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Full text of "The Stone River campaign--1862-63. Organization of the Fourteenth Army Corps"








THE STONE RIVER GAMniGN-18('.'2 ■(;:!. 



(Major-General William S. Rosecrans, U. S. A.. Commanding,) 

DEC. 26, 1862-JAN. 5, 1863. 

y / C 



Organization of the 14th Army Corps, Department of the Cumberland, 
Major-Genera/ William S. Rosecrans, U. S. A., Commanding, December 
26, 1862— January 5, 1863." 


Anderson Troop Pennsylvania Cavalr}-, Lieutenant Thomas S. Maple. 

Major-Gexerai, Alexamjek McD. McCook. 

FIRST (late ninth) DIVISION. 

Brigadier-General Jefferson C. Davis. 

36th Illinois, Cavalry Company B, Captain Samuel B. Sherer. 

oj T^ * 1 /'■' 1 n n ! Captain Miller R. McCulloch. 

2a Kentucky Cavalry, Company G, i t • ' , tt oh, 

-' ■" t J ^ L Lieutenant Harvey b. Rark. 

First [late Thirtieth) Brigade. Second (late Thirty -First) Brigade. 

Colonel P. Sidney Post. Colonel William P. Carlin. 

59th Illinois, Captain Hendrick E. Paine. .•,-, t,, ( Colonel J. W. S. Alexander. 
74th Illinois, Colonel Jason Marsh. "" ' '' { Lt. Col. Warren E. McMackin. 

75th Illinois, Lt. Col. John E. Bennett. 38th Illinois, Lt. Col. Daniel H. Gilmer. 
22d Indiana, Colonel Michael Gooding. r Colonel Leander Stem. 

101st Ohio, ] Lt. Col. Moses F. Wooster. 

(. Major Lsaac M. Kirby. 
loth Wisconsin, Colonel Hans C. Heg. 

Third {late Tliirty- Second) Brigade. 
Colonel William E. Woodruff. 
Major Richard H. Nodine. 

' iams. 

iptain \V esttbrd i aggart 
35th Illinois, Lieutenant-Colonel William P. Chandler. 
81st Indiana, Lieutenant- Colonel John Timberlake. 

I Major Richard H. Nodine. 

25th Illinois, -j Colonel Thomas D. ^\'illial 

( Captain Westtbrd Taggart. 


2d Minnesota Battery, Captain William A. Hotchkiss. 

-., ,,-• • T3 »i. • Captain Oscar F. Pinney. 

oth Wisconsin cattery, -, t • ^ , . ^, , r> u ,k„„., 

■^' t Lieutenant Charles a. Humphrey. 

[ Captain Stephen J. Carpenter. 

8th Wisconsin Battery, -; Sergeant Obadiah Gernuiii. 

( Lieutenant Henry E. Stiles. 

♦Arranged according to the numerical designation of the divi.sioiis and brigades as prescribed in 
General Orders, No. 11, Headquarters 11th Army Corps. Department of the Cumberland, December 
19, 1862. 

tThe 2d Minnesota was attached to the 2d Brigade, 5th Wisconsin to the 1st Brigade, and 8th Wis- 
consin to the 3d Brigade. 


Brigadier- General Richard W. Johnson. 
First {late Sixth) Brigade. Second (late Fifth) Brigade. 

(l)Brigadier-General August Willich. (l)Brigadier-General Edward N. Kirk. 

(2)Colonel William Wallace. (2)Colonel Joseph B. Dodge. 

(3)Colonel William H. Gibson. 

89th 111., Lt. Col. Charles T. Hutch Idss. g < , j,, ( Lt. Col. Hiram W. Bristol. 
32d Indiana, Lt. Col. Frank Erdehneyer. ^ ''1 Major Alexander P. Dysart. 

39th Indiana. Lt. Col. Fielder A. Jones. ^| , t,, ) Colonel Sheridan P. Head. 

1 Colonel William Wallace. '' '' \ Major Allen Buckner. 

Captain A. R. Z. Dawson. .., , y , ) Lt. Col. David M. Dunn. 
Colonel William \\'allace. " \ Major Joseph P. Collins. 

i Colonel William H. Gibson, .ir.^i t ^ I Colonel Joseph B. Dodge. 

Lt. Col. Levi Drake. <5wnina. -^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^.^^ ^ ^^^^.^^ 

Captain Samuel F. Gray. -.^ , p J Lt. Col. Peter B. Housum. 

■' \ Captain Thomas E. Rose. 

Third [late Fourth) Brigade. 
Colonel Philemon P. Baldwin. 
Gth Indiana, Lieutenant-Colonel Hagerman Tripp. 
5th Kentucky, Lieutenant-Colonel William W. Berry. 
1st Ohio, Major Joab A. Stafford. 
98d Ohio, Colonel Charles Anderson. 

5th Indiana Battery, Captain Peter Simonson. 
1st Ohio, Battery A, Lieutenant Edmund B. Belding. 
1st Ohio, Battery E, Captain Warren P. Edgarton. 

3d Indiana, Companies G, H, I, and K, Major Robert Klein, 

THIRD (late eleventh) DIVISION. 

Brigadier- General Philip H. Sheridan. 


2d Kentucky Cavalry, Company L, Lieutenant Joseph T. Forman, 

First [late T hirty- Seventh) Brigade. Second (late Thirty- Fifth) Brigade. 

(l)Brigadier-General Joshua W. Sill. (l)Colonel Frederick Schaefer. 

(l)Colonel Nicholas Greusel. (2)Lieutenant-Colonel Bernard Laiboldt. 

(Colonel Nicholas Greusel. 44th Illinois, Captain Wallace W. Barrett. 

Major Silas Miller. 73d Illinois, Major William A. Presson. 

Captain Porter C. Olson. ^-^ ,r. . ( Jjt. Col. Bernard Laiboldt, 

88th Illinois, Colonel Francis T. Sherman. ^^ Missouri, | ^^^^^^ Francis Ehrler, 

'21st Mich., Lt. Col. Wm. B. McCreary. 15th Missouri, Lt. Col. John- Weber. 
24th Wisconsin, Major Elisha C. Hibbard. 

Third Brigade.i 
(l)Colonel George W. Roberts. 
(2)Colonel Luther P. Bradley. 

o.T 1 TIT • f Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Swanwick. 
lia Illinois, { n t- ■ o i t i 

' (.Captain Samuel Johnson. 

o-ti TIT • f Colonel Fazilo A. Harrington, 
i/th llhnoiS, < ,f . iir-ir A c: i •.? 

' L Major vVilham A, Schmitt. 

4'2d Illinois, Lieutenant- Colonel Nathan H. Walworth. 

f;i„f Tii;.,^-„ / Colonel Luther P. Bradley. 
51st Illinois, ^ ri . • TT ■t^ \\r ji 

' 1. Captain Henry F. Wescott, 

Artillery. X 
Captain Henry Hescock. 
1st Illinois, Battery C, Captain Charles Houghtaling, 
4th Indiana Battery, Captain Asahel K. Bush. 
1st Missouri, Battery G, Captain Henry Hescock. 

*The 5th Indiana was attached to the 3d Brigade, Battery A to the 1st Brigade, and Battery E to 
the 2d Brigade. 

t Formerly 1st Brigade, 13th Division. 

X Battery C was attached to the 3d Brigade, 4th Indiana to the 1st Brigade, and Battery G to tiie 
2d Brigade. 


Major-Gkxeuai, George H. Thomas. 


9th Michigan, Colonel John G. Parkhurst. 

FIRST (late third) DIVISION. 

Major-General Lovell H. Rousseau. 

First {late N'inth) Brigade. 

Colonel Benjamin F. Scribner. 

38th Indiana, Lt. Col. Daniel F. Griffin, 

.)! m • / J-'t- Col. John Kell. 

.(1 Uhio, j jjj^j^j. ^j^g^j^ Q_ McCook. 

33d Ohio, Captain Ephraim J. Ellis. 

/ Colonel Joseph W. Frizell 

Second [late Seventeenth) Brigade. 

Colonel John Beatty. 

42d Indiana, Lt. Col. James M. Shanklin. 

q^th Tnfli«,if. ■' Colonel George Humphrey. 
SStli indiana, ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^ Briant. 

1 -+i T? ' Colonel James B. Forman. 
loth Ky. I ^^ (^^j Joseph R. Snider. 

y4tn unio, -^ Lt.Col. Stephen A. Bassford. 3d Ohio, Lt. Col. Orris A. Lawson 
lOth Wis., Colonel Alfred R. Chapin. 

Third {late Twenty- Eighth) Brigade, 
Colonel John C. Starkweather. 
24th Illinois, Colonel Geza Mihalotzy. 
79th Pa., Colonel Henry A. Hambright. 
1st Wis., Lt. Col. George B. Bingham. 
21st Wis., Lt. Col. Harrison C. Hobart. 

Foiirth Brigade. 
Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver L. Shepherd. 
15th U. S., j Major John H. King. 
1st Batt., L Captain Jesse Fulmer. 
16th U. S., I jyi -oj. ^ J siemmer. 

B -M BaM j C^P^^^" ^- ^- ^- ^'■''^^""■ 
18th U. S., 1st Battalion, and A and D, 3d 

Battalion, Major J. N. Caldwell. 
18th U. S., 2d Battalion, and B, C, E, and 

F, 3d Batt., Major Frederick Townsend. 
19th U. S., I Major S. D. Carpenter. 
1st Batt., 1 Captain James B. Mulligan. 

Captain Cyrus O. Loomis. 
Kentucky, Battery A, Captain David C. Stone. 
1st Michigan, Battery A, Lieutenant George W. Van Pelt. 
5th U. S., Battery H, Lieutenant Francis L. Guenther. 

2d Kentucky, (6 companies,) Major Thomas P. Nicholas. 

* Battery A, Kentucky, wa.s attached to the 3d Brigade, Battery A, 1st Michigan, to the 2d Brigade, 
and Battery H, 5th U. S., to the -Ith Brigade. 


SECOND (late eighth) DIVISION. 

Brigadier- General James S. Negley. 

First {late Twenty -Fifth) Brigade. Second {late Twenty -Ninth) Brigade. 

Brigadier-General James G. Spears. Colonel Timothy R. Stanley. 

1st Tenn., Colonel Robert K. Byrd. .^ ,, j,, f Colonel Joseph R. Scott. 

•2d Tenn., Lt. Col. James M. Melton. ^''^^ ^'^•' ILt. Col. Alexander \V. Raffen. 

3d Tenn., Colonel Leonidas C. Houk. 11th Mich., Colonel William L. Stoughton. 
5th Tenn., Colonel James T. Shelley. 18th Ohio, Lt. Col. Josiah Given, 

lith Tenn., Colonel Joseph A. Cooper. \ Colonel William B. Cassilly. 

I Major Eli J. Hickcox. 
69th Ohio, \ Captain David Putnam. 

I Captain Joseph H. Brigham. 
[ Lt. Col. George F. Elliott. 

Third {late Seventh) Brigade. 
Colonel John F. Miller. 
„„ , J y f Colonel James S. Hull. 

6iih maiana, ^ Lieutenant-Colonel William D. Ward. 
21st Ohio, Lieutenant-Colonel James M. Neiblmg. 
74th Ohio, Colonel Granville Moody. 
78th Pennsylvania, Colonel William Sirwell. 


Kentucky, Battery B, Lieutenant Alban A. Ellsworth. 
1st Ohio, Battery G, Lieutenant Alexander Marshall. 
1st Ohio, Battery M,* Captain Frederick Schultz. 

THIRD (late first) DIVISION, f 

Brigadier- General Speed S. Fry. 


2d Kentucky Cavalry, Company B, Captain Henry E. Collins. 

First Brigade. Second Brigade. 

Colonel Moses B. Walker. Colonel John M. Harlan. 

82d Indiana, Colonel Morton C. Hunter. 10th Indiana, Colonel W' illiam B. CarrolL 

12th Ky., Colonel William A. Hoskins. 74th Indiana, Colonel Charles W. Chapman. 

17th Ohio, Colonel John M. Connell. 4th Kentucky, Colonel John T. Croxton. 

Slst Ohio, Lt. Col. Frederick W. Lister. 10th Kentucky, Lt. Col. William H. Ha3's. 

38th Ohio, Colonel Edward H. Phelps. 14th Ohio, Colonel George P. Este. 

Third Brigade. 
Brigadier-General James B. Steedman. 
87th Indiana, Colonel Kline G. Shryock. 
2d Minnesota, Colonel James George. 
9th Ohio, Colonel Gustave Kammerling. 
35th Ohio, Colonel Ferdinand Van Derveer. 


1st Michigan, Battery D, Captain Josiah W. Church. 
1st Ohio, Battery C, Captain Daniel K. Southwick. 
4th U. S., Battery I, Lieutenant Frank G. Smith. 

♦Attached to 2d Brigade 

tThe 1st Brigade (except the 12th Kentucliy) and Church's battery were the onlv troops of this 
division engaged in the battle of Stone's River. All commanders are given as they .stood December 
31. 1862. 


Brigadier-General Robert B. Mitchell. 

First Brigade* Second {late Thirty- Sixth) Brigade. 

Brigadier-General James D. Morgan. Colonel Daniel McCook. 

10th Illinois, Lt. Col. McLean F. Wood. |85th Illinois, Colonel Robert S. Moore. 

16th Illinois, Lt. Col. James B. Cahill. 8(Jth Illinois, Lt. Col. David W. xMagee. 

t60th Illinois, Colonel Silas C. Toler. Vl-'Ah. Illinois, Colonel Oscar F. Harmon. 

tlOth Mich., Lt. Col, C. J. Dickerson. t52d Ohio, Lt. Col. D. D. T. Cowen. 
}14th Mich., Major M. \V. Quackenbush. 


2d Indiana, Company A, Captain John G. Kessler. 

5th Kentucky, Major John Q. Ou.sley. 

§3d Tennessee, Colonel William C. Pickens. 


2d Illinois, Battery I, Captain Charles M. Barnett. 
II 10th Wisconsin Battery, Captain Yates V. Beebe. 

Unattached Infantry. 

8th, (5 companies,) Colonel John A. Martin. 
1st Middle (10th) Tennessee, Colonel Alvan C. Gillem. 

Artillery Reserve. 

11th Indiana Battery, Captain Arnold Sutermeister. 
12th Indiana Battery Lieutenant James A. Dunwoouy. 
1st Michigan, Battery E, Captain John J. Ely. 

FIFTH (late twelfth) DIVISION. T[ 

Brigadier-General Joseph J. Reynolds. 

First {late Thirty- Third) Brigade. Second (late Fortieth) Brigade. 

Colonel Albert S. Hall. Colonel Abram O. Miller. 

80th Illinois, Colonel Thomas G. Allen. 98th Illinois, Colonel John J. Funkhouser. 

123d Illinois, Colonel James Monroe. 17th Indiana, Colonel John T. Wilder. 

101st Indiana, Colonel William Garver. 72d Indiana, Major Henry M. Carr. 

105th Ohio, Lt. Col. William R. Tolles. 75th Indiana, Colonel Milton S. Robinson. 


18th Indiana Battery, Captain Eli Lilly. 

19th Indiana Battery, Captain Samuel J. Harris. 

•Formerly 2d Brigade, 13th Division. 

t Eight companies 60th Illinois, two companies 10th Michigan, and five companies 52d Ohio de- 
tached under command of Colonel Daniel McCook, and engaged in at Cox's Hill Janu- 
ary 3d. 

t Detached under command of Brigadier-General J. G. Spears January 2d and 3d, and with the 
1st Brigade, 2d Division, Centre, participated in the battle of .Stone's River January 3d. 

g Detachments with General Spears and Colonel MoCook January 2d and 3d. 

II Two sections with General Spears January 2d to 5th. 

If Not engaged at Stone's River. Commanders given as they stood December 31, 1862. 

[Note.— The exceptions indicated in foregoing notes were the only troops of this division taking 
part in the movement from Nashville to Murfreesborough.j 

Major-Gexekal Thomas L. Crittenden. 

FIRST (late sixth) DIVISION. 

(l)Brigadier-General Thomas J. Wood. 
(2)Brigadier-General Milo S. Hascall. 

First {late Fifteenth) Brigade. Second (late Twenty-First) Brigade. 

(l)Brigadier-General Milo S. Hascall. Colonel George D. Wagner. 

(2)Colonel George P. Buell. 

lOOth'IlL, Col. BVederick A. Barileson. l.^Jtli Indiana, Lt. Col. Gustavus A. Wood. 
f;«n r ri / Colonel George P. Buell. f Colonel John W. Blake. 

{)»tli ma., I j^^_ (.^j_ j^^^^g rp E;^,i,j.gg_ 4Qtjj Indiana, \ Lt. Col. Elias NeflP. 

„ , r^ , I Colonel Samuel McKee. i Major Henry Learning. 

60. LventucKy, j ^^^^^^ Daniel R. Collier. ( Colonel Cyrus C. Hiues. 

'J6th Ohio. Captain William H. Squires. 57th Ind.,x Lt. Col. George W. Lennard. 

( Captain John S. McGraw. 
97th Ohio, Colonel John Q. Lane. 

Third {late Twentieth) Brigade. 
Colonel Charles G. Harker. 
51st Indiana, Colonel Abel D. Streight. 
73d Indiana, Colonel Gilbert Hathaway, 
loth Michigan, Colonel Michael Shoemaker. 
64th Ohio. Lieutenant- Colonel Ale.xander Mcllvain. 
R-ti rvi • ' Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Cassil. 
botii umo, I ^^j^j^j. jjoj.ati(j N. VVhitbeck. 

• Artillery.''' 

Major Seymour Ract-. 
8th Indiana Battery, Lieutenant George Estep. 
lUth Indiana Battery, Captain Jerome B. Cox. 
6th Ohio Battery, Captain Cullen Bradley. 

SECOND (late fourth) DIVISION. 

Brigadier- General John M. Palmer. 

First {late Twenty- Second) Brigade. Second {late Nineteenth) Brigade. 

Brigadier-General Charles Cruft. Colonel William B. Hazen. 

31st Indiana, Colonel John Osborn. llOth Illinois, Colonel Thomas S. Casey. 

Ist Kentucky, Colonel David A. Enyart. 9th Indiana, Colonel William H. Blake. 
2d Kentucky, Col. Thomas D. Sedgewick. 6th Ky., Colonel Walter C. Whitaker. 
90th Ohio, Colonel Isaac N. Ross. 41st Ohio, Lt. Col. Aquila Wiley. 

Third {late Toith) Brigade. 

Colonel William Grose. 

84th Illinois, Colonel Louis H. Waters. 

op.i T r f Maior Isaac Kinlev. 

3bth Indiana, -s n \ ■ o i itr j j 
{ Captain ryrrhus Woodward. 

'23d Kentucky, Major Thomas H. Hamrick. 

6th Ohio, Colonel Nicholas L. Anderson. 

[ Colonel Frederick C. Jones. 

tnii, r>i • I Major Heiirv Terrv. 
24th Ohio,- n 4. ■ u ' i w' u 

' Captain Enoch \v eller. 

[Captain A. T. M. Cockerill. 


Captain William E. Standart. 

1st Ohio, Battery B, Captain William E. Standart. • • 

1 ^ r\\ ■ D it 171 * Captain Daniel T. Cockerill. 
1st Ohio, Battery I*, s t • ' , xt i n i 

' I Lieutenant Norval Osburn. 

4th U. S., Batteries H and M, Lieutenant Charles C. Parsons. 

* The 8th Battery was attached to the 1st Brigade, the lOth Battery to 2d Brigade, and the 6th Bat- 
tery to the 3d Brigade. 



(l)Brigadier-General Horatio P. Van Cleve. 
{2)Colonel Samuel Beatt}'. 

First [late Eleventh) Brigade. 

(l)Colonel Samuel Beatty. 
(ii>Colonel Benjamin C. Grider. 

70th Indiana, Colonel Frederick Knefler. 
Qtli K i Colonel Benjamin C. Grider. 

" ^^^^-'iLt. Col. George H. Cram. 
11th Kentucky, Maj. Erasmus L. Mottlci'. 
19th Ohio, Major Charles F. Manderson. 

Second (late Fourteenth) Brigade. 
Colonel James P. Fyffe. 

■44th Ind. 

f Colonel William C. Williams 

\ Lt. Col. Simeon C. Aldrich. 

86th Indiana. Lt. Col. George F. Dick. 

iQfi ni ■ ' Colonel Joseph G. Hawkins, 
loin i^uio, ^ \t . T^ • 1 i. I 

' t Maior Dwight Jarvis, ir. 

59th Ohio, Lt. Col. William Howard. 

Third [late Twenti/- Third) Brigade. 

Colonel Samuel W. Price. 

35th Indiana, Colonel Bernard F. Mullen. 

o.i T' ^ 1 f Lieutenant-Colonel Reuben May. 
8th Kentucky, { \t ■ n n r> i i 

- ' ( Major (jireen 13. Broaddus. 

21st Kentucky, Lieutenant-Colonel James C. Evans. 

51st Ohio, Lieutenant-Colonel Richard W. McClain. 

qq.i Qi • ' Colonel Peter T. Swaine. 

' 1 Lieutenant-Colonel John E. Cummins. 

Captain George R. Swallow. 
7th Indiana Battery, Captain George R. Swallow. 
Pennsylvania, Battery B, (26th,) Lieutenant Alanson J. Stevens. 
3d Wisconsin Battery, Lieutenant Cortland Livingston. 


Brigadier-Gexeral David S. Stanley. 


Colonel John Kennett. 

First Brigade. 
Colonel Robert H. G. Minty. 
2d Indiana, Company M. Captain J. A. 

S. Mitchell. 
3d Kentucky, Colonel Eli H. Murray. 
4th Mich., Lt. Col. Wm. H. Dickinson. 
7th Pa., Major John E. Wynkoop. 

Second Brigade. 
Colonel Lewis Zahm, 
^ ^ i^\ ■ ^ Colonel Minor Milliken. 

1st Ohio, -=, AT • T T 1 1- 

' t Major James Laughhn. 
3d Ohio, Lt. Col. Douglas A. Murray. 
4th Ohio, Major John L. Pugh. 

1st Ohio, Battery D, (section,) Lieutenant Nathaniel M. Newel 


,r^i-n 1 • f Maior Frank B. Ward. 

15th Pennsylvania, -j ^^^^^^-^^ ^,j.^^j y^,^.^_ 

1st Middle (5th) Tennessee, Colonel William B. Stokes. 
2d Tennessee, Colonel Daniel M. Ray. 


4th U. S. Cavalry, Captain Elmer Otis. 
f-Under the immediate command of General Stanley, chief of cavalry. 




Captain James StC. Morton. 

1st Battalion, Captain Lyman Bridges. 

2d Battalion, Captain Calvin Hood. 

3d Battalion, Captain Robert Clements. 

Illinois Light Artillery, Stokes' Battery, Captain James H. Stokes. 


1st Michigan, Colonel William P. Innes. 


10th Ohio, Lieutenant- Colonel Joseph W. Burke. 


Brigadier- General Eleazer A. Paine. 

Ward^s {late Eighth) Brigade. 

Brigadier-General William T.Ward. 
102d Illinois, Lieutenant- Colonel Frank C, Smith. 
105th Illinois, Lieutenant-Colonel Henry F. Vallette. 
70th Indiana, Colonel Benjamin Harrison. 
79th Ohio, Colonel Henry G. Kennett. 
Indiana Light Artillery, 13th Battery, Captain Benjamin S. Nicklin. 


1st Kentucky, Colonel Frank Wolford. 

7th Kentucky, Lieutenant-Colonel John K. Faulkner. 

11th Kentucky, Lieutenant- Colonel William E. Riley. 

* Not engaged at Stone's Eiver. Commanders given as they stood December 31, 1862. 


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