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Full text of "The Stirling directory including Bridge of Allan, St Ninians, Bannockburn, Cambusbarron, and Whins of Milton"

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CD A.=l 




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MITGHLi.L Li.:ft;;iy 





>^<i»— f- 


All the London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dundee 



♦ • »■ < 





INVESTED FUNDS exceed '- '- '- ^ - £7,000,000. 
CLAIMS PAID exceed £9,000,000. 

The Bonus additions to "With Profit" Policies, at last Quinqnennial 
Valuation for 31st December, 1886, averaged Fifty per cent, of all Premiums 
paid during previous Five Years, 

Every description of Life Assurance Business transacted. 
From whom Prospectus and other information can be obtained. 

Assurances may Tjb effected for any sum from £50 to £10,000. 

irittiiM * fif 1 




Order sent for if desired, and delivered per own van daily. 



^axlor^ and §Iof^icr0, 






Bridge-of-Allan, Causewayhead, Bannockburn, 
And Neighbourhood ; 



Containing Street Plans of Stirling and Bridge-of-Allan. 


WILSON & COMPANY, 28 Bath Street, Glasgow; 
Eneas Mackay, Bookseller, Stirling; 

AND OF all booksellers. 

Paper Binding, 1/-; Cloth, 2/-; Half-Calf, 3/- 




T^NTIRELY Re-Furnislied and Re-Decorated in First-Class 
■^^ Style. "Witliin one minute from the Tramway Cars, 
Two Minutes from the Railway Station, and on the way to 
the Castle. 


Complete Hiring and Posting Establishment. Moderate Charges. 
ROBERT M'KENZIE, Proprietor. 



TTAS heen Re-Furnished and Re-Decorated in First-Class 
"^ Style. Commercial Gentlemen will find every con- 
venience and attention in this Old-Estahlished Hotel. 



No Charge for Attendance. 

Having acq:uired a Lease of the Rod and Line Salmon Fishing 
belonging to the town of Stirling, Gentlemen staying at 
the Hotel can have Fishing on the above Waters Free of 

R OBERT M'KENZIE, Proprietor. 

piTGhtLL uuknii 

IP I^ E lET" .A. O E. 

Being rather late in beginniDg to compile this Director}', we have 
to apologise for its lateness in publication. While endeavouring 
to make it as complete as possible, still we are sensible that, 
like all other books of a similar nature, it is not perfect. Three 
important advantages can be claimed for it, however, over any of 
its predecessors — 1st, Tlie very fine Map of the Di:jtrict, specially 
prepared for us by Messrs. Bartholomew, of Edinburgh ; 2nd, 
The price is such as to bring it within the reach of all, and attain 
for it an amount of popularity ; and 3rd, The quality of paper 
is superior to any Directory ever pubhshed. 

Being published principally by subscription, it may not be 
had a few months hence from the booksellers, as we do not 
print a very large number beyond the subscribed list, free 
copies, &c. Parties, therefore, wishing copies, who have not 
subscribed, should apply at once. Next year, if no. obstacle 
comes in the way, we will begin to compile immediately after 
the May term, and can promise, from our experience this year, 
very considerable improvement, both in size and matter. 

Suggestions as to any alterations, &c., will be thankfully 
received by the Publishers. 

28 Bath Street, 
Glasgow, 1S87. 




(Foot of King Street.) 

(ij Years Lessee of the Royal Restaurant, King Street,) 

XT as now REMOVED the ROYAL RESTAURANT business 
^ to his oiAm Extensive Premises as above, where he 
will conduct the husiness in future. 



Til WAllttlT l®f 1^, 

(Formerley Carmichael's Temperance Hotel), 


This Old-Established First-Class Hotel has heen largely added 
to, handsomely decorated, and entirely re-furnished. 



Marriage Breakfasts, Puhlic Dinners, Suppers and Soirees, 
purveyed in First-Class Style. 



Carriages of every description to Let on Hire. 

PETER M'ALPINE, Proprietor. 

geheraLl directory 

'Abercromhy, James, brassfounder, 57 

Lower Bridge street 
Adam, Robert, cork manufacturer, 

45 King street 
Adams, Robert, 49 Murray place 
Adams, Robt., cbina and glass depot, 

21 Port St.; ho., 11 Royal gardens 
Adams, Robert, carrier and confec- 
tioner, 20 Murray place 
Adams, William, wine and spirit 

merchant, 55 Port street 
Adamson, Thomas, merchant, 30 

Queen street 
Adamson, Thomas, & Co., family 

grocers, 29 Arcade 
Agricultural Society, Port street — 

Robt. Taylor, secy. , 46 Barnton st 
Aim, William L., oil merchant, 17 

Clarendon place 
Aitken, Miss, 7 Victoria square 
Aitken, John, worsted spinner, Rock- 
vale Mills, Craigs; res., Snowdonpl 
Aitken, John G., manure merchant, 

Abbey road ; res., Southfield 
Aitken, Margaret, 17 Bruce street 
Alexander, Alex., flesher, 27 Friars st 
Alexander, E., Burghmuir ; res., 19 

Queen street 
Alexander, James, 15 Park place 
Alexander, Peter, joiner, 63 Newhouse 
Allan, A. R., traveller, Belllield 
Allan, John, architect, 12 Murray 

place ; res. , 32 Dumbarton road 
Allan, Peter, hairdresser, 105 Baker st 
Allan, Robert, & Son, bakers, 17 St 

Mary's wynd 
Allan, William, 3 Broad street 
Allison, James, 31 Upper craigs 
Allison, Miss, dressmaker 31 Upper 


Alloa Coal Co., Wallace street — John 

Dewar, agent 
Allum, Charles E., music teacher, 10 

Glebe crescent 
American Warehouse, 23 Arcade — 

James Philips, manager 
Anderson, Mrs Barbara, 9 Pitt terrace 
Anderson, Mrs D., 40 Barnton street 
Anderson, David, Southfield crescent 
Anderson, James, grocer, 57 Baker 

street ; res. , 4 Bank street 
Anderson, Mrs Jane, 8 Melville ter 
Anderson, John, brewer, 84 St 

Mary's wynd 
Anderson, Robt. , valuator 1 1 Princes 

Anderson, Thos. G., Allan park 
Anderson, William, timber merchant; 

house, 41 Wallace street 
Anderson, William, town officer, 25 

Spittal street 
Anderson, William, 5 Springfield pi 
Anderson, William, coal merchant, 

7 Shore road 
Angus, J. & J., dyers, 33 Port street 
Angus, Rev James, 16 Albert place 
Angus, James, 25 Queen street 
Angus, John (of J. & J. Angus), 13 

Queen street 
Angus, Mrs Margaret, 36 Queen st 
Annan, James, 30 Snowdon place 
Archibald, David, baker, 15 Broad st 
Archibald, John, solicitor, 29 Snow- 
don place 
Archibald, John, solicitor, 53 Port st 
Archibald, William, watchmaker, 18 

Port street ; res. , 25 Port street 
Armour, Mrs James, 12 George place 
Armstrong, Janet, fruiterer 65 Port 

Armstrong, William, 5 Upper craigs 
Arnott, Henry, teacher, 20 Queen st 

Arthur, George, draper, 120 Baker 
street ; res., 17 St John street 

Arthur, John, tailor, 33 Baker street 

Artillery Volunteer Corps Office, 
38 Arcade — Instructor, Sergeant 
W. Lenton 

AtholjMiss Elizabeth, 5 Abercromby 

Atkinson, Robert, traveller, 1 Wind- 
sor place 


Bain, William, boilerniaker, 2 Spring- 
field place 
Baird, Alexander, 59 Wallace street 
Baird, Alex., & Sons, 40 Murray pi 
Baird, Joseph, grocer, 36 Barnton st 
Baker, Leonard, drawing master, 22 

Albert place 
Bald, R., painter, 20 Murray place 
Baldie, Mary A., dressmaker, 2 Allan 

Bank of Scotland (branch), 54 

King st— J. W. Campbell, agent 
Banks Brothers & Co., perambulator 

manufacturers. Lower craigs 
Banks, Edward (of Banks Brothers & 

Co.), 9 Princes street 
Banks, William (of Banks Brothers 

& Co.), 5 Snowdon place 
Banks, Mrs, lodgings, Allan park 
Bannantyne, Mrs, bookseller, 10 

Irvine place 
Barclay, Mary, tobacconist, 13 Bow 

Barclay, Michael, broker, 9 J St 

Mary's wynd 
Barclay, Wm., sculptor, Viev.'field j)! 
Barmigan, Thomas, & Fothcringham, 

builders. 98 St Mary's wynd 
Barr, James, clerk, 25 Seaforth place 
Battison, P., painter, 53 Lower 

Bridge street 
Bauchop, George, 2 Wolf craig 
Baxter, G. , Bookf - ot villa 
Baxter, Miss, 5 Queen street 
Baxter, Mrs, 23 Nelson place 
Baxter, William, 1 Bayne street 
Bayne, David, grocer, 100 Cowane st 
Becker, William, bandmaster. Bell- 
field house 
Bell, Charles, 21 Victoria place 
Bell, John, 14 Bow street 

Bell, Mary, spirit dealer, 56 St Mary's 

Bell, Peter, 55 Lower Bridge street 
Bennie, Alex., butcher, 56 Barnton 

street ; res., 15 Douglas street 
Bennie, D., 11 Queen street 
Bennie,Miss, dressmaker, 36 Baker st 
Bennet, Gilbert, 10 Upper craigs 
Bennett, Hugh, potato merchant, 17 

Queen street 
Bennett, John, tailor, 20 Port street 
Berrie, David, schoolmaster. Baker st 
Bett, James. 6 Winchel place 
Beveridge, Archibald, clothier, 1 and 

3 Queen street 
Binning, Thomas, 17 Snowdon place 
Bird, Mrs, 19 Allan park 
Bissett, Mrs John, 34 Albert place 
Black, William, painter, 11 Abbey 

Koad place 
Blair, G. , 25 Port street 
Blair, Miss Isabella, 5 Abercromby pi 
Blair, Miss Mary, lodgings, 5 Upper 

Blakfy, J. Wood, solicitor, 59 Murray 

place ; res., 16 Park terrace 
Boag, Janet, 37 Cowane street 
Bogle, Josh., last maker, 3 Douglas st 
Borthwick, Margaret, 53 Wallace st 
Boss, Mr. , 5 Nelson place 
Boswell, William, boot and shoe- 
maker, 18 Baker street and 45 Port 
street ; res., 13 Albert place 
Bow, Miss, 6 Royal gardens 
Boyd, JMary, lodgings, 11 Abercrom- 
by place 
Boyes, Edward, maltster, 20 Upper 

Bridge street 
jjrady, Ellen, dressmaker, 10 Dum- 
barton road 
Bridge of Allan Gazette Office, 

26 and 32 Upper craigs 
British Linen Co. Bank (branch), 
10 Port St. — agent, Wm. Stevenson 
British Messenger Office, 1 Mur- 
ray place 
Brittain, Samuel G., locomotive 

superintendent, Parkhouse 
Brock, David, Lome Tavern, Mar pi 
Brock, Mrs, 61 Cowane street 
Brodie, Peter, baker, 34 Port street 
Brown, Rev. Alex. W, 3 Viewfieldpl 
Brown, Arthur, 77 Port street 
Brown, Geo., designer, 22 Nelson pi 

BioAvn, H,, 12 Bayne street 
Brown, Helen, 28 Queen street 
Brown, J., schoolmaster, St Mary's 

Brown, J., grocer, 62 Baker street 
Brown, James, railway carrier, 5 

Allan park 
Brown, James, 13 Forth place 
Brown, James, solicitor and. town 
chamberlain (of J. & J. Mathie & 
MacLuckie), 15 Forth place 
Brown, John, 5 Springfield place 
Brown, John, grocer, 31 Upper craigs 
Brown, Julia, innkeeper, 4 St Mary's 

Brown, Mary, milliner, 14 Queen st 
Brown, Mrs K., refreshment rooms, 

51 Baker street 
Brown, Thos., butter and egg dealer, 

'16 Broad street 
Brown, William S., cabinetmaker, 81 

Port street; res., Allan park 
Brown, W'm. S., dentist, 60 Murray 

Browne, Wm., quarry master, Barn- 
ton street ; res., 62 Baker street 
Browne, William, surgeon, 1 Glad- 
stone place 
Brownlee, George, bank accountant, 

16 George street 
Bruce, Andrew, 3 Victoria square 
Bruce, David, 1 Victoria square 
Bruce, Mrs, 5 Upper craigs 
Bryce, Miss, 6 Upper craigs 
Bryce, Wm., cabinetmaker, 16 King 

street ; res, , 33 King street 
Buchan, David, & Son, lathsplitters, 

23 Seaforth place 
Buchan, Jane C., day school, Castle- 
Buchan, Miss, 24 Snowdon place 
Buchan, Mrs, 45 King street 
Buchanan, Alexander, bill-poster, 46 

Upper Bridge street 
Buchanan, Andrew, fishmonger, 19 

Friars street 
Buchanan, Andrew, grocer, 9 Baker st 
Buchanan, And., painter, 49 King st 
Buchanan, Andrew C., solicitor (of 
Fleming & Buchanan), Whitehouse 
Buchanan, Jas., sculptor, 11 King st 
Buchanan, John, painter, 34 Murray 

place ; ho., 31 Upper craigs 
Buchanan, John, grocer, 7 Broad st 

Bullick, Thomas, 55 Lower Bridge st 
Burden, Peter, Stirling brewery ^ 

Irvine place 
Burden, William, Bridgehaugli 
Burgess, John, hirer, 11 King street 
BUFgh Police Office, Broad street 
Burt & Shaw, joiners and builders, 

81 Port street 
Burt, And., shopkeeper, 52 Cowane 

Burt, J., 26 Port street 
Burt, James (of Burt & Shaw), 51 

Wallace street 
Burton, Miss, boarding shool, 13^ 

Pitt terrace 

Cairns, Peter, 27 Queen street 
Cairns, Robert, accountant. Union 

Bank, Ltd., 22 King street 
Cairns, William, plumber. Orchard 

place ; res., 5 Bruce street 
Caledonia Loan Office, 8 and 10 

Broad street 
Caledonian Hall, Baker street and 

36 Spittal street 
Callander Advertiser Office, 26 

Upper craigs 

Cameron, Donald, Inland Revenue 
officer, 25 Friars street 

Cameron, John, 27 Queen street 

Cameron, Miss, 5 Queen street 

Cameron, William, storekeeper, 54 
Forth place. Abbey road 

Campbell, Alex., clothier, 41 Baker st 

Campbell, Alex., Park lane 

Campbell, Alex., publican ; ho., 23 
Queen street 

Campbell, Alex., spirit merchant, 99 
Baker street 

Campbell, JSIrs Annie, 35 Allan park 

Campbell, Arch., Royal Hotel, Barn- 
ton street 

Campbell, Duncan T., 4 Drummond 

Campbell, Miss Isabella, 1 Claren- 
don place 

Campbell, J. & G., dressmakers, 7 
M urray place 

Campbell, J. W., agent. Bank of 
Scotland, 52 King street 

Campbell, James, 18 Abercromby pi 

Campbell, James, 57 Lower Bridge st 


Campbell, John, general dealer, 57 

Lower Bridge street 
Caraijbell, Rev John Kerr, D.D., 4 

Irvine place 
Campbell, M. A., dressmaker, 45 

Cowane street 
Campbell, M. A., milliner, 45 Cowane 

Campbell, Mr, 57 Lower Bridge st 
Campbell, Mrs, 9 Douglas street 
Campbell, Mrs, 15 Douglas street 
Campbell, Mrs, fancy warehouse, 26 

Cowane street 
Campbell, Mrs, 55 Lower Bridge st 
Campbell, Mrs, 5 Springfield place 
Campbell, Mrs, 21 Wallace street 
Campbell, Miss Neil, 1 Clarendon pi 
Campbell, Robert, hatter and hosier, 

32 Arcade ; res., 15 Princes street 
Campbell, Robert, mason, 53 Lower 

Bridge street 
Campbell, W. S., coal dealer, 47 

Lower craigs 
Campbell, William, timber merchant, 

Wallace st.; res., 17 Gladstone pi 
Candy, C. C, engraver, 70 St Mary's 

Carmichael, Jessie, 25 Nelson place 
Carnie, J., 7 Douglas street 
Carrick, Mrs, 1 Glebe crescent 
Carson, D. R., painter, 3 Windsor pi 
Carson, Mrs Helen R., 9 Albert place 
Carson, William, & Son, painters, 58 

Port street 
Cash Jewellery Store, 36 Arcade 
Chalmers, J., 49 Wallace street 
Chalmers, James, mason, 10 Middle 

Chalmers, John, smith, 24 Lower 

Bridge street 
Chalmers, Rev John, M.A., 17 Allan 

Chappell, Barnard F., traveller, 10 

Barnton street 
Cherry, Miss, butcher, 12 Upper craigs 
Cherry, Misses, 3 Snowdon place 
Children's Home, Burghmuir — 

Miss Croll, matron 
Chisholm, G., & Son, brassfounders, 

72 Port street 
Chisholm, George, 38 King street 
Christie, James, 52 Barnton street 
Christie & Cowie, cabinetmakers, 61 

King street 

Christie, George, draper, 96 Cowane 

street; res., 14 Union street 
Christie, George, clerk, 23 Queen st 
Christie, George, Southfiekl house 
Christie, James, grocer, 22 and ' 53 

Cowane street 
Christie, James R., agent for Thos. 
Muir, Son, & Paton, coal mer- 
chants, 3 Douglas terrace 
Christie, Mrs James, 3 Park avenue 
Christie, Jane, 43 Wallace street 
Christie, William, watchmaker, 36 

Port street ; res. , 46 King street 
Christie, William, accountant, 3 Park 

Christie, Wm., joiner, 3 St John st 
Christie, Mrs Wm., 47 King street 
Chrystal, James (of Chrystal «& Mac- 

farlane), 3 Clarendon place 
Clirystal & Macfarlane, solicitors, 11 

King St.; J. P. Clerk's office 
Chrystal, Mrs, 10 Upper craigs 
Chrystal, Mrs, 45 Wallace street 
Clark, Richard, tinsmith, 1 Spring- 
field place 
Clarke, Wm., 42 Upper Bridge steeet 
Clarke, Wm. J., shopkeeper, Rose- 
bank cottage, Springfield 
Clure, A. F., hairdresser, 104 Spittal 

Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. (branch), 65 
King street — Drysdale & Moffat, 
joint agents 

Cochrane, A., blacksmith, lO Upper 

Cochrane, William, civil engineer, 
Balmoral place 

Cochrane, William, Mossbank 

Coldwell, Rev Clement Leigh, 10 
Clarendon place 

Colquhoun, Andrew, brewer, Burgh- 
muir ; res.. Royal gardens 

Colville, Alexander, 12 Park place 

Combination Poorhouse, Union st 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, 
Ltd. (branch), 77 Murray place — 
James M. Morrison, agent 

Comrie, James, traveller, Raplock 

Cook, Joseph D., traveller, Forth- 
view cottage, Abbey road 

Cook, William B., Old Book Shop, 
26 King street 

Cordis, Miss, Clarendon place 

Cosh, Mrs, James street 


County Buildings, Barnton street 
County Police Office, County 

Buildings, Barnton street 
Cousin, Alex., reporter, 16 Queen st 
Cowan, Donald, cleric, 45 Wallace st 
Cowan, Dugald, wheelwright, 14 

Spittal street 
Cowan, M., confectioner, 34 Barnton 

street and 89 Port street 
Co wane & Co., carters — Henry 

Hunter, agent 
Cowbrough & Mercer, grocers, wine 

and spirit merchants, 35 Wallace 

St. and 14 Port st., Stirling; also 

at Bridge of Allan and Callander 
Cowbrongh, Miss, 19 Snowdon place I 
Crabb, James, weaver, 2 Springfield pi | 
Craig, George, railwayman, 40 Abbey 

Craii;-, John, nurseryman and florist, 

3 ^lurray place ; res. , Liviland 
Craigie, A., 57 Wallace street 
Craigie, Mrs Agnes, 31 Upper craigs 
Crawford, Andrew, tea dealer, 48 

Upper Bridge street 
Crawford, Catherine, stationer, 30 

King street and 7 Douglas terrace 
Crawford & Co., stationers, &c., 7 

King street 
Crawford, Mrs Elizabeth, 14 Allan pk 
Crawford, Helen, dressmaker, 7 Lower 

Bridge street 
Crawford, Hugh, joiner, 5 Abbey 

road place 
Crawford, J. F., 47 Port street 
Crawford, James, 9 Nelson place 
Crawford, Major, 30 Snowdon place 
Crawford, Mrs, 32 Port street 
Crawford, Robt., tinsmith, 49 King st 
Crawford, Thos., spirit dealer, Drip 

Crawford, William, china merchant, 

36 Dumbarton road 
Crawford, William, china dealer, 26 

Murray place and 30 Arcade 
Crawford, William, & Sons, grocers, 

9 Lower Bridge street 
Crease, Rachel H., 4 Port street 
Crichton, James, dyer, 45 Murray 

place ; shop. Baker street 
Crichton, James, spirit dealer, 68 

Baker street 
Crichton, Wm. G., glazier, 71 Port 

street ; res. , 25 King street 

Crockart, David, gunmaker, 6 Vic- 
toria place 
Crocket, David, boot and shoemaker, 

22 Spittal St. ; res. , 37 Wallace st 
Crocket, James, bookseller, 57 King 

street ; res. , 30 Queen street 
Croll,Miss (matron, Children's Home), 

116 Upper craigs 
Crombie, Mrs Annie, 17 Queen street 
Cross, John, weaver, 4 Springfield pi 
Crowe & Rogers, photographers, 57 

Murray place 
Crystal, Alex. , engineer, 49 King st 
Cullens, Jas., flesher, 2 Upper craigs 
Cullens, W. J. & J., fleshers, 10 

Baker street and 11 Port street 
Cullens, William, flesher (of W. J. 

& J. Cullens), 18 Albert place 
Cutuming, Andrew, grocer, 28 Baker 

street ; res. , 8 Viewfield place 
Cumming, Wm., tailor, 13 Baker st 
Gumming, Wright, bootmaker, 2 Bo\v 

street ; res. , Allan park 
CunlifFe, Mrs, Carlton house 
Cunningham, William, Mar place 

house, 58 Broad street 
Cura, Givolanna, ice cream depot, 87 

Baker street 
Currie, James, joiner, Woodside cot- 
tage, 22 Dumbarton road 
Currie, James, 18 Dumbarton road 
Currie, Mrs, 5 George street 
Currie, Robert, joiner and burgh 

assessor, Dalgleish court. Baker st 
Currie, Thomas, joiner. Greenwood 

cottage, Dumba'ton road 
Currie, Thomas, clerk, 23 Queen st 
Curror, John G., solicitor (of Wingate 

& Curror) ; res., 37 Snowdon place 
Cusick, J., provision dealer, 12 Broad 

Cuthbertson, David, 22 Park terrace 
Cuthbertson, John, grocer, 31 Baker 

street ; res. , Dalgleish house 


Dale, John T., hairdresser, 30 Port 
street and 17 Friars street 

Dalgetty, Henry, boot and shoe- 
maker, 97 Baker street 

Dalgleish, Peter, 8 Pitt terrace 

Dairy mple, George, innkeeper, 18 
Broad street 


Danskin, Jane, dressmaker, 96 St 

Mary's wynd 
Davidson, And., smith, 48 Broad st 
Davidson, Jessie, refreshment room, 

89 Port street 
Davidson, Misses, Gowan brae. Upper 

Bridge street 
Davidson, Misses, 18 Snowdon place 
Davidson & Stevenson, solicitors, 12 

Port street 
Davie, James, jun. (of James Davie 

&_Son), 27 Forth place 
Davie, Jas., & Son, Stirling Foundry, 

Orchard place 
Davie, Richard, depute sheriff-clerk; 

res., 10 Albert place 
Dawson, James, joiner, Raplock 
Dawson, John, spirit dealer, 77 

Wallace street 
Dawson, Maigt., lodgings, 17 King st 
Dawson, Robert, writing master, 27 

Nelson |ilace 
Dawson, Walter, 15 Clarendon place 
Day, W. E., & Co., wool and waste 

merchants, Forth Bridge Mill 
Dean of Guild— Robt. Mercer, Allan 

Deeny, David, railway inspector, 9 

MaxAvell place 
Dempster, John A., tobacco manu- 
facturer, 6 Port street ; works, 56 

Upper craigs ; res. , 6 Albert place 
Dempster, John, wool spinner, Bridge- 

Dewar, Mrs J. , 50 Upper Bridge st 
Dewar, James, carter, Burghmuir 
Dewar, John, colliery agent, 54 

Wallace street 
Dewar. Peter, farmer. King's park 
Dick, Mrs Andrew, 5 George street 
Dick, David, clerk, 87 Port street 
Dickie, W^ni., factor, 63 Wallace st 
Dickson's Boot and Shoe Shop, 46 

Baker street 
Dobbie, Mrs Elizabeth, 11 Pitt ter. 
Doig, Elizabeth, toy dealer, 37 Arcade 
Donald, Mrs, 12 Pitt terrace 
Donaldson, Mrs Isabella, 24 Nelson pi 
Donaldson, J., & Son, carpenters, 

Dumbarton road 
Donaldson, John, joiner, 14 Dumbar- 
ton road 
Donaldson, R. , railway clerk, 6 Abbey 

road place 

Doran, A., 12 George stz-eet 
Douglas Hotel and Restaurant, Ar- 
cade— Wm. M'Craw, proprietur 
Douglas, Miss, Glebe crescent 
Douie, John R, L., factor tu.Col. 

Murray, Polmaise 
Dow, Allan, coal merchant, Shore 

road and Castlehill 
Dow, Miss Isa., lodgings, 12 Max- 
well place 
Dow, James, hatter, 19 King street ; 

res., 126 Port street 
Dow, John, blacksmith, Raplock 
Dow, John, manager, Forthvale 

Dow, Mrs William, grocer, 34 Bow 

street ; ho. , 48 Broad street 
Dowall, James, tailor, 69 Baker st 
Dowdy, William, temperance hotel, 

5 King street 
Dowell, James, outfitter, 77 King st 
Dowell, John, painter, 19 Dumbar- 
ton road 
Dowell, Williflm, 17 Queen street 
Downie, Mrs Jane, Park place 
Dreghorn, Mrs, provision dealer, 72 

St Mary's wynd 
Drew, John, surgeon, 28 Albert place 
Drumbreck, Wm., 5 Viewfield place 
Drummond, Mrs A., Fredinnock 
Drummond, Gregor T. (of R. Druni- 
mond & Son), Thrushgrove, Livi- 
Drummond, Henry (of Wra. Drum- 
mond & Son), Glenelm lodge 
Drummond, James, porter and ale 

dealer, Kersemill 
Drummond, James, 4 Melville ter. 
Drummond, James, spirit dealer, 16 

Baker street 
Drummond, James (of W^m. Drum- 
mond & Son) ; res., 10 Nelson pi 
Drummond, James, mason, Raplock 
Drummond, James W., seedsman, 17 

Victoria place 
Drummond, P., 32 Snowdon place 
Drummond, R., & Son, goldsmiths, 

5 Murray place 
Drummond, Robert, 6 Victoria sq 
Drummond's Tract and Book Depot, 

2 King street 
Drummond, W., & Sons, nursery- 
men and seedsmen, 4 King street ; 
nurseries. Coney park 


Dry sd ale, James, bank agent, 65 

King street 
Drysdale, William, 24 Bow street 
Dudgeon, Mary, grocer, 9 Maxwell pi 
Duft", J., plumber, 16 Dumbarton road 
Duffin, Catherine, broker, 23 St 

Mary's wynd. 
Duffin, Jessie, broker, 8 Bow street 
Dufty Brothers, grocers, 12 Bow st 
Duffy, P., grocer, 57 Lower Bridge st 
Dumbreck, Wm., 5 Viewfield place 
Duncan, John, tailor, 53 Murray pi 
Duncan & Jamieson, printers and 

publishers, 32 Upper craigs 
Duncan, JNIr, tobacconist, 7 Barnton 

Duncanson, Jas. , engineer, Raplock 
Duncanson, Mrs Jessie, 15 Aber- 

cromby place 
Duncanson & RafFan, druggists, 38 

Port street 
Duncanson, Thos., engineer, Raplock 
Dundee Advertisep and People's 

Journal Office, 41 Murray place 
Dunlop, Wm, salesman, 21 Wallace 

Dunn, H., refreshment rooms, 5 

Upper Bridge street 
Dunn, Margt., milliner, 20 Port st 
Dunn & Wilson, milliners, 24 Port st 
Dunsmore, Alexander, grocer, 56 Port 

street ; res. , 4 Glebe crescent 
Dysart, John, club master. Port st 

Earl, James, guide for the Castle, 42 

Mar place 
Easdon, H., 15 Irvine place 
East Chupeh Institute, SO Spittal st 
Easton, Mrs Sarah, 4 Clifford road 
Edgar, Mrs, 4 Park avenue 
Edmond, Mrs, 15 Princes street 
Eggo, W. F,, fish and game dealer, 

24 Barnton st. ; ho. , 52 Barnton st 
Elder, James, 17 George street 
Elder, Thos. , baker, 4 Upper craigs ; 

res., 21 George street 
Elder, William, goods agent, N.B. 

Railway, Stirling 
Elliot, A. S., 13 Clarendon place 
Ellis, James W., 24 Allan park 
Esdon, Henry, 15 Irvine place 
Esson, Wm., grocer, 102 Baker street 

Ewing, David, draper, 3 Friars street 

and 75 King street 
Ewing, R. , 52 Barnton street 
Excise Office, 25 Friars street 

Fairful, Robert, joiner, 17 George st 
Farmer, J., shoemaker, 2 St Jonn st 
Fanlds, Miss Jane, 14 Park terrace 
Fearnside, B. , draj)er (of Thomson & 

Fearnside), Belllield 
Ferguson Bros., grocers, 14 King st 
FerL;uson, Christina, 24 Queen street 
Ferguson, Daniel, bank agent, 66 

Murray place 
Ferguson, Hugh, bootmaker, 2 Port 

street ; res., 3 Forth place 
Ferguson, J., bootmaker, 18 Cowane 

Ferguson, Janet, 24 Queen street 
Ferguson, Miss, d.essmaker, 7 

Douglas street 
Ferguson, Malcolm, gardener, keeper 

of lodge, Forthside house 
Ferguson, P., 24 Queen street 
Ferguson, Robert, blacksmith, Loan- 
head, Kerseniiil 
Ferguson, Thos., tailor, 17 King st 
Ferguson, William, porter, 9 Abbey 

road place 
Fernie, Mrs Anna, 1 Albert place 
Fields, Samuel, upholsterer, 16 King 

Findlay, I\Irs Elizabeth, 5 Pitt ter 
Findlay, Mrs Mary Ann, 5 Princes st 
Findlayson, James, Burghmuir 
Findlayson, James, 21 Albert place 
Finlayson, C. , sliopkeeper, 26 Bow st 
Finlayson, Thos. , inspector of police, 

6 Union street 
Flannagan, C, broker, 21 St Mary's 

Fleming & Buchanan, solicitors, 26 

Port street 
Fleming, J. S., clerk to managers, 

North Parish Church 
Fleming, Margt., milliner, 52 Barn- 
ton street 
Fleming, Reid, & Co., merino yarn 

store, 22 Murray place 
Fletcher, Alex., plumber, 81 Port st 
Forbes, Alexander, Snowdon house 
Forbes, Mrs Margaret, Mar place 


Fordyce, Miss, milliner, 10 Upper 

Forgan, D., pianomaker, 7 Douglas 

Forman, Charles, engineer, 26 Snow- 

clon place 
Forman, David, spirit dealer, 2 Lower 

Bridge street 
Forrest, Archibald, cabinetmaker, 7e 

King street 
Forrest, A. & W., cabinetmakers, 

&c., 73 King st. and 13 St John st 
Forrest, Miss, 13 St. John's street 
Forrest, Miss, 2 Clarendon place 
Forrester, Alex,, plumber, 12 Bayne 

Forrester, Arthur, fishmonger, 35 

Murray place 
Forrester, David, fish merchant, 45 

Baker street 
Forrester, James, joiner, Kersemill 
Forsyth, George, agent for Wordie 

& Co., carriers 
Forsyth, Hugh, 14 Union street 
Forsyth, Hugh C, clerk, 31 Forth pi 
Forsyth, Hugh C, 61 Wallace street 
Forsyth, Mrs John, grocer, 20 Upper 

craigs ; res. , 7 Dumbarton road 
Forsyth, Jones, & Co., clothiers, 

Upper Bridge street 
Foster, James, plasterer. Thistle st 
Fotheringham, John, stonemason, 43 

Lower Bridge street 
Fotheringham, Margt. , 57 Wallace st 
Fraser, Jane, 10 Dumljarton road 
Frater, Bethia, lodgings, 20 Murray pi 
Frater, Robert, brassfounder and 

plumber, 73 Port street; res., 1 

Park terrace 
Frater, William, Nelson place 
Free North Church Hall, 16 Arcade 
Frew, Rev Robert, D.D., 12 Mel- 
ville terrace 
Fulford, Mrs, 26 Lower Bridge street 

Galashan, David, cabinetmaker, 36 
Baker street ; res. , 44 Broad street 

Galashan, J., hairdresser, 10 Arcade 

Galashan, Jane, tobacconist, 21 
Baker street 

Galbraith, Dr George T., 11 Glad- 
stone place 

Galbraith, John, eating-house, 115 

Baker street 
Galbraith, Misses, 3 Glebe crescent 
Galbraith, Thomas L,, town clerk. 
King street ; res. , 24 Park terrace 
Galloway, Eliza, 4 Port street 
Galloway, Mrs, farmer, Clayslaps 
Gardner, Alex., clerk, 25 Queen st 
Gardner, Henry, coal merchant, &c., 
33^ Murray pi. ; res. , 3 Allan park 
Gardener, John, mason, Ballengeich 

cottage, Castlehill 
Garson, A., refreshment rooms, 11 

Broad street 
GSiS Works, Thistle street— Peter 

Watson, manager 
Gavin, Hugh, draper, &c., 1 King 

street ; res., 7 Windsor place 
Gentleman, Ebenezer, solicitor and 
registrar, 59 Murr;iy place; res., 9 
Abercromby place 
Gentleman, Misses, 17 Albert place 
Gentles, A. H., M.R.C.S.V., veteri- 
nary surgeon, 6 Upper craigs 
Gentles, J. & W. , slaters, 40 Barn- 
ton street 
Gentles, Thos., & Son, saddlers, 29 

Murray place 
Gentles, Wni., slater, 40 Barnton st 
Gibson, Charles, M.D. surgeon, 11 

Park terrace 
Gibson, Mrs, 3 Springfield place 
Gibson & Reddie, plumbers and gas- 
fitters, 81 Port street 
Gilchrist, J. , wine merchant, 68 Baker 

Gilchrist, Mr, 3 Dumbarton road 
Gilfillan, John, 12 Union street 
Gilfillan, Robert, w^ool merchant, 16 

Dumbarton road 
Gillespie, Alexander, spirit dealer, 46 

Upper craigs 
Gillespie, Ann, lodgings, 50 Port st 
Gillespie. James, plumber, 2 Spring- 
field place 
Gillespie, John, grocer, 51 Port street; 

res. , 52 Upper craigs 
Gillespie, John, stonemason, 37 

Cowane street 
Gillespie, Margaret, dressmaker, 76 

Port street 
Gillespie, Mr, 61 Cowane street 
Gillespie, Peter, weaver, 3 Springfield 


Gillespie, Wm., shoemaker, 30 Barn- 
ton street 
Gillies, Alexander, of Gillies & Oliver, 

2 Melville terrace 
Gillies, Mary, 11 King street 
Gillies & Oliver, clothiers, 63 Murray 

Gilmour, David, shoemaker, 56 Baker 

Gilmour, Wm., mason, 12 Bayne st 
Glass, INIJsses, dressmakers, 33 Baker 

Glover, James, tailor, 25 Port street 
Goldie, Rev. William R, 7 Albert pi 
Golden Lion Hotel, 10 King street; 

proprietor, James Lennox 
Good Templars' Hall, 30 Spittal st 
Goodall, William, Excise officer, 69 

Wallace street 
Gordon, jNIary, teacher, 4 Queen st 
Gordon, Thomas, Abbey road place 
Gould, John, millwright, 102 Upper 

Gourlay, Mrs, Park avenue 
Gourlay, Margt., Ochil Cottage, craigs 
Gourlay, William, stonemason, 5 

Upper craiss 
Govan, John, brick maker; office, 

Wallace street 
Govan, Jos., stonemason, 21 Wallace 

street ; yard, Barnton street 
Govan, Kobt, bricklayer, 7 Bruce st 
Gow, George, 11 Royal gardens 
Gow, Jacotj, master of poorhouse 
Gow, W. M., butcher, 3 Bow street 
Gowanlock, Rev. John S. , 6 Ochil villas 
Gowans, Rachel, milliner, 43 Baker st 
Graham, Archibald H. WoodclifFe, 13 

Upper Bridge street 
Graham, J., 17 Douglas street 
Graham, J., mole catcher, 17 Douglas 

Graham & Morton, ironmongers, 49 

King street 
Graham, Mrs, grocer, 54 Cowane st 
Graham, Margt., lodgings, 10 Aber- 

cromby place 
Graham, Peter, painter, 55 Lower 

Bridge street 
Graham, Thomas G. , tailor, 29 Mur- 
ray place ; res , 30 Nelson street 
Graham, William, bank agent, 25 

King street 
Grainger, Mrs, 33 Snowdon place 

Gray, Alex., builder, 47 Cowane st 

Gray, James, & Co., seed merchants, 
7 Upper craigs 

Gray, Jas., seedsman, 4 Gladstone pi 

Gray, James, 1 Allan park 

Gray, Mary, smallware dealer, 17 
Port street 

Gray, Thomas A., shoemaker, 24 
Arcade — P. Comrie, manager 

Greig, Mrs, 4 Allan park 

Greig, Robert, 31 Forth place 

Green, David S. , salesman, 55 Wallace 

Greenhill, James, manager. Forth 
Salmon Fishings, abbey road 

Greenhorn, Jas., flesher, 69 Wallace st 

Greenhorn, R. & J., fleshers, 16 
Upper Bridge street ; and Bridge of 

Grieve, Agnes, Berlin wool repository, 
9 Murray place 

Grieve, J. , cabinet polisher. 111 Lower 
Bridge street 

Grieve, Jas. , tanner, 20 Melville ter 

Grindlay, John, traveller, 15 Mel- 
ville terrace 

Grindlay, Robert, hiring establish- 
ment, 43 Port street 

Grindlay Robert, spirit dealer, 63 
Port street 

Guthrie, Mrs, 52 Upper Bridge street 


Haldane, F. F. (of F. Haldane & Co.), 

35 Forth street 
Haldane, F., & Co., Forth Cooperage, 

Abbey road 
Haldane, Jas. , traveller, 19 Queen st 
Halkett & Sons, Stirling Rope Work, 

11 Seaforth pi.; res., 7 Maxwell pi 
Hamilton, E. B., 57 Upper Bridge st 
Hamilton, Mrs Jane, 11 Victoria sq 
Hamilton, P., cashier, 63 Wallace st 
Hamilton, Thos, refreshment rooms, 

46^ Baker street 
Hardie, Kate, dressmaker, 12 Port st 
Harkness, matron, H.M. Prison 
Harley, Jas. , sheriff officer, 47 Port st 
Harmans, Mrs Cornelius, Southfield 

Harper, James, 61 Cowane street 
narrower, Mrs, lodgings, 38 Murray 



Hart, Margaret, dressmaker 20 Barn- 
ton street 
Harvey, Alex., 94 St Mary's wynd 
Harvey, Charles, printer, 6 Baker 

street; res., 30 Barnton street 
Harvey, Miss Christina, 26 Park ter 
Harvey, E., teacher of painting, 

Gowan brae 
Harvey, Mrs Euphemia, Gowan brae, 

Upper Bridge street 
Harvey & Hunter, jewellers, 55 King 

Harvey, Miss Margt. , 4 Albert place 
Hay, Isabella, 16 Melville terrace 
Head Quarters, 1st S.R.V., View- 
field house, Viewfield street 
Henderson, Alex., stationer,28 Bow st 
Henderson, C, dressmaker, 13 Queen 

Henderson, David, 9 Queen street 
Henderson, F., vinery, 18 Princes st 
Henderson, George, 16 Allan park 
Henderson, Gilbert, painter, &c., 32 

Barnton st; res., 16 Queen st 
Henderson, H., sharebroker, 53 Mur- 
ray place 
Henderson, John, 1 Clifford road; 

cashier. County Buildings 
Henderson, M., stationer, 41 Co wane st 
Henderson, M. & A., fancy dealers, 

33 Upper craigs 
Henderson, Mrs, 1 Springfield place 
Henderson, Mrs Margt., 2 Victoria pi 
Henderson, P., dairy, 102 St. Mary's 

Henderson, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 
43 Port street; res., 16 Queen street 
Henderson, Thomas, 19 Albert place 
Henderson, Thos., joiner, 2 York pi 
Henderson, W. T., 27 Queen street 
Hendrie, Wm., tinsmith, 45 Lower 

Hendry, Ebenezer, station hotel, 

Murray place 
Henry, Alexander, Kildean 
Henry, Alexander, 1 1 Bruce street 
Hepburn, Joseph, clerk, 55 Lower 

Bridge street 
Hepting, Lambert, watchmaker, &c., 
11 Murray place; res., 16 Princes st 
Herbertson, Miss Jane H., 5 Claren- 
don place 
Herroii, Mary Ann, baby linen reposi- 
tory, Arcade; res., 40 Barnton st 

Heslop, A. H. , grocer, 29 Queen st 

Hetherington, Robert, cabinetmaker, 
7 Friars street 

Hetherington, Wm., grocer, 26 Port st 

Hill, Rev Thomas Henry, 6 Douglas 

Hill & Whyte, solicitors, 2 Wolf 
craig, Dumbarton road 

Hill, William T. H., bird dealer, 11 
St John street 

Hodge, Andrew, photographer, 4 
York place 

Hodge, John, 56 Cowane street 

Hodgson, Mark, china merchant, 80 
Baker street, and at 23 Spittal st 

Hogans, Michael, cabinetmaker, 79 
Baker street 

Hogg, Alexander, basketmaker, 61 
King street 

Hogg, Henry, woollen millworker, 
57 Lower Bridge street 

Hogg, Mrs Jane D., proprietress of 

. Stirling Journal and Bridge of 
Allan Reporter; res. , The Enclosure 

Hoggan, Robert, agent, 29 Queen st 

Holmes, William, locomotive super- 
intendent, 76 Wallace street 

Holy Trinity Church Home, 2 View- 
field terrace 

Hosie, Wm. , 93 Lower Bridge street 

House of Refuge, St John street- 
James Robertson, keeper 

Howat, Wm., Equitable Assurance 
Society (U.S.A.), Castle view, 9 
Victoria square 

Howie & Co., grocers, 83 Baker street 

Hunter, And., lorryman, 12 Bayne 

Hunter, Mrs Agnes, refreshments, 38 
Barnton street 

Hunter, George, colonial wool agent, 
59 Murray pi. ; res. ,4 Royal gardens 

Hunter, J. & L., cabinetmakers, &c., 
17 King street and 44 Barnton st 

Hunter, Jas., traveller, 12 Nelson pi 

Hunter, James C, classical master, 
High School, 40 Barnton street 

Hunter, James, cabinetmaker, 12 
Bruce street 

Hunter, John, spirit dealer, 51 Barn- 
ton street 

Hunter, Thomas, 30 Bow street 

Hunter, William, watchmaker (of 
Harvey & Hunter), 21 Wallace st 


Hunter, William, wool merchant, 

Park lane ; res. , 8 Glebe crescent 
Hutchison, Andrew, M.A., rector, 

High School, Spittal square 
Hutchison, A.F., rector, 13 Windsor 

Hutchison, James L., manager, Stir- 

Img Journal, 51 Wallace street 
Hutchison, iM. & A., dressmakers, 

47 Port street 
Hutton, Mr., postman, 41 Broad st 
Hutton, David A., traveller, 33 Forth 

Hutton, Ebenezer J., grocer, 86 

Baker street 
Hutton, Elizabeth, 11 Viewfield st 

Imrie, (jreorge, fishing-rod maker, 47 

Cowane street 
Industrial School, 81 Baker street — 

D. Berrie, master ; Female School, 

Spittal street 
Inglis & Smith, drapers, 43 King st 
Inglis, Peter, hshing tackle maker, 

39 Arcade 
Inglis, Thomas (of Inglis & Smith), 

25 Balmoral place 
Inland Revenue Office, 25 Friars st 
Innes, James, 46 Broad street 
Inspectors of Weights and Measures, 

Lockhart & M'Nab, 38 Upper craigs 
Ironside, Helen, 14 Union street 
Irvine, Miss Agnes, 9 Irvine plac(3 
Irvine, James, grocer, 17 Bow street 
Irwin, Rev. John, 21 Queen street 
Isdale, Mrs, 36 Queen street 

Jack, James, 3 Dumbarton road 
Jack, James, 16 Queen street 
Jack, James, 51 Wallace street 
Jack, Jane, innkeeper, 42 Broad st 
Jack, Thomas, 53 Well road 
Jackson, Mrs, dressmaker, Abbey rd 
Jaftray, J., 61 Wallace street 
JafFray's dair.y, 13 Dumbarton road 
Jamieson, Alex., traveller, 1 York pi 
Jamieson, Jane, lodgings, ^^ Wallace 

Jamieson, John & Co., clothiers, 28 

King street 
" B, 

Jamieson, John, 18 Upper craigs 
Jamieson, John (of Duncan & Jamie- 
son), 26 Upper craigs 
Jarvie & Donaldson, dressmakers, 58 

Murray place 
Jenkins.^A & J., solicitors, 80 Port st 
Jenkins, James, merchant, 3 Broad st 
Jenkins, John (of A. & J. Jenkins), 

Clifford road 
Jenkins, Robert, brassfinisher, 2 

Springfield place 
Jenkins, Wm., tea dealer, 1 Forth pi 
Jenkips, William, 46 King street 
Johnstone, Adam, painter, 34 Arcade ; 

res., 7 Viewtield place 
Johnston, Adam, 7 Viewlield place 
Johnston, Catherine, shopkeeper, 85 

St. IMary's wynd 
Johnston, George C, 3 Broad street 
Johnstone, Isabella, fish dealer, 54 

Port street 
Johnstone, Janet, milliner, 6 Yiew^- 

field place 
Johnstone, Mrs, 50 Port street 
Johnstone, Mrs,fancy goods, 12 Arcade 
Johnston, J., 61 Cowane street 
Johnston, James, Stirling sawmills, 

Abbey road; res., 13 Melville ter 
Johnston, James, jun., clerk, 31 Forth 

Johnston, John, fish dealer, 68 Port 

street; res., 3 Clifford road 
Johnston, Major C. , Yiewfield house 
Johnston, Miss Mary, 37 Wallace st 
Johnston, Mrs, 59 Cowane street 
Johnston, T., tailor, 114 Baker st 
Johnston, W. & A., drapers, 42 

King street 
Johnston, William., M.D., surgeon,, 

3 Pitt terrace 
Johnston, Wm., confectioner, 14 

JoUie, Isabella, milliner, 26 Barnton st 
Jude, A., shoemaker, 109 Baker st 


Kane, James, 48 Broad street 
Kay, John, printer, 3 Lower craigs 
Kay, William, fruiterer, 49 Portst 
Keir, Alex. , fruiterer, 78 Port street 
Keir, John, clerk, 32 Nelson place 
Keith & Ralston, confectioners, 23 
Port street ; and at Bridge of Allan 


Kemp, Alexander, joiner, 16 Dum- 
barton road ; res. , 52 Barnton st 
Kemp, John (of Kemp & Nicholson), 

2 Victoria square 
Kemp & Micholson, agricultural im- 
plement makers, Forth street 
Kennedy, Alex., 55 Lower Bridge st 
Kennedy, Geo. G., traveller, Cowane 

Kennedy, Mrs John, 4 Victoria sq 
Kenny, A., general dealer, 1 Middle 

Kerr, Alex., coach wright, 9 Friars st 
Kerr, Andrew, 3 Wallace street 
Kerr, E., greengrocer, 27 St. Mary's 

Kerr, James, blacksmith, 13 Friars st 
Kerr, Jane, tobacconist, 15 Friars st 
Kerr, Miss, day school, 9 Park t6r 
Kettles, Miss Lucy, teacher, 25 Queen 

Keyden, James, auctioneer, Kilden 
Keyden, T. E. , stockbroker, 8 Victoria 

Kidston, J., Viewfield 
Kidston, Robert, 24 Victoria place 
Kidston, Misses, 24 Victoria place 
Kidston, W., writer, 17 Victoria pi 
Kilgour, Mrs, 25 Albert place 
King, Duncan, 49 George street 
King, John, wine merchant, 47 

Murray place 
King, Mrs, bazaar, 46 Arcade 
Kinnaird, J. G., tailor, 4 Port street 
Kinross, Henry (of Jas. Gray & Co.), 

9 Windsor place 
Kinross, Wm. & Sons, coachbuilders, 

33 Port street 
Kirkcaldy, Mrs Susan, 35 Snowdon pi 
'Kirkwood, D. Auderson,7 Melville ter 
Kirkwood, Hugh M. , printer, 27 King 

Kirkwood, J., printer, 15 Princes st 
Knox, Mrs, 17 Abercromby place 
Kyle, E. & B., toy dealers, 82 Baker st 
Kyle, T., missionary, 84 Baker street 

Laidlaw, Mrs Margaret, provision 
dealer, 49 St Mary's wynd 

Laidlaw, T., grocer, 49 St Mary's 
wynd ; res., 11 Nelson place 

Laing, Alexander, joiner, Raplock 

Laing, Miss Margaret, 35 Queen st 
Lamb, J., 35 Cowane street 
Lamb, Janet, 14 George street 
Lamb, Thos, joiner, 23 Dumbarton rd 
Lamb, AVm.-, lathsplitter, Thistle st 
Landell, W., 32 Upper Bridge street 
Lands Valuation Office, Dalgleish 

court, Baker st. ; J. Currie, assessor 
Lang, Rev. Jas. J., East Church manse 
Langrauir, Miss (Railway Hotel), 9 

Port street 
Lawson, Mark, accountant. Bank of 

Scotland, King street 
Lawson, Robert, draper, 34 Baker st 
Lawson, William, draper, 16 Victoria 

Learmount, James, porter, 55 Lower 

Bridge street 
Leask, Mrs, ladies' school, 11 Wind- 
sor place 
Leatherly, Francis, fruiterer. Broad st 
Leathley, Herbert H., fruiterer, 42 
' Broad street and 96 Baker street 
Leckie, Mrs Jane, 27 Queen street 
Lees, Peter, sexton, 9 Castle wynd 
Leishman, Robert, spirit merchant, 

18 King street 
Leishman, Thomas, 25 Park terrace 
Leitch, Alex. W^. , 2 Park place 
Lennox, Colin, 19 Queen street 
Lennox, James, Golden Lion Hotel, 

King street 
Lennox, John, & Co., grocers, 10 

Murray place 
Lenton, Sergeant, drill instructor, 24 

Broad street 
Leslie, T. , provision dealer, 32 Abbey 

Letters, Catherine, pawnbroker, 10 

St Mary's wynd 

Liberal Association— E. Gentle- 
man, secy., 59 Murray place 
Lickrisk, J. , shoemaker, 5 Viewfield st 
Liddel, JSIisses, 39 Wallace street 
Liddel, Thomas, cooper, Thistle st 
Liddel, William, 20 Nelson place 
Liddel, Wm., grocer, 45 Upper craigs 
Liddle, Robert, grocer, 40 King st.; 

res., 5 Queen's road 
Lindsay, Captain, 5 Douglas terrace 
Lindsay, T. Milne, gymnastic in- 
structor, 52 Barnton street 
Lindsay, William, Scripture reader, 
57 Lower Bridge street 


Littlejohu, William, furniture dealer, 
11 Friars street 

Livingston, And. M., spirit dealer, 
9 Bovr street 

Livingston, Angus, confectioner, 16 
LTpper craigs 

Livingstone, John, chemist, 58 Baker 

Livingstone, Mrs, dairy-keeper, IS 
Upper craigs 

Livingstone, Walter, joiner, 18 Upper 

Lockhart & M'Nab, blacksmiths, in- 
spectors of weights and measures, 
38 Upper craigs 

Logan, Mrs Barl)ara, 36 Snowdon st 

Logic, David W. , solicitor, 20 Mur- 
ray place ; res., 8 Albert place 

Low, Thomas, Mount Pleasant, Es- 

Low, Thomas, shoemaker, 4 Baker st 

Low, W., stationer and tobacconist, 
54 Barziton street 

Low, William, & Co., grocers. Arcade 
and 59 Port street 

Lowson, George, M.A., teacher, 1 
Donglas terrace 

Lyons, Michael, grocer, 32 Broad st 


M'Alpine, James, 9 Snowdon plare 
M'Alpine, Peter, royal restaurant 

and hotel, 2 Murray place 
M'Aree, Bros., drapers, 64 and 642 

Baker street 
M'Aree, James, draper, 1 Glencoerd 
M'Aree, Mrs, 43 Upper Bridge st 
M 'Arthur, G., postman, 57 Lower 

Bridge street 
M'Arthur, Jane, smallware dealer, 

74 Port street 
M' Galium, James, soda water manu- 
facturer, 33 Port street 
M 'Galium, James, broker, 40 St. 

Mary's wynd 
M'Calliim, Wm. ,shopkeeper, 19 Broad 

M 'Carrol, John, confectioner, 8 Arcade 
M'Cartney, Jeremiah, 17 St John street 
M'Gaul, Malcolm, 25 Victoria place 
M'Gaull, James, agent, Caledonian 

Railway Goods Department 
M'Connell, Elizabeth, 15 Princes st 

M'Cormack, Samuel, post office, 12 
Bayne street 

M'Cracken, Barbara, Crown Inn, 41 

IM'Craw, Wm., Douglas Hotel, Mur- 
ray place 

M'Culloch, May, dining rooms, 42 
Baker street 

M'David, Mrs, wasliing and dress- 
ing, 114 Baker sti-eet 

M'Dermott, Mrs, 11 Douglas terrace 

M 'Donald, C, tailor, 32 St. Mary's 

M 'Donald, Duncan, saddler, 13 King 

M' Donald, Mrs Elizabeth, 10 Pitt ter 
M'Donald, Henry, watchmaker, 29 

Lower craigs 
M'Donald, James, spirit dealer, 65 

Baker street 
MacDonald, John (of MacDonald & 

Co.), 12 Princes street 
M'Donald, Neil, tobacconist, 59 

Baker street 
M'Dougall, John, carter. Abbey rd 
M'Dougall, Miss, 24 Albert place 
M'Dougall, Miss J., hardware dealer, 

17 Upper craigs 
M'Dougal, P. W., 24 Albert place 
M'Dougall, William, joiner, iSzc, 13 

George street ; res., 10 George lane 
M'Elfrish, And., soap maker, Shore 

road; res., 50 Upper Bridge street 
M'Ewen & Co. , perambulator makers^ 

Abbey Road Works 
M'Ewen Brothers, licensed grocers, 

16 Barnton street 
M'Ewan, Catherine, 23 Wallace st 
M'Ewen, D. & J., & Co., licensed 

grocers, 40 Port street and 6 Broad 

street; and at Callander, Bridge of 

Allan, and Dunblane 
M'Ewen, Daniel, iron merchant, 

Dumbarton road ; res., 15 Albert pi 
M'Ewen, Helen, dressmaker, 50 Port 

M'Ewen, J., grocer, 59 Wallace st 
M'Ewen, John, 23 Park terrace 
M'Ewen, John, draper, 30 Baker st 
M'Ewen, John (of D. & J. M'Ewen 

& Co.), 14 Melville terrace 
M'Ewen, John (of D. & J. M'Ewen 

& Co. ), South park 
M'Ewen, John, jun., 14 Melville ter 


M'Ewen, John, grocer, 10 Barnton st 
M'Ewen, Robert (of M'Ewen Bros.), 

2 Albert place 
M'Ewen, Robert M. (of D. & J. 

M'Ewen & Co.), 5 Glebe crescent 
M'Ewen, William C. (of M'Ewen & 

Co.), 15 Albert place 
M'Fadyen, Daniel, surgeon, 2 Park 

M'Farlane Free Library and 

Museum, Smith Institute — James 

Sword, librarian 
M'Farlane, John, boot shop, 15 

Upper craigs 
M'Farlane, M., baby linen ware- 
house, 33 Arcade 
M'Farlane, Marion, dressmaker, 19 

Queen street 
M'Farlane, Mrs, farmer. Spring kerse 
M'Farlane, P., merchant, 51 Shore 

M'Gaan, Mrs Anna, 29 Queen street 
M 'Gibbon, Duncan, ropemaker, 7 

Abbey Road place 
M 'Gibbon, Janet, 37 Wallace street 
MGinnally, Peter, clerk, 63 Wallace 

M'Gown, Henry (of James Sinclair 

& Co.), Spring kerse house 
M'Gregor, Alexander, spirit dealer, 

2 Cowane st. ; res., 1 Wallace st 
M'Gregor, David, & Sons, slaters, 1 

George street 
M'Gregor, Mrs, provision dealer, 26 

Broad street 
M'Guire, Edward J., stamp distri- 
butor, 25 Friars street 
M'llvein, J., shoemaker, 37 King st 
M'Innes, Mrs Robt., 10 Gladstone pi 
M'Intosh, Daniel, postman, 48 Broad 

M'Intosh, Jas. F. & Co., shoemakers, 

79 King street 
M'Intosh, James, shoemaker, 49 

Wallace street 
M'Intosh, J. F., shoemaker, 15 

Douglas street 
M'Intyre, Agnes, 26 Albert place 
M'Intyre, Rachael, 29 Murray place 
M'Isaac, A., furrier, 5 Maxwell place 
M'Jannet, John, Woodlands 
M'Kay, Alexander, 12 Bruce street 
M'K»y, John, clothier, 32 Port street 

M'Kean, John, commission agent, 

Douglas terrace 
M'Kechnie, Mr, cabinetmaker, 77 

Port street 
M'Kellar, Elizab., smalhvare dealer, 

26 Baker street 
M'Kenzie, A., draper, 29 Queen st 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, innkeeper, 55 

Baker street 
M'Kenzie, A. M., 20 Barnton street 
M'Kenzie, Donald R., teacher of 

dancing, 12 Maxwell place 
M'Kenzie, Isabella, lodgings, 2 Queen 

M'Kenzie, J., teacher, 3 Victoria pi 
M'Kenzie, John, tailor, Mitchell 

place, Castlehill 
M'Kenzie, Major Harry Leith, 14 

Victoria place 
M'Kenzie, Robert, Star Hotel, Baker 

M'Kenzie, Robert, Original Royal 

Restaurant, 29 King street 
M'Kenzie & Thomson, yarn spinners, 

M'Kenzie, William, watchmaker, 7 

Baker street 
M'Kerchar, D., com. traveller, 34 

Nelson place 
M'Kerracher, Daniel, coal merchant. 

Railway Station 
M'Killar, E., hosiery warehouse, 26 

Baker street 
M'Kinlay, Geo., clothier, 11 Albert pi 
M'Kinlay, George (of J. M'Kinlay & 

Son), 11 Albert place 
M'Kinlay, James (of J. M'Kinlay & 

Son), Queen's road 
M'Kinlay, James, clothier, 3 Queen's 

M'Kinlay, James, saddler, 23 Friars 

street; res., 7 Queen street 
M'Kinlay, J., & Son, tailors and 

clothiers, 47 King street 
M'Kinlay, Janet, dressmaker, 7 Queen 

M'Lachlan, Andrew, milliner (of 

M'Lachlan & Brown), Whiuwell 
M'Lachlan, Archd., fire clay agent. 

Park lane ; res. , 4 Viewfield place 
M'Lachlan & Brown, milliners, 8 

Murray place 
M'Lachlan, J. & M., dressmakers, 26 

Port street 



M'Lag^an, Miss, 17 Clarendon place 
M'Laren, Donald, farmer and auction- 
eer. Ship haiigh 
M'Laren, James, coaclibuilder, 48 

Broad street 
M'Laren, Janet, shopkeeper, 16 Friars 

M'Laren, Martha, dressmaker, 1 

Bruce street 
M'Lay, Archibald, engine-driver, 3 

Springfield place 
M'Lean, Captain, 37 Wallace street 
M'Lean, George, billiard rooms, 27 

King street 
M'Lean, Graham, master mariner, 53 

Wallace street 
M'Lean, John, architect, 62 INIurray pi 
M'Lean, John, 60 Baker street 
M'Lean, Mr., tailor, 50 Port street 
M'Leish, William, joiner, 43 Forth pi 
M'Lellan, John, joiner, 5 George st 
M'Lellan, Mr., 3 Royal gardens 
M'Lellan, Mrs, 9 Queen street 
M'Leod, M. & J., dressmakers, 58 

Port street 
M'Leod, Mr., 1 Burghmuir 
M'Leod, Simon, hosiery manufac- 
turer, 12 Snowdon place 
M'Luckie, A., architect, Queen st 
M'Luckie, Robert, solicitor (of J. & 
J. Mathie & M'Luckie), Carbrook 
M'Luckie & Walker, architects, 48 

Barnton street 
M'Math, John, 21 Snowdon place 
M'Millan, John, 8 Union street 
M'Millan, M. & J., laundresses, 48 

Upper Bridge street 
M'Millan, Mrs, 9 Royal gardens 
M'Nab, James, L.R.C.E., surgeon, 6 

Allan park 
M'Nab, Peter (of Lockhart & M'Nab), 

12 George street 
M'Nab, Thos., joiner, 20 Friars st 
M'Nair, Mrs Agnes, 22 Victoria pi 
M'Naughtan, Wm., millwright, 4 
Park lane ; res., 53 Lower Bridge st 
M'Nee, Isabella, 7 Upper craigs 
M'Nee, Thos., painter, 7 Queen st 
M'Nicol, James, druggist, 12 Barn- 
ton street 
M'Nicol, Mr., 6 Pitt terrace 
M'Nicol, Robert, brewer, 31 Broad 
street ; res., 2 Queen's road 

M'Nicol, Wm., innkeeper, 7 John st 

M 'Parlane, Mr. , seed merchant. Shore 

M'Pherson, D., toy dealer, 22 Broad st 

M'Pherson, John, engine driver, 53 
Lower Bridge street 

M'Queen, John, dairy, 28 Broad st 

M'Rae, Miss, dressmaker, 47 Cowane 

M 'Robert, Hans, dyer, 2 Spring- 
field place 

M 'Ronald, Thomas, upholsterer, 46 
King street 

M 'Shane, M., Bow street 

Macaree, Mr., draper, 43 Upper 
Bridge street 

Macdonald, Duncan, saddler, 13 
King street 

Macdonald, J,, & Co., drapers, S:c., 
21 King street 

Macfarlane, Angus, agent, City of 
Glasgow Friendly Society, 13 
Spittal street 

Macfarlane, John, coal agent, 35 
Forth place 

Macfarlane, John, manager, Drum- 
mond's Tract Depot, 5 Victoria pi 

Macfarlane, Mrs E, , 40 King street 

Macfarlane, Mrs Margaret, 23 Park 

Macfarlane, Parlane (of Robertson & 
Macfarlane), Queen's road 

Mackay, Eneas, bookseller, stationer, 
and newsagent, 41 and 43 Murray 
place, and 28 Arcade ; res,, 1 Vic- 
toria place 

Mackie, Geo., dairyman, 36 Baker st 

Mackie, Mrs A., 19 Victtria place 

Mackieson, John, haircresser, 71 
King street 

Maclaurin, Mary Ann, 11 King street 

Maclean, J, Grant, stockbroker, 53 
Murray place 

Mailer, Wni., cabinetmaker, 16 King 
street ; res., 70 Baker street 

Malloch, Andrew, gunmaker, 4 Vic- 
toria place 

Maloch, Michie, & Crockart, gun- 
makers, 35 King street 

Maltman,Wm., cabinetmaker, 3 York 

Mann, Miss, dressmaker, 10 Upper 
Bridge street 

Manson, John, Raplock 


MaiT, Jas. , plumber, &c, , 37^ Cowane 

Marshall, David, dentist, 87 Port st 
Marshal], David, dentist, 1 Melville 

Marshall, Jas. S., tobacconist, 18 

Marshall, Miss, 52 Barnton street 
Marshall, Mrs, lodi^inojs, 38 Arcade 
Marshall, Robert, 7 Forth place 
Marshall, Robert, 39 George street 
Martin, Jas, stair-railer, 48 Broad st 
Martin, Robina, Barnton street 
Martin, Wm. J., auctioneer and cattle 

salesman, Orchard place 
Mathers, Mrs Helen, 31 Snowdon pi 
Mathie, J. & J. , & M 'Luckie, solicitors, 

22 King street 
Mathieson, A., tobacconist, 29 Upper 

Mathieson, Miss, 25 Snowdon place 
Mathieson, Mrs M., 31 Upper craigs 
Matson, Miss, 87 Port street 
Maxton, Jas., draper, 12 Bruce street 
Maxton, James, manager, (M'Ewan 

& Co. ), 40 Abbey road 
Maxwell, E. Miss, governess, 48 

Broad street 
Meiklejohn, Alex., joiner. Drip road 
Meiklejohn, Alexander, cartwright, 

Meiklejohn, John, Park villa 
Meiklejohn, Mrs, 17 Douglas street 
Meiklejohn, Wm., draper (W. & J. 

Johnston), Limegrove 
Meililejohn, Wm., 17 Douglas street 
Menzies, Elizabeth, 20 Nelson place 
Menzies, Margaret, Burghmuir 
Menzies, Misses, Wester Livilands 
Menzies, Mrs, 20 Nelson place 
Menzies, Robert, & Co., grocers 22 

Bow street 
Menzies, Thomas, & Co. , silk mercers, 

(Src, 36 and 38 King street 
Menzies, Thomas, draper, 1 Aber- 

cromby place 
Mercer, Robert (of Cowbrough & 

Mercer), 12 Allan park 
Merrilees, A., plumber, 12 King st.; 

res. , 4 Port street 
Methveii, James, Park place 
Michie, Geo. M. (of Malloch, Michie, 

& Crockart), 38 Dumbarton road 
Middleton, Captain, 7 Glebe crescent 

Millar, Alexander (of James Millar 

<te Sons), 19 Forth place 
Millar,David, chui'ch officer,72 Craigs 
Millar, Ebenezer, hairdresser, 61 

Baker street 
Millar, James, locomotive superin- 
tendent, 25 Queen street 
Millar, James (of James Millar & 

Sods), 13 Gladstone |»lace 
Millar, James R., tailor, Allan park 
Millar, James, & Sons, bakers, &c., 

55 Port street, 29 Frinrs stre-t, and 

69 King street ; also Millar's Mill 

of Torr Works and Stores, 1, 3, 

and 5 Seaforth place 
Millar, Mrs, 3 Dumbarton road 
Millar, Samuel F. (of James Millar 

& Sons), 6 Abercromby place 
Millar, William, engine driver, 29 

Queen street 
Millar, William (of James Millar & 

Sons), 7 Gladstone place 
Miller, Mrs Allan, Allan Park House 
Miller, A., cooper, 7 Abbev road 
Miller, Charles J. (of David ^Jiller & 

Sons), 7 Pitt terrace 
Miller, David, confectioner, 44 Arcade 
Miller, David, & Son, booksellers, 

5 Port street 
Miller, Jane, lodgings, 10 Queen st 
Miller, John, dyer, Lower craigs 
Miller, J. R., & Co., clothiers, 6 

Barnton street 
Miller, J. R. (of J. R. Miller & Co.); 

res., Allan Park House 
Miller, INIiss Margaret L. , 7 Pitt ter 
Miller, Robert, blacksmith, 62 Upper 

Miller, Wm. , blacksmith. Park lane 
Miller, Wm., shunter, 7 Abbey road 
JNIilne, Wm., slater, 1 Dumbarton rd 
i\Iitchell, Ann, lodgings, Wallace st 
Mitchell, John, engine driver, Rose- 
bank cottage, Springfield 
Mitchell, Airs, Abercromby place 
Mitchell, Mrs Thos., 5 Forth place 
Moffat, Alex., banker, 16 Melville ter 
Moffat, Jessie B. W., bootmaker, 8 

Baker street, 
Moffat, Mrs, 34 Snowdon place 
IMonteith, John, platelayer, Raplock 
INIoodie, Dr, Glebe crescent 
Moore, James, golf clubmaker, 61 

King street 


Moore, Major, 6 Melville terrace 
Moore, Thomas, coachbuilder, 33 

Port street 
Moore, William J., chemist, 24 Mur- 
ray place 
Morgan, George, draper, 67 Port st 
Morgan, Wni., manager, 41 Baker st 
Morris, J., grocer, 110 Baker street 
Morrison & Taylor, solicitors, 46 

Barnton street 
Morrison, Eben., solicitor (Morrison 

& Taylor), 13 Allan park 
Morrison, J., 10 Bayne street 
Morrison, Jas. M., agent, Commer- 
cial Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 77 
Murray place 
Morrison, Miss Jane, 27 Park terrace 
Morrison, Janet, dairy, 22 Upper craigs 
Morrison, John, Coney Park Nurseries 
Morrison, John & Son, joiner, 32 

Dumbarton road 
Morrison, Marjory, dairy, 62 Port st 
Morrison, Mrs,, 28 Nelson place 
Morrison, Mrs, 24 Lower Bridge st 
Morrison, Wm , joiner (of John Mor- 
rison & Son), 2 Abercromby place 
Morton, David (of Graham & Morton), 

1 Pitt terrace 

Morton, James, 42 Upper Bridge st 
Morton, John, 42 Upper Bridge st 
Morton, Robt., clerk, 9 Viewheld pi 
Morton, Robert(of Graham & Morton), 

2 Glebe crescent 

Mouat, George, 5 Melville terrace 
Moyes, Agnes, 53 Wallace street 
Moyes, Alex., teacher 12 DoUglas ter 
Moyes, Frank ( People's Tea Ware- 
house), 50 Cowane street 
Muir, P., refreshment rooms, 70 Port 

Muir, Mrs Thos., 13 Clarendon place 
Muir, Thomas, Son, & Patton, coal 
merchants, Caledonian Railway 
Station — James C. Christie, agent 
Muirhead, John, solicitor. Wolf craig 
Muirhead, John, farmer, Ladysneuk; 

res., 22 Allan park 
Mulroy, Mrs, dairy, 21 Broad street 
Muncaster, Rev W. H., M.A., 9 

Douglas terrace 
Murdoch, Francis, 87 Port street 
Murdoch, George, Cliffside house 
Murdoch, Jas., pawnbroker, 6 & 8 
Bank street 

Murdoch, Robert, joiner, Kersemill 
Murphy, D., agent, 59 Cowane st 
Murray, Ann, 53 Murray place 
IMuvv.iv, Dr, 9 jMelville terrace 
Murray, Col. Chas. S., 12 Park ter 
]\lm-ray, George, blacksmith, 10 

Abbey road place 
Murray, & Dryburgh, fishmongers, 

28 Barnton street 
Murray, Hugh, broker, 6 Irvine pi 
iMurray, Jas., paAvnbroker, 6 Bank 

Murray, John, Venetian blind maker, 

32 Baker st; res., 23 Queen street 
Murray, John, 27 Victoria place 
Murray, Margt. Ann, lodgings, 13 

Forth place 
Murray, Peter, Clifford road 
Murray, Wm., spirit dealer, 2 Broad 

street ; res. , Murray place ' 
Murrie, Mrs. Ravenscroft 
Musgrave, Philip, surveyor of taxes, 

25 Friars street; res., 8 Victoria sq 


Nairn, Wm., draper, 31 Murray pi; 

res., 33 Forth place 
Naismith, Helen C, 10 Princes st 
Napier, James, miller, Kerse mill 
Napier, Jos., superintendent, Forth 

salmon fishings, 45 King street 
Napier, Miss, 11 Melville terrace 
National Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 
(branch), 79 Murray place — Daniel 
Ferguson and J. D. Murrie, agents 
National Security Savings Bank, 
77 Murray place — James M. Mor- 
rison, actuary 
National Teleplione Coy., Ltd., 
Central Exchange, 17 King street. 
Call Offices 
Neilson, Thomas, bootmaker, 30 St 

Mary's wynd 
Nelson, Andrew S., railway plant 

contractor, 28 Snowdon place 
Nelson, L., printer, 114 Baker street 
Nelson, Wm., printer, 81 Baker st 
Neustadt, Eugene, teacher of lan- 
guages, Higii School 
Nicholson, Geo., ironmonger, 9 King 

street ; res. , 4 Windsor place 
Nicholson, Peter, valuator, Elmbank 
Nicol, Jas. S., printer, 28 Upper craigs 


Nicol, James, carpenter, Barnton st. ; 

res., 27 Queen street 
Nicol, Joseph, clothier, 20 Baker st. ; 

res., 14 Albert place 
Nicol, W. C. , chiro]Doclist, 5 Baker st 
Nimino, William, sawyer, 4 Abbey 

Boad place 
Nisbet, Hugh C, dairy, 8 Barnton st 
Niven, A. , cabinetmaker, 17 George st 
Niven, John, merchant, 19 ]Melville ter 
Niven, Wm., flesher, 11 Upper craigs 

Observer Newspaper Office, 26 

and 32 Upper craigs — Duncan & 
Jamieson, publishers 

Oddfellows' Hall, 67^ Port street 

Ogilvie, Jas., engine-keeper, Bridge- 

Oliphant, John, confectioner', Max- 
well place ; ho., 12 Bayne street 

Oliphant, Mrs (of Kinnedar, Fife), 18 
Allan park 

Oliver, James (of Gillies & Oliver), 2 
Melville terrace 

Ormond, Rev D.D., 21 Princes street 

Ormond, Mary, lodgings, 11 View- 
field street 

Oswald, Andrew, slater, 82 Spittal st 

Oswald, Angus, confectioner, 44 Ar- 
cade ; res., Whins of Milton 

Owen, Geo., sen., smith, 57 Wallace 

Owen, George, machine n-aker, 24 
Upper craigs 

Owen, George, jun. , cycle depot, 69 
Port street 

Page, John, shopkeeper, Castlehill 
Page, John, bootmaker, Ballengeich 

cottage, Castlehill 
Palmer, W. S., umbrella maker, 41 

Kino: street ; res. , 37 King street 
Park Brothers, brush manufacturers. 

Forth street 
Parker, William, iron merchant, 20 

Victoria place 
Parochial Board Office, 33 Broad st 
Pate, J., & Co., shoemakers, 50 

Baker street 
Paterson, A. , 10 Viewfield place 

Paterson, Helen, 63 Wallace street 
Paterson, Mrs Janet, 16 Victoria pi 
Paterson, John, warehouseman, 21 

Nelson place 
Paterson, John, rate collector, &:c., 6 

Queen street 
Paterson, John & Co., manufacturers 

of carpets, tweed, &c., Burgh muir 
Paterson, Mr., retired farmer, 19 

Queen street 
Paterson, P. & B., tanners, Craigton 

w^orks. Upper craigs 
Patterson, Robt. , land valuer, 42 

Queen street; house, 4 Port street 
Patterson, Robt., land surveyor, 42 

Queen street 
Paterson, Robt. (of P. &R Paterson), 

19 Park terrace 
Paterson, Mrs Wm., 16 Victoria pi 
Patterson, Rev. Wm., English master, 

High School, 47 Port street 
Paton, Alex. , collector of dues, Forth 

Paton, Alex., ferry lessee. Abbey ferry 
Paton, John, Viewforth house 
Paton, Wm., accountant, 25 King st 
Pattie, David, 5 Upper craigs 
Peacock, Robert, 3 Albert place 
Pearson, James, 41 Baker street 
Pearson, J. & J., undertakers' furnish- 
ings manufactures, Spittal square 
Peck, John, fruiterer, &c., 12 Baker 

Poilden, Wm., permanent way in- 
spector. Forth pi. ; res. , 9 Queen st 
Peddle, George, tinsmith, 5 Baker st 
Percy, M., bootmaker, 32 King st 
Peter, Mrs Helen, Parkhall 
Pharmaceutical Society of Great 

Britain— W. J. Moore, 24 Murray 

place, local secretary 
Philip, Robt. B., teacher, StNinian's 

Public School ; res., 67i Port street, 
Philip, Wm., 1 Abercromby place 
Philips, James, fancy dealer, 17 

Arcade ; res., 57 Wallace street 
Philips, James L., solicitor, 3 Port 

street; I'es. ; 23 Victoria place 
Philips, Rev Robert, 23 Wallace st 
Phiinister, Margaret, broker, 37 St 

Mary's w^-ynd 
Piper, Helen, lodgings, 67^ Port st 
Pitt-Taylor, Captain Geoige T., 6 

Snowdon place 


Piatt, Leon J., surgeon dentist, 64 

Murray place 
Pollock, Arch., manager (Robertson 

Brothers), Forthvale cottage 
Pollock, George, seed and grain mer- 
chant, 1 Port street 
Pollock, James M., shopkeeper, 6 

Cowane street 
Pollock, Miss, 3 Bank street 
Post Office, Maxwell place— W. C. 

Stevenson, postmaster 
Preston, Mrs, 46 King street 
Prudential Assurance Coy. — ^Edward 

Welsh, district superintendent, 10 

Barnton street 
Public Halls, Dumbarton road— W. 

Pearson, manager 
Pullar, J., & Sons, dyers, 91 Port st 
Pye, Mrs, 24 Baker street 
Pyper, Mrs, lodgings, 67^ Port street 

Quin, Thos, cemetery keeper, Raplock 


Rae, James, M.D., surgeon, 3 Drum- 

mond place 
Rae, Mrs, Kersemills 
Ratfan,John(of Duncanson&Raffan), 

26 Port street 
Ralston, John S. (of Keith & Ralston), 

25 Port street 
Ramage, R., 7 iSIurray place 
Raniage,Wm., 4 Queen street 
Ramsey, John, clerk, 11 Bruce street 
Ranies, R., thrashing machine owner, 

59 Wallace street 
Ranies, Thomas, thrashing machine 

owner, Bridoe haugh 
Ranken,Mrs I\Iargt.,7 Abercromby pi 
Rattray, Jessie, 32 Queen street 
Rawding, Geo., thrashing machine 

operator, 12 Bayne street 
Reddie, David (of Gibson & Reddie), 

18 Victoria place 
Reid, Archibald S., bootmaker, 22 

Spittal street 
Reid, Catherine, 58 Murray place 
Reid, E. & J., Berlin wool repository, 

32 Murray place 
Reid, James, 13 Shore road 
Reid, Mrs James, Woodville crescent 

Reid, Mrs, 12 King street 
Reid, Mrs Margt. , 23 Forth place 
Reid, William, Rardolphfield 
Reid, William, 11 Baker street 
Rennie, J., 10 Bayne street 
Rennie, Mi-., coachman, 43 Port st 
Rennie, Wm., Hesher, 77 Baker st 
Rhodes, John, dairy. Shore road 
Rhodes, W., mill foreman, 43 Forth pi! 
Richardson, Jones B., 10 Drummond 

Riddell, J. A. E., commission and 

insurance agent, 53 Lower Bridge st 
Rintoul, L. H., fish and game dealer, 

7 Port street 
Ritchie, Rev Andw., 12 Gladstone pi 
Ritchie, Jas , bill-poster, 8 Broad st 
i Ritchie L. , baker, 6 Bow street and 

3 Port street 
Ritchie, Miss, 47 Wallace street 
Robb, Catherine, 17 Dumbarton road 
Robb, Miss Lillias, 36 Queen street 
Roberts, Robert, flesher, 19 Port st 
Robertson, A. , guide to the Castle,. 

Rockfoot villa 
Robertson, Alexander watchmaker, 4 

Barnton street 
Robertson. Alex., 40 Albert place 
Robertson, Andrew (of Robertson 

Brothers), 1 Park avenue 
Robertson, Andrew, shopkeeper, 93 

Baker street 
Robertson, Barbara, 6 Lower Bridge st 
Robertson Brothers, wool spinners, 

Forth Vale Mills 
Robertson, Catherine, 8 Queen street 
Robertson, Catherine, fish and game 

dealer, 31 Port street 
Robertson, Christina, dressmaker, 5 

Dumbarton road 
Robertson & Co. , drapers, 37 Baker st 
Robertson, Daniel, slater, 17 St 

John street 
Robertson, David B. (of Robertson 

Brothers), 36 Allan park 
Robertson, Isabella, dressmaker, 3 

Port street 
Robertson, James, & Son, tailors, 16 

Murray place 
Robertson, John, grocer, 5 George st 
Robertson, John, boot-top maker, 34 

Spittal street 
Robertson, John, 87 Port street 
Robertson, John, Park place 


Kobertson, John B., surgeon, Royal 

Infirmary, Spittal street 
Robertson, M., slater and chimney 

sweep, 5 St John street 
Robertson & Macfarlane, licensed 

grocers, 46 Port street 
Robertson, Miss, teacher of music, 

38 Queen street 
Robertson, Misses, 27 Albert place 
Robertson, Mrs, 20 Barnton street 
Robertson, Mrs, 59 Cowane street 
Robertson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 10 St 

John street 
Robertson, Mrs, lodgings, 12 Sea- 

forth place 
Robertson, Mrs, lodgings, 31 Upper 

Robertson, Peter, & Co., drapers, 37 

Baker street ; res., 15 Burghmuir 
Robertson, Robert, coa,l merchant, 

Orchard place 
Robertson, Robert, church officer, St. 

John street 
Robertson, Wm. , hatter, 3 King st 
Robson, Christopher, 23 Snowdon pi 
Roddick, Johnstone S,, bookbinder, 

50 Port street 
Rodgers, W. M.(of Crowe & Rodgers), 

Balmoral place 
Ronald, Jas. , builder, 13 Nelson pi; 

yard, James street 
Ronald, Wm. , clerk of works. Council 

chambers. King street 
Ross, Christina, lodgings, 67^ Port st 
Ross, Geo., potato inerchant; house. 

Hillside cottage 
Ross, Geo., potato dealer, 17 Lower 

Bridge street 
Ross, Isabella, Douglas terrace 
Ross, Mrs, 4 Douglas terrace 
Rough, Thos., clerk, 18 Melville ter 
Rough, Thos., 17 Dumbarton road 
Rowan, Mrs, staymaker, 76 Baker 

f- treet 
Royal Bank of Scotland, 22 King 

street; Wm., Graham, agent 
Russel, Jessie, teacher, 76 Maxwell pi 
Russel, Mrs, Drummond place 
Rutherford, Helen, shopkeeper, 90 

Cowane street 
Rutherford, Mrs, refreshment rooms, 

62 Spittal street 
Rutherford, Walter, linen merchant, 

19 Victoria place 

Ryan, Jas., refreshment rooms, 25 
Baker street 

Salmond, Patrick S. , draper, 39 King 

st.and21 Arcade; res.. Enclosure ho 
Samuel, John,statinnmaster, Park ho 
Sandeman, Ridley (of Wylie, Sande- 

man & Co. ), 25 Forth place 
Sanderson, W., George, street lane 
Sands, Miss Sarah, 4 Abercromby pi 
Sangster, Alex. S., china dealer, 84 

Spittal street 
Satchwell, Miss Mary Ann, Mar 

lodge. Castle wynd 
Saunders, Laurence J., inland revenue 

clerk, 61 Wallace street 
Sawyer, Mrs, 15 Douglas street 
Scobie, W. & R., grocers, 67 Baker st 
Scotland, Thos., painter, 23 Upper 
j craigs; res., 29 Forth street 
Scott, A., 11 Clarendon place 
Scott, Christina, 38 Murray place 
Scott, E. J., & Sons, bootmakers, 59 
I King street 

Scott, Helen, confectioner, &c., 26 
I Arcade 

Scott, J., contractor, 17 Douglas st 
[ Scott, Mrs Mary, 11 Clarendon place 
I ScottjTlios. , cabinetmaker, 59 Cowane 
1 street 

Scott, Rev. Walter, 19 Princes street 
Scoular, Jnlm, implement maker, 

Crook, by Stirling 
I Seath, George, teacher, 24 Broad st 
Seath, Melville, lodgings, 34 Arcade 
Shairp, William, druggist, 79 Port st 
Sharp, Rev Jas., North Parish Church 
Sharp, IMiss, 4 Park avenue 
Sharp, Wm., joiner, 28 Spittal street 
Shaw, Andrew, joiner (of Burt & 

Shaw), 81 Port street 
Shaw, D., grocer, 62 Cowane street 
Sheardale Coal Coy. — depot. North 

British Goods Station— J. M'Far- 

lane, agent 
Shearer, Robert S., bookseller, 6 King 

street ; res., Benview, Queen's road 
Shirra, David, waste dealer, 23 Broad 

Shirra, James, lodgings, 8 Albert pi 
Shirra, Wm. L., bookseller, 83 Port 

street ; res., 8 Albert place 


Sliivers, Rev Patrick, 15 Irvine place 
Short, Alex., joiner, 39 Upper craigs 
Short & Fairful, joiuers, 62 Upper 

Sime, J., carriage inspector, 111 

Lower Bridge street 
Simpson, Margaret, baby linen ware- 
house, 18 Friars street 
Simpson, Mrs, 17 Nelson place 
Simpson, VVni., architect, 61 King st. ; 

res., 14 Ahercromby place 
Simpson, Wm., jun., architect, 61 

King St.; res,, 16 Abercromby pi 
Sinclair, Mrs Isabella, 10 Pitt ter 
Sinclair, Jas., confectioner, 13 Mur- 
ray place 
Sinclair, James (of James Sinclair & 

Co.), J'orthbank house 
Sinclair, James B., 12 Clarendon pi 
Sinclair, James, & Co., carpet manu- 
facturers, Forthbank 
Sinclair, John, compositor, 40 Broad st 
Sinclair, Joseph B., 12 Clarendon pi 
Sinclair, Mrs, Spring Kerse house 
Sinclair, Robert, manufacturer, 6 

Drummond place 
Singer's Sewing Machine Warehouse, 

61 Murray place 
Small, J. W., cabinetmaker, Forth 

street ; res., 67 Wallace street 
Smart, Grforge, photographer, 5 View- 
field place 
Smith, Alex. W., innkeeper, 91 St. 

jNIary's wynd 
Smith, Chas., flesher, 42 Barn ton st 
Smith, Rev David, Oakbank, Clif- 
ford road 
Smith, Dempster, engine-driver. 

Bridge haugh 
Smith, Gabriel, bootmaker, 63 Baker 

Smith, Rev Geo. M. , 6 Clarendon pi 
Smith, Geo. P., 40 Queen street 
Smith Institute, Albert pi.; Jas. 

Sword, curator 
Smith, J., provision dealer, 4 Broad st 
Smith, Jas., tobacconist, 33 Murray 

place; res., 12 Queen street 
Smith, Jame^ B., ironfounder, 10 

Victoria squai-e 
Smith, James P., ironfounder, 15 

Victoria place 
Smith, James T. (of Robt. Smith & 
Son), 5 Gladstone place 

Smith, Mrs Janet, 12 Abercromby pi 
Smith, Rev John, North manse 
Smith, Rev John, 15 Irvine place 
Smith, John Guy, traveller, 10 Doug- 
las terrace 
Smith, Robert (of Robt. Smith & Sons), 

Bentham Park house 
Smith, Robert, joiner, George street 
Smith, Robert, 38 Queen street 
Smith, Robert, & Sons, woollen manu- 
facturers. Park Vale and Hayford 
Smith, William, coal merchant, 61 

Wallace street 
Smith, William, potato dealer, 19 

Nelson place 
Smyth, Mr., surgeon dentist, 30 

Barn ton street 
Somers, Wm., joiner, 59 Cowane st 
Somerville, William, tobacconist, 2 

Barnton st.; res., 10 Barnton st 
Sorton, Joseph, agent, 27 King st 
Soudan & Forgan, music-sellers, 6 

Murray place 
Soudan, Mr., music-seller, 8 Albert pi 
Soutar, James, mason, George street 
Spsed, Archd., ironmonger, 5 Broad 

street and 14 Barnton street 
Speedie Bros., auctioneers, Wallace 

street and 14 Barnton street 
Speedie, George, v/eaver, 1 Spring- 
field place 
Spiers, Miss Elizb., Laurel Hill house 
Spiers, James, grocer, 49 Cowane st. ; 

res., 7 Bruce street 
Spowart, William, 2 Abbey Road pi 
Spurway, Gen. John, Anniield house 
Squair, Isabella, dressmaker, 10 Barn- 
ton street 
Squires, Charlotte, 53 Murray place 
Stamp and Tax Office. 25 Friars st 
Stanborough, George, railway guard, 

38 Murray place 
Steel, Charles, 27 Dumbarton road 
Steel, J. & C., & Co., brassfounders, 

Abbay road 
Steel, John, plumber, &c., 26 Mur- 
ray pi.; res., 27 Dumbarton road 
Steel, John, merchant, Sprinbank ho. 
Steel, Matthew, 22 Victoria place 
Steel, Miss, Balmoral place 
Stein, Miss Agnes, 15 Gladstone pi 
Stevenson, A., tobacconist, 116 Baker 


Stevenson, Jas. S., the Elms 
Stevenson, James, janitor, &c., High 

Stevenson, Janet, lodgings, 14 Sea- 

forth place 
Stevenson, Mrs, 19 Abercromby pi 
Stevenson, Eobt., 12 Lower Bridge st 
Stevenson, Robt., toydealer, 75 Port 

Stevenson, Robt., grocer, 12 Cowane 

Stevenson, Wm. (of Davidson & 

Stevenson), 20 Park terrace 
Stevenson, Wm. C, postmaster, Park 

Stewart, Alex. W., confectioner, &c., 

15 Friars street 
Stewart, Alex. , gas collector, 53 Lower 

Bridge street 
Stewart, Miss Annie, 7 Boyal gardens 
Stewart, D. & J., watchmakers, 22 

Port street 
Stewart, Daniel, jeweller, 24 Dum- 
barton road 
Stewart, Davitl, 10 Bayne street 
Stewart, George James, burgeon, 10 

Melville terrace 
Stewart, James, millwright, 4 Park 

lane ; res , 75 King street 
Stewart, James, 27 Upper craigs 
Stewart, Jane S. & M., temperance 

restaurant, 55 Murray place 
Stewart, John, bootmaker, 31 Arcade 
Stewart, John, Queen's hotel, 56 

Murray place 
Stewart, John M., vet. surgeon, 49 

Murray pi. ; res., 60 Murray place 
Stewart, Miss, china dealer, 28 Port st 
Stewart, Miss, 63 Wallace street 
Stewart, Mrs, 25 Port street 
Stewart, Mr., 45 Forth place 
Stewart, R. , dairyman, Raplock 
Stewart's Temperance Restaurant, 55 

Murray place 
Stewart, Wm., compositor, 5 Queen st 
Stirling- and Bridg-e of Allan 

Tramway Coy., Ltd. — Office, 

Bridge of Allan, 
Stirling Building and Invest- 
ment Society, 53 Murray place 
Stirling County Club, Murray pi 

— J. W. Campbell, secretary 
Stirling Co-operative Society, Ltd., 8 

Upper craigs 

Stirling Gas Light Co. , 59 Murray 

place — E. Gentleman, secretary 
Stirling Journal and Advertiser 

Office, 5 King street 
Stirling Observer Office, 26 and 

and 32 Upper craigs 
Stirling Order of Free Masons' 

Hall, Thistle street 
Stirling Public Hall Co., Ltd., 46 

Barnton st. — R. Taylor, secretary 
StirlingRifleVolunteers— Orderly 

Room, Viewlield house 
Stirling Steam Laundry, Abbey road 
Stirling Subscription Reading 

Rooms, 47 Port street 
Stirling Town Hall, Arcade 
Stirling Working Boys' & Girls' 

Religious Society Hall, 671 

Port street 
Stirling Young Men's Christian . 

Association Rooms, 50 Arcade 
Stirlingshire Conservative As- 
sociation, 26 Port street— James ' 

L. Philip, agent 
Stirlingshire FriendlyAssuranee 

Society, ll Brace st.— J. Ramsay, 

Stirling, AVilliam, engineer, 57 Lower 

Bridge street 
Stoddart, J. & M., bootmakers, 60 

Port street 
Stoddart, P., 12 Port street 
Stokesly, WilMani, bootmaker, 27 

Broad street 
Street, Wm., woollen manufacturer 

(of J. Paterson&Co.),35Burghmuir 
Struthers, Miss Ann, 3 Abercromby pi 
Sutherland, Wm,, hat and cap ware- 
house, 15 King street 
Swan, Andrew (of Andrew Swan & 

Son), 7 Clarendon place 
Swan, Andw., & Son, watchmakers, 

8 Port street 
Sword, James, curator. Smith In- 
Syme, John, blacksmith, 14 Abbey 

Symon, Miss, 12 Albert place 

Tax Office, 25 Friar street, Philip 

Musgrave. survej^or 
Taylor, Miss Agnes, 13 Burgh niuir 


Taylor, Christina, lodgings, 47 Wal- 
lace street 
Taylor, Captain Pitt, Snowdon place 
Taylor, Duncan, tailor, 41 Baker st 
Taylor, J,, litter, 1 Springfield place 
Taylor, Joseph, clerk, 47 Wallace st 
Taylor, Mary, spirit dealer, 75 St. 

Mary's wynd 
Taylor, ]\lary, 66 Upper craigs 
Taylor, Mrs, 21 Wallace street 
Taylor, Peter, wagon Wright, 1 Spring- 
field place 
Taylor,Robert, (of Morrison &'Taylor), 

46 Barnton street 
Taylor, Robert, clerk, 8 Maxwell pi 
Taylor, Robert, clerk, 15 Nelson pi 
Templeman, Col. , commanding officer, 

the Castle 
Thomsofi, Alex., coal merchant, 14 

Melville terrace 
Thomson, And. & Sons, timber mer- 
chants, 8 Abbey rd. ; and at Alloa 
Thomson, Christina, stationer, 55 

Cowane street 
Thomson, Ebenezer, 4 Cowane street 
Thomson, Mrs Elizabeth, 28 Nelson pi 
Thomson & Fearnside, drapers. Ar- 
cade house 
Thomson, George, carriage builder, 

Orchard place 
Thomson, Jas., coachbuiler, 9 Glebe 

Thomson, James (of W. & J. Thom- 
son), 16 Nelson place 
Thomson, James, watchmaker, &c., 
1 Bow st. ; res. , 43 Wallace street 
Thomson, James, 32 Queen street 
Thomson, Janet G. , Berlin wool re- 
pository, 16 Port street 
Thomson, Rev John E. H. , 10 Allan pk 
Thomson, John, 40 Spittal street 
Thomson, Matthew O., watchmaker, 

18 Murray pi.; res., 42 Albert pi 
Thomson, Mrs, 45 Forth place 
Thomson, Mrs, 4 Springfield place 
Thomson, Mrs, 21 Wallace street 
Thomson, R. H. B., Maviston, Glebe 

Thomson, Robert, flesher, 29 Port st 
Thomson, Robert, manufacturer, 

Thomson, Thomas, wood merchant. 

Abbey road 
Thomson, W. & J. , fleshers, 44 Port st 

Thomson, William, draper, 18 Mel- 
ville terrace 
Thorburn, Isabella, confectioner, 50 

Barnton street 
Todd, James, teacher, Craigs Public 

School, Newhouse 
Todd, John, 14 Princes street 
Todd, Thomas, 5 Clifford road 
Torrance, Henry, spirit dealer, 36 

St Mary's wynd 
Townsend, Thomas, Ordnance De- 
partment, Mitchell place 
Train, Geo., dairy-farm, Kildean 
Train, Geo., cabinetmaker, 16 Spit- 
tal street 
Tratter, Miss, 17 Melville terrace 
Trotter, Colonel, 5 Melville terrace 
Trotter, William, 14 Nelson place 
Turnbull & Co. , chemists, Thistle st 
Turnbnll, J, shoemaker, 14 Bayne 

Turnbull, R. & H., butchers, 51 Cow- 
ane street 
Turner, Mrs, 9 Clarendon place 
Twist, Richard, engineer, Argyll ho., 
Mar place 


Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 

(branch), 22 King street; Robert 

M'Luckie, agent 
Union Hall, Thistle street 
Ure, Mrs A., greengrocer, 112 Baker 

Ure,Geo., ironfounder, 28 Snowdon pi 
Urquhart, Wm., spirit dealer, 94 

Baker street 

Valentine,Wm., clerk, 17 Burgh muir 

Vance, John, shoemaker, 7 Murray 

Vannett, David, spirit dealer, 2 Lower 
Bridge st, and Exchange hotel, top 
of King street 

Vannett, David, jun, spirit dealer, 
Custom-house Bar, 21 Port street 

Veitch, James G., clerk, 71 Wallace 

Verrie, Mrs, lodgings, 43 Arcade 

Virtue, George, ironmonger, 14 Mur- 
ray place; res., 5 Victoria square 



Waddell, AVin., inspector of schools, 

1 Royal gardens 
AValker, James, gatekeeper, Raplock 
Walker, Jas., sev/ing machine agent, 

55 Lower Bridge street 
Walker, John, Garfield house, 12 

Victoria Square 
Walker, John, teacher, Raplock 
Walker, Margaret, bootmaker, 48 

Arcade ; res. , 40 Barnton st 
Walker, Mr., grocer, 47 Port street 
Walker, R., architect, Allan park 
Walker, Thos. , chemist, 67 King st. ; 

res. , 20 Dumbarton road 
AValker, Wm. , livery stables. Orchard 

place; res., 15 Allan park 
Wallace, David T. ,bootmaker,l Dum- 
barton road; res., 12 George street 
Wallace, Mary, Wolf cottage, Lower 

Bridge street 
Walls, Alexander, plasterer, Thistle 

street ; res., 12 George street 
Walls, James, Sun Inn, 53 King st 
Walls, John, painter, 14 Friars st.; 

house, 53 Barnton street 
Walls, iiobert, miller and grain 

merchant, Kerse mills and 66 Port 

Wands, J., 13 Queen street 
Watson, James (of James Watson & 

Co.), 2 Viewfield place 
Watson, James F., station agent 
W^atson, Jas., & Co., provision mer- 
chants, 16 Seaforth place 
Watson, Miss, 87 Port street 
Watson, Miss, dressmaker, &c., 26 

Port street 
Watson, Mr., 26 Port street 
Watson, Mrs, 53 Murray place 
Watson, Peter, gas manager, Thistle 

Watson, Sam., salesman, 59 Cowane 

Watson, T. , salmon fisher, 59 Cowane 

Watson, William, provision dealer. 

Upper Castlehill 
Watson, Wm., tobacconist, 85 Port 

street ; house, 77 Port street 
Watt, Alex. & T., 8 Irvine place 
Watt, Mrs Ann, 8 Gladstone place 
Watt, Archd., farmer, Whitehouse 

Watt, Henry P., cabinetmaker, auc- 
tioneer, &c., 22 Baker street 
Watt, Jas. , baker, 54 St Mary's wynd 
Watt, R., carter, 61 Spittal street 
Watt, Thomas, 8 Irvine place 
Watt, Thos. , baker and confectioner, 

71 Baker street 
Waugh, Margt., 53 Murray place 
W^edderspoon, Mr., 26 Lower Bridge st 
Weir, A., slater, 16 St John street 
Weir, Mary Ann, 50 Upper Bridge st 
W^elsh & Campbell, solicitors. County 

Buildings, Barnton street 
Welsh, Edward (blind), basketmaker, 

27 Broad street 
Welsh, Ed ward, superintendent (Pru- 
dential Insurance Co., Ltd.), 10 
Barnton street 
Welsh, James, 3 Park terrace 
Welsh, Patrick, solicitor, 17 Park ter 
Weston,Wm.H. ,traveller,31 Queen st 
Westwater, John, 4 Springfield place 
Westwood, Robert, Burghmuir 
White, David, j un. , solicitor, 43 Arcade 
White, James, newsagent, 74 Baker st 
White, Robert, solicitor, Balmoral pi 
Whitehead, Archibald, temperance 

hotel, 20 Barnton street 
Whitehead, Misses, 12 Drummond pi 
Whitelaw, Mrs Margt., 26 Albert pi 
Wilkie, J., railway inspector, 5 

Springfield place 
Wilkie, James, woodyard keeper, 40 

Abbey road 
Willianie, D., engine-driver, 59 Cow- 
ane street 
Williamson, Margt., 23 Wallace st 
Williamson, Mr., Lower craigs 
Williamson, Peter, tailor's cutter, 23 

Wallace street 
Wilson, Andrew F. , surgeon, 1 View- 
field place 
Wilson, Captain, 3 Melville terrace 
Street, Glasgow, Advertisiug 
Lessees of Stirling and Bridge of 
Allan Tramway Cars, <Szc. 
Wilson, L., tobacconist, 49 St Mary's 

Wilson, Lillias S., 26 Queen street 
Wilson, Wm. , bootmaker, 1 View- 
field place 
Wilson, Wm., joiner, Bridgehaugh 
Winchester, Wm., 8 Douglas terrace 


Wind, Andrew, clerk, 7 Douglas st 
Wingate, Charles, solicitor, 40 Barn- 
ton St. ; res. , 27 Dumbarton road 
Wingate & Curror, solicitors, 7 Mur- 
ray place 
Wingate, Miss Margt. , 22 Snowdon pi 
Wood, Hugh, Esplanade 
Woolley, Robert, Caledonian Vaults, 

29 Baker street 
Wordie & Co., carting agents, Rail- 
way Station 
Wordie, John, cooper, 33 King street 
Wotherspoon, Mr., 9 James^ street 
Wright, IMiss Agnes, Clifford park 
Wright, Elizab., milliner, 17 Baker st 
Wright, Mrs Elizabeth, 22 Queen st 
Wright, Mrs Isabella, 25 Victoria pi 
Wright, JNIrs Janet, 26 Balmoral pi 
Wright, Peter T., wheelwright, 16 

Dumbarton road 
Wright,' Walter, railway guard, 1 

Forth place 
Wright, Wm., Esq., J. P. (of Broom), 

2 Pitt terrace 
Wyllie, Sandman, & Co., steam 

laundry, Abbey road 
Wyllie, Thomas, agent, 77 Upper 
Bridae street 

Yates, Wm., & Co., grocers, &c., 51 

Murray place 
Yellowlees, David (of David Yellow- 
lees & Sons), 28 Upper Bridge st 
Yellowlees, David, & Sons, tanners, 

48 Queen street 
Yellowlees, Robert (of David Yellow- 
lees & sons), 28 Upper Bridge st 
Young, Alex., alehouse, 61 Lower 

Bridge street 
Young, Alex. , baker, 52 Ba ker street 
Young, Andrew, 4 Clarendon place 
Young, Jas., confectioner, 52 Baker 

Young, J. & A., bakers, 54 Baker st,, 

and 9 St Mary's wynd 
Young, John, draper, 1 Baker street; 

res., 21 Wallace street 
Young, Miss, dressmaker, 11 King 

Young, Mrs, 27 Nelson place 
Young, Wm., farmer, Taylorton 
Younger, Ann, 11 King street 
Yuille, Rev George, 33 Snowdon pi 
Yule, Geo., Portmill house, 33 Port 


Plumber, Brassfounder, Gasfitter and Bellliaiiger, 
2B IMMT PLACE (County Cluli Biiilclings), 

A Large and Select Stock of BATHS, W.C's. FORCE & LIFT PUMPS, 



Drainage and Sanitary Work specially attended to. 



Crated Water Manufacturers. 

Colquhoim, A., Burglimiiii- 
M'Callum, James, 33 Port street 
M'Nicol, Robert, 13 Broad street 

Agricultural Implement Makers 

Kemp & Nicholson, Forth st. Works 
Scoular, John, Crook, near Stirling 

Architects and Surveyors. 

Allan, John, 12 Murray place 
M'Lean, John, (32 Murray place 
M'ljnckie & Walker, 48 Barn ton st. 
Simpson, Wm. , 61 King street 
Simpson, Wm., jnn., 61 King street 
Walker, R , Allan park 


Baxter, David, Rockfoot Villa 

Keyden, James, Kildean 

Littlejohn, W., 11 Friars street — 
see advt. 

M'Laren, Donald, Shiphaugh 

Martin, Wm. J., Orchard place- 
see advt. 

Speedie Brothers, Wallace street 

— see advt. 
Watt, H. P., 22 Baker street 

Baby Linen and Berlin Wools. 

Doig, Miss, 37 Arcade 
Gowans, Rachael, 43 Baker street 
Gray, Mary, 17 Port street 
Grieve, Mrs, 9 Murray place 
Herron, Mrs, 11 Arcade 
Jollie, Mrs, 26 Barnton street 
King, Mrs, 46 Arcade 
M 'Arthur, Miss Jane, 74 Port street 
M'Farlane, M., 33 Arcade 
M'Kellar, Miss Elizabeth, 26 Baker st 
Reid, E. & J., 32 Murray place 
Simpson, Miss Margai'et, 18 Friars st. 
Thomson, Miss Janet G., 16 Port st. 
Wright, Mrs, 17 Baker street 


Allan, Robert, 17 St. Mary's wynd 
Archibald, David, 15 Broad street 
Brodie, Peter, 34 Port street 
Elder, Thomas, 4 Upper Craigs 
Millar, James (and Confectioner), 55 

and 57 Port street, 69 King street, 

and 29 Friars street 
Ritchie, L. , 6 Bow street and 3 Port st. 
Stirling Co-Operative Society, Craigs 
Watt, James, 54 St. Mary's wynd 
Watt, Thomas, 71 Baker street 
Young, J. & A., 3 and 54 Baker 
street, and 9 St. Mary's Avynd 

Banks and Bank Ag-ents. 

Hours open — 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ; Saturdays, 
10 a.m. to 12 noon. 

Bank of Scotland, 52 King street — 
James W. Campbell, Agent ; Mark 
Lawson, Accountant. 

British Linen Banking Coy. — W. 
Stevenson, Agent ; G. A. Brownlee, 

Clydesdale Bank (Ltd.), 65 King- 
street — James Drysdale & Alex. 
Moffat, Joint Agents. 

Commercial Bank of Scotland (Ltd. ), 
77 Murray place — Jas. M. Morrison, 
Agent ; W. Christie, Accountant. 

Craigs Penny Savings Bank — Office, 
Craigs Church Hall. Open on 
Wednesdays from 6-30 to 7-45 p.m. 
Joint Actuaries, Robert Bruce & 
John Goodall ; Inspector, Alex. 

National Bank of Scotland (Ltd.), 
66 Murray place ; Daniel Ferguson 
& S. D. Murrie, Agents. 

National Security Savings Bank — 
Office, Commercial Bank of Scot- 
land. Treasurer, Ebenezer Morri- 
son, writer, Stirling ; Actuarv, Jas. 
M. Morrison ; Clerk, xl. Hamilton ; 



Auditor, Richard Davie. Hours: — 
• For receiving money — Wednesday, 

9 to 10 a.m.; Saturday, 6 to 8 p.m. 
For repaying money — Tliursday, 9 

' to 11 a.m. ; Saturday, 8 to 8-30 p.m. 
Receiving and repaying — Friday, 

10 a.m. to 12 noon. 

Post Office Savings Bank. Hours, 9 

a.m. to 6 p.m. Wm. C. Stevenson, 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 25 King 

Street — Wm. Graham, Agent ; W. 

Paton, Accountant. 
Union Bank of Scothmd (Ltd.), King 

street— R. M'Luckie, Agent; Robt. 

Cairns, Accountant. 


Hogg, Alex., 61 King street 


Buchanan, Alex., 46 Upper Bridge 

Ritchie, James, 8 Broad street- 
see advt. 


(See Smiths, &c.) 


Roddick, J. S., 50 Port street 
Shearer, R. S., 6 King street 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Bannantyne, ^Irs, 10 Irvine place 
Cook, Wm. P., 26 King street 
Crawford & Co., 7 King street- 
see advt. 
Crocket, James, 57 King street ; resi- 
dence, 30 Queen street 
Drumraond's Tract and Book Depot, 
2 King street — John M'Farlane, 
Harvey, Charles, 6 Baker street 
Henderson, Alex., 28 Bow street 
Maekay, Eneas, 41 and 43 Murray 

place, and 28 Arcade 
Miller, David, & Sons, 5 Port street 
Sheai er, Robert, 6 King street 
Shirra, Wm. L. , 83 Port street 
■ White, James, 74 Baker street 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Boswell, Wm., 18 Baker street ami 

45 Port street 

Crocket, David, 22 Spittal street 
Cumming, Wright, 2 Bow street 
Dalgetty, 97 Baker street 
Dickson's New Boot and Shoe SIiop, 

46 Baker street 
Ferguson, Hugh, 2 Port street 
Gillespie, William, 30 Barnton street 
Gihnour, David, 5 ; Baker street 
Gray, Thomas, 24 Arcade 

Jude, A., 109 Baker street 
Lickrisk, J., Viewfield street 
Low, Thomas, 4 Baker street 
M'Farlane, John, 15 Upper Craigs 
M'Intosh & Co., 79 King street 
Moftat, J. B. W., 8 Baker street 
Page, John, Castlehill 
Pate, J., & Co., 50 Baker street 
Percy, Wm. , 32 King st. and Arcade 
Reid, Arch. S. , 22 Spittal street 
Scott, E. J., & Sons, 59 King street 
Smith, Charles, 42 Barnton street 
Stoddart, J. & M., 60 Port street 
Stokesly, Wm., 27 Broad street 
Vance, John, 7 Murray place 
Wallace, David, 1 Dumbarton road 
Wilson, W., 1 Viewfield place 


(See Plumbers, Brassfounders, and 


Brewers and Maltsters. 

Boyes, Edward, Upper Bridge street 
Colquhoun, Andrew, 29 Burghmuir 
M'Nicol, 31 Broad street 

Brick and Tile Makers. 

Go van, John, Carnton, Bridge of 
Allan ; Office, Wallace street 


Duffin, Mrs, 8 Bow street 
Hannratty, Mrs, 12 St. John street 
Hoggans, Michael, 79 Baker street 
Phimister, M., 37 St. Mary's wynd 

Brush Manufacturers. 
Park Brothers (wholesale). Forth 




Barmigan, Thomas, & Totheringham 
Burt & Shaw, SI Port street 
Gillespie, John, 37 Cowane street 
Gourlay, Wm., 5 Upper Craigs 
Govan, Joseph, 21 Wallace street 
Gray, Alex., 47 Cowane street 
Ronald, James, 13 Nelson place 


(See also Joiners, &c.) 

Brown, William, 81 Port street — 

see aclvt. 
Bryce, William, 16 King street 
Christie & Cowie, 61 King street 
Hagan, M., 79 Baker street 
Hetherington, R., 7 Friars street 
Hunter, J. & L., 17 King street and 

44 Barnton street — see advt. 
Mailer, William, \Q King street 
Small, J. W., Forth street 
Watt, H. P., 22 Baker street" 

Carriage Hirers. 

Burgess, John, 18 Shore road 
Campbell, A., Royal Hotel 
Grindlay, It., Douglas Hotel; Stables, 

43 Port street 
Hathaway, Thomas, 6 Baker street 
Hendry, Ebenezer, Station Hotel 
Lennox, James, Golden Lion Hotel 
M'Kenzie, Robert, Star Hotel 
Stewart, J., Queen's Hotel 
Walker, William, Orchard place 

Carriers, Carters, & Contractors 

Adam, Robert, 20 Murray place 
Brown, James, 5 Allan park 
Cowan & Co. — Henry Hunter, agent 
M'Kerracher, D., Caledonian Rail- 
way Station 
Robertson, Robert, Orchard place 
Scott, J., 17 Douglas street 

Carver and Gilder. 
Johnstone, Adam, 34 Arcade 

Cattle Dealer. 

Walker, William (and Farmer), 7 
Allan park 

Chemists and Druggists. 

Duncan son & RafFan, 38 Port street 
Livingstone, John, 58 Baker street 
M'Nieol, John, 12 Barnton street — 

see advt. 
Moore, Wm. J., 24 Murray place 
Shairp, William, 79 Port street 
Walker, Thomas, 67 King street 

Manufacturing Chemists. 

Turnbull & Co., Burghmuir 

Nicol, W. C, 5 Baker street 


(See Tailors.) 


Cowan, D., 14 Spittal street 
Kinross, Wm., & Sons, 39 Port street 
Thomson, George, Orchard place 
Wright, Peter, 16 Dumbarton road 

Coal Merchants and Agents. 

Alloa Coal Co., Wallace street- 
John Dewar, agent 
Anderson, William, 7 Shore road 
Christie, James R., Agent for Thos. 
Muir, Son, & Patton, 3 Douglas 
Dow, Allan, Shore road and Castlehill 
Gardner, Henry, 33-^ Murray place 
M'Kerracher, D., Caledonian Rail- 
way Station 
M'Lachlan, Arch., 4 Viewfield place 
Muir, Thos., Son, & Patton, Cale- 
donian Railway Station — see advt. 
Robertson, Robertson, 12 Orchard 

place — see advt. 
Sheardale CoalCo.— J.Macfarlane, 

agent — see advt. 
Smith, William, 61 Wallace street 

Commercial Travellers. 

Allan, A. R., Bellfield 
Atkinson, Robert, 1 Windsor place 
Chappel, Barnard F., 10 Barnton st. 
Cook, Joseph D., Forthview Cottage, 

Abbey road 
Grindla^y, John, 15 Melville terrace 

Haldane, James, 19 Queen street 
Hunter, James, 12 Nelson place 
Hutton, David A., 33 Forth street 
Jamieson, Alexander, 1 York place 
Kennedy, George G. , Cowane street 
M'Kercbar, I,)., 34 Nelson place 
Smith, John Guy, 10 Douglas terrace 
Weston, William H., 31 Queen street 


Adams, Robert, 20 Murray place 
Cowan, M. (Refreshment Room), 34 

Barnton street and 89 Port street 
Keith & Ralston, 23 Port street, and 

Bridge of Allan — seeadvt. " 
M 'Carrol, John, S Arcade 
Miller, David, 40 Arcade 
Oliphant, John (Wholesale), Maxwell 

Oswald, Angus, 44 Arcade 
Scott, Helen, 28 Arcade 
Sinclair, James, 13 Murray place 
Stewart, x41exander, 15 Friar street 
Thorburn, Isabella, 50 Barnton street 
Watt, Thomas, 71 Baker street 
Young, James, 52 Baker sti-eet 
Young, J. «& A. , 3 Baker street 


Haldane & Co., Forth Cooperage, 

Abbey road 
Wordie, John, 33 King street 

Cork Manufacturer. 

Adam, Robert, 45 King street 

Curriers & Leather Merchants. 
Crocket, David, 18 Spittal street 
Grieve, James, 20 Melville terrace 
Paterson, P. & R., Upper Craigs 
Yellowlees, David, & «ons, 48 Queen 

Dairies and Dairymen. 
Christie, James, 53 Cowane street 
Jaffray, Mrs, 13 Dumbarton road 
Li vino-stone, Wm., IS Upper Craigs 
Mackie, George, 33 Baker street 
Morrison, Janet, 22 ITpper Craigs 
Morrison, Marjory, 62 Port street 
Mulroy, Mrs, 21 13 road street 
M'Queen, John, 28 Broad street 
Nisl)et, Hugh C, S Barnton street 
Rhodes, John, Shore road 
Stewart, R., Raplock 


Arthur, George, 120 Baker street 
Christie. George, 96 Cowane street 
Ewing, David, 3 Friars street and 75 

King street 
Gavin, Hugh, 1 King street— see 

Inglis & Smith, 43 King street 
Johnstone, W. & A., 42, 44, and 48 

King street 
Lawson, Robert, 34 Baker street 
Lawson, William, 16 Victoria place 
M'Aree Bros. , 64 and 64i Baker street 
M'Ewen, John, 30 Baker street 
M'Kenzie, A., 20 Queen street 
Macaree, Mr, 43 Upper Bridge street 
Macdonaid, J., & Co., 21 King 

street — see odvt. 
Menzies, Thomas, & Co., 36 and 

38 King street — s"ee aclvt. 
Morgan, George, 67 Port street 
Nairn, William, 31 Murray place 
Nicol, J. , 20 Baker street 
Robertson & Co., 37 Baker street 
Salmond, Patrick, 39 King street and 

21 Arcade 
Thomson & Fearnside, Arcade House 
Young, John, 1 Baker street 


Allison, Miss, 31 Upper Craigs 
Baldie, Miss, 2 Allan park 
Bennie, Miss, 36 Baker street 
Brady, Miss, 10 Dumbarton road 
Campbell, J. & G., 7 Murray place 
Campbell, M. A., 45 Cowane street 
Crawford, Miss Helen, 7 Lower 

Bridge street 
Danskin, Miss, 98 St. Mary's wynd 
Ferguson, Miss, 7 Douglas street 
Gillespie, Miss, 76 Port street 
Glass, Miss, 33 Baker street 
Hardie, Miss, 12 Port street 
Hart, M., 20 Barnton streei 
Henderson, Miss, 13 Queen street 
Hutchison, M. & A., 47 Port street 
Jackson, Mrs, Abbey road 
Jarvie & Donaldson, 58 Murray place 
Johnstone, Miss, 6 Viewfield place 
M'Ewen, Miss, 50 Port street 
ISl'Farlane, Miss, 19 Queen street 
M'Kinlay, Miss, 7 Queen street 
M'Lachlan, Misses, 26 Port street 


M'Laren, Miss, 1 Bruce street 
M'Leod, Misses, 58 Port street 
M'Rae, Miss, 47 Co wane street 
Mann, Miss, 10 Upper Bridge street 
Menzies, Thomas, & Co., 36 and 38 

King street 
Robertson, Miss, 5 Dumbarton road 
Robertson, Miss, 3 Port street 
Squair, Miss, 10 Barn ton street 
Watson, Miss, 26 Port street 
Yonng, Miss, 11 King street 

Dentists (Surgeon). 

Brown, Wm. S. , 60 Murray place 
Marshall, David, 87 Port street 
Plat, LeonJ.,L.D.S., R.C.S. 

Dyers and Cleaners. 

Angus, J. & J., 33 Port street 
Crichton, James, 45 Murray place 
M'Robert, Hans, 2 Springfield place 
Miller, John, Lower Craigs 
Pullar, J., & Sons, 91 Port street 


Canby, Christopher C. , 70 St. Mary's 


Alexander, E., Burghmuir 
Dewar, Peter, King's Park 
Galloway, Mrs, Clayslaps 
M'Farlane, Mrs, Spring Kerse 
M'Laren, Donald, Shiphaugh 
Muirhead, John, Ladysneuck 
Train, George, Dairy Farm, Kildean 
Walls, Robert, Kerse Mills 
Watt, Archibald, Whitehouse 

Fishing- Tackle Makers. 

Imrie, George, 47 Cowane street 
Inglis, Peter, 39 Arcade 
Maloeh, Michie, & Croekart (and 
Gunmakers), 35 King street 


Buchanan, Andrew, 19 Friars street 
Forrester, Arthur, 35 Murray place 
Forrester, David, 45 Baker street 

Johnstone, John, 68 Port street 
Johnstone, Isabella, 54 Port street 
Murray & Dry burgh, 28 Bamton st 
Rintoul, L. H. , 7 Port street 
Robertson, Catherine, 31 Port street 


Alexander, Alex., 27 Friars street 
Bennie, Alexander, 56 Barnton street 
Cherry, Miss, 12 Upper Craigs 
Cullens, W. J. & J., 10 Baker street 

and 11 Port street 
Gow, W. M., 3 Bow street 
Greenhorn, James, 69 Wallace street 
Greenhorn, R. &. J., 16 Upper Bridge 

street, and Bridge of Allan 
Niven, William, 11 Upper Craigs 
Rennie, William, 77 Baker street 
Roberts, Robert, 19 Port street 
Smith, Charles, 42 Barnton street 
Thomson, Robert, 29 Port street 
Thomson, W. & J., 16 Nelson place 
Turnbull, R. & H., 51 Cowane street 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 

Armstrong, Janet, 65 Port street 
Craig, John, 3 Murray place 
Kay, William, 49 Port street 
Keir, Alexander, 78 Port street 
Kerr, E., 27 St. Mary's wynd 
Leatherly, Francis, Broad street 
Leathle'y, Herbert H., 42 Port 

street and 92 Baker st — see advL 
Peek, John, 12 Baker street 

Furrier and Feather Dresser. 
M 'Isaac, A., 5 Maxwell place 

Game Dealers. 

Buchanan, A., 19 Friars street 
Eggo, W. F., 24 Barnton street 
Johnstone, Isabella, 54 Port street 
Johnstone, John, 68 Port street 
Rintoul, L. H,, 7 Port street 
Robertson, Catherine, 31 Port street 

Glass and China Merchants. 

Adam, Robert, 21 Port street 
Crawford, Wm., 26 and 30 Murray 

Hodgson, Mark, 25 Spittal street and 

80 Baker street 
Langster, Alexander, 84 Spittal street 
Stewart, Miss, 28 Port street 

Glazier and Glass Merchant 

Crichton, William G., 71 Port street 


f Gpoeeps (Licensed). 

Anderson, James, 57 Baker street 
Baird, Joseph, 36 Barnton street 

— see advt. 
Buchanan, Andrew, 9 B.ikor street 
jCowbrongh & Mercer, M l\)i t street 

and 34 Wallace street 
Crawford, Wm., 9 Lower Bridge st 
Gumming. Andrew, 28 Baker street 
Dow, William, 34 Bow street 
Dulfy Brothers, 12 Port street 
Esson, William, 102 Baker street 
Forsyth, Mrs. John, 20 Upper Craigs 
Gillespie, John, 51 Port street 
Hutton, E. J., 86 Baker street 
Irvine, James, 17 Bow street 
Lennox, John, & Co., 10 Murray pi 
Liddel, Robert, 40 King street 
Liddel, William, 45 Upper Craigs 
Low, William, & Co., 59 Port 

street — see advt. 
M'Ewen Bros., 16 & 18 Barnton st 
M'Ewen, D. & J., & Co., 40 Port st 

and 6 Broad street 
Menzies, Robert, & Co., 22 Bow st 
Morris, J., 110 Baker street 
Robertson & M'Farlane, 46 to 52 

Port street 
Scobie, W. & R., 67 Baker street 
Spiers, James, 102 Baker street 
Yates, William, 51 Murray place— 

sec advt. 

Groeers, Tea and Provision 

Adamson, Thos., & Co., 29 Arcade 
Anderson, James, 57 Baker street 
Baird, J., 36 Barnton street 
Bayne, 100 Cowane street 
Brown, J., 62 Baker street 
Brown, John, 31 Upper Craigs 
Brown, Thos., 16 Broad street 
Christie, James, 22 and 53 Cowane st 
CrawforH, W., 9 Lower Bridge street 
Cuthbertson, John, 31 Baker street 
Dreghorn, Mrs, 72 St. JNIary's wynd 
Dudgeon, Mary, 9 Maxwell place 
Dunsmore, Alexander, 56 Port street 
Graham, 54 Cowane street 
Heslop, A, H., 29 Queen street 
Hetherington, W., 26 Port street 
Howie & Co., 83 Baker street 
Hutton, E. J., 86 Baker street 

Jenkins, William, 1 Forth place 
Laid law, Mrs, 62 St. Mary's wynd 
I,eslie, T., 32 Abbey road 
London and Newcastle Tea Co. 
Lyons, M.. 32 Broad street 
M'Gregor, 26 Broad street 
Menzies, Robt., & Co., 22 Bow street 
Millar, Jas., & Sons, 29 Friars street 
Moyes, Frank, People's Tea Ware- 
house, 50 Cowane street — see advt. 
Robertson, John, 5 George street 
Scobie, W. & R., 67 Baker street 
Shaw, D. , 62 Cowane street 
Smith, J., 4 Broad street 
Speirs, James, 49 Cowane street 
Stevenson, Robert, 12 Cowane street 
Walker, Mr, 47 Port street 
AYatson, Jas., & Co., 16 Seaforth pi. 
Yates & Co., 51 Murray place 


Maloch, Miehie, & Croehart, 35 

King street — see advt. 


Allan, Peter, 105 Baker street 
Clure, A. T., 104 Spittal street 
Dale, John T., 30 Port street and 17 

Friars st ; residence, 47 Port st 
Galashan, J., 10 Arcade 
Mackieson, John, 71 King street 
Millar, Ebenezer, 61 Baker street 


Campbell, Robert, 32 Arcade 
Dow, James, 15 King street 
Salmond, P., 39 King street and 21 

Swan, Andrew, »S: Son, 8 Port street 

Hotels, Restaurants, and Inns. 

Commercial and Railway Hotel, 9 

Port street ; Miss Langmuir 
Corn Exchange Hotel, David Vannet 
Crown Inn, Arcade; Mrs. M'Cracken 
Golden Lion Hotel, 10 King street ; 

James Lennox 
Maealpine's Royal Restaurant, 

2 Murray Place — see advt. 
Original Royal Restaurant, 29 

King street ; Robert M'Kenzie — 

see advt. 


Queen's Hotel, 56 Murray place ; 

John Stewart 
Royal Hotel, Friars street and Bain- 

ton street ; Archibald Campbell 
Star Hotel, Baker street ; Robert 

M'Kenzie — see advt. 
Station Hotel, 5 Murray place ; E. 

Sun Inn, 53 King street ; Jas. Walls 
Temperance Hotel, 5 King street; 

Wm. Dowdy 
Temperance Hotel, 20 Barnton ttreet; 

Archibald Whitehead. 
Temperance Restaurant, 55 Murray 

place ; J one Stewart 

Waverley Temperance Hotel, 4 

Murray place; M' Alpine— see odvt. 

Insurance Agents. 
(See Advertisements.) 


Banks Brothers, Lower Craigs 

Burnside Foundry 

Davie, James, 'Stirling Foundry, 

Orchard place 
Nicol, James, Barnton street 
Smith, James P. , 15 Victoria place 


Graham & Morton, 49 King street 
Nicholson, George, 9 King street 
Speed, Archibald, 5 Broad street and 

14 Barnton street 
Virtue, George, 14 Murray place 

Iron Merchants. 

M'Ewen, Daniel, Dumbarton road 
Parker, W., 20 Victoria place 

Jewellers and Watchmakers. 

Archibald, William, 18 Port street 

— see advt. 
Cash Jewellery Store, 36 Arcade 
Christie, William, 36 Port street 
Drummond, R., & Sons, 5 Murray pi 

Harvey & Hunter, 55 King street 

—see advt. 
Lambert Hepting, 1 1 IMurray place 
M'Kenzie, William, 7 Baker street 
Park, Jas. & Alex., 33 Forth place 
Robertson, Alex., 4 Barnton sireet 
Stewart, D. & J., 22 Port street 

Stewart, David, 10 Bayne street 
Swan, A. , »Sc Son, 8 Port street 
Thomson, James, 13 Bow street 
Thomson, M., 18 Murray place 

Joiners and Undertakers. 

(See also Cabinetmakers.) 
Alexander, Peter, 63 Newhouse 
Burt & Shaw, 81 Port street 
Currie, Robert, Dalgleish court, 

Baker street 
Donaldson, J., & Son, Dumbarton 

Forrest, A. & W., 73 King street and 

13 St. John street 
Galashan, David, 36 and 38 Baker 

Henderson, Alexander, 28 Bow st. 
Kemp, Alex., 16 Dumbarton road 
Lamb, Thomas. 23 Dumbarton road 
Livingstone, Walter, 18 Upper 

M'Dougall, William, 13 George st, 
M'Nab, Thomas, 20 Friars street 
Maltman, William, 3 York place 
Meiklejohn, Alexander, Drip road 
Morrison, John, & Son, 23 Dum- 
barton road 
Nicol, James, Barnton st. — see advt. 
Pearson, J. & J., Spittal square 

(Uii'"!ertakers)— 5ce ad' t. 
Short & Fairful, 62 Upper Craigs 

— see advt. 
Smith, R., George street 
Stirling Funeral Establishment 
40 Baker st.— Manager, D. Thom- 
son—see axlvt. 
Watt, H. P., 22 Baker street 


Boyle, Joseph, 3 Douglas street 


Buchan, David, & Son, 23 Seaforth 

Lamb, Wm., Thistle street 


M'Millan, Misses, 48 Upper Bridge 

Stirling Steam Laundry 
Wylie, Sandieman, & Co. , Abbey road 



Aitken, John, Rockvale Mill, Craigs 
Fleming, Reid, & Co.. Merino Yarn 

M'Kenzie & Thomson, Bridge Mill 
Paterson, John, & Co. (carpets, tar- 
tans, and tweeds), Burghmuir 
Robertson Brothers, Forth Vale Mills 
Sinclair, James, & Co., Forth Bank 

Carpet Works 
Smith, Robert, & Sons, Parkvale and 

Hayford Mills 
Thomson, Robert, Bridgehaugh 

Manure Merchants. 

Aitken, John G., Abbey road 
Gray, James, & Co., 7 tipper Craigs 
Pollock, George, 1 Port street; Stores, 
Bow Park Railway Siding 

Medical Practitioners and 

Brown, William, surgeon, 1 Glad- 
stone place 
Drew, John, M.D., 28 Albert place 
Galbraith, George T., 11 Gladstone 

Gibson, Charles, M.D., 11 Park ter 
Johnstone, William, M.D., 3 Pitt ter 
M'Fadyen, D., M.D., CM., 2 Park 

M'Nab, James, surgeon, 6 Allan park 
Moodie, Robert, M.D., Glebe cres 
Rae, James, M.I)., 3 Drummond place 
Robertson, John B. , Surgeon, Royal 

Infirmary, Spittal street 
Stewart, George James, 10 Melville 

Wilson, A. F., Surgeon, 1 Viewfield 

Mill and Wheelwrights. 
Gould, John, 102 Upper Craigs 
M'Naughton, William, 4 Park lane 

Millers and Grain Merchants. 

Gray, James, 7 Upper Craigs 
Millar, James, & Sons, 29 Friars st. 
Pollock, George, 1 Port street 
Walls, Robert, 66 Port street and 
Kerse Mills 


Campbell, Miss, 45 Cowan street 
Dunn & Wilson, 24 Port street 
Dunn, Miss, 20 Port street 
Fleming, Miss, 52 Barnton street 
Fordyce, Miss, 10 Upper Craigs 
Gowans, Miss, 43 Baker street 
Gray, Miss, 17 Port street 
Johnstone, Miss, 6 Viewfield place 
Jollie, Miss, 26 Barnton street 
M'Lachlan & Brown, 8 Murray place 
Wright, Miss, 17 Baker street 

Music Sellers. 

Soudan & Forgan, 6 Murray place 


Crawford & Co., 7 King street 
Crocket, James, 57 King street 
Henderson, Alex., 28 Bow stree t 
Mackay, Eneas, 41 Murray place 
Mathieson, M. , 29 Upper Craigs 
Miller, D., & Son, 5 Port street 
Shina, W. L., 83 Port street 
Somerville, Wm., 2 Barnton street 
Stirling Railway Bookstall 
Whyte, James, 74 Baker street 


Bald, Robert, 20 Murray place 
Buchanan, John, 34 Murray place 
Carson, William & Son, 58 Port 

Dowell, John, 19 Dumbarton road - 

see adit. 
Henderson, Gilbert, 32 Barnton st 
Johnstone, Adam, 34 Arcade 
Scotland, Thos., 23 Upper Craigs 
Walls, John, 14 Friars street 


Bon Accord Loan Office 
Caledonian Loan Office, 8 and 10 

Broad street 
Latens, Catherine, 8 and 10 St. 

Mary's wynd 
Murray, James, 6 and 8 Bank street 

Perambulator Makers. 

Banks Brothers & Co., Craigs 
M'Ewen, Abbey Road Works 



Crowe & Rogers, 51 Murray place 
Hodge, Andrew, 4 York place 
Smart, George, 5 Viewfield place 


Foster, James, Thistle street 
Walls, Alexander, Thistle street 

Plumbers, Gasfitters, and 

Cairns, Wm., Orchard place 
Chisholm, G., & Son, 72 Port street 

— sec advt. 
Prater, Robert, 73 Port street— -see 

Marr, James, 37^ Cowane street 
Merrilees, A. , 12 King street 
Steel, J. & C, & Co., Abbey road 
Steel, John, 26 Murray place— see 


Potato Merchants. 

Bennet, H., 17 Queen street 
Ross, Geo., 17 Lower Bridge street 
Smith, Wm., 17 Nelson street 

Printers (Letterpress). 

Harvey, Charles, 6 Baker street 
Hogg, Mrs, 5 King street 
Kirkwood, H. M., 27 King street 

Refreshment Rooms. 

Brown, Mrs R., 51 Baker street 
Cowan, M., 34 Barnton street and 89 

Port street 
Davidson, Jessie, 89 Port street 
Dunn, H., 5 Upper Bridge street 
Garson, A., 11 Broad street 
Hamilton, Thomas, 46^ Baker street 
Hunter, Mrs Agnes, 38 Barnton street 
M'Culloch, May, 42 Baker street 
Muir, P. , 70 Port street 
Rutherford, Mrs, 62 Spittal street 
Ryan, James, 25 Baker street 
Smith, R., Barnton Street Dining- 

Rope and Twine Makers. 

Halket, John, & Son, 9 Shore road 
M' Gibbon Duncan, Abbey road 


Gentles, Thns., & Son, 39 Murray 

M 'Donald, Duncan, 13 King street 
M'Kindlay, James, 23 Friars street 


Barclay, William, Viewfield place 

Seed Merchants and Gardeners. 

Craig, John, 3 Murray place 
Drummond, W., & Sons, ,4 King 

street ; Nurseries, Coney Park 
Gray, James, & Co., 7 Upper Craigs 

— see advt. 
Kay, William, 49 Port street 
M'Parlane, Mr, Shore House 
Morrison, J., Coney Park Nurseries 
Pollock, George, 1 Port street 

Sewing" Machine Manufacturers. 

The Singer Sewing Machine Co., 61 
Murray place 


Gentles, J. & W. , 40 Barnton street 
M'Gregor, David, & Son, 1 George 

street — see advt. 
Milne, William, 1 Dumbarton road 
Oswald, Andrew, 82 Spittal street 
Robertson, M. (and Chimney Sweep), 

5 St. John street 

Smiths and Engineers. 

Banks Bros.' Foundry, Lower Craigs 
Davidson, Andrew, 48 Broad street 
Kemp & Nicholson, Forth street 
Lockhart & M'Nab, 38 Upper 

M'Naughton, Wm., 53 Lower Bridge 

Miller, Robert, 62 Upper Craigs— 

see advt. 
Owen, George, 24 Upper Craigs 
Syme, John, 14 Abbey road 

Soap Manufacturer. 

]M'Elfrish, Andrew, Shore road 


Solicitors and Writers. 

Archibald, John, 29 Snowdon place 
Bhikey, J. Wood, 59 Murraj^ place 
Brown, James, 13 Forth place 
Chrystal & M'Farlane, 11 King street 
Davidson & Stevenson, 12 Fore street 
Fleming & Buchanan, 26 Port street 
Gentleman, Ebenezer, 59 Murray pi 
Hill & Whyte, 2 Wolf Craig 
Jenkins, A. & J., 80 Port street 
Logie, D. W., 21 Murray place 
Mathie, J. & J., & M'Luckie, 22 

King street 
Morrison & Taylor, 46 Bamton street 
Mnivhead, John, Wolf Craig 
Philip, James L., 3 Port street 
Welsh & Campbell, County Building, 

Barnton street 
Whyte, David, jun., 43 Arcade 
Whyte, Kobert, Balmoral place 
Wingate, Charles, 40 Barnton street 
Wingate, Curror, 7 Murray place 

Tailors and Clothiers. 

Arthur, John, 33 Baker street 
Bennet, John, 20 Port street 
Beveridge, Areh., 1 and 3 Queen 

street — see advt. 
Campbell, Alexander, 41 Baker street 
Duncan, John, 53 Murray place 
Dowell, 77 King street 
Ferguson, Thomas, 17 King street 
Forsyth & Co. , Upper Bridge street 
Gillies & Oliver, 63 Murray place 
Glover, James, 25 Port street 
Graham, Thomas G., 29 Murray 

place — sea advt. 
Jamieson, John, & Co. , 28 King street 
Johnston, W. & A., 48 King street 
Kinnaird, J. G., 4 Port street 
Lawson, Robert, 34 Baker street 
M'Aree Brothers, 64 Baker street 
M'Kay, John, 32 Port street— 5fc 

MKinlay & Son, 47 King street- 
see advt. 
Miller, J. R., & Co., 6 Barnton street 
Nico], Joseph, 20 Baker street 
Robertson & Co., 35 and 37 Baker st 
Robertson, James, & Sons, 16 

Murray Place — see arlvt. 
Taylor, Duncan, 41 Baker street 
Young", John, l Baker st— see advt. 


Crocket, David, 22 Spittal street 
Paterson, P. & R., Upper Craigs 
Yellowlees, David, & Son, 48 Queen 


Allum, Chas. E., 10 Glebe crescent 
Arnott, Henry, 20 Queen street 
Baker, Leonard, Drawing Master, 22 

Albert place 
Bervie, David, 82 Baker street 
Brown, John, 81 St. Mary's wynd 
Buchan, Miss, St. John street 
Burton, Miss, 13 Pitt street 
Dawson, Robert, 27 Nelson place 
Gordon, Miss, 4 Queen street 
Harvey, E., Teacher of Painting, 

Gowan brae 
Hunter, James, 40 Barnton street 
Hutchison, A. F., 13 Windsor place 
Kerr, Miss, 9 i*ark terrace 
Kettles, Miss, 25 Queen street 
Leask, Mrs, 11 Windsor place 
Lowson, George, 1 Douglas terrace 
M'Indoe, Mrs, Woodside 
M'Kenzie, Donald, Teacher of Danc- 
ing, 12 Maxwell place 
M'Kenzie, J., 3 Victoria place 
Moyes, Alex., 12 Douglas terrace 
Neustadt. Eugene, "High School, 

Newhouse, Teacher of Modern 

Paterson, Rev. Wm., High School, 

Port street 
Philip, Robert B., St. Ninian's Public 

School • 
Robertson, Miss, 38 Queen street 
Russell, Jessie, 4 Maxwell place 
Seath, George, 24 Broad street 
Todd, Jas., Craigs Public School 
Walker, John, Raplock 


Peddie, George, 15 Baker street 

Timber Merchants. 

Anderson, William, 41 Wallace st 
Campbell, William, Wallace street 
Johnstone, James, Abbey road 
Thomson, Thomas, Abbey road 



Barclay, Mary, 13 Bow street 
Clure, A. F. 104 Spittal street 
Duncan, Mr, 7 Bamton street 
Galashan, Jane, 21 Baker street 
Kerr, Jane, 15 Friar siveet 
Low, Mr, 54 Barnton t,treet 
M 'Donald, Neil, 59 Baker street 
Marshall. James S., 18 Arcade 
Smith, James, 33 JNIurray place 
Somerville. William, 2 Bamton st. 
Stevenson, A. (and Newsagent), 116 

Baker street — see advt. 
Watson, William, 85 Port street 
Wilson, L. (and Newsagent), 49 St. 

Mary's wynd 

Tobacco Manufacturer. 
Dempster, John A,, 6 Port street 

Toy Dealers and Fancy Goods. 

Baird, Alexander, 40 Murray place 
Campbell, Mrs. 26 Cowan street 
Doig, Elizabeth, 37 Arcade 
Gardner, Henry, 33^ Murray place 
Johnstone, Mrs, 12 Arcade ' 
King, Mrs, 46 Arcade 
Kyle, E., and B., 82 Baker street 
M'Pherson, Mr, 22 Broad street 
Philips, James, 17 Arcade— ^ee advt. 
Stevenson, Kobert, 75 Port street 

Umbrella Makers. 
Baird, Alexander, 40 Murray place 
Palmer, W. S., 41 King street— see 


Anderson, Robert, 11 Princes street 
Currie, Robt., Dalgleish court, Baker 

Venetian Blind Maker. 

Murray. John, 32 Baker street 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Gentles, A. H., M.RC.S.V., 6 Upper 

Stewart, John M., 49 Murray place 

Wine and Spirit Merchants. 

Adams, William, 55 Port street 
Bell, Mary, 56 St. Mary's wynd 
Brock, David, Lome Tavern, Mar 

Brown, Julia, 4 St. Mary's wynd 
Campbell, Alex., 99 Baker street; 

House, 23 Queen street 
Crawford, Thomas, Drip road 
Crichton, James, 68 Baker street 
Dalrymple, George, 18 Broad street 
Dawson, John, 77 Wallace street 
Drummond James (Porter and Ale), 

Kerse Mill 
Drummond, James, 16 Baker street 
Forman, David, 2 Lower Bridge 

Gilchrist, J., 68 Baker street 
Gillespie, Alex., 46 Upper Craigs 
Grindlay, Robert, 63 Port street 
Hunter, John, 51 Barnton street 
Jack, Jane, 42 Broad street 
King, John, 47 Murray place 
Leishman, Robert, IS King street 
Livingstone, Andrew, 9 Bow street 
M'Cracken, Barbara, 41 Arcade 
M'Donald, James, 65 Baker istreet 
M'Gregor, Alex., 2 Cowane street 
M'Kenzie, Alex., 55 Baker street 
M'Nicoi, Wm., 7 John street 
Murray, Wm. , 2 Broad street 
Smith, Alexander W., 91 St. Mary's 

Taylor, Mrs, 75 St. Mary's wynd 
Torrance, Henry, 36 St. Mary's wynd 
Urquhart, William, 94 Baker street 
Vannett, David, 21 Port street 
Walls, James, 53 King street 
Wooley, Robert, 29 Haker street 
Young, Alex. (Ale and Porter), 61 
Lower Bridge street 

Wool Merchants. 

Day, W. E., & Co., Forth Bridge Mill 
Gilfillan, Robert, 16 Dumbarton road 
Hunter, George, 59 Murray place, 




AbePCFombie Di'ive. 

Barclay, Charles, Mine cottage 
Clark, Wm., Clifton villa 
Cummings, J. , Melville cottage 
Dickson, Miss, Isa villa 

Foggo, Misses, Ellora cottage 

Hanney, Thomas, Rokeby 

M 'Isaac, J., Shenstone 

M'Lean, Jas. Grant, Norewood lodge 

Reid, Rev. John, Woodlee 

Somerville, Miss, lodgings, Blooming- 
hill, Spa terrape 

Spence, Mrs, Ashton house 

►Stark, Dr. , Underwood, Spa terrace 

Watson, Charles, The Ash Trees _ 

Wallace, Robert, gardener, Spring- 
field cottage 

Aboukip Road. 

Bain, Mrs, young ladies' boarding 
and day school, Hyndwood 

Bain, George, Hyndwood 

Balfour, Miss, Logielee 

Dawson, John, Wellpark 

Ewart, Miss, Claninver lodge 

Graham, Thomas, Deanville 

Mackieson, Mrs, Ville de Lancaster 

M'Rae, Mrs, Aboukir viUa 

Miller, Rev. Di James, F. C. Manse, 
Bungo park, Bridge of i^llan 

Pullar, Laur. , manufacturer, The Lea 

Troup, William, Eastwell 

Watson, Mifcs, Airthrey croft 

Watson, Mrs, jSIine house 

Allan Bank. 

Campbell, David, tailor 
Donaldson, James, blacksmith 
Duncan, James, Lady of the Lake 

Hotel Bar 
Elder, Wm., baker and confectioner 

Ferguson, Alexander, tanner 

Fleming, John, shoem.aker 

Geddes, Robt. , shoemaker, Josephine 

Kinloch, Archibald, tailor 
M'Intyre, John, grocer 
M'Kay, Miss 
Russei, William, clerk 
Young, J. B. , nurseryman 

Allan Teppaee. 

Ferguson, Wm., blacksmith, No. 1 
Hadden, Sam., garden labourer, No. 2 
Martin, R., engineer, No. 3 

Allan Vale. 

Arnold, James, foreman lapper, Keir- 
field cottages 

Balfour, James, painter 

Bruce, John, bleacher, 13 Victoria 

Bruce, Michael, millwright, Victoria 

Bruce, John, bath attendant. Hydro- 

Cameron, Mrs, 4 Allan vale 

Cameron, John, carter, 6 Victoria 

Connon, Alex., mechanic, 8 Victoiia 

Co-operative Society, Bridge-of- Allan 
—Alex. M'Farlane, manager 

Cruickshank, Alexander, coachman 

Davidson, Wm., mechanic, 14 Vic- 
toria cottages 

Ferguson, David, dyer, 15 Victoria 

Ferguson, Mr?, 5 Victoria cottages 

Fyfe, David, agent for Thos. Muir,. 
Son, & Patton, coal merchants 

Gardiner, Wm., dyer, 4 Victoria 


Gilchrist, James, dyer, Allan vale 
Gow, Peter, baker, Allan vale 
Henderson, James, joiner, Allan vale 
Henderson,Wm,,foreman of finishers, 

Keirfield cottages 
Laurie, Robert, lapper, 6 Allan vale 
Laurie, Wm., bleacher, 3 Victoria 

Lawson, Mrs, Allan vale 
Leighton, Hugh, gardener, Allan vale 
Maconachie, John, damper, Keirfield 

Maitland, Wm., dyer, 9 Allan vale 
■ Matthewson, Mrs,' 7 Allan vale 
Michie, Henry, dyer, 16 Allan vale 
M'Culloch, John, contractor, Allan- 
M'Farlane, Miss, Allan vale 
M'Gilvary, Hugh, lapper, 8 Victoria 

M'Gechian, Wm., beetler, 1 Victoria 

M'Gregor,W., coal dealer, Allan vale 
M'Gregor, William, joiner, do 

M'Kee, James, do 

M'Laren, Peter, tailor, 8 do 

Neil, John, joiner, do 

Ogilvie, Mrs, do 

Ramsay, Colin, photographer, 5 do 
Robertson, Andrew, dy,er, 3 Victoria 

Robertson, John, cloth lapper, Keir- 
field cottages 
Shaw, Alex., foreman dyer, Keirfield 

Steel, Wm. , slater, 2 Victoria cottages 
Steel, Mrs, 7 Victoria cottages 
Stevenson, Mrs, Allan vale 
Sutherland, James, dyer, 10 Victoria 

Tindal, John, grocer, Allan vale 
Wilson, Robert, packer, Keirfield 

Chalton Road. 

Bain, Mrs John, Helenbank 

Clark, Mrs, Hartville 

Cleland, Alexander, Kilrock 

Dick, Henry Knox, Wellweod 

Ellis, Mr Chalton lodge 

EAvart, General Sir John Alexander, 

Geddes, Mrs, Langholm lodge 
Glen, Miss, Woodland bank 

Hadaway, Alexander Barmore house 
Houston, Misses, Northwood 
Hunter, Dr Archibald., Hydropathic 

practitioner, Zetland house 
Lumsden, Richard Wm. , Newstead 

Mackray, Wm., Woodstock (west) 
Millar, Mrs, Jessamine cottage 
Mitchell, William, Tyne villa 
Morton, Miss, Fairlie'^ house 
Murdoch, Miss, Mazagon house 
M'Lellan, A. H., Woodstock (east) 
Philip, Mrs, Oakville 
Reid, Andrew% Craig Wallace 

Robertson, Mrs, Bandora hall 
Rose, Miss, Woodland bank 
Rough, Miss, Seaforth house 
Russell, Thomas, Albyn lodge 
Smith, John, Melbourne house 
Smith, Miss, Hartville 
Williamson, John, Grahamville 
Wilson, Rev Andrew, Hillside 
Wright, Miss, Hopeville house 

Coneyhill Road. 

Abercromby, Mrs, seamstress 
Anderson, Miss, Mount Hope 

Anderson, Alexander, curator of 

M'Farlane museum, Coneyhill 
Beat, Peter, coachman 
Berry, Alexander, joiner 
Campbell, James, mason 
Campbell, Martha, laundress 
Cramb, John, joiner, Edgehill 
Cramb, J. Edgehill house 
Davidson, Mrs, Edgehill house 
Edmond, Janet, provision merchant 
Lindsay, James, road overseer 
Maefarlane Museum, Upper Hill 

houses — A. Anderson, curator 
Maefarlane, Mr. , Upper Hill house 
Mellis, E., gardener 
M 'Arthur, James, mason 
Paul, Miss, Mount Hope terrace 
Scott, Peter, retired farmer. Mount 

Hope terrace 
Shore, Francis, gardener 
Smith, Mrs, Mount Hope terrace 
Thomson, Mrs, Laundress 
Wood, William, painter 
Wright, David, pattern maker 


Fountain Road. 
Burn, Mrs, Home bank 
Bennet, R., dairyman 
Brodie, Miss, Birman villa 
Campbell, Mrs Koslin cottage 
Campbell, Peter, vanman, Shaw villa 
Carnegie, Mrs Walker, dressmaker, 

Costelloe, Edward, refreshment room 

Cramb, Alex. , cowf eeder, Castleview 
Dale, J. T., hairdresser 
Dodds, J., Allandale 
Gait, Dr, Aiilnirn villa 
Greenhorn, Jas., flesher, Louise villa 
Greenhorn, Robt., flesher, Lome villa 
Hall, Rev W. E. , Episcopal clergyman 
Harvey, Miss, Craigview 
Henderson, John, joiner & cartwright 
Henderson, INliss, Henderson house 
Hislop, John, Marathon cottage 
Millar, Mrs, Belmount 
Mills, Robt. , cattle dealer, Lome villa 
Morrison, A., ironmonger 
Morrison, Alex., Carolside cottage 
M'Gregor, Mrs, Roslin cottage 
M'Lean, J., waiter 
Rutherford, JNlrs, Henderson house 
Shaw, H., china warehouse 
Shaw, R., fish, game, and vegetable 

Smith, Thomas, Napier house 
Stalker, P. , mason and builder 
Stewart, Wm., commercial traveller,' 

Castleview house 
Walls, Wm., clerk, Castleview house 
Wyld, Mrs, Roslin cottage 

Hendei'son Street. 

Adam, Robt., porcelain and china 

Allan, Robt., nurseryman and florist 
Anderson, A., proprietor, Queen's 

Anderson, Isabella, boot and shoe 

Armstrong, William, baker and 

Balloch, Mrs, Kelvingrove private 

Beattie, Mrs A. 
Billiard Rooms, opposite Western 

hotel, A, Forsyth, proprietor | 

Borthwick, Mrs, Oakbank 

Braid wood, Thomas, principal of 

Stanley house and Prospect house 
Briage of Allan and Stii'lingr 

Tramways — Thos. Cummings, 

Esq., secy 
Brown, Mrs, Bloomingfield 
Bruce, John, cashier, &c., at J. 

Pullar & Sons 
Burns, Mrs Ellen, toy and fancy 

Campsie, D. , tailor and clothier 
Caermichael's, John, Temperance 

Clark, Mrs Agnes, Lady of the Lake 

Cluney, William, coachman 
Cochrane, Mrs, Glenwood 
Cowbi-ough& Mercer, licensed grocers 
Cramb, J., confectioner and fruiterer 
Cumming, Thos., writer. Ivy lodge 
Gumming, Thomas, writer, registrar, 

secretary to Stirling and Bridge of 

Allan Tramway Company, &c. 
Dawson, H. , 2 Bath house 
Dawson, Mary Ann, lodgings 
Drysdale, Alex., joiner, Beechgrove 
Drysdale, Thos., joiner, Beechgrove 
Erskine, J., bookseller, &c.; house, 

Allan grove 
Fairweather, Wm. , police constable 
Farie & Co., chemists 
Farie, Mrs, Strathallan house 
Ferguson, Chas., Coney Park house 
Ferguson, Miss, Coney Park house 
Fleming, Isabella 
Fleniing, J. Stark, solicitor. Garden 

Findlay, Kirkman, York house 
Forrest, A., bookseller and librarian 
Forrest, Archibald, Avenue house 
Forsyth, Alex., proprietor, Westerton 

Arms hotel 
Eraser, Dr, Haymount 
Eraser, Mrs, Bellmoir 
Greenhorn, R, & J., fleshers, &c. 
Grant, Miss, Florence villa 
Graham, Jas., fancy warehouseman 
Graham, John, lincensed grocer 
Henderson, J. H. , Dhow Dholly 
Henderson, Mrs, Newton villa 
Hill, R. A., solicitor 
Hughes, Miss, milliner & dressmaker 
Hutchison, Mrs, Allanton house 


Johnston, Mrs Lloyd, the bazaar 

fancy warehouse 
Keith & Ralston, confectioners, &c. 
Kirk, Miss, Comely Bank house 
Leech, Mrs Dr, Henderson place 
Lockhart, Mrs, Bath house 
Macewan, D. & J., & Co., licensed 

M^irtin, J. , draper and milliner 
Moir, Chas., watchmaker and iron- 
Morrison, Miss Mary, boot and shoe 

Munro, Mrs, lodgings, Darnley house 
Munro, Mrs, agent for Alloa Colliery 

M 'Donald, Miss, Lignwood 
M'Gowan, William 
M'Gregor, James, licensed grocer 
M'Intyre, Mr., licensed grocer 
M 'Isaac, John, & Co., licensed grocers 
M'Kay, RolDcrt, plumber 
M'Laren, D. , roadsman, 3 Bath house 
M'Laren, J., Albert cottage 
M'Laren, Miss 

M'Laren,Mrs,Mineral bank (lodgings) 
M'Laren, Peter, tailor and clothier 
M'Laren, Peter, clerk. Laurel bank 
M 'Ritchie, Miss, Allan go wan 
Patterson, Dr, Fernfield 
Philip's Royal Hotel— R. Philip, pro- 

Public Park and Recpeation 

Pullar, William, Braeside 

Queen's Hotel — A. Anderson, pro- 

Robertson & M'Farlane, licensed 
grocers and wine merchants 

Robertson, H. & A., plumbers 

Robertson, Henry, plumber, &c., 
Fountain terrace 

Robertson, Oswald, chemist; house 

Robertson, Peter, draper, Louisville 

Rose, Miss, Woodside 

Rose, P. & R. , house painters 

Scott, J. T., baker 

Selby, Miss, Helenslea 

Smart, Mrs, refreshment rooms, Vic- 
toria place 

Smith, George, constable 

Somerville, E., fancy warehouse and 

Somerville, Margaret, Berlin wool 

Somerville, Mrs, lodgings 

Stirling & Co., drapery warehouse 

Stirling, Mrs, Ashgrove 

Stuart, Robt., M.A., boarding estab- 
lishment and day school, Park ho 

Tellet, Mrs, Bellfield 

Turnbull, R. & H., fleshers 

Watson, Mrs, Walmer house 

Weir, Mrs, Woodside 

Westerton Arms Hotel — A. Forsyth, 

Whitehead, Mrs, lodgings, 2 Penzance 

Williams, Charles, postman 

Keir Street. 

Adam, Miss, Bendora Villa 
Alexander, Mrs, Strathallan villa 
Blair, Hamilton, Thorn villa 
Boyle, Mrs, Huntington villa 
Bruce, Miss, 1 Drummond place 
Carter, Rev Mr, Newark villa 
Foitune, Dr, Apna villa 
Keith, Rev Alex., Keir cottage 
Leslie, Misses, Netherby house 
Lyall, D., Edmonstone lodge 
Marshall, INIiss, Craigend villa 
M'Dowall, Miss, Ardgillan 
M'Kenzie, Colonel, Thornfield house 
j Oulton, Wm., Camden house 
I Piatt, Major, Dunallan house 
! RatclifFe, INIrs, EUengowan house 
Reid, Mrs, Craigend 
Robertson, Miss, Ardgillan house 
Samson, Miss, seminary for young 

ladies, Trewview 
Smith, John, Thistle cottage 
Smith, Miss, 2 Drummond place 
Yorston, A. G., 3 Drummond place 

Kenilworth Road. 

Black, Miss, Bombay house, east 
Braidwood, Mrs, Claremount 
Carmichael, Adam, Garnock house 
Clark, Mrs, Abbeyview house 
Dargie, Robert, Villa franca 
Dickie, Robert & Miss, Bombay ho. , 

Dunlop, James, the Brae 
France, Robert, the Brae 
Haldane, Dr, Viewforth 
LainsT, Mr., Jeannie villa 


Lee, Miss, Worydclili:' 
MacJonald, Miss, Centre-hill house 
M'Ewan, Miss, Haldane house (west) 
M'Laren, David, Colaba house 
Mercer, Thomas, Sandringhaui 
Murehie, James, keeper of Club- 
room, Staffa lodge 
Pattison, Mrs, Etfrick house 
Pullar, Edmund M., Coneyhill 

Pullar, F., Ettrick house 
Robertson, Miss; lona villa 
Robertson, Miss, Kenihvorth house 
Ross, Miss, Haldane house (east) 
Stewart, JNliss, Maybank 
Stobbo, Thrift Meklrum, Green- 

Trotter, Robert, Cessnock villa 
Williamson, Dr Charles, Park villa 
Young, Hugh, Athol house, Ann- 

Melville Place. 

Cumming, Robert,, The Yews 

New Stpeet 

Donaldson, James, blacksmith 

Di-ummond, James, coachman 

Fleming, John, shoemaker 

Keir, Robert, gardener 

Lannagan, W. H. , spirit dealer 

M'Kinnon, Lauchlan 

M'Laren, Mrs, dairy and refresh- 
ment rooms 

Mitchell, David, railway porter 

Nairn, Alexander, slater 

Paterson, C. B., saddler 

Porteous, Andrew, shoemaker 

Raid, William, fruiterer, greengrocer, 
and fishmonger 

Scully, William, baker 

Sinclair, John, shoemaker 

Old Mill. 

Anderson, William, gas stoker 

Bain, John 

Bell, James, dyer 

Bell, William, 

Brand, James, gas stoker 

Bridge of Allan Gas Works — Thos. 

Fotheringham, manager 
Campsie, J., foreman, Keirfield works 
Carmichael, John, dyer 

Carmichael. John, bleacher 

Cheetham, James, beetler 

Crow, Robert, dyer 

Donaldson, Peter, gas stoker 

Drummond, John, dyer 

Ferguson, William, blacksmith 

Fotheringham, Thos., manager, gas 

Henderson, Margaret, dyer 

Kinross, George, beetler 

Kinross, Miss 

Menzies, James, beetler 

M'Donald, Samuel, beetler 

M'Farlane, Margaret 

M'Geachin, John, mason 

M'Gilvary, Dugald, dyer 

M'Gregor, J., clerk 

M'Gregor, Mrs 

M'Innes, Charles, beetler 

M'Kee, John, calenderer 

M'Kenzie, James, beetler 

M'Kenzie, Neil 

M'Laren, Duncan, flesher 

M'Lean, Mary, beetler 

M'MiUan, Mrs 

M'Nee, JNIadon 

Naismyth, Alex., beetler, Bellhouse 

Naismyth, James, beetler 

Naismytli, Robert, garden labourer 

Noble, James, general worker 

Noble, Misses, lappers and beetlers 

Pullar, Robert, & Sons, manufac- 
turers, Keirfield 

Rainy, Misses, beetlers and lappers 

Reid, Robert, dyer 

Reid, William, labourer 

Reid, William, beetler 

Robertson, James, lapper 

Robertson, Samuel, gate-keeper,Kier- 

Robertson, William, beetler 

Rodgers, James, singer 

Scobbie, Louis, coachman 

Sharp, Ann 

Stewart, Grace 

Stirling, William, farm grieve 

Thomson, George, beetler 

Thomson, Joseph, smith 

Watson, William, carter 

Williamson, Mrs 

Wilson, James, dyer 

Wilson, William, fireman 

Wingate, Mrs 

Wright, JNIrs 


Station Road. 

Campbell, James, stationmaster, 

Bridge of Allan 
Christie, Mrs A., imikeeper, Inver- 

allan Inn 
Clark, Thomas 

Dow, Robt., clerk, Inverallan cottage 
Fotheringham, Thos., gas manager 
Inverallan Inn — Mrs Christie 
Inverallan Mill, Bridge of Allan (J. 

Millar & Sons, Stirling) 
Jardine, William, Inverallan house 
Laurie, John, carrier, Stirling and 

Bridge of Allan 
Oliver, James, innkeeper, Bridge of 

Allan Inn 
Pollock, Mrs, Milseybank 
Ramage, William, pointsman 
Smart, Gordon, railway porter 
Wilson, John, teacher and registrar, 

liCecroft Public School 
Young, Rev Peter W., Manse, Lee- 

Stipling Road. 

Abercromby, Lord, Airthrey castle 
Craig, Mr. , Meadow park 
Henderson, A. R., St Ann's 
Marshall, Mrs, farmer, Airthrey kerse 
Wright, Mrs, temperance refresh- 
ment rooms 


Bain, Louis, fireman 

Bain, Mrs 

Balmoral cottage 

Blackadder, Davie, Holm croft 

Carrick, Mrs, Farm cottage 

Craik, Misses, Glenallan house 

Davidson, Dr, Blairforkie 

Elder, Michael, vanman 

Gray, James, slater and plasterer, 
Wolf Craig house 

Henderson, Miss, Sunnylaw housse 

Henderson, William, paper manufac- 
turer, Maryfield 

Lennox, John, farm- worker 

Lillie, Mrs, Lynnwood 

Muir, Rev James, U.P. clergyman, 
Sunnylaw manse 

M'Beath, Dan. , mason,model cottages 

M'Ewan, Dugald, joiner 

M'Farlane, Thomas, Rustic Bank 

M'Intyre, John, water inspector, 

Model cottage 
M'Laren, John, painter. Model cottage 
Oliphant, Thomas, Mount Pleasant 
Robertson, William, Bellevue 
Taylor, Miss, Sunnylaw house 
Thomson, Mrs, laundress. Model 

Tuffin, Thomas L. , Woodside cottage 
Turnbull, Miss, Tweed cottage 
Young, Dr, Oakwood 

Sunnylaw Road. 

Allan, Forbes, fireman 
Armstrong, Wm. , baker, Cosie cottage 
Campbell, Aitkman, paper machine- 
Canning, William, mechanic 
Carson, Janet, paper mill-worker 
Haggart, Duncan, paper maker 
Haggart, James, paper maker 
Henderson, W. & A., paper manu- 
facturers, Airthrey n)ills 
M'Bain, John, foreman papermaker 
McGregor, Alexander, engineer 
M'Gregor, John, woodcutter 
M'Intosh, Mrs 
Mill, Mrs, 

Munro, Mary, paper mill-worker 
Orr, James, papermaker 
Paterson, Wm., papermaker, Allan- 
side cottage 
Reid, Robeit, paper finisher 
Robertson, Peter, beetler 
Taylor, Alexander, carter 
Wilson, Alex., paper machineman 

Union Place. 

Bayne, Mrs J., Drummond cottage 

Braid, Mrs, postmistress. Post Office, 
&c., Penzance house 

Cousine, W^m., builder and joiner; 
res., Limetree house 

Dawson, R., joiner, LiniLtree house 

Henderson, James, joiner and under- 
taker, Greenview house 

Jenkins, R., banker, agent for Union 
Bank of Scotland, Ltd. , Penzance ho 

M'Cagie, Robert, teacher. Public 
School, Schoolhouse 

M'Ewan, Cath., Greenview house 


M'Kay, Robt., plumber, Green view 

Ramsay, Mr., Bridge of Allan Pboto 

Wright, Mrs R., Greenview house 

Victoria Place. 

(Included in Allan Park.) 

Well Road. 

Alexander, Lady, Westerton house 

Bain, Mrs, lodgings, Springbank 

Blair, Colonel," Edenville 

Campbell, Mrs, manager of the Wells, 

Club, The— Thomas Gumming, sec- 
retary, The AVells 

Gunn, A., Rosebank house 

Hydropathie Establishment— Dr 

Hunter, medical attendant ; J. 

M'Kay, manager 
Macgregor, Miss Mary, Edenville 
Pollock, Miss, Edenville 
Smith, Miss, Cessnock house 
Thomson, John, Springbank dairy 

Westerton Drive. 
Burrell, J. B., professor- of music, 

Abbotsford house 
Dougall, Mrs, Woodbine villa 
Douglass, Miss, Edina villa 
Fleming, George, Janeville 
Howat, Miss, Snowdon villa 
Kippen, Miss, Westerton drive 
Largue, James, Seafield house 
Lucas, Mrs, Myrtle villa 
Martin, John, draper, Rockvale villa 
Mitchell, Mrs, Woodbine villa 
M'Farlane, Mrs, St. Katherines 
Nairn, H., slater, Connel cottage 
Pullar, Howart, Rockvale villa 
Rose, Peter, painter, Kilravock villa 
Rose, Robt., painter, Kilravock villa 
Stewart, Miss, Weston villa 
Watt, Miss, Connel cottage 
Wylie, A. M., traveller, Janeville 

Suburbs of Bridge of Allan. 

Bryce, Miss, Blawdoan 
Ellis, Mr, Whittington lodge 
Ferguson, Rev R. Menzies, Logie 

Rish, Mr., farmer, Drumbrae 


Adams, And,, farmer, Stanesquare 

Archibald, Mrs, Edinburgh road 

Armstrong, Miss, dressmaker, Edin- 
burgh road 

Armstrong, Miss 

Baird, David 

Bannockburn Public Hall — William 
Hunter, keeper 

Baxter, Dr 

Baxter, James, tailor 

Bowie, Charles, weaver 

Brown, Miss, Endowed School 

Buchan, D., china and fancy goods 

Buchan, Edward, warehouseman 

Caithness, J., grocer 

Cameron, Christina, lodge keeper 

Campbell, Jane, fish merchant 

Chalmers, D., tailor 

Chalmers, James, weaver 

Cherry, William, weaver 

Christie, J. , licensed grocer 

Christie, Mrs 

Co-operative Society grocer and 

flesher shops 
Coults, William 

Cowan, Peter, Muir of Bannockburn 
Cowan, Peter, 'bus proprietor and 

Currie, James, joiner 
Dawson, J., weaver 
Donovan, John, tailor 
Denovan, Mrs Robt., licensed grocer 
Dougal, Mrs 

Duchart, Alexander, tanner 
Duncan, William, grocer 
Ferguson, Mrs 

Ferguson, Mr., Pathhead house 
Fisher, William, watchmaker 
Forfar, Mrs 
Forsyth, Mrs 
Forsyth, William, flesher 
Fosdich, F., publican 


Frater, Robert, plumber, &c. 
Gilfillan, James, weaver 
Gillespie, Mrs, Bogend 
Glen, J,, confectioner 
Glen, Miss 
Goldie, Miss Janet 
Hall, James, mason 
Henderson, Alex., scourer 
Henderson, J., weaver 
Henderson, Mrs 
Hill, Mrs 

Hill, James, contractor 
Hunter, William, hall-keeper 
Hunter, Mrs, Pathhead house 
Johnstone, John, miner 
Kay, John, tailor, Quakerfield 
Kemp, Alexander, shoemaker 
Lammont, Findlay, licensed grocer 
Learmonth, James, victualler 
Liddel, Charles, registrar, Bannock- 
burn district 
Macaulay, Alexander 
Macer, Mrs, bookseller 
Meikle, Thomas, engineman 
Millar, J. small ware dealer, Station rd 
Mitchell, Jas., tea merchant, Quaker- 
Mitchell, Mrs, licensed grocer 
Mitchell, Mrs 

Morrison, John, nail manufacturer 
Morrison, Rev Mr, U.P. Manse 
Muirhead, Wm., licensed grocer and 

M' Cowan, Andrew, shoemaker 
M'Innes, David, mason 
M'Kay, Hugh, quarrymaster, Firs of 

M'Kinlay, John, watchmaker 
M'Laren, C, dressmaker 
M'Laren, Miss, teacher, Public School 

M'Lay, James, shoemaker 

M'Lean, Alexander, weaver 

M'Neilly, Mrs 

M'Que, David, spirit dealer 

Niven, Rev Samuel, F.C. Manse 

Ogilvie, John, weaver 

Ogilvie, Mrs 

Paterson, Mrs William 

Paton, James, spirit merchant 

Pearson, Robert, Commercial hotel 

Rattray, J., coalpit owner 

Rattray, Wm. , & Son, Greenyards 

Ritchie, Rev Mr, Manse 

Robertson, Jas., surgeon, Quakerfield 

Ronald, Thomas, Rosemount 

Rue, Mrs 

Saunders, Robert, teacher, Public 

Sharp, Henry, weaver 

Sharpe, Miss 

Smith, John, spinner 

Stevens, Mrs, proprietor Bannock- 
burn 'Bus 

Stevenson, James 

Stevenson, James, blacksmith 

Taylor, Robt. , agent for Mrs Stevens, 
'bus owner 

Taylor, Robert 

Thomson, R., butcher 

Thomson, Wm., millhouse worker 

Turnbull, James, weaver 

Turnbull, Thomas, weaver 

Walker, Peter, dairy keeper 

Watson, Geo. (of Messrs. W. Wilson 
& Son), manager 

Wilson, John, licensed grocer 

Wilson, Messrs W. & Son, tweed and 
carpet manufacturers 

Wilson, Alex., J. P., Bannockburn ho 


Allison, Alexander, shoemaker 
Bowman, George, head master. Public 

School, Schoolhouse 
Cambusbarron Co-operative Soc. , Ltd 
Christie, Miss, head mistress. Public 

Craigon, David, spirit merchant 
CuUens, John, flesher 

Denovan, James, merchant 
Donaldson, Brothers, joiners 
Easton, T., shoemaker 
Fechnie, Mrs, reading and recreation 

Gray, R., warper 

Johnston, R., commercial traveller 
Lennox, Mrs, Heyford house 


Lockart, Thomas, grieve, Polniaise 

Mellis, John, blacksmith 
Monk, Robert, warper 
M'Donald, John, miller 
M'Gregor, Mrs James, licensed grocer 
M'Kerracher, Donald, police constable 
Paterson, John, lime burner 
Pat on, Kev James A., M.mse 
Pruit, James, Beechville 
Sanderson, Frank, warehouseman 
Shanks, M., newsagent, draper, and 

Post Office 

Sniith, R., & Son, wool spinners, 

T'liiith, Wm,, draper and clothier 
Strachan, Mrs 

Suttie, Mr., keeper of Mission-house 
Taylor, James, grocer 
Taylor, Robert, tailor and clothier 
Thomson, Alex., manager of darners 
Ti.oiiison,Chas. , foreman of millhouse 
AValls, J., dressmaker 
Watson, Jas., manager of scouring- 

Wilkie, Duncaa, licensed grocer 


Allison, William 

Anderson, John, Avheelwright 

Bain, James, salmon fisher 

Bauchop, James 

Black, John, carter 

Bowie, James 

Dewar, Alexander, joiner 

Dewar, Janet 

Dewar, William, Forthbank 

Ewing, Mrs, St James' orchard 

Ferguson, James, ploughman 

Ferguson, Thomas, mason 

Graham, John, mason 

Graham,. Mrs 

Hunter, David 

Hunter, LaAvi-ence, cabinetmaker 

Hutchison, James, salmon fisher 

Johnstone, Wm. , perambulator maker 

Mackennay, James, blacksmith 

Mathie, Mrs James, merchant 

Mathie, William, platelayer 

Mathie, Mrs William 

Moir, Charles, general labourer 

M'Kay, William, blacksmith 

M'Lellan, John, joiner 

Paton, Alex. , Aljbey ferryboat keeper 

Reid, Miss Hannah, teacher, Public 

Robertson, Charles, ropemaker 
Rolland, Alex., engine-driver 
Stevenson, Wm., fisherman 
Stewart, Miss 

Stewart, J. .bootmaker, Willowcottage 
Taylor, Peter, railway platelayer 
Taylor, Robert, fisherman. New st 
Taylor, Robert 
Walker, Mrs Christina 
Warrick, Mrs 
Welsh, John, carter, Abbey school - 

Westgate, George 
Wilson, Robert, shipowner 


Adam, Donovan, Craigmill house 

Anderson, Jane 

Anderson, William, grocer 

Bain, And., engineer and blacksmith 

Bean, Mrs 

Bean, William, grocer and Post Office 

Blair, Geo. , cashier, Forthvale works 

Bruce, James, engine-keeper 

Carmichael, Mrs 

Carnie, William, grocer 

Coutts, Miss 

Crawford, Misses, Penrose cottage 

Dalzell, Allan, teacher, Public School 

Dobbie, John 

Edgar, Walter, carter 


Edmond, James 

Ewing, Mrs 

Falconer, Mrs 

Fotheringham, Mrs R. 

Graham, James L., teacher of music, 

Grindlay, Mrs 

Grindlay, Robt., restaurateur, Craig- 

Gruer, James, market gardener 

Headridge, Archibald, jun., builder, 
Corn ton cottage 

Headridge, Arch., sen., coal agent 

Headridge, James, builder 

Headridge, Miss 

Hill, James, roadman 

Jack, Wm., chemist (of Shand & Co.) 

Jeffrey, Andrew, gardener 

Laurie, David, labourer 

Logie, Mrs 

Lucas, James, farmer, Spittal farm 

Matthew, John, sailor 

Meiklejohn, James, joiner 

Millar, John, mason 

Millar, William, blacksmith 

Morrison, Miss 

Morrison, Mrs 

Munro, J., coal agent 

M'Ally, Miss 

M'Donald, Duncan, station-master 

M'Dougall, Gilbert, gardener 

M'Dowall, William 

M'CuUoch, Alex., Old ToU house 

M'Farlane, Peter, chemical worker 

M'Laren, James 

M'Laren, Peter, labourer 

Reid, S., stableman. Tramway stables 

Robertson, John 

Robertson, Miss, Causewayhead cot 

Robertson, J., joiner 

Roy, Miss, dressmaker 

Russel,Wm., coal agent, Ravenna cot 

Rutherford, D., mason 

Shand, Geo. & Co., manufacturing 

Sharp, Mat., forester 
Scott, John, stableman, Tramway 

Scott, Mrs John 
Squair, Mrs 
Stalker, John, mason 
Stalker, J., roadman 
Sutherland, A., mason 
SAvan, J., AVallace Arms Inn 
Walker, Mi-, gardener 
Watson, John 
Weston, Mrs 
White, David, Craigview park 

ST. NiNIANS, 8lc. 

Aitken, David, mason 
Aitken, J. & D., slaters, 59 Main st 
Aitken, J., baker, Strij^eside house 
Aitken, Peter, grocer, 13 Newhouse 
Aitken, Wm., baker, Main street 
Aitkman, Charles, traveller, 31 Ban- 

nockburn road 
Allister, Miss, 3 Weaver row 
Anage, Mr. , 7 Glasgow road 
Angus, J., carman, 55 Newhouse 
Baird, James, grocer, 58 Main street 
Barclay, Mrs, 144 Main street 
Barclay, R., shoemaker, 146 Main st 
Barclay, Wm., nailer, 11 Glasgow rd 
Barrowman, John, piovision dealer, 

78^ Main street 
Bilslsnd, Wm., joiner, 53 Glasgow rd 
Brown, J., bolt manufacturer, 17 

Weaver road 

Brown, Jas., nailmaker, 9h Weaver rd 
Brown, Jas., boltmaker, 7 Weaver rd 
Brown, Joseph, collier, Tower bdgs 
Brown, T., boltmaker, 11 Weaver row 
Brown, Thomas, grocer, 19 Bannock- 
burn road 
Bruce, Alex., grocer, Braehead 
Buchan, Miss, smallware dealer, 7 

Weaver row 
Buchan, Mrs, grocer, 20 Newhouse 
Buchanan, Andrew, 23 Newhouse 
Buchanan, John, confectioner, 7 Ban- 

nockburn road 
Bimtine, Sheriff, Torbrex house 
Calder, Miss Elizabeth, 71 Newhouse 
Campbell, Archibald, biscuit sales- 
man, 21 Bannockburn road 
Campbell, Euphemia, provision dealer, 
94 Main street 


Campbell, John, china dealer, 77 

Main street 
Carmichael, D., baker, 128 Main st 
Chalmers, Dr, surgeon, 42 Newhouse 
Chester, Robert, wine merr^hant, 45 

Christie, Samuel, farmer, Braehead 
Collingwood, Wm., cabinetmaker 
Corsar, J., grocer, 72 Main street 
Craig, W., gardener, 41 Newhouse 
Crawford, T., Bloomtiehl, Newhouse 
Dempster, Alex., nailmaker, Weaver 

Dick, George, carter, 53 Newhouse 
Dick, James, nail manufacturer, 18 

Glasgow road 
Dick, James, coachbuilder, 33 New- 
Dick, Mrs, 49 Newhouse 
Don, James, dairyman, 73 Main st 
Donaldson, Wm., cowfeeder, Brae- 
Dougall, Wm., builder, 21 Newhouse 
Duncan, Morrison, roadman, 51 New- 
Duncan, Mr., (of Stirling Journal), 

Liviland villas, Newhouse 
Evans, Mrs, 7 Weaver road 
Evans, Alex., blacksmith, bolt and 

rivet maker, 80 Main street 
Ewing, Alex., nailmaker, 9 Weaver 

Ewing, A., nailmaker, 50 Main st 
Forrester, Mr., candlemaker 
Forsyth, J., shoemaker, 47 Main st 
Frew, Rev Dr Robert 
Gardener, John, undertaker, 18 Ban- 

nockburn road 
Gillespie, John, nailmaker, Black dub 
Glen, Archd., coachwright, 71 New- 
Glen, M., grocer, 44 Main street 
Glen, Miss, draper, &c , 48 Main st 
Greenwood, Mrs, 142 Main street 
Grieve, James, tanner, 10 Glasgow rd 
Harris, George, saddler, 83 Main st 
Harris, George, 18 Glasgow road 
Harris, George, Anchor Inn, 51 Glas- 
gow road 
Harvey & Mowat, coopers and vat 

builders, 6S Main street 
Harvey, Peter, cooper, 63 Main street 
Hynds, Mrs, 71 Newhouse 
Jaftray, Charles, 51 Glasgow road 

Jaffray, James, nail manufacturer, 13 

Glasgow road 
Jenkins, Archibald, retired merchant, 

Jenkins, David, provision dealer, 97 

IMain street 
Jenkins, Mr., School Board officer 
Jenkins, Mrs, 36 Glasgow road 
Johnstone, John, furniture dealer, 31 

Main street 
Johnstone, M. , Wallace Inn, 9 Main st 
Johnstotie, W. R. (of Stirling Journal) 

7 Liviland villas, Newhouse 
Kay, James, 59 Newhouse 
Kay, Janet, Kirk wynd 
Kennedy, M. , licensed grocer, 4 Bore- 
stone place 
Kenney, Mrs, provision dealer, 3 

Weaver road 
Lambert, James, coal merchant, 8 

Glasgow road 
Lawrence, R. , spirit dealer, 16 Main st 
Leighton, Bella, Kirk wynd 
Leishman, Wm., Borestone place 
Leitli, Mrs, certified midwife and 

nurse, 35 Newhouse 
Lennox, Adam, cattle dealer, 17 

Glasgow road 
Lindsay, D. , coachwright, Kirk wynd 
Lockhart, John, 63 Newhouse 
Mailer, J., commercial traveller, 77 

Marr, James, plumber, 87 Main st 
Marshall, Robert, 140 Main street 
Matliieson, Andrew, general grocer 
Matthew, D., Broomfield, Newhouse 

and spirit dealer, 138 Main street 
Meikle, Archd., baker, 28 Main st 
Meiklejohn, Mrs, Tower buildings 
Millar, David, 57 Newhouse 
Mills, James, carter, 9^ Weaver lane 
Mitchell, Wm., baker, 3 Bannock- 
burn road 
Monteith, Mrs, 55 Newhouse 
Mowat, Thomas, flesher, 82 Main st 
Muirhead, Mr, Newton mill 
Muiiro, Wm., gardener. Kirk wynd 
Murdoch, Jas., grocer, 3 Glasgow rd 
Murdoch, John, gardener 
Murdoch, Robt., nailmaker, Braehead 
Murphy, H., gardener, 53 Newhouse 
M'Alister, Ninian, coachmaker, 43 

jM'Bride, Hugh, painter, 39 Newhouse 


M'Connal, William, Braeliead 
M'Diarmid, David, Old Manse, 4 

Glasgow road 
M'Diarmid, David, oil merchant, 85 

Main street 
M'Donald, Andrew, nailmaker, 37 

Bannockburn road 
M'Donald, John, grocer, stationer, 

and postmaster, 86 Main street 
M'Donald, Mrs, West Livilands 
M'Farlane, Miss, dressmaker, Tower 

M'Farlane, Mrs Mary, provision 

dealer, 10 Main street 
M'Gregor, D. , shoemaker, 4Bannock- 

burn road 
M'Gregor, Duncan, watchmaker, 60 

Main street 
M'Grouther, A., brickmaker, Jane- 
field, Newhouse 
M'Innes, John, teacher, Milton Pub. 

M'Kenzie, Kev. Colin, F.C. Manse, 

M'Kenzie, J., porter, Liviland villas, 

M'Kinnon, James, police constable. 

Police Station, Main street 
M'Laren, Mrs, 10 Weaver row 
M'Laren, Miss, dressmaker, 10 

Weaver row 
M'Lauchlan, Arch., nail manufac- 
turer, Laburnum cottage, Braeliead 
M'Lay, J., nailmaker, 7 Glasgow rd 
M'Lay, J., licensed grocer, 114 Main 

M'Nair, And., teacher. Old School, 

Bannockburn road 
M'Nair, J., nailmaker, 128 Main st 
M'Nair, Mrs, 65 Newhouse 
Macnair, David, Borestone place 
Macnair, Robert, gardener. Bore- 
stone place 
M'Nicol, M., nailmaker, 57 Newhouse 
M'Queen, James, tailor, 19 Newhouse 
O'Brien, Francis, tanner, 10 Glasgow 

Paterson, D., & Co., cash drapeis, 

54 Main street 
Paterson, D., draper, 37 Newhouse 
Pearson, Wm., 7^ Weaver row 
Philip, J., Albert place, Newhouse 
Porteous, A. , Braehead poultry farm 
Porteous, Thos., labourer, Braehead 

Rae, Mrs Wm., laundress, 25 New- 
Bamsay, Mr., city missionary 
Rankin, H., butcher, 122 Main st. 
Reid, James, Williamsfield 
Reid, J., nailer, Braehead, Newhouse 
Reid, Mrs, Braehead 
Reid, S., registrar, &c., Williamsfield, 

79 Newhouse 
Robertson, Rev Mr, manse, Kirk 

Robertson, J., hosier, 9 Glasgow rd. 
Robertson, R., candlemaker, 7i 

Weaver row 
Robertson, Miss, Beechwood, 21 

Ronald, JNIrs Janet, 43 Glasgow road 
Scott, J., plumber, gasfitter, &c., 

126 Main street 
Semple, Mrs, Braehead 
Shaw, D., spirit dealer, 6 Bannock- 
burn row 
Sheddon, Wm., millworker, 7 Weaver 

Shirra, Miss, Albert place, Newhouse 
Sinclair, S. , spirit dealer, 8 Newhouse 
Somerville, J. & W., nailmaker, 13 

Main street 
Somerville, Wm., nail manufacturer, 

73 Newhouse 
Spence, Christina, 5 Bannockburn rd. 
SLe^•enson, L., licensed grocer, 81 

Main street 
Stewart, Miss, Barnsdale cottage 
Tait, R. , cowfeeder, 1 Weaver row 
Thomson, And., grocer, 55 Main st 
Thomson, James, blacksmith, 71 

Bannockburn road 
Walker, AYilliam, horse dealer, Tor- 

brek farm 
Wallace, Miss, provision merchant, 

102 Main street 
Walls, Thomas, general dealer, 11 

Bannockburn road 
Welsh, J., nailer. Tower buildings 
Welsh, Robert, tinsmith, 69 Main st 
Wheatley, Mrs, 69 Newhouse 
White, John, Hollybank, Braehead 
Wright, Alex. , mason, 47 Newhouse 
Wright, J. shoemaker, 20 IMain st 
Wright, W., tanner, 17 Glasgow rd 
Wright, Mrs, 71 Newhouse 
Young, J. R., cashier, 16 Liviland 

villas, Newhouse 



Member of Parliament for the Stirling* District of Burghs. 

The Right Hon. Henry Campbell-Bannerman. 

Burg-h Police. 

Chambers — Broad street. Superintendent of Police — Thomas Ferguson. 

Elementary Hig-h School. 

Master — Alexander Moyes. Mistress — Miss J. Morrison. 

Post Office Saving's Bank. 

William C. Stevenson, postmaster. Hours — 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Macfarlane Free Library. 

Secretary and Treasurer — John Jenkins, writer, Port street. 

Caledonian Hall. 

Spittal Street. 
For excursion parties, &c. Proprietor — K Woolley, 29 Baker street. 

Corn Exchang-e Hall. 

Lessee — David Vannet. Can accommodate 2000. Suited for excur- 
sionists and entertainments. 

Town Hall, Arcade. 

Proprietor — W. Crawford. Licensed for stage plays. 


Subscription Reading Room. 

47 Port Street. 

Secretary and Treasurer — William Reid, Randolphfield. Keeper of 

Rooms, Mrs. Harley. 

Frater's Hall. 

Q7h Port Street. 
Choir meetings, &c. Proprietor — R. Frater, Port street. 

Guild Hall. 

St. John Street. 
Social meetings. Dean of Guild Mercer. 

Religious Tract Society. 

Treasurer — D. Ferguson. Secretary — Rev. D. D. Ormond. Depository 
— R. S. Shearer, bookseller, 14 King street. 

Stirling" Curling" Club. 

Pond — Near King's Park. 

President — T. L. Galbraith. Vice-President — W, Stevenson. Secre- 
tary—James Thomson, 9 Glebe crescent. 

Stirling-shire Province Curling" Club. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Charles Harvey, 6 Baker street. 

King"'s Park Golf Club. 

Grounds— King's Park. 

Secretary and Treasurer — J. M. Falconer, 5 Royal gardens. 

Stirling Golf Club. 

Ground— King's Park. 

Captain— J. Thomson. Treasurer and Secretary— P. Welsh, County 


Bupg-h United Cricket Club. 

Grounds— King's Park. 

President — Provost Yellowlees. Captain — James Gray. Treasurer- 
D. Harper. Secretary— W. Betliune, Ballangeich Cottage, Stirling. 

Football, King's Park. 
Grounds— Laurel Hill Park. 
President — W. G. Cricliton. Vice-President — P. M. Morrison, 
Treasurer — James Gray. Secretary — George M' Queen, 28 Broad street. 

R. N. Life Boat Institution. 

Stirling Branch. 

President— H. Drummond. Secretary, J. Jenkins, writer. Treasurer- 

D. Ferguson, National Bank. 

Stirling'shire Liberal Association. 

Chairman — Col. A. Wilson, Bannockburn. Secretary — K.. MacLuckie, 
writer, Stirling. 

National Bible Society. 

Stirling Branch. 
President — H. D. Erskine of Cardross. Secretaries — Rev. J. T. 
Gowanlock ; J. Jenkins, writer. Treasurer — J. M. Morrison, Com- 
mercial Bank. 

Stirling Artillery Volunteers. 

13tli Battery, 1st Fife Artillery Volunteers. 
Captain — James T. Smith ; Lieutenant— J. Wood Blakey. 

Municipal Buildings, King Street. 

Town Council — Meets on Third Monday of each month, at 6-30 P.M. 
Provost and High Sheriff — Robert Yellowlees, 28 Upper Bridge street. 
Bailies — Kinross, 5 Albert place ; Wingate, 27 Dumbarton road ; Ronald, 
13 Nelson place ; Forrest, 75 King street. Treasurer — James Gray. Dean 
of Guild Mercer, 12 Allan park. Councillors— James Young, 52 Baker 
street; William Dowdy, 5 King street ; Thomas Menzies, 21 Princes street; 
A. Colquhoun, 8 Royal gardens ; Archibald Watt, Whitehouse ; Robert 

• 58 

M'Ewen, 2 Albert place ; William M. Brown, 52 Baker street ; William 
Cunningham, 58 Broad street ; William Crawford, Murray place ; George 
Ross, Glencoe road ; S. F. Millar, Abercromby place ; William Morrison, 
Abercromby place ; James Johnston, 25 Forth place ; James Thomson, 9 
Glebe crescent. Town Clerk — Thomas L. Galbraith. Depute Town Clerk 
— Donald Cowan. Chamberlain — James Brown, writer. Master of Works 
— William Ronald. Burgh Officer— William Anderson, 25 Spittal street. 
Medical Officer of Health— Dr. M'Fadyen, 2 Park avenue. 

Burgh Assessor— Robert Currie, Dalgleish court, Baker street. 

Collector of Rates, Registrar of Births, &c. — Ebenezer Gentleman, 
59 Murray place. 

Office Hours— Daily, 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. ; Saturday, 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. ; 
Tuesdays and Fridays, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

Police Commission. 

Meets second Monday of November, February, May, and August, at 
12 noon; and on second Monday of other months, at 7 P.M. Commis- 
sioners — Magistrates and Town Council. Same officials as Town Council. 

Wallace Monument Custodiers. 

Meet in Stirling Council Chambers. 

The Lord -Lieutenants of the Counties of Stirling, Clackmannan, and 
Perth ; Sheriff of Stirling and Clackmannan ; Sheriff of Perthshire ; Dean 
of the Guildry of Stirling ; Provost, Bailies, Town Council, and First 
Minister of Stirling ; and Master of Cowane's Hospital. 


Spittal's Hospital. — Factor — George Peddie, tinsmith, Baker street. 
Cowane's Hospital. — Master and Factor— William Christie, 36 
Port street. 

Clerk to Hospitals — Thomas L. Galbraith. 

Stirling" Educational Trust. 

Office — Municipal Buildings, King Street, 

Governors — (Elected by Magistrates and Town Council) Bailies 
Kinross and Ronald, Dean of Guild Mercer, Councillors W. M. Brown, 
James Thomson ; (elected by Stirling School Board) Provost Yellowlees, 
Dr. Galbraith, and A. Young ; (by University Court of Glasgow) Dr. 
Anderson Kirkwood ; (by University Court of Edinburgh) Rev. John 
M'Larea, Larbert; (by Presbytery of Stirling) Rev. George Mure Smith; 
(by Town Council from ministers other than those of Established Church) 
Rev. John T. Gowanlock, M.A. Chairman — Bailie Kinross. Clerk — 
Thomas L. Galbraith. Treasurer and Factor — John Archibald, writer. 



New Public Hall, Albert Place. 
Dean of the Guildiy— Robert Mercer, 12 Allan park. Guildiy Coun- 
cillors — Thomas Low, 21 Abercromby place; R. S. Shearer, Queen's road; 
Samuel F. Millar, 6 Abercromby place ; Duncan M 'Donald, 2 Windsor 
place; James M'Queen, 19 Newhouse; James M'Kinlay, 2 Queen's road; 
John M'Ewen, jun., 14 Melville terrace. Auditors— James Chrystal, 
writer; William Christie, accountant, 3 Park avenue; George M'Kinlay, 
11 Albert place. Visitors of Markets— George Bauchop, William Wilson. 
Clerk and Treasurer — Robert MacLuckie, writer. Officer — Robert 
Robertson, Guildhall. Extraordinary Auditors— Hugh Ferguson, John 
Dowell, painter. 

Seven Incorporated Trades. 

Hammermen — Deacon, William M. Brown. Weavers — Deacon, John 
Thomson. Bakers — Deacon, James Young. Shoemakers — Deacon, 
Thomas Mains. Fleshers — Deacon, William Rennie. Skinners — 
Deacon, Walter Stewart. Tailors— Deacon, James Dowell. Convener — 
William M. Brown. Boxmaster to Convener Court — John Thomson. 
Boxmaster to Adamson's Mortification — Andrew Davidson. Inspectors 
and Auditors— John S. Ralston, W. Boswell. Clerk— James Chrystal, 

Incorporation of Mechanics. 

Deacon — John Carnie. Master Mason— Joseph Taylor. Master 
Wright — John Christie. Master Plumber — Thomas Donaldson. Master 
Slater— And w. Ross. Master Painter— Duncan Finlay son. Master Glazier 
—Robert Finlayson. Master Plasterer— Alex. M'Gregor. Master Cooper 
—John Abercromby. Master Dyer — William Duncanson. Treasurer— 
Jas. Johnston. Clerk— Thomas. H. Stirling. Auditors— Andrew Black 
and Andrew Ross. Inspectors of Boys — Robert Finlayson and Alex. 
M'Gregor. Officer — Robert 1 inlay som 

Stirling" Waterworks Commission. 

Reservoirs — Touch Hills. Office — Municipal Buildings, King Street. 
Chairman — Provost Yellowlees; elected by Town Council — W. Mor- 
rison, James Young, Bailie Ronald, Bailie Wingate, Wm. Cunningham, 
William Crawford ; elected by Ratepayers — D. M 'Donald, Jas. Foster, 
John Murray, Wm. Campbell, Thos. Leishman. Clerk — Thomas L. 
Galbraith. Superintendent of Works — William Ronald. Collector — 
Ebenezer Gentleman, 50 Murray place. 

Stirling Gaslight Company. 

Gas Works— Thistle Street. 
Manager— Peter Watson. Collector — James Robertson. Secretary — 
Ebenezer Gentleman, writer, Murray place. Treasurer — W. Paton, Royal 
Bank. Auditors— Peter Nicholson and Edward Jardine. Chairman of 
Directors — Dr. Galbraith. 


Stipling" Fire Brigade. 

Captain— A. Oswald, 82 Spittal street. Sergeant— W. Thomson, 60 
Baker street. Firemen — W. Gentles, 40 Barnton street ; M. Munnoch, 
72 Port street ; T>. Christie, 64 Port street ; A. Stewart, 64 Port street ; 
D. Finlayson, 20 Bow street ; J. Abercromby, 33 King street ; W. Milne, 
3 Dumbarton road; J. Duff, 10 Upper Bridge street; Ft. Oswald, 82 Spittal 
street ; M. Kenny, 68 Cowane street. 

Parochial Board. - 

Chambers — Broad Street. Board meets at 7 p.m. on last Tuestlay of 
each month. 
Chairman — Ex-Bailie Millar. Inspector and Collector — JohnPaterson. 
Office hours— 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ; Saturday, 10 to 12. Medical Officer— 
Dr. Drew, 28 Albert place. 

County Building's (Viewfieid). 

Member of Parliament for Stirlingshire— J. C. Bolton, of Carbrook. 
Lord Lieutenant — His Grace the Duke of Montrose, K.T. Vice-Lord 
Lieutenant — Col. John Murray, of Touchadam and Polmaise. Clerk of 
Lieutenancy— Patrick Welsh. 

Commissioners of Supply. 

Convener of the County — Sir J. R. G. Maitland, of Sauchie, Bart. 
Clerk— Patrick Welsh. Collector— James W. Campbell, Bank of Scotland. 

Police Committee of the County. 

Sir James R. G. Maitland, Chairman ; Sir Geo. Home Spiers, of 
Culcreuch ; William Forbes, of Callander ; Col. Murray, of Touchadam ; 
Sir Charles E. F. Stirling, of Glorat, Bart. ; J. C. Bolton, of Carbrook, M.P.; 
Admiral Sir William Edmonstone; James Murray, Catter House; Colonel 
Stirling, of Gargunnock ; William Wilson, of Banknock ; James Stirling, 
of Garden ; Dr. Maccall, of Hay park; James Blackburn, Killearn House; 
A. C. Douglas, of Mains ; Sheriff Muirhead ; Sheriff- Substitute Buntine ; 
Malcolm Cockburn, Provost of Falkirk ; J. G. Urquhart, of Vellore. 
Clerk — Patrick Welsh. Chief Constable — Alexander Campbell. Super- 
intendents (Western District) — Gordon Grant, Stirling; (Eastern District) 
— D. M'Donald, Falkirk. 

Prison Visiting" Committee. 

Sir James R. G. Maitland, Bart., Chairman; Colonel Murray; Robert 
Smith, of Brentham Park; Sherift' Muirhead ; Sheriff- Substitute Buntine; 
Bailie Forrest, Stirling ; William Cunningham, Stirling. Governor of 
Prison— John Robertson. Chaplain — Rev. J. Kerr Campbell, D.D. 
Medical Officer — Dr. Drew. 


Stirling District Lunacy Board. 

Chairman— William James Haig, of Dollarfiold, Dollar. For Stirling 
County — Colonel Murray, of Touch adara; J. E. Sheriff, of Carronvale ; 
Dr. Maccall, of Haypark, Polmont ; William Forbes, of Callendar, Falkirk ; 
James Murray, Catter House, Drymen ; William Stirling, of TardufF, 
Linlithgow. For Stirling Burgh — Councillor Menzies. For Falkirk 
Burgh — James Young, Mungall, by Larbert. Clerk and Treasurer — 
James L. Philip, writer, Stirling. 

County Road Trust for Stirlingshire. 

Chairman — Sir James R. G. Maitland, Bart. Clerk and Treasurer — • 
P. Welsh. Collector — James W. Campbell, Bank of Scotland. Auditors 
—Lindsay, Jamieson, & Haldane, C.A., Edinburgh. Central Dis- 
trict. — Chairman — Col. Murray of Touchadam. Clerk — R. MacLuckie, 
writer. Surveyor — R. M. Reid, Kingsburgh, St. Ninians. 

Commissioners of Property and Income Tax. 

Stirling District — Provost Yellowlees, Sheriff-Substitute Buntine, Sir 
James R. G. Maitland, Bart., Col. Stirling of Gargunnock, Col. Murray 
of Touchadam, J. A. H. Harvie-Brown of Quarter, Major P. F. Connal- 
Rowan of Meiklewood.^ Clerk to the Commissioners— John G. Curror, 
writer, Murray place. Assessor for Stirling District — Ebenezer Morrison, 
writer, Barnton street. 

.Joint Licensing" Committee. 

C. M. King, Antermony House ; John Dick of Craigengelt ; James 
Murray, Catter House ; W. Wilson of Banknock ; J. G. Urquhart of 
Vellore ; Col. Wilson, Bannockburn ; R. Smith, Brentham Park ; Sheriff 
Buntine ; J. M'Killop, Binniehill ; Col. Stirling of Gargunnock ; B. 
M'Kenzie, Grangemouth ; Provost Yellowlees ; Bailies Kinross and 

Sheriff Court (County Buildings). 

Sheriff Muirhead, Sheriff-Substitute J. R. Buntine. Hon. Sheriff- 
Substitutes— Dr. Galbraith and Robert MacLuckie, writer. Sheriff Clerk 
"—Thomas L. Galbraith. Depute-Sheriff Clerk — Richard Davie. Auditor 
— Thomas L. Galbraith. 

The Court sits every Tuesday and Thursday during Session, and on 
one day during the Spring, and on two days during the Autumn vacations. 
The Small Debt Court sits every Thursday at 11 a.m. Sheriff Circuit 
Small Debt Court sits at Lennoxtown of Campsie on the second Wednesday 
of February, May, August, and November, at 11 a.m. (Summonses for 
this Court issued by Malcolm Baird, registrar, Lennoxton.) J. P. Small 
Debt Court is held first Monday of every mouth at 11 a.m. 


Forth Navigation Commissioners. 

Magistrates and Town Council — J. B. B. Hamilton of Arnprior and 
Cambusmore; Patrick Stirling of Kippendavie; Col. Murray of Touf'hadam 
and Polmaise ; Bight Hon. Lord Balfour of Burleigh ; Alex. Mitchell, 
The Walk, Alloa ; "Alexander M'Nab of Middleton Iverse. Chairman — 
Provost Yellowlees. Clerk— Thomas L. Galbraith. 

The Commission meets on the 4th Tuesday of May and November. 

Inland Revenue. 

Offices— 25 Friars Street. Hours— 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays — 
9 a.m. to noon. 

Excise Branch. — Collector— Edward James Maguire. Clerks — A. 
S. Elliott, G. N. Pappin, L. J. Saunders. Supervisor — Donald Cameron. 
Officers— William Good all, William Clark. 

Stamps and Taxes. — Distributor of Stamps and Collector of Taxes — 
Edward James Maguire. Surveyor — Philip Musgrave. Inspector — Thos. 
CuUen, Edinburgh. Assessor — Philip Musgrave. 

The Society of Solicitors and Procurators of Stirling". 

Dean— D. W. Logic. Sub-Dean^Ebenezer Morrison. Secretary 
and Treasurer — Charles Wingate. Councillors — A. C. Buchanan, W. 
Donaldson, R. Wliyte, John Archibald, John Wood Blakey. Board of 
Examiners — David W. Logic, John Archibald, Charles Wingate, ex-ojffico. 
Fiscal — John Muirhead. Curator — James Brown. Keeper of Library 
and Officer — Robert Brunton. Poor's Agents— James S. Fleming and 
Wm. Donaldson. Ordinary Members — John Archibald, J. Wood Blakey, 
James Brown, A. C. Buchanan, James Chrystal, John M. Cunningham 
(Glasgow), John G. Curror, John Dick, Jas. W. Dickie (Alva), William 
Donaldson, James S. Fleming, Thomas L. Galbraith, Ebenezer Gentle- 
man, Robert A. Hill, Alex. Jenkins, David W. Logic, Robert MacLuckie, 
Ebenezer Morrison, John Muirhead, James L. Philp, William Stevenson, 
John Watson, Patrick Welsh, Robert Whyte, Charles Wingate. 


Chuech of Scotland (Session Clerk, Henry Arnott, 20 Queen 
street). — East Greyfriars — Rev. J. Paisley Lang, 6 Park avenue; Con- 
ductor of Psalmody, J. Wingate, 7 Bruce street. West Greyfriars— Rev. 
George Mure Smith, 6 Clarendon place ; Conductor of Psalmody, Mr, 
Park, 33 Forth place. North Church, Murray place — Rev. Mr. Sharpe ; 
Organist, Mr. Fisher, 4 Allan park. Marykirk, St. Mary's wynd — Rev. 
John Kerr Campbell, D.D., 4 Irvine place; Conductor of Psalmody, 
William Hay. 

Free Church. — Free North, Murray place— Rev. John Chalmers, 
M.A., 19 Allan park ; Conductor of Psalmody, Alexander Dunsmore. 
Free South, Academy square — Rev. W. F. Goldie, 7 Albert place ; Con- 
ductor of Psalmody, John Brown, 87 Port street. Craigs Church, Craigs— 


Kev. D. Ormond ; Conductor of Psalmody, John Thomson, Howietonn, 
Free West, Cowane street — Rev. James Angus, 11 Queen street; Con- 
ductor of Psalmody, Thomas Malcolm, 53^ Cowane street. 

United Peesbyteeian. — Erskine Church, St. John street — Rev. 
Andrew Ritchie, 2 Clarendon place ; Conductor of Psalmody, Charles 
Stevenson, Park place. Viewfield Church, Viewfield place — Rev. Walter 
Scott, M.A,, 19 Princes street ; Conductor of Psalmody, R. Hetherington, 
75 King Street. Allan Park Church, Dumbarton road— Rev. J, T. 
Gowanlock, 6 Gladstone 'place; Organist, James^L. Graham, Causeway- 

Episcopal.— Holy Trinity Church, Albert place — Rev. C. L. Col dwell, 
M.A., 10 Clarendon place; Organist, Charles E. Allum, Mus. Bac, 10 
Glebe crescent. 

Independent Chuech, Murray place— Rev. W. A. Muncaster ; 
Conductor of Psalmody, William Smith, CambusbaxTon. 

Baptist Chuech, Murray place— Rev. George Yuille, 33 Snowdon 
place ; Conductor of Psalmody, William Archibald, 25 Port street. 

Wesleyan, Queen street— Rev. I. Irwin, 21 Queen street ; Conductor 
of Psalmody, R. Raines, Bridgehaugh. 

Roman Catholic. — St. Mary's, Irvine place— Rev. John Smith, 17 
Irvine place. 

Salvation Aemy— Barracks, Union Hall, Thistle street. 

St. Ninians Established Chuech— Rev. John Robertson; Con- 
ductor of Psalmody, W. Beattie, Cambusbarron. Feee Chuech — Rev. 
Colin Mackenzie; Conductor of Psalmody, William Mitchell. U.P. 
Chuech— Rev. Dr. Frew, 12 Melville Terrace, and Rev. Mr. Smith ; 
Conducor of Psalmody, D. Hughes, 85 Main street. 

Stirling" School Board. 

Meets on first Monday of month in Board Room, High School, at 3 p.m. 

Chairman — Provost Yellowlees. Members — Dr. Galbraith, 21 Glad- 
stone place ; Rev. John Kerr Campbell, D. D. , 4 IrArine place ; Rev. John 
Smith, R.C., Irvine place; Rev. George Yuille, Snowdon place; Andrew 
Young, 4 Clarendon place; James W. Drummond, 17 Victoria place; 
William M, Rodgers, Balmoral place ; John Kemp, Victoria square. 
Clerk and Treasurer — Robert MacLuckie, writer. Officer— Robt. Jenkins, 
St. Ninians. 

Stirling Hig-h School. 

Rector— A. F. Hutchison, M.A., Edin., F.E.I.S. Classics— The 
Rector and J. C. Hunter, M.A. English— Andrew M'Lellan M.A., 
Royal gardens ; Assistant, Rev. William Paterson. Mathematics — 
George Lowson, M.A., B.Sc. Writing — Robert Dawson. Modern 
Languages — Eugen Neustadt, Univ. of Heidelberg, M.C.P. Art — 
Leonard Baker, C.A.M., Master; Edmund Baker, Assistant. Natural 
Science — Alexander Moyes. Music — James L. Graham. Fencing and 
Gymnastics — T. M. Lindsgy. Janitor— Sergeant John Stevenson. 


Board Schools. 

Allan's School, Spittal street. — Master — Henry Arnott; Assistants — 

Alex. Angus, M.A., George Seath, Miss Stevens. 
Craigs School, George street. — Master— James Todd; Assistants — Wni. 

Yule, Miss Hay. Teacher of Music — A. Dunsmore. 
St. Ninians.— Master — R. J3. Philip; Mistress — MissShirra; Assistant — 

Charles Neill. 
Territorial, Cowane street. — Master — John Jamieson. 
Raplock. —John Walker. 

Infant School, Murray place.— Mistress — Miss Gordon. 
Episcopal School, St. Mary's wynd. — Master — J. Brown. 
Roman Catholic School, Irvine Place. 

Stirling' Parish School Board. 

Chairman — James Johnston. Members — Provost Yellowlees, A. 
Young. W. Cunningham, ex-Bailie Watt. Clerk — Robert MacLuckie, 

Treasurer— ^ James Johnston. Officer — Peter M'Intosh. 

Cambuskenneth School.— Teacher— Miss Reid. 

Industrial School. 

Baker Street. 

Master — David Berrie. Mistress— Miss Jane Birrell. Matron— Mrs. 
Berrie. Secretary— J. G. Curror, writer. Treasurer— James M. Morrison, 
Commercial Bank. 

School of Science and Art. 

High School, Stirling. 
Local Committee— Messrs. R. Anderson (Chairman), A. Young, C. 
Robson, D. Perguson, J. Walls, J. Davie, L. J. Piatt, J. Thomson, E. 
Simpson, Geo. Kinross, J. Kemp, A. Colquhoun, W. M. Rodgers, R. 
Morton, M. O. Thomson, Rev. J. M. Robertson, J. Welsh, J. Sinclair, 
Rev. D. D. Ormond, A. Shaw, J. W. Small, T. W. R. Johnston. Hon. 
Secretary — G. T. Drummond, Thrushville, Livilands. Treasurer — D. 
Ferguson, National Bank. Teachers — Leonard Baker, certificated art 
master; Edmund Baker, George Lowson, M.A., B.Sc, J. Wilson, M.A. 

Banks and Bank Agents 

{See General Directory), 

National Security Savings Bank. 

Office— Commercial Bank of Scotland. Treasurer— Ebenezer Morri- 
son, writer, Stirling. Actuary — James M. Morrison. Clerk — Alexander 
Hamilton. Auditor— Richard Davie. Hours— For receiving money, 
Wednesday, 9 to 10 a.m., Saturday, 6 to 8 p.m. ; for repaying money, 
Thursday, 9 to 11 a.m., Saturday, 8 to 8-30 p.m.; receiving and repaying, 
Friday, from 10 to 12 noon. 



Craig's Penny Saving's Bank. 

Office— Craigs Clmrcli Hall, open on Wednesday from 6-30 p.m. to 
to 7-45 p.m. Joint Actuaries— Robert Bruce and John Goodall. In- 
spector — Alexander Moffat, Clydesdale Bank. Auditors — George Brown- 
It e and Henry Kinross. 

St. Ninians Saving's Bank (St. Ninians). 

Treasurer — John Jenkins. Secretary — Samuel Reid. Open for receiving 
and repaying on Saturday, from 6 to 7 p.m. 

Stirling Building and Investment Society. 

Subscriptions received every alternate Monday evening, from 7 to 9 
p.m., in Masonic Hall, Thistle street. Secretary — Ebenezer Gentleman, 
solicitor, Murray place. Treasurer — William Paton, accountant, Royal 
Bank, King street. 

Midland Counties of Scotland Investment Society. 

Subscriptions every alternate Monday evening, from 6-30 to 8 p.m., 
at the chambers of Messi;s. J. & J. Mathie & MacLuckie, 22 King street. 
Secretary — Hugh C. Forsyth. Treasurer — Robert Cairns, accountant. 
Union Bank, King street. 

Newspapers and Periodicals. 

Stirlincf Journal and Advertiser, Friday, at 1 p.m. ; Bridge of Allan 
Reporter, Saturday morning. Proprietrix and Publisher — Mrs. Jane D. 
Hogg, 5 King street ; J. L. Hutcheon, manager. 

Stirling Observer, Thursday (Wednesday evening); Stirling Saturday 
Observer, Callander Advey^tiscr, and Bridge of Allan Gazette, Friday 
afternoon. Proprietors and Publishers — Duncan & Jamieson, 26 Upper 

The British Messenger, ilhistrated, monthly, one penny; The Gospel 
Trumpet, illustrated, monthly, one halfpenny, 3s. 6d. per 100; Good News. 
illustrated, monthly, 18 for 6d., 2s. 6d. per 100. Drummond's Tract Depot, 
King street — John M'Farlane, manager; Rev. Andrew Carter, M, A., editor. 

Stirling' Ag'rieultural Society. 

Patron— The Right Hon. the Earl of Dunmore. President— The 
Right Hon. Lord Balfour of Burleigh. Vice-Presidents — Col. Stirling of 
Gargunnock ; Col, Stirling of Kippendavie ; William Forbes, Esq. of 
Callander ; Col. Drummond Moray, yr. of Blair Drummond ; Ex-Provost 
Anderson, Stirling; David Ballingall, Esq., Blair Drummond. Hon. 
Directors— Sir A. Orr Ewing of Ballikinrain, Bart., M. P.; J. R. L. Douie, 
Esq., factor, Polmaise ; Sir Alan Seton Steuart of Touch, &c., Bart.; 
H. M. Shaw Stewart, Esq. of Carnock, M.P.; Major P. F. Connai Rowan 
of Meiklewood; H. D. Erskine, Esq. of Cardross. Directors— Col. C. S. 


Murray, Park terrace, Stirling (Cliairma,n of Directors) ; James Sands, 
Greenfoot, Gargunnock ; Robert Buchanan, Letter, Killearn ; Alexander 
Anders-on, Kippenross, Dunblane; R, H. Fraser of Arngomery; William 
Weir, Inches, Larbert; James Gra.y, Kersie Mains, South Alloa; Thomas 
Leishraan, 25 Park terrace, Stirling; Provost Yellowlees, Stirling; James 
A. Fernie, Hilton, Alloa; John Meikle, Bankend, Denny; Robert Paton, 
West Drip. Treasurers — Daniel Ferguson, banker, Stirling; S. D. Murrie, 
banker, Stirling. Secretary — Robert Taylor, writer, 46 Barnton street, 

Stirling Horticultural Society. 

Hon. President— The Right Hon. Henry Campbell-Bannerman, M.P. 
President — H. M. Shaw Stewart, M.P., of Carnock. Vice President — 
James W. Drummond. Secretary — Wm. Simpson, jun., 16 Abercromby 
place. Assistant Secretary and Treasurer — W. J. Clarke (at Messrs. W. 
Drummond and Sons). Auditors— Ebenezer Gentleman and J. G. Curror. 

Smith Institute. 

Albert Place. 
Contains Picture Gallery, Museum, and Reading Room ; also the 
Macfarlane Free Library. The Institute is open free to Inhabitants of 
Stirling, Dunblane, and Kinbuck, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Galleries close 
at dusk. Admission to others, 2d. each. Trustees — the Provost of 
Stirling ; J. W. Barty, writer, Dunblane ; and A. W. Cox, Nottingham. 
Curator — James Sword. 

Stirling" Public Halls Coy., Limited. 

Albert Place. 

Directors — Robert Smith of Brentliam Park (Chairman) ; James 
Couper, Craigforth, Stirling ; Philip Musgrave, Friars street ; James 
Millar, Gladstone place; John M'Ewan, jun., Melville terrace; David 
Morton, King street ; William Reid, Randolphfield ; John Paton, View- 
forth ; Alexander Wilson, Bannockburn House. Secretary — Robert 
Taylor, solicitor, Barnton street. Hall keeper — William Pearson. 

The Public Hall (seated for 1400) is licensed for Dramatic Per- 
formances, and has a splendid Organ by Willis, London (cost £2300). 

The Lesser Hall accommodates 300, and is suited for soirees, balls, 
suppers, &c. Kitchen, retiring, dressing, and committee rooms. 

Stirling" Art Union. 

(Under Special Sanction of Her Majesty's Board of Trade. ) 
Committee — Ex-Provost Anderson (Chairman) ; J. W. Barty, Procurator- 
Fiscal, Dunblane; A. W. Cox, Nottingham; Provost Yellowlees ; A. F. 
Hutchison, M.A., Rector, High School; William P'erguson, W.S., 
Edinburgh ; John Kemp, Victoria square, Stirling ; Leonard Baker, 
Board of Trade Art Master; Daniel Ferguson, National Bank; Robert 
S. Shearer, Queen's road; John Walls, Friars street; W. M. Rogers, 
Balmoral place; James Shearer, Queen's road. Hon. Treasurer — Wm. 
Paton, Royal Bank. Hon. Secretary— A. C. Buchanan, 26 Port street. 

Stirling Fine Art Association. 

President — Lord Balfour of Burleigh. Chairman of Committee — Pro 
vost Yellowlees. Chairman of II;ui_;ing Committee — Col. Wilson, Ban 
nockburn. Hon. Treasurer — Daniel Ferguson, National Bank. Hon 
Manager — Leonard Baker, Board of Trade Art Master. 

Stirling" Choral Society. 

President — Provost Yellowlees. Vice-President — James Thomson. 
Secretary — W. Templeton, 64 Co wane street. Joint Treasurers — Richard 
Davie, Sheriff-Clerk Depute, and R. Frater. Librarian — G. Gillies. Con- 
ductor — Charles E. Allum, Mus. Bac, 10 Glebe crescent. 

Stirling Natural History and Archaeological Society. 

Meets monthly in Smith Institute, first Tuesday of month. 
Presidents— Col. Murray of Polmaise and Col. Stirling of Gargunnock. 
Acting President— Rev. W. F. Goldie. Vice-Presidents — Mr. J. A. Harvie 
Brown of Quarter and Dr. Galbraith. Treasurer — D. Ferguson, National 
Bank. Secretaries— Mr. J. B. Sinclair, 12 Clarendon place, and R. Kidston, 
Victoria place. Council — J. Walker, J. Sword, A. Moyes and Dr. Drew. 

Stirling Royal Infirmary. 

Spittal Street. 

Chairman of Directors — H. D. Erskine of Cardross. Vice-Chairman — 
Provost Yellowlees, House Committee— Chairman and Vice-Chairman — 
ex-officio, John Walker, Garfield; Ex-Provost Anderson, 11 Princes street; 
Captain Dundas of Ochtertyre; Edmund Pullar, Bridge of Allan; James S. 
Stevenson, The Elms; James Chrystal, Clarendon place : Ex-Bailie Millar, 
Gladstone place. Medical Staff: — House Surgeon — Dr. Robertson. Con- 
sulting Physician and Surgeon — Dr. Johnston. Consulting Dental Surgeon 
— L. J. Piatt, L. D. S. , R. C. S. E. Matron— Miss Falconer. Secretary— Jas. 
L._ Philp, solicitor. Port street. Treasurer — Robert MacLuckie, solicitor, 
King street. Hours — Attendance at Dispensary at 11 a.m. Country 
visitors admitted from 2 to 3-30 p.m. Town visitors from 6 to 7 p.m. 
Sunday visitors 4 to 6 p. m. only. 


Province of Stirling. 

R.W. Provincial Grand Master — Right Hon. the Earl of Mar and 
Kellie R.W. Depute P. G.M.— George Christie, Southfield, Stirling. 
R.W. Substitute P. G.M.— William Black, Falkirk. R.W. Senior P.G. 
Warden- Dr. Thomas Milne, Alloa. R.W. Junior P.G. Warden— Capt. 
A. H. Middleton, Sutherland House, Stirling. R.W. P.G. Secretary— Jas. 
Brown, writer, Stirling. R. W.P.G. Chaplains— Rev. Alex. Bryson, Alloa ; 
Rev. John Scott, Camelon. R. W.P.G. Treasurer— David Welsh, Falkirk, 


P. G. Senior Deacon — John Taylor, Falkirk. P. G. Junior Deacon— John 
Happer, Falkirk. P.G. Jeweller— Robert Borland, Falkirk. P.G. Bible- 
bearer — Jas. Haddow, Falkirk. P.G. Bard — Joseph M'Donald. P.G. 
Sword-bearer— Allan Morrison, Denny. P.G. Director of Music — J. 
Watson Lee, Falkirk. P.G. Marshall — Richard Laing, writer, Alloa. 
Senior P. G. Steward— Robert Woolley, Stirling. Junior P. G. Steward — 
James Wyse, Falkirk. P.G. Inner Guard— A. S. Sangster, Stirling. P.G. 
Tyler — James Earl, Stirling. 

Royal Aech Chapter, No. 2. 
First Principal— George Christie, Stirling. Scribe— George Watson, 
Bannockburn. Treasurer — James Brown, writer, Stirling. 

. Stirling- Ancient, No. 30. 

R.W.M.— Captain Middleton. P.M.— John King. S.M.— Duncan 
M'Intosh. S.W.— John Dowell. J.W.— J. Steel. Treasurer— John 
Livingstone. Secretary — G. T. Kennedy. S.D. — William Milne. J.D. 
James Ritchie. Jeweller — Wm. M'Kenzie. Architect— Wm. Crawford. 
M.C. — R. Morgan. Bard — John Brown. Sword-bearer — Q. S. Beattie. 
Chaplain— Rev. George Williams. Marshall — A. Lees. Inner Guard — 
Wm. Watson. Tyler — James Earl. Stewards — R. Woolley and R. 

Oddfellows' Society, 

Prater's Hall, 67i- Port Street. 
Meets every alternate Monday, at 7-30 p.m. Trustees — Bailie 
Ronald, 13 Nelson place ; H. M. Kirkwood, printer, 27 King street ; 
Charles Thomson, 37 Cowane street; John M'Gregor, 14 George street. 
Treasurer — William Clarke, 6 Union street. Secretary — John Taylor, 30 
Broad street. 

Ancient Order of Foresters. 

Good Templars' Hall, 30 Spittal Street. 
Every alternate Monday, Court Hope of Snowdon, No. 6087 (Denny 
District). Chief Rangei- — Andrew Davidson. Sub-Chief Ranger — John 
Fraser. Treasurer — Thomas Allison, Nelson place. Secretary— John 
Brewster, 47 Cowane street. District Secretary — D. Stewart, 10 Upper 
Bridge street. 

Omnium Gatherum Society. 

Deacon— D. M'Donald. Treasurer — A. M. Livingston. Clerk — Wm. 
Sharp. Visiting Officers— Thomas Donaldson and James M. Pollock. 
Auditors — John Abercromby and James Pollock. Officer— R. Finlayson. 

Stirling" County Club. 

Murray Place. 

Committee— Earl of Mar and Kellie (Chairman) ; The Right Hon. 
Lord Balfour of Burleigh ; Colonel Murray of Touchadam and Polmaise ; 

Sir Alan H. Seton Steuart of Touch, &c. ; H. M. Shaw SteAvart of 
Carnock, M.P, ; Captain George J. Pitt Taylor; Sir James R. Gibson 
Maitland of Sauchie, Bart. ; Colonel Stirling of Gargunnock ; James 
Couper, Craigforth; Major-General Spurway ; Lieut. -Col. C. S. Murray, 
12 Park terrace ; Bentloy Murray, Old Polmaise ; James Stirling of 
Garden; Captain Dundas, R.N., of Oclitertyre; Captain A. H. Middleton. 
Secretary and Treasurer— James W. CampboU, Bank of Scotland, Club 
Master — John Sloan. 

Stirling- Club. 

41 Port Street. 

Committee — James Chrystal, writer (Chairman) ; J. T. Smith, Dr. 
M'Fadyen, P. Musgrave, J. M'Math. jun., T. Dalgleish, John G. Curror, 
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — Wm. Stevenson, writer. Club Master — 
John Dysart. 

Stipling" Castle Curling" Club. 

Pond— Cow Park. 

President — Ex-Bailie Campbell. Vice-President — John King. Secre- 
tary — Charles Harvey, printer, 6 Baker street. Treasurer — William M. 
Brown, 52 Baker street. 

Stirling Fishing" Club. 

President— Sir J. R. G. Maitland, Bart. Vice-President— Robert 
Knox, Cambus. Treasurer — Wm. Stevenson. Auditors — James Thomson 
and J. G. Curror. Secretary — Robert MacLuckie, writer. 

Stirling County Cricket ^Club. 

President— Wm. Forbes of Callander. Vice-Presidents — Colonel His 
Grace the Duke of Montrose, K.T. ; the Right Honourable the Earl of 
Dunmore, the Right Honourable the Earl of Zetland, Colonel Murray of 
Touchadam and Polmaise. Captain — Mr. W. Wilson. Vice-Captain — 
Mr. S. D. Murrie. Conmiittee— Messrs. J. T. Smith, A. T. Dalgleish, 
F. P. Youngerman, W. Templeton, and Captain A. H. ^liddleton. 
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — Mr. T. W. R. Johnston, Stirling Journal 
and Advertiser. 

Stirling Bowling Club. 

Green— Albert Place. 

President— H. P. Watt. Vice-President— John M'Math. Secretary 
— R. B. Philip, 674 Port street. Treasurer— Robert Cairns, Union Bank, 
King street. 


Stirling" Wine, Spirit and Beer Trade Association. 

President— A. M. Livingston, Bow street. Vice-President — Eobert 
Grindiay, Douglas Hotel. Secretary and Treasurer— K. Woolley, Cale- 
donian Vaults, 29 Baker street. 

Stirling" United Young" Men's Christian Association. 

Rooms — Arcade. Open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

President — James W. Drumniond. Vice-Presidents — James Gray, 
John Steel, William Dowdy. Secretary — Hugh Gavin, 1 King street. 
Assistant Secretary — Wingate Paterson, 42 Queen street. Treasurer — 
James Crocket, 57 King street. Librarians— Thomas M'Kenzie and 
James Elder. 

Branch Secretaries.— Literary Association — J. M. Tait, St. 
Ninians. Bible Reading — J. D. Valentine, 17 Burghmtiir. North Estab- 
lished Church Fellowship — W. W. Brown, 3 Viewfield place. Free North 
do., A. Dunsmore, 56 Port street. Free South do., J. Youl, 94 St. Mary's 
wynd. Free West do., C. A. Cowan, 18 Upper Craigs. Allan Park 
U.P. do., D. Kinross, 2 Park terrace. Viewfield U.P. do., T. M'Nab, 33 
King street. Erskine U.P. do., D. Ferguson 9 Dumbarton road. 

Stirling" Total Abstinence Society, 

President— W. Howat, Castle View, Victoria square. Vice-Presidents 
— Rev. W. H. Muncaster, M.A., B.D., Douglas terrace ; Rev. J. Angus, 
Queen street; Rev. C. M'Kenzie, St. Ninians; J. M'Farlane, and W 
Jenkins. Secretary — J. Dow, hatter, King street. Treasurer — A. Duns- 
more, 6 Glebe crescent. 

Stirling'shire Liberal Unionist Association. 

Honorary Presidents — J. W. Burns, Esq. of Kilmahew ; Captain 
Campbell of Boquhan ; Admiral Erskine of Lochend ; J. B. Hamilton, Esq. 
of Leny ; and Dr. A. B. M'Grigor of Cairnock. President — T. D. Brodie 
of Gairdoch: Vice-Presidents— J. Caldwell, M. A. ; R. Smith, Brentham 
park; and L. Pullar, Bridge of Allan. Secretary and Treasurer — R. 
Whyte, solicitor, 2 Wolf Craig, Stirling. 

Liberal Association of the Burg"h of Stirling". 

President — R. Smith of Brentham Park. Vice-Presidents — Provost 
Yellowless, and A. Young. Secretary — E. Gentleman, writer, Murray 
place. Treasurer — J. Archibald, ^vriter, Dumbarton road. 

Stirling" Conservative Association. 

Hon. Presidents — His Grace the Duke of Montrose, K.T. ; the Right 
Hon. Lord Balfour of Burleigh; Admiral Sir W. Edmonstone of Duntreath, 
Bart. President — J. S. Stevenson, the Elms. Hon. Treasurer— J. W. 
Campbell, Bank of Scotland. Hon. Joint Secretaries— J. Cameron, 19 
Bruce street ; A. C. Buchanan, 26 Port street. 

Stirlingshire Conservative Association. 

President— His Grace the Duke of Montrose, K.T. Vice-Presidents 
—Admiral Sir W. Edmonstone of Duntreatli, Bart ; W. Forbes of Callan- 
der, and CdI. Murray of Polmaise. Secretary— J. L. Philip, solicitor, 
Port street. Hon. Secretary and Treasurer— Major P. F. Connal Rowan 
of Meiklewood. 

St. Ninians and District Conservative Association. 

President — Col. Murray of Touchadam and Polmaise. Vice-Presidents 
—Sir Alan S. Steuart of Allanton and Touch, Bart; J. Dick, Esq. of 
Craigengelt, 34 Northumberland street, Edinburgh; J. T. S. Paterson, 
Plean Farm, Bannockburn. Secretary and Treasurer— J. Muirhead, writer, 
Dumbarton road. 

Stirling" Castle. 

91st Regimental District. 

Lieut. -Col. Commandinof— Col. Templeman. Acting Adjutant— Capt. 
S. Paterson. Lieut. -Col. —P. D. Trotter. Major— W. R. H. Crawford. 
Lieut.— R. L. E. M'Kei'rell. Lieut. —T. A. Scott. Staff Paymaster- 
Major G. E. Langford. Sergeant-Major — D. Bethune. 

3d Bat. Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders (Regimental District, 
No. 91, Stirling). Hon. Col.— Col. J. Finlay (deceased). Lieut. -Col. 
Com. — Duke of 'Montrose, K.T. Adjutant— Captain A. Wilson. Quarter- 
master-Captain J. Biebber (deceased). Medical Officer — D. Murray, 
M.D. Sergeant- Ma j or— G. Counter. Chaplain— Rev. Geo. Mure Smith. 

1st Stirlingshire Rifle Volunteers. 

91st Regimental District. Head Quarters — Viewfield House, Stirling. 

Battalion Staff, — Hon. Colonel — A. Wilson. Lieut. -Colonel — A. 
Nimmo, INIajor- P. F. Connal Rowan of Meiklewood. Major — D. 
M'Fadyen. Adjutant — D. M 'Donald. Quartermaster— J. Brown. Sur- 
geon — M. Benny, M.D. Acting Surgeon — A. D. Eraser, M.B. Sergeant- 
Major — P. Low. Quarter-Master-Sergeant— J. Nicol. Bugle-Major — M. 

Companies. — A Company, Stirling — Captain — R. Morton. Lieuten- 
ant — G. C. Cunliff. Sergeant Instructor — P. Low. 

B Company, Stirling — Captain— G. M'Kinlay. Lieutenant — E. Simp- 
son. Sergeant Instructor — P. Low. 

C Company, Falkirk — Captain — C. E. Allum, Stirling. Sergeant 
Instructor — J. Dalgleish. 

D Company, Falkirk — Captain — A. Gardner. Lieutenant — C. Y. 
Johnstone. Sergeant Instructor — J. Dalgleish. 

E Company, Lennoxtown — Captain — J. W. King. Lieutenants — C. 
E. Robertson, W. Denham. Sergeant Instructor — P. Gibb. 

F Company, Lennox Mill— Captain ■ ; Lieutenants— R. 

Stirling ; Sergeant Instructor— P. Gibb. 

G Company, Denny— Captain— W. AuM ; Lieutenants— J. Luke, J. 
Steven ; Sergeant Instructor— R,. M'Conachie. 

H Company, Bannockburn— Captain — W. Wilson ; Lieutenant — T. 
Rough ; Sergeant Instructor — A, Ewing. 

I Company, Carron — Captain — R. Dobbie ; Lieutenant — R. P. Roy ; 
Sergeant Instiuctor — W, Merrie. 

K Company, Kilsyth — Captain — D. Frew ; Lieutenant— W, Wilson ; 
Sergeant Instructor— J. Doyle. 

Stirling" Railway Station. 

station Superintendent — John Samuel. 

Caledonian. — Booking Clerk— Edward Jardine. Goods Agent — 
James M'Call. Cashier — William Wilson. Superintendent of Loco- 
motives—Samuel J. Brittain. Inspector of Permanent Way — W. Pedder. 

North British.— Booking Agent— James Watson. Goods Agent, 
Shore road — William Elder. Cashier— Richard Wilson. Superintendent 
of Locomotives — William Holmes. 

Out-door Porters— James M'Kenzie, 3 Newhouse ; William Robb, 
43J Cowane street. 

Stirling" and Bridg-e of Allan Tramway Company, Ltd. 

Office — Henderson Street, Bridge of Allan. 

Secretary — Thos. Gumming, Esq., writer, Bridge of Allan. Termini 
— Post Office, corner of Henderson street, Biidge of Allan, and foot of 
King street, Stirling. Dep6t and stables, Causewayhead. 

Cars leave Stirling for Bridge of Allan at the hours and half hours, 
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (the 6-30 p m. and 7 p.m. for Causewayhead only). 
Cars leave Bridge of Allan for Stirling at 8-20, 9-30, and after that at the 
hours and half hours till 6-30 p.m. Cars arrive at Causewayhead 10 
minutes after leaving Bridge of Allan, and 12 minutes after leaving 
Stirling. On Saturday evenings extra Cars leave Bridge of Allan for 
Stirling at 7 and 8 p.m., and Stirling for Bridge of Allan at 6-30 and 7-30. 

For Advertising Spaoes on the Cars, apply to Wilson & Compy., 
Advertising Agents, 28 Bath Street, Glasgow. 

Stirling" and Bannockburn 'Buses. 

From Stirling (foot of King street), at 10-30 a.m., 12 noon ; 2, 3-15, 
5, and 7 p.m. From Bannockburn, at 9-30 and 11 a.m. ; 1, 2-30, 4, and 6 
p.m. Saturdays — from Stirling, at 10-30 a.m., 12 noon; 2, 4, 6, 8, and 
9-30 p.m. From Bannockburn (Saturdays) at 9-30 and 11 a.m.; 1, 3, 5, 7, 
and 9 p.m. The 2 and 7 p.m. 'Buses run to Plean, returning at 3 and 8 p. m. 



To Glasgow — R. Adams, 40 Barnton street, at 8-30, 10-20 a.m., and 
3-24 p.m. From Glasgow, at 12-^^5, 2-0, 4-35, and 6-30 p.m. 

Doune— William Wright, from Corn Exchange ; Tuesday and Friday, 

Bridge of Allan — John Lawrie, daily. 

Port of Monteith — James Anderson, occasionally. Parcels left at 
Graham & Morton's, or James Millar & Sons. 

The Mail Gigs carry a limited number of passengers and parcels. 
Mail Gig to Port of Monteith leaves Stirling Post Office at 11-45 p.m. 
every week night except Saturday. Mail Gig to Dollar leaves every week 
night at 11-45 p.m. .Both leave on Sunday at 6 p.m. Mail Gig runs to 
Callander on Sunday mornings at 8-30. 

Stirling Post Office. 

Maxwell Place. Postmaster — W. C. Stevenson. 

Town Deliveries— From all parts at 7-15 a.m. ; Edinburgh, Glasgow, 
London, Ireland, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen, Bridge of Allan, and Crieff 
at 2.30 p.m.; all parts at 6 p.m. 

Letters are collected from the Pillar Letter Boxes in Queen street, 
Port street, Albert place, Bow street, Cowane street. Park terrace, and 
Railway Stations on week d^ys at 6-15 and 10-50 a.m.; 4, 5, 7-15, and 9 
p.m. No Sunday collection. 

St. Ninians road on week days at 7 and 10-50 a.m.; 4, 5, 7-15, and 9 
p.m. Sunday 7 a.m. 

Park place at 9-15 a.m., 3-15 and 7 p.m. No Sunday collection. 



January — Braco, 1 Wed ; Crieff, 1 Tues every month ; Dunfermline, 
3 Tues every month ; Falkirk, last Thurs ; Glasgow, every Wed except 
1st and 3rd — cattle every Thurs ; Killin, 3 Tues ; Linlithgow, Friday 
after 3 Tues ; Linlithgow, Fri after 2 Tues ; Thornhill, 1 Tues. 

February— AWosi, 2 Wed ; Linlithgow, last Friday ; Stirling, 1 and 3 

March — Balgair, last Tues ; Callander, hiring, 3 Thurs ; Dunblane, 
1 Wed o. s.; Falkirk, 1 Thurs— Tryst last Tues; Oban, Tues before 1 
Thurs ; Perth, 1 Fri ; Stirling, 1 and 3 Fri ; Thornhill, 2 Tues. 

^p?'?7— Aberfoyle, 3 Tues ; Balloch, 27 ; Braco, last Tues ; Bridge of 
Allan, 3 Wed ; Drymen, last Wed; Dunning, last Tues; Falkirk, 1 Thurs 
and Thurs before 3 Fri— Tryst last Tues ; Kilysth, 2 Fri ; Larbert, last 
Wed ; Linlithgow, 3 Fri; Oban, 2 Tues; Perth, 3 Fri; Slamannan, 3 Tues. 

May— AWoa., 2 Wed ; Balfron, last Tues ; Balgair, 10 (if Sat or Mon, 
then Tues following) ; Callender, 16 ; Comrie, 2 Wed ; Cumbernauld, 2 
Thurs; Denny, Wed before 12; Doune, 2 Wed; Drymen, day after 
Callender ; Dunblane, Tues after 26 ; Falkirk, 3 Thurs— Tryst last Tues; 
Glasgow, Mon after 25 ; Killin, general business 5, cattle 12 ; Oban, Mon 
before last Wed ; Stirling 1st and last Friday. 


Jw^^e— Balgair, Fri before 26 ; Bannockburn, 3 Tues ; Buchlyvie, 26 ; 
Clackmannan, 26 ; Dumbarton (Carmen), 1 Wed ; Dunning, 20 ; Falkirk 
Tryst, last Tues ; Glasgow, 1 AVed ; Kinross, 2 Mon ; Linlithgow, 2 Fri. 

July — Balfron, last Tues ; Callender, 3 Tues ; Crieff, hiring and 
cattle, 1 Tues ; Doune, hiring, last Wed ; Falkirk, cattle and hiring, 2 
Thurs — Tryst, last Tues ; Oban, sheep and wool, Wed after 2 Thurs ; 
Perth, c. and h., 1 Fri. 

August — Aberfoyle, lambs, Fri before 3 Tues ; Alloa, hiring, 2 Wed ; 
Balgair, Fri before 2 Tues ; Braco, 1 Tues ; Crieff, wool and general 
business, 1 Tues; Dunblane, lOo.s.; Falkirk Tryst, lambs, cattle, and 
horses, 2 Tues and day after ; Kinghouse, lambs. Wed after 2 Tues ; 
Tyndrum, lambs and w^ool, Fri before 3 Tues, 

September — Balloch, horses, 15 ; Crieff, 1 Tues ; Falkirk Tryst, cattle 
and horses, 2 Tues, sheep Mon before ; Perth, c. h. and sheep, &c. , 1 Fri. 

October — Aberfoyle, cattle and hiring, last Thurs ; Alloa, hiring, 2 
Sat; Balfron, h. andc. , last Tues ; Braco, h. and c, last Tues; Bridge 
of Allan, c. and h., 3 Wed ; Comrie, last Wed ; Falkirk Tryst, c. and h., 
2 Tues and day after, sheep Mon before, hiring last Thurs ; Oban, cattle, 
Fri before last Wed ; Perth, hiring and cattle, 3 Fri ; Stirling, hiring, 3 

November — Alloa, cattle, 2 Wed ; Buchlyvie, 18 ; Crieff, general 
business, 1 Tues; Denny, cows. Wed after 11 ; Doune, c. and h. 1 Wed, 
sheep Tues preceeding, s. and c. 4 Wed ; Drymen, hiring, 1 Fri ; Dun- 
blane, 1 Tues o. s.; Falkirk Tryst, 1 Tues; Killin, cattle, 1 Wed, hiring, 
cattle, and general business, Tues after 11 ; Kilsyth, 3 Fri ; Oban, hiring 
1 Fri, horses Tues before 4 Thurs; Perth, hiring, Fri before Martinmas, o. s. 

December — Callander, general business, 3 Thurs ; Comrie, cattle and 
hiring, 1 Wed ; Crieff, cattle and hiring, 1 Tues ; Killin, cattle, 2 Wed ; 
Perth, cattle and horses, 2 Friday. 

Bank Holidays in Scotland. 

January 1, April 23, May 3, August 2, December 25, and any day 
appointed by Royal Proclamation. 

Scotch Term Days. 

Candlemas, February 2 ; Whitsunday, May 15 ; Lammas, August 1 ; 
Martinmas, November 11. By Act of Parliament, entry into or removal 
from houses in Burghs must take jjlace at noon of May 2S and November 
28. If either date fall on a Sundaj' or a legal holiday, the term is the 
first succeeding lawful day. 

Taxes for the Burgh of Stirling" for 1887-1888. 

Police Assessment, on occupiers. Is. 2d. per £. Public Health, on 
occupiers. Id. Valuation and Registration, equally on owners and 
occupiers, |d. Roads and Bridges, on owners only, ^d. Poor Rates, 6d. 
on owners and occupiers. School Rate, 2d. on owners and occupiers. 
Domestic Water Rate, 9d. per £. Price of Gas, 3s. 9d. per 1000 cubic feet. 

JMllOHcU. UuuMuVj 




Always on hand a Full Supply of Excellent Fresh-drawn Parloue, Kitchen, 
Steam, and Vinery Coal, at Lowest Possible Prices. 

Public Works Supplied and Contracts entered into. Country Orders executed 

on the Shortest Notice. 


I f^i 

(Late Manager loith Mr. JAMES HABPEB), 



Hyndwood, Bridge-of-Allan. 


\ "Z'OTJisra- L^iDiEs. 

MRS. BAIN, Principal, is assisted by an efficient Staff of Visiting 
Masters and Resident Governesses. 
Pupils Prepared for the University Local Examinations when 

desired. „__„ 




'family drapery warehouse, 
1 (foot of) king street, 







@Iofl){cr axib ^itffitter, 






®2 ■0'i»:pess. cjraigs, 














TRUCK LOADS sent direct from PIT to any STATION. 


leroantile Stationers, Booksellers and Newsagents, 

^m€iri.J.Tis^^ ^t@H^BT, 

BOOKS, ruled and bound to order. Stock of 
ordinary Rulings always on hand. A Select Stock 
of all kinds of Stationery. 

BOOKS— Large Selection. NEWS AGENCY— Daily and 
Weekly Newspapers, Weekly and Monthly Periodicals, 
are delivered all over the Town to Subscribers im- 
mediately on publication. 




4 O 


FUNERALS conducted in Town or Country. Hearses and 
Mourning Coaches supplied. Coffins in Polished Oak, also, 
Covered with Velvet and other Cloths. Kept in Stock : Dead 
Clothes, Funeral Letters, Intimations, Memorial 'Cards, and every 
other requisite supplied. 


(Late Manager Metropolitan Funeral Establishment, Edinburgh). 

J. & J. E^El.i^Sl-S03Xr, 



INVITE the attention of the Trade to their various Manufactures, consist- 
ing of Robes, Shrouds, Dresses, Square and Side Seeets, Side Sets 
Linings, Side and Centre Frillings, Head Curtains, Pillows, &c., in Plain 
or Embossed Cambric ; Lawn, Swansdown Flannel, Satin, Sateen, White or 
Brown Cashmere, &c., &c, ; Ruffles and Frillings of every description, in 
White or Colours ; Caps, Cowls, Stockings, and Gloves ; Black Cloths, 
Union and Baize ; Cords and Tassels in Silk, Patent, Worsted, and Cotton ; 
Cotfin Mountings, Register, General, Brass, and Electro-plated, in great 
variety of designs ; Studs, Laces, Gimps, Pins, &c. ; Everlasting Memorial 
Wreaths and Crosses, in Metal, Porcelain, and Cape Flowers ; Shades and 
Stands ; Metal Memorial Tables for Graves, select designs. Trade supplied 
with Oak or other Coffins, Mounted and Upholstered. Waterproof Lining, 
Stationery, &c., &c. 


Telegraph Address— "Funeral, Stirling.' 


BOOT j^JSriD SHOE -W"^^ I?, El i3 O TJ S E 




All sorts of LADIES' GARMENTS Made to Measure. GENT'S OWN CLOTH MADE UP. 

Charges Moderate. 


s T I iR L I isr G-- 

Oflace— Caledonian Railway Station. House— 12 Orchard Place. 

3Li e: .A- T Hn. e: "2-, 

Wholesale and Retail Fish and Fruit Merchant, 


Gun, Rifle, and Fishing Tackle Makers, 

(Practical Shots and Anglers) 

Established 1842. (Opposite the Golden Lion Hotel). 


General Jobbing Smith and Agricultural Implement Maker. 





iB^-.^ii^iix^"'^" 2^c3XT:RLi^j:Krc3-. 



Brassfounders and Gasfitters. 

Orders Promptly Executed. Charges Moderate. 

Y2. Port Street, Stirling. 




(Opposite Messrs. William Kinross & Sons). 

I3[A.rL"V3S31S?" &; HXJP^TESDFg., 


55 lECIl^a- ST., STII^LZIsra-. 

jrjk.i!^E3s nxricoxoi, 



House— 27 Queen Street, 


Dress Baskets, Portmanteaus, Bags, &c., in large 



17 and 23 ARCADE, STIRLING. 


^-yr s^-sicxj&.Xj. ^apapoiTNTT^MiaeiiT'x 


W.R.W. The Prince of Wales, y^y^ 

The Lopd-Lieutenant of Ireland 





—AND— y^^3 y^'^^^--^ AWARDED 

Dcr 4t'l4'^^''tl2'^ louses y^Cjy^ Twenty-Nine 

^>/gOLD and PRIZE 






For Purity and Excellence 
OF THEIR World-Renowned 

^^>^^Manufactopies: DUBLIN and BELFAST. 
^J^^Depot for Scotland: SURREY STREET, GLASGOW. 



Ladies' Jackets and Riding Habits. 

Military Outfits and Highland Costumes. 

Every effort is made to give satisfaction, and, by strict attention to the wislies 
of the Customer, to secure further support and recommendation. 




Jeweller and Watchmaker, 



Bepairs of every description on Strictly Moderate Terms. 

11^ Ornamental and Letter Engraving done on the Premises."^ 



COFFEE ROOM. MRS. WOOD, Proprietr/'x. 












FINE PORT, - ... 





PER Gall. 

Y, ■ 





















INDIAN AND CHINA TEAS, - - only 2/ per Lb. 

A First-Class Family Tea. 

ALL TEAS FIRST-CLASS VALUE, from 1/4 to 5/ per Lb. 




Always in First-CIass Condition, at Lowest Cash Prices. 


Orders by Post carefully attended to, and delivered 
Free of Expense at nearest Railway Station. 



Auctioneer and Valuator, 


Sales of every description of Movable Property carefully conducted 
and guaranteed. 



Cabinet, Upholstery, and Bedding \Varehouse, 


Invite the attention of Parties Furnishing to their Large and Varied Stock 
of Furniture, &c., made at their Works. 


Special attention given to the Bedding Department. 


Gilder, Paperhanger, Picture Frame Maker, and Glazier, 
19 IDTJ:M:B.A.I^TOn^ SjOJ^JD, 



Membership, 81,000. Capital belonging to the Members, £70,000. 
Surplus Capital, £14,890. 

Registered Office— 6 Richmond Street, Glasgow. 




Orders by Post or otherwise carefully and punctually attended to. 



Groceries and Wines and Spirits of the Finest Quality only 

Kept in Stock, at Wholesale Prices. 

J. J%.. El. :E^S:i3I3ES3LiZ^, 


Jjirc, llifc. iUxb i3late ©lass lui^nmince Jlgcnt, 

Horse ald Cattle Insurance Agent, 
Building Society Agent and Commission Agent, 

Agent for Manure, Feeding Stuffs, and Farm Implements. 

Money Advanced on Heritable and other Securities, in large or small Sums, 
to suit Borrowers. — Letters receive prom])t attention. 



JOHN M'NICOL, Chemist and Druggist. 


All Drugs and Chemicals guaranteed pure and of finest quality only. 


"V E T DB T2, 1 3Sr ..A. E, "52" I> 12, IB IE" -A- DE2, -i^ T I O IST S . 

Agent for the following:— Tli^ Natioual Acid Cure; Einuhr s Perfect Corn Cure; Jeye's Disiufectauts and Dog Soap. 

12 BARNTON PLACE, STRLING.— Keys : 14 Broad Street. 






Sales of Fat Stock in Cattle Market, Glasgow, every Wednesday, at 
10 a.m. ; and at the Stirling Auction Mart, every Thursday, at 
10-30 a.m. Weekly Sale of all Classes of Fat and Store Stock. 

Telegraph Addresses— '« SPEEDIE, GLASGOW." I "SPEEDIE BROS., STIRLNG." 



COOKIS i5L:NrX> CO:iSr3F'3S;CT'IOI^3E3aS, 


Branch at Henderson Street, Bridge of Allan, 

Purveyors of Marriage Dejeuners, Ball Suppers, &g. 

Wedding Cakes, of Artistic Design, Ornamented witli Real Flowers and Ferns. 


Soups, Entrees, Jellies, Creams, Ices, &c. 


All Kinds of CAKES, SHORTBREAD (a Specialty packed in Tins), 
FANCY BISCUIT, &c., of Superior Quality. 

Flavouring Syrups, Jams, and Jellies, our own Make. 

All Orders leceive Prompt Attention, and are carefully Packed and 
Despatched as desired. 


Plumber, Brassfounder, and Gasfitler, 


gasaliers and glass globes, at cheap rates. 

Curling Stones and Handles always in Stock. 


§a5l) §Ioff)icr, 







Q L A 8 Q O W.