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Studwell Family. 




.V 1 

THE family of Studwell originated in the 
pj County of Kent, England. *Their ancient 

seat, which was situated near the hamlet of 
Scale, in the County of Kent, was known as 
Stidulfe's place. Studwell is a corruption of 
Stidulfe. The original name of the family was 
Stodewolfe, which was changed to Stodolfe, 
Stidolfe, Stidulfe, Stee'dale, Steedweel, Studwell, 
and (some families now) Steduell. 
"H ^asted's " History of Kent " mentions Robert 
de Stidulfe, who flourished before the re'gri of 
Edward HI (1327), who is spoken of in ancient 
deeds, without date, as being the proprietor of 
o Stidulfe's place in Seale. 

A branch of this family settled at Mickleham, 
5 in the adjoining county of Surrey. In Surrey 

^ *These notes on the English origin of the Studwell familj have been 

contributed by Edward C. Marshall, JI. A., genealogist, No. 127 Washing- 

^r*"^:^ ton place. New York, author of the "Ancestry of Gen. Grant," the " His- 

■^iQ tory of the U. S. Naval Academy," etc. (For the sake of convenience, and 

to avoid possible errors, the family name throughout this genealogical 

record will be spelled the modem way — Studwell). 


we find mentioned Sir Francis Stydolfe, Knight 
(died 1655), ■ : Richard Stydolfe, Knight (died 
1676), and Sir Thomas Stodolfe, Knight. In 1660 
Richard Stidulf was created a baronet. 

The hamlet of Seale in the County of Kent was 
held by feudal tenure by the Lords Say and Seal. 
In 163 1 Lord Say and Seal, with Lord Brooke, 
Pyne Hampden and others, received a grant of 
land on the Connecuticut river which was named 
'* The Colony of Saybrook." In 1635, under 
the direction of John Winthrop, men, ordnance, 
ammunition and ;^2,ooo sterling were sent from 
England to erect Fort Saybrook at the mouth of 
the Connecticut river. 

Lion Gardiner, who was an engineer, laid 
out, about 1635, Saybrook Point, in lots, sur- 
veyed streets, and made preparations for the re- 
ception of "gentlemen of quality." Unfortu- 
nately, no list has been preserved of the men 
who settled in Saybrook in 1635. There is ex- 
tant no list of the freemen of Saybrook previous 
to 1669, and Thomas Studwell, the progenitor 
of the Studwell family in America, was in Rye 
(or Greenwich) before this date. We know that, 
certainly, one of the earliest settlers of Saybrook, 
John Tully, was from the County of Surrey of 

England. [History of Middlesex County, Con- 

^ The trend in all the facts of the case furnishes 
strong grounds for the conjecture that Thomas 
Studwell (or Steedwell) was among the settlers in 
Saybrook in 1635, and that he went thence, about 
1650, to Rye, and later to Greenwich, Conn. 
He was probably from Seale, in the County of 
Kent, and he came to America under the aus- 
pices of his patron, Lord Say and Seal. His 
birth took place, we may conjecture, about the 
year 1600. He was, therefore, about seventy 
years of age when he died in Greenwich, Conn. 
He appears to have had considerable money, as 
he was engaged, with others, in large purchases 
of land in Rye and Greenwich. 

In the History of Greenwich and Stamford, 
Conn., we find that in 1656 one Crab sold por- 
tions of his estate to the ancestor of the Stud- 
wells, and that Peter Disbrow and John Coe, to- 
gether with I. Thomas Studwell (i), bought a 
considerable part of what is now the town of 
Rye, N. Y. , running from Byrani river to Blind 
brook and the Sound, and north of the Pur- 
chase, a distance of si.x miles. Later, w^e find, 
in Bolton's "History of Westchester County, 


N. Y. ," that the same parties, on June 29, 1660, 
became successors to the Dutch West India Com- 
pany, whose property included an island in Long 
Island Sound, called Mamusing. On this island 
I. Thomas Studvvell (i) made his home in a rude 
dwelling before he built, on the mainland, his 
second house, which was located at Milton, near 
where is now the district school house. He was 
a leading pioneer of Greenwich, where his name 
appears, in 1656, as a signer of articles removing 
the court to New Haven. He owned a large tract 
of land west of the Mianus river, extending from 
Studwell's Point, on the Sound, some of it four 
miles to the north, and portions of this tract have 
remained in the possession of the Studvvell family 
to this day. He also held land in Stamford. In 
1662 he signed a declaration as one of the in- 
habitants of the town of Rye, and in 1663 he sold 
a part of his property, including a house on Mill 

The Indians conveyed another large tract of 
land (now town of Harrison) to Disbrow, Coe, 
Thomas Studwell and John Budd, Other parties 
came into the settlement, many of them from Long 
Island (when that section vv'as given over to the 
Duke of York), among them being John Mead, 

who by some is said to have been the first repre- 
sentative of the Mead family in this country. On 
April 28, 1663, Disbrow, Coe and Studvvell sold 
to nine other settlers a portion of their extensive 
tract of land, which was located in the township 
of Rye and adjacent towns. In the earlier re- 
cords of the various towns their names are found 
among those of prominent landowners. 

In 1667 I. Thomas Studwell (i) returned 
to Greenwich (then a part of Stamford), where 
he died in 1670. Prior to his death he was en- 
gaged in clearing the land and tilling the soil, 
also, as above mentioned, in disposing to early 
settlers of portions of the land which he had 
bought of the Indians. His sons and their de- 
scendants continued to dispose of this land for 
several years, the last of the large tract known as 
Studwell's Point, at Greenwich, being conveyed 
to Robert Mead, of that place (date of distribu- 
tion of the estate of Lillie Studwell — November 
2, 1787; date of land sale — April, 1788), the 
same having been in the family about one hun- 
dred and thirty years, or since the first purchase 
from the Indians. There were six or seven parts 
or divisions, each selling for about ^^"125. 10 8d. 
sterling, and went to the children and grandchil- 

■^ J^ ^ H P IJ ! V> *g*T ' 


dren of Thomas Studwell (born in 1709) and his 
wife Jemima, and others (Lillie Studwell also 
left a large estate). 

The following named children were born to 
I. Thomas Studwell (i), the original ancestor: 
(i) Thomas (2), (2) Joseph (i) and (3) John (i). 
No record of the birth or death of these three 
sons is found, but it is known that from 1672 to 
1683 they were residing at Rye, N. Y. Between 
1692 and 1697 they removed to Greenwich, Fair- 
field county, having sold all their land at Rye on 
account of a dispute over rival claims of New 
York and Connecticut to the territory. The re- 
cords of Greenwich show that in 1694 11. 
Thomas (2) had taxable property to the amount 
of thirty pounds sterling, while Joseph (i) was 
taxed for eighteen pounds. According to the re- 
cords II. Thomas (2) sold land in the town to 
John Wilson in 1696. 1697, ^nd down to 17 18. 
The line of descent in which we are now inter- 
ested is traced through II. Thomas (2), as will 
be seen farther on. C'y.S ''''•' 

^ Joseph (i) had a son Joseph (2), who was born 
January 21, 1703, died May 9, 1793. He mar- 
ried Susannah — [surname not now obtainable], 
who was born August 10, 1704, and died August 


I -il ''' ^~^ '-^ *^'-* 


10, 1767. Names and dates of birth of their chil- 
dren: Mary, August 10, 1720; Joseph, February 
4, 1731; Gilbert, March 5, 1733; Gatsy, August 
19, 1737, died December 19, 1738; and James, 
April I, 1746. Of these, James (the last named) 
married Elizabeth Brundige, who was born 
November 22, 1753. Names of children, with 
dates of birth etc., as follows: Hester, November 

23. 1771, died August 30, 1777; Joseph, Novem- 
ber 2, 1773, died August 25, 1777; Charity, 
October, 20, 1775. died September 5, 1777; 
Elethea, May 7, 1778, died August 13, 1796; 
James, June 5, 1780; John, June 2, 1782, died 
January 15, 1799; Elizabeth, September 8, 1784; 
Albijean, April i, 1787; Joseph, July 10, 1789; 
Susanna, December 10, 1791; Brundige, June 

24, 1794; and Joanna, January 25, 1799. The 
father of these died sometimeafter the year 1805. 
Of this family, Brundige Studwell married (first) 
Sarah Akin, and (second) Deborah Akin. Names, 
and dates of birth etc., of children by first wife 
Akin, January 31, 18 18, died April 2, 181 8 
Elizabeth, July 3, 1819, died October 25, 1839 
Albert, September 11, 1822, died Decembers, 
1826; Egbert, September 11, 1S22, married 
Harriet Crane; George, November 4, 1824, 


married Eveline Beaby; Amanda, February 24, 
1826, married Joel C. Joice, and died January 9, 
1898; Milan, April 3, 1828, is spoken of more 
fully below. Children by second marriage: 
Frances, born March 30, 1831, married Edgar 
Bounds, and died January 30, 1853; and Char- 
lotte, born May 27, 1836, married John Jones. 
Milan Studwell was married August 17, 1854, to 
Mary E. Gardner, who was born October 16, 
1835. Their children: Myrtie H., born June 27, 
1864, married Crosby D. Wood January 13, 
1885; and Carrie B. , born August 25, 1871. 
The name of John (i) appears on a deed to 
which he witnessed in 17 13, but it is not known 
that he had any descendants. 

Joseph Studwell, son of Joseph (2), was born 
February 4, 1731, lived on North King street, 
and was the owner of a fine large farm. He was 
one of the first citizens of that locality, and in 
religious faith he was a Quaker. He died in 
September, 1823. leaving his farm to his chil- 
dren, and they passed nearly their entire lives 
there, respected by all who knew them — in fact, 
his descendants have resided on that farm almost 
down to the present day. He married Elizabeth 
• [surname not now obtainable], who was 


born in February, 1730, and died in August, 1766. 
Names of their children and dates of birth, etc., 
are here given: David, June 26, 1757; Benja- 
min, August 24, 1759, died August 24, 1824; 
Joanna, February, 1762; Martha, December, 
1764, died in 1795 [dates of death of the others 
not given]. Of these, Benjamin married Sarah 

[surname not now obtainable], and they 

had children as follows: Elizabeth, born October 
3, 1784, married Purdy Anderson; Susanna, born 
in March, 1788, married Hackaliah Carhart, and 
died September 4, 1837; Perthena, born in 1791, 
died in 1792; Polly Ann, born January 11, 1795, 
married Calvin Sherwood, and died October 5, 
1865; Joseph, born November 27, 1798, died 
September 24, 1890, aged ninety-two years; Sally, 
born June 28, 1801, died in 1849. Of these, 
Joseph married Elizabeth Brundage, who was 
born March 17, 1796. The names and dates of 
birth of their children: Sarah, April 4, 1S34, 

married Absalom Ireland; Elizabeth, born 

[date not now known], married James M. Searles, 
and died March 15, 1884; and Julia L., born 
November 25, 1843, is at this writing living at 
Port Chester, N. Y., and to her James \V. Stud- 


well is indebted for the names, etc., in this para- 
graph and the following one. 

Gilbert Studwell, son of Joseph (2) and 
brother of Joseph (3), was born in 1733, mar- 
ried Mary — ^^ [surname not now obtainable], 

who was born in 1736. Their children: Car- 
thagena, born November 20, 1756; Rodger, born 
February 10, 1758; Mary, born June 22, 1764 
[dates of their death not now known]. 

Joseph Studwell (of fourth generation from 
original ancestor), son of Thomas (3) (who 
was born in 1709) [dates of birth and death of 
IV. Joseph not now known]. He married Mrs. 
Deborah Lockwood, widow of Silas Lock- 
wood (Silas died at the early age of twenty-five 
years). By him (Lockwood) she had a son, 
Stephen, who was married January r, 1792, to 
Sarah Ingersoll, daughter of Simon and Eliza- 
beth Ingersoll. (Gen. Albert Lockwood, of Sing 
Sing, N. Y. , and the late Munson Lockwood, of 
White Plains, were his sons). The children born 
to Joseph (4) and Deborah (Lockwood) Studwell 
were: Richard, Joseph (5) and Solomon. 

The eldest of that family, Richard Studwell, 
of Greenwich, was born in 1773, and died Octo- 
ber 28, 1855. He married Elizabeth Devens, 

1 ^ 'i I M< i«'n ti ■ 


who was born in 1773, and died in 1837. Their 
children: fi^AUen Studvvell, born October 21, 
1799, died July 9, 1892. He married Nancy 
Lockwood, who Was born August 8, 1804, and 
died February 17, 1879. They had three chil- 
dren — {a) Charles M. (born in 1831, died July 
27, 1894, at Cos Cob, Conn.), who married Rose 
F. Ray, and had one son, Charles M., who died 
in 1893; (J>) Sarah Elizabeth (born October 9, 
1826), who was married September 26, 1856, to 
Joseph Eneas, and has five children — Edwin I., 
Albert A., Ella, Earnest and Josephine; and {c) 
Augustus, who died in youth. /2)JSanford Stud- 
well, born in 1808, died May 26, 1894. He mar- 
ried (first) Sarah Holmes, who died November 
22, 1875, aged seventy-five years, and (second) 
Julia Smith, who is now living at Bedford, Conn. 
To the first marriage was born one son, Jere- 
miah, on April 5, 1833, who died April 16, 18S3; 
he married Catharine Pearl, y^ Eliza, born in 
1796, died September 9, 1885. (f^ Letta, born 
June 4, 1806, died November 14, 1896. On 
January 17, 1830, she married Jeremiah Slater, 
who was born June 10, 1807, and died August 
17, 1890. Their children: Sanford, born March 
22, 183 1 ; Augustus, born November 17, 1834; 


Sanford A., born October 5, 1839; and Atwood, 
born November 26, 1842. /J)j Caroline, born 
January 4, 1802, died June 20, 1854; she mar- 
ried Nathaniel Briggs, of Greenwich, and they 
had one son, John A. Briggs. /(5) ' Clarissa, 
youngest daughter of Richard, was born at Green- 
wich, Conn., August 16, 1815, married (first) 
Denison Lockwood, and they had one child, 
Caroline E., who married Jacob Dunn, their 
children being Lucy E., wife of Frank A. Whit- 
ing, of Stanwich, Conn. ; Mortimer Allen, who 
married Frances D. Studwell, daughter of John 
Sanford Studwell; and Alice, wife of John Ruckel, 
of Riverbank, Conn. Clarissa (Studwell) Lock- 
wood married (second) Daniel Slater, of Mianus, 
Conn., and one son, Randolph N., was born to 
them. He married Mary Elizabeth Studwell, 
daughter of John Sanford Studwell. This John 
Sanford Studwell married Annie Crosby; their 
children: (a) John Filmore, born April 5, 1858, 
married Helen Burns; their children — Spencer 
A., born May 14, 1893, and John Russell, born 
July I, 1896. {b) Thomas M. (of Port Chester, 
N. Y.), born March 24, 18 — , married Josephine 
Farnham; children — John T. , born May 21, 1892; 
Ernest L, born August 14, 1894; Lawrence H., 

i-V ."- ;■ f-«i«V."fi 

■* ■ n » -'h i i < i n i i — . ....... I —. . , ■ , . . ■ » i> I i fi i i I < i « i » n ri ai Bfllir i a r ii T . 


born July 24, 1896; and Earl W. , born May 27, 
189S. (c) Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Randolph N. 
Slater), {d) Frances D. (Mrs. Mortimer A. 
Dunn), (e) Leonora, married to Albert Knapp, 
of Greenwich, Conn. Of these, the eldest, John 
Filmore, in partnership with his brother-in-law, 
Albert Knapp, is conducting a prosperous grocery 
business in Greenwich. The father of this family, 
John Sanford Studwell, died in Bedford, Conn., 
in May, 1894. 

Ezekiel Studwell, son of Thomas (born 1732) 
and (Mrs.) Sarah (Palmer) Studwell, died Sep- 
tember 15, 1849, aged seventy years, nine 
months, twelve days. He married Patty (or 
Martha) Mead, who died January 8, 1844, aged 
si.xty-three years, five months, four days. Their 
children: (a) John E., (l?) Thomas, (c) Harvey, 
(d) Jeremiah, [c) Roswell, (/) Eliza, and (g) 
Cyrus Henry. Of these, (a) John E., born 
in 1806, married Betsey Gregory, and died May 
12, 1862; their children: Richard, born August 
14, 1829, married Emily Brown, and they live in 
New York City; Mary, born September 24, 1834, 
married October 6, 1880, Col. Hiram Scott, a 
probate judge, of Ridgefield, Conn. ; Sarah, who 
died October 14, 1868, aged thirty-six years, (cf) 

■ ^=^' jlA tf M lL ai*Kt T-J lllt i jB l . g J M i 1 tf A J.« S .- .... ^ .-l^^^j... •...^fe^-,^^.-.^..^^,. 


Jeremiah married Jane A. Teed; children: Will- 
iam, born May 12, 1834; and Martha, born in 
1847, married Charles T. Hoyt, of Ridgefield; 
their children — Harry, Martha and Charles. (^) 

Roswell married ; their children — Harvey 

(married, and has one daughter, Edith), Mary, 
Sarah and Francis. (/) Eliza married William 
Howser; their children — William, Martha, Lucy 
and Emma. 

Joseph Studwell (5), son of Joseph (4) and 
Deborah (Lockwood) Studwell, was born at 
Greenwich, Conn., February 10, 1777, and died 
at Bedford, N. Y. , January 15, 1865, aged eigh- 
ty-seven years, eleven months, five days. Jos- 
eph Studwell married (first) Sarah Mead, who 
was born December 15, 1785, at Greenwich, 
Conn., a daughter of Abel and Phebe R. Mead. 
Abel Mead was a descendant of John Mead, who 
emigrated from England in the year of 1642. 
This John Mead was the ancestor of the Fairfield 
county and Westchester county Meads. Joseph 
and Sarah Studwell had but one child, Edwin 
Studwell, who was born in Greenwich, Conn., 
November 5, 1803. Sarah Mead Studwell died 
in Greenwich, Conn., April 15, 1807, aged twen- 
ty-two years, four months, and was buried at 


Bedford, N. Y. Edwin Studwell is living at 
South Salem, now in his ninety-sixth year, being 
the oldest representative of the family name, and 
there is no record of any Studwell having reached 
his great age. The following was written by 
Edwin A. Studwell, relative to his father Edwin 
Studwell, to whom James \V. Studwell, the com- 
piler of the Studwell genealogy, is indebted for 
this branch of the record: 

"As to the Studwells and Meads, my fath- 
er's family, I know of none that were drunkards. 
I never saw or heard of a single instance where 
any of his immediate family were under the in- 
fluence of the intoxicating bowl. Some of the 
younger or present generation smoke. The Stud- 
wells and Meads were not only a farming class, 
but were more of a money-making family, either 
as manufacturers, merchants or speculators. My 
father was born early in this century, and has 
lived through the major part of our country's 
prosperity and existence. As neighbor and citi- 
zen he has always been highly respected; his 
word was as good as his bond; never aggressive 
in politics — an Old-line Whig, then a Republican 
from the organization of the party. As a farmer 
he excelled, not a farm in the township equalling 


his. The largest crops were awarded him; not a 
rock or stone left in the meadows, all the low 
land being redrained; in fact his farm was his 
pride. For seventy years he has lived on the 
same farm where he took his young bride. There 
his children were born; there they left him for 
their several life's work. There his dear part- 
ner was taken from him after they had lived to- 
gether nearly forty-eight years; and there he is 
quietly ending his long life. A life without a 
blemish, a character unstained. A man respected 
by all far and near, a watchful father, a faithful 
and affectionate husband, an esteemed citizen 
and neighbor, a good man. A man that never 
uttered an oath; never used tobacco; never used 
liquor except medicinally; never spoke an unkind 
word of any one. With a retiring, unassuming 
disposition, his life has been without guile. His 
sterling character and manly principles are 
known to all those to whom he has practiced 
dealings in life. Exemplified in his life the real, 
the true, the practical way, the character which 
constitutes the real Christian." 

Edwin Studwell was married by Rev. Steven 
Saunders, at South Salem, N. Y., October 22, 
1828, to Eliza Hull, daughter of Capt. Jacob and 


Hannah (Bouton) Hull, the latter of whom was 
the daughter of Capt. Moses Boutoa, a Revolu- 
tionary soldier. Eliza Hull was born in South 
Salem, September 14, 1S05, and died there May 
29, 1876, aged seventy years, eight months, fif- 
teen days. She spent her entire life in the town- 
ship, as did also her parents and grandparents. 
Edwin and Eliza Studwell's children were: (i) 
Leander Mead, (2) Dwight, (3) Smith Bouton, (4) 
Edwin Augustus, (5) Mary Eliza. Of these, (i) 
Leander Mead was born in South Salem, N. Y. , 
March 6, 1831, was married May 7, 1S63, by 
Rev. T. S. Chauncey, to Mary Caroline Bulkley, 
daughter of William Bulkley, of Rye, N. Y. 
Their two children: Frederick Bulkley, born in. 
Brooklyn, N. Y., May 4, 1S64, and Albert Lean- 
der, born in Brooklyn, N. Y. , February 22, 
1867, and died at Plainfield, N. J., May i, 1S75. 
(2) Dwight, born in South Salem, N. Y. , April 
10, 1832, was married November 16, 1858, by 
Rev. Alexander McLean, at Fairfield, Conn., to 
Hanna Maria Crocker, daughter of Capt. 
Charles and Julia Crocker, of Fairfield, Conn. ; 
she died in Brooklyn, X. Y., December 12, 1S75. 
Their children: Charles Crocker, born in Fair- 
field, Conn., March 25, i860; Dwig'.it, born in 


Fairfield, Conn., January 25, 1862; Herbert, 
born in Brooklyn, N, Y., April i, 1867; and 
Florence, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., June 28, 
1871. Charles Crocker Studvvell, son of Dwight 
and Hanna Maria Studvvell, was married at 
Wallingford, Vt., by Rev. Samuel French, on 
August 20, 1883, to Mary Evangeline, daughter 
of Lester and Lydia A. McArthur Van Duzen, 
and they have one child, Donald McArthur, born 
February 24, 1893, at Brooklyn, N. Y. (3) 
Smith Bouton, born in South Salem, N. Y. , 
February 27, 1835, is at this writing (December 
15, 1898) livingwith his father on the old home- 
stead at South Salem. (4) Edwin Augustus, 
born in South Salem, N. Y., July 22, 1837, was 
married in Brooklyn, N. Y., September 23, 1862, 
by Friends ceremony (Rev. Henry Ward Beecher 
offered a prayer and signed marriage certificate), 
to Mary Brown Merritt, daughter of John J. and 
Mary Brown Merritt; she was born in the City of 
New York, September 25, 1836, and died in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., October 5, 1873. Their chil- 
dren: Mabel Merritt, born May 22, 1S6S, "at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Emery Lucia, born June 4, 
1871, died at Tarrytovvn, N. Y., November 10, 
1885, Edwin Augustus was remarried in Brook- 


lyn, N. Y. , December 19, 1S76, by Rev. John 
Dickenson, to Mrs. Emeliza (Close) Hewitt, who 
was born in New York City January 4, 1S40, the 
daughter of Joseph B. and EHza (Snell-Kelso) 
Close, of New York, and widow of Christopher 
P. Hewitt. Edwin A. is largely engaged in the 
real-estate business, and has held a number of 
positions and offices of trust. He is a highly re- 
spected citizen of Tarrytown, N. Y. He is now 
president of the board of health, also has other 
positions of importance. (5) Mary Eliza, born in 
South Salem, N. Y. , August 15, 184:, was mar- 
ried, by Rev. Aaron Lindsley, September 27, 
1859, to Elbert A. Mead, son of Jacob Gilbert 
and Sally A. (Todd) Mead, of Mead Street, now 
known as Lake Waccabuc, Westchester Co., 
New York. 

Joseph Studwell for his second wife married 
Rebecca Mead, cousin of his first wife and daugh- 
ter of Caleb and — [given name not now known] 
(Hobby) Mead. She died in Bedford, X. Y. 
Their children: (i) Alexander, (2) Augustus, (3) 
John Jay, (4) Joseph, (5) Sarah Mead, (6) George 
Hanford. (i) Alexander Studwell was born at Greenwich, Conn., February 20, 1S08, 
and died in Brooklyn, N. Y., October 5, 1S91. 

:^:^^^^.^:^:^-^^,^..^^..^,j -"lir.' ITTt-lTl^lVlfT 


In 1840 he married Lucretia Goodrich, daugh- 
ter of Philo and Abigail R. Goodrich. She died in 

Brooklyn, N. Y., 13. 1878. Their children 

were: Henry Alexander, George Stuart, Stella 
Elizabeth, William Jay, Minnie Lucretia, and 
Josephine; the last named died in April, 1863, 
aged two years. Of these, George Stuart was 
married in Brooklyn, N. Y., by Rev. Henry Ward 
Beecher, 187-, to Clementine Lazar, daughter of 
Prof. Sigismond Lazar, of New York City; their 
children: George Stuart Studwell, Jr., born in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. (2) Augustus was born at Stan- 
wich, Greenwich, Conn., June 8, 181 1, and died 
at Montclair, N. J., March 10, 1894; he was 
married (for his first wife) April 5, 1837, to Miss 
Abigail Reynolds, who was born April 25, 18 14, 
a daughter of Stephen and Polly (Clark) Rey- 
nolds, of Bedford, N. Y. ; she died in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., February 3, 1850. For his second wife 
he married, October 8, 1857, Miss Martha Pier- 
son, of Brooklyn, N. Y., born July 25, 1822. 
Augustus and Abigail Studwell's children were: 
(I) Martha Clark, born- at Buffalo, N. Y., 
December 8, 1838; (2) Mary Matilda, born at 
Brooklyn, N. Y., February 28, 1845, and died at 
Montclair, N. J., June 17, 1897; (3) Joseph 


Augustus Reynolds, of Brooklyn, N. Y. , born 
October 25, 1848. Of these, (i) Martha Clark 
Studwell was married, by Rev. Charles S. Rob- 
inson, in Brooklyn, N. Y., November 2, 1865, to 
Wheelock Hotchkiss, of Brooklyn, son of Fred- 
erick W. and Ruth (Wheelock) Hotchkiss. Their 
children: Ethel Wheelock, born in Philadelphia, 
June 6, 1872, and Augustus Waynflute, born in 
Ardmore, Penn., August 5, 1880. (3) Joseph 
Augustus Reynolds Studwell was married to Clara 
De Revere, of Brooklyn, New York. 

(3) John Jay Studwell was born in the town 
of North Salem December 2, i3i2, and died in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., December 12, 1884. He was 
married by Rev. Spencer Cone to Elizabeth 
Laforge Moore, daughter of Peter Moore, of 
Woodbridge, N. J. Their children: , Sarah 
Frances was born in Harlem (now New York 
City) on February 6, 1838, and was married 
June 25, 1858, by Rev. William Adams, D. D., 
in Brooklyn, N. Y., to George W. Mead, son of 
Alfred and Mary Brundige Mead, of Mead Street, 
Lake Waccabuc, N. Y. Their children as fol- 
lows were all born in Brooklyn, N. Y. : (i) 
Alfred Jay, born November 29, 1S59, died Janu- 
ary 25, i860; (2) Fanny Studwell, born January 

a ^ ai ainiffctTrl;' i i TB -fff rX' 


24, 1861; (3) Elizabeth Brundige, born Septem- 
ber 16, 1862; (4) Loretta Josephine, born April 

26, 1865; (5) Florence Church, born February 
21, 1867; (6) George W. , Jr., born February 

27, 1869; (7-8) John Studwell and Joseph, 
twins, born August 10, 1871; (9) Martin Rock- 
well, born December 2, 1872; (10) David Irving, 
born February 9, 1874; (11) Allie LaForge, born 
October 5. 1877; and (12) Cordelia, born August 
6, 1882. John Studwell Mead married Mrs. 
Ruth Andrews Parker, of Bridgeport, Conn. 
Loretta Josephine was married in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., April 15, 1895, by Rev. Carles Cuthbert 
Hall, D. D., to Herbert A. Smith, of New 
Haven, Conn. Their child is Gifford Pinchot 
Smith, born April 24, 1898. 

(4) Joseph Studwell (son of Joseph) was born 
in Bedford, N. Y., June 16, 181 5, and died in 
New York City, January 30, 1864. He was mar- 
ried by Rev. B. Evans, of New York City, 
May 12, 1846, to Matilda S. Wait, who 
was born in New York City, July 4, 1827, 
daughter of Lyman and Sophie L Wait; 
Matilda S. died in New York City December 
22, 1898. Their children were all born in New 
York City; their names and dates of birth: (i) 


Jane Rebecca, born April 4, 1S48; (2) Florence 
Matilda, August 26, 1850, died August 29, 1850; 
(3) Joseph Hobby, July 7, 1S54, died August 6, 
1854. Of these, Jane R. Studvvell married (first) 
Frederick Wolfe, of New York City, December 
5, 1865. Their children were: Joseph F., born 
in New York, March i, 1867, died October 10, 
1869; Clara N., born in New York, August 28, 
1868; Charles Belcher, born April 18, 1870; 
Florence Matilda, born November 25, 1871, died 
January 23, 1872. Clara Natilie Wolfe was mar- 
ried November 3, 1887, to Charles F. Inderlied, 
who was born at North Branch, N. Y. , July 20, 
1865. Their children were: Clarence Oscar, 
born November 2, 1888; Walter Joseph, born 
June 8, 1890; Alfred Studwell, born January 3, 
1892; and Lester Franklin, born March 22, 1894. 
Charles B. Wolfe, son of Frederick and Jane R. 
(Studwell) Wolfe, was married at Milton, N. Y. , 
March 30, 1892, to Annice Dugan, who was born 
December 28, 1872. Their children: Florence, 
born November 8, 1893; ^^^ Charles, born Au- 
gust 14, 1894. Jane R. (Studvvell) Wolfe mar- 
ried (second), August 9, 1875, James B. Atwater, 
who was born July 25, 1848. and died August 9, 
1889. Their children: Anita, born December 3, 


18/6; Eliot Studwell, born March 3, 1879, died 
March 4, 1879; Eugene S., born March 28, 1880; 
William B., born June 20, 1881; and Jennie R. 
Studwell, born December 10, 1882. Anita At- 
water married Oscar Ayers, January 9, 1892, and 
had two children: Anita, born December 27, 
1894; and Herbert, born September 5, 1896. 

(5) Sarah Mead Studwell, fifth child of Joseph 
and Rebecca (Mead) Studwell, was born in Bed- 
ford, Westchester Co., N. Y., August 26, 18 18. 
She married Peter C. Bussing, of Mt. Kisco, N. 
Y., in 1877, who died October 29, 1891. 

(6) George Hanford Studwell was born in 
Bedford, N. Y., March 17, 1820. He married, 
October 18, 1850, Susan Wyckoff Hyde, daughter 
of Zenas Hyde, of Brooklyn, N. Y. He died 
October 10, 1S98. Their children: Harriet, who 
died in infancy; Ella Mead, born in Brooklyn, N. 
Y. , November 29, 1853, was married November 
6, 1873, by Revs. Dr. Howland and Dr. Parker 
Morgan, to Eugene Bogart Sanger, of New York 
City. Names and dates of birth of their children: 
George Studwell, September 4, 1874; Ella Maria, 
June 8, 1877; Schuyler, October 22, 1879; Elsie 
Bogart, July 6, 1881; Douglas Hyde, January 28, 
1884, died October 5, 1884; Howard, July 28, 

j"l ■ ifc ["WyKiJl'ii I J l"~ - ^ '^""'^ ^" " -^-^-W.'— fc 


18S5; Sarah Bussing, April 8, 1887. Clifford, Au- 
gust 4, 1892, died January 3, 1S93; Eugene 
Bogart, April 2, 1895. 

Solomon Studvvell, son of Joseph, and brother 
of Richard and Joseph Studvvell, was born Octo- 
ber 9, 1780. For his first wife he married, 
November 3, 1805, Esther Rich, who died June 
30, 1809. Their children: Capt. Charles, born 
September 12, 1806, died DecembGr 31, 1868; 
and Joseph, born February 11, 1808, died Octo- 
ber 8, 1808. Capt. Charles Studvvell was mar- 
ried February 12, 1834, to Margaret Bunker, who 
was born July i, 1809, and died in i860, aged 
fifty years, eight months. Their children: Esther 
Ann, Charles E. and Mary E. Of these, Esther 
Ann, born June 20, 1835, married George Seely 
(now of New Canaan), who was born June 15, 
1830. Names and dates of birth of their chil- 
dren: John W., born April 15, 1855; George E., 
born January 9, 1859; Mott O., born January 17, 
1861; Annie H., born October 17, 1864; and 
Clinton F., born February 12, 1870. Charles E. 
Studvvell (above), born March 16; 1S38, is now 
living at Mianus, Conn. He was twice married, 
and for his first wife wedded Caroline L. June, 
and for his second, Susan W. Owen. He had 


six children, namely: Carrie J., Margaret B,, 
Mamie H., Bertha I., Charles Wesley and Earn- 
est, all now deceased. Mary E. Studvvell, sister 
of Charles E., was born June 26, 1842, married 
in 1862 Alexander Marshall, and had three chil- 
dren, namely: Mary Emma, who married Frank 
L. Stevens, of Greenwich, Conn.; Blanche Viola, 
who married William Van Wagoner, of Syracuse, 
N. Y. ; and Irene, who married Clarendon New- 
man, also of Syracuse, New York. 

For his second wife Solomon Studvvell mar- 
ried, May 14, 1810, Fanny Smith, who was born 
March 24, 1777. The names and dates of birth, 
etc., of their children: (i) Delia Ann, born No- 
vember I, 181 1, married Charles Guthrie; (2) 
Capt. Henry F., born July 22, 1813, died May 
24, 1884; (3) Nelson, born July 25, 1815, died 
February 18, 1881; (4) George O., born Decem- 
ber 3, 1817; (5) Esther Jane, born February 11, 
1820, died December — , 1889; (6) Frances, 
born March 9, 1822; (7) Solomon, born Novem- 
ber 25, 1824; (8) T._Nelson,,born April 22, 1827; 
and (9) John Sanford, born February 18, 1830. 
Of the foregoing: (i) Delia Ann married Francis 
Dunn; children: Lester, Wilbur, Mabel, Edna 
and Hglen. (2) Capt. Henry F. was married 

rTiM'- Tfiill 'm rV-X-^-^-'uiitn» i'T\r- - '~^'-*^''^"~ ■ •'••''-■'- ■■*■■ 


September 30, 1839, to Amanda Barnacutt, who 
was born June 22, 18 13, and died March 9, 
1872. Their children: (a) William H., born 
May 29, 1843, disd September 4, 1894 (he mar- 
ried, May, 1874, Lany Briggs). (d) John N., 
born December i, 1845, was married December 
30, 1 863, to Isabella A. Telfer, who was born 
May 25, 1843. Names and dates of birth of their 
children: Helen, October 22, 1869; David F., 
June 3, 1871; Alice, July 3, 1873; Harry, De- 
cember 24. 1875; and Alonzo, November 12, 
1877 (he is a deputy sheriff, and is now living at 
Port Chester, N. Y.). (c) Susan A., born April 
21, 1848, died August 21, 1S50. {d) Elizabeth 
N., born October 19, 1850, married December 
30, ,1874, George Ferris, (r) Harriet M., born 
April 6, 1853, married, November 26, 1884, John 
E. Lynch, and they live at Cos Cob, Conn. (/) 
Frank B., born May 4, 1856, died October 29, 
1884. {£■) Harry S., born February 7, i860, 
married Lizzie Manning (he is a carpenter by 
trade, which he follows in New York City, but 
resides in North Mianus, Connecticut). 

(4) George O. (of Port Chester, N. Y.) mar- 
ried Joanna Buckhout, daughter of James Buck- 
hout; their children: (a) Edwin F., born August 



8, 1842, married Mariana Ferris, born July 15, 
1848; their children — Nettie, Edwin A., Nelson 
F.. Mabel E., Chester A., and Lester W. W. ; 
of these, Edwin A. was married on April 19, 
1899, to Miss Florence Webb, (d) George 
Washington, born July 4, 1844, married Mary 
Rockwell; their children — Nellie M., born August 
17, 1877, and Frederick C, born October 16, 
1882. (6-) Alexander S., born September 25, 
1846, married Hannah Haines, and lives in New 
York City. Their children — Jennie, born Sep- 
tember 28, 1873; Anna, born July 29, 1875; 
James A., born April 30, 1876; Irvin, born 1879; 
Jessie, born February 11, ,1880; Joseph K., born 
1882; Florence, born January. 1884; Walter S. 
and Ethel, both deceased; and Raymond, born 
1886. (d) Augustus S. , born December 11, 
1853, married Esther Mead (now deceased); 
children — Augustus L. , born January 7, 1877; 
and William I., born February 17, 1886; for his 
second wife Augustus S. was married on Novem- 
ber 16, 1898, to Miss Harriet Ferris, (t-) Henrietta 
married George F. Townsend (Mountain View, N. 
J.) ; their children— George E. , Rollin, Richmond, 
Henrietta (i) (deceased), Herbert (deceased), Hen- 
rietta (2) (deceased), Rosabelle, Bertha (deceased), 


Lizzie, and Alliad (deceased). (/) Mary Elizabeth 
married Andrew Ferris (of Port Chester), and has 
one child, Walter. Joanna, the mother of this 
family, died December i, iS66, aged fifty years, 
one month, and for his second wife George O. 
Studwell married Elizabeth Slausen, and two 
children were born to them — Leander, born 
May 9, 1S70, and Joseph, born May 20, 1872. 
{g) Leander married Victoria Strong; their chil- 
dren — Joseph L., born November 14, 1891; 
and George M., bora August 10, 1895. {h) 
Joseph married Lillie S. Trace, and they have 
one child — Elsie M., born January 11, 1898. 
George O. Studwell was for a number of years 
captain of a steamboat plying between Port 
Chester and New York, and ovVned by the Port 
Chester Transportation Company. He was suc- 
ceeded by his son Edwin F. as manager of the 
business, which is now in a flourishing condition. 
He (Edwin F.) has a nice home situated on the 
bluff (west side) in full view of the Sound. 

(5) Esther Jane married Josiah Gales, of 
Greenwich; their children: Martha A., Ransom 
D., Esther I., Nelson A. (deceased), Hannah E. , 
Nelson A. (2), Fanny S., Arthur M. and Edwin 


E. (6) Frances married Leonard Mead, of Port 
Chester, (7) Solomon's record appears far- 
ther on. 

(8) T. Nelson married Catherine Ferris; their 
children: Tristram, born December 8, 1861, 
married Mary Leagcraft, and has one child, Ger- 
trude, born December 6, 1888; Everett E., born 
March20, 1864, died 18 — ; and Everett E., born 
March 9, 1868. 

(7) Solomon married Jane Hull; their chil- 
dren: Nelson, Frank S., George H. and Will- 
iam L. Of these, Nelson, born May 24, 1851, 
married Marion Lush, who died in 1893, Names 
and dates of birth, etc., of their children: Fred 
N., December 12, 1874, died in 1893; Walter S., 
June 21, 1877; Anna M., May 10, 1879, died in 
1 881; Joseph H., November 13, 1882; Howard 
E., December 10, 1884; Florence R., April 24, 
1887; Marion E., April 26, 1892. Nelson, the 
father of these, lives at Port Chester, N. Y. , and 
is daily messenger to New York City. Frank S., 
the second son of Solomon and Jane (Hull) Stud- 
well, was born July 16, 1858; married Agnes W. 
Guthrie, of Port Chester, N. Y, He died May 
15, 1898. Names and dates of birth, etc., of 
their children: Roy Irving, August 7, 1881; 


Frank S., March 8, 1S83; Charles W., February 
13, 1S85, died in 1886; David H., June 20, 1887; 
Ruby C, March 24, 1890; Edward C, March 
24, 1890; Eugene H., October 22, 1891; Arthur 
G., January 25, 1893, died in 1898; and Robert 
R. , July 8, 1894. Mrs. Frank S. Studwell, the 
mother of these, is now living at Cos Cob, Conn. 
George H., the third son of Solomon and Jane 
(Hull) Studwell, was born in 1861, and married 
Miss Wilhelmina Fleischer. Children: Harold, 
born January 28, 1884, and Reuben, born April 
15, 1887. George H. is now a resident of Rye, 
N. Y. , engaged in the life-insurance business. 
William L. , fourth son of Solomon and Jane 
(Hull) Studwell, was born March 25, 1864, and 
married Elizabeth Moger. Children: AnnaE., 
born July 15, 1884; Emma J., December 13, 
1886; Wilhelmina, deceased; William L., July 
9, 1889; Ruth, November 5. 1892; and Clarence 
Harold and Herbert, deceased. William L. 
Studwell, the father of these, is now living in 
Port Chester, New York. 

Solomon Studwell, the progenitor of the above 
mentioned families, was an extensive and pros- 
perous farmer, and was a large landowner, as the 
records of Greenwich show. He served in the 

■■IHU.II |lJipi««fVi|f.J "P^' 


war of 1 812, at Shippan Point, Conn., along with 
his brother Richard, under Capt. David Haight. 

II. Thomas Studwell (2) married Martha 

• [maiden name not now known], and had 

two sons, both born in Greenwich: (a) Nathan- 
iel, born June 14, 1707, died in 1777 [nothing is 
known of his descendants]; and (3) III. Thomas 


III. Thomas Studwell (3), born March 31, 

1709, died in 1783, leaving a widow, Jemima 
[maiden name not now known], and sev- 
eral children, among whom were. Thomas (4) 
(born 1732, died 1788), Gabriel, Joseph, Ward, 
Henry, Elizabeth (married to A. Jessup), Rachel 
(married to Daniel Howard, of Greenwich), Je- 
mima and Lilla (both unmarried), and IV. An- 
thony (great-grandfather of James W. and David 
W. Studwell), a sketch of whom follows. Of 
this family Gabriel, Joseph, Ward and Henry all 
served in the Revolutionary war. 

IV. Anthony Studwell, son of Thomas (3), 
was born 1738 and died 1824, leaving a widow, 
whose maiden name was Hannah Whelpley. He 
was a farmer of North Mianus, Fairfield county, 
and his house is still standing on the old home- 
stead. Children of Anthony and Hannah Stud- 

,1- , .•-.':_-.,• -„- _\ *, 


well: (i) Enoch, (2) Anthony, (3) Jannes, (4) 
Drake, (5) Hannah (see farther on), (6) Betsey 
(see farther on). Of these, (i) Enoch, born 
1771, died 1840, leaving no issue. (2) Anthony 
married Diadoma Studwell, and had three sons — 
Luke, Ralph and John — and three daughters- 
Amy, Eliza and Fanny; Anthony died 1838, pre- 
deceasing his wife and children, who are now also 
dead. (3) James, grandfather of James \V. and 
David W. Studwell, is mentioned farther on. 
(4) Drake married Elizabeth Smith, and died 
183S, leaving a widow and eight children — (a) 
John S., (d) Luther W., (c) Edgar, (d) William 
A., (e) Polly Ann, (/) Eliza Ann, (^) Smith, and 
(Jt) Alanson. Of these, {a) John S., born Novem- 
ber 20, 1807, married Harriet Provost, who was 
born December 31, 1815. Their children: Ann 
Elizabeth, born December 31, 1836, now living 
at Stamford; William Washington, born March 
22, 1839, married Augusta V. Studwell; Charles 
Henry, born March i, 1841; George Albert, born 
April 30, 1843, is deceased; Emily Frances, born 
June 30, 1844, is deceased; Edward Franklin, 
born September 13, 1846, is deceased; John 
Wallace, born November 6, 1848, died in 186S; 
Harriet Amanda, born August 5, 1852, is now 


living at Stamford; Caroline Matilda, born Janu- 
ary 24, 1856, died in 1878. Of the above, Har- 
riet Amanda married Harvey Weed, and they 
have one child, Matilda Weed. {b) Luther W. 
married Julia Ferris; children — Sarah, now living 
at Mianus, unmarried; and George D., born 
March 13, 1844, married Caroline Ingersoll, who 
was born March 12, 1847; names and dates of 
birth, etc., of their children: Julia Belle, Octo- 
ber 6, 1869; George L., January 24, 1871, died 
1873; Harold E., March 15, 1873, died 1S93; 
Walter R., June i, 1876; Eva L. , August 22, 
1880, died March, 1899. {c) Edgar, born De- 
cember 31, 1 8 19, was engaged in the building 
business, was partner in a steam saw and planing 
mill, also a lumber yard, in 1868, afterward 
buying part of Shippan Point, in Fairfield 
county, where his father went in 18 12 to protect 
Stamford from the invasion of the British; he is 
now living on the old homestead on Palmer's 
hill. He married, March 8, 1840, Cornelia 
Smith, who died April 10, i88r; their children, 
nearly all of whom are yet living, are as follows: 
Frances, born May 19, 1841, married N. B. 
Moulton; their two children are — Hattie, born 
March 20, 1872, and Herbert, born July 15, 

WW9' '■•L^MUrt-Ui .■«jJiftij,7i^i,H<pj»y,'j!V.«J!i<*.',W!HJr*a^-'i'»'?-^^^ 

i875- Edward, born August 26, 1842, died De- 
cember 2 1, 1845. Cornelia Elizabeth, born Oc- 
tober 10, 1844, is now living in Stamford. Ed- 
ward L. , born July 17, 1846, married Amelia 
Weed. John A., born August i, 1848, died 
March i, 1849. Adaline, born January 12, 
1850, died December 10, 1S51. Adelaide, born 
December 5, 185 1, married John Scofield; had 
two children — Charles and Mortimer, Ida, born 
October 24, 1853, married Frank Hamilton; 
have two children — John and Mabel. Addison, 
born August 12, 1855, married Sarah Allen; they 
have two children — Clason A., born 1878, and 
Harry H., born 1888. Wilbur, born January 
24, 1857, married Ada Purdy; have one son — 
Victor B., born August 23, 1885. Josephine, 
born March 9, 1859, married Frank Holly; have 
one daughter, Ella B., born March 2, 18S8. 
Emily L. , born May 3, 1862, married. May 14, 
1899, George W. Lockwood, son of Sylvester 
Lockwood. {ci) William A., born November 8, 
1820, married Catherine Reynolds, and had chil- 
dren: Ann Maria, born September 16, 1845, 
married Martin Searles, and has three daugh- 
ters — Alice, Edith and Ethel; John W., born De- 
cember 2, 1850, married Sarah Marshall, daugh- 


ter of Nevvcomb Marshall, and had one child; 
Mary E. , born March i8, 1857; and Belle, wife 
of Ellsworth Finney, (e) Polly Ann married 
John Ruckels, and had children: Elizabeth, 
Mary E. and John. (/i) Alanson married Eliza 
Reynolds, and had children: Theodore, who mar- 
ried, and had one daughter, Lydia; Emily, who 
married, and had one daughter, Anna; and Sarah, 
who married Theodore Smith. (5) Hannah 
Studwell, sister of Drake Studwell (above), mar- 
ried Elijah Scofield, and had children as follows: 
Samuel, Delia (wife of David Knapp), David, 
Mary (wife of William Watson Webb), and Bet- 
sey (wife of George Patterson). (6) Betsey 
Studwell, youngest sister of Drake Studwell 
(above), married J. Tucker. 

V. James Studwell, born in 17S0 in Stam- 
ford, made his home there. He died in 1838, 
and was buried in Riverbank. About 1807 he 
married Mary Scofield, who survived him with 
six children: (i) Julia, born in 1S07 (she died, 
and her remains now rest in the cemetery at 
"Banksville), married Stephen Finch, but had no 
children. (2) Calvin is mentioned more fully 
below. (3) Mary, born in 1S09, married John 
Austin, and died leaving no children. (4) Jar- 


vis, born September 23, 1820, died August 23, 
1852, married Althea Adams; his childr-n: {a) 
George H., born March 10, 1849, married Mary 
De Tour, and is now living in Hackensack, 
N. J. (He has been in the machine business for 
some time, is of an inventive turn of mind, and 
has made many useful articles for the present 
and coming generations; he is the inventor of a 
machine for cutting felt and velvet for dress bind- 
ings); his children: Florence, born February 4, 
1872, married Julius S. Greenow, and has one 
child, Mildred T., born September 17, 1898; and 
George, born July 19, 1875. {b) Harriet, born 
May 5, 1845, died 1886; married Mr. Montes, 
and they had one son, Harry, born April 16, 
1866. {c) Edward H., born 1852, died 1853. 
(5) Jehiel, who never married, died in Stamford 
and was buried there. (6) Samantha, single, 
born in 1824, died at her home in Stamford, June 
20, 1898; she had in her possession a copper ket- 
tle, also a bucket made of ash wood, which be- 
longed to Anthony Studwell, and though in use 
long before the Revolutionary war they are still 
in a good state of preservation. 

VI. C.\LViN Studwell, born in the town of 
Stamford, Conn., June 3, iSii, during his youth 

K 9 ^7 •'> 1 Tj 


learned the carpenter's trade there, serving an 
apprenticeship with Thomas Dixon, of Stam- 
ford. Later he was for many years a builder at 
Rye, N, Y., and with his partner, Robert Sloat, 
erected some of the best dwelHngs there, includ- 
ing the building for Episcopal Christ Church in 
1850, of which Society he and his wife were 
members. In 1869 he returned to Stamford, 
where his remaining days were spent, his death 
occurring November 13, 1884. He was held 
in high esteem among his acquaintances for his 
excellent qualities of character. 

In the year 1833 Calvin Studwell was mar- 
ried to Miss Esther Gedney, who was born De- 
cember 13, 18 1 3, at Rye, N. Y. (where her fam- 
ily has long been prominent), and died in Stam- 
ford, June 7, 1881, the remains of both her and 
her husband being buried at Rye. Their chil- 
dren: (i) Emily L., born March 6, 1837, mar- 
ried Stephen Barry, of Rye, where she died in 
1856; her only child died the same year. (2) 
Augusta v., born January 13, 1839, married 
William W. Studwell, and had three children: (a) 
Bradford, born February 2, 1866, died October 
21, 1866; {d) Laura E., October 4, 1867, mar- 
ried, March 20, 1888, to Arthur G. Jessup, has 

■^ jm> ^ iiff y f,uw.. i j | i i ;i,? t ^^ f' "\V ^ 


one daughter, Edith H., born January 14, 1889; 
and (c) Henry Albert, born August 4, 1874, mar- 
ried Irene Bush, February i, 1899. (3) Cyrena 
J., born August 14, 1840, married David Avery, 
of New Canaan, and has two children: Alice M., 
born February 27, 1878, and Lester S., born 
August 14, 188 1. (4) John C, born February 
10, 1844, died unmarried, Februarys, 1872. (5) 
Sarah M., born July 25, 1845, married Leonard 
Sloat (now deceased), and had the following 
children: (a) Jessie L. , born October 28, 1868, 
married, December 12, 1893, to William Louden, 
has a son, Leland H., born October 14, 1894; 
{d) Robert C. , born October 4, 1870, married in 
January, 1895, to Miss May Ritch, and has two 
children— Clarence and Leon; {c) Albert, de- 
ceased in infancy; (c/) Charles B., born February 
15, 1874, died February 13, 1899; (e) Irena M., 
born February 14, 1876, married Charles Clark 
in April, 1899; and (/) Leonard, born July 

26, 1879. (6) James Willette is fully spoken 
of farther on. (7) David W., born December 

27, 1849, is a resident of Stamford. He is a car- 
penter and builder by occupation, and along with 
his brother James W., from 1880 to 1S91, did a 
prosperous business; he is now living in his nice 
home on Hoyt street, Stamford. He married 


Miss Alveline A. French, of Otego, N. Y., and 
has a son, Royden F., born June 9, 1881. (8) 
Mary A., born February 22, 1852, married Ben- 
jamin B. Avery, and died July 2, 1893. She had 
the following children: Annie L. , born February 
4, 1876, died November 24, 1887; Stuart B., 
born July 8, 1880; Leland R., born March 28, 
1886; Bertha E., born June 6, 1890; and Wil- 
lard C, born March 14, 1893. (9) Loretta E., 
born August 21, 1856, was married October 31, 
1894, to B. B. Avery, above. 

In looking over the land records it will be 
found that the ancestry of the Studwells, from 
1850 back to 1656, were extensive land holders, 
nearly all of them possessing fine large farms or 
other landed property. Joseph (2) and his de- 
scendants owned farms in King Street, in both 
New York State and Connecticut, on both sides 
of the Byram river. The early generations of 
the family were chiefly occupied clearing and 
tilling the soil, also in raising horses and cattle, 
and like their descendants they were quiet, law- 
abiding citizens. Physically, the majority of the 
members of the family have been of large build, 
and of robust constitution. During the Revolu- 
tionary war Joseph, Henry, Gabriel, Anthony 
and Ward Studwell served in General Wooster's 


command, the Ninth Regiment, Connecticut 
Militia, Col. John Mead. Joseph and Henry 
both enlisted November i, 1776, in Capt. Abram 
Mead's company, and were discharged January 
II, 1777. Gabriel enlisted in same command 
and for same length of time, but was in Capt. 
Thomas Hobby's company. Anthony was in 
same command, serving in Capt. David Haight's 
company from August 13 to September 27, 1,776. 
Ward was in Capt. Thomas Hobby's company, 
having enlisted May 10, 1776, and was dis- 
charged December 5, following. This regiment 
was at Port Chester, N. Y., whence it was 
ordered by General Washington to New York 
City, but it soon returned to Port Chester, where 
it remained on guard duty while Washington was 
at White Plains, 177^-77. Thomas Studwell 
(born 1732) also served in the Revolution. 
Thomas Studwell (born 1709) owned and oper- 
ated a large farm in Greenwich, and in 1776 
had on several occasions to secrete his farm and 
household articles, and drive his stock to other 
localities, to keep them out of the way of the Brit- 
ish foraging parties. In the war of 1 8 1 2 the fami- 
ly was represented in the militia at Stamford by 
Solomon, Richard and Drake, the latter two serv- 
ing at Shippan Point under Capt. David Haight. 


VII. James Willette Studwell, of Stam- 
ford, is an enterprising and successful citizen, 
and but few men in active business life have 
been so uniformly fortunate in their ventures. 
His steady perseverance in his chosen line of 
work is well worthy of emulation. 

As will be seen by the genealogical record of 
the Studwell family, given with this sketch, 
James W. Studwell is of the seventh generation 
in descent from the original ancestor, Thomas, 
born about 1600 or 1620; Thomas (2) [date of 
birth not known]; Thomas (3), born in 1709; 
Anthony, born in 1738; James, born in 1780; Cal- 
vin, born in 181 1; James Willette, born in 1848. 

Born January 2, 1848, at Rye, N. Y., James y 
W. Studwell received his education there, and 
on leaving school he learned the carpenter's 
trade with James Tucker, of that town. In 
August, 1869, he removed to Stamford, where 
he worked as journeyman carpenter for about 
eleven years, in 1S80 engaging in business on 
his own account, and forming a partnership with 
his brother David W. , under the firm name of 
Studwell Brothers. This partnership continued 
until 1892, since which time Mr. Studwell has 
carried on business alone. He has a pleasant 
home and a charming family. On April 4, 1872, 


he married Miss Julia M. Dann, who was born 
May 10, 1852, a daughter of Theodore and Re- 
becca (Strobridge) Dann, and a descendant of 
one of the early settlers of the town. Eight 
children have blessed this union, all of whom 
are living: (i) Flora T., born April 22, 1873, 
was married April 7, 1897, to William H. Spen- 
cer, of Meriden, Conn., and has one son, Will- 
iam Elton, born February 26, 1898. (2) Frank 
W., born July 25, 1874, was married July 15, 
1896, to Miss Florence Eddy, of Mianus, this 
county. (3) Grace E., born March 25, 1877, 
was married February 2, 1896, to Warren A. 
Ferris, of Stamford. (4) Ralph S., born Decem- 
ber 5, 1878, married April 12, 1899, to Miss 
Lena Smith, of Stamford. (5) Earle M., born 
September 24, 1887, (6) Walton F., born Feb- 
ruary 13, 1889, (7) Alfred Theodore, born July 
5, 1890, and (8) Julia Idabelle, born January 26, 
1894, are at home. In politics Mr. Studwell is 
independent. Mrs. Studwell is a member of the 
Congregational Church, which the family attend. 


New York public Library, 


NEW YORK, 190 j 



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