770; =Dec. 13, 1795, Anne Carlisle 

7 Sarah, Aug. 22, 1772; -^ Hezekiah Chaplin 

8 Betty, May 14, 1775; =Oct. 1, 1801, Thomas Eaton, Fitchburg 

9 Stephen, Sep. 3, 1777; — Nancy Wyman 

10 Thomas, Feb. 24, 1782; =Feb. 12, 1804, Nancy Bicknell of Lunenburg 

11 James, Feb. 23, 1785; =Feb. 8, 1810, Sarah Persis Manson of Petersham 
WILLIAM* STEWART {Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born Mar. 14, 1737. in Sa- 
lem, Mass., married (1) in Lunenburg July 25, 1758, Abigail Ireland of Lunenburg, 
born Mar. 8, 1741, in Rpxbury. He served in the French war, 1755; was a grantee 
of Pittsford, Vt., Oct. 12, 1761, with his brother Phineas, and removed to Fitch- 
burg, where he joined the church Nov. 25, 1764. He went to Canaan, Me., in 1780. 
and there he married (2) Dec. 26, 1805, Lydia Ireland. Children, the first born in 
Lunenburg,® the others in Fitchburg:® 

1 Abigail, May 19, 1762; =1777 George Pooler of Canaan 

2 William, bp. Jan. 27, 1765; ^1784 Sally Hood, Canaan 

3 Susanna, bp. Oa. 19, 1766; =1788 John Moore, jr., Canaan 

4 Jonathan. July 13. 1769; i=Hannah Jewett, (2) 2|96 Mrs. Lucy Pattee, (3)— 

5 James. Dec. 25, 1773 

6 Abraham 


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JACOB^ STEWART (Sobmon.s james,^ Duncan^), born Apr. 22, 1743, in Lunen- 
burg, Mass., married in Fitchburg Nov. 18, 1766, Elizabeth Pierce, born in Lunen- 
burg Nov. 25, 1748, daughter of Ephraim and Esther (Shedd) Pierce. He settled 
with his brothers in Fitchburg [detached from Lunenburg in 1764], and was a sol- 
(iier in the French war. He served in the Revolution, and was promoted to the 
rank of ensign in Col. Rufus Putnam's regiment, 1777. He removed to Claremont, 
N. H., where his wife died July 14, 1792, in her 44th year. He died May 14, 1813, 
aged 70. in Campbell, Steuben county, N. Y. Children, first two recorded in F.: 

1 Frederick, Nov. 30, 1767; = : +May 4, 1813, Campbell, N. Y. 

2 Lucinda, Apr. 5, 1770; =Aug. 28, 1796, Claremont: +15*49 Booneville, N. Y. 

3 Jacob : settled in Ohio? 

4 Ehzabeth 1774; r^^Dec. 25, 1794, Wilca Lewis, Claremont: f 13 J '11, se. 

5 Petsis ^- 1846, unmarried, Claremont 37© 

6 Roxanna 1782; = 1810 Jacob Smith 

7 Lucretia 1785; -hi 862, unmarried, Claremont 

To be continued 

JOHN STEWART & Mary Stevens [m. Jan. 8, 1772], daughter of Arent Stevens: 

1 James (Jan. 12, 1773, at 1 o'clock in the morning), bp. Jan. 17 

2 Catherine (Oct. 23, 1774, at 7 o'clock in the evening), bp. Oct. 30 

3 Arent (Aug. 23, 1777, at 12 o'clock at noon), bp. Aug. 31 

4 ( son, Mar. 13, 1780, at 3 o'clock in the morning) 

5 Abraham (Dec. 12, 1781, at 2 o'clock in the morning), bp. Dec. 16 

6 Judith (Oct. 13, 1783, at 6 o'clock in the morning), bp. Nov. 9 

7 Nicholas Stevens, Jan. 25, 1789 

WILLIAM STEWART & Mary: [She died May 5, 1816, a?. 72, Shalot's Bush®] 

1 Pieter, bp. Nov. 2, 1778 

2 William, Sep. 19, 1785 

DANIEL STEWART & Nancy [Agnes] Frazer:-^ Jennet, Duncan, Walter, Mori- 

His will of June 6, 1814, names 
wf. Agnes; childr. Daniel, John, 

omia McCollum and Mary Fer- 
guson. Princetown. 

1 Duncan, bp. Feb. 21, 1782 

2 Mary, Jan. 28, 1787 
JAMES STEWART & Jane Adair: 

1 (Robert, June 20, 1779, past 12 o'clock at night) 

2 (Sarah. June 14, 1781, at 11 o'clock at night) 

3 John (May 15, 1783, at 11 o'clock at night), bp. June 15 

4 Mary (May 4, 1785, near 12 o'clock at midnight;, born May 4 

5 (Peter, Mar. 1, 1788, at 9 in the morning) 

6 Agnes, bp. June 10, 1791 

7 Elizabeth Yales, Apr. 18, 1792 

8 Jane, Mar. 9, 1794 

(GEORGE STEWART & Elizabeth Ferguson: 

1 (Thomas, Apr. 5, 1782, at 7 at night) 

2 Anna Ferguson, bp. Mar. 10, 1785 

*Part of these records are taken from "Contribution for the Genealogies of the First Settlers of the 
I'Mtent snd City of Schenectady/' 1873, and part are entries of births from Mary Stevens's diary, pre- 
!««>rved with the records of St. George's Church. Schenectady. These latter, all spelled Stuart, were 
furnished by.Mrs. Charlotte T. Luckhurst of Albany, and are here given in parentheses. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


JOHN STEWARD from Chalotsbos and Sarah Sample of Warrensbos, banns pub- 
lished June 1, 1794: [He died Jan. 13, 1844, ae. 74, Remsen's Bush®] 

1 William, Aug. 8, 1795 

2 Catherine, Jan. 12, 1800 

3 Sarah, Dec. 28, 1801 

Peter Steward hud a grant May 7. 1765, of 2,000 hcree, known as Steward's Patent, Clinton coun- 
ty.® Peter Stewart married Jan. 25, 1764, Mary Stuart.(6^ Peter Stewart married Nov. 14, 1769, Ann 
Cook.® In 1768 James Stewart petitioned for a license to purchase from the Indians 8,000 acres of 
land on the north side of the Mohawk river in Albany county, and in the following year he petitioned 
for letters patent on behalf of himself and others for 24,000 acres in the same locality.(7) James Stu- 
art, aged 58, bom in Scotland, enlisted May 18, 1762, Albany county, John Vischer's company. ^h^ 

James, David, George, Daniel and John Stuart were soldiers in the 2nd regiment of Albany coun- 
ty troops in the Revolution.® Census 1790, SchenecUdy: Daniel, 2-2-3; John, 1-0-8; George, 1-1-4: 
John, 2-1-2; James, 1-8-8.® Robert Stewart, Schoharie, will June 18, 1755, names no relatives.® 



ANTHONY STEUART was born in Scotland® Feb. 12. 1773.© He probably 
came with his fathw" to Johnstown, Fulton county, N. Y. He married July 11 [18], 
1798,© Elizabeth , born Feb. 11, 1781.© Children:© 

1 William A., Aug. 9, 1799, Johnstown. He died Oct. 15 [22], 1869. 

2 Solomon J., Dec. 4, 1803 

3 Katherine, Mar. 12, 1805 

4 Robert, Sep. 17. 1807 

5 Elizabeth, June 3, 1811 

6 John, June 7, 1815 

7 Robert. May 12, 1817 

8 Sally Ann, Jan. 12, 1819 

9 JeflfersonT.,Aug. 15, 1823. He died Sep. 11, 1863. 

These records were found on a leaf from an old Bible, in the possession of Mrs. 
Kate Lewis of Adrian, Mich. In later handwriting was "Anthony Steuart was from 
Scotland. His sons were William A., John, Solomon and Jeff: his daughters' names 
were SaUy Ann and Katie." William evidently inherited the Bible, for he carried 
on the record of his children. In later issues of this magazine we expect to publish 
further records of Anthony's descendants. 

If this number of the Stewart Clan Magazine comes to you as a sample copy 
sit right down at your desk and send your dollar for a year's subscription. That's 
the way to get in line for these family records and to assist in further collecting of 
undiscovered data. Some day you'll want to get more information, and, believe 
us, it's real hunting. This magazine is a clearing house for Stewart data. 


10. JOHN STEWART of Monaghan. Ireland, had four sons-Thomas, George. John and David 
-who came to America about 1840. The father never came to this country but remained in Ballybay. 
where he owned a bleach- green, employing many men. Tradition says his father lived in Edinburgh. 
About 1855 Thomas and George settled in Humboldt county, Iowa. Thomas remaining there and 
George moving to California, where he died. Who has any information about this John? Mias Har- 
riet Stuart. 999 Lakesbore drive. Chicago. 111. 

11. WILLIAM STUART was bom Aug. 29. 1800, and lived in Delaware before coming to Mary- 
land. He died Oct. 1. 1881. His wife was Rebecca E. Thomas, born Feb. 11. 1808. died May 18. 1862. 
and she had a brother. Enoch Thomas, a minister. William Stuart's children were: David. James, 
John. Charies. and others who died young. He had a brother Samuel. Tradition claims descent from 
roysl family, but the •'record and a true one" has been destroyed "with a lot of old rubbish." Who 
was William's father? Mrs. Samuel E. D. Stuart. 1418 Mount Royal avenue. Baltimore. Md. 


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Editor. Qeorge Thomas Edson, Filley, J^ebraska 
$1.00 A YEAR Hofce W. Dickerman, 86 Wert 10th at.. New York City. Aiaociate MONTHLY 



SAMUEL* STUART (Robert,^ Ebenctcr,* Duncan^), born Nov. 3, 1728, in Byfield 
parish, married July 12, 1758, Grace Hubbard, daughter of Richard Hubbard, in 
Kingston, N. H. He died in 1767. Children, bom in Kingston, N. H.: 

1 Abigail, Nov. 2, 1769; =Dec. 3, 1778, Enoch Brown of Danville. N. H. 

2 Samuel, Sept. 10, 1761; =June 26, 1787, Hannah Brown of Poplin, Danville 

ROBERT* STUART (Robert,' Ebenctcr,« Duncan^), born Sep. 30, 1743, in Kings- 
ton, N.H., married in South Hampton Mar. 1. 1770, Ruth Currier, daughter of Rich- 
ard Currier of Amesbury. He was a captain in the Revolutionary war, and served 
many years as selectman in Newton. He represented South Hampton as a delegate 
to the state constitutional convention at Concord, June 10, 1778, and as a represen- 
tative of Newton in 1788 voted against the ratification of the federal constitution. 
He died June 27, 1819, aged 76. Children, born in Newton, N. H.l 

1 Ebenezer, Nov. 9, 1770; == 1793, Hannah Rowell, Danbury 

2 Richard, Dec. 4, 1772; =May 25, 1797, Sally Rowell, South Hampton 

3 Sarah, Mar. 15, 1775; i==Richard White, (2) Phillips White, (3) Sam Barnard 

4 Robert ; +aged about 9 

5 Samuel, Apr. 14, 1780; =Nov. 25, 1802. Mary Sawyer: Haverhill, Mass. 

6 James ; 4-aged 2 days 

7 John, Oct. 29, 1784; =Feb. 3, 1802, Abigail Dow, South Hampton 

8 Joseph, June 12, 1786; = 1809, Rebecca Bell: Newton and Lowell 

9 Mary, Oct. 22, 1789; =May 17, 1810, Joseph French, South Hampton 
10 Ruth, Oct. 28, 1792; =May 1, 1823, Daniel Hobson, Bradford, Mass. 

STEPHEN* STUART (Robert,* Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), bom Dec. 25, 1746, Kings- 
ton, N. H., married there Apr. 5, 1775, Sarah Peaslee. He died in 1817. Children, 
bom in Kingston, N. H.: 

1 Anna, May 8. 1776 

2 Stephen, Dec. 25, 1779 

3 James, Apr. 6, 1782; =Mar. 17, 1804, Betsey Eastman, Deerfield 

4 Moses, Oct. 12, 1784; = Rebecca Poor of Raymond 

5 Sarah, Jan. 5, 1787 

6 AbigaU, Mar. 26, 1792 

7 Ebenezer, Dec. 7, 1794 

8 Betsey, Sep. 29, 1797 

JOSEPH* STUART (Richard,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), bom Aug. 6, 1731, in Rowley, 
Mass., married in Lancaster Aug. 28, 1755, Mary Snow, born Aug. 6, 1730, daugh- 
ter of John and Hannah (Sawyer) Snow, Lancaster. He was a soldier in the French 
and Indian war and was drowned Aug. 14, 1760, aged 64, by the capsizing of a boat 
on Lake Champlain, near Grand Isle, Vt. His widow married July 4, 1771, Jona- 

Symbolfl and references: ^ means married: -^ marriage intention; + died; X buried; — a number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; (i) Bible record, (f) church record, Ci) town record, (4) grave 
stone, (D probate record, (i) court, (7) land, (i) military, ® pension, (g) U. S. census, qI) personal datum, (^ 
town or local history. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


than Buss of Leominster. Children of Joseph Stuart: 

1 Benjamin 1756 (bp. July 27, 1760); =Feb. 8, 1787, Damaris Rice, Barre 

2 Joseph, Apr. — , 1757 (bp. July 27, i7(io)\ =Apr. 4, 1782, Beatrix Colbum, Leom. 

3 Mary 1760; =May 27, 1784, John Rice of Barre, Leominster 

RICHARD* STUART {mchard,'' Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), bom about 1741, in Row- 
ley, Mass., married in Templeton Oct. 11, 1764, Eunice Stuart, daughter of John^ 
Stuart [p. 75]. He was a Revolutionary soldier, serving as a private in Capt. Da- 
vid Wilder's company of minute-men in Col. John Whetcomb's regiment which 
marched on the Lexington alarm Apr. 19, 1775, serving 10 days.® She died Nov. 
13, 1831, aged 88,® and he died Jan. 17, 1832, aged 91,® in Leominster. Children, 
recorded in Leominster: 

1 Alpheus, May 1, 1766, Templeton; =Aug. 25, 1791, Pamelia Rice 

2 Elizabeth, July 9, 1768; -hJune 15, 1823, unmarried 

3 Richard, Sep. 14, 1771; -hAug. 9, 1798, unmarried, in 27th year 

4 Eunice, Sep. 26, 1772: ^-Oct. 23, 1846, unmarried 

5 Jane, Aug. 1, 1775; =Nov. 19, 1795, Ephraim Johnson, jr. 

6 Hannah, Apr. 30, 1778; -hSep. 20, 1778 

7 Ebenezer, July 30, 1779; ^ May 24, 1801, Sukey Hale 

8 Mary, July 28, 1882 : 4 Nov. 6, 1817, unmarried, aged 35 

9 Silas, Oct. 24, 1784; -hDec. 16, 1801 

JEREMIAH* STUART (Richard,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), baptized May 29, 1743, 
in Rowley, Mass., married in Lancaster Feb. 4, 1762, Hannah Stuart, daughter of 
John* Stuart [p. 75]. A Jeremy Stuart of Winchendon was drafted from the Wor- 
cester county militia to march to Horse Neck under Col. Denny during the Revol- 
utionary war but he failed to join the regiment; reported drafted into Capt. Boyn- 
ton's company. A Jeremiah Stewart, Worcester county, was pensioned June 23, 
1820, aged 64, for service as a private in the Massachusetts line: he died Dec. 12, 
1821.® Children of Jeremiah* and Hannah, born in Winchendon, Mass.; 

1 Paul, June 8, 1763; =Jan. 27, 1790, Hannah Robbins of Rindge, N. H. 

2 Jeremiah, July 6, 1 767 ; ^Nov. 22, 1 789, Dorothy Kendall of Fitzwilliam, N. H. 

3 Elizabeth, Aug. 22, 1769; =Dec. 27, 1792, Phinehas Parks: -f July 26, 1841 

4 Hannah, Nov. 4, 1774; i .8|1794, Charles Chase, (2) 2411842 Phinehas Parks 

5 John, Jan. 21, 1778; i=Dec. 18, 1796, Joanna Kendall, (2) Hill 

6 Richard, Mar. 25, 1780; =Mar. 29, 1803, Ruth Bixby 

EBENEZER* STUART (Richard,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born about 1753, in Row- 
ley, Mass., married in Leominster June 10, 1777, Mary Smith. He died Aug. 25, 
1778, aged 24, in Leominster.® His widow married May 2, 1782, John Simonds. 
1 Huldah, July 29, 1778; ^ June 18, 1850, aged 71, unmarried 

JOHN* STUART (John,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born June 26, 1747, in Lancaster, 
Mass., married (1) in Sterling June 14, 1781, Elizabeth Dresser. She died July 12, 
1797, aged 45, in Leominster, and he married (2) July 10, 1798, Rebecca Houghton, 
a widow. He died in Leominster Feb. 12, 1813, and she died there Dec. 4, 1844, 
aged 86. Children, born in Leominster:® 

1 Dolly, Oct. 9, 1782; ^Mar. 26, 1806, John Adams of Lancaster 

2 John, Apr. 4, 1784; - Nov. 26, 1812, Betsey Hale: f Feb. 14, 1820 

3 Peter, Feb. 2, 1786; Feb. 9, 1809, Isabella Norcross of Princeton 

4 Nathan, Aug. 20, 1788; =Dec. 31, 1812, Roxanna Phelps of Lancaster 


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SOLOMON* STUART (CharUs,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born Feb. 9, 1748, in Lan- 
caster, Mass., married there Apr. 10, 1769, Elizabeth Moore, born there Feb. 15, 
1753, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Houghton) Moore. He was a captain in 
the Massachusetts militia during the Revolutionary war. He lived in Sterling, set 
off in 1781 from Lancaster. He died in Sterling May 19, 1835, aged 87. Children: 

1 Catherine, Nov. 12„ 1769, Lancaster; i=8|86 Benjamin Brown, (2) a Whitney 

2 Sarah, Dec. 10, 1771, Lancaster; 4 Dec. — , 1794, Danforth Reed 

3 Polly, Jan. 13, 1774. Lancaster; = Asa Richardson 

4 Samuel, May 12, 1776, Lancaster; =Apr. 6, 1797, Dolly Bailey 

5 Betsey = Levi Reed 

6 Solomon r ^Nov. 30, 1813, Nancy Roper 

7 Levi, Mar. 2, 1791, Sterling; 1=22^18 Jane Ames, (2) 31357 Roxanna Foster 

8 Silas 1794; I 19JS15 Susan M. Ames, (2) Charlotte Cook 

To be continued 



Six brothers Stewart "came over from Scotland" before the Revolutionary war. 
They were:® 

1 James killed in war 

2 Benjamin settled in the west 

3 Perry settled in the west 

4 Thomas settled in Hampshire county, Va. : killed in war 

5 Jeremiah 1750; = Priscilla Chisholm 

6 Richard settled in Virginia 

JEREMIAH^ STEWART was born probably about 1750. It is thought that 
he was a Revolutionary soldier: there is a tradition that he rode his horse over a 
bluff irto the river to escape the Indians. He went to Kentucky, near Louisville. 
He died July 22, 1830, and Priscilla died June 5, 1846. They had two sons and 
three daughters. 
1 John, Sep. 1, 1777, Kentucky;® i^25^|1802 Frances Hill, (2) Rebecca Culp 

JOHN^ STEWART Oeremiah') married (1) Feb. 25, 1802, Frances Hill, born 
May 27, 1781. She died Mar. 15, 1814, in Virginia. He married (2) Mar. 15, 1815, 
Rebecca Culp, bom Jan. 11, 1794. He was' a' miller, and was drowned June 10, 1835, 
in the Potomac river. Children: 

1 Catherine, Aug. 5, 1803; -{-unmarried 

2 Priscilla, July 12, 1805; -fin infancy 

3 Eliza, July 12, 1807; -hin infancy 

4 Jane, Oct. 5, 1808 

5 Rebecca, Mar. 30, 1811; =Mar. 16, 1829, A. Durham 

_6_ Julia, Mar. 15, 1814; = 1831, Christopher Leatherman 

7 Harriet, Jan. 2, 1817; =Oct. 38, 1837, John Lease 

8 John G., May 18, 1818; = 1836, Laura Barkdoll 

9 William, Dec. 5, 1819; = 1 841 , Hannah Patterson 

10 Nelson, Sep. 1, 1821; = 1851, Anna E. Winters 

11 Franklin Perry, June 1, 1823;! -1853, Margaret Stewart 

12 Phebe, June 3, 1825; = 1849. Joseph P. McKenzey 

13 Emily, Apr. 12, 1828; = 1846, William Ward 

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DUGALD STUART, a tenant on a farm of Mains, Ayrshire, Scotland, migrat- 
ed in 1690 to Kintyre and leased a farm from [the Duke of] Argyll. The farm was 
Caliburn. Som? time afterward they took over a better farm called Parkfergus. 
I was raised in Kintyre. My forefathers have always been small farmers. When 
they went to Kintyre Gaelic was the only tongue spoken, and about 100 years ago 
English commenced to be used. Stuart in Gaelic is spelled very differently, so by 
the time English had gone into use the different Stuarts of the same stock spelt 
the name Stewart and Stuart. At this day in that locality Stewart is generally 
used, but I am sure the founder of that stock spelled it Stuart. 

About 1745 three brothers left Parkfergus for the Virginias and they afterward 
became pioneer settlers in Kentucky. In 1775 another bunch of young Stuarts 
left Kintyre from various farms in the district. They went out direct to Detroit, 
Mich., then a frontier town. What became of them I do not know. In and about 
1830 twenty-seven Stuarts emigrated from 
Kintyre and settled in and about the following 
places— Columbus, O., Rockford and Chicago, 
111., artd London, Ontario, Canada. The Stu- 
arts of later times mostly migrated to Australia. 

I am now 64 years young and having no 
immediate family gave up my interest I form- 
erly had in the Stuart family tree. About 1874 
back in Illinois I hired a farmer who spelled 
his name Stewart to help m the harvest. One 
wet day he showed me an old Bible written in 
Gaelic but on the fly-leaf was written: 

He had tried to locate Caliburn as a town in 
Scotland. The old gentleman a while later vis- 
ited Caliburn. He left no boys but 1 think five 
girls; the girls called me cousin Aleck, but it 
was many times removed. 

JOHNSTOWN, N.Y., STEWARTS ^o.^^''^J'l^!'^L^.^ 


PETER STEWART came from Dull, Perthshire, Scotland, to Prince Edward 
Isle in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where he and his wife died. His son Donald lived 
and died on the island. His daughter Grace married a Campbell. Another son: 

JAMES STEWART (Peter) was born in 1783 in Dull, Perthshire. He taught 
school five years in Scotland, then taught five years in Johnstown, Fulton county. 
N. Y. There he married in 1808 Janet McNaughton (whose mother was a McLain) 
and moved to a farm in York, Livingston county, where his children were all born. 
There were five Stewart families not related living in York. He died there in 1843 
as the result of an accident, and his widow died in 1863 in Palmyra, Wis. Child- 
ren: Peter, 1809; Jane, 1812, =Lewis Bartlett; Margaret, 1815, James Lauder- 
dale; Elizabeth, 1818. =David Kentfield; Janet. 1821, ^Nathan Bryant; John. 1823. 
-Jane Leonard; Donald, 1825, Ellen McKenzie; Catherine, 1828, Mar. 28, 
1851. Edmund Mills; Ann, 1831, - 1850; Mary, 1834, ^Charles Taylor. 

•Th'f letter was addrened to Mr. Frank M. Stuart, South Milwaukee, Wis., to whose klndnen 
are indebted for a very interesting collection of Stuart- Stewart data. 

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Editor: Qeorge Thomas Edson^ Filley, hJebraska 
ll.CO A YEAR Horace W. Dickerman, 86 West 10th St.. New York City, Aasoclate MONTHLY 
FILLEY. NEB. MAY, 1924 VOL. 1 1 NO. 1 1 



SAMUEL^ STEWART {Samuel,^ Samt^el^' Duncan^), born Feb. 25, 1731, in Wells, 
Me., married there Aug. 27, 1755, Jemima Hatch, baptized m Wells July 29, 1733, 
daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Hatch,. Children, baptized in Wells:® 

1 Dorothy, bp. Sep. 12, 1756; =Dec. 23, 1.778, Daniel Stewart 

2 Jemima, bp. July 13, 1760; =Jan. 31, 17$1, Joshua Cane 

3 Elizabeth, bp. June 13. 1762; ^^Nov. 14, 1782, John Nutt of Derryfield, N. H. 

4 Mercy, bp. Apr. 10, 1763; =Aug. 7, 1786, Richard Burke 

5 Lemuel Hatch, bp. Ck^. 18, 1767; =Dec. 1, 1796, Dorcas Stewart 
8 Benjamin, bp. June 21, 1772; =June 17, 1797, Meribah Morrison 

6 John, bp. May 5, 1776 ' 

7 Samuel, bp. l^ov. 14, 1779; ^-Dec. 23, 1802, Anna Perkins 

ELIJAH* STEWART (Samuel^ Samuel,^ Duncan^), born Jan. 24, 1732-3, Wells, 
married there Nov. 6, 1755, Tabitha Morrison, baptized Feb. 4, 1738-9, daughter 
of Daniel and Eleanor (Littlefield) Morrison. Children, bom in Wells ; 

1 Daniel, Oct. 23, 1756; Dec. 23, 1778, Dorothy Stewart 

2 Tabitha, May 18, 1758; 4 same day 

3 Elijah, Mar. 23, 1760; : June 19, 1779. Eunice Hatch 

4 Tabitha, July 23, 1762; =Dec. 24, 1778, Jonathan GetcheU 

5 Mary, Sep. 15. 1764; ==June 25. 1789, George Gray 

6 Huldah, Feb. 15. 1767; : Sep. 27, 1788, Samuel Goodale 

7 David, Dec. 23, 1769: =Aug. 2, 1790, widow Mehitable Goodale 

8 Eleanor, Apr. 22, 1771; =Apr. 21, 1791, Benjamin Kimball 

9 Dorcas, Feb. 22. 1773; =Dec. 1, 1796. Lemuel Hatch Stewart 

10 Asa. Apr. 15, 1775; =May 29, 1800, Abigail Goodale 

11 Meribah, bp. June i, 1777; =Sep. 24, 1795, Isaac Linscott, jr.. of Cornish 

12 Hannah. June 18. 1779; =June 12. 1800. Horatio Littlefield 

REUBEN* STEWART {Samuel,^ Samuel^ Duncan^), born May 20. 1755, Wells. 
married [intention Dec. 12, 1777] Elizabeth Gilpatrick, daughter of James Gilpat- 
rick. He was a soldier in the Revolution, and was living in Wells on Feb. 1, 1786 
[York deeds, 49:67]. We have no record of his children— perhaps one was JAMES 
STUART, born about 1780, who married in Wells Nov. 5, 1809, Jemima Cane and 
died July 22, 1841, aged 61. in Wells. 

AMOS* STEWART {Samuel^ Samuel^ Duncan^), baptized Jan. 23, 1757, Wells, 
married Apr. 20, 1780, Mehitable Rutland. His father conveyed land to him and 
his brother Reuben Mar. 3, 1775 [York deeds, 43:263]. He died May 19, 1839, 
aged 81. in Wells. "MehiUble Stewart died May 1, 1848, aged 100 years, 1 month 
and 12 days," in Wells. Children, by inference: 

1 William ^Nov. 23, 1809, Mary Rhines, Wells 

2 Samuel : Aug. 12, 1808, Theodosia Adams of York 

Symbols and references: means married; -i marriage intention; + died; ^ buried; - a number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; ^1 Bible record, (f, church rerord, cai town record, 0) grave 
•tone, r») probate record, :a^ court, t land, s military. (D pension, ci^ U. S. census, uC personal datum, ft, 
town or local history. 

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And perhaps Japheth, who married Sep. 1, 1825, Pamela Forbes; Meribah, who 
married Nov. 9, 1831, William Littlefield; and Eleanor, who married [intention 
Sep. 2, 1835] Moses Bowen. REUBEN died in Wells Apr. 28, 1831, aged 76. 

WENT WORTH* STUART (Joseph,^ SamueU^ Duncan^), born Oct. 20, 1731, Ber- 
wick, Me., married Feb. 4, 1753, Susanna Lombard, bom Aug. 5, 1734, in Truro, 
Mass., daughter of Rev. Solomon and Sarah (Purrington) Lombard. He was a 
distinguished man, entering the military service from Gorham in 1755 and rising 
to the rank of lieutenant in 1757, and at the outbreak of the Revolutionary war he 
was commissioned captain in Col. Edmund Phinney's 31st regiment and on Jan. 1, 
1776, commanded a company in the 18th Continental infantry. He died Apr. 17, 
1776, at Sewairs Point (Brookline), Mass., of smallpox, at the siege of Boston. His 
widow married Mar. 4, 1779, William Wood of Gorham, a Revolutionary soldier, 
who died about 1794. She died Aug. 7, 1803, at the home of her son, Wentworth' 
Stuart, in Standish, Me. Children, born in Gorham, Me.: 

1 Mary, Jan. 20, 1754; =July 3, 1770, John Green of Gorham 

2 Susanna, May 21, 1756; -hJan. 4, 1758 

3 Joseph, Apr. 3, 1759; =Sep. 30, 1779, Hannah Smalley 

4 Solomon Lombard, Feb. 13, 1762; -hDec. 29, 1763 

5 Sarah Purrington, June 28, 1764; =May 20, 1781, Ebenezer Phinney 

6 Dorcas, June 8, 1766; r:=Aug. 17. 1787, Peletiah McDonald 

7 Susanna, Apr. 1, 1768; =Jan. 4, 1786, Francis Brooks of North Yarmouth 

8 Wentworth. Aug. 17, 1770; --Nov. 4, 1790, Hannah Shaw 

9 Solomon Lombard, Feb. 24, 1773 

10 Anna, Oct. 31, 1775; =Nov. 17, 1791, Nathaniel Stevens, jr.: Unity 

JOHN* STEWART (John,^ Samuel^ Duncan^), born Mar. 11, 1737, Wells, mar- 
ried Apr. 9, 1761, Deliverance Haines. He died Apr, 6, 1811, in Windham. Child- 
ren, born in Scarboro, Me.: 

1 Jotham, Jan. 7, 1764; -July 30, 1792, Hannah Bumham, Scarboro 

2 Joseph, hp. May i8, 1766; = Joanna Bumham, Machias 

3 John, bp. July 17, 1768; =Apr. 28, 1796, Hannah Haynes of Gorham 

4 Molly, bp. May 31, 1772; =June 7, 1800, Joseph Thompson of Gray 

5 Dorcas, bp. Od. 30, 1774; = July 28, 1804, Richard Merrill, Raymond 

6 Hannah ; =Aug. 25, 1804, Joshua Merrill, Raymond 

7 Anna ; =Nov. 28, 1805, David Maines 

8 Dilly ;^Oct.20, 1804, William Hall of Standish 
JOSEPH^ STEWART {John? Samuel? Duncan^), bom July 23, 1744, Scarboro, 

Me., married Sep. 26. 1770, Abigail Staples of Kittery, born Dec. 1, 1752.® He 
was a Quaker, and died May 26, 1808, in Scarboro, where his children were born. 
His widow married Mar. 5, 1817, Robert Goddard of Brunswick. 

1 Calvin, Sep. 23, 1771; -^Nov. 23, 1809, Mary Gardiner: Belgrade 

2 Jane ; =Mar. 24, 1794, Simeon Gould of Leeds: ^1511809 

3 Samuel ; = Jane Greeley: Belgrade 

4 James, Apr. 23, 1777; =Apr. 8, 1801, Eunice Winslow of Falmouth 

5 Wentworth, Jan. 15, 1780; i- 2931811 Anna Page, (2) ljr'18 Thankful Hallett 

6 Sarah, Jan. 20, 1782; =Feb. 27, 1804, William Winslow, Scarboro 

7 Joseph, May 30, 1784; = 1814, Susan Chadwick: China. Me. 

8 Abigail ; ^ Aug. 12, 1810, Simeon Gould, supra. * 19Jgl811 

9 Narcissa 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


10 Tryphena ; =Jan. 3, 1810, Elisha Jones of Harlem 

11 Irene ; =Mar. 6, 1813, Daniel Hussey of Bristol, Scarboro 

12 Charles 

TIMOTHY^ STEWART (John,^ Samuel^ Duncan^), baptized Mar. 23, 1746, in 
Scarboro, Me., married (1) July 19, 1772, Mary McKenney of Gorham. She was 
buried May 18, 1773, and he married (2) Mercy Hanscom. Children, in Scarboro: 

1 Mary 1771; =Oct. 9, 1791, John Anderson: Livingston, Me. 

2 Betsey ; 4-unmarried 

3 Solomon ; =Oct. 5, 1800, Phebe Foss 

4 Timothy, Oct. — , 1788; =Dec. 9, 1819, Mehitable M. Stuart 

5 Ichabod, Oct. 16, 1798; =Oct. — , 1821, Catherine Parker 

SAMUEL* STUART (JoKn.s Samuel^ Duncan^), baptized June 5. 1748, in Scar- 
boro, Me., married (1) in Chelsea, Mass., Mar. 12, 1771, Anna Pratt. He married 
(2) Feb. 25, 1779, widow Lucy (Foss) Harmon of Biddeford, Me., daughter of Zach- 
ariah Foss. He was a Revolutionary soldier, stationed at Dorchester Heights in 
Capt. Richard Mayberry's company under Col. Ebenezer Francis in 1775, enlist- 
ing again Dec. 1, 1776, to serve three months in Capt. John Minot's company in 
Col. Dike's regiment. He removed to Effingham, N. H., in 1810. Children, born 
in Scarboro : 

1 Anna, Apr. 25, 1777; +young 

2 Sarah, Apr. 25, 1778; =Apr. 23, 1801, Nathaniel Hatch, Maiden, Mass. 

3 Anna Pratt, Dec. 2, 1779; -- Clement Drew 

4 Abigail, Aug. 29, 1782; ^ Moses McKissick, Saco 

5 Statira, Jan. 30, 1785; 4 Feb. 4, 1785 

6 John, Feb. 17, 1786; ^\\ig. 29, 1810, Sally Brooks of Falmouth 

7 Elizabeth. July 5. 1789; = . Huse (before 1815) 

8 Harriet, Feb. 27, 1792; - James Moulton of Freedom, N. H. 

9 Samuel, Feb. 28, 1794; =Jan. 11, 1816, Anna Brooks 

10 Frederick, Dec. 2, 1798; =Apr. 14, 1825, Mary Drew, Eaton, N. H. 

ELIJAH* STEWART (Zebulon,^ Samuel^ Duncan^), baptized Feb. 9, 1755, in 
Wells. Me., married (1) Apr. 30, 1778, Miriam Lowe, baptized Mar. 2, 1754, daugh- 
ter of David and Sarah Lowe of Wells. He married (2) Oct. 22, 1795, Mary Mer- 
rifield. She died Jan. — , 1832, in Lunenburg, Vt., and he died there Jan. — , 1844. 
Two of his children were baptized in Wells: 

1 Eunice, bp. July 23, 1780 \ Perhaps Elijah had a son VriaK whose 

2 Robert, hp. June 11, 1780 t wife Esther died July 26, 1812, aged 53? 

To be continued 



After the Battle of Culloden, Apr. 16, 1746, where Bonnie Prince Charlie and 
his Highland supporters met the defeat which forever put an end to the hopes of 
the Stuart cause, many of Charles Edward's adherents and kinsmen fled from Scot- 
land. A colony of these exiles, under the leadership of Gen. McDonald, the hus- 
band of Flora McDonald, the heroine of one of Scott's novels, settled in the Cape 
Fear section of North Carolina. The headquarters of this settlement was Moore's 
Creek (Cross Creek bridge) and was very near the present town of Fayetteville, 
which is the county seat of Moore county, from the territory of which my native 
county of Harnett was carved after the Revolution, being named for a Revolution- 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


ary officer. The Cape Fear section, including Harnett, Moore, Sampson and Rob- 
ihson and some new counties created in recent years, is still inhabited by the de- 
scendants of this colony. Stewarts, McNeils, MacKays, Mclntyres, McMannings, 
McDouds, Shaws and Pages are the most numerous families in that locality. 

My grandfather had several brothers ^ho were the ancestors of a large pro- 
portion of the present population of Harnett county. There are several families 
living on the Wake county side of the Harnett-Wake border who are remotely re- 
lated to me but spell their name Stuart. My father was the youngest of a large 
family and died when I was only two years of age. One of my father's brothers 
was Capt. Daniel Stewart and another 
was Col. Eldridge Stewart. Both men 
represented Harnett count^ several times 
in the legislature and were among the 
larger and more successful farmers of 
the county. Capt. Daniel was the father 
of several sons who have reared large 
families and have been successful farm- 
ers and business men. Col. Eldridge was 
the father of six daughters and four 
sons, one of whom, Jefferson Stewart 
(about the same age as my father), went 
to Texas when a young man and reared 
a large family. 



Capt. JOHN« STEWART {John:' John' 
of Haverhill, Mass.) was born Jan. 25, 1787, 
in Deering, N. H., living there until ab- 
out 12 years of age when his parents 
moved to Warner, N. H., where they 
had purchased 60 acres of land on the 
south side of the Mink Hills. He mar- 
ried in Warner on Nov. 29, 1814, Han- capt. John Stewart of warner 
nah Dalton, born there Nov. 21, 1792, 

daughter of Dea. Isaac and Eleanor (Merrill) Dalton, of English descent. They 
continued to live with his parents, where were born their six children, whose names 
were published on page 47. The last surviving child, Mrs. Mary Stewart Bean, 
died in 1917 at the age of 93. Capt. Stewart obtained his military title through 
distinguished service in the state militia and took an active part in the War cf 
1812, represented his town in the legislature and was a man of mush consequence. 
He died at Warner on Sep. 23, 1851. 


12. JOB STEWART settled in the Upper Cape Fear section of North Carolina about 1790, one of 
my grandfathers. Ancestry wanted. J. B. Stewart, 232 S. Church st.. Rocky Mount, N. C. 

13. MARY STUARD married in Salem, Mass.. Mar. 18, 1672, John Foster, baptized on June 3, 
1S55, son of John Foster. Who were Mary's parents? She died in 1690, and was probably a sinter of 
Sarah Steward who married Samuel Foster of Salem and had a son John baptized on Nov. 15, 1683. 
Miss Mary Stuart Foster, State Historical Library, Madison, Wis. 

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Editor. Qeorge Thomas Edson^ Filleyt 'Nebraska 
$\ .00 A YEAR Horace W. Dickerman, 86 West 10th rt., New York City, Aiaocmte MONTHLY 



JEREMIAH* STEWART (JeremiaK^ SamueU^ Duncan^), baptized July 18, 1763, 
in Wells, Me., married (1) [intention Feb. 24, 1776, Cambridge, Mass.] Mary Bath- 
rick, perhaps daughter of Solomon and Rebecca (Russell) Bathrick. She died in 
Mason, N. H., and he married (2) Mary Thomen. She died July 12, 1829, aged 70, 
He was a Revolutionary soldier from Cambridge, and lived in Mason, N. H., Sud- 
bury and Lunenburg, Mass. He died at Lunenburg Dec. 12, 1821, "aged 75" [68]. 
Children (as far as known; perhaps others were born among the Shakers): 

1 Ebenezer, Jan. 30, 1780, Charlestown; =Jan. 7, 1802, Ruth Balcom, Sudbury 

2 Jeremiah, Jan. 31, 1783, Charlestown; =June 18, 1807, Lucy Hartwdl, Shirley 

3 Joseph, Oct. 10, 1785, Charlestown; ^July 15, 1810, Submit Maynard 

4 child ; -hJan. 12, 1793 

5 child ' ;+Nov. 17, 1800 

^*' To be continued 



John,^ Charles,* John^ of Londonderry, N. H., 
Robert,- Walter^), born the middle of June, 
1818, probably in Truxton, N. Y., early 
went to Michigan with an older brother 
who was a trader with the Chippewa In- 
dians. In 1838 he married Jane Taylor,' 
the belle of the village of Flint, Mich., 
one of whose suitors was later governor 
(Gov. Begool) of the state. To the union 
three daughters were born— Laura Aug- 
usta, 1839; Adelaide Henrietta, 1840, and 
Beatrice Cornelia, 1842. Beatrice died 
when nearly five years of age and was 
soon followed by her mother, who died 
July 30, 1848, leaving two little girls of 
9 and 7 years. Samuel stewart of Kansas 

For a number of years thereafter Mr. Stewart and his children made their 
home in Gibraltar, Mich., where he was engaged in the mercantile business and 
later owned and operated a sawmill. It was in the early '50s that he married his 
second wife, Miss Rebecca E. Widener, a school teacher. This union was unhappy, 
and a few years later they were separated . One child was born to them— Clara El- 
la—who died in Rochester, N. Y., at the age of 17. In the fall of 1855 he, with his 
two oldest daughters, removed to Detroit, remaining there during that winter, 
when he determined, as his fathers had done before him, to better his fortune in a 
new country. Unable to decide between the two widely separated points which 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


then claimed public attention he put the question to his daughters, giving them 
their choice between Kansas and Australia, and their decision was quickly naade 
for the one nearest home. Accordingly, in the early part of July, 1866, they start- 
ed for Kansas, traveling by rail as far as Rock Island, III., and thereafter by horses 
and wagon across the country. 

Crossing the state of Iowa, they joined two other families who were en route 
to the same destination, and when nearing the territorial line they learned that 
Gen. Lane's troop was a few days' journey ahead. As pro-slavery sympathizers 
along the border had the unhappy habit of killing the free state settlers who were 
entering Kansas a request for an armed escort was sent to Gen. Lane, who sent a 
number of his men who convoyed the party across the southeast comer of Nebras- 
ka to Lane's camp at Plymouth, three miles over into Kansas. They remained 
there a few weeks and found 6ut that a clash would soon take place between Lane's 
force and pro-slavery men. A log house was hastily completed for the occupation 
of one of the families and the two girls. A small guard was left for the protection 
of the settlement, and Samuel Stewart joined the expedition. 

The slow ox team was then the common mode of conveyance, and his horses 
and wagon were very useful to haul ammunition and camp equipage for the com- 
pany. The battle of Hickory Point was disastrous to the pro-slavery forces, but 
Stewart and other survivors were captured by federal soldiers for engaging in civil 
warfare and were imprisoned in Lecompton, Kan., until the following March, when 
all were released. Later in the spring of 1857 he and a number of the men of Law- 
rence formed a company and laid out the town of Eldorado, in Butler county, then 
called Hunter county. Taking his girls down with him later, he settled on a home- 
stead adjoining the townsite, one of the finest in that section. They lived in tents 
until two days after Christmas, when the house which he had built was ready for 
occupancy. The other cabins were of rough logs, plastered with mud, but Stewart 
hewed the logs for his own cabin and plastered it with lime he had burnt in a kiln. 

In the fall he was dected to represent Hunter county in the second territorial 

When the settlers went to Eldorado th^ found an old man named Hildebrand 
with his two children occupying a homestead near the townsite. He was a bad 
character, probably an outlaw from Missouri. A breachy steer of his was the lead- 
er of a herd of cattle which depredated upon the neighbors, and Stewart's fences 
were frequently knocked down and his crops damaged. Receiving only rough talk 
when he remonstrated to the old fellow Stewart finally peppered the steer with fine 
bird shot. Then old Hildebrand stole two yoke of oxen from Stewart and joined a 
party of goldseekers passing through on the trail to Pike's Peak. Stewart overtook 
him fifteen miles out and took the oxen, but the old man swore he would get even. 
Returning to Eldorado in the fall Hildebrand secreted in his cabin a man from the 
Indian Territory, who, when a light snow fell one night, stole a French-Canadian 
pony which Stewart prized highly. He had brought her from Michigan, and she 
had been with him in all his journeying: twice, when stolen by the Indians, he had 
pursued and recovered her. Hildebrand knew that the owner would follow where- 
ever Pussy went, and some hours later Samuel Stewart and a friend, Reuben Pawn- 
er, were off on the trail. They traveled 150 miles on horseback southward into the 
Cherokee Nation, where they located the thief among a gang of desperadoes at 
Harrison's house on Judge Lynch's plantation. They arrested and disarmed him, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


intending to take him bdkck iheir prisoner, but a confederate slipped a weapon to 
him and he shot them both', killing Stewart instantly, and Palmer dying two days 
later. Worldly, the murderer, then mounted Pussy and rode her 40 miles farther. 
A month later the news was brought to Eldorado by two half-breed Indians, and 
when Jacob Chase (who afterward married Augusta Stewart) and several others 
visited the scene of the murder they gained little additional information and were 
thankful to get away witifa their lives. 

Samuel Stewart was a man of strictly temperate habits, who indulged in neith- 
er stimulants nor tobacco in any form. He possessed indomitable will and courage, 
and where duty led he knew no personal fear. In the fall of 1857 a band of five or 
six hundred Osage Indians, a friendly tribe, camped at Eldorado on their home- 
ward way from a buffal<V'hunt,tind stole all they could reach. Missing some of his 
property Stewart went to their camp across the creek and with only his whip for 
defense accused them of stealing his saddle, bridle and some harness. Then with 
forceful language, threatening to whip the thief if he caught him, he strode from 
one tepee to another, overturning their heaps of blankets and other possessions, 
till he found the missing articles, .while they huddled about and looked on, amazed 
and frightened. 

On his return from one of his ISO-mUe trips between Lawrence and Eldorado 
he and his companion were camped on the open prairie for the night, when al^qut 
10 o'clock their attention was arrested by low voices. Several Indians who had 
been attracted by their campfire soon appeared. He thought one of them looked 
familiar, and he watched him for a time, then addressed a few words in the Chip* 
pewa language, which he had learned when a boy and with that tribe. The old In« 
dian leaped to his feet, looking about in all directions, and when he recognized who 
had spoken to him in his own tongue his surprise and joy were great. Then ensued 
a long talk of old times in Michigan, which was greatly enjoyed by both. 

In the spring of 1859 another train of goldseekera passed through Eldorado on 
the Santa Fe trail. One of the party, a Dr. Crabtree, sought out the Stewart cab- ^ 
in and told how the horse thief Worldly had gone to Texas and boasted of his mur- 
ders, that th/e report had reached the ears of Capt. John Wesley Stewart, an old^ 
man of 80; and that the two young daughters of Samuel Stewart had been left 
without a protector or provider. Capt. Stewart was too old to come but had offer* 
ed Dr. Crabtree $300 and the use of a horse and buggy to go to Eldorado and find 
out if the families were related* Capt. Stewart said he had left home with only a 
jackknife in his pocket, that his family had not done right by him, that he was the 
owner of 200 slaves and two large plantations near Austin— one devoted to cotton 
and the other to catt^raising— but he intended that his family should have none 
of it. He had a son Sam, whose dissipated habits would soon make an end of him. 
If the girls were related to him he would send for them, give them a good home 
and leave them his property. Crabtree wrote to the old captain but nothing furth- 
er was heard from him, and the Civil war coming on all prospects were lost. 

Samuel Charles Stewart was killed Nov. 28, 1858. Children: 

1 Laura AugusU, Aug. 8, 1839; i=Jan. 23, 1859, Jacob E. Chase, (2) Apr. 28, 

1864, George Blackman, Denver, Colo. Jacob Chase died Sep. 18, 1859. 

2 Adelaide Henrietta, Dec. 15, 1840; =^Nov. 6, 1860, Capt. John R. Graton 

3 Beatrice Cornelia, Nov. 21, 1842^-hOct. 18, 1847 

nr aara Ella,.Nov.^, 18524 +June 17, 1869, Rochesterr N. Y. - 


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THOMAS* STEWART (AUxander^), born about 1712 probably in Ballymena. 
north Ireland, settled in Voluntown, Conn., with his father. There he married Jan. 
29, 1735-6, Ann Rogers, by Rev. Samuel Dorrance. He was granted an earmark 
Dec. 12, 1739, "a swallow tail in ye right ear." He bought land there Sep. 17, 1745, 
of Stephen Richardson, sr., of Lebanon. He signed Mar. 29, 1753, for the Susque- 
hanna purchase in Pennsylvania. He bought land in Voluntown June 18, 1756, of 
Gain Miller of that town. On Feb. 13, 1772, he joined the Nazareth society of the 
Congregational church in the south part of Voluntown. He and his wife Ann sold 
180 acres of land in Voluntown Mar. 1, 1779, for t*300 to George Lewis of Rich- 
mondtown, Kings county, R. I. Children, recorded in Voluntown: 

1 Alexander, Nov. 1, 1736 

2 John, May 27, 1738 

3 Joshua, Sep. 5, 1739 

4 Samuel, July 15, 1741 

5 Elias, Mar. 24, 1742-3; = 1769, Sarah Steward 

6 Dinah, Sep. 19, 1744 

7 Elizabeth, May 29, 1746 

8 Charity, Oct. 10, 1748 

9 Hannah, May 26, 1750 [Stewart, those previous being spelled Suuart] 

10 Margaret, Jan. 8, 1752 

11 WUliam, Aug. 8, 1754 

12 Ann, Jan. — , 1756 

ELIAS» STEWART (Thomas,^ Alexander^) married in 1769, "his cousin" Sarah 
Steward, bom Mar. 7, 1743-4, in Westerly, R. I., daughter of Oliver and Rebecca 
(Pendleton) Steward of Voluntown. He was admitted an inhabitant of Voluntown 
Dec. 5, 1769^ living in the south end, and was granted an earmark June 5, 1770, "a 
swallow tail or hollow crop on ye right ear and a cross slit on ye under side of ye 
same"[later in Clarendon, Vt.] He served in a Connecticut regiment in 1777,* and 
removed to Vermont in 1779, settling fn Clarendon, on what was called a branch 
off East street. He deeded land in Clarendon Dec. 2, 1782, to David Jewell, and 
on Dec. 21, 1785, gave a mortgage deed to Ezra Crary, jr.® Daniel* Steward and 
David Jewell were administrators Feb. 6, 1792, of the estate of Elias Steward, de- 
ceased.© His wife died in 1811 and he died in 1818.® Children :t 

H Sep. 25, 1791 

Clarissa Rhodes 

Ruth Harrington 

David Dodge, (2) Locke: ; 155^2 

Mercy Clark: removed to Mansfield, 0. 

Gideon Hewitt 
1800, William Weeks 

: removed to Michigan about 1820 

Solomon Whitney 

Abigail Ring: removed to Ohio in 1831 

*Eliss Stewart enlisted June 1, 1777, to serve a year in Capt. Christopher Ely's company in the 
First Connecticut regiment of the Continental line; discharged Jan. 1, 1778. This regiment was en- 
gaged in the battle of Germsntown Oct. 4, 1777, and wintered at Vailey Forge, Huntington's brigade. 

-Mn the settlement of the estate of Content (Steward) Sutherland Briggs, July 21, 1826 (Rutland, 
Vt., probate records, xxi: 240), the names of the **sons and dauchtera of Elias Steward and nephewi* 
and nieces of deceased*' were named as Thomas, Daniel, William, Edmund and Solomon Stewart. 
Mary, wife of Gideon Hewett, Hannah, wife of William Weeks, and Sarah, wife of Solomon Whitney. 



. 2 

Thomas, Dec. 

20, 1771; 

; i^ 








William, Jan. 




Mary [Esther] 













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'^ 9 io*>4 


Editor. Qeorge Thomas Edson^ FiUey, hJebraska 
$1.00 A YEAR Honce W. Dickerman. 86 West 10th it.. New York City, AnocUtt« MONTHLY 

FILLEY,NEB. JULY, 1924 VOL.111 NO. 1 



DAVID* STEWARD Oonathan,* C/iorics,' James,^ Duncan^), born Jan. 16, 1744. 
in Hampton Falls, N. H., married Feb. 28, 1766, Abigail (Thorndike) Davison, a 
widow, daughter of Josiah Davison. He was a soldier at Crown Point in 1761 and 
was sick at Keene on the way home; his father Jonathan went and got him home 
and was allowed 30 shillings [N. H. State Papers, xii: 142]. He died in Kensington 
in 1788. Children, bom in Kensington: 

1 Edward, Sep. 28, 1765; -hJan. 17, 1781 

2 Abigail +July6, 1787 

3 child -fNov. 1,1768 

4 Charles 

5 Abigail, Mar. 17, 1770: =Oct. 13, 1788, Josiah Johnson 

6 David, Mar. 24, 1772 

7 Jonathan, Mar. 24, 1772; = Mary : son Charles b. May 23, 1798 

8 Josiah, Aug. 5, 1774 

JONATHAN* STEWARD (Jonathan* Charles,' James,* Duncan^), born Aiig. 10, 
1752, in Hampton Falls, N. H., was a blacksmith and a Revolutionary soldier from 
Hampton Falls. 

SOLOMON* STEWART (Solomon* Solomon,^ James,* Duncan^), born Aug. 7, 1763, 
in Lunenburg, Mass., married in Bloomfield, Me., Dec. 15, 1785, Betty Bigelow. 
He died Dec. 20, 1843, aged 80, and she died Aug. 1, 1845, aged 81. Children, born 
in Bloomfield, Me. : 

1 Betsy, Sep. 12, 1786; =Dec. 28, 1802, Samuel Jewett 

2 Polly, Jan. 6, 1788; =Nov. 15, 1810, Benjamin HartweU 

3 Solomon, Sep. 23, 1789; =Sep. 13, 1814, Esther Emery, Canaan 

4 Rebecca, Dec. 18, 1791; =Nov. 15, 1810, Asa Weston, Canaan 

5 Zilpah, Sep. 21, 1793; +Mar. 21, 1878, unmarried 

6 Lucia, July 11, 1796; +Aug. 23, 1819, unmarried 

7 Beulah, Apr. 10, 1798; = William Bray 

8 James, Feb. 24, 1800; =Aug. 29, 1823, Hannah Jewett 

9 Isaac, Feb. 24, 1802; i=Feb. 19, 1827, Miranda Jewett, (a) 1843 Eliz. Cobum 
10 Henry. Feb. 19, 1804; -hJan. 15, 1806 

SAMUEL BIRD* STEWARD (Phineas,* Solomon,^ James* Duncan^), born Mar. 
28, 1757, in Lunenburg, Mass., married Sarah Turner. He died Apr. — , 1823, in 
Bloomfield, Me. Children: 

1 Eunice = 1805, John Smith 

2 Lois = Eli Weston 

3 Polly = Hinton 

4 Sarah = Joseph Simons 

Symbols and references: = means married; + marriace intention; + died; V buried; — a number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; (T) Bible record, (D church record, (?) town record, grave 
stone, (D probate record, (D court, land, (i) military, (t) pension, (^ U. S. census, (fi) personal datum, ^ 
towa or local history. 

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5 Betaey = .^'^[ Re v. William Hinmanl? 

6 Joseph, Feb. 26. 176^; =Apr, 24, 1813-4, Rachel Lauder, Fairfield 

7 Samuel, Oct. — , 1796,*^t;ahaap; = 1816, Nancy Getchell of Augusta 

PHIMEAS^ STEWARD (Phineas,^ Solomon,^ James* Duncan^), born Oct! 27, 1760. 
in Lunenburg, Mass., married [intention Sep. 19, 1782] Molly Snow of Fitchburg. 
He died Apr. 22, 1863, in Moscow, Me. Children, born in Bloomfield, Me.: 

1 Thomas, Sep. 11, 1784; =Mar. 14, 1810, Aphia Williamson of Canaan 

2 Anne ^Mar. 31, 1803, Ephraim Ward, Canaan 

. ABRAHAM* STEWARD (Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duntan^), born Oct. 15. 
1762, in Lunenburg, Mass., married at Waterville, Me., Sep. 12, 1784, Siirah Mc- 
Kechnie, born Feb. 1, 1768. in Bowdoinham, Me,, daughter of Dr. John and Mary 
(North) McKechnie of Winslow. He died Apr. 4, 1840, aged 77, at St. Albans, and 
she died May 4, 1849, aged 81, at Hartland. Children, born in Canaan (Bloom- 
field), Me.: 

1 James, Aug. 17, 1785; i =851809, Abigail Smith, (2) 8Jfl836 Deborah Wilson 

2 Hannah, Apr. 17, 1787; 1= Samuel Pattee, (2) John Marshall 

3 Martha, May 26, 1789; = Thomas Crosby of Bloomfield 

4 Lydia, Mar. 25, 1791; =June — , 1815, Thomas Smith of Skowhegafn 

5 Sarah, Apr. 26, 1793; = William Jarvis Smith of Exeter, N. H. 

6 Electa Bement, Aug. 2, 1799; = John Lancy of Palmyra 

7 Orinda, Oct. 22, 1801; -f-Aug. 28, 1824, unmarried, St. Albans » 

THOMAS* STEWARD {Phineas* Solomon,^ James,* Duncan^), bom Feb. 15, 1766; 
in Fitchburg, Mass., married July 13, 1790, Olive Moore of Norridgewock, Me., 
born July 20, 1772, in Derryfield, ,N. H., daughter of Col. John and Margaret 
(Goffe) Moore. Dea. Thomas died Dec. 17, 1839, aged 73. His widow married 
Dec. 10, 1844, Elder Jonathan* Steward of Bloomfield, son of William* (Solomon'). 
She died Mar. 12, 1848, aged 76, in Bloomfield. Children, bom in Bloomfield: 

1 John, Apr. 25, 1791; =Sep. 3, 1818, Mercy C. Steward 

2 Susan, Aug. 17, 1792; = July 2, 1812, Darius Emery - 

3 Olive, June 19, 1794;'=Mar. 22, 1815, Joseph Cleveland, jr. 

4 Asa, Aug. 30, 1796; =Jan. 14, 1819, Sarah Parker 

5 Seth Wyman, May 12, 1798; =May 17, 1824, Eliza Baker 

6 Margaret, Jan. 10, 1800; -hFeb. 7, 1823, unmarried 

7 Betaey Moore, Feb. 18, 1802; =Sep. 1, 1824, Rev. Samuel Dinsmore 

8 Thomas, Mar. 5, 1804; =Apr. — , 1834, Lucinda H. Wyman: + Jan. 21, 1882 

9 Cynthia, Feb. 7, 1806; =Dec. 30, 1830, Constantine White 

10 Sylvanus Boardman, Feb. 4, 1808; =Nov. 25, 1834, Rebecca Goodrich 

11 Paoli Hewes, Oct. 7, 1809; =Nov. 3, 1838, Eliza Ann Wyman 

12 Elijah Wyman, Oct. 4, 1811 ; =Jan. — , 1839, Sarah F. Springer 

13 Levi Wyman, Oct. 22, 1814; -hJan. 22, 1817 

14 Dorinda. Aug. 15, 1816; =Mar. 27, 1837, William Parker 

15 Orison, Dec. 19, 1818; =N6v. 9, 1848, Pamelia Lambert vL 

DANIEL* STEWARD (DanieU^ Solomon,^ James* Duncan^), born Oct. 3, 1758. 
in Lunenburg, Mass., settled in Canaan, Me., in 1776. He was a private in Capt. 
Aaron Guild's company in Col. Josiah Whitney's regiment, enlisting from Lunen- 
burg June 25, 1776, and being discharged Dec. 5, 1776. In 1781 he married Rachel 
Kemp of Norridgewock, Me., born Aug. 21, 1761, in Westford, Mass., daughter of 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Josiah, jr., and Sarah (Parrot) Kemp. Daniel settled in Norridgewock at Skowhe- 
gan Falls about 1784. He taught school and was prominent in town affairs. His 
wife died Oct. 18, 1839, and he died Sep. 16, 1840, in Skowhegan. Children: 

1 Polly, Mar. 8, 1782, Canaan; = 1798, Ephraim Heald 

2 Daniel, Nov. 16, 1783, Canaan; =Apr. 6, 1810, Olive Patten: Anson 

3 Thomas Parrot, Feb. 24, 1787; -^ Dec. 30, 1807, Jane Bicknell of Canaan 

4 Josiah, Sep. 19, 1789; -^Jan. 11, 1809, Nancy Webb of Canaan 

5 Eli, May 17, 1792; = 1811, Betsey Blagdon, Norridgewock 

6 Eber, May 17, 1796, i=May 26, 1817, Betsey Webb, (2) Mary J. Stewart 

7 Benjamin, Dec. 28, 1801; = 1823, Lois Dinsmore 

8 Sarah B., Aug. 21, 1804; = 1820, Samuel Bickford 

JOHN* STEWARD {Daniel,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), bom Aug. 18, 1766, in 
Lunenburg, Mass., removed to Canaan, Me., with hb brothers after the Revolut^ 
ion. He married Feb. 26, 1787, Abigail Whitcomb of Norridgewock. He died in 
Skowhegan. Children, recorded in Canaan: 
1 Matilda, Nov. 18, 1788; = Winthrop Ayer Hight 

John, July 27, 1791 ; = 1816, Nancy Moore 

Sarah, June 1 , 1793; = 1811 , John Webb 

Melinda, Apr. 13, 1796; = Samuel King 

Thomas, Aug. 23, 1797; =June 20, 1822, Lydia Ireland 
Phineas Randall, Oct. 9, 1799; ^--Aug. 12, 1823, Olive.Ireland ., * 
Anna Willard, Mar. 9, 1802; ^ James Hall 

Mary, June 8, 1804 ; = John Currier 

Jonathan Palmer, Oct. 29, 1806; = Juda Curtis 

Jonathan Parker 












Nabby, June 26, 1809; = 

Alexis, Dec. 4, 1812 

Malora Ames, Mar. 20, 1816; 

Dennis Coston 

AM ASA* STEWARD (Daniel,* Solomon,^ James,* Duncan^), born Dec. 18, 1767, 
in Lunenburg, Mass., enlisted in September or October, 1781, and served till June 
30, 1784, as a private in Capt. George Webb's company in Col. Henry Jackson's 
regiment of Massachusetts or Continental troops; transferred to Capt. Fuller's 
company in Maj. Gibbs' battalion: detailed three months in officers' barge between 
West Point and New York.® He married [intention Aug. 30, 1788] Eunice Ire- 
land in Canaan, Me. He died Sep. 10, 1846, at St. Albans, Me., and she died Feb. 
4, 1847, aged 78. Children, bom in Bloomfield, Me.: 









1793; = 

Sarah Snow: -i^Feb. 3, 1834, aged 41 




Charles Varney: St. Albans 




Levi Varney: Bloomgeld 




Emerson Wardwell 



18C3; = 

Joseph Tuttle: Athens 



1806; = 

Mary Spaulding 



1807; = 

Warren Patten: St. Albans 


1812; = 

Lovina Smith: St. Albans 

AMHERST* STEWART (Daniel.* Solomon/^ James,* Duncan^), born Feb. 17, 1770, 
in Lunenburg, Mass., married Dec. 13, 1796, Anne Carlisle of Walpole, N. H. She 
died May 2, 1836, aged 69,0 in Brownington, Vt., and he died there June 13, 1842, 

Digitized by 



aged 72.© Only child, born in Brownington:® 
1 Thomas Carlisle, Oct. 26, 1804; =July 3, 1833, Emily Brigham 
STEPHEN^ STEWART (Daniel* SoUmon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born Sep. 3, 1777, 
in Lunenburg, Mass., married Nancy Wyman in 1797 or 1798. He was a saddler 
and inventor, and resided in Walpole, N. H., until about 1816, when he removed to 
Philadelphia, where he died Jan. 12, 1862. Children, bom in Walpole: 

1 Stephen Elbridge 1798; i=BetsQr Leonard, (3) 2^27 Jane D. Parkman 

2 Otis Dexter, July 14, 1800; =Sep. 20, 1823, Lydia Ann Van Sickle 

3 John Harmon 1801; =May 29, 1834, Amanda H. Massey of Phila. 

4 Rensselaer Schuyler, Apr. 18, 1807 : =Sep. 14, 1830, Harriet Belding of Boston 

5 Mary Ann, Dec. 18, 1814; = Charles B. Massey of Phila. 
THOMAS* STEWARD {DameL* Solomon* James,^ Duncan^), born Feb. 24, 1782, 

in Lunenburg, Mass^ married Feb. 12, 1804, Nancy Bicknell of Lunenburg. Child- 
ren, the first three born in Canaan, Me., the others in Newport: 

1 Hannah Reed, July 22, 1806; =Jan. 26, 1826, Moses Ramey, Newport 

2 Nancy, Mar. 16, 1806; H-unmarried 

3 Abiah Bicknell, Jan. 12, 1809; =Jan. 26, 1830, Olive Burrell, Corinna 

4 Benjamin Kimball, May 30, 1811; = Belinda Luce 

6 Stephen, Feb. 14, 1813; = Lydia Foster 

6 Thomas Bicknell, Oct. 3, 1816; = Hannah Wyman of Skowhegan 

7 Daniel, Dec. 14, 1817; = Betsey L. Dexter 

8 Albert, Apr. 28, 1819; +unmarried 

9 Josiah Shepard, Sep. 3, 1821; = Lovina P. Norcross 
JAMES* STEWART (Daniel,* Sbtomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), bom Feb. 23, 1785, in 

Lunenburg, Mass., married Feb. 8, 1810, Sarah Persis Manson of- Petersham. He 
died Mar. 1, 1826, in Sterling. Children: 

1 Sophia Adeline, Dec. 7, 1810, Fitchburg; = Charles Baxter of Ashby 

2 Rensselaer Schuyler, June 30, 1812; -fyoung 

3 Maria Adeline, May 8, 1814; = James Wheeler of Boston 

4 Caroline D., Nov. 17, 1819, Sterling; = Charles H. Williams of Weymouth 
6 Charlotte, July 30, 1822; +young 

6 Coiysande, Aug. 13, 1823; -|-Nov. — , 1840 

7 James, June — , 1826; i=8|53 Sarah Jane French, (2) Clara Ward: +30|91 

To be continued 

Starting on Volume 3 
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We should like to talk more to our readers, the great majority of whom we shall 
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We'll stick here another year and take your renewal to our dataf ul little magazine. 


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Editor. Qeorge Thomas Edson^ Filleyt Nebraska 
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WILUAM'^ STEWARD (William,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), baptized Jan. 27, 
1765, in Fitchburg, Mass., married in Canaan, Me., about 1784 Sarah Hood, born 
May 8, 1766. He was a doctor and died in 1845, aged 80, in Bloomfield and Sarah 
died there Apr. 29, 184T, aged 81. Children, born in Bloomfield, Me.: 

1 Sarah, June 26, 1786, -f-1817 

2 William, Apr. 26, 1787; +Dec. 23, J 844, aged 67 

3 Rachel L., Jan. 9, 1789; -hl876 

4 Ezekiel E., Oct. 1, 1791 ; fl856 

5 James, Mar. 8, 1793: 4 1793 

6 Mercy C, May 5, 1796; ^-Sep. 3, 1818, John« Steward (Thomas,'^ Phineas*) 

7 Jane L., Sep. 2, 1797; -hApr. 2, 1883, unmarried 

8 Betsey 1800; -hDec. 24, 1879 

9 Roxanna W., Aug. 20, 1802 

10 Mary, Aug. 2, 1806; ^July 25, 1883, unmarried 

Elder JONATHAN* STEWARD {WilUam* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan*), born July 
13, 1769, in Fitchburg, Mass., removed with his parents in 1781 to the part of Ca- 
naan, Me., which in 1814 became Bloomfield. He was brought up a Congregation- 
alist but became a Baptist and a preacher in that denomination, living on a farm 
in Bloomfield. He married (1) Hannah Jewett, and (2) at Winslow June 2, 1796, 
Mrs. LuQT Pattee. She died July 19, 1843, aged 76, in Bloomfield. He married (3) 
Dec. 10, 1844, Mrs. Olive f Moore) Steward, widow of Dea. Thomas Steward [page 
98]. She died Mar. 12, 1848, and he died July 31, 1848. Children: 

1 Esther = Turner: killed by lightning in 1838 

2 Hannah = Josiah Burrill: Corinna 

3 James 1794; 1^ Rebecca Fish, (2) Louisa Leavitt: -hJan. 2, 1878 
~X David 1798; =Dec. 19, 1822, Eliza Merrick of PitUfield 

6 Lucy 1800; 1= John Elliott, (2) John Smith: -f Dec. 6, 1889 

6 Naomi . = 1829, David Adams, Norridgewock 

7 Stephen 1= Lucy Fish, (2) Elizabeth Jewett: 4-1889 

8 Ruth 

FREDERICK* STEWART (Jacob,* Sohmon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born Nov. 30, 
1767, in Fitchburg, Mass., died May 4, 1813, in Campbell, Steuben county, N, Y. 

1 William, July 14, 1798; = Mary Campbell of Campbell, N. Y. 

2 Frederick 1800, Stillwater, N. Y.; = Mary Ann Besley, Chemung 

3 Warren ; colonel, ^unmarried 

Ludnda* Stewart, sister of Frederick,* married in Claremont, N. H., Aug. 28, 
1796, Daniel Wheelock. The husband's name was omitted on page 83. 

Symbols and references: means married; ~i- marriage intention; ^ died; x buried; — a number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; (J) Bible record, (D church record, <1) town record, grave 
stone, (D probate record, <«, court, <i land, vi military, ® pension, (g) U. S. census, qI) personal datum, (^ 
town or local history. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


SAMUEL* STUART (Samuel* Robert.^ Ehenezer,^ Duncan^), born Sep. 10, 1761. 
in Kingston, N. H., enlisted Aug. 17, 1776, and served one year as a private under 
Capt. Nathan Brown, Col. Pierce Long, New Hampshire troops.® He married 
at Danville June 26, 1781, Hannah Brown, born Sep. 5, 1763, daughter of Daniel 
Brown of Poplin. He removed to Newport, Me., before Aug. 13, 1819,® and there 
died July 12, 1832, aged 70. His widow applied Aug. 25, 1838, at the age of 75, for 
a pension, living with her son Nathaniel.® Children, born in Kingston: 

1 Robert, May 16, 1781 ; =Dec. 18, 1806, Abigail Eastman: Aetna, Me. 

2 Ruth, Mar. 17, 1783; =Mar. 15, 1804, Moses Hook of Poplin 

3 Nathaniel 1785; =Nov. 2, 1807, Hannah Collins 

4 Daniel 

5 Polly, Feb. 21, 1 790; = William Kimball of Poplin 

6 Grace =June 7, 1812, Asa Wood, Brentwood 

7 Samuel = Mary Shaw 

8 Abigail = John Wood of Poplin 

9 John, Feb. 18, 1802; =Dec. 2, 1824, Phoebe Ordway 

* EBENEZER* STUART (Robert,* Robert,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born Nov. 9, 1770. 
in Newtown, N. H., married at Danbury in 1796 Hannah Rowell. He died Dec. 6, 
1847, in Danbury and she died in 1852, aged 79. Children: 






1800; f 1808 





William Rowell 

1802; = 


Richard W. 

1804; = 



1808; -f 1862 



1813; = 

1831, Eliza Jane Marsh, Danbury: fl877 
1833, Eleanor Currier, Danbury: f 1843 

1846, Mary A. Marsh 

RICHARD* STUART (Robert,* Robert,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born Dec. 4, 1772, in 
Newtown, N. H., married in South Hampton May 22, 1797, Sarah Rowell, bom 
Jan. 31, 1769, in Newtown, daughter of William and Hannah Rowell. He died 
Aug. 4, 1840, and she died Nov. 3, 1845, in Haverhill, Mass. Son: 
1 Robert 1797; =Nov. 20, 1823, Mary Pillsbury, Amesbury, Mass. 

SAMUEL* STUART (Robert* Robert,^ Ebenezer^- Duncan\ born Apr. 14, 1780, in 
Newtown, N. H., married Nov. 25, 1802, Mary Sawyer. He died Aug. 6, 1856. 

1 Amos 1803; +1816 

2 Mary 1805; +1816 

3 Robert, Jan. — , 1810; -^ Jan. 5. 1833, Mary Kimball: +Oct. 7, 1845, Haverhill 

4 Marilla 1811; ^Feb. 4, 1832, Geo. W. Lee, Haverhill [v. Amesbury] 

5 Amos 1818; +1822 

7 Samuel 1818; --Dec. 31, 1840, Alice Wheeler, Haverhill 

JOHN* STUART (Robert,* Robert,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born Oct. 29, 1784, in 
Newtown, N. H., married in South Hampton Feb. 3, 1805, Abigail Dow, born there 
in 1787, daughter of Capt. John Dow. She died in Boston June 7, 1849, aged 62, 
and he died in 1853. Children, born in Newtown: 

1 Betsey 1806; +1819 

2 John 1808; ^ Nancy Tilton 

*The records of the families of Ebenezer Stuart and his four brothers will probably be found given 
more completely in "The Duncan Stuart Family in America," 1891, by Joseph A. Stuart. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


. 3 Gecrge 1810; = Emeline Tilton: -}-1872 

4 Newell -i-unmarried 

5 Louisa =July — , 1836, Gilbert Davis, Haverhill 

6 Charles 1819; -f 1838 

7 Hazen ; = : -f- leaving one child 

8 Hiram, Jan. 2, 1827; FApr. 16, 1846, West Bridgewater, Mass.; student 

9 Frank 1831; +1833 

JOSEPH'^ STUART {Robert* Robert,"^ Ebenezer,^- Duncan^), born June 12, 1789, in 
Newtown, N. H., married in 1809 Rebecca Bell. He died Mar. 2, 1836. Children: 

1 Sarah White 1810; -H880 

2 Rebecca 1812;= Charles S. French 

3 Robert 1814; = Harriet M. Blodgett 

4 Ruth E. 1816, South Hampton; =May 27, 1851, Samuel J. Varney, 

5 Mary Jane 1818; -hyoung [Lowell, Mass. 

6 Richard 1821; +1838 

7 Mary Jane 1823; +1842 

8 Joseph A. 1825, Lowell; = Anne J. Flanders 

9 Edward 1827; +1832 

To be continued 



ADDISON" STEWART (Charles,^ John,' Charles,* John,^ Robert,^- Walter^), born 
May 29, 1811, in Truxton, N. Y., married at Avon, Genesee county, Apr. 23, 1833, 
Lucy Tilden, born there Sep. 28, 1811, daugh- 
ter of Thomas S. and Lucy C. (Kingsbury) Til- 
den. They went to Flint, Mich., arriving May 
1, 1833, where he engaged in farming and trad- 
ing with the Indians, who called him Kanoset 
[tall man]. The Indians trusted him implicit- 
ly: he went to Washington with the old chief 
Tonedogone when the last treaty was made 
with the Chippewas. He died Mar. 8, 1848, at 
Flint. Children: 

1 Damon, Feb. 5. 1834 

2 Harriet, Sep. 23, 1836; i-- Watson Rich- 

ards, (2) Oren Stone 

3 LauraE., Feb. 15, 1838; =Jan. 7, 1873, 

Henry Seymour 

4 Charles William, Sep. 7, 1839: first lieu- 

tenant company E, 23rd Michigan 
Vol. Inf., k. at Resaca. Ga.,14jri864 

5 Ann, Sep. 4, 1842; =Jan. 8, 1879, Henry Damon^ Suxvan 

VanAken:4-May3, 1884 

6 Richard A., Oct. 10, 1845: soldier in company G, 10th Michigan Vol. Inf., k. 

7 Catherine, Oct. 10, 1845; ^Mar. 24, 1851 [at Jonesboro, Ga., 1 1*1864 
DAMON** STEWART (Addison,^ Charles,^ John,' Charles,* John,^ Robert,^ Walter^), 

born Feb. 5, 1834, at Genesee, Mich., enlisted Apr. 19, 1861, in company F, 2nd re- 
giment of Michigan Volunteer infantry, for the three months' service, being must- 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


ered in on May 25. He re-enlisted and having been shot in the hancl at Williams- 
burg, Va., May 5, 1862, he was honorably discharged Aug. 6, having, reached the 
rank of adjutant in the 23rd infantry. On the same date he was commissioned 
lieutenant in that regiment and became a captain Sep. 11, 1862. He served with 
the regiment until his final discharge Mar. 6, 1866, when he returned to Flint and 
engaged in the dry goods and woolmill business. He married Oct, 23, 1867, Fran- 
ces McQuigg, born Jan. 25, 1841, at Barton, Tioga county, N. Y., daughter of Ed- 
mund Hobart and Eliza Jane (Hall) McQuigg of Flint. He was a leading man in 
his section of the state. He died Dec. 4, 1905, and his widow died Feb. 6, 1918. 

1 Hobart A., Dec. 6. 1868; -May 18, 1904, Mary C. Dewey: -Oct. 22, 1915 

2 Mabel, Dec. 28. 1870 

3 Lucy Tilden, Dec. 18, 1873 

4 William C, Mar. 10, 1876; =Aug. 18, 1909, Grace E. Temby 

5 Bertha, Apr. 18. 1879; =Jan. 15, 1904, Dr. F. D. Strieker: Portland, Ore. 

6 Frances E., Jan. 13, 1882 

Damon** Stewart wrote a "Chronology of the Stewart Family" in 1866. It be- 
gins: •*John* Stewart married a McClellan. Lived in Coldrain, Massachusetts. He 
lived to be over 100 years old, and was fond of talking of the past glories of his 
family. Said that they were direct descendants of Mary, Queen of Scots, and that 
the English hired his name to come to America, a^ he was without doubt heir to 
both the English and Scottish throne. ♦ ♦ * John Stewart was in the American 
Revolution of 1776 and the old French war. His brother lived in Bennington, Vt., 
the father of Stuttering Joe Stewart. A large inheritance in England was left to 
this branch of the family. * * ♦ John married a second wife* and had Julia and 
Robert of Nelson, Madison county, N. Y. His third wife was a widow Morse?; no 
children." [See page 15] 



JOHN STUART married in Providence, R. L, May 25, 1724, Anne< Power, 
born there Dec. 12, 1707, daughter of Nicholas^ (Nicholas,'^ Nicholas') and Mercy 
(Tillingast) Power. [Nicholas^ Power married Rebecca Rhodes.] John apparently 
came from some neighboring colony .t He was a goldsmith. In 1725 he bought a 
piece of land of Daniel Abbott and wife Mary. Dec. 11, 1729, he and his wife Anne 
received a deed from her father for "love and goodwill", "51x60 on the east side of 
Lower street a little south of said Nicholas Power's dwelling house and is the place 
where said John Stuart hath set his shop and is preparing to build a house." He 
made his will Oct. 5. 1737, and died Dec. 7 following. His will was probated Jan- 
7, 1738, and named his wife Anne executrix and to have all the estate to bring up 
the children, first dividing it one-third to wife Anne and the rest to the four child- 
ren—John, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah. The estate inventoried i:602-l-9 and con- 
sisted of gold, silver, watch, clock, compass, wearing apparel, house furnishings, lin- 
en wheel, woolen wheel, a sloop valued at £155, spermaceti, etc. Children :(n)I^ 

1 John, Oct. 28, 1724; =Oct. 7, 1760, Mary Thomas 

2 Mary 

3 Elizabeth =May 10, 1747, James Dolaber 

4 Sarah, June 10, 1732; Nov. 30, 1751, Nathan* Jenckes 

•Lieut. John Stewart and Jean Love were married Aug. 16, 1802, in Leyden, Masp. This record 
was found by Mrs. John W. Cram of Colerain. His firat wife. Ann McClellan. died Feb. 14, 1801. £ 
tHe was admitted a freeman of Providence on the Ist Tuesday in May, 1730, Gen. Ass., Newport. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Editor: Qeorge Thomas Edson, FilUy, Nebraska 
$1.00 A YEA R , Horace W. Dickerman. 86 Wert 10th rt.. New York City. AsMciate MONTHLY 

friLLEY. NEB. SEPTEMBER. 1924 VOL. Ill NO. 3 



SIMON' STEWARD of Mobberly, Cheshire, England, married Margery . 

His will, dated Sep. 10, 1651, probated Sep. 30, 1651, mentions son Simon, son-in-* 
law Francis Newton and his wife Margaret "my daughter"; daughter Elizabeth 
Steward; daughter Mary Steward ; sons James, John and Henry Steward; and ap- 
points wife Margery executrix and residuary legatee.® The noncupative will of 
Margery Steward, late of Mobberly, Cheshire, dated May 2, 1655, probated Oct. 
19; 1655. mentions son Simon; son-in-law Francis Newton and Margaret his wife; 
Elizabeth Newton, their eldest daughter; "my daughter Elizabeth Cadman"; sons 
John, James and Henry; daughter Mary: executors, son Henry and "my cousin" 
Daniel Yearwood .® Children : 

1 Simon = 1642, Margaret : +1664 

2 Margaret = 1648, Francis Newton, yeoman, of Knowl Green 

3 John = 1653, Ellen Cherry 

4 Elizabeth = 1652, Cad man 

5 Mary : perhaps married Richard Yearwood 

6 James ^Dec. 8, 1666, Hannah Smith: schlmaster 1672 Brown Edge 

7 Henry : resided in Mobberly, Talbot's part 

SIM0N2 STEWARD (Simon^) married Margaret and died in 1664. His 

widow married [license dated July 16, 1666] Ralph Renshall of Mobberly. Simon 
Steward, jr., of Mobberly, yeoman, made his will Feb. 13, 1663-4, which was prob- 
ated Apr. 25, 1664.® It mentions wife Margaret: sons James and John; brothers 
Henry, John and James, brothers' and sisters' children [not named] ; Richard Year- 
wood and Francis Newton: executor, brothers James Steward of London, John 
Wood, jr., of Marthall and James Steward, testator's son, who renounced probate. 
Witnesses, Francis Newton, Hugh Strettell, Thomas Alcocks and William Heye, jr. 

1 James 

2 John 

JOHN* STEWARD (Simon>), born about 1630, married about 1653 Ellen Cher- 
ry, born about 1636. They were Quakers. She died Dec. 16, 1710, and ii* buried 
at Macclesfield. He died Jan. 20, 1710-11. Children, born in England: 

1 James, Nov, 12, 1654 

2 John, Dec. 22, 1659 

3 Josiah, Dec. 3, 1661 

4 Joseph, June 11, 1664; =Sep. 12, 1694, Alice Wright, Buriington county, N. J. 

5 Jacob, Jan. 27, 1666-7 

6 Job, Mar. 4, 1668; f young 

7 Enher, Nov. 5, 1669 

8 Job, July 5. 1672 

9 Simon. Mar. 13, 1676 : {1708 in Freehold, N. J. 

Symbols and references: means married; -: marriaKe intention; ^ died; * buried; — a number 
preceded by dash means refer to that page; (\j Bible record, (i church record, a; town record. (?) grave 
stone. (T) probate record, ^i) court. 7; land, tti military. ^ pension. (@ U. S. census, ui) personal datum. 4^ 
town or local history. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


JOSEPHS STEWARD Oohn,^ Simon^) came to America when 18, sailing in the 
ship Submission July 5, 1682, from Liverpool, in company of James Harrison, agent 
of William Penn. He was a protegee of Phineas Pemberton, Penn's commissioner, 
with whom he lived in Bucks county, Pa., until his marriage. He married Sep. 12, 
1694, at the Friends' meeting in Chesterfield, N. J., Alice Wright, bom about 1671, 
daughter of Samuel^^ (Samuel') and Mary Wright. He died in 1716. His will was 
made July 3, 1715, and the inventory of his estate was taken July 28. His widow 
married May 5, 1720, as second wife, Richard Harrison, who died in 1742. Alice 
died in 1761, aged 90 [will 24S.1769, pr. 11^1761]. Children of Joseph and Alice 
Steward, bom in Chesterfield, Burlington county, N. J.:®® 

1 John 1697; = 1722, Elizabeth Cook: ^1773 

2 Elizabeth 1699; 1=1720 John Fowler, jr., (2) 2611741 Joseph Reckless 

3 Josiah i j 2131728 Mcrtha Brown, 2 •• 8|1740 Sarah Browne 

4 Ellen [in father's will as under age; not in mother's will] 

5 Joseph, Sep. 7, 1712; =Mar. 4, 1736-6, Bridget Middleton 

SIMON« STEWARD (John,* ^mon^) also came to America and settled in Free- 
hold, N. J., where he died about 1709. His will was dated Dec. 17, 1708, appoint- 
ing his wife [not named but thought to be Mary] executrix: witnesses, Anthony 
Woodward, John Richardson, Sarah Johnson. His widow married Richard Chap- 
pie. Children: 

1 John [eldest son, under 21] 

2 Hester [under 18] 

3 Joseph 

4 Samuel 

Other Stewards of this stock settled in New England, and possibly James of 
Sandwich, Mass., 1689, the Quaker, was of this line. Of the children of John^ and 
Ellen (Cherry) Steward Jacob died Nov. 14, 1694,® aged 28, and Job died Jan. 3, 
1698-9, aged 26, and is buried at Macclesfield, England. 

To be continued 



JAMES* STUART {Stephen,* Robert,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), bom Apr. 6, 1782, in 
Kingston, N. H., married Mar. 17, 1804, Betsey Eastman of Deerfield. He died 
Oct. 16, 1836, aged 54, in Newport, Me. Children: 

1 Charles, June 17, 1805, Deerfield; -Sep. 18, 1826 

2 Lyman A., Nov. 6, 1808, Newport; -hOct. 16, 1825 

3 Timothy U., Apr. 11, 1813; = Mary Jane Stuart of Palmyra: no issue 

4 SarahE., Sep. 2, 1815;4^0ct. 15, 18J6 

MOSES* STUART (Stephen,* Robert,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan'), born Oct. 12, 1784. in 
Kingston, N. H., married Rebecca Poor of Raymond. He died Dec. 25, 1869, aged 
85, at Newport, Me. Children: 

1 Betsey ; = L. D. Colcard of Fairfield, Me. 

2 Jane ; i= Timothy Stuart, (2) Richard Toby of Fairfield 

3 Sarah Ann 

4 Richard 1822; ^ Martha Lord of South Berwick: f 1891 

5 Moses, July 10, 1826, Kingston; =Nov. — , 1862, Lovina Morton of Palmyra 
BENJAMIN* STUART {Joseph,* Richard,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan'), born in 1756 in 

Lancaster, Mass., was a soldier in the Revolution, serving from Leominster as a 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


sergeant under Capt. Hatfield White, Col. Rufus Putnam, Feb. 9, 1778, and was in 
Shay's rebellion. He married in Barre Feb. 8, 1787, Damaris Rice, daughter of 
Ralph and Mary Rice. He was pensioned June 30, 1818, aged 62, but the pension 
was suspended May 1, 1820. He died June 4, 1820, aged 63, in Sterling. Children, 
bom in Sterling: 

1 daughter 1788; +Jan. 27, 1790, aged 18 m. 

2 Benjamin, Dec. 26, 1791; i^ 2031815 Eunice Mirick, 2= Mrs. Louisa Curtis 

3 Ralph Rice, Jan. 2, 1795; i=Nancy Mirick, (2) Pamelia Osg'd, (3) Polly Osg'd 

4 Polly =Luther Bartlett 

JOSEPH* STUART {JosepK* Richard,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born Apr. — , 1757, in 
Lancaster, Mass., married in Leominster Apr. 4, 1782, Beatrix Colburn, baptized 
there Oct. 20, 1765, daughter of Ebenezer and Prudence (Carter) Colburn. He 
died May 5, 1811, aged 54, in Jaffrey, N. H. His widow married Nov. 3, 1818, 
Samuel S. Parker of Mason, N. H. Children, born in Jaffrey, N. H.:® 

1 infant ; +Sep. 3, 1783 

2 Joseph, Jan. 2, 1785; =May 5, 1811, Sarah Tilton 

3 Benjamin, Aug. 1, 1787; -f young 

4 Benjamin, Apr. 16, 1789; +Aug. 2, 1790, aged 3 m. 17 d. 

5 Elijah, Apr. 16, 1789; +Aug. 5, 1790, aged 3 m. 20 d. 

6 Benjamin, Apr. 1, 1791; =Dec. 23, 1812, Susan Thompson 

7 Prudence, Jan. 31, 1793; ^Oct. 2, 1814, Charles Johnson, Southboro, Mass. 

8 Polly, Mar. 10, 1795; =Apr. 16, 1817, Lyman Newton, Mason, N. H. 

9 Elijah, Mar. 3, 1797; -h young 

10 John, July 20, 1801 ; =June 24, 1824, Polly Farrar, Weston, Vt, 

ALPHEUS* STUART {Richard,* Richard,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^ born May 1, 1766, 
in Templeton, Mass., Married in Leominster Aug. 25, 1791, Pamelia Rice, daughter 
of Samuel Rice. • Children, bom in Leominster:® 

1 Charles, Feb. 18, 1794 

2 Abigail, Feb. 7, 1796 

3 Sardius, Dec. 4, 1797 

4 Richard, July 28, 1799 . 

5 Bedara, Mar. 31, 1801 

6 William, June 8, 1803 

7 Alpheus, Oct. 27, 1804 

8 Benjamin, Sep. 17, 1811 

EBENEZER* STUART (Richard,* Richard,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born July 30,' 
1779, in Leominster, Mass., married there May 24, 1801, Sukey Hale, born May 7, 
1786, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Wilder) Hale. Children, born there:® " 

1 Anson, Aug. 8, 1801 

2 Wilkes, July 13, 1803 

3 Mary, July 4, 1805 

4 Ebenezer, Nov. 6, 1806 

5 Eliza,Oct. 3, 1808 

6 Thomas Hale, June 18, 1810 

7 Sukey, Nov. 25, 1811 

PAUL* STUART (JeremiaK* Richard,'^ Ebenezer,"* Duncan^), born June 8, 1762, in 
Winehendon, Mass., married there Jan. 27, 1790, Hannah Robbins, born Dec. 22, 
1767, in Rindge, N. H., daughter of William and Hannah (Paine) Robbins. She 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


died Aug. 28, 1828, aged 60, and he fell dead in or near his barnyard Jan. 27, 1829, 
aged 66. Children (perhaps others;, born in Winchendon: 

1 Enoch, May 17, 1791 ; =Sep. 14, 1817, Olive Bowen of Richmond, N. H. 

2 Keziah, July 2, 1794 ; =Jan, 22, 1822, James Taylor of Fitzwilliam: +285^28 

3 Joseph Belknap, Nov. 19, 1797 

4 Susan, Feb. 23, 1801; ^Nov. 7, 1822, Asher Taylor: -hJuly 10, 1848, Fitzw.iS^ 
6 Hannah 1808; -i-Aug. 3, 1828, Horatio N. Hall of Westmoreland 

JOHN* STUART iJeremiaK* Richard,^ Ebenezitr,^ Duncan^), bom Jan. 21, 1778, in 
Winchendon, Mass., married (1) Dec. 18, 1796, Joanna Kendall. He lived in Fran- 
conia, N. H., and married (2) after 1822 Hill. Children: 

1 Polly. Jan. 21, 1798; = Menter 

2 Eliza ;= E. B. Aldrich 

3 John, May 16, 1804; = Martha Drury of Franconia 

4 Frederick, June 24, 1806; =July 4, 1831, Esther H. Rider 

6 Cyrus, Apr. — , 1811; = Parney Carey: Wareham, Mass. 

6 Joan, May 20, 1817; =May 22, 1836, Oliver Thomas 

7 Hannah, Sep. 7, 1822; =Dec. 14, 1841, Elisha Keene 

8 Hiram 

9 Evelyn — AlonzoBowker 
10 Lydia 

RICHARD* STUART (Jeremiah* mchard,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born Mar. 25. 
1780, in Winchendon, Mass., married there Mar. 29, 1803, Ruth Bixby, born Dec. 
21, 1782, daughter of Levi and Ruth (Darling) Bixby. He died Mar. 8, 1860, aged 
79, in Winchendon, and she died there July 21, 1863. Children, bom Winchendon: 

1 Tabitha Foster, Jan. 14, 1804; =Apr. 17, 1821, Charles Knowltdn of Ashfield 

2 Hannah, Apr. 8, 1805; +Apr. 28, 1805 

3 Lucy Swan, Mar. 31, 1806; i i 17^1825 Jacob Simonds, 3==^Heman Daniels 

4 Electa Hannah, May 20, 1810; =Apr. 2, 1840, John Bowker of Royalston 

5 Eunice Celia, May 20, 1810; i=6S1841 William Brooks, jr., (2) Levi Foskett 

6 Ruth B., May 12, 1816; =^May 23, 1839, Amasa Aldrich 

7 Emeline Janet, Aug. 28, 1817; =Nov. 21, 1841, Simeon Cook Aldrich 

To be continued 



HUGHS STEWART (James.^ Jam€s^), bom Aug. 19, 1761, in Colrain, Mass., en- 
listed from that town and served a week or two at Bennington: he served 2 months 
ending Oct. 20, 1777, under Capt. Hugh McClellan, Col. Wells, and 9 months in 
1791 under Capt. William Hutchins, Col. Samuel Fletcher, Vermont troops. He 
applied Nov. 9, 1832, for a pension, living in Parma, Cuyahoga county, O., aged 71. 

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14. HENRY STEWART died in Nogales, Arts., about 1921. aged over 80. His family lived in 
Bath, Me., when he left: he kept in touch with them until his mother's death. I am trying to find 
some record of his parents. Mrs. Edward W. Heath, 60 Front St., Waterville, Me. 

16. GEORGE STEWART of Parrrboro, Nova Scotis, married Sarah Holmes of New Hampshire. 
His family had moved to Canada "to avoid the dsngerof tsking up arms against the king" and set- 
tled on Prince Edward Island. He died in Bristol, Me., aged about 80, at the home of his son Will- 
iam. He was descended from "the youngest son of some royal family who was obliged to look out for 
himself." His children were Charles, Nancy, Margaret, John Nebion, bom May 8, 1822; William, Ja- 
cob, Mary, James and Sarah Alice. Mrs. Sarah E. Stewart. Answer to the editor. 

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Editor: Qeorge Thomas Edson, Filicy, hJebraska 
$1.00 A YEA R Horace W. Dickerman, 86 Weat 10th at.. New York City. AasocUte MONTHLY 



JOHN* STEWARD (;osep/i,8 ;o/in,2 Simon»), born about 1697 in Chesterfield, 
Burlington county, N. J., married in 1722 Elizabeth Cook. His will of July 27, 
1772, probated Dec. 31, 1773, Burlington county, mentions these children; 

1 William ; =Nov. 28, 1751, Rebecca Taylor: inv. May 15, 1787 

2 John ; j. Nov. 12, 1757, Martha Robins: -\ July 12, 1775 

3 Alice ; = Thomas Fowler 

4 Elizabeth ; = Parent 

5 Susanna ; = Joseph Mears 

JOSIAH* STEWARD {JosepK^ John,^ Simon^) married (1) [license dated Jan. 
21, 1728] Martha Browne. He married (2) [license dated Mar. 8, 1740] Sarah 
Browne. He died in 1751. The will of Josiah Steward of Upper Freehold, Burl- 
ington county, N. J., dated Apr. 28, 1748, probated Jan. 2, 1752, at Burlington 
names his brothers John and Joseph and his wife Sarah as executors and mentions 
the following children: 

1 Joseph [under 21] 

2 Martha 

3 Sarah 

4 Josiah 

5 Abraham 

JOSEPH* STEWARD (Joseph,^ John,^ Simon^), born Sep. 7, 1712, in Chester- 
field, N. J., married there Mar. 4, 1735-6, Bridget Middleton, born May 22, 1716, 
daughter of John and Esther (GUberthorpe) Middleton. The will of Joseph Stew- 
ard of New Hanover, Burlington county, N. J., blacksmith, dated Sep. 4, 1779, 
probated Mar. 26, 1782, appoints his sons Joseph and Thomas executors and ment- 
ions his wife Bridget, brother John, and children Jonathan, Joseph, Thomas, Ab- 
ner, Susanna, Hi^nah, Ann and Elizabeth. He died Mar. 22, 1780, and Bridget 
died July 23, 1783. Children:® 

1 Achsah,June2, 1737; + Aug. 29, 1737 

2 Abner, Oct. 28, 1738; +Oct. 28, 1748 

3 Nathan, Sep. 9, 1740; -hApr. — , 1743 

4 John, Apr. 25. 1742; fMar.— , 1743 

5 Mary, Feb. 31, 1743-4; 4 Sep. 29, 1754 

6 Joseph, July 13, 1746; t May 6, 1767, Ann Robins 

7 Ann, May 28, 1748; = Daniel Hendrickson 

8 Abner. Apr. 9, 1749; i- Oct. 29, 1777, Mary Rockhill: \ 1789 Mansfield, N. J. 

9 Elizabeth. Feb. 26, 1751-2; =July 6, 1780, Ebenezer Wright,- Chesterfield 

10 Hannah, Dec. 16, 1753; =Mar. 2, 1775, Daniel Taylor 

11 Jonathan, Dec. 13, 1756; = 


Symbols and references: - a number preceded by dash means refer to that page; means marri- 
ed. 4- marriage intention, v marriage license. -*- died. ^ buried, (t Idible record, (i) churcK record, a) 
town record, grave stone, (i) probate record, «) court, (i) land, (i) military, (S) pension. (^ U. S. cens- 
us. <^ private datum, (^ town or local history. 

*In addition to Mr. Stewart's notes we are using copious data owned by Horace W. Dtckerman. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



12 Thomas, Jan. 16, 1759; -Mar. 11, 1784, Maiy Allen 

13 Susanna, Feb. 14, 1761 

To be continued 



JOHN* STUART (John,* John,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born Apr. 4, 1784, in Leo- 
minster, Mass., married there Nov. 26, 1812, Betsey Hale, bom Dec. 11. 1786, 
daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Wetherbee-Stearns) Hale. He died Feb. 14, 
1820. His widow married Dec. 28, 1826. Harvey Burdett and died May 19, 1836, 
aged 49.0 Children, all baptized June 8, 1823, in Leominster:® 

1 EliasHale 

2 Erastus Darwin 

3 Louisa Eleanor i8i6; = May 22, 1838, Thomas P. Wilder 

4 Julia Maria 1819; +Apr. 13, 1843, unmarried 

PETER* STUART (John,* Jo/in,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born Feb. 2, 1786, in Leo- 
minster, Mass., married there Feb. 9, 1809, Isabella Norcross of Princeton. They 
doubtless removed from Leominster, where their children were born:® 

1 Louisa, June 8, 1810; -f-Dec. 6, 1810 

2 Louisa, Oct. 30, 1811; -hSep. 14, 1813 

3 Harriet, Nov. 26, 1813: =Oct. 9, 1834, Alfred Davis 

4 Mary, Sep. 18, 1814; =Oct. 15, 1836, Michael Damon 
6 George, Feb. 18, 1817; -j-Oct. 24, 1826 

6 Louisa ; -hJuly 6, 1820 

NATHAN* STUART (John,* John,^ Ebenezfir,^ Duncan^), born Aug. 20, 1788, in 
Leominster, Mass., married there Dec. 31, 1812, Roxanna Phelps, born Jan. 20. 
1796, in Lancaster. They removed to Littleton, where he was a tanner. He com- 
mitted suicide at the age of 58 and died July 3, 1847, in a hospital in Worcester. 
His widow died Nov. 6, 1858, aged 63, in Charlestown and was buried in Littleton. 
Children, bom in Leominster:® 

1 Elizabeth Nelson, Oct. 20, 1814; -: 26*1838 John K. Clough of Concord, N. H. 

2 Charlotte Augusta, Dec. 23, 1816 

3 Charles Theodore, Apr. 13, 1819, =16|1853 Nancy D. Hutchinson, Lowell 

4 Thomas Russell Dix, Apr. 16, 1821; =24f 1846 Susan Skillings, Lowell 

5 James Monroe, May 1, 1825; +Mar. 3, 1855, Littleton 

SAMUEL* STUART iSolomon,*Chaiies,^Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), bom May 12, 1776, 
in Lancaster, Mass., married Apr. 6, 1797, Dolly Bailey, daughter of Shubael and 
Hannah (Whittemore) Bailey. He died Feb. 29, 1829, aged 62. She died May 4. 
1871, aged 92 years, 3 months and 4 days, in Sterling. Children, born in Sterling: 

1 Dolly, Nov. 9. 1797; = Gihnan Bailey 

2 Clara, Feb. 27, 1800; -hJan. 10, 1803 

3 Samuel, Apr. 13, 1802; +Sep. 10, 1871, unmarried 

4 Charles Fisk, Sep. 16, 1806; =. Sarah S. Wright 

5 Clarinda, Mar. 17, 1809; +Jan. 17, 1892, unmarried 

6 George Lee, Nov. 4, 1812; = Lucretia Wilder 

7 Joseph, Mar. 9, 1815; 4-Feb. 10, 1820 

8 Elizabeth, Mar. 9. 1817; +Sep. 22, 1819 

9 Josiah, Mar. 9, 1817; +Oct. 1, 1819 


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SOLOMON* STUART (Solomon,* Charles,^ Ebenezer,^- Duncan^), born in Lancast- 
er, Mass., married Nov. 30, 1813, Nancy Roper. He died in 1842. Children, born 
in Sterling: 

1 Silas i8i6; -f Mar. 28, 1890, aged 74, unm. 

2 Merrill, Mar. — , 1816; +Dec. 25, 1888, aged 72 years and 9 months, unm. 

3 Lucien, Nov. 25, 1823; =Sep. 28. 1863, Sarah Eusebia Lynds 

4 Mary 1828; =Jan. 3, 1849, Henry Howe of Bolton 

5 Pierson T. K. 1837; + 1896, Worcester, unm. 

LEVI'' STUART (Solomon * Charles,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), bom Mar. 2, 1791, in 
Sterling, Mass., married (1) Jrfn. 22. 1818, Jane Ames, born in Framingham, daugh- 
ter of Phineas and Jane Ames. She died in Sterling Sep. 11.. 1856, aged 62. He 
married (2) in Sterling Mar. 31, 1857, widow Roxana (Foster) Merriam, born July 
17, 1805, in Sullivan, N. H., daughter of Enoch and Rebecca (French) Foster. He 
died June 3, 1875, in Sterling and she died there Jan. 27, 1892. Children, born in 

1 William Alexander ; + young 

2 Susan ; -f-young 

3 Ambrose Pascal Saville, Nov. 22, 1820 [+Sep. 14, 1899, Lincoln, Neb.] 

4 Marietta 1821; =Jan. 28, 1849, Foster K. Reed, Sterling 

5 Addison ; -j-Sep. 14, 1827 

6 Eliza Jane 1825; r=Dec. 23, 1844, Wilson Morse, Sterling 

7 Addison Ames : resided Cedar Rapids, la., 1875 

8 George Washington : no children 

9 Charles S. Wesley, Oct. —, 1836; +Mar. 15, 1848 

SILAS^ STUART (Solomon* Charles,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born about 1794 in 
Sterling. Mass., married (1) in Boston Nov. 19, 1815, Susan M. Eames. He marri- 
ed (2) Charlotte Cook of Marlborough. He died Mar. 10, 1859, in Bolton. Child- 
ren, by first wife: 

1 Susan 1816; - Jan. 22, 1835, George Piper, Boston 

2 Silas Hobbs 1821; = Adeline Howe 

3 Eliza Hutchinson, May 11, 1824; =Oct. 27, 1844, Wm. F. Trowbridge, Bolton 

To be continued 



JOSHUA^ STEWARD (Elias,^ Thomas,^ Alexander^), born in 1770 in Voluntown, 
Conn., removed with his parents in 1779 to Clarendon, Vt. He married in 1790 

Eunice . He died in Clarendon Sep. 25, 1791,® aged about 21. Son: 

1 Joshua, Mar. 15, 1791, Clarendon® 

THOMAS^ STEWARDt (Elias,^ Thomas,^ Alexander'), born Dec. 20, 1771,® in 
Voluntown, Conn., married Clarissa Rhodes, J born Mar. 16, 1775,® daughter of 
John and Rebecca (Steward) Rhodes. He bought land in Clarendon Nov. 31, 1814, 
of Gideon Hewett.® His wife died Apr. 15, 1832, in Clarendon. He deeded his 
land Jan. 17, 1838, to his eight living children for $2,000, possession to be given at 

*The general outline of this article is based on an old manuscript entitled "A History of the Ellas 
Steward Family of the Towns of Shrewsbury and Clarendon, Vt.," owned by Prof. Darius Steward of 
the State Teachers' College, St. Cloud, Minn. 

tFrom personal records owned by George H. Steward of Rutland, Vt. 

^His cousin: possibly here originated the tradition that Elias Stewart married his cousin. -p. 96. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


death. He died Sep. 14, 1840, in Clarendon, where his children were born:© 

1 Leonard, May 1, 1795; = : removed to Lockport, N. Y. 

2 Lyman, Mar. 2, 1797; = . Orpha Kelsey 

3 Harvey, Dec. 9, 1798; i-^Apr. 8, 1824, Phila Page, Shrewsbury 

4 Roxanna» May 23, 1801; = Dr. Calvin Spencer of Clarendon: -h26S'37 

5 Sarah, June 20, 1803; = Martin Slocum: Manchester, H-3S52 

6 Thomas, Feb. 3, 1805; =Nov. 16, 1836, Maria Hopkins Everts 

7 Clarissa, Oct. 27, 1808; = Hiram Smith of Clarendon: 4-4| 65 

8 Henry G., Apr. 25, 1811; = in Rhode Island: +6-71 in the west 

9 Elias H., Feb. 13, 1816; =Jan. 25, 1844, Eliza Button, Clarendon 
DANIEL* STEWARD {Bias,^ Thomas.^ Alexander^), born about 1773 in Volun- 

town. Conn., married Ruth Harrington. He lived in Shrewsbury. Children: 

1 Orren 

2 Hannah 

3 Levi = Emeline Todd of Shrewsbury 

4 Harris 1807; =Oct. 31, 1832, Alethea Kingsley: -f June 27, 1836 

5 Daniel, June — . 1810; i=3i34 Elvira (Tuttle) Dudley, (2) 1844 Sarah Tuttle 
WILLIAM* STEWARD* (Bias,^ Thomas,^ Alexander^), born Jan. 15, 1778,® in 

Voluntown, Conn., married Mercy Clark, born in Clarendon, Vt., Mar. 13, 1783,(J^ 
daughter of William and Elizabeth Clark. They removed about 1812 to Madison 
township, Richland county, Ohio, He died Aug. 3, 1858, at his home 4 miles from 
Mansfield, O., and she died there Nov. 1, 1867. Children:® 

1 Calvin, May 25, 1802, Clarendon; -hMay 9, 1804 

2 Amanda, Feb. 29, 1804, Huntsville; = James Williams: -hl7270, 0. 

3 Elizabeth, July 12, 1806, Berkshire; = Thomas Piatt: 4-3|75, Ind. 

4 Philena, Sep. 2, 1808, Berkshire; ^ Stephen Finch: -h -S61, O. 

5 Calvin, July 20, 1811, Berkshire; =July 4, 1833, Elizabeth Garrison, Mansfield 

6 William Clark, Dec. 26, 1813, Mentor, 0.;= Sarah Hyde: -h305 50, O. 

7 Philo, Sep. 11, 1816, Madison: = Eliza : -f 6t45, Mansfield 

8 Sarah, Mar. 9, 1819, Madison; -hAug. 5, 1829 

9 Sabra, June 21, 1821, Madison; -^ Charles Ward: Mercer county 

10 Solomon, Nov. 11, 1823, Madison; = Olive Hyde: Trenton, Mo. 

11 Sophronia, Aug. 27, 182-, Madison; = George Anders: +11298, Galion 
EDMOND* STEWARD (BiasJ^ Thotruis,« Alexander^) moved to Michigan about 

1820. He was living with his son Marshall near Armada Sep. 11, 1864, and is buri- 
ed between Armada and Romeo, Macomb county. His children were: John, Will- 
iam, Calvin, Burr and Marshall. They spelled their name Stewart. 

SOLOMON* STEWARD {Elias,^ rhomas,^ AUxander^) married Abigail Ring and 
lived in East Clarendon. They deeded Feb. 16, 1811, land in Worthington, Mass., 
inherited from her father, Joseph Ring.® They removed to Ohio in 1831.® They 
had: Lucretia, Sabra [4-Mar. 8, 1813, aged 6 months®]. Sabra [ ^ Sep. 11, 1818, 
aged 4], George, Abigail, Sarah, Angeline, Harriet, Esther Marion, Jane and Solo- 
mon G. [-h Aug. 13, 1833, aged 2,® buried in East Clarendon]. 

To be continued 


16. NANCY STEWART married James Caraon about 1790 in Pennsylvania and moved to Nash- 
ville, Tenn. Their son Stewart Carson fought in the war of 1812. Mrs. C. F. Rietx. Wheatland, Wye. 

*From records in the possession of Mrs. H. C. Smith of Smith Center, Kan. 

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Editor. Qeorge Thomas Edson, Filley, I^ebraska 
$1.00 A YEAR Horace W. Dickeiman. 36 West 10th st.. New York City, Associate MONTHLY 
FILLEY, NEB. NOVEMBER, 1924 VOL. 1 1 1 NO. 5 



LEMUEL HATCH-^ STEWART {Samuel' Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Duncan'), baptized 
Oct. 18, 1767, in Wells, Me., married there Dec. 1, 1796, Dorcas* Stewart, born in 
Wells Feb. 22, 1773, daughter of Elijah* Stewart [page 89]. He was called Hatch 
Stuart and removed to Alton, N. H. Children: 

1 Ivory 

2 Samuel 

3 Elijah 

4 Frances ; ^ unmarried 
6 Dorcas ; ^aged 18 

6 Lemuel Hatch, Oct. 18, 1806; 1411838 Mary T. Erwin of Haverhill, N. H. 

7 Nancy ; = Kent 

8 Charles Allen, Aug. 30, 1813, Wolfboro, N. H. 

BENJAMIN* STEWART {Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel^ Duncan^), baptized June 
21, 1772. in Wells, Me., married there June 17, 1797, Meribah Morrison. He died 
in Wells before 1826 and his widow died there Mar. 24, 1841. Children, born there: 

1 Marcia, July 18, 1798; -^Mar. 31, 1816 

2 Alpheus, Dec. 1, 1799; ^ Mar. 18, 1824. Abiah Kimball of Greene 

3 Benjamin, Aug. 16, 1802; i j 13|1830 Sarah Emery, 2 : 611847 Mary Emer- 

4 Eliza, Nov. 15, 1804 son of Wakefield, N. H. 

5 Samuel Morrison, Sep. 28, 1806 

6 Huldah, Nov. 9. 1809; f Feb. 27, 1810 

7 Huldah Ann, Sep. 9, 1811 

SAMUEL* STEWART {Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,'- Duncan'), baptized Nov. 14, 
1779, in Wells, Me., married [intention Dec. 23, 1802, Wells] Anna Perkins. He 
was a shipwright and mariner and was called Capt. Samuel Stuart. He died Dec. 
16, 1815, in Wells, and she died June 3, 1826. Children: 

1 John 

2 Mary A. 

3 Abigail 

4 Eliza 

5 Adeline 

DANIEL* STEWART (Elijah,* Samuel,"^ Samuel,^ Duncan'), born Oct. 23, 1756, 
in Wells. Me., married there Dec. 23, 1778, his cousin Dorothy* Stewart [page 89]. 
He was a soldier of the Revolution and served a year in the Continental army, and 
received a pension until his death Dec. 29, 1843. aged 87, at the home of his son 
Joseph. His widow applied Apr. 9, 1844, aged 88.® Children, bom. at Wells:® 

1 Joseph, bp. Aug. 20, 1780; =Sep. 13, 1810, Dorcas Butland 

2 Aaron, bp. Dec. 16, 1781; --= Susan 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by dash means refer to that pa(;e; means marri- 
ed, : marriage intention. •• marriage license, died, - buried, ^j Bible record, (t church record, a 
town record, "'*) grave stone, a probate record, « court, 7 land, >h military, (») pension, ^ U. S. cens- 
us, ii. personal datum, (g town or local history. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


3 Daniel, bp. Od. 5, 1785; =Feb. 2, 1816, Sarah Tebbetts 

4 Jacob, bp. Aug. 12, 1789 

6 Rebecca, bp. Apr. 21, 1791; =Nov. 28, 1821, Jeremiah Stevens 

6 Dorothy, bp. Oa. 28, 1792; =Dec. 24, 1817, Joshua Maxwell 

7 Jemima, bp. Sep. 24, 1797; ^J&n, 1, 1818, Jeremiah Hubbard, jr. 

8 John, bp. May 8. 1799; =Feb. 24, 1824, Abigail Stevens 

EUJAH* STEWART (BijaK* Samuel,^ Samuel^ Duncan^), born Mar. 23, 1760, 
in Wells, Me., married [intention June 19, 1779] Eunice Hatch. He was called El- 
ijah **third" to distinguish him from ZebulonV son, who was called Elijah, jr. [pp. 
80,91]. He died in 1812. His will, dated May 2, 1812, names his wife Eunice, 
eldest daughter Tabitha Gray; his grandchild, heir of his daughter Polly Hatch, 
deceased; his daughter Ruth Tredwell; his youngest daughter Isabella, a minor, 
and his son John '*only surviving male issue." Children, born in Wells:© 

1 Moses, bp. Dec. 16, 1781; -}-young 

2 Eunice, bp. Sep. 4, 1783; 4-young 

3 Tabitha ; ^June 20, 1801. Elijah Gray of Cornish 

4 Polly ;= Hatch: -hbefore 1812 

5 Moses, bp. Aug. 12, 1789; lost at sea before 1812 

6 Ruth, bp. Apr. 21, 1791; =Oct. 20, 1808, Jonathan Tredwell 

7 John, bp. Mar. 11, 1797; =Jan. 22, 1818, Jerusha Card of York 

8 Isabella, bp. Sep. 12, 1804; -J-Sep. 12, 1829, George Preble of York 

ASA"* STEWART (Hya/i,< Samuei,« Samuei,2 Duncan'), born Apr. 15, 1775, in 
Wells, Me., married [intention May 29, 1800, Wells] Abigail Goodale. She died 
July 28, 1836. Children, born in Wells:® 

1 Sirena, June 27, 1801; =Aug. 31, 1821, David Stuart, jr., Alton, N. H. 

2 George, Apr. 1, 1805; ^May 16, 1829, Louisa Witham, dau. of John 

3 David, Aug. 19, 1807; |-Dec. 20, 1862, aged 55 

4 Priscilla, Aug. 23, 1809; -^Nov. 26, 1832, John W. C. Lord of Union 

5 Tabitha, June 28, 1811; =Feb. 26, 1845, Oliver Kimball 

6 Elijah, June 17, 1813 ; -hJune 23, 1816 

7 Oliv^, July 1, 1816: [went west] 

8 Asa, Aug. 4, 1819; =May 6, 1846, Emily Maximilia Cheney 

WILLIAM* STEWART {? Amos * Samuel,^ SamueU^ Duncan^) married Nov. 26, 
1809, Mary Rhines in Wells, Me. Children, born at Wells: 

1 William. Dec. 6, 1813; ^Sep. 30, 1875, Mrs. Harriet (Gutterson) Jones, Bost. 

2 Abigail 1819; =Mar. 17, 1841, Jotham Williams of Wells 
SAMUEL* STEWART {? Amos,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Duncan^) married [intention 

Aug. 12, 1809, Wells. Me.] Theodosia Adams. Children, born in Wells: 

1 Dorothy, June 16, 1811 ; : Sep. 27, 1834, John Towns 

2 Charles H., Jan. 7, 1814; : Oct. 19, 1834, Abigail Johnson 

3 William. Jan. 9, 1816 

4 Thomas Disco, Oct. 16, 1818; 7 : 5|1846 Almira Witham, 2 : 17^1855 Mary 

5 Samuel, Mar. 20, 1821; = Isabel Brown A. Littlefield 

6 JairusC. Eliza Willey 

7 Frances t unmarried 

8 Joseph 

JAMES* STEWART {? Amos,* Samuel"^ Samuel;- Duncan^), born about 1780 in 
Wells, Me., married there Nov. 5, 1809, Jemima Cane. He died in Wells July 22, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


1841 , aged 61 . Children, born at Wells: 

1 child i8io; -l-June 10, 1816, aged 6 

2 child 1813; -hAug. 8, 1817, aged 2 

3 James, Mar. 8, 1818; 4 May 13, 1830 

4 Calvin Wormwood, July 26, 1821; =Aug. 11, 1860, Joanna Winn 

5 Harriet, Aug. 4, 1827; =July 21, 1844, WilUam Littlefield 

JAPHETH-^ STEWART {? Amos* Samuel^ Samuel,^ Duncan^), married Sep. 1, 
1 825, Pamela Furbish in Wells, Me. He was called captain. His wife died Dec. 
14, 1830, aged 25, in Wells. Children: 

1 Ann Elizabeth, July 23, 1826; +May 15, 1848 

2 Catherine F., Aug. 1, 1828 

To be continued 



WILLIAM* STEWARDt (Mn,< Joseph,^ Mn,« Simoni) married Nov. 28, 1761, 
Rebecca Taylor, daughter of Samuel and Ann (Foulke) Taylor. He died intestate: 
an inventory of his personal estate was recorded May 15, 1787. In Burlington 
county, N. J., are found recorded the births of children of William and Rebecca:® 

2 (daughter) 

3 (son), Jan. 8, 1758 

4 {daughter), Apr. 7, 1760 

5 (aflughtcr),Sep. 22, 1764 

6 (daughter), Jan. 13, 1767 

7 (son), July 19, 1770 

JOHN* STEWARD (John,* Joseph,^ John,* Simon^) married [license dated Nov. 12, 
1757] Martha Robins, bom Apr. 18, 1736. He died July 12, 1776, in New Hanov- 
er township. His will, dated July 11, 1776, mentions his wife Martha and children 
Aaron, George, Lydia and Elizabeth. Martha's will, dated Nov. 24, 1804, names 
children Aaron, George and Elizabeth Wildes. To George she gives a desk and 
clock which at his death is to go to his son John, and further instructs him to pay 
John, son of Samuel Steward, ^100 when 21. She gives i'200 to Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Samuel Steward. Children:® 

1 Aaron = Letitia 

2 George =Mar. 23, 1796, Mary Nutt, Mt. Holly 

3 Lydia 

4 Elizabeth = Wildes 

JOSEPH* STEWARD (Joseph* JosepK^ John,* Simon^), born July 14, 1746, in 
Chesterfield, N. J., married [by license granted May 6, 1767] Ann Robbins, born 
Jan. 29, 1747, daughter of Nathaniel and Ruth (Van Room) Robbins. Letters of 
administration on his estate were granted Jan. 26, 1813, to John Steward of Phila- 
delphia. He lived in New Hanover. His wife joined Chesterfield meeting May 2, 
1771. He died Jan. 14, 1813. Children: 

1 Nathan, Dec. 19, 1768; =Oct. 19, 1790, Rachel Morgan. Philadelphia® 

2 Mary. June 22, 1770 

3 Theodosia, June 4, 1774 

'In addition to Mr. Stewart's note^ we are using copious dau owned by Horace W. Dickerroan. 
fA William was baptised June 15, 1786, son of John and Elisabeth Stewart, in Shrewsbury, N. J. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


4 Elizabeth, Apr. 9, 1777 [Ann, the mother, died Dec. 10, 1816.J 

5 Bridget, Jan. 26, 1780 

6 Joseph, July 23, 1785; =Sep. 24, 1808, Martha Vaughn 

7 John, Mar. 4. 1790 

ABNER* STEWARD (Joseph,* Joseph,^ John,^ Simon^), born Apr. 9, 1749, marri- 
ed [by license granted Oct. 29, 1777] Mary Rockhill. He was a blacksmith and re- 
sided in Mansfield township, Burlington county, N. J.: his will was dated Jan. 10, 
1789, and left i:10 to a niece, Mary Smith, and the balance of his estate to his wife 
Mary. Her will, dated July 30, 1812, probated Feb. 28, 1820, left her property to 
Abner Steward Scott, son of her niece Mary, wife of Thomas Scott. 

JONATHAN* STEWARD (Joseph* Joseph,^ John,^ Simon^), born Dec. 13, 1756, 
lived in New Hanover township, Burlington county, N. J. His will was probated 
Sep. 11, 1829, and left $100 to his daughter .^lizabjBth apd the remainder of his est- 
tate was to be divided equally among his eight children [not named]. A petition 
Mar. 27, 1830, of Joseph Middleton Steward, aged 14, son of Jonathan, asked for a 
guardian and the Orphans' court of Mount Holly appointed Elizabeth Steward.® 
July 14, 1834, Ann Steward of Crosswicks Jeft legacies of $100 each to her brothers 
and sisters: Elizabeth, Lydia, Jonathan and Joseph M. Steward.® 

THOMAS* STEWARD (JosepK* Joseph,^ John,^ Simon^), born Jan. 16, 1759, mar- 
ried at Chesterfield, N. J., meeting Mar. 11, 1784, Mary Allen, daughter of Samuel 
and Mary Allen. Among the witnesses to the marriage were Abner, Jonathan, Su- 
sanna, Mary, Lydia and Samuel Steward. An inventory of his persona] estate was 
made June 21, 1819, by George, Samuel and Thomas Steward, showing $5,884.69. 
The next day his sons Samuel and Thomas were appointed administrators. Mary's 
will, dated at New Hanover Feb. 20, 1841, was probated May 30, 1844, and ment- 
ions children Thomas. Samuel, Susan Rulon and Hannah Woodward; grandchildren 
Anna, Mary Elizabeth and Edwin Steward; Mary, daughter of Nathan Stewefrd: 
executors, son Samuel and son-in-law Abner Woodward; 

NATHAN* STEWARD (Joseph,"^ JosepK* JoscpK,' Mn,« Simon') married in Old 
Swedes' church in Philadelphia Oct. 19, 1790, Rachel Morgan, daughter of Jonath- 
an and Bathsheba (Williams) Morgan. Their son Joseph^ married Sarah Rogers, 
daughter of Abner and Lydia (Til ton) Rogers. Among their 12 children was Eli,** 
who married Mary E. Burnett and was the father of Frank H.* Stewart. 

Dr. F. E. Stewart of Philadelphia spent two months in England and France 
this summer, visiting Dol and Denan, ancient seat of the Stewart ancestors. 


17. POSEY STEWARD married a Miss Bean of Baltimore and was the father of John Be^n 
Steward, bom Nov. 17, 1808, in Frederick county, Md. Clarence Starr Steward, ChatUnooga, Tenn. 

18. SAMUEL STEWART, linen weaver from Belfast, Ireland, came to Massachusetts in 1809, 
where he married inrl818 Sarah Ripley Hartwell of Alden- Mayflower descent. He died in August. 
1814. and his son Samuel was bom Sep. 4, 1814, in Plympton. He had a sister Isabella and a brother 
Thomas. J. H. St<!wart, First National bank, Wich*U, Kan. 

19. JANET STEWART of Kill^m. Scotland, married Smith Darling, the pioneer of Somerset, 
N. Y., as her second husband. Her first husband was Peter Mclntyre of Kilmaronock, Scotland, who 
lived most of his married life in Glasgow. There was a Stewart freehold at Strath Endrick, Stirling- 
shire, which nfty^g^anrlmother used to vjsit.when her parents lived there. Miss Nancy Darling, Sky 
Farm, route 2, Woodstock, Vt. 

20. ADAM STEWART, founder of Londonderry, Ohio, had a son James, whose son John was 
the fnther of Robert, bom Dec. 19, 1831, my grandfather. Joseph R. Stewart, PrinceviUe, III. 

21. MATTHEW STEWART and his brother JOHN landed in Philadelphia between 1730 and 
1740. Jokn Went north and Matthew settled near Charlotte, Mecklenburg county, N. C. We organ- 
ized the "Matthew Stewart Clan" here last August, and descendants from Illinois and California 
came to the reunion. Mrs. Alice Stewart Beard, 831 Sumter st., Columbia, S. C. 

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JOHN- STEWART (Alexander^), born about 1703, married Elizabeth . 

She was admitted Aug. 1, 1731, to the church in East Haddam, where their first 
three children were baptized two weeks later **on his wife's account": the next two 
were baptized on the dates given below, and the last two in the church at Milling- 
ton. John seems to have lived awhile in Cornwall, where on May 17, 1786, "John 
Stewart, formerly of East Haddam, now a resident of Cornwall," bought land from 
Friend Dickenson [Deeds, v:88]. He died in East Haddam Sep. 18, 1791, aged 88, 
and Elizabeth died there Apr. 1, 1799, aged 92. His will, dated Dec. 10, 1785, was 
probated Oct 4, 1791, and appointed his wife Elizabeth and Asa Harvey executors: 
witnessed by Gibbons Jewett, Rhoda Jewett, George Jewett. The will names his 
children: John, deceased [naming his heirs] ; Elizabeth, wife of Green Hungerford; 
Sarah, widow of Lemuel Hungerford ; Eunice, widow of Joel Spencer; Mary, wife of 
Jacob Gates; Rachel; Grace; Hannah; grandson Steward Beebe. 

1 Elizabeth 1726; :^Feb. 23, 1746, Green Hungerford: 4 7|1807 © 80 

2 John 1728; =June 23, 1746, Margaret Spencer: -| 1777 

3 Margaret, bp. Aug. 15, 173 1; ^Sep. 19, 1761, Samuel Beebe 

4 Sarah, bp. Nov. 12, 1732; = Lemuel Hungerford 

5 Rachel, bp. Apr. 13, 1735 

6 Eunice = Joel Spencer 

7 Mary =Oct. 13, 1763, Jacob Gates 

8 Grace =Fei>. i, 1762, Ezra Harvey {cf. p. 22) 

9 Reuben, bp. July 27, 1746 
10 Hannah, bp. June 4, 1749 

ALEXANDERS STEWART (Alexander^) married Margaret Robirtson, daugh- 
ter of James and Jane Robinson. [Will of James Robinson of Middletown, Conn., 
probated Dec. 2, 1740, mentions his daughter Margaret, widow of Alexander Stu- 
artt.] He was admitted Mar. 7, 1730-1, to the church in East Haddam, where his 
two children were baptized May 9, 1731 . He died early in 1732, the inventory of 
his estate, 1160, being taken Feb. 28, 1732, by Isaac Spencer, John Church, Thom- 
as Millard, and on Aug. 1, 1732, administration was granted to the widow Margaret. 
He is not referred to in a settlement of his father's estate made in 1742, but his 
brothers probably looked after his children's interest, as William^ was appointed 
Nov. 4, 1746, guardian of Daniel, aged about 16, a minor son of Alexander Stew- 
ard.® Children, baptized in East Haddam:® 

1 Alexander, Nov. 8, 1727®; =Dec. 29, 1748, Sarah Bogue: New Fairfield 

2 Daniel, bp. May 9, 1731; Jan. 11, 1762, Phebe Chapman: Litchfield 

3 Margaret, bp. Apr. 30, 1732 

WILLI AM* STEWART (Alexaruier^) is given on page 66. He bought Jan. 17, 
1767, land in Cornwall of his brother James [Deeds, ii:94, witnessed by Joseph 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by dash means refer to that page; means marri- 
ed. : marriage intention, •• marriage license, ^ died, • buried, 1 Bible record, 2. church record, a 
tosm record, 4) grave stone, 1 probate record, «y court, t land, « military, (?) pension, m, U. S. cens- 
us, ifj) personal datum, (^ town or local history. 

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Spencer and Hannah Spencer], and on Nov. 24, 1757, he bought land in the same 
town from Daniel Stuart of Litchfield [li:105]. On Dec. 10, 1782, he deeded land 
there to Silas Ackley [iv:313, witnessed by William Stewart, jr., Olive Stewart], 
and on Mar. 31, 1783, he sold another piece of land in Cornwall to Gamaliel Ripley 
Tracy, also of East Haddam [iv:370]. 

JAMES^ STEWART (Alexander^) is given on page 21. James Stewart of East 
Haddam bought Nov. 2, 1756, land in Cornwall of Ebenezer Seeley [Deeds, ii:95]. 
He (of East Haddam) sold Jan. 17, 1757, to William Stewart **of said town" land in 
Cornwall [ii:94]. He (of East Haddam) bought Mar. 27, )767, land in New Milford 
[xii:71]. Administration on the estate of James Stewart, late of New Milford, in- 
solvent, was granted Mar. 18, 1782, to Alexander and Nathaniel Stewart [xiv:494]. 

THOMAS^ STEWART (Alexander^) is given on page 96. 

SAMUEL2 STEWART {Alexander^), said to have been bom on the high seas 
while his parents were coming over from Ballymena, Ireland,* was baptized July 
24, 1720, in the Congregational church in New London, Conn.(D His parents soon 
located in East Haddam and in 1727 removed to Voluntown.® He had an ear- 
mark entered July 16, 1736, in Voluntown. He married probably in Glasgo, Conn., 
in 1741 Elizabeth Kennedy, born in 1726 on shipboard in New London harbor,® 
daughter of John and Elizabeth Kennedy from Glasgow, Scotland.® Her mother 
lived with them and is buried in Smith Mill Plains, R. I. During the Separatist 
movement in 1745-6 he adhered to Rev. Samuel Dorrance's church.® He bought 
Apr. 21, 1746, from his brother Nathaniel the land in Voluntown which *'my hon- 
oured father, Alexander Stewart, deceased, bought of John Stoyeir* Nov. 1, 1732. 
His name is on a list of freemen of Voluntown Dec. 10, 1759. He was a large man 
and prominent in the affairs of the town; justice of the peace in 1761 and deputy 
to the general court in 1772. On hearing that the British were attacking New 
London he rode there on horseback, arriving only to find the city in ashes. He was 
an ensign in 1779. In 1782 he ceded his claim to land on Straight mountain. New 
Milford, to Nathaniel Stewart [Deeds xiv:502]. His house in Voluntown [in that 
portion now Sterling] is still stiinding and his gravestone is still intact in the cem- 
etery at Oneco. He died Nov. 13, 1784, and his widow died in 1813 in her 88th 
year. His will, dated Nov. 7, 1783, gives to his "fourth son William land in Pres- 
ton with ironworks and gristpiill thereon*'; mentions **seven daughters" and "my 
grandsons Samuel and Thomas Stewart in Chatham*' and names all the following 
childrea, recorded- in Voluntown, excepting Anne and Thomas: 

1 John, Sep. 6, 1742; i==Mar. 20, 1766, Ruth Smith, (2) 5^86 Susanna Briggs 

2 Alexander, Sep. 11, 1744; =Apr. 5, 1770, Thankful Denison, North Stonington 

3 Elizabeth, Apr. 19, 1747; ^Oct. 4, 1770, Daniel Stewart, Chatham 

4 Janette, July 2, 1749; — Robert Grey® of Pla infield 

5 Susanna, Sep. 13, 1751; =Apr. 16, 1778, George Dorrance, jr., of Scituate 

6 Roaanna, Sep. 19, 1753; i =20 §1776 John Parke, (2) 25S1781 John Gordon, jr. 

7 Anne, June 22, 1755 

8 Mary, Apr. 24, 1757 

9 Celinda, May 20,1759; =Jan. 12, 1787, Vose Palmer of Plainfield 

10 Samuel, Mar. 10, 1761: =Sep. 13, 1781, Rebecca Barnett of Plainfield 

11 Sabra, July 20, 1763; = Wanton Ellsworth u) 

12 Thomas, May 26, 1767; -^ young 

13 William, June 9, 1772; - Oct. 18, 1795, Rebecca Eells of Stonington, Presron 

•From personal records ol Robert Stuart Stewart of Orion, Mich. 

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Elizabeth, widow of Samuel'^ Stewart, died May 13, 1813. Oneco cemetery. 

NATHANIEL-^ STEWART (Alexander') was baptized Dec. 20, 1724, in East 
Haddam and brought up in Voluntown. On the death of his father* he was given 
**one-half of all that farm in Voluntown on which our honoured father, Alexander 
Stewart, did live and where he died well seized . . . bought partly of Samuel Wh al- 
ley, partly of John Stoyell and partly of Robert Jackson", by a deed signed July 20, 
1742, [recorded May 5, 1746, iii:5] by his five brothers and sister and witnessed 
by Andrew Brown and Robert Dixon. He sold on Apr, 21, 1746, [iii:7] to Samuel 

Stewart the land his father bought of John Stoyell. He married Experience 

and doubtless removed from Voluntown after the birth of his son: 
1 Nathaniel, Dec. 30, 1746 

To be continued 



JOSEPH- STUART (Wcncu;ort/i,< Joscp/i,« SamMc/,2 Duncan*), born Apr. 3/1759, 
in Gorham, Me., married there Sep. 30, 1779, Hannah Smalley. He was a fifer in 
his father's company from Apr. 15 to December, 1775, and was made an ensign on 
Apr. 18, 1776. He was lost at sea off Cape Ann Feb. 15, 1802, aged 43. Children, 
born in Gorham, Me.: 

1 Joseph, July 1, 1780; i^Nov. 2, 1805, Nancy Lombard 

2 Hannah, Mar. 5, 1782; =Feb. 20, 1828, Jonathan Saunders of Norway 

3 Elizabeth, Feb. 13, 1784 

4 Samuel, Apr. 16, 1786 

5 Susanna, June 8, 1788; = 1810, Francis Mayberry of Casco, Harrison 

6 Wentworth, Sep. 26, 1790; =Apr. 25, 1814, Mercy Hall of Gorham 

7 Achsah, June 8, 1793; = Richard Fogg of Harrisoi^ 

8 Solomon, Apr. 22, 1796; =June 19, 1817, Mary Hall of Harrison 

9 Josiah Alden, Apr. 20, 1798; -Apr. 24, 1825. Miriam Rich, Harrison 
WENTWORTH* STUART (WentwonK* Joseph,^ Samuel^ Duncan^), bor;i Aug. 

17, 1770, in Gorham, Me., married there Nov. 4, 1790, Hannah Shaw. He died at 
Standish Jan. 23, 1807, aged 37. Children, bom in Standish: 

1 Wentworth, Feb. 6, 1791; ^ Mar. 21, 1815, Patience Thomas ^ 

2 Hannah, Jan. 1, 1793; ^ Oct. 5, 1848, unmarried - 

3 Solomon, Apr. 7, 1794; - Lydia McCorriRon 

4 Sarah, Feb. 3, 1796; =Dec. 1, 1814, Ebenezer Files, jr. 

5 Rosanna. Sep. 27, 1797; i^^Apr. 7, 1720, James Moody, (2) Tiipothy Higgins 

6 Caroline, Apr. 18, 1799; =May 11, 1821, Capt. Josiah Shaw of Waterford 

7 Mary, May 3, 1801 ; Sep. 21, 1822, Horace Moulton 

8 Joseph, Mar. 24, 1803; =Dec. 25, 1825, Joanna Whitney 

9 James, Apr. 20, 1805; r= Julia M. Bean, (2) 18|f62 Mrs. Mary A. Robertson 
JOTHAM* STEWART (JoKn,< John,^ Samuel;^ Duncan^), born Jan 7, 1764, Scar- 

boro. Me., enlisted from that town May 8, 1780, and served 8 months as a private 
in Capt. Jonathan Andrews' company under Col. Joseph Prime.®® He married 
at Scarboro July 30, 1792, Hannah Burnham, born Mar. 7, 1766.® He died June 
11, 1816. His widow applied Feb. 21, 1839, for a pension, resfding in HoUis, Me., 
where she died in 1857. Children, born in Scarboro: 

*Natbaniel was doubtless left in charge of the home. It is not known whether the widow was his 
mother, Margaret (Dixon) Stewart, or a stepmother (Janet Rogers, p. 21). 

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1 Mehitable Moulton. Sep. 16, 1793; --Dec. 9, 1819, Timothy Stuart, jr. 

2 Miles Ward, June 19, 1796; -- Mary Smith: t Sep. 3, 1854, HoUis 

3 William Vaughan, Oct. 18, 1797: -f young 

4 William Vaughan, Jan. 3, 1800: +young 

5 Thomas Burnham, Dec. 16, 1800: ran away to sea 

6 John Bragg Dec. 16, 1800; = Dolly C. Weston of Bowdoinham 

7 Lucy McKenney, Sep. 7, 1803; = Sweetser 

8 Eunice Bumham, Mar. 6, 1806; = Alva Libby of Portland 

9 William Vaughan, Aug. 13, 1809; drowned Jan. 6, 1826, in Kennebec river 
10 Rebecca Seavey, Dec. 17, 1812; = Stover Libby 

JOSEPH* STEWART (John* John,* Samuel,^ Duncan^), baptized May 18, 1766. 
in Scarboro, Me., married Joanna Burnham of Machias. He died Sep. 7, 1836, in 
Machias, where his children were bom: 

i~ Ruby Longfellow, (a) Lucy 

= Eri liongfellow 
= Susan 

— Ambrose Snow 

= Jabez West 

= Morrill Jameson 

JOHN* STEWART (John * John,* Samud,^ Duncan^), baptised July 17, 1768, in 
Scarboro, Me., married there Apr. 28, 1796, Hannah Haynes of Gorham. The fam- 
ily removed to Windham and thence to Gardiner. Children: 

1 Christiana 

2 Joseph 

3 John 

4 Elizabeth Ann 

To be continued 

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Col. Cecil Stewart of Boston has lent us his "family tree" showing 23 generat- 
ions of descent, through Charles*^ Stewart of Gortlee, Ireland. This will be publish* 
ed in the course of our schedule. Mrs. Wm. C. Leggett of New York City has fur- 
nished some supplementary records of the Steward family of New Jersey. 

The editor does not expect any financial assistance in publishing this magazine, 
but there are many sources of very helpful records, such as the federal pension bu- 
reau with the affidavits of 700 Stewarts who fought in the War for Independence, 
which yield their gems slowly with what funds are at our disposal or through the 
courtesy of kind colaborers. If anyone wishes to contribute a few dollars to such 
end it will greatly facilitate the working out of family lines. A copy of the records 
obtained will be sent the donor, if desired. 


21. JAMES STEWART of Belfait, Me., is said to have been a Scotchman. He had two sons, 
Sargent and John, and two daughters. John, my grandfather, was a seafaring man and lived to be 
about 86 years old. Alexander Stewart, Glenhohne, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

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WILLIAM'^ STUART or Stewart [parentage untraced] was bom in 1760 in Ma- 
ryland. While attending an academy he became imbued with the spirit of resist- 
ance to British government, ran away and joined the Revolutionary forces in 1 775. 
He had two brothers, both of whom were killed in the war. He served throughout 
the conflict, was on Gen. Washington's staff and was present at the surrender at 
Yorktown. He was a member of the Society of Cincinnati. Returning to his 
Maryland home at the close of the war he found that his parents and other mem- 
bers of the family had moved away during the war. The estrangement was com- 
plete: he was never able to locate them. He went on a government mission to 
Europe, conferring with Adams, Jefferson, LaFayette and Louis, king of France: 
his diary of this trip is in the possession of the contributor of this article. On his 
return to New York he studied law with Abraham Brevort. In 1807 he married 
Elizabeth Clinton, born in 1782 in Little Britain, Ulster county, N. Y., daughter 
of Gen. James Clinton and sister of Gov. DeWitt Clinton. He was appointed Un- 
ited States district attorney for the western district of New York and located in 
Geneva, removing to Binghamton in 1809. He became distinguished as a jurist. 
His wife died in 1828 and he died in 1831, aged 72, at his home on the corner of 
Water and Stuart streets in Binghamton, N. Y., and was buried in Christ church 
yard. Children, bom in Binghamton: 




1809; = 

1830 Edwin T. Evans, editor: poetess, 



1810; + 

1878 and buried in Binghamton 



1811; -h 




1813; -h 

in New York, unm. 



1815; = 

1851 Elizabeth Kerr 

ALEXANDER* STUART (William^) was educated at the Albany academy: he 
went to Chicago about 1838 and was in business there and a partner of his brother 
William in the newspaper business. He returned to Binghamton about 1850 and 
became associated with William in printing and publishing. He married in 1851 
Elizabeth Kerr, born in 1832 in Dumfries, Scotland. He died in Binghamton in 
1884 and she died there in 1913. Children: 

1 Clinton W., Nov. 24, 1852: res. Washington, D. C, unm.: editor, plajrwright 

2 Mary 1854; H-1922, unm. 

3 Elizabeth 1856; +1913, unm.: associate of Clinton in literary work 

4 Alexander 1862: res. Binghamton, unm. 

5 Edwin A. 1874 ; —1899 Josephine T. McDonald: lawyer, educator 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by dash means refer to that page; means marri- 
ed, -:- marriage intention, •• marriage license, - died, buried, (T) Bible record, j; church record, (j 
town record, {i) grave stone, (i) probate record, f*) court, ^7 land, v»^ military, (i) pension, a$ U. S. cens- 
us, ol) personal datum, (^ town or local history. 

* William Stuart graduated from Williams college: was a lawyer, politician and editor. He went 
to Chicago in 1810; postmaster there: edited a paper. He had 8 children, all of whom died in infan- 
cy. He returned to Binghamton, founded The Daily Republican in 1852, was postmaster in 1860 two 
terms under Lincoln and wan the Republican candidate for Congress. His brother Clinton founded at 
Owego, N. Y., one of the earliest temperance papers at the tinne the Washingtonian society was strong. 

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JOHN" STEWARD (Jo/in,« Alexander^), born about 1726 in East Haddam, Conn., 
married there June 23, 1746, Margaret Spencer. He died in 1777, and administ- 
ration of his estate was granted Apr. 8, 1777, to the widow Margaret. She was a 
member of the church in East Haddam Dec. 13, 1788, a widow. Children:®® 

1 Elizabeth, Dec. 14, 1747; = 1764, Elijah Cone 

2 Statira, Mar. 27, 1749; = Banister 

3 Silas, Nov. 24, 1751: not mentioned in probate 

4 Joseph, June 23, 1766; = : 4-Apr. 18, 1823® 
6 Lucy 

6 Tabitha = Gillett 

7 John , 1762; =^ : -f Herkimer county, N. Y. 

8 Lydia 

9 Margaret (Peggy) 
10 Betty 

ALEXANDERS STEWART (Alexander,^ Alexander^), born Nov. 8, 1727®* [in 
East Haddam, Conn.], married Dec. 29, 1748, Sarah Bogue, born Dec. 12, 1732, 
only child of Richard Bogue, of Huguenot descent from Glasgow, Scotland. He per- 
haps went to the western part of the colony with his brother Daniel. He was a re- 
sident of New Fairfield as early as 1777, when he was justice of the peace. He 
was chairman of the committee of safety and correspondence and lived in a large 
two-story mansion with much carving® in the north parish [now Sherman]. Sup- 
plies and powder and lead for the patriot forces were stored in his attic. He own- 
ed land in Cornwall [Deeds, iii.46, 406; iv:176, 176] and Sharon [viii:281; xiii:661]. 
His wife Sarah died Aug. 26, 1782. He married (2) Apr. 12, 1784, Zurviah, widow 
of Kent Wright. Esq. Alexander Stewart died Aug. 6, 1806, aged 78, and Zurviah 
died Oct. 24, 1816, aged 76 years and 6 months. Children:®® 

1 Samuel, Jan. 19, 1760; -fJuly 1, 1761 

2 Sarah, Apr. 16, 1762; =i . Bradley Seeley: H-liai784; dau. Eunice ® 

3 Timothy, July 9, 1764 j -hMay 9, 1768 

4 Sylvanus, Aug. 16, 1766; = Nancy Hubbell 

6 Stephen, July 26, 1768; = Hannah Steward 

6 Nehemiah, Oct. 3, 1760; -hAug. 30, 1776 

7 Amasa, Dec- 18, 1762; +June 6, 1776 

8 Huldah, Mar. 10, 1766 ; = Ebenezer Allen ® 

9 Elihu, June 6, 1767; =Mar. 26, 1787, Eunice Wright.® daughter of Kent 

10 Philo, Nov. 11, 1769; = Sarah Penfield, daughter of John : - 1812® 

DANIEL« STEWART (Alexander,^ Alexander^), baptized May 9, 1731, in East 
Haddam, Conn., was called "of Litchfield" when he married in East Haddam Jan. 
11, 1762, Phebe Chapman, bom Sep. 9, 1736, daughter of David and Abigail (Lee) 
Chapman. He was a protegee of his uncle, William* Stewart, and appears on the 
land records of Cornwall when on Apr. 10, 1766, he "of New Fairfield" bought land 
of Ebenezer Seeleyt [i:451]. On Jan. 7, 1766, he "of Litchfield" and John Allen 
were owners of original rights in Cornwall [ix:646]; on Apr. 1, 1766, he sold land 

*These records are from an old Bible owned by Ale:rander's son Stephen and later by Stephen's 
son. Stephen Van Renaselaer Stewart of Springfield, Otsego county, N. Y., and published in "Arthur 
Aylsworth and his Descendanta/' 1887, by Dr. Homer E. Ayls^vorth of Roseville. III. 

tEbeneaer Seeley and Hannah Hungerford were married Oct. 24, 1752, in New Fairfield, Conn.(D 

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there to Ebenezer Seeley [ii:76]; and on Nov. 24, 1757, he deeded to William Stu- 
art of East Haddam all the land he owned in Cornwall [ii:105]« His wife ,^hebe 

died Jan. 20, 1775, in Cornwall. He married (2) Zeriah . They w^, Jiving 

in Cornwall in 1790, 2-1-4.® Children, from incomplete records:® -i " 

1 Daniel, Nov. 18, 1762, Litchfield; =^ Ruth : -f 18M, Romei Q,® 

2 Phebe, Dec. 21. 1766, Litchfield 

8 Lydia, May 10, 1770, Cpmwafl . ' , , . . ^ ^ 

4 Zeriah, Aug. 12, 1777, Cornwall 

5 Olive, July 11. 1779, Cornwall 

6 Ira, Aug. 18, 1784, Cornwall 

To be continued 



CALVIN* STUART {hsepK* John,^ Samuel^ Duncan^), born Sep. 23, 1771, in 
Scarboro, Me., married Nov, 23, 1809, Mary Gardner. He died June 21, 1846, in 
Belgrade. Children, born in Scarboro: 

1 Joseph, Mar. 18, 1813; = ' Caroline J. Daurren: -|-29t85 Holliston, Mass. 

2 Narcissa, Aug. 29, 1815; =June — , 1838, Moses G. Rawlins 

JAMES* STUART (JosepK* John,^ Samuel,^ Duncan^), born Apr. 24, 1777, in 
Scarboro, Me., married at Falmouth (Friends* ceremony) Apr. 8, 1801, Eunice 
Winslow, born July 26, 1779, in Falmouth, daughter of William and Phebe (Foss) 
Winslow. He was a house-joiner and farmer and resided at Portland, Falmouth, 
Winslow and Augusta. She died Apr. 26, 1832, at Vassalboro and he died there 
Nov. 3, 1853. Children: 

1 William Winslow. Jan. 4, 1802, Portl'd; =Jane Rhodes: 4-20|37 Callao, Peru 

2 Isaiah Hacker, June 6, 1803, Fahnouth; -hJan. 16, 1805, Vassalboro 

3 Isaac Mott, July 1, 1804, Falmouth; -f Jan. 10, 1805, Vassalboro 

4 Phebe Winslow, Oct. 11, 1805, Winslow; =, ^ Moses Osbom 

5 Nathan Mower, Jan. 26, 1807; =June 10, 1833. Julia M. Dolliver, Boston 

6 Louisa, Jun^ 16, 1808; +Nov. 16, 1810, Winslow 

7 Joseph. Jan. 28, 1811, Vassalboro^* +Nov. 10, 1814, Vassalboro [den 

8 James Halleck, June 28, 1815; =Feb. 20, 1837, Jane Goodhue Higgins, Hamp- 

9 Robert Winslow, Oct. 16, 1816; =May 13, 1838, Lois Hamlin of Vassalboro 

10 Louisa Maria, July 23, 1818; f June 15, 1845, Vassalboro 

11 Daniel Haviland, Dec. 7, 1820; = Mason of New Bedford: +22t46 

WENTWORTH* STUART {JosepK* JoKn,^ Samuel^ Duncan^), born Jan. 15, 

1780, in Scarboro, Me., married (1) in Kingston, N. H„ Mar. 29, 1811, Anna Page 
of Belgrade, Me. He married (2) in Waterville, Me., May 1, 1818, Thankful Hal- 
lett. Children, born in Belgrade: 

1 John Page, Nov. 17, 1812; -hMay 12, 1818 

2 Rufus King, Feb. 22, 1815; =Dec. 6, 1840, Love Smith Stevens of Belgrade 

3 Nancy Ann, Feb. 11, 1820; Samuel Kimball 

4 Elizabeth Hallett, Oct. 16, 1823; fJunel3, 1851 

5 Charles Wentworth, May 18, 1825; = Miranda Porcher 

6 Irene, Aug. 8, 1828; = Watson V. Leonard of Boston 
JOSEPH* STUART {JosepK* John,^ Samuel,^ Duncan^), born May 30, 1784, in 

Scarboro, ^e., married in 1814 Susan Chadwick. He died Feb. 18, 1865, in China, 
Me., where his children were born: 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


1 Eliza, Sep. 30, 1816 

2 Joseph, May 25, 1819 ' 

3 Samuel, Aug. 25, 1822 ; = Ina 

4 Alfred, Nov. 23, 1825 

5 Susan Jane, Jan. 3, 1880 
CHARLES* STUART (JosepK* John? Samuel? Dutuxlt)}) enlisted 

from Canton in the War of 1812, serving from Sep. 13 to Nov. 7, 1814, at Boston. 
SOLOMON* STUART {Timotky? John? Samud? Duncan^), born May 17, 1777, 
in Scarboro, Me., married there Oct. 6, 1800, Phebe Foss. He died Apr. 7, 1860, in 
Saco. Children, at least eight bom in Scarboro: 

1 Betsey, May 30, 1801 ; =Feb. 23, 1823, Solomon Seavey 

2 Asa, Oct. 20, 1802; =rApr. 11, 1830, Elizabeth Andrews 

3 Jedediah, May 24, 1804 : -! Sep. 24, 1830, Mary Pinkham 

4 Alexander, Mar. 23, 1806; -^-Mar. 1. 1832, Sarah Marshall 

5 Abigail, Jan. — , 1808; -hJan. 16, 1867, unm., Saco 

6 John, Dec. 23, 1809; +Jan. 10, 1810, Scarboro 

7 Solomon, Jan. 1, 1811; -hJan. 11, 1811, Scarboro 

8 Mercy, Apr. 29, 1812; -hMay 11, 1812, Scarboro 

9 Mary, Apr. 25, 1813; :=::Nov. 2, 1829 (1839), Rufus M. Lord of Saco 

10 Merby, Sep. 2, 1815; =June 8. 1834, Jeremiah Hearn 

11 Phebe, Apr. 6, 1817; =July 6, 1836, John Ricker, jr. 

12 Solomon, Sep. 30, 1819; = 1841, Edna Haines, Saco 

13 George, Apr. 16, 1822; = 1844, Mary Sawyer 

14 Susan 1824; -hSep. 7, 1857 

TIMOTHY* STUART (Timothy? hhn? Samud? Duncan^ born Oct. — , 1788. in 
Scarboro, Me., married there Dec. 9, 1819, Mehitable M.^ Stuart, daughter of Joth- 
am* (p. 119). Children [partial list], born in Saco: 

3 William Henry, June 10, 1826; =May 29, 1860, Frances M. Alexander 

4 Timothy Edward, Mar. 2, 1829; = Sarah E. : 4-24*1886 

ICHABOD* STUART {Timothy? John? Samuel? Duncan^), born Oct. 16, 17§8, 

in Saco, Me., married Oct. — , 1821, Catherine Porcher of Saco. Children, in Saco: 

1 Charles, Mar. 28, 1823 

2 Timothy, Dec. 25, 1824 -fScp. 7, 1897, Newton, Mass. 

3 Anna, Jan. 23, 1827 

4 Eiias, May 10, 1829 [To be continued] 

Deaths During 192U 

Mrs. Oscar E. Jewell (Kate I. Bean), Warner, N. H., died May 1, 1924, after a 
few days' illness of pneumonia. She was a granddaughter of Capt. John^ Stewart, 
whose portrait appears on page 92, which she kindly furnished. 

John Stewart, practically a lifelong resident of Schaghticoke, N. Y., died July 
5, 1924, aged 90, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Louis Milliman, in Valley Falls. 
He was born Jan. 8, 1834.— G. A. Goodspeed, Granville, N. Y. 

Mrs. Juliet^ Stewart Bell Smith of East Colerain, Mass., daughter of Luther' 
and Belinda (Barber) Stewart, died Sep. 20, 1924, aged 85. She was a fine old lady. 
—Mrs. W. A. Barber, Greenfield, Mass. 

John W. Stewart, aged 80, died Nov. 24, 1924, at his home at 505 South 20th 
street, Lincoln, Neb. He left a widow and seven children. 

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Editor: George Thomas Edson, Filley, Nebraska 
$1.00 a year Associate: Horace W. Dickerman, 686 Forest Road, New Haven, Conn. Monthly 



Thf origin of the Stewart family has been traced to a Briton noble, Alan, 
a cadet of the ancient counts of Dol and Denan, Brittany. By his second son, 
William Fitz-Alan, he l.ecame ancestor of the earls of Arundel and dukes of 
Norfolk, etc. His third s<,n, Walter Fitz-Alan, received from King David I. the 
• 'ffice of (Jreat S-tewart of Scotland, and was therefore progenitor of the 
House of Stewart. An Alan and a Walter carry on the line to the time of 
Alexander II., this .'•econd Walter being the father of Alexander, his suc- 
cessor, and also of Walter, created earl of Menteth. This branch is today rep- 
resented by Sir .lames Stuart-Menteth, Bart., Closeburn, Dumfriesshire. Al- 
t»xander, the fourth Stewart, left two sons — James, his successor, and Sir John. 
Fiom James descended the Royal Stewarts, while from Sir John descended 
the Bonkyl branch. Walter, the sixth Stewart, married Princess Marjorie 
Bruce. 'i hey had one son, who reigned as Robert II. He, in turn, had a 
laige family of sons who became the heads of many branches of the Stewart 
family, and from whom descended the majority of the Stewart families in 
the Highlands of Scotland, and in America. Mary, Queen of Scots, married 
her relative, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, a descendant of the Bonkyl line. 
Thus the two lines were united in the person of their son, who reigned as 
James VI.. of Scotland and James I. of England. The present king of (ireat 
Britain is a descendant of the Princess Elizabeth, daughter of said James, 
therefore a descendant of the Stewarts. 



JONATHAN S.7 STEWART {parentage untraced) was born in 1797 in the state 
of New York.® He married in [West] Eaton.rfj) Madison county, N. Y., in 1820 
Olivia Chubbuck, born in 1798 in New Hampshire.® He and his wife both died in 
the fall of 1853 and are buried at Morrisville. The Chubbuck property, widely 
known as the birthplace and early home of Fanny Forester [nee 
Emily Chubbuck, 1817-1854, authoress, wife of Dr. Adoniram 
.Judson], was inherited by their son William. Children, b. Eaton: 

1 Thomas [rey, Mexico, Sep. 24, 1846 

2 Lawson ; killed at storming of heights of Monter- 

3 Elbridge 1825;^- Lucy 

4 Albert i Sarah Jane ,(2) — - 

5 Edwin 1833 

6 Wirt ; i unmarried 

7 Anna ; unmarried 

8 Jennie ; -^ Silas Danforth 

9 William H. Harrison, Jan. 30, 1841 ; =18278 Ella A. Fuller 

10 Levi Chubbuck 1843; t 1920 in San Francisco, without issue* levi c stewart 

*An advertisement appeared in The Utica Saturday Globe in 1920, inquiring for any brothers or 
sisters of Levi Chubbuck Stewart, stating that he had died in California, leaving a valuable estate, 
and later two attorneys visited West Eaton reeking William H. H. Stewart. On being told that he had 
moved to Cazenovia they said they had been to so many places that they would go no farther, and 
left their addresses. William H. H. Stewart died Sep. 17. 1923, without pursuing the matter. 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by dash means refer to that page; means marri- 
ed, : marriage intention, •• marriage license, died, buried, n Bible record, 2, church record, fi 
town record, 4 grave stone, >'y probate record, • court, 7 land, s military, C» pension, jo) U. S. cens- 
us, iT) personal datum. (^ town or local history. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




NATHANS STUART (WiUiam,^ Alexander^) is given on page 55. 
WILLIAMS STUART (William,^ Alexander^) is not traced. William Stewart, 
jr., and Olive Stewart* were witnesses Dec. 10, 1782, to a deed made by William 
Stewart of East Haddam conveying land in Cornwall to Silas Ackley (p. 118). One 
William Stuart enlisted Feb. 26, 1777, in Capt. Thaddeus Weed's company in Col. 
Philip B. Bradley's regiment of the line [roll January, 1780].® William Stewart 
bought land Dec. 13, 1786, of Col. Ebenezer Allen in Two Heroes, Vt. [deeds, ii: 
361]. This William lived in South Hero in 1790 (1-4-3®), 1791® and later.® 

SAMUEL'^ STEWART (William,^ Alexander^), hsiptized Mar. 3, 1759 [born in 
1757®], in East Haddam, Conn.,® enlisted in December, 1775, under Capt. John 
Willey, Lieut. Thomas Harvey, New Hampshire state troops, and went to Boston 
about the last of January, 1776; served two months. He was a member of the local 
militia under Capt. Ebenezer Dutton and Lieut. Nathan Jewett, marching under 
Lieut. Jewett in 1776 to New York and Rye Ponds; served 2 months under Capt. 
Dutton in 1777, on guard and working on Fort Trumbull; he served 2 months on a 
sergeant's guard under Sgt. Asa Harvey, same duty; also, in the fall of 1778-79 he 
served 2 months at New London on similar duty under Sgt. Jonathan Kilbourn. 
Again in 1779-80 he was on a sergeant's guard, and in the fall of 1781 he was draft- 
ed for 2 months with a company under Capt. Jehiel Fuller of East Haddam.® He 
removed to Granville, Washington county, N. Y., and from there to Poultney, 
Rutland county, Vt. From there he removed to Whitehall, N. Y., and from there 
to Otisco, Onondaga county, N. Y., where he applied June 6, 1838, for a pension.t 
He married Hannah Burnham,^ perhaps daughter of Jacob Burnhamg of Middle- 
town, Vt. In the census of 1800, Granville, he had a son and two daughters over 
16 years of age, a daughter over 10 and three boys and two girls under 10.® He 
died Sep. 14, 1840, aged 84, and is buried at Amber on Lake Otisco.®^ Childremt 

I Charlotte 

3 Samuel 1784; 1= Rebecca Leach, (2) Sarah Watson 

5 David ; = Elizabeth Hoffman: Salina, Onondaga co. 

9 Henry : res. 1851 Otisco® 

JOSEPHS STEWART (WiUiam,^ Alexander^h baptized Feb. 10, 1760 [born in 
1759®], in East Haddam, Conn.,® served ''as a substitute for my brother Samuel" 
in the Revolutionary war. After the war he removed to Cornwall, Conn.,® where 
he bought land Nov. — . 1783, of Silas Ackley [Deeds, v:24].® In 1790 he was a 
resident of Cornwall, 1-1-4.® He removed to Frankfort, Herkimer county, N. Y., 
and eventually to Pulteney, Steuben county, where he applied Oct. 17. 1832, for a 
pension.t He made an affidavit Mar. 8, 1838, stating that he was well acquainted 
with Samuel Stewart of Otisco and lived in the same town with him during the 
war. Joseph died in Pulteney in 1843. 

BENJAMINS STEWART (William^' Alexander^), baptized Aug. 15, 1762, in East 
Haddam, Conn., is not traced. 

*01ive Scoville and Daniel Stewart were married May — , 1781, in East Haddam. Y> 

tFrom abstracts of records in the pension bureau at Washington, D. C. made for this magazine 
by the Misses Curry, 1420 Girard St., N. W., Washington. These records are invaluable in identify- 
ing men who have appeared on the records of separated localities. 

jFrom data in the collection made by Mrs. Jennie F. Stewart of Syracuse, N. Y. 

I Datum contributed by G. A. Goodypeed, historian of Granville, N. Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Duncan Stewart of Newbury^ Mass. — 124 


John^ Stuart (Samuel,^ John,^ Samuel,^ Duncan^), bom Feb. 17, 1789, in Scarboro, 
Mc. married Aug. 29, 1810, Sally Brooks of Falmouth. He died Dec. 25, 1868, in Eaton, N. 
H. Children, born at Freedom, N. H. : 

1 Sally H., Mar. 22, 1812; = Andrew Wood 

2 William F., Dec. 7, 1815; ^= Rebecca Briggs of Portland 

3 Anna Pratt, Nov. 28. 181 5; = Warren Drew 

4 Samuel, Sep. 5, 1817; = Charlotte Thompson 

5 Frederick, July 12, 1819; =^ Nancy Thompson 

6 Edward B., Sep. 25, 1821 ; = Dnisilla Brooks 

7 Harriet M., Sep. 7, 1824; = Isaac Thompson 

8 Mary B., June 24, 1826; = George W. Bickford 

9 Lucy, Mar. 11, 1828; = . George Allen of Stoneham, Me. 

10 Catherine M., Nov. 30, 1829; = David Thompson [Sargent 

11 Adriel H., Sep. 9, 1831; i— * Ann Sawyer, (2) Felona Leavitt, (3) Mrs. Lydia 

12 Susan M., Aug. 17, 1834; = Thaddcus B. Thompson 

Samuel^ Stuart (Samuel* John,^ Samuel,'^ Duncan^), bom Feb. 28, 1794, in Scar- 
boro. Me., married Jan. 11, 1816, Anna Brooks. Children: 

1 Edmund 

2 Samuel 

3 Hannah = Broadman Dunn [1859 Sarah Crocker 

4 John 1831-2, Porter, Me.;i - Apr. i, 1854, Julia Poor, Lawrence, Mass., (2) 17JI 

Frederick'^ Stuart {Samuel* John^^ Samuel^ Duncan^), born Dec. 2, 1796, in Scar' 
boro. Me., married in Eaton, N. H., Apr. 14, 1825, Mary Drew, daughter of Clement and An* 
na (Tibbetts) Drew.* They resided in Eaton, where their children were all bom, and later 
removed to St. Lawrence county, N. Y. .He died May 23, 1883, at Oconto, Wis., and she died 
Jan. 12, 1894, at Oconto Falls, Wis. Children:© 

1 James R., Jan. 2, 1826: -f Mar. 23, 1826 

2 George F., Feb. 22, 1827; =May 15, 1861. Harriet C. Gates, Canton, N. Y. 

3 Mary Jane, Jan. 10, 1829; = James Flood: -f May 18. 1903, Vineland, N. J. 

4 James R., Feb. 23, 1831; = Helen Francis: -f-Sep. 2, 1864, Brockport 

5 Lucy F., Apr. 28, 1833; = George Spear: 4-135* '^3 Arroyo Grande, Cal. 

6 Anna, June 2, 1836: -hDec. 11, 1838 

7 Anna, Oct. 29, 1839; = Charles Cook: } ixj'2i Oconto Falls, Wis. 

8 Rufus, May 17, 1842: -|-May 24, 1842 

9 Melvin, Feb. 17, 1844 : -f Oct. 10, 1847, Eaton, N. H. 

Ebenezer^ Stuart (Jeremiah,^ JeremiaK^ Samuel' Duncan^), bom Jan. 30, 1780. in 
Charlestown. Mass.® [or Mason, N. H.®], married in Sudbury Jan. 7, 1802, Ruth Balccm, 
bom there Sep. 12, 1777, daughter of James and Ruth (Balccm) Balccm. She died Dec. 20, 
1851, in Sudbury and he died May 11, 1859, in Roxbury.® Children, bom in Sudbury:® 

1 Susanna, Feb. 15, 1803; ^-Nov. 4, 1807 

2 Jeremiah, Feb. 21, 1805; ^ Nov. i, 1807 

3 James B., Sep. i, 1807; : June 6, 1841, Mrs. Emeline A. (Whitcomb) Robbins, Stow 

4 Eunice B., Nov. 25, 1810; =Oct. 12, 1828, Elijah F. Jones: f Feb. 8, 1830 

5 Ebcnczer, May 20, 181 5; -Sep. 30, 1838, Mary M. Gilbert [son Glidhill 

6 Ruth B. i=^Dcc. 23, 1840, James M. Whitcomb (2) John Neal (3) Han- 

*From records collected by Miss Addie Stuart, Canton, N. Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Jeremiah'^ Stuart (Jeremiah* Jeremiah,^ Samuelr Ehincan^), born Jan. 31, 1783, in 
Charlcstown, Mass.® [or Mason, N. H.], married in Shirley June 18, 1807, Lucy Hartwcll, 
born there Apr. 5, 1780, daughter of Amasa and Lydia (Moors) Hartwell. He died at Shirley 
Jan. 9, 1848,® and she died Jan. 10, 1859, a^ Newport, R. I. Children, born in Shirley: 

1 Mary, Jan. 17, 1808; =Feb. 14, 1831, Harvey Prcscott : West Boylston 

2 Eliza, Mar. 30. 1809; =Apr. 5, 1831, Philemon Holdcn 

3 Asenath, Feb. — , 1810; =Dec. 18, 1849, William Sargent of Shrewsbury (as 2nd wife) 

4 Jeremiah, Jan. i, 1812; —Nov. 7, i860, Mrs. Electa D. (Hackett) Willis 

5 Sumner, Oct. i3, i8i4;=May 14, 1840, Harriet Knowles of Newport, R. I. 

6 Lucy, Nov. 18, 181 5; =Aug. 8, 1839, William Sargent of Shrewsbury: -f June 17, 1849 

7 Emma, Oct. 20, 1817: -|-July ^ 1846 

8 Sarah, Feb. 18, 1821; -Jan. 13, 1855, Calvin Farnsworth of Sterling 

9 Edson, Apr. 14, 1822; =Apr. 18, 1844, Mary Jane Pearl 

Joseph^ Stuart (Jeremiah* Jeremiah^^ Samuel,'^ Duncan^), born Oct. 10, 178^, in 
Charlcstown, Mass.® [or Mason, N. H.], married in Sudbury July 15, 1810, Submit Mayn- 
ard, bom there Oct. 26, 178^, daughter of Zachariah and Mary (Walker) Maynard. He died 
in Lunenburg Sep. 18, 1842, and she died there Sep. 17, 1852. Their first child was born in 
Sudbury; the others, in Lunenburg : 

1 Joseph, Oct. 14, 1810; i=iij|'55 Almira M. Conant, (2) 3iS'67 Mrs. Lucinda B. Brown 

2 Mary, Mar. i, 1812; =Oct. 23, 1837, Matthew Frye of Fitchburg 

3 Abigail, May 7, 1814; =:Nov. 9, 1842, William Hale of Winchcndon 

4 Charles, Feb. 10, 1816; =Nov. 14, 1842, Eliza Derby of Westminster 

5 Jeremiah, Apr. 12, 1818; =^Mar. 16, 1848, Mrs. Louisa B. (Coolidge) Taylor 

6 Martha, Aug. 17, 1819; =Nov. 30, 1847, David P. Maynard 

7 Bathsheba, Nov. 2, 1820: -(-Jan. 31, 182 J 

8 Elizabeth, Apr. 27, 1822 ; =Apr. 27, 1842, George W. Evans of Winchcndon 

9 Hepzibah Toknan, Feb. 10, 1825 : -^Sep. 30, 1828 

To be continued 

Steward Family of New Jersey — 116 


BRIDGET* STEWARD (Joscp/i,* JosepK* Joseph,^ John,^ Simon^), bom Jan. 26, 
1780, in New Hanover, ^, married Stacy Taylor, son of Joel and Ann (Vanderbeck) 
Taylor. Children : 

1 Joel, Dec. 7, 1802; -f-Sep. j, 1867 

2 Abel R., Mar. 9, 1804; -|-Fcb. 9, 1863 
5 Ann, Jan. 12, 1806; -hNov. 26, 1875 

4 Elizabeth, Mar. 9, 1808; -(- 1859 

5 Thcodosia, Apr. 18, i8io;4- July 20, 1825 

6 Joseph Stacy, Dec. 8, 1812; -Mar. 10, 1836, Hannah Hcndrickson : 4 2831871 

7 Dorothy, Apr. 14, 1814 

8 Israel, July 22, 18 18; fMar. 7, 1851 

9 David, Sep. 21, 1821 

JOSEPH STACY' TAYLOR married Mar. 10, 1836, Hannah Hcndrickson, daugh- 
ter of Daniel and Mary (Lippincott) Hcndrickson, son of Daniel and Ann (Steward) Hcn- 
drickson. Joseph S. Taylor died Jan. 28, 1871. Their son Joseph Walton'* Taylor, horn 
May 10, 1847, married May 10, 1874, Mary Agpfies Kirby. 


22. WILLIAM STEWART and "Ann Stewart, otherwise Polk," were issued a pais July 7, 1762. 
by'George Rogers of Antrim county, Ireland, permitting them and their family "to pass and repass 
from hence to New Castle or in any of his majesty's British dominions," etc. (copy in my poaeession). 
They settled in the South. What is known of them? Mrs. C. P. Stewart, Pee Dee, N. C. 

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Editor: George Thomas Edson, Filley, Nebraska 
$1.00 a year Associate: Horace W. Dickerman. 686 Forest Road, New Haven, Conn. Monthly 

Stewarts of Gortlee, Ireland 


'*An Historical Genealogy of the Royal- House of Stuarts/* by Rev. Mark Noble, Lori' 
don, 1795,* states: Walter,' third high fteward of Scotland, was the fon of Alan, fon of Walter, 
Ion of Alan. . . He changed the ftile of his oflice from Dapifer Regis Scotorum into Senefcallus 
Domini Regis Scotiae ; whence came the fumame of Stewart, Stuart or Steward ; and, from this 
time. Steward became the family name of this houfe in all its branches, with one exception. By 
erpoufmg Beatrix, daughter of Gilchrift, the heroic Earl of Angus, he allied himfclf to the 
crown; for her mother was Marjofy, daughter of Henry, Prince of Scotland, and fifter of King 
Malcolm IV and King William I. The ilFue of this marriage was 4 fons and j daughters: 

1 Alexander, who iucceeded to the hereditary honors and eftatcs 

2 John, who became a Knight of St. John of Jeruialem and fell in battle againii the infidels 

3 Walter, whofe dcfcendants took the furname of Mcnteith 

4 William 

5 Beatrix ) 

6 Chriftian > who were married according to the greatnels of their birth 

7 Margaret ) 

.Alexander^ Stewart, fourth high fteward, was one of the grcaleft chara<^>ers that either 
his own family or Scotland has produced; he recci\ed his education in the palace of King Alex- 
ander II, ih the firft year of whofe reign he was born. . . He married Jean, ^ff^^ 
daughter and heirefs of James, or Auguftnac Roric, Lord of the Kle of Bute, <w)A^Ci 
He died in the year 1183. Their ilTue was 2 fons and a daughter: ' ' mfti fit r^ 
I James, born in 1243; 5th high fteward and anceftorof the royal family 
1 John, who married Margaret, daughter and heirefs of Sir John Bonkil 
3 Elizabeth, who married Sir William Douglas, furnamed the Hardy 
air John-*^ Stewart obtained from his father the lands of Garlies, 
^c, and, with his wife, thofe of Bonkil in Berwicklhire, in the reign of K. ^^"^^^^ ' 
Alexander III. He was (lain at the battle of Falkirk July ai, 1298. Ilfue: ^^msof the stew 

1 Alexander of Bonkil, fuccelFor to title : anceftor of the Earls of Angus ^•'ts of carlies 

2 Alan of Dreghorn in Ayrfhire: (lain at the battle of Hallidon Hill June 8, 1333 

3 Walter of Dalfwinton, which barony he obtained for his ferviccs; anc. Earls of Galloway 

4 James of Jedburgh, aUb Periftoun and Warwickhill, from whom fevcral families defcend 

5 John of Daldon acccmpanied Robert Bruce into Ireland: killed at battle of Hallidon Hill 

6 Robert of Daldowie alfo went with Bruce : anceftor of the Steuarts of Allantcn 

7 Hugh alio >\ent with Pruce: died unmarried 

8 I label married Thomas Randolph, Earl of Murray 

Sir Walter^ Stewart was given, for his fervices to Robert Bruce, a grant of the 
lands of Dalfwinton, and alfo was granted the barcny of Garlies in Galloway. His fon: 

Sir John-'* Stewart of Dalfwintcn in DumfrielDiire was captured by the Englifh at the 
battle of Neville's Crofs in 1346. Son: 

Sir Walter^ Stewart of Dalswintcn and Garlies left an only child and heiress 
MARION^ STEWART o( Dalswinton— who, in 1396, nrarried Sir John^ Stewart, elder son of 
Sir William'' of Jedworth, son of Sir Alexander,'' son of Sir Alan^ of Dreghorn, supra. Son : 

•This book has (or many years been owned by the editor of the Stewart Clan Magazine, and many 
lines from it are added here to Col. Stewart's notable genealogy. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Sir William^ Stewart of DaUwinton and Garlies. Son : 

Sir Alexander^ Stewart of DaUwinton and Garlics. Son : 

Sir Alexander 1^ Stewart of Garlics died in 1504. Son : 

Sir Alexander" Stewart of Garlics was killed on Floddcn Field Sep. 9, 1515* where 
his king, James iV, "fcomed either to retreat or to wait at a fmall diftancc the event and fell, 
lUrroundcd. with the dead bodies of his loyal and faithful nobles." Son : 

Sir Alexander*^ Stewart of Garlies was privy councillor of James V. Through his 
eldest son descended Sir Aicxander^''^ Stewart, who in 1607 was made Lord Garlies and in 161:^ 
was created Earl of Galloway. His younger son : 

Robert" Stewart, 1561, married Elizabeth Stewart of Cardonald. Son : 

Charles^^ Stewart, 1590. had a daughter and heiress named MARQARET.*'' She 
married Robert MacGregor, who, according to the custom in such cases, took the surname of 
Stewart, 1633. Their son: 

Robert*^ Stewart, 1648. lived in the stirfing times of Cromwell, the restoration and 
the downfall of the Stuart dynasty. He had two sons: 

I Charles 1670; married in 1695 Isabella Wearc [Charles** Stewart, U. S. N. 

1 Robert ; officer in army of William ^ Mary : great'grandfather of Admiral 

To be continued 

Stewarts of East Haddaniy Conn. — X26 


James^ Stewart (James,* Alexamier*) is given on page ai. He removed to New Mil' 
ford, where he bought land Mar. 17, 1767 [ 118]. Nov. 14, 1774, he deeded to Sam- 
uel Doolittle and Samuel Doolittle, jr., of Shaftsbury, N. Y. [now Vermont], "land in Pocock 
township* which was granted under the great seal of New Hampshire but is now in the Prov' 
ince of New York" [Rutland, Vt., deeds. iii:334]. He and his brother Nathaniel were among 
the "additional men'' in Col. Hinman's regiment in 1775. James Stewart of Pittstown, Al- 
bany county, N. Y., sold Mar. 25, 1783, land in Pocock to William Ward of Shaftsbury [Rut' 
[and deeds, ii:504]. James Stuart and David Osgood took the inventory Aug. 18, 1800, of the 
property of the estate of Samuel Beebe [Rutland probate, doc. 253]. 

Lemuel^ Stewart (James,^ Alexander^) ia given on page 21. Among those who had 
accounts at the store of Daniel Merritt on Quaker Hill [near Sherman, Conn.] in 1771 were 
Lemuel, James, jr., James, sr., Alexander, Alexander 2nd, Samuel and Nathaniel Stewart.® He 
served 2^.^^ days from May y to May 28, 1775, in the expedition against Ticonderoga and 
Crown Point, and from June 27, 1775, served as captain under Maj.-Gen. Schuyler at Albany, 
as shown by a billeting warrant for his company receipted Jan. 27, 1776, by Captain Stewart 
[Mass. rolls, xiv:ioo3]. He was again out from Berkshire county on an alarm to the northern 
frontier by order of Gen. Fellows, enlisting Oct. 12, 1780, discharged Oct. 19, 1780, as a private 
under Capt. Israel Harris, Col. Benjamin Simonds [Mass. rolls, xiv.*995]. 

Nathaniel^ Stewart (James,^ Alexamier*) was among the soldiers belonging to Capt. 
Josiah Starr's 6th company, from New Milford, in Col. Benjamin Hinman's 4th regiment, 1775, 
raised on the first call, April 'May [Connecticut Men in the Revolution]. His brother James 
served in the same regiment. Nathaniel Stewart of New Milford bought Mar. 18, 1782, from 
Daniel Merritt of Oblong, Dutchess county, N. Y., the rights of Alexander Stewart to certain 
land in New Milford [Deeds, xiv:5oi]. He bought from Samuel Stewart of Voluntown, Wind' 
ham county, his title to land on Straight mountain [Deeds, xiv:502]. In 1790 Nathaniel was 

•Pocock wa« later Bristol, Vt., where Samuel Stewart of Colrain, Mass., settled. See page 24. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


living in New Milford, 2'i'5,® and later moved to Delaware county, N. Y. Sec page 13. 

Samiiel^ Stewart (JameSt^ Alexander^), baptized May 15, 1753, in East Haddam, was 
a resident of New Fairfield Apr. 25, 1776, when he sold to Abram Northnip his right to land 
in the township of Fairfield [Vt.] granted Aug. 18, 1763, to Samuel Hungerford and associates 
by New Hampshire [Rutland, Vt., deeds, v:655]. On the same day he deeded to the same 
man lot no. 67, about lao acres, in Pocock [Rutland, Vt., deeds, v:i78]. The records of New 
Fairfield, Conn., North Society [Sherman] church have the baptisms of four sons (not named) 
of Samuel Steward on these dates: Dec. 9, 1773, Jan. — , 1776, one later than January, 1777, 
and one Jan. — , 1778, and a child of his died in December, 1776.® He settled in Williams' 
town,* Mass. See pape 13. 

Elias^ Steward (Thomas,* Alexamier*), bom Mar. 4, i74a'3, in Voluntown, Conn., is 
given on page 96. We have been unable to locate his brothers Alexander, John, Joshua, Sam' 
uel and William. We cannot identify the Alexander ind in New Fairfield. 

To be continued 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury* Mass. — 128 


Solomon^ Steward (Solomonf^ Solomorit* SoUmton,^ James,^ Duncan^), bom Sep. 23, 
1789, in Canaan, Me., married there Sep. 13, 1814, Esther Emery. He died Mar. 4, 1861, aged 
73, and she died Mar. a6, 1874, aged 79. Children, bom in Bloomfield, Me.: 

1 Solomon, June 11 » 181 5: -(-Nov. 18, 1858, aged 43, unmarried 

2 Climena, Mar. 9. 1817: -fOct. 18, 1895, aged 78, unmarried 

3 Lucia S., Nov. 13, 1819; =Dec. 7, 184^. Calvin Cleveland 

4 Marcia, July 15, i8aa; -i-May a. 1847, L«vi E. Bigelow 

5 Esther E., Apr. a8, i8a? ; -J- July 25, 1848, Norris Marston 

6 Sophronia E., May 27, 1827 : -hjuly 20, i8*ro, aged 23, unmarried 

7 Levi E.. Apr. 19, 1830; =Scp. 21, 1864, Augusta McFadden 

8 Judson, May 14, 1832: H-Apr. 1, 1833 

9 Betsey B., Mar. 10, 1833 ; = A. B. Chandler 
10 Arthur D., Feb. 3, 1836: -f June 2. 1855. aged 19 

Jamcs^ Steward (Solomon^^ Solomon* SoUmorif^ James,^ Duncan^), born Feb. 24, 1800, 
in Canaan, Me., married Aug. 29, 1823, Hannah Jewett. He died Nov. 3, 1841, aged 41, and 
she died Oct. 15, 1886, aged 86 years, 10 months, 4 days. Children, born in Bloomfield: 

1 Susanna Marcia, Oct. 22, 1824: 4-Aug. — . 1903 

2 Joseph Jewett, Jan. 4, 1826 

3 Horatio, Dec. 20, 1827; -funmarried 

4 Albert, Aug. 9, 1829: +Sep. 13, 1836 

5 Fificld Holt, Jan. 21, 1833: -fNov. 20, 1850 

6 Henry, Aug. 5, 1835 : resided in Marlboro, Mass. 

7 Czarina, July 22, 1837; = Albert W. Kinkaid 

8 Charles, Apr. 22, 1839 - 

9 Isaac Jewett, Aug. 3, 1841 : resided in Allis, Mich. 

Isaac* Steward (Solomon,^ Solomon,* Solomon/^ James,^ Duncan^), bom Feb. 24, 1802. 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as —90, means refer to that pagf : means married , 
:- marriage intention, + marriage license, + died, X buried, Bible record, (D church, ® town, ® gravestone, 
fs) probate. ® court, ® land, ® miliury, ® pension. @ census, (g) personal, @ history. 

*Samuel Stuart and Jerusha Stuart of Williamstown, Mass., deeded land in Kent, Conn., to Mather JudU 
of Kent (Kent deeds, ix:14). Samuel Stuart of Kent deeded Nqv. 10. 1788. to Moses Eaton (Deeds, viii:64). 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


in Canaan, Mc. married (i) Feb. 19, 1827, Marinda Jewett-. He married (2) in 1843 Elizabeth 
Coburn. He died Dec. 3, 1844, aged 42. Children, born in Bloomficld; 

1 Emily, Mar. 9, 1830 

2 Isaac Francis, Nov. 3, 1832 

3 Nathan Dole, Sep. 8, 1837 

4 Brooks Descomb, June 24, 1843; June 2, 1880, Maria D. Viles: Dover, N. H. 
Joseph^ Steward (Samuel B.,* Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), bom Feb. 25, 

1793, married in Fairfield, Me., Apr. 24, 181 4, Rachel Lander. He died Jan. 26, i860, at Pan' 
gor. Me. Children, the first six born at Hartland, Me.; the last three, at Bangor: 

1 Mary Ann, Aug. 11, 1814; — Capt. Daniel Johnson 

2 James H., Mar. i, 1816: -f-Sep. 10, 1881 

3 Fidelia, July 19, 1818; Capt. George Stone 

4 William L., Oct. i, 1820; = 1848 Susan Worster 

5 Thomas J., Jan. 5, 1823; =June 8, 1851, Mary M. Denison 

6 Ohve Lander, Oct. 23, 1824 

7 Joseph Orison, Mar. 20, 1827 : -j-young 

8 Joseph Orison, Feb. 11, 1829: -f- young 

9 George Washington, Nov. 20, 183 1: 4 young 

Samuel^ Steward (Samuel B;,* Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born Oct. - , 
1796, in Canaan, Me., married in 1816 Nancy Getchell of Augusta. He died Sep. - * , 1863, in 
Skowhegan, formerly Bloomfield, where all his children but Sarah were bom : 

1 Edmund, Nov. — , 1817: -hApr. 14, 1864, unmarried 

2 Nancy. Nov. — , 1819: -|-Dec. 25, 1856, unmarried 

3 William, May — , 1821; = Sarah Swan: a Methodist minister 

4 Samuel, July 3, 1823; =Sep. 22, 1851, Martha J. Bcssee 

5 Sarah C, July — , 1825, Clinton; ^Oct. 14, 1852, John C. Higgins 

6 Sumner G., Dec. — , 1827: ^ Jan. — , 1888, unmarried 

7 Susan G., Aug. 4. 1830: -^ Mar. 22, 1894. unmarried 

To be continued 




Baptized Aug. 20, 1769 William, son of Mr. Stewart 

Baptized Oct. 15, 1769 Ruth, wife, and Elizabeth, David and Mary Ann, chil. of Mr. Stuart 

Baptized Oct. 17, 1769 Hugh, son of John Stuart 

Baptized Feb. 25, 1787 William Stewart's wife named Elizabeth 


Baptized Aug. 14, 1768 William Stewart's child Abner 

Married Sep. 30, 1772 William Steward and Elizabeth Marsh 

Married Oct. 19, 1775 David Stuart and Martha Randol 

Married Nov. 30, 1779 Enoch Stewart and Mary Pound 

Married Sep. 20, 1789 Abner Stewart and Betsey Radley 

Married Sep. 21, 1789 Jacob Stewart and Sarah Doughty 

Married Jan. 16, 1796 William Stewart and Betsy Corey: Nancy Corey and Marsh Williams 


21 Simeon Stewart married Elizabeth Stuart and had: Jame«, Simeon, Walter, Norman (I8()6). Tru- 
tnan. Henry, Rebecca, Nancy, Laura and Lucrciia. F. B. Worden, We«tbury. Long Island, N. Y. 

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Monthly ABBociatc Editor- Horacf W. Dickerman. 685 Forest Road' New H^vcn. Conn. $\ a year 

FILLEY. NEB. APRIL. 1925 VOL. Ill NO. 10 

Stewarts of Gortlee, Ireland — 130 


Charles'' Stewart, born in 1670, was a subaltern of dragoons in the army of William 
6p* Mary and served under Col. Sir Christopher Wray at the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland, 
where on July i. 1690, the adherents of James Stuart were decisively beaten. For gallantry 
in this famous fight Charles Stewart was given by the new king and queen a small estate in 
county Donegal, Ireland, called Gortlee. In 1695 he married Isabella Weare. Under Queen 
Anne he held a commission as major. He died in 1722. Only child, born at Gortlee : 

1 Robert 1701 

Robert'^ Stewart (C/uiWes") married (i) in 1723 Margaret Stuart of Tyrone, Ireland, 
daughter of Henry Stuart of Scotland, whose wife was a Stuart. He married (2) in 1727 Mar- 
tha Ewing, daughter of John Ewing of Londonderry. He died in 1769. Children : 
I Margaret 1725 ; = 1744 William Wilson of Innishowen, Ireland 

2 Charles, Mar. 9. 1729; = 1755 Mary Oakley Johnston of Sidney, N. J. 

3 Robert 1732; 1= 1759 Jane Magill, (2) Mary Jordan of Dublin 

4 John 1735;= 1760 Jane Boggs 

5 Alexander : + unmarried, Setterkenny, Ireland 

Charles'^ Stewart (Robertj^^ Charles^"^) came to America in 1750 when 21 years of age, 
impelled by his Puritan ideas and love of liberty, and located in Hunterdon county, N. J. His 
enterprise and education enabled him to acquire a large property, and at Landsdown he built a 
mansion which still stands. In 1755 he married Mary Oakley Johnston of Sidney, N. J., born 
in 1730, daughter of Judge Johnston. He was appointed deputy surveyor 'general of the prov- 
ince of Pennsylvania. He was among the earliest to lean his influence to the cause of inde- 
pendence, and on Feb. 15, 1776, was colonel of a battalion of the First New Jersey regiment of 
Minute-men and later commanded a regiment of the line: he was appointed by the state as 
commissary -general of issues, and commissioned by Congress in that rank June 18, 1777, and in 
that capacity served on Gen. Washington's staff to the end of the war. He was elected to 
Congress Oct. 29, 1784. He died June 24, 1800, at his home in Flemington, N. J. Children: 

1 Robert, Sep. 29, 1756; -t Oct. 10, 1756 

2 Martha, Dec. 20, 1757; -Feb. i, 1776, Robert Wilson: +Mar. 15, 1852 

3 Sarah Oakley, Sep. 17, 1759: -fSep. 26, 1759 

4 Charles Alexander, Mar. 20, 1761 : -h 1785, unmarried but leaving issue 

5 Mary, Mar. 22, 1763 (or 1764) ; =Feb. 6, 1827 John Wilson 

6 Samuel Robert, Oct. 10. 1765; = Anna Gray: -pSep. 15, 1802 [FarranJ 

7 Sarah Susan, Mar. 16, 1768; 2= 1811 Col. Farrand Stranchon: f 26J1824 leaving sen 

8 John Ewing, Mar. 30, 1771 : -j-Nov. 28, 1771 

Robert'^ Stewart (Robert,*** C/iarlcs") of Londonderry, Ireland, born in 173 1 or 1732 
at Gortlee, married (i) in 1759 Jane Magill, daughter of Dr. Magill of Londonderry, by whom 
he had five children. He married (2) in 177 1 Mary Jordan of Dublin, by whom he had three 
children. He died at Strabane, Ireland, in 1787. 

1 Robert 1762: came to U. S. in 1783: [1843 in New York City 

2 John 1764: went to Antigua in 1797; -"-unmarried 

Symbols and refcrcncet: a number preceded by a dash, as 90. n-eans refer to that pig»»; - nrans married, 
:- martiage intention, •!• marriage license, I died. ■- buried, ® Bible record, <!) church. (5) town, ''ij gravcston*-, 
probate, (•) court, ^i) land, (^^ military, ® pension, g^ census, @ personal, ® history. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


3 James 1766: surgeon in the British army; -{-1793, unmarried 

4 Hamilton 1768: came to U. S. in 1785; -I-1845, unmarried, in New York City 

5 Jane 1770: came to U. S. in 1793; +1839, unmarried, in Philadelphia 

6 Thomas : • unmarried 

7 Alexander L., May 31, 177?; -Jan. 27, 1803, Sarah Lispenard: 4 Mar. 20, 1838 

8 Mary ; = Thomas Jordan of Dublin: he 25lf>4, ae. 86, Washington 

John'' Stewart (Robert,^^ C/iarlcs'O of Londonderry, Ireland, born in 1735 at Gortlcc. 
married in 1760 Jane Boggs. He died in 1795 at Gortlee. Children : 

1 [daughter] 

2 Charles ; = Rebecca McCausIand of Culnaore: officer English navy 

3 Robert Alexander ; ~ Fulton 

4 Jane ; : Maj. Edward Renwick of the English army 

Charles Alexander* Stewart (C/iarles,^® Robert, '»C/uirlcs'"), bom Mar. 20. 1761, 
died in 1785, unmarried but leaving issue : 

I Philip Johnson Stewart ; = Margaret Clark 

Samuel Robert^ Stewart {Charles,^^ Robert,^^ Charles^'), born Oct. 10, 1765, marri- 
ed Anna Gray. He died Sep. 1?, 1802. She died Mar. 22, 1806, in her 30th year. Children: 

1 Charles Samuel, Oct. 16, 1795; 1=^351822 Harriet Tiffany; (2) Sarah (Stewart) Skillman 

2 Robert Samuel, June 15, 1799; = 1844, Margaret Van Arsdale 

3 Hamilton, Sep. — , 1802: + same day 

Alexander L,.^ Stewart (Robert,^^ Rohert,^^ C/iaWcs"), bom May 31. 177?, came to 
New York in 1791. He married Jan. 27, 1803, Sarah Lispenard, daughter of Anthony* (Leon- 
ard,'' Anthony ,2 Antoine* L'Espenard, a refugee of 1669 to New Rochelle) Lispenard. She died 
Oct. 30, 183 1, and he died Mar. 20, 1838. Children: 

1 Helen Lispenard 1804; =July i, 1823, Gen. James Watson Webb 

2 Mary Jordan 1806; = Stephen Hogcboom Webb 

3 Sarah Ann 1808; i— Jan. 17, 1825, John Skillman, (2) Rev. Charles S. Stewart 

4 Matilda W. ; = 1838, Herman C. Leroy : -f 1856 

5 Amelia : -|- unmarried 

6 Eliza B. : -{- 1866, unmarried 

7 Lispenard ; 1= (2) Mary R. Rhinelander: ^-1867 
Charles Samuel^i Stewart (Samuel R. » CharW^ Robert,^^ Charles^'), bom Oct. 

16, 179?, in Flemington, N. J., married (i) June 3, 1822, Harriet B. Tiffany, bom June 24. 1798, 
in Stamford, Conn. He was a Presbyterian clergyman, and was a missionary in the Sandwich 
islands in 1822 and 1823; later was a chaplain in the navy, and the author of several books of 
foreign travel and residence. He married (2) Sep. 24, 1835, his third cousin, Sarah A. (Stew- 
art) Skillman. by whom he had no children. He died Dec. 14, 1870, at Cooperstown, N. Y. 

1 Charles Seaforth, Apr. 11, 1823; =Apr. 15, 1857, Cecilia Tardy 

2 Harriet B., May — , 1825 : -\- 1843, unmarried 

3 Martha Wilson 182- : + i860, unmarried 

Robert SamueP^ Stewart (Samuel R.,^ Charles,^^ Robert,^^ Charles^'), born June 
i5» 1799* married in 1844 Margaret Van Arsdale. He died Oct. 14, 1866, in Hampden, N. J. 

1 Martha 

2 Charles 

Sarah A.2» Stewart (Alexander L,»' Robert,^^ Robert,^'' C/iarles"), born in 1808, mar- 
ried (i) Jan. 17, 1825, John Skillman, at Clooperstown, N. Y. He died in 1827. and she marri' 
cd (2) Rev. Charles S. Stewart, and her two children by her first husband were legally given 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


the name Stewart. She died in 1854. 

1 Lispenard, Nov. 20, 1825; —Nov. 16. 1859, Mary Horton: children Sarah A. and Robert 

2 Sarah Lispenard 1827; =Junc 15, 1851, Elihu Phinncy of Cooperstown 
Uspenard^i Stewart (Alexander L.,» Robert,^^ Rohert,^» Charles*') married (2) Mary 

R. Rhinelander. His will was dated Feb. 9, 1866, at Yonkers, N. Y. : he died in 1867. 

1 William Rhinelander 1852; = 1878, Anna M. Armstrong 

2 Lispenard 

3 Louise L. ; =-- LB. Trevor 

4 Sarah L. ; = F. G. Ue 

5 Mary Rhinelander 1859; =Junc 25, 1883, Frank Spencer Witherbce 

Charles Seaforth^ Stewart (Charles S..21 Samuel R. » Charles, »» Robert,** Charks^^) 
was born at sea Apr. 11, 1823. He graduated at West Point, at the head of his class, in 1846. 
He married Apr. 15, 1857, Cecilia S. de S. Tardy, bom Oct. 22, 1836. She died Nov. 24, 1886, 
and he died July 22, 1904, a brigadier -general. Children: 

1 Charles Seymour, Apr. 12, i8?8: f Feb. 8, 1893 [J 1924 Helene C. Bolze 

2 Cecil, Apr. 12, 1864; 1=3151911 Edith (Alexander) Fairbaiin, who -+ 30^^1921; (2) 16 

3 Cora, Mar. 15, 1873: f Feb. i, 1876 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury* Mass. — 132 


Thomas^ Steward (Phineos,* Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), bom Sep. 11, 

1784, in Canaan, Me., married there Mar. 14, 1810, Aphia Williamson. He died Nov. 2, 1865, 
at Moscow, Me. Children: 

1 Mary. Nov. 2, 1810; =Feb. 20, 1835, Aaron Jewett of Solon: -[-Mar. 4, 1888 

2 Bryce M., Nov. 2, 1812; i=July 13, 1841, Susan Robinson, (2) Mary Leighton : -f 29J82 

3 Phineas, Mar. 22, 181?; =Cct. 29, 1844, Rosilla Baker 

4 Eliza M., Mar. 24, 1817; =May 14, 1839, Amasa Smith: -f Dec. 29, 1893 

5 William S., Mar. 13, 1819: * Mar. - , 1869, unmarried 

6 Anna W., July 19, 1821 ; = Philena Gould of Emden: -hFeb. 2, 1858 

7 Daniel, Mar. 9, 1824 

8 Ephraim W., Mar. 8, 1826; =May 14, 1854, Narcissa McFadden 

9 Moses L, Feb. 9, 1829: -| . 29, 1831 

10 Harriet S., Sep. i?, 1832; =Dec. i, 1856, David M. Baker of Solon 

11 Edward P., Mar. 9, 1835: -}-May i, 1839 

12 Benjamin, May 8, 1840: fAug. 29, 1845 

James* Steward ( Abraham,* Phineas,* Solomon^^ James^^ Duncan^) ^ bom Aug. 17, 

1785, in Bloomfield, Me., married (i) at St. Albans Jan. 8, 1809, Abigail Smith, bom Apr. 18, 
1787, at Bloomfield: she died Dec. 24, 1832, at St. Albans. He married (2) May 8. 1835, Mrs. 
Deborah (Bradford) Wilson, born Jan. 13, 1795, at Winslow, daughter of William* Bradford. 
She died July 6, 1853, at Hartland and he died July 29, 1854. Children, bom at St. Albans: 

1 Alonzo, Jan. 31, 1810; "-Oct. 14, 1832, Isabella Ireland 

2 Armendel, Dec. 16, 181 1: -hjan. 23. 1812 

3 Henry Lewis, Jan. 17. 1813; i -Aug. 15, 1833, Nancy Buzzell 

4 Horace McKechnie, Mar. 30, 1815; =Mar. 2, 1837, Jane Wilson 

5 Hiram Bourne. Apr. 29, 1817; i=Jan. 30. 1844, Katherine Robinson, (2) Sylvia Dudley 

6 Orrin, Feb. 29, 1820 [No trace. He may be identical with Alfred O.] 

7 Calvin, Mar. 30, 1822; =July 7, 1844, Dorothy Forbush, Boston 

8 Alfred O. i=Nov. 24, 1847, Mary A. Robinson, (2) 4t['l4 Mary Famham 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


John^ Steward (Thomas/' Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,'^ Duncan^), born Apr. 25, 1791, 
in Bloomficld, Mc. married Sep. j, 1818, Mercy C. Steward, bom May ^, 1795. daughter of 
Dr. William* and Sarah (Hood) Steward [page loi]. She died July 30, 1866, at Monson, Me., 
and he died there Oct. 6, 1876, aged 85. Children: 

1 Olive, July ai, i8ao; —Apr. 8, 1849, Wellington Davis 

2 Moses, Aug. 13, 1822; 1=: Eliza J. Steward, (2) 221*65 Lizzie C. Moore 

3 John M., Aug. 22, 1824: killed in battle Mar. 31, 1865 

4 Rachel, Sen. 13, 1826; =Aug. 11, 1847, Jo^^n Leighton 

5 Mark P., Dec. 2, 1829 

6 Elvira C, Oct. 18. 1833 

Capt. Asa* Steward (Thomas,* Phineas,^ Solomon," James,^ Duncan^), born Aug. 30, 
1796, in Bloomficld, Me., married Jan, 14, 1819, Sarah Parker, born Jan. 30, 1800. daughter of 
Sampson and Rachel (Coburn) Parker. He died Nov. 24, 1838, aged 42, and she died Mar. 18. 
1876, aged 76. Children, born in BloomEeld : 

1 Caroline M., Jan. 19, 1820; — 1854, John W. Springer 

2 Levi Emery, Aug. 8, 1822; =Nov. 14, 1844. Fanny Wyman 

3 Nahum Coburn, Feb. 13, 1824; =Sep. 23, 1843, Sarah Pitts 

4 Benjamin Moore, Dec. 19, 1825; =May 3, 1854, Eliza B. Pitts 

5 Thomas 1., Aug. 9, 1828: -f-May 13, 1844 

6 Emily A., June 6, 1830; -^ June 24, 1848, Matthew Coffin of Fairfield 

7 Philander C, Mar. 6, 1832; =Jan. 26, 1857, Phoebe Lowden: to Australia 

8 Mary Elizabeth, Jan. 26, 1834; =3ep. 4, 1853, Joseph H. Philbrick, Skowhcgan 

9 Abncr C. -f young 

Seth Wjrman^ Steward {Thomas,^ Phineas,* Solomon,^ James," Duncan^), born May 

12, 1798, in Bloomfield, Me., married May 17, 1824, Eliza Baker, bom Jan. 30, 1805. He died 
Nov. 14, 1862, aged 64, and she died Jan. 25, 1890, aged 85. Children: 

1 Susan E., Nov. 18, 1828; =Mar. 2, 1848, Nathan Knight 

2 Horatio C, Aug. 21, 1830; = : to Illinois in 1859 

3 Sylvanus Boardman, Oct. 7, 183 1 : soldier in 6th Maine regiment; unmarried 

4 Lorenzo D., Apr. 13, 1833; = : went to Kansas 

5 Brown B., May 30, 1835; =Jan. 30, 1864, Adelia Octavia Wentworth 

6 Asa B., Mar. 5, 1837 

7 Hannah B., Dec. 22, 1838 

8 William P., Feb. 11, 1840: soldier ist Pennsylvania cavalry; + Sep. 14, 1863 

9 Seth Wyman, May 4, 1844; =Sep. 8, 1875, Mary A. Coan: soldier 30th Illinois infantry 
10 Nathan K., Jan. 7, 1848: went to Tracy, Calif., in 1864; unmarried 

Sylvanus Boardmajn" Steward {Thomas,^ Phineas,* Solomon f^^ James,- Duncan^). 
bom Feb. 4, 1808, in Bloomfield, Me., married Nov. 25, 1834, Rebecca Goodrich, born Mar- 

13, 181?. He died Feb. 4, 1882. aged 74, and she died June 8, 1887. Children, bom at Bing- 
ham, Me. : 

1 Mary Jewett, Sep. 19, 18351 -|- June i, 1873, unmarried 

2 Olive Moore, Apr. 20, 1837; =Nov. 4, 1863, John Cummings 

3 Joseph Goodrich, June 17, 1839 

4 Asa Frederick, Apr. 17, 1844; ~Dec. 19, 1894, Flora Belle Dill 
? Sarah Whetstone, June 10, 1848: -fSep. 6, 1866 

6 George Boardman, Sep. 27, 1854: H-Fcb. 12, 1859 

To be continued 

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FiLLEY, NEP. MAY. 1925 VOL. ill NO. 11 

Andrew Stewart of Montgomery, Mass. 

Pension Records 

Andrew Stewart was born Feb. ii, 175a, in Whitchill, North Breton, Galloway. Scot' 
land,® and came to America in 1774. He located at New Lebanon, N. Y., but soon removed 
to Enfield. Conn. Early in November, 1775, he went to New Lebanon to collect some money 
due him, and while there he enlisted in Capt. Daniel Goodrich's company under Maj. Carey 
and went to Canada, serving thereafter at various periods during the war. He married in En' 
field Sep. 6, 1781, Lucretia Hancock, born Sep. 6, 1763, in Springfield, Mass.® They remov' 
ed after a few years to Middlefield, Mass., and two years later settled in Montgomery. Fif' 
teen years later [1802] they went to Herkimer county, N. Y., and after three years to Will- 
iamson, Wayne county. There he died May 24, 1833, st^d she died May 27, 1855. Children: 

1 Elizabeth, Feb. 5, 1782, Enfield®; ^Oct. 26, 1800, Cyrus Culver, Chester® 

2 Lovisa, Oct. 14, 1783, Middlefield; = Fowler: -| 11^1823, Palmyra 

3 Lucretia, Oct. 5, 1787, Montgomery; Aug. 17, 1807, Ashbcl Day, Chester® 

4 Isabel, Feb. 15, 1790 

5 William, Mar, 29, 1792 [living in 1856] 

6 Andrew, Jan. 26, 1794 

7 Jane, Jan. 9, 1796, Russell 

8 Olive, Dec. 8, 1799 

9 John, Nov. 21, 1801, Chester: -f May 3, 1823, Williamson 
10 George, Feb. 6, 1804, Norway, N. Y. 

Stewarts of East Haddam, Conn. — 131 

Public Records and Family Manuscripts 

William'' Stewart (William,'^ Alexander^) is referred to on page 126, but further data 
have been found. His wife's name was China instead of Olive. He enlisted at East Haddam 
:n December, 1775, under Capt. Joseph Jewett^Col. Jedediah Huntington, and served till Jan- 
uary, 1777, his neighbor, Amasa Harvey, enlisting the same day in the same service.® He 
was a corporal, according to the testimony Feb. 22, 1830, of Theophilus Lord of Lyme. On 
May 26, 1829, Stewart stated that he resided with his son-in'law, William Van Note, in Cox- 
sackie, Greene county, N. Y., and was 72 years old and his wife China was 71. 

Capt John^ Stewart (Samuel,'-^ Alexander^), born Sep. 6, 1742, in Voluntown, Conn., 
married (i) Mar, 20, 1766, Ruth Smith of Sterling. She died Nov. 14, 1776, aged 32. He 
enlisted from Voluntown as a private in Maj. James Gordon's regiment and rose to the rank 
of mijor, with Gen. Anthony Wayne and Capt. Flewry at Stony Point. He married (2) Oct. 
5, 1786, Susanna Briggs. He died Jan. 21, 1802, in Voluntown and his widow Susanna died 
there Aug. 30, 1818, aged 64. Children, born in Voluntown: ® 

1 Samuel, Feb. 5, 1767; - Content Douglas of Stephcntown, N. Y. 

2 Phoebe, Apr. 5, 1769; -Sep. 10, 1789, Moses Campbell, jr. 

3 Elizabeth, June 28, 1771 ; =Dcc. 23, 1792, Thomas Gordon of Voluntown 

4 Anne, Feb. 6, 1774; ==Nov. 30 1794, Ebenezer Dow, jr., of Sterling 
_ 5_ Ruth, June 25, 1776; = James Oliphant 

6 Sarah, Sep. 15, 1787; = Jonathan Hilliard 

Symbols and refcrcncee: a number preceded by a dash, as --90. means refer lo that p-jg^; means married, 
: maniage intention. •• marriage license, - died, - buried, Bible record. (2) church, (3; town, gravestone, 
'^') probate, (?) court, (ij land, (h} military, (i) pension. ^ census, @ personal, (gi history. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


7 Clarissa, May 15, 17S9 

8 John, Oct. 18, 1790; -= Emily Rice of Richmond, Va. : -r i2 '64, Watcrford 

9 Charles, July 17, 1792; = Mary A. Southwick: resided in Waferford, N. Y. 

10 Susanna, July 26, 1795; 1= Archie Colgrove. (2) P. B. Johnson: -*- 30^1818 

11 Alexander, Nov. 22, 1798; Susan Drake: she +9J"'7i, aged 63, Waterford 
Alexander" Stewart* {SamueW^ Alexander^), bom Sep. 6, 1744, in Voluntown, Conn., 

married Apr. 15. 1770. Thankful Dcnnison, born July 17, 1747, in Stonington, daughter of 
Avery and Thankful (Williamst) Dennison. He was a man of importance in Griswold. His 
wife died there June 28, 1822, and Esq. Alexander died there Oct. i, 1829, aged 85. Children: 

1 Betsey, Sep. 28, 1771; = Feb. 20, 1789, Thomas R. Congdon of Newport, R.I. : -2i2i8i8 

2 Susanna, Aug. 10, 1773; - May 29, 1793, David Baldwin, sea captain: -^ June 5, 1835 

3 Martha, July 15, 1775; =Apr. 13, 1794, Josiah Rose of Lisbon [Ainsworth: -^ i7l'4i 

4 Thankful, Apr. 24, 1777; i=June 24, 1795, Stephen Congdon, (2) 14^1800 Lebteus 

5 Thomas, Sep. 18, 1779: -^ Aug. 13, 1783, in 4th year, by scalding 

6 Mary, Apr. 18, 1782; =Jan. 3, 1804, John B. Tyler 

7 Alexander, June 5, 1784; =Feb. 22, 1821, Lucy L. Barrows 

8 Thomas, Apr. 21, 1786; —Dec. 3, 1806, Maria Fanning: • Sep. 9, 1834 

9 Elizabeth, Aug. 4, 1787; =Dec. 31, 1813, Nathan Cook of Griswold: -hMay 23, 1822 
Samuel^ Stewart* (Samuel,* Alexander*), bom Mar. 10, 1761, in Voluntown, Conn., 

married Sep. 13, 1781, Rebecca Bamett, bom in 1757, daughter of Moses and Rebecca Bamett 
of Plainficld. They removed to northem New York, on the St. Lawrence river. She died 
Jan. 22, 1840, in Junius, Seneca county, N. Y., and he died there Feb. 26, 1842. Children, 
at least five born in Voluntown :®® 

1 George Dorrance, June 12, 1782; =Feb. 7, 1814, Harriet Bcnham: ^Dec. i?, 1825 

2 Sabra, Sep.* 28, 1784; - Andrew Greydon Snyder of New Lebanon, N. Y. 

3 James Barnett, Mar. 12, 1786; ^ Harriet Griffin of Ogdensburg: f2oJ'i828 

4 Elizabeth, Feb. 22, 1789; — Chester Andrews of Bethel: * Mar. i, i860 

5 Sarah, May 17, 1790; = Amos Scott of Bridgewater 

6 Samuel, July 19, 1793; = : + Oct. 14, 1828, Gorham 

7 Rebecca, July 19, 1793; = Dr. Henry P. Sartwell: 4 Oct. 6, 1865 

8 Susan, Feb. 28. 1795 ; ~ James C. Robinson of Pen Yann 

9 Dolly, Mar. 20, 1798: | Sep. i, 1816 

10 Arminda, June 5, 1801; =Nov. 23, 1846, Nathaniel Barnett: 4 Apr. 4, 1876 

11 Celinda, June 10, 1807; = John P. Miynird of Junius: * Apr. 9, 1872 

William^ Stewart (Samuel,* Alexander*), born June 9, 1772, in Voluntown, Conn., 
married in Preston Oct. 18, 1795, Rebecca Eells of Stonington, born Apr. 24, 1774. He was 
then a resident of New Lebanon, Columbia county, N. Y. He died Aug. 9, 1842, in Pen Yann, 
Yates county, N. Y.® Children:® 












To be continued 

•Record* of thi« family were furnished by Robert Stuart Stewart, Orion, Mich. 

tThankful William* wa« the daughter of Desire (Denison) Williams; she the daughter of Mrrcy (Gorham) 
Denison: she the daughter of Desire (Howland) Gorham; she the daughter of John Howland and his wife Eliza- 
beth TiUcy, passengers on the Mayflower. Lineage furnished by H. F. Randolph. Bronxville. N. V. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Duncan Stewart of Newbury* Mass. — 136 


Paoll Hewes** Steward (ThomaSf'^ Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born Oct. 
7, 1805, in Bloomficld, Mc, married Nov. 3. 1838, Eliza Ann Wyman, bom May 12, 1816, in 
Bloomficld. She died July ii, 1869, in Skowhcgan and he died there Apr. 28, 1876, aged 66. 

1 Ebcr Francis, Oct. 23, 1840: 4 Sep. — , 1841 

2 George Wyman, May i, 1843; =Feb. 20» 1867, Anna Maria Severance 

3 May Frances, Aug. 31, 1845 

4 Thomas, Apr. 8, 1848: f Aug. 8, 1848 

5 Samuel E., Nov. 20, 1858: -rOct. 28, 1870 

Elijah Wyman'^ Steward (Thomas,^ Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born 
Oct. 4, 181 1, in Bloomfield, Me., married Jan. — , 1839, Sarah F. Springer of Auguta, born Jan. 
20, 1819. She died July 6, 1866. and he died Nov. 15, 1892, aged 81. Children, the first five 
born at Monson, the last two at Augusta : 

1 Edward Alfred, July 12, 1840: fin hospital in Washington; woundc^at Chanccllorsvillc 

2 Susan Adclia, June 18, 1842; =Dec. 18, 187 1, William H. Nason 

3 Abbie Augusta, June 12, 1844; =Mar. 15, 1871, Marshall H. Culver of Boston 

4 Clarence Cobum, Nov. 18, 1846; =May 11, 1874, Persis E. Baker 

5 Sarah Flora, Aug. 22, 1849; =Dec. 6, 1871, Cyrus F. Stilson 

6 Arthur Wyman, Feb. 23, 1858; =Scp. 2, 1879 Carrie K. Baker 

7 Charles Elmer, Mar. 6, 1861 ; —Dec. 19, 1888, Georgia Hanks 

Daniel^ Steward {Daniel,^ Daniel* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), bom Nov. 16, 1783, 
married in Norridgewock Apr. 5, 1810, Olive Patten, born Apr. 16, 1792, at Bedford, N. H., 
daughter of Samuel and Deborah (Moore) Patten. He commenced trade in Norridgewock in 
1810 and about a year later removed to Anson. He died May 7, 1858, aged 72, at Norridge- 
wock and she died Oct. 17, 1868, at Skowhegan. Children, bom in Anson: 

1 Emily Ormond, Feb. 5. 181 1; =Dec. 18, 1828, Franklin Smith, Anson: -fjuly 30, 1862 

2 Clymena S., Apr. 22, 1813; =Oct. 30, 1834, Maj. Amos F. Parlin: +July 15, 1872 

3 Columbus B., July 15, 181 5; =Nov. 27, 1838, Betsey Manter: -|-Jan. 8, 1890 

4 Gustavus Adolphus, June 25, 1817; =Mar. 20, 1844, Nancy Hapgood: -f Aug. 2, 1853 

5 Marcellus B., Jan. 15, 1821; =July 3, 1844, Hannah Williams: +Mar. 9, 1889 

6 Olive Patten, June 9, 1824: I Dec 15, 1839 

Thomas Parrett<* Steward (Daniel,^ Daniel,* Sdomon,^ James,- Duncan^), born 
Feb. 24, 1787 in Norridgewock, Me., married [intention Dec. 30, 1807] Jane Bicknell, daught' 
cr of Daniel and Hannah (Reed) Bicknell. She died at North Newport Dec. 11, 1830, aged 45, 
and he died there Feb. 7, 1837. Children, the first five born in Madison: 

1 Mary Jane, Apr. 13, 1808; = Henry McKenny 

2 Warren, Feb. 2?, 1810; = Elizabeth F. Fish 

3 Oramel Reed, Apr. 10, 1812: i^ Mar. 7, 1816, Madison 

4 Hannah Bicknell, May 9, 1814 

5 Judson Bicknell, Dec. 18, 1816 

6 Benjamin, Aug. 20, 1819, Canaan: } Dec. 4, 1820, Canaan 

7 Sarah 

J«Mlah'^ Steward {Daniel,'^ Daniel,* Solomont^ James,'- Duncan^), born Sep. iq, 178;, 
married [intention Jan 11, 1810] Nancy Webb, born Mar. 12, 1791, in Canaan, daughter of 
Christopher and Betsey (Smith) Webb of Woolwich. He died at Skowhegan Oct. 16, iFr^, 
and she died there Oct. 3, 1869. Children, born at Canaan [after 1823 Milburn] : 
I Rachel, July 7, 1810; =Nov. 28, 1839, Daniel' Steward: -Jan. 31, 1863 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


^ Clarissa, Feb. 27, 1812; =Nov. 15, 183a. Thomas Colwcll Ross: -fScp. 4. 1896 

J Benjamin, Mar. 14, 1814; = 1835, Melinda Lord: no children 

4 Josiah, Apr. 16, 1S16; =Jan. 10, 1840, Aurilla Mollis: +Scp. — , 1879 

5 Harrison, Nov. ao, 1818: \ young 

6 James W., Jan. 16, 1821 ; -Apr. 14, 1842, Hannah F. Hamilton, Garland 

7 Abel H.. Mar. 14, 1823; = Abigail Hamilton, her sister: Sep. 19, 1886 

8 Joseph M., May 28, 1825; — Catherine Hamilton, her sister 

9 Hiram Swain, Aug. 7, 1827; i=Oct. 11, 1853, Caroline Philbrick White* 

10 Sylvanus Boardman, Feb. 3, 1830; =Dec. — , 1853, Mary J. Worthley: ^ Dec. 31, 1898 

11 Sumner Franklin, Mar. 4, 183a; =July 3, 1859, Caroline Ross 

12 Stephen G., Sep. i?, 1834; =Sep. 24, 1866. Mary E. Hamlin: -hjan. 16, 1886, Oregon 
Ell« Steward (Daniel^ Daniel* Sohmon,^ James? Dwncan^), born May 17, i79^» in 

Norridgew^k, Me., married in 181 1 Betsey Blagdon of Norridgewock. He died May 21, 1842, 
in Madison, Me. Children: 

I Daniel, June 4, i8ia; -- RacheF Steward, dau. of Josiah*: -^ Apr. a3, 1867 

a Rachel 

3 Eber 

4 Llewellyn 

5 Olive P. 

Eber' Steward (Daniel,^ Daniel* Solomoni^ James,^ Duncan^), born May 17, 1796, 
married (i) May a^, 1817, Betsey Webb of Canaan. He married (a) Mary J. Stewart, who 
died Sep. a6, 1887. He died Oct. la, 1861, aged 65. Children: 

I Olive P. 

a Sarah 

3 Philander 

4 Emily A. 

5 Caroline 

6 EberL. 

7 Maria Louise 
8^ Helen M. 

9 Frances J., July 30, 1848: -|-Apr. 8, 1849, aged 8 months and 9 days 
10 Gustavus A., Jan. 17, 1850: -f-Mar. 3, 1864, aged 14 

Benjamin' Steward (Daniel,* Daniel* Solomon,^ James,^ I>Mncan*), born Dec. afi* 
1801, in Norridgewock, Me., removed to North Anson in i8a3 and married (about i8a6) Lois 
Dinsmore, bom Oct. la, 1807, daughter of Robert and Esther Dinsmore. He was a jeweler at 
Anson until 1857, when he moved to Skowhegan and was there until 1870, when he retired 
and moved to North Anson. There he died Feb. 15, 189a, aged 90, and his wife died Feb. 19, 
iS9a, aged 84. Children, bom at Anson: 
I Theodore M., Mar. ai. i8a7; 1=30! '48 Caroline A. Bates, (2) a4S '56 Aurilla E. Bunker 
a Amelia C, Sep. 30, 1830; =Sep. 3, 1851, Mahlon Day: +Nov. 3, 1853 

3 Maria L.. Aug. 31, 183a: +Feb. aa, 1834 

4 Sarah E., Sep. 10, 1836: +Sep. 10, 1836 

To be continued 

The June number will probably be mailed as first class mail, owing to new postal rates. 


24. Mary Stewart was born in 1783 at Fort George, Washington jnow Warren] county. N. Y. She 
named Oct. 24. 180-, Barnett Lewis and removed to Madison, Madison county, where she had relatives living. 
Her children: Joseph Stewart, Caroline, Mary Ann and Jane. Mrs. G. S. Means. 4 Park Place, Geneva, N. Y. 

•She died Sep. 2, 1865, at Waterloo, la. He married (2) Aug. 28, 1857, Cynthia S. White, her sister. 

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Ekiitor: Gcoi^. Thomas Eds6n, Filley, Nebraska 
Monthly Associate Editor- Horace .\V. Dickerman. 685 Forest Road. New Haven. Conn. $1 a year 

FILLEY^NEB. JUNE, 1925 VOL.111 NO. 12 

John Stewart of Great Barrin^ton* Mass. 

Pension Records* 

John Stewart was bom Apr. ii, 1744,® in England. He was in the company of 
minute -men who marched from Egremont, Berkshire county, Mass., Apr. ai, 1775, under Capt. 
John Holmes, Col. John Fellows, on the alarm of Apr. 19, and served 17 days;® "and he was 
at Bunker Hill, went to Canada and was away from home 22 months: he then came home and 
after remaining a short time re -enlisted for three years."® In 1790 he lived in Great Bar- 
rington— i'i-4.® His first wife, Lydia, was buried July 13, 1790, in the graveyard of St. 
Jameses Episcopal church in Great Barrington. He married (1) in 1791 Mercy Chapman, bom 
Sep. 14, 1768, in Egremont. He died Feb. 28, 1810, in Sheffield. His widow married in 1818 
Curtis Olds in Nobletown, N. Y., who died Aug. 31, 1819, in Great Barriiifeton. In 1838 she 
applied for a pension as the widow of John Stewart. Children, those by the second wife all 
bom in Great Barrington, Mass. :® 

I Hannah 1766 

1 John 1768 : res. New Lisbon, Otsego county, N. Y., 1838® 

3 Abigail 1771 (all three baptized June 23, 1771, St. James's church) 

4 Philip, bp. May 17, 1773® 

5 Keziah 

6 James 1785 : resided in Otsego, N. Y., in 1843® 

7 Alexandrina 

8 George ' 

9 Alanson W. 

10 Nonez 

1 1 Catherine 

Stewarts of East Haddam* Conn. — 138 

Public Records and Family Manuscripts 

Sylvanus^ Stewart {Alexander,^ Alexander,^ Alexander^), bom Aug. 15. 1756, in 

New Fairfield [Sherman], Conn., married (i) about 1775 .f In April, 

1776, when he was 20 years old, he went .with a convoy of supplies to the patriot camp at 
Peekskill after the burning of Danbury by Gen. Tryon, leaving a bride of four months.® He 
married (2) in Sherman Apr. 19, 1789, Nancy Hubbell, daughter of Comfort Hubbell of New' 
town.® In the census of 1790 Sylvanus is given as a resident of Comwall, i'i'2. His wife 
Nancy died in Sherman Aug. 20, 1847, ^ l^cr 8oth year, and he died there Mar. 5, 1849, in his 
93rd year.® Children: 

1 Nehemiah, bp. Jan. — , 1777; =Dec. 11, 1800, Susanna Hungerford: f MJri838, aged 61 

2 Anson Hubbell, Oct. 30, 1790; =Nov. 20, 1817, Mary Eliza Orton: -j-Sep. 2, 1879 

3 Thomas Davis 1792: -f Mar. 29, 1819, aged 26 

4 Mabel ; =Dec. 19, 181 3, Amos Northrup 

5 Harriet 

6 Nancy 

7 Levi 1800; I == Eliza , (2) Nancy Deuel: +215-1873 

8 Laura 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as 90, means refer to that p»g^; - means married, 
:- mariiage intention, •!• marriage license, + died, x buried, (T) Bible record, (f) church, (D town, gravestone, 
'*) probate, ® court. <J) land. ® military, ® pension. (^ census, (g) personal, ® history. 

•Records contributed by Miss Mabel Stewart, 116 West 7ih avenue. Flint, Mich. 

tThe records of the North Society church of New Fairfield (now Sherman] record the death of Anna Stew- 
ard Dec. 1, 1778, which entry is crossed out. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Stephen^ Stewart (Alexander,^ Alexander,^ Alexander^), bom July 15, 1758, in New 
Fairfield [Sherman], Conn., married Hannah Stewart, bom July 6, 1763. daughter of Nathan*' 
(William,* Alexander*) Stewart [p. 55'\. He was a saddler by trade and had been a soldier in 
the Revolutionary war. His father deeded him Aug. 14, 1787. land in Cornwall in **considerat' 
ion of the parental good will I have to my son, Stephen Stewart of Comwall" [Deeds, v:i54]. 
On Jan. 15, 1790. he received a deed to land in Comwall from Daniel Stewart, jr. [vi:i]. He 
was living in Comwall in 1790: i'i'4.® In December, 1798, he removed to Warren, Her' 
kimer county, N. Y., where he died July 3, 1845.® Children, bom in Cornwall:® 

I Jared Shaw, Oct. 13, 1781 ; = Lucy Payne: resided in Rome, N. Y.: +^1837 

a Bradley S., Aug. 27, 1784; =Sep. 13, 1810. Rhoda Griswold: res. Warren 

3 Julia = Jacob Hobart: res. Warren 

4 Hannah, June 11, 1788; = James DeLong: +Sep. 8, 1857 

5 Richard i = Levia Kidder, (2) Charlotte Metcalf 

6 William Campbell = Ann Cook: res. Springfield, Otsego co., N. Y. 

7 John Milton, May 22, 1796; = Sarah Hurlbut 

8 Stephen Van Rensselaer 1= Lucretia Wattles, (2) Mary Wood 

Ellhu^ Stewart (Alexander,^ Alexander,^ Alexander^), born June 5, 1767, in New Fair- 
field [Sherman], Conn., married there Mar. 25, 1787, Eunice Wright, daughter of Kent and 
Zerviah Wright. He was the first stage driver on the Poughkeepsie turnpike, and was called 
Capt. Elihu Stewart. His wife died in Sherman Jan. 13, 1841, aged 72,® and he died there 
Dec. 16, 1846, aged 79.® From the distribution of his esUte Mar. 20, 1848. we obtain the 
names of these children :® 

1 Sarah Ann ; = George Mallory 

2 Lyman 1790; — Sally : +July 11, 1863, aged 73® 

3 Celinda ; =Sep. 25. 1817, Charles Adams 

4 Mary ; =Dec. 31, 1821, Sherman Turrell 

5 Anna Maria '799: -f-Dec. 19, 1812, aged 13 years and 9 months® 

6 Susan® 

7 Eunice W. ; =Jan. 30, 1821, Isaac B. Giddings of Granby, N. Y. 

8 Eliza 1807: -f-May 20, 1809, aged 2 years® 

Phllo^ Stewart (Alexander,'^ Alexander,^ Alexander^), bom Nov. 11, 1769, in New 
Fairfield [Sherman] , Conn., marrried Sarah Penfield, daughter of John Penfield.® They re- 
moved to Poughkeepsie, N. Y. He died Apr. — , 181 2, in Poughkeepsie, and the widow and 
children were later living in Pittsford, Vt. Children:®® 

1 Henrietta 1791 : +May 22, 1814, aged 23, Pittsford®® 

2 Allen 1796 res. Hartford, Vt., Feb. 13, 1815®* 

3 Philo Penfield, July 6, 1798, Sherman :founder of Oberlin college in Ohio® 

4 Betsey 1800 [land county, Vt.® 

5 Amasa, Jan. 4, 1802, Sherman; = Fanny : divorced Feb. 9, 1823, Rut- 

6 John 1804 

7 Sally Ann 1808; — 3ep. 22, 1844. Horace P. Perry, Pittsford® 

Alexander^ Stewart* Jr*» who was closely associated with the other Stewarts of 
Cornwall and New Fairfield, may have been a son of Daniel* (Alexander,* Alexander*), by a 
first wife. He had a son baptized in New Fairfield later than Jan. — , 1777, and a son of his is 
recorded as having died Aug. — , 1777.® in the census of 1790 he is shown in New Fair* 
field, 2'5'3, i. e., with two males over 16 including the head of the family, five males under 16, 
and three females. An Alexander married in Sherman Jan. 18, 1809, Nancy Hungerford. 

•An Allen Stewart, 'late of Crown Point, deceased/' whose estate was administered Feb. 14, 1814, had re- 
latives Philo P., Amasa. John and Sally Ann (Rutland, Vt., probate, iii.243-51. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Daniel* Stewart (DanieU^ Alexander,^ Alexafider^), bom Nov. 18, 1762. in Litchfield, 

Conn., was a Revolutionary soldier at the age of 15. He married Ruth . Daniel Stew' 

art, jr., of Cornwall bought land there on Sep. 26, 1787, of Stephen Baldwin of Goshen [Deeds, 
v:i56]. Daniel of Cornwall bought land in Cornwall Mar. 5, 1781, of Capt. Jabez Perkins, 
jr., of Norwich [iv:299] and sold it Oct. 15, 1789, to Levi Miles [vi:7]. At the close of the 
war he removed to Sussex county, N. J.,® and in 1801 he exchanged his property there for 
two shares in the Ohio company *s purchase. In October, 1802, the family settled one mile up 
from the mouth of Federal creek in Rome township, Athens county, O. He died in 1858. 

; 1= (2) Julia Carpenter: to Lee county, la., in 1840 

•' traveling Methodist preacher for 50 years 

; = 1826, Harriet Bartlett: -i Nov. 28, 1858, Athens 
























Daniel B. 



To be continued 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury* Mass. — 140 


Thomas^ Steward {John,^ DanieU* Solomont^ James,- Duncan^)^ bom Aug. 23, 1797, 
in Rindge, N. H., married in Bloomfield, Me., June 20, 1822, Lydia Ireland. He died Aug. 24, 
i38o, at East Somerville, Mass. Children: 

1 Corisande Webb, Sep. 5, 1823, Skowhegan 

2 Amherst, Sep. 22, 1824, Palmyra 

3 Samantha Theodora, Feb. 6, 1827, St. Albans 

4 Martha Merriman, Nov. 6, 1829, St. Albans 

5 Deborah McPhetcrs, Mar. 2, 1832, Bangor 

6 Lydia Ann, Aug. 18, 1834, St. Albans 

7 Charles, July 15, 1836, St. Albans: -hSep. 13, 1836 

8 CharlesCarroll, Aug. II, 1837, St. Albans: -f May ,'1838 

9 Maria Jane, Apr. 1, 1841, Hartland; - -Jan. 9, 1864, Lloyd G. Palmer 

10 Anna Wiggins. Nov. 9, 1842, Hartland 

11 Charles Allen, Nov. 16, 1843, Hartland 

12 Hendrick, July 31, 1845: i-Aug. 28, 1845 

13 Thomas Arthur, Dec. 27, 1846 

Phlneas Randall^ Steward (John,^ Daniel* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), bom Oct. 
9, 1799, in Rindge, N. H., married at Milburn, Me., Aug. 12, 1823, Olive Ireland. He died 
Mar. 3, 1879, at St. Albans. Children: 

1 Sarah Ann Emerson, Oct. 8, 1825, Dutton 

2 Joseph Ireland, July 2, 1828, St. Albans 

3 Rebecca Clark, May 24, 1830, St. Albans 

4 Josephine Bonaparte, Aug. 12, 1835, Orono 

5 Pembroke Somerset, Dec. 28, 1837, St. Albans 

6 Charles Randall, June 14, 1840: -h Sep. 30, i860, East Cambridge, Mass. 

7 John Hawes. May 26, 1842, St. Albans 

8 Albert Smith, Apr. 23, 1844: -(-Sep. 7, 1850 

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Jonathan Palmer^ Steward (JoKn,* Daniel* Solomon,'^ James,^ EHtncan'), born ^ 
Oct. 19, 1806, in Canaan, Me., married Juda Curtis. Child: 
I Hiram ; ~ Elizabeth Stewart 

Amaaa^ Steward (Amasa,'^ Daniel,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born about 1805 
in Bloomfield, Me., married in 1829 Mary Spaulding, daughter of Richard and Emma (Young) 
Spaulding of Winslow. He lived at St. Albans until 1864. when he removed to Bluffton, la. 
About 1875 he removed to Mansfield, Minn., and there died. Children, bom at St. Albans: 

1 Amherst 

2 Elizabeth ; = Hiram Steward, son of Palmer* 

Thomas Carlisle* Stewart (Amherst,^ Daniel* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born 
Oct. 26, 1804, in Brownington, Vt.. married July 3, 1833, Emily Brigham. He died Sep. 3, 
1865, in Brownington, Vt.. where his children were bom: 

1 Edward, June 13, 1834; = Lucy Jane Kellcy 

2 John Brigham, July 14. 1835 ; == Nancy Abigail Parker 

3 Persis Ann, Apr. 26, 1837; = Capt. Martin Warner Davis 

4 Thomas Tyler, Mar. 24, 1841 ; = Mrs. Alice [Wick] Powers 

5 Martha Louise, May 16, 1846; = Dwight Church Robbins 

Stephen Elbrld^* Stewart (Suphen,^ Daniel* Solomon,^ James* Duncan^), bom 
in 1798 in Walpolc, N. H., married (i) Feb. 5, 1822, Betsey Leonard of Keene, N. H. Kc 
married (2) May 2, 1827, Jane Dix Parkman of Concord, Mass. Child, bom in Brattleboro. 

I George Elbridge, Feb. 20, 1823; = 1845, Eliza Ourt, Philadelphia, Pa. 

To be continued 

Andrew Stewart, given on page 137, was bom in Whithorn, Wigtownshire, ^Scotland, 
according to data owned by Lucy M. Stoddard of Palmyra, N. Y. He arrived in New York on 
June 6, 1774. From James Latimer Christie, a grandson of Andrew, she obtained the inform- 
ation that Andrew *s children were: Andrew, Alexander, John, William, George, Gerald and 
Elizabeth. He was in the battle of Wolf's Cave, Canada, in the Revolutionary war.® 

Adam Stewart in query 20, page 116, died Jan. 21, 1856, aged 84,0 Schooley Station, 
Ross county, O. Sarah, his wife, died Nov. 7, 1835, aged 60.® James Stewart died May 3, 
1^53. aged 84, and his wife Recegca died in 1817, aged 40. Joseph R. Stewart, Chillicothe, 111. 


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seven ways from Sunday. And working out a line of ancestry is helpful to other folk. 

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Exlitor: Gcorpc Thomas Edson, Fillcy, Nebraska 

Monthly Asiiociate Elitor Horace W. Dckcrman. 685 F.^resi Roid New Hiven. Conn. 31 a year 


James Stewart of Sandwich* Mass. 

James* Stewart of Sandwich, Mass., is said to have been the James Stewart born May 
8, i665» at Charlcstown, Mass., son of Alexander [page 13]. It is also stated that Desire, 
his wife, was a Tobcy. That he was Quaker seems to be accepted as a fact. He was a wit' 
ncss to the will of Ezra Perry of Sandwich, dated Oct. 16. 16S9, a witness to the agreement 
Apr. 18, 1690, of the heirs of Thomas Crowell, lat^ of Yarmouth, a witness to the will dated 
Mar. 10, 1698, of Daniel Wing, sr., of SandwiCnand a witness to the will Dec. 5, 1705, of 
William Swift, sr.® His own will was dated Dec. a6. 1723, and probated Nov. j, 1726, mak' 
m^ his son James executor. The inventory of his estate, taken Nov. 7, 1726, showed a valu- 
ation of t*55i'i40. He died Oct. 3, 1726.(6) His widow Desire was living in 1735, for on 
May 14 of that year she was appointed guardian to Mehitable Davis, a minor, daughter of Sol ' 
om:>n Davis, late of Sandwich. Children, born in Sandwich:® 

1 Scth, Apr. 2, 1650; =Junc 14, 1716, Sarah Weeks: -f Jan. 4, 1751*2 

2 Abigail, June 4, 1692 [mentioned in her father's will, 1723] 

3 Gamaliel, Mar. 15, i694'5; =^p. 23, 1724, Alice Gibbs 

4 Mary, July 22, i6q8; =Nov. 8, 1723, Nathaniel Ewer 

5 James, Feb. 24, 1700'!; ^ July 12, 1728, Sarah Taylor 

6 Mehitable, Apr. 10, 1704 [not mentioned in her father's will, 1723] 

7 Sylvanus, Mar. 19, 1706 

Seth' Stewart (James^), born Apr. 2, 1690, in Sandwich, Mass., married there (i) June 
14, 1716, Sarah Weeks. He married (2) May 16, 1751, Mary Taylor. He was a weaver and 
died in Sandwich Jan. 4, i75i'2. The inventory of his estate, taken Feb. 10, 1752, showed a 
property worth i*iiO'5'4. His widow Mary married Jan. 27, 1757, David Crocker. We have 
no record of his children but it is stated that he had a family. 

Gamaliel Stewart (James^), born Mar. 15, i694'5, in Sandwich, Mass., married Sep. 
23, 1724, Alice Gibbs of Sandwich. He was a house carpenter, and made his will Sep. 10, 
1751, which was probated Oct. 8, 1751, with Thomas Smith as executor. The inventory show' 
cd he was worth t'i68'ii'io**i. His wife was not mentioned in his will. He died Sep. — , 
1 75 1 . Children , bom in Sandwich :® 

1 Lemuel, Dec. 29, 1725; =Dec. 8, 1750. Rachel Landers, in Wilton, Conn.® 

2 Bruce, May 20, 1728; =Apr. 3, 1752, Deborah Taylor 

3 Mehitable, Aug. 4, 1730 [mentioned as unmarried in her father's will, 175 1] 

4 Seth, Apr. 12, 1733; : Oct. 21, 1756, Mary Downes of Yarmouth 

5 Gamaliel, Oct. 28, 1735 [not named in his father's will, 175 1] 

6 James, May 22, 1738 : soldier in 1758, 1759, 1760, 1761 
James^ Stewart pames^), bom Feb. 24, 1700'!, in Sandwich, Mass., married [intent- 

ion July 12, 1728] Sarah Taylor. He resided in Barnstable, and was called yeoman in his will 
dated Mar. 25, 1774, probated Feb. 14, 1775. He appointed his son James executor and nam* 
cd his daughter Sarah Blish; son James; daughter Mary Hurd; daughter Mehitable Stewart; 
three grandchildren— Joceph Jenkins (a minor), Abigail Jenkins and Mary Jenkins; son Syl- 
vanus Stewart, and son Solomon Stewart "if living and he retum." Children, born in Barr.' 

Symboit and references: a number preceded by a da»h. as - 90, means refer to that p igr; means married, 
:- maritage intention, v marriage license, *- died, v buried. (T) Bible record, ^j church, Cij town, X' gravestone, 
») probate, (•) court, (?) land, (S) military, (?) pension, 'g) census, ® personal, (§> history. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


1 Sylvanus, Aug. 9, 1729; =E)cc. 16, 1756, Lydia LovcU 

2 Solomon, Jan. 27, 1731 

3 Desire, May 13, 1734; =May 16, 1758, Isaac Phinncy 

4 Sarah, Feb. 27, I736'7; =Jan. 25. 1761, Elijah Bliah 

s Remember, Oct. 14, 1739; =Dec. 9, 1762, Joseph Jenkins 

6 Mehitable, June 10, 1742: =Mar. 17, 1775, John Jones 

7 Mary, Ojt. 7, 174?; =Ndv. 23, 1769, Joseph Hurd of Harwich 

8 James, Sep. 11, 1748; "Nov. 26, 1775. Bathsheba Jones: she 2— 30^*91 Abi. Chadwick 

9 Levi, Aug. 26, 1753 [not mentioned in his father's will, 1774] 

Sylvanus- Stewart (James^), born Mar. 19, i7o6'7. in Sandwich, Mass., was living 
when his father made his will Dec. 26, 1723, but we have no further record of him. We find 
that a Sylvanus Stewart was a witness to the will dated June 14, 1748, of Elisha Howell of 
Southampton, Suffolk county. Long Island. John Morehouse, jr., of Southampton, in his will 
dated Jan. 4, 1760, bequeathed his personal property to his grandchildren Sylvanus, Silas, 
Ruth, Mehitable and Sarah Stuart. 

Lemuel-^ Stewart (Qamaliel,^ James^), born Dec. 29, 1725, in Sandwich, Mass., mar* 
ried in Wilton, Conn., Dec. 8, 1750, Rachel Landers. His family changed the spelling to StU' 
art. We have not yet deduced the proof but we are of the belief that this family moved to 
Red Hook, N. Y., after the Revolutionary war and a little later to Ballston, Saratoga county.® 
Lemuel Stewart bought land there June 5, 1772. Among his children we shall tentatively place : 

1 Lemuel 

2 James 

3 Gamaliel 

4 Joseph, Feb. 11. 1762, Norwalk, Conn.® Resided in Liberty, Union county, O., 1838 

Sylvanus^ Stewart {James,^ James^), bom Aug. 9, 1729, in Barnstable, Mass., marri- 
ed there De:. 16, 1756, Lydia Lovell. He was called yeoman in his will dated Mar. 20, 1786, 
probated Apr. 28, 1786, and named in it his wife Lydia; two daughters. Remember and Lydia; 
daughter Puella Lovell ; 8vx[l'\ sons, youngest son Sylvanus, under age. Children, born in 
Barnstable :®® 

1 Puella, Dec. 26, 1757 

2 Solomon, Oct. 7, 1759; --Dec. i8, 1788, Abigail Jenkins 

3 Remember, Feb. 6, 1762 

4 Lydia 

5 Sylvanus =Dec. 18, 1788, Polly Homer 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury^ Mass. — 144 


Otis Dexter*^ Stewart {Stephen,^ Daniel,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born July 
14, iSoo, in Walpole, N. H., married Sep. 20, 1823, Lydia Ann VanSickle of New Brunswick, 
N. J. He resided in New Brunswick and died Sep. 4. 1875. Children, born there: 

1 John S., June 20, 1824; =Sep. 9, 1853, Rovine N. M. DeHart 

2 Stephen, Nov. 6, 1825: -f May 27, 1826 

3 Edwin, July 6, 1828, New York City; =July 3, 1850, Mary Stout 

4 Mary Ann, Sep. 30, 1829: f Jan. 3, 1834 

5 Julia Ann, May 22, 1831: j-Dec. 26, 1833 

6 Charles A., Aug. 26, 1833: -f- 1889, St. Louis 

7 William Dexter, May 25, 1835; =May 25, 185S, Martha Quick, Port Jarvis, N. Y. 

8 Thomas Jefferson, Jan. 13, 1837: H-May 22, 1903, unmarried 

9 George Eldridge, Sep. 15, 1839: 1 young 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


10 Lydia Amanda, June 9, 1841; ^^Mar. 9, 1870, Rev. E. G. Ackerman 

11 Rensselaer Schuyler, Jan. 4. 1844; =Apr. 29, 1868, Kathcrine Wcstervclt 
Rensselaer Schuyler" Stewart (Stepherit^ Daniel,* Solomon,^ Jamesr Duncan^), 

born Apr. 18, 1807, in Walpole, N. H., married Sep. 14, 1830, Harriet Belding of Boston. He 
died Dec. 9, 1899, in Concord, Mass. Children born in Concord: 

1 Harriet Frances, June aj, 183 1; =Sep. 20, 1859, Dr. Albert Bailey 

2 Charles Henry, June 27, 1853 : -r Mar. 12, 1834 

3 Charlotte Henrie. Feb. 19, 1835; = July 27, 1854, Allen W. Dillingham 

4 Charles Emerson, June 9, 1838; =June 17. 1879, Eliza J. Jacobs 

5 Mary Belding, Aug. 24, 1840: unmarried 

6 Anna Wyman, May 28, 1845; —May 28, 1867. Cyrus T. Warren 

Dr. James" Steward (James,'^ Daniel,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born June — , 
1826. in Sterling, Mass., married (i) June 8, 1853, Sarah Jane French, in Chelsea. He married 
(2) May 24, 1868, Clara Ward of Brooklyn, N. Y. He died Nov. 30, 1891, in Arlington, Vt. 

1 Charles, Sep. 30, 1854: res. Gillham, Ark. 

2 Lila F., June 11, 1858; = Charles Adams Holbrook 

3 James, June 10, 1861 : res. Heavener, Indian Tcr. 

4 Arthur Collins M. D., res. Boston 

5 Frederick : + young 

iamea^ Steward (Jonathan,'^ William,* Solomon,^ James,^ Dunc^n^) , bom in 1794 in 
Bloorofield, Me., married (i) Rebecca Fish of Fairfield. She died at Skowhegan Mar. 21, 1873, 
aged 73. He married (2) Louisa Leavitt. He died at Skowhegan Jan. 2, 1878. No children. 

David" Steward (Jonathan,^ William,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born in 1798 in 
Skowhegan, Me., married Dec. 19, 1822, Eliza Merrick of Pittsfield and settled at Corinna. 
He was a minister, and preached at Corinna, Stetson and Newport. His wife died in Corinna 
Mar. 29, 1873, and he afterward married again. He died Apr. 6, 1884, aged 86, in Corinna, 
where his children were bom : 

1 David Dinsroore, Oct. 22, 1823; =Mar. 15, 1854, Aramitu Merrick of St. Albans 

2 Elizabeth, Jan. 4, 1825; =May 14, 1844, John Winchester of Corinna 

3 Levi Merrick, Dec. 10, 1827: 4 May 3, 1910, unmarried, Minneapolis, Minn. 

4 Charles Miller, Apr. 24, 1829: -hwhen a young college man on a trip in Australia 

Robert" Stewart {Samuel,^ Samuel* Robert,^ Ebenezer,- Duncan^), born May 16, 1781 , 
in Kingston, N. H., married Dec. 18, 1806, Abigail Eastman. Children: 

1 Almena, Jan. 11, 1808: -j-Mar. 4, 1820 

2 Ezekiel, May 24, 1809; = Emeline Newcomb 

3 Alfred M., Dec. 19, 1811; =Jan. 2, 1841, Lucy A. Jacobs 

4 Ruth E., Nov. 23, 1813; = John K. Gihnore: Bangor 

5 Josiah E., June 10, 181 5 

6 Abigail E., Apr. 14, 1817 

7 Almena, Sep. 7, 1822 

Nathaniel" Stewart (Samuel,^ Samuel,* Robert,^ Ehenezer,* Duncan^), bom in 1785 
in Kingston, N. H., married (i) Nov. 2, 1807, Hannah Collins; he married (2) Polly Adams. 
He died in Newport, Me., July 27, 1852, aged 67. Children: 

1 Dolly, Dec. --, 1807; -- Hiram Ordway 

2 Frederick ; 1= Gerry [or Berry]; (2), her sister 

3 Matilda. Apr. 23, 1814; = George W. D. Welch of Corinna 

4 Joseph r in the west 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


5 Moses ^in Iowa 

6 Nathaniel * in Ainsworth, Miss. 

7 Hannah : t in Illinois 

8 Sarah -^-in Michigan 

9 John 1824;= Emclinc Mills of Newport : ^ Jan. ao, 1898 

Capt. John" Stewart (Samuel'' Samuel,^ Robert,^ Ehenezer,^ Duncan^), born Feb. 18, 
1802, in Kingston, N. H., married Dec. 2, 1824, Phoebe Ordway. He died Aug. i, 1874, aged 
72 » in Newport. Me. Children: 

1 HollisJ. ;- Van Zant : Orono, Me. 

2 Charles policeman; Dorchester, Mass. 

3 Frank : - in New Hampshire; many years employee Quincy market 

4 Martha A. ; = Edwin Moore 

5 John 

6 William 

Richard*^ Stuart (Moses,*^ Stephen* Robert,^ Ehenezer,^ Duncan^), born in 1822, mar- 
ried Martha Lord of Berwick, Me. He died in 1891. Children: 

1 Warren W. ; = Ada Crowcll 

2 George W. ; = Mary Byrne 

3 Wilson M. ; = Vira R. Judkins 

4 Annie M. ; — C. C. Curtis of Dexter, Me. 

5 Charles -F. : -f young 

6 Herbert S. ; = Nettie Sanborn of Etna. Me. 

Benjamin" Stuart (Benjamin,^ Joseph,* Richard,^ Ebenezcr,^ Duncan^), born De;. 
25, 1791* in Sterling, Mass.. married first [intention Jan. 20, 1815] Eunice Mirick of Prince- 
ton, born Feb. 20, 1793, daughter of John and Lois (Hobbs) Mirick. She died Sep. 6, 185^, 
aged 63, in Sterling. He married second Mrs. Louisa (Brigham) Curtis. He was a farmer, 
cooper and chairmaker. He died in Sterling Mar. 18, 1868, and his widow died in East 
Princeton May 20. 1891, aged 88 years, 6 months and 24 days. Children, born in Sterling: 

1 Joseph Mirick, Aug. 2, 1815; = Irena H. Gould of F^stham 

2 Benjamin Sawyer, Mar. 16, 1818; 1=295*42 Harriet Smith, (2) 14^1 Mandana Houghton 

3 Eunice Emeline, Feb. 6, 1820; ^ Joseph P. Heywood 

4 John Hobbs, Oct. 15, 1823; - Feb. 20, 1845, Louisa L. Curtis, daughter of Jesse 

5 William Franklin 1826:-^ 1830 

6 George A. 1829: -f- 1830 

7 Ervin William, Cct. 17, 1831; =Oct. 10, 1850, Frances A. Sawyer of Waltham ; + 30,194 

8 Foster Edward, Mar. 22, 1834; =Jan. i, 1856, Abbie M. Locke of Athol: -t~i7lfi892 
Ralph Rice** Stuart [Benjamin,^ Joseph * Richard,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born Jan. 2. 

179?, in Sterling, Mass., married first [intention Apr. 26, 1816] Nancy Mirick of Princeton. 
He married (2) in 1832 Pamelia Osgood, born Jan. 30, 1800, daughter of Houghton and Rhoda 
(Titus Everett) Osgood. She died in Sterling Apr. 11, 1843. He married (3) Aug. 18, 1844. 
her sister. Polly Everett Osgood, born Oct. 29, 1797, in Princeton. He died in Sterling Nov. 
2, 1872, and she died there May 4, 1878. He was a farmer. Children, born in Sterling: 

1 Elisha M., Dec. — , 1816; = Sophia E. Heywood 

2 Clarimond William Reed 

3 Charles Rice, Feb. 28, 1819; =Dec. — , 1843, Oretta S. Chandler, Burlington, Vt.® 

4 Ebcne:er M. 1820; —June 16, 1844. Jane M. Houghton 

5 Nancy Rebecca, Cct. 9, 1833; =Apr. 21, 1859, Edwin S. Hammond, Ashburnham 

6 Crawford, Oct. 10. 1835; —Aug. 19, 1858, Charlotte Coburn: 4 July 13, 1893 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


7 Frederick, Oct. 7, 1837; = Sarah Eliza Brooks: Des Moines, la. 

8 Pamelia Osgood, Feb. 2, 1839; — Samuel Jcwctt: removed to Colorado 
6 Mary Augusta, Apr. 22, 1841 ; i = Edric Sawyer, (2) Byron Allen 

J<Meph^ Stuart (JosepK^ Joseph,* Richard/^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), bom Jan. 2. 178*, 
in Jaffrey, N. H., married May 5, 181 1, Sarah Tilton. He died May 16, 1853, in Londonderry, 
Vt. Children, the first one horn in Jaffrey, N. H.; the others, in Londonderry, Vt. : 

1 Otis Tilton, May 11. 1812; '- Mary Fletcher: -I-22JI1862, Springfield, Mo. 

2 Joseph Smith, Mar. 23, 1814: -|-Aug. 15, 1819, Londonderry 

3 Edwin Parker, Jan. i, 1816; =May — , 1841. Rosina T. Howard 

4 Mary, Aug. 12, 1818; —July 4, 1842, Newton R. Converse, Andover, Vt. 

5 Sumner, Dec. 31. 1820: -\ Feb. 27, 1852. on his way to California 

6 George W.. Mar. 20, 1823; =July 15, 1852, Mary Dinsmore Tilton, W. Boylstcn, Mass. 

7 Joseph, Feb. 5» 1826; = Lucy J. Burton of Andover, Vt. 

8 John, Dec. 7, 1828; " Mary L. Austin of Andover, Vt. 

9 Martha, Jan. 24, 1831 ; = Frank Smalley of Grafton, Vt. 
Benjamin^ Stuart (Joseph,^ JosepK* Richard,* Ebene?cr,* Duncan^), bom Apr. i, 

1791, in Jaffrey, N. H., married there Dec. 23, 1812, Susan Thompson. Children: 

1 Alva, May 18, 1814: -f young 

2 Benjamin, May 10, 1816; = Almira Smith 

3 Alva, Mar. 9, 1818; =--- Roxanna Stuart 

4 Albert Smith, July 26, 1826: drowned July 29, 1849, unmarried, Twinsburg, O. 

5 Gilbert, June 26, 1828: -I- July 13, 1867, unmarried 

6 Susan, Feb. 23, 1830; =Mar. 11, 1848. Peter Kleesberger 

7 Eliza, Oct. 29, 1833; = Noah Brown 

Enc»ch^ Stuart (Paul,^ Jeremiah * Richard,^ Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), bom Mar. 17, 1791, 
in Winchendon, Mass., married Sep. 14, 1817, Olive Bowen, daughter of Reuben Bowen cf 
Richmond, N. H. He died Oct. 28, 1818, aged 27, and administration on his estate was grant' 
ed Apr. 30, 1819, to his father, Paul Stuart. Child, born in Richmond: 
I Ohve Bowen, Aug. 2, 18 18 • 

John<^ Stuart (John,^ Jeremiah,* Richard,* Ebenezer,'^ Duncan^), bom May 16, 1804, 
in Winchendon, Mass., married Martha Drury of Franconia, N. H. Children: 

1 Elvira 

2 George 

3 Ira Coggswell, Mar. 16, 1831, Franconia; =Nov. 17, 1853. Ir«ne H. Harlow 

4 David, Jan. 26, 1833, Landaff; =Nov. 23, 1856, Sarah A. Mitchell: -f-ii2'98 Pembroke 

5 Vienna, Nov. — , 1834, Landaff: - Nov. 27. 185 1, Ora Newton Belknap, Duxbury, Mass. 

6 Cyrus, May 25, 1839, Landaff; = Ann E. Cutting: t 9jf 71, Northfield, Mass. 

Frederick^ Stuart {John,^ Jeremiah,* Richard,* Ebenezer,^ Duncan^), born June 24, 
1806. in Franconia, N. H., married July 4, 183 1, Father (Doanc) Rider. He was a cooper, and 
lived in Wareham and Rochester, Mass. He died Apr. 14. 1876, in Rochester, and his widow 
died Apr. 21, 1889. Children, bom in Wareham, Mass.: 

1 Roserra C. Oct. 6, 1832 

2 Hiram Franklin, Mar. 9, 1838; Mary J. Tripp: -*-8ep. 10, 1889 

3 Frederick Augustus, Apr. 2, 1840; =Dec. 10, 1865, MahaJa Haskins 

4 John W., July 4, 1842: f June 18, 1843 

5 Esther Ordelia, Feb. 20, 1844: ^ Sep. 25, 1844 

6 John W.. July 15, 1845: I Jan. 15. 1868 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


7 Henry Morton, Sep. 19, 1847; =Jan. 9, 1865, Addic Bradford Gurncy 

S Esther Ordclia, Nov. 1, 1851 : f Feb. 1, 1857 

9 Esther OrdeHa, Dec. 13, 1857: 4 Apr. 7, 1861 
Cyrus'^ Stuart i John,^ Jeremiah,* Richard,^ Ebenezer,' Duncan^), horn Apr. — . 181 1, 
married Pamey C. Carey, born Feb. 13, i8ai, in Troy, Vt. She died Feb. 9, 1879, in Ware- 
ham, Mass., and he died there Aug. 7, 1883, aged 7a years and 4 months. Children: 

I JohnP., Jan. 18, 1839; -h 1840 

1 Andrew M., Aug. 9, 1840: -1-Mar. 27, 1863, unmarried, in Wareham 

3 Susan F., Aug. 25, 1842, East Wareham; =Nov. 26, 1862, Hiram Bryant, Wareham 
Benjamin^ Stewart (Benjamin,^ Samuel* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Duncan^), born Aug. 
16, 1802, in Wells, Me., married first [intention Nov. 13, 1830] Sarah Emery. She died May 
27, 1847, in Wells. He married second [intention Oct. 6, 1847] Mary Emerson of Wakefield. 
N. H. Children, recorded in Wells, Me. :® 

1 Forrest Emery. Jan. 2, 1832 

2 Maria, Feb. 9, 1833 

3 Arvilla, May 20, 1834 

4 Pamelia D., Mar. 16, 1836 

5 Ann Elizabeth, May 18, 1838 

6 Benjamin Franklin, May 18, 184Q 

7 Samuel, May 8, 1843 

Daniel^ Stewart (Daniel,* EUjah,* Samuel,"^ Samuel;^ Duncan^), baptized Oct. 5, 1785. 
in Wells, Me., married Feb. 2, 1816, Sarah Tcbbetts. Children, bom in Wells: 

1 Ircna, Sep. 7, 1817 

2 Jacob A., Dec. 9, 1819 

3 Sarah H., Aug. 16, 1826 

John^ Stewart (Daniel,^ EHjah,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Duncan^), bom Apr. 18, I'jgq 
[baptized May 8, 1799], in Wells, Me., married Feb. 24, 1824, Abigail Stevens. He died Dec. 
5, 1854. Children, the first three born in Wells; the others, in Chcsterville : 

1 Martha Ann, Oct. 3, 1826; = George H. Rogers 

2 Rufus, Aug. 8, 1829; =Jan. i, 1856, £Jatherine J. Spinney of Eliot 

3 Elizabeth, Feb. 28, 1832; =Nov. i, 1853, Joseph A. Littlefield of Wells 

4 Evander, Nov. i, 1835: +1887, Biddeford 

5 Phebe Abigail, Apr. 15, 1837: -|-Dec. 2, 1862, aged 24 

6 Lyman Loring, Sep. 30, 1841 : -f-Nov. 8, 1864, in a Confederate prison in Georgia 
John^ Stewart (Elijah,^ Elijah,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Duncan^), baptized Mar. 11, 1797, 

in Wells, Me., married Jan. 22, 1818, Jerusha Card, daughter of Wentworth Card of York. 
He was called ''John, senior," to distinguish him from John, son of Daniel."' He died in Wells 
June 21, 1859 [1858®], and his widow died there Nov. 19, 1867. Children, born m Wells: 

1 Elijah, Dec. 30, 1818: 4 May 3, 1830, aged 12 

2 Deborah, Dec. 22, 1821; : Nov. 21, 1839, Cotton Chase of York 

3 Joseph, May 11, 1824: -hOct 27, 1846 

4 Ezra Haskell, July 5, 1825; = Sep. 25, 1852, Helen M. Smith of Rockport 

5 Moses, Dec. 13, 1827; =Feb. 14, 1869, Almira Ann Stuart: ^Apr. 5, 1906 

6 Lydia, Apr. 17, 1830: ^ young 

7 Jerusha Card, Nov. 28, 1833; — ^ Enoch Treadwell: Hiram, Me. 

8 Francis Winchester, Nov. 10, 1837; ~Aug. 8, 1859, Lucenia Smith, Rockport 

Georiie^ Stewart (Asa,-^ Elijah,* Samuel\ Samuel,^ Duncan^), born Apr. i, 1P05, 
:n Wells, Me., married in June, 1829, Louisa Witham, bom in Sanford, Me., daughter of John 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


And Polly (Gctchcll) Witham. He was a farmer, and resided in district 6 in Wells. Children, 
born there : 

1 Mary Getchell, Oct. i6, 1829; = George Thompson of South Berwick 
a George Stuart, Jan. 5, i8ja: t Aug. 15. 1857, ^g^^ ^4 

3 Joshua Getchell. June 7, 1834 ■ ' resided in Lanesville, Mass. 

4 Asa, Apr. 9, 1836 : called *'the third'': t Mar. 10, 1891 

5 Almira Ann. Mar. 4, 1841 ; =Feb. 14, ^869, Mos?s' Stuart (John,* Elijah,* Elijah^) 

6 Louisa Jane, June 24, 1843 : f young 

Asa** Stewart (Asa,* Elijah,* SamiAcl^, Samuel,^ Duncan^), bom Aug. 4, 18 19, in Wells, 
Me., married May 6, 1845, Emily Maximilia Cheney, bom June 25, 1824, in Chesterville, Me., 
daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth (Gowen) Cheney. She died in Lancaster, N. H., and he died 
Jan. 3, 1903, in West Stewartstown, N. H. Children: 

t Ellen Alfaretta, Mar. i, 1846, Portsmouth, N. H.; =111870, Sidney A. Rich: +2iJ'84 

2 Mary Elizabeth, Apr. 21, 1848, Guildhall, Vt. 

*• 3 Edwin Ruthven, Jan. 30, 1850: res. Lancaster, N. H.: -j-Apr. 14, 1902 

4 Charles Henry. Oct. 30, 1852, Guildhall, Vt.: -^ Feb. 18, 1862 [field 

5 Emily Maximilia, May 30, 1855, Guildhall, Vt.; =io5"i888, William Johnston^ Spring' 

To be continued 

Stewarts of East Haddam^ Conn. — 143 

Public Records and Family Minuscripts 

Joseph^ Steward (John,^ John,^ Alexander^), bom June 23, 1755, in East Haddam, 
Conn., was a soldier in the Revolution. He married Anna Harvey.® He died in East Had' 
dam Apr. iS, 1823, aged 68. We have no record of his family but presume that one of his 
children was: 

I Joseph, June 27, 1787; =July 14, 1807, Fanny Chandler, East Haddam 
John^ Stewart (Jo/in,' Johnr Alexander^), born in 1762® in East Haddam, Conn., 
was a soldier in the Revolution.® "After the war he removed to the western part of the 
state, and later into Massachusetts; finally, about 1800 or 1802, to Frankfort, Herkimer coun' 
ty, N. Y," where he applied for a pension Sep. i, 1832. We know nothing of his family. 
"Was he the John Stewart who married Amah Underwood and whose brother Silas, married her 
,Mster Esther? 

William^ Stewart (Nathdrxt^ WiUiarrij^ Alexander^) is given on page 55. 
' ' Samuel* Stewart* (SamuelJ^ William,^ Alexander^), born in 1784 in Poultncy, Vt., 
married (1) Rebecca Leach. He was a soldier in the War of 1812 and for his service received 
a bcxinty of 120 acres of land in Iowa. He married (2) Sarah Watson, born in 1798 in New 
York state,® daughter of John and Molly (Wright) Watson. He was Hving in Granville, 
Washington county, N. Y., in 1850,® where his wife Sally died Jan. 30, i860,® aged 61, and 
he died Jan. 5, 1864. Children:® 

; Mar. 3, 1828, Almon Hart, Middletown, Vt.® 
1820; 4 unmarried 

; = Dexter Bellows 

1823, Granville; — Harriet Cavanaugh 

F= Rocclla Kilbom: had son William* 

1828; = John Mecomber 

, 1833; =C>ct. 30, 1S53, Reuben Hamblet: ^ Oct. 20, 1916, aged 83 
1841; Benjamin F. Wait: ^ July 25, 1894, aged 54 

•From data in ihc Mrs. Jennie F. Stewart collcct.on and records furnished by G. A G )oJjpceJ. 





Cyril Leach 





Sarah, Feb. 10 



Digitized by VjOOQ 


Thcmias^ Stewart (Bias* Thomas,^ Alexander^) and his brothers Joshua, Daniel. 
William, Edmund and Solomon are given on pages iii and 112 and their descendants will be 
given, where known, in the following generation in regular order. 

To be continued 


J. Adger Stewart of Highland Park, Ky., has sent us a (^ted chart of his ancestry, based 
on recollections of his grandfather, John Lewis^ Stewart, who was bom Sep. 19, 1810, in York 
district. S. C. The earliest known ancestor was ALEXANDER* STEWART of Londonderry, 
Ireland, who was married twice. By his first wife he had three sons — John, Samuel and Joseph 
— and some daughters. By his second wife, the widow Calhoun, the sons were William, Ar^ 
chibald and Alexander. The sons all came to America before the Revolution, John, the eld • 
est, coming many years before the others and settling at Lancaster, Pa.; he was clerk of the 
court of Lancaster: **and all the rest, when they came to America, came there and suyed some 
years, after which all except John and his family emigrated to York, S. C.** 

J. S. Bums of Coraopolis, Pa., published a "History of the Stewart Family of Western 
Pennsylvania** in 191 2, a copy of which was recently presented us by Mrs. C. C. Bovey of 
Minneapolis, a descendant of Alexander Steward of Marlborough, Mass. The history deals 
with the descendants of James^ Stewart (John,* Samuel,' Robert,* John*)* bom Apr. 15. 1754, 
in Dauphin county. Pa., who married Aug. 25, 1779, Margaret McCowan [or McEwen] and 
settled in Findlay township, Allegheny county. Pa. Mr. Bums tells us in a letter dated Apr. 
9, 1915, that the McEwens and Stewarts hold a reunion every year, with an attendance run* 
ning as high as 175. Samuel,' bom in 1698, and his brother Hugh' came from Ireland. 

Our little **speech** last month called forth many replies, and we wish we had larger 
space so we could publish things from our readers. Col. John T. Stewart of St. Paul writes: 
"'According to your way of figuring 1 should read the magazine for at least 27 years. My fa- 
ther lived to be 85, and my mother was 89 in February. My sister *s son is just completing 
his plebe year at West Point. . ." George H. Steward of Rutland, Vt., says: **I have been 
listening in to the speech you made in the June issue. I do not know how much I owe on my 
subscription, so am enclosing check for $3 to continue. 1 prize this magazine very highly and 
have them carefully preserved.** Frank M. Stuart of South Milwaukee, Wis., assistant post' 
master, finds time with all his duties to look over the magazine, and writes the kind of letters 
that makes a' fellow wish he could know him and pal around with him. Herbert W. Denio of 
the Vermont Historical society at Montpelier writes: '*Here goes a dollar. Tve just read the 
last paragraph of no. la, vol. 3, and a word to the wise — . It's good stuff: keep on with it. I 
hope you will live to 1968: 1 can't expect to — I'm 65 already.** Horace Dickerman of New 
Haven reminds us that his mother is in her 84th year and his father is almost 89. **Both my 
grandmothers lived to be 86 and an earlier ancestor cleared 100. I was bom in 1866 and in- 
vite you to dine with me June 8, 1966.** That will be the cow*s umbrella, Dick, and if our 
great-grandchildren aren't sick we*ll get in our aeroflash and be with you. 


24. Harriet J. Steward was born Dec. 29. 1820. and married in Ambo/. N. Y.. Oct. 5. 1839. Smith 
Park. She died July 13. 1862, at Ambor. Who were her parenu? h/ln. William H. Mantfield. 56 Ring at., 
Putnam, Conn. 

25. Archibald Stewart waa the father of Thomaa, the father of Jamea Stewart, a merchant of Liberty 
county. Ga.. according to my great-aunt, who learned it from her mother, a daughter of James. James married 
about 1795 Sarah Elizabeth Mann of Bryan cnunty. Ga., and had a son Josiah and a daughter Sarah Elizabeth, 
bom Nov. 12. 1799, who married Jan. 28, 1818. William H. Mell. Does anybody know anything about Archi- 
bald or Thomas? Mrs. J. W. (Ethel MsU) Rice, 207 Westminster drive, AtlanU. Ga. 

26. Jam«a Stewart* my great-grandfather, was born Feb. 4. 1771, and died Dec. 9, 1843. according to 
his gravestone in the cemetery at Liverpool, Dauphin county. Pa. His brother David was born Dec. 12. 1793, 
and died July 22. 1864.0 It is said that he also had brothers Samuel and Charles in Ohio, and a sister Mrs. 
Mary Nafe. in Rochester. Ind. Was the father of James a Revolutionary soldier? Miss Puera B. Robison. 
Centenary Collegiate institute, Hacketutown, N. J. 

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Editor: George Thomas Exlson, Filley, Nebraska 
Monthly Associate Editor- Horace W. Dickerman, 685 Forest Road. New Haven, Conn. $1 a year 


Stewarts of Blandford* Mass* 

There is a tradition in this family that one James' Stewart came from Scotland* early in 
the i8th century with his wife and ten children, and that all died on shipboard but James and 
an adopted daughter, whom he afterward married and by whom he had five sons. We all 
know that traditions are likely to be deceptive, but we record this one as given by Mrs. Ed 
S. Roberts of Avard, Okla., and will start our story with the two brothers :t 

1 John 

2 Walter 

John* Stewart probably came from Ireland with the immigrants of I7i8,t and tarried 
awhile in Londonderry, N. H., whence he went to Boxford, Mass., and bought a farm. He 
lived near the adjoining towns of Andover and Bradford (now included in Haverhill), where it 
is presumed that his first wife died. Later he joined his brother Walter in Hopktnton, and 
there on May 20, 1733, he married Sarah Bell. He was a blacksmith, and sold Aug. 11, 1737, 
to Peter Luce of Boston, merchant, for £300 a lease of 99 years and 8 acres of meadow. He 
then removed to Blandford, a Scotch'! rish settlement called New Glasgow, in the western 
part of the state, in company with others from Hopkinton who had seceded from the church.§ 
He was a selectman in Blandford in i742'3, 1744, 1745 and 1747. He died in Suffield, and his 
will of July 27, 1747, mentions his wife Sarah; to son James, executor, "my home place in 
Blandford, and he is to pay (a certain sum) to my daughter Mary and little daughter Rachel 
when she comes of age to choose her guardian ; to son John, 60 acres in Blandford ; to son Rob' 
ert Black, and to son William.'' Walter, Margaret and William Stewart were witnesses to 
the will. The appraisal was made Oct. 13, 1747 [Hampshire county probate, box 142. no. 21]. 

1 William ; =Mar. 3, 1736. Abigail Stanley, Boxford 

2 John ; == Eliwbeth Brodner, Goshen. N. Y. 

3 James, bp. Mar, 18, 172 1-2, Bradford®; = Jane ■ • 

4 Sarah, bp. 1722, Boxford®: -j-young 

5 Mary, bp. Apr. 5, 1724, Boxford® 

6 Sarah, bp. Apr. — , 1729, Boxford®; — Robert Black 

7 Rachel ; =Oct. 25, 1759. John Scott, Blandford 
Walter* Stewart settled first at Londonderry, N. H. Walter Stewart of Londonderry 

married in Boxford, Mass., July 18, 1722, Grisel Crombie, according to the records of the First 
Congregational church in East Boxford. He baptized his two children there — Paul on Apr. 
14, 1723, and Margaret on Apr. — , 1725 — and for a time resided in Bradford, for on Apr. 7, 
1727, * 'Walter Steward, late of Londonderry but now of Bradford,'' sold lot no. 125 in Chester 
to Benjamin Kimball [Deeds, Concord, N. H.]. He removed to Hopkinton, where he and his 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as —90. means refer to that page; > - means married, 
: maniage intention. + marriage license, + died. X buried, (D Bible record, (D church, ® town, gravestone, 
i) probate, court, ® land, ® military, ® pension. (^ census, (g> personal. (^ history. 

*James Stewart of Parish Aghamsunshew married Jan. 17, 1783. Margaret Ramsey of Templemore.® 

tThere were probably others in this family, and one of them perhaps was William Stewart of Lunenburg, 
Mass., who married there Nov. 10, 1736, Margaret Sanderson and later removed to Peterboro. N. H. 

^This was the opinion of George Sawin Stewart, the eminent authority on New England Stewarts. 

{On Apr. 9, 1732, the church at Hopkinton voted the accepunce of the Cambridge platform, which gave 
great offense to the Scotch Presbyterians, and James Montgomery. Robert Cook, William Henry, Walter Stew- 
art, Robert Huston, John Hamilton, Robert Barrett and others absented themselves from communbn and lat- 
er organized a new church. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


wife united with the Congregational church and' recorded the births of their children. Cn 
Oct. 14. 1737, Walter Steward, late of Hopkinton. Middlesex county, now of Glasgow [Bland- 
ford], Hampshire county, husbandman, sold to Peter Luce of Boston, merchant, for t'joo a 
lease for 99 years and 5 acres of meadow, acknowledged in Boston [I, part 2, p. 54» Middlesex 
deeds]. The same year he bought 200 acres in Blandford, and was selectman in 1749* i75i 
and 1751. In 1742 he was road overseer for the "North End," and in 1760 was constable for 
the '*North End."" He was among the lawful voters listed Jan. -J, 1760, ^nd among the pew- 
holders recorded May 28, 1760.* The last record we have of him was when he deeded his 
land to his son Paul in 1769 [viii: 737]. Children recorded in Hopkinton, the first two having 
been bom in Boxford : 

1 Paul, Mar. 23, 1723 ; = Jerusha 

2 Margaret, Apr. 4, 1725; =Jan. 4, 1753, Samuel Fcrgusont 

3 William, Apr. 18, 1729: -} Sep. 16, 1757, in his 27th year, Blandford.0 Soldier, i756'7- 
X 4 Solomon, Apr. 15, 1733; —Apr. 13, 1758, Sarah McConaghcy 

To be continued 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury* Mass. — 151 


Joseph^ Stuart (Joseph,'^ Wentworth,* Joseph,^ SamueU^ Duncan}), bom July 1 , 1780, 
in Gorham, Me., married [intention Nov. 2, 1805] Nancy Lombard of Gorham. Children, 
born at Harrison, Me.: 

1 Fanny, Aug. 8, 1806; =Dec. 2, 1824, Merrill Skillings 

2 Samuel, Apr. 9, 1809; =Apr. 17, 1832, Hannah D. Hall 

^1 Joshua B., Mar. 14, 1811; i=Oct. 5, 1834, Caroline Hicks, (2) Lydia J. R. BuUcn 
4 , Abigail, May 3, 1813: -[unmarried 

^ <% George Walker - ,; = Mary Ann Sargent 

6 Esther, Feb. 20, 1817; =Mar. 18, 1838, Isaac Bonney of Otisfield 

7 Achsah, F^b. 20, 1819, =Mar. 15, 1852, John D. Burbank of Gorham 

8 .E^ily^ Nutting, May 14, 1821 ; =Nov. 21, 1844, William Chute 

9 Calista Bra^kett ; =Nov. 9, 1847, Samuel F. Pitts of Naples 

10 Francis ;= Abigail Bullen of Norway: +253*63, soldier 

11 Lydia G., Aug. i, 1827; —Oct. 15, 1849, William Brigham 

12 Amos, Mar. 19, 1830; 1= Mason, (2) Larabee 

13 Joanna, Aug. 20, 1832; = Washington Chaplin of Naples 
Wentwprth^ Stuart (Joseph,'^ Wtntworthf* Joseph,^ Samtiel,^ Duncan^), bom Sep. 

26, 1791, in Gorham, Me., married (i) Apr. 24, 1814, Mercy Hall, born Jan. 31, 1796, in Gor- 
ham, daughter of Isaac and Anna (Whitney) Hall. She died Oct. 29, 1843. aged 47, at Harri' 
son. He married (2) May 26. i84fs, Sar^h H. Knight. He died Miy 27, 1862, at Harrison. 
Child I en, born there: , 

1 Moses Hall, Nov. 13, i8?6:. -hAug. 31. 1840, unmarried 

2 Benjamin S., Aug. 28, 1818: -l-Scp. 20, 1820 

3 Charles Edward, Oct^ 9, 1821; =Oec. 3, 1854, Lydia Twomblcy 

4 Maria, June ?, 1824; =Feb. — , 1844, Francis C. Chute of Otisfield 

•Many records in thit wArk were Riven us by Rev. S. G. Wood of Winchester. N. H., for many years past- 
or at Blandford and author of a valuable history of the town. 

+The vital records of Blandford have not been published, and we acknowledge our gratitude to Mrs. Jessie 
A. Porter of Springfield for an abstract of all Stewart references laboriously taken for us from the original town 

^Walter may have had childreo born after he removed to Blandford. The record* of the town meetings 
begin Mar. U. 1741-2. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


5 Charlotte, Apr. ii, 1828; -June 28, i860, Thomas Grace of Caaco 

6 Laura Jane, July 16, 1835; =Mar. 11, i86o, Henry Kilgore of Waterford 
Solomon* Stuart (Joseph,^ Went%Aforth* JosepK^ SamtieU^ Duncan^) ^ bom Apr. 22, 

1796, in Gorham, Me., married in Harrison June 19, 1817, Mary Hall of Gorham, bom Oct. 
16, 1798, daughter of Isaac and Anna (Whitney) Hall. He died Feb. 19, 1868, in Harrison, 
where his children were bom : 

1 Mary Ann, Nov. 6, 181 8; = John Lombard 

2 Major P., Aug. 17, 1820; = Octavia Weston 

J Isaac H., Apr. 22, 1822; = Elizabeth Hall of Chelsea 

4 Hannah, Mar. 3, 1825; i— Sumner Hancock, (2) Nathan Decker 

5 Joseph Phinney, Sep. — , 1829: -f Apr. — , 1830 

6 Joseph Wentworth 183 1 : -h 1831 

7 Wyatt Turner, Nov. 18, 1835 ; = Lucy Andrews of Harrison 

Joslah AMen* Stuart (Joseph,^ Wentworth,* Joseph,^ Samtiel,* Duncan^), bom Apr. 
20, 179S, in Gorham, Me., married Apr. 24, 1825, Miriam Rich of Harrison. He died Dec. 19, 
1868, at Harrison, where his children were bora: 

1 Amanda Malvina, Apr. 20, '26; i=i7Ji >o Randolph Sturgis, (2) i7Ji 71 John Anderson 

2 Benjamin R., Nov. 20, 1827; =Feb. 8, 1871. Mary Ellen Haskell 

3 Clementine Augusta, Nov. 22, 1829; 1= Hayes, (2) Samuel Edgerly 

4 John W., July 7, 1831 : -|-May 6, 1863, soldier in Civil war 

5 Josiah A., Mar. 23, 1833 - -fMay 28, 1903, Sundance, Wyo. 

6 Lucretia A., Oct. 16, 1835; = Reuben Dunn of Poland, Me. 

7 Evelyn Ingalls, Nov. 5, 1837; =Nov. 4, 1857, Joseph Lamoine Libby of Paris, Me. 

8 Clara B., May 29, 1840; = Payson Stanley 

9 Martha M., Feb. 27, 1842: +Sep. 22, 1844 

10 Moses H., Apr. 10, 1843; =Oct. 25, 1871, Cornelia S. Rowe: Orchard. la. 

11 Charles Dexter, July 24, 1845; =Sep. 10. 1869, Catherine L. Brackett 
Wentworth<^ Stuart (WentwortK^ WentwortK* Joseph,^ Samuel^ Duncan^), bom 

Feb. 6, 1791, in Sundish, Me., married there Mar. 21, 181 5, Patience Thomas. He was a sol' 
dier in the War of 181 2, and died in Bridgeton, Me. Children: 

1 Ann S., Oct. 7. 1817; = Andrew Brown of Castine 

2 Wentworth 1820 tailor, res. Windsor, Vt. 

3 Martha S. 1823;= Robert Clark 

4 Thomas F., Apr. 4, 1824, East Raymond: +Mar. 31, 1827 

5 Edmund T., July 20, 1825 ; ~ Jane Lymburner of Brooksville 

6 Rosanna 1832;= Joseph Swan of Everett. Mass. 

James Grant* Stuart (WentwortK^ Wentworth,* Joseph,^ Sam^el^ Duncan^), bom 
Apr. 20, 1805, in Standish, Me., married (i) Julia M. Brown of Brownsficld. He married (2) 
Aug. 18, 1862. Mary A. (Currier) Robertson. He died May 9, 1879, in North Brookfield. 
Mass. Children: 

1 Arabella, Aug. 24. 1829: -fMay 11, 1831, Brownsfield 

2 Elizabeth Osgood, Apr. 13, 183 1; = H. F. Lord 

3 Arabella, Apr. 13, 1833; = E. T. Cotton 

4 Rosanna Higgins, June 6. 1835; --- J. M. Cotton 

5 Alonzo, Apr. 21, 1837: -t 1853, Brownsfield 

6 Lyman, Nov. 6, 1839: + 1894, Mexico 

7 Horace Moulton, June — , 1842; = Ellen Jason 

8 Alvira Moulton, Dec. 25, 1844; = Clement Perkins 


Digitized by VjOOQ 



9 James William, Apr. 13, 1847; = Lucy E. Tirrell 

10 Walter Herbert, Feb. 22, 1850; 1= Ellen O'Brien, (2) I>elcina Winchell 

. 11 Jpgeph Leroy, Mar. 11, 1857 

12 Charles S., Aug. 21, i86j. Brownsfield 

13 Mary Ella. Oct. 22, 1866, Brownsfield 

To be continued 

Stewarts of East Haddam. Conn. —152 

Mr. Elmore L. Brooks, author of the Georgia Family in America, has kindly lent us a 
typewritten History of the Stilson. Baldwin and Stewart Families, written by Chester N. Stil' 
son, now deceased. Mr. Stilson was a son of Asahel Baldwin Stilson and grandson of Cyren* 
ius Stilson of Meredith, N. Y. Cyrenius Stilson was the son of Nathan Stilson. bom Oct. 14, 
1746, in New Milford, Conn., who married there Jan. 29, 1771, Elisabeth' Stewart (James,* 
Alexander'), born July 17, 1751; she died July 26, 1820, in Delaware county, N. Y. From 
this history we are able to add data to the record of James^ Stewart, as published on page 21 of 
the Stewart Clan Magazine : 

James^ Stewart (Alexander^) and wife Keziah Scoville [or Scofield] had the following 
children, all but the eldest bom in East Haddam: 

1 Mary, bp. Apr. 30, 1738, Voluntown; =Feb. 25, 1752, Jonathan Chapman, East Haddam 

2 James 1740; =Mar. 24, 1763, Rhoda Graves 

3 Lemuel 1742; = Lydia Giddings 

4 Nathaniel ; = Sarah Brownson 

5 Elizabeth, July 17. 1751; =Jan. 29, 1771, Nathan Stilson 

6 Samuel, bp. Nov. 11, 1753; = Mary Keadivick 

7 Lydia, bp. May 15, 1757; =Dec. 9, 1772, John Draper, New Milford 

8 Esther = James Cone 

To be continued 


Dr, Franci? Edward Stewart of Philadelphia took part in a unique ceremony recently 
(June) at the presentation of a cornerstone for the Hall of the Stewarts, a new building at the 
Flora Macdonald College for Girls in Red Springs, N. C. The stone was cut from the royal 
quarry at Balmoral castle and the inscription reads: 'This tablet of granite from Balmoral was 
gifted by His Majesty King George V to the Stewart Society for presentation to the Flora 
Macdonald College, in memory of a Scottish heroine, as another link between Britain and Am* 
erica. I745'i925.** Dr. Stewart prefaced a very interesting speech with the remarks, *'His 
excellency, Sir Esme Howard, British ambassador representing his majesty, the king, having 
presented the Flora Macdonald memorial to the Stewart society, it becomes my duty as accred' 
ited representative of the Stewart society to present it to the Flora Macdonald college I 
therefore take pleasure in handing over this beautiful tablet to his excellency, Angus Wilton 
McLean, governor of North Carolina and president of the board of trustees.'' We regret 
that we cannot reproduce Dr. Stewart's speech in full nor at present print an account of the 
life of Flora Macdonald and her heroism in helping Prince Charles Stewart escape from Scot' 
land after the defeat of his army in 1746. 


27. WUUam Stewart and wife Ann Park are supposed to have left Ireland in 1762. Did they settle 
in Pennsylvania? What was his father's name? His son's name was James; married Mary McCallen. Did 
he live in Westmoreland county. Pa.? Francis W. Stewart, Princston, III. Refer to query 22. 

28. Archibald Stuart married Jane Brown, sister of Rev. John Brown of Augusta county. Va. He 
was from Ireland and settled first in Pennsylvania. His daughter Eleanor married Apr. 24. 1744. Edward Hall 
in Augusta county; Thomas, born in Ireland, married Elizabeth Howe; Benjamin, born in Pennsylvania; Alex- 
ander married Mary Patterson. I have the line from Archibald down to the present but lack the records con- 
necting him with the Stuarts of Scotland. Dr. Alexander M. Stuart, Erwin. Tenn. 

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SF-P^: 192b 



Editor: George Thomas Edson, Filley, Nebraska 

Monthly Associate Editor- Horace W. Dlckcrman. 685 Forest Road. New Haven. Conn. $\ a year 


Stewarts of Blandford* Mass. — 154 

William^ Stewart (John^) came from Hopkinton with his father and uncle Walter in 
1737 and bought land in Glasgowtown [Deeds, 1:481]. He drew one of the "boys' lots'" in 
the northerly end of the home'lot section in the first division, 20 or 40 acres, the ordinary 
home'lot being 60; and in the second division he drew lot no. 4, west. He was of Suffeld 
when Walter and John Stewart and he signed the petition of James Wilson and others, dated 
Apr. 6, 1741. Walter and Paul and he signed the petition of Samuel Boies and other inhabit' 
ants of Blandford, dated Apr. 18, 1752, asking for the privilege of holding a town meeting 
[Mass. archives, 116:182]. He was a resident of Goshen, Orange county, N. Y., a house car' 
penter, in 1754 when he and his brother John authorized their brother James to sell their land 
in Blandford. As yet we have learned nothing of his family. Some of the children attribut' 
ed to James' may have been children of William. A William Stewart married in Blandford 
Oct. I, 1771, widow Janet Campbell.® 

John^ Stewart (Jofin*) settled in Goshen, N. Y., with his brothers William and James. 
He married Elizabeth Brodner, daughter of the first regular preacher in Goshen:® her father 
"eloped with the daughter of a French nobleman named Colville, residing in Edinburgh, Scot' 
land, a Huguenot fugitive." John Stewart was a blacksmith, and made his will Aug. 16, 1770, 
naming as executors his brother'in'law John Brodner, his wife Elizabeth and son John; the wit' 
ne-ises were Daniel Everett, James Steward and Silas Steward. He Hved in Goshen, and own' 
ed land in Ulster county [Albany county, N. Y., probate, 27:368]. Children:® 

1 John ; = Mary Young: patriot in Revolution 

2 Colville ; = Anna Brown 

3 Asa 

4 Nathan, Nov. 6, 1758; =Jan. 27, 1784, Anne Morton, Blandford: Revo, soldier® 

5 Mary = Hannibal M. Hopkins 

6 Elizabeth = Thomas Caldwell 

7 Eunice -- Benjamin Carpenter 

8 Gilbert =Dcc. 19, 1799, Millicent Smith, Albany 

James^ Stewart (Jo/in^), baptized Mar. i8, i72i'2, in Bradford, Mass., married Jane 
He was executor of his father's will in 1747 and inherited the home place in 

Blandford. He settled in Goshen, Orange county, N. Y., before 1754, when he, acting for his 
brothers William and John, sold land in Blandford. He bought Oct. 16, 1765, land in Goshen, 
patent of Wawayanda, from Stephen Ryder of Westchester. He was a signer of the Revolut' 
lonary war pledge in Goshen in 1775, with Silas, James and Joseph, and was a member of the 
committee of safety. He died in Stewarttown, Orange county, in 1811.® Children: 

1 James 

2 Silas 

3 Luther 1752;!= (2) Keziah Carpenter® 

4 Joseph 

5 Mo5e5, Feb. — , 1757, = Peggy : Revo, soldier 

6 Jesse, Jan. 16, 1759 : Revo, soldier 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as - 90, means refer to that pig**; means married, 
:- roaniage intention, •!• marriage license, + died. ^' buried, ® Bible record, (|) church, (J) town, ^i gravestone. 
'»> probate, (•; court, (Y) land, ® military, (•) pension. @ census, ® biography, ^ history, @ D. A R. 

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Paul'* Stewart (Walter^), bom Mar. 23, 1713, in Boxford, Mass., married Jcrusha 
(Spenser?). In 1749 Paul Stewart of SuflEeld bought land in Blandford, where he spent the 
greater part of his life. He was in a list of pewholders May 18, 1760, and in 1778 was a cred' 
itor with Spenser Stewart to the estate of William Henry; and he, his son Calvin and William 
Gilmore made a deed of land to the minister, with love as the consideration. In 178a he deed- 
ed land to his son Calvin. In 1790 he appears in the first census with himself and his wife 
the only members of the family, after which we have no record of them. Children, recorded 
in Blandford:* 

I Jehiel, Oct. 11, 1750; : De:. ao, 177S, Rachel Williams 

1 Lusannih, Nov. ai, 175a 

3 Daniel Spenser. Feb. 17, 1755 

4 William, Nov. 3, 1759; i Apr. aa, 1780, Beulah Meacham 
? Luther, Apr. a, 176a; =Mar. 18, 1784, Esther Smith 

6 Jerusha, Sep. 11, 1764; : Apr. aa, 1780, William Gilmore 

7 Calvin. May aa, 1767; =Nov. 8, 1787, Eleanor Taylor, West Springfield® 

8 Elizabeth. Sep. 10, 1765; -: June 4, 1789, Edmund Gilmore 

Solomon^ Stewart (Waiter*), bom Apr. 15, 1733, in Hopkinton, Mass., married in 
Blandford Apr. 13, 1758, Sarah McConaghey, bom May 4, 1737. daughter of David and Mar- 
garet McConaghey of Watertown and Waltham.t His name appears in an account dated Dec. 
30, 1758, of Lieut, David Black of Blandford, Col. John Worthington's regiment of South 
Hampshire troops. In 176a he bought land in Blandford, and was selectman in 1777 and 1778. 
He enlisted in Capt. William Cooley's company in Col. John MoseleyV regiment and served 
from Sep. aa to Nov. 16, 1776. July a4, 1784, he deeded land to "my son, William Stewart 
and of Blandford," the witnesses being Samuel Ferguson and John Ferguson and. In the cen- 
sus of 1790 he had a son over 16, a wife and daughter at home. He was surveyor of highways 
in 1794. Sarah, his wife, died Sep. a?, i8oa, in her 66th year.0 [Solomon Stewart of Bland- 
4oTd married (int. Mar. 5, 1804, in Chester) Mrs. Mary Gilmore.] He died Nov. 14. 181 5, 
aged 8a.t Children, recorded in Blandford:* 

I William, June ao, 1760; =Jan. i, 178a, Mary Knox: minute-man, 1775® 

a Hannah, Nov. 7, 176a; =Jan. i, 178a, Elihu Noble 

3 Sarah, Feb. a, 1765; =May aa, 1785, Robert Smith 

4 Rhoda. July 9, 1767; =July 10, 1788, John Smith 

5 Molly, Oct. 31, 1769; : June a7, 1790, Jesse Bishop 

6 Margaret, July 7, 177a 

7 Solomon, Nov. a9, 1779; =Jan. i, 1801, Eleanor Bishop, Granville® 

To be continued 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury* Mass. — 156 


Nathan Mower^ Stuart (James,^ Joseph,* John,^ Samuel,'^ Duncan^), born Jan. 26, 
1807, in Winslow, Me., married in Boston, Mass., June lo, 183a, Julia A. Oolliver, bom July 
4. i8ia, in Boston. He resided in Boston and in Vassalboro and Pittsfield, Me. Children, 
the first three bom in Vassalboro; the others, in Pittsfield: 

I Jane Hyler, Mar. a8, 1833; David Carle: res. California 

a Thomas H., Nov. aa, 1834: ^ 

3 Zachariah Butterfield, Oct. a9, 1836; = 

•From the origina! town rccordi of Blandford, copied for u% by Mrt. Jc»«ir \. Porter, Springfield. Mjisi. 

+ From record* gathered by Mrt. Burton A»hley Crane, 517 West 10th tl., Krie. Pa. 

tFrom record! of Rev. John Keep of Blandford, abstracted by Rev G. S. Wv>.>J. Winchester. N. H 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


4 Charlotte NDrton. Apr. 17, 1838; = Wadsworth 

5 Maria Louisa, Oct. 27, 1839; = 

6 Sarah E., Sep. 18, 1841 ; = Butterficld 

7 Emeline S., June 27, 1843: -f 

8 Lizzie P.. Apr. 11, 1845: 4- 

9 Nathan C. Dec. 28. 1846: fin Civil war 

10 George H., May 17, 1848 

11 James Frank, Sep. 18, 1849; = 
II Joseph C.» Aug. 24, 1851 

13 Harriet F., May 24, 18^3; = John Hamilton, jr.: res. Saxon ville," Me., 1874 

WUIiam Henry® Stuart (Timothy,^ Timothy* JoKn,^ SamueU^ Duncan^), bom June 
10, 1826, in Saco, Me., married May 29, i860, Frances Maria Alexander, born June 25, 1836, 
daughter of Joseph and Emeline (Decker) Alexander. She died Dec. 29, 1893, and he died 
June 30, 1894. Children: 

1 Josephine Alexander, Oct. 25, 1862; =Nov. 25, 1884, Alfred Stuart Pratt of West New- 

2 Mabel Stanton, May 14, 1866; =Dec. 7, 1892, Arthur Green Hosmer of Natick [ton 

3 Blanche Emeline, Nov. 27, 1870: 4- Jan. 8, 1882 

Timothy Edward<< Stuart {Timothy,^ Timothy* John,^ Samuel,^ Duncan^), born 

Mar. 2, 1829, in Saco, Me., married Sarah E . He died Apr. 24, 1886, at Newton 

and was buried at Wcstbrook, Me. His will, dated Mar. 6, 1886, proved May 25, 1886, 
named his wife Sarah E. Stuart, daughter Velnah I. Grenlaw, son Ronald A. Stuart and daugh' 
ter Lena A. Coe, wife of Frank E. Coe. 

I George E. 1856, Wavcrly. Street commissioner in Newton, 1879-1904 

Frederick* Stuart {John,^ Samuel,* John,^ Samuel,^ Duncan^), bom July 12, 1819, at 
Freedom, N. H., married Nancy Thompson. He died Apr. 10, 1888, at Eaton, N. H. 

1 Charles Melvin . 1841 : -^ 1845 

2 Alva H,, May 11, 1845; ---June 22, 1873, Hannah N. Douglas: fMar. 22, 1878 

3 Georgia A., Mar. 19, 1852; =Nov. 3, 1872, Quincy A. Thurston 

WUIIam r.« Stuart (John,'^ Samuel* Mn,^ Samuel,^ Duncan^), bom Dec. 7, 181 3, at 

Freedom, N. H., married Rebecca Briggs of Portland, Me. He resided in Comish, Me., sev' 
cral years and removed to LaSalle. III., where he died Feb. 15, 1889. He had several children. 

Edward B.* Stuart (JoKn,^ Samuel* John,^ Samuel,^ Duncan^), bom Sep. 25, 1821, at . 
Freedom, N. H., married Drusilla Brooks. He lesided in Freedom on the home farm, and re* 
moved to Eaton, where he died Sep. 16, 1905. Children: 

1 Etta A. 

2 Susan F. 

3 John B. 

4 Lillian 

5 William 

Samuel* Stuart (JoKn,* SamueU* Jo/in,^ Samuel,'^ Duncan^) ^ bom Sep. 5, 1817, in 
Freedem, N. H., married Charlotte B. Thompson at Eaton. He died Oct. 5, 1883, at Eaten. 
His first child was born at Freedom; the others, at Stoneham, Me. : 

1 Martha B., July 10, 1843 

2 Charlotte M., Feb. 4, 184? 

3 Lovey J., Sep. 29, 1846 

4 Adriel L., Dec. 18, 1847 

5 Samuel D., July 18, 1850 


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Geortfe F.« Stuart* (FredericK^ Samuel,* ]ohn,^ Samuel^ Du^ncan^), bom Feb. 12, 
1817, in Eaton, N. H.. married May 15. 1861. in Canton, N. H., Harriet C. Gates, daughter 
of Isaac and Paraxadia (Barnes) Gates. He died Apr. 231, 1867, in Colton, N. Y., and she died 
Sep. II, 1916, in Canton, N. Y. Children: 

1 George Melvin, Nov. 16, 1864; =July 16, 1914, Ehzabeth Sizer 

2 John Bugbe, Aug. 31, 1866; =Nov. 30 1899, Elizabeth Ellsworth 

3 Addie, Apr. 10, i863; unmarried 

To be continued 

Stewarts of East Haddam* Conn. — 156 

Gen. Samuel* Stewart (Jo/in,' Samuel,^ Alexander^), bom Feb. ^. 1767. in Volun- 
town. Conn., married Content Douglas, bom Sep. 4, 1772, in Stephcntown, N. Y., daughter of 
Wheeler Douglas.® He lived in Waterford, N. Y., where his wife died Nov. 15, 1848. aged 
76, and he died Oct. 8. 1850.® 

John^ Stewart (John,^ Samuel^ Alexander^), bom Oct. 28, 1790, in Voluntown, Conn., 
married Emily Ann Rice of Richmond, Va. He died at Waterford, N. Y.. Feb. i, 1864. aged 
73, and she died Mar. 26, 4869, aged 67.® Children (perhaps incomplete) : 

1 George Henry, Nov. 11, 1819: -|-Aug. 2,1821, aged 1*8*9® 

2 Elizabeth G. ' : -[-Nov. 20, 1865, aged 31® 

3 Mary. Sep. 20, 1838: -{-Jan. 4, 1841, aged 2*3*14® 

4 Charles. Jan. 31, 1842: -|-Sep. 13. 1842, aged 0-7*13® 

Alexander^ Stewart (John,^ Samuel^ Alexander^), born Nov. 22, 1798, in Volun* 
town. Conn., married Susan Drake. She died at Waterford, N. Y., Sep. 9, 1871, aged 64.® 

1 Charles H., Apr. 21, 1821; = Caroline E. L ; she -\-l^y6^, aged 47® 

2 James V. S., Sep. 22, 1827: -f-Aug. 17, 1850® [in California] 

3 Samuel Drake, Sep. 20, 1838: -f-Dcc. 23. 1838, aged 4 months® 

To be continued 1 


Mrs. Charlotte T. Luckhurst, i?6 Westem avenue, Albany, N. Y., recently sent us the 
following original gravestone inscriptions from Sparta Presbyterian churchyard at Scarborough, 
Westchester county, N. Y. : 

Hugh Stuart, died Apr. 30, 181 1, aged 70 years, i month 

Mary Stuart, died Nov. i, 1816, aged 13 years, 7 months 

Ann Eliza Stuart, born Aug. 22. 1808, died Sep. 10. 1884 

James Stewart, in query 26, was from near Lettcrkcnny, Donegal county, Ireland, accord* 
ing to Mrs. Lloyd R. Shuman of Millcrstown, Pa., and came over to Lancaster county. Pa., 
with his brothers Jeremiah and David. [For reference to Letterkenny, erroneously spelled 
Setterkcnny. sec page 133 of this magazine.] There James married Hester Silknitter (or Silk- 
mittcr), bom about 1772, daughter of Henry Silknitter, a Revolutionary soldier bom in 1746, 
and wife Catherine. The three brothers went up the Susquehanna river and finally settled at 
Liverpool in Perry county. The children of James and Hester (Silknitter) Stewart were John, 
David, Charles, Samuel, Daniel, Jonathan, Sarah Ellen (who married Andrew Shuman), Eliza. 
Catherine and Mary. 


29. James Stewart, born June 8. 1743, in Brrkley county, Va., married Rebecca Marchant. born in 
the same county Mar. 23, 1748. Their daughter Pri»cilla. born Sep. 3, 1773. in Berkley county, married Thom- 
as Downs, born in 1765, son of Tliomas Downs of Baltimore. Mrs. W. H. Talboit, box 7, Rockville, Md. 

•From records furnished by Miss Addic Stuart, Canton, N. Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Exlitor: George Thomas Edson, Filley, Nebraska 
Monthly AwocUtc Editor- Horace W. Dickcrman, 685 Forest Road. New Haven, Conn. $1 a yeaf 


Duncan Stewart of Newbury* Mass. — 160 


James B*^ Stuart (Ebenezery^ Jeremiah* Jeremiaht^ Samuel,''^ Duncan^) ^ bom Sept. I, 
1807, in Sudbury, Maas., married [intention recorded June 6, 1841, at Stow] Emcline A. 
(Whitcomb) Robbins. a widow, born in Stow. He died a widower Aug. 11, 1890. aged 83, 
RoyaUton. Children: 

1 Luther E., May 4, 184a; =Feb. a?, 1864, Hannah Stratton, Clinton: Union soldier 

2 Joseph, Feb. i. 1844, Sudbury 

3 Galon Alphonso, Dec. 9* 1846: -f July 38, 1848 \ 

4 Myra Ann, Apr. 3, 1849; =^ Charles Shepardson 

Ebenezei^ Stuart (Ebenezer^^ Jeremiah^* Jeremiah,^ Samuel,'^ Duncan*), bom May 
10, 181?, in Sudbury, Mass., married there Sep. 30, 1838, Mary M. Gilbert. He died Sep. 16, 
1873, in Sudbury. Children: 

1 Jeremiah, Oct. 14. 1839; =Nov. a8, 1866, Charlotte M. Piper: -fMay ^, 1914. Lynn; 

1 Eunice Bathrick, Apr. 26, 1843 [children, Ida M. and Fred W- 

3 Albert S., Apr. ^, 1849, Stow; — res. Sterling , ^^■^ 

4 Frederick R., July 15. 18? I „ ,^^ ■ 
Jeremiah^ Stuart (JeremidK,^ Jeremiah f* Jeremiah J^ SamueU^ Duncan*) i bom Jan. i* 

i8ia, in Shirley. Mass., married there Nov. 7, i860, Mrs. Electa D. (Hackctt) .Willis, bom in 
1814 in Westmoreland, N. H., daughter of Ebenezer and Abigail Hackett. He was a farmer 
and resided in Lunenburg. Mass., where he died Mar. 8, i88a. Children, bom there; 

I Mary Frances, Oct. 9, 1861 

a Flora M., Aug. 27, 1865: 4-Oct. 10, 1865 

3 Charles Sumner, Oct. 3, 1866: -f-Nov. 8, 1866 
Sumner^ Stuart (Jeremiah,^ JeremiaK* JeremiaK^ Samuel,^ Duncan*) , bom Oct. 18, 
1814, in Shirley, Mass., married in Newport, R. L. May 14, 1840, Harriet Knowles. He re* 
moved to Newport in 1877 and had three children. 

Edson^ Stuart (Jeremiah,^ Jeremiah,* Jeremiah,^ Samuel,^ Duncan*), bom Apr. 14, 
1822, in Shirley, Mass., married Apr. 18, 1844. Mary Jane Pearl. Child, bom in Boston: 

I George Francis, Jan. 29, 1845 
Joseph^ Stewart (Joseph,^ Jeremiah,* Jeremiah,^ Samuel,^ Duncan*), born Oct. 14, 
1810, in Sudbury, Mass., married (i) at Fitchburg Nov. 11, 1855, Almira M. Conant. bom in 
1818, in Lcmpster, N. H., daughter of Nathan and Pamelia Conant. She died Apr. 24. 1866, 
in Lunenburg, Mas*., aged 47 years and 9 months. He married (2) in Acton Aug. 31, 1867, 
Mrs. Lucinda B. Brown, born Feb. — , 1810, daughter of Elisha and Lucy Carter. He died in 
Lunenburg Apr. 26, 1876, aged 65. 

Charles* Stuart (Joseph,^ Jeremiah,* Jeremiah,^ Samuel,^ Duncan*), born Feb. 10, 
1816, in Lunenburg, Mass., married Nov. 14, 1842, Elira Derby of Westminster, bom Aug. 4, 
181?. daughter of Joseph and Lovisa (Calef) Derby. He died Sep. 24, 1846, in Ashby, and 
she died Dec. 13, 1861. Daughter: 

I Eliza Ann ; ^ 1864, Edwin S. Fletcher of Mason, N. H. 

Symbols and rcfcrcncct: a number preceded by a da»h, as — 90,-mean» refer to that p«g^: -- meant married, 
•^ marriage intention, + marriage license, * died, v buried, ® Bible record, (5) church, (J) town. gravestone, 
V» probate, (J) court, (?) land, d) miliUry, (?) pension. (@) census, @ biography, @ history, @ D. A. R. 

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Jeremiah^* Stuart (/oscp/i,* Jeremiah,* Jeremiah,'^ Samuel* Duncan^), bom Apr. ra, 
1818, in Lunenburg. Mass.. married in Fitchburg Mar. 16. 1848. Mrs. Louisa B. (Coolidgc) 
Taylor, bom Feb. la. 181 a, in Boston, daughter of Luther and Louisa (Patterson) Coolidge 
and widow of David Taylor, whom she married Sep. la, i8a9, and who died Sep. i, 1884. 
I Susan Elizabeth 

Thit concludet the article contributed by Mrt. Alice H. Stewart of Watcrtown, MaM., from record* com- 
piled by her late husband, George S. Stewart, and the publication of which was bcRun in the December, 1923. 
number of this magazine. It is the oldest proven Stewart descent on American soil, as Duncan Stewart, prob- 
ably one of Cromwell's Scotch prisoners in his war against Charles I. was at Ipswich, Mass., as early as 1653. 

Stewarts of East Haddam* Conn. — 160 

Public Records and Family Manuscripts 

Alexander^ Stewart (Alexander,^ Samuel,* Alexander^), born June 5, 1784, in Gfis' 
wold, Conn., married Feb. ai, i8ai, Lucy L. Barrows, bom Jan. 19, 1801. He died Nov. 16, 
1849, aged 64, and his gravestone in the Kinney burying ground back of the mill in Griswold 
adds "An affectionate and con6ding husband, a kind and indulgent parent: All- ye that arc 
about him bemoan him, and all ye that know his name say *How is the strong staff broken and 
the beautiful rod. ' — Jer. 48:17." His widow died Mar. 11. 1877. Children:* 

1 Alexander, May 18, i8aa; =May a7, 185a, Mary E. Burrows 

a Latham Avery, Aug. la, i8a4; =May la, 18^7, Anna E. Hewett: rem. to Wisconsin • 
Thomas^ Stewart {Alexander,* Samuel,* Alexander*), born Apr. ai, 1786", in Gris' 
wold. Conn., married at Jewett City, Conn., Dec. 3, 1806. Maria Fanning. She was seventh 
in descent from Elder William Brewster through her mother, Anne* Brewster- (Smith,* Ben- 
jamin,* William,' Love,* William';. He died Sep. 9, 1834, and is buried in the Kinne cemet' 
ery at Griswold. She died Apr. 10, 1883, at Bradford, Pa. Children, the first bom in Gris- 
wold, the last at Jewett City and the others, in Voluntown :® 

I Joanna Fanning, Aug. ao, iSo; 

a Emma Corbet, Oct. i^ , 1809 

3 Ann Maria, Nov. 14, 181 1; = Asaph R. Rhodes, Jamestown, N. Y. 

4 Charles Fanning, Feb. 10, 1814 

5 Thomas Congdon, Feb. 6, 1816 : 4 in Passaic, N. J. 

6 Hepzibah Bull, Sept. 7, 1818 

7 James Munroe, Jan. 10, i8aa 

8 Henry Fanning, Aug. 19, i8a4: = Adella Cady Storrs 

9 Ariannah Barstow, Mar. 3, i8a7; = Junius Edward Kingsley 

Georie Dorrance* Stewart {Samuel,^ Samuel,* Alexander*), born June la, 178a, in 
Voluntown. Conn., married Feb. — , 1814, Harriet Benham, at Penn Yan, N. Y. She was 
bom Aug. a6. 1790, daughter of Maj. James Benham, jr., and his wife, Sarah Sedgwick. He 
died at Bethel, N. Y.. Dec. 15, i8a5, aged 43. and his widow died Apr. 3. 186?, in Detroit, 
Mich. Children:* 

I Augustus. Jan. 31, 181?; 1= Emily Smith, (2) Dora 

a Delos, Jan. 31, 1816; = Elizabeth Oliver 

3 Jane, Feb. 7, 1817; 1= Elisha Steele, (2) 1847, William Oakes 

4 Morse. July 5. 1818; =Apr. 6 185a, Isabella Graham Duffield 

? Helen. Sep. i, 1819; = Henry E. Benson: -I-1887, Detroit 

6 Augusta. Sep. la. i8ao; = Alexander H. Dey: t June 17, 1893, Detroit 

7 Dugald, Mar. 31, i8aa: -* aged a 

8 George Dorrance. Jan. 11. i8a6: -f-Sep. 8. 1846 

*Records of this family were furnished by Robert Stuart Stewart, Orion, Mich. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Jaines Bamett^ Stewart (Samuel,^ Samuel,* Alexander^), born Mar. 12, 1786, in 
Voluntown, Conn., was a minute'inan in the war of 1811. He married Harriet Giffen of Og' 
densburg, N. Y., and lived on a farm in Junius, Seneca county. His children were: 

I George 

: resided in Iowa 

2 Sardinette 

; " 

H. J. Snyder of Ypsilanti, Mich. 

3 Samuel 

; ^ 

Mahala Johnson 

4 David G. 

; -- 

Sardinia Giffen 

5 Almeda 

; = 

Egbert Crosby of Greenville. Mich. 

6 Henry 

7 Julia 

; = 


8 Hariiet 

^, = 

Jacob Shear 

9 James Bamett, Jan. ] 

I. 1833; = 


To be continued 

Stuarts of Barnet* Caledonia Countyf Vt. 

Walter* Stuart lived near Glasgow, Scotland. From an extract of the records of 
births and deaths of Glasgow which Andrew Craigie, clerk, sent to Walter* Stuart on May 
22, 1781, and recorded by the latter on Nov. 27, 1801, while he was town clerk of Bamet, 
Vt., we learn that Walter had a son: 

I Claud, baptized in 1722 in the church of Old Kilpeitrick near Qlasgqw 

Claud' Stuart (Walter^) was born in 171 1 in Scotland,© where he married (i) Janet 
McRob. He married (2) about 1760 Janet McFarland. They came to America in 1770, 
bought i,ooo acres of land in Barnet, Vt., and there settled.® The original farm was includ- 
ed in a section of the present town, and was divided in equal shares among his three sons. 
His wife Janet died June — , 1781, aged 56, and he died Aug. 17. 181 1, aged 100.© Child' 
ren, as recorded by Walter* Stuart, who added after the names of the children of Claud and 
Janet McFarland — **are the names of all the Stuart family alive when I left Scotland'*: 

1 Janet, Feb. 22, 1748-9 

2 Walter, Aug. i?, 17?! : -f-June — . 1807, aged 56© 

3 Elizabeth. Aug. 11, 1753 

4 William, Mar. 4, 1756: -|-Nov. 4, 1801, aged 4^ years 9 months; a doctor© 

5 John 1761: = : 4 Aug. 17, 1837, aged 66 

6 Marion (MaT7) 

7 James 1765; =June 6, 1787, Dorcas Nutter® •' 

8 Alexander 1768; =Mar. 21, 1793, Mary Abbott® 

John" Stuart (Claud,* Walter^) perhaps married Welby and lived in Peach* 

am, Vt. He died Aug. 17, 1837, aged 66 years, and is buried in West Barnet,© *'a native of 
Glasgow, Scotland". Children, recorded in Pcacham:® 

1 Lucinda, Oct. 7, 1798; =Jan. 28, 1823, William Harvey 

2 Elizabeth, Oct. 28, 1800 

3 Luda, July 7, 1803; =June 19, 1832. John Foster 

4 Janet, Sep. 26, 1804 

5 Sarah, Dec. 12, 1806; =Aug. 9, 1832, Robert D. T. Swett 

6 William, June 4, 1809 [-f-Nov. 9, 1809. aged 6 years 5 months. West Barnet®] 
Col. Jamea* Stuart (Claud* Walter*) married June 6, 1787, Etorcas Nutter. He died 

in Bamet Nov. 4, 1801, aged 36.© Children:® 

1 Claud, Feb. 26, 1790: f Feb. — 1818. aged 28 

2 William, Jan. 10. 1792: f Aug. — , 1793, aged i year 7 months 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


3 Janet, Feb. 8, 1794; =Scp. aa, 181 2, Daniel Shaw 

4 James, Oct. 3, 1796: +May , 1825, aged 29 

5 Samuel, Sep. 22, 1799 

6 Lois, Dec. 17, 1801; — Oe:. 17, 182S, Alexander Gilchrist 

Dea. Alexander^ Stuart {Claud* Walter^) married Mar. 21, 179J, Mary Abbott. 
He bequeathed shares of the old homestead to his sons. He died Mar. 2, 1840, aged 72, and 
his widow died Sep. 14, 1851, aged 80. Children:® 

1 Walter. May 13, 1794; =Fcb. 22, 1822, Rachel McKinley, Peacham, Vt. 

2 Job, Aug. 10, 1796; =Jan. 21, 1819. Mary Bhnchard, Peacham: ^ in Santa Cruz, Calif. 

3 William, Aug. 22, 1798; =Jan. 4, 1822, Jane Whitclaw, Ryegate, Vt. 

4 John, June 23, 1800 

5 Janet. Mar. 29, 1802 

6 Alexander, June 27, 1804: +young 

7 James. Dec. 3. 1808 

8 Alexander, Aug, 5. 1813; =June 3, 1847, Helen Strowbridgc 


The Stewarts of Blandford, Mass., will be continued at some later time. 

The price of completed volumes is: III, $1.50; II, $2, and 1, $2. 

The editor recently went on a genealogical expedition and is still behind with his corres- 
pondence. Considerable new material is waiting to be indexed. 

Jeremiah^ Stewart [p. 87] and wife Priscilla and his brother Benjamin, who married 
Mary Chisholm, sister of Priscilla, both daughters of John Chisholm, have been located by Mr. 
Dickerman in Frederick county, Md., deeds, Apr. 30, 1785, and Sep. 24, 1792. Jeremiah sold 
land in that county Oct. 1, 1791, to Posey Stewart [see Query 17, November, 1924]. 

Lieut. John"^ Stewart (Charles,* John.* Robert,* Walter') of Colrain. Mass., is given 
on page 15 of this magazine, under **Stewarts of Londonderry, N. H." This article was from 
B. Frank Severance's book. Mr. Severance was a descendant of John* Stewart (John,* John,"' 
Robert,* Walter'), given on page 19 of this magazine. He claimed quite a bit of revolutionary 
service for his John, but of the older man he says: *Tradition claims him as a Revolutionary 
soldier, but no enlistments have been found.'* Some two years ago the town of Colrain dc' 
cided tol collect and preserve all available recoids of her Revolutionary soldiers and to place 
their names on a monument. A committee went thoroughly into the records of the two John 
Stewarts and after careful study of the facts they conceded to John Stewart (of Shelbum) a 
service as second'lieutenant in Capt. Lawrence Kemp's company in Col. Leonard's regiment 
at Ticonderoga from Feb. 23 to Apr. 10, 1777, and at Stillwater in Capt. John Wells' company 
from Sep. 22 to Oct. 28, 1777. He was called John Stewart 2nd. The older John was also in 
the last named service as a lieutenant in Capt. David Wells' company. It was the elder John, 
who had married Ann, sister to Capt. Hugh McClcllan, who marched a-j a sergeant in Hugh 
McClellan's company of minute-mcn from Colrain and Shelburn in Col. Samuel Williams' regi' 
ment, Apr. 20, 1775. The muster roll for this company is in the possession of descendants of 
the elder John. Mrs. John W. Cram was secretary of the committee, and the result cf her 
investigation was made known to Miss Mabel Stewart of Flint, Mich., a descendant of the eld' 
cr John Stewart. Miss Stewart was certain that her ancestor had been a Revolutionary sold- 
ier and was not satisfied to have his service claimed for another. Her family has an old rifle 
which John* and his son Charles" carried in the Revolutionary war (and Charles* in the War 
of 1812), on the barrel of which is stamped R, R. Cz- N. 95. 

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Editor: George Thomas Edson, Filley, Nebraska 



Associate Editor- Horace W. DIckerman, 685 Forest Road, New Haven. Conn. SI a year 



Robert Stewart of Lawrence County, Pa. 

Thomas M. Stewart, Enon Valley, Pa. 

Robert^ Stewart was born in 1765 in County Down, Ireland, and came to Pennsylvania 
about 1790 with his brother Samuel. Another brother remained in Ireland. In Ireland he had 
been a weaver and school teacher, and on coming to America he first settled near Carlisle, 
Cumberland county. Pa., where he farmed until 1797. There he married June 17, 1793, Mar' 
garet Clendenning Davidson, born in Londonderry, Ireland, daughter of James and Mary 
f Clendenning) Davidson. Her mother was a widow and brought her seven children to Ameri' 
ca, where she died in 1790. In 1797 Robert Stewart and his family moved to McKecsport, 
Allegheny county, and in 181 5 they moved to another farm in Beaver (now Lawrence) county, 
where he farmed, taught school and did weaving. His brother Samuel remained and died in 
McKeesport. Robert died Aug. 15, 1854, aged 92, and Margaret died Sep. 24, 1857, ag^d 87: 
they are buried in the United Presbyterian cemetery near Mount Jackson, North Beaver town' 
ship, Lawrence county, Pa. Children : 

1 John. Apr. 13, 1794; =Apr. 11, i8a6, Esther Alexander 

2 J^mes. Aug. 18, 1797, McKeesport; =Apr. 20, 1826, Isabella Sillimin 

3 Elizabeth ; = Nathaniel Hamill 

4 Esther, Oct. 15, 1801; -De:. 22, 1825, James Hinna: +Apr. 29, i33i 

5 Samuel, Oct. 17, 1803 ; =June 16, 1836, Jane Lindsay 

6 Robert : +unmarricd; was a carpenter 

7 Catherine ; = Samuel Mayne 

8 Lydia, Aug. 30, 1812; =Oct. i, 1835, Duncan McGcchon: H-Mar. 26, 1899 

Jobn^ Stewart {Rohen^) married Apr. 11, 1826, Esther Alexander, bom Sep. 23. 1798. 
He was a farmer and lived on the old homestead. He died Mar. 11, 1862, and Esther died 
Jan. 9, 1876. Children:® 

1 Harvey, July 21, 1827: -hjan. — , 1892, Los Angeles, Calif. 

2 Narcissus, May 27, 1830: -f July 29, 1855 

3 James, Oct. 3, 1831 : -hOct. 7, 1886 

4 Lydia Ann, Feb. 22, 1833: -(-Aug. 10, 1913, New Brighton 

5 Robert, July 8, 1835: -f Nov. 22, i86i. Camp Custis, soldier company C, loist Pa. vol. 

6 John, June 5, 1837: -f June 6, 1862, Judiciary hosp.. Washington, company C, loist Pa. 

7 Hamilton, Aug. 29, 1839: -}-Apr. 12, 1877 

8 Margaret, June 22, 1842; — Duff: -r Aug. 24, 1923, New Brighton 

James^ Stewart {Roher^) married (i) Apr. 20, 1826, Isabella Silliman, born Oct. 19, 

1800, by whom he had four children: she died June 2. 1833. H^ married (2; Mar. 12, 1835, 
Martha Taylor, born Dec. 4, 181 1, daughter of William and Ann (Wilson) Taylor [see Taylor 
genealogy published 1925 by T. M. Stewart], by whom he had seven children: she died June 
27, 1851, aged 39, her death being caused by grief for her two eldest children, who had follow- 
ed their father while cutting chestnut trees and died from the effects of eating the gfeen nuts: 
she is buried with them near New Galilee. James married (3) June 3, 1852, Margaret Fuller- 
ton, bom Jan. 23. 1804. He died Aug. 18, 1870, on the 73rd anniversary of his birth, and 

Symbols and refcrencet: a number preceded by a dash, as 90, means refer to that p«gr; means married, 
: marriage intention, •!• marriage license. ^ died, x buried. (T) Bible record, (2) church, (?> town. 4 gravestone, 
i) probate, (?) court, (f) land, 'Sn military, (j) pension. % census, (g) tradition, (S* history, Q^i D. A R. or S. A. R., 
i^ biography or genealogy. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Margaret died July 22, 1886, aged 82. Children, all bom in Little Beaver township: 

1 Samuel, Mar. 7, 1827; —Mar. 20, 1851, Margaret Mars: - De:. 12, 1910 

2 Robert, Apr. 29, 1828: -j-Mar. 6. 1842, aged 13 

3 Alexander, Apr. 4, 1830; =Jan. 22, 1852, Elizabeth Speer: 4 Mar. 11, 1899 

4 James, May 6, 1833; =Sep. 2, 1877, Melissa Mann, Howard, Kan. 

5 William, Feb. 26, 1836: - Oct. 22, 1843, aged 7, from eating chestnuts 

6 Margaret E., Apr. 21, 1839: i Oct. 19, 1843, aged 4, from eating chestnuts 

7 Alvin H., Sep. 10, 1842; =Feb. 24, 1876, Margaret Russell: ^ Mar. 24, 1900 

8 John Q., Sep. 23, 1844; =Nov. 8, 1893, Mary C. Liebcndorfer 

9 Thomas Morris, Sep. 23, 1844; ~Scp. 3, 1884, Emma Miller 

10 Anna, Mar. 3, 1847: ^Feb. 26, 1916, aged about 69, Xnear New Galilee 

11 Martha Duira, July 13, 1850: {May 3, 185 1 

Samuel* Stewart {Robert married June 16, 1836, Jane Lindsay, bom June 5. 1815. 
He was a blacksmith and lived in Newburgh most of his life. He died Dec. 28, 1887, in 
Wampum, and Jane died Oct. 2, 1899. Children:® 

1 Margaret, Aug. 27. 1837; =Nov. 4, 18^8, CDwden Allen: ^ Sep. 21, 1919 

2 Maria Viola, Dec. 19, 1839; =Nov. 14, 1871, Thomas C. Bice: ^ Jan. 2, 191 3 

3 Minerva Jane, Oct. i, 1842: unm., residing near Pulaski, Mercer county 

4 Minetta A., June 26, 1845; :=Oct. 11, 1887, Leonard Boston 

5 Lydia Anna, Sep. 17, 1847; =Dec. 15. 1881, George Fort: ^Jan. 10. 1918 

6 Levina V., Dec. 30, 1850; =Oct. 17, 1871. Robert H. Dick 

7 Oliver H. P. Swisher, June 10, 1853: -i-Oct. 8, 1890, unm. 

8 Joseph W., Apr. 29, 1856: +Sep. 16, 1866 

James Stewart of Sandwicht Mass. — 146 

Lemuel^ Stewart (Qamaliel,^ James^ of Sandwich, Mass.) is given on page 146. He 
was bom Dec. 29, 1725, in Sandwich, Mass., and married in Wilton, Conn., Dec. 29, 1750, Ra- 
chel Landers. He removed to Ballston, Saratoga county, N. Y., before the Revolution: called 
"of Schenectady, residing at the time in Ballston," he bought June 5, 1772, of John Glen, land 
called the patent of Long Lake, containing 206 ^i acres, also 17 acres under water, for 4*273 
current money [Albany county deeds, ix:236]. He served as a corporal in Lieut. -Col. Henry 
K. Van Rensselaer's 6th Albany county regiment, in Capt. Augustus OdelPs company [N. Y. 
in the Revo.]. His wife Rachel died Aug. 27, 1798, in her 73rd year,© and he died Dec. 25. 
1818, in his 93rd year,® and they are buried in the Armstrong cemetery at Malta, Saratoga 
county. His will, dated Jan. 22, 181 3, probated Jan. 30, 18 19, named the following 8 children. 
"I have given unto Gamaliel, James and Lel(?) Stuart, my three sons, their equal proportion of 
my real and personal estate, excepting $5 each to be paid out of my estate. I also give and bc' 
queath unto my son Lemuel Stuart the one equal half of my real and personal estate for the 
care he has taken of me in the decline of life." Signed Lemuel Stewart. The executors were 
Samuel Smith, living on the east line of Ballston, and Reuben Doolittle of Malta, and the wit' 
nesses were Bushniel Benedict, Isaac Kellogg, Isaac Armstrong [Saratoga co. probate, v:i38]. 

I Gamaliel 

2 James 

3 Lei [5on: perhaps Lot] 

4 Lemuel, Oct. 13, 1767; = 

Mary : - July 25, 1854, aged 86-9-120 

5 Deborah ; ^ 

Clark: -f before 181 3, leaving heirs 

6 Rachel ; ^ 


7 Temperance ; = 


8 Abigail ; = 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Siewarts of East Haddam, Conn. — 163 

Public Records and Family Manuscripts 

Bradley S.^ Stewart {Stephen,* Alexander,^ Alexandery'^ Alexander^), born Aug. 24, 
1784, in Cornwall, Conn.,* married Sep. 13, 1810, in Litchfield, Rhoda Griswold, born Nov. 
28, 1789. They settled in Warren, Herkimer county, N. Y., where he died Dec. 17, 1824. 
Administration on his estate was granted Feb. 9, 1825, to the widow Rhcda.® She married 
(2) Samuel Gage and died Nov. 16, 1857, in Nelson, Madison county, N. Y. Children: 

1 Albert C. 1812; 1= Hannah Bennett, (2) Amelia Murgatroyd 

2 Benjamin 1814; 1= Melinda Sparcus 

3 John Henry, Jan. 28, 1816; 1= Anna Talcott, (2) Fanny Hasting [kins 

4 Eliza Jeannette, Jan. 15, 1818; i~ Alanson Nash, (2) Aug. 10, 18^4, Martin Griffin Ad' 

5 Homer C, Feb. i^. 1820; i=Phebc , (2) Susan Fairchild, (3) Hattie Barber 

6 Emily Pardee, Mar. i, 1822; = William Manchester Fairchild 

Leonard'^ Stewardt (T/ionuw,^ Elios,* T/umuw,^ Alexander^), born May i, 1795, in 
Clarendon, Vt., married and in 1831 removed to Lockport, N. Y. Later he removed to Battle 
Creek, Mich. (He died [May 22, 1852©] in Lockport, N. Y.) He had one son, Leonard 
Horace,* who became a noted lawyer and died in Salem, Ore., aged 82. 

Lytxfan^ Steward (Thomas^* Elias,^ Thomas,^ Alexander^), born Mar. 2, 1797, married 
Orpha Kelsey, bom Dec. 29, 1808. She died Apr. 10, 1873, and he died Apr. 15, 1881. Child' 
ren: — Minerva Ackley, Sophia Ann Ackley, Henry, Mary Emerson, Adelaide, Ellen, Adelaide 
Reagan, Roxanna, -|-May 27, 1840, aged 8;0 Darius C, -f-Mar. 10, 1844, aged 10 weeks,® 
and Phila, -j-Dec. 14, 1850, aged 2 years, 20 days.® 

Harvey* Steward (Thomas,* Elias,^ Thomas,^ Alexander^), bom Dec. 9, 1798, married 
(1) in Shrewsbury, Vt., Apr. 8, 1824, Phila Page, bom Dec. 8, 1798. She died Apr. 14, 1850, 
aged 52. He married (2) Sep. 18, 1852, Nancy (Winn) Barber, bom Aug. 22, 1822. He died 
Nov. 21, i863, and his widow Nancy died May 16, 1894, aged 72, in East Clarendon. Child.: 

1 John Q., June 16, 1828: 4-1889, Ruatan, Honduras 

2 Henry, Feb. 15, 1830; -hFeb. 17, 1830, aged 2 days. Clarendon® 

3 Phila, June 3. 1831 : -(-June 6, 1831, aged 3 days, Shrewsbury 

4 Phinehas, Sep. 6, 1832: -i-Sep. 8, 1832, aged 2 days, Shrewsbury 

5 Henrietta T., Nov. 7. 1833: res. Rutland 

6 Harvey H., Jan. 31, 183 t: -f-Apr. 15, 1835, aged 2*2 months, Clarendon® 

7 Mary Jane, July i, 1838: f July 8, 1900 

8 Carroll L., July 1, 1857; — 3ep. 30, 1896, Cora Dawson 

Thomas* Steward % (Thomas* Elias,^ Thomas,^ Alexander^), born Feb. 3, 1805, mar' 
ried Nov. 16, 1836, Maria Hopkins Everts, bom May 21, 1808, at Salisbury, Vt., daughter of 
Gilbert, jr., and Hannah (Weeks)S$ Everts. He was in the state legislature in 1852 and a dele' 
gite to the constitutional convention in 1857. He died in Clarendon June 12, 1884, and his 
widow died there Sep. 8, 1892. Children: 

1 Clarissa, Oct. 27, 1837; =Nov. 24, 18^8, Christopher C. Pierce 

2 Gilbert, Feb. 8, 1839: k. June 29, 1864, Stony Creek Station, soldier in ist Vt. cavalry 

3 Thomas, Sep. 24, 1840 : | Mar. 5, 1880 

•Records of this family were furnished by Mrs. T. E. Chandier of Sherrill, N. Y.. and other descendants. 

+Thc acccunt of this branch is taken mainly from the manuscript referred to on pape 111, footnote. 

JFrom Bible and private records furnished by Gcor|?e H. Steward of Rutland, Vt., son of John A. Steward. 

^Hannah Weeks was descended from Hon. John Alden of the "Mayflower" through her mother. Hannah 
Moseley, daughter of Nathaniel .md Sarah (Capen), she daughter of John Capen and Ruth Thayer, she daugh- 
ter of Ephtaim Thayer and Ruth Bass, she daughter of John Bass and Ruih Alden, she daughter of Hon. John. 

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4 Rollin, June 19, 184a; =Junc 6, 1877. May Littlefidd: -i Jan. 10. 1912, Minneapolis 

5 Leonard, Oct. 19. 1845: ^ Nov. 25, 1913, unm. [Wardwcll Acklcy 

6 John Aldcn, Sep. i, 1845; i=Apr. 10, 1871, Lovina A. Parker, (2) 25iJ'i920 Mrs. Frances 

7 Darius, Mar. 14, 1847; i=Aug. 28, 1884, Ella J. Milner, (2) 28I1898 Mary A. Millett 

8 Wallace, Oct. 28, 1848; i=Apr. jo, 1873, Alice R. Peabody, (2) Mrs. Jane Eddy 

9 Hannah Maria, Nov. 21, 1850; --Dec. 24, 187?, Arthur N. Holden 

10 Elias, Oct. 22, 1852: -f Dec. 3, 1898 

11 Myron, Aug. 3, 1854: -|^ Aug. 27, 1873, from an accident as a railway employee 

12 Sarah, July 25, 1857: -f Sep. i, 1900 

Rev. Henry'^ Steward {Thomas,* Elias * Thomas,- Alexander^), born Apr. 25, 181 1, 
settled in Rhode Island and married there. He died [July 6, 187 1®] in the West. Children: 
-Thomas, William. Waldo, Henry, Clarissa and Sarah. 

Ellas H.* Steward (Thomas,* Elias,^ Thomas,* Alexander*), bom Feb. 13, 1816, marri- 
ed in Clarendon Jan. 2?, 1844. Eliza Button, daughter of Dea. Frederick Button of South Clar- 
endon. He died Aug. 12. 1871.® Children: —Fred. Harvey, Sarah, Elizabeth and Marion. 

To be continued 

Names of Our Subscribers 

By request we are publishing the names of the subscribers to the Stewart Clan Magazine : 
Henry C. Stuart. 450 Riverside Drive. New York, N. Y. 
Frank T. Stewart. Box 224. Overbrook. Kan. 
Robert Stewart, St. James bldK-, Superior, Wis. 
The Misses Curry. 1420 Girard st. N. W.. Washington. D. C. 
New England Historic Genealogical society, 9 Ashburton Place, Boston. Mass. 
New York Genealogical A Biographical society. 226 West 58th st., New York. N. Y. 
Miss Nancy Darling, Sky Farm, Rfd 2, Woodstock, Vt 
Frank J. Wilder, 28 Warren ave.. Somerville. Boston. Mass. 
WUliam Bradford Browne. Box 432, North Adams. Mass. 
Prof. Darius Steward. State Teachers' College. St. Cloud, Minn. 
Illinois State Historical Library. Springfield. 111. 
George W. Stewart, 563 Dutton St., Lowell, Mass. 
Nelson Osgood Rhoades, Apartado 168. Mexico City Mexico 
Col. John T. Stewart, 2223 Knapp St.. St. Paul, Minn. 
Ethelbert Stewart, 1210 Delafleld Place, N. W.. Washington. D. C. 
Albert E. Dickerman, 1848 Morse ave.. Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois 
Clarence Starr Steward. Chattanooga. Tenn. 
Vermont Historical Society, Montpelier, Vt. 
Rev. George W. White, 1346 Laurel ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Dr. Francis Edward Stewart, 11 West Phil-Ellena st.. Ml. Airy. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Donald Lines Jacobus, 161 Spring st.. West Haven, Conn. 
Wisconsin Historical Society, 816 State st., Madison 

Long Island Historical Society, Pierrepont St., cor. Clinton St.. Brooklyn 
Mrs. W. H. Follmer. 345 Campbell st., Williamsport, Pa. 
Miss Georgia Stuart, 32 Faxton st., Utica, N. Y. 
Mrs. Charlotte T. Luckhurst. 156 Western ave., Albany. N. Y. 
Mrs. Edson J. Rood. Hilltop Road. Mendham. N. J. 
Frank H. Stewart. 35 North 7th st.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
New York Historical Society. 170 Central Park West. N. Y. City 
American Antiquarian Society, Salisbury st. corner Park ave.. Worcester. Mass. 
Minnesota Historical Society. St. Paul. Minn. 

Historical, M:»morial A Artr Department of Iowa, Des Moines, la. 
O. A. Goodspeed. Granville. N. Y. 
Mrs. Addie S. Graton, 625 R. I. st.. Lawrence, Kan. 
Judge A. K. Stewart, Des Moines, la. 
Dr. S. L. Stewart. 225 North Pinest., Olathe, Kan. 
Miss Addie Stuart, Canton, N. Y. 
Mrs. Neva Axe Brown, Valparaiso. Ind. 
Mrs H. C\ Smith. Smith Onter. Kan. 
Prof. A. W. Stuart, Waite High school. Toledo, O. 
Mrs. Martha Severance Draper, 3 Prospect st.. Ware, Mass. 

To be continued 

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Brave Hearts Founded America 

The current of migration from Scotland was slow in the early years of the colonization of 
America, for during the reigns of the early Stuart kings in England conditions in Scotland were 
not yet such as to cause the hardy Scots to leave the hills and glens to which they were at' 
tached by so many domestic and romantic ties. EKiring the period of the Commonwealth the 
colonies received a large number of Scottish emigrants, especially New England. After 1700 
economic conditions in Scotland and the north of Ireland, where many Scots had located, caused 
many people to migrate to America, and others, convinced that 'They wha hae a gude Scotch 
tongue in their head are fit to gang ower the world,*' came in a spirit of adventure. Religious 
intolerance at home was a motive that impelled many to say farewell to their kin and native 
heath and seek peace and fortune in a new land. Ship after ship sailed away ladeq with sett' 
lers for the American colonies, while those left behind stood on the shore weeping for loved 
ones who they felt would never return. In the long years that have passed since these fore' 
fathers of ours crossed the wide ocean this verse by Neil Munro |ias lost none of its charm: 

My plaid is on my shoulder and the boat is on the 
And it's all bye wi' auld days and you: 
Here's a health and here's a heartbreak, for it's home, 
my dear, no more. 
To the green glens, the fine glens, we knew. 

Line of Gilbert Stuprt, Famous Painter 

Glll>ert^ Stuart was bom in Perth, Scotland, the son of a Presbyterian clergyman. 
When a youth he joined the standard of the Pretender, Charles Edward Stuart, and was pres- 
ent at the defeat at CuUoden Apr. 16, 1746. He flea to Rhode Island and settled at Newport* 
where he followed the trade of snuff'grinder. There he married May 2},^ 1751, Elizabeth An- 
thony, daughter of John Anthony, owner of a large property in Middletown, R. I. [The de- 
scendants of John Stewart of Blandford, Mass., page 153, claim relationship to Gilbert Stuart.] 
He remained loyal to the English king during the Revolution and his property was confiscated 
and he again became an exile, going to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he died in 1793, aged 75 
years [Providence Gazette of Nov. 9, 1793]. Children, bom at Newport, R. I. :@ 

I James, Apr. i. l^^2: -j young 

a Anne, Nov. 18, 1753; = Henry Newtqn, collector of customs. Nova Scotia 

3 Gilbert Charles, Dec. 3, 1755 ; = Charlotte Coates 

Gilbert Charles'' Stuart (Qilfcert^), born Dec. 3, 1755, in Newport, R. I., became one 
of the most noted painters of America, and his portraits of famous men are valued among the 
highest works of art. He went to England at the outbreak of the Revolution and studied 
painting. His biography may be found in any cyclopedia. He married Charlotte Coates, 
daughter of Dr. Coates of Berkshire. He died in i8a8 in Boston and his widow died Oct. 9, 
184?, aged 77. He left four daughters:— Anne, Agnes, Emma and Jane. 

Symbola and references: a number preceded by a dash, as - 90. means refer to that pagr; means married, 
h marriage intention, + marriage license. ^ died. ^ buried. (D Bible record, Ci; church, (? town. (T)Kravest<.nc 
1) probate, (i) court, (?) land, ® military, ® pension, (g) census, (0) tradition, @ history, (^ D. A. R. or S. A. R., 
(^ biography or genealogy. 

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Stewarts of East Haddam* Conn. — 168 

Public Records and Family Manuscripts 

Levi* Steward (Daniel* Elias,^ Thomas,^ Alexander^) married Emmclinc Todd of 
Shrewsbury. Vt. Children : Elias, Henrietta, Mariettc, Oteline, Sarah.. Martin V., Helen, 
Effic, Ada and Roderick E. [Continuing the ** History of the Elias Steward Family".] 

Harris^ Steward {Daniel* Elias, ^ Thomas,^ Alexander^), bom in 1807 in Clarendon. 
Vt., married there Oct. 31, 183a, Alathea Kingsley. He was killed Jurtfe 17. 1836. aged 29,® 
by the fall of a bridge he was helping build at East Clarendon. Children : 
I William Henry : -(-Apr. 2, 1843, aged 10® 
a Ruth ; = Frost: living in Chicago in 1905 

DanieP Steward (Daniel* Elias,^ Thomas,^ Alexander^), bom June -. 1810, in Clar- 
endon, married (1), in Castleton, July 3, 1834, Elvira (Tuttle) Dudley, bom July 16, 1809. 
daughter of Calvin and Ruth Ann (Minor) Tuttle. She had married (i) in 1828 Ephraim 
Dudley, who died in 1830, leaving a son Jason a year old. She died Dec. 16, 1843, in Walling- 
ford. Daniel Steward married (2) in 1844 her sister, Sarah Tuttle, born Sep. 18, 1806. He 
died Jan. 14, 1857, aged 47, and is buried in Sugar Hill cemetery, Wallingford. Children: 

1 George H., Jan. 28, 1835 

2 Albert Harris, June 11. 1836 

3 Sarah C, Aug. 13, 1837 

4 Harvey Calvin, May 28, 1839 
^ Maria Elvira, Apr. i, 1841 

6 Frederick Tuttle, June 8, 1842 

7 William Emmett, Dec. 8. 1843 

Calvin^ Steward* (William,* Elias J^ Thomas,^ Alexander*), bom July 20* 1811, in 
Berkshire, Vt., was a farmer and school teacher and taught for 39 terms, oldstyle, 29 of them 
in his own school district called Yankeetown. He married in Mansfield, O., July 4, 1833. 
Elizabeth Church Garrison, born Sep. 11. 181 1. in Erie county, O. He lived from the time of 
his marriage to the time of his death on the same farm, 4 miles northeast of Mansfield. His 
wife died May i, 1883, and he died Sep. 2, 1900. Children:® 

1 Chaunccy 2., June 8. 1834; =Mar. 26. 1857, Mary M. Bossier: * Feb. 4, 1910, Pratt. 

2 Mercy, Apr. — , 1836; = Peter BarkdoU: XWcst Unity, O. Kan. 

3 Mary, Apr. — 1836; = Martin Gates: X Mansfield, O. 

4 Clara Ann, July 6, 1838; = John Hursh [Grove, Mo. 

5 Calvin, Jan. 7, 1840; 1= Sabina Axtell, (2) Zoc Smith: r Mountain 

6 Elizabeth, Jan. 9, 1842; = James McNeill: XPiedmont, Kan. 

7 Philo, June 17, 1844; — Amelia Bradley: res. Oregon 

8 Sophronia, Dec. 7, 1847; — E. V. Endres; res. Fort Wayne, Ind. 

9 William C, Apr. lo, 1852; = Cassie Kling 

Dr. Solomon^ Steward (William,* Elias,^ Thomas,^ Alexander^), born Nov. 11, 1823, 
in Madison, O.. married Olive D. Hyde and resided in Trenton, Mo. In a letter written Dec. 
24, 1864, in Ohio; he refers to his service as a surgeon in the army. Children :— Cora Mer- 
rill and Nettie Hoffman. 

Georiie''^ S(teward (Solomon* Eliasi^ Thomas,^ Alexander^) moved with his father to 
Ohio in 1838. He married Marinda Bennett and moved to Melrose, Minn. He died in 1904, 
aged 87 years. They had two sons and eight daughters: — George, Perry, Esther Morrison. 
Harriet Brown, Mary Weeks, Ida Connolly, Ella Parker, Alice Campbell, Angeline Johnson 
and Jessie Steward. 

•From records furnished by Mrs. H. C. Smith of Smith Center, Kan., a daughter of Chauncey Z. Stewart. 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


Dr. Morse^ Stewart (Qeorge D.,< Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Alexander^), born July ?. 1818, 
in Pcnn Yan, Yates county, N. Y., '*a lineal descendant of Robert Stuart"® [obituary notice 
says he was a descendant of Alexander, who came from the north of Scotland to Connecticut 
in 1725 with his wife, whose maiden name was Margaret Dixon]. He married Apr. 6, 184a, 
Isabella Graham Ehiffield, born Feb. 11, 1830. She died May 17. 1888, and he died Oct. 9, 
1906, aged 88. Children: 

I Morse, May 2?, 1843: -f-Aug. 10, 191 1, Detroit, a physician 

a George Dufficld, Mar. ai, 1855; =Jan. 3, 1901, Kate Stephens : -f-Mar. 7, 1911 

3 Isabella Graham Bcthune, Mar. 4, 1857; "-Dec. 30, 1884, Charles B. Lothrop, Detroit 
6 Harriet Benham, Dec. a4, 1858; = Claud Elkington: -f-Aug. 19, 1888 

4 Mary Brunson, Dec. la, 1864; = Claud Elkington: -|-Aug. 19, i9ao 

5 Robert Stuart, Sep. 10, 1869; —Sep, 30, 191a, Annie Holroyd, Bourdon, Cheshire, Eng. 


The dedication of the third and last tablet erected by the town of Colrain. Mass.. to al| 
the men of that place who stood for defense of home and country in the American wars took 
place in the Griswold Memorial library Saturday afternoon, Sep. 19, 1925. This tablet bears 
the names of soldiers in the colonial. Revolutionary and i8ia wars: about 500 names of men 
who served Colrain in time of need have thus been preserved for the future. The tablet was 
unveiled by Miss Margaret Stewart, daughter of Charles A. Stewart of Greenfield, whose 
family was represented on every one of the tablets and whose ancestors were early settlers of 
Colrain. The committee in charge appointed by the town were the late Rev. S. H. Walker, 
Ross E. Purrington and Mrs. John W. Cram. Among the speakers were Mrs. Martha Donel' 
son of Shelburne Falls and Judge Francis Nims Thompson of Greenfield, descendants of men 
whose names were on the tablets. 

The armorial emblem of the Hotel Stewart in San Francisco, Calif., is reproduced here be- 
cause of its showing a portion of a Stewart coatof -arms. One of the proprietors of this hotel 

is Charles A. Stewart (the other is Margaret Stewart) and 
he was born in Scotland, a member of the old noble family of 
Stewarts of Appin. He came to the United States when he 
was about 6 years old. He has long been a member of the 
Stewart Society, which has its headquarters in Edinburgh. 
The emblem here shown is not the complete coat of -arms, as 
the wreath surrounding the escutcheon and the figure at each 
side have been eliminated. The full coat -of 'arms is display- 
ed, however, over the entrance to the hotel. 

Dr. Henry A. Stewart of Gettysburg, Pa., in sending his subscription to this magazine, 
writes: **It strikes me that if men in the collateral lines can spend time and money on this re- 
search it is as little as the rest of us can do to do our mite.*' Both Mr. Dickerman and I are 
as proud of our Stewart descent as anybody- -we have a tinge of ink in our blood, is all. 

We were but recently informed that Mrs. Martha Severance Draper of Ware. Mafs.. 
died two years ago. She was born May 3, 1839, daughter of Lorenzo and Amanda (Stewart) 
Severance: her mother was the daughter of John*^ Stewart CJohn,"* John,* John,** Robert,* Wal- 
ter*) of the Colrain family. Mrs. Draper was a sister of B. Frank Severance, author of **The 
Stewarts of Londonderry, N. H.," 1905, and had kindly assisted us. 

Mrs. R. E. Price died Oct. 4, ig2^, at her home in Elkader, la. She was Sarah Filetta 
Stewart, born July 5, 1844, near Richmond, Ashtabula county, O., daughter of Ezra W. and 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Laura (Phinncy) Stewart. Her father was born Sep. 19, 181 3, in Stockbridgc, Madison coun- 
ty, N. Y., eldest son of Charles and Mercy (Wilcox) Stewart [p. 40]. She was married Oct. 
16, 1866, to Realto E. Price, who survives her, as also two children: Valmah T. and Stewart R. 

*' I enjoy the magazine very much,'' writes Mrs. W. S. [Pauline Stewart] Crosley of 
Washington, D. C. **It is a great piece of work, for someone at last to sec that the large num- 
ber of Stewart descendants can get a real foundation started. 1 think Mrs. Milnor Ljungstedt, 
editor of the County Court Note-Book. Bathesda, Md.. is doing splendid, painstaking work. 
She has been over so much territory and is so conscientious in ferreting out every record.*' 

Two errors occur on the preceding page. Dr. Morse* Stewart's marriage should be 1852, 
and the birth of his son. Dr. Morse^ Stewart, should be 1853. ^^ ^^^ ^^^• 


30. nisabcth Stewart, bom Aug. 31. 1780, married about 1799 Ruhff Campbell, born Jan. 3. 1780. in 
Bcrpcn county. N. J. Family tradition it that Ruliff met his future wife in New York City SSe had a broth- 
er William, who died Feb. 17, 1851, aged 67; his wi.'e Adalinc died July 21, 1860. ajred 85. Ruliff Campbell died 
Oct. 6, 1869, and his wite Elizabeth died July 31, 1870. Who was her father? Hirlan R. Campbell. Athens. Pa 

31. l^rdla Stewart, born in 1772, married Matthew Rogers, a Revolutionary soldier, who was born in 
1745 in Ireland. After the war he settled in Sheshequin, Bradford county. Pa., and died June 2. 1832 Lydia 
died July 29, 1857. Her family records wanted. Harlan R. Campbell, Athens. Pa. 

Names of Our Subscribers (con.) 

Kirk Stewart, 227 Kingsley ave.. Waterloo, la. 

New Hampshire Hietorical Society, Concord, N. H. 

John Conant Stewart, Yoric Village, Me. 

Mrs. Edward E. Donohoe. 406 N. Main St.. Oreensburg. Pa. 

Mrs. Robert J. Kilpatrick, 413 N. Fifth st.. Beatrice. Neb. 

Edson W. Steward, 44 Market ave., Qrand Rapids. Mich. 

Mrs. Miles L. Carter, 32fiS. Main st., Attleboro, Mass. 

Miss 8. Elizabeth Stewart, 407 University ave., Syracuse. N. Y. 

Miss Ora L. Stewart, Wathena, Kan. 

Mrs. W. B. Denton, 4211 Third ave.. Detroit. Mich. 

Frank M. Stuart, 1418 N. Chicago ave.. South Milwaukee. Win. 

Francis White Stewart, Princeton, III. 

A. W. Stewart, 16 Qlenwood St., Augusta. Me. 

Miss Mabel Stewart, 116 West Seventh ave., Flint. Mich. 

Miss Harriet F. Stuart, 999 Lakeshore Drive, Chicago. Illinois 

Mrs. Samuel E. D. Stuart, 1418 Mt. Royal ave.. Baltimore. Md. 

Mrs. W. A. Barber, Box 6t, Qreenfleld. Mass. 

Mrs. Burt T. Rogers, Rl, East Longmeadow, Mass. 

Miss Esther Barnum, 19 Pine st., Waverly, N. Y. 

Dr. I^e K. Stewart, 111 S. Los Robles ave., Pasadena, Calif. 

Franks. Osgood. Box 389. Boston. Mass. 

Sidney B. Stewart. 34Skeenest., Whitehall, N. Y. 

Mrs. Ed S. Roberts, Avard. Okla. 

Rhode Island Historical Society. 68 Waterman st.. Providence 

Arthur Stewart, 340 Madison ave.. New York City 

Mrs. Mabel Aylsworth Clarke, Roseville, Illinois 

Thomas M. Stewart. Enon Valley, Pa. 

Will L. Stewart, box 344, Punta Oorda, Fla. 

Rowe Stewart, "Record". Philadelphia. Pa. 

New York Public Library. 476 Fifth ave.. N. Y. C'ty 

H. F. Randolph. 231 Pondflold road. Br')nxville, NY. 

Capt. Alexander Stewart, aienholme, Nova Scotia, Canada 

Oliver J. Steward, 19th ave. A Tielon drive, Yakima. Wash. 

F. B. Worden. Westbury, Long Island, N. Y. 

J. Adger Stewart, 4779 Louisville ave., Highland Park, Ky. 

Col. Cecil Stewart. 461 Beacon st., Boston 

George H. Steward, 66 Pleasant st., Rutland. Vt. 

Elmore L. Brooks, 13600 Garden Road, East Cleveland. O. 

.1. S. Burns. Imperial. Pa. 

Pennsylvania State Library, Harrisburg 

GeorgM w. Stuart, box 28, Boone, Neb. 

Banner Stewart, SStilwell Place, Lebanon, O. 

To be continued 

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Stewarts of Liberty Countyt Ga« 

From "Genealogy of the Stewart, Elliott and Dunwody Families," 1895 

John' Stewart is given in "Americans of Gentle Birth'' as the son of Patrtrk'^ and 

Elisabeth (Menzies) Stewart. Patrick^* was Laird of Ledcrcich in Balgheidcr, Perthshire, and 
with his wife and children and his brother William and five other gentlemen from Argyll and 
over 300 immigrants came over in 1739 and settled at Brown's Marsh, Bbden county, N. C. 
Patrick was a supporter of Prince Charles Stuart, and when the Bonny Prince failed to estab' 
lish himself on the throne the laird sold his estate in Scotland to a younger brother. About 
1766 he remDved to near Cheraws, S. C, and died in 177a. Patrick was the son of Alexand- 
er** (Patrick,'* Andrew,'"-* Duncan," John,'** William, who married Helen* Campbell, daughter 
of Sir John** Campbell, son of Duncan Campbell, Lord of Argyll, and Margaret' Stewart, 
daughter of Robert,* Duke of Albany, son of King Robert* II). John' and his wife Jerusha 
came from near Edinburgh and first settled in North Carolina. They removed to Dorchester, 
S. C, in 1723 and to Liberty county, Ga., in 175a. Jerusha died in 1761 and John died in 1765. 
Child [and perhaps others]: 

I John 1698; =^ Hannah 

John^ Stewart ()ohn^) married Hannah . In 1750 John Stewart, sr., late of 

South Carolina, petitioned for a grant of land in Georgia, stating that he '*had settled a tract of 
land and cultivated about 40 acres, having 8 negroes now in the province and also 13 more, 
with a wife and two children, in South Carolina." He was granted 500 acres on the middle 
branch of North Newport, and later obtained 500 acres more. At the same time, 1750, John 
Stewart, jr., was granted 500 acres on the south branch of North Newport, he having 8 ne- 
groes in the province of Georgia and 9 more in South Carolina. John- and his wife Hannah 
had the following children bom in Dorchester, S. C. : 

1 Mary, Sep. 22, 1723 

2 John, Feb. 13, 1726; = Susanna 

3 Hannah, Feb. 10, 1729 

4 Elizabeth, Mar. - ,1731 

5 James, Aug. 3, 1731 

6 Daniel, July 22, 1734 

7 Rebecca, Oct. 23 , 1737 
John^ Stewart {John,- Jo/in'), bom Feb. 13, 1726, married Susanna . They 

settled in Liberty county, Ga. Susanna died Oct. 21, 1766, and John died Sep. 4, 1776. Child' 
ren, born in Georgia : 

I Sarah, Nov. — , 175 1 

I Ann 1756 

3 Susanna, Nov. 21, 1758 

4 Daniel, Dec. 20. 1761; i=^Feb. 20, 1783, Martha Pender, (2) 1 81786 Susanna Oswald 

5 Elizabeth 

Gen. Daniel^ Stewart (John,^ John,'^ Jo/in'), born Dec. 20, 1761, at New Port, Ga., 
married (i) Feb. 20, 1783, Martha Pender. He married (2) Jan. 1, 1786, Susanna Oswald, 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as 90, mean« refer to that paRr; means marrirJ, 
:- mariiage intention, -f marriage license, + died. ^ buried, (T) Bible record, i church. '3 town. i4Vgravrsff)n«. 
s) probate, (•) court, t?) land, 'V; military, (?; pension. (15) census, ® tradit.on. (it history, (wt D. A R. or S. A. R., 
^ bioRraphy or genealogy. 

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bom Nov. a, 1770. She died Dec. ao. 1807. He married (3) Mar. 6, 1810, Sarah Mines, wid' 
ow of Capt. Elijah Lewis. He served in the Legionary corps in the Revolutionary war.® He 
died in 1829 and is buried in Medway cemetery. Children; 

I John, Mar. ai, 1784: +young 

a Mary, Feb. la, 1788 

3 Daniel McLaughlin, Oct. 4, 1791; [=Aug. aj, 1818, Martha Montgomery, Nashville] 

4 Sophia, Dtc. 5, 179a 

5 Susanna, Sep. 14, 1794 

6 Joseph Oswald 1798 

7 *Martha, bp. Aug. 15, 1799; i=Jan. 6, 1818, Sen. John Elliot, (2) 183a James S. Bulloch 

8 John 

9 Sarah Caroline, Mar. 5, 181 3: +Nov. 11, 181 5 
10 Georgia Drusilla, Nov. 7, 1814: -j-Nov. 13, i8ao 

Stuarts of Peter boro» N« H. 

Solomon^ Stuart of Londonderry, Ireland, was bom in that vicinity, the family ori- 
ginally having fled from Scotland into North Ireland to escape religious persecution. Tradit' 
ion states that they were descended from Charles I and Charles II. His wife's name was 
Martha. — American Ancestry, viii: 39, 1898. The records of Peterboro, N. H., state that 
William* Stuart, who was the first man to die in that town, was born in Lunenburg, Mass., 
in 1700, son of Solomon and Martha Stuart. [We arc not convinced of the authenticity of 
this statement. Cf. Solomon Stewart, page 73.] Probable children : 

1 Charles 

2 John 

3 William 1700; =Nov. 10, 1736, Margaret Sanderson 

WUllain^ Stuart {Solomon^) is thought to have been born in the north of Ireland and 
to have come over in the immigration of I7i8'i9. All his children married into immigrant 
families, according to Ezra J. Stearns in a letter dated Mar. 4, 1908. He married in Lunen' 
burg, Mass., Nov. 10, 1736, Margaret Sanderson, by Rev. David Steams. He was a farmer, 
and removed to Peterboro, N. H., in 1750 and died there Mar. 15, 1753, aged 53.® His wid' 
ow Margaret died there Mar. 8, 1795, aged 87. Children, recorded in Lunenburg, Mass.: 
I John, Aug. a8, 1737: killed in Rogers' fight with the Indians, Mar. 13, 1757, near Lake 
a William, Nov. 5, 1740; =Nov. 3, 1767, Elizabeth White, Lunenburg Champlain 

3 Thomas, May 3, 1743; = 1766, Elizabeth Stinson 

4 Charles, Oct. 8, 174? ; =Aug. a7, 1766, Esther Ferguson of Groton, Mass. 

5 Elizabeth, Apr. 8, 1748 

WUllam^ Stuart (WiUiam,^ Solomon^), bom Nov. 5, 1740, in Lunenburg, Mass.. mar- 
ried there Nov. 3, 1767, Elizabeth White, daughter of Patrick White. He died in Peterboro, 
N. H., Oct. a5, 1771, aged 31. His widow married Apr. ao, 1773, John Gregg. She died 
Nov. a, 1803, aged 56. Children: 
1 John 1769: -hMar. 17, 1795, aged a6, at Charles Stuart's 

a William 1771; = Rachel Cram: -f May a?, i8aa. aged 51 

Thomas^ Stuart (William,^ Solomon^), born May 3, 1743, in Lunenburg. Mass., mar* 
ried about 1766 Elizabeth Stinson. daughter of Samuel Stinson. He was constable in Peter* 
boro, N. H., in 1778, and selectman in 1784. His wife died there Sep. a8, 1787. aged 47, and 
he died Nov. 7, 1833, aged 90.® Children: 
I John ; " in Maine and went west 

*Martha (Stewart) Bulloch was the grandmother of Theodore Roosevelt, president of the United Siatei. 

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1 Margaret. Aug. 30, 1770; = Silas Spring 

3 Jane 177a: i June 10, 182a, aged 49, unmarried 

4 William, Nov. 16, 1774; =Oct. — , 1816. Abigail CSmith) Palmer: f 7l'i863, aged 89 

5 Elizabeth 1776; -- John Brackett 

6 Thomas 1779: -|-Nov. 17, 1819, agrd 50, unmarried 

7 Mary 1781 ; = Josiah Brackett 

Charles' Stuart (William,^ Solomon^), bom Oct. 3. 1745. in Lunenburg, Mass., mar^ 
ried Aug. 27, 1766, Esther Ferguson, bom in Groton, Mass., Mar. 30, 1746, daughter of John 
And Sarah (McDaniel) Ferguson : John Ferguson was bom in Ireland. He was selectman in 
Pctcrboro in 1783, 1784 and 1785. He died there Oct. 13, 1802, aged 57, and his widow Es' 
ther died Aug. 22, 1826, aged 80 years, 4 months and 22 day^. Children, bora in PeterbofX):0 

1 Margaret, Dec. 7, 1767; 1= Lt. John Moore, (2) Asa Evans, (3) Richard Gilchrist 

2 Sarah, Nov. 2, 1769; = Asahel Going 

3 Elizabeth, Sep. 4, 177 1 ; = Samuel Tumer 

4 Mary, Dec. 12, 1773; — Ferguson: -|-Apr. 10, 1858 

5 Jenny, Oct. 18, 1775; 1= Oliver Carter, (2) Capt. Thomas Sherwin 

6 Charles 1778: -hSep. 20, 1796, aged 18 

7 Esther, Mar. 17, 1780; = Moore of Northumberland: -}-June 15, 1846 

8 John, Sep. 5, 17^2; —June 29, 1809. Sarah Brazier, Groton: +1849* aged 65 

9 Martha, Aug. 15, 1785; -^ John Evans of Boston: -fSep. 3, 1871 
10 Jesee, Sep. 20, 1788; = Eliza Austin: -fat Lancaster 

John Stuart of Merrimack* N. H. 
John^ Stuart, '"whose Scotch ancestors settled in Haverhill, Mass., was of Merrimack, 
N. H., 1760, perhaps earlier,*' says Secomb*s History of Amherst, N. H. His wife's name is 
not found. There were perhaps a half^lozen John Stuarts living in that section contemporan' 
eously, and we expect to solve the mystery of their origin and relationship. This John is said 
to have been an uncle to John Stuart, jr., of Haverhill, who married Abigail Phips of Glouces- 
ter. He died before Mar. 16, 1776. [A John Stewart died in the army at Boston Aug. 29, 
1775] On Jan. 30, 1777, John Stuart was appointed guardian of Sarah Stuart, a minor up- 
wards of 14 years of age, and James Stuart, a minor under 14; and Thomas Abbott was made 
guardian of Francis Stuart, a minor upwards of 14, and Biachel Stuart, a minor 14, years of age, 
all four children of John Stewart, late of Merrimack, deceased [Hillsboro county probate, ii: 
503]. The baptisms of some of his children are found in the records of the First Presbytei^n 
church in Boston. Children: 

1 Thomas 1749; = Sarah McCauley of Litchfield, N. H.: 49^1803 

2 John 1751 ; = Mary, dau. of Capt. Moses Barron of Bedford 

3 Jean, hp. June 12, 1753; =F€b. 15, 1781, John Stuart, Hillsboro, N. H. 

4 William, bp. Aug. 17, 1755; =Jan. 18, 1781, Mary Grayham. Hillsboro: Revo, soldier 
f Agnes, bp, Dec. 4. i757 

6 Sarah 1759 

7 Francis 1761 ; = Susan Swan of Peterboro: removed to Vermont 

8 Rachel 1763; "May 12, 1785. John Gage, Amherst, N. H. 

9 James 

John Stuartt Jr«» of Haverhill* Mass. 

John Stuart, jr., of Haverhill* is said to have come from Georgetown [Poorc genealogy. 
P^S^ 9^]- He was bom about 1727, and is reputed to have had Indian blood. He married, 

*In the records of the First Parish church in Haverhill is the baptism Tuly 1, 1733, of Johp Peaslec, spuri- 
ous son of Lucy Peaslee (alias E)avis) and John Stewart, sr. 

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while a resident of Ipswich, Jan. i6, 1755, Abigail Phips of Gloucester, perhaps his second wife, 
who is said to have had mulatto blood. While another John Stewart was living in the west 
parish of Haverhill (page 37) this John resided in the east parish, where his children were 
bom, the record of their baptism, except that of the first John, being found in the records of 
the First Parish church of Haverhill. He is thought to have been a nephew of John Stuart of 
Merrimack, N. H. He came to Antrim from Londonderry, N. H., according to the history of 
Antrim, N. H., in 1778. On Apr. jo, 1766, "Jo^^*^ Stewaifwas appointed guardian of his 
children Sarah and John for such estate as is given them by their grandfather, deceased'* [Con' 
cord, N. H., probate records]. [John Stewart of Waltham, Mass., died Feb. a8, 1766] His 
wife Abigail died in 1800. aged 75. He removed to Unity, N. H.. in 1816 and died thert in 
1 818, aged 91. Children, bom in Haverhill:®® 

1 John, Jan. 15, 1756: -f-Jan. 19, 1756 

2 Sarah, Jan. 23, 1757: + ^^5t aged about 88, unm., in New Boston, N. H. 

3 John, July 7, 1758; =Feb. 15, 1781, Jean Stuart, Hillsboro, N. H. 

4 William, Mar. 7, 1760: H-June xi, 1762 

5 Thomas, May 17, 1762; =Mar. 10, 1789, Molly McClintock, Hillsboro 

6 Lydia, bp. Aug. 18, 1765', = David Stevens of Bedford, N. H. 


James Albert Stewart (page 79). senior member of the business 
house of J. A. Stewart ^ Brother, died Nov. 25, 1925, at his home in 
Wathena, Kan. He was bom in Davis county, la., Apr. 21, 1851, 
son of Judson Garner Stewart and grandson of James G. Stewart of 
Kentucky^ tic was a man beloved and honored by the people among 
whom he lived. He is survived by the widow and five children. 

We have several interesting things to say but not the space this 
month. AI50, we have just discovered a source of records in Ire* 
land, and if you see us wearing ragged pants you Ml understand. 

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Mrs. Jessie A- Porter, 95 Euclid St., Sprinfffleld. Mass. James Albert Stewart 

Miss Martha Turner, Grand Hotel, Lincoln, Neb. 

Charles A. Stewart, Hotel Stewart, San Francisco, Calif. 

Public Library, Kansas City, Mo. 

Library of Congress, Washlngrton, D. C. 

Mrs. Alice H. Stewart, 105 Langrdun ave., Watortown, Mass. 

Mrs. Ausrustus t! Metcalf, Smithfleld. Pa. 

Dausrhters of th« American Revolution, Memorial Conf 1 hall, WashlnKton 

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Mrs. W. S. Crosley, The Dupont, apt. 8, 20th near R, WashlnRton, I>. C. 

Mrs. Charles R. Hume, 501 West Central bird., Anadarko. Okla. 

.Vebraska Historical Society, University Library, Lincoln, Neb. 

Mrs. John W. Cram. Colraln. Mass. 

Mrs. Edward W. Heath. 60 Front St.. Waterville. Mo. 

Mrs. Alice Stewart Beard. 831 Sumter st.. Columbia. S. C. 

Robert S. Stewart, box 100. Orion. Mich. 

Mrs. William C. Leggett, 2816 Briggsave.. Now York. N. Y. 

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Mrs. Arthur R. Canham. 913 Prospect Place. Port Huron. .Mich. 

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Mrs. Elizabeth A. Stewart Bundy. 40 W. Lancaster ave.. Monroe. .N. C. 

Miss Katherine C. Wood. 120 E. 19th st., University Place. Nebr. 

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Some Transitory Stewarts in New Enitland 

What relationship, if any, the following Stewarts bore to each other or to other families 
we do not know. They may turn up somewhere else later. 

Duncan Steward filed his intention in Boston May ii, 1729, to marry Elizabeth Brew 
cr. Their daughter Elizabeth was baptized in Christ church and buried there. Elizabeth 
Stewart, a widow, was buried Apr. 13, 1750, aged 49, in King's Chapel, Bostcn. Child, rC' 
corded in Charlestown :® 

I Elizabeth, bp. Dec. 14, 173^'- XDcc. 13. 173a 

Hu|(h Stuart of St. Johns had wife Elizabeth. She was buried Jan. 16, 1748, aged 17, 
King's Chapel, Boston. 

Martin Stuart and wife Rachel Barzucum had baptized in Christ church, Charles^ 
town, Mass. : 

1 Martin, hp. Sep. 13, 1739 

Randall Stewart and his wife Katherine had two children baptized in the First Pres' 
byterian church in Boston. Nov. 3, in the fourth year of George II [1730], Randal Stuart of 
Boston, peruke maker, and William Dixon, of Boston breeches maker, signed a bond of 1*5 for 
the appearance of Katherine, wife of Randal Stuart above bounded, at the next court of gen- 
eral sessions of the peace, January, 1730'! [Suffolk crt. file, no. 30835]. In Charlestown he was 
taxed during the years 1734, 1737, 1741 and 1744, being taken off the list in the latter year, 
marked "sick'\ He was called * 'periwig maker*'. His wife Katherine died in Medford Feb. 
9, 1734. and he married (2) Oct. 10, 1734* Mary McClellan in Boston. Two children of theirs 
were baptized in the First Presbyterian church. Nothing further is found of Randall [some- 
times spelled Reynold or Randolph]. Children: 
I Mary, bp. Jtdy 1731 
1 William, bp. Feb. 19, 1734 

3 John, bp. Sep. 2, 1735 

4 James, bp. Aug. 4, 1741 

Capt. Georiie^ Steuart, married in Boston, Mass,, Feb. 15, 1710, Mary Stevens, in 
King's Chapel. He held a degree of M. O., and was a member of the Scots' Charitable soci- 
ety. Col. Francis Nicholson arrived at Boston July 15, 1710, in his majesty's ship Falmouth, 
and before the surrender of Port Royal, Jamaica, Oct. 1, 1710, and before he left Boston he 
commissioned George Steuart, gentleman, chirurgeon to the company of matrcsees whereof 
Hon. Col. Vetch was captain [Society of Colonial Wars in Massachusetts, 1897, P- 94]- His 
wife died May 16 and was buried May 28, 1714® He married (2) June 2, 171?, Ruth Cut- 
ler,® daughter of Dr. John Cutler.® Dr. Steuart went in the expedition against the Spanish 
West Indies in 1740 and was probably lost in that campaign, as his will, dated at Boston Sep. 
20, 1740, states that he was captain of a company designed against the Spanish West Indies 
and in preparation for said expedition, etc, he bequeathed to his loving wife Ruth a third of 
all his housing and lands for life, 5 shillings to his son John and €50 to John's son John Vis- 
count Stewart as a token of his love; all the rest, both real and personal, to his daughter Ma- 

SymboU and reference*: a number preceded by a dash, ai —90, meant refer to that pag^; meant married, 
h marriage intention, •!• marriajfe licente, f died. ^ buried, ® Bible record. (Ti church. (T) town. (?) pravetfonr, 
'») probate. (?) court, (5) land, i*^ military, (•) pention. ® ceniuB, ® tradition. (^ history, # D. A R. or S. A. R., 
(^ biography or genealogy. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


ry provided she marry not against the will of her mother and Mr. Benjamin Faneuil, who was 
named executor. The will was probated Sep. 2, 1741, the inventory being returned Sep. 14. 
His widow Ruth was buried Mar. 10, 1752. aged 64.® Her will was dated Mar. 5. 1751. and 
probated May 5, 1751, witnessed by Francis Johonnot, Sanderson West and William Skinner. 
She gave all the real estate that came to her from her father, Dr. John Cutler, to her daughter 
Mary Johnson, also her silver, jewels and wearing apparel, giving her grandchildren Henry, 
Mary and Hannah Johnson, each i*6; "to my son. Sir John Stuart, baronet, now in England, 
silverware, jewelry, etc., which at his death is to go to his children by his second wife.'* The 
inventory, uken June 16, 1751. showed £*i69'i9'i. Children of George Steuart, recorded in 
Boston : 

I Elizabeth, Dec. 14, 1711 [a child of Dr. Steward was buried Jan. 6, i7i3'4] 

1 Charles, bp. May 26, 1714: -h young? 

3 John, June 8, 1716; i=Oct. 12, 1738, Mary Viscount, Boston, (2) 

4 Jimes. July 4. 1717: XApr. 17, 1724 

5 Elizabeth =July 28, 1735* William Watkins, Boston [G. S. S. notes] 

6 Mary, Dec. 13, 1724; i =Feb. 26, i744'5, Henry Johnson, (2) Johonnot 

John^ Steuart (Qeorge^) graduated from Harvard college in 1734. He seemed to bear 

the title of baronet, and certainly his son was a baronet and lived in England. He married (i) 
in Boston Oct. 12, 1738, Mary Viscount. Feb. 13, 1756: "I. John Viscount Stewart, son of Sir 
John Stewart of London in Gt. Britain, choose Benjamin Fancuil, merchant, as guardian'' (Bos' 
ton probate records). Child, recorded in Trinity church, Boston : 
I John Viscount, Aug. 17, 1740 

Geori^e Steward and Rachel Bell were married in Boston Aug. 30, 1722, by Mr. Sam- 
uel Myles. We have a suspicion that this man went to Rhode Island, for a George Steward 
and his family were warned from Jamestown Oct. 17, 1727. This was a custom of the time, 
and those warned to depart were not expected to do so but by this warning the town was re- 
lieved of the obligation of caring for them i( they became paupers. In Trinity church, New- 
port, Rachel Stewart, an adult, was baptized Aug. xi, 1728, with George and James. We 
shall therefore tentatively give him these children, baptized at Newport, R. I.®: 

1 George 

2 James ; = 1753, Mary Brattle, Newport, St. Paul's church 

3 Zachariah, bp. June 10, 1728 

4 Mary ; =Jan. 9, 1766, Paris Luther 

Geori^e Stewart filed his intention Nov. 22, 1754, in Boston, to marry Hannah Mull- 
ins, and the marriage took place June 8, 1755, in King's Chapel. 

James Steward filed his intention in Boston Nov. 8, 1716, to marry Elizabeth Varnum. 

James Stewart had the following children bapti:ed in the First Presbyterian church 
in Boston : 

1 Mary, bp. Sep. 26, 1736: ' young 

2 Mary, bp. Jan. 17, 1742; i Mar. 10, 1763, Paul Motley 

3 Margaret, bp. Oct 29, 1746; : Sep. 29, 1761, John McKoy 

4 John, bp. Mar. 26, 1749: f young 

5 John, bp. hJov. 16, 1755 

James Stuart recorded his intention in Boston N3/. 20, 1744. to mirry Mary Leech- 
man. The records also show James Steward intending Feb. 5, 1744, to wed Mary Leesman. 

John Steward signified his intention in Boston Dec. 3, 1730, of marrying Mary Tay- 


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Geori^e Stewart and Christopher Stewart appear in 171 1 on the records of Truro, 

James Stewart and Elizabeth Cash published their intention of marriage Apr. 17, 
17 14, in Salem. Child of James and Elizabeth, baptized in Salem: 
I Elizabeth, bp. May 23, 1714 
James Stewart was thinking strongly of marrying Prudence Fairfield, and he publish- 
ed his intention of so doing Sep. 5, 1734, in Boston. But the girPs father had a different plan, 
and he forbade the marriage. 

James Steward and his wife Miriam and their six children went from Roxbury in the 
summer of 1747 into Boston, and were warned from that place on Feb. 14, 1748, "been here 
about seven months" [Suffolk county, file no. 65023]. Children: 
I Elizabeth 
1 Alexander 

3 Mary 

4 Mercy 

5 Sarah 

6 James 
James Stewart of Boston, mariner, deceased : administration on his estate was granted 

Aug. a8, 1752, to Richard Thompson of Boston, mariner [Suffolk county probate, lxvi:526]. 
The inventory was returned Nov. 17, 1752, by William Codner, Benjamin Rankin and Joseph 
Dyar, showing a valuation of t'17, 17 shillings [lxvii:ii3]. 

John Stewart and Mary Birch were married Dec. 9, 1713. 

John Steward and Sarah Roberts published their intention of marriage in Salem on 
May 7, 1715. 

John Stewart was buried Aug. 5, 1739, in King's Chapel, Boston. 

To be continued 


Prof. Stewart H. Bumham of the department of botany in Cornell university, Ithaca, N. 
Y., a descendant of Robert Stewart of Andover, Mass. (whose line will be published soon in 
this magazine), has sent us a nice collection of gravestone inscriptions found in Washington 
county, N. Y. As the inscriptions from the old King burying ground about four miles north 
of Hudson Falls, north of Tefft Corners, throw some light on a family published in the first 
issue of our magazine and seem to settle a disputed point we shall give them here. Lieut. 
James Stewart of Colrain, Mass. (page 3), son of James and Jane of Concord, had a son 
James, bom Feb. 9, 1759. Someone in reading the Colrain records mistook *'Janc", who died 
in 1777, for **James*\ This son was not mentioned in his father's estate in 1810, but such a 
man appeared as a soldier in the Revolution. From the following gravestone records you can 
sec that we have found this James, and that he evidently had a son Levi born in 1789, two 
years after the birth of Clarissa, June 2, 1787, and probably after his removal from Colrain. 
James Stewart, died Jan. 11, 1808, aged 48 years 
Esther, wife of James Stewart, died Aug. 2, 1836, aged 71 years 
Clarissa, daughter of James and Esther Stewart, died July 4, 1825, aged 38 years 
Levi Stewart, died Feb. 28, 1878, in his 89th year 
Mercy, wife of Levi Stewart, died Aug. 15, 1825, in her 34th year 
Sabina, wife of Levi Stewart, died Aug. 3, 1843, aged 51 years and 8 months 
Delilah, wife of Levi Stewart, died Apr. 3, 1857, aged 50 years 
Micajah T., son of Levi and Sabrina Stewart, died Dec. 5, 1830, aged i year 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


James and Jane Stewart of Concord, Mass., had a daughter Ann, born in 171& (page 5). 
Mrs. D. K. Moore of Detroit, Mich., has sent us a line of descent from Ann Stewart. Ann 
married Nov. 16, 1741, Thomas McGee, born in 1714. They removed to Colrain, where 
Thomas McGee died Oct. 27, 1793, and his widow Ann died Sep. 11, 1807. Their daughter 
Ann. bom Mar. 3, 1753-4, in Colrain, married about 1775 William Caldwell, born Sep. 17. 
1750, in Londonderry, N. H. : Ann (McGee) Caldwell died Oct. 13, 1788, in Colrain. Their 
son. Increase McGee Caldwell, bom Sep. 14, 177 1, in Colrain, married Betsey Baker, bom in 
New York: he died in i86a in Napoleon, Mich., and his wife died a few years later in Frank' 
lin, Mich. 

Charles A. Stewart of San Francisco (page 171) states that his father's family papers, to- 
gether with an old Andre Farrera rapier, given him at the death of his father in Waterloo, 
la., in 1895, were destroyed in the San Francisco fire about 20 years ago. The sword, made 
in Italy, was taken in the Battle of Cullodcn in 1746, from an English officer whom he had 
killed, by one of Mr. Stewart's ancestors who was fighting for Prince Charlie, and had been 
handed down from one generation to another. Mr. Stewart's father brought the sword to 
America from his old home at Lassingtoloch, near Loch Rannoch, Perthshire, one of the seats 
of the Stewarts of Appin. 

William Drysdale Stewart of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, is interested in Stewart history. 
His father was Rev. John Stewart, descended from the Stewarts who fought at Flodden Field 
and Falkirk and in later wars. Uught school in Edinburgh from 1830 to 1832, and was licensed 
to preach in Pictou by the Presbytery of Dunkcld in 1832 and ordained in 1834. He married 
Alice, the youngest daughter of William Drysdale of Edinburgh. His mother was a Murray 
of Philiphaugh. 

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Prof. Stewart H. Burnham. Dept. of Botany. Cornell University. Ithaca. N. Y. 

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Alexander Stewart of Norwich and Becket 
Alexander Stewart was admitted an inhabiunt of Plainfield, Conn., in 1728, probab' 
ly coming from New London. He married in Plainficld Apr. 18, 1734, Amy Spaulding, born 
Dec. 13, 1717, in Chelmsford, Mass., daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Haynes) Spaulding. He 
was a witness to a deed to land in Killingly Jan. 23, 1735-61 by Nathaniel Bundy [iv:48], and 
in 1736 he bought a house in Norwich of William Hale. In 1748 Isaac Spaulding of Cornwall 
deeded to his daughter Amy, wife of Alexander Stewart of Norwich, land in the plantation of 
Housatannick, Berkshire county, Mass. For over ten years no record of him is found. As 
late as Dec. 5, 1760, he called himself of Norwich in a deed he signed that day conveying land 
in Becket, Mass., to Elisha Halburt for i*23 [Pitt86eld registry]. He and his older children 
seem to fade into obscurity after 1770, leaving Amy and her two minor sons George and Mat- 
thew at times deeding land in Becket to various parties. On May 5, 1789, George and Mat- 
thew Stewart of Becket sold 47 acres there to Anthony Church of that town, who waited Un- 
til June 10. 1812, to record the deed. Children of Alexander and Amy, the first four being 
recorded in Norwich, Conn., and the last two in Becket, Mass. : 

1 Sirah, Feb. 28, 1734-5 

2 John, Apr. 17, 1737; —Nov. 15, 1761, Lois Story of Chelsea, in Norwict 

3 Elizabeth, June 5. 1739 

4 Alexander, Mar. 5, i74i'2 

7 Edward 

8 George. July 27, 1753 

9 Matthew, Dec 21, 1757; = Rhoda : +1804, Troy, N. Y. 

John Stewart (Alexander) of Chelsea, Conn., married there Nov. 15, 1761, Lois Story 
of Chelsea, according to the records of Norwich. He may have died or Ced, as the town 
records state that Lois Steward of Chelsea married in Norwich July i, 1775, John Totman of 
Chelsea. Children of John and Lois, bom in Norwich:® 

1 John, Jan. 14, 1763 

2 Pol, Jan. 24, 1765 

3 Levi, July 14, 1766 (After Levi's name appears "Chelsea, Oct. 16, 1775.") 

4 Louis 

**Louis Stewart, a minor son of John Stewart, late of Norwich in Connecticut," was put und- 
er the guardianship of Brig. -Gen. Samuel Safford of Bennington Apr. 3, 1782 [Bennington, Vt., 
probate, i:26]. 

Matthew Stewart (Alexander), bom Dec. 21, 1757, in Becket, Mass., married Rhoda 
. He served in the Revolutionary war from Becket as a minute-man in 1775 and lat- 
er as a private in Capt. Aaron Rowley's company in Maj. Rossiter*s detachment of Berkshire 
county militia from Feb. 23 to Apr. 7, 1777, at Ticonderoga. In 1790 he was still a resident 
of Becket, i'i'4, as was George, 1-0-6. He removed to Shoreham, Vt., where he registered an 
ear'mark Dec. 24, 1795, and bought and sold land until Apr. 29, 1802, when he made a deed to 
Andrew Burchard. He made a deed Apr. 25, 1798, to Thomas Bateman, and one of the wit- 

Symbols and references: a number preceded hy a dash, as - W, means refer to that pa^e; - means married 
■i- mariiaRc intention, •> marriage license. • died. . buried, (i) Bible record, (t) church. (») town. (^i^Kravesrone. 
'S) probate. (*.■ court, i) land. •• tnilitary. .»; pension, (g) census, di) tradition, (dt history, O D. A R. or .S. A. R.. 
1^ biography or RcnealoKV. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


ncsscs was Edward Stewart. The History of Shoreham, page 50, says he came from Ecckct, 
Mass.. and later settled in Waterford. N. Y. He was killed at his farm near Troy, N. Y., in 
1804 while trying to close a barn door during a violent windstorm* and his widow Rhoda was 
appointed administratrix of his estate June 22, 1804. with Andrew Birchard and Edward Stew- 
art named as nearest of kin. Senator William M. Stewart of Nevada was a grandson of Mat* 
thew, being a son of Frederick A. : his autobiography (presented us by Inglis Stuart) sutcs 
that in 183 1 the family discovered that their Vermont land had a defect in the title, and a5 
they traded it for land in Wayne county, N. Y., they lost the latter and moved to Mesopou- 
mia township, Trumbull county, O. Children of Matthew and Rhoda: 

Y.: -fi8i6 


Edward Spaulding 

1781 ; = Pierce of Lyon 






Frederick Augustus 

; = Miranda Morris 



1803 : -l-Mar. 20, 1818. aged 14, Shoreham® 

Edward Stewart and wife Hannah were in Killingly, Conn., in 1731?. He is said to 
have married, between 1728 and 1730, the widow of Jacob Spaulding, by Mr. Dorrance. Jacob 
Spaulding was the first settler of South Killingly and was accidentally killed in 1728, leaving a 
widow and two children. Edward Stewart (probably a brother of Alexander of Norwich) 
was reputed to be a scion of the royal family of Scotland and a zealous adherent of "James IIP' 
and the Stewart dynasty.® He deeded land in Killingly Apr. 4, 1734, to John Williams of Pom- 
fret, and on May 10, 1756, he sold land to John Dixson of Voluntown. On May 19, 1736, in 
Plainfield, he and his wife Hannah received a quitclaim by John Hallowell to land they had 
sold May 20, 1735 [iv:48]. Child of Edward and Hannah, recorded in Killingly: 

1 Mary, June 29, 1735; i=May 8, 1759, Moses Earl, Brooklyn,(i) (2) David Dodge® 

Matthew Stewart of New London* Conn. 
Matthew Stewart was bom Oct. 1% 1701.* He bought land Jan. i. 1728, in New 
London, Conn., and was made a freeman Sep. 11, 1733. He married in Trinity church. New* 
port, R. 1., Oct. 19, 1735, Abigail Gardiner, bom Mar. 2, 1719,© daughter of William Card' 
mcr and wife Elizabeth, and Rev. Mr. Honeyman in entering the record began '*Mr. Mat- 
thew Stewart of New London, formerly of Ireland," etc. On his retum to New London he 
gave an entertainment which surpassed in sumptuousness anything ever given in the town.® 
**lt is understood,'* says the Newport Historical Magazine, "that he lived at the corner of 
Mary and Clarke streets, Newport, where his eldest child was bom." He became a wealthy 
merchant of New London, but in 1759 the general assembly gave him permission to hold a lot- 
tery for the disposal of his land, his petition stating that for many years he had exercised him- 
self in trade and had been obliged to contract large debts which by repeated losses at sea he 
was unable to discharge. He died June 28, 1778, and Abigail died Jan. 30, 1784.© Children, 
all but the two Daniels and Frances recorded in New London ; all in Bible : 

1 Daniel, Aug. 22, 1739; ^-Sep. 23, 1740 

2 Matthew, Nov. 5, 1741 : -hScp. 6, 1758 

3 William, June 14, 1743; =Dec. 6, 1781, Jane Winthrop: hSep. 16, i798(D® 

4 Elizabeth, Mar. 6, 1745: t July 11. 1787 

5 Hannah, Dec. 12, 1746; 1= Mumford, (2) John Robinson:® 4 lil'iA 

6 Anne, Oct. 19, 1748: -f Oct. 11, 1769 

7 Daniel. Aug. 21, 1751 : f Mar. 24, 1752 

•The birth and death recordt of Matthew Stewart's family were taken from a Bible in the poMeMion of the 
Mistei Handy ot Newport, R. I., and published in the Newport Hiitorical Magazine for January. 1883. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


8 Mary, Feb. 14, 1753: -} Nov. 29, 1841, New London© 

9 *Waltcr, June 17. 1755: ^- 1777. at sea 

10 Abigail, Oct. ao, 1757: t-Aug. 27, 1762 

11 Frances, Oct. 21, 1761 : -f-Mar. 8, 1854 

WiUlain Stewart {Matthew), bom June 14, 1743, marriedf in New London Dec. 6, 
1781, Jane Winthrop, daughter of John Stitt Winthrop. esq. During the Revolution this rich 
merchant was under a cloud of suspicion. Afterwards he was given his wife*s share of the 
confiscated estate of her father, John S. Winthrop, deceased, signing the receipt June 17, 1783. 
He died in New London Sep. 16, 1798, aged 55.® His will, dated Sep. 10, 1798, was disap- 
proved and rejected when it went to probate. It gave $500 to Matthew Miner for faithful 
service, $1,000 to his beloved sister Mary Constant, £50 to his trusty friend Roswell Salton- 
stall, $20 to his beloved sister Frances, and a suit of mourning to all his nephews and nieces, 
and the rest to his beloved wife. The inventory of Nov. 28, 1798, showed his worth as over 
$39,000. His widow Jane signed a receipt Sep. 4, 1802. for $6,287.67 for the account of herself 
and as guardian of her daughter Nancy Stewart. Child, bom at New London :® 
1 Nancy, Oct. 23. 1789 

Some Transitory Stewarts In New England —179 

Archibald Stuart was bom Aug. 18, 1727, in County Antrim, Ireland, and came to 
America in 1760, according to his gravestone at Providence, R. L, and was a merchant 44 year» 
in America.® He owned land in Ohio. We know little about his family by his first wife. 
He married (2) in the First Congregational church in Providence Feb. 4, 1770, Anstress Hut' 
ton. He died Jan. 28, 1805, in his 78th year, and his widow Anstress died Mar. 8, 1812, at 
Warwick, R. L, in her 78th year. Among his children were: 

1 Anne ; —Nov. 18, 1772. John Roes, Newport 

2 Jane ; -Nov. 19, 1779, Robert 8. Packard of Newport, Providence 

3 son 17721 drowned in 1784, aged 12. [Gazette of Sep. 4, 1784.] 
AnMM Steward and Hannah Moses were married in Plymouth Oct. 25, 1747. 
Martin Stewart and Mary Thorn were married in Boston Apr. 21, 1749, by Rev. 

Jonathan Mayhew. 

Matthew Stewart married May 4, 1758, Agnes McClurc, in the First Presbyterian 
church in Boston. Matthew Stewart married June 23, 1771, Eliw McCain, in Trinity church. 
Boston: she was buried Aug. 15, 1772, aged 41. Matthew Stewart filed his intention Aug. 18. 
1778, of marriage to Sarah Searl. 

Wtlllain Stuart, '*now a resident of Boston,'' made his will Oct. 14, 1724, which was 
probated Mar. 18, 1726-7 [Suffolk county probate, n[v:255]. He was a mariner, being bound 
to sea, etc. "All my estate in Boston to my loving friend, Thomas Steel, esq., of Boston, and 
my estate in Great Britain to my brother Joseph and sister Deborah." The witnesses were 
Benjamin Elliot, Benjamin Bridge and Samuel Tylcy. The inventory of the estate of William 
Stewart, late of Boston, merchant, shown by Thomas Steel, appraised May 29. 1727, at i' 1,250- 
10-6, included a house formerly Capt. Whitehom's in the southeast part of Boston [xzv:445]. 

WUllam Steward and Margaret Cox were married Sep. 20, 1726, in Salem. 

William Stewart was a member in 1737 of the Charitable Irish Society in Boston 
[Scotch'Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America, by Charles K. Bolton, p. 332]. 

William Steward and Eunice Lambert recorded their intention of marriage Dec. 8, 

•Gen. Walter SJcwart of Philadelphia wan horn in 1755 but was a native of Scotland. 
+He may have married fir«t in Newport, R. I . Sep. 4, 1774, Elizabeth Avery. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


1733, in Salem, Mass., and were married there Jan. 9, i733'4- The following children were 
baptized in Salem : 

I Eunice, bp. "Nov. 17, 1734 

1 Mary, bp. July 25, 1736 
John Stewart, son of John, Was pladcd under the guardianshipT^C Benjamin Clements. 
Salem, about 172 — . ^ 

Charles Stuart of Georgetown, Me. 

Charles Stuart and his wife Mary had the following children recorded in Georgetown, 
Me., as published in Putnam *s Historical Magazine, iii:57: 

1 Jane, Aug. 19, 173a [Jane Stuard ^ July 5, 175 1, Jeremiah Patee, Falmouth] 

2 Mary, July 2, 1734 

3 Margaret, Aug. 19, 1736 

4 Sarah, Nov. 20, 1738 

5 Charles, Mar. 23, 1741 '2 

6 Elizabeth, July 19, 1745 

7 James, May 14, 1749 

8 William, Feb. 12, i75i'2 

9 Isabella, Dec. 7, 1754- ,: 

10 John, Dec. 7, 1754 ^ . 

1 1 David, Sep. 7, 1756 
12' Stinson, Jan. 27, 1758; —Sep. — , 1788, Hannah Little of Passamaquoddy, at Machias 

John Steward of Watertown* Mass. 

John Steward of Watertown, Mass., married there Dec. 11, 1735* Hepzibah Hastings 
of Watertown. He evidently lived in that part of the town set off as Waltham in 1738. He 
died in Waltham Feb. 28, 1766, but we find no record of his estate. He was perhaps the fa- 
ther of John Steward of Waltham, aged about 22 in 1760, who was adjudged non compos men- 
tis. Children, recorded in Waltham : • 

1 Sarah, Mar. 13, 1738; =Apr. 25, '1759, Abijah Richardson of Weston, in Lincoln 

2 Jonas, Oct. 21, 1740; —Oct. 27, 1766, Mary Grimes, Newton: res. Claremont, N. H. 

3 David, bp. July 22, 1744 

Robert Steward of Gloucester* Mass. 

Robert Steward of, Gloucester, Mass., and Anna Hodgskins of the same place were 
married there Oct. 23, 172S, by Mr. Benjamin Bradstreet, pastor of the Third church in Glou- 
cester, J. J. Babson in his history of the town says Robert was a native of England. His fu- 
neral was held June 9, 1760. Children, recorded in Gloucester: 

1 Anna.jApr. 26, 1730; =Nov. 29, 1750, William Newman 

2 Elizabeth, July 6, 1731 ; =Mar. 13, 1757, Ignatius Webber 

3 Deborah, July 4, 1733 

4 Robert, Aug. 28, 1735 

James Stewart of Westerlo, Albany county, N. Y., was an ancestor of Dr. Ferdinand 
Schmitter of Albany, who is seeking information as to his Stewart ancestry. James enlisted 
from Blandford, Mass., immediately after Jthe battle of Lexington. When he applied for a 
pension in 1832 he was living in Westerlo and gave his age as "83 years and upwards." He 
married (2) Apr. 9, 181 5, Cynthia Ward at Westerlo. He died Nov. 22. 1844, at Broome. 
Schoharie county, N. Y. By his first wife he had at least two sons: Jariles born in New York 
City, and William, born Mar. 25, 1787, who married Temperance Wilcox. 

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•i\ t _ 1926 




Editor: GeorRC Thomas Eldson, Filley, Nebraska 
Associate Editor: Horace W. Dickerman, 685 Forest Road, New Haven. Conn. $\ i year 


NEB. APRIL, 1926 VOL. IV NO. 10 

Robert Stewart of Andover* Mass.* and Amherst* N. H. 

Robert'* Stewart was perhaps a son of Robert'^ of County Londonderry, Ireland, who 
fled from Scotland after the defeat of the Covenanters in 1679, and grandson of Walter' (page 
i). He came with the Scotch'Irish immigrants who landed at Boston Oct. 14, 1718, and went 
to Andover, then a frontier town. His name appears upon the records of Andover Jan. 30, 
i7i8'9, as living in the town. "They had come up from Boston the preceding summer or aut- 
umn,'' says Charles K. Bolton in Scotch-Irish Pioneers, "Stuart bringing a family with him." 
We have no record of his first wife. He married (2) in Andover Feb. 22, i732'3. Lydia Blair.(3) 
Jan. 14, 1736, Robert Steward of Andover, husbandman, bought of John Bullock of Salem 
for i*43 one full right in Souhegan West or township no. 3 (later Amherst, N. H.) [Essex 
county deeds, 82:20?]. May 23, 1739, he bought of Joshua Tompson of Woburn for tS? one 
right in Souhegan West, and Oct. 25, 1742, he bought of Joseph Wilkins for i*22 land in Sou- 
hegan West bounded by John Steward, the witnesses to this deed being Jonathan Tarbell and 
John Steward. Soon after buying this land he moved to Souhegan West, and on July 16, 1752, 
Robert Steuart of Souhegan West, yeoman, bought of Samuel Lamson for £200 six acres of 
meadow, the deed being witne.sscd by Robert Read and Ebenezer Nichols [83:220]. Jan. 26, 
1763, he and Samuel and William Stuard signed a petition for a new town. Oct. 11, 1765, 
Robert Steuart of Amherst, yeoman, and his wife Lydia deeded land m Amherst to Samuel 
Steuart of Amherst, gentleman. This is the last account we have of him. He was probably 
the uncle Robert referred to by Joseph Stewart of White Creek, N. Y., as one who * 'would 
never own the last Pretender or any of the race by reason of his spurious birth" (page 2). 
Among his children were : 

1 William 

2 John 1714; =Dec. 17, 1741, Keturah Holt, in Andover 

3 Samuel 171 6; =Jan. 6, 1748, Sarah Tarbell, in Salem 

4 Mary, hp. July 11, 1725, Andover® 

William^ Stewart {Robert) was taxed in Andover, Mass., from 1741 to 1747. He 
was of Narragansett no. 3 when on Jan. 6, 1755, he sold land in [now] Amherst to Hezekiah 
Lovejoy. William Stuard was a soldier in the Third Andover company Apr. 29, 1757. Will- 
iam Stuard signed the petition Jan. 26, 1763. of the inhabitants of Souhegan West or Narra- 
gansett no. 3 for the incorporation of the town of Amherst, N. H., with Robart Stuard and 
Simucl Steward. William Stewart died Oct. 26, 1784, in Dublin, N. H.® 

John* Stewart {Robert^) married in Andover Dec. 17, 1741, Keturah Holt of Andover. 
She was baptized Feb. 27, 17 15, daughter of Henry and Martha Holt. He settled in Amherst, 
N. H., near his father and brothers William and Samuel, living on a farm west of the great 
meadows. In 1790 he and his wife lived by themselves in Amherst.® He died before 1797, for 
Keturah was a widow when she died in Amherst Jan. 16, 1797. aged 82. They had the fol- 
lowing children baptized in Andover:® 

1 John, hp. Apr. 25, 1742 

2 Keturah, hp. Sep, 16, 1744; = Amos Green [Londonderry, Vt.(f, 

3 William, bp. Aug. 9, 1747; — Sarah : captain, {-May 12, 1837, in 

Symbols and reference!: a number preceded by a dash, as - 90, means refer to that page; - means married 
: maniage intention, •[• marriaRe license, + died, ■ buried. (T) Bible record, (1) church, (a) town. 4;^avestone. 
») probate, {i^ court, ti land. ^'^ militar>-, (*) pension. '1^ census, © tradition, (^ local history, \^ patriotic soci- 
ety, @ obituary, bioKraph> or genealogy. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


4 Simpson, hp. Feb. 5, 1749; = Hannah Rollins 

T Henry, bp. Mar. 8, 1752; 1= Sarah , (2) Martha Wcatherby 

6 Martha, hp. >Jov. 6, 1757; 1= James Hartshorn, (2) i6t'8i Amos Elliott, sr. 

Samuel* Stewart (Robert^) married in Salem, Mass., Jan. 6. i747'8, Sarah Tarbcll. 
It is probable that he was the Samuel Stuart of Andovcr chosen as one of the exetutors of the 
will of John*^ Stewart of Londonderry, N. H., dated Apr. j, 1741. Cornelius Tarbell of Salem 
deeded land in Amherst, N. H., June 26, 1751, to Samuel Steuart of Amherat. Solomon Hutch- 
inson of Amherst deeded him land there Apr. 3, 1753. Cornelius TarbcH of Danvcrs, Mass., 
deeded land in Amherst to Samuel Steward of Amherst July 7, 1753, and Samuel Bell of Dan- 
vers deeded him land in Amherst Sep. 30, 1756. He bought bnd in Amherst of John Lee of 
Manchester, Mass., Oct. 2. 1761, and of Samuel Lee of Manchester the same day. On Mar. 8, 
1762, he and Solomon Hutchinson were appointed by the town to see to fencing the burying 
ground. In 1763 he was chosen one of the selectmen. Oct. 11, 1765. he received a deed of 
land from his father. He died in Amherst May 27, 1776. aged 60, and administration on hi* 
estate was granted to the widow Sarah June 26, 1777. The inventory showed house and lands 
worth f6?o, livestock fS^ and personal property ^853 '3 -4. Land of William and John Stew- 
art abutted his. His four children were mentioned in the division of the estate. The widow 
Sarah died Sep. — , 1809, aged 91. Children, recorded in Amherst, N. H.:® 

1 Mary, Sep. 2, 1749; = Ezekiel Holt 

2 Elizabeth, May 3, 1753; =Oct. 31, 1782, Lieut. Robert B. Wilkins: -| July 7, 1784 

3 Samuel, Feb. 29, 1756; =Nov. 17, 1778, Lydia Ellinwood 

4 David. Dec. 20, 1757; =Fcb. 18, 1795, Susanna Lovcjoy 

To be continued 

Some Unidentified Stewarts in New England —184 

Walter Stewart of Portsmouth, N. H., married there Sep. 13, 1716, Sarah Moss, a 
widow, nee Deverson [N. E. Register, xxiii :393]. Walter Steuart, mariner, and wife Sarah, 
together with Sarah Ward, John Davidson, Thomas Beck and wife Elizabeth, and Joseph Mead 
and wife Mary, all of Portsmouth, deeded May 12, 1718, all their rights in Doctor s Island or 
Clark's Island in Portsmouth to William Knoalerof that town. The general assembly of New 
Hampshire allowed him a portage bill of t*i7'4'6 Dec. 12, 1724, as master and steward in the 
schooner Fortune with Capt. Wentworth, eastward. George Banfill of Portsmouth gave a 
mortgage deed to land in that town Nov. 8, 1729, to Walter Stuart of the same. John Down- 
mg, jr., and wife Sarah of New Hampshire deeded him land in Portsmouth July 5, 1742. On 
Dec. 21, 1743, Walter Stuart of Portsmouth, mariner, and wife Sarah quitclaimed to John Dev- 
erson of the same all their right in the estate of Thomas Deverson, late of Portsmouth, marin- 
er, dereared. It is probable that he had children. He may have been the father of or the Wal- 
ter Stewart who had two daughters, Ann and Jane, baptized Nov. 8, 1755. in the North 
Church. Portsmouth. 

James Stewart married in Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 1, 1713, Mary Wills. She is giv- 
en as the daughter of Edward and Deborah (Savage) Wills [N. H. Gen. Rec, v:42]. In 1717 
James Stewart was rated to the old meeting-house in Portsmouth, and on Dec. 12, 17 17, Mary 
Wells, "maiden but now the wife of James Steuart of Portsmouth," deeded to her uncle, Ed- 
ward Wells, mariner, of the same town land in same. Aug. , 1718, James Stewart and wife 
Mary sold land there to Edward Wells of Portsmouth. 

MARGARET STUART married in Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 15, 1710, Thomas Sher- 

WILLIAM STUART married Aug. 3. 1788. Polly Trefthom, both of Portsmouth.® 

WILLIAM STEWARD married Aug. 13, 1796. Deborah Bowling, both of PortsnKHith.® 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


James^ Stewart married Jan. ii, 1741 -ii Mary Boynton of Rowley, born Aug. 11, 
1720, daughter of Jonathan Boynton. He was perhaps a son of Jamcs^ Stewart, bom July 19, 
16S8, in Newbury, sonof James^ (Duncan'). The history of James'* is unknown (see page 
70), but it is possible that he was the James whose intention of marriage to Elizabeth Cash 
was published Apr. 17, 1714, in Salem (page 179). "The close relationship of James^ to 
James- Stewart", according to George S. Stewart, *'is inferred from deeds and other transact- 
ions; he owned land in Lunenburg, Mass., and Rindge, N. H., and the Rowley estate of James* 
passed through his hands." The following children of James^ and Mary were recorded in 
Mollis, N.H.: 

1 James, Oct. 15, 1742; [—July 20, 1774, Anne McCaffrey, Bristol, Me.] 

2 Thomas, Sep. 29, 1744; [=Jan. 9. 1776, Martha Winslow, Bristol; Me.] 

3 Peter, June 13, 1746 Revo, soldier: -I-1839, Falmouth, Me. 

4 Jerathmael, Mar. 14, 1748 

Thomas Stewart married in Bristol, Me., Jan. 9, 1776, Martha Winslow. Among 
their children were : 

1 Edmond 1776 

2 Sarah 1778: =Nov. 2, 1796, Jeremiah Beath, Bristol 

Edmond Stewart, son of Thomas and Martha (Winslow) Stewart, had a son Edmond, 
who died Sep. 22, 1887, aged 76, and is buried in Maple Grove cemetery, South Dresden, Me., 
beside his wife Jane, who died Dec 25, 1867, aged 58. Capt. Nathaniel Stewart, son of Ed- 
mond and Jane, died Nov. 16, 191 5, aged 78, and is buried in the same cemetery. 

Timothy Stewart married in Groton Dec. 10, 1755. Esther Taylor, according to the 
records of Dunstable, Mass. (Their intention of marriage- was recorded July 26, 1755, in 
Wcstford.) He was a soldier in the French war, serving as a private from Aug. 21 to Oct. 
iQ, i757» under Capt. Amos Gage, Maj. Thomas Nash, for the defense of Fort Edward. He 
enliated again Apr. 27, 1758, in Capt. Nehemiah LovewelPs company, and died Nov. 22, 1758, 
in Dunstable. Hjs widow married Feb. 20, 1760, Eleazer Fisk of Dunstable: he was born in 
Groton Novs 23, 1731, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Parker) Fisk, and died June 21, 1803. 
Children of Timothy and Esther, born in Dunstable, recorded in Nashua, N. H. : 

1 Joel, Mar. 27, 1756; =Oct. 30, 1783, Elizabeth Bartlett of Cockermouth, N. H. 

2 Olive, May 22. 1758 

Duncan Stewart of New London* Conn« 

The first of the chiefs of Appin, a district in the northwest corner of Argyllshire, Scot 
land, was Dugald* Stewart, born in 1445, son of Sir John,* Lord of Lorn and Innermeath (Ro- 
bert,' John,** Robert,* James,* John,* Alexander,* Walter He married a daughter of Mac- 
Dougal of Nether Lorn, and the story of his life is full of interest and excitement: he had three 
sons. Duncan,'^ the eldest, never married, and was succeeded as chief of the clan by the seC' 
ond son, Alan,'" who with his five sons accompanied King James IV to the disastrous field of 
Flodden. Alan'** died at an advanced age about 1562: he had married a daughter of Cameron 
of Lochiel, and had five sons— Duncan," John," Dugald," James" and Alexander." Dun- 
can," fourth chief of Appin, married Janet Gordon and had one son, John,'- and John'- had 
two sons — Duncan'^ and John.'* Duncan'* was chief of Appin, while John'' was the first of 
Ardsheal. John's son was Duncan,'* second of Ardsheal, and the line runs to Charles,'" fifth 
of Ardsheal, who enthusiastically took up the cause of Charles Stuart and served at Preston 
Pans Sep. 21, 1745, at Falkirk Jan. 17, 1746, and at Culloden Apr. 16, 1746. He was sub- 
sequently attainted and his estates confiscated. He died Mar. 15, 1757. His son Alexander'" 
succeeded him and became chief of Appin on the death of Dugald,'^ last of the line of Dun- 
can, '•"* but dying without issue was succeeded by his brother Duncan,'" below. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Duncan'^ Stewart, son of Charles** and Isabel (Haldane) Stewart, was appointed col- 
lector of customs at New London, Conn., assuming his official duties in 1764- He married in 
Brattle Square church, Boston, Mass , Jan. 6, 1767, Ann Erving, daughter of Hon. John Erv' 
ing of Boston, one of his majesty's council for Connecticut. When the Revolution began he 
was, of course, a sympathizer with the king's cause and although personally not unpopular he 
narrowly escaped mob violence. In May, 1776, he was still in New London, where he dwelt 
without restraint except forbidden to leave town without permission of the governor. That 
year he spent three months in New York on parole, and in June, 1777, he obuincd leave to 
move there preparatory to taking passage for England. He departed in July. In 1769 he had 
succeeded to the representation of h^d of the clan of Appin on the death of his older brother 
Alexander, and after paying heavy fines he was restored to his estates in Ardsheal in 1781 as 
a reward for his services to the crown in America. He was then appointed collector for Ber* 
muda and held the office two yeac&^ Hjb will wm signed Aug. p>-T7Qa>.in Londnn«.and Jb^os; 
"I, Duncan Stewart of Ardsheal, County of Argyll, in North Britain, Esq., being bound for 
Boston. Mass.," etc.; and was proved at I-ondon, Sep. ao, 1793 [Registry of deeds, Boston, 
179:36]. The will of his widow Ann was signed in Edinburgh Oct. 5, 1803, probated Nov. 
14, 1808, and a copy is on file in Northampton, Mass. [box 141, file 16]. Children: 

I Charles 1767;= Rebecca Sinclair of Deer Park, Tyrone, Ire.: ^1844 

1 John, Feb. 3, 1769; =Apr 1. 1789, Sarah Leonard: -f Feb. 3, 1831 

3 Isabel, Apr. la, 1770: -f-Apr. 17, 1770, New London© 

4 George : XOct. oo, 1771, King's Chapel, Boston® 
T Ann ; = MacNab 

6 James Haldane, Dec. 13, 1776, Boston; = Mary Dale: -h Oct. aa, 1854 

7 Margaret 

8 Charlpttve Mary 

9 William Qeprge Erving 

10 Sophia 1784 ; = Campbell 


In our notes in the February issue, in referring to Rev. John Stewart who married Alice, 
the youngest daughter of William Drysdale of Edinburgh, the following sentence should read: 
"Her mother was a Murray of Philiphaugh. " 

J. Adger Sf^\ivart, president of the Louisville Axe 6^ Tool company of Louisville, Ky., i* 
:o sail April i^ oh the steamer DeGrasse of the French line and expects to be in Ulster about 
June 1. He is a descendant of Alexander Stewart of Londonderry, Ireland (page 15a), and 
goes in quest of records of his ancestry. 

Mrs. George A. Page of Oneida, N. Y., is desirous of adding to her records of the family 
of William Stewart of Hackettstown, N. J., born about 1739, a descendant of the Earl of Bute. 
He came with his brothers Archibald and James from Ballantoy, County Antrim, Ireland, and 
died Feb. 17, 1810, in Hackettstown. By his first wife, Frances Sherrod, he had a son John, 
born Apr. 14, 1770, who married Sarah Bird. 


32. Merrlum Stewart. Horn Tan. 8. 1775, married Samuel Kincaid and had eleven children. She lived 
In the Catskill mountain*. Greene county, N. Y . then in Denmark. Athtabula county, O.. and latt near Law- 
renceburp. Dearborn county, Ind. Her mother was Mary Hunjfrrford and her father it said to have been Al- 
exander Stuart, a tugar refiner of New York Gty. Mrs. Horace Anderson, 53 Leighton ave., Yonkera, N. Y. 

33. JamrsStewart of Cumberland county. Pa., born before 1725. married Lucy Bleakley. Their ton 
James, born in 1752. nr-arried in 1783 Eleanor McElwain: he was a second lieutenant in the 5th company of the 
First battalion of Cumberland county Associators during the Revolutionary war and died in 1792. Their child- 
ren were James. Mary, John. Andrew and Lucinda. Mrs. S. R. Epiteen. Tremont hotel, Denver, Colo. 

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Editor: George Thomas Edson. Filley, Nebraska 
Monthly Associate Editor: Horace W. Dickerman, 685 Forest Road. New Haven. Conn. $1 i year 

FILLEY, NEB. MAY, 1926 VOL. IV NO. 11 

Considerable research has been made in the past several years by Horace W. Dickerman 
and others to determine the ancestry of Lieut. William* Steward of Stonington, Conn., and 
although some progress has been made there remains more work for the future. Mr. Dicker- 
man is of the opinion that this family was closely related to the mother of Oliver Cromwell, 
as the Protector was a proprietor of land in Rhode Island and intended to go there if fortune 
should compel him to leave England. For our present purposes we shall begin with Lieut. 
William* Stewart, leaving the riddle of his parentage to future solution. 

Lieut. William Steward of Stonington, Conn. 

Horace W. Dickerman, New Haven, Conn. 

Lieut. William* Steward ( *) was baptized as an adult on Feb. 13, 1710, in the 

Congregational church in Stonington. He married (i) May 5, 1713, Sarah Church. On Dec. 
27, 1721. he and his wife Sarah deeded to '*yc Reverend Mr. Creighead, clerk in Stonington," 
land they had bought five days previously of Saxton Palmer.® He bought Apr. 4, 1726, of 
Aaron Stark, land in Voluntown, and on Nov. 5, 1728, he bought land of Richard Stephens and 
Henry Stephens, in North Stonington. On Apr. 9, 1727, Sarah Stewart was dismissed to the 
church in North Stonington. On Mar. 2, i729'30, William Stuard, yeoman, of North Stoning- 
ton, deeded to Jonathan Dean the land in Voluntown which he had bought of Aaron Stark. 
[Alexander Steuard sold land in Voluntown Feb. 11, i729'30, to this same Jonathan Dean. Cf. 
page 21.] He acquired the title of lieutenant, and was a man of prominence. It is said that 
he knew the line of his ancestry back to kings, and a set of dishes bearing a coat Kjf 'arms was 
later in possession of his descendants. His wife Sarah died Mar. 2, 1745. He married (2) 
Mar. 16, 1747, Mary Bellows. The date of his death is unknown. In his will, drawn Oct. 
^. 17?^ probated Dec. 26, 1754, he provided for "grave stones for my father and former wife 
and child and myself", made bequests to his "two grandsons William Steward" and mentioned 
the following children (except the first Lemuel), whose births were recorded in Stonington: 

1 William, Dec. 26, 1714; =Dec. 4. 1740, Elizabeth Stephens 

2 Nathan, Jan. 8» 17 17 

3 Oliver, Feb. 12, 1719; =Aug. 20, 1741. Rebecca Pendleton, Westerly, R. I. 

4 Phineas, May 16, 1721; i=Jan. 11, 1745, Remember Babcock, (2) Hannah Barnaby 

5 Lemuel, May 3, 1723: f Feb. ["last"]. 1727 

6 Sarah, Jan. to, 1725 -6; =Apr. 15, 1743, Nathan Newbury, Groton 

7 Content, Dec. 24, 1727; = Robert Parke: three children 

8 Eliphalet, Nov. 10. 1729; — Elizabeth 

9 Lemuel, Jan. 31, 1732; = Eunice 

William^ Steward {William*), born Dec. 26, 1714. in Stonington, Conn., married 
there Dec. 4, 1740, Elizabeth Stephens, daughter of Henry* and Elizabeth (Fellows) Stephens. 
He died prior to Jan. 4, 1760, for on that date his widow Elizabeth was appointed administrat- 
rix of his estate. She subsequently married Joseph Palmer, a widoucr with nine children, and 
had a daughter by him, named Sabra. Children : 

1 Lucretia, July 30, 174 1 ; —Mar. 8, 1761, Dr. John Bartlett of Lebanon 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, .ns —90. means refer to that pag**: means niarrird 
:- martiage intention, •!• marriage license. < died. buried. (T) Bible record, l church. ^ town, ^ 
») probate, (i) court, (Ji land, (v' military. C») pension. ■») census, (g) tradition, (^ local history, li patriotic u>c\- 
e»y. <^ obituary, biography or genealogy. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


2 Lucy, July 30, 1743; = Jarcd Stephens, her cousin 

3 Nathan, June 22, 1745; =May 1, 1768, Barbara Palmer 

4 Elizabeth, Oct. 7, 1747; = John Coates, as second wife 

5 Mary, Nov. 28, 1749; = Oliver Wilcox 

6 William, Mar. 16, 17^2; i=Scp. 25, 1774, Anna Coates, (2) Amanda Darrow 

7 Content, June 6, 17^4; = Timothy Coates 

8 Elisha, June 29, 1757; = Sarah Witter 

9 Eliphalet, Aug. 14, 1759; ^= Mercy Coates 

Nathan^ Steward (William*), born Jan. 8, 1717, in Stonington, Conn., perhaps died 
in 1743. Administrator's bond on the estate of Nathan Stewart was filed June 15, 1743, by 
his father, William Stewart [Probate, £.138]. 

Oliver^ Steward {William*), bom Feb. 12, 1719, in Stonington, Conn., married in 
Westerly, R. I., Aug. 20, 1741, Rebecca Pendleton, daughter of Edmund Pendleton. He was 
granted an earmark in Westerly Mar. 9, i746'7, "a slope in underneath of each ear, half'pcnny 
under side of left car." He and his wife Rebecca signed a receipt Feb. 2^, i7?oi, for t'146' 
i8'4 from the estate of Edmund Pendleton, sr.® He bought land in Westerly July 9, 1746. 
of Joshua Rathbun.® He removed about 1755 to Stonington, Conn., and on Jan. 13, 1756, 
hp ^pd his wife Rebecca, of Stonington, sold their land in Westerly to Jonathan Foster.® 
Mar. 15, 1757, he signed as a witness to the settlement of his father's estate and discharge of 
executor. They perhaps lived later in Voluntown on the land there willed him by his father. 
Thfe dates of their death are unknown. Children, the first three recorded in Westerly, R. I. : 

1 Daniel, Feb. 23, 1742-3 

2 Sarah, Mar. 7, 1743-4; = 1769, Elias Steward (page 96) 

3 Rebecca, Oct. 31, 1746; =Nov. 14, 1771, John Rhodes, Voluntown 

4 Oliver 1748; =Feb. 17, 1772, Jane Rhodes, Voluntown 

5 Edmund : soldier in Revolution: -^1783 

6 William, Jan. 16, 1752;® i=Mar. 17, 1778, Desire Crary, (2) Mary Whitney 

7 Content ; i=Feb. 2^, 1779, Philip Briggs, (2) Sutherland 

Fhineas^ Steward (William*), born May 16, 1721, in Stonington, Conn., married (i) 

Jan. II, 1745, Remember Babcock, in Stonington. He married (2) Hannah Bamaby. He 
was a soldier from Stonington in the French and Indian war. Mar. 22, 1762. He sold his 
land in Stonington Nov. 18, 1776, to Eliphalet Stewart. Children, by his wife Hannah: 

1 Phineas, Aug. 17, 1748; = : -hi8i2, Berlin, Rensselaer co., N. Y. 

2 Sarah, Aug. 13, 1750; = Rufus Perkins 

3 Wealthy, May 12, 1756 

4 Mercy 1762;= Nahum Chapman 
^ Lydia 1767; = Amos Barber 

6 Qilbtrt, Dec. 4, 1772 

7 Esther 

Eliphalet^ Steward (William*), bom Nov. 10, 1729, in Stonington, Conn., married 

Elizabeth . Mar. i, 1755, he and his brothers Phineas and Lemuel, of Stonington, 

deeded '*a certain undivided lot which was our father's, William Stewart of Stonington. which 
we received by will," the witnesses being Oliver Stewart and Joseph York [viii :242]. Feb. 
8, 1771, he received a quitclaim from Mirtha MicMillan of Stonington to 48 acres of land in 
Stonington, witnessed by Abigail York and Charles Phelps [ix:ii9]. Children, bom in 
Stonington : 

1 Sarah, June 27, 1757 

2 Lemuel, Apr. 6, 1759; -Aug. 18, 1782, Rebecca Rose, Preston:® of Little Hoosic, N. Y. 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


3 Margaret, Jan. '15. 1761; =Fcb. 10, 1780. Jacob Gates, Preston® [Y.® 

4 Eliphalet, Jan. 1, 1763; = Rebecca : { July 27, 1848, Petersburg, N. 

? Deborah. Nov. 23, 1764; = Manus Griswold 

6 Martha, Nov. 6, 1766; =Apr. 13, 1794, Josiah Rose, Preston® 

7 Ephraim, Sep. 15. 1768 

Lemuel'^ Steward (William*), born Jan. 31, 1732, in Stonington, Conn., married 

Eunice . He deeded (by his mark) Sep. 29, 1756, land in Stonington to Eliphalet Stew' 

art [vii;65]. He died before Sep. 7, 1758, on which date administration on his estate was 
given to William Stewart of Stonington, "he being a principal creditor and brother to ye de* 
ceased," the widow having refused. Feb. 17, 1761, William's widow asked for an account of 
money expended by William in paying debts of his brother Lemuel, deceased, for whom he 
was administrator. Mar. 10, 1761, the probate court allowed money for the support of his 
family, "estate long since settled.'' July 11, 1763, Wait Wells of Groton, guardian of Lemuel, 
a minor son of I^muel Stewart, late of Stonington, took a receipt for t'3'io paid to Eunice 
Stewart. Child : 

1 Lemuel 1756 

To be continued 

William Steward of Westerly* R. I. 

The first mention of a William Steward in the Westerly 'Stonington vicinity was when an 
earmark, "formerly belonging to the house of William Steward: a hole through ear both swine 
and chattels", was entered on the records in Stonington, Conn., on Jan. 18, 169Q. [On June 
26, 1722, was entered an earmark of another William Steward, "a slope crop off ye under side 
of each ear."] William Stewart's name is found in the records of the First church in Hop* 
kinton, R. L, before 1708. * 'William Stewart died Mar. 4, 1733*4 . in Stonington." Patience 
Steward, who was baptized as an adult July 6, 171 3, in the Congregational church in Stoning' 
ton and married there Feb. 25, I7i3'4, William Thomas, was perhaps a sister to Lt. William.* 

William^ Steward ( ^) of Westerly, R. L, was among the persons* to whom 

the government of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation granted Oct. 2, 171 1, 5,300 acres of 
land bounded south by the Pawcatuck river, east by Maxson's purchase, north by vacant lands 
and west by the colony line.® William Steward's land was referred to in a deed Dec. 28' 
1714, by John Prosser as adjoining his, and he was mentioned in the town meeting records the 
first Monday in January, I7i4'5, as living in the town. He died probably Aug. 7, [this date 
crossed out] 1715, for on Feb. 27, I7i5'i6, "at a council meeting held at the home of Justice 
Crandall among other items this day appeared Margctt, widow to the deceased William Stew- 
ard who died intestate, and presented an inventory of his estate," t'24'i7'9, taken by Joseph 
Maxson, jr., and Peter Werden, the biggest item being "booke defk, t*8'0'3". Apr. 2, 1716: 
* 'Secondly, we order that after his funeral charges and just debts are paid that then what re- 
mains be divided between the widow and her children, a third part to the widow and the oth' 
er part to be equally divided between the children, as by the law is directed." [Westerly, R. 
L, probate records]. His widow Margaret Steward married in Stonington Dec. 25, 1725 [or 
1728], John Pooler of Westerly, as shown by a deed Nov. 21, 1733, by Margaret Pooler, "for 
love I bear to my well beloved son Joseph Steward of Westerly," given with the consent of 

•Among the Rrantees of this land, which was situated in the northern part of Westerly later set off as Hr.p- 
kinton. were Darnel Lrwis. loseph Maxson. John Richmond, Benjamin Biirdick. John Maxson. jr., Huhbard 
Burdick, Samuel Burdick, Jonathan MaxRon. Thomas Burdick, John Maccoon, William Crumb. John Clark, 
James Cone. John Crandall. Nathaniel Wells. Philip Palmeter, John Palmeter. John Prosser, Oemond N'cff. 
Thomas Reynolds. James HaHs. Thomas Wells. Robert Burdick. Gec^rge Stillman. Stephen Randall. Edward 
Halls. Tobias Brand, Samuel Langworthy. Nicholas Cottrell, Peter Crandall and William Stuard. all of Wester- 
ly, William Bennett, Joseph I^wis and Josiah Hill, of Stonington. The amount of land each received depended 
on the amount of money he paid in. Stuard paid 1 shilling 9 pence. No other record of title is found. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


her husband, John Pooler. She was Pooler's widow in 1753.® Probable children: 

I Phineas ; = Miry : she -hMar. — , 1787, aged 83, Groton 

a William ; =Apr. 14, 1719, Martha Burdick, Stonington 

3 Elizabeth ; =Jan. ai, 1730'!, Ebenezer Burdick, Westerly 

4 Joseph ; =Scp. 6. 173a, Sarah Jeffers: -hi747 in expedition against Canada 
T Mary ; =Apr. 5, 1736, Thomas Foster, Westerly 

6 Sarah, May a3, 1715;® =Dec. 9, 1736. Joseph Witter, Wes:erly 

Robert Stewart of Andover and Amherst — 186 

Collaboration of Prof. Strwart H. Burnham of Cornell University 

Capt. Wllllain^ Stewart (John* Robert"^), baptized Aug. 9, 1747, in Andover. Mass., 
was a soldier from Amherst, N. H., in the R ev o lu t i o nar y- waf . He- FMMwe d ta^Londo ofkrry ■ 
Windham county, Vt., where he applied Apr. 10, 1818, for a pension, which was granted. 
His application showed that he enlisted in March or April, 1776, as orderly sergeant under 
Capt. [Timothy] Clement, Col. [David] 'Oilman, New Hampshire troops, and served nine 
months. In 1820 he stated to the pension bureau that his family consisted of his wife, aged 
66, Betsey Wyman, aged 39, Hannah Stewart, aged aS, and Hiram Stewart, aged 11. In the 
Glebe View cemetery in Londonderry, Vt., are the gravestones of Capt. William Stewart, a 
Revolutionary soldier, who died May la. 1837, aged 89, and of Sarah, wife of Capt. William 
Stewart, who died Feb. 28. 1828, aged 76. He doubtlessly had other children than these : 

1 Elizabeth 1781 ; = Wyman 

2 Hannah : -f-Mar. 4, 1841, aged 59, Londonderry® 

Hiram, who married Mar. 31, 1835, Mehitable How,® was doubtlessly a grandson. 

Simpson^ Stewart {John* Rohert^)^ baptized Feb. 5, 1749, in Andover, Mass., served 
in the Revolution as a private in Capt. Stephen Peabody*s company raised from Col. Nichols' 
regiment of militia and marched from Amherst for Ticonderoga on the alarm of June 30, 1777; 
discharged July 4, 1777. He enlisted again July 19 as a private in Capt. John Bradford's 
company. Col. Moses Nichols' regiment of New Hampshire troops raised to reinforce the 
northern army, and was discharged Sep. 18, after two months' service, being allowed expenses 
for 100 miles' travel. He was among the Amherst men who commenced the battle of Ben- 
nington, and his cousin Samuel was with him in the attack on the Hessian breastworks. He 
married about 1773 Hannah Rollins.® He removed about 1780 from Amherst to Jaffrey and 
about 1795 to Berlin, Washington county, Vt. There Hannah died Jan. 13. 1813, aged 61 .(J" 
and he died June 13, 1841, aged 92 years 4 months.® Children, the first three recorded in 
Amherst and the next five in Jaffrey, N. H. : 

1 John, Apr. 10, 1774; =May 11. 1806, Tamor Hubbard, Berlin, Vt. 

2 Simpson, Feb. 11, 1776; = Phcbe : "went to sea" 

3 Hannah. Aug. 31, 1778; =Aug. 20, 1797, John Black, Berlin 

4 Ephraim Holt, Jan. 2, 1781 : +Nov. 7, 1783, Jaffrey 

5 William H., May 17, 1783; = Rebecca Vaughan, Washington county. N. Y. 

6 Ephraim Holt, Apr. 13, 1785; = Charlotte Mix 

7 Elizabeth. Jan. 5. 1788 

8 Luther, Jan. 6, 1790; = 

9 Sarah ; = Reynolds, New Hampshire 

10 Mary ijg^ : -J-May 24. 1814, aged 21, Berlin® 

1 1 Teiria/i : died unmarried, aged about 30® 


34. Julia Stewart, born in 1807 in Elmira, N. Y.. marrted Samuel Young. She had brothers Nathan- 
iel, Daniel. Willard and Warren, I think. Mr*. George W Prichard. Onawa. Iowa. 

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Editor: George Thoma» E Json. Filley, Nebraska 
Monthly Asiociate Editor: Horace W. Dickerman. 685 Forest Road. New Haven. Conn. $1 i year 


Lieut. William Steward of Stonintfton* Conn. —191 

Horace W. Dickerman. New Haven. Conn. 

Nathan^ Stewart (William,'' William^), bom June a2» 1745, in Stonington« Conn., 
married there May i. 1768. Barbara Palmer, daughter of Wiiham Palmer. He bought out the 
family rights in the old homestead on Stewart Hill and built a house which was afterward 
occupied by his son Edward and then by Denison Stewart, according to Judge R. A. Wheeler 
in his history of Stonington. His wife Barbara died Mar. i?, 1805, aged 55, and he died Nov. 
I, 1813, aged 69, according to their tombstones in the Stonington cemetery. Children, born 
in Stonington : 

1 Nathan, Feb. 20, 1769; i=Nov. i, i79i» Anna Brown, (2) Honor (Brown) Angell 

1 Barbara* July 5, 1771; = Capt. Nchemiah Brown 

3 Edward, Dec. 8, 1774; -=Feb. 15, 1801, Rebecca Noyes 

4 Priscilla, Mar. 20, 1778; = Noyes Wheeler 

? Elizabeth, Sep. 14, 1780; = Col. Dennis Randall 

6 Russell W., Apr. 14, 1784; =Jan. 7, 1804, Caroline Lord 

7 George P., Apr. 6, 1786; =Jan. 10, i8ia, Mary Hewett, Preston 

8 Phebe, May 12, 1789; = Oliver Swan of New Hartford 

9 Cyrus, Feb. 14, 1792; =Oct. 24, 1816, Sophia Crocker, Bozrah 
10 Apphia, Mar. 19, 1795 : -j-young 

William^ Stewart (William,* William*), born Mar. 16, i7?2. in Stonington, Conn., 
married first Sep. 25, 1774, Anna Coates, by whom he had five children. He was a soldier in 
the Revolution. He was a master mechanic, building gristmills and sawmills. He married se- 
cond Oct. 31, 1802, Amanda Darrow, in North Stonington. He died Jan. 23, 1843, in his Q2nd 
year, and his tombstone on Stewart Hill adds '*An ancient pillar of our land has fallen by the 
Almighty hand." Children: 

1 William, May 10, 1775 

2 Anna, Sep. 24, 1777 ; = Samuel Campbell 

3 John, Mar. 25. 1782 

4 Mary ; = Stephen Abbott 

5 Anstress ; = Hughes 

6 Russell Darrow. Feb. i, 1805 ; =Nov. 26, 1829, Phebe E. Robins, Voluntown 

Col. Ellsha*' Stewart (William,^ William*)^ born June 29, 1757, in Stonington, Conn., 
married about 1778 Sarah Witter, born Dec. 12, 1757, in Preston, daughter of Elijah and Lucy 
(Parke) Witter. At the first call for troops May 10, 1771:, he enlisted for service in the 
Revolutionary war and was assigned to the Third company, Captains Samuel Prentice and 
James Eldridge, Sixth Connecticut regiment under Col. Samuel H. Parsons. He was discharg- 
ed Dec. 17, 177?, but subsequently served several enlistments up to 1781. He sold his land in 
Stonington to Nathan Stewart Nov. 23, 1778, and removed to Rensselaer county, N. Y. He 
was lieutenant -colonel of the Fifth New York regiment Apr. 3, 1806, and called Colonel. He 
was a tall and soldierly appearing man and proud of his ancestry. It is said that he taught 
two of his daughters the direct line of his descent from King James I, but it was probably not 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as - 90. means refer to that pag*-; means married, 
:- mariiage intention, r marriage license. ^ died. -^ buried. ® Bible record, (i) church, (a) town. 0Rrave8tonc 
•) probate, ^) court, f) land. « military. Cf) pension. ^ census, (g) tradition. @ local history, (g patriotic »oc.- 
ery, (g) obituary, biography or genealogy. 

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put in writing. He built a house costing $2,?oo, hauling the lumber from Albany, 15 miles 
away. He applied for a pension Aug. 8, 183a. while a resident of Schodack, N. Y. His wife 
died July 14, 181 2. and he died June 19, 1839, in Stephcntown, N. Y: Children, all bom in 
Stephentown, N. Y. :* ... 

1 Elisha, Aug. 7, 1778; = Rosina : 4- Feb. 4, 1836 

2 Lucretia, May 23, 1780; = Nathan Adams: -f-Oct. 1, 1801 

3 Witter, June 29, 1782; = Betsey 

4 Sarah, July 7. 1784; =Jan. 20, 181 1, Moses Hume:t -f-Nov. 26, i863 

5 Roderick Random, Feb. 25. 1787; =Oct. 13, 1813. Clarissa Dresser: ^ July 12, i860 

6 Abel, Oct. 2, 1788: -hAug. 11, 1793 

7 George William, May 28. 1791; —Oct. 21, 1821, Epha Potts: -+ Mar. 6, 1864 

8 Narcissa Random, May — . 1793; = Ebcr Myers: ; May 26, 1817 

9 Mallina DeGrasse. Oct. 21, 1795: -f-Aug. 28, 1797 

10 Annah. Mar. 28. 1798; = Adin Swan: 4-Feb. i?, 1883, Buffalo, N. Y. 

11 Massena, Mar. 23, i8oo: last heard of in U. S. army hospital, Pensacola, Fla. 

Ellphalet^ Steward (William,^ WiUiam*), born Aug. 14, 1759, in Stonington, Conn., 
married Mercy Coates, bom Sep. 6, 1764. He was a Revolutionary soldier, serving as a 
private in the Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York forces. He deeded his land in Stcn' 
ington to Nathan Stewart Dec. 21, 1781, and removed to Frankfort, Herkimer county, N. Y. 
There, on Dec. 10, 1805, he signed a quitclaim deed to his right in his father's estate in Ston- 
ington to his mother, now Elizabeth Palmer [Stonington deeds, xv:i99]. In 1811 he removed 
to Busti, Chautauqua county, N. Y.. where his wife Mercy died Apr. 19, 1813. He was 
granted a pension of $80 a year May 15, 1833, for service as a private in the New York milit' 
ia.® He died Nov. 3, 1837, at Busti. Children: 

1 Lucy ; = Stephen Wilcox 

2 John, June 14, 1786: =^ Eunice Wilcox 

3 Anna ; =- Walter Crouch 

4 Betsey ; = Michael Frank 

Daniel^ Steward (Oiivcr,* William*), bom Feb. 23, 1742'3. in Westerly, R. I., per- 
haps died young. He is not mentioned in the settlement of the estate July 21, 182?, of his 
sister Content. She married first Feb. 25, 1779, Philip Briggs, in Clarendon, Vt., and after 
his death there June i, 1821, aged 65, she married a man named Sutherland, but evidently had 
no children by either husband. Her property was divided in one -fourth parts among her 
brother William, sister Rebecca, the heirs of her deceased brother Oliver and the **8ons and 
daughters of Elias Steward and nephews and nieces of the deceased.'' 

Oliver^ Steward (OhVer,* William*), born about 1748, probably in Westerly, R. I.. 
married Feb. 17, 1772, Jane Rhodes, in Voluntown, Conn. She was born Feb. 15, 17^2, 
daughter of Obadiah Rhodes. Their first two children were born in Voluntown, Oliver, jr.. 
in Preston and all the rest in Clarendon, Vt.,©J whither they removed about 1779. He had 
an earmark recorded there Mar. 6, 1781, "a crop of the left ear." His name appears on the 
land records in Voluntown and Clarendon in various transactions. He was appointed adminis- 
trator Nov. 24, 1800, of the estate of his son Allen. He died probably early in 181 3, as on 

•The record* of this family wrre supplied by Mrs. Char'cs Robinson Hume of Anadarko. Okla. 

•♦Moses Hume was born Tune 14. 1787. at Windsor. Mass., and died June 16. 1854. in Hudson. Mich., son 
f)f Stephen and Mary (Hovey) Humes. Stephen Humes was a soldier in the Revolution and died Apr. 25. 1843, 
at Windsor, son of Richard and Sarah (Williams) Humes. Stephen's wife Mary was born Sep. 16, 1755, at 
Sutton. Mass., and died Sep. 27. 1837, at Windsor, daughter of Daniel and Ruth (Tyler) Hovey. 

JThis Bible is in the possession of F. W. Lucas of Walker. Minn. It is imprinted "J Holbrook Stcreoiipe 
Coppy, Brattleborough, Vermoni. ' It contains three pages of births, no marriages and but few deaths. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Mar. 16, 181 3, his widow Jane petitioned for the appointment of Thomas Steward (see page 
96) as administrator, and on Apr. 12 the court did as petitioned. Children :® 

1 Abigail, Jan. 7. 1773; =Mar, 3, 1791, Elijah Perrigo, Clarendon 

2 Allen, Sep. 13, 1775; =Mar. 26, 1799, Tabitha Bell, Tinmouth: -hi8oo. Crown Point 

3 Oliver, Jan. 18, 1778; i=Jan. 19, 1800, Warita Bell, (2) 

4 Susanna, Sep. II, 1780; = Emmons Lillie 

5 Rosanna, Sep. 11, 1780; = John Dodge 

6 Amos, Dec. 3, 1782 

7 Aaron, Apr. 26, 1785; = Hannah Wilbur: -f June 20, 1815 

8 Mary, Nov. i , 1787 ; = Aaron Aldrich 

Edmund^ Steward (Oliver,^ William*), bom probably in Westerly, R. I., about 1750, 
was perhaps the soldier of that name in Capt. Isaac Gallup 's company in Col. Samuel Holden 
Parsons' loth Continental regiment, Nov. 6, 1776, of Connecticut men.® It is inferred that 
he was a son of Oliver* Steward, for Oliver* was administrator May 13, 1783, of Edmund 
Steward, in Clarendon, Vt., and William* Steward signed the administrator's bond: the wit' 
ncsscs were Daniel Brown and Samuel Williams, and the inventory was recorded Dec. 28, 
1783: estate insolvent [Rutland probate, i:66]. He was not mentioned in the settlement of 
Content Sutherland's estate [vide Daniel]. Edmund Steward was among the early freemen 
in Clarendon. 

To be continued 

Robert Stewart of Andover and Amherst — 192 

Collaboration of Prof. Stewart H. Burnham of Cornell University 

Henry* Stewart (Johriy* Robert^), baptized Mar. 8, 1752, in Andover, Mass., married 

<^i) Sarah . She died Jan. 5, 1785, in Dublin, N. H., whence they had mo\cd frcm 

Amherst about 1779.® He removed to Kingsbury, Washington county, N. Y., before 1790,® 
and rairricd (i) Martha Weatherby.® His will was dated June 5, 1827, probated June 16, 
1835, and mentioned his wife Martha, children Sally, Lucy, Polly and Rena (with their hus' 
bands) and "my grandson, James H. S. McFarling." He died May 16, 1835, aged 83 years, 2 
mDnths and 4 days,© and is buried in the Kingsbury street cemetery,* half'Way between Hud' 
son Falls and Fort Ann. Children, recorded in Dublin, N. H.: 

1 Sarah, Sep. 22, 1772; = William Smith 

2 Lucy, Sep. 3. 1776; — Layton Bentley: fOct. 2, 1855, aged 79® 

3 Mary, Nov. 1, 1778; - Oct. 7, 1798, James AUcock, New Hampshire 

4 Rena, Apr. i, 1781; 1-=^ McFarland, (2) Thomas Kinsler® 

5 Henry, Jan. 4, 1785: * Feb. t, 1785, Dublin® 

Samuel-^ Stewart {SamueU* Robert^), bom Feb. 29, 1756, in Amherst, N. H., married 
there Nov. 17, 1778. Lydia Ellinwood. He was a soldier from Amherst in the Revolutionary 
war and took part in the battle of Bennington. We have no further record of him or his fam- 

•In ihi» cemetery arc alto buried some Stewarts of the Londonderry. N. H.. family: 
In memor>' of | Mrs Marguret Stewart | wife of Mr Jofeph | Stewart, who died Aupufi I 

the 1 1th 1794 in the 67th | Year of her agfc [page 12]. 
In memory of | Mifs Elizabeth Daugh | ter of Mr John & Mrs Sufana Stewart who [ died 

April 13, ISOI, In | the 15 year of her age [page 28]. 
Chaunccy | Stewart | Died | Sept. 15, 1814 | Aged 33 years [page 28]. 
In I Memory of | Matilda wife of j Chauncy Stewart ' who died Jan. 2 2 d | I 8 9 in the 

28th I year of her age [page 28]. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Davld^ Stewart {Samuel* Robert*), horn Dec. ao, 1757, in Amherst. N. H., married 

there Feb. 18, 1795, Susanna Lovcjoy, born June 11, 1769. He was selectman for 14 years. 

and was treasurer of Hillsborough county from 1803 until his death. Nov. 14, i8ai. aged 61. 

His widow Susanna died Aug. 24, 1846. aged 77. in Amherst. Children, born in Amherst:® 

I Sarah Tarbell. Sep. 11. 1707; =Nov. 15, 1826. Jonathan Haskell: + Dec. ig, 184 J 

1 David. May 4, 1799; i=Nov. 18. 1834. Charlotte Adams. (2) Mrs. Eliza Buxton 

3 Anstress, June 29, 1801; i=July 13. 1826. Rev. Jeremiah Stowe. (2) Henry Pierce 

4 Mary Blanchard, Feb. 20. 1803; — ^- Josiah Kittredgc: 4 23S1825, Pembroke 

5 Charles Lovejoy, Jan. i, 1805; =Nov. 10, 1847, Amanda L. Ponsford: -!~Apr. i. 1868 

6 Frederick. Oct. 4. 1808; = : -fMar. 11, 1853, Phillipsville. N. Y. 

7 Robert. June i, 1811: fjuly 26. 1813 

John^ Stuart (Simpson,^ Johriy* Robert^, born Apr. 10, 1774. in Amherst, N. H., re- 
moved with his parents to Berlin, Washington county, Vt.. where he married May 11, 1806. 
Tamor Hubbard, born Sep. 21, 1781. in Putney. Vt. He died in Berlin, Sep. 27. 1847, aged 73, 
from the effects of a fall from an apple tree. Children, born in Berlin :® 

1 John, Apr. 7, 1807; i==Jan. 6, 1831, Eliza Paul, (2) Jan. 1, 1836, Adeline Paul 

2 Rollins Hubbard, Sep. 17. 1808; =Jan. 13, 1838, Mahala Davis, East Montpelicr 

3 I^ura Delano, Nov. 30, 181 1 : = Ira Andrews 

4 Harriet Mary, Aug. i. 1813: =Mar. 31, 1844. Wm. L. Andrews, cousin of Ira 

5 Charles May, Mar. i, 1815 

6 Polly Hannah, Nov. 6, 181 7; =Jan. i, 1841. John H. Clark 

7 George Martin. May 9. 1819; =Mar. 21, 1844, Harriet Snow 

Simpson^ Stewart (Simpson,^ John,* Roherc^), born Feb. 11, 1776, in Amherst, N. 

H., perhaps married Phebe -. Phebe, wife of Simpson Stewart, died June 7, 1846. aged 

67, in Calais, Vt.0 Family tradition says he went to sea. 

Williaiii<< Stewart {Simpson,^ John,* Robert^), born May 17, 1783, in Jaffrey, N. H.. 
went as a young man from Berlin, N. H., to Kingsbury, Washington county, N. Y., where he 
bought a farm from his brother Ephraim, Jan. 15, 1803, as lease land. He married Rebecca 
Vaughan, bom Nov. 2. 1791.® daughter of Caleb and Phebe (Cobb) Vaughan of Rhode Is* 
land and New York. His wife Rebe:ca died June 29, 1836. in her 45th year, and he died July 
I, 1878, in his 96th year. They arc buried in the Moss Street cemetery just north of Hud' 
5on Falls. Children:® 

1 Henry, Mar. 8, 1808: H-Sep. 2?, 1883, unmarried 

2 Smyrna, Sep. 16, 1809; --May 7, 1829, James B. Vaughan: ^ Feb. 19, 1868® 

3 Phebe, Oct. 30. i8iy; — James M. Wood: i Jan. 25, 18^0® 

4 Polly, Mar. i, 1831; =Aug. 29, 1847, Chancellor Smith: f Jan. i, 1902, Greensboro, Md. 

To be continued 

Miss Georgiana Stuart of Utica, N. Y. [page 59], celebrated her 83rd birthday May 2 by 
going to church while walking was so bad. She felt pretty well. She is a descendant of Al- 
exander Stewart of East Haddam and Voluntown, Conn. 

Four Years Printing Stewart Genealogy 

Well, fellows, we've finished the fourth year of the Stewart Clan Magazine. We don't 
know how much it has cost us, but never mind that (unless you're behind on your subscript- 
ion). We get a lot of kick out of it, and are proud of the amount of good stuff that we — Dick 
and I and our friends-have dug out and put where the mice can't cat it. More's coming. \\i 
fact, we've just begun to scrap, as Mr. Perry remarked. Well, that's all for this time. You 
people just stick around, please. 


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Editor: George Thomas Edson. Filley. Nebraska 
Monthly Associate Editor: Horace W. Dickerman. 685 Forest Road. New Haven, Conn. $2 a year 


Lieut. William Steward of Stonin^ton, Conn* — 195 

Horace W. Dickerman, New Haven, Conn. 

Lieut. William* Steward (Oliver,* WiUiam*), born Jan. i6. 175a. in Westerly, R. L,® 
enlisted from Voluntown, Conn., in April, 1775. in Captain Joseph Palmer's company (and 
was perhaps the William Stewart who marched to Boston on the Lexington alarm under Maj. 
James Gordon). From May 9 to Dec. 15, 1775. he served as a private under Capt. Waterman 
Clift, Col. Samuel H. Parsons, and soon after served 9 months as fourth sergeant under Capt. 
Isaac Gallup, Col. John Tyler, and was in the battle of Long Island: a few days later he was 
permitted to volunteer as one of the Rangers under Col. Knowlton to range between the host' 
ile armies, as a sergeant, and engaged in the skirmish in Harlem Oct. 17, 1776, commanding a 
company on that day, serving two months as a first lieutenant in the rangers. He was taken 
prisoner Nov. 16, 1776, at Fort Washington, between Kings Bridge and New York City, by 
the Hessian division of the British army, and taken to New York City, where he remained a 
prisoner until Jan. 5, 1777, when he with others was paroled and arrived at home about Feb. 
10. Because of the harsh treatment received while on board the prison ship his health was 
unfit for further military duty. On Mar. 17, 1778, he married Desire Crary, daughter of 
Ezra Crary. June 5, 1773, he had bought land in Voluntown of Thomas Stewart, formerly laid 
out to Jonathan Dean [page 189]. He deeded land in Voluntown Jan. 18, 1779, to John 
Rhodes, jr., and probably removed to Clarendon, Vt., soon after his marriage. Oct. 19, 1779, 
William Steward of Wallingford, County of Bennington [later subdivided as Rutland], Vt., 
appeared in Voluntown and executed a deed to Samuel Robins for land in Voluntown, the 
witnesses being Samuel Stewart and Ezra Crary [Voluntown deeds, vi]. He was chosen a 
selectman in Wallingford in 178a, 1783 and 1785 and was elected town clerk Mar. 5, 1799; 
treasurer Mar. 1 1 , 1800. His name appears frequently on the land records of Rutland county 
between the years 1779 and 1801, in which year he sold land in Wallingford to Jacob Gates 
of Petersburg, N. Y. He served from Vermont as a volunteer in Capt. Ichabod Robinson's 
company of militia, according to a payroll dated May 11, 1781, 18 days service. He moved to 
Petersburg, N. Y., and was twice elected member of the assembly at Albany. In i8ia he was 
a resident of Peru, Clinton county, N. Y. His first wife died,* and he married second, before 
181 1, Mary Whitney. They removed to Porter township. Delaware county, O, where his 
wife died and where he died Sep. 19, 1844, ^^ ^^^ home of his daughter, Polly White. He was 
a pensioner, having applied Sep. 10, 183a, while a resident of Bloomfield township, Knox coun^ 
ty, O. Children, the first eleven recorded at Wallingford, Vt., 1, a. 3. 6 and 7 as being born 
at Clarendon; the last three born at Petersburg, N. Y.:®©® 

1 Vinol, Mar. 17, 1779; =June 4. 1798, Ruth Stanley. Granville, N. Y.® 
a Rebecca. Nov. 6. 1780; — Ebenezer Conant: -fjuly 5, 1806 

3 Desire, May la, 178a; = Rev. David Lewis: -f-Dec. a4, 1871 

4 Lydia, Nov. 30, 1783: -Dec. a9. 1784 

5 Anna, Mar. la, 1786: = Peter Haff: H-Sep. 18, 1831 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as —90. means refer to that page; means married, 
I- marriage intention, •!• marriage license, -f died. V buried. Bible record. (?) church. (?) town. ^ gravestnoe, 
($> probate. (•) court, (i) land. "T) military, (i) pension, ig) census. © tradition. (^ local history. '^ patriotic soci- 
ety. (^ obituary, biography or venralogy. 

*Desire Steward, wite of Willium, was living as late as Nov. 5. 1808, when the records of the Baptist church 
in Wallingford note that she was excluded as "gone to the Methodists.** She had been reccit'ed in full com- 
munion Aug. 28, 1788.(D 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


6 William, Oct. ao, 1787: f Sep. 1, 1796 

7 Ezra, May 22, 1789 : ^ Dec. 6, 1854 

8 Solomon, Mar. 13, 1792; = Nancy White, sister to James 

9 Oren, Sep. 24, 1795: +Aug. 26, 1796 

10 Sarah, Aug. 20, 1797; ^= Fleming Manville: -| Nov. 23, 1863 

11 Polly, Feb. 28. 1799; — James White: 1 Mar. 4, 1890 

12 Heman, May 27, 1802: -f-Nov. 11, 1819 

13 Cynthia, Sep. 2, 1804: -f-Oct. 8. 1806 

14 Alanson, Feb. 4, 1806: -f July 5, 1806 

Phineas^ Ste\vard (Phineas^^WilUam*)^ bom Aug. 17, 1748, in Stonington, Conn., 
was a soldier in the Sixth company. Capt. Waterman Clift, Sixth Connecticut regiment, in the 
Revolutionary war, enlisting May 10, 1775, and being discharged Nov. 5, 1775. In the in* 
vcntory of the estate of Samuel Church 2nd of Colchester. Nov. 28, 1787, was a note against 
Phincas Steward of Little Hoosick, N. Y.® He settled first at Stephentown, Rcnsseber 
county, N. Y.. later moving to Petersburg and owned considerable land in Petersburg and 
Berlin. All of his family except three sons, Elias. Terry and Latham, moved west to Ohio 
and Illinois. His wife Mary E died May 23, 1805. aged 55, and is buried in the Jones Hoi' 
low cemetery in Petersburg. He died before Nov. 2, 1812. when his son Elias as administni' 
tor sold a lot in Berlin. Children : 

1770; = Sarah Wilcox: -fOct. — , 1854 

= Marvel ® 

-f before 1815® 

= Betsey Nichols 

= David Springer® 
















= Sarah ® 

Lemuel' Steward (Eliphdet,^ William*), born Apr. 6, 1759. in Stonington, Conn., 
settled in Little Hoosick, Rensselaer county, N. Y. He married Aug. 18, 1782, Rebecca Rose 
in Preston. Conn. He was living in Stephentown, N. Y., in 1790, i'2'2.® In 1796 he bought 
land of Abel Oweiis; he was on the board of excise commissioners in 1807, and was town clerk 
in 1814 ® In 1834 Lemuel Stewart and wife Elizabeth, Josiah Stewart and wife Hannah, Na* 
than Rogers and wife Sarah and Francis Brock and wife Polly, all of Elk Creek. Erie county. 
Pa., chose Joseph D. Rogers of Berlin as their agent and attorney [Rensselaer county]. 

Eliphalet B.' Steward (0ip/ialet,^ William*), bom Feb. 20, 1769, in Stonington, 
Conn., was a soldier in the Revolution.® In 1790 he was residing in Stephentown, N. Y., 2- 
0'2. In 1804 he bought land in Williamstown. Mass., of Eli Warring: this he sold in 1807 as 
Eliphalet Stewart, jr., with wife Rebecca. He died July 27, 1848, aged 85, and his widow Re- 
becca died Apr. 2, 1855, aged 80. They arc buried in the Waitc cemetery in Petersburg. N. Y. 
We have no record of any children. 

Nathan^ Stewart (Nat/ian,« William,^ WiUiam*), bom Feb. 20, 1769, in Stonington, 
Conn., married first Nov. i, 1791. Anna Brown, bom Jan. 17, 1767, in Stonington, daughter 
of Capt. Daniel Brown. Nathan Stewart was a minute-man at the age of 16 and wamed the 
neighborhood when the British bombarded Stonington Point. In 1793 he went to Brookfield, 
Madison county, N. Y.. then a wildemcss. He was a carpenter. His wife died May 31, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


i8aj, in Brookficld. He married second Aug. aa, i8a4» in New Berlin, N. Y., Mrs. Honor 
(Brown) Angell, bom in Rehoboth, Mass., daughter of Thomas Brown. He died Apr. 30, 
1850, in Brookfield. His widow Honor died a few years later in Akron, O. Children, the 
eldest being bom in Stonington: 

1 Isaac, June 5, 1791; = Ruth Wilcox, Illyria, la. 

2 Elizabeth, Dec. aa, 1793: -(-Sep. ao, 1878, unmarried, Middlebury, O. 

3 Eunice, Nov. a3, 1794; =Feb. 5, i8a4, Luther Hinkley: -f-Nov. a3, 1878, Ripon, Wis. 

4 Arnold Robinson, Sep. a7, 1797 : -h June la, 183a, unmarried, Middlebury, O. 

5 Anna, May 13, 1799: +Aug. 10, 1800 

6 Oaniel Brown, Oct. 11, 1803; = Eliza (Harris) Wilcox: no issue 

7 Abigail, July 19, 1805; = . Rev. Gideon B. Perry: -f July 14, 1887, Cleveland 

8 Anna Maria, Aug. la, i8ay; = Rev. Samuel Wright: 1-15^1895 Cleveland, O. 
Edward^ Stewart (Nathan,^ William,'^ William*) , bom Dec. 8, 1774, in Stonington, 

Conn., married Feb. i?, 1801, Rebecca Noyes, born Mar. 6, 178a, daughter of Joseph and Pru- 
dence (Denison) Noyes. He died Apr. ag, 1837, and she died Sep. 30, 184a: they are buried 
in the Stewart cemetery in Stonington. Children, bom in Stonington : 
I Rebecca, Nov. 8, 1801; =July 13, i8a4, Nathaniel M. Crary 
a Betsey R., Nov. a4. 1803; =Jan. 14, i8a8, Frederick Swan: -f-Feb. a6, 1849 

3 Denison N., Aug. a6, 1807; =Apr. 18, 1844, Abby J. Starkweather: -f-Jan. ao, 1867 

4 Emeline, Jan. 6, 1810; =Dcc. 16, 1830, William R. Wheeler: -|-Feb. 15, 1851 

5 Nancy, Jan. a, 1813: -|-Nov. a, 1843, aged 30© 

6 Cyrus S., Dec. ao, 1815: -hjan. a?, 1819, aged 3® 

7 Dudley, Dec. 17, i8ao; =May 6, i8?6, Eliza Denison 

Russell W.' Stewart (Nachan,^ William^ William*), born Aug. 14, 1784, in Stoning- 
ton, Conn., married Jan. 7, 1804, Caroline Lord, born Dec. 13, 178^, daughter of Joseph and 
Caroline (Sterling) Lord. He was one of the first settlers of Pharsalia, Chenango county, 
N. Y. His wife died there Dec. 7, 187a. Children, born in Pharsalia, N. Y.: 

1 son, Dec. 19, 1804: -f Jan. 4, 1805 

a Erastus, Mar. a7, 1807; =Dec. ai, 1838, Eunice T. Baldwin: no children 

3 Nancy, July a3, 1808: -|-Jan. 17, 1810 

4 Caroline, Jan. 15, 1811; =Mar. 14, 1833, Levi S. Warner, Pitcher, N. Y. 

5 Betsey, May 10, 181 3; = Lester Tinker 

6 Harriet, Mar. ap, 1816; = James Blanchard 

7 Maria Ann, Nov. 18, ; "^ Benjamin Corning 

8 William R., Jan. 19, i8ai; = Betsey Baldwin 

9 Joseph, Jan. 19, i8ai 

10 Amanda H., July 1, i8a7; = James D. Wilmarth 

George P.' Stewart (hJathan,^ WiUiam,^ William*), born Apr. 6, 1786. in Stoning- 
ton, Conn., married in Preston Jan. 10, i8ia, Molly Hewett, born July a6, 1790, in Stoning' 
ton, daughter of Isaac and Cynthia (Swan) Hewett. They removed to Red Hook Landing, 
Dutchess county, N. Y., about 181 3 but after remaining there two summers they returned :o 
Stonington. There he died May ai, 1851, and his widow died Mar. 15, 1870. Children: 
I Cynthia, Oct. 10, i8ia; = Lewis Maine: res. Mooseup, Conn, 

a George W., Mar. 31, 1816; =Mar. a8, 1841, Phebe E. Palmer 

3 Phebe E., May 31, 1819: = Oliver S. Ecclestone, North Stonington 

4 Harriet H., Dec. 19, i8ai : + Apr. ao, i8a8® 

5 Mary A., Nov. 9, i8a3; = Peter S. Gadbois 

6 Emily, June a^, iSa^; i — Luther Yerrington, (2) John J. Plummer 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


7 Elizabeth, Apr. ly, 1830; = Stephen Maine 

8 Julia A., Dec. 19, 1835; = Henry A. Tomlinson 

Cyrus^ Stewart (Nathan,^ William,^ William*), bom Feb. 14. 1791, in Stonington, 
Conn., married in Bozrah Oct. 24, 1816, Sophia Crocker. They removed to Dane, Wis., 
where he was a farmer and a highly respected man. He met his death in July, 1876, by being 
thrown from a horse while taking a team to water, riding one and leading the other. Children : 

1 Ezekiel Lathrop, Feb. 18, 1819; = Emeline Allen 

2 George Henry, Jan. 14, 1833; = Mary Alice Miller Tubbs 

To be continued 

Robert Stewart of Andover and Amherst — 196 

Collaboration of Prof. Strwart H. Burnham of Cornell Univertity 

Ephraim Holt» Stewart (Simpson,'^ John,* Robert) , born Apr. 13, 1785, in Jaffrcy, 
N. H., went from Berlin, Vt., to Kingsbury, N. Y., when a youth and bought a farm as lease 
land, selling it Jan. 15, 1803, to his brother William. He married Charlotte Mix and resided 
i T West Fort Ann. No record of his death is found, and it is thought that he went to Milan, 
Mich., with his son Nathan, about 1867. Among his children was: 
I Nathan 

Luther* Stuart {Simpson,^ John,* Robert*), born Jan. 6, 1790, in Jaffrey, N. H., lived 
in Montpelicr, Vt., and later resided in Fort Ann, Washington county, N. Y., with his son 
. Volney. His wife was named Mary, and she died in New York the first year of the chol- 
era.® Luther died in a retreat for the insane, after 1850. Children, probably all born in 
Montpelier, Vt. : 

1 Henry Luther. Sep. 17, 1815: -f Sep. 17, 1879, Athens, Ga. 

2 Volney 1817; i— Betsey Whitney, (2) Esther Day Brown 

3 Carlos D. ; = Oakley of Huntington, L. L 

4 Rosamond ; = : res. in Minnesota 

5 Caroline : res. in Minnesota 

6 Mary E. 1825 ; = James Corning: +July 28, 1872, aged 47 

7 John Rollins, Jan. 30, 1828; = : res. New York City and Boston 

To be continued 

Hinkley Stewart married Dec. 15, 1799, Priscilla Lumhard in Montpelier, Vt.® 

William Stewart married Dec. 21, 1825, Relief W. Gould, Montpelier 

Lydia Stuart married Jan. 27, 1814, Isaac Brownell in Pownal, Vt.® 

Weaver Stewart of WillramstONvn, Mass., married Nov. 12, 1820, Polly Stc t, Pownal 

Phineas Stewart of Williamstown married Sep. 14, 1817, Irena Burchard. Pc 

Thomas Stewart of Williamstown married Oct. 10, 1816, Rachel Prindle, Pownal 

This Magazine is Going on a Wild Ride 

The Stewart Clan Magazine is going to pack up its paraphernalia and go journeying. 
The editor has taken a job for the government and will soon leave his home at Filley, Neb., 
and go wherever his new duties call him. After another issue or so the magazine will he 
printed elsewhere, and there may be a little irregularity in the periods of issue. The price 
has been raised to $2 a year, at which price all completed volumes will be sold. We are sorry 
that we have not been able to pay as much attention as formerly to our correspondence. We 
shall probably not get lost in the shuffle, and letters addressed to us at Filley will always be 
forwarded. The editor will probably ^oot leave Filley before July 15. Mr. Dickerman can 
be reached at his New Haven address. The little magazine will become a vagabond, and its 
future career ought to be interesting. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

■ S TW^ 


Editor: George Thomas Edson. Filley, Nrbratka 
Monthly Associate Editor: Horace W. Dlckerman. 685 Forest Road. New Haven. Conn. $2 a year 


Robert Stewart of Andover and Amherst — 200 

Collaboration of Prof. Stewart H. Burnham of Cornell University 

John^ Stewart {]ohn,^ Simpson y'' John* B^oherf)^ born Apr. 7, 1807, in Berlin, Vt., 
married (i) Jan. 6, i8ji, Eliza Paul. She died Sep. 6, 1834, aged 28 years, a months and 6 
days.® He married (a) Jan. i, 1836, Adeline Paul. He was a farmer and butcher, and left 
<ix or seven children. Among them were : 
I Julia 

a John Winslow ;= Emily Snow: f-about 1864 in Michigan 

3 William M. ; =Jan. 11, 1803, Josephine (Stewart) Rich 

John Winslow* Stewart, above, lived in Michigan and died during the Civil war. His 
widow and children walked from Michigan to Vermont on the railroad track. 

Rollins Hubbard^ Stewart {hhn? Simpson/' John,* Robert*), bom Sep. 17, 1808, in 
Berlin. Vt., married in East Montpelier Jan. 13, 1838, Mahala Davis, born Aug. 5, 181 1. He 
lived on the old farm where he was born. He died there Dec. a4, 188?, and his widow died 
Nov. — , 1903. in her 93rd year. Children, bom in Berlin, Vt.: 

I Rollins Davis, May a, 1839; = Laura Nelson 

a Helen Mahala. Mar. 31, 1841; = Taft 

3 Abel Hubbard. May ?. 1843; —Apr. 4, 1867. Elizabeth B. Benjamin 

4 William Henry, July a?, 1845 

5 Alanson Cooper, Feb. a3, 1848: -} Sep. 16, 1849 

6 Clark Harvey, June 18, 1850 

7 Clara, May 19. 1853; = Dr. Samuel N. Nelson 

8 George Martin. Sep. 17. 18^5: -|-June la, 1863 

George Martin^ Stewart {John,^ Simpson,^ John* Robert), bom May 9. 1819, in 
Berlin. Vt., married there Mar. ai, 1844, Harriet Snow, born there, daughter of Daniel C. 
and Sally (Townsend) Snow. He was a farmer and resided in Berlin, where he died Aug. 9. 
1851. She died Nov. a9, 1903, in Barre, Vt. Children: 
I Sarah Calista, Jan. a, 1845; =Dcc. 30, 1865, William H. Dewey 
a Josephine Annette, Nov. 14, 1849; =July 4, 1874, Hollis L. Rich 

Cnc child, Pporge David Rich, was born Nov. 14, 187^. at Northfield, Vt.. to Josephine 
A. and Hollis L ^h. Josephine A. was granted a divorce Apr. 18, 1878, from Hollis L. 
Rich, and on Jan. 11, 1893, she married William M. Stewart, son of John and Adeline (Paul) 
Stewart. Her son George David Rich's name was changed Jan. 30, 1899, in the probate court 
of the district of Washington, Vt., to George Martin Stewart. He was married June a6, 
1901, to Jennie M. Pliss and has two children, Clayton B., born May 4, 1903, and Dorothy E., 
born Mar. 11, 1908. Jennie M. Stewart died Jan. 30. i9ai, and Josephine A. Stewart died 
May ai, i9ai. 

Smyrna^ Stewart (WiUiam,* Simpson,^ John,* Roberr'^), born Sep. 16, 1809. in Kings- 
bury, N. Y., married May 7, i8a9, James B. Vaughan, son of David and Loretta (Stevenson) 
Vaughan. She died Feb. 19, 1868, and he died Aug. u, 1877. aged 71. They are buried in 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as - 90, means refer to that page; means married, 
:- mariiaffe intention. •:- marriajre license. ^ died. -^ buried. (T) Bible record, (T- church. <T< town. ^ gravestone, 
t) probate, '• court, t land. « tnilitarv. (t) pension. '^ census, (y) tradition, (i^ local history, jj patriotic soci- 
ety, 'g' obituary, hioffraphy or irenealogy. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


the Moss Street cemetery, just north of Hudson Falls. Children : 
I Mahala, Oct. 30, 1831; =Mar. 12, 187a, Ira McNcal 
a William David, Apr. 11, 1834; —Apr. — , 1859, Sarah Jane McFarland 

3 James Henry, July 20, 1836; =Sep — , i860, Manila Harvey 

4 Rebecca Smyrna. June 16, 1838; —Mar. 13, 1859. Ranson Ck)Ilins Burhham 

Henry Luther* Stuart (LutKcr,« Simpson,^ John,* Robert?^), bom Sep. 17, 1815. in 
Berlin, Vt.. studied medicine, law and engineering and went to New York City in 1843, where 
he entered upon a scientific career. He aided in founding Five Points Mission in 1851, and 
later establishing the Normal college. He was a friend of Horace Greeley and Peter Cooper 
He was at one time editor of the New York Sun and later editor of The Mirror. He was in- 
terested in torpedoes as a means of coast defense. He made a trip to Georgia in 1879 to make 
an address in honor of the discoverer of anaesthesia, and died while delivering the address Sep. 
17 on his 64th birthday. He is buried in Athens, Ga., beside the man he was honoring, and 
his picture hangs in the city hall there.® 

Volney H.' Stuart (Luther,^ Simpson,^ John,* Robert^), born about 1817 in Berlin. 
Vt., lived in Fort Ann, N. Y. He married (i) Betsey Whitney, who died Dec. 24. 185% ajzcd 
33© He married (2) Esther Day Brown. He committed suicide. He died Dec. 31, 1887, 
aged 70,© and is buried in the Fort Ann cemetery, with a Masonic emblem on the grave- 
stone. Children: 

I Carlos 184?; — ; resided in Steuben. O. 

a Julia 1847; = Michael Tansy : -»-Dec. 5, 1879, aged 32© 

3 Walter 1849: canal boat captain, drowned Thanksgiving day, Nov. 24, 1898 

4 Harriet : school teacher; died in Ohio 

5 Hcrmione 1854;= Tansy, brother of Michael 

6 Horatio : committed suicide about 1880 

Carlos D.^ Stuart (Luther,^ Simpson,^ John,* Robert^), born in Berlin, Vt.. married a 
daughter of Topher Oakley of Huntington, Long Island. He was a poet, and in 1843 issued 
a volume called *ianthe and Other Poems."* One of his poems is ''Rosamond.** He is buried 
in the Oakley lot in Greenwood, it is said. He left a widow and one daughter. 

John Rollins^ Stuart (LutKer,* Simpson,^ John,* Robenr^), born Jan. 30, 1828, in 

Montpelier, four miles from Berlin Pond, Vt., married . He was a business man 

in New York City, later residing in Cambridge. Mass. He regarded his uncle William as ec- 
centric because he spelled his name Stewart. He was living in 1908, and had several children: 

1 daughter ; = 

2 John R. 1867; = 3 children, among them John R. 3rd 

3 Cora ; — Wesley Jones of Boston 

4 Stella ; ^- Clark 

Lieut. William Steward of Stonintfton* Conn. —200 

Horace W. Dickcrman. Nrw Havrn. G»nn. 

Ellsha' Stewart* {Elisha,* William,^ William*), born Aug. 7, 1778. probably in Ston- 

ington. Conn., married Rosina . They lived in Stephentown, N. Y. She died July 

14, 1812, and he died Feb. 4» 1836. Children: 

1 Parley ; i^ 

2 Ora ; i 

3 Harry ~- Lydia Barber 

•Rccordi ot thr Jc»crnJ«ntt of Col Elitha Stewart were furbished by M.-». Ella HumcTay'or. Gene»er», IJI. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


4 Narcissa : -|-unmarricd 

5 Sarah ; := William Bowcn 

Witter^ Stewart (Elisha,^ William,^ William*), bom June 29, 1782, in Stcphcntown, 
N. Y., married Betsey . Children : 

1 Lyman : 4 in Sioux City, la. 

2 Elizabeth ; = Nelson Hall 

5 Harriet ; = Ferdinand Hall 

Sarah^ Stewart (Elisha,^ William,* WiUiam*), born July 7, 1784, in Stephentown, N. 
Y., married there Jan. 20, 181 1, Moses Hume (see footnote page 194). He died June 16, 1864, 
in Hudson, Mich., and she died Nov. 26, 1868, Children: 

1 Alonzo Stewart, Sep. 14, 1812; 1= Louisa Brown, (2) Elizabeth Hopkins 

2 Henry Lawrence, Mar. 3, 1814; = Caroline Hume 

3 Roderick Random, May 28, 1816; = Ann Payne 

4 Stephen T., May 3, 1818; =Mar. 18, 1846, Permelia Stewart: 4-Mar. 21, 1908 

5 Sarah L., Oct. 3, 1820; 1= Hamlin Sornborger, (2) Delavan H. Moore 

6 Cutler E., Dec. i, 1822; = Sarah Hume 

7 George P., Sep. 28, 1826; = Sarah Drown 

8 Anna L. ; = J. F. Dresser 

Roderick Random^ Stewart (Elisha,« William,* William^), born Feb. 25. 1787, in 
Stephentown. N. Y., married Oct. 31, 181 3, Clarissa Dresser, born Sep. 4, 1789. They lived 
in Geneseo, N. Y., and moved to Geneseo, Henry county. 111., giving the name Geneseo to the 
new town and building the first house there in 1836. He died July 12, i860, and she died 
Aug. 5, 1864. Children: 

1 Isaac Newton, Oct. 12, 1814; i=Jan. 18, 1838, Mary Wells, (2) Mrs. Sylvia Close 

2 Elisha M., June 28, 1818; = Clarissa Fidelia Cone: res. Latham. Kan. 

3 Narcissa R., Feb. 25, 1816; = Huntington Wells: +Mar. 17, 1850 

4 Susanna D., Jan. 28, 1820; -- James M. Allan: -hjune 8, 1889 

5 Permelia T., June 7, 1822; =Mar. 18, 1846, Stephen T. Stewart: -f-Dec. 4, 1897 

6 LaFayette, June 21, 1824; =Dec. 25, 1849, Amanda Faxon: -fjunc 15, 1898 

7 Josiah Taft. Oct. 6. 1828; --= Eliza Ward: -hjan. i, 1855 

8 George W., Jan. 27, 1830; 1= Sarah Ficstlcr, (2) Isadore Fenner 

Geortfe Williams^ Stewart (Elisha,^ WiUiam,^ William*), born May 28, 1791, in 
Stephentown, N. Y., married Oct. 21, 1821, Epha Potts, born Apr. 23, 1801. She died Junfe 
5, 1857, and he died May 6, 1864. Children: 

1 Alvinza, Apr. 15, 1824: -j-Mar. 29, 1836 

2 Henrictu. Sep. 15, 1826; = Nathaniel Payne: -f June 27, 1890 

3 Roderick, Feb. 25, 1828; = Catherine Van der Karr: -|-Nov. 3, 1882 

4 Piatt, Feb. 11, 1831: t- 1906, unmarried 

5 Caroline, July 2, 1833: = Anson M. Boyce: -fNov. 3, 1889 

6 John Potts, Nov. 3, 1835; = Helen Morton: f Dec. 8, 1906 

7 Gcorgiana, July 4. 1840; = George Van Ostrand; -hjunc 2, 1880 

8 Frances A., June 23, 1842; = George Van Ostrand: -f-June 22, 1883 

John^ Steward (Eliphalet,^ William,^ William*), born June 14, 1786, in Frankfort, 
Herkimer county, N. Y., married Eunice Wilcox, daughter of Stephen Wilcox, a Revolutionary 
soldier who was born Aug. 8, 1762. in Rhode Island. He lived in Frankfort until about 181 1, 
when he moved to Busti, Chautauqua county, and in 1821 he moved to Harmony. He died 
Apr. 15, 1826. Children: 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


1 John, Oct. 21, 1806; -Sep. 15, 183 1, Joanna Gliddcn: rc8. Panama, N. Y. 

2 Sardius. Oct. 29, 1808; =Mar. 15, 1832. Rhoda Ward 

3 Lucy ; = Levi Lewis, Panama 

4 Almira ; - Daniel C. Glidden, Jamestown 

5 Stephen W., Dec 30. 1812; i=Oct. 4, 183^, Olive Dexter, (2) Caroline Stevens 

6 Eliphalet ; = Clarissa Polley. Panama 

7 Cornelia ; = Gustavus A. Bentley, Busti 

8 Rhoda L. Mar. 13, 1822; =Mar. 9, 1843, Horace H. Gifford, Harmony: res. Jamestown 

9 Alfred W. ; = Minerva Bentley 

10 Betsey ; = Henry O. Lakin, Jamestown 

Allen^ Steward (Oliver,* Oliver,'^ William*), bom Sep. 13, 1775* in Voluntown, 
Conn., married in Tinmouth. Vt., Mar. 26, 1799, Tabitha Bell. He resided at Crown Point, 
N. Y., where he died in 1800. His father was appointed administrator Nov. 24, 1800: the 
inventory was filed Jan. 24, 1801. He left a widow and little daughter Sabra, and Aaron Aid- 
rich of Wallingford and Thomas Steward of Clarendon were appointed her guardians Feb. 14. 
1814. Child: 

I Sabra 1800; - Benjamin Gillett: -hjuly 15, 1816, aged 17, Tinroouth(? 

Oliver^ Steward (Oliver,^ Oliver,^ WiUiam*), bom Jan. 18, 1778, in Preston, Conn., 
married in Tinmouth, Vt., Jan. 19, 1800, Waita Bell. He secured a divorce from her Feb. 2, i8i i, 
while living in Clarendon. Soon afterwards he removed to Wrightsburg, Ashtabula county, 
O. The name of his second wife is not known. He had one child, Sarah Ann, by a third 
wife. His old silver watch key, engraved **0. Steward, Jr.*\ is in the possession of his grand- 
son, Oliver J. Steward of Yakima, Wash. He died Apr. 6, 1842. aged 64 years, 2 months and 
18 days.® Children, the eldest bom in Tinmouth, the next four in Clarendon, the next six 
in Wrightsburg and the last five in Say brook, O. :® 

1 Waita, Aug. 25, 1800 

2 Oliver, Dec. 24, 1802; =Mar. 3, 1830, Caroline Talcott: -f June 12, 1848 

3 Calvin, Mar. i, 1805; = : -fOct. 25, 1891 

4 Sabrina, Feb. 14, 1807: 4-Mar. — , 1813, Clarendon 

5 Mary, May 30, 1809; — Josiah Fuller 

6 Sabrina, Feb. 27. 181 4 

7 Olive, June 8. 1816 

8 William, Dec. 19, 1818; = 

9 Jane, Jan. 16, 1821 

10 Martha, Aug. i, 1823 : f Aug. 10, 1906 

11 Roxanna, Jan. 27, 1826 

12 Harriet, May 25, 1828 

13 Eliza, May i, 183 1 

14 Washington, Nov. 19, 1833 : rem. to Minnesota 
ly Jackson, Apr. 3, 1837 : -f in Civil war 

16 Sarah Ann, Sep. 30, 1841 

Aaron^ Steward (Oliver,* Oliver,* William*), bom Apr. 25, 1785, in Clarendon, Vt., 
married Hannah Wilbur, bom Oct. 6, 1785. He died June 20, 181 5, and his widow died June 
10, 1867. Child, bom in Clarendon: 
I Henry Wilbur, Apr. 14, 1809; = Almira Roberts 

To be continued 

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Descendants of Oliver Stewart of Stockbrid^e* N. Y. — *^ 

Lydla^ Stewart (Oliver^), bom Apr. 25. 1785, in Hartford, Washington county, N. Y., 
married in Stockbridgc, Madison county, Aug. 9, 1801. Alfred Edson, bom Nov. 13, 1774, in 
Petersham, Worcester county, Mass., son of Nathan 
and Mary (Hall) Edson. He died in Stockbridge Nov. 
27, 1838, aged 64, and she died there Feb. i, 1841. 
Their children, born in Stockbridge, alternatjcd a boy 
and a girl, with the exception of John, who died in in* 
fancy : 

1 Willard, June 4, 1802 

2 Eunice Snow, July 8, 1803 

3 Robert Stewart, Nov. 24. 1804 

4 John, Oct. 8, 1806: -hNov. 12, 1807 

5 Lydia, Mar. 25, 1808: -fScp. 7, 1838, unmarried 

6 Henry Wells, Nov. 7, 1809 

7 Charlotte, Mar. 4, 1812 [Henrietta Alden 

8 Oliver Stewart, Aug. I, 1813; =Oct. 27, 1841, 

9 Lovina, Mar. 20, 181 5 

10 Samuel Stewart, Oct. i, 1816 

11 Sarah, Feb. 6. 1823 

12 Rudolphus, June 10, 1825: -fNov. 4, 1847, unn*. willard eogon 
Charles' Stewart (Oiivcr*), bom July 27, 1787, in Hartford, Washington county, N. 

Y., married Dec. 24, 1809, Mercy Wilcox, bom in Rhode Island. It is said that at the age of 
12 years he was acabin'boy on a ship commanded by his uncle. He was a soldier in the War 
of 181 2, being stationed for a time at Sacket Harbor, N. Y. He followed his children to Wis- 
consin but on account of his wife's health he returned to Stockbridge, N. Y., where she died 
Nov. 5, 1857. He was executor of his father's will, dated Aug. 10, 1846, which was not pro' 
bated until after Charles's death Nov. 23, 1865, at Loyd, Wis. Charles's will was probated 
Jan. 7, 1867, in Madison county, N. Y. Children, born in Stockbridge: 

1 Ezra Wilcox, Sep. 19, 1813; =July 2, 1839, Laura Phinney: -fApr. 6, 1896. Elkader, la. 

2 John Noyes, Jan. 12, 1816: = Jane Arrity 

3 Ruth Ann, Feb. 13, 1818; = Edward Henry: -l-Oct. 2. 1852 

4 Amanda, Oct. 19, 1819; — Watson Adam Hatch: -f-May 10, 1884 

5 Robert Bruce, Dec. 14, 1821; =Mar. 4. 1849, Helen L. Sexton 

6 Malvina Eleanor, Feb. 28, 1824; =Mar. 4, 1849, Lucius Campbell: I Dec. 2, 1861 

7 William Wallace, Aug. 8, 1826; =Nov. i, 1863, Margaret C. Stout, Sauk county. Wis. 

8 Charles Doolittle, Oct. 2, 1828; = : r Apr. — , 1871 

9 Marcena, Oct. 3, 1831; — George E. Brown: ^Dec. 12, 1919, Loyd, Wis. 
10 Martha, Feb. 11, 1834; — William Babcock of Stockbridge 

SamueF Stewart (Oliver*), born Mar. 1, 1789, in Hartford, Washington county, N. 
Y., married May 20, 1832,© . Ke died Feb. 10, 1850,® in Wales, Erie county. 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dath. at - 90, means refer to that page; - means married. 
: marriage intention. •!• marriage license, ♦ died, X buried. (I Bible record, (i) church, Ct town. (T) gravestone. 
») probate, (•) court, (?) land, C»' military. (?) pension. # census, ® tradition. (^ local history, (g) patriotic scxi- 
ety, ig) obituary, biography or genealogy. 

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N. Y. In the settlement of his father's estate in 1868 the following children were mentioned: 

1 Franklin ; = Lovoxy Parker®: res. East Randolph 

2 Betsey ; = Chaddcrton : res. Marilla 

3 S. Jennette ; = Larkin: res. Highland, Minn. 

4 Hannah ; — Gamaliel Parker: res. Marilla 

5 Jackson ' \~ Ruth Parker®: res. Marilla 

6 Simeon : res. Marilla 

7 Augusta , ~ Seelcy: res. Highland, Minn. 

8 daughter ; = L. M. Carpenter: res. Rushford, Minn. 
Ezra J.^ Stewart {OXiveifi), born Apr. 7, 1793, in Hartford, Washington county, N. 

Y., married Feb. 24, 1839. Sarah Marie Carpenter, born Apr. 14, 1818. He died in Stock- 
bridge July 8, 1866, aged 73, and his widow died there Jan. 15, 1891. aged 72.0 Children, 
barn at Bear Path in the town of Stockbridgc : 

1 Sarah Pauline, Jan. 27, 1840; = Hoyt of Pine Woods® 

2 Benjamin Jay, Feb. 14, 1841 : shot at the Battle of Malvern Hill 

3 Oliver Eugene, Apr. 14. 1842; =Dec. 16, i86y, Ruth A. Ailing of Croro Hill 

4 Lucretia Rosetta, Sep. 27, 1843; = Ailing of Georgetown® 

5 Ivory Marcelon, Oct. 20. 1845: starved at Andersonville prison 

6 Emma Viola, Mar. 25, 1847; — Ailing of Lebanon® 

7 Rynier John Collins. May 29, 1849: unmarried; res. Munnsville 

8 Ezra Jakeway, July 9, 1852; = 

9 Flora Hannah. Mar. 12, 1854; = John Ailing: -f-Nov. 6, 1922 
10 Arthur Adelbcrt Andrew, Sep. 28. 1857 

EncM^ Stewart (Oliver*), born July 13, 1798, in Augusta, Oneida county [now Stock' 
bridge, Madison county], N. Y., married July 6, 1841, Sophia (Footc) Campbell, born June 
21, 1809. She was a widow with a daughter named Harriet Campbell. He removed to Rari' 
tan, Henderson county. 111., before 1867,® and was the last child of Oliver* Stewart to die. 
He died at Raritan July 17. 1883, and his widow Sophia died May 18, 1889. In his will he 
gave Sophia a life estate in his property and devised his real estate to George B. and Eli W. 
Stewart, charging them with the payment of a legacy to Elihu G. Stewart. Children:®® 

1 George B., Feb. — , 1843; = Lydia Brewer: noted temperance lecturer 

2 EH Wesley. May 5, 1845; =Fcb. — , 1871, Lou Ann Beedles of Mercer county. Mo. 

3 Elihu Gleason, Jan. — . 1851; = Mary Ellen Francis: -}-May 2, 1923 

To be continued 

Daniel Steward of Stamford* Conn. 

The first account of any of this name in Stamford was when James' Steward was en' 

gaged in ^649 to keep the town oxen. The same year he was a defendant in a court action by 
Robert Hustice and Jeffrey Ferris. He was a land owner in 1650. He was probably the 
James Steward who was earlier in New Haven (page 17). 

James^ Steward, perhaps a descendant of the above James, married in Stamford Mar. 
29, 1727, Sarah Cloyson.® Among his children was: 

I Daniel : H-Mar. 13, 1727 '8, son of James and Sarah Stuard® 

Daniel'* Steward, perhaps a brother of James,* married Sarah . He died before 

Aug. 7, 1744, when his widow Sarah Stewart appeared before the court of probate for the 
district of Stamford and was appointed guardian of Charles and Mary Stewart, minor children 
of Daniel, they being under 14: her bond was t'loo.® The widow Sarah married (2) Daniel 
Lock wood, for on May 3, 1748, James Stewart appeared before the court and made choice of 

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his mother, Sarah Lockwood, wife of Daniel Lockwood, as his guardian, the amount of the 
bond being i^'^oo. Oct. i, 1751, Charles, son of Daniel Stewart, chose Ezra Mead as guardian, 
with bond of t' Daniel Lockwood, in his will dated Aug. 17, 1775, probated Oct. i, 1776, 
mentioned the children of his wife Sarah as James Stuart, Charles Stuart, Margaret the wife 
of David Austin, and Mary Sco£eld, deceased, and her two children [Stamford prol^te,v :429] . 

1 Margaret ; = i747. David Austin of Greenwich 

2 James 1734* =Dec. 6, 176a, Sarah (Palmer) Stockdale: -fNov. 13, 1790 

3 Charles 1736; = 1757. Sarah : officer in Revolution 

4 Mary ; =Mar. 26, 1759, Jonathan Scofield: -hbefore 1775® 

David Austin and wife Margaret had the following children baptized in St. John^s Episco- 
pal church in Greenwich, Conn.: Sylvanus, bp. Feb. 25, 1748; Mary, bp. Dec. 3, 1749; Holmes, 
bp. May 10, 1752 (a Revolutionary soldier in Dutchess county, N. Y.®); Charles Stuart, bp, 
June 29, 1755, and Hannah, bp. Jan. 5, 1759. 

To be continued 

Michael Stewart of Chatham and John of Granville 

There are indications that Michael and John were of a Cape Cod Stuard family. Either 
Alexander of Charlestown [page 13] or Hugh of Chatham, Mass. [page 18], could have been 
their grandfather. The past is tenacious of its secrets. 

Michael^ Steward* went to Colchester, Conn. He married Margaret . He 

sold his land there in i742'3 to John Wells. Michael of Middletown, Conn., bought land in 
Granville, Mass., in 1764 [v:3o6]. He died in Chatham, Conn. His will of Aug. 30, 1781, 
was probated in 1781, his son Capt. Daniel Stewart and Jonathan Penfield being named as ex' 
ccutors. The inventory was filed Jan. 14, 1782, amounting to 4*i,528'i3'9. He gave to his 
brother John of Granville, Mass., the land there he had bought of John Hart. He mentioned 
his elder son Daniel, his younger son Michael, his daughter Margaret Stewart and his son'in' 
law Samuel Achan. The estate of the widow Margaret, late of Chatham, was entered Mar. 
29, 1783, Capt. Daniel Stewart being appointed administrator. The estate was distributed 
Oct. 13, 1783: "Daniel, eldest son, land in Middletown'\ **Michael Stewart, youngest son", 
•'Margaret Stewart, daughter''. Children, the first three recorded in Colchester, Conn. : 

1 Mary, Mar. 5, 1738; =Aug. 31, 1769, Samuel Achan, Chatham 

2 James, Feb. 7, 1742*3 

3 Daniel, Apr. 2. 1745; =Oct. 4, 1770, Elizabeth Stewart of Voluntown, Chatham 

4 Michael ; =Nov. 28, 1771, Mehitable Bettis of Charlestown, Lebanon 

5 Margaret 

John^ Steward, born about 1703, married (i) . He married (2) in Brim* 

field, Mass., Apr. 21, 1750, Agnes Harvey. He bought land in Granville, Mass., in 1758. 
His wife Agnes died there Mar. 29, 1787, aged 70, and he died there Aug. 30, 1787, aged^.0 
From a deed of settlement signed Sep. 25, 1787, we find that John H., Dorothy and Alexander 
were children of John and Agnes.® Children (those in italics being by inference) : 

=Jan. 19, 1769, Elizabeth Wilson, Cromwell, Conn. : +273 '15 

Mary : -hFeb. 16, 1830. Granville, N. Y. 

: +Aug. 19, 1840, aged 90 

Tryphena : ^1809, Bloomfield, N. Y. 

Penelope — , (2) Abigail Porter, (3) Mamre Hall 
1795, Gaius Cooley, Granville, Mass. 

•Michael Steward of WerhcrafiHd. Conn., wa« cho«cn guardian Jan. 3, 1737-8, by John Steward, aged 17, 
*ately from Great Britain. (D This Michael may have been the Michael later in Colchester. 


1 741; =Jan. i< 


; = 


1749; = 

John Harvey 

; = 


1758; 1 = 



; =Nov. I, 

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Capt. Daniel^ Steward (Michael^), bom Apr. a, 1745, in Colchester, Conn., marncd 
in Chatham Oct. 4, 1770, Elizabeth Stewart, bom Apr. 19, 1747, in Voluntown, daughter of 
Samuel and Elizabeth (Kennedy) Stewart [page 118]. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary 
war and rose to the rank of captain, commanding one of the companies in the alarm to New 
Haven. July 5, 1779, under Gen. Comfort Sage in repelling Gen. Tryoa. and his name appears 
Sep. 5, 1780, as captain of a company of Connecticut men. He bought land in Chatham Feb. 
6, 1776, from Elisha Shepard. bordering on Michael Stewart's, and sold land Feb. 7, 1777, to 
Shepard. May 29, 1786, he deeded land to Thomas Smith. On Apr. 8, 1793, he and Michael 
emancipated a negro slave named Ned [Chatham deeds, vi:422]. Daniel of Chatham bought 
land in Granville, Mass., in 1795. Children:®® 

1 James, July 12, 1771 ; ^^May 4, 1794, Grace Pelton, Chatham: sea captain, buried at sea 

2 Samuel,* Aug. 8, 1772; -Apr. 13, 1794. Elizabeth Johnson. Chatham: -I-1817 

3 Elizabeth 

4 Thomas* ; = Mary : -f before Apr. 30, 1820® 

5 Margaret ; = Dort Smith 

6 John : ^^ res. Middle Haddam 

7 Fanny ; = Waldo 

8 Clarissa ; = Doane 

Daniel Stewart of Spcncertown, N. Y.. sold land in Colchester, Conn., July 6, 1772. 
Nancy [Agnes] Stewart married in Colchester June 6, 175 1, Richard Townsend.® 
Michael^ Steward (MichaeF) married Nov. 28, 1771, in Lebanon, Conn., Mehiuble 
Bettis of Charlestown, Mass. We have not found the records of his family. On May 14, 
1824, he addressed a letter to the judge of probate, dated at Chatham, saying: "I am desirous 
that my son Michael Stewart, jr., should be appointed administrator on the estate of my son 
Daniel Stewart, 2nd, deceased, and in this request all the heirs of the deceased concur, and as 
it is necessary for the administrator to proceed to Nantucket immediately for the purpose of 
taking care of the estate of my deceased son it is desirable that letters of administration be 
taken this day. Mich«J Stewart, Sr.*' The next day Michael Stewart, jr., was made admin- 
istrator, and Ebenezer Smith and John Stewart, jr., were appointed to appraise the estate of 
Daniel Steward, 2nd, late of Chatham. Children : 

1 Daniel -f-before May 14, 1824 

2 Jane ; -^Fcb. 27, 1794, Jonathan Penfield, Chatham 

3 Michael 

4 Thomast 1788;= Nancy : -f Feb. 2, 1837, Bethel, N. Y. 

To be continued 


The records of the descendants of Lieut. William* Steward of Stonington will probably he 
continued in later issues. The exigencies of our flight make it advisable to delay awhile. 

Miss Kathcrine C. Wood of University Place, Neb., has thoughtfully sent us a copy of a 
little booklet printed in memory of her father, the late James Varnum Wood. Mr. Wood 
was bom June 24. 1845, on a farm in West Newfield. York county, Me., son of Job Plummer 
and Mercy (Durgin) Wood and grandson of Maj. E>aniel Wood of the Revolutionary war. 
He was of Stuart descent. He served in the Maine troops during the Civil war. He left for 
the west in 1869. coming to Nebraska in 1870. He was one of those worthy pioneers who 
helped to mature the possibilities of the state and to give it solidity and prosperity. His 
death occurred Nov. 30, 1925. 

•Mentioned as "my two grandsons in Chatham" in the will of Samuel Stewart of Voluntown, Nov. 7, 1783, 
tThomas may have been h son of Robert Siuii-t, who married in Chatham Apr. 24, 1783, Oorcas Hurlbut. 

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Daniel Steward of Stamford, Conn. —207 

James^ Steward {Daniel^), born about 1754, probably in Stamford, Conn., married 
Dtz. 6, 176a, widow Sarah (Palmer*) Stockdalc, in the Congregational church in Stamford. 
She had a son, Robert Stockdale, who was baptized there Jan. 4, 1770, *'son of Sarah, wife of 
James Stuart." This Robert Stockdale was a soldier in the Revolution, married Jan. 4, 1781, 
Sarah Fletcher, in Greenwich, and died Mar. 20, 1810.® James and his wife Sarah, together 
with their three eldest children, were baptized Oct. 15, 1769. James died in Stamford Nov. 
15, 1790. His will was dated May 9, 1788, and was probated Nov. 15, 1790, naming his son 
Oliver as executor and mentioning his children Oliver, Henry and Mary Cornathan : wife not 
mentioned. The witnesses were James Nichols, Nancy Nichols and Moses Nichols: the -in' 
ventory was taken Dec. j, 1790, by Jonathan Whitney and Epinetus Webb and filed Dec. 7, 
Children, born in Stamford: 

1 Oliver Cromwell, Oct. 30, 1763®; 1= Sarah — , (2) Dec. 13, 1809, Rebecca Sinfen 

a Henry, Oct. 18, 1765®; = Lydia Minor: +Dec. a6, 1851. Dry'^en, N. Y. 

3 Mary 1767; = Cornathan? 

4 Martha, bp. Aug. 31, 1769: probably died young 

Lieut. Charles* Stewart {DanieP), born about 1736, probably in Stamford, Conn., 

married Sarah .t She owned the covenant June 27, 176a, in the Congregational church 

in Stamford, and he was admitted to full communion Sep. 14, 1766. The history of this in- 
teresting man is taken almost wholly from a letter written by his son Charles to the pension 
bureau in 1818, and from military records. He enlisted as a corporal May 8, 1775, in the 
First company, under Capt. David Waterbury of Stamford, Fifth regiment of Connecticut men 
in the Revolution, and marched to New York the latter part of June and encamped at Har' 
lem. Following Col. Ethan Allen in his wild attempt to surprise Montreal with only a hand' 
ful of men Stewart was wounded by a tomahawk in the hands of an Indian ally of 
the British and was taken prisoner and confined in Halifax, Sep. 15, 1775. He and 
31 others with Col. Allen were sent in chains to England, where they endured 
stern treatment but were exchanged after about two years. His son Charles, 
then 16 years old, enlisted Feb. i, 1777, in Capt. John Mills' company, Col. 
Charles Webb's regiment of Connecticut Continental troops to serve three years, 
the elder Charles being commissioned Jan. i, 1778, an ensign in the company. His 
long imprisonment and the distresses of war had reduced his family to poverty, and he left the 
army on the arrangement of the officers. Nov. 15, 1778, and later served two campaigns as 
lieutenant in the New York state troops. On Mar. i, 1797, he was issued a bounty land war- 
rant for 150 acres by the government. He and his wife both died before 1818. Children, all 
baptized in the Congregational church in Stamford, the first two on July 11, 176a: 
1 Mary '759; =^Aug. 7, 1776, Ezra Scofield, Stamford 
a Charles, Oct. ay, 1760®; 1= Jemima , (2) Elizabeth 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as —90. means refer to rhat pagr; - means married. 
J- marriage intention, •!• marriage license, f died, Y buried. (T) Bible record, (i) cluirch, (a) town. 'T' gravesione, 
•) probate, (ij court, (i) land, <'^) military, (?) pension, (^ census, (ij) tradition, d^ local history. (H patriotic s<Ki- 
rfy. Sjl) obituary, biography or ircnealogy. 

•David Palmer, late ot Greenwich, in his will Feb. 17. 1773, probated June 7. 1774. mentioned his wife Sar- 
ah and his children, among them being Sarah and "her son Robert Stockdell' (Stamford probate. iv:l35]. 

+Jonathan Lounnbcrry. late of Stamford, had a sister Sarah Stewart, according to the order for the distrib- 
ution of his estate, Apr, 8, 1791/5) 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


3 Sarah, bp. Nov. 17, 1763 

4 Frederick, bp. June 16, 1765 

5 Betsey, b^ Dec. 21, 1766 

6 Lydia, bp, Jan. 4. 1769 

7 William, bp. Now 15, 1770 

[ Steward of Redding married Feb. 19, 1795, Betsey Pennoycr, Stamford.] 

To be continued 

Descendants of Oliver Stewart of Stockbrid|{e, N. Y.-^"^' 

E«ra W." Stewart {Charles,^ Oliver^), bom Sep. 19, 1813, in Stockbridge, N. Y., mar- 
ried July a, 1839, Laura Phinney, bom Mar. 14, 1819, in Vermont. They settled in Ashta- 
bula county, O., removed to Wisconsin in 1847, and in 1853 removed to Clayton county, la., 
finally locating in Elkader in 1859. There she died June 17, 187a, and he died Apr. 6, 1896. 
Children, the last two born at Richmond. Ashtabula county, O.: 

1 Orrin Phinney. Mar. a5> 1840; =Oct. i6, 1866, Mary M. Young, Elkader 

2 Aminda Malvina. Aug. 21, 1841; —Dec. ao. 1873, Asa A. Wing, Elkader 

3 Sarah Filetta, July 5, 1844; =Oct. 16, 1866. Realto Exescque Price, Elkader 

John N.« Stewart iCharles,^ Oliver^), born Jan. la, 1816, in Stockbridge, N. Y., mar- 
ried there Jane Arrity, born Oct. — , 1817, in Bouckvill^, Madison county, N. Y., daughter of 
Patrick and Clara Arrity and granddaughter of Margaret (Spoor) Stewart, second wife of 
Oliver.* He farmed near Oakland, Jefferson county. Wis., where he died Aug. — , i88a, and 
she died Jan. a4, 1894. Children : 

I Henry James, Oct. — , i840» Stockbridge; = Louisa A. 

a Clara Mercy, Nov. 4, 1854; =May 5. 1877, Milo M. Jones: res. Akcley, Minn. 
Robert B.^ Stewart (C/iarles,^ OhVer*), bom Dec. 14. i8ai. in Stockbridge. N. Y., 
married at Lake Mills. Jefferson county. Wis., Mar. 4, 1849, Helen L. Sexton, born Oct. iS* 
i8a5, at French Creek [now Clayton], Jefferson county. Wis. She died at Loyd, Wis., May 
7, 1897, and he died there Feb. 16, 1901. Children, the first two born at Buena Vista, the 
third, at Loyd: 

I Laurentine, Dec. 4, 1849; = Charles R. Hyde: 4 June ai, 1904 

a Charles, Apr. ao, 185a; — Lucy F. Bird: +Feb. a7, 1895, South Superior 

3 Robert Bruce. Aug. a3, 1855; ==Oct. 10, 1886, May E. Howard [perior 

4 Edward Maurice, July 14, 1866; - Margaret Smyth: -f-Mar. 31, 191 5, South Su- 
Dr. William W.« Stewart (Charles,^ Oliver*), born Aug. 8, i8a6, in Stockbridge, N. 

Y., married in Sauk county. Wis., Nov. i, 1863, Margaret C. Stout, bom June a7. 1843, on a 
^arm near Moscow, Pa., daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Nafuss) Stout. He was executor of 
his father's will, probated Jan. 7, 1867, and came into possession of the leather bag containing 
the family papers of his grandfather: after Dr. Stewart's death Feb. a3, 1900, at Cameron. 
Wis., these old papers, some of them almost illegible from age, were burned as useless junk by 
his daughter Belle. The widow resides in Janesville. Children: 

I Frank Burton. Mar. 7, 1869: res. in Idaho in I9a2. unmarried 

a Carl Jay, Mar. 30, 187a: -!"Mar. 1. 1906, unmarried 

3 Dora Belle. May a4, 1880: resides in Janesville, unmarried 
Charles D."* Stewart (Charles J Olivei^), bora Oct. a, i8a8, in Stockbridge. N. Y.. 
married Man* . He died Apr. — , 1871, at Forest. Richland county, Wis. Children: 

I Mary Alice, Aug. a?, i86a; = Willis Ekleberry 

a Amanda, Dec. i, 1864; = Charles W. Brown, son of George E. 

3 Charles, Sep a4, 1871 ; — 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Jackson^ Stewart {SamueW Oliver,^) married Ruth Parker. She divorced htm and 
married Samuel Starbird.® 

Oliver E.» Stewart {Ezra J.,^ Oiiver^), born Apr. 14, 1842. in Stockbridge, N. Y., 
married Dec. 16, 1865, Ruth A. Ailing of Croro Hill, town of Madison. He served as a sol' 
dicr in the Civil war, being honorably discharged at the close of the war in 1865. He was a 
man highly esteemed. He died July 19, 1902. at Erieville, Madison county, N. Y., and his 
widow died Nov. 7, 1906, at Bouckville. Children, bom in Georgetown: 

1 Amelia L., Feb. 10, 1867; —Mar. 30, 1898, C. B. Carr [Brewster 

2 Rosa Linda, Sep. 12, 1869; i=June 19, 1891, Walter B. Fogus, (2) Mar. 7, 1907, Nelson 

3 Irena B., June 9, 1870; =Jan. 14, 1901, Frank Bums 

4 Abigail M., May 26, 1872; =Nov. 28, 1888, Louis E. Thurston 

5 John A., Aug. 21, 1875: -hjuly 3, 1886, aged 11 

Ezra J.^ Stewart (E^ra J.,^ Oliver*), born July 9. 1852, in Stockbridge, N. Y., mar- 
ried . He lives on the old Stewart homestead at Munnsville. Children: 

1 Lawrence 

2 Clarence 

3 Charles 

4 Enos 

5 Ezra 

6 Benjamin 

7 Sarah 

8 Vera 

Eli W/ Stewart (Enos,^ Oliver^), born May 5, 1845, married Feb. — , 1871, Lou Ann 
Bcedles of Mercer county. Mo. She died Apr. 11, 1922, and he died June 16, 1923, at Tulsa, 
Okla. Among his children is : 

I Susan ; = Houck: res. Galena, Okla. 

Elihu G.** Stewart {Enos,^ Oliver^, bom Jan. — , 185 1, married Mary Ellen Francis. 
He resided at La Harpe, 111., and died May 2, 1923. aged 73, his wife having died Apr. — , 
IQ18. Among his children are: 

1 Robert ; = res. Auburn, Neb. 

2 Gertrude ; = Bryan : res. La Harpe 

3 Oliver Eugene ; = Cox : res. Burchard, Neb. 

Michael Stewart of Chatham and John of Granville ^^ 

Arc^hibald^ Stewart (perhaps a son of John'*), born about 1740, married in Cromwell 
[then part of Middletown], Ccnn., Jan. 19, 1769, Elizabeth Wilson.® He was living in 
Granville, Mass., in 1790, with five females in his family.® He seems not to have been a 
conspicuous man, and no record of Revolutionary service in Massachusetts is found, and no 
record of ownership of land. His wife died in Granville in 1803 of "cancer within".® He 
died Jan. 27, 1815, aged 75.® Possible children: 

1 Betsey i77^'- 4- Jan. 29, 1R17, aged 41® 

2 Jane ; •' June i, 1800, Sylvanus Keep 

3 Catherine : ^Dec. 11, 1813 

Peter^ Stewart (perhaps a son of John*'*), born about 1749, is not recorded as a fighting 
man nor a property owner in Granville, Mass., where he was living in 1790, vith a son over 
16, two under 16 and three femiles. A child of Peter's died in 1798, another in October, 1802, 
r^nc in 1804 and one in 1806, according to records of the Congregational church of Granville. 


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Peter's wife died Sep. 23, 1811, aged 63, and he died Aug. 19, 1840, aged 90, in the poorhouse. 
Possibly his daughter, born in Granville:® 

I Sally 1776: +Sep. 24, 1850, aged 74, a pauper 

Daniel^ Stewart (perhaps a son of John') settled in Granville, Washington county. N. 
Y., where he bought Apr. 13. 1783, land in Morrison Patent from Dr. John Williams and Jo' 
seph McCrackcn. of New Perth [Salem] : the deed was witnessed by Asaph Cook and Daniel 
Curtice. In 1790 his family consisted of himself and a son over 16, a boy under 16 and six 
females.® He died in Granville. N. Y., Feb. 16, i8jo, having been sick about ten days.(D 
His widow Mary and Elijah Downs were appointed administrators. Children :® 

; = John Gardner 

; " - Warner 

; = Elijah Downs 

; = Joseph Doty 

; = Asaph Cook, jr., of Sandusky, O. : ^ before 1830 

A John Stewart sold land in Granville, N. Y., Mar. 7. 1789, to David Comstock. the deed 
being witnessed by Daniel Curtice and Daniel Curtice, jr. 

Lieut. John Harvey^ Stewart (John^) married Tryphena . He served in the 

Revolutionary war, and was called Lieut. John H. Stewart in the census of 1790, residing in 
Granville, Mass., with four sons under 16 and two females in his family. He bought land in 
Granville of Michael Stewart of Chatham, Conn., in 1778. Sep. 25, 1787, he and his unmarri' 
cd sister Dorothy conveyed to their brother Alexander their right to the land in Granville that 
had belonged to their father and mother. John and Agnes. He died about 1809, in Bloomficld, 
Ontario county, N. Y. His will, dated July i, 1808, was probated July i, 1809, and named 
Michael Stewart as executor. The will mentioned his wife Tryphena and the following sur- 
viving children: 

I Harvey 5 Daniel 

a John 6 Tryphena 

3 Charles 7 Molly 

4 Michael 8 Dorothy 
Alexander^ Stewart {John'^) entered service Dec. 23, 1776, as a pri- 
vate in Capt. Benjamin Phillips's company, Lieut. -Col. Timothy Robinson's de' 
tachment of Hampshire county militia, and was at Ticonderoga Feb. 24. 1777, 
his enlistment expiring Mar. 25; he was discharged Apr. i, having served 100 days. He en- 
tcrcd service again July 9, 1777, in Capt. William Cooley's company. Col. John Moscley's re- 
)4irocnt, and marched to reinforce the northern army; he was discharged Aug. 12, having serv' 
ed 39 days. Sep. 25, 1787, he bought of his brother John H. and his sister Dorothy their right 

m their parents' farm. He married (i) Penelope . She died Feb. 7, 1787, aged 22,(4 

:n Granville, Mass. He married (2) Jan. 3, 1788, Abigail Porter.® She died May 20, 1790. 
jged 32.® He married (3) Mamra Hall, born Feb. 15. 1765, in Granville, daughter of Sam- 
jel and Mamra Hall. In 1790 he had two sons under 16 and four females in his family.® 
Mamra died Oct. 113, 181 1, aged 47, and Alexander died Mar. 16, 1841, aged 83.® Children, 
horn in Granville, Mass.:® 

i_ Penelope, Feb. 3, 1787 5 Mamra, Oct. 19, 1796 

_2_ Nancy. Sep. 3, 1788 6 Samuel Hall, Aug. 15, 1799 

3 Sanford, Oct. 19, 1791 [frcd Ames Coe 7 Mary. Nov. 28, 1800 

4 Roxanna.Jan. 21, 1795; =Dec.2, 1813, Al' 8 child 1808® 

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Monthly Associate Elditor: Horace W. Dickerman, 685 Forest Road. New Haven. Conn. $2 a year 


John and Jean Stewart of Londonderry, N. H. 

John^ Stewart (parentage unknown) of Londonderry, N. H.» married Jean Barr, bom 
about 1713* daughter of John Barr.* He is said to have been brought over from Ireland by 
Rev. James MacGregor. He was perhaps a nephew of John** Stewart, the proprietor of Lon- 
doneerry [page i], and their names are so intermingled on the land records as to cause con* 
fusion. This John was called "weaver'* in some deeds. He was probably the John Stewart 
who (with Samuel and Joseph) signed the petition for Todd's Town [Henniker] in 1748, and 
he it was, perhaps, who owned land in Henniker, Bedford and Manchester as well 
as Londonderry. He and his wife Jean were deeded land in Londonderry Apr. 6, 
1769, by Gabriel Barr and Samuel Barr of that place. John Stewart did not pass 
through life without his share of sorrow. His son Gabriel was a soldier in the French and 
Indian war and lost his life in the expedition for the reduction of Canada, 1760. His son Ad'^ 
am, engaging in business in Boston, was suspected of being a Tory, and died during the Rev' 
olutionary war. Jean, wife of John Stewart, died Mar. 8, 1773, aged 5O,0 in Londonderry, 
and John died in 1786. His will was dated June 7, 1786, and proved Dec. 20 that year: it 
was witnessed by John Moor, Robert Bamet and Ezra Waldron; the executors were Samuel 
Gibson and John Morison. It mentioned the following children, excepting Gabriel and Adam, 
who were dead : 

I Robert i733\ = Margaret : soldier in 1759-60 

a Samuel 1735; =Sep. a6, 1771, Agnes Clyde, Hudsont 

3 John, June 29, 1737® 

4 Elizabeth i739; — Samuel Gibson, Litchfield: '-I- Feb. 3, 1815 

5 Gabriel 174 1 : -|-July 5, 1760, in expedition against Canada® 

6 Adam ; -~^p. 25, 1770, Sarah (Forsythe) Paul, Boston: -f 1778 

7 Margaret ; = James Humphries 

8 Thomas ; = Naomi : -f-Sep. 8, 1806, Henniker 

Robert^ Stuart (John^) of Londonderry was of lawful age May 21, 1759, when he 
swore to a deposition at Dunstable about enlisting as a battoman with Capt. Samuel Clyde of 
Windham. He afterward enlisted, he said, under Capt. Alexander Todd; "William Rankin, 
Samuel Allison and John Patten, all of Londonderry, did not persuade me to go from Clyde's 
lodging. "[Suffolk file, no. 79.903]. John enlisted Mar. 6, 1760, and Robert Apr. 7, Capt. Al' 
exander Todd. Col. John Goffe, Canada expedition: discharged Nov. 3. He married Margaret 

and settled in Nottingham West [now Hudson], N. H. He was a cooper. In 1790 he 

had a boy over 16, three younger and two females. Living in 1805.® Probable children: 

1 Adam 

2 Francis 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as —90. means refer to that pag**; means married, 
-:~ maniage intention, •!• marriage license, + died. X buried, ® Bible record, (2) church. X town. r4)gravesii)ne, 
i) probate, (i) court, (f) land. (?) military, (•) pension, (g) census, ® tradition, @ local history, (^ patriotic s<*ci- 
cty. "g! obituary, biography or genealogy. 

•John Barr ot Londonderry, in his will dated Dec. 31. 1748, probated Dec. 25, 1751. mentioned his wife 
Jennet; son Gabriel; son Samuel: daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Boyes: daughter Elizabeth, wife of R')bcrt 
Fairservice: daughter Jean, wife of John Stewart; granddaughter Jean Boycs: grandson John Barr; "Thomas 
Boyes's children and John Stewart's children", etc. Compare "John Stewart, Jr., of Haverhill." page 175. 

tFor this date we are indebted to Frank S, Osgood of Boston. Mr. Osgood has recently published a valu- 
able book on the Gilmore family. 

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3 Mary ; =Dcc. 17. 1792, John Caldwell, Hudson 

4 Jonathan ; =Nov. 23, 1800, Abigail How, Dorchester, Mass.® 

Robert Stewart of Hudson sold land in Pelham Mar. 22. 1764. to Jowph Wyman, jr., of Pelham. 

Samuel^ Stuart (John*), bom about 1735. married Sep. a6, 1771, in Hudson, N. H., 
Afiines Clyde, born in Windham June 18, 1744, daughter of Daniel and Esther (Rankin) 
Clyde. He was a soldier at Haverhill, Mass., 1760. in the French war, **son of John Steward 
of Londonderry**, and probably served in the Revolution. He bought land in Hudson and Pel' 
ham Sep. 14, 1763, in Hudson Feb. 13 and Mar. 3, 1767. He resided in Dunbarton in 1790: 
I 'I 'I. He died Apr. 28, 1804, aged 68. and she died May 19, 1835, aged 91.® He evidently left 
no children. The widow Agnes petitioned June 5. 1804, for the administration of her hus' 
band*s estate, and her account, allowed Oct. 22, 1805, showed an expense of $39.36 •*for funeral 
charges including mourning for widow and rum for funeral,'* and $15 for "gravestones for de- 
ceased.** Samuel *s brothers objected to the widow's account but the judge was fair: he gave 
Agnes half the $686.24 left in the estate and ordered the other half divided in fifths ($68.62) 
among Robert, John and Thomas Stewart, Samuel Gibson in right of his wife Elizabeth and 
James Humphries in right of his wife Margaret, they being brothers and sisters of the deceased. 

John^ Stuart (John*), bom June 29, 1737, in Londonderry, N. H. (the only child re- 
corded to John and Jean), has entirely escaped our eagle eye, disguised under that ubiquitous 
name of John.* He served with Robert in the French war. John Stewart of Londonderry en- 
listed July 20, 1777, as a private in Capt. Reynolds* company. Col. Nichols* regiment, and was 
present at the Battle of Bennington, Aug. 16, 1777. He was living in i8oy.® 

Gabriel'^ Stuart (John*) enlisted Feb. 20, 1760, at Haverhill. Mass., in Capt. Moses 
Hart *s company for the Canada expedition, and was sworn and mustered Apr. i . On a mus- 
ter roll at Boston, July 5, 1760, he was reported as dead [Colonial wars, 98:251] and docu- 
ments Slate that he was a son of John Stuart of Londonderry. 

Adam^ Stuart (John*) of Londonderry was warned from Boston on May 12, 1766: 
'*came last Feb. 7, at Mr. John Fairserves at South End.** He married in Boston Sep. 25. 
1770, Sarah Paul (nee Fairservice or perhaps Forsythe). Robert Fairservice and his wife 
Hannah, of Boston, deeded Feb. 2, 1771, to Adam Stewart of Boston, carter, one-half of a 
house and land in Londonderry, N. H. On Jan. 16, 1776, a committee was appointed in Lon- 
donderry to "write Gen. Sullivan concerning Adam Stuart, late of Londonderry, being a per- 
son suspected of being inimical to this country,** and three days later it was voted that Capt. 
Moses Bamet of Londonderry be empowered to take and certify depositions for and against 
Adam Stuart conceming the complaint.® Later he was adjudged inimical to the cause of 
American liberty and was placed under surveillance. He died in Boston Sep. — , 1778. His 
will, in which he was called shopkeeper, was dated Sep. 13 and probated Sep. 25, 1778: John 
Fairservice and Edward Hay witnessed his signature. He gave all his estate to his wife Sar- 
ah, and "my wearing apparel to my father and brothers to be given between them.'* He 
probably had no children. His widow Sarah married Jan. 21, 1779, William Vemon, in Boston. 

Thomas^ Stuart (John*) was living in 1805.® He was probably the Thomas Stuart 
who signed a petition in Henniker, 1786. and was living there in 1790: i'3'2.® He died there 
Sep. 8, 1806. The estate of Thomas Stewart, late of Henniker, was entered in 1809. His wid- 
ow was Naomi. [Betsey Stuart, widow, died Sep. 13, 1849, aged 91.] Probable children: 

1 John ; =Dec. 11, 1803, Sally (jordon of Henniker: she -|-Nov. 10. *4i, ae. 62 

2 child : 4- Apr. i, 1786 

3 Hannah : 4 Jan. 28, 1819 

4 Adam 1796; =Nov. 18, 1821, Lucy Marsh of Henniker: -hSep. 17, 1839, aged 43 

•This John could hardly have been the John, jr., who married Jan. 16. 1755. Abigiil Phip» (page 175). 

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Daniel Steward of Stamford* Conn. — 210 

Oliver C* Stewart (James,* Daniel^), born Oct. 50, 1763, in Greenwich, Conn.,© en' 
listed from Stamford in November, 1779, as a private in Col. John Mead's regiment and serv- 
ed a month. He enlisted in April, 1780, in Capt. Hanford Hoyt's company, Col. John Mead's 
regiment, and aerved a month on the lines west of Stamford. In June that year he enlisted 
for two months in the same company, headquarters being at Seth Palmer's: in the fall he serv' 
cd another month, same duty, and in 1781 he served two weeks in the same company, and 

later served other short periods. He married (i) Sarah . After the war he resided 

in Courtland, Westchester county, N. Y., where he married (2) Dec. ly, 1809, Rebecca Sin* 
fen. who was born in 1785. He applied Sep. 1, 1834, for a pension: William Scho6eld of 
Ellery, Chautauqua county, N. Y., stated that Oliver had served with him in the war, and 
Henry Stewart of Dryden testified to Oliver's service. Oliver died June 28, 1847. His wid- 
ow Rebecca applied for a pension in 1855. His will was dated June 3, 1843, and probated 
Jan. i5» 1848. Children: 

I Sarah ; i^^ Gcrshom Tilley, (2) Garretson Banker 

1 Rebecca ; = John Auscr of Courtland 

3 Henry S. ; = : res. Courtland 

Henry^ Stewart (James,* Daniel^), born in 1765, in Stamford, Conn., was town guard 
for two months early in 1782, as substitute for Isaac Mead, under Capt. Jesse Bell. In June, 
1782, he enlisted in Capt. Jabez Fitch's company and served five months, on board the gun- 
boats in Long Island Sound; discharged Dec. 3. Later he served in an independent company 
under Capt. Valentine Ryder one month on the frontiers. He married Lydia Minor,® born 
in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., and removed about 1802 to Dryden, Tompkins county, N. Y. He ap- 
plied Oct. i8, 1832, for a pension, and Charles Stewart made an affidavit that he had known 
Henry since childhood. He died Dec. 26, 1851, and was buried in Tompkins county. Children : 

1 Oliver 

2 Philander 

3 Lydia 1808, Genoa, Cayuga county 

Charles'*^ Stewart (Charles,* Daniel^), born Oct. 2^, 1760, in Stamford, Conn., enlist' 
ed Feb. 1, 1777, in Capt. John Mills' company. Col. Charles Webb's regiment of Connecticut 
Continental troops, and served three years. Later he served two campaigns as a noncommiss- 
ioned officer in the New York state troops. He was in the battle of Monmouth and other 

engagements. He married (1) Jemima , by whom he had seven daughters living in 

1820, four of them married. He settled in Locke, Cayuga county, N. Y., and applied for a 

pension Apr. 14, 1818. His first wife died, and he married (2) Elizabeth , born Feb. 

2, 1798, by whom he had three children, all having died before 1820. He married (3) Mary 

, who survived him. He removed to Lcroy, Bradford county. Pa., about 1833. He 

died Feb. 18, 1840, and is buried in the Leroy cemetery.® His will was dated Feb. 5 and filed 
for probate Feb. 22, 1840.* It mentioned the following children, excepting Caroline who was 
referred to in his pension affidavit in 1820. [In 1820 he was caring for Harriet S. Austin, bom 
July 16, 1818, daughter of Solomon.] His will also provided for a grandson, Charles S. Minard. 
I Sally, Feb. 25, 1791; 1= Wilcox, (2) Bethuel B. Barnum: ^ii|'44 

; = Gibbs 

; = Kelly 

; -- Wilcox 

; 1= Brunner, (2) Feb. 25, 1835, Edmund Grover 

; -- Shaft 

1809; — Minard? 

•The record* of lhi» family were iupplemented with information by Mist Esther Barnum of Waverly, N. Y. 













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William Steward of Westerly, R. I. —191 

William^ Steward, md, {WiUiam^) of Stonington. Conn., married (i) in Westerly, 
R. I., Apr. 24, 1729, Martha Burdick. "Martha Stuard was baptized under hand and added 
unto ye church Aug. 28. 1736", in the Seventh Day Baptist church [now in Hopkinton], and 
William Stuard was treated in the same fashion Sep. 4. 1736. He bought and sold much pro- 
perty in Stonington and Westerly. His wife Martha signed a deed with him as late as Sep. 
24, 1750. He married (2) in North Stonington Apr. 29. 1752, Hannah Palmer. They evid' 
ently spent their last years in Groton, Conn., for on Nov. 8, 1771, William Steward and his 
wife Hannah deeded to Charles Smith, late of Colchester, the "house and farm where I now 
dwell in Groton'' on condition that Charles "shall well and truly maintain and support the 
said William Stewart and his wife Hannah during both their natural lives and also pay and 
discharge all the just debts of said William''[viii:j]. Children, recorded in Stonington: 

1 William, Oct. 19, 1729: -\-Mar. 4, 1733-4 

2 William =Nov. 30, 1758, Mary Lanphere, Westerly 

3 Martha, Nov. 11, 1736; =Jan. 19, 1757, Stephen Maxson of Westerly, Norih Stonington 

4 Hannah, Nov. 19, 1753; =Oct. 13, 1771, Charles Smith, Groton 

Josepli^ Steward (William'*) married :n Westerly Sep. 6, 1732, Sarah JefFers [or Jac- 
ques]. His mother Margaret, then wife of John Pooler, deeded him land in Westerly Nov. 
21, 1733, and he and his wife Sarah deeded land the next day to John Pooler. On Mar. m. 
1737-8, he was among the signers to a quitclaim deed to Matthew Randall, covering title to 
part of the 5,300'acre grant in Westerly [in that part now Hopkinton]. He died perhaps ear- 
ly in 1747. on Martha's Vineyard, "as a soldier enlisted by this government in the expedition 
against Canada.'' The widow Sarah was asked by the town council of Westerly on Feb. 23, 
i746'7, to administer his estate. Aug. 31, 1747, Jonathan Lewis and Thomas Foster were ap- 
pointed to take the inventory. Joseph probably left children: 

1 Hannah ; =Junc 9, 1751, John Hyde of Westerly, Richmond 

2 William [gee under William*] 

3 John ; -Apr. 8, 1758, Content Larkin, Hopkinton: soldier in 1762 

4 Margaret ; =Feb. 11, 1758, Ishmael Codner, Hopkinton 

5 Elizabeth , =Dcc. 4, 1758, Jonathan Maccoon, Hopkinton 

6 Sarah ; =Aug. 18, 1761, Joseph Malleson, Westerly 

Pliineas Steward, perhaps a son of William,^ probably dwelt in Groton once upon a 
time. **Mary, relict of Phinehas Stewart, died Mar. — , 1787, aged 83," in Groton© 

To be continued 

CHARLES STEWART, born in New London about 1752, resided in [Pittsfield or] Nan- 
tucket when he enlisted in the Revolutionary war [Mass. Soldiers, xiv:998]. 

JAMES STEWART, a native of New London, died Jan. 16. 1809, in almshouse, Boston. 

JAMES STEWART enlisted from Stonington, Conn., in the fall of 1775, etc. He resided 
in Dauphin county. Pa., in 1818.® He died June 14, 1833. 

WILLIAM STEWART, a stranger, was married in New London Jan. 20, 1754, to the 
widow of Robert Eams, by Josiah Hempstead [Diary, i:622]. 

Margaret Stewart, alias Ashcroft, and Ebenezer Perkins, both of Voluntown, were mar* 
ricd Sep. 12, 1734, in Scituate, R. I. William Steward of Groton bought land in Groton May 
6, 1773, of Margaret Ashcroft, widow of Jcdediah, and mortgaged it to Charles Smith that day. 

The arrangement for the printing of this magazine to the end of 1926 was made before 
August I, so our readers will understand that more recent developments are not considered. 


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Stewarts of Monongalia County, Va. 

Mrs. Carrie Stewart Meicalf, Smithficld. Pa. 

* Stewart was from County Cork, Ireland. He had at least three sons, all of 

whom eventually settled in Monongalia county, Va. [West Virginia]. 

1 William 17^7 ; = i750, Elizabeth Givens, Lancaster county. Pa. 

2 Charles ; — 

3 Robert ; = 

Charles* and Robert* joined their nephew Charles^ in Monongalia county soon after the 
Revolutionary war. Charles* had: William, Robert, John, Charles, Rebecca, Jane and Mary. 
Robert* had served as a British grenadier in Canada* during the French war ; his children were 
George, John, Robert, Samuel and three daughters, all of whom went to Indiana. 

William* Stewart, born about 1727 in County Cork, Ireland, married in Lancaster 
county. Pa., about 1750, Elizabeth Givens of Lancaster county, bom about 1731. About 1770, 
with their children, they migrated to Monongalia county, Va. He died Feb. 10, 181 1, near 
Stewarttown, Monongalia county, and she died Nov. 8, 1813. His will is on record at Mor* 
gantown. Children, the first three born in Lancaster county; the others, in Uniontown, Pa.: 

I John 1751 ; = Robe of Monongalia county : -r 1795 

a Nancy ; = Robert Parks: removed to Ohio 

3 Charles i755; = Jane'' Stewart, his cousin 

4 Robert ; = Dunlevy of Ky. : scout under Boone 

5 Daniel, Dec. 25, 1769; ^^ Ann Kelso of Monongalia county 

6 Alexander, Dec. 25, 1769; =June i. 1794, Rachel Brown of Smithfield, Pa. 

7 Elizabeth 177a; = James Bennett: removed to Scioto county, O. 

8 Sarah Jane, June 9, 1774; =Dec. 31, 1793, Thomas McKinley of Morgantown, Uniont'n 
John^ Stewart (William^), born about 1751 in Lancaster county. Pa., married 

Robe of Monongalia county, W. Va. He came to Grant district and took up 1,115 acres.® 
He died at Morgantown in 1795, aged 45. His children were William, David, Samuel, Sarah, 
Elizabeth Hall, Nancy and Mary. 

Charles" Stewart (William*), bom about 1755 in Lancaster county. Pa., came with his 
parents to Monongalia county, W. Va., riding a yearling calf over the mountains. He married 
his cousin, Jane Stewart. He sold out and went to Little Kenawha river, W. Va., where he 
died in 1838, aged 83. His children were William, Robert, John, Nancy Montgomery, Isabel 
Blosscr, Sarah Kelwine and Elizabeth. 

Robert" Stewart {William^) was a scout under Daniel Boone. He married MissDun^ 
levy of Kentucky. 

Capt. Daniel" Stewart (Williarn^), born Dec. 25, 1769, married Ann Kelso of Monon' 
galia county, W. Va. He was a captain in the War of 18 12. He died Mar. 9, 1829, and his 
widow Ann died Nov. - , 1832. 

Alexander" Stewart (William*), born Dec. 25, 1769, married June i, 1794, Rachel 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as —90, means refer to that paRe; means married 
-I- maniage intention, •!• marriage license, + died. X burled, (i) Bible record. (T) church, (ii town. (4) gravestone, 
I) probate, («; court, {i) land, in) military. (?) pension. ® census, (Q) tradition. (^ local history, (^ patriotic soci- 
ety, 'H) obituary, biography or aenealogv. 

•Robert Stewart, last from Philadelphia. Pa., was w.irned from Boston. Mass., June 2. 1766 "came here 
last Saturday, has bctn a soldier in the 75lh regin ent at Cjpe Breton, discharged July 18, 1765, a poor man." 

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Brown of Smithficld, born Nov. 4, 1776, daughter of Joshua Brown. She died in 18.^5 and he 
died in i860 in Smithfield, Fayette county. Pa., where his children were born: 

I Rebecca, Feb. 15, 1795; =Mar. 10, 1816, Abraham Wright, Morgantown, W. Va. 

1 Hannah, Mar. 9, 1796 

3 Nancy, Dec. 31, 1797 

4 Joshua Brown, June 6, 1800 

5 WiUiam, Jan. 8, 1802; = BcHnda John 

6 Alexander, Aug. ao, 1803; i=Apr. 8, 183a, Susan Thompson, (2) Cynthia Taylor: -^ '85 

7 Eliza, Mar. 21, 1805; = Hiram Doyle 

8 S , May 9, 1807 

9 John Hamilton, Nov. 11, 1809; — Hardin 

10 Rachel, Apr. 15, 1811: -fAug. 12, 1819, aged 8 

11 Casey, May 17, 1813: fSep. 2, 1819 

12 Sidney, Mar. 9, 1816: -j-unmarried 

13 Martha Jane, June 19, 1819; = Bowen 

Stewards of Hebron, Conn. 

James^ Steward (see page 62) of Hebron, Conn., was perhaps a soldier in the French 
war. He died before June 19, 1759, when administration on his estate was granted : the bond 
was witnessed by Asahel Phelps. Mar. 3, 1760, Mchitable Steward, widow of James, gave 
bond, with Timothy Steward, as guardian of Benjamin Steward, a minor: John Steuerd wit- 
nessed the bond: Mehitable was made guardian of her daughter Sarah, Dec. 31, 1760. Mc- 
hitable 's estate was administered Feb. 2, 1773. Probable children: 

1 MehitahU ; =Jan. 8, 1764, David Chapman® 

2 Timothy : soldier in Col. Nathan Whitney's provincial troops, 1760 

3 Benjamin ; =Dec. 14, 1769, Lois Chapman, East Haddam 

4 Sarah 

Benjamin^ Stewart (James^) of Hebron, Conn., married in East Haddam Dec. 14, 
1769, Lois Chapman, born Sep. 13, 1745, daughter of David and Abigail (Lee) Chapman. [Cf. 
Daniel Stewart who married Jan. 11, 1762, her sister Phebe Chapman, page 122, and Mary 
who married Feb. 25, 1752, Jonathan Chapman, page 156]. Samuel Dewey charged the colony 
Jan. 2, 1776, for a gun barrel made for Benjamin Stewart, as well as about sixty others.® He 
was drafted Aug. 25, 1777, in Capt. John Skinner's company, under Col. Jonathan Latimer, 
and served at Saratoga, being discharged Nov. i. He bought land in Murrayfield [Chester]. 
Mass., in 1783, and removed to that place. He was living in' Middlefield in 1788, in Chester 
m 1790 (1-3-4) and in Norwich in 1814. Whither he and his wife went later is a mystery to 
us. Children (Chloe, Abigail and Anna being recorded in Colchester, Conn.) : 

1 Chloe. Mar. 22, 1770; :-Apr. 20, 1790, Nathan Parkhurst, Middlefield, Mass-C?) 

2 James J773\ =Feb. 7, 1796, Susanna Flint, Chester, Mass. 

3 Elizabeth i77!i\ ^ Jan. 19, 1799, Jonathan Bidlake, Chester, Mass. 

4 Abigail, Feb. 5, 1777 

5 Anna, July 30, 1779 

6 Lois 1781 : ^ Feb. 1. 1801, aged 19, Middlefield 

7 Benjamin. Apr. — , 1783; =Nov. 12, 181 1, Priscilla Field, Middlefield: ^ Aug. 17, 1851 

William Steward of Westerly, R. I. —216 

William-^ Steward ( ,* \(/i\liam^), born about 1729-34 in Stonington, Conn., 

or Westerly, R. L, married in Westerly Nov. 30, 1758, Mary Lanphere, born Apr. 4, 1740. 
daughter of Nathan and Mary (Langworthy) Lanphere. Mary was "baptized under hand and 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

;. According to trad' 


in full connection May yc 21, 1762,"" in the Hopkinton Seventh Day Baptist church, and Will' 
iam was baptized July 7, 1770. They removed from Westerly to Stonington about 1766 and 
to New London about 1769. Children, the first four recorded in Westerly; the fifth, in Ston' 
ington, and the last three, in New London : 

1 Martha, June 14, 1759 

2 William, Mar. 7, 1761; =Nov. 7, 1782, Lucretia Rogers 

3 Elisha, June 15, 1763: =Jan. 11, 1787, Mary Caulkins 

4 Mary, Mar. 16, 1765; = Jonathan Pember 

5 Nathan, Mar. 18, 1767; =E)ec. 8, 1793, Dnisilla Rogers, cousin to Lucretia 

6 Athol, Oct. 5, 1769; — Anna Perkins 

7 Asahel, June 5, 1773; =Nov. 6, 1796, Lucretia Beckwith 

8 Sarah, Mar. 6, 1780; = Thompson 

To be continued 

Alexander Steward of Marlborough, Mass. — 14 

DanleF Steward {Daniel,^ Alexander^), born Oct. 14, 1722, in Marlboro, Mass., 
married (intention recorded Mar. 13, 1747-8, in Leicester) Lydia Cutting. According to trad' 
ition his father was killed in a bayonet charge in the French war "and 
fought after being wounded until his entrails were on the ground.*' 
Daniel^ bou^^t land Mar. 26, 1750, in Sandisfield, which he sold June 9, 
1758, to Daniel Brown, Esq. He was one of the petitioners in 1765 to 
have the town of Paxton set off from Leicester: it was established in 1775. Daniel Steward 
was a selectman in 1779. The date and place of his death are unknown. The births of his 
children were not recorded. They were:® 

1 Polly ; = Knight: settled in Bath, N, Y. 

2 John 175 1 ; = Ruth Newton of Royalston: -|-Sep. 9, 181 2 

3 Catherine ; — Knight: settled in Bath, N. Y. 

4 Jabcz ; = : res. in Deerfield, N. Y., 1800® 

5 Daniel 1756; =Nov. 25, 1779, Dorothy Maynard, Westboro 

6 Ebenczer ; = : res. in Deerfield, N. Y., 1800® 

7 Anna, Mar. 4, 1760; =Mar. 10, 1779, Reuben Stearns: -f-Scp. i, 1839, West Brattleboro 

8 Lydia ; = Newton : res. Royalston, Mass. 

9 Antipas : -hunmarried. in Brattleboro, Vt.® [ark, N. J. 
10 Benjamin 1766; = Jane : -f May 19, 1824, in 58th year,® New- 

Rev. Antipas^ Steward (Dam'c/,* Alexander^), born Dec. 28, 1733, in Marlboro, 
Mass., married (i) in Cambridge Sep. 8, 1773, Rachel Haley. He graduated from Harvard 
college in 1760, taught school in Cambridge and, during the Revolution, in Salem: he was a 
distinguished Hebrew scholar and was ordained Nov. 27, 1793, as a minister of the Episcopal 
church. He was living in Holliston before 1786 (1790: i'0'3), where his wife Rachel died 
Jan. 5, 1791, in her 53rd year.® In 1794 he, of Ludlow, bought land in Ludlow. He mar- 

ried (2) Miriam . He died in Belchertown Mar. 15, 1814, aged 80. His will of July 

23, 1808, mentioned his wife Miriam, daughter Polly, wife of Martin Bardwell, jr., and Bet- 
sey, wife of Sylvester Nash [box 142:17]. Miriam married in Guilford, Vt., June 8, 1815, 
Capt. Isaac Orr. Children, born in Salem : 

1 Polly, hp. Feb. 2, 1777; = Martin Bardwell, jr. 

2 Betsey, hp. Mar. 14, 1779; = Sylvester Nash 

Rediat^ Steward (Daniel,^ Alexander^), born Apr. 12, 1736, in Marlboro, Mass., mar- 
ried in Brookfield May 22, 1765, Lucy Adams. His name appears in a Hst Apr. 26, li^T, of 
soldiers in the First Marlboro company, under Col. Abraham Williams. He marched from 

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Marlboro to Cambridge on the Lexington alarm, Apr. 19, 1775, and served five days in Capt. 
William Brigham's company, under Col. Jonathan Ward. After the war he removed to Mon* 
tague, where he died about Sep. 10, 1781, for the widow was allowed 2 shillings 8 pence for 
each child under 7 years, two children 78 weeks, on Mar. 10, 1783.® On Aug. 30, 1786, 
Reuben Scott, Moses Severance and Samuel Steward were still looking after the estate, which 
was distributed in July, 1788. Children, recorded in Marlboro: 

1 Benjamin, Aug. 27, 1766 [Cf. Benjamin,* DanieP] 

2 Persis. Apr. 4, 1768 

3 Silas Stuart, Mar. 6, 1770; -J-Nov. 18, 1802, Polly Bunn, Sturbridge 

4 Lucy, bp. Feb. 28, 1773; =Sep. 17, 1795, Cyrus Sanderson, Deerfield 

5 Antipas, bp. Mar. 12, 1775: +Apr. 19, 1849, aged 74 yrs., i mo., 10 d., unm., Montague 

6 Sewall, bp. Mar. 23, 1777 

Gen. John^ Stewart {Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Alexander^), bom about 175 1 in Paxtcn, 
Mafs. , married Ruth Viewton of Royalston. His service in the Revolutionary war is unde- 
termined. About 1780, in company with his brother Daniel, he went to Brattleboro, Vt., and 
took up a farm in the wilderness in the southwestern part of the town, where he built a log 
house. A few years afterward he sold this farm to Daniel and moved to what is called the 
Gould farm, a half'mile west of Brattleboro, where he lived until his death. He was given 
the title of general from his service in the Vermont militia. He was selectman in 1785 and 
1800, grand juror in 1801, lister in 1802, and later selectman several times. Gen. John Stew- 
art was a man of more than ordinary qualities, in manners genial and courteous to all, honest 
and honorable in his dealings. He was tall and of due proportions. His funeral was largely 
attended. He died Sep. 9, 1812, aged 62, and his wife died May 2, 181 3, aged 60. His will 
was dated July 30, 1812, and probated Sep. 23. Children, all mentioned in his will, except- 
ing Emery : 

1 Rufus 1776; = Jane Fraser: 4- June 29, 1846, Derby® 

2 Persis, Oct. 26, 1777; =Sep. 17, 1800, Charles Kingsbury 

3 Sarah, Sep. 19, 1778; =Feb. 27, 1803, Nathaniel Whitney, jr.: -^Apr. 18, 1848 

4 John, Mar. 3, 1781; =July 13, 1807, Polly Wilson of Claremont, N. H. 

5 Martha ; =Nov. 19, 1798, William Avery 

6 Phineas ; -Dec. 2, 1812, Huldah Denison, Guilford: } Feb. 18, 1872 

7 Lydia ; = Wilkins® 

8 Emery 

9 Charles : grad. Yale 1820; to Virginia as a school teacher 
10 Harriet 1798; =Mar. 17, 1820, Ezrg Walker, Stamford, Vt. 

Col. Daniel* Stewart (Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Alexander^), bom about 1756, in Paxton, 
Mass., was a minute-man in Capt. Phineas Moor's company. Col. Ephraim Doolittle's regi- 
ment, which marched to Cambridge on the Lexington alarm, Apr. 19, 1775, and served 19 days. 
He became a lieutenant during the war and participated in the Battle of White Plains and in 
the Jersey campaigns. He was a tanner and resided in Westboro, where he married Nov. 25. 
1779, Dorothy Maynard, born there May 29, 1762, daughter of Phineas and Dorothy (Rice) 
Maynard. About 1780, with his brother John, he went to West Brattleboro, Vt., where he 
lived on a farm until his death. He was on the board of selectmen several years and became 
a colonel in the state militia. His wife died Dec. 13, 1832, aged 72, and he died June 13, 1834. 
aged 78.® Children:® 

1 Mary (' Polly") ; =Apr. 7, 1799, Maj. James Esterbrook, Brattleboro 

2 Elizabeth ; =Apr. 8, 1804, James Frost, Brattleboro 

3 Nancy : =Apr. 11, 1804. Capt. Jonathan Chase, Guilford, as first wife 

4 Sophia ; —Mar. 8, 1810, Capt. Jonathan Chase, Guilford, as second wife 

5 Emily ; =Oct. 22, 1822. John Cutting, Brattleboro, as first wife 

6 Charlotte ; -Mar. 15, 1828, John Cutting, Brattleboro, as second wife 


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Robert Stewart of Norwalk, Conn. ^^^ ^ ** 

From many sources 
Robert^ Stewart of Milford, Conn., bought on Mar 8, 1659^60, the home lot of Sam- 
uel Hale, in Norwalk.® No earlier record of him has been found. He married in Norwalk 
June 12, 1661, Bcthia Rumble,® daughter of Thomas and Rose (Sherwood) Rumball of Strat- 
ford, Conn. He bought land May 30, 1663, of Thomas Adgate, and bought other property 
Jan. 22, 1674, ^or ^'loo, which had been granted to Richard Bushnell.® He sold land Mar. 11, 
1663 '4, to John Raymond. He was a man of high standing in Norwalk, and was the founder 
of an influential family. He possessed land on Ely Neck, Stewart's Meadow and Stewart's 
Landing. The valuation of his estate was placed at £225 on Jan. 3, 1687. He made his will 
on Mar. 12, i678'9, but no record of his death can be found. The inventory was filed Dec. 
5, 1688, by Mark St. John, Thomas Scymorc and James Olmstead, and administration on the 
estate was granted to the widow Bethia and eldest son James. On^ Mar. 13, 1693 '4, Samuel 
Hayes, with the two sons James and John, was appointed ,^0 distribute the estate [Fairfield 
county probate, iii:26o]. The date of Bethia "s death is unknown. Children:®® 

1 James, Mar. 19, i662'3 ; = Experience 

2 Abigail, Aug. 15, 1664; = [before 1688] Richard Cozier: five children 

3 John, Mar. 18, i666'7; = Abiah 

4 Deborah, May — , 1669 [living in 1688, aged 19] 

5 Elizabeth, Sep. 30, 1671 [living in 1688, aged 17] 

6 Phebc, Feb. 14, 1672*3 [living in 1688, aged 15] 

7 Sarah 1675 [living in 1688, aged 13] 

8 Samuel, May — , 1677; = Hannah Bennett: -hjune 5, 1753, in Wilton 

9 Rachel 1685;= Daniel Raymond: three children 

Ensign James^ Stewart {Robert^), born Mar. 19, 1662-3, in Norwalk, Conn., married 

about 1694 Experience . At a town meeting Feb. 18, 1678, "Robert Stewart ingages yt 

his son James shall beat ye drum on the Sabbath and on other ocations: is to have it for that 
service." He bought land of John Beebe in 1685, and his estate was assessed at £50 on Jan. 3, 
1687. His name is in a list Dec. 4, 1694, of those who were members of the town meetings. 
He took an active part in the affairs of Norwalk for many years, possessing considerable pro- 
perty. He was appointed ensign of the north company of militia in Norwalk by the General 
Assembly on May 11, 1710. The last will of Ens. James Stewart of Norwalk was dated Jan. 
19, 1749-50. It was probated June 12, 1751, with the witnesses, Elnathan Hanford, James 
Taylor and Hannah Hanford, "now wife of David Lockwood," the executors being his son 
Robert and son'in-law John Taylor [x :218a]. On Apr, 6, 1753, the widow Experience quit- 
claimed '*lands that my husband James Stuart left me in his will" to her son John* Stuart; son 
Robert Stuart ; John Taylor and wife Hannah; daughter Deborah Pickett; John Morehouse 
and wife Mary; and Elizabeth, Hannah, John and Sarah Parret. On the same day James StU' 
art of Kent, Litchfield county, Conn., John Taylor and wife Hannah, Robert Stuart, Deborah 
Pickett, Elizabeth Parret, Hannah Parret and Sarah Parret, all of Norwalk, John Morehouse 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as —90, means refer to that page; — means married 
-t- marriage intention, •!• marriage license, + died, X buried, (J) Bible record, (|1 church, (»)town. gravestone,' 
^D probate. (J) court, (7) land, (i) military, (i) pension, (g) census, @ tradition, @ local history, (gi patriotic soci- 
ety, (gi obituary, biography or genealogy. 

•The name of a son John is on the authority of Mrs. Mjrwin Raymond's version of the deed records. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


and wife Mary and John Pcrrct, both of Fairfield, deeded to John Taylor 3rd, aforesaid, land 
on the east side of Norwalk harbor at a place called Fruitful Spring, for ^j'l'j [Deeds, xiiaj]. 
James and Experience had seven children :® 

I James ; = Eleanor : in Kent before 1743 

a *John 1697 : living in 1753 

3 Hannah 1699; =Jan. 19, I7i6'7, Capt. John Taylor, as id w.: -hMay 11, 1774 

4 Eunice ; =Mar. 4, 1723 '4, John Parret of Fairfield: -| Mar. 30, 1735 

5 Deborah ; =Apr. 14, 1726, James Pickett: six children 

6 Robert ; = : resided in Wilton in 1771 

7 Mary ; = John Morehouse of Fairfield 

John< Stewart (Robert^), bom Mar. 18, i666'7, in Norwalk, Conn., received a deed 
from his father in 1687 [i:255]. He acquired land at Drum hill. Chestnut hill. Skunk's Hole 

and other localities, and was a selectman in 1711. He married Abiah . He lived in 

the parish of Wilton, and his name is seventh on the list of 31 men who signed a petition on 
Dec. 7, 1725, to have a separate parish made of Kent, Belden's hill and Chestnut hill. He had 
a pew in the Congregati6nal church in Wilton Jan. 27, 1727. Abiah died July 30, 1748, aged 
about 60, and John died June 17, 1749, aged 83, in Wilton® [town 1802]. The births of his 
children were recorded in the Congregational church of Wilton and their names arc found in 
a list Feb, 14, 1732, of the children of settlers in Wilton: 

1 Abigail, Feb: 14, i709'io 

2 John 2nd, Oct. 10, 171 1; = 

3 Jemima, June 9, 17 14 ' ' 

4 Silas, Mar. 6, 1716: -f-May 14, 173^ 

5 Reuben, Feb. 13, 17 18*9 

6- Benjamin, May 5, 1722; =Fcb. 7, i749'5o, Eleanor Sherwood of Fairfield: -{-Feb. 22, 1805 

7 Sarah, Oct. 21, 1724 

8 Abigail ; =Jan. 20, 1746'7, Samuel Fountain (born Mar. 7, i725'6®) 

9 Ezra, Feb. 25, i728'9; =Nov. — , 1756, Sarah Brownson, New Milford: -fAug. 17, 1773 

Samuel' Stewart (Robert*), born May — , 1677, in Norwalk, Conn., married Hannah 
Bennett, as was learned in a belated settlement of the estate of her father. Thomas Bennett of 
Fairfield on July 18, 1769 [Probate, xvii:i29]. A parcel of land near Five Mile river was laid 
out to Samuel Stewart on Jan. 23, 1706: he deeded to Benjamin Hickox in 1720, and on Feb. 
10, 1747 '8, he deeded land on Chestnut hill. Norwalk. **to Samuel Stewart, jr., my son.'' His 
will was made Sep. 6, 1748, and was witnessed by William Taylor, John Stuart 3rd and Isaac 
Chase: in it he refers to his wife Hannah and to his son Samuel 3rd. The inventory was tak' 
en by Nathaniel Darrow and John Stuart, jr. [xi:ii7]. He died June 5, 1753, aged 76. in Wil- 
ton.® Hannah died before July 18, 1769.® They were members of the Congregational 
church in Wilton and held a seat in 1729. Children, named in his will: 

1 Samuel ; = Elizabeth Smith 

2 Ruth ; = Jonathan Atherton, 3 children: -f before 1748 

3 John ; = 

4 Simeon 1718; i=Nov. 15, 1739, Abigail Smith, (2) Mary (Gregory) Whelpley 

5 Nathan ; = Thankful : to Lanesborough, Mass. 

6 Dorothy ; =Aug. 18, 1742, Daniel Burchard of Courtland Manor, N. Y. 

7 daughter® ; = St. John, 3 children: 4- before 1748 

To b« continued 

*The n«me of a son John it on the authority of Mrs. Merwin Raymond's version of the deed records. 

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James Stewart of Cumberland County* Pa« 

Stuart H. Patterson, New York Gty 

James* Stewart, bom about 1725, lived in Ncwvillc, Cumberland county. Pa. His 
wife was Lucy (Blakely) Blakcly. [A James Stewart died prior to November, 1768, leaving a 
widow Mary and children Eleanor, Margaret, Charles, John, Samuel, James and Agnes, -the 
last two being under 11 years of age. — Stewarts of the Cumberland Valley : Egle.] Among his 
children was : 

James* Stewart (James^), bom about 175a, married, about 1783, Eleanor McElwain, 
bom in 1760, daughter of Andrew and Mary (Mickey) McElwain. [James Stewart served 
as second lieutenant in the Fifth company of Cumberland County Associators under Colonel 
James Dunlap in 1777.®] [James Stewart, Newville, was absent in 1789, aged 28, and so was 
Eleanor Stewart, aged 22, according to the Big Springs Presbyterian church records.] Jam^s 
died in 1792. Widow Stewart married Aug. 16, 1792, Thomas Martin.® She died in 1833. 
She had two children by her second husband. Children of James and Eleanor : 

1 James 1784; =May 29, 1807, Jane McElwain,® 6rst cousin 

2 John 178- 

j Mary, Nov. 13, 1785; =Apr. i, 1802, Samuel Patterson® 

4 Andrew 1790; =Apr. 9, 1812, Isabella Craighead, Carlisle® 

5 Lucinda 1792 ; = Thomas Bingham : -\- 1844 

James" Stewart {James,^ James^)^ bom in 1784 in Newville, Cumberland coynty. Pa., 
married there May 29, 1807, Jane McElwain, born in 1782, daughter of Andrew Mcllvaine, a 
brother of Eleanor who married James' Stewart. She died Jan. 5, 1835, and he died in 1845. 
Children : 

1 James, Nov. 27, 1807; =Feb. 9, 1834, Mary Russell: -fMay 30, 1883 

2 Elizabeth, Dec 1, 1808; ==May 29, 1834, Samuel L. Gillespie: -|"Aug. 26, 1873 

3 John M., Feb. 22, 181 1; =Jan. 14, 1840, Rebecca Anne Martin: -f Jan. 20, 1884 

4 Eleanor, Feb. 16, 1813; =Jan. 27, 183^, George Knettle 

5 Andrew, Mar. 18, 1815: -(-Mar. 15, 1846, unmarried 

6 Robert, Mar. 18, 1815: 4 Dec. 29, 1852, unmarried 

7 Samuel Patterson, Dec. 31, 1818; =Nov. 11, 1852, Margaret McDannell: -hMay 4, 1890 

8 Mary Jane, Aug. 20, 1821; —Jan. 22, 1857, William C. Koons: -|-Fcb. ly, 1888 

9 Thomas Martin, Aug. 2, 1823; = Elizabeth Martin: -f-June 16, 1852; no ch. 
10 Lucinda Anne, Oct. 18, 1825; —Feb. 26, 1859, John M. Woodbum: -fSep. 26, 1896 

Mary^ Stewart (James,^ James^)^ bom Nov. 13, 1785, in Newville, married there on 
Apr. I, 1802, Samuel Patterson, bom Aug. 14, 1775, son of Andrew and Elizabeth (Dickson) 
Patterson. The family name, although spelled Stewart in previous generations, assumed the 
form of Stuart, indicating an adherence to the cause of the royal house of Stuart. Mary (StU' 
art) Patterson died in i860: her husband died May 24, 1827, in Cincinnati, O. Children: 

1 Andrew, Apr. 23, 1803, Carlisle; Sep. 16, 1828, Martha Patterson of Baltimore 

2 Eleanor, Mar. 27, 1805, Carlisle 

3 James Stuart, May 19, 1807, Mercer: -fjan. 2, 1808 

4 Samuel, June 25, 1809, Mercer: f July 1, 1841, at Washington, Republic of Texas 

5 John Stuart, Feb. 19, 1812, Mercer; =Dec. 8, 1835, Emily Amanda Ball: 4 Apr. 3, 1886 

6 Elizabeth, Aug. 22, 1813; i=Jan. 25, 1832, Jesse E. Stuart Duncan, (2) Sam1 B. Findlay 

7 Mary, Dec. ly, 1815, Cincinnati; -- J. Wilson Johnson 

8 Jane, Apr. 27, 1818, Cincinnati; --Nov. 25, 1841, Thomas Seaborn Butler: f 15 J| 1903 

Andrew* Stewart (James,^ James^), born in 1790, in Newville, married in Carlisle on 


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Apr. 9, 1812, Isabella Craighead of Cumberland county. He was a tanner and died about 
1824. Children: 

1 James Gibson 1816: -1-1835 

2 Mary Gcddes, Feb. 1. 1818; =Nov. 2, 1841, William B. Leas: -f-Aug. 30, 1891 

3 Lucinda 1820;= George Gillespie : -{-about 1870 

4 Nancy Jane 1822; = 1844, James R. Brewster: -I^Apr. 8, 1898 

5 Craighead 1824; = 1849, Mary Jane Witherow 

To be continued 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury, Mass. ^"^"^ ^^^ 

Mrs. Edward A. Strong, Minneapolis, Minn. — Arthur Wyman Stewart, Augusta, Me. 

John^ Steward (John,^ Daniel,* Solomon^^ James,^ Duncan^), born July 27, 179 1. in 
Rindgc, N. H. [see page 99], married at St.Albans, Me., Nov. 28, 1816, Nancy Moor,® born 
in 1793, daughter of Abraham and Esther (Walker) Moor. He was a teacher in early life, 
later a farmer. In politics he was a Whig, in religion a Baptist. In 1846 he with his wife 
and two children went to Madison, Wis., where he died Sep. 16, 1847. His letters denote 
that he possessed dignity, refinement and Christian culture beyond the average man of his 
time. His widow returned to St. Albans, where she died Feb. 8, 1851.® Children: 

1 Olive, Mar. 25, 1817, Skowhcgan; =Sep. 26, 1843, Calvin Seldcn Gliddcn, Hartland 

2 Randall, July 10, 1818, Skowhegan; =Apr. 3, 1845, Sarah Maria Hawkes, St. Albans 

3 Nancy. June 18. 1822, Skowhcgan; =Sep. 12, 1845, Caleb Jewctt: H-Jan. 22, 1852 

4 Coney Weston, July 15, 1823, St. Albans; i=Jan. 6, 1850, Sarah Nye. (2) Sarah Jenkins 

5 Thaddeus Moor, Nov. 16, 1827, Glenbum; =Mar. 10, 1855, Myrta Elizabeth Wells 

6 Marsena Canon. July 15, 1832. St. Albans; =July 5, 1856, Elizabeth Graves, St.Alban8 

Mooes^ Steward (John,^ Thomas,^ Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), bom Aug. 
23. 1822, in Bingham. Me. [see page 136], was a farmer and lived in No. 8 township and 
Monson. He was mustered into the Union army at Augusta Sep. 2, 1862, as a private soldier 
in Company M, First regiment of Maine Volunteer cavalry, to serve three years. He took 
part in the battles of Frederick and Antietam. Maryland ; Gettysburg, Pa.; Shepherdtown. W. 
Va.; Aldie, Middlcbury, Upperville. Todd's Tavern, Cold Harbor Road, Trcvillion Station 
and St. Mary's Church, Va.. and Sheridan's first raid. He was honorably discharged May 28, 
1865. at the close of the war. He married (i) Eliza Jane Ward, bom Nov. 12, 1830. daughter 
of John Ward. She died Sep. 12, 1857, in Monson, Me. He married (2) Marcia PuUen of 
Monson, and was divorced in February, 1865. He married (3) Oct. 22, i86y, Elizabeth C. 
Mooers of Dover, Me., bom Apr. 2, 1834: she had lived in Bear Island, Queensland. Nova 
Scotia; Dover, Monson and Watervillc, Me. He died Sep. 2, 1878, in Monson, and his widow 
died Nov. 15, 1905, in Waterville. Children, all born in Monson: 

1 Milton W., May 20, 1852: -|-Apr. 10. 1854 

2 Alonzo W.. Mar. 29. 1853 : unmarried, always lived in Monson 

3 Alfonzo M., Dec. 2, 1855: -fOct. 11, 1857 [mon Vinton 

4 M elissa Ann. Dec. 27, 1856: unmarried, always lived in Monson, housekeeper for AV 

5 Laura B., Oct. 17, 1866: -(-Sep. 21. 1881 

6 Lendal H., Mar. 22, 1868: -fMar. 3, 1882 

7 John M., Oct. 25, 1869: -hjune 20, 1891, Monson, unmarried 

8 Alfonzo M., Aug. 5. 1873; -|-May 18, 1902, Waterville, unmarried 

9 Ellery Irvin, Feb. 2, 1877 : lived in Monson and Waterville, unmarried 

To be continued 

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Robert Stewart of Norwalk, Conn. '»*«^ 222 

From many sources 

James' Stewart (James,^ Robert^) , bom about 1695 in Norwalk, Conn., married about 

1725 Eleanor . He and his father were granted common land in Norwalk in 1721. He 

and his wife Eleanor were communicants of the Congregational church in Wilton in 1752. and 
left the parish in May, 1746, with their children Luke, Nathan, James and one son.® He 
had gone to Kent as early as 174 1, and when the church there was incorporated Apr. 29, 174 1, 
by the neighboring churches of New Milford and Sharon, James Ste"Wart antf Elona Stewart 
were on the list. He was assessed in Kent Jan. 1, i742'3.® He and the other heirs of Ensign 
James Stewart deeded Apr. 6, 17^3, to John Taylor: on the same day they deeded land in Nor- 
walk to Deborah Pickett, widow. On the same day James Stuart of Sharon, Deborah Pickett 
and others deeded land in Norwalk to Jonathan Camp. After thi& we lose him. A James 
Stuart died Jan. 31, 1776, in Kent, and his wife Jemima died there Dec. 24, 1775.® The fol- 
lowing three children were recorded in Wilton.® He probably had other children. 

1 Luke, Apr. 29, 1726; =June 13, 1769, Abigail Forster, Kent: -fMay 25, 1784 

2 Nathan, Aug. 5, 1728; = 176- , Hannah Freeman, Kent: -|-Aug. 27, 177B 

3 James, Feb. 6. 1730-1 ; =Sep. 20, 1764, Sarah Berry, Kent: soldier in Revolution; -I-1814 
Robert^ Stewart Qames,^ Robert^), bom about 1705 in Norwalk, Conn., married about 

1737* . His father designated him as Robert 2nd when he gave him 90 acres near the 

foot of Drum hill in 1729-30. He "entered a dun steer*' Jan. 10, 1736-7. He resided at Drum 
hill in 1756,® and was of that locality in 1771 when, as Robert Stuart 2nd, he bought a house 
on Drum hill in Norwalk for his son Isaac [xi:264]. No further notice of him is found. Sev- 
eral of his children were baptized in the Wilton church : 

1 James, hp. Dec. 19, 1740; =Jan. 21, 1762, Abiah Burlace, Wilton 

2 Elizabeth 1742: -hScp. 30, 1764, aged 22 

3 Sarah, hp. June 3, 1743; =Jan. 11, 1764, Peter Hubbell, Wilton 

4 Sahra, hp. Apr. 23, 1745; =Mar. 4, 1772, Jeremiah Grumman, Wilton 

5 Isaiah, hp. Aug. 29, 1748 

6 Isaac 1749; =Dtc. 25, 1771, Olive Morehouse, Norwalk: -I- Mar. 23, 1813 

7 Experience, hp. May i, 1751: {May — , 1751 

John' Stewart 2iid (Johriy^ Robert^), born Oct. 10, 171 1, in Norwalk, Conn., married 

. Little is known of this roan. It is difficult to distinguish the family from that of his 

cousin John (son of Samuel), both of whom had children recorded in the church in Wilton. 
Probable children of this John : 

1 Anne, Feb. — , 1739 

2 Justus, Dec. f , 1740 : soldier in Revolution 

3 Lois, Jan. 10, 17445 

4 Dinah, hp. Dec. 23, 1747; =Apr. 8, 1779, James Small Olmstead, Wilton, as 2nd wife 

5 John, hp. Jan. 3, 1750*1; i=Jan. 25, 1776, Hannah Taylor, (2) 1JI1779 Sarah Hurlbutt 

6 Sarah, hp. Mar. 16, 1753 

7 Albert, hp. Mar. 24, 1756; =Apr. 2, 1783, Rowena Waterbury, Wilton.® ^ i6jj"i826 

•Robert Stewart of Newport. R. I., married there July 30, 1737. Sarah J. Oarke of Newport. 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as —90, means refer to that page; - means married, 
I- marriage intention, + marriage license, + died, X buried, ® Bible record, (f) church, (J) town, gravestone, 
Ci) probate, (|) court, <f) land, (*) military, ($) pension, ^ census, (0) tradition. (^ local history, ^ patriotic soci- 
ety, ^ obituary, biography or genealogy. 

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Reuben' Stewart (John,^ Robert^), bom Feb. 13. 1718-9, in Norwalk, Conn., resided 
there Oct. 27, 1756, when Daniel Stuart bought a farm adjoining his [xi:)44]. Reuben Stuait 
and Benjamin Stuart, both of Norwalk, sold Aug. 26, 1800, land in Wilton.® 

Benjamin' Stewart {John,^ Robert^), bom May 5, 1721, in Norwalk, Conn., married 
in Fairfield Feb. 7, 1749-50, Eleanor Sherwood, daughter of John and Eleanor Sherwood of Fair- 
field. He and his wife Ellen, of Norwalk, sold Dec. 22, 1756, land at Green Farms to John 
Sherwood, the deed being signed also by Nehemiah Sherwood and wife Sarah, of Fairfield 
[Norwalk land records, xiv:292j. Benjamin Stuart of Norwalk bought Apr. 25, 1768, land cf 
Ezra Waterbury [xiii:228]. He and Reuben Stuart, both of Norwalk, sold Aug. 26, 1800, land 
in Wilton. He died Feb. 22, 1805, aged 82 years, 9 months. Children, baptized in Wilton: 

1 Eleanor, bp. Dec. 16, 1750 

2 Abigail, bp. Sep. 22, 1754 
I Asa. bp. July 7. i75^ 

Ezra' Stewart (John,* Robert') , born Feb. 25, 1728-9, in Norwalk. Conn., married in 
New Milford Nov. — , 1756. Sarah Brownson. Ezra Stuart of Norwalk sold June 7, 1751, to 
Simeon and Nathan Stuart land at Chestnut hill, Norwalk [][:382]. Ezra Stuart of Kent sold 
Apr. 22, 1771. to John Finch land on Chestnut hill, Norwalk [xiii :50o]. He resided in Kent 
and New Milford: on * 'starting accounts.*' 1756. On Oct. 23, 1772. Thomas Brownson. John 
Brownson. John Wilkerson, Jerusha Wilkerson, Jonathan Bostwick. Rebecca Bostwick. Ezra 
Stewart, Sarah Stewart, Moses Johnson and Eunice [or Emma] Johnson, all children of Thom- 
as Brownson, quitclaimed their dower rights [New Milford deeds, xii:2i3]. He died Aug. 17, 
1773. in New Milford. Four of their children were baptized in Wilton : 

1 Anne, bp. "Nov. 7. 1757 

2 Elijah, bp. Apr. 12, 1760; -hjan. 12, 1770, New Milford 
I Sarah, bp. May 12, 1762: -fjan. 19, 1770, New Milford 

4 Rachel, bp. May 12, 1762; =bec. 7, 1780. Jonas Newton of Arlington, Washington 

5 Lurane : -fjan. 12, 1770, New Milford 

6 Sarah, Dec. 22, 1770, New Milford; ^=^Scp. 24, 1787, Sylvester Kinney. Washington 

Samuel' Stewart (Samuel,^ Rol)erc*), born about 1702 in Norwalk, Conn., married 
about 1726 Elizabeth Smith [baptized Nov. 26, 1710]. Samuell Stuard and wife Elizabeth, of 
Norwalk. deeded Dec. 15, 1727. their right in the homestead of her father, Joseph Smith, re- 
ferring to her brother David Smith, mother Davice? and grandmother Smith [iv:2i5]. Samuel 
Stewart, jr.. was a witness to the will of Dea. James Trowbridge, July 5, 1732. Samuel Stuart 
and his wife Elizabeth were communicants of the church in Wilton Feb. 14, i732'3, and their 
children were listed at that time as Thaddeus, Eunice, Daniel and Sarah.® Samuel, jr.. and 
S/meon Stewart bought land in Norwalk July 14, 1746. of Jonathan Atherton [ix:252]. Sam- 
uel Steward, jr., was appointed in 1748 by the General Assembly ensign in Norwalk,. Eliza- 
beth, wife of Samuel, died May — , 1757, Wilton.® He may have married (2) Eunice . 

Eunice Stuart, alias Eunice Edwards, of Fairfield sold May 13, 1773, land in Greenfield parish 
to John Murwin, jr., of Fairfield [Fairfield deeds, xix:38]. He probably died in 1784, for on 
July 14, 1784, the inventory of the estate of Samuel Stuart, late of Norwalk, was submitted, 
the administrators being Samuel Stuart and John Beebe [xxi:2i2'2i3]. John Bears and Esther 
Bears signed a receipt Feb. 1, 1785, to the estate of Samuel Stuart, "our honored father,*' de- 
ceased: widow Eunice [Norwalk. xvii:239]. John Bears and Esther, his wife, of Lanesbor- 
ough, Mass., quitclaimed Nov. 7, 1791, land on Chestnut hill, Norwalk, which was set out to 
Eunice Stewart, relict of Samuel, late of Norwalk [xviiir;]. Samuel Stuart quitclaimed Apr 
19* 1799* 'and on Chestnut hill "from my honored father, Samuel Stuart, deceased'* [xix:i4i]. 

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1 Thaddeu9 ; =Oct. 21, 1755, Mary Whdply, Wilton: 4-Dcc. 11, 1757 

a Eunice, Nov. — , 1728: +Scp. ai, 1845, aged 16 years, 10 months 

3 Daniel 1730 : bought land Oct. 27, 1756. in Norwalk 

4 Sarah 1732 

T Elizabeth, hp. Jan, 27, 1740; =Mar. 9, 1757, Nathaniel Darrow, Wilton 

6 Samuel, July 10, 1746® [=June 19, 1765, Lydia Trowbridge, Wilton] 

7 Eunice ; =June — , 1769. Joseph Olmstead: -{-iSi'j® 

8 Esther : = John Beers 

John' Stewart (Samuel,* Robert^), bom about 1710 in Norwalk,. Conn., married about 

1735 . Little is known of this man. It is difficult to distinguish his family from that 

of his cousin John (son of John), both of them having children recorded in the church in Wil' 
ton, as John 2nd, John, jr., John 3rd and John, no name of a wife being mentioned. Probable 
children of this John : 

1 Silas, July 1, 1739; = Abigail : 4-Mar. 19, 1812, aged 72, Kent® 

2 Anne ; =Oct. 23, 1766, James Bull, Sharon 

3 Stephen, Nov. 23. 1744 

4 Jerusha, bp. Sep. 6, 1747 

5 Abiah, bp. Aug. 5, 1750 [Abigail married Apr. 26, 1774, Ichabod Davis, Sharon] 

Simeon' Stewart {SamueU* Robert^), born about 1718 in Norwalk, Conn., married 
(i) in Wilton Nov. 15, 1739, Abigail Smith, baptized there Mar. 22, i7i8'9, daughter of Jos' 
eph Smith. They were added to the church in Wilton parish in 1741. Simeon and Nathan 
Stuart deeded July 25, 1749, land called Buckingham ridge in Wilton parish to Daniel Hurlbut, 
John Hurlbut and David Hurlbut [x:2ii]. Simeon was appointed administrator Dec. 26, 1757, 
for the estate of Thaddeus Stuart. His wife Abigail died Oct. 29, 1758, in her 39th year.® 
He is said to have married (2) Mary Gregory, a daughter of David Whclply. He died June 1, 
1808, aged 90, according to the St.John family papers. Children, baptized in Wilton : 

1 Simeon 1741 : -f-Apr. 10, 1746, aged 4^ years 

2 Lydia, June 3, 1744: 4-Oct. y. 1745* aged i^ years 

3 Lydia, bp. May 11, 1746; =Nov. 7, 1764, John Hurlbutt, Wilton 

4 Simeon, bp. July 3, 174S; =Nov. 24, 1773, Jemima Dean, Stamford New Canaan® 

5 Sabra, bp. May 26, 1751 ; =Mar. 4, 1772, Jeremiah Grumman, Wilton: -f Apr. 17, 1785 

6 Hannah, bp. Dec. 16, i753'» =Apr. — , 1770, Samuel Dean, Wilton 

7 Ruhamah, bp. July 1 1, 1756 

8 A bigail, bp. Dec. 4, 1758; =June 22, 1782, Daniel Sturgis, Weston 

9 Olive, May 28, 1760;® =Mar. 1, 1783, Samuel Fitch, Stamford® 

10 David ; =Dec. 2^, 1797, Phebe Roberts, Weston 

11 Darling ; =twicc® 

12 Elizabeth, Feb. 26, 1766;® =Dec. 5, 1787; Asa Olmstead, Weston 

13 Charles : bought land Nov. 17, 1832, Madison co., N. Y. 

14 Bathsheba ; = Jesse Jarvis® 

15 Huldah ; = Perkins® 

Olive, Ruth, Huldah «nd Betty Steward (Stuart], of Norwalk, four sitters, were baptized as adults Mar. 3, 
1783, in St.John*s ProtesUnt Episcopal church in Stamford, adjoining Norwalk. 

Steward of Redding married Feb. 19, 1795, Bcitey Pennoyer. Stamford-New Canaan (i^ 

Nathan' Stewart (Samuel,^ Rol>eitO,bom about 1720 in Norwalk, Conn., married 

about 1741 Thankful . Nathan Stuart and his wife Thankful, of Norwalk, deeded land 

Mar. 17, 1747, in Norwalk [viii 15 10]. Nathan Stuard of Norwalk, Fairfield county. Conn., 
bought Mar. 23, 1770, land in Lanesborough, Berkshire county, Mass., of Daniel Herrington 


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[Pittsficld registry', vi.-^jj]. They removed to Lanesborough about this time, Nathan Stuart 
of Lanesborough sold Apr. 12, 1774, 100 acres (lot 2^ in the second division) in Lanesborough 
township to Perez Dean of Lanesborough [xi:20i]. In 1788 Nathan and Abraham Stewart, 
both of Lanesborough, sold land there where they resided to Jacob Cuyler and Leonard Gans' 
voort [xxv:i25]. The "Vermont Gazetteer'' says that among the first settlers of Hindsburg* 
Chittenden county, Vt., in 1787 were added Nathan, Thaddeus and Abraham Stuart, etc. In 
the Congregational church, organized in Hinesburg May ao, 1789, Thankful Stewart was re- 
ceived into membership on confession of faith. In 1790 Nathan and his wife seem to have had 
their own household, Thaddeus and his wife had a boy over 16 and a younger boy and William 
and his wife had a boy under 16 and five girls.® Nathan and his wif€ Thankful, of Hines' 
burg, deeded land in Lanesborough about the year 1800. Five of their children were baptized 
in Wilton, Conn. :® 

I Naomi i74»; =Mar. 9, 1758, Daniel Hurlbutt, jr.: 4- July — , 1764 

a Ruth, June — , 1744: -|-Mar. 26, 1746, aged i year, 9 months® [house, aged 14 

3 Nathan, hp. June 26, 1748: killed by lightning near sunset July 20, 1761. in his father's 

4 Absalom, hp. Mar. i, 1750'! : -fApr. 20, 1751, aged seven weeks® 

5 Abraham, bp. July 19, 1752; = : soldier from Lanesborough® 

6 Nathaniel, hp. 0£t. 15, 1755: =Nov. 25, 1799, Mercy Lockwood, Wilton: Revo, soldier 

7 Thaddeus 1757; = : 4-Jan. 30, 1809, aged 51, Hinesburg; soldier 

To be continued 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury, Mass. ^*"^ "* 

Mrs. Edward A. Strong, Minneapolis. Minn. — Arthur Wyman Stewart, Augusta, Me. 

John Moor' Steward (John,^ Thomas,^ Phineas,* Solomorif^ James,^ Duncan^), bom 
Aug. 22, 1824, in Bingham, Me. [see page 136], was a farmer and always 4ived in Monson. He 
was mustered into the Union army Dec. 18, 1863, at Bangor, Me., as a private in Company A, 
First regiment of Maine heavy artillery, to serve three years. He took part in the three bat- 
tles of Petersburg, Fredericksburg Pike, Jarrett's Station on the Weldon railroad, and Hatchers 
Run— all in Virginia. He was killed in the last named battle. Mar. 31, 1865. He married in 
Monson Dec. 9» 1851, Abigail Ingraham Matthews, born Dec. 22, 1829, daughter of Elijah and 
Ann (Bennett) Matthews of Monson. Children, born in Monson: 

1 Allen Matthews, Nov. 16, 1852; =Mar. 30, i88j, Sarah Gertrude Fretz 

2 Ella Moore, Mar. 5, 1855: unmarried, resided Salina, Kan., and Haswell, Colo. 

3 Mercy Anna. May 16, 1858; =Oct. 16, 1883, Frank M. Simons: resides Haswell, Colo. 

4 Lucius Bradford, Apr. 13, i860: -hApr. 12, 1865, Monson 

Mark Parker^ Steward (John,^ Thomas,^ Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born 
Dec. 2, 1829, in Bloomfield, Me., lived in Monson. He was a farmer, and never married. He 
was mustered into the Union army Aug. 21, 1862, at Bangor, Me., as a private in Company E, 
Eighteenth regiment of Maine Volunteer infantry (which was later changed to heavy artill' 
cry), to serve three years. He went with his^rcgiment to Camp Stetson, Fort Gaines, Ala., 
where he worked on the fortifications until taken sick with the measles, of which he died Oct- 
8, 1862. 

To be continued 

John^ Stewart (John,'^ Alexander^) stated in his pension application [Oct. 10, 1832, in 
Richfield, Otsego county, N. Y.] that he was born Jan. 15, 1763, in Norwich, Conn, [see page 
181]; that his father, who was a seafaring man, died while he was quite young, and that in 
1777 he left Norwich and went to Bennington, Vt., with his mother, and there enlisted, 1780. 
Family records show he married Phebe Castle; she died Oct. 22, 1842, and he d. July 15, 1848. 

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GALESBURG. 1L1» MARCH. 1927 ' VOL. V NO. 9 

Robert Stewart of Norwalk, Conn. p*«^« "8 

From many sources 
This outline of the descendants of Robert Stewart of Norwalk is probably the first attempt, further than 
Selleck's History of Norwalk, to put in type the records of this numerous family. It will serve as a valuable 
basis for future elaboration. Although it is thought that all the children of Robert's three sons— JiJ"". John 
and Samuel— have been given, it is evident that the next generation is getting away from us. Some marriages 
which we cannot place are here given. The Stewart family in Stamford is a matter of conjecture, with some- 
what similar names Jpage 206). Why did Lemuel Stewart of Sandwich, grandson of James, the Quaker, come 
to Wilton to be married in 1750? |page 145). 

Elizabeth Stuart married Nov. 15, 1739, Joseph Monroe, Wilton 

Hannah Stewart married Apr. 5. 1753, Samuel Waterbury, Wilton 

Chloe Stewart married Feb. 12, 1756. Ezra Waterbury, Wilton 

Deborah Stuart married Sep. 20, 1757, Josiah Canfield, Wilton 

Steward married Nov. — , 1760, Clough, from Wilton. — Weston -Fairfield 

Lydia Stuart married June 12, 1764, Elijah Hurlbutt, Wilton 

Thomas Stewart married Dec. 1, 1766. Mary Burrett, Stratford 

Ann Stuart, baptized Apr. 11, 1727, married Reuben Olmsted, brother of James Small O. 

Joseph Stuart, born Feb. 11, 1762, Wilton: after the Revolutionary war. in which he was 
a soldier, he removed to Red Hcok, N. Y., and later to Ballston [now Milton], Albany [now 
Saratoga] county, N. Y.® In 1838 he and his only surviving children resided in Union coun' 
ty, O. His son Nathaniel married Jan. 4, 1808, Keziah Tobey, in Ballston. Cf. Lemuel, 166. 

Luke^ Stuart (James? James? Robert^), bom Apr. 29, 1726, in Wilton, Conn., married 
jn Kent June 13, 1769, Abigail Forstcr, by Hezekiah Gold, pastor. He died May 25, 1784. 
Children, recorded in Kent:® 

1 Elizabeth, May 17, 1770 

2 Rebecca, Nov. 16, 177 1 

3 Abigail, Mar. 17, 1773 

4 Benjamin, Oct. 31, 1774 

5 Luke, June 15, 1781 
Nathan^ Stuart (James? James? Robert^), bom Aug. 5, 1728, in Wilton, Conn., mar^ 

ricd in Kent, probably in 1763, Hannah Freeman.® She may have been his second wife. He 
died Aug. 27. 1776.® James Stewart of Kent was administrator of the estate of Nathan StU' 
art of Kent, May, 1778.® Children, recorded in Kent : 

1 Jesse, Oct. 14, 1764 

2 Samuel, June i , 1767 

3 Hannah, Sep 10, 1771 

4 Sarah, May 20, 1774 

Lieut. James^ Stuart (James? James? Robert^), bom Feb. 6, 1730'!, in Wilton, Conn., 
married in Kent Sep. 20, 1764, Sarah Berry, born about 1742. On Mar. 17, 1769, Mercy Bar' 
num. Joseph Berry, Elizabeth Church, wife of Elias Church, Anna Mann, wife of Ebenezcr 
Mann, Nathaniel Berry, Ebenezcr Berry and James Stuart, jr., husband of Sarah Berry, child' 
ren and heirs of Capt. Nathaniel Berry, late of Kent, shared in the distribution of the estate 
[Kent deeds, iv:267]. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. He was administrator for 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as —90, means refer to that pagr; -^ means married, 
4- marriage intention, + marriage license, -f died, X buried, (1) Bible record, (t) church, (|) town. ® gravestone, 
|) probate, (?) court, <T) land, ® military, (D penwon. @ census, ® tradition. @ local history, (gT patriotic soci- 
ety, ® obituary, biography or genealogy. 

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the estate of his brother Nathan in 1778. His will was dated Mar. 4, 1807, appointing his son 
James executor: he mentioned his daughter Sally Stewart. His wife Sarah died Mar. 10, 1794, 
aged 52. He died in 1814, and is buried in Good Hill cemetery. Children, recorded in Kent : 

1 Robert, Aug. 4, 1765 ; =Mar. 5, 1789, Mary Stevenson, Kent 

2 Eleanor, Oct. 30, 1767 # 

3 Mercy, Dec. 10, 1769 

4 James, May 5, 1772; =Sep. i, 1803, Melinda Berry, Kent: -\ 1857© 

5 Joseph, June 24, 1774 

6 Nathan, June 10, 1776 

7 Sarah, Sep. 10, 1778 

8 Annette?, Aug. 3, 1781 

James^ Stewart (Robert,* JameSt^ Robert^), baptized Dec. 19, 1740, in Wilton, Conn., 
married there Jan. 21, 1762, Abiah Burlace. He died in 1767. His will was dated Mar. 19, 
1767, in Norwalk, witnessed by Robert Stuart, Samuel Bctts and Sarah Stuart. The invent- 
ory was reported May 11, 1767, Stephen Brett was appointed May 12, 1767, guardian of the 
children Aaron and Mercy Steward. In 177 1 Robert Stuart made provision in a deed for his 
grandson Aaron Stuart [xv:53]. Children, recorded in Wilton:® 

1 Mercy, Aug. 14, 1762 (bp. Oct. 31) 

2 Aaron, Feb. 5, 1764 (bp. Apr. 3) 

Isaac^ Stuart (Robert,^ James,^ Robert*), bom about 1749 in Wilton, Conn., married in 
Norwalk, Dec. 25, 1771, Olive Morehouse, bom Oct. 20, 1749, daughter of Thaddeus and Ab' 
jgail Morehouse.® He served in the Revolution under Capt. Samuel Comstock [see Justus]. 
Isaac Stuart of Norwalk deeded Nov. 24, 1801, land in Wilton, and on Feb. 8, 1820, he made a 
deed to his two children, Moses and Betty. He died Mar. 23, 1820, aged 71, and Olive died 
June 24, 1840, aged 90 years, 8 months and 14 days.® Children: 

1 Betty, July 9, 1772, Norwalk 

2 Martha, hp. June i, 1774: -fyoung 

3 James, bp. Od. 28, 1776: +1776 

4 Martha, Dec. 24, 1777; = Michael D. Higgins: -f-Mar. 26, 181 1 

5 Moses, Mar. 26, 17S0; =Jin. i, 1805, Abigail Clark of Danbury: -fjan. 4, 1852 

6 Sarah, Aug. 25, 1781 

Justus^ Stuart (JohnJ^ ,2 Robert^), bom Dec. 5, 1740, in Wilton, Conn., served 

[n Capt. Samuel Comstock *s company. Ninth regiment of Connecticut troops, and was dis- 
charged Aug. 28, 1776, at New York. Simeon Stuart and Isaac Stuart were discharged Sep. 
II, 1776, from the same company.® 

John^ Stuart (John^^ JohrXt^ Robert*), baptized Jan. 3, 1750'!, in Wilton, Conn., may 
have married Jan. 25, 1776, Hannah Taylor, in Wilton. He married Dec. 1. 1779, Sarah Hurl' 
butt, in Wilton. He and his wife Sarah deeded Jan. 29, 1807, land in Wilton to their son 
Henry, making provision also for their children William and Sarah until they were 21. Child' 
ren of John and Sarah, recorded in Norwalk : 

1 Lois, Sep. 13, 1780 

2 Gilbert, Aug. 19, 1783 

3 William, July 24, 1785 : -fyoung 

4 Henry, July 24, 178^ 

5 William, May 23, 1789 

6 Sarah, Feb. 28, 1791 

Albert^ Steward {John,^ ,' Robert^), baptized Mar. 24, 1756, in Wilton, Conn., 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


married there Apr. 2. 1783, Rowena Waterbury. by Rev. Isaac Lewis. This is ascertained 
from the pension application, dated at Shelby, Orleans county, N. Y., Oct. aj, 1844, of Rcu' 
ana Steward, aged 78, widow of Albert Steward. Thaddeus Waterbury, aged 75, residing in 
Fairfield county. Conn., deposed Nov. 16, 1844, that he was a brother of Reuana. Albert en- 
listed May ii, 1775, under Capt. Matthew Mead. Col. David Waterbury, and went with the 
army of the north to Ticonderoga and Canada, and after 208 days* service he was discharged 
Dec. 5. 1775.® Albert. John and Simeon Stuart marched Oct. 5, 1777, in Capt. Nathan Gil' 
bert's company, Lieut. 'Col. J. Baldwin's regiment, but there must have been something about 
it they didn't like, as John and Simeon quit the company cold at Fishkill, Oct. 8, and Albert 
followed their example, and probably their footsteps, two days later.® Albert Stuart from 
Capt. Gregory's Norwalk company in Maj. Ezra Starr's regiment of light horse, and Joseph 
Stewart from Capt. Hull's company at Fairfield, were enlisted to Jan. i, 1781: dated Danbury. 
Aug. 20, 1780.® He and his wife Rhuana, of Norwalk, quitclaimed Apr. 6, 1791, to Thaddeus 
Waterbury of Norwalk any possible interest as heirs to Ezra Waterbury, deceased fl^^^s. 
xvii:i64]. He sold Dec. 16. 181 1, land on Chestnut hill to John Stuart of Wilton. He died 
Sep. 16, i8a6.® John C. Wilkinson of Orleans county. N. Y.. stated in an affidavit Oct. 23, 
1844, that he had married the third child of Albert and Reuana. and that his wife's eldest 
brother was living, aged 60, in Milford,* Conn. They had at least three children: 

I (son) 1784 : resided in Milford in 1844 


3 Anne J791; =May 2j. 181 3, John C. Wilkinson 

To be continued 

James Stewart of Cumberland County* Pa. — ^^^ 

Stuart H. Patterson. New York City 

James^ Stewart {James,^ James,^ James^), bom Nov. 27, 1807, in Newvillc, Cumber* 
land county. Pa., married Feb. 9, 1854* Mary Russell. He died May 30, 1883. Children: 

1 James, Feb. i, 1839, Cadiz, C: had Lucy. Apr. 30. 1867. and May Belle, Oct. 4, 1876 

2 Adaline, Jan. i, 1841 

3 Frances B., Feb. 12, 1844 ; = McBridc 

4 John McBean, Mar. 27, 1852, Newark, O. 

John M.* Stewart (James,^ JameSt^ James^), born Feb. 22, 181 1, in Newville, married 
Jan. 14, 1840, Rebecca Anne Martin. He died Jan. 20, 1884. Children: 

1 Jane, Nov. 14, 1840; i=May — . 1873, Dr. S. N. Eckcr, (2) Nov., '87, Hugh A. Gamble 

2 Susan Ellen, Feb. 20, 1842; ==Nov. 19, 1870, James McCormick Barley: -j-Dcc. 9, 1896 

3 John M., Oct. 9, 1844; =July — , 1876, Mary Anne Stevenson: no children 

4 Mary Elizabeth, Jan. 20, 1847: -|-Apr. 25, 1881 

5 Caroline Rebecca, Dec. 19, 1848 

6 Margaret Lucinda, Jan. 20, 1851 : -|-Apr. 2, 1904 

7 Laura Catherine, Feb. 3, 1853; —Sep. 28, 1886, Joseph B. Livingston 

8 Clara Belle, Mar. 18, 1855 [Lewis E. Ball: -hjuly 28, 1907, sine prole 

9 Agnes Annette. Sep. 29, 1859; i=Jan. 20, 1881, William R. Nevin, (2) Nov. 22, 1905. 

Samuel Patterson^ Stewart (James,^ James,^ James^), born Occ. 13, 1818, in New* 
villc, married Nov. 11, 1852, Margarettc McDanncU, born Dec. 7, 1823. He died May 4, 1890, 
and she died Oct. 29, 1895. Children: 

1 Elizabeth Jane, Dec. 28. 1855 : has been of great assistance in supplying Stewart records 

2 William McDannell, July 17, 1858: -hMay 30, 1869 

*In Milford a son of John Steward died June 8, 1779. and John's wife died Feb. 26, 1781.(D 

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Duncan Stewart of Newbury, Ma^s. p**^^"* 

Mri. Eldward A. Strong, Minneapolis. Minn. — Arthur Wyman Stewart, Augusta, Me. 

Levi Emery^ Steward (Asa P.,« Thomas,^ Phineas* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), 
bom Aug. 8, 1812, in Bloomficld, Mc. followed farming and lumbering. In the latter business 
he was associated with ex 'Governor Abncr Cobum and others and operated extensively around 
Mooschead lake. He was for many years deacon of the First Baptist church of Skowhcgan. He 
lived on the Fairfield Center road in Bloomfield before and after it became Skowhegan, and 
during the latter part of his life in Skowhegan Vitlage. He married Nov. 14, 1844, Fanny 
Wyman, daughter of Joseph and Polly Wyman. He died Apr. 26, 190S, at the home of his 
daughter, Mrs. Annie Nolen, in Skowhegan. Children, born in Bloomfield, Me. : 

1 Sarah Frances, Dec. 25, 1845: -f-May 22, 1865, Skowhegan, unmarried 

2 Clara Anna, Jan. 17, 1848: -f Nov. 11, 1848 

3 Rachel Parker. Apr. 25, 1850; =Jan. 28, 1871, Converse L. Webb [Minneapolis 

4 Levi Parker, Aug. 17, 1851; =May 27, 1883, Annie Belle Devery: -f-May 13, 1914, in 

5 Wyman, June 12, 1853; =Dec. 25, 1878, Flaville Hoxie 

6 Ida Matilda, Apr. 25, 1855; i=Jan. 29, 1883, Henry- Leavett, (2) 1909 Alcius T. Smith 

7 Alice Isabel, Aug. 16, 1858: -fNov. 21, i860 

8 Annie Maria, Nov. 6, i860; =June 10, 18S3, Frank-A. Nolen 

9 John Howard, July 14, 1863; =Mar. 16, 1887, Annie Philbrick Bickford 

Nahum Gobum' Steward (Asa P.,« Thomas,'^ Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,'* Duncan^), 
born Feb. 13, 1824, in Bloomfield, Me., lived in Bloomfield and Skowhegan Village. He was a 
farmer, miner and lumberman. In early life, when the "gold fever'* was raging, he spent sev- 
eral years in California mining for the precious metal, in which he was very successful. In his 
lumbering operations he was a member of the A. €^ P. Coburn company, which did business 
in the Moosehead hkc region. He served on the board of selectmen of both Bloomfield and 
Skowhegan, and was town road commissioner of Skowhegan for several years. He was a mem- 
ber of the First Baptist church of Skowhegan, in which he served as deacon. He married Sep. 
23. 1847, Sarah Pitts of Bloomfield, daughter of 'Squire William and Sally (Emery) Pitts. He 
died in Skowhegan Apr. 17, 1897, and she died there Jan. 14, 1909. Children: 

1 Asa S.. Aug. 4, 1848: -fOct. i, 1851 

2 William P., .Sep. 21, 1854: -fDcc. 30, i86o 

3 Phtlo, Dec. 15, 1856; =Jan. i, 1891, Carrie Virginia Kidwell, Washington. D. C. 

Benjamin M.^ Steward (Asa P.,« Thomas,^ Phineas* Solomon J^ James,^ Duncan^), 
born Dec. 10, 1825, in Bloomfield, Me., lived on the old 'Squire Pitts farm in Bloomfield before 
and after it became Skowhegan. He, also, was a Forty 'niner and spent several years success- 
fully mining in California when gold was first discovered there. He was a member of the A. 
^ P. Coburn lumber company, which operated in the vicinity of Moosehead lake. He married 
(i) May 3, 1854, Eliza B. Pitts, born July 4, 1829, daughter of 'Squire William and Sally (Em- 
ery) Pitts. She died Feb. 11, 1867. He married (2) Feb. i, 1868, Mary E. Pitts, born July 4. 
1831, sister of his first wife, She died Feb. 16, 1887, in Skowhegan, and he died there Dec. 1, 
1901. Children: 

1 Elvira Pitts, Feb. 5, 1855: +Oct. 9, 1875, unmarried 

2 Mary (Minnie) Eliza, May 5, i860; =May 12, 1890, Peleg W. Knight: ^-Oct. 27, 1892 

3 C arrie S., May 29, 1866: 4-Oct. 27, i866 

4 William Asa, Apr. 28, 1869: =^Dec. 14, 1897, Beulah May Wheeler of Canaan 

5 Stella Margaret, May 31, 1874; =Sep. 15, 1897, Herman F. Stevens: -f Oct. 29, 1909 

To be continued 

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StTlOUIS^MO. APRIL, 1927 VOL. V NO. 10 

Robert Stewart of Norwalk, Conn. — ^^* 

From many sources 

Thaddeus^ Stuart (Samuel,'* Samt^fi,* Robert^), born about 1717 in Wilton, Conn., 
married in Wilton Oct. 21, 1755, Mary Whclply. He died Dec. 11, 1757. Simeon Stuart, his 
uncle, was appointed administrator of his estate Dec. 26, 1757, and the inventory was filed Jan. 
12, 1758, by John Stewart and Samuel Fitch, jr. The widow evidently married Simeon Stuart, 
the administrator, after the death of his wife Oct. 29, 1758, as he and his wife Marah signed 
Oct. 18, 1790, with the heirs of David Whelply of Norwalk [Probate, xviiiijS]. Children of 
Thaddeus and Mary, baptized in Wilton:® 

1 Elizabeth, hp. CXft. 10, 1756: probably died young [ton 

2 Susanna, bp. Apr. 9, 1758; =^Jan. 20, 1778, William Scott, jr., in Wil' 
Daniel^ Stuart (Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Robert^), bom about 1730 in 

Wilton, Conn., was undoubtedly the Daniel Stuart who bought Oct 27, 
1756, land in Norwalk bounded east and north by land of Reuben Stuart 
[xi:2^4]. The later history of this man is unknown. Compare page 212. 

Samuel^ Stuart {Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Robert^), born July 10, 1746,® in Wilton, Conn^ 
lived there until 1773, when he removed to Lanesborough, Mass., according to his own declar* 
ation when he applied Aug. 3, 1832, for a pension. He enlisted in 1776 under Capt. Hall, Col. 
Warren, Col. Wooster and Col. Arnold, and served five months. He marched from Lanes' 
borough to Manchester July 9, 1777. on an alarm and served 21 days under Capt. Ebcnczer 
Newell in Col. Symonds' regiment; also served under Gen. Stark, three months. He returned 
to Wilton in 1778 and enlisted for eight months under Capt. Nathan Gilber, Col. John Mead 
and Col. Stephen St.John, and in 1781 he served six months under Capt. Peter Sturgis, Major 
Starr. Samuel Beers of Norwalk made an affidavit that Samuel Stuart and he enlisted in JanU' 
ary, 1776, in Lanesborough, Mass., in Capt. Jabez HalPs company, and marched to Quebec. 
Samuel Stuart resided in Wilton always after 1778. He married there June 19, 1765, Lydia 
Trowbridge. The list of their children is incomplete : 

1 Elizabeth, bp. June 8, 1766, Wilton 

2 Thaddeus 

3 Samuel Smith 

SUas^ Stuart (JohrXy^ ,* Robert^), born July i, 1739, in Wilton, Conn., married 

(1) . He married (2) Abigail , born about 1760.* He was perhaps the Silas StU' 

art who enlisted July 6, 1775, as a fifer in the 9th company in Col. Charles Webb's (Seventh) 
regiinent, at Milford, and was discharged Dec. 10, 177?. Jonathan Stuart was a private in the 
same company.® Silas and John Stuart [probably brothers] of Kent deeded Apr. 17, 1800, to 
the town of Kent [x:i7]. Silas Stewart died Mar. 19, 1812, in his 73rd year, and his wife 
Abigail died June 29, i8jj, in her 73rd year, according to their gravestones in the Good Hill 
cemetery in Kent. The last will of Silas Stewart, late of Kent, was approved Apr. 16, 1812, 
The witnesses to the will were Richard Lain, Matthew Judd and Judith Gregory: the execut' 
or was his son John, and his wife Abigail and the following six children were named: 

*If the reading of the xravrstone inscription is wrc ng and she died in her 93rd instead of 73rd year Abigail 
could have been the first and only wife of Silas. 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as - 90, means refer to that page; - means married. 
■i- maniagc intention, + marriage license, f died, v buried, (f) Bible, record, (t) church, (i, town, fl; gravestone 
(i) probilte, ($} court, (r) land, ,Vj military, <$) pension. Offc census, (g) tradiliop, (^ ItHral history, (g patriotic soci- 
ety, (S obituary, biography or ^enealo^y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



I Matthew, bp. Apr. 21, 1765, Wilton: soldier from New Milford, enlisting May 18, 1782 

a Margery, bp. Oa. 5, 1766; = David Preston® 

3 Sarah ; = John Lain® 

4 John 

5 Rhoda ; = Noble S. Johnson® 

6 Anna ; — Robert Ogden® 

Silas Stuart was a private under Capt. Abraham Fuller. 1776. according to the History of Kent. His wife 
was a member of the church at Kent in 1785. Luke Stuart, 1784. Jerusha Stewart, 1808. 

Stephen^ Stuart (h^^*^ .* Robert^), born Nov. aj, 1744, in Wilton, Conn., is a 

baffling mystery. Somebody wrote a charming story of a Stephen Stuart of Kent which makes 
us almost want to give up and go back and help father plant potatoes. Stephen is spread into 
Charles James Stephen Stuart, born in New York City about 1734, said to have been a son of 
Lord Charles Stuart (Murray), fourth son of the duke of Athol. Lord Charles took part in 
the rising of 1715, was captured at Preston and sentenced to be shot. He died in 1710, states 
the English Peerage, but this is an error, the genealogist explains. Lord Charles was reprieved 
through the influence of friends, escaped to France with Charles and Isaac Walker and crossed 
the Atlantic with them in 1730. The Walkers settled in Maryland and Lord Charles in New 
York, where he is said to have married a daughter of Col. Cosby, the governor, and where his 
son (Charles James) Stephen^ was bom about 1734. In 1777 Stephen* had for six years resid' 
cd at Danbury with a Mr. Dibble, a lovalist; then taught school at New Fairfield some years. 
He was one of the instigators of the memorial sent to Prince Charles Stuart in 1778, asking 
him to raise his standard in America [Mahon's History of England, vi:i8o]. He married Eliz- 
abeth Bull, great 'great 'granddaughter of Capt. Thomas Bull. He died about 1834, ^S^ near' 
ly 100, and is buried in a rural cemetery opposite BulFs Falls, Kent. He was an early founder 
of Kent, says this article, and by Elizabeth he had: Anne (married a Benson), Charles (bom 
June 7, 1785; married Hannah, daughter of Jehiel Church), Homer, Chapman (born June 9. 
1789), Henry and Herman (married Submit Church and resided in Kent). The foregoing may 
be very true but it cannot be our honest Stephen. Where did he go? Stephen Stewart and 
his wife Annis, New Milford, were administrators Mar. 6, 1783, of the estate of Shubal Chap' 
man, deceased, and Chapman was evidently Stewart's father^in'law [Deeds, xiv:3i8]. Why 
did the other Stephen name a son Chapman, born in 1789, presumably in Kent? 

Simeon^ Stuart (Simeon,^ Samuel^ Robert^), baptized July 3, 1748, in Wilton, Conn , 
married in Norwalk Nov. 14, 1773, Jemima Dean, bom Apr. 29, 1753, daughter of Jonathan 
and Rebecca (St.John) Dean. Simeon Stuart, sr., made a deed May 30, 1774, to his son, Sim- 
eon, jr. [Norwalk land records, xiv:2o6]. Simeon Stuart, jr., and his wife Jemima, of Nor- 
walk, deeded Apr. 17, 1777, land at Silver Mine to **our honored grandfather, Jacob St.John" 
[xiv:36o], and on July 29, 1777, he and his wife paid 4^12-10 for a fourth interest (9 acres) in 
Silver Mine. He was a soldier in the Revolution with Albert, Isaac, John and Justus Stuart. 
Children, recorded in Norwalk : 

1 Nancy, Aug. 14, 1776 

2 Jonathan D., Nov. 26, 1783 

3 Sabra, Apr. 28, 1786 

4 Samuel, Aug. 29, 1789 

5 Seth, Feb. 28, 1791 

Abraham^ Stuart (Nathan,^ Samuel^ Robert^), baptized July 19, 1752, in Wilton, 
Conn., served as a Revolutionary soldier from Lanesborough, Mass. He removed to Vermont. 

Nathaniel^ Stuart (Nathan,^ Samuel^ Robert^), baptized Oct. 15, 1755, in Wilton, 
Conn., also served as a soldier from Lanesborough. He went from Vermont to his boyhood 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


home in Connecticut, when 44 years old, and married in Wilton Nov. 25, 1799, Mercy Lock' 
wood, daughter of Isaac Lockwood. Is was probably his second marriage. They were living 
in Huntington, Chittenden county, Vt., in 181 1.® 

Thaddeus^ Stuart (Nathan,^ Samuel,^ Robert*), born about 1757 in Wilton, Conn., 
was a Revolutionary soldier from Lanesborough, Mass., and removed to Vermont with his fa- 
ther and brothers. Nothing is known definitely of his family. He died Jan. 30. 1809, aged 
51, in Hinesburg, Vt.® 

Naomi Stuart married Nov. 2, 1776, Francis Hultenark [Hurlbutt?], Wilton 
Mary Stuart married Jan. 3, 1797, Hugh Dickson, Norwalk® 

ROBERT STUART had a daughter Alice baptized in Wilton before May 12, 1774, and a 
daughter Betsey baptized Aug. 22, 1774. 

Naomi Stewart married Nov. 19, 1799, Eben Peirce, Huntington, Vt. 

Ruth Stewart married Oct. 9. 1805, Lyman Forey, Huntington, Vt. 

Abraham Stuart of Shoreham married May 25, 1806, Esther Fowler, Pittsford, Vt. 

Lt. William Steward of Stonin|{ton9 Conn. — ^ 

From pension records 

Lemuel^ Steward (Eliphalet,^ William*), born Apr. 6, 1759, in Stonington, Conn. [p. 
198], was in a regiment stationed at Howland^s Ferry, Tiverton, R. I., 1778-79, one year, and 
was in Sullivan's expedition. He moved to the state of New York during the war and also 
served at times in that state. He was married Aug. 18, 1782, to Rebecca [Rose], by the Rev. 
Mr. Hart, in Preston, Conn. She was bom Jan. 26, 1763. Lemuel died Mar. 8, 1829, in Graf' 
ton, Rensselaer county, N. Y., and his widow Rebecca died Jan. 9, 1842. Her will was prob- 
bated Sep. 11, 18^6, Deborah Allen of Grafton being executrix. A Bible record of Rebecca's 
marriage and the births of her children was sent to the War department at Washington but is 
not to be found among the papers in the pension office. Children of Lemuel and Rebecca, as 
shown by the affidavit of the surrogate of Rensselaer county : 

1 Lemuel of Elk Creek, Erie county. Pa. 

2 Josiah of Elk Creek 

3 Rebecca ;= Peter Church: of Petersborough 

4 Sarah ; = Nathan Rodgers: of Elk Creek, Pa. 

5 Deborah ; = Bernard Allen : of Grafton 

6 Eliphalet, Jan. 21, 1803 of Grafton (married Rebecca ) 

Ellplialet* Steward (EUphdttty^ WiUiam*), born Feb. 20, 1763, in Stonington, Conn., 

(Budd Stuart \ [see page 198] served one month as a soldier at Fort Griswold, 
Robert Stewart / near New London, when only 13 years of age. The family then 
moved toHoosick, now called Petersburgh, when he was called upon to do military duty in the 
year of Burgoyne*s surrender, 1778, and went as a scout with a company of 20 or 30 men to 
Fort Edward, Sandy Hill, Fort Ann and other posts. He enrolled in Capt. Austin OdelPs 
company, in which his brother Lemuel was one of the sergeants. He marched in 1780 from Al' 
bany to the middle fort of Schoharie, and the next year he served nine months in the levies 
under Col. Willet, being mustered in May at Albany, in Capt. Elihu MarshalPs company « and 
again he enlisted in April, 1782, in the same company and was in the Battle of Turloch, July 
10, 1782. His father was with him. He was discharged Jan. i, 1783, at Fort Hunter. The 
later enlistments were under the name of Robert (for which Budd was a nickname), a name he 
had been givtn in childhood by his sister (and she called him Robert "up to the present time,** 
1841), although his father sometimes called him Robert and at other times Eliphalet. He al' 
ways lived in Petersburg. [He married (i) .] He married (2) in Petersburg May 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


15, 1799, Rebecca Weaver, by 'Squire Benjamin Randall. He died July 27, 1848, aged 85, in 
Petersburg, and Rebecca died Apr. 2, 1852, aged 8o.0 Children, born in Petersburg, N. Y. : 

1 Joshua ; = ; -I- before 1858, leaving sons and daughters 

2 ■ Statira ; = Isaac M. Mabbett of Saratoga Springs 

3 Anna Smith, Mar. 30, 1795 

4 P hilemon 1797; =Apr. 30, 1821, Sarah Hewctt, Rutland, Vt.: {-Dec. 1, 1858 

5 Weaver, Dec. j, 1799; =Nov. 12. 1820. Polly Stewart, Pownal. Vt.:® rem. to Michigan 

6 Chloe, Oct. 18, 1801 ; = Asahel Brock 

7 Schuyler, Mar. 9, 1804 of Canada West in 1858 

8 Hiram, Nov. 26, 1812; = Mary A. : -f Aug. 9, 1887, Petersburg© 

9 Columbus, Feb. 18, 1815 of Petersburg in 1858 
10 Clarissa ; = James Jones® 


Anthony Steuart [page 84J, bom Feb. 12, 1773, married July 18, 1797, Elizabeth Jcf- 
fers, born Feb. 22, 1781. She died June 4, 1859, aged 77, and is buried in a cemetery at Bra- 
man's Corners, Montgomery county, N. Y. His son: 

William A. Steuart (Anthony), born Aug. 9, 1799. Johnstown. N. Y., married Ma- 
hala Husted, born Feb. 26, 1802, at Schoharie, Rensselaer county.® He died Oct. 15, 1869. 
, I Wealthy, Feb. 8, 1820, Florida, Montgomery county: -hjune 10, 1888, Wautoma, Wis. 

2 Charles, Mar. 12, 1822, Florida: -f-Mar. 5, 1901, Denver, Colo. 

3 Elisha J., Nov. 8, 1824, Schenectady: ch. — Charles, William, Fred, Kate and Hattie 

4 John, June 13, 1827, Lyons, Wayne county 

5 William, Ozt. 30. 1S30, Rose, Wjyne county: ch. — William H., Melissa and Newton 

6 Mary E., Sep. i, 1832, Rose: -f Mar. 13. i838, New London, Wis. 

To be continued 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury, Mass. — ^-^^ 

Mrs. Edward A. Strong, Minneapolis, Minn. — Arthur Wyman Stewart, Augusta, Me. 

Philander Goburn^ Steward (Asa,® Thomas,^ Phineas* Solomonf^ James^^ Duncan^), 
born Mar. 6, 1832, in Bloom6eld, Me. [page 136], was educated in the public schools and in 
Bloomfield Academy, and was by occupation a farmer, miner, rancher and lumberman. He re* 
sided in Beechworth and Thumberland, Australia, and Skowhegan, Me. Shortly after com- 
pleting his education he went with his brothers and others to California in search of gold, a 
Forty 'niner. He was fairly successful, but in 1851 he emigrated to Victoria, Australia, where 
he engaged in mining and ranching. In 1869 he returned to Skowhegan and bought his brother 
Nahum's farm in the south part of town, where he engaged in farming. He also became an 
active member of the A. 6r* P. Coburn Lumber company, which operated in the vicinity of 
Moosehead lake. He married in Australia Jan. 26, 1857, Phebe Lowden, formerly of Newcas- 
tle, England. He died Feb. 22, 1914, in Skowhegan, Me. Children: 

1 Sarah Parker, Nov. 9, 1857, Beechworth, Aust.; =Oct. 4, 1876, Charles L. Marston 

2 Joseph Lowden, Aug. 17, 1859, Thumberland, Aust.; =Feb. 26, 1889, Elsie M. Boyd 

3 Nahum S., Feb. 23, 1863, Thumberland, Aust.; =June 18, 1886. Nina E. Oak 
• 4 Benjamin T., Mar. 2, 1871, Skowhegan, Me.; =Dec. 2, 1903, Edith Dyer 

To be continued 


35 William Stuart of Spottsylvania county, Va.. had these children: Joseph, Witliam, Thomaf, Eliza- 
beJh (born 1773), Charles, John, Moset. Nanny and Mary. Was he a Revolutionary soldier? His daughter 
Elizabeth married John Young (1771-1818). They and three of her brothers went to Kentucky. She died in 
1858: her son, Moses Stuart Young, was my grandfather. Mrs. H. Skillmin Fry, box 247, Rochester, Pa. 

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Monthly Asftoctate Editor: Horace W. Dickerman. 685 Forest Road. New Haven, Conn. $2 a year 

WASHINGTON, P. C. MAY, 1927 VOL. V NO. 11 

Some New York State Stewarts 

James Stewart, Westerlo, Albany county, N. Y., was bom in 1749 or earlier. He en' 
listed in April, 1775, as a soldier in the Revolutionary war, while residing in Blandford, Mass. 

[sec pages 15J and 184]. He married (i) . He married (2) at Wcsterlo Apr. 9, 181 5, 

Cynthia Ward. He died Nov. 2a, 1844, at Broome, Schoharie county, N. Y. His widow was 
pensioned Mar. 10, 1853, aged 66 years, while living in Broome. She was known as Aunt 
Cynthia to her Step-grandchildren. Children of James, by his 6rst wife : 

1 James (bom in New York City); -^ Margaret : -hMar. 25, 1864 

2 William, Mar. 25. 1787; - - Temperance Wilcox: -f-July 5, 1818 

James Stewart (James), born in New York City,, lived in Reidsville, on the township 

line between Westerlo and Berne, in Albany county. He married Margaret . He died 

Mar. 25, 1864, in Reidsville.® and his wife died four days after. Mar. 29, 1864. Children: 

1 Polly, Oct. 9, 1808; = Henry Moak 

2 Lavinia : -f 1865, unmarried 

3 Wealthy, Oct. 13, 1812. Westerlo; = Ehle Flagler, as second wife: ^21 5-1894 

4 *James 

5 Jesse : said to have gone away during the Civil war 

6 Margaret Ann, Feb. 12, 1818, Reidsville; i=July 3, 1842, William H. Monroe, Troy 

7 Phebe 1826; = Ehlc Flagler, as first wife:*-} June 7, 1856 

8 Perry Reed, Oct. 2, 1829; 1= Rhoda VanWit, (2) Mrs. Adelia Vincent 
WUllam Stewart {James), born Mar. 25, 1787, married Temperance Wilcox. He died 

July 5, 1818, aged 31 years, 3 months and 10 days, according to his gravestone, embellished 
with a Masonic emblem, in a little cemetery in Stamford, Delaware county. His widow died 
about 1S68 and lies buried in an unmarked grave beside her husband. Children : 

1 John Wilcox, Oct. 19, 1812: =Feb. 6, 1840, Angeline Oavis 

2 Sarah Frances ; = John W. Fisher, New York City 

3 Temperance Adelia ; = Wesley Keeler of Troy 

4 William Augustus, June 25, 1818, Stamford; =Mar. 11, 1843, Margaret M. Newberry 

—From records of Dr. Ferdinand Schmitter. 71 2nd si , Troy, N. Y. 

James Stewart, born in 1747 or 1748, came to what is now the township of Stamford, 
Delaware county, N. Y., in 1775, with William Frazer and Simon Frazer and at about the same 

time as Brown, Daniel Bennett and Abijah Bennett. After the raid of this section by 

the halfbrecd Indian, Joe Brandt, and Butler and his tories Stewart moved to Catskill until the 
war was over, and while living at Catskill he enlisted in the Revolutionary army.® He rc' 
turned to his farm in Town Brook valley. He died Feb. 24, 1823, aged 71:. Children: 

1 William, Sep. i, 1776; =Dec. 11, 1800, Penelope Grant: -J- Aug. 19, 1842 

2 Margaret, Mar. 21, 1784; -- Sweton Grant© 

3 James 1786; — Affiah Smith: ^ Nov. i, 1861, aged 74® 

4 John 

*nrhere is some doubt as to a son James Tradition in the family says they named two sons by this name, 
both of whom died young, and although desirous of continuing the line of Jameses ihey feared to name a third. 
Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as ^90, means refer to that page; — means married, 
:- marriage intention, + marriage license, -j- died, X buried. ® Bible record, (r church, tT) town. (^4) gravestone 
») probate, (D court, Cf) land. Ch) military, (») pension. ^ census. ® tradition. <@ local history. ^ patriotic soci- 
ety, (^ obituary, biography or genealogy. 

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The will of William Frascr of Stamford, dated May i8. 1802, probated Nov. i, 1801, re- 
fers to James Stewart as his son-inlaw. 

Catherine Stewart and her two sons, JAMES A. and WILLIAM A., said to have 
been from Scotland, came to Stamford in 1806 and settled In Town Brook valley. She died 
Nov. 18, 1816, aged 91. Neither of the sons married. James A. died Apr. — , 185 1, aged 84 
William A. died May — , 1853, aged 84. Toward the close of their lives a nephew, ALEX' 
ANDER STEWART, came from Scotland with his family and lived with them.® 

Finley Stewart, of Schenectady and Albany, as a soldier of the Revolution under Capt. 
John Martin, while transporting supplies to the garrison at Fort Stanwyx was shot through 
the left shoulder by the Indians, in August, 1777. He was taken prisoner in April, 1779, at 
Fort Hunter and was confined three years in Canada, and was released in October, 1782. His 
wound and confinement incapacitated him, and he was pensioned from Mar. 4, 17951 for his 
service as a batteauman in the army. He lived with Daniel Cummins of Greenbush. In 179J 
he was thinking of moving to Pennsylvania or Virginia, where he might be able to gain a bet- 
ter livelihood, and was given a pass dated Mar. 11, 1793, certifying he had been a soldier and 
had lived for nine years in Albany, but he died there Apr. — , 1807. He was married in Al- 
bany by Rev. John McDonald June 19, 1790, to Isabella Cumming, bom about 1764. She was 
pensioned $20 a year from Mar. 4, 1856, as his widow, and was still living in Albany in 1843. 

1 Daniel, Jan. 4, 1792 

2 Duncan, Feb. 12, 1793 

3 Catherine, Feb. 20, 1795 

4 Jannct, June 30, 1797 

James^ Stewart {Jam^,^ James,^ DanieV), bom Feb. i, 1737, in Rochester, Mass. [p. 
67], married there Mar. 12, 1761, Lydia Crandall, born about 1745. He enlisted Jan. i, 1777. 
under Col. Marshall in the Massachusetts Continental line. He died in the service some time 
in the fall of 1779, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., of cramp in the stomach. His widow taught school 
for several years, and on Dec. 12, 1786, she married Thomas Chase, at Taunton. They remov- 
ed to Catskill, N. Y., where Mr. Chase died Nov. 18, 1792. Lydia asked for a pension June 
20, 1839, when 94 years old, residing in Providence, Saratoga county, N. Y. 

James^ Stewart, said to have been bom in Inverness, Scotland, about 1720 [page 157], 
lived in Goshen, Orange county, N. Y., prior to the Revolution. He married Catherine Knapp, 
daughter of William and Margaret Knapp of Goshen. He was a farmer and blacksmith, and 
was a member of the committee of safety west of Drained Lands, and president of the town of 
Minisink Oct. 2, 1787. The date of his death is unknown. Children :® 

1 Silas ; = Margaret Webb 

2 Luther, Oct. 20, 1752; =Apr. 2, 1780, Keziah Carpenter: -f Aug. 29, 1836 

3 Mary ; = Boak of Montgomery 

4 William : killed at Peenpack by the Indians 

5 Temperance ; = William Stewart, son of John and Jane (Harrison) 

6 John W., June 17, 1761; =Aug. 31, 1795, Keturah Davidson: +July 29, 1841 

7 Margaret ; =June 17, 1783, Nathan Arnout 

John* and Walter* Stewart were taken to Ireland by a governess after the uprising in 
Scotland in 1715. The govemcsa died of smallpox soon after, and the boys, having no money, 
gave the jewels which they had to the farmer who was sheltering them to convert into money . 
The farmer cheated them, and after some years of abuse and vain waiting for their parents to 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


come after them the boys ran away and came to America [cf. p. 153]. This family claims re* 
lationship to Gilbert Stuart of Newport. R. I. [p. 169]. 

—Notes of MiM Antoinette Elmer. 

Anthony Steuart [page 84J . bom Feb. 12, 1773, married July 18, 1798. Elizabeth Jef - 
fers. Tlie date of marriage as given on page 236 is a typographical error. 

Solomon Jeffers Steuart (Anthony), bom Dec. 4, 1803, was baptized Feb. 23, 1804, 

in the Presbyterian church in Schenectady. 'He married (i) . He married (2) Sarah 

Ann Wilkinson. Children, probably all but the last two bom in Rose, Wayne county, N. Y. : 

1 Catherine 

2 William Henry ; = Betsey Lyman 

3 G eorge ; = Levina Churchill : Kansas 

4 Francis : never married 

5 John ; = Tammy Page 

6 Anthony ; = Ellen Brooks: Minnesota 

7 Elizabeth ; = James Jeffers 

8 Martha ; = Joseph Cliff 

9 Silas, May 14, 1843; =Aug. 22, 1865, Mary A. Welch, Madison, Wis.: -fDec. 8. 1907 

10 Thomas, Mar. 4, 1846; =Aug. 28, 1869. Maria Jenks, Springwater, Wis. : 4" Apr. 3, 1903 

1 1 Jane ; = William Jones 

12 Braman ; = Flora Edson: resided Plainfield, Wis. 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury* Mass, — ^-^^ 

Mr». Edward A. Strong, Minneapolis, Minn. — Arthur Wyman Stewart, Augusta. Me. 

Horatio Cushtntf ' Steward (Seth W.,« Thomas,^ Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,^ Dun- 
can^), bom Aug. 29, 1830, in Bingham, Me., was a farmer and lived in Monson, Me., until 
1858. when he removed to Ohio, III., and in 1870 to Greenfield, la. He enhsted Sep. 29, 1864, 
at Peoria, IIU and was mustered into the service of the United States, as a drafted recruit, in 
Company E, 30th regiment of Illinois Volunteer infantry for one year, on Sep. 29, 1864. At 
the time of his enlistment the 30th regiment was with Sherman's army on his famous march 
through Georgia. The recruits were sent to overtake the regiment but were obstructed at 
Tunnel Hill. Ga., and returned to Nashville, Tenn. They were later ordered to Kingston, N. 
C., to meet Sherman on his return, and during a skirmish Horatio with others was taken pris- 
oner and marched to Libby prison. After several months he was exchanged, and was honor- 
ably discharged June 4, 186?, at the close of the war. He married Mar. 4, 1863, Sarah SafFer, 
horn Sep. 3, 1844. Children: 

1 Elizabeth Eliza, Jan. 5, 1864, Ohio, III.; =H3ct. 11, 1885, Charles E. Williams, Greenfield 

2 Charles Wilber, July 22. 1867, Ohio, 111.; ^Dec. 29, 1897, Carlie M. Chaney 
J Mary Bell, Aug. 29, 1871, Ohio, III.; =Feb. 7, 1893, Absalom Edwards 

4 Emma Lucy, Aug. 14, 1872, near Greenfield, la.; —Dec. 31, 1896, George W. Brown 

5 Luty, Aug. 14, 1873, near Greenfield, la. : -}- Aug. 19, 1873 

6 Seth Wyman, June 12, 1876, near Greenfield, la.; =Feb. 20, 1901. Emma L. Cahow 

7 William Albert, Aug. 22, 1878, near Greenfield, la.; =Oct. 28, 1914, Margaret Franks 

8 Sylvia Pearl, Apr. 14. 1881, near Greenfield, la.; =Dec. 29, 1897, Charles Garner 

9 Roy Denver, July 15, 1883, near Greenfield, la.: unmarried 
10 Horatio Clyde, Nov. 24, 1893, near Greenfield, la. : unmarried 

Sylvanus Boardman' Steward (Seth W.,« Thomas,'' Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,'^ 
Duncan*), born Oct. 7, 1831, in Bingham, Me., never married. He enlisted May 28, 1861, at 
Portland, Me., in Company H, Sixth regiment of Maine Volunteer infantry for three years: he 
took part in a number of battles, and by re^enlistment served continuously to the close of the 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


war. receiving his discharge June 28, 1865. He died Nov. 23, 1906, at Willimantic, 

Lorenzo Dow^ Steward (Seth W.,« Thomas,^ Phineas* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^l, 
born Apr. ij, 1833, in Bingham, Me., was a farmer and lived in Monson until 1864, when he 
removed to Cherokee county, Kan. There he lived 18 years, then removed to Springfield, Mo., 
in 1882, and to Webster county. Mo., in 1897. He married Mar. 7, i874,P.osa Belle Edwards, 
born Sep. 19, 1858, in Vermilion county, Ind., daughter of Thomas Franklm and Ann (Brown) 
Edwards, later of Cherokee county, Kan. They were divorced in 1881. He married second 
Jan. 2, 1901, Mrs. Martha Thorpe. He died Feb. 11, 1911, in Webster county. Mo. Child- 
ren, born in Cherokee county, Kan.: 

r Anna Eliza, Sep. 19, 1876; =July 4, 18^7, Byron Cooper, Carterville, Mo. 

2 Ida Estelle, Oct. 7. 1878; =May 26, 1901, Raleigh Edward Sumner of Springfield. Mo. 
Brown Baker^ Steward {Seth W.,« T/iomos,* Phineas,^ Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), 
born May 30, 1835, in The Forks Plantation, Me., was a farmer and carpenter and always liv' 
ed in Monson, Me. He enlisted Dec. 6, 1861, at Augusta in Company C, 13th regiment of 
Maine Volunteer infantry for three years. He was sent with his regiment to join Gen. But- 
ler's forces when he went to take New Orleans, but the regiment was left to guard Shipp's 
Island, La. After Butler took the city Company C was sent to Fort Pike, La., and later was 
on duty at Fort Macomb, La., where he was discharged on account of disability. He married 
June 30, 1864, Adelia Octavia Wentworth. They had no children. He died Jan. 13, 1914. in 

Asa' Steward (Seth W.,* Thomas,^ Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^)^ born Mar 
5. 1837, in The Forks Plantation, Me., was a farmer and always lived in Monson. He married 
*n Monson June 30, 1871, Ella Pullen, daughter of Henry and Mary (Davison) Pullcn of Mon- 
son. He died Jan. 28, 1925, in Monson. Children, all born in Monfon, Me.; 

1 Agnes Ella, Aug. 9, 1872; =Aug. 6, 1912, Judson A. Record of Livermore Falls 

2 Cora Louise, Dec. 30, 1874; —Apr. 6. 1904, William J. Champion 

3 Mary Gertrude, Aug. 31, 1879; =Nov. 18, 1903, Andrew L. Bates of Abbott 

4 Frank Pullen, Oct. 1, 1884; =Aug. 22, 191 1, Phillis W. Pennington, Monson 
William Parker' Steward {Seth W.,8 T/iomas,* Phineas,* Solomon,^ James,^ Dun- 
can^), born Feb. 11, 1840, in The Forks Plantation, Me., was a farmer and lived in Monson. 
He never married. He enlisted Aug. 1, 1861, as a corporal in Company D, First regiment of 
Pennsylvania Volunteer cavalry for three years. He took part in the battles of Harrisonburg, 
Cross Keys, Cedar Mountain. Gainesville, Bull Run. Fredericksburg, Brandy Station, Aldic, 
Culpepper, Cold Harbor and Bellfield — all in Virginia — Shepherdstown, W., Va., and Gettys- 
burg, Pa. He died Sep. 13, 1863, at the division hospital at Warrington, Va. 

Seth Wyman? Steward {Seth W.,« Thomas,^ Phineas* Solomon,^ James,' Duncan^), 
born May 4. 1844, in Monson, Me., always lived in his native town excepting a short time in 
the west in early life. He was a painter, decorator and artist in oil. He enlisted at Peoria,. 
111., Oct. 26, 1864, in (Company D, 30th regiment of Illinois Volunteer infantry for one year, 
and after an interesting experience in the south was discharged July 17, 1865. He married Sep. 
12, 1875, Mary Abbie Ck)an, daughter of Samuel A. and Mary Abbie (Skinner) Coan. Child- 
ren, born in Monson, Me. : 

1 Walter Leon, Apr. 30, 1876; =Dec. 25, 1903, Margaret A. Bigger 

2 Bertha Mary, Aug. 14, 1877 

3 Clara Maud, Mar. 27, 1881 ; =May 3, 1902, Ernest W. Farrer 

4 Barbara Dorothy, May 3, 1883; =Jan. i, 1912. Everlyn Dore 

5 Wilham Raphael, Nov. 27, 1887 

To be continued 

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Monthly Associate Editor: Horace W. Dickerman, 685 Forest Road. New Haven, Conn. $2 a year 


Some New York State Stewarts — ^^^ 

John'* Stewart (John^^ Alexander^) bom Jan. 15, 1763, in Norwich, Conn, [sec pages 
181 and 218], married Phcbe Castle, bom July 20. 1766.© His father, who was a seafaring 
man, died while John was quite young, and his mother married in Norwith (a) July i, 1775. 
John Totman of Chelsea, Conn. In 1777 they left Norwich and went to Bennington, Vt., 
John accompanying his mother. There he enlisted. Mar. 6, 1780, under Capt. Tehan Noble 
in Col. Ira Alkn*s regiment and served six days on an alarm. He served 8 months from May 
4, 1780, to Jan. 3, 1781, under Capt. Jesse Sawyer, Maj. Ira Allen, m the defense of Vermont. 
He lived a short time in Kingsbury, Washington county, N. Y., and in 1787 he removed to Ot- 
.^go, Otsego county, thence to Middlebury 20 years, thence to Smithfield, Madison county, N. 
Y., for 5 years, thence to Cazenovia, for a year or two, thence to Columbus, Chenango county, 
for about the same time, and thence to Richfield, Otsego county, where he remained. He ap- 
plied there Oct. 10, 1832, for a pension. The papers at Washington are mixed, and inquirers 
are told that John's wife was Mehitablc [see page 151 and below]. Phcbe, his wife, died Oct. 
22. 1842, aged 76, and John died July 15, 1848, aged 85.® They arc buried in a cemetery at 
Schuyler Lake, Otsego county, N. Y., about 20 miles south of Frankfort. David Stewart was 
granted administration of the estate in 1848. Children of John and Phcbe :® 

1 Polly, Oct. 18, 1784: f Mar. 28, 1803 

2 John, Apr. 27, 1787 + Jan. 31, 1852 

3 David, May 26, 1789; i^Jan. 21, 1813, Lydia Rutenbur, (2) Delia 

4 Levi, Feb. 27, 1792 : -f in infancy Hopkins 

5 Levi, Mar. 4, 1793: -faged about 3 years 

6 Phcbe. Apr. — , 1796 -f Jan. 10, 1838 

7 Lucretia, July 7, 1799 -f-Apr. 24, 1864 

8 Charles H., Jan. 27, 1802 -hApr. 19, 1845 

9 Lucinda, Oct. 12, 1803 4 June i, 1842 
10 Lewis C, Aug. 2, 1806 -f Jan. 31, 1879 

David^ Stewart (Jofin,* Jo/in,^ Alexander^), bom May 26, 1789, in Otsego, N. Y., mar' 
ried (i) Jan. 21, 1813, Lydia Rutenbur. She died Sep. 6, 1845. He married (2) Jan. 5. 1847, 
l")elia Hopkins. He died Apr. 29, 1871, and is buried at Fredonia, N. Y. Children: 

1 Lovina D. R., Aug. i, 1814 

2 Lorenzo C, Aug. 2, 1816 

3 William R., Sep. 3, 1819; =^Dcc. 24, 1843, Jane Rookcr 

4 John Edward, July 29, 1822; =Nov. 18, 1845, Dcmis Hyde Rooker: +Apr. 22, 1903 

5 Julia Lanette, Aug. 13, 1828; =-'Jan. 18, 1849, Norman R. Baker 

—From family records communicated by Miss Flora M. Cone, Gjy^» Mills. Pa. 

John^ Stewart {John,^ JohiXy^ Alexander^), born in 1762 in East Haddam, Conn, [page 
lyi], was not the John given above nor was Alexander^ of East Haddam the same as Alexand- 
er' of Norwich. John* enlisted and served nine months under Lieut. Griswold in the Conn- 
ecticut state troops in 1780 as one of a sergeant's guard, and he also served as a soldier under 
Capt. Roger Bulkley in Colchester six months as a teamster. He enlisted and cerved about 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as --90, means refer 10 that pagr; = n^eans married. 
-:- maniage intention, + marriaRe license. -1- died. X buried. (1) Bible record, (a) church. (Dtown. gravestone. 
i) probate, (f) court, (f) land, (h) military, (t) pension. 1^ census. @ tradition. <^ local history. @ patriotic soci- 
f'y. (8> obituary, biography or xenealogy. 

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two months under Capt. John Isham at New London, and three months OnHer fcapt. Ledyard 
^t Fort Griswold opposite New London. He served three months at West Point under Capt. 
Casey of Norwich in the summer of 1781, and shortly after New "London was burned by the 
British in September he enlisted and served as a common soldier at Fort Trumbull, Conn., un* 
der Capt. Shapley of the state troops for six full months, after which he ^cured Hobart Graves 
to take his place and was discharged. He married at East Haddam Nov. — , 1783, Mehitablc 
Hungcrford, at her father's house. After ^the war he moved to Corn\ffill, where he bought a 
farm May 17, 1786, of Friend Dickinson. He sold Apr. 13, 1791, to Joseph Burwell and mov- 
ed to Massachusetts. About 1800 he removed to Frankfort, Herkimer county, N. Y. He ap- 
plied Sep. I, 1832, for a pension, which was granted. He died Aug. 12, 1834^ at Frankfort. 
Mehitable applied Oct. 23, 1840, and Jehiel Hungerford made an affidavit that she was hi? 
younger sister. Hobart Graves testified as to her husband's service in the Revolution. 

John Stewart (1761-1834) of Frankfort, Herkimer county, N. Y., married Mehitablc 
Burdick, sister of Pardon Burdick of Hopkinton, R. L, according to Roger F. Williams of Frank' 
fort, a descendant. The Stewarts lived in the hills above the valley of the Mohawk, and the 
older members of the family are buried in the Gralfenburg cemetery, town of Frankfort. We 
suspect that some Johns have become mixed and that this one was a son of John Steward who 
married Apr. 8, 1758, Content Larkin in Hopkinton, R. \. [page 216]. Mehitable died Apr. 
17, 184T, aged 79.© John and Mehitable (Burdick) Stewart had at least: 

1 Pardon 1799; 1= , (2) Prudence Dyke: 4 ch. ; -f 1871 

2 Mary ; = Jonithan Russell 

John Stewart was as a soldier in Vermont in i776'7'8, 1780-1-2, altogether serving 18 
months. He married in Granville, Washington county, N. Y., Oct. i, 1787, Diadama Griffith, 
born about 1770 ® [She was probably his second wife.] He died Oct. — , 1792. She mar- 
ried (2) Oct. — , 1794, Aaron Fuller, who died Apr. — , 1817. , She was living in Eagle, Alle- 
gany county. N. Y., aged 76, when she applied Feb. 19, 1846, for a pension as John Stewart's 
widow. Her application was rejected. Thomas Griffith, aged 82 and- upwards, and his wife 
Dorcas, of Pike, Allegany county, seated that Diadama had three children by John Stewart 
and six by Fuller. David Granger asserted Oct. 9, 1854, that her eldest son John was then 66 
years old. John Stewart of Granville sold land there Mar. 7, 1789, to David Comstock of 
Granville, the witnesses being Daniel Curtice and Daniel Curtice, jr. John Stewart of White- 
hall dated his will Sep. 3, 1792, and it was probated Nov. 2, 1792. It was witnessed by Levi 
Thompson, Thomas GifFord and David Stewart, and mentioned his brother Daniel Stewart 
[page 212]; wife Diadama, four daughters *'A.'20 each as they marry" and three sons (names 
not stated). Among his children was: 
X John 1788: living in 1854, perhaps in Allegany county, N. Y. 

John Stewart of Schenectady [83], bom about 1736, married (i) — . He married 

(1) in Schenectady, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1772, Maria Stevens, born Oct. 20, 1750, daughter of Arcnt 
and Mary (Griffith) Stevens. He is thought to have served as a soldier of the Revolution. 
He died about 1820. Children, recorded in Schenectady:® 

1 James, Jan. 12, 1773 

2 Catherine, Oct. 23, 1774 

3 Arent, Aug. 23, 1777 

4 son, Mar. 13, 1780 

5 Abraham, Dec. 12, 1781 [soldier in War of 1812?] 

6 Judith, Oct. 13, 1783 

7 Nicholas Stevens, Jan 25, 1789; i — Isabel Watson, (2) Lucy Kilbourn: -j-Nov 2. 1863 

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; = 


; 1 = 

Charles, May 

14, 1814; = 

Peter Morgan 



1817; = 


Fanny Matilda 

1818; = 



1820; = 



1821 ; = 



1823; = 


Charlotte, May 17. 1830; = 


Jane, May — » 




1835: -f-about 1837 


Caroline, Apr. 

17. 1837; = 


Adeline, Apr. 

— 1839; = 


Nicholas Stevens Stewart {}o}\,rC)y bom Jan. 25, 1789, in Schenectady, was a soldier, 
in the War of 1812. He married (i) Isabel Watson; (2) Lucy Kilboume, bom May — , i7w;8, 
perhaps in Vermont, daughter of John and Mercy Matilda (Robins) Kilbourn. He died Nov. 
2, 1863, and she died in 1873. Children, bom in Denmark, Lewis county, N. Y. :© 

Sylvester Craig 

James Martin, (2) Bradford Witherall 
Sarah Ann Roberts: -f Jan. 18, 1878 

John Derby 

William Hunt 

Erastus Bradway: -f Nov. 21, 1910 

Almon Streeter: -}-Dec. 16, 1896 

Hiram Stoddard 

Thomas Geer 

James Barclay : fi877 
Edward Gracey 

—From records cpmmunlcated by Mrs. J, W. Bone, Fort Benton, Mont. 

John^ Stenvart (John^), born about 175 1 in Merrimack, N. H. [see page 175]. married 
in Merrimack in 1774 Mary Barron, daughter of Capt. Moses Barron of Bedford. He was a 
soldier of the Revolution, and lived some time in Chelmsford, Mass. He died in 1803 in Hal' 
ated, Cheshire county, N. H. His widow moved to Albany, N. Y., about 181 5, where she died 
Mar. 7, 1837.® Rachel Stewart of Albany, a daughter, tried to get a pension Aug. 10, 1848, 
but her application was rejected. Their children, recorded in Amherst, N. H., were (all liv* 
ing but John and Mary in 1848] :® 

1 Sarah, Sep. 4, 1774 ; = Asa Barry : removed to Vermont 

2 John, Oct. 21, 1777; = Rebecca McAIister: -fbeforc 1837 

3 Hannah, Feb. 11, 1780; =June 4, 1803, Amos Fassctt of Alsted: removed to Albany 

4 Lucy, Aug. 20, 1782; = Apr. 8, 1802, Timothy Fassett, 7 ch.: removed to Albany 

5 Moses Barron, Jan. 3, 1785; i=Mar. 13, 181 1, Jane Arbuckle, (2) Jri825 Nancy Parker: 

6 Mary, June 26, 1787; = Gcrsom Hinkley, 5 ch. [Moses i- 13^68, Bedf'd 

7 Rachel, June 1, 1791 : resided in Albany in 1848, unmarried 

8 Thomas, Feb. 3, 1795 : resided in Erie, Pa., in 1848 and died there about 1877 

John Stenvart, born May — , 1746, resided in Lyme, N. H., when he enlisted Jan. 1, 
1776, in Capt. Ebenezer Green's companv, in Col. Timothy Beedle's regiment of the New 
Hampshire line, for one year. He marched to Quebec, arriving at Abraham plains on Mar. 23 
and remaining until May 6. He served at various other times, and removed to Thetford, Or- 
ange county, Vt. There he had an infant die Dec. 24, 1780; a son born Jan. — . 1782; a daugh' 
ter born in 1784 and a child die July 22, 1786. In 1790 he had three boys under 16 years of 
age and two females in his family, Thetford.® He applied from Thetford Oct. 28, 1818, for a 
pension, which was granted. He stated July 3, 1820, that his family consisted of himself only, 
and that he was a laboring man. He died May 11, 1826,® in Thetford.® The town records 
say Mrs. Stewart died in 1827. 

Henry Stewart, born in 1762, resided in Goffstown, Hillsborough county, N. H., when 
he enlisted in August, 1779, under Capt. Hutchins, Col. Cilley, New Hampshire line. He re^ 
enlisted June 27. 1780, and was discharged Dec. 4, 1780, at Soldier's Fortune, N. Y. He moved 

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into the interior of Maine, '*at a great distance from my former home in New Hampshire/ *and 
on Feb. ii, 1830, he applied for a pension. He was 67 years old, and had been a carpenter. *i 
have no family/' he wrote; "was never married/' He resided in Kennebec (Waldo) county. 
Me., and was allowed $8 a month from Aug. 31, 1830. 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury, Mass, — ^*^ 

Mrs. Edward A. Strong, Minneapolis. Minn. — Arthur Wyman Stewart, Augusta, Me. 

Nathan KniiEht' Steward (Seth W..« Thomas,^ Phineas,* Solomon,Vames,^ Duncan^) , 
born Jan. 7, 1849, in Monson, Me., never married. He was educated in the public schools of 
his native town, and resided there and in Illinois, Kansas and California. He was employed 
for a long time by the Atchison, Topeka 6^ Santa Fe railroad as purchasing agent, cashier and 
inspector. He also did railroad contracting at times. 

JiMeph Goodrich^ Steward (Sylvanus B^* T/iorruu,^ PhineaSt* Solomon^^ Jamesr 
Duncan^) y born June 17, 1839, in Bingham, Me., never married. He lived in Bingham until 
he removed to California, where he engaged in gold mining. He died Feb. 5, 1869. 

Asa Frederick^ Steward (Sylvanus B.,* Thoma%^ PhineaSt* Solomon,^ James,^ Dun- 
can^), bom Apr. 17, 1844, in Bingham, Me., was a farmer and cook. He enlisted Sep. 10, i86a, 
in Company H, First regiment of Maine Volunteer infantry, for one year, participated in nine 
battles and was discharged May 28, 1865, at the close of the war. He married Dec. 19, 1894. 
Flora Belle Dill of South Gardiner. She died May 17, 1914, and he died June — , 1925. 

1 Ruby Sylvania, Mar. 27, 1896, South Gardiner; =Sep. 10, 1919, Frank D. Eastman 

2 Lawrence Boardman. Apr. 29, 1898, South Gardiner 

To be continued 


JAMES* STUART of Kent [page 229] served in the French €f* Indian war in 1755, 1757, 
1761 and 1762. He was an ensign in 1761 and a lieutenant in 1762.® 

Justus* Stuart was enrolled in 1759. Luke* Steward served 15 days in August, 1757, in 
the alarm for the relief of Fort William Henry. Daniel Stuard served on the same occasion.® 

Five Years Shot and Barrels of Powder Left! 

Then came the end of the first five years of this magazine! This completes tome A. An 
index covering these 244 pages will be printed some time when 
we have time. We wish to thank those who have furnished us 
records, and especially Mr. C. E. H. Whitlock of New Haven. 
The editor is engaged in work'fbf the government and hopes to 
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ly wronger than a ragbag. Well, we*re gone again on urgent business. Take care of yourself. 


36. Charles Stewart it^as born June 11, 1815, in PrnnsylvAnia (pbce unknown), married in Carroll 
county, O.. Jan II, 1838. Rebecca Cawill, and died Feb 2. 1879, at Clifton. Clay counlv, Kan. Their children 
wcie Thomat, Martha, William and Delilah Delilah (my mother) was born May 28, 1851, at WelUville, O.. 
and died May 29, , at Clifton, Kan. J. M. Foiter, Qifton, Kan. 

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Editor: George Thomas Edson. Minden, Nebraska 

Noble Lines of Descent in Scotland ^«^ ^^^^ ^^9 

Wc shall publish a series of genealogies taken from books found in the Library of Con' 
gress, at Washington, the examination of these genealogies having been made this summer by 
the editor of the Stewart Clan Magazine. The reader should bear in mind that some of these 
pedigrees have been questioned and some disproven, while others are authentic beyond doubt. 
Wc would say that in many instances the. author errs when he says "left no male issue'' or 
"had but one son.*' It is a happy habit of scions of noble houses to say that they are all God 
made out of good material. To one interested in men who are men for a' that and a' that it 
is obvious that somebody was the progenitor of all these Stewarts whose grandfathers told 
them they were descended from a royal race, generally from- Mary, Queen of Scots. 

WALTER! STEWART, first of the sirname 




WALTERS Alexander Alan Walter James^ John (Robert?) (Hugh?) 

! I 

I From John^ Stewart are descended most of the Stewarts in the world. 

King ROBERT'* II including the Stuarts of Darnley, of whom came Henry, husband of 

I Queen Mary (daughter of James V) and father of James VI. The 

j Bonkyl lines were always considered as closely allied to the crown. 


John^ Stewart of Bonkyl [see page iig, March, 1925; also page 187, April, 1916] 
Sir James^ Stewart (Johrv^) was killed at the defeat of the Scottish army July 19, 1333, 
at Hallidon Hill. His legitimate issue was three sons and a daughter: 

1 Sir John of Pierston ; had an only daughter, who married Sir William Douglas 

2 Sir Alan of Ochiltree, in Ayrshire; had a son John, where line seemingly ends 

3 Sir Robert of Shanbothy, in the county of Clackmannan 

Sir Robert* Stewart (James,* John^) of Shanbothy was also possessed of Innermeath 
in 1362. He received Mar. 3, 1362, a charter of the lands of Dalzell and others. King Robert 
II granted him a charter Oct. 8, 1382, of the lands of Castletoun, Hogstoun, Wester Balblayne, 
Morehouse and others in Forfarshire. The name of his wife has not been learned. He died 
in 1387, leaving two legitimate sons and one daughter: 

1 Sir John of Innermeath 

2 Sir Robert, who inherited Shanbothy from his father; he married Janet, elder daughter 

of John de Ergadia, Lord of Lorn. He was taken prisoner at Homildon in 1401 , 
and was killed in the battle of Shrewsbury on July 21, 1403. He was ancestor 
of the Stewarts of Rosyth, in Fife, and Craigiehall, in Linlithgowshire (extinct). 

3 Catherine, who married John Bethunc of Balfour 

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Sir John*' Stewart (Robert,'^ James,* John^) inherited from his father Inncrmcath and 
Durrisdccr. He married, about 1586, Isabel, younger daughter of John de Ergadia. Through 
these daughters the lordship of Lorn passed into the Stewart family. Sir John exchanged Dur- 
risdeer with his brother Robert for the latter 's right in the lordship of Lorn. He died April 
26, 1421. Children: 

1 Robert, second lord of Lorn and Innermeath 

a Archibald [living in 1451: see John**] 

3 James (the black knight of Lorn) ; married in 1439 the widow of King James" Stewart 1 

4 Alexander [ancestor of the Stewarts of GrandtuUy, to follow] 

5 William, who shared his brother Sir James's imprisonment by the Lord Kalendar and of 

6 Christian, who married Sir James EHindas [whose issue there is no record 

7 Isabel, who married (i) Sir William Oliphant, (2) Sir David Murray 

8 Jean, who married Sir David Bruce, third baron of Clackmannan 

Robert' Stewart (John,^ Robert^^ ]ames*}^ second lord of Lorn and Innermeath. suc- 
ceeded his father. He married before 1409 Margaret, fourth daughter of Robert, first duke of 
Albany, and great-granddaughter of Walter,* sixth high steward, by his second wife, Margery 
Bruce. By her he had: 

1 John of Lorn, his successor 

2 Walter, subsequently of Innermeath; married Margaret Lindsay 

3 Alan [living in 1452; he seems to have left no issue] 

4 David, bishop of Moray from 1463 to 1477 

5 Robert [living in 1452; of him no record remains] 

6 daughter married John, second Lord Lindsay of the Byres 

7 daughter married Robert, eighth Lord Erskine 

John^ Stewart (Robert,^ John,^ Robert*), lord of Lorn and Innermeath* succeeded his 
father in the great family estates in Argyle, Perth, Kinross, Forfar, Clackmannan and Fife. He 

married (i) '-, by whom he had three daughters, through one of whom the lordship of 

Lorn passed into the Argyle family, and other estates were gained by sons'in-law. In a chart- 
er dated June 20, 1452, by King James** Stewart II, confirming John's" land titles, were named 
as successive heirs after his own issue his brothers Walter, Alan, David and Robert, his uncles 
Sir Archibald' and Sir Jamcs^ Stewart, and his kinsman Thomas** Stewart. Now, Sir John had 
a son Dugald by a daughter of Maclarcn of Ardveich, and he wished very much to make this 
boy his heir. The sons-in-law opposed this, but Sir John sent for the mother and boy. As he 
came out of his castle to meet them he was stabbed by an assassin, but before he died he call- 
ed his priest and a marriage ceremony was performed, thus legitimating the son, at that time 
about 18 years old, in the year 1463, The boy escaped being murdered but was never able to 
attain his full estate. Children of Sir John**: 

1 Isabel married Colin, first earl of Argyle 

2 Margaret married Sir Colin Campbell of Glenurchy 

3 Marion married Arthur Campbell of Ottar 

4 Dugald 1445 

Dui^ald^ Stewart (John/ Robert/ John^) was the first chief of Appin. He laid claim 
to the chieftainship and estates of Lorn, but after much difficulty he surrendered his right in 
1469 to the duke of Argyle for the district of Appin, or Upper Lorn. His uncle Walter** also 
tried to dispossess him of his right, but the more resourceful and powerful duke bested them 
both, letting Walter have Innermeath. Dugald died in 1497. By a daughter of Macdougall of 
Nether Lorn he had: 

I Duncan,'" his successor, who died unmarried. King James'" Stewart IV made frequent 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


trips to the western highlands because of trouble with the lords of the isles, who 
were trying to assert their independence, and he became well acquainted with 
• EHincan, who was a bold and energetic man. To get his support the king added 
to his £40 estate of Appin with grants of land and an appointment as the king's 
chamberlain of the isles, and compelled Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurchy to re- 
store to Duncan the third part of Appin, making him owner of all Appin. 

1 Alan, third chief of Appin 

3 Robert, who died without legitimate issue 

The MacRob Stcwirts arc descended from Robert Stewart, an illegitimate son of Du^ald 9. 

Sir Alan'^ Stewart (Dugald,^ John,^ Robert^) came into possession of Appin on the 
death of his elder brother Duncan. He married a daughter of Cameron of Lochiel, by whom 
he had five sons, all of whom accompanied him to the field of Flodden, Sep. 9, 1513, in which 
battle with the English King James IV was killed. After their return from Flodden Sir Alan 
divided his lands among his five sons. He died at a very advanced age about 1562. Sons: 

1 EHincan, fourth chief of Appin 

2 John [ancestor of the Stewarts of Strathgarry] 

3 Dugald [ancestor of the Stewarts of Achnaconc] 

4 James [ancestor of the Stewarts of Fasnacloich] 

5 Alexander [ancestor of the Stewarts of Invernahyle] 

To be continued 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury* Mass. — 214 

Georite Wyman' Steward (Paoli H.,^ Thomas,^ Phineas,* Solomon/^ James,^ Dun- 
can^) ^ born May i, 1843, in Skowhegan, Me., was a tinsmith, farmer and engineer on a packet 
steamboat on the Mississippi river for a long time. He enlisted Apr. 14, 1861, as a private in 
company F, Third regiment of Maine volunteer infantry in the Civil war for three years, was 
made corporal Nov. 2, 1863, and was color bearer a short time. He took part in the two bat' 
les of Bull Run (he was taken prisoner there Aug. 30, 1862, paroled until exchanged and was 
again with his company by Jan. i, 1863), siege of Yorktown, Williamsburg, Seven Pines, Mal- 
vern Hill, Charles City Crossroads, two Wilderness, North Anna, Cold Harbor, Chancellor- 
ville (where he was again taken prisoner May 2, 1863, spent two weeks in Libby prison and 
returned to duty before Nov. i) and Spottsylvania Clourthouse, all in Virginia. In the latter 
battle he was wounded in the right leg. He was honorably discharged at the expiration of his 
term of service, June 28, 1864. He married Feb. 20. 1867, Anna Maria Severance, born in 
Stillwater, Minn., daughter of J. D. and Almira Severance. Children, born in Taylor's Falls, 

1 Anna Eliza, July 5, 1875: -|-Nov. 21, 1898 

2 Ernest Elmer, Feb. 6, 1877; unmarried [1926] 

3 Helen Wyman, Oct. 8, 1880; —Aug. 23,' 1905, Ralph Orson Bramhill of Los Angeles 
Oarence Ck>lbum^ Stewart (Elijah W.,« Thomas,^ Phineas* Solomon,^ James,^ 

Duncan^), born Nov. 18, 1846, in Monson, Me., removed with his parents to Augusta at the 
age of nine years. He was a teamster, door 'maker, carpenter, stone-mason and farmer. He 
owned and resided on farms in Sidney, Clinton, Carribou and Augusta. He was in San Fran- 
Cisco, Calif., when an earthquake rocked that city in the 1860s, and he narrowly escaped being 
struck by a falling steel beam. He enlisted Feb. 27, 1864, in the 32nd regiment of Maine vol' 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as - 90, means refer to that page; - means married, 
-^ marriage intention, •!• marriage license, -f died, X buried, Bible record, (a) church, ($) town, ® gravestone, 
'X) probate, (?) court, (?) land, (si) military, (?) pension. ®^ census. ^ tradition, (fi> local history. (1i patriotic soci- 
ety, (Q) obituary, biography or genealogy. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


antccr infantry, birt bring under the age limit he was not mustered into service. He married 
in Augusta May ii, 1874, Pcrsis Ellen Barker, bom Feb. 14, 1847, in Clinton, daughter of 
Abijah and Julia A. (Knox) Barker. He died May 25, 1914, in Augusta, and was buried in 
Clinton. Children : 

1 Caroline Adella, Feb. 23, 1876, Sidney: -i-Oct. a, 189a, Clinton 

2 Everett Knox, Oct. 11, 1877, Clinton: -|-Feb. 14, 1883, Clinton [N. H. 

3 Scott Barker, Nov. 9, 1881, Carribou; =Dec. 22, 1908, Bertha M. Lervey, Goff 's Falls. 
Arthur Wyman' Stewart {Elijah W.,* Thomas,* Phmeas,* Solomon,^ JameSy'^ Dun- 
can'), born Feb. 23, 1858, in Augusta, Me., was a school teacher in early life, a farmer eleven 
years, a carpenter five years, and a postoffice clerk. He married in Clinton Sep. 2, 1879. Car- 
oline K. Barker, born there May 27, 1862, daughter of Abijah ^nd Julia A. (Knox) Barker. 

1 Clarence Elmer, Apr. 21, 1881, Augusta; —July 1, 1905, Daisy May Black 

2 Clyde Marshall, Nov. 27, 1887, Augusta; —July i, 191 1, Jessie Brashear 

Charles Elmer^ Stewart (Elijah W.,« Thomas,'^ Phineas,^ Solomon,^ James,^ Dun- 
can^), born Mar. 6, 1861, in Augusta, Me., resided there until 1879^ when he removed to Bos- 
ton, Mass. He married in Augusta Dec. 25, 18S8, Georgia Hanks, bom there Dec 4, 1862, 
daughter of William P. and Ann (Whiten) Hanks. They have no children. 

Randall^ Steward (John,® John,* Daniel/ Solomon,''^ James,2 Duncan^), born July 10, 
1818, inSkowhegan, Me. [page 224], married in St.Albans Apr. 3, 1845, Sarah Maria Hawkes, 
born Feb. 4, 1826, at Litchfield, daughter of Moses and Anna (Hall) Hawkes. As a young 
man he was a school teacher, later a stone-mason and a farmer. He moved to Iowa in 1858, 
and to Battle Creek, Mich., in 1879. There he died Apr. 17, 1894. His widow died March 
28, 1900, at Mount Vernon, O. : they are both buried at Battle Creek. Children, the first six 
born in St.Albans; the others, in Iowa: 

1 Eulyssa, Feb, 7, 1846: -^Oct. 20, 1849 

2 Chelsea, Aug. 8, 1847: r Oct. 24, 1849 

3 Adella, July 24, 1849; — 1876, Julius W. Morrison: f Apr. 30, 1880, Spenser, la. 

4 Eulyssa, Apr. 15, 1851; —Nov. 28, 1871, Charles S. Merrill, Burr Oak, la. 

5 Anna Hall, Mar. 29, 1853; —Apr. i, 1889, Dr. Clayton C. Flatt, Battle Creek 

6 Eleanor Neal, June 12, 1855; 1 Feb. 6, 1882, Henry P. Holscr, (2) Rev. W. H. Saxby 

7 Dillwyn Jones, Oct. 17, 1858: drowned Sep. 30, 1877, ^^ Mississippi river 

8 Oliver W., July 24, 1861 : -r Mar. 24, 1S78, Battle Creek 

9 Maria Holway, July 45, 1864; i - Delmcr Nathan Loughborough, (2) S. P. Edwards 
10 Effie Wright, Jan. 31, 1867; -^Aug. 8, 1889, Frank W. Field 

To be continued 


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Noble Lines of Descent in Scotland — B: 3 


Duncan" Stewart (Alan,"' Ehigaldy'^ John^) was the fourth chief or baron of Appin. 
He was old enough to accompany his father to the battlefield of Flodden in 151 3. and was too 
old, or perhaps dead, to lead the clan at the battle of Pinkie, Sep. 10, 1547, as the tutor (as 
next of kin) led them on that occasion. He certainly died before 1 56a. He is said 
to have been murdered by a MacArthur on his way home from a visit with his 
son'in'law, after he had crossed a stream as far as which he had been given a safe 
conduct. He married Jonet Gordon. One son : 
I John, ** the fair Gordon*' 

John^^ Stewart (Duncan,^^ Alan,*^ Dugald^), "the fair Gordon,'' was the 
fifth of Appin, and entered into a contract Dec. 4, 1570, with Colin Campbell of 
Glenurquhay for their common defense. He married (i) Katherine, daughter of John gorm 
Campbell, first of Lochnell, and widow of John Maclean of Kinlochalinc, by whom he had one 
son, Duncan, his successor. He married (2) a daughter of Macdonald of Muidart, who bore 
him a son John, afterwards of Ardsheal. He must have died previous to or early in 159?. 

1 Duncan 

2 John, first chief of ARDSHEAL 

3 daughter who married Alan Cameron of Lochiel 

Duncan^^ Stewart (Jofin,'- Duncan,^^ Alan''*), sixth of Appin, succeeded his father, 
and in 1595 the possession of the lands of Lismore was confirmed by the superior. Sir Duncan 
Campbell of Glenurchy, to "Duncan Stewart of Appin, son of the deceased John Stewart." He 
married a daughter of Campbell of Lochnell, by whom he had three sons. An old family man- 
uscript states that the two younger sons "appear to have left no issue," as in the succeeding 
generation the laird of Ardsheal was tutor, as nearest of kin to Appin. 

1 Duncan, his successor 

2 John 

3 Alan 

Duncan'^ Stewart (Duncan,^^ John,^'^ Duncan,^^ Alan'"), seventh of Appin, succeed- 
ed his father. During a carousal he was persuaded to give up Castle Stalcaire to Campbell of 
Airds in exchange for an 8'Oared beorlin or wherry. The Stewart clan was disgusted at this, 
as Stalcaire was their strongest fortress and an object of their pride. During subsequent for* 
ays they were led by his brother John until his son, Duncan mor, attained his majority, as in 
1614 John was summoned to Edinburgh — and probably didn't go— to answer charges brought 
against the Stewarts by the earl of Argyle for incursions upon his lands. Duncan married a 
daughter of Cameron of Lochiel and had : 

J Duncan, eighth of Appin, succeeded to the estate on his father's death. Jan. 30, 16451 
he signed a band of union among all his majesty 's faithful subjects, and accord' 
ingly took the field as head of his clan to join the marqui.s of Montrose. The 
Stewarts were in the center of the field at Inverlochy, Feb. 2, 1645, where they 
distinguished themselves by their furious valor. After the defeat of Montrose 
at Philiphaugh on Sep. 13, 1645, he joined Sir Alexander MacColl Macdonald, 
who still kept the field in Argyleshire for King Charles Stuart. After the king's 
downfall Duncan forfeited his estate. This forfeiture was canceled, however, 


Digitized by VjOOQ 


on the accession of Charles Stuart II in 1660. He married Jean Campbell, daugh' 
ter of Sir Robert Campbell of Glenurchy, but his only child was a daughter 
Margaret, who married Campbell of Lochnell. He died apparently before 1685. 

2 Alan 

3 Donald : had a son William, a priest, who was murdered in Rome in 1737 

4 daughter married Alexander" Stewart, fourth of Invemahyle (of whom later) 

Alan^^ Stewart (Duncan,^* Duncan,^^ John,^^ Duncan,^^ Alan^**). was never chief of 
Appin, but his son was. He married a daughter of Maclean of Coll. Son: 
I Robert 
Robert ^^ Stewart (Alan"), ninth of Appin, came into possession of his uncle Dun- 
can's estate, and is first mentioned in Acts of Parliament, 1685. He left college when a youth 
to join Viscount Dundee when he declared for James Stuart VII in 1689, but on account of his 
youth the clan was led by John Stewart of Ardshcal, who, as next of kin, was his tutor. He 
was accused of being at the battle of Killiecrankie, fought June 17, 1689, a victory for King 
James Stuart VII in Dundee's rising, and was attainted. He was arrested later in 1689 and 
sent by sea to Glasgow, but he was released by order of Queen Mary, perhaps because of his 
youth. He was summoned Aug. i, 1714, to Edinburgh to give security that he would not join 
in any uprising against the government, but he did not obey the summons. He was at the earl 
of Mar's "hunting party" on the braes of Mar on Aug. 27, 1715, and later took the field with 
150 men in the revolt for James Stuart VIII. He died after 1730. He married (i) a daughter 
of Macleod of Maclcod; (a) Ann, daughter of Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell. Children: 

: died at school 

; married Lachlan Maclachlan of Lachlan 

; married Alexander Macdonald of Glcncoe 

: last baron of Appin. He sold the estate in 1765 and died in 1769 

: died unmarried 
: died unmarried 
















John'-^ Stewart (JoKn,'*-^ Duncan,^^ Alan*") was the first chief of Ardsheal, given him 
by his father. It was the custom in those days for young men of family to be trained to arms 
and courtesy in the households of great nobles, and accordingly he got the privilege of entering 
the household of the king's cousin, Lodovic Stewart, second duke of Lennox. He made valu' 
able acquaintances there and thus became a man of influence. He married Mary Macdonald of 
Kcppoch. Children: 

1 Duncan ~ Anne Stewart of Lettershuna 

2 Alexander 

Duncan'* Stewart (John,^'^ John,^'^ Duncan,^^ Alan^^), second of Ardsheal, succeeded 
his father. He was steadfast in his loyalty to King Charles Stuart I and served in 1644 and 
1645 as an officer in the Appin regiment under the marquis of Montrose. He married Anne 
Stewart, daughter of John Stewart of Lettershuna, brother of Donald, fifth of Invemahyle, and 
had [at least] two sons and four daughters: 

I John ; married Ann Campbell 

a Alexander ; married a daughter of Alexander Stewart of Ballachelish 

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3 daughter ; married Macdonald of Killicchonat 

4 daughter ; married John Stewart, third of Ballachelish 
y Isabella ; married James Stewart, fifth of Fasnacloich 
6 daughter ; married Maclachlan of Cregan 

Johni'' Stewart (Duncan^* Jo/in,** Jofin,»-' Duncan,^^ Alan'"), third of Ardsheal, act- 
ing as commander of the Appin men about 1685, during the minority of Robert, sent a number 
of armed men, commanded by his own brothers, and carried off a considerable number of cattle 
from the estate of Barbrcck in the heart of the Argyleshire Campbells, in lieu of rents due Sir 
James Stewart, sheriff (afterwards earl) of Bute. He took an active part, as tutor to Robert 
of Appin, in raising the western clans to meet Dundee when he arrived at Inverlochy in 1689 
to confer with Lochiel. He and his men probably arrived late at the battle of Killiecrankic. 
where Robert had plunged in with over a hundred of the clan. He married Ann Campbell, 
daughter of Colin Campbell of Lochnell. Children : 

; married Elizabeth Stewart of Ballcchin 










; married John Stewart, eighth of Gknbuckic [see later mention] 
; married Duncan Stewart, son of James, fifth of Fasnacloich 

Alexander*^ Stewart (Duncan"), younger brother of John, third of Ardsheal, married 
a daughter of Alexander Stewart of Ballachelish, by whom he had three sons. He was killed 
in the attack on the church at Dunkeld, soon after the battle of Killiecrankie in 1689. The 
names of two of his sons are given : 

1 John ; married Ann Campbell of Dunstaffnage : he was of Acharn 

2 Duncan ; was thrice married 

John'^ Stewart (Jofin'-'^), fourth of Ardsheal, succeeded his father. He was summoned 
to Edinburgh in 17 14 with his chief, Robert Stewart of Appin, to give security that he would 
not join any uprising in favor of the pretender, James Stuart. He did not obey the summons, 
but served with the Appin regiment under the earl of Mar at the battle of Sheriffmuir in 171 5. 
His estate was confiscated but was restored in 17 17. He married Elizabeth Stewart, daughter 
of Charles Stewart, eighth of Ballechin in Athole. Children : 

1 Charles ; married Isabella Haldane in 1732 

2 John 

3 Anne ; married Alexander Stewart, fourth of Ballachelish 

4 Helen 

5 Isabella 

6 Margaret ; married John Glas Stewart of Benmorc 

7 Janet : died unmarried 

John^^ Stewart (AUxander^^) was of Acharn. He married Ann Campbell of Dunstaff' 
nage. Children: 

1 Alexander of Acharn: he had two sons killed at Culloden, 1746 

2 John Glas : he married (1) Margaret Stewart, daughter of John Stewart, fourth 

of Ardsheal, by whom he had a son John and a daughter Elizabeth ; he married 
(2) Catherine MacNab of Innischewan and by her had Capt. Duncan Stewart. 
He acquired the estate of Benmore in Perthshire. He was killed at the battle of 
Culloden in 1746, with his two nephews, sons of his brother Alexander. 

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Duncani^ Stewart (Alexander," Duncan,^* John,^^ hhn,^^ Duncan,^^ Alan^^) had by 
his first wife one son, who succeeded him, and by his second wife. Margaret Maclean, daugh' 
ter of Donald Maclean of Ardgour, he had four sons. His third wife was a daughter of Mac- 
lean of Coll, but by her he had no issue. Children: 

1 — — — (son) : survived his father 

2 Alan : of whom was Rev. John Stewart of Inverness 

3 Duncan : killed at Dunkeld 

4 James : died unmarried 

5 William : left issue, now extinct 

6 Moir (daughter) ; married John Stewart, sixth of Fasnacloich 

Charlesi^ Stewart (Jo/in,^^ Jo/in," Duncan,^* John,^^ John,^^ Duncan^^), fifth of Ard- 
sheal, married in 1732 Isabella Haldane. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the young pre- 
tender, Charles Stuart, in i745'6. — A: 187. He died Mar. 15, 1757. in France. Sons: 

1 Alexander : died in 1769, without issue 

2 Ehincan ; =Jan. 6, 1767, Ann Erving, in Boston, Massachusetts 

To be continued 

Duncan Stewart of Newbury* Mass. — B:4 

Ollve^ Steward (John,^ John,'^ Daniel^* Solomon,^ James,^ Duncan^), born March 25, 
1817, at Skowhegan, Me., married at Hartland Sep. 26, 1843, Calvin Selden Glidden, born Nov. 
18, 1812, at St.Albans, son of John and Mary (Jewett) Glidden. He died Oct. 19, 1868, at 
Burr Oak, la., and she died there Oct. 2, 1874. Children, the first two born at Fort Kent and 
the others at St.Albans, Me. : 

1 Kelsey Lufkin, Feb. 2, 1845: -j-May 8, 1864, shot at battle of Todd's Tavern, Va. 

2 Cecil Gray, July 18, 1846: +Dec. 21, 1850, St.Albans 

3 Emlin Harder, Nov. 15, 1847; = 1869, William Halsey Bovee: -hSep. 23. 1894 

4 Nancy Steward, June 3, 1851; ~- Warren F. Colegrove 

5 Calvin Selden, Oct. 24, 1852; = Adaliza Symms: -|- Jan. 16, 1874 

6 Mary Esther, Oct. 7, 1854; =Feb. 21, 1896, Charles Hiram Hawes: res. California 

7 Lucia Mabel, Nov. 5, 1857; —June 17, 1902, Edward Angell Strong: res. Minneapolis 

8 Mark Ernest, Dec. 8, 1859; =Oct. 15, 1896, Mrs. Ivy (Camp) Duffield : Goodland, Kan. 
Coney Weston" Steward (Jo/in**), born July 15, 1823, at St.Albans, Me., married (i) 

near Madison, Wis., Jan. 6, 1850, Sarah Elizabeth Nye, born Feb. 14, 1834, in Maine, daughter 
of Sewall and Ann (Nutting) Nye. She died Oct. 14, 1858, in Wisconsin. He married (2) at 
Madison Oct. — , i860, Sarah Eliza Jenkins, born Apr. 13, 1834, at Bangor, Me., daughter of 
Joseph and Eliza (Davis) Jenkins. He died Oct. 2, 1912, at Boone, la., and his widow died in 
1914 at Decorah, la. Children: 

1 Miranda Eulyssa, Sep. 3, 1850, Fitchburg, Wis.; =Aug. 11, i863, Lorenzo Stinchfield 

2 Cecil Glidden, Feb. 8, 1853, near Madison; =Oct. 20, 1878, Hattie Bacon 

3 Ann Jeanette, Apr. 18, 1855; =^Dec. 24, 1871, Nathan Hall Webb, Decorah, la. 

4 Sewall, July 5, 1857: -f-Apr. 11, 1858 

5 Edna Abbic, Nov. 29, 1864, near Madison ; = Apr. 14, 1892, Charles E. Oberholser 

6 William Kelsey, Sep. 5, 1869, Burr Oak, la.; =July 21, 1896, Amber Thompson 

7 Elbert, Aug. 17, 1871, Decorah; =Aug. 21, 1901, Caroline Huscby 

8 Roy Harvey. June 21, 1875, Fillmore county, Minn.; =Apr. 21, 1895, Eliz. McMastera 

To be continued 

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(D probate, (f) court. (?) land, (i) military, ($> pension, ® centua, (f^ tradition, (^ local hittory, ^ patriotic loci- 
ety, (8> obituary, biography or genealog>'. 

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Noble Lines of Descent in Scotland — B: 8 

From the book, "Stewarts of Appin," 1880 

John" Stewart (Alan,»« Dugald,'^ John,^ RobertJ jo/in,* Robert,^ James,* John^), second 

aon of Sir Alan, third baron of Appin. accompanied his father to the battlefield of Flodden in 

1513- He received from his father the lands of Strathgarry. The records of his descendants 

are missing. Some time toward the end of tb^ "•- 

teenth century [about 1590-5] Stewart of St 

garry, having taken possession of lands in th 

per part of Rannoch which had been held 

Macdonald. was surprised by a party of that 

and killed by them for dispossessing their kin: 

A meeting of the Stewarts of Appin, Balqui 

and Atholet was held at the bridge of Ke 

and they entered into a bond to avenge the 

of their kinsman of Strathgarry. They had I 

of fire and sword against the murderers, pro 

by the widow who went to Stirling to shov, »..^ 

bloody shirt of her husband to the privy council, and they killed several Macdonalds. (A copy 

of this bond was long in the possession of the Ardvoirlich family,! as an Ardvoirlich had been 

one of the leaders, but it was lent to a Stewart of Annat and at his death it could not be found 

amongst his papers, but a copy of it is said to be in the possession of the duke of Athole.t) 
Duiiald Stewart, a lineal descendant and representative of John." sold the lands of 

Strathgarry about 1720 to Duncan**' Stewart, a cadet of the family of Invcrnahyle [see page 11]. 

Dugald was at that time a lieutenant in Halkett's regiment in the Dutch army. 

Duiiald" Stewart (Alan*"), third son of Sir Alan, was given the estate of Achnacone 
by his father after the return of Sir Alan and his five sons from Flodden in 15 13. The old and 
valuable papers of the Achnacone family have, unfortunately, been lost. These lands, how' 
ever, descended from Dugald in regular succession from father to son down to Duncan Stewart, 
who married Mary Stewart, daughter of Duncan Stewart of Inverlochy. of the family of Fas* 
nacloich, and died in 1850, leaving descendants, including Alexander Stewart of Achnacone. 

James" Stewart (Alan"0, fourth son of Sir Alan, received the lands of Fasnacloich 
from his father after their return from the battle of Flodden in 15 13. He married a daughter 
of Maclean of Kinlochaline. Children: 
I Dugald 
1 James 
3 John 

•The Stewarts of Glen Ogle and others in Ralquidder are also descendants of the Stewarts of Appin. 

+The Stewarts of Athole consist almost entirely nf the descendants of the four illegitimate sons of Sir Alex- 
ander Stewart (the Wolf of Badenoch). fourth son of King Robert II (This man later.] 

tThe older families of Baldorran, Ardvoirlich. Annat, Gartnafuaroe and the original Stewarts of Glenbuckie 
were all descended from Lord James (8), son of Murdoch Stewart, duke of Albany. 

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Duiiald*'^ Stewart (James,^^ Alan^*^), second of Fasnacloich, succeeded his father. He 
married a daughter of Alexander Macdonald. One son: 
I John 

John*^ Stewart, third of Fasnacloich, married a daughter of Campbell of Inverawe. 
Two sons : 

1 John 

2 Alexander 

John'^ Stewart, fourth laird of Fasnacloich, married Margaret Stewart, third daughter 
of John of Lettershuna, brother of Donald, fifth of Invernahyle. One son: 
I James 

James*^ Stewart, fifth of Fasnacloich. married (i) a daughter of Campbell of Auch- 
nard, by whom he had a son John, his successor. He married (2) a daughter of Alexander 
Stewart, second of Ballachelish, by whom he had four sons, who were all present at the battle 
of Killiecrankie or at the siege of Dunkeld, 1689, where James was wounded. Children : 

1 John 

2 Duncan ; married Isabel Stewart, daughter of John^^ of Ardsheal 

3 Alexander 

4 James : his son James had a son James who married Mary'** Stewart, below 

5 Alan 

John'^ Stewart, sixth of Fasnacloich, married Moir Stewart, daughter of Duncan of 
Ardsheal. [Seepages.] Children: 

1 James : died unmarried, before his father 

2 John 

3 Alexander James, born 1672; married Anne Stewart of Ardsheal: had one son, Charles. 

He was present at Killiecrankie, 1689, and at SherifFmuir, 1715, but was too old 
to fight for Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745. 

John'^ Stewart, seventh of Fasnacloich, was married twice. By his first wife, Wini- 
fred Macdonald of Glcncoc, he had a son James, at least. By his second wife, Anne MacNab, 
he had a son John, at least. Children: 

1 James, July 17, 172J 

2 Alexander : major 

3 Duncan : lieutenant in 74th Highlanders 

4 M ary ; married Jamcs"^ Stewart of Clunes (James,^^ James, '*^ James'') 

5 John ; married Mary Stewart, daughter of Alexander, eighth of Inver- 

nahyle. Some of his sons were officers in the British army. 

James"* Stewart, eighth of Fasnacloich, was present at the battle of Culloden, 1746. 
He married a daughter of Macdonald of Glencoe and had a large number of children, most of 
whom died young. He executed an entail Nov. 18, 1794. Some of his children were: 

1 Ronald : eldest son 

2 Winifred : eldest daughter 

3 Margaret : second daughter 


Alexander" Stewart (Alan'"), fifth and youngest son of Sir Alan, third baron of Ap' 
pin, was given Invernahyle by his father after the return of Sir Alan and his five sons from 
the battlefield of Floddcn in 1513. He married Margaret Macdonald of Lochan. He was kill* 
ed by a Campbell of Dunstaffnage with his own ax, which he had leaned against a tree, early 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


one summer morning on a brushy island on his estate. His infant son Donald escaped being 
murdered by the same gang only because his nurse hid him in a cave three days and later took 
him to her home, where she and her husband, who was an armor smith, brought him up: he 
was called "Donald of the Hammers," in Gaelic, because he was stalwart enough to wield a 
heavy sledge hammer in each hand. Son of Alexander : 
I Donald 

Donald*^ Stewart (Alexamier," Alan^*^, born about 1510, was the second laird of In* 
vernahyle. On growing up he was told the facts of his life, and his uncle Moidart, brother of 
Macdonald of Lochan, helped him recover his patrimony. The estate of Invernahyle, in the 
absence of an heir, had reverted to Appin, but the chief on being informed of Donald's ident' 
ity promptly restored it to him. As tutor of Appin [see page 5] Donald commanded the men 
of the Appin clan at the battle of Pinkie, Sep. 10, 1547. He married (i) a daughter of John 
Stewart of Bunrannoch (Drumchuin), and (2) the widow of James Stewart of the Glens. He 
was a soldier, and died at a very old age before 1600. Children, all by his first wife : 

1 Alexander : died young 

2 Duncan : succeeded his father 

3 Alan : said to have been with his father at the battle of Pinkie 

4 John : got Lettershuna ; he married a daughter of James Stewart of the 

Glens and had six daughters 

5 daughter, who married Archibald Campbell of Achaladcr 

Duncan"* Stewart, third of Invernahyle, succeeded his father. He married Helen 
Campbell. Children : 

1 Alexander : succeeded his father 

2 Dugald : of Dunstaffnage, in Breadalhane, 1656 

3 Alan 

Alexander'^ Stewart, fourth of Invernahyle, married a daughter of Duncan Stewart, 
seventh of Appin, by whom he had twelve sons who all lived to the age of manhood and ap' 
peared one day with their father, all dressed in kilts and in armor. The names and records of 
all these sons have not been preserved.* He was present at Ktlsythe on Aug. 15, 1644, and at 
Invcrlochy on Feb. 2, 1645, with the result of being forfeited in land, person and estate by the 
Scots parliament in 1649. The eldest of his 12 sons was Donald. 








: of Lettershuna 













Donald''^ Stewart, fifth of Invernahyle, succeeded his father. His second son, Rev. 
Duncan Stewart, wrote a "History of the House of Stewart," which was published in 1739, 
nine years after his death in 1730. Rev. Duncan's son Alexander succeeded him in Strathgar* 
ly and died about 1749, being succeeded by his son Alexander, born in 17 12, who was succeed* 
cd by his son Duncan, bom in 1747, who in turn was succeeded by his son Alexander, bom in 

•Duncan Stewart of Newbury (A: 69), Alexander of Ch.irlestown ( \: 13 and other Stewarts early in New 
England may have belonged to thii family. 

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Duiiald'^ Stewart (Duncan,^^ Donald,^^ Alcxamier," Alan»*0, second son of Duncan, 
third of Invemahyle [page ii], was first of Innischaoraich. In 1656 he purchased the lands of 
Innischaoraich and others in Breadalbane from Sir James Campbell of Lawers. Children: 

1 Alan : second of Innischaoraich; married a daughter of Burden of Fidals and 

had a son James, who succeeded him. James married a daughter of Stewart of 
Annat and had two sons, both of whom died unmarried. 

2 Neil 

Nell'* Stewart, second son of Dugald, succeeded as heir to his nephew James. He was 
laird of Botuarne and Tullich in Glenlochay, and afterwards of Edravinnoch in Glendochart. 
He married (i) Jean Stewart, daughter of William of Drumchary in Fortingal, by whom he 
had John, who succeeded him, and (2) Jane Campbell, by whom he had no issue. He was a 
valiant warrior and leader of the Breadalbane Highlanders, and his sword is worn by a de- 
scendant at parades of the division of this organization. Son : 
I John 

John'' Stewart of Edravinnoch succeeded his father at his death in 1737 but survived 
him by only a few months. He married his cousin, Isabel Stewart, daughter of Patrick Stewart 
of Drumchary, by whom he had Charles, who succeeded him. He was out in 1715 under the 
carl of Mar and was severely wounded. Son: 
I Charles 

Charles'' Stewart of Edravinnoch, afterwards of Bohallie, was an ardent partisan of 
Prince Charles Stuart. The king's officers were quartered in the home of his sweetheart, in 
the hope of catching him, and one evening while they were in the parlor he entered the kitch- 
en with a minister and was married, after which he hid out again. He was severely wounded 
at the battle of Culloden when his sword broke, but he picked up another and continued to 
fight [cf. A : 180]. His relative, Gen. David Stewart of Drumchary and Garth, gives a de- 
scription of him in his "Sketches of Highlanders.'' 

James'* Stewart (Alexancier,'* Duncan,^^ Donald,^^ Alexander," Alan'**), second son 
of Alexander, fourth of Invcrnahyle, died about 1690, leaving one son, Alan. 

Alan'' Stewart married a daughter of Rev. Mr. McCalmon, minister of Lismore, and 
died about 17 15. He left four sons: 

1 James : died about 1787 

2 John 

3 Alan 

4 Dugald : of Mount Stewart in Jamaica 

Alan'' Stewart, third son, served with Prince Charles's army in 1745; was wounded 
in the campaign and died soon after. He left a son : 
I Andrew 
Andrew"^ Stewart died about 1765, leaving two sons: 

1 John : died in 1805 

2 Thomas 

Thomas'^ Stewart married Mary Brough, heiress of Boghall. He was an officer in the 
royal army, and died in 1795. Children: 

1 Peter 

2 James 1778; married Isabella Tod and died in 181 3, in New York City 

3 George 1785 

,7 Cp ' ' 

To be continue J 

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Noble Lines of Descent in Scotland — B: 12 

STEWARTS OF B A L L A C H E L I S H— From Invcrnahylc 

From the book, "Stewarts of Appin," 1880 

[There is a discrepancy in this pedigree, as may be plainly seen by comparing dates. — Ed.] 
Alan>3 Stewart (Donald,^^ Alexander,^^ AIan»"), third son of Donald of the Hammers, 

second of Invernahyle [page ii], was with his father at the battle of Pinkie, Sep. lo, 1547. He 

married a daughter of Macdonald of Killiechonat. Two sons: 

1 Alexander 

2 John 

Alexanderi* Stewart (Alan," Donald,^^ Alexamkr," AIan>") married Janet Stewart, 
youngest daughter of John Stewart of Invernahyle. Children : 

I John ; married a daughter of John Stewart of Ardshcal and had no issue male 

1 Beatrice 

i Isabel 

4 Alexander 1684 

Alexanderi^ Stewart (Alexander,^* AlanJ^ Donald, '^ Alexander," AIan»«), fourth of 
Ballachelish, was born in 1684, and succeeded his uncle John. He was at Sheriffmuir in 17 15 
and at Cullodcn in 1746. He married (i) Anne Stewart, daughter of John, fourth of Ardshcal. 
He married (2) Isabel Stewart, daughter of Alexander of Annat, and by her had: 

1 John : succeeded his father 

2 Alexander : killed at Culloden, where four of his nephews were wounded — Duncan, 

Donald, Dugild and Alexander Stewart 

3 Isabella 


From 'The Red Book of Grandtully " 18r>8 

Sir John^ Stewart of Bonkyl. [Sec pages 129 and 187, tome A, and page i, tome B.] 
Sir James^ Stewart (Johrv^ was of Pierston and Warwickhill. He fell at the battle of 
Hallidon Hill, July 19, 1333. His legitimate issue was three sons and a daughter: 

1 Sir John of Pierston; had an only daughter, who married Sir William Douglas 

2 Sir Alan of Ochiltree, in Ayrshire: died sine prole (without issue). Compare page i B. 

3 Sir Robert of Shanbothy, in the county of Clackmannan 

Sir Robert^ Stewart (James,^ John^ of Shanbothy and Innermeath received a charter 
of the lands of Dalzcll and others. Mar. 3, 1362. Children: 

1 Sir John of Innermeath 

2 Sir Robert of Durrisdeer : ancestor of the Stewarts of Rosythe 

3 Catherine, who married John Bethune of Balfour, Fife 

Sir John^ Stewart (Robert,^ James,* John^) of Innermeath died Apr. 26, 1421. He 
was apparently the first laird of Grandtully. Four sons : 

1 Robert, Lord of Lorn : ancestor of the Stewarts of Appin 

2 Archibald 

3 James, the Black Knight: ancestor of the earls of Athole, Buchan and Traquair 

4 Alexander : ancestor of the Steuarts of Grandtully 

Alexander^ Steuart (John,^ Robert,^ James,* Johrv^) received a charter Mar. 30, 1414. 

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from Archibald, carl of Douglas, to the lands of Grandtully, Kyltully and Abcrfcldy. He 
married (before July 15) in 1416 Margaret Hay, sister of John Hay of Tullicbodie who grant' 
ed to him July 15, 1416, a charter of the lands of Banchory, in the barony of Tulliebodie, in 
contemplation of the marriage. He died before July 10, 1449. Eldest son: 

I Thomas 
Thomas'^ Steuart {Alexander/ Jo/in,* Robert,^ James,* John^), third of Grandtully, 
entered into an agreement July 10, 1449, with William, abbot of Cupar, concerning the march' 
cs of Murthly and Kyltully. He was the Thomas named in Lord Lorn's entail in 1452 as next 
in the substitution to Sir James, the black knight. The name of his wife is unknown. He died 
in 1453, and was succeeded by his son : 

I Alexander 
Alexander^ Steuart {Thomas,*^ Alexander,^ John,^ Robert,^ James* Johri^), fourth of 
Grandtully, was served heir to his father Thomas on May 13, 1462, to the lands of Grandtully 
and on June 2, 1462, to the lands of Banchory, and both retours recite that his father died about 
nine years previously. He married Matilda Steuart, daughter of Sir James, son of Murdoch 
Stewart, duke of Albany [In a charter July 8, 1479, by King James III she is referred to as 
"Maid Steuart and her father, John Steuart of Rannoch, and her brothers . . . shall have the 
tutory and keeping of her son John until he attain his majority should Alexander, the boy's 
father, die", etc.], and as spouses they received July 26, 1468, from Alexander, earl of Hunt- 
ley, a charter to the lands of Banchory. He died about 1488 and was succeeded by his son: 

1 John 

John'" Steuart (Alexander,^ Thomas,^ Alexander,' Jo/in,* Roberc,'' James,* Jo/in^), fifth 

of Grandtully, received a charter July 5. 1470, from King James III to the lands of Grandtully, 

Kyltully, Aberfeldy and Carnbow, on the resignation of his father. His wife's name has not 

been ascertained. He died shortly after his father and before Mar. 13, 1488, leaving two sons: 

1 Thomas ; married Agnes Murray, daughter of Sir William of Tullibardine. 

He was sixth laird of Grandtully, and died before Aug. 22, 1494, leaving an only 
daughter, Elizabeth, who married Archibald Campbell of Skipnish. 

2 Alexander 

Alexander'' Steuart (John^^^), seventh of Grandtully, succeeded his brother Thomas 
on Aug. 22, 1494. He marrieJ Margaret Murray, probably of Tullibardine. He interrupted 
and cassed a sassine given by Michael Murray to the lands of Grandtully. He was infefted 
July 5, 1525, of the lands of Aberfeldy, and received a charter Apr. 28, 1526, from King James 
V to the lands of Grandtully, Kyltully and Aberfeldy, and he resigned these lands March 1, 
1^38, in favor of his son: 
I Thomas 

Thomas'^' Steuart {Alcxandtr,^^ Jo/in'"), eighth of Grandtully, received Mar. 14, 1538, 
a charter to the lands of Gran Jtully, etc.. on ijie resignation of his father. He married his 
cousin, Margaret Murray, daughter of William of Tullibardine. Children: 

1 Willum 

2 Alexander : of Carsc, in Dull. Perthshire, mentioned in the will of his brother 

William. Feb. 28, 1574, when his nephew. Sir Thomas Steuart of Grandtully, was 
served male heir to him in the lands of Carse, etc. 

3 John : of Fondoynet. [See later.] 

4 Janet ; married George Robertson of Fascally 

William'^ Steuart (T/iomas,'- Alexander," John"'), ninth of Grandtully, married (i) 
Margiret Abercrcmbie of Murihly, and on his father's resignation they as spouses received a 

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charter from Queen Mary. Margaret died soon after, and he married (2) Isabella Stewart, 
daughter of John, third earl of Atholc. They received Apr. 22, 1552, a charter from Queen 
Mary to the lands of Aberfeldy. He was a member of the convention of Edinburgh held Aug. 
I, 1560, by which the Protestant religion was established. He died Mar. 2, 1574. Children: 

1 Sir Thomas : tenth of Grandtully, died about 1610, sine prole 

2 Grizel 

3 Sir William 1567 

Sir Wllllami* Steuart (William,^^ Thomas,^'^ Alexander," Jo/ini*^). bom in 1567, was 
^hc eleventh laird of Grandtully. He married Agnes MoncriefF, daughter of Sir John of that 
'ik. He was a friend of King James VI, and died in 1646. Children: 

I Sir Thomas : twelfth of Grandtully, succeeding in 1646. He was a Covenanter 

and angered King Charles I by his adherence to James, earl of Montrose, in 163Q. 
Montrose later left the Covenanters and helped the king, and the duke of Ar* 
gyle led the Covenanters until his defeat Aug. 15, 1645, at Kilsythe. Sir Thom* 
as died Aug. 10, 1688, leaving an only son John, who died in 1720, unmarried. 
1 Sir William : of Innernytie. [Sec later.] 

3 James : appears to have died young [living in 1641] 

4 Henry : carried on the line of Grandtully 

5 John : of Balleid. [See later.] 

Henryi' Steuart (William,^* William,^^ T/iomas,'- Alexanacr," Jofin»"), fourth son, 
was an advocate at the Scottish bar. He married Mary Campbell, daughter of Colin Campbell 
of Aheruchel, and had two sons and two daughters: 

1 Sir Thomas : of Blair, Lord Balcaskic 

2 Henry : a doctor of medicine 

3 Marjory ; married William Borthwick of Pilmuir 

4 daughter ; married MoncriefF of Recdie 

Sir Thomas'^ Steuart (Henry, »^ William," Wil/iam," Thomas,^^ Alexander," Jo/in"') 
of Blair, Lord Balcaskie, was created a baronet June 2, 1683. He married Lady Jane Macken' 
zic, daughter of George, earl of Crcmartie. Children: 

1 Thomas, July — , 1685 : it is presumed he died young 

2 Margaret, bp. July 21, 1685, with her twin brother Thomas 

3 George, Oct. 12, 1686: fourteenth of Grandtully, succeeding in 1720 

4 John : fifteenth of Grandtully 

5 Kenneth : died before Jan. 20, 172 1, unmarried 

John ^^ Steuart, third son of Thomas,'*- eighth of Grandtully, married a daughter of 
George Bannerman of Middle Cardnie, in the county of Perth. He died about 1605. Son: 
I Thomas 
Thomas'^ Steuart succeeded his father in Fondoynct, parish of Logierait, Perthshire, 
about 1605. He married a daughter of Steuart of Foss and had a son : 
I John 
John'-'^ Steuart of Fondoynet succeeded his father about 16^5. He served in Mont' 
rose's army in 1645. He married Dorothy Steuart, daughter of John of Bonskeid, and had: 
I Thomas 
Thomas'^ Steuart as fiar of Fondoynct served in Montrose's army in 1645. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth Steuart, by whom he had two sons [Logierait parish records] : 

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Patrick, bp. Feb. i6, 1676: seems to have died during the lifetime of his father 
Alexander, bp. Oct. 12, 1678 
Alexander^^ Steuart succeeded his father in Fondoynct. He married Helen Steuart, 
daughter of Commissary Charles Steuart of Rothmell. Children, baptized in Logierait: 

1 John, bp. Dec. 19, 1702; married (booked June 16, 1723) Margaret Steuart, daughter of 

John of Balnakely. His son John was in possession of Fondoynet in 1739. 

2 Jean, bp. May 13, 1704 

3 Alexander ; married (booked July 29, 1738) Amelia Robertson 

To be continued 

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willingness to do whatever they could to help gather records of the Stewart family and to have 
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editor of this magazine feels that the time has come when a capable searcher should go to the 
north of Ireland and to Scotland to obtain all the records still to be found. It would undoubt' 
cdly result in the discovery of many interesting connections, and would be a satisfaction to 
many people who have hoped through the years that some time, somehow, the perplexing puz' 
zle of their Stewart ancestry would be solved. If a fund sufficient to undertake the work can 
be raised the editor of the Stewart Clan Magazine will go on this mission. You may be asked 
to contribute to this fund, by filling in a blank pledge enclosed with this issue. It's a fine 
cause. You will always be proud of the part you may take in it. The work should go for^ 
ward immcdiatelv, for summer is short in the Highlands. 

I Surely Hope it Does. Don*t You? 

Minden isn't my home. 1 haven't found my home yet. Some day 1 shall, of course. Ev' 
erybody does, I guess. But I am leaving Minden one of these spring days. Yes, it's spring, 
even if this magazine is dated October. I came here "late in the lonesome October". 1 shall 
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think I have a wife and several children, and get ready to go somewhere. This hotel, where I 

got stuck five months ago, was the si.xticth hotel I 
had slept in since 1 made the break to get away 
from Filley. That town's only claim to distinct' 
ion is that 1 lived there ten years. And now I'm 
going right back there. And sell all my stuff, put 
the money in a sack and run away with my wife. 
I 've written her that I may go to Scotland, but I 
don't suppose she believes it. I took that woman 
to Mexico City one time, and while we were eat' 
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Felix Diaz set off a revolution in our backyard. But she soon forgave me. She thinks I'm quite 
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Well, I shouldn't take up so much of your time, folks. I hope to mail you several numbers of 
volume 7 from Scotland I'll remember your particular problems and shall try hard to get ycu 
the long'sought data, if this thing goes over. 


37. John Stewart of Schf nrcta ly. N. Y.. is mcniionrd on paRc 242, tome A. Uc wat horn aboui 17.16 
and married, perhaps as second wife. Miria Stevens, daughter of Arent. Was he the John Stewart born May 
27. 1738, in Voluntown. Conn., son of I'non^as (p Wi), ton of A'exanJer? .Mrs. J. W. I.rhi, I'. ah. 

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VOL. VI NO. 5 

Elditor: George Thomas Edson. Minden. Nebraska 


Flaald, seneschal of Dol, in Brittany, son of Alan 

Alan, seneschal of Dol; sheriff of Shropshire. England 
Walter, high steward of Scotland 


Alan, died in 1204 


Walter' Stewart, first of the sirname 


Alexander,'^ fourth high steward 

^K^ ^ 



John^ of Bonkyl 




King Robert^ II 

I I 

King Robert III Thomas 







John Robert? 

I I 

John Alan 

King James I Thomas John William Marion Robert Alex. William Alan 

Stewarts of Castlemllk 

Fron "A Genealogical History of the Stewarts," 1798. by Andrew Stewart 

Sir John^ Stewart of Bonkyl. [See pages 129 and 187, tome A, and page i, tome B.] 
Alexander, his eldest son, succeeded him, and Alexander's son Sir John* was created earl of 
Angus in 1327. Sir John'** died in December, 1331, leaving an only son Thomas, earl of Angus, 
whose son Thomas, third earl of Angus of the name of Stewart, died in 1577, without issue, 
and the title devolved upon his sister. Lady Margaret Stewart. Thus the line of descent from 
Sir Alan, second son of Sir John'* Stewart of Bonkyl, became the nearest to the crown. 

Sir Alan^ Stewart (Jo/in^) received from King Robert Bruce the lands of Dreghorn in 
Ayrshire and acquired the estate of Cruickston, first possession of the Stewarts of Darnley in 
Renfrewshire. He was killed at the battle of Hallidon Hill, July 19, ijjj, leiving issue: 

1 Sir John of Darnley, eldest son. He died after the year 1361 and before 1369, having 

two sons: John, the elder, was one of the hostages in August. 1357, for the ran' 
som of King David and died before Oct. 3, 1357: Robert, the second son, became 
on Oct. 3, 1357, after the death of his brother John, one of the hostages; he died 
without issue. The existence of a son Walter is dubious. 

2 Walter : died without leaving male issue 

3 Sir Alexander of Darnley, third son 

4 Elizabeth ; married John de Hamilton: lands of Ballincrief 

Sir Alexander^ Stewart (Alan,^ Johir^) succeeded to the Darnley estates before 1371 
and died soon thereafter. Sons: 

1 Alexander 

2 William of Jedworth: this son is not mentioned in Andrew Stewart's book but in a re- 

futation published in 1799 the Castlemilk pedigree was attacked and this Will' 
iam has been placed here by some genealogists. Other places have been given him. 

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Sir Alexander^ Stewart (Alexander,* Alan,* JohnP) of Darnlcy married Dame Janet 
Keith of Galstown, by whom he had five sons and a daughter. He died between 1599 and 1406. 

1 Sir John of Darnley, first Lord Aubigny : ancestor of King James VI 

2 Sir William of Castlemilk 

3 Alexander of Galstown, third son 

4 Robert of Newtown of Wyston, fourth son : ancestor of the Stewarts of Barscube [later] 
•) James : fifth son, mentioned as son of Sir Alexander in the grant of the lands of 

Newtown of Wyston to his brother Robert 
6 Janet ; married in 1391 Thomas de Sommcrville 

Sir William' Stewart (Alexander,^ Alexander,^ Alan,* ]ohn^) of Castlemilk, second 
son, was killed in February, 1419, during the siege of Orleans, in the same battle as his brother 
John. Children : 

1 David, Lord Fynnart and Castlemilk: succeeded his father in 1429 and died before 1464, 

having been predeceased by his son Alexander, who had no issue 

2 Archibald : succeeded his brother David before 1464 and died before 1467 and 

was succeeded by his son. Sir William, who died in 1469, leaving no sons 

3 Matthew 

4 Walter of Arthurly: had a son Walter of Arthurly who married Janet Cameron and had 

two daughters, Isabel and Elizabeth, heiresses 

5 Elizabeth ; married Robert Lyle 

Matthew^ Stewart {William,'^ Alexander/* Alexander,^ Alan,* hhn^), third son, suc- 
ceeded his nephew William in the estate of Castlemilk and Fynnart. He died in 1474. 

1 William 

2 John : had two sons, Matthew and John, mentioned Feb. 12, 1489 
Wllilain^ Stewart (MattKeu','* William,^ Alexander,* Alexander,"^ Alan,* John"') of 

Casseltown and Castlemilk married before 1466 Isabella Norvall, heiress of Cardonald, and 
died in 1496. Sons: 

1 Alexander [parliament dated Feb. 12, 1489 

2 John : mentioned as a son of William in a pardon by the king and states of 
Alexander'^ Stewart {William,^ Matthew,'^ William J Alexander J^ Alexander,^ Alan,* 

John^) of Castlemilk succeeded his father in 1496. He died in 1523 or 1524. Sons: 

1 Archibald 

2 James ; married Janet Auchinlech: he received a charter Sep. 20, 1^1^, from 

John Stewart, earl of Lennox, wherein he describes James as his cousin, son of 
Alexander Stewart of Castlemilk 
Archibald" Stewart (A/exander'") succeeded to the estates of Fynnart, Casseltown 
and Castlemilk. He died in 1542 or 1543. Son: 
I Archibald 
Archibald^- Stewart (Archihald,^^ Alexander'") married Margaret Maxwell. He died 
in 1 54 1 or 1^42. Sons: 

1 David 

2 Alexander of Craigs: left three daughters 

3 John : appears to have been rector of the university of Glasgow, I545'i550 
David'"^ Stuart (Archibald,^'^ Archibald,^^ Alexander^'') of Castlemilk married Janet 

Cunningham, daughter of William of Craigends, and died in 1556 or 1557, leaving two sons: 

1 Alan : succeeded his father in 1556 or 1557 and died before the end of 1557. 

2 Archibald ; married Janet Stewart [without issue 

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Archibald^^ Stuart {David,^^ Archibald,^^ Archubald,^^ Alexander"') succeeded in 1557 
and married in 1570 Janet Stewart, daughter of Sir John of Minto. In a charter and precept 
from Robert Stuart, earl of Lennox, he is called "beloved cousin/' He died in 1612. Son: 
I Archibald 

Sir Archibald'' Stuart (Arc/iibaU," David,'^ Archibald,^^ ArchibaW." Alexander^") 
of Castlemilk succeeded his father in 1612. He married Ann, daughter of Robert, fourth Lord 
Semple. He died Jan. i a, 1660. Two sons: 

1 Archibald ; married Feb. — , 1654, Lady Mary Fleming 

2 James of Torrance; married a daughter of Sir Alexander Cunningham and died in 1690. 

having a son Alexander of Torrance. Alexander married Isabel Nesbet, daugh' 
ter of Sir Patrick, and died in 17:^5, leaving three sons — Col. James, who died 
in 1743, unmarried; Patrick, who died in 1760. unmarried, and Archibald, who 
had three sons: Alexander of Torrance, Andrew, member of parliament and au' 
thor of this book, and James, colonel of 51st regiment of foot and major general. 
Archibald'<> Stuart of Castlemilk died May — , 1643. Son : 
Sir Archibald'' Stuart of Castlemilk married in 1666 Mary Master. Four sons: 

1 Sir William ; married Margaret Crawford 

2 Archibald : died unmarried 

3 Daniel ; married the eldest daughter of Sir George Wishart 

4 James : died unmarried 

To be continueJ 

Steuarts of Innernytie 

From *Thr Red Book of Grandtully " 18fi8 

Sir William''' Steuart (William,^' William,^'^ Thomas,^'^ Alexanaer," John."' Alex- 
ander,"^ Thomas,^ Alexander,' ]ohnJ^ Robert,^ ]ames,* Jofin"'), second son of Sir William'^ Steu' 
art, eleventh laird of Grandtully [page i^, tome B], was ancestor of the Steuarts of Innernytie. 
In 1622 he received a charter of the lands of Airlcywight, Perthshire, and he received July 10, 
^643, a charter of the lands of Luncarty, in the same county. He married Mary Crichton, the 
daughter and co-heiress of John Crichton of Kinvaid and Innernytie, by whom he had one son 
and two daughters. He died in 1672. Children: 

1 John 

2 Anna, Lady Lawers: mother of John Campbell of Lawers, who was murdered in 1723 

3 Anne ; married Sir John Drummond of Machany 

John'^ Steuart of Innernytie was retoured heir of his father Oct. 30, 1672, in the lands 
of Innernytie, Mains of Kinclevin, the lands of Airleywight and many other properties in the 
shire of Perth. He married Jean Leslie, daughter of James, Lord Lindores, by whom he had a 
son John, who succeeded him. He died Feb. 22, 1680, at Edinburgh. 

John'' Steuart was retoured heir of his father July 8, 1681, in the lands of Innernytie 
and others. He joined the rebellion in 17 15 and by an act of parliament in the first year of 
the reign of King George I he was, with many others, attainted of high treason, Nov. 13, 171 5. 
He married Mary Mercer, daughter of Sir James Mercer of Aldie. He died in 173 1. His 
only daughter, Anne, married in 1723 David, sixth viscount of Stormont. 

Steuarts of Fun^orth and Balleid 

From -The Red Book of Grandtully." 1868 

John''"^ Steuart, fifth son of Sir William'* Steuart, eleventh laird of Grandtully [com' 
pare Sir William,''* above], was ancestor of the Steuarts of Fungorth and Balleid. He married 
Isabel Stewart, daughter of James Stewart of Ladywell, and by her he had two sons and two 

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daughters. He died before Nov, 25, 1664, and his widow Isabel married before Feb. 5, 1670, 
John Blair of Ardblair. 

1 William ; married Mar. — , 1669, Marjory Menzies of Culdares 

2 James : a writer to her majesty's Signet, Edinburgh 

3 Margaret ; married John Steuart of Balnakillie 

4 Anne ; married Alexander Menzies of Rotmel, brother of Menzies of Weem 
William'*^ Steuart succeeded his father in 1664. He received Nov. 25, 1664, as near' 

est heir of John Steuart of Fungorth, a charter of novodamus, etc., of the lands of Fungorth 
from the bishop of Dunkeld. He married Marjory Menzies, eldest daughter of Col. James of 
Culdares, by whom he had four sons and three daughters : 

1 John : succeeded his father, and died without issue 

2 Archibald : doctor of medicine; died without issue 

3 William : died in the East Indies, without issue 

4 Patrick : a merchant and factor in Edinburgh; he married Margaret Stewart, 

daughter of Patrick Stewart of Cardneys, and had two sons — John and Archi- 
bald^jx>th of whom died young 

5 Susanna ; married Capt. Archibald Stewart of Culdares 

6 Agnes ; married Patrick Stewart, merchant in Edinburgh 

7 Margaret ; married tO John Campbell of Lochdochart, (2) David Steuart, bro' 

ther to Steuart of Ardvoirlich 

Stuarts of Darnley 

Sir John^ Stewart (Alexander,* Alexander,^ Alan,* Johri^) of Darnley, first Lord of 
Aubigny in France, married Elizabeth, daughter of the. carl of Lennox. He died at Corstooph' 
ine in 1508. 

Alan'* Stewart succeeded his father. 

John^ Stewart 

Matthew'*' Stewart 

John" Stewart 

Matthew'-' Stuart 

Henry'** Stuart married Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, daughter of King 
James V of Scotland. Their son : 

King James'* Stuart VI, became King James 1 of England. The spelling Stuart was 
first used by Mary, Queen of Scots, and was adopted later by a few other Stewart families. 

Fund for Scottish Research is Started with a Pledge of $100 

At the time of going to press with this issue of the magazine it is too early to know any' 
thing about the progress of the research fund, announced in the October issue, mailed only a 
few days ago. A gentleman writes us that he has started the fund with a subscription of $100 
and has so informed a number of the kinsmen, who may follow his example. This is certainly 
fine. We earnestly hope that quite a number will be as magnanimous, and that many will of' 
fer to furnish $50 or $25. The thing should go over big. The Stewart family is the greatest 
m the world's history, and its members should cO'Operate now to obtain and preserve for all 
time the priceless records of a glorious ancestry. Your help will be appreciated by all. 

The first green slip has just arrived, sent by J. A. Stewart of Louisville, Ky., pledging $25 

-and if a certain marriage record in Ireland is found, $50 additional! We intend to publish 

the names of donors, as a matter of accounting. Would you send the inclosed slip to a friend? 


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Monthly Astociate Editor: Horace W. Dickerman. 685 Forest Road. New Haven. Conn. $2 a year 


Editor: Gcorjre Thorn at Edson, Minden. Nebraska 


— 20 

Stewarts of Fort Stewart* Donegal* Ireland 

From "A Family of Millers and Stewart*" and other sources 

Sir John' Stewart of Bonkyl. [See pages 129 and 187, tome A, and page i» tome B.] 
All his sons were knighted by King Robert I, Bruce. That he had sons Robert and Hugh has 
been disputed by some genealogists. He was killed in the battle of Falkirk. July 22, 1298. 

Sir John^ Stewart (Jofin^), probably the fifth and youngest son of Sir John of Bonkyl, 
was called Sir John of Daldon or Dald3wie in Clydesdale. He accompanied Edward Bruce on 
his expedition into Ireland in iji?. He was killed, with his brothers Alan and James, at the 
battle of Hallidon Hill, July 19, 1333. He was probably the Sir John Stewart who in 1290 
granted the lands of Daldowic to his son Robert. If so he had at least two sons : 

1 Robert : of Daldowie, ancestor of the Stewarts of Alantown [later] 

2 John : of Jedburgh or Jcdworth, and of de Forresta 

John^ Stewart {John* John^) was called de Forresta, and was living Jan. 26, 1368. He 
has a very hazy personality but is generally conceded to be the father of: 
I Sir William : of Jedworth 

Sir William'^ Stewart (John,^ John* John^) of Jedworth has been claimed as a young' 
er son of Sir Alexander of Darnley [page 17, tome B], hut good evidence seems to prove he is 
not the Sir William claimed as the ancestor of the Castlcmilk family. He was one of the Scot' 
tish leaders at Otterburn in 1388. He made a contract Oct. 17, 1396, with Sir Walter* SteW' 
art (John,'"^ Walter,* John'*) of Dalswinton, in which he arranged that his son and heir, John, 
should marry Sir Walter's daughter and heiress, Marion [see page 129, tome A]. He was 
taken prisoner by the English at the battle of Homildon, 1402, and was executed by Hotspur, 
Lord Percy, soon after the battle. Son: 
I John 

Sir John' Stewart (Wil/iam," John,* Jdfin,* John^) married in 1396 Marion Stewart, 
heiress of Garlics and Dalswinton in Dumfriesshire. He was killed in an expedition to France 
in 1419. He had at least two sons: 

1 Sir William : of Dalswinton, Garlies and Minto 

2 John : provost of Edinburgh 

Sir Willam'' Stewart (John,' William,'^ John,^ John* John^) of Dalswinton, Garlies 
and Minto married Euphemia Graham. He died m 1479. Sons: 

1 Sir Alexander : of Dalswinton and Garlies, ancestor of the earls of Galloway 

2 Sir Thomas : of Minto 

3 Walter : of Barclye and Tonderghie, ancestor of the Stewarts of Fort Stewart 

Walter^ Stewart (WiUiamJ^ John,' William,^ John,^ John* John^) of Barclye and Ton- 
derghie, or Tondcragee, died about 1490. Son : 
I William 

WUllami'> Stewart (Walter,^ William,^ John: William,* Jo/in,* John,* John^) of Ton- 
deragee had a son : 
I Sir Walter 

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Sir Walter" Stewart (William^^) of Barclyc died about 1549, leaving a son: 
I John 
John^' Stewart (Walter," William^*^) of Barclyc married Egidia Gordon, daughter of 
Gordon of EarUton. Two sons : 

1 Robert 

2 Archibald 

Archibald'^ Stewart (JoKn.!*-* Walter,^^ William^'') is said to have lived in Wigtown- 
shire. He had three sons: 

1 Sir William : of Fort Stewart, in Ireland 

2 Alexander 

3 Sir Robert : of Culmore 

Archibald'^ Stewart 

Sir William Alexander Sir Robert 

I first baronet, 1613 of Culmore 


Sir Alexander Thomas 

I second baronet | of Fort Stewart, Donegal 

Sir William,'" Lord Mountjoy Col. Williami^ 

j third baronet | of Fort Stewart: colonel of 9th regiment 


I < 

Sir William'^ Ezckicl Thomas Rev. Robert William Richard Alexander 

I fourth baronet | | I 

I 1 I / 

Sir William'^ Sir Anneslcy Sir Abraham Alexander Lieut. William 

fifth baronet sixth baronet of Carncmauga of Pa. 

Sir William'^ Stewart (ArcfiifcaW,»a John,^'^ Walter," WiUiam^'') emigrated to Ireland 
during the plantation of Ulster, in the time of King James VI. He married Frances Newcom- 
cr, daughter of Sir Robert of Mosstown, county Longford. He sat in the Irish parliament for 
county Donegal in 1613-15, and was created a baronet on May 2, 1623. He served with dis- 
tinction against the Irish rebels in 1641 and 1642. He died in 1662. He had at least two sons: 

1 Sir Alexander ; married Catherine Newcomer, his cousin, daughter of Sir Robert. 

He fell fighting against Cromwell at the battle of Dunbar, Sep. 3, 1653, six weeks 
before the birth of his only son, William. Sir William,'* this son, was heir to 
much property in Donegal and Tyrone and in 1660 he was placed under the 
guardianship of Sir Arthur Forbes (earl of Granard). who had married his moth- 
er. He was created baron of Rathmelton and Viscount Mountjoy on Mar. 19, 
1682-3, and was appointed May 9, 16S4, master-general of ordnance for life. He 
married Miry Coote. He was sent on a mission to France by Lord Tyrconnel, 
who doubted his loyalty to the Stuart cause because he was a Presbyterian, in 
1689 and at the instigation of King James VII he was imprisoned in the bastile 
by King Louis, and there he remained until 1692. He joined the army of King 
William and was killed at the battle of Steenkirk, Aug. 3, 1692. 

2 Thomas ; married a daughter of John Montgomery of Croghan 
Thomas" Stewart {William,^* Arc/iiba/d,»^Mn,'-' Walter," W'illiam'^') of Fort Stew- 
art, county Donegal, Ireland, married a daughter of John Montgomery of Groghan. Son: 

1 C>ol. William 

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Col. Wllliami^ Stewart (Thonuis,'' William,'* Archibald,'^ John,''- Walter." Will- 
iam'^) of Fort Stewart married [license Nov. 2^, 16Q3] Maria Ann Hopkins, daughter of Rev. 
Ezekiel Hopkins, bishop of Dcrry. He was colonel of the 9th regiment, stationed at London' 
derry, where some of his children were baptized. 

1 William : buried Feb. 11, 1698-9 

2 Thomas, bp. Apr. 12, 1697: died young 

3 Ezekiel, bp. Apr. 8, 1698; married a daughter of Dr. Charles Ward. Ezekiel's son, Sir 

Anncsley Stewart, inherited the title of baronet of Fort Stewart on the death in 
1769, without issue, of Sir William (carl of Blcssington), fifth baronet. 

4 Rev. Robert, bom in i69a^ married a daughter of Abraham Nickson, esq. On the death 

without issue of%ir James A.'"' Stewart (son of Sir James and grandson of Sir 
Annesley) the title of baronet passed to his grandson, Rev. Abraham Augustus 
Stewart, son of his son. Sir Abraham. 

5 Richard 

6 Alexander, born in 170^ ; married Rebecca Galbraith, daughter of John 

Alexander'* Stewart {William'^) of Carnemauga owned a small estate called Green 
Hill which, on his death, fell to his eldest son, Alexander. He married Rebecca Galbraith. 
daughter of John Galbraith of Newtown Cunningham. He died about 1745, and his widow 
and younger children emigrated to the province of Pennsylvania with the Galbraiths and re- 
lated families, settling in Donegal township, Lancaster [now Lebanon] county. Rebecca died 
in 1749, a widow. Her will, dated Dec. 28, 1748, named "my son, James Karr," executor and 
was witnessed by Janet Galbraith and Elizabeth Karr. Besides the following children it ment- 
ioned '*my loving brother, John Galbraith.'' 

1 Alexander [not mentioned in will: he remained in Ireland and married Elizabeth 

. His children were Samuel and Elizabeth. Samuel/^ born about 1754. 

married Elizabeth (he died Aug. 20, 1835, and she died Dec. 14, 1837) 

and had Alexander, Martha, David ^nd Elizabeth. 

2 Charles 

3 Robert 

4 William, born about 1738 

5 Frances 

6 Margaret 

Lieut. William"* Stewart (Alexander**) came to Pennsylvania with his mother's fam- 
ily, probably about 1746. He married about 1760 Eleanor Gass, daughter of Benjamin and El' 
eanor Gass of Cumberland county, and settled near Carlisle. He served in the Revolutionary 
war as first lieutenant and adjutant under Col. Hazen in "Congress's Own" regiment, and for 
his services was granted by the general assembly on Mar. 12, 1783, 200 acres near Mercer, in 
Mercer county. Toward the close of the century he removed to Westmoreland county, giving 
his land in Mercer county to his sons Robert and George. Children, recorded in his Bible : 

1 John, July 17, 1761 : died young 

2 Benjamin. Aug. 9, 1762; married Rebecca Cochran and removed to Beaver county 

3 Prudence, Sep. 6, 1764; married James Simpson 

4 Galbraith, Dec. 26, 1767; married Apr. 7, 1791, Elizabeth Scott 

5 John, Feb. 3, 1769 

6 Rebecca, July 7, 177 1 ; married Forbes 

7 Mary, Mar. 3, 1774; married Capt. James Anderson 

8 Elizabeth, Feb. 18, 1777 

9 William, Sep. 21, 1779; married Eleanor Knox and removed to Bridgeport, Ohio 

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lo Robert, Sep. 17, 1781; married (i) Mary Young. (2) Sarah Shiplcr 
. II George, Jan. 12, 1783; married Jane Nelson 

Erratum. — Lieut. William Stewart married Mary Gass, not Eleanor Gass. 

This family will again br taken up when other Pennsylvania Stewart families are reached. 

Stewarts of Barscube 

From the Erskine Haicro Genealogy. 1890. by Ebenezer Erskine Scott 

Robert^ Stewart (Alexander,^ Alexander,^ Alan* John^), fourth son of Sir Alexander 
Stewart of Darnley, was given by his father the lands of Newtown of Wyston. He was ment' 
tioned in a perambulation of lands between Sir John^ Stewart of Darnley and Sir John Ross in 
1413. His son: 
I Walter 

Walter" Stewart of Barscube was given a sasine of Barscube in 1444. His son: 
I Thomas 
Thomas^ Stewart of Barscube received a charter in 1495 from Matthew*" Stewart, 
carl of Lennox [see Darnley branch, page 20], wherein the earl designates him consang^iineus 
(kinsman). He was laird of Salzarhill and Hunter Hill. Son: 
I George 
Geor^e*^ Stewart of Barscube married Jean Spreull of the house of Cowdon. He was 
a witness to a deed in connection with lands in Renfrewshire, Mar. 4, 1502. Son: 
I John 

John*' Stewart of Barscube was succeeded by his son: 
I John 
John'^ Stewart of Barscube was accused with others Aug. 20, 1533, of the slaughter of 
the laird of Craiginess. He married Catherine Brisbane. He was living in 1550. Son: 
I Matthew 
Matthew'^ Stewart of Barscube was in possession of his estate Nov, 9, 1555. In 1579 
he was given direct sasine of lands in the barony of Inchinnan in an instrument granted by the 
king at Stirling confirming a charter of the king's uncle, Robert Stuart, earl of Lennox, Lord 
Darnley. He was a witness to a deed, Oct. 12, 1580. Son: 
I John 
John'^ Stewart of Barscube married Sibylla Edmonstone, daughter of William Edmon* 
stone of Duntreath. He became surety for bail in a case at law, Jan. 19, 1603. Children: 

1 Robert of Barscube 

2 Bernard ; married the only daughter of Hugh Haicro of Akeris. Bernard Stew- 

art was keeper of the palace of Birsay, in Orkney, at the time of the rebellion in 
1613, led by Robert Stewart, a natural son of Patrick Stewart, earl of Orkney, 
and was imprisoned in the palace by the rebels. 

3 Margaret ; married in 1619 Hugh Haicro of Akeris, son of Hugh 

4 James : of Milltown of Inchinnan; had a son Thomas, and Thomas had a son 

James, who went to London and appears to have been alive when Crawford 
wrote his history of Renfrewshire in 1710. 

Robert'^ Stewart of Barscube married Giles Wallace, daughter of John Wallace of Fef' 
guslce. His son: 

Thomas'^ Stewart was the last of the direct line of the Stewarts of Barscube in Ren* 
frcwshirc. He sold his estate about 1670 and went to Ireland, where he died in the Irish war, 
without issue. 

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Stewarts of Allanton and Coltness 

From "Tile Coltness Collections." 1842 

Sir John*' Stewart of Bonkyl. [See pages 129 and 187, tome A, and page i, tome B.] 
He had five sons. It had lon^ been presumed that he had a sixth son, Robert, and the Stcw' 
arts of Alantown, or Allanton, claimed descent from him. But someone announced the discov' 
ery that no such son Robert existed, and the matter was debated with such vehemence that 
those who had formerly thought they were descended from this sixth son were almost deprived 
of any ancestor at all. We don't know as much about it as the learned gentlemen who tried 
to annihilate Robert but, believing that every family is entitled to an ancestor, we arc going 
to say that Robert was the son of Sir John* Stewart and grandson of Sir John^ Stewart of Bon' 
kyl. It is said that Sir John Stewart granted the lands of Daldowic to 
his son Robert in 1290, and that this Robert was with Robert Bruce at 
the battle of Bannockburn in 1314 and went with Edward Bruce on his 
expedition into Ireland in 1J15. Sir John^ was born in 1246 and was 
killed in the battle of Falkirk, July 22, 1298, when 52 years of age. The 
probable dates of birth of his sons are : 

1 Alexander, 1270: ancestor of the earls of Angus, his male line failing in the year 1377 

2 Alan 1272: ancestor of the Stuarts of Darnley, Castlemilk, etc. 
5 Walter 1276: his chief male line failed about 1425 

4 James 1278: ancestor of the Stewarts of Appin and others 

5 John 1280: ancestor of the Stewarts of Garlics, Allanton, etc. 

6 Robert? 

Sir John* Stewart (Jofin'^), probably the fifth and youngest son of Sir John of Bonkyl, 
was called Sir John of Daldon, or Daldowic. He accompanied Edward Bruce on his expedition 
into Ireland in 1315. He was killed, with his brothers Alan and James, at the battle of Halli' 
don Hill, June 8, IJ33. He gave Daldowic to his son Robert. He had two sons: 

1 Robert, born about 13 10: of Daldowic, ancestor of the Stewarts of Allanton 

2 John : of Jedburgh or Jedworth, and of de Forresta [sec page 21] 

Sir Robert-'' Stewart {JoKn,^ Johrv^) was granted Daldowic, in Clydesdale, by his fath- 
er. Sir John Stewart. His eldest son was: 

I Alan, bon presumably about iJM» ^s he fought in battle in 1385 
Alan^ Stewart {RohertJ' John,* John'^) of Daldowic was called Alanwickstcr. He was 
killed in battle with the English in ij8s. Onlv the direct line of descent is here given and if 
other children belonged in the families their names were not published in 1842. Son: 
1 Sir Alan, born probably no earlier than 1360, as he died in 1444 
Sir Alan^ Stewart (Alan,^ Robert,^ John,* John'^) of Daldowic and Allanton married a 
French lady. He was a knight binncret, and died in 1444. Son: 
I James 
James** Stewart {Alan,^ Alan,*^ Robert,^ John,* John^) of Daldowic and Allanton was 
called James of Paris. He married a daughter of Somerville of Cambusnethan. Son : 
I James 
James^ Stewart (James,'' AlanJ Alan,^ Robert,'' John,* John:^) of Daldowic and Allan* 

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ton was called "the antiquary." He married Tait of Little Ernock. Son: 

I James 
James'^' Stewart {James,^ James,^ Alan,^ Alan,^ Robert,^ John* Johri^) of Daldowie 
and Allanton was called "the ranter/' He married a daughter of Lockhart of Lee. Son: 
I James 
James" Stewart (James^^) of Daldowie and Allanton was surnamed "of Langside.'* 
He married first Helen Somerville of Humbie. He died in 1607. Son: 
I James 

James'- Stewart (James,^^ James^'^) of Daldowie and Allanton was called "the hope- 
ful." He died in 1607, before his father. He wrote a detailed genealogy of the family, pre* 
sumably based on original papers in his possession, but these papers arc not now to be found. 
Sir Archibald''' Stewart Dcnham, a great-grandson, is thought to have had these authorities 
when he wrote this family history before his death in 1773. James married Marion Carmich' 
acl, sister of Lord Carmichael, and left three children, the last one being posthumous: 

1 Janet 

2 Sir Walter, born in 1606: of Allanton, in Lanarkshire 

3 Sir James : of Kirkfield and Coltness 

Sir Walter'^ Stewart {)ames,^- James,^^ James^") of Daldowie and Allanton married in 
1624 (when 18 years of age) Margaret Hamilton, daughter of Sir James Hamilton of Broom- 
hill. He had a farm which he called Blackball. He was a partisan of King Charles, and wh?n 
Cromwell was fighting in the vicinity in 1650 he called at Sir Walter's home, but the laird had 
taken care to be out of the way. Cromwell courteously inquired about him, remarking that 
his mother was a Stewart (said to have descended from the Stewarts of Ely) and he always 
had a kindly feeling toward the name. Sir Walter sold Daldowie and died in 1672. Children: 
I , eldest son; married Hamilton of Dalycl 

2 Capt. Gavin: died in his flight from Dunbar field 

3 ^ , third son: died of a lingering illness 

4 William of Allanton; married Margaret Stewart of Coltness: he spelled the name Stcuart 

5 Capt. James of Hartwood; married Elizabeth Mure of Glanderston 

6 Marion ; married John Boyle of Kilbcarn 

7 Robert : lived to the time of Queen Anne, beyond all his brothers, and died 

8 Margaret without issue 

9 Anne 

Sir James '^Stewart (Jame5,'- Ja-nes," James'") of Kirkfield and Coltness married in 
1630 Anna Hope, daughter of Henry Hope and niece of Sit Thomas Hope. He was of Good- 
trees; knight banneret in 1668. His wife died in 1646, and he married a widow, Marion (Mc- 
Culloch) Eliot: by her he had four daughters — Marion, Lillias, Catherine and Anna. He got 
into trouble after the restoration (1660) for listening to Rev. Matthew McKell, who was ex- 
ecuted Dec. 22, i6(S6, at the Cross of Edinburgh. Sir James died Mar. 2, i63i, and his widow 
died in 1690. Children by first wife: 

1 Sir Thomas. Nov. 16, 1631; married in 1655 Margaret Eliot and had six children by 1672. 

When he registered his arms the secretary noted "Descended of the Stewarts of 
Allanton, and that again of Castlemilk." [funeral 

2 Walter of Westbarns: he had a son Walter, who in 171 3 remembered his grandfather's 

3 Sir James, born in 1635, of Goodtrees, lawyer; married Anne Dalrymple and died in 1727 

4 Henry : a successful wine merchant. He married and had two sons — James and 

Henry — but they both died young. He died Oct. 10, 1671. 

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5 John : died young 

6 Sir Robert of Allanbank, born in 1645; married (i) Jean Gilmour, (2) Helen Cockburn, 

and by her he had an only son, Archibald, born in 1697. Robert died in 1707. 

7 Margaret, born in 1645; married her first cousin, William Stcuart of Allanton 

Sir Thomas^^ Stewart (James,^^ James,^^-^ Jame5,^* James^*^) of Coltness married first 
'n 1655 Margaret Eliot, who died June 8, 1675. He married second Mar. 14, 1681. Susanna 
([>enham) Lockhart, widow. He was exiled in i68j for having aided and abetted the rebels at 
Bothwcll bridge in the summer of 1679. Bothwell bridge was only three miles from his house, 
but he was in Edinburgh at the time of the battle. He died Apr. 6, 1698. Children: 

I Sir David, May 28, 1656 

a James, Oct. 21, 1657; married in 1701 Margaret Cunningham and died Jan. 4, 1704 

3 John, Nov. 27, 1658: died Dec. 28, 1668 

4 Marion, July 14, 1660: died July — , 1695, unmarried 

5 Anna 1661 ; married in 1689 Sir Archibald Cockburne and died Nov. 9, 169J 

6 Walter, June 22, i66j; married (i) in 1692 Martha King, (2) Hannah Quish 

7 Margaret, Mar. 4, 1666 

8 Henry, June 24, 1667: died in infancy 

9 William, Jan. 14, 1670: died Oct. — -, 1699, in London 

10 Thomas, Sep. 8, 167 1 : died very young [son (posthumous) died under a year 

11 John ; married Oct. — , 1703, Mary Wright and died May 4, 1704: his 
12 Robert, May 27, 1675 

13 Archibald, July 20, 16S3, Utrecht (author of this manuscript) : he was made heir by his 
grandfather Denham and accordingly added Dcnham to his name 
In 1727 it was said that the male issue of Sir Thomas's family was extinct, excepting that 
of the son Robert, whose only son. Dr. John Stewart, carried on the line, later extinct. 

Walter'-'' Stewart (Thomas,^* James,^'^ James,^- James,^^ James^^) married first in 1692 
Martha King, and second Hannah Quish. He died Aug. i, 1724, and was buried in the Dis' 
scnters' burying ground in Bunhillfields. His children were: 

1 Thomas : a surgeon, died in 1737 at St.Christophers, W. I. 

2 Sarah ; married foolishly and died of her first child 

3 Walter : went to sea and died aboard a man'o''war in Baltic expedition 

4 James : died in infancy 
i Joseph : died in infancy 

Walter*'* Stewart (James, '^ James,^^ James,^^ James^") of Westbarns was born in the 
latter part of 1633 or in 1634. He married a widow, a daughter of Rev. Mr. Adamson of Edin* 
burgh college. He and all his father's family got into trouble after the restoration, and he 
was imprisoned in jail in Edinburgh for attending a sermon by Matthew McKell, paid a fine 
and was liberated. He died Feb. 19, 1672, leaving a young family of two sons and two daugh' 
ters. His heirs male failed, and his small inheritance was sold to Sir Hugh Dalrymple of North 
Berwick by Mr. James Spence of Kirktown, writer in Edinburgh, who married his grandchild, 
Anna Robeson. Children : 

1 James of Westbarns; married Colvin and had James, a very extraordinary and 

promising genius, who died at 19, and Walter, who went to sea and was never 
heard from more 

2 Walter, born 1663: engaged in Holland trade, and died in 1735. unmarried 

3 Anna ; married John Robeson 

4 Marion ; married one Liddcll, a gardener, and had no children 

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A Line of Descent from Kin^ James V 

From "Grncalogy of the Stuard Family in America." supplement, 1922, by E. H. Yaunj? 

King James" Stewart had four sons called illegitimate. A prince could not marry the 
woman he loved, for reasons of state. Divorces were rarely granted by the church in those 
days, and civil marriages were not recognized. It was not considered sinful for a prince to 
have children by his mistress, and no particular stigma attached to the children: in fact, they 
often shared in the honors and wealth of their brothers by recognized marriage. The vast dif- 
ference was, however, that an illegitimate child was barred from inheritance. King James V 
took measures to legitimate these four sons. They were half-brothers to Mary, Queen of Scots. 

1 James, carl of Moray, regent of Scotland : died without male issue 

2 James, lord of St.Colmc: his male issue failed in the second generation 

3 Robert, duke of Orkney: his male issue failed in the second generation 

4 John, prior of Coldringham 

John'- Stuart (King James V), prior of Coldringham, married Jan. i, 1^61-2. Lady 
Jean Hepburn, daughter of Patrick, earl of Bo:hwell. He became a Protestant. Two sons: 
I Francis, earl of Bothwell 2 Hercules [and John?] 

Francis'*' Stuart {J ohn,^-^ King James V), carl of Bothwell, married Lady Margaret 
Douglas, eldest daughter of David, seventh earl of Angus. He died in 1624, in Italy. Sons: 

1 Francis 

2 John 

y Henry 
Francis'* Stuart {Francis,^-^ Jofin,'- King James V), earl of Bothwell, married Lady 
Isabel, daughter of Robert, first earl of Winton. He had seven children. The eldest was: 
I Charles, Apr. 15, 1618 
Charles'"* Stuart {Francis,^* Francis,^'^ JoKn,'- King James V) married Lady Alice 
Black, daughter of Sir John of Perthshire. He was a gallant trooper in the civil wars, and was 
at Bothwell bridge and later fled. Three sons: 

1 James [Helen, who died unmarried 

2 William : had two daughters — Margaret, who married Sir John Howe, and 
y Henry : died young, unmarried 

James'^ Stuart {Charles,^'* Francis,^* Francis,'^ Jo/in,'- King James V) married his 
cousin, Margaret Hamilton. He removed to Whitehall. Besides four daughters he had: 
I William 

William'^ Stuart {James,^^^ Charles,^'^ Francis,^* Francis,^'-^ John, ^'' King James V) mar' 
ried his cousin, Helen or Jean Black. Having some trouble with a cousin, Thomas Stuart, who 
was a descendant of John'- Stuart of Coldringham, who was a Catholic, William removed to 
the city of Glasgow. Besides two daughters he had : 

1 James : killed in the uprising of 1745 

2 Thomas : killed in the uprising of 1745 

3 Henry ; married Margaret Hamilton 

Henry "^ Stuard {William,^^ James,^*^ etc.) married an illegitimate daughter of Bonnie 
Prince Charlie, called Margaret Hamilton. The emissaries of King George persecuted relent- 
lessly the relatives and adherents of the downf alien house of Stuart. After his father's death 
better to hide his identity and to distinguish himself from the Catholic branch of the family 
Henry changed the spelling of his name to Stuard. After his death the widow and sons remov- 
ed to Philadelphia, where she died two years after her arrival. Henry and Margaret had: 

1 James : served with Pennsylvania troops in Revolution, and died unmarried 

2 Henry ; married Helen McDonald: killed in Revolution, leaving son William 

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Stewarts of the Isle of Bute 

From "The Isle of Bute in the Olden Times." 18<^5 

James-^ Stewart, fifth high steward of Scotland, was born in 1243 and died in 1309. 
He was the eldest brother of Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl. His children were : 

1 Andrew 

2 Walter, born in 1293 : steward of Scotland 

J Sir John : killed at Dundalk, 13 18 

4 Sir James : of Durrisdeer 

5 Egidia : married Sir Alexander Mcynis 
Walter^ Stewart {James*) married (i) Alice, daughter of 

Lord Erskine, (2} Marjorie, daughter of King Robert 1 (Bruce), and 
(j) Isabel, daughter of Sir John Graham. Children, the first one by 
Marjorie Bruce; the others by Isabel Graham: 

1 Robert II, born Mar. 2, 1316 

2 Sir John : of Ralston 

3 Jean 

4 Egidia 

King Robert'* II Stewart (V^alter,^ James^^) became king of Scotland on Mar. 26, 1371, 
on the death of his uncle. King David II (Bruce), who had no sons. Robert had married (i) 
Elizabeth Mure, daughter of Sir Adam Mure of Rowalton: she died between 1347 and 1355, 
before he ascended the throne. He married (2) Euphemia Ross, daughter of Hugh, carl of 
Strathein. He also had four sons by Mariot Cardney, to whom he was perhaps never married. 
By Christian Leitch of Bute he is said to have had a son John, whom he later endowed with 
lands and salary. The order of birth of his children has never been agreed upon. He died in 
1390. Sons, by Mure, by Ross, by Cardney, et cetera: 

1 John, who on his coronation took the name of ROBERT III 

2 Robert, 1339: duke of Albany [see later] 

3 Walter : earl of Fife 

4 Alexander : of Badenoch, called "The Wolf of Badcnoch" [see later, under Forthergill] 

5 Alan 

6 David : carl of Strathern 

7 Walter : earl of A thole 

8 Alexander 

9 James : of Kinfanns j In a charter Jan. 15, 1385, at Perth, King Robert confirmed to 
o John : of Kinclavin^s "our dear son John Stewart, born between us and our dear 
I Walter l^More," his lands in Ballachys, Invernate and Kynclcvyn, Perth. 

2 John : of Bute, ancestor of the Stewarts of Bute and their numerous offshoots 

3 Thomas : archdeacon of St.Andrew's \ jj became customary for a king to raise 

4 Alexander : canon of Glasgow | his illegitimate sons to be bachelor priests. 

5 John, "the Red," of Dundonald 

John* Stewart {King Robert U), born about 1350, son of Robert Stewart and his par- 
amour in Bute, Christian Leitch (whence the recurrence of the name Christian among her dc' 
sccndants), married Jonct Scmple. His brother. King Robert III, gave him a charter Nov. 11, 

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1400, granting him the hereditary office of sheriff of Bute, keeper of Rothsay castle and baron 
of Ardmalcish and Grccnan. He was commonly called the Black Stewart. He died in i449» 
almost 100 years old. Five sons: 

I James : his successor 

a William : succeeded to Finnock and became keeper of Brodick castle, I445'i45i 

3 Robert : seems to have held Kilwhinlcck, inherited 1506 by his son Alexander 

4 John : tenant of Kerrycroy , Kclspokcs and Drumachloy ; Southbar in Renfrew 

5 Andrew : tenant of Rosland in Rothsay, laird of Bclshagry in Lanarkshire; from 

him descended the lairds of Scarrel, and Patrick Stewart, minister of Kingarth 
James' Stewart (Jo/in,* King Robert 11), keeper of Rothsay castle till Martinmas, 1465, 
when the office was given to Lord Darnley, who gave the office to James's son Ninian, although 
James continued to draw the salary until 1477, had four sons: 

1 Ninian : his successor 

2 James : of Kilchattan. His son James^ sold Kilchattan to Ninian^ Stewart, his 

cousin. The first charter of Kilchattan was to John Stewart, sheriff, 1447. 

3 David : of Auchawillig 

4 John : of Upper Kirkton, Cumbrae; had two sons. Patrick and John 
Ninian^ Stewart {James,"^ John,^ King Robert II) was served heir to his father in 1490. 

He was made hereditary castellar of Rothsay by James IV in 1498. He married (i) 

Campbell, and had four children; (2) Janet Dunlop, and had a son Archibald; and (3) Elizabeth, 
daughter of Blair of that ilk. From him sprang the Stewarts of Kilchattan, Ascog, Ballinstraid 
and Ballintoy, of whom is the Londonderry family [later]. Children: 

1 James : who succeeded [of John Lamond; ancestor Stewarts of Ambrismorc 

2 Robert : of Nether Kilmory, 1506, and Ambrismore, 1429; married a daughter 

3 William : of Largivrechtan, 1506, and the south half of Cugach, 153? 

4 Janet ; married Ninian Bannatyne of Karnes but was divorced on account of 

5 Archibald : of Largizean, ancestor of the Stewarts of Largizean [consanguinity 

6 Alexander : of Kildavanan; married Elizabeth Tait 

7 Ninian : of Nether KilmOry, 1532, and Largizean, 1548. He obtained Kilda- 

vanan from his father and purchased Kilchattan from his cousin James.** He was 

granted Ambrismore in heritage in 1506 and exchanged his lands in Perthshire 

for Kildonan and others in Arran. 

James^ Stewart {Ninian,^ James,^ John,^ King Robert U) was served heir to his father 

Jan. 15, 1538. He married (t) Mary Campbell, daughter of Archibald, earl of Argyle, but he 

had no children by her. He married (2) Marion, daughter of John Fairlce of that ilk and wid' 

ow of Thomas Boyd of Linn, by whom he had : 

1 John : his successor 

2 Robert : of Kelspokes, acquired from Southbar 

3 Christian(?) ; married Alexander Stewart of Kelspokes and Ballochmartin 
John'" Stewart (James,'^ }<Iiman,^ James,' John,^ King Robert U) married (i) Mary, 

daughter of John Campbell of Skipnish, and had a son John, his successor. He married (2) 
Fynwald, daughter of Sir John McDonald of Dunivag, and (3) Jean, daughter of John Blair of 
that ilk, by whom he had two children. He added considerably to his estate by purchase of 
lands and superiorities at Ballicaul, Langalquochag, Kerry menoch Stewart, Mill of Ambris- 
Ij^ore, Drumachloy, Auchintirrie, Ardnahoe, Coaghag, Inchmarnock, Mid Ascog, etc. He sat in 
parliament Oct. 20, 1579. He died before 16 12. Children: 

1 John : his successor 

2 James : of Ardnahoe 

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3^ Grizcl ; married Ninian Stewart of Kilchattin 

Sir John^^ Stewart (John^^^), usually styled of Kirktown or Ardmolis, received the 
honor of knighthood from King James VI. He added to his property Kerrycrusoch, Dunalunt, 
Kneslagvotraty, etc. He married Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Robert Hepburn of Foord 
in Haddington. The sheriff died in 1618, and his widow married Sir Alexander Foulis of Col' 
inton. Children : 

1 James : his successor 

2 Robert 

3 Col. Thomas : died in France 

4 daughter ; married Archibald Stewart of Kilwhinlech 

Sir James*^ Stewart (Jofin,*' John^^) was created a baronet of Nova Scotia by King 
Charles I on Mar. 28, 1627, and for taking the side of the king he was fined 5,000 merks in 
1646, and was attainted. He married Grizel Campbell, daughter of Sir Dugald Campbell of 
Auchinbreck. He sat in the Scots parliament in 1644, 1661 and 1662. He died in 1662, in 
London, and was buried in Westminster abbey. Children : 

1 Dugald : his successor 

2 Robert : created baronet 4n 1707; Lord Tullicultrie 

3 Isabel : married Ninian Bannatyne of Kames 

4 Anne : married (i) Alexander McDonald of Sana, (2) Walter Campbell 

5 Jean ; married (i) Angus Campbell, (2) James Graham 

Sir Du^ald'^ Stewart (James,^'^ John,^^ ]ohn^^^) came into an impoverished estate, over 
which John Boyle of Kclburne held bonds. He married Elizabeth Ruthven, daughter of Sir 
John Ruthven of Dunglass. He had five children : 

1 James : his successor 

2 Dugald : became a lord of sessions; Lord Blairhall 

3 Barbara ; married Alexander Campbell of Barbreck 

4 Margaret ; married Dugald Lamont of that ilk 

5 daughter ; married Stewart of Auchinskeoch 

Sir James'^ Stewart (DugaW'^ James,^^ John,^^ Jofin^"} succeeded his father in 1672, 
sided with the revolutionary party in 1688 and negotiated in 1702 for the union of the parlia' 
ments. He became privy councillor to Queen Anne, who raised him to the peerage Apr. 14, 
1703. with the title of earl of Bute, viscount Kingarf, Lord Mountstuart, Cumra and Inchmar' 
nock. He married (i) Agnes Mackenzie, daughter of Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh, 
who took over the estate in 1681, and (2) Christian Dundas, daughter of William Dundas of 
Kincavil. He died June 4, 1710, at Bath, and is buried in the mausoleum at Rothsay. Issue: 

1 James, born 1690: his successor 

2 Margaret ; married John Crawford, 15th earl of Crawford 

3 John : died in 1738 in Rome and was buried in the Scots college there 

James^ Stewart (James,^* Dugald,^^ James,^'^ John,^^ Jofin*"), second earl, succeeded 
to the Rosehaugh estates in 1707. He married Lady Anne Campbell, sister of John, duke of 
Argylc. He died Jan. 28, 1723, and was buried at Rothsay. Children: 

1 John, May 25, 1713 : his successor 

2 James : of Rosehaugh; married his cousin, Elizabeth Campbell of A rgyle 

3 Mary ; married Sir Robert Menzies of Wecm 

4 Anne ; married James, 3rd Lord Ruthven 

5 Jean ; married William Courtenay, esq. 

6 Grace ; married John Campbell, jr.. of Stonefield 

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The Lairds of Asco^ 

John*" Stewart ( ,^ Ninian,^ ]ame5,'^ John/' King Robert U) married Marion 

Fairlec. In 1^84 he bought William Glass's portion of Nether Ascog, and in 1595 completed 
his title to the part formerly held by Donald McLachlan and got a charter from King James VI. 
He was of Kilchattan in 1568; of Largivrcchtan in 1584. Son: 
I John 

John" Stewart married in 1605 Giles Kelso, and succeeded his father in 161 j. He held 
Bogany in 1609 In 16 jo he gave a charter in favor of his son Ninian. Sons: 

1 John 

2 Ninian 

John'^ Stewairt mamed Ctiamoghain. He was an advocate in T673. issue: 

1 John ; married Elizabeth Robertson and had son John, who married Margaret 

2 Col. Robert [Murray and changed his name to Murray of Blackbarony 

3 Isabel ; married (i) John Mc Arthur and had son John, whose son was Archi' 

bald Mc Arthur Stewart; (2) Alexander Campbell, and her grandson was Thom' 

4 (others) as Campbell, the poet. Her grandson Frederick added Stewart to his name. 

Let me Know what You Think Before I Plant my Garden 

We are mailing four issues in a bunch this time. Four more will be mailed out to you as 
soon as the press can kick them out. These issues of volume 6 should be very valuable to the 
Stewart descendants in America, containing as they do a complete catalogue of the main stems 
of practically every branch of the Stewart family in Scotland, taken from books not easily ac- 
cessible to the majority of people. It gives us all a string whereon to tie whatever thread we 
may be able to weave from other records. Other records? These published records comprise 
but a wee small part of what remains buried in old archives. It would take a lifetime of hope* 
ful waiting for someone else to take a notion to publish more, for only the wealthy houses take 
the pains to print their own line, and they generally omit the younger branches. It will take 
a special effort for us in America to get the information we want. We must raise a fund of 
$3,000 or thereabouts and send a man (and that's I) to Ireland. Scotland and perhaps England 

to get the data. These people have started it: 

Inglis Stuart, Beacon. N. Y $100.00 

J. A. Stewart, Louisville, Ky 25.00 

Dr. Ferdinand Schmitter. Troy, N. Y... 10.00 
Miss Martha M. Turner, Lincoln, Neb. 2.00 
Prof. Darius Steward, St. Cloud, Minn.- 10.00 
Prof. Stewart Burnham, Ithaca, N. Y.-_ 5.00 

Mrs. J. A. Record, Monson, Me 2.00 

Col. John T. Stewart, St.t^aul, Minn.— 2^xx> 
That's a fine beginning. And more will soon send in the green slips. Several regretted 
their present inability to subscribe more, and a number sent only their very best wishes for a 
pleasant voyage and a successful search. I'm not seasick yet. But I'm hoping I will have a 
right good chance to be. I am hoping that several others will follow Mr. Inglis Stuart's gen- 
erous lead. It wouldn't take many dozen like that to assure a very successful expedition. The 
plan is a worthy one and should have the backing of hundreds. One will fritter away more 
time and monev looking in libraries, with unsatisfactory results, than to chip in and send after 
the big material. I have dug through the Newberry library in Chicago, the exhaustive geneal' 
ogical stacks in Detroit, the library of Cx)ngress and many other libraries, and Mr. Horace W. 
Dickerman has gleaned the data in hundreds and hundreds of volumes in the east. We have 
exchanged filing cards. There remains a lot we haven't seen, but it's hard to work it out, for 
the key probably lies over the ocean. It doesn't hang on a tree there, either. 

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Editor: George Thomas Edson, Mindcn. Nebraska 


Stewarts of Ballintoy, in Ireland 

From "The Stewarts of Ballintoy"* and other sources 

James^ Stewart, fifth high steward of Scotland, was born in 1245 and died in 1309. 
He was the eldest brother of Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl. His eldest surviving son was: 
I Walter, bom in 129:^ ; steward of Scotland 
Walter^ Stewart (James*), sixth high steward of Scotland, by his second wife. Mar* 
jorie Bruce, daughter of King Robert I (Bruce), had an eldest son: 
I King Robert H, born Mar. 2, 13 16 
King Robert^ II Stewart (Walter* Jame^'^) became king of Scotland on Mar. 26, 1371, 
on the death of his uncle. King David 11 (Bruce), who had no son. While the young prince, 
Robert Stewart, resided in the island of Bute, which had been given him by his grandfather 
Bruce. King Robert I, he fell in love with Christian Leitch, by whom he had a son: 
01 John, born about 1340: of Bute, ancestor of the Stewarts of Bute 

John^ Stewart (King Robert IJ), born about 1340, married Jonet Semple. His brother. 
King Robert HI, gave him a charter Nov. 11, 1400, confirming his right to the sheriffdom of 
Bute. He died at an advanced age. Son : 
I John, born about 1375 

John^ Stewart (John,*' King Robert JJ), sheriff of Bute, died in 1449. This John has 
has been omitted by some genealogists. He probably had five sons : 

1 James, born about 1405 

2 William : succeeded to Finnock and was keeper of Brodick castle, i445f'5i 

3 Robert [in Renfrew 

4 John : tenant of Kerrycroy, Kelspokes and Drumachloy; also of Southbar, 

5 Andrew : tenant in Rosland, in Rothsay ; laird of Belshagry, in Lanarkshire 

James^ Stewart (John,"^ Jofin,® King Robert II) was keeper of Rothsay castle till 1465, 
and is thought to have died in 1477. His wife may have been a Bannatyne. Sons: - 

1 Ninian, born about 1435: was served heir to his father in 1490 

2 James : of Kilchattan, which his son James sold to Ninian*^ Stewart 

3 David : of Auchawillig 

4 John : of Upper Kirkton, Cumbrae; had sons Patrick and John 

Ninian^ Stewart (James,^ JohnJ John,^ King Robert U) was made hereditary castcllar 
of Rothsay in 1498 by King James IV. He married a Campbell, and died about 150^. Issue: 

1 Ninian, born about 1458 [Alexander of Kilwhinleck 

2 Robert : perhaps died before 1506, leaving sons Robert of Nether Kilmory and 

3 William : of Largivrechtan, 1506 

4 Janet ; married Ninian Bannatyne but was divorced because of consanguinity 

Ninian^" Stewart (Ninian^'^ lames,^ John,^ John,^ King Robert II) obtained Kildavan' 
an (rata his father and was granted Ambrismore in heritage in 1506. He married (i) Janet 
Dunlop and by this union added considerably to the family estates. He exchanged his lands in 

•This work was reprinted in 1928 by J. Adger Stewart. 4780 Crittenden Drive, Louisville, Ky.. from "The 
Ulster Journal of Archaeology," 1900-01, which he came across while traveling in Ireland in 192^. 

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Perthshire for Kildonan and other properties in Arran, and bought Kilchattan from his cousin 
James. He married (i) Elizabeth Blair. This Ninian and his father have been confused by 
the author of **The Isle of Bute in the Olden Times. " He died about 1557. Sons: 

1 James, born about 1488: was served heir to his father Jan. 15, 1538 

2 Ninian : of Nether Kilmory, 1532, and Largivrcchtan, 1548 

3 A rchibald : of Largizeane 

4 Robert? : of Ambrismore, 1529 

5 Alexander : of Kildavanan; married Elizabeth Tait 

Archibald" Stewart (Ninian,^^' l^inian,^ James,^ Mn,^ Jo/in,* King Robert U) was 
heir to his mother's property in Rothsay and was called of Largizeane, sometimes spelled Lar- 
gyan. He became one of the leaders in the rebellion organized in 1544 by Matthew^- Stuart, 
earl of Lennox [page 20], in opposition to the regency of Arran. during the minority of Mary 
Stuart, at the instigation of King Henry VIll of England. For this he forfeited his lands of 
Largizeane and others, in 1546, and the last remnant of his property was sold in 1559. He de- 
cided to go to Ireland, where England's friends could be rewarded with Irishmen's land. Lit- 
tle is known of his family, but his eldest son is thought to have been named : 
I James, born about 1525 
James'- Stewart (Arc/iibaW," hJinian^*^) was settled in Antrim, Ireland, about 1560. 
This was long before the plantation of Ulster by the Scotch, which began about 16 10, at the 
same period as the English colonization of America. This Stewart family from Bute settled 
first at a place called Dunseverick but later moved to Ballinstraid [now Straidh], in the parish 
of Ballintoy. James died before i6oo, having four children : 

1 Ninian, born about 1555 

2 David : had three sons 

3 Jean NINIAN'" 

4 Christian ; married Brien Dunlop | 

James Ninian Archibald" Robert Alexander 

I of Largizeane, Bute, 1544-59 

. _^v 


Ninian Jean 

I of Ballintoy, Antrim 



Archibald'* Catherine Ninian (3 sons) 

born in 1593 m. John Stewart | m. Jane McCullough 

Archibald'^ William 


Bernarda John Elizabeth 

married James Stewart (at right) 




(2 sons) 






William James 

Ninian'^ Stewart (James^^ Archibald,^^ hJinian^^*) came into possession of his father's 
estate in Ballintoy some time before 1600. He had a large family but only three children grew 
to maturity : • 

1 Archibald, born in 1593 [in a deposition May 18, 1643, he stated he was about 50] 

2 Catherine ; married John Stewart of Red Bay, possibly some relation 

3 Ninian ; married Jane McCullough [his family is given following Archibald] 

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Archibald*^ Stewart (Ninian,^^ James,^^ Arc/iibaW," Mnian^^) received a grant in 

1625 from Randal MacDonncll, first carl of Antrim, of the two districts known as Ballylough 

and Ballintoy, each containing four quarters of land, Irish measure: this grant included Sheep 

Island, "the other little islands of the camplie," reserving the salmon fishing of Portnalarabane 

[now Larrvban] and the deer park occupying the whole ridge of high land south of the village 

of Ballintoy and then known as Altmore. In 16 jo he became Lord Antrim's agent, and was 

very active in trying to avert the bloody uprising of the Irish in 1641, when the natives tried 

to drive out the English and Scotch — a race war which made the Irish remain Catholics for* 

ever. He was related to the Archibald Stewart who was tried for assisting Lord Antrim to 

escap>e from Ireland and who was executed in July, 1643, at Carrickfergus. He had a son: 

I Archibald, born about 1620: he was an influential country gentleman and member of par* 

liamcnt at Dublin in 1662. He had one daughter, Bernarda, who married about 

1650 her kinsman, James Stewart, son of John Stewart of Stiaidh [whom sec]. 

Ninlan*^ Stewart (Ninian,^^ James,^^ ArchibaW^ Ninian^^) married Jane McCullough 
and had twelve children : 

: lived in Carey 

: settled at Maghremore, parish of Ramoan 

: resided at Capecastle, parish of Ramoan 

: had an only daughter, Elizabeth 

: resided in Carey 

; married Hutchinson of Stranocum 

; married Thomas Stewart of Esson, parish of Ramoan 

; married Malcolm Maconaghy 

; married Capt. Andrew Jollie of Drumnakill, Carey 

; married Daniel Frizel 

; married Maj. Alexander MacAuley of Glenville, near Cushcndall 

; married Neil MacNeil of Cushcndun 
William'^ Stewart (Ninian,^* Ninian,^^ James,^^ ArcKibaW," hJinian^'^) lived in Carey 
and had a son and two daughters: 

1 John : had daughters Letitia, who married Rev. Robert Rowan, and Mary. 

2 Mary [who married Hugh Dickson 

3 Ashley 

Robert'^ Stewart (Ninian^*) settled at Maghremore, in the parish of Ramoan, about 
three miles from Ballycastle. His family consisted of one son and two daughters: 
I James 

1 Rose ; married Alexander MacAllister 

3 Jane ; married James MacCook 

Alexander*^ Stewart {hJiniarif^* hJinian,^^ Jamest^^ ArcHiboW," Ninwin^") resided at 
Capecastle, in the parish of Ramoan, adjoining Maghremore. He left a family of two sons and 
one daughter : 


























3 Rose ; married John MacAuley 

Lewis*^ Stewart (hliniany^* hlinian,^^ James^^^ ArchifeaU," hJinian^^) resided in Carey 
and had one son and two daughters : 
I William 

1 Rose ; married Horan Lee 

3 Jane 

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John^^ Stewart of Straidh, in the parish of Ballintoy, was of the Stewarts of Bute, but 
the precise connection is not clear. Son: 
1 James, born probably about 1625 
James'^ Stewart (John^^) married about 1656 Bcmarda Stewart, only daughter of At' 
chibald Stewart of BaUintoy [p^gc 35]- She died in 1663, and a red freestone slab beneath 
the east window in the chancel inside the church at BaUintoy commemorates this fact. A sim- 
ilar slab close by tells of little Nicholas. In 1664 James inherited the estates of his cousin, 
Ninian Stewart of Kilchattan, in the island of Bute, including the family mansion, beautifully 
overlooking the bay of Kilchattan. He probably sold these estates soon after or went there to 
live, perhaps marrying again. Children of James and Bcrnarda: 

1 Archibald, born about 1657 

2 Mary ; married Richard Dobbs 

3 Nicholas : died Sep. 10, 1667, in childhood 

Archibald'^ Stewart (James,^^ John^^) of BaUintoy married a daughter of Sir Toby 
Poyntz, and in her right he came into possession of the Acton estate, in county Armagh, con- 
sisting of some 5,000 acres of land. Children : 

1 Dr. Archibald : of Tandragee, Armagh; married (license July 19, 1714) Leonora 

Vcsey : his only son died soon after his birth in 1735 

2 Jane 

3 Alexander 

Alexander*^ Stewart {Archibald," James,^^ John^^) married Anne Stewart, daughter 
of his kinsman, John Stewart, of Fort Stewart, Jamaica, with whom he received a large dowry. 
In 1720 he was appointed agent of the Antrim estates, the fifth earl of Antrim being at that 
time a minor. He died in 1742, leaving one son and two daughters : 

I Alexander T. : his only son, Alexander, died unmarried about 1790 

Alexander Stewart of Kilmahamoge and Ballinlea, parish of BaUintoy, born in 1645, is 
supposed to have descended from Walter* Stewart, son of Sir John^ of Bonkyl. He married 
Elizabeth Fraser, of Scotland. He died Oct. 20, 1723, aged 78, and his widow Elizabeth died 
May 12, 1734, aged 82, according to a tablet in the south wall of BaUintoy church. Son: 
I Walter 
Walter Stewart married (i) a lady of the McCarroU family, and (2) a daughter of the 
house of McNeill of Clare. He died Mar. 6, 1762, leaving one son, by his second wife: 

I John ; married Simpson and died soon after his marriage, leaving one 

son, John Stuart of Kilmahamoge 

Alexander Stewart, agent to the second Lord Mountjoy's regiment of dragoons, lived 
in Dublin. He married in 1687 Margaret Stewart, sister of Col. William Stewart of Bally lawn, 
lieutenant -colonel under Mount joy at the siege of Derry in 1688. He and his wife both died 
about 1710. Children, from a Bible record copied by Rev. Samuel Stone in 1789: 

1 Frances, June 23, 1688; unmarried 

2 William, June 3, 1690; married a daughter of Wotton Cole of Derry and d. without issue 

3 Margaret, July 2, 1692; married in 1716 Capt. Samuel Stone, in Derry 

4 Alexander, Dec. 4, 1693 : soldier of fortune, settled at Portaferry and died about 1749 

5 Arthur, Jan. 7, 1695: died in apprenticeship to a merchant in Derry 

6 John, Aug. 3, 1698: died young 

7 Thomas, Feb. 8, 1700: died young 

8 Henry, Mar. 3, 1703; married Miss Drake and died in the navy, 1744, leaving a daughter 

9 Francis 1706; married Miss Workman and died 1745, navy captain, without issue 

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Monchly Astociate Editor: Horace W . Dickerman. 685 Forest Road. New Haven, Conn. $2 a year 


Editor: Georpe Thomas Edson, Minden. Nebraska 


Stewarts of Forther^tll 

From "The Stewarts of Forthergill." 1879 

James'' Stewart, fifth high steward of Scotland, was born in 1243 and died in 1309. 
He was the eldest brother of Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl. His eldest surviving son was: 
I Walter, born in 1293 : steward of Scotland 
Walter* Stewart (James*), sixth high steward of Scotland, by his second wife. Mar. 
jorie Bruce, daughter of King Robert I (Bruce), had an eldest son: 
I King Robert II, born Mar. 2, 13 16 
King Robert^ II Stewart {Walter,* Jame^'^) became king of Scotland on Mar. 26, 1371, 
on the death of his uncle. King David II (Bruce), who had no son. By his wife Elizabeth Mure 
he had four sons: 

1 John (King Robert III) 

2 Robert, duke of Albany 

3 Walter, carl of Fife 

4 Alexander, earl of Buchan 

Alexander^ Stewart (King Robert U) , born about 1339, was a conspicuous figure in 
Scottish history, and was famous even before his father became king. He was created earl of 
Buchan, and was given the popular nickname of 'the wolf" of Badcnoch because of his fierce 
disposition. He had no children by his wife, and he left her. By Mariota, daughter of Athyn, 
he had several sons. He died Feb. 20, 1394. Children, regarded as illegitimate: 

1 Alexander, earl of Mar; married but had no children, and died in 1435 

2 Duncan : raided Angus in 1391 and fled to the wilderness 

3 Andrew : obtained the lands of Sandbauch 

4 Walter : obtained the lands of Kinchardin; also of Strathraven 

5 James : ancestor of the Stewarts of Garth 

James^ Stewart (Alexander,^ King Robert II) married 
net Menzies, daughter of Alexander Menzics. He was called 
he fierce wolf,'' and with his followers he drove the Mclvers 
t of the district which they claimed and took possession of it. 
: was the ancestor of the family of Garth, from which pro- 
id almost all the other A thole Stewarts, whose possessions 
r mainly on the north side of Loch Tay. He had two sons: 
1 John and — 2 Neil 
John*^ Stewart (James,'^ Alexander,^ King Robert II), first of Forthergill and Garth, 
had three sons: 

1 Neil : obtained a sasine Apr. 26, 1478, for the lands of Kilbrachan [now Bon* 

skeid] as son and heir to John. He married Elizabeth Gordon, and died Jan. 31, 
1499, having three sons — Neil, Malcolm and John. The son Neil, third laird of 
Forthergill and Garth, married Christian Stewart, daughter of John, earl of Ath' 
ole, half 'brother to King James II, and died in 1554, leaving a son John who died 
in 1577 without issue. The male line from Neil then became extinct, it is said. 

2 Alexander 

3 James 

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Alexander^ Stewart (John,** James,^ Alexander,^ King Robert 17), first of Bonskcid, 
received from his father Dec. 31, 1474. a precept and charter of the lands of Killiebrochan and 
Bonskeid. He died in 1501 and was succeeded by his son: 
I Robert 
Robert ^^ Stewart (Alexander,* Jo/in,* James, ^ Alexander,^ King Robert /I), second of 
Bonskeid, died in 1546 and was succeeded by his son: 
I James 
James*' Stewart (Robert"'), third of Bonskeid, married (1) a daughter of Dugald Rob- 
ertson of Faskally, from whom he obtained a divorce, and married (2) Janet Stewart, daughter 














' ^ I 




of James Stewart of Fincastle. In his will he appointed William Stewart of Grandtully [page 
14] curator and Alexander Stewart of Carse (William's brother) guardian of his children. He 
died Oct. 16, 1567. Children, by Janet Stewart: 

1 John 

2 Isabel ; married (contract Apr. 10, 1580) Angus McAne Woir McCondoquhy 
John^^ Stewart {)ame%}^ Roben^^), fourth of Bonskeid, succeeded as a minor. He re* 

ceived June 11, 1563, from John" Stewart of Bonrannoch (last male possessor of Garth castle) 
a charter of the lands of Bonskeid. He married (contract Oct. 11, 1572, at Perth) Margaret 
Stewart, only child of Alexander Stewart of Carse (in Appin of Dull). He was murdered in 
December, 1605, between Dunkeld and Athole, by a marauding party under Allaster Stewart 
McGilliechallum of Tenadree, and on Easter day, 1606, the laird's younger son John was kill' 
ed and the elder son Alexander narrowly escaped death at the hands of the same assassins, for 
which McGilliechallum was executed in January, 1607, at Market Cross in Edinburgh. Sons: 

1 Alexander 

2 John : killed at Easter, 1606 

Alexander!^ Stewart {hhny^ }ames}^ Ro[>ert'"), fifth of Bonskeid, married Margaret 
Robertson, daughter of George Robertson of Faskally, and left her a widow by 1630. Sons: 

1 John : sixth laird of Bonskeid ; his son John succeeded him, and the line be' 

came extinct on the death of Alexander Stewart, last of Bonskeid 

2 James 

James'^ Stewart (Alexander,*^ Jo/in,^^ ]ames,^^ Roberrt^^^) married Aug. 15, 1638, Bar* 
bara Menzies, daughter of Duncan, Lord Comrie. Children, from Bible record: 

1 Alexander, June 24, 1639 

2 Beatrice 

3 John. June 30, 1643 

4 Dorothy 

5 James, Feb. 8, 1647 

6 Janet 

7 Rev. Robert, May i, 1650; married Jan. 23, 1683, Anna Campbell 

8 Margaret, May 1, 1650 


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Alexander'^ Stewart (James." Alexander," John,^^ James,^^ Robert^^) married Isabella 
Stewart, daughter of John of Balnakellie. He was granted a sasine by his father on July 3 and 
Julv 22, 1667, of the lands of Wester Clunie, and the duke of Athole confirmed this transfer 
July 12, 1673. He granted a disposition of the lands of Clunie to his eldest son James on July 
21, 1709, deeded him land on July 23, 1710, and conveyed to him the lands of Carnock on Dec. 
29, 1712. Children: 

1 Rev. James : of Wester Clunie, minister of Moulin 

2 Capt. Alexander : of near Dundee; **his daughter Anne married, in Ostend, Jan. 17, 

1716, William Atken, lieutenant in the First Foreign Veteran battalion" 

3 Capt. Charles : of 5th dragoons, Carrickfergus, Ireland; married Rose Hall 

Rev. James'* Stewart (Aiexander'*), laird of Wester Clunie, was minister of Moulin, 
Perthshire. He married Elizabeth Campbell of Monzie. He received sasines of lands from 
his father July 21, 1709, and June 18, 1712. He died before Nov. i, 1744, when in a sasine 
his wife is referred to as "Elizabeth Campbell, relict of the late James Stewart and mother of 
the present James Stewart. ' ' Children : 

1 Rev. James : minister of Kilbrandon, Nether Lorn, Argyleshire; he sold Drum' 

chary and Cragandew Dec. 8, 1762, to John Stewart of Stronchary and sold his 
other lands of Wester Clunie and Carnock Mar. 13, 1764, to his brother Patrick. 
His only child by his second wife was Elizabeth, born June 27, 1760, who married 
Aug. 7. 1785. Rev. John Macfarlane. 

2 Patrick ; married Catherine Drummond and died on his estate, without issue 

3 Charles : commanded a ship which traded upon the coast of Africa, 1755 

4 Peter : resided in Scotland in 1769 

5 Alexander, Dec. 9, 1725 : settled in North Carolina and married a Miss Spier 

6 Ann ; married Robertson of Balnacraig 

7 Jean ; married Rev. William Campbell of Kilchrennan and died aged 97 

8 John : evidently was living in Scotland in 1769 

Col. Alexander'' Stewart (JameSy^^ Alexander^^) , born Dec. 9, 1725, in Wester Clu' 
nie, was undoubtedly "out in 1745.'' He had evidently been engaged in trade at Norfolk, Va., 
for some time when he wrote a letter from that place Sep. 14, 179 1, to his brother James in 
Wester Clunie. He removed soon after to Pitt county, N. C, where he lived about twenty 
miles distant from his cousin, Rev. Alexander Stewart, first minister of St.Thomas*s church in 
Bath, N. C, son of Capt. Charles Stewart of Lisburne. He was married in 1756 to a daughter 
of William and Dorothy Spier, the marriage being performed by Rev. Alexander Stewart. In 
a letter written in December, 1769, to his brother Peter, Col. Stewart gave the names and ages 
of his children born up to that time. He died July 30, 1772. Children : 

1 Anne 1757 

2 Elizabeth 1759: died young 

3 Dorothy 1761 

4 William Spier 1763 

5 James 1766: "never married, his property descending to his sister Louisa" 

6 Alexander 1769 

7 Louisa ; "married (i) Shepherd, (2) Joel Dickinson" 

Capt. Charles'* Stewart {Alexander^^) entered the Fifth dragoons as comet Feb. 13, 
1728*9, becoming lieutenant Aug. 27, 1737. He retired from this regiment Jan. 4. 1749'50, and 
was captain of an independent company stationed most of the time at Fort Duncannan and 
Carrickfergus, Ireland. He married about 1718 Rose Hall, widow of Rev. Richard Close of 
county Monaghan (who died Apr. 10, 1716, at Mullans, leaving several children) and daugh' 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


tcr of Roger Hall» esq., of Narrow Water, county Down, by his wife Christian, daughter of 
Sir Toby Poyntz of Acton and Brenock, county Armagh [compare Archibald*' Stewart, p. 36]. 
He died June 4, 1774, at Carrie kfergus, and Rose died Feb. 11, 1779, aged 92, and both were 
buried in the churchyard of St.Nicholas's. His will was proved at Belfast Sep. 9, 1774. The 
children of Capt. Charles and Rose (Hall) Stewart were: 

1 Anne : died July 26, 1804, aged 79, unmarried, Lisburne 

2 Rev. Alexander : settled in Bath, N. C before 1756 

3 Charlotte, bp. Jan. 25, 1728, Lisburne; married Smythe, a cornet of dragoons 

4 Charles Ross 1730; married Aug. 28, 1770. Elizabeth Twaits, St. Helena: a captain 

5 Rose 1733; married (i) John Rowan, (2) Phillips, and died in 1817 

6 Poyntz, bp. June 21, 1736, Lisburne: married Margaret Gayer, and died Apr. 9, 1823 

7 James : captain in First Royal Scots regiment ; died without issue 

Rev. Alexander*' Stewart (Charles,*^ A/examier**), born about 1726, in Ireland, came 
to America in the reign of Queen Anne, with his wife and little sons Alexander and Charles, 
settling at Bath. N. C, where he was the first minister of St.Thomas's church. The wife and 
son Alexander died soon after arrival, and little Charles was sent back to stay with his grand- 
parents, Charles and Rose (Hall) Stewart, at Fort Duncannan, Ireland, where he was living in 
February, 1758. He married (2) a widow Porter (nee Peyton), by whom he had a daughter 
Rose, the mother dying at 25 years of age. He married (3) Miss Johnson, sister of Gov. John* 
son; (4) Mrs. Kartwright, and (5) Miss Hobbs. These marriages took place before Decem- 
ber, 1769, when his cousin Alexander wrote his letter to Peter Stewart, at which time Alexan- 
der stated that Rev. Alexander had three sons and one daughter living. He died at the age of 
45, probably about 1771. [John Richardson, **at present in New York," mariner, in his will, 
dated Nov. 12, 1772, said "all the rest I leave to Elizabeth, late wife of Alexander Stewart of 
Bathtown." This might apply to either Alexander] Children: 

1 Alexander : died young 

2 Charles : living in Ireland in 1758, and may have come to North Carolina 

3 Rose ; married John Kcwell of Sussex, England 
4 son : living in 1769 

5 son : living in 1769 

Rev. Robert*'^ Stewart (James,^* Alexander,^^ John,^'^ James,^^ Robcrt^^), born May 1, 
1650, son of James and Barbara (Menzies) Stewart of Wester Clunie [page 38], married Jan. 
23, 1683, Anna Campbell. He was educated for holy orders at St. Andrew's university, where 
he took the degree of A. M. on July 23, 1672, and in 1679 he was presented to the parish of 
Killin, Perthshire, where he continued till his death. In 1686 he purchased the estate of Pit- 
castle from his cousin, Gilbert Stewart, with the consent of Gilbert's mother, Dorothea, relict 
of John Stewart, sixth laird of Bonskeid. In 1706 he bought from Steuart of Ballechin the 
beautiful property of Killiechassie, in Strathtay. He died Mar. 2, 1729. Children: 

1 James, Nov. 29, 16S3: of Killiechassie, married Vere Menzies, and died May 3, 1718 

2 Duncan, Mar. 21, 16S8: of Blackball, married Mary Ferguson 

3 Alexander, Nov. 29, 16S9: of Cloichfoldich ; his line extinct 

4 Robert, Dec. 6, 1704: of Derculich, married Apr. 25, 1729, Jean Campbell 
Duncan'^ Stewart, son of Rev. Robert^^ [above], married Mary Ferguson. He had 

two sons. One of them was Rev. James, chaplain of the 42nd regiment of Royal Highlanders 
and afterwards minister of the parish of Dull, Perthshire, who died Sep. 14, 1768, unmarried. 

Adam'^ Stewart, the other son of Duncan*^ [above], was born Feb. 29, 1732; married 
Oct. 24, 1766, Helen Hepburn. He was an officer in the 42nd Highlanders. Sons died young. 

To be continued 


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Some Stewarts In Ireland 

J. Adgcr Stewart of Louisville, Ky.. recently sent us a copy of a manuscript which he 
found in the possession of Miss Elizabeth Stone, Barnhill. Comber, county Down, Ireland, in 
June, 1926. It was written Sep. 28, 1789, at Culdaff Glcve by Rev. Samuel Stone for the first 
Lord Londonderry (Robert Stewart). The following is from statements made therein: 

The first Stewart [now known to have descended from the Stewarts of Bute, page 33] 
is thought to have been a relative of Sir William Stewart of Fort Stewart, 1623 [page 21]. He 
was of Ballylawn, and married a Scotch lady, who took her children to visit her folks in Scot' 
land at the time of the troubles in Ireland, i64i'42, while her husband is thought to have tak' 
en an active part in the fighting. He died before the siege of Dcrry, 1689. Four children: 

1 Col. William ; married a Stewart 

2 Margaret ; married Alexander Stewart 

3 Anne ; married John Cowan 

4 Grace : died about 1736, unmarried 

Col. WUlam Stewart of Ballylawn married a Stewart, probably of the Fort Stewart 
familv. His sister married in 1687 Alexander Stewart, whose family is given on page 36, with 
no clue as to his relationship to either other family. William Stewart raised a troop of horse, 
at his own expense, when the city of Dcrry was besieged in the winter of 1688-89, ^o assist in 
the cause of King William, and some time later this troop with others was formed into a regi' 
mcnt of dragoons under the second Lord Mountjoy (William Stewart) ; and he was afterwards 

lieutenant -colonel of this regiment. He was killed in a duel with Stewart, likewise a 

licutenant<olonel in the army. Children: 

1 Capt. Thomas ; married [license June 20, 171 1] Mary Ward, sister of Michael, 

and died about 173 1, without issue [of Raymaly, county Donegal, in license] 

2 Alexander 1700; married [license June 27, 1737] Mary Cowan, in Dublin 

3 Martha ; married John Kennedy of Cultra, county Down 
Alexander Stewart (William) of Ballylawn married in June, 1737, Mary Cowan, the 

daughter of John and Anne (Stewart) Cowan. [He was of Raphoe, county Donegal, according 
to the marriage license] He was a captain in Queen Anne's army. He died Apr. 7, 1783, 
at his estate at Newtownards, and his widow died there Apr. 7, 1788, aged 75. Children: 

1 Anne, Sep. 30, 1738, London: died Apr. 21, 1781 

2 Robert, Oct. 30, 1739, London: first Lord Londonderry, 1789 

3 William 1740, London: died in infancy 

4 Margaret 1 741, London: died in infancy 

5 John 1743, London: drowned in river Clyde while a student at Glasgow uni. 

6 Alexander, Mar. — , 1745, London : of Ards, county Donegal, 1789 

7 Mary 1747, Dublin : died when a or 3 years of age 

William Stewart married Nov. 14, 1665, Catherine McKay, according to the records 
of the church in Londonderry. "Capt. William Stewart was buried June 30, 1684."' Child' 
ren of William (Hugh was son of William and Catherine) : 

1 William, bp. Feb. 4, 1667 

2 Hugh, bp. May 13, 1669 

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Lieut. WUllain Stewart and wife Elizabeth, according to the same church records of 
Londonderry, had a son : 

I Wilham, bp. June 24, 1697 
William Steward of Lifford married June ig, 1700, Margaret Wallace of Lifford. 
Alexander Steward, a stranger, was buried Apr. 3, 1674. [We think the word 
stranger meant rather foreigner, not merely an unknown or itinerant person.] 

Alexander Stewart married Jan. 25, 1699, Sarah McLaughlin. They had a son: 
I John, bp. Nov. 20, 1699 
Charles Stewart and wife Elizabeth had a daughter Elizabeth buried Feb. 6, 1679. 
Georile Stewart and wife Charity had a son : 
I Thomas, bp. Aug. 20, 1683 
Robert Stewart of Conwell and Janet Crisswell of Fane were married Aug. 12, 1685. 
John Stewart and wife Christian had the foUoJving children, excepting Christian, bap- 
tized in the Londonderry church : 

1 Christian : buried Sep. 12, 1695 

2 Barbara, bp. Aug. 7, 1692 

3 William, bp. Dec. 12, 1694 

4 Mary, bp. Aug. 8, 1696 [or 1699] 

John Stewart was buried June 4, 1702. He was probably not the John Stewart aboNt, 
unless he had a different wife. Child : 

I Mary, bp. July 27. 1702, daughter of John Stewart, deceased, and wife Jane 
John Stuward was buried Mar. 22, 1666. Widow Agnes Stweard was buried June 
9, 1670. Mrs. Jane Stuart, widow, was buried Oct. 11, 1656. Jennet Stuart, widow, was 
buried Nov. 28, 1662. Jean Stewart, servant to William Curline, was buried Oct. 25, 167 1. 

Elizabeth Stuart and Patrick McKolly were married Aug. i, 1661. 
Margaret Stuart and James Karr were married Nov. 17, 1662. 
Jane Stuart and Edward Shepherd were married June 2, 1663. 
Anne Stewart and Angus McDonall were married June 22, 1657. 

James Stewart of the parish of Aghamsunshew married Jan. 17, 1682, Margaret Ram- 
sey of the parish of Tcmplemore. 

Andrew Stewart of Ballyclog, county Tyrone, esq., married by prerogative marriage 
license Jan. 7, 1695, Elinor Dalway of St.Michan, Dublin, spinster. 

Georile Stewart married by license Oct. 9, 1663, Catherine Barklcy of Dublin, spinster. 

Georile Stewart of Ageurie, parish of Termonmaguirk, county Tyrone, gentleman, 
married by license Oct. 9, 1696, Magdalen Sanderson of the parish of Disertcrenagh, said coun* 
ty, spinster. 

John Stewart of St.Bridget, Dublin, esq., married by license Aug. 17, 1697. Elizabeth 
Achmooty, now of same, late of Newton, county Longford, widow. 

Robert Stewart of Dublin, esq., married by license Sep. 24, 1698, Alice LeHunte of 
St.Peter, Dublin, widow. 

[The prerogative marriage licenses later than 1699 will not be published now.] 

James Stewart died July i, 1799, aged 80; his wife Agness Stuart died July |, 1796, igcd 
80, and their son James Stuart died Jan. 31, 1776, aged 33. — Tablet with Stewart arms, Ballintoy . 


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Andrew Stewart of C*oshendon, in C*uifagtnm parish, made a deposition March 4, 
1652, that about nine or ten days after the massacre of Portnaw, Jan. 2, 1641, he had sheltered 
about 24 British refugees in his kiln, but two Irish boys, his servants, went and told Alexander 
McKay and his company of Irish that he had some Scotch hidden in his kiln, and they came 
and robbed them, and two nights afterward Stewart and the refugees got away in a boat for 
Scotland. Andrew was no doubt one of the Stewarts of Red Bay, one of whom, John Stewart, 
married Catherine, daughter of Ninian*^ Stewart [page 34]. 

James Stewart (James, WilUam, Ninian, Christian, James, Ninian, James I) was born 
about 1706 near Augher, county Tyrone, Ireland, according to * 'Irish Pedigrees,'' i: 265. He 
had a brother Samuel, bom in 1704, who died in 1773 in Wilmington, Del. James came to 
America, probably with his father's family, and settled in Brandy wine hundred, Delaware. He 
died in 1788. His will, dated Oct. 19, 1787, and probated July 5, 1788, mentions his wife Isa* 
bella and children Samuel, James, Robert, William and Isabella. 

Archibald Stewart, a descendant of the Stewarts of Bute, was born in 1737 in Ballin' 
toy, county Antrim, Ireland, and came to America with his brothers William and James, ac' 
cording to the "Encyclopedia of Biography: Pennsylvania," v: 1715 [cf. Archibald Stuart, born 
Aug. 18. 1727, county Antrim, Ireland, A: 183 Stewart Clan Magazine]. He settled in Hack' 
ettstown, N. J., and took a leading part in the events which hastened the Revolutionary war, 
was a member from Sussex county in the provincial congress and filled out an unexpired term 
in the continental congress. He married (license Aug. 27, 1772) Margaret Helmes. and died 
May — , 1795, aged 59, at Springdale. Sussex county. 

William Stewart, brother of the above Archibald, was born in 1739 in Ballintoy, Ire* 
land, and settled at Hackettstown. Warren county, N. J. He married (i) Frances Sherrod, the 

mother of his children: she died Sep. 24, 1803, aged 66, and he married (2) Bethany , 

who died Sep. 14, 1843, aged 76. He died Feb. 17, 1810, aged 71. Children: 

1 Jane ; married Chitester [From Stewart's will. May 12, 1808] 

2 Samuel, Dec. 28, 1768; married (i) Rachel , (2) Sarah 

3 John, Apr. 14. 1770; married Sarah Bird, and died Aug. i, 1836 

4 James 1772; married Elizabeth Culver 

5 Sarah ; married Helmes 

6 Frances, Feb. 20, 1780; married John Bird, and died Aug. 18, 1849 

John Stewart, a Covenanter, fled from Scotland to near Belfast, Ireland, in 1685 on aC' 
count of religious persecution, and remained there 20 years. He died in 1720. Son: 
I Robert, bom in 1665, near Glasgow 
Robert Stewart (John), born in 1665, moved to Ireland after his father's death in 1720. 
He died in 1730 in Drumorstrop, county Down. He had a large family, but data are missing: 
I Samuel, born in 1698, near Glasgow; married Mary McClay and came to America, 1735 
z Hugh, June 11, 1719: accompanied his brother Samuel to America, settling at Paxtang, Pa. 

Andrew Stewart, born in 1699, came from Ireland and settled in Paxtang, then in Lan' 
caster county, Pa. His wife was Mary Dinwiddie. 

Lazarus Stewart came from the north of Ireland about 1728 and after a short stay in 
New England he settled with his brothers in Hanover township, Lancaster county. Pa. He is 
thought to have fled from Scotland in 17 15 to Holland and later to have gone to Ireland. His 
is rather an unusual name, and he may have adopted it to hide his identity. 

(In later numbers of the magazine these families will be given as completely as available records allow.) 

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John Stewart, a Covenanter, fled from Scotland to near Belfast, Ireland, in 1665— not 
1685, as stated on the preceding page. He returned to Glasgow about 1685. 

Descendants of the Stewart Kin^s 
James^ Stewart, fifth high steward of Scotland, was born in 1243 and died in 1309- 
He was the eldest brother of Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl. His eldest surviving son was: 
1 Walter, born in 1293 : steward of Scotland 
Walter^ Stewart (James*), sixth high steward of Scotland, by his second wife. Mar- 
joric Bruce, daughter of King Robert I (Bruce), had an eldest son: 
I King Robert II. born Mar. 2, 13 16 
King Robert^ II Stewart (Waker,* James^) became king of Scotland on Mar. 26, 1371* 
and died in April, 1390. By his wife Elizabeth Mure he had several sons: 

1 John (King Robert HI) 

2 Robert, duke of Albany 

3 Alexander, earl of Buchan 

Robert^ Stewart (King Robert JI), first duke of Albany, was created earl of Fife in 
1371 and duke of Albany in 1398. He married (1) Margaret, grandchild and sole heir of Alan, 
earl of Menteith, and (2) Muriella, daughter of Sir William, Lord Keith. He died Sep. 3, 1420, 
aged 81. By his first wife he had two sons; by his second, two: 

1 Murdoch 

2 A ndrew : left no issue 

3 John 1380: earl of Buchan, whose only child was a daughter, Jean 

4 Robert : killed at the battle of Verneuil. Aug. 18, 1425, leaving no issue 

Murdoch' Stewart (Robert,^ King Robert I/), second duke of Albany, was taken pris- 
oner by the English at the battle of Homildon in 1402 but was exchanged in 141 5, while King 
James I remained in the hands of the English. He married Isabella, daughter of Duncan, earl 
of Lennox. After the release of King James I and his coronation Apr. 20. 1424, he caused the 
arrest of Albany and his sons Walter and Alexander and had them executed — Walter on May 
24, 1425, and the duke and his son Alexander on the day following. Sons: 

1 Sir Walter : executed May 24, 1425 

2 Sir Alexander : executed May 25, 1425 

3 Sir James : escaped the ax and fled to Ireland 

Sir James^ Stewart (Murdoch,'^ Robert,^ King Robert If), called "the Gross,'' was not 

arrested at the time the king seized his father and two brothers, but in retaliation he led a set 
of mountaineers to the capture and firing of the town of Dunbarton, May 3, 1425, and put to 
death Sir John Stewart, the Red, who was the king's uncle. Then, followed by a retinue of 
highlanders, who were much attached to the Albany family, he went to live in Ireland. There 
he married a lady of the McDonald family and had seven sons. King James II, following the 
policy of his house to strengthen itself by putting its members in commanding positions, recall' 
ed these sons and conferred honors upnn them. 

: Baron Evandale and earl of Lennox 

: died without issue 

: ancestor of the Stewarts of Ardvoirlich, Perthshire 

: left no sons 

: left no sons 

: left no sons 

: ancestor of the carls of Murray, Stewarts of Kilbcg and others 

Sir Andrew 

Sir Murdoch 

Sir James 

Sir Arthur 

Sir Robert 


Sir Alexander 


Sir Walter 

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Stewarts of Kilbe^* Ochiltree* etc. 
Sir Walter^ Stewart {James,^ Murdoch,^ Robert,*^ King Robert I/), seated at Morphy. 
left several sons, the eldest of whom was : 
I Alexander 
Alexanderi<' Stewart {Walter,^ James,^ Murdoch^ Robert,^ King Robert II), Lord Ev 
andale, was bequeathed this title by his uncle, Sir Andrew Stewart, who died in 1488, but this 
was not allowed of by the peers. Nevertheless, King James IV in 1503 invested him with the 
barony of Evandale before parliament and it was proclaimed by sound of trumpet by the her- 
alds outside the doors of the house, a custom then usual in creating peers in the kingdom of 
Scotland. From him descend many noble families of the surname of Stewart or Stuart, as the 
Baron Methven, the earls of Murray, the Lords St.Colme, Stewarts of Kilbeg, etc. Sons: 

1 Andrew 

2 Henry 

Andrew" Stewart (Alexander,^^ Walter,^ James,^ Murdoc/i,' Robert,^ King Robert II) 
succeeded as Lord Evandale but exchanged that title for Ochiltree, by consent of the crown. 

Henry Stewart, a younger son of Lord Evandale, married (i) the dowager queen Mar* 
garet, widow of King James IV, and thus gained the title of Lord Methven. She died in 1542, 
and he married (2) Lady Jane Stewart, daughter of John, third earl of Ath' 
ole. He was killed at the battle of Pinkie, 1547. By his second wife he had : 

1 Henry, second Lord Methven: his son Henry, third baron, had no son 

2 Janet ; married Colin, sixth carl of Argyle 

3 Dorothea ; married William, first earl of Cowrie [tree 

4 Margaret ; married (i) Andrew Stewart, son of Lord Ochil' 

The Stewarts of Ardvolrllch* Perthshire 
Sir James^ Stewart (]ames,^ Murdoch^ Robert,^ King Robert II) was the ancestor of 
the Stewarts of Ardvoirlich, Perthshire. A descendant, James Stewart, joined Montrose in 
his campaign against the Covenanters in 1644 but left the camp near Collacc and went over to 
the duke of Argyle. 

Stewarts of Baldonan* Annat* Gartnafuaroe and Glenbuckle 

These families descended from Sir James** Stewart, son of Murdoch,^ second duke of Al' 
bany. The later Stewarts of Glenbuckie were from Appin (page 9]. 

Stuarts of Moray* and of Castle Stewart In Ireland 
Arthur^ Stewart (Walter,*^ Murdoch,'' Robert,^ King Robert II) was an illegitimate son 
of the eldest son of the second duke of Albany. From him descended the carls of Moray, in 
Scotland, and the Stewarts of Castle Stewart, in Ireland, and from the Castle Stewart family 
claim to be descended the Stewart baronets of Athenry, in Ireland, although the channel of 
descent is now obscure. 

Stewarts of Duneam* Ftfeshlre 
Archibald Stuart, fourth son of the third Stuart earl of Moray, was the founder of 
the family of Dunearn, Fifeshirc. 

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Stuarts of Inchbreck and Lalthers* Aberdeenshire 
Andrew*^ Stewart, great-grandson of Murdoch' Stewart, was of Laurencekirk in the 
Mearns. Son : 
I David 

David" Stewart (Andrew^^) was the first of Inchbreck, in 1547. He was succeeded by : 
1 John 

John'*'^ Stewart (Davidy^^ Andrew"*) was the great-grandfather of William** Stuart 
of Inchbreck, who married Margaret Guthrie and had two sons — John, who succeeded to Inch- 
breck, and James, who followed Prince Charles to the defeat at Culloden, 1746, took refuge in 
France and there entered the French army. 

Steuarts of DaUuise* Perthshire 
Sir John^ Stewart of Arntullie and Cardneys was the youngest son of King Robert II 
and Marion de Cardney. He was knighted at the coronation of King James I in 1424. His 
descendant, John Stcuart, seventh laird of Dalguise, was out in the rising of 171 5. 

The Stewarts of Ralquldder 

The Balquidder Stewarts derived their origin from illegitimate branches of the Albany 

Stewarts of Garth* Bonskeld* Clunle* Duntanlich* Drumchary* Fln- 
castle, Urrard. Foss, Lady well, Balnaklllle. Tulloch* etc. 

These are descended from Sir James^ Stewart ( Alexander .♦^ King Robert II), given on page 
37, under "Stewarts of Forthergill." 

John Stewart (Robert), the first laird of Urrard, was a son of Robert Stewart of Fin- 
castle, lineally descended from John,^ fourth of the five sons of Alexander, fourth son of King 
Robert II. John' Stewart, it is said, was one of the progenitors of the A thole Stewarts. 

The Stewarts of Drumln* Ranffshtre 
Sir Walter' Stewart (Alexander,^ King Robert II) of Strathravcn was knighted at the 
battle of Harlaw. 1411. Sons: 

1 Sir Andrew 

2 Sir Walter 

Sir Walter^ Stewart (Walter,' Alexander,^ King Robert U) obtained the lands of Dru- 
min in 147 1. His descendants were of Bclladrum, Invcrnessshire. 

From Sir Walter^ Stewart descended the Stewarts of Kincardine, the last owner of which 
was Col. John Roy Stewart, the famous cavalry leader under Prince Charles. 

Sir Andrew^ Stewart (Alexander,^ King Robert II) was the ancestor cf many families 
of Stewarts at Strathdoun, Kilmauchlic, Auchlunkart, Drumin, Tombca and Edinglassie, in 
Banffshire. Compare Andrew ,•* below. 

Steuarts of Tenachte 
Sir Andrew'* Stewart (Waiter,' Alexander,^ King Robert 11) of Strathravcn had a son 
who was legitimated through legal formality : 
I Sir Walter 

Sir Walter*" Stewart (Andrew,'' Walter,' Alexander,*^ King Robert II) had a son : 
1 Andrew 
Andrew"* Stewart (Walter,-* Andrew,"" Walter,' Alexander,* King Robert II), the first 

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laird of Tcnachic, was the ancestor of the Steuarts of that ilk. One of his descendants: 

Patrick Steuart married his cousin, Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of Alexander Stewart 
of Auchlunkart, an estate which came into the family by a marriage with the heiress of Innes 
of Auchlunkart. 

Stewarts of Blackball and Greenock* Renfrewshire 
King Robert^ 111 Stewart, son of King Robert II, born about 1235, was crowned at 
Scone Aug. 13, 1390, when over fifty years of age. He married Annabel, the beautiful daugh' 
tcr of Sir John Drummond: she died in 1401. He died Mar. 29, 1405, at his castle of Rothsay, 
in the island of Bute, broken hearted by the murder of his eldest son David and the imprison' 
ment of his younger son James by the English. He had also an illegitimate son. 
X Sir John : of Blackball 

1 David 1378: duke of Rothsay, starved to death by the duke of Albany 

2 Donald : died young 

3 James 1393 : became King James I of Scotland, 1424 

Sir John' Stewart (King Robert III) of Blackball received charters of the lands of Ard- 
gowan. Blackball and Auchingoun. Sir Archibald^^ Stewart of Blackball, the seventh in de* 
scent from Sir John,' was created a baronet in 1667. 

Steuarts of Ballechin* Perthshire 
King James' Stewart II, born Oct. 16, 1430, was crowned the day after the assassin- 
ation of his father. King James I, who was stabbed to death in his bedchamber the evening of 
Feb. 21. 1436-7, by a number of men, including his uncle, the earl of Athole. James II was 
killed by the bursting of a cannon Aug. 3, 1460. He left, besides his heir, a natural son: 
X John 
Sir John*^ Stewart (King James II) of Sticks, in Glenquaich, Perthshire, received a 
charter of lands from King James III, dated Dec. 11, i486, and a charter from King James IV, 
dated Aug. i, 1494. He had two sons: 

1 William : died soon after his father, and the succession devolved upon John^ 

2 John 

John^ Stewart {John,*^ King James U) acquired in 1556 the various lands comprising 
the barony of Ballechin. Cadet branches of this family are the Stewarts of Invervack, Arnag' 
ang and others in Athole. 

Stewarts of Torbane and Raiss. Halri|{ and Shawood* and Binny 
Sir Robert'-' Stewart (Walter^), second son of Walter, third steward of Scotland [page 
129, tome A], was of Torbolton and Cruickston and was the ancestor of the Stewarts of Bin* 
ny. They were previously designated of Torbane and Raiss, Halrig and Shawood. 

Archibald Stuart is believed to have fled with his brothers David and John — and 
aomc biographers throw in Andrew to keep him company — from the north of Ireland to Am* 
erica. "About 1725,'' they think, '*he was obliged to leave England on account of promoting 
an armed insurrection to defend their religious rights." He managed to escape with great 
difficulty, leaving his wife and two children, Thomas and Eleanor. He came to Pennsylvania 
and lived in seclusion for seven years, under an assumed name. "An act of amnesty being 
passed/' he sent for his wife and children, who came in 1732 with his wife's brother, John 
Brown. While the family lived in Pennsylvania Alexander and Benjamin were born. Archi' 
bald and his family removed to Virginia, settling in Augusta county, in the Shenandoah valley, 
in 1738. In latter issues the descendants of Archibald will be given. 


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*8 STEWAirr clan MACAZIX£ 

Archibald Stewart and his wife Margaret, with their children William, John and 
Archibald, came from Ncwry, Ireland, on the ship Happy Return in July, 1752, and settled 
near Carlisle, Pa., in 1753. His descendants will be given in future issues of this magazine. 

Many Persons are Trying Earnestly to Raise the Renuired Fund 

This completes volume 6 of the Stewart Clan Magazine — one of the most valuable volumes 
yet published. The next volume should be filled with wonderful news from the archives and 
hidden family records in Scotland and Ireland. But this is all still a matter of hazy uncertain* 

ty. So many persons who were eager to help raise a 

fund to pay my expenses on a trip to those countries 

have broken their legs or had their sick grandmothers 

on their hands or some other costly misfortune that 

maybe I'd better stay home. It may be an unlucky 

^ year. I had planned to use $2,000 of my own money, 

' asking the others only for enough to defray the costs 

of the expedition for myself. If I go I am going to 

take my wife, for the very good reason that I have 

traveled 10,000 miles while she stayed at home — and 

, that's far enough. I have spent a lot of time and 

money in obtaining and publishing Stewart records, and am willing to spend more. I get a big 

kick out of it. My wife tells me to go ahead — she'll stay at home and feed the canary and 

water the flowers. That's very sweet of her. It's a noble self sacrifice. And I'd go over 

there, largely at my own expense, and work several months and get some good records to print 

to please a lot of people who are "sorry, but I just made a payment on the new car this morn' 


But it isn't going to be that way. That's just one angle of it. That's only one of those 
jokes about the Scotch having fish'hooks in their pockets. As a matter of fact quite a number 
of people are working earnestly to promote the fund, and some of the big ones haven't yet 
been heard from in the short time since the green slips went out. Those making pledges since 
the February issue was mailed are : 

Frank H. Stewart, Philadelphia $25.00 

Joseph Stewart, Chillicothe, 111. 2.50 

Mrs. S. B. Bundy, Monroe, N. C. 2.00 

Mrs. Addie S. Graton, Lawrence, Kan 2.00 

Mrs. Edward E. Donohoe, Grcensburg, Pa 25.00 

An air mail letter from Inglis Stuart, posted at Beacon -on 'the 'Hudson, N. Y., in the af' 
ternoon of Apr. 25, reaching Minden'on'the 'Plains, Neb., in the afternoon of Apr. 27 — which 
was yesterday — begins with the cheering message, *M hold in bank $200 subscribed by the ones 
to whom I alluded," etc. Fine, fine' Don't give up the ship. I will stick around at Filley a 
few weeks and look up some things I've been promising for two years to do for people, and 
you fellows should go out and scratch up all the money you can and then tell me how much 
you've got. Make it as big as you can — and every bit will be appreciated. Don't hope some' 
body else will do it. Work of this kind is rare and should be endorsed solidly. 

I cannot say definitely when or where volume 7 will begin appearing. This is an unset- 
tled period of my life, and 1 haven't decided where to spend the last half of it. But the pub- 
lication will go on. Not being certain of the delivery of the magazine during the past two 
years I have not insisted on the advance payment of subscription, and some have fallen in f;^ 
arrears. The sum noted here is what you owe up to and including this number, VI : 12. ^ 

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From Eglc's "Pennsylvania Genealogies" and other sources 

John^ Stewart was a Covenanter and was forced to flee from Scotland in 1665 because 
of the persecution of those who attended conventicles contrary to the parliamentary act of 
i66j, called the "bishop's dragnet '\ and the edicts of the Court of High Commission, which 
was established in Scotland in 1664. He removed with his family from near Glasgow to Bel- 
fast, Ireland, where they remained twenty years. King Charles Stuart II died Feb. 6, 1685, 
and in that year John Stewart returned with his family to Scotland. There he died in 1720. 
This is the tradition which has come down in the family, but nothing more is told of him ex' 
cept that he had at least one son: 
Robert, born in 1665 near Glasgow 

Robert- Stewart (John') was born in 1665 near Glasgow, Scotland. He married and 
had a large family. After his father's death in 1720 he removed to Ireland in the same year, 
settling at Dromore [sometimes given as Drumorstrop], in county Down. He died there in 
1730, aged 65. Although it is probable that several of his sons emigrated to America we have 
an account of only two : 

Samuel, born in 1698, near Glasgow; married Mary McClay, in Ireland 
Hugh, June 11, 1719, near Glasgow; m. (i) Hannah Dallas, (2) Agnes Moore 
Samuel-** Stewart (Robert,^ John') was born in 1698 near Glasgow, Scotland, and was 
22 years old when his father settled in Dromore, county Down, Ireland. He married Mary 
McClay. With his wife and three children he embarked for America in 1735, accompanied 
by his i6'year old brother Hugh, landing at Philadelphia. Soon afterward they located at 
Chestnut Level in Drumore township, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. In about 1750 Samuel 
moved up the Susquehanna river to Hanover township [now in Dauphin county], his brother 
Hugh probably having preceded him. He died in 1770. The record of his family is incom* 
plete. His children were :@ 

John, born about 1728; killed in the battle of Germantown, Oct. 3, 1777® 
Andrew ; settled in Hanover township: killed in a raid by Indians® 

Robert 1731; married in 1765 Sarah Stewart and settled on Marsh Creek 

Samuel 1735; m. (i) in 1770 Agnes Tcmpleton, (2) in 17Q0 Agnes Calhoun 

Hugh ; settled in Kentucky, his children later moving into Indiana 

James i739; said to have removed to Allegheny county 

Mary ; m. in 1767 Robert Patterson and removed to Westmoreland county 

Elijah ; m. Mary Patterson and died in Lower Paxtang township in 1807 

Hufih^ Stewart (Robert,- John') was born June 11, 1719,® 
near Glasgow, Scotland, and was a year old when his parents moved 
to county Down, Ireland. When he was 16 years old he emigrated 
to America with his eldest brother Samuel in 1735, landing at Phila* 
delphia with five shillings, equivalent to $1.25. He was a weaver, 

Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as - 90, means refer to that page; m. means married; 
m. int., ntarriage intention; m lie, marriage license; b , born; bp., baptized; d., died; bur., buried; Bible rec- 
ord, a, church, (s) town, (4) gravestone (»; probate, ^«; court, ''tj land, h military, (9) pension, m census, w tradit- 
ion, (J3> local history, @ patriotic soclfty. ''u) obituary, biography or gcnraloKy. 

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and he followed his trade for many years. After remaining awhile with his brother Samuel ac 
Chestnut Level he went to Paxtang township [then in Lancaster county but later in Dauphin] 
and settled on a farm about six miles west of Harris's ferry, his name appearing on a tax list 
for Paxtang township in 1750. He married (i) Hannah Dallas in 175 1. She was born in Ire' 
land in 1727 and died in 1760, and is buried beside her husband. He married (2) in 1764 Ag* 
nes [Nancyl Moore, who was born in 1735. He was assessed on 405 acres of land in Paxtang 
in 1780. His wife Nancy died Mar. 22, 1790, and he died Oct. 8, 1798, and they are buried 
in the graveyard of the old Covenanter church three miles east of Harrisburg.® His will was 
dated Apr. 14, 1796, and was witnessed by John Wilson, Jean Wilson and Andrew Stewart.® 
The following children were named in the will, and are also given in an old bible : 

Jean, Nov. i, 1751; m. 1772, John Robertson: d. 1824 in Butler county, Ohio 

John, July 2, 1753 ; m. Mary Robertson, sister of John : d. 1837 Crawford co. 

William, Oct. 21, 1757; m. (i) 1782, Martha Walker, (2) Mary -r-i d. May 29, 1829 

Hug h, Oct. I, 1759; m. 1783, Mary Wilson 

Robert, Mar. 8, 1765; m. Mar. 10, 1789, Sarah Finney: resided on his father's farm 
Samuel, Mar. 5, 1767: m. 1796, Jean Patterson: d. 1837 »n Findley, Allegheny co. 

Joseph, July 10, 1769; m. I>ec. 20, 1792, Sarah Stewart: d. Oct. 13, 1855, Butler co., Ohio 
James, Feb. 28, 1774; m. (1) Nov. 17, 1803, Mary Sherer, (2) Mary Stewart, (3) Margaret 
Mary, Nov. 27, 1778; m. Charles* Stewart: d. 1853 in Ohio Reed 

John^ Stewart, who made an application Aug. 5, 1765, for 280 acres of land in Han' 
over township. Lancaster county. Pa., adjoining the lands held by David Ferguson, Samuel Fer* 
guson, Thomas McMellan, Robert Heald, Hugh Stewart and William Cooper, was very likely 
a near relative — perhaps a brother — of the Hugh Stewart given above. In J. S. Bums's book, 
•'History of the Stewart Family of Western Pennsylvania," 1912, this John is claimed as the 
eldest son of SamueF Stewart. Burns states that he moved to the Marsh Creek settlement in 
Adams county and was killed in the battle of Germantown. He died Apr. 19, 1777, Burns 
further states, and his wife Jennet died Nov. — , 1797. Only one son, James, is given by this 
historian. There is an old gravestone in the **new side" Presbyterian cemetery in Lower Pax- 
tang which says "John Stewart, died Apr. 8, 1777, aged 65 years." The will of John Stewart 
of Hanover township, Lancaster county, witnessed by Hugh Stewart, was made or proved on 
Apr. 9, 1777. It mentioned his wife Jennet, to whom he left Jean Ratford "to be my wife's 
attendant", and also named the following children: 

Ann ; m. (i) Houten, (2) John Smiley before 1777 

Sarah i747; m. Jan. — , 176s, Robert Stewart ['*and her son John"®] 

Jean ; m. Apr. 23, 1766, John McCallum® 

Margaret ; m. Nov. 15, 1768, John Stewart® 

Mary ; m. Johnson® 

James, Apr. 25, 1754; m. Aug. 25, 1779, Margaret McCowen 



John^ Stewart (Samuel,*^ Robert,^ John'), born about 1728 in county Down, Ireland, is 
said to have been a soldier in Capt. James Greer's company in the Revolutionary war and to 
have been killed at the battle of Germantown, fought Oct. 3, 1777. He had removed to the 
Marsh Creek settlement, in the southwestern part of Lancaster county which was later a part 
of York county and now, since 1800, in Adams county, near the Maryland line. In 1739 or 
1740 Penn decided to reserve for his family estate a tract of 30,000 acres along the banks of 
Marsh Creek, designating it the Manor of Masque after an estate in England. The order of 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


survey was signed June i8, 1741, by Thomas Penn. However, there were already some sett' 

lers — mostly Scotch-Irish from eastern Lin:astcr county — upon this land, although they had 

no warrants, and they banded together and drove the surveyors out, seizing and breaking 

their instruments. After years of controversy the proprietors of the province conceded titles 

in 1765 to those settlers who had actually occupied homesteads prior to the close of the year 

1741, and warrants were then issued to the claimmts. Among the settlers who qualified to 

title under this agreement were John Stuart, who came in March, 1741; John Stuart, April, 

1741, and Alexander Stuart, April, 1741. It should be noted that the spelling of the name 

was the idea of the English clerk of the land office at Philadelphia. The warrant given to the 

John who came in March, 1741 , was not recorded until Apr. 2, 1792. John Stuart, a settler 

who appeared after 1741, was given a warrant for 250 acres in this tract on Apr. 16, 1765, and 

Robert Stewart was issued a warrant for 100 acres on May 30, 1765. The last named John, 

whose wife's name was Jean, deeded Aug. 22, 1768, to Christopher White [Weiss] the 250 

acres lying in Cumberland and Hamiltonban townships, York [now Adams] county, which he 

had received by the proprietory warrant dated Apr. 16, 1765. We are unable to show who 

any of these John Stuarts was. 

To be continued 


By Rev. Samuel Stone, County Down, Ireland 

Written at Culdaff Glcve, Sept. 28. 1789, for First Lord Londonderry^ 


Since I wrote to your Lordship on the 24th inst., I hope you have reed, from 
my nephew the manuscript to which I referred for a more particular relation of 
yr Ancestors. By this time I suppose you arc quite tired of my prolix narration the amuse' 
mcnt, as I told you, of some idle hours of my memory, the natural foible of old age; therefore, 
I hope, your candor will e.xcuse it. I have been thinking how I should trace and ascertain yr 
pedigree without giving you the trouble of laborious investigation into the antiquity of yr de* 
scent. For this purpose I could wish I knew the date of the I>ecds of your Estate of Bally* 
lawn, how it was acquired, whether by purchase, donation or original grant from the Crown. 
I would suppose it was a small portion of the Lands granted by King James the ist upon the 
plantation of the Province of Ulster with Protestants from Scotland to Wm. Stewart, created 
a Bart. 1623. 

That yr ancestor was, I am persuaded, a younger branch of this Sir Wm. Stewart's fam* 
ily, that the lineal descendants of his eldest son became extinct upon the death of the late Ld. 
Blessington. If I remember right, this Nobleman, when you met him on yr travels in Italy, 
considered you as his near relation. The present Sir Annesley Stewart of Fort Stewart must 
be descended from this Sir Wm. Stewart by an elder collateral branch than yr ancestor. The 
male issue of yr ancestor of the House of Ballylawn in the Co. of Donegal in lineal succession 
have been in possession of that estate from the year 1600 — (here I must refer to the Title 
Deeds for the exact date thereof). 

The children of yr great grandfather were Wm., Margaret, Ann, and Grace. I imagine 
he died at an early period, not within the memory of yr Father, his sister, Mr. Kennedy or 
my Aunt Stewart, who was older than either of them, and I never heard any of them spake of 
hjm, but often of his widow, their Grand-mother — that she was a lady from Scotland, and 

•The original manuscript was found by J. Adger Stewart of Louisville, Kentucky, in June, 1926, in poss- 
ession of Miss Elizabeth Stone, Barn Hill, Comber, county Down, who gave him permission to copy and print 
it for distribution to the members of the Stewart family who may be interested in this bit of unpublished his- 
tory. Through the kindness of Mr. Stewart ihe Stewart Clan Magazine is permitted to publish this docnmentj 
as in the original spelling and phraseology. Ii will appear in continuous installments. 

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went there with her children when young, during the troubles in Ireland (she lived within the 
memory of yr Mother, who told me she spoke broad Scotch, was fond of her grand -children 
and called them her bairns). She lived latterly in Derry, and was in that City during the 
time of the siege of it in 1689 (for more particulars I refer to my manuscript). Yr Grand- 
father (her son) took active and honorable part (as I have related) in the glorious revolution 
of 1688. He was afterwards Lt. Col. of Ld Mt. Joy's Regt. of Dragoon's. He married a 
daughter of Mr. Stewart, of Fort Stewart (if 1 mistake not, but cannot be certain, their issue 
was Thomas, Alcxr. and Martha). 

He was succeeded in his Estate by his eldest son Thos. who was a Capt. in the Army, 
and married a sister of the Honb'e. Michael Ward, one of the Justices of the King's Bench, 6P 
died without issue and was succeeded in his Estate by his Bror. Alcxr., father to Robert the 
present Ld. Baron of L.derry. Margt. eldest sister to Lt. Col. Wm. Stewart, was married to 
Alexr. Stewart of the City of Dublin, Esq. He likewise took an active and honorable part in 
the Revolution of 1688. In an attempt he made to join his friends in the North of Ireland, 
who associated and armed in defence of the Civil and Religious rights of the Constitution, he 
was arrested going to see for Dcrry, and by order of Earl Tyrconncl, Ld. Deputy, was commit- 
ed and kept prisoner in the Castle of Dublin, when after the battle of the Boync he was set 
at liberty. He then exerted himself with ardour and perseverance in support of King Wm.'s 
Administration, and with liberality spent large sums in the King's Service. After the siege of 
Limerick, and settlement of the affairs of Ireland, he went to France, solicited and obtained 
the enlargement of Ld Vist Mt. Joy, who was a prisoner in the Bastile, at the instance of the 
abdicated James the 2nd. He then returned to Ireland and lived in habits of friendship with 
his relation Ld Mt. Joy to his death. 

Ann, second sister to Lt. Col. Wm. Stewart, was married to John Cowan, of the Co. of 
Londonderry, Esq., and Alderman of the City of Dcrry, took an active and decisive part with 
the citizens of Derry in the defence of that City during the long and arduous siege it sustained 
in 1689 against a numerous Army devoted to arbitrary power. Alderman Cowan by a former 
wife had issue one son, Robert, who was for several years Governor of Bombay in the East In- 
dies. Upon his return to England, 1736, he was honored by the King with Knighthood for his 
great and important services to the East India Company which thev acknowledged with re* 
spect and gratitude. Sir Robert Cowan, Knight, died soon after without issue, and bequeath- 
ed by will his paternal estate in the Co. of L.derry and in the City of Londonderry, and all 
his personal fortune to his Bror. Wm., his Father's son by Ann, his wife, sister to Lt. Col. 
Wm. Stewart and to his issue, and failing them, to Mary, sister to the 2nd Wm. Cowan and 
her issue. Alcxr. Stewart of Bally lawn Esq. second son of Lt. Col. Stewart, married the said 
Mary Cowan, heiress to her brors. Robt. and Wm., who died leaving issue Robt., the present 
Ld. Baron of L 'Derry, and Alex. Stewart, Esq. of Ardcs in the Co. of Donegal, and a daugh- 
ter, Frances, of Newtonards in the Co. of Down. Grace Stewart, youngest sister to Col. Wm. 
Stewart, died unmarried. Martha, daughter of Lt. Col. Stewart of Ballylawn, was married to 
John Kennedy, of Cultra in the Co. of Down, Esq. She died leaving issue Hugh, Arthur and 

Martha. Hugh, the eldest, married Mabel, daughter of Curtis, Esq., Banker of the 

City of Dublin, who died leaving issue John and Mary. John is married to Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of the Late Rev. Cole, Bror. to the late Ld. Visct. Enntskillcn, and have issue five sons and 
two daughters. Mary, daughter of Hugh Kennedy by Mabel, his wife, is married to Jo Craw- 
fordsburn in the Co. of Down, Esq. and have issue a son and daughter. 

Thus I have given you a concise recital of your descent and family connections which per- 
haps may suffice when you have arranged them into better form and with better words. It 
would be needless and no less impertinent for me to recit your marriages and present issue. I 

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shall leave that most respectable part to your Lordship as the most essential part to be record' 
cd in the Rolls of Parlimcnt. 

I wish to make my best respects acceptable to Lady Londonderry and to your Lordship's 

I am, my Lord, with honor and affection, 

Your faithful humble servant, 
CuldaffGleve. [Signed] SAMUEL STONF. 

Sept. 28, 1789 

The words and lines included between Crotchets arc only added to explain my recital of 
persons in this letter. 

Mrs. Workman, I apprehend, is an Executrix to an Executrix, which by law gives her the 
same right of administration to both wills. However, I hope she will comply with my sister's 
and Miss Stewart's request to leave their Dividend of my Uncle's fortune in your hands. 

In this recital of the names of your children, I believe it will be proper to add the dates 
of their birth. 

IN ORDER to communicate to the children of my Father's family some incidents relat' 
ing to my Mother's family, I shall here set down in writing such particulars as have come to 
my knowledge which may gratify their curiosity at a future period. 

My father, Samuel Stone, was born in London, Dec. 7th, 1694. He was sent at an early 
age to sea on board a man of war with the Queen's letter, the usual mode in those days for 
young gentlemen who expected commissions when qualified after due service as midshipmen, 
but not liking the sea service, his Father bought for him an ensign's Commission in the Army, 
I believe about the latter end of Queen Ann's Reign. His several commissions, which are in 
an old desk at Barnhill, will ascertain the dates of his promotion in the Army. If I mistake 
not, he was a subaltern officer at the Battle of Sheriffmuir in Scotland, 17 15. Soon after he 
came to Ireland, a Capt. by purchase in Brigadier Jacob Barr's Regt. now No. 32, his company 
being quartered in Derry 17 16. He then and there married Margt. youngest daughter of the 
late Alexander Stewart of the City of Dublin, Esq., deceased about the year 1710. This Mr. 
A. Stewart married in 1687, the daughter of the late Mr. Stewart of Ballylawn, in the Co. of 
Donegal. Their families were of affinity, came originally from Scotland in the reign of James 
the I St, when the new Plantation of the Province of Ulster took place, after the rebellions of 
the Irish Septs had been in that part of the Kingdom well nigh suppressed. I imagine they 
were collateral branches of the ist Sir. Wm. Stewart's family. This gentleman was created a 
Bart. May 2, 162J. It is probable he or his father, preceding this d^te, had served in a Milit' 
ary character in this country and had done essential service to the Crown, or had been dis- 
tinguished favorites with King James the ist, from whom they obtained Royal Donations and 
Grants of large tracts of forfeited land in the Co. of Tyrone and Co. of Donegal. What fort' 
une Mr. A. Stewart had at the time of his marriage with the daughter of Mr. Stewart of Bal' 
lylawn I have not heard, but he certainly was in good circumstances, and it is probable was 
connected with the army as agent. When the Revolution of 1688 was attempted in this king- 
dom, he took a decided and active part to promote it. both by his fortune and personal serv- 
ices. When the affairs of the country were in a quiet and peaceable state, and King Wm's 
Government was established. His Majesty gave him a grant of some of the forfeited lands, in 
consideration of his eminent and public services, but this grant with others of like nature, was 
set aside by the Act of Re -assumption without any compensation for his service or expcndit' 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


urc of his fortune for the use of Government. Some evidence of this 1 imagine may appear by 
reference to the proceedings of the Commissioners in consequence of this Act, and by the 
Journals of the House of Commons at that time. I can't say that I ever saw anything relative 
to this matter, but I remember about the year 1740, Mr. Wm. Bruce, a sensible, worthy man, 
of benevolent disposition, being anxious to obtain for my Aunt, Mr. Frances Stewart, some 
pecuniary donation from the Government, out of the Concordant Fund in consideration of her 
father's eminent service, was at pains to look into the Journals and Votes of the House in 
reference to the transactions of that period, and, if I mistake not, he told her there was suf- 
ficient foundation for such an application, but it never was pursued for want of some powerful 
friend at the Castle to recommend it. 

It is evident to me from the credible relation I received that Mr. Alex. Stewart took a 
very active part to promote the Revolution of 88; the Earl of Tyrconnell, Ld. Lt. of Ireland, 
at that time, considered him a man of consequence, and adverse to the measures of his govern- 
ment in favor of King James the 2nd, in so much that he had his motions observed with the 
utmost vigilance, for when Mr. Stewart left Dublin in an open boat to go by sea to the North 
of Ireland to support the cause and assist the friends of a Constitutional Government, he was 
taken at sea and brought to the Castle of Dublin and there imprisoned with some other gent- 
lemen who had made themselves obnoxious to Lord Tyrconnell for supporting the Protestant 
interest. Their imprisonment was in so dark a part of the Tower that after the Battle of the 
Boyne and the victory was announced at the Castle, their prison door was opened with such 
unusual noise and vehemence that the prisoners concluded their adversaries were going to take 
them out to execution as traytors to King James; When they were joyfully restored to their 
liberty and to the service of their country, being so 'ong immured and secluded from the rays 
of open day, their eyes could not bear the effects of brighter light, so that they could not dis- 
tinguish their friends, but by the voice of their congratulations. 

Mr. Stewart, after his enlargement, was still more active in the service of his country 
and more liberal in his expenditures to promote the success of King Wm's Arms in the furth- 
er reduction and settlement of the Kingdom. When the public affairs were tending to a hap- 
py conclusion, he went to France to the Court of Paris to solicit the enlargement of his friend 
Ld. Mountjoy, who had been committed to the Bastile by the French King as disaffected to 
King James the 2nd. Ld. Mt. Joy had, soon after the siege of Derry commenced, i68q return- 
ed to Dublin to acquaint the Ld. Lt. was persuaded to go to the Court of France with some 
proposition of accommodation, but which were of no other tendency but to keep him at a dis- 
tance from opposing the measures of his administration, to which he knew his principles were 
adverse. Mr. Stewart happily effected the liberty of his friend Ld. Mt. Joy and returned to 
Ireland. He lived with his son as he had long before with the ist Ld Mt Joy, in habits of 
friendship united in principles and interest. The first Lord Mt. Joy was killed at the battle 
of Stcenkirk in the year 1792.* He was married to Mary, a sister of Judge Coote, and had 
several children by her, of whom I shall make respectful mention. I would not only observe 
that I have undoubted authority from a letter I lately received from the Rt. Hon. Robert 
Stewart of N'Ards, to fix the date of the ist Ld. Mt. Joy's death as above, I would infer 
from thence that his eldest son, who succeeded to the title. Honors and estate of Mt. Joy^ 
must have been bred to the profession of Arms, had the command of a Regt. of Dragoons at 
the time of, or soon after, the revolution of eighty eight, and I believe in Queen Ann's reign. 
Master and General of the Ordnance, and that this 2nd Ld. Vist. Mt. Joy was the father of 
the late Lord Mt. Joy, who was created Earl of Blessington. 

Mr. A. Stewart was agent to this 2nd Ld Mt. Joy's Regt. of dragoons and to several 

•Sec Lodge'a Peerage: title BIcRsinRton. (Also Stewart CUn MaRa?ine, volume vi, December. 1927.) 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Other regiments at the time of his death in or about the year 17 lo. His eldest son Wm. was 
a cornet in the same Regt. as his broc-inlaw, Mr. Stewart of Ballylawn, Lt. Col. of the same, 
from whence it appears that there was an intimate connection and friendship subsisting among 
them. The Regt.* of Dragoons I suppose, did not stand many years, as I do not find any vest- 
ige of it in the present Military Establishment. Perhaps it was only occasionally formed of 
the Independent single troops raised by private gentlemen to promote and defend the Revolut- 
ion of 1688. A remarkable occurrence concluded the catastrophe of the lives of my Grand- 
fater Stewart and his wife, if 1 remember right. I heard it was in the year 1709 or 10. They 
were both sitting together at the table after dinner; both complained of sickness at the same 
time; took the same fever, and died within a day of each other and were buried together in 
the same vault under the Church of St. Mary in Dublin. 

Tt> bf continued 

Notes on the Family of Alexander Steward of Charlestown 

Mrs. Clarence Foster Hand of Philadelphia deserves especial credit for having unearthed 
something of interest to the descendants of Alexander Steward of Charlestown, Mass., of 
whom an account is given in the Stewart Clan Magazine, vol. i: 13. Mrs. Hand communicated 
the data to Donald Lines Jacobus of New Haven, who graciously gave a copy to Horace Dick- 
erman, with the privilege of publication in this magazine. 

Under docket 2877, Suffolk county court, it is found that Margaret Steward [spelled Sew- 
ard in the Boston marriage record] married (1) Jonathan Hall and after his death married (2) 
Thomas Foster; and that she was a sister of Hannah Stewart, daughter of Alexander, who 
married in Boston June 29, 1699, Barrett Dyer of Boston, seems evident. The Suffolk probate 
records, vi: 158, show that on May 26, 1704, administration on the estate of Jonathan Hall, 
late of Boston, mariner, was granted to Thomas and Margaret Foster. The inventory of the 
estate of Jonathan Hall of Boston, deceased, was presented to the court "by Margaret his 
Widow or Relict, in Middletown," Apr. 17, 1704; i'2j. A t'2oo bond was signed by Thomas 
Foster, Margaret Foster, John Devin and Barratt Dyre, witnessed by Elkanah Pembroke and 
Thos. Maccarty, wherein *' We, Thomas Foster, cordwainer, and his wife Margt Foster, late 
Hall, of Connecticut, John I>evin, mercht., 6P Barratt Dyrey, cooper, both of Boston" signed a 
condition to make an inventory [before Mar. 27, 1705]. The same records, xv: 15, contain an 
inventory presented by Margaret Foster, wife of Thomas Foster, cordwainer, formerly wife 
of Jonathan Hall, late of Boston, mariner; t* 15-7-6, 

The Charlestown church records give the baptisms on the "i moncth 7 day 1675" of John, 
Samuel. Hannah and Margaret, "ye children of Alexander Steward and of Hannah his deceased 
wife." A summons dated 30: 2: 1672 and served by Samuell Keetell, constable of Charles- 
town, reading "Allexander Steward, for sailing from Gloster on a Lord's day, was fined", has 
been found in the Essex county court files. In the Middlesex county deeds, vii: 82, at Eist 
Cambridge is a paper by ''Alexander Stewart, taylor" dated Apr. 3, 1678, in which he states 
that he had ''received from my mother [mother-in-law] Ann Templar (now ye wife of Nath- 
aniel Morton)," executrix of the last will and testament "of my Grand father Richard Pritch- 
ard, diceased, twenty pounds which was willed to my wife Hannah Stewart and my two sons 
James 6^ John, ten pounds to my said wife ^ five pounds apcece to my two Sonnes abovesd." 

Margaret had a grandson named Stuart. James Steward and wife Eddc had a son James, 
born in 1695 in Boston, but the father's name is printed Seward in the records of the births of 
his other children — James, 1693; John, 1698-9; Samuel, 1701; Mary, 1705, and Benjamin, 1708 
— and some of these children were married in Boston under the name of Seward. 

•In 1715 he pot the command of this regiment. 

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Startinii Gayly on the Seventh Volume of our Majfaztne 

As our dear readers are aware, this publication has been very erratic during the past two 
years, due to no lack of interest but to the fact that the editor has traveled several thousand 
miles and found it impossible to keep in touch with the fine points of the work. We are be ' 
ginning this volume at Beatrice, Nebraska, a city of 10,000 people, 13 miles from the editor's 
home at Filley. We shall be pleased to receive the renewal of everyone of our subscribers. 

The fund being raised to send the editor to Ireland and Scotland has ascended to above 
$500. The project will be taken up in subsequent issues, which will follow soon. 

Those who receive this number as a sample copy are especially urged to subscribe. You 
are not likely to receive further copies, as we are looking for people who are interested in the 
work of discovering and compiling the Stewart ^Stuart family records. Send two dollars for a 
year's subscription to George T. Edson, Filley, Nebr. It will be sincerely appreciated. 


The readers of this magazine will be pleased to learn that a Stew- 
art Society, patterned after the well known Stewart Society of Scotland, 
is to be organized in America. Some thirty years ago an effort was made 
to form such an organization, but it was allowed to lapse. Since then 
the interest in genealogy has grown tremendously in the United States, 
and the need to put in printed form interesting historical records con- 
cerning the Stewart family, so that they may be available, is manifest, 
and there is no doubt that the organization now being planned by a group of well'to-do and 
influential persons can be made a success. It is a fact that there is no family which can show 
a more illustrious ancestry nor a more numerous production of eminent, able and honorable 
members. By all odds the house of Stewart was and is the greatest family ever produced by 
the British nation or any nation. No other family can compare with it in the influence its 
members have had on the destiny of nations; and the most remarkable fact is that through all 
these centuries it continues producing great men. 

The plan as set out by J. Adger Stewart of Louisville, Ky., and now being seconded by 
several men of high standing throughout the country, is to obuin one hundred sustaining mem- 
berships at $25 each per year for several years, and to get 1,000 annual memberships at $j per 
year. The income is to be used to employ a secretary and maintain an oflice in some eastern 
city, Richmond or Philadelphia being tentatively proposed. The secretary will edit a monthly 
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Editor: George Thomas Edson, FiUcy. Nebraska 


Until about the year i6oo the Scottish people had little desire or cause to migrate from 
their native country. The English had been pressing them for several centuries, and numer* 
ous wars had kepi the population from increasing to a point where finding sustenance became 
difficult. With the union of the crowns of Scotland and England by the ac' 
cession of King James Stuart Vi of Scotland to the throne of England as King 
James I, on Mar. 24. 160.V an act of aggression toward England became rebell' 
ion and treason. The Scotch were not accustomed to royal interference in 
their local or personal affairs. The reformation had divided the people and 
provided an entering wedge for English authority. James was king of England, and incidental- 
ly he was king of Scotland. 

England had already extended its claim to dominion over Ireland. The north of Ireland 
was looked upon as a field of settlement for the English and Scotch, and after James VI became 
king a policy of dispossessing the Irish and giving their land to English and Scotch settlers was 
adopted by the British government. This was called the Great Plantation of Ulster. To break 
the rule of the powerful Keltic chiefs in the north of Ireland the families were dispossessed of 
their land on various pretexts of rebellion or resistance to the king's men and their estates 
were given to loyal supporters of the English crown. Within a few decades after 1610 Scot' 
tish colonists by thousands poured into the six escheated counties of Londonderry, Donegal, 
Tyrone, Armagh, Cavan and Fermanagh, so that the population of Ulster became essentially 
Scotch. The native population eventually determined to drive out or kill the intruders, and 
on Oct. 23, 1641, an uprising broke forth in Ireland which almost annihilated the Scotch and 
English settlements and for its bloody consequences is remembered by descendants of Ulster- 
men to this day. The rising was ruthlessly crushed. 

About this time trouble in England began to develop in a quarrel between King Charles I 
Stuart and his parliament, and Scotland was drawn into the turmoil. Charles was supported 
by a mixed army of English and Scotch but was taken by a Scotch force and delivered a prison- 
er to the English parliamentary army. He was beheaded Jan. 50, 164Q, at Whitehall. His son 
was at once proclaimed king by the Scotch as Charles II and was supported by an army raised 
by the earl of Montrose. But the Scottish forces were defeated by Oliver Cromwell at the 
battle of Worcestei, Sep. j, 1651, and at Dunbar. From that time, when many of Cromwell's 
prisoners were shipped to the colonies and sold into temporary servitude to pay their fines, a 
slight drift of Scotch migration to America began, and it increased slowly until 1718, when it 
suddenly grew to large proportions. A few Scotch came from Ireland to America at the time 
of the uprising of 1641, and some came after the revolution of 1688, which ended the Stuart 
dynasty, but not until 1718 did they come in flocks from Ulster. The failure of the Scottish 
chiefs in 171 5 to put the old pretender, James Stuart, on the throne of his deposed father, 
King James VII, and the rigorous persecution of the prince's followers and sympathizers sent 
several hundred families, principally from the highlands, to the American colonies. 

Generally the Scotch who came before 17 18 were absorbed by the English population, but 
after that year the immigrants often formed their own settlements and townships, organized 
their church congregations and intermarried largely with their own people. The English laws 
suppressing the woolen and linen industry of Ulster to protect English manufacture, severe re- 
strictions on religious liberty and an advance in rents were responsible for a wholesale emigrat' 


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ion from northern Ireland after 1718. Most of the Scotch-Irish farmers were tenants, holding 
long leases under large landlords. These landlords had been given grants by King James VI 
on condition that they *'plant*' a given number of families on the land within a specified time, 
and to encourage tenants to settle on their lands they had offered favorable terms of rent. A 
big proportion of these leases began to expire in 17 18 and the land owners asked an increase in 
rent. Queen Anne Stuart died Aug. 1, 1714, and was succeeded by King George I, of the 
German house of Hanover. He looked upon Scotchmen as friends of the Stuarts. 

The Scotch'Irish immigration at first directed itself to the different seaboard colonies but 
as it grew in volume it concentrated mainly on New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania as 
more favorable to their settlement. They soon worked their way to the frontiers, this being 
agreeable alike to their English, Dutch or German neighbors in the older settlements, who 
called them Irish, and to their own adventurous, freedom 'loving natures. There was no ob- 
jection to letting them have land in the wilderness, for there they could have it out with the 
implacable Indian, a thing from which the gentle Quaker and the cautious German shrank, and 
their service as a line of defense against the savages and the French was reassuring. Those 
arriving in Massachusetts formed later settlements in the back part of the colony and in Maine. 
New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York. Those landing at New 
York City or Perth Amboy sent detachments up the Hudson and colonists to join those disem* 
barking at Newcastle, Del., or Philadelphia on their steady migration onward into the unoc' 
cupied lands of central and western Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. Extending rapidly 
their line of settlements, as the tide continued to flow from across the sea, they pushed on up 
the Shenandoah valley of Virginia, to the rear of the old English communities, and penetrated 
into the high lands of North and South Carolina. It is a great story. Scattered as these peo' 
pie were and as difficult as communication then was, they maintained a certain solidarity, fam« 
ilies moving backward and forward, up until the great war for independence, when the mingl' 
ing of peoples in the resultant settlement of the west broke the unity. 

In consequence of the Irish famine of 1740 the number of emigrants from Ulster to the 
American plantations was estimated at 12,000 a year. From 1715 to 1768 the number of de- 
partures increased from an average of j,ooo up to 6,000 a year, reaching a total of 200,000 
persons, about a third of the Protestant population. Between 1771 and 1774 some 30,000 peo. 
pie left Ulster, of whom 10,000 were weavers. These people brought with them a thorough 
dislike of English rule. From the first settlements they or their children moved on to newer 
settlements "to carry everywhere the sturdy qualities, the fixed opinions and the lasting 
grudges characteristic of Scotch'lrishmcn." In the Revolutionary war these colonists took to 
arms almost to a man against the English king, and on the soil of America they avenged the 
injuries their fathers had suffered in Ireland and in Scotland. 


From Ek1c'» "Pennsylvania Genealogies" and other sources 

Robert^ Stewart (Samuel,^ Robert,* JohnO was born in 1732 in Ireland, coming to 
America with his parents in 1735. He went from Hanover, Lancaster county, Pa., soon after 
his marriage and settled on a farm in the Marsh Creek settlement in York [now in Adams] 
covnty, receiving a warrant May 30. 1765, for 100 acres of land. He married Sarah Stewart, 
horn in 1746 or 1747, daughter of John"' Stewart [page 50]. Sarah died Mar. 31, 1796, in her 
50th year,® and Robert died Nov. 1, 181 1, in his 80th year:® they are buried in the old Pi- 
Symbols and references: a number preceded by a dash, as ~V0, means refer to that page; m. meant married; 
m. int., marriage intention; m. lie, marriage license; b , born; bp.. biiptizcd; d., died; bur., buried; ® Bible rec- 
(»rd. 'i church, i town. 4 gravestone X probate, i« court, 7 land. » military, (?) pension, (i^ census. (Si) tradit- 
ion, til local history, i* patriotic society, U) obituary, biography or gruealogv. 

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ncy Creek church graveyard.* His will was dated Oct. 9, 181 1, and was probated Nov. 13, 
181 1, and in it he names "my ten children." The records of Robert's descendants arc given 
fully in a book called "Stewarts of Coitsville, Ohio/' and therefore will not be reproduced at 
this time, except as noted in the births, marriages and deaths of his children below: 
William, Dec. 20, 1765; m. Mary Stewart, daughter of Elijah^ 

John 1767: m. (i) 1804, Agnes Struthers, (2) : d. Nov. 16, 1838 

James, Oct. 17, 1768; m. Jean Smiley: d. Dec. 24, 1852, in Ohio 

Mary, June — , 1772; m. (i) Mar. 14, 1805, David Watt Cunningham: d. Jan. 7, 1843 
Sarah, Nov. 3, 1774; m. Apr. 6, 1815, Elisha Pauley, in Coitsville, O.: d. Oct. 27, 1846 
Jane 1775; m. John Stewart: d. Feb. 15, 1822, Piney Creek® 

Robert, Aug. — , 1777; m. June 3, 1817, Sarah Wilson: d. Dec. 3, 1837, Trumbull county, O. 
David, May — , 1779; m. Nancy Clark: d. Aug. i, 1832, Coitsville, O. 

Joseph, Dec. 25, 1784; m. 
Rebecca 1787; m. Oct. 13, 1813, Robert Lowery: d. June 6, 1846, near Leipsic, O. 

Samuel^ Stewart (Samuel,* Robert,* John') was born about 1735, probably after the 
arrival of his parents at Chestnut Level, Lancaster county, Pa. He removed with his father 
about 1750 to Hanover township, where he [or his father] received a warrant dated May 17, 
1754, to a farm in what is now West Hanover township, Dauphin county. In an "assessment 
for the king's use" in 17^9 Samuel Stuart, Hanover township, was taxed 6ve shillings. Sam' 
ucl, the younger, married (i) about 1770 Agnes [Naiu:>] Templcton, a daughter of Robert 
and Agnes Templcton of Hanover. He enlisted in Col. Timothy Green's battalion for the de' 
fense of the frontier, and was one of the soldiers in Capt. James Rodger's company of associ' 
ators "destined for the camp in the Jerseys," June 6, 1776. His first wife died in 1789, and 
he married (2) soon afterward Agnes Calhoun, bom in 1763, daughter of William and Hannah 
Calhoun of Paxtang township. He died Sep. 16, 1803, and is buried in the Hanover cemetery^ 
He made his will July 26, 1797, which was proved Sep. 21, 1803, naming his wife Agnes and 
his son Samuel executors. The widow bought the farm, ten miles east of Harrisburg. In 1813 
she moved to Spruce Creek, Center county, where she died Aug. 29, 1823, and was buried at 
Oraysville, Huntingdon county ® Samuel's twelve children were:® 

Sarah 1771 ; m. Dec. 20, 1792, Joseph Stewart, son of Hugh^: d. 32*35, Ohio 

Robert Templcton, June 15, 1773; m. (i) Mary Dunlop, (2) Mrs. Mary E. Hamilton 

Samuel Elder, Jan. 8, 1775; m. Elizabeth Elder 

James B. I777; ra- Ann Beatty 

Charles 1778 » m. Mary Stewart, daughter of Hugh^ 

John Templeton, Mar. 3, 1781; m. Mar. 2, 1815, Ann Elder: d. 1850, Clarke county, Ohio 
Mary McClay 1784; m. James Stewart: d. 1816, Butler county, Ohio 

Agnes 1786; m. 1806, James R. Beatty: d. Feb. 2s, '27, Butler co. 

William Calhoun 1790; m. (1) Jane Dunlop, (2) Mrs. Miltenberger 

David, Oct. 30, 1792; m. May 22, 1522, Sarah Walker: d. May 29, 1869, Huntingdon co., Pa. 
Thomas Finney, Aug. 11, 1794; m. Mary Bailey of Spruce Creek, Center co. 

Margaret Agnes, Apr. 8, 1796^ m. July 20, 1820, John Lyon: d. May 26, 1835, Pittsburgh 

James^ Stewart (Samuel,^ Robert,'^ John') was bom about 1739 and is said to have re- 
moved to Allegheny county. We have found no record of him there, and we need a James 
about his size to qualify as a Revolutionary pensioner in Dauphin county. 

•For lhc«* data wc arc ind'-htrd to I>. Henry Stewart of GpttysburR. Thi$ Rcntlrman, at conniderable ex- 
p^n»e and a frrrat d^al of painstaking invrstigation. ha« very generously given to the Stewart Clan Maga/inc a 
very complete collection of S'ewart record* oi Aiam* county. H<»race D.ckerman has made a search of the 
probate and laod rccfirds of York ct>unty. from which Adams county was taken in 1800. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Elijah^ Stewart (Samuel,'^ Robert,*^ John^) married Mary Pattcrscn. He served as a 
soldier in a company of associators in 1776. His home was in Lower Paxtang township, where 
he died in 1807. His widow and children moved to Ohio. Children, bom in Dauphin county : 

Sarah m. James Finney 



Margaret m. William Finney 

Mary m. 1790, William Stewart, son of Robert* 


James, Jan. 9, 1781; m. Mar. 21, 1811, Jane Elder: d. May 6. 1857, Clarke couilty, Ohio 


John* Stewart (Hugh,^ Robert,- John') was born July 2, 1753, in Paxtang, Lancaster 
[now in Dauphin] county, Pa. He married Mary Robertson. He enlisted in 1776 under 
Capt. William Bell, second battalion of Lancaster county militia in the Revolutionary war.® 
Seven days later (he stated in his application for a pension. Mar. 8, i8jo) he was taken prison- 
er by the British at the capture of Fort Washington, Nov. 16, 1776, and was released on par- 
olc until