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S T O C K B R I D G E 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Boston Library Consortium IVIember Libraries 

* -\- •<■ 

vl "Amherst, Massachusetts 




. »,^-,;-|» 


f "Neatll^the elms of dear old Amherst'. 


i^'wapa-'^- -1 V ■ 


'A ■' 


;V "'»'^' 

':- -e:-^./^^ 



-'■'tJ^' '-'■■*.. '-V''ft;>Vi>.-3 


r-?/' r- 





f-5«?*J >. 


:--> *i^v. 

f,.- ■. >«. 


Give jbur besf jtc^ d^ar Ojd Stoitjcbridge, 














■ ■■■■ ^:'W%- 

Tha' ^l^uris are quicW|^^sm 











.■,,,a»v>-jjr^v3>i"->''> . 

--Ji\,!' '■'"J\ 



.- \ 







Thy great halls will not be lonely 
They contain our hearts. 

In the future thought will wander 
Back, and we will see 


Scenes we knew at dear Old Stockbridge 
Always dear they'll be. 

Yearljooks hold the past it seems, *ffv 
What M'e were ahd future dreams. i«g 
Pictures freeze a frame in time, «' v| 
memories here»qre yours and mine./ 

So lodk and learn of days gone hy, 
you're sure to feel a tear dropped eye,^ 
All thjese pictures, meniories past, .\ ^ 

Stpckbfidge stage and we the q^t.^ 'v''" 

j'riends we made will always be, ,\. 

prese'rved throughout the ages. , i 
Friends we make and never see;' , \;' 
preserved within these pages.."" > 't 

Reinemberweil the Stockbridge Hall,' 
and all the faces wc recall. ^ 
Remember well the two best years, 
when Stockbridge showed us oin- true peers^ 

Thatik-you yearbook ajid its crew, 
Stockbridge sliows its gratitude. 
Ifhahk-you y(*arbo6k-with its past, 
'Pictured friends that last and last. 

-Brian McFay ,' 




Carol Drake entered the Landscape 
Contracting program at Stockbridge 
in tlie fall of 1993 and passed away on 
November 29 of that year. Carol was 
one of our "non-traditional" students. 
She already held a Bachelor of Arts 
degree, was married and the mother 
of three young children. When Carol 
first came in to the office to talk about 
returning to school, she was somewhat 
hesitant about taking on such a 
tremendous commitment in addition 
to her family duties. But landscaping 
was something she had always 
enjoyed, and she wanted to do those 
things in life that gave her a sense of 
satisfaction. Returning to school 
meant a great deal to Carol, and she 
was very happy and excited pursuing 
what she had always wanted to study. 

Carol was also an accomplished artist. 
Her work had been exhibited locally 
at the Muller Gallery and the Forbes 
Library in Northampton, and was 
selected to be displayed at national art 
shows in Columbus, Ohio and San 
Francisco, California. The art pieces 
which Carol created were "nests," 
uniquely woven out of natural 
materials, interlaced with beads, 
feathers, medals, and other shiny or 
colorful objects. Her work had been 
inspired by magpies, birds which 
"borrow" such colorful objects and 
incorporate them into their own nests. 

Carol died while she and her family 
were visiting her parents in Ohio over 
the Thanksgiving holiday. At the time 
of her death, a memorial fund was 
established in her name. The fund 
would benefit a Salvadoran refugee 
woman whom Carol and her husband 
David befriended when they lived in 
California and whom they continued 
to support after the woman returned 
to El Salvador. Carol's parents' 
church in Bluffton. Ohio administers 
the fund. 

Sometimes our lives are just brushed 
by people we meet along our journey. 
Carol touched us briefly, but 
poignantly. Her death reminds us of 
(he fragility of life. Her life reminds us 
of the importance of being true to 
ourselves and always keeping our 
hearts open to what is important. Let 
that be her legacy to us. 


We the Class 
of 1995, 
would like to 
Wiernasz for 
her relentless 
pursuit to 
make the 
school and 
students the 
best they can 
be. The stu- 
dent body 
dedicates this 
book to Eliza- 
beth as a re- 
minder that 
we all love 

University of Massachusetts 
115Stockbridge Hall 
_ Amherst, MA 01003 



its March 24th. The crocus are just begining to show themselves, and at 1 1 AM 
there were snow flakes in the air. But, what is worst of all is that I am in the office 
while all of you are off having a good time over spring break (unless you are 
somewhere trying to earn a few bucks). Anyway, there are only a relatively few 
weeks left before its back to the cold cruel world of work, work, work. There is a 
tendency for many of your teachers and the staff to periodically question how 
we are doing, given the desparate state of the university's finances, but every 
now and then there is a bright spot on the horizon that makes us think it is all 
worthwhile. This happened to me the other day. I was at a meeting and a 
young man came up to me, said hello, and then proceeded to tell me how 
he was grateful each and every day for all he had learned at Stockbridge. 
The fact is that in the seven years I have been here and met hundreds of 
Stockbridge graduates, each and every one has expressed gratitude for their 

Our challenge continues to be enrollment, and you can do much to help. If 
you are in the Amherst area think about participating on the alumni board. If 
you live elsewhere take the time to visit a high school in your area and talk to 
the counselor. Tell them of your positive experience at Stockbridge and offer 
to talk with students who might be interested in our programs. Then give us a 
call and we will be glad to send you a few information packets which you can 
pass on to their students. Kathy Conway our recruiter can only visit a relatively 
small number of schools, so your help would be most welcome. 

Each and every one of your faculty are proud of your accomplishments and 
wish you success in your careers. And, we know that your'e going to represent 
the best the Stockbridge School has to offer. Please drop us a tine now and 
then to keep us posted on your progress, and notify us of any address 
changes so that we can keep you informed through our alumni newsletters. 

Yours for satisf/ing and productive careers. 

Harry L. Mosher, Director 


/M9 !l 

The Sfmit of Anunai 

John F. Ahern 
Associate Professor 
Landscape Architecture 
and Regional Planning 

Wesley R. Autio 

Associate Professor 
Plant and Soil Sciences 

Thomas Beauchesne David Beloniarz 

Greenhouse Manager Visiting Instructor 

Anthony Borton 

Veterinary and Animal 

Thomas Boyle 

Associate Professor 

William J. Bramlage 


Plant and Soil Sciences 

Dean Cardasis 

Program Coordinator 
Landscape Contracting 

Robert D. Childs 
Lecturer of Entomology 
Coordinator of Urban 
Forestry Diagnostic Lab 

Katherine Conway 

Stockbridge Recruiter 
Admissions Counselor 

Richard J. Cooper 

Associate Professor 
Plant and Soil Sciences 

Douglas Cox 

Assistant Professor 

Michael Davidsohn 

Duane Greene 

Susan Han 

Brian Hanlon 

Instructor Professor of Pomology Assistant Professor 

Landscape Contracting Floriculture 

Catherine Hickey 

Extension Specialist 
Plant Pathology 

Thomas Houston 

Forestry and Wildlife 

George Howe 
Associate Professor 
Veterinary and Animal 

Assistant Manager 
Equine Center 

Gail Hoyle 

Equine Center 

Sidney J. Lyford 

Veterinary and Animal 

William P. MacConnell 

Forestry and Wildlife 

Joseph C. Mawson 
Associate Professor 
Forestry and Wildlife 


Dennis P. Ryan 
Assistant Professor 
Arboriculture and Urban 



Gail Schumann 

Assistant Professor 
Plant Pathology 

Jerry Schurink 

Plant Pathology 


Patricia Vittum 

William Torello 

Associate Professor Turf Grass Science 


Terry A. Tattar 

Plant Pathology 

Not Pictured: 
Susan Mulgrew 
Robert Wick 
Brian Vinchesi 

Petris Veneman 


Plant and Soil Sciences 

^AA AX AX,. A XkkXkkkkkXXkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkki.f 


Earl T. Albert, Jr. 

Don Armbrust 

Scott A. Bauer 

Tim Baurle 

Brian Benedict 

Paul Bonini 

Brutus Cantoreggi 

Pamela A. Cantrill 

James Chesbro 

Christina Coy 

Stephen J. DiCicco 

Jason Drummond 

George E. Fairbanks 

Mellisa Frydlo 

David Giordano 

Patrick E. Grant 

John B. Haines 

Brian P. Hall 

Corinna J. Kittredge 

Kerry P. Kubiak 

Marshall Paquin 

Robert A. Parker, III 

James E. Senecal 

Karen Smith 

James E. Stacy 

James Sullivan 

Stephen Sullivan 

Nathan Swain 

Elliot Svlvia 

Christopher Warner 

Troy Whitham 

Sandra Yursielewicz 


Aboriciilture and Park Management 

David H. Bloch 

Patrick E. Grant 

John B. Haines 

Christopher J. Haluch 

Eric N. Lantz 

Michael J. McCoy 

Marshall L. Paquin 

Michele L. Sullivan 

David K. Verity 

Brent D. Wahlberg 

Equine Industries 
Christina L. Coy 
Pamela S. Foote 
Nicole E. Hettich 
Susan M. O'Keefe 
Laura Otero 
Karen L. Smith 
Wendy L. Smith 
Jan E. Thornton 
Hannah M. Wetterauw 

Andrew F. Cavanagh 
Brian W. Dejnak 
Robert L. Fournier 
Melinda S. Johnson 
Amanda B. King 
Deanna M. Mas 
Taya E. Rhodes 
James E. Senecal 
Craig Wall 
Sandra Yurgielewicz 

Landscape Contracting 
Bendon B. Akus 
Laurie L. Banks 
Dominic DeCaro 
Brian R. Fitzpatrick 
Michael S. Gravelle 
Corinna J. Kittredge 
Janathan M. LaBelle 
Peter J. Landry 
Jeffrey L. Levreault 
Christopher J. Morin 

Joseph M. Moseley 
Sean M. Reardon 
John M. Rose 
Robert E. Scott 
Thomas A. Serra 
Stephen G. Sullivan 
Nathan D. Swain 
Elliot S. Sylvia 
Stanley Szczurko, III 
Matthew G. Ulrich 
Shane R. Valero 

Tuffgrass Management 
Earl T. Albert 
Donald A. Amiburst 
Brian A. Benedict 
Paul A. Bonini 
Scott H. Brinckerhoff 
Robert A. Cantoreggi 
James P. Chesbro 
Stephen J. DiCicco 
George E. Fairbanks 
Michael E. Fleming 
David F Giordano 
Brian P Hall 
David A. Henault 
Alexander Hoefmger 
Paul J. Karle 
Michael F. Keane 
Brian F. Kellar 
Timothy J. Kelleher 
Ja;v 1 D. Kelley 
Ken-j !\ Kubiak 

Michael D. Kuflik 
Michael A. LaRocco 
Jeremy A. Lee 
Bryan A. Lincoln 
John M. Maher 
Wayne L. McCormick 
Francis A. Miller 
Gabriel M. Naventi 
Robert A. Parker, III 
Carlos A. Rebelo 
Justin F Santos 
Michael J. Santos 
James E. Stacy 
Paul J. Stepka 
Thomas P Stone 
James B. Sullivan 
Christopher A. Warner 
Troy H. Witham 
Christopher C. Wollenhaupt 
Samuel B. Woodger 
Michael L. Zenowich 

l "arl T. Albert. Jr. 
[brfgrass Management 

^'urfClub; Dean's List (2 semesters); RI Godf Course Superintendents Assn. Scholarship '94 & '95; Tom, Tommy, the Chemist: remember the 
).C. rooftop, hitchhiking to town, what the *%TYX over! (James), Portuguese meatballs, Thursday nights! To my friends: thanks for the 
nemories ! 

Donald A. Armbnist 
[\irfgrass Management 

^urf Club V.P. 93-94 Stockbridge Basketball 93-95, Stockbridge Golf Outing: Longest Drive + Closest to the Pin; 30 Golfballs - Topflight 
jflagnum; Alpha Tau Gamma - Vice President 94-95. 

3rian A. Benedict 
Purfgrass Management 

^urf Club, Alpha Tau Gamma, Stockbridge Golf; Graduating again! ! Yearbook Editor, Senate Vice President; Troll-Dickinson, Meserve, and 
Itratton Scholarships; To all my brothers: I hope you accomplish your dreams!! Spring '94 - careful of those oncoming snowplows!! B.H. -i- 
IB. - always will be a part of the 1 o'clock conga line. Wacky wine - check into a clinic!! See you all at Augusta!! 

')avid H. Block 

Arboriculture and Park Management 

>ki team (UMass-Stockbridge): Hillel; 3 times qualified for the World Championships (telemark skiing) '91-'92-'94 - 23rd overall in '94; 
National diploma in Arboriculture, England ('94); "Any time, any place, any tree..." (Thank you the special people who helped me reahze my 

'^aul Anthony Bonini 
Purfgrass Management 

^Ipha Tau Gamma, Turf Club, Secretary, Stockbridge Senate, Hockey; Brothers of ATG, thanks for all the good times and memories. Wayne- 
). get the handle. That's right! Spring '94 love ya. Mom and Dad, thanks for all your support and patience. 

Snitiis Cantoreggi 

[\irfgrass Management 

Upha Tau Gamma; Class President ('95), Turf Club President ("94), Shorthorn Editor ('94); The Hawk, Again. Really, I'm only 23 ! Tuesday at 
Clubhouse Chuck with Johnny, Fabio, Leblanc and Sprout. I love college. I get older, the girls stay the same age. The Stables. Later, dude! 

Christina Cov 

d^quine Industries 

Dean's List, LEAR(Honorai7 Scholastic Society); Blue Ribbon 1994 Livestock Classic (Morgan Mares); Thanks to my family for their love 
ind support; a special thanks to my insrructors and professors for understanding the strife of a single mom. Happy trail and best of luck to my 
ellow equestrians! 

Stephen J. DiCicco 
Hirfgrass Management 

furf Club, Hockey; Dean's List, LEAR (Honorary Scholastic Society); Troll-Dickinson and Porter Newton Scholarships; Thank you, Cindy 
ind Stephania. I love you!! 

George E. Fairbanks 
Purfgrass Management 

Turf Club, Golf Team; Dean's List; Troll-Dickinson, Crabtree, Stratton, and Golf Course Managers Association of Cape Cod Scholarships 

\ pavid G. Giordano 
!l\irfgrass Management 

Thank you. Mom and Dad, for eve^thing 

John B. Haines 

Arboriculture and Park Management 

Dean's List; International Society of Arboriculture Scholarship; Thank you. Mom and Dad, and for all the support I've recieved over the years. 
Good luck, guys! 

Brian P. Hall 

Tbrfgrass Management 

Associates Degree; Brother of ATG;Social Clhairperson; Turf Club; Thanks to Mom & Dad. Denise and Kevin thanks for always being then?. 
Sessions on the futonGood Times at ATG, Vikings, Charlies - Best of luck to all brothers. Loon Lake, 1 :00 am Konga. Cora Mannelli "I Love 

David Henault 
l\irfgrass Management 

Stockbridge Basketball Team 

Alexander Hoefinger 
TXirfgrass Management 

Golf Eichenheim; Thanks, Mom and Dad. Love you always. Bill and Harriet: you guys are great. I won't fort you. Love, Alex. 

Melinda Johnson 
Commercial Floriculture 

Deanna: thanks for everything, prodigy. We're the best buddy system! To all my Stockie friends: thanks for all the great times! Thanks, Mom, 
Dad, Pam and Dan. 

Paul J. Katie 
Tiirfgrass Management 

GCSAA; Good luck Alex, Tom, George, Steve, and Mike. Thanks, Mom and Dad. 

Michael Keane 
Turfgrass Management 

Turf Club('94-'95); GCSAA member; NESTMA member; Freshman Class President ('94); Alpha Tau Gamma President ('95); Two years well 
spent. Its never too late to find your passion. Thank you to my friends and family and especially to my ATG brothers. You are the brothers I 
never had, Tau. 

Brian F. Kellar 

Turfgrass Management 

Stockbridge Golf Team 

Kerry P. Kubiak 
Ibrfrgrass Management 

Crew, tugby, intramural hockey; "Thye Brook," Sugarbush '95, Banger's Bonanzas, "Chuck's"; Hi Ozzzzzy. Ozzy did what? And why is he 
naked? Kelly, take the road least travelled 

Bryan A. Lincoln 
Tlirfgrass Management 

Stockbridge basketb all; GCSAA; Living through the past two years and graduating; L Plidor and Porter Newton Scholarships; Thanks for 
making me feel my age and not expecting me to act it. 

John M. Maher 
Tbrfgrass Management 

Turf Club. Alpha Tau GAmma; Stockbridge Senate Treasurer; Thank you, my brothers of ATG, brothers for life. Tuesday nite at Chuck's. XMas^ 
party. The Stables. Thank you,e veryone, especially my dad, Cassie and Connor! I could never have done without you! 

Deanna Mas 
Retail Floral Design 

Butterworth-Dietz Scholarship; 

Mom and Dad; thank you for your support and encouragement. Mindy, we have had a lot of memorable times; keep in touch and remember - 

don't let anyone hold you back. 

Frank Miller Management 

Turf, Crew Clubs; Bring over a bottle of that Briorcsh! Ozzie dancing naked. The Sur is you T. In theory Dr. Marsh. Water head! 

Laura Otero 
Equine Industries 

Equestrian Team; Good luck to all my fellow graduates. Hannah, best of luck in the future. Thanks for everything. Mom and Dad, Cyndi, Lou 
and Joe. I love you all. 

Justin F. Santos "STOS" 
lYirfgrass Management 

Intramural soccer; Dean's List (2 semesters); 1994 Plidor Scholarship; James, say hi to your mom and Nattie is the nectar of the Gods. Tom say 
hi to your brother and "Awhh balls!" Mike S., Sam, George. Gabe. Mike, Frank, Brian, John and everyone else, good luck! 

Robb Scott 
Landscape Contracting 

Landscape Contractors' Club, Turf Club; Surviving the Happy Valley, ATG SMas party; Hawk, Rag; ATG, single white male seeking OPPS! 
Traveling, sun, fun, Utah, partying! Holly Jollies to all friends made and cost, I'll never forget this place; don't you! 

James E. Senecol 

Thanks, Mom, for being there and helping me get through my first two years.. 

Karen L. Smith 
Equine Industries 

Equestrian Team; Livestock assic; student horse show '93; Nationals; I'll never forget '94, 1 luv u. K.I. P.. .Jacob, thank you for a great three 
years. I hope you capture your dreams. B & G, remember 15A forever. Grayson '92. I'll always cherish the 'Budhght' weekends. KD. JT. DL. 
CA. JF. SN. MT. MF. MG. JA. TR. Bye, guys. It's been fun 

James E. Stacy 
lYirfgrass Management 

Stockbridge Turf Club; Dean's List (2 semesters); Stos, what's up with the MEATBALLS, Refer to Tisdale. et. al. Earl, can't talk, gotta go EA. 
Remember that Thursday in 804 JS. EA. Hey, what's wrong with a Natty. Thanks to my friends for the memories. Good luck. 

Jim Sullivan 
l\irfgrass Management 

Stockbridge Hockey Team; Thank you Mom and Dad, Bam and Gem, and Gram. Good luck everyone 

Shane Richard Valero 
Landscape Contracting 

Alpha Tau Gamma; Hanging out w/JD, JK. MD, J, M, AD, AND S... living w/DV, SM. KW. LR... Good times w/TB, NS, JK, JD, MKDV, SM, 
Venezuela w/JL, Big Bro SB Little Bros PB, CC Christmas Party KX w/RT Twisters w/TB Thanks for all the help Mom. Dad and Lynn "Don't 
stop to smell the roses too long, life might pass you by." SV 

Brent Wahlberg 

Arboriculture and Park Management 

South Pond Water Skiers; Dean's List; Mass. Tree Wardens & Foresters, New England Chptr.. Internatl. Society of Arboriculture, and Dr. 
MalcoMcKenzie Scholarships; International Society of Arboriculture member 

Sandra Yurgielesicz 

Dean's List, LEAR (Honorary Scholastic Society) 

■■«■■ ■?? 

T- -ic ■« 



r' -^ 




" ■-s.-as*"'--. 

'V "-■.■'it 


■ .l^J-'J.! '"^ - 

;?*:■ *c 



:-\ .^i&-- " -^a- -If ?^^'^- ■ '^-r ■■■ 

e^-^'^;^^^^- ,,-iv 










Stockbridge Hockey 



Stockbridge Basketbal 



n:-.';J^flp^B^i. ._;_-;ii^^ - 




f'-^- *; 

^-ffi^fB, u/ 

■»^ :; ;* 


i *pr*- 


i-TMSifei, . . _!;jiSi«ir" 



Holly Jolly 

Golf Outin 






Parties @ 



ki Trip to 

3 . 

■^-___^_ " *~'*'Sg; 


— fl^^^l 


1^ — *^ZI^ 

|F — *~n 


r 1 



^ ■ 

i ' 



— ^1 

375 North 
Pleasant St. 
Rocks ! ! 






'ax'^^*'.^ I'l 1 




OA^.. ''' 

■ ' '*"!'* 

Senior Picnic 


.^av- ^«3^|^^ 

^^^H. ^mm 

^'-^ ^^^^^H 

^^^^H^^, ^.^ 

^^^^H^v-^^ ^^^HH 

Utf it. ^H 

■Hi ^^ 



K , ^. W!-- 

:: ..91 


mmmp^ ji 

4 i- 

Dave Anderson 
Don Armbrust 
Christopher S. Barnicoat 
Tom Baurle 
Brian Benedict 
Paul Bonini 
Robert Cantoreggi 
Jim Chesbro 
Chris Carey 
Matt Dutremble 
Brian P. Hall 
Mike Keane 
Norman LaFaille 
Chris Leblane 
Jeremy A. Lee 
Chad Mathiev 
John Maher 
Dan Mayer 
Wayne McCormick 

Alpha Tau Gamma 

Alpha Tau Gamma is 
the only two year frater- 
nity foundedf soley for 
the Stockbridge stu- 
dents. These brothers 
are a breed apart and 
will always strive for ex- 
cellence. The house re- 
mains strong, with more 
than 36 brothers, and 
has exceeded expecta- 
tions for the last two 
years due to their com- 

mitment to excellence 
by the active chapter. 
Many fraternities are 
simply social, but the 
brotners of ATG make 
the difference by giving 
of their time to people, 
charities, and most of all 
each other. The Green 
and Gold will always 
shine on, due to the 
alumni support and this 
makes ATG the best 
house on campus. 

Mike McDermott 
Chris Morin 
Mark Muniz 
Scott Murphy 
Richard Nelson 
Jim Norcross 
Michael Parks 
Robert A. Parker III 
Marshall Paquin 
Carlos Rebelo 
Eric Roensch 
Robb Scott 
Nathan Swain 
Lawrence Taylor 
Shane Valero 
Jay Webster 
Kevin Whitcher 
Michael Zenowich 

Stockbridge School of Agriculture 
Seventy-Third Commencement 


Fanfare-Walter M. Chesnut 

Processional-UM Brass Quintet 

Presiding-HaiTy L. Mosher 

Invocation-James B. Marcum 

Welcome-Harry L. Moslier 

Remarks- Robert G. Helgesen 
Patricia Cosson 
Robert A. Cantoreggi 
David K. Scott 

Verbeck Award Presentation- 
Harry L. Mosher 

Denison Award Presentation- 
Daniel A. Smiarowski 

Introduction of LEAR Members 

Commencement Address- 
Donald A. McMahon 

Presentation of Candidates 

Awarding of Degrees- 
Michael K. Hooker 

Alma Mater-Kevin J. Hollister 

Closing-Harry L. Mosher 

Reverend J.Joseph Quigley 

Recessional-UM Brass Quintet 

Bowker Auditorium 
Stockbridge Hall 

Salnrday May 27, 1995 





Academic Distinction 

Highest Distinction 

Christina L. Coy 

Stephen J. DiCicco 

David A. Henaidt 

High Distinction 

George E. Fairbanks 

Paula S. Foote 

Brent D. Wahlberg 

Sandra Yurgielewicz 


Earl T. Albert 

Dominic DeCaro 

Robert L. Fournier 

Joseph M. Moseley 

Wendy L. Smith 
Samuel B. Woodger 

Christina L. Coy 

Stephen J. DiCicco 

Paula S. Foote 

David A. Henault 
Sandra Yurgielewicz 

We are very proud of you 

Laura. You have a beautiful 

future ahead of you. Make 

the best of it. 


Mom, Dad 

Luis, Cyndi & Migdaha 

John Michael 

Congratulations and 
best wishes for contin 
ued success in any- 
thing you choose to 


Dad, Cassie and 

To my son, Michael Spaulding Cray, 

I am so happy 
with the direction 
that your life 
is taking you 
all of your decisions and 
all of your actions 
are so noble and intelligent 
I often think about 
how you were a little boy 
I hope that you remain so in control 
of your life forever 
and I want you to know that 
sometimes you will make mistakes 
and when those times occur 
the proudest mother in the world 
is always here 
to encourage you 
to understand you 
to talk with you 
to support you 
and to love you forever 

Joseph Moseley 

Good luck Joe 

We're proud of 



Mom + Dad 


Class of "95" 

Earl + Joan Albert 


Look back with pride 
on what you have ac- 
compUshed. Remem- 
ber you have places 
to to. Good luck as 
you climb to greater 


Love + Congratulations, 
Mom + Dad 







We are very proud of you. 

Wim love, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Kenny + Jane 

Michael McCoy 

Mom and Dad are proud of you 

From Fran + Phyllis Keane, 

Congratulations to Mike Keane, and all the Class of '95 - may you all 
enjoy blue skies and luscious green grass beneath you feet forever. 
Good Luck 


(508) 655-0235 (508) 653-3094 

Francis M. Keane 


NATICK. MA 01760 

Editor's Note 

As I finish this yearbook; all I can think of 
is "Memories". 

Pictures will last a lifetime and I captured 
as much of them as possible. Life at 
Stockbridge was the greatest two years of 
my life. All of us found friends and brothers 
for life and that is the greatest gift of all. 
The Stockbridge crest reads: "Give Your 
Best to Stockbridge; Body Heart and Soul." 
I believe this book represents that. I leave 
you all with a fond farewell and goodbye. 
I love you all, 
Brian A. Benedict 

V ' S'^iSy'P'ww * 

dti Canada 






X^iilsuforth Publishing Company 

30G North Kins-is Avenue / Marcelinc, Missouri 64638 USA 




m s '^^^^ 




'£#4' ,