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Supplementary Papers. 


Volume II. 



pbinted bt william 0l0w18 akd sons, limited, 



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R. GoLQUHOUH. ( With Map8.) 1 


m. ExPLOBATioNB IK Zanzibab Dominionb. By Lieat. Ghas. Stbwabt 

Smith, B.K. {With Maps.) 99 



1541 TO 1887 127 


L Oh the Measubemekt of Heights bt the Baboheteb. By John 

Ball, F.B.8.y etc 431 

n. BivBB Entbanoes. By Hugh Robebt Mill,, f.b.b.e., of the 

Sootti^ Marine Station 473 

nL Mr. J. F. Needhah's Joubnet along the Lohit Bbahicaputba, 
between Sadita in Uppeb Assam and Riha in Soxtth-eastebn 
Tibet. (^With a Map) 485 


L BiBLIOOBAPHT OF THE Babbabt States. Part I. Tbipoli and the 

Ctbbnaioa. {y^ith a Map.} By Sir R. L. Playfaib, K.oaLG., Era 557 

' IL Hudson's Bat and Stbait. By Commodore A. H. Markham, b.n. • 615 
IxDKX, TO Vol. IL 661 




By Arohibald B. Golquhoun, c.e. 


1- WUCHAU TO PE-Sfi » 

2. PE.S:fi TO SSU-MAO 17 

3. 8S&.MA0 TO TALI 34 

TOL. n. s 


• • • 
• •• 

• • • 

• • • 

» • " 





By Abchibald B. Colquhouk, c.e. 

ICap, p. 126. 


It had long been my intention to attempt a journey throngli Indo-China. 
My idea, tlie resnlt of much careful consideration, was to take a route 
through Southern China (comprising the provinces of Ewang-tung, 
Kwang-si, and Yunnan), the Shan or Lsios country, lying — a sort of 
debatable land — between Tonquin, Burmah, Yunnan, and Siam, and 
thence to cross into South-eastern Burmah. The project comprised 
some 1500 miles of exploration, of which two-thirds would be over 
untrodden ground, undescribed by European travellers, and the whole 
length would afford subjects of great interest. 

In May 1881 1 was able to take furlough to England, and I went 
home fully decided to attempt my journey in the winter of that year. 
After benefiting by the friendly advice of several eminent authorities 
x>n Indo-China, and selecting as my companion and assistant Mr. 
Charles Wahab, C.E., I left London for China on the 8th of December, 
1881, arriving at Canton on the 19th of January, 1882. After a fort- 
night's vexatious delay, caused by the difficulty in getting Chinese 
interpreters, servants and coolies to accompany me on what they con- 
sidered a wild journey, objectless and dangerous, I got together a party 
consisting of Mr. Hong Beng Eaw (a Chinese gentleman educated in 
Scotland), a Cantonese interpreter, coolie cook, and two boys, including 
ourselves numbering altogether seven. We had arranged with the 
captain of a fto-tau (river boat) to deliver us at Pe-se, called Pak-shik 
l)y the Cantonese, the highest navigable point on the West river, for 
100 taels, or about 151 dollars* He engaged to deliver us there in forty 
<lays, au ample allowance for the distance, about 600 miles by the maps. 
A smaller boat would have sufficed for mere travelling purposes, but 
as we intended executing a survey of the river, more room was required 
for the duties attendant on this work. Our stores, medicines, and 
instruments were packed in cases, ea'^h enclosing ten days' supply, and 

B 2 


not weigliitiE nioi-e than GO lbn, each. Two such packages iiiafco one 
mnhAokd', and one cnn Iw carried by a coolie, but we could learn a» 
litde'>hoiit this before starting ii« on the subject of the money to bo 
'token, local advice wns nn«t conflicting ; at last vrc made up our mind* 
. ■■. to take Mexican dollars both new and " chopped," fur use on the river, 
,.' and to use ai/eee silver fetamped) for the Yunnan laud journey. Wi? 
tihould have been spared the risk and trouble of carrying a conBidcrable 
sum of money from Oanton to Pe-se had it been possible to arrange n. 
credit on the Intter place, but negotiations for this purpose, which at 
ono time seemed likely to bo successful, tmfortJmately broke down. As- 
regards oar dress, we acted on the advice of Mr. M'Carthy of the China 
Inland Mission, and Bishop Foucard, taking full Chinese costume with 
us, to be worn through the Chinese portion of our route; not that it ia 
possible for an Anglo-Saxon to deceive the Chinese by any such disguise, 
Ijut merely to ward off undesirable curiosity, which would be courted 
by moving about in public dressed after what the Chinese coutdder our 
own barbarous style. 

We loft Canton on the evening of the 4th of February, after re- 
ceiving from the Viceroy of the province a most useful recommend atiou 
to the Sub-prefect of Pe-s8. 

From Canton to Wu-chau the river had Ijecu alreatly surveyed by 
European travellers, our survey thereforo iiegins at this latter point. 

After a pleasant and not uneventful journey, we arrived at Wu-cha«. 
This city is said to havo suffered very much from tlio Taipings, but ha» 
recovered fast. Steamers of verj- light draught can ascend to this 

Tho Fu-ho or Kwei river, as it is called hero, which enters the main 
stream from tho north, above Wu-ehau, is 300 or 400 yards wide, and 
can be ascended to the provincial capital Kwei-lam-fu (Kwei-lin-fu), 
some 300 miles from thiu. 

Moving away from Wu-chau very early, we had some difBculty in 
getting clear of the block of boats surrounding us on all sides. Soon 
after passing tho Fu-ho tho river divides, and wo observed a fortilo 
island, Oheong-ahou, six miles in length and t!iree in breadth ; on the 
ridge skirting the soutliom or right bank of tho stream, a pagoda was- 
seen, Soou afler wo came to the firat of a series of rocks, which we met 
at intervals for a number of miles up the river. Those rooks, shaqi and 
rugged, form dangerous rapids. At this season of the year they aro 
well exposed, but in the flood-time they are conipletely concealed. Th& 
caims erected by fishermen on these rocks give them a curious appear- 
ance. In ono placo I believe a ntau could wade across. 

Some few miloa above the isJand wo came tu tho Tung-tam-hap, or 
gorge, with tlireo rocks in mid-stream. 

The following day wo passed, early in the morning, Boveral islaudB 
with ree& of rockii showing alxivo the water-level ; and above these 


Tang-ynen (Tang-hien). A small trade is carried on between Pak-hoi 
and this place by means of creeks navigable only by small craft; a 
difficult long journey incapable of improvement. The town is remark- 
able for its background of red sandstone hills, and a five-storied pagoda 
close by on the opposite sidB of the creek. Near a small village there is 
a temple named Mau-cheong-meu, or " Court of Literature." 

We next sailed past the island of Tung-chou (about one-third of a 
mile in length), and some ten miles above it, the town of Mong-kong, 
situated on the north bank, noticeable for the prominent pawnbroker's 
shop standing above all the other houses. Mong-kong lies in beautiful 
soeneiy ; built upon a small plain where the hills recede from the river, 
it has a background of red hills, while to the eastward range upon range 
meet the view. On the other side of the river the hills reach the 
water's edge in some places, meeting the water in the water-worn bluffs, 
round which the water runs swift and strong. 

Fish and fruit are good and abundant in the neighbourhood. The 
cultivation of rice became scarcer, Indian com appearing to be the staple 
of food. Pork, poultry, eggs, and firewood were not dear. 

Leaving Mong-kong before daybreak, we wound through a perfect 
maze of jagged rocks and swirling rapids, giving the river here, close on 
a mile and a half wide, the appearance of a succession of locks, losing 
themselves in a background of densely clad hills. Behind these came 
range upon range of mountains. 

After leaving Mong-kong several islands were passed, the largest of 
these, Wong-po-chou, being remarkable for its rich verdure and cultiva- 
tion, amongst which nestle several villages. The scenery here is re- 
markable ; the eye is at once attracted by the ruins of a pagoda, built 
in a commanding situation on a mountain range overlooking the east and 
west. Looking from above or below the range appears to cross the 
liver, which it probably did at one time. 

The town of Pak-ma-hii, a wretched little place, lies a few miles 
further on. When approaching the town, and for a long distance 
beyond it, the Ma-ow-shan or Saddle Mountain attracted our attention. 
A complete alteration now takes place in the character of the country. 
The river is no longer flanked by bold hills and ranges, which retire 
from the river and are soon lost to sight. 

The village of Mo-lam-hu, situated on the right bank a few miles 
further on, is only remarkable as being in communication by a creek 
with Tai-wu, the great cassia-market of Kwang-si. 

The river above Mo-lam-hii takes a sharp sweep, and soon after the 
little town of Tam-chuk, situated on the left bank, is reached. We 
anchored there for the night. After leaving Mo-lam-hii we passed 
nothing remarkable but two pagodas of five stories each, polygonal, 
with the stories decreasing in breadth and height towards the top — the 
conventional form in South-eastern China. 


A Itttlo Lejoiid Tam-cliuk we came to the town of Piiig-nati-yneih 
(Ping-nan-ltieii), situated ou tlie north sjJa of the river, reiiiarkablo for 
ita flights of maesive stono steps, which wind down to the river-edge ou 
either side of a creok above the town. Ou the west side a magnificont 
boulder formB an abutment. Ping-uau, which Hca in au araphitheatre^ 
well cultivated aud wooded, has fiue granite walls and brick ramparts of 
the usual description. 

Above Fing-nan the river is full of bonds, and iu one place hau made- 
a " cut-off " behind a reef of rocka which, cropping out of the bank, stands 
in places 30 feet out of tho water. Iu these honeycombed rooks there- 
is a tendency to cave-formatiou. Shortly after tliis we came to the 
Eu-yung rapids ; next a number of rocks ; and then another series of 
rapids, amongst tho worst on the river, namely, tho Fu-Ioong-tan, 
Looug-mun-tan, and the Fu-ten-tan, or, as it is graphically named, thft 
" Jumping Tiger" rapid. 

Tai-wong-kong we reached tm tho evening of our New Year's Day, 
soon after passing the last-mentioned rapid. Leaving Tai-wong, the 
river runs suddenly southwards in great bends, and iu the afternoon we 
reached Tsun-chau-fu, a prefectural town, often locally called Kwei- 
ping, from the name of its district, and which ia situated on the north 
bank. Tho charaotor of the river before reaching Tsun-chau-fu is* 
marked by iionibcrs of rapids, exposed Imnks of sand and shingles, 
and very rugged ntaesivo stone banks. Just before reaching tho city 
the southern bank is formed of immeuso tiers of stone, laid iu horizontal 
strata, making a magoifioent face-wall, around which the stream swirU 
and rushes at a furious pace. 

At the commencemont of the stone-face, a mile and a half below the 
«ity, stands in a prominent position the Yeong-lan-tap or " Sun-lit 
Lotus " pagoda, a handsome nine-storied polygonal structure. 

Tho entrance to the Pak-ho, where it joins tho main West river at 
Tsun-chau-fu, exiiibits a scone of wild grandeur. 

Tsun-ehau-fu is a walled city of considerable area, on the apex of tho 
junction of tho AVost river aud the Pak-ho. The villages forming the 
suburbs are larger than tho town itself, and the whole place bears at 
fe once evidence of Taiping marauders and its past importance as a trading 

I centre. 

I Tung-chuen, which is some 50 miles above Tsun-chau-fa, is the 

I principal rice-market of Ewang-si. Below Tung-chuen there is a three- 

I storied pagoda. The town itself lies in a well-wooded hollow — jjoeping 

I out through thick foliage, set on the top of tho southern bank, which is 

I lined by dark rock of marked strata. Tho river between Tsun-chau and 

I Tung-chuen ia u succession of bonds, including in their bearing all tlio 

I poiulB of tho compass. The main feature of the country where we now 

I were consiBted in the shar]>-poaked rocks, 200 to 600 feet high, which 

I stand isolated ou tho plain lying ou tho left bank. A mass of theses 



looking like mins — called the En-lo-fiheak-shan — ^and bearing some 
resemblance to a castellated fortress, is visible to the westward. These 
cnrions piles are met for the next few miles. An eight-storied pagoda, 
called the ** Crooked Turnip," said to be of great age, was passed on the 
south bank, a few miles above Tung-chuen. A three-storied pagoda of 
newer construction was noticed one li above the first. 

Proceeding through a stretch of broken level country, the banks 
being in many places lined with rocks very rugged in outline, two 
pagodas (one nine- and the other three-storied) were passed before 
reaching Kwei-yuen (Ewei-hien), where we halted for some hours. 
Ewei-yuen is a walled city, with suburbs straggling beyond the walls ; 
the partial destruction of these, the remains of a temple, and the ruins 
of many other buildings on the eastern side mark some of the damage 
done by the Taiping occupation. The prominent objects visible from 
the river are the examination-hall, an unsightly red building with 
yellow roof, the new city wall, and a flight of stone steps from the 
water edge to one of the entrances of the city. 

Above Ewei-yuen the country is a broken level plain, with hills 
converging to the Ngan-pai gorge, and under cultivation. Several 
villages, amongst them Nga-ton-hii and Nga-hon-tong, were passed 
before reaching the Ngan-pai gorge, where the river is suddenly con- 
tracted by the approach of low ranges on either side to about 600 feet. 
Sixteen miles of river can be shortened here by a two-mile cut. 

The river has high banks, with rocky slopes, both above and below 
the gorge. A range of hills, seemingly about 1000 feet high, called the 
Eou-loong-tam-shan, being seen to the south-west, and a few miles 
distant. Shortly above Heung-kong a range of low confused hills 
reaches the river on the south bank, just before joining what resembles 
a cut or made channel, some 300 feet broad, on the south bank. Imme- 
diately after this a small rocky island showed above the water-level, and 
here we anchored for the night off a village called Tai-ling-hii, 

On the morning of 21st February we passed an island soon after our 
start, and then commenced the ascent of a series of rapids, situated 
12 miles above the Ngan-pai gorge, and which are the worst and most 
dangerous on the river. Amongst these rapids, the Lai-pik-tan or 
** Ploughshare " is justly named and distinguished as the worst. The 
channel lies close to the northern bank, with rocks forming a network, 
through which it is a difficult task to make way against the currents, 
which foaming and lashing, tear at a terrible pace round the rocks. 
We were forty minutes in getting over this rapid, a distance of a few 


A few miles above the last rapid a bold rocky bluff rises from the 
river, which at one time called Tchii-tau or Pig's Head, is now called 
Ne-to. A temple is erected close to a village called Ping-fat. The same 
species of peaked rocks or pinnacles, is met with a little higher up, 


Btrewii over tho plain uext the river, similar to those mentioned near 

After this we passed a rock, celebrated in Cliinese history, rising 
abruptly from the right bank of the river, called Pang-tong-ngaii. 

Passing tbrougb sharp bonds of the liver and several villages of no 
importance, then through a plain of broken undulating ground, rice and 
Indian com being under close cullivation, we came to the city of Hwang- 
chau. It lies on a sharp bend of the river, hero about 400 yards in 
width. To the north lies a range of mountains, seemingly about 2000 
feet high, on the rJdge of which some temples are situated ; while on 
the sonth side a low range of confused hills close in on the river, these 
are joined, two miles further np stream, by a similar range on the north 
side, which continues for somo ticne. 

In approaching the city, tho £rst things that strike tho eye are the 
remains of some ruined temples, and next them those of the Ewang- 
tnng or Canton guild-house, destroyed by the Taipings, These are 
admirably situated, and enjoy, as these structitres often do, the pleasant 
shade of magnificent trees. At tho upper end of the town a temple of 
ConfnciuB, in glaring red colour, attracts the eye from its unsightlinees. 
The business suburb, which lies iacing the rirer, is built on a stone- 
faced wall as a protection against floods. 

The country above Ilwang-chau is hilly, consisting of low ranges, 
clad with small trues lining the river, which here widens greatly. Two 
islands were passed, thickly wowled, and close to them the navigation 
was very difficult, on account of tho ma^.o of rocks and powerful rapida, 
which here end what is called " the 3G li long rapid." Soon after this 
we anchored at tho village of ?>am-heong-hn, opposito to which on a 
bold rooky site stands the ruins of a joss-houso, blown up by the 

For h&lf-a-doMn miles beyond the "36 li long rapid" the country 
regains an open character, and is planted with rioe, Indian com, and 
sugar-cane ; but a few miles below tho village of Kng-tong low hilly 
country recommences, and continues for nearly 20 miles, to a small 
village named Sun-on-hu. Shortly before arriving at Ping-tong we saw 
a group of ruined buildings, probably the remains of a cluster of 
temples, and near them were two large round upright stones, lying near 
a hamlet, Chu-sun-tai. Passing several villages of small size, and somo 
I'apids of no note, the prettily situated village of Fo-yin-kok was reached, 
at a sharp bend in the river. The stream hero widens out to close on 
three-quarters of a mile. Immediately after and on the other side, the 
village of Sap-ye-lo-shan ("twelve red umbrella hill") stands, partly 
over a bluff and partly on the face of a hill. 

Tho river banks after leaving Sun-on-bii are high, and the ootmtry 
abounding in hillooks, is bare and barren-looking. The Sam-obow 
rapids were encountered a few miles further on, near the village of the 



«ame name, lying opposite a red sandstone bluff. A large village named 
Ko-chenn was noticed on the soutli bank ; and soon after, the town of 
Wing-tnDg-yuen (YungHshnn-hien) on the same side of the river. A 
red Confucian temple is conspicuous from the river. Just below the 
city we saw a seven-storied pagoda, partly demolished by the rebels, 
but rebuilt in 1880. It is a handsome structure, built of grey stone or 
Inick. After passing the main part of the city, the fine old city wall 
was observed, standing picturesquely on a precipice overhanging the 

Passing several hamlets, about eight miles further on we entered a 
very wild bare country, with hills about 2000 feet high, on the north 
bank, close by. The river here has banks of masses of jagged fierce 
rocks, standing like rugged stone harrows out of the water, and takes a 
«harp turn southwards, leaving what looks like its old stone bed at the 
foot of the high range mentioned before. At the extreme inner point 
of the bend we noticed a high ruined watch-tower built of stones. 

For the next 20 miles the country regains its open character, the 
banks being high, and we passed two or three villages and sandbanks. 

Ling-le-tong is the most important of the petty villages we saw to- 
day. We sailed past two villages named Pat-tai-ngan and Po>mieu-hu, 
remarkable for the beauty of their position. The stream now rushed 
between high rocky banks, and the country became broken and uneven. 

Just before the first-mentioned village a joss-house stands in a most 
picturesque spot, built into the crest of a precipitous bluff, so sheer that 
a portion of the bluff having given way, the front of the structure 
appears to overhang the river. 

Passing the Pak-chik-kong — a large creek running southwards for 
some distance — the Fan-tan rapid was reached, where a reef of rocks, 
looking like stepping-stones, runs across the river. At this season, the 
lowest water-level of the year, there was only a channel of some hundred 
feet on the south side. These rapids are very strong. 

Immediately above the Fan-tan rapid, the village of Chim-to lies on 
a sharp bend of the river, which here turns south. Shortly after this 
an octagonal pagoda in seven stories was seen some distance ahead, 
situated on a high peak of mountains lying to the north. Ascending 
the river, past two sandy islands, with no cultivation, opposite the 
village of Eong-nga-hu, which is on the south bank, we came to a seven- 
storied pagoda. Close by there is a handsome Buddhist monastery, richl}- 
decorated, resting in a fine position, on a precipitous side of the hill. 

Just above the pagoda a footpath runs across by a short cut to Nan- 
ning-fu, some three miles it is said, while by the river it is over ten. 
The character of the country was now completely altered, being more 
ox>en, and the hills sinking into the plain close by Nan-ning. The district 
had a cultivated and civilised air, especially after the wild and bai*e 
conntry through which we had been passing. Nan-ning, which is about 


a mile in length, stretcheB along tho concave nurthem side of a bend ia 
tlio river. We anchored opposite tho On-aat gate, near which aro 
stationed the Lekin and CoBtom guard-boats. 

Nan-ning ia a walled preicctural town, with a reputed population 
of from 30,000 to 40,000, which latter figure is probably not over- 

To jjeople who imagine that olongaide this water-way of the West 
ri-ver there must exist a teeming jiopulation, living on enormous culti- 
vated plains on its banks, I may say here that the piovinco of Ewang-si. 
cumpaied with other provinces of China, is mountainous, bare, and 
barren, thinly peopletl, and with only a email area which is cultivable, 
this being whore the i-iver-banks here and there spread out into small 
plainsj and these become fewer aa one travels westwards. All tho land- 
which is cultivable is by no moans under cultivation. 

We were prevented &om landing at Nan-ning-fn by the hostility of 
tho people, the prefect himself expressing a hope that we would give up 
any idea of lauding. There is nothing striking in the appearance of 
Nan-ning. Between the edge of the bank and the crenellated city wall 
houses are bnilt. As usual along the river, it has suburbs extra muroa 
at either end. Opposite tho city, on the eoutberu bank, is a far- 
strotcbing village, with a group of joss-houBes at the lower end. 

We progressed but a short distance from Nan-ning through open 
country, and for the nest few days passed through low, bare, undulating, 
hilly oounti-y, with small villages. 

Some 25 miles above Nan-ning, after a long bend southward, & 
branch of tho river — a fine stream, about 200 yards broad — enters from the 
aonlh-west of Ewang-ai. On this lie the most important towns of that 
part of the province, namely, Sin-uing, Taiping, and Luug-chau-fu. In 
the apes made by tho forking of tho stream lies the village of Tam- 
kong-hii, a place of no importance, while on the other side are a couplo 
of Custom boats, and closo by some brickfields. 

The country in the neighbourhood is barren and covered with 
hummi.K-ka, and little cultivation on any scalo is to bo seen. We had 
no reason to alter the opinion expressed regarding the seeming poverty 
of population lower down the river. The prevalent idea that the whole 
of China is one vast gardon receives a rude shook in the part of 
Southern China through which we had lately passed. 

Wandering through some clusters of houses on the banks one 
evening, we noticed a fine limestone slab, which marked, as could bo 
read from the inscription on it, tho flood-level of last year, a very high 
one, and which is reported to have done great damage. We were 
anxious for reliable information on the point of the maximum rise and 
fall in the river, and here it was with commendable acciirucy. It gave 
a rise, measured roughly by our calculation, of 60 feet above the present 
water-level, the lowest of the year. 



Every now and then as we went along in the ho^au we came across 
some wretched hnts, built on the rocky bank, composed of a few cross 
sticks with grass roofing. They were hardly high enough for a 
European to crawl into, but are made to serve as habitations for the 
poorer fishermen* 

Two miles above the branchiog of the river the Kam-ling ('* Gk)ld 
Summit Pagoda ") is met on the south bank, and about five miles flBtrther 
the market town of the same name on the same bank. This pagoda, 
situated on a site with a fine view, and opposite the strong rapids of the 
same name, is a handsome three-storied and octagonal structure, built in 
grey brick, richly ornamented, and in better taste than usual. 

It seems curious that with so much excellent stone in the neighbour- 
hood brick should be so largely used. We came across brickworks 
nearly every day, and evidently a considerable number of people find 
employment in this class of manufacture. 

Some ten miles above the last-named rapid, after a large sandy 
island, we passed several hamlets and a market town named Lo-long-hii. 
Two villages dose by each other, Yu-tsiin and Eow-yu-tsiin, stand on 
the north bank ; hard by there is a handsome two-storied temple, of a 
design not seen before on the river, with a smaller one-storied building 
akmgside. This is called the Wai-loug-miao. 

We halted for the night close by this, and in view of a fines 
seriated, sharply-peaked range of hiUs, lying to the north, and seemingly 
about 10 miles distant. 

During the day we had passed several curious examples of the 
manner in which the river cut into the red sandstone hillocks, or knolls 
lying along the banks. The immense caverns made in the fsLoea of these 
knoUs, almost from their top, present a curious appearance. 

From the Ist of March we began to pass through country much 
more cultivated than we had previously seen, the banks being more 
wooded, and farms and hamlets showing more signs of life. Curious 
pinnacled rocks, similar in character to those seen on the plains lower 
down the stream soon after leaving Canton, approach the river, and 
begin to crop out of its banks. 

We passed soon after a series of sharp angular bends, one after the 
other, called Eau-kuk-ho or '' river of nine turns," which took us four 
hours to accomplish, and which might be cut ofi" to a mile and a half. 
A number of brick-, and two lime-kilns were met, and we halted close to 
one of the former, next a small hamlet. 

The character of the river had now altered, its banks becoming walls 
of limestone rock, in which cave-formation was evident throughout, and 
further up we actually saw caves of some size. 

Black '' needled " ranges are to be seen on every side, and the same 
rocks close in on the river, which bristles with them. These ranges of 
limestone, black in colour, presented with their " pinnacled or needled '* 


formation the fantastic appearance of an iircgalaj- saw, the teeth of 
which are long and shar]) pointed. When occurring in detached 
pinnacles they have the appearance of a mttsa of rather ill-used miiepina 
strewn ahout upright in a hap-hoTord way. 

A curious jihenomenon predated itself in the appearance of the 
burial grounds in the neighbourhood, which had the look of gioupa 
of people moving about the plain. 

The tracking hereabouts was over most difficult broken rocky ground 
with high graasoa, creepers, and bu^heii, in places from 40 to GO feet 
above the river-level, necessitating a very long tow-line to escape the 
sharp rocks. 

Lung-on (Lung-ngan), which we passed next, is a walled town lying 
in a small plain, on the south Ride of the river ; on the opposite bank is 
a small hamlet and a road leading to Sze-om-fu, a considerable prefec- 
tural city, which wus said to be situated towards the uortb-east, but 
how far we could not ascertain. 

There seeraod to be some doubt as to whether Tu-yang and S'se-ern- 
fu are correctly placed on our maps. I would siiggL-st investigation by 
the future traveller. 

Lung-ngan presents much the same appearance as many of tlie 
towns already met and described — the same ruined j)ast look, a mero 
station for a few hucksters. 

The surrounding plain is under rice cultivation ; the outer snburbs 
of the town and a few hamlets scattered here and there have vegetable 
gardens and fruit trees surrounding them. At the rear of the town, 
and some few miles distant is a range of sharp-peaked hills, at the base 
of which ai'e several joss-houses. 

Passing through reaches of the river whoso sides are dykes of rock, 
rising from SO to 70 feet above the water-level, of the most extra- 
ordinary and jagged 8hai>es, wo anchored for the night at the village 
of Ha-ngan, situated at the end of a wild and beautiful gorge, some four 
miles in length. 

Here a splendid vista of champaign country, undulating and verdant, 
lying on either side of a long straight reach of the river, a rarity on this 
tortuous stream, meets the eye, aSbrding a pleasant relief after the 
rocky gorges just passed. The walls of rocks forming these are of very 
varieil shapes, in places cavemed out roughly and irregularly, and 
rising in sheer masses from the -water-edge ; in other places overhanging 
the stream in bold grotesque and dangerous-looking, though picturesque 
cubes. In several cases our boat passed underneath these projecting 
masses, with our tall mast, about 10 feet in length, unshipped. 

We noticed numerous cascades, and a aub-iuiueous air-spring bubbling 
up strongly on the surface, some feet in circumference. 

At Ha-ngan we landed, and contrary to what we expected from otir 
recent favourable reception lower down the river, the demeanour of the 


people was so hostile as to necessitato a retreat, as dignified as possible,. 
on the boat. 

Leaving Ha-ngan we passed through alternate reaches of andalating- 
caltiTated country and gorges; the "pinnacled" ranges advancing 
gradually to the water-edge ; we anchored at the foot of one of these for 
the night. These ranges are all limestone, and crystalline, of a dark 
blue colour where exposed to the weather. They are jagged on the 
svrfiice, and furrowed by the rain streams which water their sides. The 
outlines bristle with peaks. The strata are horizontal, as already 
mentioned. Their strange jagged appearance has no doubt been caused 
by water which, in the course of ages, has worn down the level masses^ 
of rock gradually until they have assumed their present form. 

The geological formations along this river could be easily studied hy 
a geologist ascending it in the dry season as we did. The upper strata 
are limestone ; beneath that lies older limestone ; under that slate ; and 
lowest of all, granite. 

After meeting again a succession of gorges, the country opened out,, 
and the hills retired rapidly on either side. Here we passed on the 
south bank the unwalled town of Eo-hoa, a wretched straggling place, 
only important on account of the magistracy which has its seat there. 

In the evening we anchored a little above Shung-lam-hu, a market 
town on the north bank with a somewhat prosperous air. Above thi» 
the character of the country next the river completely and suddenly 
altered. As if by magic, the jagged black rocky gorges and pinnacled 
ranges vanished, and gave place to a scene of cultivated beauty. 

On the river banks, every now and then, we noticed brick pillars 
which are called 10 li stones (one li being equal to one-third of an 
English mile, the unit of Chinese geographical measurement). They 
are very irregularly placed, the difficulty or otherwise of traversing a li 
being allowed to count in estimating the actual distance between stone 
and stone when placing them. 

After passing several unimportant villages, and the small market 
town of Lum-fong-hu, on the south bank, we anchored for the night 
some eight miles beyond at Fing-ma. The town is built along a sweep- 
ing curve of the river, on a high, steep clay bank, on the north side. It 
is situated in an amphitheatre of hills, the whole plain being closely 
cultivated to the water-edge. The shore opposite shelves gently and is 
thickly wooded. 

The country above Ping-ma remained the same in character, only 
more open, with lower banks; and the river greatly broader, often a 
quarter of a mile wide, in some places much more. 

Nearly parallel to the river, and some eight or ten miles ofif, on the 
right bank, runs a very serrated range of hills, and between it and the 
river again are rounded knolls, the whole coimtry being highly cultivated, 
with hamlets and farms dotted here and there. 


Tho river, in placee, broadens out, with sandy shoaU and banks, 
forming soriouB obstacles in the ohaniiel, which at these places becomes 
very shaUow, often ae little as three feet. We anchored late, two miles 
above Na-pan, a village situated on the southern bank. Opposite it is 
Pak-j-uk, " Hundred peak village," so called from the pinnacled range 
facing it on the other side. 

Passing through a highly cultivated ]ilain of sandy soil on a snb- 
8tratum of olaj", we came to Tien-chau, a large town of the third order, 
lying off the river about a mile, on a stream called the Ssu-ho, which 
debouches on the north lank ; and some three miles further arrived at 
Fnng-i-chau, some short distance from Tien, 

A largo island, reaching to Fung-i, is formed by a branch of the 
Ssij-ho, which joins the main river again jitst below Fuug-i on the north 
side; while on the south the high serrated range, ■with low rolling hills 
in front, closes in on the river. 

The stream soon after turns away in a northerly direction, and after 
a bend, returns to the range some five miles farther on at the Nga-paw 
rapid, and mthin a few hundred yards of the village bearing the same 

In the apes of the bifurcation of the river below Fung-i, and facing 
a hamlet which is a suburb of the town on the opposite side of this 
stream, stands a fine group of joss-houses or temples, presenting no 
remarkable points except the extent of ground which they cover, which 
is greater than most wo had noticed on our way up the West river. 

Prom time to time we had seen a certain number of streams which 
debauch into the river bridged by substantial stonework. Fung-i is 
not an interesting place, the ouly thing remarkable besides the pawn- 
shop being the gaudy red Confucian temple. 

A short distance beyond the town we came upon some half-a-dozen 
grass cabins or buts along the slope of the bank, the residences of 
Chang-koo fisher-people, who settle here at certain seasons of the 

Close on half-past seven in the evening we reached a banilet, five 
miles beyond Nga-paw, which lies close beyond the furious rapids of 
the same name. This village is romantically situated at the foot of 
wild and angry-looking peaked crags, the hills forming a buttress which 
turns the river with force to tear its way over the rapids below. 

Before leaving Nga-paw, tho lust place on the West river which has 
any communication overland with the various ports along thu Tonquin 
Onlf, a few words may bo said regarding trade routes in these regions. 

Between the West river and Pak-hoi there may be said to exist onlv 
oM trade route, ti land journey of five days. Tho route diverges close to 
the river to two places, from either of which it takes four or five days 
by Itoat to Nau-ning-fu. 

From Haiphong and Hanoi, ports situated on tho Tonquin Qulf, 


Annamese traders find their way to Tai-ping-fu and other cities in the 
south-west of Ewang-si. 

Regarding the Bed river route, from the Tonquin coast to the 
extreme south-east comer of Tiinnan, the upper part of the river is in 
a disturbed lawless state which is fatal to trade. 

About Nga-paw the country still remains cultivated on either side of 
the stream, but thickly interspersed with knolls which approach the 
river more closely. The high serrated range noticed before again 
recedes from the bank, while a small range approaches the river on the 
north side for a short space and then again retires. 

In several places we saw small cave-dwellings in the side of soft 
reddish coloured sandstone formation. There were no signs of per- 
manent habitation. 

It is interesting to note that we have traversed the ** Two Kwangs " 
— ^Kwang-tung and Ewang-si — ^which Marco Polo described as the 
kingdom of Manzi, in contradistinction to Cathay Proper. The term 
Manzi still survives in the contemptuous epithet Man-tzii occasionally 
employed by Northern Chinese when speaking of the Chinese of this part. 

Above the spot reached by us in the evening for the most part low 
hills lie close to the river. Between these and the bank are blufb and 
knolls of soft red sandstone overlying white sandstone. 

The country had now assumed a more bare and barren look, relieved 
here and there by a stretch of level plain, highly cultivated. Close to 
the village of Pak-quat, which stands opposite a large sandy island of 
the same name, which is cultivated, the channel narrows on one side of 
the island to 100 feet. On the other side there is a passage some 
600 feet broad, but too shallow for boats of our draught. Pak-quat 
stands on a high sandy (south) bank, at the bottom of a low range of 
hills on a sharp bend in the river. A couple of tall cotton-wood trees 
stand bare and rugged, like huge bamboo poles, in front of the village. 

Some five miles above this Nga-wan was passed on the south bank ; 
it is a hamlet of no consequence. Soon after we came to an old fort, 
standing on a small blufif on the south bank. This fort was constructed 
and held by the Taipings. Its walls are of mud, having four large 
gateways and a turret at the comers which lie next the river. 

A mile further the Pon-tslin rapid was passed. It is a very fierce 
one, with the water running like a mill-stream, and lies just below a 
village of the same name. 

The tracking and poling throughout the day was very severe ; the 
men could hardly get over the Pon-tsUn rapid. 

From the bend of the river below, Pe-sd came in sight. It lies on 
the apex formed by two branches of the West river, one running north, 
still in Kwang-si, and one west, which enters TUnnan for a short 
distance. The town is a (ing^ or town of the second order, and is xinder 
the orders of a sub-prefect. 



We stopped at Pe-sS and prceented our letters of introduction to tii» 
eub-prefect, by "whoiu and other ofGcinls of the plaoe we were most 
kindly received. 

The nnfortunate, although not quite uuforeeeen, desertion of Mr. 
Hong Beng Kaw at this [wint was a very serious blow to iny hopes of 
the expedition, and necessitated a change of plan, The other servants 
were in a state of scarcely disguised mutiny, and it was only by putting 
a bold front on matters, declaring ray intention to proceed even without 
them, that I bold my party together. Having induced my Cantonese- 
interpreter, and with him the underlings, to follow me, as they said, 
" anywhere," I bad no resource left but to push on toH-anls Yiiunan-fu, 
There wo hoped to get assistance of some sort to enable us to get south 
to our old projected route, and down to Maulmain through the Laos 
country. Wo hoped it might not prove necessary for ua lo make our 
way by 8hunning-fu or Tali-fn to Bhumo, or anywhere in that 
neighbourhood, on the north-enatern Burma frontier. 

The 14th of March we spent in preparation for our march, dihtri- 
buting and receiving parting presents amongst and from the officials. 
In the evening our two small boats were alongside tlio ho-tau, and we 
had everything roiidy to start next morning. From this point we liad 
to discharge our ho-tau and proceed by boats of a smaller draught to 
the highest navigable point on. the river fur boats of any reasonable 

Before bidding adieu to Pe-sS a few words on the West river may be 
useful. The striking points met with wore : — 

1. The small areas of uultivable land, compared with the immense 
area of hilly countrj'. It is po»nblc that there may be fertile plains or 
table-lands, once cultivated, farther from the river, and that the horrible 
deBtmction of the population during the robolliou is the main cause of 
the deserted appearance of the country. 

2. Tbe small amount of population to the area of the country. Even 
the whole of the cultivable land, comparatively small as it is, is not 
taken up. 

3. The mined cities along the river, so often alluded to, wluoh all 
more or less show signs of past prosperity and former grandeur. Tbe 
effect of the Taiping and Yiinnan insurrectionB, disastrous as their 
influence was in so many ways, has been found not to be tho sole reason 
of the decay of the cities on this grand waterway. Tho cause seems to 
have been tho diversion of the carrying trade between Yiinnan and 
Canton to the route by tho Yang-tze river, 

4. From the above, by doduation, the inference seems probable that 
Yiinnan must have bad great wealth and ri 
such a prosperouB carrying trade. 

5. Tbe navigation on tbe West river i 
T^ant cost, be vastly improved. 

s to create and support 
night easily, and at no extra- 



On the 15th of March we left Pe-se, after five (lays' delay there, 
longer than we had anticipated. 

The first part of the day we passed through a flat country, highly 
cultivated, with villages and hamlets occurring frequently. Only 
rounded knolls were visible near the river, but hills and mountains 
were seen far ahead. The river had a gravel-and-shingle bed and sand- 
banks ; the sides, however, were steep, and about midday became rocky. 
£arly in the afternoon we entered a rocky gorge, the hills running 
abruptly into the water. After this cultivation almost ceased. Later 
in the afternoon the river-b&d became rocky, and numerous rapids 
appeared, the rise becoming considerable. The average width of the 
stream v^as 100 to 150 yards. At about four o'clock the hills became 
more steep and approached closer, and cultivation ceased, bamboo groves 
taking its place. 

We started next morning in a driving mist, which made it a difficult 
matter to see the banks of the river. Early in the morning we passed 
an overhanging bluff, rising some 400 feet above the water on the north 
bank ; and some five miles further another, 500 feet high. They were 
magnificent bluffs formed by the river cutting through the hill. 

Close above Tung-tsiin, which we passed early, on the north bank, 
the first of a series of rapids much worse than those we passed below 
Pe-se, was encountered. These rapids now became so frequent that 
they may be said to occur at each reach in the river. Between this and 
Pa-oi, the point where our march was to commence and where transport 
was obtainable, we passed some fifty bad ones at least, without counting 
the smaller. Their character may be best realised by the fact that we 
have ascended on the river roughly about 500 feet since leaving Pe-s^, 
a distance of not much more than 30 miles ; whereas from the seven 
hundred miles up to Pe-s^ we only registered a rise of exactly the same 

In the afternoon we passed the village of Ho-hau, where a small 
joss-house stands under the shade of two large trees on the north bank, 
just opposite a bad rapid of four feet fall* Soon after struggling up a 
three- and six-foot rapid we came to and surmounted the worst one on 
the river up to Pa-oi. Here there is a sharp bend in the river ; on the 
south side is a wall of rock, and on the other a boulder shoal. 

The water tears down this rapid, which has aboiit eight feet fall, 
with a force and violence which we had not before witnessed. Boats 
cannot ascend the natural channel. A cut has therefore been made by 
excavating a channel through the boulders, up which tlie boats are 

In the evening we anchored close to a small hamlet. Next morning 
we passed a succession of rapids. The river, since leaving Pe*sc, had an 

VOL. n. c 



average width of 150 yarJe, sometimea contracting to 100, and broadening 
oat to a quarter of a mile. 

We roaclicd Pa-oi, after passing Boyeral villages, at ten o'clock. The 
place lies en tho Bouth bank of the river, perched up on high etonc 
foundatiouB or wooden piles, to protect it against the fierce floods. Here 
our land jouruoy commonced. 

Whilst waiting for transport we took up our quarters in a joss-houBe, 
on the south aide of the town, having arranged to start early next 

In tho morning, after some diffioulty with the foolies, we started on 
our land journey. As we ascended the tortuous hill-roadway which 
skirts one branch of the West river, now a mere hill-streani, our caravan, 
consisting of six baggage ponies, some dozen coolies, the cook and boy 
on ponies, the interpreter in a chair, our oivn two chairs, and then our- 
selvea on foot, presented a most imposing appearance, not without its 
grotesque side. 

After Bkirting the stream for some time we crossed it some four miles 
from Pa-oi, and soon after reached the first halting place. The road 
from here to the end of the day continued ascending and descending in 
a most provoking manner. We observed email valleys lying on one or 
the other side of the road, here and there small patches of cultivation, 
and hamlets of the poorest description. The road was tolerably welt 
aligned, but in execrable order. 

Our first day's march, a distance of 24 miles under a blazing sun. 
consisted of walking over blocks of stone worn round, variegated with 
enormous ruts. 

After a weary march we halted for a few minutes at four o'clock, and 
then crawled on ontil we reached oiir destination, Chay-eong, at abont 
half-past BIX. Chay-song is a small village, with only a petty ofliaial in 

We stayed all tho 19th of March heiB to recruit our energies, not 
yet quite up to full marching order after the long boat journey. 

The next morning the coolios gave us some trouble before starting, 
but finally we got away once more. Our next march was much cooler 
, than the one from Fa-oi. We noticed the teak tree for the first time 

For the first portion of the day wo kept skirting the left bank of tht- 
stream, then crossed and recrossoil it, and finally proceeded ii]> the dry 
bed, until about nine miles from Chay-song we came to the apex of the 
valley. A few miles farther, at the hejwl of a long valley, we reached 
an excocdiugly steep gorge. From this point a magnificent view of the 
valley, some 10 miles long, was obtained, and Kwei-chau, a town of Bome 
size and importance, was seen in the distanfe. 

During the descent, whilst winding down the hillside, a "black 
country " was entered, whose wildness and barrenness wore remarkable. 


The hill-sides from top to bottom were blazed by fire, and this gave it 
the jet-black appearance which made it so desolate looking. 

Two miles above Ewei-chan, the stream which we had been skirting 
is crossed close to its junction with the main stream, on which the town 
is situated. Turning a spur of the hill, on the opposite side of the valley 
to the one we had been descending, we came upon a cultivated valley, 
about a mile in width, of great beauty, with a lovely rocky stream 
winding through it. Crossing the stream, the town was reached by us, 
after passing over a fragile and rickety bamboo bridge, on stone-weighted 

The town lies most picturesquely situated, built tier upon tier up 
the side of a lofty and precipitous mountain. It is approached from the 
river by means of a succession of fine stone steps and archways. 

We met a caravan of salt-traders going to Fu-chau, a place some two 
days beyond Ewei-chau. They belonged to Ewang-nan-fu, a place six 
days fiirther on our route, and expressed their willingness to accompany 
us to Pu-erh, or anywhere. After the customary trial of strength as to 
which side was to make the best terms for itself, I bound them down to 
carry our things as far as Lin-an-fu, which lies in the centre of the 
southern portion of Yunnan, a distance of sixteen long day stages. The 
route was to take us through Ewang-nan, which is some six days from 
Ewei-chau, and thence ten days to Lin-an-fu* The rate was the usual 
one, equivalent to about half-ardollar a day for each horse ; payment to 
be made in stamped syceo silver, which luckily I had brought. This 
was the best bargain I could make, and although the number of animals 
was slightly in excess of our wants, it wa« hire the whole caravan or 

A few villages and hamlets are scattered about the vicinity of Ewei- 
chau. The stream on which it stands is a most beautiful one. As we 
looked down on it we could see numberless windings, the shingle shoals 
and the rocks forming tiny rapids here and there, while the stream con- 
tracted at times and flowed through rooky gorges. 

We got away at ten o'clock, later than we expected. Our march led 
us across the river to our old road, which we followed upwards on the 
north side for a mile and a half. We then entered a valley, skirting 
a northern branch of the main stream, which has a general south-west 
bearing. This stream is about forty yards wide, and corresponds in 
every particidar with the one we had just left. The road skirts it the 
whole way, winding in and out along the hill-sides, which are here 
covered by small, but good, fir-trees. A few large stout ones were also 

Lofty mountain ranges rise at the back of those close by the stream, 
seemingly about 1000 to 2000 feet above our level, which was from 
2500 to 3000 feet above that of the sea. 

After passing a number of unimportant hamlets, the only one worthy 

c 2 


of mention being Sam-t'iug, on tte soutk bank, we reached Sau-t'ing in 
the evening, about five o'clock. Hero wo made our first acquaintance 
with a mo-iien or " horae-inn," not vory clean, uor very comfortable. 

On tte 22nd of Marcb we loft Sau-t'ing early and reached Fu-chau. 
After following the valley for aorao distance, we passed through the 
same aort of country and hamlets aa hitherto. At midday, a heavy mist 
and rain compelled ua to cut short our march. Thia place ia known by 
three names, being generally called F«-cLau or Fu-t'ing. It sometimea 
is alao called Fu-fu, as on European maps. It is a wretched little place, 
with no trade or importance of any sort. The town, oontaiuiug some 
two hundred houses, lies straggling along the sti'eam, which is called 
by various namea locally. It runs east, past Kwei-chau, into the upper 
southern branch of the West river at Fa-oi. Tho ojily things note- 
worthy were the abaenco of pawnahopa, a broken-down bridge, and the 
Canton guild-house, which we inhabited, standing in a good position on 
the h ill-side at the back of the town. 

Kext morning was wet and miserable. We started early for what 
vras called an " eighty U " mai'ch, which was to take us eleven hours. 
The road after twenty-four houro' rain was sonietliing terrible, and we 
had at first to march in hi:uvy driving mist, which towards midday 
changed to rain. In ono place the mist was so dense I had to stop. 

In the afternoon we came upon caves, four in number, lying some 
few hundred yards off the road to the aoutli. The largest, aome sixty 
feet high, was seemingly of considerable dejith. It had two portals or 
archways over the maaonry approach, and tbc front had a face-wall of 
rough nibble stone, tuilt np aeonrely, and stepa led up to it from the 
stream, over which there waa a amall granite culvert. The caves are 
formed of natural limestone. Soon after thia we came upon beautiful 
cascades, five in number, aomo hundred feet in height altogether, 
tumbling one into the other. 

In the afternoon I halted in a wretched village, in a miaorable house, 
having loat all signs of my companion, and tho rest of the caravan. In 
the end all came well, and wo passed a damp, though tolerably com- 
fortable night. 

The weather deared, and we got away next morning for another 
long march, with some arduous mountaineering. During tho day we 
came npon a market lieing held at a village named Si-yang, where there 
is one every five days. 

Late in the evening we reached the village of Yang-liu-tain footsore 
and worn out. It waa hero that my companion first had a touch of 
dysentery, which however yielded to such treatment as we were al'le to 

The next day we skirted valleys as usual, through fir and cypress 
clad hills and beautiful green-coloured foliage of small growth. Tho 
air at this height (5000 feet) was delicious, and the scent of the 



pines was very refreshing. After passing two unimportant hamlets, 
we reached Fo-oho, which is only remarkable for a stone bridge with 
steps on both sides. 

After a march, the shortness of which was very welcome after tho 
toil of the previous day, we halted at Pau-yii-kwan, a small mountain 
village, situated in a hollow in the hills, where airy quarters, and cold 
damp weather caused us to spend a comfortless night. 

On the 26th of March, a short stage along broken hilly country 
about 4500 feet above the sea, brought us to Ewang-nan-fu, a prefectural 
dty and the end of our opening march of nine days. This is reported 
to be the worst bit of road in Yunnan, and it was satisfactory to have 
conqnered such an enemy. 

The country now was tho real plateau of Yunnan, with a mass of 
hills cropping out 500 to 1000 feet above the plain. This part may 
truly be ^called what I have seen the whole of Yunnan termed, " an 
uneven tableland." 

The hills look as if they were volcanic in their origin, being com- 
posed of black, broken, jagged masses, terribly sterile. They are, I 
believe, limestone ranges, worn by the rains into their present bare 
appearance. Bed clay washed down from tho exposed portions has been 
deposited in the hollows. Littlo cultivation is visible on the high 
lands, and the country is very poor. 

Kwang-nan is seen as a turn is taken in the hills about two miles 
from the city. From some few hundred feet above it the town looks a 
large straggling series of villages rather than a city. When you enter, 
however, it seems larger. It is enclosed by walls, and lies in a basin 
some five miles in diameter encircled by an amphitheatre of hills. 

We found that by great good luck we were able to make our way to 
Lin-an or thereabouts, by Kai-hua and Men-tzu, which both lay on our 
originally projected route ; so that we were after all able to take up 
our intended line, having made a most interesting detour to Kwang-nan. 

The diversion from our route enabled us to travel through a part of 
Tuiman never before set foot on by any European, and was therefore 
rather a matter for congratulation than regret. 

The direct road from Kuoi-chau to Kai-hua was said to be merely a 
track travelled by the P^n-ti-jen, or " people of the country," and to 
take nearly as long as the road vi& Kwang-nan, which is almost double 
the length on the maps. From here to Men-tzu is nine days' journey, 
in average stages of 20 miles. 

On the 27th of March, after the usual delay, we got away from 
Kwang-nan at about ten o'clock, and commenced our march over a bad 
road, consisting of the usual mixture of boulders and clay mud, rendered 
almost impassable by the heavy rain we experienced. 

As we left the city we passed several joss-houses in the outlying 
suburbs, and looking over the plain, encircled by the amphitheatre of 


hills iu wliich Kwang-oau lies, eaw unmerous village)) dotted all Tound. 
The large basin is covered with bare mounds oi' knolla, the hitervening 
spaces being not altogether cultivated, and the country generally ap- 
pearing to be rather sterile. There is no sign of any large stream, 
though water does not appear to be scarce. The soil is mostly a reddish 
clay and very poor. 

A mile and a half from the city we crossed a stOHo bridge, and then 
entered a valley zigzagging alongside the stream. The hills were high 
and bare, and we noticed in the roadside slates and grits cropping out, 
but the rooks are mostly limestone. 

At midday we passed a haudsome carved gravestone set up on the 
roadside, and immediately aftor a three-arched bridge. Crossing a. 
ridge and entering another valley, the village of Ka-ling, a place of 
some fortj' houses lying on the stream-side, was reached in the afternoon. 
Here we lodged in the headman's house, who afforded us a kindly 
welcome to bis riokoty abode. 

The nest day we passed over a road of the same character. There 
appeared to be a little more population and agriculture, though both 
were still poor. The limestune hills now changed to conglomerate. 
The hill-sides were thinly clad with pines of a very poor quality. 

An honorary portal of carved limestone stands over the roadway at 
a plaoe wo passed early in the day. Numerous gravestonoG, some of 
them of the usual shape, others mere heaps of boulders, marked the 
resting-place of those who had gone to " wander amongst the genii." 

Just before we halted for the day at the village of Hung-sbe-nai we 
l>aBBed a precipitous rook some SOO feet high, jutting over the stream, 
into which pour some fine waterfalls. 

The following day we passed a snecession of little valleys, and crossed 
from one to the other by small saddles in the hills. A number of 
villages, all very poor, and a considerable quantity of cultivation, 
principally poppy, were met with. 

The hill-sides, bare as usual, were seemingly strewn with hugo 
bonlders scattered here and there, but in reality they were the outcrop 
of the hill>rocks. During tlia day the conglomerate ceased and Ume- 
stooe again appeared. 

We halted at Achi-to, a well-paved village of some two hundred 
honses, which wero better than any we had mot with since leaving 

On the 30th of Starch our road lay throiigh a Country that had the 
appearance of a plateau, somewhat irregular in appearance throughout, 
and pierced, as it were, by numerous knolls, hills, and ridges, which rise 
out of the ground in a most irregular way. The hills are of limestone, 
very conical and steep, but none moio than 500 feet in height. 

Occasionally the load, after a stretch of undulating level country, 
passed tlirough a gorge between the hills, and onoe or twice over a high 

I— L 


sptur. The hills were covered with pine and Bhrubs, none of any size. 
The cultivation of the valleys was meagre, and the population sparse 
and poor. 

At midday we halted at Tu-po-nee, a market village of twenty-five 
honses, built on either side of one street. 

On the next day we had a trying march of 20 miles to Chang-na-hsion, 
a magistracy town. Immediately on leaving Achi we made a sudden 
ascent, and had a magnificent view, a perfect sea of hills all round, with 
a few high ones, away to the north and east, towering above. 

During the morning we passed several Long-jen hamlets, and soon 
after midday skirted a lake of clear water, some 1500 feet in diameter, 
and nearly round, hid in the hollow of bare hills. 

There is a gorge at either end of the lake. The hills here, and for 
some days afterwards, were bare, barren, and rocky. 

After the lake we entered a large extent of bare moorland, with no 
villages except one by name Po-pyan, inhabited by Long-jens. Near 
the village was a large reservoir or tank on sloping ground, boxmded in 
by earthen dams which were faced by stone. 

Some four nules before reaching Po-pyan, a curious tunnelled cavern, 
some 200 feet long and 15 feet square, was mot in a sharp peaked lime- 
stone hill, standing isolated in the plain. 

About three miles before Chang-na-hsien, the village of Chang-na-gai 
was passed, with a fine stone causeway enclosing tanks and a small stone 

Close by Ghang-na-hsien, a small stream, called the Papien-ho, runs 
some hundred miles north, joining the northern branch of the West 
river. On our way from the place we noticed the red soil deeply fur- 
rowed by the rains, in some places to the depth of 30 feet, the whole 
country near Chang-na-hsien being seamed with these gullies. 

On the 1st of April we left the moor or plateau on which Chang-na- 
hsien is situated. The road took us through several small valleys and 
hollows, past numerous hamlets and small patches of cultivation. 

A large valley was entered about four miles beyond our start, and 
then we proceeded to the right and penetrated a narrower valley. Some 
six miles of small valleys were skirted in all ; then about two o'clock, 
at 5900 feet above the sea, we commenced a long descent, which was 
steep in parts, and had a few level stretches. In the afternoon we 
passed a couple of ruined villages, in one of which we saw a large stone 
trough, about five feet long by two feet broad, hewn in limestone, and a 
rained fort of considerable area on a hill about half a mile to the 

Three lakes were seen during the afternoon — one half a mile long by 
200 yards broad, and one about one mile by half a mile. The smallest 
was of insignificant size. None had any apparent outlet, unless a stream 
issuing from the rock below the last lake is a subterranean outlet. 



A wonderful panorama met the eye as the descent to Kui-hi 
made by our road. The town is situated in a huge valley, on the river 
Tsin-ho (the Eivii^re Claire of the French niapa of Aunaio), which runB 
into the Hed river not far from the Gulf of Tonquin. The river winds 
like a servient, gliatening in the evening §un through the valley, which 
ia beautifnllj- cultivated. The river, here some thirty yards wide, opens 
out at times into i^mall lakes or lagoons witli islands, the valley smiling 
with vegetation. 

Kai-hna lies on the south bank, on a large bend, enveloped in trees, 
of which there is a considerable number scattered throughout the city. 
On the south side of the valley a serrated hill-range runs the entire 
length, backed by a rounder and loftier range, seemingly of graniti'. 
The valley runs south-east and north-west. 

After a somewhat inqnisitivo although friendly reception at Kai-hna 
WD moved westwards again. Soon after starting the road leaves the 
valley, which has several villages dotted about it, and proceeding along- 
side the river, hero very tortuous, ascends a gorge in the hUls to the 
left, turning a liill soon afterwards, and running north-west over bare 
red-soiled rocky ground. 

For the nest five miles the country was barren and desolate, and 
only here and there, in somo low-lying hollow, could a patch of poppy 
or rice be found. A few straggling wretched pine-trees appeared on 
the hill-sides. 

Hero wo met the subterranean passage named the Tieu-shong-oliiaoii 
It is under a rocky roadway — a ridge between the hills — and a very 
nuTOw gorge, some 200 feet high, and averaging 30 foot broad, takes 
the river to the south past Kai-hua. No sign of water was to bo seen 
anywlioio just above the passage. The rocks have limestone cave- 
formations, and arc precipitous. A few hundred yards beyond, a village 
bearing the same name as that of the passage was passed. 

In the afternoon wc crossed the stream by a fine stone bridge, somo 
25 feet span and 40 foot high, with a double-roofed building over it, 
having the usual upturned eaves. 

Immediately aft«r making a small steep ascent wo entered an undu- 
lating hiUyl country and came to sevci-al lakes (or ponds), the largest 
1500 by 500 feet. Passing the stream again by a 20-feot span bridge, 
and crossing the valley, we gained our halting-place, Matang. 

On the 4th of April our short march was over bare undulating red 
soil, a hilly countiy, with no vegetation to speak of, the whole aspect 
being most desolate. 

After a halt and inspection of a fair at Low-lung we journeyed on 
the 5th of April over a road much the some as hitherto, skirting valleys 
of \arying length and breadth and crossing the ridges between them, 
ascent and descent being made time after time. There was little vege- 
tation in the valleys except at Nia-la-ehon and Mceiiju. At midday w» 



entered a country in which on either side of the road itself towered 
lofty hills with easy slopes. There were no trees at this height (about 
7500 feet) and only grass. Grass-clad hills brought us to Meenju, after 
a trying march of 25 miles. 

For the first part of the day we passed through undulating ground, 
with detached hills or hummocks. In one of these, shortly after leaving 
Matang, we noticed a tunnelled cavern pierced through the hill a little 
below its summit. Three miles further on we came to several Long-jea 
villages situated in a large valley, one of which, named Shau-zia, is 
romantically situated, with smiling fields in front, at the foot of a 
perpendicular cliff. 

Six miles further brought us to Nia-la-chon; a small ruined fort 
stands near the village, on a small bluff above the stream. 

In the afternoon, just after passing some Miao and Moozi Poula 
hamlets, wretchedly poor places, with houses of mud and rubble, 
situated at a height of 7500 feet, with hills all around about another 
1000 feet in height, we passed through the last part of the prairie and 
approached Meenju by a short cut winding alongside the dry bed of a 

The first half of the next day we continued skirting the usual 
valleys ; afterwards we entered a bare red-soil country, with hills but 
no cultivation or villages. Early in the day we passed a number of 
flat^roofed villages ; we had before met houses with flat roofs, but none 
of this pattern. Our height at two o'clock was 7500 feet, the highest of 
our day's march. 

A sudden descent and quite as sudden a rise brought us to the 
summit of the easterly ridge bordering the Men-tzu plain, which was 
barely visible through a thick mist. Zigzag curves took us down into 
the valley, and then a very winding road over a causeway made the 
approach to the town amazingly long. 

The strata seemed to be limestone, sandstone, and conglomerate, and 
a poor kind of slate, but it was impossible to see in what order each 
occurred in situ. A number of deep fissures or gullies cut out by the 
rains in the red soil were frequently observed. 

Men-tzu is a large rambling place, not so fine or well-to-do as Kai- 
hua, and not nearly so picturesque. It is in fact uninteresting except 
as an entrepdt of a very considerable transit trade from Manhao and the 
Shan country to different parts of thp province. 

On the 7th of April, next day, we commenced our march by going 
northwards for nearly 10 miles, to the border of the large lake which 
lies at the north end of the plain. On leaving the town through the 
north gate we passed several fine stone carved portals in the same 
damaged state to which they were reduced a dozen years ago. 

On the left-hand side, a mile and a half from the town, a cemetery 
is met with, close by which a stone water-trough, measuring four feet 


liy two feet, stands under a, ti*ee on a solid block of stone. This ueefal 
institatian ie for the use of the iiutuGroiia paBsors-by. 

A fine paved causeway leads from the town, In some places it is 
badly broken up, and in other places it is lost altogether, to be resumed 
further on. 

A couple of milcB from the city a large village called Pe-ma is passed 
on the left hand, and a mile farther on a village of sixty houses, named 
Shu-li-fu, on the right. There is a joea-houae near the entrance to the 
latter village, and a second stone water-trough. 

Beyond the village a large portion of the pliun remains uncultivated, 
the ground being undulating and too high for irrigation. The large 
lake, several miles in length iind of an average breadth at the western 
end of half a mile, approaches the road. Hero a long paved causeway, 
with only eight openings, which saves those going txi Yiinnau from a 
long detour, is met with. This is the stone bridge of some twenty 
arches mentioned by Hocher, bat it scarcely deserves the name of 

Our road to Lln-an took us past the southern side of the lake, which 
we skirted after passing the causeway. The lake narrows to about a 
couple of hundred yards near the villages of Tsan-leen and Yee-go-paw, 
and soon after becomes shallow ; the end being protected by a rubble 
■wall having an opening in it for the ]iassage of a stream which enters it 
at that place. Soon after this, and before reaching Teo-go-paw — a 
village of some hundred houses — another huge expause of water is seen, 
lying half a mile to tbc south. This lake appears to be separatal from 
the other by a high rising ground or large spreading knoU, which we 
skirted on the northern side. 

The highest hill in the range surrounding the Men-tzu plain is seen 
to the south in the afternoon. It is apparently 2000 feet higher than 
the plain. 

A winding road through a bare barren country for some five miles, 
brought ns to a valley of considerable area, in which unfilled rising 
grounds form the central portion, on which stand several villages, and 
at one of which, Chee-kai, wo baited. The windings, as we neared our 
resting-placo, converted what seemed a mile into a good hour's march. 

Most of tho villages we passed on the Mon-tzu plains, as far as the 
Lin-an village, were flat-roofed, and tho rains therefore are probably not 
heavy in these parts. 

On the north side of the valley in which Chee-kai lies, a village 
larger than tho others, Shatien, and numerous hamlets are situated. 
tihatien is seen about a mile to the north, at the foot of a low range 
of hilU. 

Men-tzu is a hsien or sub-jirefecture, under the Lin-an department. 

The road wound on the 8th of April through valleys. Tho lowest 
hollowB, at the foot of sandy hills, muob broken up by nullahs, were 

■— L 



onder irrigation. The low hills on either side did not exceed 800 feet 
in height. About midday the sandy downs disappeared, and the road 
proceeded amongst hills, displaying highly cultivated and irrigated 
little valleys at their foot. 

Cultivation largely increased as we approached our halting-place, 
Hien-tien, and the hills which in the morning were exceedingly bare, 
became more clothed with trees of various kinds. Little pine was 
visible, and that was of the poorest description. Conglomerate became 
the ruling formation in the afternoon, with limestone and sandstone 
here and there. 

From Lin-an I hoped to be able to reach the Nam-ho or Hou-kiang, 
which on the French maps is shown as about a week's march from Talan 
or Yuan-chiang, but whether this would be possible or not, events 
would have to show. Should it be possible, fifteen days' steady marching 
would be necessary from Lin-an before we could reach boats, which I 
hoped to secure on the Nam-ho, and at that point penetrate a perfectly 
miexplored region, the easternmost part of the independent Shan 

On the 9th of April our road ran alongside low bare hills, which we 
skirted for some miles on the southern side of a valley studded with 
hamlets, many of them partly ruined. We then entered a gorge through 
which the path ran three miles, part of the road being the bed of a 
small stream. On entering the gorge we found a bleak barren country', 
with low bare rocky hills on either side, and no trace of cultivation 
until within three miles of Lin-an, when we reached the large plain of 
the same name. 

Lin-an does not come into view until the plain has been well entered, 
hidden as it is by several villages. The road skirts the eastern side at 
the foot of the hills. On the left there is no cultivation, and the hills 
gradually retreat; while on the other side cultivation becomes more 
common, until round Lin-an all available space is utilised for agri- 

A paved causeway gives approach to Lin-an across the fields. Im- 
mediately beyond the fields there is a cemeteiy of huge area, extending 
over a mile and a half in length. This is the burial-ground which is 
noticed in Gamier's work. We came upon several large villages on the 
right, and some containing ruins, as well as a fort, which was close to 
a bridge spanning a stream some ten yards wide. Half a mile beyond 
this we encountered another stream, which, though shallow, was nearly 
200 feet wide, with no bridge, but spanned by a slab causeway. To the 
left was a fine stone bridge of some eighteen arches. Immediately after 
this the city is entered. Lin-an lies in the centre of the immense plain 
surrounded by trees. We saw little remarkable as we approached, 
beyond a three-storied pavilion, a double-storied edifice, a minaret- 
looking pagoda, and several groups of joss-houses in the suburbs. 


We ii'ere very kindly received and treated by the officials ot the 
place, and enjoyed a most welcome immunity from that obtrusive 
popular curiosity whioh it is impolitic to check. Aftcir a stay of some 
days, wo prepareil to set out on our march to Talan, which takes nine 
days mthout a halt, and is about 160 miles in length. Two days 
further we should pass Shih-piDg or Che-pin, on the direct route from 
Laos to the capital. As far as Talan we should follow the route of 
the French party, and after that we hoped to diverge to untrodden 
ground southwards. 

The road from Lin-au after leaving the city wall — occe a substantial 
structure, but now a patched-up affair, in wretched condition — is over 
rising ground, which for a distance of 2^ miles, forma a huge cemetery. 
This seems to stretch nearly all round the city like a belt, and extends 
as far an the eyo can roach. As the French work has described a con- 
siderable portion of the ground over which we were to travel for the 
next nine days, I shall pass briefly over this portion of our journey. 
The feature of the Lin-an plain is undoubtedly this huge cemetery. 

After a couple of ascents ami descents, bo trifling after what we had 
undergone in this respect as hardly to deserve mention, we entered upon 
a wide and highly cultivated valley. The road wound alongside a stream 
some 20 yards broad, between trees and shrubs and pleasantly green 
hedgerows, consisting chiefly of what seemed to be a species of laurel. 
The southern side of the hill was beautifully wooded with verdant 

We followed the stream on its wandering way, alongside which were 
dotted numei'ous villages, for nearly 10 miles. Numerous hi 11- torrents, 
with atony beds, were skilfully trained down by rubble aide-walla into 
the main stream. 

To the west of Lin-an, contrary to our experience east of it, the 
number of joss-houses became remarkable. In our first day's march vro 
saw several new, and two more in course of erection. 

Crossing a shoulder of the hills, which here close in, we obtuned a 
glimpse of the lake of I-long, from which the stream we had followed 
takes ita origin, and runs to the valley of Lin-an, which it waters. 

We halted for the night at the village of Hai-tung, lying close to the 
north-eastern extremity of the lake. Thia sheet of water, some 13 miles 
long and close on live miles broad, is one of groat lieauty. 

liarly in the day, when Komt< Ave miles from Lin-an, we crossed the 
stream by a bridge, which was a handsome structure, biiilt of maasive 
alabs of beautiful limestone. The stream itself was spanned by two 
arches of some 20 feet, aud at either side there was a smaller outlet of 
10 feet. The bridge piers had fine cutwaters and were protected, both 
above and bolow, by stone wings. Alassive elephants and the usual lions 
adorued the parapets on either side ; the former not the usual caricatures 
which adorn Chinese building^:. A handsome tower, square In its 


ground and octagonal in its npper story, gave protection to the shrine 
of some deity. 

On the following day after leaving Hai-tnng, we skirted the lake all 
day, moving chiefly along its brink and on fine paved causeways, 
occasionally ascending to cross some small ridge which here and there 
jatted ont into the water. 

The northern margin, along which our road lay, was studded with 
villages, some of which were of considerable size, and the whole margin 
was under careful cultivation. The hills on both sides slope down close 
to the lake, the northern edge being broken up by little promontories 
which give a variety to this bank seemingly absent on the southern 

The causeways act as bunds or levees against the lake waters, and a 
large area is thus reclaimed. Near the western end of the lake lies 
Shih-ping, beautifully situated, projecting from the rich plain behind it. 
In the waters of the lake a number of hamlets and villages are situated 
on promontories. These are joined to the shore by narrow causeways 
rnnning in many directions. Near the south shore are two beautiful 
islets, covered with houses built up the hill-side, and crowned by joss- 

On a rising ground south of the town stands a tower, which must 
command a fine view, and which we wished to ascend, as de Cam6 did 
at this very spot thirteen years ago. The French sailed down the lake, 
and entered Lin-an by a diflferent road from the highway which we used. 

The flat-roofed houses in this neighbourhood are crowned by stacks 
of straw, which at a distance give them the appearance of so many 
mosques. The town is walled. 

Next day, soon after leaving, we passed a stone portal or pai-fang. 
These, from all reports, seem to be very numerous in the south of 
Yunnan. Nearly all we saw were of handsome carved limestone, solidly 
built and finely carved, not disfigured by any colouring. 

On leaving Shih-ping we crossed the end of the valley, and pro- 
ceeding along the high ground came to a small lake, called Hai-kau-ho, 
some three miles long by one mile broad. Near its head lies a large 
village. We skirted a number of valleys, and found the country more 
populous and cultivated than any we had seen. 

After leaving the lake we headed the valley, crossing a ridge, and 
descended a long and narrow valley, where cultivation in terraces was 
carried up the hill-sides, A thick undergrowth resembling laurel covered 
the hills ; azaleas, as well as trees which we took to be ash, oak, elm, 
and birch, were abundant. 

We stopped at a small hamlet, and found quarters in a house whose 
lower terrace-roof gave us a beautiful outlook. 

Next day, after going five miles down a hill-stream, over a bed of 
large boulders, we entered a large valley. The stream draining it. 


called the Si-hinti, after joining the small one ^¥e bad descended, mns 
BOiitliward and joins the Tuan-chiang or Eed River, 

Directly af(«rwarda a steep zigzag ascent carried ns -winding in and 
out hill-eidea, gradually rising until wo readied the village of San-tai- 
pan, which ie situated most beautifuUy among lofty mountains. From 
the inn we stayed at we had a charming prospect. We were nearly 
2000 feet above the valley whicL we had left in the morning. 

Our next march was a trj'ing one, over Tory hilly country to the 
summit of the range which cloaes in the Ked Bivor, and which we had 
to cross. The height of the pass was 8100 feet, the groatest height to 
which we had as yet ascended. Villages were freqnent, and terrace- 
cultivation was skilfuUy carried out to the tops of the ridges sur- 
rounding us. 

One very high hill, probahly 2000 feet above us, was passed, from 
which '^iinnan-fu and Lin-an were said to be visible. 

After commencing the descent we had some Itoautiful views of the 
Yuan-ohiang plain, the river winding thniugh it, and villages dotted 
hero and there on the hill-sidea next the valley. Terruoe-cultivation 
was continued up in an unbroken line to the top of the ridgea, in some 
places 1000 to 1.500 feet above the valley. Pine of several sorts was 
abundant, the biggest only two feet in diameter. There were other 
trees, but none of large growth. 

The number of bridges in Soutliem Yllnnan and their excellence is 
aurprising. They are usually huilt of massive slabs of fine limestone, 
and are well put together. 

We got into Lu-tung in a shower of rain, and were glad to find 
shelter, poor as the accommodation -ivas. 

Leaving Lu-tung-po on the 17th of April, we oommenoed tlie 
descent of the Ynan-cliiang valley, the Song-ka or Red River of the 
French. Two hours' marching by a verj' winding road skirting the 
spurs of the high ranges brought us to the top of a ridge from which 
there is a rapid descent to the valley ; the distance was only a few miles, 
bat it took us two hourN to accomplish. 

Three miles from our starting-place we had a first view of the 
valley, vrith the Yuan-ehiang winding through it. Several streams, 
notably the Cliin-ahui-ho, join their watem to it on the southern side. 

As we made our first descent, over 2000 feet, the view of iho valley 
was grand. The hills on either stclo were bare and precipitoiis. 

The plain, some six or eight miles long by two miles broad, dis- 
appointed us in its size after the reports we hud heard of it. 

The ttiwn (Yuan-kiang), on the river-side, was enclosed by groups 
of trees, which gave a pleasant air to the old and cnimbling place. As 
wo Beared the river we found that the lower slopes of the hills were 
coverwl to a largo extent by graves, the walls of which were of the 
usual circular shape, the back lieing built into tho hill-slope. 


The town is a squalid one. A considerable portion of the walled 
inclosure is waste land, with rains scattered about, exactly as the 
Trench found it thirteen years ago. 

From this place to Talan wo followed the French route for three 

To digress a little on trade matters : after having traversed so much 
of Yimnan, and having seen the Bed Biver, we can say a few words on 
the best route to tap the trade of South-eastern YUnnan. Does any 
trade, snch as the French have been fighting and striving for, isxist, or 
can it be created in that portion of the province? The fact is that 
Eastern Yiinnan is a poorly cultivated and, on the whole, barren region, 
with nearly as sparse a population as the northern portion of the 
province. The real agricultural wealth lies in the central, south-west, 
and western portions, which can best be tapped by a railway from 
British Burma, passing through Zimme and Eiang-hung to Ssii-mao. 

We left Yuan-kiang on the 18th of April, after having been most 
kindly treated by the local authorities. Our road ran up a valley 
situated at right angles to, and south of, the plain. The ascent up this 
grand glen, down which a stream poured over a granite bed, gave us 
magnificent views as we turned the comers of this very steep and 
incessantly winding road. 

From our halting-place, Molang, we could see the river winding 
through the plain past the town of Yuan-kiang. We ascended close 
upon 4000 feet, making only a few miles progress on account of the 
steepness of the road. 

On the following morning we started in such a heavy mist that we 
could hardly see anything. After six miles of winding close to the 
summit of a mountain, we made a most abrupt and fierce descent, over 
a broken and neglected causeway, to the stream of Chin-tien, which 
runs into the Yuan*chiang, at a point some miles north-east of our 
resting-place. A fine bridge spans the stream, and here two valleys 
intersect each other. The old causeway, once a fine and noble work, 
now lies neglected and broken up, forming the bed of a torrent. 

We halted at a wretched stable, and were glad to see daylight, so as 
to get on the march again. 

On the previous day we had passed many houses and parts of villages 
in ruins, and continued to meet with them on the 20th of April. 

We crossed at midday a ridge about 5000 feet high, and soon after- 
wards reached Tien-so, a village of 100 houses, lying on the side of a 
small stream in a considerable valley. 

Leaving Tien-so on the 2l8t of April, we made the usual ascent by a 
very winding road, up valleys, crossing a couple of ridges about 1000 
feet above the valley levels. A halt was called on the hill-top over- 
looking Talan. 

We were met by the oificials and treated with the utmost kindness 


lay them. Here again, where the goodwill of mir informants was 
ondouljtod, we found the greateet difiicnlty in gaining information about 
routes and the situation of noighlxiuring places; those who did know 
anything ased different names for tho same places, and the majority 
neither knew nor professed to care anything at all. 

On the 23rd of April we started from Takn. The road took us up a 
small aide valley. After five miles of this we crossed a stream, and 
ascending a thousand feet, to a plateau which we travelled, deaceudod 
to Tchang-luping, a village prettily situated on the aide of a small 
stream timning into the Lysien river, some few miles further down. 

Tho descent to tho Lysien, which we acci^mpUshed on the following 
■day, was very steep, and wonnd in and out most picturesquely alongside 
the hill-atream. Suddenly wo came, on turning a bend of the road, to 
tho river, and a few steps further showed us what we little expected to 
see in this region, an iron suspension hridgo erected over the river, at a 
beautiful and admirably chosen site. Tho abutments rest on the solid 
rocky sides, and the epan between them is 264 feet, foiiuing a graceful 
structure, though of course more primitive and less finished in design 
than those found in Europe. There is a handsome portal, highly 
ornamented at each end, and a small pavilion stands perched on tho 
southern hilt-side, while a jose-houso is in a similar position on tho 

When we crossed, the river had a width of only some 20 yards, and 
its depth was scarcely two feet ; but with the heavy rains of Atigust, it 
increases its volume and violence to such an extent as to render it useless 
as a means of navigation. 

After the ascent from the Lysien river, we followed a beautiful 
winding road, which generally took ua along the ridges sopamting the 
valleys, on the broken plateau-land lying between the Lysien and 
Papien rivers. Parts of the road approaching Tong-kwan, where we 
rested for the night, were of groat beauty, and afibrded us a. most pleasant 
change from the incessant ascent and descent involved in the crossing of 
all the waterways and watersheds of Southern Yiinnan. 

Tong-kwan is a thriving place of about 200 houses, with a fertile 
valley on its northern side, in which are situated several small hamlets ; 
on its southern side there is another valley of smaller extent, and less 
cultivated. Here we rested in a small temple, some few hundred yards 
-teyond the western limit of tho t^iwn. 

Descending about 2000 feet from Tong-kwan, on tho 25th of April, 
by the side of a small stream in the same way as we had done to tho 
Lysien river, we came upon the Papien river. Although of greater 
size and volume than the Lysion, it is not so picturesque at the point 
where we first encountered it. Everything was on a larger scale — hills, 
river, and ravines — but wilder, and its turbulent muddy waters were 
less beautiful than the clear shingle bottom of the Lysien, 


The heat was terrible, and after our long march, now nearly forty 
days, with poor food and worse lodging, we were little able to stand this 
new discomfort. Mr. Wahab was obliged to be carried, he was so debili- 
tated by fifttigue and disease (dysentery) as to be unable to walk. 

In the afternoon we stayed for the night at the village of Papien, 
which lies some five miles up a side valley. All the villagers had a 
wretched sallow fever-stricken look, besides which many were afflicted 
with goitre and eye-diseases. 

An ascent of 2000 feet, which we made next day, took us to a small 
plateau, which we crossed, and descended, in pouring rain, nearly to the 
same level to Mo-hii or Mohe, a large village of some 200 straggling 
houses lying on the side of a stream of the same name running north- 
wards into the Fapien. 

The hills in the neighbourhood to the north and south were lofty 
and well timbered, unlike those we had seen the day before, when they 
were barren. On the hill-side of the Mohd they are nearly bare, except 
for grass and low trees. 

We found shelter in a wretched shanty, which gave protection neither 
from wind nor rain, and we were all glad to get away next morning. 

On the 27th we made another ascent of 2000 feet, straight up the 
face of a range which divides the valley which we had left, from Puerh. 
Here wo were at a great height, some 8000 feet, and numerous high 
peaks in the ranges close by were seen towering far above our level. 

Puerh-fu, the town, could not be seen from the summit of the range, 
owing to its lying behind some knolls in the plain, which seems to be 
much broken up by knolls or rising grounds, round which we wound 
till we came in view of the town. As we passed the last of these knolls 
the cultivable area seemed not to be so great as we had expected, or 
would appear to be warranted by the town and numerous villages scat- 
tered round it. The high hills seem to wedge in and give a confined 
air to the town. The hill-sides are bare, with less timber and hardly 
any cultivation, but all the side valleys and the plain itself are under 
close cultivation. 

The town, which fifteen years ago suffered greatly from the war, 
does not yet seem to have recovered its place. A large walled town, it 
has one main street, with shops and houses running along either side. 
The most remarkable figures about Puerh are the two twelve-storied 
pagodas, one on the summit of a hill close by, and the other, a newly- 
erected structure, on the top of a ridge some five miles distant, at the 
Bouthem end of the valley. 

Two days' march took us to Ssu-mao, which is a' t'ing or town of 
the third order, and the last administrative town on the south- western 
frontier of Yunnan. like all other Yunnanese towns, it lies in the centre 
of a plain, which has a more open and considerable look than that of 
Puerh, owing to the hills being lower on all sides. We lodged in an 

VOL. n. D 


old and tumble-down temple, the worst in tlie place, to which, the ill-will 
and boarishness of the local mandarin had consigned ne. 

I am not likely to loae luy reeollections of Ssu-iuao, for here I received 
a diBappointmeut from a, quarter little espected by me. The reader will 
recollect that failing the possibility of finding a route, or making our 
way to the Nam-hou river, and thence by Luang-prabaug to Burma, I 
hoped to succeed in crossing the Yimnan frontier from Ssfi-mao, and 
getting down the Mekong, or east of it, through the unknown Laos 
countries. In the event of that not being possible I had hoped to pro- 
ceed to Kiang-bung, and thence to South-eastern Burma or Tonasserim 
viu Zinime. But now my right-hand man, the interpreter, showed signs 
of insubordination, profesHing to be fearful of the climatic and personal 
risks of my propused route. I found it impostiible to secure a substitute 
locally, euoh as a Buiman who spoke Laotian, or a Chinaman speaking 

The mandarin was studiedly rude, placed every obstacle in our way, 
and used every art to misdirect us, putting pressure on my interpreter 
and servants, knowing them to bo indisjiensable to my journey, llad 
I gone on by the route tbo mandarin recommended me to follow, I was 
certain t« be turned back by the firat Shan chief. My funds were 
getting low, my companion was seriouflly ill, further delay was 
impossible. There was only one way open to me now, and that was to 
strike north to Tali-fu, and thence make my way to Burma by the route 
to Bhamo, so I made up my mind to proceed by the uukuowii route to 
Tali via Ching-tung or Kiug-tong, a place some twelve days' march 
from Ssu-mno. 

lil. Saij-MAO TO Tali. 

I lost no time, but hired horses, and arranged to go direct to Tati, a 
stage of over twenty days' marcliing. From hero (Ssu-mao) wo had to 
retrace our steps to Mohfi for three days, and then strike north to Chin- 
tung, following the valley of the Papien river, so that we did not 
anticipate such hard marching as wo had lately gone through. Having 
lightened our already light baggage, we set out on the 2nd of May by 
the same road by which we entered Saii-mao, and arrived at MohS on the 
4th of May. 

For the next throe days our march took us through valley after 
valley continuously. On the tliird day we reached the Papien river, 
which from Gamior's map and our survey we expected to have sighted 
sooner. This part of its course is evidently wrongly shown in existing 

Many of the valleys which we had passed, though of no great size, 
were highly cultivated, especially in terraces, from the valley stream-bod 
up the lower slopes of the hill-sides, and curiously enough, almost all 
the west side of the valleys. 


On the 8th of May wo halted at Hsin-fu, a small walled town lying 
on the west side of the Papien. It is of no importance. The ferry-boat 
takes one across the river to the eastern bank, along which the road runs 
for a number of marches. During the day, two marked peaks in the 
eastern range had been visible, rising 2000 feet above us. 

On the 9th of IMay we went from Hsin-fu to Kwan-yu. Our road 
there ran up the left bank of the Papien river. It was very winding, 
and followed the tortuous river along the lower slopes of the hills. At 
first, these latter were close to the river and lofty, but they soon gave 
place to spurs of less altitude. 

After leaving this place, we passed nearly a whole day without 
seeing any habitations or cultivation until evening, when we came upon 
En-lo, where we halted. It is situated on the eastern side of a small 
plain, enclosed by an amphitheatre of hills, with several other villages 
scattered about. It has a handsome three-storied pavilion, and an old 
joss-house under repair, in which we lodged. 

Soon after leaving En-lo wo met some portals (pai-fangs) which were 
carved in sandstone. The river valley from time to time present-ed a 
pleasantly cultivated air, after the desolate regions we had passed lately, 
but still dilapidation was continually seen in ruined sites and deserted 

On the 11th, we lodged at Chay-kaw in a nice clean house, belonging 
to an old woman who kept a shop. The road had been of the same 
character as for the last few days, except that the hills became lower, 
and the valley widened out to close on a mile. Cultivation and villages 
were scarce, and the latter were frequently in ruins. The river changed 
here from a torrent full of rapids and shoals to an even-flowing stream, 
with many long pools, having but a slight flow through them. 

The next day, after an hour's march alongside the Papien, we 
followed one of its numerous affluents until it became dry. And then, 
after crossing a small saddle, came upon a view of the Ching-tung plaiu, 
a magnificent surprise, and a most welcome one it was in this land of 
contrasts and surprises. Here lay a grand valley or plain, many miles 
in length, of considerable breadth, and remarkable beauty. Patches of 
cultivation^ prosperous-looking villages, enclosed by serrated hills, made 
up a pretty picture. Passing through the plain, we found we had 
entered upon a series of almost totally deserted villages. 

Our first impression of the beauty and richness of the Ching-tung 
plain was more than borne out by what we saw later. It is the finest 
plain we had seen, and both in regard to fertility and beauty, surpassed 
all those in the south of Yi'mnan, and from what one could learn, any in 
the whole province. 

We marched for more than two days up the winding causeway, 
which skirts the plain at the base of the hill-spurs, and the ever- 
varying beauty constantly forced exclamations of surprise from us. 

r 2 


The deserted villnyes became more frequent, while razed sites wert 
common, and in paii« of the valley might be said to make for miles a 
cootLntiona line. This scene of ruin cnlmmated at Chini^-tung. Hero 
we found, not the city we had expected, biit a jaltry village of some 
five hundred houses, but there was ample evidence of its former 

Our ■n'ny lay up the valley, first on the eastern side of tho Papien 
river, which winds gracefully through bamboo and wood, then on. the 
western edge of the plain we passed a curiously great number of 
temples, wei-kane, pai-fangs, and cemeteries. A fine sandstone gives 
admimble material for these structures, which add an air of affluence 
and civilisation to the already deceptive scene. 

On the summit of the hill-saddle at the southern end of the plain, 
stands the Nara-tsing-teing pagoda, famous throughout South-western 
Yiinnan, a handsome old structure of nine stories, square in section, each 
tier decreasinjf as it rises. The usual banyan trees flourish at its 
apes, and the whole pagoda and its surroundings show no signs of being 
cared for in any way. It is apparently of considerable age. 

Some five miles to the south of C'hing-tung stands another smaller 
pagoda, hetagoual, and seven tiers in height ; tho four lower stories are 
of the same breadth, while tho upper three decrease with a batter. 
Some 12 miles south of the town is the Fungs-hui-tah, a two-storied 

We were very cii-illy received by the officials at Ohing-tung, and 
kindly treated by them so far aa their resources went. 

On leaving, we passed some six miles ii\> the western edge of the 
Ching-tuiig valley, antl crossing several streams, two of which were 
bridged, wo came to the foot of a small ascent. We then crossed several 
spurs and branch valleys, and rejoined the Papien in the evening at 
u small hamlet. Opposite this place stands a sharp isolated rugged 
peak, rising abruptly some 800 feet from tho river-edge. This peak, 
with another behind it, which we could nut see till the next day, are 
called 8«u-mai Shan or " Brother and Sister Hills." 

On the 15th of Ma3" we continued to follow the river, and early in 
our march came to a wild gorge, where the Papien had torn its way 
through walls of rock, close to the Brother and Sister peaks. On the 
western summit of the gorge stands a small temple. 

The road was of the same character ns on the previous day, and wo 
crossed spurs and side-valleys with their streams, afHuents of the Papien, 
until wo reached Lungai, where we halted. 

Lungai is a dirty village, only remarkable for possessing a wator- 
wheel of a description which -was novel to us. Several bridges were 
passed, some of which were roofed with tiles throughout their length. 

On the following day we skirted the Papien again, only leaving it 
once to cross a lofty spur about 2400 feet above the river, and about 6000 


above the sea, and then rejoined the river at Chu-kai. The morning 
walks under the shelter of the eastern hill range in this portion of our 
journey, free from the sun and skirting the river, were most delightful. 
Not the least pleasant part of them was the ahsence of the 2000 foot 
steeps up which we had previously to toil continuously for forty 

The road for the next two days ran near or alongside the river, 
occasionally rising to cross a high spur, and in some cases a diversion 
had been made to avoid places where the river fought its way through 
the gorges. On the evening of the 17th of May we halted at Mau-kai, 
a village lying on the eastern hill-side, from above which a fine view of 
the valley is commanded. A handsome group of new temples had been 
lately built on the hill behind the town. The number of pai-fangs, 
wei-kans and temples, many of the latter handsome structures newly 
built, met with was remarkable, and taken along with the bridges, pro- 
tection wall, and other public works, argues a considerable degree of 
present affluence. The hill-sides are cultivated nearly to the top. The 
number of hamlets and isolated farm-steadings is remarkable, for the 
Lolos and others of the aborigines in the neighbourhood do not from 
choice congregate in villages. There are, however, many villages, and 
the population, from all we could see, must be great, while peace and 
prosperity seem stamped upon the face of the country. 

For some days, the number of watch-towers, generally placed near 
a village or on some prominent height, was noticeable. They were built 
during the late war. Close to some of them may be seen a yam^n guard- 
house, but many of these latter have been allowed to fall into ruin. 

A handsome arched bridge, of about 30 feet, with fine rubble abut- 
ments, which had been newly erected, spans the Fapien river a few miles 
before Chu-kai. It stands just above a bend in the stream, which gives 
approach to the steep ascent to the village. 

At the foot of this precipitous ascent is a small hamlet, called Shee- 
tung, where a cluster of cave temples is niched in the rocky sides. 
These temples, which are of various sizes, are built into the sheer face 
of the cliff at various heights, and are in full view from the river. 

A very handsome three-storied temple has been recently built in an 
overhanging ledge of the cliff, above a branch stream near the hamlet. 

The next day we found ourselves surrounded by mountains, none of 
them of very great height. We left the Fapien, crossed a number of 
high ridges and small valleys, and in the evening reached the plain or 
valley of Nan-tien, and crossed a stream running eastwards. This was 
one of the head branches of the Yuan-chiang river, known here as the 
Mong-hoa-ho, and further down, until it joins the main river, as the 

The town, which consists of some 300 houses, is remarkable for the 
nimiber of temples in and about it, and for three two-storied pavilions. 


One stondB behind the town, near the small fort which orownB a height. 
Another stands on the hill-siile on the opposite, or south-east, side of the 
valley; and the third on an island in the centre of the valley, where it 
oiiena out. A groat number of villages line the sides of the valleys in 
every direction. The red marl of the lower slopes of the valloyH, all 
around this town. Is torn by the rainfall into very abrupt ravines or 
fieaurea, looking as if they had been furrowed by some giant hand. In 
places some sootions wore displayed, cut clear and sheer down some 
300 feot. A curious spectacle presented itself in the pj-ramids standing 
in these ravines, but the columns were still more remarkable. These 
displayed the strata in a most comioal way. 

A couple of days' marching up the side of the Mong-hoa-ho brougbt 
us to the extensive and beautiful plain of Mong-hoa. For the grater 
length the hills were steep on both sides, and therefore less cultivated. 
The eastern slopes were nearly bare. In the upper length the banks 
were in places lined with willowa. At the extreme eouthom end of the 
plain, on a spur some 600 feet high, stands a most graceful and handsome 
seven-tiered pagoda. This is called by the villagers to the north 
Shih-tsow-tah, and by those to the south Wu-fong Fo-tah. 

The road skirts tho eastern side of the stream, aud a couple of mUes 
before we reached Mong-hoa, we came upon a handsome nino-storiod 
pagoda. A temple on the lower hill-side stands on tho other side of the 
stream. The pagoda is square in section. 

The valley sides are lined with villages, and after the town is passed, 
they become so numerous as to almost form a continuous row on either 
side. The plain is, however, not one-half cultivated, and the handsome 
subs tan ti ally-built villages arc frequently in part deserted. 

Littlo is seen of Mong'hoa from the outside above the blackened 
city walls, except a two-atoried pavilion, the two-storied gat^'ways, and 
tho ofGcial wei-kans. 

Tho city is not visible until close up to it, oii account of a rising 
ground, which hides it from the south approach. It is very largo and 
well built, and far superior to any we had yet seen. Several very 
handsome pai-fangs in fine sandstone, stand near the northern approach. 

We halted on the 20th of May at a small Lo-Io hamlet, aud received 
a hearty welcome from an old lady in whose house we stayed. 

Next day's march brought us to Sun-tien at the northern end of the 
plain ; nnmberless villages lined the valley, but a great proportion of it 
is waste. 

At night we lodged in a village close by Sun-tien, called Yensi- 
chang, which was almost entirely deserted. A winding paved causeway 
led us through unpeopled streets, on either side of which were fine, 
almost magnificent buildings, substantially built and handsomely 

There most bo an immense numlter of villages lining this 



Some twenty oould be seen, as we wound our way next day up the 
lower slopes of the northern hill-sides of the valley. 

Cloee by Mong-hoa are some hot boiling springs, whioh wo had not 
time to yisit. They have a great local reputation for the cure of almost 
every ailment. 

A toilsome ascent of a couple of hours brought us to the greatest 
height we had yet crossed, 9200 feet, and to the summit of the range 
dividing the Tali lake from the Mong-hoa plain. The lake finally 
became visible to our delighted eyes. It is some 20 miles by four, and 
is incased in magnificent mountains, estimated at 14,000 to 15,000 feet in 
height, though they are probably higher, as snow is found on the peaks 
all the year round. 

At Hsia-Kuan, a strongly fortified town at the south-west extremity 
of the lake, we were met and very kindly treated by Mr. and Mrs. 
Greorge Clarke, of the China Inland Mission. 

Here our survey ended, for although we were very far from being 
" out of the wood " with a long and perilous march of twenty days to 
Bhamo before us, that part of our journey had already been surveyed 
and described by other travellers. 

The foregoing is a mere account of the features of the country 
passed, the route taken, and our reasons for departing from the original 
plan. It gives no idea of the difficulties encountered. Although wo 
were generally well treated by the native officials, some of them were 
suspicious and obstructive. Our native followers, being Chinese, 
thought and acted as if the fate of the expedition depended on their 
goodwill ; and besides this conceit, they were rendered more intractable 
by having their fears, self-interest, or superstition played upon by those 
officious people who, in China, are never well-disposed to foreigners. 
Our funds were very low, my own private means and money generously 
supplied by a few English merchants, barely sufficing to pay our way 
through, even if all went well. The sickness of Mr. Wahab towards the 
latter end of the journey, and unforeseen delays, caused such a drain on 
our resources that I was forced to borrow from the missionaries at Tali 
and Bhamo. 

The provinces of Kwang-tung and Kwang-si were still in a state of 
turmoil from the recent insurrections ; brigandage was rampant. 

Transport, after leaving the boat, could scarcely be obtained, and 
'Was bad at the best. Plague and malaria infested a great part of the 
route, most of my party, including Mr. Wahab, contracted dysentery, or 
fever, before reaching Tali, and had to go into hospital on arriving at 
Bangoon. I myself was so jaded by long marches, bad food, and un- 
healthy quarters, the anxieties of our situation, the constant labour of 
surveying and taking frequent angles, that only a deep sense of the 
heavy responsibility for the rest of the party, and a determination to pull 
through, aided by a robust frame, kept me from breaking down altogether. 



Since this jouraoy was made, many of tlie citieB pnsned throagh by 
me on tho river between Canton and Pe-Bij liave been included in a vast 
Bystem of internal telegraplia, which is still being -vigoTOusly pushed by 
tho Chinese Govemnient The erection and maintenance of these lines 
necessitates the occasional presence of European engineers, but although 
these are in the direct employ of tho Chinese Government, and some 
have high Chinese ofGcial rank, they have to move about under large 
military oacorta. Even then insult and robbery cannot be prevented. 
My position five years ago, poor in funds, vrith no official status, and 
subject to having my aims njalicionsly misrepresented to a lawless 
nnthinking populace, may be imagined, 

Tho aggressive attitude of Russia, and the recent ti-onblc with 
France, have forced the Chinese to recognise the value of European 
Bcientifio appliances. They have given practical jiroof of their con- 
victions in this I'espect by building a costly line of telegraph from end 
to end of the empire. 

The leading Chinese statesmen are thoroughly convinced that if 
China is to hold together as a nation, and avert tho threatened diH- 
TUption consequent on uncontrolled interna! and external pressure, they 
must have railways. Their political and commercial value baa long 
been proved to them, and if English capitalists will build a line 
traversing the rich provinces of SJam and tho Shan States, joining our 
Indian railways with the south-western frontier of China, the induce- 
ments to the Cliineso to meet them half-way will, in all probability, 
give the neoessaiy impetus to railway construction in China. 




By H. Ling Soth. 













By H. LiNa Both. 


The Island of Hispaniola has become known by several names. Origi- 
nally named Espanola by Colnmbns, it was generally called Hispaniola,. 
and occasionally Santa Dominica. It is also spoken of as Saint Domin- 
gue, Santo or San Domingo, Hayti and Haiti. 

When we consider that Hispaniola has been known to the civilised 
world for a period extending over nearly four hundred years (it was- 
discovered 5 Dec. 1492), and that it is a rich tropical island with a 
mo6t remarkable history, we may be somewhat disappointed at the 
paucity of works which describe it, but this paucity is no doubt due to 
the depressing influence of the unhappy political disturbances which, 
with a few lucid intervals, have prevailed during the last century at 
both ends of the island. Travellers and naturalists visit Jamaica, Cuba, 
the Bahamas, Porto Bico, and other surrounding islands, but they appear 
carefully to avoid the island Hispaniola itself. The maps of the country 
are also comparatively few, but we have a considerable number of charts 
of the coast. 

The history has been well threshed out and includes some standard 
works. Most of the historians have given a good account of the 
geography and of the people of the island ; but of its meteorology our 
knowledge is almost nt7, and with its zoology and botany we are but 
imperfectly acquainted. The herbaria in Kew collected by Schomburgk, 
Wright, Parry, and Brummel appear never to have been published. 

The last naturalist who visited Hispaniola was the late B. L. Fleming, 
who died there, and whose collections and papers never reached 

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There is in tho British Museum a nnmerous collection of French 
purely revolutionary pamphlets bearing on Hayti. It has not been 
considered advisable to publish their titles in this Bibliography. Any 
one wishing to consult them will find a very complete set of these 
titles, about 250 in number, prepared by the present writer, in the 
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This spideris described by Descourtilz, which see, 
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iVofe.— With 12 statistical tablea. 

Histoire des D&aalres de Saint Domingue, pr&idde - d'un tableaa 

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Reflexions sur la Colonic de Saint Domingue, ou examen approfondi 

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Note. — Map wanting. 
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Beard, John B., SJ>.— The Life of Tousswnt L'OuTerture, the Negro Patriot of 
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and translations. 

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Note, — ^Includes some mollusks from Hayti. 

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2iote, — This deals with the revolution and the first years of independence. 


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Note.— Thia amall Bibiiosraphy is largely aided by that of Le Pelletier 
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A'ote.— This gives a short account of the island, together with the doings of 
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Xtile. — On the enconragement of agriculture, 

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Note, — No title-page. 
Pitees Officiflllea relatives aux Negociations du Qonvemement Fran^ais avec 

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rindOpendance d'HaVii. Port-au-Prince : 1824, 4to, 84 pp. B.M. 
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See lUso Wallen. 

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Xotr, — The specimen ivas forwarded by Jaeger from Hayti. With two 

plates, reters, Mivart, and Dolison have since described this imtnimal peculiar 

to Cuba and Hayti. 

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Brewer. — See Kolb. 

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Note. — Contains a Tocabulary of the liaytian language, and comparison with 
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Remarks and Strictures on the Misstatements, and a Refutation of the Calumnies 
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preceded by a precise account of the Historical Events of the Dominican Republic, 
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Note. — Very few references to authorities. 

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Histoire des ddsastres de Saint Domingue. Ouvrage oil I'on expose les causes 

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Note, — This work is probably the same as the one quoted above. 

C, Q. W.— See W., P. and C, Q. W. 

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Note,—\vL two vols. Vol. i. 1860, contains the documents dated from 
1574-16C0, and vol. ii. 1880, contains those dated 1661-1668. The General 
Indexes to these volumes are exceptionally good. The reader will find references 
to Hispaniola under the titles His^mniola (2), St, Domingo, San Domingo and 
Tortuga (2). 

Calle. — Sec Diaz de la Calle. 



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Cuba, New Spaiu, 5:c., &c. Jacques de Miggrode published a translation in 
French, entitled : Tyrannies et cruautcs des Espagnola, 8vo, Antwerp, 1579. 
B.M. Tbere are several editione, copies, and translations in B.M. ^H 

Hisloire dea Indes Occidentalcs. . , , Lyon; 1642, 8vo, 209 pp. ^| 

iVo(e.— Pp. 15-26 deal wltli Hispaniola, ^M 

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Noit. — This history waw written between the years 1552 and 15G1, and is 
now Grat printed. The account of Hispaiiiola coitimeuces at clmp. xliii. of the 
first volurae. 

— See also Varahagen, Helps, Herrera. 

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and 65-73. Sch.M. 

Note. — A paper read before tiie Aeaiieniy of Medical, Physical, and Xaluml 
Sdences of Havannah. 
— — — Noliciiis geograficaa de la isla de Santo Domingo. Bol. Soc. Geogr. Madrid, 
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Note. — The name is incorrectly given as Gastro by Pctermann. 

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A'oie.— Quoted by St. Riimy. 
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Aoie.— Pp. 543-540 deal with Hayti ; with a map (PL XIIL faoine p. 528). 
Chanca,— See Major, Soillaoio. 


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870, 9 pp. B.M. 

Note, — No title-page. 

Charlevoix, Pierre Francois Xavier de. Priest.— Histoire de Tlsle Espagnole 
oa de S. Domingue. l^crite particuliSroment sur lea M^moires Manuscrits du 
P. Jean-Baptiste Le Pent, J^aite, Missionnaire & Saint-Domingue, et sur les 
Pieces Originales, qui seconserventauD^potde la Marine. Paris: 1730 and 1731, 
2 Tola. 4to. B.M. [Amsterdam : 1833, 4 vols. 12mo. A.B.] 

NoU, — History commences with the discovery of the island. Contains 
numerous maps, by Bourguignon d*Anville, and plans, and separate copious 
indexes to each volume. According to Margry (which see) Le Pers* MSS. are 
still in existence and are worthy of publication, as the author repudiated 
Charlevoix's edition of them. 

Chamilly. — See Venaiilt de Chamilly. 

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Note. — On the results of the annexation of St. Domingo to Spain. 

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Note. — Vol. iii. (pp. 76-191) gives a new account of Columbus's four 
voyages and a description of Hispaniola, from most authentic sources. On 
pp. 189-191 there is a bibliography of the older writers on the life and dis- 
coveries of Columbus (including numerous works on Hispaniola). 

Oliastenet-Pays^gn^, A. H. A. de. — ^Instructions nautiques sur les Cdtes et les 
D^bouquements de Saint-Domingue, avec le detail de la position des principaux 
points qui out servi de base ^ la construction des cartes publics, en 1787, au 
dep6t g^n^ral des cartes et plans de la Marine et des Colonies ; • • • public, pour 
1a premiere fois, par ordre du roi, en 1787. Paris : 1821, 8vo, 259 pp. B.M. 

Detail sur la navigation aux cdtes de S.D. et dans ses d^bouquemens. Paris : 

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Note. — With atlas entitled Le Pilote de I'isle de Saint Domingue. . . . 
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Note. — From the Spanish. Author's name not given. Pp. 102-150 deal 
with the navigation round St Domingo. With Index. 

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Domingue k toutes les nations. Servant de suite k la question de la garantic de la 
E6pu.blique fran^aise dans ses colonies des Antilles. Paris : [1797], 8vo, 24 pp. 

s 2 


Christophe. Ste Harvey. Henry, W. (F,), and C. (G. W.) 

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printed from Original Manuscripts, Others traoslnted; &c Ijondcpn : 1704-1732, 
6 vols. fo!. B.M, 

Note. — With Indexes. Vol. ii. (pp. 557-088) coiilains a new tranBlation of 
Ferd. Columbua's life of his Falhcr, nnd of the diBcoveries iti the W. Indiw. It 
includes F. Bamon Pane's account of the ahorigitiea of HiBpaniola (pp. 622- 
633). Vol. V. [pp. 591-640) givea Herrera's account of ColumbuB' discoveries 
n-ith the account of Hispanioia. 
[Cinna le Conte, grandson of Dessalinea P] — Les Principes de RiSvolntioaa en 

Haiti. Privately printed. S.H. 
Olark, B. C. — A Plea for Hajti, with a glance at her telationa witli France, 
England, and the United Stales, for the lost sUty years. Boston : 1S53, Svu, 
50 pp. B.M. 
Cobbet, W.— Sec Moreau de Saint-M^ry. 

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Gobernia da S.M. el Key de Espoilii. Santo Domingo : 1870, Svo, 339 pp, F.O. 
[CoetiTy and others.] — Mdinoire do Second Bataillon dn Neiivifime Bigiment 
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Note. — With apiiendices including proclamations by Mirheck, Soume, and 
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3 vols. Svo. B.M. 

Note.— Vol. iii. (chaps, xlv.-lv., pp. 304-530) deals with Hispaniola. 
Colurabua.— See Colombo. 

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Note. — Several Haytian species are hero deBCril>ed. 

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Note. — Includes specimens from Hayti. 

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Note. — A new froj; from Hayti, found by W. M. Gabb, is Ijcre described, J] 

'coc Amw.^l 
!scribed, J^^H 


Cope, £. D. — Ninth Contribution to the Herpetology of Tropical America. Proc. 
Acad. Nat. Science^ Philadelphia, 1871, pp. 200-227. L.S. 

iVofe.— On pp. 218-220 are described the new species collected by W. M. 

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Note. — ^A sumptuous work, with 23 hand-coloured plates and index. The 
birds are scientifically described, but notes on habits are meagre. 

Cotterel, F. F. — Esquisse Historique dcs Principaux £v^nemens arrives k Saint- 
Domingue depuis Tincendie du Cap jusqu'^ I'expulsion de Sonthonax ; leurs causes, 
leoTB effets. Situation actuelle de cette colonic et moyens d'y rdtablir la tran- 
quillity. Paris : an vi. [1798], 8vo, 68 pp, B.M. 

Cooa, Juan de la. — See Major. 

Gdalom — See OarraxL 

Ck>iirtiie79 W. 8.— The Gold Fields of St Domingo ; with a description of the 
agricultural, commercial, and other advantages of Dominica. And containing 
some account of its climate, seasons, soil, mountains, and its principal cities, rivers, 
bays, and harbours. New York : 1860, 12 mo, 144 pp. B3I. 

Hote, — It does not appear that the author visited the island. With map. 

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Note. — Compare with 24. 

Cromwell.— See Pinkerton. 

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Habitations, Plagiondia asdium, Ann. des Sciences Naturelles, Paris, 2nd ser., 
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Note, — The specimen was sent from Hayti by M. Ricord. 

ly Alanx, OuBtave. — ^L*£mpereur Soulouque et son Empire. Paris : 1856, 8voI 


Note, — Reprinted from Revue des deux Mondes. 

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Note, — ^With two statistical tables by M. Wante. 

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J>eni8. — See Augoste. 

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Note. — No title-page. 



D'Eanery, Comte. — Seo also La Mardelle. 

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Note. — The mtt. hist, account of St. ]>omiiigo begins with vol. iL In vol. 
iii. tbc liabitH of the slaves are dcaciibed, and an account of the revolntion is 
given. The notes on tie aborigines are apparently from hearsay, 

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Note. — With an index, anil coloured plate for every plant described. Grisc- 
bacli says the jilotes are execrable. 
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Note, — An exhaustive crLlioiam. ^^^H 

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Nott, — In vols. It ii., iv., and v. are several cliapters devoted exclnsvely to 
St. Dominga Tlie author has drawn chiefly from Moreau de St. Mfiry'a works 
and from the Archives de la Marine, Paris. Vol. v. is by F. n. Doasallea. 
SevOBt. — See Aiiguat«. 

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Note, — Tlie civil list for the Spanish Indies (including St. Domingo, &c.). 

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Note. — With Juan Nieto'a account of the mines in the SjaniBU colony. 

Drake-^ee Hakluyt. 


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Note, — ^Translation from the French, by K. L. M. Mtiller, with Dessalines* 

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I>ucas8e. — See Maxgiy. 

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Note. — The introduction (ccviii. pp.) consists of an historical and a statis- 
tical account. The slave system and home products are described, as are also 
the social state and the climate. Pouppe-Desportes' medical treatise is incor- 
porated in the work, and a Pidgin-French vocabulary given. Map wanting. 

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Indies, all drawn and engraved by Tardieu. 

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Note. — ^The San Domingo fossils occupy a prominent position in this paper. 
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^oto.--Quoted by J. F. Riafio in Athmmum, No. 3036, p. 26. 


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chap. Ti. (pp. 188-188) deals with the Freuch defent of the Spaaiah and 
the French srttleiiienl, on the island Tortoe (Tortuga); vol. ii. ^p. 30-31) 
pvee a deecriptian of the island Tortue; vol. iii. (pp. 12f>'lG4J describes the 
state of the island, the defeat of the English there, &a 

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political state, population, productions, and eipcirts ; A narrative of the calamities 
which have desolated the country ever since tjia year 178i), with some rcfleclioua 
mu their ciusts and proliftble consequences j and a detail of tlie military transac- 
tions of tliu British army in that island to the end of 1794. [With map.] 
London : 1797, 4to, pp. 247. B.M:. 

TlieHiKtory, Civil and Comniercial,of the Britisli Colonies in the West Indies. 

To which is added an Historical Survey of the Freoch Colony of St. Domingo, 
Abridged from the history written by B, . . E. , , , London : 1700, Svo, 373 pp. 


An Historical survey of the Island of Saint Domingo, together with an 

account of the Maroon Negroes in the Island of Jainaica ; and a history of 
the war in the West Indies in 1T93 and 1794, by B. E. . , Also a tour through 
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rhe years 17ai and 1792, by Sir "VF. Young, Bart lA)ndon : 1801, 4io, 443 pp. 

NoCe. — Edwards' History cxtenda to p. 258. Young gives a Postscript to tha 
Historical Survey of St. Diimingu on pp. 383-404. Tliia Is a separate edition of 
vol. til. of Edwards' IliBtory, Civil and C-ommi'rcial, of the British Colonies in 
the West Indies. 

Hisloire de L'ile Sauil Domingue; exttaite de rHisloire Civile et Com- 

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A'ote. — With map. ^^M 

See Venault de Charmilly. ^^H 

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A'o(«.— Tliu humming V>ird3 of St. Domingo aro included in this paper. 

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2iote.—Vt'\th two charts and with sailing directions on pp. 31-38. Several 
editions in B.M. 

Ennery.— See d'Ennery. 



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Note. — Chap. ii. describes the island of Tortuga (Tortue), ch. iii.-v. the 
island of St. Domingo. An English translation appeared in 1684 (London : 
2 vols. 4to. B.M.) and a French one in 1686 (Paris : 2 vols. 8vo. B.M.), both 
with index. There are also several other editions and translations. 

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Hayti that has yet [?] appeared. New York : 1862, 8vo, 32 pp. RM. 

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Note, — Vol. i. contains the voyages of Columbus, with two charts illustrating 
his routes across the Atlantic and in the West Indies. Vol. ii. Authentic 
documents relating to Columbus and the early inhabitants of the islands, &c. 
A French edition of the Ist vol. is called : Kelation dcs Quatre Voyages 
entrepris par C. . . . Colomb. . . . Paris : 1828, 3 vols. 8vo, with maps, 
portraits, &c. B.M. This translation is by Chalumeau de Vemeuil and de la 
Iloquette, with numerous notes by French savants. This work of Navarette*s 
is considered one of the most reliable records of Columbus* discoveries. 

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Note. — Gives a short account of " Espaiiola " (St Domingo). 

. La Historia General de las Indias. Seville : 1535, fol. B,M. 

Note, — This is an enlarged edition of the above, and gives an account, 
dispersed through the work, uf the discovery, settlement, aborigines, 
and natural history of the island of St. Domingo. Jean Poleur translated 
the ten first books into French [L'Histoire Naturelle et Gdndrale des 
Indes, &c. Paris: 1556, 135 folios. B.M.], and according to A. B. the 
rest of the books were not published until 1783 by the Marquis Travello. 
There are several editions, copies, and translations in the B.M. According to 
H. H., republished at Madrid, 1851-55. 

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R.S., B.M. 

Note, — On pp. 365-370, vol. iii., *' Observations faite k la Caie Saint Louis 
au Sud de I'lslc S. Domingue.** 

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with General Descriptions, &c. New York : 1855, 8vo, 68 pp. B.M. 

Note, — Pp. 16-25 deal with the Empire of Hayti and the Dominican 


•pmnitiin, jameB. — The Present State of Hayti (Saint Domiago), with remarks 
ou iis Agriculture, Commerce, LawB, IteligioQ, Fionnces, FopulBtion, Ac, &e, 
Lonaoii : 1828, 8vo, 411 pp. B.M., B.G.8. 

Sole, — The first bull' of the work treats of the history of the island. 
Iteviewed, Nortli American Review, Boston, xxviii. 1829, pp. 150-165, B.M., 
nod Eclectic Review, isii. 1828. pp. 97-110, B.M. 
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2, p. 481. lt.S. 

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Note.— At San Domingo on 4tii February, 1872. 

Description of Some New Genera of Molliis 

Pliiiadelphiii, 1872, pp. 270-274. L.8. 

Froc. Acad. Nat. Sciences, 

Trans, Amer. 

On the Topography and Geology of Santo Domin 

Philosoph. Soc., Philadelphia, N.S. iv. 1873, pp. 49-2.'>9. B.M. 

Note, — The result of three years' enbaustiva reconnaissanca on the tsland ; 
the memoir includes Topographical Description, Geological Formations, Local 
Geoli^, and Palieontology, With a new map, the result of the work. 
in P.M.. X.X. 1871, pp. 358-360. 


Oabst. — See Payen. 

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A'ofe. — From the i>refftce it iippeara the author viaiteil the lands described. 
Pp. 57-62 deal with Hispaniol.i. 

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Kote.—Ste also £3. 

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Oastro. — Hee Castro. ^^H 

QayangoB. — See Faaoual de Q. ^^^H 

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Note. — Sailing directions, including those for the coast of Hispaniola. 

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tains Ferdinand Columbus* history of his father, Lopez de Gomara's Historia de 
las Indias, &c. 

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Domingue sumomm^ le Premier des Noirs — Ouvrage ^rit d'apr^ des documents 
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anthentiquo du c^ldbre g^ndral et du fac-simile de sa signature. Paris and 
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Note, — ^In vol. ix., on pp. 24-26, there is a very good article on Haiti. 

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^<rfe.— Pp. 200-256, Part II., deal with the author's visit to HaytL 

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historique des moeurs, usages, &c. Paris : 1796, 5 vols. 4to. B.M. 

Note, — ^Volume entitled " Am^rique " has four pages on the " Habitans de 
l*i8le Saint-Domingue," and six highly coloured plates representing coloured 
people and negroes of the island. 

Qreenvile. — See Finkerton. 

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Note, — Very little reference to Hayti's flora. 

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1793], 4to, 28 pp. B.M. 

Note, — ^An account of affairs during the author's detention in captivity by 
the insurgents Jean-Fran9ois and Biassou, 26 Ck)tober to 24 December, 1791. 
3rd edition. 

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Note, — ^A collection of voyages. Contains a short account of Columbus' 
discovery. Translated into German : Die New Welt, der Landschaften unnd 
Insulen, • • . Strassburg: 1533, fol. B.M. According to H. H., John 
Huttich was the real author of this work. 



Qu^in, L. — See Moreau de Bt, Mary. 

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auto^Tftphe suivi 'Je Iii solution du la qucation Haitienne, I'lirisi 1856, 24mo, 

86 pp. B.M. 

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SUtUliiiuca Bur cetto partie. rhiladelpliin : 1810, 8vo, 315 pp. B.M. 

Note. — With portrait of General Ferrand and table of cost of food during 
sie^e. A second edition, with slightly ditTerent Utle-iuige, was published with 
494 pp. (Paris : 1811, 8vo. B.M.), and conlalaed a view of ruins of Christopher 
Culumbus' chateau at Santo Doniiogo, and a map of the seat of war rotiud the 

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A'ole. — With 2 plnttB. For description of new genera see Qabb, 1872. 

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Domingo, 186C. 8.H. 
[Hnitien, Un.] — Aux Homniea Impartiaus sar lee Atiaqnea dont I'Empire d'Hald 
et lea Haiticns ont ^te I'objet. Paris: 1850, 8vo, 24 pp. B.M. 

NoU. — A rejily to French and New Tork newspaper attacks. 

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coveries of the English Nation. New edition. London : 1810, 3 vols. fol. B.M. 

Note. — In vol. iii., pp. G92 ct seq., a short account ia given of Sir Thomas 

Bert's voyage to Sto. Domingo with Soitflstian Cabot, with evidence of this 

journey cxtmcted from Oviedo'a work. Also nn account of Hawkins's three 

voyages to the West Indies. 

Vol. iii., pp. 39 et eeq. : " An escellent nittier for the islands of the West 

Indies, and for Tierra limia, and Nueva Espanna." There are sailing directicns. 

Vol.iv. contains on pp. 10-27: " A sumniario and tnio discourse of air Francis 

Drakes West Indian voyage begun in the yeere 1585, Wherein were taken the 

cities of Swnt lago, Santo Domingo, Cartagena," &o. On pp. 48-51 : " A true 

report of a voyage undertaken fur the West Indies by M. Christopher Newport, 

, . . Begun from London the 26. of Januarie 1591. Written by Mr, John 

Twitt of Harewich, Corporal in the Dragon. In which voyage they tooke and 

burnt upon the coast of Hispaniola, within the Bay of Honduras, and other 

places, 3. towne, and 19, sailo of shippes and frigats." 

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Natf. — With engraved tille-jiage, hearing map of the island, and a few 

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.Vo(e.— A review from scv 

The Dominican Republic 

delphia, vi. 1870, pp. 200-210. 

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ml works. 

ind Annexation, Lippincott's Magazine, Phila- 


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Note, — ^Written partly from new sources. 

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i\'oie.— Pp. 760-762 refer to Hayti and S. Domingo. The 8th ed., 1879, 

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Note, — On the title-page of the first volume the author calls himself 
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VOL. II. • F 



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Note. — in Diiee parts o[ 16 pp., separate pagination. Tbii work was 
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B.M., and dedicated to the Emperor of all the KuBsiaa. 

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A'ofe,— Vol. i. (pp. 1149-1213) deals with tlie history and HtatiaticB of 

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Note. — With two plates, a map, and a fac-simile of Henry C'hristaphe's 
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tion which he publishes. Heviewcd Monthly Iteview, London, cxxii. (xiv. nji.) 
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I'aunfelBlB. Pai 

: 1819, E 

A.L., B.T. 

iiverte juaqu'u 

Hietoire d'Haili (He de Saint Domingue) dcpuiB sa d&ouverte jusqu'en 1824, 

fipoque^des demieres I«egociationB entre la France ct le Gouvenieraent Uaitien. 
Nouvello Edition suifie de pieces officielles. Paris; 182Q, 8vo. Itich. 

A'ote. — Reviewed North American Beview, Boston, sxviii. 1829, pp. 150- 
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Note.~-Y6L iv. deals with St. Domingo. It is divided into three parts. 
Part I. is descriptive of the island, its people, &c ; Part II. relates to the com- 
merce ; and Part IIL deals with the administration, justice^ police, finances, &c. 

See Baynal, Vastey. 

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yote, — ^The author gives details from Le Pers's MSS. concerning the first 
settlement of the French at St Domingo, and transcrihes Governor Ducasse*s 
letter, which gives particular^, concerning the island in 1692. 

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Note. — ^The Lepidoptera described all come from ELayti, having been for- 
warded by M. Ja^er. Thb paper is reprinted with two plates (X. and XI.), 
Nouv. Mem. Soc. Imp. d. Nat. Moscou, iii. 1834, pp. 115-133. R.S. The 
author promises to publish further information on the subject, but does not 
appear to have done so. 

Menonville. — See Thiery de MenonviUB. 

Merchant of Iiondon, A. — ^A State of the Trade carried on with the French on 
the Island of Hispaniola by the Merchants of North America, under colour of flags 
of truce, occasioned by some captures of the said flags lately made by His 
Majesty's Ships under the command of Admiral Cotes. London : 1760, 8vo. 
-^ofe.— Quoted in Watt's Bib. Brit, B.M. 

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Note, — ^With portrait of Toussaint Louverture. The Memoirs of Isaac 
Louverture extend over pp. 224-324, and the notes on his father pp. 324-339. 
Aooording to A.B. the 1st ed. appeared in 1825. 

F 2 


Moletius, Job.— Geogrartia CI. Ptoleiiicei Alt-sandrini. . . . Venetia: 1562, 4ti>. 

Note. — Contains a new map (No. 64) with one page description of HiBiwniolft. 
The map is titled Isola Spugnola Nova. 
Monmonier. — See Chastenet-PuyB^gur. 

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Sole. — Apparently only one vol. published. With portraits of C. and B. 
Columbus, numerous charts of the coast, and Muuoz' map of Hayti with tho 
aboriginal divisions; also a curious lithograjih representing a battle between 
the Spaniards and Indians, and one repreaeuting the prison (and its neighbonr- 
hood) of C. Columbus. Whence these drawings are copied is not stated. 
Kontpinay. — See Ouillermin de Kontpiiuiy. 
Moore. — See Henekan, Henilter. 

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de I'AmiSrique sous Ic Vent; Hiiivies, I'D'uii Tableau raisonni, ..2* d'Ohservatloas 
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Saint Domingue ... etc. Paris : 1784-85, o vols. 4to. B.M. 

Kote. — List of Governors, Chronological Tables and index to every volume 
(from 1550 to 1779). In consequence of t)ie outbreak of the French Bevolution 
the author did not publish the account of the island of 8. Domingo until 1797, 
in Philadelphia. 

Description topographiqiie et politique de la partie espagnole do me de 

Saint Domingue. Phikdelphia : 1796, 2 vols. A.B. 

AWe.— An English translation by W. Cobbett, in B. Jf . (Philadelphia : 17i)6, 
2 vols. 8vo.), with map and index. 

Description Topograph ique. Physique, Civile, Poliiique et Historiqiie d& 

la Parlie Franfaise de Saint-Domiiigue. Aveo des Observations gininiea sur 
at population, snr le caractere et lea inQ:urs de ses divers Habitants. . . . Ac- 
compngnfes des details lea plus propres & faire connailre I'litat de cetle Colonic a 
I'^poquo dn 18 Octobre 178EI. Philadelphia: 1797-98, 2 vols. 4to. B.M. 

Kole. — These volumes form the sequel lo St. Mery's I,oix et Constitutions, 
des Col. Fraoi'aiaes. With map by Sonis, and separate indexes, A second 
edition (Paris; 1875-76, 3 vols. 8vo, B.M.), with Kotico sur M. de SL M^ry 
by L. Gudrin, without any index, but with atlas. 

A'irfe.^-Iii the Archives of the Minislire de la Marino (Paris) are 75 vols, in 

folio of M. do St. Mary's manuscripts for a history of St, Domingo. A.B. 
See al«o Ponoe ot Fhelipeau. 

ISota, Manuel de R., President. — Bios, Pntria y Lihcrtad. Bepuhlica Domini- 
cana. . . . Ley aobre atnjicelca de importacion y exporlacion. Panto Domingo : 
1855, 4to, 48 pp. B.M. 

A'oie.— No title-paga. The Tariff, 

Mouttot, Vienna. — Saint-Domingue devnnt I'Europe. Ndcesi-ite, L^gitlmite',, 
Facility de son occupation pnr la France, dans les circonstances pi^ntes. Puisi 
1843, 8vo, 80 pp. B.M. 

MiiUar.— iiTo/e.— In Monatsbericht Geaoll. f. Erdiunde, Beriin, vii. p. 305. viii, 
p. 288, ix. p. 403, 1850-52 (R.G.S.) reference is made to the aiitlior's. 
lectures on St. Domingo, 


mzUer, Ii., Dr.— Erdbeben in HaTti. Zcit Allgem. Erdkunde, D.8., viii. 1860, 
pp. 509-511. R.G.S. 

See Dubxooa. 

IfiilUgaTi, John."See BoiUaoia 

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and 364 pp. B.M. 

^oie, — With portrait of Columbus, map of America, inclading EspaSlola 
with aboriginal nomenclature. One vol. only published. The English trans- 
lation, with pwtrait of Columbus and fac-simile map of Espafiola by Mufioz, 
was published four years later, and entitled The History of the New World. 
London : 1797, 8vo, 552 pp. B.M. In the Introduction the author gives an 
aooonnt of, and tests the qualifications of, historians who preceded him. 

N.N., G«nt. — ^America: or, An Exact Description of the West Indies; more 
especially of those Provinces which are under the Dominion of the King of Spain. 
London: 1655, 8vo, 486 pp. B.M. 

-^ofe.— Pp. 475-479 deal with Hispaniola. 

Kan, Simile. — Histoire des caciques d'HaTti. Port-au-Prince : 1855, 8vo. A.B. 
Note. — With an appendix on the early geography, the aboriginal language, 
and the native flora by Eugene Kau (A.B.), and reviewed Bull, de la Soc de 
Geog., Paris, 5th ser. iv. 1862, p. 335. R.6.S. 

Haval Officer. — Letter concerning HaytL Blackwood's Edinb. Mag., Edinb., 
iv. 1818-19, pp. 130-135. B.M. 

Havarette. — See Fernandez de Navarette. 

Newport. — See HaklU3rt. 

[Hicolson, — 9 Dominican.] — Essai sur UHistoire Naturelle de St Domingue 
Avec Figures en Taille Douce. Paris : 1776, 8vo, 376 pp. B.M., E.G. 

Note, — ^With engraved title-page and ten plates. Chapter vii. and plates 9 
and 10 deal with the works of the ancient inhabitants. Deals also with the 
government, statistics, &c. 

Nieta — See Dorvo-Soulastre. 


Note. — In Niles' Weekly Register, Baltimore, xiiL and xiv. 1817-1818, 
xix.-xxiL 1820-1822, xxiv.-xxix. 1823-1826 will be found numerous historical 
and statistical items relating to Hayti. 

NoUoth, M. 8., Capt. B.N. — Reminiscences of St. Domingo in 1849. Nautical 
Mag., 1859, pp. 293-307. R.G.8. 

Note, — ^This account gives an insight into the customs of the country. 

H. . . [Nongaret]. — ^Voyages interressans dans difif^rentes colonies Fran^aises, 
Espagnoles, Anglaises, Sec ; contenant des observations importantes relatives d. ces 
oontr^; et un m6moire sur les maladies les plus communes d. Saint Domingue, 
leurs remMes et le moyen s'en preserver moralement et phisiquement. Avec des 
anecdotes singuli^res, qui n'avaient jamais 616 public. Le tout rddig^ et mis au 
jour, d*apr^ un grand nombre de manuscrits, par M. N. Londres (Paris) : 1788, 
8vo. Rich, 

Note. — According to Rich, the MSS. were those of M. Boiu^eois, M. N.'s 

Oezmelin. — See Exquemelin. 


OKeron. — See Du Tertro. 

Ogllb7, John.- — Ainpricn : being the ktest aud most Accurate Description of tliu 
New World. . . . London : 1671, fol., 674 pp. 

Note, — In Chap. iii. there is a short aocount of CoUimhuB's Toyagea to 
Hisponiola, and in Chap. xiii. a description of ihu island, with double-page 
view of the city of St. Domingo, ond an engraving representing the aborigmes. 
Ouverture. — See L'Ouverture. 
Oviedo.^ — Seu Fernandez de Oviodo y Valdez. 

F&liBOt de Beauvois, A. M. F. J. — Inaeoles recudlifi en Afrlque et en. Amarlque, 
dans Ics Royaumes d'Oware et de Benin, & Saint Domingue, et dans lea fitata- 
Unis, pendant les Annto 1786-1797. Paris : 1805 [-21], fol., 275 pp. L.S. 

Kole, — With 90 coloured ptntea. The insects are not described in geogra- 
phical order, but arc classified, hence the S. Dominguan apecimena are to be 
sought for throughout the work. 
Pane.— See Churchill. 

Paranter, Captain. — Itenseignements sur In mouillage dn Petit-Tron (Saint 
Domingue). Annalea Hydrograph., Paris, xxiii, 1863, pp. 338-313, R.G.S. 

Farmentier, Jean et RaouL — Le Diaooura de la Navigation de J. et It. P. de 
Dieppe. — Vojnge i\ Sumatra en 152!). Description de lisle do Sainct-Dominigo. 
I'ublie par 51. Ch. Schefer. Paria: 1883, 8vo, 202 pp. B.M. 

.Vo(f.— Pp. 87-101 deal with St. Domingo, and pp. 155-108 with the 
Account of the island given by Thevet (wliiob aeo below). With indei. 
Faecual de Oayang:os. — Catalogae of the Manuscripts in the Spanish Language 
in the Brillhli Mospum. Vol. ii. London: 1877. 

Nole.—Pp. 314-315 contain 81. 375, 3052-3054, Add. 22,681-22,686. One 
copy of Casatf Brevitaima Jidacion de la OestrKcioa de laa Indiat and seven 
copies of Caaat' EUtoria de tai Indiat, 

Pp. 343 and 348, Eg. 321, ff. 7 and 109. Negro and wm afisiri. 
353, Eg, 323, f. 52. On church matters. 
358, Eg. 520, f. 133. On the cession of a part of Hiapaniola to France. 

362, Add. 13,074, f. 125 on the depopulation of the island, by Dr. P. A. 

de Mendofs. 

363, Add. 13.974, f. 131 A 

371, Add. 13,976, t. 6 Warioua. 

382, Add. 13,977, ff. 501. 505 J 

389, Add. 13,992, ff. 498-508. Map of the Island of Santo Domingo, 
preceded (ff. 40S-508) by a printed tract with the following title : 
Sdaeion aumaria del cstOfdo preaetite en que w holla ta ItUi 
L'spanolii, ilea., |wr D. Andres Nunez de Torni (1658 ?), fol. 10 pp. 

IKil, La Isla de Santo Domingo, Puertos, Bios y Enscnadaa de la Banda 
del Norte y Sur y de la Cncsta. 

408, Eg. 517. This volume contains 29 documents relating to the island. 

409, Add. 17,627, ff. 1 and 16. On the affairs of the JesuitH. 

455, Add. 17,583, f. 35a Commercial. I 

Paul, Q.— .Affaire d'lIaitL Paris : 1836, 8vo. A.L. ^H 

Payen, Joseph. — Code Noir. Cap- Francois ; 1725. ^^H 

Note. — A new edition, edited by M. Gnbet, quoted by Lo Pelletier de 
Bt. Remy, iv. p. 194. 


Ptiterie.— See Talbot de Felterie. 

Perin, H^ii^ — L'Incendie du Cap, ou le r^gne de Toussaint Louverture. Paris : 
1802, 12mo, 256 pp. Rich. 

Pieni&res. — See PoiBsonnier des Perri^rea. 

PMon. — See Ceriaier, Provost, Bt. Bemy. 

F^termaxm, A.— Karte der Insel Haiti. Peterro. Mitth., xx. 1874. B.G.S. 
Nate. — Compiled from Gabb and Schomburgk. 

FfeiiFer, Ik, Dr. — Descriptions of Twenty-four New Species of Land Shells, 
collected by M. Sall4 on the Island of St Domingo, from Mr. Cuming's Collection. 
Proc. ZooL Soc., London, xx. 1852, pp. 138-144. 

See also HJalmarson and Pfeiffer, and also Weinland. 

FheUpeau. — See Ponce et Phelipean. 

Fhilippi, Ferd. Carl, Dr.— Geschichte des Freistaats von St. Domingo (Hayti). 
Dresden: 1826-27, 3 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

Ncie. — Part XL of the Allgem. Historische Taschenbibliothek. 

Pinkerton, John. — A General Collection of the best and most interesting Voyages 
and Travels in all parts of the World. London : 1812-14, 17 vols. 4to. B.M. 

Note, — With index. Yol. xii., pp. 1-155 contain life of C. Columbus, by 
his son; pp. 310-312 describe Cromwell's expedition against Sto. Domingo; 
pp. 572 and 611 Sir R. Greenvile's visit to Hispaniola. 

Pladde-Justin. — See Barskett 


Plomier, Chas. — Description des Plantes de TAmerique avec leurs Figures. Paris : 
1693, foL, pp. 84. B.M., L.S. 

Note. — ^With 106 plates. Relates chiefly to Santo Domingo and Hayti. 
Grisebach says it is unreliable. 

Poey, Andres. — A Chronological Table, comprising 400 Cyclonic Hurricanes which 
have occurred in the West Indies and in the North Atlantic within 362 years, 
from 1493 to 1855 ; with a Bibliographical List of 450 Authors, Books, Sec, and 
Periodicals, where some interesting accounts may be found, especially on the 
West and East Indian Hurricanes. Jour. Roy. Greog. Soc., London, xxv. 1855, 
pp. 290-328. 

Cuban Antiquities. Trans. Amer. Ethn. Society, New York, iiL 1853, 

pp. 183-202. B.M. 

Note. — Contains reference to the antiquities of S. Domingo, illustrated, 
from other authors. 

[PoiBonnier des Perri&res.] — TrsAi6 des Fidvres de ITsle de S. Domingue. 
Paris: 1763, 12mo, 180 pp. B.M. 

[Ponoe et Phelipean.] — Recueil de Yues des Lieux prinoipaux de la Colonic 
Fnm^oise de Saint-Domingue graves par les soins de M. Ponce accompagnto 
de Cartes et Plans de la mSme Colonie, gravds par les soins de M. Phelipeau. 
Le tout principalement destine k TOuvrage intitule : Loix et Constitutions des 
Colonies Franfoises ... par M. Moreau de Saint-M^. Paris : 1791, fol. B.M. 
Note. — Consists of 31 plates of 28 views, 14 maps and plans, and 2 designs 
of sugar-works. Some of these plans appear to have been published separately 
in 1785, &c. 
Porter, David D. Secret Missions to San Domingo. North American Review, 
New York, cxxviii. 1878, pp. 616-630. B.M. 
Note. — Political missions from the U. States. 



PouppSe Despartes. — Histoii'o dea Maladies da S. Domingue, Paris ; 1770, 3 vols. 
12mo. B.M. 

Note. — Vol, iii. haa a title whicli reads Traits ou Abru^e des Planted Uauellea 
de S. Domingue. 
Pradine. — See LinHtant Pradine. 
Pradt— See De Pradt 
Prat. — Sec I«m&rtlne de Prat. 
Prax, (Freuoli Vico-Consul nt Hayti). 

Nvte.— In a comniiiaicnlion to tbe Society he Rtateti that the word HaTIi 
should be written Ahiti, which is composed uf three roots — a, flower, hi, great. 
It, country. Hence Ahiti signifies Sower of gn.'at coantries. Bull, de la Soc. 
do G6og. Paris, 4th aer. Ix. 1856, p. 202. n.G.S. 
Prevoet, J., Comte de Limonade.— Relation dea Gloriotix ilvincmcnta Qui 
ont port^ Leurs Majcatds Iloyalea aur le TrCne d'Hayti, Siiivi de I'Histoire du 
ConionnemeDt et du Sacro du roi Henry ler, et de la reine Marie-Louise, Cop- 
Henry: 18U, 8vo, 204 pp. B.M. 

Royftume d'Hayti. L'Olivier do la Pais. Cap-Henry: 1815 (?), 8 pp. B.M. 

-Vofe.^No title-page, Coutaius letter of i>eace to Gen. Pdlion. 

Pulling, Alex, — The Law Iteporta. Index to . . . London Gazette, from 1 Jan. 
1830 to 31 Dec. 1883. Undon : 1885, 8vo, xlil. and 2010 pp. B.M. 

Note. — Pp. 785-780, Hayti liepublio : Arms, Blockade, Collisions, CuBtom 

Notices, Extradition Treaty, Pasaports, Trade and War. P. RZl, Dominican 

Bepublio ; Cuatoma, Porta opened nad closed. Trade Acts, Treaty oF Commerce, 


Furohas, Samuel.— Purcbaa, ids Ptlsrimage. Or Kelations of the Worhl, and the 

IteligioDS ubaerved in all Ages and Placea disoovorod, fi'otn the Creation unto this 

Present. 2nd ed, enlarged. London : 1614, fol., 953 pp. B.M. 

Note. — With indei. Pp. l)05-10and U13 clescribe (ho aborigines of HisjKiniola, 
Fnyakgxir. — See Chaateitet-PuyBegur. 
Quesnel, Leo. — See Aiiguate. 

Bainaford, Marcus, Capt — A Memoir of Transactions that took place in St. 
Domingo in the spring of 179'J ; aflbrding an idea of the jiresent state of that 
country, the real characler of )le black governor, Toussaint L'Ouvertvire, and 
the safety of our West India laiiinds from attack or revolt, Londou: 1802, 8 to, 
31 pp. B.M. 

SL Domingo; or an historical, political, and military Sketch of the Black 

liepublic, with a view of the life aiid character of Toutisaint L'OuTerturc, and the 
effects of his nenly-cstablisbed dominion in tjiat pari of tbe world, 2nd ed. 
London ; 1802, map, 8so, 83 pp. B.M, 

An nistorioal Account of tlie Black Empire of Hayti : comprehending a 

view of the principal transactions in the revolution of St. Domingo ; with ita 
autieut and modem alatc London ; 1805, 4to, 477 pp. B.M. 

Note. — With map, plan of Cap-Franvoia, 8 plates, a lacaimiie letter of 
Toussaint L'Ouvermie, and an index. Tbe appendix, ]>. 365 to end, con^ats of 
reprints of docnments referred to. The author's remarka on his prodocesBOis in 
history (Intiod., p^ xiii.) are worth noting. Reviewed, Edinburgh Heview, viii. 
1806, pp. 52-64, B.M.; and Eclectic Review, ii. 1806, pp. 405-414, B.M. 


Rftmon Pane. — See Churchill. 

r, D.— Abrcg^ de la Geographic d'Haiti. Paris: 1881, 18rao, 82 pp. 
P.M., W.R. 

JVbte. — Compare with 69 below, 

Baynal, GuilL Thomas, Abb^. — Uistoire Philosophique et Politique des 
Etablissements et dn Commerce des Earop^ens dans les deux Indes. Geneya: 
1780, 6 vols. 4to. B.M. 

Nate, — Book vi., chaps. 5-7, book xii., chaps. 8 and 9, and book xiii., 
chaps. 33-49, deal with Hispaniola. With index to every volume, and with 
atlas. YoL v. contains a map of the island by M. Bonne. An English 
translation was published and entitled : A Philosophical and Political History 
of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies. 
Edinburgh : 1782, 6 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

Essai sur TAd ministration de St. Domingue. [Paris?] 1785, 8vo, xvi. and 

255 pp. B.M. 

Note. — This is evidently an abridgment of Malouet's work, whicb see. 

B ed e n, Fred. Wilh. Otto Lud^^., Baron von. — Al]gcmeine vergleichende 
Handels u. Gewerbs-Qtx)graphie und Statistik. Berlin: 1844, 8vo, 1062 pp. 
B.M., S.S. 

-^^o<e.— Pp. 997-999 deal with Hayti. 

Bagnault, £. G. & O. — Histoire des Antilles.. . . 

Note, — Occupies the first portion (150 pp.) of vol. v. 1849 of Am6rique of 
the series called L'Univers [Pittoresque]. Paris : 1835, &c. 8vo. B.M. Pp. 1-97 
are devoted to Hispaniola. 

Bernhardt, J., & LUtken, C. F. — Bidrag til det vestinske Urigcs og navnlign til 
de dansk- vestinske Oers Herpetologie. Videnskabelige Meddelelser fra den 
naturhist. Forening, Kopenhagen, iv. 1863, pp. 153-291. L.S. 

Note. — These tables include the Reptilia and Batrachia of Hayti. 

[Eeverdi, A., Jeune.] — Saint Domingue. Appel ^ la justice, et oourtes observa- 
tions. Par un ancien colon. Paris : 1825, 8vo, 8 pp. 

Quoted in Barbier's Die. des Ouvrages Anonymes, Paris, 1879. B.M. 

Bicord. — See Ricque. 

Bicque, C, Dr.— Haiti et les Haitiens. Ann. des Voy., Paris, cxc. 1866, pp. 145- 
170. B.M. 

Note. — ^Describes the customs of the country. The author speaks of the 
botanist Bicord as having given good and exact accounts of this island. 

Bitter, KarL — Naturhistorische Reise nach der West Indischen Insel Hayti, auf 
Kosten Sr Majestat des Kaisers von Oesterreich. Stutgard : 1836, 8vo, 206 pp. 
B.M., K.G. 

Note. — Contains a description of the author's travels and particulars of his 
zoological and botanical collections for the Imperial Museum in Yienna. With 
atlas containing views of the Palace of Sans-Souci^ of Cap-Fran9ois, and of the 
Champ de Mars. Reviewed, Foreign Quarterly Review, xx. 1838, pp. 73-97. 

Bobertson, W,, DJ>. — The History of America. 9th ed. London: 1800, 
4 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

-^0^.— With index. Pp. 136-320 of vol. i. deal with Hispaniola. 


Robin, C. C. — Voyage dana I'lntcrionr de la Looisianne . . . de St. Domingnp 

Paria: 1807, 3 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

XoU.~-?t;>. 257-298 of vul. i. deal with St. Domingo. 
Hocliaiubdau.^See Hassal. 
Hoggevoen, Arent. — Uet Eoretc Deei van het Brandende Veyn, verglicliende 

1,'elieel Weal Indieu Amataldara: fol. [1675 ?] 02 pp. B.M. 

A'ote. — Pp. 37-47 deal with Hispaniola. Witli four maps and numerous 
elevations. An English translation published at same date and place, B.M. 
This work is a "Sailing Directions." 
Roaelly de Lotgneo, Count. — Christophe Colonjb. HIstoiro do sa vie et de ses 

voyages Paris : 1S56, 2 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

Note. — Contains Del Riacon's portrait of Columbos, a steel engraving of 
C'a three caravels and C.'s arms (coloured). Several editions and translations. 

Ili-Htoire Posthome de Christoplio Cobmh. 

A'ufc— Quoted hy J. F. Biafio In Atliennjum, No. 3036, p. 26, 1886. 

RoBiers, Comte do. — L'EQtree du Hoi en sn Capitale, Opera Vaudeville. Pans 

Solid : 1818, 8vo, 43 pp. 

A'o/f.— Reviewed, North American Review, Boston, xii. 1821, pp. 113-134. 
■ Ilayti Rcoounaiaaanto on rcponse ^ un ecrit imprime a Ixjndres intitukle 

L'Eurojw Cbilti.-.e, et rAfrique Vengte.. . . Sans Souci : 1819, 8vo, 24 pp. B.M. 
Roth, Hsnry Iiing. — The AboHgiaoB of Hispaniola. Journ. Anthrop. Inst., ivi. 

1887, Si pp. 
BoUBeau de Iiolret, A. — De la RepuLli^ue de Haiti, !le Saiat Domiugue, con- 

sid^r^ sous ses differens rapports, ses forces, sen moyens physiques et morauz et 

le caracibre national de sea habitanE. Obecrvatioos faitea sue lea lieiix par 

M.A.Ii....dansaonvoy^ode 1817al818. Paris: 1818, 8to. Rich. 
Bnschhaupt, F.— On the Salt Mines of St. Domingo. Qunrt. Joum. Oeol, Soc, 

I-ondon. xxv. 18G!I, pp. 256-25B. 

Ryder, Thomas.— Account of Antiquities from St, Domingo. Arcbeologin, 
xiii. London, 180O, pp. 206-207. B.M. 

A'ole. — With plate showing amall figures taken from ,i cave. 
Sainebury. — See Calendar of State Papers. 

8alnt-Amaiid.^Histoire dcs Revolutions d'Halti. Paris : 18U0, 8vo, 386 pp. 
B.M., P.O. 

jVoic— Apparently only the first volume published, dating from 1789 to 
Saint CrolT, an American [lie]. — Life in Hayti. The Knickerbocker, New 
York, iviii. 1841, jui. 300-306, 489-494; six. 1842, pp. 34-40, 246-253, 313- 
321, 452-461, 540-547 ; and xs. IH42, pp. 153-163, 209-216. B.M, 

St. John, Spencer, K.C.M.a.— Hayti, or the Block RepubUo, London, 1884, 
8vo, xvi. and 343 pp. B.M. 

.Voie.— With map. Very good description of the country and the people, 

with historical notes and accounts of the Vitidoux (snake) worship, caunihaUKin, 

and litBrature. 

Bt. Xiry. — See Horeau de Saint Mery. 



St Bemy, lie Felletier de. — Saint-DomiQique — Etude et solution nouvelle de la 
Qoestion Haitienne. Paris : 1846, 2 vols. 8vo. B.M., F.O. 

Note, — ^The three first books deal with the history, the last with the solution. 
With specially prepared map, copy of the Haytian Constitution of 1844, and 
short Bibliography. Reviewed Bull, de la Soc. de Geogr., Paris, 3rd ser., y. 
1846, ppu 349-364. R.G.S. 

Saint-Domingue et les nouveaux int^rdts maritimes de TEspagne. Paris : 

1861, 8m O.L. 

Note^ — Reprinted from Revue des Deux Mondes. 

8t Bemy, Jos. — Vie de Toussaint L'Ouverture. Paris : 1850, 8vo, 408 pp. B.M. 
Note. — ^The author had access to the archives of the (Paris) Ministry of 
Marine and Colonies and also to those of the Ministry for War. With portrait 
and autograph of L'Ouverture. 

M^moires du G^n^ral Toussaint-L'Ouverture Merits par lui-mSme, pouvant 

servir k raistoire de sa Vie, om^ d'un beau portrait grav6 par Choubard, pr^c^^ 
d'une £tude Historique et Critique, suivis de Notes et Renseignements, Avec un 
Appendice contenant les opinions de TEmpereur Napoleon I*' sur les ^v^ements 
de Saint-Domingue. Paris : 1853, 8vo, 157 pp. BM. 

Petion et Haiti. £tude Monographique et Historique. Paris: 1854-58,. 

5 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

Note. — ^Portrait of A. Petion in Ist vol. Yols. iii.-v. wanting in B.M. 
According to A.B the author died before completing the work. 

See also Boisrond-Tonnerre et St. Bamy. 

Saint Sauveur. — See Qrasset de Saint Sauveur. 

BalU, Au^.— Description de dix nouvelles espdces de Col^ptdres, recueillis de 1849 
a 1851 dans la R^publique Dominicaioe. Ann. de la Soc. Entomologique de 
France, Paris, 1854 and 1865, iii. pp. 263-272, and iv. pp. 687-692. L.S. 
Note. — ^With two coloured plates. 

Liste des Giseaux rapports et observes dans la R^publique Dominicaine 

(Andenne partie Espagnole de Ttle St. Domingue ou d'HaYti) par .... pendant 
8on voyage de 1849 k 1851. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, Part xxv. 1857, pp. 230-231. 

Note. — ^With accounts of habits of some of the birds. 

Sanchez- Valverde, Ant. — Idea del valor de la Isla Espafiola, y utilitades que do 
e]]a puede sacar su monarquia. Madrid : 1785, 4to, xx. and 212 pp. B.M. 
Note.—^A statistical account, with coloured map, of the island. 

[Sanchez-Valverde, Ant.] — ^La America vindicada de la calumnia de haver sido- 
madre del mal venereo : por el autor de la Idea del valor de la Isla Espailola. 
Madrid : 1785, 4to, 80 pp. Rich. 

Banders, Prince. — By Authority. Haytian Papers. A Collection of the very 
interesting Proclamations and other official documents; together with some 
account of the rise, progress, and present state of the Kingdom of Hayti. With 
a preface by Prince Sanders, Esq., Agent for the Haytian Government. London : 
1816, 8vo, 227 pp. B.M. 

' A Memoir presented to the American Convention for promoting the 

Abolition of Slavery. . . . Oontidning Some Remarks upon the Civil Dissensions 
of the hitherto afflicted People of Hayti, as the Inhabitants of that Island may be 
connected with Plans for Emigration. ,. • Philadelphia: 1818, 8vo, 19 pp» 

70 cmuijfiiiArHV and cartographv of hispaniola. 

SauBBure, H.— M^moire aur Divers Cruslaces Nouveaux <les Aatille* et du 
MeMque. Mem. Soc. Phys. d'Hist. Nat. Geneva, xiv. 1858, pp. 417^96. 2.S. 
Note. — With plates. It includes several species found near Jacmel, Hayti, 
Setaefer. — See Parmentier and also TbeveU 

Behcslolier, Victor. — ColouieH Etrangtres et Haiti. P.usullats tie I'firaancipation 
Anglaise. P«ris; 1843. 2 vols. Svo. B.M. 

Note. — An bistorical account &nd a description of the state aud inHtitutions 
of t1ie island arc given on pp. 37-351, vol. ii. With map. Reviewed, Foreign 
Qaarterly Review, xxxiii. 1844, pp. 443-458. 

See also Aususte. 

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^^^^1 The geographical, social, agricultural, geological, and other feature£ are examintnl 

^^^^H fairly folly, and besides the mass of political information there are also mtmer- 

^^^H ouB notes on almost everything of pmctical interest, A collecticn of the Son 

^^^H obtained is to be found at Rew, but no account appears (« have been |)ublished. 


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,Vi;/e.— In vol. ii. pp. 60-HO, tlie \Veat Indian Islands, or Antillenn Buh- 
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Mammalia and Ares being enumerated. 

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Toung. — See Edwards. 


1* Relation verdadera, en que sedk quente del horrible Hurac^n que sobrevino k la 
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Note. — ^No title-page. No date. With list of ships destroyed. 

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Note, — ^No title-page. 

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Note, — No title-page. 

4. Statuts et B^glemens Faits par la Gompagnie Boyal de Saint-Domingue en ^xi- 

cution de TArticle XXIII des Lettres Patentes de sob ifitablissement du mois 
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son Gommerce dans T^tendue de sa Golonie. Paris : 1716, 4to, 7 pp. B.M. 
Note, — ^No title-page. 
TOL. n. o 


'. Affiiirea Ae 8Aint-DoniiDgue 1750-1764, 2 vols. fol. 

Note. — HSS. in tbo Library of the D^parUiraeDt dc la Marin?, Fatu, 
quoted by Lepelletier de St Itemy, ii. p. 548. 
'. Real CompaBiA de Commercio para las IbUs de Santo Domingo, Puwto llico y 1a 
Margarita, que se ha dtgnado S.M. couceder con diez registros pam fiondunu, 
y [ffOTiiicias de Gnathomala al conunercio <ie la oiudad de Barcelona, j aa 
ettablecumieDto an la miEuia.. . . Madrid : 171)5, 8td, 33 pp. Bich. 
t. Compagnia Ileal de Commercio para laa lalas de Slo. Domingo, Puerlo-rico y 
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Note. — Quoted by Ilobertgon in tlie Catalogue of Spanish books and 
nianuBcripta prefixed to hia History of America. 
I. Belation dVne conspiratiou tram^e par les NSgres, daus I'lale de 8, Domiagnc; 
defease qoe &it te J&uite Coofeaaeur, aux Megres qu'uo auplicie, de i^v^er 
leurs fautaurs et compliceB. 1768 ? 8 pp. B.M. 
Note. — No litle-page; no locality. 
. An AccountoftheSponishSettlemente in America.... Edinburgh: 17lt2,8vo, 
xvi. + 612 pp. 

A'ote,— pp. 43-56 deal with Hlapaniola. 

. ITie Preaent State of the Wast Indies: containing aa accurate description of 

what parts are poaBeMed by the several Powers of Europe . . . with a complete 

map. London ; 1778, 4to, 95 pp. B.M. 

. Voyage d'un Suisse dans difT^reutes colonies d'Amdrique pendant la dernier 

guerre, avec une table d'observations m^tforolc^iques failcs \ Saint Domingue. 

Obserratanr sans pretention, vrai "" 

416 pp. Bich. 
, Mfimoira aur le Commerce fitranger a' 

a malignity. Neuchate! : 1786, fivo^ 

les Colonies Franraiaea de I'AmMqoa; 
du Cap, la 17 F^vrior 1784. Pati§: 

Pr£sent£ k la Chambro d'Agriculti 
1785, 8T0, 51 pp. B.M. 

Note. — Lea Colonies Fran9aUes here mean St. Dominso. 
I, Du Commerce dea Colonies, sea principea et aes lois. La Paix est Id tempt da 
rfglor ft d'agrandir Ic Commerce. [Paris ?] 1785, Bvo, 63 pp. B.M. 
Note. — The commerce treated of relate* to St. Domingo, 
i. Memoriae de ta Colonia Francesa de Saato Domingo con alguoas reflezioDM 
rulativaa i la lalade Cubs, par un viagcro EspaSoI. I^lblicala■ Don Ignado 
GahL Madrid : 1787. 8vo. Kich. 
'. Notice snr la Yille de Port-au-Prince. Port-au-Prince ? 1788 ? BM. 

Note. — No title-page, 
i. EsBal eur L'admiiiiatration dea Coloaiw Fran9oisea, Et particuliSrement de oella 
de Saint-Domingue. Antoniuaand Paris; 1788, 8vo, 112 pp. BJl. 
Note. — With maps of Hayti and of the Province Antonina. 
I, Almanacb Historique, Chronologique, de Commerce. . . . Pour les Colonies. 
Annie 1790. A. Caatriea, lalo Sto. Lucie, 1789 ? 8vo. 148 pp. B.M. 
Aoie.— Pp. 117-126 refer to St. Domiague and Port-au-Prince. 
L Almanach de Saint- Domingue, Pour Tann^e biBScxtile 1792 ; contenant ua 
Hecueil des nrrCWs de le assemblf'e colonials de la ]Brtie franfaise de Saiota- 
Domingue, stiante au Cap, et de diff^rentcs pitos intdrressantes. [1791?] 


and 96 pp. B.M. 

A'ofe.— The Jteo 

teparalely paginated. 


ZL XoaTelles de Sunte-Domingue, Nob. 1-33. Paris : 1790-91, 4ta B.M. 
^ote»— -Ko title-page. A periodioaL 

^ A Ptfticolar Aooonnt of the Goinmenoeinent and Progress of the Insurrectioa of 
the Negroes in St. Domingo . . . made to the National Assembly ... by 
the Deputies from the General Assembly of the French part of St. Domingo. 
[Ist ed., 36 pp. 2nd ed., with notes and appendix, 40 pp.] London : 1792, 
8m BJL 

^ An Inquiry into the Causes of the Insurrectiion of the Negroes in the island of 
St Domingo. — ^To which are added Observations of M. Grarran-Ooolon on the 
same subject, read . • . before the National Assembly. [One ed., 40 pp. ; 
another, 32 pp.] London : 1792, Sva B.M. 
NoU, — See also Gkunpan. 

ISi Histoire de Toussaint L'ouverture, chef des noirs insnrgds de Saint Domingue ; 
prMd6e d'un coup d'oeil politiqtle sur cette colonic. Paris: 1802, 12mo, 
210 pp. Rich. 

Note. — Compare with Cousin D'Avallon. 

2a. The Opportunity ; or Reasons for an Immediate Alliance with St. Dominga By 
the author of the Crisis of the Sugar Colonies. London : 1804, Svo, 156 pp. 

Note, — ^The Appendix, pp. 148-166, contains two proclamations by 

t2& A book of 140 pp. 8vo printed at the Grovemment press at Port-au-Prince from . 
1814 to 1818, containing various decrees, proclamations, &a The pagination 
is continuous. No title. The copy at B.M. is bound up with Baron Yastey's 

27. Copies Des Vihces dcs Agensdu Qouvemment fran^ais, imprimto et public en 
▼ertu de la Proclamation de Sa Majesty du 11 Novembre 1814, Tan onzi^me 
de rind6pendence d'Haytu [Cap-Henry: 1814] 8vo, 14 pp. B.M. 

Note. — These are the instructions of Malouet to the French generals, 
which fell into the hands of the King Henry. No title-page. 

^ History of the Island of St. Domingo from its first discovery by Columbus to 
the Present Period. London : 1818, 8vo, xiv. and 446 pp. B.M. 

Note. — In the appendix are contained statistical tables, a letter from 
T. Louverture, abstract of Royal Almanac for 1814, manifestoes, proclama- 
tions, &c A French translation appeared in 1819. Reviewed, Quarterly 
Review, xxi. 1819, pp. 430-460, B.M., and Edinburgh Review, xlL 1825, 
pp. 497-607, B.M. Reprinted New York, 1826. F.O. See Malo and 43. 

^. Ahnanach Royale d'Hayti 1818. 

jVofe.— Reviewed, Quarteriy Review, xxi. 1819, pp. 430-460. B.M. 

•SO. D^bsrquement de la Flotte Fran9aise k St. Domingue ; faisant suite aux revolu- 
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o 2 


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Note, — Traaslation of a purely German story, with no reference at all 
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A-o{e._Printed at Angers (France) ; contains C. Civil, C. de Procfidnre 
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Note. — No title-page and no pagination. 

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JToffl.— The lihi'etto in Kalian and English. 

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Note. — A statistic*! survey. 

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Note. — 0. L. does not mention this; perhaps the date should be 1824 
Sec Halo and 28. 

44. Rccueil des Pi^s OfiideDes relatives A I'lnRtruction pr^liminaire suivi contre les 

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Note. — Manuscript tiile-page ; only vol. ii, in B.M, A collection of Acts, 
Decrees, ftc, issued in 1646, with separate pnginations. 


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NaU, — ^Acts, Decrees, &c., all with separate pagination. One voL only in 


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app. F.o. » 

Nate, — ^No title-page. An account of the country (in ld42-1848 ?). 

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Note, — StatisticaL 

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Note. — From Bentley's Miscellany. 

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Note, — ^An account of what the author saw in Hayti. Reprinted, The 
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Note, — Contains portrait of Greneral Gref&ard and map of island in 1861. 

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Note. — ^A little sketch of the Spanish part of the island. 

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Note. — Compare this with Ramsay above. 

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Ni^, — Pp. 1-65 give the sailing directions. 


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1874 [a 993]. 
^ofo.— The reader is also referred to the Consular and Commercial Reports 
published by the Gk)vemment. 



I. In Chronological Ordbb. 

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Steers new Ghart of the Islands of St Domingo and Jamaica ; with jwirt of Forto 



Rico and Cuba; exhibiting; the Mona and Windward Passages. F. JUaien, 

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A^ote.—Madrid, 1809. In part 6 are 16 cbarla of porls, Ac, of Hispanioln. 
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Par A. M. Perrot. L. D. Diimrger [Puris] : 1825. B.M. 
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grav. par Beauprri. Tir^ de I'Atlas d'Am^rique par H. Buchon. 1826. 

Nole, — According to E.V. this accompanies Placide Justin'i work, which tte. 
Admiralty charts published In 1828 from French MS. : Plan of Bay of Anx Csyea. 

Macenville Bay, Bay of Flamaud, Oonaivea Bay, Bay of Port Dauphin, Bay of 

Cayemites and Baradaires, Bay of St. Mark, Bays of St. Louis and Mesle, Acqiiin 

Bay, Loeul Harbour and St. Nicolas. 
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Carte dea Dibonquemeute deSt. Domingue pour servir k UnavigalJOD entre les Ports 

de 8t. Thomaa, Porto Eico, io Cap Haitien et Sn. Yago de Cuba. Dresnee pnr 

Mr. Keller. [Paris] 1844. B.M. 
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ll'arii r] 184D. E.V. 
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documents les plus ricenta ot sous la direction de A. Magin. I'arit .- 1853. E.V, 
Entrance of Gulf ot Samajia. Prom various authorities, . . . [Admiralty ChttH.] 

London: 1854. B.M. 
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Peninsulaand Bay of Samana. 1B53, Set Schomburgk. 
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a. de la misma, construida . . . jior El Sr. D. F. de Lersundi, JUadrid : 

Map of Island. 1860. See Courtney, 

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Map of Hayti. 1862. Sm Vuillemis. 


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1865. BJL 
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Godadde Santo Domingo ydesnyoscontornoa.) dsh. Ports: [1865?] B.M. 
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ooQ parte de las Lncayas 7 Garibes. Madrid: 1865-67. B.M. 
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From French Government Surveys to 1872, witb additions fixxn a survey by 

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3324. PJi. 
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by Kavg. lieut. J. T. Hoskyn, 1874. [Admiralty chart] London : 1875. B.M. 
[Spanish edition.] Madrid : 1877. B.M. 
Index to Charts and Plans published by the Hydrographio OfQce of the Admiralty. 

London: 1875, foL B.M. 

Note, — ^Map contains the index to Hispaniola charts. 
West-Indien. Hayti. Puerta Plata, 1 : 10,000. Deutsche Seekarten, No. 34. 

Berlin: 1875. P.M. 
Haid, North Coast. Port Plata. 1 : 10,156. [Admiralty Chart] London ; 1875. 

(No. 472.) 
Mapa de la Isla de Santo Domingo, por W. M. Gabb. New York and Santo 
Dominffo : 1876. B.M. 

Saint Domingue. Baie aux Cayes et rdcif de la Folle. Paris, d^ la mar : 1877, 
No. 8466. P.M. 

Map of Island. 1880. See Champlin. 

Map of Hayti 1881. /See La Selve. 

Map of HayH 1884. See St. John. 

Santo Domingo, Samana Bay. 1 : 60,000. (No. 917.) Washington, Hydrographical 
Office: 1884. P.M. 

IL Chabtb in use at present ; cobbecteo up to date at the Hydro- 
oraphsb's Department, Admiraltt Oftice. 


m = 6-0 San Domingo harbour. H.M.S. Hound, 1849 ; corr. 1883. 

m = 3-0 Jacmel harbour. Capt. MackeUar, 1817 ; corr, 1876. 

m = 1-4 Aquin bey. French MS.. ; corr. 1876. 

m = 1«0 Cayes, Flamand, St. Louis and Meste beys. French Surveys to 

1872 ; corr. 1879. 
m = 2*7 Navassa island. Capt. Oioen^ 1803; corr. 1882. 

^ > Jeremie bay. Miragoane harbour. Staff-Corn. Kiddle^ 1873. 

m = 0*5 Cayemites and Baradaires beys. French MS. ; corr. 1876. 
m = 1-5 Port au Prince. Com. Owen, 1830; corr. 188a 


= 0-4 Port au Prince, approaches to. 1831 ; corr. 1880. 

= 2-0 St. Mark bay. French. MS. mi ; corr. iml. 

= 1-9 Gonaives bay. French sufirey, 1847 j coir. 1882. 

= 3-0 SL Nicolas mole. Com. Owen, 1830; eoir. 1884. 

Varioiuf.—iionta CriHti and Man/^iiiUo; Tiburon; TetU Goave; S. 
Lorenzo; Moustique; Chou Chou and Salt river; Caldera; bays. Juan linbel 
anchorage. A'L'Bcu; Pais; ports. Tierra-Baja rood. Foad la Grange. 
Frendi Survej/i and J. Way, 1809, 1855 ; eorr. 1882. 

= 1'3 Acul harbour. French MS. 161S; airr.l8'6. 

= 4-4 Cape Haiti harbour. Cow. iJarneM, 1640 ; corr. 1883. 

= 2-0 Fort Dauphin bay, Freneh MS, ; corr. 1681. 

= 4-0 Manaanillo bay. Com. Mayo, U.S.N., 1871. 

= 7-2 Port Plata. Go-mow .Sufucy, 1675 ; eorr. 1881. 

<0'i5j Siunana bay. (Plan, port Sto. Barbara or Saman4 bay.) Com. 
7-0 I hridgtman, U.S.N. ; corr. 1885. 

iJII. MR. Maps in B.M. 

A Map of the Island of Hiapmiioia ; drawn about 1G50, to accomjiany an account of 

the isUiid, bj D. Andrea Muncz ie Torra : 11 in. by 6i in. 
" La Tela EspoKola." A general map drawn without a scale. 4 ft. 6 in, by 2_ft 2 in. 
*' Plan du Cap dii Mole St. Nicolas," ia the island St. Domingo ; drawn on a licale of 

180 toiacs to an inch : 2 ft. 6 in. by 1 ft. 10 in., with an outline on the aeme scale 

and size. 
An outline Chart of part of the north coast of the Island of St. Domingo, between 

Cape Samiue and Porto Plalo, shewing the situation of soma wrecks on the Silver 

Keys : 1 ft. 6 in. by 1 fL 1 in. 
" Carte de la Flalne du Nord de I'lsle St. Domiugue, depuis le Limbe, jusques BU Fort 

Dauphin ;" drawn by Rabi^, on a Bcole of 570 toises to an inch ; 5 ft. 10 in. 

by 2 ft. 2 in. 
A Flan of Cape Francois, in the island of St. Domingo ; drawn on a acale of 

2 leagues to an inch : 1 ft, 4 in. by 10 in. 
A colored Plan of " La Baya d'Ocoa en la cdli du sud de I'lsle de St. Domingue," 

with the soundings ; drawn about 1740, on a scale of 3 in. to a French league : 

1 ft. 6 in. by 11 in. 
" Piano de In babia de Ocoa, sitnado en la banda del sur de ta ysla Espanola," with 

soundings ; drawn about 1770, on a scale of ^i^ in. to a maritime mile : 1 ft, 10 in. 

by 1 ft. 6 in. 
■Chart of a part of the south coast of SI. Domingo or Hispaniola, between Cape 

Tiburon and Cape Allavella, Port Louis being in the centre ; drawn by Capt. Elliott 

in 1701, on a scale of 3f English leagues to an inch ; 2 ft. by I ft. 3 in. 
An exact plan and profile of Port St. Louie, on the south side of the Island of 

Uispaniola, as it was ivhen taken by Kear-Admiral Knowlea, 8th March, 1747-8; 

surveyed upon the spot by Archd. Bontein, Engineer ;" drawn on a scale of 

10 yards to an inch ; with a profile on a scale of 15 feel to an inch : 3 f L 5 in, by 

1 ft 7 in. 
An eiact plan of Fort St. Louis, ovi tliejsland of Hispaniola, as it was when taken 

by Admiral Knowles, March ye 8tb, 1747-8;" drawn on a scale of 4| fathoms 

(o an inch: 3 ft. S in. by 1 ft.6 in. 
A colored plan of the platfqrme Bay in the Island of Hispaniola ; drawn in 17G2, on 


t scale of 5^ inches to a mile ; signed by Wm. Harman and Abrm. Blondell : 

1 ft 8 in. by 1 ft. 
An exact survey of the Harbour of Port St Louis, on the Sonth Side of the island of 

Hispaniola, in America ; by Archd. Bontein, Engineer, March 1747-^ ; ^ drawn on 

a Bale of 300 yards to an inch : 1 ft. 10 in. by 1 ft 7 in. ; with a view taken at 

3 miles distance : 1 ft 7 in. by 4i in. 
A Chart of Hispaniola in a Chart of Central America. Add. MS. 5027a, No. 48. 


Note. — The Numbers, ^ a/ny^ after the names and dates^ refer to the 

Anonymous Publioations. 

A.D. 1493, Colombo. — 1495, Scillacio. — 1511, Anglerius. — 1526, Fer- 
oaodeK de Oviedo. — 1529 (?), Parmentier. — 1532 and 1533, Grynaus.— 
1535, Fernandez de Qyiedo.— 1552, Casas, Gomara de Lopez.— 1554, Gk)mara 
de Lopez. — 1556, Fernandez de Oviedo. — 1561, Casas. — 1562, Moletius.— 1565, 
BenzonL — 1568, Gromara de Lopez. — 1572, Benzoni.-Tl575, Thevet — 1597, 
Wytfliet.— 1601, Herrera Tordesillas.— 1614, Purchas.— 1623, Herrera Tordeaillas. 
-1625, 1633, and 1640, Laet— 1642, Casas.— 1645 and 1646, Diaz de la Calle.— 
1651, Gardyner.— 1654, Du Tertre.— 1655, N.N.— 1667, Du Tertre.— 1671, Ogilby, 
Vdtia Linage.— 1675, Roggeveen.— 1678, 1684, and 1686, Exquemelin.— 1680, 1, 
-1689, EngL Pilot— 1693, Plumier.— 1698, 2.— 1702, Veitia Linage.— 1704, 
Colombo, Churchill, Ramon (Pane).— 1714, Feuill6e.— 1716, 3 and 4.-1722, Labat. 
—1725, Herrera, Gabet, Payen, Stevens. — 1727, Herrera. — 1730, Charlevoix, 
Lepers. — 1740, Gonzalez Carranza. — 1741, Campbell. — 1749, Gonzalez de Barcia. — 
1750, 6.— 1752, Chevalier, 86.-1755, 7.— 1756, 8.— 1757, Burke.— 1759, 10.— 
1760, Jefferys, Merchant— 1762, Jefferys, 11.— 1763, Poissonnier.- 1765, Estaing. 
-1768, Jefferys.- 1770, Ponpp^e-Desportes, 87.— 1771, De la Croix, Speer.— 
1773, Bellin.— 1776, Jefferys.— 1776, Hilliard-D'Auberteuil, Nicolson.— 1778, 12. 
-1779, Billiard D'Auberteuil.— 1780, Du Buisson, Jaoquin, Raynal.— 1782, 
RaynaL— 1783, Fernandez de Oviedo, Travello.— 1784, Moreau de St M^ry.— 1785, 
Baynal, Sanchez-Yalverde, 13, 14, 15. — 1786, Arthaud. — 1787, Arthaud, Chastenet- 
Puys^ur, Genton, Thi^ry de Menonville, 16.— 1788, Nougaret Swartz, 17, 18. — 
1789,Barb6 Marbois, La Mardelle, 19.— 1790, Barb^Marbois.— 1791, Ch * ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦, 
Pbelipeau, Ponce, 20, 21.-1792, Anthoine (?), Arnauld, Coetivy (?), Cormier, 
Gatcreau, Jefferys, Mirbeck, Stockdale, 22, 23.— 1793, Boistouchet, Courmand (?), 
lyEsparbes (?), Gros, Mulloz. — 1796, Barb^ Marbois, Cobbet, Grasset, Moreau de 
St. M6ry. — 1797, Antunez, Edwards, Garran-Coulon, Guerin, Moreau de St. M^ry, 
Muiloz, Venault de Charmilly, Wimpffen. — 1798, Cotterel, Laborie, Montbrun. — 
1799, Edwards.— 1800, Lyonnet Robertson, Ryder.— 1801, Edwards.— 1802, Barrd, 
C • • ♦, Chastenet-Puys^gur, Cousin, Dubroca, Ducceuijoly, Edwards, Malouet, 
Perin, Rainsford, 24.-1803, Bumey, Chalmers, L'Ouverture.— 1804, Boisrond- 
Toiinerre, Dubroca, 25. — 1805, Adlerstam, Dubroca, Laujon, Ledebour, Palisot de 
Beauvais, Rainsford.— 1807, Archenholz, Robin, Vieillot.— 1808, B., Coke, Hassal^ 
Holmes, Tussac.— 1809, Descourtilz, Dorvo-Soulastre, Nieto. — 1810, Bert, Cabot, 
Drake, Guillermin, Hakluyt,^ Hawkins, Newport, Twitt, Walton. — 1811, 
Guillermin, Prevost. — 1812, Alce()o, Pinkerton, Walton. — 1814, Dalmas, Drouin, 
flenry, Laujon, Malenfant, Vastey, 26, 27.— 1815, D'Ennery, Prevost (?).— 1816^ 



Henrj', Sanders, Vaatey.— 1817, Damaa, Vaatey.— 181B, Bossi, De Pmdt, Melral, 
Naval Officer, Ro«ierB, lioitzeau, Snnders, 28, 29.— ISId, Gaatine, Lacmii, MhIo, 
RosierB, Vastey. — 1820, Boyer, Charlemagne, Jomini, 30, 31.— 1821, Chaat«ael- 
Puys^gur, Virfcaste!, 32.— 1822, F.W. and G.W.C.— 1823, Vaatey, 33, 34.— 
1824, Boyer, Hdrftrd-Duraesle, MoKiis, 3C, 85.-1825, PemandeE de Navarette, 
Malo, Metrai, Reverdi, Walton.— 1826, Barskett, Bromine, Placide-JuHtin, 
Philippi, Vega, WalleE, 3T.— 1827, Boyer, Colombo, Descourtile, Harvey, 
Southey.— 1828, FemandeB de Navarette, Franklin, Irving, 38.-1829, Chauclie- 
prat.- 1830, Jaeger, MackenKie, 94.— 1831, Boyer.— 1832, Ardouin, Mgn^tries.- 
1833, Brandt, Descourtilz, EsmaiDgart.- 1834, Heanie, 39.-1836, Hearae, 
Laujon, Hegnftult- 1836, Cuvier, Hanna, Paul, Bitter, 40. 41.-1837, Brown. 
—1838, 42.-1840, Cbarotte.- 1841, Metrai, St. Croii, TWbot de Pelterie.— 1642. 
Candler, St. Crois, 43, 44.-1843, Oranier, Inginac, Mouttet, Schoelchor.- 184J, 
BUelte, Bourdieu, Reden, 45.— 1846, Jordan, St. Remy, 46.-18*7, Deasalles, Hart- 
laub, Macgregor, Modiou, Major, 47.— 1848, Hartlauli, 48, 49.-1849, Jordau, 50. 
—1850, Duvert, Haltien, nenikcr, Ijjraartine de Prat, Moore, Miiller, St. Hemy, 
Sowerby, 51, 62, — 1851, Bathurst, Boisrond-Tonnerrc, Cerderero, K., LinttaDt- 
Pradine, St. Hemy, Schomburgk, 64, 55.— 1852, Brittannicus, La Crois de H&rlto, 
MUller, PfeifTer, Bchorabargk, 53, 56, 57.-1853, AnJouin, Beard. Caro, Clark, 
Eeneken, Lonsdale, Monte, Moore, Pocy, St, Hemy, Schomburgk, 68.-1854, Conrad, 
St, Itemy, Sallfi, Sohomborgk, 'Willis, 59, 60, 61.— 1855, Brown, Charton, 
Elliot, Fisher, Helps, Mota, Nan, Prax, Poey, Sall^, 8chombui^k.~1856, D'Alam. 
Gu^tin, Roaelly, 62.-1857, Banzoni, Sall^, Smith,— 1858, Hjalmarson, Pfeiffec, 
Saussure, Wei nland .^1859, Bergeaitd, Hjalmarson, Lenox, Mulligan, Nolloth, Scil- 
lacio, Trollope, Weinland,— 18B0, Calendar of State Papers, Courtney, Handelmann, 
Martens, Miiller, St. Amand, Weinland, 63, 04, G5.— 1861, Ansted, Bona, Bonneau, 
Chsrolais, Melril, 66,-1862, Berlioz d'Auriac, Bird, Bknd, Bocneau, Castro, 
Dhonnoya, Fiibena, Margry, "Diiderbil!, Veuillerain, Weinland, WeUs, 67.— 18C3, 
ContMn, Cope, Duncan, Llltken, Maris, Pannter, Iteinhardt, Shepherd, Van Beuvel, 
Weinland, Weiss, 68. — -1864, A,, Bonnet, Cope, Dhormoya, Duncan, Varnhagen, 69. 
— 1866, Bamett, Cope, Griscbacli, Guridi, Harrissc, Ricque,— 1867, Bonvet, Garcia, 
70.-1868, Ackermann, Bryant, Duncan, Hatch, Hel|B, Uliler.— 1869, Palke, 
Helps, RiischhttHiit, Vamliagen.— 1870, Delorme, Hai^rave, Keim, Major, 71, 72, 
73, 74. — 1871, Americua, Brinlon, Coi*, Gabb, Lossing, U.S. Commission, WaUL, 
Weiss, 75.— 1872, Elliot, I3«bb, Harrisso.— 18T3, Conant, Delva, Gabb, Garczynaki, 
Grand Dictionnaire Universel, Harrison, Hazard, Settler, 76, 77.-1874, Hasard, 
Koffmahn, La Selve, Petermann, 78. — 1875, Bigelow, Casaa, Kolb, La Selve, Mcnrau 
de St. Mc-ry, Thuureftu.- 1870, Bland, Guppy, Linstant-Pradine, Wallace.- 1877, 
Grognou-Lacoste, Pascual de Gayftiigoa, Stuart, 79, 80.— 1878, Dupont, Gragnon- 
T,acoete, Porter, Stuart, Tejera,~1879, Castro, Cocohia, Desert, Eldin, La Selve, 
Tejera, Twins.- 1880, Bergeaud, Calendar of State Papers, Cliampliu, 81, 82.— 1881, 
La Selve, Ramsay.- 1883, Auguste. — 1883, Hoben, Janvier, Parmentier, Pnlling, 
Scheter, Thevet,— 1884, Harrisse, St. John, Tristram.- 1885, Cory, Duro.— 18 8T, 



AB0IIOIHB8 : AngleriuB, Arthaud, Brinton, Casas, Churchill, Desoourtilz, Helps, 
Hemra, La Selre, Monte y Tejado, Mnfioz, Nan, Navarette, Nicolaon, Ogilby, 
Boqr, PimXy Purchas, Ryder, Schombnrgk, Shepherd, Tan Heuvel, Walton, 
Nioolsoo, Poey> Both, Ryder, Schomburgk. 

Aoucultubb: Boyer, Bromme, Franklin, 42. 

Alhajtach : Dapont, 19, 20, 28, 29. 

AnxzATiOK: [by France] Laujon, Monttet, 58; [by Spidn] Bona, Charolais, 
Dhormoys, 65; [by United States] Americas, Hargrave, Keim, U.S. Commission, 

Adtoobapb: [Cohimbns] Major, [Henry I.] Mackenzie, [Louveriure] Rainsfonl, 
St Bemy, [Soolonqne] Gu6rin. 

BnxB-LBiTun, kto. : Bergeaud, BerlioE d'Auriac, Bigelow, Duvert, Gragnon de 
Laooste, La Selve, Lamartine, St John, Rosiers, 41. 

BouooBAFHT : Bonneau, Charton, Hanisse, ELazard. Holmes, St Remy, Scillacio. 

BoTAKT : Adlerstam, Chevalier, Descoortilz, Grabb, Grisebach, Ledebonr, Jacquin, 
Plunuer, Ricord, Ritter, Swartz, Tussac, U.S. Commission. 

BunsH Affaibs, bto. : Clark, Edwards, Du Tertre, Laborie, Hakluyt, Schodcher, 
Walton, 25, 52, 53, 57. 

Gagtub ahd Coobxskal : Thierry de Menonville. 

Gabsobausm and Vaudoux Worship : A., DhormoyR, Hargrave, St John. 

GorpxE Plahtkb : Laborie, 34. 

GimoNATiON OF Hembt L : Prevost 

CouBT Guide : 83. 

DncaiPTioKs, Votaoes, Tbavsls, Visits, Acooukts, etc.: Bathnrst, Benzoui, 
fimke, Caro, Champlin, De la Croix, De Pradt, Dhormoys, Dorvo-Soulastre, 
Dncaenijoly, Eldin, Garczynski, Gardyner, Grand Dictionnaire Universel, Granier 
de Cassagnac, Hakluyt, Hanna, Hazard, Helps, H^rard, Hoben, Janvier, Jefferys, 
Inginac, Keim, Labat, Lacroix, Laet, La Selve, Laujon, Mackenzie, Malonet, 
Margry, Maris, Morean, Mfiller, Kaval OfiBoer, Niles, NoUoth, Nougaret, Ogilby, 
Oviedo, Parmentier, Ricque, Robin, St. Croix, St John, Sanders, Schoslcher, 
Schomburgk, Settler, Shepherd, Stuart, Underbill, Vielcastiel, Walton, Willis, 
11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 21, 48. 61, 60, 68, 71, 81. 
DiiscovEBT of: Anglerius, Bossi, Charotte, Churchill, Colombo, Helps, Herrera, 
Irving, Major, Muiloz, Navarette, Ogilby, Oviedo, Vamhagen, Vega, see also 


DiBBABES, Feyebs, ETC. : Bergeaud, Chevalier, Dncoeurjoly, Nougaret, Poissonnier, 
Poupp^Desportes, Sanchez- Valverde. 

Eabthquake : Miiller, 44, 84, 86, 87. 

KuBOPE, ETC. : Bonneau, Mouttet, Raynal, Reden. 

FiVANCBS, CoMMEBCE, AND STATISTICS : Barskett, Chotard, Dalmas, Desert, Diaz 
de la Calle, Ducoeurjoly, ' Fisher, Franklin, Kolb, Lyonnet, Malouet, Macgregw, 
Melvil-Bloncourt, Mazois, Mota, Nicolson, Niles, Pulling, Raynal, Reden, Sanchez- 
Valverde, Theureau, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 14, 15, 28, 40, 49, 50, 53, 59, 77, 78, 85. 

Fjulsce akd the Fbench at: Bonneau, Boyer, Charolais, Clark, Dumas, Du 
Tertre, Harvey, Henry, Jomini, Laujon, Merchant, Metral, Mouttet, Wallez, 30, 58. 

Fbeebootebs, Pibates, and Buccakeebb : Archenholz, Bumey, Exquemelin. 

G azbtteeb : Ardouin. 

Geoobapht: Ardouin, Alcedo, Castro, Hjalmarson, Jcfierys, Kofifmahn, Moletius, 



Moreau de St. Merj', Itamsay, Sdiomburgk, Wylfliot, 59, GG, 6B ; lee also Geology, 
HiBtorj, Descriptions, &c., anil Mapa and Charts. 

Gkoloot akd Palkomtolooy : Castro, Conrad, Desconrtilz, Duncan, Gabli, Genton, 
Gtippy, Henekcn, Ueuiker, Lonsdale, Moore, Sowerby, Schomburgk, tee also Hines. 

HisTOB? : Alcedo, Ardouiii, Barekett, Beard, Benzoni, Boisrond-Tonnerre, Bona, 
Bonneau, Bonnet, BrittinnicuB, Brown, Calendar of State Papers, Ciuspbell, Cosas, 
Charlevoix, Charotte, Cinna, Coke, Contzen, Descourtilz, Dessalles, Dubtocs, 
Elliot, Fronlilin, Garcia, Garron do Coulon, Gastine, Goroara, GuiUennin, Haadul- 
niann, Barvey, Hassal, Holmes, JefTcrys, La Croix, Lossing, Miu^regor, Mackenzie, 
Madiou, Malenfant, Metral, Malu, Moreau do St. M^ry, Monte y Tejadn, Pbillipi, 
Raiiuford, Raynal, Regnault, Robertson, St. Amand, St. Bemy, St. John, Scbcplcher, 
Stockdale, Tuasac, Weiss, Vastey, 6, 10, 19, 22, 23, 24, 30, 32, 43, 56, G6, 67. 

Immiohatiok to : Sanders, Settler, 3C, 61, 

Laws, Jubticb, Govbbsmbnt, CoNsrinmoji ; Bonueau, Boyer, Ch * • * ' • •, 
Delva, Franklin, Henry, Laborie, Linstant-Pradine, Long, Malouet, Moreau de 
SL M6ry, Nicolson, Paven, Pnlling, Raynal, St. Bomy, Sanders, 18, 27, 31, 32, 
37, 38, 45, 46, 47, 61. ' 

Libels: Augnste, Biaettu, Brittannicus, Cbarlemagne, Ha'itlen, Boaiers, Vastey, 
Venault de Charmilly, 55. 

Mrtborologt : Ackermann, Dncceurjoly, Gabb, Moreau de St. Mery, Foey, Bitter, 
Sohomburgk, 1, 62. 

Military Opehatioks ; Cf-etivy, Chalmers, Dalmas, Drake, Dubroca, Du Tertre, 
Eataing, Edwardi, Giiillerniin, Hakluyt, Harvey, Lanjon, Metral, Walton, 30. 

MiHEB ; Candler, Dorvo^Soulaatre, Ducceuijoly, Melvil-Bloncourt, Stuart, Walton ; 
[Gold] Courtney; [Salt] Hatch ; Ruschaupt; [Copper] 70. 

pABia ExHiBmoN : Bouvet. 

People and Popvlatioh : Frankliir, Grasset St. Saavear, Moreau de St. M^ry, 
Maloaet, Bouzeau de Loitct, St. Jolm, Sanders, Yaatey, Walton. 

pBTnoLEUu Spbikob: Gabb. 

Pidoih-Frbhcb VocABtTi-ABY ! DuccBurjoly. 

PoBTBAiTfl : [B. Colombo] Monte y Tejada ; [C. Colombo] Major, Monte y Tejada, 
MuBoz, Roselly de Lorguea ; [Dessolines] Dubroca ; [Ferd. VII. of Sjain] Walton ; 
[Gen. Ferraud] GuiUennin de Montpinay ; [T. Louverture] Gragnon de Latoste, 
Jordan, Metral, St. Remy; [Gen. Gefftatd] 66; [Gen. I'etiou], St. Remy; 
[Soulouque], Guerin. 

Pbooress : Bonnean, Moreau de St. USry. 

Public Isbtbcction : Franklin, Boyer. 

Belioion : Franklin, Underbill. 

Satling DiHKcnoss, Tidkb, etc, : Bamett, Bonrdien, Chastenet-PuyB^ur, 
Cbaucbepratt, Engl. Pilot, Feuill^, Gonzale/.-Carrauza, Hakluyi, Jeffeiys, Piumter, 
ItqfgeTeen, Scbomburgk, Specr, 02, Ttl, 80, 82, 88. See also Maps, &c, 

SA3IANA Ba( ; Brittannictia, Harrison, Sohomburgk, 76. 

Saxon MrKBus; Falke. 

Ska-Watkh AT Hayti: Weinland. 

Slavery : Descourtilz, Ducojurjoly. 

Spakibh ApFAms: Antunez, Buriiey, Ca&aa, Diaz de la Calle, Veitia Linage, 
Weiss, 65. 

Statu of: Ansted, B., Candler, Barrc de St. Venant, Bird, Bonneau, Delorme, 
Eamangart, Franklin, Hiiliard d'Auberteuil, Lnborie, St. Remy, Weiss, Pan), 
Moreau de St. M6ry. 

Tobtuoa: Arclienholz, Burney, Eiquemclin, Da Tertre. 


ruTED States: Clark, Hazard, Porter, Walsh, U.S. Commission, 72, 73, 74, 75, 

YuwB AND Illustbations : Benzoni, Grasset St. Sauveor, Guillermin, Hanna, 
Htrrey, Hazard, La Selve, Mackenzie, Monte y Tejada, Ponce et Phelipeau, 
Hitter, Ogilby, Bainsford, Scillacio. 

Zmomt: [General] Desoourtilz, Jaeger, Nicolson, Oviedo, Bitter, U.S. Com- 
misiaD, Wallace ; [Mammalia] 3randt, Cuvier, Heame, Weinland ; [Aves] Bryant, 
Gory, DeBcoortilz, Elliot, Hartlaub, Hearne, Oviedo, Bitter, Sall^, Tristram 
"^Uot ; [Batrachia and Beptilia] Cope, LUtken, Beinhardt, Weinland ; [Pisces] 
DeBOOurtilz ; [Mollosca] Bland, Gabb, Hjalmarson, Martens, Pfeiffer, Weinland ; 
[ArachDida] Arthaud ; [Millepeda] Arthaud ; [Crustacea] Saussure ; [Insect] 
Pilisot de Beauvais; [Coleoptera] Sall^; [Lepidoptera] M^ndtri^; [Odonata] 






Bj Lieut. Chas. Stewart Smith, r.n., ELM. Vice-Consul, Massowah, 



Itikebabt : — 

Journey to Mpnemn 108 

Journey to the RoTuma 109 


iTOnSBABT •« 123 

H 2 




By Lieut. Chas. Stewakt Smith, r.n., H.M. Vice-Conjral, Massowah. 

1. Bbtwebm Eilwa Eiyinji and thb Boyuma. 

Map, p. 126. 

I5 the year 1883 the export of slaves from the 2<anzibar dominions waa 
very nearly stopped, and for some years sncli sea slave-trade as was yet 
carried on had been of the nature of petty smuggling. But, although the 
export of slaves was diminishing, there was reason to believe that in 
spite of the miinieipal law, slaves were still being brought from the 
interior to the coast, where they were bought and used by the coast 
people, both Arabs and Swahilis. The slave-trade having thus appar- 
ently entered a new phase, it became the duty of the Gk)Temment to 
consider whether the depot ship London should be replaced by some 
other vessel or whether a less costly, but under the new circumstances 
« more efficient, system should be adopted. For the London was a 
wooden line-of-battle ship, now absolutely rotten, which, lying for ten 
years in Zanzibar Harbour, had by means of her boats operated against 
the sea slave-trade. It was finally resolved to pay off the London and 
to break her up, at the same time placing Yice-Oonsuls at different 
ports on the coast, whose chief duty it should be to give informa- 
tion about the slave-trade, to encourage as far as possible the 
development of commerce, and to assist the native authorities with 

Having acquired Swahili, the universal language of the coast, during 
two years' service in the London^ I was made a Yico-Consul under 
Sir John Eirk, by whom I was stationed, in May 1884, at Eilwa Eivinji. 

It was from this port, with the objects I have just named, that I 
QUide the journeys on foot described below. The map showing the 
district from Eilwa to Lindi is made from topographical notes, which 
^re placed together after the general account. 

The first glance at this map will show that it differs materially 
(notably in the course assigned to the Bovuma) from the corresponding 

103 ..."•-;. 'explorations in zanzibau domisiohs. 

portion, of fiiat of East Equatorial Africa, recently isBued by the Boyal 
Geoo-ftpbical Society : it may therefore be useful to sketch tlie methods 
on wiiijjh I have worked. 

'■■. The map ib conetnicted on Mercator's projection, and on the same 

, '•soaie aB that of the Geographical Society, from which I have tuken the 

-■*;(»aflt-line. In it a note of interrogation expresses doubt as to a name or 

- a position, and what is not from my own observation is shown in dotted 


The latitudes I have always preferred to dotermine by meridian 
attitudes of a pair of stars, one being north, the other nouth of the 
zenith, a method by which error from natural causes is eliminated, 
whilst those of arithmetic are betrayed ; but I have often used 
single meridian altitudes, and once or twice double altitudes. The 
latitudes thus determined, aod the distances marched, with occa- 
sionally the bearioga of hills, are the data from which the longitudes 
are deduced by protraction. Though certain ohaervations have been 
entirely rejected, I have never altered what I wrote down at the time, 
and where an impossible caao has presented itself, I have called 
attention to the fact in the itinerary. During the round of about 
450 miles an error of about 10' in longitude manifested itself. As 
it is now impoasible to determine the erroneous sectiona, and as on 
my return journey to the coaat I was sometimes footsore, sometimes 
feverish, sometimes both, and was carried much of the way, I have 
assumed what is highly probable, namely, that the error developed itself 
then, and I have distributed it over several positions. This theory is oon 
firmed by the fact that the longitude of my extreme point, Kuugwangu's 
village (wrongly spelt in the Eoyal Geographical Society's map as 
Kunganga's) as given by luuars, agrees very closely with that obtained 
by dead reckoning. The heights are deduced from observations of a small 
aneroid barometer with no attached thermometer, and must be cousidei'ed 
Oft only approximate. For identification of the various kinds of rock, 1 
collected a number of specimens, whose labels unfortunately became 
detached, and I have to confine myself to naming their general 

The object of my first expedition was Mpnemn, a halting-place on 
the Ndonde road, which I had been given to understand was then 
much frequented by Yao caravans ; but as it loads tlirough the district 
occupied by the Wagwangwara, I am now convinced that such is not 
the case ; and that it is only traversed by such few persons as may come 
down from the Wagwangwara, by parties from the Ndonde country 
coming to the coast with indiarubber, and with perhaps a few slaves, 
or in good seasons with grain, to trade for cloth and salt, and occasionally 
by native hunters ; in the neighbourhood of Mpuemu these find numerous 
harteheest and wildebeest, whose flesh they jerk and sell in the towns. 
Is spite of the extreme dryness of the season, which, the natives said. 


lisd driven most of the game to a sheet of water said to exist to the 
fiorthwaid, there was still plenty to be seen and of many sorts. 

In my second journey it was my intention to pass along the southern 
of the two roctds leading to the Wagwangwara country, and after 
retching Luknmbi, a hill marked in the Ge(^raphical Society's map as 
being in lat. 9"" 50' S. and long. 87'' 46' E., to move down to Lindi by 
way of Masasi. 

On arrival in the neighbourhood of Lukumbi, I found that the direct 
road to Masasi was non-existent, and was therefore compelled to use a 
little-firequented path which led down to the banks of the Bovuma. 
Having crossed this at the village of Eungwanga, our road was along 
the south side of the river nearly as far as its confluence with the 
Lojenda. We then followed the north bank till nearly south of Mtola's 
village, where there is a station of the Universities' Mission. Here we, 
halted a few days to give sore feet a chance of healing, and then made 
our way to Lindi by way of Mtua. 

Travelling was occasionally difficult on account of the scarcity of 
water, and we had once or twice to march more than 26 miles from one 
watering-place to another, only to exchange a slimy pool for a muddy 
pit. The season had been extraordinarily dry, and besides leaving no 
water in many of the rivers and wells which in ordinary years are not 
dried, the drought had in parts caused distress by the failure of the food 
■apply. But there was no such suffering as was felt further north, 
and the scarcity seemed not to have extended more than 30 to 40 miles 
from the coast — indeed, to the southward of Newala the harvest was 
extraordinarily good. The Mtua district, where the people were selling 
their children for food, seemed to be in the worst state. At Lindi I was 
rarprised to find the price of millet 50 per cent, greater than at Kilwa,* 
and double that at Zanzibar. Until the smallness of the resources of 
the people and the difficulties of transport have been considered, the 
sharpness of the boundary between want and plenty is amazing. 

In the belt of country extending from the immediate neighbourhood 
of Kilwa to Eungwanga's, a distance of 250 miles, and for some days' 
march along the Ndonde road, there are now absolutely no inhabitants. 
But the firequently recurring heaps of potsherds by the side of the path 
mark where medicine was made to keep evil spirits from the turning to 
a village; a mud wall now nearly level with the groand, a stone 
slightly hollowed for the grinding of millet, the farrows in the ground 
vrhere sweet potatoes had been cultivated, or as I once saw, a circle of 
fine young trees grown from striplings planted to form a stockade ; all 
indicate the former positions of houses ; and the frequency of these 
remains show that the country through which I passed was till recently 
fiairly populated. 

The abandonment of this large district was caused by the dread of 
* At LiDdi, in the end of October, 1884, millet coet about 60 rupees a quarter. 



the Wagwangwara, who, under a chief known among the Swahilia as 
Chiiiua (Iron), came almost to the coaflt in a great raid made about 
eighteen years ago. It is not possible that they should personally have 
waated this great stretch of conntrj-, but the fear of them would have 
sufficed to cause a general, and probably a hurried, migration to safer 
parts from the places they did not actually harry. This process ia to- 
day to be noticed on the Upper Eovuma, where the attack on Uasasi 
recently made by the Wagwangwara is now causing the |Hiople to 
withdraw from the north bank, which they still cultivate, to the south 
side of the river and to its numerous eyots and islands. 

I have been told by natives that the Twhaviour of the members of 
the Universities' Mission on the occasion of the foray on Uasasi in 1883 
has favourably impressed the Wagwangwara, and that they are now 
well disposed towards Europeans. 

The Wagwangwara, who occupy the district to the north and west 
of Lukumbi, are a great obstacle to the development of the trade of 
Eilwa with tho interior. They have the will, and their position gives 
them the power, to rob and scatter any caravan passing by the Lukumbi 
road. Travellers are thus generally led to seek other routes, which I 
will shortly descrilie. 

From Nyasaa to the part of tho coast called Mgao, there are two 
chief roads now in use, of which the one crosses the Lujenda and paesea 
to the southward; the other strikes the Kuvuma at Knngwanga'a, and 
either crosses it, and leads to Kilwa, reversing my track ; or it crosses 
the river lower, thus avoiding tlie Mhoessi, a difficult river in time of 
flood, and passes by way of Maeasi to Kilwa or to Lindi ; or it cotnes to 
the coast by way of Newala. Near to the coast is a network of crosB 
communications; these are of great ser\'ice to the slave dealers in 
enabling them to bring their wares to whichever spot seems, from the 
reports of those sent in advance, to be tho most favourable. 

There seems to have been a considerable movement of slaves to the 
coast in the months of July, August, and September in 1884. Bishop 
Smythies told me — I write from memory — that ho had met in the district 
from Newala to tho westward four caravans, of which one had 200 staves 
in forks. Mtola, the chief of one of tlie Newala villages, enumerated 
several caravans which had lately passed on their way to the coast ; one 
or two he had not allowed to pass through his village, fearing lest 
they should bring the small-pox. How many during this period may 
have come down the Lujenda road I have no means of knowing, but 
it should not be forgotten that as few caravans leave the interior during 
eeed-timo or harvest, or when the rivers are in flood, this large supply 
does not contiuue through the year. 

I myself only met a part of ono caravan on its way to the coast ; it 
was then about 30 miles from Kilwa. It had only ten to fifteen slaves. 
and these were driven round out of my sight. The greater part of the 


cmvan had, we were told, gone to Lindi. We also learnt that a caravan, 
ft &w days ahead of this one, had been robbed and dispersed in the 
neighlxmrhood of Lnkumbi. 

The day after this party had passed we found a Yao woman, who had 

escaped from it, and had hidden herself in an almost dry wateroonrse. 

She had been three days without food, and how her rags hung on was a 

problem not to be solved by the casual observer. She had not been 

with UB half an hour before a porter asked me her hand in marriage. I 

letumed a diplomatic answer, intending to leave her with our missionaries 

at Newala. She was apparently happy with us, but after three days 

her fear and mistrust made her run away once more. I spent the greater 

part of the next day in hunting for her, but then gave up the search, 

for I think it may be reckoned an impossibility to find a person in the 

buah who wishes to hide ; but I was not sorry to have my hand forced 

by the fiedlure of the water supply. There can be little doubt that this 

poor creature would shortly faU a prey to lion or leopard, or would die 

of hunger, for Nakiu, where she deserted our party, is 50 miles from 

any house. I do not know her history ; I had intended to question her 

when she had become at ease in her new surroundings, and used to the 

aight of a white man. 

A second fugitive, whom we found on the road between Kiangara 
and Xahilala, was an Ndonde woman, who said she had come from a 
hamlet near Eilwa, where she had been in slavery nearly six months, 
and was now trying to return to her own country, carrying as money a 
ba^ of salt. Her scheme was probably to go from village to village, but 
it wiw very unlikely that she would ever reach her home, for, even sup- 
posing her to have reached the first of these villages, she would have 
been seized as a prize by the first man who met her. I put her in the 
special charge of one of my porters, but she only remained with us ten 
days, and disappeared on our arrival at Kungwanga's. Whether she 
hid herself, or whether she was spirited away and hidden by the 
villagers, I cannot say, and I could not do more for her recovery than to 
search in the fields, and to ask the chief to help me to find her. 

It is, I believe, a ne^v development of the caravan system that the 
Tao, finding they can themselves transact their business on the coast, 
dispense with middlemen, and now travel to and fro in large bodies of 
their own tribe. Indeed, from the time I left Kilwa until I neared 
Liindi, I saw no Arabs. 

The occupation of a piece of land near Mtola's village by the 
Universities' Mission with their colony of freed slaves, is a result of the 
raid on Hasasi made by the Wagwangwara, two years ago. For they 
say that, in case of a second attack, a refuge might be found amongst 
the hills ; this is doubtless true if the party were content to disperse, 
bnt I should think a retreat en masse across the Hovuma would be 


The work of the station conBiBts in teaching the Yao villagers, anci 
in attending to the needs of the colony. It is fortnnato In having an 
intelligent chief for a neighbour and landlord, and it is well placed as 
regards water and soil. Masasi, though not entirely abandoned, seems 
to have sunk into secondary importance. At Abdallah Fesa's ifi a small 
station with one lay member of the Mission. 

Aa far as could be seen in our march to the coast, neither the india- 
rubber creeper nor the copal tree are to be found inland of Newala, bat 
ftirthcr investigation is certainly needed in this matter. 

My arrival at Iiindi ended my explorations in this part of the Zanzibar 
dominions; and I feel that I ought not to leave the subject without 
saying a few words for my porters. I am aware that it is the fasliion 
to speak of thejr weaknesses as crimes, and of their virtues with a sort 
of goodnatured surprise, and for this very reason I feel it my duty to 
put my eiporience on record. 

There was no difficulty in engaging porters at five dollars per mensem, 
the food to be supplied by me ; but, hiul my house not been built with 
a central court, I should never have succeeded in collecting them for 
the start. At the last moment each one would remember some urgent 
business, or some friend of whom leave must be taken. However, my 
rule was strict ; once in the house no leave of absence, and at last the 
men were collected, and we filed out of the town. Out of fifty men 
ci>SBg^ I think there were but three absentees, and only one whom 
we did not get the next day. On the fifth day after camping, when 
about 25 miles from Manyunyu— the last village we passed on our way 
from Kilwa^-a battle began between myself and the porters. They all 
came to me, and said that theii' wages were insufGcient ; in short, they 
wanted an iucreaso, or they would return to Eilwa. I refused, and we 
went to sleep. Each party was determined to have his own way. Tho 
next morning I asked the men whether they repudiated their engagement. 
On their saying that they did, I brought matters to a crisis by having 
all the food and all the arms collected and piled in a heap. Shortly 
afterwards one of the porters got up, and said ho was going t)ack to 
Kilwa, I called him to me ; my servants spread-eagled liim on the heap 
of millet-b^B, and tho cook gave him fifty blows with a stick. During 
the couTHe of the day the mutiny subsided, and I gave out the arms 
again and continued the issue of provisions. 

My severity on this occasion, to which I very seldom had even to 
allude, was entirely justified. The only punishmenla I ever found 
necessary after this were of two descriptions. For quarrelling, tho 
punishment was for one of tho two to come and sit close to myself 
till his temper was cooled, which was generally very eoon, for a negro 
hates to be made ridiculous. Offenders in other ways were ordered 
to carry the tent — slightly the heaviest burden — until some one else 
earned the punishment. These punishments sufficed, and before we had 


gone very far I was entirely satisfied with the state of discipline of my 

My own dealings with my men were governed by four rules, which 
neTer seemed to fail in making them do my wishes. I give them, and 
I defy anybody else to make better ones : — 

L When possible, let the men have two meals a day. 
IL Let the burdens be light rather than heavy. 
III. There is nothing so persuasive as chaff. 
lY. Rest on Sundays. 
The porters generally sleep in the open air round the fires, but in 
bad weather, or when there is any fear of strangers, a sakasa or camp 
IB constructed. A circle, five or six feet high, is marked out by stakes, 
against which are piled branches and grass so as to give a good defence ; 
lean-to huts, or rather booths, are then easily made on the inside with 
the same materials. It is always wise to bum the grass in the 
immediate neighbourhood of the camp. Not only does this prevent its 
being damaged by bush fires, but it discourages the visits of travelling 
ants. But when sleeping in a village it is the duty of the chief* to 
pnt hnts at the disposal of the travellers. For this service, a present 
of a couple of rupees' worth of cloth is expected. 

The dose relations between myself and my porters gave me opportu- 
nitiea of studying the superstitious bent of the native mind. This I 
flhonld describe as being almost entirely a tendency to the fear of evil 
spirits, especially among the less instructed Mahommedans. On October 4, 
1884, there took place a total eclipse of the moon, which I had not 
neglected to predict, although careful not to take to myself the credit due 
to the Astronomer Boyal. It was a clear night, and the moon was high 
in the heavens. When the eclipse began, one man stood out, and putting 
bis thumbs in his ears and his hands to the side of his head, he called 
the faithful to prayers, as does a Muezzin, and conducted Divine Service, 
in which many joined. The cook, on the other hand, collected a party 
of the more superstitious and danced before them by the fire with song 
and chorus. 

Cook. — " There is no God but God ! The moon is hidden ! There is 
no God but God ! " 

Chorus.—" There is no God but God ! '' 
Cook.— « There is no God but God ! " &c. 

It was once necessary to send a man down a well, and I said a light 
must first be lowered to the bottom. The cook explained to the 
bystanders that I thought there were devils in the well, and, turning to 
me, assured me that there were none. However, whether or no there 
were devils in that particular place, wells and waste places are thought 
favourite lurking-places for devils. Baobab trees are especially to bo 

* The Swahili namo for tlie head-man of a village is ^ Sultaui ; " and the prince, 
whom Europeans call the Sultan, is Seyyidi. 



feared, and tbore are devils under water. It was aii article of faith 
with my servants that there waa one in a email house I had to 
occupy on my first arrival at Rilwa. When I was told of it, I said 
" Tea, I was one night in bed in that house. Hearing a noiao I turned, 
and saw on the table, drinking from my tumbler of milk, a cat. I 
threw a slipper, and it waa off." " Ah, yea," said the man, " they take 
all sorts of shapes." After this story, it will not appear strange, that 
one day finding a load without a jiorter, the guide, instead of looViog 
for the man who was shirking, propounded, in good faith I think, the 
theory that this was a sign of a hlessing on the journey. 

My porters were, to a certain point, very particular what they ate. 
One day, being by myself, a very young antelope (wildebeest ?) ran up 
to me. I touched it, and then it i)iissed clear of me. I tried to catch 
it, but could not, and so. lieing badly off for food, I was obliged to 
shoot it. I carried it back towai-Us the camp. Some of my men rushed 
Up and, muttering the invocation, cut its throat. The poor little thing 
had been dead half an hour ; however, no one wa« iudulicate enough to 
call attention to the fact. One, indeed, remarked that it was a near 
thing. Hud it been forced on their notice that the beast was already 
dead, I do not know what would have hapjiened. 

It may be interesting to remark that as long as I was able to march 
I enjoyed excellent health ; I could walk any diatanoe in the sun, and 
X could even stalk game in the middle of the forenoon without a hat. 
But when my boots became worn, my toes got chafed, and I h-id to bo 
carried in a small folding-chair slung to u pole with strips of hide : 
then I began to suffer from fever. As far as my actual transport was 
concerned, however, I found that the men were well able to carry me 
by hourly relays. My men enjoyed, as a rule, good health, but on 
our way to the coast many suffered from sore feet. 


; on I 
nil I 

Note, — Unless olhertmse sjiedjied, all hear'nigs given in poinU are true, all 
given in degrees are magHetic, and all distances on the march are reckoned 
from the Inst ileepvag^plaee. 

Journey to Mpukmv. 

Augutt iOi, 1884. — Left Eilwa, crossed the hill Singino at the 
back of the town, and camped at Msizima, about 4 miles south-west of 
Eilwa. At a level of about 40 feet above the present high-water mark 
is found an ancient beach. This is also to be observed in all vailtsys 
open to the lower ground. 

Avgiul tilK — Undulating country, in parts stony, with sometimes 
deep watercourses and sometimes rounded valleys with good soil in the 
lower parts. The combined action of drought and bush fires has 
given a very dreary look to the district. No water supply except at the 


Tfllmges. Six miles west and south to Jengera Tillage, 12 miles west 
and acmih to Kigeiegere village (200 feet). We were assigned a honse and 
dept in its conrtyard, which is built by splitting and weaving bamboos 
for protection against lions, which in wet weather seem to prefer the 
iieighlx>nrhood of the coast. The natives complain that what they 
grow in their fields is rooted up and destroyed by wild swine, of which 
there are a great quantity. 

August dfA. — ^The same dismal landscape. Cultivation to be found 
in the valleys where the soil has accumulated. Most of the trees* belong 
to the leguminous order, and, as we get further from the town, bamboo 
groves become more frequent. Five miles to Kisongomani (100 feet), 
the eetate of a Yao named Mahommad Eiponda, entirely the result of 
his own energy, he having cleared and broken up the land. 

August 7ih. — 10 miles to Mnazi Mmoja. Camped on a slight emi- 
nence (300 feet) on which is a village with its coco-nut trees, which are 
not to be found further from the coast. It is, I hear, a favourite place 
for slaves to be halted, until the arrangements for their disposal nearer 
the town shall have been completed ; this is confirmed by the numerous 
sleeping enclosures built of boughs and grass. A certain amount of 
game, chiefly gazelles, to be seen. 

August Sth. — A plain without water. Towards the end of the march 
the land begins to undulate. It is open, with little jungle except in the 
watercourses, which are often thickly overgrown. Except where there has 
been fire it is covered with coarse sweetly-scented grass, which forms the 
food of the herds of hartebeest and wildebeest of which there are plenty 
to be seen, although I am told many have been driven by the drought to 
a large sheet of water, said to exist some distance to the north-west. 
Wild pig are also very plentiful. 10 miles to Mpnemu. Encamped by 
some wells on a slight rise, where the site of the former village is 
marked by some mango trees. Lat. 8^ 56' S., height 250 feet. 

August ISth, — 10 miles to Mnazi Mmoja. Estimated bearing, 
Manyunyu, 162^ 30', 5 miles ; Mpuemu, 282^ 21 miles to Kigeregere. 
Lat a Pavonis, 8° 49' S. 

August l^th. — 13 miles to Kilwa Kivinji. 

Journey to the Bovuma. 

Sej^t. !</.— 4 miles south-west to Mzizima. Lat. mer. alts. Vega and 
a Pav., 8° 47' 39" S. Point to northward of mouth of Jengera river, 1S\ 
Nyundu Mbili hill, 268^ 2J miles. 

Sept. 2nd, — A succession of low hills which the rain has gradually 
bared, and left rocky and stony. There is little cultivation except in 
the large valleys where the soil has accumulated ; the smaller valleys 
are simple watercourses. 5 miles, Nyundu Mbili, 7^ 6 miles, Hunyu 
village, back bearing of Mzizima, 63°. 

* Mostly tuimoea. 


Sept. 3rd. — Country aB yesterday. CJ miles to Manoro. 19 J mileB t^~ 
Mauyunyu, a hamlet, to tho westward of which are ao more habitationa 
hefore Ndande, or, by the way I followed, before the EoYnma. Water 
obtained with diiEculty. Tho diutance above given is probably over 
feckoned. Lat. mer. alt. Achernar, 8' 69' S. 

Sept. 5lh. — Low rolling hills, undulating country, sandy soil, dry 
watercourses ; a fair amount of game to be seen. 5 miles ; road to Mnazi 
Moja branches oS*. 7^ miles; Mainokwe (200 feet), water obtained with 
trouble. lOJ miles; drj- bed of Kltandawala. 15J mileB; dry bed of 
Kiboko river, no water. Camped, Lat. double alt. Vega and Autares 
r 10' S. 

Sept. 6tli. — 104 miles to dry hod of Mavuji river. 12^ miles to dry 
bed of Msinji river. A total of 17 miles from Mainokwe. ^Vater got 
by digging in tlie bed of the river. The dung and footmarks of elephant, 
rhinoceros and buffalo, besides of many binds of antelopes, to be seen. 
Lions were heard whining during the night. Lat, mer alt. Vega, 
0^ 19' S. (450 feet). 

Sijil. nil. — About a mile and a half from tho camp, a email hill, 
Mtumwa (750 feet). On it are three peaks formed of solid maseeB of 
motamorphic rook. Strata dip 40" towards the sea, and strike north 
and south from its top. 

ZingaPJn round hill 35 to JO .. 323 5 

Cunp IJ .. 813 50 

Woody knoU 11 S13 3S 

Hill» (B). highest .. .. .. .. 17 to 21 .. 260 30 

„ lowert .. .. 261 30 

Knoll 13 to 15 251 10 

Higherhills 30 to 3S .. 242 10 

Hill A (Blight discrepancy) .. .. 25 to 20 .. 231 30 

Hill 35 to 40 .. 181 

HiUa .. PerbBpiMC?) .. 178 15 

Estimated by my guide : — 

Miiiuokwe 47 30 

Kilwa G3 30 

KiBwere 113 

Lindi ]« 30 

The neighbourhood is a rolling country, with frequent outcrops of 
metamorphio rock, striking generally between north-west and north by 
cast. There is no jungle except in the watercoureos, and the trees, 
mostly leguminous, are at this time grey, Bcrubby, and generally 

Sept.dth.- — ft 4 miles to Manjawila; no water. lOJ miles, bivouacked ; 
no water. From Manjawila is a cross path to Lindi. 

Sept. 9(A. — 20J miles from Meinji river to dry bed of Mabweho river. 
234 miles to dry bed of Maawa river, 26 miles to Nakiu river (750 feet). 
AU tiiesc Btreama are small even when flowing. At the latter, water 


WM found in a pool, good, but rather slimj. Fandanos begins to be 
common. Some isolated Borassus palms. At Nakiu we found five 
people, men and women, who had built booths in the watercourse. 
They were bringing bhang from the Wagwangwara country. Lat. mer. 
alt Aohemar, 9'' 35' S. 

Sept. 10th. — Ascended the hill marked A, beanng 71^ from the camp, 
and distant about scTcn miles. The way to it is over undulating 
ooontry with leafless trees. The hill is about 1700 feet high, of meta- 
moiphic rock, and one of a small range running north-west and south- 
east. Strata dip south-west 38^ 

No water was to be found, but a species of cissus is common, in the 
renels of whose stem is stored a quantity of water which runs out when 
the stem is cut in lengths. The fluid seemed slightly mucilaginous, 
bat it is almost tasteless, and satisfies thirst capitally. 

From the summit : — 

o / 

High l&nd from S.E. by E. to S. by E. 

A distant treble peak 105 to 106 

Hill, 14 miles 90 

Hill connected with preceding, 16 miles 75 

Double peak of Nandango 239 

Mtoo 246 20 

Distant hiU 270 20 

Knoll just visible 835 

Distant biU (Q ?) 200 50 

, 202 30 

In the evening, S^ miles from Nakiu to Baleez (93°), short supply of 
water in a hole in a dry watercourse. Lat. mer. alt. a FaT. and a 
Cyg., 9** 39' 18" S. 

8^t. 11th. — Before leaving Baleez I shot an "mjusi," something be- 
tween a cat and a leopard. 8j^ miles to Nanyiza, estimated bearing of 
Baleez 75^ Water in pits, small in quantity, questionable in quality. 

Sept. 12th. — ^Dried up country, as before described. 8^ miles ; our 
course is 235"^ 30'. 9| miles ; hillock of quartz. 17 miles ; a cross path 
roxming &om Lindi to Jegei in Mahenge. 19 miles; Likarawe river; 
water in wells in river bed. On the way we smoked a civet cat out of 
a hollow tree. The sport was exciting, as we expected to find a leopard. 
Ijat mer. alt. a Cyg. and a Pav. 9° 60'. The latter was possibly a trifle 
past the meridian. 

Sept. ISth. — 1 mile, strata of metamorphic rock cropping up, striking 
N.N.E. 2i miles, Eiperele river; a little water in muddy pools. Some 
fine forest trees with undergrowth, both of which have been hitherto 
lacking, are now to be seen. 16} miles to Eiangara (920 feet). 

Sept. 14tih. — ^Through high grass and thick bamboo clumps to Matoo, 
a very steep hill, 7 miles, bearing 17^ It is a triple peak (1800 feet), 
chiefly composed of quartz, which sometimes verges on crystal. Strata 
strike E.NJB., and dip 45** to 50° S.S.E. From it a wide view over a 



hot, baking, waterleHs plain, with leafloBs grey trees. Tho absence of &1T 
habitation was very depressing. 

On the Bunimit my compass had to be taken to piecea. It may not 
be out of place to remark on the little rough iiHago that a vulcanite 
prismatic compass can stand. 

From the summit ; — 





Not veiT Jtfineil penk about ;iO 
Pcaka cotinectcd with Matoo, d 

tniloB— pechoia C. 
sUtitlJmilea . 

70 B 

9.1 3D 
.1 255 

Lat. oanip at Eiangara. by mer. alt. a Pav., 9° 57' S. 

Sept. Uth.— To river Lihurau (1000 feet), five miles. In its bed ii 
few pools of water, as evil looking as an English duck-pond. 15 miles 
to Nahilala river, water in wella in river-bed. Lat. iner. alt«, a Pav. and 
a Cyg., 10" 6' S. 

Sept. ISth. — Four miles to Xaaoro. Here tho roads to the Rovuma 
and to the Wagwangwara country, which is now distant only a few 
days' march, divide. Following that to the southward ; one mile from 
the turning, Marekanoni ; water in a swampy depression. II miles 
from turning to Umbe Kuru river. 

The Umbe Euni, whoso sandy bod is 200 foot across, is shmok 
to about four feet across, and a few inches in depth. Near it are the 
marks of many animals, esjieoially of elephant and buffalo. 

In the round valleys without watercourses, over which we passed 
to-day, I should expect to find good soil. They are said to be flooded 
during rain. The troes are gathered on the sides of tho rising ground, 
the basins being bare of them ; but where there are none, is often good 
pasture. Lat. a Cyg., 10=' 18' S. 

Sept. nth. — Road very bad, much overgrown, apparently little 
used, cif miles to a well ; country paik-likc ; marks of elephants. 11^ 
miles; Hill Eitanda, distant 20 miles, bore 214° 30'. 12^ miles to a 
well. Lat. a Cyg., 10° 24' S. (1200 feet), 

Sept. ISrt.— W.S.W. 3 miles, S.W. 3 miles; then to Kitanda 
:! miles, a total of 14 miles. Camped by the side of a large )kx)1 
covering possibly half-a-ilo^en acres, with the summit of Kitanda bearing 
east by north about 2 miles. The pool was overgrown with water- 
plants and reeds, and evidently covers a much larger space in wet 
weather. In the neighbourhood were plenty of wildebeest, liartebeest, 



and on the rookg guinea-fowl, and orange-ooloared antelopes, with horns 
recurved, like those of the chamois. 

Kitanda, whose height is about 2800 feet, one of a S3rstem of hills 

oorering a large expanse, seems to have as a framework a succession of 

parallel ridges of metamorphic rock with precipitous sides and hemi ' 

cylindrical tops running north and south, steep towards the north, and 

often precipitous towards the south. The space between these ridges is 

partly filled with the soil that has been eroded from the rock, and through 

the soil are worn steep and deep watercourses. The upper parts of the 

ridgee are bare of soil and show the rook. There are enormous boulders 

weighing 60 or 80 tons, which have been split in two by the growth of 

tree roots in the little crevices. Although Kitanda is no giant, the 

»»nery is very fine ; crags of a similar character, of the most quaint 

and curious shapes, cropping up everywhere in the neighbourhood. 

Except for these outbreaks of rock, the surrounding country is very 

leyel, with only slight rolling inequalities. 

From summit : — 


Luknmbi 34C 

NdAngo 185 

Distant hill 234 

BaDge of small hills, 15 inilea 24G 

Malulu(?) 105 

Left of a range of distant hills, said to be Majeja .. .. 149 

Ourroad 230 

To the northward of Kitanda are apparently only small crags. Lat. 
of the camp by mer. alt. a Pav. 10^ 84' S. (1300 feet). 

8epL 20ih. — 7^ miles ; Kitanda bore 67^. 11^ miles ; river Lumesule, 
a stream running about east by south. 15^ miles ; a large open valley 
east Boiling country with metamorphic rock cropping up in long 
bold reefs striking north and south. 17 J miles; high peak, 257°. 
18^ miles ; camped by a pool in a dry watercourse. 

Sepi. 21«<. — Road running in a more southerly direction than yester- 
day. 2^ miles; high hill 181^ Watercourse with pools. 18j^ miles 
to Mhoessi, a fine river with a bed 115 yards across. It is now 
running in three or four small brooks that find their way along the 
sand. In time of rain caravans are often kept for a month on one sido 
or the other. Lat. mer. alts, a Pav. and a Oyg. 11^ 2' S. 

S^. 22nd, — Country generally level, watercourses stony. 2 miles ; 
Ligoma river, a small stream, but with plenty of water. 5 miles ; D, a 
round hill, whose summit is of bare rock, about 11^ mile west of the 
path. 6^ miles ; crags each side of the road. From the summit of the 
easternmost, — 

O t 

Distant peak 71 30 

Ndango 117 

Oar road 243 



9^ miles ; a mass of granite to the east of the path, striking jast and 
west. 10 miles ; open valley, with a swamp in which water was to be 
f onnd. Camped a little off the road. Some hartebeest and a rhinoceros 
were seen ; the latter was not killed. Lat. mer. alt. a Fay. and a Cyg. 
IV 10' 12" S. (1100 feet). 

Sept. 23rd. — 7 miles ; small river ; standing pools. 9 miles ; Msenjere 
river (1100 feet), a small stream, about 12 to 15 feet across, but with 
plenty of water, and rushing over stones and under shady trees in the 
pleasantest manner. The surrounding country looks as though it were 
made for game, yet there is hardly anything to be seen. 

S^t. 2ith. — Bearing of D, 21° 20'. 4 miles, outcrop of metamorphic 
rock with quartz, strike 125% forming a triple peak about 100 to 
150 feet above the plain. From the summit : — 

O f 

Kitanda 37 

E 50 

D 26 

Rock by which we slept on 22nd 38 20 

H 82 30 

Ndango 78 

In far distance a peak 8G 30 

Our path 177 30 

12 miles to a dry river ; water obtained by digging. Boad gradually 
inclining to the left. 19 miles ; camped by pool. Lat. mer. alt. a Pav. 
and a Cygni, IV 32' 13" 8. (1150 feet). 

Sept 2bth. — As we approach the Kovuma the country gets more cut 
up with watercourses. After 4 miles, the first cultivation we have seen 
for 250 miles begins ; a very good red soil. The houses, however, are 
deserted for the other side of the Bovuma. After 5j^ miles, the bank of 
the Bovuma. We crossed to the village of a Yao named Kungwanga ; 
it is built on one of the islands which here constantly divide and 
subdivide the stream. 

Food is easily obtained, there having been no drought, but it is as 
dear as at Eilwa, probably because of the large number of caravans that 
pass through. Much labour seems spent on the cultivation of the 
islands, which yield a good return in millet, Indian corn, rice, and 

The houses are round, built of wattle-and-daub, the roof a frame- 
work of bamboo thatched with grass. 

Small canoes are used with expertness by both sexes and all ages, 
but not for long journeys. 

Lat. of Kungwanga's by mer. alts, a Pav, and a Cyg., 11*^ 37' S. 

O I It 

( 37 31 30 E. 
Longitndes by sun lunars, act of three .. < 37 36 30 „ 

I 37 27 30 ," 
Mean result 37 31 50 „ 



The B^Yiima stream is here about 1070 feet above sea-level. 
Sept. 2^ — Grossed the Bovuma to the southward, passing over a 
ridge of rock which, with the water low, forms a good crossing, but in 
fall flood jprobably makes an awkward rapid. Well cultivated country, 
with scattered houses. 1 mile to Eanyunda's. At Eanyunda's, the 
grave of a chief, sheltered by a small shed, inside of which were oflfer- 
ings of food and tobacco, charms, cloth streamers, &o. 6 miles to east- 
ward ; camped at Kanyunda's sister's. Lat. mer. alt. a Pav. and a Cyg., 
11^ 36' 30" S. 

Sepi. 27ih. — ^Boad running E.N.E. 7 miles; distant round bill, 
66^ 20'. 10 miles ; camped by river side at Eurora's. The river is full 
of eyots and sandbanks, which make it exceedingly pretty in spite of tho 
fad that they spoil it for navigation. A number of my party troubled 
with colic, probably due to drinking Bovuma water. Lat. a Pav. and 
a Cyg., 11'^ 32' 44' S. 

I took a set of sun lunars, which turned out very worthless. They 
came to 38° 15' K, 38° 3' E., and 87° 38' E. ; mean 37° 59' E. 

Sept. 29(h. — E.N.E. 1^ miles ; made our camp in the plot of a man 
named Mnindi, an Mgwangwara, who had left his tribe and settled here. 
He grew cassava, millet, maize, and tobacco, for the latter of which tho 
antelopes have a great liking. Little game to be seen, but quantities of 
guinea-fowl. H or Malonge group, 43° 30'. 

Sept, 30th. — 6 miles; watercourse from south-east, dry, about 
100 yards across. 6^ miles ; Naiwonga, 73° 30'. 8 miles ; struck the 
river, which had bent away from us. It is now 200 yards across and 
veiy shallow. High round hill (one of the Malonge group), 6 miles, 42°. 
10^ miles; Naiwonga, 100°. llf miles; Ndango, 13^ miles. 

A large rocky island (Mpingawandu ?) here divides the Bovuma in 
two parts; that passing the south-east side goes over a succession of 
rapids. The path now leads through a gorge with strata of meta- 
morphic rock cropping out of the hill-sides, with lava or basalt (?) inter- 
posed. Then over a plain, out of which swell masses of rock, each 90 
or 100 feet high and 500 yards thick, running for two or throe miles 
without a break. 

12 J miles ; round hill (perhaps D), 25 to 30 miles, 327° 30'. 14 miles 
a stream bed, with water in wells. Through a valley, with large round 
boulder-shaped crags 800 to 900 feet high on the left ; on the right 
smaller masses. These are named Malonge, I believe. 18^ miles; 
camped by the bed of a stream ; water found in a well. 

Oct. Ist. — A very variable course. After 5| miles ; Majeja (?) 78'^. 
7 miles ; passed the junction of the Mhoessi river. Crags in all direc- 
tions. They seem simply to be the highest points of ridges of pro- 
truding strata. 

Crossed the Bovuma, whose bed is now half a mile wide, with the 
water running in a few shallow channels. 

I 2 




Pav. and 


Malonge Hilb, 10 milos, 268^ 

Oct. 2nd. — A plain with sanily soil, low Btunted trees, and thomj 
shrubs, with little tindergrowth. 4^ miles; crags the other side of the 
Rovuma, apparently strikiDg oorth-eaet and suuth-wcst, about 2^ miles 
in length. 7 miles ; Majeja, 25"" 20'. 

Crossed the Lumesule, whose water has disappeared before reaching 
its confluence with the Rovuma, Water was, however, obtainable in 
hole* in the sand. 

From the bed of this livor:— H, a round hill, 18 mQes. 3361". The 
Luuiosule flows to the westward of it. 

The path now divides, the ono fork running along the Rovuma to 
Newala, and then going to Lindi. The other goes to Lindi by way of 
Masast, sending off a branch to Kilwa after passing Majega. On this 
road to Kilwa waler is a difGuiilty. 

10 miles; camp in a small village (Kitanda's?). We had passed one 
or two small villages which had been abandoned in favour of the oppo- 
site bank of the liovuma. Lat. oOygni, 11" 13'S. Malonge 111116,281". 

Oct. 3rd. — Country broken by watercourses, but better soil and more 
cultivated than yesterday. Outcrops of metaraorphic rock striking north 
and south. 12 miles to river Lukwika, whose dry bed is 100 yards 
wide. It is said to rise in Majcja. Very level country, with grass and 
finer trees, undergrowth chiefly of Pandanus, but not at all close, I 
know no country more monotonous than this, where the foliage does not 
come close to the ground ; the traveller seeuis to be always at the centre 
of a circle, his range of vision is about half a mile, and his horizon moves 
with him. 

By the Lukwika is a village, Mgono. A road to Masasi branches 
off from here; it is often impassable on account of want of water. 
i;t miles, camped by river side (550 feet). Lat. a Pav. and a Cy^-, 

Oct. ith. — Four miles, village Mbarapi, at the junction of the Lnjenda 
and Rovuma. A cut across a bond in the Rovuma takes us over rather 
stony country much cut up by watercourses. 12^ miles; camped about 
600 yards from the Rovuma, which is here about SOO yards across, 
very shallow and full of shoals, A considerable number of water-buck 
and small antelopes. Guinea-fowl in great numbers. Camp ; lat, i 

alts, a Cyg. and a. Pav., 11° 21' 45" S. 
Longitudes by lunar ;— 


The mean of the two that I marked at the time as heing the hest in 
SS" 20'. The mean of all is 38'' 40', but the lesults di£fer too much 
amongst themselves to be of value. 

Oct, 6th. — ^Following the course of the river. After 3J^ miles on the 
opposite side of the river a range of low hills named Malumba(?) 
They seem to follow its bank for some distance. Eight miles north-east ; 
5 - 5 miles east to south-east ; two miles north-east — total 15*5 miles. A 
tolerably uniform plain with belts of jungle and with occasional water- 
courses, which are generally thickly overgrown. 

Camped by the side of the river bed ; this is a sandy plain half-a- 
mile wide, in which the stream is almost lost. Lat. a Cyg., 11° 15' S. 
(400 feet). 

Oct 7(/i. — Level open country. Characteristic foliage of the baobabs, 
now in flower, and pandanus. Buffalo tracks in numbers. Seven miles 
E.N.E. crossed the dry bed of the Mpangawara, said to rise near llulu, 
and to pass to the west of Masasi. We rested under some large trees, 
which look like casuarina. They are called Mtumba, and have the 
pleasing habit of suddenly, with no warning, shedding large boughs. It 
is necessary to stand from under with great rapidity. 

Country more undulating ; outcrops of granite and quartz but with- 
out great r^ularity. 16]^ miles; camped by the river, about 15 feet 
above the level of the water. 

The river in taking a sharp curve, makes a section of its bank on 
this, the concave hide, showing about five feet of red earth above loose 
sand. If this arrangement is invariable in the neighbourhood, the 
alternation of sand and soil is easily explained, that is to say, by the 
thinness, thickness, or absence of the latter. Lat. a Cyg., 11° 10' S. 
(350 feet). 

Oct. Sth. — Eight miles to Marekano. Here the road begins to 
ascend, aod leaving the Bovuma, takes a north-east course. Marekano 
is shown by its many sleeping-inclosures to be a favourite camping- 

To the south and east the Mavia hills, about 25 miles distant. 

In the afternoon, 10} miles N.E. to E.N.E., over undulating country, 
with watercourses. But little game visible. Camped by a watercourse 
near a village in the Newala district. The last four miles are cultivated 
or being cleared, and there are villages. 

The people say that a great number of caravans with slaves passed 
very recently. 

Oct. 9th. — 7^ miles, through villages with cleared and cultivated 
land to Mtola's. The Universities' Mission have built their houses on a 
spur running out from the higher hills lying to the northward; on 
each side of this spur there is a stream where water is always to be got. 
The settlement has some fifty houses occupied by the colony of freed 
slaves, also a church and school. The mission house is, I think, in 


lat. 10° 56' S., but I -wm not well and tlie eights were not very 

OctlSth, — From the miasion : Distant Hill 25 miles, 10o°; Maretano 
(eastward) 219°. 6^ miles in a. northerly direction, at first ascending, 
then on a plateau. Camped at Kaliogo's. I was given the bearing of 
Newala as 8.S.E. (compass). 

Ocl. mh — Level conntiy, good soil with red earth, partly covered 
with forest, the rest being cleared or already under cultivation, hut there 
is no water. All that is consumed hy the few inhabitants has to be 
carried, sometimes as much as a three or four hours' march. Twelve 
miles northerly to the Kitangara river, which is now a succession of 
pools in a long valley ; in the rainy season the stream begins to nm and 
enters the sea at Sudi in Mgao, Then four miles east and one mile 
north to the banks of the river further on. 

Camped by the river side, perhaps 25 feet above the level of the 
water. Height of camp 1100 feet. 

The sides of the valley of the river and those of its feedera are 
gradual in ascent and rounded, thus giving the idea that it ia not a 
swift stream. 

Oct. liilh. — East five miles to Simba's, a small village. The path now 
skirte with many windings the south side of a plateau, or of some hills, 
and pretty glimpses of the lower country and of the Bovuma are 
occasionally gained. 

After four miles the path becomes level and straighter. Nine miles 
north-easterly from Simba's; camped. Iiat. mer.alts. a Cyg. and a Fav., 
10°32'S. (1800) feet. 

Ocl. 16th. — The path over the plateau is level, but bends very 
much. The soil is sandy ; it is covered with patches of thicket, and 
with fine forest trees with glades of fresh green grass between. To-day 
and yesterday wo saw the indiarubbor creeper, though not frequently. 
13 miles north-easterly; some hills near Lindi bore CO''. Then an 
abrupt and very steep descent of about 300 foet leading to n gradual and 
well cultivated slope of red oarth, four miles of which brings us to 
Liwelewele village (700 feet) on tlie Mputo, a small bubbling stream 
with clear water, rising near Masasi. Then half a mile to north-east ; 
crossed the Ukeredi, which, by making a sharp 1>end, meets the path 
again IJ miles further on, where we camped. Lat. mer. alt. a Cyg., 
10" 18' S. (700 feet). From Simba's to the Mputo is a distance of 
26 miles, mostly over a plateau with neither water nor game. There is 
another road, on which water is easily obtained, from Newala to Lindi 
to the southward, passing by way of Machamba's. 

Ocl. nth, — Hilly, with a few streams, but generally dried up ; soil 
sandy. 15| miles to Ahdollah Pesa'a in the Htua dietriot, where ia a 
itmall branch station of the Universities' Mission. Lat. mer. alt. a Cyg., 
10' 13' S. 


OcL IfUh, — ^Afl yeeterday. Six miles E.N.E. Four miles north to 
Eolangi, the village of Amri bin Abdallah« Two miles E.N.E. to the 
head of Lindi creek, where we took boat and dropped about five miles 
down the river to the establishment of an Arab named Salim, whose 
boiofle is built on a small eminence rising from among the mangrove 

Ocf. 19ih. — By river seven miles to Lindi. 

Od. 20iL — I shipped my party in a dhow and forwarded them to 
Kilwa, where they arrived the next evening. 


Kap, p. 126. 


In the beginning of the year 1885 I was moved by Sir John Kirk to 
Mombasa. Though unable, for many reasons, to go far from that town, 
I yet examined thoroughly the part of the Shimba country which I 
have roughly contoured; the materials for mapping the district fur- 
ther south are from a single journey to Magila, which I took in October 
1885. The coast line is from the Admiralty Chart. The journey was 
made in very rainy weather, so that I was unable to lay down the 
Usambara hills, as 1 wished ; astronomical observations were often pre- 
sented ; rivers were difficult to pass ; and lastly, the work was hindered 
by my own fever and rheumatism. 

When engaging my men I found labour cheaper than at Eilwa. At 
Mombasa I was able to engage men at a daily wage of fifteen pice, with 
an allowance for food of eight pice, giving a total of something over £^5 
for the month of 30 days. 

The Shimba district, lying about 12 miles to the southward of 
Mombasa, is approached through low undulating country, consisting of 
uncultivated land or of coco-nut plantations, either already deserted or 
gradually relapsing into jungle. 

In the only important village between Shimba and Mombasa a 
market is held every fourth (fifth ?) day, when the people living in the 
neighbourhood bring their wares to barter with the people of the town. 
That the market should be held at such an interval shows a curious 
independence of the week as a division of time. 

The Shimba country is the district reaching from Mtai and Bomba 
on the north to Mwele and the Biver Mkurumzi on the south. The 
hills of which it mostly consists are of metamorphic rock, running 
N.N.W., some of the ridges being as much as 1200 feet above the sea- 
level. The air on them is delicious, and the nights are quite cool and 

Shimba is inhabited by Wadigo, and by a few Wakamba who 
migrated from their own country in 1884 in order to avoid a famine, 
which, though scarcely felt at the time by the Wadigo, has not failed 


to bring in its train tad small-pox, and to cauBO heavy mortality. Ot 
the 100 inhabitants of Magojoni eight people died in six weeks, for no 
Itetter treatment aw aits tbe aick than to bo driven out of the village into 
the woods, where, living upon an allowance of gruel, they must remain 
until cured. Tbe native doctors endeavour to defend villages from the 
small-pos by hanging charms made of wiuga of birda, bones, wispa of 
grass, to fitioks stuck in the ground at cross-ways, wbilst a selection of 
herbs suspended over the door of a hut is supposed to guarantee the health 
of the household. The latter plan is just now in diBreputt, for a certain 
doctor, after securing the bouse of a widow from misfortune, fell 
ill himself. The people of Shim ba, though near to Mombasa, are so unso- 
phisticated, that sugar, mirrors, and matches move their wonder- — the 
very fowls refuse bread-crumbs — and they do not seem prejudiced in 
favour of MahommcdaiEtsm. Savages are always loth to Bpeak of their 
belief, and all that I could discover of tbeir religion is that the meo 
retire at intervals into the forest to drink palm spirit, and perhaps to 
practice some form of devil-worship. As in godliness, so also do they 
fail in personal cleanliness, clothes are waehed rarely, the body never ; 
and, since they have no ideas of bnsinots, asking often exorbitant prices 
for their own wares, whilst they want euast goods at below tho cost 
price, they are not always easy to deal with. Tbey are, further, very 
lazy, but they neither quarrel nor pilfer, and there are hardly any slaves 
amongst them, slave kidnapping being almost unknown. They are 
no cowardf, and with their neatly constructed bows and poisoned arrows 
are equal to most of their foes. 

Tobacco is used as snnlf, for smoking, and for chewing by both sexes 
and all ages. 

Some of the women show considerable skill in making, without the 
aid of any wheel, rongh nnglazed pottery, symmetry being gained by 
the eye alone. A pot ih made from a conical piece of clay ; whilst tbe 
thin end becomes the base, the thick end is ]>ulled and manipulated till 
the required shape is gained. They do not understand the use of a 

Both sexes wear brass and iron bangles on arms and ankles, and 
round the neck great lengths of very finely worked iron chain ; also 
large distenders as omamonta in the lobes of their ears, but neither 
rings nor stnds for nose or lip are faahionable. It is customary to pull out 
both eyelashes and eyebrows, and boys are circumcised at a very early 
age. The women wear bands of cloth stitcbed with beads round each leg 
just below tho knees, and are said to have round the loins the universal 
string of white beads. I'heir dress is formed by longitudinally folding 
a long piece of cloth over a string, which is then tied round tho waist. 
'I'be piece, being long, forms puckers and folds, and by making the inner 
deeper than the outer, there appears a very sufficient garment not 
I a kilt. Although the people are personally v&ry dirty, their 


TiDages are kept exceedingly clean ; all dirt is carried outside except 
that from the cattle, which, driven in every evening, are not allowed 
to go out till the sun is well np, lest they should be seized by wandering 
Miasai. The huts are rectangular in plan, low, and are built of stakes, 
which support a framework for a roof consisting of grass used as thatch. 
The eaves reach on each side to the ground, and there are no walls ex- 
cept at the ends of the hut. The maize is stored in trees within the 
indosure, each corn-cob being tied separately to a string and left 
hanging till wanted. 

The Shimba country easily grows all the usual products, that is to 
say, tobacco, maize, millet, rice, castor-oil plant, coco-nuts, bananas, 
jnangoes, cassava, and ground nuts; and excellent indiarubber 
may be obtained from the Landolphia Kirkii and Landolphia Peier^ 
manOj both of which are common, but even in time of famine little is 

Prom a certain common aloe may be obtained fibre, which would 
command a good price, especially if more carefully extracted than by 
the native method of splitting the leaf into long strips, which are then 
drawn singly by the right hand between two sticks, pressed together, at 
one end by the left hand and at the other by the toes of the left foot, 
Uius crushing and removing the tissue, leaving the fibre in the hand.* 
Samples of this aloe fibre and of Shimba indiarubber were sent home 
for the report of an expert. This is given below. Had the sap of 
the Landolphia been gradually made into balls, as is usual, the samples 
would have been drier, but leaving it in a cup to solidify, as I did, 
insured its cleanliness. 

Cox)al is found in some parts, and there is a certain amount of 
orchilla weed on the forest trees. I should not leave this subject 
without mentioning the great nxmibers and variety of orchids in the 
woods about Yuga. 

Shimba is admirably suited for cattle, and a few years ago was both 
thickly populated and well stocked. But the cattle-lifting raids of the 
fierce Masai, who spare the lives of none that they meet, and the 
scarcely less harmful and constantly recurring insurrections of Mbaruk 
bin Baschid El-Eahlani, with their attendant robberies and murders, 

* Extract from a letter from Messrs. Gray, Dawes, and Co., to Messrs. Smith and 
Mackenzie, of Zanzibar, dated January 6th, 1886 : — ** We have received the small box 
of samples advised by you some time ago, and have put the rubber sample before our 
London brokers. Tliey class it as very similar to Madagascar, good, dear, and worth 
about U, 10 J, per lb. We have procured from our brokers samples of Madagascar 
rubber, worth about U, lid, to 2t. per lb. Wo send them to you, with a small portion 
of good Pttia rubber, worth about 28, Id. to 2$, Sd. per lb. All of these you will notice 
are very much drier than the sample you sent, but, with this exception, we see very little 
difference between your sample and the Madagascar kind. The fibre our brokers report 
as aloe, strong, good colour, very clear, rather short in the fibre, value 23/. to 26/. per ton. 
They further advise us tliat it very closely resembles Manilla hemp, more than auy 
£bre they have yet seen, the latter being worth to-day 80/. per ton. 


have almost cleared it of livf stuck, and iiave forced the people, much 
reduced in numbers, to live in villages stockaded with the trunks of 
young trees and bongbs and surrounded by a thick jungle. The entrance 
is double, bo that after patwing the outer gate there is a ail-desac if the 
inner gate is shut. 

South of the 2igi river live the Wabondei, between whom 
and their neighbourB the Wadigo are constant squabbles, kidnapping 
of slaves, and reprisals ; and a little belt of unoccupied country di\'ide8 

Except in the immediate neighbourhood of the Usambara hills the 
Bondei country is low and uninteresting. The inhabitants differ little 
from the Wadigo; there is, however, among them a very curious 
custom, a sort of initiation of boys into adult life. I did not see it, but 
owe the description of it to Mr. Geldart, of the Universities' Hfissiou. 
Those destined to be initiated are collected, not always at the same 
place, and atunoertain intervaU; they arc made to takeoff their clothes, 
and to wear instead a sort of drapery of uuplaited grass. They are 
sent to live in the forest, and are subjected to all sorts of trials of theii- 
iierve and courage. Strange noises, as of lions or leopards, are accom- 
panied by the sudden appearance of images of beasts and birds. The 
candidates are sent by night to lonely and dangerous places ; they are 
put into confinement, as a practical lesson of what may be the result of 
theft or of adultery. There are hunts after imaginary wild animals, 
which finish with triumphant dances, and a grand dance mnds up the 
course, which from tirat to last takes aliout a month. 

In the Boudei country there are three principal stationH belonging 
to the Universities' Mission, that is to say, Magila, Umba, and Mkuzi; 
and there are about seven Europeans, some of them laymen, at work 
amongst the Bondei people. There are now about 170 baptised Christians, 
30 of whom were brought from Zanzibar, and there are several cate- 
chumens. At Magila, which is the head-quarters, a large stone church 
is nearly finished, and the thickly populated neighbourhood gives 
endless scope for work to the missionaries, who not only have gained 
the friendship of the natives, but live in perfect peace amongst 

Although Magila lias no cattle, there is the possibility of an attack 
from the Masai, a large body of whom passed in October 1835 within a 
day's march of the Mission. 

The approaches te Tanga are over undulating hills and through 
great stretches of grass laud, excellently suited for the pastTirage of 
cattle, of which there were great nnmbers, until quite recently carried 
off by a Masai raid. Tanga has about 100 British subjects; about 
fifteen of these are Banians, the remainder Bohras with their wives and 

From Tanga I went by dhow to Mombasa, and through lack of liine 


I was Tillable to examine, as I had wished, the port of Mwoa, and other 
hays in its neighbourhood. 

In conclusion, I should remark that the oonntry through which I 
passed is nearly destitute of game. 


From the town of Mombasa across the island to Eilindini is about 
2^ miles in an easterly direction. The arm of the sea is then crossed by 
a ferry, and Mtongwo, on the mainland, is reached, the village being 
about a mile from the landing-place. At Mtongwe is to be seen a 
coco-nut tree with two heads ; when the tree was about 80 feet high 
the first head is said to have died, after which were put forth two heads, 
thus making a forked tree, each head being about 15 feet from the point 
of junction. 

Mtongwe to Magojoni, a distance of 11 j^ miles in a south-westerly 
direction — country undulating; the road goes first through deserted 
and n^lected coco-nut plantations, then over uncultivated ground, and 
lastly, past Digo and Eamba villages, each in its defensive stockade. 
Much of the country would give excellent grazing, and there is but 
little bush. 

Bearings from Mwango-wa-Loloni : — Flag-staff in fort, 78° 40'; 
centre of Coroa, 37° ; l\abbai hills, 350° ; path (direction of) 223°. 

The position of Magojoni is fixed by plane table observations ; I also 
found its latitude by mer. alt. of Vega to be 4° 12 J' south. 

From Magojoni to Yuga is about four miles, and the }K)sition of 
Yuga is found from plane table, and a mer. alt. of Vega gives its latitude 
as i° 11^' south. Yuga lies pleasantly in a hollow. 

Shimba Gulini is five miles from Yuga; its latitude by mer. 
alt of Fomalhaut is 4° 9' south; but this result should be received 
with caution, for at the time of the star's passage there was a war dance 
near my seat, which caused much trembling of the mercury in the 

From the hill Bironi is gained an excellent view to the northward 
and to the westward, the country in the latter direction appearing quite 
flat, and I was enabled to take very good bearings of Easigao and 
Kilibas. These, when intersected by bearings taken from Jombo village, 
give the following positions : — Eilibas 8° 59' south, 89° 1' east ; Kasigao 
3° 50J' south, 38° 45' east. 

At Golini I was told that the villages which formerly existed to the 
south and west had been destroyed by the Masai, the only remaining 
one being Fande, about 10 miles away. 

South-east of Magojoni are clustered a number of small villages, 
Mdogo-wa-Mayayi, Dzombo, and Mvumoni, the latter being but a mile 
distant from it. 


Two miles fn>m Magojoni ts a curious ilepression named Nyari, 
witUin which there ie said hy the nativcB to be an engulfed viiliige. 

Three miles from Magojoni is Tiwi, a small village, and east of Tiwi 
is a small lake. 

From Magojoni to Mwabila is about 11 miles, over very confused 
small hills and through very thick undergrowth, and, in November, 
very high grass. This difficulty ia avoided in January or February, 
when the grass has been burnt and the countrj- is clear, 

Mwabila is a fair sized village, from which I took the following 
bearings: — Jombo, 341' (true); Usambara hills, 247^"; height above 
sea-level by boiling-point thermometer, 430 feet ; variation by alt. azim., 
S" 44' W. 

Six miles S.S.W. of Mwabila is crossed the Mkurumji river, a small 
stream 25 feet wide. 

When due west of Gaai, the road takes a westerly direction, and 
12 miles from Mwabila is the Bamisi, a, deep narrow river, perhaps 
20 feet across ; it is doubtless difficult to crosx in time of flood. This 
was marched in two stages, the second being most trying. It included 
1^ hours through grass 10 feet high, wet and steaming, with a hot san, 
the path going up and down smull hills and over little streams. 

Fifteen miles from Mwabila is .Tom ho village ; its latitude by mer. 
alt. of a Gruis is 3' 2C' S.. and its height above sea-level by boiling-point 
thermometer is 244 feet. Jombo hill is fixed by its bearing from this 
village and from Mwabila ; its height as given by the Boyal Geo- 
graphical Society's map seems correct. 

Seven miles south-west of Jombo is Vichakawifu, a small village. 
On leaving Vichakawifu we made a great round, probably to avuid 
marshy ground, and then crossed the Njovu, a shallow stream, easily 
forded, and, after G miles, the Mwena, a largo deep stream, bridged by 
a felled tree, After another half mile we found ourselves at Chole. 
From Chole to Kobe is about 2 miles, and from Kobe to the Umba 
river is about 3 miles ; just across the river is Umba Jilile. 

From Umba Jilile to Chueni is 4 miles, fiom Ghueni to Fidzoni 
about S miles. 

From Fidzoni, which is said to be the end of a long ridge reaching 
into the Usambara country, the following bearings were taken; Tii, 
north end, 79" ; south end, 86' 16' ; Jombo, 16" 16' ; Mwele, 23'' to 3V. 

The neighbourhood is very low and thickly studded witli villages. 

From Fidzoni to Hundu is 4 miles, and from Kundu to Kwa Ngwaru 
is 4 miles. In the part of the Digo cuuutiy south of this, there was 
much slave kidnapping during the famine. The river Ndoyo, half a 
mile from Kwn Ngwaru, was in flood, owing to the great amount of 
rain, and it was crossed by means of a tree felled so as to bridge its 
deepest part. Where we crossed it the channel was interrupted by many 
small islands, but its total breadth is probably as a rule 30 yards. 


Nguwe, whose latitude by a Grais is 4° 49' S., and height above the 
sea level 100 feet, is less than 6 miles from the Ndoyo river. 

About this point the metamorphic rocks, which have hitherto pre- 
vailed, cease, and the rocks to the southward, except near the Usambara 
hills and at Magila, where a hard stone-like ironstone is found, are of 
ahale or slate. 

From Nguwe to the river Kombe is 1^ miles, to Mazola 8 miles, to 
Bagamoyo 5 miles, to Majema 10 miles, to Maziwi * 14 miles. From 
Maziwi to Mwa Kululu is 6 miles, and to Vindo 9 miles. 

A mile from Yindo is the Zigi, a fine stream about 100 yards wide, 
but very swift and full of rapids. 

From Yindo to Membwera, 4 miles ; from Membwera to Mabangu's, 
6 miles (these two measurements taken whilst suffering from fever) ; 
from Mabungu's to Magila is 5 miles. 

Magila is 628 feet above the sea-level; whilst I was there the 
weather was too bad to get a good observation for latitude. The 
variation of the compass is llf ^ W. 

From Magila it is 3 miles to a ford over the Mkurumuzi, here, when 
not swollen, about 25 3*ards across. 

From Magila 10 miles to Umba, a small offnstation of the Universities' 
Mission, with a school for the children of the neighbouring villages. 
It is about 600 feet above the sea-level, and its latitude by a seemingly 
good mer. alt. of Achemar is 5° 7' S., but certain bearings of the 
Usambara hills place it further south. 

From Umba to Tanga is about 20 miles, over undulating country, 
which gets clearer as the coast is approached, and offers excellent 
pasturage for cattle. 

* During the night spent at Maziwi a thief came into my tent. In these parts, where 
the law is weak, a thief may be dealt with at the captor's discretion, that is, either killed 
on the spot or sold for a slave. I expected therefore that the thief would be armed ; 
and having neither light nor weapon, I considered it more discreet to slip out of be<l 
and call for help than to throw myself on him. I did so, but he escaped. This was the 
only time I encountered a thief. 

. ■*. 


■< r 










Socie'ty , 1887. 





By Lient. -Colonel Sir E. L. Playfair. 

»• w 

















By Lient. -Colonel Sir E. L. Playfair. 
















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xxiandeth oyer all that Idngdome wherein are fortie thousand Tunariots." 

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Another work by the same author is the ' Epitome de los Reyes de Argel,* 
which contains nearly all the information we possess r^arding the eyents of 
the 16th century, and is of the utmost importance to students of Algerian 
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The author left England 28th January, 1597. In cbap. ii. be deacrilx m^-^ 
" Argeir," and in cliap. iiL " Tunys," on leaving which place hia veseel, thi^cs 
Ft-ands of Saltash, was taken by galleys of the Duke of Leghorn, by vhom h^ L^ a 
was kept in Blavory eight years and ten months. 
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Other editions were published nt London, 1616, 1632, 4to, IBSH, 8to; at 
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In theSth Part is a description of" Tlio Marine ProTinces 'twixt Tunnds 
and Algier, and of their territories — An English Pyrate Captain Waird — Of the 
towns of Tremizen and of Algier and of that territories." 

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Several other editions exist, published at Paris, Houcu, and Liinchur^ the 
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Pr^vCt et Historiograpbe des PafB-Baa.' — Les cruautez exerc^a sur les Cbrcatieos 
i-n k Tille d'Argier en Barbarie. Paris: 12mo, 

An English version is given in Purcbas, vol. ii. : ' Relations of the Chris- 
tianitie ot Africa, and especially of Barbary and Algier.' The author was 
himself a captive at Algiere 1619-1620, The Latin edition has tho following 
title: 'Uiarium rerum Ai^clai gestamm ab anno 1619 sive xpcculum miseiim 
serrorum Turoorum.' ColonitB : 8to, 1623, 

Grsmmaye describes Algiers as ) " Hell's epitome — Miseries' ocean — 
Christian's Whirlepool — Torture's Centre — Hell upon Earth — Whip of the 
Christian Worid," &c, 
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gentcaqne ejus at olim et nunc deacribuntnr. Tomaci Nerviorum (Doomik) : 4tu. 
also No. 67. 
This is a mere plagiarism of Marmol and Leo. — See also Purchas. 

1622. Carta de un Gapitan de Oran el Gapitan D. Gregorio de la Gueva. 
Without place or author : folio. 

1622. Balaoion yerdadera de la Victoria que ha tenido el Seflor D. Juan 
Manrique de Gardenas, hermano del Sefior duque de Maquedo en las fuerzas de 
Oran contra Mores y Alorbes por el mes de Agosto. Without name of place or 
author: folio. 

^. 1622. Carta que esoriyio Geronimo de Yturrica desde Oran a D. Anastasio 
Germonio, obispo de Tarantasia. Without place : folio. 

'V. 1623. Oorea, Antonio de. — Glorioso triumfo de tres martyres espailoles 
doB en Persia y uno en ArgeL Seyilla : 8yo. 

'A 1623. Accoltiy B. — De bello a Ghristianis contra Barbaros gesto. Florentine : 

W, 1624. Victoria que tuyo el excellentissimo duque de Maqueda, general en 

sa fiotera de Oran con los Moros de Beni-Aghu y todos sus aduares y los esclayoH 

y prescas que en esta yenturosa yicto^a alcan9aFon este presente afio en 13 de 

Octobrs 1624. Madrid : fdio. 

1624. Viotoire obtenue sur les corsaires d'Alger ayec la prise de trois 
galUcoa et un grand navire* Hollandois, par 1e s^r^nissime prince Philibert de 
Saroie le 24 Juin 1624. Lyon : Svo, jouxte la copie imprim^ A Bome et Gdnes. 

1. 1624. FamoBa y admirable relacion de la gran Victoria que el Sefior 
Marques de Santa-Gruz a tenido contra las galeras de Yiserta y Argel, &c. 
Seyilla: foUo. 

1625. Furohas, Samuel, ** Parson of St Martins neare Ludgate." — ^His 
Pilgrims,- in 5 bookes (4 yoL). London : folio^ pp. 1973. 

The following are the articles connected with Algiers : — 

Page 749 (2nd toL). Obseryations of Africa taken out of John Leo his 
9 Bookes. Translated by Master Pary, and the most remarkable things hither 

Page 874 (2nd yol.). The description of the cittie of Alger written by 
Nicholas Nicholay, and how it came into the possession of Barbarossa. 

Page 881 (2nd yol.). A large Voyage in a Joumall or briefe Beportaiy of 
all occurrences, hapning in the Fleet of Ships sent out by the King, His Most 
Bizcellent Majestie, as well against the Pirats of Algiers as others ; the wholu 
body of the Fleet, consisting of 18 Sayle. Six of H.M. Ships, 10 Merchant Ships, 
^ Pinnaces, under the Gommand of Sir Robert Mansel Knight, Yice-Admirall of 
England, and Admirall of that fleet, and a Gounsell of Warre appointed by His 
^iajestie. Written by one employed in that yoyage, formerly published, and 

beere contracted. 


^'^ Page 887 (2nd yol.). The Relation of the Jacob, of 120 tunnes, which was 

a.bout the end of October 1621 taken by the Turkish Pirats of Argier, and within 
O days after four English youths did valiantly oyercome thirteene of the said 
Turkes, and brought the Ship to St. Lucas in Spaine, where they sold nine of the 
Turkes for galley slayes, with mention of some other like English adventures. 




egpec Mllr 

3 cbrestiena eaclaves entre les 
^oy^B ])ar oWdience au voj-age de 

87. Page 889 C2nd vol). The wonderfnll recovery of -the Exchsnge of BriBtwr^ 
fromthsTurkiahPiratsofArgior, published by John Rawlins, heere abbreviated-— ^ 

Sa Page 15GI (2nd vol.). Relations of llie ChriBtiaDitie of Africa, and » 
of Rarbareo and Algier, writlfln by J. B. Gramaye. 

89. Page 15T7> Letter containing the admirable escape and ^orioua 
N. RobcriB, T. Stevens, and R. Snckabich, taken by Algier Pirate*. 

80. 1626. Purchae, Samuel. — His Pilgrimage, or relation of the world Hid 
the religiona observed in nil ages and places, &c. London : 9 books, iq 1 vol. folio, 
|>p. 1047. 

Chapter viii. of the 6th book treata of ' that part of Barbarie now called the 
Kingdom of Tunis and Tripoli," With map. Chapter in. of the ' Kingdomo of 
Tremisen, Algier, and other places anciently called Mauritania CacaarienEii.' 
Chapter xiii. of ' Bilediilgerid tad Sarra, otherwise called Numtdia and Lybia.' 

91. 1626. IMsooun vdi^table de la grande et notable victoire obt«nue por les 
};all&rcti chrestienoes cootro cinq vaisseaiix et nn grand gillion condnicts par ud 
iosigne Pirate d'Alger, Grec de nation, reuegnt et tnagicien de profession, nommf 
Asitn Calafat, en laquello furent dSlivrds plus! 
quels estaient trois R.P. religieux, capucina o 
la Terre Siuncte pour la ijatisfactlon d'uu v( 
Archiducheaae dea PayB-bas. 8vo. 

92. 162T. Maaoarenhas, Joam Carvalha.— Meraoravel relafSm da perdita dc 
Qtto con^'ei^am e DeBcrip9ilo nova ila cidade dc Argel. Lipboa: 4to. 

93. 1628. Ue Brevss, Ft-ancoiB Bavary. — Relation dcs Voyages do U, de 
Breves tant en Grccc, &c., qu'ans Royaumesde Tunis et Argier, &c. Paris: 4t0, 
pp. 383. 

eSa. 1628. EgilMn, Olaf.— Kort Beratning om de Tyrkiske Saeroveree (tr 
Argier) udi Island, 1G26 ; af islandske pan d.iiiBk, Copcnhague: 8vo. 

94. 1628. Byfun, Henry. — A return from Argier. A sermon preached at 
JIuirhcad at the re-adniiesion of a relapsed Christian into our Church. London: 

85. 1630. Stnlth, Captain J. — True travels, adventures, and obseTvati< 
Enrope, Asia, Africa and America. London : folio, pp. vi.-G9, with plate. 

96. 1630. Noticia Provinoiarum AfHeee. 

97. 1630. Voyagie naer Ail-ica, Tunis en Algiers besohrevcn door em 
Liefhebber op de Tloot derwaerts uyt Hollant gcsondea om de Christtii Slaren te 
losson ia't Jaor 1625. Hague : 4to. 

88. 1631, Antonio da St. JoaA. — Relacion tnilagrosa del rescato que se hi«o 

n Argcl. Valeiici 

: 4to. 


1632. Relacion Verdadera de In gran Victoria que el Sr. D. Antonio de 
Kiilliga y de la Uuena Marques de Flores de Avila del Coosejo de Guerra de sii 
Majestad, so Govemador y CapiMui General de Oran, Iteinoo de Tromecen y 
Tfinez, Tuvo con loa Moros Verarajos distantes de Oran vointe y qaatro legnM 

a lo« 7 de Octohre de 1632. 

Reprinted in Coleccion de Libros Esiiauoles I!aroa et Ciiriosoa. 


8Ba. 1634. lies noma et qnalit^a de 97 Chrestiens captifi racheptcz, 
ann^ par lea religienx de I'ordre de Notre Dame de la Hercy. Paris : 8vo,, 




1634. Iieo AfirioanuB.— Turdd Imperii status acoedit . . • de regno Algeri- 
ano atqiie Tanetano oommentarius. Lugduni Batavorum : 8yo. 

^31. 1635. TSfVLBVo y Teidadero suooeaao de un espantoso y estupendo 
inoendio y gnerra sucedido en la cindad de Argel al primero de Julio 1635. 
Barcelona: 4to. 

1637* STayigatlon faite en Barbarie par Fran9oi8 Brook, traduit de 
VAnglais. Utrecht : 12mo. 

1637. Fits-QefEbry, Charles. — <!!ompassion toward s captives, our brethren 
2nd ooontiymen who are in miserable bondage in Barbarie. Urged and pressed 
in 3 sermons, preached in Plymouth in October 1636. Oxford : sul 4to. 

1637. Dan, Befv. Pdre. — GUstoire de Barbarie et ses Corsaires, des Koyaumes 
«t des Yilles d' Alger, ^c. Paris : 4to, pp. 514. A second edition folio, 1649, 
j>p. 489. A Dutch translation by G. van Brockhuijsen, Amsterdam, 1648. 

The author was for nearly half a century a Trinitarian father, engaged in 
the release of captives. His work is most interesting from an English point of 
view, as he gives an account of the Irish captives taken at the sack of Baltimore 
by the Algerines. — See also Charles Smith's ' History of Cork,' vol. i. p. 278. 

1638. lCanaoiir« Jaooub-al-MaoUalieel-al, of the Almoahidin dynasty 
which reigned over Africa and Spiun. He wrote a work which was translated into 
Preoch under the title of ' Vie de Jacob Alman^or roy d' Arable.' An English 
translatitni was published by Ashley in 1627, and a Spanish one at Saragossa in 

108* 1636. Baladon verdadera de la presa que las galeras de Venecia han 
alcMyado de las de Tunez y ArgeL Madrid : 4to. 

107. 1639. Belacion Verdadera en que se da cuenta muy por estenso del modo 
que tienen de vinir assi Moros como Judios de la ciudad de Argel. Madrid : folia. 

103. 1640. Knighty Frazxoia — Relation of seaven yeares slaverie under the 
Turkes of Argiere, suffered by an English captive merchant. Whereimto is added 
a second booke containing a description of Argiere, with its originall manner of 
government^ increase and present flourishing state. London : 4to. — See also 
Osborne's Yoyages, voL ii. p. 481, and Churchill's Collection, supplement. 

It contains an interesting account of the Eouloughli insurrection, and of the 
minion of M. de Sanson in 1635. 

IW* 1642. Bobinson, Henry. — ^Libertas or Reliefe to the English captives in 
<^lgien and the great Turke, briefly discursing how such as are in captivity may 
^ sooneBt set at liberty, others preserved, and the great Turk reduced to receive 
*^ to keep peace to the great benefit of Trade. London : sm. 4to, pp. 12. 

11<X. 1643. Hdraulty Bev. P^re Franfoia. — Les larmes et les clameurs des 
chr^Btiens Francois, &c., captifs en la Yille d'Alger en Barbarie. Paris : 8vo. 

^^^- 1644. BedemptioiL fait & Alger par les P.P. de la Mercy. Bordeaux : 


^^ 1645. Beeit de I'Expedition faite en Alger par les religieux de N. D. de la 
^'^B par le pto Fran9ois Faure. Paris : 4to. 

. 1045. lgreville» lie B. F. Edmond. — La vive foi et le r^cit fidMe de ce 
Q^i ^Qtt pass^ dans le voyage de la r^emption des captifs fran9ois fait ^ Alger 
"^ ^^ p^oes de I'ordre de Notre-Dame de la Merci. Paris : 8vo. 

*• 1345. Faure, F.— Eddt de I'exp^ition en Alger par les religieux de N. D. 
^^^Hercy. Ptois: 4to. 



116. 1646. H6rault,Bav.F&reIiaoiexi.--Le8yiotoiraBde la Charity ovidti^ 
des voyages dc Barbarie fiut en Alger, pour le rachapt des esclavea fran^oii nx. 
anndes 1643-1645 ; ensemble ce qui s^est paaad on sa captivity emprisonflDMot, «t 
mort, arrive au dit Alg^r le 28 Janvier 1646, par lea religieux de Tordre di W 
T. S. Trinity Paris : 8vo. 

lia 1647. CasBon, EdmiiTid.— A relation of the whole proceadings ooDoerni;^ 
the redemption of the captives in Argier and Tunis ; • . . togethar with a lis^ 
the captives' names redeemed, and the prices they cost there in the market. P 
lished by special authority. London, 4to. 

The list contains the names of 242 persons redeemed from slavery. 

117. 1647. Caaon, Edmund. — An extract out of the letters of • . • the 
ment's agent at Argier, directed unto the Committee of the Navy, dated 29. 
ber 1646. London : 4to. 


118. 1647. Sweet, Thomas, and Bichard Bobineon. — Letters from 
to their friends in London. 

Single sheet in the British Museum. Quoted in extenao by Playfair in ^ 
Scourge of Christendom,' p. 65. 

119. 1648. lie F. D. C— Les Triomphes de la Charity du P. Laden 
relation de ce qui s'est pass^ dans la sortie des captifs de la Yilled* Alger, q 
avaient 6t& arrestez aprds sa mort, ensemble leur arrivde et les r^oeptions qui 
ont ^t^ flutes dans cellesdo France oh ils out pass^ Paris. 

120. 1550. Bynacker, Dr. — De Eeyse naar Afrika, Tunis, Algiers, &c., 

in den jare 1625, onder't bcleydt van Dr. R als ambassadeur van Hava 

Mog. tot lossinghe van de Christen-Slaven derwaarts gedeputeert. EUufflem : 
met grav. 

121. 1652. liithgow, W. — Landreyze door Europa, Asia ende Africa, 
dam : 4to. Translated from the English, see ante, No. 63. 

128. 1652. Sanson, lESTioolas. — ^L'Asie et TAfriquc en plusienrs 
plusieurs trait6} de geographic et d*histoire. Paris : folio. 

128. 1653. De la BotQlaye le Qout, E. — Voyages et observations en E 
Asie et Afrique jusqu'k Tannde 1050. Paris: 4to. A Dutch translation ^ 
Amsterdam : 12mo, 1660. 

124. 1653. FrocopiiiB of Cassarea. — Several editions of the original exists ais 
one English translation by Sir Henry Holoroft. ' History of the Warns O*^ 

the Emperour Justinian, 8 books.' London : folio, 1653. 

This translation is exceedingly rare. No copy exists in the British Miueiil^ 
or the Advocates' Library in Edinburgh ; thsre is one at the Bodleian. In tb^ 
second book, ' De Bello Vandalioo,' is a notice of the celebrated inscription said 
to have existed near Tangier, " We flee from the robber Joshua, the aoD o( 

A French translation, entitled ' Procope de la Guerre contre les Vandals^' wa0 
published in Paris in 1670. For the original text see Corpus Scriptonun His" 
torias Byzantime, Bonna), 1838. 

126. 1653-56. Diveeraohe beschrijvingen van de Noortkust van Africa. Hand* 
Bchrift : folio, pp. 72. 

126. 1654. Chaulmer. — ^Le tableau de I'Afriquc ou sont repr^scnt^ lea royamnes^ 
r<^publiques, principaut^s, ties, presqu'iles, forts, &c., de cette seconde partie di^ 
monde. Paris: 12mo. 








3.27. 1654. Tabula Fdutingeriana, ex edit. G. Harini, Amst. — See Appendix 
to Shaw, No. 247. Also ' La Table de PeiitiDger d'aprte roriginal conservd k 
Yienne, par Ernest Desjardins.* Paris : 1869. 

1654. Cabala sive scrinia sacra. Mistcries of State and Government in 
letters of illustrious persons and great agents in the reigns of Henry yill., Queen 
Elizabeth, King James, and the late King Charles. London : 4to, pp. 347. 

Sir Thomas Hansel, in a letter to the Duke of Buckingham, recommending 
Sir Thomas Button, tells of his " having gone to Algier, fireing the pyrate ships 
within the Moale, and joyning with Sir Richard Hawkins in towing off one of 
the prizes becalmed within musket-shot of the Moale." 

1656. Sanson, N., d' Abbeville, g^ographe ordinaire du Roy. — L'Afrique en 
ploaears cartes nouvelles et exactes, et en divers traictes de g^ographie et d'his- 
toire, &c. Paris : 4to, no pagination. 

Of all the countries he describes he says, " Le royaume h Alger est aujour- 
d*huy le plus fameux, ou plustot le plus infame qu'il ait sur la coste de Barl^e.'^ 

^ SO. 1657. A Book of the Continuation of Foreign Passagee. That is 
.... from General Blake's Fleet. ** The Turks in Algiers do consent to deliver 
all the English slaves, and desire a firm peace." London : 4to, pp. 61. 

Thb pamphlet contains many interesting documents, amongst others an 
account of Oeneral Blake's *' battering Tunnis " and '* the submission of the 
Turks in Argiers." 

I^Sl. 1657. HiBtoxie van de Turckische Slaverie. Haag: 12mo. 

1.^2. 1657. Aranda, Ihnmanuel d'. — Relation de la captivito et liberty du 
Sieur £. A. jadis esclave si Alger ou se trouvent plusieurs particularities d'Afrique. 
Paris : 12mo ; another edition 1665, pp. 310, 

The author was a slave at Algiers from 1640 to 1642. In the latter year he 
published an account of his captivity in Spanish, which avos translated into 
Latin and again into French, as above. Many other editions have appeared in 
various European countries, one in English, 1666. 


l>88w 1658. Petri de Quintanillo, Ord. Min.— OrnnumXimenii Virtute Catholi- 
cum seu de Bello Africano a Cardinali Ximenio confecto. Roma : 8vo. 

184. 1660. Belation de Voyage que le B. P. Heron, sup^rieur Ministre 
du convent de la Saint-Trinity de Chasteaubriant en Bretagne, a fait en la Yille 
d' Alger, Coste de Barbaric, d'oii il a tir^ 57 captiEs de la main des Tares, et 
remis en liberty. Paris : 8vo. 

185. 1660. Davitz, Pierre, Seigneur de Montmartin. — Description g^n^ralc 
d'Afrique, seconde partie du monde, avec tons ses Empires, Royaumes, l^tats et 
R^publiques. Paris, folio. — Nouvelle ^tion, reveue, corig^e et augment^e par 
Jean Baptiste de Rocolls, conseiUer et aumonier du Roy, et Historiographe de S.M. 

18ft 1661. A Copy of the Captive's Petition. The humble petition of divers 
P^'soKis who have suffered .... most miserable bondage in Algeir, and other 
Peaces, under the 'f'urks. London : s. sh. folio in British Museum. 

^7. 1661. Belaoion del Viaje que hizo la escuadra que embiu el rcy de 
^^Slaterra i la ciudad de Argel. Madrid : folio, 

^^ ^661. Belaoion Verdadera embiada de la ciudad do Argel dando cucnta 
^ los Alborotes y Midos, que aquellos Barbaros tienen entre si, eO muerte del 
^ ^e Argel. Madrid : folio. 


ISO. 1661. Belaoion Verdadera dando quenta del viaje de 16 dayioi ^ 
guerra que embi6 el rey de Inglaterra k la ciadad de Aigel y el suooqmo <35^ 
tuviroQ. Madrid: folio. 

140. 1662. Buyter, M. Az. de. — Joumael van den manliaften tocht o^ ^ 
roovers van Barbayren geschreven. Amsterdam : 4to. 

141. 1663. Abtil-FharaJiiiB, G. — ^Historia oompendiosa dynasHanim (orm-^i^ 
taliom), anctoro Georgio Abul-Pharajio, hiatoriam complectens nnivera^enc^ ^ 
mnndo condito, usque ad tempera auctoris . . . arabice edita et latlne Tens^ ^ 
Ed. Poookio, cum supplcmento laiine conscripta Ozonin : 2 voL 4to. 

142. 1663. B. F. Heron de VillefbBse.— Le Miroir de la charity chr^tienngy -m ^ 
relation du voyage que les religieux de Tordre de N. D. de U Mercy de Fr^^"^ 
ont faite Tann^e derni^re en la ville d'Alger d'od ils ont ramen^ enviroa '^^^ 
centaine de chr^tieos esclaves. Aix : 12mo. 

143. 1664. Instruotie van dc Staten Generael vor J. B. van Mortaigne, Goi 
(jleneral op de Custe van Barbaryen ende G. de Yianen fiscael over^ lants^X- 
naer Algier ende Tunis : 4to. 

144. 1664. Iia prise de rjicUelL delation d M. le due de Meioceiir^ ^ 

r^rivain de la barque du patron Charles Etienne de Marseille. 

This curious document was lately found by the Marquis de Cooroeval jy -^1°^ 
Bibl. de TArsenal, MS. vol. 5426, Fonds Gonnird, t. xvii. 

146. 1665. Clukstelet des Boys, le Sieur R^nd de, gentilhomme ang^^ 
captive k Alger en 1642. — UOdyss^ ou diversity d^aventurea, rencontrpJ 
voyages en Europe, Asie et Afrique. Divis^e en quatre parties. La Fldche : 
Part of this work treats of Algiers under the Turkish domination. I& 
republished by M. Louis Piesse, in the * Revue Africaine,' vol. x. p. 91 e^ 

146. 1666. Beoueil BUstorique contcnant diverses Pieces curieuses de ce 
Cologne : 12mo, pp. 350. 

The articles regarding Algiers are : — 

1. Projet pour Tentreprise d' Alger, pp. 1-13. — The writer recommends 
conquest of Algiers not only for the benefit of France but of all Christendoi 

3. Relation contenant diverses particukritez de Texp^tion de Giger]^ 
Tann^e 1664, et entre autres la retraitte des trouppes frangoises par M^ 
Castellan, pp. 26-58. 

147. 1666. Birago Avogadro, J. B.— Histoiro Africaine de la diviaocB' ^ 

Tempire des Arabes, et de Porigine, et du progrte de la Monarchic des Mahomi^^^^^* 
dans TAfrique, et dans TEspagne ; dcritc en Italien, et mlse en Frangais, 
M. M. D. P. (Michel de Pure). Paris : 12mo. 

Tho Italian text was published at Venice in 1650 : 4to. 

148. 1669. A true Belation of Capt. Kempthom's engagement in 
Mary'Jiose, with seven Algier men-of-war. London : folio, plate. 

148. 1670. Belation gtotode du combat et de la defaite de six corMJ- 
d'Alger, qui ont et6 brdles sur les cotes de Barbaric le 28 aodt, 1670. Pte M^^ 
Lieut, vau Ghent, Amiral d'HoUande, et quelques vaisseaux de Tescadre de 

Allen, Vice-Arairal d'Angleterre. Paris : 4to. 


160. 1670. A true relation of the victory and happy success of a squadran- 
H.M. Fleet in the Mediterranean against the Pyrates of Algiers. Taken as y^^^^l 
out of a letter from Sir Thomas Allen, His Majesty's Admiral in thoee seas, a^ ^ 
from Sir WiL GodolphiU; H.M. Envoye Extraordinary to the court of Sp^i^ 


as also from a relation made by Heer van Ghent, the Admiral of the Dutch fleet, 
who assisted in that action. Published by Authority. 

:J.51. 1670. Ogilby, John. — ^Africa : being an accurate description of the regions 
of Egypt, Barbary, Lybia, and the Billedulgerid, &c. Folio, maps iCnd plates. — ^A 
mere translation of Dapper. — See No. 168. 

'XS^ 1670. Allen, Admiral Sir Thomas. — A true account of the victory and 
success of a squadron of H.M. Fleet against the Pyrates of Algiers. London : 4to. 

158. 1670. Breve relaoion de la general expulsion de loe Hebreos de la Juderia 
de la ciutad di Oran, por el Capitan D. Luis Joseph de Sotomayor y Yalenzuela. 

154. 1670. XiOBado, Fr. Gabriel Qomez de. — Escuela de trabajos, en quatro 
libros dividida ; primero, del cautiveiio mas cruel y tyranno ; segundo, noticias y 
goviemo de Argel ; tercero, necessitad y conveniencia de la redencion de cautivos 
cristianos ; quarto, el mejor cautivo rescatado. Madrid : 12mo. 

Historia d'Argel, con la vida del Martyr Fr. Pedro Pasqual de Valencia. 

Madrid: 4to. 

IGS. 1670. The adventures of T. 8., an English merchant taken prisoner by 
the Turkes at Argiers and carried into the inland coimtries of Africa ; written 
by the author, and fitted for the public view by A Roberts. London : 12mo. 

'XSS. 1670. Hyeronimua, a Portuguese Jesuit. — Bericht von der wahr Beschaf- 
fenheit des Mohrenlandes. Nuremberg. 

X57. 1671. Spragge, Sir Edward. — A fine and x^crfect relation of the happy 
Boccesse and victory obtained against the Turks at Bugia by H.M. Fleet in the 
Mediterranean under the command of Sir E. Spragge. London : folio. 

X5a 1671. Balthorpe, L — The Streights Voyage, or St. David's Poem ; con- 
cerning an expedition to Algiers. London : 12mo. 

This IS a quaint account in doggerel verse of the expedition i^inst Algiers 
in 1669, under the command of Sir Thomas Allen ; the writer was on board the 
SL David, bearing the flag of Hear- Admiral Sir John Harman ; Balthorpe had 
himself passed a year and a half in captivity. 

X68a. 1671. Guevara, Iiiiis Velez de. — La conquista de Oran. Gomedia 
iamosa. Madrid : 4to. — See Comedias Yarias, t. xxxv. 

X59. 1671. Erzahlung der Heise des bischop von Beryte nach Algier durch 
Syrien, Arabien, Persien, &c. Leipzig : 4to, plates. 

^60. 1671. Hartman. — ^Descriptiolocorum in prima expeditione adversusTurcos 
Algerenses observatorum a Mayo 1669 ad Aprilem 1671. In verse. Londini : 

161. 1672. De Carolis, D. — II More transportato in Venezia, overo curioso 
racconto de costumi, riti et religione dei populo dell' Africa, &c. Beggio : 8vo ; 
Bologna, 1674. 

162. 1672. Blome, B. — ^A description of the Island of Jamaica . . • with the 
State of Algiers, 12mo. Another edition, 8vo, 1678, with the following title : — 
A description of the IsUnd of Jamaica ... to which is added The Present 
State of Alters in the Year 1678 ; also a list of the ships belonging to the port, 
with separate pagination, 1 to 17. 

168. 1674. Ii'henreux esdave, ou Relation des aventures du Sieur de la 
Martini^ en Barbaric. Paris : 12mo. 

164. 1675. Cinquecento schiavi christiani redenti in Algieri. Eoma: 4to. 

rca iA^^^H 


lee. 1675. Okeley, WUliam.— Elwnezor : or a Bmall moniiraeot of great 
mercy, appearing in the iniraculouo deliTcranco of William Okeley, William 
Adams, John Astbouy, John Jepbs, aod Joim Carpenter, from the miserable 
slavery of Algiera, with n further narrative of Jamca Deaoe nod otbcTB. 

W. Okeley was steward or bailiff to the aaceators of Sir Danrers Ogbonrn 
CliickaoD, ia Bvdfordsbire. Ue and his companions escaped to Majorca 
caavBS bi»t. This work was reproduced in Earria's Collection of 
(No. 210), vol. ii., appendix, p. IG, and iu various other farms. 
186. 167S. Bocqueville, Siour do. — Koiation des m^urs et du gouvei 
tlee TurcK d'AIger, Pnria : 12ino. 

The author was of goud Proven<;al family, nnd jtasscd nine years ia Blavetf 
At Algiers. 

167. 1676. The proBont state of Tangier, iu a kttcv signed P. G. to the Lord 
Chancellor of Irel^md .... to which is added, The Preaent State of Aitfitra. 
London ; I2ido. 

168. 1670. Sapper, O. — Naukerige Beschryvinge der AfrikaenBcben Gewesten 
van Egypten, Barbarycn, Lybieo, Biledulgered, Negroslant, Guinea, Ethiopia. 
Abysainic. Amsierdam: folio. French translation publisbed 1G86, feliu. 

lee. 1678. B^oit veritable de ce qui s'est passfe dans le rachapt de captifs 
qu'ont fait lea religieux de N. D. dc Ea Mercy, dans la viUo d' Alger, en Uarbsmit 
[x^ndanl lea mois d'Avril et de Mai 1(178. I'aria ; 4to, 

170. 1679. Schelshate, Q. Emm. A. — Kcclesia Africana eub primate 
flioenai. Parisiis; 410, pp. 328. Another edition was publishol in the sa 
at Antwerp, 

171. 16B0. Iiett«r from the King of Morocco to Charles I. for the reducing of 
Sally, Ategiers, ic. London : folio. 

172. 1680. Tha case of many hundreds of )x»r English Captives in Algiar, 
together with some remedies to prevent their increase, humbly preseotetl to both 
HouBea of Parliament. Ijoadon : folio. 

173. 1680. The Algier Slave's relettsment, or the uncliaogeable Boat-Waio. 
A Ballad in broadsidu folio. B.E. Londou, iu British Museum. 

174. 1<)81. List of the Xhiglish redeemed out of Slavcrj- by the taking of the 
Golden Horse of Argier, London; folio. 

176. 1682. Addison, L., DJ).— The present stal« of the Jew» 
contained an exact account of their customs, secular and religious 
annexed a summary discourse of the Misna, Talmud and Gema 
London: 12mo, pp. 248. The 1st ed. was publisbed 1675, 8v 
167C, 12mo. 

The book is the result of the author's " Conversalion which for seveml yea 
[he] held with the Jews in Barbary, who are the aubjeciB of the folloniog 1 

176. 1682. Treat? between Greet Britain and Algiers, signed by AdminU H«rta 
and the Dcy, 10th April— See Hertslet'a Treaties, vol. i. p. 68. 

177. 1634. The speech of Hadji Giafer Aga, Ambassador from the Divi 
Algicr to His Most Christian Majesty at Versailles (July 4lh, 1684), t 
with the French King's answer. London : s. sli. folio. 

178. 1G84. Historie van Bai-baryen en dcrzells zeerovere, Ac. A BntJ 
tranklation of the work of P^re Don, translated by G. de Brocckbuysen ■ 
i^. de Tries. Amsterdam : folio, plate. 

o which is 
. 3rd cd. 


1684. Articles de la Pais aooord^ au nom da Roi par le Chevalier de 
^r*oiirville an Bacba, Dejr, Divan et Milioe d'Alger. 

This 18 cited amongst the " Nonveauties " in the * Journal des Savans/ 
1684, p. 209. 

1685. Marana, Jean FauL-— Dialogo fra Genova et Algieri, citt& fulminate 
d^ Giove Gallioo. Amsterdam : 8vo. Also a French version, Dialogue de GSoes 
et ^Iger, villes foudroyi^s par les armes . • . de Louis le Grand. Amsterdam : 12mo. 

181. 1685. Pliny.— See Shaw, No. 247. 

182. 1686. Booqueville, Sienr de. — Relation du Royaume et du Gouvemement 
d^^^^lger. Paris: 8vo. 

188. 1686. Treaty between Great Britain and Algiers, signed by Sir William 
Sloane, Bart., and the Dey, 6th April. — See Hertslet's Treaties, vol. i. p. 66. 

184. 1686. St. Augustine, Les Confessions de • • . Traduction nouvelle Fur 
r^dmtion laiine des Pdres B^o^ictins de la Congr^tion de St. Maur. Paris. — See 
also No. 203. 

A modem cheap edition was published by J. Parker & Co. in 1868, The 

Coxi.fe8BioDs of St. Augustine. Oxford and London : 12mo, pp. 248. 

185. 1686. Coppin, Jean. — Le Bouclier de TEurope, ou la Guerre Sainte, con- 
tenant des avis . . . qui peuvent servir de lumidre aux Rois . . • de la Chretien t6 
pc^xxr guarantir Icurs ^tats des incursions des Turcs . . . avec une relation dc 
^ o^ages fails dans la Turquie, la Thebaide et la Barbaric. Lyon : 4 to. 

186. 1688. De la Croix, lie Sieur. — Relation universelie de TAfrique, Ancienne 
et IModeme, ou Ton voit ce qu^l y a de remarquable, tant dans la terre ferme que 
^1^8 les isles, avec ce que le Roi a fait de memorable centre les corsaires de 
^^^^liarie, &c. Tomes 4. Lyon : 12mo. — See also Journal des Savans, 1689, 
P- 13L Also Noe. 188, 202. 

187. 1683. Xietter from Ismail Pacha to Louis XIY. Communicated by M. 
F^i^ud, French Minister in Morocco, and published in the Revue Africaine, 
^o. 163, Jan. and Feb. 1884, p. 68. 

The author was Pasha of Algiers in 1660, expelled by Mezzomorto in 1686, 
brought back by the French Ambassador in 1688, but he was not allowed to 
l^nd. He then proceeded to Morocco, where he died shortly after the events 
>^eoorded in this letter. 

1688. Petit de la Croix. — Relation Universelie de TAfrique Ancienne et 
Modeme. Lyon : 4 vol. 8vo.— See Nos. 186, 202. 

1688. Fr^os* Boland. — Voyage into Mauritania. Translated from the 
^"^nch. London: 8vo. 

^^^ 1689. Histoire des demieres Revolutions de Tunis et des Mouvemens 
^^ Royaume d'Alger. Paris : 12mo, pp. 378. — See also Journal des Savans, 1689, 
P- 4:17. Another edition in 1713. 

^^^* 1689. Seltsame Begebenheiten Thomas Skinner, eines englischen Eauf- 
^^i^^^^^oes, welcher von den Algierischen sceraubem zum sklaven gemacht und in 
inwendige land von Africa geftihrt worden. Sultzbach : 4to. 

1689. Roberts, A. — Historic der Neu gefundenen Vdlcker Sevarambes gen. 
I^* Die seltzamen Begebenheiten Herm F. S[iden] engl Eauff Herr: welcher 
-vot^ den algier. See-Raubern zum Sclaven gemacht und in d. inwendige Land von 

Africa gefEibret worden. M. Beschreibg. v. Algier. Sultzbach. M. Frontisp. u. 
1-^ Kpfrn. 4. cart. 

^OL. II. L 


188. 1689. Extrait d'une lettare esorite d'Algier, le 94 Avril, 1668, oq 

the terms of peace between Franoe and Alg;ier8. Amsterdam : 4to. 

184. 1690. Sylveeter, M. F. A. — Fundacion historica de los ospitales que la 
religion de la Santa Trinidad, redempcion de cautivos tiene en la ciutad de Argel, 
con la descripcion de esta ciutad. Madrid : 4to. 

186. 1690. Iieydeoker. Melohior. — Historia Eccleain AfricansB.' Utrecht and 
Leipzig: 4to. 

186. 1693. Brooks, Francis. — Barbarian Cruelty, being a true history of the 
distressed condition of the Christian Captives under the tynumy c^ Molly 
Ishmail, Emperor of Morocco . . . likewise a particular account of his late wbtb 
with the Algerines. London : 12mo, pp. 118. 

187. 1694. Sdhauplatz barbarischer Slaverey, oder, Ton Algier, Tripoli, Tunis 
und Sale. Hamburg : 8vo. 

186. 1694. Iiagrange, Jos. de Chanoel de. — ^Adherbal, Hoi de Numi^Be. A 
tragedy in 5 acts and in verse, Paris. Another edition, published at Amsterdam 
in 1702, 12mo. Subsequent editions have been published under the title of 
• Jugurtha.* 

188. 1696. BavenTiatifl anonym! CkMnnographla.— See App. to Shay, No. 247. 
Also Ravennatis anonymi Cosmographia et Guidonis Greographioa. £dd. Pender 
et Parthey, .Berolini : 1860. 

200. 1698. Soylax.— See App. to Shaw. 

201. 1698-1700. GeographisB Veteris Soriptores Grseci Minores, cum 

interpretatione Latina. £dd. J. Hudson, Oxon. Two vol. In vol. i. are Hoxmonis 
Periplus and Scy lacis Periplus ; and in voL ii. Strabonis Epitome. 

202. 1698. De la Croix. — Eelation univcrsellc de TAfrique, ancienne et modeme. 
Lyon : 4 vol. 12mo.— See Nos. 186, 188. 

A work complete in its time. He mentions that the plain of the " Motygie** 
(j^Ietidja) produces two or three croiis of cereals every year ! 

208. 1700. Sancti Aurelii Augnistini Hipponensis Episcopi Operum. 
Antwerpias : 2 vol. folio. — See also No. 184. 

204. 1700. Treaty between Great Britain and Algiers, signed by Capt. Monden, 
R.N., and Consul Cole, 17 Aug. — See Hertslet's Treaties, vol. i. p. 72. Also 
another signed by the same, 28 Oct., 1703. 

206. 1703. £tat des Boyaumes de Barbarie, Tripoly, Tunis et Alger. — 

Contenant I'histoiro naturelle et }^litique de ces pays : la mani^re dont les Tuns 
y traitent les esclaves et comme on les rach6te ; avec la tradition de TEglise pour 
le rachat et le soulagement des captifs. I^ouen : 1703, 12mo, pp. 413. La Haye : 
1704, 12mo. Another edition, Rouen, 1731. 

206. 1703. Busnot, Dominique. — La Tradition de I'Gglise dans le soulagement 
ou le rachat des esclaves. Bouen : 18mo. 

207. 1704-1747. Churohill's Collection of Voyages and Travels. London: 
fol. 8 vol. Contains vol. iii. p. 154, Sir William Monson's Naval Tracts in 
six books. 

208. In book ii. is a ^ Consultation before the Lords of the Council in 1617 as to 
how the pirates of Argiers may be suppressed. The danger and uncertainty in 
surprizing Argiers. The ill-managed enterprise upon Argiers in the reign of 
Kiog James." 


Yol. vii. ooDtains an account of the captivity of William Davis, with a 
deflcription of Algiers, and of the seven years' slavery of Richard Knight there. 

1705. Harria, John, AJC — ^Navigantium atque Itinerantiom Bibliotheca, 
a oonopletc collection of voyages and travels, consisting of above four hundred of 
3 most authentic writers ; bc^nning with Hackluit, Purchas, &o., in English ; 
:^^4imu8io in Italian ; Thevenot, ^., in French ; De Bry and Grynei Novus Orbis 
Latin ; the Dutch East India Company in Dutch ; and continued with others of 
te, ftc, &0. London : 2 vol. folio, pp. 862, 928, and [App.] 56. 

Book iii. cba;p, iv. contains John Leo*s Description of the Kingdom of 
Tremesan [Tlem^en], with additions from MarmoL In chap. xii. there is a 
DeMripCion of Algier . . . taken from Nicholas Nioolay. Chap. xiii. contains 
An Aoconnt of the English fleet sent against the Algerines under Sir U. Mansel 
(1620-21). Chap. xiv. contains A Relation of the taking and recovering of 
English ships ; and in the appendix is the remarkable story of William Okeley 
and hia companions, see No. 165. 

• 1712. Cervantes Baavedra, Miguel de. — ^The history of the renowned 
n Quixote de la Mancha, translated from the original by several hands, and 
X^xxblislied by Peter Motteux. Adorned with sculptures. 3rd ed. London: 
-i: vol. 12mo, pp. 1822. 

The "account of the author" says that "he had been many years a 
soldier, and five a captive." 

1710? 8taat von d. Kdnigreiohe Algier in Afrika.. Without place or 
^l^te. View of Algiers. 

1713. Traotaet tusschen Haer Hoog Mog. de Heeren Staten Generael der 

^ereenighde Nederlanden ende de Begeeringe van Algiers. In*s Gravenhage : 4to, 


^X4. 1713. Buinait Thierrl Acta Frimorum Martyrum sincera et selecta 

«x libris cum editis tum manuscriptis collecta, &c Amsterdami : fol. Various 

other editions and translations have been published, the latest at Madrid, in 

Spanish, 1864. 

^16. 1716. Treaty between Great Britain and Algiers, signed by Captain 
Norbuiyy s.n.» Captain Eaton, B.N., and Consul T. Thompson. 29th Oct., 1716. 
- — See Hert8let*s Treaties, vol. i. p. 75. 

^B. 1718. The Levant Company of Merchants, Case of. London : folio. — 
See alio Historical View of the conduct and proceedings of the Levant Company. 
Lcmdon : folio, 1753. And An Account of the Levant Company, by John Wal^ 
Lozidon : 8vo, 1825. 

The first charter of the Company was granted in 1581, and Mr. Harebome 
^^^rss sent out as ambassador to Constantinople. He appointed Mr. John Tipton 
first Consul at Algiers. — See No. 38. 

^IT. 172L CkmieUn, Franois.— De I'ordre de la Sainte-Trinit^ (les Mathnrins). 
V^o^age pour la redemption des Captifs aux Royaumes d'Algcr et de Tunis, fait 
<^ :i720. Paris : 16mo, pp. 306. Also in 1725 an English translation, viz.— 

^1^ Ckimelin, Fran: Philemon de la Motte, and Jos. Bernard (Matburin- 
^■■■^^tarian Fathers). — Voyage to Barbary for the Redemption of Captives in 
^^20. With lists of more than 400 slaves ransomed from Mequinez, also exact 
^^"c^vghts of that place, Alcasar, Gran, and its neighbourhood. London : 8vo. 

219« 1722. Sewel, Willem. — ^The history of the rise, increase, and progress of 
t^e Christian i)eople called Quakers, intsrmixed with several remarkable occar- 

L 2 


renoes. Written originally in Low Dutch by William Sewel, and by himaelf 
translated into English. London : fol., pp. 723. 

Pp. 392-7 narrate the capture by ^ a pyrate of Algiers," and recovery by 

the crew, of a Quaker ship. *' G. Fox writ a book to the King of Algiers " to 

prove slavery unlawful by the Koran. 

220. 1725. liaugier de Tassy, ]ESr.— Histoire du Royaume d*Alger. Amster- 
dam : 12mo, maps. 

The author was Commissionnaire de la Marine for the King of Spain in 
Holland. His work was pirated in English by Morgan in 1728 and 1760, 
see Nos. 226 and 257, and it has been translated into several other languages. 

It was also pirated in French,' Etat G^n^ralet particulier du Royaume et de 
la ville d* Alger, et de son gouvemement, &c.* La Haye : 1750, 12mo. — See 
No. 265. A new edition of the original work was published in 1732 under the 
title : ' £tat d'esclavage des Chretiens au Royaume d 'Alger aveo celui de son 
gouvemement, &c' Amsterdam : 8vo, pp. 390. The author copies freely from 
MarmoL A Spanish edition was published at Barcelona in 1733, pp. 340, with 
maps and view of Algiers. 

221. 1725. Memoires du Chevalier d'Arvieuz. Paris : 6 voL 12mo. 

He was sent to settle the disputes which had arisen between the Grovemor 
and other officials at the Bastion de France, and was also named French Oonsnl 
at Algiers, where he arrived in 1674. 

222. 1726. Relation du Voyage pour la r^emption des Captifs anx Royaomea 
de Maroc et d'Alger pendant les ann^es 1723, 1724 et 1725, par les PP. Jean 
de la Faye, D. Mackar, A. d'Arcisas et H. Le Roy. Paris : 12mo, pp. 364, written 
by C. Ii. Maaaao. The portion relating to Algiers is only from p. 336 to 352. 

228. 1726. Brazen la Martini^re. — Le Grand Dictionnaire C^dographique et 
Critique. A la Haye, Amsterdam, Rotterdam : folio. 
Vol. L contains an account of Algiers, pp. 224-31. 

224. 1737. Charlea VI., Empereur. — Ck)ples des Articles conclus au nom de 
sa Miyest^ lmp4riale . . . et de la Rdgence d'Alger . . . au sujet de la navigation, 
&c* 4to« 

226. 1728. Morgan, J. — History of Algiers,' to which is prefixed an epitome 
of the General History of Barbery from the earliest times. London: 4to, 
pp. zix. and 680. 

This is a mere translation of the work of Laugier de Tassy, see No. 220. 

226. 1729. Thou, J. A. de. — History of his own time. Translated from the 
Geneva edition of 1620, by Bernard Wilson, A.M., Vicar of Newark-upon-Trent, 
and Prebendary of Lincoln. London : 2 vol. folio, pp. 699 and 568. 

Books Vll. and XX. give an account of the affairs of Africa — Fez, Morocco^ 
Tremezen, and Tunis, and descent of the Turks on Africa, at Tripoli, in the 
53rd year of that century [sixteenth]. Bua9on, brother of the King of Fez» 
having made a descent with Portuguese help on Alhazemas, his ships were 
attacked by " Sala Rous, Governor of Algiers, in the name of Soliman, Empax)r 
of the Turks." Afterwards Bua9on goes to Algiers, and Sala Rous becomes his 
ally against Fez. 

227. 1729. Treaty between Great Britain and Algiers, signed by Adnural 
Cavendish and the Dey, 18th March, 1729.— See Hertslet's Treaties, vol. i. 
p. 78. 

228. 1730. Villotte» le F^re Jaoque, Je&ait Missionary.— Voyage d'an Mis- 


sionnaire de la Compagnie de Jesus en Turquie, en Perse, en Armdaie, en Arable, 
et en Barbarie. Paris : 12mo, pp. 647. 

The writer finished his voyages by proceeding along the coast of Africa, from 
the SyrUs to Bone, whence he proceeded to Marseilles. 

&88. 1731. Oodefroy, les F.F. — ]£tat des Royanmes de Barbarie, Tripoly, 
Tunis et Alger; contenant I'histoire politique etnaturelle de cespats — La mani^re 
dont les Turcs y traitent les esclaves, oomnie on les rachdte et diverses aventores 
curienses — Avec la tradition de £glise pour le rachat des captifs. Bouen : 12mo. 

290. 1732. Bapin de Thoyras, P. de. — ^The History of England written in 
French by Mr. Rapin de Thoyras, translated into English, with additional notes, 
by N. Tindal, M.A., Yicar of Qreat Waltham in Essex. London : 2 yoL folio, 
pp. 849 and 807. 

Vol. iL p. 636, Algerines commit depredations on English and Dutch ships 
(1661-4). Neither Lawson nor Buyter have much success against them 
(1664). P. 163, Sir T. Allen forced the Algerines to a peace. 

'SSI. 1732. BofteliuB, Ch. — ^Historisk och poUtisk Beskrifhing. Stockholm: 


This IS a history of Algiers from 1516 to 1732. 

1732. Morgan, Joseph. — A compleat history of the Present Seat of War 
in Africa between the Spaniards and the Algerines, giving a full and exact 
account of Oran and Al-Marsa al-kebir. With a new map of the Kingdom of 
Algiers. London : pp. 140 (erroneously dated m.d.c.xxxii.). 

With this is bound up, separate pagination 1-38, The Spanish Conquest, 
or a journal of their late expedition, from their first preparation to their 
embarkation, and from thence to the taking of Oran and the surrender of 

1732. Belaoion de lo acaeddo en la navigacion de la Armada que se 
congreg6 en la Bahia de Alicante y de los gloriosos progresos del ex^rcito del Bey 
en la conquista 6 restauracion de la plaza de Ordn en Africa en los dias 29 y 30 de 
junio y 1 de julio de este afio. s.l. : 4to, pp. 8. 

An Italian version published at Florence in the same year. 

S88. 1733. Moiudeiir * * *. — ^Histoire de TEmpire des Cherifs en Afrique — Sa 
Description G^graphique et Historique — La relation de la prise d'Oran par 
Philippe Y., Boy d*Espagne— Avec Tabr^^ de la Vie de Monsieur de Santa 
Crux, cy-devant Ambassadeur en France, et Gouverneur d*Oran depuis la prise de 
oette Yille, orn^ d *un plan tr^s exsct de la Ville d'Oran et d*une Carte de 
rEmpire des Cherifs. Paris : 12mo, pp. 346 and 163. (Attributed to L'Abbe Boulet .) 

1733. Hebenstreit, J. £. — De Antiquitatibus Bomanis per Africam 
repertis. Leipzig: 4to. 

1733. Clariana, Don Antonio, Chevalier of the Order of St. John, 
published in Madrid a translation of Laugier de Tassy's ' Histoire du Boyaume 
d'Alger ' (No. 220). In a supplementary chapter, No. 12, he gives an interesting 
account of the re-capture of Oran by the Spaniards in 1732, under the Comte de 
Hontemar. — See Berbrugger, Bev. Afr., vol. viii. p. 12. 

1733. Iiambreohta, M. — Joumael gehouden in 's lands schip van oorloge 
Waatervliedt, Kapt. D. Boos, in de jaren van 1733 en 44. 

Handschrift van 66 pp. folio, Zeer interessant dagboek eener reis naar 
Algiers, geschreven door den 2*° kommandant dier expeditie. 


287. 1734. Beoueil de ICandements de Nosaeigneon les Evdques en fkveur- 
de la R^emption des Captifs. Toura : Idmo, pp. 72. 

288. 1735. Antonini August! Itinerario. — Bee Appendix to Shaw, No. 247. 

289. 1735. Morgan, J. — Journal of the Spanish Expedition to Oran. — Voyage 
of the Mathurin Fathers to Algiers and Tunis for the BedemptioQ of Oaptivea in 
1720. London: 8vo. 

240. 1735. D'Arvieuz. lie Chevalier, Consul d'Alep, d'Alger,et de Tripoli— 
M^moires de . . . . mis en ordre par le R. P. Jean-Baptiste Labat» de TondiB des- 
Fr^res Prdcheurs. Paris : 6 vol. 12ma 

This contains a description of Algiers and its environsy with observaUooa on 
the customs of the people and the government of the place.— See also Joomal 
des Savans, 1735, p. 205. 

241. 1736. lie B07. — l^tat G^n^ral du royaume et de la ville d'Alger. La. 
Haye : 16mo. Another edition in Paris, 1750^ ^. 231. 

242. 1736. Boyde, Henry. — Several Voyages to Barbary, containing an historictl 
and geographical account of the country, with the hardships, sufferings and 
manner of redeeming Christian slaves. Appendix : The History, ancient and 
modem, of Oran and Al Marsa. 2 pt. London : 8vo, pp. 146 and 158, plates and 
maps. A plagiarism from the works of the IMnitarian Fathers. 

248. 1737. BefteliuB, CarL — Historisk ooh politisk Beskrifning ofwer Riket 
och Setaden Algier, &c, Stockholm : 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4to. 
This embraces the history of Algiers from 1516 to 1732. 

244. 1737. BouBseaux. — A ventures de Dona Inds de la Cistemas, qui d^esclave . 
a Alger en devint la Souveraine. Utrecht : 12mo. 

245. 1737. Brooks, F. — Navigation fait en Barbaric, contenant diverses choses- 
curieuses, et de quelle maniere il fut pris sur mer par trahison et men^ en esclavage». 
les aventnres qu*il y a eues ct comment, nprte dix ann^es de servitude, 11 s^^chappa^ 
Autrecht, 1737 : 8vo, pp. 76.— See No. 196. 

246. 1738. Pitts, Joseph, of Exon. — A faithful account of the Religion and 
Manners of the Mahometans, in which is a particular relation ... of Algier and 
the country adjacent, . . . with an account of the author's being taken captive^ 
the Turks' cruelty to him, and of his escape. London : 12mo, pp. 259. 

247. 1738. Shaw, Thomas, d.d., f.b.8., Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford. — 
Travels and Observations relating to several parts of Barbary and the Levant. 
Oxford : folio, pp. xv., 442, 60 ; second edition, 4to. 

Dr. Shaw was chaplain to the Consulate at Algiers. This is one of the most 
valuable works ever written on North Africa. — See • Quarterly Review,' vol. xcix. 
p. 331. 

In an Appendix he gives : — Sylloge excerptorum ex veteribus Geographia 
Historicis, &c., or a collection of such extracts from the old Geographers, His- 
torians, &c., as chiefly relate to that part of Africa or Barbary known by the 
name of the Kingdom of Algiers and Tunis, as follows : — Horodoti Hiator., 
Libro iv., Lug. Bat. 1715. Scylacis Caryandensis Periplo, Oxon. 1698. 
Strabonis Rerum Geographicas, Libris ii. and xvii., Amst. 1619. CI. Ptolemsi 
Geographiae, Libri iv. and viii., Amst. 1619. Pomponio Mela, De Situ Orbis^ 
Isca) Dumnon., 1711. C. Plinii Secundi Hist Naturalis, Libro v.. Par. 1685. 
J. Solini Polyhistore, Traj. ad Rhen. 1685. Antonini Aug. Itinerario, Lug*. 
Bat. 1738. uEthici Cosmographia, Lug. Bat. 1696. J. Honorii Oratoria 
excerptis, ibid. Sexti Rufi Breviario Hist. Romanse, Hanov. 1611. Fanli 


Orosii adversus Paganos Histpria, Col. 1582. Martiani Mine! Felicia Capella 
de Naptiis Philosophisd, Lib. vi., Bas. 1577. Isidori Hispalensis Originum, 
lib. xiv., ibid. Collatione Carthaginensi, Notitia Episcoporum Africse sub 
Hunerico, Goncilio Garthaginensi sub Cypriano, &c. ; sive Kotitia omnium 
Episoopatuam Eoclesi® Alricanas ; quas praefi^^itur S. Optuli de Schism. Dona- 
tistarom, Libris septem, opera et studio M. Lud. Ell. Du Pin, Antuer. 1702. 
Notitia ntraque Dignitatum cum Orientis tum Oocidentis, ultra Arcadii Hono- 
liique teropora, Lugd. 1608. Bavenate anonymo, Amst. 1696. Tabula 
Peutingeriana, ex edit G. Hofnii, Amst. 1654. [Tliis table, which is indis- 
pensable for students of the Ancient Geography of North Africa, has been 
reproduced in autograph from the original MS. in the Imperial Library at 
VieiiDa by E« Ohambrier, '^Oommis auxiliaire au Secr6tarJat du Conseil de 
Ckmvemement du Gouvemement G^n^ral de TAlg^rie."] 

Shaw's work was translated into French, and published at La Haye, 1743, 
2 ToL 4to^ carte et figures; and into Grerman, and published at Leipzig, 
1765, 4to. 

1738. Seran de la Tour, I'Abb^. — Histoire de Scipion rAfricain, avec 
Obtenratioos de Chevalier de Folard sur la Bataille de Zama. Paris : 12mo. 

ICaraolier, Jaoquas. — Histoire du Ministdre du Cardinal Ximen^s, Arche- 
«sque de Toledo et B^gent d'Espagne. Paris : 2 vol. 12mo. 

Book y. contains the project of the Cardinal for the conquest of Oran, which 
he offered to do at his own cost. He obtained the chief command for himself 
and the second for Don Pedro Navarro. In the first expedition he was success- 
ful ; in the secGQd he was defeated. An earlier edition was published in 1704. 

1742. Tollot, le Sieur. — Nouveau voyage fait au Levant 6s ann^ 1731>2, 
oontenant lea descriptions d' Alger, Tunis, &c. Paris: 8vo, pp. 354. — See also 
Piesae, Rev. Air., vol. xi. p. 417. No. 2820. 

1742. Thurloe, John. — ^A Collection of the State Papers of. London : 
7 vol. foL 

The originals are in the Bodleian Library. These contain many interesting 
documents connected with Algiers from Oliver Cromwell, Blake, and others. 

^62. 1749. Cervantee, M. de Saavedra. — Comedias y entremeses de Miguel 
de Cervanteb Saavedra, el autor del Dou Quixote, divididas en dos tomos, con una 
dissertadon 6 prologo sobre las comedias de Espagna. Madrid: 2 vol. 4to, 
pp. 243, 826. 

At pw 155, vol. i., Los Bafios de Argel. At p. 58, vol. ii.. La Gran Sultana 
Dofia Qithalina di Orviedo. The subject of these is Algerine slavery. 

^SS. 1744. SaJluot— The works of Sallust, translated into English by T. Gordon . 


Subsequent editions are too numerous to quote. 

1748. Gentleman's Magazine for this year, vol. xviii., contains a review 
of Qeraid Brandt's Life of Michael de Ruyter, Yice-Admiral General of Holland, 
who ** sooured the Mediterranean of pirates," and subsequently made peace with 
Algiers and Tunis. 

1750. lie Boy, M. — L*^tat g^n^ral et particulier du Royaume et de la Villo 
d'Alger. La Haye : 4to. 

A mere piracy of the work of Laugier de Tassy. 

866l 1750. The present State of Algeria. An epitome of the history of 
Algiers from the first settlement of the Moors in these ^tarts after their expulsion 



from Granada by the Spaniards to the time they rendered themBclves indepoident 
of the Ottoman Porte. London: 8vo. 

867. 1750. A oompleat history of the Piratical States of Barbaiy, tIz. Alters, 
Tunis, Tripoly, and Morocco. Containing the origin, revolutions, and prawat 
state of those kingdoms, their forces, revenues, and policies and commerce. With 
a plan of Algiers and a map of Barbary, by a gentleman (Moigan) who redded 
there many years in a public character. 8vo. 

This was translated into French by Boyer de Prebaudiac in 1757. (No. 268.) 
The work is of little value ; it is a mere translation of Langier de Taa^, who 
again copied from MarmoL Morgan was an indeOfttigable plagiarist. 

258. 1750. Historical Memoir of Barbary, and its Maritime Power, as ood- 
nected with the Plunder of the Seas ; including a sketch of Algiers, Tripoli and 
Tunis, an account of the various attacks made upon them by the several States of 
Europe, considerations on their present means of defence, and the original treaties 
entered into with them by Charles IT. 

Another edition published at London in 1815. 

259. 1750. Snxith, Charles.— The Antient and Present State of the Ck>nnty and 
City of Cork, in 4 books. Illustrated. Dublin : 2 vol. 8vo, pp. 484 and 429. 

In vol. i. p. 278, is an account of the sack of Baltimore, by Algerine pirates, 
on the 20th June, 1631, when all the inhabitants were carried off to slavery in 

200. 1751. The Continuation of Mr. Rapiu de Thoyras's History of England, from 
the Revolution to the Accession of King Greorge II. (No. 230.) By N. Tindal, U.A., 
llector of Alverstoke, in Hamyjehire, and Chaplain to the Boyal Hos^ntal at 
Greenwich. London : 2 vol. folio, pp. 796 and 706. 

Vol. ii. p. 615. On the 18th (Oct. 1703) Rear-Admiral Byng was sent with a 
squadron to Algiera to renew the peace. 

261. 1751. Additional Article to Treaty between Great Britain and Algiers, 
signed by Commodore Keppel, Consul-General Stanyford, and the Dey, 3rd June, 
1875.— See Hertslet's Treaties, vol. i. p. 79. 

262. 1754. Istoria degU Stati di Algeri, Tunisi, Tripoli e Marocoo. Tims- 
portata fedelemente dalla lingua Ingleso neli' Italiano. In Londra i 12mo, pp. 376. 

268. 1757. Hiatoire des £tat8 Barbaresques qui exercent la Piraterie. 
Con tenant L'origiDe, les revolutions et T^tat present des Royaumes d Alger, &c 
Par un auteur qui y a r^sid^ plusieurs ann^es avec caractdre public. Traduit 
de TAnglois par Boyer de Prebaudiac. Paris : 2 vol. 18mo, pp. 388 and 287. — See 
No. 257. 

264. 1758. Quisohardt, Ch. Thtoph. — M^moires militaires sur les Grecs et 
les Romains, &c., et Tanalyse de la Campagne de Jules Cdsar en Afrique. 
La Haye : 4to. Another edition, Lyon : 1768 : 2 vol. 8vo. 

265. 1759. Bougainville, J. P.-— M^moire sur les d^couvertes et etablissementa 
faits lo long des cdtes d Afrique, par Hannon, Amiral de Carthage, avec une carte. 
From the Rec. de lAcad. des Inscr. 

266. 1760. Bomance nuevo que refiere nn caso succdido k un sacerdote natural 
de Gibraltar que fu^ cautivo en Argel. Valencia : 4to. 

267. 1762. Treaty between Great Britain and Algiers, signed by Archibald 
Cleveland, Ambassador to the Barbary States, and the Dey, 14th May 1762.- 
Hertslet's Treaties, vol. i. p. 80. 


^S68. 1764. Andenon, Adam. — An Historical and Chronological Deduction of 
the Origin of Gommeroe. London : 2 yol. folio. 

Tliis gives an account of the establishment of Consuls, of whom John Tipton 
of Algiers was one of the first ever appointed. 

'SdO. 1765. Treaty between Great Britain and Algiers, signed by Archibald 
Clevland and the Dey, 3rd August 1765. — See Hertslet's Treaties, vol. 1. p. 81. 

:270. 1765. Cardoxme, Dennis Dom., a learned French Orientalist. — Histoire 
do TAfrique et de PEspagne sous la domination des Maures, d'apr^ des M.S.S. 
Arabes. Paris : 3 vol. 12mo, pp. 402 and 336. 

A German translation by De Murr was published nt Zurich in 1770. 

^271. 1765. AiiTiTial Begister for this year, p. 60, mentions an outbreak of 
4000 Christian slaves at Algiers. 

""^TS. 1769. A ZTarrative of Facts that happened in Barbary. 

:S78. 1770. lAthgow, William. — ^Travels and Voyages through Europe, Asia, 
, and Africa for nineteen years. 

Part viiL contains an account of his visit to Algiers and Tlem^en, whence 
he pnxseeded to Fez. Many editions ; the 12 th was published at Leith : Svo, 
1814, pp. 412, with portrait.— See Nos. 63, 121. 

-^374. 1775. Sehloeaer, August Iiudwig von. — Summarische Gesch. v. Nord- 
Africa, oamentlich, von Marocko, Algier, Tunis und Tripoli. Gottingen, 8vo. 

-276. 1775. Belaoion puntual de to acaecido : con motive de la expedicion dis- 
puesta contra Argel en el afio de 1775. Alicante : 4to, pp. 80, with map. 

A translation of this was published in the 45th number of the * Kevue 

^3761 1775. Masarvedo.— Traduction Textuelle d'un Manuscrit de TAmiral 
Mazarvcdo sur Texpedition d'Alger en 1775. In the Public Library at Algiers. 

^3177. 1775. Fellegrino, GulottL — Storia de Mori riguardante de loro religione, 
govemo, politico e costumi. Fierenzi : 8vo. 

<278. 1777. Dalrymple, Mi^or W. — Travels through Spain and Portugal in 
1774, with an account of the Spanish Expedition (O'Reilly's) against Algiers in 
1755. London: 4to. 

A French translation, by Bomance de Mesmont, published in Brussels and 
P^ris : 1883, 8vo. 

'379. 1781. Hebenstreity Joannes Emestus.— Vier Berichte von seiuer auf 
Befehl Friedrich Augusts 1. im Jahre 1732 in Be^leitung einiger anderer Gelehrten 
und Kiinstler auf den Afrikanischen Kiisten nach Algier, Tunis und Tripolis 
angestellten Heise. — See J. Bernouill's Sammlung kurzer Reisebescbreibungen, 
&c., Bd. 9-12 ; also translation in Eyri^, Nouv. Ann. des Voyages, t. xlvii. 1830. 

1785. Voyage dans les ^tats Barbaresques de Maroc, Alger, Tunis et 
Tripoly, ou lettres d'un des captifs qui vienoent d'etre rachet^ par M.M. les 
Chanoines r^guliers de la Sainte Trinity, suivies d'uno notice sur leur rachat et du 
catalogue de leurs noms. Paris : 12mo. 

This gives a list of 313 captives redeemed. 

1787. Henin, Baron Et. F. d'. — M^moire concemant le syst^me de paix 
et de guerre que les puissances europ^enncs pratiquent k I'^rd des R^gences 
barbaresques. Translated from the Italian, printed at Venice in 1787. 12mo. 

1788. SohliohthorSy Hermann.— Geographia Afrioe Herodotte. Got- 
tingae: 8vo. 


28a 1789. Foiret» Ii'abb^ J. !•.— Voyage en Barboriey on lettres teites 
d'ancienne Numidie pendant 1785-86, sur la religioD, les ooutameB, et lee meats- 
des liaores et dee Arabes B^ouintf, avec un essai sur I'histoire natnrelle de ce 
pays. Paris : 2 vol. 8vo, pp. 363 and 315. 

An English translation, 2 voL 12mo, was pnbliBhed in 1791, entitled * Yoyage- 
to Barbery, or Letters \mtten from Nomidia (1785-86) on the Religion, Castoms, 
and Manners of the Moors and Bedouin Arabs, with an Essay on the Natural 
Bistory of the Ck)untry.' 

The author was a distinguished botanist, who travelled during a year in 
the vicinity of Bdne, La Calle and Constantine. 

284. 1789. FoUie.— Histoire du Naufrage de Brisson, de Follie et de Saugnier 
sur les cOtes d'Atrique. Paris : 8vo. 

285. 1790? Nueiva relaoion y oopla de una carta que escribi6 an hijo a 
su padre, en que le di6 & entender los turroentos que padeda en su cautiverio en 
la ciudad de Arg^l. In verse. Malaga : 4to. 

288. 1790. Bruoe, James. — ^Travels to discover the source of the l^ile in 
1768-1773. Edinburgh : maps and plates, 5 vol. 4to. 

This contains a notice of his explorations in Algeria and Tunis before 
starting for Sicily, Baalbcc (pp. 530), Palmyra, and subsequently Egypt. A 
French translation published in Paris, translated by J« Castera in 1790-9L 

287. 1791. Edriaii AfHoa, curavit J. H. Hartmano. Qottingie: Svo; 2nd 
edition, 8vo, 1796. 

288. 1791. Brans, Paul Jacob. — Neue Systematique Erdbesohreibung von 
Africa. Frankfurt : 1791-9, 6 vol. 8vo. Another edition published at Nurem- 
berg, 1793. 

288. 1791. AbuUbdse AfHoa, Arabioe et Latino, curante Godofredus Eichfaocn. 
GottingsB: 8vo. 

280. 1794. A Short Aooount of Algiers, and of its several Wars . . . with 
a concise account of the origin of the rupture between Algiers and the United 
States. Philadelphia : Svo, pp. 50. 

Chap. V. explains U.S. interests as to Algiers : formerly its vessels were 
pretty 8afe from piratical attacks, because Dutch or Portuguese war veaseU 
watched the Straits and kept the corsairs out of the Atlantic, but now " by 
the officious intervention of England ** a '* truce between Algiers and Portugal 
has been formed** which ''has been done . . . that the corsairs . . . might 
interrupt the commerce of this country " [the U.S.]. 

280a. 1794. Ebn Abd-el-HaUm, Saleh. — Geschichte der Mauri tanischen 
Koenige. Translated I'rum the Arabic into German by Fr. de Dombay. Agram : 
2 vol. Svo. A Spanish translation by F. Jose de Santo Antonio Mouni, pub* 
lished at Lisbon, 182S : 1 vol. 4to. 

291. 1797. The Algerine Captive, or the life and adventures of Doctor Updike 
Underbill, six years a prisoner anutng the Algerines. Walpolc, New Hampshire : 
2 vol. 12mo, 214 and 241. The first 200 pp. of the second vol. devoted to Algiers. 

202. 1798. Sacy, Sylvestre de. — De quelques monnaies arabes, et des mon- 
naies de Tunis, d'Alger et de Maroc. Article in the ' Magasin encyclop^ique,* 
1798, tome iii. 

288. 1798. Behbinder, J. Ad. Frhn. von, Danish Consul at Algiers. — Nacb- 
richten und Bemerkungen iiber den Algierisofaen Staat. Altona: 1798-18C0, 
2 vol. Svo, with ma|)s and plates. Another edition in 1800. 



284. 1799. IieydAn, Br. John, and Hugh Murray.— Historical and philo- 
sophical sketch of the discoveries and settlements of the Europeans in Northern and 
Western Africa at the close of the 18th century. Edinburgh : 8vo, 2 vol. 

Another edition, 2 vol. Bvo, was published in 1817, and a French version, 
by GuTillier, appeared in Paris, 4 vol 8vo, with Atlas, in 1821. 

285. 180Q. Treaty between Great Britain and Algiers, signed by Consid-General 
Falcon and the Dey, drd September, 1800. — See Hertslet's Treaties, i. p. 83. 
Another dated 19th March, 1801. 

1800. I>osLbay. — Grammatica linguse Mauro-Arabicee, juxta vemaculi 
idiomatis usum ; accessit vocabularium Latino-Mauro-Arabicum. Vienne : 4to. 

1802. Dennie, lie Baron. — Pieces curieuses snr Alger. Paris : 8vo. 

1803. Onrtia, J.— A Journal of a Travel in Barbary in 1801. London : 

1804. Jaokaon, John. — ^Reflections on the Commerce of the Mediterranean^ 
deduced from actual experience during a residence on both shores of the Mediter- 
ranean Sea. London : 8vo. 

1804b Tableau Historiqne des d^uvertes et ^tablissements des Europ^ena 
<lsui8 le nord et dans Touest de i'Afrique, jusqu'au oommencement du xix* Si^le, 
<S^c. Oavnge public par la Soci^t^ d'Afrique, et traduit par Cuny. Paris, an xii. : 
2 vol. 8vo. 

1807. Strabonia Berum Geographicarum Libri xvii., Gr. and Lat, Oxonii i 

1808. Murray, Alexander. — James Bruce: account of his life and 
^W'ritings. Edinburgh : 4to, map and plates. 

1808. Algier. — Ein kurzgefasstes statisch - topogrophisches Gemalde. 
u and Leipzig : 8vo. 

1810. Pitta, Joaeph, of Exon. — A faithful account of the Ileligion and 
Manners of the Mahometans . • . with an account of the author^s being taken 
oapiivo (at Algiers), the Turks' cruelty to him, and his escape. See Maundrell's- 
Journey to Aleppo, &c, liOodon : 8vo, p. 287. Also an article in the ' Dublin 
University Magazine,' vol. xxvii. p. 76 e< seq, 

Pitts was taken in 1678, became a Mohammedan, visited Mecca, and even- 
tnally escaped in a French ship from Smyrna to Leghorn. 

1812. Chateaubriand, F. A. de. — Itio^raire de Paris k Jerusalem. .. 
revenant par r£gypt, la Barbarie et TEspagne. Paris : 2 vol. 8vo, map. — English 
Version by C. A. Shobert : ' Travels in Greece, Egypt, Palestine, and Barbary during 
the years 1806-7.' From the French of Chateaubriand. London : 2 vol. 8vo. 

1813. Northcote, Jamea, B.A. — Memoirs of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Knt., 
XiL.D., F.B.S., F.8JL., &c., late President of the Royal Academy, comprising 
original anecdotes of many distinguished persons his contemporaries, and a brief 
analysia of his discourses, to which are added varieties on art. London : 4to. 

P. 21 mentions that K. ** accompanied the Commodore [Keppel] in his visit 
[to the Dey of Algiers, and was] introduced to the Dey in the usual form," on 
the 20th July, 1749. He then left, and did not return with the Admiral on his 
subsequent visits to Algiers. 

^^. 1815. Bivoire, lie Chevalier Saint Hypolite de, under the pseudo- 



nym of " Josiali Hakohen.^— Adar-el-Melek, ou les pirates barbaresqaes. Tmd. de^ 
TArabe. ParU : 4 voL 12mo. 

806. 1815. Marvilloso Milagro que obr6 la magestad de Dioe en la ciadad de«E 
Argel, por lo qual se convirtio un renegado que era casado con una Mara se bol?id<^ 
Christiana. In verse. Valencia : 4to. 

807. 1816. Treaty between Great Britain and Algiers, signed by Lord Exmonth.^ 
and the Dey, dated 3rd April, 1816. — See Hertslet's Treaties, voL L p. 84. An ^ 
additional article was signed od the 20th May, and a new Treaty on the 28th AuguitiJi 
of the same year, accompanied by a declaration of the Dey abolishing Christian g" 

808. 1816. Hunt, GUbert T.^The late War between the United States andC 
Great Britain from June 1812 to February 1815, written in the ancient historioaS" 
style : containing also a sketch of the late Algerine War, and the Treaty conclndedC 
with the Dey of Algiers. New York : 8vo, pp. 334. 

Pp. 307 to 329 contain an account of the expedition in 1815, and the treaty^ 
made with the Dey. The whole work is a poor travesty of Biblical langiuujee ' 
very partial to the U.S., and generally untrustworthy, the account of the^ 
Algerian expedition being a mere compilation, not that of an actor in it. 

See also two articles in the Analectic Review, Philadelphia, vol. viL*. 
pp. 105-113 aud 113-131. The former gives a sketch of the Barbary States^ 
the latter narrates Decatur^s expedition against Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli, which 
proved successful where Euro[)ean fleets had failed. 
800. 1816. Tooht van den Vice-Admiroal van de Capellen in vereeniging met- 
Lord Exmouth tot tuchtiging van Algiers in 1816. 

Een uitvoerig verhaal van dozen tocht komt voor in M. Stuart, Nienw^ 
Nederl. Jaarboeken, Jaarbk. van 1816, St. i., bl. 84-128, onder bet lemma: 
Oorlog met de Barbarijsche Mogendheden. De officieSle rapporten zijn daaria 
opgenomen. — Vgl. ook van Kampen, Gcschicd. der Ned. buiten Europa, Dl. IIL 
St. ii., 756-759. 

810. 1816. Janson, W.— A View of the Present Condition of the States of Bar- 
bary; or an account of the Climate, Soil, Produce, Population, Manufactures, 
Naval and Military strength of Morocco, Fez, Algiers, Tripoli, and Tunis. Also a 
Description of their Mode of Warfare, interspersed with Anecdotes of their Cruel 
Treatment of Christian captives, illustrated by a new and correct hydrographical 
map, drawn by J. J. Asheton. 

811. 1816. Croker, W., B.N. — A Letter to a Member of Parliament on the 
Slavery of Christians at Algiers. London. — See also Edin. Rev., vol. xxvii. p. 449, 
and Quart Eev., voL xv. p. 139. 

812. 1816. Smith, Admiral Sir Sidney. — M^moire sur la ndcessit^ et les 
moyens de faire cesser les Pirateries des £tats Barbaresques. Ile^u, consid^r6 et 
adopts k Paris en Septembrc, h Turin le 14 Octobrc, 1814 : k Yienne durant le 
Congres. — See also Quart. Rev., vol. xv. p. 139. 

818. Translation of Documents annexed to the Report of the President 

(Sir Sidney Smith) of the Reunion of the Knights-Liberators of the White Slaves 
of Africa, assembled at Vienna on the 29th December, 1814. Paris : 8vo, pp. 58. 

814. 1816. The Barbary States. Article in the Quarterly Review, voL xvi. 
p. 139. 

816. 1816. Moroelli, Stefiemo Antonio, Librarian to Cardinal Albani. — Afirica 
Christiana, in tres partes tributa. Brixias, 1816-17 : 3 vol..4to. 


316. 1816. The Bombardment of Algiers and other poems. Edinburgh: 
dvOy pp. 43. 

** Oh I needless 'twere to tell how Ezmouth shared 
Each threatening danger and each peril dared. 
And that his vengeance was directed well 
The Mole's bombarded ramparts long shall teU." 

^17. 1816. BarthAemy Hadot, Madame AdMa— Les H^ritiers du Due do 
Bouillon, on les Fran^ais k Alger. Paris : Svo. 2nd ed. 1823. 

218. 1816. TxMm historique sur les nations barbaresques. Paris : 2 vol. 

<^19. 1816. ICayeuz, F. J. — ^Les BMouins on Arabes da ddsert d'aprds les notes 
incites de F. Raphael. Paris : 3 vol. 8vo, 24 illustrations. 

1817. Bemoe, Alex. — Les Captifs d*Alger. Melodrama in 3 Acts. Paris : 

1817. M Teatro Espailol o Ck)leccion de dramas escogidos de Lope de Vega, 
Coldeion de la Barca, Moreto, Roxas, Solb, Moratin y otros c^ebres escritores ; 
preoedida de una breve noticia de la escena espafiola y de los autores que la ban 
ilustndo. Londres: 8vo. 

At p. 201, £1 Trato de ArgeL 

1817. Fananti, Filippo. — Avventnre e osservasioni soprk le costa di 
^^(ctfberia. Firenze : 2 parts, 8vo. Reprinted at Milan, 1817, 3 vol. 12mo. 

Extracts from the above translated into French were published in the 
Biblioihdqne Universelle the same year. 

AJso an English translation : ' Narrative of a Residence in Algiers ; com- 
prising a geographical and historical account of the Regency; biographical 
sketches of the Dey and his Ministers ; anecdotes of the late war ; observations 
00 the relations of the Barbary States with the Christian Powers, and the necessity 
and importance of their complete subjugation.' London, 1818 : with notes and 
illustrations by Edw. Blaquicr, 4to, pp. 467, plates and maps. — See Ko. 37u. 
A French traDslation, by Henri de la Salle, was published at Paris in 1820, 
8vo, pp. 623. 

There is a review of this work in the Eclectic Review, vol. x., New Series, 
1818, London. 

1817. Jaokflon, G. A. — Algiers, a Picture of the Barbary States. London : 
^vo, pp. 411. 

1817. Murray, Hugh, F.B.8.E.— Historical Account of Discoveries and 
travels in Africa. Edinburgh : 2 vol. 8vo, maps. 

Chap, iii* voL ii. relates to Barbary. A French translation, by M. A. C, 
published at Paris, 1821, 4 voL 8vo. 

1817. Bobertson, Br. William, DJ>.— The History of the Reign of 
^1^ Emperor Charles Y. London : 2 vol. 8vo. 

Dr. Robertson was Principal of the University of Edinburgh and Historio- 
grapher to H.M. for Scotland. Pp. 49-68, voL ii., give an account of the origin 
of Turkish domination in North Africa, and of the expedition of Charles against 
Tunis. At x>p. 116-121 is narrated the Emperor's disastrous attempt against 
1817. Metson, Qerrit (or Gerhard Metzon). — Dagverbaal van mijne 
^otgevallen te Algiers. Rotterdam : 8vo. Anotber edition, Vlaardingen, 1819. 
See also Fiaoher, Christian August, Kriegs- und Reisefahrten, &c., 



Leipzig, 1821. Chap. ii. p. 67, A Narrative of Metzon'a life as a dave In 

827. 1818. Jexmings, J. — ^Description of Lord Exmonth's Attack upon Algiers. 
London : 8vo, pp. 12. 

This is a description of the Panorama, painted by J. A. Barker, then exhibit- 
ing in Leicester Square. 

828. 1818. Quem^, Ja.oqiie8 Balbigoton.— Histoire de TesclaTage en AfHqne 
([)cndant 34 ans) de J. P. Dumont, natif de Paris, r^g^ snr see propra 
declarations. Paris: 8vo, pp. 157, 2 portr., 1 fao-sim. 

A second edition appeared in 1819, and a fifth in 1830. 
Dumont was an ignorant man. He was shipwrecked between Oran and 
Algiers. ELis story is full of errors, but most interesting. 

829. 1818. Ii. C. P. D. V. — Dc rAfriquo et des Chevaliers Hospitaliers de St 
Jean de Jerusalem. Paris : 8vo, pp. 97. 

A proposal to unite the d^ris of this order, and establish it in Africa. 

880. 1819. SaXam^, A. — ^A Narrative of the Expedition to Algiers under the 
command of the Right Hon. Viscount Exmouth. London : 8vo, pp. 230. ' 

Mr. Salamc was Oriental interpreter to Lord Exmouth. — See also Quarterly 
Review, vol. xcix. p. 331, and Blackwood's Edin. Mag., vol. v. pp. 81-9. The 
official despatches regarding the battle of Algiers, with returns of the killed and 
wounded, are contained in the ' London Gazette,' pp. 1789-91 and 1869. 

881. 1819. Iiatreille, A. — Dissertation sur I'exp^dition da Consul Suetone 
Paulin en Afrique et sur diverses parties de la geographic de cette contr^ 
Paris: 8vo. 

882. 1819. ZToah, M., U.S. CodsuI at Tunis.— Travels in England, France, 
Spain, and the Barbary States, 1813-1815. New York: 8vo, pp. vi., 431, xlviL 

This contains a good view of Algiers. 

888. 1819. Hunt» G. L— The American Algerine War. 

884. 1820. The Battle of Algiers, A Soug.— Blackwood's Edin. Mag., vol. viL 

p. 291. 

'* Come join me, British Landsmen, Dragoons and Grenadiers, 

While I sing the Tars of England, and the battle of Algiers." 

885. 1820. Conde, Josd Antonio. — Historia de la dominacion de los Arabesen 
Kspa&a. Madrid : 3 tom. 4to. 

Several other Spanish editions. A French version, 3 vol. Paris, 1825. An 
English translation (Bobn's Stand. Lib.), 3 vol. London, 1854. 

886. 1820. Barnard, Mrs. S.— Travels, in Algiers, Spain, &c., with a faithful 
accoimt of the Algerines. London : 8vo, pp. 140. Published anonymously. 

887. 1820. Beynier, L. — De I'dconomie publique et rural des Arabes et des 
Juifs. Grendve: 8vo. 

888. 1821. Hutton, Catherine.— The tour of Africa, containing a ccmcise 
account of all the countries in that quarter of the globe hitherto visited by 
Europeans. London : 3 vol. 8vo. 

Written as if by an imaginary traveller. Vol. iii. pp. 407-39, refer to 

339. 1821. Niles, T. M.-— The life of Oliver Hazard Parry, with an appendix 
comprising a biographical memoir of ... . Commodore Decatur. Hartford, U.S. : 
12mo, pp. 384. 

Chap. vii. tells of the difference between the U.S. and Algiers in 1812. 


U.S. declare war 1B15. Decatur's squadron captures Algerine vessels; he 
negotiates and concludes a treaty, getting American prisoners released and 
compensation paid. 

'-^340. 1822. AptileiuSy Iiuoius. — ^The Metamorphosis, or the Golden Ass. 
London: 8vo. 

I. 1822. Vieusaeuz, J. — I Barbareschi e i Ghristiani. Ginevra : 8vo, pp. 04. 

1822. iKKskhart, J. G. — The History of the ingenious gentleman Don 
Quixote of La Mancha, translated from the Spanish by Motteux. A new edition, 
with copious notes and an essay on the life and writings of Cervantes. Edin- 
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The * Life' (by Lockhart) gives an account of his capture in 1575, whils\ 
sailing from Italy to Spain, by " Moorish corsairs," who carried him to Alo;iers ; 
his various attempts at escape ; his ultimate release on ransom ; and return in 
1581 to Spain. 

In the ' History,' part i. book Iv. chapters xii., xiii., xiv., the Story of the 
Captive does not agree with that of Cervantes ; but Cervantes' own experience 
furnished the knowledge of Algerine affairs and manners displayed in it. 

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—See Hertalet's Treatief , vol. iii. p. 14. 

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This work, which was intended to comprise 60 vol., was never completed. 

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des Europ^ens dans I'Afrique septentrionale. 

The author was first a Jesuit and subsequently a freethinker. This work 
was published after his death by M. Peuchet, to which was added Aper9U de 
r^t actuel de ccs ^tablissements. Paris: 2 vol. 8vo. Book v. refers to 

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of Algiers, Political, Historical and Civil, containing an account of the geo- 
graphy, population, government, revenues, commerce, agriculture, arts, civil 



iustitatioiis, tribes, maDoera, languagee aud reccDt politics! history of thit 

coDntry. Boston: 8vo, pp. 310. 

Aa exceedingly vnliiable and rare work. A French traoektion was vaAii 
of it in 1830 by Biaochi, which was tisc^i as a handboolc by the Freach ex- 
peditionary force that took Algiers. Paris ; Librairie Ladvocat. Bericwed in 
U.S. Lit, Gai., vol, iv, pp. 04-101 1 The North American Itev., voL uii, 
pp. 409-31. 
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pp. 36. From the Journal Asiatifiuo.— See also Nos. 890, 1255, 2766. 

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contenaDt la d€scriplioa d'Afritiue, Paris: 4to, 

36a 1828. Chatalain, I>e Chevalier, Licut.-Colonel de Cavalerie.— Mi 
aiir lea moyens a employer pour piinir et d^truire la piraterio des pnisaanctf 
barbaresques ; prMdii d'un precis historiqiie sur le caraci^ro, tea miBura, et Is 
maoitce de combattre des Muasulmans habitant la cdle d'Afrique, et an eoOf^ 
d'lEil Eur lea expfditions fran^aiscs tent^cs contre eui it diverses jpoquei. B^^| 

368. 1828. 8k Mat-tin, J. A. — Notices chrooologiqaes, hlstoriqnea, et M^H 
logiques des principnux aouveraius de I'Asie et de TAfrique SepCent. NoQ^^^ 
Journal Asiatique. 

360. 1827, Biographle UniTerselle, Ancienne et Uodenie, vol. xlix. p. 127, 
GonUtns the Diograpby of St. Vincent de Paul, who was enslavwl at Tunii 
in 16C7, 

361. 1828. Hiatoria dos Sobomnoa Mihometanos das priuieiras quatro dyuatuu 
et de parlo da quinta qiie reiunrao na Mauritania, escripla em Arabe par J 
Mohammed Asxaleh filho de Abd-el-Halim, natural de Granada, e 
annotada por Fr. Jose de &into Antonio Mcura. Lisbon: ito, 

The author wrote about the Hth century. 

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abridged manuscrijit copies in the Public Library of Cambridge. PlioUd f< 
Oriental Transklion Ccmmiltee. London : 4io, pp. xviii. and 242. 

Chap. i. treats of Taiigiers, Tilimfan, Milyana, Algiers, Bijftya, Eo»i4 
Bflca, Tdnis, 8CL<a, Sflfakus, Kabis, Triiwli, ftc. 

Ibn Batuta left his nulive city, Tangitr, about 1324, and Spent t*i 
in making bis journey. 

363. I'^.'f Ouilheit, ArlaUdc— D» k oolonlaition du Nonl i» 1"' 
ri>.rr ' '':">! natloDkle pouT rexploltalioD sgricolc et iodui 


1 bibliography^ "■■'■ 

:■ havo wrlltrr 


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Algerines le 3 Aoat 1829. 

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dvo, portrait and maps. 

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depuis les croisades jusqu'^ la fondation des colonies d'Amdrique. Work crowned 
hj the Institute of France. Paris : 2 vol. 8vo. 

This gives much interesting information regarding the establishment of 

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Cenni statistici e geografici della Heggenza di Algeri. Milano : 8vo, 

X^p. 74, with map. 

Masqueray (' Formation des Cit^s,' 1886) says that it is impossible to trace 
whether he or Shaler copied from the other; but as the English edition of 
Shaler was written in 1826, there can be no possible doubt. 

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This seems to be a mere reproduction of the work of Laugier de Tassy, with 
some additions. 

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^e Lord Exmouth en 1816. Auxonne: 18mo. 

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Chaps, ii. and ilL relate to his travels in North Africa. 

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^0^ B. M 

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acci in a lenient, et reesourctB que le paye peuC oSrir ti rnnnde d'eip^ition. Mar- 
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rade d'Alger du vaiaseau " La Proi-eiice " — Ewaraioti dnus la villo et scb enriraos 
— De'tails precis de I'insolto faiW au iiavillon du Hui par lea Algeriena. Paris: 

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tin noiTveau systime coloniale et maritime i VJpreuve do la piiissacce anglaisc 
Paris: 8to, pp. 104. 

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MS. on this subject exist in the Public Library at Algiers. 

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Alger : 8vo. 

erestioj; documo] 

e Alger, — See B 

. Afrique du 29 Jiii 

1 28 Juin. Spec!. 

X 5 Juillet, 183a 

368. 1830. Pernlle, Chef de Bnl ni lion .—Cam pngne d'Afrique en 183a Avec 
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il Puaage de I'snofe d'expfidltion d'Afrique, Puris : 12uiu, vp- 108. '^^ 

Published by order of the Minialer of War. 


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TArm^ &c. Avec un Notice G^graphique, Statistiquey et Politique sur la 
K^ence d*Alger. Par M. K Paris : 8vo. 

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principaux faits d'armes qui ont illustr^ Tarm^e fran9aise. Avignon: 8yo. 

-402. 1830. Histoire B^sum^e de la Guerre d'Alger, d*apr^s plusieurs t^moins 

oculalres. Suivie d'nne notice sur le Dey, d*une biographic des principaux 

i^fficiers de I'exp^tion, et autanfe que possible de tons les officiers, sous-officiers et 

soldats qui se sont le plus particulUremcDt distingu^. Avec un portrait (not good) 

du Dey. Paris : 8vo, pp. 56. 

1830. Aper9a historique, statistique et topognipbique, sur T^tat d'Alger, k 
X'usage de I'arm^ exp^tionnaire d'Afrique. Published by order of the Minister 
of War. Paris : 12mo, pp. viii. and 216, 3 maps and 9 lithographs. 

This works contains an account of the principal expeditions against North 
Africa by Spain, France and England from the end of the 15th century, and 
an account of the events which led to the French expedition, with a description 
of Algeria m general, and its resources. The atlas (12 plates, fol.) contains 
interesting maps, plans, and views of Algiers and its neighbourhood, as well as 
of La Callo. 

1830. Benaudoty attached to French Consulate at Algiers.^ Alger : tableau 
^^41 royaume et de la ville d'Alger, et de ses environs ; ^tat de son commetKW\>< de 
^^8 forces de terre et de mer ; description des moeurs et dee usages des habitants 
^^Ti pays; pr^c^^s d'un introduction historique sur les diff<Srentes exp^itiqns 
*^' Alger, depuis Charles V. jusqu'li nos jours. Paris: 8vo, pp. 1^2, map and 
lliustrations. Several editions, and a German translation, published at Stuttgart, 
^vnth map and 6 lithographs. 

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^^XDyaume et de la ville. Paris : 8vo, pp. 94, map and plate ; 2nd edition in the 
^«^me year. 

La conquSte d'Alger ou relation de la campagne d'Afrique, d'apr^s 

inq documents officiels et particuliers, recueillis ct mis en ordre par A. M. Perrot. 

aris : 8vo, pp. 145, map. 

lUpport sur la prise de la ville d'Alger contenant un detail int<^ressant 

toutes les operations militaires. Paris : ISmo. 

a. 1830. Fetiet, lie Baron. — Journal historique de la 3* division de 
^'^rm^ d'Afrique. Spect. Milit., 15th Nov. 

^^^tb, 1830. Barre. — Vocabulaire de la languc des Kabayles, habitants du Mont 

u 2 


Atlas (recuoilli 4 BOne en 1787 et envoy^ au Professeur Desfontaines). Kouv. 
Ann, des Voy., t. iii. pp. 36G-82. 

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et le ville d' Alger. Paris : 8vo. 

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topographique sur le royaume et la ville d' Alger.* Lille et Paris: 18mo, pp. 30, 
2 plates. A second edition in 1833. 

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du royaume d'Alger. Paris, 18mo ; 2nd ed., Avignon : 18mo. 

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principales, de ses ports, &c. A gen : 12m o. 

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matie sur les moyens d'assurer la s^curit^ du territoire de la Colonic d'Alger. 
Paris: 8vo. 

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9ais I'ordonne ; ndcessit^ de conscrver cette position maritime et militaire : reflexions 
sur rimpuissance actuelle d'Angleterre pour s'opposer k toute colonisation francalse 
du Eoyaume d'Alger ; alliance desirable entre la France et la Hussie, <&c. Paris: 
8vo, pp. 16. 

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d'Alger, et sur les rdsultats probables de cette colonisation. Paris : 8vo. 

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Fablished by the D^pot de la Guerre. 

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servir k lliistoire de la conquSto d'Alger en 1830. Paris : 8vo, 4 plates. 

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geschetst. Met eene algemeene kaart van het rijk en een plattengrond van de 
haven benevens den omstreek. Amsterdam : 8vo. 

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B^gence d'Alger, et sur les rdsultats probables de cette colonisation. Paris : 8vo, 
pp. 80. 

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Clermont-Ferrand: 8vo. 

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Alger tel qu'il est, ou tableau statistique, morale et politique de cette regence. 
Paris : 8vo, pp. 108, 1 plate. 

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torique et administratif de lacampagne d'Afriquc. Paris : 8vo, pp. 219, and illus- 

422. 1830. Quelques Mots sur le tr^sor d'Alger. Paris : 8vo. 

423. 1830. Correspondance avec I'ambassadeur de S.M. k Paris et communica- 
tion de I'ambasEadeur lran9ais k Londrcs relative k I'exp^dition fran^ise contre 


424. 1830. Capture of Algiereu-^Nile's Weekly Register, Baltimore, vol. 
xxxix. p. 18 et seq. 

This gives an official account of the Capture of Algiers, and the Secret Treaty 
of Tilsit (9th July, 1807) giving Egypt and the Barbary States to France, and 
excluding from the Mediterranean all but French, Russian, Italian, and Spanish 

425. 1830. Irft Saiuaie. Augier. — M^moire sur la possibility de mettre les ^tab- 
lissements fran9ais de la cdte septentrioDale de TAfrique en rapport avec ceux de 
la c6te occidentale, en leur donnant pour point de raccord la ville centrale et com- 
mcrciale de Tombouctou. Paris : 8vo. 

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d* Alger, ou destruction de la Pimterie dans la Mer MdditerraD^. Poeme. Paris : 
8vo, pp. 64. 

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d' Alger. Dijon. 

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Fran9ai& Paris : 8vo, pp. 8. 

Published under the pseudonym of Fhilarmos. 

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8vo, pp. 12. 

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fran^se. Paris : 8vo, pp. 8. 

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[in one act and in verse]. Devonport : 12mo. 

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dances, ou Esquisses historiques, politiques et g^graphiques de T^tat alg^rien. 
Paris: 32mo. 

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1830. E^cit de Texp^dition centre B6ne, Aofit 1830. Spect. Milit., 15 Dec. 

1831. Belation de Tembarquement, ^ bord dc la fr6gate la Jeanne-d*Arc, 
command^e ]>ar M. de Lettr^, de Hussein Pacha, dernier dey d'Alger, de son sdjour 
k bord avec toute sa suite, &c. Ann. Marit., t. i. p. 5. 


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Bebastiani, MiciEtre daa afiaires £tran;;erus. A pooiu. Faiia: 4tu, pp. 12. 

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449. 1831. Natica aur le mcdo du. gouverneinciit prorisohement ctabli dftns le- 
lloyaume d' Alger. Lithographed, folio, pji. 23. Signed by the " Intendaiit dil 
Hojflume d'Alger." 

400. 1631. MoatagoB, D. J., .^ucien Administrateur. — Avaotagea pour Ia 
Fraace de coloniser la RiSgence il'AIger. Avec indications d'un mode de 
colonisation; re'fiilation d'uno brochure inti In I(! ' ConBid^mlioos siirladiffioult4i' 
colonisBr la Ildgence d'Alger et tiiir lea n^ultats probables de cette calonisati 
par M, A. Paris : Svo, pp. 11^, 

461. 1831. OdoIaJit-DeBiioB, Joseph. — I'ossibilit^ de colooiser Alger, 
mCmoire dans laquelle on di'montre Ics av.intBg(.'S industriels que la colonisatioa 
du territoiro d'Alger procuremit aus eultivateura di^ la Ftnnce. Paria : 8vo, pp. 50. 

4S2. 1831. Bartillat, Arm. L. J. Jeb. Marquis de.— Itclation de la campagne 
d'Alriquo en 1830, ei dea ni^gociatians qui Tout prtc&lfe, avec lea piecea officiek, 
dont la moiti^ £tait in4di(e. Paris. A se^^ond edition, Paris, 1833, Svo, pp. 132. 

468. 1S31. Equisse historiqiio et nt^icnle de rexpi^dition d'Alger en 1830, pur 

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464. 1831. Ferrot, A. H.— La ConquSte d'Alger, ou Relation de hi Campagne 

d'Abique, cumprenant les motifs de la guerre, les di^tnils, les preparatifa de 

I'esp&lition. Fans: Svo, map. ^ 

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464b, 1831. Eugene, P.— Ln v£rite mi Alger. Paris: Svo. ^M 

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Nat., March, 
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cvbnements qui s'y aont pasBi!3 depuis le H juin 1830, jour de diSbarqucment de 
I'ann^e fmii^aise, il la fin de d£ceinbre 1831, Montpellier: Svo, pp. 31G. 
Genersl Berlhezfene commanded tbe expeditionary force. 
This work gave rise to tbe following replies; — 'Notes sur Touvrage du 
G^n^ral B.,' pat le General Baron Delort, Paris: 1834, Svo, pp. 92; and 
' Deux Lettres k U. le Baron 1!.,' {mr Le Chav. K. Louiyrette, Paris : 1834, 
8ro, pp. 12 and 32, 1 ])!nte,— See 1834, Nos. 545, 548. 

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peut procurer ii la France. Paris: tfvo, pp. 40. 

466. 1631. Uangoy, H., Chef de Bataillon d'etat Major.— Deuxi^me Exj 
tioQ sur Meddah 7 ^ 15 Dec. 1830. Spectateur Militaire, p. li 

The narrative d' tbe first expedition is contaiucd in tbe 58th number of 



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Historiques, Militaires et Politiques sur le K^gence d' Alger. Paris : map, 8vq, 
pp. 328. 

Reviewed in the Foreign Quart. Rev., 1832, vol. ix. pp. 145-75. 

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Texpedition de 1830. Paris : 8vo. 

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tions qui I'ont pr^ccdee avec Ics pieces officielles dont la moiti^ ^tait inedite. 
Paris : 8vo, pp. 200. 

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lated by ... . Forming part of Miscellaneous Translations from Oriental 
Languages, vol. L Printed for the Oriental Translation Fund. London: 8vo, 
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474. De la Colonic d' Alger, considdr^e dans ses rapports avec nos manu- 
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479. 1831. Qyn^phile. — Esquisses Africaines. 




4B0. 1831. ICerla, J. T., KecruUire da CCe. de RoumiODt. — Anecdotal hirtoiiqou 
el politiques pourserviri I'hiBloirede laconqnfite d' Alger. Paris: 8vo, [ip. 31"; 
noother edition, 1832, contains plans of Sidi Fernich, Torre Ciiica, the ndvancv on 
Algiers and the Kaebah. 

4S1. 1831. Laeroii, Dr.— Esquii*« historique et miWicale de I'exp^dition 
d'Alger, en 1830, par un ofiicier de sanl^, attach^ an quartier general do i'aimie 
d'AfCique. Paria ; 8vo, 4 iilates of llie viper, chameleon, tiirlle and locust. 

48B. 1S31. PoirBon.— EipMition en Afriiiue en 1830. Slraabourg: S^fo. 

483. 1831- Ebctrait du Journal d'uo ofhcler sup^rieur altochd ^ la deuxi^me 
division de Tarmfie d'Afrique. Paris; 8vo, pp. 92, with 2 plans. Anon.; attii- 
buted to General Loverdo, 

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21 mars. I'r&je'de de qwelqu^B reflexions adressiea nus ooloau d'Alger. 

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portance de ee jiays. Paris : 8vo, pp. 64. 

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Paris: 8vo, pp. si. and 224. 

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qnUlitS. Paris; Hvo. 

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roars et avril 1832. EMoi politique. Suivi de coneeils e 
pensablcs axa persoancs qui von t s'^tablir ii Alger. 1' 
— Seo also the For. Quart. Rtv., vol. xiii. p. 74. 

The author was only a mootb at Algiers, but he 
cation with the Governor and the Intcndant Civil, and at 
disa«trous disunion between these two functionaries. 
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du terril«ire d'Alger. Paris : 8vo, maps nnd plans. 
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Major, CawiiiagTie d'Afrique. Paris: 8vo. 
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Afrique, et des priocipales quesiions que fait naltre Voccupatiou de ce iafB> 

Paris: 8vo, pp. 154, with map. 
498. 1832. BravBis, Lieut, de Vaisseau. — Caiojiagnes hj'drogiaphiques sur 

les cCtes de TAIgdric. 
494. 1832. Iioiaelenr-Dealongcliamps, Jean Iiouis Augusta. — RapporC 

sur les cultures qu'il aerait utile d'introduiie ou da perfeclionner dans la colonic 

d'Alger. 8vo, pp. 32. Fublicalion of the Soc. de Hort. do Paris. 
496. 1832. Bapport fait ^ la Soci£i£ d'Horticoliuro au nom d'nne commisMoo 

.... sur lea cultures qui pounaient Ctre mile i la colonio d'Alger. 8vo, pp. 32. 
480. 1832 ? De la Culture du Tabao en Alg^rie. So date or plaM. 

4B7. 1832. Pbaraon, Joannf. — Grammaire ^l^mcntaire d'Arabo vulgaire oa 

Algfriennc i. I'uaage dea Fronpais. Toulon et Paris : 6vo, pp. 100. 

; Monsieur PJcbon eo 

!t renseignemenlB indis- 

: Svo, pp. 45 and viii. 

B in frequent o 

IV a good deal of the 

ir la colonisaiioii 


486. 1832. Viardot» Iiouis. — ^Easai sur Thistoire des Arabes et des Maures. 
PariB ; 2 vol. 8vo. 

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501. Alger. Inserted in the XJnivers Pittoresque. 

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Mondes, Ist March. 

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d'Afrique. Paris : 8vo, pp. 80. From the Rev. des deux Mondes. 

1832. Hain, Victor- Armand. — A la Nation : sur Alger. Paris : 8vo, 
pp. 156. 

The writer, like so many others, bases the justice of French occupation of 
Algiers on their having abolished piracy and Christian slavery, ignoring the fact 
that this had been accomplished by Lord Exmouth in 1816. 

. 1832. Purdy, John.— New Sailing Directory for the Straits of Gibraltar 
and the Western Division of the Mediterranean. London : 8vo. 

. 1832. Venture de Faradis. — Principes de la langue berbere. Paris : 4to. 

. 1832. Ndoeseit^ de la colonisation d'Alger et des Emigrations. 
Moyens d*execution, objections, details statistiques, compagnie gdn^rale d^exploi- 
tation, cultures, r^ultats . . . civilisation de TAfrique par toutes les puissances de 
TEurope, par V. H. D. Paris : 8vo. 

. 1832. Fr^airc, Lt.-Colonel d'Artillerie de la Marine. — Reflexions sur la 
colonisation du territoire dAlger. Paris : 8vo, plates. Reviewed by Ijesson in 
Ann. Marit., t. i. p. 261. 

. 1832. D'Ault Dnmesnil, E., OfiGcier d'Ordonnance to Mardchal de 
Bourmont — De I'exp^dition d'Afrique en 1830 et do la conquSte d'Alger. Paris: 
8vo, pp. 148. 

Several other editions have been published, the last being Paris, 1868, 8vo, 

pp. 522. The writer observes " L'Algdrie ne pent Stre colonisee que si elle est 


a. 1832. Ffeiffer, Simon Frederic. — ^Meine Reiscn und meine fiinfjahrige 
Gcfangenschaft in Algier. G lessen :8vo. With a preface by Dr. Schmitthenner. 

. 1832. Ijachari^re, A. C. de. — Du Syst^me de Colonisation suivie par la 
France. Paris: 8va 

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2 vol. 4to. 

LI. 1832. Thierry, Ferdinand. — Notices sur la Gr^ce et la Corse suivies 
d'nn coup d'oeil rapide^sur Texp^ition d'Afrique et ddtail exact des marchandises 
que contenait les Magasins de la Casbah, r^idence du Dey. Paris : 24 mo. 

2. 1832. F^rinte — La conquete dAlger en 1830. Poeme en 3 chants. Paris : 
8vo, pp. 96. 

8. 1833. M^moire sur la R^gence d'Alger. Aper9u des moyens employes pour 
sa colonisation. Paris : 3 vol. 8vo. 

1833. Boset, Capitaine C. A. — L'Algdrie : £tude. L'Univers Pittoresque. 

■ Voyage dans la R^nce dAlger ou description du pnys occup^ par 
I'ami^ fran9aise en Afrique, con tenant des observations sur la gdographie 



pliysique, la g^ologju, la aitteorologk', niistoire natureilp, && Pftrii; 8 »oT.-8w^ 
pp. 286, 362, and 432. Atlas, 4to, with 30 plates. 

Aa important work : vol. i. is dedicated to Nature; vol. it. to Uan; vol, iii. 
to Algiers, Oran, &c. — Sec nlao For. Quart. Rev., vol. siii. p. 74 atid xix. p. 1. 

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April-June 1883, p. 281. 

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d' Alger. Paris : folio. 2nd edition, 183i5. 

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619. 1633. Bannister, a— Appet en favour d'Algur et de I'AliJque da Nord; 
jiar un Anglais. Paris : Svo, pp. 30. 

The author (whose uame is not attached to bis work) advocates the restorn- 
tioa of the country to tlin nalivcB. 

620. 1833. Pharaan, Joanny. — De la l^;^islntion Fraiii,'U9e, Musulmane et 
Juive h Algar. faiis : Svo. A work of no value. 

621. 1833. Barrachin, Doctaur. — Discouis preliininnire exposant lea con- 
sideratious qui doivuul servir de bnse ati systeme adminisCratif propre k la R^Dce 

I d' Alger. Paris: Svo, pp. 40. 

■ 622. Note troduite de I'Ambe adrcssfe par lea princtpaux habitiuiad'Alger 

^^■^ pricfidco d'nn avant-propoa. Paris : Svo, pp. 305. 

^^^1 62S. 1833. Qradis, Benjamin.— Coup d'otil sur lea colonies, et cq particulier 

^^H aur celle d'Algcr. Parts : Svo, pp. 4S. 

^^^H 634. 1833. 'M.e.ffre. — La Kabylie. Tlecherches et observations snr cette riclie 

^^^H contr^D de I'Algerie, par tin colon, £tabli i Bougie depots tes premiers joara 

^^^B d'octobro 1633. Paris : Svo, with a plan of the port. 

^^^H A well'Written pamphlet, with much valuable int'onnation regarding the 


^^^H 626. 1833. Bonnelier, Hipp.~Ma;urs d'Algcr ; Jnives et Mauresi^ui's. Paris: 

^^H pp. 

^^^H 626. 1833. BabLneau de Bougon, psctidonym for Jules Juchaud de In 

^^^H Moriciire, officer of Engineers, brother of the well-known Geoeral. — Quelques 

^^^H ' id^es sur Alger et sur les travaux de la commiiiHion. Paris et Nantes : I 

^^^H pp. CO, with map of Algeria. 

^^^^1 The author proposes to attract population by making free ports oi 

^^^B of Singapore, and greatly to increase the army. 

^^ 681 

■ '' 



686a. 1833. Capp4, Di'putd d'Alger.— Letlre 1 MM. les redacteurs des joor- 

it il loiiB les citoyens, Paris: Svo. 
687. 1833. Foucqueron, J., Cbimrgien, — Essai topograpldque et medical sar 
la Ei^genccj d'Alger. Paris : Svo, pp. 108. Published l>y order of the Minister of 

1833. Sidi H&mdaa Bin Othman Ehoja. — Aper^u Hiatorique et stu- 
tistique sur la Ki^gence d'Alger, intitule en Arabe ' Le Mlroir,' tradnit en fran^aia 
par Hassouna Daghiz of Tripoli. Paris : Svo, pp. iv. and 456. 

Sidi Uamdan had been the intimate friend of Hussein Dey, and was made 
Agha of the Arabs round about Algiers by the Duo de Rovigo. He was eeni. 
a misEJOQ, and is said to have acted most treacherously. Genera! Clanael 
removed him, when he is said to have written the work in question, but it is 


more than doubtful whether there ever was an Arabic text.-*See Nos. 543ay 

629. 1833. Fichon, Baron Ii. A., iDtendant Civil d' Alger. — Alger sous la 
domination frangaise ; son ^tat present ; son avenu:. Paris : 8vo, pp. 509, 3 maps. 
An interesting study of the condition of the country during the two years 
succeeding the conquest. — See also the For. Quart Rev.^ vol. xiii. p. 74. 

530. 1833. TTiLTnAiiTt. — Notice sur Alger par un tdmoin oculaire. Paris: 8vOy 
pp. 28. 

The autiior severely criticises Baron Pichon, Intendant Civil, who refused to 
comply with the Due de Rovigo's suggestion that the writer should be created 
'• Agent Colonial." 

581. X833. F^roBsac, Baron I>'Audebart de. — M^moire sur la colonisation 
de IsL B^nce d*Alger. Principes qui doivent servir de regies pour cette colo- 
imtion; syst^me de defense k adopter pour garantir la Colonic. Paris: 8to, 
pp. 3LsviL and 52. — See also For. Quart. Rev., voL xiii. p. 74. 

538. X833. Brossard, Q^n^ral, Marquis de. — M^moire pr^sente ^ M. le 
Marechal Due de Dalmatic, sur les moyens d'assurer la s^curit^ du territoire de la 
colonie d'Alger. Paris : 8vo, pp. viii. and 92. — See also For. Quart. Rev., vol. xiii. 

p. 74. 

53^ 1833. Ficquet, Charles. — Ax)er9u historique, statistique et topographique 
sur V^tat d*AJger ^ I'usage de Tarm^ exp<Sditionnaire. Avec plans, vues et 
costumes. R^g^ au D^pot G^n^ral de la Guerre. Paris : 8vo, atlas. 

This contains a resume of all that was known regarding Algiers at the 


595. 1833. Becherches sur Thistoire de la R^gence d*Alger. Acaddmie des 

588. 1833. Programme des iDstructions pour la Commission Sp^ciale ^ envoyer 
en Afiique, 22 juin 1833. Paris : 4to, pp. 24. 

537. 1833. Petition des principaux habitants d'Alger. Paris : 8vo. Claiming 
civil government. 

537a. 1833.' Petition des colons d'Alger ^ la Chambre des Deputes. Paris: 8vo. 
In favour of the military system of Marechal Clauzel. 

538. 1833. liaverdo, Ijieut.-Q6n6ral. — De la R^gence d'Alger et des avantages 
que la possession de ce pays pent procurer k la France. Paris : 8vo, pp. 36. 
From the Spectateur Militaire, 15th May. 

589. 1833. Clauzel, Bertrand, Marshal de France. — Nouvelles observations 
sur la colonisation d'Alger, adress^es ^ M. le Marechal, Ministre do la Guerre, 
Pr^ident du Conseil. Paris : 8vo, pp. 43. 

In an appendix is a letter from Desfontaines the celebrated botanist, who 
had travelled all over Algeria in 1784-5, bearmg witness to the fertility of the 

540. 1833. Plandln, J. B. — La Rcgence d'Alger peut-on la coloniser? comment? 
Paris : 8vo. — See also iso. 561. 

541. 1833. Montague. — Physiologic morale et physique d'Alger. Paris : 8vo. 

1833. Qardens de Boisse, Sous-Lieutenant.— La Ruse en amour, ou 
l*attaque du camp par les Bedouins. Vaudeville en deux actes, suivi de Ponies 
di verses. Alger : 8vo, pp. 52. 


548. 1833 ? Courtiges, M. de, Chef d^Escadron d'£ rat-Major.— Un mot sar 
les diffSrents travaux proposes pour ia defense de la plaine de la M^tidja. Alger : 
8vo, pp. 22. 

544. 1833. Alger, on Gonsid^ratioDs sur I'^tat actuel de oette R^Doe ; sor la 
D^essit^ d*eD achever la oonquSte et sur le moyen d'j ^tablir des colonies. Par 
Tin ancien Payeur k Tarm^e d'Afrique. Paris : 8vo. 

545. 1834. Berthte^ne, Baron, Lieut.-G^n^raL — Dix-huit mois k Alger, on 
r^cit des ^vdnemens qui s'y sont pass^, depuis le 14 juin 1830, jour de d^barqoe- 
ment de I'arm^ fran^aise, jusqu'^ la fin de d^cembre 1831. 2nd edition, 
Montpellier : 8vo, pp. 305 ; Ist edition in 1831. 

The author commanded the French expeditionary force in 1830. 

545a. 1834. Sztrait de VObservateur des Tribunaux. Refutation de I'oavrage de 
Sidy Hamdan-ben-Othman Ehoja (No. 528). Paris : 8vo. 

545b. 1834. Eztrait de rObscrvateur des Tribunaux. R^ponse k la ' Refutation 
de Touvrage d'Hamdan-Khoja.' Historique et statistique sur la R^gence d*Alger. 
Paris : 8vo. 

546. 1834. Iioverdo, Oen^ral Ck)]nte. — Lettre k Monsieur le Lieat.-Gen. Baron 
Berth^z^ne, auteur de Touvrage intitule Dix-huit mois a Alger. Montpellier: 
8vo, pp. 11. 

547. 1834. Berth^zdne, Oen^raL — Rdponse k la lettre du G^n^ral Loverdo. 
Paris : 8vo, pp. 32. 

548. 1834. Iioverdo, G(^n^ral Comte. — Refutation de la lettre que pr^c^e. 

549. 1834. Delort, G(^n^ral Baron. — Notes sur Touvrage du Gdn^l Berth^- 
z^ne, intitule, ' Dix-huit mois, &c.* Paris : pp. vii. and 81. 

550. 1834. Ijouyrette, lie Chevalier H. — Deux Lettres k M. le G^n^ral 
Berthdz^ne. Paris : pp. 12 and 32, with a plate. 

551. 1834. Begency of Algiers. Wcstm. Rev., vol. xx. pp. 132-41, gives 
an account of the French operations. 

552. 1834. Algiers. The Penny Mag., vol. iii. pp. 489-92, describes the town 
and its history. 

558. 1834. Suau, EdouarcL — Scbncs de France et d'Afrique. Paris : 8va 

554. 1834. Goumerie, Eugene de la. — La B^rnaise: Episodes des guerres 
d'Afrique. Paris : 8vo. 

555. 1834. Bonnafont, J. Pierre. — ^Tb^e sur les plaies d'armes 4 feu obscrv^es 
en Afrique. Montpellier. 

555a. 1834. Barruohin, Dr. — Lettre k MM. les membres de la Chambre des 
Pairs .... suivie d'un discours ou expose des considerations qui doivent servir 
de bases au syst^me administratif propose k la R^gence d'Alger. Paris : 8vo. 

556. 1834. Capp^, Judge at Oran. — Projet d'am^Iioration, sous le double rapport 
dconomiquc et orgaoique, des administrations civil, judiciaire ct militaire dans 
les possessions fran^aises d'Afrique du nord. Paris : 8vo, pp. 14. 

557. Quelques mots adress^ ^ la grande commission d'Alger, au sujet de 

sa mission, et dMi^s ^ la Chambre des D^putds, k la Chambre des Pairs et au Con- 
soil d'£tat. Paris : 8vo, pp. 31. 

558. Note foumie ^ M. le Lieutenant-Gr^n^ral Comto d'Erlon, Gouvemeur- 

GcDcral, au sujet du respect de la propridte, dquitablcment concilia en raison des 


circonstances et des lieuK avec le logemcnt militaire permanent chez Phabitant. 
Paris : 8vo, pp. 16. 

'. 1834. Hedde ain^, J. A. — Observation sur la colonisation de la B^gence 
d' Alger. Paris : 8vo, pp. 32. 

1834. Colonisation de Pex-r6gence d' Alger. — Documents officiels de- 
poses sur le bureau de la Chambre des Deputes. Paris : 8vo, 1 map. 

1. 1834. Flandin. — De la H^gence d'Alger. Solution de ces questions. 
Doit-on conserver cette B^gence? etc. Paris: 8vo. — See No, 540. 

62. Prise de possession des triors d' Alger. B^ponse au M^moire pr^ntu 

h la Cour de Cassation (Chambre Criminelle), par Me. Dalloz, avocat des Sieurs, 
Gdn^ral Tholoz^, Dennie, &c. Without date. Paris : 4to, pp. 103. 

►^3. 1834. Cerfberr de Medelsheim, A. — Du gouvemement d' Alger. 
Paris: 8vo. 

1834. Brivaaac, lie Comte H. de, Juge Boyal k 66nc. — De TAlgcrie et 
de sa colonisation. Paris : 8vo, pp. 158. 

. 1834. Montagne, D. J., Ancien Administrateur. — Physiologic morale ct 
physique d' Alger. Marseille : 8^0, pp. 334. 

1834. Hapports de la Commission d'Afrique, institute par ordounance du 
roi du 12 dec. 1833. Paris : 4to, pp. 539. 

. 1834. Froo^s-verbaux et rapports de la Commission nommde par le roi, 
le 7 juillet 1833, pour aller recueillir en Afrique tons les fait:$ propres ^ ^lairer 
le gouvemement sur Tdtat du pays et sur les mesures que reclame son avenir. 
Paris : 2 vol. 4to. Numerous discussions in the Chamber of D^put<$s regarding 
the two * Commissions d'Afrique,' may be found in the Moniteur for 1834. 

1834. Montfort, Q^n^raL — Eapport sur les travaux publiques lu k la 
Commission d' Alger. Paris : 4to. 

1834. Commission d'Afirique. Eapport sur Porganisation et Tadminis- 
tration de la justice dans les possessions francaises sur la cdte scptentrionale 
d'Afrique. Paris : 4to, pp. 35. . 

70. 1834. Qr&berg da Hemso, Count J. C. — Notizia intomo alia famosa 
opera istorica d'lbn-u-Khaldtm, filosofo afifricano del secolo xiv. Firenze. 

^1. 1834. liaurence, D^put^ — Discours dans la discussion de la partie du 
budget de la guerre relative k la colonisation de TAlg^rie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 38. 
From the Moniteur. 

71a. 1834. Collection des Actes du Gouvemement depuis I'occnpation 
d'Alger, jusqu'aa 1" octobre 1834. Alger : 8vo. 

71b. 1834. Bulletin oflBciel des actes du Gouvemement 8vo. Commenced 
October 1834 and still continued. 

1834. Ijaffill^, Ch.— La Prise d* Alger. Poeme. Paris : 8vo, pp. 8. 

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oelle des n^ocians de Marseille. Marseille : 8vo. 

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CQiienses de lliistoire de France, 2 s^rie, t. x. pp. 79-88, 8vo. 

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Afnqae par roccnpation restreinte et le systdme de razzias. Avignon : 8vo, pp. 16. 


V IHBLKMillAPfly OV ALdF.niA. 

1834. Coatellan, K. de. — KeUtion contennnt diverees partkoIaritsB'^e 

■t entre autres In retniitie <]e« trouppei fran^oises. Ccc!- 
Lx. ]ip. 100-21. ]"ftris:8B0. 
577. 1834. Petit dictiomuure des coutumea, costutneti et UBages iftniDgeTB aux 

Aralics. 8vi). 
678. 1834, MSmoire sur la cftloflisatidn Jc lit Bdgenoe d'Alger, par va ofFici«r 

siip^rieur. S|>ect. Milit., IStii March. 
B79. 18.14. Bonet, Lieutenant- CWn^ra] Comte. — Mi^moire militure lu & U 
liiiance de la Commission d'Afriquo, 11 Janvier 1834. Paris; 4to, pp. 10. 

Ob givcB an accuimt of Algeria, and conoliides that, in apite of the oneroos 
nature □[ the eoDqiiest, France should retain the country. 
580. 1684. Duval-DwUy.— lUpfjort aur In Marine. Rend on tli 
Pnria : 4to, pp. 10. 

This gives an account of the coast-line. 
681. 1834, UonTort, G6n6raL— Hnpport aur lea travaui: yahUc 
same occasion. Paria : 4ti>, pp. 2M. 

582. 1834. I/e Comte d'H • ■ ' (Haubersaert),— Itapports si 
pcrcevoir sut les Anibca. lieoil on the same occasion. Paris : Sv 

583. Rapport sur la fondation do la Mecqiie et Mddine et 

ments pieus. Read on the same occnsion, Paris; 8vo, pp. 12. 

Jlegarding the religious estahlishmeiits in Algeria. 

les tribata i 

pp. 8. 

itrea 6tBbIuHe- 

1834. Reynard.— Rapport s: 
; occasion. Paris : 8vo. 

t Ics Douanca. Read ou 

' les Chevaos Aiabes. litht^replieii, 4to, 

) study this qucBtion in Algeria. 

r k culture du Nopal ei 


584. 1834. BouTtar.— Rapport su: 

pp. 51. 

He was lient by the Minister U 

585. 1834, li08^„ Cbirui^ien i\ la Marine. — Mctuoiro ai 
r^lucotion de la Coohenillo. Alger : 8vo, pp. 14. 

The author was charged by Government to acclimatise the cochineal. 

586. 1834. Berard, Capitalne. — Rccuunaissance hydrographi<|Qe faito sor les 
H cCtca de TAlgi'Tie par . . . oommaudant 1b brick " Le Loiret," 1833-1834. ■ ' ' 
680a. 1834. Filhou, Cooiiuandant.^Notice sur leu tntvnux astronoiuiqDBE, 
■_■ s&idfeiiqiieB et iD'^tikirolosifiueB, eiecutfe 1 Al;er <3o 1B30-] 833. Paria ; 8vo. 

687. 183.'}. Fran^oia-Laorouts, J. B., FrfaideDt du tribunal de conmera! 
d'Alger.— Notes sur Alger il roccasion du budget jiour Tannde 1836. Paris : 
4io, pp. 35, 

Gives detailed atatistlcs of the trade of Alters nnd of the receipts and 
expvoditure of the colouy, showing that it costs rather more than dglit millioM 
of fraoca per annum, 
588. 183S. CNnty de Busay, P., Fjous-intcodant Militaive.— Uo I'dUblia^meat 
dcs Frani^is dans la Ri-gence d'Alger. et les uioycna d'en assurer In pros[>L-riic. 
Soivis d'un grand nombre de piiices justificatives. Paris : 2 toI, 8vo, pp. 5Stt 
and 263. A second edition in 1839, 2 vol., pp. 454 and 407. 
Very correct for the time. 

688, 1S36. Dureau de la Halle. — Itecberchcs sur I'bistoire de la parlie de 
rAfrique seplentrionsle connue sous le rom do Rvgence d'Alger et anr r^dmjow- 
tration et la colouisi^tion de cq pays :i I'epoquc do la donimatioa romaine, par un 


commission de TAcad^mie Boyale des Inscriptions et Bcllcs-Lettres (MM. 
Walckenaer, Ease, Doreau de la Malle, Et. Quatremere et Jaubert). Pablices 
par ordie dn Ministre de la Guerre. Tome l''^ le scul paru, pp. 149. Edited by 
M. Dnreau de la Malle. 

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Afrique. Spect. Milit., 15th May. 

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1. c, 15th June. 

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Fran9ai8e. Vienne, 8vo. — See also No. 1711. 

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discussion d*un nouveau canevas geoddsique de cette region. Paris : 8va 

This also appears as Relation d'un voyage dans rint<§rieur d* Afrique 
septent in the BulL de la Soc. de G^g., 2 s^iie, t. i. pp. 277 et seq. 

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sion nommde par I'Acad^mie des Sciences, 1835. Paris : 8vo, pp. 149. 

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pp. 256. 

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Gives an account of the Commission sent to Algiers by Louis Philippe. 

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Major, Ezp^tlon d' Afrique. Paris : 8vo, pp. 437. 

The writer accompanied General Berth^z^ne as his A.D.C. 

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A new and revised edition published in 1854, pp. 235. 

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Revue des Deux Mondes, 15 April, pp. 32. 

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rAirique. Paris : 8vo, pp. 48. 

602. 1885. Temple; Sir^Qrenville. — Excursions in the Mediterranean, Algiers, 
and Tunis. London : 2 vol. 8vo, pp. 361 and 358, 2 illustrations, 2 maps, and 
copies of inscriptions, especially of the celebrated bilingual stone of Dougga. 

An admirable and scholarly account of his journeyings in the two countries 
daring 1832-3. The original drawings made during his expedition are 
nnmerous and of great interest. One of them was published in the work 
above quoted, and thirteen others in ' The Shores and Islands of the Mediter- 
ranean,' Rev. G..K. Wright. London, Fisher & Son, 1839 : 4to. The originals 
are in the possession of Sir Lambert Playfair. — See also No. 821. 

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sur I'importance de ce pays. Paris : 8vo, pp. 64. 

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Alger? Paris: 8vo. 


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troiflieme division de I'arm^e d*Afrique. Paris : 8yo. 

This journal origiDally appeared in the Spectateur Militaire for 1830« 

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des tr^sors d* Alger. Paris : 4to. 

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charg^ d'examiner la projet de budget pour 1836 (Min. de la Guerre). Paris : 
8vo, pp. 115. Chamb. des D^p., s^nce 21 avriL 

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Paris : 8vo, pp. 38. 

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budget, etc. Paris : 8vo, pp. 23. 

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discussion du budget du Ministdre de la Guerre. Paris : 8vo, pp. 44. 

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A romance of the de^rt. 

621. 1835. Ijord, Peroival Barton. — Algiers, with notices of the neighbouring 
States. London : 2 vol. 8vo, pp. 320 and 308. — See also the Monthly Review, 
vol. 137, pp. 311-26. 

A mere compilation. 

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tration d* Alger. Paris : 8vo, pp. 63. 

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Opinion sur la question d'Alger. Paris : 8vo, pp. 20. 

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et la colonisation d'Alger. Nouv. Minerve, t. iii., 15th and 22nd November. 

625. 1835. Pharaon, Joanny, Secrdtaire-Interprete du Gouvemeur-Q^n^ral. 

Les Cabiles et Boudgie. Pre'c^dd d'un vocabulaire Franco-Cabile-Alg^rien eztrait 
de Shaler, par Florian Pharaon, ag^ de 8 ans. Alger : 8vo, pp. 89. 

A work of no value. 

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sation d'Alger. Spect. Milit., 15th Aug. and 15th Sept. 


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tion de la R^ence. 1. c, 15th Nov. et 8eq. 

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sur la n^ce88it6 et sur les avantages de la colonisation d' Alger. Lyon: 4to» 
pp. 15. 

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Read before the "Socidt^ Royale d*Agricultare de Lyon." 

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I*' join. 

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gouvemement. — Lettres sur Alger. Paris : 2 vol. 4to. 

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actuel. Paris. 

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de cette contr^e en 1834 et en 1835. Paris: 8vo, pp. 72. 

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d* Alger. Paris : 8vo, pp. 212. 

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quelques moyens de colonisation k Alger. Paris : 8vo. 

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et Alger : 3 vol. 8vo. 

A new edition was published in 1854 (see No. 1700) with an appendix con- 
taining a resume of the history of Algeria from 1848 to 1854. 

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Paris: 8vo, pp. 23. 

640. 1836. Dubourgy G^n^raL — Sommaire d'un plan de colonisation du royaume 
d' Alger, indiquant les moyens de rendre la x^ossession de cette belle conquSte 
avantageuse h. la France. Paris : 8vo. 

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In the Byzantine collection of Bonn, 8vo. 

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d'exp^tions. Paris : 8vo, pp. 36. From Spect. Milit., 15th October. 

643a. 1836. Answer to the above article. 1. c, 15th January, 1837. 

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mencement de juillet 1836. Lyon: 8vo, pp. 24. 

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d'Oran. Alger: 8vo. 

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et dans TAlgdrie. Paris : 12mo, pp. 248. 



Boyer, Calls. — Vus du Koyauroe d'Alger. Paris: Svoi 
Pi^tri, I'Abbd de, Anmonier militaire. — Details sur Bone ct se^» 
}, followed by an account of seveml religious Becvices performed by him— 
Alger: 8'0, pp. 55. 

A work of no value, 
840. 1S36, Algiers volgens de nieuwate berichtaii. Utrecht; 8vo. 

650. 1S36. J. de la M[orioi6re].— It f flex ions anr I'l^lat actuel d'Alger. P 
8to, pp. 44. 

651. 1836. S'Avezac. — Etudes de Geographie critique sur une partJe 
i'Afrique aeptent, Itin^niires de Haggy-ebn-el-Dyn-el-Aghotiathy, &c. ~ 
8to, pp. viii. and 188, 1 msp. 

665. 1836. Champagnac, J. Bapt. Jos. de, writtog iiuder the psendonyi 
O. H. MirvaL^Le BobinEon Jes sables du ddscct, ou voyage d"!!!! jeune n 
fragi^ aur les cQlea ct daus rictSrieur do rAfriqae. Paris: 12mo, 1636, ] 
1841, 1846, 18+9. 

658. 1836. Fromental, A.— Essai tiiLr la pooification, la colonisation, la a6o\it _^ 

etc., de I'Algerie, ou des 84 tribus qui ^laient sous rautoriie' du dernier L(^~ 

d'Alger. Nancy : 8to, pp. 2G. 
66^ 1636. Flaaat de la Faye, S. L., Chef d'escadron, ct officier d'ordonnance 

daNapqI&in Bonaparte,— Do la neceBsit<5 d'nbnndonner d'Alger. Adreasfi ai 

chambres l^islatives. FariH : 4tO, pp. 18. 
066. Supplement aui molifa pour I'abandon d'Alger. Palis : ito, pp. 3 

666. 183C. Warden. — Esquiese anr le ByEttme grammatical de la 
Berbire. Paris : 8va 

6B7. 1836. UaircuB, Louia.— Hiatoicc des Vandals .... accompig 

recherehes aur le commerce que les etata bicbaresques firent avec I'^trangt 

Paris: 8vo. 2Qd edition, I'aria, 1838.— See No. 792. 
06B. 1836. Fourcade, Baymond Henry, Fieoeh Constd at Smyrna. — Notice 

BUT la question d'Orient et Bur la iiosBesaion d'Alger. Paris : 8vo. 
669. 183C. Opinion du IiieuL-Q^^ral Comte d'Erlon aur cc qu^l convil 

i. fajre It Alger. Paris; 4to, pp. 8. 

660. 1836. Contribution de Tlemaen. Paris: 8vo, pf. 21. 

eel, 1836. Eerbrugger, Adr.— Relation de I'eip^lition i\ UascaiK. Paris: 

3 secretary to Mar&bat Clansel, and acctaa- 
panied tbe force. 
661«. 1836. Nouvellea officieUes d'Alger ; pnJcis du rapport de M. le Mar4- 
cbal Clauzel au miaistre de la guerre sur la nouvelle victoiru dclalante remporlte 
par I'arm^e fraiifaise en Afrique ; priae de la villa de TIeraseo. Paris : folio. 
eeS. 1836. Jaoquier,— Letlro siir I'exii&lition do Tlemjen, 



[ante remporiM ■ 
aris : folio. g^^^H 

CouataatinA ^^^^1 

aeS. 1836. Guyon, L. J. Q,— Journal de I'oxpfdilion de 

Novembre 1836. Paris. 
884. 1836. C^B-Caupenne, lie Baron de.— Mascani. Paris: Svo. 
B66. 1836. Fointe, Dr. J. P.— Relation medicale d'un voyage de Lyon i A^r, 

4 la Soci^t4 Litt^raire de Lyon. Lyon: Svo, pp. 40. 

Originally published in tbe ' Hcvue du Lyonnais,' Dec. 1835. 


666.^ 1S36. Fign^ Armand. — Conductear on guide da voyageur et de coIod, 
&c. Paris: 12mo. 

067. 1836. Belvigne, Oustave, Officier de Tez-Garde Koyale. — Observations 
snr un noaveau module de carabine ray^e et sur le feu des Tirailleurs en Afrique. 
Paris : 8vo, pp. 64. 

668. 1836. Ijaiirenoe» D^pnt^. — Discours dans la discussion da budget da 
Minist^re de la Goerre* Paris : 8yo, pp. 28. From the ' Monitenr.' 

668. 1836. Baude, D^pat^ de la Loire. — Rapport au nom de la commission 
charge de I'examen de projet de budget pour Texercice 1837 (Minist^re de la 
Guerre). Paris: 4tOy pp. 113, and 10 pp. of tables. 

Itin^raire da Gamp de Draan k la Galle et de la Ga]Ie k B6ne. Revue 

FTan9aise. Alger : 1st number. 
669b. Province d'Oran. 1. c, 4th number. 

670. 1836. If. B. — ^Aper9a sur la situation politique, commerciale et indostrielle 
des possessions franyaises dans le Nord de 1' Afrique. Svo, pp. 63. 

671. 1 836. Azmales de la 8ooi6t6 Coloniale de P^tat d' Alger. Agriculture— 
Comm or c o I ndustrie. Alger : 12mo, pp. 80. 

Gontaining articles by Bouffey, Bonnafont, Pharaon, Rous, &c. 

672. 1836. Solvet, Charles.— Voyage k la Rassauta, 14 avril 1836. Lettre it 
M. A. . . ., D^put^. Paris : 12mo, pp. 27. 

This gives an accoimt of the enterprise undertaken by the Prince de Mir, a 
Pole, to whom the Gbmte d'Erlon gave a large concession. 

678. 1836. De Sivry, D^put^. — Opinion sur la question d'Alger. Ghambre de 

He terminates his speech with the words, '' une nouvelle Inde est k vos 

674. 1886. Paokler*Maakau, Hermann Iiouis Henri, Prince de. — S^mi- 
lasso in Afrika. Munich et Stut^art : 5 vol. 12mo. — See also For. Quart. Rev., 
ToL zix. pp. 1-35. Translated into English in 1837. London, 3 vol. 8vo. — 
See also Quart. Rev., vol. lix. p. 134. Into French in same year. Paris : 3 vol. 8vo. 

675. 1836. Colonisation d' Alger : Gauses qui en arrdtent le progr^. Paris : 

676. 1836. Jaubert, AmM^ — Geographic d'Edrisi, traduit de I'Arabe en 
fnu)9ai8, d*apr^s deux MSS. de la Bibliotheque du Roi, et accompagn^ de notes. 
T.L1836; t ii. 1840. 

677. 1837. Poirel, Jacq. Franc, Avocat G^n^ral, Nancy. — De I'occupation et 
de la colonisation militaire, i^icole et p^nale d'Alger. Paris : 8vo, pp. 47. 

677a. 1836. Tauski, Capitaine. — Gonsiddrations militaires sur la R^gence 
d'Alger. Spect. Milit., 15th March. 

678. 1837. MarceL — Vocabulaire fran9ais-arabe des dialectes africains d'Alger, 
de Tunis, de Maroc et d'^gypte. Paris : 8vo. 

679. 1837. Aubel. — De I'importance de la question d'Afriqne, et d'un choix dc 
syst^e de colonisation. Paris : 8vo, pp. 60. 

1837. Grand, &nile, Gapitaine du G^nie. — Defense et occupation de la 
Colonic d'Alger. Toulon : 8vo, pp. 156, and map of the environs of Algiers. 

M. Grand, Gapitaine de G^nie, was killed at the siege of Gonstantine. His 
notes and some letters were edited after his death by Gapt. Guillemon. 

K 2 



1837. Eatienne.— Colon isa 
1837. CoBtaJlat, Dr. A.- 



nd'Algcr: iiMM. IcsD^putia. Fwie; 8*0. 
— Ui^moiru prisealS a 1a Cbambre des D£pat& i^ 
I'inRuence probable du climtiC d'Alger pour In gudriaon ds U Phtliieio. Paiii: 
8vo, pp. 24. 

683. 1837. Ducoux, Dr. Fy. Joa. — Eequisse dcs tnalajies fpidemiques dnd 
de i'Arrique. Paris. 

684. 1837. Ch&umout, I.S011 de, Pacudonym of Z.S011 Quillsmlii, ofi 
dragoons, — Lcs Franfais en Afrique. Poiime. Paris ; 8vo, pp. 10. 

886. ConntantiaB. Poiisie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 8. 

686. 1837- Ottone, J.— L'Algfiric, YoUEsouf-Bej et Abd-el-Eader. Paris: 8to, 
pp. IB. 

687. 1837. Sur la EUgenoe d'Alger nu commencemcot de 1837. Subscribed: 
Le Qiniral , , , , Pair do France. Paris: 8TO,pp,15. 

688. 1837. Campbell, Thomaa, tho Poet. — Letters from tbe Sontli during his 
EeaidenM in Algeria. London : 2 vol. 8vo. 

Tbese originally appeared io the New Montbly Magaaine. Tbe Itevue 

Britannlqiio gave a Frencb traosjation ia" 1835-6. — See also Quart. Eev^ 

, vol. scis. p. 331. 

688. 1837. Rang, Sandsr, et Fardinand DeiUs.— Fonda tioo de U It^oca 

d'Alger. Histoire des Barbaroufse, Chroniqua Arabe du XVI* ^vcle public sur uu 

MS. de la Bibliotbeque Royalc, avec un appendico et dea notes. ExpMition de 

CbarlcB-Quint. Aper^-u liistorique et statlstique du Port d'Alger. Paris ; 2 toL 

8vo, porlraits and map, 

eSSa. 1837. Binoaet.le cliev. Cavalier.— Un dernier root Bur Alger. Pvis;^ 

eseb. 1887. I^uboa, Joseph.— Alger en 1837. Paris : Bvo. 

eeO. 1837. Bobwarzenberg, P. von. — BUckblicko auf Algier 

Erobening . . . im Jahrel830. Vun einemOffizicr ausdem Gefolge des Matschalt 
Gtafen Bourniont. Wicn ; 8vo. 
691. 1837. Esquisse d'orgaaisation ndminislrative et mililairo des possiessuHU 

dans le Nord d'Afrique. Par un offloier gdn^ral. Paris : 8vo. * 

681a. 1H37. JeaD Bon Saint-Andrd. — Rapport tin Alger, adressf de Uayence 
27 juiliet 1802, au Minisfre do la Murine, Corrcsp. de Napolfon avuc le Ministry 
do la Marine, 1. i., pp. 232-73. Puria : 1837. 
682. 1837. Dureau de la Malle, Ad. Jules C^sar Aug.— Province de 
Constantine. llecueil des reiiKci;;n.cmenta pour I'exp^dition et i'e'Wblissenient d«« 
Fmn9ai8. Paris : 8vd, pp. 315, map. 

A notice of this is contained in the Rev. Afr., 1837, p. 9i. 
883. 1837. Ouyon, Dr.— (Publisbed anonymously.) Jouroal do I'vxpjdition 
1 novembro 183G, iinr on tiSniom ocul^ie. 

L de3^^ 



B ; 8vo, pp. 40. 

Tbis gives a vivid a 
1837. Ii'Exp6diti( 

;ount, day by day, of tbis disastrous campaign. 

1 de CoiiBtantiiie. — See tbo Eclaireur de la M£di- 

terran^, 13 Jan. 
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de Fans, 15 Jan. Attribuleil to M. de la Tour Dupin. 
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This elicited a reply from M. Felliflsier, in the form of a letter, printed at 
Algiers in the same year, 8vo, pp. 18 ; and another from M. Franque» Avocat, 
entitled, ' Premiere lettre k M. Desjobert k propos de son livre sur la question 
d'Alger.' Paris: 18mo, pp. 13. 

71 X, Also a * Projet de Petition,' signed by M. Franque, addressed to the 

X>eputie8, in the name of the " Cercle Alg^rien," praying that Algeria may be 
definitely annexed to France. Paris : 18mo, pp. 8. 

A notice of this correspondence is contained in the Revue Africaine, p. 88. 

^^ J 837. France, A. de (pseudonym). — Les prisonniers d'Abd-el-Kader ; ou 
^inq mois de captivity chez les Arabes, r^dig^ par Ernest Alby. Paris : 2 vol. 8vo. 
Portrait and plan of Takedemt, the seat of government of the Emir. 

An English translation by B. P. Porter, No. 1218. — See also For. 
Quart. Rev., voL xxxvii. p. 159. 

"^8. 1837. Cherbullier. — Lettre sur la colonisation des possessions fran^aises 
dans le Kord d'Afrique, adressdc au dirccteur de la GonfM^ration suissc. 
Paris: 8vo. 





714. 1837. Fapencordt, reliz.— Gescbiclile dcr Vaudalischen Horach&ft b 
Afrika. Berlin : 8vo. 

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□isatioQ des poBsessiODs fraiic'aises dans le Nord Ae rAfrique, adreasfu nu Directui 
de la Conf^d^nttion euieae, ruimprim^a et public par k Redaction de la Bibli 
tliSque uaivetBuUe de Geneve, (jcd^vc : 8vo, pp. 118. 

The author, who belongwi to the Swisu array, followed for Ecvcral moal 
military operations in Algeria. 

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8vo, 15 plates. A aeiMod edition in 1839. 

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d'oiie bnxhuro iotituHe ' Esrplicatioas du Mar&hal Clausiel.' Paris ; 8vo. 

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Paris : 8to. 

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Recusation of malversntion ... in the GoTemmeut of Algiers and conduct of the 
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Drawings in Korthern Africa. Ksad al the Meeting of the Institute of BriUah 

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r&Mmment dtoou\ettea dans I'-mcieniic K^gencu d'Algcr. Paris ; 4to, p]>. 42. 

Itead at the Acad. Royale des Inscriptions, &c, April, May.— See also Jouru. 

des Savants, July-December. 
727a. 1837. Prioliard, James Cowles. — Researches into the Physical History 

uf Mankind. From p. lo to p. 4'J, vol. ii., is a history of the Atlantic nations 

elucidated by researches into their langua-jes. 

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conquSte par l'arm<« frauvaise en 1837. Suivie de la Biograpltie du G^D^ral de 
Daniremont, Paris : 8vo, pp. 32. 

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^ la Chamhre des U^putfs, 25 avril 1837. . Kstrait du Moniteur. 6to, pp. 32. 



^3Z\. 1837. Asaembl^e G^ndrale de la Soci^t^ pour rdvang^lisation du Kord de 
rAfrique tenae 15 Janvier. Toulouse : 12mo, pp. 37. 

This was issued by a Protestant Society at Toulouse, having a branch at 
Geneva. The Pasteur Ghabrand was President. 

^1732. 1837. Solvety Ch. — Institutions du droit mahom^tan relatives k la guerre 
sainte. Alger : 8vOy pp. 37. 

This is a translation of the Latin of Hadrien Reland, ' Dissertatio de jure 
militari Mahommedanorum contra Christianos bellum gerentium/ contained 
in the did voL of his ' Dissertationes Miscellaoese ' published at Uti-echt in 1708. 

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des pain, session de 1837. Paris : 8vo, pp. 8. 

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des Almohades et des M^r^nites. — See Journal des Savants. 

1837 ? QualqueB Reflexions sur trois questions fondamentales de notre 
^tablissement en Algdrie. No place or date, pp. 36. 

The questions are — 1st. The best means of subduing the Arabs. 2nd. The 
method of governing them. 3rd. The establishment of Europeans amongst 

1837. Sitaation de TAlgdrie. Revue Africaine, p. 1. 

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t. L p. 628. 

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la discussion du projct de loi sur les cr^its suppMmentaires pour 1836. Paris : 
8vo, pp. 30. 

From the ' Monitcur,* 23rd and 25th April. A most interesting criticism 
on the military operations then being conducted all over the colony. 

^88. 1837. Janvier, D^put^ de Tam-et-Garonne. — Rapport au nom de la 
commission charg^ de I'examen du projet de loi rclatif aux credits suppl^mentaires 
et extraordinaires de 1836, et aux cr^its additionnels sur les ddpcnses des 
exercioes clos. Paris : 4 to, pp. 120. 

The portion referring to Algeria is from p. 33 to p. 98. It contains an 
interesting and authentic account of events civil and military. 

^39, 1837. Piscatory, D6put^ d'lndre-et-Loire. — Rapport fait au nom de la 
commission charge d'examiner les deux projets de loi portant allocation: — 
1^ d'nn credit spdcial de 14,658,227 fr. pour la dcpense extraordinaire d'Afriquc 
en 1837; 2® d'un cr^t d'urgence de 1,132,000 fr. k valoir sur celui de 
^4,658,227 fr. Paris : 4to, pp. 48. 

This also 'contains much valuable information regarding the state of the 

1837. Algier von 1830 bis 1837. Vienne : 8vo. 

1837. B6genoe d'Alger. Traits de la Tafna. Rev. Univers., t. i. 
August ; also Ann. Marit., July, p. 164. 

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The journal of a German student in the French service. 

1837. De TEsp^, D^put^ de la Meurthe. — Rapport fait au nom de 
oommissimi charge de Pexamen du projet de budget pom* 1838. Paris: 4to, 
pp. 16 and 5 pjy. of tables. 
Also most instructive. 



741. 183T. Fontaine de Besbeoq.— Alger et Us cGtes d'Afrlqoe. Buis: 

74S. I83T. Mortemart, Due de. — DiEooura nu Chaabre des I'lurs docs U di»> 
cussioD du projet de loi relatir bux crddila c^traonl in aires (Questiun d'AfrtqiieV 
Poria : 8vo, pp. 19. 
748, 1^37. Touffait de la Basnerair, Fdlii, Cnpitainc d'Eut-niajor.— Relation 
liiatcrique de i'eipeditiuu de Botigie dii 20 spp. an 29 octobre 1833. Spectatcur 
Militaii'e, t. ixiv, p. 30. 

This was commanded by the Man^ohal do TruzeL It started from Toulon, 
and arrived off Bougie on tbe29lli September. After six liours* fighting Bougie 
was abandoiii'd 1>y ilK mtiabilaitts and occupied on the folloiring day. 
74i 1838. L'AlgSrie : La Situation, llevue Africaiae, p. 1. 
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Marit., t. i.p. 244. 

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A short journey between La Calle and I!6nE. 

746. 1838. LapiBBO, Ch. de.— Alger. I. c, p. T3. 

A sketch of wliat Algiers iros at that date. 


Alex.— Dc- I"b' 



r I'Algirie 

747. 1S38. Mathieu de Dombasle, 

I'Alg^rie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 27. 

This pamphlet gave rise to an anstrer entitled, * li^vflatioDs 
par un habitant de I'Afrique.' Paris ; 8vo, pp. 29. 
74a 1838. Walobenaer, Baron Ch. Ath., Membre de I'lustitut.— Uapportft 
sur Ies recherches geograpliiquea, liistoriques, arclii^logiques. It enlrepreiidre dans 
I'Afrique scptcntrioualc. PariB: 4lo, pp. 83. 

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Paris: 8vo, pp. 80. 
7E1. 1838. Junsmaiui, B. — Costumes, mreurH et usages des Algerians. 
StrBBboiirg : 4to, 40 lithographs. 

This work was also published in German under the liile, 'Traclilen, SJtteo 
imd Gebriiuohe der Algerico.' 

762. 1838. Journal de Veip^dit 
par un officier de TarmiJe d'Afriquc 

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des Beui MondcH, iv. tir. t. siji. 

A i^mnriablo article. 

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8vo, pp. 73. From the Revue de Paris, 1st and 8th April. 

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Bniielles; 8vo, plalf-s. 

767. 1838. Becueil de Documents aur rexp&lition et la prise de Constantina 
par Ies Franfais on 183". Pour tervir i\ I'bisloirc do cetle campngne. 
8vo, pp. 300, with atlas in k" 




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Province de Constantine. Spcct. Milit., January. 

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767c. 1838. Notioe biographique sur le g^n^ral de Damr^mont. 1. c, 

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oculaire, membre de la commission scientifique de Texp^ition. Lyon : 12mo. 

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>. 1838. Journal des operations de Tartillerie pendant Texp^dition de Con- 
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. 1838. Sur Pezp^dition et le siege de Constantine en 1837: marches^ 
travaux, details de Tassault. Paris : 8yo. 

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pp. 8. I 

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tine : 8vo, pp. 4. 

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et le si^ge de Constantine en 1837. Publico par ordre du Ministre de la 
Guerre. Paris : 8vo, pp. 46. 

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Perpignan: 8vo. 

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771. Quatre-vingt-deux jours de commandement de la province d'Oran. 

Perpignan : 8vo, pp. 60. 

This is a vindication of his conduct : '* Ma conduite indiguement calomni^e 
m*en fait un devoir." 

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Paris : 8vo, pp. 19. 

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Ann. Marit., t. i. p. 927. 

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ik Alger. Lithographed at Berne, 1838-9 : folio, 30 plates and text. 

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Scientifique.'' — Observations faites h la suite de Tarm^e qui en 1839 a traverse les 
Fortes de Fer, &c. 

775. M^moire sur une fille bicorps nde a Alger.— See also No. 801. 



770. 1838. Guyon, J, L. 8., Surgeon, &c. — Da la pins grandc lao^vM -te 
liomains de I'Algfrie d'aprea leiir moaunieDts fuuL'nLir'es. 

Articica in the Memoirca dc Medecine et Pharmacie Uilltaire, 1838-40. 

777. Quelques inscriptioOB de la province dfl ConBtantine recueillie* par 

ia Dr. Guillon. Alger : folio. 

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Afrique : coneerver, pacifier, colonieer. Paris ! 8vo, pp. 172. 

778b. 183iil. Franqiie. — Assuciatiua Natiocalc pour la coloDisatioQ ds I'Alg^ic. 


: 8vo. 

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organisateur de la Compagcie Cin^tienne pour la colonisatioa et la civilisatioii 

dAfrique. Mnraeillti ; 8vo. 

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d'ialy. — Simple document Hur TAfrique. Paris: 8vo, pp. 15. Pnblished 
anoaymoualy under tlie B^^aturc of '• Un oRicier altaclie i I'arnite franj use sou* 
Ic premier cominandement de M. le Marechal Clansel." , 

780. Miimoire uur notre ^tabliaaement dans la province d'Oran por Bnite de 

la paiK. Paris : 8vo, pp. 62, with a plan of a forti&ed village. 

781. De I'StabliBsement de Legions da colons nulitaires dans lea poaset- 

aions fran^aisee du Nord de I'Afriqne, auivi d'un projet d'ordonnanco, adreaad an 
gouverneuient et aux chambres. I'aris : 8vo, pp. GO. 

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la ville d'Hippone et ses environs. Paris : 8vo, pp. 16. 

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782c. Memoire Bur rerabouehure de la Mafrag. Pr^sent^ i I'lnstitat. 

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Marsaille : 8vii, pp. 2i. 
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tiques et militaircs sur I'Algerie. Paria ; 8vo, pp, 102, 
786. 1838. The French in Amca. Dublin Rev., vol iv. pp. 179-201. 

Exposes the "diplociatic limnbug" uf the French pretensions that do 
territorial acquisitiou would be made iu Algeria. 

786. 1838. JoufFroy, Thomas Simon.— La pJitiqua de la France en Alg£rie. 
llev, des deux Mondea, 1 June, 1838, Published 9e]arately in 1840, Paris; SVQ. 

787. 1838. Berbruggar. A.— Voyage au Camp d'Abd-ol-Kader.— See Eev. dcs 
deux Mondea, 15 auilt 1838. 

786. 1838, ExouTslons dans I'Afirique Beptentrionale, par lea d^l^guAa de la 
Socii^W itablic il Paris pour l'if,\plor,iiiou do Carthage : ouvrage aocompagni 
d'inscriptions et de plaucbfs lii noir et en couleur. Publi<f i>ar la Soci(Jt4. Paris: 
8vo, pp. SI. + 108 + [35]. 

This voL contains ' lielntion d'une excursion A Constantine il la aoite de 
I'arin^ fraofAiee' by Sir Qrenvllle Temple and M. C. T. Palbe, with 
nnineroaB interesting inscriptions and plates. 

788. 1838. Diireau de la Malle. — Voyages dans les lii'gences dc Tunis et 
d'Algcr, par Pcyssonnel et Dealoutaines. PariB : 2 vol. 


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aux cr^ts d'Afriqne. Paris : 8vo, pp. 26. From the Moniteur. 

791. 1838. V . . . F. da— La guerre d'Afrique, &c. 12mo. 

792. 1838. MarouSy Ij. — ^Histoire des Yandales accompagn^e de recherches sur 
le oommerce que les ^tats barbaresqaes firent avec T^tranger dans les 6 premieres 
siedes de I'^re chr^t. 3rd ed. Paris : 8vo. — See No. 657. 

798. 1838. Paris, A. Q. — Documents curieus sur Alger dcpuis 427 jusqn'^ 
r^poqne actuelle. Paris: 8 vo. 

794. 1838. Abd-el-Kader et la province d*Oran, par un officier geodral (Oudinot). 
Extrait da Spectatear Militaire, 15th November. 

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& entreprendre dans TAfrique septentrionale. Paris : 4tOy pp. 85. 

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plocatrice et scientifique d'Alg^rie pr^sent^e ^ M. le Ministre de la guerre* Paris : 

796a. 1838. F. D. L. Ij. — L'Afrique fran9aise. Bruxelles : ISmo. 

797. 1838. Bapports de la oommissioii cbarg^ de r^liger des instructions pour 
Texploration soientifique de TAlg^rie. Gomptes Bendus des Seances de I'Acad. 
des Sc.» 23rd July. 

796w 1838. Tableau de la situation des ^tablissements fran9ais dans TAlg^rie. 
Paris : 1838 k 1866, 19 voL 4to. 

The continuation bears the title * Statistique g^n^rale de TAlg^rie,* Vol. i. 
contains information for the period comprised between 1830 and 1837, pp. 417. 

799. 1838. Dupin, Ch. — £trennes k la Fmnce. Sidge de Constautine. In verse. 
8vo, pp. 8. 

800. 1838. La Mennais, PAbb^ F. B. de. — Politique k Tusage du peuple. 

A collection of articles published by him in the Monde, the Bevue des 
deux Mondes, and the Eevue de Progr^. Paris: 2 vol. A second edition 
published m 1839, 32mo. 

The first vol. contains, ' Question d' Alger,' and the second, * Afifaires d' Alger/ 

801. 1838. Qw>fProy Saint-Hilaire, Et.— Sur une nouvelle fiUe bioorps n^ k 
Alger. Gaz. Med., 3^ s4rie, t. vii. p. 1095. — See also No. 775. 

80S. 1838. Worms. — Expose des conditions de hygiene, et de traitcment propres 
a pr^venir la mortality dans Tarm^ en Afrique, et specialement dans la province 
de Gonstantine. Paris : 8vo. 

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Alg^rie, ou recueil de vues, costumes et portraits. Illustrations par Genet, textc 
par Berbrugger. Paris : folio. 

1839. Bolle, J. A. — Souvenirs de TAlgdrie, ou relations d'un voyage en 
Afrique, septembre et octobre 1838. Angouleme : 8vo, vignette, pp. 276. 

The author, accompanied by General Changarnier, went to the limit of the 
French possessions, such as the Treaty of the Tafna fixed them, 

1839. Abon *1 FMa» Ismael. — Description des pays du Maghreb. Texte 
arabe avec trad, par Gh. Solvat. Alger : 8vo, pp. 111-99. 

1839. I«a guerre d'Aftique, ou Icttre d*un lieutenant de Tarm^e k son 


oDcle, vieiix soldat de la I^<^Tolution ct de PEmpire. Paris : 12mo, pp. 86, anon. 
—See also No. 933. 

807. 1839. BroBselard, Charles. — De Torigine et de la domination toiqne en 
Alg^rie. Paris: 8vo. 

808. 1839. CaxiBsidou, et Campaignao.— Manuel de coltivateur africain. 
Alger : 8vo. Published monthly during several years. • 

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In the name and with the authority of the Society. 

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reccnsuit, &c Bonnno, ab an. 1839 usque ad an. 1853. 


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On the conquest and colonisation of Algeria. 

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les Frangais en 1837, pour servir ^ Thistoire de cette campagne. Paris : 8vo text, 
and atlas foL, maps and plans. 

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The author examines the sanitary condition of Algiers and its neighbour- 
hood ; the causes of the insalubrity of the ])lain ; the fogs and siroccos which 
prevail, and the influence of the climate on pulmonary complaints. 

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Chaps, ii. and iii. narrate C.'s capture [in 1575] by an Algerino squadron, 
long captivity, frequent attempts to escape, ransom, and return to Spain in 
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Considerations sur Alger. From the Revue Franfaise, January, pp. 11. 


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I'anufie d'Afrique. I. c, Oct. 

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- Mimoira am Chambres legiElatives, EsquiBse rapide et htstoriqut' 

Bor I'ndmlaistraliou do t'Alg^rie depuia 1830, et sur la direction qu'y dom^B 

GiSn&'al Biigeaud, &C. Marseille : 8ro, pp. 80. 

1840. Pricia analytique de Tbistoire anc. d'Afriqiie aeptent 
V Tableau de k Situation dea ittablisseraenta franfaie for 1840. 

043, 18^0. I<r««Tieux, Cb. Pierre de.— M^moire biatorique, gSograplii 
politique snr I'AlgSrie, suivi d'un plan d'occupation general, &c. 


644. 1840. Juba IL— Born in Tinmidia; sent prisoner to Borne, Bubsequentlv 
King of Mauritania. Fragments of bia History of Lybia, Sec, have been pre- 
Borved and collected in vol. iii, of ' FragBientn iiistoricorum Grteoorum," CoUcclion 
Didot, 1840. 
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a fconoinique de nos posacsEioc.^ dans le Nord d'Afrique. Ftii^: 
8ro, pp, 104. 

Read before the Acadi^mie des Scicncee, wliicii iiad charged the author lo 
study the question of Algeria. 
1840. Montague, Biicien Admin istrateur. — I«ttTO d'un colon d'Alger 4 
M. Blanqui. Maraeille : 6vo, pp. G2. 

Tlio author adviaes hh conntrynon to take no further notice of Ahd-el- 
Eader, and as they n'ould thus have no Jugurtha to overcome, they would bate 

1840. Faris, B. — Bo la situation de I'Al^^rie depuis les maSEaoree da 
20 novemhre, ou des moyens de combnttre la puissance d'Ahd-el-Kader, et 
d'arr8tcr !a mine de noire colonie. S[»ecl. Milit., January. 
347. 1840, lies CoIohb d'Alger ft la France. — DominatioB g^n^rale, ColoniEai- 
tion progrcsulyc, Gonverneraent civil. Marseille ; 8vo, pp. 30. Signed by Baron 
de Vialar and many others. 

1840, Abd-el-Qader, et sa iiout 
Paris : 8yo, pp. iiC, roap. Froni tlifi Nov 

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Algiirie. Toulon : 8vo. 

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turque dana I'ancienne Rc!;;enoe d'Alger. Paris : 8vo. 
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Parifl; Sto. 

1840. lies Fran^aiB h, Alger ; y rcsteront-ile ? Question pr£c^& ch| 
I'squiaso i\ Vopoquo actuelle. Par A. C. Paris : 8vo. 

1840. Fumeron d'Ardeuil, ancien Pr^fet, — Nouvelles oheervatioc 
la situation et I'aTenir de nos possessions d'Afrique. Paris : 8vo, pp. 29, 
The author examines the question. How far Abd-el-Kadir is 
up and colonisnlion enc^nmged. 

■lie capitale. Par 'A. (? M. d'Avewc). 
'. Ann. des Voyages. 



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et de la FraDce. Doiud : 8vo, 1 lith. 

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r^tude de la langue Berb^re, et sur divers manuscrits anciens en cette langue, 
qu'il importe de rechercher. Bull. Sec. G4og. de Paris, 2* s^r. t. xiv. pp. 223- 
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Mondes, 1st Dec. 

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la domination fran^aise en Alg^rie. Paris. A critical analysis of this work was 
published by Dr. Wamier. Paris : 8vo, pp. 56. — See No. 1303. 

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PAlg^rie. Paris: 8vo. 

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colonisation de TAlg^rie, et des fortifications propres ^ garantir les colonnes des< 
invasions des tribus afrioaines. Paris : 8vo, pp. 57. 

The author is in favour of surrounding the hundred square leagues which 
form the territory of Algiers with a continuous line of defence flanked with 
towers, within which only he thinks colonisation possible. When this is peopled 
he would create others to the east and west. 

800. Opinion sur la question de TAlg^rie ^ Toccasion des credits suppld*^ 

znentaires. Paris : 8vo. 

The author, who was a peer of France, prepared this speech for delivery in 
the Chamber, but died before having delivered it. 

880a. 1840. Cory, Capitaine. — An examination of the systems of defence 
proposed by Oeneral Bogniat, Comdt. Saint-Hypolite, and Capt. Iieblano- 
de Fr6boi8. Spect. Militaire, March. 

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The author endeavoured to form a Society for obtaining 12,000 hectares of 
land in Algeria. 
1840. Jeblonowski, Comte Venceslas. — Esquisse d*un syst^me de- 
civiltsation et de colonisation de TAlg^rie par un Stranger qui a babit6 ce pays, et 
qui n'y possMe rien. Paris : 8vo, pp. 32. 

1840. Iieblano de Pr^bois, Fran9oi8, Capitaine d'l^tat-major. — De la 
n4ceKit6 de substituer le gouvemement civile au gouvernement militaire. Paris 
and Montpellier : 8vo, pp. 80, with a map illustrating the author's proposition for 
a system of military occupation. 

Conditions essentielles du progr^ en Alg^rie. Paris and Montpellier : 

8vo, pp. 92, with map. A sequel to the foregoing work. 

Lettre sur I'Alg^e ^ MM. les Deputes. Montpellier: 8vo, pp. 8. 

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d'occnpaiion restreinte. Paris : 8vo, pp. 54, 1 map. 

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T6sum6 critique de I'^tat politique et ^conomique de I'Algdrie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 9G, 

1840. FouUo, Emm. — Considerations g^nsrolea sur In HiJgence cTAIger. 


1810. DeToisins, V. — ExixMition Jo Cuostautine, accompagn^c tlQ., 
i d'Afrique. Paris : 8v<j, carte, plan et fi| 



870. 1810-44. Aumale, le Duo do. — Cainpagno en Afriiguc. F&ris : Stol 

871. 1840. Exploration Boientlflque d'AlgSrie pendant lo* anoAjs 1840-H. 
I'ubli^a par ordre du Gouvememeat. Paris : Iraprimerie Rojalc, 17 vol. 

A magnificent work, illustrating the Eeogmphy, natural history, archreoli^y, 
and arclijtecture at the country. 

The various memoirs are given separately. — See notices of these works Id 
the Edinburgh Review, 184G, vol. lisilv. p. 46, and the Quarterly Beview, 
1856. vol. scix. p. 331. 

872. ISIO. DuchaesELing, E.~La v6nt6 aur Alger. Paris : 8vo, pp. 242,, 


873. 1840. Hfttln, B.— Hialoiro pittoresque de rAl(!*iric, oonlanant UDo 
historiqae sur les cotnmoQCOineats do cvt £tat et lea diverses exptSditious 'tentte 
centre Alger. La description do pays et de ses villes principalea, avec lea details 
curieus sur lea mccnra et Us uHBgoa des Cabyles, etc., avec la nurration delull^ 
de la conquQtc de 1830 et des faits qui I'ont sulvie jasqu'en 1840. Paris ; 6^, 
map, portraits and views. 

874. 1840. Sucliet, I'Abbd, Vicaire G^ue'ral.— I.ettrca ediliant«s ct curieuses 
sur TAlg^rie. Tours : 8vo, pp. 432. 

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VAlgi^rie et sur sa colonisation. Paris : 8vo. 

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capitale, avec iin plan du siie (!c Takedemt. I'aria; 8vo. 

878. 1840. Barthdiemy, 1*. M.~lttudes tnornles, foouomiqucs et poUtiques sur 
I'AlgJrie. PijmonstraCion de riocompatibilitd de regime militaire avec la forma- 
tion d'un ^tiiblissoment colonial en. Afrique. Paris : 8vo, pp. 200. 

The first section ia devoted to the occupation oF Ibe country, witli b akeloh 
oC the military position at the beginning of 1640 ; the secoad deals witli tbe 
subject of colonisation, 

879. 1840. Glrot, Colonel L., Ex-cbef d'liU^major Ji rormie d'Afrique^— 

Gbservatioiis bisioriquea, [lolitiques, et niilitairea sur I'Algririe et sur sa oolonisa- 
tion. Paris ; 8vo, pp. 171. 

880. 1840. Duv^rino, A— Do la geatiou des int^rClK nalionans en Afrique, nn 
r^sumij critique de I'dtat politique et Awnomique de I'AlgiSrie. Paris; 8vo, 
pp. 88, with a mnp showing the extent of territory proposed to be ooluniaod. 

SSOa. 1840. Bagot de IfantiUy.— M£moire sur la n<!cc3sitv d'un cbaugcineul de 
aystkue ot d'un gouverneroent civil, &c. Earia : 8vo. 

8e0b. 1640. TreUo.— ConaideratiODB DOUvelles sur I'Algi^rie. Paris: Svo. 

880o. 1840. ICaaalafl, le Baroii.— Moyen unique d'occu[}tr, de coloniser el ds 

coDBorvcr rAlgdfir> Strasbourg: 81*0. 


1840. P. D. — ^La ffodalitd comme moyea de conserver et de civiliser 
rAlg^rie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 32. 

The author proposes to cover Algeria with castles, as in Europe during the 
Middle Ages, and to revive a feudal system suited to the ideas of the present 

1840. Hartooh, H^loise. — Lettre sur Tetat des Juifs de TAlg^rie et sur 
leg moyens de les tirer de Tahjection dans laquelle ils sent tomhes. — See Archives 
Isr&elites de France, p. 537. 

This letter commences with the words *' Les Juifs de ce pays sont esclaves 
de leur pr^jug^s." A remarkable change has come over them since the 

1840. Fharaon, Joanny, and Dr. Goldscheider. — Lettre sur Tdtat des 
Juifs en Alg^rie. Arch. Israel, de France, Sep. and Oct. 

S83L 1840. Soci^t^ AMcaine. — Frojet d*une association universelle pour la 
colonisation et la civilisation do TAfrique. Paris : 8vo, pp. 14. 

883«k. 1840. Defense du fort on r^uit de Mazagran par la 10^ compagnie du 
l**^ bat. d'lnfanterie l^g^re d'Afrique, avec un plan, Spect. Mi lit., May, 

884. 1840. Chapuys-Montlaville, D^put^. — Aux Braves ! R^cit de la defense 
de ^Biazagran. Followed by * Ode aux ddfenseurs de ce poste,' jwr M. de Caillas. 
Pa.ris: 8vo, pp. 16. 

886- 1840. Dufour, Madame Fanny. — Mazagran. A poem. Paris: 8vo, 
pp. 16. 

886- 1840. TaUichel, Vice-Prdsident de la Soci^te Coloniale.— Lettre & MM. les 
i^^mbres des chambres legislatives de France. Paris : 8vo, pp. 62. 

The author expresses the fears of the colonists and the hope that the colony 
itiay be incorporated with France. 

887. 1840. Del^cluze, E. J. — Raymond Lulle. From the Rev. des deux 
Sondes, 15 nov. 

Raymond LuUy was a native of Majorca, bom in 1235 ; after a dissipated 
youth he entered the Church and devoted himself to the conversion of Mahom- 
dedans. He was stoned at Bougie, and died before he could reach his native 
city of Palma, where he was buried. 

^ 1840. Algeria. The. Penny Magazine, vol. ix. pp. 29-65. 
Two short articles describing Algiers and Ck)nstantine. 

1840. De Ijoynes, Ddput^ de Loiret. — Observations sur les credits supple- 
^ntaires demand^s pour I'Algerie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 22. 

He complains of the want of system in the military expeditions, during 
Which only 4000 have been killed in action, while 36,000 have died from 

®^- 1840. Saint-HyppoUte, Chef-d'escadron dMtat-major. — De I'Algerie, 
"ysteme du Due de Rovigo en 1832. Moyens d'affermir nos possessions en 1840, 
^^18: 8vo, pp. 15, with a map illustrating the author's proposal for a partial 
^lonisation of the Metidja by means of canals of defence and irrigation, 
^ginally published in the Spectateur Militaire, February. 

^** Notes sur le thdatre des operations militaires dans le centre de 

"^^rie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 24, With a large map of the environs of Algiers. From 
^^^ same jounml, April. 
^OL. n. o 

l'J2 A li[BL[OGR.\niV OF ALGERIA. ^^^^^^H 

883. 1840. Joue^r, D6put4— La iwlilique de U FruiM en Afrique. Piriii 

8 TO, pp. (36. 

Reprodnotion of an arLiclo published in tlie Revne des deux Mondes, June 
1838, aud to bavo been inspired by General La Morici^ro. 
888. 1840 7 Matsonne, Ifiaolae de la, Capitaine do Grenadiers. — Do la 

souverainote de la Franca en Afrique par Toccupation restreiute et le Hystelua dec 

raiaias. Avignon : 8vo, pp. 16. 
893a. 1S40. Pranque.— SyntliOsc de la question d'Afrique. Paris : 8vo. 
8M. 1840. Caatelane, Gomte da, Lieut-GduuraL — Discours h. Tocnasiaa du 

credit ex trsotdi Cairo demnndiS ponr les d<ii>enses do TAIgirie, Chambro do* 

Pairs, ISjuin. Paris: 8vo, pp. 24. 

805, 1840. I>e Iiotobb, DfpuUi. — Observations sur les criSJits suppUmeaUirec 
demands pour I'AlgiSrio. Paris : 8to, pp. 22. 

886. 1840. Bauds, le Baron- — L'Algirie. Pdria ; 2 vol. 8vo. 

897. 1841. Pa»tel, J. P. Jules.— L'Afnque. fichange dcs priflonniens. Odu 

a Mgr. riSvcque d'Algur. Beouno : 12mo, pp. 8, 
888. 1841. Wagner, Dr. Morita.— Reisen in dor Regentschaft Algier in dm 
Jabren 1836-7-8. Leipzig ; 3 vol, 8vo, with map and 17 plates. 

An excellent work for the time. A great deal of his information was mp- 
plied by a renegade Frenchman oaraod Bandoin. — See Pulsitky, No. 170C. 

899. 1841. Ebn-Klialdouii, Native of Tunia.— Hiatoire de VAfrique eotu la 
Dynastis des .\^hlabiteii et de la Sidle, Sec, accompi^n^ d'une traductiou fraiifito 
et do notes par Jaa. Noel des Vorgera, Arab© et Fninrais. Pari* : 8vq, pp. ixxix., 
SO, Bud 201.— See also Nos. 354, 1255. 2766. 

900. 1841. Erath, A,— Bcis naar Algiers, Grouingen : 8vo. 

801, 1841. Faecul, Adrian. — Pr^ia historique dea actions de guerre du 17* R^. 
d'Infanterio lij;;fire, &c. 8vo. 

802. 1841, D'Oina, Cambda. — Un e'change de prisonniers. Alais; 8vo. 

903, 1841. Botalier, Claude de.— Hiatoiro d' Alger et ds la piratcrie des Tom 
dans la Miiditerran^ ii dattir du XT1° siicle. Paris : 2 vol. 8to. 

This work ifl well written. It terminates with the capture of Algiers, 

S04. 1841. H"Qt«a aur rorgaiiisalion des troupes in^gnliSrea algMeimes. PhHs: 

806. 1841. Pell6, Clemant — It Mediterranoo illnatrato. Firenze: 4to. 

908. 1841, VaJmy, Duo da. — Question d'Alger. Uistoiro des negooialioni. 
Paria: 8vo, 

907. 1841. Brougliton, Mrs.- Six Yeara' Itcaidence in Algiers, 1806-11'. 
2nd edition. London ; 8vo, pp, 452. 

Mr.H. Broughtou was daughter of Mr. Blanokley, H.M. Agent and Consnl- 
General. The most valuable part of this volume consists of extracts from hef 
mother's diary, 2 illustrationB. — Sea Monthly Review, vol, cxlix. p. 210, 

The first edition pubhshed id 1839. Bevieweil in Tail's Ediu. Ma^, toI. vi. 

908. 1841. WeidemaEin. Pr. u. Wemar.^Algier. Erobening durch J. Fran- 
zoseD, und Gescbichte der neuestcu FeldKilge. Ilambnrg ; lOmo. 

809. 1841. IJUTivier, OAn^ral.— Solution de'Ia ijucsUon .Ic TAlfi^rie. Paris; 
8vo, pp. 344, maps. 


'010. 1841. Duvivier, O^n^ral. — Recherches et notes sur la portion de TAlg^rie 
au 8ud de Gtielma depuis la frontifere de Tunis jusqu'au Mont Aur^ compris, 
iadiqoant lea anciennes routes roniaines encore apparentes. Paris : 4 to, pp. 66, 
with map. 

^11- Ports en Algerie. Expense jI M. Thiers. Paris : 18mo. 

"912. Algerie. lUponse ^ I'examen publi6 par le Dr. Guyon. Paris : Svo, 


913a^ 1841. Charlier, A, C— Compte rendu do Touvrage du G<Sn6ral Duvivier 
[Xo. 910]. Spect. Milit., November. 

912t>. 1841. Bellonet, G^n^ral de. — ^Sur les travaux du corps du G^nie en 
A.frique pendant les deux campagnes de 1840. I. c, July. 

913. 1841. De la consolidatioii de la puissance fran9ai8e en Algdrie, par 
M!. T. de B. (Tassin de Beaumont). Paris : 8vo. 

914. 1841. Beinaud. — Notice sur dictionnaires geographiques arabes, et sur le 
sysf^DQe primitif de la numeration chez les peuples de race berb^re. Paris : 8vo. 

916. 1841. BouBseau, Alph. — Chroniques de la Regence d' Alger. Traduites 
d'un MS. arabe intituld : * El-Zohrat-el-Nayerat.' Alger : 8vo, pp. 214. 

918. 1841. Movers, Dr. Franz CarL — Die PhOnizier. Bonn, Berlin: 3 vol. 
8^0, 1841-56. 

-A most important work. 

917. X841. Bavoux, Jos. ^variste. — Alger; voyage politique et descriptif 
dans le Nord de TAfrique. Paris : 2 vol. 8vo, pp. 372 and 381 ; 2nd ed. in 1843. 

-A polemical work, being an answer to tbe attacks of Desjobert in 'Algerie 
ett X838.' 

918. 1841, D'Estry, Stephen. — Histoiro d' Alger, de son territoire, et do ses 
habitants; de ses pirateries, de son commerce, &c., depuis les temps les plus 
recul^ josqu'^ nos jours. D6di^e ^ Mgr. Dupucb, dv6que d' Alger. Tours : 8vo, 
2nd edition, 1852, pp. 384. 

919. 1841, Baudens, Dr. — Relation historique de Texpedition k Tagdempt, 
Paris: 8vo, pp. 32, 

iFrom tbe Mus^e des Families, July. This place was tbe headquarters 
aiid arsenal of Abd-el-Kader. 

W. 1841. The French in Algeria. Blackwood's Edin. Mag., vol. 1., 
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^oole, religieuse et militaire du Nord de rAfrique. Paris : Svo, pp, 192, with 


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]U8qu»4 oes jours, et sur les moyens de les rendre fructueuses. Paris : 8vo, pp. 40. 
^^om Spect MiUt,, April. 

o 2 



9Se. 1841. Humigny, (Mairal M. T.,&o.— K'otessiirroipuiisitioitdwtnjnpw 

irrpjiilifireB algerieunp*. Paris : 8vo, pp. 32. 
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entro Mgr. I'fiveque d' Alger el Abd-el-Kader. 8to. 
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Bomains en Afriquc, cumpar^e avtc la dominatloa fniDCiiise. HeTile des deux 

Mondes, liit May. 
039. 1841. Foirel, Ingfaionr en chef dea ponU et chouas^.—^M^moiie snr In 

tiavaiix i la mer, coniprcmiut ITiiatoriquB des mivrages cs&dWs au Port d'Alger. 

Paris : 4to, pp. 4, with atlas aiid 18 plates. 

SSO. 1841 ? Bousseau, Alphonea.— El-Zobanit cl-Naharat, ChroaiqiiD du 
Ecj'lik d'Oran, par tin Spcrtialre du Bey-Asaao, Paris : no dale, 8vo, pp. 32, 

This ia a transhillou of a very valuable MS. obtntned by U. Rouiaean, and 
presented to the Library at Algiers, where it bears the No. 1001. Copioiu 
notea hnve beea added by M. Berbrugger. The perioil embraced ia from 1792 
till 181 T. Uention is made of the bombardmeuC of Algiers by Lord Exmoq 

Bapport sur laloi <ie la cobniBalion militaire dc I'Alguric 


ae plann cF 

i priucipauj: ouvrngea rcccmmtst 

er iUUk^^M 
i SardtE^^* 

9S0b. 1841. Tableau de k Eituntion dea t^tablisEenienta fran^ais e 
1840. Published by the War Office. Paris: 4to, pp. 452; with i 
the principal cities, and a biblit^raphy. 

980e. 1841. D'Aveaoc.— De I'Alg^rit 

ptililioB -X CO sujet. Nouv. Ann. dos Voyages, t. iii, 

931- 1841, Qudrin, Ijeon. — Le tour du moude, ou les niilJe et une raervwllK 

des voyages. Alrique aeplentrionale. Paris : 12mo, pp. 118. 

The Buppcaed adventures of a young French fift-r takeu prisoner & 
capture of Algers. 

832. 1841. Grilberg de Hemab, Jacquoa, formerly Swcdisli and Soi 

CoDbul in Morocco. — Obsecvaliuns BUthentiques sur k pesto du Lerout, et sue U 
vertu sp&ifiqne de I'builc de I'olive centre cettfl effrayante maladie. 
l>onr ia seconde reunion acientifiqno italienne, Turin, 1840. Florence : Svo. 

Ho gives the result of coses observed at Tangier, and an historical pr^sisof 
tho appearance, progress, and extinction of the disease. There is no allu^ou to 
Algiers*, but the diaeisc in both places w.ia similar. 

SS3. 1841. Iia Qtierre d'AfHque. Lettre d'lm Lieuteuaut de I'ann^ d'Afriqne 

h Bon oncle, vieus soldat de !a Hcvolution et do TEmpire. Alger: 12mo, pp. 36. 

Signed L, de V * " *. A simple and ictorcsting acconut of tbo operation* iu 

which ho was engaged in the west of the province of Oian. 2nd ed.— Sec 

No. 806. 

834. 1841. D^ret, H Abb£. — Cat^chiiime ilu BiocAsc d'Algcr, expliqni! par 

SI. Augustiii. Ouvragc reciieiUi, tradult i-t mis en ordre par . . . Lyon, Ruis: 

3 vol. 8vo, pp. 397, .'■>12, and 731. 

93S. 1841. Aruuiles de llnatltut d'Aftique. Comnienced 1st Jan., oon- 

linued aix ycara, principally with the object of pulling a atop to the slave tradb 


s: 4to. 
It onlj 

CLintains occaaioual iiapers regarding Algeria. 


0S6. 1841. Baude, lie Baron, Ex-oommissaire du Roi en Afrique. — L'Algerie. 
Pans : 2 voL Svo, pp. 404 and 492, 3 maps. 
A valuable work. 

837. 1842. Ibn-HaukeL — ^Description de TAfrique traduit do TArabe, par le 
Baron de Slane. Joum. Asiat., 3* s^rie, t. xiii. 

Also Arab text, published by de Goeje, Leyden, 1871. English translation 
by Ousley, 1800. 

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Dialogue entro Timon et un colon du Nord de TAfrique. Paris : 18mo, pp. 44. 

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Curd de Constantine. Paris : 8vo, pp. 44. 

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Opinions sur la cr&tion d'un Directeur de la Police li Alger. Alger : 


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justice en Algdrie, depuis 1834, jusqu'^ ce jour, et sur la n^cessit^S d'y apporter 
des QdcKiifications esaentielles, suivi d'un projet d'organisation judiciaire. Nancy : 
8vo : pp. X. and 106. 

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Bes xnoyens de conserver et d'utiliser cette conquete. Marseille : 8vo, pp. 125. 

He insists on the necessity for 80,000 troops in the colony, and a system of 
niilitary colonisation and government. 

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dernier m^moire du Gdn^ral Bugeaud. Paris : 8vo, pp. 142. 

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*^' • Observations sur les ports de I'Alg^rie. Paris. 

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1830 et sur la direction qu'y donne le G^^ndral Bugeaud. Qaelques observations 
s^ les attaques dirig^s contre la propri^td et contre les colons. Mesures k 
adopter pour aider la colonisation. Marseille : 8vo, pp. 80. — See also No. 841. 

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^^lial Bugeaud. pp.80. 

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Circulaires. 12mo, pp. 19. 

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^^^ : 4to, pp. 24. 

®°7 1842. Pascal, Adrien. — Bulletin de I'arm^ d' Afrique, avec des notes 
*^^*toriques et biographiques sur chaque officier sup^rieur et un pr^is des actions 


SUerre des regiments nornm^ dans les bulletins. Paris : 2 voL 8vo. 



966. 1842. Orleans, Due d". — Vie militaire, politique et priT^ du . . . snc 

notes hi£torii[UfsaurlescamiiigneBd'Arrique, ridiges par le Prince, par A. PaBCil. 

Paris: evo, porlriiit iiuil foc-siinile. 
666. 1842. FlBquet, Hoo. J. Pierre, nRtivo of Montjiellier. — Histokt 

I'Algiirie depuis Ipb ttrops aneienB jiisqu'il nos jours. Paris : 8vo, pp. 412, 
Work comnienwd, liut never finisLed. Maoy illustrations. 
957, 1842. Buret, Ant. Eugfine.— Question d'Afrique, de la double conqtil 

de rAlgdrie jKir la giicrre et la coloniBation, suivie d'lin cxamen critique dii 

-^(.uverupmtnl, fire. Paris : Svo, pp. 306. 
858. 1842. Mannert, Konrftd.-^Geographie ancienne des dtatB barWenqiies, 

D'upres rAUemund par L. Marcus et F. Dviesberg, avec deB additions et des nolej- 

jw L. Marcus. Paris : 8vo, pp. 803. 
850. 1842. St. llaro Glrardin.— L'Afrique sous St. Augustio. 
Two articles ia tbe Ileviie dea deux Moudcfl. 

660. 1642. liApSne, Lisut.-ColoneL — Tableau historique de la provioci' 

d'Oran, depuis le depart des Espagnola en 1792, jusqu'i ri'lfration d'Abd- et- 
Ivader en 1831. Melz : 8vo, pp. 52. "^ 

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nHllo, Paris : 8vo, 

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w^rleus, Alger; Svo, pp. It3. 

863. 1842. Aoiaury, A., Avocat. — Colonisation de I'Algcrie. Obeerratiocs 
]iar appeodice eC h r»ppui d'un plaa d'l^tablissement ai Algorie de coloniea 
ngricoles, etc. Paris : Svo, pp. lf>. 

964. 1842, Ibn KhaHihan. — Bii^rapbical Dictionary, traDBlittcd ftom the 
Arabic by DB,SlBnc. London: 4 vol. 4to, 1842-71. 

Contains tbe lives of distinguiabed Mobaniniedans from tbe Hcgira till tbc 
13th century. De Slane also published a French tr.mslation. A Latin o 
waa published by WUstenfeld at GUttingen lu 1835-68.- 
wotk in tbc DcTue des deux Mondes, ISth Sept., 1842. 

865, 1842. Dnmont.M,X— Guide de la lecture des mnnuEcritsarabas. j 

see. 1842. Marion, A., Juge an siege de Bune. Lettre (dated 1st Aiigtisl, 1841)' 
Bur la constitution de la propriiili^ en Algfrie. Adressoe i A. M. Enfantin, 
Menibre de la CoiiimissioD Scienlifique dc I'Algdrie. Alger : 8to, pp. S3. 

The question which tbe author attempts to nettle is, "Quel est I'iStat dc la 
propriiStS immobiliSre en AlgiVJe et la nature deaa constitution?" 

967. 1842. FeUlBBier, E.— Lettre & M. Marion, Juge an si^e de B6ne, snr t» 
constitution de la propritfliS en Alpfric. Alger; 12mo, pp. 11. 

This is iu reply to a comrouni cation the I.itter had addressoil to M. Enfantin 
on the same svibjoct. 

968. 1842, Wonaa, Dr. M. — De la constittition territorinle des pays Massul- 
lusne. Paris : 8vo, pp 55. Originally published In tbe Revue de L^islation el 
de Jnrispruiience, I. xv. 

eesa. 1842, nour de St. Oenia.— Littrc Ik M, le directenr de la Bevue Aa 
lA^B. et de Jurispr. en ro[-onse 1 Jl. Worms sur laconHtitutionlcrritorialedon 
Alger: Svo. 





t on ttjl 


orialeda lO^H 



1842. Frangois da Coroelle, D^put6 de TOme. — Opinion sur les cr^its 
supplementaires et extraordinaires de 1841-42. Paris : 8vo, pp. 19. From the 
Moniteur Universel, 5th April. 

^70. 1842. Bastard, [J. H.— Stances sur la mort de S.A.R. le Due d'0rl6ans, 
Prince Royal. Alger : 12mo, pp. 20, with a portrait. 

Half the book is taken up with notes, containing an ode by the author on 
the prince's arrival in Algeria ; the scheme for erecting a statue to him on his 
departure ; and a funeral service in his honour. 

871. 1842. Keppely the Hon. and Bev. Thomas. — The Life of Augustus 
Viscount Eeppel, Admiral of the White and First Lord of the Admiralty in 
1782-3. London : 2 vol. 8vo, pp. 445 and 438. 

Vol. i. chapter v. gives an account of his embassy to the States of Barbary. 
He took Joshua Reynolds (then a youth) with him. He anchored in the Bay 
of Algiers 29th June, 1749. In his interview with the Dey on a subsequent 
visit the latter objected to the youth of the ambassador (twenty-four) as an 
indignity. " Had my master considered wisdom was measured by length of 
beard he'd have sent you a he-goat," replied Keppel. A treaty was concluded 
in June 1751, after long negotiation. 

1842. Buckingham, H. A. — ^A New Source of Trade. Merch. Mag. and 
Ck)mnL Rev. New York, vol. vi. pp. 28-37. 

Art. iiL is on New Sources of Trade, No. 1, The Barbary States. 

1842. Algeria. Dubl. Univ. Review, vol. xiii. pp. 1-13. 
This is chiefly founded on Baron Baude's work * L'Algdrie.' — See No. 896. 

74. 1842. Soott, Colonel, K.SJE*., K.C. — A Journal of a residence in the 
Esmailla of Abd-el-Eader, and of travels in Morocco and Algiers. London : 8vo, 
pp. 264. 

1842. Bosen, Q. von. — Bilder aus Algier und der Fremdenlegion. Kiel : 

1842. Kurze Gtoschichte und Beschreibung von Algericn. Strasbourg : 

1843. Carcelle, Francois de, D^put^ de I'Ome. — Opinion dans la discus- 
sion du projet de loi relatif aux credits demand^ pour le service de TAlg^rie. 
Paris : 8vo, pp. 11. Reprinted from the Moniteur Universel. 

He gives a sketch of the condition of the colony and of the operations of 
Mar^chal Bugeaud during the past two years. 

1843 ? De la Strat^e, de la Tactique, des Retraits, et du passage dos 
d^fil^ dans les Montagues des Kabyles. Anon., without date. Alger: 8vo, 
pp. 16. 

1843. Annonc^ d*un ouvrage sur les m^illes de Tancienne Afrique par 
MM. Falbe et Lindberg, avec un aper^u des d^couvertes de M. Lindberg dans la 
numismatique de Carthage, de la Numidie, et de Mauritanie. Kopenhague : 8vo, 

^^9. 1843. Foissonier, Alfred. — Souvenirs d'Afrique. Observations gdn^ralcs 
sur la colonic d'Afrique ; causes d'instabilite ; resultats k obtenir par le systeme du 
G^n^ral Bugeaud. Poitiers : 8vo, pp. 251. 

The author is a partisan of war without mercy, and complete occupation. 

880. 1843. Clansolles. — L'Alg^rie pittoresque depuis les temps les plus reculds 
jusqu'^ nos jours. Toulouse : 4to. 

A popular work, of no particular merit. 



981. 1813. Iiafoye, Uon.— Question d'.il'rique au 'mois de dtoeinbra i843L 

Paris: 8 vo, pp. 123. 

The wiiter is a narm admirer of Marfchal Bugeaud. He advocates Uu 
entire subjugatioa of Algeria and itB colonifiation by muthoda portly civil, parij^H 
military. ^^| 

882. 1S43. Aper^u biatorique Bur I'^t d'Alger. 8vu. ^^t 

BBS. IS-IS. Beaumont, Ouatave de, t)6put^. — Etnt dc la question d' Afriqiw. 
EiSpoQee il la brocliuro du M. le Gun. Bugeaud, intitulee ' L'Algi5rie.' Paris : 8to. 
— Sei; No. 94G. 
B81. lB-13. Berbrugger, A. — AJg^rie bistorique, pittoreaque et moniitneotale. 
Itecucil de vues, mouunienta, c^rf-monies, casUimes, annes, portraits, &c. Parig_: 
3 alLuniB in folio. 

— Pri^eis de ITiistoire do I'AlgOrie de 

986. 1643. Snfantin, Bartb. Froeper, commonly called Le Fire Enf&nij 

ColoniBatiou ilc TAIgdrie. Paris; 8vo, pp. 526, 
887. 1843. Aboul-Hassan. Aniaul-Mutrib, Ac, Anaulus regum JIauiilaniie. 
Ed, Tuml^rg. Arabics et Latine. tJiiaalin! : 2 vol. 4to. 

988. 1643. Hardy, A., Directaur do !a Pdpiaifere ccotrale. — Bapport s 
t'ducation de vera-il-soie. Alget: 12mo, pp. 12. 

989. 1843. Maeaelot, J.— Ville et rade de Bougie.— See also No. 2985. 

990. Coup d'ceil rapido hut Bougie par un adminUtreteur qui a i 

longt£mi)s en Afrique. 8^0, pp. 59. 

991. 1643. Ittartiii, L.— Mgr. I'C-vSqiiB d'Alger ou ocLange 
franjais et arabes. Grenoble; 8to, pp. 24 (verse). 

992. 1643. Abinal.— Belatiou de I'attaque et de la di^funsc ile Mostagaoeni 
Mazagmti. Paris ; 8vo. 

993. 1843. Coup d'ceil sur Vadmini strati on fran^aise dans la provtuco i 
Couatantine, [lar va Coiiatantiiiii'c, Paris : 8vo, pp. 55. 

094. 1843. Notice but I'expddition qui a'est (erminije par la prise de la 
Smala d'Al>d-e!-Kader, le IC mai 1843. Paris : Svo, pp. 19, luQp and two 

This Smala vroa a sort of movable capital, the d6bris of the Emir's powa; 
it was ca[)tured by tlie Due d'Aumale. A splendid picture of the captun;, by 
Horace Vernet, ia at Versailles. 

996. RenBeignementa hiatoriqnes sur la Zmala d'Abd-el-Kadur tombte 

nu pouToir da S.A.R. le Due d'Aumale dans la ghazia cx&ut£e le 16 mai & 
TaguiTic. Paris ; 8to, pp. 16, with plan. 


990. 1843. Cerfbeer, A., de Medelahaim.— Combat d'Ain-Tognu 
Smala d'Abd-el-Eadcr. Piece de vera dedie'c au Due d'AumnIe. 

997, 1843. Van der Bruoh, Em. Louia.— Le Gamin d'Alger j im 
reflectiona, admi ration a et sufTocattOQ de voyage dc Joseph Meunier. 
2 vol. 12UIO, pp. 333 and 353. 

988. 1843. Champey, P.— iloro de rAlg^ric, classfe 
Juseieu, modifi£ par A. Richard. Paris : folio, pp. 16, 40 coloured plates. 

i L 



la methodSM^^I 
plates. ^^^^ 


1843. Obert. — Aper^u gdn^ral sur la colonisation de TAJgdrio pour servir 
^^ base k Torganisation du trayail. Paris : 8vo, pp. 40. 

The writer was agent-general of a company for the colonisation of Algeria. 

lOOO. 1843. De la Colonisation en Afriquo. Far iin Faysan du Danube. Paris : 
1 ^mo, pp. 16. 

lOOX. 1843. Vatout, D6put6 de la C6te-d'0r.— Rapport sur lea 'credits extra- 
(>r«3.inaires pour I'Algdrie, s^nce 13 mai 1843. Paris : 8vo, pp. 28. 

This gives an account of the condition of the colony at the time and of the 
intentions of the Government for the future. 

IQCyS- 1843. Boi^ean, Ii. B. — Avocat aux conseils du Koi ^ la Cour de Cassation. 
L«'*iiicoii8titutionalit^ do la juridiction militairc en Algdrie a regard des citoyens 
irajcifais non-militaires. Paris : 8vo, pp. 32. 

10O8. 1843. Boehe, Cbarlee, Acte de repentance de; ou Reponse au Pot- 
pourri de M. A. liesauceuez. Alger : 8vo, pp. 11. 

^^^Oi, 1843. Simounet, P. — Importation de la cochinille ^ Alger. Alger : 8x0, 
PP- 16. 

^006, 1843. Henrichs, P. — Guide du colon et de Touvrier en Algdrie. Indi- 
9Q^fc lessiiret6s, garantics et ressourccs assur^ aux colons, &c. Paris: 18mo, 
PP' lOO. 

^W. X843. Bobe, Eugene, Avocat. — Essai sur Thistoire de la propri6t6 en 
^^r±G, Bone : 8vo, pp. 48. 

1007. 1843. Duvivier, G^ndraL — Reponse k Texamen public par M. le Docteur 
Guyoxi, sur les Quatorze observations (No. 947). Paris : 8vo, pp. 38. 

1008. X843. Eevue de rOrient. BulL de la Soci^t^ Orientale. Fond^i Paris 
1841. Constitute 1842. 8vo. The first vol has no reference to Algeria. 

1009. 1843. Botalier, Vicomte Ch. de. — Exp^tions des Fran^aia centre Alger 

sDTiB le R^e de Louis XIV. I. Groisidres du due de Beaufort centre les Algeriens. 

Vnae et dvacuation de Gigel (1664-1670). II. L'amiral Duquesne et le Chevalier 

"Ben^^d— Galiotes ^ bombes— Expedition centre Alger— Bombardement (1681-2) 

111. Second bombardement d'Alger (1683). IV. Mardchal d'Estr^ea— Troisi^me 

bombardement d'Alger— Paix avcc Alger (1685-1690). Rev. de I'Orient, vol. ii. 

pp. 204-22. 

1010. 1843, Musulmans de TAlg^rie depuis la domination fran9aise. Extraits 
^ documents recueillis par le Ministre de la Guerre. 1. c, pp. 262-76. 

^^ll» 1843. Ansone de Chanoel. — Po^ie arabe. Paroles de Sid' Abd-el-Kader 
^ Mazouny sur la prise et I'occupation d'Alger par les Fran9ai8. Traduction 
kt£[^^ en vers francais. 1. c, pp. 284-6.] 

*^ 1844. Ferier, J. K".— De I'infection pallustre en Algerie. Paris: 8vo, 
PP- 2i, From the Journal de McSdecine. 

J. ' 1844. Ordonnanoe Boyale du 1** octobre, sur la Propridt6 en Algdrie. 
^^^Pttblished at Algiers. 4to, pp. 12. 

iOl4 ^ 

w ^ 1.844. Bozey. — Mdmou^ de la Socidtd Goloniale et des colons d'Alger, si 
^^exirs les President et Membres du Conseil d'dtat k Paris, signalant les iniques 
^^^ principes dmis dans le Bapport fait ^ M. le Ministre de la Guerre relative- 
^^ au projctd'ordonnance sur la propridtd en Algdrie. Versaille : 4to, pp. 29. 

* 1844. Belly, Alexis. — ^Isly : au Mardchal Bugeaud. Podme. Alger : 



lOie. 1844. Berard, Victor.— La Bataille d'Isly. Podme. Alger : 8vo, pp. 28. 

1017. 1844. Maa-Iiatrie, Jacques Marie Joseph.— Apergu des relations com- 
merciales de Tltalie sept, au moyen-ftge. — See Tableau de la Situation des ^tablissc- 
ments fran9ais en Alg^rie en 1843-4. 

1018. 1844. Galibert, Jj^n. — Histoire de I'Alg^rie ancienne et modeme,depmt^ 
les premiers ^tablissements des Garthaginois, &c. Paris : 8vo, pp. 636, many maps 
and illustrations. 

1019. 1844. Hodgson, W. B., late U.S. Consul at Tunis.— Notes on Northern 
Africa, the Sahara and the Soudan. New York : 8vo, pp. 107. 

This work contains a bibliography of works on the Berbers and their dialects* 

1020. 1844. Marcel, J. J., Attach^ ^ la Commission Sdentifique dlilgypte. — 
Numismatique orientale. Tableau g^ndral des Monnaies ayant cours en Alg^rie. 
Paris: 8vo. 

1021. 1844. B^glements donn^ par I'Emir Abd-el-EZader ^ ses troupes r^- 
litres, traduits jmr Bossetty, Interprete de I'arni^. From the Spectateur Mili- 
taire, Feb. 1844, p. 589. 

1022. 1844. Momand, F^lix. — ^Episodes et souvenirs de TAlgdrie. Publidied 
in the Eevue de Paris. 

1028. 1844. Foplimont. — Le sequin de Juif ; aventures d'un Beige en Alg^rie. 
2nd edition. Gand : 2 voL 12mo. 

1024. 1844. Veuillot, Jjouis. — Les Fran9ais en Algdrie. Souvenirs. Tours: Svo.. 
The author travelled in Algeria in 1842 with the Mar^cbal Bugeaud. 

1025. 1844. Brosselard, Cliarles, and others. — ^Dictionnaire Fran9ais-Berb^re, 
dialecte ^crit et parl^ par les KabaTlcs de la Division d'Alger. Paris : 8vo, pp. 656. 
H^g^ par la Commission Minist^rielle. 

This chiefly deals with the dialect of Bougie. 

1026. 1844. Iieblanc de Fr^bois, Fran9ois. — Les ddpartements Alg^riens. 
Paris, Alger : 8vo, pp. 188, map. 

The writer pleads for the assimilation of Algeria to France. 

1027. 1844. [Blondel, L^on.]— Aperyu sur T^tat actuel de TAlgdrie : lettres 
d'unvoyageur ^ son fr^re. Alger: 8vo, 2 parts, pp. 75 and 21. 

1028. 1844. T7rq\ihart, David. — The French in Africa, &c. London : Svo. 

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An English edition of Strabo was published by H. G. Bohn in 1854-7,. 
translated by H. C. Hamilton and W. Falconer. 3 vol. 12mo. 

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of the coimtry, . . . with a review of its history, from notes made during a visit in 
1843. London: 8vo. 

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langue bcrb^re ; revue par P. A. Jaubert. Paris : 4to. 

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Lyon et Paris : 8vo, pp. 160. 

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arbustes et arbres indigbnes. Paris : 8vo, pp. 64. 

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1830 (occupation d'Alger) au 1*®' Janvier 1841. Paris : 4 parts, 8vo. 


1035. 1844-5. Carette, Ant. Em. Hipp., et Dr. Wander. — Notice 8ur la 
(Uvision territoriale de TAlg^rie. Situatioo des ^tablissements fran9ais, 1844-5. 

CJontinuation of a ' Notice sur rancienne Province de Titteri,' by M. Urbain. 

1036. 1844. QuetdiL — Guide en orient. Itin<Sraire scientifique, artistique et pit- 
toresque. Paris : 12mo, map. 

This contains a description of Algeria. 

1087. 1844. Manroy, P. — Question d'Alger en 1844 : pr&^^e d'on pr^s de la 
domination romaine dans le nord d*Afrique, suivie d^un appendice sur le com- 
merce de I'Algdrie avec I'Afrique centrale, Paris : 8vo, pp. 76 ; 2nd edition, 1844^ 
pp. 84 ; 3rd edition, pp. 75. 

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Taccroftre et de Tam^liorer. Paris : Svo, pp. 48. 

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gcographie et le commerce de I'Alg^rie m^ridionale. Ezplor. scient. de TAlg^rie. 
Sairies d'une notice geographique sur une partie dc I'Afrique septentrionale par 
XL Benou. Paris : 4tOy pp. 355. 

1040. £tude des routes suivies par les Arabes dans la partie mdridionale de 

TAlg^rie et de la R^gence de Tunis. Explor. Scientifique de TAlg^rie, Paris : 
8vo, pp. 324, witb map. 

A careful work, but witb some inaccuracies. 

1041. Du commerce de PAlg^rie avec TAfriqne centrale et les ^tats bar- 

baresqnes. Espouse ^ la note de M. Jules de Lasteyrie sur le commerce du Soudan. 
Paris : 8vo, pp. 38, with a map of N. W. Africa. 

1042. 1844. Delaport, J. Hon. — ^Principes de Tidiome arabe en usage ^ Alger. 
Paris: 8vo. 

1048. 1844. Diotionnaire fran9ais-berb^re (dialecte ^crit et parl6 par les Kabailes 
de la division d'Alger), ouvr. compose par ordre de M. le Ministre de la Guerre.^ 
Paris: 4to. 

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Kriegfuhrung. Berlin : 2 vol. 8vo, pp. 408 and 316, 4 maps. 

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et champs d'asile en Algdrie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 96. 

1045. 1844. Fellissier, B. — ^Mtooires historiques etgdographiques sur TAlgdrie. 
Explor. Scientif. de TAlgdrie. Paris : 4to, pp. 433. 

A most valuable collection of documents on the early history of Algeria. 

1040. 1844. Bache, Paul Engine. — Kamara. Conte barbaresque en plusieurs 
chants et en vers. Alger : 8vo, pp. 78. 

1047. 1844. Defidobert, A.— L'Algdrie en 1844. Paris : 8vo, pp. 164. 
Published on the occasion of a demand for 15,000 men to reinforce the army 

• of Africa. The writer was a persistent adversary of Algeria. 

1048. 1844. Berbrugger, A. — Campagnes du 26'*^ du ligne en Algdrie de 1837 
d 1844. Alger : 8vo, pp. 52. 

1048. Le 48*«°« du ligne en Afriquo en 1830, et de 1837 a 1844. Alger : 

8ro, pp. 67. 

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fiddles de son dioc^. Alger : 4to, pp. 10. 

An invitation to attend a To Deum in commemoration of the battle of Isly. 


1051. 1844. Flasse, A. — B^flexions, considerations et pens^ diverees sor les 
trois Religions, Ic Ghristianisme, le Judaisme et rislamisme. Alger : Svo, pp. 53. 

1052. 1844. Marey, G^ndral. — Exp6dition de Laghouat, dirig^ anx mois de 
mai et juin 1844. Alger : 8vo, pp. 72. 

See also Revue de rOrient, 1845, t vi. pp. 37-67, for extracts of this 
work, under the title of ' Les Ksars du Sahara,' with topographical tables and a 
map of the district between Medea and Laghouat. To this is added a transla- 
tion of certain passages of a curious work written 100 years previously by a 
Marabout of the place, predicting that Algiers would become a great European 
city and would send such an expedition to Laghouat. A most valuable paper. 

1058. Histoire des Zenakras. Rev. do TOrient., t iiL pp. 368-72. 

1054. 1844. Estry, Stephen d'. — Histoire dAlger, de son territoire, de ses 
habitants, de ses pirateries, de son commerce, de ses guerres, de ses moeurs et de 
ses usages, depuis les temps les plus reculcs jusqu'^ nos jours. Dddiee k Mgn 
Dupuch, l5v^ue d'Algcr. Bruxelles : 2 vol. 8vo. 

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tion de TAlgdrie, suivi d*un plan d'etablisscment agrioole. Paris : 8vo, pp. 184. 

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m6ridionale. Explor. Scientif. de TAlgdrie. Paris : 8vo. 

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TAfrique chr6tienne. iStat de TAfrique avant les Vandales. Digne : 8va 

1058. Lettres sur la translation il Hippone de la relique de Saint Angostin. 

Paris : n.d. 8vo. 

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domination des Vandales en Afrique. Paris : 8vo. Univers pittoixisque. 

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d'utiliser la conquSte de TAlgdrie. Alger : 8vo, 26 pp., autographic. 

1062. ExposiS de I'dtat actual de la socicSte arabe, du gouvemement et 

de la legislation qui la r^git Alger : 8vo. 

1068. Rapport du 17 aoftt sur la prise de la Smala d'xVbd-el-Kader. 

Published in several of the journals and periodicals of the time. 

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redigd sur les notes du due d'Orleans. Paris : 8vo. 

1065. 1844. Drouet d'Brlon, Comte, Mardchal de France. — Autobipgrapbie. 
Paris: 8vo. 

He was Governor-General of Algeria in 1834, and introduced the Bureaux 
Arabes. His moderation towards the Arahs caused his recall in the following 

1066. 1844. Bodichon, Dr. B. — ^Tableau synoptique representant les noma, lea 
Emigrations, les filiations, Toriginc, les caractdrcs physiques et moraux des races 
de TAfrique septentrionale. Nantes : folio. 

1067. 1844. Boixjean, Avocat k la CJour de Cassation. — Des pouvoirs du conseil 
d*administration ^tabli aupres du gouvemeur gdndral de TAlgdrie en oe qai 
conceme La mise en jugement des fonctionnaires admiuistratifs. Extndt d'nn 
plaidoyer. Paris : 8vo, pp. 32. 


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\SL deportation et de la colonisatioii p^nale de TAlgdrie. Paris: 12mo, pp. 20. 

\O0&' 1844 ? Bouvier, Commissairo colonial charg6 des Haras. — Agriculture ; 
Bapport Bur Tagriculturc, les Haras, les courses de chevaux, les remontes 
xnilitaires, &c. Blidah : 8yo, pp. 81. 

lOYO. 1844. Chrestey, Chef d'escadron. — Consideratious gen<!»rales sur la Ca valeric 
d'Aftique. I. Partie ; un mot de v6rit6 sur la cavalerie indigene, 11. Partie ; 
des Chasseurs d'Afrique. Importance de cette cavalerie d'elite. Alger: 8vo, 
pp. 47. 

107X. 1844. Hugo, A. — Alg^rie. Constitution ancienne et modeme de la pro- 
Tpfr\4t6 d'apr^ les lois et les id^cs Musulmanes. Extraits de documents recueillis 
par le Ministre de la Guerre. Rev. de TOricnt, t. iii. pp. 47-55. 

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L c, t. iv. pp. 76-82. 

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en Alg<5rie. 1. c, pp. 235-48. 

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t. V. pp. 31G-19. 

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Episode de la Guerre d'Alger, Po^me. Montauban : 8vo, pp. 16. 

1078. 1844. Expose de T^tat actuel de la aoc\6t6 arabe, du gouvemement et do 
^ l^slation qui la regit. Alger : 8vo, pp. 169. 

Published anonymously, attributed to Capitaine de Foiielon. 

1079. 1844. De Corcelle, D6putd de TOme. — Opinion de dans la discussion 

^^ pTOJet de loi sur les cr^ts relatifs ^ TAlgdrie. Chaml)re des Deputes, seance 
S juin. Paris : 8vo, pp. 16. Reprinted from the ISIoniteur L^uiversel. 

1078a. 1844. Verfif6, Ch. — De la ndcessit^ de conserver et d'augmenter le& 
troupes dlnfanterie indigene en Algerie, &c. Toul : 8vo. 

^OBO. 1844. lie Beschu, Maximilien. — Culture de Tabac en Algerie. Alger : 

Svo, pp. 19. 
*^I, 1844. Fortin divry. — Orient et Occident. Paris : 8vo, pp. 32. From 
^e Revue de I'Orient. 

This is a comparison between Mohammedanism and Christianity, and their 
methods of action on the world. 

1844. lie Nador, Vigie de TAlgerie. Revue uuiverselle, non-politique^ 
P^raissant deux fois par mois. Alger : 8vo. 

This had a very short existence. 

1845. liOdentu, A. — Pourquoi TAlgdrie a-t-elle vi6 jusqu'ici un fardeau 
l^Ur la France ? Paris : 8vo, pp. 56. 

^^ 1845. Moll, Louis. — Colonisation et agriculture d' Algerie. Paris : 2 vol. 

K 1845. Barbier. — L'Union agricole. Socidte civile par actions pour Tex- 
Woitation d^nne propri4t6 rurale en Afrique. Lyon : 8vo, pp. 16. 

The land which it was proposed to demand was from Sou Ismaiel to the 
Ohifia, 2600 hectares. 


1086. 1845. Mauroy, P. — Precis de Vhistoire et du commeroe des peuples de 
TAfrique septentionale dans rantiquitd, le moyen-ftge et les temps modemes, Ac 
Paris : 8vo. 2nd ed., 1846, pp. 190. 

This work is a continuation of the author's * Question d' Alger en 1844 * 
(No. 1037). 

1087. 1845. Lap^ne, Edouaxd, Colonel d'Artillerie. — ^Tableau historique de 
r Alg^rie depuis Toccupation romaine jusqu'^ la oonquSte par les Fran^ais en 1830. 
Metz : 8vo, pp. 333. 

A very useful work. 

1088. 1845. Veuillot, J*. — ^Les Fran9ai8 en Algdrie. Tours : 8yo. 

1089. 1845. Mas Latrie, da — Aper9U des relations oommerciales d'ltalie lep- 
tcntrionale avec TAlgdrie au moyen-^ge. Paris : 4to. — See also No. 1017. 

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i\ employer pour les faire arriver en Algerie. Revue de FOrient, t. vi. pp. 6-22. 

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the Foreign Legion. IL The Prisoners of Abd-el-Kader. Translated from the 
German and French. London : 8vo, pp. 176. 

A volume of Murray's Home and Colonial Lihrary. — ^See also For. Quart. 
Rev., vol. xxxvii. p. 159. Quart. Rev., vol. xcix. p. 331. 

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Arabes et les Kabayles. (Extrait d'un travail sign^ par le Marshal Due d'lsly). 
1. c, pp. 347-61. Other extracts from the same : ' Bases de Torganisation fraD9ai8e.* 
* Attribution des autorit^ arabes,' 1. c, t. vii. pp. 39-54. * Administration de 
justice aux indigtines,' 1. c, pp. 140-8. 

1094. 1845. La Morici^re, Lieut.-G^n^ral Juchaut de. — Note sur la colo- 
nisation de I'AlgcSrie. Published in various places, amongst others in the Revue 
de rOrient, t. vii. pp. 156-61. 

1095. 1845. Bugeaud, lie Mar^chal, Due dlsly.— RSponse. An answer to 
the foregoing. 1. c, pp. 161-4. 

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pronounced in the Ckaraber of Deputies. 1. c, pp. 164-8. 

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Vbrhiiltnisse der Algerie. Altona : 8vo, 7 plates. 

1097. 1845. Landmann, L*Abb6. — M^moire au roi sur la colonisation de 
I' Algerie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 71. 

He examines the systems of General do la Morici^rc and of the Duo d'Isly, 
"vvhich ho reproduces. 

1098. 1845. Campbell, Thomas (the Poet).— Letters from Algiers. 2nd edition. 
London : 2 vol. 8vo, pp. 354 and 358. 

1099. 1845. Viro.— Uu Touriste en Algerie. Paris : 12mo. 

1100. 1845. Daumas, Jos. Eug. — Resided as Consul with Abd-el-Kader at 
Mascara. He subsequently became General of Brigade and Director of Algerian 

' Affairs at the Ministry of War at Paris. He wrote : — 

Expos^ de Tdtat actuel de la soci^td arabe, du gouvemement et de la'l^is- 
lation qui la rdgit Alger : 8vo. 

Also, in conjunction with Fabar : Mocurs et coutumes de 1' Algerie, Tell, 
Kabylie et Sahara. Paris : 12ma 

La vie et la society Mussulmane. Paris, 1869 : 8vo, pp. xv. and 594* 


1101. 1845. BatimaB, Jos. Eug. — Le Sahara Alg^rien. Paris : 8vo, pp. 339. 
An important work, published by the Bureau Central des Affaires Arabes, 

under the direction of General Daumas, Extracts from it are given in the 
Revue de TOrient, t viii. pp. 320-33 ; Rev. de TOrient, de TAlg. et des Colon., 
t viiL p. 286. 

1102. 1845. BechercheB sur lliistoire de la partie de TAfrique septentrionalo 
connue sous le nom de R^ence d'Alger, et sur Tadministration et la colonisation 
•de ce pays k I'^poque de la domination romaine. Par une commission de TAcad. 
Roy. des Inscrip. et Belles Lettres. Paris : 8vo. 

1108. 1845. Audry, Ii. — Un touriste en Alg^rie. Paris : 12mo. 

1104. 1845. Besauoenez. — Biographic complete du Marshal Bugeaud. From 
the France Alg^rienne. Paris : 8vo. 

1106. 1845. Belation de la Bataille dlsly. Suivie du rapport de M. le 
Mar^chal Gouvemeur G^n^ral. Alger : 18mo. 

1106. 1845. Bugeaud, lie Mar^chal. — Relation de la bataille d'Isly. Rev. des 
deux Mondes, 1st March, 1845. 

1107. 1845. Doouxnents authentiques r^igds sur le champ de bataille d'Isly. 
Enlevement du camp imperial maroccain, Rapports, &c., ^ M. le Colonel Jusuf, et 
an Colonel Tartas. Marseille : 8vo, pp. 16. 

1108. 1845. De Chancel, A. — ^Le Sahara Alg^rien. Paris : 8vo. 

1109. 1845. Frescotty W. H. — History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella 
the Catholia New York : 3 vol. pp. 411, 509, and 531. 

VoL iii. chap. xxi. gives an account of Cardinal Ximenes' conquest of Oran. 

1110. 1845. Duvivier, G^n^ral Francia de Fleurus. — Abolition de Tescla- 
vage, Civilisation du centre de TAfrique. 8vo. 

1111. Lettre ^ M. Desjobert (Ddput^ de la Seine-Inf^rieurc) sur Tapplication 

de Tarm^ aux travaux publics. Paris : 8vo, pp. 3G. 

From the * Spectateur Militaire,' July. 

1112. 1845. AvezaCy M. d\ — ^Description et histoire de TAfrique ancienne, 
pr^^^ d'un esquisse g^n^rale de TAfrique. Plates. Paris : 8vo. 

Also by the same author, * Esquisse d' Alger.' Paris : n.d., fol. 

1118. 1845. Iiettre k un d^put^ sur radministration civile en Algdrie, et les 
credits demandds pour 1846. Paris : 8vo. 

1114. 1845. Bodichon, Dr. B. — Considerations sur TAlg^rie. Paris: 8vo, 
pp. 150. 

1115. 1845. Franqua — Galerie historique de TAlg^rie. Les Princes en Afrique. 
M. le Due d'0rl6ans, pp. v. and 86. Le Due d'Aumale, pp. 60. Lc Due de 
Montpensier, pp. 34. All bound up in a single vol. 8vo. 

1116. 1845. Botalier, Ch. de. — Histoire d' Alger et de la piraterie des Turcs 
dans la Mediterran^e. Paris : 2 voL 8vo. 

1117. 1845. Etudes sur quelques details d'organisation militaire en Algdrie. 
Paris [St Cloud] : 8vo. 

1118. 1845. Ordonnanoe du Boi du 15 avril 1845, portant reorganisation de 
rAdministration gendrale et des Provinces en Algerie. Ministore de la Guerre. 
Paris : 8vo, pp. 37. 

1119. 1845. Kotioe sur la division territoriale dc TAlgerie. Ext. du Tableau de 
la lit. dflB 6tabli88. francais en Algerie. Paris : 4to. 


1120. 1845. Felet, Gfr^n^ral J. J., Pair de France. — Maroc, Alger, Tunis, avec 
une Carte de rAlgiSrie dress^ an D^p6t de la Guerre. Magdebourg. 

1121. 1845. Quyon. — Sur la race blanche de TAur^s. Comptes rendus de 
I'Acad. des Sciences, 1845. 

1122. 1845. Virlet d'Aoust. — Geographic ancienne et sur la depression prol)able 
de TAfrique septentrionale, celle du lac Melghigh. Paris : Svo, pp. 8. 

From the Bull, de la Soc. G6ologique de France. 

1123. 1845. Delaporte, J. Hon., Consul-Gtjneral. — Guide de la conversation 
fran9aise-arabe, ou dialogues. Alger et Paris : Svo, oblong. 

1124. Principcs de Tidiome arabe en usage h. Alger, suivi d'un Conte arabe 

avec la prononciation et le mot i mot interlineaires. Paris : Svo. 

1125. 1845. Neveu, £. de, Lieutenant-Colonel, and Member of the Commission 
Scicntifique, also Director of Arab Affairs at Algiers. — Les Khouan, ordres religieux 
chez les Musulmans de rAlg<*rie. Paris: Svo, pp. 112. — See also Edinburgh 
Keview, 1846, voL Ixxxiv. p. 47. A second edition was published in 1846, 
pp. 195. 

A most valuable and exhaustive work. 

1126. 1845. Fortin d'lvry, T. — L'Alg^rie, son importance, sa colonisation, son 
avenir. Paris : Svo, pp.44. Published originally in the Revue de I'Orient, t. viii. 
p. 55 c^ seq. 

One of the author's propositions is to create a circle of military colonies to 
surround the civil zone. 

1127. Excursions ^ Blida, Mddea, Constantino, Batna, &c. Rev. de 

rOrient, t. vii. p. 148. 

Letters to friends in Fitince. 

1128. 1845. Cohen, Joseph. — Rapport sur sa mission en Afrique. 

He was sent to inquire into the condition of the Jews, and the means of 
civilising them. 

1129. 1845. Duprat, Pierre FaseaL — Essai historique sur les races anciennes 
et modernes de TAfrique septentrionale : leur origines, leur mouvements et leurs 
transformations, dcpuis l*antiquite la plus recul<Se jusqu'ii nos jours. Paris : Svo, 
pp. 318. 

A valuable work for tlie time at which it was written. 

lldO. 1845. Fumari, Dr. Salvato. — Voyage m6iicale dans TAfriqire septen- 
trionale. Paris: Svo. 

1181. 1845. Aim^, M. Q. — Recherches do physique gdn^rale surlaMediterran^c. 
Explor. Scientif. do TAlgcrie. Paris : 2 vol. large 4to. 

1182. 1845. Amati, Abbate Don Giacinto. — Viaggio da Milano in Africa ;. 
visitando il Piemonte, la Savoja e mezzodi della Francia et TAlgeria per Nizza c 
Geneva. Milano : Svo, pp. 649. 

Pp. 332-515 relate to Algiers. 

1188. 1845. Fellissier, £., and B^musat. — Histoire de I'Afrique de Moham- 
med-Ben- Abi-el-Raini-el-Kairouani, traduit de I'Arabe. Explor. Scientif. dc 
PAlgerie. Paris : 4to, pp. 516, 

1184. 1845. Christian, F. (pseudonym of Fitois, Secretary to Mar^al 
Bugeaud). — Souvenirs do Mar^chal Bugeaud, de rAlg<$rie et de Maroc. Fans ^ 
2 vol. Svo, pp. 349 and 358. 

As this work failed to sell, it was reissued in 1847 under the new title of 
* La Kouvelle France ; Souvenirs de TAlg^rie et du Maroc.' 


1135. 1845. ChiiBtian, P., &o. — L'Afrique fraD9aise; rempire de Maroc ct lex 
d^rts de Sahara. Histoire nationale des conquStes ct nouvelles d^couvertes des 
FraD9ai8 depuU la prise d'Alger jusqu' k nos jours. Paris : 8vo, pp. 499, illostrations. 

This work is particularly interesting, as it contains a good account of the 
affair of the caves of Dahra, which created a great sensation in Europe at the 

1136. 1845. Chaumont, Ij^on de (pseudonym of Ii^on Guillemin, Officer of 
Dragoons). — Les Fran9aia en Afrique, avec Bulletin d'honneurd'Isly et de Mogadon 
In verse. Paris : 870, pp. 48. 

1137. 1845. St. AUais, Viton de. — Pastes historiques ct biographiques, civiles, 
militaires et coloniaux de PAfrique fran9ai8e. Paris : 12mo, pp. 16. 

1138. 1845. Iiacroix, A. de. — Histoire priv^.et politique d'Abd-el-Kader, ren- 
fermant des details curieux sur sa famille, sa naissance, son manage, son ^Idvation 
an rang d*Emir, &c. Paris : 8vo, pp. 276. 

1138. 1845, Debay, A. — Biographie d'Abd-cl-Kader et description pittoresquc 
des populations de I'Algdrie et en particulier du pays des Kabyles. Paris : 18mo, 
pp. 132. 

1140. 1845. A. C. (Colon). — Quelques rdflexions sur la situation prdsente de 
I'Alg^rie. Alger: 8 vo, pp. 54. 

The author maintains that it is useless to dream of making the Mediterranean 
a French lake. What is wanted is liherty and progressive colonisation. 

1141. 1845. Martin, li.. Ill v^ue d* Alger. — Mogador et Isly. Podsies. 8vo. 

1142. 1845. Slane, Ijo Baron de. — Rapport adresse ^ M. le Ministrc de Tin- 
st ruction pablique par . . . charg^ d'une mission scientifique en Algdrie, suivi du 
Catalogue des Manuscrits Arabes les plus iroportants de la Bibliothdque d'Alger, 
et de la Biblioth^ue de Cid-Hammouda k Gonstantine. Paris : 8yo, pp. 16. 

1 143. 1845. Berbrugger, A. — De la n^essit^ de coloniser le Gap Matifou. Paris : 
4to, pp. 26, with maps. , 

The author describes this now well-known locality as a terra incognita, 

1144. Icosium : Notice sur les antiquity romaines d'Alger. Alger: 8vo, 

pp. 48, with 6 plates drawn by if. Buquet. — See also an article in the Quart. Bev., 
Tol. xcix. p. 331. 

1145. 1845. Oudinot. — DeTarmde et de son application aux travaux publica; 
Paris: 8yo. 

1146. 1845. Dumalle, AxoMA^ Iioiiia, Lieutenant de Yaisseau. — ^M^moire sur 
le port de guerre et de commerce en cours de construction k Alger, sur les forces 
navales que les ^v^nemens d'une guerre maritime peuvent faire aboutir au poi-t 
d'Alger et sur les surfaces et profondeurs d*eau ndcessaires ^ ces forces. Suivi d\m 
Expos^ de quelques id^es sur un systSme de domination et de colonisation de 
TAlgdrie, ayant pour point de depart le port et la ville d'Alger. Alger: 8vo, 
pp. 132, with 2 plans. 

1147. 1845. Finot, Dr. P. X.— Lettres m^dicalcs sur rAlgdrie. Blidah : 8vo, 
pp. 113. Extracted from the M^moires de M^ecine, Chirurgie et Pharmacie 
Militaire, t. Ivi. 

The first letter is a " Compte-rendu " of the medical service of the military 
hospital at Blidah during the year 1842. 

1148. 1845. Ferier, J. K"., Chirurgien-Major. — ^De Tacclimatement en Alge'rie. 
Paris: 8vo, pp. 61. From Des Annates d'Hygi^ne publique et de Mddecine 
legale, t. xxxiii. 

VOL. II. » P 


1148. 1815 ? [Martin et Foley.] — ^De racclimatement et de la colonisation en 
Alg^rie. Anon., without date. Alger : 8vo, pp. 48. 

1160. 1845. Dupuoh, Mgr. Antoine Adolphe, £vdque d* Alger. — ^Au Boi et 
son Conseil. Marseillo : 4to, pp. 50. 

A letter from the Bishop of Algiers, forwarding copies of the communications 
which he had addressed to the Goyemor-Geoeral on the subject of the Church 
in Algeria. 

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Suivi de la chanson des soldats d'Afrique. Paris : 8yo, pp. 16. 

1152. 1845. Fitot, F.— Les CJolonies Fran^aises. Paris: 8vo, "pp. 135. 
The portion devoted to Algeria is from p. 68 to p. 108. 

1158. 1845. lie Courrier d*AfMque, a journal appearing three times a week. 
This had only seventeen months of existence. 

1154. 1845. Bory de Saint- Vinoent.—Sur TAnthropologie de TAfrique inn- 
9ai8e. Read at the Academic des Sciences, 30th June. 

1155. 1845. S^batault. — ^De la ndcessit^ d'^tablir un impdt sur les graines im- 
port^ de r<Stranger. Lettre k tous les amis de PAlg^rie et de la France. Alger : 
8vo, pp. 18. 

1156. 1845 ? De la direction des afiOaires dc TAlgdrie. Extraits du Journal 
TAfrique. Alger : 8vo, pp. 156. 

1157. 1845. B^um6 du syst^me de M. le G<5ndral De P£tang sur I'Alg^rie. 
Paris : 12mo. 

1158. 1845. Histoire pittoresqiie de TAfriquo Fran9ai0e, son pass^, son present, 
son avenir ; ou TAlg^rie sous tous ses aspectn, &c. Outrage orn^ (?) de gravures. 
Paris : 8vo, pp. 287. 

1159. 1845. Feuilleret, H. — ^Apul^. liltudc sur TAfrique palenne an 2~ si^e, 
pr^c^6 d*une introduction historique sur TAfrique au temps des Empeieurs 
remains. Alger : 8vo, pp. 150. 

1160. 1846. lie Pays de BoiujoUy, Iiieut.-G(totoa.— Consid&ations sur 
TAlg^rie : ou les faits opposes aux theories. Paris : 8vo, pp. 52. 

1161. 1846. Shrimpton, Dr. C— Relation medico-chirnrgicale de I'expWtion 

du Bou-Thaleb (Province de Constantine), et notice sur le service chirurgical 
de rhopital militaire de S^tif it la suite de cette exp^ition, sur les congelations 
partielles, Icur traitement, dec Constantine : 8vo, pp. 158. 

1162. 1846. Ijes Princes en AfHque. — Le due de Montpcnsier. Published 
anonymously ; attributed to M. Franquc. Paris : 8vo, pp. 34. 

This gives an account of the princes' services in Algeria, and notes on the 
establishment of the Trappists ; of the College at Algiers, and of the Library and 

1168. 1846. Worms. — Recherches sur la constitution de la propri^t^ territoriale 
dans les pays musulmans et subsidiairement en Algdrie. Paris : 8vo. 

1164. 1846. Duvivier, G^ndral Francia de Fleurus.— Inscriptions Phcui- 
ciennes, Puniques, Numidiques, cxpliqu<5es par ime mdthode incontestable. Pari^ : 
8vo, pp. 16. 

1165. 1846. BeUstab, Ijudwig von.— Algicr und Paris im Jahre 1830. 
Leipzig. — See Quarterly Rev., vol. xcix. p. 331. 


XSe. 1846. £1 Aichi ebn-Moula Ahmed.— Voyages dans le Sud de TAlgcrie 
ot des l&tals Barbaresqaes de Pouest et de Test, trad, sur deux manuscrits arabes 
par A. Berbrogger ; suivis d'itindrures et rcnseignements fouruis par Sid-Ahmed- 
Onlid-Bou-Mezrag et du voyage par terre de Taza k Tunis par M. Fabre. Trans- 
lAted by A. Berbrogger. Explor. Scientif. de TAlgdrie. Paris : 4to, pp. 396. 

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r^its et pens^ d'un voyageur. Paris : 2 yoL Bvo. New editions in 1861-1868. 

1846. lisptoe, Gtotod Ed. — ^Tableau liistorique, moral et politique sur 
les Kabyles. Metz: 8vo, pp. 80. From the Mdmoires de TAcad. Hoyale de 

1846. 8t. Marie, Count. — ^Algeria in 1845. A visit to the French 
in Africa. London : 8vo, pp. 284. 

1846. Ravoiaier, Amable. — Architecture, Sculpture, Inscriptions et 
lies d'Algdrie. Expl. Scicnt. de 1' Alg. Paris : folio. 

. i 1846. Biohard, Ch., Capit. du Gdnie, Chef du Bureau Arabe d'Orl^ans- 
>rille. — ^£tude sur insurrection du Dahra (1845-46). Alger: 8vo, pp. 207, 
X map. 

A very valuable work, containing the history of Bou-Maza. 

Traditions et proph^tiea arabes — Le Moule-sa& et le Moule-Drft— 

m-Maza et Abd-el-Eader. Hevue de TOricnt, t. ii. p. 123^ 

-^X7Ql 1846. Manterie Salah. — Premier essai d'une histoire de Gonstantine. 
Arabic text. Constantino : 8vo. 

XX74. 1846. Ijaynadier et ClauaeL — Histoire de I'Alg^rie fTan9aise, pr^^^ 
d^ime introduction, &c. Ilhistrd par T. Gu^rin et Bamus. Paris : 2 vol. 8vo, 
pp. 412 and 396. 

'Xl-Tfiu 1846. CodhuU A. — Des ressouroes agricoles de I'Alg^rie. Bevue des deux 
Mondes, Ist Oct, 1846. 

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Paris : 8vo, pp. 82. 

^X77. 1846. BrouBsais, C. — ^Aperfu physique, climatologique et mddical de 
I'Algdste. Nouv. Annales des Voyages, mai 1846. 

-^78. 1846. Instructiozi hygi^nique pour les Colons r<^cemment arrives en 
Alg^rie. Alger : 8vo, pp. 7. 

Prepared by a Special Commission under Ministerial instructions. 

^^79. 1846. Clark Kennedy, Captain J. C— Algeria and Tunis in 1845. 
-Xxmdon : 2 voL 8vo, pp. 204, 261, 2 illustrations. 

An account of his journey through the two countries with Viscount 
Fielding. Reviewed in the Dub. Univ. Mag., vol. xxviii. pp. 285-98. 

* ^^D. 1846. The Saliara and its Tribes. — See Edinburgh Review, vol. Ixxxi v. 

L* 1846. [Bngeaud* Mar^chal.] — Quelques reflexions sur trois questions 
^otxdamentales de notre ^tablissement en Afrique : de la Guerre ; — du Gouveme- 
^^©nt des Arabes ;— de la Colonisation europ^enne. Paris : 8vo. 

Published anonymously, but acknowledged by the Mar^chal. A more 
oomplete work on the subject was published in 1847. ,The former gave rise to 
^the two following works. 

p 2 


1182. 184G. Vialar, Baron de. — Prcmidre lettre ^ M. le Marshal Bageaud, Due 
d'Jsly, Gouverneur-gda^ral de TAlg^rie. Alger : 870, pp. 16. 

The writer implores the Marshal to use his high position to counteract the 
injurious effects of his decrees of 1 Oct., 1844, and 21 July, 1846. 

1188. 1846. IjS Frsjioe en AfHque. Paris : 8vo, pp. 300. 

A warm appeal in favour of Algeria. Attrihuted to M. Lingay, writing 
under the inspiration of M. Guizot. 

1184. 1846. Manuel des aspirsjits anx emplois de TAdministratioQ civile 
en Alg^rie. Paris : 12mo. 

1185. 1846. Iiandmann, I'Abb^ — Expose adressee a MM. les d^putds sor la 
colonisation de TAlg^rie. Paris : 8vo. 

1186. Exposd sur la colonisation d'Alg^rie, adressd k MM. les Pairs de 

France. 8vo. 

1187. 1846. Iiegoyt, Alired. — Colonisation de TAlg^rie. Article in the Bevue 

1188. 1846. IilTnion Agricole d'Afrique. Nouveau syst^me de colonisation 
de I'Alg^rie. Lyon : 8vo. 

1189. 1846. Fr^aux-Iiocr^, Colonel d'artillerie dc la marine. — ^Reflexions sur la 
colonisation du territoire d'Alger. Paris : 8vo, maps and plans. 

1180. M^moire sur TAlgdric, d^did auxChamhres, & la Socidtd Maritime de 

Paris, et ^ la flotte. Paris : 8vo, pp. 16. 

The author advocates the transfer of the government of Algeria to the 
Ministry of Marine (Direction of Colonies). 

1191. 1846. Sidi-Aiddin.— Fatima ; ou les soir^ du g^nie Azael, Ponies Alg^- 
riennes. Traduction lihre de TArahe par le Capitaine Hervier. Paris : Svo. 

1192. 1846. Petigny, Madlle. Clara P. de.— UAlgdrie. Tours : 12rao. 

1198. 1846. Bialer, Mathieu, Maire de Cemay, Haut-Rhin. — ^Les asiles agricokse 
de la Suisse comme moyen d*education pour les enfants pauvres. . . . Syitdme 
de colonisation pour I'Algdrie. From the German of Joh. Conrad Zellweger. 
Mulhouse : 12mo, pp. 69. 

1194. 1846. Tr^B-humble lettre sur les affaires de TAlg^rie, & Mgr. le due 
d'Aumale par un colon. Paris : 12m 0, pp. 94. 

A letter of welcome and advice to the Duke on his appointment as Governor 

1195. 1846. Audouard, Dr. — Un moyen d'assurer la conqu^te de FAlg^e, 
auquel on n'a pas encore pens4. Paris : 1846, 8vo. 

1196. 1846. Montgravler, Azema de. — Une excursion arch^ologique d'Oran k 
Tlemsen. From the M^moires de la Soci^tc Archdologique du Midi de la France, 
t. V. p. 317. 

1197. 1846. Delaporte, H. — Cours de versions arabes (Idiome d'Alger) diviad 
en deux parties : fables de Lokman, avec le mot k mot et la prononciatiou inter- 
lin^ires ; fables choisies d*£sope. Alger : 8vo. 

1198. 1846. Cabroly Dr. H. — Biographic de J. A. Antonini, m^decin en chef de 
Tarmac d'Afrique. Alger : 8vo, pp. 159. 

1199. 1846. Dupuch, Mgr. A. A., first Bishop of AJgiera. — Quelques notes k 
consulter au sujet de sa ^6mission. l***^ Janvier 1846. Paris : 8vo. 

1200. ■ - ■ Demieres notes il consulter i Toccasion de saddmission. Blidah : 8vo. 


1846. Fritey Jean, born atDeux-Ponts in Bavaria. — Onze annto d'escla- 
vage chez lea Eabjrles. Alger : IGmo, pp. 26. 

Contains some carioas details of the forced conversion and marriage of a 
European prisoner among the Zaouaoua. 

1846. Cardini, Lieut.-Cobnel. — L'avenir d'Alger. Paris : 8vo, pp. 74. 
Deals principally with the past and very little with the future. 

1846. Bozmafont, Dr. J. Pierra — Rdflexions sur I'Alg^rie, particuli^re- 
Kment sur la Province de Gonstantine, sur I'origine de cetto ville et les Beys qui 
ont T^6 depuis 1710 jusqu'en 1837. Paris : 8vOy pp. 59. 

Of the last twenty-five Beys, three died natural deaths, four were recalled, 
and eighteen were assassinated. 

1846. ArrM MinlBt^rlal determinant les uniformes du personnel colonial 

I. 1846. Iiamarohe, Hipp. — L'Alg^rie, son influence sur les destinies de la 
^P^ranoe et de I'Europe. Paris : 8vo, pp. 55. 

This is a letter addressed to MM. Thiers and Banot, the substance being 
that Algeria must assure to France the first rank, political and naval, in the 
Me^terranean, in spite of England, Gibraltar and Malta. 

1846. Vialar, Baron de. — Lettre au Marshal Bugeaud. 

1846. De la conversion des Musulmans au Christianisme consid^rde 
oomme moyen d'affermir la puissance fran9aise en Alg^rie. Par un ofiScier de 
l*ann^ d'Afrique. Paris : 8vo, pp. 38. 

1846. Adreasee au Boi et r^ponses au * Moniteur Universel/ du 25 
septembre. Alger : 8vo, pp. 27. 

These are signed by M. Rozet, President, and the members of the " Ck>ni- 
miarion Alg^rienne," protesting against the Royal Ordinance of the 2l8t July, 
on the subject of real property, which they style " la loi agraire brutalement 
appliqu^ au pit>fit de r^tat" 

I 1846. Castelli, Pr^fet Apostolique. — La colonisation paci6que et la civilisa- 
tion des provinces fran9aises de TAlg^rie par Tdl^meut de rdducation sociale et 
i^eligieuae. Paris : 8vo, pp. 34. 

1846. Iia EabyUe. — Recherches et observations sur cette ricbc contr^ 
tie TAlg^rie. Par un colon, ^tabli k Bougie depuis les premiers jours d*octobre 1833. 
X^aris : 8vo, pp. 85, with a plan of Bougie. Published anonymously ; attributed to 
3ft. Maffre. 

1846. Golonisation dans le Xord de I'Afrique. Encyclop^ie du xix"** 

. 1846. Berthelot, 8. — De la P^he sur les cdtes de I'Algdrie. Rev. de 
I'Orient, t. ix. p. 193. 

1846. Fouqnier, AoMllis. — Une excursion de Gonstantine h. Biskra. l.c., 
X. pb 139. 

. 1846. Carette et Wamier. — ^Description de TAlgdrie. 1. c, t. xi. p. 83. 
1846. Hugo, A. — Population de TAlgdrie. L c, t. xL p. 108. 

5. 1846. Foxumel, Ing^nieur en chef des Mines. — Mines de fer des euvlrons de 
Sdne. L c., t. xi. p. 112. 

6L 1846. Fortin d^Ivry, T. — Melanges sur les cultures et la colonisation. 
i* C, t. XL p. 118. 


1217. 1846. Portin d'lvry, T. — Domaine de la Reghaia. 1. c, t xi. p. 12(K 

1218. 1846. Porter, B. F.— Translation of work by M. A. de France. (No. 
712.) Abd-el-Kader's Prisoners, or a five months* captivity among the Arabs. 
— See also For. Quart. Rev., vol. xxxvii. pp. 159-84. 

1219. 1846. Dupuoh, Mgr. A. A., Evdque d'Alger. — Tin dernier chafHlse de 
mon rapport k S.S. le Pape Gr^ire XVI. Alger : 4to, pp. 35. 

The Bishop, feeling himself near death, forwards a correspondence regarding 
his work in Africa to the Pope "as his testament." 

1220. 1846. Bicuioey, Cliarlee de. — De la situation religieuse de TAlg^e. 
M4moires de Mgr. I'^v^ue d^missionnaire d'Alger. M^moire an Roi et son Con- 
seil, 24 Janvier 1845. Notes int^ressantes il consulter, 1 Janvier 1846. A sa 
Saintet^ le Pape Gr^goire XVI. Public par le Comity Sectoral pour la dtfense 
de la liberty religieuse. Paris : 8vo, pp. 89. 

1221. 1846. Petition & la Ghambre des Pairs ayant ponr but la reunion de^ 
TAlgdrie ^ la France. Paris : 4to, pp. 8. 

1221a. 1846. Petition aux Chambres. Esclavage en Alg^ric. Paris : 8vo. 

1222. 1846 ? Bailaud Ii'Angle, F^re. — Projet de colonisation en grand de 
TAlg^rie. No place or date : 12mo, pp. 32. 

1228. 1846. Coupry. — Les Brises du Rumel. Podme. Bdne : 8vo, pp. 12. 

1224L 1846. Bevue d'AMque, organe des D^partemens alg^riens. 

The first number appeared at Paris on the 15th January. The motto of the 
work is * L' Algeria doit devenir une Corse et non une Irlande.' 

1225. 1846. BesBoiiroes militaires et financidres dos Arabes. L c., p. 34. 

1226. 1846. Causes de I'impuissance de notre armde en Alg^rie. 1. c, p. 40. 

1227. 1846. Sur la Coloxiisation de TAIgerie. I. c, pp. 7 ei aeq. 

1228. 1846. Fropri^t^ fonoi^re en Algeric. Ordonnance Royale du 24 juillet. 

1228. 1846. Saint-lffacaire, Ijo Chevalier de. — Lettre & un commis. Alger i 
12mo, pp. 24. 

On the subject of land in Algeria. 

12d0. 1846. Marshal, le Comte.— La v4rit^ sur la colonisation de I'Alg^e; 
Marseille : 8vo, pp. 71. 

1281. 1846. Ijegoyt, A.~Coloni8ation de TAlgdrie. Published in the Bevue 

1282. 1846. Iieonard, M^ecin en chef de llidpital du Dey, et Foley, I>r. — 
Recherches sur T^tat du sang dans les maladies end^miques de PAIg^e. Paris r 
8vo, pp. 79. 

1288. 1846. Solvet, Ch., Conseiller k la cour royale d*Alger, et Breeniar» 
Ij. J., Professeur d'Arabe. — Notice sur les successions musulmanea. Alger : 8vo^ 
pp. 31, with an Arabic table of successions. Extracted from * Chrestomathie 

1284. 1846. Mauteri Salah. — Annuaire Arabe pour 1847. In Aialnc* 
Constantine : 4to, no pagination. 

1285. 1847. Colonisation de la Province d'Oran. Oran : 8vo. 

1286. 1847. Vilmont, H. — Organisation du travail et de la colonisation de 
TAlg^rie. Alger : 8vo, pp. 32. 

The prospectus of a company in favour of workmen, styled " 8oci^6 d& 
Tiiulustrie et de la colonisation de rAlgerie." 


1847. Ox6da» J. — Projet de colonisation au moyen dcs ouvriers noirs. 
De la sitoation actuello do TAlg^rie. Rapport adresse i\ S.A.R. 

i o due d^Aumale, Gouvemenr-gdn^ral. Alger : 4to, pp. 8. 

1847. Foztixi divpy, Th. — Alg^rie. Colonisation ; cultures et essais dc 
c^ultme k la R^ghaia. Paris: 8^0, pp, 14. From the TOrient et dc 
I'^Alg^rie, t ii. p. 118. 

1847. Bozel, Fetrus, Inspecteur de Colonisation. — Travaux ex^utC^s 
la Reghaia de septembre 1846 & avril 1847. Paris : 8vo, pp. 16. From the 

1. 1847? Iiebesohu, Mien.— Culture du Tabac en Alg($rie. Alger: 8vo, 

1847 ? Iioyer de la Mettrie. — Biographie ^u Colonel Marengo, In- 
pecteur-g^ndral des Milices et Maire de Douera. Alger : Svo, pp. 38. 

1847. Citati, Ga^tan, Banquier. — Essai sur la n^essit^ de cr^r une 
"V ice-royautd en Alg^rie. Marseille : 8vo, pp. 80 ; from the Revue Algdrienne. 
The author suggests that a French prince be sent to Algeria. 

1847. Fln^aux Iioor^ Colonel d'Axtillerie. — Do PAlgArie. Urgence de 
Ǥunir cette conqucte d'outre-mer aux colonies administrdes par la Marine ou son 
ijonction definitive & la Mdtropole en formant trois d^partements, compris dans 
"^^ne division inilitaire,et jouissant les memes avantages constitutionnels quo Pile 
0.« Corse pour les lois et la representation nationale. Alger : 8vo, pp. 18. 

1847. Bodiohon, Dr. Eugene. — £tude sur PAlgerie et PAfrique. Paris 
^t Alger: 8vo, pp. 256. 

1847. Gtoirdy C. Jiilee Basile, called the Lion-killer. — Gerard, le 
M^uetir de Lions. Biographic racontde par lui-niSme et ^crite par A. Boissonier. 

7. 1847. Baousset-Boulbon, Comte Gaston de (a celebrated ad- 
venturer, shot at Guaymas in 1854). — De la colonisation, et des institutions civiles 
^n Alg^rie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 77. 

Complains of undue favour to the natives, at the expense of the Europeans. 

1847. Amauiy, A., Avocat. — De PAlg^rie et du paup^risme en France. 
-A.lger : 8vo^ pp. 15. 

1847« Ck)loiiiBation de TAlg^rie, par un officicr de Parmdo d'Afrique. 
X^aris: 8vo. 

1847. Fabrier, Sugdne. Colonisation de PAlg^rie. Examen de la 
<liiestion« Solution de la probl^me. Brest : 12mo. 

1. 1847. FeliBfder de Beynaud, £. — Quelques mots sur la colonisation 
O^ilitaire en Alg^rie. Paris : 8vo. 

1847. Brunet, J. BaptiBte, Captain of Artillery. — £tude sur la question 
Ig^rienne. Paris: 8vo. 

1847. Cerfberr de Medelsheixiie, A. — De la colonisation de PAlg^rie 
T ^^r les pauvres, les orphelins ec les condamnes lib^r^s. Paris. 

1847. I>i2ina8, Alexandre. — Impressions de voyage, en forme de lettres 
^^^ressto dk une dame. Published originally in ' La Presse.' 

1847. Khaldonn, Abou Zeid Abd-er-Rahman Ibn-lffohammed 

n-, Native and Magistrate of Tunis. — Histoire des Berbercs et des Dynasties 



e. e^_ 

UiulenuLDes dc TAfrique Eeptcntriumile. Ttuusktiim fran^aise pti le Bttoo. 

MacGucken de Skne. Algierii : 4 vol. 

The original work ia a ^eoerfil history of tlie Mohunmedaa world, and k 
iiasnrpaafed in Arabic literature as a masterpiece of historical cumpoaitioD. It 
v/M printed at Bulau, iti T vol. roira! Svo, In a.h. 1284. Hu was a native ot 
Tacis ; taught at Tlem^on ; was first tba captive aud eubse'iuentlj the fiienil 
of TIraur. and died at Cairo in a.d. 1106,— See also Nos. 354, 89fl, 27(J6. 

1266. 1847. Munby.O.— Flore deTAlg^rie. Alger, MoDtpellier: 8vo, pp.120. 

1267. 1847. Delpeoh de Saint- Quilhem. £.— Adresse de la dfl^tioa da 
I'Algiirie aux Cbambres. Pans : Svo, pp. 19. 

The author eloquenll/ pleads for ciiril governmeut, and an end being put 
to the esceptiooal rigijne which compromises the future of the coli 

1268. 1847. Mjmolre an Roi et aui Chambres par lea colons de I'Algdrie. 
blication Je la ddli^gntiun de I'Algirio. Paris : 8vo, pp. 46. 

Signed by M. Delpecli de Salnt-Guilbem. Baron de Vinlar, Comt 
Fraoclieu, and Comte de Baousset-Bonlboo, " Dilegii^a de I'Algii 

1269. 1817. Utoioire ac Itoi, au Chambre, au Conseil d'<;tat ct aux Miuistrei. 
par les proprldtaires des Miiiifiree des euvirons de B6110. Marseille : 4to, pp. 46. 

1260. 1847. QuSrin-Toudonae, Pirc— Dea Hious et MinlSres de fet de la 
Provincede BOoe. A] *rfu general sur lea avaarageBquepriSseDtent IcB miuitreade 
cetle province et lea obstacles que rencontre cetie exploitation. De l'in«tilito 
des concessions aecord^ea [lar les OrdoDnances du novembre 1S45, en ])rijieace 
de la richesse de ces miiiieres. BOne : 4to, pp. 7. 

1261. 1847. Martiii, Dr. A. E. T.— Manuel d'liygi^ne k riisage des EuropteDi 
qui viennent s'^tablir en AigiSrie. Alger, Paris: Svo, pp. 231. 

1262. 1S4T. Eglise, D6Bir£. — Un voyage k Alger. Pi^e en an acte et ca 
Alger ; Svo, pp. 75, aiid otLtr ]iuems. 

1263. 1847. Coetlogon, Le Comte L. Ch. Exa. de.— Voy^c en Alg^e. 

1264. 1847. Foi:ODiilat, Jean Job. Francois. — Voyage en Algi^i 
africaines — BiScits ct iieiiitees d'un Toyagour. PariH ; 2 vol. 8to, pp. 368 ami 348, 
Other editiouB ia 18G1 aud 1862. — See also Quarterly Kevlew, vol. idx. p. 33L 

1266. 1847. Hontrond, U. de.— Uistoire de k conquSle de I'Alg^rie du 1830 

k 1847.' Paris; 2 vol. 8vo. — See also an article la the lievue des deux Uonijixi, 

pp. 431 and 438, in the same year by an anonyniouH writer. 
1266. 1847. Coinze d'Altroff (Mcurtbe).— Introduction & un plan general 

d 'administration civile ct de culoniKation agricole en Alg^iiu. Poriti : 8yo, i'i>. G2. 
1367. 1847. Coohut, Andrd. — La colonisation dc I'Alg^rie. Revuo des deux 

Moades, Ist Feb., 15th April. 

The author was charged with the preparation of a general report on Algetk, 
but owing to political events it was never published. 
12ea Cochut, AndrS,— Des coucESsiona et de la proprietiS en Algii 

des Mines. Itevue des deux Mociiles, IGth Sep. 
1268. 1847. Carette et Wamier.— Description et diTision da I'Alg^iie. Paria~ 

12mo, pp. 70. Froni the Tableau de la situation des ^tablissements fran^ais. 
1370. 1847. Ferrier, J. A. IT.— Do I'liygiSne en Algirie. Suivi d'on mjmoin 

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Originally publishod in 'Le Correspondant,' preceded by 34 pp. of Biblio- 

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Beyiewed in the Hev. de TOrient et de TAIg^rie, t. ii. p. 409. 

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He proposes to create military colonies all over the country. 

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The title on the cover is * L'Algdrie . . . moins riUusion.** 

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These general officers were Commandants supdrieurs of the provinces of Oran 
and Constantine. Their reports were presented to the Chambers for general 

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Bugoau<3) sor !e projel du coIuniBatioa, pi'£seiit£ pour 1b prorface d'Orani )j>r- 
M. le Lieutenant-Q^n^ral de La Moricifre. Al^er : 8vo, pp. 87. 

To it arc appended the Report ofG^Dortil de Lb Moricicre in qncstion. Abo 

' litudea poor servir h la colonisntioD (i.ius la province d'Oran, par Ggnfiml 

Martimprey,' and 'fitadia hUtoriques jiour servir au projetde colonisation d'unc 

ixirtie du territoire de la province d'Oran, par Azfima de Montgravier.' 

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Tbis is an examioatioii of the military ayslpm of tlie Due d'laly, and of that 
of coIoDisntion by capitalists of Guncral de Lu MoriciJrc, with the author's own 
ideas of practical colouisation, adilreiwcd for tlie enlightenment of the MinialM' 
of Public Worka, 

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He maintains that tlie military government is indispeoiable, and i 
colonisation a debt of honour and a sacred duty. 
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A remarkable study, made immediately after the c<;'nquest of the i 
and before that of Kabylla. 


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Exposing the piessmg need of forming establishments of credit and reducing 
the exorbitant rate of interest. 

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lithographic illustrations. 

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questions que souldve la colonisation de TAlg^rie. Alger: 4tOy pp. vii. and 249, 
of which 65 are devoted to the poem. 

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pays, sur la colonisation, &c. Alger: 4to, pp. 56. 

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de PAlg^rie. Par une Ck>mmission de la Soc. Agr. de I'Alg^rie. Alger: 4to, 
pp. 12. 

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Alger : 8vo, pp. 146. 



1356. 1&18. Bled de Braine, <^-Directeur Jca £coles Arebee. — CM da 1a 

pronODCiation des idiumcs de I'Algdrie, ou cvuia 61tot^Uire;dBllectiire srabc. 
Paria, Aiger: 8vo, pp. 88. 
1326. 1848. Question Algirienne. Dc la colonitatioo. Questioa iles tra- 
vailleurs. Solution par I'Algfric. liapport fait uti noni du Co:nit6 de Colonisalidii 
i\ U Soci^le Algerienne de P.uis. V:<r\i: 8to. pp. W. 

This Society was formed to aiudy and defend tlie ictereala of Algeria, and bb 
coloniaalion was llie moBt imjurtant and pressing q^ueslion it charged ill 
Cominittoe to present a complete project on the subject, 

1357. 184S. Jacquot, Dr. reUx.— Recherehea BUr !es causes iles fibres i 
Quinqiina, et eu particulier sor lea foyers qui leur donncnt naissoDce en Algdrie. 
PariH : 8vo, pp. 50. 

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8vo, pp. 31. 

This is an attempt to give an impartial accountof the four candidates for the 
Presidency, Lamartine, Ledru-Roliiii, General Cavaignac, and Louis-Napoleon 
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(the JewJ.^l^.tiiJe do ni(Piini Blj;criennes. 4 vol. 

1848. Qronier-Altaroche. F.— Plan 
! de I'AIgdri.-. Plii!ip|>i?villB and Paris ; 8vo. 

de 1 

colonisation o 

ina pratiques et programme de colonisation. 
Preta jinr I'litiit nux 

1331. 1843. Lanjoulet, T.— Qiv« 

Oran: 8vo, pp. 20, 
1882. 1848. Bouvltoo.— Projei 

Conslantine ; 8vo. 

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et la colonisation europeenne, .'tiiiviea d'un projet Bur r^tabliasement de Siltia At 
priSroyaiice pour les iribus arabes, servant en uiStne temps do garau^ do It 
fid^lit^ — with a p!an of the native vill.ago of Ia Smala founded in 1845, and of on 
of the houses in it. Alger: 8vo, pp. 93. 

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dans la provina: d'Oran. Oran : 8vo. 

1386. 1848. Montgravier, An^ma da. Chef d'cHcadron d'Artilleric. — Ui<molra 
aur I'occupation de la Mauritania |tar lea Komains, 

lliis work received the Grat gold medal at the competition of the AcndemiB 
des Inscriptions in 1848. 

1338. Etudes de topographie historiquea Bur la province d'Oran, 

de la Province d'Oran, 18iB, p. 1 tt teq. 

1337. 1848. Sftlnt-HUaire, Amablo VUain de.— Appel il la jusUw du 
peuple. R6v£lationB compliitea et appujdes de preuves authentiquea sur les 
harbaries du regime disciplinaire d'line parLie de I'lirtnA! d'Afrique; le silo, la 
flagellation, la barre, leclou, la cmpaudine, &c. Paris: IGmo. 

I8Sa 1848. Bassatio, le Prince Eug. de, et M. de Solms.— I 

colonisation do Algiriu imr 1' Association. Paria: 4lo. 

ISSd. Lettre aus citoyeos Membre.'! de rAssemble'c Nationalo 

BubjecL Paris; 4lo, pp. 4. 





ioe dii 
lur les 

^lo, la 


1340. 1848. Oomit^B AMoaiiiB D^partementaux en France. Alger : 8vo, 
pp. 16. Signed I. P — i. 

This is a proposal to establish a C!ommittee in each Department of France 
with a corresponding one in each of the three Provinces of Algeria. 

1941. 1848. Baillety Ayoud ^ Rouen. — Reflexions sur TAlg^rie, et les moyens h. 
contribuer k sa colonisation & Taide de cultivateurs choisis dans le d^partement 
de la Seine-InfSrieure, et sar les modifications IL introdaire dans diverses 
ordonnances qui r^gissent cette colonic. Paris and Ronen : 8vo, pp. 190. 

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de I'Alg^rie. Alger : 8vo. 

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de rOrient et de TAlgdrie, t. iv. p. 129. 

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1845. 1848. A Campaign in Algiers. Fras. Mag., vol. xxxvii. pp. 525-39. 
Narrates M. Bosen's adventures as a French soldier, and is founded on 

* Bilder aus Algier,' No. 976. 

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de rinstitution qui doit Texercer. Alger : 8vo, pp. 124. 

1847. Scenes de moeurs arabes. 8vo. 

1848. Les myst^res du pcuple arabe. 18mo. 

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de TAlg^rie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 88.— See also No. 1678. 

1850. 1848. Ploreau, H., J. Buquet et Ernest Iiuce. — De Torganlsation des 
ateliers nationaux, et de leur application k divers tr^vaux d'utilit^ publiquc et 
^ la colonisation de I'Algdrie. 8vo, pp. 16. 

1861. 1848. MacCarthy, Oscar.— Altitudes de rAlg^rie.— See Bull, dela Soc. 
G^, April 1848. 

1852. 1848. Barest, Eugene. — ^Abd-el-Kader. Paris : 18mo, pp. 52. 
A biography of the Emir of no value. 

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d'Abd-el-Eader, ses r^lements militaires. Paris : 8vOy pp. 8, 60. 

In original Arabic. Published in the ' Spectateur Militaire ' by Qeneral 

1854. Histoire privee, politique et militaire d'Abd-el-Kader, depuis sa 

naissance jusqu'& sa soumission et son arriv^ en France. By Baban. Paris : 

1856. Abd-el-Kader au Chateau d'Amboise. By Iffgr. Dupuoh, first 

Bishop of Algiers. 

1858. 1848. Abd-el-Kader. — ^Vie, aventures, combats, amours ct prise d'Abd-el- 
ELader, by M. Marie ain^, under the pseudonym of De Xiamenaire. Paris : 
12mo, pp. 48.— See also 1849 and 1858. 

1857. 1848. Fomxnier, Ij. Am. V. — L'Alg^rie ou la civilisation conqudrante. 
A poem, to which a prize was awarded by the Academic. 

1858. 1848. Pradier, C^sar, Lieutenant de vaisseau. — De TinflueDce de la 
marine ct du commerce sur la civilisation des Arabes en Alg^rie. Paris : 8vo, 
pp. 8. 

ISeS. 1848. 
Dlidah ; 8vo, 

1868. 1848. 
en Aig^rie. 
Svo, ijp. 32. 


Natur., 2" 




ISGO, 1848? He I'aocUiuateiiieiit et du k colani«a,tiDa en Alg^rie. Alger: 

8vo, pp. 48. No ftiithor or date. 

The conclusions of the author nre : (1) ColoQise immediatoly, and as luuch 
OS possible ; (2) push on drninnga ; (3) cultivate as largely as possible. 
1860. 1848. Dteret de rAstsembl^o Natiouale du 19 sepbunbre, et arrflt^ Riiiu»- 
tiiriel rendu Ic 27 da mSme mois en os6:utiou du di^ret ciilessous. Parii: 
12mo, pp. 21. 

This opens a credit of fifty millions for the creation of agricultural coioniea. 
ISSI. 184S. Wamler, Dr. — Note sur le caractSre du dfiboisement de la pnttie 
cutitTslo de la provinee de Constniitiae, et aur leadifGcalt^Bdereboisement. Appli- 
cation i la coloniaation de la valliSe de Boo Merzoug. CoDstantine: folio, litbi^, 

Pascal, J. M., InBtitulciir. — Notice sur I'induKtrie de la stne. 
>, pp. 15. 
Memoirs bot la culture de nopal et VMucation de la cochonilla 
Signed by the perpetual Secretary of tha Acad^mie del Sciecices. 

GtervaiB, F. — Linte des reptiles etdesamphibiesderAlgfrie. Aim. 

ISote sur le caractero du d<5boiscmeat de la partie centrals de la pro- 
vince doConstautiueet snrleBdifficult^s de reboiseraent. Application ft la colonua- 
tion du la vall^ de Qou Meriioug. Con:<taatiDc : 4to, llthogrophed, pp. 11. 

1866. 1848. Quelques oonsidSrationa sur lea mode* da concesaion de terret 
umplayfe en Alg^rio, et sur l'opportunifj5 d'en modifier lea conditioua. Alger : Bvo, 
pp. 12. 

1867. 1848. Pioot, J. B. C— Colonisation de rAigdrie. Paris : 8vi), p. 16. 
1868, . 1848. Acooust of the Blavery of Frienda in the Barbnty Statac 

lowarde lie close of the seventeentli ceotury, with some jiarliculara of theexeirtiiai 
of their brethreu at homo for their redemption, London : 8vo, pp. 24. 

1369. 1848. B«iiou, S. — G^logie de I'Alg^rie, sccompagn^c d'une Notice min£ralc 
surle massif d'Alger, par M. Ravergie. Eiplor, Scieulit de rAlg^rie. Paris: 
lar'e'c 4lo, plates and map. 

1370. RichesaeB miniiralt^queH de I'Alg^rie. llev. de I'Oriont et da 

rAlgfirie, t. iii. 

— Histoice naturelle dea Molluaques. Explor. 
vol. plates. Paris : large 4to. 
1S7S. 1848. Ca.retta, E. — fitudea aur la Knbylie proptement dite. Esjilor. 
Sciealif. de rAlgeric. Paris ; 2 vol. 4lo, pp. 459 and 459. 
A remarkable ivork, and still most useful, 
1372a. 1848. Flandin, J. B.~NotJcs sur la prise de possession des tr&ors de la 

WigencB d'Alger. Ces trdsorsont-ila ^IS spolifci? Parciui? &c. Paris; 8va 
1373. 1848. Prdwoat. P. Notice sur Orloausville. Paris : 8vo. 
1874. 1848. D'ATWae.— Articles on Algiers and the Berbers iu the Encyclo- 
]i^die PittorcBijuc, JS48, 

1375, 1848. liavergne, Ii. de. — L'AlgiTic sous Ic gouvernemont n^publiiCSiu. 
Revue des dt'ux Mdiides, 13th May. 


1376. 184S. Boner, Dawson, F.B.G'.S. — Narrativeof a cami)ai^ against tiie 
Kabailes of Algeria, with the mission of M. Suchet to the Emir Abd-(;1-Kader for 
an exchange of prisoners. London : 12mo. — See also Quart. Rev., voL xcix. p. 33. 

1377. 1848. AntoninuB AugostUB. — Itinerarium Antonini Aiigusti. Ed. 
G. Parthey et M. Pinder. Berulini : 8vo. 

137a 1848. Mahon, Iiord.— The Life of Belisarius. London : 8vo, ])p. 4G0. 

Chapter iii. gives an account of the conquest of Africa by the Vandals, and 
chapter iv. of the expedition of Belisarius to Africa. 

1379. 1848. liOuiB Philippe, Roi des Fran^ais. — Lettics adressdes mix 
Croavemeurs de I'Alg^rie. Published by M. TaMcboreau in the NouvcUe Revue 

1380. 1848. Urbain, lamay.— Alg^rio : du gouvernement des tribus; Clirc- 
tiens et Musohnans; Fran9ai8 et Algdriens. Paris: 8vo, pp. 44. From the 
Revue de l*Orient et de I'Alg^rie, 1847. 

1381. 1848. Dupuoh, Ant Ad., Bishop of Algiers. — Pastes Sacr6s de TAfrirjUc 
Chi^tienne. Bordeaux.— See Nos. 1420, 1477. 

1882. 1848. Fanr, Th^odoie. — Charles-Quint et TAfrique Septentrionale. 
D'aprte les documents du xvi* si^le. 

1388. 1848. Bargte, I'AbM, Professor of Hebrew, &c., in the Faculty of Paris. 
— ^Aper^u historique sur P^glise d*Afrique,en g6n6ral et en particulier sur Tfiglise 
^piacopale de Tlemcen. Paris : 8vo, pp. 46. 

1384. 1848. Iietronne, J. Ant. — Deux inscriptions votives d^i^s au Soleil 
Mithra, par le pannonien M. A. Sabinus, trouv^ a Lambeasa et h, Sitifis. Paris : 
4to, pp. 26. 

1386. 1848. Iialba-Billiet. — Colonisation de I'Algdrie par la crdation de 
colonies libres et forcdes sous la direction d*une mc\6t6 de bienfaisance. Alger : 
folio, pp. 20, lithographed. 

1888. 1848. Simples Conaeils d'un soldat dcvenu colon. Par im ancien 
offid^ de Tarm^ d*Afrique. Alger : 8vo, pp. 7. 

This is an appeal in favour of General Cavaignac as President of tlie 

188/. 1848. Bunau. — Question des eaux d'Alger. Projet 

1888. 1848. Deesoliers. — Question des eaux d*Alger. Projet 

1888. 1848. Be I'organisation et de Tadministration municipales en Algeria. 
Alger : 8vo, pp. 146. 

1890. 1848. Organisation de Tadministration g^n^rale de TAlg^rie. 

1881« 1848.' Maggiolo, Henry, working carpenter. — Les 50 millions pour 
PAlg^e ; rinsnrrection do juin, et la pr^sidence de la Rdpublique. Alger : 8v(), 
pp. 16. 

188&. 1848. Montagne, D. J. — Alger 1847: Cri de la population civile. 
Alger: 8vo, pp. 110. 

Dedicated to the Chambers of Peers and Deputies. The author protests 
against what he considers the lamentable errors of the Government of Algeria, 
and demands the introduction of the common law. 

X888. 1848. Fortin dlvry, Th. — De la crise actuelle d*Alger et de sa fin, suivi 
de remaiqu^ sur la colonisation. Paris, Alger : 12mo, pp. 36. From the Rovuc 
de I'Orient et de rAlg<5rie, t. ii. p. 209 (1847). 


14S6. IiUCOB, H.-^ObKerTationB 
Lc, May, p. 457, with pUte, 

1486. 1849. Baillet, ancieu Atou6 h Boucn.- 
del'AlgSrie, Ilouen. 

1487. 18*9. Prttx, aneion offioier de U MariuE 
Mecque et le Soudan. PnriB : Sro, pp. 32. 

1438. ia*9. NouT, Alfred.— Cobnioa alg6ri( 

—See No. 13*3. 
14Se. 1S49. Notes snr k cceation il'<!tablift3ements de coloniBatioiL 


quelquea espfees nonvellea de CraitaeSa. 
■Obaervatioiia sur la oolonisaijai 
de I'Alg^rie s 
Paris : 12mo, pp. 

>p. SO. I 

1440. 1849. CcBur de Boy. — MemoircB tecdntit H appeler le canootira Uq 
gouvernemtnt et ice admiQistrutioES deparlementales pour I'es&ution du projet 
d'^Iablisstinent ea .\lg£rie de 8G colonlDH tigrieolea et indiutrielles sous k domiui- 
tlon de coloniea d^paitemeoiales. Al^er : Hva, pp. 16. 

1441. 1849. Fecheux-Herbeiiville. Chef du wrvice dcs^Ch4ns0£e& — 
Notes siir la ctdation d'^talili^sements de colouitalion en Algfrie. FoatuneUcBU : 
8vo, pp. 67. 

1442. 1849. Oiaoobbi, Conwiller A la Cour d'Appel. — TiiBtallation du Tribunal 
de Ptemifire Instauoe 1 Cunsiantiot?. Algar ; 8to, pp. 36. 

1443. 1849. 8ooi6t6 d'AericuIture d'Alger.— 1'he first number of the BnUetin 
of this Soctaty wn-s published at the beginning of the year. 

1444. 1S49. Sagot (de Nontilly).— Do k Boukugerie et des Fours Banntix k 
Alger. Alger : 8?o, p[>. 112. 

1445. 1849, Statuta du eomioo ftRricole de k province d'Alger. , Alger : 8vo, 
pp. 32. Signed by Ihe Pr&ident Bor^ly de k Sftpie. 

1446. 1849. Bod^ de Bienf^aance |>oiir l'i.'xtinctioQ du paop^rismc ea 
France par la colonisation de I'Aigin'ie. — Itapjiort de k commission cbargAi du 
printer nit projet d'or^anisittion de oolonies agricoles, compost de families 
pauvres et d'orphelius. 8vo, pp, 37, 

1447. 1849. Bouaaeau, Alphoiue. — Extrait de rhiatoire de k dynsfitie dr« 
Beni Hafsa pai- Aboo Abdulla JlobnnuniKl ben Ibrahim ol-Lowlowi el-Zetkeschi. 
Paris! 8vo, pp. Ql. (Jrigiual Arabic and French translation. 

1448. 1849. MesBager, Dr. Ch. — Des principaks regies hygi^niqncs & eitivie 
ponr la conservation duksantfidnsoldaten Afrique. TbSse present Se et pnbliqoe- 
ment sontcnue it la Faculty do Mfiiecine A Moiitpellier. MoutpeUier: 4ti^ pp. SSL 

1448, 1649. Jubfan, Alfred.— Aroudj-I'arberousse: drameen troiaactes. Pi^- 
formed at the Theatre of Algiers, Alger : Jto, pp. 19. 

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vftti& dn choKra & I'usagc dca habitans de I'Alg^rie. Alger : 12iUo, p[v 13. 

14BI. 1849, Boaldtd-Angevine sur k creation du village de Muce ct Loire kit, 
Rassanta. Angers : ISmo, pp. TG. 

14Ca. 1849. Biohard, Cbarles, CHpitainc dn Gvuic— De Vesprit de la U 
tion Uusulmane. Alger : 12nio, pp, 31. 

He strongly recommends the njarringc of Prencti men with Arab women. ^ 
1463* 1819. Bejrbaud, Iionie, llepicsentant dn peiiple, BapporCeiti. — Bapport 

Loire ^la | 


1412. 1849. Bodiohon, Xhig. — Sujet d'une exploratioa politique, commerciale 
et scieDtifique d*Alger k Tombouctou par le Sahara. Paris : 8vo, pp. 56, map. 

1418. 1849. Delamarre. — ^Note sur an bas-relief trouv^ k Jemila (Guicalum). 
Paris: 8vo. 

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min^rale de I'Alg^rie. Paris : 4to. 

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Alger : 8vo, pp. 81. 

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Docteur A. T. . . . Alger : 8vo, pp. 32. 

1417. 1849. lie Fays de Boiujolly, O^ntod Jean Alexandre. — Colonies 
agriooles de TAlg^rie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 39. 

1418. 1849. Sooi^t^ de Bienikisanoe, pour rextinction de paup^risme en France 
par la colonisation de TAlg^rie. Alger : 18mo. 

1419. 1849. Bupaoh, Mgr., formerly Bisbop of Algiers. — ^Abd-el-Eadir au 
chftteau d'Amboise. D^i^ k M. Louis Napol^n Bonaparte, Pr^ident de la 
B^publique Fran9aise. Bordeaux : 8to. 

14a0. Pastes sacr^ de I'Afrique chr^tienne. Bordeaux : 4 vols. 8vo. 

Commenced in 1848.— See Nos. 1381, 1477. 

14S1. 1849. Favy, Iiouis Antoine Augustas, £vdque d' Alger. — ^Mandement 
pour le carSme de Pan 1849 et k I'oocasion de la fondation des colonies agriooles, 
et de rdrection des nouvelles paroisses. Alger : 4to, pp. 12. 

Du mode de gouvemement en Alg^rie. Paris : 8vo. 

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d'Oran. Oran : 870, p. 409. 

I486. 1849. F^tition des employ^ du Service ColoniaL 

J.4S8. 1849. Jaoquot, Dr. F^liz. — Exp^ition du G^n^ral Cavaignac dans le 
&hara alg^rien en avril et mai 1847. Relation du voyage ; exploration scien- 
tifique, souvenirs, impressions, &c. Paris : 8vo, pp. 335, map and 5 litbograpbs. 

1427. 1849. Jaoquot, Dr. F61iz, et M. Topin, Cbef de bataillon.— De la 
colonisation et de racclimatement en Alg^rie. Paris : 8yo, pp. 121. From tbe 
Spectateur Militaire. 

1488. 1849. Fonroy, Arthur. — Le Mar^cbal Bugeaud. Bdcit des cbamps, des 
camps et de la tribune. Paris : 18mo, pp. 116. See also No. 1607. 

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tjrannie des cbefs indigenes en Alg^rie. Paris : 8vo. 

1480. 1849. Canton, A. — ^Appel supreme de TAlg^rie k Tassemblde nationale. 
Marseille: 4to. 

1481. 1849. Montgravier, Az^ma de. — ^Lettre au President de la K^publique. 
Oran : 8vo, pp. 13. 

1482. 2* Lettre k M. le President de la R^publique, pp. 30. 

1488. 1849. Iiuoas, H. — Observations sur les L^pidoptdres des genres Papilio, 
-^tbocbaris, Cigarites et Cerocala qui habitent les possessions frangaises da nord 
^^ I'Afrique. Ann. de la Soc. Entom. de France, June, p. 83, with plate. 

^^^ Observations sur nn nouveau genre de Tordre des D^podes 

'^crxmres appartenant k la tribu des Pendens. L c., Feb., p. 216| with plate. 
^^^ XX. Q 

A BiBLiOGrapny ok alceuu. 

I aui quelquea esp£ces noavelles de Cnutieft. 

1 Avone a Boucn,— Observations sur la coloiusslion 

1486. IiUQU, H.— Obscrvnlio 
Lc, May, p, 457, with plate, 

1436. 1849, SaiUQt. a 
de i'Algdrie. Konen, 

1487. 1849. Prax, ancien ofBoier de la Marine. — Commerce de 1' Algeria airec li 
Mecque et le Soudan, Taris: Sto, pp. 32. 

1438. 1849. Hour, Alfred.— Colonics algdrieuneB. Paris: 12mo, pp. 251. 

—See No. 1342. 
1430. 1S49. Notes siir la cr^tioa d'^tablUsemente de colonuation en AlgAie. 

1440. 1849. Omur de Hoy.- Mui 

gouvemement ct des ml m Ini strati on h 

d'^lablUsement en Algiirie de SG culoi; 

tlon de colonies d^partemeutalei*. Al] 

loires teodant tk appeler le concours <lu 
depart eraentales pour VeiSciition du projot 
lea agricoles et induatrieUes boos la domica- 
er ; 8vo, pp, 16. 

dea Ponls-et-Chhussfiw. — 
Alg^rie. FuntBluebleaii : 

1441. 1849. Peoheux-Herbentrllle, Chef du servi 
Hotea 3iii la cr&ition d'dtabti&seiiicnts de culonisation 
8vo, pp. 57. 

1442. 1849. Oiaoobbl, ConBeillcr h la Cour d'Appel.— Installation du Tribaiial 
do Premiere Instance i Ctmatantine. Alger : 8vo, pp. 30. 

1443. 1849, Booi6t6 d'Agriculture d'Alger.— The first number of tbe Bullptin 
of this Society waa pviblialitd at the beginning of the yeir. 

1444. 1849, Sagot (de NantiUy).- De la Boulaugerie ct des Fours Bssaui k 
Alger, Algor : Hto, pp. 113. 

1446. 1849, Btatuts du cornice a«,Ticole de la province d'AIger. . Alger : 8to, 
pp. 32, Signed by tbe President Borfly de la Sapie. 

1446. 1849. SoolM^ de BienlMsance i>otiT IViLtinctLon dn panpdrisme en 
France par la colonisation de TAIgt'iie. — Itapjiort de la commission cbaigA de 
pr&enter nn projet d'oriianisalion de colooies agricoles, compoafes de families 
pauTies et d'orpbelins. 8vo, pp. 37. 

1447. 1849. BouBseau, Alphonee. — Extrait de rhistoire de la dynastle des 
Beni Hafsa par Aboo Abdulli Mcihnmmoil ben Ibrahim el-Lowlowi el-Zerkescbi 
Pane; Bvo, pp. 51. Uriginal Arabic and French translation. 

1448. 1849. UesBHger, Hi. Cb. — Des principales riiglcs Iiygi^niqacs H anim 
pour la conservation delasantfdnsoldatcn Afrique. Thise pr^sent^ ct piibh'qu»- 
ment Hratenue i, la Fncnltii do M^decine ^ Montpeltier. Moutpellier : 4lo, pp. S3. 

1448, 1849. Jubien, Alfred.— Aroudj-fnibcrousse: draniccn troisactea. Fer- 
fonned at tbe Theatre of Algiers, Alger: 4 to, pp. 19. 

1460. 1849, Guyon, Paul, Millot, Dra.- Instructions snrles moyens jw&cr- 
vati^ du cholera iL I'usago dca hnbltans de I'Algerie. Algur : ISmo, p)). 12. 

14S1. 1849. SocWte-Angevine sur la creation du village de Maine et Loire ft U 
Baaaanta, Angers: ISmo, pp. 7G. 

14fi2. 1849. Biobard, Charles, Cipitaiue du Giiniu.— Do I'esprit de la l^sla- 
tion Musulmane. Alger : 12ino, pp, 31. 

Ho strongly recommenda tha marriage of French men with Amb women. 

146SL 1849, B^bnod. Iiooia, lieprdsentant du peuple, Sapportenr, — Bapport 


fait k M. le Mioistre de la Guerre par la commission d'inspection des colonies agricoles 

de PAlgdrie. Paris : 4to, pp. 75. 

The commission visited Algiers during the hottest part of the year, and 
inspected forty-two of the principal colonies in the three provinces, many of 
which were anything but prosperous. A very valuable record of what Algeria 
was at the time. 

1464. 1849. BerlieTy H., Gapitaine des Zouaves. — Nouveau projet de loi sur le 
recmtcment. Alger : 8vo, pp. 89. 

1455. 1849. Bonifiskce, Armand. — France et Alg^rie : petit pamphlet, ou Yingt 
jours avant les Elections de TAlg^rie en 1849. Alges : 8vo, pp. 24. 

The author recommends his fellow-citizens to elect as their representative the 
person the most devoted to the ** R^publique d^mocratique et sociale 1 '* and 
suggests Br. Bodichon. 

1456. 1849. "Ft. • • • «— Le G^ndral Chaogamier. Paris : 8vOy pp. 47. 

1457. 1849. Organisation deradministrationg^n^rale en Alg^ric. Alger: Svo, 
pp. 19. 

This decree, signed by General Gavaignac, '*charg6 de pouvoir ex^cntif,^ and 
countersigned by General de La Morici^re, Minister of War, bears date 
16th December, 1848, and was promulgated by Prince Louis Napoleon, 
Preadent, 8th February, 1849. 

1458. 1850. Berbmgger, A. — ^Projet d'exploration dans la deuxi^me ligne des 
oasis algdriennes, par Gab^ Souf, Tougourt, Ouargla, Gol^ Touat et retour par 
Hetlili ei le Ouadi M'zab. Alger : 8vo, pp. 3. 

2458, La grande Eabylie sous les Romains. 

1460. ■ Les ^poques de la grande Kabylie: tableau historique de cette 
Gontr^e, depnis P^poque romaine exclusivement, jusqu'^ nos jours. Paris : ISmo, 
with map by M. 0. MacCarthy. 

1461. 1850. Joanne, Ad. Iiaiir. — ^Un mois en Afrique. Article extracted from 
the Illustration Fran^aise. 

1468. Voyage en Afrique. Bruxelles : 18mo. 

1468L 1850. Bonaparte, Pierre Kapol6on. — Un mois en Afrique. Paris: 
8v0y pp. 122. 

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London : 2 vols. 8vo, pp. 285 and 281. 

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Explor. Sdentif. de TAlgdrie. Paris : large 4to. 

1486. 1850. Del am are. Ad. H. Ii., Chef d'escadron. — Arch^logie de I'Alg^rie. 
Explor. Sclent, de I'Alg^rie. Paris : large 4to, 193 plates. 

Most valuable illustrations of Algeria, but no text was ever published. 

1467. Rccherches sur I'ancienne ville de Lamb^. Inscriptions antiques 

recueillies (par le mSme) sUr la route de Gonstantine k Lamb^sc, dans cette demi^rc 
ville et auz environs, avec des notes explicatives par M. L<5on Bonier. Paris : 8vo, 

1468. 1850. Jxisaf, G^n^al, bom in Elba, at one time a slave at Tunis, sub- 
sequently a General of Division in the French Army. — La Guerre en Afrique. 
Paris: 8vo, pp. 140'; 2nd edition in 1851. 

1488. 1850. lie Fays de Bouijolly, O^n^ral Jean Alex.— Du mode de 
goavemement en Alg^rie. Paris : 8vo. 

Q 2 


I Alg^rie. Anonjme. 

1471. 185(1. ApulsiuB, IiuoiuB.— (Euvres eomplitps. Paris : 

147S. 1S60. Bozet et Oaretta, Capitainea du 6£aie.— Alg^ric In L'Univcrs, 

histoiro et description de ti)us Ics peuplcs. Paris; Svo, pp. 1-347, map, 1! 

1478. 1850. Dugat, Ouatave. — Pr^is historique at ataUaliqiie dea oolocio 

a^colea ^tabtice en Franco et ec Algcrie. Paris. 

1474. 1850. Pontier, H-, MiMocin dea Annies. — SouveniradcrAlg£rie,oaDotici: 
sor Orlfemsvilk et Tends. Valeuciennes : 12mo, pp. 78 and map, 

1475. 1850, Boucher de Perthea. — Constantine. Conaiantino: 8to. 

1476. 1850. Paulmiar. — Diclionaaire frWD^sis-arabc (idiome parlS e 
Palis : 12mt). Other editiooB in 1860 .lad 1872, The last, pp. xx. and SliT^ 

1477. 1850. Dnpuoh, Mgr. A. A., first BUhup of Algi era.— Pastes s 
I'AfriqUfl Chretien ne. Paris: 8vo. 

This work was never entirely finished. See Nos. l.ISI, H20. 

1478. 1850. Portin dlvry, — Coutmnes de la cultnre arabe; aper^usnrlf 
et coutumea n^ricules dea Ambes, auivia de conaide'ratious gijadrales. Svo. 

147B. 1850. Bertherand, Dr. S. Ii.— Du traitement dea Givres intennittmitH 
en Algdrie, Alger: Svo, pp. 49, 

1480. NiSvralgic ooulairc iSpiflfimique observee h Teuiet el Hnad. Alger: 

Svo, pp. 8. From the Revue de Progr6a do I'Alg^rie. 

1481. De I'emploi th6rapeutique dea eaux femigineusea de TenieUel-Hiil 

Paris : 12mo, pp. 8. From tlie Revue Sclentifique et Administrative des M^eciiu 
des arm^ do t^rre et de mer, Noo. 10 aod 11. 

1483. 1B50. d'Hautpool, Qinfiral, Itepn^ntout du peupic, Q<ravemea^ 
g^n^ra! de I'Algdric. — Rappart oi projet de loi sur I'organisation dfs poiivoin en 
Alg^rie, adrcBscs nu Miiiiatre de la Gui'ire. Paris : 4to, pp. 24. 

1488, 1860. Bapporta odreB^ds h M. le Pn^denl de la lUpablique )ar le 
Ministrodela Guerre (M.d'Haotpoul), 1° Snr lea opdratioiis militaireacn Alg^ric 
2° Sur la coloDisation, 6 Bo&t et 12 scjitembre 1850, Paris: Svo, pji. 70. See 
also liev, de I'Orient, de I'Alg. ct dea Colon., t, viii, pp. 129 and 188. 

1484, Rapjiort but I'inalruction publiquo en Algfirie. 1, c, t, viii. p. 210, 

1486. 1850. lEontaene, D. J., aocien Administrateut. — De la rtiducljon da 
rentes domaniales en Alg^rie, Blidah : 12mo, pp, 24, 

1480. 1850, Bichardson. Jamea. — Routea du Sahara, Itio^raire* dans 
I'intirieur du grand ddsort d"Afrique, Paris: 8vo, pp, 28, From the Bull do la 
iioc. de G6og., Feb., March and Aug, Translated from the English repwt 
■ddresaed by the author to tlio F. 0. in 1345-6 by H. Albert Mont^mont. 

1487. 1650. B«Tue du Progr^ de rAlgfirie,— Commenced at Algien in 
January. Published every two mouth*. 

The first number gives iho composition of the PurUameutaTy Conuuittcc 
appoiote! to revise Algerian ie^slaiioa 
1487a. 1850 ? CastanKt.— Ddgr£vemeut des nates on Algeria. No dat« or 

1488. ISrO. MceUTfi et coutumos de rAlg^rto. Kabylic. I. c, pp. 59 el le-j. 


14W. 1850. OareUa* Napol^n, Ing^nieur en chef des Mines. — Notice 
mindialogiqne sur la province d*Alger. Alger : 8vo^ pp. 50. 

1480. 1850. Bapport & la Soci^t^ d'Agriculture d'Alger sur deox broohnres 
(18i8-49) de M. Alfred Nonr contenant le ddveloppement d'un projet d'assodation 
nationale poor la colonisation de I'Alg^rie. Alger : 4to, pp. 4, doable coL 

1491. I860. Dieazaide, Viotor, Avocat. — De la colonisation et des institutions 
civiles en Alg^rie. Oran: 8yo. 

A brochure on the subjects then under consideration of a Parliamentary 

149S. 1850. Cabanillag, N. — Notes snr Futility des comptoirs nationaux 
d'esoompte, sur la n^cessit^ de conserver k la France cette institution de cr^t et 
sur les services qu'ils peuvent rendre k TAlg^rie. Alger : 8vo^ pp. 21. 

1486. 1850. IdfiUBaou* A., Ing^nieur^-— ]^tude sur les Ports de TAlg^rie. Paris: 
8vOy pp. 107, 16 maps. A second edition published in 1877. Printed by the 
D^partement de la Guerre. 

1484. 1850. Dubooq, Ing^nieur des Mines. — Extrait du Ck)mpte Rendu du 
Service des Mines dans la province de Constantine, et analyse d'un mineral 
d'antimoinCy par M. £. Cumenge. Paris : 8vo, pp. 26. From the Annales des 
Mines, t. xz. p. 37. 

I486. 1850. Pasayy Repr^sentant du peuple. — Eapport sur un projet de loi 
portant organisation du gouvemement et de radmiuistration de I'Alg^rie. Paris : 
.8vo, pp. 48. 

1486. 1850. Iiapasset, Ferdinand, Capitaine d'!£tat-majof. — - Aper9U sur 
Torganisation des indigenes dans les territoires militaires, et dans les territoires 
civiles. Alger : 8vo, pp. 47. 

1487. 1850. Biohard, Ch., Oapitaine de G4nie. — ^De la civilisation du people 
arabe. Alger : 8vo, pp. 68. 

Scdnes de moeurs arabes. 18mo. 

1488. 1850. BaiUety Avou^. — R^flexious sur la colonisation de I'Alg^rie k I'aide 

des enfants trouvds on abandonn^ termiu^es par une petition aux autorit^ de la 

Seine-lnf(^6ure pour obtenir I'envoi de 24 enfants de lliospice de Rouen dans 

les €tablissements agricoles crd^s dans le voisiuage d'Alger. Rouen : 8vo, pp. 60. 

The Department of the Seino-Inf^rieure is more connected with Algeria than 

many others, as it sends its manufactures to a considerable extent, and is directly 

interested in the prosperity of the colony. 

1600. 1850. BoiwiUe, Carlos de. — France et Alg^rie. Pithiviers (Loiret): 
8vo, pp. 83. 

A work of no value. 

1501. 1850. Pothier, Alfired. — De Tinfluence des exploitations de mines sur 
la colonisation de I'Alg^rie. Paris: 8vo, pp. viii. and 81, with a plan of the 
metalliferous district of Blidah. 

The author gives an account of the ancient and modem colonisation of 
Algeria, and of the district contained in the map, including the mines of 

1602. 1850. Hardy, A.—- Culture du Nopal, l^ducation de la Cochcnille en 
Alg^rie. Alger: 8vo, pp. 24. 

X608. Instructions sur la culture du Ck>ton en Alg^rie. Alger: 18mo, 

pp. 12. 


ISOl. 1850. Hardy, A. — Rapport sot rinduistrie eiSricicole en Alg^e ai 

Prefet, Alger; 8vo, pp. 15. 
IfiOS. NoticB BUT k culture dea Pins. Alger ; no date 

1606. Catalogue des v^giJtaux cultiv^s & la p^pini^re ceutrale dn gouven»- 

meot & Alger. Alger: llo,pp.81. Thig is preceded bj- a 'Note clmiatologi<]ne 
eat I'AlgSrie au poiat de vue ft^ioole,' by Mr. Hardy, and a Itepoit oa this 
tDemoir made by the Acad^mie dee Suieaccs Katurelles of France, 

1607. 1850. Suranton, Clief de la toissiOD dea Tabocs ea AlgiSrie. — Instructiouj 
sue la culture du Taboo. Alger; 8vo, [ip. 24. 

1606. 18u0. iMatotre-'UL^aara.y, Fr^fet. — Consoils au coIoqh ear la culture de 
plastcs et des grninea nlimeataires eC induatrleUes qui ae sSmcnt aus printempa ct 
qui peuveut eupplfer aux cereales. Al^er; 8vo, pp. 12, 

1600. 1860. Supin, Charles. — Rapport lait au nom dc la commiaaioD charge 
de pruaenler \es priocipBlea loiB pardcoli^ea iL I'Alg^rie, aur un projet du lot qui 
doit rfigler Ic commerce de I'Algdrie avec la France et IVtrasgsr, Paris : Svo, 

1610. 1850. Frax, charge d'une misaion par qtiatrea Minist^rea fran^is. — Coni- 
merce de I'Algtrie avec la Mocque et ie Soudan. Alger : Svo, — See also No. 1437. 

1611. R^giie vfg^tat. Plantes de Couatantine, de Batna, de Uiakra, de 

Souf, da Tougourt, &c, Bev. de rOricnt, de I'Alg. ct dea Colonies, t. i 

I61S, 1850. Dutrone. — Rapport dc la Commission des Colouiea Agrico 

I'Algdrie. Svo. 
1613. 1850. Qiieanoy, Hr. F. — Coup d'lsil aur la subdivision dc UCnc 

surtout ^ sou (<cat cliroatdriquo ct I'influence c^uo cet ctat exerce aur lea progr^ de 


CantoiL — Alg^rie. Industrie des huilea, Rer.d'Orient, de 1' 

— Excuraion de Tlemaen il Itacbgonn. 

BouSjerar. Lc. 

des Colonica, t. vin. pp. 131 
1616. 1850. UacCarthy, Oaoax,- 
pp. 147 c( ""J. 

1616. LettrsB aur lea antiq^uit^s de la province d'Oran. 

p. 270. 

1617. K'aar H'announ. lc, p^SSl. The Kaar of Hanno, a Oartliagin iaii 


1618. 1850. Lavollte, C. — L'Aeeeinble'a KaltOQale et I'Algdrie. I. a, p. 9 
1618. 1850. Colleville, A. de. — Histoiro de I'ancienue L^on 6tr 

ordie en 1831, licciiciee en 1838. Paris ; 8vo, pp. xvi. and 510, with map. 
1680. 1850. Haapel, Dr. Aug.— Maladies de I'Algfirie, dea causes, de la 

symptomatologU', do la nature et du traitcment dea maladies eodSmo-fpiddmiqaM 

dc la province d'Orau. Paris : 2 vol. 8to, pp. 400 and 441. ^^ 

1621. 1850. Buuugny, O^n^ral da. — Do I'dtabliasemont de colonies miUtlj 

Kaballcs en Alg6ric. 8vo. 
16Sla. 1850. JHoaien, Ii. — Notes aur la question alg^rienuc. Svo. 
162S. 1860. Foiimel, Henry, lugdnieur en chef des Ml nea.^ — Richesse miniralp 

de I'A^^ie, accomjiagode d't'cIaLrciaaemeiita histoTiquea et gfograpbiqucs tax 

cette inrtie de I'Afrique septentrionale, vol, L. 

A report of thia wna made ky a Committee of the Academy (1 



lo n\x^^ 
igrha de 


r. Lc, 

de la 


r (H^ricouf^H 


Thury, Rapporteur). See Rev. de TOrLent, de TAlg. et des Colonies, t. viii. 
p. 23. 

1523. 1851. BenieTy JAon. — Premier rapport de . . . en mission dans la 
proiriooe de Gonstantine, pour la recherche des monuments 6pigraphiques. See 
Archives des Missions Scientifiques, vol. ii. p. 169. 

1524. ■ ■ Deuxi^me rapport 1. c, p. 217. 

Troisidme rapport. 1. c, p. 435. 

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» quL out eu lieu en Algen 

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These efiectcd tbo subjugntiou of Eastern Eabjlin. 

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It was iut«nded to Inirrt (his nioi^cgraph in the botanicol purlion of tlia 
Commission Hcieiitifique de I'AlgStie, but llio suspension of lliat work prerenled 
iCa publication. 
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Account of an eipeditiun commanded by General de Saint-Aruaud. The 

author remarks that the Eiibylu can never be taught commerce till he i> 

thoronghly beaten in war, 

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constd£ratione sur lea mcearB et les usages ilea iudigdnea, sitr la population fna- 

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Conservatoire dea Arts 'N 

r la dysscntcrie du Kord i 

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Discussion whether the expedition to the lesser Eabylia should be carried 



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These are *' standing stones " at 10 kil. from Tlem^en, near Hennaiah. 

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^Ic^^rie. Taris: 8vo, pp. 56. 


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(teptotttrioDale depuis k's tcini^s lea plus ancieoa jusqu'ftux temps modcraes 

Palis: 8¥0. 

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E'orming i>art of tbe Exploratioa ScieotiQque de I'Algfirie. 

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I'Ouad R'ir au ^xjint de vuB drs ettus art^aionuea de cette portion du Sahara. 

Paris: 8vo, pi>- 83, with 3 plana, including sections of tlio district. From the 

Annales dcs Mines, vol. ii. pp. 249. 
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Algeria, and published Tiumeroiiii articles in the feuillelon of the ' Pays' and cIaf- 

where under the title of ' Visites arlistique.^, simples jiilerinnges 1852-1850,' before 

writing his more im)jcrtant worlts in 18.J9. — See No. 2091. 
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I'ranslated from the Arabic by M. de Slane, in vol i. of his translation of 
the History of the Berbers^ appendix. Sea also a letter from the Bn. de Slane 
to M. Hase, Joum. Asiatique, 4* sdrie, t. iv. 1844. 

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Coomienced at Paris 1852, and continued till 1858, in all 14 vols. Containing 
many interesting papers on Algeria. 

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See also Nos. 1523-6. 

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From the M6moires de I'Acad'mie Nationale de Metz, 1851-^2. 

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riSsultat pourrait Dtro 30 milliona de francs, employ^ annuellement & laooloniea- 
tion lie I'Algdrie, plug la diBponibiUtd <]e 10 niilliocs d'bectares sans qull tie 
coUte rien & la France. Alger ; 18mo, pp. 32. 
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The wife of W. S., masler of tbe brig Peraeverance, relates her experiences in 

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Fart of the * Bibiiotbetiue da I'enfance ohrdUonue.' 
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Another translation, see No, 4520. 

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Compagnie gi'oevoiae des colonic.'' atiiasea de SiSiit Geiifeve; 4to, pp. 19. See 
also Rev. de I'OriBnt, do I'Alg. et dts ColonieB, t. xiv. p. 237. 

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with letterpress, of three Kpetimeua oi Algerian Art. 

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commenced in 1853 and still continued. The first volume is dated 1853. In 
1864 the name was changed to Recueil des Notices et M^moires de la Soci^t^ 
Archtelogique de Goustantine. 

It contains many valuable papers on Algeria. 

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1. c^ Pi 13» 


1863. 1853. De BLBTemjr, M., Cnpilaiue du G^me.— Notice snr I'oDcapntiaB 
romnine ilaos lo ccrclu du Phil) ppevi lie, 1. c, p. 20 

1664. 1853. Cherbonneau, ProfbeHeur Auguate. — Indication de Is roote 
da Tu^urt i\ Tomlwiictou, cl aux MoDts di: la Lunc. Document tradnit de 
TArttbe. Ann. Soc. Arch, C-oost., vol. i. p. 91. Also Ecparately, 1860, pp. 12. 

1666. ConslaQtine el ses aniiquites. 1. c, p. 102. 

1667. 1S53. Carette, B. — Recherclies siir rorigine et lee migrations des pric- 
cipaux triboe de rAfrique geptenlriooale et parliculii3re incut de I'Alg&v. 
Bxplor. Scientif. de I'AlgiSrie. Paris : 4lo, pp. 489. ' 

A moat important work. 
lesa 1853. Sumner, Hon. Charles.— 'Wiii I e Slavery in tha Bnrbary States. 

LoniioQ; 8vo. S-ie also Quarterly Keview, sol. Sfbt. p. 331. 
1660. 1SQ3. Hobe, Eugene, Avocat. — Rssni Eur rhistoire de droit mueulman 

pendant lea deux premiere si&ilca da I'lskmisme. Alger ; 8vo, pp. Si. 
1660. 1863, Boualer^Joly, CbiTurgieu. — Coniptc rendu de I'^jud^nie di- 

Grippe ohaervfie a Alger ]icndaut lea moia do <\6c. 1853 et de Jan. Kv. 18i>S. 

Montpellier ; 8vo, pp. 92. 
1681. 1853, Favy, Mgr. L. A. A., Bluhnp of A]gierB.~Statuts Bynod&iix du 

Diociae d' Alger. 
leOS. Du Mahom^tiBme, discoors prononc^ i la Cathfdrale d'Alger, 

Alger : 8vo, pp. 45. 

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Paris: 8vo, pp. 600. 

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aus marbrea (5trfliigera, oncietiK et luodenirs. E.xtr. du Monilent universeL Sv.;. 

1666. 1853. Usquiase topograpMq.ue de I'Algiirio. From the Gaxctia 
MMicalc de Paris. 

1666. 1853. Sandoval de.— Hemoriaa sobra la Argelk. Kndrid: 4to. 

166& 1853. ClVTy, Comta Bag. da.— Napoleon 111. et Abd-el-Kader, CbarU- 
magoQ et Witikiud ; etude bistorlque et jiolitique. Biograpkin de r£nii-, 
Doutenaut un grand nombre de lettrea et de documents iuMitS, avee im fac-Edmiia 
et un portrait aur acier. Pnria; 12mo. 

1669. 1853. Branthomme, Avocat, — Rconeil general de la jurispnjdeoc* 
algirienne. Alger: 8to. 

1670. 1853. Barg&B, I'AbM J. J. L., Professor d'Hi!brcu & la Sortonne.— 
M^moire nir lea relations commerciales de Tlem9en, avcc le Soudan sous la r^gnr.- 
dea Beni-Zeiyau. Paris: 8vo, Also Itev. do I'Orieut, de I'Alg. et des Colonitk, 
t. siii. p. 337. 

1671. Lo Marabout Cidi Boti-Midyn. 1. c, p. 33. 

1672. La Sahara et la Soudan. Uocumenls hiatoriques et g&)graphiques 

recueillia par le Cid cl-Hadj Abd-ol Knder-bon Abon-Bekr et Touati, Avec un 
alphabet Touareg, Tranalated by the Abb£ Barg^. 1. c, pp. 73 cC seQ, 

1678. Tableau hiatorique de la dynaalie des Beni Djellab, Sultans de 

Tougourt, par I'lmam Cid el-Qadj-Mohnmrned-el-Edrissy, traduit de I'Arabe. 
L c, p. 216. 

1674. • Escuraion a Hubbed, et viate au tombeeu de Cidi-Bou-MWyu. 

.. VO. 


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moenis arabes. Paris: 12ino, pp. 311. 

1676. 1853. Sue, Eugene. — Jeanno et Louise, ou les families des traDsport^is. 
Brnxelles : 12mOy pp. 200. 

This purports to be the history of a iamily transported to Lambeasay after the 
coup ^etat of the 2nd December. 

1677. 1853. 8ooi6t6 d'Afinque pour la colonisation de la R^ence d'Alger. 
4to, pp. 16. 

1678. 1853. Iiaademamiy TAbbd. — Colonisation de I'Alg^rie par les enfants 
trouv^ Paris : 8yo^ pp. 32. 

The author obtained a concession of Medj^z Amar near Bdne, with 500 
hectares of land and a subvention of 20,000 fr. for the purpose of carrying out 
his views, which completely failed. — See also No. 1349. 

1679. 1853. Desoous. — Alger, pi^ en deux dpoques et six tableaux, avec 
prologue. Inauguration du Theatre Imperial. Alger : 8vo, pp. 46. 

1680. 1853. Orse, I'Abb^. — Alger pendant cent ans et la r^mption des 
captifs. Paris: 18mo, pp. 212, being the 28th voL of the Bibliothdque de la 

1681. 1853. Deitte, Adolphe, Garde de Gduie. — ^Fens^ scicntifiques, philo- 
sophiques et religieuses d'un Arabe de TAlgdrie. Troyes, Paris : 8vo^ pp. 318. 

1682. 1853. Iioxeuil, T. — ^Th^tre Imperial d'AIger. Disoours d'ouverturc. 
£pitre an public en vers. Alger : 8vo, pp. 16. 

1688. 1853. Coeur de Boy. — Mdmoire tendant & appeler le concours du 
gouvemement et des administrations ddpartementales pour I'ex^ution du projct 
d'^tablissement en Algdrie de 86 colonies agricoles et industrielles sous la denomi- 
nation de colonies ddpartementales. Alger : 8vo, pp. 27. 

1684L 1858. Ijasrange, Procureur G6n6ral. — De la n^;essit6 d'une rdforme dans 
lc8 travaux statistiques de la juridiction consulaire et des tribunaux civils. 
Philippeville : 4to, no pagination. 

1685. 1853. Cartillet, P. — De la maniere dc disposer les habitations k I'usage 
dea hommes et des auimaux, afin de les rendre parfaitement salubres ; chaudes 
en hiver ; fratches en ^t^ et sbches en toutes saisons. Marseilles : 8vo, pp. 32. 

This is written with special reference to Algeria. 

1686. 1853. Ibn Batuta, Voyages d'.— Tcxte arabe, accompagn^ d'une traduction 
par C. Defr^mery et le Dr. B. B. Banguinetti. Paris : 4 vol. 8vo, published 
by the Soci^t^ Asiatique. 

A small portion only of his narrative refers to Algeria. On his outward 
jouruey he passed through Tlem9en, Milianah, Algiers, Bougie, Constantine, 
and Bdne, vol. i. pp. 12-19 ; and ou his return, T^n^s, M&zodna, Mostaganem, 
Tlem^en, and NcdrOmah, vol. iv. pp. 331-2. 

1687. 1853. De Dax, Gonseiller civil, Eapporteur. — Institution de credit 
foncier en Algdrie. Alger : 4to, pp. 11. 

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de colonisation de la Compagnie des Cotons de I'Alg^rie. Paris : 4to, pp. 28. 

1689. 1853. Duchesne, Dr. Ed. Ad. — De la prostitution dans la ville d'AIger 
depuis la conquOte. Paris : 8vo, pp. 240. 


\ UlUl-lOGRAPHY 01' AI.fiEKlA. 


1680, 1853. BaUlet.— Hiip[iorl, Bur sou voya^ en 1852 en Alj^rte. Ronflt). 

Tha writer was " Mandalaire de la Socidl^ roaennftiso algirienne," whicli 
posseaiicd Inrge estateti iu the culony. 

1691. 1853. Suouing;, Francois. — Les Tilbgca d^partementaDX cd Alg^rie. 

The vrrilcr has iinilod in a siajle volume the variona articles he has written 

on the fluhject of coloDising Algcrin by the viirioiiB departments of Prance.- 

See also Bev. de TOtieLit, du I'Alg. el dea Colonies, t. xiv. p. 29. 

1898. 1853. Fichon, J.— Les (^tabligeements romalns de El-Hammara 
d'Oran). Rev. de I'Orient, de I'Alg. et des ColonioB, t. xiii. p. 

1688. 1853. MaoCarthy, O.— Arsennaria (Province d'Oran). 1. c, p. 180, 
This memoir was read boforo the Acad^mie des Inscriptions et Bolles- 

Leltres by M. Jomard. 
1684. 1853. Zubor.-— Colon! aati on da I'Algdrie pat lea Asiles Agricole*, lUpport 

t\ M. le Miniatre i!e In Guerre I.e., p. 209. 
1696. 1853. Santlvale, Ct. H. de. — Alg^rie. Agriculture et commerce— Le 
T^r^inthe. J. c, t. liv. p. 159. 

1696. Lea eaui thennales de BerronagUia. 1. c, p, 225. 

1687. 1853. Cherbonneau, Prufesseur d'Arabo k la chaJre de Constantine. — 
Prficis historique de 1ft dynaatie des Aglabitea, tridnit en franpais et acoompagnd 
de notes. 1. c, p. 417. 

The original is by Ibu-Oudr&jic, and exists in the DJama Ez-ECilouna at 
1698. 1853. Suval, Jules. — Algdrie. Population indigSne et europdeniie. 
1. c, p. 432. 

1689. 1853. Esoayrao da Iiauture, Oomte d'.— La D£aert ct le Soudan. 
Paris; 8vo. 

An interesting record of explorations in North and West Africa. 

1700. 1854. FellisBier, E. — Annales algiitienBea. A new edition contiDasd to 
the fall of Abd-el-Kader, wiih an appendix containing Ihe rfanmfi of the 
of Algeria fruni 1848-54. 3 vol. 8vo, pp. 478, 511, and 529. 

The best work hitherto publiahed on Algeria, 

1701. 1854. T. Z.— Explication de denx fipigrapbes chre'tiennes tronv^es, 
k B4tif, I'autre i Tiharet, on dfiterrnination da V&ie de la province en Maniitanta. 
Collection de Precis IIiatorii]ues, Sec, 65* livraison, p. 469. 

1705, 1854. Penchanat am^. — La guerre de la Kabyiie, on description 
historiquo et niilitflire de cotlu cotifi!dSration, aveo Veiplicalion du systimo 
jwlitique et Btralegic[na que I'un doit employer pour la conqiiiSrir. 8Vo, 

1708. 1854. Cherbonnaau, A. — Manuel des ^oles Bra>bes-fran;ftiscs expliqnj 

dans lesdens langues. Constaniioe: am. 8vo, pp. 84. 
1704. 1854. Qomara, F. Iiopea de. — Cronica de Iob Barbarrojos, written 

1547 and publislied at Madrid in 1854. 8vo, pp. 211. 

1706. 1854. MoreU, John RaynelL— Algeria; the Topcgrephy and Hli 
Political, Social and Natural, of Frunch Africa. One ofaseries called the Illusbalei] 
London Library. London : Bvo, pp. 490. 

1706. 1854. PulBsky, Prancio.— The Tricolor on the Atlas, or Alge 
the French Conquest. London ; Svo, pp. 402. 

Tliie is a translation of Wagner's work (No. 898) with lator additions. 





1707. 1854. Sjnjrth, Bear-Admiral William Henry.^Tbe Mediterranean ; 
a Memoir, Physical, Historical, and Nautical. London : 8vo. 

Pp. 8S-100 give an account of the North Coast of Africa. 

1708. 1854. Duval, Jules. — L'Algerie. Tableau Iiistorique, descriptif et statis* 
tiqae de la colonie. Paris : 8vo. 2nd edition in 1859. 

1700. 1854. Gl^rarcU Jules. — ^La chasse au lion, et lea autres cbasses do 
TAlg^e, pr^odd^ d'une introduction par L. Bertrand. Paris : 8vo, pp. 310, with 
3 illustrations. 

1710. 1854. Del ICont^, M. — Rapport sur les calcaires onyx translncides 
(alabfttres antiques) ddcouverts par . • • dans la province d'Oran en 1850. Paris : 
4to, pp. 6. 

i710a. 1854. Belliard, J. — ^Souvenirs d'un voyage en Algdrie; les Monts Fil- 
S\a et leurs carriSres de marbre blanc. Paris : 8vo. 

i 73.1. 1854. Bardl, Joseph. — ^L^Alg^rie en 1854. Itin^raire gdn^ral de Tunis ^ 
^I?anger ; colonisation, paysages, monuments, culte, agriculture, &c. Paris : 8vo, 
;p>p. 251, 1 plate. — See sdso No. 593. 

IT'^S. 1854. Strabo, Geography of, literally translated with notes by H. C. 
.Srlamilton and W. Falconer. 3 vols. 12mo, published by Bohn in 1854-7. 

173.8. 1854. Benier, Ii^n, Biblioth^caire h. la Sorbonne. — Premier rapport 
k M. le Ministre de llnstruction publique et des Gultes par . • . charg^ 
*une mission en Alg^rie pour y rechercher les monuments ^pigraphiques. 
lives des Missions Scien. et Litt, t. iii. p. 314. 

XT' 3. 4. 1854. Foumel, Mar. Jer. H. — Kichcsse mindrale de I'Algdrie 1849-54. 
'SS vol. 4to. 

IT "^-6. Coup d'oBil historique sur la Piraterie jusqu'au xvi* si^cle. 

*^ids : 8vo. From Rev. Orient et Alger. 

\T3-6. 1854. Duouingy F. — L'Algerie en 1854. Les ressources et les moyens 
^'exploitation de la colonic. Kevue des deux Mondes, 15th Oct. 

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en Afrique. Paris : 4to. New edition in 1865. 

1718. 1854. lies Colons de PAlg^rie ; Oued En9a, par Tauteur de la Villa 
Soi^ Lille: 2 pt. 12mo. 

1719. 1854. Iiefebvre, ICarie. — Esquisses alg^riennes. De la litt^rature en 
^^gerie. On demande des paysans. Poesies. Ck)quilles sur coquilles. M. de 
^'Jiaxtine en Algdrie. Fant&isies, A-c. Paris : 8vo. 

^* 1854. Bertherand, Dr. !El Ij. — M^decine et hygiene des Arabes. Lille : 

*• 1854. Armand, Dr. A. — L'Algerie mddicale : climatologie, pathogen^sie, 
l*thi.ologie, hygienes, acclimateinent et colonisation. Paris: 8vo, pp. 532, map. 

^ 1854. Dugat, Gust. — Grammaire arabe et fran9aise, r^ig^ en Arabe, K 

U8%^^ des indigenes d'Alg^rie, avec la collaboration du cheik Fares Ech-Chidiag. 

^*^^ c 8vo. 

y 1854. Bellemare, Alex. — Grammaire arabe (idiome d' Alger) k Tusago do 

*''*^^e et des employes civils de TAlg^rie, suivie des formules de civilit^s arabes 

^ X^ Gdn^ral Daumas. Paris: 8vo. 2nd edition 1860; 3rd edition, Algiers, 

^^°» l>l)u208. 

i. lilllLlUGllAMIV OF ALG&niA. 

Saumas, G6n4ral EL- 

Priacipes g£aCr«Dx de cavslter srA 
dans la Hante Kabylie par nn jnj 

Hun, P61ix.— Uoe 

Strnsbourg i 
B^ponae aux objections fnites aus projets de oaloDisatiim pr^scnti 

1725. 1854. 

1728. 18E4. 

par KM. D. Pantiii ct Al<iinQ c-t actucllement soumis k I'examcQ da Cousu 
sup^rieur dc Goiiyiiuement. 

1727. 1854. Weber, M. Preiherr vtm. Director of Knilwayfl, Dresdnn.- 
Algerieu iind die Auswanderung dahin. Leipzig : Svo, pp. 75, with a pteEace b 
Dr. Eeinrich Lichteuat«in. 

1728. laS*. VoiBB ferrtea. Cbemin de fcr de I'Algerie par la ligne cmtiale d 
Tell, Hvec rattaches :1 ta cute, etudiS et propoa^ ]»r MM. Delavignc, HacCartb; 
Rbdc, Serpolet et Waraier ; avec une carte de I'Algdrie indiquant le trac& Parii 


Wright, Jobn (de Londrea).— Projet de cbemin de fer i £tabll 

!, r£gypte et I'lode. 8vo.— See No. 1587. 

1729. 1854. 
entre V Alger 

1730. 1854. Cazalao, Dr. L.— Examen de la brocbure de M. Boudin sur 1 
coloaJBation et de la population de I'AIg^rie (No. 1634). Alger: 8vo, pp, 16. 

1730a. 1854. Cauchar. — Exaiueu critique des M^moires aur I'Algerie rfdig* 
par le Brigadier Don Crispin de Sandovnl ct Don Antonio Madera y Tiven 
Paria; 8vo. 

1731. 1854. Valllant, lie Kar^chal, Ministre de la Gnerre. — Bapport pr^acni 
^ I'Emperent 8Ur la Hitoalioa dei'Algerie en 1853. Paris: 8vo, pp. 86. — See all 
Monileur, 23 May, and J\ev. de I'Orienl, de I'Alg. et dea Colonies, t. xv. p. 424. 

1732. Organisation dps Bureaus arabes. Happort H TEniperenr. L e 

t. Kvi. p. 222. 

1783. 1854. Bandon, MarAohal, GoiiTemeur G^n^ral de I'Algerie. — OpAn 
tiODB toililaires en Al^t^rio. Bnpport au Miaistre de la Guerre, 13 juillct 18& 
1. c,, t. xri. p. 122. 

1784. 1854. Ordre de la orAatlon dca titrea eccl^aiaatiqaeB et dea dtTei 
^tabliaaementB leligieux en Alg^rie, depuia 1630 juaqu'il 1854. Alger: 8v< 
pp. 35. 

1735. 1854. Chriatlon, K — Eau minirale de Mouaaia, Alger: 8vo, pp. 9, 

' 1786. 1854. Sanvitale, Cte. H. C— Aig£rie. Histoire des Iribtis indigioea dt 

Douars du Titeri, Rev. de I'Orient, de I'Alg, et dee Colonies, t. xv. p. 47. 

1787. Tribiia du Sidiara algirien, lea Outed-NayU de rooeat. L C«5.i. 
1738. 1854. MasBol, Marquie de.— Souvenira de la province d'Oran, On. 

dW! sur Data. 1. c, t. xv. p. 112. 
1789. Itindrwre de Sldi bel AbbJa h Gran. 1. c, L xv. pp, 288 et Wj. 

1740. Tlemyen, Annaia, Lalla Magnia, Roubau ct aes Mines. L c.|t ii 

p. 354. 

1741. 1854. Florian-Fharaon, Comte. — Lo Marabuut de Si Ahmed-ben- Yooai 
et aea Daaoui. L c, t. xv. p. 117. 

1742. 1854. Le Cleroq, A. — De I'origine commune dea cbevaux aral)ea,| 
clievaux barbes. L c, t. xv, p. 179. 



1748. 1854. QuyBy Henri, aDcien Consul de France k Alep. — Notice historique 
et statistique snr les chevaox chez les Arabes. I. c, t. xv. p. 406. 

2744. 1854. KaoCarthy, O. — Laghouat 1. c, t. xv. p. 346. 

J. 744a. Exploration arch^ologique dans la subdivision de Medeah. 1. c, 

t. xvi. p. 42. 

X746. 1854. BiaxLohi, T. X., ancien Secretaire Interpr^te da Roi. — Insulte com- 
mise par les Alg^riens contre le vaisseau la Province 3 aoiit 1829. L c, t. xy. 
p. 433. 

1746. 1854. Qillotte, Ch., Avocat. — Traitd de droit musnlman. Bdne: 8yo 
pp. 190. 

3. 747. 1854. Filet, Dr. !El — Quelques soavenirs de Lagbouat et de son service 
m^cal en 1853-4. Alger : 8vo, pp. 49. 

L^48. 1854. Ijeireiis, Jeannin, Farfumeur. — Colonisation alg^rienne* Alger: 
12mOy pp. 68. 

L 749. 1854. Instruotions sur la grefife des oliviers. Imprim^par ordrede S.E. 
le Ministre de la Guerre. Alger : 12mo, pp. 7, with illustrations. 
The work of a departmental commission. 

W. 1854. Programme des questions sonmises & la Cbambre d' Agriculture 
d'Oran. Oran : 12mo, pp. 21. 

rsi. 1854. Bavier, M., Ing. des Fonts et Chaussees. — Essais et observations 
snr les metiers employ^ en eau de mer k Alger. Paris : 8vo, pp. 65. 

'52. 1854. Bteum6 des documents relatifs ^ r^migration dans les colonies 
sBuisses de S^tif en Alg^rie. 4to, pp. 32, maps and illustrations. In French and 

^4^8. 1854. Compagnie gdnevoise des colonies suisses de S^tif. Deuxidme 
ipportdu conseil d'admlQistration. Gendve: 4to, pp. 13. 

1854. Beoherohes historiques et statistiques sur la salubritc et la fertilitd 
<^e S^tifL Geudve : published by the Compagnie g^nevoise. 

^^^6w 1854. Pages, Aug., Capitaine d'Infanterie. — Les deux sieges de Constan- 
tme. 8vo. 

^*^^5e. 1854. Pontier, Med. Major.— Souvenirs de 1' Alg^rie. 12mo. 

^'^7. 1854. Natte, Ch. — Tipasa: projet d'6tablissement d'une ferme village. 

'^^ 1855. Hardy, A. — Manuel du cultivateur de coton en Algdrie. Alger : 
S^o, pp. 48. 

'^©. 1855. Vaillant, Mar^chal, Ministre de la Guerre. — ^Rapport adress^ b, 
* ^tnpereur sur la culture du coton en Algdrie. Faris : 8vo, pp. 40. 

'^^- 1855. Desoription des plantations de cotonniers visit^s par le jury du prix 
^e I'^mpereur. Paris : 8vo, pp. 40. 

®^- 1855. Boi, XL, Inspecteur de Colonisation. — Instruction pratique sur La 
cult^ije du ootonnier. Alger : 12mo', pp. 15. 

17e^ 1855. Iiettres du Kar^ohal de St. Amaud. Paris : 2 vol. 8vo. 
These contain many relative to Algeria. 

'^^ 1855. Tableau de la situation des ^tablisscments fran^ais dans 
1' Alg^rie, ann^ 1862-5. 2 parts, 4to. 

B 2 

A lllliLIOUBAI'HV (.; 

KabUHson, A. — De la gui^apliie du Noril Je I'AfrlqiM 

iiiainB ct iirttbc. Taris: 2 \iil. 8vo, pp. 138 and 251, 

1764. 1855-7 

lea pdriocks r' 
1766. 1855. Kuidavets, Pedro. ^Dencripcion y piano de Us ialas CbafariBa& 

See Cronica Naval, Madrid, t. i. ia">5, p. 662. 

Segardiog a project for forming a great naval Ktation here. 

— Itin^mire historiiiue et arcLfiolo^que dc I'Alff 
Limoges : 12mo, 
jscsebns fran^aise 
e Trade of Algiers diuiug 

1767. 1805. Boy, J, J. E.— Histoire de rAlgirk 
edition. Tours, 1870, 6vo, 4 plates, 

1768. L'Alg(?rie moderns. Description dea pi 

Nord de I'Arrique. Limoges ; 12iiio. 

1769. 1855. Bell, Conaul-Oeneral.— lleport on t) 
1855, Consular TraJe Reports, No. 6, 1858, p. 89. 

1770. 1855. Harootte de QuiTi^TH. — Deux ans e 
tion par Ic Bibliophile Jacob (Paul Laoroiii). I'aris ; . 

1771. 1855. Duval, Julea.— Tableau de I'AlgMe, Manud descriptif e 
lie, oontenant le tableau exact ile la colonic sous les rapjKirts giograpliiquej, 

ue, &K. P.tris : 18mu, pp, 498, mAp. 

i diuiug 
•t aUi(^^^ 

■gricolc, commercial, iudustrlel, 

1772. La politique de I'Empereur en Algcirie. Paris : 8vo. 

1778- Catalogue esplicatif et TBiBcnnfi dos prodaitu algdriena, guide pour 

I'Expoaition permanente de I'Algdrie. Public ear les auspices du Minist^re dc 1» 

Guerre. Paris : 8vo, pp. 207. 

This exhibition was located at Rue de Crenelle, St. Germain, 107. 
1774. 1855. De la Maire, Comdt. A. — Excuntion fnito en juin 1853 aux 

mines de Khremissa. Paris : tivo, pp. 33, From the Itevue Archdalogi<itH^ 

xii* annfe. ~ 

A, — Guide g^ni!ra! de l'Al^-i5rie : bistoriqu 
a algiSrienoes. 


1776. 1855. Tombarel, 
graphique, &c. Alger : '. 

1777. 1865. AuboB, Edouard,— Les Mograbiues, 

1778. 1855. Tableau dea dlHtanceB de chsque centre de population i 
province d'Alger, mix chcf-tieux judiciaires, de canton, d'arrondissemant c 

1779. 1855, Berbrugger, A. — Erreurs populaires ipruposderAlg^ric. — Sec die 
■ Akbbur,* I2tli Feb., 1855. 

17B0. La grando Kabj-lie sous lea Remains. Paris ; 8vo, pp. 39. 

178S. 1S55, Benier, Iiton, Biblioth&»ire A laSorbonne. — Inscnptioas n 
de I'AlgSrie, recuoillieaet publidas par .... Paris; ^to. 

A most importSQt work, containing nearly 4000 inscriptionB. 

1788, 1855. auyon, J. Xb Ot, — Histoire cbronolagiqua dcs dpid^miea du 2 

do I'Afrique, Alger; 8vo. 
1784. 1855 ? Galliani, A.— Do la crise qui dcsulc et ru'mc I'Algirie. 

Sto, pp. 7. 

irispnideDCe dc k Cour Iniiieriale d'Alg« 
ft: 8vo. 


1786. 1865. ICuller, Ii. — ^Numismatique de rancienne Afrique. Commenced 
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Tadace is a game of forfeits. 

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de considerations gdndrales sur les vdritables causes de la guerre actuelle en 

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Ha particularly inaiists cin the creatioa of departmental v 
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t. iii. p. 53D. 

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il "^4^1 






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Originally addressed to tlie President of the Soc. Zoo!. d'Acclitn. 

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AUo pablishod in the Rev. de I'Orienl, de I'Alg. H des Colocii-s, ] 
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This is the story of the fiwe Doys euccesaivuly oluTated t 
and massacred on the same day, in 1700. 

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eigener Ausschauung uud authcutisclien Quellen nainenClicb audi in KUukS^ 

auf deutscho Aaswanderung bearboitot von , . . Barlin. 
1821. 1856. B«vue AMcaine. Journal des travaux de la Sod£td Historique 


nne to 




85G ; continued every two montha t 

iiportaat articles on Algeria, 

'Notea arch&ilogiques aur les nun< 

tbe present 
I de I>iel(a. 

Algfirienne. Algiers 

First vol. publiiihed in 
day. This contidns many i 
1822. 1856. Beboud, Dr.- 
1. 0., ToL i. p. 25. 

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i la guerre de Tind^pcndauce grecque d*apr^ des documents incites. I. c., pp. 129 
et seq. 

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'Alger. Alger : 8vo, pp. 19. 

He took possession of his diocese on the 6th January, 1839. He brought 
from Pa via the relics of St. Augustine. He resigned his office on the 9th 
December, 1845, and died 10th July, 1856. 

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X^ronoDC^e k la Gath^drale d'Alger, le 5 novembre 1856. Alger : 8vo, pp. 16. 

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Sva A second edition was published in 1870, pp. 384. 

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This article contains an account of Lord Exmouth's action in 1816, and of 
the French conquest. 

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This forms one of a series entitled ' Addey's Library for old and young.' 
London: 8vo. 

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Scenery, Agriculture, Slave Trade, &c. Several plates, 8vo. 



projot coiicerna.Dt la cokniaatiai da 

a la guerre. I'ariB: Svo. 

Rev. de rodeut, de I'Alg. M 

Paris: 12mo. 

wmpoaed of dcpnties and pcen 

le tableau des dialfctes d« l'A\g6ne ct des 
8ro, p]). Za. Originally pnblisbcd in tbe 
de rOrient, de I'Alg. et dra Colooies, nonv. *6r., 1. iv. 

.1844. 1856. AlbigftB.— Notice 

I'Algi^rie, pnjseutfi il S. Kx.M. le 
184S. 185CI. Baudlcour, Iiouis de. — La colonisation de I'Alggrje 

Pitria: 8^0, pp. 588. 

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dea Coioniea, nouv. sit., t. iv. p. 400. 

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The author wfla]|s«;reliiry • f the 
of France sent to Algeria by tbe G. 
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Pliilippeville il Biekra et duns lea Monta Aurfs. 

1849. 1856. PontJer. B.— Notice mir Orl&insviDo et TiaCe. 
1860. 1856, Foumel, Mar. JSr. S.— RicLesses tnindralcs de I'Alg^i 

I8S1. 1856. JOelnaud.— l!n]>i»tt si 
contr^es voisines de 11. Geslin. Purii 
Sloniteur.— See also ]1< 
r. 382, 

Tliis re]»rt was called for by tlio Minister of War, and was nude by a 
comniiiision of tbe Acaddmio Aei Inscriptions, Scq. M. Geslin died iii Algeria 
before bis task wos^complettd. 
1862, 1856. O-aaetta If^dioale de TAIguriD, Coinmenced in Ibis year and 

continued nioutlily. Alger ; 4lo. 
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}lead at the Honiceopalhic Congress at Bruesels, 25tb Sept., 1856. Vaiia : 8to, 
pp. 16, 
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pp. 234. 

This gives an acconnt of the expeditions to Medea, Miliana, and & jonmej 
to the Zibans. 
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sur I'aiitraolie Bull. Soc. Imj., Aeclinwt. Paris, 1857, pp. 331-43, 391-4, 

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I'Ctablissement de ces lignes. Alger: 4to, pp. 33. 

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\sL Chrdtlenne. 1. c, p. 512. 

1856. Vaiizier, Hipp. Henri, publishes a letter on tho same subject. 
I.e., vol. iv. p. 190. 

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I>. 106. 

This is an article from the ' Emancipation Beige ' on the administration of 
the Mar6chaL 

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•^^xn the Journal de Fharmacie et de Chimie, t. xxix. p. 5. 

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12th, 13th, and 15th April. 
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transmission des charges eii Algdrio. Alger: 8vo, pp. 11. 
1S8S. 1856. Bapport Tnit il M. le Msrechal OouTenieur g^ni^ral de 

par la oommiasion iostitu^e pour fitudier reffectntion des qtmiB dii port 

Alger : folio, pp. 26. 

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lie la GuBrre, Biir la ciilturo du coton ea Al^^rie (1855). Paria : 8vo, pp. 

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situ, origins e'. moribiis. DisserLilioiuauguralis quA doctorie philoeopLiie liooore), 
dignitatem, jura et inimunitatei npiid Hrnplissimum univerailatia jeaensis phito- 
sophorum ordiocDi, etc. BerolinI : Sro, pp. 81. 

1888. Mittheilungen bus Alg'.tien. Der sadliche Halienzug. Die 

Steppen Algeriena. Der Djehal Aurea. Die Stadt Batun. Die Strafcolonio 
Lamb^e. Zeitaehr, ftir allgem. Erdkunde, Berlin, 1857-58-00. See alu 
No. 2067. 

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Muaulmans, trauslated from the Arabic of Mohammed bin Mozabii 

Kouttia (the female Golli). 
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Tt'.tto arabc, public \vu le Ijarou de Slane. Aiger et Paris : 8vo, A tranclation 
by the same nutbor in the Joumil Aaiatique, 1858-9. — See also No. 2089. 

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The author was sent on a miHsion by the Marfchal de MacMnbon. 
was published by M. Cherbonneau in the Nouvelles Annalos dea Voyages, 
1886, 1857." Beinaud.— Mi^muiro Bur lea poiKilations de rAfriquo sepletitrionale. 
Paris : 4tc, pp. 17. 

18B7. liapport sut un essai de grammaire de la Ungne des Eabyla, et^ 

BUT un mfimoire relatif i quelques inscriptioiiH bu caraclAres Tounrigs, par U. le 
Capitaine da Gc^aie Hanoteau, attnoliij au Bureau politique des afTaires nrabea i-* 

Bead at the Acad, dea Inscr. et Belles-lettres, 26Ch June. Seo nlao Iter. 
rOrient, de I'Alg. et des Colonies, noUT. sfir., t. vi. pp. 162. 



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Bruxdles in 1849. 

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r^tablissement des putts art^siens dans TOued Souf, TOued B'ir et les Zibans. 
li^m. de la Soc. des Ing^Dieurs Civiles, 20 June, 1856, pp. 92, map and sections. 

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€X>nquSte d'Afrique par les Arabes : et recberches sur les tribus berb^res qui out 
occupy le Magreb central. Paris : 4to, pp. 165. 

X^^<^ Les Berbers, ^tude sur la conquete de TAfrique par les Arabes, 

^'apr^ les textes imprimis. Paris : n. d., 4 to. 
Both works of considerable importance. 

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nclading his own autobiography. Translated by Admiral W. H. Smyth,, 
^.B.8., &c, London : 8vo. 

Arago gives an account of his landing at Bougie in December 1808, his 
journey overland to Algiers, and his residence there during several months. 

1857« Berbrugger, A. — Les ^poques militaires de la grande Kabylie. 
-^Iger : 18mo, pp. 319, with map. 

The periods here described are (1) French, (2) Turkish, (3) Arab^ 
(4) Boman. 

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^'Alg^rie avec I'int^rieur de TAfrique, et d'une route par terre d' Alger au S^n^gal 
pv Tombouctou, pr^dd^ d'observations sur TAlg^rie et le Maroc. Paris : 8vo. 

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8th May. 

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dcoouverte k Mdaourouche, Tancienne Madaure. Paris : pp. 31. 

M. L^n Renier wrote a reply to this paper, pp. 15. 

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Review of the article by General Daumas in the * Revue Contemporaine.* 

1913. De rinfluence des Smala des Spahis sur I'avenir de TAlgdrie. 

1. c p. 144. 



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■ le Tombeaii 

!s lie Si:-tir. I. c, pp. 317 et uq. 
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The ioscriptton is given biith in reduced lac-simile and 
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A short roaumi of o|K!rstions executed in the WeHtem Aurfe before 1850 ; 
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Narrates visit to a Cat 

leighbonrhood of Algiers, 
iriplion trouvfie h Iiolla Mar 

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This rite is followed in nearly every part of Africa. The work in question 
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P&>* les Franpais jusqu'^ la pacification g^n^rale, avec un aper9U des difif^rents 

^*it^ militaires auxquels la France a pris part pendant cette p^riode, etc., et un 

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A society projected to work the coal supposed to be at Cape Bengut. 

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The Governor-General in his opening address says, "Aprcs trcus ans de 
guerre formidable; apr^ trois ans de disette cruelle, et d'^preuves de toute 
espece. • • . partout la paix, partout Tabondance." 

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Simply a project for establishing a slave trade. 

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Founded on the preceding, but written by one who has personal acquaint- 
^^nce with the colony. 

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He was sent to Algiers to destroy the illusions of the Arabs regarding the 
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"^o the translator. 

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251 A DiiJLioanAPHr of algehia. 

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ois ^^^1 

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A review ol' Camus' ' Le» Buhbmes du Drapeay.' 

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Xo. 2061. ■■ 

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le patronage du Minlstre du la Guerre, dans k parlia salmrienne nMlridionale dM 
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Translated from tlie ' Africa Christiana ' of Morcelli, 1. c, p. 46. 

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OL. IL 8 


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The proposed city is just outside the Port de Constantine. 

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Poems of no merit, written in Algeria. 

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8 2 


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Portions of the work are signed by her sister A. L. S. 

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It concludes with a '* projet <de d^ret " encouraging the cultivatioD for three 

207a 1858-59. De I'Alg^rie, depuis k prise d*Alger (5 juillet 1830) jusqn'^ la. 
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Chaps, i., ii., and iii. give the ancient history of Algiers, the remainder that 
of the French conquest 

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This had only two years* existence. It was the organ of the Minist^re de 
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The writer never went beyond Algiers and its immediate neighbourhood. 

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From the Bull, de la Soc. Imp. Zool. d'Acclimatation, t. vi., I7th Feb. 


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There is also a splendidly illustrated edition, Paris, 8fo. 

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No. 1595. 

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This work abounds in information of the most valuable nature. 

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The best book on Eabylia till the appearance of Hannoteau and Letoumeux's 

great work. 

1859. Constitutioii Booiale de la Kabylie. Eev. Alg^r. et Colon., 

Extract of a report of the General commanding the division of Algiers: A 
good resumi of what was then known of the Djemaa, the Sof and the EarrOmi 
of the Eabyles. 

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A work of great learniug and value. It was translated into Spanish by 
T. Artufio y Ors, Spanish Consul at Oran, and published at Madrid in 1860. 
--See No. 2199. 

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The number recorded is 2600 species. No descriptions are given. 

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p. 173. 

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1. Lb d^couverto de boh corps. 2. Sa vie de 1542 A 1569. 3. nioes k I'appiii. 

A fltor^ of tiio deepest interest. 
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The EahylcB maintain tlmt tbej are of loreign origin, some of the tribes 
being Feriiian, others Arab. 
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This is thi; tombstone of Boii Abdulla, last kiag of Granada. 
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X * ^us o^ldbre oorsaire alg^rien du xiii* si^le de Th^gire : d'apr^s des documents 
sr^ ^Jthentiques et pour la plupart inddites. Alger : 12mo, pp. 111. 
He was killed in 1817 in an action with an American frigate. 

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A very interesting period of Algerian history, comprising the conquest of 
Eabylia and the Sahara. 

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An appeal in favour of Gherchel, the ancient Julia Cassarca. 

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^gres chez les blancs, considdr^e coinme moyen providentiel de r6g^n6rer la race 
^Sre et de civiliser TAfrique int^rieure. Paris : 8vo, p. 104. 

A project for State participation in the slave trade. 

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ote lue k la Soc. Mdtdor. de France le 14 juillet 1857, et faitcs dans le sud de 
province d'Oran. Alger : foL pp. 15. From the Ann. de la Soc. M4t^r. de 
«unce, t. vii. p. 222. 

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Demidre rdponse au conseil d'administration de la Compagnie des 

^^^^oioiues de S^tif. Lausanne : 4to, pp. 32. 

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a dee C3i*iilA 

Knickerbocker, New Yotki 

du Monde, t 

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occideslaus, with mnp. B 

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vol. liv. ].p. 191-7. ^m 

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de« tni'moires, dea niooographieB et des renseignemenls de toute nature sur 
Vagriculture, la colonisation, Ic comiscrce et tes diverees iudiisiries alsgrien MK. 
Tome 1", 8vo. 

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— HistMK- 




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itabliasement colonial. 2, L'ancienne administration et lcs gouTcmeurs gjajrmiilt. 
3. Des devoirs nouveaux du gouvernemcnt colonial en AlgWe. "^^^ 

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— See lioT, des doux Mondee, 15ih June, 1800. 

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jugo d'Alger en coiigd pour cause ilc sanxi. 


ibyles, r>^^| 


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C3cument8 officiels et de plusieurs de ses compegnons d'armes. Paris-Bordeaux : 

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^^^t. Paris : pp. 145. 

The writer accomplished in four months the distance, 1395 kil., between 
the two places above mentioned. — See Rev. Alg^rienue et Coloniale. Also Bull. 
Soc G^ogr. Paris, p. 145. 

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An interesting record of travel in a region then little known ; not without 
historical errors. The appendices contain physical geography, geological system, 
history^ mammals, birds, reptiles, mollusca. 

On the Ornithology of Northern Africa. The Ibis, 1860, p. 74. 

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^^-Igeria and Tunis, Descriptive and Sporting. London: 12mo, pp. 96, with 
poor illustrations. 
A work of no merit 

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ger : 18mo. Suivis des tableaux des distances l^gales. 

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fi^ectbna chroniques de la poitrine. Happort fait k la suite d'lme mission 
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La Zaouia de Chellata; excunsion chez les Zouaona de la haute 

^^^*ylie. TA6m. de la Soc. de G^. de Genfeve. 

An intereating paper on the manners and traditions of the Eabyles, with 


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TAlgdrie, Paris: 18mo, pp. 182. 

A remarkable work, in which the author recommends the Kabyles for the 
cultivation of Algeria. 

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Colonics, nouv. sdr., t. xi. p. 187. 

These ancient codes are the most interesting monuments of Beii)er 

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Sidi-K*helil. Constantine : 8vo, pp. 168. 

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This recognises the immense gain to humanity that has been achieved by 
the occupation of Algiers. 

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2219. 1860. Ii'Empereur Niipol^on HL et r Algdrie. Alger : 8vo, pp. 35. 
A glorification of Algeria, France, and the Emperor. A work of no value. 

2220. . 1860. Hanoteau, A. — Essai de grammaire do la languo Tamachek, 
feofermant les principes du langage parl^ par les Imouchar*ou, Touareg, &c, 
Taris: 8vo. With a facsimile of writing in Tifinar* character. — See also Rev. 
Afr., vol. iv. p. 477. 

An important work, accompanied by a map of Berber groups in Algeria, 
showing how the total number of 855,159 Berber inhabitants are distributed. 
An analysis of this by Pruner Bey is contained in Bull. Soc. G^ogr. Paris, 
1863, 2* sem., pp. 267-81. 

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From the Revue Alg^rienne et Coloniale. 

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-line. Alger : 8vo, pp. 27. 

By means of exempting peasants from the conscription and sending them to 

, 1860. Fregier, C. — De I'^tablissement d'un jury special d'expropriation 
"^"'^^fclique en Alg^rie, par un magistrat alg^rien. Alger : Svo, pp. iii. and 32. 


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theiluDgeu, p, 55. 

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vol. vi. pp. 641-67. 

Narmtca the fan m illations sulTcrcd bj the United States for nearly twenty- 
five years. 

— Tlemgen ct Tomboctou. Alger: 8vo, pp. 21. 

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S vol. 4to. 

This learned work was oommencad in this year and completed in 1862. It 

coDtatna a scientific olatisiiicntioii of aU the Greek and numim money of Nortb 

Africa from Cyreoe to Uauritania. It ia one of the most important works erec 

written on Africa, 

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toriques, philuaophiijuea ct critiiiues. Paris, Alger: 12nio, pp. 288. 
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Followed by I'hysionomiea algiSriennea ; 1« Bandit, Je Marabout, &o. 
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public par les Algeriens. Alger : 8to, pp. 387. 
SSSe. 1R6Q. Fescheux, IUm4on.—La Porte du Cuuchant, oti Tlemfea 
I'ombrag^e. Po£me eu 12 chante accump(^6 d'eaqtussea hiatoriqucB africaines. 
Paria : Svo, pp. 67. 
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logiques faites dans \e and de» provinces du Cunstantioe et d'Alger, pendaut les 
niois de miu & juin 1858. Paria: fol. pp. 30, From the Annuairc de la Soc 
Mfit&ir. de France, t. viii. p. 34. 
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Napolfon III. BOne : 4to, pp. 1 1. Prolesting against the line of railway bong 
made from Constantino to Philippevllle instead of lo B6ne, 
2238. IBGO. De I'Alg^rie, )>ar raiiporl i, une nouvelle guerre en Europe et par 

rapport A. aon nvenir. CouHlautitie : Ifimo. 
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Publication de la SocieW Bislorique Algfrienne. Alger: 8vo, pp. viii. and 72. 
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The author gives his ideas of how the first caravan should be orgatiiseii 
which is to carry the natioDal manufactures to the Soudan and bring bacic tlia 
rich (?) producta of that country " en quantity finormea." 
149. 1860, Boger, Joseph. — Catalogue du MusC-e Arcbdologiqua de Philippc- 
»iHe, Philippoville : 8vo. 


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en vent par la p^pini^re du gouvernement au HamDa. Alger : 8vo, pp. 80. 

This U followed by papers on the transplantation of trees, and on several 
new species recently acclimatised at Algiers. 

Importance de TAlgdrie comme station d*acclimatation. 8vo, pp. 20. 

SMa 1860? Boosmalen, A. da— L'Alg^e telle qu*elle sera. Paris: 8vo, 
pp. 32. 

The author corrects all the misrepresentations regarding the colony and 
gives his own ideas of how it should be conducted, on the strength of having 
established a Lyc^ at Rio de Janeiro I 

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Kasimirski de Biberstein. Paris : 2 vol. 8vo. 

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La Morici^re. 

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foie, d'aprte les observations recueillies dans le nord de TAMque. Paris: 8vo, 

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Chine, &c Lille (Nord) : 8vo, pp. 8. 

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intimes revues et annotto par Elie de la Primaudaie. Paris : 12ma 

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bouctou et aux Monts de la Lone. Translated from the Arabic. Paris : 8vo, 
pp. 12. From the Hev. Alg^. et Colon. 

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Ann. Sec Arch, de Constantine, voL iv. pp. 114-209. 

Dtouverte de 18 monuments numidiques (proscynbmes) et 

^pitapfaes. 1. a, p. 214. 

Notice et extraita da Eunouan ed-Diraia fi Mechaiekh Bidjaia, ou 

Gtlerie des litterateurs de Boogie au vu* si^le de FHdgire. Paris : 8vo. 


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I^d-60, et reflexions sur le d^cret relatif k la vente des terres domainiales. 
^<^«tantine : 8vo, pp. 40. 

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Pr^fet d'Alger. Alger : 18mo, pp. 85. 


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ralaliotis exWrieiircH. Alger: V2mo, 
2286, 1^130. Beleieux, Julee. — Exsai sur In natuialisation collective d«a m'^^KJui 

gines Isniuiitcs, Alger : Hvo, [■>ii, 2i. « 

3366. 1860. La queaUon juiva en Al^rie, ou da la luturalisaLioa des JiK::v~Vn|| 
als^rieoB. Pur un Algerien Progrtsaiata, J. C. F. Alger: 8vo, pp. 77 BndUi. i. 

3367. 1860. Dubeau, I'AbM. — L'enrAat trouvS et I'Algfrie, ou coloDissff~:*~~IiH 
agricolede I'AfriquflfraiU'aise. Paris; 8fo, pp. 171. 

Tlie author attempts to settle two important questionH, the a melioration -*:^« in 
the condition of faunQliu<;s in Frnuce, and the colonisation of Algeria. 

2268. 1860. airardin, K de.— Civilisation de TAlgerle. 

Contains alsn two letters from M. Cldmeat Duvernois, formerl; edbn =" n/" 

the Ala&ie Nouvello. 

2269. 1860. Duponohel, Bdm. — Cent mille homiaes en Algdrio. Projet •!'> 
oolonisaliou militaire. Solution tcoaomique et pratiiiue ile la question d'Al^^S". 
Par ua vieil Afrlcain. Paris : l^vo, pp. 64. 

A criticism cm thu preceding. 

2270. tSCO. Frobl&me de k colonisation algdrienne. Alger : 8vu, 

2271. 18G0. Situation des Maronltes ea I86a Algiers. Anoo. &-^'0, 
pp. 64. 

This was written at tlie time of the massacres in Moitnt LBbanon, aod »ta 

object wfl3 to auggedt the iromigratioo of the MarODiles to Algeria. 

227a 1860. B^rail, Uon. — Leu institutions apriceles do I'Alc^rie. Be«-«*^ 

historique Bur I'orgaoiitBtion des fermosHjcoltta et ilea fermes-mod41e«, des comi<5^^ 

et des aocititds agricoles, des ohamhrcs d'ngriculture et des BXpositifHU et d^^** 

3273. 1860. J. C. F.— LazarioB, ou lesi Principes. Dialogue sur la contr»ir**- 
par corps. Par im Algerian Progresdisie. Alger: Svo, pp. 50, 
To illustrate the hardship of impriionment for debt. 

2274. — £tudeB Ifigislatives et judiclaire6. — De la Garde Naliouali: ^ ~^ 

de la milice dans sea rapports aveo la laillile en France ou en Alg^rie. Alg":^" * 
8to, pp. 28. 
2376. 1860. Bieet, P.— Lettra de la Rainte TicT^ trouvi5e dans la chap*:^ "^ 
provistnre de Noire Dntiie d'Afrique et adress^ a Louia Antoine Augastiw 
£v6quo d' Alger. Alger ; Svo, pp. 80. 

A criticiam on tlie Mandetnent of the Bishop in 1858, on the " Culle da 
SaintB Vierge." A long poleraio preceded and followed this brochure, wbtc' 
would be useless even to quote, 

2276. Confession d'un Catlioliqne repoussfi du confeasiooal, pour 

protests centre le nouveau dogiiiu de I'iinniacitlce conception. Atger: 
pp. -17. 

2277. I860. Denis,' ancicn, — Lo Spirituel et le Temjiorel. ' 
Monaeigneur Pavy, fivoquu d'Alger, A I'occasion de aori ManOenient but U Car^^^'^™* 
de 1860. Alger; 8vo, pp. 31. 

3378. 1860. Pavy, Mgr. — Lettre circulnire aur les forniules d'cxcommunicat"'^^''" 

Alger : 8yo, pp. 12. j 

Marked " ConfiilentieUe," and addressed to his clei-gy. The Bistiup qSl^^^H 

from Tristram Shandv. ^^^H 



2279. 1860. Pavy, Mgr. — Olwervationa presentees k M. Dupin aln^, Procureur 
g^n^ral et S^nateuTy sor son discours du 29 mars 1860. Alger : 8vo, pp. 22. 

The Bishop criticises severely the Procureur's work, 'Manuel de droit 

1860. Fabiani, Horace. — Episode de la charitd en Algdrie. Paris, Alger : 
dvOy pp. 58. 

This treats of the influence of religion on charitable societies, and of the 
inatallation of the society of St. Francis Xayier. * 

1. 1860. Duponty Paul, Membre du Corps L^gislatif. — Un dernier mot sur 
tndtements, leur insuffisance ct la n^cessit^ d'un rdglement g^n^ral pour toutes 
1.0S administrations centrales. Paris : 8yo, pp. 116. This includes at p. 102, 
*' IMinistdre de I'Alg^rie et des Colonies.' 

1860. Feuillet, Dr. — De la phthisic pulmonaire en AlgMe. Preservation 
gu^rison de cette maladie par Taction du climat alg^rien. 2nd edition, revised 
d augmented. Alger : 8vo, pp. 35. 

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lein Kabylie in de laatste helft van 1851. 's Bosch : 8vo. 

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^rant d'une ferme agricole en Alg^rie. Alger : 12mo, pp. 11. 

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la Mauritanie C^rienne. Oran : 8vo, pp. 15. 

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'., vol. v. p. 468. 

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XS72. L c, p. 1. 

Demise dynastic mauritanienne : Juba II., C16opatre S^l^ne, 

X^tol^^ 1. c, pp. 81 et 9eq. 

Arch^logie des environs d' Alger. 1. c, pp. 131 et seq, 

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Cf p. 422. 

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l^liiBtoire du Christianisme en Afrique. 1. c, p. 48. 

Souvenirs de Tezp^ition de Ximen^ en Afrique. 1. c, p. 54. 

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^* a, pp. 141 et seq. 

Ambassade marocaine en Espagne au 18* si^le. 1. c, p. 456. 

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^ 174. 

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1861. Forille et Pelletier. — Entre S^tif et Coustantine. 1. c, p. 191. 

1. 1861. Poule, A — Buines de Bechilga (Zabi). 1. c, p. 195. 

1861. VayasetteBy E. — De Bou Sada h Batna. 1. c, p. 294. 


S808. 1801. QaBtlneau, Benj., a political IransiwW.— Da PHris en Alg(ri»>Kr 

Voyages et chasses eti Algeria, llluatrated by GiwUve Dore. 
2304. Les fomtnea et les mcEurs en Aigerie. 12nio, 

aa05. 1861. L'AbM B. . . . B . . ,■— Quelques annfes en Afrique, Souvenir^K^ 
ToulouBe : IBaio. Prem. partie, pp, GO ; deus. partie, pp. 62. 

aSOe. 1861. Colomiou.— Voyage an (ioiirnra. Nouv. Ann. iles Voyages. 

9308. ^[ude Biir la caravane de la Mecqiie et le conmierce de I'intfirieur do 

I'Afriqiie. Faria : Sra, pp. 7, double coU. 

From the PubltcntionB de rAcnddmie Nationals, Agricole, MaonfacturiSre el 
Commercial e, July and August. A valuable paper, baring especial reference 
to the aoutii of Algeria. 
2308. 1861, Duveyrior, Henri. — ^Voyage daus le pays dcs Beni Mezab ca 
1839. Le ToLir du Monde, No. 90, pp. 177-92. 

Leltera written by the troveUer to his father, elated Gardaia and Methllly, 
July, August, and September. He went as far as El-Golea. A remarkable 
book in every respect. A notice of it, under the title, ' Reiae iiach Inner- 
Afriko,' ia contained in Petermann's Mittheilungen, vol. v. p. 34S, vl. p. 55. 

Anolher article on Duveyricr'a travels in 1860 is contained in Peterra. 
Geog. Mitth. for 1861, p. 389, under the title, ' Henri Daveyrior'a Keisen und 
forschuBgen ini Grenzgebieto von Algier, Tunia und Tripoli, 18G0.' 
S910. 1861. Alphoiue, T. — De la colonisation en Algcrie par la fondaUon de 

villea au moyen d'un empruot. 8vo. 
S311. 1861. De la Frlmaudaia, F. £lie.— Le commerce et la navigation de 
TAIgdrie avaut la conqu6te franpiise. Pub. souk les auspices du Mioistire de 
TAIgfrie et des Colonics. Paris : 8vo, pji. 316, with map. 

la Dumidico-puniquea, 
p.L — See also voL ti, 

3812. 1801. Judas, Dr. A.— Sur diT-neuf inscriptio 
d6couvertea i\ Constanliue. Ann. Soc. Arcli. CunsL, roL v 
p. 67. 

2818. 186L Cherboimeaii, FioT. Augiiste.— L'aquedua de Lemellefenuent 
(Khcrbet Zcmbia). I.e., p. 225. 

, Capitaine du Giiiie. — ^Inacriptiona romwoestnmrtot 
1. c, p. 252. 

231B. 1861. Fayen, I>e Capftatne.— Inscriptions latines de la subd i virion d« 
Batna. I. c, p. 115. 

3817. 1861. 

de voyage c: 

2818. 1861. 

DuTeyrier, Henrt — Let I re 

IS I'AufSs. I. c, p. 106. 

Gabryel, L. — Hovues algcrien 

J Algirie. Lyon : 12mo, pp. 223. 

Creuly, Qiaii&L — Sur une 

2319. 1661, Duval, Jules.- 

d 'agriculture. 8yo. 

colonies de I'A!; 

des inscriptiont romaioea n- 

1858-60, suivies d'un lUnSrure 
trouveo 4 Soukahraa 

1 concours Datioual 


186L J/Alg6rie et le D^oret du 24 novembre. Oran, Alger, Paris : 
B7O9 pp. 29. 

The aathor remarks, ** Le gouyemement g^o^ral est supprim^. Le Minbt^ro 
de FAlg^rie et des Colonies le remplace ; et aussitOt la colonie entre dans une 
vole rapide de d^rganisation et de decadence.'' 

2821. 1861. Giraud, M. — ^Le Gouvemement de I'Alg^rie. Trente mois de 
minist^re sp^iaL P^riodc du minist^re sp^ial depuis son iostitution (aodt 1858) 
jusqu'au mois de d^cembre 1860, ot fut r^tabli, dans d'autres conditions toutefois, 
le gouvemement g^o^raL Paris : 8vo. 

The writer maintains that the work of the Ministry was ** afifranchissement ** 
in every department, political, administrative, and economic. 

2822. 1861. De la Fruston, F., ancien officier de I'Artillerie. — Le Marshal 
Bugeaud consid^r^ comme tacticien et strat^giste didactique. Paris : 8vo, pp. 29. 
Reprinted from the Spectateur Militaire. 

2828. 1861. Farkes, Bessie B. — ^Algerine Interiors. Once a Week, voL iv. 
p. 356, illustrated. 

1861. Voisin, G. — ^L'Alg^rie pour les Alg^riens. Paris : 8vo. 

1861. Ollivier, XSmest, Directeur du Port. — Quelques observations sur 
le Port de Djidjeli. Alger : 8vo, pp. 8. 

1861. Cauvin, Joseph. — ^Alger: revue satirique. Alger: 8vo, pp. 12. 
A poem. 

1861. Fer80iineaux,*A, Courtier Maritime. — Coup d'oeil sur les institu- 
tions coloniales alg^riennes. Chambres de commerce et Tribunauz alg^riens. 
Oran : 8vo, pp. 38. 

2827a. 1861. Taillefer, Oswald. — ^De PAlg^e et de nos colonies au point de 
▼ue fran9ai8 et anglais. Pdrigaux: 8vo. 

1861. Varin, FauL — ^L'Alg^rie deviendra-t-elle one oobnie? Paris: 
8vo, pp. 32. 

1861. Cooquerel, A. — L'Alg^rie devant le corps l^gislatif. Alger : 8vo, 

pp. 11. 

An appeal for more liberal institutions in Algeria. 

1861. F^ffoeux, Pharmacien k Biskra. — Analyses du sang chez les indigtoes 
de I'Alg^rie. Alger : 8vo, pp. 27. From the Gazette M^icale de PAlg^rie. 

2881. 1861. Meroier-Iiacombe, Commissaire du gouvemement pour la discus- 
sion du Budget— Budget de PAIg^rie. Corps L^gislatif. Discours en rdponse k 
H. Randoiug, D^put^. Paris : 8vo, pp. 13. 

An account of the general situation of the colony, and the amount it cost 
to France. 

1861. Circulaire from the Direction Divisionnaire des Afbires Arabes at 
Algiers regarding " la r^emption des populations indigenes.'' Alger : 4to, pp. 69. 

1861. Frojet de Rapport k TEmpereur. Alger: 4to, pp. 58. 

This was prepared by a commission, the object of which was to prepare a 
decree determining the principles to be observed in the matter of *' cantonne- 
ment indigtoe." 

1861. Bapport sur le droit de Tonnage et sur diverses autres questions, 
ooncemant le r^me commercial de TAlgerie. By a commission of the Chamber 
of Commerce. AJger : 8vo, pp. 31. 
VOL. n. T 



SSSe. 1861. Desvauz, G^ndr&l, commaiidaDt la Bivision Ac ConstcQline.--^ 

Bapport au Gouvei'neur-g^Dfi'ral sur les puits nrl^HieriE executes daos la diTJaion dc 
Ccmslaiitine ea 1^50-130. ConstantiDc : Svo, [>;>. 49, witli tables aod map. 
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UD article du Correspuiidant. Maiaeille : Svo, pp. 29. 

The artiole in qneatioii, bearing the same name, ajipeared on the 25lli 

September ])recedin5, from the i>eu of the Abhd Marty, Aumflnier of the Lycec. 

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propridtd ohcz lea Anibes. Algi^r ; Svo, pp. 68. 
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Imperiftle. — Notices sur k'S dtctiounaireB gi^ographiquw arahea, ct Bur ie aysl&ne 
primitif de la numeration chez les peuplea de race berb^re. Paiia : Svo, pp. 54. 
Head by the author 2ud July, 1860, at the general meeting of the Sodf !e 
234S. 1861. Sidier, Henr;.— L'AJgiirie et le dik:ret d<i 24 Dovembre. PariK: 
Svo, pp. 32. 

The decree in question Euppre£scd the Miuiatiy of Algeria, and consolidaied 

and augmented the jwwer of tbe military governor-general. This ia a review 

of M. Je Menerville'H work, ' Dictionnaire de la l^giBlation algCrieane.' 

8343. 18C1. Pregier, C— Du droit algirien, aa nature, sea «!16mfnts, nni 

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algirieo. Alger: 8to, pp. 47. 

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Observations en favcur do son iiralongcmeut Jusqu'aux Quus de Mers-el-Kobir. 

Paris: 4to, pp. 23. 
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Bull Soc. Botan. de Prouce, 26lh April. 

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Algeri. This ia dated 9th December, and ia published in the Italiui series of 
Conaular Bcports, pp. 57-105. 

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et politique de t'Alg^ne. Description physique, divisions naturelles, divjiious 
Gulturales, prodail^ zoologie, populatiom, mcenrs et coutames, oommercc et 


iodustriay adminiBteatJon. Dictionnaire g^ographlque et hiBtorique de toutes Ics 
locality Alger : Svo, pp. 282. 

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^SLT Gtdre de 8 JS. le Marfohal Pelissier, sous la direction de M. Mercier-Lacombe, 
Directeur g^ntol des Services Civils. Ed. Achille FiUias. Alger : 8vo, pp. 85, 
and map by HacCartby. 

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pagn^ de notices bistoriques et statistiques, sur les produits agricoles et industriels 
de TAlg^e. Paris : 8vo, pp. xii. and 147. 

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industries agricoles k Alger en 1862. Alger : 8vo, pp. 125. 

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de I'Amiral Bonard et de TAmiral Bruat en Algdrie. Preface par L. Bigault. 
Paris : 12mo, pp. 209. 

Tbe latter commanded tbe brig Silene, tbe former was a midshipman on 
board, wben she was wrecked a few weeks before the capture of Algiers. 

:2368. 1862. Notions 61^mentaires sur radministratlon g^n^rale de TAlg^rie. 
In Arabic and French. Algiers : 8yo, pp. 64 (in each language). Published by 
tbe Bureau Politique. 

3860. 1862. Folignac, Capt. de. — Bureau Politique des Affaires Arabes. 
B^sultats obtenus jusqu'^ ce jour par les explorations entreprises sous les auspices 
du gouvemement de I'Alg^rie, pour p^ndtrer dans le Soudan. Alger : 8vo, pp. 19 
and map. See also Bull. See. G6ogr. Paris, 1*^ sem., pp. 222-49. 

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<]fficiels et documents k Tappui. — See Tab. ^tab. fr., 1862, p. 365. 

It consisted of Ck)mmandaQt Mircher, Capitalne de Polignac, ringdnieur 
Yatonne, 1* Aide-major Hofifmann, and the interpreter Ismael bou Djerba. It 
took place in September to December 1861.— See also Rev. des deux Mondes, 
1863 ; BulL Soc. Gdogr. Paris, 2« sem., p. 405. Published separately, Alger, 
8to, pp. 358, with map, plans, and numerous sections of ground. 

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with map. 

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1^0, pp. 136. 

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<^ Sahara. Berlin : 8vo, pp. 413, 3 plates, 1 map. 

A well-written description of a tour to Algiers^ Aumale, Msila, Bou Saada, 
^Biskra, Batna, &c 

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fran^is-arabe de TAIg^rie. Alger : 8vo, pp. 180. 

T 2 


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An indignant prulest against the tntDBformation of the Arab town ii 
modem city, 
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iVocclimatation du Gouveroement a A'ger en 1861. BulL Soc. Imp. 
pp. 8-14. 

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am fliers tiona iutroduites depuis un. an, ot ceLlea & intn>duire encore daiiH oetle 
culture. Alger : 6vo, pp. 16. 

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Socifil^ d' Agriculture d' Alger. Alger : 8vo, 
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by M. Cberbonneau. 1. c, p. 40. 

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Soumitt (Monument du Kroub). 1. c., i>. 68, 
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do la Mauritanie Ceaarlenne en deus provinces, 1, c., p. IGl, 

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Paris: 12mo, pp. 375, 

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I'AIgiirie.) Alger, Paris: 8vo, pp. 61, 
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I'AIgerlo n'emprunterait-ella paa? Un projet do Banque Agricole. Neufchat*!: 

12mo, pp, 48, 

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Pariai 8vo, pp. 20, Prom tlia Rev. et Mag, de Zool,, AprIL 

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«l«cIo de J. C. L c, p, 135. 



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An aooount of the Battle of Khenig Alihem, where Osman Bey was killed. 

MoBurs et contumes kabiles. L c, pp. 273 et seq, A valuable paper. 


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au MoB^ GentraL 1. c., p. 62. 

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Alg^ena. 1. c., p. 147. 

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2404. 1862. Tanxier, H. — Examen des traditions grecques, latines et mus- 
nlmanes, relatives k Torigine du peuple berbdre. 1. c, pp. 353 tt seq, 

A rmtmi of this, under the title ' £tudes sur les Migrations des nations 
berbdres,' is given Id the Journal Asiat., Oct., pp. 840-54. The writer takes 
as his point of departure the distribution of Berber tribes at the time of the 
Arab invasion, and the base of his iuvestigations is of course the celebrated 
work of Ibn Khaldoun. 

2406. 1862. Marity Dr. J. J. — ^Hygidne de TAlg^rie.' Expose des moyens de 
oonserver la sant6 et de se pr^rver des maladies dans les pays chauds, et 
ap^cialement en Algdrie. Paris : 8vo, pp. 452. 

2406. 1862. Constitation de la propridt^ en Alg6rie dans les territoires occupes 
par les Arabes. Sdnatus-consulte du 22 avril 1863. B^glement d^administration 
publique du 23 mai 1862. Paris, impr. imp^r. 4to. Texte fran9ais et traduc- 
tion arabe en regard. 

By diis Senatus-Consultum the Government recognised the Arabs as 
icdividual proprietors of the land which they had hitherto held only in common. 
The following are some of the preliminary studies on the subject : — 1^ Lettre 
de M. Marion ^ M. Enfantin; 2^ Lcttro de M. Pelissier h. M. Marion; 3** 
Deliberation du conseil sup^rieur de TAlgdrie sur le projet de cantonnement 
des indigenes ; 4"" David, Baron J6r6me. Reflexions et discours sur la 
propriete chez les Arabes. 

2407. 1862. David, Baron J^rdme, Depute.— Reflexions et discours sur la 
propriete chez les Arabes. Paris and Bordeaux : 8vo, pp. 71. From the Moni* 
teur Universel. 

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8vo, pp. 80. 

2408. 1862. Iieblanc de Fr^bois, F., Ex-Representant. — Langueur do 
TAlgerie ; ses causes et le moyen d*y remedier. Alger: 12mo, pp. 31. 

The author states that the result of thirty-two years' occupation is an 
expense of two milliards, for having created half the value of a French depart- 
menty or 180 square leagues of colonisation. 


S411. 1S6S. Dsvoulx, Albert, Conservntour dcs Archives ATabei dea Do-- 

mEiains. — Notice sur les corporations reliyieiiBes d'Alger, accomijagnoe di- 
docuroenta authentiques et inMlts, Alger; Uvo, pp. 33. From the ReTUu 

2412. 1862, Uelcion-d'Arc, CaBlmlr. — Notre-dame-d'Afriqne, Tiarge libera- 
trioe. Alger: 8vo, pp. IC. 

A poem soU for the benefit of the Chapel of N.D. d'Afrique. 

2413. 18G2. Favy, Mgr. It. A. A., ^vSquo d'Alger.— A ppel en favenr de la 
chapelle ilo Notro Dame d'Afrique. Alger : Svo, pp. 78, with a view of this 
pilgrimage chapel. 

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CoLstantine. Alger: 8vo, pp. 24. Si^nwl " L'Algi5rie Catholique." 

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Alger : Svo, pp. 1-1. 

A replf to bis critics who had handled htm severelj. 
S416. 1862. ColombtL, F.— Ins true ttoa piiblique musulmaDe ea Alg^rie M U- 
preaae afiicnine. Letlre A M. Mercier-Lacomho, Directeur fieofral dea SerTioe 
Civilea. Most^aDBm : 8vo, pp. 34. 

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Influenco des scienoeB en gMeral et de In mtdecine aur la civilisation dea Arabes, 
Dificours. Montpellier; Svo, pp. 31. 

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ea codification, aa reviaion, sa ri5fonniition. Siitif ; Svo, pp. 59, 

3420. Quelques notes d'un magistrat fran^aia sur le traitement de 1». 

laagiatrature alg^rienne. S^tif : 8»o, pp. 33. 
2491. Bu mnriage fraccais de l'Iaral>iite alg^rien. Le^on. S^if: Sro,- 

pp. 46. 

2423. De I'inamovibilito judiciaire en AlgSrie. Sfitif ; 8vo, pp. 41. 

The writer strongly urges this privilege which does nut exist in Algeiia. 

2^3. 1862. Hontigny, P.— Contea algjriens.. Alger: 12ino, pp. 80. A. 
CNtllectlon of short tales. 

2424. 1862. Poivre, AimS, Avocat a la Cour Inipfrialed'A)ger.^L«s Tndiglues- 
nlgirienB ; lenr ilat civil, et leor conditiou jwridique. Alger ; Svo, pp. 02. 

S4S6. 1862. Irfmveau, A. — Dtomverte da ohaus hydraulique en Algirie. 
CoDstantiuc : 8vo, pp. 16, 

2420. 1862. CoBBon, 1L — Sur racclimatation de la carpe et de la tanclie daos 
les eauz doucea de I'Alg^rie, Parian Svo, pp. 8. From the Bull, de la Sac Itaj-. 
d'Acclim., January. 

2427. 1862. Uoll, C. A., Capitaine de Gi^oie.— Udmoire historique et ardijo- 
logique sur Tebeasa (Theveste) et sea environs, suivi d'iasoriptiona invitee. Con- 
stantine : 8vo, pp. 148, with 12 plates. 

A valuable and accurate account of perhaps (he roost intereetii^ ipot in 

Algeria. Originallj published ia the ' liccneil des Notices et M^. de la Soc. 

Arch, de Conalantiae,' 

a4aa 1^62. Plngrenoi], r, a J., CI]iriirgien..^Relation sous le point de voe 

de rbygidne pnhlique da la marchc du choMra dans la subdivision de Hosta^nem, 

province d'Orao, depnis bob iuvaaiun juaqu'il sa terminaison en 1B51, mcoompagnfe 

dc notes relatives u la moitalitf dans I'arinee. Paris : Svo, pp. 49, 



S489. 1862. Verger. Albert, Prociirenr Imp&rial k Blidalu — ^Becadl des drou- 
laires et instmctions k I'usage des Tribanaux, ParqnetSy Justioes de paix et 
Offiden mioist^riehi de TAlg^e. Blidah : 870^ pp. 115. 

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vinee de Oonstantine. Marseille : 8vo. 

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prenant le Tell et le Sahara. Paris : 18ino, pp. dxxzni. and 611, with 5 maps. 

2438. 1862 ? Thierry-Mieg, Ch. — Six semaines en Afrique. Sonyenirs de 
voyage. Paris : 18mo, pp. 356, with map and vignettes. 
A pleasantly written work. 

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language. London: 8vo. 

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P^tersboai^ : 4to, pp. 85. From M^m, Acad. Imp. des Sc. de St. Peters., 7* wk, 

t. iv. No. 7. 

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Tuscany. London : 8vo, pp. 362. 

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vol. XX. et seq, 

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Algdrie. Par un colon. Alger: 8vo. 

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d'Afrique, depuis le 4 juin, jour du ddbarqucment, jusqu'k la prise d' Alger le 
5 juillet 1830, par un capitaine de I'^tat-major g^n^ral de I'arm^ exp^itionnaire 
(Pelissier, depuis marshal de France). Alger : 8vo, pp. 78, map. 

2438. 1863. Fynacker, Dr. Cornelia. — Rapport van 't gebesoigneerde tot 
Tunis en Algiers in do jaren 1622 eu 1623 Rapport aan de Hooge Mogende 
Heeren Staten Generael, gedaen by Doctor Cornelis Pynacker van syne legatie tot 
Algiers ende Timis. Utrecht : 8vo. 

2440. 1863. Fr6gier, C, Pr^ident du Tribunal Civil, S6tif.— L'absinthisme en 
face de la loL Constantino : 8vo, pp. 29. 

He characterises absinthe-drinking as the scourge of Algeria, and seeks to 
create a legal remedy for it. 

2441. 1863. Bongh ride in olassic ground. Eraser's Mag., vol. IxviiL 
pp. 470-83. 

Describes a journey to Ain BeYda and Tebessa. 

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de commerce, etc.^ sur la commerce et la navigation de I'Algerie. Alger : 4to, 
pp. 295. 

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avril 1868. Alger : folio, pp. 295. 

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Universelle de Londres. Paris : 18mo, pp. 269, and Alger, 12mo. 

2446. ■ fitat actuel de I'Algerie, public d'aprSs les documents ofBciels par 

ordre de SJL le Marshal Pelissier, sous la direction de M. Mercier Lacombe, 1862. 
Paris : 8vo pp. 110. 


SMe. 1663. Seroulx, Albert.— Los archivus dii Coasulat g^ncml de iVanoe i. 

Alger. Recueil de documents inddits concemftnt ioit les relations politiques dc U 
France, aoit les rapports commerciauK de Marseille avec Vanoieiine Rdgeace d'Al^er. 
Marseille : 8vo, ]>p. B5. A second vol. appeared in 1865, pp. 752, 

2447. 1863. Immigranta at IndlgineB (Algdrie frani,>aiso). Paris : 8to. 

2448, 1863. Indigenes et Emigrants (Algcrie fran^aise). Phtis: 8to, pp. 
2440. 18tJ3. Expose d'un projet d'ensemblo de coloniwlion. Anon. Alger" 

8to, pp. 22. 

The author recommends that both State and private colonisation shotild he 
carried out. 
2460. 1863. Bt. Uortin, Tlvleox da.— Le nord de TAfrique dans rantiqnitf 
grecqus et roinaiDB. Elude historique et geograpliique Avec 4 cartes. Paris: 

In this work all the traditions and all the ancient texts regarding the natives 
of North Africa are discussed. 

3461. L'Annde G&igraphique. Bevuo annuelle des voyages de tcrre et ds 

nier aiuKi que des explorations, missions, relations et publications dlverses relatives 
aux sciences g&grapljiqucs et fthnograpl I iques, Paris: 8 vo, commenced this ye*r. 
S46S. 1863. Faidherbe, Oec, and "Dr. Topinard.— Instr. sur I'anthropologie 
de I'Alg^rie. 

2463. 1863. Rioque, Br. C&mllle. — Secherches etbnologiques aa lea po[inls- 
tioDs musselmanes du nord d'Afriqitc. Iter, de I'Orient ; BulL de la Soo. Orientala 
de France, Dec 1863, pp. 363-75. 

2464. 1863, Golomieu, CoiamEiadsAt V. — Voyage dans le Snhars algeriende 
Geryville ^ Onargla, 1862. Tour du Monde, Nos, 193-6, pp. 161-208.— See also 
L'Ann^e Geographique, 1864, p. 1 10, 

This is the first year in which a marked octivity is apparent regarding tli« 
oases of the great desert, and a dc-sIre to turn tlicm to commercial and [loliticiil 

i Tou&reg et leur pays. 

2466. 1863, Bolignac, Armand de. — Premieres armos dn voltigeur Dumiroif. 
Di^tails iulijresaants sur lcsma°urs, coiiitumea et usages do I'Alg^rie, deveaueproTiDCe 
franfaise. Limoges, Paris : 8so. 

24e8a. 1863. Catalognie de lliistoire de Franoe. Biblioth^ue Naiionsle^ 
Paris : 4to. Vol. viii. contains a bibliography of Algeria, pp. 660-85. 

8458. 1863. Duveyrlar. Henri.— Note 
de ia Soc. G&)gr. Paris, pp. 102'5. 

2467. 1663. Maurln, Dr. A.—Les caravanes fran^aises au Soudan. Bi 
du voynga d'Ali-bia-Merin, condtictear de la caravano de M, J. Solari. 
8vo, pp. 29. 

2468. 18G3. Orefilez.— La colonisation du Sahara. Rev. du Monde CoIod. 
and June. 

2466. 18C3. Trumelet, Capitaine O. — Les Fnm^.iis dans le d&ert. Jt 
d'une cip^ition au limites du Sahara a1g£rien. Paris : 870, pp. xi. and 486. 
^Soe also L'Annfe Gfogr., p. 102. 

This is the narrative of an expedition made in IS53~4, under the commuid 
of Colonel Durricu. 

2460. 1863. Lavorgne, A. do.— Alger I'afi. Alger: 12mo. 


2461. ' 1863. Oastineau, Bex^. — Cbasses au lion et & la panthdre en Afrique, 
with illustrations by Gustavo Dor^ Paris : 8vo, pp. 223. 

The writer recounts the adventures of Ahmed ben Amer. 

S462. 1863. Bespreo, Ch.— Alger V^U, pp. 80. Also, L*hiver k Al<;cr, pp. 96. 
Two little manuals of no great value to the stranger. Alger : IBino. 

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Letters of little importance. 

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This was the first ever constructed with blocks of concrete. 

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The author is a warm advocate in favour of the Jews. 

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At vol. i. p. 51, is an account of Sir R. Maoscl's war on Algiers in 1620-21 ; 
at p. 76 n narration of Blake's opentioDS at Tunis and Algiers; at p. 83 Lord 
Sandwich's Iwrabardment ; iind in vol, ii. p. 41S, an aqcoiiut of Lord EnmouUi's 
battle in 1816. 

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They solicit, the creation of ronds. 
3486. 1863. FSche du CorsiiL Rapport & S.E. le Marikhal UoaTemenr gfintei 
de I'Alg^rie par la coiiimiasion cbargi^i.' d'<^tndier les qiiralions relatives \ lu ptobe 
du corail et de proposer U revision de la legislation qui r^git cctte p&che. Alger : 
Sro, pp. 80. 

Suggestions are made for tranaferring this industry from foreign to French 

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This was addressed to the Due de Malakoff, and publiahed in the ' Monitenr ' 

of 7th February. This remarkable docimient was intendeil to mark an era in 

Algerian history, and to confer upon the Arabs individual rights in the land 

tbcy occupied. 

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Arabic. 4Ui, pp. 37. 

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Pronounced in the Senate 11th April. 

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A defence of the Emperor's letter, written before the publication of the 

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stantiue : 12mo, pp. 24. 

A reply .to the preceding, and advocating European colonisation. 

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This is a statement made by M. Cauquil, the reporter of the commission 
charged to examine the question, to the Conseil GeD<^ral of Oran. 

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sous la direction de M. Mercier Lacombe. Paris : 8vo, pp. 132. 

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en 1863. Paris : 4to, pp. 384. An appendix of 8 pp. gives information regarding 
cultivation of dates and silk. 

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389 A BlBL10GK,irHY OF ALGF.KU. 

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sjiuLtua-conBultc du 22 nvril 16G2. 2' edit., revue, corrigfa oC miw an courant dc 
In legislation actuellc. Paris : 12ino. 
26S1. 186J. Documenta officielB reUliTs fL la coDstitution de la propria td dam 
ics territoirea occuji^s ^lar Ics Arabea. Alger: 8vo, pp. 102. Pablicition da 
QauverDcmeat gdiii^ral. 

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Alger: 12mo, pp. 395. 

A most valuable work. 

-Lea Iflia de la proprie'ti5 iramobiliiro en Algirie 

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8vo, pp. 84. 
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nord, Pttria ; 8vo, pp. ixiiv, and 4.80, witU many UluBtratioDB. — See also L'Aiui. 
G^ogr., t. iii. p. 101. 

In asuppkincnt to thie work the Molluscs are described by U. Boui^iignat, 

and tbe new plants by M. Cossoq. 39 pp., G pis. The Geogr. Soc. of FnuiDe 

nwardcd its gold tnedal to M. Duveyrier for tbis importdut work. 

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MAlecine de Mon I jiellier.— Tableau pbjslqui du Sahara oriental de la province de 

CouBtantine. Suiivenirs d'un voyage ex^utd pendant I'bivet de 16G3 dans le Oued 

liir et dans le Oued Souf. Piiria: 8vo, pp. 59. Rev. dcs deux Mondes, July 


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d'Oran. Bull. Soc ClituaL Alg., t I. pp. 31 ct tcj. 

Tbis paper was finished in 186G. Tbe writor gives an account of tbe con- 
figuration or the Sahara, its geology, botany, and fauna, as well as its hygiene. 

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pp. 273 el seq. 

ContaiuB nothing very original. Tbe illustrntiona are gonietimee inexact. 
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James's Mag., vol. ii. pp. 25-32. 

A Btory, tbe scene of wbich is laid in Algeria. 
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Tunis et do Marnc avant la conqnf te musslemane. In French and Arabic. Paris 
12mo, pp. 32 and 40. 

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M. Lacroix, a young and stniHous officer (i Engineers, who died in 1651, 

commenced the work wliicb M. de Charopluuia finished. 

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niajoT. — Notice sur ta carte do I'Afrique sous la domination des liomains, dre«a^ 

ail DdpCt de la Guerre d'oprSs lea travaus de M. Fr. Lacroix, par ordre de S.E. Ic 

Marshal Comte Sandon, la Guerre. Paris: 4to, pp. 46. 

The map in question Ib in two latgo sheets (2,000,000*), and includes ihf? 
whole district between the Cyrenoico and the Atlantic. — See ateo L'Ann, Gdogr.^ 
t. iii. p. 110. 



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o^anisatioii des tribus, &c. Id^UBeille : 16mo, pp. 112. 

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An important series of observations from tbe coast inward to the edge of 
the desert. 

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Kabylie — Sahara. Paris : 8vo, pp. 442. 

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Notice k propos de TExposition Internationale Franco-Espagnole. In French and 
Spanish. Alger : 12mo, pp. 83. 

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Paris : 12mo, pp. 36. 

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In vol. i. is aa account of the ravages of the Barbary pirates. — See also 
Quart Rev., 1865, p. 64. 

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de Hammam-Melouan. Paris: 8vo, pp. 39. From the Revue Maritime et 
Goloniale, April. 

These waters, of singular efficacy, are situated at 7 kil. from Rovigo, in the 
valley of the Harach. They are Salter than the sea. 

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de FAlg. et des Colonies. 

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vol. ii. and iii. Paris, k la Maison Principale de la Congrdgation de la Mission, 
Rue de Sivre?, 94. 

This work is printed for the exclusive use of the congregation. It contains 
most valuable contemporary correspondence from the missionaries of St. Vincent 
de Paul at Algiers, from the beginning of the seventeenth century. 

2547. 1864. Bohlfb, Gerhard. — Reise von Algier gegen Timbuktu hin. 
1. Abschnitt ; von Algier Hber Laghuat bis Abiod Scheich, August bis Oktober 
1863. Peterm. Geog. Mitth., p. 1. 

Briefe aus Algerien und Morokko. Oktober 1863 bis April 1864. 

1. c, p. 336. 



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—Lb secret du bonlienr: tableau ile la vie ea 

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A review of tbe preceding. 
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pp. 246-60. 

DcHciibee biuitlug odveuturesi in tbe Province of CoustantiDe. 
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Dome. Leipzig ; 8to, 

B du ddacrt, scSoea de la vie anbe hut 

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Strongly boHtile tu wUaC tlio writer cnlls the " mauvusei tmditiona et les 
proced^ injustiBftlileH " of militaty gOTernment. 
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pp. 6. 

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il 111 at rated. 

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atantine au [eiut de vuo de !a salub-riti. Montiiellier : 8vo, pp. 92. 

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coDqu6te d'Alger par les Fran^ais. Paris : 8yo, pp. 71. 

This gives a detailed account of the expedition to Algiers and of the events 
which followed as far as the occupation of the city. The amount of treasure 
found was 48,685,527 francs. 

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Bev. des deux Mondos, August. 

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reproduction, ptehe en Alg^rie et iodustrie. Paris : 8vo, 30 coloured plates. 

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London, 1864, p. 69a 

Dr. Gray herein descrihes an African bear, the bones of which have been 
found in the caves of Djebel Thaya. 

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Falbe, and continued by L. Muller. Copenhagen, 1855-1862 and 1874 : 4 voL 4to, 
with illustrations. 

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et 8eq, 

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— El-Hadj Pacha. L c, p. 290. 

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L c., pp. 355 et aeq^ 

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Munipipale de Constantine. Constantino : 8yo, pp. 64. 

GooJ ' 



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Teatrfe de S.M. Napol&m ill. k Algor. Poem in Aiabic, with French tranalation. 

Alger : 8vo, pp. 27. 
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morales et insCructirca du petit culon alg^rjca. Paris : 12mo, pfk 128. 

A little wurk iutcDded t« convey goud advice and lueful inrormatiun to the 
ridug gcnemtigQ. 
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witli a sketch map. 
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Qiijue). Hev. des Cours Litter., p. 631. 
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Pp. 45-53 are devoted to Algiersi Buperfioitd. 

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des deux Mondoa, 1st and 15th April, 15th Dec, 1866, Ist March, 1866. 

The writer says that the Knbylta " m^ritent Traiineut le oom do nationality." 

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dea animaux tnollusiiues, terrcstres fX fluviatites, recueillia junju'il ce jour dans Dos 
[losseasions du Nord do I'AXrique, Paris; 4to, 2 vol. pp, 294, 32 pbteg, ajid 380, 
26 plates. 

A remarkably fine work, with excellent maps. 

3011. 1865. Uas-Z>atne, Ii. de.. Chef de srctiou ttux Archives de I'Empirc.— 

Trailds dc paix et do commerce el documents divemes concernant les relations des 
Chretiens ftvec les Arabes do rAfriquc septentrionale au mojeu &ge. Supplement 
et tables. Paris: 4lo, pp. xivii., 342 and 40:i, New editions in 1868 and 1873. 
This was published by order of Mapoleon III. 

2612. 1865. lieslis, Charles Holsert, B.A.. and Tom Taylor, TWA . Life 

nnd Times of Sir Joshua lleynulds, &c. Ijondon ; 8vo. 

Chapter iii. coutnins iin account of the mission of Commodore the Hon. A. 
Eeppcl to Algiers in Il.M.S. Ceiituriim, Itcynolds accomt«uied him. 

2613. 1865. CoBentiao, lie Maiquis de. — L'AlgCricenlseS; coup-d'a;il d'nn 
colonisateui. Paris : 8vo, pp. 2::6. 

A work published shortly after the vi^t of Napoloon 111, to Algeria. 


2614. 1865. Martin, G. — Pont d'El-Eantara a Constantlne. Notes, description 
et dessins relatifs ^ la construction de T^cbaffaudage et de Farche metnllique. 
Paris : 8vo, plates. 

2616. 1865. Hartevelty D. — Herinneringon uit Algiers. Met platen. Arnhem : 

2616. 1865. Spratt, Capt. T. A. B., R.N., C.B.— Travels and Researches in 
Crete. London : 8vo, 2 vol. 

In voL i. apiiendix ii. p. 384 is given. The capture of a Protestant Divine 
(Rev. Devereux Spratt) by an Algerine Corsair in the 17th century. An 
extract from his journal. 

2617. 1865. Fharaon, Florian.--Voyage en Alg6rie de S.M. Napoldon III. 
avec notes historiques et g^ographiques. Paris: folio, pp. 96, with 12 largo 
plates and numerous woodcuts in text, by Darjou. 

2618. 1865. .Scdnt Felix, Ben6 de. — Le voyage de S.M. TEmpereur Napoleon 
III. en Alg^rie et la r^gence de S.M. ITmpera trice. Mai-juin 1865. R^igi': 
d*apres les documents ofiicieU, prMdi d*nne notice historique et suivi de 
biographies. Paris: 8vo, pp. 340, with illustrations. Another edition was 
published at Algiers. 

2619. 1865. lie IC^tayer des Planches, ancien Magistrat. — KEmpereur en 
Algerie. Alger : 8vo, pp. 20. 

The writer observes, " La pr&ence de I'Empereur ouvre carri^re aux plus 
vastes esi)^rances. Elles ne manqueront pas de se rdaliser — si la vdril^ arrive 
jusqu'^ Lui." 

2620. 1865. Voyage de Napoleon III. en AlgC^rie, contenant la relation du sejour 
de Sa Majesty dans les trois provinces, le texte des proclamations, discours, 
adresses, etc, etc., qui so rattachent & ce memorable voyage, avec des notes 
historiques et g^ographiques. Alger : 12mo, pp. 360. 

2621. 1865. Teissier, Oct.—Napol^n III. en Algerie. Toulon : 8vo, pp. 317, 
photographies de Napoleon III., de pr^fets et de maires de TAlgdrie. 

Ak^rie. Paris: 12mo. 

S«a8. 1865. Agnely, Dr. H.— Le climat de TAlgerie. Alger : 12mo, pp. 22. 
Originally published in the work of M. Teissier above cited. 

2824. 1865. Nozeran, Charles. — Arrivee de TEmpereur en Algerie. Depart 
de ITSrapereur. Paris : 8vo, pp. 8. 

Adulatory verses, said to have earned for the author a gold medal I 

^^86. 1865. F^lieu, F. — La Milianaise. Cantate en I'honneur do la presence 
da S.M. Napoleon III. j\ Milianali, 7 mai. 8vo, pp. 16. 

1865. Duval, Jules. — Rapport sur les tableaux de li situation des 
^ti^blissements francais en Alge'rie. Bull. Soc. Geogr., 2' sem., pp. 49-176. 

This is an analysis, made at the request of the Society, of the 17 Jvol. 
forming the collection of works published by the Government general of 
Algeria. They contain a mass of valuable information. 

. 1865. Napoleon HI. — Lettre sur la politique de la France en Algerie, 
^■^ress^ par I'Empereur au Mardchal de ^lacMahon; Due de Magenta, 
CDuvemeur general de l'Alg(5rie. Paris: 8vo, pp. 85. — See also L'Ann, Guogr., 
iv. p. 77. 

in this remarkable document the Emperor states that since the establish- 

VOL. U. U 


lie CuTumissarre da Gonnnw- 
PariB : 121110, pji. 62, From 

aeri. l«e«. AUord, OSnSraL— rUscnnw (co; 

ment) dana la si'nnce tlu Corps k^gislat'if, 12 avi 

tiie Muuiteur Univcrsel, ]3tli Ai>ril. 
8672. 1905. Wamior, Dr. A,^L'AIg^rie devaot TEinpereur, pmir faire Buile 

il Algitie devant le Scant et I'Al^jecie devant ropinlon piililiriue (1864). Paris : 

Hvo, pp. xii. and 32^. 
3673. 1866. Bordier, Sorgent-Msjor.— 1*8 DJetbr. An accouut of e\plon- 

tions. Rev. Afr., vol. ix. p. 47G. 

2674. 1865. Duvemoia, ClSment.— Le rtgime ciiil en Algerie; urjjence el 
ItssibilitddesonaiiplioiHioniminediBte. Prtcudi d'imolettre i MM.lesMembres 
dii Corps l^gialatir, di^fenecura des iolcrElB algerieiia, Paris: 8va, pp. xv. ud 

The author uaacrtti tlmt 
urgent to substitute civil p" 

2676. ISG.I. Uax-Thomas, Baron Q. — Question arricaiae. Paris: Svo, 
pp. 48. 

The Butlior is a warm supiiortcr of n 
TuaiidADt in the Oarde Impfriale. 

2676. 1865. liOmy, T. — Aux Israelites d'AljiiSrie. Un vicux soldat it 1a 
coQtiufite. Alger: dvo, pp. 21. 

2677. 1865. Revae AfHoaine et Biagrapliii; des hommM luArituanti) de 
I'Alg^rie depuis la oouqueto ji;Bipi'i\ noa jours; notabilit^s civiles, militnires, Ac. 

illltar/rule is condemned, and tlist it is most 
Hg gives a history of the insorrectioo 

s hiuiaelf a. 


L' Union M^dicale. 

I'Afriqiie du Nord, avant I'nc 

Paris ; 8vo. Commenced {Icl. 1865, 
ae7ft 1866. p no dat«] Andry, Dr. P.— VAlg. 
topograiihique. Lille, Paris; 8vo, pp. IGS. 
m 2678. 186i^. BoonaTont. J. F. — Ia femme arnbe duns U p 

Promenade hialoriquc et 

dc Con- 
Paris : 8vo, pp. 20. 
ISO. 1865. Balms, £d.— £tude 
franfaise. Rev. Afric. et Biog., voL 
2681, 1865, Iriigeay, Cb. — Le Marechal Couitc de Boutmonl. Coucjufl 
'Alger. I.C., p.29. 

1865. Del Mont«, Jean Baptiste.—tli^aioire devant la cour JmpMalii 
I'npH'l d'un jugL-ment du Lribuunl de 1" iustnnce de Tlcmi-en A I'ucoa- 
sion Oes caiTi^res dc niarbre onyx trnnsluciile d'Ain Tcckbalct. Oran : 8vo, pp, 

)88. 1863. Jourdan, C. — Dcs lols dcs comraunoa. Blidiih ; 12(no, pp. 40. 
984, 1805, Sldler, Henry. — Le gouvcrnement militaire et la coloni«atioft 

Algijrie. Paris: 8vo, pp. 81. 

IBB. 1865. Oastiaeau, Benjamin,— De Pniis en Afriquo; Tojns< 
ea At^firie. Paris ; 8vo, pp. 142. 

J86, 1860. Tbomson, Arnold, IteJaclcur de I'Akhbar. — La n-organisntion 
de rorinde franfaiae, deilii^' -i. K1. du WimpHcu, giiuer«l da division, idaut b 
province d'Alger. Alger: 8vo, pp. 32. 
aeffl. ism. Vatonne, Iiis<^D<Bur den Mmea.— Kotioo sur left wndages cxikruUs 
; des niinca de la province d'AIger, sUr le territoirp dli villagii 

ieatte i 


"2648. 1865. ' M^liz, Sous-Lieutenant — Note snr les vestiges de Taqucduc romaia 
venant de Toudja k Bougie. 1. c, p. 23. 

~* 2649. Note sur les travaux hydraaliques romains exdcut^s k Tubusuptus 

(Tiklat), environs de Bougie. 1. c, p. 40. 

'2660. 1865. Ftokud, !«.— Exp^ition du Gomte O'Reillj contra Alger en 1775 
1. c., p. 47. 

^ 2661. 1865. Iia prise d'Alger d'aprds un toivain musulman, par M. L. F^raud, 
Interprdte. L c, p. 67. 

2662. 1865. Neltnes, Capitaine. — Notice sur les fouilles d*el-Mengoub. L c 
p. 80. 

2668. 1865. Auoapitaine, Baron HenrL — Notice ethnographiquo sur T^ta- 
blissement des Arabes dans la province de Constantine. 1. c, p. 92. 

2864. 1865. Marohand, Jules. — Inscriptions fun^raires recueillies ^ Goustan- 
tine et dans la banlieue. 1. c, p. 113. Also printed se]:iarately, Constantine 
8vo, pp. 66. 

2666. 1865. Chabassidre, Jules.— Notes sur Hadjar-T'aeldj, Ksar-Tekkouk 
et ATn-el-Bhettat. 1. c, p. 117. 

'2866. 1865. Masselot. — IUsum6 historique sur Bougie. 1. c, p. 184. 

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«i' Alger. Les Beni-Bou-Said et les Beni-Mana^er. Nouv. Ann. de Voy., d^, 
pp. 272-84. 

^ei58. Notions ethnograpliiques sur les Berber-Touarogs. MiSql et Bull. 

de la Soc de Gdogr. de Geneve, t. iv. pp. 1-63. 

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et I'administration du beylik do Teteri. Rev. Afr., vol. ix. p. 280. 

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1830. L c, p. 57. 

2661. £pitaphe d'Ouzoun Hassan, le conqu6rant d*Oran en 1708. 1. c, 

p. 122. 

Situation religicuse et politique de la Manritanie lors do la grandc 

re^olte berbero i la fin du 3* sifecle. 1. c, pp. 193 et seq. 

Le fort de Gberchel. 1. c., p. 202. This fort has now been entirely 


Le Dieu Manu Draconis. 1. c, p. 207. 

2666. Mers-el-Kobir. Traduction de Diego Suarez Moutdnes. 1. c, pp. 

251 et acq. 

fipigraphie d'Auzia (Aumale). 1. c, pp. 307 et seq. 

2667. Si^e de Melilla par 'les Marocains. Traduction de documents 

originaux. L c, p. 366. 

- 2668. N^gociations entre Hassan Aga et le Comte d'Alcaudete, Grouvemeur 

d'Oran (1541-2). Traduction de pieces authentiques, 1. c, p. 379.— See No. 8. 

- 2660. 1865. Bevoulx, Albert — Un exploit des Alg^riens en 1802. 

This was the capture of a Portuguese frigate. 1. c, p. 126. 

2670. 1865. MacOarthy, O. — fitude critique sur la g^graphie compart et la 
''eographie positive dei la gucrro d'Afnque de Jules Cesar. 1. c, pp. 430 et fteq, 



2671. 1868. AUard, CWnfiraL— nisoouw (comnie ComraisKiJre du Ci«uren»« 

ment) dauB la s^nnco du Corps l^gielatif, 12 ftvril. Farifl : 12iiio, pp. 62. From 

the Mouiteur Univtrael, 13tli April. 
S678. 1805. Waroier, Dr. A. — L'Algfrie liovant I'EmperBur, pcnir faire suite 

fi Algtirie devaut lo Si'uat et VAlse'rie devant roiiinion publiciiio (1864). Piiri*; 

8v-o, pp. xii. and 328. 

S673. 18fiS. Kordler, Sargent-Major.— Lea DJedar. An sMwuut of explora- 
tions. Rev. Afr., vol. ix. p. 4TG. 

3674. 1865. DuvemoiB, CWnient.--Le regime civil eo Algerie; urfjenoe et 
po88il)ilil6 de son applrcntion inimedial^. Frttodi d'lmelettre ^ MM.lesMembreB 
du Corps l^gislatir, d^reau'urs •!<?» ioterEts algetieiis. Paris: @vo, pp. xv. tul 

The author assorts that military rule ia CDiidetnn»l, and tlukt it is most 
urgent to Huhstiliile civi! guverriTiieiil. He gives a history of the insurrection 
of 1864. 

africuine. Paris : 8vo, 
biiiLself a Com- 

S875. 186;"^. Max-ThoinaB, Baron Q. — Qnestioi 
pp. 48. 

The author is a wanii supporter of iniiilary rule, 
mandaut in the Garde Inip^riale. 
2878. 186S. Lamy, T. — Aux IsraiiliteB d'Algfirie. Un vicux soldat de la 
conquSte. Alger : 8vo, pp. 21. 

3677. 1865. Bevue AiMoaiae et Biograpltie des hommee inari]iiants ds 
rAlg^rio depnia k couc[uGte jusqu'il nos joura; notability civilee, militnires, && 

Paris: 8vo. Cemmenced Oct, 1865. 

WTS. 1866. pno date] Andry, Dr. F.— I/Algiirit 
topographique. Lille, Paris: 8vo, pp. 168. 

Promenade historique et 

aS7B. 1805. Bonnafbnt, J. P.— I-a femme ambe dans h provinto de Oon- 

stanline. Paris : 8vo, pji. 20. From L'Union Mudicale. 
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fraofaise. llev. Afrie. et Biog., vol. i. p. i. 
2881. 1865. I^geay, Ch. — Lc Murecbal Couite do Bounnout. ConquSto 

d' Alger. L t., p. 20. 
3882. 1865. Del Monte, Jean Baptiete.— Miimuiro devant la cour imperial-: 

d'Alger, aiir I'ap]>tl d'uo jugemeot du Lribuiml de 1" instance de Tlonnien A I'uoca- 

sion des uarrieres de mnrbie onjx trnnsliicide d'Ain Tuckbalet. Oran : Sro, pp. C8. 
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Algi^rie. Paris: 8vo, pp. 31. 
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en Al«iirie. Paris; 8vo, pp. 142. 

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de Tonu^ic frau^aise, dedie u. M, de AVimplfcii, gem-rat de diTisioD,.coinuiaiidant la 
province d'Alger. Alger ; 8vo, pp. y2. 

3087. 18G6. Tatonne, Ingduicur ilea Mlnes.^Noticc sur U's sondagos VKi^Uis 

lar le siTviie dea minca de k province d'Alger, sur le lerriloire du TilUgr de 


POued el Alcug, pLiiiio tie la M^tidja. Paris: 8vo, i»p. 31, with sections, and 
l>lan8 of the instruments used. From the Annates des Mines, t. ix. 

2688. 1866. Ville, !«., Ingenieur en chef des Mines. — Notice sur les Bondages 
ex^cut^ dans le territoire civil de la province d'Algcr \x)ut la recherche des eaux 
jaillissantes. Alger : 8vo, pp. 36. 

2688. 1866. Ferigot, Oto^raL — Bapport i M. le Marechal, Gouvemeur general 
tie l^Ugerie, sur les forages artesiens execut(^*s dans la province de Constantine de 
1860-64, Marseille : folio, p]). 34 and xi., 2 maps and 9 plates. — See also report 
by M. Jules Duval, 1867. 

2880. 1866. Be8an9on, Dr. V., and M. Morin. — Les eaux thermo-min^rales 
d'Hammam-Hir'a. Ksquisse medicale. Alger : 12mo, pp. 62, with 9 lithographic 

2681. 1866. Fenoux-Maubraa. — ^Voyage de SM. Napoleon 111. en Alg6rie. 
Alger: 18mo. 

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ties ^tablisscments fran9ais dans PAlgerie, 1864. Paris : 4to, x)p. 265. 

2688. 1866. Fopulations indigtoes du territoire militaire, 1864. -See Tab. 
sit des ^tab., 1866, p. 229. 

2684. 1866. Fr^is des operations militaires en 1864.— See Tab. sit. des etab., 
1866, p. 183. 

2685. 1866. Churchill, H. A., Consul General.— Report on the Navigation 
and Trade of Algeria for 1865. Consular Commercial Reports, 1866, part ii. p. 10. 

2686. 1866. Sala, George Augustus.— A Trip to Barbary, by a round-about 
route. London: 8vo. 

The author went by the most ordinary route to Algiers and Gran. 

2687. The Streets of the World. Algiers, the street of Bab Azzoun. 

Temple Bar, vol. xvi. pp. 138-97. 

1866. lies Arabes et I'occupation restreinte en Algt^rie. Par un ancien 
cure de Laghouat. Paris : 8vo. 

By the same. De Passimilation des Arabes ; suivie d'une tSlude sur 

lc8 Touaregs. I'aris : 18mo, pp. 252. 

2700. 1866. Ouys, HenrL— litude sur les maure des Arabes, et sur les moyons 
d'amener ceux d*Algeric i\ la civilisation. Marseille ; 8vo, pp. 48. 

2701. 1866. Compte-Calix, Chanoinc. — Oraison funSbre de Sa Grandeur 
Mgr. L. A. A. Pavy, l^veque d'Alger, prononcee le 20 dec. dans Peglise cath^rale. 
Alger : 8vo, pp. 43. 

2702. 1866. Rasch, G.— Nach den Oasen von Siban in der groseen Wuste 
Sahara. Kin Reisebuch durch Algerien. Berlin : 8vo. 

2703. 1866. Cockpit RoyaL All the Year Round, vol. xv. pp. 4G9-74. 
Describes Algiers and a visit to a cockfight at Mustafa Sui^rieur. 

2704. 1866. Sabatery, A., Avocat defenseur.— lilements de droit musulman, 
coraprenant Pexposd de Porganisation de la justice dans le Pachalik d'Alger avant 
1830, &c. Alger : 8vo, pp. 354. 

2706. 1866. Oervais, FauL — Nouvelles remarques sur les i^issons fluvialilea 
de PAlgerie. Comptes Rend, des stSances do PAcad. des Sc, t. Ixiii., 17th Dec 

2706. 1866. Blbesco, Prince Nicolas. — La grande Kabylie au temps de la 
Rcgence d'Alger. Revue des deux Mondes, 1st March. 


3707. 18Ge. SoBy, B., and J. de Qoaje.- 

I'Eapagne. Leide. 

De»cri[itioik (If I'Afriniie el -'-^ 

s lies Aiiibes, '. 

270a 1866, Carteron.— Voysgy eu Alg^ric : toua I 

vie iiititne et exldrieure, misBi que celle des Eurupeetis dans la calonie. Paiib : 

12mo, pp. 504. 
2709. 18C6. CommiBslon d'enqufita nominee par l'asaembl(« g£a£mle des 

concession naires de foretg do cheiieB-li^e. Icceudies en Alg&ie. Fans : Svo, 

pp. 176. 

5710. 1666. Chabannea, Ch. de. — Lettre aDi>les iuoendies ptkiodiquea defoiels 
ea Algirie, adrewde k H. le JiaroD G. Martineau dee CLetaiez, secnSlaire-gen^nJ 
lie la coicDiission des d£l£gu£s dcH coccessioaDairea dee forSts de chEnes-iiege eii 
Alg^rie. Alger ; 8vo, pp. 36, 

5711. 1866. Unqit^te s^u^role sur lea inoendles des forets en A Ig^rip, 
1863-6. Rapport de la commissioB inBtituoo i Constautiuo i^ar anelii de S. Eic. 
le Mar&hiil de Trance, gouTcmeiir gt^m^rcil de I'Alg^rii', en date du 30 d^ceiubrt 
1866, Alger; 4to, pp- 98. 

2712. 1866. Bell, Joach. Hounaud, otLerwIse called Qsargea, cundeumed i<- 
deportatioD to Algeria for political ofTenceB,— Ethel; souvenirs d'Afriquo. Vaxis ; 
2718. 1866, Dewulf, Capitaine,— Notice aur I'aqueduc de Bougie, 
2714. ISCC, Agnely, Lallemant et Darru,— Le criquet pilerin (Aori>Uoni 
perogrinum), viilgniriment Hiuilerclle volatile at voyageuse d'Afrique. Ses iu- 
TairioDS eu 1816, 1845, 1866. Eludes algfriennea, historiquea, eatomologiqaci, 
agricolfg, avec figures dessin^ d'aprSs nature. Alger: 8vu, ]>p. 26. 

2716. 1866. J, O., ancien Capitaine des Tirailleurs.— Le Li vred'or des Tiraillcui? 
al;;jriens de la province d'Alger, ou Tastes et eervices des bataillooa d'Alger el I'lc 
Q'itheri devenua 1" regiment do Tirailleurs algfrieus. ConatautiDe, Faria: Stu, 
pp. 604 

2717. 1866. [Sue d'Aumale.] — La question alg^ricune k propoG de la letirc 
adressfe par I'Empereur au Marechal de MacMahun. Taris: 8to, pp, 31, From 
tbo Courrier de Diniancho. Aeon. 

2718. 1866. Suval, Paul, Directeur du ll^conoiuiate Fran;aia. — ItfSexion^ 
Biu- le politique de rEmjitreur en Algerit. Paris : 8vo, pp. viii. and 184. 

The author attacks the theory of a " Royaume arabe." 
S719. 1866. FourmeBtraoz, K — Ua idi^ea napoltouiennea en Algirie. Paris i 
12nio, pp. 197. 

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Tuggurt. Bcc. de Not st Idiio. Soo. Arch. Conslantine, vol. x. p. 1, 

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p. 17. 

S722. 1866. Tauxler, H. — Sur la d^terminaticMi et le sens du plneieors mota liv 

raadeiiae laogue Nmnide. 1. c, p. 9T. 
272S. 1866. Chabassidre, — Kecherches li Thubrnncum, Uadauri et Tipu;i. 

1. o„ p. 108, with plates and translation of i use ri|it ions by M, Marcliand. 

2724. 1866. Bamiond, Director of tlio 
ex&iilOca 1 Lnmbfeae. 1, c., p. 230. 

1 Oen trait. — Sur les 


8725. 1866. airol. A., Garde gdndral des ForSts.— Notes archeologiques sur 
'llieyeste et see environs. 1. c, p. 173. 

2726. 1866. Jadas, Dr. — Sur des inscriptions numidico-puniques. 1. c, p. 262. 

2727. 1866. Blra^pie. — Histoire africaiDe, de la division de Tempire des Arabes 
et de I'origine et du progrds de la monarchie des Mahometans dans TAfrique et 
dans I'Espagne. (Trad, de Pure.) Paris : 12mo. 

2728. 1866. Nicholl, John. — Some account of the Worshipful Ck)mpaDy ot 
Ironmongers, compiled from their own records and other authentic sources ot 
information. London : privately printed, 4to, pp. 637 and xlviii. 

This contains an account of John Betton, who left half his fortune for the 
redemption pf slaves in Barbary. 

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Annali dell'Istituto ArcheoL di Koma, t. xxxviii. p. 28. 

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d'Oran. Alger: 8/o, pp. 113. Ouvrage couronnd par la Soci^t^ de Climatologie 

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Le Tombeau de la Chr^tienne, mausol^ des rois mauritaniens de la derni^re 
dynastie, avec vues du monument avant et apr^ I'exploration, et plan de 
Thypogee. Alger : 8vo, pp. 96. 

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p. 208. 

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1. c.y p. 179. 

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Sieur Chastelet des Boys. L c, pp. 91 et seq, — See No. 145. 

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arabe, L c, pp. 382 et seq, 

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preuant ^gslement la legislation fran9ai6e et tunisienne, code civil et code de 
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Setif, Boogie et Alger, par une femme (Mme. Aune Dutertre). Caen : 8vo. 

Only a few copies printed. 



I)<ij>uc1i, promier Kvfiqne 
aplilicable i 

le terrice foresti 

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dos prociklis tiBittB jjour Id jiUiitation des nrbrea en Algerie ct en Fnmoe. Le 

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[ilumtian de . . . au I'uunt et fi In-falali, i1bpr)« les lettres du voyngeitr in- 

B6t6ea aiix Aniiales dcs Voyn^ purV. A. Malie-Bnm: Svo, pp. 150, nuip, 

Rohlfii made the esi>cdition to Kabylia in tbo legion ttrangSra iu 1801, 
and subsequeully visited tunoy parts of S^orth Afi'lcn bitberto uiiknuivn to 
Euro J leans. 
2764. KcucBle llricre Ton G. E. utid Riickbliclt nur seine bidierigBQ IteiBcn 

in Afrika iu den Jnlireu 1661 -G3. Petunu. Geogr. Mittli., p, 3, witli double ingo 

S76B. Gerhard Itolilfs' Tagebucli Kciner Rcist von Tuiiat nncU IthnJani)s 

1864. Lc.,11.8. 
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die Oascii von Tount iiiid Titliktlt 1864, uubat liericbt iiber Major Lnn»'c Itciw 

1825 iind DuTfyrier's Erkuudigungen in Nord-Afrita. L c, p. 5H. 

Tlie map in question is contained in llie Geo^r. Mittli., 1865, Tafrl 14. 
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Rciulcu in drt Kordwestlichcu Sahara. 1. c., p. 53. 
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TouaL 1. c., |). 110. 
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tliroiigb the Oases Tomt and Tidikdt by ivay of Gliadiuiies in the year 1864. 

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Tbc author enunitratca 141 species. 

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pp. 20. 

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Teste arabe ct traduction i>ai de Fremery et Dr, Songuiuetti. Paris : 4 vol. Bto. 
GSographle. Teste arabe par Rainaud et de Slano. Paris, 2 toI. 4U), IMO, 



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An obituary notice of the Bishop and an account of his life. 

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dc 4 cartGB et 3 plans, dresses par 0. MacCarthy. Alger : Sto, pp. 627. 

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rapport i M. le Gouv. gen. sur lea foragtis arteBieos executes dans la provinco de 
Constaotine de 18(ii>-U4. Bull. Soc. Gdogr. PariB, 1" nem., p. 113. 

This report was mode at tne request of the Soc Guogr. de Paris, and read 
on tbe 14th Deo., 13G0. 

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France, silance de 8 et 20 dto, 181J5. 

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Year Bound, vol. xcii. pp. l'Ju-31. 

The story of Lord Exmuuth'i cxpediUoQ. 
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pp. 190. 
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ir de rOhservatoiro. — Description de I'&lipee aiiuu- 
Alger : 8vo, with iUustrations. 

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The autlior puts the question and replies affirmatively, "Leg agrjcultcuts 
beiges peuvent-ils trouver on Algfirie da tonnes couditiona d'l'xlHteuce 'I " 
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The author enumerates 79 species of plants found on the monimient. 

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Teste et traduction. Paris : 8vo, pp. 475. 

A very important work ; amongst others is a song on the arrival of the 
French in Algeria. 

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et de SidjQ Massa. Bull. Soc. Gdogr. Paris, l^" sem., p. 337, with map. 

This is a description of that part of Morocco which bounds the south-west 
frontier of Algeria, and which is probably destined to be " rectified " at no 
distant date. 

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The author published several other letters on the same subject in 1868. 

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environs d'Alger. Mines de Soumab. Alger : 4to, pp. 11. 

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les mines de T^n^ (concession de rOued-Allelah). Paris : 8vo, pp. 30, with a 
plan of the district to the east of Tdn^ in which this concession is situated. 

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London : 2 vol. 8vo. 


2B2e. i«ia. 

algerienne. 1 

28S6, 186^. Kapport ile k (vniiDiission aur reiiEemcnccfflentS en territoires de 
tribus — Associations ontiB Europ&nB et Indigines— Prets de grains — CoiiMrencr* 
ouvertes eiitrc i'aiitoritij iiiilitniru ct lea uuIaUea Europt-cna de CoDStnntinr. 
CoMtaniine : fol.. \>p. 10. 

Ilie object of thuse confurences wan to devise iiienns for preventing famine. 

such as devastaied tlie country iii 1967-8. The report ends with the wonJs, 

"Plaisu :\ Dieti que la race araba echagipe e& 18<)9 niix falates defltin^es de si 

constitution economique." 

3827. 18S8. 1.0. fajnlne en Als^rle et les discovirs ofBcieU. Erreiira el oon- 

tradictioDH. Cuustantine : 8vo, pp. 32. 

A letter addressed by a large uumber of inli&bitaDts of Cotiltantine to the 
senators and deputies. 
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niuauiman. Yariiiti-sjuridiqaes. Orau: 8vo, pp. US. 
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BOne. Paris: Svn, pp. SO, 4 plates. From Annalcs dea Voyages. 

Tlie author jniblished an auaiysia of the Tliugga iiiacription and further 
obeenacioua on Libyan iiiscriptiaus in 18G0. Faiis : 8vo, pp. BO, 1 ])late. 

2830. Sur ime rumvolle sirie d'e'iiitaphcs libyques Irouv&s A la CLaffia (Br 

M. Reboud ii. ihu \un. di-M Voy., Pari*, Aiiril 18(i9. 

2881. Sur ciuelqut'H cpitaphes libyques et latiiio-libj-quos poiir faire suite :•. 

nies troia niemuires, 4c. Paris : 1870, 8vo, pp. 14, 1 plalr. 

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I'aidherbc, aur les inscriplions libyqiiea. Paris : 8vo, p]j. 113. 
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in4rkvardigl]cter, itc. Wtnersli-ir;; ; f<vo. 

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von Aff ika. Hoisen iii Aigericn iind Morokko. IitipKig : 4 vol. ji[i. 1247, plain 
and map. 

An iulereating work, tlie result of seven successive voyages by an arJent 
and iNtelUi;eut traveller. 
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e de TAlgurie. l.imoges ot Lille : 8vo, pp. 144 and iilatea. 
1863. Bocoa. — ijiielques notes aur rhistoiro d'ltalie et la g^jgrajrhie 
10 dc I'AfriquB. Orleans; 8vo, ]ip. 24. 
2B38. 1S68. Vigneral, Ch. de, Capitains d'l^tat-mnjor.— Riiincs rumaincs d« 
I'Algfirie, Kabylie, du Djurdjura. Pnris : Sro, pp. 195, 17 plates and inscriptioDj. 

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Tunis. Hoc Not. el Muni. Soc. Ai-eb. Const., vol. xii. pp. 1-208. 

1'his is ail Araiiic work of modem dale, a curious jncturo of triluil luitory 
and desert lifi.'. 

2841. 1868. Dowulf, Capitaina E.— iu.=criptions de Aiu Eoiila. I. t, p. 209. 



. 1866. Pont, liieut. Justin. — ]fitudes Listoriqucs siir les Amamia. L c, 
pp. 217-40. 

ContainiDg information on 'two points of geography liitherto doubtful, 
Mascula and Barai. 

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rinvasion arabe. La Kahena. 1. c, pp. 241-54. 

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Sufevar, Sila et Sigus pendant V6t6 de 1863. L c., pp. 393-456. 

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p. 479, plate. 

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cercle de Tebessa, L c, pp. 457-71. 

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fouilles execut^es sous la direction du Commandant S . . . 1. c, pp. 475-7. 

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Commissaire extraordinaire of the Republic at Algiers. — L'Algerie, hier et domain, 
from the Revue Moderne, 25th January. 

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. 1868. Itin^raire des routes de I'Algerie avec I'indication des Stapes, 
grandes haltes, caravanserails, lieux habitds, &c. Alger : 12mo ; 2nd edition in 

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From the Revue de TArt Chretien, December. 

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resulteront de la construction de travau.K d*irrigation dans cette contree. Trad. 
de I'anglais par Girard Dupresne. London and Paris : 8vo, pp. 64. 

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I'aris : 8vo, pp. 29. 

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la crise actuellc. Paris, Lyon [printed] : 8vo, pp. 102. Published anonymously. 


-2868. ISm. Edwards, MatUda Bethan.— Through Spalu to I 
London; 8vo, pp. 317. 

The travels in the Siihnra consist siiiij'ly of a Tisit to Tlcnifaj and Saidn. 
'3863. 186S, CtouTemement g^n^ral de l'Alg6rie.— Tal>1eau dc la situXku 
dea (StabUssements francaig dans I'Algt-rie, amiiSes 1S65^6. Pftris: 4tn, pp. 526. 

2864, Bapport i\ rEmpereur siir la situation de la pTOjiri^l^ tcrriloriftle en 

Algfirie. Moniteur, 5th May, 
286B. 1866. Ifiel, Mardobal.— Bnpport iL rEmpereur. From the Journal 
OiSdel, 10th Dec, regarding the new delimitation of the Department of Con- 

3866. 1868. Flayfoir, Iiieat-CoL H. L. — On the Trade and CoDimeTce of 
Algeria for 18G6. Consular Commercial lieporta, 1608, Part i, p. 7. la the sarae 
vol is a second Beport hy Col. Playfair, ' On British Colonisaliou and tbu famine in 
Alzeria,' datcl 23rd March, 1868. 

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baasins du Hodna et du Sahara. Paris: 4to, pp. vii, and 790, with 3 t 
and 2 plates. 

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Paris : 8vo. 
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ring of 


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var-. Ml, V 

304 A mBLlOGRArHY OF AI.QtlUA. ^^^^^^| 

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Tlio atitlior was nephew of M.iriSclial do MacHabon, and accompanied » 
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iis^l'Empire ; lea' indigenes cl la^^ 

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X 2 


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The autlior advocates free and complele eoloaisatiun by meRns of grants of 
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The author proposes to uiiiise ihe uoderground stream which exlsU in c 

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This paper cuntuins an aecauot of the tomb at Akboii, tlie artillery of 
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re de Qigclli. Itec. Not. et Mini. Soc, 
w of tiio pkeo during the Due de Beaufort's 



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M. Albert Bevoulx was unanimously elected. 

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Tlie autlior was captain iu the Tirailleurs Algdriens, and a proprietoi 
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lion administrative et poliiiquo de I'Algirie. ittnt dps comraimea et Douars, par 
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A summary of notes sent by Pr, Seri:!iat. 

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The atithor says that if ever the Utopia of assimlktion between Etiropoans 
and natives^ realised it nill be by means of the Habyles. 

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The writer ascribes to them an Asiatic origin. 

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Mademoiselle Tinn^ remained a winter in Algeria before starting on the 
journey during which she and her party were massacred by the Touaregs. 

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Ho argues strongly in favour of the collective naturalisation of Jews. 

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1870, qui a ddclar^ citoycus fran9nis les Israelites indigenes de TAlg^ne. Paris : 
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An interesting study on the Jews of Algeria, concluding against their 
collective naturalisation. 

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This is an account written from recollection of an article in the Gazetteer of 
1754 of the massacre of a Bey by the soldiery and the assassination of the 
assassins on the 11th December in that year. 

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Thia commisBioii was iiptned by ihe Socif^te d'Agriculture d'Alger. An 
official character was aubsequeniJy pven to it by the CommiMaire Extraordi- 

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Proposing to oSer tbem an asylum in Algeria. 

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P^-titlon L I'Aesemblfe Nauonale oontro lo d,6cret du 24 oct. 1866. Paris : Sro, 
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This gaTc rise to a reply by Taupiac, 'Lea IndigSoes Isrofilites. RfipooM ji 
M. Dii Bouitt.' 

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8vo, pp. 13. 



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This gave rise to a reply by B. Duoos, * L'Alg^rie ; quelques mots de 
r^ponse k la brochure, " La v^rit^ sur TAUC'rie." ' Paris : 8vo, pp. 39. 

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Found among the papers of the author after his death. 

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An interesting document discovered by the author, containing an accoimt of 
^11 ihe prizes captured by the Algerines from 1765 till the French conquest. 
Published separately in 1872. Alger : 8vo. 


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p. 81. 

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entre Charles-Quint et 


1842. 1. c, p. 300. 
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This also appeared in German in Petermann, 1872, p. 332. 

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This expedition took place in March and April 1870, and penetrated as far 
as Figuig in pursuit of fugitive insurgents from the province of Oran. 

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Published by the Comice Agricole d' Alger, for the use of colonists and 

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Lady Herbert visited this country just before the insurrection of 1871, and 
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the title ' L'Alg^rie contemporaine,' with maps and illustrations. 

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.iDd 137, i plat«Bi 3nd part, 1874, p|i. 410 and map. 

Before publication the HS. of this imporlant work was submitted to the 

Academie iles Sciencea, whose president, Faye, published a report oa it, * Sar la 

triangiilRtioD du premier ordni qui, Kert de fuudemeDt, &o,' Comptea Rend. Aea 

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This was destroyed in making the new boulevard. 

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This was the*first act of the insurrection of 1871, tried before M. Truant at 
the assizes of B6ne. 

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This contains the charges on which the great chiefs were tried, and is a 

complete history of the insurrection in the Medjana and elsewhere in the 
proYince of Algiers, the second scene in the drama. The trial actually took 
place in 1873. 

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The accused wa»"the great religious head of the insurrection, as Mokrani was 
the political chief. 

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This treats" of the suppression of the rebellion of 1871^ the employment of 
the war indemnity, colonisation, &c. 



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chap. i. is devot«d to Algeria. 
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•le I'EnfancB Chretien ne. 


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ei musulmane compart enCre ellea bu point de i 

historiqties, litMrairea ct critiques, form ant va appendice jusliQcatif tres itendu. 

Paris; 12mo, pp. 372. 
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OfSce, Loudon. 

Vol. ). contniiis, araoiigst other places, a deflcription of the coast of 
from Cape Spartel lo the Gulf of Kabes, pp. 194-286. A second cdil 
published in 1885. 
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V il leneu ve-aur-Lot. 

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adopts en Afrique pour dtablir les hommes et les chevaux de cavalerie au bivac. 
The 22nd edition of this work was published in Paris in 1873. 32mo, pp. 54, 
3 plates. 

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V O 

; statut penoniiel 




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SSft A tllllUDORArilY Ut' ALGtliUA. 

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Tbe moat ioteteeCing part is chapter xvii., ia which there ia s elioit ritmiir 
of Hanot«au and Lotoumom'u work on Kabylia. 
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Articles originally published in the Vigio Alg^ricune, attributed to 11. V. 
Mallarm^, Avocal. The Projet in question n-,is preaent^d to the Auembljc 
Nationalc by the Hiniater uf Justice on tbe 30lh May, oa foLows : — " Le d^rel. 
dea 24 octobrfl et 10 nor. 1870 relatif i I'insCitution du jury et au roncliouD»- 
ment des cours d'aaai^cs en AlgSrie eat abrogf-" 


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The writer is not a believer in the possibility of the scheme. 

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The KUber had to visit the coral fisheries and to "show the flag" in Tunis 
and Tripoli. 

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A detailed and ofiBcial account of this important work. 

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1. c, p. 39. 


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This ia situated at 25 kiluiu. rrom Tizi Ouzon 

1 A'li ben HbasM oil AH 

the road to Dra el-Mizao. 

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Yahia Mou^tal'ft was Agha of the Arabs from 1818-2a 

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A heroine of Kahylia who lived io the bcgitming of the Dineteenth cent ImesRcbelen. I. c, p. 401. 

Hei-oea who aaorificed themselves for the defence of their country (Kabylia). 
1874. Trumelet, Colonel. — Lettre au sujet d' 


e picrre comme 
iiidiqiinut rendr(>it oil it et^ tiie lu Bneh Aghu Mokranl. 1. c, p. 474. 
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I'Antbie. Catalogue n^thodlqiie de touH Ics ouvrages fmn^ais et drs principaux 
en langues ^tran^Sres, tmitant da la gAigraphie, de I'hisloire, du commerce, di* 
lettrea et des arlB de TAfrique et deTAmhie. San Itemo; 8yo, pp. 312. 
A work of the hightst value. 

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miMion ohargeo d'dtudier le projet de met intirieiire d'Algdrie. Comptea Read. 
Acad. Sc. 22Dd Juuc, pp. 15i)3-U. 

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Paris, Aug., p. 113 ; Dec., p. 574. 

The scheme of creating an inland sea by taking the waters of tbo liiaiiUi 
ranean into the Sahara had hecu so strongly urged, that the Assembl6e 
Nationale voted a sum of money for preliuitnary studies. This task wns con- 
fided to the daring originator, with whom were asuociateil M. Henri Dxvrejn er 
and several engiueers. ,^^t 

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1. 0., May, p. 482. 
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The writer ia one of the moat steady opponents of this scheme. 


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pp. xii. and 609. The second vol. published in 1881, pp. iv. and 381. 

The result of long and patient investigation. 

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A short account of his jourucy to Ain^laii, and )iis project of procwiiing at 
above to Tombouctou. 
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3468. Obseryations mdttorologiques dans le Sahara central. 1. c, 

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—See also No- 3527. 
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ct Ics Musulmans. 1. c., 15th August. 
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noureaux vill^es fondfia par la SocifitS de Protection, llev, des deus Mondts, 

lat Sept. 

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of lawa and decrees relating to Algeria; tonnage dues, and magnetic rariationa.' 

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for boys. 

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and 327. 

From p. 117-214 is an Arab story 'Ourida,' which has been translated by 
the author into Spanish and Italian, and published separately at Algiers and 
Florence. A Grerman translation of the work was published at Vienna in 

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The author's object is to show the part taken by the French navy in the 
conquest of Algeria. The work is divided into three parts. 1. A precis of 
the principal expeditions against Algiers prior to 1830. 2. The chief events in 
which the navy was concerned since that time. 8. A description of the littoral. 
He also gives a list of all the Admirals commanding the Marine since the 

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Describes the efforts at military colonisation and subsequent schemes. 

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from the Uevue Maritime et Coloniale. 



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Hev. Afr^ Tol. six. pp. 50 et seq. — See atiio No. 3562. 

A continual ion uf n work commeoced by the late M. E, V. Fei 
860S. 1873. Priroaudaie, £lie da la. — Duouments icfdits but Tliietd 
roccupation eap^nole en Afriiiut, 150S-74. 1. c, pp. G2 ft leg. 
These are chiefly from llie aroliivts of SimaacM. 
8603. 1876. Uiobiel, Alfred. — La prise d'Alger, mcontee par en captir. 
]'. 471. 

This was originally publiahed in the Revue Conl«mporaiDe of 3Ist Dec^ 

1854. The work was originally ivrittea by a. Gurxnan cnptive, and bore the 

title 'Mdne lieiaun nad mciue fUntjabrige Gcfaagenschaft in Algier, ron Simon 

Fried rich Pfeiffer.' 

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Arabic MS. of the Oiilad ben Kanoun. 
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le 25 nvril, pour I'inauguration du aervieo religious ikns I'annfie d'Afriquo. 
Alger: 8vo, pp. 64. 
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A review of two uorhs, one on ' Acclimstenient,' by M. Bertillon [n tli« 

Diet. Encycl. des Sc. Udd. ; and the other by M. Sioaux, * CoDtribulioD i 

I'eiudo de racclimatcnicnt dea Fran^als ea Algdrie.' 

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S^phed). Algeria occupies a pre [wndera ting part of tliis work. 

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Also, Maliriaux pour I'bistoire prim, et uat. de I'liomme, 1876, 4 pli 

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This mission had for its object the collection of Boman inscriptions, recently 
discovered in the province of Constantine. The writer's work is a valuable 
supplement to the precious collection of M. L^n Benier. 

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t commertual du d^pirtement A'Algtr. 

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A conference held at Mcliiii with a view lo encourage the e:(peditiOB^ 
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I dc Eabylie orientale ot du Hodua 
'un m6deciu miiitaire, Constantine : 




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de Grajiade, d^uverts h Tlem9en. Paris: 8vo, pp. 200. From the Journal 

. Asiatique. 

A most valuable contribution to the history of Tlem9en, the more valuable 
as the manner in which the interesting antiquities of this historic city have 
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z 2 


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This volume contains the census of Algeria for 1866, and tbo Imperial 
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Bruce the tnivellBr was Cons ul-Geu era 1 at Algiers from 1763 to 1766. He 
subsequently made eKtensive oxploratiuna in Algeria tiidTuniii,andmagDiflceol 
architectural drawings of all the Roman remains be visited, but lie lutt no 
account of his journey. These drawin^ts are in the possession of liia descendant. 
Lady Tfaurlow, The author has |>ublishi?d an account of hia journey over (he 
ground traversed by Bruce, illuptratcd by fac-similes of his drawings. This 
work is now very rare, as the remaining copies of the edition were desmyod hr 
fire in Kegan Paul's premises in 1883. 

Reviews gn it appeared in the IHrnas, 3rd Dec ; ^xamlQer, 7th Nov. ; 
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The author regards all Arabs as insurmountable obstacles to French 
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A most amusing caricature. Many editions, the fiftieth in 1887, illustrated. 

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A work in Russian, containing statistical and military tables; with remarks 
on the population in general, and csi)ecially on the Kabyles. 


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The author cs^iccinlly enters into tlie subject of ccclcBiasticBl achools in 
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The last few pages oi;ly, pp. 332-90, vol. ii., arc devoted lo Algeria. 

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The best description biiberto publi^tbcd of the intercBting ruins of Tb8iimi;a& 
— See also L'Annfe G&gc, Z' sf-r., t, i, p. SB; and l!cv, Afr, vol. sxi. ]>. 409, 
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liennc, conlcnnnt I'nnnTysc somniaire et le ctnssenicnt mi'thodique dc tontvs 1m 


lie dc lonlvs IM i 


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The question arose from the sale of real property by an Arab to a 

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The author propounds his theory that the Lake of Triton is the inland arm 
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In vol. vi. is an account of the battle of Algiers in 1816. 


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— Note sur una tortue fossile de genre 
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es aticieuuea des environs d'Ain-el-Bey, 
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Bach vol. treats of a departmeat. Dr. Schneider edits those of Algiers and 
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The author denies that the Chotts ever communicated with the Mediter- 

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These contain quicksilver, lead, and other metals, and are situated in the 
Aurds Moimtains. lliey were conceded by the French government to Mr. 

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Addressed to the jury of the Algerian section of the Exposition Universelle 
de Paris (1878). This is a resume of the work executed from 1856-78. 

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g^n^ral et par lea eoias des d^l^uea d^si};a^ par le Conseil pour aller aouteoir 4 
Paris lea intdrSts ^ODomiques dn di^partemcDt). £iude hut leg nonTeaiu 
imp6t8 proJDt6a et aur la ligau ferrte qui doit Ueflservir Tlempen. Parallfilo entre 
lea Irois projots. Oran, 8vo, witli map. 

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ITieae are the property of Mr. Georges Le-Sueur, of Pbilippcviile, H 

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A commission charged to examine this work reported that it wa* of inoOD- 
tealablo utility, and recommended it for the use of laagiatralcs, &c. 
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from the Arabic. Histoire de TAfrique septentrionale. Rev. Afr., vol. xxii. 
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The author maintains that this took place at the Rio Salado, on the road 
from Oran to Tlem9en. 

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The second part, from p. 55, is devoted to poems on Algeria. 

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Commenced in 1879. 

The Society was inaugurated on the 14th July, 1878. 

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The author's object was to reach the Niger from Algeria, but he penetrated 
no further than 31° N. lat, after staying at Ouargla. 

Le Sahara. L'Exploration^ No. 113. 

Flore saharicnne. Histoires et l^gendes, traduites de Tarabe. 

Geneve : 8vo, pp. 228. 

This has nothing to do with the botany of the district 

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—See also reterm. Geogr. Mittb., p. 33. 

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pp. 40, with a maps. 

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et commentfie piir , . . , Alger: 8vo, pp. kiii. and 410, 

Tho iotrodnction narratta tbe manner in which M. Maaqtiemy obtained 
permission to copy this volume, one of the moat treasurod records of the lUtai 

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From the lievuu Africaiiic (at) So. 3857). 

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No. 622 contains information regarding the eastern basin of the Ucditemnean, 
inoloding Tripoli, the Island of I>jorba, and El-Arish. Paris: 8vo, 1880,^— Sm 
also Compto Rendu de I'Asaoc. Fr. pour I'ftvonce. des Sciences, Alger, 1881, 
p. 996. 

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On the coniiTicrco between Algeria and the Soudan i it appeared in tho 
Akhbar, and was reprinted In tho llcvue de GeosraphJe, 1879, Paris. 
8818. 1879. Qaaeau de Vantibaiilt, T. P. — La France au cccur de I'A&ique. 

Biscours prononcfi devant la Socl^t^ Geograpbiqae Commerciale. — See also Bull. 

Soo, G^gr. Oron. vol. i. p. 39. 
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Three vols, have already appeared, A to K. In vol. i, p. 73, there is in 
article on Algeria, containing a chronological table and biblii^raphy. 
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Mondea, 15th April. 
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am dpiii Natur- und Volkslebeu in der grossen afrikonischen Wiiste. ^^'ien ; 8vo, 

])p. 639, map of the Sahara, witli the travellers' routes, 7 chromolithograplu and 

65 cuts in the text — a compilation of various journeys, 
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Bdne: 12mo, pp. 112. 
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8vo. pp. 62. 
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blondes, 5 th Aug, 

ev. des dens^ JL^| 


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musique greoque, et le chant gr^goricn. Alger : 8vo, pp. 164. 
This first appeared in the ' Bevue Africaine,' 1862-3. 

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M^aille d'or de la soci^t4 centrale de m^ecine v^t^riuaire. 

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alg^rieUy aveo un notice sur I'lnstitut Sanitaire. Paris: 8vo, pp. 21, with 
3 illustrations. 

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qucs exploits autrefois par les I^omains et ddcouvertes par . . . dans la commune 
de Either pr^ du port d'Arzew. Paris : 4to, pp. 14, 2 maps. 

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plans par F. A. Moliner- Violle. 

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g^^ral civil de I'Alg^rie sur la clavel^ (variole ovine). Alger : 4to, pp. 7. 

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Alger : 4 to, pp. 124. Published by the Government General. 

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An excellent publication, containing much valuable information regarding 

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The author does not believe in the possibility of M. Duponchel's plan. 

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The author gives a technical study of the protx>scd route in two scctiotis, 
the first being from Algiers to El-Ajjhouat. 

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The ssaaa vol. contains other memoirs on the same subject. 

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The country of the M'zab is aituated about 110 ktl. south of El-Agbouat. 
An excellent paper. 

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These remarkable ruins were discovered in 1878. Beautiful drawings of the 
mosaic flooring were made by M. Martin, and exhibited at the Paris Exhibition 
of the same year. They were subsequently published on a large scale by the 
Society, and two of the plates were reproduced by Mr. Graham in his paper. 
No. 4406. 

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This was pronounced at the " audience de rentrde " of the Cour d'appeL 

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TOU U. 2 A 

3S3 A lilBUOUl