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The Student's 
Dictionary of 




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First edition 1896 
Eleventh impression 1981 

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Printed in Great Britain 
at the University Press, Oxford 

by Eric Buckley 
Printer to the University 



THIS dictionary was undertaken at the request of the Delegates of the 
Clarendon Press, who, feeling the want of an abridgement of the large Anglo- 
Saxon dictionary (BT) still in progress, applied to me. From a variety of reasons 
I felt myself obliged to undertake the work. As the book was wanted as soon as 
possible, with a view to forestalling unauthorized abridgements, I could only under- 
take to do my best within a limited space and a limited period. Every dictionary 
is necessarily a compromise. If done ideally well and on an adequate scale, it is 
never finished and an unfinished dictionary is worse than useless or, if finished, 
is never uniform as regards materials and treatment. A dictionary which is good 
from a practical point of view that is, which is finished within a reasonable time, 
and is kept within reasonable limits of space must necessarily fall far short of ideal 
requirements. In short, we may almost venture on the paradox that a good 
dictionary is necessarily a bad one. 

Sources. When I first began this work all the existing Anglo-Saxon 
dictionaries were completely antiquated. The old Bosworth is an uncritical 
compilation, which falls far short of the scientific requirements even of the period 
of its first publication. Ettmiiller's Lexicon Anglosaxonicum is far superior as 
regards accuracy and fullness, but its unhappy arrangement of the words under 
hypothetical roots makes it practically useless to the beginner. Leo's Angel- 
sdchsisches Glossar combines the faults of both its predecessors with a recklessness 
in inventing new forms and meanings which is without a parallel even in Anglo- 


Saxon lexicography. I had hardly begun to work steadily at this dictionary when 
a Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary was brought out by Dr. Clark Hall (CH), an 
American scholar. CH is a work of great industry, and contains a good deal of 
new and valuable matter ; but it is terribly uncritical, and embodies an enormous 
number of spurious words and meanings. 

I have already said that this dictionary was undertaken as an abridgement 
of BT. But BT consists really of two fragments of dictionaries. The first part 
(A-FIR), for which Bosworth alone is responsible, is far inferior to the succeeding 
portions of the work, which have been edited by Prof. Toller : these show a great 
and progressive improvement in fullness, accuracy and method. I have, of course, 
throughout checked and supplemented BT by the other dictionaries and glossaries 
including my own glossaries to the Anglo-Saxon Reader and Oldest English Texts 
and by a MS. dictionary of my own, begun many years ago, when I had scarcely 
emerged from boyhood. CH has also been of considerable service, as he gives 
references for many of the rarer words. But the labour of testing these, and 
separating the grains of wheat from the mass of chaff, has been great, and has 
materially retarded my progress. I have also found time to gather a good deal of 
fresh material from the texts themselves. 

Difficulties. The great difficulty of Anglo-Saxon lexicography is that we 
have to rely for our material solely on a limited number of carelessly written 
and often badly edited manuscripts there is no long series of native critics, 
grammarians and lexicographers to help us. The greatest difficulties are with the 
glossaries of detached words. In many of these English (that is, Anglo-Saxon) 
explanations of the Latin words are only occasionally interspersed among Latin 
renderings ; and it is often a difficult task to determine whether a word is English 
or a miswritten word in Latin or some other language. One editor even prints 
resuanas as an English gloss to ineptias, not seeing that it stands simply for res 
i'anas\ And even when we are certain that a word is English we cannot be 
sure that it has not been displaced, so that it really has nothing to do with 
the Latin word it follows. Hence the imaginary word blere, ' onyx,' which still 
encumbers all the dictionaries except the present one. The connexion between 
the English gloss and its original is often very vague, as when napta ( naphtha] is 
glossed tynder, 'tinder,' on account of its inflammability ! Again, the Latin words 
are often misspelt beyond recognition, and even when correctly spelt often cannot 
be found in any Latin dictionary, either classical or mediaeval. To deal fully and 



successfully with these glossaries would require a combination of qualities that has 
never yet been achieved, together with several lifetimes. The investigator of 
Old-English as a whole to whom these glossaries are only subordinate sources 
of information is therefore often obliged to work by guesswork, until some one 
else guesses better, and to be thankful for an occasional ray of light. 

We have similar difficulties with the place-names in the Charters. Even in 
connected texts there are often great difficulties : such poems as Beowulf and the 
Exodus teem with obscurities, many of which will probably never be cleared up. 

Doubtful matter. Although I have tried, as a general rule, to keep doubtful 
matter out of the dictionary, I have been careful to leave a margin, especially in 
dealing with a well-known text such as Beowulf. But I have often put the reader 
on his guard by adding (?), or by referring (by Cp.} to some other word of which 
the doubtful word may be a variant, or by indicating the source of an obscure word ; 
thus R. tells him that the word or meaning occurs only in the Rhyming Poem, 
which is the most obscure of all the poems. The doubtfulness of a word is greatly 
increased when it occurs only once ; accordingly in such cases I often add the 
warning once. Doubtful endings are printed in thin letters; thus gambe/. means 
that the word occurs only in the inflected form gamban, which may point either to 
a feminine gambe or a masculine gamba. So also pyffan means that the word 
occurs only in forms which leave it in doubt whether the infinitive is pyffan 
or pyfan. 

Late words. All Anglo-Saxon dictionaries contain words which are not 
Old-English, but belong to Transition-English (1100-1200), or even to Middle- 
English. Thus all dictionaries except the present one give a form abbot for abbod 
with a reference to the year 675 of the Chronicle, which certainly seems early 
enough. But unfortunately the whole of that entry is an interpolation in Transi- 
tion- or Early Middle-English, so that the form abbot has no claim whatever to be 
regarded as Old-English. Another source of these forms are collections of texts 
such as Kluge's Lesebuch and Assmann's Homilien, which contain late Transition 
texts mixed up with Old-English ones, so that late forms get into the glossaries to 
these books, whence they are copied by uncritical compilers. But I have thought 
it right to keep many of the words which occur in the later portions of the 
Chronicle, partly on the chance of their being really older than their first occur- 
rence, partly because of the continuity and great importance of the Chronicle. 



Words that first occur towards the end of the eleventh century are marked 

Unnatural words. As the Old-English literature consists largely of transla- 
tions, we may expect to find in it a certain number of words which are contrary to 
the genius of the language, some of them being positive monstrosities, the result of 
over-literal rendering of Latin words. I often warn the reader against them by 
adding (!). These unnatural words are not confined to interlinear translations. 
The translator of Bede's History is a great offender, and I have had constantly 
to add the warning Bd. Among the poetical texts the Psalms are especially 
remarkable for the number of unmeaning compounds they contain, evidently 
manufactured for the sake of the alliteration ; this text also contains many other 
unnatural words and word- meanings ; hence the frequent addition of Ps. 

Brevity. In a concise dictionary so much must be omitted that it is necessary 
to follow strict principles of selection, so as to omit what is least essential and to 
give most space to what is most important. Otherwise we might easily fall into the 
error of giving more space to a demonstration of the spuriousness or unnaturalness 
of a word than to a statement of the meanings and constructions of some really 
important word. The test of a dictionary is not the number of words it contains, 
but the fullness of treatment of the commonest words. 

Brevity and conciseness have not only the negative advantage of saving space, 
but also the positive one of facilitating reference by enabling the eye to take in 
at a glance what would otherwise be scattered over a wide space. It will be 
seen that the three-column arrangement of the present dictionary, together 
with the use of systematic contractions and typographical devices, has made it 
possible to carry compactness and brevity further than has yet been done, and 
without any loss of clearness. Thus, instead of the lengthy w. dat. of pers. and 
gen. of thing, I write simply ivdg. Much, too, may be done by omitting what is 
superfluous. Thus, by adding its class-number to each strong verb, I dispense with 
the addition of str. vb. Again, as nearly all verbs are recognizable by their ending 
-an, the absence of the class-numbers serves all the purposes of adding wk. vb., the 
classes of the weak verbs being easily discriminated by the presence or absence of 
a mutated vowel in the root. The ignoring of ge- in the alphabetic arrangement 
(p. xii) has also been a great saving of space : under the old arrangement the reader 
was often obliged to look up a verb twice, perhaps only to find that the 


were confined to the preterite participle ; as if a student of German were expected 
to look up nahm under nehmen and genomnten under genehmen \ 

Meanings. The first business of a dictionary such as the present one is to give 
the meanings of the words in plain Modern English, discriminating clearly the 
different meanings of each word, but doing this briefly and without the attempt to 
give all the English words that may be used to translate the Old-English word. 
Etymological translation should be avoided ; thus gepofta does not mean ' one who 
sits on the same rowing-bench.' Less mischievous, but equally silly, is the practice 
of translating an Old-English word by some obsolete or dialectal word, which is 
assumed sometimes falsely to be connected with the Old-English one. Thus, 
when we have once translated beam by ' child ' there is no more reason for adding 
' bairn ' than there is for adding ' kid ' or any other synonym. It is curious that 
this kind of thing is done only in the Germanic languages : no one thinks of 
translating un veau, cest le petit d'lme vache by ' a veal, it is the little of a cow,' or 
of telling us that ' a veal is less grand than a beef.' One practical advantage of 
avoiding this kind of translation is that when the reader finds in a dictionary such 
as the present one lizce explained as meaning ' leech ' as well as ' physician/ he feels 
quite certain that the former word is not a mere repetition of the meaning of the 
latter. But in some cases where there is no example of the primitive meaning of 
a word, and yet there is reason to believe that it actually existed in Old-English, 
I give it in ( ) ; thus under wacan I give (awake). 

The distinct meanings are separated by (;), groups of meanings being further 
marked off by | and ||, the latter being especially used to separate the transitive 
and intransitive meanings of verbs. 

The ambiguity of many English words makes it difficult to define meanings 
with certainty without full quotations. The best method is to add part of the 
context in ( ) : thus I explain ddragan by ' draw (sword),' seomian by ' hang heavy 
(of clouds),' where the italic of stands for ' said of.' 

Quotations are next in importance to definitions, though an extensive use of 
them is quite incompatible with the nature of a concise dictionary. But idioms 
ought to be given whenever they offer difficulty. Sometimes, too, a quotation is 
shorter than a detailed explanation. Whenever space has allowed it. I have also 
given quotations even when they are not absolutely necessary. 


References I omit entirely, as being inconsistent with the plan of this dic- 
tionary. But I indicate the sources of words in many cases ; and f = ' poetical ' is 
practically a reference to Grein's Glossar, where full references may be found. 

Constructions are given with considerable fullness. 

Irregular forms which can be better studied in an ordinary grammar are dealt 
with very briefly. Thus I characterize bee as ' pi. of hoc ' without going into further 
details, while under the rarer ac I give fuller details. 

Cognate words are given only in Old-English itself. It would, indeed, have 
argued a strange want of the sense of proportion if I had sacrificed my quotations 
in order to tell the reader that mann is cognate with Danish mand, or to refer him 
from the perfectly transparent compound llc-hama to the misleading German 
leichnam. But I give the sources of borrowed words or, at least, indicate the 
language from which they are taken as this information is definitely limited, and 
throws direct light on the meaning of the word. 

Spellings. In this dictionary the head-words are given in their Early West- 
Saxon spellings, with, of course, such restrictions and exceptions as are suggested 
by practical considerations. Feminine nouns in -ung, -ing are given under the 
former spelling, unless they occur only in the latter. The ending -nts, -nes is 
always written -nes ; -o interchanging with -u, as in bearo. menigo, is always written 
-<?, to distinguish it from the -u of suntt, caru. The silent e in c(e}aru, sc(e]ort is 
always omitted in the head-words. It is evident that it would have been idle 
to attempt to do justice to such minute variations in a work like the present one. 
So also I ignore the diphthong io, always writing it eo, in spite of its etymological 
value in certain texts. 

As the regular variations of spelling are given in the List (p. xiv) in alpha- 
betical order, they are not repeated under each word. To save space I have made 
some use of etymological diacritics. Thus the West-Saxon ce which corresponds 
to Anglian and Kentish e is written ^ (as in d<zd}. So also ie, ie, i$ all represent 
the same Early West-Saxon sound, but each corresponds to a different vowel in 
the other dialects, namely i, e, g respectively, as in bierhto, scield, cigle = Anglian and 
Kentish birhto, sceld, cgle. Variations of spelling which require to be specially 
noted are given as in my History of English Sounds in an abridged form ; thus 
wita, io implies iviota, the diphthong being given to show that the i of ivita is 


short. So also ben, oe implies boen ; feorm, a implies farm, the diphthongs ea, eo, ia, 
w, ie, oe being treated as simple vowels. Where necessary, the place of the vowel 
is indicated thus : a- (first syllable), -a (last syllable), -a- (middle syllable). Forms 
that do not occur are marked *. Hence briesan*,y means that the word occurs only 
in the spelling brysan. but that this is probably only a late spelling, and that if the 
word occurred in an Early West-Saxon text it would probably be written with ie. 
As the reader cannot possibly know beforehand whether the spelling he believes or 
knows to be the normal one actually occurs or not, it is surely better to put the 
word in the place where he expects to find it than to give way to a too great 
distrust of hypothetical forms. 

Cross-references are given sparingly, and only when really useful to those for 
whom the dictionary is intended. The reader who wants a cross-reference from 
bundon to bindan~a.nd perhaps expects to have it repeated vntin. forbindan and all 
the other derivatives had better devote a few hours to my Anglo-Saxon Primer. 
There is no system of cross-references which will enable people ignorant of the 
elements of Old-English to read charters and other original texts in Old-English ; 
and cross-references for forms which occur only in interlinear glosses are of no use 
to beginners, for no beginner would think of reading such texts with a dictionary 
or, indeed, of reading them at all. No one who has an elementary knowledge of 
West-Saxon will have the slightest difficulty in recognizing such a word as woruld 
by its context, even in the disguise of wiarald. If he has, he need only turn to the 
list of various spellings, where he will find ia=eo, and in the dictionary itself he will 
find weoruld with a reference to woruld. 

In conclusion, I venture to say that, whatever may be the faults and defects of 
this work. I believe it to be the most trustworthy Anglo-Saxon dictionary that has 
yet appeared. 


October i, 1896. 


THE order is alphabetic, ce following ad, and / (which also stands for $") following /. But ge- 
is disregarded (gebed under b), and is generally omitted before verbs, except where accompanied 
by distinctions of meanings, as in gegan, 

Compounds and derivatives generally come immediately after the simple word, whose repetition 
is denoted by ~, as in bi-spell, ~b6c = btspellboc. If only part of the word is repeated, that part 
is marked off by an upright stroke, as in bannjan, ~end = bannend. So also in the first quotation 
given under meenjan, the ~e stands for mane ; but if nothing is added to the ~ when used in this 
way, it necessarily implies repetition of the complete head-word, whether the head-word contains 
a | or not : thus in all the quotations given under gem8en|e the ~ stands for gemane. 

* denotes hypothetical or non-existent forms (p. xi). 

t signifies that the word or idiom or meaning occurs only in poetry, (t) that it is mainly 
poetical, but occurs also in prose. When all the compounds of a word marked t occur only in 
poetry, the t is omitted after them ; otherwise the t is repeated after them when necessary, or the 
exceptions are marked Pr. = ' prose.' i after an isolated vowel means that the shortness or length 
of the vowel is proved by the metre ; thus *t under iviga means that the metre shows that the i is 
short, while o\ under firowian means that although the o does not seem to be accented in which 
case 6 would have been added the metre shows it to be long at least in some dialects. 

(?) denotes doubtful words, forms, or meanings (p. vii). 

(!) denotes words formed in slavish imitation of Latin (p. viii). 

The ( ) in (m.) means that the gender of the noun is doubtful, but probably masculine ; 

(/.} means that it is probably feminine, and so on. When the second of two final repeated 

consonants is put in ( ), it implies that the uninflected word ends in a single consonant, which 

is doubled before an inflectional vowel ; thus fSBSten(n) means nominative fasten, dative 

fcestenne, &c. 

For the meaning of the thin e in gambe, &c., see p. vii. 

For the diacritics in <z, ie, ie, see p. x. 

In words divided by a hyphen, the stress is generally on the first syllable, if no stress-mark is 
used ; if the stress is on any other than the first syllable, it is marked by ' before the letter with 
which the stress begins, as in be'cuman, which has the same stress as become, whrle in such a word 



as bi-spell the stress is on the first syllable. In such compounds as ongean-cyme the first element 
is assumed to have the stress in the same place as in otfgean, that is, on the second syllable. 

The parts of speech are not generally marked in the case of adjectives, numerals, pronouns, 
and weak verbs, strong verbs being indicated by the number of their class. Anomalous verbs are 
marked vb., especially the preterite-present verbs, such as cann, which are given under this form, 
not under their infinitives. 

A. Anglian. 
a. accusative, 


abs. absolute. 
abst. abstract. 
act. active. 
aj. adjective. 
an. analogy. 
av. adverb. 

Bd. Bede's History. 

cj. conjunction. 
coll. collective. 
comp. composition. 
correl. correlative. 
cp. compare. 
cpv. comparative. 
Ct. Charter. 

d. dative. 
def. definite. 

dem. demonstrative. 
dir. direct. 

e. E. early. 
esp. especially. 

f. feminine (noun). 
fern, feminine. 
fig. figuratively). 

Fr. French. 

g. genitive. 
gen. generally. 
ger. gerund. 

Gk. Greek. 
G-l. glossary. 

accusative sin- 

i. instrumental. 

inipers. impersonal. 

impv. imperative. 

indc. indicative w. indc. with 

the conj./<?l followed by vb. 

in indc. 

indecl. indeclinable. 
indef. indefinite. 
indir. indirect. 
inf. infinitive. 
infl. influence. 
intens. intensitive. 
interj. interjection. 
interr. interrogative. 
intr. intransitive. 

K. Kentish. 

/, L. late. 
lit. literally. 
LL. Laws. 
/-/. Latin. 

M. Mercian. 
m. masculine (noun). 
masc. masculine. 
met. metaphorical(ly). 

N. Northumbrian. 

n. neuter (noun). 

neut. neuter. 

no. noun. 

nom. nominative. 

nW. non- West-Saxon. 

occ. occasional(ly). 
of said of (p. ix). 

pass, passive. 
pers. person(al). 

pi. plural, nominative and ac- 
cusative plural, noun in 

pleon. pleonastic(ally). 

pass, possessive. 

Pr. Prose. 

pro. pronoun. 

prp. preposition. 

prs. present. 

prt. preterite. 

Ps. Psalms (metrical). 

ptc. participle, preterite parti- 

R. Rhyming Poem. 
rel. relative. 

rfl. reflexive in form, that is, 
taking a rfl. pronoun. 

sly. subjunctive w. sbj. with 
the conj. p<zt followed by vb. 
in sbj. 

Scand. Scandinavian (Scand. 
words are given in their Ice- 
landic forms). 

sg. singular. 

spl. superlative. 

st. strong. 

tr. transitive. 

v. very. 

vb. verb (generally implying 
anomalous vb.). 

W. West-Saxon. 

w. with waa. with double ac- 
cusative, wdg. with dative of 
person and genitive of thing, 
and so on. 

wk. weak. 

Note that these contractions are often combined : mf. noun which is both m. and/!, eW. early 
West-Saxon, Id. dative in the later language, vL. very late (p. viii). 



[The spellings which follow the -= are those under which the word must be sought in the 
dictionary, if it cannot be found under the original spelling. Unaccented vowels are disregarded.] 

ps = sp. 
pt = ft. 
qu = cw. 
sc = s. 
see - sc. 
sci = sc. 
s> = st. 

U = f, Ug, V, W. 

uu = u, w. 

v = f. 

weo = wo, wu. 

wi = wu. 

wo = weo. 

wu = w, weo, wo, wy. 

wy = weo, wi. 

x = cs, hs, sc. 

y = e, i, ie, yg. 

a = x, ea. 
x = a, aeg, e, ea. 
aei, adg = seg. 

fh = mn. 
g = h, w, x. 

aeo = ea. 

ge = g. 

b = f. 

ocr ^ C? 

c = g, h. 

PI ^~ P. 

ce = c. 
ch = c, h. 
ci = c. 

gu = geo. 
h = c, g. 
hs = sc, x. 

cs - sc, x. 

i = eo, g, ie, ig, ige, y. 

ct = ht. 

ia = eo. 

d p. 

ig = i. 

dd = pd. 

io = eo. 

ds = ts. 

iu=eo, geo. 

8 = b. 

iw = eow. 

e = ae, ea, eg, eo, ie, y. 

k = c. 

ea = x, a, eo, gea, i. 
ei = e, eg. 
eo = e, ea, geo, i, ie, oe (=e). 

m-mn, n. 
nc = c(e)n, ng. 
ng = g(e)n. 

en = eo, eow. 

o = a, og. 

ew = eow. 

oe = e, ae. 



Strong Feminine. 
PI. Norn. 



giefena, synna 


Strong: Masculine. Neuter. 

Singular Nominative l stdn scip, hus 

Dative stdne scipe 

Genitive stdnes scipes 

Plural Nom. stdnas scipu, hus 

Dat. stdnum sctpum 

Gen. stdna scipa 

Strong Feminine. 

la. 1 b. 

Sg. Nom. giefu, synn dSd 

Ace. gitfe, synne dad 

Dat. giefe dade 

Gen. giefe dSde 

1 When the Accusative (Ace.) is not given separately, it is the same as the Nom. 


dixd urn 

Weak : 




Sg. Nom. 
















PI. Nom. 















U-Nouns : Masc. Fern. 
Sg. Nom. sunu duru, hand 
Dat. suna dura, handa 
Gen. suna dura 
PI. Nom. suna dura 
Dat. sunum durum 
Gen. suna dura 

Mutation-Plurals : Masc. Fern. 
Sg. Nom. fot boc 
Dat. fet bee 
Gen. fates boce, bee 
PI. Nom. fet bee 
Dat. fot um bocum 
Gen. fot a boc a 

R-Nouns : Masc. Fern 
Sg. Nom. brofior sweostor 
Dat. briber sweostor 
Gen. brofior sweostor 
PI. Nom. brdpor, bropru sweostor 
Dat. brolrum sweostrum 
Gen. brofira sweostra 

Masc. ND-Nouns. 
Sg. Nom. freond, buend 
Dat. friend, buend 
Gen. freondes 
PI. Nom. friend, buend 
Dat. fr'eondum 
Gen. freonda, bitendra 

Masc. E-Plnrals. 
PI. Nom. gngle 
Dat. Englum 
Gen. gngla 

Indeclinable Fern. : bieldo, bieldu 



Masc. Neut. Fem. 
Sg. Nom. sum, god sum sumu, god 
Ace. sumne sum sume 
Dat. sumum sunium sumre 
Gen. sumes sumes sumre 
Instr * sume sume (sumre} 
PI. Nom. sume sumu, god sume 

Sg. Nom. 

PI. Nom. 

PI. Nom. 


PI. Nom. 


Sg. Nom. 

PI. Nom. 

Sg. Nom 

PI. Nom. 


Masc. Neut. Fem. 
goda gode gode 
godan gode godan 

godena, godra 


twegen twd two 

So also begen ' both.' 
frte }reo ]>reo 



ic ]>u he hit heo 
me be hine hit hie 
me PC him him hire 
mln J>ln his his hire 

we ge hie 
us eow hie 
us eow him 
ure eower hira, heora 

Masc. and Fem. Neut. 
Sg. Nom. hwa hwcet 
Ace. hwone hwat 

Dat. hw&m 
Gen. hwas 

Masc. Neut. Fem. Masc. Neut. Fem. 
se ]><zt seo J>es fits Jieos 
J>one fiat J>d lisne bis J>ds 
)>sm J>am pare fiissum J>issum fisse 
Jxes p<xs J>~ere pisses pisses pisse 
J>y J>y (P#re Pys Pys (J>i*se) 

Dat. sumum 
Gen. sumra 

1 Instrumental. 

Pa Pas 
pSm pissum 
fidra pissa 




V. Give-group. 

Strong. Weak. 
Indie. 'Hear.' 'Wean.' 'Love.' 
Pres. Sg. i binde hlere we_nige lufige 

sprecan spricb sprac sprdcon sprecen 
giefan giefp geaf geafon giefen 

2 bintst hlerst we_nest lufast 
3 bint hierp wenej> lufap 
PI. bindab hlcrap wpiiab lufiap 

VI. Shine-group. 
sclnan sdnj> scan scinon scinen 

Pret. Sg. i band hierde wenede lufode 
2 bunde hlerdest wpiedest lufodest 

VII. Choose-group. 

3 band hierde wenede lufode 

ceosan clest ceas curon coren 

PL bundon hlerdon wenedon lufodon 

lucan lycp leac lucon locen 

I'res. Sg. binde hlere wenige lufige 


PI. binden hleren wpiigen liifigen 

Pret. Sg. bunde hierde wpiede lufode 

Indie. Subj. 

PI. bunden hlerden weneden lufoden 

Pres. Sg. i wdt wite 

Infinitive bindan hTeran wenian lufian 

2 wdst wite 

Gerund (to) bindenne hierenne wtnienne lufienne 

3 wdt wite 


PI. witon witen 

Pres. bindende hlerende weniende lufiende 

Pret. wiste. Imper. wite, ivitap. Infin. witan. 

Pret. (ge bunden hlered wened lufod 

Ptc. Pres. witende, Pret. witen. 



Ind. Pres. Sg. i wile, nyle earn, beo do gd 

I. Fall-gronp. 

2 wilt, nylt eart, hist dest gast 
3 wile is, bib dep gap 

(a) eo-preteiites. 

PI. willap, sind(on), dob gab 
,j i i 

nyllap oeop 


Pret. Sg. i wolde, wees dyde eode 

feallan fielp feoll feollon feallen 


2 woldest ware dydest eodest 

(b~) c-preterites. 

3 wolde was dyde eode 

hdtan halt het heton hdlen 

PI. woldon waron dydon eodon 

Subj. Pres. Sg. wile ste, beo do gd 

II. Shake-group. 

PI. willen sien, beon don gdn 
Pret. Sg. wolde ware dyde eode 

scacan scacp scoc scocon scacen 

PI. wolden waren dyden eot/en 

Imper. Sg. wile wes, beo do gd 

III. Bind-group. 

PL willap wesap. dop gap 

bindan bint band bundon bunden 


Infin. willan wesan, don gdn 

IV. Bear-group. 

Partic. Pres. willende wesende ddnde gangende 

beran bierp beer baron boren 

Pret. gedon gegdn 




a av., 6 N., W. always, ever ; at 
all. ne . . a never ; not at all, 
not. a on ecnesss, a buton 
ende for ever and ever || of space, 
continuously : a op wa. all the 
way to . . [awa]. 

-bremende ever-celebrating. 

-libbende everlasting. 

~wunigende continual. 

a-, a- occ. = &-, on-. 

aaepan = alepan. 

ab=6webb woof. 

a-bacan 2 bake. 

a'bsedan force out, extract (oil by 
pressure) ; force away, ward off 
(death) ; obtain by force, exact. 

abaeligan = abielgan. 

a-bfflran disclose, reveal. 

abfflre = tfebfere. 

abasrnan tr. burn = on-. 

abal = afol. 

a/bannan i summon, command 
-utcall out (the militia); proclaim. 

a'barian, abor-, disclose, make 
public [bser]. 

abbod m. abbot \Lt. abbatem]. 

~d6m /., ~had m., ~rice n. 
dignity or rule of an abbot, ab- 

-isse / abbess. 

a'beatan i beat to pieces ; beat ; 
beat down, make to fall. 

abecede (n.} alphabet. 

a'bedecian*, abep- get by begging 
or asking. 

a'belgan 3 w . d. or a. anger, irri- 
tate, offend, injure abolgen 

wesan or weorpan || wd. be 
angry or offended (with). 

a'beodan 7 -wda. announce, state 
| offer iu. sbj. \ command ; sum- 
mon ut ~ call out (militiaX | ap- 
point (festival)] hselo ~ wd. wish 
good luck, greet, take leave of. 

a-beowan = abiewan. 

a'berjan 4 carry with effort; en- 
dure, suffer ; rfl. restrain oneself, 
(not) know what to do ; take upon 
oneself, put up with | take away, 
remove | up~ raise, lift up | reveal, 
make known. 

-endlic endurable. 

a-bered, once -rd, cunning. 

a'berstan 3 intr. force one's way 
out ; burst out, appear, often w. 
ut ; escape iu. fram. 

abepecian = abed-. 

a'bidjan 6 remain; remain alive, 
be spared ; remain behind | wait, 
wait patiently ; u<g. wait for, await, 
expect ; experience. 

~ung/i waiting. 

a-biddan 5 wa., iv. sbj. and at 
(him) request, pray for | obtain 
(by prayer or request). 

a'bleg | an bend tr. ; subdue ; con- 

-endlic flexible. 

a'bielgan*, y, abseligan make 
angry, offend [belgan]. 

a'biernan 3 burn intr. 

a'bie'wan*, y, eo rub, polish ; 
purify ; adorn. 

a'bifian, eo tremble. 


a-bitan 6 bite (to death) ; devour, 

eat ; wg. taste, partake of. 
a'biterian become bitter, 
a'blac |ian, -od beon become pale 

or pallid. 

a'blsec | an make pale, whiten. 
~nesy! paleness, gloom = tfe-. 
~ung f. paleness, pallor. 
a/bl&st with strong blast (Aflame). 
a-blawan T tr. blow (trumpet) ; 

breathe : God him on-ableow 


a'blendan blind ; delude, deceive. 
a'blered//^. bare, uncovered (neck) 

a'blican 6 shine (forth), appear, be 

bright ic beo ablicen deal- 

a-blinnjan 3 intr. cease; desist 

(from) w .g . , fram. 
~e(n)dnes f. cessation, interrup- 

a'blissian make glad, please. 
a'blycg | an grow pale || strike with 

consternation, amaze, esp. in ptc. 


a/blys | ian blush, be ashamed, 
-ung /. blushing, shame, 
a'bolgennes f. irritation [abel- 


aborian = abarian disclose. 
a'borgian be security for wa. ; 

borrow w. set. 

a'brac | ian od engraved in relief. 

a'brffldan dilate, stretch out. 
a-braslian intr. (re) sound. 
a'brecan 4 break through or down 




(wall); take (fortress); break 
(command) || intr. force one's way 
(into), break away (from). 

a'bredwian destroy, kill. 

a'bregan terrify. 

a'bregdan, -edan 3 tr. move 
quickly, snatch, draw (sword), 
up- raise ; ~ of, fram remove, 
tnke away || intr. start up, awake. 

abremende, under a. 

a'breot ian 7, also wk., prt. -eat, 
-eot, -eotte destroy. 

-nes f. extermination. 

a-breopan 7, prt. pi. -upon dete- 
riorate ; prove untrustworthy, fail ; 
hit abreap, he abreap set psere 
Jjearfe ; perish, come to an end. 
ptc. -open degenerate, worthless 
|| tr., prt. -eodde, destroy M. 

abrerdan = onbryrdan. 

a'brietan*, y, A. eo destroy. Cp. 

a'bropen//<r. </abreo)jan. 

~nes /. degeneracy, cowardice. 

a'bufan av. above vL. [ = onbu- 

a'bugan 7 intr. bend, be bent ; bow 
down ; incline | turn ^to 0rfrom , 
withdraw ) wd. submit (to;, do 

abutan = onbutan . 

a'bycgan buy ; requite ; redeem | 
perform (oath). 

a'byffan mutter. 

abylg-, see sebylg-. 

a'bysgjian, i occupy, trouble, en- 
gross (the mind) : ~od on, mid |] 
intr, ~ on engage in, undertake. 

-ung f. occupation. 

ac, &, A. ah I. cj. but ; and. II. 
av. interr. A. numquid ah-ne 

ac /., d., nom. pi. tec, g. ace, Id. ac 
oak ; -f ship of oak || m. the Runic 
letter a. 

-beam, m. oak-tree. 

-cynn n. kind of oak. 

~drenc m, drink made from 
acoms (?). 

-leaf n. oak- leaf. 

-rnelo n. acorn-meal. 

~mistel m. oak mistletoe. 

~rind/i oak-bark. 

-treow . oak-tree. 

ac-laec = ag-lac. 

acan 2 ache. 

a'Cfflgljian od serrated (back). 

a'calan 2 become cold. 

accent m. accent [Lt. accentus]. 

a/cealdian become cold. 

a-celan tr. cool ; quiet. 

acelma, see eec-. 

acen = Seen. 

a-cenn]an bear (child) : he wees 
~ed of hire ; produce (result). 

~ed born, (his) own (child). 

-edlic native Gl. 

-ednes, . acgnnesy. birth. 

a - ceoc|ian, -coc- tr. choke (to 
death) || intr. burn itself out (of 

-ung/! ' choking up,' ruminating. 

a/ceorfan 3 cut (off head, down 

a'ceosan 7 choose, pick out 
acoren Qode chosen in the 
sight of (by) God. 

a'ciegan call forth, summon. 

a-cif rr an tr. turn ; turn aside || 
intr. turn, go ; return. 

-ednes y. turning away, apostasy, 

aclian terrify [acol]. 

a'claensian purify w. fram. 

a-cleofan 7 tr. split. 

a clingan 3 ptc. aclungen con- 

a'clipiau, eo call forth, sum- 

a/cofrian intr. recover (from ill- 
ness 1 ). 

acol, af, -mod terrified, excited. 

ge-modian terrify, dispirit. 

a'Colian become cool or cold. 

acolitus m. light- bearer (in 
church) \lLt. acolythus], 

a'coren ptc. of aceosan, chosen. 

-lie eligible, estimable. 

a'costnian try, test. 

a/crfflftan devise (plan). 

a-cranimian cram. 

a-creop|ian creep, crawl wyr- 
mum -ed swarming with worms. 

a'crimman 3 cram, stuff. 

acsian = ascian. 

a-ciiTTi an 4 come ; descend (from 
ancestor) : eal mancyn pe him 
of-acom || tr. endure, withstand 

-endlic endurable. 

-endlicnes/. possibility Gl. 

a-cumba m., -e f., SB-, acuma 
oakum, tow ; ashes of the same | 
clippings, prunings [cemban]. 

a-cunnian test, try, find out; ex- 
perience : - on me selfum. 

acustan accuse IM. 

a-cwacian tremble. 

a-cweccan shake tr. and intr. 

a - cwelan 4 die, perish. 

a-cwellan kill, destroy. 

a/cwencan extinguish (fire, light V 

acweorna, L. acwern m. squirrel. 

a/cweorran 3 acworren sur- 
feited, crapulatus. Cp. mete- 

a-cw^epan 5 say : - hine fram 

a'Cwician, ac(w)ucian revive tr. 
and intr., come to life again \of 
the dead). 

a-cwdelman kill. 

a-cwinan 6 dwindle, become ex- 
tinct (of fire). 

a'cwincan 3 be extinguished of 
fire, light) ; be eclipsed (of moon) ; 

a'cypan make known, show, reveal ; 
proclaim, announce ; prove, con- 

ad m. heap ; funeral pile | fire, flame. 

-faruty. funeral procession. 

-fyrf ;/., -liegf m- pile-fire. 

-lamaf m. one crippled by fire, 

a'dzelan separate, part. 

a-deadian become dead or torpid, 

a-deafJian become deaf. 

-ung/! becoming deaf. 

adel|a m, putrid mud, filth. 

-iht muddy, filthy. 

-seap m. cesspool, sewer. 

a-delfan 3 dig (pit, grave). 

a-deman decree : - hine fram </. 
deprive of U try, afHict. 

a - deorc|ian, -od wesan become 
dim or tarnished ; be eclipsed (of 

ades,a m., ~ef., ads- adze. 

a'dledan put to death, destroy 
ptc. adiedd dead. 

a-diefan deafen, surpass in sound 

a'dihtan compose, write. 

a-dihtian arrange, decree. 

a-dil(e)gian, L. y destroy, do 
away with, annihilate, || erase. 

a'dimm'ian, -od wesan become 
dim ; lose clearness of sight (of 



adl, A. aid/, disease. 

~ig diseased, ill. 

-pracuf/ virulence of disease. 

~werigf weary with illness. 

adl|ian be sick, be ill, become 
infirm or weak. ptc. geadlod 
sick (person). 

-wag/, illness. 

a'don vb. take away, send away || 
destroy || put : panon - remove, 
~ of expel, deliver. 

adrsdan = ondreedan. 

a'drsefan drive away, expel. 

a'dragan 2 draw (sword). 

adreminte/ feverfew. 

a'drencan drown, immerse. 

a - dreog|an 7 perform, practise ; 
pass (life, the night) | endure, 
suffer | tolerate, put up with. 

-endlic endurable. 

a-dreopan 7 drip, drop. 

a-dreosan 7 fall H be diminished, 

_ fail. 

a'driegan endure [dreogan]. 

a drifan 6 drive away or out, 

drive, pursue spor follow 

track ; - ford mid pllum stake 
ford with piles, ptc. adrifen 
engraved, embossed. 

a-drincan 3 be drowned ; be 
quenched by water (o/"fire). 

a'drugian, -uwian dry up intr. 

a-drygan cause to dry up (well, 
sea) ; wipe dry. 

a-dumbian become silent, dumb. 

adun- = ofdun-. 

adustrigan = andustrigan. 

a'dwiesean extinguish (fire, light) ; 
destroy (enemies). 

a-dwellan, -elian, prt. -ealde 
lead into error, seduce (from 

a'dwinan 6 dwindle, waste away, 

a-dysgjian, -od wesan become 

SB, sew /.,. etc. e(we) divine law; 
scripture, book of the Bible ; reli- 
gion ; rite, religious ceremony | 
human law buton JB outlaw ; 
custom | marriage | wife | lifef 
once. In IW. there is a tendency 
to restrict the form Jew to the 
meaning ' marriage.' 

-bebod n. commandment. 

~boc/ book of the law. 

~boda m. preacher. 

B breece law-breaking ; adulterous. 

-breca, -y- m. adulterer. 

-brucol sacrilegious. 

-bryce m. adultery. 

-craft m. skill in law. 

-craeftig skilled in law. 

-fast pious | married. 

-fsestllce av. piously. 

-ftesten . legal or public fast. 

-fffistnes/. piety ; religions creed, 

-fremmende pious. 

-fyllende pious. 

-gleaw learned in the law. 

-Iffldend m, lawgiver (!). 

-lierend m. teacher of the law. 

~lagol law-giving. 

-lie of the law, lawful. 

-lice av. lawfully. 

-riht n. code of law. 

-sellend m. lawgiver. 

~swice m. violation of God's law ; 
adultery (?). 

~we-weard m. priest. 

~wita m. lawyer, councillor. 

-wrltere m. law-giver. 

a-eargian become cowardly. 

sb-bsfere, a-, -ere notorious, openly 
known [aberan]. 

a-f bbian ebb away, recede from. 

aS-bls8c|e pale. 

~nes, &-/. pallor. 

sebs, seps [confusion w. seps = 
sespe aspen] (/.) fir-tree [Lt. 

^-byl(i)g|an, a-, -il- make angry 
or indignant ; offend. 

-nes/. anger. 

-])(u), ffibylji, abyl(i)gp f. anger ; 
offence, injury : Crlstes ~ offence 
against C., paet him to -e gedon 
wses that which had offended 

sec see ac oak. 

aec-laeca see ag-. 

sfe-cambe,/; oakum. Cp. acumba, 

<fe-celm|a, ac-, M. ecilma chil- 
blain [acalan]. 

~eht with chilblains. 

fficen, a- of oak [ac]. 

8Bcer m. (cultivated) field | acre. 

-ceorl m. farmer. 

~hf ge m. field-hedge. 

-mann m. farmer. 

~sS;d n. seed for an acre (?). 

-splott m. small field (?). 


8Bcer|spranca see secern. 
-teopung/. tithe of the produce of 

the soil. 

-tyning/. fencing. 
secern, -irn, secren n. acom. 
-spranca*, aecer- m. ilex, oak 

sapling (?) Gl. 
B-cn6sl|e degenerate, not noble 


ge~iende degenerating Gl. 
aecumba = acumba. 
^-cyrf clippings, what is cut off 

8d(d)re /., //. sedran, cedra, 

A. hepir, epre vein eedrum 

hrinan, eedran hrgpian feel the 

pulse ; nerve, sinew ; in pi. kid- 

neys | spring (of water). 
~seax, Sdderseax n. lancet. 
~W6g m. artery, vein. 
eedre av. at once, forthwith | (know) 

fully, clearlyf. 

efen(n), IN. efern m. evening. 
-gebed n. evening prayer or ser- 


-dream m. even-song. 
-giefl n. supper. 
~gl6m(a s i m. twilight. 
-gramf fierce in the evening. 
~lacf n. evening sacrifice. 
-Isecan become evening. 
-leohtf n. evening light. 
-leopf n. evening song. 
-lie of the evening. 
-lof n. lauds. 
-mete m. supper. 
-reading/, evening reading. 
-gereord ., supper. 
-gereordian sup. 
-repsung/ nightfall. 
-rest-r/ evening rest. 
-sang m. evening song. 
-scima m. evening light. 
-SCOpf m. evening bard. 
-spr&ct / speech of the evening 


-steorra m. evening star. 
-tld/., -tima m. evening time. 
-pegnung, -pen-/ (divine) even- 

ing service ; supper. 
-peowdom m. ^divine) evening 


become evening. 
ffifnung/ evening. 
aefesn, L. ~e / special pasturage 

(of swine) ; charge for pasturage J 

luxury, wantonness (?). 


ffif\e)st, set, mfn. envy, malice ; 
zeal, rivalry [est]. 

-full envious. 

-ian be envious. 

~ig envious, jealous. 

sef-gielp, -selp (/.) superstition Gl. 

aef-grynde n. abyss. 

&-fielle*. eefelle peeled [fell]. 

ffl-fiermpa*,y/". sweepings, rubbish. 

SBf-lastf m. swerving (?) once. 

sefnan, f, perform, do, make 
(ready), carry out (commands) | 
cause, excite (anger) | endure, 

fflfre av. always : ne . . ~ never | 
at any time || L. indf. ever : call 
peet - betst wees whatever was 
best; -Sic each. 

fflftan av., ~weard aj. from be- 
hind, behind. 

seftemest spl. hindmost, last in 
time and order. 

sefter, y- I. prp. -w. d. (a.) behind, 
after place, order, time \ extension 
in space and time along, through, 
during | pursuit, aim, object of vb. 
(dig a. gold, ask a.) | according 
to | in consequence of || - pem, 
pon afterwards. ~ peem pe cj. 
after. II. av. after(wards). 
III. ~ra, L. seft(e)ra cpv. aj. 
following, next, second. 

-boren posthumous. 

-cwepan 5 speak afterwards ; re- 
peat (what is said or dictated). 

-ewependf mpl. posterity. 

~ealo n. small beer. 

~folgere m. successor. 

-folgian, ~fyl(i)gan succeed ; 

-fylgend m. successor. 

-fylgung/ pursuit. 

-gang m. succession. 

-genga m. successor ; posthumous 

-gen gel m. successor. 

-gengnes/. succession, extremity. 

-gield n. additional payment. 

-hfflpe f. after-heat. 

~hyr(i)gan imitate. 

-ield(O)y. old agef ; future period. 

-lean n. reward ; retribution. 

-lie second Gl. 

-rap, -rjepe m. crupper. 

-ryne m. encountering (!). 

-sang m. matins. 

~singend m. succentor. 

sefter sona av. IN. again ; after- 

-sprcec f. after-claim. 

~sprecan 5 claim. 

-spyrian follow ; inquire. 

-weard following. 

-weardnes/ posterity. 

aef-panc(a) m. grudge, displeasure ; 

saf- weard absent. 

~nes/. absence. 

sef-wierdelsa,ewy- /w.injury,loss. 

sef-wigrdla in. injury, loss ; fine 
for injury or loss. 

fflg, ffif n., pi. -ru, egg. 

~er-felma m. film of an egg. 

-er-geolu n. yolk of egg. 

-lira m. white of egg. 

-(ge)mang n. egg-mixture. 

-sciell/. egg-shell. 

-wyrty; dandelion. 

88g-flota = Ieg-. 

seg-lfflca &c., see ag-. 

eegen = agen. 

ieg-hwa no. each one, every one ; 
any one || n: -hweet everything ; 
something or other, anything. 
-hwaes av. in every way, entirely. 

fflg-hwar, -ar, Sgwern av. every- 
where, in every direction ; any- 
where | in every respect, in every 

fflg-(hwse)per no., aj. each (of 
two or more), both : heora 
JEg(hwse)per ; on Sgpere healfe 
on both sides. Sgper . . and, 
fegper . . ge . . (ge) cj. both . . 
and . . (and). 

fflg-hwanon^e) av. from all sides ; 
on all sides, everywhere. 

ffig-hwelc, i, y no., aj. each (one), 
every (one) ; who-, what-soever. 
~ anra no. wg. each. ~es av. in 
every way. 

iBg-hwider av. in every direction ; 

sfe-gift n. repayment. 

cb-gilde, y without compensation, 
unatoned for (<7/"man killed). 

eegnan//. chaff. 

fflgper = fflghwseper. 

fflgwern = eeghwaer. 

sb-gylt m. trespass, offence. 

sfe-gype worthless, nugatory. 

aehher = ear ear of corn. 

ffi-hiw n., -nes /. want of colour, 

a5-hiwe pallid. 

ffl-hliep m. violence, breach of 

peace LL. Cp. sethliep. 
oehtf hostility, strife. 
aeh.te_/! pursuit, persecution, 
aeht -= eaht. 
ffiht f. gen. pi. power, possession ; 


-boren born in serfdom. 
~eland n. territory. 
-emann m. serf, farmer, 
-eswan m. unfree herdsman, 
-spedig wealthy. 
-gesteald n. possession, 
-gestreon n. possessions, riches, 
-geweald n. power, possession, 
-wela m. wealth. 
-welig wealthy. 

geiehtan*, prt. -ehte once subdue. 
geaahtle f f. esteem (?) [eahtian]. 
eel m. eel. 
~fisc m. eel. 

-hyde eel-receptacle (?). n. eel-net, 
-eputa m. eel-pout, burbot. 
Si = awel awl. 

8Bl- ' all-' interchanges with eall-. 
8Bl- = fl-. 
el an, sef, burn, bum up; kindle, 

light (lamp). 
-ing/1 burning ; ardour. 
ffi-leete I. f. divorced woman. 

II. n. desert place [alsetanj. 
SBl-beorhtt eall- all-bright, very 

sale no., aj. each, every, all ; any, 

esp. after buton : on anum 

bate buton jilcum gereprum. 

- . . oper the one . . the other, 
eel-cealdf very cold, 
ffll-crseftigf all-powerful. 
felc;w)uht n. everything [ellc 
_ wiht]. 

Mledf, g. ieldes, m. fire, firebrand, 
-leoma m. gleam of fire, firebrand. 
ffi-lengje tedious, tiresome [lang]. 
-nes/". tediotisness. 
aslf m.,pl. iflfe fairy, elf, incubus, 
-adl/. nightmare, 
-cynn n. race of elves. 
-scienef elf-sheen, beautiful as a 


-siden(n)/. nightmare. 
-sogopa m. hiccup. 
-pone [o = a or 6 ?] f. nightshade 


, cal-felo clirc (poison). 

aal-faruf/. host. 

selfen = ielfen fairy. 

el-frem(e)de, el- foreign ; free 

ffll-fylcet . foreign (hostile) army; 
foreign land. 

ffll-grenef, eall- all-green. 

aelly fta = endlyfta. 

aBlmes|se, Z. -ysse f. alms [Z/. 

-baep w. gratuitous bath. 

-deed/", almsdeed. 

-gedal n. distribution of alms. 

-feoh n. alms. 

-full charitable. 

-georn charitable. 

-giefa m. giver of alms. 

-giefuy almsgiving. 

-hlaf m. dole of bread. 

-land . land granted in frank- 

-leoht . candle or light given to 
church by layman. 

-lie, once -estlic charitable. 

-lice av. charitably. 

-mann m. beggar. 

-pening m. alms-penny. 

~riht . right of receiving alms. 

-Selena, -sylena^/. almsgiving. 

-weore n. almsgiving. 

ael-middey. exact middle. 

ael-mierca*, yf m. Ethiopian. 

sel-mihtig, sell-, eal(l)-, al(l)-, 
-e(a)htig, -ahtig, -aehtig al- 
mighty (only of God). 

-nesy. omnipotence. 

ffllpig = an-liepig. 

aelren of alder [alor]. 

ael-taewe, -teowe, -towe, perfect ; 
in sound health ; excellent, good ; 
true ; famous. 

sfe-meljle insipid. 

-nesy. tedium, weariness, sloth. 

&-men(ne) depopulated, desert 
[mann] . 

emerge, timyTiey embers, ashes. 

emet]te, ~e/. ant. 

-hyll m. ant-hill. 

Bmet|te, m(e)te, vE. emote f., 
eemta m. leisure, want of occupa- 
tion [mot, gemot]. 

-hwliy. leisure (time). 

-tig, &m(e)tig at leisure, free from 
(occupation) w. g. or fram; de- 
prived of, without ; empty. 

ffimettigian, m(e)t(ig)ian, -gan 
be at leisure abs., rft. w. g. or fram 

and to keep oneself free : hu hie 
hie ge~ scoldon operra weorca ; 
Smtigap eow to rSdinge ! 

se-rcod out of heart, dismayed. 

SBmte = aemette. 

te-mynde*, -i- . forgetfulness. 

Jen- = an-. 

fiene, ane av. once in time repeti- 
tion one time, once (in multiplica- 
tion) : ~ seofon beop seofon || 
~sif>a once. 

aenet = an-. 

senetre = enitre, an-wintre. 

senig, -iht no., aj. any(one) -e 
Jringa av. somehow, anyhow. 

aeniht = awiht. 

ranjlic single, only (son^i ; unique, 
incomparable, excellent ; beauti- 
ful ; of high rank. 

-lice av. splendidly. 

aenne, see an. 

ae-note useless. 

aeppel, a-,//. -p(p)la(s), m. apple, 
fruit ; ball ; eye-ball. 

-bafere apple-bearing. 

-bearo ;//. orchard. 

-cyrnel n. pip ; pomegranate (!). 

~f89t n. apple-vessel Gl. 

-fealo reddish yellow. 

-hus . apple-storehouse. 

-leaf n. violet. 

-scala^/. core of apple. 

-screada^/. apple-parings. 

-treow n. apple-tree. 

-tun m. orchard. 

-porn m. crab-apple. 

-win n. cider. 

asppledef ball-shaped, embossed. 

aeps = sesp. 

asps = aebs fir-tree. 

ffir = ar brass. 

ser aj. only in cpv. and spl. rra, 
rest, which see, and in (on) 
Srne-morgen (see under er- 

aer av. formerly; previously, before; 
already Sr oppe aefter sooner 
or later ; fir and sip always ; ne 
jer ne sippan never ; swa -we r 
(above) cwsedon; on ilr before- 
hand, previously ; to make prt. 
into pluperfect : r brohte had 
brought. || ier, IN. ar soon : to 
sir too soon ; swa eer swa as soon 
as w. indc. ; sreles bidep hwonne 
Sr heo . . cy pan mote how soon, 


aar or av. cpv. formerly ; previously, 

-est, est, IN. arest av. spl. first 
(in time or order), for the first 
time, at first. 

aer cj. before w. sbj., occ. w. indc. : 
cwsedon pset Crist neere Sr he 
acenned wses of Marian ; corrcl. 
ier, a-rest (avs.) . . KT (cj.} : hino 
hsefde Sr OfFa afllemed . . KT 
he cyning wSre ; pu meaht 
selcne unpeaw on pem menn 
terest be sumum tacnum ongi- 
etaii . . ter he hit mid wordum 

aer prp. wd. before (in time). 
- psem (or pam"i , pon (or pan) 
av. before that (time), formerly ; 
cj. iv. sbj. before. - peem pe &c. 
cj. w. sbj. before. 

-adlfy! early disease. 

-set in. feasting early. 

-borenf first-born. 

-cwidef m. prophecy. 

-dafedy". former deed. 

-daBg m. early part of day ; //. 
former days, ancient times. m. early death. 

-gedon done before. 

-faedert m. forefather. 

-godt good of old (?). 

-ieldoyi former age. 

-lice av. early. 

-(ne)morgen, -me-, -ma- early 
morning \cp. ter aj.']. 

~(ne)morgenlic matutinal. 

-genfmned, -gesaed above-men- 

-sceaftt/ piece of antiquity. 

-gestreont n. ancient treasure. 

-wacol early awake. 

-welat m. ancient wealth. 

-geweorct n. ancient work (sword) . 

-gewinnt n. former war or trouble. 

-woruldty primeval world. 

-gewyrht-f n. former deserts. 

sera m. scraper, strigil [ar]. 

BBrce, a-, f- m. archiepiscopal 
pallium [Z/ 1 . archi-]. 

-biscop m. archbishop. 

-biscop-dom m. -rice n. arch- 

-biscop-stol m. archiepiscopal 

-diacon, archi- m. archdeacon. 

-had m. episcopal dignity. 

-rice ., -stol m. archbishopric. 

aaren of brass [ar]. 

iurend|e n. errand, message, tidings. 

-toc/l written message, letter. 

-ffflst bound on errand. 

~gast m. angel. 

~(d)raca, -wraca, -wre(o)ca i. 
messenger, ambassador, (angel, 

~scip n. ship, boat Gl. 

~Sf eg m. messenger. 

-sprsbcf. message. 

~wreca, see -raca. 

-gewrit M. letter. 

fflrend.|ian,^<;M. ge~, carry message, 
go on errands : ~ him pset under- 
take that commission for him ; 
negotiate, enter into treaty for : 
- his hlaforde wlfes ; intercede, 
use one's influence with: ~t6Gode 
ymb . . ; ~ him pset he forgeafe . . 

~ung/i errand ; commission, man- 

terendra m. messenger; represen- 
tative, proxy. 

aerig-, see earh arrow. 

earing/, dawn [ser]. 

sferist, -est f., m. resurrection ; 
origin ; pedigree [arisan]. 

earn n. house [an older form rsen- 
appears in composition : see mete- 
and next word I . 

-pegn*, vE. rendegn m. house- 

sern|an ride (fast\ gallop; ride 
rnce {causative pieman]. 

-eweg m. road fit to ride on ; race- 

-ing/, riding, racing. 

gcsernan intr. gallop, ride || tr. 
reach by riding, gallop up to. 

seror see arra. 

Jerra of. cpv. former, earlier, old 
(times, wars), eiror av. before, 
formerly || spl. ffirest first (in 
time) : set ~au in the first place 
(in enumerating). 

&S n. carrion, food. 

89SC m. a^h-tree; spearf; boat, 
Scandinavian war-ship ; the Runic 
letter x. 

-berendf, -boraf m. spear-bearer, 

-berende spear-bearing. 

-hgrefw. ship band, (Danish)army. 

-holtf n. spear. 

~mann m. ^Danish) pirate. 

-plegaf m. spear-play, battle. 

aesc rind/ ash-bark. 

-roff warlike, illustrious. 

-st^def m. battle-place. 

-tir ( m. glory in war. 

-pracuf/ spear- violence, battle. 

-prote, -u/ vervain (?). 

-wigaf m. warrior. 

~wlancf warlike. 

-wyrt/. vervain (?). 

aesc = aex axe. 

aescje asce ashes. 

-fealu ashy-coloured. 

-graeg ashy gray. 

SBSCJe/.inquiry, questioning; search, 
investigation [ascian]. 

-an demand (legally). 

se-sceare, a-, -re unshorn, with 
untrimmed hair [scieran]. 

sfe-sceda fpl. (?) refuse (?) Gl. [as- 

aescen I. f., (m.} wooden vessel, 
bucket, cup. II. aj. of ash. 

8^-smogu npl. slough, cast-off skin 
(of snake) [asmugan]. 

83sp e, L. seps/. aspen, white poplar. 

~en of aspen. 

-rind/", bark of aspen. 

sfe-sprynge, L. -inge source (of 
running water) ; starting-point, 
origin; spring (of water), fountain 

jest = serest. 

sestel m. book-mark [ILt. (h)as- 

ffe-swic (n.} scandalum, stumbling- 
block, offence ; sedition ; deceit, 
seduction ; crime. 

sVswic ian scandalizare, become 
an offence ; offend ; betray ; be- 
come an apostate. 

~end m. offender; hypocrite; traitor. 

~ung f. offence, stumbling-block ; 
deceit ; sedition. 

jfe-swica m. offender ; deceiver ; 
hypocrite; traitor, deserter. 

sfe-swicce apostate, rebellious. 

sb-swind inert [aswindan]. 

8Bt, rare A. Q\,,prp. wd. at of time 
pa set nextan thereupon, then 
|| of place pleon. : in peere stowe 
pe is genemned set Searobyrj;, 
is called Salisbury | motion to || 
source, origin : geleornian eet 
deprivation, from : animan set 
specification : . onfeng hine set 
fulwihte | equivalence, price : 
agefe per-set . . | instrument : 


wearp acweald set hia witena 


Sbt m. food ; eating [etan]. 
~giefaf m. feeder. 
-^velaf vi. abundance of food, 
a/etan 5 eat up, devour. 
aet'beran 4 carry, carry off; bring, 

aet'berstan 3 break away, escape, 

w. d. or panon. 
8Bt-bregd;an, -edan 3 take away, 

deprive, release wda. : he setbreed 

hine (rft.^) lustum. 
-endlic ablative (case). 
SBt-clifian adhere. 
aBt'cllpan once adhere, 
set'deman refuse. 
set-don vb. take away, deprive wda. 
eat-ealdod too old (for) ivg. 
83t-eglan molest. 
fflt'iSBstan. wda. inflict ; impart, 

endow with ; wad. join (in mar- 
riage), commit, entrust, 
set-feallan I fall out (of chariot) ; 

fall away, deteriorate ; be deducted 

(from sum paid). 
set-fele (w.) ac hesion. 
fflt-fgng m. taking possession of, 

reclaiming (cattle). 
fflt-feohtan \ 3 : ~ folmum grope. 
83t'feolan,/r/. -fealh 3 wd. adhere; 

apply oneself to, continue in. 
fflt'ierian carry away wda. 
aet-fleon 7 escape. 
SBt-flowan I be abundant (!). 
ast'foran I. prp. wd. before, in the 

presence of. II. av. beforehand 

8Bt-g8ed(e)re av. together; at the 

same time fgadrianj. 
fflt-giere, -are n., -gar m. javelin. 
fflt'giefan 5 give wda. 
ffit-griepet seizing, aggressive, 
oet'habban vb. retain, withhold. 
eBt-hgbban 2 take away, withhold 

rfl. separate oneself from, exalt 

oneself above w. fram. 
eel hindan frp. wd., av. behind, 


eet'hleapan i we?, run away, escape, 
aet-hliep m. assault. 
eet-hrinan 6 touch w.g., a. 
eet-hrine m. touch. 
8Bt-hwa no. every one, each. 
fflt-hwegvU), -a av. somewhat, 

a little ; how. 
SBt/hweorfan 3 (re) turn, go. 


aet-hwon av. almost, 
aetiecjan, M. ot- add to, increase, 
-nes/. increase, 
aat-iernan 3 run away. 
fflt - iew|an ; -eowan occ. W. ; -eo- 

wian IW. often ; -eawan A. ; 

oteawan eM. ; at- tr. show, 

display, reveal ; rfl. appear || intr. 


~(ed)nes/. appearance; manifesta- 
tion, revelation. 
~ung f. showing, manifestation, 


set'lsedan lead away, take away. 
ffitlic eatable Gl. &- or e- (?). 
aBt-licgan 5 lie useless. 
aet-limpan 3 wd. disappear, escape 

(from) ; become an apostate (from 


aet-lutian lie hid ; wd. hide from, 
aatnes edibility (?) Gl. Cp. setlic. 
SBt-niman4takeaway, deprive wda. 
aet'rgccan wda. declare forfeited. 
gea9t(t)red, -od poisoned, poison- 
fflt(t)ren, et(t)em poisonous, 


-modf venomous in mind. 
ettr|an, ~ian poison, 
ietrig poisonous. 
fflt-rihte, y, e I. aj. near (in place 

and time). II. av. nearly, almost, 
set-sacan 2 w. g., a. deny. 
aBt'samne av. together. 
aet-scufan 7 push away. 
ffit-sittan 5 stay, wait, 
aet-slidan 6 slip, glide. 
fflt'Sporn an, u 3 stumble, knock 

against tr.,intr., rft. w. eet | rebel. 
-\\3\gf. stumbling, misfortune, 
ast'springan 3 spring out, flow out. 
33t-sprung(en)nes/ failing [set- 

83t-stand]an 2 stand (still) ; be 

present ; cease -ptc. ~en stopped 

(of urine, veins). 
set-standende standing by. 
aet-steallf m. place (?) ; help (?). 
aet-stillan tr. still, calm, 
aet-swerian 2 deny with oath. 
flBt'SWigan become silent ; keep 

silence about, not speak of w. be. 
fflt'swimman 3 swim away, escape 

by swimming. 

aet-swingan 3 wda. deprive. 
aettren = a&tren. 
aet-pringan 3 force out, deprive wda. 

eet'weaxan i intr. increase. 

aat'wegan 5 take away, carry off. 

et'Wnian wda. wean from (evil). 

aet-wesende at hand. 

eBt'windan 3 wd. escape ; fly away. 

8Bt- wist/! presence ; (?) sustincnce, 
food [through confusion with 

aat'witan 6 wda. reproach with. 

aat'wrgncan wda. deprive by 

iEpian intr. breathe || tr. breathe, 
blow, inspire. 

geBj>ed sworn (witness) [aj>]. 

gt-aepelian ennoble, make re- 

33j>el|e noble (by birth or char- 
acter) ; vigorous (plants) ; good 
(in character) ; valuable, of high 
price; pleasant (^/"odours). 

-boren of noble birth ; frceborn. 

-borennes/! nobility of birth. 

~eund of noble origin. 

-cundnes/". nobility of origin. 

-cyning m. king (Christ). 

-dugup/. retinue. 

-ferping-wyrt, -fyrding- / a 

~nes_/i nobility. 

-stgnc m. sweet odour. 

-tungol n. noble star. 

geffipele wd. inborn, natural (to), 

SBpeling king's son, heir apparent ; 
nobleman ; fhero, man. 

sepel(l)ic noble, excellent. 

aepellice av. nobly, excellently. 

aepelu f. origin, lineage gen. pi. ; 
nobility, excellence ; produce, 
growth (of the earth). 

fe j>m m. breathing, breath ; vapour ; 
blast (of fire \ 

~ian give out vapour. 

s^-prlet*, -y troublesome, tedious 

~nes/. tedium. 

se-prot n. disgust, weariness 

-sum*, a- irksome. 

aew = 83 law. 

aawan contemn, scorn. 

ak-w&de without clothes. 

sawda, ~mann m. witness. 

Jew(e) lawful (wife) ; (brother) of 
the same marriage [re], 

Swen related by man iage, (brother) 
of the same marriage []. 


te-v^ene hopeless, uncertain, doubt- 

m. source (of river), 

spring, fountain : origin [aweal- 


aewierdelsa = &f-. 
aewis-firina, e^a) IM. notorious 

sinner, publicanus. Cp. sewisc-. 
Swisc, -e I. n. disgrace, offence, 

scandalum. II. aj. disgraced, 

abashed ; indecent. 
-berende shameful. 
-firenend*, a- m. public sinner Gl. 
~lic shameful. 
-mod abashed. 
~nes f. disgrace, sense of shame ; 

shamelessness (?) on -se in pro- 

patulo, publicly ; reverence. 
a9wn|ian marry []. 
~ung/^ wedlock. 
fflwum-boren legitimate (child) 

Jewving on ~e openly Gl. Cp. 

efe-wyrp throwing-away, rejection ; 

what is rejected [aweorpan]. 
asx, secus, acus, seces, aesc, eax f. 


a-fsegan draw, depict [fag]. 
a'faegrian make beautiiul ; em- 

broider. confusion w. afaegan (?). 
a-faeman foam out, breathe out. 
a-f&ran terrify. 
a-fsestan fast, perform (fast). 
a-faest-la interj. 
a - faBst(e)nian make firm, confirm ; 

fix (eyes on) ; build ; write ; affix, 

add (in writing 1 ). 

a'fand ian test, try ; experience. 
~igendlic, -odlic capable of being 

tested, probabilis. 
-ting/ trial. 
a-faran 2 go out, depart. 
a-feallan i fall down ; fall (in 

battle) ; fall off, decline, decay. 
a'fedan nourish, feed ; maintain, 

support ; rear, bring up ; bring 

forth, produce. 

a-feohtan 3 attack,assail ; pluck out. 
a-feorm|ian clean(se), remove 

(pimples), purge (stomach) ; 

purify (spiritually). 
-ung/. clean(s)ing, purging. 
afeorran = afierran. 
a-feorsian, -ie, y remove, expel ; 

a-ferian carry away, remove. 




a-ferscian become fresh (of water). 

a-fifllan fell (tree) ; kill ; subvert, 

a-fierran, eo remove, deprive w. d. 
or fram. 

a-figen fried once Gl. 

afindan = onfindan. 

a flean 2 strip off (piece of 

a fleon 7 flee ; escape. 

a-fleogan 7 fly bij? aflogen to is 
addicted to. 

a-fliegan put to flight ; expel 
(fever, devils). 

a-flieman put to flight ; expel ; 

a-flowan i flow. 

afogian = awogian. 

afolf, once abal n. strength, might. 

afon = onfon. 

afor, a, harsh (to taste) ; fnerce, 

afora = eafora. 

a-forhtian be afraid. 

a-frefr(i)an comfort, console. 

a'frmd|an, A. -gmj>an alienate. 

~ung/. alienation. 

a'freopan 7 froth. 

a-fulian become foul or impure, 

a-fylan foul ; defile. 

a-fyllan w. a. and g. or i. fill ; 
satisfy (desires) ; complete. 

a'fyran deprive wai. \ castrate. 

a-fyrhtan ptc. afyrht afraid. 

a'fysan make to hasten, drive on 
or away; incite, impel (mind). 

ag-lac, <g-, -iic I.f . misery, tor- 
ment. II. aj. sagacious (?). 

-crseft m. evil art. 

-had m. misery. 

-wif n. wretched, monstrous wo- 

ag-lJBcaf, ah-, seg- m. wretch, 
monster ; warrior, hero. 

a-gan vi>. come forth, appear ; pass 
(of time) ; happen; grow. 

a/gael an hinder, frustrate ; neglect 
ptc. ~ed neglectful, remiss | en- 
gross, occupy : call Jaet folc 
wearp mid him anum agseled 
(in trying to capture him). 

a-gaelwan astonish, alarm. 

a-galan 2 tr. sound ; sing. 

a-galjian ptc. ~od remiss, neglect- 

a - ganian yawn. 

agen, occ. eW. SB- I. own. II. n. 
(own) property; own country 

-nama m. proper name (in gram- 

-nes/. possession, property. 

-slaga m. suicide. 

-sprsec/. idiom. 

agen = ongean. 

agend m. possessor; the Lord 

-frea, agenf-, -freo, -frig(e)a, 
-frig, d. &>c. -frean, -freo, m.,f. 
owner, master, mistress. 

-lice av. as one's own, imperiously ; 
accurately, properly. 

a'geolwian become yellow. 

a/geornerian mourn, grieve. 

a-geotan 7 pour out, shed (blood) ; 
melt, found (metal images) ; de- 
stroy ; deprive -wg. || intr. flow out. 

a-giefan 5 -wda. give, render, give 
up ; restore, repay. 

a'gieldan 3 pay, requite, render 
^account, retribution), repay, offer 
(sacrifice) ; make possible, allow 
pa me seel ageald, when I had 
an opportunity. 

a-gielpan 3 exult in wd. 

a glemeleasian neglect. 

a-giet|an 5, also -wk. ptc. ~ed, de- 

a-gieta m. waster, prodigal. 

agift = ragift. 

a'gimnaed gemmed, set with 

aginnan = onginnan. 

agita -- agieta. 

a-gleddian moisten. 

a-glidan 6 glide, slip, stumble. 

agnjian possess; claim (posses- 
sion) ; take possession, appro- 
priate, adopt; hand over. 

-iend m. possessor. 

-iendlic, ge- possessive (in gram- 

-ungy. possession ; claim. 

agnettan appropriate [agen]. 

a-gnldan 6 rub (off) ptc. agniden 

a-gniden(n)/. rubbing once Gl. 

a gotennes/. shedding (of blood) 

a grafjan 2 engrave, inscribe, sculp- 

-enlic sculptured, graven. 

a'grapian grasp. 


a-grisan, y shudder, fear: -for 


a-growan i : ptc. ~en mid over- 
grown, covered with. 
a-gryndan descend [grund]. 
agrysan = agrlaan. 
agu/. magpie. 
a'gyltan be guilty, incur guilt, 

trespass w. wij>. 
ah = ac. 
ah vb.,prt. ahte, inf. agan possess, 

have, get possession of ; ought : 

nab. he ptst to donne. 
a-habban restrain ; rfl. abstain w. 


a-haccian pick out. 
a-hafen, SB ptc. ^/"ahfbban. 
-nes f. elevation, rising (of the 

sea) ; pride, 
a-hatian become hot. 
a-heardian become hard, firm ; 

become liardy, inured ; be insisted 

upon, be maintained, 
a-heawan I cut, excavate, cut down 

(tree), cut wood into planks. 
a-hfbban 2 lift up, raise ; extol, 

praise ; exalt (thoughts), rfl. 

be presumptuous ; ptc. ahafen 

leavened, raised (0/bread). 
ahebbian = aebbian. 
a/hefigian make heavy, weigh 

down ; make sad. 
a-helpan 3 wg. help. 
a'heolorian weigh, consider, 
a heoran or a-heordanf once 

rescue (?). 

a-h^rian (fully) praise. 
a'hieldan*, e, y, i bend, incline ; 

lay down, rest || turn away, avert 

[heald. Cp. onhigldan]. 
a'higltan*, y make lame, trip up, 

a-hienan humble. 
a-hif rd|an tr. harden ; encourage, 

~ing/ hardening. 
a-hladan 2 draw (water) ; deliver, 
a/hleenan rfl. exalt oneself, 
a hlfiBQsian become lean ; make 

lean, macerare. 
a-hleapan i leap up. 
a-hlefan*, oe pull out IN. 
a-hlighhan 2 laugh ; exult ; laugh 

at, ridicule wg. 
a-hlocian pull out, dig out. 
ft'hlowan i resound. 
a-hluttrian make clear, purify. 




a-hlyttran = a-hiuttrian. 
ahnian = agnian. 
a-hneopant 7 prt. -eap*, -eop 

a'hnescian become soft, weak ; 

become effeminate II tr. weaken. 
a-hnlgan 6 intr. bow, fall, 
a-hogian think out, devise, 
a holian hollow ; engrave, emboss 

| pull out. 

a-hon i b tr. hang ; kill by hang- 
ing; crucify. 
a-hopian hope, 
a-hreddjan save : he hi set 

hungre ahredde | rescue, re- 

-"ing/ deliverance, salvation, 
a'hreofjian become leprous ptc. 

~od leprous. 

a-hreosan 7 fall ; rush, 
ahreran = onhreran stir. 
ahrinan = onhrinan. 
a-hrisian, y shake ; shake off. 
ahsian -- ascian. 
aht = awiht anything, 
-lice av. worthily, bravely, 
ahte prt. of ah. 
a-hwa no. any one. 
a'hwfflnjan vex, tease, grieve 

ptc. -ed afflicted, sad. 
a-hwEer, -ar, awer, 6wer(n) av. 

anywhere ; in any way ; ever. 
ahwfflrgen = ahwergen. 
a-h.W89t no. anything. 
a-hW8Bper, ai v w)per, apor I. no. 

either (of two); anything (?). 

II. av. awper, oppe . . oppe 

either . . or. Cp. opsr. 
a-hwanon, IN. owana av. from 

anywhere ; on any bide. 
a-hweorfan 3 intr. and tr. turn 

away, remove, avert. 
a-hwergen, -ae- av. anywhere, 
a'hwettan excite, incite ; provide ; 

repudiate, renounce. 
a-hwider av. in any direction, 

from any source. 
a'hwielfan cover (with vault), 

overwhelm, up- pull up, loosen 


a'hwierfan tr. turn away. 
a-hwonne, -senne av. at any 


a - hycgan think ont, devise. 
a-hydan hide ; rfl. w. wij). 
a hyrian hire, 
a hypan plunder, destroy. 

a Icilian be free w. fram | make 

useless, annul, frustrate (plans) ; 

profane ; get rid of (disease" 1 , 
a-iernan 3 run, flow ; pass, expire 

(of time). 

a-iepanf lay waste, destroy, 
al- lire [filed, eelan ]. 
-ffflt n. cooking vessel. 
-geweorc n. fire-making, tindfr Gl. 
al = awel awl. 
a ladian excuse, justify. 
a-laaccan catch, 
a'laadan lead away, take away ; 

lead: eft- bring back; bring 

forth, cause to grow. 
a-lsbnan lend. 
a-lfflran teach. 
a-lbt|an i b send forth, shed (tears) ; 

let, permit ; let go, give up ; let 

alone, leave : J>a pset fyr hie 

alet ; remit, pardon ; deliver, 
-nes/. loss. 
alan 2 fnourish, produce; appear (!) 


a-lapian become distasteful. 
albe/. alb [Lt. alba]. 
aldot = *ealdop. 
a'lfCgjan lay down, put down ; 

place, put | desist from, remit 

(tribute), give up : -ende word 

deponent verb | conquer, put 

down, refute ; diminish, withhold | 


-endlic deponent (verb). 
a-lef|an, -ian, -wan injure, maim, 

weaktn ptc. ~ed ill [lefj. 
aleon = onleon lend. 
a-leodan 7 grow. 
a'leogan 7 tell lies w.d. of person ; 

deny wda. ; belie, not keep (vow). 
a-lesan 5 pick out, gather, 
alet = eeled fire, 
ale wan = alefan. 
alewre = aluvre. 
a-libban, aleof-, alif- live, pass 

(life) ; survive (injury). 
a-liegan 5 w.d. offers, fail, cease, 

a-liefjan wda., w. d. and sbj. allow ; 

give up, surrender (fortress). 
-ed lawful, allowable. 
-edlic allowable. 
-edlice av. allowably. 
-ednes_/! permission, 
a lies an loosen, take off (helmet) ; 

release ; ransom, redeem. 
~fed)nes/. redemption. 


a-lies end /. releaser ; Redeemer. 

-endlic bond-loosening, liberating 
(ri\ne or charm). 

-ingf. redemption. 

a-liepran*, e tr. lather, rub with 
soap [leapor]. 

alihtan lighten, alleviate, relieve, 
help ; take away or off; alight. 

a'limpan 3 happen. 

a-linnan, -linian pull out ; de- 
liver, set free. 

a'lipian, eo dismember ; loosen, 
separate (soul from body). 

a-liprian loosen, remove. 

a loccian entice out. 

alor, -er, air z. alder. 

-drenc /w. alder drink. 

-holt m. alder wood. 

-rind/ alder bark. 

alter, altare m. altar [Z/. altare]. 

alucan 7 pull up, pull away, 

a-lutan 7 intr. bend, bow ptc. 
aloten bowed down, humble. 

aluwe, aUe)we_/~. aloes (a spice) 
[Lt. aloe]. 

am IN. = eom am. 

am, uma+ reed (of loom). 

a'maellad [se = if ?] M. made empty 
or useless. Cp. remelle. 

a-makran make famous, proclaim. 

a'inaestan fatten (pig"). 

aman = onman vb. 

a*manian demand, exact. 

amang, see gemang. 

a luansumjian excommunicate. 

~MTtgf. excommunication. 

a-marod confused, confounded. 

a-masod confused, confounded. 

a'mawan i mow down. 

amb = am. 

amber mf. jar, pitcher, bucket ; 
a measure (dry and liquid) [Z/. 
amphora] . 

ambiht, -eht, (o)e- I. n. office, 
service ; commission, command, 
message. II. m. officer, atten- 
dant, servant, messenger. 

-hiera-t* m. obedient servant. 

-hus . office. 

-ian*, e- serve IN. 

-mann m. official, attendant. 

-mecgf, ae m. servant. 

-scealcf m. official, servant. 

-secgf m. official, messenger. 

-smip m. official smith, carpenter, 




ambihtjsumnes*, -/. service IN. 

-pegnf m. attendant, servant. 

ambyre favourable (wind) [and-, 

a mearcian mark out , define (limits 
of) ; delineate, draw ; destine, 

amel m. vessel for holy water 
\lLt. araula]. 

a-meldian betray, reveal. 

a meltan 3 intr. melt ptc. amol- 
ten melted (metal). 

a-merian, y purify (esp. melted 
metals) ; test, examine. 

a'ruet|an 5 measure ; assign, be- 
stow; plan, form, make. 

~endli.ce av. compendiously (!) Gl. 

a metan paint ; adorn. 

a-metsian provide with food, pro- 

amidlod = unmidlod. 

a-mieltan*, y tr. melt. 

a'lnierran hinder, wag. hinder one 
in (from) . . ; disable, injure, cor- 
rupt, destroy. 

a-molnsnian decay, become weak 

amore, vE. emer, omer a bird 

ampella m. bottle [Z/. ampulla]. 

ampre/^ dock (plant), sorrel. 

a-rnundian protect. 

a-myrgan cheer. 

a-myrpran murder. 

an, an- = on, on-. 

an I. a.m. anne, tinne, no., aj. one 
(always strong : past an) w . g. or 
of. an and an, an sefter anum 
one by one, one after the other. 
an . . oper the first . . the second 
| same : on anum geare forp- 
ferdon I only, alone : buton him 
anum | a certain (one), a | any : 
buton synne anre II pset an av. 
only : na pset an (paet w. indc^) 
. . ac not only . . but. for an 
av. only, on an av. continually ; 
always, continuously; immedi- 
ately ; together ; (tell him) once 
for all. anes hwset a portion, 
only a part (of the whole) ; 
gewearp him anes they made an 
agreement. anum av. alone, 
solely; to anum gecierdon joined 
together, anra gehwelc each. 
II. av. only. 

-bieme made of one trunk. 

anjboren only (child). 

-buandf m. anchorite. 

-canned only (child). 

-Gummum av. one by one IN. 

-cyningt m. unique king. 

-dsege lasting one day. 

-daga m. appointed day, term. 

-dagian appoint day or term w. d. 
and of; adjourn. 

-eage(de) one-eyed. 

-ecge one- edged. 

~feald(lic) simple, single ; singular 
(number) ; unique, superior ; 
honest, modest. 

-fealdlice av. simply. 

-fealdnes/. concord ; simplicity. 

-fete one-footed. 

-flogaf m. solitary flyer. 

-forlsbtan i b relinquish, forsake, 

-forlsktnes/. desertion. 

-gengaf m. solitary ; also aj. 

~gield(e) . single (fixed (?), cp. 

andaga) compensation gielde 

av. with such a compensation ; 
fixed price. 

-haga m. recluse. 

-hende one-handed. 

-hoga m. = -haga. 

~horn(a) m. unicorn. 

-hygdig, -hydig steadfast, stub- 
born, self-willed. 

-hyrne one-horned ; m. unicorn. 

~hyrned(e) one-horned. 

-lege one-eyed. 

-Ifflcan unite. 

-lafetan i b relinquish. 

-legere with one husband. 

-liepe, -lape, -liepig, Slpig iso- 
lated, single ; unattached, without 
ties, private. 

-liepnes/. loneliness. 

-lie only, solitary, unique \cp. 

-naede n. unanimity. 

-mod unanimous; resolute, brave, 
fierce; obstinate. 

-modlice av. unanimously ; reso- 

~m6dnes_/". unanimity ; constancy. 

-nes f. oneness, unity; agreement ; 

-pfflp m. one-by-one path, narrow 

~rabd(e) unanimous ; resolute, of 
firm character. 

-raedlie unanimous ; resolute. 


an jriedllce av. unanimously ; reso- 

-rsednes f. unanimity, agreement ; 

-seld n. hermitage. 

-setl n. hermitage. 

-setla m. hermit. 

-spilde unique (medicine). 

-spruce speaking together. 

-standende standing alone. 

-stapa m. lonely wanderer. 

-stelede with one stalk. 


-striec pertinacious. 

-streces av. continuously [strec- 

-sum whole. 

-sumnes/I virginity. 

-sunu m. only, unique son. 

-swege harmonious. 

-tldf/. fixed time (?). 

-getrumf . unique, noble host. 

-wedd n. security, pledge. 

-Wig . single combat. 

-wiglice av. in single combat. 

-wille I. obstinate. II. av. obsti- 

-willlce av. obstinately. 

~wil(l)nesyi obstinacy. 

-wintre, Snetre, enetere of one 
year, one year old. 

-wlte n. simple fine. 

-wuniende solitary. 

-wunung/ solitary abode. 

geaned united Ed. 

anung oncef. zeal IN. 

ana -wk. mf. solitary, alone ; only : 
God -wat. 

ana-wyrm [a- ?] m. intestinal 

anad-, -sed- n. desert. 

anan-beam m. spindle-tree. 

an-bid, if (.) expectation, sus- 
pense ; interval. 

-stow/, place of waiting. 

an(d)-bid ian, ge- w.g., a. expect, 
wait for || intr. ge- wait. 

-ung/. expectation. 

an-bringelle/. instigation. 

anbroce-f once f. timber, wood. 

an-brucol rugged. 

ancleow/i ankle. 

ancor, -er, ancra m. anchor [Lt. 

-bfnd, -rap, -strong m. cable. 

-mann m. anchor-man, proreta. 

-setl n. prow. 




ancra, ancer, -or m. hermit [/./. 

ancerjlic, ancor- of a hermit. 

-lif n. hermit's life. 

~setl n. hermitage. 

-stowy hermitage. 

and, eA. nd cj. and. gelice and 
w. sbj. as if. 

and- occ. = on- (an-), rarely = a-. 

andja envy, malice ; anger, grudge. 
vexation ; indignation, zeal ; in- 
jury, hostility. 

-ian envy ; be zealous. 

~ig envious, jealous. 

and-bita tasting or feast (?) once 

an(d)-byrd[an strive, w. ongean, 
on resist. 

-nesy. resistance. 

and-cwissy answer. 

and-eages*, -ssgesf once az>. face 
to face. 

andefn, anddyfen f. proportion, 
amount [gedafenian]. 

andetla m. confession. 

andett|an, andhet(t)an confess, 
give praise wda, [and, hatan]. 

-a, -end, -ere m. confessor, praiser. 

-ing, -nes/i confession. 

and-feax bald. 

and-ffnga m. taker up, defender, 
susceptor [fon]. 

and-feng|e acceptable, fit. 

-nesy receiving ; receptacle. 

-estdwy. receptacle. 

and-fengend m. defender. 

and-giet n. intellect ; comprehen- 
sion ; sense (the five senses) ; 
meaning, purport. 

-full intelligent, knowing. 

~fllllic intelligible. 

-fullice av. intelligibly, clearly. 

-leas foolish. 

-least, ley folly. 

~lic intelligible. 

-lice av. intelligibly. 

-ol intelligent. 

-tacenf n. intelligible sign, symbol. 

and-giete*, -getef manifest. 

and-heafod n. unploughed head- 
land of a field, gen. pi. 

andlang, A. ollung I. aj. con- 
tinuous, whole (day). II. ~, ~es 
prp. wg. along(side). 

and-leanf n. retribution. 

and-leofen, -lifen, -yf. sustenance, 
food ; wages [libban]. 

and-(ge)16man, -uman, -aman 

mpl. utensils. 

and-mitta = an-mitta. 

an-drysnle, audd- awe-inspiring ; 
terrible, horrible. 

-of fpl. awe, reverence ; etiquette. 

-lie, ondrys(tylic terrible. 

and-sac|a m. denier, renouncer, 
apostate ; enemy. 

~ian deny. 

and-ssec M. denial ; refusal ; resist- 

an(d)-s&te hateful, repugnant, re- 
pulsive, hostile. 

and-sliehtf, y t written hand- 
but alliterating with vowels, m. 

and-spyrnes f. stumbling-block, 
scandalum [onspornan]. 

and-swar|ian, -orian, -erian, 
-eorian, answer wda. 

-u, ans-, IN. ondsuer-y answer. 

andustrjigan protest, deny IA. 

-ungy protest, denial. 

and-webt moist. 

and-weard opposite ; present (in 
place and time). 

-lie present. 

-lice av. present : hine - gesa- 

-nesy. presence (in place and time). 

and-weorc n. substance, thing; 
material ; cause. 

and- wig . resistance. 

and-wis knowing, skilful in wg. 

-nesy experience. 

and- wisty station (1) ; support (?). 

and-wlita, -iota; -eata A. ; -ata 
m. face, countenance; surface (of 
earth) ; form, shape. 

and-wlitle, onwlite m. face, fore- 

-full proud Gl. 

and- wrapt hostile wd. 

and-wyrd|an answer wd. 

-6 . answer. 

-ingy. conspiratio. 

ane - aene once. 

a-nemnan declare, proclaim. 

anett, x-/n. (or m. ?) solitude. 

an-filte (.) anvil. 

an-forht alarmed. 

ang-*, o-. 

-nora, nere m. corner of the 
eye (?). 

anga m. prickle, sting, goad. 

anga sole, only [an]. 

ungje av. anxiously him was - on 

his mode he was anxious. 
-breost n. asthma. 
-mod anxious, sad. 
-modnesy distress of mind. 
-nsegl m. corn (on foot). 
-nesy anxiety, distress. 
~set(a) m. pustule, carbuncle. 
-sum, -sumlic troublesome. 
-sumian trouble. 
-sumlice av. painfully. 
-sumnes f. trouble, perplexity, 


Angel . Anglen (in Schleswig). 
-cyning m. king of the English. 
-cynn n. English race. 
-peody English people. 
angel m. fish-hook. 
-twicca, -eecca m., -twicce /. (?) 

an-ginn . beginning ; rising (of 

sun) ; enterprise ; design ; action. 
Angle //. = jingle English. 
an-grisenlice*, y av. terribly. 
an-grisla, o- m. terror, horror. 
angris(t)lic, o- terrible, horrible. 
an-gryrlic*, o- once terrible, a 

blending 1 of &TLgjns\io and gryre. 
a'nledan force -- fram separate 

forcibly, - ut drive out, expel. 
a-niehstf av. last (in order of 

a/niman 4 take away, deprive w. 

aninga, anunga, aminga av. at 

once ; absolutely, entirely, cer- 

a - nip(e)rian thrust down ; con- 

an-lec, -sec, -ic m. 'looking-on,' 

regard, respect [locian]. 
anlic, angelic, e W. o, wd. similar ; 

-nes eW. a, o, y likeness, simili- 

tude; form, stature: on nSddran 

~se ; illustration, parable ; portrait ; 

statue, idol. 
anlicje, o- av. similarly : -ost 

s~welce w. sbj. as if. 
geanlician wda. compare; make 

an-medla, o- m. pride, pomp, 

glory ; presumption ; courage 


gean-mettan encourage [mod]. 
an(d)-mitta, onm- m. balance, 

scales (for weighing). 




ann vb., prt. upe, inf. unnan, -wdg. 

grant ; not grudge, wish (a person 

to have something) ; wish w. d. 

and sbj. unnendre handa 

anopa m. fear. 

an-sien; -eon A. ; o-f. face, coun- 
tenance; aspect, appearance, form; 

view, contemplation ; spectacle. 
an-sien*, ons^nf/ lack, want, 
an-spilde salutary. 
an-stiellan*, y put in stall or 

stable [steall]. 
an-sund, o- whole, entire, sound, 


-nes/ soundness, wholeness. 
Ante-crist m. Antichrist [Z/.]. 
antefn, antifen mf. anthem [Z*. 


~ere m. book of anthems. 
an-timber . material; reason, 


antre/. radish. 
an-pracian, andp-, onp-, ap- 

fear ivg., w. pset and sceolde. 
an-preece dreadful, repulsive. 
anung after an. 

an-weald, and-, o- m(n). autho- 
rity, rule, prestige ; jurisdiction, 

-a, onwalda m. ruler, sovereign ; the 

Lord. = an- ? 

an-weald, an- aj. powerful, sole- 
puling (?). 

~ig [an- ?] powerful. 
an-wealg, onwealh unimpaired, 

uninjured, safe. 
-lice av. wholly. 
~nes / wholeness, soundness, 

anwig-gearo I once [ = and-] 

ready for war. 

an-wille*, on-f once desired. 
an-wlohf once adorned (?). 
apa m. ape. 
a-paecan seduce (retainer from his 

a-parian take in the act (hine 

a-pins|ian estimate ; consider, 

ponder [Lt. pensare]. 
~ung/ weighing Gl. 
a-plantian plant, 
a-platod plated (?) Gl. 
apostata m. apostate [_Lt.~\. 
apostol, IN. postol m. apostle 


apostoljhad m. apostolate. 

~(l)ic apostolic. 

appel = aeppel. 

Aprelis m. April [Z/.]. 

a-priccan prick, make (dot). 

aprotane/ wormwood [Z/. abro- 

apulder, apuldre fm. apple-tree 

-rind f. bark of apple-tree. 

-tun m. orchard. 

apytan = apy tan. 

art m. messenger (angel, apostle), 
herald; servant, soldier [Srende]. 

ar f. honour, dignity ; reverence, 
respect ; property, revenue, estate, 
benefice ; prosperity ; benefit, help; 
kindness ; mercy. 

-craeftig pious or distinguished (?). 

-dsfede merciful, charitable. 

-dagas mpl. feast-days. 

~ffflst distinguished; virtuous; pious, 
dutiful ; merciful, kind, gracious. 

-fsestllce av. piously ; kindly. 

-feestnesy! piety; virtue ; kindness. 

-full venerable ; merciful, kind. 

~fullice av. kindly, mercifully. 

-giefaf i. beneficent one. 

~hwaBtf eager for glory. 

-leas impious, wicked ; merciless, 

-leaslice av. wickedly, impiously ; 

-leasnes/i wickedness, impiety. 

-least f. wickedness, wicked deed ; 

-lie honourable, distinguished ; hon- 
est ; befitting; pleasant; merciful, 

-lice aw. honourably; kindly, merci- 

-scamu/. shame, modesty. 

-stafasf mpl. kindness, help. 

-pegn m. servant. 

-wierpe, -eorp, -urp, -yrp vener- 
able, distinguished. 

-weorpfull honourable. 

-weorpian, u, y honour, reverence, 

-weorplic, u, y venerable. 

-weorplice, u, y av. honourably ; 

-weorpnes, u, y f. honour, dig- 

-weorpung, u/ honour. 

-wesa once respected. 

ar/ oar. 


ar|blaed . blade of oar. 

-geblandf n. sea. 

-loc n. rowlock. 

-welaf m. sea. 

-wippe/] oar-withe, rowlock. 

-ypt/. wave. 

ar, ser . brass, copper, grene 

-fast n. brass vessel. 

-geotere m. brass-founder. 

-gleed*, gir-f brass-bright. 

-sapey. verdigris. 

-gescod, r--f brass-shod. 

-smip m. brass-smith. 

-gesweorf n. brass filings. 

ar = ffir early. 

arjian wa. honour, treat with re- 
spect ; endow | vad. care for (the 
poor), be kind ; be merciful, spare 
(life), pardon. 

-igend m. benefactor. 

-ing, ~ung_/! honour ; pardon. 

aTJeean get at, attain ; hand, 

a-rsedfO) wise(?); resolute, in- 
exorable (?) 

aTed|an i, but gen. wk. decree, 
settle, arrange, appoint, prepare ; 
prophesy ; solve (riddle) ; expound, 
explain ; utter ; read (to oneself 
or aloud). 

-nes, ared- f. agreement, con- 

a - rsBfn|an, -ian carry out, accom- 
plish ; endure (patiently) ; suffer ; 
ponder, consider. 

~(i)endlic endurable. 

aTaefsan, arsepsan, e intercept. 

a-rseman elevate rfl. elevate, 
improve oneself || rise. 

a-reer|an lift up, raise ; raise (to 
life) ; set up (cross\ build ; es- 
tablish, create, disseminate ; up- 
bring up, educate. 

-nes/. raising, exaltation (in power). 

a-rsesan rush. 

a-rafian unravel, unwind (ball of 

a-rasjian, -acsian explore ; detect, 
take in the act of; reprove, cor- 
rect (faults), ptc. ~od trained, 

arblast v L. m. crossbow \_Old Fr. 

arc = earc. 

ardlic = arodlic. 

a-reafianf separate (?). 



a-rgecan stretch out, raise up 
areahtum eagum with aston- 
ished eyes | explain, expound ; 
translate ; relate, tell, speak. 

a receleasi an be negligent. 

a-redian prepare, provide ; carry 
out, perform ; contrive, manage | 
find (right time for) ; find, find 
the way : ut - find the way out, 
oferdruncen mann ne maeg 
to his huse ~, pone weg -, pa 
ceastre ~ reach | find out, under- 

arednes - araednes. 

a-reodian intr. redden, blush. 

a-retan cheer. 

Arianisc Arian \_Lt.~\. 

a-ridan 6 ride (out). 

a-rlepan*, y strip off. 

ariht = on riht rightly. 

a-riman count ; enumerate, relate. 

aTisan 6 stand up, get up (from 
bed), rise ; be forthcoming (of 
money) ; arise, happen (^"tempta- 
tion) ; originate. 

armelu wild rue [Lt. harmala]. 

arn/r/. pieman. 

arod (m.) arum. 

arod energetic | brisk ; quick. 

-lie quick. 

-lice, ard- av. vigorously ; quickly. 

~nes/! boldness. 

-scipe /. boldness, energy. 

aron are, see wesan. 

arunnen = aurnen ptc. of aier- 

arwe, arewe/". arrow. 

a-ryddan, -dran, -tran strip, 

a saelan bind. 

a-sanian become languid, weak (of 
love) [seene]. 

a-sawan i sow. 

asc|ian, acs-, ax-, aha- try for, 
demand ; question, ask waa., w. 
aefter, TV. hwy &> ., w. sbj. ; call to 
account wag. ; experience (cala- 

-iendlic interrogative (in gram- 

-ung/i interrogation. 

geascjian learn by inquiry, be told, 
hear of w. a. and aet, w. indc., 
-ode pis pus gedon | discover. 

-ling/i inquiry. 

ii-scacan 2 shake off w. a. and of; 
shake, brandish || intr. flee, desert. 

a-scafan 2 shave. 

a-scalian peel off (bark). 

a'scamjian be ashamed. 

-elic shameful. 

asce, axe, K-f.,fl. -an ash, ashes. 

-geswap n. cinders. 

a'sceadan, -scadan i b TV. a. and 

g. or frarn or of, separate, ex- 

clude ; distinguish ; purify. 
a'SCgltan once separate, dis- 

solve (?). 
a'sceotan 7 shoot (arrow) ; lance 

(swelling; || intr. dart out, fall. 
a-sciflian*, i shell, peel [scalu]. 
a-scigppan 2 appoint, give, esp. 

-him naman. 
a'Scigr|ian*, i, y w. a. and g. or 

frarn separate ; deprive, purify ; 

destine, appoint. 
-igendlic disjunctive (in gram- 


a-scif rpan sharpen (eyesight). 
a-scimian shine. 
a-scman 6 shine (forth) ; be evi- 

dent, clear. 
a'Sciran*, y make clear, trans- 

a-scortian run short, fail ; seem 

short or elapse (0/"time). 
a'screadian prune, lop. 
a-scrncan trip up, make to fall. 
a screpan 5 scrape. 
a-scrincan 3 shrink up. 
a'scrutnian investigate. 
a'scufan, -sceofan 7 push (away), 


ascunian = on-. 
a-scylfan once destroy Gl. 
a'scyndan take away, deprive. 
a-searian dry up intr. 
a-secan seek out, select ; penetrate, 

pervade ; ~ nine lifes aim at his 

a-SfCgjan say fully, express, tell 


-endlic utterable. 
a.-sedan*, oe satiate [seed]. 
a-segnian*, asenganf once show. 
a-sgllan give up ; expel. 
a-8fncan tr. sink. 
a-sendan send forth, emit ; send. 
as eon onc"e 5 see. L.for geseon. 
a-seon 7 strain (through sieve). 
a'seolcan 3 become languid, ptc. 

asolcen slothful, remiss. 
a'seonod ' unsinewed,' relaxed Gl. 



a-seopan 7 boil; smelt (metals\ 
purify by smelting asoden gold 
pure gold ; try (by affliction), 

a agtt an place, put hi -onhi(fy?.) 
ofer (av.) crossed (the Channel) ; 

build ; plant ; appoint ; - sip 
make a journey. 
-nes (?)/. law = gestnes. 
a'sepan affirm, confirm (statement) 

a'Sican sigh. 
a-siftan sift. 
a-sigan 6 sink down, fall down ; 

be neglected. 
a-sincan 3 sink down, fall to 


a-singan 3 sing, deliver (speech). 
a'sittan 5 settle intr. ; run aground 

(o^ship) | expect, be apprehensive 

of w. sbj. || tr. ut - starve out (gar- 


a-siwan, eo sew. 
a-slac ian become slack, become 

weak ; decline, diminish. 
-igendlic remissive (adverb). 
a'slaeccan once loosen Gl. [slsec]. 
asleep an = onsleepan. 
a-slfflwan blunt, make dull [slaw]. 
a-slawian become dull, slothful. 
a-slean 2 strike, cut of- cut off 

(head) ; beat out (metal) ; geteld - 

put up tent. 

a-slldan 6 slip (of foot) ; fall. 
a-slitan 6 tear off ; tear to pieces ; 

a-slupan 7 slip away ; disappear 

a - smea(ga)n scrutinize, investi- 

gate ; conceive, realize ; consider, 

reflect on ; treat of (in writing ) ; 

settle (plan). 

asmeagungy. investigation. 
a'Smipian forge, make (metal 

objects) . 
a-smorian suffocate, kill by suffo- 

cating, choke (growth of plants). 
a'smugan 7 investigate, consider. 
a-snesan, a transfix, spit, rft. stake 


a-snipan 6 cut off, cut (corn). 
a-solian become dirty. 
a-solcennes f. torpor, sloth 

a'spanan 2 allure, entice; introduce 

in an underhand way ; induce. 
a-spedan make prosperous. 


a'Spelian be deputy for, represent 

a-spendan spend wa. j>ear- 

fum give to the poor ; squander 
[Z/. expendere]. 

aspide /. viper, serpent \_Lt. 

a apinnan 3 spin. 

a-splwan, f 6 vomit up. 

a-sprecan 4 speak fully, speak. 

a-sprengan send flying, fling out. 

a-sprindlian rip up. 

a spring an, -incan 3 spring up, 
rise ; flow ; spread (of fame, 
heresy, &c.) ; originate, be de- 
scended (from) ; come into being, 
appear, rise ; fail, decline, cease. 

-ung/. failing, being wanting. 

a-sprungennes/. failing, decline, 
exhaustion, eclipse. 

a-sprutan 7 sprout out. 

a'spryttan cause to grow, produce 
(of the earth). 

a-spylian wash oneself. Cp. awil- 

a-spyr|ian follow tracks of, trace 
(lost cattle) ; investigate ; discover. 

-igend m. investigator. 

assja m. donkey. 

-miere/ donkey mare. 

asse, assen/ she-donkey. 

ast kiln. 

a-staenan adorn with gems. 

a-stand an 2 stand up, rise often 
w. up ; stand firm, persist, endure. 

~(en)nes / existence, entity, sub- 
stance ; perseverance. 

a-stellan set, put; establish, create ; 
institute, set on foot, set (exam- 
ple) ; undertake, begin, undergo. 

a-stemnian found, build. 

a/stempan stamp (metal). 

a - steorfan 3 die. ptc. astorfen 
(flesh) of animal having died 
a natural death. J n. flesh of such 
an animal. 

asterion pellitory \_Lt.~\. 

a-stiep|an, A. eo (ea) bereave 
ptc. ~ed having lost parents or 
child ; wag. deprive. 

-nes/ privation. 

a-stierfan*, y kill [steorfan]. 

a-stierred*, y starred [steorra]. 

a-stifian become stiff. 

a stigan 6 ascend w.a. and on 
- on scip go on board ; descend ; 
go, pass niper - descend. 


a-stigend m. rider. 

a'stig(en)nes/. ascent. 

a-stihtjan decree. 

-ing/, doctrine. 

a-stingan 3 pierce out, put out 

(eyes), also w. ut || -on a. lay 

claim to, usurp (estate). 
a-stijjian become strong, grow up ; 

dry up intr. 

astorfen ., see asteorfan. 
a-streccan tr. stretch out, extend 

feoll astreaht fell flat, at full 

length ; rfl. prostrate oneself || 

intr. be erect, haughty. 
a-stregdan scatter ; sprinkle, 
a streng an ptc. ~d malleable Gl. 
a-strienan, eo beget. 
a-strowennes /. being extended, 

length Gl. Cp. strewian. 
a-stundian be responsible for, 

take upon oneself. 
a-styfician, I extirpate, 
a-styltan be astonished. 
a-styntan make dull, stupid ; con- 
fute [stunt]. 
a'Styrjian tr. agitate, raise (doubt) ; 

move fram remove, ptc . ~ed 

agitated (in mind) ; irritated, 


-iend m. stirrer, ventilater (!) Gl. 
-iendlic movable. 
-ung/. motion, 
a-sucan, -ugan 7 suck out, suck, 


asundrian = asyndran. 
a-surian become sour. 
a'swaeman wander about, w. fram 

depart | suffer, grieve. 
a-swfern|ian, a be confounded, 


~ung/. bashfulness, shame. 
a-8\vaBtan burst out in perspiration. 
a-swamiant cease (?). 
a-swapan i, ptc. -apen, -open 

sweep (away). 

a'SAvarcian abash, confound, 
aswarnian = asw&rnian. 
a'Sweartian become black or dim. 
a'swgbban, ptc. -fed make to 

cease, lull (storm), destroy, annul ; 


a'SWffecian root up, erad Scare, 
a/swellan 3 intr. swell, 
a'sweltan 3 die. 
a-svrf ngan shake off, cast off. 
a'sweorcan 3 become depressed 

(of the mind). 



a-s-weorfan 3 file off, pdlish. 

a-sw^rian 2 swear. 

a'swican 6 wd. desert, betray ; 
offend, scandalizare. 

a'Swician offend, scandalizare. 

a-swlfan 6 wander about, lose the 

a'swindan 3 languish away, be- 
come enervated ptc. aswunden 
sluggish ; disappear, perish. 

a-swog an i suffocate, choke ptc. 
-en overrun (with weeds). 

a'SWOrettan sigh ; grieve intr. 

a-swundennes f. sluggishness 

a-sycan*, I wean. 

a-syndran, -ian, -sundrian 

at- occ. = set-. 

a-tffisan wound ; wear out, injure ; 
once soothe (?). 

at|e/, -, atan oats. 

-leag m. oat-field (?) Ct. 

ategar = aetgar. 

atelic = atollic. 

a't^llan reckon up, count; enu- 
merate, tell ; explain. 

a - tf mian tame. 

a'tfndjan set on fire ; trouble, 
perplex (?). 

-end m. incendiary. 

-ing/, incitement. 

a-teon 7 draw out or awry; draw, 

drag, pull, take of extract. 

take out ; protract, continue ; 
treat (well or ill), behave to ; 
dispose of, do (as one likes) 
with || intr. go, make expedition. 

a'teor ian become tired, languish ; 
fail, cease; perish. 

-igendlic perishable, fleeting 

-odnes/ cessation. 

-ung/. failing ; weariness. 

a'teran 4 tear away, remove. 

ates-hwon once av. at all [awiht]. 

a-tiefran depict, draw. 

a-timbr(i)an build. 

atol, ~(l)ic, atelic I. terrible, dire, 
horrid, loathsome. II. n. what is 
terrible, terror. 

ge~ian*, ge~hlwian disfigure. 

-iende disfiguring. 

ge~od*, -atel- monstrous. 

at(t)or, SB- n. poison, venom. 

~b&re, -berende poisonous, veno- 


atorjcoppe/. spider. 

-craft m. art of poisoning. 

-cynn . (kind of) poison. 

-drinca m. poisonous draught. 

-lape/i cock's-spnr grass. 

~lic poisonous. 

-seapaf ft- venomous enemy, 


-spere . poisoned spear, 
-tant once m. poison-twig = -tear* 

/. drop of poison (?). 
a-trahtnian treat, discuss. 
a'tredan 4 ut ~ ivd. extort from. 

Or = atr^ddan ? 
a'trgddan investigate, explore. 
a-trndlian roll tr. 
atrum (.) ink \_Lt. atramentum]. 
a't^dran bring forth (progeny, 

growth), produce. 
a - tyht|an incite, entice; stretch, 

extend, turn, direct earum 

-urn with attentive ears, 
a-tynan ut ~ exclude. Also 

= onty nan. 
ap m. oath, 
-bryce m. perjury. 
-fultum m. confirmers of an 


-gehat n. promise on oath, oath, 
-loga m. perjurer, 
-staef m. oath, 
-swaru/, -a m. oath, 
-swgrung, -swaring f. swearing 

an oath. 

-swyrd, eof. oath. 
~wdd (?) . promise on oath Gl. 
-wierpe worthy of credit. 
apamans adamant \_Lt. adaman- 


apgcganf destroy, kill (?). 
a'pegen//V. distended Gl. 
a*pn ian, -pfnnan stretch out 

(hand), stretch (bow) ptc. -ed 

distended; rfi. prostrate oneself; 

concentrate (mind) w. on. 
~e(d)nes/! extension, 
a pelican devise, invent; intend. 
a'peostr|ian, ie become dim, ob- 
scure ; be eclipsed ptc. ~od dim 

(of the eyes), eclipsed. 
a'perscan* 3 ' thresh out ' ptc. 

aproxen robbed. 
apexe/. lizard, 
a-pledan, eo separate. 
a'pierran wipe, 
a-pietan sound or blow (horn) 


a-pindan 3 swell ptc. apunden 

apol-waref once pi. citizens, for 
fepel- ? 

a'polian hold out, endure. 

apracian = onpraeian. 

a'prsBstan wrest out, deprive. 

a-praw|an i, ptc. -awen, 6 twist 
(out) ; flow : is mm swat 

a'preatian be irksome || dissuade 
from : him his yfel ~. 

a'preotan 7 impers. hine apriett 
wg., w. sbj. be weary, find irk- 
some \personal he w^ses aproten 

a'prietan tr. weary, bore. 

a-pringan 3 tr. force out ; ptc. ut- 
aprungen embossed || intr. force 
one's way out, rush out. 

a-printan* 3 intr. swell ptc. a- 
prunten swollen. 

a-protennes f. wearisomeness. 

aprowen, see aprawan. 

aproxen, see aperscan. 

a-prutjan* 7 swell ptc. -en swol- 

a/pry(a)n ptc. aprjd robbed. 

a-prys(e)man, -ian stifle, suffo- 

apum m. son-in-law ; brother-in- 

-SWerianf once mpl. father- and 

a-pundennes f. being swollen, 
swelling [apindan], 

a-p\vsenan soften. 

a-pwean 2 ptc. -wagen, ae, e wash, 

a-pweran 4 churn (butter). 

a-pwitan 6 disappoint, frus- 

a'pyn press ut - extract (oil) ; im- 

a-pytan expel Gl. ut -*, apytan 
pull out, put out ^eyes). 

a-pywan push away, expel. = *a- 

awa, see a. 

a-wacan 2 intr. awake ; come into 
existence, arise, be born. 

a-wacian intr. awake. 

a - wacian become weak ; become 
languid, relax efforts ; ivd. fall 
away (from God). 

a'weecan weaken. 


a'waBCnian, -ac(e)nian, -nan 

come to life ; come into being, 

appear; be result of, arise from, 

be descended from. 
a'Wffigan make nugatory, annul, 

rel'Ut (testimony) ; deceive. 
a-wcelan roll, roll away ; afflict. 
a-wannian become pale, 
a-wascan i wash. 
a-weahtnes, -weht- f. exciting 

a-weallan i gush forth, issue ; 

have source, emanate. 
a-weardian defend, 
a'weaxan i grow ; grow up ; 

come into being, arise, 
awebb = owgbb woof. 
a'W^CCan, awr- wake tr. ; bring 

to life ; beget, suscitare ; incite, 

excite ; cause. 
a'Wgcgan move away, move ; 

~ fram, of dissuade. 
a'wedan go mad [wod]. 
a"wefan 5 weave. 
aweg = on weg away. 
a'Wegan 5 carry away ; carry off, 

carry ; weigh, weigh out. 
awel, owul, al, eel mf. awl, hook, 

a-wgmman, -asmmian pollute ; 

curtail, shorten. 
a-w^nian, -nnan disaccustom, 

wean (child). 
a - wnd|an tr. turn away, turn ; 

turn upside down, ransack (house) 

| pervert ; alter, change ; - to 

transform into, turn into ; of . . on 

translate || intr. turn ; go ; - fram 

secede, desert. 
-e(n)dlic changeable. 
-e(n)dlicnes/. mutability, 
-ednes/. change, 
-ing/", subversion. 
a-weodian extirpate. 
a-weorpan, u, y 3 throw ; throw 

out, throw away, throw down ; 

expel, degrade (from dignity, 

office); reject, divorce aworpeu. 


a'Weorpan.3 perish, become worth- 
less ptc. aworden worthless 

a-wrian defend, protect w. a. 

and g. or d. defend . . against ; 

restrain, hinder. 

a-werian wear, wear out (clothes), 
awesc = efewisc. 





a/west an lay waste, ravage, de- 

~(ed)nes/i desolation. 

-end m. devastator. 

a-widlian pollute, profane. 

a-wielgan*, prt. -wiligdon roll. 

a-wigllan (cause to gush forth) 
t wynnum ~ed joyful ; boil tr. 

a-wieltan roll tr. 

a-wierd|an injure ; corrupt, de- 
prave ; destroy ptc. aweerd worth- 
less, contemptible [weorpan]. 

~nes/. injury, destruction. 

a-wierg|an, L. -yrgian curse 
ptc. ~ed (ac)cursed, execrable 

~e(n)dlic wicked. 

~,ed)nes_/l malediction. 

a/wiftan ut~ exhale Gl. 

a-wiht, awuht, a(u}ht, owiht, 
IN. aeniht I. no. anything, 
something, to ahte at all. ahtes 
serviceable : pa scipu J>e ahtes 
wseron. II. aht aj. of worth, 
good : hweeper he - sy oppe 
naht. III. av. at all, by any 

a-wildian become wild, fierce. 

awiligan = *awielgan. 

a- windan 3 intr. wind, plait ; turn 
off, slip ; become relaxed or 

a-windwian winnow away, dis- 
perse (enemies). 

a winnan 3 strive ; overcome ; 
gain, acquire. 

a-wisnian dry up intr. 

a-wistlian hiss, pipe {of weak 
voice) . 

8/wlacian be lukewarm met. 

a- wlffltan make loathsome, deform, 

a wlancian become proud, exul- 

a-wofflian be insolent; be mad 
ptc. ~od insane. 

a-wogian woo. 

awoh = on wog. 

a-wordennes/. worthlessness, de- 
generation [aweorpan]. 

a'worpen|lic worthy of rejection 
or condemnation [aweorpan]. 

-nes f. rejection ; exposure (of 
children by parents). 

a'wraastan wrest from, extort. 

a-wrecan 5 drive away, drive | 
strike, pierce | avenge; punish | 
recite, relate. 

awreccan = aweccan awake. 

a-wre plan prop, support ; sustain, 

a'Wi'Idian grow, be descended. 

awrigennes = onwrigennes. 

a-wringan 3 squeeze out. 

a'WTitan 6 write; depict, draw, 
carve ; compose, write, describe. 

a'WTipan 6 twist ; bind, bandage 

avsrripan = on-wripan unbind. 

awper = ah weeper. 

a'vmnian remain (in place) ; con- 
tinue (in time). 

a'wundrian wda. make to seem 

a-wyrcan do. 

awy rdla = SB- injury. 

a'Wyrgan strangle, kill. 

a-wyrtw^alian root up ; extir- 

drive out, expel. 




ba, see begen. 

bacan 2 bake. 

gebacu*, -baecu npl. back parts. 

bad f. pledge, thing distrained ; 
impost | expectation [bidan]. 

~ian take a pledge abs. 

base n. back, clcene ~ habban be 
free from deceit, on ~, ofer ~, 
under- av. back (wards), behind. 

-bord . left side of ship, port. 

-ling on b. av. back, behind. 

-slitol slandering. 

~pearm m. rectum ; pi. ~as bowels. 

baec (?) brook. See bece. 

base-, see bacan. 

-ere m. baker. 

~ern, -hus n. bake-house. 

gebaec n. baking, what is baked. 

baecering (m.) gridiron. 

bsecestre, -istre, y fm. baker 
(male or female). 

baad/r/. ^/"biddan. 

bsedjan compel ; urge on, incite ; 
solicit, require wag. ; afflict, op- 

-end m. impeller. 

bfflddel m. hermaphrodite. 

bzede-weg, beadowig . cup. 

baadling m. sodomite, effeminate 

bsedzere = baezere. 

baafta m. back [bseftan]. 

baaftan, 'bess-prp. wd., av. behind : 
hi sotsaeton ~ remained at home 
(instead of serving in the militia) ; 
time after( wards) : hir~. 

-sittende slothful. 

n. funeral pile ; fire, blaze. 


bi;blBset, ~blys^e)t/. blaz?; of 


-egsaf m. terror of fire, 
-fyrf n. funeral fire. 
-Stedef m. place of a funeral pile, 
-pracuf/. strength of fire. 
-wielmt m. intensity of fire. 
~wuduf m. wood of a funeral pile, 
baelcf once covering (?). 
baelcf (m.) pride, 
bffllcanf vociferate. 
bffllignes = *blignes. 
beam d. of begen. 
baar bare, naked. 
-(e)fot bare- footed. 
~lice n. evidently. 
-synnig, bearswinig notoriously 

sinful IN. 

bier ; litter [beran]. 



babr-mann m. bearer ; porter. 
bear-disc m. tray = ber- (?). 
baarn = bern barn. 
b8arn|an/y. burn ; light (fire, lamp) 


~elac n. burnt offering, 
-ing/", burning tr. 
~(n)es/. burning. 
bearnet(t), -yt . burning tr. 


baars, bears m. perch (a fish). 
bearst/r/. </berstan. 
baarstlian = brastlian. 
geb8er|u. npl. behaviour, manner, 

customs ; gesture ; cries [beran], 
~an behave. 
-nes/ behaviour. 
bfiarwe = bearwe wheelbarrow, 
baest (m.~) bast (inner bark of the 


~en of bast. 
bsastere = bsazere. 
beat an furnish with bit, bridle ; 

coerce, restrain ) hunt, bait, worry 


-ing/, cable (of ship). 
gebaat|u npl., ~el n. bit, bridle, 

trappings of horse. 
-an furnish with bit, bridle, curb, 
baap n. bath. 
-ffflt n. bath. 
-hus n. bath-house. 
-Stede m , -Stow/ bath-place, 
-wegt tn. sea. 
baa(d)zere, bsej(c)ere, bsestere m. 

baptist \_Lt. baptista, through 


bala-nlp = bealo-. 
bale m. (?) ridge between two 

balca m. heap. 
bals-minte/. spear-mint. 
balsam n. balsam, balm, -es tear 

juice of balsam [Z/.]. 
bam d. </begen. 
ban n. bone (ivory, whalebone) ; 

leg only in composition. 
-beorge /, -an //., -gebeorg n. 

(pi. ? ) greaves. 

-gebrec ., -bryce m. bone- frac- 

-cofaf m. body. 
-faatf n. body. 

-fagt adorned with bone ? (hall), 
-hringf m. vertebra, 
-husf . body, 
-leas boneless. 

banjlocat m. body. 

-rift greaves. 

~8elet tn. body. 

-wsarc m. pain in the bones. 

-wyrt/. violet (?) 

ban-helmf m. helmet. 

ban | a m. slayer, murderer. 

-garf m. deadly spear. 

-snaca m. venomous snake. 

gebann n. summons, proclamation, 
command ; the indiction (cycle of 
fifteen years). 

-gear n. year of indiction. 

barm an i a, b summon ut call 

out (militia); proclaim, command. 

~end m. summoner Gl. 

bannuc m. cake of bread, scone. 

-camb m. wool-comb Gl. 

bar m. wild boar. 

-spere ., ~spreot m. boar-spear, 

barian make bare, uncover ; de- 
populate [beer]. 

barda m. beaked ship. 

barp (m.) light ship. 

basing m. cloak, mantle. 

basn|ian expect, await [bidan]. 

-ung/ expectation. 

baso, ea, //. baswe, purple, crim- 
son, se baswa stan topaz. 

-hffl'vven purple. 

-readian*, beso- make reddish- 
purple, colour purple. 

bastard m. bastard L. [/>.]. 

baswian stain purple or red (with 
blood) [baso]. 

bat m. boat. 

-swegen m. boatman L. [Scand.~\. 

-weardt m. boat-guarder. 

batjian intr. be in good condition 
or health, grow fat : waes ge~ad 
healed ((/wound). 

batt club, stick. 

batwa, see begen. 

bapian bathe, tr., intr., rft.\ pro- 
vide (poor men) with baths [baepl. 

be, bi ; bi ^through confusion w. the 
adverb bi. I. prp. ivd., place and 
motion by (nearness*, along, in 
time be him lifgendum during 
his lifetime || defining, by: ge- 
hsefted be patn healse | manner, 
cause, instrument : be hreow- 
sunge dSdbetende, be his 
hSse, be hlafe libban | accord- 
ing to : eegh'wilc gilt be his 
gebyrdum \formingadverbs : be 


fullan fully | concerning : be 
manna craeftum (title of poem, 
&.) | to express object of vb. 
about : cwepan be, awritan boc 
be, axian nine be, him behead 
be pe. II. be norpan, be su- 
pan, &c. prp. wd. north of, &c. 
III. be-pffim-pe av. in proportion 
to, as much as. 

beac(e)n n. sign, token, beacon ; 
standard, banner. 

~fyr n. beacon-lire, light-house. 

-stan m. beacon-fire rock, farus. 

gebeacn . sign. 

beacnian =biecn(i)an. 

beadof, g. bead^ujwe, f. battle, 

~caf prompt in battle, warlike. 

-craeft m. skill in war. 

-crsaftig skilful in war. 

-cwealm m. violent death. 

-folm/. war-hand. 

-grima m. helmet. 

-grimm fierce in war. 

-hraegl . coat of mail. 

-lac n. battle. 

-leoma m. sword. 

-msegen . battle-strength. 

-mece m. battle-sword. 

-rffls m. onset. 

-rinc m. warrior. 

-rot' warlike. 

-run/, theme of quarrel. 

-scearp sharp in battle (of sword). 

-scrud . coat of mail. 

-searo . armour. 

-sierce/ coat of mail. 

-preat m. army. 

-wabpen n war-weapon. 

-wang m. field of battle. 

-weorc n war-work. 

~\vig = bsedeweg. 

beaat'tan = baaftan. 

be-sawnian join in marriage. 

beaftan lament IN. 

beag m. ring (of gold), bracelet, 
torque, crown [bugan]. 

-giefaf tn. giver of rings, patron. 

-giefut-/ ring-giving, liberality. 

-hordf . treasure. 

-hrodenf adorned with rings, &c. 

-saalt n., -selet m. hall in which 
gold is distributed. 

-pegut/ receiving of rings. 

-wripaf m. bracelet, &c. 

beagian crown. 




bealcan; be(a)lcettan, i,y belch 

forth, utter. 

bealcett (.) belching. 
beald, vE. balp self-confident, 


~e, -lice, IN. ballice av. boldly. 
~ian be bold. 
-wyrde bold of speech. 
bealdorf m. prince, king. 
beallucas m. testicles. 
bealof g. beal(o)wes I. n. evil, 

calamity, injury, wickedness. II. 

aj. evil, dire, pernicious, wicked. 
-bend (m.~) severe bond, chain, 
-benny", severe wound, 
-blanden pernicious. 
-clamm m. dire bond. 
-craft m. evil art, magic, 
-cwealm m. violent death. 
-dsed/ crime. 
-full evil, wicked. 
-fus prone to evil. 
-hycgende, -hygdig, -hydig 

meditating evil, hostile. 
-inwit n. malice. 
-leas innocent, 
-nip m, pernicious malice, vice, 


-rap m. dire rope, bond. 
-searo n. dire machination. 
-sip m. fatal journey, misfortune, 
-sorg/ dire sorrow. 
-spell n. dire tidings. 
-pane m. evil thought, 
beam m. tree ; the Cross ; pillar 

(of fire); beam; fship. 
-sceadu/ shadow of a tree, 
-telgf m. 'wood-dye,' (carbon) ink. 
bean/ bean. 
-belg, -codd m. bean-pod. 
-cynn n. species of bean, 
-scalu/ bean-pod. 
beanen of beans. 
bearce*, A. f. barking [beor- 


beard m. beard, in sg. mean- 

-leas beardless. 
bearg m. pig. 
bearhtm, eo, y, e ; A. se; bre- 

aht(u)m m. glance (of the eye) 

eagena- the evil eye [beorht], 
~e av. instantly [i. of bearhtm]. 
-hwfflt swift as a glance of the eye. 
-hwil f. moment, instant ane -e 

bearhtm = breahtm noise. 

bearm m. bosom, lap ; middle, in- 
side ; fpossession. 
-clap, -hrfflgl n. apron. 
bearm-teag, see beo-. 
beam n. child, 
-gebyrda/*/. child-bearing. 
-eacen, -eaca (,?), -eacniend 

-leas childless. 
-liest, -least/, childlessness. 
-lufe/ adoption. 
-myrpre/. infanticide. 
-gestreon n. begetting children. 
-team m. begetting children. 
bearn/r/. </beiernan. 
bearo, g. bear'^o)wes, m. grove, 


-nfflssf m. woody tract, grove. 
bears = beers, 
bearwe, SB, e, -uwe, -ewe /. 

basket, wheelbarrow. 
be-ascian tr. question ; request 

waa. (or wag. ?). 
gebeat . beating, 
beat an i beat ; clash together ; 

tramp, tread on. 
-ere m. pugilist Gl. 
beaw (m.} gadfly. 
be-bapian tr. bathe, wash. 
be-beod;an 7 wda. offer ; commit, 

entrust ; command, ask ; announce. 
-end m. master, praeceptor. 
-endlic imperative (mood). 
be-beorgan 3 w. d. and a. or inst. 

rfl. ward off from oneself, avoid. 
be-beran 4 wad. supply, provide 


be-bindan 3 bind. 
be'bod n. command, mandate, 

(moral) precept. 
-dfflg m. appointed day. 
be-brjedan tr. iv. mid spread, 

be-brecan 4 wad. deprive of by 

breaking ; -wa. consume. 
be-bregdan IN. pretend, simulate, 
be-brucan 7 practise (virtue). 
be'bugan 7 encompass, surround ; 

avoid, escape || intr. extend w. 

be-bycgan sell : on gold - sell for 


be-byrig|an, -rgan bury. 
~(ed)nes/ burying, burial, 
bee//, o/boc. 
beean, ge- wda. assign by charter 



be'ceafed*, e adorned. 

becca m. pickaxe, mattock. 

bece m. brook. 

bec|e, oe/ beech-tree [boc]. 

-en of beech. 

be-ceapian sell : - wip feo. 

becefed - becssfed. 

be-ceorfan 3 cut off: nine 
heafde ~. 

be'ceorian tr. complain of, lament. 

be-ceowan 7 gnaw (through). 

be'Ciepan sell [beceapian]. 

be-cierran tr. turn, make to re- 
volve ; give the slip to, avoid ; 

be-clfflman glue together. 

be'clemmant fetter, enclose. 

be-clingan 3 enclose, bind. 

be-clipian, eo summon, sue at law. 

be'dyppan embrace, encompass. 

be-clys an enclose, shut up, close 

-ing/, cell ; period, syllogism. 

be-cnawan i know. 

be-cnyttan tie up. 

be-creopan 7 creep wees be- 
cropen lay hid, was kept con- 

be-cuman 4 come ; meet with, fall 

among; happen him to eadig- 

nesse make him happy. 

be'CWCpan 5 say ; reproach ; be- 
queath wda. 

be-cwiddian deposit Gl. 

be-cyme (!) m. event Bd. 

bed = gebed occ. in composition : 
-dagas, -hus, -rseden. 

-rip, bider- compulsory reaping 

\cp. benrip]. 
gebed n. prayer ; religions 


nance or ceremony. 

-dagas mpl. prayer-days. 

-giht/ evening Gl. 

-hus n. oratory, chapel, temple. 

-mann m. worshipper, priest. 

-raden/ prayer. 

-stow/ place of prayer, oratory. 

gebedian pray, worship. 

be-dffllan deprive wag., wai. 

bgdd . bed ; (garden) bed, plot. 

-bolster . bolster. 

-bur m. bedchamber. 

-cleofa, -clyfa ; -cofa m. bed- 

-clap m. bed-covering, //. bed- 

-felt blanket, sheet. 




bfddlgemana m. cohabitation. 

-real n. bed-clothes. 

-reda, i, y m. one bed-ridden ; 

also aj. 
-rest/, bed. 
-gerid n. (ants') nest (?). 
-pegn m. chamberlain. 
-tld/. bed-time, 
-wagrift bed -curtain. 
bedd|ian make a bed : ~ him for 


-ing/, bedding, bed-clothes; bed. 
geb^dlda/. consort, wife, 
-cleoia*, y m. lair, den. 
-scipe m. cohabitation, marriage. 
bedecian beg [gebed(ian)]. 
be-delf|an 3 dig round ; bury. 
~ing_/I digging round. 
beden^. of biddan. 
be-dician fortify with mound. 
be-dlegl(i)an, -deaglian hide, 

conceal, keep secret. 
be-diepan*, e, y dip. Cp. bedyp- 


be'digrnan conceal ivda. 
be-don shut, close (door). 
bedol suppliant. 
be'dreosanf 7 bedroren wear}) 

or wses was deprived of wi. ; 

came into the power of. 
be'drifan 6 drive ; assail, beat, 

cover : steame bedrifen. 
be-drincan 3 drink in, absorb. 
be-drogf Old Saxon prt. beguiled 

[ = OE. *bedreag]. 
bedu/i request [biddan]. 
be-dfifan 7 be submerged pic. 

bedofen drowned. 
be-dydrian deceive ; conceal 

(from) TJU. a. and wij> a. 
be'dyppan dip [cp. bediepan]. 
be'ebbjian : ~od wses was left 

aground by the tide going out (of 

be-feestan fasten, fix ; establish ; 

make safe ; apply, utilize ; entrust, 

commit wda. 

be'fsepman embrace, encircle 
be-faran 2 tr. traverse ; attack ; 

utan ~ surround (army), blockade 

|| inlr. proceed, go. 
be-fealdan i fold ; fold round, 

cover ; surround. 
befealh prt. 0/befeolan. 
be-feall|an i fall ; -on a., d. incur 

(death, guilt), fall into (habit) | 

ptc. ~en vii. deprived (of). 

be'fegan tr. join w. on a. 

be-feohtan 3 wai. deprive of by 
fighting : feore befohten dead. 

be-fBolan 3, prt. -fealh, ptc. 
-folen tr. put away (under the 
earth) ; wda. impose, grant, con- 
sign : him, wses Hiilig Gast 
befolen, he hine rode befealh 
crucified him || intr. ivd. apply 
oneself (to prayer, learning), im- 
portune (a person) ; w. on d. fall 
into (a certain state) : ~ on slsepe. 

be'feran traverse, encompass. 

be'fician deceive. 

be - fill an knock down, fell, throw 
down | ptc. ~ed deprived wi.^ 

be'flean 2 flay, take off skin : take 
off bark beflagen flsesc vis- 

be-fleon 7 flee from, escape tr.,and 
intr. w. fram. 

be-fleogan 7 fly. 

be-flowan i flow over, flood. 

be - fon i b grasp, seize ; take pos- 
session of; take (in the act x >, 
detect (in a crime) ; entrap | sur- 
round, encompass, encircle; con- 
tain, hold (a quantity). 

befolen ptc. i/'befeoian. 

be-foran I. prp. w. d. and more 
rarely a. in the presence of | in 
the name of : ic pe bebeode 
~ Gode | before order, time. 
II. av. before, in front ; above (in 
book) : pees cynn is - awriten ; 
beforehand, ready ; openly, pub- 

be-forhtian dread. 

be-fotian deprive of feet. 

be-freo v ga n free. 

be-frign|an, -frinan 3 question ; 
ask for, request 'wag 

~ung f. inquiry, investigation. 

be-fullan av. completely [be, full]. 

be-fylan defile. 

be-fylgan follow, pursue. 

be-fyllan fill. 

beg* //. ~er berry. 

-beam*, beig- m. bramble. 

bega g. of begen. 

be-gan, -gangan vb. go over, 
traverse ; occupy, possess (coun- 
try), surround utan - besiege ; 
cultivate (land), take care of; 
honour, worship ; perform, prac- 
tise, do. 

~nes/ calends (I) Gl. 


be'galan 2 sing incantations over, 

be-gang, bl-geng m. circuit ; 

tract, space | observance, practice, 

business ; service, worship. 
beganga = bigenga. 
be-geat n. gen. pi. gains, property, 
begen, ef, oe,fem. and neut. ba, 

batwa, bu.tu) both. 
begenga = bigf nga. 
be-geomerian lament. 
be-geondan av., prp. w. d., a. 

be'geotan 7 pour over, cover (with 

fluid): mid blode begoten ; 


beger //. of *beg berry. 
be-giellanf 3 scream around or 

sing about (?). 
be'giem an u>g. take care of, 

attend to. 

-en/! attention, looking out for. 
~ung/l taking care. 
be-gietan 5 get, obtain, attain, 

conquer, acquire ^wealth) ; find ; 

happen to, come upon (of danger, 

evil, &c.) ; beget or conceive 


be'glnan 6 gape at once. 
be-ginnan 3 begin. 
be-gleddian stain (with blood). 
be-glidan 6 depart from -wd. 
be'gnagan 2 gnaw. 
be-gnornian lament. Cp. be- 


begra^-. of begen. 
be-grafan 2 bury. 
be-gretanf once -wk. lament. 
be-grinian, y ensnare. 
be-grindan 3 polish ; fdeprive 

begrorenf once ptc. susle ~ 

overwhelmed (?). 

be-grornian lament. Cp. be- 
be-gyldan gild. 

be-gyrdan gird ; clothe; surround. 
be'habban surround; comprehend ; 

be-htes (_/!) vow vL. Blending of 

hses and behat. 

be-haettian scalp (as punishment). 
be-hamelian tr. strip naked (?). 
be-hammen (o/"shoe). 
be'hat n. promise ; vow. 
be-hatan i wda. promise ; vow ; 

threaten with. 




be-hawian look carefully, take 


be-heafd|ian behead. 
~ungy. beheading. 
be-heafodlic capital (punishment) 

Gl. [be, heafodj. 
be-heald|an i hold, keep ; guard ; 

possess, have ; rfl. act, behave | 

look at, observe ; consider, reflect 

on ; pay regard to, observe, keep 

(^laws) rfl. w. sbj. be careful ; 

practise, perform | signify, mean ; 

be of importance: avail. 
~en cautious ; assiduous (in) ivi. 
-nesy regard. 
be-heawan i hew, cut into shape 

(timber) ; bruise, beat ; wai. cut 

off (head), deprive of : ~ hine 

heafde, feore. 
be-hef|e, oe, ~(e)lic suitable ; 

necessary [behofian]. 
-nesy. utility. 

be'helan 4 cover over, conceal. 
be'helian cover over, conceal. 
be-helmian cover over, shroud 

(with darkness), conceal. 
be-heofian lament, mourn for. 
be'heonan, -hinon av., prp. wd. 

on this side of (river, sea . glet ~ 

citerius Gl. 

be-hlepan surround (with heaps). 
be-hindan av., prp. w. </., a. be- 

behinon = beheonan. 
be-hlsenan surround anything by 

leaning other things against it : 

-fset holte, surround. 
be-hleapjan i leap; his mod bip 

-en on . . his mind is fixed on. 
be-hlemman tr. dash together, 

close yaws). 
be-hlidan 6 cover up, close tr., 


be-hliehhan 2 deride, 
be'hliepan*, y deprive, strip. 
be-hligan, (he) behllp, defame : 

~ hie warnmum. 
be-honi b behang, hang round with, 

esp. in ptc. behangen w. i. or 


be - hof]ian need, require wg. 
-lie necessary. 
be-hogjian take care of. 
-odllce av. carefully. 
-odnesy. exercising, practising Gl. 
be'horsian hie wurdon -ode 

were deprived of their horses. 

be-hreosan 7 fall | ptc. behroren 
w i. covered ; deprived of. 

be-hreowsjian repent ; atone. 

-ungy. repentance. 

be-hrlman cover with hoar-frost. 

be-hringan encircle, surround. 

be-hropan i importune. 

be-hrumian besmirch. 

be-hrumig besmirched, sooty. 

behte/r/. o/bec&n. 

behpty. sign. 

be-hweorf(!) m. exchange. 

be-hweorfan 3 tr. turn ; spread 
out | arrange, put in order (house), 
tend, prepare (corpse for burial) | 
change ; exchange for wai. 

be-hwielfan vault over, cover. 

be-hwie rfan tr. turn, turn round ; 
utan ~ encompass ; exercise, train j 
change, convert ; exchange for 
w. a. and on d., mid. 

be-hycgan bear in mind, consider ; 
trust w. on. 

be-hydan hide, conceal. 

be-hydignes (I')/, desert. 

be-hygdig, -hydig vigilant, care- 
ful, solicitous. 

-lice, -hydellce av. carefully. 

-nesy solicitude, anxiety. 

be-hyhtan w. on set hopes (on), 
trust in. 

be-hyldan skin, flay. 

be-hyr|an hire out. 

-ingy hiring out, letting. 

be-hypelice av. sumptuously Gl. 

be-if rfeweardian disinherit. 

be-iernan 3 run (into), be involved 
(in sin) ; occur (to the mind) : 
J>a beam him on mode pset he 
come he thought he would come | 
bij> beurnen mid blode covered. 

beinnan = binnan. 

belacan i b sport round, surround 
(of waves). 

be-ladjian exculpate, clear wag. 

-igend m. excuser, defender. 

-igendlic excusable. 

-ung f. excuse : pair is sum ~ on 
psere segene there is some excuse 
for your saying so. 

be-lffldan lead, impel gen. in bad 
sense : on synna ~. 

bc-laefan tr. spare, leave unde- 
stroyed || intr. remain, be left. 

be-lSpan make hateful, pervert. 

be-l&w|an betray. 

-ingy. betrayal, treason. 


be-lafy. remainder. 

belagen ptc. 0/~belean. 

be-landian deprive of land. 

belced - sweoraf puff- necked 

belcettan =bealcettan. 

gebeldan,/;-/. gibelde IN. cover or 
bind (book). 

be'lean 2 blame, forbid, dissuade 
from u>da. 

be-lgcgan wai. cover, envelop, 
met. overwhelm (with contempt-, 
treat (ill), afflict wg. he wees 
swelces domes beled peet . . he 
had such a reputation ; charge 
(with crime) w. a. and mid. 

be-lndan deprive of land vL. 

belene, beoloney henbane. 

be-leogan 7 deceive. 

be-leoran A. pass by intr. 

be-leosanf 7 be deprived of wi. 
ptc. beloren deprived of wi. 

gebelg . anger ; arrogance. 

-nes*, bselig- /. offence, injury IN. 
belgan 3 intr. and rfl. be angry 

w. wip a., for, to ptc. gebolgen 

angry, fierce. 
gebelgan 3 offend wd. 
be-libban ptc. belifd lifeless. 
be-licgan 5 surround. 
be-lief|an L. believe -- ed be- 

lieving w. on a. Cp. geliefan. 
be-lifan 6 remain, be left. 
be-lifian kill. 
be'limp n. occurrence. 
be-limpan 3 belong to, concern, 

appertain w. to ; happen, befall 


be-lis(t)nian castrate. 
be-lipant 6 only in ptc. beliden 

deprived w.g. or i. ; lifeless. 
bellan 3 bellow, grunt. 
bell ey. bell. 

-flies n. bell-wether's fleece. (m.) bell-ringing. 
-hus n. bell-tower. 
-tacen n. showing time by bell 


belt (m.) belt \^Lt. balteus]. 
be-lucan 7 lock up, confine ; close 

(house) ; enclose (with wall) ; 

bind (with fetters) ; impede, 

choke ; wad. protect against. 
be-lutian lie hid. 
be-lyrtan deceive, cheat Iff. 




be'lytigian deceive, entrap. 

be-manan lament. 

be-metan 5 estimate rfl. hio 
hie selfe to nohte ne bemceton 
thought themselves of no account, 
hie hie ne bemSton nanes 
anwealdes they did not consider 
they had any power. 

be-mipan 6 conceal (from') wda. 

be-murc(n)ian murmur, grumble. 

be-murnan 3 bewail ; care for, 
take heed of. 

be-mutian exchange (for) w. on a. 
\_Lt. mutare]. 

be-myldan bury [molde]. 

ben, oe,f. prayer, petition, request. 

-dagas mpl. rogation-days. 

-feorm f., ~ifrp /., -rip food, 
ploughing, harvest-work required 
from a tenant. 

-tidy, prayer-time, rogation-days. 

-tigpe, -ip^ig)e successful in 
prayer, successful ; gracious. 

geben_/. prayer. 

bena m. petitioner wesan re- 

be'nacodian*, -nacian lay bare. 
The shortening into -nacian is to 
avoid the clumsy prt. -nacodode*. 

be'nseman deprive w. a. and g. 
or i. [niman]. 

benc_/! bench. 

-sittend(e)f m. guest. 

-swegf m. revelry. 

-pelf n. bench-floor. 

bencian make benches. 

bend mfn. band, ribbon, chaplet, 
crown ; bond, chain [bin dan]. 

bendan bind ; stretch, bend (bow"i. 

be - neah. vb., pi. -nugon, prt. 
-nohte, iug. enjoy, have benefit 
of; require. 

be'nemnan declare, certify. 

be - neotan 7 wai. deprive. 

be'neopan, -nipan, y av., prp. 
wd. beneath, below. 

be'niman 4 wag., wai. deprive. 

benipan = beneopan. 

bennf/ wound [bana]. 

-geat n. opening of a wound. 

~ian wound. 

benohte/r/. ^/"beneah. 

be - notian use up, consume (pro- 

bensian supplicate [ben]. 

benugon/r/. //. c/beneah. 

benypan = beneopan. 

f. ~n bee. 

-(n)bread . beebread, honeycomb. 

-nbrop n. drink made of honey. 

-ceorl, -cere m. bee-keeper. 

-gang m. swarm of bees. 

-modor/ queen-bee. 

-peof m. stealer of bees. 

~wyrt/". bee- wort, sweet flag. 

beo-hataf once m. warrior, chief. 

beon, see wesan. 

beod m. table ; bowl. 

-ffirn, beod(d)ern n. dining-room, 

-bolla m. bowl. 

-clap m. table-cloth. 

-fast n. table-vessel, cup Gl. 

-fers n. grace sung at mealtimes. 

-giest m. guest at meals. 

-hraegl n. table-cloth. 

~\&a,fpl. table-leavings. 

-land n. land for supplying the 
food of a monastery, glebe-land. 

-geneat m. meal-companion. 

-gereord(u) n(pl). feast. 

-sceat m. napkin. 

-wist/ meal, food. 

beod an, ge- 7 wda. offer w. sbj. : 
him gefeoht ~ challenge to figlit ; 
inflict : him witu - ; behave to, 
treat (well or ill) : uton - oprum 
Jjset we willen pset man us 
-e ! | announce, proclaim ; bode ; 
threaten | command, decree, en- 
join ut wd. call out (militia), 


beod v d)ian do joiner's work 

beofor m. beaver. 

beogol, ge~, y forgiving [bugan]. 

beolone = belene. 

beom = beo am. 

beorf, rarely Pr., n. beer [beow]. 

-byden/ beer- barrel. 

-hierdef m. butler. 

-scealcf m. feaster. 

-selef m. hall of festivity. 

-setl* n. fbench at banquet. 

-peguf/. beer-drinking. 

gebeor m. boon-companion, guest. 

-scipe, b- m. convivial meeting, 

beorc f. birch-tree ; the Runic 
letter b [bierce]. 

gebeorc (n.) barking. 

beorcan 3 bark ; bark at iva. 

beorg m. hill, mountain ; heap of 
stones, mound. 


beorglaelfen/. oread. 

~hli}> n. hill-slope. 

~iht*, beorhtt- mountainous. 

-sepel . mountain dwelling. 

-stede ;. mound. 

gebeorgt once n. mountain. 

gebeorg, -rh n. defence, refuge, 

safety, precaution. 
-lie safe, advisable. 
~nes/. refuge. 
-stow/, place of refuge, 
beorgjan, ge- 3 wd. preserve, save ; 

abstain from injuring, spare ; w. a. 

and d. or wip guard, save rft. 

avoid : hie him yfel ~ap, -ap 

eow wip yfel ! | avoid, beware 

of w. wip. 

beorht, y I. aj. bright ; clear- 
sighted ; clear (sounding), loud; 

magnificent, glorious, noble. 

II. n. brightness, light ; sight ; 

twinkling eagan ~ moment. 
~e av. brightly ; (see) clearly, 
-hwll/. moment. 
-ian be bright ; (sound) clear or 

ge-nian*, -brehtnian IN. become 

-lie bright ; clear - sounding* ; 


-lice av. brightly ; distinctly. 
~nes/. brightness, splendour. 
-rodorf m. heaven, aether. 
-word clear of speech. 
beorhtt- = beorgiht*. 
beorm|a m. yeast, 
-teag*, bea-/. yeast-box. 
beornf m. brave man, warrior, man 

of rank, rich man, prince, king. 
-cyning m. king of warriors. 
-preat m. band of warriors. 
~wiga m. warrior. 
beornan = biernan. 
Beornice mpl. Bernicians. 
beorpor, byr- n. childbirth ; fetus 


-cwealm m. dead birth, abortion. 
-pignen*, byrp-pinenu /. mid- 

gebeorpor*, y n. birth. 
beost (*.) biestings, first milk of 

cow after calving. 
beot . promise ; vow ; boast ; 

threat; danger [ = *bi-hat]. 
~ian promise ; vow ; boast. 
-lie boastful, arrogant ; threatening. 
-lice av. threateningly. 


beot|ung/. threatening. 

-wordf n. boast ; threat. 

gebeot . vow ; boast ; threatening 
to ~es assiduously (!). 

beow n. barley. 

beowan = biewan polish. 

be - ps&c|an deceive. 

-end m. deceiver. 

-estre/. deceiver, harlot. 

-ung/ deceiving, alluring Gl. 

beprenan, see bepriwan. 

beprepan, see bepriwan. 

be'prlwan, -prewan*, -prenan 
[n for u], -prepan wink ^eye). 
Cp. preowt-hwil. 

beran 4 carry, wear (hat), bring, 
carry off ; produce, bring forth, 
bear | endure, tolerate ; suffer || 
~ up open (a case). 

berian make bare, clear (benches) 

bera m. bear. 

beTsbdan deprive w. a. and g. or i. 
or set ; deliberate on, prepare ; 
get the better of. 

be'ra&san rush. 

berbene/. verbena [Z/.]. 

bere m. barley. 

-corn n. barley-corn. 

-flor/ barn-floor. 

-gafol n. rent paid in barley. 

-grses n. green barley. 

-hlaf m. barley loaf. 

~SBd n. barley seed. 

-tun, bertun m. threshing-floor, 

-wic/. hamlet. 

beTeafian wag. despoil, deprive. 

beTecan make to smoke. 

beTeccan relate ; justify, excuse 
gen. rfi. 

gebered crushed ; afflicted, op- 

be-regnian*, -reni-f cause 

beren = biren bear's. 

beren of barley. 

beren =bfrn barn. 

berenian = beregnian*. 

beTeofanf 7 deprive wi. 

be-reotan 7 bewail. 

berern = bern barn. 

be-ridan 6 surround on horseback, 
besiege ; overtake, take posses- 
sion of, seize. 

be-riefan deprive wag. 

be-riepan wag. despoil, plunder of. 


berig e, beree/. berry. 

-drenc w. drink made of mulberries. 

be'rihte*, biryhte prp. wd. close 
by, by. 

be-rindan take off bark. 

be-rinnan 3 wet. 

bern, beren, IN. berern . barn 

-hus . bam. 

beTowan i row round. 

geberst n. intr. breaking, bursting. 

berstan prt. bserst 3 intr. burst, 
break ; dash, break {of waves) ; 
resound | escape ; fail gif him 
ap burste. 

bertun = bere- tun. 

ber-winde/. navel- wort. 

be-saetian lie in wait for, beset. 

be-sarglian be sorry for ; lament ; 
condole with. 

-ung/. sorrowing. 

be-sawan i sow. 

be'sceadanf cast in the shade, 

be-sceadan i b separate ; dis- 
criminate ; sprinkle tr. 

be-sceawjian look at, survey ; 
consider, pay regard to ; watch. 

-odnes/. vision, sight. 

-ung/. contemplation. 

be-sce ncan give to drink tvai. 

be-sceotan 7 intr. dart, rush || tr. 
send, instil (^thoughts). 

bescerwan = bescif rian. 

be'scielan*, y look at w. on. 

be-scieran 4 shear, shave hine 

to preoste like a priest. 

be-scier|ian, once -scerwan de- 
prive wag:, wai., fram, of. 

-ednes/ deprivation. 

be-scinan 6 shine upon. 

be-scltan 6 cover with filth, be- 

be-screpan 5 scrape. 

be-scufan 7 thrust, throw, precipi- 

be-secgan say : him on - accuse 
him ; announce ; plead cause, rfl. 
defend oneself (in court of law). 

be-sellan surround wai. 

besema = besma. 

be-sencan tr. sink, plunge. 

be-sengan singe ; burn. 

be-seon intr., rfl. look up, look 
about, see ; w. on a., to look at, 
pay regard to || tr. go to see, visit. 

be-settan set (hope on) ; appoint ; 



set about, adorn wai. ; beset : 
searopancum beseted; keep, 
guard ; institute, set going. 

be-sldian regulate, determine. 

be'sierwan ensnare, take by sur- 
prise, overcome ; deprive by 
treachery wai. 

be-silfran silver. 

be-sincan 3 sink intr. 

be'Singan 3 sing incantations over, 
bewitch ; sing of, bewail. 

be'sittan 5 besiege, beset, block- 
ade, gen. w. utan ; possess. 

be-slw\i)an, eo sew. 

be-slepan i b sleep. 

be-slean a wai. cut off (head) ; de- 
prive of. 

be-sliepan tr. slip, put, clothe. 

be-slltan 6 deprive of by tearing 
away wai. 

bes(e)ma m. broom ; rod (for 

besm|an ptc. ge-ed curved Gl. 

-ing/, curve Gl. 

be-smierwan besmear. 

be-smitan 6 defile. 

be-smitennes / defilement, im- 
purity [besmitan]. 

be-smittian defile. 

be-smipian work (metals), forge. 

be-smocian tr. smoke, envelop 
with incense. 

be-snaedan wai. deprive by cutting, 

be-snlwian snow on, cover with 

be-any)) J>anf, prt. -yj>ede deprive 

beso = baso. 

be-solcen torpid, inert. 

be-sorg subject of solicitude, dear 
to wd. 

be-sorgian be sorry for ; care for, 
be solicitous about ; scruple, fear. 

be-spanan 2, i entice, persuade. 

be-spearrian*, a shut, bar. 

be-sprecan 5 /;-. speak about, 
complain of, charge. 

be-sprengan sprinkle. 

be-spyrian follow tracks of, trace. 

be-staeppan 2 go, proceed. 

be-standjan 2 stand round, sur- 
round ; afflict mid adle -en. 

be-stealcian go stealthily 

be-stecan 5 close, bar (door). 

be-stefnjan d fringed Gl. 


be-stelan 4 intr., rfl. move 
stealthily, steal \\ tr. him sum 
ping on - accuse of, charge with. 

be-stieman wet [steam]. 

be-stingan 3 thrust, push fyr 

on a. set fire to. 

bestredan = "bestre gdan. 

be-stregdan*, -edan bestrew, 
cover (with earth). 

be'Streowian bestrew, cover. 

be-stridan 6 mount (horse). 

be'Stliepan strip of, plunder wag. 
hie set landum. 

be-strudan 7 despoil, deprive wai. 

be-styrian heap up Bd. 

be'Styrman assail, agitate (mind). 

be-sutlian od dirty. 

be-swselan scorch, burn. 

be-swapan i cover, envelop ivai. 
or mid ; shelter against (wip), 
protect; -him on mod per- 

be-swemman make to swim 

be-swepian bind up, bandage. 

be-swic, bi- deceit, treachery ; 

~a*, bi- m. deceiver. 

-fealle/. trap. 

~ol deceitful. 

be - swic|an 6 deceive ; lead astray ; 
seduce (woman) ; offend, scandali- 
zare ; get the better of, conquer, 

-end m. deceiver, seducer. 

~ung/. deception. 

be'Bwician tr. escape from, evade ; 
wd. be free from (disease). 

be'swincan 3 tr. labour at, make 
with labour ; till (land). 

be-swingan 3 beat, flog. 

be-sylian, -sw- soil, stain. 

bet av. better, see god. 

-lict excellent, magnificent. 

betjan, oe improve ; ~ fyr make or 
light fire ; reform, make amends 
for, atone [bot]. 

-endf once m. builder (?). 

-nes/ reparation, atonement. 

be'teecan wad. hand over ; hand 
down (tradition) ; entrust, commit, 
give in charge of; appoint ; with- 
out d. send ; pursue, hunt. 

bete, oe/. beet-root [Lt. beta]. 

be-teldan 3 wai. or mid cover, 
surround ; overwhelm (with grief) 


be-tfllan rfl. clear oneself (of 
charge) w. apt. 

be-teon 6, 7 prt. -tah, -teah,//c. 
-tigen, -togen accuse ; bequeath. 

be'teon 7 cover ; enclose, contain. 

beter a cpv. of god good. 

-ian, bftrian make better ; trim 
(lamp) || become better. 

~ung, bet(t)rung/ improvement. 

be-tierwan tar. 

be-tihtlian accuse. 

be-tillan decoy. 

be-timbran build. 

be-togen(n)es f. accusation [be- 

betonice/. betony (a plant) \_Lt.\ 

be-tredan 4 tread on. 

be-treppan, BB entrap, surprise 
(enemies' forces). 

be'trymman, -trymian besiege. 

betst, betest spl. of god good. 

~b"oren eldest. 

betuh, between = betweox. 

be'tweonan, -tweonum ; bi- 
twihn vE. ; -twin-, -twyn-, 
between prp. w. d., or a. (gen. of 
motion) between, among met. 
of social relations ; difference : 
hwset bip ~mannes and nytenes 
andgyte, gif . . Often follows case, 
esp. when a pronoun : cwtedon 
him ~. Tmesis : be seem tweo- 

be-tweox, -n, -twoxn, -twix, 
-tweoh, -t(w)uh, -twih, -y-, 
-hs prp. w. d. ; rarely a. , which 
gen. implies motion, between (of 
space, distinction, &c.), among. 
time between (two dates) ; during 

pissum meanwhile. Often 

follows case, sometimes w. word 
between : hi him healdap 
betwuh sibbe. 

-alfgednes, -aworpennes /. 

-gangan vb. go between (!). 

-licgan 5 lie between (!). 

-sendan send between (!). 

-gesett interposed. 

betwinan = between an. 

be-tyn|an enclose (with wall) ; 
shut (door), close (opening) 
ute - paet folc shut out ; finish 

-ing/, conclusion. 

bepjian tr. bathe, foment [beep]. 

-ing/, hot bath ; fomentation. 



be-tyrnan rfl. prostrate oneself (!). 

be-bearf vb., pi. -purfon, prt. 
-porfte, wg. require, need. 

be - pccan cover, conceal wai. or 

be'pencan consider, bear in mind 
rfl. reflect ; form plan, think of; 
w. to entrust, abs. trust, confide. 

be-pennan, -pnian cover. 

be-peodan join, associate. 

be-prawan i afflict. 

be-pridian, y circumvent, over- 

be-pringan 3 wai. press on ; sur- 

be-pryccan tr. press on. 

be-puncanf once = bepg ncan. 

be'pwean 2 wash, wet. 

be-pweor|ian*. y ptc. -ad de- 
praved Gl. 

be-pyn prt. -y d(d)e thrust, push. 

beuf an = bvifan. 

beutan - butan. 

be-wacian watch. 

be-wadanf once 2 deprive (?) 

be-Wfflfan wrap round, dress. 

be wfflgan deceive, frustrate. 

be-waegnan (!Jf once offer wda. 

be-wselan wai. afflict. 

be-wsbpnian deprive of weapons. 

be-veaerlan pass by IN. 

be-warian tr. watch over, guard ; 
ward off, avoid ; rfl. avoid, be- 
ware of w . wip a. 

be-war(e)nian intr. w. wip be- 
ware of, guard against || tr. ward 
off (from oneself) w. rfl. d. : him 
- hellewitu. 

bewarnian = bewarenian. 

be-wat vb.,pl. -witon, prt. -wiste 
watch over ; superintend, have 
charge of. 

be - waw|ant i ptc. -en blown 
upon (by winds^ wi. 

be-weallan I tr. boil away. 

be-wealwian wallow. 

be-weardian guard, watch, pro- 

be-weax]an i ptc. -en overgrown 

be-wedd|ian betroth, marry. 

-endlic relating to marriage. 

~ung/ betrothal. 

be-wefan 5 cover. 

be-weganf 5 cover wai. or mid || 

be-welan join. 


be-wendan tr. turn ; intr., rfl. 
turn (round). 

be-wennan, -wenian entertain 

be-weorpan 3 throw ; surround 

be-wep|an i bewail, mourn for. 

-endlic lamentable. 

be-Wr|ian defend ; prohibit. 

-e(d)nes/. prohibition. 

-igend m. protector. 

-ung/ defence. 

be-windan 3 twist round, bind, 
swaddle, wrap wai. or mid ; en- 
circle, surround met. heafe - 
bewail ; brandish ; turn over (in 

be-witian, eo watch, observe ; 
watch over; perform (journey \ 

be-wlatian gaze at, contemplate. 

be-wlitan 6 look. 

bewopen/^. 0/"bewepan. 

be-wrec|an 5 drive, send ; ptc . ~en 
beaten or afflicted all round, sur- 
rounded wai. 

be - wrencan deceive. 

be-wreon 6, 7 cover wai. or mid ; 
conceal ; protect w. fram. 

be-writanf 6 write about (?). 

be-wripan 6 bind round, encom- 

be-wuna adj. inded. in the custom 
of, wont. 

be-wyrcan make) cover, surround, 
adorn wai. or mid, on ; wall in, 

bezera = bsezere. 

bicce/ female dog, bitch. 

bl-cwide m. proverb. 

bid (.) halt f on ~ wrecan bring 
to bay, make to halt. 

-ffflstt stationary. 

-steallf m. halt giefan halt, 

stand at bay. 

bld|an 6 intr. remain, continue ; 
wg. await, wait for, wait long 
enough for, live till, w. indc. 
wait till || tr. endure, experience. 

~ing/ abiding, abode. 

biddlan 5 entreat, request, demand, 
challenge (to duel) wag , w. a. or 
g. of thing and set, w. rfl. d. : 
anwiges beed ; him fultumes 
bsed ; ~ap eow pingunge apt 
him ! | pray : bsed Dryhten for 
his peowan heclo ; bitt his 
sawle onlihtinge ; pus ~ende : 


. . but this meaning is generally 
expressed by gebiddan | late or 
doubtful command : beed hine 
far an. 

biddere m. petitioner. 

gebidd|an 5 pray, worship often w. 
rfl. pro. in d , IW. in a. : for 
fxem steDnendum gebeed ; he 
sceal him fore ~ ; ~ ap prere 
sawle ! for the soul vE. ; he 
rarely w. thing expressed: -ure 
wrestma genyhtsumnesse. 

bide-rip = bed-. 

biecnjan, bicnian, be(a)cnian 
w. d. or to make signs, nod, 
beckon ; point out (place), indi- 
cate (time) ; show (with words), 
hint ; signify, be a symbol of ; 
summon [beacn]. 

ge~iend m. forefinger. 

-iendlic allegorical ; indicative 

~iendlice av. allegorically. 

~ung, ~ing/ beckoning ; symbol, 

biecnol indicating Gl. 

bieg|an (>-. (rfl.] bend, bow; turn ; 
force; convert (heathen); humi- 
liate ; overcome || intr. bend (of 
point of spear) [bugan]. 

ge-ednes/. inflection (in grammar). 

(ge)~endlic flexible. 

-nes/. flexibility. 

~ung_/! bending, curvature. 

biegels m. arch, vault. 

gebifld boldness [beald]. 

gebielde*, i bold. 

bi^ldan encourage, animate. 

big Ido /. boldness. 

biem e/. trampet [beam]. 

~ere, -esangere m. trumpeter. 

~ian sound trumpet. 

bierc e, eo, byre/, birch [beorc]. 

-holt . birch wood. 

biercen of birch. 

gebierded ptc. bearded [beard]. 

bierntan, eo, bryhtan intr. shine 

gebierhtan tr. make bright ; 
heighten (beauty N , ; make clear or 
distinct ; make famous, celebrate 
|l intr. be bright, shine also rfl. 

bierhto/. brightness. 

gebierm an ferment ; leaven ptc. 
~ed n. leavened bread ; ptc. ~ed 
puffed up, proud wi. [beorma]. 



biernan 3, A. eo,prt. born, a intr. 
burn, be burnt down : seo burg 
barn ; seo eorpe wees to azan 

bleating (m.} thick milk, first milk 
of cow after calving [boost]. 

bletel m. mallet [beatan]. 

biewan*, y, eo polish. 

bifian, eo tremble. 

bl-fylce n. neighbouring people or 

big = bi by. 

bl-gng|a, be- m. cultivator (of 
land) ; inhabitant ; benefactor 

-ere m. one who plies (a trade) ; 

~estre/. attendant. 

~nes/! cultivation, study. 

bigspell = bispell. 

bi-gyrdel girdle ; purse ; trea- 

bile m. bird's bill, beak. 

gebilod having a beak. 

bl-leofawz. sustenance, food; wages. 

bi-leofen, -lifen f. sustenance, 

bile-wit, bil(i)-, bilwet-, -witt- 
gentle, kind ; innocent, simple 
[bile, hwit]. 

-lice av. innocently. 

~nes/. innocence. 

billf n. sword. 

~hte m. hostility, warfare. 

-geslif ht . sword-clash, battle. 

~swaep n. sword-track, field of 

bi-nama m. pronoun. 

gebindf n. what is bound together 
wapema ~ frozen wavesf ; cos- 

bind an 3 bind , fetter ptc . bunden 
(sweord) with hilt adorned with 
gold chainsf ; make prisoner, im- 
prison ; met. esp. in pass, be 
bound (by duty, obligation), be 
under constraint. 

~ere m. binder. 

binde/i head-band, fillet. 

binn/ manger. 

binnan, beinnan av., prp. w. d. 
within, in (of place, time^ ; into ; 
of quantity within, less than. 

biren(e) / she-bear [bera]. 

biren, beren of a bear [bera]. 

bi-S8BC/. ^once visit (?). 

bi-88BC (.) litigation. 



biscep, -op m. bishop ; high-priest, 
heathen chief-priest [Lt. episco- 

-dom m. bishopric; excommunica- 

-ealdor m. high-priest. 

-gegierelan //. episcopal robes. 

-had m. bishopric, episcopate. 

-ham m. bishop's estate. 

-heafodlin . bishop's head-orna- 

-hiered m. clergy Gl. 

-lie episcopal. 

-rice n. bishopric. 

-rocc m. bishop's rochet. 

~acirf. diocese ; episcopate. 

~setl,-seld,~se pel . episcopal see. 

-sinoj), eo m. synod of bishops. 

-stol m. episcopal see, bishopric. 

-sunu m. godson at confirmation. 

-pegnung, -penung /. bishop's 

~wite n. bishop's fee for visiting, 
procuration fee. 

~wyrt/. marsh-mallow. 

biscep ian, -opian confirm. 

-Ting, biacpung/. confirmation. 

bisn, bisen, L. y /. example, pat- 
tern astellan, settan -e, ast., 
st. (hit) to -e set (as) example (to 
be imitated or avoided) ; similar 
case, parallel ; original (of copy) ; 
similitude, parable. 

ge~ere m. imitator. 

-ian wd. set or give an example 
(to) ; take example by, imitate : 
- on hiera unpeawum. 

(ge)-ung/; example; similar case, 

bisen-, y blind. 

bises, i [or -iss-]f m. day added 
in leap-year [Z/. bissextus]. 

bisgo, bys(i)go /. occupation, 
labour ; trouble, care, affliction. 

bisgjian, bys(i)gian occupy tr. 
andrfl., engross (mind) ; trouble, 
worry, afflict. 

~ung/. occupation. 

bisig, L. y busy, occupied. 

bismer, by-, -or nm. insult, 
mockery on - by way of insult ; 
joke ; blasphemy ; calumny ; ig- 
nominy, disgrace to -e gereni- 
an, getawian humiliate. 

-full abominable, disgraceful. 

-gliw*, eo n. shameful lust. 

-leas irreproachable. 

bismerjleop n. scurrilous song, 
nenia (!). 

-lie disgraceful, ignominious. 

-lice av. disgracefully ; contemptu- 

-sprsecy. blasphemy. 

-word n. insult. 

bismerjan, bismran, by-, -ian 
insult, mock, deride ; blaspheme, 
revile ; disgrace, injure, ill-treat. 

-iend m. mocker. 

-nes/. mockery ; blasphemy. 

-Ung f. mockery ; blasphemy ; in- 
famy, being object of contempt. 

ge-ung/ illusion Gl. 

bi-spell n. parable, proverb, ex- 
ample ; story. 

-bcc/. book of proverbs. 

bissexte leap-year \_Lt. bissextus]. 

bist (thou) art. 

bita m. morsel, bit [bitan]. 

bit; an 6 bite biton heora tep 
him togeanes gnashed their teeth 
at him ; cut, wound. 

-a m. wild beast. 

bit|e m. bite ; cutting, (sword) cut ; 

-mfelum av. piecemeal. 

bitel m. beetle. 

biter, tt bitter ; painful, severe 
(grief, &c. ) ; fierce [bitan]. 

-e, bitre av. severely, very. 

-lice av. severely : - wepan. 

-nesf. bitterness. 

-wyrde severe in speech, bitter. 

~wyrt-drenc m. bitter drink. 

biterian be bitter ; make bitter. 

bitol bridle [bitan]. 

bitol*, bitela biting Gl. 

gebitt n. topa- gnashing of teeth 

bip is. 

biwaune, see bewawan. 

bi-wist/l sustenance, provisions. 

bi-word . proverb, saying; ad- 

bizant m. bezant, a gold coin [Lt. 

blac bright, white ; pale. 

~ern, se n. lantern. 

-hleorf white- or pale-cheeked, 
fair (woman). 

-ian become pale. 

~ung/. pallor. 

blte-haewen, blaewen, blslhwen 
light blue. 

bloBC n. ink. 


blSBC black bgxige blackberry ; 

swarthy, dark-complexioned. 

-feaxede black-haired. 

-gimm m. jet. 

-pytt m. naphtha-pit. 

~te(o)ru n. naphtha. 

-prust m. leprosy. 

blsec n. leprosy. 

blsecan make pale, bleach [blac]. 

blaecern = blacern lantern. 

blfflco/. pallor [blac]. 

blffld n. leaf; blade (of oar). 

bleed I. m. blowing, blast ; breath ; 
inspiration; life II prosperity, glory; 
plenty, riches. II. f. shoot, flower, 
truit ; harvest, crops. See bled 

~agend(e)f m. prosperous, glori- 

-belig, y m. bellows. 

-daegf m. day of prosperity. 

-fSBStf, ge- glorious. 

-faestnes*, bleof-/. delight. 

ge-fflBStnes f. sustenance, provi- 

-giefaf m. giver of prosperity. 

-horn m. trumpet. 

-welat- m. riches, plenty. 

blsednessay^/. blossoms. 

blaaddre =- blsedre. 

bled(d)re /. blister; bladder 

blfflge/ gudgeon. 

blaes m. blowing, blast. Cp. blsest. 

-belg m. bellows. 

blaes[e,-ase/ torch, fire. C/.blyse. 

-ere m. incendiary. 

blsest m. blowing, blast, wind ; 
flame, glare [blawan]. 

-belg, blast- m. bellows. 

blsestan blow. 

blsetan bleat. 

bljewen =bl8B-haewen. 

blagettan weep. 

blanca (,f) m. steed, horse. 

bland once gebland. 

geblandf n. what is mixed to- 
gether, commotion. 

blandjanf i b mix : ptc. ge-en 
mixed, disturbed ; infected, cor- 
rupted, injured iv. t. (g. once}. 

-en-feaxf having mixed-coloured 
or grey hair, old. 

blase = blase. 

blast = blsest. 

blatf onte sound, cry (?). 

blatf pale, livid. Cp. bleat. 




blatje av. : -e forbsernan tr. burn 
with livid flame (?). 

~ian* be pale. 

-ende pale. 

blawjan i intr. blow (of wind) ; 
blow (with mouth 1, breathe; snort 
(of horse) ; be blown, sound : 
-ende bieman || tr. blow (trum- 
pet) ; inflate (bladder). 

-ere m. one who blows furnace). 

-ung/ blowing (trumpet). 

bleat t bringing misery, once. Cp. 

~ef av. miserably once. 

bleap timid, sluggish. 

blece m. blight [blaec]. 

blecpa m. blight [blsec]. 

bled/, shoot, branch ; fruit, flower 

-hwffltf once quick-growing (?). 

bledjan bleed se ~enda fie a 
disease [blod]. 

bledsian = bletsian. 

bledu/ dish, bowl, cup. 

blegen, blegne/ boil, ulcer ; blister. 

blegne = blegen. 

blencan deceive, cheat. 

blendan blind ; deceive [blind!. 

bleo, bleoh [by an. </feoh, feos], 
g. bleos, dpi. bleo(wu)m n. 
colour ; appearance, form. 

-bordf n. chess-board. 

-brygd-f pi- various colours, 
changing colours. 

-craft m. embroidery. 

-fag parti-coloured. 

-read purple. 

-staining/! mosaic work. 

gebleo, -bleoh . colour [bleo]. 

gebleod variegated [bleo]. 

bleoh = bleo. 

bleowum, see bleo. 

blere ; blerig (?) bald. 

bleri-pittel, bleria pyttel (m.} 

blets|ian, blcedsian bless, conse- 
crate [blod I. 

~ing-b63 f. book of formulae for 

-ing-sealm m. the Benedicite. 

-ung/. blessing. 

blician shine, appear [blican]. 

blican 6 shine, glitter ; appear, be 
laid bare (ofbon?). 

blice m. laying bare, exposure (of 
bone through wound) [blican]. 

blicettan glitter, vibrate. 

blicettung/ coruscation. 

blind blind ; unintelligent ; dark 

(prison) slite wound whose 

opening is not visible, seo ~e 
netele blind (non-stinging") nettle. 

ge-fellian blindfold. 

-lice av. blindly ; thoughtlessly. 

-nes/. blindness. 

~pearm m. caecum. Or blind 
pearm (?). 

blinn cessation buton -e. 

blinnan 3 intr. cease ; be vacant 
((/bishopric) ; desist from, forfeit 
iv. g. or fram [ = belinnan]. 

blisgere = blysiere. 

bliss, blips /. joy, merriment, 
happiness ; friendship, grace, be- 
nevolence [blipe]. 

-ian, bllpsian rejoice w . g. or ofer, 
on. ~ian, blitsian [in/I, of 
bletsian] gladden ; make pros- 
perous, endow. 

-igendlic exulting. 

igeiblissung/ rejoicing, joy. 

blip|e joyful, merry ; kind, gentle ; 
calm, peaceful ; pleasant. 

-e, -elice av. gladly, kindly. 

-heort cheerful ; friendly. 

~(e)mod cheerful ; friendly. 

-nes/ joy, happiness. 

blips = bliss. 

bli wum, see bleo. 

blod . blood es flownes flux of 

blood ; vein. - (for)letan bleed. 

-drynee m. bloodshed. 

-egesaf m. sanguinary horror. 

-fagf bloodstained. 

-forlffltan i b bleed Bd. 

-geotende sanguinary. 

-gita m. shedder of blood 
[Cp. agieta. Or formed from 
-gyte (?)]. 

-gyte m. bleeding ; bloodshed. 

-hrsecung/ spitting blood. 

-(h'Teow sanguinary. 

-iernende having issue of blood 

-l8fes;wu), g. -ls(w)e blood- 
letting, bleeding. 

-labtere m. blood -letter. 

-leas bloodless. 

-gemgnged bloodstained. 

-ore m. sacrificial vessel. 

-read blood-red. 

-reow = -hreow. 

~ryne m. flux of blood, issue. 

-seax . lancet. 


blodjspiwung, blotspiung /. 
spitting blood. 

-wite n. fine for bloodshed Gl. 

-wyrt /. bloody dock. 

blodig bleeding; bloodstained. 

-topf with bloodstained teeth. 

blodgian be bloodthirsty Gl. ; 
cover with blood. 

bloma m. moss of metal. 

blostm a, blosma, blostm m. 
blossom, flower. 

-bafere, -berende flowery. 

-freols m. floral festival Gl. 

-ian blossom. 

;ge)b!6t n. heathen sacrifice of 
human beings to blote gedon 
kill as a sacrifice. 

blot an i sacrifice ivda., w.d. and 

-ere sacrificer Gl. 

-monap m. November. 

-ung/ sacrificing. 

blow an i bloom, flower ptc. 
ge~en blooming. 

-endlic blooming. 

blycgan terrify. 

blys|a, i m., ~(ig)e / torch, fire. 
Cp. blaese. 

-iere, blisgere m. incendiary. 

blyscan blush. 

bon = bogan boast. 

boc,//. bee, oe,/. book ; document, 
charter [bece]. 

-secer m. field granted by charter. 

-blsec*, e n. ink. 

-ciest/. book-chest. 

-craft m. literature. 

-crajftig learned. 

-fell n. vellum. 

-hord m., -hus n. library. 

-lajden . literary Latin. 

-land /. land held by charter. 

-lar/ learning, doctrine. 

-lie of books, literary, biblical. 

-rffldere m. reader. 

-rffiding/. reading books. 

-read . vermilion. 

-riht . right of granting by char- 

-gestreon . library. 

-tfflcing/ teaching by book ; Scrip- 

-talu/ Scripture. 

bocian grant by charter wda. ; 
furnish with books. 

bocere author ; Scribe. 

bee/, beech. 




boc|holt n. beech-copse. 
-scield m. shield of beech-wood, 
-stfflf m. letter, character ; Runic 


-treow n. beech. 
-wudu m. beech-forest. 
i > ge)bod n. command, precept. 
(ge)-scipe m. message, command, 
bodlac decree vL. 
bod|ian wda. announce, proclaim, 

preach ; foretell, prophecy. 
~ere m. teacher IN. 
-igend m. preacher. 
-igendlic to be proclaimed. 
-ungyi preaching. 
- ung-dseg m. Annunciation-day. 
boda m. messenger, herald, angel, 

apostle ; prophet. 
bode/r/. 0/"b6gan. 
bodig . trunk, body ; stature. 
bog m. shoulder, arm ; bough, 

branch (of tree) ; progeny. 
-incel n. small bough. 
-scield m. shoulder-shield. 
bog]an, bon, bogian, prt. bode 

boast, also rfl. 

-ung, boiing/. boasting, arrogance, 
bogian L. intr. dwell, take up 

one's abode w . rfl. d. \\ tr. inhabit 

bog|a m. bow (to shoot with) ; 

bend, fold [bugan]. 
-efodder m. quiver, 
-enett, -anett n. basket for catch- 
ing fish. 

bogetung/ curve Gl. [boga]. 
b61, oo eel. 

bolca m. gangway (of ship). 
bold . dwelling, house, palace 


-agendf m. house-owner, 
-getffll n. regular dwelling-place ; 

district, region, 
-getimberf . house. 
~welaf ni. wealth, (splendid) 


bolgen-modt angry [belgan]. 
bolla m. bowl, 
bolster n. bolster, pillow, 
bolstrian support with pillows. 
bolt m. bolt, arrow, 
bony", ornament of a ship. 
-ian polish, burnish. 
bonda, u m. householder ; free 

man, plebeian ; husband. \JScand. 


bondeland . leased land (?) vL. 

bor gimlet. 

~ian bore, perforate. 

borllce av. accurately, exactly, 


borcian bark [beorcan]. 
bord . board, plank ; table ;fshield ; 

framework, side of ship on ~e 

in a ship, on board. 
-haebbende warrior, 
-haga m. testudo, phalanx. 
-hreojja, e m. phalanx ; shield, 
-gelac n. weapon. 
~rand m. shield. 
-rima m. rim. 
-steep n. shore, 
-paca m. testudo. 
-weall m. phalanx; shield; shore, 

-wudu m. shield. 
borda m. fringe. 
geboren born, own (kinsman, 

brother) [beran]. 
borettan brandish [beran]. 
borg m. pledge, security, bail ; 

person who gives security, surety ; 


-bryce m. breach of surety or bail, 
-fasst bound by pledge, dependent 

-fflBstan wda. bind by pledge 

~ pain cyninge. 
-gielda m. debtor ; money-lender, 

usurer, creditor. 
-handy! pledger, surety. 
-leas without security, for which no 

pledge has been given, 
-gellefde*, e pledge, security Gl. 

Or = two words (?). 
-wedd . pledge. 
borglan borrow w. set ; lend. 
-iena m. money-lender, usurer. 
bosig, -ih cow-stall IN. 
bosm, bosum m. bosom, breast ; 


-ig curved Gl. 
bot /. mending ; remedy, cure ; 

compensation, satisfaction, atone- 
ment, repentance, 
-ettan keep in repair, 
-leas what cannot be compensated, 
-wierfe what can be compensated. 
botl, ge- n. dwelling, house, build- 

-gestreon n. household property. 
-weard m. steward, 
-wela m. village. 


botm, bodan m. bottom ; ship's 

boj>, set bogan. 

bojjen rosemary ; thyme ; darnel. 

box (*.) box-tree; box [Lt.buxus]. 

-treow n. box-tree. 

brac-hwil = bearhtm-hwil mo- 

braccas once mpl. breeches. 

brad- roasting. 

-hlaf m. toast. 

-panne/ frying-pan. 

brad, cpv. bradra, SB broad, wide, 

spacious hand open hand, 

palm | copious. 

-e av. far and wide. 

-aexy! broad axe. 

-brimf . ocean. 

-last- sexy, broad axe. 

-eleac m. broad leek. 

-nes f. surface ; extent ; liberality 

-pistel m. sea-holly. 

bradian be broad ; extend w. 
fram . . oj> || tr. spread, 
rheum [brecan]. 
. epilepsy. 

-seoc, ge- lunatic, epileptic. 

gebrsec, ~eo phlegm, cough. 

brsfedf once flesh (?). 

braed = braegd trick. 

br&d-isen n. chisel. 

braed an tr. broaden, extend (terri- 
tory) ; increase, extend (fame) ; 
expand (wings), stretch out 
(hands ) || intr. and rfi. extend ; 
grow (of trees) [brad]. 

-els m. covering, carpet. 

-ing/ spreading (fame). 

br fifed | an roast; fry. 

-epanne, -ing-panne f. frying- 

br&de roast meat. 

breedo/. breadth ; extent. 

braegd, e, breed m. trick, deceit 
[cp. gebregd]. 

-boga m. treacherous bow. 

-en crafty. 

-W1S crafty. 

(ge)braBgden, e cunning. 

ge~lice av. cunningly. 

brsedra, a cpv. (/brad. 

braegen, bra- . brain. 

-locaf m. head. 

-panne*, brgp-/ skull. 

-S6OC brain-sick. 

braanivb)el = bremel. 



braes n. brass. 

~en of brass ; fbold, mighty. 

brs&p m. odour ; exhalation, vapour. 

brabw, breaw, breag, A. breg m. 


-wyrtf. bilberry bush. 

brand m. fire-brand ; fire ; sword, 

~hat ardent (love, hate). 

-hordf m. R. 

-isen n. fire-dog, grate. 

~6m rust produced by burning, 
hammer scales. 

~rad/, -rida, e m. fire-dog, grate. 

-stefnt - brant-. 

brantf lofty, high (ship) ; deep 

~stefn*, brondstsefnf steep- 
prowed (ship). 

brasian, ga do brass-work [braes]. 

gebras(t)l . crackling (of flames;. 

brastl ian crackle, rattle (of thun- 
der, falling tree, fire). 

~ung, barstlung f. crackling, 
crashing sound. 

bratt cloak IN. [Celtic]. 

bread ., pi. ~ru morsel, crumb ; 

gebre(a)dadf regenerated. 

breag = brsew. 

breahtm, e, A. SB; bearhtm, eo, 
y noise, clamour [brecan]. 

~ian*, brehtnian, bearhtmian 

breahtm, breorht atom 


breahtm = bearhtm glance. 

breard = brerd. 

breap once brittle. 

breaw = braew eyelid. 

breawern^breow- brew-house. 

brec breeches, //. of broc. 

-hrfflgl . breeches. 

gebrec n. noise, clamour. 

-drencwz. emetic. CV=gebrsec-(?). 

brec|an 4 tr. break, burst, burst 
through, penetrate, break down, 
take by storm (town, fortress) ! 
violate (oath, peace), break (com- 
mand), curtail, injure, annul | 
urge, in hine firwet brsec he 
felt curiosity or desire || rfl. retch 
ongann hine ~ to sprwenne || 
intr. burst forth (of stream), be 
violent (of wind) ; make one's 
way with effort, burst. 

brecung/. breaking (bread) 
brecpaf m. grief. 
bred board ; surface ; tablet (of 

-en ^ briden of boards. 

bre(o)dwianf prostrate. 

brefan epitomize, set down in 
writing [Z/. brevis]. 

breg an terrify, induce by intimi- 
dation w. sbj. [broga]. 

~nes/. terror. 

brega = brego. 

bregd = braegd trick. 

gebregd . change (of weather) || 
skill, cunning [bregdan; cp. 

-stafasf mpl. learning. 

bregdan, bredan, prt. brsegd, 
breed,//, brugdon, brudon,//<r. 
brogden, broden tr. often w. i. 
of thing in E., always a. in IW. 
move quickly i, hands in swimming, 
oars'), brandish, drag, pull, draw 
(sword 1 ), put : - sweord'e 1 ), 
sweord of sceape, rap on his 
sweoran ; throw (in wrestling) ; 
draw (breath) | weave | change 
(colour), transform (of wizard) : 
-bleom, he breed his hiw 
(form) | deceive || rfl. pretend : 
he gebreed hine seocne || intr. 
be transformed w. on. 

(ge)bregden = brsegden cunning. 

bregof m. chief, prince, king. 

-rice n. kingdom. 

-rof niighty. 

-stol m. throne; principality, king- 

-weard m. chief, king. 

brehtm = breahtm. 

bremb|el, ~er=bremel. 

brem|e [oe?], ef celebrated, illus- 
trious, famous, noble. 

~e av. gloriously. 

~an celebrate, commemorate. 

-endlic celebrated. 

bremel, brembel, brember, as m. 

-seppel m., -berige n. blackberry. 

-brer m. bramble. 

-leaf n. bramble-leaf. 

-rind/ bramble-rind. 

-pyrne/ bramble. 

bremjman, *brmian resound, 

-ung/! roaring. 

brengan = bringan. 


brentingt m- ship [brant]. 

breord = brerd. 

breosa m. gadfly. 

breost n. often pi., m. breast, 

chest ; mind, heart. 
-ban . breast-bone. 
-byden, e/. breast, chest, 
-beorg/, -gebeorg n. bulwark. 
-byden f. chest, thorax Gl. 
-carufy". anxiety, 
-cofaf m. mind, heart, 
-hordf m. mind, heart. 
-gehygdf, -gehyd fn. thought, 


-lln n. breast-cloth, 
-locaf m. mind, 
-nettf n. corslet. 
-rocc m. chest-clothing, 
-sefaf m. mind, heart, 
-togaf m. chief, 
-gepancf m. thought, mind, 
-gewebdef n. corslet. 
~wserc m. pain in the chest. 
-weall m. bulwark. 
-weorpungt f. ornament on 

-wielmf m. teat ; agitation of 


breotanf 7 break, destroy, kill. 
Breoten = Breten. 
breoton-f- once spacious. 
breow an 7 brew. 
-era*, ea . brew-house. 
-lac, bryw- . brewing. 
brer, se m. briar. 
brerd, eo, ea m. brim, border ; 

bank ; surface. 
-full brimful. 

Breten, eo, y, i, tt, -on/. Britain. 
-land n. Britain ; Wales. See also 

under Brettas. 
-wealda, Bretw- chief king of 


Brett as, y, i, Britas mpl. Bri- 

-land . Britain, 
-wealas, -walas mpl. Britons, 
-wielisc*, Brytwylsc British. 
breper d. o/"bropor. 
bridd, IN. pi. birdas, m. young 

bird ; chicken, 
bridel m. bridle, 
-pwang m. bridle-thong. 
bridels m. bridle. 
-hring m. bi idle-ring. 
briden, e (wall) of boards [bred]. 
bridlian bridle, restrain. 




bries|an*, y bruise ; season (food)' 

ge-ednes/ crushing. 

brig = briw. 

brigd (.) once change [gebregd' 

-briht, see beorht. 
brihtan = bierhtan. 
brimf, y \confusion w. brymme"' 

n. sea, ocean, water (of sea.) gen. pt' 
-ceald sea-cold. 
-clif n. sea-cliff. 
-farop . sea-shore. 
-flod m. sea ; deluge. 
-fugol m. sea-bird, 
-giest m. sailor. 
-hengest m. ship, 
-hlaest m. fishes. 
-lady, sea-way. 
-lipend(e) m. mariner, 
-maim m. sailor, pirate, 
-nesen (?) safe sea-passage. 
-rad/. sea. 
-steep . sea-shore, 
-stream m. sea's current, sea ' 

broad river, 
-pisa m . ship. 

-wielm m. sea-surge, waves. 
~wisa m. sea-captain. 
-wudu m. ship. 
~wylf f. sea-wolf, she-wolf of thr 


bring once m. offering, sacrifice, 
bringjan, wk., t3 ptc. brohf 

fbrungen bring ; bring forth' 

produce (fruits). 
~nes/. oblation, 
bringje*/. chest (?). 
-adl/. epilepsy (?). 
Briten = Breten. 
Brittas = Brettas. 
Brittisc, y, Brytisc British 


briw, briig m. pottage, porridge. 
briwan prepare (food). 
broc n. affliction ; labour ; disease 


~ian afflict ; injure, maim ; oppress' 
-lie full of hardship. 
~ung/. affliction ; illness. 
gebroc n. fragment ; affliction' 


broc m. brook, 
-minte/. brookmint. 
broc/. trousers | //. brec, breech' 

hind quarters ; trousers. 
brocc m. badger. 
~en (coat) of badger's skin. 

brod/. brood, also of bees ; fetus. 

-ig broody (hen). 

broddian be luxuriant =bror- 
dian* ?). 

broden//f. of bregdan. 

brodettan = brogdettan. 

brogja m. terror, prodigy, danger. 

-preaf, broh- m. dire calamity. 

brogden, br6den/>Ar.<7/~bregdan. 

~mcfelt once n. inlaid sword. Or 
= broden msel (?). 

brogdett an, brodettan bran- 
dish || intr. tremble. 

-ung/ trembling; figment Gl. 

brogn-, ge~ branch, twig IN. 

brord m. point ; first blade of 
grass, young plant. 

brom. m. broom (the plant). 

-fasten . thicket of broom (?) Gl. 

brosn ian crumble, decay ; perish, 
pass away. 

-iendlic, ge~odlic corruptible. 

(ge)-ung/. corruption, ruin. 

gebrot n. fragment [_breotan]. 

brop n. broth [breowan]. 

bropor, d. breper, pi. ~, ge~, 
bropru m. brother lit. and Jig. ; 

-banaf m. fratricide (person). 

-cwealmf m. fratricide (action). 

-dohtor/ niece. 

-gieldfw. vengeance for brothers (?). 

-leas brotherless. 

-lie fraternal. 

-licnes/. brotherliness. 

-reeden(n)/ brotherhood. 

-sibb f. relationship between 
brothers ; brotherly love. 

-slaga m. fratricide (person 1 !. 

-siege m. fratricide (action). 

-sunu m. nephew. 

-pinen = beorpor-pignen. 

-wif n. sister-in-law. 

-wyrt/. pennyroyal. 

gebropor, -bropru mpl. brothers. 

-scipe m. brotherhood. 

bru /., pi. ~(w)a, gpl. ~na eye- 
brow ; eyelid, eyelash. 

brucan 7 wg., rarely i. or a. make 
use of, enjoy brocen worn 
(coat) ; eat ; spend (life) ; possess, 

brun brown. 

-baso purple. 

-ecgf brown-edged (sword). 

-epa m. erysipelas. 

-fag brown-coloured. 


brun wann dark brown, 
-wyrty! water-betony. 
brycian -aid. benefit [bryce]. 
bryc|e I. m. breaking; fragment. 

II. aj. brittle, worthless [bjecan]. 
-maSlum*, bre- av. piecemeal, 
gebryce once breaking. 
bryce m. making use of, use, enjoy- 
ment [brucan]. 
bryce, yf useful [brucan]. 
brycg/. bridge, 
-bet/ bridge-repair. 
-ian make a bridge, also abs. (of 

ice) ; make plank path, 
-weard m. bridge-defender, 
-geweorc . bridge-construction, 
brycsian wd. benefit [bryce]. 
bryd/ bride; -(-wife ; fwoman. 
-bedd n. nuptial bed. 
-bletsung/. blessing the bride. 
-boda m. bridesman. 
-bur, -cofa m. bridal chamber. 
~ealo(p) . marriage feast. 
-giefu/. dowry ; //. wedding, 
-gift/, betrothal. 
-guma m. bridegroom. 
-lac npl. marriage ; married life, 
-leop . epithalamium. 
-;e)lic bridal. 
-loca m. bridal chamber. 
~16p n. wedding L. \_Scand.~\. 
-lufef/. love of a bride, 
-niht/. wedding-night. 
-reaf n. wedding-dress. 
-rest/ nuptial bed. 
-sang m. marriage song. 
-ping npl. nuptials. 
bryd = brygd. 
brydjian ptc. ge-od married 

(woman) [bryd]. 
brygd, bryd drawing (weapon) 

-bryht, see beorht. 
bryhtan = bierhtan. 
brymme m. border, shore (of sea) ; 

sea. Cp. brim, 
bryne m. burning, flame(s), fire ; 

inflammation (of body) [biernan]. 
-adl/ fever, 
-brogaf m. fire-terror. 
-gieldf n. burnt-offering. 
-hatf burning hot. 
-leomaf #*. flame, 
-tearf m. hot tear, 
-wielmf m. conflagration, 
bryne (m.) brine, 
brynig fiery [bryne]. 




bryrdjan stimulate [brordj. 

-nes f. stimulus. 

Bry ten = Breten. 

bryten-f. Cp. breoton. 

-cyning m. great king. 

-grund m. spacious earth. 

-rice n. spacious kingdom. 

-wangas mpl. the world. 

brytn|ian deal out, distribute, ar- 
range [breotan]. 

-ere m. steward. 

-ung/. distribution. 

brytofta//. wedding [bryd, poft]. 

(ge)brytseny fragment. 

gebryttan, ptc. -bryted break to 
pieces ; destroy [breotan]. 

bryttjaf m. distributor (of wealth), 
perpetrator <,of crime), Lord (of 
heaven, glory, &c.). 

~ian tear to pieces, divide; distri- 
bute ; possess, enjoy ; share, 
exercise : maegen ~ wip metode 
(of Satan). 

Bryttas = Brettas. 

Bryttisc - Brittisc. 

brypen brewing an ~ mealtes ; 
drink, beverage [brop]. 

bu/>/. by n. dwelling. 

bfijan, bun, bugan, bu(g)ian, 
buwian, bogian prt. bude, ptc. 
gebu(e)n, gebud int. d\vell || /;-. 
inhabit, occupy (house) ; cultivate 

-end m. inhabitant. 

buc m. pitcher ; stomach. 

bucc m. buck, male deer ; beaver 
(of helmet). 

bucca m. he-goat. 

bufan, be'ufan av., prp. w. d., 
or a. (expressing motion) above, 
higher than ; above, away from : 
be Lygan, xx mila ~ Lunden- 
byrig ; superiority, above, pier - 
&c. above mention in book [ufan]. 

-cweden, -ngmd above-men- 

bugan 7 intr. bow down, stoop ; 
bend, swerve (sideways or up and 
down) | turn, go ; flee w. fram 
turn (the mind) : -to htepenscipe 
become a heathen, -to woruld- 
pingum, - fram yfele avoid ; go 
over to, submit w. to, rarely w. d. 
only ptc. gebogen converted 
Uo Christianity). 

bugan = buan dwell. 


bul, -a ornament [/,/. bulla]. 
-berende wearing an ornament 

bul|a m. bull (?) an wylle 


bulentse/. a plant. 
bulluc m. bull-calf. 
bulot cuckoo-flower. 
bunda = bonda. 
bunden/fr. ^/"bindan bind. 
-heordf (1). 

-stefnat with bound prow, 
ge-nes/i obligation. 
bune/. cup. 

bur m. chamber ; cottage, villa. 
-cniht m. chamberlain. 
-cot n. bedroom. 
-reaf . tapestry, 
-geteldf n. pavilion. 
~pegn, -pen m. chamberlain, 
gebur ni. peasant, farmer, 
-gerihtu npl. peasants' rights or 


-scipe m. neighbourhood. 
burg, bur(u)h, //. byrig, burga 

f. fortified place ; (fortified) town, 


-agend f m. city-possessor. 
~b6tf. repairing fortress. 
-bryce m. burglary; fine for bur- 

-ealdor m. mayor, 
-fsestenf n. fortress. 
-geard m. castle-yard. 
-geat n. city-gate. 
-geat-setl n. law-court held at 

city-gate. n. city-slope [confusion w. 

beorg-hlip ?]. 
-lagu/ civil law. 
-landf n. native city, 
-leode mpl. citizens, 
-locaf m. city. 
-mann, byrig- m. citizen, 
-gemot n. meeting of townsmen, 
-rgcedf n. city-dwelling, 
-rfflden(n) /. citizenship, 
-gerefa m. chief magistrate of a 


-run(e)/ sorceress, 
-saelf n. house. 
-SSBta m. citizen. 
-scipe m. municipality, 
-sciry! corporation, city, 
-selef m. house. 
-sittend(e)t m. citizen, 
-sittende city -dwelling mann. 


burgjsprsfec/. urbane speech. 

-steallf m. city. 

-stedef m. city. 

-tun m. city. 

-pelu/. castle-floor. 

-pegn = burpegn (?). 

-gepincp (?) town-council LL. 

-ware, -an //., -u /. coll. citizens ; 
-u city. 

-waru-mann m. citizen. 

-wealda m. alderman. 

~\veall m. city-wall. 

-weardf, byrig- m. city-defender, 

-weg m. street. 

-welaf m. city-wealth. 

-werod n. crowd of citizens. 

-wigend m. warrior. 

-wita m. town-councillor. 

burn|e f., burn(n)a, brunna in. 
stream, brook. 

-selef m. bath-house. 

bute = buton. 

buterje/. butter \Lt. butyrum]. 

-fleoge, buttor-,/ butterfly. 

-stoppa m. butter-vessel. 

~gepweor . butter. 

buton, butan ; bute (cj.} W. I. av. 
outside. II. prp. w. d , and rarely 
a. (to express motion} outside ; 
without ; free from : - hseftniede ; 
against, without : - pees cyninges 
leafe, - leodrihte ; except - 
- paru pe cj. besides that w. ind. 
III. cj. w. sbj. unless ; w. ind. ex- 
cept that ; but ; without />. except. 

butruc, bute-, butu- m. Lather 

butse-carl m. sailor L. 

buttuc m. end ; piece of land : 
on pa -as Ct. 

butu, see begen. 

by, see bu. 

bycgan buy w. set ; get done, see 

bydel m. messenger, herald, fore- 
runner ; beadle, police-officer 

byden f. vessel, tub, barrel ; a 
measure, bushel. 

-botm in. bottom of a vessel. 

-ffflt n. bushel. 

byffan mutter. 

byge m. traffic [bycgan]. 

byge m. curve ; corner ; cone (of 
helmet) [bugan]. 

gebygel obedient = gebeogol. 




byht m. bend [bugan]. 

byht n. dwelling [buan]. 

by Ida t m. builder [bold]. 

byle, byl m. boil, carbuncle. 

byled-breostf puff-breasted. 

byl(i g, A. bflg, se m. leather bag 
or bottle ; bellows [belgan]. 

bylgan bellow. 

byndel(l)e, i f. binding (a man) 

byne inhabited, cultivated [buan]. 

gebyr ian impers. wd. happen : 
him -ede pset he wees . . ; be 
fitting, proper || personal happen : 
him nied ~ede him ~ede paet 
feorh earfopllce he recovered 
with difficulty ; befit : stor ~ep 
to Codes pegnunge; be assigned 
to (the devil) [beran]. 

-edlic suitable. 

-edlice av. conveniently. 

byrd f. birth, pi. in sg. meaning 

-scipe m. child-bearing. 

gebyrd, ~o f. often pi. w. sg. 
meaning birth ; parentage : good 
birth, high rank ; condition, 
nature on ~ -\ according to fate 
or in order (?). 

-boda m. announcer of (Christ's) 

-daeg m., -tid/ birthday. 

-wiglere, -witega m. astrologer. 

gebyrd burdened IN. 

byrd|an fringe, embroider [borda]. 

-icge/ embroideress. 

byrde of high birth or rank 


gebyrde innate, natural wd. 
-lice av. (besiege) vigorously or 

methodically. Cp. gebyrd. 
byref, //. ~, -as m. son ; youth, 
byre m. mound, 
(ge)byre m. opportunity; time, 


gebyrelic suitable, agreeing. 
byre n. (cattle)stall ; shed, hut 

byrel|e, byrle m, cupbearer, butler 

-ian give to drink, serve with liquor 


byres/ borer, chisel [bor]. 
byrg d. ^burg. 
gebyrg beon on ~e tad. help, 

protect [beorgan]. 
gebyrg*, i n. IN. taste. 
byrga, byriga m. one who gives 

bail, surety [borg]. 
byr(i)gjan bury [beorgan]. 
ge-ednes/. burial. 
-end m. burier. 
~ere m. corpse-bearer. 
-nes/ burying. 
-sang m. dirge. 
byr(i)g an taste ; eat. taste. 

byrgels m. burial-place ; tomb. 
-leop n., -sang m. dirge, 
byrgen(n)/ sepulchre, tomb. 
-leop n. epitaph. 
~sang m, dirge. 

byrgen-stow/ burial-plnce. 

-byrht-, see beorht, bierhtan. 

by rig d. oj burg. 

byrla m. body, barrel (of horse). 

byrn|e/ corslet. 

-hamf m. corslet. 

-wigaf, ~wig(g)endf m. warrior. 

ge~od corsleted. 

byrst m. loss, injury [berstan]. 

-full calamitous vL. 

-ig broken. 

byrst, vE. bryst (])/. bristle. 

byrstan roar IN. 

byrp* birth [beran]. 

-pignenu*, -pin-/ midwife. 

byrpen(n), byrden / burden, 

load; impost, charge [beran]. 
-medium av. by loads. 
-strang strong for burdens (of 

byrpere, byrpre I. m. bearer (of 

corpse) ; support ; horse, &c. ifor 

riding or driving). II./ she who 

bears (a child), mother, 
byrpestre/ carrier. 
bytljan, -ian build ; fortify [botl]. 
-a m. builder. 

(ge)-ung/ act of building ; edifice. 
gebytle . edifice, house 
bytm e, bypme, bypne bottom ; 

keel (of ship) [botm]. 
-ing/ bottom, ground floor (of ark). 
bytt / leather bottle, wine-skin ; 


-fylling/ filling casks. 
byxen of box-wood [box]. 



caefer-tun = cafor-. 

caefester (.) halter [Lt. capis- 


cfflg, -e/ key. 
-bora m. key-bearer 
-hierde m. key-keeper, 
-loca m. keeping under lock and key. 
Gaelic calic. 
caeppe/ hood ; cap [Lt. cappa]. 

caeren = ceren. 
caerfille - cerfille. 
caerse = cerse cress. 
caf prompt ; active ; bold. 
~e, -lice av. promptly ; boldly. 
-lie bold. 

-scipe m. activity ; courage. 
cafor- tun, ea, csefer- m. court- 
yard, vestibule ; hall, mansion. 


cafstrian bridle, curb [csefes- 


cal = cawel cabbage. 
calan 2 be cold intr. : hine caslp, 

him cselp. 
calc sandal ; horse- shoe* \_Lt. cal- 


-randt shoed (horse) (?). 
calca-trippe = colte-traeppe. 




calend, af m. calend ; month ; 

fallotted time, span of life \_Lt. 

calendae j. 
calic, c$l(i)c m. cup, chalice [Lt. 


calo, g. calwes bald. 
calwa m. mange [calo]. 
cal wer = cealer. 
cama -m. muzzle, collar [Lt. 

eamb I. m. comb ; (cocks)comb, 

crest (of helmet). II. /. honey- 

~iht crested. 

camel m. camel \_Lt. camelus]. 
cammoc m. (?) a plant, 
camp m. battle, war, contest [Lt. 

-dom. m.,~ha.d m., ~reeden(n)t 

f. contest, war. 
-ealdor m. general. 
-gefera m. fellow-soldier. 
~gimm m. precious gem. 
-stede \ m. battle-field. 
-wsepenf n. weapon. 
-werod n. army, 
-wigf n. battle. 
-wisa m. champion, 
-wuduf m. shield. 
gecamp (.) warfare. 
camp|ian fight. 
~ung/". fighting. 
gecampian gain by fighting, 
gecanc (n.*) derision. 
canceler m. chancellor vL. [/Lt. 

cancer, -or m. -adl f. cancer 

[Lt. cancer]. 

cancett|an, -etan cackle (in laugh- 
ing), deride. 
-ung/. loud laughter. 
candel, g. ~le /., n. candle [Lt. 


-bora m. acolythus. 
~leoht candle-light, 
-rasesse/! Candlemas, 
-snietels*, y m. snuffers. 
-stfflf m., -sticca m., -treow n. 


-twist (m.} pair of snuffers Gl. 
-weoce/! wick, 
-wyrt/i mullein, 
cann /. cognizance, asseveration ; 

clearance (from accusation), 
cann, ge- vt>., pi. cunnon, prt. 

cupe know ; experience ; know 

how to, be able. 

canne/. can. 

canonic m. canon (person) [Lt.~]. 

-lie canonical. 

Cant- war |e, C?nt- pi. people of 


-aburg/! Canterbury. 
~am.egj>y. people of Kent. 
cantel m. or n. buttress, support. 
cantel-cap m.L., canter-cseppe 

f. cope (vestment). 
canterje m. singer [Lt. canto], 
-stafas mpl. (?) Ct. 
cantic m. canticle, sacred song \_Lt. 

canticum . 

capian once turn, face intr. 
capellan m. chaplain vL. [/>*.]. 
capitol m. chapter (cathedral or 

monastic) ; chapter (of book) \_Lt. 

-hus . chapter-house. 
-msBssey. first mass, 
capun (m.) capon, fowl [/r.]. 
carcern, cea-, -sern; I A. car- 

crsenn ; carcern-ern n. prison 

[Z^. career, sern]. 
-weard m. jailor. 
c(e)arian care, reck w. ymb ; 

sorrow, be anxious [cam]. 
caric- dry fig \_Lt. carica]. 
carl, ea m. man es wfen 

Charles's Wain, constellation of 

the Great Bear \_Scand. ~\. 
-fugol m. male bird. 
-mann m. male, man. 
carr m. stone, rock IN. {Celtic}. 
carte f. paper, piece of paper ; 

deed, document [Lt. charta]. 
car ( U, ea/. anxiety, grief, trouble, 


-full anxious ; solicitous, careful. 
-fullice av. carefully, diligently. 
-fulnes/. anxiety ; solicitude, 
-gast't' m. sad spirit, demon, 
-gealdorf n. song of sorrow, 
-igt anxious, sad ; painful (bonds). 
-leas free from anxiety, cheerful. 
-leasnes, -least f. freedom from 


~(e)lice av. wretchedly, 
-seldf n. place of sorrow, 
-sijjf m. sad journey, fate, 
-sorgt/ anxious sorrow, 
-wielmt m. flood of care. 
case-bill ? n. club Gl. 
caser|e m. emperor [Z/. Caesar], 
-dom m, emperor's rule. 
-ing m. a coin. 


caser|lic imperial. 

~n/ empress. 

casol (m.) short cloak. 

cassoc m. sedge, coarse grass. 

-leaf . sedge-leaf. 

castel . village [Lt. castellum]. 

castel Z. m. castle [_Fr.]. 

~mann m. castle-man. 

-weall m. castle-, city-wall. 

-weorc n. castle-building. 

castenere (m.~) cabinet, chest. 

catt m., catte/ cat. 

cawel, caul, cal m. cabbage [Z/. 

-leaf n. cabbage-leaf. 

-ssbd n. cabbage-seed. 

-stela m. cabbage-stalk. 

-wyrm m. caterpillar. 

caw(e)l, ceawl, eo, cowel m. 

ceac ;. pitcher, jug, basin. 

-bora m. yoke for carrying buckets, 

ceao\e/. jaw. 

-ban n. jaw-bone. 

ceaf n. chaff. 

-fine m. chaffinch. 

ceafl.*, csefl (m.) halter. 

ceafl m. jaw. 

ceafor m. cockchafer, beetle. 

ceahhettjan, -etan laugh loudly. 

~ung/. laughter ; jest(ing). 

cealc m. chalk, lime ; plaster [Z/. 

-pytt, -sea)> m. chalk-pit. 

-Stan ;;/. chalk. 

ceald I. cold. II. . cold. 

-heortf cruel. 

-ian become cold ; become tor- 

cealer, cealre, ceoldre /, cal- 
wer m. curds. 

-briw, calwer-clim m. pottage 
of curds. 

cealf, A. , ., //. ~as, -ru, A. 
calfur, calferu calf. 

-ian calve. 

cealliant shout. 

ceap m. price deop ~ high price ; 
bargain, commercial transaction 
drifan make bargain ; mar- 
keting, market ; cattle. 

-cniht, ciepe- m. slave. 

-dfflg m. market-day. 

-eadig rich in cattle. 

-gield n price. 

-hus*, cpe- n. storehouse. 




ceap mann, clep(e)- m. merchant, 

-scamol, clep- m. cnstom-house, 

-scip n. trading-ship. 

-setl, ciep- . toll-booth. 

-stow, ciepe-/. market-place, com- 
mercial centre. 

-Strsfet, ciep-/ trade-street. 

-ping, clepe- n. merchandise. 

ceapian buy ; bargain ; buy and 
sell, trade ; acquire wda. 

ceap ung, -ing/ marketing, buying 
and selling, trading. 

-gemot n. meeting for trade, 

cearc|ian creak ; gnash (teeth). 

-etung/. creaking. 

cearm = cierm cry. 

ceas/ quarrel, strife ; reproof. 

ceast /. quarrel, strife, sedition, 

-full quarrelsome, turbulent. 

ceaster/. city [Lt. castra]. 

-aesc m. black hellebore. 

-buendf m. citizen. 

-hlidf n. city-gate. 

-hoff n. house. 

-ware, -an, -gewaran, //.,-wai-u 
/. citizens. 

-wlc/. village. 

-wyrt/ black hellebore. 

ceawl = cawel basket. 

cecel, oe, i m. little cake ; morsel. 

cedele/. mercury (a plant). 

ceder ., -beam m., -treow n. 
cedar [Lt. cedrus]. 

cedrisc of cedar [ceder]. 

cel|an, oe cool tr. [col]. 

-ing/, coolness ; cool place. 

(ge)-nes/. coolness. 

celdre = cealer. 

cele m. keel. 

celeponie, cylepenie /. celandine 
\_Lt. chelidonium]. 

cell (monastic ) cell vL. {_Lt.\ 

cel(l)endre /, cel(l)ender n. 
coriander [Lt. coriandrum]. 

celmert-mann IN. m. hired ser- 

cellodf, eelodf round (?) or em- 
bossed (?) (tf/ shield). 

cemban,/r^.cemde comb[camb]. 

cemes/ shirt [Lt. camisia]. 

cempja m, soldier, warrior [camp]. 

-estre/ female novice Gl. 

cent m. torch ; the Runic letter c. 

cen e, oe bold. 

-lice av. boldly. 

~pu/ boldness. 

cenep m. moustache. 

cennjan, y bear (child), produce; 

declare, attest, give information ; 

wda. assign, ascribe, give (name) 

II rft. clear oneself (of accusation), 

-ende parent. 
-endlic genital, 
-estre, cy-/. mother, 
cenning/ begetting ; birth, 
-stan m. testing-stone, 
-stow/ birth-place, 
-tid/ time of birth. 
Cent/. Kent [Lt. Cantia]. 
-ingas mpl. men of Kent. 
~isc Kentish. 
-land, -rice n. Kent, 
-ware = Cant- ware, 
centaurie / centaury (a plant) 

[Lt. centaureum]. 
ceo/ jackdaw. 

ceod m., ~e/. (?) pouch, vessel. 
ceol m. ship, 
-peluf/. ship, 
ceoldre = cealer curds, 
ceole/ throat. 
ceolfor- =cilfor-. 
ceolor m. throat, 
ceorjian murmur, grumble, 
-ung/. grumbling. 
ceorc^an* complain, 
-ing/, complaining. 
ceorf|an 3 cut. cut down (tree), 

excavate (sepulchre in rock) ptc. 

corfen cut off ; engrave ; tear, 
-aex/ axe. 

-ing-isen n. branding-iron (!). 
ceorl m. free man of the lowest 

class; free man; common man, 

plebeian ; husband ; -j-man, hero. 
-boren of low birth. 
-folc n. common people, vulgar, 
-ian marry (of woman). 
-isc = cierlise. 
~(l;ic common, popular (not 


~(l)ice av. vulgarly, 
-strang strong as a man (of 


ceorran 3 creak once. 
ceosan prt. pi. curon, ptc . coren 

7 choose w. a., rarely g. ; select 

G-ode gecoren chosen (man) in 

the sight of God ; accept ; decide. 


ceosol, cisel, y (m.) gravel ; cesol 
gizzard Gl. 

-stan m. pebble. 

ceosol cottage. 

ceowan 7 chew; gnaw; eat, con- 

ceowl = cawel. 

cepan wa. observe, notice | wg. 
attend to, not neglect, keep (ap- 
pointment) | ivdg. take (to flight), 
betake oneself (to shelter); devise, 
meditate : he nolde him nanes 
fleames cepan, he me hearmes 
cep}> | strive : he cepte symle 
hu he cwemde Gode [gecop]. 

ceren, oe, 33, y (n.} sweet wine 
[Lt. carenum]. 

ceren = cyren churn. 

cerfille, cee-, cy-, -elle/. chervil 
[Lt. cerefolium]. 

cerlic (w.) charlock (a plant). 

cerse, as, cresse/, cressa m. cress. 

cesol - ceosol. 

cete = cyte cottage. 

cewl = cawel. 

chor m. dance ; choir [Z/. chorus]. 

-gleo n. dance. 

cian //. gills. 

cicel = cecel little cake. 

gecld n. strife. 

cid|an quarrel ; complain ; blame 
w. d. or wif> a. 

-ung, -ing/, rebuke. 

ciefes, ~e/ concubine, prostitute. 

-boren illegitimate. 

-dona, -had m. concubinage, forni- 

-gemana m. fornication. 

ciegjan call tr. and intr., call out, 
call to, invoke ; summon ; call by 

ge-(ed)nes/ calling; name. 

-endlic vocative (case). 

-ere m. caller, crier out. 

ciflian L. be cold [ciele]. 

cield(o)/. cold [ceald]. 

ciele m. cold [calan]. 

-gicel m. icicle. 

-wearte/ goose-skin. 

-wyrL/ sorrel. 

gecif If (cow) with calf [cealf]. 

ciep(e)- see ceap-. 

ciep|an buy, sell, trade in [ceap]. 

-a, -end m. merchant, trader. 

-ing/ trade, marketing; market, 

geciepe for sale. 




ciepe/. onion [Z/. caepa]. 

-leac m. leek. 

cierlisc, ceo- rustic, common (man) 


~nes/ clownishness. 
cierm, ea, eo m. shout, clamour, 


-an shout, cry out tr. and intr. 
cierr m. time, occasion set su- 

mum ~e ; (first, second, &c.) 

time ; affair, business. 
cie rr an tr. turn, bring into a cer- 
tain state, convert (to Christianity) ; 

reduce to subjection him to 

ge~ ; transform, turn || intr. turn ; 

go, return hine~, ge~ return to. 
ge-ednes f. entrance, admission ; 

conversion (to Christianity). 
~ung/. conversion. 
cies fastidious (about food)[ceosan]. 
-nes/ fastidiousness. 
ciesje, m. cheese [Z/. caseus]. 
~(e)fset n. cheese-vat. 
~hwg n. whey. 
-lybb . rennet. 
-gerunn n. rennet. 
~MTU.ce/. cheese-week. 
ciest/ chest ; coffin [Z/. cista]. 
~ian put in coffin. 
cietel m, kettle. 
-hrum (.) soot of kettle, 
cild .,//. cild(ru) child wearp 

mid (pam) ~e became pregnant. 

-a hierde schoolmaster, paedago- 

gus. -a msBssedseg Innocents' - 

day. -trog cradle. 
~clap . swaddling-cloth. 
-cradol m. cradle. 
-faru/ carrying children, 
-fostre/ nurse. 
-geogop/ period of childhood. 
-geong infantine. 
-had m. childhood. 
-hama m. womb ; afterbirth, 
-ieldo/ childhood, 
-isc childish. 
-lie infantine. 
cileponie = celeponie. 
cilfor-lamb, eo n. ewe-lamb. 
cilic m. hair-cloth [Z/. cilieium]. 
-ing/, joint. 
-iren n. edge-iron (?). 
cimbal(a) m. cymbal \_Lt. cymba- 


cinan 6 gape, crack. 

cinc|dapen ornamented in some 
way : hyre -an cyrtel Ct. 

cincung/ loud laughter. 

cine (m.} folded sheet (of parch- 
ment) Gl. Cp. geclofa. [cinan]. 

cin e, -u wk.f. chink, fissure. 

-iht, io cracked. 

cinn/. chin. 

-ban n. jaw. 

-beorg/ visor. 

-top m. grinder. 

cinnanf once R. 

cinu - cine chink. 

ciper-sealf/ henna-ointment \_Lt. 

cipp m. log, trunk ; ploughshare ; 
weaver's beam. 

circul, -ol m. circle [Z/.]. 

-adl/ shingles (a disease). 

-crfflft m. knowledge of the zodiac. 

ciric e, circe, cyr- /. church. 

-Jew/, ecclesiastical marriage. 

-beU/ church-bell. 

-boc/ church-book. 

-bot/. church-repair. 

-bryce m. breaking into a church. 

-dor n. church-door. 

~frip m. (right of) sanctuary. 

-fultum m. church-help. 

-gang m. going to church. 

-georn diligent in attending church. 

-grip . (right of) sanctuary. 

-had m. order of the church. 

-halgung f. consecration of a 

-hata m. persecution of churches. 

-lie ecclesiastical. 

-m&rsung/ dedication of a church. 

-gemana m. congregation. 

-mangling/ simony. 

-mitta m. church-measure. 

-nied, eo/. need^ruse of the church. 

-nytt/. church-service. 

-paep m. church-path. 

-ragu/ church-moss. 

-ran*, e church-robbery. 

-geryht . church-due. 

-sang m. church-hymn. 

-sangere m. church-singer. 

-sceatt m. church-tax or rate. 

-socn/ (right of) sanctuary ; going 
to church. 

-steall, ~st de m. site of a church. 

-stig/ church-path. 

-tid/ church-time. 

-tun ;;/. churchyard. 

-pegn, -pen m. minister. 


ciricjpegnung, -pen- / church- 

-pingere m. priest. 

-wfflcce/. vigil. 

-Wfibd/ church- vestment. 

-wag/, church-wall. 

-waru/. congregation. 

-weard m. churchwarden, sacribtan. 

cir e)s beam, ciser-, m., ~treo\vr 
. cherry-tree [Lt. cerasus]. 

cirps, y, crisp curly (hair) ; curly- 

-ian curl. 

ciser- = cirs-. 

cistel*, y (/) chestnut-tree \cp. 

cisten (/.), cist(en)-beam m. 
chestnut [Lt. castanea . 

citel|ian tickle. 

-ung/ tickling. 

cit(e)re/ harp [Z/. cithara]. 

Clp m. germ (of plant), spire, young 
shoot, sprout ; mote (in eye) ; 

-fast well rooted, growing. 

cla = clawu claw. 

clacian, ea hurry, hasten intr. 

clac|u*/ strife. 

-leas, clsec- undisputed, free. 

clador*, ea, clader-sticca m. 

claec = clac-. 

cljefre, a, defer- wyrt/ clover. 

claeg (m.) clay. 

-ig*, cleeig aj. clayey. 

cleemjan smear, plaster, caulk 

-ing*, mm/, smearing. 

clffin e I. clear, open (field) ; pure, 
clean, wg. free from, devoid of; 
innocent, free from guilt; chaste. 
II. cliene, a av. entirely. 

-georn desiring to be pure-hearted. 

-heort pure-hearted. 

-lie pure (love). 

-lice av. purely. 

-nes/. purity. 

cleans ian, cla-, clsesnian, a, 
cleensnian clean(se), clear (land 
of weeds), purge (stomach)";. 
purify (heart), chasten (with 
affliction) ; -wag. clear (of accusa- 

-ere m. purifier. 

(ge)-ung / purifying ; expiation ; 

clfensnian = clsensian. 




cleeppettjan, -etan throb (of 


-ung/. throbbing, pulse. 
clffisnian = clsensian. 
clafre - clsefre clover. 
clam m. mud, paste, 
clainm m. grasp ; bond, chain. 
clane = claene av. 
clasnian ~ cleen sian. 
elate/, burdock, burr. 
clatrjian clatter. 
-wag/, clattering. 
clap m. cloth ; pi. clothes, 
clapian IN. clothe. 
clauster . enclosure ; cloister ; 

fortress. Cp. cluster \_Lt. claus- 


claw | an claw, 
-ung/ gripes, colic. 
clawu, da, A. clea, cleo/. claw ; 

hoof ; iron claw, //. pincers. 
clea = clawu. 

cleac/. stepping-stone Ct. {Celtic}. 
clemman*, imper. claem once 

contract (hand) (?). 
cleofian = clifian. 
cleofjan 7 split, cleave tr. 
-ung/. cleaving, sectio. 
cleofa, y m. chamber, cell ; den 

(of wild beasts). 
cleopian = clipian. 
cleric, cleroc, cli- m. secular 

clergyman \_Lt. clericus]. 
-had m. the clerical office. 
clewepa m. itch [clawan]. 
clibbor adhesive [clifian]. 
geclibs = geclips*. 
clidren(n)/ clatter. 
clif . cliff; crag, rock. 
-hliep m. leap from cliff (?) Gl. 
~ig steep, 
-iht(ig) steep. 
-stan m. rock, 
clif-wyrt*, yf. foxglove. 
clifian, eo, y adhere. 
clife/. burdock. 
clifer m. claw, 
-fete claw-footed (bird), with 


clifiht adhesive. 
clifr|ian scratch [clifer]. 
-ung/. scratching, 
gecliht/fr. </clyccan compress, 
climman, L. climban 3 ; fclym- 

mian once climb. 
clingan 3 shrink, contract intr. ; 


clip j ian, y, eo call (out) intr. ivd. \\ 

tr. summon, call; w.a. nom. call, 

-iendlic vocal (sound), vowel ; 

vocative (case). 
-ol vowel. 
-ung f. clamour ; articulation (of 

sounds) ; vL. claim. 
clipol, clipor m. clapper (of bell). 
geclips*, -ibs, -ysp . clamour 

cliroc = cleric, 
elite/, colt's-foot. 
clipa, y m. poultice, plaster (for 

cliwen, y, eo, clywe n. ball of 

thread, clew ; anything in the 

shape of a ball. 
cloccian cluck (of hen). 

-hamer m. fieldfare once. 
geclofa m. half of a folded sheet ; 

duplicate of a document [cleofan]. 
clofe/. buckle. 
clof|e, u/. clove, bulb or tuber of 

plant garleaces ~ [cleofan]. 
-eht bulbed. 
-pung, -e/ crow-foot, 
-wyrt/ buttercup. 
clott- lump Gl. 
dud . rock. 
~ig rocky. 
clugge/ bell. 

clumian mumble, speak indis- 
cluse/ confinement, prison ; bond, 

chain ; (mountain) pass \_Lt. 


cluster n. lock ; barrier ; confine- 
ment, prison \_Lt. claustrum]. 
-cleofa m., -loc n. prison, 
clut m. piece of cloth, patch ; metal 


-ian patch. 
clyccan bring together, clench 

gecliht clenched (hand). 
clyfa = cleofa. 
geclyfte cloven Gl [cleofan]. 
clympre/ lump of metal, metal. 
clyne (m.') lump of metal. 
clynnan, clynian (re)sound intr. 
clypp (m.) embracing. 
clypjpan embrace; affect, seize 

(heart) ; cherish, love. 
-nes/ embrace, 
geclyps = geclips*. 


clys an* enclose [cluse]. 

-ung, -ing/ enclosing ; chamber ; 
conclusion (of sentence). 

clyster, geclystre . cluster, 
bunch (of berries). 

cnCBpling m. youth [cnapa]. 

cnaapp m. top; mountain-top | 

gecnsewe conscious of, acknow- 
ledging (sin) wg. ; known, mani- 
fest [cnawan]. 

cnafa - cnapa. 

cnapa, cnafa m. bey ; youth ; 

gecnaw an i (cnawan very rare ; 
never in W.~) know : nine ge- 
cneow paet he wees Godes sunu; 
understand (language) ; recognize 
(opposite of ignore). 

-nes/ acknowledgement. 

cnearrf m. small war-ship. 

cneat ian dispute. 

-ung/. dispute, investigation. 

cnedan 5 knead. 

cneodan = cnodan. 

gecneord, cneord intent on, 
zealous, diligent. 

-Ifflcan be diligent. 

-lie diligent. 

-lice av. diligently 

-nes/. diligence, study. 

eneoris(s), -isii f. generation, 
family, race, tribe. 

-boc/ Genesis. 

cneo(w), A. cneo . knee ; degree 
of relationship, generation. 

-gebed n. prayer on one's knees. 

-bieging/. kneeling. 

-eht knotty (plant). 

-holen m. butcher's broom. 

-mseg m. kinsman. 

-rift m knee-hose (?). 

-rim m. progeny, descendants. 

-aibb/ race, family. 

-wterc m. pain in knees. 

-wrist, -wyrst/ knee-joint. 

cneowian, cneowan kneel. 

-ung/. kneeling. 

cneowlian kneel. 

cnidan once 6 beat IM. [cp. gni- 

cnif m. knife. 

cniht, eo, A. e m. boy; attendant, 
servant, retainer. 

-gebeorpor . (male) child-bearing. 

-cild . Loy. 

-geogop/. youth 




cniht|geong young. 

-had m. youth ; (male) virginity. 

-leas without attendants. 

-lie boyish 

-wesendef young, in boyhood. 

-wise/, manner of a boy. 

cnocian, u knock (at door) ; pound 
(in mortar). 

cnodan, of, eo wda. attribute 
(qualities to a person). 

cnoll m. hill-top, hill. 

gecnos n. collision [cnyssan]. 

cnosl K. progenj', kindred, family, 
native country. 

cnossian dash, strike intr. iv. be. 

cnot ta m. knot. 

-niselum av. concisely Gl. 

cnucian = cnocian. 

cnu(w)ian pound (in mortar). 

gecnycc- bond IN. 

cnyll m. sound of bell. 

-an, IN. cnyllsan sound bell. 

cnyssjan tr. beat against, dash 
against, toss (storm . . ship)| defeat, 
crush (in battle), overcome (of 
temptation) ; hard press, trouble, 
afflict [cnossian]. 

-ung/. stroke, impulse (of air). 

cnyttjan tie [cnotta]. 

-els m. string, sinew. 

coc m. cook [Z/. coquus]. 

coco m. cock. 

coccel m. corn-cockle, darnel, tares. 

cocer-panne/. frying-pan. 

cocn|ian*, coca- cook [coc]. 

-ung, cocu-/. thing cooked. 

cocor m. quiver ; sword (!), spear (!). 

cocor- [coc]. 

~mete m. cooked food. 

-panne/, frying-pan. 

cod-fflppel m, quince [Z/. cydonia, 

codd m. bag ; cod, shell, husk, 
skin (of grape). 

cof]a, of, m. chamber. 

-godas mpl. house-gods, penates. 

-incel n. little chamber, hand- 
mill (!). 

cohhetanf shout (?), cough (?). 

col n. live coal, (piece of) charcoal. 

-inase/. titmouse (a bird). 

-pytt m. coal-pit. 

-prffed m. blackened thread, plumb- 

col cool ; appeased, calm (0/" anxiety, 

-cwield/ ague (?) Gl. 

colnes/ coolness. 

eolian intr. cool, become cold ; 
cool (<?/"love). 

coliandre /. coriander [Z/. cori- 

collen-fer(h)pf bold. 

-an*, -ferhtan make empty, ex- 
haust Gl. 

collon-crog m. water-lily. 

colt m. colt. 

-greeg colt's-foot. 

-etrseppe, coltraeppe, calcatrippe 
f. Christ's thorn. 

colnmne, -umbe /. column [Z/. 

com//-/, of cuman. 

consolde f. comfrey \_Lt. con- 

consul m. consul \_Lt. consul]. 

coorte/. cohort \_Lt. cohors]. 

cop (m.} an outer garment. 

gecop fit, suitable. 

-lice av. fitly, well. 

copenere m. lover. 

copor . copper [ZA cuprum]. 

copp m. summit. 

-ede having the top cut off, polled 

cops = cosp. 

cor- [ceosan]. 

-snJed/. 'trial-morsel,' piece of con- 
secrated bread whose swallowing 
was a test of innocence. 

gecor n. decision [ceosan]. 

cordewanere m. shoemaker Ct. 

coren-beag/ crown \_Lt. corona]. 

coren, ge- chosen [ceosan]. 

ge~lic elegant. 

ge~lice av. elegantly. 

(ge)~nes/ choice ; goodness. 

ge~acipe m. election ; excellence. 

corflian mince, cut small [ceor- 

corn . com ; grain (of mustard), 
pip, berry ; corn (on foot). 

-fflppel m. pomegranate. 

-sesceda^/. corn-sweepings, chaff. 

-bsere, ~berende corn-bearing. 

-hrycce/. corn-rick. 

-hus n. granary. 

-ges&lig rich in corn. 

~gesc(e)ot n. contribution of com. 

-teopung/. tithe of com. 

~treow . comel-tree. 

-trog m. corn-bin. 

~wurma m. weevil. 


cornoc = cranoc (cronoc). 
coronian crown [Z/. corona], 
corper, -or n. troop, assemblage, 

reiinue ; pomp, 
cosp, cops m. fetter. 
-ian fetter. 
coss m. kiss. 
-ian kiss. 

cost m. (?) costmary (a plant), 
cost pses ~es pe on condition 

that \Scand. kostr]. 
gecostf, cost tried, proved, chosen, 

excellent [ceosan]. 
costjian, costnian iv.g. or a. try, 

test ; tempt, afflict. 
-ere, ~i(g)end m. tempter. 
-ung, -ing f. temptation, trial, 


ge~nes/. trial, temptation. 
cot n. cottage, house ; chamber ; 

den (of thieves). 
-lif n. hamlet, 
-setla m. cottager, tenant, 
-stow /. hamlet. 
cottuc, cotuc m. mallow. 
copu f. disease, pestilence, seo 

micle - elephantiasis, leprosy. 
era (n.) croaking (of frogs and 

crows) Gl. 
crabba w.crab. 
cracian resound. 
cracett an croak. 
-ung, creecetung/. croaking, 
cradol, -el m. cradle. 
-cild . infant. 
craft m. skill, ability ; cunning, 

device ; knowledge, science ; art, 

trade, profession | good quality, 

excellence, virtue | strength, 

power ; cause, 
-gleaw-f wise, 
-leas unskilled. 
-lie artificial ; skilfully made, 

skilled (labour). 
-lice av. skilfully. 
-weorc n. clever work, 
crseftan exercise a craft, 
crfflftig skilful, skilled wg. skilled 

in ; cunning | excellent, virtuous j 

strong, powerful. 
-lice av. skilfully. 
craeft(i)ga, creeft(i)ca, crasfta m. 

artificer, workman. 
craet n.,gpl. ~(en)a chariot. 
-ehors n. horse for driving, 
-wisn m. chariot. 
-wisa m. charioteer. 




crafjian, as demand tone's rights) ; 

summon (before court of law). 
~ung,y. claim, demand. 
cram-pul = cran-pol. 
crammian cram, stuff. 
crarapiht crumpled, wrinkled. 
cran m. crane. 

-pol*, crampul m. crane-pool Ct. 

-stsef m. weaving-implement, 
cranic m. chronicle, record [Z/. 


cranoc, cornoc m. crane [cran]. 
eras (/) food, dainty. 
crawan i crow, 
crawje/! crow, 
-leac, -an- m. crow-garlic. 
Cre(a)cas, Crece mpl. Greeks. 

-nes f. pride, elation Gl. 
Crecise, ea Greek [Creacas]. 
creda m. creed [Z/. credo], 
crencestre/i weaver [crane]. 
creep | an 7 creep, crawl, 
-el, y m. cripple. 
-ere m. cripple, 
-ung/ creeping. 
cribb/ crib, stall, 
criepan*, y, i contract, clench 


criepel m. burrow [creopan]. 
crimman 3 cram, insert || crumble. 
crin vb. flow Gl. 
crincan = cringan. 
cringan, crincan 3 fall in battle, 

crism a m. chrism, holy oil used 

for anointing after baptism ; 

chrisom, white vesture put on 

a child after baptism ; wearing 

a chrisom [Z/. chrisma]. 
-halgung/". consecration by chrism. 
-liesing/. taking off chrisom. 
crismal m. or n. chrisom. Cp. 

crisp = cirps. 
Crist m. Christ es boc / the 

Gospels. -es meel, tacn the 

cross [Z/.]. 
-lie Christian, 
-msasse Z./ Christmas, 
cristall a m. crystal ; flea-bane 

(a plant) [Z/. crystall|us, ~ium]. 
-isc of crystal. 
cristel-, cyrstel- [Crist]. 
-mefel n. cross, 
cristen Christian. 

cristen|d6m m. Christianity. 
-nes*, cristnes/. Christianity. 
crist(e)n|ian christianize ; christen ; 

anoint with holy oil. 
-ling/", christening. 
croc|c mf., crocca m. earthenware 

vessel, pot. 
-sceard potsherd. 
-wyrhta m. potter. 
gecrod n. throng, crowd [crudan]. 
croft m. small field. 
crog, oo m. pot, vessel, 
-cynn n. kind of pot. 
croh. (m.} saffron \_Lt. crocus]. 
crop*, cnop . bleating, croup (?) 

cropp m. sprout, bunch (of flowers 

or berries), ear (of corn) ; crop 

(of bird) ; kidney. 
-iht bunchy. 
-leac m. garlic, 
cruce/ pitcher. 
crudan 7 intr. press, make one's 

way iv. on a. 

cruft crypt, vault \_Lt. crypta]. 
cruma m. crumb. 
crumb, crump crooked. 
crundel m. cavity, chalk-pit (?), 

pond(?)Ct. {Celtic V}. 
crus(e)ne /. robe of skins, fur 


cryccy! crutch ; staff, crozier. 
cryccen of clay [crocc]. 
crymbjan* bend tr. [crumb]. 
-ing/I bending. 
crympan curl [crump]. 
crypel = creopel cripple, 
cryppan bend, crook i, finger). 
cu,-. cu(e), cy, d. cy,// cy(e 

cu(n)a, dpi. cu(u)m/. cow. 
-butere/ cow's-milk butter. 
-cealf . calf. 
-eage . cow's eye. 
-hierde m. cowherd. 
-horn m. cow's horn. 
~meol(u)e/ cow's milk, 
-migojm m. cow's urine, 
-sealf/ suet. 

-slyppe, -sloppe/ cowslip, 
-taegel m. cow's tail. 
cucler,-e, cucul-, cucel- m. spoon, 

spoonful [Lt. cochlear]. 
-msbl n. spoonful (measure). 
cucu = cwic alive. 
cucurbite /. gourd [Z/. cucur- 

cudele/. cuttle-fish. 


cudu, cwidu, cweodu, cwudu, g. 

cwidwes, -u(w)es, -o.wes n. 

what is chewed, cud ; mastic 

(a gum). 
cuffie/. hood. 
cug(e)le, cuhle, cule/. (monk's) 

hood, cowl \lLt. cuculla]. 
culfre, culfer/ pigeon, dove, 
culmille / small centanry. Cp. 


culp|e (/.) fault [Z/. culpa]. 
~ian humble oneself, cringe, 
culter (m.) dagger; coulter (of 

plough) \_Lt. culter]. 
cum-mase/. once a bird Gl. 
cum Jan 4 prt. cwom, com, ptc. 

-en, cy- come TV. inf. com 

gan came (walking), com gretan 

came to greet ; - up land ; hwftr 

com middangeardes gestreon 

what has become of . . ? 


happen, come upon one forjj 

come off, be carried out ; result : 
hit com to J>am feet indc. \ come 
to oneself, recover intr. 

cum | a m. stranger ; guest en a 

bur guest-chamber, spare-room, 
-ena hus, inn,wicung hostel, inn. 

-feorm f. entertainment of stran- 

-lipe hospitable. 

-lipian show hospitality. 

-lijjnes/. hospitality. 

cumb m. valley [Celtic]. 

cumb m. a liquid measure. 

cumbolf, cumbor . banner, sign. 

~gebrec n. crash of banners, battle. 

-haga m. phalanx. 

-hete m. war. 

-gehnast n. crash of banners, battle. 

-wiga m. warrior. 

cumbor = cumbol banner. 

cumendre f. woman living in 
monastery, priest's housekeeper 
\lLt. commater]. 

cuinl, cumul, cumbl n. swelling 
(of wound). 

cumpaeder m. godfather \_Lt. com- 

cuneglffisse / hound's-tongne (a 
plant) [Z/. cynoglossos]. 

cunelle/. thyme. 

cunn ian w g. or a. explore, 
search ; try, test, tempt ; ex- 

-ere m. tempter. 

-ung/. trial, testing. 




cuopel boat, ship IN. 

cuppe /. cup. 

curmelle, -ealle, -ille/ centaury 
(a plant). Cp. culmille. 

curon/r/.//. o/ceoB&n. 

curs curse L. 

-ian curse vL. 

-ung/ cursing. 

cursumbor IN. incense. 

cusc chaste, modest, virtuous. 

CUSCOte/ wood-pigeon, ring-dove. 

cuter (m.) resin. 

cup known ; certain ; manifest ; 
clear ; well known, famous ; 
familiar, intimate. 

~a m. acquaintance, friend, relative. 

-e av. clearly. 

-ian be known. 

-Isecan be friendly, make alliance. 

~(e)lic known, certain. 

-lice av. certainly, clearly ; fami- 
liarly, kindly. 

-nama m. surname. 

~nes/ knowledge. 

cwacjian quake, tremble, chatter 
(of teeth). 

-ung/ quaking. 

cwalu f. killing, violent death, 
destruction [cwelan]. 

cwanian lament tr. and abs. 

cwatern the number four (in dice) 
\_Lt. quaternus]. 

cwead . dung, excrement. 

cwealm, cwelm, y m. killing, mur- 
der ; death ; mortality ; pestilence, 
plague ; pain, torment [cwelan]. 

ge-b&ran, -cwelm- torture. 

~b&re deadly ; bloodthirsty. 

-bafernes f. destruction, persecu- 
tion ; mortality. 

-bealof . deadly evil. 

-cumaf m. deadly guest. 

-dreorf . blood of slaughter. 

ge-full*, -cwylm- pernicious. 

-nes/ torment, pain. 

-ste de m. death-place, arena. 

-stow/ place of execution. 

-prea/ deadly affliction. 

cweartern . prison. 

-lie of a prison. 

cweccjan, prt. cwe(a)hte tr. 
shake (head), brandish (weapon) 

~ung/. shaking. 
cwece-sand m. quicksand Gl. 
gecwed . declaration [cwepan]. 
~f8BBten/. appointed fast. 

gecwed|riBden /. agreement, con- 

-stow f. appointed place, place of 

cweddian = cwiddian. 

cweden/fr. </ cwepan. 

cwedol eloquent Gl. [cwepan]. 

cwelan 4 die. 

cwflljan, prt. cwealde kill 

-end, ~ere, cwelre m. killer, per- 
secutor, executioner. 

cwemjan, oe wd. please; comply. 

-ing/, pleasing, satisfaction. 

ge~(ed)lic pleasant. 

-nes, ge~ednes f. satisfaction, 

gecwemje, cweme agreeable, ac- 
ceptable, convenient. 

-lice av. agreeable, acceptably. 

cwen, oe/ queen ; wife. 

cwen|e / woman, female serf; 

cwenlicf, or e, once feminine or 
queenly (I). 

cweodu = cudu. 

cweorn, -e, cwyrn, d. ~a/ (hand) 

-bill . chisel. 

-Stan m. millstone. 

-tep mpl. grinders, molars. 

cwepan 5 say, speak w. a. of thing 
(word), -\wi. (wordumi, to of 
person ; w. direct narration, w. 
sttbj. (^omission of paet), more 
rarely w. indc.\ \impers.: bepsem 
ilcan se sealmscop cweep : . . 
cwosp to him. past he wre . . 
cwepap he sie . . pset godspell 
cwip past R. beweop . . men- 
tion : pa ping pe we r bufon 
cwSdon. swa hit on bocum 
cwip. cwepap pset hit sis . . 
| call, name it | ~ on nine assign 
to him - ongean a. raise objec- 
tions to || name, call, account, 
consider : on psere stowe pe is 
gecweden Crecganford. pa 
sind gecwedene pa heardestan 
menu, bapu pe wSron hal- 
wende gecwedene || proclaim, 
summon (meeting) || determine, 
resolve : cweep on his heortan 
pset he wolde . . cwsldon 
betweox him pset hi woldon 
II. cwist pu, cwepe ge interr. 
av., translating Lt. numquid. 


gecwepan 5 speak, utter : he word 
ne mihte ~ | proclaim, summon, 
order : gecwsep anwig wip hine 
= challenged him to . . gecweep 
to gefeohte abs., ~ hine utlah | 
agree, resolve w . sbj., esp. wolde : 
gecwSdon paet him leofre 
weere paet . . , gecwsedon pset 
hie wolden . . 

cw^ic, cwuc, cwicu, cucu (also 
neut. and def. : cucu neat, seo 
cucu) living, alive. 

-fflht/ live stock, cattle. 

-beam m. aspen. 

-beam-rind/ aspen-bark. 

-fyr n. sulphur. 

-hrerende moving alive, living. 

-lice av. in a living manner, 

-lifigendef living, alive. 

-seolfor n. mercury. 

-susl .,/. hell-torment. 

-suslen of hell. 
treow n. aspen, white poplar. 

cwic ian, c(w)ucian intr. come to 
life, revive || tr. bring to life. 

ge-ung/ coming to life again. 

cwice/ couch-grass. 

cwiddjian, cwy- speak it/a., w. be. 

-ung/. saying, report. 

cwide m. what is said, expression, 
statement ; proverb, saying ; pro- 
posal ; judgement, verdict ; decree, 
enactment ; discourse, essay, ser- 
mon ; will, testament [cwepan]. 

-boc, cwid-/. book of proverbs. 

-gieddf n. song. 

-leas speechless ; intestate. 

cwidele, y/. inflamed swelling, boil. 

cwidu = cudu. 

cwield fmn. destruction ; death ; 
pestilence [cwelan]. 

-beere destructive, deadly ; pesti- 

~baferlice av. pestiferously. 

-eflod m. deluge. 

~eht diseased (body), 

-full destructive. 

~roff destructive, savage (o/wolves). 

-seten/. beginning ot night. 

-tid/ evening. 

cwield - rede *, cwyldhrepe, 
cwseldaersede/. bat (animal). 

cwielmian*, y intr. suffer (tor- 

cwielman kill, torment, oppress 
[cwealm] . 


cwielm|ing/ affliction, cross. 

-nes, ea/! torment. 

CWiesan*, y tr. bruise, dash against, 


cwii'erllce av. zealously. 
cwinod wasted (with loveV 
cwip|an lament tr. and intr. 
-nes/". lamentation. complaint, 
cw'pa, cwip m. womb. 
cvom/A*. 0/~cuman. 
cwuc cwic. 
c wudu - cudu. 
cycen, i n. chicken. 
cy(e), see cu. 

cycene/ kitchen \_Lt. coquina]. 
cycgel (m.} dart. 
cydde = cypde. 
cyf, -e/". tub, vessel. 
cyl(e)n/. kiln, oven, 
cylepenie = celeponie. 
cylle m., cyll(e) / leather bottle, 

flagon, vessel [Lt. culeus]. 
cyl|u, ~ew speckled Gl. 
cym- = cum-. 
cym|e m., pi. cyme, -as coming, 


cym|e f, yf, -lief beautiful, splen- 

-lice av. beautifully. 
cymed . wall-germander (a plant). 
cymen m. cummin [Lt. cumi- 


cynce/. artichoke. 
gecynd, cynd fn. kind, species ; 

nature, quality, manner ; gender ; 

origin, generation; offspring; 


-boc/ Genesis, 
-lim n. womb ; in pi. genitals, 
geeynd e, cynde, (ge)cyndlic 

innate, natural, suitable. 
-ellce av. naturally. 
~nes/. nation. 
cyne- royal ; in L. sometimes made 

into cyning-. 
-beald*, cyningb-t nobly brave, 


-bearnf n. royal child. 
-boren of royal birth, 
-bot/. king's compensation. 
~botl n. palace, 
-cynn n. royal line, royal family. 


cyne dom, cyning- m. royal 
power, kingdom, empire. 

-gield n, king's compensation. 

-gif rd, e(a)/ sceptre. 

-gierela, cyningg- m. royal robe. 

-godf excellent, noble. 

-goldf . crown. 

-had m. royal dignity. 

-ham m. royal manor. 

~helm m. crown, diadem. 

-helmian crown. 

-hlaford m. sovereign, liege lord. 

-lie royal suitable = cynnlic. 

-lice av. royally. 

-licnes f. kingliness, kingly bear- 

-rice n. royal authority, kingdom. 

-riht n. royal prerogative. 

-roff noble, illustrious. 

-scipe m. royalty. 

~setl n. throne ; capital. 

~st61 m. throne; capital. 

-Street/ high road. 

-prymmf m. royal host ; majesty. 

-waden*, -pen of royal purple. 

-geWS&du npl. royal robes. 

~wierpe very worthy or excellent. 

-Wise/, kingdom, state. 

~wipj>e/. diadem. 

-wordf n. fitting word. Cp. -lie. 

cyng -- cyning. 

cyning, -ig, cyneg-, cyng, i m. 
king, -es feorm/. obligation to 
entertain the king, -es tun m. royal 
residence, -es wyrt marjoram. 

cyning- L. = cyne-. 

-feorm = -es feorm. 

-gereord n. royal banquet. 

cyninge oncef. queen. 

cyn n I. n. kind, species, variety ; 
race, progeny ; sex, (grammatical) 
gender. II. aj. proper, suitable. 

-lie, cynelic proper, suitable ; 
reasonable, right. 

-lice av. suitably. 

~rec(c)enes/. genealogy. 

cynnan = cennan. 

cynren, -yn n. kind, species ; 
family, kin, generation ; progeny 
[cynn, ryne]. 

cynsian once be eager or agitated 
(of the mind). 

cypera m. spawning salmon. 


cyp(e)ren of copper [copor]. 

cypresse/. cypress [Lt.]. 

cypsan = cyspan. 

eyre m. choice, free-will [ceosan]. 

~ap m. select oath. 

~lif . choice of (way of) life. 

cyren/ churn. 

cyrnan churn. 

cyrf (/.) cutting [ceorfan]. 

cyrfel (/.) peg. 

cyrfette, -sette/, -set gourd [Lt. 

cyrfille = cerfille. 

cyrnel mn. kernel, seed, pip; pim- 
ple, hard swelling [corn]. 

cyrs- = cires- cherry. 

cyrstel- = cristel-. 

cyrtel m. coat, cloak. 

cyrten beautiful, elegant ; smart, 
intelligent [ZA cohors]. 

-laecan make elegant. 

(ge)-lice av. elegantly, neatly, per- 
fectly, well. 

~nes/l elegance. 

cyspan, cypsan fetter [cosp]. 

cyssan kiss [coss]. 

cyst/, choice; what is choicest of 
its kind, the best, ideal vug. ; good- 
ness, excellence ; virtue ; munifi- 
cence [ceosan]. 

-ig liberal, bountiful; morally good. 

-ignes/. bounty ; goodness. 

-leas reprobate. 

-lie munificent. 

-(e)llce av. bountifully. 

cystan spend vL. 

cyt-wer m. weir for catching fish. 

cyta m. kite, bittern. 

cyte, e f. cottage, chamber, cell 

cypjan prt. cypde, L. cydde wda. 
make known, announce, proclaim, 
reveal ; testify (with oath) ; prove ; 
perform (miracle) [cup]. 

-ere m. witness; martyr. 

(ge)-nes /. testimony; (Old and 
New) Testament. 

gecypig knowing IN. 

cypling m. relation IN. 

gecypp/ native country. 

cypp(o) f. knowledge ; acquaint- 
ance ; relationship ; friendship ; 
native country. 





da/ doe. 

deed/. action ; deed, exploit ; event. 

~bana m. perpetrator of homicide, 


-beta m. penitent. 
-betan make amends, give satis- 

faction, be penitent. 
-betnis, of. penitence. 
~b6t f. making amends, penance, 


~cenet bold in deeds. 
-framf strenuous. 
-frumat m. performer of exploits, 

hero; worker, toiler; perpetrator 

(of crime). 

-hataf m. active hater, persecutor. 
-hwaetf prompt in deeds. 
-leanf . recompense. 
-lie active (verb). 
-roff valiant. 
-scuaf m.for deap- (?). 
-weorcf n great deed, work. 
daede = dyde. 
gedeeftan, deeftan make smooth ; 

put in order, arrange. 
gedfflft[e gentle, meek [gedafen]. 
~(e)lice av seasonably, fitly. 
dssg m.,gpl. dag(en)a day -- -es, 

on ~e by day. (to) anes ~es in 

a single day. py ~e, py -es, on 

pam ~e on that day. selce ~e 

every day. to - to-day | life, life- 

time on his ~e. ofer minne ~, 

ffifter minum ~e. his ~ av. 

during his life. | the Runic letter 

d. | -es eage n. daisy. 
~candel(l)f/ sun. 
-fasten n. a day's fast. 
-feorm/. a day's provisions. 
-hluttref av. with the clearness 

of day. 

~h.wam av. daily. 
-hwamlic, -o- daily. 
-hwamllce av. daily. 
-hwilf f. period of a day ; //. 

period of life. 
-langf lasting one day. 
-langes av. during one day. 

dfflgjlic daily. 

-mEel n. time-piece, dial. 

-mefel-sceawere m. horoscope (!). 

-mete m. daily food. 

dseg-red . dawn. 

-lie of the dawn. 

-sang m matins. 

-womaf m. dawn. 

dfflgjrimt . number of days. 

-rima m. dawn. 

-sang m. daily service. 

-scieldf m. screen by day. 

-steorra m. day-star. 

-tid/. day-time tidum by day ; 


-tima m. day-time, day. 

-Wfflcce/ day-watch. 

-weard ;//. day-watchman. 

-(e)weorcf . day's work ; day- 

-weorpung/ commemoration. 

-wine a day's pay. 

-wist/, a day's food. 

-womaf m. dawn. 

deege/ bread-maker [dag]. 

dfflgperlic daily : on pisum -an 
dsege on this very day [dseg]. 

deegpern I. / a day's space. II. 

dael n. valley ; gulf, abyss. Cp. dell. 

dffll m. part, quarter (of globe), 
fraction ; portion, share ; part of 
speech, word | quantity god ~, 
micel- much, -wintra many 
years, be senigum ~e at all. 
sume ~e, be sumum ~e to some 
extent, partly, cypan be -e 
make one-sided statement [gedal]. 

-leas portionless, deficient. 

-msfelum av. piecemeal. 

-nimend m. participator wg. ; 
participle (in grammar). 

-nimendnes/. participation. 

-nimvmg/ share-taking, share. 

-numol* share-taking, participat- 

-numolnes/ participation. 

daalan divide, share fhilde -, 


fight; tear, rend (?) ; give away, 

spend ; wda. distribute ; get as 

one's share, get, gain. 
gedaeledlice av. separately. 
daeljend m. divider, distributor. 
-ere m. distributor, steward ; giver. 
daerst e /, IN. dserst, ea leaven ; 

pi. dregs, lees. 
~ig, draestig dreggy. 
ge~an leaven. 
gedafen I. suitable, fitting ; II. n. 

due, right, what is fitting. 
gedafn|ian, dafnian, -dafen-, as 

ivd., gen. impers. be fitting or be- 


-igendlic suitable, proper. 
-igendlice av. suitably. 
-lie, -daflic fitting, proper, right. 
-lice av. fitly, rightly. 
-licnes/ fitness, propriety; oppor- 


dag (j.) dough ; mass of metal. 
dag Ian dawn, become day ; be 

day [dseg]. 

-tmg/ dawn, daybreak. 
gedal n. separation, division, dis- 

tribution lices - death [dsel]. 
-land, -del- . common land. 
dale, o m. brooch, bracelet. 
dalmatice /. dalmatic (vestment) 


darian once lurk, be hidden. 
daropf , ea, -ep m. javelin. 
-hfflbbende javelin-bearing. 
-lacende javelin-brandishing. 
-sceaft m. javelin-shaft. 
daru /. hurt (physical); damage; 

harm, injury [dfrian]. 
datarum m. inded. date on 

pam - idus Aprilis [Lt.~\. 
deacon = diacon. 
dead dead | congealed (blood) ; 

sluggish (stream) | torpid, dull 

-beere, deap-.-beferlic, ~berende 


~b&rnes/ mortality. 
-boren dead-born. 



dead|hra3gl n. shroud. 

-lie, deaplic subject to death, 
mortal (man) ; deadly, sanguinary 

-lice av. deadly. 

-licues f. being subject to death, 
mortality ; mortal frailty. 

-spryng m. ulcer, carbuncle. 

-wielle barren. 

dear deaf; -corn empty ear of 

deafo/i deafness. 

deag/. dye ; colour (of cloth). 

-ian dye. 

~\mgf. dyeing ; colour (of cloth). 

-wyrmede = deaw- gouty. 

deaggede = *deaw-wyrmede 

deagol = diegle. 

deah, //. dugon, prt. dohte vb. 
avail, be of use, be good : ne 
dohte hit there was no goodness 
(in the country) ; wdg. be equiv- 
alent to, able to procure I be 
vigorous : hriper dugunde j be 
(a) worthy (man), be virtuous, 
be liberal. 

deallf proud (of), exulting (in), 
resplendent (with) ivi. 

dearep = darop. 

dearf bold IN. 

dearnunga, dy-, -inga av. secret- 
ly, privately, clandestinely. 

dearr vb., sbj. dyrre, u, pi. dur- 
ron, prt. dorste dare, venture. 

dearste = daerste. 

deap m., once f. death. 

-bsere = dead-. 

-beacnigende boding death. 

-beamf m. tree of death. 

-beddf n. grave. 

-berendef deadly, fatal. 

-cwalut f' deadly pain ; deadly 
destruction, fatal infliction. 

-cwealmf m. slaughter. 

-cwielman kill. 

-daegf m. day of death. 

-gedaif . separation of body and 
soul in death. 

~denut./ valley of death. 

-drepef m. death-stroke. 

-fjeget fated to die. 

-godas mpl. manes. 

-lie = deadlic. 

-liegt m. deadly flame. 

-maegent n. death-bringing troop. 
m. sudden death. 

deap|reaf n. spoils Gl. 
-recedf n. sepulchre, 
-reowf deadly cruel, savage. 
~scua, seufa m. shadow of death ; 

deadly phantom. 

-scyld/! capital crime, deadly sin. 
-scyldig guilty of a capital crime, 
-selef m. hall of death, 
-slegef m. death-blow, deadly 


-speref n. deadly spear, 
-stede-t* m. death-place. 
-pegnunga, -pen- fpl. funeral 

service, funeral. 
-W&gef n. deadly cup. 
-wangf m. plain of death, 
-werigf dead, 
-wief n. death-dwelling, 
-wyrday^/. fates Gl. 
gedeapian kill IN. 
deaw mn. dew. 
-dreos*, iaf fall of dew. 
~ig dewy. 

-ig-feperf, -a dewy-winged. 
deaw-wyrm. m. ring-worm. 
~ede*, deagvv-, deaggede gouty. 
decan, e smear, plaster, 
declinjian* decline (in grammar) 


~igendlic declinable, 
-ung/. declension. 
gedef|e, oe I. fitting, seemly; 

gentle, meek. II. av. fittingly 


~(e)lic, deflic fitting. 
~lice av. fitly, becomingly. 
~nes/. gentleness. 
degolfull [e=ea or ie]f once 


dehter d. ofdohtor. 
gedelf n. digging ; trench. 
delf[an 3 dig, burrow. 
~ere m. digger, 
-ing/ digging, 
-isen . spade. 

delfin m. dolphin [Z/. delphinus]. 
deU (n.) valley (?) Ct. Perhaps 

weak (unaccented} form of dsel. 

Cp. pull weak form of-pol. 
delu/. nipple ( of breast). 
dem an, oe judge, decree, assign 

gen. w. d. of person: eow bip 

ge-ed, - unryht ; wda. ~ him 

selfum wite | condemn w. a. and 

to : - hine to deape | consider. 

estimate ; glorify, praise. 
~endf, -ere m. judge. 


clerua, oe m. judge [dom]. 

demm m. damage, injury, loss, 

geden = gedon. 

Dene //., g. -igea, ~a Danes, 
Scandinavians. ~a lagu Danish 
law ; district under Danish law, 
East- Anglia, &c. ~a-mearc,~em- 
f. Denmark. 

~isc Danish. 

den[n n. den. 

~bffire n. swine-pasture. 

df n u/. valley. 

-eland n. valley Gl. 

deofol, -el n. devil, demon [Lt. 

-craeft m. art of the devil ; witch- 

-cund like the devil, diabolical. 

-dabdf/; diabolical deed. 

-gield n. idol ; idolatry. 

-gielda m. idolater. 

-gield-hus n. heathen temple. 

-lie, deoflic devilish, of the devil. 

-scin . diabolical phantom. 

-seoc possessed with a devil. 

-seocnes/ demoniacal possession. 

-vvitgaf m. wizard. 

deogol = diegle. 

deop I. deep ; profound (learning, 
mystery), awful, terrible, exces- 
sive, great (crime), high (price). 
II. . deep place, depth, abyss. 

-6 av. deep (wounded), deeply 
(consider), thoroughly, seriously. 

-hycgendet, -hygdigf, -hyd- 
deeply meditating, thoughtful. 

-lie profound, thorough. 

-lice av. profoundly. 

-nes/. deepness ; deep place, depth, 
abyss, gulf; mystery. 

-pancol thoughtful. 

deor n. (wild) animal ; deer, rein- 

-cynn n. species of animal. 

-en of a wild animal. 

-fald m. deer-park. 

-fellen made of hides. 

-frip m. preservation of deer. 

-hege m. deer-fence, park-fence. 

-nett . hunting-net. 

-tun m. park. 

deorf brave, bold ; severe, full of 
hardship ; fierce. 

-lie brave (deed). 

-mod brave. 

deoran = dieran. 


deorc, y dark ; obscure ; gloomy, 
sad ; terrible ; evil, wicked ; un- 
intelligent, ignorant (mind), 
-e av. darkly, sadly. 
-egraeg dark grey. 
-full dark, 
-lice av. gloomily, 
-nes/. darkness, 
-xmg/. twilight. 
deor|e = dlere beloved. 
-boren of noble birth. 
-lice av. preciously. 
-ling = dierling. 
deor-wierp|e, -weorp, -wurp, 

dier- valuable, precious. 
-lice av. dearly : - healdan. 
-nes/ precious thing, treasure. 
gedeorf, deorf n. labour, effort ; 


-leas fruitless (?) Gl. 
-nes/. tribulation, 
-sum vL. grievous. 
ge)deorfan 3 labour | perish. 
depp(ett)an =dy-. 
derjian tad. injure, hurt, annoy 


-igendlic hurtful, noxious, 
-ung/ injuring. 
Dere //. inhabitants of Deira. 
derodin, dy- (m.} scarlet dye 

[Z/. teredinem]. 
dep, see don. 
diacon, ea, eo m. deacon \_Lt. dia- 


-had m. deaconship. 
-rocc m. dalmatic. 
-pegnung, -pen-/ ministration of 

a deacon, deaconship. 
die, I m. wall of earth, embank- 
ment, rampart, stone wall | mf. 
ditch, moat. 

-sceard . gap in stone wall. 
dic]ian dig, make embankment. 
-ere m. digger, 
-ung/". digging a ditch. 
diedan put to death [dead]. 
dief]an*, y dip [dufan]. 
-ing/ immersion. 
gediegan carry out with safety, 
survive (danger, illness), abs 
feore ~ [deah]. 
diegel|lice, -ellce, -ol-, ea, eo av 

-nes / secrecy; secret, mystery 


dieglje, dihle, deagol, deogol, 
dygel, dygol, i, A. degol I. 


secret, hidden ; mysterious, pro- 
found ; doubtful, unknown. II. 
n secret, mystery ; secret place, 
grave, on ~e, on -um in secret. 
III. av. secretly, stealthily. 
diegl(i)an hide. 

diepan*, e, y tr. dip, baptize ; 
(deepen), increase oath) [deop]. 
diepe, diep(o) /. depth ; the deep, 
sea ; deep place (in river) ; abyss, 
gulf [deop]. 

dieran, eo esteem, praise, extol. 

dier|e, deore I. beloved ; precious, 
costly; respected, glorious, noble. 
II. av. at great cost. See deore. 

-ling, eo m. favourite. 

dierfan*, y injure [deorfan]. 

die rnan conceal ; keep secret ; rfl. 
conceal one's identity. 

die rnje hidden, secret ge- 

ligre adultery ; deceitful, wicked 

-hiSniend m. fomicator. 

-licgan fornicate. 

-geliger /., -geligerscipe m. 

-gewrit n. apocryphal book. 

diersian*. y glorify, praise [diere]. 

dint n. direction, command ; ar- 
ranging, ordering ; administra- 
tion, office, action, conduct ; pur- 
pose, intention. 

-faestendfflg m. appointed fast. 

diht an, diht(n)ian compose, 
write || ivd. direct, command ; 
arrange \_Lt. dictare]. 

-ere, dihtnere m. informant, ex- 

-ung/. ordering. 

gediht n. composition, literary 

dile, y m. dill. 

dil(e)gian, y erase (writing) ; 
destroy, blot out. 

dilignes/ destruction. 

dim m dark ; unknown, obscure 
(disease) ; wicked (deed). 

-hiw of dark colour. 

-hof n. hiding-place. 

-hus . prison. 

-lie dark ; secret. 

-nes / darkness ; mist ; dimness 
(of eye-sight). 

~scua m. darkness (of mind). 

diner-, dign- m. a coin, piece ol 
money [Lt. denarius]. 

ding = dyng, d. of dung. 



dingef, dinne (n.} (?). 

dirige /. dirge, ' vigilia ' Gl. [Z/. 
dirige !]. 

disc m. dish, plate, bowl [Z/. dis- 

-berend, -pegn, -pen m. dish- 
bearer, waiter, seneschal. 

discipul m. disciple, pupil \_Lt. 

-had m. pupilage. 

disme (?)/ tansy (a. plant). 

distsef \m.) distaff. 

don ; doan, ic dom A. ; (he) dep, 
oe ; prt. dyde, e, &t ; ptc. ge- 
don, geden, oe vb. do, perform, 
act : - yfel ; - swa ; - selmesaan ; 
gif he elles def> ; sipfmn pis 
ge- wees when this had happened ; 
hweet do ic ? what shall I do ? 
or what will become of me ? | 
ivda. do good or evil to . . | -w. rfl. 
d. : dyde ic me to gamene 
ganetes hleopor I made the 
gull's song a solace to me | ne 
dep he nan ping to gode will 
do no good (to himself or others) 
| - to nahte annul, hwset do 
we hine ? do with him | 
make (statues) || half auxiliary : 
se mona dep eegper, ge wyzp 
ge wanap | to take place of verb : 
Crist weox swaswa opre cild 
dop. pa getlmode him swaswa 
dep fisce || cause : ~ hine to 
cyninge. dyde hine laessan 
ponne he wses made him out to 
be . . ~ to witanne. dyde hine 
forltetan . . dep pset f^r cymp. 
II put, give, &c., also met. : pa 
handa dop pone bigleofan pam 
mupe. gen. w. av. or prp.: fur- 
por - , - to hierran hade pro- 
mote, -to anum unite, -six 
dagas of pam getele subtract | 
w. advs. : - on, of put on, off 
(clothes). - panon take away, 
-up put ashore : pa dyde he on 
his byrnan. 

gedon vb. do, act, make ; cause ; 
put, &c. : he gedyde paet nan 
cyning eer gedon ne derate. 
he hie to hiersumnesse gedyde 
reduced to subjection, he ge- 
dyde dumbum menn sprtece. 
he gedyde Crecas on his ge- 
weald conquered | w.avs. : ~ forp 
manifest. ~up exhume II encamp, 



halt w. eet, on ; cast anchor (in- 
nan Saeferne-rmipan . 

docce /. dock (a plant), seo 
teal we - . seo reade - . seo 
acearpe ~ sorrel. ~ seo }>e swim- 
man wile water-lily. 

doere m. doer, agent. 

gedof . fury, madness. 

dofjian rage. 

(ge)~ung/. frenzy, madness. 

dogian (?J once\ endure. 

dogga*, eg m. dog. 

dogor(-f), d., i. ~, dog^'ire n. day 
uferan -e at some future time 

-rim, -gerim n. number of days, 
term of life. 

dohte, prt. </deah. 

clohtig L. (man) of worth ; doughty, 
vigorous; good (man), respectable 
[from dyhtig by infl. of dohte]. 

dontor, d. dohtor, dehter, oe /. 

dohx = dose dark. 

dol I. foolish, presumptuous ; dull- 
witted, stupid. II. n. folly, 

-gielp . foolish pride, brag. 

-lie foolish ; rash. 

~lice av. foolishly ; rashly. 

-scajjaf m. rash depredator. 

-scipe m. folly. 

-sprtec/ foolish speech, loquacity. 

-willenf I- rash. II. n. rashness. 

-witef n. Or two -words (?). 

dole = dale. 

dolg n. wound, scar. 

-bounty, wound. 

~bot/ compensation for wound. 

-drgnc m. wound-potion. 

~ian wound. 

-rune/ pellitory. 

-sealf f. wound-salve, poultice, 

-slegef m. wound, stroke. 

~3wa]>u/. scar. 

-wundf wounded. 

dorn m. (free) will, option, choice : 
bead him bira agenne ~ feos ; 
opinion ; judgement, judicial sen- 
tence, decree, law, court of law, 
meeting j authority, power, domi- 
nion ; magnificence ; reputation, 
glory | interpretation (of dream) 
|| -es dseg m. day of judgement, 

~bdc/. law-book, code. 

dom dseg m. doomsday, last day. 

-eadig |- glorious. 

-era n. judgement-hall, law-court. 

-ffflatf just ; glorious. 

-ffflstnes/. justice. 

-geornf ambitious, noble, right- 

~hufl n. tribunal, law-court. 

-hwaetf ambitious. 

-isc of the day of judgement. 

-least inglorious ; powerless. 

-lie judicial, canonical ; glorious. 

-licef ov. judicially ; gloriously. 

~setl n. judgement-seat, tribunal. 

-settend m. lawyer, judge. 

-Stow/I tribunal. 

-weorjmng/ glory, honour. 

domjian glorify. 

-ere (?) m. judge = demere. 

domne lord \_Lt. dominus]. 

dopjened /., -fugol m. water- 

doppettan dive, plunge (of water- 

dor n. door, gate ; pass [duru]. 

dora m. humble-bee. 

dorste prt. </dearr. 

dose*, dohx dark-coloured. 

dott m. speck, head (of boil). 

dox = dose dark. 

dracja m. dragon. -an blod 
dragon's blood (a juice) \_Lt. 

dracent^B)e, -conze f. dragon- 
wort [Z/. dracontea]. 

-drsedan i b prt. -dred, A. 
-dreord, in on~ dread. 


draef|an drive ut~ expel [dri- 

-end m. hunter. 

gedraeg = gedreog. 

draeg|e/. drag-net [dragan]. 

-nett n. drag-net. 

draestig = daerstig. 

draf, oe /. drove; herd; crowd, 
band [d'rifan]. 

dragan i drag, draw || intr. go. 

dran, SB/, drone. 

gedreagf n. crowd, troop, tumult, 

dreahnian, dreh- strain ; strain 
out (a gnat). 

dream m. joy, bliss ; mirth, revelry ; 
musical sound, melody ; musical 

-creeft m. music. 


dream |ere m. musician. 

-haebbendef, -healdendef joy- 
lul, blessed. 

-least joyless. 

-lie pleasant ; musical. 

-nes/. singing. 

-B win sung/ harmony. 

drecc|an trouble, annoy ; vex ; 
afflict, torment. 

-ing/, tribulation. 

(ge)-ednes, -dreced-y. affliction. 

drefjan, oe make turbid, stir up 
(water), ruffle j trouble (in mind), 
afflict [drofj. 

-ere*, drefre m. disturber. 

ge-edlic thick (darkness). 

(ge)-ednes, gedrefnes f. tribula- 
tion, disturbance, grief, scandal. 

-ing/ disturbance. 

drefel- rheumy, snivelling (person" 
(?) Ct. 

drefliende once suffering from 
rheum Gl. 

drehnian = dreahnian. 

drenc m. what is drunk, drink 
wines - wine ; (medical) drink, 
draught | drowning [drincan]. 

-cuppa/, drinking-cup. 

-feet n. cup. 

~(e)flodf m. deluge. 

-horn m. drinking-horn. 

-hus n. drinking-house. 

drencan give to drink ; ply (with 
liquor), intoxicate | submerge, 

dreng m. (Scandinavian) warrior 
L. \ Stand.}. 

gedreog I. n. what is useful or 
suitable, keeping (shoes) in good 
condition to ~e gan privy. 
II. aj. sober. 

-laecan put in order (temple), at- 
tend to, manage (farm^. 

-lice av. suitably, carefully ; dreoh- 
llce L. humbly. 

dreogan 7 do (with effort), per- 
form, carry out (\vill of God), 
wage (war), commit (crime), lead 
(a certain life), enjoy ; suffer, en- 
dure || intr. be employed, be busy, 

dreop an 7 intr. drop, drip. 

-ian, A. ea intr. drop, drip. 

-ung/ dropping. 

dreorf (m.) blood [dreosan]. 

-fag blood-stained. 

-lie see -iglic. 




dreor-sele m. dreary hall. 


~ung/ falling. 

-dreord A. prt. of -dr&dan 

dreorigf blood-stained, gory | sad, 

~ferj>f sad. 

-hleorf sad of countenance. 
-lie, dreor(i)lic sanguinary, cruel ; 

sad, mournful. 
-lice av. sadly. 
-modt sad. 
~nes/ sadness. 

dreorgian fall, crumble away. 
dreos|an,//<r. droren 7 fall ; come 

to ruin, perish prs. ptc. -ende 


gedrep . stroke (of darts). 
drep|an 5 strike, hit (with weapon) 

ptc. -en struck down (by 

disease) ; kill. 

drepe, y m. (death) stroke, blow. 
gedriehp / sobriety, moderation 


driem an rejoice ; play on a musi- 
cal instrument, make melody - 

ptc. ge~ed harmonious, 
-ing/! susurrus. 
(ge)drleme melodious, cheerful 

drlepan let drop, pour a drop ; 

moisten [dreopan]. 
drif/., ge~ fever I A. 
gedrif . what is driven, regions (of 

air and water) ; stubble. 
drifan 6 drive ; expel ; pursue 

~ spor follow track ; do, practise, 

transact ceap make bargain ; 

-sprJice carry on a lawsuit || 

intr. move with violence, dash, 
gedrinc, y . carousal. 
drinc- = drync-. 
drinc|an 3 drink ptc. druncen 

intoxicated, flushed. 
-ere m. drinker, drunkard. 
gedrincan 3 drink up ; engulf. 
drinca m. drink, something to 


drit (.) dirt. 
dritjan cacare. 
-ing/ digestion Gl. 
drof, ge- turbid, muddy. 
-lie sad, irksome. 
drofe av. grievously, severely. 
gedrofenlic full of trouble, 
droge/ once excrement. 

droht (m.) manner of life [dreo- 

droht ian ; ~nian Z., intr. pass 
life, live, dwell, continue ; behave. 

~ap, -nop m. way of life ; circum- 
stances, condition ; dwelling, so- 
journ ; society, intercourse. 

~(n)ung f. (way of) life, conduct ; 
circumstances, condition. 

drop|ian drop intr. 

-ung/ dropping. 

drop a m. drop ; a disease. 

-fag spotted. 

-niselum av. drop by drop. 

droppettjan, -etan, -ian intr. 
drop, drip. 

-ung/ dropping. 

droren ptc. </dreosan. 

dros, ~na m., ~ne/. dregs ; dirt ; 

drug[ian, draw- intr. become 
dry, dry up [dryge]. 

-ap, -op m. dryness; drought ; dry 
ground (!). 

-ung/. drought ; dry place (!). 

drunc-mennent n. drunken fe- 
male serf. 

druncen I. intoxicated. II. . 
drunkenness [drincan'J. 

-georn drunken. 

-had m. drunkenness L. 

~(n~)es/, -scipe m. intoxication. 

-willen drunken. 

druncn ian become intoxicated ; 
be drowned. 

-ing/, becoming intoxicated. 

drutt/. beloved one [German]. 

drusian become languid, sluggish 
(through old age). 

druwian = drugian. 

dry m. magician ; sorcery \Celtic~\. 

-craft m. sorcery. 

-craeftig skilled in magic. 

-ecge/ sorceress. 

-lie magic. 

-mann m. sorcerer. 

gedrycned once afflicted. 

drygan tr. dry ; wipe, wipe off. 

dryg e I. dry. II. n. dry land : 
on -um [drugian]. 

~nes/ dryness. 

-scod dry-footed. 

dryhtf/". troop (of retainers), mul- 
titude, army ; //. men, mankind. 

-beam n. princely child. 

-cwenyi queen. 

-dom m. judgement Pr. 


dryht|ealdor m. bridesman Gl. 
-folc . multitude ; nation. 
-guma m. retainer ; warrior ; 


-leop n. noble song, hymn. 
-lie lordly, noble ; of the Lord, 
-lice av. in a lordly, divine, noble 

-mapm m. noble treasure. 
~ne m. dead body of a warrior, 
-scipe m. sovereignty, power ; 

nobility, courage, virtue, 
-sele m. princely hall. 

ibby. peace, alliance, 
-gesi}) m. retainer, warrior, 
-gestreon n. noble treasure. 
~wer m. man. 
-weorp divine. 
-wuniende living among the 


gedryhtf / troop, body of re- 

-a m. fellow-soldier Gl. 
dryhten m. lord, prince ; the Lord 

(God or Christ). 
dryhten- L.for dryht-. 
-beag m. money paid to the king 

for killing a freeman. 
-bealof n. great evil, extreme 


-dom m. glory, majesty. 
-hold loyal. 
-lie of the Lord, 
-lice av. according to the Lord, 
-weard m. king. 
drync, drinc m. drinking ; drink, 

potion [drincan]. 
~(e)f8Bt . cup. 

-elean n. tributary drink (!) LL. 
-werig overcome with drink. 
drync|an once give to drink tr. 
ge~nes/. immersion, baptism. 
drype = drepe. 
dryre m. falling, fall ; cessation, 

loss [dreosan]. 
dryslic terrible. 
drysmianf become gloomy. 
drysn[an extinguish IN. [drosn]. 
~ian vanish. 

dubbian Z. dub, knight. 
duce/. duck. 
dufan 7 intr. dive ; sink, be 


dufe-doppa m. pelican (!). 
dugon//. ^deah. 
dugup, -op/, those of mature age 

coll. (opposed to geogup the 



young) ; body of retainers, re- 
tainers coll., nobility coll., flower 
(of a nation) | army, host ; multi- 
tude, nation, people; //. men, 
mankind | power, rule, majesty, 
glory | excellence, virtue ; good 
thing, benefit, happiness ; deco- 
rum, etiquette [deah]. 

dugup|ealdor m. president. 

-giefu/ gift, donation. 

-lice av. with authority. 

dulmun m. warship \_Lt. dro- 
munda, dromo]. 

dumb dumb, silent. 

dun/, locative -dyne (?) Ct, hill, 
mountain ; down. See ofdune. 

~self, -elfen/l mountain fairy. 

-land . hilly country. 

-lendisc hilly. 

-lie belonging to mountains. 

-s&te//. (Welsh) mountaineers. 

-scraf n. mountain cave. 

dune = ofdune down. 

dung* /., d. dyng*, if once prison. 

dung_/. dung, manure. 

dunn dun, dark brown. 

~falo tawny. 

-gr&g dusky. 

-ian tr. obscure (light of stars). 

dureras mpl. folding doors. 

durron// 0/" dearr. 

dur|u, g. -a/, door. 

~(u)stod, ~stodl n. door-post. 

-upegn in. door-keeper. 

-upignen, -epinen/. door-keeper. 

-uweard, ~e- m. door-keeper. 

dust n. dust. 

-drene m. drink made of pounded 

-sceawung f. contemplation of 


-hamor, dyp- m. papyrus. 

dw&s, ge~ I. dull, stupid, foolish. 
II. m. impostor (?). 

dwes|ian become stupid. 

-lice av. foolishly. 

-nes/. stupidity. 

dwsescan extinguish (fire, crime, 


dwal- = dwol-. 
dwealde prt. o/'dwellan. 
dwelian tr. lead astray ; lead into 

error, wrong-doing ; deceive ; pre- 
vent, thwart, afflict || intr. lose 

the right direction, go astray ; 

wander (of the planets). 
dwellan,/r/. dwealde lead astray, 

deceive ptc. gedweald man 


dweorg m. dwarf. 
~edwos(t)le f. pennyroyal (a 

gedwield, dwild n. error, heresy 


-aefterfolgung/. heresy. 
-lie deceptive. 
gedwimor n. spectre ; illusion, 

-lie illusive. 
-lice av. illusively, without 

dwinan 6 become smaller, dwindle; 

waste away. 
gedwol heretical. 
dwol ian stray; err. 
-ung/. insanity. 
gedwolja, dwola, dwa- m. error, 

heresy | deceiver, heretic. 
-biscop m. heretical bishop. 
-craft m illusion, conjuring. 
~god m. idol, false god. 
-lie heretical. 
-lice av. heretically. 
-rnann m. heretic. 
-mist m mist of error. 
-sprsec/. heretical talk. 
-sum erroneous. 
-ping n. imposture, idol. 
gedwolen perverse, wrong. 

dwolma in. chaos. 

dyde/r/. o/doa.. 

dyd(e jr ian delude. 

-ung f. illusion, phantasmagoria ; 

delusion, deceit. 
dydrin once yolk (of egg). 
dyge, duge sbj. of deah. 
dyhtig strong. Cp. dohtig [deah]. 
dylstja m. matter, pus. 
-iht festering, mucous. 
dyn e m., ge~ noise, loud sound, 
-ian resound gif earan -ien ii 

there is a singing in the ears. 
-dyne, see dun. 
dyngjan* manure [dung]. 
-ung*, dingiung/ manuring, 
dynge*, i, e fallow land [dung], 
dynige once,f. a plant [dun], 
dynt m. stroke, blow ; bruise. 
dyple double \_Lt. duplex]. 
dypp|an, e dip ; baptize, 
-ettan*, vE. e dip ; baptize, 
gedyre n. door-post [duru]. 
dyrodin = derodin. 
dyrre, see dearr. 
gedyrstf once tribulation (?). 
(^ge)dyrstig bold, daring, reckless 


-ian dare, presume. 
-lice, -dyrstel- boldly. 
-nes/ boldness. 
dyrstlfflcan dare, presume, 
dysi(g) I. foolish, irrational. II. n. 


~dom m. folly, ignorance. 
-lie*, dys(e)lic foolish. 
-lice*, dys- av foolishly. 
~nes/. folly, blasphemy. 
dys(i)g|ian, dysian be foolish, act 

foolishly, blaspheme. 
-ung/ foolishness. 
dystig dusty [dust]. 
dyttan shut (ears', stop (mouth). 
dyp-hamor = dup-. 






e, see ea. 

ea, g. ea(s), le, e/. river ; stream. 

-cerse/ water-cress. 

-docce/ water-dock. 

~fisc m. river-fish. 

-lad/ watery way, ocean. 

-land n. island = leg-land. 

-lifer/ (a plant). 

-Upend f m. sailor. 

-61'er m. river-bank. 

-rise/ bulrush. 

-rip m stream. 

-spring m. spring = sfespring. 

~St88p n shore, bank. 

-stream m. stream, water. 

-wyrt/ burdock. 

eac prp. ivd in addition to, besides, 

and pon av. also. 

eac av. also, and . . ~, ge . . ~ and 
. . also. ~ swelce (swelce . . ~), 
~swa,-swasamealso. -hwaepre 
(^hwaepre ~) nevertheless, 
eacian increase intr. 
eac a m. increase, addition to -an 
prp ivd. besides; interest (on 
money lent), usury, 
eacen (ftc.) increased, enlarged ; 
endowed ; strengthened, strong, 
mighty, vast, great ; pregnant. 
-craftigf mighty, great, 
eacn ian increase intr. conceive, 

be pregnant ; 1 e in chiid-birth. 
(ge>ung/. conception, 
ead |- . prosperity, happiness, (ett-r- 

nnl bliss, wealth, 
-frurna m. author of prosperit; . 
-giefa m giver of prosperity. 
-giefu/ gift of prosperity, 
-hrepig happy, blessed, triumphant, 
-lufe/ love. 

~mod = cap-mod humble. 
~nes = eadignes. 
~wela m. riches ; prosperity, joy. 
eadenf {ptc.} granted, 
eaclig prosperous, rich, happy, 

blessed, perfect. 
-lie prosperous, happy ; abundant 

adig lice av. happily. 

-nes, eadnes f. prosperity, happi- 

ead(i)gian, -igan count fortunate ; 

eaforat, a- m. son, child, de- 

eaibpt n. strength, might. 

eagje n. eye; eye (of needle). 

-aeppel m. ball of the eye. 

-gebyrdf/ nature of the eye. 

-duru/ window. 

-fleah m. disease of the eye, 

-hring m. socket of eye. 

-hyrne*, heahhyrne m. corner of 
the eye. 

-sealf/ eye-salve. 

-seoung/ cataract. 

-sien|e visible, conspicuous es 

with one's own eyes, visibly. 

-pyrel . window. 

-wrfflc m. pain in the eyes. 

-wund/. wound in the eye. 

-wyrt/. eye-bright ,a plant). 

eago-spind - heago- cheek. 

eagor, e (.) flood, tide ; tsea. 

-here ( m. flood. 

-streanif m. sea. 

eaht, A. seht/ council, del bera- 
tion, consulting seht besittanf 
hold council | estimation, esti- 
mated value. 

eaht ian watch over ; hold council, 
deliberate, consider - rsed^es) ~ 
consult together ; discuss, men- 
tion | estimate (at right value) ; 
esteem ; criticize ; praise. 

ge-endlic estimable. 
-ere m. estimator, valuer, 
(ge)-ung / deliberation ; estima- 
tion, valuation, esteem. 
eahta eight. 
-feald eightfold. 
-hyrnede eight-cornered. 
-tiene eighteen. 
-teopa eighteenth. 
~tig=hundeahtatig eighty. 


eahta- wintre eight years old. 

eahtopa eighth. 

geeahtle*, set/ esteem. 

eal- under eall. 

eal- occ. =- eel-. 

ea-la, eaw- oh ! alas ! 

eald, cpv. igldra, spl. ild(e)st 

old feeder grandfather | spl. 

chief, eminent. 
~gecynd . original nature. 
~cypp(u)/ old country, home, 
-dagas mpl. days of old. 
-dOJl m. (old) age, antiquity. 
-(e)faBder m. grandfather; ancestor. 
-feond m. old enemy, Satan. 
-had tit. old age. 
-hettendef mpl. old foes. 
-hlaford m. hereditary lord, 
-lie senile ; venerable. 
~emoder/ grandmother, 
-gcneatf m. old companion, 
-nes/ (old) age. 
-genlplaf m. old enemy, Satan. 
~t,ge)ryht . ancient right. 
-seaxe mpl. Old Saxons, 
-gesegenf/ old tradition. 
-geSlpf m. old companion. 
-spell n. old story ; history, 
-sprsec/ old tradition, history. 
-gestreonf n. old treasure, 
-geweorcf . ancient work (of the 


-werigf accursed of old. 
-gewinnf . ancient war. 
-gewinnaf m. old adversary. 
-wita m. sage, 
-writere m. historian, 
-gewyrhtf n. old desert, former 


eald ian grow old. 
~ung/ (.old) age. 
ealdor m. chief, prince hiredes - 

head of a family, paterfamilias; 

parent, ancestor. 
-apostol m. chief apostle. 
-biscop m. chief bishop ; high 

-botl m. king's residence. 




ealdor|burgt /. capital, metro- 

-detnaf m. chief judge, prince. 

~d6m m. right of primogeniture, 
eldership ; authority, dignity, 

-dooi-scipe m. office of duke. 

~dugupf/. chief nobility. 

-freaf m. chief lord. 

-lie princely, chief, magnificent. 

-lice av. excellently. 

-licnes/. authority. 

-rnann m. duke, magistrate, chief. 

~nes= -licnes. 

-sacerd m. chief priest. 

~scipe m. authority. 

-stolf m. seat of authority. 

-pegnf tn. chief officer. 

-wisaf m. chief. 

ealdorf n. life, vitals ; eternity 
(ffifre) on ealdre ever, iv. ne 
never, to ealdre, a(wa) to 
ealdre, eefie to ealdre for ever. 

-bana m. life-destroyer. 

-bealo n. injury to life, terrible 
evil. life-care, great sorrow. 

~dagas mpl. life-days. 

-gedal M. separation from life, 

-geard m, body. 

-lang lifelong or eternal. 

-leas lifeless. 

-If gu/. fate ; death. 

-neru/ preservation of life, salva- 

~gesceaft/. condition of life. 

-gewinna m. mortal adversary. 

ealdop*, vE. aldot, aidant trough, 
vessel Gl. 

ealfara once m. camel. 

ealgian defend. 

ealhf m. temple. 

-stede m. temple. 

call I. all. ealne weg, ealneg av. 
always. II. av. entirely. III. n. 
everything, all. ofer ~ every- 
where : mid ~e entirely. ~es of 
all w. spv. (~es swipostj ; entirely, 
quite, much : ~es to gelorne. 
~ra of all w . spv. : ~ra mast. 

-beorhtf all-bright. 

-biernende burning all over. 

~crfflftig all-powerful. 

~fela very much. 

-felof, sel-feele dire (poison\ 

~geador av. all together. 

ealltgearo t quite ready. 

-god perfectly good. 

-grenel- all-green. 

-gyldenf all of gold. 

-haligt all-holy. 

-hwit all-white. 

-iren all of iron. 

-isig all-icy, very cold. 

-geleaflic believed by all, catholic. 

eallencten m. season of Lent. 

eallic catholic. 

call maegenf . all one's power, 

utmost effort. 
-mJBSt av. nearly all, almost. 
-mihtig = ffll- almighty. 
-nacod quite naked. 
-niwe quite new. 
-offrung/ holocaust. 
-run quite rough or hairy, 
-sealf/ a plant. 
-seolcen quite of silk. 
-telaf av. quite well. 
-wealdaf, -wealdend m. omni- 
potent one. 
-wealdende omnipotent. 

~wihtat/j0/- a ^ creatures. 

-wundorf n. very wonderful 

thing (?). 

ealling - ealneg. 
eal.ljneg, ealnig, ealne weg, 
ealnuweg, -ning av. always 
[ealne weg]. 

eal(,l)-swa, eall . . swa quite so, 
in the same way, likewise ; as. 

eallunga, -inga av. entirely. 

ealo . ale. 

-bencf/. ale-bench. 

-faet . ale-vat. 

~gafol M. ale-tax. 

~galf excited with ale. 

-hus n. ale-house. 

-mealt . ale-malt. 

-scop m. minstrel. 

~w&get . ale-cup. 

-geweorc n. making ale, brewing. 

-wosaf m. drunkard. 

ealop n. ale [ealu]. 

earn. = eom am. 

earn m. (maternal) uncle. 

geean yeaning (sheep). 

eanian bring forth (lamb). 

ear, IN. sehher n. ear (of corn). 

ear (#z.)f sea. 

-gebland n. surge. 

-grund m. depths of the sea. 

ear (*.)t earth; the Runic letter 


/. ; arc m. L. (Noah's) ark; 

chest, box, coffin \_Lt. area !. 
eard m. native country, home. 

dwelling-place, native soil (of 

plants) ; place ; earth. 
-begf nga m. inhabitant. 
-begfngnes /. dwelling, habita- 


ypp O)/. old acquaintance. 
-fsest settled, dwelling. 
~geardf m. dwelling-place ; world. 
-giefuf f. gift from one's native 

-hsebbendf m. dweller. 
-landf, -ricef n. native country. 

-lufet/ 11). 

-stapaf m. wanderer. 

-stedef m. dwelling-place. 

~weall m. cliff. 

~wicf . dwelling-place. 

-wrecca m. exile. 

-wunung /. dwelling in one's 

native country. 
eardjian dwell || tr. settle, occupy 


-igend m. dweller. 
-igendlic habitable. 
eardung, -ing/", dwelling ; taber- 


~burg /. city of tabernacles. 
~hus . dwelling. 
-stow/, dwelling-place. 
ear e . ear. 
-claensend m. ' ear-cleaner,' little 


-copu/ ear-disease. 
-efinger m. 'ear-finger,' little 


-hring m. earring. 
-laeppa m. lobe of the ear. 
-^ejlippric IN. n. lobe of the 


-plffltt m. box on the ear. 
-plfflttan box one's ear. 
-preon m. earring. 
-scripel, y m. little finger. 
-sealf/ ear-salve. 
-spinl/. earring. 
-gesp(r)eca m. whisperer. 
-wsjrc m. ear-ache. 
-wicga m. earwig. 
earede having ears 
earendel, eo- m. 

earfan //. tares. 
earfop, earfepe I. full of hard- 

ship, grievous, troublesome, diffi- 


ray of light, 




cult. II. n. hardship, suffering, 
trouble, difficulty. 

earfop|cierre difficult of conver- 
sion (to Christianity). 

-cynn n. perverse generation. 

-deede difficult. 

-daegt tn. day of tribulation. 

-e av. with difficulty. 

-fere difficult to pass. 

-fynde hard to find. 

-hawe difficult to be seen. 

-higlde*, -y perverse. 

-hwilt/ hard time. 

-Isere difficult to be taught. 

-l&te difficult to be discharged 
(of urine). 

-lie full of hardship, difficult. 

-lice av. with difficulty, hardly ; 
painfully, sorely. 

-licnes/i difficulty (of urine). 

-mecgf, -se m. unhappy man. 

-nes f. hardship, trouble ; bodily 
trouble or disturbance (of women) ; 
misfortune ; difficulty. 

-r^cce difficult to be told. 

-rime difficult to be counted ; diffi- 
cult to be enumerated, innumer- 

-stfeligt unblessed, unfortunate. 

-sipt m. toilsome journey ; misfor- 

-tjecne difficult to be shown. 

-pragt./- time of trouble. 

earfopian trouble. 

earg inert ; cowardly ; bad, de- 

~e av. badly. 

~ian be slothful or remiss; lose 
heart, be cowardly. 

-lie slothful ; bad. 

-lice av. timidly; basely, treacher- 

-scipe m. sloth, cowardice. 

earhf, earg-, aerig- /. PTOW not 

-faru/. flight of arrows. 

earm m. arm ; arm (of the sea). 

-beag m. bracelet. 

-gegie rela m. bracelet. 

-hreadf/. arm-ornament. 

-scanca m. arm-bone. 

~sliefe_/". sleeve. 

-strang, -swip strong in the arm. 

earm wretched, miserable, despic- 
able, poor. 

-cearigf careworn. 

-e av. wretchedly, badly. 

earm|heort merciful ; humble. 
-ian commiserate wd., vL. ; him 

-ode paet he was sorry because 

of it. 

-ing = ierming wretch. 
-lie wretched, miserable. 
-lice av. miserably, cruelly. 
-sceapenf wretched, miserable, 
earmelle/i sleeve. 
earn m. eagle. 
-cynn n. eagle-kind, 
-geat, -geap m. vulture. 
earn|ian iu.g., rarely a. deserve, 

merit, earn. 

(ge)-ung, -ing/, merit, 
earning-land n. land earned or 

made freehold. 
earon are not W. 
earp dusky, dark, 
ears m. podex. 
-endu npl. buttocks. 
-ling on ~ av. back(wards). 
-lira*, -e m. buttocks, 
-ode tergosus. 
-pyrel n. anus, 
eart (thou) art. 
earp = ie rp. 
earp = eart. 
earwunga, a- IN. av. gratis ; 

without cause, 
east I. av. east, eastwards, in the 

east. II. aj.,only in cpv. ~(er)ra 

eastern, spl. ~(e)mest in the ex- 
treme east. 
-cgntingas mpl. people of East 


-dffll m. eastern quarter, the East, 
-ende m. eastern extremity, east 

-engle //. East-Anglians, East- 


-francan//. East-Franks. 
-healf/. east side. 
-land n. the East. 
-lang av. along the east side, east : 

se wudu is - . . mila lang. 
-gem&re n. east boundary. 
-norp av. north-east. 
-norp- wind m. north-east wind, 
-rice n. eastern kingdom, the East. 
-rodor m. east part of sky. 
-ryhte av. due east. 
~sisf. east sea. 

-seaxe mpl. East-Saxons, Essex, 
-sup av. south-east. 
-suplang av. from east to south, 
-(e)weard east(ward). 


east-weg m. eastern way, the East. 

eastan, -e av. from the east ; in 
the east, be - prp. u>d. east of. 
wip - av. on the east side. 

-norpan av. from the north- 

-svipan av. from the south-east. 

-supan-wind m. south-east wind. 

-wind m. east wind. 

easte/. the East. 

Easter eefen(n) m. Easter-eve 

-dfflg m. Easter Sunday oper - 
Easter Monday ; day of the Pass- 

-faesten n. Easter-fast 

-feorm/. Easter-feast. 

-lie paschal. 

-monap m. April. 

-niht/. Easter-eve. 

-tidy! Easter-time. 

-pegnung, -pen-/. Easter-service, 
paschal feast, passover. 

-wuce f. Easter-week 

easterne eastern (wind, people). 

Eastr e f., nearly always pi. -on 
(-an) rarely -o, -a, indecl. except 
occ. d. -urn, g. -ena Easter ; 

-ian o}> fiftene niht beon ge- 
ode until fifteen days of Easter 

_ have elapsed._ 

Eastron, see Eastre. 

eap - iep more easily. 

eap = eape easily. 

eap-med|an, ead-, gen. ge- hum- 
ble, humiliate | rfl. condescend ; 
submit | wd. worship, also rft. 

-e humble, gentle. 

-O, -metto npl. humility ; kind- 
ness um numbly ; kindly. 

eap-mod, ead- humble ; kind. 

-ian, ge- humble || intr. deign Bd. 

-ig, -lie humble ; kind. 

-lice av. humbly. 

-nes/. humility. 

eape aj. = iepe easy. 

eape, Iepe av., cpv. lep, eap, spl. 
eapost, lepest, iepost av. easily ; 

-lie easy ; scanty, insignificant, 

-lice av. easily. 

eawesclice av. openly, clearly. 

eawis-firina - se wis-. 

eawla = eala. 


eawunga, -winga av. openly, 

publicly [lewan]. 
eax_/. axle-tree ; axis. 
-faru*, sex-/. Gl. 
eaxly! shoulder. 

-clap m. shoulder-cloth, scapular. 
~(e)gesparmt n. place where 

beams of cross intersect. 
-gestealla-t 1 m. comrade, 
f bbja m. ebb, low tide. 
~ian ebb, go out (of tide}. 
-ung/. ebbing. 
Ebr|eas mpl. Jews. 
~(e)isc Hebrew, Jewish. 
fee m. ache, pain [acan]. 
ec|e I. eternal. II. av. eternally. 
-elic eternal. 
~elice av. eternally. 
~nes f. eternity a on ~se for 


eced, SB- nm. vinegar [Z^. acetum]. 
-ffflt n. vinegar-vessel. 
~win n. wine mixed with vine- 
gar (?). 

ecg/. edge ; fweapon, sword, 
-banaf m. slayer, murderer. 
-heard f hard of edge. 
-hetef m. hostility, 
-lastf/ edge (of sword). 
-plegaf m., -pracuf/ battle, 
-waelf n. slaughter, 
f Cg|an, prt. gede harrow, 
-ung/ harrowing. 
ed-byrdan regenerate. 
ed-celnes, -oe- f. becoming cool 


ed-cenn|an regenerate, 
-ing/", regeneration. 
geed-ciegan recall. 
ed-cierr m. return ; return (of 


ed-cwic regenerate. 
-ian, -cucian intr. revive. 
ed-freolsian re-grant by charter, 
ed-geongt growing young again. 
ed-gield n. repayment. 
edgieldjan* 3 repay. 
-end m. remunerator. 
ed-gift/. restitution. 
ed-growung/. re-growing. 
ed-hiertan refresh, encourage. 
ed-hlwian refashion. 
ed-hwyrft m. change, reverse of 


edisc n. enclosure, park ; pasture. 
~henn/. quail. 
-weard m. park-keeper. 

ed-leec|an* do again, repeat. 

-ung/ repetition. 

ed-lt&stan repeat. 

ed-lean n. reward, retribution. 

ge~end m. requiter. 

~ian reward, requite. 

(ge)-ung/ recompense, requital. 

ed-lesend|lic reciprocal, relative. 

-lice av. relatively. 

ed-lesung/. relating Gl. 

ed-m&le . festival Gl. 

ed-niw|e, -neowe, 10 I. renewed, 

new an av. anew. II. av. 


-ian renew ; restore ; reform. 

-igend m. renewer, repairer. 

-ung f. renewal ; mending, repara- 

-unga, -inga av. anew. 

ed-recan, eodorcan ruminate \cp. 
edroc, -ian]. 

ed-roc rumination. 

~ian ruminate. 

ed-sceaft/ new creation, regenera- 

ed-stapel|ian (re)establish. 

~ig restored, made strong again. 

(ge)-igend m. restorer. 

(ge)~ung/ restoration. 

ed-pingung/ reconciliation. 

ed-wendenf/ change, reverse of 
fortune ; destruction, end (of the 

ed-wielle m. whirlpool, eddy. 

ed-wielmf m. whirlpool (of fire) . 

ed-wierp[an* recover (from ill- 
ness) . 

-ingyi recovery ffrom illness). 

ed-winde oncef. whirlpool. 

ed-wisty. substance. Cp. setwist. 

-ian feed, support. 

-lie substantive (verb) . 

ed-wlt n. reproach, contumely, 

-full, -fullic disgraceful. 

-fullice av. disgracefully. 

-liff life of disgrace. 

-scipef m. disgrace purh ~ igno- 

-spr&cf/ scom. 

-sprecaf m. reviler. 

-stseff m. reproach, contumely. 

edwitan = setwitan reproach. 

efe-lang = efen-. 

efe(n)-lastey. everlasting (a plant). 

efen, efn ; emn, in composition 
em(ne)-. The i-forms are not 


strict IV. I. level ; even (temper), 
unchanged. II. av. equally. 

efen|Bpele equally noble. 

-anaetan 5 compare. 

-behefe equally necessary or use- 

-beorht equally bright. 

-biacop m. co-bishop. 

-blissian rejoicing equally wd. 

-ceasterwaran //. fellow-citizens. 

-cernpa m. fellow-soldier. 

-cristen m. fellow-Christian. 

-cuman 4 assemble ; agree. 

-gedffllan share equally. 

-diere equally dear, equally be- 

-eadig equally blessed. 

-eald of the same age, contem- 

-eardigende dwelling together w. 

-ece co-eternal wd. 

-edwistlic of the same substance, 
consubstantial wd. 

-esne m. fellow-servant. 

-etan 5 eat as much as wd. 

-fela equally many, as many. 

-gefeon 5 rejoice together. 

-god equally good. 

-heah. equally high. 

-heap m. fellow-soldier (!). 

-herenes/. praising together. 

-herian praise together. 

-hleopor . unison. 

-hlyte*, -ete equal in rank. 

-hlytta m. partaker, sharer. 

-ierfeweard m. co-heir. 

-iepe equally easy. 

-Isecan imitate wd. 

-Isecend, -leecere m. imitator. 

(ge)-lfflcestre/. imitator. 
ge)~lfflcung/". imitation. 

-lang, efelang of equal length. 

-lange*, emn- prp. wd. along. 

-leof equally pleasant w. d. of per- 

-lie, ge- equal wd. ; of the same 
age or period. 

-gellC equal. 

-(gellca m. equal, 
lice av. equally, alike. 

ge~lician make equal. 

-licnes/. equality. 

-ling m. equal. 

-gemCBCCa m. equal, fellow. 

-mafere of equal fame or impor- 




efen|maessepreost m. fellow- 

-micel of equal size or greatness. 

-mid middle. 

-mihtig equally mighty. 

-modlice av. v, ith equanimity. 

-gemyndig equally mindful 

-neah equally near. 

-niht, emniht/ equinox. 

-nes, efnes/. equality ; equity. 

-repe equally ferocious. 

-rice of equal power. 

-sacerd m. fellow-priest. 

~sar n. equal sorrow. 

-sarig equally grieved wd. 

-sargian commiserate. 

-sargung/ sympathy. 

-scearp equally sharp. 

-scolere m. school-fellow. 

~scyldig equally guilty. 

-spediglic, -delic consubstantial. 

-stalian prepare Gl. 

-swip equally strong. 

-swipe av. equally. 

-towistlic consubstantial. 

-twa on erntwa av. in two. 

~f>eow\ai /., -peowen/. fellow- 

-prowian sympathize. 

-prowung/. sympathy. 

-waege/ counterpoise. 

-wierpe, -weorp equivalent. 

-wyrcend m. co-operator. 

-wyrhta m. colleague. 

efenehp/ plain [efen-hiehp]. 

efes f. eaves ; border (of forest). 
Cp. yfes. 

efes|ian, efs- shear, cut (hair). 

-ung/ shearing, tonsure. 

efet e/, once -a newt. 

geefn(i an compare IN. 

efne (/.) alum. 

efne, strict IV. emne I. av. equally 

gefeohtan (0/~drawn battle); 

with fairness, justly ; exactly, just 
swa just as. II. interj. be- 
hold 1 ecce. often intens. or pleo>i. 

truly, indeed nu (even) now 

behold ! ecce. ~ pa just then 
behold ! 
efstau,oe-,z'w/r. hasten ; endeavour 

w. hu and sbj. [of oat]. 
eft av. a second time, again ; after- 
wards ; order of statement, argu- 
ment, &*c. again, rursum : eft He 
hie preade purh. pone witgan 
back : wendan ~ hamweard. 

eft]cymef m. return. 

-edwitan 6 reprove (,!). 

-hweorfende recurring. 

-lean n. recompense. 

-liesing/. redemption. 

-sittan sit again tj)- 

-sip h m. return intr. 

-sipgende retreating. 

-sona av. again. 

-spell ung/ recapitulation ij). 

-wyrdf/ future fate. 

eftgian repeat ; restore, strengthen 


ege m. fear habban ~ to fear. 
-full terrible. 
-leas fearless. 
-leaslice av. fearlessly. 
-leasnes/. fearlessness. 
~wie 1m f m. wave of terror. 
egede, prt. of ecgan harrow. 
egenu/ chaff. 
eges a, egsa fear; what is terrible 

~fuU, -fullic terrible. 

-fullice av. terribly. 

-fulnes/. terribleness. 

-grima m. spectre. 

-lie terrible. 

-lice av. tenibly ; excessively. 

eges|ian, gs- terrify. 

-ting/. terrif\ing, threatening. 

egep|e, ^gpe/ harrow [ecgan]. 

-ere m. harrower. 

-getigu //. some implement of 


geeggian incite IN. \_Seand.'] 
egl (/.) mote (in eye,). 
egl'an, -ian iud. molest, trouble 

(esp. ^diseases). 
-e troublesome ; horrible, repulsive ; 


egle, %gilef. dormouse. 
egor = eagor. 

Egyptje, -ipte mpl. Egyptians. 
-isc Egyptian. 
eh- = eoh-. 
ehtian, e?, oe -w. g. or a. pursue, 

persecute [oht]. 
-end, -ere m. persecutor. 
-ing, -nes/. persecution. 
geehte, see *geahtan subdue. 
ei, see ea. 
eig = ieg. 

eiseg once\ = egesig (?) terrible. 
el (#O the letter 1. 
-leoht elision of / Gl. 


el-boga = eln-. 

elc ian, i<? Idcian intr. delay w. 
sbj. || tr. delay, retard [ealdj. 

-end m. procrastinator. 

-ung/ delay. 

elcor, llicor, once ellcra av. else- 
where; otherwise, else noht - 
nothing besides [le-]. 

elcra cpv. se - the latter ^as opposed 
to the former) [elcorj. 

eldcung = elcung. 

ele, oe m. oil \_Lt. oleum]. 

-bacen baked in oil. 

ele-beam m. olive-tree. 

-en of the olive-tree. 

-stybb m. olive-stump Ct. 

ele ber(i)ge/. olive. 

-bytt/ oil-vessel. 

-faet . oil-vessel. 

-horn m. oil-flask. 

-least/ lack of oil. 

-sealf/ oil- salve. 

-seohhe/. oil-strainer. 

-tredde/. oil-press. 

-treow n. olive-tree. 

-treowen of olive-trees. 

-twig n. olive- twig. 

elehtre, vE. elot(h)r lupin (a 
plant \_f.f. electrum]. 

elfen = ielfen. 

fl-hygd/ distraction (of mind). 

el(e)-landf n. foreign country. 

lle aj. pi. remaining ll\I. 

ellefne = endlufon. 

ellen nm. courage, zeal on ~ 

-campian contend zealously. 

-craBftf m. might. 

-d&df/ deed of courage. 

-gastf, Je m. bold demon. 

-heardf brave. 

-Ifflcaf m. champion. 

-leas wanting in courage. 

-lie brave. 

-licet ov. daringly. 

-najferpof/ fame of courage. 

-rof j- brave. 

-seocf dying. 

-sprsecf/. speech, voice. 

-pristef courageous. 
-weorcf . deed of courage. 

ellen-wodf furious. 

-ian be zealous, emulate. 

-nes/ zeal. 

ellen, -era (.) I. elder-tree. II. of 

-rind/ elder-bark. 




ellen|stybb m. akler-stump. 

-wyrt/. dwarf elder. 

el(ei-lend e,~isc foreign [elland]. 

ellern = ellen alder. 

elles av. otherwise ; if it were 

otherwise, else -- - hwset, ~ wiht, 

- awiht anything else [le-]. 
-hwser, -hwergen av. elsewhere. 
-hwider av. elsewhither. 
ellorf av. elsewhither, elsewhere 

(motion) -- landes in another 


-fus icady to depart (from life). 
-gast, 8 m. alien sprite. 
-sip m. departure, death. 
elm m. elm [Lt. ulmus]. 
-rind/. elm-bark. 
elmestlic = eelmeslic. 
fin/, ell. 

-gemet n. ell-measure. 
-boga, fl(e)-, elm- m. elbow. 
eln ian tr. encourage ; rft. take 

heart, be revived || intr. be zeal- 

ous, emulate [f lien]. 
-ung/ encouragement ; zeal, emu- 

elpend, -ent, y-, yip m. elephant 

\_Lt. elephantus]. 
-ban, elpen-, ylpen-, ylpes- n. 

-bsenen, elpen-, ylpesbanen of 


-top m. elephant's tusk. 

el(l)-reord, ~ig barbarous, foreign. 
-ignes/ barbarism Gl. 
eltst = ieldest, see eald. 
el-peod, f 11- /. foreign nation, pi. 

foreigners; exile (?) = elpiede. 

//. = ael-peoda* all people (?). 
ge~an make strange, disturb Gl. 
el-peodig, aelpiedig I. foreign, in 

exile; met. estranged. II. . exile. 
-lice av. abroad. 
-nes/ living abroad, exile. 
-ian, -an, elpeodgian live abroad. 

be a pilgrim or exile. 
el-peod(g)ung/. residence abroad, 


el-peodisc foreign. 
el-piede, -eo- . (?) exile [elpeod]. 
el- wiht*, SB-/, strange monster. 
em (m.} the letter m. 
-leoht elision of m Gl. 
em- = efen-. 

embiht, oe = ambiht. 

fmbren (.) bucket [amber]. 

emdenes = endemes. 

emel = ymel caterpillar. 

emer = amore a bird. 

emn(e) = efen, efne. 

emnet- n. plain [efen]. 

emnettan level_/?"., destroy ; make 
equal ; compare. 

emrene = ymbryne. 

emswafela = efen-swa-fela just 
as many. 

end = and and. 

nd|ian end tr. and intr. : die. 

(ge)-ung/. ending, end ; death. 

geendadung IN. = gef ndung. 

ende m. end | limit, border; quarter, 
direction : be Sghwilcum - ; 
district, region | part, portion, 
quantity | species, kind | death 
result, end : oj> man wiste to 
hwam se ~ gehwurfe how things 
would turn out ; paet he gesawe 
pone -. 

-byrd/. arrangement, order. 

-byrdan put in order, arrange. 

-byrdes av. in an orderly manner, 

-byrdlic ordinal (number). 

-byrdlice av. in order, successively. 

-byrdnes/. order. 

-daegf m. last day (end, death). 

~dapf m. death. 

-dogorf m. last day, death. 

-laff/ last remnant. 

-leanf final retribution. 

-leas, -leaslic endless. 

-leaslice av. endlessly. 

-leasnes/. eternity. 

-lif r n. death. 

-mann m. man of the present day. 

-niehst last set -an finally. 

-rimf . number. 

-ssetaf m. borderer, coast-guard. 

~sp(r)8bc/. epilogue. 

-stseff m. end; destruction. 

nd-w8Brc m. pain in anus. 

endemes, mdenes, emdemes, 
eat av. completely ; equally, 
uniformly, unanimously, together 
ealle ~ all (together), likewise. 

endlufon, -le(o)f-, -lyf-, enl-, 
eendlefen, ellefne eleven. 

endlyfta eleventh. 

ened/. duck. 

engje narrow ; causing anxiety, 
painful, severe [ange]. 

-an ptc. ge-ed anxious. 


ngu/. narrowness ; confinement. 
engel m. angel \_Lt. angelus]. 
-CUnd angelic. 
-cynn n. race of angels ; order, 

rank of angels. 
-lie angelic. 
Englje, Angle mpl. the English 

[Angel]. ~a-land . England. 
Englisc I. English. II. n. English 


-gereord n. English language. 
enitre, enetere, enwintre one 

year old [an-wintre]. 
enlefan = endlufon eleven. 
ent m. giant. 
-cynn n. race of giants, 
-isc of giants. 
enwintre = enitre. 
eode prt. of gan go. 
e(o)dor m. enclosure, fence, hedge ; 

court, dwelling ; region, zone ; 

tprince, king. 
-brecp, -bryce m. fence-breaking, 


-gang m. refuge, 
-wirf m. enclosing wire. 
eofole/. a plant [Lt. ebulum]. 
eofor m. (wild) boar ; ffigure of 

boar on helmet. 
~cumbol|- n. boar shaped ensign, 


-fearn n. polypody (a fern). 
-lief n. image of a boar, 
-spreotf m. boar-spear, 
-swin n. boar pig, male pig. 
-pring (n. ) the constellation Orion. 
-prote/. carline thistle. 
eofot, vE. ebhat n. debt ; crime 

\Jrom *ef-hat]. 
eoful-ssect blasphemy. 
eofulsian blaspheme [from ef- 

halsian f], 
eoh, g. eos, mn. (war) horsef ; the 

Runic letter eo. 

-heolope/ elecampane (a plant). 
eohf = iw yew ; the Runic letter e<>. 
eolet h once (n.'~ sea -journey. 
eolh. m., g. eoles elk ; name of a 

Runic letter. 
-sand m. amber. 
-secg, vE. ilug- m. sedge. 
eolone, elene / elecampane (a 

eom am. 
eorc(n)an-stan, ea, eorclan-, 

IM. ercna(n)-, m. a precious 





eored, -od nf. Iroop (of cavalry), 

legion [eoh, rad]. 
-cyst f, ief. troop, 
-geatwef fpl. military trappings. 
-heap m. troop, host. 
~mann m. horseman, 
-meegt, SB m. horseman, 
-gerid n. troop of cavalry, 
-preatf m. troop. 
-werod n. troop. 
eorendel = ea-. 
eorl m. nobleman, ealdormann, 

earl, chief; f (brave) man. 
-gebyrdf./. noble birth, nobility. 
-cund noble. 
-ddrn. m. earldom, 
-isc noble. 
~,l)ic manly. 

~^l)ice av. strongly, excessively, 
-maegenf . troop of warriors, 
-ryht n. right or privilege of an earl, 
-scipef m. manliness 
-gestreonf n. treasure, 
-gewsedef n. armour. 
-werodf . troop of warriors, 
eorraen-t, yrmen- 
-cynn n. mankind. 
-grund m. the earth, 
-laf/l great legacy. 
-strynd/. generation, race. 
~peod/ great people. 
eornan = iernan. 
eornes/ provocation [ierre]. 
eornost, -est I. [or ~e?] earnest, 

serious. II. f, zeal, earnestness 

on ~(e), purb. ~e in earnest, 
-e av. earnestly, in earnest ; fiercely. 
-lice av. strictly ; in truth, indeed, 

therefore, but, and. 
eorp = earp swarthy. 
eorre -ierre angry. 
eorpy. earth, ground, world. 
-asppel m. cucumber. 
~aernt tomb, grave. 
~ber(i^ge/. strawberry. 
-bifung, eo/. earthquake, 
-bigenga m inhabitant of earth, 
-bigfngnes/. agriculture, 
-buendfj-bugigend m. inhabitant 

of earth. 

~burg/ earth-fortification. 
~(ge)byrst n. landslip. 
-ceafor m. beetle. 
-cenned earth-born, 
-crfflft m. geometry (!). 
-crypel, pp m. paralytic person. 
-ound earthly. 

eorp|cyningt m. earthly king; 
king of the land. 

-cynnf n. terrestrial species. 

-dracaf m. earth-dragon. 

-dyne m. earthquake. 
ern = ~eern. 

-fast fixed in the earth. 

-fSBtf n. the body. 

-gealla m. lesser centaury (a 

-grfflf n. ditch, pit. 

-grapt/i earth's grasp. 

-hnutu/. earth-nut. 

-hrernes/. earthquake. 

-hus n. earth-house, subterranean 

-ifig n. ground ivy. 

-lie earthly. 

-lice av. in an earthly manner. 

~ling = ierpling. 

-maBgenf n. earthly or temporal 

-rnapa*, -ta m. earth-worm. 

-gemet n. geometry (!). 

-mistel m. basil (a plant). 

-nafola, -naf(e)la m. asparagus. 

-recedf n. cave. 

-rest/, bed on the ground Gl. 

-rice . country ; the earth. 

-rima m. a plant. 

-gesceaftfy. earthly creature. 

-scrssff n. cave ; sepulchre. 

-selef m. cave. 

-slihtes av. level with the ground 
(#/" grazed grass). 

-stedef m. earth. 

-styrennes, -styrung /. earth- 

-tierwe/ bitumen. 

-till a m. farmer. 

-tilp/". agriculture. 

-tud(d)orf n. earth- progeny, man- 

-wsestm m. fruit of the earth. 

-waru f. ; -e, -an //. mankind. 

-weall m. earth-wall, mound. 

-weardt m. country/^ -geard (?). 

-wegf m. earth. 

-W^ela m. fertility ; wealth. 

-weorcf earthly work. 

^werod n. inhabitants of earth. 

Eotas mpl. Jntes. 

eotent ni. giant. 

-isc of giants. 

-weardf (?). 

Eotenas pi. Jutes. 

Eotol-, Etel- Italy [Z^. Italia]. 


Eotol- ware //. Italians. 

eow, eaw, ew m. sheep ; -u, -e/I 


-estre m. sheep-fold. 
~(o)cig of a ewe. 

. flock ; sheep-fold. 
~(o)de, -ede n. flock, herd. 
~oh.umele/! female hop-plant, 

eow you. 

eow(i)an = iewan show, 
eowa, eow ! interj. alas ! 
eowend (/w.) membrum virile, 
eower your. 

-lendisc of your country Gl. 
eowunga = eawunga. 
epistol m. letter [Z/. epistola]. 
grjian plough, 
-iung/. ploughing. 
-ing-land n. arable land, 
erce- = asrce-. 
ern = earn house, 
ersc stubble-field, 
-henn/ quail, 
ese//. of os heathen god. 
esne m. labourer, servant ; retainer ; 


-cund of a labourer Gl. 
-lice, esnl- m. manfully, strenu- 

-wyrhta m. hireling, labourer, 
esol, eosel m. ass. 
-cweorn/. mill turned by an ass, 

eosele she-ass. 
ess (;.) name of letter s [Z/.] 
est, oefm. favour, grace, bounty ; 

will : ofer mine - against my 

will | //. -as delicacies || -urn av. 

kindly, willingly, bounteously, 
-eadig*, eft-f living in luxury, 

~(e)full kind, devoted, helpful ; 

devout, pious | fond of luxury. 
-fullice av. kindly, devotedly. 
-fulnes f. devotion, zeal ; luxury, 


-georn fond of luxury. 
~ig gracious, bountiful wg. 
-ignes/! kindness. 
~mete m. dainty //. -mttas 


estan live luxuriously. 
est|e gracious, bountiful wdg. 
~(e)lice av. graciously ; gladly, 

willingly ; delicately, luxuriously. 




et|an,/r/. set 5 eat ; consume. 

-end, -ere m. eater, glutton. 

~ingf. eating. 

ete-land w. pasture land [ttan]. 

eten-l&s/. pasture. 

etol gluttonous. 

-nes/. gluttony. 

ettan tr. pasture (land) [etan]. 

epjian, oe intr. breathe ; rush, 
rise (of flame) || tr. blow on ; 
smell (odour). 

~(g)ung_/! breathing; hard breath- 

epel, oe mn. country, native land 

fhwroles - the sea ; the Runic 
letter oe later e. 

epeljbodat m. apostle of a country, 
native preacher. 

-cyningt m king of the land. 

-dreamt ;. home joy. 

-eardt m. native dwelling. 

-fsestent fortress. 

-landt n. (native) land. 

-least homeless. 

-mearct/ territory. 

-ricet n. native kingdom, country. 

-rihtt . rights of a native, heredi- 
tary privilege. 

epel|seldt, -setlt settlement. 
-stfflf m. support of country or 

family, heir, 
-stapolt m. settlement. 
-stol m. settlement, habitation ; 

metropolis, capital, 
-stowt/i dwelling-place. 
-turft/. country, 
-prymmt ni. glory of one's country. 
-weardt m. king ; man. 
-wynnt./^ joy of country. 
epr- ^ abpr-. 
eppa = oppe or. 
exen, oe //. <?/"oxa ox. 






fa, see fah hostile. 
-Ifflcan be at feud with. 
gefa m.,pl. -n enemy. 
facian try to get, aspire 

fac(e)n n. deceit, fraud, treachery ; 

injury, malice, crime. 
-gecwiss conspiracy. 
-deed/ sin. 
-full deceitful. 
-leas guileless. 
-lie deceitful. 
-lice, SB av. deceitfully, treacher- 


-searot treachery. 
-stafast mpl. treacherj'. 
-geswiperet . treachery. 
-tacent deceitful token. 

fad ian set in order, arrange, direct, 

-ung f. order, arrangement, dis- 


feen*, vE. fBhan;/r/.fSde pairrt Gl. 
fSBC nm. space ; period of time, 

-full spacious. 
feecjan deal : gif hwa to oprum 

mid yrfe ~e [facian], 
fsecele/. torch. Cp. peecele. 
feecne, facne I. deceitful, fraudu- 

lent, treacherous ; wicked. II. av. 

deceitfully ; maliciously, wickedly ; 

gefsed orderly, proper, well-regu- 
lated (in character) [fadian]. 

-lie suitable, proper. 

-lice av. properly. 

feeder, d. - ; g. ~, ~es, feedres, A. 
f(e)adur ; //. -as, fsedras m. 
father ; in pi. parents, ancestors | 
eald - grandfather ; ancestor \cp. 
eald-feeder]. pridda - great- 

-aepelot // patrimony ; genealogy. 

-epel n. birth-place, native land. 

-feoh n. father's money, marriage 
portion of widowed daughter re- 
turned to the father. 

-geardast mpl. birth-place, home. 

-leas fatherless. 

-lie of a father, paternal ; ancestral. 

-lice av. in a paternal manner. 

-rice n. hereditary kingdom. 

-slaga m. parricide. 

-gestreon n. patrimony. 

-swica m. traitor to one's father. 

faedera m. (paternal) uncle [feeder]. 

geffflder|a m. godfather. 

-e/. godmother. 

f8Bd(e)ren paternal. 

-bropor m. full brother. 

-ends! n. father's kin or family. 

-cynn . father's family, pedigree. 


feBderen|healf /. father's side (in 

-xnjBg, feedering- /. paternal re- 

-mabgp/. paternal kindred. 

gefeederen, gefsadred born of the 
same father as wd. 

faedrunga m.,/. parental relative, 

fsege on the point of death, doomed 
to death, fated ; dead ; damned, 
accursed ; afraid, cowardly. 

faegen, ge~ glad, rejoicing ivg. 

faegen|ian, feegn-, fahn- rejoice, 
exult, be pleased with wg. ; 
~, on - fawn (of dog). 

(ge)-ungyi rejoicing. 

faeger, set, set beautiful, fair ; 
pleasant, sweet (sound, odour) ; 
fair (words). 

~e, fsegre av. beautifully ; plea- 
santly ; kindly ; gently ; fittingly^ 

(ge)-nes/. beauty. 

-wyrde smooth-speaking, concili- 

faegrian intr. become beautiful || 
tr. adorn. 

feehp(o), ftegp-/. feud, enmity [fah]. 

~t5tyi feud-compensation. 

fBlaacan = fa-. 



faelef, set I- faithful, kind, pleasant. 
II. av. faithfully, pleasantly. 

faelging = fig Iging. 

feelsiant purify [feele]. 

faaman foam [fam]. 

feemig = famig. 

fsenin|e/ virgin ; fwoman. 

-^an^ad m. virginity es mann 


-(enjlic, ffflmhadlic virginal. 

faer n. going ; journey, passage 
marines ~ ; thoroughfare, road ; 
removal intr. ; military expedi- 
tion | (course of) li:e || movable 
possessions | ship [faran]. 

~eht, -riht (.!) . fare, passage- 
money (in ship) [fffir, reht]. 

-sceatt m. fare, passage-money. 


faer ;. (sudden) danger, calamity, 

-befangent encompassed with 

-blaed m. sudden or terrible blast. 

-brynet m. terrible heat. 

-cielet m. terrible cold. 

-clamm m. sudden or terrible grasp. 

~cwealm m. pestilence. 

-deap m. sudden death. 

-drypet = ~drepe m. sudden 
stroke or -dryre sudden fall. 

-fiellwz. sudden fall on ~ headlong. 

-gripet m. sudden grasp. 

-gryret w. danger, terror. 

-hagat *n. environment of danger. 

-inga, -unga, -unge av. quickly, 
soon ; suddenly. 

-lie, fseredlie sudden. 

-lice av. suddenly. 

-nipt m. hostility. 

~sc(e)a}>at m- enemy. 

-scytet m. dangerous shooting or 

-searot n. artifice, stratagem. 

-seap m. terrible pit, abyss Gl. 

-slidet m. sudden slip. 

-spell \ n. terrible news. 

-stice m. sudden stitch (pain). 

-stylt amazement IN. =forstylt ? 

-wundort . prodigy. 

gefeer n. going, course, march (of 

f&r|an alarm, terrify. 

-ing*, e f. simulatio Gl. 

faBrben|a, vE. ~u [for ~o] m. 

fsereld, -elt n. journey, expedition, 

company ; motion, locomotion ; 

faereld-freols m. feast of the pass- 

faBS n. fringe. 

faesl|- (n.) progeny, offspring. 

fffist firm, fixed, stiff (soil) - 
~ innop constipated ; fortified (by 
nature or art) ; heavy (sleep) ; 
steadfast, firm (mind, faith) ; reli- 
gious, Christian (book . 

~e av. firmly ; (sleep 1 ) heavily ; 
vigorously, (forbid) strictly. 

-gangolt, fsesten- persevering, 
firm (mind). 

~hafol tenacious ; miserly. 

-hafolnes/i parsimony. 

-heald firmly fixed. 

-hygdigf, -hydig firm in mind, 

~lic fixed, steadfast, vigorous (war- 

-lice av. firmly, steadfastly, vigor- 

-mod firm in mind, constant. 

-nes/. firmness, massiveness ; forti- 
fication, firmament, sky ; kindness, 
for fgfsestnes (?). 

-rafed steadfast, firm (mind). 

-lice av. steadfastly. 

-nes/. fortitude. 

-steallt firm. 

faestan make firm ; entrust || fast 
fsesten ge~ keep a fast ; ab- 
stain from (food) wi. 

feasting f. taking care of child. 

~mann m. king's purveyor (?). 

ffflsten(n) n. fortress, castle, clois- 
ter ; firmament, sky || fast. 

-behsefednesy. parsimony G\.,for 
faest- (?). 

-bryce m. breach of fasting. 

-dseg m. fast -day. 

-die m. moat. 

~gangol = fsest-. 

-geat n. gate of fortress. 

-tidy] fast-time, fast. 

-geweorc . liability for repair of 

-wuce/. week of fasting. 

faestnjian fasten, fix, met. fix (hopes 
on God) ; conclude (peace), ratify 
(agreement) ; betroth. 

~ung/. fixing; ratification ; pledge, 
engagement ; security. 

ffflt n. vessel, casket, cup, pot. 

-fyllere, -fylre m. cup-bearer. 


ffibtan put ; ~ inn take in. swallow. 

faeted, set, fsett ornamented with 
gold golde - sweord. 

-hleort with ornamented cheeks 
(of horse). 

-sinct treasure. 

fsbtels m. tub, vessel ; pouch, bag. 

-ian put into a receptacle or 

faatt fat, fatted (calf). 

-ian grow fat || tr. fatten. 

-nes/. fatness. 

fa>tt = feted. 

ffflpm m. outstretched arms ; em- 
brace | bosom, lap, womb ; 
envelopment, interior, midst | 
grasp ; control, power ; protec- 
tion | expanse | cubit, fathom. 

-lie embracing, enclosing. 

-rimt n. (cubit-)measure. 

faef>m(i)an surround, envelop ; 
clasp, seize. 

fag (*.) plaice, flounder. 

fag variegated, pied (horse) ; dis- 
coloured, stained, blood-stained ; 

-ian intr. vary in colour || tr. em- 

-nes/. scab, ulcer, eruption. 

-ung/. variety. 

-wyrm ;;/. basilisk. 

fagett an, -etan intr. change 
colour ; mid wordum ~ speak 

-ung f. intr. changing colour (of 
sky in storms). 

fah, fag, //. fa hostile ; proscribed, 
outlawed; guilty wi. 

fffltt, dpi. fset(t)um metal plate, 
gold ornament. 

faldian make sheep-fold, hurdle 
off sheep [falod . 

fal(o)d m. sheep-fold, ox-stall. 

-gang m. going to sheep-fold. 

fals I. false (weight), counterfeit 
(coin). II. n. fraud, dishonesty ; 
counterfeit coin \_Fr. or LtJ], 

fam M. foam. 

~blawende discharging foam. 

famgian foam [famig]. 

famig, ee foamy. 

-bordat with foamy sides. 

-bosmat foamy-bosomed. 

~healst foamy-necked. 

fana m. banner. 

fandian w. g. or a. investigate, 
explore ; try, test, tempt. 




fandung f. investigation, testing, 
proof, temptation. 

fanje, ~\^f. banner || iris (a plant). 

fang once booty L. [fon ; orScand.\ 

farm f. \vinuowing-fau [Z/. van- 

~ian fan. 

fant, o m. (baptismal) font \_Lt. 

-baep n. baptism. 

-faet n. font. 

-halgung/ consecration of font. 

-wfflter K. font-water. 

i'a r jail 2 go, march, travel (by land 
or sea) in pass, sense com of 
-endum wege. on ~ ivd., w. on 
a. assail, take (city) | lead life, 
behave, act : mid hiwunge ~ be 
hypocritical | fare, be: wel~ 
prosper, ~ butan bearnum be 

-ennes*, fae-/. passage, IM. 

gefaran 2 go &c. ; accomplish 
(journey or distance) | fare &c. ; 
tr. suffer (shipwreck) ; behave, 
act | die gefaren deceased | 
attack (Me mid fierde) | take 
possession of, occupy (country) 
gain (victory). 

f&T&gpl. o/f&h. 

gefara m. fellow-traveller, com- 
panion. Cp. gefera. 

Fariseisc Pharisean mann 

Pharisee [/./.] 

faropf (n.) shore. 

-hfngest ?n. ship. 

-lacende, -ridende sailing, sea- 

-strset/". ocean. 

faru f. going, transit, journey ; 
march, expedition | course of life, 
life, proceedings; adventures || 
troop, retinue, companions | mov- 
able property, baggage. 

fatian = fetian. 

lap e, ~u f. paternal aunt. 

faul (m.} evil spirit (?'. 

iea, -we, ~wa, d. fea(wu x m, g. 
feara I. few. II. av. (not) even 
a little. 

~16gf wg. destitute. 

~(w)nes/ fewness, scarcity. 

~sceaft(ig)t destitute wg.; poor, 

gefea, -la, fea m. joy [gefeon]. 

~lic pleasant. 

gefealdf- n. (?). 

i'eald|an i fold. 

-estol, fyldstol m. camp-stool. 

feale-for = felo-. 

fealg, fealh, ae, e/ felly (of wheel) || 

-ian harrow. 

-ing /. harrowing. 

fealh prt. 0/"feolan. 

feall = fie U. 

gefeall, IN. [ = le] n. falling ; ruin. 

feall|an i fall, met. fall (into 
vice), fall down ; prostrate one- 
self : him to fotum ~ | rush 
on -assail; flow (Driver) | come 
to an end, decay (of kingdom), 
fall (in battle). 

-endlic perishable, transient. 

gefeallan i fall met. his mod 
gefeoll on hyre lufe | perish || 
tr. him dmrn - make a slaughter 
of them. 

fealle/". trap. 

fealo, //. fealwe I. dull-coloured, 
yellow, yellowish-red, brown, 
bay (horse). II. n. fallow ground. 

-hiltef yellow-hilled. 

fealwian grow yellow ; change 
colour ; ripen, wither. 

fear = fearh.. 

fearh, fear m. pig, boar. 

gefearh. (sow) with young. 

team . fern. 

-bdd n. fern-bed. 

fearr m., -hryper . bull. 

feaw, see fea few. 

feax n. hair of the head, head of hair. 

~clap . cap. 

-eaean//. forelocks. 

-ode with hair steorra comet. 

ge~ode, ge-en, ge~e having a head 
of hair. 

-fang m. seizing by the hair. 

-feallung/. loss of hair, mange. 

~har grey-haired. 

-nefediyi curling-iron. 

-nes*, fsexnisy; head of hair (!) Gl. 

-nett n. hair-net. 

-preon m. hair-pin. 

-sceacga m. bunch of hair. 

~sceacgede shaggy. 

-BCQ&r&fpl. hair-cutting scissors. 

febbres, see fefer. 

feccan = fetian. 

tedjan, oe feed, suckle, bring forth 
(fruit, children), rear, bring up 

~(ed)nes/! nourishment. 


fed els, ~esl m. feeding, keep ; fat- 
tened animal Gl. 

-ing/", feeding. 

~nes_/". nourishment I3d. 

fefer, -or, once febbres, m. fever. 

~adl/ fever. 

-fuge /. feverfew (a plant) [U., 

-seoc feverish. 

gefeg . joining, joint. 

leg an, oe join, unite, fix [gefog]. 

ge~(ed)nes/". joining. 

( v ge)feging, -ung /. joining ; con- 
junction (in grammar). 

fel|an, oe feel ivg. 

-eleas without sensation. 

(ge)~nes/. feeling, sensation. 

fel-cyrf foreskin (!). 

fel-tun . privy. 

fela, vE. felo- many, much : 
- manna, L. ~ menn ; also 

-ffflcnef very treacherous. 

-feald manifold, various. 

-frecnef very fierce. 

-geomorf very sad. 

-geongf = -genge* having tra- 
velled much. 

-hrorf very brave. 

-idel-sprtece very loquacious. 

-leoff very dear. 

-mihtigf, ea very mighty. 

-modig h very brave. 

-sprjfece loquacious. 

-sp(r)ecol loquacious. 

~sp(r)ecolnes/. loquacity. 

-synnigf very guilty. 

-wlancf very proud. 

-wyrde loquacious. 

-wyrdnes/. loquacity. 

feld, d. -a, ~e m. field, plain, field 
of battle. 

-beo /. locust (!). 

-biscopwyrt/. a plant. 

-ciricey. country church. 

-elfen/. field-fairy. 

-gangende field-traversing. 

-hrlper n. field-ox. 

-hus . tent. 

-land n. flat country, lower land. 

~lic rural. 

-mffldere/. rosemary. 

-minte/. wild mint. 

-more, -u_/l parsnip. 

-oxa m. ox kept in field. wild rue. 

-swamm fungus. 




feldjwesten(n), oe/. desert plain. 
~wop m. plantain, 
-wyrty. gentian. 
felg = t'ealg. 

fell n. skin (of man or animal), 
hide, fur. 

~en of skins. 

felo-for, vE. feolufer, -fe(a)rp; 
feal(e)for fieldfare (a bird). 

felon A. <?/"feolan. 

felt (.) felt (?). 

-wurrna m. wild marjoram (a 

-wyrt/. wild mullein (a plant). 

fenester n. or m. window \_Lt. 

feng m. grasp ; booty [fon]. 

-nftt . net. 

-top m. canine tooth. 

gefeng IN. n. taking, capture. 

fng,/r/. of fon. 

fengelf m. prince, king. 

fenix, ef m. phcenix; date palm 
\_Lt. phoenix]. 

form nm. mud, dirt ; fen. 

-cerse/. water-cress. 

-fearn . osmunda regalis ^a 

-fripufy! refuge in fen. 

~hlij>f n. fen-retreat. 

-hopt n. fen-retreat. 

~ig muddy. 

-geladf n. fen-tract. 

-land n. fen-country. 

-lie of fens. 

-minte/. water-mint. 

~p8BC n. fen-covering. 

-yce*, fenycefy. frog. 

feorf. o/feoh. 

feo-laga m. partner, associate 
\_Scand. felagi]. 

feon, feogan hate. 

feo(u)ng, feowung/ hatred, hos- 

gefeon, prt. -eah, -segon, ptc. 
-segen 5 rejoice w. g. or i. 

feogan = feon. 

feoh, d. feo, gpl. feona n. cattle 
money licgende ~ gold and 
silver, money ; property, wealth 
the Runic letter f. 

-behat L. promise of money. 

-boty! pecuniary compensation. 

-fang m. taking bribes. 

-giefu/". bounty. 

-gifref avaricious. 

-gift f. gift of money. 

feoh|gitsere m. miser. 
-gitsung, feog-/. avarice, 
-gehat n. promise of money. 
-hord m. treasury. 
-hus n. treasury. 
-labnung . money-lending. 
-leas without money ; fnot to be 

bought off (of homicide). 
-leasnes/i want of money, 
-sceattast mpl. wages, 
-speda///. riches. 
-spilling/, waste of money, 
-gestealdt possession of riches. 
-strang opulent, 
-gestreont . acquiring money ; 

riches, treasures. 
feoht ., ~e/. fighting, battle. 
-gegierelan //. implements of war 


-ehorn*, fy- m. fighting-horn. 
-lac n. fighting, 
-ling*, y- m. warrior, 
-wite*, y- n. fine for fighting, 
gefeoht n. fight, battle ; war. 
-dfflgf m. day of battle. 
feohtjan 3 fight, w. wi)>, TV. on a. 

attack on - attack. 
-ere m. fighter. 

gefeohtan 3 fight ; wa. fight 
(duel) || tr, gain by fighting, gain 
feol, fil/ file. 
-heardf hard as a file (\}for fela- 

heard (?). 
-ian file. 

feolan,/rA fealh, feal,//. fulgon, 
fulon, feelon ; ptc. folgen, 
folen 3 enter (into a state) : 
inne - get in, penetrate ; en 
fleame - take to flight ; wd. ad- 
here ; apply oneself to, persevere 
in || tr. experience (, treachery ). 
feond,// fiend,eo, -as m. enemy ; 

fiend, devil [feon]. 
-fifetf m. eating what is sacrificed to 


-gieldf . idolatry ; idol, 
-grapt/. hostile grasp, 
-lie hostile, 
-lice av. hostilely. 
-reeden(n)/. enmity, 
-rjesf m. hostile attack. 
-sc(e)apaf m. enemy, robber, 


-scipe m. hostility, enmity. 
-seoc possessed by a devil. 
-ulf m. villain Gl. [ulf=-wulf]. 


feond-wic . hostile camp. 

feor, see feorr. 

-buendf m. one dwelling far off, 

-cumen, ~cirad = feorran-. 

yppty. distant country. 
-land n. distant land. 
~nes/. distance. 
~weg m. distant part, 
feor-stupu/. support, prop Gl. 
feorh, feorg, g. leores, nm. life 

be feore on pain of death ; soul 

fto (wldan) feore, a(wa) to 

feore, alfre to feore, ealne 

widan - for ever | living being, 


-adiyi mortal disease. 
-banaf ;. homicide, murderer. 
-bealof n. deadly evil, 
-bfnnt/ mortal wound, 
-gebeorgf n. refuge. 
-berendt m. living being. 
-boldf n. body. 
-cwaluf/. death, slaughter, 
-cwealmt m. death. 
-cynnf n. living species or kind, 
-dsegt m. day of life, 
-gedalf n. death. 
-dolgt n. deadly wound. 
-eacenf living. 
-faegen glad of being allowed to 


-geong young, or two words (?). 
-giefa m. giver of life, 
-giefuf/ gift of life. 
~gorna+ m. jaw. 
-hama*, fea- m. womb or caul (?) 


-hierdef m. preserver, protector. 
-hordf m. soul, 
-husf n. body, 
-lastf m. track, step. 
-lean n. gift of life (?). 
-leguf/ life, 
-lift life, 
-locaf m. breast. 
-lyre m. loss of life, 
-neref f. refuge ; sustenance ; 

salvation (of soul). 
-gener n. being allowed to live. 


-geniplaf m. mortal enemv. 
-rdjdf m. soul's benefit, salvation. 
-scyldig having forfeited one's life, 

guilty of a capital offence, 
-seoct sick to death, 
-swengt m. deadly blow. 




feorhjpearfty. extreme need. 

-wundfy mortal wound. 

feorlen = fierlen. 

feorm, IN. a, te f. feeding ; provi- 
sions, food ; least | entertaining, 
taking in (strangers), harbouring 
(criminals) ] goods, property, 
stores ; rent in kind ; use. benefit. 

^fultum. m. contribution of provi- 

-ehatn m. farm vL. 

feorm.|ian supply with food, feed, 
support ; entertain (as guest) | 
cherish ; profit, benefit | clean, 
polish | consume. 

-end m. entertainer ; (sword) 

-endleasf without a polisher. 

~ere m. purveyor. 

-ung f. entertaining, harbouring ; 
polishing, cleaning. 

feorr av., of. (rarely inflected) far 
w.i. or fram, distant, at a distance 

and wide in every direction ; 

far back in lime | moreover, be- 
sides, = fierr cpv. (?) || cpv. fierra 
aj. more distant, further (Spain). 
av. fierr further || spl. fierrest 
aj., av. most distant w.i., furthest. 

feorrjian intr. keep at a distance ; 

-ungy departure, being removed. 

feorran, feorrane, y- av. from 

afar, at a distance and nean 

from all quarters. 

~cumen, feorc- come from afar. 

-cund, feorc- having come from a 
distance, foreign. 

feorran, feorsian = fie-. 

feortjan* 3. 

-ing/", pedatio. 

feorpja, feowerpa fourth [fe- 

-ling, ~ung m. fourth part ; 

feower four. 

-feald fourfold be -urn av. four- 

-fealdlice av. quadruply. 

-fete, -fotede four-footed. 

-gield n. fourfold payment or com- 

-sciete four-cornered, square. 

-teopa, ~teog(o)pa fourteenth. 

-tiene fourteen. 

feowertig forty. 

-feald fortyfold. 

feowertig lie of forty. 

-opa fortieth. 


ferjian carry, convey, lead, bring || 
intr. take to, deal in iv. i. or on ; 
go, depart [faran]. 

-bedd . portable bed. 

-iend m. bringer, leader. 

-(e)sceatt m. passage-money, fare. 

ferjan, oe go, march, sail, travel 
wa. of distance ; set out, depart | 
- forp go forth, go on ; die | be- 
have, act. 

-end m. messenger ; sailor. 

-ingy. going, travelling. 

-nes/. going, passing. 

gefer|an go ; fare ; behave, act || tr. 
accomplish (journey, distance) | 
reach, attain (place), gain (victory) 
axode hwaet hi -don what 
had become of them | suffer (mis- 

geferja, fera, oe m. companion, 
friend ; wife ; associate (in an 
undertaking) ; equal ; retainer, 
attendant [faran]. 
fflcan associate, unite. 

-lie associated. 

-lice av. sociably, together. 

~rseden(n)y. companionship : body 
of people, retinue ; association, 
congregation ; compact. 

-scipe, f- m. companionship ; body 
of people, retinue, band ; associa- 
tion, guild. 

-scipian IN. unite tr. 

fercjian, ferec- tr. bring (a person ^ ; 
support (life), feed met. cram 
(with lies) || intr. go, proceed. 

-ungy. sustenance, food. 

fere serviceable (ship), fit for 
military service. 

gefere I. accessible. II. n. body of 
people ; community; party, side. 

ferht honest. 

-lie honest, just. 

fer^h)pf mn. mind, spirit, under- 
standing ; life widan - for ever. 

-bana m. murderer. 

-cearig anxious in mind. 

-cleofa, -cofa m. breast. 

-gedal*, frip-f . death. 

-free bold in spirit. 

-frlpende life-protecting, life-sus- 

-gleaw sagacious, wise. 

-grimm fierce. 


ferhp|loca m. breast, heart; body. 

-lufey. heartfelt love. 

-genipla m. deadly foe. 

-sefa m. mind. 

-werig soul-weary, sad. 

-gewitt n. understanding. 

fers n. sentence ; verse [Z/. versus], 

-ian make verses Gl. 

ferae fresh ; water). 

fester-, festr- = f6stor-, fostr-. 

fet, see fot. 

fetan 5 fall. 

fe tian, once a, feccan, fettan,/r/. 
fette fetch ; summon ; seek ; take, 
seize ; gain ; marry. 

fetel \ni.) belt. 

-hilt n. belted hilt. 

feter, fetor/, fetter. 

-wrasenf/. fetter. 

fettian once contend. 


ngy. walking, motion. 

fepa, oe m. troop, band of infantry. 

fepe . walking, movement, power 
of motion. 

-cempaf m. active warrior, foot- 

-gangt m. foot-journey. 

-geornt eager to go. 

-giestf m. traveller. 

-here ;. infantry. 

-hwearff m. troop on foot. 

-lastf m. step. 

-least without feet ; crippled. 

-mann m. foot-soldier. 

-mundty fore-feet (of badger,. 

-spedigf quick walking. 

-wigf n. battle on foot. 

feper f. feather ; pen ; //. fepra 

-bgere winged. 

-bfdd n. feather-bed. 

-berende feathered. 

-craeft m. embroidery. 

-gearwe ^fpl. feathering(of arrow). 

-hamat m. plumage ; feather-coat, 
flying apparatus, wings. 

-geweorc . embroidery in feathers. 

feper-sceat = fiper-. 

gefic n. deceit, treachery. 

fie m. fig ; ~, se bledenda- piles, 

-adiy piles. 

-aeppel m. fig. 
-beam m. fig-tree. 
-leaf n. fig-leaf. 
-treow . fig-tree. 




fic|Wyrm m. intestinal worm. 

-wyrt/. fig-wort. 

ficol cunning, tricky [gefic]. 

fielgian* harrow [fealg]. 

-ing*, ae, yf. harrowing, harrow. 

fiell, ea m. fall (falling, cause of 
lall) | ruin, destruction; death, 
slaughter | case {in grammar 

-werig*, fylw-f killed, dead. 

fiellian, A. & make to fall, fell, 
pull down (house) ; destroy, kill ; 
humble : IN. offend, scandalizare ; 
fge- wag. deprive (of kinsmen) 
by killing. 

-nesy IN. offence, scandalum. 

ge~nes f. IN. fall ; transmigra- 
tion (!_). 

n^llejseoc epileptic. , -ware m. epilepsy. 

fiend, see feond. 

gef lend //. enemies waeron - 
were at enmity. 

fierd /. militia, army ; military 
expedition, campaign ; camp (!) 
for -V71C [fa ran]. 

-crfflft m. art of war, warfare. 

-esne m. soldier. 

-faereld n. (liability to) military 

-faruy. military service. 

-geatwaf/0/. arms. 

-hamt m. corslet. 

-hraeglj- . armour, corslet. 

-hwaBtt warlike. 

-lafy remnant of an army, 
leas without an army, unde- 

-leop t" war-song. 

-lie military. 

-gemaca m. companion in arms. 

-mann m. soldier. 

-rincf m. soldier, warrior. 

-sceorpf . armour. 

~scip n. war-ship. 

-searof armour. 

-socny. military service. 

-gesteallaf m. companion in arms, 
fellow- soldier. 

-sternn m. detachment of militia. 

-tiber n. military sacrifice (?) Gl. 

-getrum n. band of soldiers, co- 

-truma m. cohort, army. 

-wsen m. military wagon Ct. 

-weardy. military watch. 

-werod n. army. 

fierd wic n. camp. 

-wierpef distinguished in war. 

-wisaf m. general. 

-wisey. military manner. 

-wite . tine tor neglect of military 

fierd ian, f yrdrian serve in army ; 

march ; be at war with. 
-ing, -ung /. expedition ; army ; 


fiergen-, i, y mountain, 
-beamf f. mountain-tree. 
-bucca m , -gaty. cnamois. 
-heafodf . mountain-headland. 
-holtf n. mountain-wood, 
-streamf m. mountain-stream, 
fierlen*, e v o), y I. distant, remote 
on ~e, on ~um far away. II. 

n. distance. 
fiermp, frymp f. entertainment, 

harbouring (criminals) || cleansing, 

washing [feorm]. 
fierr a), fierrest, see feorr. 
fiersian*, y, eo intr. go beyond || 

tr. remove ; rfl. depart. 
fiersnf oncef. heel. 
fif five. 

-ecgede with five edges or corners. 
-leald fivefold. 
-fte(d) five-footed. 
-flere five-storied. 
-laeppede having five lobes. 
-leaf n. cinquefoil. 
-wintre five years old. 
fif-maegen = iSfel-. 
fifealde, firT-y. butterfly. 
fifelf (n.) monster, giant. 
-cynn n. race of monsters. 
-dor n. the river Eider (between 

Holstein and Slesvig\ 
-mfflgen*, fifm- n. magic power. 
-stream, ~weg m. ocean, 
fifeley. buckle [Z/. fibula], 
fifta fifth. 
fif-teopa fifteenth. 
fif-tiene fifteen, 
flftig fifty, 
-feald fiftyfold. 
~of>a, -eog- fiftieth, 
fihte (.) rzglN. 
fil = feolfile. 
~ian rub (!) Gl. 
fild milking, quantity milked at one 


-cumb . milk-pail, 
filde level (land) [feld]. 
gefilde n. plain. 


filip e n. hay. 

-leag m. meadow Ct. 

filmen, y n. film, thin skin ; pre- 

fin heap of wood, wood-store. 

fina m. woodpecker. 

fine m. finch. 

find|an (3) prt. funde, fand find, 
meet : funde hine licgan ; - peet 
cweartern beclysed ; find out 
(hwelo he sie) ; ~ set obtain 
met. ic ne meeg set me selfum 
~ pset ic nine fre geseo I can- 
not bring myself to . .,1 cannot 
bear to . . | think of (plan), de- 
vise, invent : se cyning funde 
f>eet him man sset wip made 
arrangements for opposing their 
landing, fundon peat hie sendon 
eefter him agreed on the plan of 
sending. . 

-end m. finder. 

finger m. finger. 

-seppel m. date. 

~doccan //. finger-muscles. 

-lie of a finger. 

firm m. fin. 

~iht*, finiht finny. 

finol, flnugl m., finu(g)le/. fennel 
\_Lt. foeniculum]. 

-s&d . fennel-seed. 

fintaf m. tail ; consequence, result. 

firasf mpl. men, mankind. 

firen, fy- f. crime, sin ; violence ; 
torment, suffering, nrnum av. 
wickedly, excessively. 

~bealof n. sinful evil. 

-craeftf m. wickedness. 

-djedty. crime. 

-earfopt n. terrible suffering. 

-fremmendet sinful. 

-fullf, -geornf, ~licf sinful. 

-licef av. violently, rashly. 

-ligerian commit fornication. 

-lust m. sinful lust, luxury. 

-lustfull luxurious, wanton. 

-synnigt sinful. 

~pearff y. dire need or distress. 

-weorcf n. crime. 

~wyrcend(e)f, -wyrhtaf m. 

fir(e)nian sin, commit adultery; 

firenicg|a* m., ~e*/., fyrenhycga, 
fyrnhicge adulterer, adulteress, 

firmdig = frymdig. 




firmettan ask, request w. a. and 

firn, y I. ancient. II. av. long ago. 
cpv. (giet) -or. 

-dagasf mpl. days of old. 

~geflitf n. former quarrel. 

-geflitat m. old enemy. 

-gearf npl. former years, lapse of 

-gearaf av. of old. 

-gieddf ancient tradition, pro- 

-lie former, ancient. 

-mannf m. man of old. 

-gemyndf n. old tradition. 

-scapaf m. old enemy. 

-gesceapt old decree. 

-segenf/. ancient tradition. 

-gesetuf npl. ancient seats or 

-streamasf mpl. ancient streams, 
ocean. Cp. flergen-. 

-gestreonf n. ancient treasure. 

-synn't'/. ancient sin. 

-(ge)weorcf . ancient work. 

~gewinnt n. ancient war. 

-witaf m. sage, councillor. 

-gewritf n. ancient writing, scrip- 

~gewyrhtf n. former deserts, fate. 

gefirn av. long ago, far back (in 
time) ; for a long time, spl. ~ost 

furthest back (in time) wor- 

ulde long ago. 

-dagas mpl. days of old. 

-gewiten long past (time). 

first/", roof, ceiling. 

first, ie, y m. space of time; re- 
spite ; time (to finish something). 

-hrof m. ceiling, or two words (?). 

-mearc/. space of time, appointed 
time, interval. 

-gemearc n. space of time. 

firwit, -et, fy-, fe(o)- n. curiosity, 
hine - brsec, hine - frtegn pees 
he was curious. 

-full inquisitive. 

-georn inquisitive, curious. 

-geornnes/. curiosity. 

-nes/". curiosity. 

firwit, -tt curious, inquisitive. 

fisc, //. -as, fixas m. fish. 

-bryne (m.) brine. 

-cynn . fish kind, species of fish. 

-deag/. purple. 

-flod(u)t m. sea. 

-hus n. fishing-house. 

fiscjmere m. fish-pond. 

-nett n. fishing-net ; net of fishes. 

-pol m. fish-pool : pool in river. 

-prut m. small fish IN. 

-wer m. fish-weir (for catching fish). 

-Willie I. abounding in fish. II. 

m. fish-pond Gl. 
fisc|ian, fix- fish. 
-ere m. fisher ; kingfisher. 
~(n)op, fisc(n)ap m. fishing. 
fisting /. fesiculatio, following 

pedatio in Gl. 
fitt/. song, poem. 
-an sing, tell in verse, 
fittf once fight. 
fitung/. fighting LL. 
fipelje/. fiddle. 
-ere m., -estre/. fiddler. 
fiper-, e(o), Z. feower- [feower]. 
-dfflled quadripartite. 
~fete, -fote four-footed. 
-fledende flowing in four streams 

(river) Gl. 
-hiwe quadriform. 
-ling m. quarter. 
-rica m. tetrarch. 
~sceatas*, fe-f mpl. four quarters 


-scietan quarter Gl. 

-sciete quadrangular. 

-tieme four-teamed (chariot). 

fiper|e n. wing [feper]. 

-b&re, -berende winged. 

ge~hamod feathered. 

ge~ian feather, wing. 

-leas without wings. 

-slieht m. flapping wings. 

fla - flan. 

flacorf flying (^/"arrows). 

flaesc, flc n. flesh, body, living 

-sbt m. meat. 
-bana m. murderer, 
-gebyrd/. incarnation. 
-cieping/. meat-market. 
-cofa m. body, flesh, 
-(c)wellere m. executioner 
-en of flesh, 
-ennes/. incarnation, 
-harnaf m. body. 
ge-hamod incarnate 
-hordf n. body. 
-hus . meat-house. 
-lie carnal, 
-licnesy. incarnation. 
-mangere m. butcher, 
-mapu/. maggot. 


m.,pl. -mettas meat. 
i:e-nes/. incarnation. 
e-od incarnate, 
street/! meat-market. 
-taw ere m. executioner. 
-tof> m. one of the teeth Gl. 

wyrm m. maggot. 
flaepe-camb = flepe-. 
flagg plaster 
flaht I. treacherous, hostile. II. . 


flan/);/., 'R.Sif.jpl. -a, ~ arrow, dart. 
-bogaf m. bow. 
-hredf K. 
-iht of an arrow, 
-pracuf /. attack or force of 


-geweorcf n. arrows. 
flasce, flaxe /. flask, bottle [/./. 


flax-fote = flox- web-footed. 
flea, fleah (/.) flea, 
-wyrt/. fleabane (a plant), 
flean 2 ptc. flagen flay, strip off 

(piece of skin). 
fleah . albugo, white spot in the 

fleam, m. flight wear)? or fealh 

on -e took to flight [fleon]. 
-last m. apostasy Gl. 
fleard . folly, superstition. 
-ian grow luxuriantly ; play the 

fool ; act wrongly, 
gefleard . folly, madness, error. 
fleape = fleope. 
fleax n. flax. 
-racer m. flax-field, 
-line/", flax- winder, reel, 
-gescot n. contribution of flax. 
flecta = fleohta. 
fledjan* flow [flod]. 
-ing/, flowing. 
~e full (river). 
fleon prt. fleah, //. flugon, ptc. 

flogen 7 flee ; put to flight ; fly. 

Cp. fleogan. 
fleogjan 7 intr. fly ; move quickly : 

flee. Cp. fleon. 
-endlic flying. 

gefleogan 7 intr. fly || tr. fly over. 
fleog|e/. fly. 
~cynn, neon- n. fly-kind, 
-ngtt n. fly-net, mosquito-curtain, 
-rift n. fly-curlain. 
fleohtan* 3 plait, weave. Set 

fleohta*, vE. flecta m. hurdle. 




fleos = flies. 

fleot m. mouth of river, estuary ; 
bay | sea, water | raft, ship, vessel. 

-wyrt/. seaweed. 

fleotan 7 float, sail ; swim. 

fleope, e&f. water-lily. 

flering/. flooring, story [flor]. 

fleswian once whisper. 

flett n. floor ; dwelling, house, hall. 

-paepf m. floor. 

-restf/. bed. 

-Sittendf m. hall-sitter, courtier. 

~gestealdt n. household goods. 

-werodf n. hall-troop, retainers. 

flepe-camb, & m. weaver's comb. 

flewsa m. flux, discharge (in medi- 
cine) [flowan]. 

flex = fleax. 

flicce n. flitch (of bacon). 

flicerian flutter, hover. 

geflien*, y, i, -an expel (disease) 

fliemjan put to flight, banish 

fliemja m. fugitive, outlaw an 

or ~ena fiermp or feorm harbour- 
ing an outlaw [fleam]. 

ge~e fugitive IN. 

flies, eo n. fleece. 

fliete f. cream, curds || punt [fleo- 

fligel (m.) flail. 

flint m, flint ; rock. 

-grtBg ( grey as flint. 

flit strife ; scandalum (!) [flitan]. 

-craaft m. disputation, logic. 

-craeftig belonging to logic, dia- 

-full contentious. 

-georn quarrelsome, litigious. 

-mjblum. av. contentiously. 

geflit n. strife, dissension, contest ; 
dispute, discussion, to ~es emu- 

-full, -fullic, -georn contentious. 

~fulnesy litigiousness. 

-lice, -mselum av. emulously. 

fllt|an 6 contend, struggle (in law- 
suit, argument), oppose, quarrel. 

~end, ~ere m. v/rangler. 

floe (m.} a fish. 

flocanf clap, applaud. 

flocc m. body of men , troop, company. 

-niselum av. troopwise, in detach- 
ments, flockwise, in flocks. 

-rady. troop of cavalry. 

-slite m. sedition. 

flod mn. flowing, stream ; flow of 

tide, tide | river, sea, //. water; 

deluge, flood [flowan]. 
-blact flood-pale, 
-egesaf m. terror of flood. 
-en, -lie of a river, 
-weardf/ sea-wall, 
-wegf m. ocean path, sea. 
-wielmt m. raging flood, 
-wuduf m. ship. 
~y pt./ wave of the sea. 
flode/. channel ; gutter, 
flogettan, gg fluctuate Gl. [fleo- 


flogepa m. liquid Gl. 
floh. fragment, piece (of stone). 
flohten-fote web-footed [fleoh- 

flor, d. -a, -efm. floor; ground 

scipes ~, gangway, 
-stan m. pavement-stone. 
florisc flowery \_Lt.~]. 
flot n. sea [fleotan]. 
-heret m. (hostile) fleet, 
-lie naval. 

-mann m. sailor, pirate, Dane. 
-scip n. ship. 
-smero n. dripping, fat. 
-wegf m. sea. 
flotian float Z. 
flota m. sailor, piratef ; ship ; 


geflotaf m. floater, swimmer. 
floter|ian float, be flooded mid 

-iendum eagum weeping ; fly ; 

flutter, be disquieted (of heart) 


flow an i flow ; be abundant, 
-(ed)nes/. flowing, flux (of blood) ; 

overflow, torrent, 
flox-fote, fla- web-footed. Cp. 

flugol, flygol [in/I, of&jge'] flying, 

fleeing ; fleeting [fleogan, fleon]. 
flycgan*, e put to flight, disperse 

flyge m. flying, flight (of birds, 


-reowf fierce in flight, 
-wilt m. flying wile, 
flygol = flugol. 
flyht m. flying, flight (of birds, 

weapons) [fleoganj. 
-hwffitf brisk in flight. 
flyhte-clap, vE. flycti- m. patch 

flyne/. batter. 


flytme /. lancet [Lt. phleboto- 

fnaed, ge- . fringe, hem (of dress). 

fnces n. fringe. 

fns^settan snort. 

fn&st m. breath, breathing ; blast 
(of fire). 

-ian breathe hard. 

fneosian sneeze. 

-ung/. sneezing. 

gefnesan (5) once sneeze. Cp. 

fnora m. sneeze [fneosan]. 

fon i b (he) fehp, prt. feng, ptc. 
fangen grasp, seize abs. : him 
togeanes feng clutched at him ; to- 
gredre fengon engaged in battle ; 
him on fultum feng came to 
their help | make prisoner, cap- 
ture gen. ge- : gefengon hine, 
micle herehyp | take, receive A. 
wi. (feng wife), W. w. to, on a. : 
~ to wife, - to hsepeniscum pea- 
wum, - on fsesten take to fasting ; 
-to rice come to the throne, - to 
psein lande succeed to the estate ; 
- to psDm norpdeele begin to 
describe the North (of Europe); 
uton fon on pset godspell peer 
we hit forleton return to the 
discussion of . . ; -to wurpienne 
begin to worship. 

foca m. cake of bread. 

foda m. food. 

fodor, fodder n. food ; fodder, 
food for cattle | case, sheath. 

-brytta m. fodderer, herdsman. 

-hec fodder-rack. 

-nop m. sustenance. 

-peguf/. taking food, food. 

-welaf m. abundance of food. 

fodrere m. forager (of army). 

gefog n. joining, joint. 

-Stan m. key-stone. 

fol = full. 

gefol with foal. 

tola m. foal, colt. 

folc n. people, crowd es mann 

layman ; army ; nation. 

-agendef ruling. 

-bealof n. severe evil or affliction. 

-bearnf man. 

-beornf m. man. 

-cuf/". cow of the people (!). 

-cup celebrated, well known ; public 
(road) (!). 

-cwenf/. queen. 




folc|cyningt tn. king. 

-dryhtf/. people. 

-egsaf tn. terror. 

-gefeoht . pitched battle. 

-firent f. crime. 

-freaf m. lord, king. 

-freo, -frig folk-free, free as other 


~isc of the people, popular, common, 
-lagu/. law of the people. 
-land n. land of the people. 
~lar/. homily, sermon, 
-leasung/. slander. 
-lie of the people, popular, common, 
-mfflgenf n. army. 
~m&gpt/. tribe, nation, 
-mebref celebrated. 
~mot, ~gemot n. popular assem-- 

bly, folkmoot. 

-niedty. need of the people, 
-rsedf m. public benefit. 
~rfeden(n)t/. decree of the people. 
-gerefa m. official. 
-ryht, ~geryht n. popular right, 

right of a citizen ; common law. 
-ryht lawful, 
-sself n. hall, house, 
-scamf/. tribe, nation ; f=folc- 

land, land of the people, 
-scapaf m. villain. 
-scipef tn. people, nation. statute Bd. 
-geslpf m. noble, prince. 
~slite m. sedition, 
-gesteallaf tn. companion in war. 
~stedef m, dwelling-place ; battle- 
-stowy. country place (as opposed 

to a town). 

-gestreon-f n. public treasure. 
-sweotf m. multitude, army, 
-getffllf n. number of people. 
-talu/. genealogy, 
-togat tn. chief, general, 
-getrumt n. host. 
-truma m. people. 
-geprang . crowd. 
~welig populous, 
-werf m. man. 
-wigaf tn. warrior, 
-gewinnf n. battle, war. 
-witaf m. councillor. 
~woh . deception of the people. 
fold|ef f. earth ; mould, soil, 

ground ; country, 
-sern n. sepulchre. 
-agend*, folc- m. man. 

fold|bold n. house, palace. 

-buend(e) m. man. 

-grfflf n. grave. 

-grafeg earth-grey. 

-hrerende earth-traversing. 

-rest/, rest in the earth, being buried. 

-wfflstm m. fruit of the earth. 

-wang m. earth. 

~weg tn. path, way ; earth. 

-wela m. earthly wealth or pros- 

folen/Ar. <?/"feolan. 

folgjian, fyl(i)gan wd. succeed 
(in time) ; follow, pursue ; per- 
secute ; obey, observe (law) ; serve, 
belong to household of ; yield to 
physical force : gif seo hringe 
him ~ap set pam forman tyge 
(pull). See fyligan. 

-ere m. follower, disciple ; retainer, 
freeman belonging to another's 
household ; successor (in office). 

folgen/fr. 0/"feolan. 

folgap m. body of followers or 
retainers, province ; service, official 
position (esp. at court), office, ap- 
pointment ; condition of life. 

folm.'t', -of. palm of hand ; hand. 

for, fer, se, A. fore prp. w. d., i., a. 
before : ~ eaxlum stod pees cyn- 
inges ; weorpode hie - ealle 
menn above. These meanings art 
not IV. ; they are probably the result 
of transliterating A. fore into 
for | time before : - feawum 
dagum a few days ago, nu 
~ feower gearum | in the sight 
of, as regards : rice - worulde j 
cause : modigode - his fseger- 
nesse ; - Godes lufan ; swealt 

- pam gylte | aim : com 
pider ~ psea cyninges swic- 
dome to betray | benefit : bsed 

- his cwelleras or cwellerum | 
equivalence, iva. : rixode ~ pone 
Herodem in the place of, after ; 
eage - eage ; haefdon hine ~ 
senne witegan | - an only || for- 
hwy, -hwSm, a, -hviron, a why. 
for-ptem, a, -pon, a, A. for(e)- 
pon therefore ; because w. indc. 
for-peem-pe, -pon- because w. 
indc. for-ptem-pset in order that 
w. sbj. for-py, i therefore, for- 
py-pe, for-py . . pe because. 
for-py-paet, for-p^ . . past in 
order that w. sbj. 


for av. too, very, very much. 

for /. movement, motion, course ; 

journey ; way of life [faran]. 
-b^dd n. litter Gl. 
-boc/. itinerary. 

-mete m. provisions for a journey, 
for, oo (m.) pig Gl. 
for-, fer-, SB. 
for- occ. =- fore-, 
foran, ~e av. in front, before 

~ forridan cut off advance (of 

army) ; time before | foran on- 

gean prp. iva. opposite, foran 

to prp. wd. before (time). 
-bodig . chest. 
-heafod, for(e)h- . forehead. 
-niht/. early part of the night. 
for-ap = fore-. 

for - b8Brn|an tr. burn up, burn. f. being burnt, burn (on 


for-belgan 3 rfl. be angry. 
for-beod|an 7 forbid wda. (him 

unryht), w. sbj., w. ger. 
-endlic dehortalive (in grammar). 
for-beran 4 endure, suffer, tolerate ; 

restrain || intr. forbear, refrain 

from w. indc. or sbj. : forbser pset 

he ne slog hine. 
for-berstan 3 intr. break, be 

broken ; come to nothing, fail ; 

let go by default. 
for-bleg an tr. bend down, bend ; 


~els m. arch, vault. 
for-biernan, eo 3 be consumed by 

fire, be burnt. 

for-bindan 3 tie up (mouth of ox). 
for-bitan 6 bite through. 
for-blawan i tr. blow : wind for- 

bleow hie ut on see ; blow out 

ptc. forblawen suffering from 


for-blindian I A. tr. blind. 
for-bod n. prohibition. 
for-brecan 4 break down ; break, 

destroy forbrocen decrepit ; 

violate, break (oath, commands). 
for-bregdan, -bredan 3 tear in 

pieces ; cover ; transform. 
for-brytednes/. contrition, 
for-bryttan, -brytan break to 

pieces, crush. 
for-bugan 7 tr. turn away from, 

flee from ; avoid, refrain from ; 

refuse (office) ; hold down, pre- 
vent from rising. 




for-byrd/. abstention, restriction. 
~ian endure, wait for Gl. 
forca m. fork \_Lt. furca]. 
for-ceorfan 3 cut off, out, down, 

through (tongue, tree, neck). 
for-ceowan 7 bite off (one's own 


for-cierr|an tr. turn aside, rfl. turn 
back intr. ; turn upside down ; 
avoid, escape. 
~ed perverse, 
-ing/", turning aside. 
for-cinnanf R. 
for-cleeman stop up. 
for-cltngan 3 shrink, wither. 
for-clysan tr. close, obstruct. 
for-cnidan 6 break to pieces, 

for-cuman 4 overcome, surpass ; 

assail ; we'ar out, destroy. 
for-cup depraved, wicked, bad, 


~e, -lice av. badly. 
for-cwepan 5 speak ill of ; rebuke ; 


for-cwolstan swallow, take (medi- 
for-cypanf surpass in knowledge, 


ford, d. -a, -e m. ford, 
for-daelan expend (money). 
for-delfan 3 dig. 
for-demjan condemn, 
-edlic to be condemned. 
-ednes /. condemnation, proscrip- 

for-demman shut up, stop (ears). 
for-dician block up. 
for-dil(i)gian exterminate, destroy 
for-dimmian become dark, ob- 

for-don. destroy, ravage, ruin, kill 
lead astray, pervert ptc. fordon 
corrupt, wicked. 
for-drencan intoxicate. 
for-drifan 6 expel, drive into 
exile ; drive out of course, carr 
away (^current of river). 
fordrincan 3 ptc. fordruncen 

for-drugian, -uwian intr. dry up 
fofdwlnan 6 dwindle away, dis 
appear, vanish (from sight) 
for'dwylman*, i confound, ob 

scure (sight) [dwolma]. 
for-dyttan stop up, close. 

ore I. prp. iv. d., a., often -written 
for in A. and occ. in IV., be- 
fore : - eagum ; mipan onsiene 
- him | superiority, rank before, 
above : for(e) oprum (or opre) 
beon | time before | causal, be- 
cause, for the sake of ) equivalence, 
instead of. II. av. beforehand. 

br-eald ian grow old, decay 
ptc. ~od superannuated (soldier). 

br(e)-ap m. preliminary oath. 

br-eape av. very easily. 

bre-beacen n. portent, prodigy. 

bre-beran 4 prefer (!). 

br(e)-bisen/. example. 

bre-bodian announce, utter (}). 

!br(e)-boda m. messenger (of 

rbre-breost n. chest, breast. 

fore-burg /. vestibule, entrance ; 

Ebre-byrd/. authority. 

fore-ceorf|an 3 cut off front 

-end m. front tooth. 
fore-costian profane (!). 
for(e)-cuman 4 come before, come 

forward; forestall, prevent. 
fore-cwepan 5 foretell, predict ; 

mention before or above. 
fore-cynren n. progeny (!). 
fore-duru/. porch, vestibule. 
fore-dyre n. vestibule. 
fore-fang*, for-, E. for(e)feng 
m. capture or recovery of cattle, 
&c. ; reward for such recovery. 
-feoh n. reward for rescuing stolen 

cattle, &c. 
for(e)-feng = forefang. 
fore-ferende going before. 
fore-fon i anticipate. 
fore-gan, -gangan precede ; take 

precedence of, excel. 
fore-genga mf. one who goes in 
front, forerunner ; attendant, ser- 
vant ; predecessor (in office) : 

fore-gengel*, for- m. predecessor 
fore-gisl m. preliminary hostage. 
fore-gleaw provident, prudent 


-lice av. providently, prudently. 
fore-halig very holy, 
fore-gehat . promise, vow. 
for e)-heafod = foran-. 
fore-iernend m. predecessor. 
fore-lerende teaching. 


bre-mserje, -lie illustrious, emi- 

-nes/. eminence, renown. 

"bre-manian forewarn. 

bre-mearcod before-mentioned. 

bre-mearcung/. chapter IN. 

bre-mihtig, ea very mighty, 

-lice av. very mightily. 

bre-munt m. promontory (!). 

bre-nyme m. taking before. 

ibre-ridel*, for- m. fore-rider, 
mounted messenger. 

fore-rim, m. preface. 

br(e)-rynel m. forerunner, pre- 

tbre-sceaw|ian, for- foresee, see ; 
appoint, ordain -ode him 
wununge provided him with. 

-ere m. appointer. 

-odlice av. providently, thought- 

-ung /. foreseeing ; prudence ; 
(divine) providence. 

fore-sceotan*, for- 7 anticipate, 
forestall, prevent. 

fore-scip*, for- . prow of ship. 

fore-scyttels m. bar, bolt 

fore-secgan foretell ; mention be- 
fore or above. 

fore-sendan send before 

fore-seoin 5 foresee ; provide. 

-nd m. provider. 

~nes/. (divine) providence. 

fore-set tan, for- place before or in 
front ; shut in, enclose ; appoint, 

-(ed)nes, foregeseten(n)es/'. pur- 
pose, intention ; preposition 

fore-gesettan put before 

fore-singend m. precentor. 

fore-sittan 5 preside (!). 

fore-sme(ag)an think or consider 

fore-snot(t)orf very prudent er 

fore-sp(r N / Ac/. preface, preamble; 
agreement ; (legal) defence, plead- 
ing; promise (of godfather at 

fore-sp(r)eca, for- m. advocate, 

mediator ; sponsor. 
fore-sp^r)ecen, for- above-men- 

for(e)-staBpp an, 2 go before, 
precede ; excel ; forestall. 

-end m. predecessor. 




fore-stseppung /. anticipating, 

fore-standan 2 excel (!) ; pre- 

for(e)-steall m. assault ; fine for 
assault | forestalling, interference. 

fore-steora m. look-out man, 

fore-stigan 6 excel. 

fore-stiht|ian preordain. 

~ung/. preordaining. 

foi\e)-tacn . foretoken, presage, 
^ prodigy. 

~ian presage. 

fore-teon wk. preordain, settle 

fore-teohhung/. predestination. 

fore-tiege (.) porch, vestibule. 
Cp. forptiege. 

fore-top m. front tooth. 

fore-pane m. forethought, deli- 
beration, consideration, (divine) 

-lie provident, thoughtful. 

-lice av. prudently, thoughtfully. 

-ol provident, prudent, wise. 

-olnes/. prudence. 

fore-pencan consider beforehand. 

fore-ping ian plead for, defend (in 
law-court), intercede. 

-ere, -lend m. intercessor. 

~reden(n), -ung/. intercession. 

fore-warnian take warningbefore- 
hand Gl. 

fore-wat vb. foreknow. 

fore-weall m. rampart, bulwark. 

fore-weard m. scout, outpost. 

fore-weard/. contract, agreement ; 
provision (of agreement). 

fore-weard, for-, -word aj. place 
front, front part of, extremity of : 
-heafod forehead, ~fot sole 
on ~an gan go on ahead, in 
advance || time early fpart of), 
beginning of : ~ niht beginning 
of night. 

fore-wesan vb. be before, take the 
lead, preside, rule. 

fore-wis foreknowing. 

fore-witig, -wittig, foreknowing. 

fore-witig|ian prophesy 

-ung/ prophecy. 

fore-witol foreknowing. 

~nes*, forw-/ intelligence. 

fore-wittiendlic prescient. 

fore-witung/ foreknowing. 

fore-wost m. chief IN. 

fore-writen above-written, above- 

fore-writennes/. proscription (!). 

fore-wyrcend m. servant. 

fore-wyrd/. predestination. 

fore- wyrhta*, for- ;//. agent, repre- 

for'faran 2 tr. intercept, blockade : 
forforon pilm scipum pone 
rnupan foran ; destroy, kill, 
ruin || intr. perish vL. 

for-feran vL. perish, be spoilt. 

for-ferian tr. let (child) die. 

for-fleon 7 flee from, escape, avoid. 

for-fliegan put to flight. 

for'fon i seize ; take by surprise, 
come upon suddenly ; anticipate, 
forestall heo hine forane for- 
feng prevented him (from pros- 
trating himself) ; forfeit. 

for-fyllan stop up, obstruct. 

for-gseg an transgress ; prevaricate. 

-ednes/. transgression ; prevarica- 

~ung/. fault, excess. 

for-gan vb. go or pass over ; forgo, 
abstain from ; neglect. 

for-georne av. very earnestly. 

for-gief |an 5 ivda. give ; give up ; 

-endlic dative (case). 

-en(d)lic pardonable, pardoned. 

~en(n)es, -nes/ forgiveness. 

-ung/ giving, donation. 

for-gieldan 3 wda. repay, requite, 
recompense, make good hire 
be twifealdum forgeald pees 
pe . . ; pay, give || wa. pay for, 
buy off (person accused, attack;. 

for-gielpan 3 ptc. forgolpen 
made subject of boasting (of 

for-giem|an neglect ; ignore, not 

-eleasian neglect. 

for-giet!an 5 w. a. or g. forget. 

-ing/, forgetfulness. 

for-gietol forgetful. 

~nes/. oblivion. 

for-glendr(i)an devour, swallow 
up, destroy. 

for-gnagan 2 gnaw to pieces, de- 

for-gnidan 6 crush ptc. for- 
gniden contrite ; throw down. 

forgnidennes/. contrition. 

for-grindan 3 destroy. 


for-grlpan 6 seize, grasp ; attack ; 

for-growanf R. 

for-gyltan ptc. forgylt guilty ; 
rfl.w.on fsynnum) incur guilt of. 

forgyrd = forpgyrd. 

for-gyrdan enclose. 

for-habb an keep back, restrain, 
hinder, prevent ; refrain from : ic 
pe bidde peet pu pis ne -e, ac 
paet pu cume ; be continent ptc. 
forheefed continent. 

-ende, ee abstinent, continent. 

for-hsefed continent [forhabban]. 

-nes, forhffifd- f. continence, tem- 

for-hatan i forswear, renounce - 
ptc. fforhaten reprobate (of the 

for-heald|an i misuse, ill-treat, 
defile (woman 1 ) ; desert ptc. -en 
rebel, deserter. 

far-heard very hard. 

for-heardian become hard. 

for-heawan i cut down, slaughter. 

for-helan 4 conceal, keep secret 
iud. of per s. 

for-hfrg|ian, -h^rigan ravage, 
plunder, pillage [hgre]. 

~end m. ravager. 

~ung/. devastation, pillage. 

for-hlenan humiliate, crush (in 
spirit) ; injure. 

for-hierdan tr. harden. 

for-hog|ian despise, ignore. 

-lend m. despiser. 

-odlic contemptuous. 

~odlice av. contemptuously. 

-odnes, -hohnes/. contempt. 

~ung/. contempt. 

for'hradian be beforehand in 
doing anything ; do anything too 
soon ; anticipate, forestall, frus- 
trate, prevent. 

for\h)rape av. very or too soon. 

forht, IN. front afraid, timid ; 
formidable, terrible. 

-full timorous. 

-lie afraid, terrified. 

-lice av. with fear, anxiously. 

-mod afraid, timid. 

-nes/. fear, amazement. 

forht | ian be afraid ; fear. 

-iendlic timorous. 

-ung/. fear. 

forhtig once afraid, humble. 

for-hwega av. about (quantity). 




for-hweorfan (3) come to an end, 
be destroyed. 

for-hwierf]an remove ; change, 

~edlic perverse. 

for-hycgan despise ; reject ; neg- 
lect, ignore (^command). 

for-hydan hide. 

for-hygdelic despicable, despised. 

for-hylmanf once neglect i^com- 

for-ieldan delay, put off. 

for-ierman reduce to poverty 

for-lacan i b prt. -le(ol)o lead 
astray, deceive, betray. 

for-lsedan lead astray ; lead into 

for-lseran lead astray (by bad 

for-l&t an i b leave bseftan ~ 
leave behind ; abandon ; give up ; 
omit, neglect, let go ; lose | dis- 
miss ; remit, excuse, forgive ; 
grant, give ; let || inn ~ let in ; 
ut ~ let out ; up - direct upwards. 

~(en)nes/. abandonment ; absence, 
cessation, end ; desolation, de- 
struction, loss ; remission (of 

for-legenlic mean-looking, ugly. 

forlegen(n)es, forlegnes/. forni- 
cation [forlicgan]. 

forleger- = forliger-. 

forlegis(s), -es/. prostitute, forni- 
catress [forlicgan]. 

~Wlf . prostitute. 

for-leogan 7 tell falsehood, lie 
ptc. forlogen perjured ; accuse 

for-leornung/. deception. 

for-leosan 7 w. a., -\-t. lose ; destroy 
ptc. forloren ruined. 

for-licg|an 5 commit fornication 
rfi. w. wip a., tr : heo hie for- 
Iseg wip nine ; he hie wolde ~ 
ptc. forlegen fornicator, adul- 
terer, also = aj. : pa fule (or fulan) 

~end m. fornicator. 

forliden shipwrecked [forlipan]. 

~nesy. shipwreck. 

forlig-gang (?) m. fornication Gl. 

for-lig(e / r, -e, -leg- n. fornica- 

~bedd n. bed of fornication. 

-hus n. house of ill-fame. 

for-ligerlic unchaste. 

for-lig(e)r, -lir m. fornicator, adul- 

for-liger adulterous. 

-nes, -leg-/", fornication. 

fofligrian commit fornication. 

for-lipan, see forliden. 

for-lor destruction, perdition to 
~e gedon destroy; loss [for- 

for-loren(n)es /. destruction, per- 
dition [forleosan]. 

for-lustUce av. very cheerfully or 

forma -wk. first (in order or rank, 
or time) [fore]. 

for-m&l, -mal (.) treaty, agree- 

for-manig very or too many. 

formelle/. bench [Lt. formella]. 

for-meltan 3 intr. melt away, be 
consumed, disappear. 

formest = fyrmest foremost. 

for-mieltan melt tr. and intr. 

for-mog ian ptc. ~od decayed. 

for-molsnian crumble, decay. 

for-myrpi\i)an murder, destroy. 

for-nJ8m|an ptc. ~ed worn out, 
afflicted (with grief). 

forne = foran. 

for-neah av. very nearly, almost. 

for-nean av. nearly, almost. 

for-nefa m. great-grandson (1). 

Fornet (m.) es folm a plant. 

for-nepan rfi. risk one's h'fe. 

for-nledan force. 

for-niman 4 plunder ; destroy, dis- 
figure mid fyrhte fornumen 
overcome with terror ; annul. 

forod often used as a par tic. broken 
(esp. of arms, legs, and other parts 
of the body) ;. humbled (of pride) ; 
void, useless. 

for-oft very or too often. 

for-pieran pervert ; destroy, ruin. 

for-pyndanf annul, do away with 
(Eve's sin). 

forradian = forhradian. 

for-rafedan betray, injure nine 
of life ~ betray him to death, 
cause his death ; hine to doape - 
put him to death. 

for-ridan 6 foran - cut off ad- 
vance, intercept (^"cavalry). 

for-rot|ian rot away, putrefy 
ptc. -od purulent (wound). 

-odnes_/". corruption ; pus, matter. 


give up, 

ibr-sacan 2 wa. refuse 

relinquish ; deny, 
for-sffitian lay in wait for, surprise 


forsawen occ. ptc. of forseon. 
forsc, pi. ~as, froxas m. frog. 
for-scadan, ea i b scatter, 



wa. be 

ashamed : hine ~ap. 

-ung/. modesty. 

for-scapung/. crime, fault. 

for-sceap (n.) crime. 

for-scgnding/. confusion IN. 

for-sceorfan 3 devour (^/"locusts). 

for-scieppan 2 tr. transform, 
change to something worse. 

for'screnc an supplant, oppress, 
overcome (sins). 

~end m. snpplanter. 

for-scrifan 6 proscribe; condemn 
w. a. or d. ; fbewitch (by writing 

for-scrincan 3 intr. shrink up, 

for-scufan 7 humble (pride). 

for-scyld(i)gian convict of crime, 
rfl. incur guilt, incriminate one- 
self pic. forscyldgod guilty. 

for-scyttan forestall, prevent 

for-searian intr. wither, dry up. 

for-secan afflict. 

for-SfCgan accuse, traduce, slander. 

forsegen/^. of forseon. 

for-sendan send into exile, send 
to destruction on wTsecsip ~ 

for-seon 5 despise ; reject, ignore ; 
refrain from. 

for-seones/. care, diligence Bd. 

for-seopan 7 ptc. forsoden 

for-settan obstruct (road, water- 

for-sewen, -sawen, -segen ptc. 
despised [forseonl. 

~lic contemptible, abject. 

-lice av. ignominiously. 

-nes/. contempt. 

for-sittan 5 hem in, obstruct 
(path); injure; absent oneself 
from (meeting, militia) ; put off, 
delay w. a., i. ; neglect. 

for-sipian perish. 

for-slawian be slothful or un- 




for slean 2 break (bone) ; kill, 

for-slegenlic mean, ignominious 
(death). Cp. forlegenlic. 

for-slitan 6 devour. 

for-smorian smother, stifle, choke. 

for-sorgian despond. 

for-span an 2 entice, allure. 

-ing/, enticement. 

for'spedian make prosperous. 

for-spgndan squander. 

for-spenn|an entice, allure 

~en(n)/. enticement. 

-end m, procurer. 

~endlic seductive, corrupting. 

-estre/. bawd. 

-ing/, enticement. 

for-spiercan tr. dry. 

for-spild tn. destruction. 

for-spildan, -spillan destroy, 
squander, kill. destruction, per- 
dition, waste. 

for-sp(r)ecan 5 tr. speak in vain ; 

forst m. frost. 

~ig, -lie frosty, frozen. 

for-stalian r/f. steal away, run 

for-standan 2 wa. defend 
forane ~ defend ; obstruct, stop 
(way) ; understand ; ivda. hinder 
from ; wd. help, avail, profit. 

for-stelan steal, rob -wda. ptc. 
forstolen deprived of, without wi. 

for-stoppian stop up, close. 

for-strang very strong. 

for-styntan blunt. 

for-sugan, -can 7 ptc. forsogen 
hollow, emaciated (stomach). 

forsugian, forsuwian = for- 

for-swselan burn up, burn, scorch. 

for-swapan. i sweep away, sweep, 
dash, hurl. 

for-swelgan 3 swallow up, devour ; 
absorb (moisture). 

for'sweltan 3 die, perish. 

for-sweorcan 3 become dark. 

for-sweorfan. 3 rub off, grind 

for-swe rian 2 forswear, renounce 
wi. ; swear falsely, rft. perjure 
oneself ptc . forsworen per- 

for-swigian.-s w)ugian, -suwian 

tr. keep silent, not speak of, ig- 
nore; pass over in silence, not 

for-SWlp very strong. 

for - swip(i)an overcome, repress. 

for-swipe av. very strongly or 
severely, excessively. /. darkening 

for-sworennes /. perjury [for- 

for--syng|ian ptc. -od sinful, 

for-tf ndan burn away, cauterize. 

for'teon 7 mislead || cover. 

for-timbr(i)an obstruct. 

for-togen(n)es /. cramp, colic 

for-tred an 5 tread down, trample 

~ing/. treading down. 

for-truw|ian, -ugian be over- 
confident ptc. ~od presump- 

-odnes/. presumption, arrogance. 

-ung/. presumption. 

for-tyhtan entice into wrong, se- 

for-tyllan lead astray, seduce. 

for-tynan block, stop (way). 

for]) av. | place forth, out, for- 
wards, on(wards). ~ mid d. 
with ; av. simultaneously, together 
with, henceforth, continuously 
y time still, continually, hence- 
forth. - mid ealle forthwith, 
(and) swa ~ and so on, then, 
awa - (swa) to the extent that, 

for jjian promote ; accomplish. 

forjj-bsfere productive, teeming. 

forp-beran 4 bring forward, pro- 

forp-bielding/. emboldening. 

forp-boren of high birth. 

for)>-bringan bring forward or out ; 
bear (fruit), produce, create ; ac- 

forj-cuman 4 come forward or 
forth ; be born ; come into being ; 
come to pass ; succeed, be a 

forp-cyme m. coming forth, birth. 

for-pearl e av. very severely, ex- 

-(l)Ice av. very much, entirely. 

for-pencan despise, rfl. distrust 


oneself, despair ptc. forpoht in 
despair, despairing. 

for-peon 6, 7 surpass in merit. 

for-J>eon oppress, destroy. 

for-peofan steal. 

for-peostrian darken. 

forjj-ffflder m. forefather. 

forp-faran 2 die. 

forp-fer|an die : wear}) -ed died. 

-ednes, -ing/, death. 

forp-folgian, -fylgan follow (!). 

forjj-for/. departure, death. 

forj>-forl&ten(n)es/ licence. 

forj>-rani|ian zntr. grow ; im- 

~ung/. prevailing ; departure. 

forp-gang m. progress, course ; suc- 
cess ; privy, drain, going to the 

for p-genge progressive, prosperous, 

forp-geornf eager to advance, im- 

forp-gyrd, forg- m. fore -girth, 

forp-heald bent forward, stoop- 
ing ; steep. 

forp-here m. van (of army). 

forp-hlifian be prominent. 

for-pierrian*, y dry up intr. 

for-pilman = -pylman choke. 

for-pindan iptc. forpunden 

for-pingian intercede for wa. 

forp-laed an bring forth. 

~nes f. bringing forth, produc- 

forp-gelang dependent, depending 

forplic forward, advanced L. 

forp-msfere't' very illustrious or 
conspicuous (?). Cp. forem&re. 

for-polian be without, want tui. 

for-prcast|an destroy, afflict. contrition. 


~e av. at once, instantly. 

for-pringanf 3 protect : hie him - 
protect them from him. 

for-prycc|an press ; overwhelm ; 
oppress, afflict ; suppress, stop., -yced- /. pressure, op- 

forp-ryne m. course, flow (of river). 

for-prysm(i)an throttle, strangle, 
choke (growth). 

forp-gesceaftf / created things, 




creation coll. ; future state or 
condition, the future. 

forpscipe m. progress Bd. 

forp-geslenef visible. 

forp-sip m. departure ; death. 

~ian die. 

forp-snottor very wise. 

forp-spell n. declaration. 

forp-spownes/. prosperity. 

forp-tiege (.) porch, vestibule. 
Cp. foretlege. 

forp-pegn m. noble. 

forp-weard m. pilot. 

forp-weard I. inclined forward, 
tending ; advanced, forward (of 
undertaking or work), progressing, 
growing, ready ; future, in future ; 
continual, everlasting. II. -*, for- 
weardf once av. in future, always. 

~es av. forwards. 

forp-weg m. forward way, de- 
parture on ~, in ~ away. 

forp-wif n. matron. 

forp-gewitan 6 go forth ; of time 
pass by ptc . forpgewiten past 
(deeds, ten^e) ; die. 

forp-gewiten(n N ;es/. departure. 

for-pyldigian, -pyld(e)gian,-pyl- 
gian bear patiently, endure. 

for-pylman choke ; t envelope, 
encompass, cover, overwhelm. 

forp-yppan display, reveal. 

for'Utan av., prp. wd. except Z. 

for-wana = *forwena. 

for-wand|ian hesitate: hi -iap 
pset M swa ne don h. to do so. 

-igende hesitating, respectful, 

-ung/. shame. 

forweardf = *forpweard. 

for-weax|an i grow too much 
ptc. -en overgrown, too big. 

for-weddian pledge. 

for-wegan 5 kill. 

for - wel av. very well, very, much. 

for-wenjan ptc. ~ed insolent. 

for-wena*, -wana once m. pre- 
sumption (?). 

for-weornian wither away, fade, 
decay [forwesan]. 

for-weoron ptc. of *forwesan. 

for-weorpan 3 throw ; throw 
away ; reject, repulse ; squander. 

for-weorpan 3 perish ; ~ on mode 
be grieved. 

for-weorpfullic very illustrious. 

for-werian wear out ptc. ~ed, 

-od worn out (clothes), extreme 
(old age). 

for-we rednes /. extreme old age, 

forweren ptc. of *forwesan. 

for - wes|an* 5 ptc. -weren, -we- 
oronf, -woren decayed, worn 

-ing/, destroying. 

for'Wierrran -wdg. prevent from, 
restrain, oppose ; refuse, deny 

-edlice av. with abstinence. 

~ednes/. self-restraint, continence. 

for-wisnian, eo wither up, decay. 

for-witolnes = fore-. 

for-wlencan make proud, puff up. 

for-worden lie perishable [for- 

~(n)es/. failure (of crops) vL. 

forworen ptc . of *forwesan. 

for-wracned banished. 

for-wrecan 5 banish, expel ptc. 
forwrecen exiled, strange. 

for'wregan accuse, calumniate. 

for-writan 6 cut through. 

for'wripan 6 bandage (wound). 

for-wundian wound. 

for-wundorlice av. very wonder- 

for-wyrcan prt. -orhte, -yrhte 
barricade, obstruct (road, bridge 1 ), 
dam up ; destroy, ruin ; forfeit ; 
rfl. incur guilt, perdition | ptc. 
forworht guilty, wrong-doing, 
convicted, condemned, mined ; 
~ mann criminal. 

for- wyrd/w. destruction, ruin [for- 

-an perish. 

~endlic perishable. 

for w yrhte, see forwyrcan. 

fossere m. spade \_Lt. fossorium]. 

fostor, -er, fester- n. feeding, 
sustenance, food. 

-beam n. foster-child. 

-bropor m. foster-brother. 

~cild n. foster-child. 

~faeder m. foster-father. 

-land n. 'foster-land,' endowment. 

-lean n. payment or reward for 
keep of a child. 

-ling m. foster-child. 

-mann m. security. 

-modor/. foster-mother. 

-sweostor/. foster-sister. 

fosternop m. sustenance; pasturage. 


fostrap m. food, provisions. 

fot /., //. fet, oe, -as foot ; foot 

~adl/. gout. 

-bred n. stirrup. 

-cosp, -cops m. fetter. 

-copu/. gout. 

ge~cypsed fettered [fot-cosp]. 

-ece m. gout. 

-feter/. fetter. 

-last, ;//. footstep, track ; step 

-lie pedestrian. 

-mfikl n. foot (measure). 

-mselum av. step by step. 

-gemearcf . measurement by 
feet, space of a foot. 

-gemet n. fetter (!). 

-rap m. part of a sail. 

-scamol m., -setl n. footstool. 

-Sid reaching to the feet (of cloak). 

-spor n. footprint. 

-spure (?) n. foot-rest, -stool vL. 

-Stan m. pedestal. 

-sw^aBp n. footprint ; foot. 

-swyle m. swelling of the foot. 

-pweal n. washing the feet. 

-gewsede n. foot-clothing. 

-waerc m. gout. 

-welna, -wolma m. sole of the foot. 

fopor, -er n. food , fodder ; load 
(measure); covering, case; basket. 

foporn (m.) a surgical instrument, 
lancet 0). 

fox m. fox. ~es-clate /. burdock, 
-es-clife f. greater burdock. 
~es-fot m. bur reed (a water- 
plant). ~es-glofe, ~es-clofe '. 

-hyll m. fox-hill Ct. 

-ung/. craftiness. 

fracop, fracod, vE . frcecup I. vile, 
shameful, nasty, abominable ; hate- 
ful, wicked, bad, useless. II. . 
disgrace, insult ; wickedness [C/>. 

-e av. shamefully. 

-lie shameful, ignominious, wicked. 

-lice av. wickedly, with evil intent, 

-(lic)nes/. vileness, lewdness. 

-scipe m. vileness, disgraceful 


fraBc = frec. 

fraecup = fracop. 

fraefele = frefele. 




gefr&gef I. mine - as 1 
have heard say. II. aj. celebrated, 

gefraegen, see fricgan. 

fraegn/r/. </frignan. 

gefraegnodt once. For gefrec- 
nod (? ). 

fraeng = fraegn prt. </frignan. 

gefT83p(pe)gian IN. accuse ; re- 
verence (!). 

fratf, elf obstinate, defiant, proud. 

~ig, f proud, perverse. 

frfiet/rt. o/fret&n. 

fraet-gengia vE. m. apostasy (!) 

frrot-lfflppa m. dewlap. 

frsBtw|a, -e, ge- fpl. ornaments, 
trappings, armour, treasures [ge- 

~(i)an, -tew- adorn. 

-ednes/ ornament. 

-ung/. ornament. 

gefragian learn by asking IN. 

fram, freom vigorous, bold, brave. 

-lice av. vigorously, boldly, 

-nes/. vigour. 

-scipe m. action. 

fram I. prp. w. d., i. motion (away) 
from : hi -wurdon gegripene 
- moderlicum breostum ; pa. 
he him ~ wolde, J?a gefeng he 
hine | distance, extent : feower 
mila - J)8m mupan ; - see 
oj> ate | time : ~ hancrede oj> 
undern | origin, source : swa 
micel ege stod deoflum ~ cow 
Jjset . . agent (with passive}: 
wearj) adrifen of his biscep- 
dome ~ Ecgferpe cyninge | 
privative : freoh - deapes sar- 
nesse; bugon ~ Oodes ge- 
leafan ; allesan ~ . . II. av. 
away : - gan depart ; ~ ic ne 
wille I will not run away. 

fram|ian avail, benefit. 

-igendlic effective (medicine). 

fram-byge m. apostasy. 

fram-cyme m. progeny, descen- 

fram-cynn . progeny, offspring ; 
lineage ; origin. 

fram-faru/. excess (!). 

fram-fundung/. departure. 

fram-lad f. retreat. 

framlic turned away from Gl. 

fram-sij) m. departure. 

fram-slitnes/. desolation IN. 

framweard about to depart, de- 
parting ; about to die ; enter- 
prising (?). 

~es av. in a direction away from. 

fran/W. ^frignan. 

franca m. javelin. 

Franc Jan mpl. Franks. 

-land n. France. 

frasian question ; tempt. 

-ung/. questioning ; temptation. 

gefrasian find out by inquiry, learn. 

freaf m. lord, king, consort ; the 
Lord (God or Christ). 

-dry Men m. lord. 

-reccere m. prince. 

~wine m. (beloved) lord. 

-wrasen/. splendid chain. 

frea-beorht, free- very bright ; 

frea-bodian proclaim. 

frea-drieman exnlt. 

frea-faett*, free- very fat. 

frea-gleaw very prudent. 

frea-hraad, free- very quick. 

frea-mefere, free- very famous. 

frea-micel*, free- very great. 

frea-ofestlice*, frse- av. very 

frea-torht very bright. 

frea-wlitig very beautiful. 

free, ae, IN. i ivg. gluttonous, 
greedy, bold (in). 

-lice av. greedily. 

-mase/ titmouse. 

-nes/. greediness. 

frecaf m. bold one, warrior. 

frec|a*, vE. -eo m. glutton. 

frecednes, frecelnes = frecen- 

frecelsian endanger. 

frecen n. danger [frecne]. 

-full, ~(d)lic dangerous. 

-lice av. dangerously. 

~(n)es, frecnes, frecednes, fre- 
celnes/. danger; harm. 

frecn[e, oe I. dangerous ; terrible ; 
daring, bold ; wicked. II. av. 
dangerously ; severely ; boldly. 

~ian ptc. ge-od endangered, 
(fierce, proud. 

frecnes = frecennes. 

gefred|an be sensible of, feel, per- 
ceive ptc . cpv. ~ra more per- 
ceptible [frod]. 

-endlic perceptible. 


gef red [ meelum av. by degrees (!). 

-nes/ perception. 

frefel, ee (.) cunning. 

~e cunning ; bold. 

~ian be cunning. 

-lice, fref(e)Hce av. cunningly ; 


~nes/. cunning, sagacity, 
frefernes/. consolation. 
frefi^an, oe, -ian comfort, con- 

~(i)end ;. comforter, consoler, 
-ung/. comfort, consolation. 
gefregen//c. (/fricgan. 
freht [e = eo?J divination. Cp. 

frem(e)de, fremjje unfamiliar, 

strange ; estranged (from) wd. 

foreign ; devoid of wg. 
fremdian alienate, estrange. 
fremednes, gefrem(ed)nes/. ful- 
fremm|an, fremian tr. further, 

advance, raise fig. ; urge, incite ; 

perform, commit, make, do || wd. 

benefit, do good, profit, avail 

-ing, frg mung, ge-/. performance ; 

frem|u, eo /. benefit, advantage, 

-full beneficial. 
-fullice av. efficaciously, 
-fulnes/ utility. 
-lie profitable. 
-sum beneficial ; kind. 
-sumlice av. kindly. 
-sumnes / benefit ; liberality ; 


Frencisc French [Prancan]. 
freo, freoh, fri(g), //. frige free ; 

fnoble ; tjoyful. 

-beam . freeborn or noble child. 
~borg = frip-. 
-bropor m. own brother, 
-burg/, city 

-dohtor/. freeborn daughter. 
-dom m. freedom. 
~dryhtent m. noble lord. 
-lac n. oblation. 
~l&ta m. freedman. 
~lic(t) noble ; goodly, magnificent ; 

ge~lic IN. free. 
-lice av. freely, without hindrance ; 

-m&gf m. (free) kinsman. 




freojmann m. free man, man. 
-nama m. surname, cognomen. 
~riht w. right of free men, privilege. 
-sceatt m. private property (?). 

freoty lady, woman. 

freo (f.} freedom, immunity Ct. 


freon = freogan. 

freodf f. affection, friendship, 
good- will, peace. 

freo(ga)n, frigan free ; flove. 

gefrigend m. liberator. 

gefreog-, see gefrige. 

freols ;. freedom, immunity, privi- 
lege ; festival, holy day, celebra- 
tion (of festival) [from *fri-hals]. 

-fflfen m. eve of a festival. 

-boc/ charter of freedom. 

-bryce m. breach of festival. 

~dfflg m. festival day, festival. 

-dom m. freedom. 

-gear n. jubilee. 

-giefa m. manumitter. 

-lie festive. 

-lice av. freely ; solemnly. 

~mann m. freedman. 

-stow/, festival-place. 

~tid f. festival time, anniversary. 

freols|ian keep as a festival, keep 
holy, celebrate, keep (Sunday) ; 

-ungy. celebration of festival. 

freond, d. friend, -e ; //. friend, 
eo, ~as friend ; relative ; lover 

-heald friendly. 

-healdlic akin. 

-larty. friendly instruction wadvice. 

-lapuf / friendly invitation. 

-leas friendless. 

-least/, want of friends. 

-lie friendly. 

-lice av. kindly. 

-lufuf f- love, friendship, relation- 

-myndty. love. 

-rseden(n)y. friendship ; love. 

-scipe m. friendship ; love. 

-spedty. abundance of friends. 

-spedig rich in friends. 

freorigf cold ; dispirited, sad, 
terrified [freosan]. 

-ferp, -mod sad. 

freosan, ptc. froren 7 freeze. 

freot m. freedom [freo]. 

-giefa m. manumitter. 

-giefu, -gifty. manumission. 

freot-mann m. freedman. 

freop-, see frip-. 

Fresisc = Friesisc. 

fret|an 5 eat up, devour ; destroy ; 

break [from *for'etan]. 
~ol*, -tt- gluttonous, 
frgttan eat up, consume, devour 

fric /A 7 =frec greedy. 
frician, i dance. 
fricca, y m. herald, crier, 
fricganf 5 ptc. -frigen, e, se, u 

ask, inquire ; mag: question (a 

person) ; tug. seek, 
gefricganf 5 learn by inquiry, 

hear of. 

fricljan wg. seek, desire. 
~of. appetite. 
frico (f.) usury [free]. 
gefriend mpl. beon be on 

friendly terms [freond]. 
Fries a, i, e, if m. Frisian, 
-cyningf m. Frisian king, 
-isc Frisian on - in the Frisian 


-land . Friesland. 
frig = freo. 
frigan =freogan free, 
frigat, i^fpl- love. 
Frige e&fen m. Thursday evening, 
-dfflg, frigdseg m. Friday, 
gefriget, eo . hearsay [gefric- 


frigea m. lord, master [frea]. 
gefrigen//^. ^"fricgah. 
frig(e)nes, ge-y. inquiry, question 

frignjan, frinan, frinnan 3, prl. 

frsegn, freeng, fran,/>/f . frugnen, 

frunen ask, inquire wag., w. a. 

and sefter, w. sly. 
-ung*, frsegningy. questioning. 
gefrignan 3 learn by asking, hear, 
frihtere m. soothsayer [freht]. 
frihtr|ian practise divination, 
-ungy. divination. 
Fris|a, -isc = Fries|a, -isc. 
frist = first. 
frij>, fri(o)pu, eo mn. peace, truce 

habban, niman wip a. be 

at peace, make peace ; security, 

protection ; asylum ; king's peace, 

public order. 
-aj> m. peace-oath, 
-ubeacenf . sign of peace, 
-bena m. petitioner for peace. 
-borg m. surety for peace. 


fripjbrec, eef. (!) breach of peace. 

-(u)burgf f. peace-city, city of 

-candelfy sun. 

-gedalf = *ferhp-. 

-geardf m. enclosure, court. 

-georn pacific. 

-gield n. peace-guild, association 
for public order. 

~gegialda m. member of a peace- 

-gisel m. peace-hostage. 

~hus . asylum, sanctuary. 

-land n. peaceful country. 

~(u)leas, fripsleas outlawed. 

-lie peaceable. 

-mal . article of peace. 

~mann m. one under protection. 

-uscealcf m. messenger of peace. 

-scipe in. peace. 

-usibbfy pledge of peace. 

-socny. asylum, sanctuary. 

-uspedf f. protection, prosperity. 

-splott m. peace-place. 

-stol m. sanctuary, refuge, safe 

-stow/ asylum, refuge. 

-sum pacific. 

ge-sum fortified. 

-utacenf n. sign of peace. 

-upeawasf mpl. peace. 

-uwebrty. peace-agreement. 

-uwangf m. peaceful plain. 

-uwaruty. protection. 

-uweardf m. protector. 

-uwebbaf w. peace- weaver, peace- 

-uwgbbefy. peace-weaver, woman. 

-gewrit n. article of peace. 

frip|ian, eo w d. or a. protect ; 
keep peace towards also w. 
wip a. ; observe (festival). 

-iend m. protector. 

fripa*, eo f m. protector. 

frodf wise ; old wg. (feores). 

~ian be wise. 

frofory/w. consolation ; help ; joy. 

-bocy book of consolation. 

-gast m. spirit of consolation. 

-lie consoling, kind. 

-lice av. kindly. 

-nesy. consolation 

frofrian console. 

frogga m. frog. 

froht = forht afraid . 

frowety lady, woman [German}. 

frox- = forsc frop. 




frugnen, see frignan. 

frum (?) first. 

frum a m. beginning, origin on 
-an at first, weestma -an first- 
fruits ; originator, creator, inven- 
tor, doer, maker ; fchief, king. 

-bearnf . first-born child. 

-bierdling m. youth. 

-byrd /. birth. 

-cgnned first-born ; primitive, ori- 

-cierr m. first time. 

-cneowf n. first generation. 

-cynnt genealogy, origin, native 
country ; race, tribe. 

-garf, -garaf m. chief, general, 

-giefu/. prerogative (!). 

-gield n. first instalment of a man's 
wer (value). 

-gripa m. first-born. Cp. -rlpan. 

-hlwung, eo f. first fashioning or 
forming, creation. 

-hrseglf . first garment. 

-ieldo/ first age. 

~leoht n. first light, dawn. 

~lic original. 

-liehtan dawn. 

-mynet-slege m. first coinage. 

-rsed m. primary ordinance. 

~rasden(n)t f. agreement, period. 

-ripan //. first-fruits. 

-sceaft f. creation; origin, place 
of origin, home ; original state ; 
created being, creature. 

-gesceap n. ^ first) creation. 

-sceapen first-created. 

-sceatt m. first-fruits. 

-scieppend m. creator, originator. 

~scyldtyi original sin. 

-setnes/. authority IN. 

-setnung/. creation IN. 

-sl&p m. first sleep. 

-sprjec f. agreement, promise; 
introductory remarks 

-stapolf m. original condition 

-stemn m. prow (of ship). 

-stol original dwelling, paternal 

-talu f. first statement (of a wit- 

~tid_/i beginning. 

-tihtle/. first accusation or charge. 

-Wfflstm m. first-fruits. 

-weoref . creation. 

-geweorc n. first construction. 
m. first fervonr. 

frum [ wafting/, first marriage. 

-gewrit n. deed, document. 

-wyrhta m. creator. 

frunen/Sr. of frignan. 

frungon, see frignan. 

frycca = fricca. 

frymdig, i inquiring, inquisitive ; 
desirous beon entreat. 

frymetling/. young cow. 

frymp, -u f. origin, beginning ; 
created being, creature. 

-elic original, primitive. 

-ieldo/ first age. 

frymp = fiermp, 

frysca m. kite, bittern. 

fugljian fowl, catch birds. 

-ere m. bird-catcher, fowler. 

-op, fugelnop m., ~ung/. fowling. 

fugol, -el m. bird, fugles bean 
vetch, fugles leac (?). fugles 
wise larkspur. 

-bana m. fowler. 

-cynn n. bird-kind, species of bird. 

-dfflg m. poultry- day (at dinner). 

-doppe/. water-bird. 

-htelsere m. angur. 

-hwata m. augur. 

-lim (m.) bird-lime. 

-nett n. fowler's net. 

-timber n. young bird. 

-treow n. perch. 

-wielle abounding in birds. 

-wiglere, -weohlere m. augur. 

fuht damp. 

ful I. foul, putrid ; unclean, im- 
pure ; vile, wicked ; convicted (of 
crime), guilty. II. n. foulness, 
impurity, dirt ; guilt, offence. 

-beam. m. black alder. 

-e av. foully. 

-lie dirty ; repulsive. 

~(l)iee av. foully, impurely, wick- 

-nes, fy- /. foulness ; stench. 

-(e)stincende stinking. 

-etreow n. black alder. 

fulian decay. 

fulgon/r/.//. ^"feolan. 

full n. cup. 

full I. full wg. (w. mid d.\ high 
(tide) hand- wg., a. hand -e 
handful; complete, perfect, be 
-an fully, completely. II. av., 
wk. form fol, fully, completely, 
very: - twa gear, - oft very 
often, - neah almost. 

fullian fulfil, perfect. 


full|ian* whiten, full (cloth), 

-ere m. fuller. 

fullian = fulwian baptize. 

fulla m. assembly (?) Ct. 

fullest, -est, -ast/. help. 

-an, -estan wd. help. 

full-berstan 3 intr. break com- 

full-betan make full amends. 

full-boren bom complete ; noble- 

fulTbrecan 4 violate. 

full-bryce m. complete violation 
(of peace). 

full'don vb. satisfy. 

full-gedrifen ivg. driven full, filled 
(with wild beasts, of the earth). 

full-endian complete. 

fulTfealdan i explain (!). 

full-fleon 7 flee away completely (!). 

fuU-frem|man, -fremian com- 
plete, perfect, fulfil, practise, ptc. 
-ed perfect. 

~edlice av. perfectly. 

-ednesy! perfection, fulfilment. 

full-fylgan wd. obey, follow. 

fuU-fyUan fulfil. 

full'gan, -gangan vb. wd. finish, 
accomplish, perform, follow 
(desire); obey; imitate; help. 

full'growan i grow to maturity. 

full-healden contented GL 

full-maBgen n. great power. 

full-mannod fully peopled. 

full-truwian confide. 

full-pungen fully grown. 

fulluht, fulwiht n. baptism. 

~b89}> n. font, baptism. 

-bena m. competitor Gl. 

-ere, fulwere /. baptist. 

-feeder m. baptizer. 

-had m. baptismal vow. 

-nama m. Christian name. 

-stow / baptistry. 

-tld/i time of baptism. 

-peawas mpl. rite of baptism. 

-pegnung, -pen-/, baptism. 

-wer m. baptist. 

fulluhtian baptize. 

fullunga av. fully IN. 

full-wyrcan complete ; commit 

fulon </ feolan. 

fultum, -earn, -em m. help ; army, 
forces [full, team]. 

-leas without help, at a loss. 

fultumian, fulteman -wd. help. 



fultum|end, -lend, ge- m. helper. 

i'ulw|ian, fullian baptize ; ~ frani 
purify by baptism from (sins). 

~ere m. baptist. 

fundjian w. of, to set out, de- 
part ; hasten ; go whither one 
intends, go (to), tend ; aspire, 

~ung/ departure. 

furh, g. fure, d. fyrh/. furrow. 

furh* fir. 

-wudu m. fir. 

furlang . furlong [furh, lang]. 

furpuru,furpon av. time first, just : 
sippan - swealg eorpe Abeles 
blode when . . first ; pa hie pset 
geweorc ~ ongunnen hsefdon 
| even : he wenep furpon past be 
niann ne sy ; ~ senne man ; se 
gitsere wile mare habban.ponne 
he ~ orsorh ne brycphisgenyht- 
sumnisse although as it is . . 

furpumlic luxurious, effeminate. 

furpor, IN. forpor av. further, for- 
wards | quantity further higher 
(in rank or consideration), more 
don promote. 

furpra aj. cpv. higher, greater (in 
rank or consideration) ; pre- 

fus ready or eager to set out, 
hastening ; ready, prompt ; brave ; 
noble, excellent ; about to die, 
dying [fundian]. 

-leop . death-song, dirge. 

-lie ready ; excellent. 

~llce av. readily, gladly. 

fyht- = feoht-. 

fyhtan*, i moisten [fuht]. 

fyl-werig = fi ell-. 

1 ylnes = fulnes. 

fylan defile [ful]. 

gefyleje . troop, regiment ; army 

~a m companion, friend. 

fylc(i)an collect, marshal (army) 
L. [Scand.]. 

fyld-stol = fealde-. 

fylg|an, fyli(g)an = folgian fol- 
~end m. follower, observer. 

fylgjendlic to be imitated. 

-estre/. follower. 

-ing/ following.; observance. 

fyll|an w.a. and g., i. or mid fill, 

fill up (gap\ supply (want), cram ; 

satisfy (with food), satiate ; wa. 

fulfil, complete [full], 
-(ed)nes, ge-f. satiety ; fulfilment ; 

-end m. performer, 
ge-endlic expletive (in grammar), 
-ing/, filling, 
ge-ing-tld/. compline, 

-flod m high tide. 
fyllo / fullness, fill ; repletion, 

plenty, feast ; impregnation, 
fylst/. help [fullffistan]. 
ge~a m. helper. 
-an wd. help. 
-end m. helper. 
fylp/. filth, impurity [ful]. 
fyndele/ invention [findan]. 
fyne i m.) mould (fungoid growth), 
fynig*, i mouldy. 
-ian*, i become mouldy, 
fyr n. fire ; a fire. 
-b&re fiery. 

-bsept n. bath of fire, flames, 
-bendf m. fire-hardened fastening 

(of door). 

-gebeorg . fire-screen (?). 
-beta m. fireman. 
~gebr<BCt n. roaring of flames. 
-bryne m. conflagration, fire, 
-clamrnt m. = -bend, 
-cruee/. crucible. 
-cynn n. fire (?). 
-draca m. fire-dragon. 
-en fiery ; on fire. 
-feaxeri with fiery hair, 
-gearwunga fpl. materials for 

a fire. 

-gnastf m. spark of fire. 
-hatf hot as fire. 
-heardf hardened by fire. 
-hus n. room with fireplace. 
~leohtf n. light of fire. 
-leomaf m. flash of fire. 
locat m, fiery prison. 

mark of fire. 

-panne f. firepan. 

-race*, ferrece/. fire-iron. 

-Bcofl/l fire-shovel. 

-smeortende smarting like a burn. 

-spearca m. spark. 

-stan. m. flint. 

-sweartf black with fire. 

-tang/, fire-tongs. 

-torr m. lighthouse. 

-polle/. gridiron. 

-wielmf m. flame. 

fyran castrate. 

fyrian tr. supply with fire, keep 

f^rian once cut Gl. [furh]. 

tyrclian flash vL. [fyr]. 

fyr(e)st I. first (in order) ; first 
(in rank). II. av. first [fore]. 

fyrh, see furh. 

fyrht|an, IN. fryhta frighten 
ptc. (ge)fyrht afraid || intr. fear 
IN. [forht]. 

-nes/. fear. 

fyrhto, IN. fryhto/ fear. 

fyrmest, fo-, IN. and IA. forp- 
rnest spl. of forma I. ivg. first 
(in number) ; first (in rank). 
II. av. first (in time) ; first (in 
order), most in front ; chiefly, 
most swa he - maeg to the 
extent of his power, as far as he 

fyrs m. furze. 

gefyrst (.) frost [forst]. 

fyrstig frosty [forst]. 

fyrpr|an, -ian advance, further, 
promote; benefit, protect [furpor]. 

ge~a m. promoter. 

-ung/ furthering. 

fysan, -ian tr. send forth, dis- 
charge (arrow) ; drive away, expel, 
banish ; impel, incite II intr., rfl. 
hasten [fus]. 

fyst/. fist. 

-gebeat n. fighting with fists. 

ge~lian beat with the fists. 

-slaegen struck with the fist. 

fyxen, fyxe/. she-fox [fox]. 

~h^d/ skin of she-fox. 

fyxen of a fox. 





gan, gangan, lA r . geonga; 
(he) geep, prt. code, fgeng, 
fg?ngde, ptc. gegangen vb. 
walk, go, come, proceed gan- 
gende menn infantry; also met. 
of origin \ happen, turn out | be- 
long met. : ne gsep na mare to 
metinge buton paet pu hit 
geseo all that is required for 
understanding a picture is . . || 
forp - go or come out ; continue 
of time, action. up~ rise (<?/"sun, 

gegan vb. go,, proceed, also wa. : 
t~ gryresipas ; of time pass ; 
happen || tr. practice, exercise ; 
overrun, occupy (country), take 

gabote/ small dish Gl. 

gad/, goad, point. 

-Isen n. goad. 

gadf, B n. want, lack wdg. 

gegada, gada m, companion, asso- 

gaderjscipe, gas- m. matrimony. 

-tang continuous, united. 

-tangnes/ continuation. 

-wist/, association, intercourse. 

ge~wyrhtan mpl. assembled work- 

gaderung/. assembly. 

gadrjian, gsedleir- tr. gather, 
collect, store up. 

gegadr ian tr. collect || intr. col- 
lect together. 

~ung / coming together, conflux ; 
assembly, congregation. 

gffidf once, (M.) fellowship. 

gffidelingf m. companion, kins- 

gffll|an hinder, impede ; wag. hinder 
from, prevent from obtaining || 
intr. delay [gal]. 

-ing/ delay. 

gaelsa m. wantonness, pride [gal]. 

gaers, grass n. grass ; young com ; 

-bedd . grave. 

g8Brs|cip m. blade of grass or corn. 

-grene grass-green. 

-hoppa m. grasshopper. 

-ierp / grass-land. 

-molde/ sward. 

-(s)tapa m. grasshopper. 

~swin n. pastured pig. 

-tun m. meadow. 

-tundic m. meadow-dike Ct 

-wang m. sward. 

g8ersum(a) = gersum. 

gaesne, e, ea barren ; wg. deprived 
of, without ; wanting, scarce ; 

geest = giest guest. 

geest = gast spirit. 

gsestant afflict, torment. 

gaestlicf once dreary (J). 

gat//, of ga.t goat. 

geaten of goats. 

gfiBp (he) goes. 

(ge)gaf-sprtfec/ foolish talk, scur- 

gafelian rent Ct. 

gafeloc m. javelin. 

gaffetung/ scoffing. 

gafol, go- n. tax, tribute ; rent ; 
usury, interest. 

~bere m. barley given as rent. 

-gield n. tribute (?). 

-gielda m. tributary ; debtor ; 

-gieldere m. tributary. 

~heord /. hive of bees subject to 
a tax. 

-hwltel m. tribute-blanket paid as 
the equivalent of rent or tribute. 

~ifrj>/. tribute-land, rented land. 

-land n. tribute-land, rented land, 
land liable to taxation. 

-lie fiscal. 

-mefed /. tribute-meadow, meadow 
whose mowing was part of the 
obligation of its renter. 

-manung / place of tribute, cus- 

-pgning, -ig m. tribute-penny, 
penny paid as tax or rent. 


gafol |r8den(n)/ tribute, rent. 

-gerefa m. publican. 

-swan m. tribute-herdsman, swine- 
herd who rents land for feeding 
his pigs. 

-tyning /. material for fencing as 
equivalent of rent. 

-wudu m. wood as equivalent of 

gafol/ fork. 

-rand m. pair of compasses. 

gagat es, -Stan m. agate. 

gagel m. (?), gagelle, -olle/ gale, 
sweet gale (a plant). 

-cropp m. top or catkins of gale. 

gagol, gsegl wanton, lascivious. 

-befere* wanton. 

-bafernes/ wantonness. 

gagul-swillan [or two words 1] 
gargle Gl. Cp. geagl. 

gal I. wanton, frivolous ; proud ; 
wicked, bad. II. n. wantonness, 
folly ; pride ; wickedness, evil. 

-ferhpf lascivious, lustful. 

-freols m. revel Gl. 

-full lustful, licentious. 

-fullice av. lustfully. 

-lie lustful, sensual. 

-mod licentious. 

-nes, gse-/ licentiousness ; (boyish) 
levity, folly. 

-scipe m. wantonness, lascivious- 
ness ; pride. 

-smiere given to joking and laugh- 

gal | an 2 sing; scream (of bird); 
intr. sing charms, practise incan- 

-end, -ere, galdre m. enchanter, 

-ung/ incantation. 

Gal-w(e)alas mpl. Gauls, French- 
men; France [Z./. Oallia]. 

gambef / tribute. 

gamelian grow old. 

gamen n. amusement, game, sport, 
exhibition of skill, &c., merri- 
ment, joy ; jesting, joke. 




gamen lie, gamelic belonging to 

games, theatrical, 
-lice av. deceitfully, 
-wapt/ path of joy. 
-wuduf m. wood of mirth, harp, 
gamen [ian, gamn-, ee play; jest, 


~ung/i amusement; jesting. 
gamolf old [ge-, mael]. 
~feax grey-haired. 
-ferhp old. 

ganjian yawn [ginan]. 
~\ing/. yawning. 
gan(d)ra m. gander. 
gang m. going, progression, gait ; 

path, track, bed (of river) ; flow, 

stream ; course (of time) ; drain, 


-aern, -era n. privy. 
-dagaa m. Rogation days. 
-ehere m. infantry, 
-pytt #z.,~setl ., -stol m. privy, 
-geteld n. pavilion, 
-tun m. privy. 
~weg m. road, cart-road. 
~vro.ce/. Rogation week, 
gegang m. event, result. 
gange - wifre, gangel - wsefre, 

-weafre_/. spider [gan, wefan]. 
ganot m. gannet, sea-bird f ~es 

beep sea. 

ganra = gandra. 
garf m. javelin, spear. 
-beam m. javelin-shaft. 
-berend m. warrior. 
-cene brave, warlike, 
-clifey. agrimony (a plant) Pr. 
-cwealm m. slaughter, 
-dene//, ^warlike) Danes. 
~faru/l warlike expedition. 
-hesp m. warlike troop. 
-holt n. javelin (-shaft). 
-leac garlic Pr. 
-meting*, -mitting/. battle, 
-nip m. war. 
-rees m. battle. 

~secg, gasric m. ocean, sea Pr. 
-torn m. rage of battle, 
-getrurn n. band of warriors. 
-pracu^ battle, 
-priste brave. 

-wiga, -wigend m. warrior, 
-gewinn n. battle, violence. 
-WTidtl m. javelin, 
gara m. triangular piece (of land), 


gasric = gar-sf eg. 

gast, el m. breath ; mind, spirit, 
soul ; life ; spirit, angel, sprite, 
demon ee halga - the Holy 

-banaf m. devil. 

-berend-f m. living being, man. 

-coi'af m. breast, mind. 

-cund spiritual. 

-cwalut/ torment, affliction. 

-cyningt m. God. 

-gedalf . death. 

-giefu/ gift of the Spirit. 

-haligf holy. 

-gehygdt . thought. 

-leas dead. 

-lie spiritual. 

-lice av. spiritually. 

-lufefy! spiritual love. 

-gemynd'f n. thought. 

-geniplaf m. devil. 

-gerynef . spiritual mystery. 

-SUnu-) 1 m. spiritual son. 

-gewinnf n. trouble of soul, afflic- 

gat, //. geet f. goat, -e-treow 
cornel - tree. - e-pyrne goat's 

-bucca m. he-goat. 

-hierde m. goatherd. 

ge cj. and. ge . . ge both . . and. 

ge, gle ye. 

gea, ia, A. gee, gee av. yes : cwsep 
ia wip consented. 

geac m. cuckoo. ~es sure wood- 

geador av. together on- to- 

geafl-, see gafol fork. 

geaflas nipl. jaws. Cp. ceafl. 

geagl mn. jaw. 

-swile m. swelling of the jaw. 

geaglisc, geg- frolicsome, wanton. 

geal-adly; jaundice [gealla]. 

gealdor, a . incantation, charm ; 
magic ; divination. 

-craft m. magical art, magic, 

-craeftiga m. magician. 

-cwide m. incantation. 

-galend, -galere m. enchanter. 

-leop n. incantation. 

-word n. magic word, incanta- 

gealdricge/ sorceress. 

gealg* sad. 

-mod sad. 


gealg|a m. gallows, gibbet, cross 
(for crucifixion). 

-treow, IN. galgatre . gallows, 

gealla m. gall, bile. 

geall a m. gall, sore on the skin. 

-ede galled (horse). 

gealloc*, a m. comfrey (a plant). 

gean-, ggn- = ongean-. 

-boc f. duplicate charter, counter- 

-cwide m. reply ; pi. conversation. 

-fasr n. return. 

-hweorfan 3 return intr. 

-hwierft m. turning back intr. 

-hworfennes/ return. 

-hvtrurf m. return Gl. 

~nes/i meeting Gl. 

-paep /;/. hostile path. 

-ryne m. meeting. 

-siege m. fight. 

-pingian reply. 

gean-wyrde or gean-wyrde 
he pees - wees he confessed it. 

geanol coming to meet, on the 
road to Gl. 

geap crooked, curved ; cunning, 
deceitful, fsteep, lofty, projecting, 

-lie deceitful. 

-lice av. deceitfully, cunningly. 

-nebbf ? (^/"corslet). 

-scipe m. deceit, cunning. 

gear, ger n. year ; the Runic let- 
ter g. 

-cyning m. consul Gl. 

-dagasf mpl. lifetime ; days of 
yore. Cp. geara. 

-hwamlice av. yearly. 

-lie yearly, of the year. 

-lice av. yearly. 

-medium av. year by year. 

-market . yearly market ICt. 

-gemearcf . period of a year. 

-geriht n. yearly due. 

-rimf, -gerimf . number of 

-getffll n. number of years. 

-torhtf bright every year, bright 
in season (of crops, &c.). 

-pegnung, -penung/i annual ser- 
vice (of the church}. 

gear-wutol austere IN. 

geara av. long ago, formerly. 

gearcian prepare, supply [gearo]. 

gearcung/ preparation. 

(ge)-dfflg m. preparation-day 


geard m. fence ; enclosure, court- 
yard ; dwelling. 
geare av. = gearwe. 
gearn n. yam. 
-winde/ reel. 

gearo, IM. iare ; pi. gearwe ready, 
-brygdf/ quick movement, 
-folmt with ready hand, 
-gangende \ going swiftly. 
-lice av. completely, well. 
~snot(t)orf wise, skilled (in) wi. 
-pancolf very wise or prudent. 
-wita once, m. understanding, know- 

-witol* ready-witted, 
-witolnes/. sagacity. 
-wyrdigf eloquent. 
gearor cpv. </ gearwe av. 
gearwjian make ready ; make, do ; 


(ge)~ung/. preparation. 
gearw|a*, ~ef fpl. clothing, orna- 
ments, armour. 
gearw|e /. yarrow (a plant) 

~an-leaf mallow. 
gearwe, geare av. completely ; 


geat, pi. gatu n. gate. 
-torrf in. gate-tower. 
-weard m. porter, 
geatan L. grant. Cp. gea [Scand."] . 
geatolict adorned, splendid. 
geatw|a, ~et fpl. armour, orna- 
ments [getawe]. 
geapf foolishness; mockery, 
gegn* direct pa genran wegas. 
gegn- = gean-. 
gggnumt not W. av. forwards, 


gegningaf not W., gea-, gen-, 
-unga av. straight forwards, 
direct ; altogether, entirely ; with- 
out doubt, certainly. 
gehpu = geohpu. 
gellet basin. 
gemung/. marriage IN. 
-ian marry IN. 
-lie nuptial IN. 
gen- = g?gn-, gean-. 
gen not W. (+), le, gena, geno, 
IN. geona av. often preceded by 
pa, nu | continuation still, yet : 
pifer he - ligep so also nu -(a) 
pa -(a) still ; ne WEBS me feorh 
pa gen not yet ; geornor ponne 
he - dyde | further : hierde ic 
secgan - be sumum fugle 


so also pa - | still w. cpv. : - mare, 
gena swetre || now, in the im- 
mediate future : gif he his - 
wolde gepafa weorpan paet . . ; 
- ic pe feores unnan wille, gif 
pu . . || repetition again : pa - seo 
feemne spraec. Cp. giet. 

geng/r*. </gan. 

gengan (f) go only in prt. [gan]. 

gegenga m. fellow-traveller ; com- 
panion, associate [gan]. 

genge n. troop, gang ; privy. 

gegenge n. troop, gang. 

genge having influence, effective, 

geno = gen. 

genunga = gegninga. 

geo, (g)iu av. formerly, of old. 
letedf/. former deed. 

-leant n. reward for past action. 

-mann m. man of old. 

-meowlet/. (?). 

-sceaftt/ destiny. 

-sceaft-gastt m. doomed sprite. 

-winet nt. departed friend. 

geoc, iuc n. yoke ; yoke of oxen ; 
a measure of land ; IN. wife (!). 

-boga m. yoke. 

-ian yoke. 

-led, iucleete ., iocleta m. a mea- 
sure of land. Cp. scirlett. 

-stecca t. part of a yoke. 

~tiema*, e m. one of a team, 
animal yoked with another Gl 

geoc(t)/ help ; consolation ; safety. 

-end m. preserver. 

-ian preserve, save w. g. or d. 

geocort full of hardship ; sad. 

geocre av. severely. 

geocs a = *giexa sob. 

-ung/. sobbing. 

geofont, y, i n. ocean, flood. 

-flod m. sea. 

-hus n. sea-house (the ark). 

-yp/. wave. 

geog(e;lere m. magician. 

geogop, eof, iug- /. (period of) 
youth ; young persons, youth ; 
new-born animals. 

-cnoslf n. young progeny. 

-feorht n. (period of) youth. 

-had m. (state of) youth. 

-hadnes/ (state of) youth Bd. 

-lie youthful. 

-lust m. lusts of youth. 

~myru* f.,g. -myrwet once youth- 
ful joy (?). 



geohhol = geol. 

Ejeohsa = *giexa sob. 

ejeol, ge(o)hhol, geohel . Yule, 
Christmas on - at Christmas ; 
also pi. : SBT -urn [Z/. Julius]. 

-dseg m Yule-day se eeresta- 

-mo nap m. December. 

geola m. se Srra- December, 
se sefterra - January. 

geoloca, geol(e)ca m. yolk (of 
egg) [geolo]. 

geolo, pi. geolwe yellow. 

~hwit pale yellow. 

-randf m. yellow shield. 

-read reddish yellow. 

geolstor, vE. gelostr nm., gillis- 
ter ., gillistre /. poisonous 
secretion, pus, matter. 

geolstrig secreting poison, puru- 

geoluling*, giu- (m.} July (?). Cp. 

geolwian become yellow. 

geomor sad, mournful. 

~e av. sadly. 

-frodt old. 

-gieddt n. dirge. 

-lie sad. 

-lice av. sadly. 

-modt sad. 

geomer ian, geomr- mourn, com- 

-ung/. moaning; mourning, lamen- 

geon once that, yonder. 

geond, i I. pt-p. -wa. throughout of 
extension and motion ; of time 
during. II. av. thither. 

geondan//7>. beyond fram- see. 
Cp. begeondan. 

geond-blawan i inspire (?) 

geond'breedan cover (with cloth, 


geond-drencan intoxicate, 
geond-faran tr. traverse, pervade, 
geond-feolan q,ptc. -folen fill wi- 
geond-feran traverse. 
geond-flowan i flow through, 
geond-folen, see -feolan. 
geond-gan vb. traverse. 
geond-geotan 7 pour over, flood, 


geond-hierdan harden thoroughly. 
geond'hweorfan 3 traverse ; pass 

through (mind), 
geond-iernan 3 run over. 




geond-lacanf i traverse. 

geond'leccjan moisten throughout, 

-ing/, watering. 

geond-liehtan illumine. 

geond-menganf confuse (mind). 

geond-sawan i scatter. 

geond-sceawian survey. 

geond'scinan 6 shine on, illumi- 

geond-scripan 6 traverse. 

geond-secan investigate ; pervade. 

geond-sendanf overspread (with 
army) wi. 

geond-seon 5 survey. 

geond-smea(ga)n investigate, dis- 

geond-speetan syringe. 

geond-sprengan sprinkle over. 

geond-sprmgan 3 pervade (?) 

geond-sprutan 7 pervade. 

geond-stregdan, -stredan sprin- 
kle over. 

geond-styrian agitate. 

geond-pencan consider, contem- 

geond"wadan 2 study, be versed in. 

geond'wlitan 6 see through, gaze 
all over. 

geong, iung, cpv. gingra, spl. gin- 
g(e)st young. 

-Isecan be growing up, be young 

-lie, geonlic young. 

-licnes/. youth. 

-ling m. youth. 

geongr ja, i m. youth ; disciple, fol- 
lower ; attendant, vassal. 

-e*, i/. attendant. 

geongor|dom, -scipe m. vassal- 
age \jOld Saxon\. 

geopanf 7 swallow. 

geormant-laf (/), georman- 
leaf n. mallow. Cp. gearwan- 

georn wg. desirous, eager ; zealous 
TV. ymb. 

~e av. eagerly ; earnestly ; well, 

~full eager wg. ; zealous, diligent. 

-fullic zealous. 

-fullice av. zealously, diligently. 

-fulnes/ desire, eagerness ; zeal. 

-lie desirable. 

-lice av. diligently, zealously ; ac- 

georn(,n)es/ zeal. 

georstu A. interj. Oh. 

geostran = giestran. 

geotlan 7 pour ; shed ; cast (in 

metal) || intr. flow ende h$re 

overwhelming army. 

-end m. artery Gl. 

-endlic*, -enlic fluid Gl. 

-ere m. (brass) -founder. 

geoxa - *giexa sob. 

ger = gear year. 

gerla (m.) tribute IN. 

gersum, se mn., -a, m. treasure, 
gift \Scand.~\. 

gesca = *giexa sob. 

gesen, iesende, isend, isern en- 
trails Gl. 

gestende, see giestan. 

getan = gietan destroy. 

geten-wyrde consenting, agreeing 

giccan itch. 

giccig once purulent Gl. 

giecel (m.} icicle, ice. Ises - icicle. 

-a m. ice. 

~ig icy. 

-Stan m. piece of ice, hailstone. 

gicpa, ie, io, gihpa, y m. itch ; 
hiccup. Cp. gycenes. 

gidsian = gitsian. 

giedd n. song, poem ; speech ; 
narrative, tale ; proverb, riddle. 

-ian sing ; recite, speak ; discuss, 

-ing/ song ; saying, discourse. 

gief|an 5 wda. give, grant ; give in 

-a m. giver. 

-ungy! granting, consent. 

giefian wd. bestow gifts on, en- 
dow; give. 

giefl n. food, piece of food. 

giefju, gifu /. gift to - e(s) 
gratis ; good thing ; (divine) 
grace ; the Runic letter g. 

-faest gifted ; capable of wg. 

-heallf f. gift-hall, hall in which 
gifts are distributed. 

~ig*, i rich. 

~ol bountiful. 

-olnes/. liberality. 

-sceattf m. gift. 

-stolf ft. throne. 

gield n. payment ; tribute, tax | 
compensation ; stead : on peere 
sunnan - instead of the sun | 
offering (to a god), sacrifice, wor- 


ship; heathen god, idol | guild, 

gield dagas m. guild- or festival- 

-lie of a guild. 

-neden(n) f. membership of a 

-scipe m. association, guild. 

-sester m. a measure. 

gegield . association, guild. 

~a m. member of a guild. 

-heall/ guild-hall. 

~scipe m. guild. 

gieldan 3 wda. pay, pay for; 
give, render ; recompense, requite ; 
punish ; make good, make resti- 
tution; worship (idols). 

gielda m. member of a guild. 

gielde*, e sterile Gl. 

giellan 3 scream, utter cry, sound 

gielm*, -a, e, i m. handful, sheaf. 

gielp m. boasting, arrogance ; fame, 

-cwidef m. boastful speech. 

-en boastful. 

-geornf eager for glory. 

-geornes/. desire of glory. 

-hlaedenf boastful or illustrious (?). 

-lie vainglorious, arrogant ; magni- 
ficent, splendid. 

~lice av. arrogantly. 

-plegaf m. battle, war. 

-sceapaf m. arrogant enemy. 

-sprseci-/. boastful speech. 

-wordf n. boastful word, boast. 

gielp an 3 w.g., rarely i. boast, 

-ing/, boasting, glory. 

giem an wg. take care of; take 
notice of, reflection. 

-end m. keeper, governor. 

-ing f. care ; germing IN. mar- 
riage. See gemuug. 

gleme/. care. 

glemeleas careless, heedless ; neg- 
lected, uncared for; stray (cattle). 

-ian neglect. 

-lie careless. 

-lice av. carelessly. 

-nes/. negligence, carelessness. 

~t, -liesty. negligence, carelessness ; 
being neglected. 

giemen(n) f. taking care of, care, 
guardianship ; government. 

gien = gen. 

giend = geond. 


giendan* once drive prt. gynde, 
e, i. 

giengra = geongra. 

gierd f. rod, twig ; a measure of 
land, rood. 

-weg*, y m. fenced road (?). 

-witef n. rod-punishment, punish- 
ment through Moses' rod. 

gierede,/rA </gierwan. 

gier(e)la, ge- m. dress, clothing. 

gegif relic of clothes. 

giern|an, -ian, eo w. g., after, 
rarely a., w. sbj., w. inf. desire ; 
request, demand [georn]. 

ge-endlic desirable. 

-ing/, desire. 

gierran 3 chatter ; creak. 

gierstan = giestran. 

gierwan prt. gifrede prepare, 

cook (food) : - to m te up 

serve (meal) ; adorn ; clothe, dress 

giese*, i, y, IN. ise av. yes [gea, 

giest, SB ; f A., also I IV. \Scand. 
formf\ m. stranger; guest; 

-fflrn, -ern . guest-chamber, 

~hof n. guest-house. 

-hus n. guest-house, inn. 

~ian be guest, lodge. 

~ig*, gestig strange, being a 
stranger IN. 

-ing*, / exile. 

-life hospitable. 

-lipnes/ hospitality. 

-msBgenf n. troop of guests. 

-selef m. hall for strangers. 

giest m. yeast. 

giestan* ferment (?) gestende 
swelling (madness). 

giestran-, eo, gyrstan-, e(o). 

-sefen m. ~e av. yesterday 

~dfflg(e) av. yesterday. 

-lie*, gysternlic deeg yester- 

-niht av. yesterday night. 

giet, ~a, let av., often w. nu, pa 
prefixed still, yet : gyt me tweo- 
nap ; he nses dead pa - ; hitherto : 
swa he nu ~ dyde ; further, be- 
sides : be psem is - gecweden . . ; 
TV. cpv. still : swipor -. 

gieta = giet. 

gietan*, ef destroy. 


giexa*, geocsa, gihsa, vE. gesca, 
iesca m. sob. See geocsa. 

gif, y ; e, eo cj. tv. indc., sbj. : me 
pyncp betre, ~ eow swa pyncp, 
past . . ; - we sefre msegen : 
whether : pu wast - hit is swa 
we seogan hierdon ; fraegn - 
him wsere niht getse whether 
he had had a pleasant night. 

giferf once (m.) glutton (?). 

gifepef I. granted (by fate). 
II. n. fate, chance. 

gifref once useful (?). 

gif er | lice av. greedily. 

-nes/. greediness, voracity. 

gifre greedy, ravenous ; rapacious ; 

gift/ price of wife ; //. ~a, -u mar- 
riage, wedding [giefan]. 

-bur n. wedding-chamber. 

-hus n. wedding-house. 

-ian give (woman) in marriage IN. 

-leop n. epithalamium. 

~(e)lic belonging to a wedding. 

gigant, if ni. giant \_Lt. gigan- 

~ni8BCgt m. son of a giant. 

gihsa = giexa sob. 

gillister, gillistre = geolstor. 

gilte/ young sow. 

gimni m. gem, jewel ; fsun [Lt. 

-bsbre gem-bearing. 

-cynn n. species of gem, gem. 

-ian adorn with gems. 

-isc jewelled. 

-recedt . palace. 

-stan m. gem, precious stone. 

-wyrhta m. jeweller. 

gimrodor a precious stone. 

gin . yawning gulf, abyss. 

gin-ffflstf ample, liberal (gifts; 

ginan 6 yawn. 

gin ian, geonian be wide open, 
gape [ginan]. 

-ung, geo-/. gaping, yawning. 

gind = geond. 

ging = geong. 

gingifer, gingiber, gingifere / 
ginger [/V.]. 

gingra = geongra. 

ginnt spacious. 

ginnes/. gap, interval. 

ginnan = onginnan begin. 

gip ian*, y yawn. 

-ung oncef. gaping, open mouth Gl. 



giren = grin trap. 

gegiscan once block up Gl. 

giscian sob. 

gis(e)l m. hostage. 

-had m. being a hostage. 

gislian give hostages. 

gistran = giestran. 

git ye two. 

gits ian, gids- -wg. covet, crave, be 
greedy, be avaricious. 

-ere m. covetous man ; miser. 

-ung/. covetousness, desire, avarice. 

gip-corn = gyp-. 

giugup = geogop. 

giung - geong. 

giw, geow (m.) griffin, vulture. 

giwjian, giowianM'. ask, demand, 

-ung/ petition. 

gladjian be glad, exult || tr. make 
glad, cheer [glsed]. 

-ung/. cheerfulness, joy. 

glaed, aet, set I. tbright, clear; 
glad, cheerful, merry ; kind, cour- 
teous. II. n. joyt once. 

-lie bright, splendid ; cheerful, 

-lice av. gladly, cheerfully ; kindly. 

-mod glad, cheerful ; kind, plea- 
sant. kindness, liberality. 

~nes/. joy, cheerfulness. 

-scipe m. joy. 

glasdene, a, e/ iris, gladiolus. 

gleemt ni. brightness, splendour, 

glser, //. glaesas (!) m. amber. 

ajlaes n. glass. 

-fast n. glass vessel. 

-hluttor clear as glass, trans- 

glaesen of glass. 

-eage grey-eyed Gl. 

glaeterian glitter. 

?lappe/. buckbean (?). 

^learn (m.) merriment. 

jleaw, a, A. gleu quick -sighted ; 
sagacious, wise, prudent, clever, 
skilful, skilled in w. g., on d. 

~e av. wisely ; well. 

-ferhpt wise. 

-hycgendet wise. 

-hygdigt, -hydig sagacious, pru- 

-lie wise, prudent. 

-lice av. sagaciously, cleverly. 

-mod wise, prudent. 




gleaw|nes/. sagacity, intelligence, 

-scipe m. sagacity, prudence ; 
proof, indication. 

gled, oe/. live coal ; flame, fire. 

ge~an make hot, kindle. 

-egesaf m. terror of fire. 

-1'fflt . chafing-dish. 

~scoflf. fire-shovel. 

-stede f m. altar. 

gleddian once moisten, daub. 

gledene = glsedene. 

glemm blemish, disfigurement. 

glf ndran devour, swallow. 

geglendrian IN. precipitate. 

glf ng/wz. ornament ; magnificence. 

~an adorn ; trim (lamp). 

ge-endlic magnificent. 

-full, -lie adorned, magnificent. 

gleomaf R. 

gleow = gliw. 

gleslan*, oe gloss, explain \Lt. 

-ing/, glossing. 

glidan 6 glide, slip. 

glida, io m. kite. 

glidder slippery [glidan]. 

gliddrian slip. 

glig = gliw. 

glisjian glitter se ~igenda 
wibba glowworm. 

glisnian glitter. 

gliten ian glitter, shine. 

-ung/. flash. 

gliw, glig, gleo(w), if n. music, 
minstrelsy ; mirth, jest, ridicule ; 

-beam m. musical instrument, 
harp, timbrel (!). 

-crfflft m. music, minstrelsy. 

-dreamf m. music, mirth. 

-georn fond of jesting. 

-hleopriendlie musical. 

-lie mimic. 

-meegden, -ruelden n. female min- 

~mann m. minstrel, musician ; 

-stafasf mpl. joy. 

-stolt m. seat of joy. 

-wordt n. song, poem. 

gliwjian, eo play on musical 
instrument, sing ; play the buf- 
foon, jest, joke ; adorn. 

~(e)re m. buffoon, jester. 

-ung/. mirth. 

glof, -e/. glove. 

gl6f|ung/. providing with gloves. 

-wyrt/. lily of the valley ; hound's 
tongue (a plant). 

gloni twilight. 

-ung f. twilight ; dim light before 

glowan i glow ((/red-hot things). 

gnsett m. gnat. 

gnagan 2 gnaw. 

gnast spark. 

gneap, e niggardly wg. (giefa) ; 
frugal, austere (life). Cp. gniepe. 

~licnes/. frugality. 

gnidan 6 rub ; pulverize. 

gnidel (m.) pestle. 

gniepje scanty [gneap]. 

-ellce*, e av. sparingly, in small 

-elicnes, gnea-, -nes/. frugality. 

gnorn I. (m.} sorrow, affliction. 
II. sorrowful. 

-cearigf sorrowful. 

-hoft n. prison. 

-scyndendet ptc. hastening away 
in sorrow. 

-sorgt/. sorrow. 

-wordt n. sorrowful word or 

gnorn ian intr. grieve, be sorrow- 
ful ; tr. lament. 

-ung/ lamentation ; grief. 

gnyran once creak = gnierran ? 

gnyrnf sorrow, evil. 

-wracut/ enmity. 

gojn* sigh. 

-ung/. sighing, groaning. 

god /., //. -as, -u, gpl. ~a, -ena 
God ; heathen god. 

-beam n. child of God ; god- 

-borg m. ? 

~bot f. atonement made to the 

-cund of God, divine, religious, 

-cundlic divine. 

-cundlice av. by divine power, 

-cundnes /. divinity, Godhead, 
divine quality ; sacred office. 

-dohtor/. god-daughter. 

-dreamf * divine joy. 

-feeder m. God the Father ; god- 

-ferht, y pious. 

-gield n. idol. 

-gieldlic of idols. 


godjgimm m. divine gem. 

-had m. divine nature. 

-ing m. son of God IN. 

-msegen . divinity. 

-modor/. godmother. 

~scyld/. impiety. 

~scyldig impious. 

-sibb m. sponsor. 

~sibbreeden(ny.sponsorial obliga- 

god-spell . gospel. 

-boc/. the Gospels. 

-bodung/. gospel-preaching. 

-ere m. evangelist. 

-ian preach the gospel. 

-isc, ~ic evangelical. 

-traht m. gospel-commentary. 

god|(ge)sprekce n. oracle. 

-sunu m. godson. 

~J>ryrnm m. divine majesty. 

god(e)-webb n. precious or fine 
cloth, purple. 

-cynn n. kind of purple. 

-en of purple. 

-gierla m. cloth of purple. 

-wyrhta m. weaver of purple. 

god-wraec impious, wicked. 

-lie impious. 

-nes/. impiety, wickedness. 

god I. good, cpv. bf tera, bft(f)ra, 
spl. b?t(e)st good in all the MnE. 
meanings \ virtuous, suitable, capa- 
ble | considerable dffil wg. a 

considerable portion, -e Lwile 
av. for some time | of high rank 
his bftera his lord, patron. 
II. n. good : ~ and yfel swa 
hwfflt swa he to -e gedejj his 
good actions ; good action, good- 
ness ; benefit | property ; pros- 

-eeppel, oo = cod-. 

-<l&d / good deed ; benefit. 

-dond m., pi. -dond, e benefactor. 

-leas unfortunate, wretched. 

-lie goodly, noble, magnificent. 

-nes/. goodness ; good thing. 

-scipe m. goodness. 

-spedig rich. 

godjian intr. become better, im- 
prove hit -ode mid him they 
prospered ; be cured, get better 
(of illness) || tr. improve, repair 
(house), reform (morally); enrich, 

gofol = gafol. 

gold n. gold. 




gold|a9htt/ possessions in gold, 
-e-awefen woven with gold. 
-(eibeorhtf bright with gold, 
-bleo(h) . golden colour, 
-bloma m. gold flower (?) (Christ). 
~burgf f. town in which gold is 

-fffltf n. gold vessel. 
-fag variegated or adorned with 


-fell . gold plate, 
-fine m. goldfinch. 
-finger m. third finger, 
-frffitwef.//*/. gold ornaments. 
-fyld covered with gold. 
giefaf fn. lord, patron. 
-h&maf m. golden or gilt corslet. 
-hiltedf having a gold or gilt hilt. 
-hladenf adorned with gold. 
gold-hord nm. treasure, treasury. 
-hus n. privy. 
-ian lay up treasure. 
gold|hrodent adorned with gold. 
-hwaett (?). 
-Ifflfer f., -leaf n. gold leaf or 


-meestling n. brass. 
~maj>mt m. treasure, 
-selef m. hall where gold is dis- 

~smi}> m. goldsmith. 
-smipu/. goldsmith's work, 
-spedigt wealthy. 
-torhtf bright as gold. 
-peof m. stealer of gold, 
-prsed m. gold thread, 
-weardf m. guardian of gold (a 

geweorc n. gold-work, what is 

made of gold 

-winef m. liberal patron, lord. 
-wlancf gold-proud, adorned with 


-wlenc- gold ornament, 
gdma m. palate ; //. goman jaws, 
gop, of once slave, servant (?). 
gor (.) dung, dirt, 
gorettjan, -etan gaze, stare, 
-ung/ gazing, 
gorst, -beam m. furze. 
gOS/. , //. ges, oe goose. 
-fugol m. goose. 
-hafoc m. goshawk. 
got-woj>e/. goatweed (?). 
Gotja m. < ioth. 
-land . Gothland. 
Gotonise Gothic Gl 

gra-scinnon vL. made of grey 

fur [Scant/.]. 
grad m. , ~e/ step of altar ; degree, 

rank \_Lt. grad us]. 
gr&d, geerd (m.~) grass, 
grffide grassy. 

grsfedan (t b) cry out, call out. 
grtedig greedy, covetous, eager for 

wg. ; rapacious, fierce. 
~lice, grrodelica av. greedily, 


-nes/. greediness, greed, covetous- 

grfiBdumf once av. greedily. 
graef n. cave ; grave [grafan]. 
-hus n. grave. 
grfflf (. } style (for writing) [Lt. 

-ere = grafere. 
-seax n. graving-tool. 
grfefa m. grove, thicket, bramble, 

brush-wood (for burning) [graf]. 
grseft m. sculpture, carved object 


-geweorc n. piece of sculpture, 
gr&g grey. 
-hiewe grey Gl. 
-hamaf grey- coated. 
~m&lf grey-coloured. 
gegreeppian seize IN. 
gretan* weep, see gretan. 
graf mn. grove, copse. Q>. grSf-. 
grafan 2 dig, penetrate ; engrave, 


-ere, BB m. carver, sculptor. 
grafett n. trench (?) vlCt. 
gram w.d., wip a. angry; fierce; 

hostile ; oppressive, unkind. 
~bsere passionate, 
-b&rnes/. bad temper, anger, 
-e av. angrily : fiercely ; cruelly. 
-heortt fierce, hostile. 
-hycgendef, ~hygdigt, -by dig 

fierce, hostile, 
-lie fierce, cruel, grievous, 
-lice av. hostilely, fiercely, cruelly. 
-mod fierce, cruel, 
-wordf hostile word or speech, 
gramian rage Gl. 
grama m. anger, 
gramrnatic | crfflft, gramatisc- m. 

grammar \Lt.~\. 
-ere m. grammarian, 
gran ian groan ; lament. 
-ung_/". groaning ; lamentation. 
-least guileless. 


granju/ moustache. 

-fisc m. a fish. 

grapy". grasp [gripan]. 

grapiaii touch, handle, feel || intr. 

-igendlic tangible. 

-ung/; sense of touch. 

grasian graze intr. [grass]. 

gratan //. once groats. 

greada m. liosom. 

great, cpv. ~ra, grietra*, gryttra, 
thick, s-tout, bulky, big ; coarse- 
grained, coarse (salt). ~e -wyrt 
meadow saffron. 

-ian become thick or big. 

-nes/. thickness, bigness. 

Grecisc = Crecisc. 

gremian, gr^mman irritate, pro- 
voke ; revile (!) | gram]. 

gremettan = grymettan. 

grenle, oe green ar orichalcum 


-hfflwen greenish. 

-ian become green. 

-nes/. greenness ; //. plants. 

grennjian grin. 

-ung/. grinning. 

greofa*, greoua twice m. pot 

greosn once gravel, pebble. 

greot n. earth, dust, sand. 

-hordf . body. 

greotan 7 weep. 

grep(e), oe, y f. trench, ditch, 
drain ; burrow. 

gretjan, oe handle, touch : hear- 
pan ~ play the harp ; come to, visit ; 
attack ; treat (subject) ; treat (well 
or ill) : mid yfle - ; have inter- 
course with, cohabit ; greet, salute, 

grating /. greeting, salutation ; 
present as acknowledgement of a 
favour received. 

-hus n. audience-chamber. 

gretanf [e = se] intr. weep || tr. 

grieto /. bulkiness, great size 

grillan irritate, tease. 

grim|at m. mask ; helmet ; ghost, 

-helm m. helmet with visor. 

griming once spectre Gl. 
grimm cruel, fierce; ternble,severe, 

excessive (cold). 
~e av. fiercely ; cruelly, severely. 




grimmlic fierce, terrible; san- 
guinary (battle, victory). 

-lice av. fiercely, severely. 

-nesf. cruelty, fierceness, severity. 

grimmant 3 rage, be proud. 

grimslian rage, be fierce, be exces- 

-ung/. asperity. 

grin, ge-, giren fn. snare, noose, 

~(i)an ensnare. 

gegrindf . grinding together, 
crash, clash. 

grind an 3 tr. grind ; sharpen by 
grinding || intr. grind, dash, rub 
mid tofmm ~ gnash teeth. 

-etop m. molar. 

grindelf m. bar, bolt, in pi. iron 
grating (?). 

gringt once slaughter, destruction. 
Cp. cringan. 

-wracu/. punishment. 

gringan = cringan. 

grip | an 6, always ge- in IV. seize, 
clutch, also met. (of temptation, 
fear, disease, weapons) ; take pos- 
session of, usurp w. on a. ; under- 

-end m. seizer, robber. 

~ol capacious Gl. 

gripa m. handful, sheaf [gripan]. 

gripe m. grasp, clutch, hold. 

gegripennes/. seizing Gl. 

gripuf/. kettle. 

grist, gyrst I. (.) grinding; grist, 
corn to be ground. II. aj. strident 
Gl. [grindan]. 

~bite m. gnashing the teeth. 

-bitian, -batian grind or gnash 
the teelh, gnash. 

~bitung, -batung/ gnashing (of 

gristlung*, y f. once gnashing (of 

gristra m. baker [grist]. 

gristel (m.} gristle. 

grip n. peace, truce ; protection, 
asylum, guarantee of safety or 
immunity \_Scand.~]. 

-bryce m. breach of peace. 

-lagu/. law concerning peace. 

-leas unprotected. 

~ian make peace w. wip ; protect 

grornf I. sad. II. n. grief. 

~e av. sadly. 

-hof n. house of woe. 

grorn|ian mourn, murmur, com- 

-ung/ complaining IN. 
grost once gristle Gl. 
grot . particle [greot]. 
~ig gritty, earthy. 
grot(. ) once groats, coarse meal Gl. 

grow] an i grow. 
~nes/ growth. 
grun ian grunt, 
-ung, nn/ roaring, grunting. 
grund m. bottom, floor (of cave) ; 

ground, earth ; plain, country, 

land ; depth(s), abyss, interior ; 

water, sea. 

-beddt n. ground, earth, 
-buendt //. inhabitants of earth, 

-fust hastening to the abyss (of 

-hierdet m. guardian of the depths 

(of a lake). 

-leas bottomless; boundless (ava- 

-leaslic boundless. 
-lunga, -linga av. (pull down) 

from or to the foundations, totally ; 

to the ground, down, 
-sceatt m. tract of the earth, 


-selet* m. abysmal dwelling. 
-sopa m. a plant. 
-Stan m. foundation-stone. 
-stapolian fix on firm foundation 

-wangt m. bottom, floor (of cave) ; 

the earth, world, 
-weall m. foundation, also met. 
-weallian found, 
-wegt, 80 m. the earth, 
-wela-f m. earthly wealth, 
-wiergent/ water-wolf, she-wolf 

of the deep. 

grunde-swelge = gunde-. 
grunnettan once grunt Gl. [gru- 

grut/, d. gryt coarse meal ; grains 

(in brewing). 

grutt m. gulf, abyss Gl. Cp. grund. 
grymet|tan, -;i)an, gre- roar, 

grunt ; rage. 

-ung/ roaring, grunting. 
gryn-smipt once m. worker of evil 

= gnyrn- ? 

gegrynd n. plot of ground [grund]. 
gryndan descend [grundj. 


gryndef once (n. ) abyss. 

grype = grepe. 

gryret m. terror, horror (emotions) ; 
(what causes) terror, horror; de- 

-broga m. terror, horror. 

-fast terribly firm. 

-fah. terribly hostile or variegated. 

-geatwe/*/. terrible armour. 

-giest m. a terrible visitant. 

-hwil/. time of terror. 

-leop n. song or cry expressing 
terror or inspiring terror. 

-lie terrible, horrible. 

-mint/, terrible power. 

-sip m. terrible (dangerous) expedi- 

gryrranf once chatter (of teeth). 
Cp. gnyran. 

gryt, see grut. 

grytt|a, -an//, grits, coarse meal 

grytte oncef. spider Gl. 

gu = geo. 

gum at in. man, hero. 

-cynn . mankind, men ; race, 

-cyst f. liberality, munificence ; 
virtue, goodness um excel- 

-dream m. joy among men, life. 

-dryhten m. prince, lord. 

-fepa m. troop. 

-frea m. king. 

-mann m. man, warrior. 

-rice . kingdom, country, the earth. 

-rinc m. man. 

-Stol m. throne. 

-pegen m. man. 

-peod/. nation,//, mankind, men. 

gund (m.) pus, matter. 

-eswelge, gr-, -swil(i)ge, -swy- 
/. groundsel. 

gung = geong. 

guttas nip!, entrails Gl. war, battle. 

-beorn m. warrior. 

-bill n. sword. 

-bord n. shield. 

-byrne/. corslet. 

-caru/. war. 

-craft/! strategy, warfare. 

-cweny. warlike queen. 

-cyning m. warlike king. 

-cyst/, bravery or troop (?). 

-deap m. death in battle. 

-fana m. banner, standard. 




gup|fla(n)/. battle-arrow. 
-floga m. warlike flyer (dragon). 
-frea m. warlike lord or prince. 
~frec warlike. 
-freca m. warrior. 
-fremmend m. warrior, 
-fruma m. warrior. 
-fugol m. bird of war, eagle, 
-geatas mfl. the warlike Goths, 
-geatwe^/. armour. 
-hafoc m. war-hawk, eagle. 
-heard warlike, brave. 
-helm m. helmet. 
-here m. army. 
-horn n. trumpet. 
-hrep (m.} glory in war. 
-hwaet warlike, brave, 
-gelaca m. warrior. 
-leop n. war-song, 
-maga, maecga m. warrior, 
-mod warlike. 
~gemot . battle, 
-myrce//. Ethiopians. 
-plega m. battle. 
-raes m. warlike attack. 
-reaf n. armour. 
~(h)reow fierce in battle 
-rinc m. warrior. 
-rof warlike. 

-scapa m. enemy, destroyer. 
-scear- slaughter (?). 

gup|sceorp, -scrtld, -searu n. 


-sele m. hall of warriors, 
-spell n. tidings of war. 
~sweord n. sword, 
-geta we = -geatwe. 
-gepingu npl. battle, contest, 
-praeu/. violence. 
-preat m. martial band. 
-gewsede n. armour. 
-weard m. king, 
-(ge)weore n. warlike deed or 


-werig weary with battle. 
-wiga m. warrior. 
-wine m. fellow-warrior. 
-gewinn . battle. 
-wudu m. spear. 

gycenes, if. itching Gl. Cp. gicpa. 
gyden/. goddess [god]. 
-lie vestal Gl. 
gydig insane [god]. 
gyldan gild [gold]. 
gylden gold (en). 
-beag m. crown. 
-feax golden-haired. 
-mupa golden-mouthed, 
gylede/r/. ofgyUan.. 
gyllanf, prt. gylede, yf shout, 
gylt m. guilt, sin ; crime, offence ; 


gylt|ig guilty, liable. 

-lie wicked. 

gyltlan be guilty. 

-end m. offender. 

-ing/", sinning. 

gyr fir-tree. 

-treow n. fir-tree. 

gyr-, see gyrwe-fenn. 

gyrdan gird, put girdle on, belt, 
gird (with sword). 

gyrdel m. girdle, belt ; purse. 

-bred n. pugillar Gl. 

-hring m. buckle. 

gyrdels m. girdle. 

-hring m. buckle. 

gyrl|e*/ virgin. 

-gyden/. Vesta Gl. 

gyrnt n. sorrow, affliction. 

-stafas mpl. affliction, tormenting. 

-wracu/. revenge. 

gyrst = grist grinding. 

gyrwe-fenn n. marsh Gl. 

gysternlic, see giestran. 

gyte m. pouring (out), flood, shed- 
ding (of blood, tears) [geotan]. 

-sabl m. joy at the pouring out of 
wine, pi. revelry. 

-stream m. current. 


-corn*, I, L. u n. spurge laurel. 
-rife, git-/, cockle. 





ha, ? hane L. rowlock set- per 
man \_Scand.~\. 

-sseta L. m. rower in warship 

ha ha inter j. ha ha ! 

habba.n, ee, (he) hsefp, hafap, prt. 
haefde w. a., partitive g. have, 
hold, take, met. possess, hold, 
have : - wi)> pam fsre ; - mid 
him ; set hsebbendre handa 
with the stolen goods in his pos- 
session ; wif - have intercourse 
with ; he hasfde pritig wintra 
he was thirty ; gif he pses 
andgytes haefp poet he hit 

understandan rnseg : - andan 
to bear malice | behave to : 
yfele - ill-treat ptc. yfele 
gehsefd tormented, diseased | 
have an opinion about : pa Isewe- 
dan willap -pone monan be 
pam pe hi nine geseop | neces- 
sity, obligation w. ger. : pone 
calic pe ie to drincenne hsebbe 
| to form past tenses w. inflected 
or (gen.} ttninflected ptc. : op paet 
hie hine ofslaegen^ne) heefdon. 

gehabban hold, keep ; rfl. restrain 

haca m. hook. 


haccian hack. 

hacele/ mantle, cloak. 

hacod m. pike (fish). 

had m.,g.~es, rarely -a rank, order, 
(holy) office ; condition, stau-, 
character, nature, form: ieemnan - 
virginity ; to form avs. : purh 
hsestne - violently; sex; person, 
person (in grammar). 

-bot / compensation for injury to 

-breca ;//. violator of his holy 

-bryce m. violation of one's holy 




had | grip . security or privilege of 

those in holy orders. 
-es-mann m. member of a particu- 

lar order. 
~notu f. exercising clerical func- 


had-_chamber (?). 
-swfflpa m. bridesman. 
-swiepe, -swape /". bridesmaid. 

Cp. heorpswtepe. 
hadjian ordain ; let take the veil. 
~od ordained, clerical. 
-ung/] ordination. 
gehada m. fellow-monk. 
hadorf, S I. (.) clearness, bright 

light (of the sky). II. bright; 

hadre, av. clearly (of light and 


haabb- = habb-. 
-endlic habilis Gl. 
haacjc, f. gate, half-grating or 

hatch, grating. 
-wgr m. weir with grate to catch 


gehaacea0<r sausage Gl. [haccian]. 
haacee/". crosier \Cp. haca]. 
haador = hador. 
haedref av. anxiously. 
haaft . sea. 
haafde/r/. </" habban. 
haafe = hefe leaven. 
hsefen, ha- f. property, riches 

-leas poor. 
-least/! poverty. 
haafen/. harbour. 
haafer m. he-goat. 
-blsete, vE. hsefre-/". a bird. 
haafern, hrefn, ee m. crab. 
haafre-blete = haefer-blaete. 
haaft n. handle [habban]. 
-meeef m. hiked sword. 
haaftf m. bond, fetter ; captivity, 

custody, imprisonment ; captive, 

prisoner, slave [habban]. 
-eclaxnin-t- m. bond ; pi. subjection. 
-edomf m. captivity. 
ge-faest captive. 
-incel . slave. 
-ling m. prisoner. 
~(e)nied/". custody, captivity. 
-niedling' m. captive. 
-nob m. custody, imprisonment. 
haaftjan bind ; confine, imprison, 

ge~(ed)nes/ captivity. 

hsafting/. fastening. 
haaftelic captious Gl. 
haeften (/".) custody vL. 
haaftn|ian take captive. 
~ung/. fastening, bond; captivity, 
confinement, imprisonment. 

haaghal uninjured IN. 
haag-weard m. hay ward, keeper of 

cattle in a common field. 
gehaag- (n.) meadow. Cp. *gehiege. 
haagl = hagol. 
haagtesse, haats(e) /. witch. Cp. 

haalf once (.) omen. 
hl - haalo. 
haal-wyrt/ pennyroyal. 
hael an heal, cure ; save (soul) 


haalend m. Saviour. 

-lie salutary. 

hielnes/i salvation, sanctuary. 

-grip . privilege of sanctuary. 

haalung/. healing. 

haalef m. man, hero [heelep]. 

haalepf m.,pl. ~, -as man, hero. 

-helm = heolop-. 

heelfter, ea n. halter. 

haalig once inconstant, fickle [hal- 


haalnes see haalan. 
haalo, heel f. health ; safety ; pros- 

perity ; salvation [hal]. 
-bearnf . salvation-child (Christ). 
haalsjian observe omens. Cp. hal- 


-end, ~ere m. soothsayer. 
-ung/". divination. 
help f. healing, cure ; health ; sal- 

vation [hal]. 
has in an have sexual intercourse, 

abs , in pl.,w. mid or wip [ham]. 
-ere m. unriht - fomicator. 
-hfflme, e mpl. inhabitants Ct. 

haamed ., pi. ~(r)u sexual inter- 

course, connexion, marriage. 
-ceorl m. married man. 
-lacf n. sexual intercourse. 
-gem&na m. matrimony. 
-scipe m. sexual intercourse. 
-ping n., also pi. sexual intercourse. 
-wif M. married woman. 
-haamingas mpl. inhabitants Ct. 

I ham]. 
haanan pelt with stones, stone (to 

death) [han]. 


gehaap, -lie convenient. 

-licnes/. convenience. 

haaps|e, hsesp/i hasp, fastening. 

-ian hasp, fasten. 

habr . hair ; a hair. 

-en of hair. 

-iht hairy. 

-locc m. lock of hair. 

-sife . hair-sieve. 

haar-seeard (M.) hare-lip. 

gehaere hairy. 

hifere/. haircloth, sackcloth. 

haarfest m. autumn. 

-handful! w. a due belonging to 

the husbandmen on an estate, 
-lie of autumn, autumnal, 
-monap m. September, 
-tid/!, -tima m. autumn. 
-Wfflta m. wet weather of autumn, 
hearing m. herring. 
-tlma m. herring-season. 
haarn, hraan (/".) wave ; fsea. 
-flotaf m. ship. 
haas/. command [hatan]. 
-ere ;//. master, lord IN. 
haasel (m.) hazel. 
-hnutu/ hazel-nut, 
-wrid . hazel thicket, 
-wyrt/". asarabacca (a plant). 
haaslen of hazel. 
hsastt I- violent, severe. II. (/.) 

violence, hostility. 
~e, -lice av. violently, fiercely, 
haatan heat [hat]. 
haste f. heat, inflammation (of 


haateru npl. clothes. 
hfflto/. heat, 
haets(e) = haagtesse. 
haatt m. hat. 

haattian scalp (as punishment). 
heap nm. heath (land) ; heather, 

heath (the plant), 
-berige/ bilberry. 
-cole/", a plant. 
-hrycg m. heath-ridge. 
-iht heathy. 

~stapa+ m. heath-stalker. 
hcepja m. hot weather, 
-ung/ heating. 
haapen heathen, gentile [hSp]. 
-cyningf m. heathen king, 
-cynnf n. heathen race, 
-dom m. heathen belief, paganism. 
-feoht . heathen sacrifice. 
-gield n. idolatry ; idol. 
-gielda m. idolater, heathen. 


hfflpenjisc heathenish, heathen. 

~mann m. Samaritan. 

~nes f. heathen belief, paganism ; 
coll. heathens. 

~scipe m. heathen belief or wor- 
ship, paganism. 

-styrcf ni. heathen calf (the golden 

hfflwen, -e, vE. heewi, ea blue, 
-hydele/ a plant. 

-grene cerulean Gl. 

haf-, see habban. 

hafelaf, heafola m. head. 

hafen/Ar. ^hebban. 

hafenianf grasp. 

hafetian, afetigan, hafit- clap 
hands, flap (wings). 

hafoc m. hawk. 

~cynn n. hawk species. 

~ere m. hawker. 

-fugol m. hawk. 

~wyrtf. a plant. 

hafud- =heafod-. 

gehagjian impers. gif him 
(or bine) to pam ~ige if he has 
the money, can afford it. 

haga m. enclosure ; homestead, 

haga m. haw, fruit of wild rose. 

hago-steald, h8eg(e)-, IN. heh- 
stald I. m. bachelor, one living 
in the lord's house, youth, warrior. 
II. n. celibacy. III. aj. un- 
married, young. 

-had m. bachelorhood ; virginity. 

-lie virgin. 

-mann m. bachelor, young warrior. 

-nes/. virginity. 

hagol, hsegi e)l m. hail ; the Runic 
letter h. 

-faruf/ hailstorm. 

-ian hail : hit -ode stanum 
meteoric stones fell. 

-scur m. shower of hail, hailstorm. 

-stan m. hailstone. 


-porn m. hawthorn. 

hal-, see healh. 

hal- smooth (?). Cp. hoelig. 

-Stan, aa, L. ea m. crystal Gl. 

hal whole, uninjured ; healthy 
wes pu ~, ~ westu, beo pu - ! 

~beere wholesome, salutary. 

-feast pious (?). 

hal-wend[e, -y- healing, medi- 
cinal ; wholesome ; salutary, 

beneficial ; conducive to salvation, 

saving, se -a the Saviour, 
hal wend jlic salutary, conducive to 

~lice av. salutarily, in a manner 

conducive to salvation. 
~nes/. healthiness. 
gehal whole, uninjured, 
halian heal intr. 
hale = healh. 
halettjan, hs>-, -etan hail, greet, 


-end m. greeter, middle finger (1). 
-ung/. salutation. 
halgian make holy, hallow (God's 

name), sanctify, consecrate 

(church, bishop). 
halgung, ge~/. consecration. 
-ramm m. ram of consecration, 
halga m. saint, ealra halgena 

maessedaeg All Saints 1 day. 
halig holy, 
-dfflg m. Sunday. 
haligdom m. holiness, sanctity ; 

holy things, relics; holy place, 

-hus n. sanctuary. 
halig ern n. sanctuary, 
-monap m. September, 
-nes /. holiness, sanctity; holy 

things, relics ; holy place, sanc- 

-rift, e, y n. nun's veil, 
-wfflter n. holy water, 
halorf (n.} salvation, 
halsf (f. ) salvation, 
-wurpung f. thanksgiving for 

halsjian exorcise. Cp. hselsian, 


~ere m. soothsayer. 
~igend m. exorcist ; soothsayer. 
-ung f. exorcism ; divination ; 

ham m., d. ~(e) home ; house, 

dwelling ; residence, estate | ham 

av. home(wards). set- at home, 
-cup familiar. 

-cyme m. coming home, return, 
-fflereld n. going home, 
-faest resident, settled. 
-faru/ = -soon, 
-henn/ hen. 
-leas homeless, 
-sciryi jedileship Gl. 
-sittende resident, at home, 
-sip m. return home. 


hamjsdcn/. attacking an enemy in 
his house, house-breaking ; fine 
for the offence. 

-steall, -stede m. homestead, 

~weard(es) av. on the way home, 

-weorpung f. ornament of a 

-werod . household, body of 

-wyrty. house-leek. 

gehamian rfl. TV. mid make one- 
self familiar with, master (sub- 
ject) (?) IN. 

hama m. dress, covering ; womb. 

hama m. cricket. 

hamelian mutilate [haxnola]. 

hamettan provide with home, 

hamm m. piece of land, dwelling, 

hamm/. inner part of knee, ham. 

hamola m. one whose head has 
been mutilated or shaved (?) : 
hine on bismer to -an bescire 
LL. [hamelian]. 

hamol[e f. oar-thong, rowlock 
set Slcre -an per man. 

hamor m. hammer fhamera laf 

-secg m. hammer-sedge. 

-wyrt/. black hellebore. 

han/. stone, rock. 

harm m. cock not W. 

han-cred m. cock-crow, part of 
the night [crawan]. 

-tidy, time of cock-crow. 

hand/ , d. ~a hand : brad - palm ; 
his sulh on -a heefde ; hine 
ISdde be psere ~a ; hecld hine 

- on -a | side : sette hie on his 
swlpran - : on gehwsepere - on 
both sides (in battle) | person as 
agent, receiver, &c. : fo seo 
niehste - to pSm lande the 
nearest heir ; gif seo ~ opcwolen 
sie if the seller is dead | in 
phrases expressing agency, con- 
trol, possession. &c. : wearp 
acweald sat hira ~um ; hine 
onfeng (or nam) set (or to) 
biscopes ~a acted as sponsor to 
him ; unnendre -a ungrudgingly ; 
gemelnum ~um jointly ; him on 

- gan surrender ; under his -a 
authority ; on his -urn under his 




management ; heoldon past land 
to his -a as his vassals ; him to 
~a liitan deliver up, abandon ; 
paet feoh becom him to -a ; 
hit hire on - ageaf ; sealds him 
on - past he wolde . . promised, 
engaged ; hire on - becom came 
under her notice ; him wel on ~ 
eode he prospered; seoniedpeus 
nu on -a stent our urgent need. 

hand aex /. axe. 

~baBft(i)an, ea IN. lament. 

-banaf m. slayer. 

-bell/, hand-bell. 

-boe/ hand-book. 

-bred . palm of hand, hand. 

-clap n. towel, napkin. 

-cops m. handcuff, manacle. 

-crfflft m. use of the hands, manual 
skill, handicraft. 

-cweorn/. hand-mill. 

-dseda m. perpetrator (of homi- 

ge-faestan betroth. 

-faesti.njung/. ratification. 

-full see full. 

-gang m. laying on of hands ; sur- 

-giftf/ wedding gift. 

-gripet m. grasp. 

-grip . peace, protection, security. 

-hamor m. hammer. 

-hraegl . towel, napkin. 

-hrinef m. touch of hand. 

-hwil/. moment. 

-leant recompence, requital. 

-lin . napkin. 

-locenf linked or woven by hand. 

-gemaca m. companion. 

-msBgenf n. strength, might. 

-mitta = an-mitta. 

-gemott n. battle. 

-naegl m. finger-nail. 

-plegaf m. fighting, battle. 

-preost m. chaplain. 

-raesf m. onslaught, attack. 

-roff strong, renowned for strength. 

-gesceaftf/ creature. 

-sceof m. a proper name. 

-SCOluf, -a-/, retinue 

~scyldig liable to losing the hand 
(as punishment). 

-seax . dagger. 

-gesgllaf fn. comrade. 

-seten/. signature, signatures coll. 

-slif htf = and-. 

-smiell*. -ae m. slap IN. 

handjspitel m. spade. 

-sporu/. talon, claw. 

-gesteallaf m. comrade. 

~stoc handcuff Gl. 

-swile*, y m. swelling in the 

hand (?) Gl. 

-geswingf n. stroke, blow. 
-tarn so tame as to be handled. 
-pegen m. attendant, manservant, 
-pweal n. washing of the hands, 
-gewealdf n. power, possession. 
-weorc n. manual labour ; result 

of work, work (of a smith). 
-geweorc n. result of work, work, 
-gewinn n. manual labour, toil, 

struggle ; warfare. 
-worht made with hands. 
-'wrist*, -wyrst/. wrist, 
-gewrit n. deed, contract, 
-gewripenf twisted or woven by 

-wundor-f n. wonderful piece of 

-wyrm m. hand-worm (supposed 

to cause disease of the hand). 
hand-swa-gelice av. in the same 

hand! ian handle, feel ; carry on 

(negotiation) ; treat of, discuss. 
-Ting/, handling, touching. 
handle ^/. handle [hand], 
handlinga av. with one's own 

hangian intr. hang ; depend on, 

be subordinate to w. on. 
gehangef R. 

hangellef oncef hanging thing, 
hangen ptc. of hon. 
hangra m. hanger, wood on a 

declivity [hangian]. 
har grey, hoary ; old. 
- e)hune/. horehound. 
-ian become grey, 
-nes/. greyness. 
-ung/. becoming grey, 
-wenge, -wielle grey-haired, 
-wengnes/. hoariness. 
hara m. hare, haran hige hare's- 
foot (a plant), haran sp(r)ecsl 

viper's bugloss (a plant), haran 

wyrt, harew- [a = a?] a plant. 
hare-vtryrt, see hara. 
has hoarse. 
-ian become hoarse, 
-nes/. hoarseness. 
-swege sounding hoarsely, 
haso, ea//. haswe grey. 


haso fag grey. 

-pada-f m. grey-coated one, eagle, 
hassoc m. coarse grass. 
haswig- grey. 
-feperaf grey-winged. 
hat I. not ; fervent (love), severe 
(hunger, disease) ; inspiring. 
II. (.) heat. 
-e av. hotly, fervidly, 
hat-heort I. angry, fierce, vin- 
dictive. II. n. anger. 
~e/. anger, 
ge-ian become angry. 
-lice av. ardently (love) ; furiously, 

-nes/". fervour; anger. 
hat hiertan. rfl. become angry, 
-hygef m. anger. 
-wendef hot. 
hat n. promise IN. 
gehat . promise ; vow. 
-land n. promised land. 
hat an i b prt. het, heht, pass, 
prs. and prt. ~te | command, 
bid : hit don het ; . . Jm do 
pset ic pe ,.d.} -e ; het nine 
gesund faran ; heton hine paet 
he ge'wite | name, call, w. a. and 
nom. or set d. ; be named, called, 
gehatan i b command ; invite, 
summon : hie to gereordum - ; 
to him gehet ; promise : him 
geheton ; gehet pset he feoh 
wolde . . | name, call. 
hatian hate. 
hatigend m. hater. 
-lie hateful. 

hatung/. hating ; being hated. 
hat ian become hot ; be eager (of 


-ung f. becoming hot ; inflamma- 
tion i^of wounds). 
hatol = hetol. 
hatte/<wj. <7/"hatan. 
hapo-lipa once m. elbow. 
haWjian gaze on, survey. 
-ere m. spectator. 
-ling/, inspection, observation. 
he he. 

hen vb. = *hien. 
he a, pi. 0/~heah. 
hea- in comp. = heah-. 
heaf #*. lamentation [heofan]. 
-lie lamentable, mournful. 

sang m. dirge. 
heafian = heofian . 
heafdeht having a head 




heafdian behead. 

geheafdod headed (of ring) Gl. 

heaiela = hafola. 

heafo //. of hfflf. 

heafoc = hafoc. 

heafod . head : set his heafdum 
at his head, ofer - singly, speci- 
ally, be his heafde on pain of 
death. ~wi}> heafde head for 
head (of murderer) | top, head (of 
plant) ; high ground, upper part 
of field ; source (of stream) | 
leader, chief; capital (city); ori- 
ginator : - to J?am unrrede, also 

-aecer*, hafud- m. chief field (?) 

~&dre/". cephalic vein. 

-ban . skull. 

-beag m. crown. 

-bend m. fetter round head. 

-beorgf/. helmet. 

-beorhtt having a bright head. 

-biscop m. high priest (of the 

-bolla m. skull. 

-bolster . pillow. 

-botl . chief dwelling, manor. 

-burg/! chief town, capital. 

-cirice/! cathedral. 

-clap . head-dress. 

-cwide m. important saying ; chap- 
ter IN. 

-ece m. headache. 

-rrffltennes/". head-ornament. 

-gimnif m. eye. 

-gold . crown. 

-gylt m. capital crime, deadly sin. 

-hser . a hair of the head. 

-hebba m. prime mover, promoter ; 

-hraBgl . head-dress. 

-hrieffo/. scurf. 

-land*, hafud- n. top of field, 

-leahtor m. capital crime, deadly 

-leas headless. 

-lie capital or deadly (crime). 

-ling m. equal, companion. 

-gemaca, -gemsecca m. equal, 

-msegt fn. near relation. 

-magaf m. near relation. 

-mann m. chief, leader. 

-mynster n. church. 

-panne /. skull. 

heafod|port m. chief town. 

-rice n. empire. 

-gerlmf . majority. 

-sar . pain in the head. 

-segnf n. helmet. 

-sienf/ eye. 

-slfge m. head of pillar (?) Gl. 

-smael (?) Gl. 

-stede m. chief place. 

-stol m. chief place, capital. 

-stow/! place for the head. 

-swlma m. dizziness. 

~synn/~. deadly sin. 

-getel . cardinal number. 

-pweal . washing the head. 

-geWJBde n. veil. 

-were m. pain in the head. 

-weard m. chief officer. 

-weard/. guarding the king chap- 
ter IN. 

-wielm m. heat in the head ; 

-wind m. jja feower -as the four 
chief winds. 

-wisaf m. ruler. 

-wojj'f'/. voice. 

-wund /. wound in the head. 

-wyrhta m. chief workman. 

heafre = heahfore. 

heag-, see heah. 

heago- = hago-. 

heago-run, heahrun. f. necro- 
mancy, mystery. Cp. hsegtesse. 

heago-spind, L. hecga-, -spinn, 
vE. -spen, L. -swind \a mis- 
writing through the -word having 
become obsolete} n. cheek. 

heah I. a. m. heanne, pi., 
cpv. hieri k r)a, ~ra, hear v r)a, spl. 
hiehst, ea, A. hest high, deep 
(water) ; right (hand) ; sublime, 
high (rank), important ; haughty. 
II. av. high, cpv. heaor. 

heah- occ. under hea-. 

heah- = hieh-. 

-altare m. high altar. 

-beorg m. mountain. 

-biscop m. archbishop ; high 

-blissf/ exultation. 

-bodaf m. archangel. 

-burg f. chief town ; -(-town high 

-casere-t 1 m. supreme king. 

-cleofa m. principal chamber. 

-clif n. high cliff or rock. 

~craeft+ m. high skill. 


heahjcraeftiga m. architect (!). 

-cyningf m. great king ; God. 

hea(h)-deor, -dor n. stag, deer. 

-hund m. stag-hound. 

-hunta m. stag-hunter. 

heahjdiacon m. archdeacon. 

-ealdor m. chief ruler. 

-ealdormann m. chief patri- 
cian (!\ 

-engel m. archangel. 

-faeder m. patriarch ; God. 

-faestf firm, stable. 

-fflBsten(n') n. chief fortress, city. 

-flod m. high tide ; fdeep water. 

-freaf m. supreme lord. 

heah-freols m. high festival. 

-dseg m. day of high festival. 

-tid/. time of high festival. 

heah|fy>f n. high flame. 

-gastf m. lofty spirit. 

-gnornungf/. lamentation. 

-godf m. the Highest, God. 

-graft m. object carved in relief (?) 

-had m. holy order. 

-heortf proud. 

-hierde m. archimandrite Gl. 

-hlijjf high hill. 

-hweolod having high wheels. 

-hylte (.) high wood (?) Ct. 

~hyrne = eag-. 

-ieldest (!) most illustrious Gl. 

-libce, heal- m. physician. 

-landf n. mountains. 

-lareow^ m. chief teacher. 

-leornere m. chief learner Gl. 

-lufef/ great love. 

-maegenf . might ; mighty 
troops coll. 

-msesse/". high mass. 

-mihtf/. might. 

heah-modf proud, noble. 

~nes/. pride. 

heah munt m. mountain. 

-nama m. illustrious name. 

-nes = heanea. 

-recedf w. high building. 

-gerefa m. high reeve, chief officer. 

-rodorf m. sky. 

-run = heago-. 

-s&cerd m. chief priest. 

-saef f' deep sea. 

-ssklf./- great happiness. 

-SJB-peof m. chief pirate (!). 

-(ge)samnungy! chief synagogue. 

-sangere m. chief singer. 

-gesceaft f. exalted creature. 




heah|gesceapt . fate. 

~sceawere m. pontiff GL 

-sciremann m. procurator Gl. 

~aeldf n. throne. 

-selef m. lofty hall. 

-setl . seat oi honour, dais, throne, 

-steapf lofty. 

-stede-f m. high 0r distinguished 

-stefhf high-prowed. 

-Str&t/l high-road. 

-strengpof/- strength. 

-gestreonf treasure. 

-synn,/. deadly sin. 

-tld/. festival. 

-timberf n. lofty building. 

-getimbrodf high-built. 

-getimbruf npl. lofty buildings. 

-terras mpl. the Alps Gl. 

-treowf/ solemn compact. 

-pearffy. great need. 

-pegen m. chief officer ; apostle ; 

-pegnungt./ high service or func- 

-peod/i nation. 

-preaf z. panic. 

-gepringf n. high waves. 

~prymm m. ; -prymnesf/. great 

-(ge)pungen of high rank, distin- 
guished, exalted. 

-weofod n. high altar. 

-(ge)weorc n. excellent work. 

heahfore, heafre, heahfru /. 

heal- see healh. 

healja m. rupture, hydrocele. 

~ede ruptured, hydrocelous. 

heald (.) protection L. 

heald, vE. halp bent down ; in- 
clined (to evil). 

geheald n. keeping, custody ; pro- 
tection ; guardian ; observing (fes- 
tival) [cp. gehield]. 

-dagas mpl. calends Gl. 

-sum frugal ; chaste. 

~sumnes f. keeping, observance, 
keeping (commands) ; abstinence, 

healdan i hold : ~ hine be p&re 
handa | possess, keep : rice ~ 
reign ; hine gebundenne - ; 
withhold ; lock up (of keys), 
contain ; inhabit | govern ; re- 
strain, rfl. restrain oneself ptc. 

gehealden frugal, continent | 
guard, preserve, save : ~ lichaman 
wip leahtras ; support (one's 
king) ( observe, keep (command, 
promise, festival) ; practise, carry 
on, do (virtue, war) | behave to, 
treat ; rfl. behave | regard : un- 
weorplice- despise | ge- satisfy 
claims of, pay II intr. hold out, 
not surrender ; force one's way ; 
proceed, go. 

heald j end m. guardian, ruler. 

-nes/. observance. 

healf/i half; side; quarter, part; 
party, side (in battle, law- 

healf half pridde ~ gear two 
and a half; oprum ~um lels pe 
pritig wintra 28^. 

-clamed half-finished (of mud- 
hut). semi-vowel. 

-clungen half-withered. 

~ewic, -cucu half-dead. 

-dead paralyzed on one side. 

-eald half-grown (pig). 

~fepe lame. 

-freo half-free. 

-har half-grey. 

-heafod . (front) part of head Gl. 

-hruh half-shaggy. 

-bunding m. cynocephalus. 

-hwit whitish. 

-mann m. half man (!). 

~penig-weorp n. halfpennyworth. 

~read reddish. 

-scyldig half-guilty Gl. 

-sinewealt semicircular. 

-slsepende half-asleep. 

-soden half-cooked. 

-tryndel m. hemisphere. 

-wndu m. field-balm. 

healfter = hselfter. 

healfunga av. partially, to some 
extent, imperfectly. 

healh, L. heal ; pi. healas, halas 
m. corner, hiding-place ; bay, 

-iht*, se full of corners. 

healic (w.) a fish Ct. 

healic high, from a height (of fall) ; 
distinguished, illustrious, pre- 
eminent ; proud ; excellent ; ex- 
cessive, great (crime). 

-had m., -nesy. sublimity, excel- 

healice av. on high; in a high 


degree, supremely, extremely, 

heall/. hall. 
-SBrn-f n. hall, palace, 
-gamenf . mirth in hall, 
-ic palatial. 

-reaf n. piece of tapestry, 
-recedf n. palace. 
~sittendf . one who sits in a 

hall, guest. 

-pegenf m. hall-officer, 
-wagrift n. piece of tapestry. 
-wuduf m. woodwork of hall, 

healm n. haulm, straw, stem (of 


-streaw n. stubble. 
heals m. neck ; prow of ship, 
-beagt m. necklace ; torque. 
~gebeddaf/. bedfellow, consort, 
-beorgy. gorget, hauberk. 
~boc/. phylactery. 
~f88st stubborn, stiff-necked. 
~fang n. halsfang, a legal penalty 

of uncertain nature. 
-gund (m.) swelling in the neck. 
~leper n. reins. 
-msBgept/. beloved virgin, 
-mene, -myne m. necklace. 
~6me/". tumour on the neck, 
-wripa m. necklace, 
-wyrt*. a/, daffodil (?). 
heals ian, IW. and A. a ( = a?) 

implore, entreat. Cp. halsian, 


~igendlic deprecable Gl. 
-igendlice av. imploringly, with 

healsung, a /. entreaty ; augury, 


-gebed*, a n. litany. 
healsed, halsod (.) head-cloth, 


heals(e)re- pillow, 
-feperf/i pillow-feather, aown. 
healt lame, limping. 
-ian limp. 

heamol miserly, frugal Gl. 
hean vb. = *hien exalt. 
hean humiliated, abject ; of low 

rank, mean ; poor. 
~e av. ignominiously. 
-lie ignominious, disgraceful ; poor ; 


-lice av. ignominiously, miser- 
-modf dejected, humiliated. 




hean-spedigf poor. 

heanes, heahnes, heannes f. 
height ; high place : on ~sum in 
excelsis ; sublimity, excellence ; 
high rank. 

heanne, see heah 

heap mf. troop, band; multi- 
tude ; social gathering, company ; 
association, corporation. 

-ian heap him on ge~. 

~ms6lum av. in troops or flocks. 

-ung/. heap Bd. 

heara = heora of them. 

heara, see heah. 

heard hard ; strong (chain) ; stern, 
hard, severe; brave; stubborn, 
hard (heart) ; attended with effort, 
hard (labour) ; excessive, strong 

-cwidef m. harsh language, con- 

~e av. fiercely ; excessively. 

~ecg hard of edge, sharp. 

-fierde difficult to carry. 

-hara, -ra m. a fish. 

-heaw chisel Gl. 

heard-heort unfeeling, hard- 
hearted ; obstinate.! hard-heartedness ; obstinacy. 

heard|hycgendef brave. 

-lie severe, excessive. 

-lice av. vigorously, bravely ; ex- 
cessively ; harshly. 

-licnes /. austerity (of hermit's 

-mod self-confident, obstinate, 

-modnes/ obstinacy. 

-nebb having a hard beak. 

-nes/! hardness. 

-reedf steadfast, firm. 

~s&ligt unfortunate. 

-stelnes f. calamity. 

-sselp/! misfortune ; wickedness. 

-wendlice av. severely. 

heardian harden intr. and tr. 

heardingf m. warrior, hero. 

heardra = heard-hara. 

hearg m., pi. -as, -a (heathen) 
temple ; idol. 

-lie idolatrous. 

-traeff n. (heathen) temple. 

-weardf m. (heathen) priest. 

hearm I. m. injury, affliction, evil, 
loss; grief; insult II. a/. grievous, 
cruel, wicked. 

-cwalut / destruction. 

hearm|cwedelian calumniate. 

-cwepan 5 revile, calumniate. 

-cwepend /. calumniator. 

-CWidef m. severe sentence ; 
calumny ; blasphemy. 

~cwid(d)ian revile, calumniate. 

-cwidol speaking ill of others, 

-edwitf n. contumely. 

-fullic hurtful. 

-heortnes/! murmuring Gl. 

-leojjf n. song of grief. 

-lie injurious. 

-locat m. prison ; hell. 

-plegaf m. strife, quarrel. 

-scaruf/! affliction, punishment. 

-scapaf m. terrible enemy. 

-slegef m. grievous blow. 

-sprsec/. calumny. 

-stafasf mpl- trouble, affliction. 

-tanf m. twig bringing calamity. 

hearmian injure wd. 

hearma m. shrew-mouse (?) Gl. 

hearma-scinnen made of ermine- 
skins vL. \_Scand.~], 

hearpjian play on the harp. 

-ere m. harper. 

-estre/! female harper. 

-ung/! playing on the harp. 

hearp e/. harp. 

-(e'inaegel m. plectrum. 

-sang m. song to the harp, psalm. 

-siege m. playing the harp ; plec- 

-estreng m. harp-string. 

-sweg m. sound of the harp. 

hearraf m. lord. 

hearra, see heah. 

hearste-panne = hierste-. 

heapo-t war. 

-by me/, corslet. 

-deor brave. 

-fremmende fighting. 

-fyr . destructive fire. 

-geong young in war. 

-glemm wound got in battle. 

-grimm very fierce. 

-helm m. helmet. 

-lac n. battle. 

-lind/ shield. 

-lipende m. war-sailor, sea-warrior. 

-msere illustrious in war. 

-raes m. onslaught. 

-reaf n. armour. 

~rinc m. warrior. 

-rof brave, famous in war. 

-sceard notched in battle. 


heapojseoc wounded in battle, dis- 

-sigel m. sun. 

-Steap towering in battle. 

-swat m. blood shed in battle. 

-sweng m. hostile stroke. 

-torht defiant (voice). 

~WBd/! armour. 

-weorc n. fight. 

-werig weary from fighting. 

-wielm m. intense heat. 

heaporian restrain, confine. 

geheaw n. gnashing (of teeth). 

heaw an i hew, cut ; cut down, 
kill ; seftan - slander. 

hebb|an 2 prt. hof, hfde, ptc. 
hafen, SB raise, lift up ; raise (cry) ; 
up - raise, exalt || intr. up - rise 
in the air, fly. 

-endlic exalted IN. 

hecc = hsecc. 

hecga-spind = heago- . 


-clap m. chasuble. 

hed an wg. heed, attend to, look 
out for ; take possession of, take. 

-fflrn*, heddern, y n. storehouse. 

-endlic captious Gl. 

-endlice av. captiously Gl. 

heden dress Gl. 

hef-, see hebban. 

hefe m. weight ; feeling of oppres- 
sion (in heart) [hebban]. 

-full severe. 

-lie grievous, severe; tedious. Cp. 

-lice av. excessively, severely ; with 
difficulty (!). 

hefe*, ea m. leaven. 

hefel- = hefeld-. 

-gierd/! weaver's shuttle. 

-Jjrsed m. thread for weaving. 

hefeld thread for weaving. 

-ian begin the web. 

hefig heavy; important; grievous, 
injurious, unpleasant, troublesome ; 
hostile; severe (fighting), hard, 
difficult ; excessive [hgfej. 

-e av. severely, painfully. 

-lie grievous, severe. Cp. hfelic. 

-lice av. severely, seriously ; with 
grief or anger. 

-mod troublesome, hostile. 

-nes/ heaviness, weight ; affliction. 

-tieme, hfet- troublesome, griev- 
ous, tedious. 

-tiemnes/ trouble. 




hgfigian lie heavy on, burden ; op- 
press, afflict || intr. become heavy ; 
become oppressive, troublesome, 
painful ; be aggravated. 

heg-, see hege. 

~3tfflf m. enclosure Gl. 

hegant perform, achieve, hold 

he gian make hedge, fence in ; ge~ 
hedge in, enclose. 

hege m. hedge [hagu]. See heg-. 

-clife/ hedge clivers (a plant). 

-hymele/. hop-plant. 

-raw, hsegrSw/. hedgerow. 

-rife/, heyriffe (a plant). 

-sugge/ hedge-sparrow. 

heht/r/. ^/"hatan. 

hei-weg m. = hieg- hay-road (,?) Ct. 

geheig- = *gehiege. 

helan 4 cover ; hide w. a. and d. of 
person or wif> a. 

helian cover ; conceal [helan]. 

helan*, oe calumniate IM. [hoi]. 

hel|a, oe, ee m. heel. 

-spure/ heel. 

helde/. tansy (a plant). 

hell/. Hades ; hell [helan]. 

-bendt mf. bond of hell. 

~cniht m. demon. 

-crfflftt m. hellish art. 

-cund of hell. 

~cwaluf/ hell-torment. 

-deofol m. demon Gl. 

-dort gate of hell. 

-firent/ hellish crime. 

-fust bound for hell. 

~god, helle- n. god of Hades. 

-heopof hell. 

~ic, hellelic of hell. 

-run/, sorceress. 

-runat m. demon. 

-rynegu/. sorceress. 

-scapaf m. fiend. 

-trfflff n. heathen temple. 

-tregat m. hell-torment. 

-gepwingt n. restraint of hell, hell- 

-ware, -waran, -wara //., -waru 
/. coll. inhabitants of hell. 

-werod . host of hell. 

~wiht/. devil. 

hellejbealof n. woe of hell. 

-oroga m. terror of hell. 

-brynet m. hell-fire. 

-ceaflf m. jaw of hell. 

-clammf m. bond of hell. 

-cynnf n. race of hell. 

helle jdeofolf nm. devil. 

-dort n. door of hell. 

-duruf/. door of hell. 

-flort/ floor of hell. 

~fyr n. fire of hell. 

-gastf, SB m. demon. 

-geat n. gate of hell. 

-grundt m. abyss of hell. 

-gryret m. terror of hell. 

~hfflft(a)t, -haeftlingt m. captive 
of hell. 

-hincat m, hell-limper, devil. 

-hund m. dog of hell. 

-husf n. hell. 

-mere m. lake of hell, Styx. 

-nipf m. hell-torment. 

-rune/, sorceress. 

-scapaf m. devil. 

-scealcf m. devil. 

-seap m. hell. 

-pegnf m. devil. 

-wlte . hell-torment, hell. 

-wite-broga m. hell-tenor. 

helm m. helmet ; covering ; top or 
foliage (of trees ^ ; ^protector, lord. 

-bsere, -berende leafy Gl. 

-berendf m. warrior. 

-ian cover. 

-iht leafy Gl. 

helm a m. rudder. 

helor = heolor. 

help//., -e/ help. 

helpan 3 help w. d. or g. 

helpend m. helper. 

-bsfere, -lie helpful. 

helt = hilt. 

hemep shirt [ham]. 

hemlic = hymlic. 

hemm m. hem, border. 

hemming, i (m.} shoe of hide. 

gehendanf once hold [hand]. 

gehgndje I. near ; handy, con- 
venient. II. av. near ; wel - 
nearly. III. prp. wd. near. 

-nes/. nearness, neighbourhood. 

hgnep, SB (m.~) hemp. 

heng-wite n. fine for letting 
criminal escape. 

heng/r/. </hon. 

henge-clif . steep cliff [han- 

hengen(n)/. death or punishment 
by hanging, hanging, torture ; 
gallows ; cross ; rack ; prison, 

-witnung/. imprisonment. 

hengest, hngst m. horse, gelding. 


henn/ hen. -e-belle/, -e-wol 

m. henbane. 
-fugol m. hen. 
hgrma m. fowl, 
hentan pursue w. g. or eefter 

- his mid flanum shoot at ; seize. 
heo I. she. II. = hie they, 
heo = hiw colour. 
heo-dseg av. to-day, 
heof (m.) lamentation, mourning, 

grief. Cp. heaf. 
-lie lamentable. 
heof,an 7 J)prt. heof [for heaf ?], 

-de intr. lament. 
-endlic mournful, dismal. 
~endlice av. dismally. 
-ian, ea intr. lament, weep ; tr. 


-igendlic mourning. 
heofol*, hioful face IN. 
heofung/. lamentation, mourning, 


-dfflg m. day of mourning, 
-tid/. time of mourning. 
heofon, hef- m., L. -e /. sky; 

heaven often pi. in both meanings. 
-beacenf n. sign in the sky. 
-beorhtf heavenly bright. 
-biemef/ heavenly trumpet. 
~candel(l)f/ heavenly candle (sun, 

the fiery pillar). 
-coluf npl. heat of the sun. 
-cund heavenly. 
-cyning m. king of heaven, 
-demaf m. celestial judge. 
-dreamf m. joy of heaven, 
-dugupt/ heavenly host, 
-engelt m. angel, 
-fugolt m. bird, 
-haligt of celestial holiness, 
-hamt m. heaven, 
-heaht reaching to heaven, 
-heall/. hall of heaven, 
-hlaft tn. bread from heaven, 


-hrof m. theaven ; ceiling. 
-hus n. ceiling. 
-hwealft/. heavenly vault, 
-isc of or from heaven, 
-leohtt n. light of heaven, 
-leomat m. heavenly radiance. 
-lie of heaven, celestial. 
-lice av. from heaven, 
-mssgent n. heavenly might. 
-rice n. kingdom of heaven, 
-steorrat m. star, 
-stolt MI. throne in heaven. 




heofon|timbert n. heavenly struc- 

-torht-J" heavenly bright. 

-tungolf n. luminary. 

-preatf m. heavenly troop. 

-prymm m. heavenly glory. 

~ware, ~waran //., -waru f, coll. 
dwellers of heaven. 

-weardf m. guardian of heaven. 

~werod n. heavenly host. 

-wolcenf . cloud. 

-womaf m. sound in heaven. 

~W~U.ld.orf n. heavenly glory. 

heolforf (.) blood, gore. 

heolfrigt blood-stained. 

heolor, helor/. scales, balance. 

-bledu/. scale of balance. 

~ian, holrian weigh. 

~ung /. turning of a scale, momen- 
tum Gl. 

heolop-f covering [helan]. 

~cynn n. inhabitants of hell. 

-helm, hse- m. helmet which makes 
the wearer invisible. 

heolstor, vE. helustr I. (f) m. 
what veils or covers ; hiding-place, 
concealment ; darkness. II. f aj. 
dark [helan]. 

-cofa-t 1 m. grave. 

-hoff n. hell. 

-locaf m. prison. 

-sceadof /, -scuwat m. dark- 

heolstrig*, -ice dark GL 

heom L . = him //. 

heonon, i, heonane av. hence, 
away; (see) from here | from this 
time, forp - henceforth. 

-forp av. henceforth ^time). 

-Slpf m. death. 

-weard transitory. 

heonu, henu, hona interj. not IV 
lo! behold! 

heop|e/. hip (berry of dog-rose). 

-bremel m. dog-rose ; bramble (?). 

heora = hira oi them. 

heorenjian, e, (e ?) listen. 

~ung/. listening ; power of hearing. 

heord/ her3, flock | care, custody. 

(geVnes, -rjeden(n), by- /. cus- 

heord = hired. 

heordan pi. hards of flax. 

heorde = hierde. 

geheordung/. guard, watch Gl. 

heore = hiere. 

heor(oH m. stag. 

heorot|ber(i)ge/ buckthorn berry. 
-brembel m., -brer/, buckthorn. 
~bucc ///. roebuck. 
-clfflfre/ hemp agrimony. 
-cropp m. cluster of hemp agrimony 

flowers (?). 

-sol n. stag's wallowing-place Ct. 
heorra = hearra. 
heorr m. hinge ; cardinal point, 
geheort of good cheer, courageous. 
-lice av. cheeringly. 
heort|e/. heart. 
-angnes*, -anc- f. heart-distress 


-copu/ heart-disease. 
-ece m. pain in the heart, 
-gryre m. terror of heart, 
-hama m. pericardium. 
-hogu/ anxious care, 
-leas dispirited. 
-lufef/. heartfelt love. 
-seoc suffering from disease of the 


-gesida//. entrails. 
-ware m, pain in the heart. 
heorten = hierten. 
heorp m. hearth, fire, furnace ; 

house, home. 

-bacen baked on the hearth. 
-cniht m. attendant. 
-ffflSt having a house of one's 


-geneatf m. retainer. 
~pning m. house-tax. 
-8Wfflpe_/i bridesmaid Gl. 
~werodf band of retainers, 
heoruf m. sword. 
-blac* mortally wounded. 
-cumbol n. banner. 
-dolg n. wound. 
-dreor m. blood. 
-dreorig blood-stained ; very sad. 
-drync m. blood. 
-faBbm m. deadly gripe, 
-gifre very fierce, 
-grsedig very fierce. 
~grirnm very fierce. 
-hociht with formidable hooks or 


-scearp very sharp. 
-sceorp n. armour, 
-si free/, coat of mail, 
-s weal we/, hawk, 
-sweng m. sword-stroke. 
-wabpen n. weapon, sword. 
-weallende boiling fiercely. 
-wearg m. bloodthirsty wolf (?). 


heoru^ord n. fierce word. 

-wulf m. warrior. 

heow = hiw. 

her av. here : ~ on lande in this 
country geond in this neigh- 
bourhood | time at this date II 
-sefter hereafter. ~ b(e)ufan be- 
fore this, (mentioned) above, &c. 

-buendef dweller on earth. 

-cymef m. advent (of Christ). 

herjian, A. hrgan praise. 

-enes/. praise. 

-gere m. praiser IN. 

-igendlic praiseworthy. 

-igendlice av. praiseworthily. 

~(i)UHg, -ing/ praise. 

herian = he rgian. 

hercnian = heorcnian. 

here m.,pl. hr(g)as army, preda- 
tory troop, band of thieves se - 
the Danish army ; devastation ; 
battle ; multitude, body of peo- 

-beacen . banner; lighthouse. 

-biemef/ trumpet. 

-bleap f- cowardly. 

-brogaf '. terror of war. 

-byrnet/. corslet. 

-ciermt m. war-cry. 

-cumbolf n. military signal. 

-cystf/. warlike troop. 

-feldf m. battlefield. 

-feoh . booty. 

-fepaf m. martial band. 

-fliemaf m. deserter, fugitive from 

-folcf n. army. 

-fugolf m. eagle, bird of prey. 

-gang m. invasion. 

here-geat, hergeat n., 
~geat(w)a, -geat(w)e, -geatu 
military equipment ; heriot. 

-land n. heriot-land. 

here|gield . war-tax, Danegeld. 

-grimaf m. helmet. 

-hand/ hostile hand or power (!). 

~hloj>t/ hostile troop. 

-hyp, -hup/, plunder, booty. 

~laf/ remnant of an army; spoil, 

-lie martial. 

-mfflcgf m. warrior, man. 

-msBgenf n. army ; multitude. 

-maepelf . national assembly. 

-mann m. soldier. 

-nettf . corslet. 

-nipt m - hostility. 




here|padt/. coat of mail. 

-pfflp, h?rpo]>, -ap m. (main) 

-raes m. predatory attack. 

-r&swaf m. general, chief. 

-reaf . plunder, booty coll, and 
in pi. 

-rincf m. warrior. 

-sceaftf m. spear. 

-SCeorpf n. armour. 

~searo n. stratagem. 

-sifrcef/. corslet 

-Sipf m. military expedition. 

-spedf/I success in war. 

-Strjel -t- m. arrow. 

-strsBty. main road, highway. 

-sweg ( m. martial sound. 

-team m. joining a predator}' band ; 
devastation, plunder, spoil. 

-tlema m. general, prince ; superior, 

-toga m. general ; leader of a 
people, duke. 

-preat m. warlike troop. 

-pry mm m. phalanx (!). 

-wAdtyi armour. 

-waepenf n. weapon. 

-waesmf (?). 

-Wffipaf m. warrior. 

~weg m. main road. 

-weorcf n. warlike deed. 

-wic npl. camp. 

-wisaf fn. general. 

~wopt m. cry of an army. 

~w6saf m. warrior. 

~wulff m, warrior. 

hg re-beorgian take tip one's quar- 
ters L. 

here-fang*, -fong (m.} osprey. 

here-, see herian praise. 

-lof n. fame. 

-word fame, reputation. 

hergjian make war, make raid ; 
ravage ; carry off captive [hf re]. 

-op m. plundering, making war. 

-ung /. makmg war, invasion ; de- 
vastation ; plunder ; booty ; har- 
rowing (of hell). 

herp|an//. testicles. 

-belig m. scrotum. 

hete m. hate, malice, persecution, 
punishment [hatian]. 

-grimmf fierce, cruel. 

-lie hostile, malignant ; violent, 

-lice av. fiercely ; violently, exces- 

hete | nip f m. enmity, malice; 

-rof \ hostile. 

-runt/- charm causing mischief. 

-sprsfecf/. hostile speech. 

-swengt m. hostile blow. 

-pancf m. hostility. 

-pancolf hostile. 

hetlenf hostile. 

hetol, ha- hostile, fierce. 

het(t)endf m. enemy. 

hi - hie they. 

hice-mase/. blue titmouse. 

hid, higid f. a measure of land, 
hide [hiwa]. 

-gield n. hide-tax. 

-medium av. by hides. 

hideraz. hither: wisdom -on land 

sohte in this country and 

pider in different directions, cpv. 
-or nearer. 

-cyme m. arrival, advent (of 

-geond av. thither. 

-ryne directed hither Gl. 

-weard I. coming here. II. av. 

hidres av. J>idres in different 


hie I. they. II. her a. 

hien*, A. hean vb.,ptc. gehed, y 
exalt [heah]. 

hieg n. hay ; fresh-cut grass ; grass 
[heawan]. See hei-. 

-hus n. hay-house. 

gehiege*, lA't. ei once (n.) meadow. 
Cp. geheeg. 

hiehpo, heah- height, above ; glory 

gehield nf., A. SB watching ; ob- 
servance (of festival) ; protection ; 
guardian ; secret place. Cp. ge- 

-nes/! guarding, observance. 

hield|an bend, incline, bend down, 
bow intr., tr., and rfl. [heald]. 

-ing/, bending, curvature. 

hielf m. handle. 

hielfling*, f m. farthing IN. 

hielto/ lameness [healt]. 

hienlan fell, strike down ; bring to 
subjection, domineer over; hum- 
ble, humiliate ; treat with con- 
tempt, insult ; condemn ; ill-treat, 
afflict, injure, destroy [hean]. 

-nes/. ill-treating, proscription. 


hiene = hine. 

hienp(o)/. ignominy, humiliation ; 
harm, injury, mischief; loss 

hiepe/ heap [heap]. 

hiepel m. heap. 

hiera of them. 

hiera = hierra higher. 

hierjan wa. hear ; hear mentioned, 
hear of | wd. listen to, pay atten- 
tion to ; obey, follow ; minister. 
Always ge- in W. in the above 
meanings \\ w. to, into, inn on 
belong, appertain. Never ge- in 
this meaning. 

-a m. subject. 

-(e)mann, hyrig- m. subject, sub- 
ordinate, parishioner. 

-ing_/i hearing. 

hiere-borg = hyre-. 

hiernes f. obedience, allegiance, 
subjection ; parish. 

gehiernes_/i hearing ; obedience. 

(.ge)hiersum obedient wd. 

-ian wd. obey; tr. reduce to sub- 

~nes f. obedience ; subjection. 

hierdjan tr. harden ; make firm, 
brace up ; also Jig. [heard]. 

-ting /. strengthening. 

hierde, A. eo m. shepherd ; 
guardian, keeper ; pastor [heordl. 

~bf lig m. shepherd's pouch. 

-bocy. pastoral book. 

-cnapa m. shepherd-boy. 

-leas without a shepherd. 

-lie pastoral. 

-mann m. shepherd. 

-wyrt_/! a plant. 

(ge)hierdne8/ guard, watch. 

hierdraden = heord-. 

hiere = hire. 

hiere+j eo safe, pleasant, good. 

hier(r)a cpv. ^/"heah. 

hierstjan fry. 

~e/~. frying-pan. 

-epanne, hearate-y. frying-pan. 

hiersting/. frying. 

-hlaf m. crust. 

-panne f. frying-pan. 

hiertan cherish ; encourage ; rfl. 
take heart [heorte]. 

hierten*, y, eo of a stag [heorot]. 

hierwjan, -ian despise ; deride ; 
blaspheme ; condemn ; injure. 

-end m. blasphemer. 

-endlic contemptible. 




hirw]endlice av. with contempt. 
-ing/", blasphemy. 
-nes/. contempt, reproach. 
hiewe-stan m. hewn stone [hea- 


hiewet(t) n. cutting. 
hig = hie. 

higian strive for, be intent on. 
higid = hid. 
hign a gpl. of hlwa. 
higora m., higere /. magpie or 


higp/. effort Gl. [higian]. 
hil-hama = hylle- grasshopper, 
hildf/. war, battle. 
-bedd n. death-bed, 
-egesa m. terror of war. 
-tram brave, 
-(e)freca m. warrior. 
-fruma m. war-chief, general. 
~lata m. coward. 
~Stapa m. warrior. 
-pracu/ battle. 
hildejbill n. sword. 
-bora n. shield. 
~calla m. war-herald (?). 
-corpor n. warlike troop, 
-cyst/, valour, 
-deofol n. devil, demon, 
-deor brave. 
-freca m. warrior, 
-frofor/ sword. 
~ge&twefpl. armour. 
-giecel m. drop of blood, 
-gi^st m. enemy. 
-graSdig eager for battle. 
-grap/. hostile grasp, 
-hlemm m. crash of battle or 

-nlgmma m. warrior. 
-leoma m. sword, 
-leop n. war-song, 
-maecg m. warrior, 
-mece m. sword, 
-nsfedre/ arrow. 
~pil m. arrow, dart. 
-rffls m. charge, onslaught. 
-rand m. shield. 
-rinc m. warrior. 
-Sffld weaned with battle, 
-sceorp . armour. 
~scur m. shower of missiles. 
~setl M. seat in war (on horse). 
~sirce/. corslet. 
-spell . warlike speech, 
-strg ngo/ strength in war. 
-swat m. hostile vapour (?). 
-sweg m. sound of battle. 

hildejtorht brilliant in war. 

-ttisc m. war-tusk. 

-prymm m., ~prypf. valour. 

-prymma*, -emma m. war- 

-ws&pen n. weapon. 

-wisa m. chief, general. 

-woma m. sound of battle. 

-wraJsen/ war-fetter. 

-wulf m. warrior. 

hilman helmet, cover Gl. [helm]. 

hilt, e nm., -e f. hilt often pi. iu. 
sg. meaning. 

-ecumborf n. ensign with hilt. 

-leas without a hilt. 

gehiltu npl. hilt. 

halted having a hilt. 

him d. him, it, them. 

himming = hemming boot. 

hlna ,?>/. </hiwa. 

hinan = heonon. 

hind/, hind, female of the hart. 

-berige/. raspberry. 

-brer m. raspberry bush. 

-cealf n. fawn. 

-falod w. hind-fold. 

-heolop(e), -hselep(e) /. water- 

hindan av. from behind, behind : 
- offaran cut off retreat set - 

~weard av. at the further end. 

hindema last (in time). 

hinder av. below, deep down, on- 
down ; behind (motion), back- 
wards on - gefadod ' the cart 
before the horse.' 

~geap cunning, underhand. 

-hocf m. stratagem. 

-ling I. m. contemptible person. 
II. on - backwards. 

-scipe m. wickedness. 

-peostrof//. nether darkness. 

-weard lagging, slow. 

hindeweard with wrong end first 
(of spear). 

hindrian repress. 

nine him a. 

hin-fusf ready to depart (die). 

hin-gangf m. departure, death. 

hinon = heonon. 

hin-slp't' m. departure, death. 

-gryref m. death-terror. 

hion/ bone of head (?) LL. 

hira of them. 

hird = hired. 

hire her d., g. 


hired, L. hird, heord m. house- 
hold, family, body of retainers, 
court ; religious community, bro- 
therhood ; association, company 
[from *hlw-r&d]. 

-cniht m. young retainer, page. 

-cuj) domestic, familiar. 

-lie domestic, familiar. 

-mann m. retainer, courtier, officer. 

-prepst m. chaplain. 

-gerefa m. ex-consul (!). 

-wifmann m. female member of 
household, female servant. 

-wist/! familiarity. 

his of him, of it. 

hit it. 

hittan come upon, find. 

hiw, i, A. heow n. appearance ; 
form, shape; figure of speech; 
colour ; beauty. 

-beorhtf beautiful. 

-e beautiful. 

-fast beautiful. 

-leas colourless ; shapeless. 

-lie comely. 

hiw- family. 

-cund domestic, familiar. 

hlw-cup familiar, intimate wd. 

-lie domestic. 

-lice av. familiarly. 

-rafednes/. intimacy. 

hiwlgedal n. divorce. 

-rfflden(n) /. family, household ; 
brotherhood (of monks). 

-SCipe, hig- m. family, household ; 
hide of land. 

hiw ian colour, paint ; shape, 
fashion, form ; change, transform, 
transfigure tr. : Drihten hiiie 
(/yf.) to menn ge-ode; figure, 
signify ; simulate, pretend : he 
~ap hine aelfne unforhtne. 

-ere m. hypocrite. 

-ung/. form, appearance ; dissimu- 
lation, hypocrisy. 

hiwjian marry. 

-ung/ marriage. 

hiwa, higa m.,gpl. hi(g)na mem- 
ber of a family, servant ; monk. 

hiwen . family, household. 

hiwisc n. family, household ; hide 
_(of land). 

-lice av. familiarly. 

hladjan 2 load wai.ftc. -en w, 
i. or g. put as a load, put ; build 
up (pile) ; draw (water). 

hied (K.) mound, pile. 




hl8Bd|disc m. dish. 

-hweol ., -tryndel m. water- 

hlaedel (/.) ladle. 

hlasd d)er/. ladder. 

-wyrt/. Jacob's ladder (a plant'. 

hlaefdige, a f. mistress of a house- 
hold ; lady (of rank) seo 
ealde- the queen dowager [hla- 

gehlfflg n. scorn, ridicule. 

hlaahan - hliehhan. 

hlsenan cause to lean. 

hlfflnje lean. 

-ian tr. make lean, mortify (body) || 
intr become lean. 

-nes/i leanness. 

-sian make lean. 

hlaest n. burden ; freight - 
holmes ~\ fish. 

-an load, freight ; adorn. 

~ing_/! toll on loading a ship. 

-scip . trading vessel. 

hlaew, a m. mound, hill ; cave. 

hlaf m. bread ; loaf. 

-SBta m. servant. 

-gebrecef, -gebroc n. piece of 

-gang m. procession with the host ; 
participation in a meal. 

-hwaete m. wheat for making 

-least/, want of bread. 

-maesse, vL. hlammsesse f. Lam- 
mas, first of August. 

-maesse-daBg m. Lammas-day. 

~ofn m. baker's oven. 

-segnung, -sen- f. blessing of 

hlafdie = hleefdige. 

hlaford, -ard m. lord, patron, 
master (.uncre) -as master and 
mistress {from *hlafweard]. 

-dom m. domination, authority ; 

-hyldo/ loyalty. 

-leas without a lord. 

-M.C noble. 

-scipe m. domination, supremacy. 

-searo . high treason. 

-soon f. seeking service and oro- 
tection of a lord. 

-swica m. traitor. 

-swice m. high treason. 

hlafording m. lord, master. 

hlagol given to laughter. 

-ian, SB sound. 

hlam-maesse = hlaf-. 

hlanc lank, lean. 

hland (n. i urine. 

-adl*, lond-/. strangury (?). 

hlaw = hleew. 

hleahtor m. laughter, merriment ; 


-bffire*, leahtor- causing laugh- 
ter (?) Gl. 

-full contemptuous, scornful. 
-lie ridiculous. m. laughter-maker. 
hleapjan i vL. prt. pi. hiupon 

(leap); dance; ran, go -- ut ~ 

become an outlaw vL. 
-ere m. runner, courier; itinerant 

monk ; dancer, 
-estre/. dancer. 
-ung/. dancing. 
gehleapan i tr. leap over ; leap 

upon, mount (horse). 
hleapettan leap up. 
hleape- wince = Isepe- lapwing, 
hlec leaky (ship). 
hlecan (5) tosamne - cohere, 
hied a, ~e mf. seat, 
hlemm m. noise, sound, 
hlemmanf clash, dash (jaws to- 

hlencef/. (link),//, armour, 
hleo = hleow. 
hleomoc, -e mf. brooklime (a 


hleonian = hlinian. 
Meonapt, eof m. shelter [hleow]. 
hleonianf once, eof flourish (?) 


hleor n. cheek ; face. 
-ban n. cheek-bone, 
-bolsterf n. pillow, 
-dropaf m. tear, 
-scamuf/. blushing, 
-siege m. box on the ear. 
-torhtf beautiful. 
hleotan 7 cast lots ; obtain by lot, 

obtain w. g., i. 
gehleotan 7 obtain ; be allotted w. 

to, on d. so also ws gehloten 

was allotted. 
hleoporf n. sound ; melody, song ; 

voice, speaking ; hearing (sense 


-cwide m. speaking, words, song, 
-cyme m. coming with sound (of 


-stede m. place of conference. 
gehleoj>or harmonious. 


hleoprjian make a sound ; shout, 
speak, utter (words) || intr. re- 

-ung/ utterance, reproof (!). 

hleowf, hleo n. covering ; shelter, 
refuge ; protection ; protector. 

-bord . cover (of book). 

-burg/", sheltering city. 

-dryhten m. patron, lord. 

-feast protecting. 

-fepery! sheltering wing. 

-leas without shelter, cheerless 

-lora m. unprotected. 

-meeg m. protecting kinsman. 

-sceorp n. dress. 

-stede m. sheltered, warm place. 

-stol m. asylum, native city. 

gehleow sheltered, warm (place). 

nleowan = hlie wan. 

hleowe (?) once warm. 

hleowp = hliewj>. 

gehlepaf m. companion, inhabitant 


hlidw. cover, lid ; aperture [hlidan]. 
-faest with a lid (of cap). 
-geat n. folding-door. 
gehlid n. cover, roof. 
~od covered with a lid. 
hliehhan 2 laugh ; rejoice ; laugh 

at (what is said), ridicule wg. ; 

smile (to show good-will), wd. of 

person smile upon. 
hliep m. leap, jump [hleapan]. 
hllepe f. thing to mount (horse) 

from, horse-block. 
hliet- m. lot -as began practise 

divination [hleotan]. 
hliew an, eo cover, shelter, cherish ; 

warm || eo become warm [hleow]. 
(ge)-ung/. sheltering, shelter. 
hllewp, eo f. covering, shelter, 


hlifian stand high, tower, 
hligan give a reputation for (wis- 
dom) wag., attribute to. 
hlimman 3 resound, clang, roar 

(of sea."), make a sound, 
hlimmet/. torrent. 
hlinf a tree. 
hlin|beddf n. couch, 
-duruf/. door, 
-recedf n. prison. 
~scu(w)af m. darkness of a prison, 
hlin ian, eo lean ; recline, lie. 
-ung/. leaning ; couch. 
hlinc m. ridge, slope, hill. 




hlinc-rsaw m. turf balk (?). 
hlisja, hligsa m. report, rumour; 

reputation, fame [hllgan]. 
-b&re, -eadig renowned. 
-eadignes/. renown. 
-full of good repute, famous. 
-fullice av. gloriously. 
hli]> n. slope, hill-side, hill. 
hloccetung/ sighing Gl. 
hlpsle/. sheep-fold (?). 
-lean m. Ct. 
~wudu m. Ct. 
hlosn ian listen for wg, ; listen in 

suspense, be astonished. 
~ere m. listener ; pupil. 
hlot n. lot, allotment sendan, 

weorpan ~ cast lots ; portion, 

share [hleotan]. 
gehlot n. decision (?). 
-land n. inheritance. 
hl6j>/. band of brigands or pirates ; 

the offence of joining such a 

band ; ftroop, multitude | booty, 

-bot/l compensation or fine incurred 

by member of a hlo)> for offence 

committed by any one of them, 
-gecrodf n. press of troops. 
-slight f. homicide committed by 

member of a hlo}>. 
hl6p|ian plunder, take booty. 
~ere m. robber. 
gehlow n. lowing, bellowing. 
hlow|an i low ; make a loud 

sound (<?/" trumpeter). 
-ung/". lowing ; sound like lowing. 
hlud loud. 

-clipol calling loudly. 
-e av. loudly, 
-nes/". clamour, 
-stefne loud-sounding Gl. 

-sweg m. loud sound e loudly. 

hlupon occ. 0/~hleapan. 
hlut(t)or clear, limpid ; line 

(weather) ; pure. 
-lice av. distinctly, clearly. 
-licnes, ~nes/. purity. 
hlut(t)re av. brightly ; distinctly, 

hluttrian become clear ; make 

clear, purify. 
hlyd souml [hlud], 
gehlyd n. noise ; tumult. 
hlydan make loud sound or noise ; 

shout ; resound. 
hlyda m. March [hlud]. 
hlydig garrulous Gl. [hlud]. 

gehlyn n. noise. 

hlynn m. loud sound, resonance ; 

hlynn/. torrent IN. 

hlynnan, hlynian make a loud 
sound ; resound, roar (of sea) ; 

hlynsian make loud sound, re- 

hlysnan listen. 

hlyst mf. sense of hearing ; listen- 
ing, attention. 

-an listen, hear. 

-end, -ere m. listener. 

-ung/. listening. 

gehlyst hearing. 

-full attentive. 

gehlyta m. companion [hlot]. 

hlytta m. diviner, augur [hlot]. 

gehlytto fellowship IN. 

hlyttrjan, -ian purify [hlutor]. 

-ung/". puritying. 

hnaecan = neecan kill. 

hnjegan lay low, humble [hnl- 

hnffigian neigh. 

~ung/l neighing. 

hnaspp m. cup, bowl. 

hnseppan once strike (against) 

gehnaest, a n. collision, battle 

hnag bowed down, prostrate ; con- 
temptible ; niggardly [hnigan]. 

hnapp|ian, SB doze ; sleep. 

-Ung/" dozing, drowsiness. 

hneaw stingy, niggardly -wdg. 

-lice av. stingily, sparingly. 

-nes/. stinginess. 

hnecca m. nape of neck, back of 

hneoton = hniton prt. pi. of 

hnescian, hn^xian soften intr., 
tr. (?) ; relax vigour, yield, waver. 

hnesc e soft, tender ; luxurious, 
delicate ; lax, feeble. 

-lie effeminate. 

-lice av. laxly, gently, luxuriously. 

-nes f. softness ; soft part of a 
thing ; effeminacy, want of vigour. 

hnifol, m. hneofule/". forehead. 

-crumb, -crump leaning over (?) 

hnigan 6 intr. bend down, bow, 
sink down. 

hnigian once bend intr. 


hnipian droop, bend down intr. ; 

be dejected, sad ; doze, be drowsy, 
hnitan 6 tr. butt, gore; intr. come 

into collision, clash together. 
hnitol given to butting or goring. 
hnitu/. nit, louse's egg. 
hnocc (m.) hook (?). 
hnoll (m.) crown of head, 
hnossian beat. 
hnot bald-headed; close-cut, pollard 


hnut u/., //. hnyte. 
-beam m. nut-tree. 
-cyrnel . kernel of nut. 
hnydele = hydele. 
hnygel a, -e mf. shred, clipping. 
gehnyscan once crush M. Cp. 


gehnystf once contrite IK. 
hnyte, see hnutu. 
ho = hoh. 
hon i b prt. heng tr. hang, hang on 

gallows, crucify ptc. gehangen 

hung (with), adorned wi. 
hoc m. hook, 
-ede curved, 
-iht hooked, 
-isern . sickle. 
hocc m. mallow, 
-leaf n. mallow. 
hocor n. derision, 
-wyrde derisive. 
hod m. hood. 
hof n. enclosure, dwelling, house ; 


-rede confined to the house, 
-weard m. sedile (!). 
h f m. hoof. 
-rec n. hoof-track, 
gehofod hoofed. 
hofding m. chief, lingleader vL. 

I Scand.~\. 

hofe/. hove (a plantV 
hofer m. hump ; goitre, swelling. 
-ede, ge-od, -iend hump-backed. 
hog-, hoh-, IN. hoga-, hogo-. 
-fast prudent, wise, 
-full solicitous, anxious, sad ; 

attended with anxiety. 
-fulnes/ anxiety, 
-lice av. prudently IN". 
-scipe m. prudence. 
hogian w. ymbe, be, or g. think 

about, consider, be intent on ; 

intend, wish wg. 
hoga thoughtful, careful IN. 
hogu/. solicitude, care. 




hoh, ho,//. ho(a s m. heel on- 
behind ; projecting ridge of land, 
~fot m. heel. 

-hwierfing/. circle (?) Gl. 
-scanca m. shank, 
-seono/. heel-sinew. 
-spor n. heel. 

hoi I. w. hole, cave, den. II. hol- 
low of his -re hand hollow 
of hand. 

hol-leac . a plant Gl. 
hoi n. calumny, slander. 
-inga, -unga av. in vain, without 


-tihte/. calumny, slander. 
holian hollow out. 
geholian obtain. 
holian slander [hoi]. 
geholat m. protector [helan]. 
hole n. hollow, cavity. 
hold m. freeholder [Scand."]. 
hold n. carcase, dead body. 
hold wd. gracious, friendly, kind ; 
faithful, loyal ; acceptable, plea- 

~ap m. oath of allegiance vL. 
~e av. graciously, loyally, 
-lice av. graciously, kindly ; faith- 
fully ; attentively, 
-rfeden(n) f. loyalty, discharge of 


~seipe m. loyalty vL. 
holdian cut up, cut to pieces. 
hole(g)n (.) holly. 
-leaf n holly-leaf. 
-rind/, holly-bark. 
-stybb m. holly-stump. 
holh M. hollow, hole. Cp. hoi, 


holm m. ocean, sea, waterf ; land 
rising from water, island in 

-sernt ship, 
-cliff n. cliff, 
-igt of the sea. 
-maegenf n. ocean, 
-pracut./. tossing sea. 
-weallt fn. rampart of water, 
-weardt m. coastguard, 
-wegt m. way over the sea. 
-wielmt m. surge of the sea. 
holo-panne/ pan Gl. 
holrian = heolorian. 
holt nm. copse, wood ; timber 

-hana m. woodcock. 

tiolt-wudut m. copse, wood ; 

timber, wood. 
fcldn once pi. tendrils of vine (,?). 
tiona = heonu. 

tionede, 6 having heels Gl. [hoh]. 
tiop-pada m. upper garment, cope 


hop-sciete*, -yte/. sheet. 

-gehnastt dashing of waves, 
-igt, of rough, running high (sea). 
hopian hope ; put trust in w. to. 
Ejehopp once (n.) small bag Gl. 
hopp ian leap ; dance. 
-estre/. dancer. 

hoppe /. ornament ; small bell (?). 
hoppet(t)an leap ; throb (of 

hopu (/.) privet Gl. 
hor n. adultery, fornication, 
-cwene/. prostitute. 
-ing m. adulterer, fornicator. 
horian once cry out. 
gehorian spit IN. [horh]. 
horas//. of horh. 
ho re/, prostitute. 
hord nm. treasure, hoard, what is 

-burgf/ treasure-city. 
-cleofa, -y- m. treasury, storeroom, 

-cofaf m. chamber; fmind, 

-ern, ro n. treasury, storehouse, 

-ffflt n. coffer, 
-geat n. treasury-door. 
-loca m. coffer ; fmind. 
-maBgenf n. riches, 
-mapmf m. treasure, 
-gestreonf n. stored-up posses- 
sions, hoard. 
-weardt m. guardian of treasure 

(dragon) ; king ; heir, first-born. 
-welaf f"- hoarded wealth. 
-weorpungt / honouring with 


-wynnfy. treasure. 
hordian hoard up, store. 
horderie m. treasurer, steward, 
-wice/. stewardship vL. 
horeht = horwiht. 
horjh, -u mn., g. ~'w)es, pi. -as 

phlegm, mucus : filth. 
-pytt m. mud-pit. 
-useab m. sink. 
-wigll m. muddy stream. 


tiorig = horwig. 

tiorn m. horn, drinking-horn, 
cupping-horn ; trumpet, horn ; 
pinnacle, gable. 
sfere horned. 

-blawere m. trumpeter. 

-bogaf m. bow. 

-bora m. trumpeter. 

-fisc m. garfish, kind of pike. 

-fotede horn-footed. 

-geapf with high or broad 

-pic m. pinnacle. 

-recedf . gabled house. 

-saelf n. gable hall. 

-sceap- pinnacle IN. 

-seipt n. beaked ship. 

-s^lef m. gabled hall. 

-gestreonf n.for hord- (?). 
;ehornian insult (?) IN. 
lornung-sunu m. bastard Gl. 

hors n. horse. 

-bsfer_/". hors-e-bier. 

-camb m. curry-comb. 

-cniht m. groom, equerry. 

-crest . chariot. 

-(h)elene/. elecampane (a plant). 

-ern n. stable. 

-gears-tun m. horse-pasturing 

-hierde /. groom. 

-hwasl*, horse- m. walrus. 

-pegn, -pen m. groom, a king's 

-WflBgn, -wn m. chariot. 

-wealh m. king's officer. 

~weard_/l care of horses. 

~weg m. bridle-path. 

horsjian provide with horses 
ge-od folc cavalry. 

horse brisk, brave ; intelligent, 

-lice, horx- av. intelligently. 

hortan //. whortleberries, bil- 
berries (?) Gl. 

horu = horh. 

hor(w)ig muddy [horh]. 

hor(w)iht mucose ; filthy. 

hos oncef. pod Gl. 

host/- troop of attendants. 

hos | a m., ~e, -u ivk.f. hose. 

-ebend m. garter. 

hosp m. contumely, insult ; blas- 
phemy, contempt, cause of shame, 

-cwidet m., -spr&c /. oppro- 
brious language. 




hosp-word n. word of contempt, 
opprobrious language. 

hospettan ridicule. 

hoss- = hysse vine-shoot. 

hopmaf m. darkness. 

hra = hrsew. 

hracing/. detention (?) IN. 

hracja m.; -e, -u -wk.f. throat. 

hraca, SB m. expectoration ; phlegm. 

hradjian, A. hr(e)apian intr. 

-ung, breeding f. celerity, dili- 

hrade = hrape. 

hrsa = hraaw. 

hrecjan clear throat, spit. 

-ung/. clearing the throat, spit- 

hr&cja m. clearing the throat. 

-gebr&C n. expectoration, bronchitis 

-tunge/. uvula. 

hrBC(e)t|an eructate. 

-ung/. eructation. 

hrffid, rsed d. -urn, hradum; A. 
hraep quick, swift ; agile ; clever, 
quick ; hasty. 

-bita m. beetle. 

-femes/, celerity. 

-hygdig, -hydig hasty. 

-hygdignes, -hyd-/. precipitancy. 

-lie short (period of time) ; pre- 
mature ; sudden. 

-lice av. quickly, soon, at once 

-licnes/. quick lapse of time. 

-mod hasty. f. quickness ; quick lapse of 

-ripe early (fruit). 

-Wfflgn, -wsen m. swift chariot. 

-willies/, precipitancy, haste. 

-wyrde hasty of speech. 

hreed-monap = hrep-. 

breeding = hradung. 

hraefn, e, hrfmn, hrmm, se m. 
raven. ~es fot cinquefoil. ~es 
leac orchis. 

-cynn n. raven-kind. 

hraefh = hsefern crab. 

hraag(e)l n. dress ; armour ; ship's 

~ciest/. clothes-chest. 

-gefrffitwodnes /. dress-adorn- 

-hus n. vestry. 

~ace&TB,/pl. cloth-shears. 

-talu/. vestment- fund. 

tiraegel|pegn, -pen m. keeper of 

-gewebde n. dress Gl. 
-weard m. keeper of dresses. 
-ung/. clothing, clothes, 
brawn (n) = hrfflfn. 
hrsn = haarn wave. 
hraetel|e*, hra-/ a plant, 
-wyrt/. rattlewort. 
hrtBp = hreed. 

fflpe = hrape. 
hraepe-mus = hreape-. 

fflw - hreaw raw. 
hre('w),lira(w),hreaw nm. corpse, 

carrion ; ^living) body, 
hrajfiellf m. slaughter. 
-gifre deadly Gl. 
-werigf sore, wearied. 
-wic*, hreaw- n. place of corpses. 
hragra m. heron. 
hramma m. cramp, 
hramsa m. broad-leaved garlic. 
-cropp m. head of garlic Gl. 
hran m. smaller kind of whale, 
fiscf m. whale, 
-meref m., -radf/. sea. 
hran m. reindeer. 

-spearwa m. sparrow IN. 
hratian*, r- rush, hasten. Perhaps 

for hradian. 
hratele, see hreetele. 
hrapian = hradian. 
(h)rape, hraepe av. quickly ; soon 

swa - swa as soon as || spl. 

(h)rapost,hr8edest,radost quick- 
est, soonest is to cwepenne 

(or secganne) in short, 
hraw = hrsew. 

hrea (/.) indigestion (?) [hreaw]. 
hreac m. heap ; (hay)rick. 
~copp, -mete m. food given to 

labourers on completing a rick, 
hream m. cry, shout, shouting, hue 

and cry, uproar. 
~ig = hremig. 
hreape-mus, ee, hreapa- /. bat. 

Cp. hrere-mus. 
hreaw, eo, ee uncooked, raw. 
-ian* once, prt. reawde be raw G!. 
hred-monap =hrep-. 
hreddjan rescue, recover, save 

take away wda. 
-ing /. deliverance ; redemption ; 


hrefan roof [hrof]. 
hrefn = hsefern crab. 


hremigf [e = ce], ea w.g., i. exult- 
ing ; lamenting (?;. 

hremm = hream. 

hremmjan hinder w. set; cumber 
(the ground). 

-ing/, hindrance, obstacle. 

hremn = hrsafh. 

hreo = hreoh, hreow of. 

hreoung, hriung / hard breath- 
ing, asthma. 

hreod n. reed. 

-bedd n. reed-bed. 

-broc m. reedy brook. 

-ig, -iht reedy. 

-pol m. reedy pond. 

-wester n. reedy piece of water. 

-writ n. reed pen. 

hreodan* 7 (ge)hrodenf loaded, 
filled ; adorned wi. 

hreof rough ; scabby, leprous. 

-nes/. leprosy. 

hreofl. I./, scab, leprosy. II. leprous. 

-a m. leper ; leprosy. 

-ig leprous. 

hreo(h ) I. //. hreo stormy, rough ; 
troubled (.in mind) ; fierce. Cp. 
hreow aj. II. (.) storm; 
flood (?). 

-lie stormy. 

-mod troubled (in mind), fierce. 

-nes /. roughness (of weather) ; 
rough weather, storm. 

hreol reel. 

hreorig in ruins [hreosan]. 

hreosjan 7 fall, collapse, perish ; 

-endlic perishable. 

hreow I. / penitence, repentance 

e don ivg. repent ; regret ; 

sorrow. II. hreo(w) aj. sad, 
repentant. Cp. hreoh. 

-cearigt anxious, troubled. 

-lie, i, y pitiable, deplorable, miser- 

-lice av. pitiably, miserably ; cruelly ; 

-nes, IN. gehreones/ penitence. 

hreow = hreaw raw. 

hreow occ.prt. </hreowan. 

gehreow n. lamentation. 
hreowan 7 prt. hreaw, eo wd. 
cause sorrow, repentance, often 

hreowian repent IN. 

hreowigt, -ferhp, -mod sad. 
hreowsian, y, I repent, do 
penance ; be sorrowful, grieve. 




hreowsung f. repentance, peni- 
tence ; grief, lamentation. 

hrep ian, eo, (h)r?ppan touch ; 
treat (subject). 

-ling/, sense of touch ; touching. 

hrepsun g = repsun g. 

hrer half-cooked, underdone. 

hrer|an tr. move, stir, shake [hror]. 

-(ed)nes, y f. movement, commo- 
tion ; haste. 

hrere-mus/.bat. Cp. hreape-mus. 

gehrespanf once tear. 

hr)>+ (#z.) victory ; glory. 

-eadig victorious ; glorious. 

-leas inglorious. 

-sigor m. victory. 

hrep-monap, breed-, e m. March. 

hrejjan triumph. 

hrepa m. cloak Gl. 

hrepe = repe. 

hrej>ert m. breast, womb, heart ; 

-bealo n. grief. 

-cofa m. breast. 

-gleaw prudent, wise. 

~loca m. breast. 

hriung = hreoung. 

hrician cut, cut to pieces. 

hricsc sprain (?). 

hriddel (.), hrid(d)er coarse 

hridrian sift. 

hriefing/. scab [hreof]. 

hrlefpo/. scurf [hreof]. 

hrieman make loud sound ; shout, 
call, cry out ; wail, lament || exult 
[hream, hremig]. 

gehrlered destroyed Gl. 

hrif n. womb ; interior of body ; 

-teung/i stomach-ache. 

-waerc m. stomach-ache. 

-wund wounded in the stomach. 

gehrifian bring forth (young). 

gehrifnian tear, seize. 

hrlm m. rime, hoarfrost. 

-cealdf icy cold. 

-giecelf m. icicle. 

hrimig rimy. 

-heardf hard-frozen. 

hrlnjan 6 w. g., i., a. touch. 

~ung/. touch IN. 

hrindan 3 thrust. 

hrine m. touch. 

hrinen(n)es, ge-/. touch, contact. 

hring m. ring, gold ring, fetter, 
link ; circle ; circuit (of year). 

hring [ban m. circular bone Gl. 

-bogaf ni. serpent. 

-fag circle- spotted. 

-finger m. third finger. 

-Irenf n. steel rings of corslet. 

-locaf m. corslet. 

-mselt, -mseledf adorned with 

-meref m. bath. 

-nacaf m. ring-prowed ship. 

-nettf n. corslet. 

-selef m. hall in which gold rings 
are stored or distributed. 

-setl . circus Gl. 

-sittende sitting round Gl. 

-peguf f. receiving rings. 

~weorpungt/ honour of receiving 
gold rings. 

-gewindla m. globe, sphere Gl. 

-wise/ circular form. 

hringan ring tr. and intr., re- 

hringe/ ring (to lift with). 

hringed made of rings or links. 

-stefnaf ring-prowed (ship). 

hris n. twig. 

-iht bushy. 

hrisian shake tr. 

hrlscan = hryscan. 

hrisel, If m. shuttle [hrisian]. 

hristjende creaking. 

~ung/. noise (in throat) (?). 

hristl e/. rattle. 

-ian rattle, creak. 

hrip m., -adl/. fever. 

hrijj-f-y! storm. 

hrib- = hriper-. 

-fald m. cattle-pen. 

hripjian have fever, be feverish. 

-ing/, fever. 

hriper, y . ox, bull, cow, pi. 
cattle. See hrij>-. 

-en of cattle, of ox. 

-freols m. cattle-festival Gl. 

-heawere m. butcher. 

-heord/. herd of cattle. 

-hierde, hriph- m. cowherd, herds- 

hroc m. rook. 

(ge)hroden, see hreodan. 

hrodenf = *roden reddened. 

hrof m. roof, ceiling ; summit, top ; 
roof (of mouth) ; sky, heaven. 

~fst with a firm roof. 

-leas roofless. 

-Bf lef m. roofed hall. 

-stan m. roof-tile. 


-timber . n 

-wyrhta m. roof-builder. 
hrop m. clamour, lamentation. 
hropanf i shout, utter loud cries. 

houl, scream. 

gehror . ruin [hreosan]. 
hjor capable of motion, vigorous, 


hroren/fr. of hreosan. 
gehroren(n)es/ ruin. 
hrost (m.} perch. 
-beagt m- woodwork of roof. 
hrot, r- m. thick fluid, scum. 
hroporf m., d. ~, hropre solace, 

joy, benefit. 
-leas joyless. 
hrum (m.) soot. 
~ig sooty. 
hrungf/. pole (?). 
hrungeattorrf (?). 
hrusef, ut/ earth, ground. 
gehrusl ^ gehruxl. 
hrutan 7 snore ; resound. 
gehruxl, -usl n. noise [hryscan]. 
hrycg m. back ; ridge, top, sur- 


-ban m. backbone, spine. 
-brsedan //. flesh on both sides of 

the spine. 

~h&r n. hair from animal's back. 
-hraegl . mantle. 
-naearg n. spinal marrow. 
-mearg-lij? . spine. 
-ribb . rib Gl. 
-riple = -bradan Gl. 
-weg m. ridge-way. 
hryding/ clearing, cleared land. 
hryre I. m. fall ; destruction, ruin. 

II. aj. perishable [hreosan]. 
hryscan*, i creak [gehruxl]. 
hrypigf once in ruins (building". 

hrywlic - hreowlic. 

hu av. dir. interr. how ; what ! 
indir. interr. how, gen. w. indc., 
also w. sbj. | intens. w. ajs. and 
avs. how, w. cpv. the : lufode 
hine leng hu geornor | -tug. hu 
geares hit sle according to the 
time of year. 

-hwega, -o, -hugu av. about 

-lie of what kind in dir. and indir. 

-meta av. how. 

gehu av. somehow or other. 




hudenian shake. 

hufje/. head-covering, hood. 

-ian tr. put hood on (a person). 

hui, huig inter] '. 

huilpe - hwilpe. 

hulc m. shed ; hut || light ship. 

hulfestrey; plover Gl. 

hulu/. husk [helan]. 

hun- (m.) cub*. 

-spora m. spike (?) Gl. 

-pyrel n. hole in mast-head through 
which the halyard went. 

hund m. dog, also as term of abuse. 
-es peo dog's parasite. ~es 
cwelcan berries of the wayfaring 
tree. ~es fleoge dog's parasite, 
-es heafod snapdragon, -es lus 
dog's parasite, -es micge, ~es 
tunge cynoglossum (a plant), 
-es wyrm dog's worm. 

-lie doglike, canine. 

-wealh. m. dog-keeper. 

hund n. hundred. 

-feald hundredfold, hundred. 

-wintre a hundred years old. 

hund-eahtatig eighty. 

-wintre eighty years old. 

hund-endlufontig, -endleftig, 
-eend- hundred and ten. 

-opa, -selleftig- hundred and 

hund-nigontig ninety. 

-opa, -nigonteopa ninetieth. 

-wintre ninety years old. 

hundred, -od, -yd, IN. hundrap 
n. hundred ; group of a hundred ; 
a territorial division, hundred. 
-es ealdor president of hundred 
(district) ; centurion, -es mann 
president of hundred (district). 

-mann m. centurion. 

-gemot n. assembly of the hun- 

-pening m. tax for support of the 
chief of the hundred. 

hund-seofontig, IN. unsefuntig 

-feald seventy- fold. 

-Opa seventieth. 

-wintre seventy years old. 

hund-teontig hundred. 

-feald(lic) hundredfold. 

-geare a hundred years old. 

hund-twelftig hundred and 

hund-twentig nundred and 

hundtwentig- wintre hundred 
and twenty years old. 

hune/ horehound. 

hunger m. hunger, also met. ; 

-biten suffering from hunger vL. 

-gear n. year of famine. 

-laewe hungry, famishing. 

-lie hungry. 

hungrig hungry, starving. 

hunig n. honey. 

-fflppel m. ball of honey (?) Gl. 

-baere honeyed. 

-binn/. vessel for honey. 

-camby. honeycomb. 

-flowende flowing with honey. 

-gafol . rent paid in honey. 

-smaece m. taste of honey. 

-suge, -sucef. privet. 

-swaes honeyed Gl. 

-swete sweet as honey. 

-tear m. honey that flows from the 
comb, nectar ( !). 

-tearen, -tearlic like nectar (!). 

huntjian m. hunt. 

-icge, -igestre/. hunter. 

-ung/i hunting ; game, prey. 

-ing-speref, -ig- n. hunting- 

hunta m. hunter. 

huntop, -(n)ap m. hunting, right of 
hunting ; game, prey. 

~faru/i hunting-expedition. 

hup- hip [hype]. 

~(p)ban . hip-bone. 

-seax n. short sword. 

huru av. at least, at all events, at 
any rate not less than, at least 
(of quantity); especially; cer- 
tainly, indeed. 

-pinga av. at least. 

hus n. house ; household, race. 

-bonda, -bunda m. , f. master or 
mistress of house \_Scand.~]. 

-bryce m. house-breaking, bur- 

-brycel house-breaking Gl. 

-bryne m. fire. 

-carl m. one of the king's body- 
guard L. [Scand.]. 

-faest having a house. 

-heofon m. ceiling. 

-hlaford m. master of a house. 

-hleow w. house-shelter. 

-incel . little house. 

-rSden(n)/ household. 

ge-scipe m. household, race. 


husjstede m. site of building. 

-ting n. (Danish) tribunal, meet- 
ing [Scand. husjjing]. 

-wist/, household. 

husian house, receive into one's 

gehusa, IN. husa m. fellow-inmate, 

huse, hux (.) mockery, insult. 

-lie ignominious, shameful. 

-lice av. ignominiously, shame- 

-word n. insulting word(s). 

husl n. Eucharist. 

-beam n. communicant. 

-disc m. paten. 

-feat n. sacramental or sacrificial 

-gang m. partaking of the Eucharist. 

-genga m. communicant. 

-halgung/. attendance at Eucharist . 

-lafy". remains of Eucharist. 

-portic m. sacristy. 

~J>egn, -pen m. acolyte. 

-wer m. communicant. 

husljian administer Eucharist or 

-ung f. administration of sacra- 

hup/, plunder, booty. Cp. hyp. 

hux = husc. 

hwa no. who in dir. and indir. 
interr. wg. : - is mancynnes 
peet ne wundrie . . | indf. any 
one, some one, one log. swa- swa 
whoever, if any one. See nent. 

gehwa no., rare neut. gehwaet,/. d. , 
g. gehwSm, gehwses, gehwsere, 
a any one ; each one, every one, 
vug. each, every, anra - each 

gehwaedje slight, small, young. 

-nes f. smallness, insignificance ; 
subtlety, fineness. 

hwaader = hwider. 

hwfifeg (n.) whey. 

hwffll m. whale. 

-enf once like a whale. 

-hunta m. whaler. 

-huntop m. whale-fishery. 

-mere m. sea. 

hwael = hweall. 

hwm. a whom, what d. 

ge~lic every (day) IN. 

hwesne whom a. 

hwaenne = hwonne. 



, hwar(a) av. where, whither 
in dir. and indir. interr. : 

- cwom . . what has become 
of . . ! ofseah ~ he ISdde saw 
him leading, wg. ~ eorpan where 
in the world | indf. anywhere, 
somewhere. ~ . . - at one place 
. . at another. swa - swa 
wherever, in whatever direction, 
wel - nearly everywhere. 

gehw&r, a av. everywhere, in all 
directions ; time on every occa- 
sion | indf. - . . - in some places 
. . in others. 

hwffls whose. 

hwebsan or hwesan [e = de] i prt. 
hweos wheeze. 

hwfiBSB sharp, prickly. 

h.W8B8t- blowing Gl. 

hwfflstr|ian, a whisper, murmur. 

-ung/. whispering, murmuring. 

hwfflt brisk ; brave, bold. 

-lice av. quickly. 

-mod bold. 

~nes, ge-f. quickness. 

-rafedf determined. 

-scipe m. briskness; bravery. 

hwfflt no. neut. of hwa, having 
similar meanings and construc- 
tions I. what ; who : nat ic ~ ge 
sint wg. and indc. or sbj. : 

- eom ic manna peet ic rnihte 
God forbeodan ? what sort of 
a man am I to be able to . . ; ~ is 
f/inga pe biter-re sie . . ? ; hie 
ne acsodon - para gefarenra 
weere what was the number of the 
dead | indf. anything, something : 
lytles ~ a little, swelces ~ some- 
thing of that sort, swa - swa 
whatever. II. av. why dir. and 
indir. interr. || interj. ah ! lo ! 
well ! what ! 

-hwara av. somewhat. 

-hwegu, -a, -h^w)ugu I. no. 
something, a little. II. av. some- 
what, slightly. 

-hweguningas, -h(w)uguninges 
av. somewhat, a little. 

hwffite m. wheat [hwit]. 

-corn . grain of wheat. 

-cynn n. (.kind of) wheat. 

-gryttan pi. coarse wheatmeal. 

~healm n. wheat-straw, -stalk. 

-land n. wheat-land. 

~melo n. wheat- flour. 

-smedema m. fine wheat-flour. 

hwaite-weestm m. com. 

hwasten wheat(en). 

hweeper I. no. which of two dir. 
and indir. interr. w. g. or of, 
often w. (pe) . . pe : - para 
twegra . . ? -ne of pisum 
twain . . ? ~ is mare pe peet 
gold pe pset tempel ? | indf. one 
or other of two, either wg. swa 

- swa whichever (of two or 
more) | both (?). II. av., cj., 
often w. pe . . (pe), dir. and 
indir. interr. whether w. indc. 
or sbj. : ~ ge willen on wuda 
secan gold ? ~ wees his fulluht 
pe of heofonum pe of man- 
num ? he nyste self - he 
mann wees. befran ~ pees 
landes folc cristen were pe 
hSpen. See hwsepere cj. 

gehwaper no. wg. each (of two), 
both : on ~e hand on both sides 
(in battle). 

hwfflp(e)re I. av. however, 
peah-pe . . - although . . yet. 

- (swa)peah however. II. cj. = 

gehwaepere av. nevertheless. 

gehwfflperes av. on all sides. 

hwam d. ofhw&, hwat. 

hwamm m. corner, angle, pro- 

-Stan m. corner-stone. 

hwan^hwon i. ofhwsBt. 

hwane a. vfhwa,. 

hwanne = hwonne. 

hwanon, -e av. whence. 

~h.wegu av. from anywhere. 

gehwanon av. from all quarters. 

hwar(a) = hw&r. 

h'wast- eunuch IN. 

hwastrian = hweestrian. 

hwatja m. diviner, augur. 

-ian practise divination. 

-ungy. divination. 

hwrat|a, ~&nfpl. divination, omens. 

hwatend iris illyrica (a plant). 

hwaperian, hwo- foam or surge 
(of sea.). 

hwealf I./ vault, arch. II. vaulted; 
hollow, concave. 

hweall*, hwal, hwall-, vE. hweel 
impudent, bold. Cp. hwelan. 

hwearff m. crowd. The allit. re- 
quires *wearf. 

hw^earf m. exchange ; what is ex- 
changed [hweorfan]. 


gehwearf exchange to -e in 
exchange ; vicissitude. 

gehwearfnes = gehwigrfhes. 

hwearfjian, ee intr. turn, revolve, 
roll ; wave (of banner) ; wander ; 

-ung f. change, vicissitude ; ex- 
change, barter. 

hwearft m. circuit, expanse ; lapse 
of time. 

hwearftlian = hwigrftlian. 

hweljan 4 resound. 

-ung/". noise. 

hw^lian suppurate || make to sup- 

hwelc, i, y no. w.g., aj. which 
(one), of what kind, what sort of 
dir. and indir. interr. \ indf. 
any (one), some (one), elles - wg. 
any other, swa ~ swa whoever, 
whatever : swa ~e daege swa 
whenever || as correl. to swelc : 
hit is scandlic ymb swelc to 
sprecanne - hit pa wees. 

-hwegu, -a, -h(w)ugu no., aj. the 
first element inflected some (one), 
any (one). 

-hwene, oe no., aj. IN. some 

(ge)-nes/ quality (!). 

gehwelc no. wg., aj. each (one), 
every (one) anra - no. wg. each 
one [//. each one, all : -e ienlipige 
cendon . . each one singly made 
a declaration ; -e halgan every 
saint ; -e opre lac all || indf. pi. 
some : Loth and ~e opre pe 
englas gesawon. 

hwglp m. whelp, cub. 

hwgrum m. corner [hwamm]. 

-dragen sloping, leaning. 

hwene, oe av. somewhat, a little 

h'wreol, hweow(o)l, hweog(u)l n. 

~fag having a circular decoration. 

-rad/. rut. 

hweop/r/ 1 . ^/"hwopan. 

hweorf|an, u 3 intr. turn, return ; 
depart ; wander, go ; change, vary 
feohtan mid -endum sigum | 
onweg~ depart, die || tr. turn, 
direct; change, convert (to reli- 

hweor(f)-ban, u . knee-cap. 

hweorfa m. whorl (of spindle). 

hweos /r/. <j/ f hw&san. 



hwer m. kettle, cauldron ; pot, 

hwer-ban = hweorf-. 

hwer-hwette/. cucumber 

hwerfian = hwearfian. 

hwerflic = *hwierflic. 

hwergen av. elles - elsewhere 

hwesan, see hwffisan. 

hwg t-stan m. hone. 

hwettan sharpen ; incite [hweet]. 

hwicee/ chest. 

hwider, & av. whither, swa - swa 
wherever (motion). 

~ryne directed whither Gl. 

gehwider av. in every direction ; 
in any direction. 

hwierfjan tr. turn ; change, trans- 
form ; convert (to religion) ; ge- 
overturn, destroy || intr. turn, 
revolve ; return ; wander, go, 
move; change | wg. exchange, 
barter [hweorfan]. 

-lie*, hwerf-, hwirlio mutable, 

~nes*, hwyrf-/ giddiness. 

ge~(ed)nes, ea f. conversion (to 

~ung/i change, vicissitude. 


~ung*, y, se f. wandering ; period. 

hwierftlian*, y, ea revolve ; wan- 

hwig = hwy. 

hwfl f. space of time : - deeges ; 
-e, to -e for a time ; to scortre 
-e ; gode -e for a long time | 
period of time : sir daeges -e. 
nu~e just now. pa -e meanwhile, 
at the same time. -e . . -e at 
one time . . at another. See 
hwilum. pa-hwile-pe cj. v>. indc. 
while, correl. pa-hwile-pe . . pa 
hwile while. 

-hwega av. for some time. 

-stycce n. period of leisure, odd 
time, sum - for some time. 

-tidum av. sometimes . . - at 

one time . . at another ; at certain 

hwil-(w)end]e, -lie temporary, 

-lice av. temporarily. 

hwilen transitory. 

hwilende = hwflwende. 

hwilpef/ a sea-bird. 

hwil ! uin, ~on av. sometimes 

- . . ~ sometimes . . sometimes, 
now . . now | some time, a little 
time : - eer | formerly (?). 

hwinan 6 make shrill sound, 


-ung/ squeaking (of mice). 

hwispr ian murmur. 

-ung/ murmuring. 

hwistlian = wistlian. 

hwit I. white ; clear, bright ; fair, 
beautiful. II. n. white of egg. 

-cwidu, -cudu (m.) mastic Gl. 

-fdt having white feet. 

-leac n. onion. 

-loccf, -loccedef fair-haired. 

-nesy! whiteness. 

hwit|an tr. whiten ; polish. 

-ian be white. 

hwite-hlaf m. wheat loaf. 

hwitel m. cloak ; blanket. 

hwiting-melo . whiting. 

hwiting-treow n. whitten-tree. 

hwipa, eo m. breeze. 

hwon i. ofhwest. 

hwon I. av. somewhat, a little. 

II. no. a little (of) abs. or -wg. 

III. aj. some, a little, few. 

-lie slight (quantity) ; unimportant. 
-lice av. a little, moderately, 

-lotum av. in small quantities 

hwonne, a, as dir. interr. when ; 

indir. interr. w. sbj. and indc. 

when, until : sege us - pas ping 

geweorpen ! hit bip lang - se 

hlaford cume | indf. : nu - eft 

at some future time. 
hwopanf I threaten, indi. threaten 

one with. 

hwosta m. cough. 
hwostan cough. 
hwoperian = hwaperian. 
hwurf- = hweorf-. 
hwTirfol fickle [hweorfan]. 
-nes/. fickleness. 
h^^y, I I. i. of hweet. II. av. why 

in dir. and indir. interr. 
hwylc = hwelc. 
hwylea [y = e?] m. tumour, boil 


hwyrf-ban = hweorf-. 
hwyrfe-pol [_ = i? or eo] m. whirl- 

pool, eddy Gl. 
hwyrft m. turning, revolving ; 

orbit (of stars), circuit (of earth) ; 


motion, course ; return ; period, 
course (of time) [hweorfan]. 

gehwyrft (m.) -- geares anni- 

hy-gedryhtf once f. band of re- 
tainers (?j. hy- = hiw-. 

hycgan think of, be mindful of 
w. a. or g. or ymb ; meditate 
(evil), plot (against) ; be intent 
on, determine, endeavour w. 
fram be averse to : hope. Cp. 

hyd f. (human) skin, skin (of 
animal), hide pSre ~e polian 
be flogged, pa forwyrcan be 
liable to a flogging. 

-gield n. payment to escape flog- 


~iff of leather. 
gehyd having a skin. 
gehyd = gehygd. 
hyd|an hide, conceal ; sheath 

(sword) ; bury. 
-els hiding-place, den (of thieves), 

place where a thing is hidden.! comfort, security. 
hydele, hn-f. hsewen - a plant. 
hyfy. hive. 
gehygd, -hyd/w. mind, thought 

mid ~um carefully. 
hygdig, hydig thoughtful; modest, 


-lice av. chastely. 
-nes/. chastity. 
hygef m. mind, heart, mood, dis- 

position ; courage ; pride. 
-bend m. mind-bond, natural tie. 
-blind infatuated. 
-blipe glad. 
-clane pure-minded. 
-crcsft m. faculty, wisdom. 
-creeftig wise. 
-fast, -frod wise. 
-frofor/. consolation. 
-geelsa sluggish. 
-gal wanton. 
-gar m. wile, device. 
-geomor sad. 
-gleaw prudent, sagacious. 

grimm fierce, cruel. 
-leas thoughtless, foolish, reckless 

-least f. levity, folly, recklessness 


-map -- um reverently. 
-mepe mind-wearying. 
-rof brave. 



hyge|runy secret. 

-sceafty. mind, heart [Old Saxon~\. 

-snottor wise. 

~8OTgf. sorrow, anxiety. 

-teona m. injury, wrong, insult. 

-treowy. faith. 

-pane m. thought. 

-pancol thoughtful, wise. 

~prymm m. pride, courage. 

-prypy pride. 

-pyhtig brave. 

-wielm m. agitation of mind, 

-wlanc proud. 

hyht mf. hope ; joy, pleasure. 

-fullf joyful ; pleasant. 

-giefaf m. giver of joy. 

-giefuty pleasant gift. 

~leasf joyless ; incredulous. 

-lief joyful ; pleasant. 

-lice av. joyfully. 

-plegaf ft. sport, pastime. 

-willaf m., -wynnty joy. 

gehyht n. hope, comfort. 

hyht|an hope, confide ; rejoice. 

-ing/, exultation. 

hylc m. bend, turn. 

gehylced spread out, diverging 

' Gl. 

hyld|an flay, skin [hold]. 

-ere m. butcher. 

hyldjo, hyld/. favour, grace ; alle- 
giance, loyalty his -a sworon 
swo.e allegiance to him [hold]. 

~ap m. oath of allegiance. 

-emsegh m. kinsman. 

-raadeny fidelity. 

hyll mf. hill. 

-wyrty. pulegium. 

hylle-hama, hilh- m. cricket, 

Hymbre //. Northumbrians. Cp. 

hymele /. hop-plant [Lt. humu- 

hymen = ymen hymn. 

hym(b)licey,hymlic m. hemlock. 

hynden(n)/. association of a hun- 
dred men [hund]. 

-naann m. head of a hynden. 

hyngran, -ian be hungry ; im- 
pers. : hine (or him) hyngrede 
ptc. gehyngred hungry [hun- 

hyngrig = hungrig. 

hyp|e m. hip. See hup-. 

~(e)ban = hup-. 

~eseax = hup-. 

-wfflrc m. pain in the hips. 

hyry. hire, wages ; usury, interest. 

hyr an, ~ian hire. 

-geoht (M.) hired yoke of oxen. 

-egielda ;//. mercenary, hired ser- 

-ling in. hireling IN. 

-mann, hyrig- m. hireling. 

~oxa m. hired ox. 

ge-ung/i hiring. 

hyr|ian imitate. 

~ing/l imitation. 

hyra = hira. 

hyra m. hireling, servant. 

hyrdel, vE. hyrpil ;;/. hurdle. 

hyre hire. 

hyre-borg*, ie m. interest (on 

hyrnan project [hyrne]. 

hyrn|e/. corner ; angle [horn]. 

-full angular. 

-Stan m. corner-stone. 

hyrned e horned ; having a pro- 

-nebba horny-beaked. 

hymen of horn [horn]. 

hyrnetu, vE. -itu ; L. -et, -et(t)e, 
//. -yttan/ hornet [horn]. 

hyrst(f), vE. pi. hryste /. orna- 
ment.jewel ; trappings, equipment, 

hyrst m. copse, wood. 

-geard m. copse (?) Ct. 

gehyrsty. ornament. 

hyrstan adorn ; equip. 

gehyrstan murmur IN. 

hyscan, hyxan deride ; revile w . 
on a. [huso]. 

hysef, pi. hyssas m. son ; youth ; 
man, warrior || hisse, hoss- vine- 
shoot Gl. 

-beorjjor Pr. n. bearing a son ; 
young man. 

-berjjling, -byrding f. bearing a 
male child. 

~cild Pr. n. male child. 

-rinc Pr. m. man. 

-wise Pr. f. the manner of 

hysp an scorn, revile [hoap]. 

ge-endlic abominable. 


. object of reproach, 
landing-place, harbour. 

-gield n. port-due. 

-lie of a harbour. 

-weardf m. harbour-warden. 

-hyj> booty = hup. 

-scip n. pirate-ship Gl. 

gehyp convenient naht ~es 
haebbe no apparatus. 

-lie convenient. 

-lice av. comfortably (?). 

-nesy. advantage. 

hypan ravage, plunder. 

hypelic convenient, suitable. 


~ian facilitate. 

-Ungy advantage 

hyppy. benefit, advantage. 

gehyppoy. subsistence, food. 




ia-, la- = gea-, gea-. 

iacin(c)tus m. jacinth [ZAhyacin- 

ic, ig I. 

icge-goldf once. 

I-dfflges, ig- av. on the same day. 

idel I. empty; empty-handed; de- 
solate, destitute ivg. ; useless, vain ; 
unemployed, idle. II. w. frivolity ; 
idleness ; inattention, carelessness 
on- in vain, to no purpose. 

-georn lazy. 

Idel-gield ., -offrung/ idola- 

ldel|hende empty-handed ; devoid 

-nes/ frivolity, folly ; carelessness, 
inattention ; uselessness ; idleness 
on ~se in vain. 

-sprtece talking idly. 

ides f. virgin ; fwoman. 

idlian come to nothing, be useless. 

Idol / idol [Z*.]. 

le, see ea. 

Iec|an increase ; add [eac]. 

-end ;;z., -estre/ increase!. 

-nes/ increase. 

iedisc*. yddisc (.) furniture, 
household goods [ead]. 

leg/, island [Sa]. 

~buend(e)f m. islander. 

-clif, ecg~f n. sea-cliff. 

-flota*, 3Bg-f m. sailor. 

-land . island. 

-stream*, eg-, eh-t m. sea ; river. 

-weard*, aeg-f f- watch by the 

_ sea (?). 

lego})*, ig(e)op, ig(g)ap m. island, 
esp. small island in river, eyot. 

ield an intr. and tr. delay, dissimu- 
late [eald]. 

-end m. delayer intr. 

-endlic dilatory. 

-ing/ delay ; dissimulation. 

if Idcian = e Ician delay. 

ieldef//- men. 

if Ides t spl. afe&ld. 

ield(o)/ period, age (of the world) ; 
time of life, age ; old age. 


ieldrja I. cpv. of eald. II. -an 

6/. parents; ancestors. 
:e//. <7/lfelf. 

ielfen*, se, o, y/ fairy [self]. 

i|lfetu, L. ylfet,t)e/ swan. 

ielfig*=ylfig chattering. 

ierfan inl.erit ; demise, bequeath. 

ierf|e n. inheritance ; property, pos- 
session ; cattle. 

-ebec/*/. will. 

-(e)cwealm m. cattle-plague. 

-egedal n. division of property. 

-efirst m. legal delay before enter- 
ing on inheritance. 

-egeflit n. dispute about inheri- 

-hand/ administrator. 

-elaf/ heirloom, inheritance; heir. 

-eland n. heritable or inherited 

-eleas without cattle. 

-enuma m. heir. 

-estolf m. hereditary seat or dwell- 

ierf\e)-weard m. heir, possessor. 

-nea/ inheritance. 

-ian inherit, possess. 

-wntend, -writere m. testator. 

ierfe|gewrit n will, testament. 

-writend m. testator. 

iergan dishearten [earg]. 

ifrgj>(o)/ sluggishness, cowardice. 

ier lie angry [ierre]. 

-scipe m. anger. 

ierman ill-treat, harass [earm]. 

ierming, ea ;. wretched one, poor 
wretch ; pauper ; little one. 

iermj>(o)/. misery; poverty; bodily 
trouble, disease ; crime. 

iernan, A. eo; prt. arn, A. orn 
3 run ; flow (of river) ; turn intr., 
grind (of mill) | up ge- rise, 
grow (^"plants) Bd. 

geiernan 3 coagulate. Cp. gerin- 

ierre I. . anger. II. gone astray ; 
perverse ; angry. 

-mod angry, wild. 

~J>weorh*, yre- angry. 



ierringa av. angrily. 

iers ian, eo be angry w. wij? a., 
on a. ; make angry. 

-igendlic passionate. 

-ung/ anger. 

iersinga av. angrily. 

ierj), y, ea/ ploughing; crop, pro- 

-land n. arable land. 

-ling m. agriculturist, farmer, 
ploughman ; a bird. 

-tilia = eorp-. 

iesende = gesen entrails. 

Iej>, eaj> cpv. of eefye easily. 

-bede exorable. 

-begiete easily obtained. 

-bene exorable. 

-bylig, -belig irritable, passionate. 

-dsfede easy. 

-fere easy (road). 

-fyndef easily found. 

-georn amiable (?) Gl. 

-giete*, -gete easily obtained, 

-hylde contented. 

-leere docile. 

-gesiene-j- easily seen. 

-wielt easily turned. 

iejj|an lay waste, ravage ; depopu- 
late; kill. 

-ung/ laying waste. 

iepef desolate, waste. 

Iep|e, eape easy ; indulgent, kind 
wd. ; mild, not attended with 
hardship, easy (journey). Cp. 
eaj>e av. 

-nes / ease (of life), comfort ; 
pleasure, satisfaction. 

iepelic, ea easy || ea- scanty, 
insignificant, weak. 

-nes/ ease. 

lepelice av. easily ; (treat subject) 

iew|an, eow(i)an tt'da. show, 
reveal [eage]. 

ifegn = iflg. 

ifig, ifegn n. ivy. 

-bearo . group of ivy-clad trees (?) 




iflg|cropp(a) m. cluster of ivy- 

-leaf n. ivy-leaf. 

~tearo ., -tara m. ivy-gum. 

ifiht covered with ivy. 

fl, ig(i)l m. hedgehog. 

ilca same. 

ilce av. swa - in the same way ; 
swa - swa in the same way as, as. 

ile, y m., vE. ill . sole of foot ; 

ill = ile callosity. 

illeroe|u*, -acu/ crapula. 

ge~ad suffering from hot cockles, 
surfeited, crapulatus. 

ilpen of an elephant [elpend, yip]. 

imbe* = ymbe swarm of bees. 

imberdling = inbyrdling. 

imp I a, ~e mf. shoot, graft. 

impian graft; rfi. be engaged in, 
ptc. associated with w. to, on d. 

in rare in W. prp. w. a., d. (*'.) of 
place and time in, on, among, 
into, during, also met. 

in- A. = on-. 

in- is sometimes -written for un- 
through the confusion between 
un- and on- =A. in-. 

in-gebedf once n. heartfelt (?) 

in-bend mf. internal fetter. 

in-betynednes / life of a re- 

in-blawan i breathe on, inspire (!). 

in-boren native. 

in-borg m. bail, security. 

in-bryne m. fire (!). 

in-bu|an inhabit (!). 

-end m. inhabitant. 

in-burg/. vestibule. 

in-byrd|e born in master's house. 

~(l)ing, im- m. slave born in mas- 
ter's house. 

inc you two a., d. 

inc|a m. cause of complaint, 
grudge ; scruple, doubt ; sus- 

ge~fullian offend. 

in-cempa m. soldier of the same 

incer of you two. 

in-cieg an invoke (!). 

-ling/! invocation (!). 

incit you two a. 

in-cleofa, -clyfa,i m. (inner) cham- 
ber ; den, cave. 

in-cniht m. house-servant. 

in-cofa m. inner chamber ; fbreast, 
-copu/; internal disease. 

incund = innancund. 

-lice av. inwardly. 

-nes f. inward conviction ; sin- 

in-cuj) alien, strange. 

-lice av. sadly. 

in-deelan impart, infuse (1). 

in-diepan dip, immerse (!). 

Indisc Indian. 

in-dryhtenf aristocratic, noble, 

in-dryhtof./. nobleness, glory. 

in-eardian inhabit (!). 

in-far n. entering ; place of en- 

in-faereld n. entering; place of 
entrance, vestibule ; interior. 

in-fangen(e)-)>eof L. jurisdiction 
over thieves within a certain 

in-faru/. entering, invasion. 

in-feoht, -flht . attack on person 
by inhabitant of the same house. 

in-gefeoht n. civil war. 

in-flede full of water (Driver). 

in-gefolcf n. native race. 

in-fostor n. rearing or breeding at 

in-frodf very old or wise. 

ing the Runic letter ng. 

in(n)-gang m. entering; right of 
access ; entrance-fee. 

in-gengaf m. invader. 

in-geoting/1 pouring in. 

in-gyte m. infusion. 

in-heord f. herd of the lord and 
kept on his estate. 

in-here m. home-army, native 

in-hiernes/1 possession. 

in(n)-hired n. household. 

-mann, IN. innheard- m. member 
of retinue, soldier. 

in-hlwa, -higa m. member of 
household or convent, &c. 

in- hold loyal. 

in-gehrif n. womb. 

in-gehygd, -hyd nf. mind, 
thoughts ; conscience ; under- 
standing, intelligence, knowledge ; 
import (of what is said). 

-nesy! intention. 

in-Ieddisc*, e (.) household 


in(n)-ielfe, inifli n. intestines ; 

in-ierfe n. household goods. 

in-innan = on-. 

in-lad/; right of inland passage; 

in-lagian ' inlaw,' restore (an out- 
law) to legal rights. 

in-land n. demesne land, land 
retained by the lord instead of 
being let out. 

in-la}>iend m. inviter (!). 

in-legan A. inflame = *on-lie- 
gan (?;. 

in-lend|e native, of natives, of 
one's own country. 

-a m. native. 

-isc native. 

in-lic internal ; native. 

in -lice av. internally; thoroughly; 

in-lichamung/ incarnation IN. 

in-mffljjl(a)e /. recklessness vE. 
Gl. Cp. onmedla. 

in-mearg once pi. -a marrow Gl. 

in-mede close to one's heart, im- 

in-gemyndt nf. mind ; remem- 

in-gemynde-f" remembered. 

inn . house ; chamber ; quartering 
oneself (3^ soldiers). 

inn av. in on wa. in to. - to 

in to : pa geatu - to him. Cp. 

innjian enter; take up one's quar- 
ters, lodge. 

~ung/. contents ; revenue. 

geinnian admit, receive (into 
house, church), entertain hospita- 
bly ; include; fill; supply (loss). 

inna womb IN. 

inn-adl*, ina-/. internal disease. 

innan prp. w. a., d., g. in, into ; 
from within (!); of time at. 

innan, -e, inne av. within, inside 
on prp. wd. inside. 

innan-bordes av. at home (as 
opposed to abroad). 

innan-burgware //. towns- 

innan-cund, inne-, in- internal, 
inward ; inner (thoughts) ; earnest, 
thorough. Cp. incund. 

innan- weard, in(ne)- I. internal, 
interior of, depths of ; earnest ; 
thorough ., pset ~e intes- 



tines. II. av. within. Cp. in- 

inn-awritingy inscription (!). 

inne- = innan-. 

innemest, see innjera, -or. 

innera, inra cpv. inner ; spl. inne- 
mest inmost. 

in-nlwian renew (!). 

innor av. cpv. more within ; spl. 

inn-orf n. household goods. 

innop m. interior; interior of body, 
intestines; stomach; womb. 

-tiedernes f. weakness of intes- 

-wund f. wound in the intes- 

in-gerec (n.) tumult Bd. 

in-recels m. incense (!). 

in-sceawere m. inspector (!). 

in-sceawungy inspection (!). 

in-segel . seal, signet. Cp. 
insigle [Lt. sigillum], 

insegl|ian seal, seal up. 

-ungy sealing, seal. 

in-geseted inserted. 

in-set|tan institute (!). 

-nesy. regulation (!). 

in-sigle . seal [insegel]. 

in-sihty narrative, epitome. 

in-sittende sitting within. 

in-smoh (1) m. slough, what is 
cast off. 

in-spinn (.) spindle. 

in-stfflp|e, f I. m. entrance es 

av. instantly. II. av. instantly. 

in-stand an 2 be at hand (!). 

-endlic present, daily (bread). 

in-gestealdf n. household goods. 

in'Stfde, -styde av. at once. 

in-stice m. internal stitch (pain). 

in-stihtian arrange (!). 

in-swan m. he who has charge of 
the lord's swine. 

in-geswell n. internal swelling. 

in-swog an i invade (!). 

-ennesy. invasion. 

in-tinga m., IN. inping, IM. 
inting(a) affair, business ; cause 
of complaint ;' cause for his 

intingan because of him, for his 

sake [in, ping]. 
in-to prp. -wd. into. 
in-trahtnungy explanation (!). 
in-gepanc nm. thought(s), mind ; 


in-gepeodf y nation. 
in-picce very thick or coarse. 
in-pinen (/".) house-servant (?) Gl. 
in-Wfflrc, -WTSBC m. internal pain. 
in-w&te f. internal humour (of 


in-weard = innan-. 
-lie internal. 
-lice av. inwardly ; earnestly, 

deeply, thoroughly. 
in-geweaxen implanted. 
in-weorc n. indoor work. 
in-werod n. body of retainers, 

in-widd, -witt, -wit deceitful, 

malicious, wicked. 
in-widda m. adversary, 
in-gewinn n. civil war. 
in- wise once f. condiment. 
in-wit, -wid n. guile, deceit ; 

malice ; evil, 
-gecyndf n. evil nature, 
-fengf m. hostile grasp. 
-nanf m. treacherous shaft. 
-full deceitful, malicious, evil, 
-giestf m. evil guest, 
-girenf n. treacherous snare. 
-hlernmf m. gash of malice, 
-hroff tn. evil roof, 
-nettf n. evil net. 
-mpf m. enmity, 
-runt/, evil counsel, 
-scearf (?) m. slaughter. 
~searot n. treachery, 
-sorgf y. sorrow, 
-spellf n. tale of evil, 
-staff m. wickedness. 
~pancf m. evil thought or purpose. 
-wrasenf y. evil chain, 
in-gewitnes f. knowledge, con- 

in-wraec = in-ware, 
in-wiitere m. private (?) secretary 


in-writingy. inscription (I). 

in -wund y internal wound. 

in-wunenesy persistence. 

io- = geo-. 

ioc = geoc. 

lorf a river animal ; the Runic 

letter To. 
Iras mpl. Irish. 
Ir(a)-land n. Ireland. 

Iring es weg Milky Way, 

is is. 

Is n. ice ; the Runic letter \. 

-gebindf n. bond of ice. 

-geblffld n. chilblain (?). 

-cealdf ice-cold. 

-m^ref m. frozen lake. 

isen, isern, iren I. n. iron, steel ; 

iron or steel implement ; fsword ; 

ordeal. II. aj. of iron, steel. 
-bgndf m. chain, 
-byrnefy steel corslet, 
-fetory iron fetter. 
-grsfeg iron-grey. 
-heard iron-hard. 
-hearde f. black centaury (a 


-hgref m. armed host, 
-hyrst fitted with iron. 
~geloma m. iron implement, 
-ordal ordeal with hot iron. 
~6rey iron mine Gl. 
-panne, -&fm. frying-pan. 
-scofly iron shovel, 
-scurfy, shower of iron missiles. 
-smip m. blacksmith, 
-swat m. iron dross (?). 
-tangy snuffers, 
-preatf m. armed troop, 
-wyrhta m. blacksmith. 
isend -- gesen entrails. 
isig icy. 

-feperaf icy-winged. 
isiht icy. 

I-sipes av. at once, 
isnjian ~od iron-clad. 
iu geo. 

ludelas mpl. Jews. 
-isc Jewish. 
Iw, eow, eoh m. yew. 
-berigey yew-berry. 

K = C. 




la inter/, oh ! ah ! la leof ! 
O sir ! ; intens. : hu la ne wurpe 
we pry cnihtas into pam fyre ? 
pa cwsep io, hwset is paet la ? 
(then), pset la wees fseger (in- 

lac nf. joyous activity, sport, game ; 
fcontest, battle | gift; offering, 
sacrifice ; Epiphany : fram -um 
op sumormaessan | booty \ \ 
message (?) | medicine. 

-deedyi munificence. 

-giefaf m. liberal giver. 

-lie sacrificial. 

-sang m. offertory Gl. 

gelacf n. commotion (of sea, storms) 
sweorda ~ battle ; crowd. 

laean i prt. leolc, lee intr. move 
quickly or intermittently (of birds, 
flame, waves) ; play -fdaro- 
pum - fight ; -t-wordum ~ sing, 

gelacan i on hie gelec pset hie 
wunnon . . persuaded them 
to . . 

lacian present with a gift Gl. 

lacnjian, ffl treat medically, dress 
(wound) ; cure [lece]. 

-igendlic medical, surgical. 

-ung f. medical treatment ; cure ; 

lactuc|a/, -as (?) lettuce [Z/.]. 

lacu /. stream Ct. ; lake (?) [Igc- 

lad f. way, course ; journey ; carry- 
ing, conveying (goods) ; means of 
living, sustenance [lipan]. 

-rnann m. guide, leader. 

-rinc m. (^king's) messenger (?). 

~scipe m. leadership. 

lad f. excuse ; defence against a 
charge ; clearing oneself from an 

geladf . way, course deop - 

ladian find excuses for iv. a. of 
person or thing; excuse, let off; 
rfl. wag. clear oneself of blame or 


a legal charge : - nine pees (be 
ape, mid ordale), ~ nine pset 
he nyste . . prove that he did not 

lad i igendlic excusable. 

-ung f. excuse; clearing oneself, 

ladteow =latteow. 

1 (M.) head of hair. 

laeccan prt. Isehte seize, catch, 
arrest ; forp ge- carry off. 

Iffice m. physician ; leech. 

-boc/. medical book. 

-crseft m. (art of)medicine; remedy, 
medicine ; prescription. 

-craeftig skilled in medicine. 

-cynnf n. race of physicians. 

-dom m. remedy, medicine ; salva- 

-doinlie salutary. 

-domnes/. plaster. 

-feoh n. physician's fee. 

-finger m. fourth finger. 

~hus n. hospital. 

-sealfy. salve, plaster. 

-seax n. surgical knife. 

-\vyrty. drug ; rib-wort. 

Isecnian =lacnian. 

lad an lead (of guide, general, 
road) ; carry, convey, bring ; 
place, put on lyft - lift up [ 
bring forth, produce | mark the 
bounds of land : landgemeere ~ | 
pass, lead (life) ; perform, do 
^praise) || intr. -ftanum - flourish 
with twigs. 

-end m. bringer. 

ge~endlic*, -enlic malleable. 

~nes /. production, bringing forth 

lead an* excuse. 

-end m. excuser, apologist. 

Leaden, later e, y {through infl. of 
lieden] I. n. Latin (language). 
II. aj. Latin. Orig. perhaps the 
form lden was used only as an 
adj. \_Lt. latinum]. 

-boc/. Latin book. 



Zjaedenjisc Latin. 

-narna m. Latin noun. 

-gereord n. Latin. 

-sprjfec/ Latin. 

-stfflf m. Latin letter. 

-gepeode n. Latin. 

-ware mpl. Romans. 

-wrord n. Latin word. 

Ifflfan wda. leave, bequeath, not 

take away || intr. remain over, be 

left [laf]. 

Iffifel, m. cup, bowl, 
laefer f. rush, bulrush ; thin plate 

of metal. 
-bedd n. place where rushes grow, 

bed of rushes, 
laeg/r/. <?/"licgan. 
leeiyi, ~a m. twig, whip || mark of 

whip, weal, bruise. 
~(i)an become black and blue, 
laemen of clay, earthen [lam]. 
Ifien f. lending, loan; thing lent; 

fgift ; benefit ; temporary grant, 

lease (of land) [leon]. 
-dagasf mpl. transitory days of 

life, lifetime. 

-land n. land granted on lease. 
~(e)lic transitory. 
1 ten an wda. lend ; grant ; lease, 
-end m. lender, creditor, 
-endlic transitory. 
-ere m. lender, creditor. 
laene lent ; leased ; temporary, 

transitory ; frail, infirm ; frivolous, 

laepe-wince, hleape- /. lapwing 


Isepeldre/. dish, 
laeppa, a m. tag, end, skirt ; lobe 

(of ear, liver) ; district, 
lair-gedefe (?) once\ fit to be 

laerjan teach w. a. ofpers. or thing, 

wda., rarely waa. : -de him pas 

ping ; ~de hie on lifes weg, to 

fulwihte brought them by his 

teaching to . . | educate gelSred 

learned, clerical | exhort, advise, 



j^ersuade : ~de bine pt he for- 

gela&rednes/. learning, skill. 

laerestre/. teacher. 

Ifflring*/. teaching. 

-mc&den n. (female) pupil. 

-mann m. disciple. 

labr|e*, gelier empty, hungry. 

~nes/. emptiness (of stomach). 

lie rest = lfst. 

lasrig, "laergf border (of shield). 

lees/, g. lBs(-w)e pasture. 

Isesy. letting (of blood), bleeding. 

lies less, see lytel. 

-boren of lower birth. 

laesian = keswian. 

laesest = least. 

lee.'isa cpv. of lytel. 

lBSt oncef. boot Gl. 

-wyrhta m. shoemaker. 

~ef. (shoemaker's) last Gl. 

last spl. of lytel. 

liestjan wd. follow; help || tr. 
carry out, perform, do ; furnish ; 
pay || intr. continue, last, suffice 

-end m. doer. 

Iffiswe, see laes. 

Iteswian, Isesian pasture, feed 
(sheep, &c.) intr. and tr. 

Ifflt, spl. A. -ost, ~(e)mest delaying, 
behindhand; sluggish wg., slow; 

- byrd/. delayed birth. 

-hydig dull-minded. 

-lice av. slowly. 

-nes/". delay ; slowness (of lapse of 

-rsfcde deliberate, slow. 

-sum (year) late (for crops) Z. 

laetjan i b prt. let, A. leort leave : 
~ bine peer ; hine deadne ~ ; 
leave behind ; bequeath ; depart 
from, leave | an- give np i^the 
money, the attempt), aweg - let 
go, send away ; refrain from, ig- 
nore, to giemleaste - neglect, 
be indifferent to || make to go, 
place, put gen. met. : blod - 
bleed ; -hit of gemynde dismiss 
it from the mind ; - hine up put 
him ashore | hand over, deliver 
up : let hi to him, let hi him 
to handa || admit : - pa riht- 
wisan into heofenan rice ; hine 
inn - I permit : hie pr sittan 
let; God laett us costian be 

tempted | cause (to happen), 
make : God let hi befeallan on 
peel eoe f yr ; God let hine frigne 
left him free-will ; God let hine 
him(^/f.)swa leofne pset . . loved 
him so | grant (territory to a 
vassal), let (land on lease), always 
w. to of pen. \\ behave, be in 
a certain state of mind : - uncup- 
lice wip hine be unfriendly ; 
eapelice - ymba pset take it 
easily | think : leohtlice - ymbe 
pset think lightly of; leton past 
hit micel unrsed weere thought 
it bad policy ; hi hi selfe leton 
for heane thought themselves of 
no account ; hi ~ap pset to wser- 
sclpo peat hi msegen . . think it 
clever | pretend : Ifett swelce he 
wre . . pretends to be (or thinks 
he is . .) | assert : hi ~ap past 
menn moten . . hi beotlice ~ap 
paet M msegen . . boast || intr. 
~ofd. give up (property), hype 
pe we fram leton set sail from. 
he no be paem. anum let, ac . . 
did not stop there (content him- 
self). leton to rsede peet hi 
woldon . . determined after con- 

geltet, ~e n. junction of roads. 

laott, //. -a, latta/. lath. 

leettewestre/. guide [latteow]. 

leep (n.} division of land, district con- 
taining several hundreds. 

las pan hate ; cause to shun ; revile 

laeppo, ISpo /. hatred, malice ; 
injury, wrong. 

Ififewjan betray. 

~ena m. traitor. 

-finger*, leaw- m. forefinger. 

l86w|a, ~e, A. lega m. betrayer, 

ISwede, ea lay(man) [Z/ 1 . laicus]. 

laf/. remnant, remains, remaining : 
wses to ~e remained fhamera- 
sword ; heirloom, legacy ; widow 

lafian lave, wash, pour. 

lagian ordain (laws) [lagu]. 

lagon/;-/. oflicgan. 

lagu m. sea, flood, waterf ; the 

Runic letter 1. 
-craeftig nautical. 
~faesten(n) . sea. 


lagujffflpm m. embrace of waters. 

-flod m. sea, stream, water(s). 

-lad/, sea-way, sea. 

-mearh m. ship. 

-sip m. sea-journey. 

-strsety! sea-road, sea. 

-stream m. sea, river, water. 

-swimmend m. fish. 

lagu Z. /., once npl. (?) law ; dis- 
trict (in which certain laws pre- 
vail), esp. in Dena- Danelag 
[Scand. lgg = *lagu npl.~\. 

gelaguf npl. extent, surface (of sea) 

lah-=lag- law-. 

-breca m. law-breaker. 

-brecende lawless, impious. 

-bryce m. breach of law. 

-ceap m. payment for re-entry into 
lost legal rights. 

-lie lawful. 

-lice av. according to law. 

~mann m. law-man, lawyer. 

-riht n. legal right. 

-slit, -tt, -t(t)e (.) fine for breach 
of (Danish) law. 

-wita m. lawyer. 

lam . clay, earth. 

-feet n. vessel of clay, the body. 

-pytt, -seapa m. clay-pit. 

-wyrhta m. potter. 

lam a aj. m.,f lame ; paralytic. 

-byrd/. imperfect birth. 

lamb, A. o, e, lombor ; pi. ~ru, 
Z. ~, A. lombor, lomberu lamb. 
~es cerse a plant. 

lamprede f. lamprey [Z/. lam- 

Ian = Isen. 

land n. land, terra firma ; country, 
province, district ; country as op- 
posed to town ; (cultivated) land, 


-ffllf/ land-elf. 

-agend m. native. 

-agende owning land. 

~ar f. landed property, estate. 

-begang m. dwelling in a country. 

-begenga m. cultivator of land, 

-boc f. charter in which land is 

-braece/i ploughing up fallow land. 

-buend m. cultivator of land ; 

-buend/. colony, settlement. 



land|buende dwelling, native, 
-bunes/. settlement, colony. 
-ceap m. tax paid when land was 

~faBSten(n) . naturally strong 

military position. 

-feoh n. recognitory rent for land, 
-fierd/. land-army. 
-folc n. people of the country. 
-frumat m. king. 
-gafol n. rent of land. 
-hfflbbende owning land ; ruling 

a country. 

-hSBfen/. landed property. 
-here m. land-army ; native army. 
-hlaford m. landowner, lord of the 

manor ; ruler of a country. 
-hredding/. redemption of land. 
-gehwerf n. exchange of land. 
-lagu/. law of the district. 
-leas without land, 
-leode//., -leod/ people, natives; 


-lyre m. loss of land, 
-gemaca m. neighbour. 
~gem.ere . boundary. 
-mann m. native. 
-mearc/ boundary. 
-gemierce n. boundary. 
-openung f. breaking up fallow 


-rfflden(n)/. local ordinance, 
-r^atf/. grave. 
-rica m. local magnate, lord of the 

-rice n. estate ; territory, region, 

-riht . law of the land ; legal 

rights of natives of the country ; 

legal obligation connected with 

land or estate, 
-ssbta m. colonist, 
-scaru/ land, country ; boundary, 
-gesceaftt/- creation coll. 
-sceap M. land. 

-scipef m. region, country [Old- 

-scoru/ piece of land Ct. 
-seten f. estate ; occupation of 


-sepia m. tenant vL. 
~sidu m. custom of the country, 

something habitual. 
-sittende occupying land. 
~Boonf. search for land (dwelling- 
-Sped/, landed property. 

land|spedig rich in land. 
-splott m. plot of ground, small 

piece of land, 
-stede m. land, country, 
-stycce n. piece of land; tract, 

-waruf f. people of a country, 


-weardt m. king, 
-welaf * wealth of the earth, 

earthly possessions, 
-geweorcf n. fortress, 
-gewierpe n. mound (]) Ct. 
gelanda m. fellow-countryman, 

landefen/. proportion of land vL. 

= *land-andefn. 
gelandod having estates, 
lanje, -u wk.f. lane ; street. 
lang cpv. lngra, spl. If ngest long, 

tall, -a frigedrog Good Friday. 
-fibre lasting, durable; advanced 


-femes/ long duration, 
-first m. long space of time, 
-ieldo/. advanced age. 
-lice av. for a long time. 
~lif(e\ cpv. Igngllfra (!) long- 

lang-mod patient, long-suffering, 
-lice av. patiently, 
-nes/ long-suffering. 
lang nes/ length. 
-sceaft having a long shaft. 
-scip n. war-ship. 
-strang patient (!). 
-gestreont n. long-accumulated 

langsum long, prolonged, lasting, 


-lice av. for a long time, 
-nes / length. 

langfsweorede, y long-necked, 
-twidigt granted for a long time, 


gelang at hand, attainable, depen- 
dent on, result of w. set, on. 
langian grow long (of days) | im- 

pers. w. a. desire, long for ; feel 

tedium or discontent | summon | 

langung/ delay ; desire, longing ; 

tedium, weariness ; grief, 
-hwflt /. time of longing or 

lange av., cpv. leng, spl. longest 

for a long time (swa) leng 


swa swlpor the longer the more j 
expressing extent, quantity : swa - 
swa . . swa - correl. to the ex- 
tent which . . to that extent. 

langop m. longing, desire ; un- 
satisfied desire, discontent, te- 

lannf (/) fetter, bond. 

lapian lick, lap up, sup (up liquid 
with bread). 

lar / what is taught, learning, 
doctrine, science ; narrative ; 
cunning (?) | act of teaching ; 
exhortation, advice, instigation. 

-bisn/ example. 

-boc/. book of instruction. 

-craft m. science. 

-cwide m. precept, doctrine. 

-hlystend m. catechumen. 

-hus n. school. 

-least, -liest/ want of knowledge ; 
want of instruction. 

-lie instructive, edifying ; under 
instruction, trained. 

-smipt m - teacher, sage. 

-spell n. sermon, homily. 

-swice m. deception. 

-wita m. learned man. 

lareow, IN. laruw, m. teacher, 
pedagogue, master ; preacher [lar, 

~dom m. office of teacher ; eccle- 
siastical authority or office. 

-lie of a teacher. 

-setl . teacher's seat, pulpit. 

laser (#z.) tares, corn-cockle. 

last, e m sole of foot (ISst) | foot- 
print, track : (him) on -e behind 
(him), on - after, in pursuit ; 
(look) back on - faran return, 
-weardian remain behind; fol- 
low, -as If cgan travel, wander | 
d. -e, -urn -vug. in the manner of : 
bryde -e as a bride, wrgccan 
-urn as an exile, in exile. 

-weard m. pursuer ; successor. 

-wordf n. after-word, posthumous 

gelast . fulfilment ; duty, due. 

-full helpful. 

lat-teah/ guiding-rein [lad]. 

latian be slow ; be sluggish or tor- 
pid ; delay wg. [last]. 

lata aj. (m.),f. procrastinating, late 

late av. slowly ; late ; at last. 

latteow, lad-, , -peow, lateow 




m. guide ; leader, general [lad, 

latteowdom m. guidance, leader- 

lap I. aj. wd. hostile : ne leof ne - 
neither friend nor foe ; hated, un- 
popular ; hateful to, noxious ; 
grievous, unpleasant him wees 
~ to amyrrenne he was unwilling 
to. II. n, injury, offence ; what is 
unpleasant, pain. 

-bitef *n. wound. 

-leas harmless, innocent. 

-lie hateful, unpleasant, horrible. 

-lice av. hatefully, grievously, hor- 

~genipla+ m. enemy. 

~scipe m. hardship, painful posi- 

~searof n. hostile device. 

-81])+ m. hateful journey. 

-spell n. bad news. 

-geteonat m. enemy. 

-treowf . hateful tree. 

lap-we nde hostile ; pernicious. 

-mod hostile. 

lap|weorct . evil or hostile work. 

-gewinnaf m. enemy. 

gelaf) hostile. 

lap ian invite, summon : he hine 
him on fultum -ode called upon 
him to help him. 

(ge)-ungy. invitation, calling ; con- 
gregation, church. 

lapian be hateful wd. 

lape av. with enmity; in detesta- 

lapettan hate wa. ; be hateful wd. 

laur, lawer (m.} laurel [Z/.]. 

-beam m. laurel. 

-bfrige/. berry of laurel. 

-treow . laurel. 

lawerce/ lark. 

lea, see leah meadow. 

lean 2, also wk., prt. log, leade 
w. a. of per s. or thing, wda. blame : 
hi him pone sipfeet logon 
blamed him for the journey, he 
him loh peet he haefde . . for 
having ; find fault with, dis- 

leac . leek ; garlic. 

-blffld n. leek-leaf. 

~ceTsef. nasturtium. 

-tun, lehtun m. kitchen-garden. 

-tun-weard m. gardener. 

-weard m. gardener. 

lead n. lead ; cauldron, kitchen- 

-gedelf n. lead-mine, 
-gota m. plumber. 
-stfflf m. loaded stick, scourge Gl. 
-gewihte n. ' lead-weight,' a scale 

of weight, 
leaden of lead, 
leaf, (ge)-e f. permission, leave ; 

leaf n. leaf (of tree); leaf (of 


-helmig having a leafy top. 
-sceadf n. place shaded by 


-wyrm m. caterpillar. 
leaf-leoht easy. 
geleaf leafy. 
geleaf a, leafa m. w. to, on a. 

belief, faith, trust. 
-full believing, full of faith, 
-fulnes/. belief, 
-hlystend m. catechumen Gl. 
-leas unbelieving. 
-leasnes, -least/ unbelief. 
-lie credible, 
-sum credible ; faithful, 
leafnes/. permission, 
-wordf n. password. 
leag f. lye, ashes and water for 


leagung oncef. falsehood [leogan]. 
leah._/!, d. leage, m.,d. lea meadow, 


leah-tun = leac-. 
leahte/tf. ^leccan. 
leahtor m. vice, sin ; bodily defect, 


-cwidet m. opprobrious words, 
-full vicious. 
-leas faultless. 
-lice av. wickedly. 
leahtr ian blame, find fault with ; 

accuse ; revile ; corrupt, vitiate. 
~ung/. blaming, detraction. 
leahtroc, -ic, leactrog, lectric 

m. lettuce [Z lactuca]. 
lean n. reward, requital ; gift ; pay, 


-giefa m. recompenser. 
leanian reward, requite wda. 
leap m. basket ; weel (for catching 

fish) ; a measure ; trunk (of the 

leas I. devoid of, without wg. ; 

sham, false, feigned; untruthful, 

false (witness) ; incorrect, faulty ; 


worthless, vain. II. n. false- 

leas-bregd, -bred I. m. deceit, 
trick. II. deceitful, lying. 

-nes/. deceit. 

-ende deceitful. 

leas crseft m. deception. 

-ferht*, -y false, deceitful Gl. 

-ferpnes/. levity, folly. 

-gielp n. vainglory. 

-lie sham. 

-lice av. deceptively ; incorrectly. 

-licettan dissemble. 

-licettung/ dissimulation. 

-modnes/. inconstancy. 

~nes/I falsehood ; levity. 

-dleccung/ cajolery. 

-sagol mendacious. 

-spanung/ enticement. 

-spell . false story. 

-spellung/. empty talk. 

-tyhtan entice, seduce. 

-tyhtung/ enticement. 

-gewitnes/ false witness. 

leas ian tell lies. 

-ere m. liar ; hypocrite ; buffoon. 

leasung f. falsehood : deception ; 
hypocrisy ; artifice ; frivolity. 

-spell n. false statement, idle 

leasettan pretend, feign ; be a 

leapor (.) lather. 

-wyrt/. soap-wort. 

leaw-finger = Isew-. 

leax m. salmon. 

lee m. looking at, sight [locian]. 

lecc an, prt. le(a)hte wet ; water, 
irrigate [lacu]. 

-ing_/. irrigation. 

lecgan prt. Ifgde, lede lay, put, 
also met. lastas - go. - on a. put 
on ; impose (taxes) ; commission 
with (an errand), on - wd. accuse 
of. (pider) inn - assign (lands) | 
lay (eggs) | bury | lower (ship's 
mast) | kill || intr. go : him on 
last - pursue. 

lecpa m. leak or lowest part of 
ship (?) Gl. 

lede = legde prt. </lecgan. 


lef, ef I. infirm, diseased, ill ; in 
bad condition (of ship}. II. once 
(.) damage, harm. 

lefan*, Ie [error I] ptc. gelefed 
weak ; old. 


lefwag/. paralysis. 

gelefenscipe m. permission IN. 

left weak = *lyft. 

legde,/r/. o/"lecgan. 

legen,//c. oflicgan. 

leger . lying ; lying ill ; disease ; 

death-bed; death | place of lying, 

lair, couch, bed ; burial-place, 

grave cleene - consecrated 

-bsere ill. 

-bedd . conch ; sick-bed ; grave, 
-faest ill. 

-atow/. burial-place, cemetery, 
-team m. sexual intercourse. 
-wlte . fine for fornication, 

-gield . lupercalia Gl. 
-od confined to bed. 
legie/ legion [Lt. legio]. 
lelopre/. a plant, 
leruian lame ; cripple ; tame, break 

(horse) [lama], 
lemp-healt limping. 
Igmpedu /. lamprey [Z*. lam- 


lempitu/. dish vE. 
lencten, lengten I. m. spring ; 

Lent. II. aj. of Lent. 
-adl/. (tertian) fever. 
~bryce m. breach of Lenten fast. 
-dagas mpl. Lent, 
-eorpe /. earth ploughed in the 


-fasten . Lenten fast. 
-haeto/l spring heat. 
-lie of spring ; of Lent. 
-sufl w. Lent food, 
-tidy! spring ; Lent, 
-tima m. spring. 
-time of spring. 
-wuce f. week in Lent, 
lendan go ; arrive || tr. endow with 

land [land]. 
lendenju //. loins. 
-ban . loin-bone. 
-brfflde/. loin, 
-reaf w. apron, 
-wserc m. pain in the loins, kidney 


leng av. longer, see lang. 
-lifra more long-lived. 
-togra [ = ~togen-1] more prolix 

Z., Gl. 
lengan tr. prolong (action) ; delay ; 

disregard || intr. spread, extend ; 



lenge belonging to, having affinity 

gelenge belonging to ; addicted to 


lengest, see lang, lange. 
leng(o) /. of space length ; height, 

stature of time length, 
lengra, see lang. 
lengten = If ncten. 
lengj>(o)/. length [lang]. 
lent (/) lentil Gl. [Z/. lentem]. 
leo mf., d. ~n, ~ne, -nan lion. 

-n fot a plant [Z/. leo]. 
leon, (he) lihp, n W. U)>, prt. lah, 

ea, ptc. ligen, A. imper. lih 

7 lend ; grant, 
leodt m. king. 

leod m. fine for manslaughter LL. 
leod /. nation L. formed from 

leode by an. of peod. 
geleod m. fellow-countryman. 
leodan 7 sprout, grow ; be de- 
scended (from). 
leoda m. fellow-countryman. 
leod|e, Z. -a pi. people; soldiers; 


-bealof . harm to a nation. 
-biscop m. bishop of a district, 
-burgf/. city, 
-gebyrgaf m. chief, king, 
-cyningf m. king, 
-frurnaf m. chief, patriarch, king, 
-geardf m. territory, country, 
-gield n. fine for manslaughter, 
-gryref m. general terror, 
-hata m. tyrant, persecutor, 
-hetef m. hostility. 
-hryref m. fall of a nation, 
-mffigt m. kinsman, 
-maegent flower of a nation ; 

body of warriors ; power, virtue, 
-mearcf/. territory, country. 
-riht n. law of the land, 
-rune /I sorceress, 
-scaruf/. nation, 
-scapaf m. public enemy. 
-scipe m. nation ; country, 
-stffnf m. race, family, people. 
-peaw m. custom of a country. 
-ge)>ync)> /. rank. 
-weardf m. government. 
-werf m. man of a country, 
-werodf n. assembled nation, 
-gewinnf n. strife, war. 
~wita m. sage, 
-wynnf/. home joy. 
leof I. aj. wd. beloved, dear ; 



friendly ; pleasant him waes 
-re paet hie fuhten or him 
wees ~re to feohtanne ponne . . 
they preferred. II. interj. sir ! 
leof lie beloved ; pleasant ; precious ; 

-lice av. lovingly, kindly ; gladly, 

-spellf n. pleasant news. 

-t8Bl(e) kind ; acceptable, pleasant, 

-wende kind, amiable ; acceptable, 
pleasant, popular. 

geleof consanguineous, related. 

leofian = libban. 

leofian be pleasant wd. 

leogjan 7 make incorrect statement 
(without necessarily implying an 
intention to deceive) : he leag 
mid paere race ; he leag be pani 
lyre ; him man on liehp he is 
credited with (good or bad) quali- 
ties which he does not possess ; 
deceive wd. (of hope). 

-ere m. liar ; false witness. 

leoht n. light ; (eye)sight ; candle, 

-b&re bright ; splendid, glorious. 

-beamede having bright rays. 

-berend(e) m. Lucifer. 

-berende luminous. 

-brasdnes/. manifestation, display. 

-fast M. lantern, lamp. 

-frumaf m. creator of light. 

-isern n. candlestick. 

-leas without light. 

-lie shining. 

-sawend m. author of light. 

-sceawigend m. light-seeing. 

-gescot n, contribution for church 

leoht bright ; clear ; beautiful ; 
easy to understand, clear ; cheer- 

leoht not heavy, light ; agile ; not 
oppressed, comfortable, tolerable ; 
slight, light (punishment^ 

-lie unimportant. 

-lice av. slightly ; lightly, gently ; 

-mod easy of temper. 

-modnes/. levity. 

leohtan = liehtan. 

leoht ian become light, dawn ; 
fshine, give light wd. 

-ing /. lighting (candle) or giving 
light Gl. 




leohte av. brightly ; (understand) 


leohte av. easily ; without discom- 

leolc, prt. 0/'lacan. 
leomja m. ray of light, radiance. 
ge-od. having rays of light, 
leona m. lion [leo]. 
leorjan, A., ptc. -ed, once loren 

depart, pass away of place and 

time ; die. 

-ende, ge-endlic transitory. 
~(ed)nes, ge-/. departure ; vision ; 

leornjian learn; think out, devise; 

study ; read, [from *leonian by 

infl. </ljeran.] 
-ere m. pupil, disciple ; reader ; 

learned man, scholar. 
-igende docile (mind). 
leornung/ act of learning, study, 

going to school ; reading. 
~cild . pupil. 
-cniht m. pupil, disciple. 
-craft m. learning, scholarship. 
-hus . school, 
-mann m. ^male or female) pupil, 


leort, prt. </lBtan. 
geleoso, //. of *gelise study. 
leop n. song ; poem. 
-crseft m. art of poetry, metre ; 


-craeftig skilled in poetry. 
-cwide m., -giedding/. poem. 
~lic in verse. 

-sang m. poem ; metre, poetry. 
-weorc . poetry, 
-wise/ poetical form, poetry. 
-wordf . word in a poem. 
-wre/nce m. poem. 
-wyrhta m. poet, 
leopianf sing, .recite poetry \\ intr. 

leopu-, leopo-, lipe-,lipu-,leope-. 

Cp. lij. 

-bend mf. bond, fetter, 
-bieg(e) flexible ; meek, humble. 
-Cfflgef/ key of limbs. 
-crseft m. bodily agility, skill. 
-creeftigt agile, 
-faestf firm, skilled (?). 
-lie bodily. 
-ear n. pain in joints, 
-siercef/. corslet, 
-wac flexible ; agile. 
-wacian mitigate. 

leopu|woan tr. and intr. soften, 

assuage, grow calm. 
leopo-runt, eot [or *leopr-] /. 

advice (?). 
leow ., //. -er thigh, ham. 
leowe/ league \lLt. leuca, leuga]. 
lesan 5 collect, gather, pick, 


lettjan -wag. hinder ; procrastinate 

-ing/, hindrance ; delay. 
leper* . leather. 
-codd m. leather bag. 
-helm m. leather helmet. 
-hose/, leather gaiter, 
-wyrhta m. leather-maker. 
leperen = liperen of leather. 
libban, leofian, lif- live, be alive, 

pass life, subsist. 
lie n. living body (f) ; corpse. 

past micle - elephantiasis. 
-beorg/ sarcophagus. 
-burg/ cemetery, 
-bysigt active. 
-faetf n. body, 
lie-ham a, licuma m. living body ; 

rarely corpse. 
-leas incorporeal. 
-lie of the body, corporeal, carnal. 
-lice av. in the body, corporeally. 
ge-od incarnate. 

licjhordt n. interior of body, body. 
-hraegel . winding-sheet, 
-hryref m. death. 
-leop n. dirge. 
-lie funeral. 
-mann m. undertaker, (corpse) 


-pytt m. grave, 
-rest/ burial-place, sepulchre, 
-sang m. dirge, 
-sarf n. wound, 
-siercef/. corslet, 
-tun m. burial-ground, 
-pegnung, -pen-/, funeral, 
-peote/ pore, 
-prowere m. leper, sufferer from 


-pruh/ coffin, 
-wiglung/ necromancy, 
-wundf/ wound. 
lic-wierp|e, ge-, -weorp wd. 

pleasing, acceptable ; estimable, 

praiseworthy ; sterling (money). 
-nes /. being pleased with, good 

gelic wd. similar ; equal. 


gelic j a mf. equal ; such a one as : 
plnre -an of the like of you. 

-bisnung/ imitation. 

~e, lice av. in the same way, equally, 
in a similar way. swa - similarly. 
-and he wtere . . , -ost peern pe 
he wiiere . . as if he were ; - and 
spynge de}> just as a sponge 

-lie fit, proper. 

-lice av. equally. 

-nes, licnes /. similarity ; simile, 

lie ian wd. please. 

-l^endlic pleasant. 

-endllce av. pleasingly. 

-ung/. pleasing ; pleasure. 

liccjian lick ; lick up, lap. 

-ung/ licking. 

licett an, liccet(t)an pretend w. 
sbj. , w. swelce and sbj., also rfl. \\ 
wa. simulate, feign. 

-ere m. hypocrite. 

-ung/ pretence, hypocrisy. 

licg|an 5 prt. teg,//, lagon, & lie, 
lie at anchor, be confined to bed, 
be ill mid d. lie (with wo- 
man) ; remain, be : pset land leeg 
weste togsedre - join ( of boun- 
daries) | lie dead, die: peer libban 
oppe peer ende feoh life- 
less property (as opposed to 
cattle", ready money | be still (of 
wind) ; fail (of sword's edge) ; 
ge- cease (of strife) | be situated ; 
extend (of territory) ; direction 
lie, lead to (of road) : se weg pe 
to Stanleage lip ; flow (Driver) | 
belong ((/land) w. to, into, pider 
inn | for nine - make his cause 
one's own | ~ ongean abs. oppose 
a measure. 

licuma - lichama. 

lidf (M.) ship, vessel. 

-mann m. sailor. 

-weard m. sailor. 

-werig weary of seafaring. 

lidat m- sailor. 

liden,/^. ^/"lipan. 

lieden*, y, eo .,/ (?) language. 
Cp. leaden [leode]. 

liefan allow w. d. and a. or ger. : 
- him ham disband them 

gelief|an, L. bel-, A. (ge)lefan 
believe, think true, take on trust, 
w. d., g., rarely a., w. sbj., indc. ; 




believe (in God) w. on a. (d.), be 
a true believer [geleafa]. 

geliefed believing, pious. 

-lie permissible. 

-lice av. believingly, credu- 

lieg inn. flame ; lightning. 

-b&re, -berende fiery. 

-brynef m. fire. 

-cwaluty fiery death. 

~dracat"-*#. fiery dragon. 

-egesaf m. terror of fire. 

-fSmende, -fam-blawende vo- 
miting flame. 

-fyr n. fire. 

-loco, -loccede with flaming 

-raasc m., -reescetung /. light- 

-splwol vomiting flames. 

-pracuf f. violence of fire, burn- 

~yj>ty. wave of fire. 

liegen fiery. 

lieget|u/., L. also used as n. pi., g. 
lieget(t)e ; liget m. ^ flash of) 

-rsesc m. flash of lightning. 

-slight m, flash of lightning ; 

liegn(i)an deny [leogan]. 

lieht an shine ; give light wd. ; 
dawn [leohtj. 

-ing, -ungy. giving light, shining ; 
light ; dawn. 

-nesy. brightness. 

liehtjan alleviate, ease (discom- 
fort) ; release [leoht]. 

-ing f. alleviation, mitigation, re- 

lies | an release, deliver; redeem 

-ingy redemption, release. 

-nes, ge-y redemption. 

liesing m. freedman. 

lietan*, lit- once tr. bend, incline 

liej>ran lather, smear [leajjor]. 

liexlan shine, glitter [lieg]. 

-ende av. splendidly IN. 

-ung/. brightness. 

lif . life, period of life, way of 

life es beon be alive, survive ; 

on -e alive ; to ~e Ifefan let live j 
mynecena - nunnery. 

-brycgung/. way of life (!) IN. 

-bysigf struggling for life. 

M|caruty anxiety about life. 

-dseg m. day of life. 

-gedalf . death. 

-fadungy. regulating life. 

-faec n. life(time). 

-ffflst living ; life-giving ; settled. 

-ffflstan endow with life. 

-freaf m. Lord of life. 

-frumat m. Author of life. 

-lad/! way of life. 

-leas without life. 

-least y. death. 

-lie living; vital, life-giving; causing 

-lice av. vitally. 

-lyre m. loss of life. 

-nerufy sustenance, food. 

-gesceaftty condition of life, life. 

-getwinnanf mpl, twins. 

-weardf m. Guardian of life. 

~weg m. manner of life. 

-welaf m. wealth. 

-wielle living (water) IN. 

-wrajmty support of life. 

-wynnf/. joy of life. 

lifery. liver. 

-adiy. disease of liver. 

-byl m. protuberance on liver. 

-hoi n. hollow in liver. 

-laeppa m. lobe of liver. 

-Wffirc m. pain in liver. 

-wyrty. liverwort. 

lifer once (/.) a weight (?) Gl. [Lt. 

lifgan, lifian = libban. 

lifrig of the liver [lifer]. 

geliger, ~e, gelire ., -nes / 
fornication, adultery [licgan]. 

lihtan alight, halt. 

liliey. lily [Z/.]. 

lim . limb, member (of body) ; 
branch (of tree). 

-half sound in limb. 

-Ifewy mutilation. 

-l&wa*, -laeweo maimed, muti- 

-lama crippled. 

-leas without limbs. 

-mselum av. limb by limb. 

-nacodf naked. 

-raeden (!)y. cloak Gl. 
diseased in limbs, 
m. stature. 

-werigf weary. 

lim (m.) anything that causes adhe- 
sion, mortar, (bird)lime, paste-- 



-ingy. plastering, cementing. 

gelimp n. event ; chance ; vicissi- 
tude, fortune on godum -urn 
in prosperity ; calamity. 

-full suitable. 

-lie suitable. 

-lice av. suitably. 

-licnesy. opportunity. 

(ge)limpan 3 happen often imps., 
wd., w. indc. \ w. to d. belong (of 
land); concern, be of importance 

lin n. flax ; linen ; linen cloth. 

-fflcer m. flax-field. 

-hfflwen flax-coloured. 

-land n. flax-growing land. 

-leah m. flax-field. 
n. linseed. 

linen garment or cloth. 

-wyrty flax. 

lind, ~e only in first sense,/, lime, 
linden ; -f-shield. 

-gecrod-t* n. warlike troop, host. 

-crodaf m. shield-press, battle. 

-hfflbbendef m. warrior. 

~(h)rycg m. ridge where limes 

~hwfflt*f shield-brave. 

-gelacf ., -plegaf m. battle. 

-gesteallaf m. companion in bat- 

-werodf n. warlike troop. 

-wiga^, -wigendf m. warrior. 

linden of lime- wood. 

line, if f. rope ; line, series ; 
guidance, regulation [Z/. linea]. 

linen of linen. 

-werd clothed with linen. 

linetwige, -igle, linetey. linnet. 

linnan 3 desist, part from w. i. 

lippa m. lip. 

lir|a m. fleshy parts of body, flesh. 

-eht brawny. 

gelire = geliger. 

gelisian slip, glide. 

gelise*, //. -leoso . study. Cp. 

lias, lips f. kindness, favour ; for- 
giveness ; saving (of life) ; joy 

lissan-f once subdue. 

list mf. skill ; cunning ; art, accom- 
plishment um skilfully. 

-hgndigf having skilful hands. 

-ellce once av. carefully. 




liste/. hem, border. 

lits-mann = lips-. 

lip . joint ; limb. 

-adl/. gout. 

-seaw n. synovia. 

-ware m. pain in the joints. 

lip n. fleet vL. {ScandJ}. 

lip-wyrt, yf. dwarf elder. 

lip . strong drink. 

-wfiBgef n. drinking-cup. 

lip, see licgan._ 

lip = lihp, see leon. 

lipnes/. gentleness, lenity [lipe]. 

lip|an 6 lidon, lipon go by 

water, sail ptc. geliden having 

travelled much. 
~end,/. wanderer, sailor. 
lip|an soften, mitigate [lipe]. 
-ting/, alleviation, 
lipian be kind, be gracious ; become 

Iiipa m. se ssrra - June, se 

sefterra ~ July. 
lipe- = leopu-. 
lipe soft ; mild (weather, ale), calm 

(sea), gentle (whistling, gestures), 

slight (illness) ; kind, gentle, 

gracious ; pleasant ; sweet, 
-lie gentle (voice, words). 
-lice av. kindly ; not severely, 

gently ; slightly. 
lipercian soothe ; flatter, 
liper e/. sling [leper]. 
~lic of a sling. 

liperen, e of leather [leper], 
lipig flexible ; yielding, pliant. 
~ian, -eg- assuage ; be mild argentic. 
lipincel . little joint, 
lips = liss. 
lips-maim, lits- m. (Danish) sailor 


lipule (m.} ' joint-oil,' synovia [lip, 

llxan = liexan. 

lobbe/. spider. 

loc . lock, bolt, bar; anything 
shut in, prison, stronghold esp. 
(sheep)fold | settlement (of nego- 
tiations, dispute) ; conclusion (in 
logic) [lucan]. 

~h.yrd.el m. sheep-fold. 

-Stan m. stone closing mouth of 

locian look, see w. on a., to | TV. 
to, into belong. 

loca m. enclosure, stronghold. 

Idea, loc L. -ever: ~hu however, 

- hwonne whenever, - hwer 
wherever, ~ hwaeper whichevei 
(of two), ~ hwaet whatever [16- 

locc m. lock (of hair) ; hair. 

-bore f. long haired (free woman) 

~feax n. head of hair. 

-gewind n. head of hair. 

loccian entice, soothe. 

locer (carpenter's) plane. 

gelod-wyrt_/. silverweed. 

geloda m. joint of the backbone ; 

loddere in. beggar, pauper. 

gelodr oncef. spine. 

lodrung/ triviality. 

lof . praise ; glory ; song of praise, 

-bffire laudatory. 

-deed/, praiseworthy deed. 

-georn eager for glory. 

-he rung/, praise. 

-lac n. offering in honour of a god. 

-leecan praise. 

-lie praiseworthy. 

-lice av. gloriously. 

-mfflgenf n. glory. 

-sang m. hymn, psalm. 

-sealm m. psalm of praise. 

-singende hymning. 

-sum praiseworthy. 

lofjian praise ; appraise, set price on. 

-ung f. praise ; appraising, valua- 

loft, see lyft. 

log (.) place on his - instead 
of him. 

log, \ohprt. (/lean. 

logjian place ge~ up put away 
carefully, lay by | portion out, 
arrange (life), frame (speech) 
ge-od sprisc good style | go 
into details, discuss w. be. 

ge~ung/. order. 

logpor cunning, clever Gl. 

geloma, loma m. tool, utensil, 
article of furniture. 

gelom|e, lome av. often. 

-liecan be frequent ; frequent Gl. ; 
-ende frequentative (verb\ 

-lacing/, frequency, frequenting 

-(e)lic frequent. 

-lice av. often, repeatedly. 

-lician become frequent. 

-licnes/i frequency, repetition. 


loppe/. flea. 

lop(p)estre/. lobster ; locust (!). 

lor n. to -e weorpan perish, be 
lost, be wasted [leosan]. 

loren/fr. ofleorsaa. depart. 

-loren//r. of. -leosan. 

lorg /., //. vE. loerge pole ; 
weaver's beam. 

los n. to -e -weorpan perish, 
be lost Cp. lor, of -which los 
seems to be an Anglian form. 

~(e)wist IN.f. loss, waste, destruc- 
tion, injury. 

los ian w. d. of pers. be lost: me 
-ode hit I lost it ; escape (from) ; 

-igendlic about to perish. 

-ing IN.f. loss, destruction. 

lot n. deceit, wile [lutan]. 

lot-wrenc m. deceit, wile. 

-ceast/. guile. 

lopa m. cloak. 

lox (m.} lynx. 

lucan 7 I. tr. close, shut up, con- 
fine; interlace ; conclude (transac- 
tion) || intr. join together (so as 
to form one mass). II. pull up, 

lud-geat M. back- or side-gate, 

lufjian love ; caress, fondle. 

-estre/. lover. 

-igend m. lover. 

-igendlic loving, amiable ; worthy 
of love, pleasant. 

lufestice / lovage (a plant) [Z/. 
le viaticum]. 

lufjU/. St., wk., sometimes pi. in sg. 
sense love, loving, passion, affec- 
tion ; friendliness ; amicable ar 
rangement (in law) ; sake : for 
Godes -an (-e, -urn), for minre 

~(e)lic loving, amiable ; pleasant. 

-lice av. lovingly, amiably ; will- 

-rseden(n)/ love. 

-sum amiable, kind ; worthy of 

-sumlice av. amiably, kindly. 

-suinnes f. amiability, kindness; 

-tacen n. token of love. 

-tieme loving, philanthropic. 

luf- wend|e, -lie amiable, loving ; 
beloved, pleasant. 

-lice av. amiably, gently. 


luh lake UV. [Celtic]. 

gelumpenlic occasional [lim- 


-laga m. kidney. 

lungen(n)/. lung(s). 

-adl/ lung-disease. 

-sealf/l salve for lungs. 

~wyrt/". lungwort. 

lungref av. quickly, shortly ; at 
once, suddenly. 

-luron prt. pi. of -leosan. 

lus /.,//. lys louse. 

-porn m. spindle-tree. 

lust I. m. pleasure ; desire ; lust. 
on ~e wg. glad, desirous, on 
-urn joyful. ~um willingly. 
II. aj. willing (mind). 

-bsere, -b&rlic pleasant ; desirous. 

-b&rlice av. with pleasure, plea- 

-b{fernes_/! desire ; pleasure. 

-full desirous. 

(ge)-fullice av. joyfully, willingly. 

(ge)-fulnes, -fyi- /. pleasure ; 

-fullian enjoy, rejoice w.g. or on d. 

(ge)-fullung/. pleasure. 

-geornnes /. desire, lust. 

~grin*t/l snare of pleasure. 

-lice av. gladly, willingly. 

-moce/. lady's smock (a plant). 

-sum lie pleasant. 

-sumlice av. willingly. 

lutan 7 intr. bow, bend, turn ; 
prostrate oneself; fall ; entreat 
abs. w. sbj. | of time geloten 
daBg after part of the day. 

lutian lie hid, lurk, skulk. 

lybb . drug ; poison. 

-corn n. purgative grain or drug. 

-craeft OT.,-lac . drugging, witch- 

-laeca m. sorcerer. 

lybbestre/ witch. 

lycce mendacious [lyge]. 

lyden = *lieden language, laden 


lyfesn/i charm, amulet. 

lyffet|tan, -et(i)an flatter. 

-ere m. flatterer. 

-ung/. flattery. 

lyft, loft [Scand.]fnm. air ; wind ; 

sky ; cloud, on ~(e) aloft. 
-edorf m. clouds. 
-ffiBtf n. aerial vessel (lamp ?), 


-fleogendt, -flogaf m. air-flyer. 
-helmf m. air, cloud. 
-gelacf n. motion through the 


-lacendef sporting in the air. 
-scapaf m. aerial robber (raven). 
-geswencedf air-driven. 
-wundorf . aerial prodigy. 
-wynnt./- air-joy, flying. 
lyften aerial. 
lyft*, e weak. 
-adl paralysis. 
lyge I. m. falsehood. II. aj. men- 

dacious, lying [leogan]. 
-searot n. lying, artifice, wile. 
-spell n. falsehood. 
-synnigf lying. 
-torn*, lige-f once m. (?). 
-wordf n. falsehood. 
-wyrhta m. liar. 
lygnes(?)/. deceitfulness. 
lygenyi falsehood. 
-wordf n. falsehood. 
lyg(e)n|ian*, i tr. accuse of false- 

hood, give the lie to ; convict 

of falsehood ge~od perjured, 


lynd/. fat ; fatness [lund]. 
gelynd/. fat. 

gelyndu npl. joints of the spine. 
lyne-bor . borer, auger [lynis]. 
lynis m. axletree. 

-wyrhta m. tanner Gl. 
lyre m. loss ; being disabled, injury; 

destruction [leosan]. 

lyso, inflected lysw- I. bad, wrong. 
II. . evil. 


lystan, impers. wag., w. d. offers., 
w. inf. desire [lust]. 

lyswen purulent (urine) [lyso]. 

lyswen*, lyssen once (n.) puru- 

lyt I. av. to a slight degree, little 
|| cpv. ISs av. less an - feo- 
wertig beaga 39. noht(e) J>on -, 
nohte J>y ~, na py ~ not less; 
nevertheless. J>y - (pe) cj. w. sbj. 
lest. . indecl. wg. fewer : mid 
- worda || spl. least, laesest av. 
least. n. indecl. wg. fewest. 
II. n. indecl. always wg. few, 
little. III. aj. indecl. few : mid - 

-hwon I. av. very little (space, 
time, quantity). II. n. indecl. 
wg. very little, few. 

lytel, cpv. leessa, spl. lst, IA. 
laosest, ea ; once spl. leerest little, 
small, lytlum by degrees ; in 
small pieces, lytlum and lytlum 
by degrees. 

~f6ta having small feet. 

-hygdigf, -hyd-,~mod pusillani- 
mous. littleness, paucity. 

lytes-na, lytes(t)ne av. almost, 
nearly [' by a little not']. 

lytig cunning, wily [lot]. 

-lie, lytelic deceitful. 

-lice, lytelice av. cunningly. 

-nes/. cunning. 

lytigian act cunningly. 

lytlian diminish tr. and intr. ; 
shorten (fast) ; become ineffectual 
or weak (of laws) ; curtail, abro- 

lytling m. little one, child. 

gely pen = geliden. 

lyper^full, -lie mean, sordid, 

-lice av. wickedly. 

~nes/! wickedness. 

lypre I. aj. contemptible, base ; 
sordid ; bad ; wicked. II. av. 
badly, miserably. 




ma av. more, see micle. 

-crSBftigf mighty, /<w mgen- (?). 

-fealdra L. cpv. of manigfeald. 

-gelect augmented Gl. 

macjian arrange, manage esp. in 
hlt~; cause ; do, make gen. L. ; 

put up, hang up (on walls) 

|| intr. act, behave ; fare : befran 
past cild hu hit -ode how it had 
got on. 

-ung/ doing. 

gemaca = gemaecca. 

macalie suitable IN. 


-modf once m. folly. 

gcmad foolish, mad. 

madm - rnabm. 

ma, see micle. 

gemaecc wd. well-matched, suitable 
(wife) ; equal, being a match for. 

gemaec lie conjugal Gl. 

~nes_/! intercourse, union. 

~scipe m cohabitation. 

gemsjcc a, -maca m. one of a pair, 
especially a male and a female 
animal, mate ; husband ; wife, g. 
pines ~an, pinre ~an. 

mCBCgt, , once ~af M. man, war- 
rior ; son. 

msfed f.,pl. msed(w)a meadow. 

-lacu/ meadow-stream. 

-(we)land n. meadow or grass- 

-mseweht mowing of a meadow. 

-rSden(n) f. grass mown on 

-splott m. plot of meadow-land. 

mffldan ptc. gemSdd mad 

meeden =maegden. 

msedere, moeddre/l madder. 

-Clb m. shoot of madder. 

gemsedla m. chatter. 

maeg vb., pi. magon, prt. mihte, 
ea, e have power, avail : ne ~ to 
nahte is of no use. ~ wip a. 
(drug) cures (disease); he -wip 
hine has influence with him I be i 


in good or bad health : azode hu 
he mihte ; ic maeg wel j can, 
have the power, possibility, be 
allowed to w. inf. ellipse of inf. 
pr him mon to ne ruehte could 
not get at him. 

mffig I. m.,pl. magas, & m. kins- 
man, son. Il-f f. kinswoman ; 

-bana m. slayer of one's kinsmen. 

~bot_/I compensation to the family 
of a man killed. 

~b\lTg/. family, kinsmen, tribe. 

-cild n. young kinsman. 

-cub related. 

-cwealm m. murder of kinsman. 

-cynren n. family, lineage. 

-beamed n. incest. 

-handy! kinsman, natural heir. 

-laguyi law of responsibilities of 

-leas without kinsmen. 

-lie of or belonging to kinsmen. 

-lufef/. love. 

-morpor . murder of kinsmen. 

-gemot n. meeting of kinsmen. 

-myrpra m. murderer of a kins- 

-racu/. genealogy. 

-rSden(n)/". relationship. 

-res m. attack on one's kinsmen. 

-scir f. division of a people, con- 
taining the kinsmen of a particular 

-sibby; relationship ; natural affec- 

-siblic of kin. 

-slaga m. killer of a kinsman. 

-slieht m. killing a kinsman. 

-tudor n. family, kindred. 

-winet tn. kinsman. 

m&g-wlit|e m. appearance, form, 

-ian fashion. 

-lice av. figuratively (!). 

makg-gewrit n. genealogy. 

gem&g, a m. we sint -as we 
are relatives. 



meegden, mteden n. girl, young 

woman ; virgin. 

~&w /. marriage with a virgin. 
~cild n. girl, 
-had m. virginity. 
-heap m. troop of girls, 
-lie of girls, girlish ; virginal. 
-mann m. girl ; female servant ; 


m&ge = mage. 
meegen, meeg n. strength ; might, 

power; efficacy (of drug) ; miracle ; 

troop, force, 
-agendef mighty. 
~byrpen(n)t/ mighty burden. 
-corporf n. mighty troop. 
-crSBftf m. strength ; might, power. 
-cyning f m. mighty king, 
-deedf/. mighty deed. 
-eacaf m. help, 
-eacenf mighty, inspired with 


-earfepef n. great labour or hard- 

-ellenf n. mighty valour. 
-tieest vigorous. 

-folcf n. mighty people or crowd, 
-fultumf m. mighty help. 
-heapt m. mighty troop. 
-heardt strong, 
mffigen-leas feeble, 
-lice av. feebly. 
~tf. weakness, impotence, 
megen raesf m. vigorous attack, 
-roff verj' strong or brave, 
-scipef m. might, 
-sped/! might, virtue. 
-Stanf m. big rock, 
-strangf strong (,in body) ; mighty. 
-strengo \f. bodily strength ; might, 
-strong po/. strength ; might, 
-pegent m. mighty minister (angel). 
-preat f- m. mighty troop. 
-Jjrymm m. power ; majesty, glory ; 

fChrist, theaven, fangels. 
-prymnes/. majesty, glory, 
-pysef/. strength, force, 
-weorcf n. mighty work. 



mgen|wisat m. general. 
-wuduf m. mighty spear. 
-wundorf n. great prodigy. 
mfflgenian gain strength. 
gemaegenod confirmed. 
maager lean. 
~ian make lean. 
msegester, a, af m. master, teacher 

[Lt. magister]. 
-dom m. office of teacher. 
ma9g(e)p f. maiden, girl ; virgin ; 


-blflBd . pudendum muliebre. 
~bot/". fine on unmarried woman. 
-had m. virginity, chastity ; troop 

of young persons. 
~hadlic virginal. 
-mann m. girl, virgin. 
rtufegjj f. family, kindred, group of 

kinsmen ; generation; tribe, nation ; 

province, country [mg]. 
-had m. relationship. 
-leas plebeian. 
-rden(n) / = rnaeg- . 
-sibb/' kindred. 
gemaegp once f. power, great- 

maeg}>|a m., ~e, mag(e)pe/. May- 


. mark, token ; ornament ; 

fsword. Cristes ~ cross, crucifix 

| measure | (appointed) time, occa- 

sionf -- a gehwelce always ; 

food-time, meal. Cp. mal. 
-caruf/. trouble of the time. 
-daag, mal- m. fixed or appointed 

time, day. 

-metef m. food (?). 
-gesceaftf-/. fate. 
-sweord*, mal- . ornamented 

-tang (m.\ -tange f. pair of 

ma%lt n. talk, speech ; contest, 

battle [msepel]. 
mffil-dropja m. phlegm Gl. 
-iende phlegm y Gl. 
msel-scafa m. caterpillar, blight. 
genial marked, stained. 
mffilan mark, stain. 
mlant speak. 
male m. cup, bowl. 
man Jan mean, allude to : gif he 

. . peat is prat ic ~e, gif he . . ; 

hweet he mid peere spreece ~de [ 

signify : nat hwaet pa word ~ap | 

intend, mean | speak of, relate, 

complain (of) airs., tr. 
rusene false (oath) ; wicked [man]. 
geman|e I. &j. wd. common: 

uncer ~ bearn, wees him cild - ; 

in common, public (road). II. n. 

fellowship, intercourse - - hab- 

ban - wip a. have to do with (an 

adversary) [gemana]. 
~(e)lic common, general. 
-elice av. generally, collectively ; 

in common, mutually.". generalness Gl. 
-nes/". society, association, union, 
-scipe m. fellowship, communion, 
(ge)mansum ian partake of 

(Eucharist) ivg. communicate Bd., 

Gl. ; marry /./V. 

-nesy! participation ; the Commu- 

~ung/. communion, 
ruseran make known, proclaim, 

gemeeran fix limits, mark off, 


inserian become famous, 
mfflre-torht = mere-, 
mare pure (money). 
-hwit*, e sterling (silver). 
mserje . boundary. 
~&cf. boundary oak. 
-apuldre/ boundary apple-tree. 
~broc m. boundary brook, 
-cnoll m. boundary bill, 
-die/", boundary dyke. 
-hege m. boundary hedge. 
-p61, -pul m. boundary pool, 
-pytt m. boundary pit. 
~stan m. boundary stone. 
-porn m. boundary hawthorn, 
-weg m. boundary road. 
mr|e glorious, famous, 
-hliaa m.. celebrity. 
~lic famous, illustrious, splendid. 
-lice av. gloriously, splendidly ; 

-nes_/". celebrity. 
-weorc n. splendid work. 
gemr|e n. boundary. 
-haga m. boundary hedge. 
-lacu/". boundary stream. 
-weg m. boundary road. 
-wiell m. boundary stream, 
morels*, a mooring-rope. 
-rap m. mooring-rope. 
maering (m.) sweet basil (?). 
msers ian declare, proclaim, make 


known ; celebrate (birthday), per- 
form (ceremony) ; glorify, praise ; 

enlarge (I) || tr, become known, be 

spread ((/"fame). 

re m. herald, 
msersung, ge-/. rumour; celebrity; 

celebration ; glorification, 
-tima m. time of glorification, 
mffirp(o)/". fame, glory mGerpum 

gloriously ; glorious deed, 
maescre/". mesh (of net), 
mseslen, maasling ^ maestling. 
maessian say mass, perform (mass) ; 

come to mass. 

msesse/; mass ; mass-day, festival, 
-sbfen m. eve of a festival. 
-b6c_/i missal, 
-creda m. Nicene Creed, 
-dfflg m. festival. 
-gierela m. surplice. 
-hacele/". cope. 
-hraegel . surplice. 
-lac n. the host. 
-nihty. eve of a festival. 
rneesse-preost m. mass-priest ; 

high priest. 

-had m. office of mass-priest. 
-scir/. district of a mass-priest. 
m8esse|reaf n. mass-vestment. 
-sang m. mass. 
~tid_/! mass-time. 
-pegn m. mass-priest. 
-pegnung/". celebration of mass, 
-win . mass-wine, 
niaesser e m. mass-priest. 
-bana m. killer of a mass-priest. 
inaest m. mast (of ship), 
-ciest/. mast-hole. 
-16n//. mast-pulleys. 
-rap m. mast-rope, 
-twist m. stay. 
msest m. mast (of beech). 
-land n. mast-land, swine-feeding 

-raeden(n)/". right of feeding swine 

in mast-land. 

mast, see micel, micle. 
-licost particularly Gl. 
msestan fatten, 
maestel-bearg*, -berg m. fattened 


maBsten(n) (m.} swine-pasture, 
-rfflden(n)/! right of swine-pasture. 
~treow n. tree yielding mast, 
ruses' t ling, A. meeslen n. a kind 

of brass ; brass vessel, 
-smip m. brass-smith. 



mtetjan dream impers. w. a., d. 

-ing /I dream. 

m&te insignificant ; small, few ; 
bad [metan]. 

gem&te of suitable dimensions, 
fitting well (0/" clothes). 

gemetgant = gemetgian. 

miep f. measure, degree, propor- 
tion : be psere ~e pe him to 
gebyrige fair share of property 
| efficacy, (human) power, capacity 
gen. iv. negation stated or implied : 
nis na eower - to witanne ; 
ofer ure ~ pencan | rank | what 
is fitting, right | respect. ~e 
gecnawan on d. reverence. -e 
wat (or cann) on d. feel respect 

-full humane, courteous. 

-leas greedy. 

-lie fitting. 

-lice av. hnmanely, courteously. 

mfep (n) act of mowing ; hay- 
harvest [mawan]. 

maepian have consideration for, 

mfflpelf n. meeting; council; 
harangue, talking. 

~3Brn n. council-house. 

-cwide m. discourse. 

-hegende attending a council ; 

-stede m. council -place ; battle- 

-word n. formal word. 

m&p(e)re m. mower. 

mspigian honour. 

mseplan = mapelian. 

m&w, meaw, meg m. seagull. 

pol*, mawpul w. seagull-pool Ct. 

mafia m. caul. 

mag- = mBg-. 

maga m. stomach. 

maga strong, powerful [mseg]. 

magaf, at f at m. son ; man 

magas//. o/'msbg. 

magdala-treow n. almond tree 
[Lt. amygdala]. 

mage, &f. kinswoman. 

magepe = msegpa May- weed. 

magister = msegester. 

maguf m- child, son ; man, warrior, 
attendant, servant. 

-dryht/. band of warriors. 

-geogup/. youth (period). 

-rjfedend m. adviser of men. 

magujr&swa m. chief. 

-rinc m. boy, youth ; man, warrior. 

-timber n. child ; progeny, popu- 

-tudor n. progeny. 

-pegn m. servant ; retainer, man, 

mahf once bad (?). 

gemah, -g importunate, shameless, 

-nes/. importunity, shamelessness. 

mal n. L. action at law ; bargain- 
ing ; agreement, pay scylian 
scipu of ~e, settan litsmenn of 
~e pay off, dismiss \_Scanil.~\. 

mal n. mark, stain [mael]. 

mal-, see mael-. 

gemajlic, -maglic, -mahlic impor- 
tunate ; shameless ; disgraceful, 
wicked [gemah]. 

-lice av. importunately ; peremp- 

-licnes f. importunity ; shameless- 
ness, wantonness. 

malscra once pi. spells = mals- 

malscrung/. witchcraft, spell. 

mamme/. teat \_Lt. mamma]. 

mamor sleep, stupor. 

mamrianf once meditate, design 

man no. indf. one, they [mann]. 

man I. n. wickedness, crime 
swerian - swear false oath. II. 
aj. false ; wicked. 

~aj> m. false oath, perjury. 

-bealof n. wicked injury. 

-dsbd/. crime, sin. 

-d&de, -deorf wicked. 

-drinc m. poison. 

-ffflhpo/ guilt. 

- feld ;;/. field of crime. 

-folmf/. hand that does evil. 

-fordfedlaf m. wicked destroyer. 

-forwyrhtt . sin. 

-frea \ m. prince of evil, the Devil. 

-fremmendef evil doing. 

man-full, -ic wicked, sinful. 

-ice av. wickedly. 

-nes/i wickedness. 

man genga m. evildoer. 

-hus n. dwelling of wickedness 

-idelf vain (wordsX 

-lie infamous, wicked. 

-geniplaf n. wicked persecutor. 

-scapaf m. enemy; sinner. 

-sceattf m. usury. 


man-scyldf/. guilt, sin. 

-igt guilty. 

man swara, -o- m. perjurer. 

-swam/! perjury. 

-sweriende perjuring. 

-awica m. traitor. 

-wamm m. stain of sin. 

-weorc I. n. crime. II. aj. wicked. 

-wordf n. wicked word. 

~WTBC- wicked Gl. 

-(ge)wyrhtat m. sinner. 

man vb. prt. munde ivg. be mind- 
ful of; think, esteem : hino 
weorpne ~. 

man-bryne [ = mann- or man-] 
m. conflagration. 

geman having a mane [manu]. 

geman, man vb.,pl. -munon, prt. 
-munde \_A. often has y for uj 
w.g.,a. remember. 

manjian remind wag. ; admonish, 
exhort w. sbj. advise ; claim, 
exact wag. : se pe (nine) pees 
feos -ode the creditor. 

-iend m. admonisher; claimer 
gafoles - tax-gatherer. 

~ung/i admonition, advice ; claim- 
ing, exaction (of toll, &c.) ; toll- 
place ; district liable to exacting 
or summoning; the people of such 
a district. 

gemana m. companionship, inter- 
course, sexual intercourse ; com- 
munity, association. 

mancus, //. -usas, -osas, -essas, 
m. a monetary unit, thirty pence. 

mandy basket. 

mang* mixture in - among lA r . 
Cp. Sg-mang. 

gemang I. n. mixture, nnion, //. 
sexual intercourse ; business, affair ; 
court of justice ; troop, crowd 
on (or in) . . - wg. into the midst 
of, among. II. prp. w. d., a. 

among ; time pam meanwhile. 

Cp. ongemang. 

mangjian traffic, trade. 

-ere m. merchant, trader. 

mangling/, commerce, trade. 

-hus n. shop. 

gemang(en)nes/. mingling Gl. 

manig, SB, e,//. -e, -a, A. monge ; 
A. spl. maengist | w. sg. no. many 
a, w. pi. no. many : - burg, ~e 
menn. wg. heora- | abs. -e 
many people, neut. on dtslan 
divide into many parts. 



manig- .rsede*, -bred (law) re- 
lating to various matters Gl. 
manig-feald manifold, various ; 

complex ; numerous, abundant ; 


~ian multiply, increase, 
-lie various, numerous. 
-lice av. manifoldly, in many ways ; 

in the plural, 
-nes f. multiplicity ; complexity ; 

great number, 
manigjfieldan multiply ; multiply 

(in arithm.) : gemsenigfyld pa 

preo purh f if. 
-sipes av. often, 
raanig-tiew^e, -teaw skilful, 
-nes/. skill. 
manu, //. mf nn human being ; 

man ; vassal, hero ; the Runic 

letter m. 
-bsere producing or supporting 

human beings. 
-bot /. fine paid to lord of man 

-bryne m. conflagration. Or 

= man- ? 
-cwealm m. pestilence, mortality, 


-cwield/ pestilence, mortality. 
-cwielmnes, -a- f. homicide (!) 

-cynn . mankind, human beings ; 

race, nation, inhabitants. 
-dreamf m - social joy. 
-dryhtent m. (liege) lord, master. 
-eaca m. increase of population, 

birth of children. 
-farut/ expedition, troop, 
-fultum m. troops, army. 
-leas uninhabited. 
-lica m. human form, appearance ; 


-lice av. manfully, 
-lufet./. love of human beings, 
-maegen n. troop, cohort. 
-menigo f. multitude ; number of 

men or soldiers. 
-inferring/, loss or destruction of 

-rfflden(n) f. allegiance, homage ; 

tenant's dues or service. 
-rim n. number of human beings, 
-scipe m. humanity, kindness, 
-sielen/. selling people as slaves, 


-slaga m. a homicide, 
-siege, -slight m. homicide. 

mann swica m. traitor, 
-peawf m. custom. In some cases 

= man- (?). 
~pof m. kidnapper. 
-pw&re gentle, kind. 
-pw&rnes / gentleness, good- 
-werod n. troop (of soldiers) ; 

-weorp . legal value of a man's 

-weorpung/ worshipping human 


-wise/, custom of men, custom. 
inanniari garrison, 
manna m. man. 
manna (.) manna [Z/.]. 
man|u/,//. ~a(n) mane. 
mapuldor m., mapuldre/, map- 

ultreo n. maple tree. 
mapulder(e)n of maple, 
mara, see micel. 
marc . mark, half a pound L. 

marcet, -ket n. market. ICt. 

mare, vE. maer(a)e f. nightmare 

gif mon - ride ; monster, satyr 


mare/ silverweed. 
margen, see morgen. 
marina m. marble \_Lt. mar- 

mama-Stan, marman-, marmor- 

m. marble. 

-gedelf . marble quarrying. 
martyr, -e m. martyr [Z/.]. 
-dom, -had m. martyrdom. 
-racu/ martyrology. 
martyr ian*, ge~ martyr. 
-ung f. martyrdom, passion (of 

marufie/. horehonnd \_Lt. marru- 


masey; titmouse. 
massere m. merchant, 
matte, ea/. mat, mattress. 
mattoc, SB, ea m. mattock, pick- 

map a m., ~~a./. worm, maggot, 
gemapel n. conversation [nuel]. 
mapel iant, maeplan harangue, 


-ere m. orator. 
~ung /. loquacity. 
mapelig turbulent Gl. 
mapu-mapa worm. 


niapm, map(p)um, L. macim m. 

anything precious, treasure, gift, 
-fflhtr/ precious thing, treasure, 
-ciesty". treasury. 
-fsat n. precious vessel. 
-giefaf m. prince, king, 
-giefufy! giving treasures. 
-hierde m. treasurer. 
-hordf n. treasure. 
-hus . treasury, 
-selef m. treasure-hall, 
-siglef n. precious jewel. 
-gestealdf n. treasure, 
-gestreonf n. treasure. 
-sweordf . precious sword, 
-welaf ft. treasure, 
mawan i mow. 
max = masc net. 
max-wyrt/. mash-wort. 
me me. 
meagol firm (mind), earnest, 

vigorous [rnseg]. 
-lice av. earnestly. 
-mod earnest, 
-modnes/. earnestness, 
-nes/ earnestness. 
meaht- = miht-. 
mealm (m.) soft stone, chalky 


-iht chalky (soil). 
-stan m. = mealm. 
mealt . malt, 
-hus n. malt-house, 
-gescot . contribution paid in malt, 
-wyrt/. malt-wort, 
mealwe/ mallow \_Lt. malva]. 
mear-gealle, mergelle m. a kind 

of gentian (plant) [inearh, 


mearas, see mearh. 
mearc/. mark ; end, limit of given 

space, boundary ; limit (of time), 

end of period ; distiict. 
-bece/ boundary beech. 
-beorg m. boundary mound. 
-broc m. boundary brook, 
-denu/. boundary valley. 
-die/, boundary ditch, 
-hoff dwelling. 
-isen n. branding-iron. 
-land n borderland, waste land ; 

-mot n. place where the assembly 

of a district was held. 
~p8BJ>t ni. path. 
-stapaf m. waste- wanderer. 

m. borderland, waste land. 




mearc|treow . boundary tree. 

-Jtreatf m. troop. 

-waduf npl. shallows, water by 

-weardf m. denizen of the waste, 


~weg m. boundary road. 
-wielle m. boundary stream. 
gemearc n. f * J>SBS ~es J>e in 

the direction that . . 
mearc ian make a mark, mark ; 

take note of (the date) ; mark or 

plan out, design, appoint ; create ; 

determine or fix boundaries; de- 


-ere m. notary (!). 
-ung, IN. ge- f. marking, mark, 

characteristic; marking out, de- 

scription ; constellation. 
mearca m. space marked out. 
mearg nm. marrow ; pith. 
-cofaf m. bone. 
-gehaecc n. sausage. 
-hfflccel*, mearhse- (.) sausage. 
-lie marrowy. 

mearhf, -rg, //. mearas m. horse. 
mearn/r/. ^murnan. 
gemearr n. hindrance ; heresy, 

mearnan go astray, err. 
mearj) m. marten, Cp. merpern. 
mearu, //. mearwe tender, deli- 


-nes/ tenderness, frailty. 
meatte = matte. 
me aw = m&w. 
mec me a. 
mecef m. sword, blade [e = & ; the 

form is A.]. 
-fisc, SB m. mullet Gl. 

mecgan mix, stir. 
mechanise mechanical [Z/.]. 
med-drosna pi. dregs of mead 

med f. reward, requital under- 

fon to -es w a.,g. as a requital. 
-gielda m. hireling ; mendicant (!). 
-sceatt, met- m. wages, fee, pay- 

ment ; gift ; bribe. 
-wyrhta m. hireling. 
gemede I. aj. agreeable, accept- 

able [mod]. II. n. what is agree- 

able, due observance (?) ; agree- 

medeme, -ume midway in size, 

amount, age, rank, excellence ; 

capable of wg., suitable, excellent, 
worthy, perfect. 

medem lie moderate-sized, mid- 
dling ; excellent, worthy. 

~lice av. moderately, slightly ; 
suitably ; kindly ; ge- worthily 

-licnes/ mediocrity. 

-micel of moderate size. Cp. 

-nea, IN. gemeodnis f. dignity, 
rank ; benignity. 

medem ian, medm- tr. determine 
proportionate amount, fix measure ; 
moderate Gl. ; deem worthy, pro- 
mote to d. rank among, make 

equal to || ge- intr., rfl. conde- 

-ling/ fixing amount, proportion- 

meder, see modor. 

mederce = myderce. 

medgian bribe [med]. 

medlic moderate, low (voice). 

med-micel I. aj. small of space, 
time, quantity \ unimportant, 
petty, mean, humble. II. n. a 

-nes/. smallness. 

med-micle av. meanly, humbly. 

medren, med(d)ern I. maternal, 
of a mother. II. n. the mother's 
side (descent) [modor]. 

-gecynd n. nature inherited from 

-cynn n. descent on the mother's 

-mffig m. maternal kinsman. 

-m&gp/. kinship on the mother's 

gemedren, L. -ed bora of the same 
mother as -wd. Cp. gefaedren. 

med-rice plebeian. 

med-s&lp/. bad fortune. 

med-spedigt poor, needy. 

med-strang of middle rank. 

med-trum, see mettrum. 

medu mn.,g. meda, medwes mead. 
See med-. 

-flernf . mead-hall, hall where 
mead is drunk. 

-benct/- mead-bench. 

-burgt/. mead-city, festive city. 

-dreamt m. mead-joy, festivity. 

-drenc m. mead. 

-dryncef, i m. mead-drinking. 

-fullt . mead-cup. 


medulgalf excited with mead. 

-heallf/. mead-hall. 

-reBden(n)f/ strong drinks coll. 

-scencf m. mead-cup. 

-seldf n. mead-house. 

-setlf n. mead-seat. 

-stlgf/. path to hall. 

-wangt m. plain (round hall). 

-werigt overcome with mead. 

medume = medeme. 

med-vpis foolish, dull. 

melc, eo giving milk, milch. 

melcan 3 milk tr., abs. 

melcing*/. milking. 

-ffflt n. milkpail. 

meldy. proclamation. 

-feoh n. informer's pay. 

meld ian declare, tell ; display ; 
inform against, accuse. 

-ung f. information ^ against some 
one), betrayal. 

melda m. narrator ; informer 
(against), betrayer. 

melde/ orach (a plant). 

mele-deaw, mildeaw mn. honey- 
dew, nectar. 

mele = meele 

melsc, see milisc. 

melt an 3 intr. melt, be dissolved, 
be consumed ; digest, be digested. 

-ung/. digestion. 

melu, eo, ea, -uw, g. mel(n)wes 
n. meal, flour. 

-hedern*, -hud- n. meal-store- 

-hus . meal-house (!). 

-gescot n. contribution paid in 

mene, y m. necklace. 

-scilling m. coin worn as ornament. 

menen, mf nnen \infl. of mann], 
i n. female servant or slave. 

meng an tr. mix : ic minne 
drenc -de wip tearum (or 
tearas) or mid tearum msepel- 
cwidas - f converse ; stir up ; 
disturb ; rfl. iv. wip d. associate 
with, have sexual intercourse with 
|| intr. mingle, combine [gemang] . 

ge~edlic mixed. 

ge-edlice av. confusedly. 

ge-(ed)nes/ mixture; connexion. 

-ung /. mixture, composition ; ge- 

menga m. merchant [mangere]. 

menig = manig. 

menigdo, -u/. multitude, troop. 




menigo, A. mfngu f. multitude, 
crowd ; great number [manig]. 

menn, see mann. 

mermen = mgnen. 

mennisc I. . people, men ; crowd; 
nation. II. aj. human. 

-lie human. 

-lice av. humanly. 

-nes/ human nature ; incarnation ; 
humaneness, good feeling. 

~u/. state of man 

mentel m. cloak [Lt. mantellum]. 

-preon m. brooch. 

meo (/.) sock. 

gemeodnis = meclemnes. 

rueodu = medu. 

meoduma once m. part of loom, 
treadle (?) Gl. 

meolc, meoluc, A. mile, d. sg. ~e, 
-a, -tun/, milk. 

-deond m. suckling. 

-fsst n. milkpail. 

-hwit mi Ik white. 

-lipe milky Gl. 

-sucend m. suckling. 

meolcian, i, y milk ; suckle. 

meord/. reward ; pay. 

meos (/.) moss. 

-hlinc m. mossy ridge Ct. 

-gelegeo npl. [ = -laego ?] mossy 
tracts Ct. 

meowlef /. virgin, maiden ; wo- 

meox, i n. dung, excrement, 

-bearwe/. dung-barrow. 

-force/, dung-fork. 

-scofl/. dung-shovel. 

-wilige/ dung-basket 

meoxen = mixen. 

merce = merece. 

merian test ; purify. 

mere m. lake, pool ; cistern ; fsea. 

-batt m. boat. 

~candel(l)t/. sun. 

-cJestt/ sea-chest (Noah's ark). m. sea-death. 
-deorf n, sea-beast, 
-farat m. seafarer. 

-faropt m. surge, 
-fiscf m. sea-fish. 

-flodt m. deluge ; ocean, waters, 
-grot ., -grota m. pearl. 

-grundf m. bottom of the sea or 


-hengestt m. ship, 
-hrfflglf n. sail. 

mere husf n. sea-house (Noah's 

-hwearff m. sea-shore. 

-ladf/ sea-way. 

-lipendet m. sailor. 

~men(n)en, -menn n. siren. 

-nffidre/., -needdra m. lamprey. 

-smyltet- calm. 

-Strsett/ sea-road. 

-streamt m. sea, water. 

-strengot / strength in swimming. 

-swin . dolphin. 

-torhtf, se (rising) bright from the 
sea (</the sun). 

-torr m. towering waters. 

-pyssa m. ship. 

-weard m. sea-guardian. 

-werig sea-weary. 

~wif n. water-witch. 

mere mare, see miere. 

mere (/), mera m. nightmare, 
satyr Gl. 

mere-hwit = miere- sterling (sil- 

mer(e)ce m. smallage (a plant). 

mergelle = mear-gealle. 

mergen, see morgen. 

mersc, mfrisc m. marsh [mgre]. 

-land n. marsh Z. 

-meal we/, marsh -mallow. 

-meargealle/. marsh-gentian. 

-\vare //. marsh-dwellers. 

merpern- (cloak) of martens' skins 
vL. [mearp]. 

merze, mertze /. merchandise Gl. 

mesan eat, feed [mos]. 

mesa oncefpl. dung. 

mese, y, eo/. table [Z/. mensa]. 

met|cund(lic) metrical. 

~(e)gierd, -geard/ measuring- rod. 

-rap m. sounding-line. 

met- sceatt = med-. 

gemet I. n. act of measuring ; 
quantity (in the abstract) ; appa- 
ratus for measuring ; a certain 
quantity, a measure (of wheat) ; 
metre | distance : six mila - ; 
boundary ; met. limits (to avarice) 
| self-restraint, moderation | re- 
gulation, law | capacity : ofer 
min - | manner, way ; on mani- 
gum -urn. py -e pe, on pam 
ylcum ~um pe in the same way 
as, like, ane ~e to the same 
degree, uniformly. II. aj. fit, 
proper, right. 


gemete av. fitly, properly. 

gemet-ffflst moderate ; modest ; 
steadfast (?). 

-an compare Gl. 

-lice av. modestly. 

-nes/. moderation ; modesty. 

gemet faet . vessel for measuring. 

-IsBcan moderate. 

-lie moderate ; suitable wd. 

-lice av. moderately ; fitly. 

gemet = gemot. 

met|an 5 measure ; mark off, fix 
bounds ; compare w. wip a. ; 

-end m. measurer ; God. 

metjan paint, draw. 

-ere m. painter. 

-ing/, picture. 

gemet|an, metan, oe, prt. -mette, 
-mitte find, discover, come upon ; 
hie hie -ton met (in battle) abs. 

-(ed)nes/ finding, discovery. 

gemeting, -mitting, m- /. (!) 
finding ; meeting ; hostile meet- 
ing, meeting (of roads) ; assem- 
bly, convention. 

mete m., pi. mfttas food. 

-aern, m tern, n. refectory. 

-afliung/. atrophy Gl. 

-belg*, metbeelg m. wallet. 

-corn . corn for food. 

-cu/. cow. 

-cweorra m. (?) surfeit, indiges- 

-feet, metf-/. dish. 

-ffetels m. wallet. 

-gafol n. tax or rent paid in food. 

-gearwa/*/. preparations of food, 

-laf/ leavings of food. 

-leas without food. 

-liest, ea/. want of food. 

-scipe*, mets- m. refection. 

-seax*, mets- n. knife. 

-socn/ appetite. 

-sticca m. spoon Gl. 

-swamm m. mushroom. 

-tid/. meal-time. 

-pearfendef in want of food. 

-pegn m. steward. 

-utsiht/. dysentery. 

meter (.) metre [Lt. metrom]. 

-crseft m. metre. 

-cund metrical. 

-fers n. hexameters. 

-lie metrical. 




meter|geweorc . metre, verse. 

-wyrhta m. versifier. 

inet(e jgjian measure out, assign ; 

moderate, regulate ; meditate. 
(ge)-ung f. moderation, temper- 

ance ; regulation, rale ; medita- 


metod(t) m. fate ; God [metan]. 
-(ge)sceaft/. death. 
-wang m. battle-field. 
mets ian feed, furnish with pro- 

visions [mte]. 
-ung/. feeding, provisioning. 
met(t)ian supply with food. 
gemetta m. partaker (of food) 

mettas//. o/ragte. 
metten once/. Fate (goddess). 
met-trum, med- weak in health, 

ill ; weak. 
~nes, -trym- f. ill-health, infir- 

mep|e, oe weary ; sad ; trouble- 

some (!). 

-ian become weary. 
-nes/ fatigue. 
mepg jian ptc. ge~od exhausted 


mepig weary, exhausted. 
gemeprian honour LL. Cp. mse- 

micel, y, L. pi. miccle. I. of., 

cpv. mara, spl. msest, IN. a 

I. a/, big, much ; met. great ; 

many : msestra eelc heora 

flana nearly all their arrows. 

micles to (beald) much, miclum 

greatly. II. n. wg. much, cpv. 

mare, spl. mtest. III. av. 

greatly, much. Cp. micle. 
-{fete greedy. 

-doend doing great things. 
-heafdede big-headed. 
~lic grand, magnificent, great. 
-lice av. magnificently, greatly ; ex- 


-mod magnanimous. 
-nes f. bigness ; abundance ; mag- 


-sprecende boasting. 
micelo/. size. 

mi eg | a m., ~e/ urine [migan]. 
micgpa = migopa. 
micljian increase in size or quan- 

tity tr. and intr. ; tr. extol, mag- 

(ge)-ung/ magnificence (1). 

micle av. much : ~ swipor to a 
greater degree, much more, ~ swi- 
post especially || cpv. ma, A. 

av. .to a greater degree, 
more ma and ma more and 
more ; time longer, any more gen. 
w. negation expressed or implied ; 
preferably, rather, n. gen. wg. 
more (number, bulk) || spl. meest 
to the highest degree, most, 
chiefly ; w. eall nearly : mslst 
ealle his geferan, pa opre ealle 
msest, eall msest almost entirely. 
n. wg. the greatest number. 

mid, A. mip I. prp. TV. d., i., A. 
a. together with, with, among 
(heathens) -- streams down 
stream (of river) | time + at | in- 
strument : ~ hlafe afedan | de- 
fining : hu him speow ~ wige | 
manner : - unryhte unjustly ; ~ 
ealle entirely ; ~ horsum - ealle 
with horses and all. II.mid-pa.m- 
pe when ; through cj. : heora lif 
gelengan midpampe hi gre- 
miap God. mid-pam-peet with, 
through cj. : wseron gebrocode 
midpampffit . . forpferdon. 
mid-py with that, by means of 
that ; together, at the same time. 
mid-py(-pe), mitty, mitte, 
mittes [s = pe] when ; while, be- 
cause. III. av. : pa pe (him) 
mid ferdon. 

mid-dfflg m. midday. 

-lie midday, meridian. 

~sang ;. midday service. 

-tidy. noon. 

middan-d86g* m. midday. 

-lie midday, meridian. 

middan-geard, middaneard m. 
earth, world ; mankind. 

-lie earthly, worldly. 

middan-sumor, midde- m. mid- 

middan-winter, midde- m. mid- 

midde-, see middan-. 

midde f. on middan in the 

middje, mide aj. middle (of) : 
purh ~e pa ceastre, on pam 
fenne -urn ; of time : on midne 
daeg, 8Br -urn wintra || spl. 
midmest, midemest middle : 
ae -a finger ; pa -an menn of 
intermediate merit. 


middel I. aj.,jpl. midlest, middle ; 
intermediate (in merit). II. m. 
middle, centre ; midst : gesette 
nine on hyra -e (or midle) ; 

-dseg m. midday. 

-dael m. middle. 

-engle//. Middle Angles. 

-linger m. middle finger. 

-flere / partition (gristle of nose . 

-lot m. instep. 

-gemseruf npl. central district. 

-nihtf/. midnight. 

-rice n. middle kingdom. 

-gescyldru, u npl. part between 

-seaxe, -an mpl. Middle Saxons, 

middeweard middle (of), in the 
middle of place and time : - lenc- 
ten ; - hit (Norway) is pritig 
mila brad. Used as noun : on 
-an ( = -um) innopes mines. 

midemest, see midd. 

mid-f8Bsten(n) n. Mid-Lent. 

mid-feorh. mn. middle age. 

mid-ferhp mn. middle age. 

-nes, -ferht-/. middle age. 

mid-help*, mip-/ help IN. 

mid-(h)rif (.) diaphragm; en- 

mid-(h)rip|er, -re n. diaphragm, 

mid-ierfenuma m. co-heir. 

midl, mipl n. (horse's) bit; oar- 

-hring m. ring of bit 

midljian, ge- halve, divide. 

-igend m. mediator. 

~ung/. midst of, on ~e wg. 

-unga, -inga av. moderately. 

midlian bridle ; muzzle (dog) ; 

gemld-leahtrod reproached (!V 

midlen n. middle, centre ; midst : 
purh hyra - ; on fyres ~e. 

mid-lf ncten nm. Mid-Lent. 

midlest, see middel. 

midmest, see midd. 

midne-dfflg m. midday. 

midnes f. on ~se wg. in the 

mid-niht/ midnight. 

mid-rad f. riding with, accom- 

midrif = midhrif. 

mid-singend m. co-singer (!). 




mid-sipian accompany (!). 
mid-spreca m. advocate. 
gemid-sipegad accompanied (!) Gl. 
mid-sumor m. midsummer. 
mid-weg m. midway. 
mid-winter m. midwinter. 
mid-wist /. presence, participa- 
mid-wunung /. dwelling with, 


mid-wyrhta m. co-operator, 
mifltan tr. melt ; refine (metals), 

also met. ; digest || intr. melt 

Mierc e, -an pi. Mercians, Mercia 

~isc Mercian, 
miercef dark ; evil, 
gemigrce n. boundary. 
mircels mf. mark ; seal ; trophy ; 

marked place ; mark (to shoot at) 


miere*, e, y f. mare [mearh]. 
mierrjan hinder, be stumbling- 
block to ; squander, waste ; err 


~a m. one who leads astray, 
-else/! hindrance, stumbling-block, 
-ing f. leading astray ; waste, 

mlg an 6 make water, 
-ling, -ing/", making water, 
migol diuretic [migan]. 
migojja, mi(c)gpa m. urine. 
mint, ea, A. ae I./, might, power ; 

ability; miracle. II. aj. fmighty ; 

possible IN. [meeg]. 
-(e)leas powerless. 
~(e)lic possible. 
~mddf . anger, excitement, 
mihte/r/. ofmeeg. 
mihtelic, see mihtiglic. 
mihtig, ea, A. SB powerful, mighty; 

possible IN. 

-lie*, miht(e)lic possible, 
-lice av. powerfully, through power, 
mil-deaw = mele-. 
mfl/. mile [Lt. milia]. 
-gemearcf . mile-distance, 
gemet . measure by miles. 
-paBJjf ft. milestone-road, 
-getffll n. mile. 
mil n. millet [Lt. milium]. 
milc- = meolc-. 
milcen, y I. of milk. II. (.) 

milk food [meolc]. 
mildian become mild. 

mild e I. aj. gentle, mild ; merciful, 
kind. II. av. mercifully. 

-beorht serene (light) Gl. 

-elic propitious. 

-elice av. kindly, humanely ; pro- 

-heort gentle ; merciful. 

-heortlice av. kindly, mercifully. 

-heortnes/ mercy. 

gemildgian mitigate Gl. 

milds = milts. 

milisc, mylsc, e honeyed, sweet 

-ian become sweet or mellow || tr. 
gemilscad sweetened. 

militisc military mann soldier 

{Lt. miles]. 

miltje m.,f. spleen. 

-COpuy. spleen-disease. 

-eseoc spleen-sick. 

~(e)wffirc, -wraec m. pain in the 

miltestre f. prostitute \Lt. mere- 

-hus n. brothel. 

milts, milds f. kindness ; mercy 

miltsjian, mildsian pity, be merci- 
ful w. d. or g. ; pardon (sins) w. d. 
|| tr. make merciful. 

(ge imiltsigend m. pitier. 

-lie pardonable. 

(ge)miltsung / pity; mercy; 

mimerian remember. 

gemimor known, familiar (of 
language) wd. 

-lice av. by heart. 

min my ; of me. 

"lice av. in my manner (!). 

minjn (?)f small ; mean, vile. 

-dom (.?)t m. abjectness. 

~lic petty (favour). 

mins ian intr. and tr. diminish. 

-ung/. parsimony. 

minte/. mint {Lt. mentha]. 

mis-began vb. disfigure (!) IN. 

mis-beodan do wrong to, ill-use 


mis-bisnian set bad example, 
mis-boren misshapen (child at 

birth) ; degenerate, 
mis-brogden, -broden distorted 


mis-byrd/ abortion. 
mis-byrdo /. imperfection (of 

bodily organ). 


miscian, mix- mix, apportion. 

mis-cealnan mis-calve. 

mis-cifrran pervert. 

mis-cracettan*, -cro- croak 

mis-cwej>an 5 speak incorrectly ; 
curse IN. 

mis-d&d/. misdeed, offence. 

mis-don vb. act wrongly, transgress. 

mis-gedwield n. error. 

mis-efesian tonsure wrongly. 

mis-endebyrdan arrange wrong- 

misenlic = missenlic. 

mis-fad|ian arrange or carry out 

-ung f. mismanagement ; miscon- 

mis-faran 2 go astray, err, trans- 
gress ; fare badly, turn out badly. 

mis-fedan misfeed (!). 

mis-feran go astray, transgress. 

mis-fon i fail to get hold of or 
find wg. ; make mistake, err, go 
astray ; -wi. mistake (the day). 

mis-gieman neglect. 

mis-gretan insult. 

mis-haBbbende ill, unwell. 

mis-healdan i neglect. 

mis-healdsum* negligent. 

-nes/. negligence. 

mis-nier an wd. disregard, dis- 

~nes_/. act of disobedience. 

mis-hwierfed, mis-hworfen 
perverted ; inverted. 

mis-gehygd . evil thought. 

mis-laedan mislead met. 

mis-lffiran misadvise. 

mis-lar_/". bad teaching or advice. 

mis-libban lead bad life. 

mislic -= missenlic. 

mis-lician be unpleasant to, dis- 
please wd. 

mis-(ge)limp n. misfortune. 

mis-limpan 3 impers. wd. turn 
out badly or unfortunately. 

mis-gemynd n. evil record. 

mis-riecan revile, abuse wa. 

mis-rsed m. misguidance ; mis- 

mis-r&dan miscounsel ; follow 
bad policy. 

miss n. absence, loss. 

missan miss (mark) wg. ; escape 
notice of wd. 

mis-scrence distorted. 




mis-scrydd misclothed, not in 

correct costume, 
missenlic, misen-, mis(s)end-, 

misse-, mis(t)- dissimilar, vari- 
ous ; wandering, erratic. 
-nes f. variety ; various colours or 

missenlice, mis(t)- av. variously, 

differently ; -feran wander about, 
misseret . half a year, 
mis-spowan i succeed badly, fail 

impcrs. wd. 
mis-sprecan 5 grumble, murmur 


mist m, mist, 
-glomt misty gloom, 
-helmt m. veil of mist, 
-hlipt n. misty slope. 
-ian grow dim (of eyesight). 
~ig misty. 

mis-tfflcan mist each. 
mlfltel m. basil ; mistletoe. 
-lam n. birdlime. 
-tan m. mistletoe, 
mis-tidan imp'ers. turn out badly, 

mis-timian impers. wd. happen 


mistlic = missenlic. 
mis-triewan*, I mistrust IN. 
mis-tucian ill-treat L. 
mis-tyht|an misadvise ; dissuade 


-endlic dehortative (adverb), 
mis-pegnian, -penian misuse. 
mis-peon 6 degenerate. 
inis-weaxende misgrown 

mis-wendan pervert, lead astray ; 

be perverted. 

mis-wende erring (morally). 
mis-weorc . evil deed. 
ims-weorpan 3 impers. wd. turn 

out badly, be unfortunate. 
mis-weorpian slight, neglect. 
niis-(ge)wider n. bad weather, 

bad season. 

mis-wissian misguide (</ priest). 
mis-writan 6 make mistake in 


mite/ mite (insect). 
gemitt-, see gemetan. 
mitta m. a measure [metan]. 
mitte(s) when, see mid. 
mitty when, see mid. 
mip=mid with, 
mipan 6 ptc. mipen conceal w.g. 

or a., waa., wda. : ic his map 
I dissembled the fact, ic min 
map hid myself; f refrain from 
wi. || intr. lie hid ; wa. be hidden 
from Bd. 

mix = meox. 

mixian = miscian. 

mixen(n), eo/ dunghill, dung. 

-dynge, -i-/ dung. 

-plante/ nightshade. 

mod n. mind, intellect, heart ; 
pride ; courage ; violence (of 

-blindt blind met. 

-blissiendet rejoicing. 

-bysgungt /. anxiety. 

~cearigf anxious, sad. 

-caroif/ sorrow. 

-craft m. intelligence. 

-crfflftig intelligent. 

-cwanigt sad at heart. 

~earfop n. distress of mind, 

-full arrogant. 

-geomort sad. 

-glffldt glad. 

-gleawt wise. 

-hetet m. hate. 

-hordt m. mind. 

-hwaett brave. 

-gehygdf n. thought. 

-leas spiritless. 

-least/ want of courage. 

-leoff beloved. 

-lufut love, affection. 

-gemyndf n. mind ; intelligence. 

-roft brave. 

-sefaf m. mind, heart, soul ; cha- 
racter, disposition. 

-seocf sad. 

-seocnes/ weakness of the heart 

~snot(t)orf prudent, wise. 

-sorgf/. sorrow. 

-stapol m. character, tempera- 

~stapol(faest)nes / constancy, 
firmness of character. 

-swipf resolute. 

-gepanc m. thought(s), mind, 
heart, intelligence. 

-gepoht m. mind, thought. 

-pracuf/ courage. 

~preaf/. trouble of mind. 

-pwtere gentle, mild. 

~pw^brnes/ gentleness. 

-gepyldigf patient. 

-weligf intellectual. 


mdd|went/ hope, 
-gewinnaf m. anxiety, 
-wlanc proud, 
gemod I. n. mind, heart. II. 

unanimous ; on good terms with 


modelic ^ modiglic. 
modig high-minded, high-spirited ; 

brave ; headstrong, impetuous ; 

-lie, modelic high-minded; brave; 

proud ; magnificent (treasures). 
-lice av. boldly ; proudly. 
-nes /. high-mindedness, magna- 
nimity ; pride. 
mod(i gian become proud ; be 

proud, exult w. on ; bear oneself 

proudly ; be impetuous, rage ; be 

indignant, disdain, 
gemoaod disposed hetelice ~ 

modor, dd, -er, d., (g.) meder/. 


nature inherited from 

descent on mother's 

-cynd / 

-cynn . 


-healf/ mother's side, 
-leas motherless. 
-lie maternal. 
-slaga m. matricide. 
modren, dd of a mother. 
mod(d)rige, moderge/ maternal 

aunt ; cousin, 
-ian agree, 
-nes/ concord. 
mohpe = moppe. 
molcen n. curdled milk. 
moldje / earth, dust ; ground ; 


-srnt grave. 
-com n. tuber of saxifraga granu- 

lata ; the plant itself, 
-graff n - grave, 
-hiepe/ heap of earth, 
-hrerendet moving on earth, 
-stow/, grave, 
-wegt m. the earth. 
~wyrm m. earthworm, 
molegn (.) curds. 
-stycce n. piece of curd, 
mols ( n. ) decay. 

molsnian become mouldy, decay, 
monja m. moon ; month. 
-anAfen(n) m. Sunday evening, 
-andaeg, moudeeg m. Monday. 




mon|annihty. Sunday evening. 

~(e)lic lunar. 

-seoc lunatic ; epileptic. 

monap, monp, pi. monpas, - m. 
month monies adl menses 

-adl/. menses. 

-adlig menstruant. 

-blod . menses. 

-bot/ a month's penance. 

-gecynd/ menses. 

-fyllen*, -fylen /. time of full 
moon Gl. 

-lie lunar ; menstrual. 

-seoc menstruant ; lunatic, epi- 

-seocnes/ lunacy. 

mor m. moor ; mountain. 

-beam. m. mulberry tree ; black- 
berry bush \_Lt. morus]. 

-berige/ mulberry. 

-denu/ swampy valley. 

-faesten(n) w. moor-fastness. 

-hfflp . heath, moor. 

-healdf (?). 

-hopf w. marsh. 

~ig marshy. 

-land . moorland. 

-raffed/, marshy meadow. 

-pytt, -seap m. moor-pit. 

-secg m. sedge. 

-slffid w. marshy valley. 

-stapaf m. moor-traverser. 

-wyrt/ a plant. 

morap, morod . sweetened wine 
\lLt. moratuxn]. 

more, -u wk. f. (edible) root, 
carrot, parsnip. 

morgen, e, a, d. morgen(n)e, 
mor(g)ne daybreak, morning 
on ~(n)e, on r(ne) mergen, o 
early [ next day to ~, to ~(n)e, 
on mor(g)ne, on mergen to- 
morrow ; paes on ~(ne) the next 

-cealdf morning-cold. 

-collaf m. morning terror. 

-dfflg m. daylight, morning; to- 

-drenc m. morning potion. 

-giefu f. gift from husband to wife 
on morning after wedding. 

-langf tedious, long (day). 

-leoht . dawn, morning. 

-lie, my-, morgendlic, morning, 
of to-morrow. 

-masse/, first mass. 

morgen |mete m. breakfast. 
-regn m. morning rain. 
-seocf sad in the morning. 
-spell \ . morning tidings. 
-spr&c f. periodical assembly of a 


-steorra m. morning star. 
-swegt m. morning clamour. 
-tldf/ morning. 
-torhtf bright at morn. 
-wacian rise early. 
morn-, see morgen. 
morod = morap. 
mortere m. mortar [Z/. mor- 

morp . murder, homicide ; t death, 

destruction ; crime ; anything hor- 


-bealof w. violence, murder. 
~crundel . corpse-pit (?) Ct. 
~d&d/. murder ; deadly sin ; crime. 
-slaga m. murderer. 
~slieht m. murder. 
-weorc w. murder. 
~wyrhta m. murderer. 
morpor not IV. nm. murder crime, 

sin ; torment, misery. 
-bealof n. murder. 
-beddf n. (violent) death-bed. 
-cofaf m. prison. 
~cr8Bftt m. murder, crime. 
-cwealm.'t' m. murder, slaughter. 
-hetef m. deadly hate. 
-hoff, -husf n. house of torment 


-hycgendef plotting mischief. 
~leanf . retribution. 
~scyldigf guilty. 
-slaga m. murderer. 
-slagu/, -siege m. murder. 
-sliehtf m. slaughter ; the slain. 
-wyrhta m. murderer. 
mos, often 6 n. marsh, moor. 
mos . food. 

mot K. atom, mote. 

mot toll, tax IM. 

mot-. Cp. gemot. 

~8Brn, -e n. court-house. 

-bell/ meeting-bell 

~hus n. court-house. 

-lap- . court, assembly (?) L. 

-gerefa m. president of a court. 

~stow f. assembly-place, forum. 

-weorp entitled to attend an as- 

mot vb., prt. moste be allowed, 


have opportunity a/, inf. - 
moste ic would that 1 might . . . 
1 must (?). 

gemot, once -et n. meeting, 
council, discussion witena - 
parliament [ fbattle. 

-earn, -hus n. senate-, council- 

-mann m. orator Gl. 

-stfde m., -stow /. meeting-, 

mot|ian talk ; make speech ; dis- 
cuss, dispute. 

-ere m. orator. 

~ung/. conversation. 

mop|pe, IN. mohpe f. moth, in- 

-freten moth-eaten. 

mu(c)g-wyrt/. mugwort. 

mul m. mule \_Lt. mulus]. 

-hierde m. mule -keeper. 

gemun remembering wg. [ge- 

gemuning/. remembrance. 

mund/. handf ; hand (as measure) ; 
protection, guardianship ; pro- 
tector, guardian. 

-beorgf m. sheltering hill. 

-bora m. protector, patron, guar- 
dian ; prefect. 

-bryce m. breach of legal protection 
or guardianship; fine for the of- 

-byrd /. protection, patronage ; 
help ; fine for breach of legal 

ge~byrdan protect. 

-byrdnesy; protection ; protector, 
patron, advocate ; protection of 
rights granted by charter. 

-crseft m. power to protect. 

-gripe \ m. grasp. 

-healst once protection (?). 

-leow, ~le(a)w (m.) hand-basin. 

~roff strong-handed. 

mundlian protect, be guardian. 

-lend m. protector. 

gemunde/r/. o/'geman. 

munt m. mountain, hill [ZA 

-ffllfen/". mountain nymph. 

-land . hilly country. 

munuc m. monk [Z/. monachus]. 

-behat n. monastic vow. 

-cild n. child intended for monastic 

-gegif rela m. monk's dress. 




munucjhad m. monastic state. 

-heap m. body of monks. 

-lie monastic. 

-lice av. monastically. 

~lif n. monastic life ; monastery. 

-regol m, rule of a monastic order ; 

monastic order. 
-Stow/, place for monks. 
-peaw m. monastic rule. 
-wise/, manner of monks. 
munucian rfl. become a monk, 
mur m. wall [Z/. murus]. 
murcf once grievous (hunger). 
murcjian, murcn- complain, mur- 
mur ; grieve. 

-nere m. complainer, murmurer. 
-Ung f. complaint, murmuring ; 

murnan 3 intr. be sad, anxious ; 

care, reck u>. for d. || tr. lament ; 

care for, regard. 
mus f., pi. nays mouse e-plse 


-fealle, -i/. mouse-trap. 
-fealo mouse-coloured. 
-hafoc m. mouse-hawk, 
muscelle, mus(c)le, muxle / 


must (m.~) new wine, must. 
-fleoge*, muscfleote f. must-fly 


mutung/ loan Gl. [Lt. mutuum]. 
mup m. mouth ; opening, orifice. 
-adl/ mouth-disease. 
-banaf m- devourer. 
-berstung/. breaking out of ulcers 

round mouth, 
-copu/ mouth -disease. 
-freo free to speak. 
-haelf salutary words (?). 
-hrof m. palate. 
-leas without mouth, 
mupa m. mouth of river, 
mupettan let out (secret) abs. 
muwa = muga. 
muxle =- muscelle. 
mycel = micel. 
my eg m. midge. 
-nett n. mosquito-net. 
mydd n. bushel [Z/. modius]. 
myderce, mydrece, med-, IN. 

mudric-/ chest, coffer, 
myl (.) dust. 
mylcen = milcen. 
mylen m mill [Z/. molina]. 

mylenjbroc m. mill-brook. 

-die/, mill-pond (?) Ct. 

-geard m. mill enclosure. 

-hamm m. mill enclosure. 

-hweol n. mill-wheel. 

-pol, -pul m. mill-pool. 

-scearpf sharp-ground. 

-stan m. grindstone. 

-steal! m. mill. 

-stede m. mill. 

-stlg/. mill-path. 

-trog n. mill-trough (which brings 
water to mill-wheel). 

-waru/. mill-dam. 

-weard, mylew- m. miller. 

-wer m. mill-dam. 

gemynan, see geman. 

gemynd fn. memory, remem- 
brance ; memento ; caring for, so- 

-dfflg m. commemoration-day. 

-leas, myndleas insane, foolish. 

-liest/ madness. 

-stow/ monument. 

-ewierjje worthy of mention Bd. 

gemyndef once mindful. 

myndgjian intr. wg. remem- 
ber, bear in mind ; intend || tr. 
wag. remind; demand payment. 
Cp. mynegian. 

-lend m. reminder. 

(ge)-ung /. remembrance ; admo- 
nition ; mynegung claim of pay- 

gemyndig, m- ivg. mindful. 

-lie, gemyndelic to be borne in 
mind by wd. ; memorable. 

-lice av. by heart. 

-licnes/. remembrance. 

mynef > memory, memorial ; pur- 
pose ; desire ; love, affection. 

-lief desirable, pleasant 

myne m. minnow. 


gemyne remembering IN. 

gemyne stj. of geman. 

mynecen^u) / nun [munuc]. 

mynegian, myng- = mynd- 

-iendlic hortatory. 

myn(e)let/ longing, desire. 

mynet n. coin ; coinage [Z/. mo- 

~ciepa m. money-changer. 

-isen . coinage. 

mynet|slege m, minting, coinage. 

-smijjfle/. mint. 

mynet|ian coin, mint. 

-ere m. money-changer ; minter. 

my n nan or mynian intr. direct 

one's course (to), intend. 
mynster n. monastery, nunnery ; 

church, cathedral [Z/. mona- 

-cleensung / purification of a 


-cluse/. cell. 
-ftemne/ nun. 
-gang m. entering on monastic 


-ham m. monastery. 
-hata m. persecutor of monasteries. 
-lie monastic. 
-lice av. monastically. 
-lif n. monastic life ; monastery. 
-mann m. monk. 
-munuc m. monk living in monas- 


-prafost m. provost of monastery. 
-preost m. priest who conducts 

service in a church. 
-scir/. management of a monas- 


-stow/, cathedral town. 
~peaw m. monastic custom. 
-pegnung / service in a monas- 


-wise/ custom of a monastery. 
myntan intend ; think. 
myrgan rejoice. 
myrgen = morgen. 
myrig|e, myrge I. pleasant, de- 

lightful. II. av. pleasantly, de- 

lightfully ; (sing) sweetly. 
-nes/. music. 
myr(i)gp/ delight ; pleasantness : 

sweetness (of sound). 
myrre, -a/ myrrh [Z/.]. 
myrten I. aj. (animal) having died 

of disease. II. n. flesh of such 


myrpr|an* murder [morpor]. 
-a m. murderer. 
-Ung/. murder. 
myself //. flies Ps. 
myse = mese table. 
gemype ., gen. pi. waters'-meet. 

junction (of two streams or roads) 

myx = meox. 




na, A., W. no not, no na py {or 

pe) lass av. nevertheless. 
nabban = ne habban. 
nacaf m. boat, ship, 
nacod, naeced I. naked, bare ; 

destitute ; empty (words). II. 

-nes/. nakedness, 
niecan, bn- kill Gl. ; hn- check 

nsBced= nacod. 
nabdl, y*. nepl/ needle. 
n&d(d)re/. snake, 
n&deriblta m. ichneumon. 
~fah variegated like a snake. 
~wyrt, -winde, medre-/. adder- 

nsefde/r/. ^nabban. 
neefig poor IN. [ne, habban]. 
naefre av. never [ne, eefre]. 
neeft poverty Gl. 
~ig poor Gl. 

nffigan f" address, speak to. 
genfflgant, e assail ; address (with 

nffigel m. nail (of finger, toe) ; peg, 

nail ; plectrum. 
~seax n. nail-knife. 
-spere . sharp nail (?) Gl. 
naegen once = ne msegen so. may 

n8Bgled|bordf with nailed planks 

(of ship). 
-cnearrf m. ship with nailed 


-crset . iron chariot. 
nSBgl(i)an nail; naegled studded 

with silver, 

-ing/ contract Gl. 
nsenig no(ne) adj. ; no. wg. e 

pinga not at all [ne, tenig]. 
-wiht av. not at all. 
n aeniht = nan- wiht. 
nSnne, see nan. 
nsep, //. ~aa m. turnip, rape \_Lt. 

-seed . rapeseed. 

nsere - ne w&re. 

naes =- ne \vaes. 

naes az. not. 

naes- nose. Cp. nosu. 

-gristle/, nose-gristle. 

-Jjyrel n. nostril. 

naesc skin Gl. 

n&BSS m. headland, promontory ; 

f-ground, earth, depths. 
~hlipf n - slope of headland, 
gensestanf once contend, 
neester once wild carrot (?) Gl. 
net an annoy, oppress, subdue, 
-ing/, blaming. 
nafab, see nabban. 
nafelja m. navel, 
-sceaft/. navel, 
nafepa m. nave (of wheel), 
nafu/ nave (of wheel), 
-gar m. auger. 

genagt R- 

nah=ne ah. 

naht, o = nawiht. 

-fremmendt m. evil-doer. 

-gltsung/ wicked avarice. 

-lie worthless, of no avail. 

-lice av. evilly. 

-nes /., -scipe m. worthlessness, 

-wela m. false wealth. 

nahte = ne ante. 

na-hw&r, nawer, nower av. no- 
where ; never ; not at all. 

na-hw&rn*, nawern av. no- 

na-hwaBJ>er, no-, nawper, napor, 
noper I. no. wg. neither of two : 
of heora naprum ; se pe napor 
nele, ne leornian ne talcan. 
II. ~ ne . . ne (. . ne) cj. neither 
. . nor (. . nor) : he nolde asen- 
dan na(hwsep)er ne engel ne 
heahengel i^ne witegan). 

na-hwanon av. from nowhere. 

na-hwider av. to no place. 

liaises not = nealles. 

nalde = ne wolde. 

nam = ne eoni. 


nam/. seizure [niman]. 

-rseden n)/. learning Gl. 

namian mention (name of) ; ap- 
point, nominate ; give name to. 

nam [a m. name; noun. 

-boc/, -bred . register. 

-cup celebrated, of note. 

-cuplice av. by name. 

-mtblum av. name by name. 

namnian call by name. 

nan, a. m. nanne, e no(ne), not 

one aj. ; no. wg. e pinga on 

no account (allow it). 

-ping, napinc n. wg. nothing. 

-wiht, nan(w)uht, /A", neeniht 
I. n. wg. nothing. II. av. not at 

nard (m.} spikenard [Z/. nardus]. 

nas = ne -wees. 

nast ne wast. 

nat = ne Tvat. 

natjhwebr av. somewhere [nat 
I know not]. 

-hwfiBt n. something. 

-hwelc no., aj. some one or other, 

nates-hwon, natepseshwon, na- 
tohwon av. not at all [nawiht]. 

natoh\von natesh\voa. 

na-pe-lfflS nevertheless, see na. 

naper = nah weeper. 

napinc = nan ping nothing. 

nauht = nawriht. 

nauper = nahwseper . 

naw^a once av. never [ne, awa]. 

nawer = nahwfer. 

nawern = nahwsern. 

na-'wiht, no-, -wuht, nauht, 
naht, noht I. n. w.g., w. elles 
nothing; nothingness, naught: to 
nauhte weorpan ; any thing wort h- 
less : for nauht to habbanne 
consider worthless ; wickedness : 
peat nauht | g. nahtes worthless, 
of no account : eowre godas ne 
sind nahtes. II. aj. indecl. 
worthless, bad. Cp. awiht. TTT. 
av. not. 




nawper = nahwaeper. 

ne, ni av. , cj. not ; nor ne . . ne 
neither . . nor. 

ne-fugol, see neo. 

nea-, see neah. 

nea-lsec an, neah-, neo- wd. 

(ge)-ung/. approach. 

neajlic, neah- near. 

~lice av. nearly, about. 

-wist, -e fm. nearness, neighbour- 
hood, presence | associating with, 
society ; sexual intercourse. 

nead = nied. 

neadian, e compel L. w. to, w.ger. 
Cp. niedan, neodian. 


~nes_/! obligation Gl. 

neadinga, neadlunga = nied- 

neah I. av., cpv. near, y, e, spl. 
niehst near of place -- feorr 
oppe ~, ge - ge feorr far and 
(or) near | of time near ; lately 
spl. last : pa ic hine nehst 
geseah of quantity, degree nearly 
spl. don swa we nyhst magon 
act as nearly as we can accord- 
ingly ; so also for-neah, ful'neah 
nearly. II. =prp. wd., also cpv. 
and spl. near of place : nan ne 
seete Mere tien milurn- settle 
within ten miles of Carthage ; 
niehst ptem tune | of time, im- 
pers. : wendon pset hit near wo- 
rulde geendunge wsere ponne 
hit wsere | of manner according 
to : ic do ~ pam pe pu cwsede. 
III. aj. very rare in positive 
neah, neag-, which is gen. ex- 
pressed by composition, as in 
neahfreond compared with hiera 
niehstan friend || cpv. nearra, 
e, neara nearer I of time later || spl. 
niehsta, ea, e, next, A. nest 
nearest | of time latest, last set 
niehstan at last, finally ; next 
- pa set niehstan thereupon, 
then | next (of kin), nearest 
(friends') : seo neste hond the 
nearest heir. 

-buendf ;//. neighbour. 

-gebur m., -geb^ren, IN. -geby- 
rild/., ne(a)h,h)eb- neighbour. 

-cirice/, neighbouring church. 

-dun/", neighbouring hill. 

~ea/. neighbouring river. 

neah ealond n. neighbouring is- 

-freond m. near relation or friend. 

-gangol wd. (official ) placed near 
(the king). 

-hergung/. war close at hand. 

-gehusa m. neighbour. 

~m&g, neam- m. near relation. 

~m&gpy. neighbouring province. 

-mann m. neighbour. 

-munt m. neighbouring mountain. 

-nes/. nearness, neighbourhood. 

-sibb ~L.f. relationship. II. nearly 

-stow f. neighbouring place, 

-tld/. time close at hand. 

-tun m. neighbouring farm, town. 

-peod/. neighbouring nation. 

-water n. neighbouring piece of 

-WTldu m. neighbouring wood. 

neah-, see also nea-. 

geneaht once n. sufficiency, abun- 

geneah vb.,pl. -nugon suffice, not 
be wanting impers. ; suffice, be 
competent w. ger. 

geneahh|e, -neh(h)e, -ige, neah- 
hi(g)eaz>. sufficiently, abundantly; 
frequently ; earnestly. 

geneahlice*, e av. frequently ; 
usually (worn, of clothes). 

neahhige - geneahhe. 

geneahsen^wr^near, close together. 

neaht = niht. 

nealles, nallas, nalees, nalas, nals 
av. not. Cp. nees. 

neam = ne eom am not. 

nean av. from near ; near ; about, 
nearly for-nean nearly. 

near cpv. ^"neah av. 

nearo, nearw- I. aj. narrow, con- 
fined; limited, petty; causing or 
accompanied by difficulty, hard- 
ship, distress, difficult (breathing) ; 
strict, severe. II. n. (?) f narrow 
place ; confinement, prison ; posi- 
tion of difficulty, danger, hardship. 

-bregdf . cruel artifice. 

-craeftt m. power of imprisoning. 

-fagt cruelly hostile. 

-grapt/. tight grasp. 

-lie oppressive, grievous. 

-lice av. briefly (narrated) ; griev- 
ously, oppressively ; accurately, 


nearo|nesyi strait ; oppression (of 
asthma) ; anxiety, distress, mis- 

-nied/. urgent need. 

~searof n. imprisonment (?). 

-sorgt/. sorrow, affliction. 

-pancas mpl., -pancnes/. wicked- 

-pearff/. severe straits. 

-wrgnc-f- m. cruel artifice. 

nearwian tr. confine, compress ; 
hard press, afflict || intr. become 
narrow, be diminished. 

nearwe av. tightly (bound); op- 
pressively, severely ; anxiously ; 
accurately, narrowly. 

neat n. ox, cow ; animal. 

geneat m. companion (with sense 
of dependency), hanger-on, vassal, 
tenant [neo tan], 

-land n. land held by geneat. 

-mann = geneat. 

-riht n. regulations as to tenure of 

-scolu/. troop. 

neawung/. nearness IN. [neah]. 

nbb n. nose ; face; beak ; front. 

-gebr&c n. nose-mucus. 

-corn n. pimple. 

-wlatfull impudent Gl. 

-wlite m. face. 

nebbian snub, rebuke. 

nefa m. nephew ; grandson ; step- 

genefa m. nephew. 

nefene f. niece ; granddaughter 


nefte, nepte f. cat's-mint \_Lt. ne- 

genegan = genaegan. 

neh neah. 

genehhe, genehliee, see gene- 

neh(h)e-bur, see neah-. 

genehwian approach IN [neah]. 

nele = ne wile. 

nellan = ne willan. 

nemn|an, -ian, prt. nem(n)de 
give name to wanom. ; designate 
by name w. a. and a. or for a., 
to : pis lif he nemde for weg, 
se deeg wses eall ge-ed to Sun- 
nandaege included in ; address, 
invoke ; mention ; nominate, ap- 
point [nama]. 

-igendlic nominative. 



nemning/. name. 

nemne, y, nefne not W. I. cj. un- 
less, except. II. prp. wd. except. 
Cp. nym)>e. 

neo- corpse. 

-beddf n. corpse-bed. 

-fugolt", ne- m. carrion-bird. 

-sipt death. 

neod occ. = nied need. 

neod f. desire, zeal, earnestness, 
pleasure e eagerly, diligently. 

-fracuf/ greed. 

-freond, see nied-. 

-full earnest, zealous. 

-lapuf/. friendly invitation (?). 

-lice av. eagerly, zealously, dili- 
gently ; ^greatly. 

-lof n. diligent praise. 

-spearwa-f m. sparrow Ps. 

-weorpungt/i honouring Ps. 

neodian impcrs. wg. be required, 
be advisable [ =neadian]. 

neol = neowol. 

neom = ne eom. 

neoman = niman. 

neon = niwan. 

geneorp contented Gl. 

neorxna-wang m, paradise. 

-lie of paradise. 

neos an, -ian not W. w. a. or g. 
investigate, inspect; go to (bed), 
visit ; attack. 

(ge)~ung/. W. visit, visitation. 

neotan 7 wg. use, enjoy. 

neopan, -e, i av. beneath, below. 

-weard, niopo-, neope-, nipe-, 
nype- situated beneath, below ; 
lower part of, bottom of. 

neopor = nipor. 

neowe = niwe. 

neowol, niwel, neol, vE. ni- 
hol(d) prostrate ; with face down- 
wards; headlong; deep down, 
profound [ - *ni-heald] . 

-lie depths of: of niwellicum 

~nes/. abyss, depth. 


-flod m. neap-tide, very low tide. 

nepte = nefte. 

gener, nr n. refuge, safety on 
-e healdan harbour (Christians) 

-stede m. place of refuge. 

nerjian save, protect w. <z., d. 

ge~e(d)nes/ deliverance. 

-(i)gend m. preserver, Saviour. 

nerung/. protection. 

genesan, nesan 5 be saved ; tr. 
escape from, survive. 

nese, naese av. no. Cp. giese. 

nest n. nest ; young bird (!). 

nest n. provisions, rations. 

-pohha m. wallet. 

nestan spin. 

genesta m. neighbour IN. [neah]. 

nestlian build nest [nest). 

net(e)le, ntel/. nettle. 

nett n. net (for hunting, fishing, 
flies) ; network (of clouds) ; 
spider's web. 

~gearn . net-yarn, string for mak- 
ing nets. 

-rap m. toil, snare. 

ne tte/. caul. 

nep|an venture on, dare, wi. risk 
(.life) [nop]. 

-ing/l daring, hardihood. 

neurisn a kind of paralysis or 
aneurism (?). 

newe-seopa, niwe-, nu-, ni- m. 
pit of stomach. 

next, see neah. 

ni- = niw-. 

nic av. not I !, no [ne, ic]. 

nicor m. water-monster; hippo- 
potamus Gl. 

-husf n. water-monster's abode. 

nied, ea, eo f. inevitableness ; re- 
quirement, what is required ; duty ; 
compulsion ; hardship, distress ; 
the Runic letter n. 

-bad/, enforced contribution, toll. 

-badere m. toll-exactor. 

-bebodf n. command. 

-behefe, -behefedlic necessary. 

-behefednes/. necessity. 

~behof(lic) necessary. 

-bepearf necessary. 

~bodaf m. violent messenger (?). 

-bryce m. requirement, need. 

-bysgof/ distress. 

-bysigf distressed. 

-clatam m. distress, need. 

-cleofat, -cofaf m. prison. 

-costingt/ affliction. 

-dsfeda m. acting under compulsion 

-gedalf ^- enforced separation (of 
body and soul), death. 

-faraf m. one who journeys under 

-farutyi enforced journey, death. 

-geferaf m. forced companion (?). 


nied|freond m. close relation, in- 
timate friend. 

-gafol n. tribute. 

-gengat m. miserable wanderer. 

-gield . tribute, exaction. 

-gielda m. debtor. 

~gripe*t m. violent grasp. 

-had m. force. 

-harried . rape. 

-hsemestre/ concubine. 

-haes/! compulsion. 

-help/, help in need. 

-hiernes/ servitude. 

-mfflg, ge- m. near relation, 

-msBgen n. force. 

-mage/! near relation. 

-raicelf urgent (errand). 

~nbm/. taking by force, rapine. 

-nsbman ravish, rape. 

~nes/. necessity. 

-nima m. one who takes by force. 

-niman 4 take by force, abduct 

-nimu/. rapine IJV. 

-nimung/i rapine, abduction (of 

~riht n. duty ; service ; office ; ne- 
cessary payment, due. 

-scyld/ duty, obligation. 

-sibb/. relationship. 

-gesteallaf m. inseparable com- 

nled-pearf I./, inevitableness ; need 
(of), what is needed ; constraint ; 
distress, trouble. II. necessary ; 

-lie necessary ; useful. 

-lice av. necessarily. 

~nes/. necessity, compulsion ; need 
(of) ; trouble, distress. 

nied|peow m. slave. 

-peowetling m. one enslaved for 
unfulfilled obligation. 

-peowian reduce to servitude, en- 
force service from. 

-ping . necessary thing. 

-prafung/. reproof. 

-wsedlat m. wretch. 

-gewealdf n. tyranny. 

nied-wis necessary ; due. 

-lice av. of necessity. 

-nes/! necessity. 

nied|wraca m. one who is forced 
to be an avenger. 

-wracut/ violence, distress. 

-wrfflclice av. violently. 

-gewuna m. enforced custom Gl. 




nled-wyrhta m. one who acts 
under compulsion or involuntarily. 

nied an compel w. to, w . sbj. - ut 
expel | press (debtor) : - hie aefter 
gafole. Cp. neadian, neodian. 

ge-edlic compulsory. 

-ing*, neadungy. compulsion. 

niede av. necessarily. 

niedes av. o! necessity. 

niedinga, -unga, -unge, nead- 
(l)unga av. by force, against one's 

niedling m. slave ; sailor. 

genleh. near e magas near rela- 

niehst spl. of neah. 

-a, nexta m. neighbour. 

nierw|an, -ian, prt. -de, nier- 
(w)ede narrow, confine ge~ed 
crowded (house) ; hem in ; afflict, 
persecute ; threaten (?) [nearo], 

nif rwett n. narrowness ; narrow 
place, pass ; shortness of breath. 

nierwpy prison. 

nieten . animal [neat]. 

-cynn . species of animal. 

-lie animal. 


nift/! niece ; granddaughter ; step- 
daughter [nefa]. 


nigon nine. 

-feald nine-fold. 

-teopa nineteenth. 

-tiene nineteen. 

-tienlic containing the number 
nineteen (!). 

~tig = hundnigontig ninety. 

-wintre nine years old. 

nigopa ninth. 

nihstig, nistig, e, nixtnig fast- 
ing on - fasting av. 

niht, ea /. night ; darkness ; w. 
numbers = ' day.' 

-bealof . nocturnal harm. 

-butorfleoge/. moth. 

-eage able to see at night. 

-eald a day old. 

-egesaf m. nocturnal terror. 

-feormungf /. night's shelter. 

-egale f. nightingale ; night-jar. 

-gengaf m. (night) goblin. 

-gen gey. (goblin), hyena (!). 

-gield n. night-service or sacrifice. 

-glomf darkness of night 

-helmf m. shades of night. 

-hraefn, -(h)remn m. night-jar. 

nihtjhrdc m. raven. 

-lang a night in length, 
langes av. for a night. 

-lie, nihtelic nocturnal, of night. 

-ninstig*, -nestig fasting a night. 

-restf/ bed. 

-run, -gerlm n. number of days. 

-sang m. seventh-hour service, com- 
pline ; copy of this service. 

-scadu*, -scada m. nightshade 

~seu(w)at m. shades of night. 

-slsep m. night's sleep. 

-wacu, -waeccey night-watch. 

-waruy night- wearing (of clothes). 

-weardf m. night-guardian. 

-weorcf n. nightwork. 

nihtem e, ea I. aj. nocturnal 
-urn av. for a (whole) night. II. 
av. during the (whole) night. 

-nesy. night-time. 

nihtes, ea av. at night, by night 
op forj> - till far on in the night. 

nimjan $prt. nom, nam, //. no- 
mon, namon take hold of, hold ; 
contain, have room for; take by 
force : on him heora hta - ; 
catch ; receive, accept, take, also 
met. : sige - gain the victory, 
andan - to him take dislike to 
him. || intr. on - have effect (of 

-ingy plucking IN. 

nimpe = nympe. 

genip n. mist, cloud, darkness 

nipan 6 grow dark. 

nis=ne is. 

nistjan, -ian, -Ian build nest 

nip . abyss [niper]. 

nip m. enmity ; t contest, battle 
-e rof warlike ; f affliction, 
trouble ; t wickedness. 

-cwaluf/., -cwealmf m.. violent 
death, destruction. 

-dracaf m. hostile dragon. 

-full ill-disposed, malicious. 

-fullice av. maliciously. 

-gistf m. malicious stranger 

-grama m. anger, malice. 

-grimmf fierce, hostile. 

-heardt bold. 

-hU Pr.f. hell. 

-hgtef m. hate ; affliction ; wicked- 


nip|hycgendef hostile. 

-hygdigt brave. 

-lice av. cowardly. 

-locaf m. hell. 

-plegaf m, battle. 

-scapaf m. foe, persecutor, 
flef m. hostile hall. 

-synn*ty. sin. 

eteont n. battle, attack (?). 

-weoref n. battle. 

-geweorcf hostile deed. 

-wracu/". severe punishment. 

-wundort . portent. 

nipan = neopan. 
ipas = nippas. 

nipemest, see niperra. 

niper av. downwards ; down ; 

-bogen bent down. 

-dsel m. lower part 

-gang m. descent. 

-heald inclining downwards, bent 

-hreosende falling down. 

-hryre m. downfall. 

-lie low, lower ; inferior, humble. 

-nesy bottom. 

-scyfe m. descent. 

-sige m. setting (of sun). 

-stige m. descent. 

~W6ard downward. 

~weard(es'j av. downwards. 

nij>er|ian humiliate ; condemn. 

(ge)-igendlic deserving condemna- 

(ge)-ung f. humiliation; con- 

nip(e)re av. below. 

niperra, -era, eo cpv. lower, 
spl. nipemest. 

n I ping m. infamous man, villain. 

geniplaf m. enemy. 

nipor, eo av. lower. 

nippasf, nipas mpl. men. 

niw-, ni(g%. See niwe. 

-bacen fresh-baked. 

-cenned newborn. 

-cielct, -cealt newly whitewashed. 

-gecifrred, -cumen neophyte. 

~fara m. new-comer, stranger. 

-gehalgod newly consecrated. 

-(ge)hwifrfed, - v ge)hworfen 
newly converted. 

-ISred newly initiated. 

-lie fresh. 

-lice av. recently. 

-nesy. newness, novelty. 




niw sliced glossy. 
-tigrwedf fresh-tarred. 
niw|ian renew ; renovate, re- 

~ung/. rudiment (!). 
niwsn, -e, neo(wa)n av. recently 

nu ~ recently. 
-acenned newborn. 
~cumen neophyte. 
niw|e, i, A. neowe I. new, recent. 

II. mwe, nige av. recently. 
ni wel = neowol. 
nlwer(e)ne tender, young (child). 
niwiht = na-wiht. 
mwunga, neowinga av. anew, 
noctern nocturn [/,/.]. 
genog I. aj. enough ; abundant ; 

much, many. II. av. sufficiently ; 


nohwaeper = na-. 
nolde = ne wolde. 
nom/rt. i/niman. 
non n. ninth hour ; service at the 

ninth hour, nones, 
-mete m., -gereord . dinner. 
~sang m. nones, 
-tidy., -tlma m. ninth hour. 
norp av., cpv. -or, spl. ~(e)mest 

rorth wards; in the north. 
-dffll m. north part, the north, 
-duru/. north door, 
-east av. north-east, 
-east-ende m. north-east end. 
-east-lang extending north-east, 
-ende m. north part, 
-tblc . (people of the) north of 

England, (people of) Norfolk. 
-healf/ north side ; north, 
-here m. army in the north (of 


-hylde/. north slope (?) Ct. 
-hymbre I. //. Northumbrians. 

II. aj. Northumbrian, 
-hymbrisc Northumbrian, 
-land n. northern land, 
-lane/, the north lane, 
-leode//. Angles. 
-lie northern. 

-gem&re . north boundary. 
-portic m. north porch, 
-rihte av. due north. 
-rodor m. northern sky. 
~sS/ North Sea. 

norp sceata m. northern promon- 

-peod/. northern nation. 

-wealas, -walas mpl. the Welsh, 

-weal-cynn n. the Welsh. 

~(e)weard north. 

-weard es) av. northward. 

~weg m. way north ; Norway. 

-west av. north west. m. north-west end. 

-west-gem Are n. north-west boun- 

-wind m. north wind. 

norpan av. from the north be . . 
~ prp. wd. north of. 

-eastan av. from the north-east. 

-eastan-wind m. north-east wind. 

-hymbre //. Northumbrians. 

-weard north (part) of. 

-westan av. from the north-west. 

-westan-wind m. north-west 

-wind m. north wind. 

norpemest, see norp, norperra. 

norperne from the north, northern ; 
Northumbrian, from the north of 
England ; Scandinavian. 

norperra, -(o)T&cpv.,spl. norp(e)- 
mest more northern. 

norpmest, see norp, norperra. 

nosef, of/i promontory. 

nos(t)le/. fillet, band. 

nosju,^. -a, -e,f. nose. Cp. nses-. 

-gris(t)le, nosu-y cartilage of the 

~j>yr(e)l, -terle n. nostril. 

not m. mark ; sign [Lt. nota]. 

-writere m. scribe. 

notian make use of, enjoy, dis- 
charge (office) [notu]. 

notere m. scribe Gl. \JLt. nota- 

not u f. use, enjoyment ; discharge 
(of office), employment [neotan]. 

-georn industrious. 

nopty boldness. 

no per = nahw^aajjer. 

nowend, -ent m. master of a ship ; 

nowiht = n&-. 

nowper = nahwseper. 

nu I. av. now nu-gen, nu-giet, 

nu-pa, see gen, giet, pa. II. 
cj. w. indie, now that, since 
correl. nu . . nu. III. interj. 
nu, nu la, nu ge la behold ! 

nu la interj. now ! 

-na once av. now [nu, nu]. 

numol capacious Gl. [niman]. 

n\uin|e/ nun, vestal [Lt. nonna]. 

-fsenine/. nun. 

-hired m. nunnery. 

-lif n. leading life of a nun. 

-(an)mynster n. nunnery. 

-scrud n. nun's habit. 

nybpe = nympe. 

genycled, -cnycled bent, crooked 

genyht, once -hp fn. sufficiency, 
abundance [geneah], 

-full abundant. 

-lice av. abundantly. 

genyhtsum satisfied wg. ; abun- 

-ian suffice wd. ; be abundant. 

-nes/. abundance. 

nyllan = ne willan. 

ny nine = nem ne . 

nympe, i, e, once nybpe not W. 
cj. unless, except. Cp. nemne. 

nypel (m.) trunk (of elephant). 

nysse, nyste = ne wiste. 

nytan = ne witan. 

nyten ignorant [ne, witan]. 

-lie ignorant. 

-nes f. ignorance, sloth ; igno- 
miny (!). 

nytt I. f. use, advantage, profit ; 
office, occupation ; duty. II. aj. 
useful, advantageous, profitable, 
beneficial [neotan]. 

-lie useful, beneficial. 

-licnes f. usefulness, useful pro- 

-nes/. use, advantage. 

nyttwierpje, -weorp, u useful, 

-lie useful. 

-lice av. usefully. 

-licnes/. utility. 

nyttjian wg. make use of, enjoy, 

-ung/. use, advantage. 

nyttol useful, beneficial. 




6 = a ever. 

ocusta = oxta. 

oden/. threshing-floor; yard. 

oemseten = *3rmbseten shoot. 

of I. prp. wd. place, motion start- 
ing-point from, away from : 
Dryhten loeap of heofenum; 
faran of stowe to stowe. ut(e) 
of out of, away from | time from 
of pissum forp henceforth 
origin of: pa menn of Lunden- 
byrig ; material of : wyrcan 
mannan of eorpan ; = genitive of: 
an mepden of pam cynue | causal 
from : him stent ege of pe ; of 
yflum willan syngian; on- 
gietan micel of lytlum infer 
| partitive : genam of pses 
treowea waestme some of | change 
from : awendan (translate) of 
Laedene on Englisc | deprivation 
from : genimau us of 
anwealde; of deape arisan | con- 
cerning about : si don him fela 
spella of hira lande. II. av. 
starting-point, motion away: stod 
leoma him of; origin seo peod 
pe he of com ; privative : him 
man slog pi hauda of. 

of-ann vb. wdg. grudge, refuse to 

of/ascian, -axian inquire, inquire 
for ; find out by asking, leam. 

of beatan i beat to pieces, break ; 
beat to death. 

ofblindian blind (!) IN. 

ofcaljan 2 ic beo ~en I am 

ofclipian summon by calling ; 
obtain by calling out or cries, 
call for (help). 

of-cumende derivative (in gram- 

of-cyrf m. cutting off; what is cut 

of-dffll, sef- tending downwards. 

of-daele n. downward slope, de- 


ofdr&dd (ptc.} afraid. 

of'dune av. down. In comp. also 
adun(e)-, dune- [of, dunj. 

~heald directed downwards. 

ofearm ian have pity. 

-ung/ pity. 

ofen m. oven ; furnace. 

-bacen baked in an oven. 

-raca m., -racu/ st. oven-rake. 

ofer, -ser !./>-/. w. a.,d. (d. not W.) 
place over, above, on rest, motion : 
standende ~ hi ; his hus ~ stan 
getimbrode ; across : ~ land 
eodon ; extension throughout : 

- eall his rice | time after : pees 

- Eastron; during: ~ winter 
saeton | quantity beyond, above : 

- pset in addition ; t~ snawe sci- 
nende superiority, rule : cyning 
-eall Angelcynn | contrary to, 
against: -willan; -patreowain 
violation of the truce | object of 
verb: wacian-; f-bennesprsec. 
II. av. over; se cwellere him- 
Btod ; hiene - brohte ferried him 
over ; eall paet - bip to lafa. 

6fer m. edge, margin ; bank (of 
river), shore (of sea). 

ofer|ian exalt. 

~ing_/~. superfluity. 

ofer-&t in. gluttony ; feast. 

-e gluttonous. 

ofer-baec av. back(wards\ 

-geteung/ tetanus. 

ofer-bebeodan 7 rule. 

ofer-becuman 4 supervene (!). 

ofer'bldan 6 survive (a person) ; 
outlast, survive (hardships). 

ofer-biternes/. (excessive) bitter- 

ofer-blica*, io m. superficies Gl. 

ofer-blipe (over) cheerful. 

ofer-brd|an cover. 

-els m. covering, veil, garment ; 

ofer-br&w*, a m. eyebrow. 

ofer-brecan 4 break (agree- 



3 cover; 

ofer-bregdan, -bredan 

be covered. 
ofer-bru/ eyebrow, 
ofer-brycgian make bridge over. 
ofer-cajfed covered with ornamen- 
tal work. 

ofer-cealdf very cold. 
ofeivcldan censure, reprove. 
ofer-cierr m. passing over. 
ofer-clif n. overhanging cliff Gl. 
ofer-climman 3 climb (wall). 
ofer-craeft m. cunning. 
ofer'cuman 4 overcome ; get at, 

reach, obtain, 
ofer-cyme m. arrival (!). 
ofer-cypan disprove, confute. 
ofer-don vb, overdo, 
ofer-drenc m. drunkenness. 
ofer-drencan intoxicate. 
ofer-drifan 6 cover (with drifting 

sand) ; disperse (darkness) ; refute ; 


ofer-drinc an 3 intoxicate. 
~ere m. drunkard. 
ofer-druncen I. n. drunkenness. 

II. aj. intoxicated, 
-nes/. over-drinking, intoxication. 
ofer-(ge)drync m. intoxication ; 


ofer- v ge)dyre n. lintel. 
ofer-eaca m. surplus, remainder. 
ofer-eald very old. 
ofer-ealdormann m. chief officer. 
ofer-et(t)ol gluttonous, 
-nes/ gluttony. 
ofer-faer n. passing over, 
ofer-faereld . passage. 
ofer-fsett very fat. 
ofer-faepman cover, 
ofer-faran 2 intr. pass 

away || tr. pass, cross ; 

by, pass 
traverse ; 

go through .(danger) ; come upon, 

meet with. 

ofer-feallan i f.ill on. attack. 
ofer-feng m. buckle, clasp. 
ofer-feohtan 3 overcome. 
ofer-feran pass, traverse ; come 

upon, meet with. 




ofer-fernes / possibility of being 
crossed, ford. 

ofer-fierro /. great distance, re- 

ofer-fledan overflow. 

ofer-flede overflowing, in flood. 

ofer-fleon 7 flee from tr. ; fly over. 

ofer-fleogan 7 fly over (!). 

ofer-flitan 6 beat (in competition) ; 

ofei"flow|an i overflow tr., intr. 

-ednes, ~en( n)es, -nes, -endnes /. 
superfluity : abundance. 

-ende superfluous. 

-endlice av. superfluously. 

ofer-fon i seize. 

ofer-froren frozen over. 

ofer-full over full. 

ofeivfylgan wd. pursue ; persecute ; 

ofer-fyllan feed to excess, stuff. 

ofer-fyllo /. repletion ; excess in 
eating or drinking. 

ofer-gan, -gangan intr. come to 
an end, pass away ; also imfers. 
wg. : tp8B8 ofereode that trouble 
is over || tr. come upon (<7/"sletp, 
disease) ; pervade ; overrun, con- 
quer (country) ; cross ; pass be- 
yond ; transgress. 

ofer-gfflg|an transgress. 

-ednesy. transgression. 

-end m. transgressor. 

ofer-gapian disregard, neglect. 

ofer-geare old. 

ofer-geat- oblivion. 

ofer-gang, -geong m. going across. 

ofer-genga m. traverser, traveller. 

ofefgeotan 7 cover by pouring, 
cover, wet. 

ofer-giem|an disregard, neglect. 

-nes/! observation IN. (!). 

ofer-giet|an 5 forget wg. 

-ende forgetful. 

~nes/I oblivion. 

~ol, eo forgetful. 

-olian, -geotel- forget. 

-olnes/. forgetfulness. 

ofer-gffre gluttonous. 

ofer-glenged over-adorned. 

ofer-grebdig too covetous. 

ofer-gumian neglect, disregard. 

ofer-gyldan gild, adorn with gold. 

ofer-gylden gilded, adorned with 

ofer-gyrd ptc. girded. 

ofer-hacele/. hood. 

ofer-heahf very high. 

oler-healdan i neglect to do. 

ofer-healf-heafod n. upper part 
of head. 

ofer-hebban 2 fail to do, neglect; 
pass over, omit mention of. 

ofer-helian cover, conceal. 

ofer-helung /. covering, conceal- 

ofer-helmian cover, overshadow. 

ofer-heortnes / vehemence of 

ofer-hergian ravage. 

ofer-hier|an not listen to, dis- 
regard ; overhear, hear. 

~e disobedient. 

~nes f. disregard, esp. of legal 
enactment ; fine for such disregard. 

ofer-higianf (?). 

ofer-hlsestan overload. 

ofer-hleap an i leap over; pass 

-end m. overleaper. 

ofer-hleoj>or not hearing, inatten- 

ofer-hleoprian outsound. 

ofer-hllep m. leap of the moon in 

ofer-hlif |ian tower above, excel ; 
be threatening. 

~ung/. sublimity, excellence. 

ofer-nlud clamorous. 

ofer-hlyde clamorous. 

ofer-hlyttrian clarify. 

ofer-hog a m. despiser ; proud 

-ian despise. 

-lend m. despiser 

ofer-holtf . phalanx of shields (?). 
Cp. oferhyrned. 

ofer-hrteganf once, &\ tower 
above (?) -wd. 

ofer-hrefan, y roof, cover. 

ofer-hreran, y overthrow. 

ofer-hrops voracity. 

ofer-hycgan despise. 

ofer-hyge*. -hige (?) m. pride. 

ofer-hygd, hyd I. fn. pride. II. 
aj. proud, mis-written or mis- 
pronounced for oferhygdig, 

~ig proud. 

-igian be proud. 

ofer-hylmendt m. prevaricator. 

ofer-hyrnedt having horns above. 
Cp. oferholt. 

ofer-ifldo/ great age. 


ofer*iernan 3 come upon ; over- 
whelm, run over, cross ; go over 
^a subject). 

ofer-lad_/". carrying across IN. 

ofer-laedan overwhelm, oppress. 

ofer-lagu/. cloak Gl. 

ofer*lecgan overload, surfeit. 

ofer-leoff very dear. 

ofer-leor|an A. intr. pass (by) of 
space and time; tr. and intr. 
transgress, prevaricate. 

-nea/1 transgression. 

ofer-libban survive. 

oferlice av. excessively. 

ofer-liehtan outshine. 

ofer'lipan 6 cross (water). 

ofer-lufu f. excessive love. 

ofer-maecgaf m. illustrious person. 

ofer-mfflg vb. prevail (1). 

ofer-maBgen . superior force, 
mighty power. 

ofer-msestan over-fatten. 

ofer-mffit e excessive, immense. 

-lie immense. 

-O_/i presumption. 

ofer-mapumf * very valuable 

ofer-med|e I. n. pride. II. once 
aj. proud [mod]. 

~U (/.) pride. 

ofer-medla m. pride, pomp 

ofer-gemet . excess. 

ofer-mgte m. excess in food, feast- 

ofer-metto /. often pi. pride 

ofer-micel excessive. 

~nes/ excess. 

ofer-mod I. n. pride. II. aj. 
proud, self-confident. 

-nes/. pride. 

-ig proud. 

-(i)gian be proud. 

-ignes/. pride. 

-(i)gung/ pride, presumption. 

-lie proud. 

-lice av. proudly. 

-licnes/. pride. 

ofer-nied /. extreme necessity. 

ofeivniman 4 rape ; carry off, get 
rid of (poison) (!). 

ofer-non . afternoon. 

ofer-genyhtsumian supera- 

ofer-prut arrogant. 

ofer-r&dan read through ; con- 
sider (?). 




ofer-ranc too sumptuous (clothes). 

oferTg ccan confute. 

ofer-rjnco/". extravagance, luxury. 

ofer-ricsian rule over ivd. 

ofer-ridan 6 ride across. 

ofer-rowan i row over. 

ofer-sajlic transmarine. 

ofer-sffilig very fortunate. 

ofer-s&lp/. excessive enjoyment. 

ofer-saswiac foreign. 

ofer-sawan i oversow. 

ofer'8cead(w)ian overshadow. 

ofer-sceatt m. interest, usury. 

ofer-sceaw ian superintend. 

-igend m. superintendent. 

ofer-sclnan 6 illuminate. 

ofer'scuan, -yan overshadow. 

ofer-seam m. bag IN. 

ofer-aecanf overcome (?). 

ofer-segl m. top-sail. 

ofer-seglian sail across. 

ofer-sf ndan transmit (!). 

ofer'seon 5 survey, see ; despise. 

ofer-seocnes/i serious illness. 

ofer-gesgtt in authority. 

ofer-sielfran, y, -seolfrian silver. 

ofer-sieman overload, oppress 

ofer-sittan 5 take possession of; 
abstain from. 

ofer-slp m. excessive sleep. 

ofer-slean 2 subdue (heat of body). 

ofer-slfge n. lintel. 

ofer-slop n. surplice. 

ofer-slype m. surplice. 

ofer-smeaung f. excessive medi- 

ofer-spr&c/ loquacity. 

-e loquacious. 

ofer-spraedan cover. 

ofer-sprecan 5 speak too much ; 
be abusive. 

ofer-sprecol loquacious. 

~nes/. loquacity. 

ofer-st&lan confute ; convict ; 

ofer'stseppan 2 step over, cross ; 
go beyond, exceed. 

ofer-steall m. opposition. 

~a m. survivor. 

ofer-stif llan leap over. 

ofei"stig|an 6 mount above, sur- 
mount, climb over ; surpass, be 
stronger than. 

~endlic superlative (in grammar). 

ofer-stige m. astonishment, ex- 
altation (of mind). 

ofer-stigennes/. passing over. 
ofer'swimiaan 3 swim across. 
ofer-swij>jan wk. y also prt. -swap 

overcome, surpass. 
~estre/. conqueror. 
-nes/. oppression, distress. 
~ung/. oppression, distress. 
ofer-swipe av. too much. 
ofer-awiprian prevail, conquer. 
ofer-swogan i cover, choke (with 


ofer-tffll n. odd number. 
ofer-teldan 3 cover, 
ofer-teon 7 cover; finish. 
ofer-getilian overcome (!). 
oferge-timbran build. 
ofer-togennes / being covered 

(eyes with film). 

ofer'trahtnian comment on, ex- 
ofer-tredan 5 trample on, tread 

under foot. 

ofer-truw|a m. over-confidence. 
~ian be over-confident in wi. od 


ofer-Jjearf f. great necessity; ex- 
treme distress. 

~a m. one in extreme need or distress. 
ofer-p|ccan cover. 
ofer-peon 6, 7 excel, surpass. 
ofer-prymm m. excessive power. 
ofer-tiungen ptc. o/oferpeon or 

*oferj>ingan surpass. 
ofer"wadan 2 wade over. 
ofer-weald|an i get the better of. 
-endf m. ruler. 
ofer-weaxan i overgrow. 
ofer-w^eder(?) n. stormy weather. 
ofer-wfnnan, -w^nian become 


ofer-weorc n. tomb, 
ofer-geweorc . superstructure ; 

ofer-weorpan 3 throw backwards, 

throw down ; sprinkle. 
ofer-wif llan boil down, 
ofer-wiganf overcome. 
ofer-winnan 3 overcome, take 

ofer-wintran get through the 


ofer-wist/i gluttony. 
~lie supersubstantial IN. 
ofer-wlf need ( ptc.} great (king). 
ofer--vsrlfnco / great prosperity, 

ofer-wrecan 5 overwhelm. 


ofer-wreon 6, 7 cover, 
ofer-wrigels m. covering. 
ofer-writ . letter. 
ofer-gewrit n. super-, in-scription. 
ofer-wundennes /. trial, experi- 
ment Gl. 

ofer'wyrcan cover, 
ofer-ypy. great wave, 
ofese = owisc. 
ofet fruit ; pulse Gl. 
of'faran 2 overtake, intercept 

(army i, often w. hindan. 
offeallan i kill by falling on. 
of-feran overtake (an army). 
of-fg rian carry off. 
oflferenda m. psalm sung during 

the offertory [_Lt.~\. 
of-fiellan kill. 
offleogan 7 fly away. 
offrian sacrifice, bring offering \_Lt. 

offrung, -ing/, offering a sacrifice ; 

offering, sacrifice. 
~dagas mpl. offering-days. 
~disc m. paten. 
~hlaf m. shew-bread. 
-sang m. hymn sung when offering 

is made. 

of-fylgan come up with, overtake. 
of-gan, -gangan vb. w. set exact, 

extort, acquire; begin : ofga his 

sprssce (suit) mid foreajje. 
of-gangendje, -lie derivative. 
of-geotan 7 moisten, soak; put 

out (fire with water). 
of-giefan 5 abandon, give up. leave ; 

wda. commit (corpse to the 


ofhabban detain. 
of 'hag ian imfers. gif him ~ie 

if it is inconvenient to him. 
ofhealdan i withhold, 
of-hearm ian once, impers. wdg. 

cause grief : him -ode pees. 
of-hende, aefhynde out of one's 


of-hnltan 6 gore to death. 
of-hreosan 7 overwhelm ; fall clown. 
of-hreowan 7 pity wg. imper. 

wdg. ; excite pity wd. of per s. 
of-hyngred, -od hungry. 
of-iernan 3 overtake (by running) ; 

he wees ofurnen tired with 

oflffitan i b relinquish; let blood 

oflaete, -ete, -ate f. oblation, 




offering ; sacramental wafer ; wafer 
[ILt. oblata]. 

oflang|ian od weorjjan feel 


oflecganf lay down. 

of leogan 7 lie, be false. 

oflician be displeasing or un- 
pleasant wd. 

of licgan 5 overlay (child). 

of-linnan 3 cease. 

of lysted, -lyst desirous wg., w. sbj. 

of-nian vb , prt. -munde recollect 

of manian exact (fine). 

ofmyrpi\i)an murder. 

of neadian extort w. ret. 

ofnet receptacle, vessel. 

of niman 4 fail, be wanting wd. 

ofost, of(e)st, oef-, of / speed, 

haste, hastening on is selest 

w. ger. the quicker the better, of- 
stuin hastily [of, eat]. 

-lice av. speedily, hastily. 

ofridan 6 overtake by riding. 

of sacan 2 deny charge. 

of-scacan 2 shudder Gl. 

of scam|ian rfl. wg. be ashamed : 
he hine -ode paes | ~od weor- 
pan be ashamed. 

of sceotan 7 shoot to death ; ptc. 
ofscoten elf-shot, (cattle) suffer- 
ing from distension of the stomach. 

ofscotian shoot to death. 

ofsfndan send after, summon, 
make one's summons reach. 

of seon 5 see wa. or hwaer w. indc. 

of seten(n)es/ siege. 

ofsgtt|an press hard, afflict. 

-ing/, pressing hard. 

of sittan 5 press down by sitting 
on ; oppress, afflict ; besiege ; 
repress, check ; occupy, take pos- 
session of. 

of slaegennes, e/. being killed. 

ofslean 2 kill. 

of slitan 6 bite to death. 

of smorian suffocate, strangle. 

ofsnipan 6 slaughter (animal) 

of-sprtfec/ utterance. 

of-spring m. offspring. 

of spyrian find out. 

ofst = ofost. 

of stasppan 2 trample on. 

of stand an 2 tr. restore, make 
restitution Gl. || intr. stick fast, 
remain unmoved ptc. ~en un- 

ofstende once hastening. 

of stician stab to death. 

ofstig swift. 

ofge-stignes/. descent. 

of stingan 3 stab to death. 

of swelgan 3 devour. 

of swingan 3 Hog to death. 

oft av., cpv. -or, spl. ~ost often. 

of-talu_/. verdict against a claim. 

of teon 7 wda. take away, with- 

of torn an stone or pelt to death. 

oft-rsed[e frequent ; ready at any 

-lie frequent. 

-lice av. frequently ; habitually. 

oftredan 5 tread down ; injure or 
kill by trampling. 

oft-sip m. on ~as often. 

of-tyge, i m. withholding. 

of tyrfan stone to death. 

of pfflnan moisten. 

of pecganf destroy. 

of pencan once remember. 

of piestr(i)an darken, obscure. 

of pinan 6 ofpinen moist, damp. 

of pringan 3 tr. crowd, press on. 

of pry cc Jan squeeze, choke ; op- 
press, afflict. 

~ednes, ofprycnes f. oppression, 
repression ; affliction, trouble. 

of pryscan beat down, repress. 

of prysm(i)an choke. 

of pyncan impers. wdg., w. indc. 
be displeased, weary of. 

ofpyrst(ed) thirsty, thirsting for 
wg. or eefter. 

of weorpan 3 kill with missile. 

of worpian stone (to death). 

ofwundrian be astonished. 

cga m. terror; object of terror. 

6-gengel (m.) bar, bolt. 

6-hif Ide, -heald sloping. 

6hsta = 6xta. 

ohtf f. terror (?) ; persecution (?) 
[oga ; ehtan]. 

oht = awiht. 

oht-rip harvest IN. 

ohwsfer = a-. 

61-pwang m. strap Gl. 

olaecan = oleccan. 

6-lecc an,-l8lcan, -liccan.-lehtan 
wd. treat gently ; soothe ; please ; 
flatter ; propitiate. 

-end*, -ehtend, ~ere m. flatterer. 

-ling/", soothing ; flattery ; favour ; 


olfend, -a m. camel \Lt. elephan- 

-miere/. she-camel. 

oliccan oleccan. 

oil (n.~) coniuinely, contempt. 

ollung = andlang. 

olyht-'word once n. flattery. Cp. 

6m rust. 

-an, homan //. erysipelas. 

-cynn . corrupt humour. 

-ig rusty ; inflammatory, resulting 
from inflammation. 

-iht full of inflammation, inflam- 

oaiian become rusty Gl. 

on prp. iv. a , d , i. place, motion 
in, on, into, on to, to, among. Also 
met. : on Englisc in English ; 
on his geweald onfeng | time 
in, at, during | instrumental : 
wurdon on fleame generede ; 
on Godes naman ! | defining : 
paet gafol bip on deora fellum ; 
attribute : on naddran hiwe 
(form) | hostility : rSdan on hie 
plot against | change to, into : of 
Laedene on Englisc awendan 
translate | object of verb : on Gode 
truwian; locode on hine | to 
form adverbs : on opre wisan in 
another way ; todeelan on feower 
into four parts. 

on-sehty. property. 

on-aslan, A. in- ignite; heat (oven); 
burn; consume; inflame (with 

on-eepele natural to, inherent in 

on-al n. burning ; what is burnt. 

ona scunung/. detestation. 

ona'Sf ndednes/. immission (!). 

on-bSBC, -ling av. backwards). 

on-bfiernjan tr. kindle, also fig. ; 
heat, inflame, also fig. ; burn, 
consume ; incite w. to. 

-nes, in-/", incense. 

on-bsbru onte\ f. [or n. //.] 
~ habban wg. refrain from (?). 

on-basnung/. expectation. 

on-belgan* 3 inbolgen exaspe- 

on-ben/. imprecation i'!). 

on'beodan, in- 7 wda. announce, 
tell ; command. 

on-beran 4 carry off, plunder ; 
weaken, injure. 




on-besceavnmg/. inspection. 
on-bescufan 7 thrust out (I) Gl. 
on-bidan 6 wait ; wg. wait for, 


oivbiegjan bend ; subdue, 
-nes/. curvature. 

orrbierhtan illuminate : enlighten. 
on-biernan, in-, eo 3 bum, kindle 

\ptc. onburnen inflamed (body), 

resulting from inflammation, 
orrbindan, un- 3 unbind ; disclose, 
on-bitan 6 taste, partake of (food) 


on-bl&stan break in intr. (!) Gl. 
on-blandenf pic. mingled (with). 
on-blaw|an, in- i breathe into ; 


-nes/ inspiration. 
on-blawan, in- i inflate, 
orrblotan i sacrifice, offer (sacri- 

on-geboren inborn. 
onbran = onbarn prt. of on- 

on-bregdan, -bredan, in- 3 tr. 

move quickly, jerk, pull open 

|| intr. move quickly, start up 

(from sleep). 

on-bring (.) instigation. 
~ella.nfp/. instigations. 
on-gebroht imposed. 
on-bryce /. inroad Gl. 
on'bryrd an, in-, abr- inspire ; in- 

cite,excite; excite to compunction, 
-ing/, incitement. 
-nes f. inspiration ; excitement ; 

on-btigan 7 intr. bend ; bow (to 

show respect) -w. to ; submit, 

yield tvd. ; deviate, 
on-butan, ab- av., prp. w. a., d. 

around; of time about. 
geon-byrdan attack, oppose w. 

on a., ongean. 
on-byr(i)g|an, IN. ingeberigan 

taste w. g. , rarely a. 
-ing/ taking food, 
-nes/. tasting, taste. 
on-cann v6. TV. a. and g. or for d. 

accuse of, reproach with, be 

indignant with. 
on-cennan bear (child). 
on-(ge)ciegung (!)/. invocation. 
on-cierran tr. change direction of, 

turn | change, pervert, influence 

(a person) ; revoke || intr. turn, 
on-clifiende adhering. 

on-cnsewe known. 

on'Cnawjan i know ; understand ; 
perceive ; acknowledge. 

-(en)nes f. knowledge ; acknow- 

on-cnyssan strike down. 

orrcunnes/. accusation [oncann]. 

on-cunning/, accusation. 

on'cwepan 5 answer, respond, re- 
echo ; cry out, protest. 

on-cypan once make known. 

on-cypigf once wg. devoid, with- 
out, for un- (?). 

on-cyp|pt/. grief, distress. 

-d&d/ injury. 

on -dee 1 an infuse IN. 

-end ;//. infuser IN. 

on'don vb. open. 

on-doung/. injection. 

on-drsedjan i b,prt.-ed,A.-eord; 
also ivk.prt. -eedde fear w. a. org., 
and often w. rft. d., also w. fram. 

-endlic terrible. 

-ing/, fear. 

on-dr^ncan, in- inebriate. 

on-drifan*, in- 6 diive forth, utter 

on'drincan, in- 3 drink of wg. 

on-druncnian get drunk. 

on-dwaascan extinguish/^ a- (?). 

one = ono. 

on-ealdian grow old. 

on-eardiend m. inhabitant. 

onefn = onemn. 

on-eganf fear [oga]. 

on-egnant, oe fear. 

on-emn, -ef(e)n prp. TV. d., a., av. 
close by, alongside ; of time 
- paem at the same time. 

-prowian sympathize. 

on-f rian plough (field) , 

onerning = onierning. 

6nett|an hasten ; be brisk, cheer- 
ful ; wd. anticipate, be too quick 
for [from *onhatjan]. 

-Xing/ precipitation. 

on-epung, oe/ inspiration. 

orrfaegnian show gladness, fawn 

on-faereld n. entrance ; attack ; 

on-faestnian pierce. 

on-fsepmnes/ embrace. 

on-fangen(n)es/ receiving^ 

on-fealdan i unfold. 

on-feall, e (m.} swelling. 

on-feallende invading, rushing on. 


on-ffng m. taking hold of, seizing; 
appropriating ; defence ; fattack. 

on-ffng[e I. m. receptacle. II. 

-nes/. reception, acceptance. 

geon-fenge taken (!) IN. 

on-gefeoht n. attack. 

on-find an, in- find out, discover ; 
perceive ; experience, suffer. 

-end m. finder, inventor. 

on'flfflscnes/ incarnation. 

on-{,'eflogen attacked with disease 

on-flyge tn., onflign- infectious 

on-fon i \>w.a.,g., i. take; receive; 
accept ; take up (a person), take 
under protection, stand sponsor to; 
conceive (child). 

on-fond m. taker up. 

on-forhtian be afraid. 

on-gefremming (!)/imperfection. 

on-fundelnes/ experience, proof. 

on-fundennes/ experience, trial ; 
solution (of riddle). 

ongaegn = ongean. 

ongaen = ongean. 

on-gal|an* 2 charm. 

-end m. wizard. 

on-gang m. entrance; irruption, 

on-geador av. together. 

on-gean, -geagn, -gen, A. -gaegn, 
, -gecgum ; in comp. also gean- ; 
once ongend I. prp. w. a.; w. d , 
rare in W. except -when av. \ to 
wards, also met. ; opposite, in 
front of; against; contrast : ~ psem 
on the contrary ; equivalence : 
~ pfim in return, - peet paet hie 
bohton . . in consideration of . . 
II. av. opposite ; in the opposite 
direction; back eft- back 
again ; against : him - comon ; 
in reply : fsohte gielpword - ; 
on the other hand ; again. 

ongean-cierrendlic relative (in. 

ongean-cyme m. return. 

ongean-fealdan i fold back. 

ongean-flowende*, ongend' 
ongent- refluent Gl. 

ongean-hwyrf m. return. 

ongean-weard going towards r 

~es av. towards. 

-lie adversative. 

-lice av. adversative!)'. 



ongean-wiperian oppose. 

ongegn = ongean. 

ongen = ongean. 

ongend = ongean. 

on-geotung/. pouring in. 

on-giefan 5 give back ; pardon. 

on-gieldan 3 w. a., g. pay the 
penalty, be punished for ; fforfeit, 
lose (life) wg. ; ivd. sacrifice (to 

on-giernan*, y inflict (!). 

on-gierwan undress. 

on - giet|an 5 fseize, assail | per- 
ceive, see, hear ; feel ; be told of, 
hear of; understand, know, re- 
cognize ; know carnally. 

~(en)nes f. knowledge ; intellect ; 

on'ginn an, ag-, once g- 3 w. inf., 
ger. begin, often pleon. ; under- 
take ; try for, endeavour, carry 
on ; attack || intr. begin ; behave, 

~endlic inchoative (verb). 

-6S/. undertaking. 

on -gripe m. attack. 

ongrislic = an-. 

on-gunnennes/ undertaking. 

on-gyrdan unbuckle. 

on-hadian degrade from holy 

on-h&lef secret, hidden [helan]. 

on-htetan, in- heat ; inflame 

on - hag|ian impers. w. a. or d. of 
pers. and to d., w. sbj., w. ger. be 
convenient, suitable ; be within 
one's pecuniary means : gif him 
(or hine) to pam ~ige if he can 
afford it ; be contented ; be in- 
clined : peah hine hwon ~ige 
has little inclination. 

on'hatan i b promise wda. 

on-hatian grow hot. 

on - healdan*, a- i keep (peace). 

on-heaw m. chopping-block. 

orrhebban, in- 2, also wk. raise, 
met. exalt ; leaven ; begin | take 

on-hefednes/. exaltation. 

on-hende on hand, demanding 

on-hield]an, in- tr. bend down ; 
humble ; incline (ear) met. II intr. 
decline, sink. f. declining Gl. 

on'hierdan encourage. 

on-hindan av. behind. 

on-hinderling av. back. 

on'hlldan 6 tr. open ; intr. appear. 

on-hlinian lean on (!). 

on'hnigan 6 bend down, bow tr. 
and intr. 

on-hoa i b tr. hang, crucify. 

on-hohsnianf once abominate, 

on-hrfiBgl n. covering Gl. 

on-hreodan = onreodan. 

on'hreran touch ; stir up, agitate ; 
agitate (mind) ; excite (anger). 

on-hrinan 6 w. g., i. touch. 

on-hrine m. contact. 

on-hrop (w.) importunity; abusive 

on-hupian draw back, recoil. 

on-hwelan 4 resound. 

on-hweorfan 3 tr. change ; re- 
verse, recall (curse) || intr. change ; j 
"^wg. change from, be cured of. 

on-hwierf ,an tr. turn ; change. 

-ednesy. change, alteration. 

on-hyr ian w. d., a. imitate, emu- 

~enes/! imitation. 

-lend m. imitator, emulator. 

~ing/~. imitation, emulation. 

on-hyscan, & ridicule ; deceive ; 
revile ; detest. 

on-iernanf 3 yield (of door burst 

on-ierning*, e/. attack IN. 

oniewan show -ivda. 

on-iirnan, in- prp. wd., av. in, 
within, into, among. 

onleenan wdg., da. lend; grant; 
lease, let. 

on-lffitan i b loosen, relax. 

onlah, -leah/rf. o/-leon. 

on-lecgende (salve) to be laid on. 

on-legen/! medicinal application. 

on-leon6 w^-.lend ; grant. IV. gen. 
has only the prt. onlah, ea, using 
onlsenan/or the other parts of the 

on-lieht an, in-, -eo-, -ian illu- 
minate, illumine ; give sight to ; 
enlighten (mind). 

~end m. illuminator. 

-ing/", illumination, enlightening. 

-neaf, illumination. 

on-lies an untie, loosen ; release, 

~nes/. deliverance, redemption. 

on'llexan*, in- become light, dawn. 


on-llpian intr. yield || tr. untie 


on-16ciend m. spectator, 
on-lucan 7 unlock ; open ; disclose, 

on-lutan 7 intr. bow (down). 

on-mffilanf speak wd. 

on 'man vb., prt. -munde wag. 
think worthy, esteem ; consider 
(worthy) | rfi. care for, wish. 

onge'mang, on-mang I. prp. wd. 
among ; time ~ pam mean- 
while, - Jjsem pe while. II. av. 
among (others), by way of inter- 
lude. Cp. gemang II. 

on-mearcung (!)/. inscription. 

on'raiddan, on . . middan wd. in 
the midst of. 

on|o, -e A. behold! | if, whether; 
interr. particle. Cp. heonu. 

on-orettanf perform with effort, 

on-orpung (r /. inspiration. 

on'pennian unpen, open. 

on-rad once (?)/. riding. 

on-r3 m. attack ; violence. 

onred (m.) a plant. 

onreod prt. =onread. 

on-reodan 7 redden. 

on-rid (w.) riding-horse. 

onTihtf once right, proper. 

~lice av. rightly, properly. 

on-ryne m. running, course; attack 
(of illness). 

on-sac|an, Z. occ. onsc- 2 w. a., g. 
deny, clear oneself (of accusation) ; 
excuse oneself; refuse, resist ; 
f-attack : hine feores ~ aim at his 

~nes*, onscea-/. excuse. 

on-88BC IN. excused ; denying. 

oirseegan prostrate. 

on-sffigdnes, -sg^e)d-, -seegnes, 
once IN. ssegednes f. sacrificing, 
offering ; thing sacrificed. 

on-ssege assailing. 

on saelan untie, loosen. 

on-sagu/! accusation. 

on-sand (!)_/ immission. 

on-sang m. incantation. 

on'sawan i sow. 

on-scacan 2 shake. 

on-scogan, an- unshoe wai. : 
- hine 6j>re fet ptc. unscod. 

on-scortian grow short (^"days). 

on'scrydan*, un- waa. undress, 
strip off. 




on*scnn|ian, -eon-, -yn- detest ; 

reject ; shun, fear ; irritate (!). 
-lend m. detester. 
-iendlic detestable. 
~UHg /. detestation, abomination ; 

exasperation (!). 
on-scyte m. attack ; calumny 
OXTSecan require of, exact wag. 
on-secgjan wda. sacrifice, offer 

|| deny, abjure. 
~ung_/". sacrificing. 
on'Sendan send wda. ; send out ; 

give up (ghost N i ; emit (odour). 
on-setenes, -s tnes f. laying on 

(of hands) ; founding. 
on-gesetenes/ knowledge Bd. 
on-setl n. riding. 
on-setnis, on-settnung /. IN. 

[e = ?] snare. 
on-settan oppress. 
on-sican 6 sigh. 
oxrsigan 6 sink, decline, also met. 

Cp. on-slgan wd. attack, 
orraittan 4 w. a., g. fear, often w. 

rfi. d. Cp. on-sittan occupy ; 


onslaege = onsle ge. 
OB/sl&pan, a i b sleep, fall asleep, 
orrslean 2 once coin (money). 
on-slege*, 8B m. blow. 
on - slupan 7 become loose (of shoe- 
orrspannan i unfasten ; disclose 


on-spornan, and- 3 stumble. 
on-spr&c_/". claim, accusation. 
on-spreca m. claimant, accuser. 
on-sprecend m. plaintiff, accuser. 
orrspringan 3 intr. crack, burst; 

spring forth (of streams). 
on-sprungennes/ defect, want. 
on-stffllf (m.) arrangement, crea- 
tion. = &, or -stael A. form of 

-steall (?). 

on-staepe m. entrance. 
on-staeppan 2 walk, go. 
on-stal once m. institution, supply 

(of teachers). -stal = stal or 

-steall (?). 

on-stal (m.} charge, accusation, 
on-standende urgent (1). 
on-stellan institute ; initiate, begin 

(flight) ; appoint, 
orrstlepan raise. 
on-stigend m. mounter, rider, 
on-sting m. authority ; claim, 
on-stipian (.!) make hard. 

orrstregdan 3 sprinkle. 

on'Styr|ian intr. and tr. move; 
cause (fear) ; agitate (mind), dis- 

~enes_/i movement. 

onsundrian = asundrian. 

on-sundrjan, -urn av. apart, 
separately ; especially [sunder], 

on-swebban put to sleep ; bury. 

on-swifan 6 tr. turn, turn aside. 

on-symbelnes/. festival Bd. 

onsyn = ar.sien. 

on-talu/. successful claim. 

on'tend an kindle ; heat, met. in- 

-nes/. burning ; fire ; inflammation 
(of body) ; met. fire of desire, 
passion, desire. 

on-teon 7 untie. 

on-tiegan untie. 

on-tige m. claim, usurpation. 

on-timbernes (!)/. instruction. 

on-timbran (!) instruct, edify. 

on'tydran nourish, increase (fire). 

ontydre = ortydre. 

on-tyht*, i attentive, intent Gl. 

~ing*, if. attention Gl. 

on-tyhtan incite, impel. 

on-tyn|an open ; reveal. 

~nesy. aperture. 

on-peonf 6 be of service. 

on-pwfflgennes/. washing. 

on-pwean, in- 2 wash clean. 

orrufan av.,prp. wd. upon. 

on-uppan ~L.prp. w.d., a. upon, on. 
II. av. above ; besides. 

on'Wacan 2 intr. awake ; be born 
(from), originate. 

on-waccany. arousing IN. 

orrwadan 2 enter, penetrate met. 

on-Wffican mollify. 

on-wcn(i)an,-a-z^'. awake; be 
derived, spring from. 

on-weestem m. IN. increase = 

on-wealcan, and- 1 roll. 

onweard = andweard opposed. 

on-weg, aweg, in comp. also weg- 
av. away. 

onweg-acifrrednes/ apostasy. 

onweg-alffldnes/. removal. 

onweg-ge'wit n. departure. 

onweg-gewitennes/ departure. 

on-w^gndan, in- tr. change ; ex- 
change (for) w. mid ; turn aside ; 
invert ; pervert ; wdg. deprive II 
intr. return. 


oirwgnd|edlic changeable. 

~(ed)nes f. movement, change, 

orrweorpan, in- 3 throw or turn 
aside ; begin the web. 

onweorpnes = onworpennes. 

orrwlcan 6 retreat, yield. 

oirwif llan cause to boil ; cause 

orrwindan 3 nntie, loosen ; re 

on-gewtnn n. assault, 

on-winnende aggressive. 

on-wist f. dwelling in a place. 

on-worpennes, -weorpnes /. 
throwing on ; being inspired with 
a feeling. 

oirwreon, in- 6, 7 uncover; re- 
veal ; explain. 

orrwreopian once reveal. 

on-wrigen(n)es, -wiihnes / un- 
covering, disclosing, displaying ; 
exposure ; revelation ; explana- 
tion, exposition [onwreon]. 

on-writing (!)/! inscription. 

on'Wrlpan 6 unwrap. 

on-wripung*, -tungy! bandage. 

on-wruldrian ancee\io\, praise ^!) 

on-wun ian (!) inhabit. 

~ung_/I dwelling ; perseverance. 

on-wyrtrumian*, un- root up 

on-ypan (!) pour in. 

open open ; evident. 

-ears m. medlar. 

-lie public. 

-lice av. publicly, without conceal 
ment ; clearly. 

~nes/. publicity. 

open ian intr. open ; become 
manifest || tr. open ; disclose, 
manifest ; discover. 

-ere m. opener. 

(ge)-ungy". opening ; manifestation, 

or beginning, origin ; front, van. 

6ra m. bank, shore. 

6ra m. ore, unreduced metal. 

ora m. Danish monetary unit. 
eighth of a mark [Scand. pi. 

or-blede bloodless. 

ore m. cup, pitcher \_Lt. urceus]. 

ore m. demon. 

or-ceap e, -es, -unga, -ungum 
av. without payment giatis ; with- 
out cause. 




orceard = ortgeard. 

or-ceas free from accusation, en- 
joying immunity. 

~nesy immunity. 

or-cniewe, -awe recognizable, evi- 

orcneast once mpl. mon- 

ord m. point ; spear ; source, begin- 
ning ; front, van ; chief, prince, 
coll. flower (of nation). 

-banaf tn. slayer, murderer. 

-fruma m. origin ; originator, 
creator ; t chief. 

-stapufy prick, wound. 

-wigaf m. warrior. 

or-dfflle not participating in, ex- 

or-dal n. ordeal. 

-isen . iron used in the or- 

or-eald very old. 

Orel, orl nm. garment, veil, mantle 
[Lt. orariurn]. 

6 ret- battle [from *or-hat]. 

~lof n. triumph Gl. 

~ni8BCg(a)f m. warrior, champion, 

-Stowy arena. 

oretla m. contumely, insult. 

oretta [, -eta m. warrior, cham- 
pion, man. 

orf n. cattle. Cp. weorf. 

-gebitt n. grazing. 

~cynn n. cattle. 

-cwealm m. cattle-plague. 

or-fierm e, -eo- untidy, squalid ; 
\ destitute wi. ; fworthless [fe- 

~O,! squalor. 

organ m. song ; voice [Lt.~\. 

org a nian sing to accompaniment 
of musical instrument. 

organe / marjoram (a plant) [Lt. 

organ on ; -a, ~an pi. a musical 
instrument [Lt.~\. 

orgel, -ol, -al pride [from *or- 


~lic contemptible, beneath one. 

-lice, orglice av. proudly, arro- 

-nesy pride. 

-scipe m. wantonness. 

-word n. arrogant speech. 


-dream m. music. 

or-giete, ea to be perceived clearly, 

or-gilde unpaid for, uncompen- 

orglice = orgellice. 

or-hlyte devoid of, free from wg. 

or-ieldoy extreme old age. 

orl = orel. 

or-l8Bgf, (.) fate. 

or-leahtor ;!) m. danger. 

or-leahtre blameless. 

or-legjef I. n. hostility, war. II. 
aj. hostile. 

-ceap m. fighting (?). 

~fram warlike, brave. 

~gifre, -less- warlike. 

~hwil/. time of war. 

-nip m. hostility. 

-stundy time of adversity. 

~weorc . battle. 

or-m&t|e immense, excessive. 

~lic excessive. 

-nes/. immensity, excess. 

or-mod discouraged, despairing. 

-nesy. discouragement, despair. 

ovnprt. <?/"iernan. 

orne I. unhealthy, harmful. II. 
(.) injury: ne wyrp him nan ~. 

ornest . trial by battle L. [eor- 

or(o)J) n. breath. 

orped grown up ; active, ener- 
getic ; intelligent. 

-lice av. boldly ; clearly, definitely. 

orrest battle vL. \Scand. orrusta]. 

orret|tan disgrace, put to shame 
[or-, riht?l. 

-scipe m. infamy. 

or-sawlef lifeless. 

or-sceattinga av. gratis. 

or-sorg wg. without anxiety, 
unconcerned ; secuie, safe ; pros- 

-lie secure wg. 

-lice av. without anxiety ; rashly ; 
securely, safely. 

~nes /. freedom from anxiety ; se- 
curity ; prosperity. 

ort-geard, orce(a)rd, -ird m. 
orchard, garden. 

-leah*, orcerdleh/. orchard Gl. 

-weard m. gardener. 

or-triew|e, -eowe, -u(w)e de- 
spairing ; perfidious. 

-nesy. mistrust, doubt. 

or-truw ian, -triewan despair of 
ivg. ; ge- wa disbelieve. 


or-truwung despair. 

or-tydre barren ; on- effete (!). 

or)? = orop. 

orp|ian breathe ; pant. 

~ung/. breathing, breath ; pore. 

or-panc I. mn. mind, intelligence ; 
skill ; contrivance, invention 
~um skilfully. II. aj. skilful, 

-bendf m. cunning band. 

~pllf tn. cunning point. 

-scipe m. mechanical art. 

or-Jjancesf av. heedlessly. 

or-wearde once f [ea = i] with- 
out guardian or owner. 

or-weg out of the way (road) Gl. 

~nes/l inaccessibility. 

georwenan despair. 

or-wenje, -wena despairing wg. ; 
despaired of, desperate (circum- 

-nesy. despair. 

or-weorp . ignominy. 

or-wlge without fighting or resist- 
ing ; not liable to charge of 

or-wyrp AL, -u ignominy ; vitu- 

-lie ignominious. 

OS m , gpl. esa god ; the Runic 
letter o. 

osley. blackbird. 

6st (m.) knot (in tree); knob. 

-ig, -iht knotty, rough. 

oster hlaf m. oyster patty. 

-scieliy oyster-shell. 

ostrey oyster \_Lt. ostrea]. 

Ot = 8Bt-, Op-. 

oter, ottor ( m ) otter. 

-hoi . otter's hole Ct. 

Op, ot I. prp w. a., d. (rare} up to, 
as far as of extension and motion, 
and quantity; time until op-pe, 
op-pset, op-pset-te cj. w. indie, 
(sly'.} until. II. cj. w indie, (sty.) 

opian once pant. 

op'beran 4 carry (away), bring. 

op'berstan 3 escape. 

op-bregdan, -bredan 3 take 
away, carry off. 

op'cierran be perverted. 

op'clifan 6 adhere wd. 

op'cwelan 4 die. 

op'don vb. put out (eye). 

op-ehtian drive away (cattle). 

opel = e pel. 

6 PER 



Oper of., no., always st. ; second 
on pam oprum daege following ; 
other (, = Lt. alter, alius) ; the rest 
of : pees opres folces ; different : 
pa burn geseah on opre ge- 
wend on opre heo air waes 
changed from what it was ; one of 
two : wund purh (pset) - cneow 

. . - one . . the other |j either : 

heora oprum fylstan. - (. .) 
oppe. . oppe, ~ para oppe . . oppe, 
- twega oppe . . oppe either . . 
or. In this sense it may be a 
shortening of ohwseper = ah- 

-lice av. otherwise, cpv. -licor. 

op'faBstan entrust, commit. 

op'faran 2 escape from wd. 

Op'feallan i wd. cease to concern 
(a person) ; be wanting, fail (the 
power of speech); lose power, 
decay (of learning). 

op'feolan 3 adhere. 

op'ferian carry off; save (life). 

op-fleogan 7 fly away. 

op-fleon 7 flee ; escape wd. 

op'flitan 6 get (land) from another 
by litigation wda. 

op'gan vb. escape. 

op-glidan 6 glide away. 

op'gripan Snatch away wda. 

op-healdan i withhold. 

op'hebban 2 exalt ; elate, make 

op-hielde*, y, e wd. contented. 

op-hleapan i escape. 

op'hrinan 6 touch. 

op'hydan intr. hide from wd. 

op'iernan 3 run away ; escape wd. 

op'Iewan, eo tr. show ; rft. ap- 
pear ; intr. appear. 

op'liedan lead away, carry off ; 
save (life). 

opTidanf 6 ride. 

op'rowan i row away. 

op'sacan 2 wg., w. sbj. deny (state- 
ment, charge) : opsoc paet he hit 
nsere denied that he was . . 

op'scacan 2 escape. 

op-sceotan 7 intr. turn away from 
(faith) ; be lost to, escape wd. 

op-scufan 7 depart. 

op'spornan 3 intr. strike against, 

op-standan 2 intr. cease from 
motion, stop ; be lost (^/"hearing) ; 
remain ; wd. be a hindrance or 
offence to. 

op'Stillan./r. stop. 

op-swerian 2 deny on oath w. sbj. 

op'Swigan, become silent, 
op'swimman 3 swim away, 
op-toon 7 take away. 
oppe, oppo(n), oppa, eA. eppa cj. 

or. - . . - either . . or . 
op-pe until, see op. 
op'peodan disjoin, dismember. 
Op'picganf 5 take away, 
op'ptngian usurp LL. 
oppo, oppon = oppe. 
op'pringanf 3 force away from 

one, deprive (esp. of life) wda. 
op'wendan turn a thing away from 

some one wda., deprive. 
op'windan 3 escape. 
op'Witan 6 reproach with, taunt 

with, charge with wda. 
op'wyrcan once injure (?). 
6-waBStm m. shoot, branch, 
owana = ahwaron. 
6-w^ebb, owef \infl. of wefan], 

awf b(b), ftb \not 6bJ n. woof, 
ower(n) = ahwer anywhere. 
owiht = awiht. 
owisc, ofesc Ct. border (?). 
oxa m., pi. oxan, exen, oe ox. 

oxan-slyppe/". oxlip. ozna-lybb 

ox-heal (a plant). 
6xn/. armpit. 
i Sxta, ocusta m. armoit. 





pad/, cloak. 

pc an deceive. 

~a m. deceiver. 

pfegel m. gill, wine vessel. 

paell, e m costly cloak or robe ; pur- 
ple, purple garment [Zl. pallium]. 

~en of purple, costly (clothes). 

paetig = praettig. 

peep, a m. path ; valley IN. 

paeppanf, e traverse. 

pal m. pole, stake; hoe or spade 
[Lt. palua]. 

palent(s)e /., pal(l)ent m. palace 
[Lt. palantium]. 

palentlic palatial. 

palester, palstr spike Gl. 

palm, -a ;., IN. peelme/. palm. 

-fflppel m. date. 

-bearo m. palm-grove. 

-dseg, -sunnandseg m. Palm 


-treow n. palm-tree, 
-twig n. palm-branch, 
ge-twigodf decked with palm. 
-wuce/. Palm Sunday week, 
panic (m.~) a kind of millet. 
pannje/. pan, frying-pan. 
-mete m. cooked food, 
pap a m. pope. ~anhad m. papacy 

[Lt. papa]. 


pap dom m. papacy. 

-seld, -setl n. papal see. 

paper (?) papyrus Gl. [Lt.]. 

papig = popig. 

papol-stan m. pebble. 

part m. part [Lt. pars]. 

pawa, pea m. peacock [Lt. pavo]. 

pea = pawa. 

pearroc m. enclosure. 

pecg[ = pygg?] pig. 

pell(en) = pfflll(en). 

pening, penig, pending m. 


-hwierfere m. money-changer, 
-mangere m. money-dealer. 




pening|slieht*, te m. coining 

money IN. 

-wseg/ pennyweight. 
-weorp n. pennyworth. 
perm m. pen, fold. 
pnn kind of cataract (disease of 

the eye). 

peo, pie (/.) insect, parasite. 
peorpt (#0 chess-man (?) ; the 

Runic letter p. 
peose = pise. 

per e, ~u/ pear [Lt. pirns J. 
-ewos n. perry. 
pernexf (m.) a. supposed bird 

[misunderstanding of Lt. pernix 


persoc m. peach \_Lt. persicum]. 
-treow n. peach-tree. 
petersili(g)e/. parsley [Lt. petro- 


pic n. pitch, hluttor ~ resin. 
-en of pitch. 
-ian cover with pitch. 
pic (/.) point, pike. 
~ian*, -an pick, put out (eyes) L. 
~ung/. pricking. 
pie = peo insect. 
pigment, pihm- drug [Lt.~\. 
pihten part of loom [_Lt. pecten]. 
pil m. pointed stick or stake ; spike ; 

prickle [Lt. pilum]. 
pil ian pound in mortar. 
~ere m. pounder. 
pil|e/. mortar [Lt. pila]. 
-staef m., -stampe/, -stocc m. 

pil(e)ce, py- /. robe of skin [Lt. 


pill-sape/ a plant (?). 
pin- [Lt. pinus]. 
-beam m. pine-tree. 
-hnutu/ fir-cone, 
-treow n. pine tree, 
-treowen, y of pine, 
plnjian torture ; afflict (mind) [Lt. 


-ere m. torturer, 
-nes/. torment. 
pinung/. torture. 
-tol n. instrument of torture. 
pine- wincle = wine-, 
pinn peg, pin ; IN. pen [Lt. penna]. 
pinne/. leather bottle, 
pinsian weigh ; estimate value of ; 

examine, consider [Lt. pensare]. 
pintel (m.) membrum virile. 

pip e /. tube ; pipe (musical instru- 

-dream m. sound of the pipe. 

~ere m. piper. 

pip(e)lian grow pimply. 

pipeneale /. pimpernel (plant) 
[Lt. bipennula]. 

pipor m. pepper [Lt. piper]. 

-corn . peppercorn. 

-cweorn/ pepper-mill. 

-horn m. horn for holding pepper. 

-ian, piprian pepper. 

pir|ige/ pear-tree [pere]. 

-graf m. pear-orchard. 


-lice, pi- av. heavily IN. 

pise, io, y/. pea. 

-cynn n. kind of pea. 

pisle once f. (warm) chamber Gl. 
[ILt. pisalisj. 

pistol m. letter, epistle ; written 
agreement [Lt. epistolaj. 

-boc/. book of Epistles. 

-r&dere m. epistle-reader (in 

-riding / lesson in church-ser- 

-rocc m. vestment worn when read- 
ing the epistle. 

pipa /. pith. 

plaece, pl(t)se f. open place, 
street IN. [Lt. platea]. 

plaegan = plegian. 

plaa^tse = plaece. 

pl88tt;. blow with flat hand, smack. 

plaettan smack, strike with open 

plagian = plegian. 

plant e/ plant, shoot [Lt.]. 

-ian plant. 

-sticca m. a gardening - tool, 
dibble (?). 

-ung/. planting ; plant. 

plaster (.) plaster \Lt. emplas- 

-plat ian cover with plates of 
metal [ILt. platus 1 . 

-ung/. plate of metal. 

pleah, prt. </ pleon. 

pleg an, -ian, ee, a play in its 
various meanings, frolic, amuse 
oneself; play (harp); applaud; 
strive for w. for. 

-ere m. player, athlete. 

plega m. quick movement; game 
athletic sport ; fightingf ; ap- 


pleg hus n. theatre. 

-lie relating to games, theatrical. 

-mann, plege- m. athlete, wrestler. 

-scield m. small shield. 

-scip n. small ship Gl. 

-stow, plege-/ (amphi)theatre. 

plegol sportive. 

pleo, see pleoh. 

-lie dangerous ; hurtful. 

pleon, prt. pleah risk, expose io 

danger it>g. 
pleoh, g. pleos n. danger, peril (io 

the soul); injury; icsponsibility, 


plett (sheep)fold IN. 
plicgan [i = y ?] scrape Gl. 
pliht m. danger ; damage [pleon]. 
-lie dangerous. 
pliht an bring danger upon, be 

liab e to forfeit wd. 
-ere m. look-out man (on ship). 
pldg a measure of land. 
plott plot of ground. 
pluccian pluck, gather, 
plum- [Lt. pluma]. 
-feper/. down. 
plumje /. plum (fruit or tree) [Lt. 


-bled/, plum (fruit). 
-seaw n. plum-juice, 
-sla/ sloe. 
-treow n. plum-tree. 
plyme/. plum (fruit or tree) [/./. 

pocjc m. pustule. 
-adl/. pox. 
pohh a m. pouch, bag. 
-ede baggy (clothes). 
pdl, -pul, d. -pulle m. pool. 
polente / parched corn [Lt. po- 
pollegie / pennyroyal [/./. pu- 

pollup once m. an instrument of 

popig, a (m.} poppy. 
por|r, -leac (/.) leek [Lt, por- 

port mn. gate, entrance ; harbour ; 

town [Lt. portus]. 
-cwene, -oe-/ prostitute IN. 
-geat n. gate of a town. 
-mann m. citizen, 
-gerefa m. mayor. 
-geriht n. due paid by town. 
-Str&t/. street 
-waran, -weor- //. citizens. 



port weall m. town-wall. 

-wer m. citizen IN. From ~waran. 

portion pound (in mortar). Cp. 

portic m. porch, portico ; enclosed 

place ; place roofed in ; arched 

recess in church [Lt. porticus]. 
gepos n. cold in the head, 
posa = pusa. 
posel, posling m. pill. 
post m. post [Lt. postis]. 
postol = apostol. 
potian butt, gore ; prog, prod. 
pott m. pot. 
prffltt m. guile, trick ; pi. prattas 

double dealing. 
~ig, e, paptig, e cunning, 
prafost, pro- m. officer, provost of 

a monastery [Z/. propositus, 


~folgoj) m., -scir/. provostship. 
prass (m.) array, pomp. 
predic|ian preach [Lf. praedicare]. 
-ere, pry- m. preacher. 
preon m. pin, brooch, 
preost m. priest [Z/. presbyter]. 
-had m. priestly office, priesthood. 
-heap m. body of priests. 
-lagu/. law relating to priests. 
~lic of priests, 
-scir/ parish. 
preowt-hwil/ moment. Cp. be- 


press/, press [FrJ\. 
pric|ian prick ; stab ; point out. 
-ung/. pricking. 
pric|a m., -e/. point, dot ; particle 

of space ; ' point,' fourth or fifth 

part of an hour. 

pric-m&lum a'v. by points (of time) . 
pricel m. sharp point, prickle. 
pricels m. sharp point. 
prim (.) six o'clock in the morn- 
ing ; six o'clock service [Lt. 

-sang m. prime-song, six o'clock 


princ- winking Gl. 
pritigian once chirp Gl. 
prod-bor, prot- (.) auger (?) IM. 
profian assume to be (a thief 

[Z/. probare]. 
profast = prafost. 
prut proud. 
~lice av. proudly, confidently ; 

~scipe m. pride. 
~ung/. pride. 
prutene /. southernwood [Lf. 

pryd- = pryt-. 
pryto, pryte, pryd- /. pride 


pucian creep, 
pucel m. goblin. 
pudd m. ditch. 
pudoc m. wen, wart, 
puerisc boyish [Lt. puer]. 
pul = pol pool. 
-sper n. reed IN. 
pullian pluck, twitch. 
pumic pumice [Lt. pumicem]. 
-Stan m. pumice-stone, 
punjian pound (in mortar). 
~ere m. pestle. 
pund . pound (weight or money) 

[Lt. pondo]. 

pimd|mffite weighing a pound. 

~w&gf. pound-weight. 

pxind* enclosure, pound. Cp. 


pundere m. weigher IN. 
-pundern . pair of scales. 
-georn [the -georn doubtful} 

weighing, pondering Gl. 
pundor plumb-line. 
pung (m.) bag, purse, 
pungetung f. pricking sensation, 

Cp. pyngan. 
punt punt [Lt. ponto]. 
pur (/.) bittern (?). 
pur lamb lamb without blemish 

[Lt. purus]. 
purpurje/. purple robe [Lt. pur- 

~en purple. 

purs purse [Lt. bursa]. 
pusa, posa m. bag, wallet. 
puslian pick out best pieces of 


pyffan blow (with mouth). 
pyle m. pillow [Lt. pulvi- 


pylece = pilece robe. 
pynca*, i m. point Gl. 
pyndjan shut up, confine [pundj. 
-ing/, dam. 

pyngan prick [Lt. pungere]. 
pyretre / pellitory [Lt. pyre- 

pyrtan beat. Cp. portian. 
pytt m. pit ; grave ; pond ; pustule 

[Lt. puteus]. 
-an dig, prog. 
-ede pitted, marked with hollows 

(of sword). 

= CW. 




ra, raha m., rah-deor n. roe- 

rabbian rage (of the devil) [Z/. ?]. 

racian rule, direct wd. ; go, betake 
oneself to. 

raca m. , racu/. rake. 

racca m. cord forming part of rig- 
ging of ship. 

racente, -ete/. chain, fetter. 

racenteag, -e, racet- /. chain, 
fetter [Z. expansion ^/"racente by 
in/I, o/'te&g]. 

-ian chain. 

racu f. narrative, exposition ; ex- 
planation ; rhetoric ; reckoning, 
account ; comedy. 

racu rake = raca. 

racu/. bed of stream. 

rad- = hrad-. 

rad/. riding (on horse, in carriage, 
in ship) ; journey ; warlike expe- 
dition, raid ; the Runic letter r 
[ridan]. Cp. rd-, rfede-. 

-cniht m. = sierhynde-mann. 

~ehere = r8ede-. 

~hors n. horse for riding. 

-pyttf m. draw-well (?). 

-stefn m. term of cavalry service (? . 

-werig weary with riding or 

rad |- once furniture, harness (?). 

gerad I. . reckoning, account (of 
expenditure) ; accuracy ; wisdom, 
prudence ; condition on pset ~ 
past sbj , to peem ~e past sly. on 
condition that, on the understand- 
ing that. II. aj. straight (road) 
- ~ sprelc prose ; skilled (in) 
wg. ; wise, prudent ; circum- 
stanced, conditioned pus ~ of 
this kind, swa - of such a kind, 
hu~ what kind of (man) || hu ~es 

-ian, -egian arrange ; call to an 
account or audit. 

-lice av. accurately, learnedly. f. compact. 

~scipe m. prudence. 

radian = hradian. 
rador = rodor. 

raec an, prt. rsehte, a tr. stretch 
forth (hand) ; give, bring, offer || 
intr. extend. 

~ing, a/, stretching out, presenting 

geraecan overtake ; get at, reach ; 
seize, take (fortress), obtain (vic- 
tory) ; address (?) hie swa 
scandllce gereeht hsefde had 
put them to shame. 

raecc m. dog that hunts by scent. 

raced = rced. 

rad = hrad. 

rad m, advice ; discussion, council ; 
resolution, plan of action, policy ; 
decree ; scheme, conspiracy ; 
frule, power | sound policy, what 
is advisable, benefit : him to ~e, 
swa him meest - sie ; help ; 
good fortune II sense, understand- 
ing || way of life, state of things : 
on ecum -e to last for ever. 

-bana m. deviser of homicide (as 
opposed to the perpetrator). 

-bora m. counsellor ; consul (!). 

-fast wise, prudent. 

-fastnes /. reasonableness, readi- 
ness to take good advice. 

-findende advising. 

-giefa m. adviser, councillor ; con- 
sul (!). 

-gift (!)/. consulship, senate. 

-hycgendef wise, prudent. 

-leas foolish ; rash ; in confusion ; 
helpless, miserable. 

-lie advisable. 

-lice av. wisely, skilfully ; de- 

-magenf R. n. Or rd- (?). 

-snotor wise. 

-gepeaht . counsel. 

-peahtendef consulting, deliberat- 

-peahtere m. counsellor. 

-peahtung/ advice. 

-wita m. counsellor. 


rad- wan m. chariot. Cp. rad. 

rffid an, prt. ~de, also st. i b, red 
rare in W., A. reord advise wd ; 
discuss, deliberate : ~de wip hie 
hwffit hie don sceolden ; decide : 
~don pset hie wolden . . , 
-don pt . . wSre . . ; decree ; 
plot, try to injure : - on hie | 
rule, possess w.d., i. \ try to bene- 
fit, help, provide for wd. \ guess : 
heton hine - hwa hine hre- 
pode ; solve (riddle), interpret 
(dreams), foresee (future fate) ; 
read (book) ; read aloud wda. 

~endf m. ruler ; soothsayer. 

-endlic decretal. 

~ere m. reader ; lector (second order 
in the church) ; student ; sooth- 

-estre/. reader. 

reding / act of reading ; what is 
read, homily. 

~b6c/. lectionary. 

-scamol m. reading-desk. 

-gewrit = readen-. 

ger&d|an, prt. -de, -red bring 
about by advice : him pone 
teonan ~ ; arrange (hair) ; and 
the other meanings <j/~rsedan. 

-end m. disposer IN. 

~nes, rtednes /. decree ; condition 
in paa ~se on this c. 

-ung/. decree. 

raede mounted ; ready (?). 

rfflde oncef. reading. 

reede cempa m. cavalry soldier. 

-here m. cavalry. 

-mann m. horseman. 

-wiga m. cavalry soldier. 

raede-gafol n. rent that can be 
paid all at once. 

rsede- scamol [SB = & or ] m pul- 
pit or couch (?). 

gerSd|e n., gen. pi. -u, -a trap- 
pings (of horse); equipage; ar- 
mour ; ornament. 

-od equipped , with trappings (horse) . 

gerfflde ready. 



rjfedels m. riddle [reedan]. 

rseclelse/. discussion, debate ; con- 
jecture, imagination ; interpreta- 

raeden(n) f. rule, government ; 
reckoning, estimating; stipula- 
tion, condition on (or puih) 
pa ~ne peet sbj. 

~gewrit n. written agreement. 

rledes-inaiin L. m. adviser, coun- 
cillor ; steward \Scand. raps- 

raedic, hr- m. radish [Z/. radix]. 

raednes, see rcbdan. 

gersef, see geresp [araflan]. 

raeinan undergo ; perform, do. 

raeisan - rgfsan. 

raefter m. rafter. 

rag-hart grey with lichen [ragu]. 

raege, a /. roe, wild she-goat 

raege-reose f. muscles along the 

riepan bind ; enslave [rap]. 

rjepling, raping m. prisoner ; 

~weard m. jailer. 

rasps, e m. response (in church ser- 
vice) [Lt. responsorium]. 

raepsan = r^fsan. 

reran raise ; build ; establish ; 
excite, cause ; perform, do [-ris- 

rtes m. running ; rush, impetus ; 
onslaught, attack [-risan]. 

rffis-boraf m. councillor, chief 

rsesan rush ; attack ; enter on 

raesian - reeswian. 

rsBsc once m. shower of rain Cl. 

raescan coruscate (^lightning). 

rsBscett|an coruscate ; crackle (of 
fire). coruscate. 

rffiseley! solution (of riddle). 

rsesn n. plank ; ceiling. 

rtfesw|an, r&s(w)ian conjecture ; 

~ung/l conjecture ; reasoning. 

rteswat-, ge- m. counsellor; chief, 

raett (m.} rat. 

gerSplan //. trappings (of horse). 

rsew, a, ea f. row ; succession (in 
time) on ~e in succession ; 

gersBW n. row on -e saeton. 

gerfflwod drawn up in line (regi- 

rage =- rage. 

raggig shaggy. 

ragu (/) lichen. 

-fine m, a bird. 

~har*. see rag-. 

raha, rah-deor, see ra. 

ram-huad m. a kind of dog. 

ram m, -a m. ram ; battering-ram. 

-gealla m. (a plant). 

ran rapine robbery L. [Scand.~\. 

ran occ. prt. ofrinaja. rain. 

ranc proud ; insolent ; brave ; 
showy of dress). 

-lice av. boldly ; showily (of dress). 

rand m. margin (?) ; t DOSS of 
shield ; fshield. 

~beag m. boss of shield. 

-gebeorgf n. protection as of a 

-burgt/. city ; wall (?). 

~haebbendt m. warrior. 

-wigaf, wigendf m. warrior. 

rap m. rope. 

~lic of rope. 

-ggnga* or -ganga*, -gon m. 
rope-dancer Gl. 

rapincel n. cord. 

rahte/r/. ^/"raecan. 

gerar n. roaring. 

rar ian wail, lament ; bellow. 

~ung/. bellowing. 

rare-dumle*/., -dumla m., rara- 
bittern (a bird). 

rasian explore. 

rasettan rage (^fire) [rSsan]. 

rape = hrape. 

raw = raw. 

raw an ge~ende once divid- 
ing, cutting Gl. 

read red. 

-basu reddish purple. 

~e av. redly, with red. 

~fagt stained with red. 

-gold-lsefer gol<l plating Gl. 

-nesyi redness. 

-stalede having a red stalk. 

readian be or become red. 

readan//. (?) tonsils. 

reaf . spoil, booty ; robe, dress 

-lac mn. robbery, plundering . 
spoil, booty. 

reaf ian rob, plunder, seize ; ravage, 

-ere m. robber, brigand. 


reaf |igend m plunderer. 

-igende rapacious. 

-ung/. plundering. 

reafol rapacious. 

~nes/. rapacity. 

reahtigean once discuss. 

ream (m.~) cream. 

-win n. a drink Gl. 

reama = reoma membrane. 

reaw = rcew^. 

gerec . government, rule ; dtcree; 

gerec (.) tumult IN. 
gereclice av. straight, 
rec in. smoke. 
recan 5 go, rush (?) in-recari 

ingesserunt Gl. 
recan steam tr. 
recedom once m. rule. Cp. rc- 


gerecenian explain. 
recc|an, prt. re(a)hte tr. stretch, 

extend, give met. direct (mind) 

| govern, subdue ; decree ; guide ; 

reprove | explain, interpret; prove ; 

correct i,crror) ; narrate ; tell, 

say | count, reckon || intr. go 


~end m. ruler. 

-enddom m. ruling, government. 
-ere m. ruler. 
reccan, prt. rohte [the orig. form 

*recan is perhaps preserved in 

receleas], wg. care for, reck. 
recedf, SB n. house, hall, palace. 
-lie palatial Gl. 
gerecednes, -rcen(n)es, cc /. 

narrative, history anfeald ~ 

prose ; interpretation ; governing, 

receleas [e = e or ?], r cco- 

negligent, indifferent. 
-ian neglect wg. 
-lice av. negligently. 
-nesy. negligence. 
rec(c)eliest/. negligence. 
recels, y ( ) incense. 
-buc m., ~ffBt n. censer. 
-reoce oncef. burning of incense. 
recelsian smoke with incense. 
recen, recon prompt, ready, swift. 
-e, ric- av. at once, quickly swa 

~ swa as soon as. 
-lice, ricen- av. quickly. 
recnian pay (?) Ct. 
recon - recen. 
recon remuneration Gl. 




rede- stan m. once synophites (pre 
cious stone) Gl. 

gerefla, oe, r- m. reeve, officer, 

~aern w. court-house. 

~land n. (V). 

~m&d/. reeve's meadow. 

~mann m. official. 

-scipe m., -scir f. reeveship, pre- 

refs an, ae, raepsan, e reprove Gl. 
Cp. ger?sp. 

~ung f. reproving Gl. || interval ; 

reg(e)n, ren m. rain. 

~boga m. rainbow. 

-dropa m. raindrop. 

~ig, -lie rainy. 

-scur m. shower of rain. 

-water n. rain-water. 

~wyrna m. earthworm. 

reg(e)n-t, ren-. 

-heard very hard. 

-meld/, solemn announcement. 

-peof m. arch-thief. 

-weard m. mighty guardian. 

regol, eo m. rule, regulation ; pat- 
tern, standard ; canon (ecclesias- 
tical) ; rule (Benedictine) [Z/. 

-bryce m. breach of rule. 

-fast observing an (ecclesiastical) 

-lagu/ monastic law. 

-lie according to rule, regular ; 

-lice av. in accordance with rules. 

-lif n. life according to ecclesias- 
tical rules. 

-sticca m. ruler (instrument). 

-peaw m. monastic discipline. 

-weard m. authority on rules ; 
provost of monastery. 

relic- ; reliquias mpl. relics \_Lt. 

-gang m. visiting relics ; procession 
of relics. 


-ende precipitate, hasty. 

renjian, r^gnian arrange, prepare 
ge- to bismere humiliate ; 
set (jewel, trap) ; mend. 

~iend m. arranger. 

ge~ung/. arranging. 

renco/. pride, ostentation [ranc]. 
rendan tear, cut IN. 
gerene n. ornament [renian]. 

renge, y/. spider \_Lt. aranea]. 

reo = reowe blanket. 

reocf once fierce. 

reocan intr. smoke, steam ; stink. 

reod I. ruddy (complexion). II. 

n. red colouring, red [read], 
reodan 7 tr. redden ; tkill (?) 
reofan 7 break, tear. 
reohhe/. a fish. 
reoma, ea m. membrane, ligament. 
reon lamentation. 
reon = reo won prt. pi. 
reon ian mutter. 
-ung/. whispering. 
gereon ian conspire. 
-ung/. plot. 
reonigf sad, mournful, gloomy 


-mod sad, weary. 
reopian = ripian. 
reord/. meal, food, 
-hua . house where mealsare taken. 
reordf/. voice, speech ; language, 
-berendf m. man. 
-ian speak ; read. 
gereordf n. voice ; language. 
gereord, ~e, r- n. meal, banquet ; 


-hua n. refectory, 
-ian, -an feed, feast tr., intr., rfl. 
-nes/. banquet ; feasting, 
gereordung/. meal. 
-hus n. refectory. 
reost rest (part of plough). 
reotanf 7 weep, lament, 
reotigf sad. 
reow = hreoh fierce. 
reowe, reo, ruwe, vE. ryhae, rye 

f. blanket, rug, carpet [run]. 
repan 5 reap. Cp ripan reap, 
geresp, geTf on nine - weor- 

pan be brought home to him, 

proved ((/charge). Cp. refsan. 
rest, SB, IN. ge- /. rest ; sleep ; 

resting-place, bed; grave, tomb, 
-beddf- n bed. 

~e(n)dgw. day of rest, Sabbath. 
~engear . year of rest. 
-hus n. bedroom, 
-leas restless, disturbed, 
-gemana m. sexual intercourse. 
ge-scipe m. sexual intercourse. 
restan ads. , rfl. rest, ge~ wg. rest 

from , remain, 
jeresta/ consort, wife, 
retfan cheer, gladden, comfort, 

soothe (wound) [rot]. 


retend m. comforter. 

ref>ian be fierce [repe]. 

repef just = repe (?;. 

-hygdig right-minded (?). 

repe, oe fierce ; severe, stern ; 


-modf fierce ; indignant, 
repen once L. wild (beast). 
rep;lic fierce. 
-lice av. fiercely. 

-nes /. fierceness ; severity, strict- 

-scipe m. rage, 
repig fierce. 
-ian rage, 
-modf fierce, 
repra, oe, ge- m. rower, sailor 


repru, ge- npl. oars, 
gerepre once ready, 
rewet^t) n. rowing ; ship, vessel 

ribb n. rib. 

-spacan pi. the brisket (?) Gl. 
ribbe/. ribwort Gl. 
rica m. man in power, ruler. 
rice powerful, of high rank ; strong 

((/things) ; rich. 
rice n. power, authority, reign ; 

kingdom, diocese. 
-dom m. rule. 
-lie magnificent, splendid. 
-lice av. with power ; splendidly, 
riceter(e), rice- n. power, do- 
minion ; domination ; usurpation; 

ricsjian rule, reign ; dominate, 

tyrannize; prevail (of things) 


-ere*, -are m. ruler IN. 
-igend*, -and m. ruler IN. 
-ung/. rule, dominion IN. 
rid|an 6 ride (also of fetters, ships, 

the pillar of fire) ; swing - on 

gealgan ~. 
-endf m. horseman, knight. 
-ere m. (Norman) knight vL. 
-wiga m. mounted soldier. 
geridan 6 intr. ride || tr. ride up to ; 

ride over, take forcible possession 

of (country, estate). 
ridda m. rider; cavalry soldier 

ridesoht fever IN. [ScanJ. ripu- 

sott. Cp. hrip, suht]. 
ridusende swinging, swaying Gl. 
riepan spoil, plunder. 




riep|ere in. plunderer, robber. 

-iing/" plundering, despoiling. 

rif fierce. 

gerif . catch (of fish), number 
caught (of fish). 

rifelede wrinkled. Cp. gerifod. 

rifeling m. kind of shoe or sandal. 

gerifod wrinkled. 

Ti.t,eW. ami I A. y, IW. e n. cloak : 
veil, curtain. 

rifter m. sickle ; scythe. 

riftere, ript-, riftre m. reaper. 

riht, eW. y, K. eo, ia, A. e I. 
straight ; erect ; right in most of 

its present meanings es av. 

straight (on). II. . right in 
most of its present meanings, 
equity, justice, due (punishment), 
prerogative; law; duty he 
heefp - his statement is correct | 
correctness, truth on ~ cor- 
rectly, properly | account 
~ agieldan render an account 
[Z/. rectu-]. 

-aepel-cwen/ lawful wife. 

-aepelo/. true nobility. 

-Jew/! matrimony ; lawful wife. 

-andswaru/! reproof. 

-cynecynn n. genuine or direct 
royal lineage. 

-cynn/! genuine breed or lineage. 

-donde right-doing. 

-feederen-cynn n. lineal descent 
or descendants on father's side. 

-fflBSten-dffig m. regular fast- 

-frosten-tid f. regular time for 

-gefremed orthodox. 

-fremmendet acting rightly. 

-full honourable, right vL. 

-gegielda m. regular member of a 

-htetned n. matrimony. 

-hand/, right hand. 

-hand-d&da m. actual perpetrator. 

-heart upright in heart. 

-hiwa m. lawful spouse. 

-hlaford m. lawful lord or hus- 

-hlaforddom m. lawful authority. 

-hlaford-hyldo/. loyalty, fealty. 

-li&can set right, amend, correct. 

-Ifflcung/! setting right, correction. 

~16ce m. qualified physician. 

-lagu/! just law, equity. 

-geleaffull orthodox. 

riht|geleaflice av. in an orthodox 

-geliefed orthodox. 

-geliefende faithful. 

-lie just, fair ; fitting ; having a 
right to, fitted ; righteous. 

~llce av. justly ; correctly ; in ac- 
cordance with rules ; virtuously. 

-licettere m. thorough hypocrite. 

-lif n. right or moral life. 

-liplic articulate. 

~medren-cynn. direct descent on 
mother's side. 

~meter-fers . correct hexameter 

-rnunuc m. true monk. 

-nes / perpendicularity ; justice, 

-norpan-wind m. direct north 

-raciend m. expounder of right- 

-racu/! correct account. 

ge~reccan guide, direct. 

-regol m. rule of right conduct, 

-ryne m. right course; proper 
channel (of river). 

~scilling m. genuine or standard 

-scrlfend m. lawyer. 

-scyttef shooting straight. 

-gesgtt rightly appointed, canonical. 

~smea(vv)ung/. argument. 

-tid/!, ~tima m. proper time. 

-gepancod right-minded. 

-peow m. lawful slave. 

~weg m. right way ; definite direc- 
tion, course (of ship) : pses ~es 
pe . . in the direction that. 

~wer m. lawful husband. 

~west-e nde m. extreme western end . 

-willende well-meaning, righteous. 

rihtwis righteous. 

-end m. Sadducee. 

~ian justify ; rule. 

-lie righteous. 

-lice av. reasonably. 

-nes f. righteousness, justice ; 
reasonableness, reason. 

ge~ung/! justification. 

riht|gewitt n. reason : wees of hire 
~e insane. 

-wrltere m. one who writes cor- 

-wuldriende orthodox. 

-ymbren ., -ymbren-dagas 


mpl. duly appointed Ember 

riht|an direct ; put upright, restore ; 
make straight ; restore (people) 
to their rights ; correct, reform ; 
rule, govern. 

-endf m. ruler. 

-eref m. director, ruler. 

ge~nes/. correction. 

rihtung/. direction, guidance ; cor- 
rection ; reproof; regularis (in 

~J>r&d m. plumb-line. 

rihte av. straight (on) ; of time at 
once ; rightly, honourably, fitly, 
well ; correctly ; exactly (square). 

rihte-bred n. carpenter's square, 
rule Gl. 

gerihte n. straight direction on - 
straight onwards, straight, direct, 
up on - upright ; right, due ; 
religious rite. 

rim n. number. 

-ap m. oath taken by a person and 
the number of persons he brings 
with him as compurgators. 

1 ge)~crfflft m. arithmetic, computa- 

-crfflftig skilled in arithmetic. 

-getael n. number. 

-taluf f. number. 

gerim n. number. 

-tffll n. number. 

rim|an count, calculate, enumerate ; 
take into account ; account, esteem. 

-ere m. calculator. 

rima m. border, bank, coast. 

rimpan 3 ptc. gerumpen con- 
tracted, wrinkled (?). 

rinan, rare prt. ran rain [regn]. 

rincf m. man, warrior. 

-getael n. number of men, host. 

rind/! bark ; rind, crust. 

-en of bark. 

-leas without bark. 

rinde-clifer /. ' bark-scratcher,' 
woodpecker (?) Gl. 

rinnan 3 run ; flow [iernan]. 

gerinn|an 3 coagulate; run to- 
gether, be mixed. 

-ing*, -yrning/! accumulation (of 

rinnelle/! brook. 

rip, pi. ~u M. reaping, harvest; 
cut corn, sheaf of corn. 

-isern n. sickle. 

~tlma m. harvest time. 


gerip n. reaping ; harvest. 

rip | an 6 reap ; gain advantage. 

Cp. repan reap. 
~ere m. reaper. 
ripian*, eo reap. 
ripa, eo m. sheaf [rlpan], 
rip|e ripe. 
~ian ripen intr. 

-nes /. ripeness, maturity ; harvest. 
~o (?)/ ripeness, maturity. 
~ung f. ripening intr., ripeness, 

ripe-mann*, hrip(p)emonn m 

reaper IN. 
riptere = riftere. 
geris n. fury. 
ris an seize. 
-ende rapacious. 
risan (?) 6 rise. Cp. arisan. 
gerisan, r- 6 wJ.gen. imptrs. befit. 
rise, y, e, ~e /., rix- rush \_Lt. 


-bedd . bed of rushes. 
-en of rushes, 
-leac . rush-garlic. 
-mere m. rushy pond, 
-pytt m. rush-pool. 
-steort m. rushy promontory. 
-pyfel m, bed of rushes. 
riscende once sounding Gl. Cp. 


gerisen once seizing [risan]. 
gerisen ( lic, -rislic suitable, con- 

-lice av. suitably. 
gerisn|e, -en- proper, suitable, 

convenient [gerisan] 
~es/. fitness, congruity. 
-ian suit, accord. 
~u npl. what is fitting or seemly, 

honour, dignity. 
risoda once m. rheum. 
rip //"., ~e/. stream, rivulet. 
ripig nf. stream. 
rix-, see rise rush, 
roc ,. ) cud. 

rocc, rooc m. upper garment. 
rocvc)ettan belch ; utter (words), 
rod/", cross (for crucifixion). 
-begenga m. worshipper of the 


-bora m. cross-bearer. 
-fsestnian crucify. 
~ehengen(n)/ crucifixion. 
-weorpiend m. worshipper of the 

-ewierpe deserving crucifixion. 


rodor, ra- m. firmament ; (f) sky, 


-beorhtf heavenly bright, 
-cyningf/w. king of heaven, Christ. 
-lie of the firmament, heavenly, 
-lihting/. dawn, 
-stolf m. celestial throne. 
-torhtf heavenly bright, 
-tungolf n. star of heaven. 
roff strong, brave. 
rogianf, 6 ( once prevail (?). 
rohte prl. of reccan care. 
Rom /., -eburg /. Rome [Z/. 

-feoh ., -pening m., -gescot n. 

Peter's pence. 

-ware, -waran //. Romans, 
-wealh, Rum- m. Roman. 
romiant possess wg. 
Roman/. Italy Gl. {_Lt. Romania], 
~e, -an//. Romans. 
~ise Roman. 
roop, see ropp. 
rop, oo liberal. 
~nes/. liberality. 
ropp, roop m. colon, intestine. 
~wrc m. colic. 
ros|e/. rose [Lt. rosa]. 
~en of roses. 
~ig rosy. 

rostian roast, dry Gl. 
rot = hrot scum. 

rot cheerful, glad ; excellent, good. 
~hwil f. time of cheerfulness or 


-lice av. cheerfully. 
-nes/. cheerfulness; comfort, pro- 
rotfeest firmly established vL. 

\Scand. rot root]. 

rot ian decay ; suppurate, ulcerate. 
-ung/. decay ; ulceration. 
rots|ian* cheer. 
-ung/. cheering, comfort. 
rop, hrop [ryppa]. 
-hund m. mastiff. 
roper (1) m. sailor Gl. [rowan], 
ropor (.) oar. 
rowr I. gentle, mild (disease). II. / 

quiet, rest. 

rowjan i prt. pi. reo(wo)n row. 
-end m. rower ; fsailor. 
-ett . rowing = rewett. 
-nes/. rowing, 
-ung/. rowing IN. 
ruddoc (m.) robin, 
rude once m. scab Gl. 



rude/, rue (a plant) [Lt. ruta]. 

rud u/. red colour, rouge ; redaess r 
blush ; countenance [reodan]. 

-ig ruddy. 

rug-, see ruh. 

Rugern (m.) a month. 

ruh, />/. ru(g)e shaggy, hairy ; 
knotty, rough; untrimmed (hedge), 
uncultivated, wild ; unprepared, 
not ground (com). 

rum I. spacious, wide (road) ; open 
(country) ; extended (period of 
time) ; unrestricted, lax ; liberal, 
bountiful ; noble, magnificent. II. 
space ; space of time ; sufficient 
space, room ; sufficient or fitting 
time, opportunity pa him - a- 
geald when the opportunity was 
given him. 

~e av. extensively, far and wide ; 
liberally, bountifully ; amply,, 
abundantly, at length ; cheerfully. 

-galf rejoicing in ample space. 

-giefa m. liberal giver. 

-giefol liberal. 

-giefolnes/. liberality. 

-heort liberal ; cheerful. 

-heortnes/ liberality. 

-lie liberal ; gracious ; abundant. 

-lice av. largely, greatly ; (speak) 
at length ; liberally ; graciously, 

-mod wg. liberal, profuse; gracious, 

-modlic liberal. 

-modlice av. liberally ; graciously. 

-modnes/. liberality ; kindness. 

-nes/. breadth ; abundance. 

-welle spacious IN. 

gerum space. 

gerumf spacious, dilated. 

~ef once av. (?) roomily. 

rumian become free from obstruc- 
tion (^/"body). 

ruma m. separation. 

geruma t- m. place, station. 

rumed lie ample, liberal [rum, 

-lice av. liberally ; (speak of) at 
large, fully. 

run /. mystery, secret; council, 
secret discussion, communing(with 
oneself) | Runic letter ; writing. 

-cofat m. mind. 

-craeftigt skilled in mysteries. 

-lie mystical. 

-stfflf m. Runic letter, rune. 




run-witaf til. confidant, councillor, 


run|ian whisper ; mutter ; conspire. 
-ere m. whisperer. 
-ung f, whispering, soft speech, 


geruna m. councillor. 
runol once [ = hr- ?] foul or miming 


rust (.) rust. 
ig nisty. 
ruw-, see ruh. 
ruwe = reowe blanket. 
ruxlan make a noise IN. 
ryn vb. roar, 
geryd- prepared, ready. 
ryden n. pest reade ~ once a 


rye = reowe blanket. 
ryge (m.) rye. 

rygen of rye. 

ryht = riht. 

ryman clear (road), make clear 
space ; enlarge ; give way, retire : 
- him setl yield it to him [rum]. 

rymet^t) ' . space, extent ; suf- 
ficient space, room ; extension of 
landed property ; benefit. 

-leas/ want of room. 

rymp/. amplitude. 

rynan roar. Cp. rjn. 

ryne m. running ; course (of ship) ; 
orbit (of sun and moon) ; flowing, 
flux (of blood) ; bed of river ; 
period of time, cycle ; course of 
life ; course in other met. meanings 

-giestf m. swift guest ( = light- 

-strangf strong for the course. 

ryne|swiftt swift in its course, 
-pragf/. space of time, 
-wfflgnf, ~wSn m. chariot, 
ryne n. mystery, mysterious saying 


-lie mystical. 
~llce av. mystically, 
-mannf m. sage. 
geryne n. mystery. 
-lie mystical. 
-lice av. mystically. 
ryn el m. runner, courier. 
rynge - renge. 
rynigf, yf once good in debate (?) 


ryrsiga m. liquid that runs off (?). 
rynning/. rennet. 
rysc = risc rush, 
rysel, rysl m., ~e/. fat. 
ryppa m. mastiff [rop-]. 




sa (m.) bucket. 

saban once sheet Gl. 

sac - saec guilty. 

sacan 2 disagree, quarrel ; fight ; 
lay legal claim to iv . on a. ; 
blame, accuse. 

sacian wrangle, quarrel. 

gesaca m. adversary. 

sacc, SB ///. sack, bag [/./. saccus]. 

sacerd, a h m. priest [//. sacerdos, 
through Irish]. 

-bana /;;. priest-killer. 

-had ;. priesthood. 

-land . priests' land. 

-lie priestly. 

-gerisne befitting a priest. 

gesacu t oncef. hostility. 

eacju, ssecc- f. dispute, quarrel ; 
fighting, war; lawsuit; jurisdic- 
tion in lawsuits ; persecution, 

-full quarrelsome, litigious, given 
to accusation. 

-leas innocent ; secure vL. 

sadian intr. become satiated or 
weary I! tr. ge- satiate [seed]. 

sada m. noose, snare 

sadol m. saddle. 

-beorhtf having a splendid saddle. 

-boga m. saddle- how. 

-fe Ig/. pommel of saddle. 

-ian saddle. 

B&fnt., g. s(s), dpi. s(u)m sea ; 


~el m. sea-eel. 
~8Blfen(n)/. sea-nymph. 
-batf m. boat, ship, 
-beorgf- m. sea-hill. 
-burgy. sea-town. 
-coaster/, sea-town. 
-ceosol m. shingle, 
-cierrf m. retreat of the sea. 
-cuf ( n. sea-cliff. 
-cocc i. cockle. 
-col n. jet. 

-cyningf m. sea-king. 
-denef mpl. Danes. 
-deor n. sea-monster. 
-draca m. sea-dragon. 
-earm m. arm of the sea. 
-feereld n. passage of the (Red) 



see fsten(n)t . sea-fastness, de- 
fence afforded by the sea. 

-faropf m. sea-shore. 

-fisc m. sea fish. 

-nod run. flood (tide), sea-inunda- 
tion ; fsea. 

-flotaf m. ship. 

-for/, voyage. 

~geapf roomy (ship\ 

-geatasf mpl. Goths. 

-genga m. sailor ; fship. 

-grund m. bottom or depths of the 

-healf/. side next the sea. 

~hf ngest m. hippopotamus ; 

-hete m. violence of the sea. 

-holmt m. sea. 

~lac \ n. sea-booty. 

-ladf/. sea-voyage, watery way. 

-laff/ what is left by the sea, ?ea- 

-land n. land by the sea. 

-leop n. sailors' song. 

-lie of the sea. 

-lidat i. sailor; pirate. 


sae|lipend(e)t tn. sailor, 
-lipendef seafaring. 
-gem&re n. coast, 
-mann m. sailor; pirate, Scandi- 

-mearhf m. ship, 
-mepef sea-weary. 
-minte/. a plant. 
-nacaf m. ship. 
-naess m. sea-headland, cape, 
-nett . sea-net. 
-raericf*, y island (?). 
~rima m. coast, 
-rincf m. sailor ; pirate, 
-roff active or strong on the sea. 
-scapa m. pirate, 
-self 11 /. sea-shell, 
-geset m. maritime district, 
-sip m. sea-journey. 
-snfflgl, -sneel m. sea-snail. 
~steorra m. star of the sea. 
-strand m. sea-shore, 
-streamf m. water of the sea gen. 


~swealwe*, hae-/. sea-swallow. 
-upwyrp n. what is thrown up by 

the sea, jetsam. 
~wsegt m. sea-wave, 
-waster . sea-water. 
-wangf m. shore. 
-war seaweed. 
-warop m. shore. 
~weallf m. cliff; wall of waters 

(in Red Sea). 
~weard f. sea-guard, keeping 

watch on the coast. 
~wegf m. sea. 
-werigt weary with the sea. 
-wicingf m. pirate, seaman. 
-wielmf m. billow, 
-wiht/. sea-animal. 
~wudu m. ship. 
~ypf. wave. 

S39C, a guilty ; hateful Gl 
83Bc = sacc bag. 
S8BCC (m.) sacking, sackcloth, 
-ing m. bed. 
saecce, see sacu. 
essd wg. satiated (with), wearied, 
-nes/. satiety, nausea. 
8fed n. seed (of plants and animals) ; 

fruit, crop ; growth ; sowing ; 

source ; progeny, posterity [sa- 


-berendef seed-bearing. 
-cynn n. kind of seed. 
-ian sow. 

8fed|ere m. sower. 

-leap m. seed- basket. 

-lie seminal. 

~nop m. sowing. 

~tlma m. sowing season. 

saede prt. of sf cgan. 

Saefern/ Severn \_Lt. Sabrina]. 

~(e)mupa m. mouth of the Severn. 

scegan cause to sink or set (sun) ; 
lay low, destroy [sigan]. 

saegde prt. of se cgan. 

gessegdnes/. mystery (!) IN. 

38Bgednes= onsaegdnes sacrifice. 

ssfegon/rA o/seon. 

saelf n. hall. 

Sfibl m/., dpi. -um, salum occasion, 
time eet sumum -e one day, 
on neenne - never ; proper time, 
opportunity to ~es in due 
time ; happiness often in pi. ; con- 
dition, state. 

-wangf, a m. plain. 

saMan happen. 

Sffllanf bind ; restrain ; repress 

sselen once of willow Gl. [sealh]. 

gesselig happy, prosperous [seel]. 

~lic, ges&llic happy. 

-lice av. happily. 

-nes/. happiness. 

sffllmerige/ brine [Lt. salmuria]. 

(ge)ssfelp/.,,^w.//. prosperity ; hap- 

stem-* aj. only in cpv. and s pi. ~ra, 
-ost bad ; unimportant, worth- 

saemtinges = samtinges. 

siene sluggish, slow (in) wg. ; 
cowardly [asanian]. 

saep n. sap. 

-ig sappy, succulent. 

~spori/ sappy shaving or chip. 

saeppe/. spruce-fir [Z./. *sappium]. 

saeran once be exalted. 

Bare = sare. 

seet/. ambush [sittan]. 

seet ian, -an, ~nian wg. lie in 
wait for, plot against. 

-ere m. robber, waylayer ; spy ; 
seducer (the devil). 

-ung, -ingf. lying in wait ; snare ; 
treachery; sedition (H. 

S8Btern(es)-daeg, Saeter-, Seetres- 
m. Saturday \Lt. Saturni dies]. 

Seeter-niht /. Friday night. 

saejjerige f. savory (a plant) 


seejjrene- wudu = superne-. 

sffiwett . sowing [sawan]. 

safine/. savine (a plant) \_Lt. sa- 

saftriende once rheumatic Gl. 

saga imper. (j/'secgan. 

sagol, pi. saglas, sahlas m. staff, 

sagju/., -a m. saw (tool). 

sagu f. statement, report ; testi- 
mony ; foretelling [sgcgan]. 

sah prt. of aeon 6. 

sah - Bagfrt. o/aig&n. 

sal mf. rope ; bond ; rein. 

salfige/. sage (plant) [Z/. salvia]. 

sallettan play on or sing to the 
harp, sing psalms [/./. paallere]. 

salnes oncef. silence. 

salo, ea dark-coloured. 

~brun dark-brown. 

-nebbf dark-faced. 

-padf dark- coated. 

salnes/. darkness. Cp. salnes. 

salorf hall, palace [seel]. 

saltere m. psaltery ; the Book of 
Psalms, psalter \_Lt. psalterium]. 

sal|u*, -a oncef. sale. 

salum, see sal. 

salwian tr. darken, blacken. 

sal(o)wig- [salo]. 

-feperaf dark-winged. 

-pad; a 'if dark-coated. 

sam cj. . . - whether . . or w . 


sam-baerned half-burnt. 

sam-boren abortive. 

sam-bryce m. partial breach or 

sam-cwic, -cucu half-dead. 

same av. swa - similarly ; also, 
swa ~ swa as. 

samen av. together IN. 

sam-geong young (grown up). 

sam-grene backward (of plant). 

sam-hal in bad health. 

sam-heort of one heart, unani- 

sam-hiwan //. members of a 
family ; ge~ married couple. 

sam-hwelc some no., aj. 

sam-lrared half or badly taught. 

samllce av. together, at the same 

sam-mifele agreed, having come to 
an agreement. 

sam-mi^lt half-digested. 

samnian tr. collect ; cause to 




unite (wound) ; glean || intr. as- 
semble ; unite. 

samnung/. assembly, council. 

-cwide m. collect. 

gesamnung f. assembly ; congre- 
gation ; synagogue ; union. 

samnunga = sgrnninga. 

samod I. av. together weras 
wif - men and women ; - setgse- 
dere together ; ~ mid d. together 
with. II. prp. wd. at (dawn). 

-cumende flocking together. 

-eardf #*. dwelling together, com- 
mon home. 

~fBBStt joined together. . strife. 

-hering/. praising (!). 

-lice av. together vL. 

-rynelas mpl. runners together Gl. 

-gesip m. companion. 

-sprsec/. colloquy. 

-swegende consonantal. 

-pyrlic concordant. 

-wiellung*, e/. welding Gl. 

-wunung/. living together. 

-wyrcende co-operating. 

sam-rad united, unanimous. 

sam-soden half-cooked. 

sam-swfflled half-burnt. 

sam-swege*, sum- harmonious, in 
unison (song) Gl. 

Sam-tinges, SB, e av. without in- 
terval (of space or time), imme- 

sam-pe av. correl. both . . and, 
whether . . or. 

sam-winnende struggling to- 

sam-wis dull-witted, foolish. 

-lice av. foolishly. 

sam-wist/ living together ; matri- 

sam-worht half made or built. 

sam-WTffldnes/. union. 

sam-wyrcan do incompletely. 

sanct m. saint [/-/. sanctus]. 

sand /. sending, message ; messen- 
ger ; course or dish of food 
[s$ ndan]. 

sand n. sand ; sea-shore. 

-beorg m. sand-hill, sand-bank. 

-broc m. sandy brook. 

-ceosol m. sand, gravel. 

-corn, ~grot, n. grain of sand. 

-blipf n. sand -slope. 

-hoif n. grave. 

-hrycg m. sand-bank. 

sandjhyll m. sand-hill. 

~ig sandy. 

~iht sandy, dusty. 

-landf n. sea-shore. 

-rid (.) quicksand. 

-seap m. sandpit. 

-geweorp n. sand-bank, quicksand. 

-gewierpe . sand-heap. 

Sander-maun m. ambassador vL. 

sang song ; singing ; poem. 

-boc/ music-book, hymn-book. 

-craeft m. music ; poetical compo- 

-dream m. song, music. 

-ere m. singer, poet. 

-estre/. singer. 

-pipe/, pipe. 

sang* bed, see song. 

sap/. ? amber, resin, pomade. 

-box m. resin-box. 

sape/. soap \_Lt. sapo]. 

sar I. . pain (of body and mind), 
sore, wound ; grief. II. aj. pain- 
ful (wound) ; severe (hardship) ; 
causing sorrow, grievous : poet 
wees him ~. 

-bennf/ wound. 

-bot/. compensation for wound. 

-clap m. bandage. 

-CWide m. "f bitter or reproachful 
speech ; lament. 

-e, & av. sorely, with suffering ; 
(speak) bitterly ; excessively. 

-ferhpf sore at heart. 

-lie causing pain ; causing sorrow ; 
expressing sorrow (of voice, song). 

-lice av. with pain ; lamentably ; in 
a way expressing sorrow. 

-nes/. pain ; grief. 

-seofung/ complaint. 

-siege m. painful blow. 

-spellf n. lament. 

-stseff m. insult, reproach. 

-wielmf m. pain. 

-wracuf/ tribulation. 

sar ian be painful (of wound) ; be 
sad ; pity (!). 

-ling/ lamentation. 

sarcren once disposed to soreness 

sarettan complain of, lament. 

sargjian tr. wound ; grieve || intr. 

-Ung/ grief, lamentation. 

sarga m. trumpet. 

sarig feeling grief, sad ; expressing 
grief (of voice, song). 


sarig|ferhpt sad. 

-mod sad. 

-nes/. sadness. ^plant) \_Lt. 

saturege /. savory ( 

saul = sawol. 
saw | an i sow. 
-end, -ere m. sower, fe. 
saw^ol, sawl/ soul; lieing. 
-berendt m. human b 
-cund spiritual. 
-gedalf death. 
-dreorf n. life-blood. 
-hordf n. life ; body. 
-husf n. body. soul. 

-leas lifeless ; without n. soul-scot, 
-sceatt m., -gescot on death of 

payment to church 

person. hat is neces- 

-pearf /. soul-need, w 

sary for salvation. 
sawl ian expire. of death. 

-ung/ expiring, pointil. 
gesawlod having a soee. 
sawon/rA of aeon s<move quick- 
scacan 2 intr. shake ;-d || //-.shake. 

ly, flee, depart, procee>lectrum. 


scacol m. shackle 

scad . account. isonably, ra- 

-lice*, -elice ov. KI 

tionally. scretion, ra- 

-wislice av. with di 

tionally. ;ason. 

-wisnes/ sagacity, ron ; distinc- 
gescad I. n. separati; reasoning, 

tion ; discriminationitan wg. un- 

understanding -- w ; argument ; 

derstand ; statementith (of state- 

Render) account ; tnrate ; wise. 

ment). II. aj. accn 
-lie reasonable. ccurately. 

-lice av. rationally ; ai intelligent, 
gescadwis rational, 


-lie rational. sagaciously, 

-lice av. rationally ; y. 

prudently ; accurateHson. 
-nes/. intelligence, re! (a plant). 
gescad-wyrt/. oxeye de, separate ; 
scadan, ea i b tr. divprinkle (small 

distinguish; scatter, sjood) || intr. 

particles), shed (bl-cattered, fall 

separate ; differ ; be J 

(of small particles), head. 
scada m. crown of the f - medicinal 
scade-sealf*, ea Jg\ 

powder (for sprinkl 




ecaden-msfel*, sceapen-f with 
divided (branching) ornaments or 
patterns (sword). 

BCflBcdom*, 88BC- m. flight [scacan]. 

scsen an break. 

ge-ingnes(!)/. collision Gl. 

scaer = scear prt. of scieran. 

scaeppa = sceapa nail. 


-fot splay-footed. 

scafan 2 shave, polish ; scrape, shred. 

scafa m. plane (a tool). 

scafopa m., sceafp, SB what is 
shaved or scraped off. 

scaga m. copse. 

sealu /. shell, husk ; dish ; scale 
(of balance), pair of scales. 

scamjian be ashamed, also impers. 
w. a. or L. d. of per s., w. g or 
for d., w. sbj. : he ~ap pees, we 
-iap ure, menn (a.) ~ap for god- 
dsc'dum, him ~ap paet he cume. 

~ung f. being put to shame, dis- 

BCamol m. bench ; stool. 

scam u/. feeling of shame, modesty; 
disgrace ; private parts. 

-fsest ashamed ; modest. 

-full modest, chaste. 

~iac to be ashamed of, private 

-leas shameless, bold, wanton. 

-leaslic shameless, wanton. 

-leaslice av. shamelessly. 

~lic bashful ; disgraceful. 

-lice av disgracefully. 

~llest, 63. f. impudence, wantonness. 

~lim n. private member. 

scanc a m. shank of leg ; leg. 

-bend m. garter 

-gebeorg n. greave. 

-forod with broken leg. 

-gegierela m. garter. 

-llra'w. calf of leg. 

scand m. buffoon ; infamous man 
or woman. Cp. scand f. 

scand f. disgrace ; what is dis- 
graceful ; infamous woman. Cp. 
scand m. 

~full infamous. 

-hus n. brothel. 

-lie infamous ; unchaste ; disgrace- 
ful ; obscene ; causing shame. 

-lice av. disgracefully ; unchastely ; 
ignominiously ; insultingly. 

"licnes/l what is accompanied with 
disgrace; disgraceful ac ion. 

scand lufiende loving disgrace- 
fully Gl. 

-word n. abusive word ; obscene 

gescapen ptc. ^/"scifppan. 

~nes/. creation. 

scaru/. groin, private parts. 

scaru f. (hair) -cutting ; (sheepj- 
shearing; tonsure [scieran]. 

scapjian do mischief; steal, 
ennea. ~ung/ injury. 

scapa m. one who does harm, 
(public) enemy, criminal; thief; 
fiend ; fwarrior. 

BCapaf once m. injury, misfortune. 

sea pel (m.} weaving-implement. 

scea- often -- sea-. 

sceabb, ae m. scab. 

-ede scabby. 

sceac(e)re m. robber IN. 

scead n. shade ; protection. 

-iht shady. 

sceadd (m.) shad (a fish). 

-g nge ponne ~ bip when shad 
are in season. 

sceadu,//. scead(w)a,/. shadow; 
shade, darkness ; shady place, 
arbour, &c.; protection ; something 
unreal or unsubstantial, shadow. 

-geardw. shady enclosure, ! Tempe 

-gengaf tn. one who walks in 

-helmf m. darkness. 

sceadwjian, -dew- overshadow. 

-ung/ overshadowing. 

sceaf m. bundle, sheaf [scufan]. 

-m&lum av. sheafwise. 

sceaft m. shaft (of spear, arrow) ; 
spear ; pole ; measure of length 
six inches. 

~16, //. ~16n shaft-strap (to help in 
throwing spear). 

~riht(e) av. in a straight line. 

sceaft/>. creation ; what is created 

gesceaft fn. creation ; condition , 
nature; created thing, creature. 
coll. creation pa feower ~a 
elements; decree (of fate, God). 

sceagg a, eg m. hair of the head. 

~ede hairy-headed. 

bceal, L. sceall vb., pi. sculon, sbj. 
soyle, u, prt. scolde wdg. owe 
(money) ; obligation of duty, 
reasonableness, command, com- 
pulsion shall ; to show that a state- 
ment is made at second-hand: hi 


secdon peat pees hearperes wif 
soeolde acwelan died | often iv. 
ellipse of in/in. : hie to helle 
sculon go ; ne ~ cyrcan timber 
to scnigurn oprurn weorce be 
used for. 

scealc m. servant ; fman, warrior. 


^pyfel ; //. vE. scald( t)hy flas, 
scaldhulas m. bush, shrub. 

scealga m. a fish. 

sceallan//. testicles. 

sceam t , e&\ once m. white horse(?). 

scean-feld = scien-. 

sceap (.) pri\-ate part. 

gesceap n. creation ; created thing, 
creature ; form, shape ; nature ; 
destiny, decree (of fate) ; private 

-hwilf/. fated hour (of death). 

~lice av. fitly. 

sceap, , e, IN. scip n. sheep. 

-en sheep's. 

-heord /. flock of sheep. 

-heorden hovel, shed. 

-hierde m. shepherd. 

-scaru/. sheep-shearing. 

-WfBSCe/. place for washing sheep. 

~wic n. sheepfold. 

scear . ploughshare [scieran]. 

-beam m. wood to which plough- 
share is fixed. 

scear-seax, scier- n. razor. 

scear/;T. ^scieran. 

sceard I. notched, with pieces 
broken off or out ; gashed, muti- 
lated ; deprived wg. [scieranj. 

scearf ,ian scrape, shred [sceorf- 

~ung/! scraping, scarifying. 

acearflian scrape. 

scearn (.) dung. 

-wibba, -wifel m. beetle. 

scearon prt. pi. of scieran. 

scearp sharp ; rpngh ; pungent, 
acid, acrid ; sharp of speech ; 
severe (pain, hunger) ; energetic ; 
strong, sharp (medicine, sight, 
intellect) [scieran]. 

~e av. sharply, keenly (of seeing). 

-ecged sharp-edged. 

-lie keen ^inquiry), severe (tempta- 

-lice av. (heal) effectually, (see) 
keenly ; painfully. 

-nes /. pungency, acidity ; keen- 
ness (of sight, intellect). 




scearpjnumol efficacious (medi- 

-siene sharp-sighted. 

-smeaung/. argument. 

-panclice, -pancfulllce av. effi- 

-pancol acute (of mind). 

scearpje/ scarification. 

-ian scarify. 

~ung/. scarifying. 

scearra, sceara, vE. scerero, 
-uru//. shears, scissors [scieran] 

scoat m. piece of cloth, cloak, gar- 
ment ; lap, bosom, surface ; re- 
gion, quarter (of the earth) ; 
inlet (of the sea) Bd.; corner; 
projection [sceotan]. 

-codd m. wallet. 

-line/, sheet of sail, rope fastened 
to lower end of sail. 

gesceat-wyrpan [y = if ?] be- 
troth Gl. 

sceata ;. cloth, napkin ; bosom, 
lap ; corner, lower corner of sail. 

sceatt m. property ; money, sum ; 
payment, tribute, rent teopa ~ 
tithe ; bribe ; coin ; penny. 

sceap, /. sheath. 

sceapa, eo, scaepp- m. nail IN. 

sceaw|ian see ; scrutinize, recon- 
noitre ; regard (with favour) ; seek 
out, select, provide ; grant L. 

-end-spr&c, -wise/, buffoonery. 

-ere m. spectator ; spy ; watch- 
tower; mirror. 

-ung/ seeing, contemplation ; ex- 
amination ; regard for; ! pretence ; 
spectacle, show. 

gesceawian wda. make manifest, 
show (honour) ; see. 

scegp, sceip mf. swift ship [Scan. 

-mann m. pirate. Scandinavian. 

scene m. cup; draught. 

-an give to drink wda. 

-ing-cuppe /. cup from whkh 
drink is poured. 

scend an, i, y put to shame, injure 

(ge)-nes, ea/. shame, confusion. 

~ung, -ing/ abuse ; injury. 

SCfndle/ reproach, abuse IN. 

see nnf once plate of metal on 
handle of sword (?). 

gescento, -scejndpo/ shame, con- 
fusion [scand]. 

eceo- often - sco-, occ. = scu- 

sceo- often - sco-, occ . = scu-. 

sceo \ once cloud (?). 

sceonf wk. vb. happen vL. 
sceet happens wd. 

sceofan - scufan. 

sceohf timid (?). 

-mod timid (?). 

sceolh \vry, oblique. 

sceol eagede, -iege, soy- squint- 

sceolon = sculon. 

sceone = sciene. 

sceorf = scurf. 

gesceorf n. scurf. 

sceorfan 3 gnaw ; scarify ; ge- 
scrape, shied. 

sceorp n. dress. 

sceorpan 3 scrape, cause irritation 

sceot quick, ready. 

gesceot once quick, ready. 

sceotan 7 tr. shoot or throw mis- 
sile ; hit with missile ; move 
quickly, push, throw ; contribute, 
pay (money) ; refer case to person 
or court TV. to || intr. move 
quickly, rush, flow, run f</road), 
also met.; shoot (of pain). 

-endt in. warrior. 

sceota m. trout. 

sceopa = sceapa nail. 

seep = scyp patch. 

sceran = scieran. 

scerero = scearra. 

scericge, scern-/ female buffoon, 

scernicge, see scericge. 

scf p-. Cp. scgppan. 

-djed/. crime Gl. 

-nes/ injury. 

-WTSBC once noxious, wicked. 

sceppjan 2, prt. fscod, also wk. 
sc^pede wd. injure [scapa]. 

-endf tn- enemy. 

ge~endlic hurtful IN. 

sceppu, SB / injury. 

scia (m.} shin, leg Gl., IN. 

sciccels, scyccel m. cloak. 

sciccing, scic(g)ing, scinccing 
(m.) cloak Gl. 

scid . piece of wood split thin, 
stick (for lighting fire). 

-hreac m. heap of sticks. 

-weall m. fence. 

scielian*, y, e divide, remove 
- of male put (ships) out of 


scielcen/ female servant or slave ; 

prostitute [scealc]. 
scield m. shield ; protection, 
-burgt/ phalanx, testudo. 
-frecat m. wanior. 
-hreopa, ~repa, ~hreada m. 

shield ; testudo, phalanx. 
-truma m. phalanx, 
-weallf m. phalanx, testndo. 
-w^igaf m. warrior, 
-wyrhta m. shield-maker. 
gescield n. refuge, protection. 
Bcield an protect w. a. andvrty a. 

abs. ~ ongean make defence 

(against accusation). 
~en(n)*, i/ protection, 
(ge)-end m. protector. 
-ere m. protector, 
(ge)-nes/ protection. 
-ung/ protection. 
scielfan 3 intr. shake. 
scielfor yellow Gl. 
scif 11 / shell ; scale (of fish, snake) 

[scalu 1 . 

-fisc m shell-fish. 
-iht having a shell. 
sciell*, scylf resonant (?) R. 
scielian 3 intr. sound, 
scielle*, e destruction, slaughter 


scienje, eo beautiful. 
-feld*, I, ea m. Elysian field, 


scienes = scynes suggestion. 
scifpp|an 2, prt. scop, pic. sc(e)a- 

pen, se, e create ; form ; destine 

(a person to anything^, adjudge, 

wda. assign, give (name). 
-end, ge- m. Creator, 
scier-seax = scear-. 
scier]an, A. e(o), prt. scear, //. 

scearon, A. scaer, sceron cut, 

shear ptc. scoren cut short off, 

-ing/ shaving. 
scif r ian wda. allot, assign, grant 


-iendlic derivative (in grammar), 
-ung/. expulsion. 
scierdan injure, destroy [scear d]. 
scif rden of shards [sceard]. 
scierie-mus*, i / shrew-moufe 

scifrpan tr. sharpen ; incite, 

stimulate [scearp]. 
scierpan clothe, equip (soldiers) 





gescierpla m. clothing, clothes. 
sciete/. sheet, a cloth [sceat]. 
sciftan divide (land) ; arrange, 

scilhng m. shilling, a monetary 

unit of varying value. 
~rlm n*. reckoning by shillings. 
scimja m. shadow, gloom. 
~ian be dark ; be dazzled (of eyes) ; 

be bleared \of eyes \ 
sci ma, if >. light, brightness, 
-ian shine, glitter, 
scimrian shine, gleam. 
scin | an 6 shine; also fig. be con- 
spicuous, &c. 
-endlic bright. 

gescinan 6 /r. shine upon, illu- 
gescincio npl. the fat about the 

scin|n, scin, if [or *scinn], \ 

phantom, demon, devil. 
-Cffflft, scinn-, scin- m. magic, 

magic art or trick, 
-crfflftiga m. magician. 
-gedwola /. phantom. 
~hiw . phantom ; magic trick. 
-lac n. phantom ; magic, magic art 

or trick ; sup vrstition ; frenzy, 


~gelac n. magic art or trick, 
-leeca, -laca m. magician. 
-Ij&ce/l sorceress, 
-l&ce, ~lac-, IN. scinelac- magic ; 


-lie*, IN. scinelic spectral. 
~seoc spectre-haunted, 
scinn*, y n. skin, fatvL. [Scand.]. 
scinna m. spectre, demon. 
scinnere m. magician. 
scinnes*, scinis/. light IN. 
scin|u/. shin. 
-ban n shin-bone. 
~hosu_/i greave. 
scip . ship. 
-biemeyi ship-trumpet. 
~broc n. hardship on board ship. 
-gebroc . shipwreck. 
-brucol causing shipwreck. 
-bryce m. what drifts ashore from 

wrecked ships. 
~crft m. naval power, force of 


-drincende drowning IN. 
-faereld . voyage. 
-feet n. vessel or dish in the form of 

a ship. 

scip farend m. sailor. 

-gefeoht n. naval battle. 

-gefere . going by ship. 

-terend m. sailor. 

-fierd/". naval expedition, fleet. 

-fifrdung, -ing f. naval expe- 
dition ; fitting out fleet; fleet. 

-flota m. sailor, pirate. 

-fultum m. naval reinforcements. 

-fyllej) private jurisdiction exer- 
cised over a group of three 

-fyrprung, -fyrpung, -forpung 
/. fitting out ships. 

-gield n. tax for maintaining 

-hamor m. hammer whose sound 
directed rowers. 

-here m. fleet ; crew of a war- 

-herelic naval Gl. 

~hlaed(d)er/. ship's ladder. 

-hlaest m. transport (ship); crew. 

-hlaford m. master of ship. 

-incel n. small ship. 

-lad/ sailing. 

-lie naval. 

-lip n. naval force Z. \_Scand. ]. 

-lijjende going in ship. 

-mfier(e)ls m. ship-rope. 

-mann m. sailor, rower ; one who 
goes on trading voyages. 

-rap m. cable. 

~ref>ra m. sailor. 

-ropor n. oar ; rudder. 

-rowend m. rower, sailor Gl. 

-ryne m. passage or channel for 

-setl . rowers' bench. 

-soon/. = -fyllep. 

-steal! m. place for ship(s), docks. 

-steorra m. Pole-star. 

-stiera, eo m. steersman, pilot. 

-getawii//. fittings of a ship. 

-teoro n., -teara m. pitch. 

-toll m. fare, passage-money. 

-wealh m. one liable to serve in 
the fleet (?). 

-weardf m. ship-master. 

-werod n. crew. 

~wise_/! form of a ship. 

-wyrhta m. ship-builder. 

scip-ffltere, -et- m. sheep's carcase 
LL. Cp. sceap. 

scip|ian equip or man (ship) || intr. 

~ere m. sailor. 


SCipe m. dignity, office ; wages, 

scipen, y /. stall, fold (for cattle 

or sheep). 
sclr f. office, administration ; dis- 

trict, shire, diocese, parish. 
-biscop m. bishop of a diocese. 
-lett (.) piece or measure of land 

Ct. Cp. geoc-led. 
-(e)mann, scirig- m. official, 

steward ; procurator , native of a 


-gemot n. shire-mote. 
~gerefa m. judicial president of a 

shire, sheriff. 

-gesceatt n. property of a see. 
-pegen m. thane of a shire. 
~(e ] wita m. chief man of shire. 
sclr transparent, clear (weather) ; 

bright, glittering, white, brilliant ; 

pure (wine) ; clear (voice) ; splen- 


-baso bright purple. 
~e av. brightly; clearly (of voice). 
-ecg bright-edged. 
-hamf in bright armour. 
-m&ledf with bright ornaments 


-wered bright (light). 
scir|an declare, tell, speak ; make 

a distinction, distinguish, decide ; 

wg. get clear or rid of. 
-nes/i explanation. 
scitan 6 cacare. 
SCitol purgative. 
scitte/ diarrhoea. 
sco, see scon. 

scofettan drive (hither and thither) 


scofly! shovel [scufan]. 
sc5g(e)an, scoian, sedan, ptc. 

gescod shoe, put on shoes, furnish 

with shoes. 

scdung/. supplying with shoes. 
scon, sco m., pi. scos shoe. 
-cny 11 m. signal for putting on shoes. 
-ere m. shoemaker. 
-nfflgl m. shoe-nail. 
-pegn m. servant who attends to 


-pwang m. boot-lace. 
-wyrhta m. shoemaker, worker in 


scolde/rr". ^sceaL 
scol [/V.I, scolu [Z/.] / school. 

See scolu. 




scol-mann m. learner. 

gescola m. debtor [sceal]. 

gescola m. schoolfellow. 

scol(i)ere m. pupil, learner. 

scolju /. troop, host [Lt. schola 
school in L. sense ^corporation, 

-mann m. client, follower. 


-hylte (.) thicket Gl. 

scop tn. poet. 

-craeft m. poetry. 

-leop n. poem. 

-lie poetical. 

-gereord n. poetical language. 

scop prt. of scieppan. 

scoppa m. shed, booth. 

scorian intr. refuse. 

scorian project (of stones from 

scoren//<-. 0/"seieran. 

scort, cpv. scyrtra, spl. scyrtest, 
short, not tall ; of time short, brief. 

~ian intr. shorten (of days) ; run 
short, fail. 

~lic short (time). 

-lice av. of time quickly, soon ; 
(narrate) briefly. 

-nes f. shortness (of time) ; short 
space of time ; epitome, summary. 

-wierplic*, y (dream) of early 

scot. shot, shooting ; \once eo rush, 
darting (of salmon) [sceotan]. 

-freo free from impost L. 

-spere . javelin. 

scot-lira m. calf of leg. 

gescot n., of ten coll. missile weapons, 
bow and arrow ; arrow ; shooting, 
darting (missiles) ; flight of mis- 
siles | contribution, payment | part 
of building shut off from the rest, 

-feoht n. fight with missiles. 

scot ian shoot (a person) ; shoot 
or hurl (weapon) || intr. move 

-ung/ shooting ; missile. 

Scot |tas mpl. Irish ; Scotch. 

-land n. Ireland ; Scotland. 

scradf R. 

scrsef . cave ; den ; hovel. 

scraef*, v E. screeb, e (m.} cormo- 
rant (1). 

gescraepe = gescrepe. 

scrffitteyi adulteress, prostitute. 

serallettanf sound loudly intr. 

scread, -e/. shred, paring. 

-ian pare. 

screadung /. pruning, trimming ; 
what is pared off, shred. 

-isen n. pruning-knife. 

screawa m. shrew-mouse. 

scremman make to stumble 

screnc|an put stumbling-block in 
the way of, trip up ; injure morally 
[scrincan ; cp. serf mman]. 

ge~ednes/. tripping up. 

gescrence withered IN. 

screpan 5 scrape. 

gescrep e.screpe, oe, 1 suitable, fit. 

-elice av. fitly. 

-nes/. convenience. 

screpu*, eo f. curry-comb, strigil 

scric shrike (a bird). 

scrid . carriage, chariot, litter 

-waagn m. chariot. 

-wisa m. charioteer. 

scride*, -pet once course, orbit (of 
stars) [scripan]. 

scriden/A:. of scripan. 

gescrif n. edict [sorifan]. 

scrifan6 decree; wda. allot, assign, 
impose (penance), wd. shrive || care 
for, reck w, g. , d. or for d. 

scrifenf R. 

scrift ;.. legal penalty ; penance ; 
judge ; confessor, priest who hears 
confession [sorifan]. 

-bocy. book stating penances to be 
imposed after confession, confes- 
sional ; discourse on penance. 

-scir/. confessor's district. 

-sprtfec/i confession. 

scrimman 3 be drawn up or 
permanently bent (of limbs). 

serin n. receptacle for valuables, 
coffer ; shrine ; ark (of the cove- 
nant) ; cage in which a criminal is 
confined \_Lt. scrinium]. 

scrincan 3 intr. wither, fade ; 
shrink, contract; be dispirited. 

scripp (m.) bag, wallet. 

scritta m. hermaphrodite Gl. 

seripan 6 move smoothly, glide, 
go, wander; come on, go on (of 
light, darkness, time). 

scrips = scride. 

scrofell (n.} scrofula [Z/.]. 

ecrud n. dress, garment. 

-fultum m. supplying clothing. 


scrud|land n. land to provide 

~waru/. dress. 

8crudn ( ian, scrutn- investigate. 

~ung/ investigation. 

scruf = scurf. 

scrybb/. underwood. 

scrydan dress ; provide with 
clothes, clothe ; put on (clothes , 
dress oneself in waa., w. a. and 
mid d. [scrud]. 

scrydels-hus*, scru- n. vestry. 

scrynce once withered IN. [serin- 

scua = scu wa. 

scuccla, sceo- m. demon, devil. 

-gield n. idol. 

scufan, sceo-, ptc. scofen, IN. y, 

7 tr. push ut launch (ship) ; 

- Mm to handa deliver up ; push 
(a person's cause) ; prompt 
(thought) ; f cause to appear 
(night, dawn) || intr. move, fall. 

scudanf, uf once hasten (">} intr. 

sculdor m., pi. -dm, -a shoulder. 

-hrssgl n. cape. 

-ware m. pain in the shoulders. 

gesculdru = gescyldru. 

soul on, see sceal. 

scult-heta = scyld-. 

scun|ian, IN. giscynia avoid ; 
fear ; abhor. 

~ung/! abomination. 

SCUr m. shower (of rain, hail) ; gust 
(of wind) ; shower (of missiles). 

-beorgf m. roof. 

~bogaf m. rainbow. 

-fag showery (winter). 

-heardf hardened by striking 

~m&lum*, scyr- av. stormily. 

-sceadu f/i protection again st storm s 
or weather. 

scurf, eo, scruf (/.) scurf. 

-ede, -ende scurfy. 

scutel (m.) dish [Lt. scutula]. 

scu(w)a, uf m. shadow ; darkness ; 
protection ; unreality. 

gescy, A. oe . pair of shoes [scon]. 

scy^an, soyh- suggest, persuade, 

-nes*, scienesyi suggestion. 

scyfe m. falling headlong ; preci- 
pitation, hastiness ; furtherance ; 
instigation [scufan]. 

scyfel, scyfle f. woman's head- 
dress Gl. 




gescygean provide with shoes Ct. 

scyhtanf instigate. Cp. scyan. 

scyl = sciell. 

scyld/ guilt ; debt, due [sceal]. 

-frecuf/. wicked greed. 

-full guilty. 

-hfflta, scultheta m. bailiff. 

-hataf M. wicked persecutor, 

~leas guiltless. 

-wrecende punishing guilt. 

~wyrcende evil-doing. 

gescyldan, -ian charge, accuse. 

scyldian = seyldan, seyldgian. 

seyldgfian, scyld ig ian sin. 

-ling/ criminal charge. 

scyldig w.g. (i.) guilty; respon- 
sible for ; bound by obligation ; 
liable to (punishment) ; having 
forfeited, liable to lose (life, 

~nes/. guilt IN. 

gescyldru, -sculdru, -sculdre//. 
shoulders [sculdor]. 

scyle, see sceal. 

scylf m. peak, crag; pinnacle, 

scylfe/. shelf, ledge ; floor, story. 

scylfig*, scylpig rocky Gl. 

scylfrung [y = ie?]/. once swing- 
ing (of lamps) intr. (?), bright- 
ness (?). 

scynian = scunian. 

scyndjan hasten intr. and tr. ; 
incite, exhort. 

-endllce av. hastily. 

scyndel m. disreputable one, cad 
(^Jupiter !). 

8c yP e m - patch piece of cloth. 

scypian once take shape, be 

scypen = scipen stall. 

scyr-maslum = scur-. 

scyrft once cutting (?) Gl. [sceorf- 

scyrt|an tr. shorten || intr. run 
short, fail IN. [scort]. 

-ing/ abridgement, epitome. 

scyrte/. skirt, tunic Gl. 

scyrtest, scyrtra, see scort. 

scyte m. shooting ; stroke, blow ; 
missile, dart [sceotan]. 

-fingor, soytel- m. forefinger. 

-heald, -healden sloping, ob- 
lique ; steep. 

-rias m. headlong rush. 

scytel (m.) missile, dart, arrow 

scytel (m.) dung [sceotan]. 

acytels, tt, soytel, tt m. bar, bolt 

scyttan discharge (debt). 

scytta m. archer. 

scyttel(s) =scytels. 

Scyttisc I. Irish ; Scotch. II. n. the 
Irish 0rScotch language [Bcottas]. 

se, neut. J>set, i, J>y, fion that one, 
he paet wtiron Finnas they 
were Finns ; rel. who ; the. 

se- = swa-. 

seada m. hiccup (?), heartburn (?). 
Cp. seapa [seopan]. 

seah/r/. of aeon see. 

seald ptc . of sellan . 

-nes/. giving. 

gc~nes/ grant (of land). 

sealas/V. </sealh. 

sealf, ~ef. ointment. 

~box m. box of ointment. 

-cynn n. kind of ointment. 

~ian salve, anoint. 

-l&cnung, -l&cung/. treatment 
with ointments, pharmacy. 

sealh, pi. sealas m. willow. 

~beorg m. willow-hill. 

-(h)angra m. willow-slope. 

~,h)yrst/ willow-copse. 

-rind/! willow-bark. 

sealm, tp)salm, psealm m. psalm 
[Z/. psalmus |. 

-cwide m. psalm. 

-feat n. psalm-vessel (!). 

-gliw, -glig n. psalmody. 

-ian play on the harp. 

~leo)> n. psalm. 

-lof n. psalm. 

-lofian sing psalms. 

~sang m. psalm ; psalmody ; com- 
posing psalms. 

~scop m. psalmist. 

-getffil . number of psalms. 

-traht m. commentary on psalms. 

-wyrhta m. psalmist. 

sealma = selma . 

sealt I. n. salt. II. aj. salt, salted. 

-earn, -ern n. salt-works. 

-broc OT. brook running from salt- 

-en salted. 

-ere m. salt-worker, 
feet n. salt-cellar. 

-halgung/. benediction of salt. 

~herpaj> m. road to salt-works. 


sealt hus n. salt-house. 

-leaf . a plant (?). 

-leag /. salt meadow Ct. 

-rngre m. brackish pool. 

-nes/. saltness. 

-saslepa m. saltness. 

-seap m. salt-spring. 

-stan m. rock salt ; pillar of salt. 

-street/, road to salt-works. 

~wic n. place where salt is sold. 

-wielle/. salt-spring. 

~yj>t/ salt-wave. 

sealt|ian, a dance [Lt. saltare]. 

-icge/. female dancer. 

seam m. seam [siwian]. 

-ere m. tailor. 

-estre /. sempstress, dressmaker ; 
tailor (man). 

-sticca m. a weaving implement. 

seam m. burden, load ; furniture of 
a beast of burden ; bag ; supply- 
ing the lord with beasts of burden 
[Lt. sagma]. 

-hors n. pack-horse. 

~p|n(d)ing m. toll of a penny on a 
load (of salt). 

-sadol m. pack-saddle. 

seimere m. beast of burden, mule 
Gl. [ILt. sagmarius]. 

sear, oaf dry, withered ; barren. 

-ian wither ; pine away. 

searo ., g. searwes (good or bad) 
device, contrivance ; skill | work 
ol skill, machine; armour, arms | 
cunning ; treachery. 

-bgndf mfn. cunning clasp. 

-bundenf cunningly bound. 

-caegt/. insidious key. 

-eeap \ n. curious object. 

-cenef brave. 

-craeft m. skill ; artifice ; treachery ; 
plot ; machine. 

-craBftig skilful ; wily. 

-ia^t cunningly variegated. 

~gimm m. precious stone. 

-grimmf fierce, brave. 

~haebbend(e)t m. warrior. 

-hwit n. (clear) whiteness. 

-lie clever, ingenious. 

-lice av. cunningly, ingeniously, 
with art. 

-nettf n. corslet ; net of guile, 

-nipt m., gen. pi. treachery ; hos- 
tility ; warlike enterprise. 

-pilf m. pointed instrument. 

-runt/, cunning mystery. 




searo|S89ledt cunningly bound. 

-pane m., gen. pi. skill ; sagacity ; 
artifice, wile. 

-pancol clever, wise. 

-geprtBCf n. treasure. 

-wrenc m. artifice, wile. 

-wundorf n. wonderful object. 

searw|ian act treacherously or 

~ung/. treachery, artifice. 

seap m. pit, cistern ; pond, lake. 

seapa m. heartburn (?). Cp. seada 

seaw, sea n. juice, liquid part of 

geseaw succulent. 

seax n. knife; short sword, dagger. 

-bennf/ wound. 

Seaxle, ~an mpl. Saxons. 

-land n. England. 

sec] an, oe, prt. sohte seek, try to 
find ; try to get ; try to find out, 
investigate, inquire ; visit, go to ; 

-nes*, oe/. visitation IN. 

secgf m- man, warrior. 

8BCg m. sedge, flag (a plant). 

-ihtig sedgy. 

~leac n. rush garlic. 

-scara, -escere m. corncrake 

secgf/. sword. 

-plegaf m. battle. 

sf eg*, segg, seeg the sea Gl. Cp. 

secg-roff (?). 

secgjan, prt. seegde, s&de, imper. 
saga Wiia. (wg.) say, tell (story), 

recite on a. accuse : - on hine 

selfne ; attribute to on - wda. 
accuse : him gylt on - ; signify, 

-a m. informant. 

~ef/. speaking, speech. 

-end m. speaker ; narrator. 

gesedanf satisfy [seed]. 

sedl -setl. 

seding-line = steding-. 

sefaf m. mind, heart. 

soft cpv ofsofte. 

seftie, ge- not accompanied with 
discomfort, easy, mild, comfort- 
able ; mild, gentle (person). 

-nes/. quiet ; easy life. 

Sfgen, 883- / assertion, statement; 
report, story; narrative 

gesegen, so /. conversation, state- 

gesegen//f <j/"seon. 

segl nm. sail. 

-bosm. m. swelling out of sail, sail 
swelled out by the wind. 

~gierd/7w. sail-yard. 

-radf/. sea. 

-gerSdu npl. tackle. 

-rod./, sail-yard. 

segl , an, ~ian = siglan sail. 

ge~ed provided with a sail (of ship). 

~ing/. sailing. 

segn mn. sign, mark ; banner [Z/. 

-berendf m. warrior. 

-bora m. standard-bearer. 

-cyningf m. king. 

segnjian, sen- make sign of cross 
on, bless. 

-ung/. blessing-, consecration. 

segne/. drag-net [Li. sagena]. 

seht I. mf. agreement, settlement : 
peace, friendship. II. aj. agreed, 
at peace. 

-an, -ian bring to an agreement 
with one another ; settle (dispute . 

(ge)-nea /. reconciliation, agree- 

*sehtlian, ae, a bring to agreement 
Z. ; come to agreement vL. 

sel, oe, selor av . cpv. no positive}, 
spl. -est, ~ost well in its various 
meanings, especially as regards 
health and liking : sona him 
bip - he will soon be better 
(well) ; pa menn pe ic mines 
erfes soelest onn. sel appears 
sometimes to have the meaning of 
a positive. 

seldf n. seat, throne ; residence 

-gumaf nt. (?). 

geseldaf m. companion, retainer. 

seldjan, -on, -urn av., cpv. 
~(n)or, spl. ~ost seldom. 

-cup, selcup unfamiliar ; wonder- 

-cyme m. rare visit. 

~hwonne, a, BB av. rarely. 

-siene unfamiliar, rare. 

selde oncef. porch Gl. 

seldlic = sellic. 

seldor, s eldest, see seldan. 

s^lef m. hall, dwelling, house [seel]. 

-dream m. festivity. 

-full n. festive cup. 


selejgiest /. stranger in hall. 

-raSdend m. hall ruler, house- 

-rst/ bed in hall. 

-(ge)scot . tabernacle, dwelling 

-secg m. retainer. 

-pegn m. chamberlain. 

-'weard m. hall-guardian. 

gesele m. tabernacle Gl. 

selen, y, sullen /. gift ; grant ; 
liberality [sellan]. 

selle)nes/. ! tradition. 

gesflenes /. IN. giving ; tradition. 

selest, see sel, selra. 

self, i, y, eo, -a self; same. 

-abta m. cannibal. 

-aete/. a plant. 

~bana,~cwala m. suicide (person). 

-cwalu/ suicide (action). 

~(e)dema m. independent (a kind 
of monk). 

-dom m. doing as one likes, inde- 

-lice I. n. conceit, egotism. II. aj. 

-lices av. voluntarily. 

-myrpra m. suicide (person) Gl. 

-myrprung/. suicide (action). 

-sceaite | not born of woman (of 

-swegend m. vowel. 

-wealdlice av. arbitrarily. 

-will n. one's own will. 

-wille spontaneous. 

-willende voluntary. 

-willes av. voluntarily. 

selfe av. swa - in the same way, 

sell an, IW. y, prt. sealde wda. 
give in its various meanings 
~ wip weorps sell ; give up, sur- 
render, betiay feorh - die ; 
sell [salu]. 

- a m. giver. 

-end m. giver; betrayer. 

sellic, syllic, seldlic strange, won- 
derful ; excellent, admirable. 

sellice, y av. wonderfully; excel- 

sella = selra. 

selma, once ea m. couch, bed. 

selra, sella, s>lla cpv. (no posi- 
tive)^ spl. selest, oe, selost good 
in its various meanings, also as 
regards rank, value, prosperity, 
health. Cp. sel. 




aeltra, vE. sseltna m. a. bird 
(robin ?). 

selp*, set once/, dwelling [sgle]. 

gesem n. reconciliation. 

sem an tr. bring to an agreement 
(two persons) ; settle (dispute) ; 
satisfy (person in matter of doubt] 
|| intr. arbitrate [som]. 

~a m. arbitrator. 

~end m. arbitrator, umpire. 

Bemnendllce av. by chance Gl. 

semninga, samn-, -unga av. sud- 
denly, forthwith. 

eemtinges = sam tinges. 

senian = segnian. 

sencan tr. sink [sincan]. 

Bf nd|an send ; throw ; put ; emit 

-lie to be sent. 

~nesy. dismissal. 

senep, sin-, -op m. mustard \_Lt. 

~8ed . mustard-seed. 

sengan m. singe, scorch [singan], 

seno}> = sinop. 

seo / pupil of eye [seon]. 

Beo/em. ofse. 

seo, see seon. 

seo = sie sbj. 

seon, gen ge- in lV.,prt. seah, //. 
sawon, A. segon, ptc. sewen, , 
A. segen see : geseah bine 
standan or standendne ; see fit, 
decree ; him wees gesewen past 
. . it appeared to him. 

seon, (he) sihp*, A. tA\>,prt. sah, 
ptc. siwen, eo, sigen 7 strain, 
filter || intr. exude, flow. 

seoc ill, f wounded ; morally dis- 
eased ; sad. 

~nes/l illness, disease. 

seod m. purse, pouch. 

-ciest/ coffer Gl. 

seodo = sidu. 

seof |ian, e, y, eof sigh ; lament. 

-ungy 1 ". lamenting. 

seofon, sryfon, sibun seven. 

-feald sevenfold. 

~fealdlice av. sevenfold. 

-leafe/ setfoil (a plant). 

~nihte seven days old (moon). 

-stierre (.) the Pleiades. 

-teogopa, -teopa seventeenth. 

seofon -tiene seventeen. 

~nihte seventeen days old (moon). 

-wintre seventeen years old. 

seofon tig = hund- seventy. 

seofon- wintre seven years old. 

seofopa seventh. 

seoh imper. of seon. 

seoh-pe*, A. sehpe interj. behold ! 
[seoh, pu]. 

seohhey. strainer [seon]. 

seohtre, i /. drain, ditch Ct. 

seolas pi. of seolh. 

seolc = seoloc. 

seolfor, i, y n. silver. 

-feet n. silver vessel. 

-hammen plated with silver 

-hilte, ~hilted silver - hilled 

~smip m. silversmith. 

-stycce . piece of silver, coin. 

~gewiht n. scale of weight by which 
silver is weighed. 

seolfren, y, i of silver. 

seolh, pi. seolas m. seal (animal). 

~baapf n. sea. 

seoloc, seolc (m.) silk. 

-en, silcen of silk. 

~wyrm m. silkworm. 

seolopf, eof siolepa bigong sea. 

seomianf. e, eof lie, lie heavy ; 
hang, hang heavy (of clouds) ; 
stand, remain. 

seono, sen-, sinu, sin(e)we, pi. 
seon(o)wa, sinay". sinew. 

~bend mf. bond made of sinews. 

~bennty sinew-wound. 

~dolg . sinew-wound. 

~wind*, sine~ artery. 

seono- wealt --- sine-. 

seonop, sen-, sin- m. synod, meet- 
ing, council \_Lt ]. 

-bocy. book containing decrees of 

-dom m. decree of a synod. 

-lie synodal. 

-stow /. place for synod, meeting- 

-gewrit n. records of synod. 

seoslig once f afflicted [susl]. 

seopan 7 tr. boil ; cook ; met. 
purify ; afflict. 

seow(i)an = slwian. 

serede prt. of sif rwan. 

sescley. sixth part [Lt. sextula]. 

sess (.) seat, bench. 

~ianf subside. 

sester, seoxter m. jar, pitcher ; 
a measure (wet or dry) [Lf. sex- 


set . camp gen. pi. ; stall (for 
animals), fold ; sunset, place of 
sunset [sittan]. 

~gang m. sunset. 

-hrajgl . cloth for covering seat. 

set-porn m. a tree Ct. 

geset-, pi. ~uf . seat, dwelling. 

geset- ambush IN. 

seten/Yc. ^/"sittan. 

Sten/. shoot, slip ; plantation. 

setl, A. sedel, sepel n. sitting; resi- 
dence ; siege | seat, throne ; abode ; 
see | setting (of sun, <Src.) : sigan 
to -e, gan on~ | hind quarters, 

-gang m. setting (of the sun, 

-gangende setting (sun). 

-hrasgl n. covering for a seat. 

-radt/. setting (of the sun). 

setl | an settle tr. 

~ungy. sitting down, setting of the 

gesetla m. fellow-judge. 

f. foundation, creation ; position ; 
institution, arrangement; law ; will, 
testament ; narrative ; literary 
composition, figure of speech ; 
sentence, paragraph. 

sett an put, set in their various 
meanings ; make to sit : sette 
hine to him by his side ; set down 
(what one is carrying) ; plant ; 
lay foundations of, build, found 
(city) | set met. : - hine on borg 
make him security; -himnaman; 
- ongean a. compare with ; - to 
gafole let land ; ~ hine of his 
rice depose | fix (day), establish 
(law) ; appoint (officer) ; create ; 
compose (book) | make a state- 
ment | make, do : sipas ~ go | 
allay, settle (quarrel) II intr. settle, 
alight w. on, ofer a. ; diminish 
(<T/" swelling', subside (of flood), 
abate (of pain) || 8efter~ go in 
pursuit, him on ~ put on (crown) ; 
impose (name, commission). - ut 
issue (summonses) ; expel ; dis- 
miss (from service). 

-endf m. ordainer, appointer. 

gesettjan people, garrison w. mid 
d. ; and the meanings of settan. 

-endlic appointed. 

sep|an assert, protest; prove [sop]. 

(ge)-end m. asserter. 




(ge^sepung/. assertion; proof, 
sepeana = swa-peana however, 
seppe = sehpe. 
gesewen/fr. of aeon. 
-lie, -saw-, -seg- visible. 
~lice av. visibly. 
sex = siex. 
si is sbj. 

sibb I. f. relationship ; spiritual 
relationship; friendliness; peace, 
public security ; peace of mind, 
happiness. II. aj. related, akin, 
-sepelingf m- related prince. 
-gebyrdaf //. relationship. 
-cwide m. fair words. 
~gedryht f. band of kinsmen ; 

peaceful band. 

-faec . degree of relationship. 
~georn(n)es f. pacific disposition, 

friendliness; love. 
-lac . peace-offering, 
-leger . incest, 
-lie of peace. 
ge~lice av. peacefully, 
(ge)-ling m. kinsman. 
-lufu/. friendship, love, 
-gemagasf mpl. kinsmen. 

ge-nesyi relationship. 

-rfflden(n)/. relationship. 

~gesih.p/! vision of peace. 

sibbsum, ge- peaceable, pacific ; 

ge~ian reconcile. 

(ge)-lice av. peaceably. 

(ge)-nes/. peace. 

ge-ung/. peace-making. 

gesibb related, akin. 

sibbian reconcile. 

sic . watercourse. 

sican sigh ; long (for) w. aefter d. 

sice m. sigh. 

sicerian ooze (of water into leaky 
ship) [sic]. 

sicettjan, cc sigh ; lament. 

~ung/. sighing, sigh ; lamentation 

sicol m. sickle. 

sicor secure, certain of vug. \_Lt. 

Bid spacious, capacious, broad 
(shield), long (clothes'). 

~e av. widely, extensively and 

wide, wide and - far and wide. 

-faepmet, -ffflpmedf broad- 
bosomed (ship). 

-feaxe, -feaxode long-haired. 

-folc . multitude, great nation. 

-landf n. spacious land. 

sid|randf m. broad shield. 
~wegf m. long way, //. distance, 
sidjianf once extend intr. (]). 
-\mgf. augmentation, extension. 
sidan av. widan and - far and 

side / side (of body, of house, 

&c. ) ; to mark direction (on the 

other) side ; of descent (on the 

father's) side. 
-adl/. pleurisy. 
-ece m. side-ache. 
-waerc, ~wr8ec m. pain in the side. 
sid|e/. silk [Lt. seta]. 
~en of silk, 
-wyrm m. silkworm. 
sideware /. zedoary \_Lt. zedo- 

sidling-weg m. oblique or side 

road (?) Ct. 
sid u, eo m. custom, habit; ob- 
servance ; good morals, chastity. 
~efull chaste ; decorous (dress) ; 

respectable, good. 
-efullice av. virtuously, 
-efulnes/. morality, chastity. 
~elic sedate, modest. 
-elice av. suitably, properly. 
sie is sbj. 
siecljian sicken, be ill wearp or 

wees ge~od was taken ill [seocj. 
sieltan salt, season [sealt]. 
sieman load [seam]. 
sien f. power of seeing, sight 


gesiene visible ; evident. 
~lic visible. 
-lice av. visibly. 
sierce /., sgrc, syr(i)c m. shirt ; 

sierpan*, e have intercourse (with 

woman) IN. 
sierwjan, syrewian, syrian, prt. 

-de, sierede, syrode tr. devise ; 

lie in wait for, plot, conspire : 

~ ymb nine, ~ ymb his feorh ; 

ptc. ge~ed armed [seam]. 
~ung/. lying in wait for, plotting, 

siex, i six. 
-ecge hexagonal. 
~feald sixfold. 
-fete (verse) of six feet. 
-gilde requiring sixfold payment or 

-hynde of a class whose wergield 

is 600 shillings. 


siex hyrnede six-cornered. 
-nihte six days old. 
~ta, IN. se(i)sta sixth, 
-teopa sixteenth. 
siextig sixty. 

-ere sixty-oared (ship) [ar]. 
-feald sixty-fold. 
-opa, sixteogopa sixtieth. 
-wintre sixty years old. 
siex-tiene sixteen. 
-nihte sixteen days old. 
-wintre sixteen years old. 
sife n. sieve. 

sifepa, sifpa, seof- fpl, msg. sift- 
ings, bran ; tares, weeds (!). 
siftan sift. . 

gesig . victory IN. 

sigan 6 intr. fall, descend also fig. ; 

move, go ; of time come : Agus- 

tus (the month) sihp to m annum . 
sigan 6 = seou 6 intr. drain out, 

ooze ; tr. strain, filter. 
sige (m.) setting (of the sun) [sigan]. 
sige m. victory, success. 
-beacn . trophy ; banner. 
~beag, IN. sigbeh m. crown, 
-beamf m. tree of victory, the cross. 
-bearnf . Christ. 
-beorht triumphant. 
~beornf m. victorious warrior, 
-biemef f. trumpet proclaiming 


-broporf m. victorious brother. 
-cempaf m. victorious warrior. 
-cwenf_/i victorious queen. 
-demat m. triumphant judge, God, 

-dryhten m. victorious lord, king; 


-eadig victorious, 
sigefffist, ge- victorious, trium- 
phant ; glorious. 
-an, IN. gesigfaestnian triumph ; 


-nes/. triumph, 
sige gefeoht n. victory Bd. 
-folcf . victorious people. 
-gealdorf n. victory-bringing 


-g^erd/. rod that brings success. 
-hremig triumphant. 
-hrept (1). 
-hrepigf triumphant. 
-hwilt/- time of victory. 
-leant n. reward of victory, prize, 





aigeleas defeated ; unsuccessful 
(expedition) ; (song) telling of 

~leoj) n. song of triumph. 

-lie victorious Gl. 

-tnecef m. victorious sword. 

-reaf . triumphal robe Gl. 

-rlcet triumphant. 

-rof |- triumphant, glorious. 

-sceorpf n triumphal apparel. 

-slpt m. successful expedition. 

-spedf/ success, ability. 

-tacn n. sign of victory ; sign. 

-tibert n. sacrifice. 

-torhtt triumphant. 

-tudorf n victorious progeny. 

-peod/. victorious people. 

-preatt m. triumphant band. 

~puf*t m. victory- banner. 

-w&pen . victorious weapon. 

-wangt n. plain of victory. 

-wiff n. victorious woman. 

sigelt, segl, if (.) sun ; (he 
Runic letter s. 

-beorhtf sunny, bright ns the sun. 

~hearwa, sal- m. Ethiopian. 

-hearwen Ethiopian. 

-hweorfa m., -hweorfe /. helio- 
trope (a plant). 

~torhtf radiant 

-waru/!, -ware//. Ethiopians. 

sig(e)l (n.) brooch, jewel. 

sigend m. wave Gl. 

sigerje, pi. sir-as m. glutton Gl. 

-ian be gluttonous Gl. 

siglan sail [segl]. 

sig(e)le n. necklace. 

sigle/. rye [Z/. secale]. 

sigor(t) m. triumph, victory. 

-beaenfw. sign of victory, the cross. 

-beorhtt triumphant. 

-cynn r victorious race. 

-eadigf victorious. 

-ffflst victorious. 

-faestnes/. victoriousness. 

-leant . reward of victory, prize. 

-lie triumphal Gl. 

-spedt/. success. 

-tacnf . convincing sign. 

-tibert n. sacrifice. 

-weorct n. victory. 

-wuldort n. glory. 

sigor ian, sig(e)rian triumph. 

-iend m. victor. 

sigsonte/. a plant. 

slht|e marshy (?) : on -re meede 
Ct. [aeon 6], 

sihtre = seohtre ditch. 

fj, -siht/1 power of sight ; act 

of seeing or looking at ; what is 

seen ; vision, apparition [aeon], 
gesihp (he) sees. 
Sfl = Sigel-. 
silfren = seolfren. 
silfring*, y m. silver coin. 
slmaf m. bond, chain, 
simbel, y, siml on ~ always. 
-farende nomadic, 
-gefera m. constant companion. 
simering- wyrt = ay-. 
siml e, simble, y av. continuously, 


~es av. always. 
-ian frequent IN. 
-unga, -inga av. always, 
gesinlice av. often, 
sint and IN. his, its, her, their, 
sin-biernende ever- burning. 
sinct n. treasure, anything precious, 

gold, jewels, 
-brytta m. king Pr. 
-ffflt n. precious vessel, 
-fag variegated or adorned with gold, 
-giefa m. giver of treasure, lord, 
-giefu/ costly gift, 
-gimm m. jewel. 
-hroden adorned with gold, 
-mapni m. treasure, 
-stan m. jewel, 
-gestreon . treasure. 
-jjfgu/; receiving treasure. 
~gew&ge n. R. 

-weorpiing/ costly gift, jewel, 
sin-caldu = *sin-cildo. 
sincan 3 sink ; be easily digestible, 

act as aperient (<yfood). 
sin-cifldo*, -caldut /. perpetual 

sind are. 
sinder cinder ; impurity of metal, 


~6m m. rust. 

sin-dolg*, syn-t great wound. 
sin-dreamt m. everlasting joy. 
sindon are. 
sineht, see seono. 
sine-weal t, sin-, seono-, alone-, 

-weald round, circular ; spherical, 

globular ; (building) with a dome. 
-ian reel, tetter, 
-nes/i roundness, 
sin-freat *#. husband, 
siu-fulle/. houseleek. 


singal continuous, lasting ; ever- 
lasting ; daily. 

-e, -a, ~es av. continually, always. 

-flowende ever-flowing. 

ge-ian continue. 

-lie continual. 

(ge)-lice av. continually, always. 

-nes/l perseverance Gl. 

-ryne m. continuous flow Gl. 

sing an 3 sing in its various mean- 
ings ; resound ; crow ; recite ; 

-endlic that may be sung Gl. 

gesinge once t/. wife. Cp. gesin- 

sin-grene I. green, uncooked 
(, vegetables). II. f. houseleek. 

sin-grimm-f very fierce. 

sin-hgre \ m. great army. 

sin-hiw an, ge-, -higan, -hlna 
npl. (tu -), gpl. -hi(g)na married 

~scipe m. matrimony. 

sin-hweorfende*, -hwtirfende 
round Gl. 

sin-hwurful, -yrfel round. 

(ge)sinig marriage IN. Cp. gesin- 

-an marry IN. 

-scipe m. marriage IN. 

sinnant care for, heed wg. 

sin-niht, -neaht, -et eternal 
night es av. in eternal night. 

sinrden(n) /. state of marriage. 

sinscip|e, ge- rn. sexual inter- 
course; marriage ; ge-//. married 

ge-lic conjugal. 

sin-snffldf /. um av. in con- 
tinuous (or huge) bites. 

sin-sorgt/1 continual sorrow. 

sint are. 

sin-tredende once round Gl. 

sin-tryndel, -trsendel round. 

sin-Jjyrstende ever-desiring wg. 

sin|u = seonu sinew. 

-eht sinewy. 

sin-wrannes*, syn- f. continual 
lechery Gl. 

siolep -' seolop. 

sip ian macerate abs., be soaked. 

siras, see sigere. 

sise-mus/. dormouse. 

sittan 5, ptc. seten sit, sit down, 
perch on cneowum - kneel ; 
wip earm gesset leant ; dwell, 
stay; encamp; remain (in a certain 


condition), be. ~ on d., on- wd. 

afflict, attack || tr. = gesittan 

occupy (bishopric), 
gesittan 5 sit down ; post oneself 

(of general) ; occupy (country) ; 

inhabit ; take possession of, 

possess ; preside over (synod) ; 

finish (term of military service) ; 

and other meanings of sittan. 
sip m. going, movement; journey, 

expedition ; rarely road, path ; 

departure (from life), death ; course 

of life, experience, fate, conduct ; 

time (once, twice) on ceune ~ 

once, all at once, feower -urn 

seofon beop. . . 
-toe/, itinerary. 

-bodaf m. guide (the pillar of cloud), 
-ffflt mn. journey, expedition ; road, 

path ; course (of ship) ; course of 

life, experience, conduct ; period 

of time. 

-i'ramf about to depart, 
-geomor sad from travelling. 
-dtapel once f. footstep Gl. 
-werodf n. bnnd on expedition, 
sip =. sihp, see seon see, filter, 
sip I. av. late, with delay ~ and 

late at last | afterwards. er and~ 

always, ser oppe -, ~ oppe fir 

ever, at any time, ne ~ ne ser 

never || cpv. ~or afterwards || spl. 

~ost. II. prp. wd. pam alter 

that, afterwards = sippan. 
-boren late-born Gl. 
-dagas \ mpl. later times, 
-lice av. lately, after a time, 
gesip m. tcompanion, retainer, 

warrior; king's officer, count. 
-cund having the rank of a gesip. 
-cundlic, -fie intimate Bd. 
-msegenf . troop of warriors. 
-mann m. = gesip. 
-raeien(n)/ troop Gl. 
-scipe m. association, compaiiion- 


-wif, sip- . countess, lady of rank 
sipian travel, depart, go. 
sip|e, sigpe m. scythe. 
-berend m. mower Gl. 
sipest, see sipra. 
sipmeat, see sipra. 
sipra aj. cpv. (no positive} later, 
latter (time) | spl. 8ip(e mest t 
sipest, -ost aet sip(m)e8tan in 
the end, at last. 
sip)>/ journey. 


(.) companionship, com- 

sippan, eo, sippa I. av. afterwards, 
since ; of number beyond that. 
II. cj. after, since [sip, pon = 

slwian, seow(i)an sew. 

si wen ptc. of seon 6. 

-iege blear-eyed. 

six = siex. 

sla = slah. 

sla-wyrm m. blindworm. 

slacian, ea intr. relax efforts, 
slacken [slsec]. 


-nes*, ea/. remissness, laziness. 

slaec, sleac slothful, languid ; 
negligent ; lax (conduct) ; gentle, 
stealthy (movement) ; easy (servi- 
tude) ; enervating (sleep). 

-full*, a slothful. 

-lie slow. 

-lice av. slothfully. 

-nes / sloth ; slowness (of move- 
ment, action) ; mental sloth ; 
remissness (in doing duty). 

sized n. valley. 

slsegen//*:. </ slean. 

slaehtan = sliehtan. 

slebp, a m. sleep. 

-sera, ~ern n. dormitory. 

-bsere soporific. 


-fulnes/ sleepiness. 

-leas sleepless. 

-least sleeplessness. 

-nes/. sleepiness. 

-werigf drowsy. 

slaeplan, a i b. also prt. ~te sleep 
mid - wd, lie with. 

-ere m. sleeper. 

slset = slif Yfyfrom slean. 

si set an set dogs on, hunt. 

-ing/, hunting. 

slaew = slaw. 

sla&wp/. sloth [slaw]. 

slaga m. homicide [slean]. 

slagen//. of slean. 

slagu (/) slag, dross. 

slah, sla,//. slan/ sloe. 

-hyll m sloe-hill. 

slahporn m. blackthorn. 

-ragu (/.} lichen from blackthorn. 

-rind/ blackthorn-bark. 

-weg m. blackthorn-road. 

elapan = slaspan. 

slapian impers. be sleepy 



dlapol sleepy. 
-nes/ sleepiness, 
slapor*, SB sleepy, 
-nes/. sleepiness. 

slarige/ clary (a plant). 

slaw, se, ea sluggish, lazy. 

-ian be or become sluggish. 

-lice av. sluggishly, with delay. 

slea, ee, vE. slahse/. weaver's reed 
Gl. [slean]. 

slean 2 prt. slog, ptc. slagen, , 
g strike, sting (of snake) ; play 
(harp) ; forge (metal), coin 
(money) ; drive in (stake), pitch 
(tent) | make by striking (fire, 
signal) | kill | met. strike (bargain); 
afflict (with punishment) ; | make 
move, drive of- wd. cut off 
(Jiead) |i intr. strike : on iren ~ 
(of smith), togsedre - collide; 
move : peer slog micel mist 
came on. - ofdune precipitate 
himself. ~ ut on see set sail ; 
ut - break out (of eruption). 

an 2 strike down, slaughter 
wsel - make a slaughter; gain 
by fighting, conquer (country) ; 
and the other meanings 0/~ slean. 

sleac = slsec. 

sleaht = slieht. 

sleaw = slaw. 

sleccan, prt. sleahte weaken 

slecg (/. ) sledge-hammer [slean]. 

-ettan palpitate. 

sleg-, see siege. 

-neat n. beast to be killed. 

siege m. stroke, blow, beating ; 
stinging (of snake) ; collision ; 
clap (of thunder) ; killing, 
slaughter, murder [slean]. 

-bietel m. mallet. 

-ftege h doomed to slaughter. 

slegel {M.) plectrum. 

slagen ptc. of slean. 

sleow = sliw. 

slic "i?] smoother, sleek-stone. 

slic once cunning. 

slice once hammer/A'Gl. = slcg(?). 

Blid an 6 glide, slide ; met. make 
false step, err ; in prs. ptc. be 

slide ;. slip ; fall (into misfortune 
or error) [slidan]. 

slidor, dd I. slippery. II. n. 
slippery place. 

-nes/. slipperiness ; slippery place (!). 




slidrian, -der- slip. 

sliefjan slip or put dress (on a 


~escoh m. slipper. 
slief|e, slief/ sleeve. 
ge~ed sleeved, 
-leas sleeveless. 
slieht, i, ea m. killing, slaughter, 

mortality (from pestilence) ; coll. 

animals to be killed for food 


-swin n. pig to be killed, 
geslifhtf n. conflict. 
sliehtan*, SB kill IN. 
sliep|an slip or put off or on (of 

yoke, ring) [slupan]. 
-escoh m. slipper, 
sliepa, y, i m. paste. Cp. slyppe. 
slim (.) slime. 
slinc|an 3 creep. 
-end m. reptile. 

slingan once creep for slincan (?). 
elipig slimy. 

slipor slippery ; unstable (in char- 
acter) ; ! morally impure, foul Gl. 
~nes/. (!) moral impurity Gl. 
geslit . rending ; biting, bite ; 


~gllw n. scoffing Gl. 
slit | an 6 tear, rend, a/so met. (esp. of 

hunger) ; irritate (wound) ; destroy 

met. ; slander || intr. tear, 
-endlic consuming. 
-ere m. destroyer ; glutton. 
~ung/. biting. 

slit e m. tear, rent (in cloth), bite. 
-cwealm m. death from being 


slite [!?]_/! cyclamen (a plant), 
sliten- once heretic IN. 
slitennes*, slitnes f. laceration ; 

destroying, waste [slitanj. 
slitol pungent. 
slipan injure. 
Slipjef I. severe, dangerous, painful, 

cruel (of things). II. av. cruelly 


-heard fierce ; cruel (bonds). 
slipenf severe, evil, cruel (of 


sliw, eo, all (z.) tench (a fish). 
slog, sl6h//-A of slean. 
sloh, d. slo nm. slough, mire. 
Biota once m. morsel Gl. 
sluma m. slumber. 
slupan 7 glide, move smoothly. 
slyppe/i paste, slime. Cp. *sliepa. 

smacian pat. 

smsecc m. taste, savour. 

-an tr. taste. 

smeel narrow, slender ; small ; fine 

~e av. - smale. 

-pearmas mpl. intestines. 

-Jjearme n. lower abdomen. 

smtete refined or pure (gold). 

-gylden of pure gold. 

smale, te av. finely (ground) ; not 
loudly, softly [smsel]. 

srnal ian become slender. 

-ung f. making slender, reducing 

smea|gelfgen/. syllogism Gl. 

-lie searching (^inquiry), pro- 
found (reasoning) ; exquisite Gl. 

-lice av. searchingly, (reasoning) 
profoundly ; (see) clearly. 

-mettas mpl. delicacies. 

-J>anclice av. in detail. 

smeapancol, -lie subtle. 

-lice av. thoroughly, sagaciously. 

~nes/i exactness. 

smeajwrenc, smeh- m. artifice, 
crafty device. 

-wyrhta m. artisan. 

-wyrm, smega- m. penetrating 

smean - smeagan. 

gesmeag n. intrigue vL. 

srueag sagacious ; eo penetrating 
(worm) [smugan]. 

smeag an, smean (penetrate) ; 
scrutinize, investigate ; meditate, 
reflect iu. ymb ; seek (oppor- 
tunity) ; suppose, assume. 

-endlic meditative Gl. 

-Ung, smeawung, smea(u)ng f. 
search ; investigation, meditation ; 
intention, intrigue. 

smearcian, e smile. 

smeart causing pain [smeortan], 

smeap (/.) once meditation. 

smed(e)m a, smeo-, i m. fine flour. 

-en of fine flour. 

smelt, y m. smelt (a fish). 

smeocan 7 intr. smoke || tr. fumi- 

smeog = *smeag penetrating. 

smeolt = smolt. 

smeortan* smart. Cp. fyr-smeor- 

smeoro, g. sme(o)r(u)we8, . fat, 
grease, suet, tallow. 


smeoro jmangestre, smere- /. 
butter-woman, dealer in butter and 

-sealf/. unguent. 

-wig*, smearuwig fatty. 

-J>earm m. entrail. 

-wyrt/. a plant 

smer- = smier-. 

smercian = smearcian. 

smejj|e, oe smooth, polished ; not 
irritating (food, medicine) ; sooth- 
ing, nattering, suave (manners) ; 
harmonious (sound) ; without dis- 
comfort, pleasant [smop]. 

-an smooth, polish ; alleviate. 

-ian become smooth ; make 

-nes f. smoothness ; level surface 

smicer elegant, beautiful. 

-e av. elegantly, beautifully ; deli- 

-nes/. elegance. 

ge-od elegantly wrought Gl. 

smidema = smedema. 

smiec*, I m. smoke [smeocan]. 

-an intr. smoke; tr. fumigate. 

smif 11*, se m. slap IN. 

smiellan intr. crack (of whip). 

smielting/. amber. 

snner wan, -an, ~ian, smer(u) 
w(i)an anoint [smeoru]. 

-els m., -enes/i ointment. 

smiering, e / anointing ; oint- 

-ele m. oil for anointing. 

smitan 6 daub, smear ; pollute. 

smite once m. pollution (?) Gl. 

smittja m. smear, spot [smitan]. 

-ian smear ; pollute. 

smif) m. smith, carpenter. 

-crseft m. smith's or carpenter's 

-craeftiga m. smith, carpenter. 

-ian forge, fashion (out of metal or 

-lice av. like a smith, skilfully Gl. 

smippe/. smithy. 

smoc a m. smoke [smeocan]. 

~ian intr. smoke ; tr. fumigate. 

smocc m. smock-frock, shift. 

smolt, eo serene, peaceful, gentle 

-e av. gently (blowing wind). 

-lice av. gently (flowing). 

smolt once no. fat. 

smorian tr. choke, suffocate. 


smop once serene (countenance) 

smugjan 7 creep or penetrate 

-endlic creeping. 

smygel, -els m. burrow [smugan], 

amylt|e I. serene, calm, mild, 
gentle (rain, wind) ; placid, cheer- 
ful ; prosperous. II. av. gently 
(blowing wind) [smolt], 

ge-an appease. 

-lie serene, mild (weather). 

~nesy. calm, quiet (o/sea., weather) ; 
peace, tranquillity ; placidity, com- 
posure ; gentleness (in action). 

snaca m. snake. 

snacc (m.~) war-ship. 

snadas, see sneed. 

sneed m. handle (of scythe). 

snffid [se ?], //. snadas m. piece of 
land (?) Ct. [snipan ?]. 

~feld*, snp- m. enclosed field (?). 

snffid f. morsel or slice of food 

-mffilum av. (eat) bit by bit. 

snedan cut into slices ; hew, trim 
(stone) ; prune || lunch. 

snffldingy lunch. 

-hus . eating-house. 

-sceap n. sheep to be killed. 

snaedel, -pearm m. the great gut. 

snsegl -= snegl. 

suss - snas. 

snaesan run through (with spear), 

sneep-feld = snffid-. 

snas, SB (/.) spit, skewer. 

snap (.) killing [snipan]. 

snaw, sna m. snow. 

-gebland n. snowstorm. 

-ceald cold as snow. 

-hwit white as snow. 

-ig, -lie snowy. 

snearey noose, snare. 

snegl, ae, snel m. snail. 

sneljl quick, swift ; active, strong ; 
bold, brave. 

~lic swift, bold. 

-lice av. rapidly. 

~nesy. quickness, activity. 

-scipe m. boldness. 

sneomef av. quickly ; immediately. 

gesneorcan 3 shrivel intr. 


sner [e = ce]y string (of harp). 

snican (6) creep, crawl ; 1 spread 
imperceptibly (<?/" wounds). 


snid, ~e saw [smpan], 

snid n. slice, cut. 

snid-isen [or I ?] . lancet. 

gesnid n. slaughter. 

snide (/.) incision ; killing. 

snierianf, snyrgan intr. hasten. 

snite/. snipe. 

snip-streo carline thistle (?). 

snip | an, ptc. sniden 6 cut into, 
lance (boil, &c.), hew (stone) ; 
cut off, amputate ; cut (hair, corn) ; 
cut into pieces ; slaughter (animal). 

-ungy incision ; wound ; slaughter- 

sniwan snow. 

snody. fillet, head-dress. 

snoffa once m. nausea. 

snofl. mucus of the nose. 

~ig full of mucus ; having a cold in 
the head. 

snoruy. daughter-in-law. 

gesnot n. mucus of the nose. 

snotor, tt prudent, wise. 

~lic wise, philosophical Gl. 

-lice av. prudently, wisely ; philo- 
sophically Gl. 

-nesy. wisdom. 

~wyrde plausible. 

snud I. coming quick, sudden. 
II. n. speed. 

~e av. quickly ; at once. 

snyring [y = y, le ?] once sharp 
rock Gl. 

snytjan* clear the nose. 

~ing_/l sneezing Gl. 

snytrian, tt be wise ; be a philo- 

snytref once wise [snotor]. 

snytro, tt, ge-f. prudence, sagacity, 

snypianf once go with nose to the 
ground (of plough). 

soc, ge- n. sucking [sucan]. 

socian soak tr., intr. [sucan]. 

socc m. sock \^Lt. soecus]. 

socn f. (seeking) ; investigation ; 
asking ; frequenting, going (to 
church); asylum, refuge; f'perse 
cution, attack ; exercise of judicial 
power, jurisdiction [secan]. 

gesod n. boiling, liquefaction 

soden/fr. ^/"seopan. 

soft e I. quiet (sleep) ; luxurious, 
comfortable (bed) ; not stern, 
gentle vL. II. av. gently ; peace- 
ably, without discord ; easily ; at 



ease, comfortably ; not harshly, 
kindly [sefte]. 
softnes f. ease, comfort ; luxury, 

sogopa m. hiccup; eructation 

sohte./r/. of secan. 
sol . mud, wet sand; wallowing- 


solf sun Ps. [Z/.]. 
Sol-monap m. February, 
solate/l heliotrope. Cp. solaece. 
sole once f. shoe, sandal \_Lt solea]. 
solor (m.} upper room \_Lt. solar- 
solsece / heliotrope [Lt. solse- 

som f. concord, reconciliation, 


~rden(n)/. wedlock. 
gesom. unanimous, reconciled, 

son m. musical sound, music \_Lt. 

-crffift m. music. 

sdna av. immediately swa as 

soon as. 

song [o = a or 6 ?] bed IN. 
sopa m, draught, sup [supao]. 
8Opp|ey. sop. 
-cuppey. sop-cup. 
~ian sop. 

sore mote (in eye) IN. 
sorgy tug. grief; anxiety ; affliction. 
~byrpen(n)ty grievous sorrow. 
-cearigf anxious, sad. 
-cearuty. anxiety, sadness. 
-full anxious, sad ; causing anxiety 

or sadness. 

-leas free from anxiety or sorrow, 
-least y. security. 
-leop n. dirge. 
~lic grievous. 
-lice av. grievously. 
-lufuty sad love, 
-stafasf mpl. sorrow, affliction. 
-wielni't' m. sorrow. 
-wite n. torment, 
-wordf . word of sorrow. 
sorg|ian, vE. prs. ptc. soergendi, 
grieve ; be anxious, solicitous w. 

-ungy. sorrowing, grief. 
sorig once sorry. 
sot, oo (.) soot. 
ge-ig grimy, dirty Gl. 
sotel = setl. 




SOtjt I. stupid, foolish. II. m. fool 


-scipe m. stupidity, folly. 

sop I. true, real ; righteous Pa. II. 
. truth, reality, certainty ; as- 
severation ; justice, righteousness. 
for ~, to -a with certainty, truly ; 
as a fact, really, to -urn pingum 
witan, for - witan know for a 

~cwed, -cweden veracious IN. 

-cwide m. true saying, righteous 
saying; proverb, parable. 

-cyningf m. king of justice, God. 

-e av. truly, really; faithfully. 

~es av. truly ; verily. 

-faederf m. father of justice, God. 

BOpfaest truthful ; just, righteous. 

-ian justify. 

-lie true ; sincere. 

~lice av. truly ; faithfully. 

-nes/ truth ; good faith, justice. 

sopjgieddf . true tale. 

-hwaepre (!) av. however IN. 

-lie true. 

-lice av., cj. truly; verily, indeed ; 

-sagol veracious. 

-sagu/ truth; history. 

~Sf cgan tell truth, declare IN. 

-segen/ statement of the truth. 

-spell . history. 

-sprsec/. true saying IN. 

-tacn . prodigy IN. 

-wordf M. true: word. 

Gdp- = Lt. pro- (!) IN. 

6 6 plan prove. 

spaca m. spoke of wheel. 

epad e, ~u wk. f. spade [Z/. 

spaac, spsfec = spr-. 

spaer, -lie -paring, frugal. 

-hende, -hynde frugal. 

~lice av. frugally ; (speak) briefly. 

-nes/ parsimony, frugality. 

spaer-lirja, speoru- m. calf of 

-ede having large calves. 

spaer* plaster, mortar. 

-en of plaster, mortar. 

-stan m. gypsum, chalk. 

sp Jet Jan spit ; syringe (wound). 

-ung/ expectoration, 

spatl = spatl. 

spaatlan, -ian spit foam, 

spala = gespelia substitute. 

spald = spatl. 

spaldor, L. spelter asphalt \_Lt. 

gespan K. persuasion, allurement. 

span an 2, prt. spon, speou insti- 
gate, persuade, allure. 

-ere m. enticer. 

spanje, -u, //. -an, ~a/. teat. 

spang/, clasp, buckle. 

gespang . fastening, clasp. 

spann/ span (measure). 

gespannw. fastening, bond, \vebmet. 

spann an i prt. speou, spenn 
clasp, fasten, attach. 

-ing/ span (measure). 

sparian wa., also wd. spare, show 
mercy to ; wa. not use, abstain 
from, preserve. 

spatl, SB, .-/. spapl, spadl, spald n. 

-ian spit out, expectorate. 

-ung/. saliva, what is expectorated. 

spear-hafoc m. sparrow-hawk 

spearc a, ee m. spark ; small por- 
tion, (not a) trace. 

-ian emit sparks, scintillate. 

spearnlian inlr. kick, sprawl 

gespearrian shut, bar. 

spearwa m. sparrow. 

spearwa ///. caF of leg Gl. 

specan = sprecan. 

sped, oe /. succtss on - success- 
fully, with good results ; pro- 
sperity ; wealth, plenty ; progeny 
once Ps. ; power, faculty ; oppor- 
tunity, means ; speed in av. -urn 
quickly [spowan]. 

-lice av. effectually. 

-sumian prosper. 

spedan, ge- succeed, w. to in ; 
make to succeed Gl. 

sped phlegm, gum (in eye) Gl. 

-iende? Gl. 

sped-dropa [e or e ?] once fdrop 
(of ink). 

spedig prosperous ; wealthy, 
powerful, abounding in. 

ge~lice av. prosperously. 

~nes_/! opulence. 

speljian act as representative of, 
stand for. 

-igend m representative. 

-ing/, deputyship. 

spelc, i \ittfl. of spilcan] (/.) 
splint (for broken limb). 

spelean - spilcan. 


speld ., pi. -ru, - splinter, piece 
of wood, torch. 

gespelia, L. spala m. representa- 
tive, deputy [spelian]. 

spell n. narrative, history ; (idle) 
tale ; prose ; discourse, homily ; 
philosophical argument ; saying ; 

-hoc/, homily-book. 

-boda m. messenger, angel, am- 
bassador, prophet ; public speaker 

-cwide ;. historical narrative. 

spell jian intr. discourse ; tr. an- 
nounce, tell. 

-ung /. conversation ; narrative, 
tale ; discourse, homily. 

spelt (tn.~) spelt, corn [//. speltaj. 

spelter = spaldor asphalt. 

spend ( an spend [Lf. expendere]. 

-ung/ spending. 

spennels once (;.) clasp Gl. 

speoftian, -an spit, spit on IN. 

speon prt. of spanan, spannan. 

speow- = spiw-. 

spere n. spear. 

-brogaf m. spear-terror. 

-healf/. (inheritance on) the male 

-leas (shaft) without a spear- 

-nipt m. battle. 

-wyrt/ a plant. 

gesperod armed with spear Gl. 

spic, e n. bncon, laid. 

-hus n. larder. 

spic-mase/ titmouse ,bird\ 

spice, spica / (?) aromatic herb, 
spikenard ,?) \_Lt. spica]. 

spicing ///. spike, nail. 

spierCjan intr. sparkle: sputter 

-ing/, sprinkling. 

spierr[an strike. 

-ing/, striking. 

spigettan = spiwettan. 

spilian play. 

spilseg (w.i kind of snake IN. {Lt. 

spile = spelc. 

spilcan, e \infl. of spelc] bind 
with splints. 

spild, vE. spilp m. destruction, 

-sipt m. destructive expedition. 

spildan = spilian destroy. 




spill | an, spildan destroy. 

-ing/, waste (of money). 

spind fat. 

spinel, -nl/ spindle. 

-healf/ (inheritance on) the female 

spinnan 3 spin ; intr. kick, 

spir tapering shoot (of reed). 

spitel m. spud, spade. 

spit tan dig. 

gespittan spit, spit upon IN. 

spittian spit IA. 

spttu/ spit. 

spiunge = sponge sponge. 

spiwjan 6, ~ian vomit abs., wa , 
wi. ; spit. 

-ettan*, spigettan spit. 

~ere m. vomiter. 

~ing/. vomiting. 

spiw|e (m.} vomiting. 

~(e)drenc, -inc m. emetic. 

spiwepa, spiwpa, splwda, speow- 
m. vomiting ; what is vomited. 

spiwol emetic. 

splott m. spot ; plot of land. 

gc~od spotted. 

spon mf. shaving, chip. 

sponge, spiunge/ sponge; spongy 
excrescence. Cp. spynge \_Lt. 

spor n. track, footprint; tracking; 
trace, vestige. 

-wrecel m. ? Ct. 

spor|a., u m. spur. 

-leper . spur-strap. 

sporettjan once kick. 

~ung, *sporteng/. kicking (?). 

sporn|an, spu- 3 strike foot 
against ; reject, contemn. 

-ere m. fuller. 

-ing/, stumbling, stumbling-block. 

spornettan kick. 

spow|an i succeed; impers. wd. 
fare, succeed. 

~endlice av. prosperously. 

spracen n. alder. 

spraec (n.} shoot, twig. 

sprsfec, spc /. talking, conversa- 
tion, conference ; power of speech, 
eloquence; what is said, statement, 
report ; language ; subject of dis- 
cussion, (difficult) question ; suit, 
claim ; decision ; place of public 
speaking IN. [sprecan]. 

~cynn n. mode of speaking Bd. 

~ern n. court-house IN. 


-hua n. auditory, parliament-house 

-leas speechless. 

gesprabc ., not W. \tniswriting of 
gesprec, taken for A. *ge spree ] 
speaking, way of speaking ; what 
is said. 

gespreece eloquent ; affable. 

-lie ' loquelar ' (in grammar). 

sprsed an spread. 

-ung/. propagation IN. 

spranca m. shoot, twig. 

sprangettan palpitate. 

spreawlian intr. move convul- 

gesprec n. speaking ; power of 

spree | an, specan 5 speak. ~ on 
a., on- wd. make a claim against, 
sue, so also iv. after, ymb. 

-af m. councillor. 

-ol talkative. 

-olnes/. loquacity. 

gesprec|an 5 speak himbetwe- 
onum gespreecon agreed ; speak 
to, converse with ua. 

-a m. interlocutor, one who consults 
with another. 

-endlic to be spoken. 

sprengan tr. scatter ; sprinkle . 
apply clyster || intr. burst, crack 

spreot m. pole. 

sprincel (/.) wicker basket. 

sprind, spryngd active, vigorous. 

-lice, sprinliee mi. actively, vigor- 

sprindel tenter-hook. 

spring = spryng. 

springan 3 leap ; spring back 
(through elasticity) ; burst forth, 
fly, spirt ; rise up - rise (of 
sun) ; grow ; be diffused (oj 
report, fame). 

sprot n. shoot, twig [sprutan]. 

sprota m. sprout, shoot ; peg. 

sprott m. sprat (a fish). 

spryng ;. source of water, spring ; 
flux ; sprinkling ; ulcer [spring- 

-wyrt*, spring-/, wild caper. 

sprytle [y = ie ?]/. twig. 

sprytt|an intr. sprout, germinate 
II tr. put forth (shoot), bear (fruiO ; 
incite : ~ bine t& paem [sprutan]. 

~ing/., once m. shoot, plant. 


spurul given to kicking or tram- 
pling (?) Gl. 

spynge/ sponge [Lt. spongia]. 

spyr|ian w. setter follow track ; 
go ; investigate, inquire into 

-emann, spe- m. tracker. 

-igend m. investigator. 

-igung/. investigation. 

spyrd m. stadium, (foot) race- 
course ; furlong IN. 

spyrte/ basket \_Lt. sporta]. 

stac a m. stake, drifan -an on 
mann a kind of witchcraft, injur- 
ing a person by piercing an effigy 
of him. 

-ung / a kind of witchcraft, see 

stsef m. staff, stick; letter (of 
alphabet) pi. stafas piece of 
writing, literature. 

-eraeft m. grammar ; learning, 

-crseftig versed in grammar or 

-cyst / literature, learning e 

leornian learn to read. 

-gefeg n. combination of letters, 

-leornere m. student. 

~lic literal (meaning) ; literary. 

-libere/ catapult. 

-plega m. literary game Gl. 

-rsew/ line (of writing) ; alphabet. 

-sweord n. sword-cane Gl. 

~W:S verged in literature. 

-writere ;. grammarian. 

staeg once (n.) pool, pond GL 
\^Lt. stagnura]. 

staeg (.) stay, mast-rope Gl. 

staegel steep [stigan]. 

stieger/ stairs [stigan]. 

stffll, rof place ; stead, relation 
on feeder -a in the position of 
a father; assistance; condition, 

stael- [stelan]. 

-gif stf ;. thievish stranger. 

-hgre m. predatory army. 

-hran m. decoy reindeer. 

-tihtle/ charge of theft. 

stSBl-wierpe serviceable. 

stael-wyrt / water starwort (a 

staelan institute do, inflict: ffslh^s 
on weras - ; impute (crime) to 
w. on offers , wda. 




gestfflllan once stall, stable. 

gestaen *gesten. 

staan|an throw stones at, stone (to 

death) ; adorn with gems or 

mosaic [stan]. 
-ing/, stoning (to death), 
staena m. earthenware jug [stan]. 
staenen of stone. 
staener stony ground IN. 
stainig, -lie stony, 
stai aiht = staniht. 
atfflp|e, m.,pl. -as, stapas, step- 
ping, step ; pace (measure) ; 

going | step (of stairs, ladder) ; 

pedestal, step (of mast) ; degree 

II in - instantly, 
-egang* stg-f R. 
-mseluin av. step by step, by steps ; 

ataepp aa, stf- 2, prt. stop, step, 

go, proceed. 
-escdh. m. slipper, 
star m. starling, 
star, e, eo [ = oe ?] n. history \_Lt. 


-leornere (?) m. student of history. 
-trahtere m. historian, 
-writere m. historian. 
steer-blind, stsere-, sta- quite blind. 
stsarced- = stf reed-, 
sterling m. starling [stser]. 
staep nm. bank, shore, 
-ffflstf firm on the shore. 
-hliepe steep. 
-hlieplice av. precipitously, 
-swealwe/ sand-martin. 
-weallf m. barrier of the shore, 
-wyrty. a plant. 
stSBppanf once stay, support, 
staeppig, ge- sedate, serious. 
-nesy! sedateness, seriousness, 
stafian dictate (oath) [staefj. 
stagan impale, fix (on spit). 
stagga m. stag Z. 
-stal place [stapol]. 
-ern . court of justice Gl. 
-ian strengthen (supports). 
gestal n. impeachment, accusation. 
stal | ian steal ; go stealthily, steal 


~ungf. robbery. 
gestala m. accomplice in theft 


stalap (m.) stability Gl. 
staliu/ stealing, theft [stelan]. 
-gangf m. stealthy step. 
gestalu/ theft. 

stal u f. hearpan -a pieces of 

wood into which the harp-strings 

are fixed (?). 
stain-, see stamm. 
~wlisp, scorn- stammering. Or 

two words (?). 

stamm, scomni stammering. 
~ettan stammer, 
stamor stammer. 
-ian, stam(e)rian stammer, 
stan m. stone, rock, 
-sex /I stoneworker's axe (?) Gl. 
-bsBp n. vapour bath. 
-beorg m. rocky hill, 
-berende stony Gl. 
-bill . stone-working implement 


-bogaf m. natural stone arch, 
-brycg/. stone bridge. 
-bucca m. mountain goat, 
-burgty. stone-built town. 
-carr (.) IN. rock, 
-ceastel, i m. chestnut (?) Ct. 
-ceosol m. gravel, 
-ciest*. y m. chestnut (?) ICt. 
-cliff . cliff; crag, rock. 
-clud m. rock. 
-crfflftiga m. stonemason. 
-cropp m. stonecrop (a plant). 
-crundel m. stone-hollow (?) Ct. 
-gedelf n. stone-quarry. 
-fast n. stone vessel, 
-fagf paved (road). 
-geieall n. heap of stones, 
-gefog . masonry. 
-gaderung/ masonry. 
-geat n. opening between rocks. 
-giella m. pelican, 
-gripe f m. stones seized. 
~hege m. wall, 
-hiepe/. stone-heap, 
-hlewet(t), ~hifet n. quarry, 
-hlipf n. rocky slope. 
~hof . stone house. 
~hol n. cave. 

-hrycg m. ridge or reef of rocks Gl. 
-ig, si stony, rocky. 
-iht, I. stony, rocky. II. n. 

stony ground. 
-incel n. little stone. 
-lesung/. masonry (without mortar) 


-llm m. mortar. 
-merce/ parsley. 
-rocc (m.} Gl. high rock, obelisk, 
-scalu/. shale, shaly ground (?) Ct. 
-scielig*, y stony (ground). 


staniscref n. cave. 

~scylf m. peak, rock Gl. 

-str&t/. paved road. 

-stycce n. piece of stone. 

-getimbre . masonry. 

-torr m. stone tower; high rock, 

-wang m. stony plain. 

-weall m. stone wall. 

~W6g m. paved road 

~weorc n. masonry. 

-geweorc n. art of building ; ma- 

-weorpung/. worship of stones. 

-wurma m. colour got from a 
stone or mineral Gl. 

-wyrht (/) stone building (?) Gl. 

-wyrhta m. mason. 

stand m. IN. delay. 

standan 2 prt. stod stand ; stand 
still, stop, stay, remain (un- 
disturbed), last | be valid, in force 
(of laws) ; w. on d. consist of; 
be : gif rued on handa stande 
in case of necessity, se sceatt pe 
on pam lande stent the sum with 
which the land is charged | start 
from (of direction), also fig. : Mm 
stod stincenda steam of pam 
mupe, rnicel ege stod deoflum 
frarn eow. 

gestandan 2 stand up (as opposed 
to sitting), keep one's feet ; op- 
pose (attacker) ; attack, assail, 
also met. ^of illness) ; perform ; 
and the other meanings of 

Stapol m. pillar, prop, met. foun- 
dation; flight of steps. 

~weg m. ? Ct. 

starian gaze. 

stare-blind = star-. 

stapol m. foundation, base (of 
pillar), also met. ; stability, met. 
security ; firmament, sky ; posi- 
tion, place ; state (of things). 

-8Bhtf/ estate (?) R. 

stapolfaest firm, stationary; firm 
(in mind). 

-lie stable. 

-lice av. firmly ; with firm mind. 

-nes/. firmness, stability. 

gc-nian, -feestian establish. 

-nung/. Gl. foundation. 

stapol ian fix, establish ; make 
steadfast (in mind). 

(ge)-iend m. founder. 




(ge)stapolung/. founding, founda- 
tion, settling. 

stapol-wangf m. plain to dwell in. 

stealc steep. 


~ung/. walking cautiously. 

steald ptc. of ste llan. 

gestealdf . dwelling, abode. 

stealdanf i possess wi. 

steall m. act of standing ; place ; 
stead on his - ; stall (for cattle), 
stable ; fishing-ground ; state (of 

gesteallf n. structure, frame (of 
the earth). 

steallere, a m. marshal Z. 

steam m. exhalation, hot vapour, 
steam; fmoisture (blood). 

steap m. drinking- vessel, flagon. 

steap lofty, tall, mounting high (of 
fire) ; prominent (gem, eyes). 

steapol (m.} tumulus (of stones) (?) 

stearc rigid ; rough (wind, 
weather) ; attended with hard- 
ship ; obstinate ; stern, severe ; 
violent, strong. 

-ferhpf stern, fierce. 

-heard violent (weeping). 

-heortf stout-hearted. 

~ian stiffen intr. 

-lice av. vigorously. 

stearn m. a sea-bird, tern (?). 

steartlian stumble. 


-hors n. stallion. 

steda m. stallion ; entire camel 

stede, styde m. act of standing; 
standing still ; place, also met. ; 
stability ; fixity (of condition) ; 
strangury ; condition Gl. | of ~ 

-feast steadfast ; firm (mind). 

-ffflstnes/. constancy. 

-heardf firm. 

-leas having nothing to stand on, 

-wangf m. plain. 

-wist f. constancy. 

stedig sterile, barren. 

-nes/. sterility. 


-line/ stay, mast-rope Gl. 

stefii-, see stemn-, ste mn-. 

stefhian L. summon iv. d. and to 
[? Scand. stefna]. 

stelan 4 steal. 

stelja, SB m. stalk ; support. 

-mele m. vessel with handle. 

-scofl f. shovel with (long) handle 
(?) Gl. 

stellan, prt. stealde, place, set 

stemn ', stefn/. voice mid mic- 
luin ~um of a single voice. 

stemn 2 , stefn m. period, time 
ymb - by turns, niwan stefne 
a second time, afresh ; turn of 
military service. 

-mtfelum*, stemmeelum av. alter- 

stemn 3 , stefn m. stem (of tree) ; 
foundation ; (race, family) ; prow 
or stern of ship [steef]. 

stemna*, stefnaf m. prow of ship. 

stemn an, stefnan institute, regu- 
late || alternate Gl. 

-byrd*, stefn- f. regulation. 

-ing/, turn of military service. 

stemn;an, stefnan provide with 
_ fringe. 

-ing/, fringe, border. 

stemnettan stand firm. 

stempjan pound (in mortar) 

-ing-isern . stamping-iron. 

gesten*, es n. groaning. 

stenan (5) groan. 

stenc m. sense of smell ; odour 
(good or bad) [stincan]. 

-b&re stinking. 

-brengende (!) odoriferous IN, 

stenc Jan scatter [stincan]. 

(ge)-nes/. odour IN. 

gestence fragrant. 

stenecian pant [stenan]. 

steng m. pole, stake, bar, cudgel 

steop- step-. 

-beam n. orphan. 

-cild n. orphan ; unprotected one. 

-dohtor/ step-daughter. 

-feeder m. step-father. 

-modor/ step-mother. 

-sunu m. step-son. 

steor m. steer,y oung bull; young cow. 

~oxa m. steer. 

steor- occ. = stler-. 

steor, y [infl. of stieran]/ (steer- 
ing ; rudder) ; guidance ; regu- 
lation, rule; restraint; discipline; 
reproof ; punishment ; fine. 

-bord n. starboard, right side of ship. 


steor|es-mann L. m. steersman, 
captain \_Scand.~\. 

-leas not under control, ungovern- 
able ; profligate ; uninstructed, 

-mann m. steersman, captain. 

-neegl /. handle of a helm. 

~re]jra m. steersman, captain. 

-ropor n. rudder. 

-scofl/ rudder. 

-setl n. stern. 

-stefn m. stern. 

-wierpe, -weorjj deserving repro- 

steoran = stieran. 

steora, ie m. steersman. 

steorf|an 3 die. 

-a m. pestilence. 


-ede having a forehead Gl. 

steor|ra m. star. 

-gleaw skilled in astronomy. 

-sceawere m. astronomer, astro- 

-wigl, -wigltmg/ astrology. 

steort m. tail ; tongue of land. 

stepan, oe initiate, consecrate Gl. 

sterjan, $ burn incense ; fumigate 

~ing/. incense. 

sterced-ferhpf.stse- [ = ie] brave, 

sti- = stig-. 

stic-, see stycce. 

stic-fodder n. ? case for spoons 

stic-tfflnel basket Gl. 

stic ian tr. prick, goad (ox), stab, 
gouge out (eyes) ; kill || intr. re- 
main fixed, stick ; be inside ; lie 
(^"direction, boundary). 

-ung/ piercing ; killing (pigs). 

sticc- once viscous (?). 

sticca m. stick, peg ; pointer (of 
dial) ; spoon. 

sticje m. stab, puncture ; pricking 
sensation, stitch. 

~adl/, -ware m. stitch (in side). 

-wyrt/. agrimony. 

sticel m. goad. 

sticels m. goad ; instigation. 

sticol lofty, high up ; steep ; rough 
(road), scaly ; difficult Gl. 

stiel e n. steel. 

-ecgf steel-edged (sword). 

~ed hardened, tempered. 

~en of steel. 



stiell m. leap. 

stiellan /r/. stielde, ?ea leap. 

stiem|an intr. give out odour, 
smell sweet [steam]. 

-ing/ fragrance. 

stiepjanf raise ; build; exalt, make 
illustrious, honour wai. ; ge- help 
i steap]. 

~ere m. prop, pillar. 

stiep-f, le ( once deprivation (?) ; 
downfall (?). 

stiepel m. tower [steap 1 . 

stierjan, A. eo w. d. or a.} steer 
(ship) ; guide, govern, restrain ; 
reprove ; punish ; wdg. restrain 
from, check : ~de him uuriht . 

-end m. governor ; corrector ; re- 

~ere*, eo m. steersman. 

-nes/ discipline. 

stierc*, i, y, io, styric m. calf. 

stiern|e stern. 

-inga f av. inexorably. 

-lie harsh (word) ; severe (weather). 

-lice av sternly, rigorously. 

-modt stern. 

stlf rigid. 

-ian be or become rigid. 

stig n. (pig)-sty ; ? hall. 

-fearh, sti- m. young pig kept in 

-ian put (swine) in sty. 

stlg/ path. 

stig-rap, stirap m. stirrnp Gl. 

stig-wita, stlwitaf m. house- 
holder (?). 

stigan 6 rise ; descend, gen. w. 
niper, ofdune ; move on, go || 
tr., gen. ge-, ascend. 

Stige m. going up or down. 

stigend m. sty (in eye) Gl. 

stignes/. descent IN. 

stigol f. place of climbing over 
(fence) ; stile. 

-hamm m. enclosure reached by 

stiht an, -ian arrange ; regulate, 
govern ; incite. 

-end m. ruler. 

-ere m. director. 

(ge)-ung/. arrangement ; dispensa- 
tion, providence. 

stille at rest ; silent ; not loud; secret 
hit call - laetau keep it dark ; 
unchanging, stable ; gentle, quiet ; 
tug abstaining from, being exempt. 

stillan intr. become calm (0/storm) 
|| tr. w.d. or a. make calm, assuage 

stil lice av. silently. 

-nes /. quiet ; silence ; tranquillity, 
peace ; tug. exemption. 

stincan 3 rise (of dust) ; emit 
vapour ; emit odour (good or 
bad) ; ? sniff, follow scent. 

gestincan 3 have power of smell 
|| tr. smell. 

sting, y m. pricking, stab, stinging ; 
place stung. 

stingan 3 thrust, insert ; stab, 
pierce | - on a. lay claim to, 
usurp ; rft. hine ~ on a. meddle 

stip stiff ; thick (paste) ; strong ; 
resolute, obstinate; austere, severe; 
accompanied with effort or hard- 
ship, severe (battle, winter), rigid 
(discipline), ascetic (life) ; harsh 
(to taste). 

~e av. strongly, excessively; severely, 
cruelly ; austerely, strictly. 

-ecgf strong-edged. 

-ferhpt resolute ; stern. 

-hycgendef resolute. 

-hygdig, -hydigf- resolute, stem. 

-lie firm, strong; severe (storm, 
battle) ; harsh (words) ; fierce. 

-lice av. firmly (fixed) ; vigorously ; 
fiercely; harshly; with hardship, 
(live) austerely; strictly, severely ; 
excessively, very. 

-msegenf n strong troop. 

-modf resolute ; obstinate ; stern ; 

-nes f. stiffness, hardness ; con- 
stancy ; strictness. 

-wegf m. rough road. 

gestipian become hard ; become 
strong ; grow up. 


~lif n. habitation; town. 

-weard m. townsman. 

~wle n. habitation. 

stocc m. stock, trunk, log, pillory ; 

trumpet IN. 

~en of logs, wooden (church). 
stod (M.) post, 
stod n. stud, herd of horses. 
-fald m. stud-enclosure. 
-hors n. stud-horse, stallion. 
-miere/ brood-mare, 
-peof m. horse- thief. 
atodprt. c/standan. 


stodia m. slay, part of loom. 
stof;a, ~u inf. bath-room. 
-baBp n. vapour bath. 
stoin/w. stem, trunk ; shoot, twig ; 

progeny; foundation. 
stol m. stool, chair ; throne ; 

bishop's see. 

stole/., stol n. stole [Z/.]. 
stop prt. <?/" steeppan. 
Stopel m. footprint. 
stoppa m. bucket, pail. 
stor m. frankincense [Lt. storax '. 
-cylle/ censer. 
-saep . resin. 
-sticca m. incense-rod (for stir- 

stor once strong, violent (thunder) 

vL. \_Scand. storr great]. 
store (m.) stork. 
storfe/ flesh of animals that have 

died by disease [steorfan]. 
storm m. storm ; fuproar, tumult ; 

stow/, place. 

-lie local, confined to one place. 
-lice av. locally, as regard^ place. 
stowian restrain. 
strac|ian stroke [strican]. 
-ung/ stroking. 
straSc = strec. 
Strsede oncef. pace, step IN. 
streel/w. not IV. arrow, missile, 
-bora m. archer. 
-ian shoot. 
-wyrt/ a plant. 
str&l, stregl (?) / rug, bed, 

curtain [Lt. stragula?]. 
strjbt/. (Roman) road, street \_Lt. 

strand n. shore. 

strong, mighty, vigorous, potent ; 

severe, fierce ; accompanied with 

hardship, severe (winter). 
~e av. violently ; severely. 
-hende, y strong of hand. 
~lic strong ; firm ; attended witl> 

effort or hardship. 
-lice av. strongly ; firmly ; vigor- 

ously ; fiercely, bravely ; sternly. 
-mod resolute. 
-nes/. strength, violence. 
strang ian be or become strong; 

prevail || tr. strengthen, confirm, 

-ung/ vigour; strengthening act., 





Btrapolas mpl. a. kind of trousers. 

straw = streaw. 

Btreaht//^. </streccan. 

stream m. flowing, current ; run- 
ning water, river ; -\pl. waters, 

-faruf / current, flow. 

~lic of water. 

-racu/. water-course, bed of river. 

~rad f. bed of river ; fway over 

~ryne m. streamrynes in a 

-stfflpf . shore. 

-weallf m. shore. 

~wielmt m surge. 

-gewinnf n. strife of waters. 

streaw, eo, A. stre\u) n. straw. 

~ian = strewian. 

streawberige, -wise, straw- /. 

strec, I. aj., dpi. ~um, straecum 
vehement, violent, mighty ; ob- 
stinate ; stem, rigorous. II. 
n. violence, force ; strictness, 

-lie strict. 

-lice av. violently ; strictly. 

-nes/. perseverance. 

Btrfccan, prt. stre(a)hte hold out 
(hand), extend ; spread out ; rfl, 
prostrate oneself. 

strecednes/ couch Gl. 

stredd/Vc. </ stregdan. 

stregan not W., prt. strode, vE. 
streide strew, spread [streaw- 

stregdan, stredan 3, /'A straegd, 
stred (IN. strsegde, strugde), 
ptc. strogden strew, spread, 
sprinkle, stregdan is more fre- 
quent in W. 

stregd an, stredan, prt. stredde 
(IN, streegde, strugde) strew, 
spread, sprinkle (water, a place) 
II intr. disperse. 

~nes/ sprinkling. 

stren = streowen. 

streng m. string (of harp, bow), 
rope, cable ; sinew, ligament ; 

gestrengan strengthen IN. 

etreng|e severe. 

-lief strong. 

strengelf m. chief. 

strongest spl. of strang. 

Strengo f. strength, vigour ; firm- 
ness ; virtue. 

strengp(o^ f. strength ; violence ; 
severity ; efficacy ; prime of life. 

strengra cpv. </strang. 

streon = streowen. 

gestreon, /A", streon n. gain, 
profit ; usury ; procreation ; pro- 
perty, wealth. 

-full precious, sumptuous. 

streowen, streon, A. stren/. bed. 

streow = streaw. 

streowian = strewian. 

strew ian, eo, ea strew, scatter. 

-nes/. bedding, bed. 

-ung/. bed. 

stric [I?] (.) plague (?) ; sedi- 
tion (?). 

gestric . strife. 

strican 6 rub, wipe || intr. move, go. 

gestrician mend ^nets) /A 7 . 

strica m. stroke of pen, mark ; 
line of motion, orbit. 

Stricel (m.~) strickle, implement lor 
smoothing corn in a measure [stri- 

Stricel (m.) breast, teat. 

stridan 6 stride uppan hors 


stride m. stride, pace (measure \ 

strien|an, A. eo w. g. (a.*) acquire; 
? augment ; beget [gestreon]. 

ge-endlic genitive. 

strlmende resisting, striving Gl. 

strip m. struggle, contest \_0ld 

stroccian stroke. 

gestrod n. plunder [strudan]. 

(ge)strogdnes /. sprinkling IN. 

stropp (oar) thong [/,/. struppus]. 

8trud|an 7 plunder, carry oft; 
ravage, destroy. 

-end m. robber; usurer Gl. 

~ere m. robber. 

-Ung/. robbery, plundering. 

strutian stnnd out stiffly, be rigid. 

strata = stryta. 

strydan rob, deprive wda [strud- 

strydere waster = stryndere. 

Strynd f. not IV. lineage, race ; 
IN. tribe. 

strynd ende*, ~ed- prodigal Gl. 

-ere, strydere m. waster, prodigal 


stryta, u m. ostrich [/./. struthio]. 

studu, stupu/, //. styde, stype 
pillar, post, buttress. 

stxif- = stof-. 

stulor furtive, insidious [stelan]. 

-lice av. furtively. 

gesttm M. noise, whirlwind [sten- 

stunian intr. resound ; dash 

gestund n. noise. 

stund f. point or short period of 
time ; fixed time, hour ; signal of 
time (bell) -ef at once, ymb ~e 
from time to time, -um from 

time to time um . . -um 

sometimes . . sometimes ; with 
effort, eagerly, fiercely, earnestly. 

-rn&lum av. gradually ; alternately. 

stunt stupid, foolish. 

-lie foolish. 

-lice av. foolishly. 

-nes/. stupidity, folly. 

-scipe m. foolishness. 

-spr&c/. foolish talk. 

-spr&ce, -wyrde talking fool- 

stupian intr. stoop, curve down- 

sturtende once leaping IN. 

stut (m.} gnat. 

stupan-sceal't m. prop. 

stupu = studu. 

stybb m. stump of tree. 

stycce n. piece ; piece of money 
Gl. ; short space of time 
ymbe - after a time. 

-m&lum, sticm- av. piecemeal ; 
here and there ; gradually. 

styde = stede. 

styde, see studu. 

styficjian, -ecian root up. 

-ung/. cleared ground (?) Ct. 

styltan,ge- be stupefied, astonished 

styntan stupefy [stunt]. 

gestyr*, i n. movement IN. 

styran = steran fumigate. 

styrian move /r., intr., rfi.\ set 
in action (voice, harp) : stir up ; 
agitate, excite (mind) ; cause. 

-ones/ motion, commotion. 

ge-enes/. tribulation IN. 

-igendlic moving. 

-ung / motion ; setting in action, 
practice ; commotion, tumult ; 
trouble, agitation, emotion. 




Styrfig ~ flsesc flesh of an animal 

that has died by disease [storfe]. 
styria, styr(g)a m. sturgeon. 
styric = *stierc calf, 
styrman be stormy; make noise, 

shout [storm], 
stype, see studu. 
su = sugu. 

sub-diacon m. sub-deacon [Z/.]. 
sucan, sugan 7 suck, 
sun, -el n. what is eaten with bread, 


gesufl hlaf ? loaf of fine flour. 

suftlere = swiftlere. 

sugan = sucan. 

sugian = swigian. 

sugga, sucga m. & bird. 

sugu, su/ sow. 

suhtf once (f. ) illness [Old Saxon]. 

suhterlga, suhtriga m. brother's 

son ; uncle's son, cousin. 
-(ge)faederan mpl. uncle and 

sul = sulh. 
sulh, sul, //. sylh, syll/. plough ; 

furrow, gully (?) Ct. ; ? = sulung 

a measure of land. 
~SBCerm. strip of land for ploughing. 
~aelmesse f. ecclesiastical tax on 

ploughed land. 
~beam m. plough-tail. 
~gang m. as much land as can be 

tilled by one plough. 
-hfflbbere m. ploughman Gl. 
~;h)andla m. ploughman Gl. 
~(h)andle/ plough-handle or -tail. 
-scear n. ploughshare. 
-gesidu npl. ploughing apparatus. 
~geteoh . ploughing apparatus. 
~geweorc . plough-making. 
sulincel n. small furrow Gl. 
sulung, swu- n. ' plough-length,' 

in Kent a hide of land. See hid 

[sulh, lang]. 
sum no. wg. a certain one, some 

one sixa - one of six, with five 

others, correl. ~e . . ~e some . . 

others, aj. some hund scipa 

about 600 ships ; ~e pa tep some 

of the teeth || ~es in some degree. 

~e dSle somewhat. ~era pinga 

in some respects. 
sumnes/ delay IN. 
sumor m., d. sumera, -e summer, 
-hs&te/ summer heat. 
-laecan impers. draw near to sum- 

sumorjlang(day)long as in summer. 

~lic summer. 

~lida ;. summer army of Danes 
(which does not winter in the 

-msesse/ midsummer. 

-r&ding-boc /. lectionary for 

-selde/. summer-house Gl. 

sund . power or act of swimming ; 
fsea, water. 

-geblandf n. commotion of waters, 

~buend(e)t mpl. men, people. 

-corn n. saxifrage. 

-gierd/ sounding- pole. 

~h.elm.-f m. covering of water, the 

-hengestf m. ship. 

-hwset active in swimming. 

-line/, sounding-line. 

-mere m. swimming-bath. 

-nyttf/ act of swimming. 

-plegaf playing in water. 

-rap m. sounding-line. 

-reced n. sea-house, the Ark. 

~wudu m. ship. 

gesund uninjured ; in good con- 
dition ; sound in health. 

-full sound ; prosperous. 

-fullian make prosperous. 

-fullic sound, good. 

-fullice av. safely ; prosperously. 

-fulnes/ health ; prosperity. 

-ig favourable (wind). 

-elic prosperous. 

-lice av. safely ; prosperously. 

sundeaw m. sundew (?), rosemary 
[ = sund-deaw ?]. 

sun dor I. av. apart; severally; 
asunder ; differently. II. See en- 
sun dran. 

-an weald m. monarchy. 

-craeft m. special art or power. 

-craeftiglice av. with special skill. 

-gecynd n. peculiar nature. 

-cyppo/. intimacy. 

-feoh n. private property. 

-folgop m. appointment, office. 

-freedom, -freols m. special im- 
munity, privilege. 

-genga m. one who goes alone. 

-giefu/. special gift or grace, pri- 

-halga m. Pharisee. 

-ierfe n. special inheritance or pro- 


sundorjland . land set apart, 

private land, 
-lie special. 
-lice av. apart. 

-liepes av. separately, specially Gl. 
-lif n. private life. 
~m*ied/. private meadow, 
-maelum av. singly. 
-notu/. special office. 
-nytt "f. special office or use. 
-geref-land . land reserved for 

the jurisdiction of a gerefa (?) Gl. 
-riht n. special right, 
-seld n. throne, 
-setl . hermitage, 
-spra^c / private conversation, 


-stow/ special place. 
-weorpung/. special honour, pri- 

~wic . separate dwelling, 
-winef m. intimate friend, 
-wisf specially wise, 
-wundorf n. special wonder. 
sunn|e/., -a m. sun. 
~an-a5fen(n) m. Saturday evening, 
-an-corn n. gromel (a plant). 
~an-dfflg m. Sunday. 
~an-niht/ Saturday night. 
~an-uhta m. time before daybreak 

on Sunday ; Sunday matins, 
sun beam m. sunbeam. 
-bearof n. sunny grove, 
-beorhtf sunny. 
-bryne m. sunburn, 
-feld m. Elysium. 
-folgend m. heliotrope, 
-ganges av. in the direction of the 

sun's movement, 
-gihte solstice. 
-lie solar. 

-sceado/ sunshade, veil, 
-scienef beautiful as the sun. 
-scin n. mirror (!) Gl. 
-set West IN. 
-stede m. solstice, 
-wiitigf beautiful with sunshine 

(</ summer). 

sunor/w. herd (of swine) IN. 
sun u, pi. -a m. son ; young of 


-sunu m. grandson. 
supan 7 sup, drink ; ge~ absorb, 
supe oncef. sup, draught 
sur/ sour, acid. 
-eagede, -iege blear-eyed. 




sur mil(i)sc, ~melsc sour-sweet 

-nes/ acidity. 

sure/, sorrel. 

susl nf. torment. 

-banaf m. demon. 

-cwaluf/ torment. 

-hoft n. abode of torment. 

suster = sweostor. 

sutere m. shoemaker [Lt. sutor]. 

sutol = sweotol. 

sup I. av. southward ; in the south. 
II. aj., see syperra. 

-dtel m. south (part). 

-duru/ south door. 

supeast south-east. 

-ende m. south-east end. 

-erne south-eastern. 

Sup|engle //. South Anglians ; 
people of the south of England. 

-eweard = -weard. 

~folc . southern people ; Suffolk. 

-garsecg m. southern ocean. 

-healcl southward. 

-healf/. south side. 

-hymbre mpl Mercians. 

-land n. southern land. 

-insbgp f. southern tribe or pro- 

-gemefere n. south boundary. 

-mann m. southern man. 

-mif rce //. southern Mercians. 

-portic m. south porch. 

~rihte av. due south. 

-rima m. south coast. 

-rodor, -rador m. the south. 

-Sffl mf. English Channel. 

Supseax e, -an //. South Saxons ; 

-isc of Sussex. 

eupjsteep n. south shore or coast. 

-wag m. south wall. 

sup(e)weard southward. 

~es av. southwards. 

8Up|weg m. south road or quarter. 

-west av. south-west. 

-westerne south-western. 

-wind m. south wind. 

supan av. from the south, on the 
south side be - wd., wip - wa. 
south of; southwards. 

supaneastan av. (from) the south- 

-wind m. south-east wind. 

supan [eastern e south-eastern. 

-hymbre//. Mercians. 

-weard = supweard. 

supanwestan av. (from) the 

-wind m. south-west wind. 

supan-wind m. south wind. 

superige = saeperige (?) a plant. 

superne southern wudu, see- 

prene- southern - wood, abro- 

sup(er)ra = syperra. 

supmest, see syperra. 

suwian = swigian. 

swa, sws, weak se(peah) av., cj. 
iv. indc. , sbj. also doubled swa swa 
without change of meaning^ dem. 
so, often nearly = that no. : he pa 
swa dyde did as he was asked ; he 
aras ablendum eagum, and his 
geferan hine swa blindne (blind 
in the manner mentioned) to psere 
by rig geleeddon; eet menu fif- 
tiene peningas, and aet horse 
healf swa half of that sum | suc- 
cession, then : for to Sandwic, 
and swa panon to Gipeswic 
therefore : he him past land for- 
bead, and he hit swa alet. ic 
meeg reedan on pys rice ; swa 
me peet riht ne pyncep peet . . 
swa and swa indf. in such and 
such a manner: peah pu nyte 
for hwy he swa and swa do j 
degree : ne gemette ic swa mi- 
celne geleafan ; mid prim sci- 
pum . . mid swa fela scipa 
emphatic : wine swa druncen so 
drunk, very drunk pleon., refer- 
ring to rel. clause : swa hrape 
swa hi beop deade, swa beop hi 
mid ealle geendode. swaswa 
he hie genamode, swa hi sindon 
gyt gehatene | in such a manner 
that, so that : gif hwa stalie swa 
his wif nyte ; ic hie geleornode 
swaswa ic hie forstod ; do rysle 
to, swaswa sien twa pund about 
two pounds | swa peet in such a 
manner that, so that gen. w. indc. : 
he wees swipe fseger swa paet he 
wees gehaten Leohtberend || rel. 
as, like : swa(swa) ic a?r aaede ; 
beop gleawe swa nseddran ! ; 
heora hlaford weorpodon swa- 
swa wuldrea cyning as being, 
nsofre nees swilc sibb swilc swa 
wees on his gebyrdtide. swa 
hit = which rel. : feng to pa*m 
westrice swa hit his feeder 


heefde | which : pon gelic swa- 
(swa) leecas cunnon s.uch as 
doctors know | where | when : 
swa pa opre ham comon | since 
| because | although | as if iv . sbj. : 
fleah swa he afyrht walre | if : 
he him peet land forbead swa 
he ffiniges brucan wolde || swa 
w. spl. = as . . as : for eefter 
swa he rapost mehte his 
nrd gegadrian as soon as || swa 
. . swa dem., rel. as . . as : swa 
oft swa pa opre hergas ut 
foron, ponne foron hie ; swa 
gelSrede biscepas swaswa nu 
sindon; swa ealde swa hie 
wteron hie gefuhton in spite of 
their age. Sometimes the place of 
the second swa is taken by an 
equivalent word: pa habbap 
beardas swa side op heora 
breost | swa hwelc swa who- 
ever, swa hwelc mann swa 
whatever man, if any man . . . See 
hwelc, hweet &c. \ either . . or, 
whether . . or : sie peet on cy- 
ninges dome swa deap swa 
lif, swa he him forgifan wille ; 
God sealde him agenne eyre, 
swa he wSre gehyrsum, swa 
he wsere ungehyrsum. Some- 
times the second swa stands alone 
or : dem pu hi to deape, swa 
to life ISt ! || iv. cpv. the . . the : 
Norpmanna land is simle swa 
norpor swa smeelre ; swaswa he 
lengra bip swa hi beop unge- 
seeligran. Omission of first ele- 
ment : hit me gelicap leng swa 
swipor the longer the more. 

swacendlic (,?) convenient Gl. 

swab = swa. 

swfflcc, m. sense of taste ; taste, 
flavour (of food) || sense of smell ; 

ge-an smell. 

swaelan burn tr. [swol; 83 = ce]. 

swaem m. triflcr, contemptible 

gesweepa, -apa, -epo, //. rubbish 

swtepels (m.), -e / cloak, gar- 

swsbr, ~e, swar(e) heavy ; exces- 
sive, heavy (sleep) ; grievous 
(hardship, sin) ; sad (voice) ; 
sluggish ; weak. 




gesw&red made uncomfortable (of 
the body). 

sw&r|e, sware av. grievously, 

~lic excessive (lamentation). 

-lice av. excessively, (sleep) heavily. 

-mod sluggish. 

-modnes/. sluggishness. 

-nes/. weight ; sluggishness. 

gesw&re I. afflicted. II. gisuo- 
ere n. affliction /A^ 

sw&s(t' own ; familiar, dear (kins- 
man) ; Pr. - mann native ; gentle 
(speech) ; kind ; pleasant ; sweet 

-leecan flatter. 

-lie kind (words); pleasing (gift). 

~lice av. kindly, graciously ; plea- 
santly ; (deceive) plausibly ; ! pro- 

-nes/ blandishment ; pleasure. 

~wyrde pleasant of speech Gl. 

geswaes dear, familiar ; kind, 
gentle ; pleasant, alluring. 

~e av. blandly. 

-leecan flatter. 

-lice av. kindly. 

~nes/ flattery. 


~uhg/ alleviation. 

sw&send|e ., gen. pi. ~u, food, 
refection, dinner ; blandishment 

~dagas, sw&sing- mpl. \ ides (of 
March, &c.)- 

sw&sing- - swsesend-. 

swffitan perspire ; toil ; exude wi. ; 
fbleed [swat]. 

sweep . footprint, track; trace, 
vestige. Cp. swapu. 

sweeper, swapor ivg. whichever 
| iv. swa . . swa either . . or : 
gswylde man hine ~ man mrege, 
swa cucenno swa deadne ; hi 
moston don swa god swa yfel 
~ swa hi woldon [swa, hwse- 

swfflprian = sweprian cease. 

swamianf once become dark. 

swamrrt m. fungus, mushroom. 

swan m. swan. 

-radf/. sea. 

swan. m. swineherd, herdsman ; 
fman, warrior. 

~gerefa m. swineherd-superintend- 

~riht n. law concerning swineherds. 

sw&n-steorra m. evening star. 
swancor pliant, supple ; agile, 

graceful ; weak, 
swangor sluggish (physically and 

mentally). sluggishness. 
swapan i tr. sweep (with broom) ; 

brandish (sword) || intr. rush, dash 

(ofv/ind, &c.). 
geswapa = geswsepa. 
swar(e) = swser. 
swarnian = swornian coagulate, 
swat n. perspiration ; exudation ; 

(f)blood ; toil. 

-clap m. handkerchief, napkin, 
-fagf blood-stained. 
~lin n. handkerchief, napkin. 
~swapuf/ gory track, 
-p^rel . pore, 
swatan [or a ?] //. beer, 
swatig perspiring ; fblood-stained, 


-hleorf with sweating face, 
geswapiari*, se investigate Gl. 
swa'peah. av. however. 
~hwsBpere av. however, 
swa-peana, sepeana av. however. 
swapor = sweeper, 
swaporian = sweprian cease. 
swap|u /. track on -e behind ; 

scar ; vestige. Cp. sweep, 
swe = swa. 
s weal we/, swallow. 
swearcian become dark (of sun) 

sweard, swearp (/.) skin, rind (of 


swe arm m. swarm, 
sweart black, dark ; gloomy ; evil. 
~ef av. evilly ; grievously, miserably. 
~haewen violet-coloured. 
~ian become black, 
-lastf leaving a black track. 
~nes/. blackness; ink. 
swearp = sweard. 
swebban, prt. swefede, put or 

lull to sleep ; fkill [swefan]. 
swefan 5 sleep ; fcease ; fbe dead. 
swefed//c. ^/"swebban. 
swefl, SB m. sulphur. 
~en of sulphur. 
-rec m. sulphurous vapour, 
-sweart sulphurous (?) Gl. 
~prosm m. sulphurous vapour. 
swefn . often pi. w. sg. meaning 

sleep; dream. 
~racu/. interpretation of dream. 


swefn-reccere m. interpreter of 

swefn ian w. a. of per s. appear in 
a dream : swa hweet swa hine 
swefnap ; w . nom. of per s. dream. 

-igend m. dreamer. 

sweg, oe m. noise, sound ; melody ; 
! person. 

-crfflft m. music, musical perform- 

~dynnf noise, din. 

-hleoporf m. melodious sound, 

-lie sonorous. 

swegjan intr. sound, resound || tr. 
signify, mean [swogan]. 

~endlic vocal, vowel. 

-ing/ noise. 

gesweg|e sonorous; harmonious. 

-sumlice av. unanimously. 

sweglf sky, heaven ; sun. 

-befealden encompassed by heaven. 

-beorht heaven-bright. 

-bosmas mpl. interior of heaven. 

~candel(l)/. sun. 

-cyning m. king of heaven. 

-dream m. joy of heaven. 

-horn m. a musical instrument 

-rad/ music (?). 

-torht heavenly bright. 

-wered (?). 

-wnldor n. glory of heaven. 

-wundor n. heavenly wonder. 

sweger, -gr / mother-in-law 

sweglef I. bright. II. av. brightly. 

swelan 4 intr. burn, be burnt up ; 
inflame (of wound). 

swelc, i, y a/., no. such, such a one, 
he : pa pa se casere eall swylc 
geseah the magician's tricks 
~ and ~ this and that, different 
things : hine -es and ~es wund- 
rap | as much, as many : medmicel 
pipores and oper swilc cymenes 
an equal quantity of cummin || 
correl. : ~ scolde eorl wesan - 
^Eschere wses. con el. with other 
words : ymb ~ to sprecanne 
hwelo hit pa wees. So also ~ . . 
swa || w. the correl. word omitted 
such as, which : eall gedtelan ~him 
God sealde [swa, lie]. 

-nes (!)/. quality. 

swelca m. pustule. 

swelce av. cj. ; as to. indc., like ; 




as if w. sbj. ; so also, also eac, 

eao - also. 
swelgjan 3 iv. a., i. swallow ; 

absorb, also Jig. ; devour, consume, 


-end m. devourer, glutton, 
-end, ge-/w. guli, abyss.whirlpool. 
- end)nes/ whirlpool. 
-ere m glutton. 
geswell n. swelling, tumour. 
bwell,an 3 swell. 
-ing/, swelling (of sail\ 
swelt|an, y,/r/. swealt, eo 3 die; 

wg. become dead to met. : - synna. 
-endlic about to die. 
swenc (m.) tribulation IN. [swinc- 


geswenc n. toil, affliction. 
swene|an afflict, torment; bring 

(jailer) into trouble (by escaping) ; 

mortify ^ flesh). 
ge-ednes/. affliction, 
sweng m. stroke, blow [swingan]. 
swengan tr. dash (aside) || intr. 

w. on a. spring on (of \\Q\\). 
sweotbt (f) n. sleep [swefan]. 
sweolop ^ swolop heat. 
Sweo n //. Swedes. 
-land, f-rlce n. Sweden, 
-peodf/ the Swedes. Sweden. 
sweor, swehor m. father-in-law ; 

cousin Gl. [sweger]. 
gesweor m. cousin Gl. 
sweor, swer, y mf. column, pillar. 
sweorja, I, y, u m. neck. 
-ban n. neck-bone ; neck. 
-beag m. necklace. 
-clap m. collar. 
-cosp, -cops m. pillory. 
-copu/ quinsy. 
-hnitu/. neck-nit. 
-racentteag/ chain for the neck. 
-rod/ cross hung from neck, 
-scacol m. pillory. 
-teag, -teh/ collar. 
-waerc m. pain in the neck, 
gesweorc . cloud, mist. 
~nes/. gloom. 
aweorcjan 3 become dark, be 

obscured ptc. gesworcen dark ; 

become sad ; become grievous or 

troublesome. gloomy-minded. 
sweord, u, y, IN. o n. sword. 
-bealof sword-hurt. 
-berendef sword- bearing, 
-bitet tn. sword-cut. 

sweord|bora m. sword-bearer, 
attendant ; swordsman, gladiator. 

-fsetels m. sword-belt. 

-frecaf m. warrior. 

-giefuf/ gift of a sword. 

-gripef w. sword-stroke. 

-hwita m. sword-polisher. 

-leomaf * glitter of swords. 

-geniplaf m. warrior. 

-plegaf m. battle. 

-rsesf m. onslaught. 

-slegef m. sword-stroke. 

-geswingf . sword- brandishing. 

-wegende sword-bearing. 

-wigendf m. warrior. 

-wundf wounded by the sword. 

-wyrhta m. sword-smith. 

gesweorf . filings. 

sweorfan 3 scrub, file. 

gesweoru, I, yf //. hills (!). 

sweostor, y, u, o, suster, not W. 
sweater, //. ~, sweostra, -u/ 
sister ; nun. 

gesweostren -u beam //. 
children of sisters, cousins. 

gesweostru, -a, gesweostor //. 
sisters, esp. in twa ~. 

sweotf, eof troop, crowd. 

sweotol, u, y, sutol distinct (to 
senses) ; evident ; manifest ; clear. 

-6 av. see (clearly) ; evidently ; 
openly ; (understand) clearly. 

-lie clear, distinct. 

-lice av. distinctly, clearly, openly. 

sweotoljian manifest ; explain, 

sweotolung, ge- /. manifestation 
(Epiphany); explanation, exposi- 
tion ; evidence, proof. 

-deeg m. Epiphany. 

swer ian 2, prt. swor, -ede, ptc. 
sworen swear, swear (by) w. on 
d., purh a. 

-igendlic jurative (adverbs). 

swertling (m.) titlark Gl. 

swet|e, oe I. sweet, pleasant to 
taste ; fragrant ; untainted ; agree- 
able, pleasant. II. n. sweetness, 
sweet [swot]. 

-an tr. sweeten ; make pleasant. 

~ian be sweet. 

-Ifecan sweeten Gl. 

-lice av. pleasantly. 

-mettas mpl. dainty, delicacy. 

-nes /. sweetness, pleasantness to 
taste ; fragrance ; pleasantness. 

-swege melodious. 


swet-wyrde bland of speech ; 
! stuttering. 

swepel, ee, eo m. bandage. 

swepolian relent vL. 

swejjr|ian, sweoperian, swa-, 
swee-, awl-, ge- cease, subside, 
abate (of fiie, sound, storm, pros- 

ge~ung*, ee /. ceasing modes -a 
loss of mental power. 

swepung/ poultice. 

swi-tlma "= swig-. 

sw^ic (n.) deception [swican]. 

-craeft m. treachery. 

-dom m. deceit, treachery, treason ; 
offence, scandalum. 

-full deceitful. 

geswic n. offence, scandalum. 

swic an 6 fwander ; fdepart 
ffram - wd. desert, withdraw 
favour or allegiance | w.g. or 
frani desist, cease; ge- withdraw 
(from expedition) | wd. desert ; 
not be of service, fail (of sword) ; 
be traitor to || ? tr. deceive not W. 

-end m. betrayer, deceiver. 

ge-ing/ intermission. 

-ung/. deceit; offence, scandalum. 

swician wander ; - fram d. de- 
part | wd. deceive, be treacherous 

on sehtum, ~ ymb pa sawle 

as regards ; offend, scandalizare 

swica m. deceiver ; traitor. 

swice/ trap. 

swice deceitful, treacherous. 

swicc (m.} odour. Cp. swaecc. 

geswicennes /. cessation, absten- 
tion ; repentance. 

swicn, ge- /. clearance from 
criminal charge. 

ge~an clear from criminal charge 
gen. rfl. w. be d. 

geswicnefull (?) treacherous. 

swicol, eo deceitful, treacherous, 

~lic deceitful ; causing offence 

-lice av. deceitfully, treacherously. 

-nes/ deceit. 

swierman swarm (of bees) 

swifan 6 intr. move, sweep on ~ 
intervene, interfere abs. 

geswifornes = geswipornes. 

swift swift. 

-lice av. swiftly. 




swift|nes/. swiftness. 

-of. swiftness. 

swift once reciprocal Gl. 

swiftlere, suftlere m. slipper [Z/. 

swigan = swlgian. 
swigjian, if, eo, u, sweowian, u, 

sugian, suwian ; swigan rare 

in W. be silent, not speak ; not 

make sound (of things), w. g. or a. 

not speak of || ge-ed beon be 


-iendllce av. silently. 
~ungf. silence ; quiet ; delay IN. 
Bwig|e, It/ silence ; quiet, 
-dagas mpl. silence-days (last 

three days of Holy Week). 
~tima m. time of silence. 
~uht m. dawn of silence-days. 
swig|e silent ; quiet, 
-nes/. time of silence. 
swigen/. silence. 
swiglunga, swilunge av. silently. 
swill|an, swilian (he swilep) 


-ing, swiling/. washing. 
swilc = swelc. 
swima, If m. giddiness ; dizziness ; 


swimm|an 3 swim, float. 
-endlic able to swim Gl. 
swin . swine, pig ; fi ma ge of boar 

on helmet. 
-en of swine, 
-haga m. swine-pen. 
-hierde m. swineherd. 
-Hot n. image of boar on helmet. 
swine . affliction. 
-full disastrous vL. 
-leas without exertion. 
-lie of labour. 

geswinc n. labour; result of la- 
bour, work ; effort ; hardship, 


-dagasf//. time of hardship. 
-full laborious ; troublesome. 
-fulnes/ tribulation. 
-lie toilsome. 
swincan 3 labour ; be in pain or 

distress ; not thrive (0/"crops). 
swind = spind fat. 
swindan 3 waste away ; be torpid, 
geswingt n. fluctuation, swell (of 


swing an 3 beat, strike, chastise ; 
whip (top. cream) ; ? beat or flap 
(wings) ; afflict. 

swingere m. scourger. 

swinge, y/. stroke (of rod), stripe, 

beating, also met. chastisement, 

swingell, swingel(l)e, swingle 

f. stroke (of rod), beating, also met. 

chastisement, affliction ; stick to 

beat with, whip. 
-ting/, giddiness, 
geswins*, -swinf once n. melody. 
swinsian make melody ; sound 


swinsung/. melody, harmony. 
-craeft m. music. 
swipje, ~u wk. f. whip, scourge, 

met. chastisement, affliction ; some 

weapon (sword?, spear?). 
swipor, swifor (?), ge- cunning. 
ge~lice av. cunningly. 
ge~nes/ cunning. 
swippan*, (he) swipepf scourge, 


swira = sweora. 
geswiria, -swirga, vE. -swigra 

m. sister's son, nephew ; cousin 

swip strong ; efficacious (drug) | 

cpv. ~ra right (hand, side). -re/. 

right side. 

-faastnes/ excess! ven ess, violence. 
-feorm wealthy, fruitful ; violent, 
-feormende growing violent. brave, impetuous. 
swipfram, ge- >trcnuous. 
-lice av. strenuously. 
SW;p[hwsett very active. 
-hycgende of strong purpose. 
-lie excessive, great ; violent, vehe- 
ment ; effective (drug,; severe, 


-lice av. exceedingly ; energetic- 
ally ; severely, strictly. 
-licnes/. excess, 
-mihtig powerful. 
-mod great of soul ; brave ; stem ; 


-modnes/. greatness of soul, 
-nes/. excessiveness ; violence. 
-snellt very quick. 
-sprecol loquacious. 
-stincende of strong scent. 
-strang of great force (stream). 
-strieme (river) with strong current, 
-swege strong-sounding, heroic 

(verse) Gl. 


SWlp[swige taciturn, 
swipan make strong met., sup- 

swipian be or become strong ; fix. 
swipe av. exceedingly, very | cpv. 

swipor more | spl. swipost most ; 

especially, chiefly ; almost, nearly, 
swiprian = sweprian cease. 
swiprian be or become stronger, 

prevail; avail [swip]. 
swodrian once be drowsy, sleep 

swog an intr. (re)sound ou 

- enter by force, invade Bd. | ptc. 

geswogen in a swoon ; dead ; 

ge~ung, -swow-/! swooning. 
swol, ot () burning ; heat (of 

sun, of fever) [swelan]. 
swolgettan use as a gargle 

swolop, sweo-, once swa- m. heat, 


sword = sweord. 
sworen//c. <?/swerian. 
sworett|an draw deep breath, 

sigh, pant. 
-endlic panting. 
~ung/l sighing; panting. 
swornian once a coagulate Gl. 
swostor = sweostor. 
swot sweet [swete], 
~e av. (smell) sweetly. 
-lie savoury (food). 
-m^ttas mpl. dainties, 
-nes/. sweetness (of smell). 
-stence odoriferous. 
*~stincende, ~st- odoriferous. 
swugian = swlgian . 
swulung = sulung. 
swura = sweora. 
swurd = sweord. 
swuster = sweostor. 
swntol = sweotol. 
swuwian = swigian. 
swylc = sw^elc. 

swyle m. swelling (on body), tu- 
mour, abscess. 
swyltt m. death ; perdition (of the 

-cwalut /. death ; perdition (of 

the soul), torment. 
-dflBgt m. day of death, 
-deapt m. death. 
-hwil-f/. hour of death. 
swyra = sweora. 
swyrd = sweord. 




geswyrf n. filings [sweorfan]. 

swyster = sweostor. 

swytol = sweotol. 

sycan, I suckle [sucan]. 

gesyd n. wallowing-place [seopan]. 

sydung = sidung. 

syde (m.~) decoction (of herbs) 

syfian = seofian. 

syfan = seofon. 

syfer-, see syfre. 

~&te abstemious. 

-lie cleanly, pure. 

-lice av. with cleanliness ; abste- 
miously ; chastely ; carefully, pru- 

~nes f. moderation ; abstemious- 
ness ; sobriety ; chastity. 

syfl|an gesyfled provided with 
seasoning (of bread) [sufl]. 

~ige /. seasoning, food eaten with 

-ing/, seasoning, food eaten with 

syfre temperate, abstemious; sober; 
(morally) pure. 

syl, once -an, pi. -a (n.) wallow- 
ing-place, miry place [sol]. 

syl/ pillar, column. 

sylian make muddy or dirty ; pol- 
lute [sol]. 

syla oncem. ploughman Gl. [sulh]. 

sylen = syl. 

sylen = selen gift. 


sylfor = seolfor. 

syl h), syll, see sulh. 

(ge)sylhj>e M. team (of oxen) [sulh]. 

syll, once -e f. foundation beam or 
plank ; support, foundation. 

sylla = selra. 

sylian = sellan. 

symbel I. ., d. symb(l)e; occ. 
sym(in)el- in compos, feast ; (re- 
ligious) festival. II. aj. of a feast 
or festival Gl. 

symbel ,calic m. chalice. 

-cennes/. birthday festival IN. 

-dfflg m. f feast-day, feasting ; (re- 
ligious) festival day. 

-galf excited with feasting. 

-giefaf ni. entertainer. 

-hus n. banquet-hall. 

-lie of a festival, solemn. 

-lice av. solemnly. 

-monaplic comitial Gl. 

-nes/. feasting; festival, solemnity. 

-gereordf n. feast. 

-tid/. (religious) festival, solemnity. 

-werigf weary with feasting. 

-wlancf elate with feasting. 

-wynnf f. exhilaration of feast- 

symbel, syml = simbel. 

symbl(i)an feast. 

symering-wyrt, si- /. a plant. 

symlian frequent IN. Cp. sim- 

-inga av. continually IN. 

gesyndgian make to prosper. 

gesyndlic prosperous [gesund]. 

synder-, IN. syndur- [sundor]. 

-B/. special law IN. 

~lic separate ; remote Gl. ; private ; 
ordinary (day, as opposed to fes- 
tival) ; special ; exceptionally 

-lice av. apart, in private; sepa- 
rately, severally, in several ways ; 
exclusively ; specially. 

-licnes f. speciality ; excessive- 

-liepe special. 

-liepes av. singly. 

-weorpmynt/ prerogative. 

syndig skilled in swimming 

syndr|ian separate [sundor]. 

-igendlic discretive (adverb). 

-ung/. separation. 

syndrig apart, separate, several ; 
distributive one each : J>a on- 

fengon hi ~e penegas ; - stan 
pure rock (as opposed to earth) ; 
set apart, special, private ; re- 
markable, exceptional, special. 

syndrig e av. IN. apart, singly. 

-lie special. 

-lice av. specially ; singly. 

syng ian sin. 

-ung/. sinning. 

syn|n / sin ; fwrongdoing. injury, 

-hot/, penance. 

~byrj>en(n )/. burden of sin. 

-bysigf wicked. 

-defed/ sinful deed. 

-dolgt . hostile wound (?), or= 

-fahf hostile, wicked. 

-full sinful. 

-grin/, snare of sin. 

-leahtor m. sin, vice. 

-leas sinless. 

-leaw/. sinful injury. 

-lie sinful. 

-lice av. sinfully. 

-lust m. sinful desire, lust. 

-ries m. sinful impulse. 

-rustf m. rust of sin. 

-scapaf m. malefactor. 

-scyldigt wicked. 

-wracuf/. punishment. 

-wrannes/ = sin-. 

-wund/. sin-wound. 

-wyrcendef sinning. 

synn ecge/. sinner. 

~ig sinful ; guilty. 

gesynto/. often pi. w. sg. meaning 
health ; welfare, safety, salvation 

sypje, yf m. absorbing [supan]. 

-ian absorb (moisture). 

syrf e /, -treow n. service-tree 
\_Lt. sorbus]. 

syring/. sour whey [sur]. 

sy]>erra, su)>(e)ra aj. cpv. more 
southern, spl. supmest [suj?]. 






ta, tahaB/, pi. tan toe. See tah-. 

tabule/., once m. table ; tablet (for 
writing on) ; board used as gong; 
diagram, table ^Lt. tabula]. 

tacan 2 take vL. 

taccian once tame Gl. 

tacn, -en, tanc n. sign in its 
various meanings, token, signal, 
sign of the Zodiac; emblem, 
symbol ; prognostic ; miracle ; 
event ; symptom (of disease) ; 
proof; banner [teon 6]. 

~berend m. standard-bearer. 

-bora m. standard-bearer ; ! guide. 

-circul m. indiction, lunar cycle. 

tacnlian put mark on, mark ; point 
out, indicate ; ge- signify, mean ; 
be symbol of, express ; portend. 

ge-iendlic emblematic. 

-Xing, ge- /. signification ; decree, 
dispensation; emblem; prognostic; 
symptom ; proof. 

tacor m. husband's brother. 

tadde = tadige. 

tadige, once tadde/ toad. 

tffibere once an implement of 

teec|an, prt. tfehte, a wda. show ; 
direct, enjoin, teach. 

tfflcnjan, -ian show ; prove ; ap- 
point [tacn]. 

-end m. indicator Gl. 

-ing/, sli owing, proof. 

taefl/. chess-board ; chess, draughts, 
game of chance ; die (for gam- 
bling), piece \_Lt. tabula]. 

-st&n m. die or piece used in game. 

taefl | an, -ian gamble. 

-ere m. gambler. 

-ling/, gambling. 

taflet given to gambling. 

taegl m. tail. 

-hfflr . tail-hair. 

tsehher = tear. 

getffllf once, pi. -tale, swift, prompt. 

tl, tal /. fault-finding, censure ; 
calumny ; blasphemy to tale 

habbaii blaspheme against ; deri- 

tl|hleahtor m. derision. 
-leas blameless. 
-leaslice av. blamelessly. 
-lie, a calumnious ; blasphemous ; 

-lice, a av. blasphemously ; repre- 

tablwierpje, -lie reprehensible. 

-lice av. reprehensibly. 

-licnes, eo/. reprehensibility. 

tael, [*/?. of tllan] . number 

-craft*, tl- m. arithmetic, chro- 

-mearcf/ date, period. 

-metf n. amount (of time). 

-sum. rhythmic Gl. 

yetffll, n. number ; series ; cata- 
logue ; tribe ; estimation, opinion. 

-circul m. cycle, series. 

-craft*, e m. arithmetic. 

-fsest measurable. 

-rimf n. series, succession. 

-scipe*, getal- m. number IN. 

- wis skilled in arithmetic ; sagacious 

tal an blame ; calumniate, speak 
evil of; deride, insult. 

-end m. reprover; detractor, slan- 
derer ; derider. 

-ende censorious ; slanderous. 

-ere m. derider. 

-ing/, reproof; calumny. 

-nes/. rebuke ; vituperation, detrac- 

tamel m. basket [tan]. 

tanen of twigs [tan]. 

teepp a m. tap. 

-ere /., -estre/ tavern-keeper. 

-ian tap (cask). 

tappe/ tape, ribbon. 

tapped, taeppet, teped n. carpet, 
curtain [Lt. tapete]. 

tappel-bred n. footstool IN. 

tasan pull to pieces, tease (wool) ; 
fwound ; once soothe (?). 


gettes e I. convenient ; advanta- 
geous ; pleasant. II. n. conveni- 
ence, advantage ; pleasure ; imple- 
ment (.?) Ct. 

-lie convenient. 

-lice av. conveniently ; pleasantly, 

-nes/. convenience. 

ttesel wulfes - teasel (a plant). 

teeso = teoso injury. 

teetan caress [tat]. 

tsettec- rag. 

tagantes-helde/. a plant Gl. 

tah-. See ta toe. 

-spura m. point of the toe (?) Gl. 

tsihprt. of teon 6. 

tahte occ . -prt. of taecan. 

tal|ian {orig. part </t?llan; cp. 
folgian, fylgan] enumerate ; con- 
sider (a thing to be so-and-so), 
account : he ~ap hine selfne 
wisne ; ~ ungod to gode ; think ; 
impute wda., iv. a. and to d. 

.,^. -e, also indecl. series ; state- 
ment ; discussion ; claim ; excuse, 
defence ; legal case, action at law. 

tarn tame. 

tama m. tameness. 

tan m. ; ta/,//. tan twig, branch, 
twig used in casting lots. 

-hlyta, -hiytere m. diviner. 

tanc = tacn. 

getang wd. in contact with. 

-lice av. together. 

tange, tang/, tongs, forceps. 

tannian getanned tanned. 

-ere m. tannera hoi Ct. 

taper-sex /. small axe [fiusstan, 
through Scand^]. 

tapor m. taper. 

-berend m. acolyte. 

tar--=teoru tar. 

targle/, ~a m. small shield. 

ge~ed furnished with a shield. 

taru/. tear, rent [teran]. 

tasol = teosol die. 

tat- cheerful. Only in proper names. 




tawian prepare (land for sowing) ; 
treat (ill) : - to bis mere ; afflict : 
se wees yfele getawod suffering 
(from cancer). 

getaw|e, -a fpl. apparatus, trap- 
pings, armour, arms mannes 
~ genitals [tawian]. 

taxe oncef. toad Gl. 

ten (') vi>., prt. tede grow tough 
Gl. [ton]. 

getead occ.ptc. of teon wk. 

teafor . red pigment, vermilion. 

teag f. bond, chain, tape; case, 
casket ; enclosure, paddock. 

teagor = tear. 

teah/>;/. ofteoa. 6. 

teah = teag prt. of teon 7. 

teala = tela. 

teald//v. fl/" tellan. 

tealgor = telgor. 

tealt unsteady, heaving (ship) ; 
precarious, fleeting. 

-ian be unsteady, not stand firm. 

tealtrian stagger, not stand firm ; 
be uncertain (^/"calculation). 

tealtrig unsettled. 

team. m. child-bearing ; progeny, 
race ; coll. parents and children, 
family; team ^ of oxen) || vouching 
to warranty, right of jurisdiction in 
matters of warranty. See tieman. 
[teon 7.] 

-byrst m, failure to produce an 
avoucher. See getiema. 

-full prolific. 

~p61 m. breed ing- pool. 

geteama = getiema. 

tear, teagor, IN. tsehher m. tear ; 
drop, exudation. 

-geotende tear-shedding. 

~ian, IN. teeherian shed tears. 

tearig tearful, watery (eyes). 

-hleorf weeping. 

tearlic tearful. 

tearflian roll intr. 

tearo = teoro. 

teart severe (pain, discipline). 

lie severe. 

-lice av. severely. 

~nes_/". severity. 

-nurnol efficacious (drug). 

tede/r/. often. 

tege IW. m. being fastened ; series. 
Cp. teag. 

tel-treow*, -treo, -tre . imple- 
ment of weaving. 

tela, ea, teolo I. av. well, thorough- 

ly; prosperously, beneficially; very. 
II. interj. good !. well 1. 

teld (.) tent. 

teld|sele*, tyldsyle once m. tent Gl. 

-sticca m. tent-peg. 

~wyrhta m. tent-maker. 

geteld . tent. 

-gehliwung/. tabernacle. 

-weorpung/! feast of tabernacles. 

teldian. spread (.tent). 

teled occ. ptc. of tellan. 

telg, SB m. dye. colour. 

-berend what produces a dye. 

-(e)deag/. dye, purple Gl. 

telg | an, -ian dye. 

-ung/. dyeing, dye. 

telg a m. branch, bough. 

-ianf put forth shoots, flourish once. 

telgor, ea mf. shoot, twig, plant. 

telgra m. shoot, twig ; branch ; 

tellan ptc. -teald, -tled count, 
reckon, calculate ; consider (a thing 
to be so-and-so), account : - hine 
godne, - hit for naht, to wis- 
dorne ; think ; impute wda. ; 
enumerate, state (case) ; L. nar- 
rate, say [teel, talu]. 

ternian tame, subdue [tarn]. 

Temes/. Thames [//. Tamisia]. 

temes* sieve. 

-ian, temsian sift. 

-pile/! stake to support sieve. 

tempel, tempi . temple \_Lt. 

-geat n. temple-gate. 

-halgung /. dedication of the 

-lie of a temple Gl. 

-geweorc n. temple. 

templic of a temple Gl. 

tempr ian moderate, regulate ; 
mingle [Z/. temperare]. 

~ungy. moderation. 

tengan intr. hasten, press forwards 
on a. attack [getang]. 

getenge wd. lying on, close to ; 
occupying (mind) ; hard-pressing 
(object of pursuit), afflicting ; op- 
pressive (thirst). 

teon, ptc. togen 6 draw, drag, 
pull, tug, also met. ; abs. swij>or - 
be heavier (when weighed in 
balance) ; ge- draw (sword) ; row 
(boat) ; make vibrate (strings of 
harp), play ; string (harp), tighten 
getogen wamb ; bring, put, 


takea/r0m/.; bring up, educate, in- 
struct || intr. go, travel w. cognate a. 

teon 7, 6 prt. teah, ptc. -togen, i 
accuse w. a. and g. or sbj. 

t.eo n, IA. teagan, eN prt. tiad* 
make, create ; arrange, institute, 
ordain ; furnish ; adorn. 

ge-ung*, getiung/; preparation. 

teofonianf tr. join together. 

teogopa = teopa. 

geteohf . R. 

teohh/., m. or n. race, generation ; 
troop, body of men. 

teohh. ian think w . sbj. ; consider, 
account : tile mann ~ap him 
(rfl.} peet to selestum gode paet 
J)8et he swipost lufap ; deter- 
mine (on\ intend w. a., sbj., ger. 

ge~ung_/. arrangement. 

teola = tela. 

teolian * tilian . 

teon|a m., ~e f. injury, suffering; 
injustice, wrong; insult, contumely; 

-cwide m. abusive language ; 

-cwlclian calumniate. 

-full grievous, painful ; malicious, 
hostile ; calumnious, abusive, re- 

-hetef m. dire hostility. 

-lie hurtful. 

-lice av. grievously ; shamefully. 

-liegt m. dire flame (of hell). 

~rfieden(n)/ injury, wrong. 

~smipt m. evil-doer. 

-word n. calumny ; arrogant word. 

teond m. accuser. 

teon|ian irritate; calumniate. Cp. 

-ere m. slanderer. 

teontig = hundteontig hundred. 

teorjian, eof intr. ivd. fail, not be 
up to the mark ; be tired || tr. tire. 

ge~igendlic failing, defective. 

ge-odnes/". exhaustion, fatigue. 

(ge)-ungy". exhaustion, fatigue. 

teoro, teru n., tier(e)we f., wk. 
forms -tearo, -tare, -tara (m. ?) 
tar, resin ; ear-wax. 

teors m. membrum virile. 

teosof, e, aa injury ; fraud ; wicked- 
ness, wrong. 

-sprAc/. deceitful speech. 

teosol, e, vE. a m. die [Lt. tes- 

teoswian*, tesw- injure, annoy. 




teopian, teogop- take tenth part, 

tithe; give tenth part, pay tithe. 
teopung /. tenth part ; tithe ; 

association of ten men, tithing. 
-ceap m. tithes. 
-dagas mpl. the thirty-six tithing- 

days (amounting to a tithe of the 

year) in Lent. 

~ealdor m. chief of ten monks, dean. 
~georn sedulous in paying tithes. 
-land n. land subject to tithe (?). 
-rnann m. captain of ten ; head of 

a tithing. 

-sceatt m. tithes. 
teopa, teogopa tenth [tien]. 
geter n. tearing, laceration ; tumult, 

discord Gl. 
teran 4 tear, lacerate, bite mid 

wordum ~ backbite ; be pungent. 
tergan = tiergan. 
terraen rn. term, end, fixed date 

\JLt. terminus]. 

teter m. ringworm (skin disease). 
-wyrL/1 celandine. 
tep //. of top. 
tiadffl/r/. o/teon create. 
getiung - geteoung. 
tiber, If fn. sacrifice, offering. 
-nesy! slaughter, destruction. 
ticcen, y, IN. eg . kid. 
ticia {for *ticca, or i = i ?] m. tick 

tld f. time, date, period, (bad) 

times ; proper time on ~e ; 

hour ; season (of year) ; church 

service at one of the canonical 

hours ; festival, anniversary ; tense. 
-dfflgt m. lifetime, 
-faraf m. (?). 
~gfnge periodical. 
~lic temporary ; opportune ; of time. 
-lice, tide- av. temporarily, in this 

world; conveniently, seasonably; 

in good time, quickly pees ful ~ 

soon after. 

-licnes/. opportunity IN. 
-ren m. seasonable rain, 
-sang m. service at one of the 

canonical hours. 
-sceawere m. astrologer Gl. 
-scriptor m. chronographer Gl. 

[Z/. scriptor]. 
-pegnung f. service at one of the 

canonical hours. 
-weorpungyi service at one of the 

canonical hours. 
-writere m. annalist. 

tld-yrnbwlatend m. astrologer. 

tid|an happen wd. 

-ung/. tidings. 

tieder-, tydder-. 

-lie frail, weak. 

-nes /. frailty, weakness (physical, 
mental, moral), ill-health, sinful- 

tiedre, tyddre, tidder fragile ; 
weak, frail (bodily, mentally, 
morally), having bad health ; not 
lasting, fleeting. 

tledrian become weak or infirm ; 
be perishable, decay. 

tiefr|an, ~ian paint [teafor]. 

~ung/. picture. 

tiegjan tie ; connect ; ge~ draw 
hine onsundran getigde drew 
aside [teag]. 

-ing/i connexion. 

tieman be pregnant ; ~ wip a. have 
sexual intercourse (of male) ; have 
(young), breed || w. a. and to 
vouch to warranty, prove right to 
property by referring it to the 
person from whom it was obtained : 
tieme he (hit) to pam menn pe 
him sealde ; refer for confirmation 
(to authority, precedent) abs. w. 
to [team]. 

getiema, ea m. avoucher, surety. 
See team. 

getieme suitable. 

getieme n. team or yoke (of oxen). 

tien ten. 

-amber containing ten ambers. 

-feald tenfold. 

-nihte ten days old. 

-strenge, -strenged with ten 

-wintre ten years old. 

tien an annoy, irritate; revile, 
calumniate [teona]. 

~end-#. annoyer. 

tierg|an, e, tyri(g)an, tyrw(i)an 
irritate, annoy, afflict. 

-ing/. zeal(!). 

tierw|e = teoro. 

~en tarry ; resinous. 

tife/ bitch. 

Tig = Tiw. 

tigel|e /. tile, brick, potsherd [Li. 

-sern n. house of brick, brick-kiln (?) 

~en of earthenware. 

~fagt adorned with mosaic. 


tigel|leag/. brick-field. 

-stan m. tile. 

-getffll n. number of bricks. 

-geweorc . brick-making. 

-wyrhta m. potter. 

tigen ptc. of teon 6. 

tiger tiger [/./.]. 

tigrisc of a tigtr. 

tigpian = tipian. 

tiht m. charge, crime [teon 6]. 

-bysig accused, of bad repute. 

tihtan, y {confusion w. tyhtan] 
charge with offence. 

tihtl e/. accusation, charge. 

-ian accuse wag. 

til I. good in its various meanings, 
competent, serviceable, morally 

good e hwile av. long enough 

or a long while (?) ; gentle; liberal. 
II. n. goodness, kindness. 

-fremmende doing good. 

~lic capable, good. 

-lice av well. 

-modig noble-minded. 

til prp. wd. to of place and met. N. 

til ian, eo -wdg., ger., sly. strive 
after, intend, attempt ; obtain, 
provide : hi him (rfl. ] metes 
-odon ; w. g. or a. provide for, 
support : he wees flscere and 
mid pam creefte his ,r/f.) -ode ; 
w. g. or d. or a. treat (medically), 
cure ; wa. till land vL. 

~ung/!strivingafter ; labour, employ- 
ment ; gain, produce ; (medical) 
treatment, cure, help. 

tila = tela. 

tilia, -iga m. cultivator of land, 

tillf (.) point, station. 

getillan attain , reach ; touch. 

tilp, ge~, -e f. employment, agri- 
culture ; gain, produce, crop 

getimian wd. impers. happen. 

tun [a m. time, date ; proper time 
wg., opportunity on -an, to -an 
in time, soon enough, to ~an at 
once ; period of time, time (of 
woman for bearing child), age (of 
world) on minum -an in my 
lifetime ; season (of the year) ; 
quantity (of syllable). 

-lie temporal, earthly. 

-lice av. soon. 

timber n. timber ; edifice ; act of 
building ; material, 




timber|hrycg m. wooded ridge ?) 


-land K. timber-land. 
-geweorc n. cutting timber, 
gctimb ernes/", edification met. Bd. 
timbr|an, ~ian build, construct ; 

edify, instruct ; cut timber. 
-end m, builder. 
(ge)~ung / act of building ; what 

is built ; edification met. 
getimbre n. edifice. 
timpane/. timbrel [Z/.]. 
timpestre/. female timbrel-player. 
timple once, a. timplean f. an 

implement of weaving. 
tin . tin. 
~en of tin. 
tinclian tickle. 
tind m. prong, spike. 
~ig, ~iht pronged, spiked. 
geting|anf once 3 press against 

intr. wd. 

-craft m. mechanics, 
tinn beam Gl. 

tinnan stretch, bend (bow) ; t R- 
tintreg, tinterg ., ~a m. torment, 


~end m. torturer. 
-ian, tintrian torment, torture, 


~lic tormenting, of torment, 
-stow/", place of torment, 
-pegn m. torturer, executioner. 
~ung/". torment, torture. 
tir m. gloryf ; the Runic letter t. 
-eadig, ~faest glorious, 
-fruma m. source of glory, God. 
-leas inglorious. 
-meahtig glorious. 
-wine m. follower. 
titeljian -wda. ascribe, 
-ung/". giving titles or headings Gl. 
titol superscription \_Lt. titulus]. 
titt m. teat. 

-stricel*, y (m.) nipple of breast. 
tip, y/". grant (ing) e fremian 

~e, tygp- also indecl. -a beon, 

weorpan wg. have one's request 

granted, obtain. 
-ian, tygpian -wdg. w. d. of thing 


Tiw, tig m. Mars ; the Runic letter t. 
Trwes|d8Bg m. Tuesday. 
-niht/. Monday night. 
to I. prp. iv. d. (g.) | of motion to, 

of rest at, by, also met. \ time : to 

middre niht, to d8eg(e) to-day, 
to seofon nihtuin mete for ; J>8et 
hit wsere pritig pusend wintra 
to plnum deapdroge to | order, 
next to : pu bist se pridda maun 
to me on mmum rice ; degree : 
faestan to anum msele to the 
extent of taking only one meal a 
day ; in addition to : . . and fela 
opre to him | source: sohton 
fultum to him | result : ceorfan 
to styccum, God gescop hine 
to engle ; aim : Gode to lofe 
j equivalence, price : sellan to 
miclurn weorpe | definition : hie 
haefdon him to gewunan paet . . ; 
object of verb : cwepan to . ., fon 
to rice | to form avs. : ic secge 
eow to sopum paet . . | to form 
ger. : to cumenne, cumanne, 
cuiuau || to-hwy, -hwam, -hwon 
why. to paes, to psern (or pon 
to that degree, so. to-paes-pe 
until, to pam . . swa pu oftost 
msege as often as you can. to- 
peem-paet result that w. indc. : 
purpose that w. sbj. II. av. to of 
motion : gang to, and artir hine !; 
addition : hi habbap eac mare 
to || too iv. ajs. and avs. 

to-ffltiec|an increase tr. Bd. 

-nes/. increase Bd. 

to-amearcian assign (!). 

to beedan exalt Gl. 

td'beatan i beat to pieces, break. 

td'beran 4 tr. disperse; carry off 
(of birds) || intr. separate. 

to'berstjan 3 intr. burst asunder, 
break ; break out in sores in ptc. 

-ung/. bursting (of boil). 

to-bleed an d beon be inflated 

(with pride). 

to-blaw an i blow away or about 
(dust) ; distend, inflate lit. and Jig. 

-ennes/ distension. 

to-borstennes/ abscess. 

to-brd|an tr. broaden, enlarge, 
expand ; extend, diffuse ; increase 
|| intr. spread. 

~(ed)nes/. extent, breadth Gl. 

to brecan 4 break (to pieces) ; 
destroy, take (city) ; annul (laws), 
infringe, break (promise) ; cut short 
(sleep). See tobrocen. 

to-bregdan, -bredan 4 separate 
with violence, tear to pieces ; 


destroy, injure | wi. shake off 
(sleep) ; bacum~ turn their backs 
on one another. 

to'briesan, -ian crash. 

to'briet an break to pieces ; destroy 
1 contrite. 

-ednes/. Gl. bruise ; trouble. 

-endlic Gl. breakable. 

-ing f. Gl. destruction ; contri- 

td'brocen broken ; suffering from 
eruptions [tobrecan]. 

-lie perishable. 

to-ceorfan 3 cut in pieces, cut ; cut 

td'Ceowan 7 chew to pieces, masti- 

to-cierrlan intr. part, go different 

tocir-hus (!) n. inn. 

td'cinan 6 intr. split, crack. 

td'cleofan 7 tr. cleave, split, break. 

1 6 clifrian scratch all over. 

16-clip|ian call to, address. 

-igendlic (adverb) of address. 
ung/". address, appeal. 

16'cnaw|an i discern, distinguish; 
understand, know. 

-ennes/. knowledge. 

to-cnyssan shatter, break. 

to-gecoren(n)es/. IN. adoption. 

to-cumende foreign. 

to-cwepan 5 forbid, prohibit. 

to-cwielman torment. 

t6'cwies|an crush, break to pieces 
|| intr. be crushed. 

-ednes/l crushed condition. 

to-cyme m. approach, arrival. 

to'dffig, ~e av. to-day. 

to'daeljan divide ; divide (in arith- 
metic) iv. purh ; distribute, share ; 
disperse ; destroy ; make difference 
between, separate ; discern, dis- 
tinguish || intr. be different iv. 
fram ; be separated from one 

-edlice av. separately. 

^ed)nes/". separation; part, divi- 
sion ; point of separation, break. 

-endlic divisible. 

-endlice av. separately, distinctly. 

to'dal, n. dividing ; part, section ; 
dividing-point, division, comma ; 
distribution ; dispersion ; distinc- 
tion ; discretion ; dissension. 

to-deman judge between, distin- 




to dihtnian dispose. 
to don tr. separate ; open. 
td'drfflf | an dispel, disperse ; expel. 
~(ed)ne8f. dispei sion ; expulsion. 
to-dreosan 7 fall to pieces, fall 

to drifan 6 separate, disperse, drive 

away; dispel, put an end to; 


t6'dw3can extinguish (fire). 
to'dwinan 6 disappear, 
td'eacan av., prp wd. besides. 
tO'emnes //-/. wd. alongside, on a 

level with. 

to-endebyrdnes !)/. order Bd. 
to-t'ser . departure, death IN. 
to'faran 2 intr. separate, disperse ; 

cease to exist, disappear, 
to-feallan i fall to pieces ; fall off. 
to feran intr. separate, disperse. 
to'ferian tr. disperse, put off ; get 

rid of (rain) ; digest. 
td'fesian disperse, rout. 
td'fiellan cause to fall asunder, 


t6 - neon 7 be dispersed. 
to p fleogan 7 intr. fly in pieces, be 

broken, crack. 
tO'fleotan 7 L. be carried away 

(by flood). 
t6'fldw|an i intr. flow away or 

apart ; be melted ; spread ; be 

separated ; be destroyed, come to 


~e(n)dnes/ flowing, flux. 
to-foran prp. w.d. (g.) in front of, 

before; of time before; of degree, 

quantity, superiority above, 


to-forlaetjan i dismiss, 
-ennes/. intermission, 
toft (.) piece of ground \_ScanJ. 


tog ian drag [teon]. 
-ung/ spasm. 
to'gan, -gangan intr. separate ; 

be split or divided ; disperse ; 

cease to exist, pass away. 
t6-gd(e)re av. together cu- 

man, fon join battle ; continu- 

~weard av. (go) to meet one 

another; together, 
togaegnes = togeanes. 
1 6 geelan profane. 
to'gtenan utter, 
to -gang m. approach, access. 

to-gean*, -gesegn/^. wd. towards 


to-geanes, e, -gaegnes, 5, ea 
I. prp. w. d. (a.} towards, to meet ; 
to wait for, against (his coming) ; 
to resist, against. II. av. in direc- 
tion of, again grip an - abs. ; in 
return, requital ; in reply. 

togegnes = togeanes. 

togen//c </teon -j,occ <?/teon 6. 

togenes = togeanes. 
to'gengan intr. separate. 
to-geotan 7 diffuse tr., rfl. ; to- 
goten used up, dned up (of oint- 

togettjan intr. : ~ep betweox 
sculdrum there are spasms 

to'ginan 6 intr. yawn, split, open. 

td'glldan 6 glide or slip or flow 
away ; collapse ; disappear, cease 
to exist. 

to-gotennes f. diffusion [togeo- 

toh-, see togian. 

-line/, tow-line 

toh, -lie, tolic tough ; glutinous. 

-lice av. tenaciously Gl. 

-nesy. toughness. 

td'haccian hack to pieces. 

to-heald leaning, inclined. 

to'heawan i cut to pieces. 

to-higung/. IN. affectus, effectus. 

tcvhladanf 2 intr. disperse. 

to'hleotan 7 divide by lot. 

to'hlidan intr. open, split, 

to-hlystend m. listener. 

to-gehlytto/ fellowship IN. 

to'hnescian intr. soften away. 

to-hop|a vi., ~ung/. hope, expec- 

to hreosan 7 fall to pieces, col- 
lapse, decay. 

tO'hreran shake to pieces, destroy. 

to-hrician cut, separate Gl. 

getohtf n. battle. 

tohtef/. battle, war. 

to-hwega av., n. iug. a little 
- eles some oil. 

to'hweorfan 3 intr. separate, dis- 

to-hyhtt m. hope, what cheers. 

to-geiecendlic adjectival. 

to-Iecnes/. increase Bd. 

to-geiehtnes/. addition [iecan], 

to iernan 3 run about. 


separate ; 
weaken ; 

to-iernende approaching. 

tol . tool, instrument coll. appara- 

t6'lsfct|an 1 b tr. relax ; intr. relax 


-ennes/! abandonment, despair. 

-endlice av. wantonly, luxuriously. 
tolcett;an be luxuriant, wanton. 
-ting*, tolgetung/. incitement. 
tolgetung, see tolcettan. 
tolic = tohlic. 
td'licgan 5 intr. divide, diverge; 

extend (of boundaries) || tr. divide, 

tolies an loosen, undo ; 

relax, relieve (pain) ; 

destroy, put an end to. 
~(ed)nes/". dispersion ; destruction, 


~end m. destroyer. 
-endlic destructive. 
-ing/, destruction ; redemption IN. 
td'lipian dismember, disjoint. 
toll n. tax, toll ; toll-rights ; free- 

dom from toll ; money due lor 

rent, passage-money, fare, Sec. ', 

tax-gathering, toll-house. 
-ere m. tax-gatherer. 
-freo exempt from toll. 
-scamol m. toll-seat, custom- 

-scir/. business or district of tax- 


-setl = -scamol. 
toln/., (.) toll. 
-ere m. tax-gatherer. 
td'lucan 7 pull asunder, dislocate ; 


tomf free from wg. 
to-niearcjian distinguish ; enu- 

merate, describe. 
-odnes/. enumeration. 
to-meldian*, (he) 

once destroy (peace) by tale-bear- 

to niiddes prp. wd. in the midst 


Ionian thunder Gl. 
to-nam a m. cognomen, nickname. 
-ian give cognomen to. 
to nemnan distinguish (by name). 
to'mman 4 divide ; take away. 
topp m. summit ; whipping-top 

(plaything) (?). 
tor-begiete*, -gete difficult to 





tor-cierre hard to convert. 

torcul wine-press IA1. [Lt. tor- 

tord. . piece of dung. 

-wifel m. dung-beetle. 

toren-iege blear-eyed. 

to-rendan tear asunder. 

torfjian throw ; pelt, stone. 

~ung/l throwing ; stoning. 

torht(f) bright ; beautiful ; illus- 

~e av. (sound) clearly ; beautifully. 

~ian make clear, show. 

-lie glorious. 

-lice av. splendidly. 

-mod glorious, illustrious. glory. 

to-rlepan scratch all over. 

toTinnan 3 intr. disperse (of 

torn(f) I. m. anger, indignation; 
grief. II. aj. grievous. 

~cwide \ m. bitter speech. 

~ef av. with indignation or grief : 
me is ~ I am grieved. 

-lief grievous, bitter. 

~mddf angry. 

-gemotf M. hostile meeting. 

-genlplaf m. fierce enemy. 

-sorgt/. anxious care. 

-wordf n. bitter word. 

-wracutyi grievous persecution. 

-wyrdan address angrily, vitu- 

torr m. tower ; rock, tor [Lt. tur- 

to-seelan impers. -wdg. lack, fail in : 
him tosxlep pses. 

to'samn e av. together cuman 

join battle. 

-ian assemble, bring together Bd. 

to'Sawan I tr. disperse ; dissemi- 
nate (doctrine). 

toscja, -e (?) m.,f. (?) frog. 

to scacan 2 tr. shake, disturb ; dis- 
perse ; get rid of (disease). 

to scad, ea . discrimination ; dis- 
tinction ; difference, diversity. 

to-scad|an, ea ib, also prt. ~de 
divide, separate, also met. ; dis- 
perse, also met. ; make a distinc- 
tion, make distinct ; discriminate, 
discern ; decide, judge ; dispose, 
appoint IN. ; expound IN. \\ intr. 

~end m. separator Gl. 

~ennesyi separation ; distinction 

toge scadan*, ea i IN. expound. 
td'SCfflnan tr. break to pieces. 
to sceacerian devastate, scatter. 
to-sceotaii 7 intr. disperse 
to scierian tr. separate, divide Gl. 
to sciltan L. tr. divide (troops). 
td'scripan 6 intr. disperse (of 

to'scufan 7 tr. disperse; do away 

with (sins). 
to sendan tr. disperse ; destroy 


to-seopan 7 boil to pieces. 
to settan (!) dispose. 
to-sepan discriminate truth of, 

t6 - sigan 6 fall to pieces, be worn 

out (<y clothes). 
to-sittan 5 1 e separated. 
t6 - slacian be remiss. 
to-slean 2 rireak ; demolish ; drive 

away (tl'.oughts). 
to slifan ft tr split. 
td'Slitan 6 tear to pieces, break, 

lacerate, bite (of snake) ptc. 

tosliten serrated (leaf) ; sever. 

separate ; destroy, dissipate || intr. 

be different IN. 

td'slitnes/ laceration ; dissension. 
to-slup an 7 be loosened, relaxed, 

untied (of bonds), also met. ; be 

paralysed, be destroyed or dissi- 

-ing/, dissolution (of life) Gl. 
to'snieagan investigate. 
to-snipan 6 cut, cut up, cut off. 
to-socjnes, -nung/. seeking, ac- 
quisition IN. 

t6-spr<fec/! address, conversation. 
tO'Spradan tr. spread out, expand. 
to-springan 3 intr. break to pieces : 

burst open ; crack, be chapped (of 


to sprytting instigation v!.. 
to-standan 2 be distant ; differ ; 

be delayed, not be forthcoming. 
tO'Stenc an tr. disperse ; dissipate, 

destroy || intr. perish once. 
~(ed)nes/. dispersion, destruction 
-end m. prodigal, 
to'stician stab severely. 
to stincan 3 distinguish by smell. 
to'stingan 3 pierce, perforate. 
to stregdan, -stredan 3 ; -strg- 

dan, -stredan wk. tr. scatter ; 

destroy || intr. be scattered, 
to aundrian tr. separate. 


to swapan i tr. disperse (flame). 

to swellan 3 intr. swell. 

to-swengan disperse (flame). 

td'sweorcan 3 become dark. 

to'swlfan 6 intr. separate. 

to-syndr\i)an tr. separate; dis- 

tot-rida m. swing (?), see-saw (?) 

getot M. pride, pomp. 

totian peep out, protrude. 

to-talu/. reputation IN. 

td'tellan distinguish. 

to-teon 7 pull to pieces ; pull 
away ; destroy. 

to-teran 4 tear to pieces ; destroy ; 
harass (mind). 

to'torfian throw about. 

td'traeglian pull to pieces or off 

to-tredan 4 tread to pieces (?) Gl. 

to-twaemjan tr. divide, separate; 
set at variance ; scatter ; do away 
with ; discern. 

~ednes f. disassociation, separa- 

to-tyhting/. instigation vL. 

top, //. tep, toep and topas in 
tooth, tusk. 

~$ce m. toothache. 

-gar m. toothpick. 

-leas toothless. 

-maegent strength of tusks. 

-rima m. gum. 

-sealf/. tooth-paste. 

-sticca ///. toothpick. 

-waerc, -wrsec m. toothache. 

-wyrni m. worm in tooth 

to-pegnung (!)/ administration. 


-ednes f distension. 

to-gepeod(e)d adjacent Bd. ; ad- 
hering Gl. 

to perscan 3 beat to pieces. 

tO'pindan 3 intr. swell ; be arro- 

td'pringan 3 tr. press asunuer, dis- 

topunden ]nes f. swolleiiness ; 
arrogance [topindan] 

-lice av. arrogantly. 

to-puniende (!) astonishing. 


-craft m. skill in weaving or 
spinning, spinning. 

-hua n. spinning-house Gl. 

-lie of weaving Gl. 




towjmyderce/. chest (?) Ct. 

~tol n. spinning implement. 

to-weard, a, o, e I. aj. facing ; 
approaching | future, is to come 
or happen, coming ; imminent. 
II. av., sometimes used where we 
should expect the aj. approaching ; 
future, imminent. TLL. prp. w.g., 
d. towards. Often tmesis : to pajre 
sunnan weard. 

~es av., prp. -cvd. towards. Gen. 
follows its word. 

~lic future. 

-lice av. in the future. 

~nes/l future ; future coming. 

to-weecanf stir up (strife). 

td'wegan 5 tr. disperse. 

to-gewegen applied Bd. 

tO'We ndan overthrow ; demolish, 
destroy ; abrogate i^law). 

to"weorp an 3 scatter, disperse, 
also met. throw ; break ; pull 
down, demolish; destroy, abro- 
gate, put an end to. 

-endlie*, y destructible. 

to wesnes, -wesennes, -wisnes/. 
separation ; discord, dissension. 

td'wiperef, -wipre prp. w. a., d. 
against ; in answer to. 

to - worpennes,- worpnes, -ednes, 
IN. -wyrp-/. dispersion ; destruc- 
tion ; IN. expulsion [toweorpan]. 

tO'Wrecan 5 tr. disperse. 

td'writennes f. description, enu- 

to-wrlpan (!) 6 distort. 

to-wyrd/i occasion Bd. 

traefw. tent; fbuilding. 

traeglian pluck. 

traappe*, e/ trap. 

tragf I. / affliction, evil. II. aj. 

~ef av. evilly, cruelly. 

traht mf. text, passage (in Scrip- 
ture) ; commentary, exposition 
\Lt. tractus]. 

~boc/. commentary. 

traht|ian, trahtnian expound, 
explain ; w. be discuss, treat of. 

-ere m. commentator, expounder, 

~ung/i exposition. 

trahtap m. commentary. 

traisc tragic Bd. [Z/.]. 

tramet m. page (of book). 

t randende precipitous, steep Gl. 

getreagian sew together. 

tredjan 4 intr. tread || tr. tread 
down, trample, also fig. ; walk 
over, traverse. 

~end m. treader Gl. 

treddan trample ; investigate 

treddian intr. tread, walk. 

trede [e = ee?]f once firm to tread 
on (of sea). 

tredel m. step (to mount by). 

treg,a (t) m- grief; affliction. 

-ian tr. grieve ; afflict, oppress. 

trehing (') m. third part of a 
shire, Riding. Cp. Jjrihing. 

trem = trym footstep. 

tremes = trimes. 

trendel m. ring, circle. 

trendl ian ed made round. 

treow, A. tre(o) n. tree ; forest, 
wood ; wood (material) ; gallows, 
the cross. 

-cynn n. kind of tree. 

-feging/. boarding. 

-fugol m. tree-bird. 

-steall, ~stede m. plantation. 

-teoro n. resin. 

-waestm m. vL. fruit of trees. 

-geweorc . wooden structure. 

-weorpung/i tree-worship. 

-gewrid n. thicket. 

~wyrhta m. carpenter. 

-wyrm m. caterpillar. 

treow, y sometimes in pi. w. sg. 
meaning f. truth (to promise), 
faith : ~e healdan, habban keep 
faith ; fidelity, loyalty ; grace, 
favour ; engagement, agreement ; 
trust, belief. 

-fast faithful. 

ge~ffflstnian be faithful IN. 

ge-full faithful. 

ge -fullice av. faithfully. 

(ge)~leas faithless ; infidel. 

(ge)-leaanes f. faithlessness ; un- 
belief, heresy. 

ge-lic faithful. 

i ge)~lice av. faithfully. 

-loga m. traitor. 

-lufuf/. faithful love. 

-rden(n)/. fidelity. 

~gepoftaf m. trusty companion. 

-pragf/. R. 

treowan = trie wan. 

treo wian = truwian. 

treowa = truwra. 

ge treo we = getriewe. 

treowen, i, y wooden ; of a tree. 


treowsian, y pledge oneself w. 

wip a. | rfl. pledge oneself w. 

wip a. ; clear oneself ^trlewan. 
(ge)treowp, ie /., often in pi. w. 

sg. meaning good faith ; fidelity ; 

agreement, covenant, terms ' x of 

treppan*, (he) tr?pep once tread 


treppe = *trasppe trap. 

getricce once wd. contented with, 
adhering to (regulations) [i = y? 
Cp. getryccan]. 

triewjan, eo trust in w. d., on 
d. ; make credible; ge- persuade, 
suggest IN. | rfl. clear oneself (of 
accusation) wg. [treow]. 

~nes f. what is trusted in, protec- 

(ge)triewe, eo faithful, trusty, 

trifoljian pound, grind \_Lt. tribu- 

-ung/. pounding. 

trifot, -et tribute \Lt. tributum]. 

trimes, try-, tre-, //. vE. trim- 
sas, y mf. ; trymesse/". ; prims, 
y a weight (drachm ?) ; coin ; a 
coin of the value of threepence 
\lLt. tremissis, tremisia]. 

trind|ey! round lump. 

-hyrst m. circular copse (?) Ct. 

triwen = treowen. 

trod n., ~uf. track [tredan]. 

trog m. trough ; wooden vessel, 
canoe, cradle. 

-hrycg m. Ct. 

-scip . canoe. 

tropere m. trope-book (a Church- 
service book) \_I.t. troparium]. 

trucian fail (in doing something) ; 
be wanting, run short ; wd. not 
be true, faithful. 

trugian = truwian. 

truht trout Gl. [/./. tructa). 

trum firm ; substantial, strong ; 
healthy ; able to resist w . wip ; 

-lie firm ; substantial, stable, horta- 
tory Bd. 

-lice av. firmly ; steadfastly. 

-nes/i firmness ; firmament ; health ; 
confirmation, support. 

getrum . troop ; multitude. 

trum|ian recover (from illness) ; 
ge- make strong Gl. 

-ing/ recovery (from illness). 




truma m. troop, legion ; array, 
regular order (of troops). 

getruma m. troop, regiment. 

trumnap m. strengthening. 

trup m. trumpeter ; buffoon. 

-horn m. trumpet. 

truwa, ge-, eo, y, trua m. (good) 
faith ; confidence, faith ; word (of 
honour), covenant ; protection. 

truwjian, eo, y, A. trugian trust 
in (person) w.d., on a. ; uida. en- 
trust IN.; trust in (thing) iv.g,, 
be d., to d. ; believe confidently) 
w. sbj. ; be true to wd. \ ge- 
make treaty ; plot | rfl. clear one- 
self = trlewan. 

ge~ung/. confidence, trust. 

getryecan trust IN. Cp. getricce. 

trymf, e fotes ~ av. a foot's 

getrymf once (.) firmament. 

trymendlic = trymmendlic. 

trymenes = trymnes. 

trymes = trimes . 

trymman, trym(m)ian make 
strong, build strongly ; arrange, 
array (troops), also met. ; 
encourage, exhort ; confirm 
(agreement), corroborate ; give 
(hostages) | ge- rfl. wg. recover 
from (illness) Bd. [trum]. 

trymmend m. encourager ; party 
to an agreement. 

-lie, trymendlic hortatory. 

trymming/. strengthening ; foun- 
dation (of house) ; confirmation, 
edification, edifying matter. 

trymnes, trymenes, ge- /. firm- 
ness ; firmament ; prop, also met. ; 
ge- arraying (army) ; confirmation ; 

trympy. firmness, support. 

tryndel = trendel wheel. 

tryndled (dress) ornamented with 
wheel-shaped pattern (?) [tryn- 

tryw = treow. 

trywa = truwa. 

trywen = treowen. 

tu, see twegen. 

tucian adorn || ill-treat, gen. w. 
defining to : - to scame, - to 

tuddor, tudor . progeny ; fruit. 

-faest prolific. 

-fostor m. nourishment of off- 

tuddor|full prolific. 

-spedf/. abundance of progeny. 

-teondef producing progeny. 

tulg under tungan ~e root of 

tumbjian dance, tumble. 

-ere m. dancer, tumbler. 

tun. w. enclosure round house, yard, 
garden ; manor, estate, farm 
~es mann man living on a manor ; 
village ; town ; dwelling, coll. the 
world : lenctentima gp to ~e 
on vii. id. febr. comes, falls. 

-gebur m. inhabitant Gl. 

-cerse, ee/.,~cressa m. nasturtium. 

-cirice/1 church in a tun. 

-incel n. small farm or estate. 

-land n. land of estate. 

-lie rustic Gl. 

-mann m. man belonging to a tun. 

-melde/ orach (plant). 

-minte/. garden mint. 

-preost m. village priest. 

-rfied m. municipality. 

-gerefa m. bailiff. 

-scipe m. inhabitants of a tun. 

-scir/1 stewardship. 

-Steall m. farmstead (?) Ct. 

-stede m. village. 

-weg m. private road. 

tunec e/. tunic, coat \_Lt. tunica]. 

ge-od in a tunic Gl. 

tung e/. tongue ; anything tongue- 
shaped ; speaking, speech ; lan- 

-full loquacious. 

-eprum ligament of the tongue. 

-wod abusive Gl. 

tungl|en of the stars. 

-ere m. astronomer, astrologer. 

tungol n. heavenly body, star ; 

~-&f. astronomy. 

-b&re starry. 

tungolcrseft m. astronomy, astro- 

-iga, -crsefta astronomer, astro- 

-wise/", astronomy Gl. 

tungol|gimmt m. star. 

-gescead . astronomy, astrology. 

-witega m. astrologer. 

tuning- wyrt = tunsing- . 

tunne/. cask. 

-botm m. bottom of cask Gl. 

tunsing- wyrt, tuning- /. white 


tur m. vL., IN. tower [Fr.]. 
turf f., g. tyrf turf, 
-hagaf m. grassy enclosure. 
-hleow . turf-shelter (?) Ct. 
turl (/.) ladle [Lt. trulla]. 
turnjian intr. turn, revolve; be 

giddy. Cp. tyrnan \_Fr.~\. 
-igendlic revolving. 
~ung/i rotation. 
turtl|e/, ~a m., turtur m., ~e/ 

turtle-dove [Z/. turtur]. 
tusc, tux, twu- m. canine or molar 

tooth ; tusk. 
-el, tuxl m. canine or molar tooth. 
tuwa = twiwa. 
tux = tusc. 
twa, tu I. nf. two, see twegen. 

II. av. twice. 
-daeglic = twi- lasting two days 

Bd. See twi-. 
-lie double. 

-nihte two days' old (moon). 
twfflde aj., av. = n. two-thirds : do 

(put in ) pees meluwes - and pees 

sealtes priddan dill, se cyning 

ah twsedne dfel weres. 
getwrfan wag. separate from ; 

deprive ; prevent | wa. put an end 

to_ (fighting). 
twaem d. of twegen. 
tw8Bm|an separate, part ; put an 

end to (strife) || intr. part w. 

fram d. 

-endllce av. separately. 
-ing/, separation ; distinction. 
twam d. ^twegen. 
t^vegen, ef, fern, and neut. twa, 

neut. tu; g. twega, twegra; d. 

twSm, a two. on twa (cut) in 

two, apart, twam and twam av. 

by twos, two and two. oper 

twega either, see oper. See twa. 
twelf twelve. 
-feald twelvefold. 
-gilde to be restored twelvefold. 
~hynd|e (person) whose wergield 

was 1,200 shillings ; (wergield) of 

a person of that rank | used as a 

noun in ~es mann = - mann. 
-nihte twelve days old (moon). 
-wintre twelve years old. 
twelfta twelfth. 
twelftig = hund-twelftig. 
twengan pinch, squeeze, 
twentig twenty [twegen, -tig]. 
-feald twenty-fold. 
-opa twentieth. 




twentig-wintre twenty years old. 

tweo- =twi-. 

tweo, y m. doubt ; hesitation, 

~lic doubtful, uncertain ; ambiguous. 

-lice av. dubiously ; ambiguously. 

tweon = tweogan. 

tweog|an, tweon doubt -wg.. i in- 
fers, wag. : he tweo]? pees, hine 
tweo]? pses. 

-endlic doubting ; doubtful. 

-endlice, twiend- av. doubtingly. 

~ung, tweoung/". doubt. 

tweon, y (m.) doubt. 

tweon |ian, y doubt ivg., impers. 
iv. a. or d. and g. 

-igend m. doubter. 

-igendlic dubitative (adverb). 

-eleoht, see tweonol. 

~ol doubtful- -leoht, tweone- 
leoht twilight Gl. 

~ung/. doubt. 

tweonum be . . ~ ivd. between : 
be seem -. See betweonan. 

twi-, y, eo two-. 

twi-bete requiring double compen- 

twi- bill M. two-edged axe. 

twi-bleoh, //. -bleo, twice-dyed. 

twi-browen twice-brewed. 

twice ian pluck, gather (fruit ^ ; 

-ere m. carver. 

twicen, ~e f. place where two 
roads meet. 

twi-ds9glic, twa- lasting two days. 

twi-dffll HI. two-thirds. 

-an tr. divide in two ; intr. differ 

twi-ecge de), two-edged. 

twiendlice = tweogendlice. 

twi-feald twofold, double ; ambi- 

~an double. 

ge-ian tr. double ; multiply, in- 

-lie double. 

-lice av. doubly. 

-nes/. duplicity. 

twi-fer e accessible by two ways 

-laecan dissociate Gl. 

twi-fete two-footed. 

twi-fieldan double. 

twi-fingre two fingers thick. 

twi-fiperede, -fe- forked (?) Gl. 

twi-fyrede two-furrowed Gl. 

twig, //. ~u, ., once gfl. -ena 

twig, branch, stalk ^ of nettle). 
twigaj- twi wa. 
twi-geerede cloven, 
twi-gilde . double payment, or 

av. with double payment. 
twin tmid unc ~ between us 

two. Cp. tweonum. 
twi-heafdode two-headed. 
twi-heolor/. a balance. 
twi-hiw|e of two forms ; of two 


~ian dissimulate. 
twi-hlidede having two lids. 
twi-hweole two-wheeled. 
twi-hwyrft m. double period 

twi-hynde (person) whose wergield 

was 200 shillings; (wergield) paid 

for a person of such rank [hund]. 
twi-icce IKt. = -ecge. 
twi-laepped having two skirts. 
twi-lafte two-edged (axe") Gl. 
twili double, woven with double 


~brocen (IT/" woman's cyrter. Ct. 
twin-wyrm m. an insect Gl. 
twin . linen. 
-en of linen. 
twinclian twinkle. 
twi-nebbe having two faces, 
twi-nihte two days old. 
twinihte*, see twynihte. 
twinn, ge- double. 
getwinn ni. twin as twins, 


getwinnes/. junction. 
twi-rsedie irresolute, un-unanimous. 
-nesyi discord ; sedition. 
getwis (brother?) having tiie same 

~a m. twin, 
twi-sceatte av. to the extent of a 

double payment. 
twi-scyldig liable to a double 


twi-seht discordant, 
-nes/. dissension. 
twisel-t6fe having forked or 

double teeth. 

twisl a m. fork of a river. 
~ed forked. 

~ian intr. fork, branch off (0/"roads). 
-iht forked. 
-ung/ partition. 
twi-snaecce cloven, 


twi-aprbc / insincerity ; detrac- 


~e insincere ; detracting. 
-nes f. insincerity ; detraction. 
twi-sprecan 5 murmur IN. 
twi-spunnen double-spun. 
twi-strenge two-stringed. 
twi-telged double-dyed. 
twi-prawen double-twisted. 
twiw^a, eo, u, tu(w a, twi(^)a av. 


twi-W&g/! pair of scales Gl. 
twi-weg m. meeting of two roads. 
twi-winter period oi two years 


twi-wintre of two years. 
twi-wyrdig contradictory, discor- 

dant [word]. 
twusc, twux = tusc. 

= twiwa. 
= tweo. 
twyn = tweon. 
twynian = tweonian. 
twynihte/; mare ~ a plant. 
tyn, prt. tyd(d)e educate, train. 
getyd/>/c. oftfn. 
-nes/. learning, skill. 
tydrjan, tyddr v i an //-. bring forth 

(young, fruit), breed; rear; culti- 

vate [tudor]. 

~ed provided with offspring. 
-lend m. propagator, producer. 
~ung/^ propagation ; ! branch. 
tyge m. pull, dragging ; conducting, 

divei ting (courseof water') ; draught 

(of drink), deduction ; matter ^of 

statement) [teon]. 
-hoc m. hook to pull with. 
-horn m. cupping-glass. 
tygel (;.) trace (of harness). 

tyht m. training; habit, way fof 
life) ; movement, march [teon]. 

tyht|an incite, persuade w. on a., 
to d. ; suggest, bring to the mind ; 
educate, teach. 

~end m. instigator. 

-endlic hortative. 

~ere /. instigator. 

-ing f. incitement, persuasion, al- 

~nes/l instigation. 

tyhten(n)/ incitement. 

tyld-syle = teld-sfle tent. 

tylg av. cpv. used also as aj. more 
willingly ; he wees tilg better (in 
health) ; on the contrary, rather 





spv. -eat, -oat 

tynan fence, enclose ; 

tyncen once (.) barrel (I) ; 

der (?) [tunne ?]. 
tynder, tyndre/. tinder. 
-cynn . combustibles. 
tyndre = tynder. 

shut, close 


getyne . court. 

getyng e, t- eloquent, fluent 

-lie eloquent. 
-lice av. eloquently. 
~nes/ eloquence. 
tyrdel . piece of dung [tord]. 
tyrnjan tr., intr. turn, revolve. 

Cp. turnian [Lf. tornare]. 

tyrn geat w. turnstile. 

~ing/. revolving ; roundness. 

tyrw(i)an = tiergan. 

tysca m. buzzard. 

tysl ian rfl. dress : ge ~iap eow on 

Denisc adopt Danish fashions. 
~Ul)g/. style of dress, 
tytanf once appear, shine (of 




pa av., cj. then, thereupon ; when 
correl. pa . . pa when . . 
(then ) ; non-temporal then , and ; 
causal since | papa when - correl. 
papa . . pa when . . v then) ; 
causa! since pa-pe when rel. 

pa, see se. 

pacja m. roof. 

~ian thatch. 

paccian tr. pat, flap. 

p8BC n. roof, thatch. 

-tigele/. roof-tile. 

psecele/ torch. Cp. feecele. 

paeder - pider. 

gepsef u'g. consenting to [pafian]. 

peege, page nlV. no. these, they. 

pern. d. of Be. 

pan an moisten. Cp. 

psenian = panian. 

paene = pone a. of Be. 

paenne - ponne. 

psfer, a, para I. av., 
thither ; rel. where, 
correl. peer . . pSr where (whither) 
. . there (thither) | indf. there : 
pSr comon six scipu. often w. 
rel. pronoun : se deel pe peer 
onweg com | in that case, then 
of time then | because, since || 
peer-peer rel. where, in whatever 
direction; when. T.1. = no. when 
combined with prps. and the av. 
bi = be : ~sefter after that ; ~bi g) 
thereby ; ~niehst next to that. 
Also iv. the place avs. inne, ute : 
-inne, ~ute inside, outside. 


cj. there, 

pser riht|e, ~es av. immediately. 

piera = para. 

peere, see se. 

paBrsc\vald = perscold. 

p8B8 I. g. of se. II. av. after : 
rape ~, ~ ymb preo niht ; fso : 
pu wurde ~ gewitleas pset . . || 
pses-pe av. the w. cpv. : hi clipo- 
don ~ ma | cj. after : sona ~ hie 
comon ; in proportion as, as far 
as, according as, as: ~ we mihton, 
- bee secgap ; because, that : wa 
me ~ ic swigode (pees governed 
by wa). 

pses-laecan suit, agree. 

paeslic, ge- suitable, fit ; not con- 
flicting, harmonious (testimony) ; 
elegant, beautiful. 

~nes/ fitness. 

pseslice av. FO ; suitably. 

pffisma m. leaven. 

pset, a I. neut. of se. II. av. sequence 
then, esp. in enumerating boun- 
daries in charters : andlang 
Temese, peet (or ponne) up on 
Lygean. III. paet, psette = peet 
pe {see pe] cj. that - correl. paet 
(no.} . . peet (cj.} : ic pset wat 
pset he us gescildep, pees 
wenan pset . . ; so that of result 
w. indc., sbj. ; in order that w. 
sbj. ; rarely because. 

paette [from peet pe] I. no. which ; 
that which : do a - duge ! II. cj 
= peet that ; so that ; in order 

pafian, af, vj. a., d. consent to, 


permit, tolerate ; wa. endure, 

(ge)pafung/ consent. 

gepafa m supporter, helper | -beon 
"tt>g. assent to ; be convinced. 

gepafsum consenting IN. [gepeef . 

-nes/. consent IN. 

pafett an. 

~ere m. one who is too indulgent 
to wrong-doers, condoner. 

page - paage. 

pa giet, see giet. 

pah/r/. </picgan, peon. 

pam d. of se. 

pan = pon ; occ. - pam. 

pan I. moist, irrigated (landV 
II. n. irrigated land. Cp. pa- 
wenian. [pinan.] 

~ian, K be or become moist. 

pane m. thought ; favour, grace - 
+~s graciously ; pleasure, satis- 
faction, esp. in on ~(e), to ~es 
pleasant, to (his) delight ; thanks; 
will esp. in g. : ~es voluntarily, 
mines ~es through me, of my 
own accord, Godes ~es by God's 
will (or grace). 

-full thoughtful ; spirited; pleasing- 
grateful ; contented. 

-fullice av. gratefully. 

-hycgendef thoughtful. 

-metianf once think, deliberate. 

~metung, -meo-/. deliberation. 

-snotorf wise. 

~wierpe, ~w^eorp(lic) acceptable, 
pleasing ; memorable. 

-weorplice av. gratefully. 



panc-wordf . thnnks. 

gepane mn. mind ; thought. 

panc|ian -wdg. thank ; requite | ivi. 
rejoice in Gl. 

-ung/! thanksgiving, thanks ; grati- 

pancol thoughtful ; sagacious. 

-mod thoughtful; sagacious. 

gepancol thoughtful ; sagacious ; 
desirous ; IN. suppliant. 

pane - pone, a. of Be. 

panne = ponne. 

panon, ~e, ponan av. thence motion, 
extension ; time after that ; origin 
thence ; because of that | rel. 
whence ; origin whence | ~ pe rel. 
whence correl. ~ pe (rel.'] . . ~ 

-forp av. thenceforth. 

~weard departing. 

par(a) --Jjffir. 

pare = pre. 

pas, see pes. 

pat = peet. 

pawian tr, thaw. 

pawen ian once, ptc. ge~ed 

pe, pi, py av. weak form 0/"py || w. 
cpv. the, any || gives rel. meaning 
to other words : pe ic I who ; we, 
pe us befsest is . . to whom ; se pe 
he who, who : panon p3 whence 
j = indecl. rel. pro., gen. nom. but 
also = other cases : psem iglonde 
pe mon pset folc Mandras hStt 
of which, w. separated prp. : pSre 
rode deel pe Crist on prowode || 
rel. cj. that, &c. : eac wees pset 
(no.) pe stod . . there stood . . 
[hence psette, which see~\ ; hit is 
psem gelicost pe ic sitte on sure 
dune as if; py geare pe . . when ; 
betera pa than [ = ponne] ; peah 
pe although (without modifying 
the meaning of peah) || or : is hit 
alyfed, pe na ? pe . . pe 
whtther . . or referring back to 
some other word: hwider he 
gelaMed sy, pe to wite, pe to 

peah, peh av. however, yet || peah, 
peah-pe cj. w. sbj. although ; if; 
that : nis eac nan wundor, 
peah us mislimpe | correl. peah 
(pe) . . peah although . . yet. 

peah'hwfflpere av. however, yet. 

peah = pah, prt. <^picgan, peon. 

peaht/. advice ; plan, policy. 

peaht/fc. o/"peccan. 

gepeaht nf. thought, device, coun- 
sel, resolution, plan ; advice ; 
assembly, council. 

peahtjian consider, form plan ; 
take counsel, deliberate. 

(ge)~end, (ge)-ere m. counsellor. 

ge-endlic deliberative. 

-ling/", consultation. 

gepeahta m. counsellor. 

peana, see swa-peana. 

peara = para. 

pearf/". need, want, necessity ; what 
is needed ; duty, employment ; 
advantage, benefit to ~e use- 
fully, profitably ; trouble, hard- 

-leas without having cause ; without 
achieving result. 

-lease av. needlessly. 

-lie useful, profitable wd. ; neces- 
sary Gl. 

-lice av. profitably, to good pur- 

-licnes/l poverty. 

pearf vb., pi. purfon, prt. porfte, 
prs.ptc. ~ende, py-, IN. po- be 
in want, be poor ; w.g., a. require, 
need ; w. inf. require, be under 
obligation or constraint | wda. 

pearf ian be indigent | fhim swa 
ge~od wees the necessity was 
imposed on them. 

-ednesy] poverty. 

pearfa I. aj. wg destitute. IT. m. 
poor man, pauper. 

pearfend|e in want. 

-lie poor, (life) of poverty ; scanty, 

pearl strict Qudge) ; severe (illness), 

~e av. severely ; excessively, very. 

~lic severe, painful. 

-lice av. sternly, severely ; vio- 

-modf severe, stern, fierce. 

-wis severe, stern, fierce. 

-wislic severe, painful. 

-wislice av. severely, strictly. 

-wisnes/". severity, strictness. 

pearm m. entrail. 

-gyrd, -gyrdel tn. girth. 

-gewind, -wind . intestines (?). 

peaw m. custom, habit, usage | //. 
-as conduct ; virtue. 


peawjfffist moral, virtuous ; gentle, 

-ffflstlice av. speak (correctly). 

-ffflstnes/". morality, discipline. 

-full moral, virtuous. 

-leas without morality, ill-con- 

-lie customary ; moral ; figurative 

-lice av. properly. 

gepeawod mannered wel - vir- 
tuous, wislice - prudent, wise. 

pec a. 0/~pu. 

pfcc]an,/r/. pe(a)hte cover [psec]. 

-end m. protector. 

pecen/". roof, cover. 

pecgan twice hine pegep purst 

p nan pant. 

pegen, pegn, pen, peng m. ser- 
vant, attendant, retainer ; official ; 
soldier; disciple; aristocrat, noble- 
man, thane ; fwarrior, hero, man. 

-boren of gentle birth. 

-gilde n. wergield of a thane. 

-hyse m. attendant. 

-lagu/. law relating to thanes. 

-lie manly, brave. 

-lice av. bravely, nobly. 

-rfflden(n)/. thaneship, service. 

-riht n. privilege of a thane. 

-scipe m. thaneship : body of re- 
tainers ; allegiance [Old Saxon] ; 

~scolu.y~. body of retainers GL 

ge-sum*, -pen- helpful, obedient. 

-werodf n. body of retainers. 

-wer m. wergield of a thane. 

pf gep, see pecgan. 

pegnest - *penest. 

pegn ian, penian wd. serve, attend 
upon ; wda. supply, provide ; wa. 
administer (an office). 

~estre/l attendant, servant. 

pegnung, pen-, penig (in comp.} 
f. service, use ; official service ; 
church service ; retinue ; meal. 

-bocy. (religious) service-book. 

-faet n. kitchen utensil. 

-gast m. ministering spirit. 

-hus n, workshop. 

-mann m. attendant ; retainer. 

-werod n. body of attendants or 

peh = peah. 

pel, pell, pi. pelu n plank (of 
ship), plate (of metal). 




pel|brycg /. plank bridge or foot- 

-fastening . (Noah's) ark. 
-treow*, wel-f . tree, 
pelma (?) once m. inflammation. 
pen = pegen. 

penian = pennan. 
penian = pegnian. 

pencan, prt. pohte, 6 (?) think, 
think of, consider ; be intent on, 
determine, wish w. to d., g., inf., 
get-, [pane]. 

gepencan remember. 

penden, IN. pende av., cj. mean- 
while, while. 

penest*, pegnest [anglicised form] 
f. service L. \Scand. pjonusta/.]. 

-rnann, peo- m. thane vL. 

peng = pegen. 

pengelf m. prince. Cp. fengel. 

penn|an, penian tr. stretch; pros- 
trate Gl. || intr. exert oneself (!). 

-ing/, stretching out. 

peo = peo w. 

peo, see peoh. 

peon 6, 7, (he) pihp, A. pip, /;/. 
pah, ea, //. pigon*, u, ptc. 
pigen*, o, prs. pic. peonde, 
piendi, intr. grow up ; lengthen 
(of days) ; become vigorous, 
flourish ; prosper w. i. or on d. ; 
be profitable or successful. Cp. 

gepeon 6, 7 intr. grow, flourish, 
prosper w. on d. or i. : on lare ~ 
increase in or acquire knowledge : 
gode - [or Gode d. ?] increase in 
virtue | ptc. gepogen grown up ; 
virtuous, excellent ; yfele ~ de- 
generate ; prosperous. 

peon = plen press. 

gepeon*, -plan once receive cKt. 

peod f, nation, race //. ~a Gen- 
tiles ; people, men ; country ; 

-bealof n. great evil. 

-buendf //. men. 

-cwenf/i empress. 

-cyning m. (t)monarch ; 

-egesaf m. great terror. 

-eorpet/ world. 

-feond m. arch-enemy. 

-fruma m. prince, lord. 

~gumat m. warrior, man. 

-here m. army. 

-her-pap, -pop m. highway. 

~isc I. Gentile. II. n. language. 

peod|land n. country ; the Conti- 

~lic of a people. 

-licettere m. arch-hypocrite. 

-loga m. arch-impostor. 

-mSBgenf n. tiibal force. 

-scapa m. arch-malefactor. 

-scipe m. nation, people. See also 

-stefnf m. people. 

-gestreonf n. great treasure. 

-preaf/w. great calamity. 

~weg m. highway. 

-wigat m. mighty warrior. 

-wita m. councillor ; sage, learned 

-wundorf n. great wonder, mira- 

peod | an = piedan. 

ge~endlic copulative. 

ge~lic social, intimate. 

ge-nes, peodnes f. juncture ; con- 
junction ; conjugation ; transla- 

ge-readen(n)/. fellowship. 

-scipe m. connexion, association ; 
injunction ; instruction, discipline ; 
authority, rank ; conduct ; erudi- 
tion ; testimony IN. See also 

ge~sumnes/. agreement. 

gepeode n. language ; translation. 

peoden(f) m. chief, lord, prince, 
king ; God, Christ. 

~gedal n. separation from one's lord 
(by death). 

-hold loyal. 

-leas without a lord. 

~mapm m. princely treasure. 

~stol m. throne. 

peof m. thief. 

-denn n. thieves' cave (?) Ct. 

-feng ;;;. obligation of land-holder 
to arrest those who committed 
theft on his land. 

~gield n. compensation made by 
one convicted of theft. 

-mann m. brigand. 

-scip n. piratical ship. 

-scolu f. band of thieves. 

-scyldig guilty of theft. 

~slege, -slieht m. thief-killing. 
-stolen stolen. 

-wracu/. punishment of thief. 
peofian thieve, 
peofend, -ent, IN. -unt /. only in 
pi. theft. 


peoging f. thriving, progress, Gl. 


peoh ., d. peo, gpl. peona thigh. 
-ece m. thigh-ache. 
-hweorfa m. knee-joint. 
~geltfete n. thigh-joint. 
-scanca ///. thigh. 
~seax . short sword. 
-waerc, -wreec m. pain in thigh, 
-geweald npl. genitals. 
peonest = penest. 
peor (in.- inflammation (?). 
~adl/. = peor. 
-drenc m. drink for )>eor. 
~gerid n. = peor. 

veerc m. = peor. 
~wenn i. carbuncle (?). 
~wyrm m. worm accompanying 


~wyrt/. ploughman's spikenard. 
peorf I. unleavened ; fresh (milk) (?). 

II. n. unleavened bread. 
-dfflg m. day on which unleavened 

bread was eaten. 
-hlaf, -ling ;. loaf of unleavened 


-nes/. (unleavenedness), purity. 
-symbel n. feast of unleavened 


peos/<?/;/. of pes. 
peoss-, see pes. 
peoster-, ie, p(r)iestre-, see 


-cofaf m. dark chamber, darkness. 
-full dark, hidden. 
-fullnes/. darkness. 
-lie dark. 
-locaf m. tomb. 
-nes f. darkness. 
peostre, -o - piestre, -o. 
peostrjian, Ie tr., intr. darken, 


-ung/. darkness. 
peostrig, pr-, ie not W. dark, 
gepeot M. howling. 
peotan, putan 7 howl ; resound, 
peote/. water-pipe, channel ; torrent, 


peow I. in. servant, slave. II. a/- 
not free. 

-boren slave-born. 
-byrde, e slave-born. 
-cnapa m. slave-boy. 
~dom m. servitude, slavery ; divine 


-dom-had m. service Bd. 
-had m. service. 




peow|incel . young slave. 

-lie of a slave. 

-ling m. slave. 

-nied, peon- /. enslavement, op- 

-weorc n, slave's work. 

peow-racu = *piew-. 

peo wan = pien. 

peowan = peowian. 

peowjian, -an intr. wd. serve, be 
servant or slave, serve (God) ; be 
engaged in, perform || tr. enslave. 

peowian = pien. 

peowa in. servant, slave. 

peow[e, ~u ivk.f. servant, slave. 

peowen(n\ piwen, peowene f. 
servant, slave. 

peowot, peow(e)t, -et(t) n. servi- 
tude, slavery. 

-dona m. service. 

-lie of a slave, servile. 

-ling m. servant, slave. 

~3cipe m. service. 

perh = purh. 

gepersc . continued beating (horse). 

perscan 3, prt. paersc beat, batter, 
thresh (corn"). 

perscel, y, priscel (/.) flail. 

-flory. threshing-floor. 

perseold, prexwold, pyrsc-, 
-wald, ea m. threshold. 

pea, neut. pis, aj. this, the | no. this 
one, this thing. ser pissum 

pewan = pien press. 

gepian = gepeon receive. 

pic-, see piece. 

-feald dense. 

ge~fieldan make dense Gl. 

-lice av. densely, thickly ; in quick 

~nes f. denseness, viscosity ; thick- 
ness, depth (of earth) ; thicket (!) ; 
a solid body ; darkness. 

picc|e I. thick-set, dense, viscous, 
solid; thick. II. av. densely, 
thickly ; frequently. 

~et(t) . thicket. 

-ian intr. thicken ; crowd || tr. 

~ol corpulent. 

picgan 5, imper. ]>ige,pr(. pah, ea, 
//. psegon, ptc. pegen ; in W. 
wk. prt. pigede, pigde,/fr. piged 
take, receive, accept; take (food, 
medicine), eat. 

pider, se av. thither ; rel. whither, 

to there where | ~ pe rel. whither, 
correl. ~ pe . . pider. 

pider geond av. thither. 

~leodisc of that people, native. 

-weard, -es av. in that direction, 
on the way thither : he wees ~. 

pidres av. thither. 

pien*, y, eo, prt. pyde, pydde ; 
pywan, e, eo, -ian press, lie 
heavy on, impress (mark) ; drive 
on ; stab, pierce | rebuke,threaten ; 
oppress, subjugate. 

(ge)piedjan, eo tr. join, associate, 

also rfl. fram separate ; rfl. 

'M. to betake oneself '^to prayer) ; 
g 3- translate. See peodan. 

gepiede*, yf once virtuous. 

piefe-feohw. stolen property [peof]. 

pisfp, eo, peoft f. act of thieving ; 
what is stolen [peof]. 

plestre, eo, IN. piostor dark, 
gloomy, also met. [peoster-]. 

piestro, pr-, eo / often pi., A. 
piostre ;/. darkness. 

piewan = pien. 

piewrac|u, ~e, i, y, eo, ww f. 
threatening, threat. 

-ian threaten. 

gepiewe customary [peaw]. 

pigde prt. of picgan. 

pigeny^ partaking of food or drink ; 
food or drink [picgan]. 

pigen ptc. of picgan. 

pignen(n), pinen /. attendant, 
servant ; midwife [pegen]. 

piljian, pill(i)an lay down planks, 
make (bridge) [pel]. 

~ing/. structure of planks, flooring. 

pile = pyllic. 

pille (_/!) structure of planks, floor- 
ing [pel]. 

pin of thee. 

pinan 6 become moist. 

gepind [i = y?] n. swelling. 

pindan 3 swell ; be angry Gl. 

pinen = pignen. 

ping n. thing in its various mean- 
ings ; object of value, gen. pi. 
goods ; event ; action ; condition, 
state, pi. affairs, concerns ; terms 
(of peace) ; meeting, court of 
justice || in adverbial phrases cause: 
for piaum -urn therefore ; for his 
-urn for his sake | purpose : -urn 
purposely ; to para ~um paet w. 
sbj. in order that | respect : Sices 
~es in every respect ; sumera -a 


in some respects ; senige ~a at all ; 
nane ~a, nsenig(e) ~a not at all ; 
~a gehwelce in every respect, 
under all circumstances, anyhow 
| to ecum ~um to eternity ; to so- 
pum ~um truly ; be fullum -urn 
completely ; mid nanum -urn 
not at all. Srest -a in the first 
place ; rapost ~a at the earliest. 

ping leas innocent, exempt. 

~gemearcf n. computed or allotted 

~rden(n~)_/! intercession, pleading. 

-stedef m. place of meeting, public 

-stow f. place of meeting, public 

pingan (?) address Gl. 

,ge)pingan 3 flourish, prosper, be 
exalted [peon, gepungen]. 

pingjian intercede, plead, ar- 
range iv. d. (ffr for, fore a., d.) 
= for, and to d., wip a =with, 
anda. : earmurn ~ to pam ricum ; 
se cyning him ge-ode wip 
Eadgife his boca edgift ] make 
terms (for . . with . .), reconcile 
same construe lion \ come to terms 
(with) iv. wip a. determine pray 
abs., w. d. of thing: he his \rfl.~) 
life ge~ode eet Gode || tr. settle 
(dispute) || fmake a speech, speak 
intr. iv. wip, ongean. 

-ere m. intercessor, advocate, priest. 

~estre/. intercessor. 

-ung/. intercession, mediation. 

geping e n. meeting, council ; agree- 
ment, compact ; result, destiny. 

-SCeatt m. ransom. 

pirda = pridda. 

pis this neut. 

pis(s)-, see pes. 

pisl = pixl. 

pistel m. thistle. 

-gebljfed n. blister caused by prick 
of thistle. 

-twige/ goldfinch. 

piwen = peowen. 

fixl, pisl, -e/ wagon-pole, shaft. 

jo, vE. pohse/ clay. 

-iht clayey. 

pocerian run about. 

poddettan prod, push. 

poden m. whirlwind; ! whirlpool Gl. 

poft rower's bench. 

(ge '-raden(n) /., (ge)-scipe m. 



gepoftja m. companion. 

-ian intr. associate iu. wip a. : \ 

pogen,/^. <7/"peon. 
gepoht, M'. poht m. thought 


pohte//Y. </pencan. 
pol, Z. poll (;.) oar-peg, rowlock. 
pole-, polo-, pol-, see polian. 
-byrd patient. 
-byrdnes/ patience. 
-mod I. patient. II. m. patience. 
-ruodnes/ patience, 
polian tr. surfer, undergo ; wg. 

lose, be deprived of || intr. hold 

out, endure. 
polle/ frying-pan Gl. 
pon i. ofse. 
pon = ponne. 
pone, see se. 
pon f ecan av. whenever. 
ponne, a, se av. <-/'. then of time ; of 

succession in place ; succession in 

narrative then, again, often pleon, 

] rel. when | correl. ~ . . ~ when 

. . then | cause since ; although 

|| ponne, pon w. cpv. than. 
por = pur. 

porjffiBBt useful IN. [pearf, fsest]. 
-leas useless IN. [pearf, leas]. 
porfend, -e m. pauper, one in want 

IN. [pearf]. 
~nes/. poverty IN. 
porfte prt. of pearf. 
porh = purh. 
porn m. thorn ; thombush ; the 

Runic letter \>. 
-gebl&d . blister caused by prick 

of thorn. 

~grfe/ thorn-copse. 
~ig, -iht thorny. 
-riew/ thorn-hedge. 
-rind/ thorn-bark. 
-stybb m. thorn-stump. 
porp = prop, 
post m. dung. 

poter|ian howl, wail [peotan]. 
ling/, howling, wailing. 
),6per m. ball, sphere. 
gepracen adorned, prepared, 
pracuf/, g. praece pressure, force, 


praac-t, see pracu. 
-heard brave. 
-hwil/ hard times, 
-r of brave, 
wig . fighting, battle. 

praec-wudu m. spear. 

i;eprfflc v f) n. pressure, force, 
violence || once equipment Gl. 

pr&d m. thread [prawan]. 

gcpraf on ~ unanimously. 

praaftf once (.) quarrel. 

prsegant, set run [prag]. 

prsfel m., g. preel l)es slave, servant, 
serf \Scand. prfell]. 

~riht n. serfs right. 

pr&s fringe Gl. 

praesce /. once thrush Gl. Cp. 

prest|an twist ; press ; torture, 

ge~ednes, preestnes /. affliction ; 

-ing/, torment, affliction. 

prtewen occ. ptc. of prawan. 

praf |ian urge ; reprove, correct. 

-ung/. rebuke, censure. 

prag/. time ; evil times ; paroxysm 
| ~e for a time. ~um sometimes ; 
? at regular intervals. 

-bysigf periodically busy (?). 

-mseluni av. at intervals. 

prang once (m.) crowd Gl. 

gcprang . crowd, tumult [pring- 

praw^an ptc. ~en, e, 6 tr. twist ; 
rack || intr. turn round; revolve; 
~ende curling ^hair). 

-ing-spinel/, curling-iron. 

prea, prawu st. /., wk. m., n. ; 
threat, rebuke ; punishment, op- 
pression, severity ; affliction, 
calamity | -m cruelly, miserably. 

-lief miserable, calamitous. 

-niedf n/., -niedlaf m. misery, 

-niedlicf calamitous. 

-weorcf n. misery. 

prea]n, preagan,/^. pregan rebuke ; 
threaten, try to compel w. sbj. ; 
punish, chasten ; oppress, afflict. 

-gend m. reprover. 

-ling, ~ng, -gung, -wung /. re- 
proof, correction ; threat ; punish- 

preagan = prean. 

preal/. correction, rebuke ; threat ; 
punishment, discipline. 

preapjian rebuke. 

-ung/ rebuke. 

preat m. crowd, troop; violence, 
ill-treatment, punishment ; threat 


preat-maelum av. in troops. 

preat|ian urge on, press ; afflict | 
rebuke ; threaten ; compel by 
threats, urge : -ode hine fram 
Cristes geleafan ; w . setter d. 
demand with threats. 

-end m. violent person IN. 

-ung /. compulsion ; ill-treatment ; 
rebuke, correction ; threatening. 

preatnian force. 

preaw ian reprove, correct [prea]. 

-ung/. rebuke, correction. 

prec once grievous. 

prece m. violence ; weariness 

prehtig*, oe (j), see preohtig. 

preo- = pri-. 

preo/., prie m., d. prim, g. ~ra 

-hund-wintre three hundred 
years old. 

-teopa, preott- thirteenth. 

preot(t)iene thirteen. 

-geare thirteen years old. 

preodian = pridian. 

preohtig, oe (?) steadfast, endur- 

preora^ </preo. 

preotan 7 impers. wa. (?) weary. 

preowian = prowian. 

prescold = perscold. 

pri-, y, eo three-. 

pri-bfddod three-bedded (room). 

prid|ian, eo, y deliberate ; hesi- 

-ung, ~ing /. deliberation ; hesi- 

pri-daeglic lasting three days. 

pri-dled tripartite. 

pridda, IN. pirda third. 

prie, see preo. 

priepel (m.) instrument of punish- 
ment, kind of cross [preapian]. 

prietan tr. weary ; urge, force 

pri-feald threefold. 

-lice av. triply. 

pri-fe v o)por triangular. 

pri-fete three-footed. 

pri-fieldan triple. 

pri-fingre three fingers thick, av. 
three fingers' breadth. 

pri-flere three storied. 

pri-fotede, -fotod three-footed. 

pri-fyrede three-furrowed. 

priga^ priwa. 

pri-gfflrede three-pronged. 




pri-geare I three years old. II. n. 
space of three years. 

pri-gield . -e (compensation) 
with a triple payment. 

pri-heafdede three-headed. 

prihing (?) m. third part of a shire, 
Riding. Cp. trehing. 

pri-hiwede having three forms. 

pri-hlidede three-lidded. 

pri-hyrne, -hyrnede triangular. 

pri-leafe*, e oncef. trefoil Gl. 

prilen woven with three threads. 

prili vE. threefold Gl. 

prilic threefold. 

pri-lipe ^year) having three months 
named ll}>a, having an inter- 
calated month. 

prim d. of prie. 

pri-milce May. 

prims = trimes. 

prinen threefold. 

prines, prynnes/. trinity. 

gepring . crowd, troop ; tumult 
(of waters). 

pringan 3 tr. press on, crowd ; 
pinch (with cold), oppress, afflict | 
intr. crowd, throng ; press on, 
make one's way | impers. fpre 
tide is neah geprungen it is 
near the time. 

pri-nihte three days old. 

prinnes = prines. 

printan swell. 

pri-repre having three banks of 
oars, trireme. 

priscel = perscel. 

pri-sciete triangular. 


~lic tripartite. 

pri-slite three-forked (tongue). 

prist, -e bold, brave ; shameless. 

-e av. boldly, bravely ; shamelessly ; 
vigorously, exceedingly. 

-full presumptuous. 

-hycgende \ bold, brave. 

-hygdigf-, -hydig bold, brave. 

-laecan presume. 

-Ifflcnes/l presumption. 

~(e)lice av. boldly, presumptuously. 

-ling (m.) 1 Ct. 

~nes_/l boldness, temerity. 

pristian dare, presume. 

pri-strenge three-stringed. 

pritig, tt, if [or -itt-] thirty. 

-feald thirtyfold. 

-opa thirtieth. 

~wintre thirty years old. 

pritteopa = preoteopa. 
priwa, eo, priga, pria av. thrice, 
pri-winter period of three years 


pri-wintre three years old. 
proc n. piece of timber on which 

the ploughshare is fixed ; table, 
proh (?) hatred, envy Gl. 
proh, d. pro(gu)m rancid Gl. 
prohtf I. m affliction, hardship. 

II. aj. grievous. 

-heard having fortitude ; grievous, 
prohtig (? , see preohtig. 
prop, porp, -prep m. farm, estate ; 


prosm m. vapour, smoke. 
~ig smoky. 

pros(t)le/ throstle, thrush. 
protje, ~u/. wk. throat. 
-bolla m. gullet, windpipe. 
prowjian, of, eo be passive ; suffer 

(pain) abs. suffer martyrdom ; 

pay for, expiate. 
prower|e m. martyr. 
-had m. martyrdom. 
prowiendlic capable of suffering, 

passive (verb). 
prowung f. passivity ; suffering 

(pain); martyrdom, anniversary of 

martyrdom ; painful symptom (in 


-reeding/! martyrology. 
-tld/". date of martyrdom ; time of 


~tlma m. time of suffering. 
prowen, occ. ptc. 0/~prawan. 
prowend m., gpl. -ra scorpion. 
gepruen, ptc. of pweran. 
pruh, g. pryh, fnm. water-pipe, 

trough ; coffin. 
prust-fell n. leprosy ($T\\.st-from 

prut ian swell with pride or anger ; 


~\mgf. anger, arrogance ; threaten- 

pry- = pri-. 

pryc|can tr. press, trample ; im- 
press (mark) || intr. press, force 

one's way. 

~nesf. affliction IN. 
prydian = pridian, 
prydlice = pryplice. 
gepryde, jprt. bound (book) (?) IN. 
pryh, see pruh. 
gepryl- n. crowding, crowd. 
prymm m. strength, might ; glory, 


magnificence; anything glorious; 
host, army, body (of water). 

prym cymef m. glorious coming. 

-cyningf m. Deity. 

-doni m. glory. 

-faBstf glorious, illustrious. 

-fullf powerful, severe (storm) ; 

-lie glorious, magnificent. 

-lice av. gloriously, magnificently. 

-rice . kingdom of glory, heaven. 

-seld, -setl n. throne. 

-sittendef dwelling in glory. 

-wealdende ruling in glory. 

prymmaf m. warrior. 

pryms = trimes. 

gepryscan afflict, depress (mind) 

prysce/ thrush. 

prysman (suffocate) ; oppress 

pryp I"/, gen- pi- strength, might 
-urn vehemently, very ; troop, 
host, body (of water). 

-aern n. palace. 

-beam n. mighty youth. 

-bord n. shield. 

-cyning m. mighty king, God. 

-full strong, brave. 

-lie brave. 

-lice*, pryd- av. mightily. 

-gesteald n. splendid abode. 

-swip mighty. 

-weorc n. splendid work. 

-word n. brave word, noble speech. 

pu thou. 

pu-pistel, pufe-pistel m. sow- 

puf m. tuft ; banner. 

~bere leafy. 

-ian become leafy. 

~ig leafy. 

gepuf leafy, luxuriant. 

pue(?) tufty, bushy. See pu- 

puft m. thicket. 

gepuhtsum once abundant (rain). 

puhte/r/. </pyncan. 

pullic = pyllic such. 

puma m. thumb. 

pumle entrails Gl. 

pun-wang, -wange, ? / temple 
(of head). 

gepun n. loud noise. 

pun ian be prominent or erect ; be 
proud | resound, creak. 

-ung/. creaking ; a rattle. 




pung m. aconite, poisonous plant, 
(vegetable) poison. 

gepungen full-grown ; capable ; 
excellent, good [pingan, peon]. 

-lice av. virtuously. 

~nes f. growth ; goodness, perfec- 

punor m. thunder, thunderbolt ; 
the god of thunder, Jupiter. 

-bodu/. gilthead (a fish). 

-clafre, SB/, bugle (a plant). 

~lic of thunder Gl. 

punorrad/. thunder. 

-lie of thunder Gl. 

~stefn/i voice of thunder. 

punor- wyrt/. houseleek. 

punres daBg, pures- m. Thursday. 
See pur. 

~niht/i Wednesday night. 

punr|ian thunder. 

~ing/ thunder L. 

pur, 6 m. Thor, god of thunder, 
Jupiter [Scand. porr]. 

-es-daeg = punres-. 

gepuren//r. 0/"pweran. 

purh, -uh, A. o, e, perih av., 
prp. w. d. (d., g.) place, extent 
through | time throughout, during 
j cause, means, iHstrumentthrough, 
because of; motive through, out of 
(humility) ; aim with a view to ; 
agent w. pass. = fram | to form 
avs. : ~ liegett in the form of 
lightning ; ~ wite as a punishment. 

purh-beorht very bright, splendid. 

purh- bitter very bitter. 

purh-blawen inspired. 

purh-borian perforate. 

purh-brecan 4 break through. 

purh'bringan bring through. 

purh-brogden transported Gl. 

purh'brucan 7 enjoy thoroughly. 

purh'burnen thoroughly burnt. 

purh-clfflnsian clean out. 

purh-creopan 7 penetrate. 

purh-delfan 3 pierce. 

purh-dreogan 7 pass (time). 

purh-drifan 6 drive out ; pierce ; 

purh'dufan 7 dive through. 

purh'etan 5 eat through, consume 

purh-faer (!1 n. secret place. 

purh-faastnia'n (!) transfix. 

purh-farjan a pass, traverse tr., 
intr. ; pass beyond, transcend ; 
pierce ; penetrate. 

purh-farennes (!)/ secret place. 

purh-gefeoht (!) w.. war. 

purh'ieran tr. pass through . 

purh-fere I. pervious. II. (1) . 
secret place. 

purh'fleogan, -fleon, 7 fly through. 

purh'lon i penetrate. 

purh'gan, -gangan traverse ; per- 
meate ; pierce. 

purh-geotan 7 cover (by pouring) ; 
saturate ; imbue, inspire. 

purh'glededf filled with live coals. 

purh-hffllan heal thoroughly. 

purh-halig very holy. 

purh-hefig very heavy. 

purh-hwit very white. 

purh-iernan 3 run through, tra- 
verse ; pierce. 

purh'leeran persuade Gl. 

purh'lfered very learned. 

purh-lap very hateful Gl. 

purh-leoran pass through. 

purh-locung f. preface, summary 
(of bo_pk) Gl. 

purhTfflSanf rush through. 

purh-sceotan 7 shoot through, 

purh-sclene*, y [orj = i]'] trans- 
parent Gl. 

purh-scinendlic splendid Gl. 

purh'scripan 6 traverse. 

purh-scyldig very guilty. 

purh'secan seek out. 

purh'Seon 5 tr. see through, pene- 
trate with the sight, also Jig. 

purh-slean 2 cut through; kill 

purh-smea(ga)n inquire into 
thoroughly, investigate. 

purh'smierian anoint thoroughly. 

purlvsmugan 7 creep through, 
penetrate ; traverse ; study or 
consider thoroughly. 

purh-spedig very wealthy. 

purh-stician transfix, pierce. 

purh-stingan 3 pierce. 

purh'swimman 3 swim through. 

purh-swipan be very strong Gl. 

purlvswogan penetrate. 

purh'teon 7 carry out, perform, 
accomplish ; obtain (request) ; 
continue ; afford v expense) ; under- 
go ; drag Gl. 

purh'togennes f. collatio, a reli- 
gious reading in monasteries. 

purh'trymman confirm Gl. 


purh-)>ien*, y pierce. 
purh'prawan i tr. penetrate. 
purh-pfrel perforated. 
purh-pyrelian pierce. 
purh-ut Z. av.,prp. w. a. (?) quite 

purh- wacol vigilant ; sleepless 

purh-wadan 2 tr. pass through ; 


purh-waeccendlic very vigilant. 
purh-wlitan 6 look through, 

penetrate with the sight. 
purh/wrecan 5 tr. thrust through, 

purh-wund wounded right 

purh-wun]ian continue, persist, 


-igendlice av. perseveringly. 
~ung/l residence ; perseverance. 
purruc (./.) small ship ; bottom 

part of ship. 
purst m. thirst. 
~ig, y, IN. prystig thirsty. 
pus av. thus, so. 
~lic - pyllic ^uch. 
pusend nf. thousand. 
-ealdormann /;/. chiliarch Gl. 
-feald thousand (fold). 
~hlwe milleform Gl. 
-lie numbered by thousands. 
-nifible thousand. 
~mfelum av. in thousands. 
-mann, -rica m. ruler of a thou- 
sand men. 

~gerimt count-ing by thousands. 
-getael . a thousand. 
gepuxod dark (?). 
pwsegen ptc. <?/"J>wean. 
pwsele/. band, fillet Gl. = towel (') 

p'wsenan tr. moisten, soften. Cp. 

pclnan, pawenian. 
gepwfflrje not at variance, united ; 

harmonious (sound) ; yielding to, 

obedient wd. ; pleasing wd. ; 

peaceful, gentle ; prosperous. 
~ian, p- tr. reconcile II intr. agree ; 

wd. consent to ; suit, fit. 
-Isecan, p- ~vd. agree, comply ; suit. 
~(e;lice av. in accord., p- f. concord ; tranquillity ; 

pw&re f. churn (?\ olive-press Gl. 




pwagen//r. of pwean. 

pwang ;/*/. thong. 

pwastrian once whisper. Cp. 

bwean 2, (he) pwihp, /rA pwog, 

//r. pwsegen, a, o wash ; ! anoint 

pweal, pwsehl, a nm. washing ; 

! ointment IN. [pwean]. 
pwearm (m.*) a cutting instrument 

pweng f. (?) band IN. \_Scand. 

pwngr thong ; cp. pwang]. 
gepweor n. curds. 
pweor-, pwyr- see pweorh. 
~a m. peevishness. 
~es av. across, crosswise ; from the 

side, obliquely ; perversely. 
~ian be adverse, be at variance, 


~lic reversed ; adverse; perverse, bad. 
~llce av. reversedly, in wrong 

order ; obstinately ; perversely, 

~nes f. crookedness ; obstinacy ; 

depravity, wickedness. 
~scipe m. perversity. 
-tleme contentious ; perverse, 
pweorh, pweor, y, g. pweores, y 

(across, crossw ise , ; adverse ; 

angry ; perverse, bad on ~ 

perversely, wrongly. 
-f^re, ~fu- ., also pi. ~fyro cross- 
furrow, rough place. 
pweran 4, ptc. pworen, puren, 

pruen, proren, profen stir, 

churn; fbeat (metal), forge. 
pwere = pw&re. 
pwihp, see pwean. 
pwinan 6 dwindle. Cp. dwinan 
gepwinglod -e loccas. 

pwirel (m.) whisk (for whipping 

milk) [pweran]. 
gepwlt n. what is shaved off, chip 

[ pwltan] . 

pwitan 6 cut, shave off. 
pwog prt. of pwean. 
pwogen/i'r. of pwean. 
pwyr- = pweor-. 
py, pi(e) I- i- of se. II. av., cj. 

therefore ; because correl. py 

. . py because. py-pe so that 

| w. cpv. the correl. py . . py 

the . . the. 

-daeges av. on that day. 
-lies, see lyt. 
pyn = *pien press, stab. 
pyd(d)e/r/. ^/"pien. 
pyfel m. bush, leafy plant ; thicket, 

rank growth [puf]. 
pyften/ female servant [gepofta]. 
gepyhtt aj. R. 
pyhtig strong. 
pylc = pyllic. 
gepyld, IN. \>-fn. patience -- um 

patiently [polian]. 
~elic = ~i 

~ig patient. 

~(i)gian, ~ian bear (patiently), 


-iglic, ~elic patient. 
-iglice, ~ellce av. patiently. 
~medan*,//r. gepylmed humbled. 
-mod patient. 

pyl e m. orator ; buffoon, jester Gl. 
-craeft m. rhetoric Gl. 
gepyll once (.) breeze IN. 
pyllic, pylc, i ; pyslic, u ; pullic, 

-uc no. , aj. such [pus, -lie]. 
pymel m. thumbstall [puma]. 
pymele thumb thick (fat of swine) 


pyn^laene o7. shrunk [pynne]. 
~nes/l thinness, weakness. 
~w^efen thin-woven. 
pyncan, prt. puhte impers. ivd. 

seem ; seem good or fit [pgncan]. 
gepyncpjo/. honour, rank, dignity 

um honourably | court, legal 

assembly [gepungen]. 
gepyngjo f. honour, advancement 


pynnje thin. 

-ian make or become thin. 
~ol lean. 

~ung^. making thin. 
pyi\e;il I. n. aperture, hole. II. aj. 

perforated L purh]. 
~ian perforate. 
~ung/. perforation. 
~wamb \ having a pierced stomach, 
pyrfe, see pearf. 
pyrfende, see pearf. 
pyrncin thistle [porn]. 
pyrn|e/. thorn-bush, bramble. 
~en of thorns. 
~et(t) . thorn-thicket. 
~iht(e) thorny. 
pyrrje dry ; withered. 
~anf once dry, wipe, 
pyrs m. giant, demon. 
pyrscel = perscel. 
pyrscwald = perscold. 
pyrst an ivg. be thirsty, thirst ,for) 

pers. and impers. wa.,ptc. gepyrst 

thirsty [purst]. 
-ig = purstig thirsty, 
pys i. of\>es. 
pyslic = pyllic such. 
pys(s)-, see pes. 
pyss*, pys storm. 
pyw-racu = piew-. 
piy vrem = pien press. 




u m. the letter u. 

uder (.) udder. 

uf m. owl ; vulture Gl. 

uf once uvula (?) Gl. 

ufan av. from above, downwards : 


-cumende coming from above. 
-cund from aloft, celestial 
-weard upper part of. 
ufenaest, see ufor. 
ufenan, -on I. av. from above. 

II. pi'p. wa. above, on ; besides. 
ul'er|ian elevate, exalt ; delay tr. 


~imgf. delay. 
uferra, -era, y- cpv., spl. yfemest, 

u, ymest, higher, upper ; later, 

ufeweard, ufw- upper part of; 

further up ; later part of. 
ufor av. cpv., spl. yfemest, u-, to a 

greater height, higher, also met. ; 

further, further away ; later. 
ufweard = ufe-. 

uht, -a m. time just before day- 
break foran to ~es before 

dawn ; nocturns (the earliest 

canonical service). 
~gebed n. matins. 
-caruf/l care that comes at dawn. 
-flogaf m. dawn-flyer. 
-hlemmf m. noise at dawn. 
-lie of early morning ; of matins. 
-sang m. nocturns, matins. 
-sanglic of nocturns. 
-scapaf m. depredator at dawn. 
~tid/. time before daybreak. 
-pegnung/1 matins. 
-Wfflcce/. vigil before daybreak. 
uht = wiht. 
Qley. owl. 
ulm-treow n. elm-tree \_Lt. ul- 


uma, amf reed (of loom\ 
umborf child, 
ume oncef. a plant. 
UU-, on- un-. The stress is some- 
times on the second element. 


un- =on-. 

un-abeden unasked. 

un-aberendje*,-beriende intoler- 

-lie intolerable. 

-lice av. intolerably. 

un-abiegendlic inflexible. 

un-abindendlic indissoluble. 

un-ablinn \1) n. non-cessa- 

un-ablinnendje unceasing. 

-lie incessant. 

-lice av. incessantly. 

un-abrecendlic inextricable Gl. 

un-acenned un begot ten. 

un-acnycendlic indissoluble IN. 

un-aeumendlic, -cumenlic in- 

-nes/. unbearableness. 

un-acwencedlic inextinguish- 

un-adreogendlic unendurable. 

un-adrugod not dried. 

un-adrysnend|e inextinguishable 

-lie, -drysenlic inextinguishable 

un-adwaBse|ed not extinguished. 

~en(d)lic inextinguishable. 

un-tfernt|a, -eemetta m. want of 
leisure ; occupation. 

-igian depiive of leisure, take up 
another's time. 

un-ge3Ce unheard of. 

un-set m. gluttony. 

un-ffltspornen not hindered. 

un-ae)jel|e plebeian. 

-boren not of noble birth. 

-ian degrade, debase. 

-lice av. ignobly. 

-nes/". infamy. 

un-gefflwed unmarried. 

un-tewfsBstlice av. irreligiously. 

un-fewisc modest (or immodest ?). 

un-afandod untried. 

un-afeohtendlic not to be con- 
tended against. 


un-afunden undiscovered ; un- 

un-afyled undefiled. 

un-afyllend lie, -edlic insatiable. 

-lice av. insatiably. 

un-aga m. pauper. 

un-agan not lapsed (<y lease). 

un-agaeledlice av. unremittingly. 

un-agen not one's own. 

un-agiefen not repaid. 

un-agunnen without a beginning. 

un-aliefed unlawful. 

-lie, -endlic unlawful. 

-lice av. unlawfully. 

-nes/". what is unlawful ; licentious- 

un-aliesed not remitted. 

un-amansumod not excommuni- 

un-ameten immeasurable. 

-lie immense. 

un-ametgod immense. 

un-amielt unmelted. 

un-andcypignesy; ignorance. 

un-andergilde once (riches) th;.t 
may be kept (?). 

un-andett unconfessed. 

un-andgiet|full unintelligent. 

~ol*, -angyttol unintelligent. 

un-andhefe*, -oife insupportal le 

un- and weard not present. 

un-andwis inexperienced. 

un-anrebdnesy; inconstancy. 

un-apinedlic unpunished. 

un-ary. dishonour. 

ge~ian dishonour. 

-lie dishonourable, disgraceful ; un- 
kind, unnatural (will, testament). 

-lice av. dishonourably ; unmerci- 

un-araefn|ed intolerable. 

~e(n)dlic intolerable. 

un-areccendlic indescribable. 

un-areht unexplained. 

un-anmed innumerable. 

-lie innumerable. 

-lice av. innumerably. 




un-arodscipe m. remissness, 


un-arweorpjian dishonour. 
-nes/ irreverence, indignity. 
un-gearwierd*, y not honoured. 
un- ascended unhurt. 
xin-ascierjed*, -scyrod not sepa- 

-igendlic inseparable. 
un-geascod unasked. 
un-ascruncen not withered. 
un-asecgend[e ineffable Bd. 
-lie ineffable. 
-lice av. ineffably. 
un-asedd unsatiated. 
un-aseolcendlic energetic. 
un-ase)>en(d)lic insatiable. 
un-asiwod without a seam, 
un-asmeagendlic inscrutable. 
un-asolcenlice av. energetically. 
un-aspringende unfailing. 
un-asporiendlic, -spyriendlic 


un-astipod not made firm. 
un-astyr od unmoved. 
-iende, ~iendlic motionless, 
un-asundrodlic inseparable. 
un-aswundenllce av. not lan- 

un-atalodlic innumerable IN. 
un-ateald uncounted. 
un-atellendlic innumerable. 
un-atemed untamed. 
-lie untameable. 
un-ateoriendje indefatigable. 
-lie lasting ; indefatigable. 
-lice av. permanently ; indefatiga- 

un-ateorod unwearied. 

un-apreotende unwearied, unfail- 

un-aproten unwearied, indefati- 

-lice av. unceasingly, indefatigably. 

un-aweescen, -waxen unwashed. 

un-awegendlic immovable. 

un-awgmmed immaculate. 

-lie immaculate. 

-nes/ incorruptibility. 

un-awend, ~ed unchanged, invio- 

-lie, -edlic unchangeable. 

-ende, -endlic unchangeable. 

un-awidlod undefiled. 

un-awifrded unhurt. 

un-awriten unwritten. 

un-beald timid, irresolute. 

un-bealot . innocence. 

-full innocent. 

un-gebeaten unwrought. 

un-beboht unsold. 

un-bebyriged unburied. 

un-beceas indisputable. 

un-becrafod not subject to claims. 

un-becweden unbequeathed. 

un-beden unasked. 

un-befangenlic incomprehensi- 

un-befliten undisputed. 

un-befohten not attacked, unop- 

un-began uncultivated ; unadorned. 

un-begiipendlie incomprehensi- 

un-begunnen without beginning. 

un-beheafdod not beheaded. 

un-behefe inconvenient. 

un-beheljed uncovered, naked. 

-endllce av. openly. 

un-behreowsigende impenitent. 

un-belimp . mischance. 

un-gebeorglice av. rashly (?) ; un- 
becomingly (: . 

un-beorhte av. not brightly. 

un-bereafigendlic not to be taken 

un-berend|e intolerable IN. ; 

-lie intolerable. 

-nes/. barrenness. 

un-besacen undisputed. 

un-besceawod inconsiderate. 

-lice av. inconsiderately. 

un-bescoren unshorn, untonsured. 

un-besenged unsinged, not burnt. 

un-beseondlic incomprehensible. 

un-besmiten undefiled. 

~nesf. spotlessness. 

un-besorg unconcerned. 

un-beted unatoned. 

un-gebett unamended, unatoned 

un-be)>ierfe*, yf useless, vain. 

un-bepohte av. unthinkingly. 

un-beweddod unbetrothed ; un- 

un-bewif lied not boiled away. 

un-biddende not praying. 

un-gebiegjed unbent. 

-endlic indeclinable. 

un-bieldo / want of boldness ; 

un-gebierde, -ard- beardless 


un-biermed*, e unleavened, unfei - 

un-biernende not burning intr. 

un-biscopod not confirmed (by a 

un-blanden unmixed. 

un-bleohf not coloured, white, 

un-gebletsod unblessed. 

un-bletsung/. curse. 

un-blinnendlice av. incessantly. 

un-bliss/. unhappiness ; affliction. 

un-blipe sad. 

un-blodig bloodless. 

un-boht, unge- unbought. 

un-boht av. gratuitously IN. 

un-boren, unge- unborn. 

un-brad narrow. 

un-br&cet unbreakable. 

un-brocen, unge- unbroken. 

un-brocheard delicate, tender. 

un-gebrocod not afflicted or in- 

un-brosn igendlie, ungebros- 
nendlic indestructible. 

-vmg, unge-/ soundness. 

un-gebrosnod undecayed. 

un-brycef unbreakable, inde- 

un-bryce useless. 

un-brygde*, -bryde av. honestly. 

un-gebunden not bound. 

un-gebyde uncongenial (to) o/</. 

un-byed desert IN. 

un-gebyrde uncongenial. 

un-gebyr edlic incongruous. 

un-byrego.M//. desert IN. 

tm-byrged unburied. 

unc us two. 

un-cafscipe m. sloth. 

un-capitulod not divided into 

un-camprof unwarlike. 

un-ceap|od*, -ed gratis. 

-unga av. gratis. 

un-ceas, -ceast . peace. 

un-cenned not begotten. 

uncer of us two. 

un-ciepe gratuitous. 

un-gecierred unconverted. 

un-clmod not smooth. 

un-clJen[e not clean, impure. 

-lice av. in an unclean manner. 

-nes/. impurity. 

~of. impurity IN. 

un-clsens ian soil, pollute. 

-od, unge- unpurified. 




un-clansung/. pollution. 

un-gecnawen unknown. 

un-gecnyrdnes/. negligence. 

un-gecopllic unsuitable, trouble- 

-lice av. unsuitably. 

un-gecoren not chosen ap, 

opposite of cyre-ap ; reprobate, 

un-gecost reprobate, bad. 

un-copja m., ~u/ disease. 

un-crseft m. evil practice. 

~ig powerless. 

un-crafod free from claim. 

un-crlsten infidel. 

un-cumlipe inhospitable. 

un-cup unknown, uncertain ; un- 
friendly, unkind. 

-lie unknown. 

-lice av. unkindly. 

un-cwaciende firm. 

un-cweden revoked, = on- (?). 

un-gecweme unpleasing. 

un-cwepende speechless ; inani- 

un-cwidd in undisputed possession 
(of property). 

un-cwisse speechless. 

un-gecydd undeclared. 

un-c^me unseemly, paltry. 

un-geeynde, uncynde alien ; un- 

-lie unnatural. 

~lice av. unnaturally. 

un-cynjn unsuitable, improper. 

-lie unsuitable, improper. 

un-cyst f. defect ; disease ; vice ; 

~ig niggardly. 

un-cypig ignorant ; f devoid of 

un-cypp'o) f. ignorance || foreign 

un-d&d/. crime. 

un-gedaeft;lice, und-, -ellce av. 

-nes/. unseasonableness. 

un-dseled undivided. 

un-gedafen|lic improper ; trouble- 

-lice av. improperly, unseasonably. inconvenience. 

un-gedafniendlie unseemly. 

un-deaded not deadened. 

un-dead|lic, -deap- immortal. 

-lice av. (rise) to immortality. 

-licnes/. immortality. 

un-dearnunga, eo, -inga av. 

un-deaw without dew. 

un-declinigendlic indeclinable. 

un-gedefe troublesome. 

-lice av. unbecomingly. 

un-deogollice = undie-. 

un-deop shallow. 

-pancol shallow-minded. 

un-deore I. cheap, common. II. 
av. cheaply. 

under I. prp. w. d. and a. {gen. 
expressing motion} under ; among 
while - under-piim-pe cj. 
while met. protection ; subjec- 
tion ; exposure, suffering : ~ feer- 
gripum ; rank, degree ; manner ; 
pretext. II. av. under, beneath. 
on ~ beneath. 

under-agenlic subnixus IN. 

under-andfond m. receiver IN. 

under-bfflc, -ling av. backwards, 

under 'beginnan 3 begin, under- 

under-beran 4 support Gl. 

under-blegan subject. 

under-bredan(! ) spread under IN. 

under-bugan 7 wd. submit. 

under-burg/. suburb (!). 

~ware rnpl. inhabitants of a suburb. 

under-cigrran(!) subvert IN, 

under-creopan 7 enter surrepti- 
tiously also Jig. 

under-cuman (!) 4 assist. 

under-cyning m. under-king, 

under-delf cavity beneath Gl. 

under-delfan 3 undermine, dig out. 

under-diacon m. sub-deacon. 

under-drencan (!) suffocate Gl. 

under'drifennes (\}f. subjection. 

un-gedgred uninjured. 

under - etan 5 sap, undermine Jig. 

under-fang = -fe ng. 

under-fangennes, -fangelnes /. 

under-feng, -fang m. undertaking, 
acceptance ; one who undertakes 

under-flowan i flow under tr. 

under-fon i b receive ; receive sur- 
reptitiously (stolen property) (?) ; 

under-fond m. one who receives 

-lie*, -fonlic to be received Gl. 


under-fylgan (!) follow IN. 
under-gan, -gangan i undermine 

Jig., deceive | undergo. 
under-geoc tamed IN. 
under-ginnan 3 begin, undertake. 
under-gietan 5 understand, per- 

under-hebban (!) 2 lift IN. 
under-hlyst;an(!) supply (omitted 


~ung(!)/! supplying (omitted word). 
under-hmgan 6 go beneath tr. ; 

submit to, undergo u>. a. or d. 
under-holung / cavity Leneath 


under-hwitel m. under-cloak Gl. 
under-Iecan (!) add. 
under-iernan 3 run beneath tr. 

| ! help IN. 
un-dfrigend|e, -lie harmless, 


under-latteow m. consul. 
under-lecgan support. 
under-hcgan 5 submit wd. 
underling m. subordinate L. 
under-lutan 7 stoop under, lift tr. 
undern m. third hour, nine in the 

morning ; morning. 
-giefl . breakfast. 
~D18Bl M. morning. 
~mte m., ~gereord n. breakfast, 
-rest/, rest in the morning, 
-sang m. tierce (a church service!. 
~swesendu npl. breakfast, 
-tid/ third hour ; tierce. 
-tima m. third hour, 
-geweorc n. breakfast 
under-neopan, -nypan av., prp. 

wa. underneath, below. 
under-niman 4 take upon oneself ; 

take in (with mind); steal. 
under-nipemest av. lowest, 
under-plantian (!) supplant. 
under-gerefa m. under-officer, pro- 
under-sceotan 7 intercept, cut off; 


under-scyte m. intercepting. 
under-secan investigate. 
under-sierc m. under-shirt. 
undersmeagan = -smugan. 
under-smugan 7 come upon 

unawares, surprise. 
under-stand an 2 understand, 

perceive, take for granted. 
-ennes (!)/. substance, 
-ing/, intelligence L. 




under-stapplian supplant Gl. 
under-still gan 3 support. 
under-stregdan strew under tr. 
under-toclal (!) . sub-distinction. 
under-tunge/ suhlingua Gl. 
under-pencan consider. 
under- peow m. slave, subject. 
under-piedjan, A., W. eo subject 
ptc. ~d, undergepeoded sub- 
ject, subordinate ; add Bd. ; sup- 
poit Gl. 

-endlic subjunctive. f. subjection, submission. 
under- wedd . pledge, security. 
under- wrffldel waist- band. 
under-wrep ian, eo, i support, 
-ung/ support, 
under- writan 6 sign. 
under-wyrtwalian supplant Gl. 
un-dlegellice, eo av. openly. 
un-dierne I. manifest. II. av. 

openly, clearly. 
un-dilegod not effaced, 
un-dom m. unjust judgement. 
-lice av. indiscreetly Gl. 
un-drefed not made turbid. 
un-gedrehtlice av. indefatig- 


un-gedrieme inharmonious. 
un-drifen not driven. 
un-druncen sober. 
un-drysnende inextinguishable 


un-(ge)dyrstlic timorous. 
un-eacniendlic sterile. 
un-geeahtendlic, inestimable ; 


un-earfoplice av. without diffi- 

un-earg, -lie intrepid. 
un-eape, cpv. -iep, with difficulty ; 
grievously ; unwillingly ; scarcely. 
un-eaplsfecne, -acn- not easily 


un-emn, -fn unequal, irregular. 
~e av. unequally. 
-lie diverse. 
un-endebyrdlice av. irregularly, 

in a disorderly manner. 
un-geend^gendlic infinite; infini- 

~od endless ; infinite. 
-odlic infinite. 
un-ered unploughed. 
un-estful unkind. 
un-ffflcne, a without deceit 


un-faederlice av. in an un fatherly 

un-ffflgje not fated to die. 

-lie, unge- not serious (symptom). 

un-faeger ugly, horrible. 

-e av. unpleasantly, cruelly. 

-nesf. abomination IN. 

un-faehp/i abstention from prose- 
cuting a feud. 

un-ffflle uncanny, evil. 

un-fsest not firm. 

-lice av. not firmly, vaguely. 

un-fsestende not fasting. 

unfaestrsbd inconstant, 
esy. inconstancy. 

un-fah. not regarded as an enemy, 
exempt from hostility. 

un-gefandod untiied. 

un-gefaren impassable. 

un-^efealice av. unhappily. 

un-feax bald. 

un-feferig free from fever. 

un-gefege unsuitable. 

un-gefel|e, ~ed without feeling. 

un-felende without feeling. 

un-feormigende inexpiable. 

un-feorr not far wd. 

un-fer e incapacitated, infirm. 

~nes/. infirmity. 

un-gefer|e impassable, impervious. 

~ed inaccessible. 

-endlic*, -enlic impassable. 

un-geferjlic unsocial, civil (war ; . 

-lice av. in civil war. 

un-geferne impassable. 

un-gefepered not feathered. 

un-firn, y av. not long ago ; soon. 

un-gefirn av. soon pees soon 

after that. 

un-fl.itme*f ? av. without dispute. 

un-gefog, -lie immense, excessive ; 
impetuous, unrestrained. 

-e, -lice av. excessively, immo- 

un-forbaerned not burnt. 

un-forboden not forbidden. 

un-forbugend|lic inevitable. 

-lice av. (gazing) fixedly. 

un-forburnen not burnt. 

un-forcup noble, good [Cp. fra- 

-lice av. nobly, well. 

un-fordytt unobstructed. 

un-forebyrdig impatient. 
un-foresceawod unconsidered, 

-lie hasty, rash. 


un-forgiefen not forgiven ; not 

given in marriage, 
un-forgietende mindful wg. 
un-forgolden unremunerated. 
un-forhaef'e)dnes /. inconti- 

un-forhladen inexhausted Gl. 
un-forht fearless. 
~e av. fearlessly. 
~igende fearless. 
-lice av. fearlessly. 
-mod fearless. 
un-forlfeten not left. 
un-formolsnod not decayed. 
un-formolten unconsumed, un- 
un-forod unbroken, inviolate. 
-lie indissoluble. 
unforrotjigendlic, -odlic inco:- 


un-forsceawodlice av. unex- 
pectedly, suddenly ; without fore- 
thought or consideration. 
un-forswieled not burnt. 
un-forswigod not passed over in 


un-forswiped unconquered. 
un-fortredde/ knot-grass. 
un-fortreden v grass) not killed by 


un-forwand igendlice av. with- 
out bashfulness. 
-odlic unhesitating, fearless. 
-odlice av. without swerving, 
directly ; unexpectedly, suddenlv ; 
unhesitatingly, fearlessly ; incon- 
siderately, rashly. 
un-forwealwod once unwithered 

(fruits' ,?). 

un-forwordenlic undecayed. 
un-forworht innocent || unre- 
stricted, free. 

un-fracoplice av. honourably, vir- 
un-gefrtegje, -elic unheard of, 

-lice av. extraordinarily. 
un-(ge)fraetewod unadorned. 
un-framf feeble. 
un-gefredelice av. without sensa- 

un-gefremed unfinished. 
un-frem u/. damage, loss. 
~full not advantageous. 
un-gefreod not freed. 
un-freondlice av. unfriendlily. 
un-fricgende not questioning. 


un-fri]? m. hostilities, war ; being 
out of the king's peace. 

-flota m. hostile fleet. 

-here m. hostile army. 

~land . hostile country. 

-scip n. war-ship ; ship of a hostile 

un-frodf young. 

un-fulfrg med imperfect ; imperfect 

-nesy. imperfection. 

un-fulf renaming / imperfection 

un-tuliend|e, -lie incorruptible. 

un-(ge)fullod, -ful wad not bap- 

un-gefullod unfulfilled. 

un-fulworht unfinished. 

un-gefyll|ed, ~e(n)dlic insatiable. 

un-gefynde worthless (corn). 

un-geara av. lately ; soon, gen. w. 

un-gearo not ready (to act N > ; un- 
prepared (against attack) on 
ungearwe by surprise, suddenly ; 
uncultivated (land). 

un-gegearwod not clothed. 

urjgel m. fat. 

un-genge useless IN. 

un-georn|e av. reluctantly ; negli- 

-full negligent 

un-giefende (?) unforgiving. For 
unfor- (?). 

un-giefu/. evil gift. 

un-gield, ~e n. excessive tax. 

-a m. one who is not a member of 
a guild. 

~e not entitled to compensation. 

un-gietnen(n)/ carelessness. 

-ende careless. 

un-giered not clothed. 

un-giiepef not granted. 

un-gifre f pernicious. 

un-ginnf not ample. 

un-glaed sad, cheerless (of stormy 

-lie stern, gloomy Gl. 

un-gleawf dull, not keen ^/"edge 
of sword) (?) || not sagacious ; 
ignorant wg. 

-lice av. unwisely, imprudently. 

~nes /, ~scipe m. folly, impru- 
dence, ignorance. 

un-g^rvged unadorned. 

un-gmejjef not scanty, liberal. 

un-gdd I. evil, bad. II. n. evil. 


un-grapigende not handling of 

un-grenef not green. 

un-gegret not greeted. 

un-grip (?) n. hostility. 

un-gryndef bottomless, deep R. 

un-gyltig innocent. 

un-(ge)hadod not in holy orders. 

un-gehfflljedlic, -endlic incur- 

un-hffil(o)/. bad health, unsound- 
ness (in an animal) ; fmisfortune. 

un-haelp/ bad health. 

un-(ge)hBUied unmanied. 

un-gehaeplic unsuitable. 

un-hal in bad health, unsound 

-wendlic incurable. 

un-(ge)halgod unconsecrated. 

un-halig not holy. 

un-hand-worht not made with 

un-harf bald (?) or very grey- 
haired (?). 

un-gehaten not promised. 

un-geheafdod (swelling) not come 
to a head. 

un-heah not lofty, low. 

un-gehealdsum, -healt- inconti- 

~llce av. incontinently. 

~nes/". incontinence. 

un-heanlice av. nobly, bravely. 

un-hearmgeorn inoffensive. 

unheld = -hyld. 

un-gehfnd|e distant. 

~nes f. distance. 

un-heore = -Mere. 

un-geheort disheartened. 

un-hered not praised. 

un-herigendlic not praiseworthy. 

un-hier e, eo I. fierce, cruel, 
grievous. II. fiercely. 

~lic fierce ; strong (wind) ; c'olefnl 

un-gehlered unheard of. 

un-gehlernes/. deafness. 

un-(ge)hiersum disobedient. 

~lice av. disobediently. 

-nesy. disobedience. 

~od disobedient. 

un-gehiert cowardly. 

un-hlredwist/. unfamiliarity !. 

un-hiwe formless. 

un-hiwed colourless. 

xm-gehiwod unformed ; unfeigned. 

un-gehleoj>or inharmonious. 



un-hleovv^ef chill (wave). 

un-hliae disreputable. 

un-hlis a m. infamy. 

-bakre, -eadig, -full, ~ig dis- 

un-hlitmet = *unflitme (?). 

un-hneawf liberal ; abundant 

un-hoga foolish IN. 

un-hold hostile ; not loyal. 

~a-t" m. fiend. 

un-hrffldspr&ce slow of speech. 

un-h.reofl.ig not leprous. 

un-gehrepod untouched. 

un-gehrinen untouched. 

un-hror not moving intr. 

un-hufed bare-headed Gl. 

un-gehwsede much. 

un-hwearfiende unchanging. 

un-hwflenf eternal. 

un-hygdig, -hyd- foolish. 

un-hyldo/. disfavour, hostility. 

un-hypig unhappy. 

un-iepe, ea difficult ; grievous. 

~lic difficult, impossible; grievous. 

-lice av. with difficulty ; with hard- 

-licnes/ difficulty. 

uniep-, ea. 

-ian molest Gl. 

-Itfece, -Isfecne, a not easily cured. 

-mielte not easily digested. 

-nes/. hardship, affliction ; severity; 
anxiety, grief. 

un-lacnigendlic incurable, 

un- ge)lacnod uncnred. 

un-geladod not cleared of charge) . 

un-geleeccendlic irreprehensible. 

un-lsfece m. bad physician. 

un-lSBd(t), ~e poor ; unhappy, 
wretched ; wicked ; causing trouble 
or dispute, unlucky (of stolen 

-lice av. miserably. 

un-lragne = -liegne. 

un-l&ne permanent. 

un-(ge)laered not learned, ignorant. 

-lice av. unskilfully. 

-nes/. want of learning. 

un-lfflt not slow, energetic wg. 

un-lbtto/. sin [unlredl. 

un-laf/. posthumous child. 

un-lagu/ bad law ; injustice. 

un-land n. what is not landf; 
barren land. 

-agende not possessing land. 

un-lar/. bad teaching or advice. 





un-gelapod uninvited. 

un-geleaf unbelieving. 

un-geleaf|a m. unbelief. 

~fu.ll unbelieving. 

-fullic unbelieving; incredible. 

-fullice av. incredibly. 

-fulnesy unbelief. 

-lie incredible. 

-sum infidel. 

-sumnes/. infidelity. 

un-leahtorwierj>e irreprehensi- 


un-leanod not repaid. 
un-leas true, honest. 
-lice av. truly, 
-nesy. truth. 
un-leof odious. 
un-libbende dead. 
un-lichamlic incorporeal, 
un-licwierpe un pleasing. 
un-gelic different. 
-a m. one not like another. 
-e av. differently. 
-lie improper. 
-lice av. improperly. 
-nesy. difference. 
un-gellef^ed infidel. 
-end infidel IN. 
~e(n)dlic incredible. 
-nesy unbelief. 
un-(ge)liefed not allowed. 
un-liefe(n)dlic unlawful. 
un-liegne not to be denied, incon- 
trovertible LL. 

un-lif . es dead. 

un-lifigende dead, 
un-gelimp . misfortune. 
~lic unseasonable ; unfortunate. 
-lice av. unseasonably ; unhappily. 
un-lipe severe, cruel. 
un-lipuwac, -leo- inflexible, 


-nesy. inflexibility, severity. 
un-lofod not praised. 
un-lust m. disinclination, tedium ; 

want of appetite | evil desire, lust. 
ge~ian loathe. 
un-lyb|ba, ge- m. poison, drug ; 


-wyrhta m. sorcerer. 
un-lyft/. bad air, malaria. 
un-(ge)lygen truthful. 
un-lyt . much. 
un-l^tel I. big ; great ; much. 

II. M. much. 
un-gemaca m. not a match or 


un-gemfficc dissimilar. 
un-m&g m. bad kinsman (?) or 

alien (?). 

-e not of kin, alien. 
un-rueegnes = *-meagolnes. 
un-meele spotless, immaculate. 
un-msene without evil, sincere 

(oath) ; devoid w. fram. 
un-m&r|e without fame, obscure. 
-lie ignoble. 

un-m&tje immense, excessive. 
-lie immense. 

-nesy immenseness, excess. 
un-gem&t|e I. excessive. II. av. 

-lie immense. 

-lie excessive. 
-lice av. immoderately, excessively ; 

violently, cruelly. 
un-mag|a m/., -u (?)/. helpless or 

needy person ; one who is de- 

pendent on others, ward. 
un-manig few. 
un-mann m. bad man. 
un-meagol insipid. 
-nes*, -meegnesy weariness. 
un-gemed|e incompatible ; un- 


-nesy adversity IN. 
un-medomje unfit, unworthy. 
~lice av. improperly. 
un-meltung [ = i? (?)] /. indi- 


un-gemenged, unm- unmixed. 
-nesy. purity. 
un-menniselic anti -human, un- 

un-gemet I. . immensity, large 

quantity ; want of moderation 

~e, -es, -urn excessively. II. av. 

excessively, very. 
-cealdf very cold. 
~faest excessive ; intemperate || very 


^fSBStlic irretentive. 
-faestnesy. intemperance. 
~giemeni,n)ty excessive care. 
-hleahtor m. immoderate laughter. 
-lie, unm- immense ; excessive. 
-lice, unm- av. immoderately ; ex- 


-nesy extravagance. 
-purst m. excessive thirst. 
-waeccey excessive wakefulness. 
-wsel w. great carnage. 
-wilnungy. excessive desire. 


un-gemetg|od excessive ; intem- 

-ungy excess, intemperance. 

un-mett- excess. 

un-micel small. 

un-(ge)midlod unrestrained. 

un-gemielt*, y, e undigested. 

-nes*, ey indigestion. 

un-miht I. f. weakness. II. im- 
possible IN. 

~elic, -lie impossible. 

geun-miht, un-gemiht without 
strength, weak. 

un-rnintig, -lie weak ; impossible 

-nes f. weakness, impotence. 

un-mildje ungentle, harsh. 

-heort merciless. 

un-miltsy anger (of God). 

-igendlic unpardonable. 

-ungy impiety, cruelty. 

un-mod n. despondency. 

un-gemod at variance. 

-nesy. contentiousness. 

un-modig pusillanimous ; diffi- 

un-gemodignes f. contentious- 

un-gemolsnod undecayed. 

un-gemunucod not made a 

un-murnt without anxiety, uncon- 

-licef ov. without anxiety. 

un-gemyndy madness. 

~ig unmindful ivg. 

un-myndlinga av. undesignedly ; 

un-mynegod not demanded. 

un-myrg|e sad (?) Gl. 

~J>y. sadness, misery. 

unh a ;., -e f. permission ; liber- 
ality ; what is granted, grant 

un-neah I. av.,prp. -wd. far (from). 
II. aj. distant IN. 

unnend m. one who grants IN. 

un-geniedd uncompelled. 

un-nled ig uncompelled. 

-unga av. without compulsion. 

un-nij>ing m. honest or respectable 
man vL. 

un-nyt|t, -net I. useless, frivolous. 
II. n. what is useless, folly, 
frivolity ; detriment. 

-lie useless, unprofitable. 




un-nyt|llce av. to no purpose ; to 
ill purpose. 

-licnes/. unserviceableness. 

-nes/. uselessness, triviality. 

-wierpe useless. 

-wierplice av. uselessly, to no pur- 

un-ofercumen unconquered. 

un-oferfere impassable. 

un-oferhrefed not roofed over. 

un-oferswip|ed unconquered. 

~edlic, -ende, -endlic invincible. 

un-oferwinnendlic invincible. 

un-oferwrigen not covered over. 

un-oferwunnen*, -innen uncon- 

un-ofslaegen not killed. 

un-onbindendlic, -bundenlic 

un-onstyrigendlic motionless. 

un-onwfndedlic, -wfndlic un- 

un-onwf ndendjlic unchangeable. 

-lice av. unchangeably. 

un-orn|e mean, humble ; old 

-lie mean, of small value. 

un-pleo|lic safe. 

-lice av. safely. 

un-gerad I. discordant, at variance 
wd. ; unskilful tug. ; boorish, fool- 
ish. II. w. discord, folly. 

-nes/. discord. 

un-reed m. bad policy, wickedness, 
folly ; injury, detriment. 

-ffflstlice / ill-advisedly, foolishly. 

-lie ill-advised, foolish. 

-lice av. ill-advisedly, foolishly. 

-sip m. unprofitable course. 

un-ger&d stupid. Cp. ungerad. 

-elice av. rudely. 

-nes/. discord. 

un-rseden(n) ?t / ill-advised 

un-rsefniendlic*, on- intolerable. 

un-gerfc|c . tumult. 

-lie tumultuous. 

-lice av. tumultuously. 

un-geregnod, -renod not orna- 

un-gereord barbarous Gl. 

un-gereordod unfed. 

-lie, -reordlic insatiable. 

un-ret[an make sad. 

-o/ sadness, anxiety. 

un-repe gentle. 

un-rice humble, poor. 

un-riht, y I. wrong, wicked, unjust. 
II. . wrong, wickedness, injus- 

-cyst/, vice. 

-dted/. evil-doing. 

-dtbde evil-doing. 

-derna m. unjust judge. 

-dom m. iniquity. 

-donde evil-doing. 

~e av. wrongly. 

-feoung /. evil hatred. 

-gield . unjust tax vL. 

-gielp n. vainglory. 

-gitsung/ covetousness. 

unrihthsem an commit fornica- 
tion or adultery. 

~ed I. n. fornication, adultery. 
II. adulterous. 

-dere m. adulterer. 

-end m. adulterer. 

-ere m. adulterer, fornicator. 

unriht|lic wrong, wicked, unjust. 

-lice av. wrongly, unjustly. 

-lust m. improper desire. 

-lyblac . sorcery. 

~nes/. iniquity, injustice. 

-geStreon n. unrighteous gain. 

-weorc n. improper work. 

-wif n. loose woman. 

-wifung n. unlawful matrimony. 

-willende ill-disposed. 

~( s ge)wilnungy. evil desire. 

unrihtwis evil, wicked, unjust. 

-lice av. unrighteously. 

~nesf. iniquity, injustice. 

unriht|wrigels m. veil of error. 

-wyrcend(e) evil-doing, -doer. 

-wyrhta m. evil-doer. 

un-rim I. n. countless quantity. 
II. aj. innumerable. 

-e innumerable. 

-folc . innumerable people. 

un-gerirn I. n. countless quantity. 
II. aj. innumerable. 

~ed, -(ed)lic innumerable. 

un-ripe immature. 

un-geripod immature ; premature. 

un-gerisende unbecoming. 

un-gerisen e, -risne I. unsuitable ; 
improper. II. n., often pi. in- 
convenience ; unseemliness, dis- 

-lie unseemly. 

-lice av. disgracefully. 

-nes, -risnes/. disgrace. 

Tin-rot sad. 

-ian be sad || tr. make sad. 


un-rot|lic gloomy (sky). 

-mod sad. 

-nes/. sadness. 

-sian be sad || tr. make sad. 

un-rotlic e don//, exterminate 

IN. <?) 

un-ruh smooth. 

un-geryd|e I. boisterous, rough. 
II. . rough place. 

-elice av. violently, very. 

-nes/ tumult. 

vm-ryne m. diarrhoea. For ut- (!). 

un-sac free from accusation. 

un-gesadelod not saddled. 

un-seed unsatiated. 

unsfibd M. evil seed. 

un-seegd, -seed unsaid. 

un-s&l m., gen. pi. unhappiness. 

~e evil, wicked. 

~ig unhappy ; wicked ; calamitous. 

~p, unge- /. unhappiness, mis- 

un-ges&lig unhappy ; calamitous. 

-lice av. unhappily ; wickedly. 

-nes/. misery. 

un-ges&llice av. unhappily. 

un-sffipig sapless. 

un-samwrsede opposed, contrary. 

un-sar free from pain. 

un-sawen not sown (field). 

un-gescad, ea I. . want of intelli- 
gence, indiscretion. II. aj. un- 
reasonable. III. av. unreasonably, 

-lie unreasonable. 

-lice, unsceadelice av. unreason- 
ably ; excessively. 

ungescadwis irrational, foolish. 

-lie, unsc- irrational, indiscreet. 

-lice av. indiscreetly. 

-nes /. want of intelligence, in- 

un-8cam|fffist shameless. 

-fulnes/. shamelessness. 

-iende not ashamed. 

-ig unabashed. 

-lie shameless. 

-lice av. shamelessly. 

un-gescapen unformed ; nncreated. 

un-scearp not sharp (wine). 

-nes/ dullness (of mind). 

-siene not sharp-sighted. 

un-8Cnde - t - , y not bringing dis- 
grace, honourable (gift). 

un-(ge)scended uninjured. 

uirscennan once unharness. 

un-sceped uninjured. 



ee, ea innocent. 

-lice av. innocently. 

-nea/. innocence. 

un-geacepped uninjured. 

un-sceppende, , -sceappiende 
harmless, innocent. 

un-8CJ>pig, se, ea harmless, inno- 

~nea/ innocence. 

un-scielliht without shells (fish). 

un-scierped not clothed. 

un-acogan = on-. 

un-scoren unshorn, unshaved. 

un-scortende not running short 

un-gescrep e, & inconvenient. 

-nea/. inconvenience. 

-of. inconvenience. 

un-scyld f. innocence || grievous 

~ig guiltless, innocent ; not account- 
able (for ill result). 

-iglic innocent. 

-ignes/ innocence. 

un-acynde = -acende. 

un-seald not given. 

un-sealt without salt. 

un-gesegnod, -senod not marked 
with the sign of the cross. 

un-aeht I. mfn. discord. II. aj. 
at variance, mutually hostile. 

un-seldan av. often. 

un-geaeonde blind. 

un-gesewen unseen. 

-lie, uns- invisible. 

-lice av. invisibly. 

un-sibb f. enmity ; strife, war ; 
disagreement, dissension. 

-ian disagree. 

un-gesibb not related or akin ; at 

un-gesibsum quarrelsome. 

-nea, uns- f. quarrelsomeness ; 

un-aidefuljl unchaste. 

-nea/! unchastity. 

un-aidu m. vice. 

un-geaielt not salted. 

un-gesien|e, -lie invisible. 

uii-sigeffBBt unvictorious. 

un-sip m. evil or rash expedition ; 

un-slsec, ea energetic. 

-lice av. energetically. 

-nes/. diligence. 

un-sl&pig sleepless. 

un-slaw, <ie, ea active, energetic. 

un-slawlice av. actively. 

un-slit (.) fat, tallow Gl. 

un-aliten not torn. 

un-ameoruwig not greasy. 

un-smep|e rough. 

-nea/. roughness. 

un-amop (?) rough. 

un-snotor, tt foolish. 

-lice av. unwisely. 

-nea/. folly. 

un-anytr|o, tt /. folly um 


un-(ge^8oden not boiled or cooked. 

un-adft]e av. in discomfort : him 
~ "wear}) he felt discomfort ; 
severely ; with difficulty. 

-lice av. not gently. 

un-sorn/". disagreement. 

un-geaom at variance. 

un-sorg without anxiety. 

un-sop I. not true. II. . untruth. 

-i'fflst unveracious ; unjust. 

-fsestnes/ injustice, iniquity. 

-ian falsify, disprove. 

-aagol mendacious. 

un-aped/ poverty, want. 

-ig poor ; barren (soil). 

un-apiwol not emetic. 

un-sprecende speechless. 

un-staefwis illiterate. 

un-gest8Bppig, unst- unstable, in- 

-lie*, -steeppelic unstable. 

-lice av. unsteadily. 

-nea, unst-/. unsteadiness. 

un-atapolfeest not stationary ; de- 
siring change, unsettled ; not 
steadfast, wavering (in mind) 

-nea/. inconstancy. 

un-atdeful]l*, unstydful apos- 
tate IN. 

-nea*, onstydf-/. instability IN. 

un-stenc m. stench. 

un-still|e not still ; restless, turbu- 
lent; not at peace, troubled. 

ge-ian disturb. 

-nea/ motion ; disturbance, bustle ; 
breach of peace ; restlessness, un- 
ruliness ; agitation (of mind). 

un-atrang weak. 

-ian be weak. 

-nea/. weakness. 

un-atrenge weak. 

un-geatreon n. ill-gotten treasure. 

un-geatroden not liable to con- 

un-atyrigende stationary. 


un-8tyrigendlic insupportable 

un-awB8 unpleasant. 

-lie grievous, unpleasant. 

un-swefn . bad dream. 

un-geswege discordant. 

un-geswencedlic indefatigable. 

un-swreotol not discernible. 

un-awete sour, bitter ; fetid. 

un-awicen not betrayed, safe. 

un-awicende loyal. 

un-geswicendlice av incessantly. 

un-swicigende unfailing, loyal. 

un-awicol honest. 

un-swip weak. 

~e av. not vigorously. 

un-geswuncen unlaboured Gl. 

un-syfer|lic impure. 

-nes/. impurity. 

un-8yfre dirty; (morally) impure. 

un-synn /. t~um guiltlessly, 
without having deserved it. 

un-aynnig guiltless, innocent ; un- 
deserved (punishment). 

un-getael, e innumerable. 

un-t&l|e blameless. 

-ed unblamed. 

-lie*, -tallic irreprehensible. 

-lice, a av. blamelessly. 

-wierpe irreprehensible. 

-wierplice av. laudably. 

un-gettesje I. inconvenient, tin- 
pleasant. II. n. inconvenience, 

-lice av. inconveniently. 

-nea/ inconvenience. 

un-tallic = - tfiellic. 

un-tamlic*, -tamcul untameable. 

un-teald uncounted. 

un-tealt steady (ship). 

un-tela, eo, ea, a av. badly. 

un-tellendlic indescribable vL. 

un-temed untamed. 

un-getemprung /. rough wea- 
ther (I). 

un-teogopod = -teopod. 

un-geteon- - ungetien-. 

un-teorig untiring, unceasing. 

un-geteorjigendlice av indefaii- 

-od unwearied. 

Tin-teopod*, -tiogopad untithed. 

un-tid*/ wrong time. 

~fyllo/ feasting at wrong times. 

-lie unseasonable. 

-lice av. unseasonably. 

. unseasonable talking. 




un-tid|weorc n. work at wrong 

-gewidere . unseasonable weather. 

un-tiedre*, -tyddre firm (mind). 

un-tiemende barren. 

un-getlen-, eo, //. -a misfortune, 

un-tilod without provision made, 

un-tim a m. wrong time ; bad 
season, calamity. 

~e ill-timed, bringing misfortune. 

-nes/. bad season, calamity. 

un-tlpa*, -tygpa unsuccessful in 
obtaining a request. 

un-tobrocen not broken in pieces. 

un-toclofen not cloven (foot). 

un-todffiied not divided or se- 

-lie, -d&llic, -dJelendlic indivisi- 
ble, inseparable. 

-lice av. indivisibly, inseparably. 

-nes/ undividedness. 

un-todallic, -dsellie indivisible, 

un-getogen uneducated. 

un-tol&tendliceaz-. unremittingly. 

un-toliesende inextricable. 

un-toscacen not destroyed. 

un-toslaegen not beaten to pieces. 

un-tosliten not torn. 

un-tosprecendlic (!) ineffable. 

un-totwSmed undivided, unse 

un-traglicef av. well, honestly. 

un-treow/, gen. pi. w. sg. mean- 
ing perfidy, fraud. 

~e = -triewe. 

~fflBBt untrustworthy. 

-Sian, unge- act unfairly, defraud 
abs. ; offend : untreowsod beon 

~p, le, unge-/. perfidy, treachery. 

un-triew|e, eo, unge- not faithful 

-lice av. perfidiously. 

~p = -treowp. 

un-getriewnes/ infidelity. 

un-trum, unge- weak ; in bad 

-ian be weak || tr. enfeeble. 

-lie weak. 

-nes, -trym-/. weakness; illness. 

un-trymed unconfirmed (by 

un-trymig weak, in bad health IN. 

~o/. illness IN. 

un-trymi(g)an become weak or 
ill IN. 

un-trymnes = -trumnes. 

un-trymj)/. weakness ; illness. 

un-tweo m. certainty. 

-lie undoubted. 

-lice, -twyliee av. undoubtedly ; 
without feeling doubt. 

un-tweod unwavering (courage). 

un-tweogend|e I. not doubting, 
unhesitating, unwavering. II. av 
without doubting. 

-lie certain. 

-lice av. unhesitatingly ; unequivo- 

un-tweonigend*, y indubit- 

un-twifeald united ; simple- 
minded, sincere. 

un-twylice = -tweo-. 

un-(ge)tyd, -dd untrained, un- 

un-tydref once, m. monster. 

un-tydrende barren. 

un-tyg)?a = -ti]>a. 

un-tyned unfenced. 

un-getyng|e, -full not eloquent. 

un-pearfe = -J>if rfe. 

un-pses lie, unge- unsuitable, un- 

-lice av. improperly. 

-licnes/. unseemliness. 

-licu/i incongruity once L. 

un-panc m. displeasure, ill-will ; 
opposite of thanks : him. - sffide 
pees ; act of ill-will, offence j ~es 
against one's will ivg. : bis ~es. 

-full, unge- ungrateful wg. 

-wierpe, -weorp, u unacceptable ; 

un-gepanc m. evil thought. 

-full ungrateful. 

un-gebeaht n. bad counsel. 

-endlice av. hastily. 

un-pearf /. disadvantage, detri- 

-es av. needlessly. 

un-peaw m. bad habit, vice. 

-faest vicious, unmannerly. 

-fiustlice av. viciously. 

-full undisciplined. 

un-gepeaw|e opposed to one's 

-fsest ill-regulated. 

un-pegenlice av. basely. 

un-gepeod separate. 

un-pif rfe*, ee useless IN. 


un-pinged, unge- unexpected, 

un-pingod unatoned. 

un-pol^emodnes/. impatience. 

-igendlic intolerable. 

un-priste timid, diffident. 

un-prowjendlicnes /. impassi- 

-igendlic incapable of suffer- 

un-gepungen vile. 

un-purhsceotendlic impenetra- 

un-purhtogen not performed. 

un-pwsegen, o unwashed. 

un-gepweer e, unp- I. at variance, 
quarrelsome ; troublesome, un- 
pleasant. II. . disturbance IN. 

-ian, geunpw&rian be at vari- 

-lie discordant. 

-lice av. ungently. 

-nes, unp~ f. discord, quarrel; 
vexation, trouble. 

un-pyhtig weak. 

un-gepyld_/w. impatience. 

~ig, unp- impatient. 

-iglice, -elice av. impatiently. 

un-pyldlicnes/. difficulty (!) Bd. 

un-wac|licf splendid. 

-licet av. resolutely ; splendidly. 

un-w&ded not clothed. 

un-gewsepnod unarmed. 

un-wr not on one's gnaid ; heed- 
less | unweer, on -, -es, on 
unwaran ( = -um) av. unex- 

-lie heedless. 

-lice av. heedlessly, carelessly. 

-nes/, -scipe m. hecdlessness. 

un-waBscen not washed. 

un-weestm m. failure of crops ; 
weed IN. 

-beere unproductive, Larren. 

-b&rnes/. barrenness. 

-berendlic barren. 

-berendnes/. barrenness. 

-feast barren. 

-faestnes/ barrenness. 

un-w8Bterig without water. 

un-wandiende unhesitating. 

un- warned unwarned. 

un-geweald -es av. involun- 
tarily, by chance. 

un-gewealden disordered (sto- 
mach) (?). 

un-wealt steady (ship). 


un-wearnumf av. without hin- 
drance, irresistibly. 

un-weaxen not grown up. 

un-weder, unge- n. bad weather, 

-lice av. so as to threaten bad 

un-wegen not weighed. 

un-weni|nie without blemish, un- 
injured, inviolate. 

-lie immaculate. 

-nes/ immaculateness. 

un-wemm ed immaculate. 

-ing/ incorruption Gl. 

un-gewemmed, ~lic uninjured ; 

-lice av. inviolably. 

~nes, -w mnes/ purity. 

un-gewendjnes f. unchangeable- 

-endlic unchanging, chronic (ill- 

un-wen|e hopeless ; unexpected. 

~ed unexpected. 

-lie unpromising. 

~unga av. unexpectedly. 

un-weod . weed. 

un-weorcheard infirm, delicate. 

un-weorclic*, unwo- (time) not 
suitable for work. 

un-weorp = -wierpe. 

~ian dishonour, disgrace || become 
contemptible Gl. 

-lie unimportant, petty ; not credit- 
able, infamous. 

-liceav. improperly ; ignominiously ; 
with indignation. 

~scipe m. disgrace ; indignation. 

-ung/. disgrace ; indignation. 

un-weotod = -witod. 

un-wered uncovered. 

un-werig not weary. 

un-gewerigod unwearied. 

un-werod not sweet. 

un-widere . bad weather, storm. 

un-gewider[e n. bad weather. 

-ung/. bad weather vL. 

un-widlod not polluted. 

un-gewield, -e unsubdued. 

-elic unyielding. 

un-gewigrded uninjured. 

un-wierp|e, -weorp, u of no 
value ; not esteemed, contemp- 
tible ; ignominious ; wanting in 
merit, unworthy tug. 

-nes/. contempt ; disgrace. 

un-wierpe av. unworthily. 

un-will ~es against one's will 

w. g.,poss. pro. 
un-gewill unpleasing vL. 
un-will a m. what displeases -an, 

~um against one's will w. g., 

pass. pro. : his -an, urum ~\im. 
-ende unwilling. 
un-wilsumlice av. against one's 


un-wine m. enemy, 
un-gewintred not grown up. 
un-wis foolish, stupid ; ignorant 


-domw. folly, stupidity; ignorance. 

-lie foolish. 

-lice av. foolishly. 

-nes/. ignorance ; wickedness IN. 

un-gewiss I. uncertain | ignomi- 
nious. II. . uncertainty, doubt | 
unconsciousness, on -e without 
knowing it. ~es av. involuntarily | 

-lie uncertain. 

-nes/. uncertainty. 

un-wita m. ignorant person, fool. 

un-witende not knowing, uncon- 
scious, frenzied. 

un-gewitendlice av. permanently. 

un-witn igendlice, unge- av. 
with impunity. 

~od, unge- unpunished. 

-ung/ impunity. 

un-witod, eo uncertain. 


-weorc . foolish work. 

un-gewit t . insanity ; folly. 

-faestnes/. madness. 

-full insane ; foolish. 

-fulnes/ insanity. 

-lie foolish. 

un-wittig unintelligent, stupid. 

un-gewittig mad ; irrational ; 

-lice, -wittelice av. foolishly. 

-nes/. foolishness. 

un-wittol ignorant. 

un-wiperweard not adverse. 

un-wipraetenjlic, -endlic in- 

-lice av. incomparably. 

un-wlite m. disfigurement. 

un-wlitig, unge- ugly, disfiguring. 

-ian deprive of beauty || become 

-nes/. disfigurement. 

-Ung/. disfiguring. 

un-(ge)worht not made. 


un-wrsene not lustful. 

un-wreest, -e weak, untrustworthy, 

-lice av. feebly. 

un-wrecen unavenged ; unpunished 

un-wrenc m. spiteful trick, artifice; 

un-(ge N writen unwritten. 

un-writere m. careless scribe. 

un-wripen not bound. 

un-gewun|a I. m. bad habit. II. 

-elic unusual, exceptional ; un- 

-elice av. unusually. 

un-wunden I. not wound. II. 
unwound = onwunden. 

un-wundod not wounded. 

un-wunigendlic, unge- unin- 

un-wynsum unpleasant. 

-nes/. unpleasantness. 

un-wyrd/. misfortune. 

un-gewyrht nf. be -urn with- 
out cause. 

un-ymbwendedlic unalterable 

up, upp [by infl. of uppan] rest 
above, up ; erect | motion up- 
wards ; up (a river), up (the 
country) curaan - land, leetan - 
put ashore, also Jig. | separation 
- forltan divide v course of river). 

up-ahafen|lice, ss av. arrogantly. 

-nes/. lifting up; exaltation; ex- 
ultation ; pride. 

up-ahfed|lice av. proudly. lifting up ; exaltation ; pride. 

up-asprungennes, -springnes/ 
rising ; origin. 

up-astigennes, -stignes/ ascent ; 
means of ascent. 

up-awend upturned. 

upcund celestial. 

up-cyme m. rise. 

up-eardf m. dwelling on high 

up-ende m. upper end. 

up-engelt m. angel of heaven. 

up-i'aereld n. ascension. 

up-feax having hair above, bald in 
front Gl. 

up-flering / upper story or 

up-flor/ upper story or chamber. 

up-gang m. rising (of sun) ; land- 




ing, going up the country ; access, 

up-godu npl. celestial deities. 
up-hafennes, -heefenes/. raising. 
up-heafod . top end (of field). 
up-heah upright ; tall ; distin- 
guished, noble. 

up-heald n. supporter, mainte- 

up-hebbef / ' tail-lifter,' water- 
fowl, coot. 

up-hg bbing/. rising /A", 
up-hefnes/. exaltation. 
up-heofon m. lofty heaven, sky. 
up-hus . upper chamber. 
up-land*, uppel- . up-country, 

rural districts vL. 
up-lang upright ; tall, 
up-lfgen/ hair-pin. 
up-lendisc up the country, rustic. 
uplie on high, lofty, celestial, sub- 

\i.p-lyft/nm. upper air. 
up-gemyndf n. thoughts of 


upnes/ height. 
uppian rise. 

uppan, -on prp. w. a., d. upon, 
on ; above | of time on ; after j op- 
position, attack against u>a. | in 
addition to wa. 

uppe av. on high, up; up (^the 
sun) | on land ; present (0/"arrival) 
| ~ weorpan be revealed or known ; 
- bringan bring to pass. 
uppe- = up-, 
up-riht upright, erect ; with the 

face upwards Gl. 

-e av. erect ; overhead, in the zenith. 
up-rodorf, a m. sky, heaven. 
up-ryne m. rising (of the sun) ; 

beginning (of day). 
tip-spring m. rising (of the sun), 
beginning (of day) ; bursting forth 
(of water) ; birth ; what springs 
up-stige m. ascent, (Christ's 

ascension ; means of ascent Gl. 
up-stlgend m. ascender Gl. 
up-waestm m. stature, height (of 

man .. 
up-ware mpl. denizens of heaven 


up-weard I. aj. up-turned, up; 
moving upwards. II. av. motion 
upwards ; up (the country; 

| (counting days) backward (from 
end of month). 
up-weardes, uppew- av. up- 

up-weg m. way to heaven, 
up-gewend upturned. 
up-wieflende*, y flowing up Gl. 
ur m. bison ; the Runic letter u. 
ure of us. 

-lendisc (!) of our country. 

-feperaf dewy-winged, 
-l&stf with dewy track. 
urnen//c. 0/~iernan. 
us us. 
usic us a. 
usser = ure. 
Ut av. out motion \ outside ; out (at 

sea) ; abroad, 
utian expel ; alienate (property), 
uta- = utan-. 
uta-cumen = utan-. 
utan =uton let ns. 
utan av. outside, from outside. 
utan-bordes av. abroad. 
utan-cumen, utac-, -ymen, ut- 
cymen foreign, strange ; belong- 
ing to some one else. 
utane,-one, -erte av. from outside ; 

outside ; met. outwardly. 
utan-landes av. abroad, 
utan-weard outside. 
ut-cwealm m. complete destruc- 
tion Gl. 

ut-cymen = utan-cumen. 
ut-drfflf/. expulsion. 
-ere m. expeller Gl. 
ute av., cpv. utor, ut(t)er outside, 
in the open air ; away from home, 
abroad | motion out. 
uter cpv. 0/ute. 
-mere m. open sea. 
uterra, -era, ut(t)ra cpv. outer, 
exterior ; met. external | spl. 
ytemest, ut(e)mest outermost, 
extreme ; last, 
ute-weard outside, at the extremity 

on ~um outside. 
ut-faer n. exit, 
ut-fsereld n. going out. 
ut-faru/. going out. 
ut-gefeoht . war abroad. 
Ut-for/! evacuation (of body). 
ut-fust ready to sail (of ship). 
ut-gang m. going out, exit, pro- 
trusion ; evacuation (of body) ; 

end ^of period) | place of going 
out, passage ; what is evacuated 
(from body) | anus ; privy. 
ut-garsf cgt m. furthest ocean, 
ut-geng- exit IN. 
ut-healf/ outside. 
Ut-here m. foreign army, 
ut-iern ende purgative (drug) ; 
diarrhoeic (disease ; suffering from 

-ing*, ~iorning/. flux IN. 

ut-lady. right to carry things out 
of a place. 

ut-l&s f.,g. ~we pasture away from 
the house. 

ut-lag*, -h L. outlawed ; connected 
with or necessitating outlawry 
\Scand. utlagr]. 

~a m. outlaw. 

-ian outlaw. 

~u (?)/ outlawry. 

ut-land n. foreign country ; out- 
lying land. 

ut-lend a m. foreigner. 

~e, -isc foreign. 

Utlic external, foreign. 

ut-gemefere . extreme boundary. 

utmest, see uterra. 

uton, wu-, IN. wutum, IM. wutu 
let us ! w . inf. : - (we) gan !. 

Ut-ryne m. running out, exit ; 
what flows out. 

ut-scyte m. place where a stream 
or road runs into another. 

ut-scytling m. stranger Gl. 

ut-siht, -e, -adl/. diarrhoea. 

Ut-sij) m. going out, egress. 

Ut-spiwung*, usspixing f. expec- 

ut-weepnedmann m. stranger Bd. 

ut-weerc m. dysentery. 

ut-waru /. defence (military ser- 
vice) away from home. 

ut-weald m. outlying wood. 

ut-weard outside of; fstriving to 

UjJ-gf nge departing weorpan 

ivd. pass out of one's possessionf ; 
transitory (wealth). 

up-msete immense. 

up- wit j a, IN. up(u uta m. sage, 
philosopher, scholar. 

-ian study philosophy. 

-igung f, study of philosophy, 

-lie philosophical. 





wa, A. also wee I. indecl. no. used 

as av. ivdg evil, suffering : him 

wees ~ pees it caused him pain or 

grief. II. interj. wdg : ~ him 

pees eipes ! [wawa]. 
~lic lamentable. 
wac I. weak; timid, slothful ; pliant; 

slender ; insignificant, mean ; bad 

(state of things). II. (w.) weakness. 
~e av. weakly, slothfully. 
~ian become weak ; become torpid 

or cowardly. 
~lic insignificant, mean. 
-lice av. weakly ; meanly. 
~mod weak-minded, timid, irreso- 

-modnes f. weakness of mind, 


~nesy. weakness ; insignificance. 
-scipe m. weakness; insignificance. 
wacan 2 intr, (awake) ; be born ; 

wac|ian, A, ee ; prs. ptc. ~iende, 

waeccende be awake ; keep watch 

w. ofer. 

wacnian = wsecnian. 
wacol awake ; watchful ; vigilant ; 


-lice av. vigilantly. 
wacon = wsBcen. 
wacor, weec (c) er watchful , vigilant. 
-lice, wocor- av. vigilantly. 
wacsan = wascan wash. 
wad n. woad. 
-saed . woad -seed. 
-spitel m. woad-spade. 
wadian 2 go, advance ; lead life. 

behave ; wade || tr. ge- penetrate. 
~ung/. going. 

~nes/l iniquity. 

wse-werplice, -wserp-, -werd-, y 

av. vigorously, boldly. 
wee an weaken ; afflict [wac]. 
ge-ednes/; weakness. 
waeccan = wacian, esp. in IN. 
W8BCC6 f. keeping awake, vigil ; 

watch (part of night) [wacan]. 

weeccer - wacor. 

wfflcen, wacon f. keeping awake, 
watching (over), guarding. 

waecnjan, ~ian be born ; have 
origin (from, [wacan]. 

waedf n. water, sea. gen. in pi. 

gewffld n. ford, shallow [wadan]. 

w&d f. dress, clothes ; sail-yard, 

-brec fpl. trousers. 

-leas without clothes. 

-erap m. slay, //. rigging. 

geweedje n. dress, clothes, equip- 

-ian dress, equip, furnish. 

wfiedelnes/! poverty. 

w&dl, A. wepl, sef/". poverty. 

-a m. pauper. 

~ian be poor. 

~ig poor. 

-Ting/", poverty. 

gewaef = gewef. 

wJefan supply with clothes, clothe 

waefung = wafung. 

wa&fels m. covering ; dress, cloak. 

wsefer-gang m. cobweb [wefan]. 

wteferihus n. theatre, amphi- 

-lie of a theatre. 

~nes/l pomp, pageant. 

~sien/. spectacle, display. 

~stow/. theatre. 

waaflian talk foolishly Gl. 

wSfre wandering, restless, flicker- 
ing (flame). 

wsefs = W89sp wasp. 

Wfflfpy. show, spectacle Gl. 

Wffig m. wave [wegan]. 

~boraf m. wave-traverser. 

~bord ( . ship. 

~deorf n. sea-monster. 

~dropaf >w. tear. 

~faBtt n. cloud. 

~faru h /. sea-way. 

~flotaf m. ship. 

-hengestf m. ship. 

~h.olm t m. sea. 


wJfeglipendef seafaring. 
~rapf m. wave-bond, 
-stfflpt n. sea-shore. 
~8treamf m. sea-current. 
~sweordf n. sword with wavy pat- 

-pelf n. ship. 

-preaf m. violence of waves, 
-preatf m. violence of waves, 


wfflgan afflict ; frustrate ; deceive. 
wJBgef n. cup. 
wsbge./". scales, balance; a certain 

weight, wey (of cheese) [wegan]. 
-pundern . pair of scales. 
~(e)scalu/. scales, balance, 
-etunge/! tongue of a balance, 
gew&ge n. weight, measure, 
wffign, wfen m. carriage, cart, 


-ere m. charioteer. 
-faruy. chariot-journey. 
-scilling m. tax on vehicles. 
~epixl,w8enea plsl/". carriage-shaft; 

Great Bear (constellation). 
-poll cart-pin (?) Gl. 
~gew&du npl. lining of a carriage. 
~weg m. cart-road, 
-wyrhta m. wheelwright. 
geWfflgnian once frustrate Gl. 
weel n. slaughter, carnage ; field of 

battle ; bodies of those who have 

fallen in battle coll. 
-be ddf n. bed of death, 
-bendf/! deadly bond, 
-bennf/i wound, 
-bleatf pale, 
-cealdf deadly cold. 
-ceasiga |- cnrrion-picking (raven), 
-clammf m. deadly bond. 
~cr88ftf m. deadly art. 
-cwealmf m. violent death. 
-cyrige, walcrigge/. sorceress. 
-deap m. violent death. 
~dreor n. blood, 
-ffehp/. deadly feud. 
-faepmt m. deadly embrace, 
-fagf blood-stained. 



waellfeld (- m. field of battle. 

-fiellt, ea m. slaughter. 

-fusf hastening to death. 

-fyllof/. fill of slaughter. 

-fyrf n. deadly fire ; funeral pyre. 

-garf m, spear. 

-giest*, t m. murderous stranger. 

-gifref sanguinary, murderous. 

-gimmf m. deadly jewel. 

-gr&digf cannibal. 

W88lgrim|m fierce, cruel. 

-lice av. fiercely. 

-nes/. cruelty. 

waeljgryref m. deadly terror. 

-hgref m. bloodthirsty army. 

~hlf mmf m. fatal stroke. 

-hlencef/ corslet. 

wselhreow fierce, cruel. 

-lice av. cruelly. 

-nes f. ferocity, cruelty. 

waBl|hwelpt m. deadly whelp. 

-mistf nt. deadly mist. 

~nettf n. deadly net. 

-nipt m. violence, war. 

-notu*, wsell-t / deadly mark or 

letter, rune. 

-pfl-f m. arrow of death, 
-rsesf m. deadly onslaught, 
-reaf f n. spoils, booty, 
-reef fn. deadly vapour. 
~regn*, waell-f m. fatal rain, the 


-reow = -hreow. 
-restf, / bed of slaughter, grave, 
-runt"./, war-song. 
-sceaftf m - spear, 
-sciell*, -seel slaughter, 
-seaxf n dagger. 
-slieht, ea m. slaughter ; fbattle. 
-slitende biting to death. 
--spere r . spear, 
-stengf m. shaft (of spear), spear. 
-Stow/, battle-field, 
-strtelf mf. deadly arrow, 
-stream t *n- deadly flood, 
-swengf m. deadly stroke, 
-wangf- m. field of slaughter, 
-wulff m. warrior, cannibal, 
wiel mn. whirlpool, pool ; ocean, 
wael-wyrt = weal-. 
wlan torment, afflict. 
wealisc = wielisc. 
wselni = wielm. 

wselt part of the body, sinew (?) LL. 
w&mn = w&pen. 
wn = wsegn. 
wfep-mann = w&pned-. 

webpen, wmn . weapon ; mem- 

bruin virile. 

~ ora m. soldier, knight, 
-hetef tn. violence, war. 
~hus n. armoury, 
-leas without weapons, 
-lie male. 
-str&lf m. arrow. 
-getfiBC-, ~tac n. L. vote of consent 

expressed by touching weapons ; 

district governed by such 

authority \Scand. ?]. 
-pracuf/. battle. 
~gej>raec n. battle. 
-wifestre = w&pned-. 
~wigat m. warrior. 
-gewrixl n. hostile encounter. 
w&pn|ian arm. 
-ung/i armour, 
ge-ung/i army. 
weepned male. 
~bearn, ~cild . male child. 
-cynn . male race. 
~had m. male sex. 
-hand, -healf f. male line of 


-mann, weepm- m. man. 
-wifestre/. hermaphrodite. 
weeps = waesp. 

w^fiBr cautious | wg. aware; attend- 
ing (to), heeding. 
-geapnes/ argument Gl. 
-laican warn, 
-leas (?) careless. 
-lie cautious. 

-lice av. cautiously ; intently, 
-licnes/ caution. 
-lot n. cunning Gl. 
-nes/. caution. 
-SCipe m. caution. 
-word n. word of warning, 
-wyrde cautious in speech. 
waerf . sea. 
w&rf true [Old-Saxon]. 
Wffer/. agreement, treaty ; promise ; 

faith, fidelity, friendship, 
-faestf faithful, honourable, true, 
-ggngaf m. one seeking protection, 

client ; stranger. 
-leasf faithless. 
-loga m. traitor. 
-sagol truthful, 
gewaer wg. aware. 
weerc, wrsec m. pain weorc]. 
-an intr. wa. be in pain, 
weerlan go, pass IN. 
waerna = wrsenna wren. 


wffiron were. 

gew^aerpan = gewierpan. 

w^serriht = wearriht. 

weartere = weartere. 

W8BS was. 

W8B8C/. washing [waacanl. 

~ere m. washer. 

-estre/. washer, also of man. 

-ern, -hus n. laundry. 

-ing/, washing. 

gewfflsc n. flood, overflow. 

waesend = wasend. 

WGBsma ///. growth. 

waesp, wsefs, weeps m. wasp. 

wrestling m. sheet, blanket. 

waestm, -em mn. growth ; stature, 

form | crop, produce ; fruit, plant ; 

usury; progeny | plenty, prosperity 

also pi. 

wsestmb&re fertile, fruitful. 
-ian be fruitful ; make fruitful Gl. 
~o, -nes/. fertility. 
weestmberend|e fertile, 
-nes/. fertility. 
wsBstm|leas unfruitful, 
-sceatt m. usury. 
waestmian grow, thrive, bear fruit, 
wjfet I. wet, moist. II. n. liquid ; 


-a m. moisture. 
-an wet, moisten. 
-ian be wet Gl. 
-ung/ moistening, moisture, 
waster n. water ; sea. 
-adl/. dropsy. 
-tedre/. spring, torrent, 
-aelfen, e/. nymph. 
-berere m. water-carrier Gl. 
~gebld n. a kind of blister, 
-bog m. succulent shoot. 
-bolla m. dropsy. 
-bora m. water-carrier, 
-brogaf w- water-terror, 
-buc m. pitcher. 
~bucca*, -buca m. water-spider (!) 


-burne/. stream, 
-byden/ water-cask. 
~claj> m. towel. 
~crog m. water-jug. 
-cruce/. water-jug, 
-egesaf m. water-terror, 
-elfen = -aelfen. 
-fflBsten(n) . protection by water 


-feet n. water-vessel. 
-gefeall n. waterfall. 




weeter | fiasco, -axe/, flagon. 
-flod m. flood, deluge. 
-full dropsical, 
-fyrhtnes/. hydrophobia. 
-grund+ m. depths of the sea. 
-gyte, -scyte m. Aquarius ^sign of 

the Zodiac). 
-haafern m. crab. 
-halgung/. consecration of water, 
-helmf m. ice. 
~ig, ~isc watery, 
-gelad . conduit. 
-gel&t . aqueduct Gl. 
-leas without water, 
-liest, e&f. want of water, 
-mele m. bowl, basin, 
-n&dre/. water-snake. 
-ordal . water-ordeal, 
-pund M. spirit-level, 
-pytt m. water-pit. 
-rap m. cable. 

-ripe/, water-channel, brook, 
-sceat m. towel, 
-sciete/. towel, napkin. 
~scipe m. piece of water ; conduit, 
-scyte = -gyte. 
-seap m. water-pit, 
wseterseoc dropsical, 
-nes/ dropsy. 
W8Bter|sol . swamp. 
-spryng m. spring. 
~steall /;/. watery place, piece of 


-stefnf /. voice of waters. 
~stoppa m bucket, 
-streamf m. river. 
-trog m. water-trough. 
-peote/ torrent. 
-pis(8)at, y m. water-traverser 

(whale, ship), 
-pruh/ water-pipe. 
-pryp \ f. violence of water, 
-w&dlnes/ dearth of water, 
-gewaesc . flood, 
-weg m. water- course. 
~wi|ll m. spring. 
-write y. water-clock Gl. 
-wyrt/ water-starwort. 
~yj>t/ wave. 
W8Bt^e)r|ian water, irrigate; make 

to drink (cattle), water. 
~ung/. watering, 
weetla m. cloth, bandage, 
wfflp . ford z/. [&ayi</. vap]. 
wtepan wander ; hunt [wap]. 
w&pl = wsedl. 
wafian wave, brandish. 

wafian, af gaze in wonder, be as- 
tonished, wonder at wg. ; hesitate. 

wafung, S f. amazement ; page- 

-stede m., -stowf. theatre. 

wag m. wall. 

-fleohta m. hurdle Gl. 

-hrflBgl . tapestry. 

-rift . tapestry, curtain. 

-piling f. wainscoting. 

wag|ian intr. move, wag [wegan]. 

~ung/ intr. moving, shaking. 

wagon, & of wegan. 

wan once fine (meal). 

wa-la, wegla, wella inter j. iv . 
alas ! ; oh !. 

wa-la-wa, weilawei, wellawell 
interj. alas !. 

walcrigge = wl-cyrige. 

walde = wolde would. 

walu/ weal, mark of blow. 

wamb/ stomach. 

-ablawung /. distension of the 

-adiy. stomach-ache. 

-copuy. stomach complaint. 

-frsecnes/. gluttony. 

-heardnes/ costiveness. 

-hordf n. contents of the stomach. 

-seoc ill in the stomach. 

-Wfflrc m. stomach-ache. 

wam|m I. m. stain ; defilement ; 
crime ; injury. II. aj. wicked. 

-cwidef m. evil speech, curse. 

-dEfedf/. sin. 

-fullf defiled, impure. 

-scapaf m. foe, fiend. 

-scyldigf sinful. 

-wyrcendef evil-doing. 

wan wanting, deficient wg., gen. 
uninfl. anes ~ pritig, anes 
~ pe pritig twenty-nine. 

wana m. want, deficiency beon 

be wanting, fail. 

gewan wanting, diminished. 

wan|ian tr. diminish ; curtail ; 
give away, part with (property s ; 
take as plunder; deprive wag. ; 
injure ; infringe, annul || intr. 
diminish ; decline ; fade ; wane 

-iendlic diminutive. 

ge~od waning (moon). 

-ung f. decrease ; waning (of 
moon) ; injury. 

wanian intr. complain || tr. be- 


wanung/. lamentation, 
wan-fflht/. poverty. 
wanan-beam. m. spindle-tree. 
wancol unstable. 
wand mole (animal). 
-eweorpe/. mole (animal), 
gewand n. being ashamed ivg. ; 

hesitation, scruple [windan]. 
w^and|ian hesitate ; be neglectful ; 

care for, regard ; stand in awe of. 
-odlice av. slowly. 
wandlung/. changeableness. 
wandrian wander. 
wan-fota once m. pelican Gl. 
wang m. plain, field, 
-stede m. place, 
-turfy, meadow, 
wangje n. jaw ; cheek, 
-beard m. beard. 
-top m. molar tooth, 
wangere m. pillow, bolster. 
wan-haefenes, -hafnes/. poverty. 
wan-halan weaken. 
wan-hffllp/. weakness, illness. 
wan-hafa poor. 
wan-hafol poor, 
-nes, -hsefel-/. poverty, 
wan-hal unsound, weak, ill. 
-ian make weak or ill. 
-nes/. infirmity. 
wan-hliete*, y devoid of Gl. 
wan-hoga m. thoughtless one. 
wan-hygd, -hyd /. carelessness, 

~ig careless, rash. 
wan|n dark. 
-fagf dark, 
-feaxf dark-haired, 
-fyrf n. lurid fire. 
-hffiw- bluish. 
wann-hal = wan-, 
wanniht pale. 
wansian diminish [wan]. 
wan-s&lig unhappy, 
wan-sceaftf/. misfortune. 
wan-sceaftai^n) //. a disease. 
wan-scrydd scantily clothed. 
wan-sip m. unhappy journey. 
wan-sped/ poverty. 
~ig poor. 

wapol bubble, froth. 
-ian bubble. 
war seaweed. 

-igf seaweedy, sea- stained (clothes). 
-iht full of seaweed Gl. 
warian tr. guard, watch over ; 

finhabit, possess ; guard against, 




ward off: ~ him (rfl.} wite, 
~ hine wip a. \\ warn [for 
warnian?] [waer]. 

warenian = warnian. 

warht = worht. 

wari-treo = wearg-treow. 

warn ian, waren-, wearn- warn | 
rfl. take warning ; beware of w. 
wip a. || intr. refrain w. sbj. [wser]. 

~ung/. warning ; caution. 

warop, ea, IN. wearp . shore. 

-faropf ni- surf. 

-gewinnf . surf. 

waropt once n. seaweed. 

waru f. ware, article of merchan- 

waru/ defence, guard ; precaution, 

wax an I, 2. 

weox wash. 


wascan, s 
wosc (?), 


wase/ mud. 

-scite [i = y <?r I?]/ cuttle-fish. 

wasend /w. throat, gullet ; rumi- 
nating stomach Gl. 

wast, see wat. 

wat vb., (pu) wast, //. witon, prt. 
wiste, wisse know ; observe ; 
feel ege ~ fears. 

watol m. wattle, hurdle ; //. thatch- 
ing, roof. 

wapt f. wandering, travelling 

-an once, prt. -de wander. 

wapol [a ?]f once wandering (?) (of 
the moon). 

wapumt m. wave. 

~a, -emaf tn. wave. 

wawanf i blow ((/wind). 

wawa m. woe, misery [wa, wea]. 

wax-georn = *weax-. 

we we. 

wen bend ptc. gewed crooked 
Gl. [woh]. 

wea m. grief, pain ; misfortune; sin 
[wawa, wa]. 

-d&dt/ crime. 

-laf/. survivors of calamity. 

-lie sad, painful. 

-motto/I grief, anger. 

weamod peevish. 

~nes/. peevishness. 

wea|gesiptt Pr. m. companion in 

-spellf n. bad news. 

-tacent sign of grief. 

-pearff/ sore need. 

weahte, prt. of weccan. 

weal-, see weallan. 

~hat boiling hot, red hot (iron). 

wealian speak indistinctly or 
strangely [wealh]. 

weal- = wealh-. 

wealas,//. of wealh. 

gewealc . rolling "trpa ~ sea ; 
struggle, battle vL. 

wealc|an i intr. roll, fluctuate || 
Ir. roll, whirl ; twist, wring ; 
revolve in one's mind, scheme, 
reflect on ; discuss ; ge- traverse 
Gl. | hi ue mihton nanping 
ongean ~ could not prevent it, 
could not do anything. 

~ere m. fuller. 

~ol rolling, unsteady. 

wealcian intr. roll. 

wealca m. fwave ; light robe. 

weald, d. -a m. forest ; ffoliage. 

-swajmt/. forest-track. 

weald cj. -w. sbj. lest. 

weald-geng]a m. robber. 

~e/. robbery. 

weald-hwaanne once cj. when- 

weald-leper = geweald-. 

geweald n. power ea av. inten- 
tionally, of one's own accord ; 
control, dominion ; subjection ; 
protection | groin ; //. muscles of 
the neck. 

-leper, weald- n. rein, bridle. 

weald|an i w.g., i., a. have con- 
trol over, wield (weapon) ; govern ; 
possess ; cause ; wdg. provide with, 
bestow on. 

-nesy. domination Gl. 

gewealden I. under control, sub- 
jected | inconsiderable, small. 
II. av. moderately. 

-mod self-controlled. 

wealdend, -en m. ruler, king, 

ge-lice av. powerfully. 

wealg lukewarm. 

wealh, //. wealas m. foreigner ; 
Briton, Welshman ; slave, serf. 
In comp. also weal-. 

-baso vermilion. 

-cynn n. the Welsh. 

-gefera w. = ~gerefa (?). 

-hafoc m. falcon. 

-hnutu/ walnut. 

-land*, wea(l)land n. foreign 


wealh |more, -u wk.f. carrot. 
~gerefa m. commander of a force 

which patrolled the Welsh bor- 

der (?). 
-sada*, weal-f m. rope. For 

wsel- (?). 

-stod m. interpreter ; mediator, 
-peod/. Welsh nation, 
-wyrt/. dwarf elder, 
w^eall m. wall, rampart ; -frocky 

shore [Lt. vallum], 
-gebrec . making breach in wall. 
-cliff . cliff, 
-dorf . door in a wall. 
~ffflsten(n)f . fortification, city. 
~geatf . rampart-gate. 
-lim*, weallim m. cement, mortar. 
-reaf n. tapestry. 

-stanf m. wall-stone, comer-stone. 
-steallf m. foundation. 
-steapf with steep walls ; steep as 

a wall. 

-stielling/. scaling a wall. 
-prd m. plumb-line, 
-walat m. foundation (?). 
~weg m. wall-road Ct. 
-weorc n. masonry. 
-geweorc . building a wall, 
-wyrhta m. mason. 
weall|an i intr. boil ; be hot ; 

flow up - rise (Driver) ; go in 

waves, be agitated (^/"fire, stormy 

sea), also met. be fervid, &c. : 

-ende boiling ; fiery (arrow : 


-ung*, wall-/, zeal IN. 
wealllan, prs.ptc. ~ende wander ; 

boil (I). 

wealle/. starwort. 
(ge)weallod walled. 
wealt shaky, unsteady. 
wealwian roll tr. and intr. ; 

wallow || fade, wither. 
wear once m. cup. <9r=wearr (?). 
wearnes, see wearr. 
weard m. watchman, sentry ; 

guardian, protector; fiord, king ; 

weard/. keeping watch ; guarding, 

protection ; keeping, holding, also 


-mann m. watchman, guard, 
-seld, -setl ., -steal! m. guard- 
place, watch-tower. 
~wite n. penalty for not keeping 

guard Ct. 




weard av. wi)> him ~ towards him . 

weardian watch over, guard ; 
keep, possess | last - follow wd. ; 
remain behind, swape - remain 

wearf*f m. crowd -written hw-. 

wearg-bra&de f. eruption, ring- 
worm [wearr]. 

wearg m. outlaw, felon. 

-rod/, gallows. 

-trafuf npl. abode of felons (hell). 

-treow*, waritreo . gallows. 

weargincel n. butcher-bird. 

wearh = wearr. 

wearrn warm. 

-ian become warm. 

-lie warm. 

-nes/. warmth. 

wearmille - wurmille. 

wearn f. reluctance, refusal ; re- 
sistance, reproach, abuse [waru], 

-wislice av. obstinately. 

wearn = worn. 

wearnian = warnian. 

wearop warop. 

wearp (m.} warp [weorpan]. 

-feet . basket. 

-sticca m. shuttle-stick (?). 

wearr, wearh, waar (!) m. cal- 
losity, wart. Cp. wearg-braade. 

~ig warty. 

-iht, weariht warty. 

~nes*, wearnes/. knottiness. 

wearte/ wart. 

weartere, ee m. warder, dweller. 

wearp /r/. <5/"weorpan. 

weas av. by chance. 

~gelirnp n. accident, chance. 

weax n. wax. 

-SBppel m. ball of wax. 

-berende m. candle-bearer. 

-bred n. writing-tablet; diagram, 

-candel(l)/ taper. 

-en of wax. 

-hlaf m. cake of wax. 

-hlaf-sealf/! wax-salve. 

-(ge)scot n. contribution in wax. 

-sealf/. wax-ointment. 

weax-georn*, a once gluttonous. 

weax an i, 2 prt. weox, IN. wox 
intr. grow, flourish, propagate ; 
happen, arise ; increase, wax (of 
moon) ; ge~ grow up. 

(ge)-nes/. increase, growth. 

-ung /. increase ; increase of pros- 

weaxan = wascan. 

web|b n. web ; tapestry [wefan]. 

-beam m. weaver's beam. 

-hoc m. weaver's comb. 

-hus M. weaver's shop. 

-lie of weaving. 

-gerepru npl. implements of weav- 

-gcrod . a weaving-implement. 

-sceaft m. warp-beam. 

-tawa m. (?), -teag /. an imple- 
ment of weaving. 

-geweorc n. weaving. 

-wyrhta m. cloth-maker. 

webb ian weave ; contrive. 

-ung/! plotting, conspiracy. 

webb,a, -ere m. weaver. 

~e, -estre/. female weaver. 

weccjan, WT-, prt. we(a)hte tr. 
awake, arouse ; refresh, encourage ; 
stir up, move ; cause [wacan]. 

-end m. instigator. 

wcg m. wedge; lump (of metal). 

wecgan, prs. (he) wge]), prt. 
wg(^e)de tr. move, stir || intr. 
move, be stirred [wagian]. 

gewed, see wen. 

wed an be mad, rage [wod]. 

~ung/. frenzy. 

wed^d M. pledge ; agreement, cove- 

-bropor m. associate. 

-bryce m. breach of agreement. 

-faestan*, wet- betroth Gl. 

-lac . wedlock. 

-loga m. violator of agreement, 

w^eddj ian make contract; promise, 
agree to wg. weres - agree to 
marry a man ; wa. betroth, give 
in marriage. 

-ung/1 pledging; betrothal. 

wed(e)-beorge, woe-/ hellebore. 

wede-hund m. mad dog. 

gewede . madness ; boisterousness 

weden-heort frenzied. 

-nes/. frenzy. 

wreden-seoc mad. 

weder. sky; air ; breeze; weather; 
season, time of day. 

-blac (?). 

-burgt/ city. 

~candel(l)f f. sky-candle, sun. 

~da9gf m. fine day. 

-fast weatherbound. 

-rap m. cable. 


weder tacenf . sun. 
~wolcenf n. cloud. 
wederung/. (,bad) weather. 
gewef, -W8ef=gewif(e) fate. 
wefan 5 weave ; arrange, contrive, 


wefly. warp. 

wefta m., weft, wift/. weft. 
weg m. path, road ; way, direction 
on-weg away, wearp him on 

wege (awege ) went away, ealne- 

weg, ealueg av. always, on 

ealne weg continually, inces- 


~brade, &/. plantain, dock. 
~gedal n. cross-way. 
-feereld . journey. 
-farende, ~ferende wayfaring. 
-fory. journey. 
-gel^tu npl. place where two or 

more roads meet Gl. 
-leas out of the way. 
-liest/. wilderness. 
-nest . provisions for a journey ; 


-reaf n. highway robbery. 
~gesl)> m. travelling companion. 
-twislung/. branching of roads. 
weg- = on weg-. 
weg-la, see wa-. 
wegan 5 tr. carry ; weight | kill 

|| intr. move | ge~ fight. 

weilawei = w^a-la-wa. 

wel av., cpv. bft, spl. bf tst well 
wel pam pe . . ! he is fortu- 
nate who . . swa wel swa we 
betst magon as well as we can ; 
in good health : him wees sona 
bet he recovered ; nearly ; in 
a great degree, very ; fully ; pleo- 
nastic in wel-neah nearly, &c. 

wela tn., often pi., prosperity, 
happiness ; riches. 

welan bind. 

wel-(ge)boren of good family. 

welcn - wolcen. 

wel-gecwem|e, ~edlic accept- 

-nes/". favour. 

wel-d&d/. good deed, benefit. 

wel-gedon well done. 

wel-do(e)nd m. doer of good, 

wel-donnesy. kindness IN. 

weler m. lip. 

wel-fremming/. doing good. 



welga inter j. hail I. 
wel-hfewen beautifully coloured. 
wel-gehealden contented. 
wel-hwa each, every. 
wel-hwfer, wel-gehw&r, ge- 

wel-hw&r av. (nearly) every- 


wel-hwelc, ge- (nearly) every. 
welig prosperous ; wealthy. 
~ian enrich. 
welig, y m. willow. 
wella = wa-la. 
wellere = wellyrge. 
wel-libbende leading a respect- 

able life. 
wel-gelicjian please well ; be well 


~wierj>e acceptable. 
-wierpnes/. good pleasure. 
wel-licung/~. agreeableness. 
wellyrge, wellere bosom, fold, 

wel-gestemned having a good 


wel-stincende fragrant. 
wel-pungen prosperous. 
wel-willend|e benevolent. 
-lice av. benevolently. 
~nes_/l benevolence. 
wel-gewlite beautiful. 
wel-gewlitegod well adorned. 
wel-wyrcend m. well-doer. 
~e well-doing. 
wem|an intr. sound || tr. announce, 

persuade, entice, seduce [woma]. 
-ere m. enticer. 
wemm|an defile, pollute ; profane ; 

injure, destroy [wamm]. 
(ge) defilement. 
~end m. defiler. 
-ing/. defilement 
ge~ing/. profanation. 
ge~odlice av. corruptly. 
wen, oe/. hope, expectation; belief, 

opinion ; probability : hit is ~, 

- is, is - w. sbj. it is probable that ; 

the Runic letter w. 
-a m. hope, expectation ; opinion. 
wenjan hope, expect w.g., a., sbj., 

rarely inf. ; think, have an 

opinion iva., w. indc., sly., also 

without pt : ic ~e wit sind 

oferswipde him to ~ wa 

attribute (fault). 
wenung/. expectation, hope. 
-a, -unge, -inga av. perhaps; by 


wenian, w^nnan accustom, train 
also rft. ; wean (child) | ftreat 
~ mid wynnum treat kindly, 
-to wiste feast tr., entertain, 
hringum - give gold to. 

wencel I. n. child ; maidservant. 
II. aj. fweak. 

wend an tr. turn, met. direct 
(thoughts, &c.) ; convert (to 
Christianity) ; change, bring (to 
life again) ; translate ; bring about, 
compass || rfl. ttirn ; go || intr. 
turn ; go ; change [windan]. 

-ere m. translator. 

~ung/. turning ; change. 

Wfndel-sS m. Mediterranean 

Wendle//. Vandals. 

gewenge n. cheek [wang]. 

wenlic [e = e or y ?] beautiful. 

wen n mf. tumour. 

-byl m. carbuncle. 

-sealf/ ointment for tumour. 

-spryng m. carbuncle. 

-wyrt/ a plant. 

wen-seoc having the falling sick- 
ness (?). 

~nes/ falling sickness (?). 

Wf nt e, ~as, ~8&te mpl. people of 

weobed = weofod. 

'weoce = wnce week. 

weoce = wice wick. 

weod . weed. 

-hoc m. hoe. 

~ian weed. 

-monaj) m. August. 

-ung/. weeding. 

wreodu = wudu. 

weoduAve = wuduwe widow. 

weofan = wefan. 

weofod, wi(g)bed, wigbid, eot 
altar [=wig-beod idol-table]. 

~bot/. fine for injuring priest, which 
was applied to the support of the 

~heorj> m. altar-hearth. 

-hraegl . altar-cloth. 

-SCeat m. altar-cloth. 

-steall m. altar-place. 

~)>egn, -pen m. priest. 

~J>egnung, -pen-/, altar-service. 

-wiglere m. soothsayer Gl. 

weoh, wig, if, //. weos m. idol 
See wig. 

-steall m. sanctuary. 

weola - wela. 


weolc = weoloc. 
weoloc, weolc m. whelk. 
~baso purple. 
-baso-hsewen purple. 
-read crimson. 
-sciell/. whelk-shell. 
~telg m. purple dye. 
-wyrm m. murex. 

weorad = werod. 

weoras, see wer man. 

weorc, o, A. e n. work (act and 
thing), action ; building (act and 
thing), fortification | fhardship, 
pain, grief, annoyance, often used 
like adj. : J>t wees him - to 
Jjolianne. -um with effort or 

~d&d/! action. 

-dfflg m. work-day. 

~ern . workshop. 

-full laborious. 

-hus . workshop. 

~mann m. working man, labourer. 

-nieten n. working cattle. 

-rden(n)/. congee-work Ct. 

~gerefa m. foreman. 

-stan m. stone for building. 

-sum. laborious ; grievous. 

~J>eow m. servant, slave. 

geweorc . act of working ; act of 
building | what is done, work ; 
what is built ; fortification. 

weorcef, Pr. av. [i. of weorc] 
painfully, grievously used like 
adj. [cp. ange] : him wees - on 

weorf, o, -uf n. beast, cattle 
wilde - unbroken colt. Cp. orf. 

-tord m. dung. 

weornian fade [wesan, wisnian] 

weorold = woruld. 

geweorp n. throwing, tossing tr. 
and intr. fwaropa - surf ; 
heap (of earth, thrown up by 

weorp|an, u, IN. o 3 w. a., i 
throw, lay (hands on) -- hlot, 
- tan cast lots | throw off 
(cloak) ; throw down ; expel | 
f ~ bine waeteres sprinkle with 
water || - him on accuse. 

-eref m. thrower down. 

weorpan wk. = wierpan. 

weorp, u, y, IN. o n. worth ; price, 
price-money ; ransom, redemp- 
tion | honour, dignity. 




weorp|full worthy, honourable 

(dress), glorious, good ;man). 
-fullic honourable, distinguished. 
-fullice av. honourably. 
-fulnes/. glory. 
-georn ambitious. 
-leas worthless. 
-lie conferring distinction, glorious 

-lice av. with distinction,.gloriously ; 


-licnes/. distinction, glory. 
~mynd, -mynt fmn., often pi. 
honour, dignity, glory ; insignia 
of office Gl. 
-myntan honour. 
~scipe m. showing honour to ; dig- 
nity (of office) ; glory. 
weorp of. = wierpe. 
weorp occ. = wor p. 
weorp | an, u, y 3, ptc. worden 
happen, be made (of peace), be 
fulfilled (of God's will) ; come 
into being, arise | become : ge~ap 
to nahte, wearp on fielle 
fell ; be | auxiliary, pass. : wierp 
gesewen ; pret. : wearp aft alien 

geweorpan 3 in all the meanings 
of weorpan, esp. (he first group, 
very rare as aux. \ impers. w. a. 
(L. d^} of person, ag. : hu nine 
heefde geworden wip hie how 
he had fared with her ; pa ge- 
wearp hie pset man towurpe . . 
the senators agreed to . . ; swaswa 
him bam gewearp as they had 
agreed ; hu gewearp pe pees paet 
pu woldest . . ? what made you 
think of . . (determine to . .) ?; 
pees manige gewearp paet . . w . 
indc. many thought that . . 
weorpjian, u, y occ. wd. honour, 
distinguish ; worship ; praise ; 
adorn ; endow, 
-ere, -lend m. worshipper, adorer, 
weorpung/. honouring ; worship ; 
praising ; dignity, glory ; orna- 

-dagas*, weord- m. festival Gl. 
-Stow/, place of worship, 
weorpe = wierpe. 
weorpig = worpig. 
weoruld = woruld. 
weos//. ofweoh idol, 
weosnian = wisnian. 
weota -wita. 

weotoma = wituma. 
weoxian keep clean (house). 
wep|an, oe i, ptc. wopen weep || 
tr. bewail, weep for [wop]. 

-endlic deplorable. 

wer m. man ; fhero ; husband. 

-beamf m. warrior. 

-cynn . human race. 

-had m. virility ; male sex. 

-leas unmarried (woman). 

-lie male ; manly. 

-lice av. manfully, bravely. 

-m&gp/ nation. 

-met . stature. 

~(e)mod m. wormwood. 

-scipe m. married state. 

~peodf/. nation, //. people. 

~(e)wulf m. werewolf, monster, 

wer, were, ae m. legal money- 
equivalent of a person's life, 
wer, wergield. 

-borg m. pledge for payment of 

-ffflhpy. feud involving wer. 

wergield . wer. 

~peof m. thief redeemed by pay- 
ment of his wer. 

werjlad f. exculpation of a man 
by oaths in proportion to the 
amount of his wer. 

-tihtle/i charge involving liability 
to pay wer, homicide. 

wer m. weir, dam ; fish-trap 

-hierde m. keeper of a fishing- 

-stede m. weir- place. 

wer-nsegl m. wart [wearh-, infl. 
0/"wer man (?)]. 

werjian I. defend ; -\once inhabit 
\cp. warian] ; ward off. II. dam 
up (pool) [wr, waru]. 

-iend m. defender. 

-ing/, weir, dam. 

wf rian wear (clothes, ring) ; clothe 
(body) [waru]. 

were | mod = wer- wormwood. 

-wulf = wer-. 

wergulu/ crab-apple. 

werig-, see wiergan. 

werig, oe weary [worian]. 

-fer(h)pf weary ; disheartened. 

-modt weary ; disheartened. 

-nesy! weariness. 

wer(i)gian weary, exhaust. 

werig = *wierig accursed. 


werod n. multitude, troop ; regi- 
ment, army [wer, rad]. 
-liest/. lack of soldiers. 
werod, -ed I. sweet. Il.f n. sweet 
drink, mead. 

an become sweet. 

-Ifflcan make sweet or pleasant. 

-lice av. sweetly. 

-nes/. sweetness. 

wesan, beon ; (ic) eom, A. earn, 
IN. am, beo, A. beom ; (pu) 
eart, bis(t), A. earp, IN. arp ; 
(he) is, bip; (hie) sind, e, 
si(o)ndon, sint, syn, beop, 
weeap, occ. bipon, A. earun, IN. 
aron ; sbj. prs. sie (also A.~), 
si(g), beo, Kt. also se(o) ; prt. 
wees, a, />/. weeron ; ptc. prs. 
wesende, beonde exist ; happen ; 
be ; auxiliary \ neere pset w. sbj. 
if it had not been that, unless. 

ge wesan*, giwos(s^a (.) inter- 
course, conversation IN. 

gewes|anf once strive, contend. 

-nesy] dissension. 

wesan soak, macerate [wos]. 

wese once moist, macerated [wos]. 

wesend, eo m. bison. 

-horn m. bison's horn. 

wesole, eo, wesle/ weasel. 

west av. west(wards), in the west. 

-centingas mpl. people of the west 
of Kent. 

-dsel m. west part, the west. 

-denef mpl. West Danes. 

-ende m. west end. 

-eweard = -weard. 

-healfyi west side. 

-heowag (m.*) a part of a church. 

-lang extending west. 

-mearc/. west boundary. 

-norp-lang extending north-west. 

-norp-wind m. north-west wind. 

-rice n. western kingdom. 

-rihte av. due west. 

-rodor m. western sky. 

-see m. Baltic. 

-seaxe, -an mpl. West Saxons; 

-siip-ende m. south-west end. 

-sup-wind m. south-west wind. 

-wealas mpl. Cornishmen. 

~(e)weard av. westward. 

-weg m. west way. 

-wind m. west wind. 

west] an ravage. 

~nes/ desolation. 


westan, -ane av. from the west - 
be ~, wijj ~ prp. ivd. west of. 

~healf/. west side. 

-sujmn-wind m. south-west wind. 

-wind m west wind. 

west|e, oe waste, uninhabited. 

~ig, oe waste, desert I A. 

westerns, see westerra. 

westen(n),/yV. woestern n. desert, 

-gryre m. terror of the wilder- 

-setla m. hermit. 

-stajjol m. desert place. 

western = westen. 

westerne western. 

westerra, -era, westra cpv. more 
westerly, spl. westema, west- 

westmest, see westerra. 

westra = westerra. 

wej?|e pleasant, mild. 

(ge)-nes/. suavity, mildness. 

wepel bandage. 

weper m. wether, sheep. 

-cynn . wether kind. 

wepla = wffldla. 

wibba m. beetle [wefan]. 

wibed = weofod. 

wic, ii, i nf. dwelling, village, villa ; 
//. camp ; street, market-place || 
bay, creek. 

-eardf m. dwelling. 

-gefera m. = -gerefa. 

-fripuf m. protection of dwelling. 

-gerefa m. bailiff; tax-gatherer. 

-sceawere m. harbinger (of 

-steallf m. camp. 

-stedef m. dwelling. 

-stow/, dwelling ; camp. 

-tun m. court, vestibule. 

wican 6 give way, collapse. 

wician dwell ; encamp ; anchor. 

wicca m. wizard. 

-rsbd m. divination. 

wicce/. witch. 

-craft, -dom m. witchcraft. 

wiccian use witchcraft. 

wiccung/. witchcraft. 

-creeft, -dom m. witchcraft. 

wicclian stagger Gl. 

wice m. wych-elm. 

wice, eof. lamp-wick. 

wice /. office, commission j vL. 

wice = wuee week. 


wicel aj. ? (0/"drinking-cup). 

wicgf . horse. 

wicga m. beetle. 

wictng m. pirate. 

wicnjere m. steward, bailiff. 

~ian attend upon. 

wid wide and sid far and 

wide, to ~an ealdre for ever. 

-bradf ample. 

-cup widely known, famous. 

-feepmet capacious, extensive. 

-farend m. wanderer. 

-ferendef coming from afar. 

-flogaf far-flier ( = dragon). 

-folcf great nation. 

-gal = -giell. 

-gangol wandering. 

widgiel|l, -gal extensive ; wan- 
dering. amplitude. 

wld[landt . extensive country. 

-lastf I. m. long journey. II. aj. 
wandering far. 

-meere far-famed. 

widnitfers ian divulge, celebrate. 

-ung/. disgrace Gl. 

wid rynigf far-flowing. 

-Sffl mf. open sea. 

-sceopf once extensive. 

-scripol erratic. 

~BlJ>t m. long journey ; great tra- 

-wegasf mpl. great distance. 

widian become wider. 

widan av. from afar. Cp. sidan. 

wide av. widely side and ~, 
- landes far and wide. 

-feorhf ; -ferhpt, y mn. long 
life, eternity used adverbially. 

gewider, //. ~u . weather ; good 
weather ; bad weather ; storm 

~ian impers. be fine weather. 

widl (.) defilement, impurity. 

-ian defile. 

wido-ban = wipo-. 

widu = wudu wood. 

widwe = wuduwe widow. 

wifl ian*, y, IN. as,fr(.~ede roll. 
Cp. wif Iwan. 

gewielep*, if. rolling [wealcan]. 

gewieldjan overpower, subdue, 
dominate ; compel ; temper (with 
oil) [wealdan]. 

-end m. subduer. 

wielde strong, victorious. 

gewielde under one's control, con- 



quered : he dyde hie him (tjl. j 

to gewildon subdued them, 
wielede//-/. of wielwran. 
wieljen/. female slave [wealh]. 
-incel n. little slave. 
~isc, e, y, vE. welhisc foreign ; 

wifll, -a m., -e/. fountain, spring 

-eburnef/. spring. 
-cerse/ watercress. 
-flodf m. flood. 
~(e;spryng m. spring. 
-egespryng . spring, 
-(e)streamt m. stream, 
-weorpung/. worship of springs. 
wiellic of a fountain. 
wiglm m. boiling ; surging, raging 

(of fire) ; flowing, bursting forth 

-hatf blazing (fire). 
wielwan, wielian, prt. wiflede 

roll [wealwian]. 
wierd an injure. 
-ing*, oe/. injury IN. 
-nes/. injury. 
gewierdlan injure. 
w^ierg-cwedol, wyrig- cursing, 

given to cursing. 
-ian curse. 
-nes/. malediction. 
wierg|an, L. wyrian curse, revile 

-end, //. -endras m. reviler ; 

twrgend maligner. 
-ing, L. wyriung /. cursing, 


-nes, wyrig-, if. cursing, curse. 
~po/. cursing. 

wiergen(n)t/. she-wolf [wearg]. 
wierig*, ef, y accursed, wicked, 
-nes*, e/. malice IN. 
wierm]an warm, keep warm 

-ing/, warming. 

wiernan wdg. prevent from ; with- 
hold, refuse [wearn]. 
wierp, see wyrp throwing. 
gewierpan, 83 recover (from ill- 
ness) [weorpan]. 
wierpe*, y m. change for the 

better, relief, recovery (from ill- 


wierrest, spl. ofyfel. 
wiers, -a, ~t, see yfel, yfle. 
-ian become worse. 
-lie bad. 




gewierpan*, y estimate value of, 

wierpje, y (also elV., and A.}, eo, 

weorp, u deserving (good or evil) 

vjg. ; honoured, esteemed, dear 

(to) w d. ; of high rank [weorp j . 
-nes/ worth ; worthiness ; dignity, 

gewierpe*, y, -wyrde n. amount, 

contents wg. 

wierpig*, y deserved (punish- 

wif . woman, lady ; wife. 
~cild n. female child. 
-cynn . female sex. 
-cypp/ company of a woman. 
-fast married. 
-feax . woman's hair. 
-freond m. female friend. 
-gal lecherous. 

-geornnes*, -geornes/. lechery. 
-gift/, dowry. 

-had m. womanhood ; female sex. 
-hand, -healf/. female side in 

inheritance or descent. 
-hired . nunnery. 
~gehrin, -lac . intercourse with 


-leas without a wife. 
-lie feminine, female. 
-lice av. in the manner of a woman, 
-lufu/. love for a woman. 
-gemaedla m. woman's talk. 
~gemana m. intercourse with a 


-rnann, /,. wimman m. woman, 
-myne m. love for a woman, 
-scrud n. woman's clothes, 
-pegn m. woman's attendant Gl. 
~)>ing . intercourse with a woman, 
gewif n. a disease of the eye. 
gewif, ~e,//. ~u iv. sg. meaning, n. 

fate, fortune [wefan]. 
~8&lig fortunate, 
gewif jian marry (of man) ; he -ode 

on hire. 

-ung/ marrying (<?/"man). 
wifel /. beetle, 
wifel, wifer, wiber arrow, dart 


wifre/. weaver [wefan]. 
wift = weft weft, 
wig . war. 
-b&re warlike, 
-bealof n. war. 
-billf . sword. 
-blacf in bright armour. 

wigjbora m. soldier, 
-bordt n. shield. 
-cierm m. noise of battle. 
-craeft m. prowess ; military skill. 
craeftig valorous, 
-frecaf m. warrior. 
-frumaf m. warrior. 
-gar*, wlgar m. spear, 
-gryref m- war-terror, 
-hafolaf m. helmet. 
-hagaf m. phalanx. 
-heapf m. band of warriors. 
-heardf warlike. 
-hete m. hostility, war. 
-hryref m. fall in battle. 
-hus n. battlement, turret, 
-hyrstat./^/. war-trappings, 
-leopt n. war-song, signal. 
-lie martial. 
-lice av. valiantly. 
-rnann m. soldier. 
-plegaf m. battle. 
-rad*, of/, war-path. 
-raMen^n/t/ battle. 
-sigorf m. victory, 
-sipt m* warlike expedition. 
-smipt m. warrior. 
~spedf/ success in war. 
-spere n. spear. 

-steallf ' entrenchment, fortress, 
-strang brave, 
-getawef //. war-trappings. 
-trod*, witrodf (?). 
-pracur/. battle, 
-pristf bold in war. 
-weegn m. war-chariot, 
-wefepen n. weapon, 
wig = weoh idol, 
-gieldf idol, 
-sinipt once m. maker of idols. 

Cp. under wig war. 
-weorpung/. idolatry. 
wigjan, -ian fight -ende mann 


-endf, wiggend m. warrior, 
wigian = wigan. 
wigaf, if tn. warrior, man. 
wiggend = wigend. 
wigl ian practise divination. 
-ere m. diviner, soothsayer, 
(ge)-nng/. divination. 
wigol once belonging to divination 

(birds) Gl. 
wiht, u I. /., If I. -u thing ; 

creature, being ; sprite, demon 

| -e av. at all. II. pron. -wg. 

anything. III. av. at all. 


Wiht /, -land n. Isle of Wight 
[Z/. Vectis]. 

-seete, -ware //. Isle of Wight 

wiht . weight. 

wiht-mjBres-wyrt /. scurvy- 
grass (?). 

gewihte n. weight. 

wihtel*, y quail. 

wil- = w^ill-. 

Wil-sfet|e, -an//, people of Wilts. 

wil . wile, trick vL. 

wilde wild, untamed fyr wild- 
fire (heaths, &c., on fire) ; un- 
cultivated, desert. 

wildeor, dd = wilder. 

-en, -lie animal, fierce. 

-lice av. like an animal. 

-nes/. desert. 

wilder, wild,d;eor n. wild beast ; 
deer, reindeer [wilde, deor]. 

wile, see willan. 

gewile = gewill. 

wile-wrise = wilig-. 

wiligie/ basket [welig]. 

-wise*/. on wiliwiaan basket- 

wiliht*, y full of willows [welig]. 

will (n.) his -es of his own 

wil(l)-, see willa. 

-bodat tn. messenger of joy, angtl. 

-gebroporf mpl. brothers. 

wilcum|a m. welcome guest - 
used also like aj. or interj. : -an 
la mine hlafordas ! . 

-ian welcome. 

wil(l)|dseg m. day of joy. 

-gedryhtf/. devoted retinue, faith- 
ful band. 

-ffflgenf glad. 

-ffflmne/ beloved woman. 

-fullice av. willingly Gl. 

-giefaf m. king. 

-giest* m. welcome guest. 

-genlepaf m. familiar associate. 

-hrepigf exulting. 

-selef m. pleasant dwelling. 

-sipf, Pr. m. pleasant or desired 

-gesitof m familiar companion. 

-spellt n. glad tidings. 

-gesteald*, -eall \ n. riches. 

-gesweostorf //. sisters. 

wilsum desirable, pleasant. 

-lie desirable. 

-lice av. willingly. 




wil(l) willingness. 

-peguf/ acceptable food. 

-jjepoftat m. lamiliar associate. 

-wangt m. delightful plain. 

-weg f m. pleasant path. 

gewil|l, -wile n. wish, will on 
hiora gewill in order to please 

-bod n. command. 

-sum desirable. 

will|an vb., (he^wile, prt. wolde, 
A. a | wish, be willing ; desire ; 
attempt, tela ~ desire righteous- 
ness, gif heo wolde hine 
would marry him habit, repetition 
be used to | auxil. w. inf. wile 
will = future ; wolde would = /;/. 

-endlice av willingly. 

willjian wish, desire || intr. wd. 
following the will of : Gode 

ge~ung/ desire. 

will|a, gpl. ~ena, wilna m. will 
his selfes -mn of his own 
accord ; be his ~an permission 
desire ; pleasure um joy- 
fully ; object of desire or pleasure. 

wilna occ . gpl. of willa. 

wiln|ian u>. g., a., sbj., ger., inf. 
desire ; ask for : hie ~odon him 
(rfi. pi.) fripes to him (sg.~). 

(ge)-iendlic desirable. 

(ge)-ung/ desire. 

wim-mann - wif-. 

wimpel m. neck-covering, cloak. 

win n. wine \_Lt. vinum]. 

-eern, -ern n. wine-cellar; tavern ; 

-beam m. vine. 

~bel(i)g, ee m. wine-skin. 

~b|r(i)ge/ grape. 

-bog m. vine-shoot. 

-brytta m. innkeeper Gl. 

-burgf/ festive city. 

-byrele m. innkeeper. 

-clyster . bunch of grapes. 

-gedrinct wine-drinking. 

windruncen wine-drunk. 

-nes/ wine-intoxication. 

win |drync m. draught of wine, wine. 

-faet n. wine-vat. 

-galf elated with wine. 

wingeard m. vineyard. 

-bog m. vine-shoot. 

-hoc m. vine-tendril. 

-hring m. bunch of grapes (?) Gl. 

wingeard-seax n. priming-knife. 

wiri|hatet If. invitation to wine. 

-hus . tavern. 

-ISaf n. vine-leaf. 

-lie vinous. 

-mere m. wine-vat. 

-recedf . festive hall. 

-repan*, eo gather vintage Gl. 

-saedf satiated with wine. 

~slf ., ~sele|- m. festive 


-sester m. wine-vessel. 
-tfflppere m. tavern-keeper. 
-tiber n. libation, 
-(ge)tredde/. wine-press. 
-treow n. vine. 
-treowig of a vine Gl. 
-trog m. wine-vessel, 
-twig . vine-shoot, 
-pegut/ receiving wine, banquet, 
-wringa m. wine-press. 
winc|ian, prs. ptc. ~(i)ende shut 

eyes, blink, wink. 
wince/, pulley. 
wincel (m.) corner, 
wincel . child. 
wincettan nod, beckon, 
wind m. wind. 
-&d(d)re/. artery Gl. 
-blandf . violence of the wind. 
-fana m. Gl. 
-fann, gefon/ fan. 
~ig windy. 

-raes m. rush of wind, 
-scofl/ fan. 

-Sf lef windy dwelling ( = hell). 
-swingell/ fan. 
gewind n. anything spiral, winding 

path, vine-tendril Gl. 
windan 3 tr. wind, twist, weave 

fwunden (gold) made into 

rings ; brandish || intr. turn, move ; 

met. gewand ymbe his pearfe 

looked after his interests | iush, 

fly (of birds, spears) ; roll ; slip 

I delay, hesitate. 
winde-craeft = wynde-. 
winde-locc m. curl Gl. 
gewinde hit wees - on pa burg 

the wind was towards the town, 
windel m. basket. 
~stan m. spiral shell. 
-streaw . windle-straw (a plant). 
-treow n. willow. 
windwian tr. blow ; winnow. 
wind wig. 
-ceaf n. chaff. 


windwigjsife . winnowing-sieve. 

winef, ixc. gpl. winigea, m. friend ; 
protector, lord. 

-dryhten m. lord. 

-geomor mourning for friends. 

-leas friendless. 

m kinsman. 

-scipe m. friendship. 

-treow/ i, conjugal) fidelity. 

-pearfende in need of friends. 

wine-wincle, p-/ winkle, shell- 

winigea occ. gpl. o/"wine. 

g*, wynyng m. garter, 

gewinn, w- . labour, effort ; 
hardship ; war, hostility ; gain, 

-daeg m. day of trouble ; day of 

-full troublesome. 

-fullic laborious, full of hardship. 

-fullice av. laboriously, with a.i 

-Stow/ wrestling-place Gl. 

-tid/ time of trouble or affliction 

-woruldf/ world of hardship. 

winnan 3 intr. toil ; endure hard- 
ship, suffer : - of feferadle ; 
strive w. refter for, -w. ongean a. ; 
protest, contradict ; make war, 
fight w. wip a., on a. \ on- wd. 
make war on, attack, mid - wd. 
fight with (as ally), wip - wd. re- 
sist || tr. endure (hardship). 

gewinn [an 3 tr. gain, acquire ; 
conquer, take (fortress) II intr. 
(rare ! make war, fight. 

-a, w- m. adversary. 

winnung/ winnowing, chaff. Cp. 

win pel = wimpel. 

winstre, wine- I. wk. fern. aj. 
left : seo - hand. II. /. left hand. 

winter m., d. wintra, pi. winter, 
wintru, winter ; in reckoning 

-biterf bitterly cold. 

-burna m. winter torrent, stream 
which flows only in winter. 

-cealdf wintry cold. 

-cearigt- winter-sad. 

-daeg m. winter day. 

-dun /. down on which sheep are 
kept in winter (?). 

-feorm/. winter provisions. 

-lyllep October. 




winterjgrgang n. fate Gl. 

-Ifflcan grow wintry (0/ season). 

-lie winter, wintry. 

~rtbding-boc f. lectionary for the 

-(ge)rlmf n. number of years. 

~scur m. winter shower. 

-seld, ~setl n. winter quarters. 

-steall ? an animal LL. 

-stundf/ short period. 

-sufl n. looci for winter. 

~get89l*, ef number of years. 

-ticl/. winter time. 

-gewifedef n. winter garment 
( snow). 

~geweorpf n. snow-fall. 

gewintred grown-up ; aged. 

wintrig of winter, wintry. 

wiota = \vita. 

wipian wipe. 

Wir m. wire. 

-bogaf m. twisted wire. 

Wir, y myrtle Gl. 

-gra&fa m. myrtle-grove. 

-treow n. myrtle. 

gewired made of or ornamented 
with wire (brooch". 

wircan - wyrcan. 

wis - wise manner. 

wis wise, sensible, learned. 

-dom m. wisdom ; learning. 

~e av. wisely. 

-fsBstf wise. 

-faestlicf wise. 

-hycgendef wise. 

-hygdig, hydigf wise. 

-lie advisable. 

-lice av. wisely. 

-wyrde prudent in speech. 

wis-bocf/. book Ps. 

wiajian wd. guide ; point ont, 

ge~ung f. direction. For gewis- 
sung (?). 

wisaf m. leader. 

wis|e f. growth, (strawberry) plant 
f ugeles wyse a plant. 

-leag m. meadow (?) Ct. 

wise, wis f. manner, way ; testa- 
mentary disposition, arrangement | 
occurrence, affair ; state, condi- 
tion, (material) thing | direction 
j melody. 

wis|lic certain. Cp. gewiss. 

-lice av. with certainty, certainly. 

wianian, eo dry up, wither [we- 

gewiss, wiss I. certain (fact) 
to ~an [= -um] pinge for a 
certainty, certainly ; feeling certain 
(about), acquainted with wg. II. 
. certainty, definite information 
mid ~e, to ~e, to -urn, to 
wissum with certainty. 

-lice av. with certainty ; accurately 
| moreover Gl. 

wissjian u>. a., d. guide, direct ; 
indicate, show wda. 

-iend m. driver (of cliariot) ; 
governor, mistress. 

(ge)~ung /. guidance, direction, 

wisse prt. of wat. 

Wissi-gotan mpl. Visigoths. 

wist/, sustenance, food ; feast gen. 
pi. ; luxury. 

-full productive. 

-fullian feast. 

-fill line av. sumptuously. 

(ge)~fullung / abundance, feast- 

-fulnes/ dainties. 

-fyllot/ full meal. 

-giefende plentiful. 

-Isecan feast. 

-mettas mpl. dainties. 

gewistian feast. 

wiste/>V. 0/"wat. 

wistl|e, hw-/. whistle, flute, pipe. 

-ian whistle. 

-ere m. piper. 

-ung/. whistling, piping. 

wit we two. 

witan 6 wda. reproach with, blame 

gewit|an 6 depart ; cease to exist, 
die out (of family), die | ut - go 
out (0/"fire). 

-endlic transitory. 

-endnes = gewitennes. 

witian, eo decree ; destine. 

wit|a, io, ge- m. sage, wise man ; 

councillor, senator ena-gemot 

n. parliament ; = gewita [wat] 

gewita, io, w- m. witness ; ac- 
complice ; = wita. 

wite n. punishment ; fine ; torture ; 

-aern*, witern . prison. 

-bendf mf. cruel bond. 

-brogaf m. terror of torment. 

-ffflst under arrest ; legally en- 

~hrgl n. penitential dress. 


witejhus n. house of torture, amphi- 
theatre Gl. 

-lacf M. punishment. 

~leas without punishment or fine. 

-liest f. freedom from punishment 
or fine. 

-lie, witiglic of punishment. 

-rceden^n)/. punishment. 

-rn - ~aern. 

-scraeff . hell. 

-steng m. rack. 

~stowf. place of torment or execu- 

-swing m. flogging. 

-tol n. instrument of torture. 

-peow, ~J>eowmann m. freeman 
legally enslaved, convict. 

wite-dom, witig- m. prophecy. 

-lie prophetic. 

witeg|a, i, i, witga m. wise man, 

-estre/. prophetess. 

-ian prophesy. 

-endlic*, witendlic prophetic. 

witegung/1 prophecy. 

-bocy". book of prophecy. 

gewitennes/ departure, death. 

witga = witega. 

witig, if [or -itt-], wittig wise ; 
in one's right mind. 

witig- dom -wite-. 

witing- = witnung-. 

gew^it 1 t)nes/. witnessing, seeing, 
knowing; testimony; concurrence, 
cognizance j one who witnesses or 
gives evidence. 

witn|ian punish ; torture. 

-ere m. executioner, torturer. 

witnung, ge-/". punishment ; tor- 

-stow, witing- f. purgatory. 

witod - witodlice. 

witodlice, witod av., cj. truly, 
certainly, indeed ; for, and. 

witol, tt wise. o/w&t. 

witrod = wig-trod. 

(ge)witscipe m. testimony, evi- 

wit|t n. understanding, sense ; right 
mind, senses. 

-liest/. folly. 

-seoc insane. 

gewitjt n. intellect, understanding; 
right mind, senses : of his ge- 
witte wearj> ; consciousness. 

-faest of sound mind. 



gewit|leas foolish, mad. 

-least/ folly ; madness. 

-locaf m. mind. 

-seoc insane. 

witter wise /.. [Scand. vitr]. 


gewittig, -witig wise, clever ; 

wittol = witol. 

witum|a, weotoma, wetma m. 

-bora m. bridesman. 

wip av.,prp. w. a., d.,g., in IV. gen. 
a., except where specially marked 
d. or g. | rest opposite ; near, 
(lean) against : het delfan his 
byrgene ~ pset weofod ; - earm 
geseet | extension along : on paem 
lande - pa West-sJe ; as far 
as, to | motion towards wg. : 
code ~ pees Hlendes | opposi- 
tion, hostility, protection against : 
fuhton ~ Brettas ; fuhton ~ pam 
cyninge ; healdan ~ besmiten- 
nysse also wg. \ separation from 
exchange, price for wd. : him feoh 
geheton ~ pam fripe | associa- 
tion with (of mixture, share, &c.) : 
deelan rice ~ God ; obj. of verb, 
&c. (angry, make peace) with, 
(speak, be reconciled) to : gebealg 
~ nine ; cidan ~ God || wip- 
pism-pe, wip-psem-pset in ex- 
change for, in consideration of, 
provided that || wip . . weard 
wd. towards : wip hire weard. 

wip-fflftan I. prp. wd. behind. 
II. av. behind. 

wip'blawan i w. g. [or d. ?] blow 

wip'bregdan, -bredan 3 wa 
withhold, keep back [ wd. oppose, 
resist ; admonish. 

wip'ceosan, wiper- 7 reject ptc. 
-coren (Gode) rejected (by 

wip-coren rejected. 

-nes/. reprobation. 

wip-cwedennes, wipercwednes 
f. contradiction. 

wipcwedolnes = wiper-. 

wip-cwepan 5 deny w.a., sbj. \ 
reject, refuse w.d., sbj. w. neg. : 
wipcwsep peet he neere . . refused 
to be . . ; wdg. refuse a person 
a request or command : hie him 
pees wipcwdon [ oppose, refuse 

to follow teaching of wd. ; dispute 
(sentence), object to wd. ; remon- 
strate with wd. 
wip-drifan 6 repel, renounce, 
wipert once prp. wd. (?) against, 
wiper- occ. = wip-. 
wiperian resist w. ongean. 
wiper-breca = -broca. 
wiper-broc|a, -bre-, eo m. adver- 
~ian oppose, 
wiper-cierr m. rearing (of a 

~an rear. 

wiper-cora m. adversary. 
wiper-coren = wip-. 
wiper- cwednes = wipcweden- 


wiper-cwredol, -cwidel contra- 

~nes f. contradiction. 
wiper-c^ide m. contradiction ; 


wiper-cwidel = -cwedol. 
wiper-feohtan 3 resist. 
wiper-flitan 6 resist. 
wiper-flita m. adversary, oppo- 

wiper-gield n. recompense. 
wiper-hlinian lean against ; re- 
wiper-hycgende ; -hygdig, -hy- 

dig hostile, refractory. 
wiper-lean . requital, 
wiperling m. opponent, 
wiper-mal . counter-plea, defence 


wiper-medje antagonistic. 
-nes f. antagonism. 
-of. antagonism. 
-nes/. adversity. 

wiper-rtede the opposite of, an- 
tagonistic to wd. ; adverse ; rebel- 
lious ; disagreeing (of food). 
-lie adverse. 

-nes/. opposition ; adversity. 
wiper-riht n. recompense Gl. 
wiper-rihtes*, -rsehtesf av. oppo 


wiper-sac j a m. adversary ; be- 
trayer; apostate. 
-an = wipsacan. 
-end*, -sacerd m. blasphemer. 
~ian become an apostate. 
~u/ =~SSBC. 
-ung/ apostasy. 


wiper-saec n. hostility, opposition ; 

wiper-sienes av. in full view, 

visibly (?). 

wiper-sprfec / contradiction. 
wiper-stager steep. 
wiper-steall m. defence, resis- 

wiper-talu/. contradiction. 
wiper-tieme opposed, the opposite 

of wd. 

wiper-tihtle/. counter-charge. 
wiper-trodf n. retreat. 
wiper weard, -word adverse ; 

-ian oppose. 
-lie perverse, 
-lice/, perversely, 
-nes/. opposition, adversity. 
wiper- winnj an 3 oppose Gl. 
-ung*, we-/ controversy Gl. 
wiper-winna m. adversary. 
wipe-winde =. wipo-. 
wip-faran 2 escape wd. 
wip-feohtend m. adversary. 
wip'ferianf rescue w.a. and d. of 


wip-fon vb. grab at wd. 
wip'foran ~L.prp. wd., place before ; 

time before. II. av. previously, 
wlp-gan, -gangan vb. go away, 

wip-geondan prp. w. a. (or d. ?) 

beyond (?). 

wip-gripan 6 wd. oppose. 
wip-habban wd. resist, hold out 


wip-haeftan seize. 
wip'hindan av. behind. 
wdp-hogian despise, reject. 
wip-hycgan reject, despise, 
wipig willow ; band, bond. 
-bedd n. plot of willows. 
-pyfel m. thicket of willows, 
-wielle m. willow-spring. 
wip'innan ~L.prp. w. within. II. av. 

wip-lffldjan take away ; rescue w.a. 

and d. or of. 
-nes/. abduction. 
wip-lecgan refuse. 
wip-licgan 5 wd. oppose. 
wip-met|an 5 compare to, liken to 


-enlic comparative (degree). 
-en(n es, wipgemetnes /. com- 




wip-metung/. comparison. 

wip'neopan, i, y av. beneath. 


-ban, wido- n. shoulder-blade. 

-winde, wipe- f. bindweed, con- 
volvulus. Cp. wuduwinde. 

wipref" n. resistance. 

wip - sac;an 2 deny w. a , g., sbj. \ 
reject, refuse w. d., sbj. w. tug. : 
wipsocon pset hie nolden . . 
refused to . . | wd. oppose, revolt 
from, renounce (idols) ; w. wip a. 
conspire against. 

~endlic negative (in grammar). 

-ung/ renunciation. 

wip'scorian wd. refuse, reject. 

wip-scufan 7 repel, refute. 

wip'seon 5 wd. rebel against. 

wip-set tan wd. resist. 

-nes*, wit-/, opposition. 

wip-slean 2 wd. frustrate (con- 

wip-spornan 3 offend against. 

wip-sprecan 5 contradict. 

wip-staeppan 2 depart. 

wip-stand|an 2 wd. resist, oppose. 

-end m. opponent. 

wipsteall = wiper-. 

wip-stunian dash against. 

wip-styllan retreat. 

wip-styltan hesitate. 

wip'teon 7 take away, withdraw. 

wip'tremman step back. 

wippe /. withy, bond; chaplet, 

wip'Ufan l.prp. wd. above. II. av. 

wip-uppan av. above. 

wip'Utan I. prp. wd. outside of; 
except ; without. II. av. outside. 

wip'Weorpan. 3 reject, repudiate. 

wiwar- (n.) park, fishpond (?) [Lt. 

-awic n. Ct. 

wixlan - wrixlan. 

wlac;ian, ge~od beon become 

wlacu - wlaec. 

wlsBC, wlacu lukewarm. 

-lie lukewarm. 

-lice av. lukewarmly met. 

-nes, wlacu-/. lukewarmness. 

wlseffetere m. one who speaks 
indistinctly Gl. 

wlffltan defile, debase. 

wlffltta, ea \_Middle E. spelling} 
m. nausea [wlatian]. 

wlanc proud, elated ; aristocratic ; 

showy, fine (horse), grand, solemn 
-ian be proud. 
-lie proud. 
-lice av. arrogantly. 
wlatian gaze [wlitan]. 
wlatjian impers. : me -ab I feel 

~ung/ nausea. 
wleccan make tepid [wleec]. 
wlencan make proud ; adorn, 

exalt, endow [wlanc]. 
wlenco /. pride | //. prosperity, 

riches ; high birth. 
wlisp, wlips lisping. 
-ian lisp. 
wlitan 7 look. 
wlite m. fbrightness ; beauty, 

splendour ; appearance, form ; 

legal value, wer : gieldan be 

his - or be his ~s weorpe. 
-beorhtf beautiful. 
-full beautiful, 
-least ugly. 

-lice [ wlitiglice ?] av. beauti- 

-sciene* beautiful. 
-aien*, eo|-/ spectacle, sight. 
-torht, wlitig-t beautiful, 
-wammw. disfigurement of the face. 
-w^eorp n. legal value of person's 

life, ransom, 
wlitig beautiful. 
~e av. beautifully. 
-ffflstf beautiful. 
-ian beautify, adorn ; form, fashion || 

intr. become beautiful. 
-lice, wlitelice av beautifully. 
-nes/. beauty, 
wlitu/. form, species. 
wlo, d. of w!5h. 
wloh /.) fringe, tuft, 
gewloh*, -wlo r adorned. 
wp, see woh. 
-lie perverse, wicked. 
-lice av. wickedly. 
-nes,wognes/. crookedness ; error ; 


wocor/ progeny, coll. living crea- 
tures ; usury [wacan]. 
wod mad, frenzied. 
-free, ee furious, ravenous (of the 


-lie, ~elic mad, unrestrained. 
-lice av. madly, fiercely. 
-nes/. madness. 


wod scinn, ~scln . frenzy. 

-scipe m. madness. 

-seoc mad. 

-seocnes/ madness. 

-prag/. paroxysm of madness. 

Woden m. the god Woden, identi- 
fied with Mercury Wodnes-deeg 
Wednesday, Wodnes-niht Tues- 
day night. 

woffjian talk wildly or foolishly ; 

-ung/. wild talk ; blasphemy. 

wog-, see woh. 

-nes = wones. 

wogjian woo. 

-ere m. wooer. 

woh, g. wos, Z. woges I. aj., pi. 
wo(ge), dpi. wo(gu)m, won 
crooked ; perverse, wrong, unjust. 
II. . error, wrong ; wickedness | 
on woh wrongly, wickedly ; on 
won gebringan lead into evil. 

-bogen crooked. 

-ceapung/ illegal traffic. 

~ded/. sin. 

-dorn m. unjust judgement. 

-fotede crooked-footed Gl. 

-fremmende evil-doing. 

-full wicked. 

-fulnes/ wickedness. 

-georn inclined to evil. 

-god n. false god. 

wohhaemjed . fornication, adul- 

-end, -ere m. fornicator, adulterer. 

woh handede having deformed 

-lic = wolic. 

-nebb . grimace. 

-gestreon . ill-gotten gain. 

-sum evil. 

wohs, prt. of w^ascan. 

wol mf. pestilence. 

-b^rnes/. pestilence. 

-berende pestilential. 

-berendlic pestilential. 

-bryne m. pestilence (!). 

~dagast mpl. time of pestilence. 

-gewinn calamitous war. 

wolc = wolcen. 

w^olcen, wolc n. cloud. 

-farut/ drifting of clouds. 

-gehnastt n. collision of clouds. 

-wyrcende cloud-making (!) Gl. 

wolc (en) -read = weoloc-. 

wolde/r/. " 





wollen-tear-t weeping. 

worn, see woh. 

woma, once wornf m. tumult ; 


won, see w5h. 
wop m. weeping, also pi. in sg. 


-dropaf m. tear. 
-ig Mowing (tears). 
-leop . dirge Gl. 
-lie tearful. 
-lice av. tearfully. 
-stow/! place of mourning. 
wopen//c. <" 
woperian weep. 

-hana m. moorcock. 

-henn . moorhen. 

worjian wander; crumble. 

-ung/. wandering. 

wore = weorc. 

word, L. 6, u n. word ; what is 

said, speech ; sentence ; verb. 

wSron pees wordes w. indc., 

hsefdon him to - e iv. indc. said 

| command, pi. directions | news, 

report ; fame, glory. 
~(ge)beotf n. promise. 
-beotungt/. promise. 
-craeftf m. art of poetry, eloquence. 
-gecwide, -sede, //. -eodu in sg. 

meaning, n. agreement. 
-feest true. 
-full fluent. 
-gieddt . song. 
-gleawt eloquent. 
-hleoport n. speaking, speech. 
~hord t . store of words -- on- 

lucan speak. 
~ig verbose. 
-lac n. speech. 
-laput/. conversation. 
-leant . reward of eloquence. 
-loc npl. dispute, logic Gl. 
~locat = ~hord. 
-loga m. liar. 
-gemearct n. statement. 
-metung*, -mittung/. debate Gl. 
-gerynet . word, information. 
-samnere m. catalogue (!) Gl. 
-samnung/. debate Gl. 
~sawere m. word-sower met. 
-snoterung/. sophism Gl. 
~snotor eloquent. 
-wis se -a the sophist Gl. 
-wrltere = wyrd-. 
-wynsum affable. 

worden pic. of wqorpan. 

wordl|ian talk, discuss, argue. 

-ung/ talk, discussion. 

wort' - weorf cattle. 

worht//v 0/wyrcan. 

world = woruld. 

worms, y, E. worsm nin. pus, 

worn m. troop, multitude. 

-m&lum av. in troops. 

worpian throw, hurl [weorpan]. 

worsm - worms. 

worp, eo nm.,d. ~a(?) enclosure 
adjoining house, courtyard, farm, 
street (!). 

worpig, eo, dpi. ~(n)um court- 
yard, enclosure by house, stieet(!j. 

-netele/. nettle. 

woruf = weorf cattle. 

woruld, world, weorold/. world ; 
age, aeon on -a, on ealra 
-a ~, to ~a for ever ; mankind ; 
life, period of life, way of life. 

-JBht/l worldly possession. 

-afel- worldly possessions. 

~ar/. worldly prosperity. 

~beamt human being. 

-bisgo/^ worldly occupation. 

-bisgung/ troubles of the world. 

-bliss/ worldly joy. 

-bot/! compensation in this world. 

-buend m. human being. 

-gebyrd/. origin. 

-camp m. secular warfare. 

~candel(l)t/ sun. 

-cam/, worldly care. 

-craeft m. worldly wisdom or 

-cund worldly, secular. 

-cundlice av. in a worldly spirit or 

-cyningt m. earthly king. 

~ded/". action in this life. 

-gedalt n. death. 

-deadt dead. 

-dema m, secular judge. 

-dom m. earthly judgement. 

-dreamt m. earthly joy. 

-dryhtent m. God. 

-dugop/. worldly possessions. 

-earfopf earthly trouble. 

-ege m. earthly fear. 

-endet m. end of the world. 

~ieoht n. earthly goods. 

-folgop m. earthly occupation. 

-frffltwung/. earthly adornment. 

-freondf, Pr-, m. earthly friend. 


woruld|frip m. worldly peace. 

-fruma m. patriarch. 

-galnes/. sensuality. 

-giefu/. worldly gift. 

~gielp n. worldly boasting, pride. 

-gitsere m. covetous person. 

-gitsung/. covetousness. 

-gleng m. worldly pomp. 

-god n. earthly good. 

-had m. secular state. 

-hlaford m. secular lord. 

-hogu/ earthly care. 

-hyht/. earthly joy. 

-iermpot/ earthly misery. 

-lace m. earthly physician. 

-lagu/. civil law. 

-lean n earthly reward. 

-lie of the world, terrestrial ; secu- 
lar, worldly. 

-lice av. in the world, in this life. 

-lif n. this life. 

-lufu_/ love of the world. 

-lust m, worldly desire or pleasure. 

~m&g m. earthly kinsman. 

-mann m. man ; layman. 

-med/". earthly reward. 

-nied/ temporal need. 

-nyttf. worldly use or advantage. 

~rden(n)t /. course of things, 

-ricet I. having worldly power or 
riches, mighty. II. w. earthly king- 
dom ; the world. 

-riht n. secular law. 

-geriht n worldly justice. 

-gerisnu npl. worldly usage. 

-sacu/ worldly strife. 

-ges&lig prosperous in this world. 

~(ge)88felp/ earthly prosperity. 

-scamu/. public disgrace. 

-sceaftt/ earthly creature or thing. 

-gesceaftt /. earthly creature or 
thing ; the world. 

-sceat m. quarter of the globe, 

-scipe m. worldly affair. 

-snotor prudent in worldly matters. 

-sorg/. earthly care. 

-spedt/ earthly riches or prosperity. 

-spedig prosperous. 

~spr&c/ worldly talk. 

-steor/. earthly rule. 

-strgngot/. strength. 

-gestreon . worldly possessions. 

-strudere m. arch-robber. 

-stundat^/. period of life. 

-geswinct n. earthly hardship. 




woruld pearfat/H.,-pearfendef 

-peaw m. worldly usage. 

-pegen, -pen tn. secular servant. 

-peowdom m. secular service. 

-piestro/ earthly darkness. 

-ping, n. worldly affair ; worldly 

-gepoht m. worldly thought. 

-gepyncp f. worldly honour or 

-w&pen n. worldly weapon. 

-welaf m. earthly prosperity or 

-weorpscipe m. worldly honour. 

-widlf (n.} earthly defilement. 

-wig n. worldly contest. 

-wilnung/ earthly desire. 

-wis learned, scientific. 

-wisdom m. science, philosophy. 

-wita m. scientist, philosopher. 

~witef n. martyrdom. 

-wlenco/1 worldly ostentation. 

-wrene m. worldly artifice. 

-gewrit n. secular treatise, philo- 

-writers m. philosopher. 

-wuldor . worldly glory. 

-gewuna m. worldly custom. 

-wuniendet dwelling in the world. 

-wynny. earthly joy. 

-yp./. worldly wave. 

wos n. moisture, juice. 

~ig moist, juicy. 

giwoaa = gewesan. 

wopf f. sound, clamour, melody, 

-bora m. poet, prophet. 

-craeft m. ait of poetry. 

-giefu/. gift of melody. 

-sang m. song, poem. 

wox/r/. 0/"weaxan, wascan. 

wracian be exiled or in exile 

wracnian = wrfflcnian. 

wrac u, g. -e, wroece /. revenge, 
vengeance, punishment, persecu- 
tion ; cruelty; distress, misery 

wraec n exile ; misery [wrecan], 

~faect- n. time of misery. 

-full miserable. 

-hwilt_/! time of misery. 

-lastasf mpl. exile, wandering. 

-lastian banish. 

-lie wretched ; f wonderful [for 

WTffittliC ?]. 

wrsec lice av in exile. 
-lif n. life of exile or misery. 
-maecgt m. outcast, wretch, 
-mannf m. exile, 
-scipe*, e m. exile, 
-setlf n. place of exile, 
-sip m. exile ; misery, 
-sipian be in exile, 
-stdwf/. place of exile ot punish- 
ment ( = hell), 
-wite n. punishment. 
-woruld/. miserable world. 
wraecca m. stranger ; exile ; wretch, 

despicable one. 
wraecnes = wrecennes. 
wraacnian, a be in exile. 
wrsed, -p m. band, bandage, wreath 

| troop, herd [wripan]. 
-m&lurn av. in troops. 
wrfinje lecherous, 
-nes/, -scipe m. lechery. 
WTJenna, wserna m. wren, 
wraensa once m. lasciviousness Gl. 


wreesn = wrasen. 
wresnanf change, modulate 


wrajst vigorous, strong, efficient. 
-e av. vigorously. 
wrSstan twist. 

WTfflStl|ian, a,^Taxlian, re wrestle, 
-ere m. wrestler. 

-ung/. wrestling ; struggle, contest. 
wrsat|tt/. ornament, work of art. 
-lief artistic, ornamental ; rare, 


-licet av. splendidly. 
WTffltte/. a plant. 
wrfflp-studu - wrap-, 
wrap = wread. 
gewrjepan rfl. w. ongean, intr. w. 

to be fierce, savage [wrap!. 
wrfeppo, a, wrffipu/". anger. 
wrsaxlian = wrastlian. 
wrah/r/. o/wreon. 
wrang Z. n. injustice, wrong 

wranga*, pranga, wrong m. hold 

(of ship) Gl. 
wrase/. knot, lump, 
wrasent, & chain, 
wrast, -lie delicate Gl. 
wrastlian = wriestlian. 
wrap angry, fierce ; hostile um 

fiercely ; harsh (to taste) ; grievous, 

-e av. angrily, fiercely ; grievously. 


wrap|lic severe (punishment). 
-lice av. fiercely, severely. 
-modt wrathful. 
-scrafuf npl. caves of misery 

gewrapian rfl. be angry vL. 

wrappo = wreeppo. 

wrap'u /. support, prop; help, 


-studu, wre-, -pu/ support. 
wraxlian = wra9stlian. 
wreah occ . prt. of wreon. 
wrec an 5 drive, push ; expel ; 

avenge : - hine on hia feondum, 

- his teouan on d ; punish : 

on him (//.) gewrsec paet hie 

slogon . . || intr. advance, go. 
-end m. avenger. 
-ennes, wrecnes, sef. vengeance. 
wrecca = wraecca. 
wreccan = w^eccan. 
wrecnes = wrecennes. 
^vrecnian = wraacnian. 
wrecscipe = 'WT8Bcscipe. 
wreg an stir upf ; accuse [wroht]. 
-end m. accuser. 
-endlic accusative (case). 
-ere m., -istre/. accuser. 
~ung/ accusation. 
wrenc tn. ; modulation (of 

voice) ; artifice, trick. 
-an twist, turn ; play tricks, 


wrenna = wralnna. 
wreon 6, 7 prt. wrah, ea, 

wrigon, u, ptc. wrigen, o cover 

rare in W. 

wreopen-hilt = wripen-. 
wrep-studu = wrap-. 
wrepian prop, support [wrapu]. 
gewrid, w- n. thicket [wridan]. 
wridjan 6, -ian, if, wrip(i)an 

grow, flourish. 

wrigian, i f strive, tend, go forward. 
wrigelsw. covering, veil [wreon]. 
wrigen ptc. o/wreon. 
wrincl ef. wrinkle. 
-ian wrinkle. 

wring-hwaeg (n.) strained whey. 
gewring n. liquor, drink. 
wringan 3 wring, press out ; ge- 

squeeze (out of shape). 
gewrisc = gewrixl. 
wrislan = wrixlan. 
wrist, wyrst/". wrist. 
writ- [writan]. 
-hoc/, -bred . writing-tablet. 






writjiren, -eeax . style. 

gewrit, writ n. what is written, 
writing ; letter ; legal document, 
deed ; book, Scripture. 

writlan 6 engrave ; draw, depict ; 

-ere m. writer. 


-feper/ pen. 

wrapan 6 twist ; bind. 

wrip(i)an = wridan. 

wripa m. bridle; ring; torture 

wripels m. band. 

wripen-hilt*, wreo-f with twisted 
hilt (sword). 

wrixendjlic mutual. 

-lice av. mutually ; in turn. 

wrixl/, ~a m. exchange. 

gewrixl, ~e, gewrisc . change ; 
exchange, requital ; purchase ; 
turn (in rotation). 

gewrixl aj. changing. 

wrixl|an, -ian, IN. wixl- | fchange 
intr. , change colour, be variegated 
w. or -without bleorn | exchange 
f'wordum ~ converse ; requite. 

-ung/. exchange. 

gewrixlan obtain. 

WTogen//c. (/wreon. 

wroht = worht. 

wroht/ accusation ; recrimination, 
quarrelling ; crime | once tale- 
bearer m. ? ; calamity, misery 

~bera m. accuser. 

-berend m. accuser. 

~bora m. accuser. 

-dropanf mpl. wicked drops (of 
blood of murdered man). 

-geom contentious 

-lac . accusation, calumny. 

-lie accusing. 

-gemsene involved in quarrel. 

-sawere m. causer of strife. 

-scipef /. crime. 

-smipf m. criminal. 

-spitel slanderous Gl. [spittan]. 

-stafasf mpl. crime. 

~getiemet . crime. 

wrot m. snout, trunk (of elephant). 

-an root up (o/p\g). 

wrugon, prt. pi. of wreon. 

wryhta = wyrhta. 

wrynd an ge-ed founded (of 
house) IN. 

wucu, wice wk.f. week. 

W"lic|ub6t/. week's penance. 

~(e)da9g m. week-day. 

-pegn, -pen m. servant (monk) ap- 
pointed for a week's duty. 

-pegnung, -pen- /. week's ser- 

wud|ian cut wood. 

~i(g)ere m. woodcutter, servant Gl. 

-ig wooded. 

-iht wooded. 

wudu, wi(o)du m., pi. wuda(s) 
wood, forest ; timber, wood ; 

-ffllfen, e/ dryad. 

-fflppel m. crab-apple. 

-b&re wood- bearing. 

-beernett . burning wood. 

-batf m. boat, ship. 

-beamf m. tree. 

-bearo m. grove, forest. 

-bill n. hatchet. 

-binde, -bindle/. woodbine. 

-bledf/. wood-blossom. 

-brun n. bugloss (plant). 

-bucca m. wild goat. 

-cerfilley. cow- parsley. 

-COCC m. woodcock. 

-cvilftey. wood-pigeon. 

-cunelle/. wild thyme. 

-docce/. dock. 

-elfen = -selfen. 

-ffiBsten(n) n. forest-cover, place 
protected by forest ; tship. 

-feld m. wooded plain. 

-fin pile of wood. 

-fugol m. forest bird. 

-gat/, wild goat. 

-hana m. woodcock. 

-heawere m. woodcutter. 

-henn/. quail. 

-holt n. forest, wood. 

-hunig m. wild honey. 

-hwistle - -wistle. 

-1&S/ wood-pasture. 

-land . woodland. 

~leahtric m. wild sleepwort. 

-lie woody. 

-mAr/. wood-nymph, echo. 

-merce/ wild parsley. 

-raBden;n)/ forest regulation. 

-reef m. wood-smoke. 

-rima m. border of a forest. 

-rofe/ woodruff. 

-rose/ wild rose. 

-snite/ snipe. 

-telg'a m. branch of a tree. 

-treow n. forest tree. 


wudujpistel m. hellebore. 

-wasa m. faun, satyr. 

-weald m. forest. 

-weard m. forester. 

-weaxe/ wood-wax (a plant). 

-westen(n) . wooded waste. 

-winde/ woodbine. 

-wistle, -hw-/ hemlock. 

-wyrt/ wood plant. 

wuduw|e, wid(e)we/ widow. 

-anhad, widuwhad m. widow- 

wuh(h)ung/ fury, frenzy. 

wuht = wiht. 

WTildor . glory ; praise. 

-beag m. crown of glory. 

-beagian crown. 

-blafedf m. glorious success. 

-cyningf m. king of glory, God. 

-dream-f- m. joy of heaven. 

-fjederf m. glorious father, God. 

wuldorfaest glorious. 

-ef, ~lice av. gloriously. 

wuldor|full glorious. 

-fullian glorify. 

-fullice av. gloriously. 

-gastf ;;/. holy spirit. 

-giefaf m. giver of glory. 

-giefuf/ glorious gift met. 

-gimmf m. sun. 

-hamat > robe of glory. 

-helm m. crown of glory. 

-leant heavenly reward. 

-lie glorious. 

-lice av. gloriously. 

-magaf m. saint. 

~maguf m. saint. 

-micelf wonderfully great. 

-nyttingt/ great usefulness. 

-spedt/ glory. 

-spedigf glorious. 

-gestealdf . heavenly possessions 
or dwelling. 

-torhtf gloriously bright ; illus- 
trious, noble. 

-prym.m.'t' m. glory. 

-werod-f n. heavenly host. 

~wordf n. glorious word. 

wuldr ian glorify, praise ; boast {) 
intr. live in glory. 

-ig glorious. 

-ung/ glorying. 

WUlf m. wolf, -es camb m. wild 
teasel, -es fist toadstool. 

-heafod-treowf n. gallows. 

-heortf savage, cruel. 

~hlipf n. wolf-slope. 




wulfjhol . wolf's hole. 

~sea}> m. wolfs hole. 

-sleed n. wolf-valley Ct. 

wull, -ef. wool. 

-camb ;. wool-comb. 

-cnoppa w. tuft of wool. 

-flies n. fleece. 

-ic woolly. 

-mod distaff. 

-tewestre/1 wool-carder. 

wullian wipe with wool. 

wullen - wyllen. 

gewun I. (n.) custom. II. aj. 

wun|ian dwell ; remain, continue 

(in time and space) || tr.-\ inhabit, 

remain in. 

~enes, wunes/. dwelling. 
~ung/. dwelling (act and place). 
gewunian dwell ; continue | be in 

the habit of tv. ger., habituate 

oneself to w. to. 

gewunja, wuna I. m. habit, cus- 
tom. II. aj. indecl. accustomed. 
-elic customary. 
~elice av. usually. 
wund I. /. wound. II. aj. 

~iht ulcerous. 
-lac . wounding, wound, 
-swapu/. scar. 
wundian wound. 
wundel (/.) wound, 
wunden feaxf with braided hair. 
-healsf with twisted prow v ship). 
-locct with braided locks. 
-mefelf with twisted ornaments, 
-stefnaf with twisted prow 

wundor ;/. wonder ; wonderful 

thing; miracle, wundrum av. 

wonderfully, terribly. 
-agrsefenf wonderfully carved. 
-beacen . strange sign. 
-bebodf n. strange command. 
-bleohf n. wonderful colour. 
-clammf ;. wonderful bond. 
-clofe, u/ camphire (plant). 
-crfflftiglice av. marvellously. 
-difed/. wonderful deed. 
-deapf m. terrible death. 
~f8Btf n. wonderful vessel. 
~full wonderful. 
-fullice av. wonderfully. 
-giefuf/. wonderful gift met. 
-iJBCan magnify. 
-lie wonderful. 

av. wonderfully. 

-mapmt m. wonderful treasure. 

~sien*, eofy. wonderful sight. 

-smipt ni. wonderful smith. 

-tacenf . prodigy. 

~l i ge)weorc n. wonderful work, 

-woruldf/. wonderful world. 

-wyrdf/. strange occurrence. 

wundrjian wg. wonder (at), ad- 

-ung/. wonder, admiration. 

wnrd = word. 

wurdon, o/"weorpan. 

wurm = wyrm. 

wurma vE. m. murex, purple- 
fish ; purple. 

wurm ille, -ele/, wild marjoram. 

wurpan = weorpan. 

wursrn = worms. 

wurp- = weorp-. 

wusc* wish [wyscan]. 

-beam n. little child IN. Cp. 

wutodlice = w^itodlice. 

wuton = uton. 

wylf/. she-wolf [wulf]. 

wylfen I./ she-wolf. II. fsavage, 

wylig willow = welig. 

wyliht full of willows = wiliht. 

wyllen, u of wool [wull]. 

wynde-craeft, i m. art of em- 
broidery [windan], 

gewynde n. weaving ;?) Gl. 

wyndle/. wound. Cp. wundel. 

wyn TO./, joy. wynnum joyfully. 

-beamf m. tree of joy, the 

-burgty; pleasant city. 

~candel(l)t/ sun. 

-dsBgf m. day of joy. 

-dream m. joy. 

-eler m. pleasant oil. 

-ffflstf pleasant. 

-full joyful. 

-graft tnn. pleasant grove. 

-landf n. pleasant country. 

-leas joyless. 

-lie pleasant, beautiful. 

-lice av. joyfully. 

-lust m. pleasure. 

-rn&gt/. saint. 

-rodf/ the Cross. 

~gesij>t m. acceptable companion. 

wyn sum pleasant. 

-ian rejoice. 


wynsumjlic, ge- pleasant. 
-lice av. pleasantly. 
-nes/". loveliness, pleasantness. 
wyn psalterium n. psalm of joy. 
-werod n. chorus Gl. 

-wyrtfy. pleasant plant. 
wynnung, i /. tares IN. Cp. 

w^r = wlr myrtle. 

wyrcjan, A. i, y ; prt. worhte, A. 
wyrcte, ptc. worht, IN. wroht 
w. a.,g. work tr. andintr., build, 
perform, keep (festival) ; cause ; 
amount to (in reckoning) | u>g. 
strive after | deserve, acquire. 

-end m. worker, doer. 

-nes/. work. 

-ung/. working. 

gewyrce, i n. inwards (of pig). 

wyrd f. fate ; event, phenomenon 

-gessfelig fortunate. 

-gesceapum av. by chance Gl. 

-stafasf mpl destiny. 

-writere m. historian ; scientist. 

gewyrd /. fate ; event, circum- 
stance, state of things. 

-elic historical. 

gewyrd, ~e n talking, eloquence ; 
ordinance [word]. 

gewyrde = gewierpe amount. 

gewyrde lie* eloquent. 

-lice av. eloquently, accurately. 

-licnes/. eloquence. 

wyrgan, ie [error?], IN. prt. 
-wrigde strangle. 

gewyrht nf., gen. pi. deed, trans- 
gression, desert, merit : be his 
~um, buton -urn undeservedly, 
mid ~um deservedly ; ffate (?) 

wyrhta, wryhta m. worker, maker. 

gewyrhta m. doer ; co-operator, 

wyrm m. reptile ; serpent, dragon; 
worm [wurma]. 

~fete worm-eaten. 

-baso red. 

-gebljed . a kind of blister or 

-cynn n. species of serpent. 

-fagt with serpentine ornaments. 

-galere, galdere m. snake- 

-geardt m. abode of serpents. 

-hielsere m. diviner by serpents. 

~hiw n. form of a snake. 




wyrm|hordt dragon's treasure. 

-lief n. serpentine ornament. 

-melo . worm-meal (?). 

-read scarlet. 

~selef m. hall of serpents ( = hell). 

-slite M. being eaten by worms. 

~wyrt/ a plant. 

wyrmeUa = wurmille. 

wyrms = worms pus. 

~ig purulent, festering. 

-teung*. wyrshrteung, -spi- 
wung*, wyrsnsspiung/ phthisis 

wyrmsjan, wyrsman fester 
ge~ed purulent [worms]. 

wyrp, ie once, IN. y, oe m. throw- 
ing ; blow, stroke, shot [weor- 

wyrpe = wie rpe recovery. 

gewyrpe n. heap (?) Ct. 

wyrpelf m. foot-ring (of hawk). 

wyrrest = wierrest. 

wyrsa = wiersa. 

wyrsman = wyrmsan. 

wyrst = wrist. 

wyrt f. vegetable, plant, herb, 

spice ; crop ; root, 
-bedd n. bed planted with herbs, 
-box m. perfume-box. 
-br&p m. fragrance of flowers. 
-cynn n. species of herb, 
-cynren n. species of herb, 
-drenc m. herbal drink, 
-fast n. perfume-box. 
-geard m. kitchen garden. 

-ig hamm garden. 

-gemang n,, -gemengnes, a/. 

spice, perfume. 

wyrt|mete m. dish of vegetables. 

-tun m. garden. 

wyrt-walja m. root. 

~ian root or pull up or out. 

wyrt-weard m. gardener. 

wyrt-(t)rum|a m. root, root- 

-ian root up. 

wyrtian spice, perfume. 

wyscan wish wdg., w. sbj 

gewyscjan wish | adopt: -hie 
him (r/?.) to bearnum. 

-ednes, -ing/, adoption. 

-endlic desirable ; optative (mood) | 
adoptive (child). 

-endlice av. (child) by adop- 





yce/. toad, frog. 

ydeeges = ideeges on the same 


yddisc = *iedisc furniture. 
yfel I. aj., cpv. wiersa, y, spl. 

wierrest, wyr v re)sta bad ; 

wicked ; painful, miserable. II. 

n. evil ; wickedness ; mischief, 

damage ; misery. 
-cund evil. 

~ewepende evil-speaking. 
~d&d/ evil deed. 
-defeda m. evil-doer, 
-full evil, wicked. 
~geornin)es/. wickedness. 
-lie, yfelic evil, bad ; mean, untidy 

(in dress). 

-nes/. badness, wickedness. 
yfelsac|ian blaspheme. 
-end m. blasphemer. 
-ung/ blaspheming, blasphemy. 
yfel|sop unhappily true, too true. 
-sprffece evil-speaking, 
-willende vicious. 

yfel|willendnes/. malice. 

-wyrcende evil-doing. 

yfele, yfle av., cpv. wiers, y badly, 
wrongly ; miserably. 

yfelian, yfl- intr. become bad II tr. 

yfemest spl. ^uferra. 

yferra, -era = uferra. 

yfes /. eaves of house. Cp. 

-drype*, yfer- m. drip from eaves 

ylcian = f loian delay. 

ylca = ilca same. 

ylfig chattering, raving Gl. 

yip m. - elpend elephant es- 

ban ivory. 

yltsta spl. 0/eald old. 

ym- =ymb-. 

ymb, L. ~e, embe prp. wa. [the 
av. ymbe takes d.] \ place around 
| time about, at : -e gangdagas 
oppe SST nfter : he for - ane 
niht to Iglea, pees ~e lytel soon 


after. ~ twelf mouap every 
twelve months | concerning, about: 
georn - lare, smean - God. 
- (beon) be busy about, aim at : 
se deofol is ffifre ~e yfel ; hu 
he ~e hi sceolde how he should 
deal with them ; also abs. : hu 
he ~e wolde how he would 

ymb-btan*, ymbe- f curb, en- 

ymb-beorgan 3 protect. 

ymb-beran 4 surround. 

ymb'biegnes, ymbe- /. Lend (of 

ymb-bindan 3 bind round. 

ymb-bugan 7 bend round. 

ymb'Cfflnan embroider round. 

ymb'ceorfan 3 circumcise. 

ymb-cierr m. migration IN. 

-an go round, make the circuit of. 

ymb-clypp an embrace. 

-ing/, embrace. 

ymb-cyme m. assembly. 


ymbe av. {the prp. is ymb, L. 
ymbe] around. In compos, ymb- 
is older and more frequent than 

ymb|e [y = i] (.) swarm of 

-Btocc m. stump with swarm of 
bees in it Ct. 

ymbe- occ. = ymb-. neighbouring Gl. 

ymb-faer, ymbe- n. circuit. 

ymb-faereld n. circuit. 

ymb'fiBstnes/. enclosure. 

ymb'ffflpmian encompass. 

ymb'faran a surround; traverse. 

ymb-feng m. envelope, covering. 

ymb'feran. go round, traverse. 

ymb'fleogan 7 fly round. 

ymb-ion i b grasp, clasp ; encom- 
pass, surround. 

ymb'fraetwian surround with 
ornaments, adorn. 

ymb'gan, -gangan vb. go round ; 

ymb-gang m. circuit, circumfer- 

ymb'gyxdan encircle, surround. 

ymb'habban surround, include. 

ymb-haga m. hedge, enclosure. 

ymb-hammen surrounded Gl. 

ymb'healdan i encompass. 

ymb'heapian heap round. 

ymb-he gian hedge round. 

ymb'hon i b tr. hang round ptc. 
-hangen surrounded, hung (with), 
covered (with). 

ymb-hog a m. consideration, re- 
flection, purpose ; care, anxiety. 

~ian be anxious about. 

ymb hringjan surround. 

-end m. attendant Gl. 

ymb'huung /. circumcision IN. 

ymb'hweorfan 3 intr. revolve 
|| tr. go round, encompass ; tend, 

ymb-hwierf (an revolve round ; 
encompass ; traverse. 

-nesyC change, revolution. 

ymb-hwyrft, -e, -i, -eo, -ea m. 
rotation ; orbit (of stars) ; circuit, 
extent ; world. 

ymb'hycgan reflect on, consider. 

ymb-hygd, -hyd f. solicitude, 

~ig solicitous, anxious. 

~iglice*, ~elice av. carefully. 


ymb-hygdignes/. solicitude. 

ymb-iernan 3 run round. 

ymb'lddan lead round. 

ymb-lrigian provide with a 

ymb'licgan 5 surround, encom- 
pass, confine. 

ymb-lipan 6 sail round. 

ymbren n. Ember-tide, the Ember 
days [ymbryne]. 

~dfflg, ymbrig- m. Ember-day. 

-faBSten(n) n. fast at Ember- 

-wuce/. Ember week. 

ymb-ryne, emrene m. motion 
round, revolving ; orbit (of stars) 
| time lapse, course. 

ymb'sceadwian overshadow. 

ymb'sceaw|ian look round. 

-iendlice/. circumspectly. 

~ung/. looking round. 

ymb'Bcinan 6 shine round tr. 

ymb'scripan 6 make the circuit 

ymb-scrydan clothe, dress. 

ymb-8|llan surround. 

ymb-seon 5 look round. 

ymb-seon/. beholding. 

ymb-set . siege. 

ymb-seten*, vE. oemseten f. 
shoot, slip. 

ymb-setl . siege. 

ymb-setming/. sedition. 

ymb-settan encompass ; besiege. 

ymb-sittan 5 encompass, besiege 
also w. utan. 

ymb-sittend, ymbe-t m. neigh- 
bour (nation). 

~e intr. sitting round ; neighbour- 
ing (people). 

ymb-smeagung*, ymbe- / con- 

ymb'snidennes f. circumcision 

ymb'snipan 6 circumcise. 

yrnb-spannan i clasp round, 

ymb-spr&c, ymbe- / conversa- 
tion, discussion. 

-e spoken about, well known. 

ymrrstand|an 2 surround. 

~en*, ymbe-f surrounded. 

ymb-standendef standing round, 

ymb'Stand(en)nes f. encompass- 
ing ; guardianship. 

ymb-styrian stir about, overturn. 



ymb-sw^aepe, -a-/, digression Gl. 

ymb'swapan i environ ; clothe, 

ymb'trymian, - try m man sur- 
round ; fortify. 

ymb'trymming f. surrounding ; 

ymb'tynan surround. 

ymb'tyrnan surround Gl. 

ymb-panc*, ymbe- m. reflection. 

ymb-pridung /. deliberation, re- 
flection Gl. 

ymb-pringan 3 throng round, 

ymb'utan, abutan av., prp. wa. 
around, about ymb hie utan 
= -hie. 

ymb-wfan envelop, clothe. 

ymb-waerlan turn towards IN. 

ymb'weaxan i grow round, sur- 

ymb-wendjan turn round. 

-nes/! change. 

-ung/. reviving ; behaviour. 

ymb-w^eorpan 3 surround. 

ymb-wician besiege. 

ymb'\vindan 3 enfold, encompass. 

ymb-wlatjian contemplate. 

-ung/. contemplation. 

ymb-wyrcan enclose, surround. 

ymel, e caterpillar. 

ymele, ymle /. document, piece 
of writing. 

ymen m. hymn [/,/. hymnus]. 

-boc/. hymn-book. 

-sang m. hymn. 

ymesene blind. 

ymest spl. of uferra. 

ymnere m. hymn-book [Lt. 

ynce inch [Z./. uncial. 

yndse, entse/. ounce [Lt. uncia], 

ynne-leac . onion \_Lt. unio]. 

yplen, ypplen . top, summit Gl. 

yppan bring out or up ; ge- produce 
(flowers) ; make manifest, disclose, 
betray ; ge- utter (words) [up- 

yppe I. evident, known. II. n. 
upper room Gl. ; dais, throne ; 
show, spectacle Gl. 

yppingf/. (?). 

-iren*, i- n. crowbar. 

fr, e back of axe. 

yTf bow (?) ; the Runic letter j. 

yrse-binn/. a kind of box (?). 



yslje/ ash. 
-ende glowing Gl. 
ysope/. hyssop [/. 
fat/, whirlwind, storm. 
~ian storm, rage. 
~ig stormy. 
yt;an expel [ut]. 
-end m. expeller. 
~ing/i journey. 
ytemest spl. ^ 
yteren of an otter [otor]. 

y terra = uterra. 

y truest = ytemest. 

yp/1 wave. 

-geblandf n. surge. 

-bordf . ship. Cp. wsegbord. 

-faruf/. flood. 

-hengest Pr. m. horse. 

-hoff n. ship. 

-ig rough (sea). 

-ladef^^- sea-passage. 

-laff/. shore. 

., -lidaf m. ship. 
~mearht . ship, 
-meref m. sea. 
~naca*f ship, 
-gewinnf n. life in the water, 
-worigende wandering on the 

waves Gl. 
yf>g|ian, >pian fluctuate, surge ; 


~ung/i fluctuation. 
ypung/! inundation ; agitation. 



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