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Full text of "Subject register of papers published in the Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society. Compiled by Henry Phillips, Jr. 1889"

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American Philosophical Society. 





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Abbeville Quarries (J. P. Lesley 1 Proc. IX. 388 

Aboriginal Pottery of the Middle Atlantic States 

(Francis Jordan, Jr.) " XXV. 104 

Acids, Transmission of, in Vapor (Dr. Joseph Priestly) Trans. O.S.,V. 1 
Action of the Gas from As.jOg and HNO3 upon m-Oxy- 

benzoic Acid (Edgar F. Smith) Proc. XXV. 194 

Adams Co., Survey (Persifor Frazer) " XVI. 664 

Address by F. Bache " V. 360 

VI. 366 
Adipocire and its Formation (Chas. D. 'Wetherill). .Trans. N. S., XI. 1 

Address by P. S. DuPonceau Proc. III. 1 

Address, March, 1880, by Frederick Fraley " XVIIL 513 

Address by Dr. R. M. Patterson " III. 3 

Address by Dr. George B. "Wood " VIL 331 

Adocidae (Edward D. Cope) " XI. 547 

XVII. 82 

Adocus (Edward D. Cope) " XI. 295 

Adulteration in Oils, Detection of the (Oscar C. S. 

Carter) " XXII. 296 

Aerolite Epoch of November 12, 13 (Daniel Kirkwood) Proc. XVII. 339 
Aerolites, the Relations of, to Shooting Stars (Daniel 

Kirkwood) " XXIV. Ill 

Ethereal Density and Polarity (Pliny E. Chase) " XII. 407 

JEthereal Influences in the Solar System (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XVI. 496 

Ethereal Oscillation the Primordial Material Force 

(Pliny E. Chase) " XII. 411 

African and Asian Stone Implements (Henry Phillips, 

Jr.) " XIX. 63 

African Dialect (Rev. Alexander Cnimmell) " IX. 3 

African Exploration (Miani) " X. 95 

African Torques ("W. E. DuBois) " V. 203 

After-Color (Complementary Color), Subjective (Chas. 

A.OUver) " XXIII. 500 

Ages of the Sun and.Fixed Stars (Daniel Kirkwood).. " XVI. 622 

Air, Experiments on (Dr. Joseph Priestly) Trans. O. S., IV. 1, 11, 382 

V. 14, 21, 36, 42 
Air Pump of a New Construction (Robert Hare, 

M.D.) Trans. N. S., V. 385 

Alaguilac Language of Guatemala, On the so-called 

(Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) Proc. XXIV. 366 

Alaskaiie (George A. Koenig) " XIX. 472 

XXII. 102 

Alaska, Ichthyology of (Edward D. Cope) " XIII. 24 

Albirupean Formation, The, in Maryland (P. R. 

XJhler) " XXV. 42 

Aldebaran. Fide Occultatlon . 

Aldebaran, Occultation of, Oct. 21, 1793 (Jos. Joaquin 

De Ferrer) Trans. O. S., VI. 213 

Algae, Fresh-water of N. A. (Horatio C. Wood) Proc. XI. 119 

Algae, Fresh- water of the U. S. (Horatio C. Wood) . . " XI. 571, 574 
Alkalifiable Metals, Extrication of the (Robert Hare, 

M.D.) Trans. N. S., VII. 31 

Alliance of the Universities and the Learned Societies 

(Daniel C. Gilman) Proc. XVIII. 536 

Alligator of North America (N. M. Hentz) Trans. N. S., IIL 216 

Allotropic, Supposed, Modification of Phosphorus (Ed- 
win J. Houston) Proc. XIV. 108 

Almanacs. Vide Philadelphia. 

"Almighty, The," On the Hebrew word ShDi (Shad- 

dai) translated (J. P. Lesley) " XXIIL 303 

Altitudes of Mountains in New York, New Hampshire 

and Vermont (A. Partridge) Trans. N. S. , I. 147 

Aluminum (W. E. DuBois) Proc. VL 141, 148 

Amazon, Geology of the Lower (Orville A. Derby) " XVIII. 155 

Amba Language (Albert S. Gatschet) Proc. XXII. 299 

Amblypoda, Mechanical Origin of the Dentition of the 

(Edward D. Cope) " XXV. 80 

America, Discovery of (Dr. Otto) Trans. O. S., II. 263 

America, Population and Tumuli of the Aborigines of 

(H. H. Brackenridge) Trans. N. S., I. 151 

American Coal Flora (Leo Lesquereux) Proc. IX. 198 

American Dipus (or Jerboa) (Banjamin S. Barton) Trans. O. S., IV. 114 

VI. 143 
American Languages, Conception of Love in (Daniel 

G. Brinton, M.D.) Proc. XXIII. 546 

American Languages, Philosophic Grammar of the 

(Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) " XXII. 306 

American Languages, Polysynthesis and Incorporation 

in (Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) " XXIIL 48 

American Stone Implements (Franklin Peale) " VIII. 265 

IX. 401 

American Weather Notes (Pliny E. Chase) " XII. 40 

Amphibia (Palisot De Beauvois) Trans. O. S., IV. 362 

Amphide Salts (Dr. Robert Hare) Proc. II. 219 

Amphiumidse, Structure and Affinities of (Edward D. 

Cope) " XXIII. 442 

Analogues, Chinese, in other Languages (Pliny E. 

Chase) Proc. IX. 145, 172, 231 

Analytic Orthography (S. S. Haldeman) Trans. N. S., XI. 259 

Anamitic Languages (P. S. DuPonceau) Proc. I. 235 

Anatomical Peculiarity of the Condor (Richard Har- 
lan, M.D.) Trans. N. S., IIL 466 

Anatomical Preparation by Corrosion (Dr. John Mor- 
gan) Trans. O. S., IL 366 

Anatomy, Microscopic (William E. Homer) Proc. III. 89 

Ancient Pottery of Illinois (Franklin Peale) " IX. 460 

Ancient Sea Level (J. P. Lesley) " IX. 399 

Aneroid Barometer, Improvements in (Persifor Frazer) " XX. 604, 643 

Anemometer (Alex. Dallas Bache) " II. 57 

Animal Cotton (Baudry Des Loziers) Trans. O. S. , V. 150 

Animals, Woolbearing (Dr. James Anderson; Trans. O. S., IV. 149, 153 

Anisodactylus of the U. S. (George H. Horn) Proc. XIX. 162 

Annual Passage of Herrings (John Gilpin) Trans. O. S., II. 236 

Antarctic Expedition (George Ord) Proc. IL 233 

Anticlinal in Wythe County Leadmine (Kohler) " X. 270 

Antilles, Ichthyology of the (Edward D. Cope) " XL 514 

Antique Stone Hammer (Franklin Peale) " IX. 401 

Anthracite from Colorado (Charles A. Ashbumer) ... " XX. 205 

Anthracite Coal Basins (Rothwell) " XL 113 

Anthracite Coal Waste, Apparatus to Consume (J. E. 

Wootten) " XVL 214 

Anthracite Collieries, Map of (J. W. Harden) Proc. XIII. "155 

Apjohn's Formula (Alex. Dallas Bache) " II. 255 

Apparatus for deflagrating Carburets in Vacuo (Robert 

Hare, M.D.) Trans. N. S., VII. 53 

Apparatus for Manipulation, Improvement in (Robert 

Hare, M.D.) Trans. N. S., V. 399 

Apparatus, etc., for the Kapid Congelation of Water 

(Robert Hare, M.D.) Trans. IST. S., VII. 215 

Apparent Isomerism (S. Brown) Proc. II. 75 

Approximate Quadrature of Circle (Pliny E. Chase) . . " XVIII. 281 

Arago's Neutral Point. Vide Visibility. 

Arawak Language of (luiana (Daniel G. Brinton, 

M.D.) Trans. N. S., XIV. 427 

Archseslhetism (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XX. 232 

Arctic Archipelago, Geology of the (J. P. Lesley) " VII. 293 

Arctic Exploration (J. Hays) " VIII. 383 

Arctic Exploration (J.K.Kane) " V. 159, 359 

Arctic Plants (Elias Durand) " VI. 186 

Arctic Vegetable Matter (E. K. Kane) " V. 266 

Angina, Suffocative (Samuel Bard, M.D.) Trans. O. S., I. 338 

Arithmetic, Easy Solution of a Useful Problem in 

(James Austin) " " I. 181 

Arkansas Millstone Grit (Leo Lesquereux) Proc. IX. 197 

Arkansas Peat and Lignite (J. Blodget Britton) " XX. 225 

Art, Lifeform in (Harrison AUen, M.D.) Trans. N. S., XV. 279 

Artiodactyla, Classification and Philogeny of the (Ed- 
ward D. Cope) Proc. XXIV. 377 

Asclepias Fibre (Samuel Powell) " IX. 88 

Asphalt. Vide Melanasphalt, Retinasphalt. 

Asphalt in N. Brunswick (Richard C. Taylor) " V. 241 

Asphalt, West Virginia (J. P. Lesley) " IX. 183 

Assay Balances (W. E. Du Bois) " IX. 226 

Astacus, New Genus of (R. Harlan, M.D.) Trans. N. S., III. 464 

Asteracanthus (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XI. 440 

Asteroids between Jupiter and Mars (Daniel Kirk- 
wood) " XI. 498 

Asteroids between Mars and .lupiter, Map of (Daniel 

Kirkwood) " XI. 498 

Astrological Manuscript in Cypher, An (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XIIL 477 

Astronomical Observations (Andrew EUicott) 

Trans. O. S., IV. 32, 224, 231, 447 

V. 162, 203 

VI. 61, 113, 233 

N. S., I. 93 

Astronomical Observations (Elias Loomis) Trans. N. S., VII. 1, 43 

Astronomical Observations (Elias Loomis).. .Trans. X. S., VIII. 61, 141 

X. 1 
Proc. I. 129 

II. 40, 45, 50, 51 

Astronomical Observations (J. N. Nicollett) Trans. N. S., VIII. 307 

Astronomical Observations (Amer. Philos. Soc.) . " " IV. 125 

Astronomical Observations (Mayer) Trans. O. S., II. 217 

Astronomical Observations (David Rittenhouse). . . " " II. 260 

Astronomical Observations (Charles Riimker) Proc. II. 103 

Astrage, Observations on (Charles Riimker) " IV. 347 

Astronomical Observations at Havana, 1809 (Jos. Joa- 
quin De Ferrer) Trans. O. S., VI. 428 

Astronomical Science, Contributions to (Stephen Alex- 
ander) Proc. IV. 216 

Astropbyllite, etc. (Dr. George A. Koenig) " XVI. 509 

Allentown, Corundum at (Edgar F. Smith) " XX. 239, 230 

Atmospheric Air, Law of Cooling of (James P. Espy) " III. loo 

Atmosphere of the Sun and Planets (Trowbridge) " XVI. 327 

Atoms, Chemical Molecules and Volumes (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XVI. 505 

Attachment of Platyceras to Palisocrinoids, and its 
Effect in Modifying the Form of the Shell (Charles 

R Keyes) " XXV. 231 

Attractive Force, Origin of (Pliny E. Chase) " XIV. Ill 

August Meteors (Sears C. Walker) " I. 261 

Auriferous Gravels of North Carolina (Henry M. 

Chance) " XIX. 477 

Aurora Borealis Trans. O. S., II. 196 

I. 404 

Aurora Borealis (Stephen Ale - ander) Proc. I. 132 

Aurora Borealis, Influence of Meteoric Showers on 

(PUny E. Chase) " XII. 401 

Aurora Borealis (John C. Cresson) " X. 206 

XI. 522 
Aurora, Spectroscopic Examination of (Persifor Fra- 

zer) " XII. 579 

Auroral and Meteoric Means, Daily (Pliny E. Chase). . " XII. 516 

Auroras, Heights of (B. V. Marsh) " X. 24 

Auroras of April 19, 1882 (Henry C. Lewis) " XX. 235, 283 

Auroras at Cape Breton (J. P. Lesley) " IX. 60 

Auroras of April 15, 1869 (J. P. Lesley) " XL 111 

Auroras, Relations of, to Gravitating Currents (Pliny 

E.Chase) " XII. 121 

Auroras, Relation of, to Rainfall (Pliny E. Chase).... " XII. 400 

Australian Gold ("W. E. DuBois) " V. 313 

Australian and Maori Skulls (Edward D. Cope) " XL 446 

Austrian Money (W. E, Du Bois) Proc. VIII. 264 

Azimuth, Determination of (Eugenius Nulty) " IV. 234 

Bad Lands, Geological Sketch of the Estuary and 
Fresh-water Deposits of the (Ferdinand V. Hay- 
den) Trans. N. S., XI. 123 

Balienoptera (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XII. 108 

Bar, Compounds of (J. P. Lesley) " X. 137 

Barbadoes, Cyclical Rainfall at (Pliny B. Chase) " XIV. 195 

Barite. See Electrolysis of Lead Solutions. 

Barium (Robert Hare, M.D.) " I. 130 

Barometer, Improved (Robert Hare, M.D.) Trans. N. S., V. 385 

Basalts, Crystallized, found in Penna. (Thomas P. 

Smith) Trans. O. S., IV. 445 

Base Apparatus (Alex. Dallas Bache) Proc. IV. 363 

Base Apparatus (Simeon Borden) " II. 247 

Basistoma (Isaac Lea) Trans. N. S., X. 295 

Bathmodon (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XIL 417 

Baton Rouge, Phenomena seen at (William Dmi- 

bar) Trans. O. S., VI. 25 

Balrachian Fauna of the Linton (O.) Carboniferous 

(Edward D. Cope) Proc. XIL 177 

Batrachian Footprints in Anthracite (W. D. H. Ma- 
son) " XVIL 716 

Batrachia of the Ohio Coal Measures (Edward D. 

Cope) " XVL 573 

Batrachia from Peru (Edward D. Cope) " XVL 666 

Batrachia, Permian, of Texas (Edward D. Cope) " XVIL 505 

Batrachians and Reptiles collected by Hauxwell, at 

Pebas, Catalogue of (Edward D. Cope) " XXIIL 94 

Batrachia and Reptilia obtained by H. H. Smith in the 
Province of Mato Grosso, Brazil, Synopsis of the 

(Edward D. Cope) " XXIV. 44 

Batrachia and Reptiles of N. A., Extinct (Edward D. 

Cope) Trans. N. S,, XIV. 1 

XV. 261 
Batrachians, Reptiles and, of Grand Cayman, On the 

(Samuel Garman) Proc. XXIV. 273 

Battery, Secondary, Effects of a (Russell Thayer) " XX. 639 

(j. Bootes, Determination of (Andrew Ellicott) Trans. O. S., III. 116 

Beads from Indian Graves (S. S. Haldeman) Proc. XL 369 

Bear, Big Naked, Account of the (John Heckewel- 

der) Trans. O. S., IV. 260 

Beaver, North American. CJohn Heckew^elder) . . " " IV. 209 

Becker's Aneroid (J. P. Lesley) Proc. VII. 343 

Begerite (Dr. George A. Koenig) " XXIL 102 


Beginnings of Development (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. XIV. 622 

Bene Seed, Oil from (John Morel) Trans. O. S., I. 309 

Benzoic Acid, Conversion of, into Hippuric (Martin 

Boye and James C. Booth) " " VIII. 185 

Proc. III. 129 

Beothuk Indians, The (Albert S. Gatschet) Proc. XXII. 408 

XXIII. 411 

Berber Language ("William B. Hodgson) Trans. N. S., IV. 1 

Berber Language (William Shaler) " " II. 438 

Berkshire, Geology of (Henry D. Rogers) Proc. VI. 43 

Biblical Account of the Creation, Philosophy of the 

(Augustus R. Grote) " XVIII. 316 

Biela's Comet (Stephen Alexander) " IV. 241 

Biela's Comet (Sears C. Walker) " IV. 235 

Biela's Comet and the Large Meteors of November 

27-30 (Daniel Kirkwood) " XXIV. 242 

Bielids, Stream of. Note on the Possible Existence of 

Fireballs and Meteors in the (Daniel Kirkwood). . " XXIV. 448 

Bilious Fever in Pa. (Benjamin Rush, M.D.) Trans. N. S., II. 206 

Bituminous Coal near Havana (W. C. Taylor) Proc. VI. 191 

Bitumens, Origin of (Peckham) " X. 445 

Black Vomit, Observations on the (Isaac Cathrall, 

M.D.) Trans. O. S., V. 117 

Bland County. See Geological Reconnaissance. 

Bleaching (Thomas Cooper) " N. S., I. 317 

Blocd from Dogs (E. Brown-Ssquard) Proc. VI. 243 

Blue Iron Earth of New Jersey (Thomas Cooper). .Trans. N. S., I. 193 

Blue Mountains, Ice Erosion on (J. P. Lesley) Proc. XX. 468 

Blue Ridge, etc.. Barometrical Measurements of the 

Trans. N. S., IV. 216 

Boats for River Navigation (Nicholas King) " O. S., IV. 298 

Boats for River Navigation (Lalide) " " VI. 284 

Bodies, Conducting Power of, for Heat (A. Dallas 

Bache) Proc. IIL 133 

Boidse from Cuba (Edward Hallowell, M.D.) ....Trans. N. S., XL 65 

Bolide, April 5, 1867 (John C. Cresson) Proc. X. 385 

Bolivia, Explorations in (E. R. Heath) " XIX. 564 

Bones, Human, found near Santos, Brazil (Charles D. 

Meigs, M.D.) Trans. N. S. , III. 285 

Borax, California (Dr. Harris) Proc. IX. 450 

Boric Acid. See Electrolysis of Lead Solutions. 

Borings in the Anthracite Region (P. W. Shaefer) " XL 93, 107 

Borings in the Wilkes-Barre Region (P. W. Shaefer). . *' XL 235 

Bosnien und Hercegovinia (Dr. Friedrich S. Krauss) . . " XXIII. 87 
Bostrichidte of the U. S. (George H. Horn, M.D.) .... " XVIL 540 
Botauique Fossile, Coura de (Leo Lesquereux) " XIX. 287 


Bottosaurus (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XI. 367 

Braia and Auditory Apparatus of a Theromorphous 
Reptile of the Permian Epoch, On the Structure of 

(Edward D. Cope) " XXIII. 234 

Bradford Oil Sand (Charles A. Ashbumer) " XVIII. 419 

Brantford. Vide Indians. 

Brazilian Geography and Topography (J. P. Lesley) ... " XVIII. 248 

Brazil, Vertebrate Palaeontology of (Edward D. Cope) " XXIII. 1 

Bremiker's Comet, Elements of (Charles Rumker) .... " IV. 86 

Brown Hematite of Spruce Creek, Pa. (J. P. Lesley). . " XIV. 19 

Buceros Scutatos (Dr. Harris) " IX. 86 

Bufo and Rana, S3'nonymic List of the North American 

Species of (Edward D. Cope) " XXIII. 514 

Building in India (William Jones) Trans. N. S., VI. 375 

Bulimus ovatus (Isaac Lea) Proc. II. 67 

Buprestidse, Revision of the (John L. LeConte) Trans. N. 8., XI. 187 

Bureau of Mines (Charles A. Ashbiirner) Proc. XX. 206 

Burette Valves, Improved (J. Blodgett Brit±on) " XVI. 193 

Burette Valves, Improved (George A. Koenig, M.D.) . " XIV. 218 

Cables, Corrosion of, by Sea Water (Alex. Dallas 

Bache).... " I. 70 

Cadmium, Electrolytic Estimation of (Edgar F. 

Smith) " XVIII. 46 

Cadmus, or the Elements of Language CWilliam 

Thornton) Trans. 0. S., III. 262 

Cakchi^uel Language, Supplementary Remarks to the 

Grammar of the (Otto StoU, M.D.) ,. Proc. XXII. 2.55 

Calcium, Metallic (Robert Hare, M.D.) " L 83, 100 

Calculation of Results in Analyses of Gases (Samuel P. 

Sadtler) . . . •. " XVII. 473 

Calculo Eclipsum, Besseliano Commentatio, de (Gust. 

A. Jahn, M.D.) Trans. N. S., X. 183 

Calculus found in a Deer, Analysis of (Edgar F. Smith) Proc. XVIII. 213 

Calendar, Perpetual, New (William Mcllvaine) . . .Trans. N. S., X. 103 

Proc. IV. 192 

California Borax (Dr. Harris) Proc. IX. 450 

California Helix (Isaac Lea) Trans. N. S., X. 303 

California Mosses (Leo Lesquereux) Trans. N. S., XIII. 1 

Caliphs, Coins of the ( W. E. Du Bois) Proc. V. 198 

Caloric Engines for Ships (John K. Kane) " V. 805 

Camel, Introduction of the, into the U. S. (Major 

Wayne) " VI. 275 

Camphor, Effect of, on Vegetables (Benjamin S. Bar- 
ton) Trans. O. S., IV. 232 

Canada, Miocene Fossils of (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XXII. 98 


Canal, Chesapeake and Delaware Trans. O. S., I. 357 

Canal under the English Channel, Survey for (Michel 

Chevalier) Proc. XVII. 283 

Cancer Powder, Martin's (Benjamin Rush, M.D.)- .Trans. O. S., II. 212 
Cancer, Observations on (Benjamin Rush, M.D.)- • " " II. 212 

Canon City Coal Field (John J. Stevenson) Proc. XIX. 50-5 

Cape Breton Coal Beds (James "W. Dawson) " IX. 165, 208 

Capillary Action (Joseph Henry) " I. 183 

Carabidoe of the U. S. (John L. LeConte) Trans. N. S., X, 363 

Carbon, Forms of, existing in Iron and Steel (J. Blod- 

gett Britton) Proc. XVII. 712 

Carboniferous Flora of N. A. (Leo Lesquereux) " XVI. 397 

Carnivora, Clawfooted, of the Wyoming Eocene (Ed- 
ward D. Cope) " XIII. 198 

Carpenter's Square Improved (Rev. Dr. Rogers) " VI. 169 

Carved Rocks on the Monongahela River (J. D. Reid) " XII. 11 

Cartridges, Leaden (William Jones) Trans. N. S., I. 137 

Cassia chamsecrista (Dr. James Greenway) " O. S., III. 226 

Cat, Domestic, The Facial Nerve in the (T. B. 

StoweU) Proc. XXIV. 8 

Cat, Domestic, Trigeminus Nerve in the (T. B. 

Stowell) " XXIII. 459 

Cat, Domestic, Vagus Nerve of the (T. B. Stowell). . . " XX. 123 

Cat, Domestic, Brain of the (Burt G. Wilder, M.D.). . " XIX. 524 
Cat, Domestic, The Glosso-pharyngeal Nerve in the (T. 

B. Stowell) " XXV. 89 

Cat, Domestic, The Accessory Nerve in the (T. B. 

Stowell) " XXV. 94 

Cat, Domestic, The Hypoglossal Nerve in the (T. B. 

Stowell) " XXV. 99 

Catoptric Examination of the Eye (Dr. Hays) " I. 97 

Catskill and Ponent Identical (J. P. Lesley) " XX. 673 

Catskill Rocks Erroneously Mapped in Bradford Co., 

Pa. (B. W. Claypole) " XX. 531 

Cave on Crooked Creek (Samuel Brown, M.D.). . .Trans. 0. S., VI. 235 

Cecidomyia Destructor (Miss M. H. Morris) " N. S., VIII. 49 

Cell, New Standard (George F. Barker) Proc. XX. 638, 649 

Central American Explorations (McNeil) Proc. XI. 615 

Central Force, Fundamental Propositions of (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XVII. 98 

XVI. 298 
Chalybeate Waters of Bristol, Pa. (Dr. John DeNor- 

mandie) Trans. 0. S., I. 368 

Change of Color in Birds and Quadrupeds (John Bach- 
man) Trans. N. S., VI. 197 

Change of Sex, Causes of (G. Emerson) Proc. V. 20 


Changes of Climate in N. A. (Hugh Williamson, 

M.D.) Trans. O. S., I. 336 

Cliannel-way, Re-eroded (John J. Stevenson) Proc. XIX. 84 

Chart, New Nautical (John Garrett) Trans. O. S., VI. 803 

Chase-Maxwell Ra;io, The (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. XXII. 375 

Chase, Pliny Earle, Memoir of (PhiUp C. Garrett) " XXIV. 287 

Cheat River, Geology of the (I. C. White) " XX. 477, 479 

Chemical Affinity, Relation of, to Luminous and Cos- 

mical Energies (Pliny E. Chase) " XIX. 21 

Chemical Atoms, Molecules and Volumes (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XVI. 505 

Chemical Preparation from a Petroleum Reaction (Sam- 
uel P. Sadtler) " XVIII. 44 

Chelodina Serpentina, Circulation of the (S. Weir 

Mitchell, M.D.) Trans. N. S., XII. 219 

Chemung Rock, A Revision of the Section of, Exposed 
in the Gulf Brook Gorge at LeRoy, in Bradford 

Co., Penna. (A. T. Lilley) Proc. XXIII. 291 

Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Trans. O. S., I. 357 

Children, Male, Mortality of (G. Emerson) Proc. IV. 212 

Chilopoda. Part I. Myriapoda Musei cantabrigensis, 

Mass. (F. Meinert) " XXIII. 161 

Chimeroid from New Jersey (Edward D. Cope) " XI. 384 

Chimneys, Smoky, Causes and Cure of (Benjamin 

Franklin) Trans. O. S., II. 1 

Chimneys, Letter on (Dr. Ruston) " " II. 231 

Chinese and Indo-European Roots and Analogies (Pliny 

E.Chase) Proc. VIII. 5 

IX. 145, 172, 231 

Chinese Seal Inscriptions (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. IX. 139 

Chinese Paper, To make (Benjamin Franklin).. ..Trans. O. S., III. 8 

Chinese Writing (Charles Gutzlaff ) Proc. I. 120 

Trans. N. S., VII. 7 

Chinese Writing (Du Ponceau) " " VII. 7 

Chiriqui Images (W. E. DuBois) Proc. VII. 162 

Chlorine Derivations from Toluol (Edgar P. Smith).. . " XVI. 667 

XVII. 29 

Chondromite (Dr. George A. Koenig) " XVIII. 416 

Chondropterigious Fishes of the U. S. (Charles A. Le 

Sueur) Trans. N. S., I. 383 

Christianity, Philosophy of (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. XVIII. 129 

Chromatic Chemical Analysis (Dr. George A. Koenig) " XVIII. 211 

Chromic Iron, Decomposition of (Edgar F. Smith) " XVII. 216 

Chromometry (Dr. George A. Koenig) Proc. XVIII. 29, 184, 208 

Chrysoberyls of Haddam and Brazil (Henry Seybert) 

Trans. N. S., II. 116 


Cicindela of N. A. (Thomas Say) Trans. N. S., I. 401 

Cicinclilce of the U. S. (John L. LeConte) " " XL 27 

Claying of Sugar (Jonathan WilUams) " O. S., VI. 83 

Clays under Phila. (Lorin Blodgett) Proc. XVI . 180 

Climate of the Country about the Delaware River 

(Nicholas Collin) Trans. N. S., I. 340 

Climate of N. A., Changes in the (Hugh Williamson, 

M.D.) Trans. O. S., I. 336 

Clitoris (Dr. Charles D, Meigs) Proc. IV. 129 

Clock, Telegraphic (Dr. John Locke) " V. 51, 206 

Cloud Levels (Robert Hare, M.D.) " II. 187, 190 

Clupsea ty rannis (B. Henry Latrobe) Trans. O. S., V. 77 

Coahuila (Thomas L. Kane) Proc. XVI. 561 

Coal Basin, Cumberland and Potomac (Howard G. 

Jones) " XIX. Ill 

Coal Beds, Parallelism of (John J. Stevenson) " XIV. 280 

Coal Beds of Cape Breton (James W. Dawson) "IX, 165, 208 

Coal Dust Fuel (Robert Briggs) " X. 290 

Coal Deposits, Report on the, nearZacualtipan (Edward 

D. Cope) " XXIIL 146 

Coal Flora, American (Leo Lesquereux) " IX. 198 

Coal Group, Quinnimont (John J. Stevenson) " XIX. 498 

Coal Group, Canon City (John J. Stevenson) " XIX. 505 

Coal Measures at Cape Breton (J.P.Lesley) .• " IX. 93, 197 

Coal Areas, Estimation of (Charles A. Ashburner) . ... " XX. 232 

Coal, Pine Grove (Henry C. Lea) " II. 249 

Coals, Rocky Mountain (J. Blodgett Britton) " XIV. 358 

Coal System of Southern Virginia (J. P. Lesley) " IX. 30 

Coal, Tertiary, from Nevada (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 478 

Coals, Rocky Mountain (Charles M. Cresson) " XX. 358 

Coal Oil (R. Heber Clark) " IX. 56 

Coal Deposits at Zacualtipan (Edward D. Cope) " XXIII. 146 

Coast Survey of the U. S. (Robert M. Patterson) " V. 51 

Coast Survey of the U. S. (Ferdinand R. Hassler) 

Trans. N. S., I. 232, 4':0 
Coast Survey of the U. S., Telegraphic Operations of 

the (Sears C. Walker) Proc. V. 74 

Cock with two Perforations (Dr. Robert Hare) Trans. O. S., VI. 105 

Cohesion of Liquids (Joseph Henry) Proc. IV. 56, 84 

Coins of the Caliphs (W. E. DuBois) " V. 198 

Coins and Coinage (Henry Phillips, Jr.) Proc. XVIII. 191, 237 

Coinage (Franklin Peale) " VI. 95, 106 

Cold at Hallowell, Mass., in 1807 Trans. O. S., VI. 401 

Cold Air, Evaporation in (C. Wistar, M.D.) " " III. 125 

Cold produced by Downward Circulation (Lorin Blod- 
gett) Proc. XIV. 150 


Cold-blooded Vertebrata from Peru (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XVII. 33 
Coleoptera, Arrangement of the Families of (G. R. 

Crotch) " XIII. 75 

Coleoptera of Florida (John L. LeConte) " XVII. 470 

Coleoptera Longicornia of the U. S. (S. S. Haldeman) 

Trans. N. S., X. 27 
Coleoptera of Michigan (Greorge H. Horn, M.D.) 

Proc. XVII. 593, 627, 643 

Coleoptera of Michigan (John L. LeConte) Proc. XVII. 593 

Coliraacea, New Species of (Isaac Lea) Trans. N. S., VII. 455 

X. 303 

Color Blindness (Dr. Hays) Proc. I. 265 

Color, Change of, in Birds and Quadrupeds (John 

Bachman) Trans. N. S., VI. 197 

Colorado Anthracite (Charles A. Ashbumer) Proc. XX. 205 

Colorado. Tide Geology. 

Columbian Guano (Charles B. Trego) " VI. 188 

Columella and Stapes in the Turtle (Miss S. P. 

Monks) " XVII. 335 

Colydiidfc of the U. S. (George H. Horn, M.D.) " XVII. 555 

Comet, Account of a (WUliam Stirling) Trans. O. S., II. 195 

III. 261 
Comet, Biela's, and the large Meteors of November 

27-30 (Daniel Kirkwood) Proc. XXIV. 242 

Comet of June 9, 1770 (Rittenhouse) Trans. O. S., I. 144 

Cometof June 9, 1770 ("Wmiam Stirling) " " 1.152 

Comet of 1807, Observations on (Jos. Joaquin De Fer- 
rer) Trans. O. S., VI. 345 

Comet of 1807, Observations on CWilliam Dunbar) " " VI. 368 

Comet of 1840 (Charles Riimker) Proc. II. 75 

Comet of 1843 (William H. C. Bartlett) Trans. N. S., VIII. 191 

Comet of 1843 (Sears C. Walker) Proc. II. 267, 270, 272, 275 

III. 67 
Comet of 1866 and Meteors of Nov. 14, The (Daniel 

Kirkvsrood) Proc. XXII. 424 

Comet, Eucke's, March, 1842 (E. Otis Kendall) Trans. N. S., VIII. 311 

Proc. II. 160, 186, 201 

Comet, Encke's (Elias Loomis) Proc. II. 182 

Comet, Encke's (Sears C. Walker) " II. 186 

Comet, Encke's (Charles Riimker) " II. 90 

Comet, Galle's (Elias Loomis) " 1.216 

Comet, Galle's (Charles Riimker) " I. 275, 301 

Comet of 1842 (E. Otis Kendall) " III. 167 

Comet, Mauvais' (Charles Riimker) " IV. 67 

Comet (Henry D. Rogers) " II. 278 

Comets, Polarized Light of (Fran. Zantedeschi) " VI. 333 

Comet. Vide Bremiker. 


Comets, Essay on (Hugh "Williamson, M.D.) Trans. O. S., I. 133 

Comets, New Formulae relative to (Eugenius Nulty) . " N. S., VI. 375 

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Comparison of Planetary Laws (Pliny E. Chase) " XIII. 471 

Compass, Variation of the (Robert Patterson) Trans. O. S., II. 351 

Compass, Improvement in the (Bernard Romans) . . " " II. 396 

Compositse, Description of (Thomas NuttaU) " N. S., VII. 388 

Composite Photography (W. Curtis Taylor) Proc. XXII. 360 

Composite Photography. Vide Photography. 
Computation of the Effect of Gradients (Herman 

Haupt) " XII. 9 

Conception of Love in some American Languages 

(Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) " XXIII. 546 

Concretion found in a Horse's Stomach (Martin H. 

Boye) " IV. 330 

Condor, Anatomical Peculiarity of the (Richard Har- 
lan^ M.D.) Trans. N. S., III. 466 

Conductor. Vide Influence. 

Conductors, Metallic (Robert Patterson) " O. S., III. 331 

Congress, International Geological, held at Berlin, Sept. 

38 to Oct. 3, 1885, Resume of the Work of (Persifor 

Prazer) Proc. XXIIL 359 

Connotations of Magnetism (Pliny E. Chase) " X. 368 

Cosmical and Molecular Force, Correlations of (Pliny 

E.Chase)... " XIL 393 

Cosmical Rotation, Harmonies of (Pliny E. Chase) ... . " XIII. 343 

Cosmical Evolution (Pliny E. Chase) " XIV. 159 

Construction of Domes (Robert Briggs) " X. 379 

Construction of Hospitals (Mons. LeRoy) Trans. O. S., Ill, 348 

Continental Glacier. Vide Glacier. 

Continental Money (Samuel Break) Proc. I. 348 

III. 57 

Controlling Centres (Pliny E. Chase) " XVIII. 439 

Contributions to Mineralogy, No. XX (Frederick A. 

Genth) Proc. XVIII. 380, 381 

Contributions to Mineralogy, No. XXIV (Frederick A. 

Genth) Proc. XXIIL 30 

Copper. Vide Precipitation. 

Copper Age in the U. S. (A. Morlot) " IX. Ill, 119 

Copper Coin, A (John C. Cresson) " X. 370 

Copper Horizon (J. P. Lesley) " VII. 839 

Copper precipitated by Sodium Carbonate (Edgar F. 

Smith) " XVII. 318 

Copper Regions of Gibara (Richard C. Taylor). .Trans. N. S., VIII. 304 

Copper Veins near Liberty, Md. (Persifor Frazer) Proc. XVIII. 330 

Coprolites (Henry C. Lea) " III. 143 


C'opto-Egy ptian Vocabulary (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. X. 69 

Coral Reefs (Alex. Dallas Bache) " II. 150 

Cordaites ia the Carboniferous Formation (Leo Les- 

queretix) " XVII. 315 

Cordaites bearing Fruit (Leo Lesquereux) " XVIII. 223 

Correlations, Stellar and Planetary (Pliny E. Chase) .. " XII. 518 

Correlations of Planetary Mass (Pliny E. Chase) " XIII. 239 

Cornerstones, Decay of Articles in (Martin H. Boye) . . " V. 323 

Corpuscular Constitution of Matter (Joseph Henry) . . " IV. 287 

Corpus Luteum (Charles D. Meigs, M.D.j Trans. N. S., X. 131 

Proc. IV. 305 

Corundum (Frederick A. Genth) Proc. XIII. 36 

Corundum at Allentown, Pa. (Edgar F. Smith) " XX. 229, 230 

Coins of Japan (W. E. DuBois) " VIII. 264 

Coins of the Mint, Silver CW. E. DuBois) " XI. 233 

Coin found in Illinois (W. E. DuBois) " XII. 224 

Coins from the Wreck of the San Pedro (Dr. Robert M. 

Patterson) " IV. 201 

Corrosion of Cables by Sea Water (Alex. Dallas 

Bache) " I. 70 

Corrosion of Iron Pipes by Water (John L. LeConte) . . " XVIII. 361 

Coryphodon, Brain of (Edward D. Cope) " XVI. 6l6 

Cortex ruber (Dr. John Morgan) Trans. O. S., II. 289 

Cosalite, Alaskaite and Beegerite, Note on (Dr. George 

A. Koenig) Proc. XXII. 102 

Cosmogony of LaPlace (Daniel Kirkwood) " XVIII. 324 

Cosmical Determination of Joule's Equivalent (Pliny 

E.Chase) " XIX. 20 

Cosmical Motion, Forces of (Walter H. Lowrie) " XI. 195 

Cosmical Nodes, Recession of (Walter H. Lowrie) " XI, 213, 220 

Cosmical Paraboloids (Pliny E. Chase) " XIX. 18 

Cosmical Relations of Light to Gravity (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XI. 108 

Cosmical Thermo-dynamics (Pliny E. Chase) " XIV. 141 

Costa Rica. Vide Indian. 

Costa Rica, Tribes and Languages of (W. A. Gabb). . . " XIV. 283 

Cotton, Flax and Paper (G. Emerson) " IX. 91, 360 

Cotton, Animal (Baudry Des Loziers) Trans. O. S., V. 150 

Counterfeit Sovereign of George IV (Dr. Robert M. 

Patterson) Proc. IV. 145 

Cranial Measurements of the FcBtus (Dr. Charles D. 

Meigs) " III. 127 

Creation of Organic Forms (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 229 

Cremation among the Pah Ute Indians (W. J. Hoflf- 

man) " XIV. 297 

Cremation among the Digger Indians (W.J.Hoffman) " XIV. 414 


Cremastochilus (George H. Horn, M.D.) Proc. XVIII. 383 

Creodonta, Genera of (Edward D. Cope) " XIX. 76 

Cretaceous Tortoises (Edward D. Cope) " XI. 16, 515 

Cretaceous Fishes of the U. S. (Edward D. Cope) 

Proc. XI. 194, 212, 240 
Cretaceous Reptiles of the U. S. (Edward D. Cope) . .Proc. XL 271, 275 
Cretaceous Vertebrata in tlie Kansas State Agricultural 

College (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 168 

Crinoidea from Indiana, Kentuclcy and Ohio (Sidney O. 

Lyon) Trans. N. S., XIII. 443 

Crinoidea, New Species of (Henry C. Lea) Proc. XI. 14 

Criteria of the Nebular Hypotliesis (Pliny E. Chase) . . " XVII. 341 

Cross-hairs, Telescopic (Dr. John Locke) " III. 102 

Crotalus liorridus, To prevent Consequences of the Bite 

of (Benjamin S. Barton ) Trans. O. S., III. 100 

Crotalus horridus, Fascination of the (Benjamin S. 

Barton) Trans. O. S. , IV. 74 

Crotalus horridus, Poison of the (R. Harlan) " N. S., III. 300 

Crucial Harmonies (Pliny B. Chase) Proc. XVIII. 34 

Crural Process in the Genus Atrypa (W. Ginley) " XVII. 337 

Cryptogamic Plants (Palisct De Beauvois) Trans. O. S., Ill, 302 

Crystallized Basalts found in Pa. (Thomas P. Smith) 

Trans. N. S., IV. 445 

Crystallography in Sculpture (Persifor Frazer) Proc. XVII. 258 

Cuba, Geology of Eastern (Persifor Frazer) " XXV. 123 

Cuba, Geology of (Richard C. Taylor) " III. 154 

Cumberland and Potomac Coal Basin (Howard G. 

Jones) " XIX. Ill 

Culture of Flax (Henry Coppee) " IX. 226 

Culture of Sorghum (G. Emerson) " IX. 116, 141 

Culture of Silk in India (P. S. DuPonceau) " 1.214 

Cumberland Coal Basin (Richard C. Taylor) " XI, 235 

Cumberland County Limestone Rocks (Dr. George A. 

Koenig) " XVIIL 39 

Cumulus by Fire (Alex. Dallas Bache) " II. 116 

Curculionidse of the U. S. (George H. Horn, M.D.) .... " XIII. 407 

Currant Wine, Manufacture of Trans. O, S., I. 317 

Cyanosis neonatorum (Dr. Charles D. Meigs) Proc. III. 174 

Cyclo volute (Eugenius Nulty) Trans. N. S., V. 205 

X. 17 
Proc. I. 293 

Cyclical Rainfall at Barbadoes (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. XIV. 195 

Cyclical Rainfalls at Lisbon (Pliny E. Chase) " XII. 178 

Cyperus found in Ga. (William Baldwin, M.D.) Trans. N. S., II. 167 

Cyprinidse of Pa. (Edward D. Cope) " " XIIL 351 


Daguerreotypes (Goddard) Proc. II. 144, 150 

Daguerreotypes of the Moon (George M. Justice) .... " V. 208 

Daily Auroral aad Meteoric Means (Pliny E. Chase). . " XII. 51G 

Daily Distribution of Heat (Pliny E. Chase) " IX. 845 

X. 309 
Dakota, Reptilian Remains from (Edward D. Cope) . . " XVII. 193 

Datames Magna (Joseph L. Hancock) " XXV. 107 

Deaths, etc., in Philada. for 1807-8 Trans. O. S., VI. 403 

Deaths, etc., in Philada. for 1804-16 " N. S., I. 430 

Debitumenization, Violation of the Law of (J. P. Lesley) Proc, XII. 125 

Decay, To preserve "Wood from (G. Emerson) " XI. Ill 

Deflagration, Galvanic (Dr. Robert Hare) " I, 253 

Delaware Water Gap, Soundings at (Franklin Peale). . " IX. 451 

Delta of the Mississippi (William Dunbar) Trans. O. S., VI. 165 

Dentition. Vide Amblypoda, Metalophodon. 
Deprivation of Senses by Accidental Head-injury 

(George M. Justice) Proc. VI. 51 

Derivatives of Mono- and Dichlo-salicylic Acid (Mar- 

shaU) " XVII. 476 

DermestidiB of the U. S., Revision of the (Horace F. 

Jayne, M.D.) " XX. 343 

Determination of ^. Bootes and the Polar Star (An- 
drew EUicott) Trans. O. S., III. 116 

Deviating Forces of a Fly-Wheel (Robert Brlggs) Proc. XVII. 126 

Devonian Rocks at Palenville (Andrew Sherwood) . . " XVII. 346 

Dewpoint Hydrometer (Alex. Dallas Bache) " II. 249, 252 

Dew and Hoar Frost (Fran. Zantedesohi) " IX. 456 

Diamagnetism (John C. Cresson) " X. 199 

Diamantlferous Region of Parana (Orville A. Derby) " XVIII. 251 

Diameter of the Earth (Robert Adrian) Trans. N. S., I. 353 

Diamond found at Dahlonega (Dr. Robert M. Patter- 
son) Proc. IV. 211 

Diamond, Light produced in, by Friction (G.Emerson) " VII. 175 

Dibenzyl CWilliam H. Greene) " XVIII. 345 

Dichlor-salicylic Acid (Edgar F. Smith) " XVII. 68 

Dicotylinse, Extinct of N. A. (Joseph Leidy) Trans. N. S., X. 323 

Dicotylina; of the John Day Miocene of N. A. (Edward 

D. Cope) Proc. XXV. 62 

Didelphis Virginiana (Dr. Charles D. Meigs) " IV. 327 

Diego de Landa's Writings, Critical Remarks on the 

Editions of (Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) " XXIV. 1 

Dimensions of the Earth (Simeon Borden ) " III. 130 

Dinosauri from Utah (Edward D. Cope) " XVI. 579 

Dinosauri from Wyoming (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 481 

Dipus, American (Benjamin S. Barton) Trans. O. S., IV. 114 

VI. 143 


Disk fouud in Guatemala (W. E. DuBois) Proc. XIX. 191 

Disk of Theodosius (Charles B. Trego) " Y. 125 

Dispersion of Heat generated bj' a Gas Burner (Robert 

Briggs) " XYII. 309 

Distribution, Daily, of Heat (Pliny E. Chase) " IX. 345 

X. 309 

Diurnal Variation of the Barometer (Pliny E. Chase) " IX. 283 
Diurnal Variation of the Needle (Alex. Dallas Bache) 

Trans. N. S., V. 1 

Divisibility of Gold (A. E. Outerbridge) Proc. XVI. 390 

Dioxy-ethyl-methylene (WiUiam H. Greene) " XVIII. 34G 

Dogs, Blood from (E. Brown-Sequard) " VI. 243 

Dolatocrinus (Sidney O. Lyon) Trans. N. S., XIII. 443 

Dolomite, Analysis of a Pure (And. S. McCreath) Proc. XIX. 197 

Domes, Construction of (Robert Briggs) " X. 379 

Draper, Henry, Memorial, Photographs of Stellar 

Spectra, On the (George F. Barker) " XXIV. 166 

Dromatherium and Microconodon, The Triassic Mam- 
mals (Henry F. Osbom) " XXIV. 109 

D'Orbigny Papyrus (J. P. Lesley) " X, 543 

Drift, Phenomena of the C. S. (J. P. Lesley) " XVIII. 85 

Dunning's Creek Fossil Ore Bed (J. P. Lesley) " XIII. 156 

Duplex Transmission (Fran. Zantedeschi) " VI. 267 

Dynamic Coordinations (Phny E. Chase) " XIV. 651 

Dynamic Induction by a Galvanic Current, Two Kinds 

of (Joseph Henry) " I. 133 

Dynamo-electric Machines, Efficiency of (Edwin J. 

Houston) " XVIII. 58 

Dyes of the N. A. Indians (Hugh Martin) Trans. O. S., III. 


Early Man in Oregon (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XVII. 292 

Early Maps of America (Henry Phillips, Jr.) " XIX. 10 

Early Philadelphia Almanacs (Henry PhiUips, Jr.) ... " XIX. 291 

Earth, Queries Relating to the ^lagnetism and Theory 

of the (Benjamin Franklin) Trans. 0. S., III. 10 

Earth, Conjectures Concerning the Formation of the 

(Benjamin Franklin) Trans. O. S., III. 1 

Earth, Mean Diameter of the (Robert Adrian) " N. S., I. 353 

Earth, Dimensions of the (Simeon Borden) Proc. III. 130 

Earth, Figure of the (Robert Adrian) Trans. N. S., I. 119 

Earth, Figure of the (Joseph Clay) " O. S., V. 312 

Earthquake, October 20, 1870 (G. Emerson) Proc. XI. 522 

Earthquake (James D. Graham) " II. 259 

Earthquakes (Robert M. Patterson) " II. 260 

Earthquakes (Henry D. Rogers) " II. 258, 267 

III. 65 


Earthquake at Aix la Chapelle (Henry Phillips, Jr.). .Proc. XVIII. 216 
Earthy Substance found near the Falls of Niagara, 
called the Spray of the Falls (Robert McCaus- 

lin) Trans. O. S., III. 17 

Easton, Slag from (Charles B. Trego) Proc. VI. 246 

Eclipse, Feb. 12, 1831 Trans. N. S., IV. 125 

Eclipse, Lunar, Nov. 2, 1789 (J. Madison) " O. S., III. 150 

Eclipse, Lunar, Sep. 21, 1801 (Robert Patterson) . . " " VI. 59 
Eclipse, Solar, of June 16, 1806 (Jos. Joaquin De- 
Ferrer) Trans. O. S., VI., 264, 293 

Eclipse, Solar, of June 16, 1806 (Simeon De Witt) . .Trans. O. S., VL 300 
Eclipse, Solar, of June 16, 1806 (Andrew ElUcott) . " "VI. 255 

Eclipse, Solar, of June 16, 1806 (Peter Nutter) " " VI. 275 

Eclipse, Solar, of Nov. 30, 1834 " N. S., V. 233 

Eclipse, Solar, of May 14 and 15, 1836 " " VI. 379 

Eclipse, Solar, of May 4, 1836, and Sept. 18, 1838 (Ed- 
mund Blunt) Proc. I. 177 

Eclipse, Solar, of April 24, 1846 (E. Otis Kendall). . .. " IV. 253 

Eclipse, Solar, of May 26, 1854 (P. P. Frazer) " VI. 38 

Eclipse, Solar, of Aug. 7, 1869 (Samuel G-. Morton) . . " XI. 202 

Eclipse, Solar, of July 29, 1878 (George F. Barker) .... " XVIII. 103 

Eclipse, Solar (Stephen Alexander) " II. 201 

V. 32 
Eclipse, Solar and Lunar, Observations on (M. De 

Granchain) Trans. O. S., II. 239 

Eclipse of the Sun, Practical Rule for Calculating 

(John Gummere) Trans. N. S., V. 297 

Eclipses of the Sun, On the Construction of (John 

Gummere) " " III. 467 

Edentata (Dr. Harlan) Proc. II. 109 

Eflfect of Camphor on Vegetables (Benjamin S. Bar- 
ton) Trans. O. S., IV. 232 

EfiFects of Hot Weather upon Infants (G. Emerson). . .Proc. IV. 213 
Effects in Using a Secondary Battery (Russell Thayer) " XX. 639 

Effusion under the Skull, Treatment of (J. Deveze) 

Trans. O. S., IV. 433 

Egypt, Resources of (A. Del Mar) Proc. XIV. 232 

Egyptian Character of Hebrew Names (J. P. Lesley). . " XX. 506 

Egyptian Dictionary (Edward Y. McCauley) Trans. N. S., XVI. 1 

Egyptian Element in the Names of Hebrew Kings (J. 

P.Lesley) Proc. XIX. 409 

Egyptian Ethnography, Observations on (Samuel G. 

Morton) Trans. N. S., VIII. 93 

Proc. III. 115 

Egyptian Form of Head (Samuel G. Morton) Proc. II. 239 

Egyptology, Manual of (Edward Y. McCauley) " XX. 1 


Elateridte of the U. S., Revision of (John L. LeConte) 

Trans. N. S., X. 405 
Electrical Determination of Longitudes (James D. 

Graham) Proc. VI. 312 

Electrical Eel of Surinam (WUliam Bryant) Trans. O. S., II. 166 

Electrical Induction (Joseph Henry) Proc. II. 133, 329 

Electrical Machine, Description of an (Robert Hare) 

Trans. N. S., V. 365 
Electric ]\Iuscular Nervous Sensibility, Measure of 

(Fran. Zantedeschi) Proc. VI. 391 

Electrical Phenomena, Remarkable (John C. Cresson) " VII. 385 

Electrical Spectra of Metals (A. E. Outerbridge) " XIV. 161 

Electricity from Steam (Robert M. Patterson) " I. 320 

Electro-Dynamic Induction (Joseph Henry) " T. 54, 315 

Trans. K S., VI. 303 

VIII. 1 
Electrolysis of Lead Solutions. Determination of Boric 
Acid. Dihalogen Derivatives of Salicylic Acid. 

Barite (Edgar P. Smith) Proc. XXIV. 428 

" Elements of Normal Barometric Tides (Pliny E. 

Chase) " IX. 405 

Elements of the Planet Neptune (Sears C. "Walker). . . " IV. 332, 339 

Elevator, Speedy, Description of a (D N. CoUin). .Trans. O. S., IV. 519 

Emanation, Phosphorogenic (Joseph Henry) Proc. III. 38 

Embreeville. Vide Upthrow. 

Embryology of Limulus polyphemus (Alpheus S. 

Packard) " XXIL 368 

English Dictionary, New, Progress of the (Henry Phil- 
lips, Jr.) " XX. 230 

English Orthography and Pronunciation (R. M. Tafel) " VIII. 285 

IX. 39 

English Phonology (P. S. DuPonceau) Trans. N. S., L 328 

Encke's Comet (Charles Riimker) Proc. II. 99 

Encke's Comet (Elias Loomis) " II. 182 

Encke's Comet (Sears C. "Walker) " II. 186 

Engraving on Tin Plates (George M. Justice) " VI. 165 

Eocene Carnivorous Animals, Structure of some (Ed- 
ward D. Cope) " XX. 236 

Eocene, Gigantic Mammals of the American (Othniel 

C. Marsh.) " XIIL 255 

Eocene Phenacodus, Brain of. Vide Puerco (Edward 

D. Cope) " XX. 509, 563 

Eocene. Vide Mammals. 

Ephemeris of the Planet Neptune (Sears C. Walker) " V. 20 

Ephoron Leukon (Hugh "Williamson) Trans. O. S., V. 71 

Epitaph of M. Verrius Flaccus (Charles "W. King). . . .Proc. XXV. 55 


Equations, Numeral, To Find the Roots of (John Gar- 
rett) Trans. O. S., VI. 391 

Equation for the Change of Sun's Declination, To 

Find (Andrew Ellicott) " " VI. 26 

Erman's Orbits (Peirce) Proc. II. 21 

Erroneous Statements respecting the great Tower of the 
new Public Buildings in Philadelphia (Thomas N. 

Walter) " XVI. 337 

Ertel Meridian Circle (Sears C. Walker) " IV. 113 

Ely ops, Shoulder Girdle and Extremities of (Edward 

D. Cope) Trans. N. S.. XVI. 362 

Espy's Rain Gauge Proc. II. 164 

Espy's Theory " II. 147 

Essential Oils, Reaction of, with Sulphurous Acid (Rob- 
ert Hare) Trans. N. S.. V. 355 

Estimate of Solar Mass, etc. (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. XIII. 142 

Estimates, Spectral, of Sun's Distance (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XIII. 227 

Etheostomine Perch (Edward D. Cope) " XI. 261 

Ether, Deterioration of, by Age (C. M. Wetherill) " IX. 171 

Ether, Influence of, on the Solar System (Alexander 

WUcocks) Trans. N. S., XIII. 73 

Ether, Perchloric (Boye and Hare) Proc. I. 261 

Ether, Sulphurous, Remarks on (Robert Hare) Trans. N. S., V. 347 

Ether, Nitric, Process for (Robert Hare) " " V. 363 

Ethereal Liquid, New (Robert Hare) Proc. II. 142, 161 

Ethmoid Bone, Observations on the (C. Wistar) Trans. N. S., I. 373 

Ethnology and Philology of the Indian Tribes of the 

Missouri Valley (Ferd. V. Hayden) " •' XII. 231 

Ethnology, Observations on (Dr. Bethune) Proc. IV. 358 

Ethule, Perchlorate of the Oxide of (Robert Hare, 

M.D.) Trans. N. S., VIII. 73 

Ethyl, Neutral Sulphate of the Oxide of (Ch. M. Weth-. 

erill) Proc. V. 35 

Etymology of Certain English Words (Benjamin S. 

Barton) Trans. O. S., VI. 145 

Etymology, Probabilities in (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. X. 345 

Eudiometer, Gage, Improved Barometer (Robert Hare, 

M.D.) Trans. N. S., V. 385 

Euphorida; of the U. S. (George H. Horn, M.D.) Proc. XVIII. 397 

Evaporation in Cold Air (C. Wistar, M.D.) Trans. O. S., III. 125 

Evaporation, Experiments on (C. Wistar, M.D. ).. . " " III. 125 

IV. 72 
Evidences of Lunar Influence on Rainfall (Pliny E. 

Chase) Proc. X. 436 

Examination of an Exploded Locomotive (Charles M. 

Cresson) " XIV. 264 


Excessive Mortality of Male Children (G. Emerson).. .Proc. IV. 212 

Exfoliation of Gettysburg Rocks (Persifor Frazer) " XIV. 295 

Expansion of Functions (Pike Powers) " 11.40, 74 

Expedition to Smolcy Hill River (Edward D. Cope). . . " XII. 174 

Experiments on Air (Joseph Priestly) Trans. O. S., IV. 1, 11, 328 

V. 14, 21, 36, 42 
Experiments on the Atmosphere of Marshes (Adam 

Seybert) Trans. O. S., IV. 415 

Experiments on Electricity (Joseph Henry) Proc. IV. 209 

Experiments on Evaporation (Rev. Samuel "Williams) 

Trans. O. S., 11. 118 

Experiments on Land and Sea (Adam Seybert) " " IV. 262 

Experiments, Magnetic (Dr. John Locke) Proc. I. 24 

Experiments Relating to the Doctrine of Plilogiston 

(Joseph Priestly) Trans. O. S., V. 28 

Experiments on Spontaneous Generation (Joseph 

Priestly) Trans. O. S., VI. 119 

Experiments on Transmission of Acids in Vapor 

(Joseph Priestly) " " V. 1 

-Exploration, Geological, of the Big Horn Region (Ed- 
ward D. Cope) Proc. XIX. 650 

Explosions in Mines (John C. Cresson) " X. 338 

Explosive Oscillation, Planetary Illustrations of (Pliny 

E.Chase) " XII. 403 

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Eye, Catoptric Examination of (Dr. Hays) Proc. I. 97 

F (^ + ''), Expansion of (Pike Powers) Trans. N. S., VIII. 155 

Fairy Folk-lore of Spencer and Shakspeare (John S. 

Hart) Proc. XVI. 335 

Family, The, in Government (Eli K. Price) " IX. 295 

Fascination of the Rattlesnake (Benjamin S. Barton) 

Trans. O. S., IV. 74 
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Cope) Proc. XL 285 

Fauna, Puerco Eocene (Edward D. Cope) .Proc. XX. 461, 478, 541, 637 
Fauna, Miocene, of Oregon (Edward D. Cope) . . .Proc. XVIII. 63, 370 
Feet of the Megalonyx, Structure of the (Joseph 

Leidy) Trans. N. S., XL 107 

Feet, Thoracic, Discovery of the, in a Carboniferous 

Phyllocaridan (Alpheus S. Packard) Proc. XXIII. 380 

Feldspar, Analysis of (Martin H. Boye) " II. 53, 190 

Felis atrox (Joseph Leidy) Trans. -N. S.,' X. S19 

Ferns, Distribution of, in the U. S. (G. B. Daven- 
port) Proc. XX. 605, 641 

Fever, Bilious in Pa. (Benjamin Rush, M.D.) Trans. O. S., IL 206 


Figs, Method of Curing (Edward A. AntQl) Trans. O. S., I. 266 

Figures, Indian, at Safe Harbor, Lancaster Co., Pa. 

(Thomas C. Porter) Proc. X. 80 

Files, Machine for Cutting Trans. O. S., I. 365 

Fireballs. Vide Meteors. 

Fireballs and Meteorites in the Stream of Bielids, Note 

on the Possible Existence of (Daniel Kirkwood). .Proc. XXIV. 448 

Firedamp Explosions in Pa. (Henry M. Chance) " XIX. 405 

Fireplace, Improvements in (Charles "W. Peale) Trans. O. S., V. 320 

Fishes, American and African (Edward D. Cope) . . " N. S., XIII. 400 
Fishes, Cretaceous of the United States (Edward D. 

Cope) Proc. XI. 194, 212, 240 

Fishes, Green River (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XI. 370, 380 

Fishes, Alaska (Edward D. Cope) " XIII. 24 

Fishes, Utah (Edward D. Cope) " XIV. 129 

Fishes, Fossil (Edward D. Cope) " XI. 316 

Fishes, Kansas Cretaceous (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 327 

Fishes, Permian, Amazon (Edward D. Cope) " XVII. 673 

Fishes, Idaho (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XI. 538, 553, £59, 571 

Fish in Coal Mines (John C. Cresson) Proc. X. 168 

Fishes of the Lesser Antilles (Edward D. Cope). .Trans. N. S., XIV. 4-15 
Fishes from the Carboniferous Limestone of Illin- 
ois and Missouri (Joseph Leidy) " " XL 87 

Fish, Loess, of Mississippi (Robert C. Grier) Proc. X. 255 

Fishes of the U. S., Chondropterigious (Charles A. Le 

Sueur) Trans. N. S., L 383 

Fishplate in the Chemung (E. W. Claypole) Proc. XX. 647 

Five Types of Earth Surface in the U. S. (J. P. Lesley) 

Trans. N. S., XIII. 307 

Flax, Cotton and Paper (G. Emerson) Proc. IX. 91, 360 

Flax Culture (Henry Coppse) " IX. 26 

Flight, Extraordinary, of .Meieors (Andrew Ellicott) 

Trans. O. S., VI. 28 

Flora of Arkansas (Thomas Nuttall) '^ N. S., V. 139 

Flora of the Coal Period in the U. S. (Horatio C. 

Wood) " " XIII. 341 

Flora, Carboniferous, of N. A. (Leo Lesquereux) Proc. XVI. 397 

Flora, Coal, of N. A. (Leo Lesquereux) " IX. 198 

Florae Lancastrensis, Index (Henry Muhlenberg). .Trans. O. S., III. 157 

IV. 235 
Florida. Vide Coleoptera. 

Florida, "Western, Letter on (Dr. Lorimer) Trans. O. S., I. 2?0 

Flow of "Water through an Opening (Robert Briggs) .. .Proc. XVI. 310 

XVII. 124 
Fluids, Microscopical Examination of (Coleman Sel- 
lers) " XIII. 180 


Fluids in Motion, Power of, to Rupture Vessels (Ch. 

Bonnycastle) Trans. N. S., VII. 113 

Fluids in Motion (Ch. Bonnycastle) Proc. I. 196 

Fly, Hessian (Miss Margaretta H. Morris) " T. 318 

Fly, Hessian (Benjamin H. Coates) " 11. 42 

Fly, Weevil, Observations on the Trans. O. S., I. 274 

II. 287 

Flywheel, Deviating Forces of a (Robert Briggs) Proc. XVII. 126 

Foggy Air (Robert Hare, M.D.) " 11.180 

Folk-lore of Philadelphia (Henry PMlUps, Jr.) " XXV. 159 

Foot, Posterior, of the Toxodon (Edward D. Cope) ... " XIX. 403 
Footmark, The, in Hieroglyphic Script (F. Chabas) ... " XII. 193 

Footmarks, Reptilian, at Sharp Mountain, Pa. (Isaac 

Lea) " V. 91 

Footprint, Human, On an Ancient, from Nicaragua 

(Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) " XXIV. 437 

Forest Plants from the Tertiary of Mississippi (Leo 

Lesquereux; Trans. N. S., XIII. 313 

Fort, Indian, near Lexington, Ky. (Charles W. 

Short) " " 1.310 

Fortifications of the Western Country (Rev. 

James Madison) " O. S., VI. 132 

Forces, Magnetic and Galvanic, Effect of, on Iron and 

Steel (John C. Cresson) Proc. XVI. 603 

Forze Chemiche, Correhizione delle (Fran. Zantedeschi) 

Trans. N. S., XL 117 
Fossil Animal, Head of, found at Moorestown, N. 

J. (Isaac Hays, M.D.) " " III. 471 

Fossil Arborescent Plants, etc., etc., in a Coal Seam 

in Dauphin Co., Pa. (Richard C. Taylor) " " VIII. 219 

Fossil Bones found in Louisiana (William Dunbar) " O. S., VI. 46 
Fossil Bones found in Louisiana (Martin Duralde) " " VI. 55 

Fossil Bones found in Louisiana (Richard Harlan) " N. S., IV. 397 

Fossil CobitidfB in Idaho (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XII. 55 

Fossil Fishes (Edward D. Cope) " XI. 316 

Fossil Footmarks in the Red Sandstones of Pottsville, 

Pa. (Isaac Lea) Trans. N. S., X. 307 

Fossil Forms, Commingling of (E. W. Claypole) Proc. XX. 477 

Fossil (?) Forms in Quartzose Rocks (Persifor Frazer) . " XVIII. 277 

Fossil, Laurentian (Dr. Roscoe) " XL 237 

Fossil Mammalia, Absurd Hypothesis for the Extinc- 
tion of the (Edward D. Cope) " XX. 643 

Fossils of the Miocene of Canada (Edward D. Cope) . . " XXIL 98 
Fossils, Miocene, of San Domingo (W. A. Gabb) . . . . " XII. 571 

Fossils, Missouri (Hays) " II. 183 

Fossil Fishes (Ferdinand V. Hayden) " XL 316, 431 


Fossils in New Mexico and California (Ferdinand V. 

Hayden) Proc. XL 425 

Fossil Ore Bed at Dunning's Creek (J. P. Lesley) " XIII. 156 

Fossils Common to Panama and San Domingo (W. A. 

Gabb) " XII. 572 

Fossil Physostomi (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 53 

Fossil Reliquia of Unknown Vegetables in the Coal 

Strata (Rev. Henry Steinhauer) Trans. N. S. , I. 265 

Fossil Sliells from the Tertiary of Petersburg, Va. 

(Henry C.Lea) " " VIII. 229 

Fossils from West India Caves (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XI. 608 

Fossil Lower Jaw from the Colorado Basin (Edward D. 

Cope) " XX. 199 

Fossils, Vertebrate, of the Uinta Formation, etc. See 

Vertebrate Fossils " XXIV. 225 

Fractions, Irrational. Vide Integration. 

Freestone Quarries in the Potomac and Rappahannock 

Rivers (B. Henry Latrobe) Trans. O. S., VI. 283 

French and American Standard Weights (Robert M. 

Patterson) Proc. IV. 155 

Freezing Mixtures (Robert Hare. M.D.) " I. 156 

Freiburg, Metallurgical Process used at (Persifor Frazer) " XL 442 

Fresh-water Algse of the U. S. (Horatio C. Wood.). . " XL 571, 574 

Fresh-water Infusoria (Alfred C. Stokes) " XXIII. 562 

Fresh-water and Land Shells (Isaac Lea) Trans. N. S., VL 1 

VII. 163, IX. 275, X. 67 
Proc. 11. 16; 30, 81, 147, 224, 237, 241, 284 

IV. 162 

Fresh-water Mollusks of the U. S. (Isaac Lea) Proc. V. 251 

Fresh-water Molluscse, Muscular Fibres in the Foot of 

(Isaac Lea) " V. 187 

Fruit Trees, Revival of (Geo ge B. Wood) " XII. 3 

Fucoides in the Coal Form aion (Leo Lesquereux) 

Trans. N. S., XIII. 313 

Fuel from Coal Dust (Robert Briggs) Proc. X. 290 

Functions, Expansion of (Pike Powers) " II. 40, 74 

Functions, Integration of (Pike Powers) " II. 218 

Funeral Customs of Ireland (James Mooney) " XXV. 243 

Fungus in Darlington Shales (Leo Lesquereux) " XVII. 173 

Fungorum in N. A., Synopsis (L. D. DeSchweinitz) 

Trans. N. S., IV. 141 
Fusible Metal (Alex. Dallas Bache) Proc. 11. 42 

Gales, Vortical, at Sea (J. P. Le.sley) " IX. 183 

Galle's Comet (Elias Loomis) " 1.216 

Galle's Comet (Charles Riimker) " I. 275, 301 


Galvanic Deflagration (Robert Hare, M.D.) Proc, I. 253 

Galvanic Influence through Wire Coil (Robert Hare, 

M.D.) " I. 199 

Galvanic Battery, Description of a (Joseph Henry) 

Trans. "N. S.. V. 217 

Gamut of Sound and Light (Pliny E. Chase) " " XIII. 149 

Garlic, Wild, To Destroy (Henry Hollingsworth) .... " O. S., I. 311 

Gas Analysis (Henry Morton) Proc. XVII. 722 

Gas Analysis (Samuel P. Sadtler) Proc. XYII. 710, 712, 723 

Gas Burner, Dispersion of the Heat generated by a 

(Robert Briggs) Proc. XVII. 309 

Gas Generator, Schintz's (Trippel) " X. 9 

Gas Holder, Fall of a (John C. Cresson) " V. 164 

Gas Wells, Kanawha (Ames) " IV. 3<i6 

Gas Well at Murrayville, Pa. (J. P. Lesley) " XVIII. 207 

Gas, Natural, in Pa. (Samuel P. Sadtler) " XVI. 206, 585 

General Case of the Simple Pendulum (Eugenius 

Nulty) Trans. N.S.. II. 466 

Generation, Spontaneous (Joseph Priestly) " O. S.,VI. 119 

(xeneration of Air from Water (Joseph Priestly) " " IV. 11 

Geographical Distribution of Plants West of the Missis- 
sippi (Ferdinand V. Hayden) Proc. X. 315 

Geographical Distribution of Plants (Charles Pickering, 

M.D.) Trans. N. S.. III. 274 

Geography, Contributions to (James D. Graham) Proc. VI. 347 

VII. 24, 123 

Geography, Physical, of the U. S. (C. Allen) " XVI. 61 

Geography, Physical, of the W. I. Islands (T. Bland) . . " XII. 56 

Geological Age of the Marshall Group (Alexander 

Wmchell) Proc. XL 57, 245. 385 

Geological Formation of the Natural Bridge of Virginia 

(Francis W. Gilmer) Trans. N. S., "l. 187 

Geological Map of the Upper Missouri (Ferdinand V. 

Hayden) Proc. XL 115 

Geological Reconnaissance of Bland, Giles, Wythe and 

portions of Pulaski and Montgomery Counties of 

Virginia (John Stevenson) " XXIV. 61 

Geological Relations of the Lignite Groups of the Far 

West (John J. Stevenson) " XIV. 47 

Geological Section of St. Mary's, Pa. (Charles A. Ash- 

bumer) .' " XIX. 330, 337 

Geological Survey of Pa., Progress of (Charles E. 

Hall) " XVL 55 

Geological Survey of Pa., Progress of (J. P. Lesley) 

Proc. XX. 497, 537, 628 
Geology of the Arctic Archipelago (J. P. Lssley) Proc. VII. 293 


Geology of Brown Hematite, Spruce Creek, Pa. (J. P. 

Lesley) Proc. XIV. 19 

Geology of the Cheat River (I. C. White) " XX. 477, 479 

Geology of Colorado and New Mexico (Ferdinand V. 

Hayden) " XI. 213, 234 

Geology of Minnesota (James Hall) Trans. N. S., XIII. 329 

Geology of Montgomery Co., Md. (S. F. Emmons) Proc. V. 85 

Geology of York Count}'", Pennsylvania, Sketch of 

• (Persifor Frazer) " XXIII. 391 

Geology, Surface of S. W. Pa. (John J. Stevenson) 

Proc. XIV. 47, XVIII. 219 
Geology of Tazewell, etc., Counties, Virginia (J. P. 

Lesley) Proc. XII. 489 

Geology and Natural History of the Upper Missouri 

(Ferdinand V. Hayden) Trans. N. S., XII. 1 

Geology of the U. S. (WilUam McClure) " " I. 1 

O. S., VI. 411 
Geology of Virginia, Tertiary CWilliam D.Rogers) " N. S., V. 319 

VI. 347 
VII. 371 
Proc. III. 88 
Geology of the Western Peninsula of Upper Canada 

and Ohio (WilUam D. Rogers) Trans. N. S., VIII. 273 

Geology of West Virginia (John J. Stevenson) Proc. XIV. 370 

XV. 15 

Geology of West Virginia (I. C. WTiite) " XIX. 438 

Geolojry of Wise, Scott and Lee Counties, Virginia 

(John J. Stevenson) " XIX. 18, 219 

Geology of Wyoming and Colorado (Ferdinand V. 

Hayden) " X. 463 

XI. 15, 431 
Geology of Yellow and Missouri Rivers (Ferdinand V. 

Hayden) " XI. 112 

Geometrical Theorem, Demonstration of a (Joseph 

Clay) Trans. O. S., VI. 201 

Georgia, Cyperus found in (William Baldwin, M.D.) 

Trans. N. S., II. 167 
Germany, Experiments in Relation to (Robert F. 

Stockton) " "X. 167 

Gigantic Mammals of the American Eocene (Othniel 

C. Marsh) Proc. XIII. 255 

Giles County. See Geological Reconnaissance. 

Gildas, Observations on (Philip H. Law) " XXV. 132 

GlacialDepositsin West Philadelphia (Charles E.Hall) " XIV. 633 

Glacial Drift of Northampton Co., Pa. (Frederick 

Prime) " XVIII. 84 


Glacial Epoch (Eli K. Price) Troc. XVI. 341 

Glaciation of Parts of the Wyoraiug aud Lackawanna 

Valleys (John C. Branner) " XXIII. 337 

Glacier, Continental, Thickness of the (Henry C. 

Lewis) " XX. 643 

Glasses of Haclley's Quadrant, To Adjust (Robert Pat- 
terson) Trans. O. S., IV. 154 

Globe Time Piece (Rev. Burgiss Allison) " " V. 83 

Globular Potassium (Robert Hare, M.D.) Proc. I. 1C6 

Godfrey's Quadrant, Improvement in (Rev. John 

Ewing) Trans. O. S., I. 136 

Gods in the Kiche Myths (Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.). . .Proc. XIX. 613 
Gold, Deposit of, from Chlorine Solution CWilliam M. 

Davis) " XX. 64, 67 

Gold, Dissemination of (W. E. Du Bois) " VIII. 373 

Gold, Divisibility of (Alexander E. Outerbridge) " XVI. 390 

Gold Extracting Machinery (Robert Briggs) " X. 89 

Gold, Occurrence of, in Pa. (Cai. M. Wetherill) " V. 374 

X. 345 
Gold Sand from Philadelphia (Frederick A. Genth) .... " XI. 439 

Gold Mines of Colorado, Effect of the, on the Value bf 

the Precious Metal (Tucker) " V. 148 

Gold from Montana (Frederick A. Genth) " XI. 443 

Gold, San Domingo Rhodium (Frederick A. Genth).. . " XI. 439 

Government, The Family in (EU K. Price) " IX. 395 

Gradation, Insensible, of Words (J. P. Lesley) " VII. 139 

Gradients, Computation of the EiTect of (Hermann 

Haupt) " XII. 9 

Grape Vine, New Species of (John Jones) Trans. O. S., I. 406 

Gramophone, On the (Edwin A. Houston) Proc. XXIV. 420 

Grand Cayman. See Eeptiles and Batrachians. 

Grave, Indian, at Cincinnati Trans. O. S., IV. 179 

V. 74 

Graves, Indian, in the Western Country " " IV. 77 

Graveyard, Merovingian (Frederick Troyon) Proc. X. 3 

Gravels, Auriferous, of N. Ca. (Henry M. Chance) .. . " XIX. 477 
Gravity and Magnetism, Numerical Relations of (Pliny 

E.Chase) " IX. 435 

Trans. N. S., XIII. 117 

Gravitating Waves (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. XIV. 344 

Gravity in Different Latitudes (Robert Adrian) Trans. N. S., I. 119 

Great Lakes, Origin of the (J. P. Lesley) Proc. XX. 95 

Great Lakes, Origin of the (Newberry) " XX. 91 

Greco-Egyptian Etymology of lanyoz (J. P. Lesley).. " XIX. 110 

Green River Fishes, W. T. (Edward D. Cope) "XL 370, 380 

Greenland, Recent Danish Explorations in (H. Rink). . " XXII. 380 


Gregarlna, Genus (Joseph Leidy) Traus. N. S., X. 233 

Grist and Saw Mills, Calculations Relative to (John 

Nancarrow) " O. S., IV. 348 

Grit, Arkansas Millstone (Leo Lesquereux) Proc. IX. 197 

Growth of Wheat, Influence of Fresh Wood-ashes on 

(George B. Wood) " XII. 323 

Gum Elastic, Manufacture of (Franklin Peale) " IV. 221 

ITaddam. Vide Chrysoberyls. 

Hematite, Brown, of Spruce Creek, Pa. (J. P. Lesley) " XIV. 19 

Hail Storm, Sept. 25, 1867 (G. Emerson) " X. 351 

Hallowell, Cold at, in 1807 Trans. O. S., VI. 401 

Hand Compass, A Convenient Device to be applied to 

the (Persifor Frazer) Proc. XXII. 216 

Handwriting. Vide Photography. 

Handwriting, Composite Photography Applied to (Per- 
sifor Frazer) " XXIII. 433 

Hammer, Antique Stone (Franklin Peale) " IX. 401 

Harbor Entrances, Physical Phenomena of (Louis M. 

Haupt) " XXV. 19 

Harmonic Wave Lengths in Spectra (Pliny E. Chase). " XIX. 21 

Harmonic Indications of Intra-Mercurial Planets (Pliny 

E.Chase) " XII. 237 

Harmonies of Lockyer's Basic Lines (Pliny E. Chase). " XVIII. 224 
Harmonies of Solar Rotation, etc. (Pliny E. Chase) .... " XII. 406 

Harmonies of Solar Spectrum (Pliny E. Chase) " XVII. 109 

Harpsichord, An Improved Method of Quilling (Francis 

Hopkinson) Trans. O. S., II. 185 

Harris Museum (J. P. Lesley) Proc. X. 561 

Hanxwell, .John, Collection made by, of Batrachians 

and Reptiles, etc., Catalogue of (Edward D. 

Cope) " XXin. 94 

Haverford School Telescope (George M. Justice) . " VI. 227 

Haverford School, Latitude of (John Sharpless) ...;.. " XX. 647 

Heads, Two, found in the Big Bone Lick, Ky. (C. Wis- 

tar) Trans. N. S., I. 375 

Head of a New Fossil Animal discovered at Moores- 

town, N. J, (Isaac Hays, M.D.) Trans. N. S., III. 471 

Head of the Mastodon (W. E. Horner, M.D., and 

Isaac Hays, M.D.) " " VIIL 37 

Health and Ventilation (Robert Briggs) Proc. X. 8 

Health, Meteorology and (WiUiam Blasius) " XIV. 667 

Health of Philadelphia (W. E. Du Bois) " IX. 26 

Hearts, Two, found in a Partridge Trans. O. S., II. 330 

Hebrew Names, Egyptian Character of (J. P. Lesley) , .Proc. XIX. 409 

XX. 506 


Heat, Rndiant, etc. (Robert Hare, M.D.) Proc. I. 159 

Heat, Radiant, etc. (Henry T. Eddy) " XX. 334 

Heat, Radiant, etc. (Joseph Henry) " V. 108 

Heat, Daily Distribution of (Pliny E. Chase) " IX. 345 

X. 809 
Heat Generated by a Gasburner, Dispersion of (Robert 

Briggs) " XVTI. 309 

Heat, Non-periodic Distribution of, in the Atmosphere 

(Lorin Blodgett) " XHI. 138 

Heat, Vibrations caused by (Martin H. Boye) " VI. 32 

Heat, Latent, of Expansion in Connection with the 

Luminosity of Meteors (B. V. Marsh) " XIV. 114 

Heat Evolved by the Combustion of Coal and Wood 

(Marcus Bull) Trans, N. S., III. 1 

Heat, Expansion of Wood by (David Rittenhouse) " O. S., IV. 29 

Helderberg. Vide Upper Helderberg Proc. X. 246 

Heliostat (Joseph Henry) " II. 97 

Heller and Brightly's New Transit (Heller) " XII. 115 

Helix, California (Isaac Lea) Trans. N. S., X. 303 

Hemp, N. A., Medical Activity of (Horatio C. "Wood) Proc. XI. 226 

Hemp, Observations on (Edward Antill) Trans. O. S„ I. 266 

HpanX-qc;^ Etymology of (J. P. Lesley) Proc. XVIII. 363 

Hercegovina, Bosnien und der (Friedrich S. Krauss) . " XXIII. 87 
Herpetology. Vide "Tropical America" and "Mex- 
Herpetology of Tropical America (Edward D. Cope) . . " XXIII. 271 

Herschel-Stevenson Postulate (Plmy E. Chase) " XII. 395 

Hessian Fly (Miss Margaretta H. Morris) " I. 318 

Hessian Fly (Benjamin H. Coates) " II. 42 

High Barometer, Feb. 10, 1867 (John C. Cresson) " X. 329 

Hill on the Borders of N. Ca. formerly a Volcano (Dr. 

James Greenway) Trans. O. S., III. 231 

Histeridte of the U. S. (George H. Horn, M.D.) Proc. XIII. 273 

History, Physical, of Md. (Julius T. DuCatel) " III. 158 

Holoptychius, Occurrence of, in the Chemung (E. W. 

Claypole) " XX. 531 

Honey, Poisonous, of N. A. (Benjamin S. Barton). .Trans. O. S., V. 51 
Honey Bee a Native of America (Benjamin S. Bar- 
ton) •' " III. 241 

Horizon, Copper (J. P. Lesley) Proc. VII. 329 

Horizon, Copper, Inclination of the Apparent, to the 

True (John Hagen) " XX. 205, 206 

Horizontal Intensities of Terrestrial Magnetism (Alex. 

Dallas Bache) Trans. N. S., V. 427 

Horizontal Windmill (Thomas Gilpin) " 0. S., I. 405 

Horses, Three-toed (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XXIII. 351 


Horse's Eye, Worm in a (Dr. Robley Dungliaon) Proc. I. 200 

Horse's Eye, Worm in a (Francis Hopkinson) Trans. O S., H. 183 

Horse's Eye, Snake in a (Dr. John Morgan) " " H. 383 

Hospitals, Construction of (Mens. LeRoy) " " HI. 348 

Hudson Observatory, Latitude of (Elias Loomis) Proc. IV. 116 

Human Life in the United States. Vide Probabilities of. 

Huron Disaster, Causes of the (William Blasius) " XVH. 212 

Hybernation of Swallows (F. A. Antes) Trans. O. S., VL 59 

Hydraulic Lime used in the Erie Canal, Analysis of 

(Henry Seybert) " N. S., H. 229 

Hydrobinii of the U. S. (George H. Horn, M.D.) . . , .Proc. XHL 118 
Hydrochloric Acid, Action of, etc., on Acetobeuzyl 

(Anhydrate) (William H. Greene) " XIX. 13 

Hydrochloric Acid, Pure (Dr. Robert Hare) " I. IGO 

Hydrology of the Basin of the St. Lawrence (Thomas 

Evans Blackwell) Trans. N. S., XIII. 249 

Hygrometer, Dewpoint (Alex. Dallas Bache) Proc. III. 249, 252 

Hygrometer, A Slowly Sensible (Benjamin Franklin) 

Trans. O. S., IL 51 
Hyner's Station Oil "Well Section (Henry M. Chance) Proc. XVII. 670 

Hypotrichous Infusoria (Alfred C. Stokes) " XXIII. 21 

Hyperostasis, Universal (Dr. William Pepper) " XI. 571 

XIL 19 
Hyrachyus, Extinct, Osteology of (Edward D. Cope) " XIII. 212 
Hyrtle's Collection, Remarks on (Edward D. Cope).. " XII. 191 

laK-^oq^ Etymology of (J. P. Lesley) " XIX. 110 

Ibrahim Nukic (Friedrich S. Krauss) " XXV. 183 

Ice Erosion on the Blue Mountains (J. P. Lesley) " XX. 468 

Ichthyosaurus found in Missouri (Richard Harlan, 

M.D.) Trans. N. S., IV. 405 

Ichthyology of Alaska (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XHI. 24 

Ichthyology of Maraiion (Edward D. Cope) " IX. 496, 599 

Ichthyology of Utah (Edward D. Cope) .". " XIV. 129 

If.hthyology of the (Lesser) Antilles (Edward D. 

Cope) Trans. N. S., XIV. 445 

Proc. XL 514 
Idalio. Vide Cobitidse. 

Identity of Catskill and Poncnt (J. P. Lesley) Proc. XX. 673 

Iguanina;, Species of (Edward D. Cope) " XXIII. 261 

Ikonomatic Method of Phonetic Writing (Daniel G. 

Brinton, M.D.) " XXIII. 503 

Illinois, Ancient Pottery of (Franklin Peale) " IX. 460 

Illustrations, Planetary, of the Creative Fiat (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XIV. 609 

Improved Barometer (Robert Hare, M.D.) Trans. N. S., V. 385 


Improved Timekeepers (David Rittenhonse) Traus. O. S., TV. 26 

Improvement of the Burette Valve (J. Blodgett Brit- 
ton) Proc. XVI. 192 

Improvement of the Burette Valve (Dr. George A. 

Koenig) " XIV. 218 

Improvements on the Carpenter's Square (Rev. Dr. 

Rogers) " V[. 1C9 

Inclinometer (Humphrey Lloyd) , " II. 237 

Incrustation. Vide Patent. 

India, Silk Culture in " I. 214 

India, Building in Trans. O.S., VI. 375, 384 

Indian Seas, Islands, etc., Shells in the (Thomas). .Trans. O. S., VI. 87 
Indian Tribes and Languages of Costa Rica ("W. A. 

Gabb) Proc. XIV. 483 

Indians, N. A., Dyes used by the (Hugh Martin). .Trans. O. S., III. 322 
Indian Figures and Inscriptions (Thomas C. Porter) Proc. X. 30, 255, 587 

XI. 3 
Indians, N. A., Fortifications of the (Rev. James Mad- 
ison) Trans. O. S., VI. 132 

Indian Graves, Beads from (S. S. Haldeman) Proc. XI. 369 

Indian Languages of N. A. (Ferdinand V. Hayden). . " X. 389 

Indians, N. A., Language of Signs among the ("William 

Dunbar Trans. O. S., VI. 1 

Indians, N. A., Stone Implements of the (Franklin 

Peale) Proc. VIII. 265 

Indian Tribes at Brantford (Horatio Hale) " XVIIL 378 

Indian Relics from New Jersey (George B. Wood) ... " XI. 213, 283 
Indian Tribal Names, Remarks on (W. J. Hoffman).. . " XXIII. 294 
Indians, The Beothuk (Albert S. Gatschet) Proc. XXII. 408. XXIII. 411 

Indians, Tutelo (Horatio Hale) Proc. XX.- 643, 647 

Indian Walk of 1737 (Charles B. Trego) Proc. V. 127 

Indians of N. A., Works of Art, etc., of the (Major 

Jona. Heart) Trans. O. S., III. 214 

Induction Inclinometer (Alex. Dallas Bache) Proc. II. 237 

Induction, Electro-dynamic (Joseph Henry) Trans. N. S., V. 223 

VI. 303, VIII. 1 
Proc. I. 54, 315 

Industrial Migration (Lorin Blodgett) " XIX. 70 

Infants, Effect of Hot Weather upon (G. Emerson).... " IV. 213 

Influence, Lunar, on Wet and Dry Weather " V. 117 

X. 17 
Influence, Galvanic, through Wire Coil (Robert Hare, 

M.D.) " L 199 

Influence of a Spiral Conductor (Joseph Henry) Trans. N. S., V. 223 

Infusoria, Fresh-water, Notices of (Alfred C Stokes). Proc. XXIII. 562 
Infusoria, New Fresh-water, Notices of (Alfred C. 

Stokes) " XXIV. 244 


Infusoria, Hypotriclious (Alfred C. Stokes) Proc. XXIII. 21 

Insiihibrity of Flat and Marshy Siluations and Places 

(WilUam Currie) Trans, 0. S., IV. 127 

Insectes, Sur les (Dupont DeNemoiirs) " " V. 104 

Insects, Carabici and Hydrocanthari (Thomas Say) 

Trans. N. S., 11. 1 

Insects of N. A. (Thomas Say) " " IV. 409 

VI. 155 

Insects of N". A. (N. M. Hentz) " " III. 2.53 

Insect Fly Carrier (Baudry Des Loziers) " 0. S., V. 150 

Instinct of the Ninekiller (John Heokewelder). .. . " " IV. 124 

Instruments at "West Point (William H. C. Bart- 

lett) " N. S., VIII. 191 

Insufficiency of Taylor's Theorem (Chs. Bonnycas- 

tle) " " VII, 217 

Intellectual Symbolism (Pliny E. Chase) " " XII. 463 

Intelligible Signals, To Improve " O. S., IV. 162 

Intensity. Vide Magnetic Intensity. 

International Congress of Geologists held at Boston, 

1885, Resume of the Work of (Persifor Frazer) . . . .Proc. XXIII. 259 

Integration of Irrational Functions (Pike Pow^ers) " II. 218 

Intercentrum. Vide Vertebrala. 

Intervals of Time, Minute, Methods of Measuring (John 

C.Adamson) Trans. N. S.. XI. 109 

Invertebrate from Va., Miocene (Otto Meyer) Proc. XXV. 135 

Invisible Photographic Rays (Goddard) " HI. 79 

Iron, Detection of, by Salicylic Acid (Edgar F. Smith) " XVIII. 214 

Iron Ore Belt, Titaniferous (J. P. Lesley) " XII. 139 

Iron Ores from Spruce Creek (Frederick A. Genth) ... " XIV. 84 

Iron Pipes, Transmission of Sound through (Cresson 

andFrazer) " V. 118 

Ireland, Funeral Customs of (James Mooney) " XXV. 243 

Iridium, Fusibility of (Robert Hare, M.D.) Proc. II. 182, 187, 196 

Irradiation (Benjamin F. Jcslsm, M.D.) Trans. N. S., IV. 340 

Irrational Functions. Vide Integration. 

Irrelation of a Polarized Nerve (B. F. Lauterbach) Proc. XVII. 728 

Isomerism, Apparent (Samuel Brown) " II. 75 

Is there Reciprocity in Trade and the Consumption of 

Manufactured Commodities (Thomas H. Dudley) " XXIII. 526 

Japanese Coins (W. E. DuBois) " VIII. 264 

•Jargon, Papiamento (Albert S. Gatschet) " XXII. 299 

Jerboa, American (Benjamin S. Barton) Trans. O. S., IV. 114 

V. 143 
Joule's Equivalent, Cosmical Determination of (Pliny 

E. Chase) Proc. XIX. 20 


Journal * * Tliermometrical, to and from Oporto 

(Capt. "William Billings) Trans. O. S., III. 194 

Judith River, Extinct Yeriebrata from tlie (Joseph 

Leidy) " N. S., XL 139 

Jupiter-cyclical Rainfall (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. XIV. 193 

Jupiter and Mars, Asteroids between (Daniel Kirk- 
wood) " XI. 493 

Jurj', Trial by (Eli K. Price) " IX. 209 

Kabyle and Seneca Languages (G. S. Blake) " VII. 291 

Kanawha Gas Wells, On the (T. Allen) " IV. 366 

Kansas Chalk, New Tesludinale Irom (Edward D. 

Cope). " XIL 308 

Kansas Cretaceous Reptiles (Edward D. Cope) " XVII. 176 

Kansas, Pythonomorpha from (Edward D. Cope) " XL 574 

Kansas, New Ornilhosaurian from (Edward D. Cope). " XII. 420 
Kansas State College, Vertebrata in (Edward D. 

Cope) " XIL 163 

Kansas, Cretaceous Fishes from (Edward D. Cope) .. . " XII. 327 

Kentucky, East, Coalfield (Joseph Lesley) " XIII. 270 

Kentucky, Soil of (Correa DaSerra) Trans. N. S., I. 174 

Kiche. Vide Gods. 

Killingia found in South America (William Baldwin, 

M.D.) " " 11.167 

Kinetic Ratio of Sound Waves to Light Waves (Pliny 

E. Chase) Proc. IX. 425 

Kingsmill White Sandstone (E. W. Claypole) " XX. 634 

Kintzie's Firedamp Indicator (Charles A. Ashbumer) . " XXI. 283 

Koch's Mastodon (William E. Homer) Trans. N. S., VIII. 53 

Koch's Mastodon (Isaac Kays, M.D.) Proc. II. 1 02 

Lacerta Alligator, Observations on the (N. M. Hentz) 

Trans. N. S., IL 216 
Language, Vide Aruba, Arawak, Berber, Cakchiquel, 

Cosia Rica, Kabyle, Lenni Lenape, IMaya, i^Ius- 

kokee, Natchez, Othonii, Seelish, Tutelo, Timacua, 

Tonkawa, Yoruba, Xinca. 
Language, Selish, Vocabulary of the (W. J. Herman) Proc. XXIII. 361 
Languages, Fitness of, for Musical Expression (Pliny 

E. Chase) " IX. 419 

Languages, Indian (Ferdinand V. Hayden) " X. 389 

Language, Man gue (Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) " XXIII. 238 

Language of Palseolithic Man (Daniel G. Brinton, 

M.D.) " XXV. 212 

Language, Possible Vowel Sounds not used in any 

(Pliny E. Chase) " IX. 271 


Languages, The Study of (WUUam C. Cattell) Proc. XVIII. 543 

Language, Universal Trans. O. S., IV. 1G2 

Lake Dwellings (Benjamin H. Coates) Proc. IX. 414 

Lake Dwellings (Edouard Desor) " IX. 413 

Lake Erie Basin, Preglacial Outlet of (Spencer) " XIX. 300 

Lake Superior Silver Ore (W. E. DuBois) " VL 155 

XI. 527 
Laminated Native Copper from Lake Superior (John L. 

LeConte) " XVIII. 219 

Land Shells of the Pacific Slope (J. G. Cooper) " XVIII. 282 

Landa Alphabet, Observations on the (J. P. Lesley).. . " XIX. 153 

Lantern, Galvanometer (George F. Barker) " XIV. 440 

Laplace, Cosmogony of (Daniel Kirkwood) ; " XVIII. 324 

Laramie Group near Raton (John J. Stevenson) " XX. 107 

Laramie Cretaceous Mammal, New Form of (Edward 

D. Cope) " XX. 476 

Latitude of Haverford College (John Sharpless) " XX. 647 

Latitude of the Hudson Observatory (Ellas Loomis) . . " IV. 116 

Laurel. Vide Pennsylvania. 

Laurentian Fossil (Dr. Roscoe) " XI. 237 

Lea, Isaac, LL.D., Biographical Notice of (Joseph 

Leidy) " XXIV. 400 

Lead in Gold from Montana (Frederick A. Genth) " XI. 448 

Leaden Cartridges (William Jones) Trans. N. S., I. 137 

Lee Co. Vide Geology. 
LaPlace. Vide Cosmogony. 

Lehigh Co. Paleozoic Rocks (Prime) Proc. XVII. 248 

Lenni Lenape, Language of the (DuPonceau) Trans. N. S., III. 65 

Lenni Lenape, Language of the (John Heckewelder) " " IV. 351 

Leprosy the Cause of the Black Color of Negroes 

(Benjamm Rush, M.D.) " O. S., IV. 289 

LeRoy, Pa., Chemung Rocks at (A. T. Lilley) Proc. XXIII. 291 

Levels in N. W. Pennsylvania (John F. Carll) " XVI. 667 

Levels, Pipeline, Indiana Co., Pa. (O. Barrett, Jr.)..".. " XV^^Il. 145 

Level, New Transit (Davidson) " X. 354 

Leverrier's Planet, Investigations that led to the Dis- 
covery of (Sears C. Walker) Trans. N. S., X. 141 

Lexington, Ky., Indian Fort near (Charles W. Short, 

M.D.) " " 1.310 

Liberty and Necessity (Carleton) Proc. IX. 131 

Life Insurance, Saving Fund (Plmy E. Chase) " XIV. 148 

Life, Probabilities of, in the U. S. (WUliam Barton) Trans. O. S., III. 125 
Life Tables of Philadelphia. Vide Philadelphia. 

Life-form in Art (Harrison Allen, M.D.) Trans. N. S., XV. 279 

Light, Velocity of (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. IX. 403 

Proc. XI. 103, XIII. 148, XIV. 622, XVII. 294, XVIII. 425 


Light produced in tlie Diamond by Friction (G. Emer- 
son) Proc. VII. 175 

Light and Heat, New Theory of (Benjamin Franklin) 

Trans. 0. S., III. 5 
Lightning Flash, Photography hy a (Ed-wrin J. Hous- 
ton) Proc. XXIII. 257 

Lightning, EflFect of, in Deep Mines (Dock) " X. 288 

Lightning, Eflfects of, on Telegraph Wires (Joseph « 

Henry) " IV. 260 

Lightning, Effects of, on Telegraph Wires (Samuel D. 

Ingham) " IV. 259 

Lightning, Houses in Philadelphia Struck by. .Trans. O. S., III. 119, 123 
Lightning Rods, Improvement in (Robert Patterson) 

Trans. O. S., III. 321 

Lightning Protectors (Joseph Henry) Proc. IV. 179 

Lignite Groups. Vide Geological Relations. 
Lignite Beds of Upper Missouri (Ferdinand V. Hay- 
den) " X. 300 

Lignite, Pennsylvania (J. P. Lesley) " IX. 463 

Limestone, Primary, near Chadd's Ford, Pa. (J. P. 

' Lesley) " VIII. 281 

Limestone Rocks of Cumberland Co., Pa. (George A. 

Koenig. M.D.) " XVIII. 39 

Limiting Constant of Gravitation (Pliny E. Chase) . ... " XVIII. 41 

Limonites of York Co., Pa. (Persifor Frazer) " XIV. 364 

Limulus polyphemus. Vide Embryology. 

Liodon perlatus (Edward D. Cope) " XI. 498 

Liquids, Cohesion of (Joseph Henry) " IV. 56, 84 

Liquid, New Ethereal (Robert Hare, M.D.) . " II. 142, 161 

Lisbon, Cyclical Rainfalls at (Pliny E. Chase) " XII. 178 

List of Officers, etc., of the A. P. S (Henry PhilUps, Jr.) " XXIII. 323 
Literature, Daily and Periodical (William V. Mc- 

Kean) " XVIIL 577 

Lithodormi Perforations (Isaac Lea) " II. 213 

Lithologie du fond des mers (Persifor Frazer) " XVI. 23S 

Lizard, North American, New Species of (Benjamin S. 

Barton) Trans. O. S., VI. 108 

Lobeliacese, etc., New Plants of the Order of (Thomas 

Nuttall) " N. S., VIIL 251 

Locusts, Seventeen Year (Charles B. Trego) Proc. V. 209 

Loess Fish of Mississippi (Robert C. Grier) " X. 255 

Logarithms, To raise, indefinitely (David Rittenhouse) 

Trans. O. S., IV. 69 

Longicorna of the U. S. (S. S. Haldeman) Proc. IV. 871 

Longitude of the Hall of the A. P. S. (Sears C. Wal- 
ker) Trans. N. S., V. 135 


Longitude of the Moon (Miers F. Longstreth) Trans. N.S,, X. 225 

Longitude of Stations near Northern Ohio (Sears C. 

Walker) " " VL 241 

Longitude of San Francisco (George Davidson) Proc. XI. 91 

Longitudes in S. Michigan (Sears C. Walker). " I. 7 

Longitudes from Meteors (Sears C. Walker) " I. 228 

Longitudes in the U. S. (E. Otis Kendall) " I. 141 

Longitiftle of Several Places in the U. S. (Edward H. 

Courtenay) Trans. N. S., V. 343 

Longitude of Several Places in the TJ. S. (E. Otis 

Kendall) " " VH. 07 

Longitude of Washington (J. M. GilUs) " " XL 211 

Longitude of Washington (William Lambert) " " I. 103 

Longitude, the, To find CWilliam Dunbar) " O. S., V. 277 

"Looming" at Lake Erie (Andrew Ellicott) " " IIL 63 

Louis, A Silver, of 15 Sous, Struclc under Louis XIV (C. 

A.Anthon) Pioc. XVL 293 

Louisiana, Fossil Bones found in (Richard Harlan, 

M.D.) Trans. N. S. , IV. 397 

Louisiana, Natural History of (John Watkins, 

M.D.) " O. S., VL 09 

Love, Conception of, in some American Languages 

(Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) Proc. XXIIL 546 

Ludlow, James R., Obituary Notice of (Richard 

Vaux) " XXIV. 19 

Luminosity. Vide Meteors. 

Lunar Eclipse... Trans. O. S., IL 239 

VI. 59 

Lunar Influence on Weather (G. Emerson) Proc. XII. 17 

Lunar Influence on Weather (Thomas Gilpin) " X. 117 

Lunar Monthly Barometric Variation (Pliny E. Chase) " IX. 395 

Lunar Occultations of Fixed Stars (Sears C. Walker). '•' I. 228 

Lunar Rainbows (WilUam Dunbar) Trans. O. S., VI. 46 

Lunar Rings (John C. Cresson) : . Proc. X. 270 

Lunar Tidal Wave (James D. Graham) " VII. 378 

Maculae, Solar (Joseph Henry) " IV. 173 

Machine for Measuring a Ship's Way (Francis Hopkin- 

son) Trans. O. S., II. 159 

III. 239 
Machine for Pumping Vessels at Sea Avitbout ^len 

(Richard Wells) " " L 353 

Machine for Saving Persons from the Upper Story of 

a House on Fire (Rev. D. N. Collin) " " IV. 143 

3Iachine for Steering Vessels Trans. O. S., VI. 203, 428 

^Machinery, Reserved Power in (Robert Briggs) Proc. IX. 228 


Magic Cyclovolute (Eugenius Nulty) Trans. N. S., V. 205 

X. 17 
Proc. I. 293 

Magic Mirror (Dr. Alexander 'Wilcocks) Proc. XII. 576 

Magnesian Limestone, Analysis of (J. P. Lesley) " XYII. 260 

Magnesium and its Light ("W. E. DuBois) " IX. 458 

i^Iagnetic Declination (Pliny E. Chase) " X. 97 

Magnetic Distribution (Joseph Henry) " II. Ill 

Magnetic Dip Trans. N. S., V. 209 

Trans. N. S., VI. 267, YIL 1, VIII. 61, 101. 283, 285, 317, 

IX. 329. XI. 181 
Proc. I. 144, 146. 151, 308, IV. 11, 205 
Magnetic, Gravitating and Luminous Forces, Relations 

of (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. XIV. 607 

Magnetic Inclination (Pliny E. Chase) " X. Ill 

Magnetic Meridian (Major Bache) " II. 137 

Magnetic Observations Trans. O. S., III. 115 

Proc. I. 24, 185, 294, II. 35, 69, 84, 101, 114, 150, 176, l9S 

III. 90, 175, IV. 109 

Magnetism (George M. Justice) Proc. IV. 218 

Magnetism, General Considerations of (PUny E. 

Chase) " X. 368 

Magnetism, Discoveries in (Robert M. Patterson) " I. 25 

Magnetism, Experiment in (Rev. James Madison) .Trans. O. S., IV. 323 
Magnetism, Experiments in (David Rittenhouse) . . " " IF. 178 

Magnetism of Iron, Specific (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. X. 358 

Magnetism, Terrestrial Intensities of (Alex. Dallas 

Bache) Trans. X. S., V. -427 

VII. 75 

Maieap'.oz, Xote on (J. P. Lesley) Proc. XVII. 7 

Male Children, Mortality of (G. Emerson) " IV. 212 

Mallophaga, On the Systematic Position of the (Al- 

pheus S. Packard) " XXIV. 264 

Mammals, Gigantic, of the American Eocene (Othniel 

C. Marsh) , " XIII. 255 

Mammals, The Triassic, Dromatherium and Microcon- 

odon (Henry F. Osbom) " XXIV. 109 

Mammalia, Laramie Cretaceous (Edvirard D. Cope) " XX. 476 

Mammalia from Xew Mexico (Edward D. Cope) " XIX. 484 

Mammalia, Ungulate, Classification of (Edward D. 

Cope) " XX. 299,438 

Mammalia, Extinct, of the Valley of Mexico (Edward 

D. Cope) " XXIL 1 

Mammiferous Quadrupeds, Extinct (John D. God- 
man, M.D.) Trans. X. S., III. 478 

Mammoth Bones Trans. O. S., IV. 540, 526 


Jlangue, Notes on the (Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) Proc. XXTII. 238 

ISIan, Eiirly, in Oregon (Edward D. Cope) " XVII. 293 

Man, Pala^olilliic, Language of (Daniel G. Brinton, 

M.D.) " XXV. 313 

]\Ian, Prehistoric (Charles B. Trego) " A^II. 415 

]\Ian, Prehistoric. Vide also Prehistoric Man. 

IVIanguc Language (Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) " XXIII. 238 

IMap of the Anthracite Coal Basin (Rothwell) " XL 113 

Maps, Earljs of America (Henry Phillips, Jr.) " XIX. 10 

Maps, County, of Pa. (E. P. Smith) " IX. 350 

Maps, Scale of (Lewis M. Haupt) " XVIIL 47 

Map Survey, Results of (Sinieon Borden) Proc. IL 45, 60, 101, 150 

Maple Sugar Tree of the U. S. (Benjamin Rush, M.D.) 

Trans. O. S., III. 64 
Maryland. The Albirupeaa Formation in (P. R. 

Uhler) Proc. XXV. 43 

Maryland, Geology of Montgomery Co. (S. F. Em- 

• mons) " V. 85 

Maryland, Mineralogical Map of (Silvain Godon). .Trans O. S., V. 319 

ISIaryland, Physical History of (Julius T. DuCatel) Proc. IIL 158 

]\Iarani)n, Ichthyology of the (Edward D. Cope) " IX. 496, 599 

IVIaritinie Observations (Benjamin Franklin) Trans. 0. S., II. 294 

Marshall Group, Geological Age of the (Alexander 

Winchell) Pioc. XI. 57. 245, 385 

Marshes, Atmosphere of (Adam Seybert) Trans. O. S., IV. 415 

Marshes, Method of Drying (Thomas Wright) " " IV. 343 

Marshy Situations, Insalubrity of (William Cur- 

rie) " " IV. 127 

3Iarsiii)ials of New Mexico (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XX. 233 

j\Iartin's Cancer Powder (Benjamin Rush, M.D.). . .Trans. O. S., II. 212 

Mass, Correlations of (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. XVIIL 229 

Massachusetts, Trigonometrical Survey of (Simeon 

Borden) Trans. N. S., IX. 33 

Mastodon, Notes on the ...Proc. L 179, 307 

IL 102 

IV. 35 
Mastodon, Head and Bones of the (Isaac Hays and W. 

E. Homer) Trans. N. S., VIII. 37 

Mastodon, Inferior Maxillary Bones of the (Isaac 

Hays, M.D.) " " IV. 317 

Mastodon, Bones of the (S. H. "Whipple) Proc. IV. 35 

Mastodon, Dental System ot the (William E. Homer, 

M.D.) Trans. N. S., VIIL 53 

Mastodon, Bones of a, Found in New Jersey (J. B. 

Maxwell) Proc. IV. 119 

Mata Grosso. See Batrachia and Reptilia. 


Material, Bituminous, from Pulaski Co., Ya. (Charles 

M. Cresson) Proc. XVII. 215 

Meteorites, Note on the Possible Existence of Fireballs 

and, in the Stream of Bielids (Daniel Kirk-wood). " XXIV. 448 

Matter, Corpuscular Constitution of (Joseph Henry).. " IV. 287 

Mauvais' Comet, Elements of (Charles Riimker) " IV. 07 

MaxillfP, Use of the, in Coleopterous Insects (N. M. 

Hentz) Trans. K S., III. 458 

Maya Language (Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) Proc. XL 4 

Measurements, Terrestrial, between NorritonandPhila. 

(WUliam Smith, D.D.) Trans. O S., I. 114 

Measures, Lineal, of Mexico and Central America (Dan- 
iel G. Brinton, M.D.) Proc. XXII. 194 

Mechanical Equivalents, Comparison of (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XL 313 

Mechanical Modification of Electric, etc.. Currents 

(PUny E. Chase) " IX. 3.>5 

Mechanical Power, Classification of (Joseph Henry) . . " IV. 127 

Medical History of Cortex ruber (Dr. John Morgan) 

Trans. O. S.. II. 289 

Mediaeval Sermon Books and Stories (C. F. Crane) Proc. XX. 644 

Megaptera Bellicosa (Edward D. Cope) " XL 516 

XIL 103 

Megalonyx, Structure of the Feet of the (Joseph Leidy) 

Trans. N. S., XL 107 

Melamana (Isaac Lea) " " IV 63 

X. 295 

Melanasphalt (C. M. Wetherill) " " X. 353 

Melania Cinciunatiensis (Isaac Lea) Proc. I. 60 

II. 20 

Melloni's Apparatus (Joseph Henry) " IV. 22 

Meloidiie of the IT. S., Reversion of the (George H. 

Horn, M.D.) " ^IH- 88 

Mercury, Transit of (WilUam Smith, D.D.) Trans. O. S., L 1-58 

Mercury, Transit of (Rev. James Madison) " " HL 150 

]Meridian Line, To find True (Robert Patterson) " "II. 251 

Meridian :Mark, New Method of Placing (David Rit- 

tenhouse) " " H- 181 

Meridian Passage of a Star, Time of the (Charles Mc- 

Ewen) Proc. IV. 201 

Meridian Passage of the Sun, To find (David Ritten- 

house) Trans. O. S., I. 155 

I^Ierovingian Graveyard (Frederick Troyon) Proc. X. 8 

Metallic Calcium (Robert Hare, M.D.) " I. 83. 100 

Metallic Conductors (Robert Patterson) Trans. O. S., IIL 321 

Metallic Oxides, Color of the (Samuel F. Cono- 


YI. 347 


Metalline Minerals, Classification and Nomenclature of 

(T. Sterry Hunt) Proc. XXV. 170 

^[etalophodon, Dentition of the (Edward D. Cope). . . " XII. 543 

Metals, Fusing Temperature of (Joseph Cloud) Trans. N. S., I. 1G7 

Metals, why apparently Lighter when Solid than when 

in Fusion (Joseph Cloud) " " I. 170 

Metals, Electrical Spectra of (Alexander E. Outer- 
bridge) Proc. XIV. 201 

^letamorphism. Notes respecting (John J. Stevenson) . " XXII. ICl 
Meteorological Methods, Modern (William Blasius) .. . " XVII. 278 

Meteorological Observations (A. Ackerman) " XI. 499 

Meteorological Observations (Bettelheim) Trans. N. S., X. 215 

Meteorological Observations ("William Dunbar) 

Trans. O. S., VI. 9, 43, 188, 191 

Meteorological Observations (Elias Loomis) Proc. II. 178 

Meteorological Observations (James Madison) Trans. O. S., II. 12:{ 

JMeteorological Observations (G. Mower, M.D) Proc. III. 158 

Meteorological Observations (Jules de "Wallenstein) 

Trans. N. S., 11. 421 
Meteorological Observations (Samuel Williams).. . " O. S., II, 118 
Meteorological Observations (Robert S. Williamson) . Proc. XIV. 633 
Meteorological Peculiarities of New England (W. F. 

Channing) " XIV. 154 

3Ieteorological Tables iu the Possession of the Amor. 

Phil. Soc Trans. N. S., VI. 395 

Meteorology and Health CWilliam Blasius) Proc. XIV. C(i7 

Meteorology, Opinions in (William Bla.sius) " XVI. 198 

Meteorology, Progress of (WUliam Blasius) " XVI. 394, 395 

Meteors (Stephen Alexander) " II. 45 

Meteors (Alex. Dallas Bache) " I. 300 

II. 235, 267 

Meteors (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. X. 3r.3, 3.!7, 539 

XII. 401, 416 

Meteors (John C. Cresson) Proc, X. 343 

Meteors (Andrew Emcott) Trans. O. S., VI, 28 

Meteors (C. G. Forshey) " N. S., VII. 265 

Proc. II. 67 

Meteors (Daniel Kirkwood) Proc. X. 546 

Proc. XI. 213. 215, XIII. 501, XVI. 590, XVIII. 239 

Meteors (B. V. Marsh) Proc. XI. 194 

XIV. 114 

Meteors (James McClune) " X. 356 

Meteors (John Page; Trans. O. S.. II, 173 

Meteors (Benjamin Peirce) " N. S„ VIII, 83 

Meleor, Letter on a CDavid Rittenhovise) " O. S., II. 175 

Meteors (Benjamin Silliman and James L. Kings- 
ley) " " VL 323 


Meteors (Sears C. Walker) Trans. N. S., VIII. 87 

Proc. I. 161. II. 618 

Methods of Expressing Thought (Louis M. Haupt) . . . .Proc. XVIII. 848 

Methule, Perchlorate of Oxide of (Martin H. Boye).. . " II. 202 
ISIexican Calendar Stone. See Valentini. 

Jlexico, Herpetology of (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 379 

IMexico, Ophidiens de (Alfredo Duges) " XXV. 181 

Micromalthus debilis, Larva of (H. G. Hubbard) " XVII. 6C6 

Micrometer for Fieldnote Plotting (J. P. Lesley) " XEII. 133 

Microconodon. See Droniatherium. 

IMicroscopic Anatomy (William E. Horner) " III. 89 

Microscopic Examination of Fluids (Coleman Sellers) " Xlir. 180 
Microscopic Distinction in "Wood (Joseph T. Roth- 
rock) " X. 599, 610 

Microscopical Section of Trap Rock (Persifor Frazer). . " XVII. 551 

]\Iichigan, Coleoptera of (H. G. Hubbard) Proc. XVII. 598. 627, 643 

]\Iigration, Industrial (Lorin Blodgett) Proc. XIX. 70 

Miller's Testimony of the Kocks, Criticism on (W. Par- 
ker Foulke) " VI. 253 

Mineralogy, Contributions to, No. XXIV (Frederick 

A.Genth) " XXIII. 30 

Mineralogy, Contributions to. No. XXIX (Frederick 

A.Genth) " XXIV. 23 

INIinerals, Brazilian (E. Pailhet) " V. 33 

Minerals found near Reading, Pa. (C. M. Wetherill) 

Trans. N. S., X. 345 

Mines, Bureau of (Charles A. Ashbumer) Proc. XX. 206 

Mines, Explosions in (John C. Cresson) " X. 338 

Mines, Fish in (John C. Cresson) " X. 168 

Mint Cabinet, Late Additions to the (W. E. DuBois) . . " VI. 184 

Miocene Fauna of Oregon (Edward D. Cope) " XVII. 63, 370 

Miocene Fossils of Canada (Edward D. Cope) " XXIL 98 

Miocene Fossils in San Domingo (William A. Gabb). " XII. 571 

Miocene Invertebrates from Va. (Otto Meyer) " XXV. 135 

Mirage (Sears C. Walker) " I. 188 

]\Iirror for Opaque Objects (Persifor Frazer) " XVIII. 503 

Mississippi, Delta of the (WilUam Dunbar) Trans. O. S., VI. 165 

^lississippi. Loess Fish of (Robert C. Grier) Proc, X. 255 

Missouri Headwaters, Geology of the (Joseph Leidy). . " VII. 10 

Missouri Fossils (Dr. Hays) " II. 183 

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Gabb) " Viri. 57 

Mollusca of the West India Islands (T. Bland) " XII. 56 

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MoUusks, Muscular Fibre in the Foot of (Isaac Lea) . . " V. 187 

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Montgomery Co. See Geological Reconnaissance. 

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Moon, Daguerreotype of the (George M. Justice) .... " V. 208 

Moon, Photographs of the (George M. Justice) " VI. 237 

Moon, Color of the (Persifor Frazerj " XIV. 155 

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Moraine, Terminal, in Pennsylvania (Henry C. Lewis) 

Pnic. XX. 476, 662 

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Mososaurus maximus (Edv^ard D. Cope) " XL 571 

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l^Iosses, New (Thomas P. James) " " XIII. 105 

Motley-colored Negro Girl and ^Mulatto Boy, Ac- 
count of a (Dr. John Morgan) ". O. S., 11.392 

Mould Board of Least Resistance (Thomas Jeffer- 
son) " O. S., IV. 313 

Moulting of Birds (George Ord) " N. S., III. 292 

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sissippi (Forshey) Proc. I. 305 

Movements of Troops in Cities (Russell Thayer)) " XVIII. 89 

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M.D.) Trans. N. S., VL 343 

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Trego) Proc. VII. 4 

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Chase) " IX. 419 

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Myriapoda Musei Cantab., Mass. (Fr. Meinert) " XXIII. 161 

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in Pa. (John Heckewelder) Trans. N. S., IV. 351 

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GHmer) Trans. N. S., L 187 

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burner) Proc. XXI. 699 

Natural Bridge of Va. Vide also Geology. 

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Natural Gas in Western Pennsylvania (Samuel P. 

Sadtler) " XVI. 206 

Nature's Reforesting (Eli K. Price) " XVIII. 26 

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Nebraska, Extinct Vertebrata from (Joseph Leidy) 

Trans. N. S., XL 139 

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Nebular Hypothesis (Jacob Ennis) " IX. 441 

X. 150 

Nebular Action in the Solar System (Pliny E. Chase).. " XVI. 184 

Need of Civil Service Reform (A. Loudon Snowden). " XVIII. C59 
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Rush, M.D.) Trans. O. S., IV. 289 

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Stowell) Proc. XXIV. 8 


Xerve, The Trigeminus, in Uie Domestic Cat (FcOis 

domeslica) (T. B. Stowell) Proc. XXIII. 459 

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Chase) " XX. 223 

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the (Henry Phillips, Jr.) " XIX. 69 

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New Mexico, Geology of (Ferdmand V. Hayden) .. . " XI. 212, 234 
New Mexico, Vanadates and lodyrite from (Frederick 

A. Genth) " XXII. 393 

New Mexico. Vide Geology. 
New Mexico. Vide Marsupial. 

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Neptune, Ephemeris of (Sears C. Walker) " V. 20 

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Neutral Sulphate of the Oxide of Elhyl, etc. (C. M. 

Wetherill) '. Trans. N. S.. X. 177 

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Niagara, Account of an Earthy Substance found at the 

Falls of (Robert; McCauslin, M.D.) Trans. O. S., III. 17 

Nick's Creek. Vide Staley'.s Creek. 

Nicotin and Strychnia, Alleged Antagonism between 

(J. L. Haynes) Proc. XVI. 597 

Ninekiller, The (John Heckewelder) Trans. O. S., IV. 124 

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Heat (Robert Hare, M.D.) " N. S., VII. 277 

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Non-electricity of Nascent Steam (Robert Hare, M.D.) " II. 160 

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(Franklin Peale) " VIII. 265 

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North Carolina, Auriferous Gravels of (Henry M. 

Chance) " XIX. 477 

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quereux) •* XIX. 16 

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Northamptou Co., Pa., Glacial Drift of (Frederick 

Prime) " XVIII, 84 

Nova Scotia Coast, Varieties of Transported Boulders 

on the (Honeyman) " XIV. 237 

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Trans. O. S., III. 324 

Numb Fisl], Account of the (Henry C. Flagg) " " II. 170 

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Obituaries — 

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Obituaries — 

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VI. 61, 113, 233 
Trans. X. S., I. 93 

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, Observations, Astronomical (David Rittenhouse) . . ''■ " IL 260 

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Observations, Meteorological (Rev. James Madison) 

Tnins. O. S., IL 123 
Observations, Meteorological (Rev. Samuel Wil- 
liams) " " IL 118 

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Observations, Thermomelrical (Andrew Ellicolt) . " " V. 162 
Observations on the Geology of the U. S. (William 

Maclure) " " VI. 411 

Observations on Gildas and the Uncertainties of Early 

English History (PhiUp H. Law) Proc. XXV. 132 

Observations on Discovery of Xilre in Salt (Joseph 

Priestly) Trans. O. S.. VI 129 

Observations on Articles taken from an Ancient 

Tumulus at Cincinnati (Benjamin S. Barton). " " IV. 181 
Observations on the Probabilities of Human Life 

and the Progress of Population in the U. S. 

(WiUiam Barton) " " IIL 25 



Observations on the Native Silk Worms of N. A. 

(Moses Bartram) Trans. O. S., I. 294 

Observations on the Figure of the Earth (Joseph 

Clay) " " V. 312 

Observations on the Fly Weevil " " 1.287 

Observations on the Black Vomit (Isaac Cathrall, 

M.D.) " " V. 117 

Observations on Cryptogamick Plants (Palisot De 

Beauvois) " " III. 202 

Observations on the Numb Fish or Torporific Eel 

(Henry C. Flagg) " " 11.170 

Observations on the Annual Passage of Herrings 

(JohnGilpin) " " 11.236 

Observations on the Art, Inhabitants, etc., of the 

Western Country (Jona. Heart) " " 111.214 

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Otis Kendall) Proc. V. 139 

Observations on the Cause and Cure of Tetanus (Ben- 
jamin Rush, M.D.) Trans. O. S., II. 225 

Observations on the Atmosphere of Marshes (Adam 

Seybert) " " IV. 415 

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"Waring) Trans. O. S., III. 144, 319 

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B.Gibson) " " 11.156 

Observations on Winds, etc. (John Hamilton) " " II. 140 

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Ocean Tides, etc. ( W. C. Redfield) Proc. III. 86 

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DeFerrer) Trans. O.' S., VI. 213 

Occultation, Lunar, of the Fixed Stars (Sears C. 

Walker) Proc. I. 228 

Octonary Numeration and its Application to a System 

of Weights and Measures (Alfred B. Taylor) " XXIV. 296 

Ocular Phenomena (S. S. Haldeman) " IV. 239 

V. 16 
Odor and Temperature in Plants (John C. Cresson). . . " X. 354 

Officers and Councilors of the A. P. S., List of (Henry 

PhilUps, Jr.) " XXIII. 323 

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Cope) " XVL 573 


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Oil Region of Pa. (Robert Briggs) Proc. X. 109 

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Lyman) Trans. N. S., XV. 1 

Oil-sand, Bradford (Charles A. Ashbumer) Proc. XVIII. 419 

Oil Springs of the West, Superclinous (J. P. Lesley). . " VIII. 262 
Oil, The Use of, in Storms at Sea (A. B. 'Wyckoff ) . . . " XXIII. 383 
Oil Well Levels in Northwestern Pa. ( John F. CarU) . " XVL 667 

Oil Well Records (John F. CarU) " XVI. 546 

Oil Well Records at Brady's Bend (J. P. Lesley) " XII. 563 

Oil Well Records in McKean and Elk Cos. (Charles A. 

Ashbumer) " XVIII. 9 

Oil Well Section, Hyner's (Henry M. Chance) " XVII. 670 

Oil Surveys in Pa., Results of (Henry M. Chance) .... " XVII. 17 

Onion Disease (John C. Cresson) " X. 168 

Oniscus pregustator. Description of (B. Henry Latrobe) 

Trans. O. S., V. 77 

Oolite Formation in America (Isaac Lea) " N. S., VII. 251 

Proc. I. 225, II. 147 
Ophidiens de Mexique, Especes Xouvelles des (Alfredo 

Dugas) Proc. XXV. 181 

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Coxe, M.D.) Trans. O. S., IV. 387 

Opium cures Tetanus (Dr. Archibald Glcster) " " 1. 379 

Opossum, Reproduction of the (Charles D. Meigs, 

M.D.) " N.S.,X. 155 

Optical Delusion, Explanation of an (David Ritten- 

house) " OS., II. 37, 201 

Optics, Physiological (Henry Hartshome) Proc. XVI. 218 

Orang, Species of (Richard Harlan, M.D.) Traus. X. S., IV. 52 

Oregon, Early Man in (Edward D. Cope) ■ Proc. XVII. 292 

Oregon, Miocene Fauna of (Edward D. Cope) " XVIII. 6.3, 370 

Ores, Mesozoic (Persifor Frazer) " XVI. 651 

Organic Forms, Creation of (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 229 

Organic Remains, Position of (Thomas Gilpin) ■' IV. 27 

Organic Physics (Henry Hartshome) " XII. 311 

Organic Variation Indefinite not Definite in Direction, 

an Outcome of Environment (E. "W. Claypole). . . " XXIV. 113 

Origin of the Planets (Daniel Kirkwood) " XIX. 15 

Orion, Photographing of the Nebula of (Henry Draper) " XIX. 156 

Ornithosaurian from Kansas (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 420 

Orrery, Description of an (David Rittenhouse) Trans. O. S., I. 1 

Orycterotherium (Richard Harlan) Proc. III. 109, 147 

Othomitorum lingua (Emanuel Naxera) Trans. N. S., V. 249 

Outlet, Preglacial, of Lake Erie (J. W. Spencer) Proc. XIX. 300 


Overtones, Telephonic (Persifor Frazer) Proc. XVIIf. 30 

Oxygen in the Sun (John W. Draper) " XVII. 7i 

Pacific Slope, Land Shells of the (Edward D. Cope) . . " XVIII. 283 
Pah Ute Indians, Cremation among the (W. J. Hoflf- 

man) " XIV. 297, 414 

Palladium, A New Process to Separate (Joseph Cloud) 

Trans. N. S., I. ICl 
Palladium found Combined with Pure Gold (Joseph 

Cloud) •• O. S, VI. 407 

Palaeolithic Man, Language of (Daniel G. Brinton, 

M.D.) Proc. XXV. 213 

Palaeontology, Contributions to (Charles E. Hall) " XVI. 621 

Palaeontology, Vertebrate, of Brazil (Edward D. 

Cope) " XXIII. 1 

Palenville, Devonian Rocks at (Andrew Sherwood) . . " XVII. 346 

Paleozoic Kocks, Blair Co. (Franklin Plat:t) " XVII. 349 

Palteozoic Rocks, Lehigh Co. (P. J. Prime) " XVII. 248 

Palaeozoic Rocks of Pa., Measured Section of (Charles 

A. Ashburner) " XVI. 519 

Panama and San Domingo, Fossils Common to (W. A. 

Gabb) " XII. 572 

Paper Money, Turkish (W. E. DuBois) " VI. 154, 215 

Paper, To Make Large Sheets of (Benjamin Franklin) 

Trans. O. S., III. 8 

Papiamento Jargon (Albert S. Gatschet) Proc. XXII. 299 

Papyrus, D'Orbigny (J. P. Lesley) " X. 543 

Paraboloids, Cometary (Pliny E. Chase) " XIX. 19 

Parallelism of Coal Beds (John J. Stevenson) " XIV. 283 

Parana, Diamantiferous Regions of (O. Derby) " XVIII. 251 

Parasitic Protophy tes, New Role of (W. N. Lockington) ' ' XX. 647 

Parsnips, To Preserve hj Drying (Jeremy Belknap) 

Trans. O. S., II. 199 
Partridge, Two Hearts found in a (Burgiss Allison) " " II. 330 

Passage, Meridian, of a Star (Charles McEwen) . .Proc. ' IV. 201 

Passamaquoddy Tongue, Words and Phrases from the 

(Abby Langdon Alger) " XXII. 240 

Patella Amaena (Isaac Lea) Trans. N. S., VII. 73 

Patent to Prevent Incrustation (Robert Briggs) Proc. X. 169 

' • Peacemaker, ' ' Explosion of the (Smith) " IV. 47 

Peach Bottom Slates (Persifor Frazer) " XVIII. 366 

Peach Trees, Revival of (George B. Wood) " XI. 237 

Peach Trees, To Prevent Decay of (Thomas Coulter) 

Trans. O. S., V. 327 

Peach Trees, To Prevent Decay of (John Ellis) " " V. 325 

Peaie, To Preserve, from Worms (Peter Nutter) .. " " I. 313 


Peat, American Condensed (J. Blodgett Britton) Proc. XVI. 656 

Peat, Arkansas (J. Blodgett Britton) " XX. 225 

Pebas. Vide Batrachians. 

Pendant Planetarium, Description of the (Burgiss Alli- 
son) Trans. O. S., V. 87 

Pendulum, Simple, Solution of a General Case of the 

(Eugenius Nulty) " N. S. II. 466 

Pennsylvania County Maps (Richard P. Smith) Proc. IX. 350 

Pennsylvania, Crystallized Basalts found in (Thomas 

P. Smith) Trans. O. S., IV. 445 

Pennsylvania, Crystalline Rocks in (Charles E. Hall) . Proc. XVIII. 435 
Pennsylvania, 2d Geol. Survey of, Progress of the 

(Charles E. Hall) " XVI. 55 

Pennsylvania, Launch of the Ship (John Lenthall) ... " III. 103 

Pennsylvania Lignite (J. P. Lesley) " IX. 463 

Pennsylvania, Occurrence of Gold in (Ch. M.Wetherill) 

Trans. N. S., X. 345 
Proc. V. 274 

Pennsylvania, Oil Region of (Robert Briggs) Proc. X. 109 

Pennsylvania, Plumbago in Bucks Co. (Richards) " V. 171 

Pennsylvania, Silver Ore in (Lorin Blodgett) " XVII. 728 

Pennsylvania, Social State of, Prior to 1743 (Job R. 

Tyson) " III. 119 

Pennsylvania, Southeast, Trap Dyke Across (Henry C. 

Lewis) " XXII. 488 

Pennsylvania, Southwestern, Surface Geology of (John 

J.Stevenson) " XVII. 219 

Pennsylvania, Terminal Moraine in (Henry C. Lewis) 

" XX. 476, 662 
Pennsylvania, Triassic Saurians in (Edward D. Cope) " XVII. 231 

Pennsylvania, Zircon in (Ch. M. Wetherill) " V. 273 

Perch, Etheostomine (Edward D. Cope) " XL 261 

Periodicity of the Sun Spots (Daniel Kirkwood) " XL 92,95 

Periodicity of Certain Planetary Rings (Daniel Kirk- 
wood) " XI. 299 

Periptychus, Brains of (Edward D. Cope) " XX. 509, 563 

Perissodactyla, Systematic Arrangement of (Edward 

D. Cope) " XIX. 353, 377 

Perissodactyles, New (Edward D. Cope) " XIII. 5 

Permian Amazon Fishes (Edward D. Cope) " XVII. 673 

Permian Texas Vertebrata (Edward D. Cope) " XIX. 27, 38 

XX. 405, 447, 645 

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Proc. IV. 192 
Persimmons, Distillation of (Isaac Bartram) Trans. O. S., I. 301 


Peru, Batracliia from (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XYI. 666 

Petrocene (Samuel P. Sadtler) " XVIII. 185 

Petroleum in E. Kentucky (J. P. Lesley) " X. 38, 187 

Petroleum Well Sections (J. P. Lesley) " X. 227 

Petroleum. Vide also Oil. 

Phakngia and Pedipalpa of South America, etc. 

(Horatio C. "Wood) Trans. N. S.. XIII. 435 

Phases of Modern Philosopliy (EU K. Price) Proc. XII. 289, 361 

Phases of Modern Philosophy, Remarks on (Edward 

D. Cope) Proc. XII. 317 

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Phenomena, Ocular (S. S. Haldeman) " IV. 239 

V. 16 

Phenomenon, Acoustic, in the Rocky Mountains " XIII. 499 

Phenomenon Observed by Dr. Franklin and not Ac- 
counted for (Robert Patterson) Trans. O. S., III. 13 

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Philadelphia Bi-Centennial, Note on the (Frederick 

Fraley) " XX. 497 

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Philadelphia Life Tables (PUny E. Chase) " " XI. 17 

Philadelphia Life Tables (W. E. DuBois) " " IX. 26 

Philadelphia Public Buildings, Erroneous Statements 

Respecting the (Thomas U. Walter) Proc. XVI. 337 

Philadelphia Rainfall and Weather. Vide R;iinf;ill, Weather. 
Philadelphia, West, Glacial Deposits in (Charles E. 

HaU) Proc. XIV. 633 

Philological View of Some very Ancient Words in sev- 
eral Languages (D. N. Collin) Trans. O. S., IV. 476 

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house) Trans. O. S., IV. 453 

Phlogiston, Experiments in (Joseph Priestly) " " V. 28 

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Brinton, M.D.) Proc. XXIII. 503 

Phonograph Record, Microscopical Observations of the 

(Persifor Frazer) " XVII. 531 

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Phonology of the Wyandots (S. S. Haldeman) Proc. IV. 269 

Phosphorescence (Joseph Henry) " II. 46 

Phosphoric Acid, Importance of, in Agriculture (G. 

Emerson) " VIII. 378 

Phosphorus, Supposed AUotropic Modification of (Ed- 
win J. Houston) " XIV. 108 


Phosphorogenic Emanation (Joseph Henry) Proc. III. 33 

Photodynamics (Pliny E. Chase).... Proc. XIX. 203, 262, 354, 4AQ, 567 

XX. 235, 237, 406, 476, 566, 638 

Photographic Hays, Invisible (Goddard) Proc. III. 179 

Photographing the Xebula of Orion (Henry Draper). . " XIX. 156 
Photographs of Stellar Spectra, On the Henry Draper 

Memorial (George F. Barker) " XXI Y. 166 

Photographs of the Moon (George M. Justice) " VI. 237 

Photographs, Siamese ("W. E. DuBois) " X. 201 

Ptiotography (Fran. Zantedeschi) " IX. 373 

Photography, Composite (W. Curtis Taylor). " XXtl. 360 

Photography, Composite, applied to Handwriting (Per- 

sifor Frazer) " XXHI. 433 

Photography by a Lightning Flash (Edwin J. Hous- 
ton) " XXIII. 257 

Physical Geography of the U. S. (C. AUen) " XVI. 61 

Physical Phenomena of Harbor Entrances (Lewis M. 

Haupt) " XXV. 19 

Physics, Organic (Henry Hartshome) " XII. 311 

Physiological Optics, Disputed Facts in (Henry Harts- 
home) " XVI. 218 

Physostomi, Extinct Fossil (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 52 

Pierres a eceuilles en Europe (Edouard Desor) " XVII. 714 

Pigeon, Vivisection of the Brain of a 'John H. Mc- 

QuiUen) " XVII. 314 

XVIII. 63 

Pine Grove Coal (Isaac Lea) " 11.249 

Pipe-line Levels, Indiana Co., Pa. (O. Barrett, Jr.). . .. ' XVII. 145 
Plane Angles, Improved Method of Projecting and 

Measuring (Robert Patterson) Trans. 0. S., VI. 29 

Planet, To Determine the True Place of a (David 

Rittenhouse) " " IV. 31 

Planetary Illustrations of Explosive Oscillation (Pliny 

E. Chase) Proc. XIL 403 

Planetary Linkages (Pliny E. Chase) " XIV. 623 

Planetary Mass, Correlation of (Pliny E. Chase) " XIII. 239 

Planetary Node between Mercury and Vulcan (Pliny 

E.Chase) " XIH. 253 

Planetary Relations to the Sun Spot Period (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XIIL 147 

Planetary Series, Comparison of (Pliny E. Chase) " XIII. 171 

Planetary Series, Correlation of (PUny E. Chase) " XIII. 471 

Planetary and Stellar Correlations (Pliny E. Chase).. . " XII. 518 

Planetary Taxis, Note on (Pliny E. Chase) " XIII. 143 

Planets, Eccentric Anomaly of the (Andrew EUicott) 

Trans. O. S., IV. 67 


Planets, Nebulous, Stability of (Daniel Kirkwood). . .Proc. XXII. 104 

Planets, Origin of the (Daniel Kirkwood) " XXI. 15 

Planets, Primary, Analogy of Periods of Rotation of 

(Sears C. Walker) " V. 107 

Plant, New, growing in Penna. (Palisot DeBeauvois) 

Trans. O. S.. IV. 173 
Plant, Poisonous, growing in Va. (Dr. James Green- 
way) " " 111.234 

Plants collected by (Thomas Nuttall) " N. S., YII. 283 

YIII. 251 
Plants collected in the Rocky Mountains (E. P. 

James) " " 11.172 

Plants, Cryptogaraic (Palisot DeBeauvois) " O. S., III. 303 

Plants, Geographical Distribution of (Charles Pick- 
ering, M.D.) " N. S., III. 2T4 

Plants, Occurrence of a Series of New Crystalline 
Compounds in Higher (Miss Helen C. de S. Ab- 

bot±) Proc. XXV. 124 

Plants, Odor and Temperature in (John C. Cresson) . . " X. 354 
Plants to be Encouraged in American Colonies (Lang- 
don Carter) Trans. O. S., I. 325 

Plants West of the Mississippi, Geographical Distribu 

tion of (Ferdinand V. Hayden) Proc. X. 315 

Platypterices of N. A. (Augustus R. G-rote) " XIV. 256 

Platinum, A New Compound of (Martin H. Boye) 

Trans. N. S., VII. 59 

Platinum, Experiments on (Joseph Cloud) " " I. 161 

Platinum, Volatilization of (Robert Hare, Jr.) " O. S., VI. 99 

Platyceras. Vide Attachment. 

Pleurodira from Wyoming T. (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XII. 473 

Plumbago in Bucks Co., Pa. (Richards) " V. 171 

Podophyllum diphyllum (Benjamin S. Barton) Trans. O. S., III. 334 

Poisonous Honey of N. A. (Benjamin S. Barton). . " " V. 51 

Polarizing Influences of Thermal Convection and 

Radiation (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. IX. 3:7 

Polarization, Mechanical, of Magnetic Needles (Pliny 

E.Chase) " X. 151 

Polarization, Mechanical of Skylight (Pliny E. Chase) " X. 151, 196 

Polarization of Water (Joseph Henry) " IV. 229 

Polarized Light, Application of, to Chemical Analysis 

(McCulloh) " IV. 349 

Polarized Light of a Comet (Pran. Zantedeschi) " VI. 333 

Policy of the Society (J. P. Lesley) " XX. 645 

Polysynthesis and Incorporation as Characteristics of 

American Languages (Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) . . " XXIII. 48 
Ponds, in Level Grounds, To Drain (Jesse Higgins) 

Truns. O. S., III. 325 


Population and Tumuli of the Aborigines of N. A. 

(H. H. Brackenridge) Trans. N. S., I. 151 

Populations in Eocene N. Mo., Remains of (Edward 

D. Cope) Proc. XIV. 475 

Port Kennedy Bone Cave (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 15, 73 

Position of Organic Remains (Thomas Gilpin) " IV. 27 

Potassium, Globular (Robert Hare, M.D.) " I. 166 

Potassium, Improved Process for Obtaining (Robert 

Hare, M.D.) Trans. N. S., VI. 341 

Pottery, Aboriginal, of the Middle Atlantic States 

(Francis Jordan, Jr.) Proc. XXV. 104 

Pottery of the Stone Age (Franklin Peale) " X. 430 

Powder Explosions (G.Emerson) " IX. 295 

Prayer by Dr. Ludlow .' " III. 2 

Precipitation of Copper with Sodium Carbonate (Edgar 

F.Smith) " XVII. 218 

Prediction, Astronomical, Confirmation of a (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XIII. 470 

.XVIII. 209 

Preglacial Outlet of Lake Erie (J. W. Spencer) " XIX. 300 

Prehistoric Man (Franklin Peale) " VII. 41 1 

Prehistoric Man (Charles B. Trego) " VII. 415 

Preparations, Anatomical, To maiie, by Corrosion (Dr. 

John Morgan) Trans. O. S., II. 366 

Prime's Paper, Remarks on (Persifor Frazer) Proc. XVII. 255 

Primitive Names of the Supreme Being (Pliny E. 

Chase) " IX. 420 

Princeton Expedition of 1886. See Vertebrate Fossils 

of the Uinta Formation. 
Probabilities of Human Life in the U. S. (William Bar- 
ton) Trans. O. S., III. 25 

Problem, The Fifteen (Persifor Frazer) Proc. XVIII. 505 

Proboscidse (Dr. Hays) " III. 44 

Proboscidian, New (Edward D. Cope) " XVI. 584 

Procamelus occidentalis, Brain of (Edward D. Cope) . . " XVII. 49 
Process for Obtaining Potassium, Improved (Robert 

Hare, M.D.) Trans. N. &., VI. 341 

Procyon, Motions of (F. W. Bessel) Proc. IV. 112 

Progress of the New English Dictionary (Henry Phil- 

Ups.Jr.) " XX. 230 

Projectiles. Fide Velocity. 

Protococcus nivalis (Martin H. Boye) " V. 262 

Protostega (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 422 

Public Buildings. Vide Philadelphia. 

Puerco Eocene Vertebrata (Edward D. Cope) 

Proc. XX, 461, 478, 545, 637 


Pulaski County. See Geological Reconnaissance. 

Pulpit Rocks (MUler) Proc. X. 383 

Pump. Vide Ship-pump. 

Punjaub Oil Region, Topography of the (Benjamin S. 

Lyman) Trans. N. S., XV. 1 

P5'rometrical Experiments (Ferdinand R. Hassler) " " I. 210 

Pyrophyllite (Frederick A. Genth) Proc. XVIII. 279 

Python, Visceral Anatomy of the (J. P. Hopkinson, 

M.D., and Joseph Pancoast, M.D) Trans. N. S., V. 121 

Pythonomorpha (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XI. 374 

XII. 264 

Quadrant, Hadley's, To Adjust the Glasses of the (Rob- 
ert Patterson) r Trans. O. S., IV. 154 

Quadrature of the Circle, Apparent (Pliny E. Chase).. .Proc. XVIII. 281 

Quadrupeds, Change of Color in (John Bachman) . Trans. N. S., VI. 197 

Quadruped, Bones of a, Discovered in Virginia 

(Thomas Jefferson) " O. S., IV. 246 

Quartzose Rocks, Fossil (?) Forms in (Persifor Fra- 

zer) Proc. XVIII. 277 

Quinnimont Coal Group of West Va. (John J. Steven- 
son) " XIX. 498 

Radiation and Rotation (Pliny E. Chase) " XVII. 701 

Radiation of Heat (Joseph Henry) " V. 108 

Radiant Heat (Henry T. Eddy) " XX. 324 

Radiant Heat (Robert Hare, M.D.) " 1.159 

Radical Significance of Numerals (Pliny E. Chase) ..." X. 19 

Railroad Telegraphs (Fran. Zantedeschi) " VI. 266 

Rainbows, Four (John C. Cresson) " X. 148, 149 

Rainfall, Cyclical, at Barbadoes (Pliny E. Chase) " XIV. 195 

Rainfall, Cyclical, at San Francisco (Pliny E. Chase). " XII. 523 
Rainfall, Cyclical, in Northern Temperate Zone (Pliny 

E. Chase) " XII. 558 

Rainfall, Tidal, at Chiswick and Toronto (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XI, 203 

Rainfall at Greenwich and Philadelphia (Pliny E. 

Chase).... " XI. 113 

Rainfall, Jupiter-cyclical (Pliny E. Chase) " XIV. 193 

Rainfall, Tidal, at Philadelphia (Pliny E. Chase) " X. 523 

Rainfall, Monthly, at Philadelphia (PUny E. Chase) . . " XI. 314 

Rainfall at Philadelphia and Lisbon (Pliny E. " XII. 38 

Rainfall, Lunar Monthly, in the U. S. (Pliny E. Chase) " XIV. 416 

Rainfall, Cyclical, at Lisbon (Pliny E. Chase) " XII. 178 

Rainfall, Yearly, in the U. S. (Pliny E. Chase) " XIV. 613 

Rainfall, Recent, in the U. S. (PUny E. Chase) " XII. 555 


Rainfall, Lunar Influence on, Evidences of (Pliny E. 

Chase) Proc. X. 4^6 

Rain Gauge, Espy's (Alex. Dallas Bache) " II. I'U 

Rain Storm, September 12, 1863 (John C. Cresson) " IX. 59 

Rana, Bufo and. Synonymic List of the North Ameri- 
can Species of (Edward D. Cope) " XXIII. 51 4 

Rarefaction of Air (Robsrt Hare, M.D.) " I. 2;^ 

Rattlesnake, To Prevent Deleterious Consequences of 

the Bite of (Benjamin S. Barton) Trans. O. S., III. 100 

Rattlesnalie, Fascination of the (Benjamin S. Bar- 
ton) " " IV. 74 

Rattlesnalie, Experiments on the Poison of the 

(Richard Harlan, M.D.) Trans. N. S., III. 300, 400 

Rays. Vide Photographic. 

Recent Auroras (John C. Cresson) Proc. XL 522 

Recession of Cosmical Nodes (Walter H. Lowrie) " X. 213, 220 

Reciprocity in Trade and the Consumption of Manufac- 
tured Commodities ? Is there (Thomas H. Dudley) " XXIII. 526 
Records, Gramophone and Telephone, Some Possible 

Methods for the Preparation ot (Edwin J. Houston) " XXV. 144 

Redfield, Strictures on (Robert Hare, M.D.) " 11.141,225 

Reflectors (James D. Graham) " II. 260 

Reflecting Sector, A Simple Appendage to the. Descrip- 
tion of (Robert Patterson) Trans. N. S., I. 325 

Reforesting, Nature's (EU K. Price) Proc, XVIII. 26 

Refraction Table (A. K. Mansfield) " XVI. 425 

Region, Diamantiferous, of Parana, Brazil (O. Derby). " XVIII. 251 
Regional Elevations and Subsidences, Cause of (Clar- 
ence E. Dutton) " XIL 70 

Register, Self-moving (William Henry) Trans. O. S., I. 350 

Relation of Auroras to Rainfall (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. XII. 400 

Relations, Numerical, of Gravity and Magnetism (Pliny 

E.Chase) " IX. 425 

XIV. 607 
Relations, Systematic, of Carnivorous Fissipedia (Ed- 

wardD.Cope) "XX. 471. 478 

Relative Velocities of Light and Gravity (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XIIL 148 

Relics from Vera Cruz (Com. Marston) " XL 83 

Relics, Indian, from N. J. (George B. Wood) " XL 21 3 

Remarlis on Blasius' Views on Meteorology (Lorin 

Blodgett) •' XVL 205 

Remarliable Relation between the Mean Motions of Ju- 
piter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (Daniel Kirk- 
wood) •• " XIL 435 

Reply to Prof. Morton (Samuel P. Sadtler). .Proc. XVII. 710, 712, 723 


Reply to Dr. Hunt (Frederick A. Genth) Proc. XIV. 216 

Report on Wools (Charles B. Trego) " V. 257 

Report on Volapiik " XXV". 1, 312 

Reptile, Theromorphous, of tlie Permian Epoch, On the 

Structure of the Brain, etc., of (Edward D. Cope) " XXIII. 234 
Reptiles and Batrachians of Grand Cayman, On the 

(Samuel Garman) " XXIV. 273 

Reptiles, Catalogue of the Species of Batrachians and, 
Contained in a Collection made by J. Hanxwell 

(Edward D. Cope) " XXIII. 94 

Reptiles from the Austro-riparian Region of the U. S. 

(Edward D. Cope) " XVII. 63 

Reptilia, etc.. Extinct of N. A. (Edward D. Cope) " XII. 41 

Reptilia, Batrachia and, obtained by H. H. Smith 
in the Province of Mato Grosso, Brazil, Synopsis of 

the (Edward D. Cope) " XXIV, 44 

Reptilian Remains from Dakota (Edward D. Cope) " XVII. 193 

Reptilian Footmarks at Sharp Mountain, Pa. (Isaac 

Lea) " V. 91 

Resemblance of Atmospheric, Magnetic and Oceanic 

Currents (Pliny E. Chase) " XII. 68 

Reserved Power in Machinery (Robert Briggs) " IX. 228 

Reservoir, On the Collapse of a (Robert Hare, M.D.) 

Trans. N. S., V. 953 

Resources of Egypt (A. Delmar) Proc. XIV. 233 

Resources of Spain (A. Delmar) " XIV. 301 

Results of Wave Interference (Pliny E. Chase) " XVII. 294 

Results of an Important Weather Forecast (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XXII. 103 

Results of Measurements, etc., of Eclipse, Aug. 7, 1869 

(A.Mayer) " XI. 202, 204 

Retinasphalt Discovered at Cape Sable, Md. (Dr. Ger- 
hard Troost) Trans. N. S., II. 110 

Reversion of Series (John Hagen) Proc. XX. 647 

Revival of Peach Trees (George B. Wood) " XI. 237 

Revival of Fruit Trees (George B. Wood) " XII. 3 

Rhinocheilus Antonii (Alfredo Duges) " XXIII. 290 

Rhyncophora of N. A. (John L. LeConte and George 

H. Horn, M.D.) " XV. 1 

Rings, Certain, Periodicity of (Daniel Kirkwood) " XI. 299 

Ripple Marks on Limestone from Lancaster Co., Pa. 

(Persifor Frazer) " XVII. 725 

River Channel, Ancient Buried, Crossing the Allegheny 

River (J. P. Lesley) " XVIII. 354 

River St. Lawrence. Vide St. Lawrence. 

Rock, Remarkable, and Cascade on the west side of the 

Youghiogheny River (Thomas Hutchins) Trans. 0. S., II. 50 


Rock-blasting by Galvanism (Robert Hare, M.D.) .Proc. I, 99 

Rocky Mountains, Acoustic Phenomenon in tlie " XIII. 41)9 

Rocky Mountain Coals (Charles M. Cresson) " XX. 858 

Rocky Mountain Fossils (Othniel C. Marsh) " XII. 578 

Rocky Mountains, Plants of (E. P. James) .Trans. N. S., II. 173 

Rocks of St. Davids (Persifor Frazer) Proc. XX, 638 

Rock Retreat in S. E. Pa., Contents of a (S. S. Halde- 

man) Trans. N. S., XV. 351 

Rockery at the University of Pa. (Eli K. Price) Proc. XX. 119 

Role, New, of Parasitic Protophytes (W. N. Locking- 
ton) " XX. 647 

Rolling Drawgate applied to Water Mills, A Descriii- 

tion of a (Nathan Sellers) Trans. N. S., I. 307 

Roots, English and Sanskrit, and Analogues (Pliny E. 

Chase) Proc. VII. 177 

Roots, Chinese and Indo-European, and Analogues 

(Pliny E. Chase) " VIII. 5 

Rotation of the Earth Affects Topography CWUliam C. 

Kerr) " XIII. 190 

Rotation of the Sun and Intra-asteroidal Planets (Pliny 

E. Chase) " XIII. 145 

Rotation, Cosmical, Harmonies of (Pliny E. Chase). .. " XIII. 243 
Roseate Light from Carbonized Hydrogen (Robert 

Hare, M.D.) " IV. 114 

Rudder, Temporary, Mugford's Trans. O. S., VI. 203 

Russell Co. Vide Virginia. 

Safety Guard (Dr. John Locke) Proc. II. 41 

Salicylic Acid. See Electrolysis of Lead Solutions, 

Saligenin, Synthesis of (William H. Greene) " XVIII. 451 

!:^altville Valley and Fault (WilUam Fontaine) " XIX, 349 

Saltville, Shells found at, by H. C, Lewis (J. P. 

Lesley) " XIX, 155 

San Domingo, Miocene Fossils of (W. A. Gabb) " XII. 571, 573 

Sin Domingo Rhodium Gold (Frederick A. Genth) ... " XI. 439 
San Domingo, Topography and Geology of (W. M. 

Gabb) Trans, N. S., XV. 49 

San Francisco, Longitude of (George Davidson) Proc. XI, 91 

Sand-hills at Cape Henry, Va, (B. Henry Latrobe) 

Trans. O. S., IV. 439, 444 
Sandstone, etc., formations of the Valley of the Mis- 
sissippi (E. P. James) Trans. N. S., II. 191 

Sandstone, King's Mill White (B. W. Claypole) Proc, XX, 634 

Sarracenia, New Species of (Thomas Nuttall) Trans. N. S,, IV. 49 

Sassa Rubrin (Robert Hare, M.D.) " " V. 360 

S.iurians, Triassic, in Pa. (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XVII. 231 


Saurodontidse (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XL 5S9 

Saurocephalus and its Allies (Joseph Leidy) Trans. N. S., XI. 91 

Saving Fund Life Insurance (Pliny E. Chase) Proc. XIV. 148 

Scales of Maps (Louis M. Haupt) " XVIII. 47 

Scarcity of Timber in the Far West (Ferdinand V. 

Hayden) " X. 322 

Schintz's Gas Generator (Trippel) " X. 9 

Schoharie Grit in Middle Fa., Ej[uivalent of the (E. 

W. Claypole) " XX. 534 

Schwartz's Florida Coleoptera (John L. LeConte) " XVII. 470 

Scincidse, Some New and Rare Species of (Edw^ard Hal- 

lowell, M.D.) Trans. N. S.,XL 71 

Screw, On the (Robert Briggs) Proc. IX. 278 

Sea Compass, Improved (Bernard Romans) Trans. O. S., II. 396 

Sea, Depth of the (Dr. Charles Bonnycastle) Proc. I. 39 

Seaboard Pipeline Notes (Herman Haupt) " XVIII. 136 

Section across the Alleghany Mountains (J. P. Lesley) " XL 115 

Seeds, Directions for putting up for Foreign Export 

Trans. O. S., I. 330 

Seneca and Kabyle Languages (G. S. Blake) Proc. VII. 291 

Selenophorus of the U. S. (George H. Horn, M.D.). . . " XIX. 178 
Selish Languages, Vocabulary of (W. J. Hoffman) .... *' XXIII. 367 

Seventeen-year Locusts (Charles B. Trego) " V. 209 

Sex, Causes of Change of (G. Emerson) " V. 20 

Sh D I (Shaddai), On the Hebrew Word (J. P. Les- 
ley) " XXIIL 303 

Shadows without Penumbra (Dr. Alexander Wil- 

cocks) " XVII. 705 

Sharon Conglomerate, Notes on the (I. C. Vinute) " XIX. 198 

Shells, Land, of the Pacific Slope (J. G. Cooper) " XVIII. 282 

Sherwood's Discoveries in Magnetism (Robert M. Pat- 
terson) " I. 25 

Ship-pump, Improvement in (Robert Patterson) 

Trans. N. S., I. 367, 427 
Shooting Stars, The Relations of Aerolites to (Daniel 

Kirkwood) Proc. XXIV. Ill 

Siamese Photographs (W. E. DuBois) " X. 201 

Siamese Twins, On the (George Tucker) " II. 22 

Sigillaria (Richard C. Taylor) " III. 149 

Signal Service Bureau, its Methods and Results ("WU- 

Uam Blasius) " XXIV. 179 

Signals, Intelligible Trans. O. S., IV. 163 

Silicon, New Method of Procuring (Robert Hare, 

M.D.) Proc. I. 175 

Silk Culture in India (P. S. DuPonceau) " I. 214 

Silk-worms of N. A., Native (Moses Bartram) Trans. O. S., I. 294 


Silk worm, The Whole Process of, from the Egg to the 

Cocoon (Hare and Skiiiner) Trans. O. S., II. 347 

Silurian Land Phmts in Ohio (Leo Lesquereux) Proc. XVII. 163 

Silver Ore (W. E. DuBois) " XI. 92 

Silver Ore, Lake Superior (W. E. DuBois) " VI. 155 

XI. 527 

Silver Ore from Pa. (Lorin Blodgett) " XVII. 728 

Silver Ores reduced by the Method of Becquerel (An- 
dres Del Rio) Trans. N. S., IV. 60 

Sines, To find the Sum of the Several Powers of the 

(David Rittenhoiise) " O. S., III. 155 

Siren, New Species of (Palisot DeBeauvois) " " IV. 377 

Skater's Reel (FrankUn Peale) Proc. VI. 179 

Skeleton, Indian (George B. Wood) " XI. 383 

Skeletons found near Woodbury (Edward D. Cope). . . " XL 310 

Skulls (Australian and (Edward D. Cope) . . " XI. 446 

Slag from Easton (Charles B. Trego) " VI. 246 

Smelting Process at Freiburg (Persifor Frazer) . .Trans. N. S., XIV. 405 
Smith, Albert H., D.D., Obituary Notice of (Harrison 

Allen, M.D.) Proc. XXIII. 606 

Smoky Chimnies, Cause and Cure of (Benjamin 

FrankUn) Trans. O. S., II. 1 

Smoky Hill River, Kansas, Expedition to (Edward D. 

Cope) Proc. XII. 174 

Smyth Co. Vide Virginia. 

Snakes, Analytical Table of the Genera of (Edward D. 

Cope) ; " XXIIL 479 

Solar Disturbances, Harmonic (Pliny E. Chase) " XVIII. 209 

Solar Eclipses (Stephen Alexander) " 11. 201 

III. 183, V. 33 

Solar Eclipse, June 16, 1806 Trans. O. S., VI. 275, 300 

Solar Eclipse, June 16, 1806 (Jos. Joaquin De- 
Ferrer) '• •' VI. 264, 293 

Solar Eclipse, A (M. DeGranchain) " " IL 339 

Solar Eclipse, June 16, 1806 (WilUam Dunbar) " " VI. 260 

Solar Eclipse, June 16, 1806 (Andrew ElUcotrt) " " VL 255 

Solar Eclipse, Nov. 30, 1834, Observations of 

the " N. S., V. 233, 343 

Solar Eclipse, May 14, 15, 1836, Report on.... " " VL 379 

Solar Eclipse, Feb. 12, 1831 " " IV. 125 

Solar Eclipse, Sep. 18, 1838, Longitudes De- 
duced from (E. Otis Kendall) " " VII. 67 

Solar Eclipses of May 4, 1S;J6, and Sept. 18, 1838 (Ed- 

mvmd Blunt) Proc. I. 177 

Solar Eclipse, July 29, 1878 (George F. Barker) " XVIII. 103 

Solar Maculae (Joseph Henry) " IV. 173 


Solar Macula (Dr. O. Reiohenbach) PiOC. IX. 234 

Solar System, Formalion of the (Daniel Kirlfwood) . . " XII. 163 

Solar System, On the (Dr. Alexander Wilcooks) " IX. 384 

Solar System, Oscillatory Forces in the (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XIII. 140 

Solar. Vide Sun. 

Solids, Motion of, on Surfaces * * Sliding and Roll- 
ing (Henry J. Anderson) Trans. N. S., III. 315 

Solitary Confinement, Effects of, in Producing Disease 

among Africans (Benjamin H. Coates) Proc. III. 143 

Somerset Co., Pa., Coal-beds (John Fulton) " XIV. 157 

Sorghum, Culture of (G. Emerson) " IX. 116, 141 

Sound. Vide Iron Pipes. 

Soundings at the Delaware Water Gap (Franklin 

Peale) " IX. 451 

South Mountain Iron Ores (J. P. Lesley) " XIII. 3 

South Valley Hill Rocks, Horizon of the (Persifor Fra- 

zer) " XX. 509 

Spain, Resources of (A. Del Mar) " XIV. 801 

Speaking Machine (Robert M. Patterson) " IV. 83 

Specific Gravity Apparatus (W. E. DuBois) "VI. 193, 201 

Spectra, Electric, of Metals (Alexander E. Outer- 
bridge) " XIV. 161 

Sphenoidal Sinuses, Observations on the (Caspar Wia- 

tar) Trans. N. S., I. 371 

Sphex of Va. and Pa. (B. Henry Latrobe) " O. S. VI. 73 

Spina Bifida (Dr. Bond) Proc. IV. 124 

Spinel (Dr. George A. Koenig) " XVIII. 416 

Spirifera of Upper Helderberg (James Hall) " X. 248 

Spontaneous Generation, Experiments on (Joseph 

Priestly) Trans. O. S., VI. 119 

Spouting Water Well at Wilcox, Pa. (Charles A. Ash- 

bumer) : Proc. XVII. 127 

Spring-block to Assist a Vessel in Sailing (Francis 

Hopkinson) Trans. O. S., III. 331 

Spruce Creek Iron Ore (Frederick A. Qenth) Proc. XIV. 84 

Spyglass, A New (George M. Justice) " V. 41 

Squamosal Bone of the Mammalia, Foramina of the 

(Edward D. Cope) " XVIII. 452 

Stability, Limits of, of Nebulous Planets, etc. (Daniel 

Kirkwood) " XXII. 104 

Staley's Creek Iron Ore Region (Benjamin 9. Lyman) 

Trans. N. S., XV. 33 

Standard Cell. New (George F. Barker) Proc. XX. 638, 640 

Standard Weights and Measures (Alex. Dallas Bache) Proc. IV. 159 

Standard Weights, French and American (Robert M. 

Patterson) " IV. 155 


Star, Discovery of a Jlissing '^Sears C. "Walker; Proc. IV. 311 

Stars, Aberration of the (Andrew EUicott; Trans. O. S., IV. 5 

Stars, from Depths of Mines, Visibility of, in Daylight 

rPeter W. Shaefer; Proc. XVIII. 179 

Steam, Electricity from <'G. Emerson; " II. 3 

Steam, Electricity from ''Robert M. Patterson; " I. 320 

Steamboat for Canals CS. Roberts^ " IV, 121 

Steam Engines, Improvements in America in (B.Henry 

Latrobe; Trans. O. S., \L 89 

Steam Thermometer CRobert M. Patterson; Proc. II. 40 

Stellar Spectra, On the Henry Draper Memorial Photo- 
graphs of ''George F. Barker; " XXIV. 166 

Stellar Spectra, Remarks on Dr. Barker's Paper on 

''Persifor Frazer; " XXIV. 171 

Stone Implements of X. A., Classified ''Franklin Peale; " \T[IL 265 

Stone Hammer (Antique) (Franklin Peale^ " IX. 401 

Stone Implements in Asia and Africa ''Henry Phillips. 

Jr.) " XIX.. 63 

Stone Age, Pottery of the ''Franklin Peale; " X. 430 

Stone Age and the Present, Connecting Link between 

(Ferdinand V. Hayden; " X. 352 

Stopper for the Opening by which the Sewers of Cities 
receive the Water of their Drains (John Frazer; 

Trans. O. 8., V. 148 

Storms ('Alex. Dallas Bache; Proc. 11, 56 

Storms, Thunder and Lightning, Theory of (Andrew 

OUver; Trans. O. S., 11. 74 

Storm, Dec, 20, 1836 Trans. N. S„ VII. 12.5 

VUL 305 

Storm, Feb., 1842 " " VHI. 161 

Storm of Dec. 20. 1836 -^Elias Loomis; Proc. I. 195 

Storm of Feb., 1842 CElias Loomis; " IIL 50 

Storm, Dec. 15, 18,39, Observations on ("W. C. Red- 
field; Trans. X. S„ VIH. 77 

Storm, Feb. 9, la'iS '^ Johp C. Cresson; Proc. VIL 176 

Storm, Feb. 9, 1862 ''John C. Cresson; " IX- 59 

Storm, Sept, 2.5, 1867 ('G. Emerson; " X. 3,51 

Storm, Hail, May 8, 1870 Hector Orr; " XL 438 

Stove, New, for Burning Pitcoal ''Benjamin Franklin) 

Trans. O. S., IL .57 

St. Davids, Rocks of (Persifor Frazer) Proc. XX. 638 

St. Lawrence, Hydrology of the Basin of the River 

^Thomas E. Blackwell) Trans. X. S., XIII. 249 

St. Marj-'s, Elk Co., Pa., Geological Section at (Charles 

A. Aahbnmer; Proc. XIX. i.OO, 337 

Strabismns, Operation for (Dr. Hays; Proc. I. '273 



Stramonium, Effects of (Benjamin Rush, M.D.) Trans. O. S., I. 384 

Strontites, Fusion of (Robert Hare, M.D.) " " YI. 99 

Structure and Erosion of Brush Mountain (J. P. Les- 
ley) Proc. XIII. 503 

Stryclinia and Nicotin, Alleged Antagonism between 

(J. L. Haynes) " XVI. 597 

Subjective after color (Charles A. Oliver, M.D.) " XXIII. 500 

Subjects to Preserve in Spirits (Lewis Nicola) Trans. O. S., I. 314 

Submarine Vessel, General Principles of a (D. Bush- 

nell) •' " II. IGO 

Substance, a, Resembling Dopplerito (Henry C. 

Lewis) Proc. XIX. G48 

Sugar ;Maple Tree of the U. S. (Benjamin Rush, 

M.D.) Trans. O. S., III. 64 

Sugar, Claying of (Jonathan Williams) " " VI. 83 

Sulphates, Alkaline, On the Decomi)osilion of, by 
Hydrochloric Acid and Chlorine (Richard A. 

TUghman) " N. S.. X. 359 

Summary of a Geology of Egypt (Persifor Frazer) Proc. XX. C37 

Sun, Eclipse of the, May 2G, 1854 (John F. Frazer) ..." VI. 38 

Sun, Eclipse of the, Apr. 24, 184G (E. Otis Kendall). . " IV. 253 

Sun, Eclipse of the, Aug. 7, 1869, Drawings of the 

(McClure) " XI. 202 

Sun, Eclipse of the, Aug. 7, 1869, Pierce's Photographs 

of the (Samuel G. Morton) " XI. 202 

Sun's Distance (PUny E. Chase) " XII. 398 

Sun's Distance, Spectral Estimates of the (Pliny E. 

Chase) " XVIII. 227 

Sun, Apparent Semi-diameter of the (Pliny E. Chase). " XVIII. 380 
Sun, To find the Meridian Passage of the (David Rit- 

tenhouse) Trans. O. S., I. 155 

Sun, Construction of Eclipses of the (John Gum- 
mere) " N. S.,III. 4G7 

V. 297 
Sunglows of the Autumns of 1883 and 1884 (William 

Blasius) Proc. XXII. 102 

Sun's Parallax as found by the Transit of Venus, June 

3, 1769 (William Smith) Trans. O. S., I. 1G2 

Sun Spots (Joseph Henry) Proc. IV. 173 

Sun Spots, Periodicity of (Daniel Kirkwood) " XI. 93, 95 

Sun-spot Cycle of 11.07 Years (Pliny E. Chase) " XII. 410 

Sun and Fixed Stars, Ages of the (Daniel Kirkwood). " XVI. 632 
Sundials, Instrument lor Setting up (Robert Patter- 
son) Trans. N. S., I. 333 

Sunflower Seed, Oil from (Dr. Otto) " O. S., I. 304 

Superclinous Oil Springs of the "West (J. P. Lesley) .. .Proc. YIII. 262 


Surface Geology of S. W. Pa. (John J. Stevenson).. . .Pro.;. XVIII. 289 

Survey of Sandy Hook (Major Bache) " IV. 168 

Sylviculture (Eli K. Price) " XVII. 197 

Symbolism, Intellectual (Pliny E. Chase) Trans. N. S., XII. 4(58 

Synphida?, American (S. W. Williston) Proc. XX. 299 

Swallows, Hybernation of (F. A. Antes) Trans. O. S., VI. 59 

Sweet Springs, Experiments on (Rev. James Madi- 
son) " " II. 197 

Tables for Inlerconversion of French ami English Units 

(Perslfor Frazer) Proc. XVII. 536 

Tables, Meteorological, of the A. P. S Trans. N. S., VI. 395 

Tables, Refraction (A. K. Mansfield) Proc. XVI. 425 

Tapiroid hyrachyas. Osteology of the (Edward D. 

Cope) • ' XIII. 213 

Taylor's Theorem, Insufficiency of (Chs. Bounycastle) 

Trans. N. S., VII. 217 
Taxation of the Society, Unlawful (John M. Read).. .Proc. IX. 14 

Tazewell, etc., Cos., Va.. Geology of (J. P. Lesley). . . " XII. 489 

. Telegraph f )r Railroad Uses (Fran. Zantedeschi) " VI. 266 

Telephonic Overtones (Persifor Frazer) " XVIII. 39 

Telescope at Haverford College (George M. Justice) . . " VI. 227 

Tellurium, etc. (Frederick A. Genth) " XIV. 223 

XVII. 113 
Temperature of the Atmosphere at Sea in a Voyage to 

and from Oporto (William Billings) Trans. O. S., III. 194 

Temperature, Relations of, to Gravity and Density 

(PUny E. Chase) Proc. X. 261 

Tendencies of Scientific Culture (John L. LeConte). . . " XV^III. 509 
Tenebrionidfe, Revision of the, of North xVmerica 

(George H. Horn, M.D.) Trans. N. S., XIV. 253 

Tenebrionida' of the U. S., Revision of (George H. 

Horn, M.D.) Proc. XI, 115 

Terminal .Moraine in Pa. (Henry C. Le'wis) ' XX. 476, 662 

Terrestrial Magnetism, Relative Horizontal Intensities 

of, in the U. S. (Alex. Dallas Bache) Trans. N. S., V. 427 

Tertiary Coal of Osino, Nevada (Edward D. Cope) . . .Proc. XII. 478 
Tertiary Strata of the Great Basin (Edward D. Cope) . " XIX. 360 
Testudinate, New, from the Kansas Chalk (Edward D. 

Cope) " XII. 308 

Tetanus, Observations on (Benjamin Rush, M.D. ). .Trans. O. S., II. 225 
Tetanus Cured by Amazing Quantities of Opium (Dr. 

Archibald Gloster) " " I. 379 

Tetracaulodon (Dr. Hays) .Proc. II. 105 

Tetrao, Observations on (Charles Lucien Bonaparte) 

Trans. N. S., III. 383 


Texas, Vertebrata from (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XIX. 37, 38 

Texas, Permian Vertebrata from (Edward D. Cope) 

Proc. XX. 405, 447, 645 

Tlieodosiiis, Disk of (Charles B. Trego) Proc. V. 125 

Tiieorem prepared by Rittenbouse, Investigation of 

(Owen Nulty) Trans. N. S., I. 395 

Tlieorj' of ^Magnetic Declination (Persifor Frazer) Proc. XVI. 642 

Tliermo-electro-pboto-baric Unit (Pliny E. Chase) " XXII. 377 

Tliormnnieter, Differential, Improvement in (EUsha 

DeButts, M.D.) Trans. N. S., I. 301 

Tbormometer, Self- registering (Dr. James Lewis) Proc. VII. 295 

Tbermometer, On the Use of, in Xavigaliou (William 

Strickland) Trans. O. S., V. 90 

Tbermometer, Use of, in Soundings (Jonathan Wil- 
liams) " " HI. 82 

Three-toed Horses from the Upper jSIiocene (Edward 

D. Cope) Proc. XXIII. 351 

Theromorpbous Reptile of the Permian Epoch, Struc- 
ture of the Brain, etc., of (Edward D. Cope) " XXIII. 234 

Thoracic Feet, Discovery of, in a Carboniferous Phyllo- 

caridian (Alpheus S. Packard) XXIII. 380 

Tborax, Disease of the (Caspar Wistar) Trans. X. S., I. 381 

Thought, Consideration of ]\Iethods of Expressing 

(Louis M. Haupt) Proc. XVIII. 348 

Three-toed Horses from the Upper Miocene, On Two 

New Species of (Edward D. Cope) " XXIII. 351 

Tides and Currents of Ocean and Atmosphere (W. C. 

Redfield) " HI- 86 

Tidal Ellipsoid, Xormal Position of the (Plmy E. 

Chase) " XII. 123 

Tides, Height of the (Pliny E. Chase) " IX. 291 

Tides. Solar and Lunar, Magnetic and Aerial (Pliny E. 

Chase) " IX. 487 

Timucua Language (Albert S. Gatschet) " XVI. 626 

XVII. 490, XVIIl. 465 

Tin Plates, Engraving on (George M. Justice) Proc. VI. 165 

Titaniferous Iron Ore Belt (J. P. Lesley) " XIL 139 

Toltecs, Were the, an Historical Nationality (Daniel G. 

Brinton, M.D.) " XXIV. 229 

Tonka wa Language (Albert S. Gatschet) " XVI. 318 

Topograpby as AfTected by the Rotation of the Earth 

(W^ilUam C. Kerr) " XIII. 190 

Tornado (Elias Loomis) " H- 182 

Tornadoes (Peltier; " I. 122 

Tornado, Causes of the (Robert Hare, M.D.) Trans. N. S., V. 375 

Tornado at Cave City, Ky. (J. P. Lesley) Proc. XL 277 


Tornado at Brunswick (June 19, 18:>5), Illustrations of 

the (Alex. DaUas Bache) Trans. X. S.. V. 407 

Tornado of August, 183G, near Providence, R. I. (Rob- 
ert Hare, M. D.) " " YI. 297 

Tornado of August, 1838 (Robert Hare, M.D.) Proc. I. 58 

Tornado of Aug. 5, 184o (Persifor Frazer) " IV. 12 

Tornado, May 11. 1865 (John C. Cressonj " X. 108 

Toxodon, Structure of the Posterior Foot of the (Ed- 
ward D. Cope) " XIX. 403 

Trade, Is there Reciprocity in, and the Consumption of 

Manufactured Commodities (Thomas H. Dudley).. '■ XXIII. 526 

Trade Tokens, Catalogue of (Pliny E. Chase) ' IX. 243 

Transmission of Acids in Vapor, etc., etc. (Joseph 

Priestly) Traus. O. S., V. 1 

Trausmissiou of Sound through Iron Pipes (John C. 

Cresson and Persifor Frazer) Proc. V. 118 

Transformation of the Series S ^ ax -f- 'J^.^ + '^x■^ etc. 

(Theo. Strong) " III. 49 

Transit. Vide Mercury. 

Transit. Vide Venus. 

Transit Level, New (Davidson) " X. 354 

Trapdyke across S. E. Pa. (Henry C. Lewis) " XXII. 438 

Traps of the Mesozoic Sandstone in York and Adams 

Counties, Pa. (Persifor Frazer) " XIY. 402 

Traps, Connecticut I Persifor Frazer) " XIY. 430 

Trap occurring at \Yillianison's Point, Physical and 

Chemical Characteristics of (Persifor Frazer) " XVIII. 96 

Trap Rocks of the Connewago Hills, Observations on 

the (John B. Gibson) Trans. X. S., II. 156 

Trees, Revival of (George B. Wood) Proc. XI. 237 

XII. 3 

Trial by Jury (Eli K. Price) " IX. 209 

Triangle, Right-angled, Prime (James Lewis) " IX. 415 

Trias of Xorth America. Contribution to the History of 

the Vertebrata of the (Edward D. Cope) " XXIY. 209 

Triassic Plants of X. Ca. found in Bucks Co., Pa. (Leo 

Lesquereux) " XIX. 16 

Triassic Saurians in Pa. (Edward D. Cope) '' XYII. 231 

Tribal Xames, Indian (W. J. Hoffman) " XXIII. 294 

Trigeminus Xerve in the Domestic Cat (Felis domes- 

tica) (T. B. Stowell) " XXIII. 459 

Trigonometr}', Analytical (Theo. Strong) " III. 49 

Tropical America, Herpetology of (Edward D. Cope) 

Proc. XI. 147, 49fi, 513, 553 
Proc. XVII. 85, XVIII. 201, XXII. 1(57, XXIII. 271 

Troops in Cities, Movements of (Russell Thayer) Proc. XVIII. 89 


Turbine (Ellwood Morris) Pioc. III. 1G9 

Turbinated Shells (Isaac Lea) • ' II. 2;54 

Turkish Paper Money ( W. E. DuBois) " VI. 154, 215 

Tiitelo Indians (Horatio Hale) " XX. G43, 647 

Ungulate Mammalia, Classificalion of (Edward D. 

Cope) " XX. 299, 438 

Ungulata from the Wyoming Eocene (Edward D. 

Cope) " XIII. 38 

Uni.) (Isaac Lea) Trans. N. S., III. 529 

Unionid.f (Isaac Lea) " " X. 253 

Universal Hyperosto.sis (Dr. 'Williain Pepper) Proc. XI. 571 

XII. 19 

Universal Language, Essay to Discover Trans. O. S., lY. 102 

Upper Canada, Geology of (W. D. and H. D. Rogers) 

Trans. N. S., VIII. 273 

Upper Freeport Coal Bed (John J. Stevenson) Proc. XIX. 276 

Upper Missouri. Vide Geology. 

Upthrow Fault at Embreeville Furnace, East Tennessee 

(J. P. Lesley) " XII. 444 

Uranus, Perturbations of, by N^cptune (Peirce) " V. 15 

Utah, Botany of the Basin of the Great Salt Lake of 

(Elias Durand) Trans. N. S., XL 155 

Utah, Ichthyology of (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XIV. 129 

Vaccine Virus, Lial)ility of to Deterioration (Dr. Rob- 
ley Dunglison) " I. 68 

Valenlini's TiuM^ry of the Mexican Calendar Stone 

(Daniel G. Brinton, M.D.) '• XIV. 663 

Valves, New Form of (Franklin Peale) " VI. 243 

Vanadates and lodyrite from N. M. (Frederick A. 

Genth) " XXII. 393 

Vanishing Fractions (Jared Mansfield) Trans. N. S., I. 200 

Vapors, To Disperse the Noxious, found in Wells 

(Ebenezer Robinson) " O. S., III. 324 

Variation, Diurnal, of ihe Needle (Alex. Dallas 

Bache)... " N. S., V. 1 

Vegetaux, etc.. Sur les (Dupont DeNemours) '' O. S., V. 104 

Vegetable Acid and Marine Salt, Antiseptic Virtues 

of (WilUam "Wright, M.D.) " " IL 284 

Vegetable found under the Ground, Notes on a (Col. 

Bull) " 11. 160 

Vegetable Muscipula, A New (Benjamin S. Barton) ■ "' VI. 79 

Vegetables, Etfects of Camphor on (Benjamin S. 

Barton) " " IV. 232 


Velocity of Projectiles (Joseph Henry) Proc. III. 165 

Venango Co. Oil Well Records (E. S. Nettleton) " XVI. 439 

Vents, Theoric des (Diipont DeNemours) Trans. O. S . VI. 32 

Venus. Transit of, at Nagasaki (Georgs Davidson) ...Proc. XIV. 423 
Venus, Transit of June 3, 1769, at Providence, II. I. 

(Benjamin West) Traus. O. S., I, 91 

Venus, Transit of at Newbury, Mass., June 3, 1769 

(Rev. Samuel Williams) " " II. 246 

Venus, Transit of .June 3, 1769 (William Smith). . . " " I. ^ 8 

Venus. Transit of June 3, 1769 (Rev. John Ewing). " " 1.539 

Venus, Transit of June 3. 1769 (David Rittenhouse) " " I. 4 

Venus, Transit of June 3, 1769, at Cape Henlopen 

(OwenBiddle) " " I. 83 

Venus, Transit of June 3, 1769, at the Lizard Point 

(John Bradley) " " 1.108 

V enus, Transit of June 3. 1769, at Greenwich (Rev. 

Nevil Maskelyne) " '' I. 100 

Venus, Transit of, June 3, 1769, at Hudson Bay 

(Rev. Nevil Maskelyne) " " I. Ill 

Venus, A.pparent Contact of the Limbs of the Sun and, 

June 3, 1769 Trans. O. S., L 120 

Veratria (Horatio C. Wood) Proc. XI. 214 

Verb, The, in American Languages (Wilhelm von 

Humboldt) " XXII. 332 

Vermuculite, Crystals developed in, by Heat (Andres 

Del Rio) Trans. N. S., V. 137 

Vermilion Color of the Blood, Essay on (Samuel F. 

Conover, M.D) " O. S., VL 247 

Vertebrata, Permian Formation of Texas (Edward D. 

Cope) .Proc. XIX. 27, 38 

Vertebrata from Dakota (Edward D. Cope) " XVII. 233 

Vertebrata, Extinct, in N. Ca. (Edward D. Cope) " XIL 264 

Vertebrate Fauna of the Puerco Series, Synopsis of the 

(Edward D. Cope) Trans. N. S., XVI. 29S 

Vertebrata from Wyoming T. (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XII. 460, 469, 483 

XII. 487, XIX. 195, XX. 139 

Vertebrata of N. J. Miocene (Edward D. Cope) Proc. XIV. 361 

Vertebrata of E. Illinois (Edward D. Cope) " XVII. 52 

Vertebrata of the Upper Tertiary (Edward D. Cope). . " XVII. 219 
Vertebrata of the Trias of North America, Contribution 

to the History of the (Edward D. Cope) " XXIV. 209 

Vertebrata, Permian, of N. A., Systematic Catalogue of 

the Species of (Edward D. Cope) Trans. N. S.. XVI. 285 

Vertebrata, Puerco Eocene (Edward D. Cope) 

Proc. XX. 461 , 478, 545, 637 
Vertebrata, Terrestrial, Intercentrum of the (Edward 

D.Cope) Trans. N. S., XVL 243 


Vertebrate Fossils of the Uinta Formation collected by 

the Princeton Expedition of 1886 (W. B. Scott 

and H. F. Osbom) Proc. XXIV. 225 

Vertebrate Paltvoutology of Brazil (Edward D. Cope) " XXIIl. 1 

Vesuvius, Eruption of, in 17G7 Trans. O. S., I. 345 

Vessels, Machine for Steering " " VI. 428 

Vessel, Submarine. Vide Submarine. 

Vine, Essay on the (Edward Antill) " " I. 180 

Virginia, Southern, Coal System of (J. P. Lesley) Proc. IX. 30 

Virginia, Geology of Russel, Smyth, Tazewell, Wise 

and Washington Counties (John J. Stevenson). . . " XXII. 114 
Virginia Tertiary, New Fossil Shells from (Henry C. 

Lea) " III. 162 

Virginia, Miocene Invertebrates from (Otto Meyer) .. . " XXV. 135 
Virginia, Upper Freeport, Coal Bed of (John J. 

Stevenson) " XIX. 276 

Virginia, Geology of Wise, Scott and Lee Counties of 

(John J. Stevenson) Proc. XIX. 88, 219, XX. 88, 219 

Virginia, Geology of the Tertiary Formations of (W. 

D. and H. D. Rogers) Trans. N. S., VI. 347, 371 

Proc. III. 88 
Virginia. Vide Geology. 

Vibrations caused by Heat (Martin H. Boye) Proc. VI. 32 

Vomit, Black, Observations on the (Isaac Cathrall, 

M.D.) Trans. O. S., V. 117 

Vowel Sounds, Possible, not used in any Language 

(PUny E. Chase) Proc, IX. 271 

Walrus, Remains of the, Discovered on tlie 

Coast of the U. S. (Joseph Leidy) Trans. N. S.. XI. 83 

Washington Half Dollar (George M. Justice) Proc. V. 170 

Washington, Longitude of Trans. N. S., I. 103 

X. 211 
Washington Silver Mine, N. Ca. (Richard C. Taylor).. Proc. IV. 150 

Washington Co. Vide Virginia. 

Watch, On a Non-magnetizable (Edwui J. Houston). . " XXIV. 418 
Water, Apparatus for the Decomposition, etc., of (Rob- 
ert Hare, M.D.) Trans. N. S., VI. 339 

Water corrodes Iron Pipes (John L. LeConte) Proc. XVIII. 301 

Water, Decomposing Power of at High Temperatures 

(Richard A. Tilghman) Trans. N. S.. X. 173 

Proc. IV. 353 

Water, Polarization of (Joseph Henry) Proc. IV. 229 

Water Spouts Trans. O. S., IL 101 

Trans. N. S., V. 375, 421 
Proc. IIL 134, 136 


Waters, Chalybeate, of Bristol, Pa. (Dr. John DeNor- 

mandie) Trans. O. S., I. 368 

Waterfall Sensitive to the Human Voice (Edwin J. 

Houston) Proc. XII. 515 

Water Mills, Observations on ("William. Waring) 

Trans. O. S., III. 144, 319 

Water jVIills, Barker's Investigations on (Wil- 
liam Waring) " " III. 185 

Water Mills, Rolling Drawgate for (Nathan 

Sellers) " N. S., I. 307 

Weather, Lunar Influence on (Thomas Gilpin) Proc. V. 117 

Weather Notes, American (Pliny E. Chase) " XII. 40 

Weather Study (Pliny E. Chase) " XIII. 248 

Weather, Hot. Vide Infants. 

Weights and Measures. See Octonary Numeration, etc. 

Weights and Measures, A. New Standard for (John 

Cooke) Trans. O. S., III. 328 

Wen, Account of a Large, Successfully Extirpated 

(Jno. Syng Dorsey, M.D.) " N. S., I. 298 

West Indian Islands, Physical Geography and Geol- 
ogy of the (T. Bland) Proc. XII. 56 

West India Reptiles in the Museum of Comparative 
Zoology at Cambridge, Mass., On (Samuel Gar- 
man) , " XXIV. 278 

West Point, Instruments at (William H. C. Bart- 

lett) Trans. N. S., VIII, 191 

Proc. III. 151 

West Virginia, Geology of (I. C. White) Proc. XIX. 438 

West Virginia Asphalt (J. P. Lesley) " IX. 183 

West Virginia, Quinnimont Coal Group of (John J. 

Stevenson) ' XIX. 498 

Wheat Worm (George M. Justice) " V. 162 

White Fly of the Passaic River (Hugh Williamson, 

M.D.) Trans. O. S., V. 71 

White Mountains, The, in N. H., Description of (Jer- 
emy Belknap) " " II. 42 

Whitney's Cotton Gin, Improvement in (G. Emerson). Proc. XI. 84 

Wilcox, Pa., Spouting Water Well at (Charles A. Ash- 

bumer) " XVn.127 

Wind, Water Spouts and Hurricanes, Conjectures Con- 
cerning (John Perkins, M.D.) Trans. O. S., II. 335 

Winds, Currents, etc., Tables of Observations on the 

(John HamUton) " N. S., IL 140 

Winds of the U. S. (PUny E. Chase) Proc. XII. 65 

Winds of Europe (Pliny E. Chase) " XII. 123 

Windmill, Horizontal (Thomas Gilpin) Trans. O. S., I. 405 

Wine, Currant, Manufacture of. " " I. 317 


Winter, Severity of the, of 1779-80 (Rev. Matthew 

WUson) Trans. O.S., III. 326 

Winter of 1870, Extraordinary Mildness of (Hector 

Orr) Proc. XI. 279 

Wise Co. Vide Virginia. 

Wood, To Preserve from Decay (G. Emerson) " XI. Ill 

Wood, Expansion of, by Heat Trans. O. S., IV. 29 

Woods, IVIicroscopic Distinctions in (Joseph T. Roth- 
rock) Proc. XX. 599, 640 

Woodbury, Skeletons found near (Edward D. Cope). " XI. 310 

Writing, Chinese (DuPonceau) Trans. N. S. , VII. 7 

Writing, Chinese (Charles Gutzlaff) " " VII. 7 

Writing, Phonetic, On the Ikonomatic Method of (Dan- 
iel G. Brinton) Proc. XXIII. 503 

Wyandots, Phonology of the (S. S. Haldeman) " IV. 269 

Wyoming Eocene, Clawfooted Carnivora of (Edward 

D. Cope) " XIII. 198 

Wyoming Territory, Greeu River Fishes (Edward D. 

Cope) " XI. 370, 380 

Wyoming Territory, Vertebrata from (Edward D. 

Cope) Proc. XII. 460, 469, 483, .487 

XX. 139 

Wyoming Territory, Pleurodora from (Edw^ard D. 

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