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Full text of "A Supplement To Allibone S Critical Dictionary Of English Literature And British And American Authors Vol II"

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Copyright, 1391, by J, B, I^IPPINCOTT COMPANY* 





Haagensen, SopKus. (Trans.) Methods and The- 
ories for the Solution of Problems of Geometrical Con- 
&truouon, by Julius Peterson, Lon., 1879, 8vo. 

Haas, Ernst Anton Max, Ph.D. Catalogue of 
Sdimlciit aud Pali Books in the British Museum, Lon., 
187<>, 4to. 

JIabberton, John, b. 1842, in Brooklyn, N.Y.j 
was literary editor of the Christian Union 1874-78, and 
lias since been on the editorial staff of the New York 
Herald. 1. Helen's Babies. By their Latest Victim. 
Uost., 1876, sq. 16mo and 8vo. Anon. (More than 
one hundred and titty thousand copies have been sold.) 
2. The Barton Experiment, N York, 1870, 1 61110. 3. 
The Jericho Road : a Story of We&tern Life, Chic., 

1876, sm. 4to. 4. (Ed.) Select Bnttbh Essayists, (vol. 
i. ) Spectator, (Selected Papers,) by Addison and Steele: 
with Introductory Essay and Biographical Sketches, 
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Lon., 1877, 18mo. 6. My Mother-iu-Law, Lon , 1877, 
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of the Papers relating to Sir Roger de Coverley 
published in the " Spectator :" with an Introductory 
Essay, 1877, 8vo. 8. Other People's Children, N. York, 

1877, sq. Itfmo. 9. The Scripture Club of Valley Rest; 
or, Sketches of Everybody's Neighbors, N. Yoik, 1877, 
sq. 36rno. 10. Some Folks. Illust. N. York, 1877, 
Svo. 1 1. Little Guzzy. Illust. N. York, 1878, 12mo. 
12. Other People, Lon., 1878, 8vo. 13. The Crew of 
the "Satn Wciler," N. York, 1878, gq. 16mo. 14. Just 
One Day, Bobt., 1879, 16inoj now ed., entitled "Mrs. 
Mayburn's Twins," <fcc., Phila., 1882, 8vo. 15. The 
Worst Boy in Town. Illust. N. Yotk, 1880, sq. 
36mo. 1C. Who was Paul Gray son ? Illust. N.York, 
1881, sq. 16mo. 17* The Bowshatn Puzzle: a Novel j 
[also] My Friend Moses: a Story, N. York, 1884, 12mo. 
18. Goorgo Washington, (1732-1799,) (*' Lives of Amer- 
ican Worthies,") N. York, 1884, 10ino. 19. Brueton's 
Bayou, Phila., 1886, Svo. 

' In originality of motive, in freshness of treatment, and 

0. Country Luck, [a novel,] Phila., 1887, 

Hafoershon, Matthew Henry* The Wave of 
Scepticism and the Rook of Truth: a Reply to "Super- 
natural Religion," Lon , 1875, p. 8vo, 

Habershou, Samuel Oisborne, M.D., RR.C.P,, 
]82&-l88y, b. at Rothorham j studied medicine at Guy'a 
Hospital and at the University of London, where he 
graduated 1848 j phymolan to Guy's Hospital 1860-80- 
vice-president of the Royal College of Physicians 1887, 
Ac. 1. A Catalogue of the Models of Ihseases of the 
Skin m the Museum of Guy'a Hospital, Lon., 1854, 8vo. 
2. Pathological and Practical Observations on Diseases 
of the Abduwen, Lon,, 1857, 8voj 4th ed., 1888. 3. 
Medical Science in its General AHpeofs and Study: a 
Lecture, Lon,, 1859, 8vo. 4. On the Injurious Meets 
of Mercury in the Treatment of Disease, Lon,, ISytf, p. 
8vo, 5. On Disease of the Stomach : the Varieties of 
Dyspepsia, their Diagnosis and Treatment, Lon., 1866, 
p, 8voj 3d ed., 1870, 6. On the Pathology and Treat- 
ment of some Diseases of the Liver, (Lettsornian Lec- 
tures, 1872,) Lon., 1872, 8voj 2d ed., 1885. 7. On the 
Pathology of the Pneumoga&trie Nerve, (Lumleian Lec- 
tures, 1876*,) Lon,, 1877, p, 8vo; 2d ed., 1885. 8. The 
Advancement of Science by Experimental Research: 
the Hamian Oration, 188$, Lon., 1888, or. 8vo, 

Habershou, William G,, and Gladstone, 
Thomas U., PfcuD. (Hd,) Hymns for the Use of 
Christian Association^ Lon., 1863, 16ino. 

Habirshaw, Frederick* Catalogue of the Diato- 
jnacese* Edited by K. Hltebwok.- ' N. York, WI, 4to, 

Hack, Mary Fryor* I. Consecrated Woman. By 
Claudia, [pseud.J Lon,, 1880, p. Svu. 2, Self*Surrender : 
a Second Series of On Derated Women, LOB,* 1881, $* 
8vo; n0w ed^ 1888, $. Obrlatiwoi Wwan&oocl, ton,, 
l$$a, p. 8*0. 4, Faithful Service; gket^hss of ffrrfe- 
tian Wonwn, Ixm^fSBS, jw *ro &. IM^ B*^H * 
Lifo.$taty of a Enaar^d !} 4^0, Lo^,, IW7, <lw. 

Hack, Stephen. Horee-Shoea and Horse-Owners; 

or, The Why and Because of Broken Knees and Unsound 
Legs,' Lon , 1874, Svo. 

Hacker, J. H Memoirs of Thomas Smith Thom- 
son, L K C.P., L.R C.S , Medical MisMouaiy oi Neyoor, 
Tiavanoore, South India. IHust. Lon., 1887, er. .Svo. 

Hacker, M. E* William. Guide for the Oidoi 
of High Priesthood, Portland, Me., 1864, 12rno. 

Hackett, Frank Warren* 1. Memoir of Wil- 
liam Heniy Young Hackett: with Selections from his 
Writings, Portsmouth, N.H., 1879, Svo. Privately 
printed, 2. The Geneva Award Acts with Notes and 
References to Decisions of the Court of Commission of 
Alabama Claims, Bost , 1882, 8vo. 3. (Ed.) Porcsmo-uth 
Records- with Notes, 1886, 8vo. 

Hackett, llev. Horatio Balch, D.D., LL.D , 
[rinte, vol i,, add.,] d. 1S75 , resigned his chair in New- 
ton Theological Institution in 1869, and in 1870 was 
appointed professor of New Testament tireek in Roches- 
ter Theological Seminaiy. Christian Memorials of the 
War: with Historical Notes, Dost., 1864, 12rno. 

Hackett, James Henry, 1800-1871, b. in New 
York City ; a popular actor, specially noted for his im- 
personation of Falstaff. Notes aud Comments upon Cer- 
tain Plays and Actors of Shakespeare : with Criticisms 
and Correspondence, N. York, 18b8, 12moj 8d ed., 1854. 

Hackett, JM. (Trans.) JUie of St. Elizabeth of 
Hungary, Duchess of Thuungia, y C de Montalembert, 
N.York, 1878, Himo. 

Hackett, Richard R. Wirksworth and Five Miles 
round an liibtotical Sketch, Wirksworth, 180.J, Svo. 

Hackhouse, Alfied. The Successful Pole- 
Climbei : a Memoir of John Wilcox, Late Corporal, 
Ninety-Sixth Kegiment, Lon., 1859, Svo. 

Hackleton, Mrs. H. W, Jamestown of Pama- 
gind: a Poem, N. York, I860, 12rao. 

Haokley, Charles Elihn, M.I)., b. 1836, at 
Unadilla, N.Y. , graduated at the Medical School of 
the University of Pennsylvania I860; served through 
the civil war as surgeon in the U.S. cavalry, and was 
clinical professor of diseases of tbe eye and ear in the 
Women's Medical College, New York, 1870-76. 1. (JEd ) 
Treatise on Diseases of the Eye. By C, Stellwag von 
Carion. Lon., 1868, r. Svo, 2. (Trans.) A Text-Book 
of Practical Medicine, by F. von Nienaeycr, Lon., 187tt, 
8voj new ed, 1880. 3. (Trans.) General Surgical Pa- 
thology and Therapeutics, by Dr. Theodor Billroth : with 
Additions by Dr. A. von Winiwarter, Lon,, 1879, Svo. 

Hackman, Rev. Alfred, M.A., 1811-1874, b. at 
Fulham, near London; graduated at Christ Church, CK- 
foid, 18S7j chaplain of Chnt-t Church 1837-73; vicar 
of Cow ley from 1889; sub- librarian of the Bodleian 
1862-73. A Catalogue of the Collection of the Tanner 
MSS. in the Bodleian, Oxf,, I860, 4to> 

Hacklier, Rev* Willibald. Socialism and the 
Church ; or, Henry George w Archbibhop Corrigan, 
N.York, 1887, 12mo. 

Hackwood, Frederick William* 1, Notes of 
Lessons on Moral Subjects: for Teacher?, &c., Lon, 

1883, p. 8vo. 2. The Wednesbury Papers, Wedneabury, 

1884, fcivo, 3. A History of Darlaston, near Wednesbury, 
Wedn^ebury, 1887, Svo. 

Haddan, Kev. Arthur West, B.D., 1816-187.% 
b. at Woodford, Essex ; graduated, first class Lit. Hum., 
at Trinity College, Oxford, 1837, and elected to two Fel- 
lowships; ordained 1840, and in tbe game year was 
curate to J. H. Newman; dean of Trinity for several 
years, and afterwards vice-president ; rector of Barton* 
oa-Heath, Warwickshire, from 1857. He edited the 
works of Archbishop Branoball and of Herbert Thorn- 
dike in tbe Anglo- Oath olio Library, and wrote some of 
tbe essays in " Eeplies to Essays and Reviews/ 1 1. Apos- 
tolic Succession in tbe Church of England, Lon., IB (59, 
Svo j new ed,, 1883. 2, (Trans.) St* Augustine On 
Trinity, (The Worto'of St. Augustine, vol. vil,) 
1871) Svo. 3. Kemains. Edited by A. P. 
JXC.L** Bishop of Breehln. Lon,. 1870, 8vo. 

" T^e papers range over a wide field* and are dwslfled 
hi tflae tl? Of Qonwwts undwr tbe heaa$ ol * t On t&e Holy 
B<hrt|rtareV Doctrinal Works,' f Eccleiastt<i4 BBrtoiy,' 
1 T^e Prayer-Book,' * MJsoeIlt.iaeo^s.' and * Gtywntl Ht$tory/ 
Of all of ttxese subjects Mr. Haddan bad something to say, 



but it was m ecclesiastical history that he was most at 
home "Sat Rev , xln. 301 

With STUBBS, WILLIAM, (ed ) Councils and Ecclesias- 
tical Documents relating to Great and froland. 
Edited after Spelman and \Vilkins. 0,vf, 1869-71, 3 
\ols Svo 

"The work is really a great one, worthy of tho vast 
labour which has been spent upon it, \voithy, we may 
add, of the many years during which scholars have been 
waiting for It." Sat &v , xxix. 612. 

Haddau, J. L. 1. London Cabs- the " Course" 
System, as applied to London or any Laige City, Lon., 
1867, 4to. 2. Economical One-Eail Railway for India, 
the Colonies, and Sparsely-Populated Countries, Ac., 
Lon., 1871, Svo. 

Haddan, Thomas Henry, M.A., BC.L., 1814- 
1873, brother of Rev. A. W. Haddan, supra f b. in Lon- 
don ; graduated with a double first class at Biasenose 
College, Oxford, 1837; Fellow of Exetei College 1837- 
43, and gained a Vinerian Fellowship 1847 , called to the 
bar at the Inner Temple 1841, and practised as a con- 
veyancei , was the origmatoi and for a short time editor 
of theGuaidian. 1. The Limited Liability Act, 1855: 
with PrecedenU and Notes, Lon., 1855, p. Svo 2. Out- 
lines of the Admmistiative Jurisdiction of the Court of 
Chancery: bring the Substance of a Seues ot Leetuies, 
Lon., 1862, p. Svo. 

Hadden, J. Cuthbert. 1. Mendelssohn, (" Great 
Composers," Lon,, 1888, fp. Svo. 2. Handel, ("Gteat 
Composers,") Lon., 1888, 12mo 

Had den, Kev. Robert Henry, graduated at 
Meiton College, Oxford, 1877; curate of St. Botolph, 
Bibhopgate, London, 1880-88, and since then vicar of 
bt Botolph, Aldgnte, London. 1. An East End Chion- 
icle . St. Georga'b in the East, Parish and Paiish Church : 
with Introduction bv Harry Jones, Lon , 1880, 12ujo, 2. 
Church and Chapel Sermons on the Church of Kuglund 
and Dissent: with Introduction by A. P. Stanley, Lon., 
1881, Svo. See, also, KCWEKS, URV WILLIAM, tnftn 

Hadden, William Baugh, M.D , M R.O P., phy- 
sician to the Royal for Women and Children, 
London. (Tiun*- ) Lectures on the Localization of Cere- 
bral and Spinal Disease^, by J. M, Chaicot, (New byden- 
hum Soo.,) Lon., 188,'], Svo, 

Haddock, Fiaiik CU Life of Kev. George C. 
Haddock, N. York, 1887, ?q. 12mo. 

Haddock, Joseph W. Soumohsm and P&ychisui ; 
or, The Science of the tSoul and the Phenomena ot Ner- 
vation as revealed by Vital Magnetism, Lun., 1851, fp. 
Svo; new ed., 1857. 

Haddon, Alfred Cort, M.A., F Z.S , professor of 
zoology at the Royal College of Science, Dublin. An 
Introduction to the Study of Einbiyology. Illust. Lon , 
1887, r. Svo. 

Haddon, Mi*s Caroline, sister-in-law of James 
Hinton, infra. 1, A L.iw of Development* an EsMiy to 
illustrate some Ideas from the Unpublished Writings of 
James Hinton, Lon., 1883, cr. Svo. 2. The Larger Life: 
Studies in Hmton'a Ethica: with some Unpublished 
Letters of James Hinton, Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 

"She has given us a faithful and widistorted reflex of 
the mam cycles oi Hinton'a thought . . . To would-be 
students this book may serve as an admirable introductory 
primer." Acad , xxx. 1. 

3. Where does your Interest come from ? a Word to 
Lady Investors, Manchester, 1886, 12mo. 

Haddon, John, M.D. Notes from Private Prac- 
tice, Bdin., 1S87, Svo. 

Haden, Francis Seymour, F.R.CS., b. 1818, in 
London? educated at University College, London, and 
at the Sorbonne, Paris j became a member of the Royal 
College of Surgeons in 1842 and a tfellow in 1857. He 
is distinguished us an etcher, and is president of the 
Society of Painter-Etchers, 3. Earth to Earth: an An- 
swer to a Pamphlet on "Cremation," Low., 1875, 12mo; 
new ed., enl , same year. 2. About Etching : Part I., 
Notes on a Collection of Etchings by the Great Masters j 
Part II., An Annotated Catalogue of the Bxnmples ex- 
hibited of Etchers' and Painter-Engravers' Work. Illubt 
Lon f , 1879, 4to; 3d ed., 1881, Svo, 

"He is an admirable special pleader, and would fain 
persuade us by force of eloquence that the moment the 
early painters discovered that it was possible to act upon 
the plate by an Implement wielded like a pencil they 
ceased at once to use the burin, aud became painters 
a he slight critical notes on etchers aud painter-engravers 
among the old masters are piquant and often valuable." 
Oat Kev , xlvuj 426, 

" This work contains the notes of Mr. Haden infon a re- 
cent exhibition of etched work by the great masters from 



his own collection, to which was added a serifs of exam 
pies ol his own handiwork. But, in addition to thoso 
notes, he gives us sixteen inc-simileMii MUUO of the lineal 
of the&c examples, (excepting, perhnp,s one or two of the 
number,) and those reproductions an? practically HH fine 
in etlcct as thu originals themselves." Spectator, hi. l(>f>0. 

3. The Etched Work of RuinbiamU: a Monograph : 
with an Appendix, Lon , 187M. 

Haderniaim, Jeannettc It. Seo WALWOUTH, 
MliR. J. R , wfrtt. 

II ad fie Id, Mrs. K 1. Ppinya from the Hedgerows, 
[veiso,] Lon,, 1850, J2mo, 2. Poetical Weeds. By E. 
H. Lon., 1850, 16mo 

Hadfield, II, H, Treatise on Perspective: with 
Diagrams, Lon , 1858, p. Svo, 

Hadtield, William, 1800-1887, was engaged fiom 
an 0*11 ly age in commcicial business in South Antcricn ; 
was secretary to the Buenos AyroH (3 rent Southoin Hail- 
way, and in 1863 founded in London The South Amrii- 
can Journal and Brazil and Kivor Plate Mail, of which 
he was chief editoi till his death. 1., tho Kivor 
Plate, and tho Falkland Islands' with the Onpo Horn 
Koute to Austialia: including Notices of Linbon, Ma- 
deira, the Csmancs, and Cape Verde, lllutit. Lon., 
1854,J8vo. 2 Brazil and tho llivor Plate in 18<>H; 
showing the Piogreba oi tho&o Oountiiea ainco 1H5.% 
Lon., 189, 8*0. 3 Brazil and the River Pluto LS70- 
76: with Supplement, Lon., 1877, Svo. 

lladley, Amos. 1. Now Hampshire SujMTior 
Court Ropoits, volb. \lv,-\lvui , Conoonl, I805-(W, 4 
vols. Svo. 2. Life of Walter Hamrmiu : with Solocttond 
from his Speeches and Writings, 13o,st , I8K8, Svo. 

lladley, Arthur Twining, b. 18f>fi, at New Ha vtm, 
Conn ; son of Professor J times Hadloy, infra / gradu- 
ated at Yale in 1876, and, after studying at' tho Univor* 
sity of Ueihn, became a tutor at Talo in 1870, Iwturor 
on political science m 1883, and pn>fut>Hor of political 
science in 1886. llailroad Transportation: its Jiiiutory 
and its Laws, N. York, 1885, 12mo. 

lladley, Caroline. 1. KtorioR of Old; 01% liibta 
Nanativcs, Lon., 1802, two series, 12tuo j nt k wed n I8IJ8, 1 
vol. 2. Childien's jSayingH; or, Karly Life at Dome* 
Lon., 1862, sq. 16moj new ed., 1886. *3. StorifH of tlm 
Apostles: their Lives and Writing, Lo,, 18ttl t iHino; 
now ed., 1808. 4, Woodfude; or, Look, Listen, and 
Learn, Lon,, 1887, p. Svo, 

lladley, James, 1821-1872, b. at FaiiMl, K Y,s 
graduated at Talo in 1842, and entonMl the Ttifologiual 
Seminary, but left that institution to becomes tutor iu 
mathomatioH at Middlobuty (Jollogii; tutor m cla.N*uml 
history at Yalo lHl, r >-4Hj aaniwtant proftwur ot" (2 route 
1848-51, and from thon profby-ior, 1. A Urouk (Jrarnuiai* 
for Schools and Colleges, N.York, 1801, p, Hvoj new od. y 
lev. and re-written by F, do F, Alien, Low., 188-1. 2, 
Elements of the Greek Language: takou from the (ilrock 
Urammar, N, York, 1K70, 8vo. Jt* Introduothm to KMJMU 
Law: in Twelve Academical Lecture, K. York, 1H7JJ, 
Svo. Posth. 

".Admirable an littrodnction to the Komaii law HH thmt 
lectures are, it v, m invvUabk* from their ihu that Uwy 
bhould convey to UK* Htuduntt* who hoarcl Llu*tn or who 
may rend tlum tin cM'mllnKly('m>m ( i>UHlinpnHKJon upon 
nmnyiinporUntpoitJtH, and thatwithotu any actual orrow 
of atalcment. ... In Hnth an outline covering m* union 
ground the element of time iHpracUcttllyU'fttmt, . * , But, 
with all tlivhe defects, or rather omision. the book to mubt 
admirable " Nation, xvii, 179. 

4. Essays, Philological and Critical, aeleoted from tho 
Papers of James JEladley. [Edited by W* 1), Whitney.] 
N. York, 1873. Forth. 

"The scholar who is competent to Judw will 1*(? im 
rcKsedj as he reaclH one after another, with the w Wt* riMiKO 
oi reading and reflection and the ou4 WIIKS and com- 
prehensive judgment which are m cry where wlmwn in 
them. ; . . Most of these essays very prepared fur borne 
learned sooJety or periodical; but Uiey are, if nu 
popular, certainly very pleamut and tjuay 

jft <Xf40., XYll. 008, 

" A volume of papers of a very high order, 11 

6. A Brief History of the English Language. Lon,, 
1879, I2rno. 

Hadley, John BeJI* The Daily Walk: a Selw- 
tion of Original Poems, Lon,, 1852, p. 8vo, 

HadselJ, O. P. The Heroine of Manaams; or, 
The Female Volunteer, Kalwmazoo, Mioh v 1870, Svo, 

Hadwen, J, JLovel. (Trans.) The Nomads of the 
North, by C*. H. Mellin, J87J, Svo, 

Haeseler, Chart es H M M.D. Across the Atiantio : 
Letters from France, Switzerland, Germany* Italy, and 
tfhite., 1868, X2mo. * 



Hagan, Albert* Utah Supreme Court Reports, 
Tols. i -11., (1850-8!,) San Fran., 1877-81, 8vo. 

Hagan, J. M. West Virginia Supreme Court Re- 
ports, vols. i~v, Richmond, Va., 1866-7*J, 5 vols. Svo. 

Hagar, George J iecpitly assistant 1 i.m of 
the Newark (N J.) Libraiy A^'.soei.ition, which poat he 
has resigned in order to edit the Cyclopaedia of \rnei icin 
Contemporary Biography. (Ed ) What the World Be- 
lieves, N. York, 1886 

Hagarty, A. Magnetism and Health, Lon., 1873, 

Hag em an, John Frelinghuysen, History of 
Princeton and its Institutions, Phila., 1879, 2 vols. Svo, 

Hageman, S. Miller. 1. Silence, N. York, 1877, 
sm. 4to. 2. Greenwood, and other Poems, N. York, 
1878, sq. 16mo. 3. Saint Paul, N. York, 1880, 32rno. 
4. Once: a Novel, N. York, 1881, 12mo. 

Hagen, Hermann August, b. 1817, at Konigs- 
berg, Prussia, and educated <it German universities; re- 
moved to the United States to assist Professor Agassiz as 
entomologist at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at 
Cambridge, and in 1870 was made professor of compara- 
tive zoology at Harvard. 1. Catalogue of the Specimens 
of Neuropterous Insects in the Collection of the British 
Museum- Part I., Termitintt, Lon., 1858, 12mo 2. 
Synopsis of the Neuroptera of North America with a 
List of the South American Species, Wash., 1862, Svo. 
3. Monograph of the North Ameiican Astaeidae. Illust. 
Cambridge, Mass., 1871, imp. Svo. 4. On some Insect 
Deformities. Illu&t. Cambridge, 1876, 4to. 

Hagen, John Cole. Footprints of Truth ; or, 
The Voice of Humanity. Illu-t. N. York, 1853, Svo. 

Hager, J. Henry. (Trans.) The Confessor ; from 
the French of M. I'A'.be* > * * * [J. F. X. Mauls,] N. 
York, 1867, Svo. 

Hagert, Henry Schell, 1826-1885, b. in Phila- 
delphia, was admitted to the bar in 1847, and held 
various legal offices Poems : with Memoir by Charles 
A. Lagen, Phila., 1886. Privately printed. 

Haggard, Alfred. (Trans.) Counsels of a Mother, 
by Alaiehioness A. T. de Lambei t, 1885, Svo. 

Haggard, Ella. Myra; or, The Rose of the Bast: 
a Tale of the Afghan War, in Nine Cantos, Lon., 1857, 
8v; newed., 1862. 

Haggard, Frederick T. 1. A Mile of Railway 
in the United Kingdom, Lon,, 1869, Svo. 2. Railway 
Facts and Lower Fares, Lon., 1869, Svo. 3. Remarks 
upon the Acquisition of Railways by the State, Lon , 
1872, Svo. 

Haggard, Henry Rider, b. 1856, at Bradenham 
Hall, Norfolk, Eng.j son of W. M. R. Haggard, j^ra; 
accompanied Sir Henry Bulwer as secretary to NaSFin 
1875, and m the following year went to the Transvaal 
on the staff of the special commissioner, and was sub- 
sequently appointed master of the High Court of the 
Transvaal. In 1879 he retired from the colonial service 
and returned to England, and was called to the bar at 
Lincoln's Inn IS85. 1. Cetywayo nnd his White Neigh- 
bours; or, Remarks on Recent Events in Zululaud, 
Natal, and the Transvaal, Lou., 1882, cr. 8\ r o$ 2d ed., 
rev , with a new Introduction, 1888. 

" Recounts once more from the point of view of an eye- 
witness the melancholy story of Engli&h, irresolution and 
disgrace." Sat. R&o.^ liv. 213 

2. Dawn, Lon , 1S84, 3 vols, or. Svo. 

"'Dawn' (a somewhat obscure title) bears many of the 
familiar marks of inexperience in novel-writing. It is 
well written, it has considerable interest of plot, and the 
characters are not borrowed, and show not a little ability 
in character-drawing But there is altogether too much 
of it. ... He [Mr. Haggard] must 'train down' if he is to 
write a really good novel." G. SAINTSBURY . Acad,, xxv. 

3. The Witch's Head, Lon., 18S4, 3 vols. p. Sro. 4. 
King Solomon's Mines, Lon,, 1885, p. 8vo; newed., 18SS. 

'* The success of Mr. Haggard's wonderful story, * King 
Solomon's Mines,' is not due exclusively to its merits, 
though these are great, the romance being one of the most 
exciting of its kind ever published in a modern language 
... It has a charm which is not jn itself, but m the appeal 
it makes to a hungry desire or hope which is prooably 
latent in all men, and certainly crops out in the minds of 
all civilized men, the desire that the lust of wonder 
should be fully and, so to speak, honestly satiated ; the hope 
that men will discover some day somewhere something 
that shall leave them sufficiently, or it 'may be perma- 
nently, astonished.'* Spectator, Ivitl 1S65. 
5. She; a History of Ad vent are: with 

Lon., 1887; 6th <t, (Slst to 35tfr thmtaKKl,) IgaT, or, . 
"Mr. Haggard's practical knowledge and experience pf 
savage life and wild land$, his sense of the mystery and 

charm of ruined civilizations, his appreciation of sp^rt, 
especially witli big game.) his astom&hmg imagination, 
ana a certain vraisemblance, which makes the most impos- 
sible adventures appear true, (to a reader of sympathetic 
fancy,) these are the qualities a man admires m ' She,' if 
he chance to admire it at all "ANDREW LANG : Acad , 
xxxi 34. 

6 Je-s, Lon., 1SS7, 3 vols. p. Svo , new ed., 18S8. 7. 
Allan Quareiinam: being an Account of his Further 
Adventuies and Discoveiies in Company with Sir Henry 
Durtis, Bart., Commander John Good, R N., and One 
Uuislopogaas Illust. 1887, cr. Svo; also a large- 
>aper ed., limited to 112 copies. S. Maiwa's Revenge; 
or, The Wir of the Little Hand, Lon., 1SS8, p. S\o, 
40th thousand same year. 9. Mr. Meeson's Will, Lon , 
1838, Svo. 10. Colonel Quaritch, V.C. : a Tale of Coun- 
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" No one . . will come to this little book: for history, 
but for pleasant anecdotes, a filmy panorama of scenes 111 
the author's varied experience "Nation xlv. 278 

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M Mr Haigh appears to belong to the important class of 
persons who have read more than is good for them. . . . 
He has worked with the most praise worthy diligence upon 
a very small portion of history, but he has no notion of 
history as a whole " Sat Itev , xiii. 263. 

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44 He has produced a book which seems to contain, in a 
straightforward and systematic shape, all that there is to 
say about the subject which he has taken in hand." Sat. 
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"Without wearying his readers by describing 1 at length 
events which are as familiar In our mouths as household 
words, he contents himself with giving a light sketch of 
them, and fills in the picture with a personal narrative 
which to most people will be entirely new."*-a. Beo* 
Ivi 839. J 

VoL H., 18S5. 

14 Contains as clear and connected an account of all the 
circumstances of the tragedy of the Soudan as we can at 
present hope to obtain." Sat, Ren. r lix. 619. 

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" The individuality of the writer lies in his deep sym- 
pathy with whatever affects the being and the condition 
of man, and in his power to express such sympathy in 
language often quaint, but for the most part poetic 
The poem entitled ' Old Souls to Mend* is not altogether 
free from oddities of manner, but few will doubt its inten- 
sity of feeling and utterance." Ath,, No 2259. 

5. Parables and Tales : with Illustrations by Arthur 
Hughes, Lon., 1873, p. 870. 

"If it must be said, on the one hand, that at times Dr. 
Hake's modes of expression are still unequal to his ideas, 
it may also be affirmed that he often discloses to us the 
secrets of nature and of human feeling with startling truth 
of representation "Ath , No 2362 

6. New Symbols, [verse,] Lon., 1875, p. 8yo. 

" The entire book breathes a pure and ennobling influ- 
ence, shows welcome originality of idea and illustration, 
and . . . yields the highest proof of imaginative faculty and 
mature power of expression ttial its author has yet given 
us," Ath., No 2511. 

7. Legends of the Morrow, [verse,] Lon , 1878, p. 8vo. 
8. Maiden Ecstasy, [verse,] Lon,, 1880, sq. 16mo. 

" Although he is often subtle and original in his concep- 
tions, and felicitously daring in his epithets when seeking 
to present some true but delicate touch of nature or feeling, 
an obscurity of narrative . . . arrests his readers in the 
midst of their enjoyment . . Many of the present poems 
celebrate the delights of virginal love, while the burden 
of others is remorse or despair " Ath , No 2741. 

9. The Serpent Play : a Divine Pastoral, Lon., 1883, 
cr. 8vo. 

" Dr. Hake is one of the most earnest and original of poets. 
He has taken nothing from, his contemporaries, but has 
imagined a message for himself, and has chosen to deliver 
it in terms that are wholly His own. . . He concerns him- 
self with absolutes alone, the eternal elements of human 
life, and the immutable courses of human destiny. . . . 
That this is so is a reason why his work should be always 
interesting, as it is also a reason why it should be more or 
less unpopular. ... He loves to symbolize; he does not 
always care that the symbol shall be appropriate and 
plain " Sat Keo. t Iv. 315. 

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Church Reading: containing the Morning, Evening, 
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placed Section of St. Luke, Cambridge, 1886, p. Svo j 2d 
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" Mr. Haldane's * intention,' as he himself says, has been 
to try to interest every one' in the history of the science in 
which he is a practical proficient . . On the whole, he 
has admirably carried out his conception " Sat. ev , Ixiv. 

Haldane, Rt* Rev. James Robert Alexan- 
der Chinnery-, LL.M., D.D., ordained 1866 j in- 
cumbent of Ballachuhsh and Glencoe 1879-85; hon. 
canon of Cathedral of Argyll 1879, dean 1881-83, and 
since then Bishop of Argyll and the Isles. The Scottish 
Communicant : a Guide to the Worthy Receiving of the 
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1884. Also, charges, 1883-87. 

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Pa.; spent two years at Dickinson College, but left 
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the Geological Survey of Pennsylvania. He was made 
professor of natural sciences in the University of Penn- 
sylvania in 1851, was appointed to a similar position in 
Delaware College in 1855, and in 1869 accepted the 
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a. Sermon?, N. York, 1874. 4. An Eastern View of the 
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Switeerlnnd, translated and compared with that in. the 
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Episcopate; , History of the Sees and Bishops in the 
Holy C&thoHc Ohtireh throughout the World, Baltimore, 
18S0. 12. Speeches and Addresses, 1885, 

Hale, Rev. Edward, M,A., graduated at Emanuel 
College* Cambridge, Ifc50, ordained 1S51 : became as- 



sistant master of Eton College. The Fall of the Stuarts, 
and Western Europe from 1678 to 1697, ("Epochs of 
History.") Maps. Lon., 1876, fp. Svo; 2d ed., 1878. 

Hale, Rev, JEdward Everett, S.T.D., [ante, vol. 
i., add.,] is still (1888) pastor *of the South Congrega- 
tional Church in Boston. Under the auspices of the 
American Unitarian Association he founded, in 1869, 
Old and New, a monthly magazine, of which he was 
editor till it was merged in Scnbner's Monthly, now the 
Century. In 1886 he founded another journal, Lend a 
Hand : a Record of Progress and Journal of Organized 
Chanty. 1. Letters on Irish Emigration, Bost., 1852, 
Svo. 2. Ninety Days' Worth of Europe, Bost., 1860, 
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"A Utopian sketch of the effect which might be pro- 
duced on mankind by the widening influence of a single 
life." Nation, xi 835. 

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** The reader who cares less about history than personal 
details will find in this work many interesting details. 
Unfortunately, the translations from the French are faulty, 
and a knowledge of French is necessary for the under- 
standing of the English " Mh., No 3116. 

** The papers and letters comprised in this second and 
concluding part of the Messrs. Kale's collection cover the 
period from 1781 to 1785* with a few supplementary chap- 
ters devoted to the five remaining years of Franklin's life 
after his return to this country. Their interest is even 
greater than that of those contained in the first part of the 
work.**-: Na&m, xhitt. 102. 

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4to. 2. A Family Flight over Egypt and Syria. Illust 

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"As to the editing of the volume, the less said the 
better." JV'afeoTi, xln. 195. 

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Why Western Australia should be made a Reformatory 


Colony, instead of a Penal Settlement, Lon., 1857, cr. 
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speare's Greek Names," King Lear," " The Porter in 
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For private circulation. AJ$o, pamphlets. 

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"If we mav accept the statement of Mr Logie BoT>ertson t 
who fulfils the oince of sponsor to these really excellent 
broad Scotch lyrica they are the productions of a shep- 
, Qf one worthy to be classed with him of 

& " For Puir Anld Scotland's Sake :" Prose Essays, 
e M Edin M 1888, p. Svo. 

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Dublin, 1881, r Svo,- 2d ed., 1884 

u It owes much of its interest and authority to the learned 
notes supplied by Mr Prendergast , while his memoir of 
the author enables us to appreciate the ample and little 
known materials \vhich Mr. Hahday had collected for his 
purpose, and the judgment with which he has used them 
. . . The value of the work is in its witness to the great 
extent of the Danish power from the ninth to the eleventh 
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having died before the work was sufficiently advanced 
for publication, it was continued by Mr. Laing, who 
completed the third volume, but died before publication. 
The work was completed and edited, from the materials 
left by the authors, by Miss Catherine Laing. Besides 
the ordinary edition there is one oa large paper, 4to, of 
which only 50 copies were printed.) 

" With its faults and they are not few upon its head, 
the new dictionary is welcome ... It is a work that no 
scholar can be without." Ath , No. S181. 

"A monument of careful research and minute accuracv " 
Sat. jffiev., liv. 510, 

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vol. i., HALL, MRS. SAMUEL CARTER, add.,] 1804-1881, 
celebiated her golden wedding with Mr. S. C. Hall in 

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her golden wedding with literature might have received 
a similar honor," fifty years having elapsed since the 
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HALL, Miss A,, and JUDD, KEV. SYLVESTER,] b. 1802, at 
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the family of the Rev. Sylvester Judd, the father of tho 
author of " Margaret," about 1811 j was principal for some 
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was among her pupils, and from 1849 to 1860 was a teacher 
in Brooklyn, N.Y. 1. (Trans.) Thoughts of Blaise Pascal, 
Andover, 1846. 2. Memorabilia of Sylvester Judd, Sr.> 
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vol. i.) 

" The letters are chiefly interesting as specimens of the 
commonplace gossip of good society iri the eighteenth cen- 
tury ." Dwtf of Nat Bfog,, xiv. 310. 

2. Good Cookery Illustrated, and Eecipes communi- 
cated by the Welsh Hermit of the Cell of St. Gover, Lon., 
1867, p. Svo. 

11 That Lady Llanover shows us how to cook good dishes 
we do not deny. The only defect is that the lessons are 
only of use for people who have incomes of one thousand 
pounds a year and upwards,"^, JKev , xxiii, 811. 

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1856, 12mo ' 

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containing a Summary of Statute Regulations in Now 
York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, <fco., concerning 


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odism: its Source and the Seeiet of its Power, Lexino-- 
ton. Kv., 1870, 32mo. B 

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sq. 16 mo. 

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Hall, Charles Francis, 1821-1871, b. at Roches- 
ter, N.H ; was in turn blacksmith, stationer, and en- 
graver. Becoming interested in the fate of Sir John 
Franklin, he devoted himself for years to the study of 
Arctic matters, and made two expeditions fitted out by 
private subscription, and in 1871 sailed on the " Polaris" 
in command of an expedition fitted out by the U.S. gov- 
ernment, but died in October of that year, Arctic Ee- 
pearches and Life among the Esquimaux : Narrative of 
Expedition in Search of Franklin in 1860-62. Illust. 
and Maps N. York, 1864, Svo j Eng. ed., entitled " Life 
with the Esquimaux," Ac., Lon., 1864, 2 vols. Svo. For 
account of the " Polaris'* expedition, see DAVIS, C. H., 

Hall, Rev. Charles Henry, D.D., b. 1820, at 
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M T>, By his Widow. Lon., 1861, Svo. 

" Dr. Marshall Hall was a remarkable man. Were it 
only that he was the first physiologist to gain a scientific 
knowledge of the function of the spinal marrowa step 
in science which has been ranked a& second only to that 
01 Harvey bis life would deserve a record," Sat. -Rev., 
xtt. 360. 

Hall, Rev. Christopher Newman, LL.B., 
[nwrt, vol. i., HAMD, RBSV. NEWMAN, a,dc!.,] b* *W* at 
Maulstone, Eng. j son of J. V. Hall, (q. v., ontt, ,v&I. i, :) 
was educated at Highbury College, &ad gtfwtoafced tt tb 
University of London, where he gftliwl fete lW'f fellow- 
ship, in I $'12 he became 1 p**ov of tb* Albion (fongre- 


gational Church, Hull, and in 1854 entered upon the 
charge of Surrey Chapel, now Christ Church, London. 
He has twice visited the United States. He has a wide 
popularity as a preacher, and the circulation of some of 
his writings is counted by millions. 1. Divine Social- 
ism j or, The Man Christ Jesus, Lon., 1851, 12ino. 2. 
Seventy Scripture Chants j 3d ed., 1855, 12mo. 3. Con- 
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Hall, Rev* Edward Vine? M.A., graduated at 
Msgcklen College, Oxford, 1859; ordained ISSlj vicar 
of ' 6*nng <3Jrbra, Middlesex, 1 $70-78 5 curate in charge 
o^'Si Nicholas, Worcester, 1879-81 j min-or canon, pre- 
efentor, and sacrist of Worcester Cathedral since 1S77 



he Waiting Saviour, and other Sermons, Lon., 1875, 
o. 2. Sermons preached in Worcester Cathedral, 
, 1887, 12mo. 3. Fourteen Short Sermons, Worces- 
1887, 12mo. 

Hall, Elfin," (Pseud.) See PEBRT, MRS. B. C., 

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3, Chic., 1874. 2. Lyrics of Home-Land, Chic., 1881, 

ETall, Fitzedward, D.C.L.,b. 1825, at Troy, N.Y ; 
uduated at Harvard in 1846, and went to India, 
ere in 1850 he became tutor, and in 1853 professor, in 
s government college at Benares. In 1862 he went to 
ndon and was made professor of Sanskrit and Indian 
risprudence in King's College. Since 1869 he has 
sided at Marlesford, Suffolk. He has edited Sanskrit 
sts, contributed on philological subjects to reviews 
d periodicals, and assisted in the preparation of the 
BW English Dictionary. 1. A Contribution towards 
i Index to the Bibliography of the Indian Pbilosoph- 
al Systems, Calcutta, 1859, Svo. (Published by order 
' the government of the Northwest Provinces.) 2. 
Crans.) A Rational Refutation of the Hindu Pfailosoph- 
,al Systems; from the Original Hindi of Nilakautha 
stri, Lon., 1862. Svo. 3. (Ed.) Ane Compendious and 
Ireue Tractate [in verse] eoncernyng ye Office and Dewtie 
f Kyngis. Laithe compyht by W. Lauder. (Early Bng. 
'ext Soc ) Lon., 1864, Svo. 4. Benares, Ancient and 
edia57al : a Monograph, Hertford, 1868, Svo. 5. (Bi.) 
Che Historie of ane Nobil and Wailzeand Sqvyer, Wil- 
iam Meldrum. Compylit by Sir Dauid Lyndesay of the 
MEont. (Early Bng. Text Soc.) Lon., 1868-69, 2 parts, 
Jvo. 6. (Ed.) Poetical Works of Wiilmm Lauder, Lon., 
1870, Svo. 7. Recent Exemplifications of False Philol- 
ogy, N. York, 1872, 12nio. 

"His chief exemplar of false philology is Mr Richard 
Grant White, as exhibiting himself m the volume 
entitled ' Words and their Uses ' . . Dr Hall's criticisms 
. . . are throughout pungent and able " Nation, zvi. 334. 

8. Modern English, Lon , 1873, p. Svo. 

*' An attempt to show how the English of to-day differs 
from that of our grandfathers, and to vindicate the change 
as proper growth . . It is a hard prebsed pack of facts. 
. . . When it is added that the facts are selected, with 
clear-headedness aad sound judgment, . . . and that the 
matter is m ^reat part new and either supplements in im- 
portant particulars or contradicts our best dictionaries 
about the history of familiar words, every student of Eng-- 
lish will see that be needs the book and owes the author 
no stinted thanks." Nation, xvm. 138 

" He does not criticise , he reviles. He seems to be in a 
passion from one end of his book to the other , . . The 
"book has its use m one way, as any collection of obsolete, 
Tincommon, or novel words and meanings of words has 
its use/* Sat. Ren., xxxvn 25. 

" Mr Hall shows that our language, like every other lan- 
guage that possesses any vitality at all, is in a state of con- 
stant flux and change and. perpetually endeavours to renew 
its youth. ... It [the book] abounds with a rich store of 
quotations such as has seldom "been equalled For every 
word that is discussed there are crowds of reference," 
"WALTER W. SKEA.T : Acad., v, 97. 

9. On English Adjectives in -able, with Special Refer- 
ence to Reliable, Lon., 1877, p. Svo. 

11 We can heartily commend this monograph to such, as 
care for the history of our language la illustrating a 
particular class of words, it shows clearly enough how 
other classes of words may be profitably studied.' WAL- 
TER W SKEAT : Acad , xn. 260. 

"This small but pregnant book deserves the admiration 
not, only of those who have been annoyed by purists and 
di&gusted by philological charlatans, but by all who desire 
an accurate knowledge of the development of their 
mother-tongue "Nation, xxvi 138, 

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Wolverhampton. Iltust. Lon., 1865, Svo. 2. Fasting 
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a Novel, Lon., 1854, 3 vols. p Svo. 2. The Knave of 
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in the Country East of the River Jordan. By G-. II. 
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88, and since then president of Clark University, Wor- 
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Report on the Ship-Building Industry of the United 
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Vocabulary of Technical Terms, in Eight Languages, 
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Adventures of a Bric-& Brae Hunter, Lon, 1868, p, 8vt>; 
new ed., entitled "The Bric-a-Brac Hunter; or, Chap- 
ters on Chmnmaaia," 1875. 

" Major Hall says that for many vears he has followed 
the pursuit of a collector throughout the length and 
breadth of Europe, and, while speaking of himself and Ins 
performances in most unpretending fashion, contrives to 
give his reader a good deal of inibrmauon." Speotator, 

15. The Pigskins Abroad, Lon., 1870, p. Svo. 10. 
Luoullus j or, Palatable Essays, Lon., 1878, 2 vols. p. Svo. 

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Historical Society. The History of Vermont from its 
Discovery to 1791, Albany, 1868, Svo. Also, single 
speeches and addresses. 

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Baptist : being a Course of Advent Leituieb, Lon., 1S63, 
Svo. 5. "H eTTuJMiLVfua evayyeAweif The Fulneas of the Man- 
ifestation of Jesus Christ being a Coui&e of Epiphany 
Lectures, Lon., 1863, 12mo. 

Hall , Hubert, b. 1857, at Hesley Hall, Notting- 
hamshire ; educated at Shrewsbury School and privately, 
appointed to a post in the Public Record Ofiice 1879 ; a 
Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and of the Royal 
Historical Society, and a member of the Pipe Roll and 
Selden Societies, &<*. 1. The History of the Custom- 
Revenue in England, from the Earliest Times to the 
Year 1827: compiled exclusively fioin Original Authoii- 
ties, Lon., 1885, 2 vols. 

" As far as we have been able to test his work, it seems 
almo&tfree from inaccuracy." Ath., No 3017. 

2. Society in the Elizabethan Age. Illust. 1886, Svo. 
(Contents. The Landlord; the Steward; the Tenant, 
the Burgess; the Merchant; the Host, the Courtier; 
the Churchman; the Official ; the Lawyer, Appendices.) 

" He is a complete master of the complex economic his- 
tory of the time ; and it is. not the least ol the various merits 
of his book that it follows out such familiar but abstract 
facts as the competition for land or the general rise oi 
prices in ail the graphic detail of individual lives. . . The 
lives of Gresharn, Popham, ' Wild' Dairell, Bishop Cox, of 
Ely, and several minor figures, are illuminated by a host 
of details in great part new 'Wild' Dairell is in some 
sort, as Mr Hall confesses, the hero of a book otherwise 
devoted to marring, rather than making, reputations." 
Acad. t xxxi 20 

Hall, Isaac Hollister, b. 1837, at Norwalk, 
Conn., son of Edwin Hall, D.D., (q. v., ante, vol. i ) 
giaduated at Hamilton College 1859, and at Columbia 
Law School 1865 ; was for two years a professor in the 
Protestant college at Benut, Syria, and since 1884 has 
been lecturer on New Testament Greek in Johns Hopkins 
University. 1. American Greek Testaments: Critical 
Bibliography of the Greek New Testament as published 
in America : with Two Fac-Simile Illustrations, Phila , 
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County Palatine of Chester, Norwich, 1883, 4to. Pri- 
vately printed. 

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Armagh, Ireland, and educated at Belfast College; was 
licensed to preach in 1849, and, after serving as mission- 
ary in the west of Ireland, and holding pastorates in 
Armagh and Dublin, removed to the United States in 
1867, to become pastor of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian 
Church, New York. 1. AH the Way Across, Phila,, ISmo. 
2. The Chief End of Man an Exposition of the First 
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Mmor Characters of the Bible, Phila., 18mo. 6. The Only 


Bule of Faith : an Exposition of the Second Answer of 
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With STUART, GEORGE H., The American Evangelists, 
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12mo. 2. The Believer's Peace: In Memoriam of his 
Royal Highness the Prince Consort, Lon , 1862, Svo. 

Hall 9 John, M.R.O.S. Drink-Thirst j its Medical 
Tieatment. Lon., 1SS1, Svo. 

Hall, Rev. John, of Trenton. Henry Martyn and 
his Missionary Work in the East, Phila., 1SS3, 16mo. 

Hall 9 John Carey, educated at Queen's University, 
Ireland, called to the bar at the Middle Temple 1881 ; 
assistant Japanese secietary at Tokio 1882. (Trans ) A 
Geaeial View of Chinese Civilization, by P. Lafitte, 1887, 

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the Treatment of Thoracic Consumption, Lon., 1850, Svo. 

2. Prevention of Cholera ; 2d ed., enl , Lon., 1853, Svo. 

3. Hints on the Pathology, &c., of Thoracic Consump- 
tion. Illust. 3d ed , eul.,* Lon., 1856, 12mo. 4. On tne 
Pievention and Treatment of the Sheffield Grinders' Dis- 
ease, Lon., 1857, Svo. 5. Medical Evidence on Bailway 
Accidents, Lon., 1868, 8vo. 

Hall, John Edward, M.A., b. 1837; educated at 
Queen's College, Oxford j called to the har at Lincoln's 
Inn 1862. A Treatise on the Law relating to Profits 
a Prendre and Rights of Common, Lon,, 1871, Svo. 

Hail, John K. 1. Master Workman and Masonic 
Monitor, Bost , 1864, 12mo. 2. Master Key to the Treas- 
ures of the Royal Arch, 1866, 24mo, 3. Freemason's 
Monitor : a List of All the Lodges in the State of Massa- 
chusetts, Bost., 1869, 18mo. 4. Masonic Prayers, Bost., 
1870, sq. 4to. 

Hall , John Paxton* Guide to the Three Services, 
Civil, Naval, and Military, Lon., 1860, 12moj 2d ed., 

Hall, John Vine, \ante> vol. i., add.,] 1774-1860, 
b at Diss, Norfolk; a bookseller at Maidstone 1814-50. 
" The Sinner's Friend," mentioned ante, vol. i,, was first 
published in 1821, It has been translated into thirty 
languages, and has reached a circulation of nearly thre* 
millions of copies. Conflict and Victory : the Autobiog- 
raphy of the Author of " The Sinner's Friend." Edited 
by Newman Hall. Lon., 1865, p. Svo. 

Hall, John William. The Coal-Mmes Regula- 
tion Act, 1872 : with Explanatory Introduction and Notes, 
Wolverhampton, 1872, Svo. 

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Christi College, Cambridge, 1844 j ordained 1844; rector 
of Knockholt, Kent, 1855. 1. Earnest Lovelate, Lon., 
1864, 18mo. 2. Ears and Tongues, Lon., 1S64, ISrno. 
3. The Fatal Step of Pliant Bibitor : a True Narrative, 
Lon., 1864, 12mo, 4. What is the Good of Confirmation ? 
a Question Answered, Lon., 1864, 16mo. 5. Eden's 
Symbols, Lon., 1865, 16mo. 

Hall, Rev. Joseph, Wesleyan Methodist minis- 
ter. 1. Memorials of Wesleyan Methodist Ministers; 
or, The Yearly Death-Roli from 1777 to 1840, Lon,, 1S76, 
Svo. 2. Hall's Circuits and Ministers : an Alphabetical 
List of the Circuits in Great Britain, with the Names of 
the Ministers stationed in each Circuit, from 1765 to 
1885, Lon., 1886, Svo. 

Hall, Joseph Sparkes. Book of the Feet: a 


History of Boots and Shoes j 2d ed., Lon., 1847, 18mo , 
new ed , 1850, 12mo. 

Hall, Julia G. The Dream of Home, and other 
Poems, Lou , 1868, 8vo. 

Hall, Julius* Practical Suggestions to All In- 
yentors and Patentees and Purchasers of Patents, Lon , 
1872, 870 

Hall, Ii* A* 1 Prejudice Lost and Love Won Lon , 
12mo 2 The Story of a Pebble, Lon , t2mo 6 Which 
was the Bravest? and other Stories, Lon , 1864, I2mo 

Hall, .Lewis A,, M D The Farmer's Railroad s or, 
A Treatise uniting Mental with Corporal Efforts in the 
Improvement of the Farmer and the Farm, Trenton, 
1856, 8vo 

Hall, Louise Gardiner* Manna, Night and 
Moinmg, N York, 188% 24mo 

Hall, Iiymau W. Elementary Outline of Mental 
Philosophy, Columbus, , 1850, 12mo 

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German of G- von Meyern, Loa , 1884, p 8vo 

Hall, Mi I>. 1 Suggestions for the Repression of 
Crime, Lon, 1857, 8vo 2 Our Exemplars, Poor and 
Eieh Biographical Sketches, Lon ,1861, 12mo 

Hall 9 firs. M* G, C. A Lady's Life on a Farm m 
Manitoba, Lou , 1884, fp Bvo 

Hall, fltaria. &uide to English Orthography, Lon , 
18t)l, 12mo 

Hall, Mrs. Marie, (Sib ree,) [ante, vol ii SIBBBE, 
MARIE, add ] 1 A Roman Pamter and his Model, Lon , 
1870, p 8vo 2 Andrew Marvell and his Friends 
Story of the Siege of Hull, Lon , 1874, p Svo, 4th ed , 
1884 3. GabrieUa, or, The Spmt of Song, Lon , 1878, 
12mo 4. The White Rose of Dereham, Loa , 1878, 12ino 
5 Noble, hut not the Noblest, Lon , 1833, p Svo. 

Hail, Mary L. Preparation a Novel, N. York, 
188,$, I2mo, 

Hall, Mary Stuart* Blanche's Wanderings , or, 
The Guiding Hand, Lon., 1857, Svo. 

Hall, Mrs, Matthew, [ante, vol i., add ,] d 1873 
The Royal Princesses of England, from the Reign of 
George the First, Lon., 1858, p Svo, new ed,, 187 1. 

Hall 9 Miranda* Fairy Spinner, and "Out of 
Date or Not/' Lon , 1874, 12mo. 

Hall, R., MB. 1 Modern Spiritism its Origin, 
Claims, and Ultimatum, Melbourne, 1878, Svo 2 Signs 
of the Times a Prophetic Study of the Eo-stern Ques- 
tion and its Ultimate Results the Whereabouts of the 
Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, Melbourne, 1878, Svo 

Hall, R. A* Swedenborgianistn j or, An Assault on 
Christian Doctrine, Lon , 1888, p Svo 

Hall, Rev. Robert, Independent minister, of Bir- 
mingham 1 The Half-Crown and his Philosophy , or, 
Tales and Dialogues for the Young, Birmingham, 1S59, 
Svo. 2 A Book of Varieties consisting of Original 
Fables, Narratives, Letters, Odea, &c , Lon , 1863, 12mo 

Hall, Key* Robert, M A , graduated at Christ's 
College, Cambridge, 1850 , ordamed IS55 , vicar of Flax- 
ley, Gloucestershire, 1S76-S3 , rector of Saul, Glouces- 
tershire, since 188&. On the Dootrme of Typical Rela- 
tion in Holy Scripture, Lon , 1876, 12mo 

Hall, Robert. 1* The Highland Sportsman, a 
Compendious Sporting Q-uide to the Highlands of Sect- 
land. Maps and Blust Lon, 18S2, p Svo 2. The 
Highland Sportsman and Tourist, Lou , 1885, p Svo 
3. The Scottish Sportsman and Tourist a Complete 
Guide to Scotland, <&e , Lon , 1887, Svo 

Hall, Robert W. The Foth&rgill Dry Process m 
Photography its Simplicity and Certainty, Lon-, I860, 
cr Svo 

Hall, S* J. Morning Studies and Evening Pas- 
times, Lon , 1872, Svo 

Hall, S* R. Alphabet of Geology and Mineralogy. 
Boat, 1869, Umo. 

Hall, S. W. The Law of Impersonation as applied 
to Abstract Ideas, Lon , 1861 

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l$mo 2 Mistress Mary's Garden, Lon , 1881 , p. Svo 
3. Made on Purpose; * Story of Russian Life, Lon., 
1S87, ISmo. With EOPBS, MART E . Seven Steps TIp- 
war<* Stories, Ion , 1884, Svo 

Hall, Rev. Samuel. Solomon and Ezekiel Har- 
monized; or, Two Cntioal Portions of Scripture com- 
pared and explained, Lon f 1855, 12mo 

HalI T Samuel Carter, F.S.A., [>nte, vol. i., add,,] 
l$ai-1889, called to the bar at the Inner Temple in 
1841 , began his professional career as a gallery reporter 
for tfce flew Times In 1825 he established the Amulet, 


of which he was for many years the editor In 1830 he 
succeeded Campbell as editor of the New Monthly Mag- 
aaine, and in 1839 established the Art Journal, which 
he edited till 1SSO 1 Poems, Lon , 1850, 4to Printed 
for private circulation 2 (Ed ) The Royal Gallery of 
Art, Ancient and Modern Engravings from the Pnvat;e 
Collections of the Queen and Prmce Albert and the 
Heirlooms of the Crown, Lon , 1358-59, 3 vols fal 3 
A Book of Memories of Great Men and Women of the 
Age from Personal Acquaintance, Lon , 1 870, Svo 4 
Wimbledon Illustrative Details concerning the Parish 
with Descnptions oi the Wimbledon Park Estate, Lon , 
1872, Svo 5 The Trial of Sir Jasper a Temperance 
Tale, in Verse, Lon, 1873, sq 16mo, new ed , 1883, 
12mo 6 An Old Story a Temperance Tale, in Verse, 
Lon , 1875, Svo , 2d ed , 1876 7 A Memory of Thomas 
Moore, Lon , 1879, 4to 8 Khymes in Council Apho- 
risms Versified, Lon , 1881, 4 to 9 Retrospect of along 
Life, flom 1815 to 1883, Lon , 1883, 2 vols 

"A curious medley of reminiscences, tea table gossip, 
moralizing reflections, critical judgments, and peisonal 
revelations "Mh 9 No 2896 

10 The Use of Spmtualum, Lou , 1884, Svo With 
HALL, MBS ANNA MARIA 1 The Forlorn Hope a 
Story of Old Chelsea, n d , 4to 2 Book of Royalty 
Characteristics of British Palaces, 1838, r 4to S Juve- 
nile Budget of Little Stones, 18*8, 36mo 4 A Week 
at Killarney, Lon , 1848, or Svo , new ed , 1865 5 The 
Swan's Egg, Lon , 1851, ISmo 6 Hand-Books to Ire- 
land, 1354, 4 vols fp Svo 7 Adventures of Biddy 
Doiking, Lon , 1857, 12mo 8 A Woman's Story, Lon , 
1857, 3 vols p Svo 9. 2 he Lucky Penny, and other 
Tales, Lon , lt>57, 12mo 10 Daddy Dacre's School for 
the Young, Lon , 1858, 18mo 11 Boys* Book, 1859, p 
Svo 12 The Book of the Thames, from its Rise to its 
Fall, Lon, 1S59, 4to, new eds , 1864, 1866, 1869 13, 
Tenby its History, Antiquities, Scenery, Traditions, and 
Custom**, Lon , 1 860 , 2d ed , rev , 1 873 14 The Book of 
South Wales the Wye and the Coast Illust Lon , 
I860, fp 4to 15 Juvenile Forget- IVLe-Nota, Lon , 1862, 
16mo 16 A Companion to Killarney Illust and 
Map Lon f 1878, Svo With JEWETT, LLEWELLYN, 
Hiddon Hall an Illustrated Guide with Notices of 
Button, Bakewell, and other Places in the Neighbour- 
hood, Buxton, 1871, Svo 

Hall, Samuel Roniilly, Wesleyan minister, d 
1876 Illustrative Records of John Wesley and Early 
Methodism, Lon , 1856, Svo For biog , see NIGHTIN- 

Hall, Sarah J. Lessons from Women's Lives, 
Edin , 1866, 12mo 

Hall, Spencer, r S A , 1806-1875, b in Ireland, 
was librarian of the Athenaeum Club, London, 183^- 
1875. 1 Suggestions for the Classifi cation of the Li- 
brary now collecting at the Athenaeum, Lon, 1838, Svo 
Printed for private circulation 2 Letter to John Mur- 
ray upon an JSsthetic Edition of the Works of Shake- 
speare, Lon,, 1841, Svo 3 Ecbyngham of Echyngham, 
Lon , 1850, Svo 4 Notices ot Sepulchral Memorials 
at Etchmgham, Sussex, and of the Church nt that Plnce, 
Lon, 1851, Svo 5 (Ed and trans) Documents from 
Siruancas relating to the Reign of Elizabeth, (1558-68,) 
from the Spanish of Bon Tom&s Gonssalos, Lon , 1865, 
Svo 6 Eiaucesea da Kimiui, Lon , 1874, Svo. (Tians- 
lated from Dante ) 

Hall, Spencer Timothy, 1812-1885, b near Sut- 
ton-in-Ashfeeld, Nottinghamshire, became a printer and 
bookseller, a lecturer on mesmerism, and a homoeopathic 
doctor. His mesmerio cure of Harriet Marti neau ia 
related in her autobiography 1 The forester's Offer- 
ing, Lon, 1841, 12mo 2 Phreno-Magnet, and Mirror 
of Nature, Lon , 1844, 12tno }* Me&ioeiio Experiences, 
Lon, 1845, 12mo 4 The Upland Hamlet, and other 
Poems, Lon , 1847, 32roo 6 Life and Death m Ire- 
land as witnessed in 1819, Manchester, 1850, 12mo 6, 
Homoeopathy : a Testimony , 2d ed , Lon , 1852, 12to 
7 The Peak and the Plain Scenes in Woodland, Held, 
and Mountain, Lon , 1853, I2mo. 8 Days m Derby- 
shire Illust, Lon, 1863, p Svo 9. Biographical 
Sketches of Remarkable People, chiefly from Personal 
Recollection vnth Miscellaneous Papers and Poems, 
Lon , 187 S, 8vo, 10, Pendle Hill and its Surroundings, 
including Burnley and its Boundaries, Lon , 1877, 12 mo. 
11, Lays from the Lakes, and other Poems, Eochdale. 
1878, Svo* Also, guide-booka. 

HaU, Sydney Prior. Sketches from an Artist's 
Portfolio, [with descriptive letter-press,] Lon , 1875, fol. 



Hall, T, 1. The Cloud of Witnesses. 2. Things 
Old and New; or, The Evangelist and Missionary's 
Hand-Book: Essays and Discourses, Lon., 18S4, Svo. 

Hall, T. wight. Hudson and its Tributary 
Region, Hudson, Wis., 1857, 12rao. 

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at University College, Oxford, 1876; called to the bar at 
Lincoln's Inn 1883. 1. The Law of Allotments: being a 
Treatise on the Law relating to the Allotment of Land 
for the Labouring Poor, Lon., 1886, 8\o 2 The Allot- 
ments Act, 1887 . with Regulations, &c., of Local Gov- 
ernment Board, Lon., 1888, r Svo. 

Hall, Theophilus Parsons. (Ed.) Genealogi- 
cal Notes relating to the Families of Hon Lyman Hall 
of Georgia, Hon. S. Holden Parsons Hall of Einghatn- 
ton, New York, and Hon Nnthun Kel&ey Hall of Buffalo, 
New York. Illust. Albany, 1886, Svo Printed lor 
private distribution. 

Hall, Theresa Oakey. 1 A Christmas Journey, 
and other Stories, N. Yoik, 1872, 16mo. 2. Nuts for 
Christmas Cracking. Illubt. N. Yoik, 1874, sq. Svo. 
3. Her Mother's Fancy, Bost , 1875, 12mo. 

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Modern Spmtuahsrn. By a Bible Spiritualist. Bost., 
3863. 2. Legal Status of Patents, Cleveland, 0, 1882, 
48mo. 3. Modern Spiritualism ; or, The Opening Way, 
Bost., 1883, J^mo. 4. A Treatise on Patent Estate: 
comprehending the Nature, Conditions, and Limitations 
of Interest in Letters Patent, Cleveland, 0., 1888, 12mo. 
Hall, Rev. Thomas Mifllin, b. 1S06, in Phila- 
delphia; educated at the University of Pennsylvania; 
admitted to the bar in 1827, but gave up the practice of 
law, and m 1841 was ordained pastor of a Presbyterian 
Church in Trenton, N.J. 1. Translation of Milton's 
Latin Letters, Phila., 1829. 2. History of the Presby- 
terian Church in Trenton, New Jersey, N. York, 18o9 
12mo. 3. Forty Years' Familiar Letters of James \V. 
Alexander, D.D., I860, 2 vole. 

Hall, Thomas Wrigrtit, M D. I. New Theory 
of Galvanibm : the Electro-Thennology of Chemit-try, 
Ac., Edin,, 1872, 12mo. 2, Sun and Earth as Great 
Forces in Chemistry, Lon , 1874, p. Svo. 3. A Correla- 
tion Theory of Chemical Affinity and Action, Lon., 1888, 

Hall , Townshend M. The Mineralogist's Direc- 
tory; or, A Guide to the Pnncipal Mmeial Localities in 
Great Biitain and Ireland, Lon., 1868, p. Svo. 
Hall, Valentine G. Lawn Tennis in America, 
jlust. N. York, 1888, 12mo. 

Hall 9 W. E. A Plan for the Reorganization of the 
rmy, Lon., 1867, Svo. 
Hall, Walter G. The Sculptor of Bruges, Edin, 
1870, 12mo. 

Hall, IWfrs. Walter G. The Swedish Singer; or, 
The Story of Vanda Rosendahl, Edin , 1871, 12mo. 

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Greek Language simplified by a Display of their In- 
corporation into the English Tongue, Lon., 1850, 12mo; 
3d ed., 1859. 2. Reasons for a New Version of the 
Bible : being the Preface and Introduction to the New 
Testament : translated from the Original Greek accord- 
ing to the Present Idiom of the English Language, Lou., 
1860, Svo. 

Hall, Wilhelmina L. Boarding-Out as a Method 
of Pauper Education and a Check on Hereditary Pau- 
perism : a Paper : with Appendix, Lon , 1887, 8vo 

Hall, William, an artist. A Biography of David 
Cox : with Remarks on his Works and Genius. Edited, 
with Additions, Tby J. T. Bunce. Lon., 1881, Svo. 

Hall, William Champaign. Legal Forms: 
compiled for the Use of Attorneys and Solicitors, Lon., 
1865, cr. Svo. 

Hall, William Edward, b. 1836; graduated ut 
University College, Oxford, 1859; called to the bar at 
Lincoln's Inn 1861. 1. The Bights and Duties of Neu- 
trals, Lon., 1874, Svo. 
\ *< It is slight, and might -with advantage be expanded 
But the plan and the execution are both admirable " Sat 
Itev., xxxviii. 181. 

'* ' An adequate work,' said Sir William Harcourt, m tin 
preface to his well-known 'Historicus' letters* *on the 
Bights and Duties of Neutrals, founded on a sound basn 
of historical investigation and judicial decision, has yet U 
be written.' ... Mr, Hall has, we flbflttk, fined tfte void 
and his work is a valuable and masterly eomteibtrtte to 
legal literaturu"-^or, xlviix. 1287. . 

3. International I<aw, Ox, 1880, Svo j $d ed, entitled 
" A Treatise on International Law," 1884. 

" Mr Hall's exposition of International law divides itself 
nto three main branches, relating to (1) 4 the la\v governing 
tates in their normal relations,' (2) 'the law governing 
tates 111 the relation of war ,' (3) 'the law governing states 
n the relation of neutrality.' Exception may be taken to 
a proposition or an argument here and there, but the 
treatise as a \\ hole fulfils its purpose meritoriously." Aih , 
"No 2757. 

"With his book m hand, an English lawyer need no 
onger be afraid to speak in the gate with" any of the 
American or Continental authorities "So/. Rev , li 24 

"The present work, in TV hieh the former one (.' Rights 
and Duties of Neutrals"] is incorporated, with some addi- 
lons and modifications of form, is a complete treatise on 
ublic international law, ranking in extent and thorough- 
ness by the side of Wheatoii, Phillimore, orTwiss " Aead , 
xix. 41 

Hall, William H. Piaetical Experience at the 
Diggings of the Gold-Fields of Victotm, Loa., 1852, 


Hall, William Henry Bullock-, (originally 
Bullock; asbuiued the additional surname of Hall 
872,) b. 1837 j educated at Balliol College, Oxford; 
Balled to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1872. 1. Polish Ex- 
penenceb during the Insuriection oi 1S63-4, Lon., 1S64-, 
er. Svo. 2. Acioss Mexico in 1864-5, Lon , 1866, p. Svo. 
3. Gleanings in Ii eland aitei the Laud Acts, Lon., 1883, 


Hall, Sir William Hutcheon, K.C.B., [ante, 
vol i, BALI,, CAPT. WILLIAM H. 3 &1S., add.,] 1797?- 
1878, entered the na\y IS 11 ; vice-aduiiij,!, retired, 1869; 
admiral 1875. 1. Sailors' Houses, <fce, : their Origin and 
Progress, Lon., 1852 ; 2d ed., eul ,1854. 2. Our National 
Defences, Lon., 1876, Svo. 

Hall, Rev. William John, M.A., graduated at 
Trinity College, Cambridge, 1853; oi darned 1853; rector 
of St. Clement's, Easteheap, London, since 1S65; minor 
canon of St. Paul's Cathedral 1862; lecturer of St. 
Clement's, Easteheap, 1882. 1. Sermons on Various Sub- 
jects, Lon., 1866, p. 8vo. 2. Some Sceptical Fallacies of 
Certain Modern W liters examined, Lon., 1880, 16ino. 

Hall, \\ illiam Whitty, M.D., [ante, vol. i., add ,] 
d. 1876, 1. Health and Disease as affected by Constipa- 
tion, and its Unmedicmal Cuie: a Book for the People, 
N. York, I860, 12ino; 8th thousand, Lon., 1871. 2. 
Fun better than Physic, 12mo. 3. Consumption; new 
ed., N.York, 1864, 12mo. 4. Sleep; 4th ed., rev., N. 
York, 1864, 12mo. 5. Guide-Board to Health, Peace, and 
Competence, Spring-field, Mass., 1S70, 8vo. 6. Health 
by Oood Living, N. Yoik, 1870, 12mo. 7. Works, 187U- 
75, 6 vols. 12mo. 8. Coughs and Colds ; or, The Preven- 
tion, Cause, and Cure of Various Affections of the Throat, 
N. Yoik. 1871, Svo. 9. Health at Home; or, Hall's 
Family Doctor, 1872, Svo. 10, How to Live Long; or, 
Health Maxims, Physical, Mental, <fcc., N. York, 1875, 
12mo; 5th ed., 1881. 11. Dyspepada, and its Kindred 
Diseases, Toronto, 1876, cr. Svo. 

Hall, Wraxall. Poems, Lon., 1869, 12mo. 

Ha II am, Ebenezer Charles Bethlehem* 
Onya Grammar ior English Students, Calcutta, 1874, Svo. 

Hallam, F. H. Random Sketches of the Parish 
of Marylebone, Lon., 1885, p. 8vo. 

Hal lam, Rev. Robert Alexander, D.D.,S T.D,, 
[ante, vol i , add.,] 1807-1877, b. at New London, Conn. ; 
rector ot St. James's Church in that city from 1835. 1. 
Sermons, Phila., 1856, 12mo. 2. Moses : a Course of 
Lectures delivered in the Chapel of St. James's Church, 
New London, N. York, 1869, l&mo; new ed., 1879. 3. 
Sketches of Travel in Europe, N. Yoik, 1869. 4. Sover- 
eigns of Judah, 1877. 5. Annals of St. James's, New 

Hall am, Thomas. Four Dialect Words Clem, 
Lake, Oss, and Nest, (Eng. Dialect Soc. Pub.,) Lon., 
1885, 8vo. 

Hal lard, Frederick. 1. Thoughts on some Points 
in our System of Judicial Procedure. By a Lawyer. 
Edin., 1858, Svo. Anon. 2. The Inferior Judge in 
Scotland, Bdin v 1869, Svo. 3. The Catalogue Question 
in the Advocates' Library : a Retrospect, By One of 
the Defeated. Edin*, 1872, Svo. Anon, 

Hal las, Charles B* Stephen Stephens: a Novel, 
Lon , 1867, 12mo. 

Jiallatt, George Wilson Tuxford, Hints on 
Architectural Draughtsmanship, Lon., 1884, 12mo. 

Halle, Hughes R P. Fraser. Letters Historical 
and Botanical, relating chiefly to Places in the Yale 
of Teign r with some Geologic Notices by 3>r Croker, 

Halle, 'm*$ Mary. (Trans.) Faust * a Dra- 
matio Legend, by Hector Berlioz, 1880, 4to. 


Halleck, Fitz- Greene, [ante, vol. i., add.,] 
1790-1857. For biog., see WILSON, JAMES GRANT, ante, 
vol 111. 1. Young America: a Poem, N. York, 1S64, 
16uio. 2. The Poetical Writings of Fitz-Greene Halleck : 
with Extiacts from those of J. R. Drake. Edited by J. 
G. Wilson. N. York, 1869, 8vo; new ed., 1873. 

Halleck, Major-Gen. Henry Wager, LL D., 
[ante, vol i., HALLECK, Lr. H W., add.,] 1815-1872, b. 
at Westernville, Oneida Co., 10".; giaduated at the 
U.S. Military Academy 18,39 j served in the Mexican 
war j resigned from the mihtaiy service 1854, and prac- 
tised law in San Fiancisco. At the outbieak of the 
civil war he was appointed major-genera.1, and in 186 1 
took command of the Depaitinent ol Missouu, and was 
commandei -in-chief of the airnies of the United States 
from 1S62 to 1864. 1. Bitumen its Varieties, Piopeitieb, 
and Uses. Pub. by U.S. Gov't. Wa&h., 1841, Svo. 2. 
A Collection of Mining Laws of Spain and Mexico, 
1859. 3. (Tian*.) De Fooz on the Law of Mines- with 
Introductoiy Remarks, I860 4. International Law; or, 
Rules regulating the Intercom se of States in Peace and 
War, San Fran., 1861, Svo; new ed , rev. by Sir S. 
Baker, Lon., 1878. 5. (Trans.) Life of Napoleon Bona- 
parte, by A. H. de Jomini, N. Yotk, 1864, 4 vols. Svo . 
new ed., 1885. 6. Elements of International Law and 
Laws of \Var: abridged for the Use of Colleges from the 
Laiger Work, Phila, 1866, Svo. 

Hallen, Rev. Arthur Washington Cornelius, 
M.A., F.S.A. Scot., graduated at St. John's College, 
Cainbndge, 1858 j ordained 1858; incumbent of St. 
John's, Alloa, Scotland, since 1862. 1. The Queen of 
the Holly Bush : Christmas Sketches, Edin., 1861, ISnio. 

2. An Account of the Family of Hallen or Hallan, (De 
Mirabelle dit Van Halen of Malmes,) from A.D. 1280 
to A.D. 1885 : with Pedigrees of Families of Hatton of 
Newent, Shakespeare of Stratford-on-Avon, and Weight 
of Clmgre, Edin., 1885, 4to. Only 100 copies, privately 
printed. 3. (Ed ) The Transcript of the Register of 
Baptism, Muthill, Perthshire, 18S7, Svo. 

Hallett, Caroline M, 1. Parish Lending Libra- 
ries: how to manage and keep them up, Lon., 1880, 
12uio; new ed., 1887. 2. Refat by the Way; or, Plain 
Readings for the Sick and Troubled, Lon., 1882, ISrno. 

3. Lectures on Health, for Women's and Girls' Classes, 
Lon., 1882, 12mo. 4. The Upward Path: a Book for 
Boys, Lon., 1S83, ISino 5. The Service of the King : 
Ten Plain Readings, Lon , 1884, ISmo. 6. How to be 
Well: a Few Words to Working- Women, Lon., 1885, 
Svo. 7. Through the Darkness; or, Thoughts for the 
Perplexed, Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 

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the Sea-Weeds. By Ferna Vale, [pseud.] Andovei, 
Mass., 1858. 

Hallett, Rev. Geraid Iiiidlow, B.O.L., gradu- 
ated at Trinity College, Carnbiidge, I860 ; ordained I860; 
rector of Dunkerton, Somersetshire, since 1874. Samar- 
itans, and other Sermons, Lon , 1873, p. Svo. 

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ports, vol. i,, (1864-72,) San Fran., 1872, Svo. Same, 
voK i.-ii., (1864-75,) San Fran., 1865-76, 2 vols. Svo. 

Hallett, Thomas George Palmer, M.A., edu- 
cated at London. University ; formerly a member of the 
Indian civil service; called to the bar at the Middle 
Temple 187S. The Tenant-Right Question, Ireland, 
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principal and professor of theology at New College, Lon- 
don, 1857-62. For biog, see HA.LLBY, ROBERT, JR. 
Lancashire: its Puritanism and Nonconformity, Man- 
chester, 1869, 2 vols. Svo; 2d ed., 1372. 

" He is an industrious and moderate writer, and on the 
whole, when Popery and bishops are not too tempting for 
flmgs of rhetoric, a candid one." Sat Rev., xxxi. 501 

" Halley's woik lacks that minuteness of local informa- 
tion which characterizes David's ' Essex/ (1863,) Browne's 
* Norfolk and Suffolk,' (1877 ) or Urwiek's ' Herts,' (1884,) but 
he alone rises above the nonconformist annalist, and de- 
serves a place among church historians." Diet of Nat, 
ioff. t xxiv. 110. 

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see HTLL, #EY. G. W v infra. Reflections on Passing 


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" The illustrations ... are very curious and valuable." 
-^A,No 2861 

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and the Aboriginal Indians of Martha's Vineyard, N, 
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Laying the Foundation-Stone of the Queen's Statue. Syd- 
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Hallowell, Mrs. Anna Davis. James and Lu- 

cretin Mott Life and Letters Edited by their Grand- 
daughter With Portraits Boat, 1884, 12mo 

" Mrs Hallowell'a editing is eminently sober, modest, 
discreet, smce&sful m geneiahzation, happy in descrip- 
tions, and full of Insight into the mainsprings of her 
grandparents' characters The result is an important 
contribution to the history of the Sot jety ot Friends, and 
of the leading reforms of the century "Nation, xxxvm 

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2d ed, Phila, 1863, ISmo 2 Autobiography. Phila . 
18S3, Svo 

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affect Consolidated Statutes for Upper Canada and Con- 
solidated Statutes of Canada, Toronto, 186 i, 12mo. 

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nanza County, [geological monograph,] Denver, 1883, 

Hallowell, Richard Price, b 1835, m Phila- 
delphia, became a wool-merchant in Boston in 1859, 
was identified with the abolition movement, and has 
since been connected with the Free Religious Association 
and the New England Women's Suffrage Association 
1. The Quaker Invasion of Massachusetts. Bost, 1883. 
I2mo ' 

' Mr Hallowell has closely studied the whole subject of 
the persecutions, and, alter a sorae%\ hat careful reading of 
his book, we are constiained to sav that it make** a fair 
exhibition of one of the most distressing episodes oi colo- 
nial hifetorv " Ai&kon, xsxvi 472 

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Meath, Ireland , graduated at Trinity College, Dublin, 
1846 , removed to the United States m 1852, and became 
a, jouinahst He served through the war, and on his 
resignation in 186 i was brevetted brigadier-general of 
volunteers He then became editor of the New Yoik 
Citizen, a. journal devoted to civil service reform 1 
Lyrics By the Lettir H N York, 1354 2. Life and 
Adventures, Song*, Services, and Speeches, of Private 
Miles O'Reilly, Foity-Seventh Regiment, New Yoik 
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Funeral a Collection of Essays, Poems, Speeches, His- 
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2 Ag itha & Fanciful Flight for a G-usty Night, Lon t ' 
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Svo 4, A Salad of Stray Leaves Illost, Lon, 1882, 
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ghen's Engiaved Warks bemg a u descriptive catalogue 
ol all the engraving? of this master, the inscriptions 
given at full length, and the variations of the states pre- 
cisely set forth, accompanied by biographjoaJ and other 
notes, with ft life of the engraver," N. York, 18$&, 4to. 
Only 250 copies printed* 


" All collectors of Morghen's worfcs, or of engravings in 
general, will be grateful to him "" Nation, xh 140 

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1 Kolhng Stones in the Churches, or. The Behgious 
Life as affected by the Migratory Habits of Modern 
Sociefy, Lon , 3375, 12mo 2 Pulpit Gleimng* being 
Selected Extracts from Sermons, Lon , 1879, 12mo 3 
Disestablishment and Disendowmeot TTTO Sunday 
Evening Addresses to Working- Men on Social and Polit- 
ical Questions, Lon , 1886, S\o. 

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State of New York a Complete Description, N York, 
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land Co , Va , professor of pastoral theology, homiietics, 
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theNotthwest, Chicago III , since 1881 professor emer- 
itus 1. Literary Attractions of the Bible, or, A 
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Hal&tert, Byron David, D Sc.,b 1852,atTemcp, 
K Y. , graduated at the Michigan Agncnltnral College 
m 1871 * -was instructor in botany at Harvard 1874-76 
He edited the American Agriculturist 1 879-84, and then 
became professor of botany m Iowa Agricultural College 
1 Barn Plans and Out-Buildings Designs and Plans 
Illusi N York, 1SS1, 12ino 2 The Vegetable- Gar- 
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4 Household Conveniences, N York, 1883. 

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unarmed a Series of Letters to the First Lord of tfte 
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3. The Na\y nnaimed still an Appeal to Both Houses 
of Parliament m a Series of Letters to the "Daily 
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1 88 1, 12mo. 2 The Elements of Geometry* N. York, 
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Cunng Dy^p*-p-ia, N* York, 1860, 12mo 

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Bible itself the Teacher and its Own Interpreter: Five 
Versions of tbe Old Testament and Four of the New, 
Compared with the Originals, Newark, 1866, Svo 2 
The Book called Job, Irom the Hebrew with JToot- 
otes, 1875, Svo. 

Halsted, Rev. Thomas Daniell, M.A,, gradu- 
ate'! at Tnmty College, Dublin, 1846 j ordained 1846, 
rector of St Thomas's, Birmingham, 1870-88; vicar of 
Lower Hereford since 1883 Oar Missions: being a 
History of the Principal Missionary Transactions of the 
London Society for Piomotmg Christianity amongst the 
Jews from, its Foundation m 1809 to the Present Year : 
with an Introduction by C J, Ooodhart, Lon ,1866, Svo. 

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ance of Troops and All proceeding iuto the Hill Tr-tut* 


of the "Northern Circars, Calcutta, 1855, Svo. 2. The 
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(No more published.) 

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land) and Civil Service and General Directory to Per- 
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Merchandise Marks Act, 1887: Market for Foreign 
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add ,] minister of the Chapel of Ease, Islington. 1 . 
The Cross of Christ considered, in Seven Sermons, Lon., 
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Great Work of God in these Last Day.", Lon., 1S70, Svo. 

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tion and Versification, Lon., 1851, p. Svo. 2. Colloquial 
Soliloquies. By One who took all the Talk to himself. 
1S52, 8vo. 3. A Spring Morning's Dream, Lon., 1860, 


p. Svo; with Somniloquence, and e-yetpwjaev ("Wide- 
awake,") [verse,] Lon., 1860, Svo. 

Hamel, Felix Hargrave de, b. 183S ; son of 
Felix John Hamel, in ft a; called to the bar at the Inner 
Temple 1S61 ; law clerk of the board of trade since 
1867; chief clerk since 1S76. 1. Internationa] Law in 
Connection with Municipal Statutes relating to the Com- 
merce, Eights, and Liabilities of the Subjects of Neutral 
States pending Foreign War: considered with Reference 
to the Trial of the Case of the " Alexandria," Lon., 1863, 
Svo. 2. The Law relating to Ritualism in the United 
Church of England and Ireland : with Practical Sugges- 
tions, Lon., 1866, 12rno. 

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Commentary on the Tractarian Tendencies of the Age, 
Lon., 1865, Svo. 2. The Laws of the Customs consoli- 
dated: with Practical Notes, Lon., 1876, Svo. 

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Lon , 1SS7, 12mo. 2. Phyllis Raymond, Lon.,18S7, p. Svo. 

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in the Euchan&t, fioin the French of J. Abadie, 1867, 

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cers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps, Phila,, 
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York, 1881, 4to. 

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Army Register of the United States, (1779 to 1S79 ;) 2d 
ed., Wath , 1881, Svo. 2. (Comp.) Complete Army and 
Navy Register of the United States, 1776-1887, N. York, 
1888, Svo. 

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ton, iiifia. 1. Jeanne Laraguay : a Novel, Lon., 1864, 
p Svo. 2. The Mirror of Truth, and other Marvellous 
Histories. Illust. Lon , 1874, p. Svo. 3. Golden Me- 
diocrity : a Novel, Bost., 1S86, Svo. 

Hamerton, Philip Gilbert, b. 1834, at Lano- 
fide, near Shaw, Lancashire j educated at Burnley ana 
Doncaster Grammar-Schools; went to Paris in 1855 to 
study painting. In 1857 he settled at Loch Awe, but 
in 1861 returned to France, living first at Sens and after- 
wards near Autun, find acquiring that intimate knowl- 
edge of French life which appears in his writings, lie 
had begun early to contribute to periodicals, and in 1806 
he became art-critic to the Saturday Review, but re- 
signed that post two years later, retaining his connection 
with the paper as an occasional contributor. In 1869 he 
established a new art review, the Portfolio, devoted 
chiefly to etching. He has also contributed to the Fort- 
nightly, the Fine Arts Quarterly Review, and other 
periodicals. He is an honorary member of the Society 
of Painter-Etchers, and in 1S82 received from the French 
government the univeisity decoration of an Officier 
d'Acad&me. 1. Observations on Heraldry, Lon., 1851, 
Svo. 2. The I&lcs of Loch Awe, and other Poems of my 
Youth, Lon., 1855, 12mo. 3. A Painter's Camp in the 
Highlands, and Thoughts about Art, Cambridge, 1862, 
2 vols. p. 8voj 2d ed., 1866, 1 vol. 4. Contemporary 
French Painters : an Essay with Sixteen Photographic 
Illustration*, Lon , 1S67, 4to; 2d ed., 1869. 

" A lively and elegant causerie on art, Sr> which short 
notices* of many distinguished painters, and anecdotes of 
their ways, are accompanied by a careful estimate of their 
place in art, and of the aesthetic schools to which they sev- 
erally belong." Sat. Kev , xxw. 732. 

5. Painting in Franco after the Decline of Classicism : 
an Essay. Illust. Lon., 1868, 4to, 6. Etching and 
Etchers. IlJust. Lon., 1868, Svo. 

" It is seldom that a writer on art approaches his subject 
in so scientific a spirit of inquiry He first weighs the ca. 
pabilities of this particular method of limning separately 
against all others that are in use f in various kinds of mark- 
ing and expression, and, having ascertained what special 
classes of effects can be better produced by it than by any 
other process, he fairly argues that the artit-t who applies 
it with success to the&e is entitled, as an etcher, to a dis- 
tinctly higher rank than that of him who only obtains 
from it such effects as can be produced equally well or 
better by other means. Thus Mr. Hamerton's inquiry is 
twofold, its object bemgr not only to determine the position 
of an etcher among etchers, but also that of etching- itself 
among trhe graphic arts." Spectator, xhx. 210. 


7. Wenderholme a Story of Lancashire and Toik- 
shire, Lon., 1869, 3 vols 8. The Unknown River: an 
Etcher's Voyage of Discovery. Illust. Lon , 1870, r. 
Svo ; 2d ed., 1873, p. Svo. 9 The Etcher's Hand- Book 
giving an Account of the Old Pioeesses and the Pro- 
cesses recently discoveied. Illustrated hy the Author. 
Lon., 1871, 8vo , 3d ed., 1881. 

" This useful little book gives to the amateur and voung 
student both practical knowledge and critical iiiMirut " 
Sat. Rev , xxxm 125. b 

10. The Intellectual Life, Lon., 1873, p. Svo. 

" Commonplace as the substratum must necessarily be, 
Mr Hamerton succeeds in being almost invanablv inter- 
esting. We do not say that he never falls into platitude 
That is a compliment which we could not conscientiously 
pay to any writer of moral essays with whom we are ac- 
quainted. But he succeeds in so illustrating old truths 
that they come with a certain agreeable freshness " Sat. 
jRev , xxxv 686 

" Perhaps the chief merit of Mr Hamerton's work is the 
way in. which he insists upon the great truth equally true 
in literature, science, and art that for the very smallest 
result of any value which the outside world can see, there 
has been an almost intolerable amount of previous 
drudgery, of which the outside spectator takes no heed." 
Ath. t No. 2375. 

11. Chapters on Animals. Illust. Lon,, 1873, Svo; 
4th ed., 1883. 12. (Ed,) Examples of Modern Etching : 
Twenty Plates, with Notes, Lon , 1874, fol. 13. Harry 
Blount : Passages in a Boy's Life on Land and Sea, Lon , 
1875, p. Svo. 

" The story perhaps is not very much in itself, but there 
Is a certain freshness in the incidents and in the charac- 
ters that is not a little attractive " Sat. Rev , xxxix. 160 

H. Bound my House- Notes of Ruial Life in BVance 
in Peace and War, Lon., 1875, sq. 12moj 4th ed., 1880. 
15. The Sylvan Year : Leaves from the Note-Book of 
Eaoul Dubois with Etchings by the Author and other 
Artists, Lon., 1870. 

" The body of the book is chiefly made up of notes on 
the aspect oi the woods at different seasons ot the year, the 
trees which are m leaf, and the vaueties of gieen and 
brown and red that their leaves present, the plants which 
make the most show m the foreground, and the flowers 
which by their number give a general tint to the landscape 
But the author makes no attempt to furnish a systematic 
calendar of vegetation, nor, on the other hand, does he 
counne himself 10 mere description of the extemal aspects 
of nature Where occasion o ffers, he branches off into mat- 
ters literary, artistic, or didactic, watching with Chaucer 
the opening of the ' daisie,' sentimentalizing with Words- 
worth over the lesser celandine, or moralizing on his own 
account on the nest-buildmg ot birds and other rural pur- 
suits," Spectator^ xlix. 436. 

16. Marmorne. This Story is told by Adolphus Se- 

frave, the Youngest of Three Brothers. Bost. and Edin., 
878, p. Svo. Anon, 

" The author has intense artistic susceptibilities, while 
he is thoroughly conversant with French landscape and 
architecture . . . The construction oi his plot is clever . 
His characters are sketched with rare precision arid ca- 
pacity, and with no little origmahtv agreeably flavoured 
with humour, . He has wntien a novel which is ex- 
tremely fascinating and eminently picturesque " Sat, Rev., 
xlv. 215. 

17. Modern Frenchmen: Five Biographies, Lon., 
1878, p. Svo. 

" The five persons chosen by Mr Hamerton to have their 
lives written are Victor Jaequemont, Henri Perreyve, 
Rude, Jean Jacques Ampere, and Henri Regnault . . He 
has made a book containing the lives of five almost un- 
known Frenchmen which deserves to be popular, a book 
which it is pleasant to read, and which, once read, is not 
likely to be forgotten " Sat. Rev , xlv. 760. 

18* The Life of J. M. W. Turner, R.A. : with Nine 
Illustrations etched hy Brunet Debaines, Lon., 1S79, p. 

" The materials are full, condensed, and clear : earnest- 
ness of thought occasionally rises into eloquence, ami a 
pervading cheerfulness and heal thfuln ess of tone make the 
book companionable and pleasant." Sat Rev , xlvn 467 

u He has dealt with a mass of subject matter (Turner's 
life, his work, and Mr Ruskm) in a manner totally inade- 
quate to give to the world any essential notion of what 
Turner did for us. The book we believe to be siraplv this, 
it is a translation by a man of culture of the rather flashy 
but rich record of anecdotes collected by Mr. Thornbury. 
In addition we are supplied with Mr, Hamerton's com- 
ments upon Turner's shortcomings, his vulgarity, his egp- 
3Mm, his untruth to nature , and Mr. Ruskin is clearly 
proved to be not a critic, whatever else he may be." Spec- 
tator, Hi. 151, 

19. The Graphic Arts : a Treatise on the Varieties of 
Drawing, Painting, ana Engraving, in Comparison with 
Eaoh Other and with Nature. Illust. Lon., 1882, 4to 

11 It is the masterpiece of Mr. Hamerton. the goal towards 
which the various fragments of his previous literary work 
may now all be seen to nave tended ' Skf jBeo., Mv. 581. 

" Author, illustrators, printers, and publishers have vied 


with each other in the production of a volume which is in 
every respect solid, tasteful, and complete." ^to , No 2872. 

* He does not take a sufficiently comprehensive view, 
nor consider enough the subject oi graphic art m general, 
to convey an entirely righD conception of the normal 
characteristics of design m the \anous processes of paint- 
ing, drawing, and engraving Ke\ ertheless, what Mr. 
Hamerton says of the various graphic processes contains a 
great deal that is highly interesting and instructive" 
Nation, xxxiv 548. See a letter irom Mr Hamerton, m 
answer to this review, in the Nation, xxxv. 134. 

20. Human Jntei course, Lon , Ib84. Svo. 

" It is in new speculation that the book falls so lamenta- 
bly short \\ e look in vain for bubtle analv&is of thought 
uid feeling, ior fresh distinction between friendship and 
:ove, or between the friendship of persons of the same and 
persons of different sexes, in iaot, for any new word upon 
;hose thousand points in human intercourse which mooern 
life and modern culture have made increasingly 
to manage successfully "Spectator, Iviii 519 

21 Pans m Old and Pre&ent Times: with Especial 
Reference to Changes in its Architecture and Topography, 
Lon., 1884, fol. 22. Landscape Illust. Lon., 1885, fol. 

" Its ' dominant idea/ as the author tells us in his pref- 
ace, is 'the influence of natural landscape upon man/ 
and although art (and especially the limits of it) is con- 
stantly brouglit before the reader, it takes the second place 
in the text, and the assertion of its power and beauty is 
left mainly to the illustrations "Serf Rev , Ix. 360. 

"The author of 'The Graphic Arts' and 'Etching and 
Etchers' has been blessed wuh extraordinary good fortune 
in producing this magnum onus. He has chosen a noble 
subject, he has devoted all his energies and indomitable 
patience to its treatment, and he has been seconded by his 
publishers with such unwonted courage, zeal, and taste 
that the superb volume before us may be said to represent, 
so far as this country is concerned, illustration, decoration, 
" ' an( } ta&te in binding at their best "Ath , No. 

23. Imagination in Landscape Painting. Illust. Lon., 
1886, fol.; 2d ed., 1S87. (Reprinted from "The Port- 
folio," with additional illustrations.) 

"Mr Hamerton divides the imagination of the land- 
scape painter into two kinds, the first of which is simple 
ocular memory, and the second the power of combining 
and fusing remembered images into one pictorial whole. 
. . . Scattered here and there in this book, sometimes 
where it is least expected, we come upon notes and hints 
of intermediate kinds of imagination , and we hope that 
some day he will work upon this field in a more systematic 
manner?' COSMO MONKHOUSE : Acad., xxxi 98. 

24. The Sa6ne : a Summer Voyage : with One Hun- 
dred and Forty-Eight Illustrations by Joseph Pennell 
and the Author, and Four Mfips, Lon., 1887, r. Svo. 

' His book leaves a stimulating- after-flavour of open-air 
exercise enjoyed without stupidity, and of rough living 
judiciously purged of useless brutality or hardship." Sat. 
Men , Ixiv. 865 

"The narrative ... is delightful throughout." Spectator, 

" Mr. Pennell's remarkable dexterity in drawing in pen 
and Ink ha* never been more fully exhibited than in his 
drawings ot the SaOne ''COSMO MONKHOUSE : Acad., xxxii. 

25. Portfolio Papers, with Etched Portrait of the Au- 
thor, Lon., 1888, p. Svo. 


"He looks to fairly round a question, and advances his 
conclusions with such moderation, that opposition is dis- 
armed Indeed, his function -would seem to be rather to 
throw light on all sides of a subject than to penetrate its 
mystery?' Sat. Rev , Ix 360 

Hamill, S. S. The Science of Elocution: the Ele- 
ments and Principles of Voeal Expression, N. York, 1872, 
12mo j new rev. ed., entitled " New Science of Elocu- 
tion," K. York, 1 888. 

Hamilton, A. G. A New Key to Unlock every 
Kingdom, State, and Pi evince in the Known World, 
Lon., 1850, 12mo. 

Hamilton, Adalbert. 1. (Ed.) American and 
English Cases : vols. xxi, and xxii., Northport, 
N.Y , 1886, Svo. 2. (Ed.) American and English Cor- 
poration Cases: vols. ix. and x., Northport, N.Y., 1886, 
ijvo 3. The Interstate Commerce Law: with Annota- 
tions, Noithport, N.Y., 1887, Svo. 

Hamilton, Alexander Henry Abercromby, 
b. 1829 j justice of the peace for Devonshire. 1. Ballads 
from Hebrew History, Lon., 1873, 16mo. 2. (Ed.) Sir 
John Northeote's Note-Book in the Long Parliament: 
containing Proceedings during its First Session, 1640: 
with a Memoir, Lon., 1877, cr. Svo. 3. Quarter Sessions 
from Queen Elizabeth to Queen Anne : Illustrations of 
Local Government and History, drawn from Original 
Record?, (chiefly of Devon,) Lon., 1878, p Svo. 

Hamilton, Alexander V, Household Cyclopae- 
dia of Practioal Receipts and Daily Wants. -Blast. 
Cleveland, 0., 1873, 12mo. 



Hamilton, Alice King. 1* Mildred's Cadet an 
Idyl oi West Point, Phila, 1881, sq 16mo 2 One of 
the Duanea a Novel, Phila , 1885, 12mo. 

Hamilton, Allan McLane, M D , b 1328, at 
Brooklyn, N Y. , a grandson of Alexander Hamilton, 
(ante, vol i, second of the name there mentioned,) 
graduated at the JiTew York College of Physicians and 
Surgeons m 1870, and practised m New York City, mak- 
ing a specialty of nervous diseases He is physician to 
the Epileptic and Paralytic Hospital, Blaekwell's Island 
1, Clinical Electro- Therapeutics, Medical and Surgical, 
Svo 2 Nervous Diseases Description and Treatment, 
Lon , 1878, r 8vo, 2d ed , 1SS2 6 Types of Insanity 
an Illustrated Guide in the Physical Diagnosis of Men- 
tal Disease, N York, 18S3, 4to 4 Manual of Hedieal 
Jurisprudence with Special Reference to Diseases and 
Injuries of the Nervous System^ N. York, 18S4-, 12mo, 
new ed , 1887. 5. The Modern Treatment of Headaches, 
Lon , 1888, r 16mo 

Hamilton, Andrew. Sixteen Months in the 
Danish Isles, Lon , 1852, 2 vols p Svo 

Hamilton, Andrew. Eheinsberg Memorials of 
Fredeuek the Gieat and Prmce Henry of Prussia-, Lon , 
I860, 2 vols Svo 

" A work full of entertainment, and lay no means de* 
void oi instruction, the subject of which has already been 
in part copiously though incidentally treated by a master 
hand Mr Hamilton has contrived to give a bieath of 
literary life to the dead palace by the lake, and, by bring- 
ing Ins scenery home to Ub with singular skill, to make 
ceitain passages of historical biograpay, momentarily at 
least, more vivid than even Mr Carljle's conscientious use 
of books had aaade them "Sat Rev , xhx o46 

Hamilton, Arthur. Lawrence Luftewalde a Tale, 
Lon , 1877, 3 vola or Svo 

Hamilton, Kev. Arthur Hayne, graduated at 
St John's College, Oxford, L844; ordained 1S4S, rector 
of St Mary Arches, Exeter, since 1S68, chaplain of the 
University Missions m Zanzibai 1883-84. 1 (Ed ) In 
Aid of Church Missions in the Diocese of G-rahamstown 
Sermons for Jloly Week, Lon, 1854, 8\o 2, Man's 
Claim to ItmnortaUfcy, 187 L ^ Four Plain Lectures on 
Man* Death, Life, and God, Lon , 1878, 8\o 

Hamilton, Mrs, C. <?.,(" C G H ") 1 The Cu- 
rate of Lmwood, Lon , 1845> 12mo 2 Margaret Walde- 
grave, or, The Power of Truth, Lon , 1846, Svo 3. 
Amy Harrington , or, A Sister's Love, Lon , 1848, Svo 
Anon* 4 Constance Lyudsay , or, The Progress of Error, 
Lon , 1849, Svo 5 Norinan Leslie a Tale of Scottish 
History in the Sixteenth Century, Lon , 1850, 12mo 6 
Carhngfcon Castle - a Tale of the Jesuits, 1852 7 (Ed ) 
The Unclaimed Daughter a Mystery of our Own Day, 
Lon , 1S5S, 2d ed , Bath, n d , Svo 8 The Exiles of 
Italy, Edm,, 1857, Svo 

Hamilton, C, G, After a Dark Nightthe Sun 
a No\el, Lon , 1880, 2 vols p Svo 

Hamilton, C* H, H. Grammar of the Modern 
Irish Language, Lon , I860, cr 3\ o 

Hamilton, C. JT. 1 The Fiynna of Flynnville, 
Lon, 1880, cr Svo 2. Mr Burtraw'd Daughter an 
E very-Day Story, Lon 1 18S2, p Svo -i Irue to the 
Core a Romance of '98, Lon , 1SSJ, 2 vols cr Svo 

Hamilton, Miss C. T. Ruu* at School, or, A 
Le^on for Life, Lon , 1888, p Svo. 

Hamilton, Mrs* Celia V. 1 Woven of Many 
Threads, Bost , 1871, Svo 2 The Ciown from the Spear, 
Bost, 1872, Svo 3 Ropes of Sand, Bo*t, 1S7*, &vo. 
4, My Bonnie Lass, 1877, Svo 5 The Lily of San Mini- 
ato a Novel, N York, 1878, 16 wo. 

Hamilton, Charles, P A S L I Sketches of 
Life and Sport in Southeastern Africa Edited by F a 
H Pnte Olust Lon , 1 870, p Svo 2 Onental Zig- 
zag, or, Wanderiagb in Syrn, Moib, Abyssinia, and 
Egypt Illuet. Lon, 1875, Svo. 

Hamilton, Charles G. One Hundred Flowerets 
of English Ver^e, Colled and Airimged with Short 
Notes ior the Use of Young Persons, Lon , 1865, 12mo 

Hamilton, Retr. Charles James, MA, or- 
dameilS39, viuir of Kimberworth JL&&0-80 1 Mis- 
sion Flowers from the Twenty-Third PsaJrn, and other 
Meditations, Lon , 187 6, 24mo 2 The New Creature: 
its Birth or Origin, Nature, Cooaicts, and Destiny, Lon , 
18S5 ? Svo. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Cfearle* James* Suggestive 
Readings in theOospels, J*m M W-J, 12rao 

Hamilton , Rev, I>.Ho\vland. 1 Church Levees 
and Priestcraft mm Trae Religion, [verse,] Lewibton, 

^ e ' H? 10 2 * Common-Sense Theology^ <xr^ Naked 


Truths in Bough-Shod Rhymes, Lewiston, Me , Svo 3 
Key to Self-Improvement and Happiness, [veisej Lewis- 
ton, Me , 12mo 4, My Soul's Religious History, [verse,] 
Lewiston, Me , 12mo 5 What shall we Believe ? [verse,] 
Lewiston, Me , I2mo 6 Autology an Inductive Sys- 
tem of Mental Science, whose Centre is the Will, and 
whose Completion is the Personality, Bost , 1873, Syo 

Hamilton, David James, M B , F R C S Edm , 
FUSE, professor of pathological anatomy in the Uni- 
versity of Aberdeen On the Pathology of Bronchitis, 
Ca,tanhal Pneumonia, Tubercle, and Allied Lesions of 
the Human Lung, Lon , 1883, Svo 

Hamilton 9 Lieut. -Co I. Douglas. 1 Report 
on the Shevaroy Hills to acoonapauy a Series of Sketches, 
Madras, 1862 2 Report on the Pulm Mountains to 
accompany a Second Senes of Sketches, Madras, 1864, 
4to. 3 Report on the High Ranges of the Annamullay 
Mountains, Madras, 1866, Svo 

Hamilton, E. J TJncle John in the Airay and 
among the Freedmen, N York, 1867, 12mo 

Hamilton, E, P The Knghsh Governess in Rus- 
sia, Lon , 186Ij 12mo 

Hamilton, Edward, M D , physician to the Lon- 
don Honaosopathic Hospital I Guide to the Practice of 
Homoeopathy, Lon, 1844, 12mo 2 A Shoit History of 
the Cholera with a Pew Hmta as to its Prevention by 
Homoeopathic Treatment, 2d ed , Lon , 1848, 8vo 3 
The Flora Homoeopatlnca, or, Illustrations ami Descrip- 
tions of the Medicinal Plants used aa Homoeopathic Bern* 
edies, L<m ,1852-53,2 vol* r Svo 4 A Catalogue Bai- 
sonne* of the Engra\ed Woika of Sir Joshua, lleyno]ds 
from 1705 to 1820 to which is added a Short Biograph- 
ical Sketch of each Engraver, Lon , 1874, Bvo , new ed , 
enl , 1884 5 A Meoioii of F H F Quin, M D , Lon , 
187<J, Svo 

Hamilton, Edward. The Death of our Minotaur. 
By Ihoseus Boat., 1868 

"Hamilton, Edward, M B , professor of anatomy 
at Dr Steetens's Hospital, Dublin The Present State 
of the Army Medical Service as a Life Gaieei for the 
Surgeon, Dublin, 1875, Svo 

Hamilton, Edward. A Fedoial Union not a 
Nation an Examination into our Systems of Govern- 
ment, Bost , IbSO, 12njo 

Hamilton, Edward, M D , F L S , vice-president 
of the Zoological Society KecolleUionb of Ply-Thshmg 
for Salmon, Trout, and Grayling with JSfotea on their 
Haunts, Habats, and History, <fca , Lon , 1884, 8\ o (Be- 
sides the ordinary edition, a large-paper one, limited to 
100 copies ) 

"ApleCLsanterbook on a jsleasauter topic has not been 
published for years "Sot Rev , Iviu 762 

Hamilton, Edward John* ] The Human 
Mind a Treatise in Mantel Philosophy, N Yoik, 1883, 
Svo 2 Mental Science a Text-Book for Schools and 
Colleges, N York, 1885, Svo 

Hamilton, Edwin The Moderate Man, and other 
Verses lllnst Lon , 1888, 4to 

Hamilton, Miss Elizabeth, d 1582, the only 
daughter of Sir William Hamilton, {q v t ante, vol. i ) 
With JONES, Miss 33 COV<WANCE, ot Qirton College, 
(trans ) Microttosmus an Esay concerning Man and 
his Relation to the World, by Hermann Lotae, Edm , 
1SS5, 2 vols Svo (The tianslation was begun by Mi^s 
Hamilton, and completed, alter hei death, and the whoJe 
levied, by Miss Jones ) 

11 To a rare degree of accuracy the translation adds a 
grace which is, perhaps, rarei still " JAMES SULLY Acad , 

Hamilton, JLady Elizabeth Emma, b 1821, 

daughter of the thud Earl of Caryafort, martied, 1844, 
to Lord CJaud Hamilton, (d 1S84 ) (Trans ) Louis Pas- 
teur* his Life and Labours, by his Son-m-Law, VaUery- 
Eadot, Lon , 1885, 12mo 

Hamilton, Eugene James JLee, b 1845, in 
London j educated mainly in France and Germany > was 
at Oriel College, Oxford, tor two jw, 18fi4fl6, and then 
entered the diplomatic service, which he wa$ obliged to 
leave in 137& m consequence of a eeiebio-spmal dmnse 
which has ever sinoe rendered him incapable of physical 
exertion, and which does not allow of his reading or 
writing or being read to All his poems have been com- 
posed without the aid of pen or papu, and have been 
subsequently dictated For the Iat nfteon years he hfi$ 
lived in Florence 1 Poems and Transcripts, Idin and 
Lon , 1878, sq Svo 2. God, Biuptb, and Men, [verse] 
IHuBt Lon , 1880, p Svo , new evl , 1881 4 Ttifc 
Medusa, and other Poems, Lon, ifcS2 ; p. 8\o 


11 In artistic requirements Mr Lee Hamilton's volume is 
often cltjieuiv e enough 1 et v\ itli all its shortcomings 
we fehuuld hiu e to go to gieut name*, among contemporary 
poets btlore we iound a volume of veists \\ith a msbwige so 
aea-r and BO touching Here i& a poet \vho 'lisps 

his numbers a& he lies on his back suffering the agonies oi 
an incurable spinal disease " Ath t So 2b77 

4 Apollo dnd Mai*ya*, an<l othei Poems, Lon , 1884, 
P Svo 

' His most salient quality seems to be a power of iden- 
tifying niHi&elt through the imagination with abnormal 
personalities, exposed to the pressure ot unusual circum- 
stance and extraoidmary temptation ' J A SYSIONDS 
Aead , xxvii 71 

5 Imaginary Sonmts, Lon , 1888, 16ino 

" He seeks to show us personages famous either in his- 
tory or in legend, to take them in a supieme moment, 
and then to make them speak passionately in their own 
voice So far as success can reward so bold an attempt, lie 
gets a fair share of it " Acad xxxiv 264 

Hamilton, F. H. The Communion of Saints, 
Militant and Triumphant, Lon , 1853, 16mo 

Hamilton, Fiank Hastings, MD, LLD, 
1813-18S6, b at WiJuiington, \t , graduated at Union 
College 1840^ and received his medic il degree at the 
University of Pennsylvania 183o, appointed in 1S46 
professor of surgery at the Buffalo Medical College, in 
1859 professor of principles and practice of surgeiy, zmd 
in 18bl of military surgery, at Long Island College Hos- 
pital, served as medical director and as U S medical 
inspector m the aivil war, was connected with. Bellevue 
Hospital from 1801 till his death, resigning his professor- 
ship theie in 1875, arid retaining the pobition ot surgeon 
1 A Practical Trettise on Fricturea md Dislocations. 
Iliust Phila, I860, Svo , *th ed , 18SO 2 A Treatise 
on Military buigeiy and Hygiuie Iliust. N York, 
1865, Svo 

"An eminently practical treatise, clearly written, and 
filled with the details ot cases not onl> interesting in them- 
selves, but important as> com eying much sound informa- 
tion on difficult and mooted points " Nation, i 347 

3 Contubutions relating to the Surgerj? ot the War 
in its Hygienic and Practical Aspects, [Report of U S 
Sanitary Comuiibsion,] N York, 1870, 2 vols Svo 4 
The Principles and Practice of Surgeiy Illust N 
York, 1872, Svo, 2d ed, 1&T9 Alto, amgle addresses, 
lectures, <fcc 

Hamilton, JLieut.-Gen. Sir Frederick Wil- 
Jiam, K B, b 1813, juge of honor to George IV, 
and William IV 1826-dl , in the Orenadier Guards 
18U-6G, served in the Crimea,, mihtiry attaehg at 
Berlin lBtiO-62, retired ISbL , late minister extraordi- 
nary at Naples Tlie Ongm and Histoiy of the JFirst or 
Grenadier Uuaids Illu&t Lon , 1874-77, 3 vols. Svo 

" To place before the public a record of the noble 
deeds oi the magnificent regiment which stands firj&t in 
rank among British infantry was to him a Labour of love , 
and during a quarter ol a centurj he employed him- 
self ort and on in collecting and putting into shape the 
matciials horn which the three thick volumes now before 
us have been constructed "Mh , No 2438 

Hamilton, O Divine Guidance Memorial of A. 
W, Dodge Port N York, 1881, 12mo 

Hamilton, Q Baldwin, of the Inner Temple, 
bariiater-at-liiw A Concise 'JL.rea.tise on the Law ol 
Covenants, Lon , 1K8, 8v o 

" Hamilton, Gail," (Pseud ) See DODGE, MARY 
ABIGAIL, attpi a 

Hamilton, Gavin, of the Elgin Academy 1 
Functions of Si and Qui with bpccul Reference to 
German Theories, Lon , 1862, 8vo 2 The True Theory 
of the Subjunctive, or, The Logic of the L&tm Lan- 
guage, Lon , 1864, Svo 3 The Tine Theory of the 
Greek Negative M?f, Lon , 1S65, Svo 4 The Subjunc- 
tives of the Greeks and Latins with an Appendix on 
Mi?, Lon , 1367, Svo 5 The Logical Consistency of 
Greek and Latin Syntax, Lon , 1370, 8vo 6 The Simple 
Solution of the Greek and Latm Subjunctive, Lon , 
1872, Svo. 7 Gray's Elegy, translated into Latm 
Elegiacs By <J. H , a Countryman of George Buchanan 
Edm., 1877, Svo Anon 8 Scottish and English Schol- 
arship, Lon,, 1883, Svo 9. The Latin of the Latins 
and the Greek of the Greeks in Begard mamly ta the 
Moods of the Verb, Scottish and German Scholarship 
compared, Edm , 1886, 4to 

Hamilton, George, M D , (rf Falkirk. A Short 
Account of th Steam-Bagme and its Inventors, Lo 
1860, 12mo, 

Hamilton 9 Greorge* chief inspector of mounted 
police, Soutlj Auetrah*. The Horse it& Treatmeat 


Australia Illust Adelaide, 1S64, 12mo, netv ed^ 

Sfa, Svo 

Hamilton, Rev. George Burton, M A , gradu. 
ated at Corpus Ohribti College, Oxford^ 1827 01 darned 
1828, chaplain of Chelmsiurd Gaol 1S42-77 The 
Scuptural and Protestant Character of the English Lit- 
urgy, as contemplated by its Compilers, Lon , 1866, Svo, 

Hamilton, Grace. Behind the Clouds, a Story 
of \ illage Lives, Lon , 1879, p. 8vo 

Hamilton, H. B. "Villa, Volpicelh," or, The 
Shut School, Loa , 1853, 8\o 

Hamilton, H. L* 1 Holiday Times a Story for 
Children, Lon., 1&8Q, or S\o 2 The Tithe Society- 
Lon, 1880, 16mo. ^ Household Management for the 
Labouring Classes, Lon., 1882, 12mo 4 Industrial 
Homes and their Management, Lon., 18S3, 12mo 

Hamilton, Hans Claude, PSA* 1. Chrono- 
logical Index to the Pictorial History of England, Edm t 
1860, super r Svo 2. (Ed ) Calendar of State Papers 
relating to Ireland, of the Reigns of Henry VIII , Ed- 
ward VI , Mar>, and Elizabeth, (1509-1692,) (Record 
Office Pub,) Lon, 1860-85, 4 vols imp 8\o S A 
Gramum ot the Greek Language, new ed., Lon , 1864-, 
12mo With FALCONER, W , (trans ) I he Geography of 
Strabo TVith Kotes, Lon , 18o6-S7, * vols p Svo 

Hamilton, Harriet. Thoughts on the Lord's 
Prayer, for Children, Lou, 1S76, 16mo 

Hamilton, Henry* 1. Amenta, and other Poems, 
N Yoik, 1885, Umo 2. The Poet's Praise, N York, 
IbSfi, 16mo. 

Hamilton, Henry R, 1 A Lexicon of the Greek 
Language, exhibiting in a Concise Form All the Words 
m General Use, Lon , 1852-53, 2 parts, I2mo 2 An 
English Greek Lexicon, containing All the Woids in 
General Use, Lon , 1855, 12mo. 

Hamilton, Capt. Ian* 1 The Fighting of the 
Future, Lon , 1885, 12mo 2 The Ballad of Hadji, and 
other Poems Ulust Lon, 1887, 12mo 

Hamilton, Is lay. A Splendid Rally a Story of 
a Love Set, Lon , 1887, p. Svo 

Hamilton, J. A. Life of Daniel O'Connell, 
(" Stati suien" Ser ,) Lon , 1888, p 8vo 

Hamilton, J. Benson. Empty Churches, and 
how to fill them, N York, 1879, 12mo, 2d ed., 1887 

Hamilton, James* 1 Wanderings in North 
Afuca, Lon , 1856, p Svo (The regions traversed are 
those that he in the ancient Cyrenaica ) 2 Smai, the 
Hedjti?, and Soudan Wandeimgs around the Birth- 
Place of the Prophet and across the Ethiopian Desert, 
fiorn Sawakin to Chartum, Lon , 1857, Svo 

Hamilton, Kev. James, D D , [ac,vol i ,add ,] 
1 814-1867 1. Lessons from the Great Biography, Lon , 
1S57, 12mo, new ed, 1861. 2 (Ed ) Oar Christian 
Glassies Readings from the Best Divines with ^Notices, 
Biographical and Critical, Lon., 1857-59, 4 vols cr Svo 
3 Memoirs of the Life of J Wilson, of Woodville, Lou , 
1859, Svo 4. A Morning betide the Lake of Galilee, 
Lon , 1363, 24mo 5 Light on the Path , new ed., Lon , 
1865, 38mo. 6 The Psalter and H> mil-Book Three 
Lectures, Lon,, 1865, Svo 7. Parable of the Prodigal 
Son with Notes and Illustrations, Lon , 1S66, Svo 8 
Memoir and Re mams of J D Burns, Loa, 1869, Svo 
9 Works, Lon , 1869-73, 6 vols p Svo. 10. The Pearl 
of Parables. Notes on Luke xv 11-32, Lon , 1869, ISrno. 
11 Hoses the Han of God. Lectures, Lon., 1870, 12m o, 
2d ed, 1871. 12 Burden-Bearing Ihree Sermons, 
Lon , 1874, 18mo 

Hamilton, James, 1793-1873, of Carlisle, Pa j 
WAS a trustee of Diekm&on College, of which he was a 
graduate, and took an active interest in educational and 
philanthropic measures 1 Notes on Pjophecy, 1859 
Anon. 2. The Wonderful Convention in the Sun; also, 
The Two Pilgrims, Phila, 1871, l&mo 

Hamilton , Rev* James, D D (Ed ) In Hemory 
of the Rev J. Hamilton, M A., Rector of Beddington : 
a Biographical Sketch, with a Few Sermons subjoined, 
Lon., 1863, Svo Privately printed 

Hamilton., Rev* James* educated at Corpus 
Christi College, Cambridge, ordamed 1845, vicar of 
Itoultmg, Somersetshire^ since 1867 1 Tithes, Lon , 
1873, p. Svo 2. The Church of England not established 
by Law and not endowed by the State, Lon , 1873, Svo. 

Hamilton, James, M.A , of Cockpen Faith in 
0od - Sermons. -Edited by Wm Sorymgeotir Lon , 1877, 
p Svo* 

Hamilton^ James Alexander, LL.D ,1788-1878, 
K in New York City , third son of Alexander Hamilton: 



graduated at Columbia College 1805 , served ag an 
of militia, in the war of 1S12, and afterwards practised 
law 1 Beuumscenees of James A. Hamilton, or, Men 
and E\ents, at Home and Abroad, during Three Quarters 
of a Century, N York, IS 69, Svo 

" If the general reader will find this work one the read- 
ing of which \vould be impossible if the art of skipping 
had never been lound out the student of our political his- 
tory will ftnd it of great \ alue, * \ Glume not to be slighted, 
and b> no means of immitigable drjness "Nation, ix 253 

2 Martin Van Buren's Calumnies Repudiated Hamil- 
ton's Conduct a& Secretary of the Treasury Vindicated, 
$ York, 1871), Svo 

Hamilton, IHrs. Janet, 1795-1873, known as the 
"Coitteridge Poetess/' b at Carshili, Shotts Palish, 
Lanarkshire, Scotland , was the daughter of a shoemaker, 
and when very young married her lather's assistant, 
John Hamilton With no education save \fhat she 
gained by reading, she began ea,rlv to write verses, and at 
a later peuod contributed many poems to CabseU's Woik- 
ing- Man's Fnend In her old age she became quite blind 
1 Poems and Essays of a Miscellaneous Character on 
Subjects of General Interest, Glasgow, IS63, fp Svo 2 
Poeins of Purpose and Sketches in Prose oi Scottish 
Peasant Life and Character in Auld Langsyne Sketches 
of Local Scenes and Characters with a Glossary, Glas- 
gow, 1865, 12ino. .8 Poems and Ballads with Intio- 
ductoiy Papers by G GiIMIan and W Wallace, Glasgow, 
186S, I2nao 4 Poems, Sketches, and Essays, Glasgow, 
1871, Svo, newed 1SS5 

" Well worthy attention as an example of how an un- 
educated person, with only the power of reading, could so 
use that power (adding thought to it) as to be able to ex- 
press Jierself m almost lofty rhyme " Alh , No 2282 

Hamilton, Jessie. (Tian& ) Serge Panme, or, 
Can you Blame her > from the Fiench oi G Ohnet, LOB , 
ISSi, p Svo 

Hamilton, John, of St Ernans 1 Ireland's Re- 
covery and Ireland's tieilth, DubTm, 1848, 12mo 2 On 
Truth and Error Thoughts, in Prose and Verse, Cam- 
bndge, 1856, Svo -J Arthur's Seat; or, The Chuich of 
the Banned, Lon , 1369 p Svo 4 Above and Around 
Thoughts on God and Man, Lon , 1881, 12uuo 5. 
Thoughts on Ireland. By an Irish Landlord Lon , 
1SS6, 870 

Hamilton, Rev, John, graduated at Tnmty Col- 
lege, Dublin, 1835, ordained 1S-J7, rector of Armagh- 
down, Ireland, since 1871) Influence of Home's Kehgum 
on National Prosperity, 1865 

Hamilton, John, M A Philo a Eoraance of 
Life m the First Century, Lon , 1S67, 3 vols p Svo 

Hamilton, John, FRO S.I, late smgeon to the 
Kushuiond, Ha-rdwieke, and Whitworth Hospitals, Dub- 
1m Lectures on Syphilitic Osteitis and Penostitia 
Illust Lon , 1874, Svo 

Hamilton, John, F S S Notes and Statistics of 
Cinchona Ba,rk, 2d ed , Lon, 188 i, Svo 

Hamilton, John Church, [a.nfe> vol i, add] 
1 History of the Bepublic of the United States <is 
traced la the Wutings of Afexander Hamilton and of 
his Contemporaries, N York, 1858-64, 7 vols , 4th ed , 
1879 2. The Prairie Province Sketches of Travel 
from Lake Ontario to Lake Winnipeg Illust. Toronto, 
1876, cr Svo 

Hamilton, Col* John Potter, [nafe, vol. u, add ] 
Reminiscences of an Old Sportsman, Lou., 1860, 2 vols 

" Col Hamilton appears to have hunted and shot and 
observed the wait, of different kinds of animals, in almo&t 
e Wl^ n P f Ejl Pe and his book is full of odd stones 
which, he has thus had. the opportunity of collecting " 
Sat J3g# , x 735 

Hamilton, Rev. John William, b 1845, at 
Weaton, W Va ; educated at Mount Union College, 
Ohio, and Boston University; pn>toi of a Methodist 
Episcopal church m Boston I. Memorial of Jesse Lee 
and the Old Elm . Eighty-Fifth Anniveisary of Sermon 
under the Old Elm, 1875, Bost , I875 r 12mo 2. The 
People's Charch, Bost., 1377, I2mo. 3 Lives of the 
jVIethodisfc Bishops, 1883. 4. People's Church Pulpit, 

Hamilton, Joseph. 1 The Starry Hosts a Plea 
for the Habitation of the Planets, Lon , 1875, 8vo, 2 
Animal Futurity a Plea for the Immortality of the 
Brutes, Belfast, 1887, 12mo 

Hamilton, K. (Trans.) Far from Home , from 
the German of John von Dew&ll, Bost , 18B4, 12mo ! 

Hamilton, Kate Livingston, The Chester 

Coterie, Pailu , 1886, l&no ; 

754 ] 


Hamilton, Kate W., ("Flceti," pseud,} h at 
Schenectady, N,Y , has contributed to papers and 
raaga-fiinea, and published a number of Sunday-school 
books 1 The Blue Umbrella, Phila , IStno 2 Chinks 
of Clannyford, Phila^ 16ino 3 Frederick Gordon, or, 
Principle and Inteiest, Phila, ISuio 4 Norah JNeill , 
or, The Way by whieh Be led thee, Phi)a,18mo 5 
The Old Brown House, or, Mother's Birthday Phila , 
ISmo 6 The Shadow of the Rock, Phila , ISrno 7 
The Brave Heait, Phila , 18G8, ISmo 8 Greychife and 
Voshti Lethby'a Heutage, Phila , 1870, 12mo 9 We 
Three, Phila , Ib77, 16uio. 10 The Old Portmanteau 
Blust Phila, 1878, 16mo II, The House that Jaek 
Built Iliust Phila , 1880, 16mo 12 Vagabond and 
Victor Iliust Phila, 1880, 12mo 13 Tangles and 
Corners in Kezzie Driscoll's Life, Phila, 1883, ICmo 
14 Unity Dodge and her Patterns Ulust PhiU , 1884, 
Ibiuo 15 The Iloyal Seivice, or, The King's Seal, 
Eost , 1S87, 12 mo 16 Wood, Ha,y, and Stubble, Phila , 
1888, 16mo With PRATT, MRS Ej LPN FAEMIN, Pi ue's 
Pocket Book, and other Stories Iliust. Bost, 1878, 

Hamilton, Ker Baillie, C B , b 1804, held 
various colonial goveinoibhips 1828-63 Our Saddle^ 
Hornet., Lon , 18fi5, Svo 

Hamilton, Rev. L. The Futuie State and Free 
Discussions ^Foui Sermons, San Pian , 1S69, Svo. 

Hamilton, I/eoiiidas lie Ceuci* 1. Mexican 
Law a Compilation of Mexican Legislation affecting 
Foreigners, <&c , Lon , 1882, Svo 2 Ishtai and Izdubar, 
the Epio of Babylon vol i , Lon , 1 884, Svo 

" He has endeavoured to reconfatruct the ancient epic of 
Babylon, adapted, of couise, to modern tastes from the 
translations given by Assyimn scholars of the fragmentary 
tablets belonging to it " Acad , xsa 365 

^ Mexican Hand-Book a Complete Deseiiption of 
the Kepubhc of Mexico, and a Commercial Directory of 
the Principal Business Men, Lon, 1884, Svo 4 All 
Mattel tends to Rotation , or, Ougm of Eneigy a New 
Hypothesis which throws Light upon all the Phenomena 
of Nature Iliust Vol i , Bost T 1888, Svo 

Hamilton. Kev. Leveson Russell, M A , 1820- 
1869, graduated at Christ Chuich, CKford, 1S45, curate 
of Lovington, &c 1 Parochial Semons, Lon , 186b, 
12mo 2 A Chart of the Anglo-Saxon Church History 
containing Notices of the British Church, &e , to which 
is annexed the Lineage of the Saxon Kings, Lon f 1868, 
4to 3 The Lineage of the Soveieigns of England, from 
the Noi man Conquest including the Collatei al Bnuiuhcs 
of the Royal Family designed as a Key to the Study of 
English History, Lon , 18*>8 f 4to 

Hamilton, Mary. Our Games a Story for Chil- 
dren, Lon , 1874, sq 1 l5rao 

Hamilton, Nicholas E&terhazy Stephen Ar- 
inytage, of Glasbury, Hay, justice of the peace for 
Katlnorhhiie 1 A Dictionary of the English, Gorman, 
and French Languages, Lon f 1833, 3 parts, 12uio 2 
An Inquiry into the Genuineness of the Coriections in 
Air J P Collier's Annotated Shakapei e, Foho, 1642, and 
of Certain Shakspenan Bocumentb likewise published 
by Mr Collier, Lon , I860, 4to 6 (Ed ) The Kational 
Gazetteer oi Great Britain and Ireland, Lon, 3868, 3 
vols Svo 

Hamilton, P* S 1 Observations upon a Union 
of the Colonies of JBrit^h North America, Hahf.ix, N S , 
1855, Svo 2. Nova Scotia considered as a ifield for 
Emigration, Lon , 1858, Svo. 

Hamilton, Patrick. The Resources of Aruona: 
a Manual of Information concerning the Temtoty, Pioa- 
eott, Arizona, 1881, Svo 

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Fitzroy, Melbourne. Dsiys of Judgment and Years of 
Peace; or, The Great Battle and the Coming Peace, 2d 
ed , Lon and Etim , 1879, 12mo 

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Hawkeye [pseud ] 2d ed , Madras 1881, Svo 

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Natural History of-Bnti*h Pishes, (Jardmo's Natural- 
i"f* Lib ,) 1843, 2 parts, 15mo 2 The Xiue Scriptural 
Sabbath Enforced, JUdin , 1854, 12mo 3 A History of 
British Fuhes. Coloured Plates Lon, 1876, 2 voJs, 

Hamilton, Rev, Robert, of Colhngwoftd, Aus^ 
traha. Gleama of Gloiy from Jesus' JFaee, or, The 
Triumphant Death of Miss B , Lon r 1861, 16mo 

Hamilton, Robert, F E C.S Compulsory Noti- 
fication of Infectious Diseases considered, Lon , 18S3, 8 VXK 


Hamilton, Robert S. 1. Present Status of the 
Philosophy of Society. By Leland A. Webster, [pseud.] 
N. York, 1866. 2. Present Status of Social Science, a 
Review of the Progre&s of Thought in Social Philosophy, 
N York, 1873, 12mo. P 

Hamilton, Rowland. 1. The Resources of a 
Nation a Series of Essays, Lon , 1863, 8vo. 2. Money 
and Value, an Inquiry into the Means and Ends ot 
Economic Production with an Appendix on the Depre- 
ciation of Silver and Indian Currency, Lon., 1878, 8vo. 

Hamilton, T. Beyond the Stars: Heaven, its 
Inhabitants, Occupations, and Life, Lon , 1888, p. 8vo. 

Hamilton, T. C. Diary of the March of the Fif- 
teenth, "The King's" Hussars, to Kandahar, October, 
1878, to April, 1879, Meerut, 1879, Svo. 

Hamilton, T. H. Treatise on Military Surgery 
and Hygiene, Lon , 1S65, Svo. 

Hamilton, Rev. Thomas. Our Rest-Day: its 
Origin, History, and Claims with Special Refeienee to 
Present-Day Needs, Edm , 1886, Svo. 

Hamilton, Thomas, M.A. History of the Irish 
Presbyterian Church. Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 

Hamilton, VerekerM.,and Fasson, Stewart 
M. Scenes in Ceylon. Illust, [Plates, with descriptive 
letter-press in verse.] Lon., 1881, 4to. 

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Men, Lon., 1872, obi 24mo. 

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in Upton's Infantry Tactics as authorized by the War 
Department, 3ST. York, 1887, sq. lUmo. 

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George Cruikbhank. Illust. Lon., 1878, Svo; 2d ed. 
same year. 2. The Origin of the Office of Poet-Laureate, 
Lon., 1879, Svo Pnvately printed. 3. The Poets-Lau- 
reate of England : being a History of the Office of Poet- 
Laureate, Biographical Notices of its Holders, and a 
Collection ot the Satires, Epigrams, and Lampoons 
directed against them, Lon., 1879, Svo. 

" The author of this amusing volume has spared no pains 
to make it as complete as possible, and it is a good instance 
of the progress that we have made of late years in the pro- 
duction of literary history " Ath , No 2673. 

4. The ^Esthetic Movement in England, Lon., 1S82, 
Svo; 2d ed. same year, 5. (Ed.) Parodies of the Works 
of English and American Authors, Collected and Anno- 
tated: vols. i. and n, 1884-85, vol. in., 1886) vol. iv.. 
1887 ; vol. v., 1888, 4to. 

Hamilton, Rt. Rev. Walter Kerr, D.D., 1808- 
1869, b in London ; educated at Eton, under the private 
tutorship of Dr. Arnold at Laleham, and at Christ 
Church, Oxford, where he graduated, fiiat class Lit, 
Hum., 1831} Fellow of Merton College 1832-42; or- 
dained 1833; vicar of St. Peter's in the East, Oxford, 
1837,- canon of Salisbury 1841, precentor 1842, bishop 
3854. He excited much controversy by his utterances 
on priestly absolution, the real presence, &c , in his charge 
to his diocese in 1887. 1. Morning and Evening Ser- 
vices for Every Day in the Week, and other Prayers . 
arranged for the Use of Families, Oxf., 1842, 12mo. 2. 
Prayeis which in the Present Distress may be used in 
the Chamber, the Family, or privately in Church, Salis- 
bury, 1854, J2mo. 3. A Charge to the Clergy of the 
Diocese of Salisbury at his Primary Visitation, 1855, 
Lon., 1855, Svo. 4, A Charge to the Clergy and Church- 
Wardens of the Diocese of Salisbury at his Triennial 
Visitation, 1858, Salisbury, 1858, Svo. 5. A Charge at 
his Triennial Visitation in 1861, Lon., 1861, Svo. 6. A 
Charge at his Triennial Visitation in 1864, Salisbury, 
1864, Svo. 7. A Charge at his Triennial Visitation, 
1867, Lon f , 1867, Svo. Also, many single sermons. 

Hamilton, William. A Compend of Baptism, 
N. York, 1882, 12nao; U ed., 1883. 

Hamilton, William Alexander Baillie-, b. 
1844 j educated at Harrow ; called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1872 : first-class clerk in the Colonial Office 
1881. Mr. Monteneilo : a Romance of the Civil Service, 
Edin. and Lon , 1884, 3 vols. cr. Svo. 

Hamilton, William Douglas* 1. Outlines of 
the History of England, more especially with Reference 
to the English Constitution, Lon., 1852-$5, 4 vols. 12mo j 
2d ed , vols. iv.-v., (vol. iv. of 1st ed. enl.,) 1869. 2. (Ed.) 
Original Papers Illustrative of the Life and Writings of 
John Milton : with an Appendix pf Documents relating 
to his Connection with the Powell Family, (Camden Soc. 
Pub.,) Lon., 1859, 4to. $, The Civil Service Chronology, 
Lon., 1871, 12mo; new ed., 1886. ,4. (Ed.) A, Cfcianicle 
of England daring the Reigns of the Tndors, from A.D. 


1485 to 1559. By Chailes Wi iothesley, Windsor Her- 
ald. Edited from a MS. in the Possession of Lord H. H. 
M. Percy. (Carnden Soc Pub.) Lon., 1875-77, 2 \ols. 
4to. 5. Chronology of Hisiory, Art, Literature, &c , 
new ed., Lon., 1885, 12mo. With LEVIEN, EDWARD, 
Outlines of the History of Greece, in Connection with 
the Rise of the Arts and Civilization of Europe. Lon.. 
1853-54, 2 vols. 12mo. 

Hamilton, Rev. William T., D D , of Mobile, 
Ala. The Friend of Moses ; or, A Defence of the Penta- 
teuch as the Production of Moses, and an Inspired Doc- 
ument, against the Objections of Modern Scepticism, N. 
York, 1852, Svo ; new ed., entitled " The Pentateuch and 
its Assailants," Edin., 1853, Svo. 

Hamilton, William Tighe, remembrancer of 
the Court of Exchequer in Ireland. 1. The Land Ques- 
tion for England and Ireland, together with a Measure 
for its Settlement, Dublin, 1852, Svo. 2. The Irish Land 
Bills of the Late Government considered with Reference 
to Sounder Legislation, Dublin, 1853, Svo. 

Hamilton- Gordon. See GORDON. 

Hamley, Capt. Charles. Fleets and Navies, 
Edin and Lon , 1860, p. Svo. 

Hamley, Charles. Wassail, N. York, 1879, 

Hamley, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Edward Bruce, 
K.C B., K.C.M.G-., [ante, vol. i., add.,] b. 1824, at Bod- 
min, Cornwall j educated at the Royal Military Academy 
at Woolwich, and entered the Royal Artillery m 1843 ; 
served in the Crimean war; was professor of military 
history at the Staff College, Sandhurst, 1858-64; com- 
mandant of the Staff College 1870-77; chief of the com- 
mission for the delimitation of the Balkan and Armenian 
frontiers 1879-80 j commanded a division in the Egyp- 
tian war of 1882. He has contiibuted largely to Black- 
wood's Magazine and other periodicals. 1. Wellington's 
C&ieer: a Military and Political Summary, Edm. and 
Lon., 1860, 12mo. 2. The Operations of War Explained 
and Illustrated, Lon., 1866, 4to j 2d ed., rev. and enl., 
1869 ; 4th ed., 1878. 

"His plan is to omit as far as possible all technical 
terms, and, passing by all matters of secondary importance, 
to confine him&eli to those leading features by which the 
battle or campaign is distinguished Comprehensive with- 
out being sketchy, he disregards numbers and events, ex- 
cept so far as they are necessary to the establishment of 
principles These principles he takes one by one, illus- 
trating each by some battle or campaign, of which he first 
gives a simple narration,- afterwards commenting on the 
errors or skill of the respective commandersr-and then 
pointing out where the usual rules may, under certain cir- 
cumstances, be deviated from n Ath , No 2018. 

" If any reader desires to understand how Prussia won 
the battle of Prague against Austria, or that of Rossbach 
against France, he will find ample information in Colonel 
Hamley 's pages , where he may also learn how the military 
power which was founded in thef-e fields was ruined by 
the campaign of Jena To see Napoleon as a tactician, 
let us look at Colonel Hamley's map of Austerhtz ; to see 
him as a strategist, let us look at the map which shows 
how skilfully he used his position between the rivers Seme 
and Marne in his campaign against the Prussians and 
Austnans in 1814. Or, it we would follow Wellington at 
Waterloo, Radetzky at Novara, the French Emperor at 
Solferino, or the Confederate generals at Bull Run, Pair 
Oaks, and Gettysburg, Colonel Hamley will guide us over 
all these famous batfle-fields." Sat JRev t xxii. 398 

3. Our Poor Relations: a Philozoic Essay. IIlut. 
Edin., 1872, 12mo. 4. A Chapter on Outposts, Edin., 
1875, p. Svo. 5. (Ed.) Staff College Exercises, 1874: 
being the More Extended Reoonnaisfances which formed 
the Final Part of the Course of that Year, Edin., 1875, 
8vo. 6. (Ed.) Wellington Prixe Essays on the System 
of Field Manoeuvres best adapted for enabling our 
Troops to meet a Continental Army, Edin., Svo. 7. Vol- 
taire, ("Foreign Classics,") Lon,, 1877, 12mo. 8. The 
Last Fi ench Hero. By Alexander Sue-Sand fils, [pseud.] 
Edm,, 1879. 9. The Strategical Conditions of our Indian 
Northwest Frontier : a Lecture, Lon., 1879, Svo. 10. 
THomas Oarlyle: an Essay reprinted from "Black- 
wood's Magazine.** Bdin., 1881, 12mo. 

Hamley, Major-Gen, William George, B.E., 
entered the army 183S) retired 1872. 1. A New Sea 
and an Old Land : being Papers suggested by a Visit 
to Egypt at the End of 1S69 : with Illustrations, Lon., 
1871, Svo. 2. Guilty or Not Guilty ? a Tale, Edm., 1 878, 
p.Svoj 2d ed., 1878. S, The House of Lys: One Book 
of its History: a Tale, Edin. and, Lon., 1879, Svo. 4. 
Traseaden Hall: "When George the Third was King/* 
Lon f and Eain., 1882, S vols. p. Svo. 

Hamlin, Augustus Choate, M.D., K 1828, at 
Columbia, Me.; graduated at Bowdoin in 1851, and took 



his medical degree at Harvard in 1S54, served as 
burgeon through the civil war, and in 1S65 settled m 
Bangor, Me 1 Marty na, or, Andersonville Prison. 
Illust. Bost ,1866, 12m o 2 The Tourmaline its Ke- 
lation as a Gem, its Complex Nature, its Wondetful 
Physical Properties with Special Reference to the 
Matchless Crystals found in the State of Maine, Bost , 
1S73, 12mo 3 Leisure Houis among the Gems, Bost, 
18S4 t 870 

Hani 1 111, Charles, b 1827, at Hampden, Me , ed- 
ucated at Bowdoin , admitted to the bar 185S , served 
through the civil war and was hreretted brigadier-gen- 
eral of volunteers m ISbo, and has since held city offices 
in Bangor and been a member of the legislature. The 
Insolvent Law of Maine with Notes of Decisions and 
Blank Forms, Portland, Me , 1878, 8\o 

Hamhn, Rev. Cyrus, D D , LL D , b 1811, at 
Waterford, Me T graduated at Bowdoin 13 M, and at 
Bangor Congregational Theological Seminary 1837; 
missionary of the American board in Turkey 1837-60 , 
president of Robert College, Constantinople, 1860-76, 
professor of dogmatic theology m Bangor Seminary 
1877-80, president of Middlebury College 1880-85 
Among the Turks, N York and Lon , 1877, Svo 

' A book containing sketches of the personal experience 
of a missionary who resided for thirty-five years in Tur- 
iey, chiefly in Constantinople, and giving *at the same 
time vanons anecdotes and atones, all of which are enter- 
taining, AUth. remarks and inferences which, in many 
cases, are not borne out by the context In one respect 
particularly Dr Hamhn is untrustworthy as a guide 
"While knowing little about Russia, he fears and dislikes 
that country Dr Hamhn has given an interesting 
account of the beginning and the growth, of Robert Col- 
lege, the best educational institution in. Constantinople, 
one with which Dr Hamlm has been from the beginning 
intimately associated "Natwn, xxvi 170 

Also, writings in the Armenian language 

Hamlin, Fanme E. Service and Reward, Har- 
rishurg, Pa , 1879, sq 1 Gmo 

Hamlm, Marie Caroline Watson. Legends 
of Le Detroit Illust. Detroit, Mich , 1884, 12tno 

Hamlin, Mrs. Myra Sawyer. A Politician's 
Daughter, N. York, 1886, Svo 

Hamlme, Rev. Leomdas Lent, DD M 1807- 
1865, b. at Burlington, Conn. , studied law and WAS ad- 
mitted to the bar m Lancaster, , licensed to preach in 
the Methodist Church about 1829, and in 1844 elected 
bishop, which office he resigned m 1852 on account of 
failing health He was editor of the Western Christian 
Advocate 1856-40, and of the Ladies* Repository 1841- 
44 For biog , see PALMER, W , (ante, vol u ,) and 
HIBBARD, F. G, infra. I Sermons Edited by Rev 
F Hibbard Cm , 1866, 12mo 2 Works Edited 
by Rev. F G. Hibbard. Cm , 2 vols 12mo 

Hamlyn, George. Rustic Poems, Davenport, la , 
1869, Svo 

Hammack, E. B., M B The Family Physician 
aad Guide to Health, St. Louis, 1869, Svo. 

Ham met t, Charles Edward, Jr., a bookseller 
at Kewport, E.I A Contribution to the Bibliography 
and Literature of Newport, Rhode Island- comprising 
a List of Books published and printed in Newport 
with Notes and Additions, Newport and Providence. 
K.1 , 1887, 4 to. ' 

Hammick, Horacio H. The Duke of Welling- 
ton's Spanish Estate a Personal Narrative, Lon , 1885, 
Svo ' ' ' 

Hammick, James Thomas, b 1819, called to 
the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1865 , secretary of the registrar- 
general's office, Somerset House, 1870-^9. 1 Sugges- 
tions for the Collection and Arrangement of Local Infor- 
mation of a Statistical and General Character, Lon , 
1872, Svo 2. The Marriage Law of England: a Prac- 
tical Guide to the Legal Requirements connected with 
the Matrimonial Contract, Lan. t 1S73, 12mor 2d eeL 
enl 18Sr. 3 The Acts relating to the Registration of 
Birtbs, Deaths, and Marriages, and the Duties of Regis- 
tration Officers with Introduction, Notes, &c,. Lon,. 
1S7S, 1 2 mo 

Hammond, Adam. 1, The Rudiments of Prac- 
tical Bricklaying, Lon , 1875, 12mo j 5th ed , enl., 1885 
2, Tne Art of Practical Brick-Cutting and Setting 
I* Weale's Ser /') Lon t 1 $88, 12mo. 

Hammond, Charles. Light from the Spirit 
World the Pilgrimage of Thomas Fame and Others to 
the Seventh Circle m the Spirit World, H. York, 1852, 



Hammond, Charles D M M D Medical Infor- 
mation for the Million on the Eclectic and Kefoimed 
Principles, N York, 1855, 12mo 

Hammond, Rev. Charles Edward, M A , 

fraduated at Exeter College, Oxford, 1858, and elected 
ellow, tutor, and lecturer, ordamed 1861, rector of 
Wootton, Northamptonshire, 1882-85, vicar of Men- 
heniot, Cornwall, since 1887 1 Outlines of Textual 
Criticism applied to the New Testament, Lon , 1872 , 
2d ed , 1876, 12mo 2 (Ed ) Liturgies, Eastern and 
Western with Notes and a Glossary, Lon , 1878, p Svo 
Appendix, 1879 3 (Ed ) Antient Liturgies being 
a Reprint of the Texts, eithei Original or Translated, of 
the most Representative Liturgies of the Chuich from 
Various Sources with Introduction, Notes, and Litur- 
gical Glossary, 0\f, 1878, Svo 4 (Ed) Ihe Ancient 
Liturgy of Antioch, <fcc Lon , 1879, p 8vo 

Hammond, Mrs. E. H, 1 Her Waiting Heart 
By Louisa Capsadell, [pseud] N York, 1875, 12uio 
2 Woman's Secrets , or, How to be Beautiful, N Yoik, 
1876, 12tao, 9th ed, 1877 3 Georgians a Story of 
Southern Life, (" Bound Robm" Ser ) Bost , 1 881, 12mo 
Anon 4 A Fair Philosopher, N Yoik, 1882, 12mo. 

Hammond) Rev, Edward Payson, b 1831, at 
Ellington, Conn , graduated at Williams College 1858, 
studied in Union Theological Seminary, and at the Free 
Church Seminary m Edinbmgh, ordamed as an evangel- 
ist 1863, and has since preached in the United States, 
Canada, and Europe 1 Good Will to Men a Narrative 
By Bhs, [pseud] Lon, 1861, 12ino 2 Little Ones 
in the Fold, Boist , 1862, 18mo 3 The Child s Guide to 
Heaven, Bost, 1863, 16mo 4 The Better Life, and 
how to find it, Lon, 1867, p Svo, new ed , 1885 5 
(Ed ) Hymns of Salvation a Collection of New Hymns 
and Tunes especially adapted to Seasons of Deep Re- 
ligious Interest, Lon , 1S67, 16mo 6 Children and 
Jesus, or, Stories to Children about Jesus, Lon, 1867, 
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Children, Lon , 1867, 16mo 8 Sketches of Palestine 
Description of Visit to the Holy Land with Introduc- 
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or, The Child's Guide to Heaven, Lon , 1868, 12mo 10. 
Jesus and the Little Ones * showing how Little Children 
have learned to Trust and Love the Saviour, Lon , 1868, 
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Children, Lon , 1870, l&mo 12 Eight Weeks' Work m 
San Francisco, 1875, 16mo 13 The Conversion of Chil- 
dren, Lon , 1878, p 8\o 14 Jesus the Lamb of God, 
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p 8vo and r IBino 16 How to be Happy a Guide 
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Roger's Travels , or, Scenes connected with the Journey 
of Two Boys in Foreign Lands, Lon , 1886, p Svo , 

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tion, Lon , 185d, 12mo 2 Farm Servants and Agri- 
cultural Labourers their Moral and Religious Condi- 
tion, Lon , 1856, Svo S Memoir of Captain M M 
Hammond, Lou , 1858, Svo, 3d ed same year. 

Hammond, Henry. Mra Smallbmne's Lodgers : 
a Christmas Tale, Lon , 1887 

Hammond, Rev. Henry L. New Stories fiom 
an Old Book, (Biblical Characters with Modern Titles ) 
with an Introduction by Rev J. H Vincent Illust. 
Obie and N York, 1886, sq. Svo 

Hammond, James* The Co-Operator^ Cate- 
chism, Guide, and Three Years' Experience of a Com- 
mittee-Man, Harwich, IS'rfl, 8vo 

Hammond, James Hnry, 1807-1864, gradu- 
ated at South Carolina College 1825, admitted to the 
bar 1828, became editor of the South* in Times 1830, 
served in Congress 1836-36, governor of South Carolina 
1842-44, and senator 1857-60. 1 The Pro-Slavery Ar- 
gument* Letters addressed to Thomas Clarkson, the 
English Abolitionist, Charleston, 1851. 2. Selections 
from Letters and Speeches, N York, 1866, 8vo 

Hammond, Rev, Jonathan Pinkney, D D, 
The Army Chaplain's Manual designed as a Help to 
Chaplains m the Discharge of their Duties, containing, 
also, the Laws and Regulations in Regard to Chaplains, 
Phila , 1S63, 12mo r ' 

Hammond, Joseph. Funeral Reform, Lon , 1875, 

Hammond, H. E, Florence , a Tale, Edm , 1858, 

p. ovo. 

Hammond, Robert. The Electno Light in our 
Homes IHuat Lon, 1883, p Svo, 6th ed, 1884 
Hammond, Samuel H* Hunting Adventures m 


vo. Tramp ln the chateaasay 

Hammond, \V. A, Guide to Leicester and the 
Abbey Park, Leicester, 1885, Svo. 

Hammond, William Alexander, M.D., b. 
1S25, at Annapolis, Md. , graduated at the Medica.1 De- 
partment of the University of New York City, and be- 
came an assistant surgeon in the U S. army in 1849. In 
1852 he was made surgeon-general of the army, with the 
rank of brigadier-geneial. He was piofessorof diseases 
of the mind and nervous system in Bellevue Hospital 
Medical School 1867-73, held a similar chair in New 
York University Medical School 1873-82, and has since 
lectured in the New York Post-Graduate Medical School. 
He has edited and contributed to medical journals. 1. 
Physiological Memoirs, Phila , 1863, Svo. 2. A Treatise 
on Hygiene, with Special Reference to the Medical Ser- 
\ice, Phila., 1863, Svo. 3. Leccuies on Venereal Dis- 
eases, Phila., 1S64-, Svo. 4. A Chapter on Sleep, Phila., 
1865, Svo. 5. Insanity in its Medieo.Legal Relations: 
Opinion relative to the Testamentary Capacity of the 
Late J. C Johnston, N. York, 1866, Svo. 6. Robert 
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1S66, 12ino. 7 A Medico- Legal Study of the Case of 
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Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Nervous System: 
with Notes by T M. B. Cross, N, York, 1871, Svo. 11. 
A Treatise on Diseases of the Nervous System. IHust. 
N. York, 1871, 1. Svo, 7th ed , 1881. 12. Insanity in 
its Relation to Crime, N. York, 1873, Svo. 13. Spirit- 
ualism and Allied Causes and Conditions of Nervous De- 
rangement, N. York, 1S76, 12mo. 

"His survey of so-called 'spiritualistic' phenomena is 
extensive, and with a large and important part of them 
his intimate acquaintance with abnormal states of the ner- 
vous system has enabled him to deal very successfully " 
Nation, xxiii. 167. 

14. Cerebral Hyperajmia, the Result of Mental Strain 
or Emotional Disturbance, N. York, 1878, 16mo. 15. 
Pasting Girls: their Physiology and Pathology, N. 
Yoik, 1879, 12ino. 16. Neurological Contributions of 
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(Tians.) Electricity in its Relation to Practical Medi- 
cine, by Montz Meyer: with Notes and Additions. 
Illust. N. York, Svo. 18. On Ceitam Conditions of 
Nervous Derangement : Somnambulism Hypnotism 
Hysteria Hysteioid Affections, N. York, 1881, 12moj 
new ed., altered, with Spiritualism and other Forms of 
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32mo. 21. A Strong-Mmded Woman; or, Two Years 
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Novel, N, York, 1885, 12mo. 23. On theSusquelmuna,: 
a Novel, N. York, 1887, 12mo. 

Ha mo 11, Henry. New York Stock Exchange 
Manual : containing us Principles, Rule?, and its Differ- 
ent Modes of Speculation, N York, 1865, 12mo. 

Ilamon, Peter Gustavus. Observations on 
Spinal and Chest Defoimities, Lon., 1850, Svo. 

Ham pel en, Allen. Hartley Norman : a Tale of 
the Times, N. York, 1860, 12mo. 

Hampden, Hon. Augustus Charles Ho* 
bart-, 1822-1836, known as Hobart Pasha, third 
son of the Earl of Buckinghamshire,' entered the royal 
navy in 1836 j retired from active service in 1860 j com- 
manded a blockade-runner on the coast of North Carolina 
in the civil war, and afterwards entered the Turkish ser- 
vice, and was commander-m-chief of the Black Sea feet 
of Turkey in the Russo-Turkish war. His name had 
been struck off the English navy-list m 1 867, but he was 
reinstated, with the rank of vice-admiral, in 1885. 1. 
Never Caught: Personal Adventures connected with 
Twelve Successful Trips in Blockade- Running during 
the American Civil War, 1863-64, By Captain Rob- 
erts, [pseudj Lon., 1867, 8vo. (Entered under EGB- 
ERTS, CAPT., ante, vol. ii,) 2. The Torpedo Scare: Ex- 

?enences during the Turco-Kussian War, Edin., 1885, 
2mo. 3. Sketches from my Life, Lon., 1886, p. 8vo, 
'* The anecdotes and reminiscences are put together in 
a haphazard way that amply justifies the title There 
is no attempt at fine writing, but the aclnifral knew, no 
doubt, that ills adventures needed no literary settmjr to 
recommend, them, and had but to be told, in a straightfor- 
ward manner to chain the mo&t indifferent reader's atten- 
tion." m. No. 3081, .,, , I4 _ 

" The part of his book which Americans will re&d with 
the liveliest interest is nis account of blockade-running 


during the war of secession. . Nowhere does the Interest 
of the narrative flag; and the facts and anecdotes re- 
corded are so many side-lights thrown on the main cur- 
rent of great historical events "Nation, xliv. 19. 

Hampden , Catherine Annesley Hobart-, 
Baroness Hobart, daughter of Rt. Rev. Thomas 
Carr, Biuhop of Bombay; married, 1856, to Frederick 
John Hobart- Hampden, afterwards Baron Hobart, second 
son of the sixth Earl of Buckinghamshire. (Trans ) 
Rays of Consolation from a Swiss Valley, by Charles 
Chatelanat, Edin., 1877, ISmo. 

Hampden, Miss Henrietta, daughter of Bishop 
R. D. Hampden, in/ret. (Ed.) Some Memonals of Renn 
Dickson Hampden, Bishop of Hereford, Lon , 1871, Svo. 

"It is not a thoroughly satisfactory biography of Dr. 
Hampden, and indeed such a work could scarcely be writ- 
ten by a daughter's hand, but it contains some interesting 
memorials of a wise and good man." Spectator, xliv. 513. 

Hampden, John, of Bath. Reformation or Ruin : 
a Warning to the Churches, and to the Church of Eng- 
land in Particular, Lon., 1862, fp. Svo. 

Hampden, John, of Swandon, Wiltshire. 1. Ze- 
tetic Astronomy. By Parallax, [pseud.] Lon., 1865, 
Svo. 2. Experimental Pioofs that the Surface of Water 
is not Convex, but Horizontal, Lon., 1S70, Svo. 3. The 
New Manual of Biblical Cosmography ; or, Outline of 
the General System of the Universe, Lon., 1877, Svo. 4. 
The Earth in its Creation, <fcc., Lon., 1SSO, Svo. 

Hampden, Lucy Pauline Hobart-, daughter 
of J. Wright, of Lenton Hall, Nottinghamshire ; mar- 
ried, 1S63, to Hon. Charles Edward Hobart-Hampden, 
son of the sixth Earl of Buckinghamshire. 1. The 
Changed Cross, [verse.] Illust. Lon., 1874, 4to. 2. 
The Star and the Cloud. Illust. Lon., 1876, 24mo. 3. 
Uplands of God, and other Religious Poems, Lon., 1SSS, 
24mo. 4. (Ed.) Handy Book of Old and Familiar 
Hymns, Lon., 1SS3, 24mo. 

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vol. i., add.,] 1793-1868. 1. Lectures on Moral Philos- 
ophy, Lon., 1S56, Svo. 2. The Fathers of Greek Phi- 
losophy, Lon., IS 62, Svo. 

Hampden, Sydney. Loweneester: a Tale, Lon., 
1S73 ; new ed., 1S75, 12mo. 

Hampden, Vere Henry Hobart-, Baron 
Hobart, eldest son of the sixth Earl of Buckingham- 
shire, 1818-1S75 j educated at Trinity College, Oxford ; 
appointed a clerk in the board of trade 1S42 ; accompa- 
nied Sir H. Ellis on his special mission to Brazil 1843; 
private secretary to Sir George Grey, 1854-55 j governor 
of Madras from 1872. 1. Remarks on the Law of Part- 
nership Liability, Lon., 1853, Svo. 2. On Capital Pun- 
ishment for Murder ; an Essay, Lon., 1861, Svo. 3. Po- 
litical Essays, Lon , 1866, Svo; new ed., enL, 1877. 4. 
The " Mission" of Richard Cobden, Lon, 1867, Svo. 5. 
Essay on the Alabama Claims, 1870. 6. Fragments, <fec., 
Madras, 1875, Svo. Privately printed. 7. The Salt Tax 
ia Southern India ; Letters, Lon., 1S78, Svo. 8. Essays 
and Miscellaneous Writings: with a Biographical Sketch. 
Edited by Mary, Lady Hobart. Lon., 1SS5, 2 vols. Svo. 

" She should have devoted more pains to her biographi- 
cal sketch and less to the unearthing and republieation of 
old magazine essays on scenery, literature, finance, and 
politics"' Spectator, Iviii, 1266. 

Hampden- Jones. See JONES. 

H amp son, P. The Romance of Mathematics: 
being the Original Researches of a Lady Professor of 
Girthain College in Polemical Science, Lon., 1SS6, Svo. 

Hampson, Thomas. Horwich : its History, Le- 
gends, and Church, Wigan, 1883, Svo. 

Hampton, Lady Laura Elizabeth, b* 1845 ; 
daughter of the second Marquis of Nor man by , married, 
186S, to John Vivian Hampton. 1. Musings in Verse 
on the Collects for the Sundays and Chief Holy days: 
with an Introduction by Lord Selborne, Lon.., 1879, er 
Svo. 2. Thoughts on Sickness, Lon., 1887, Svo. 

Hampton, Richard* See CHRISTOPHERS, S. W., 

"Hamst, Olphar," (Pseud.) See THOMAS, 
RALPH, infra. 

Hanaford, Mrs. Phebe Anne, (Coffin,) b. 
1829, at Nantuoket, Mass, j married, 1849, to Joseph H. 
Hanaford j edited the Ladles' ^Repository and The Myrtle 
1866-68, and in the latter year was ordained in the Uni- 
versalist Church* She has since preached in various 
parts of th,e country, and held pastorates in Massachu- 
setts, in Jersey City, ISUT., and in New Haven, Conn., 
where she is now pastor of the Church of the Holy Spirit. 
1. Iitlcrefeia the Quakeress, Bost., 1853, 2. Leonettej 
or, Truth Sought and Found, Phila., 1857. 3. The Bes* 



of Books, and its History, Phila , 1857, 16mo 4 Our 
Mart} red Pi esident Abraham Lincoln, [a poem,] Bast , 
1865," S\o 5 Frank Nelson, or, The Runaway Boy, 
Bost , ISbo, 16mo 6 The Young Captain a Memorial 
of Captain K C, Derby, Bost , 1365, Svo 7 Field, Gun- 
boat, Hospital, and Prison, or, Thrilling Records of 
Heroism, Endurance, and Patriotism displayed in the 
Union Army during the Great Rebellion, Bost, 1S66, 
12rno S Life of George Peabody, Bost , 1S66, 12mo 

9 The Soldier's Daughter Blast Bost , 1866, 16mo 

10 Prom Shore to Shore, and other Poems Port Bost, 
1S70, 12mo 11 Women of the Centnry Port Bost , 
1877, Svo 12 Abraham Lincoln his Life and Public 
Services, ("Famous Americans" Ser ,) Bost, 1881, 
12mo 13 Life and Writings of Charles Dickens, 1882, 
12mo With MILES, Miss E E , (ad ) Our Home beyond 
the Tide, [poetry,] Bost , 1 6mo 

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1864 The Christian Merchant a Practical Way to 
make the Best of both Worlds," exhibited in the Life 
and Writings of Joseph Williams of Kidderminster, *Jd 
ed, Lon, 1853, 12mo 

Hanbury, Cornelius. The Shepherd's Sorrow, 
or, War at Variance with Christianity, Lon , 1866, Svo 

Hanbury, Daniel, "E L S , 1825-1875, b. in Lon- 
don, became a pharmacist. Science Papers, chiefly 
Pharmacological and Botanical Edited, with Memou, 
by J Ince. Lon , 1 876, Svo 

Hanbury, .Lionel, Long Judicial Errors m the 
Law of Patents for Inventions the Erroneous Construc- 
tion put by the Courts on the Statute of Monopolies, 
and its Consequences, Lon , 1868, Svo 

Hanbnry, William Bateman Bateman-, 
Baroii Baternan,b. 1826, succeeded his father in 
1845 1 Plea for Limited Protection, or, Reciprocity 
in Free Trade a Letter, Lon , 1877, Svo 2 The Six 
Millions How to Raise them and Relieve the Income 
TAX, Lon , 1S78, Svo* 

Ha nee, Alicia Mary. The Penalty Paid, a 
Story, Lon , 1SS4, 1 vol. cr Svo. 

Hance, E* H. Physicians* Medical Compend and 
Pharmaceutical Formula., Phila , 1869, 12mo 

Haii^e, Edward M M and Hlorton, T. If. His- 
toric Gleanings \iz., Extracts from the Registers of the 
Parish Church of St. Hilary, Wallasey, Cheshire, and 
Transcripts of the Burgess Rolls of Liverpool, Liver- 
pool, 1886, Svo 

Han chard, J A Sketch of the Life of Bishop 
King, Lon, 1SS6, Svo 

Hancliett, Henry G., M D 1 Elements of 
Modern Domestic Medicine a Plain and Practical 
Hand-Book, describing Simple Diseases, their Causes, 
Prevention, and Safe Home Treatment, &Q Revised by 
A. H Laidlaw, M D. N. York, 1887, 12mo 2 Sexual 
Health a Plain and Practical Ouide for the People In 
All Matters concerning- the Organs of Reproduction 
in Both Sexes in All Ages. Revised by A. H Laidlaw, 
M D N York, 1&37, 12mo. 

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cences of Winfield Scott Hancock By his Wife. N 
York, 1887, Svo 

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Hancock, Charles* 1. Aqusemerrasquse, or a 
Cataplasm of Col ambo- Root a Satire for the Times, 
Lon , 1S54, Svo 2 Gaieties and Gravities for Holy Days 
and Holidays, Lon., 1857, Svo. 

Hancock, E. (Trans ) Master Bieland and his 
Workmen, by Berthold Auerbach, (" Leisure Hour" 
Ser,) N.York, 1883, 16mo 

Hancock, E, Campbell. 1. The Amateur pot- 
tery and Glass Pamtei. Illurtt Lon, 1879, Svo. 2. 
China Colours, and How to Use them, Lon., 1880, 12mo 

Hancock, H, J. B. Archery, with Rules for a 
Club, Lon, 1866, 32mo 

H an cock , Henry, F.R.CS., d 1880, 1. On the 
Operation for Strangulated Hernia, Lon., 1850, Svo. 2. 
On the Anatomy and Physiology of the Male Urethra, 
ind on the Pathology and Strictures of that Canal, Lon., 
1852, Svo. 3. On the Operative Surgery of the Foot and 
Ankle- Joint, Lon., 1873, vo 

Hancock, Sir Henry James Bur ford Bur- 
ford-, son of Henry Hancock, supra , b. J 339 , admitted 
,o the bar at the Inner Temple 1866 ,- held various offices 
in the colonies 1876-81 , knighted 1882 , assumed the 
idditwmal name of Burford 1881, A Treatise on Inter- 
national Fishery Laws, Lon , 1866. 


Hancock, John Webster. 1 (Trans ) Concern- 
ing Heaven and Hell, by Swedenborg, Lon, 1850, Svo 
2 A System of Conveyancing comprising the Prin, 
ciples, Forms, and Laws which regulate the Transfer 
of Property in Canada, Toronto, 18bl, Svo 3 A 
Synoptica.1 Index of the Consolidated Statutes of Canada 
and Upper Canada with Notes ot the Later Acts which 
affect them, Toronto, 1865, Svo 4 The Cares of the 
World, Lon., 1876, cr Svo 

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IUust Lon , 1386, 4to 

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Lon , 18o7, ISiuo 2 Confession a Tale of the Stars 
and Clouds, Lon , 1858, 12uio 

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de Noir a Romance of Kentucky, N York, 1863, ]2mo 

2 Montanos, or, Under the Star-, N York, 1866, 12mo 

3 Rayon d r Amour Poems, Pink Ib69, Itfrao 
Hancock, Selina. 1 Annie Merton, or, Child 

of Mercy, Lon , 1862, 8\o 2 Coineille, or, Self-Will 
a Story ior Childien, Lon, 1862, I&rno. 3 Daisy a 
Story ior Children, Lon , 1862, 12mo 4 The Mistake 
of a Life, Lon , 1862, 16mo 5 The Pride of Kose 
Lynn, Lon , 18b2, ISmo 6 Eve Godtuiarke, Lon , 1 8fi3, 
ISmo 7. Our Fathei hears, or, The Story oi Isola, 
Lon , 1863, 24mo S Our Little Kathleen, Lon , 1863, 
16mo 9 Ada's Birthday, and what came ot it, Lon , 
1865, 16mo 10. Eleanoi's Praver, Lon, 1865, I6mo 

Hancock, Thomas, 1786-1865, b at Marlbor 
ough, Wiltshire, founded the india-rubber trade m Eug 
land about 1821 Peisonal Narrative of the Origin and 
Progress of the Caoutchouc, 01 India-Rubber, Manu- 
facture m England, Lot* , 1857, Svo 

Hancock, Rev. Thomas, ordained 1861, curate 
of St Stephen's, Lewisham, 1867-75; lecturer of St. 
Nicholas Cole Abbey, London, since 1884 1 The Peeu- 
liuin an Endeavour to throw Light on aome of tho 
Causes of the Decline of the Society of Friends, espe- 
cially in Regard to its Original Claim of bemg the 
Pecuhai People of God, Lon, 1859, Svo 2 The Re- 
turn to the JFathei Sermons on a Part of the Parable 
of the Prodigal Sou, Lon , 1 873, Svo S Christ and the 
People Sermons chiefly on the Obligations of the Church 
to the State and to Humanity, Lon , 1875, Svo 

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in the JFree States of Amenci, Lon , Ib60, p Svo 

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omy be disregarded at the Present Crisis ? &c , Dublin, 
1847, Svo 2 Impedim en ts to the Prosperity of Ireland, 
Lon , 1850, 12mo 3 What are the Causes of the Bis- 
tressed State of the Highlands of Scotland? (Belfast 
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are the Causes of the Prosperous Agriculture in the 
Lothians of Scotland? (Belfast Social Inquiry Soc Pub ,) 
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ise upon the Bovine Species in General, by F Guenon, 
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of the Day, or, Plain Tiutha on Certain Fatal Errors* 
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Habits of Animals and Birds II Just N. York and 
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Illust N York and Chic , 1888, 4to 4 (JBd ) Christ- 
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8vo 5 A History of Illinois in Words of One Syllable 
Illust N York and Chie, 1888, so 8vo 6 (Ed) 
Poetry and Pictures Poems and Legends from the Old 
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sq Svo 7 (Ed ) What Jesus said the Words of the 
Lord Jesus Expounded, Classified, and Arranged Illust 
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of Staivation, Pauperism, Beggarj, and Crime Reasons 
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Matter, Life, Motion, and Resistance , also, AD Inquiry 
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Loom, Das Nibelungenhed, ad*ipted to the Uae of 
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Duress by Federal Authonty Journal during an Im- 
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Treatment of Neurnlgia and Tie Douloureux should 
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Consumption its Treatment and Curability, Lon , 1874, 

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Gafceshead, Eng , mathematical master at King's Col 
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Theoietical and Practical Mechanics, Lon , 1848, Svo 
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Letters showing the Means of Management and Certain 
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Biblical Narratn e oi the Acts of the First and Second 
Kings of the First Province, once Virginia * including 
the Doings of the First and Second Tycoons of the City 
of Richmond, from the Surrender to the Present Time, 
N. York, 1868 Svo 

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Hanna, Rev. William, D D , LL D , 1SOS-1S82, 
son of Dr Samuel Hanna, professor of theology it Bel- 
fast , was educated at Edinburgh Unix e^eity, and ordamed 
in 1835. He followed his father-in-law, Dr. Chalmers, in 
the Free Kirk movement of 1S4 1, and jn 1850 became a 
colleague of Dr Guthrie m the Free St. John's Church, 
Edinburgh, a charge which he was compelled by ill health 
to resign in 1S64 He was for some years editor of the 
North British Review 1 Notes on a, Visit to Havti, 
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a vols 12rno 31 The Close of the Ministiy, [of Jesus 
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KINGTON, CANON, The Patriarchs, Lon ,1879, p. Svo See, 
also, CHALMERS, THOMAS, ante, vol i. 

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Catalogue oi the Flowering Plants and Ferns growing 
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amidst the Sea- Weed Ferns with a Complete List of In- 
digenous Ferns Illust Melbourne, 1S66, 8?o 

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Hannah, Rev. John, D B., 1792-1867, b. at Lin- 
coln, Eng , became a Wesleyan minister 1814 , tutor at 
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tizmg, Lon., 18S6, 12mo. 5. Introductory Lectures on 
the Study of Christian Theology, Lon,, 1872, 2d ed, 
1875, p. 8vo Also, single sermon*, Ac. 

Hannah, Ten, John, D.C L., 1818-18S8, son of 
the preceding, was educated at Corpus Chntt College, 
Oxford, where he graduated, first class Lit Hum., I&i7, 
ttad wap elected Fellow of Lincoln College He suc- 
ceeded Bishop Wordsworth in 1854 as warden of Trinity 


College, G-lenalrnond, Scotland; became vicar of Brigh- 
ton in 1S70, prebendary of Chich ester in 1S74, and arch- 
deacon of Lewes in 1876. 1. Discourses on the Fall and 
its Results, Lon., 1857, 12 mo. 2. The Relation between 
the Divine and Human Elements in Holy Scripture: 
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Hollowness, Narrowness, and Fear : Warnings from the 
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(Ed.) The Courtly Poets, fioin Raleigh to Montrose, Lon., 
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from the Writings of other Courtly Poets from 1540 to 
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Our Novena, and how we made it, Dublin, 1SS4, I2mo. 
2. Waifs of a Christmas Morning, and other Tales. 
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ome of the Maritime Rights of Belligerents as between 
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" Within the arbitrary limits of a popular series he has 
produced a thoroughly satisfactory and sensible account 
of Smollett's life and labours." bat. Rev., Ixiv. 825 

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From, I860 to 1864 he was editor of the Edinburgh Cou- 
rant. In 1868 he was appointed British consul at Bar- 
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Carlylian. Lon., 1850. Pamph. 2. Sketches in Ultra- 
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Hannay, James, b. at Richibucto, New Bruns- 
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and was admitted to the bar in New Brunswick in 1867. 

1. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the 
Supreme Court of New Brunswick, vols. xh.-xiv , 1867- 
?5. 2. History of Aeadia from its First Discovery to 
its Surrender to England by the Treaty of Paris, St. 
John, N B , 1879, Svo; Lon., 1S80. 

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of the Section Church in Wigtownshire : with a Bio- 
graphical Notice by J. Inglis, Bdin,, 1 856, Svo, 

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Rhymes and Sonnets, Greenock, I860, Svo. 2. French 
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Villages, and Hamlets : a Topographical and Historical 
Account of the District between and around Henley-in- 
Arden and Hampton-in-Arden, in the County of War- 
wick, Lon., 1863, Svo. 

Hanningtott, Rt. Rev. James, M.A., D.D., 
1847-1885, b. at Hurstpierpoint 5 graduated at St. Mary's 
Hall, Oxford, 1873; ordained 1874j curate of Martinhoe 
and Trentishoe 18H-75 ; curate of St. George, Hurst- 
pierpoint, Sussex, 1875-S2 ; consecrated Bishop of Equa- 
torial Africa 18S4, and murdered by the natives of 
Uganda. Eor biog., see DAWSON, C. E., tupra. 1. Peril 
and Adventures in Central Africa: being Illustrated 
Letters to the Youngsters at Home, Lon , 1S86, cr. Svo. 

2. The Last Journals of Bishop Hannington : being Nar- 
ratives of a Journey through, Palestine in IS 84, and a j 



Journey through the Masai Land and Usoga in 1885. 
Edited by C. E. Dawson. M.A. With Illustrations from 
the Bishop's own Sketches, Lon , 1886, p Svo 

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Fellow 1847-53 , ordained 183U, rector ot East Ilsley, 
Berkshire, fiom 1865. 1. Notes on the First Essay in 
the Series called " Essays and Reviews,' 1 Lon , 1861, 8vo. 

2. Novuin Testamentum Oicece, Lon., 1864, vols Svo. 

3. The Sorrows of the Cross: Bodily Pain, Ridicule, In- 
gratitude, Lon , 1880, or. Svo, 2d ed., 1881. 

Hansell, P. Lectures on the Chief Differences 
which separate the Churches of Rome and England, 
Caen, 1867, Svo, 

Hansen, George P., d. 1883 ; b at Odense, Den- 
mark; removed to the United States and settled at Chi- 
cago ; appointed by President Lincoln U S. consul at 
Elsmore and Copenhagen. The Legend of Hamlet, 
Prince of Denmark, as found in the Works of Saxo 
Giammaticus and other Writers of the Twelfth Century, 
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the Middle Temple 1843 5 comptroller of legacy and sue- 
session duties at Somerset House from 1865. 1. The Suc- 
cession Duty Act, 1853, Lon, 1865, 12mo 2. The Acts 
relating to Probate, Legacy, and Succession Duties, 2d 
ed., Lon., 1870, p. Svo; 3d ed., 1876. 3. The Revenue 
Acts of 1880 and 1881, so far as they relate to the New 
Death Duties, with an Introduction and Notes, Lon., 
1883, Svo. 

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the Use of Officers and Non -Commissioned Oflicers of 
the Volunteer Service, Lon , 1870, 16mo. 

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the Wanderings of ^Bneas and the Siege of Troy. 
Illust. Lon,, 1884, sq 16 mo. 5. The Land of Greece 
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Eternity the Home with a Few Minor Poems, Lon,, 
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tains, and other Poems, Lon., 1859, 12mo. 

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Editor of the " Wesleyan Times" on the Methodist Class- 
Meeting and the Condition of Church Membership, Lon., 
1854, Svo. 2. Illustrated Maine Law Tracis, Lon,, 1857, 
12mo, 3. Lectures to the Working- Clashes, HudderS- 
field, 1858, 12mo. 4. Infant Salvation j or, Words of 
Instruction and Comfort concerning Little Children, 
Lon,, 1864, 32rao. 5. Sincere Profession; or, " The 
Heart Sprinkled and the Body Washed :" a Series of 
Private Meditations, Lon , 1864, Svo. 6. Think Again j 
or, Anmhilationism Defined and Disproved, in a Frater- 
nal Reply to W. R. Stevenson, B. White, and A. Mur- 
sell, Lon,, 1875, Svo. 

Hanson, Rev. John H., [awte, vol. i., add.] 
Poems : with a Memoir by his Sister, Christian Hanson* 
N. York, 1868, 12mo, 
Hanson, Rev. John Wesley, D.D., [ante, voM., 


HANSON, BEY J W, add ,] pastor of the "New Cov- 
enant," Chicago, 111 , from 18b9 till 1884 1 Historical 
Sketch of the Old Sixth [Massachusetts] Volunteers 
during Us Three Campaigns in 1861-64, Boat, l%fi, 
12mo 2 AION-AIONIOS the Greek Word translated 
Everlasting, Eternal, shown to denote Limited Duration, 
Chic , 1876, Svo 3 Bible Proofs ut Universal Salvation, 
Chic, 18T7, 12mo 4 "I he New Covenant vol i, The 
Four Gosptls, Bost, 1884, 12rno. 5 The Leaven at 
Work , or, Some ot the Concessions of Orthodoxy in the 
Direction of Univoraahc-oi, Bost, 1888, I6mo. 

Hanson, Sn Rich tin.! Davies, 1800-1876, chief 
justice of (3outh Australia trjm Ibbl 1 Law in Nature, 
and other Papoi 3, read befoie the Adelaide Philosophic il 
boutU, Adelaide, 1SG5, Svo 2 The Jesua of History, 
Lon , 1809, 8\o Anon 3 Letters to and from Rome 
in the Years A D 61, 62, and 63 Selected and Trans- 
lated by C V S Lon , 1873, Svo 4 The Apostle Paul 
and the Pi caching of Christianity in the Primitive 
Church, Lon , 18T5, Svo 

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Dublin, 1353, 12mo 

Hanson, William. " A Reason for the Hope that 
is m you ," or, What the Baptists Believe, and Why, 
Lon , 1^79, er Svo 

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Episode ot the Thirty Years' War, from the German, 
Lon , 1857, Svo 2 (Trans ) The Captain's Daughter, 
by A S Pushkin, Lon , 1839, Svo. 3 (Trans ) Libnssa, 
Duchess of Bohemia, fiom the German of J C A 
Musaeus, Lon, 1866 16mo 

II aim s > Paul H. An Elementary Treatise on the 
Theory of Deteiinmants a Text-Book for Colleges, 
Bost , 1886, Svo 

HapgoocL, Isabella Florence, b 1850, in Bos- 
ton, Mass 1 The Epic Songs of Russia with an In- 
troductory Note by Profeasor ITrancia J Child. N York, 
1886, Svo 

" A valuable and interesting work "Ath , No 3065 

2 (Tians ) Meditations ot a Parish Pnest, by Joseph 
Roux Introduction by Paul ManSton, N York, 1886, 
12mo 3 (Trans ) Childhood, Boyhood, and Youth, by 
Count L Tolstoi, N York, 1886, 12mo 4 (Trans ) 
Dead Souls, by N V Gogol, N York, 1886, 2 vole p Bvo 
5 (Trans ) St John's Eve, from the Russian of N V 
Gogol, N York, 1886, p Svo 6 (Trans ) Taras Bulba, 
froui the Russian of N V. Gogol, N York, 18S7, p Svo 
7 (Trans ) What to Do ? Thoughts evoked by the Census 
of Moscow, N York, 1887, 12mo 8, (Trans ) Les Mis6~ 
rablea, from the French of Victor Hugo, N York, 1887, 
5 vols 12mo 9 ( Trans ) Cuore an Italian School-Boy's 
Journal, ov 13 do AOHQIS, N York, 1887, 12mo 10 
(Trans ) Lifo, by Lyof P Tolstoi, K* York, 1888, 12mo* 
11 (Trans) The Man who Laughs, By Order of the 
King, from the French of Victor Hugo. Illust N 
York, 1888, 2 vola 12uio 12 (Trana ) Notre Dame de 
Paiia, by Victor Hugo Illust N York, 1888, 2 vols 
12mo 13 (Trans ) The Toilers of the Sea, by Victor 
Hugo Illust N York, 1888, 2 vols 12mo. 14 
(Trans ) At Home and in War, 1853-1888 Reminis- 
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1888, 12mo. 

Hapstone, Dal man. Ancient Psalms in Appro- 
priate Metre-*, Lon, 1867, Svo, 

Haraszthy, Agostin, 1812-1869, b m Hungary, 
was superintendent of the San Franemo mint in 1850, 
and afterwards engaged m grape-culture, removed to 
Nicaragua m 1867 Grape-Culture, Wines, and Wine- 
Making, N York, 1862, Svo, 

Harbaugh, Rev* Henry, 1817-1867, [ante, vol 
i , add ,] prote-sor of theology at the Mereeraburg, Pa , 
Seminary from 1863 until his death 1 Christologieal 
Theology, Phila t 16mo 2 The Future Life, Phila, 
1 85 I, 1 f mo 6 Good Fnday f [also] Easter Walk j [also] 
Christ and the Lawyer, Phila, 16mo* 4 Youth in Ear- 
nest Life of T D Fisher, Phila*, Ifimo $. The Golden 
Center, Phila, 1860, 24mo. 

Haibaugh, Thomas Chalmers, b. 1849, Bea?r 
MiUdletomij, Md , resides at Casatown, Ohio. Maple 
Leaves, [verse,] Cm , 1883, 16mo, 2d ed , 1884. 

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18*14), r 8vo, 2d ed*, 1876. 2 The Discount Gteide 
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Lon , IS7#, 0vo 

Harbert, JJJrs* Lizzie B* Oat of J 
Des Mumes, Itu, 1871, demy 8vo, 

J. j liie Bw-Keeper's 


or, The Theory and Practice of Bee-Culture with an 
Introductory Essay by C. Wheeler, San Fran , 186 1, 

Harbord, Rev. John Bradley, M A , graduated 
at St John's College, Cambridge, 1852 , ordained 1853 , 
served as a chaplain in the royal navy from 1S5J , chap- 
lain of the fleet 1882-88, and since then hon chaplain 
to the queen 1 Glossary of Navigation, Lon, 1S63, 
p Svo, 2d ed, 188^ sq 16mo 2 Short Sermons for 
Hospitals and Sick Seamen, Lon , 1865, 12iDO 3 Defi- 
nitions in Astronomy and Navigation Made Easy, Edm , 
186o, Svo 4 Sermons heard in my Trammg-Ship, 
Edm , 186S, 8vo. 5 Manual of Common Prayer at Sea 
on Week-Days, Portsmouth, 1SS6, Svo 

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-J The Shakspeare Aigosy Wealth of Sbakspeare's 
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Drawle, Lon , 1S78, 2 vols cr Svo 5 The Royal Urn. 
brella, [itale] Illust. Ion., 1 879, p Svo 

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H G Marian, 18b7 

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nip toy Act, 1869, Lon, 1869, 4to 2 Index to the 
Debtors* Act, 1869, Lon., 1869, 4to 

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the Baok of the Stalls in Carlisle Cathedral, [vnth. Ex- 
planatory Notice*,] Carlisle, 1S6S, Svo. 

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Madeira containing Information for the Traveller or 
Invalid Visitor, Lon, 1851, p Svo 2 Sporting m 
Algenn, Lon , 1859, p Svo 

Harcourt, Edward William^ MA, b 1825; 
eldest son of Rev W Vernon-Harcourt, infta f M P. for 
Oxfordshire 1878-85, and for South Oxfordshire 1885-86 
1 (Ed) The Harcourt Papers, Oxf, 1S8U, Svo 50 
copies only, printed for pnvate cnculation 2. (Ed ) 
The Life of the Renowned Di Pie^ton, "Writ by his 
Pupil, Master Thomas BA!!, I> D , Minister of North- 
ampton in the Tear 1628 Now first published Oxf., 

'* This delightful little volume " Spectator, Ivm 676 

(Alhbone [aii/e, vol. i p 108] says that Ball "pub- 
lished a life of his tutor, Dr John Preston, and Pas- 
tomm PrQpugnaculnm ,'* but in the Dictionary of 
National Biography (vol* 111 p 79) we are told that 
"he printed only one book apparently, namely," the 
Pastorum Propngnaculuio ) 3 (Ed ) The Life of MM. 
Godolphm. By John Evelyn Lon , 1888, Svo 

Harcourt, Helen* 1 Bertram Raymond, or, 
The Cruise of the Dolphin," Phila, 1872, 12ino 2. 
FJorida Prints, and how to raise them, Louisville, Ey , 
1883, 12mo ? enL ed , 1886. 

Harcourt, Mrs. J* A Friend in Ten Thousand : 
a Novel, Lon , 1884, 2 vols cr Svo. 

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(Trans) Foundations, by Jules Gandart, Iff. York, 
1878, I6mo S. A Treatise on Rivers and Canals, Oxf., 
1882, 2 vols Svo (The 2d vol consists of plates.) S. 
Harbours and Boak^ their Physical Features, History, 
Construction^ Equipment, and Maintenance with Statis- 
tics as to their Commercial Development, Lon , 1885, 2 
vola Svo (The 2d vol consists of plates ) 

" A very important and interesting \v otk " Jeotf , xrnil 

Hareouit, Leveson Vemon-, [ante, vol. i, 
add ,] J 788-1 860, son of Archbishop Harcourt, of York* 
On the Connection of Uheiuiatry with Agriculture; its 
Uses and Abuses ; 2d ed , Lon , 1855, Svo. 

Harcourt, R* Rambles through the British Isles, 
N.York, 1 870, 12rao. _ 

Harcourt, Sir William George GraviUe 
Yenables Vernon*, M.A T Q C.,b lbJ7, son of Rev. 
W V Harcourt, infra; graduated at Trinity College, 
Cambridge, with high honors, 1 851 ; called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1854; M P for Oxford 1868-80, and since 
then for Derby j solicitor-general 1873-74 knighted 
1873 : secretary of state for the Home DepartmeTat 1880- 
85] Chancellor of the exeheqw !8S6 While practising 
law to? was a frequent contributor to the Satarday Ke- 
view, and contributed letters on international law to ibe 
LoMkm Tifiies over tae sigmture of * Historicns^ 1* 


The Irish Church, n d , Svo Anon 2 ^ Letters by His- 
toncus on some Questions of International Law re- 
printed from '< The Tunes," with Considerable Additions, 
Loa and Cambridge, 1S63, Svo Anon *J American 
Neutrality By notorious Lon, 1865, Svo 4 Our 
Naval and Military Establishments regarded with Refer- 
ence to the Dangers of Invasion, Lon., 1872, Svo 5 
The Approaching General Election. Speeches, Lon, 
1879, 8vo Also, single speeches 

Har court, Rev. William Vernon-, MA, 
3? R.S , 17S9-1S71, son of Archbishop Harcourt, gradu- 
ated at Christ Church, Oxford, 1811, rector of Whel- 
drake 182i, and of Bolton Percy 1837 , eanon of York 
from 1824 He was the chief founder of the British 
Association, of which he was elected general secretary, 
and in 1S39 president 1 Symmetrical Psalmody, or, 
Portions of the Psalms and other Scriptures, translated 
into Metric il Stanzas with Corresponding Accents in 
Corresponding Verses for Musical Use, Loa , 1S55, Svo 
2 What is Truth ? a Poetical Dialogue on the Philos- 
ophy of Natural and Revealed Religion, Lon , 1869, Svo 
3. Sermons with an Introductory Preface by W I? 
Hook, Loa , 1873, Svo 

Harcus, William, a magistrate m South Australia 
(Ed ) South Australia its History, Resource?, and Pro- 
ductions Maps and Illust. Adelaide, 1876, Svo 

11 When South Australia sent her contributions to the 
Philadelphia Centenary Exhibition, it was suggested that 
a hand book should be prepared to accompany and ex- 
plain the specimens of her natural and industrial products 
That hand book is here expanded into the proportions of 
a solid volume, weighty with information, crowded 
with statistics, bristling witn facta, oveiflowmg with de- 
tails." Spectator, I 1042 

Hardaere, Benjamin* Miscellanies m Prose 
and Verse, Lon , 1S74, Svo. 

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Chic, 1382, 12ino 

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land*) their Affinity to Others in Widely-Distributed 
Localities: their Eastern Origin and Mythical Signifi- 
cance, Manchester, 1872, Svo. 

11 Mr Hard wick is right in the main, we believe, when 
e connects his Lancashire superstitions with the ideas of 
Eastern religion , but his unhesitating acceptance of eer- 
;am rather wild theories on the subject makes us doubt 
the \alue of some of his critical opinions." Ath , No. 

6. On some Antient Battle-Fields in Lancashire, and 
;heir Historical, Legendary, and ^Esthetic Associations, 
Manchester, 18S2, r. Svo 

f Hardwicke, Herbert Junius, M.D., physician 
,o the Sheffield Public Hospital for Diseases of the Skin. 
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Hardy, Arthur Sherburne, Ph.D., b. 1847, at 
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1 869 ; became a lieutenant of artillery, and was for a 
short time assistant instructor of artillery tactics in the 
Military Academy. He retired from the army in 1870, 
and, after holding a professorship of civil engineering 
and applied mathematics at Grinnell College, Iowa, 
1870-73, and studying engineering for a year in Paris, 
was made professor of civil engineering in the Chandler 
Scientific School of Dartmouth in 1874, and in 1878 pro- 
fessor of mathematics in Dartmouth College. 1* Fran- 
cesca of Rimini. By A. S. H. Phila., 1878, 12mo. 2. 
Elements of Quaternions, Bost., 1SS1, Svo. 3. But Yet 
a Woman, Bost., 1883, 12mo. 

*' The story is strong and original withal. The reader 
will find all his conjectures as to plot not disappointed, 
but contradicted and surpassed." Nation, xxxvi. 405. 

4. The Wind of Destiny, Bost., 18S6, 12mo. 

"If one holds with Tennyson that man is man and 
master of his fate, he will be very apt to grow impatient 
with Mr. Hardy's little episodes of love at first sight, his 
inconsequent situations, nis excess of art and lack of 
matter. . . . And yet * The Wind of Destiny' is far from, 
being a bad novel." Nation, xlni. 272 

" Imperfect and .shadowy as the tale is, no one that reads 
it will doubt for a moment that ' The Wind of Destiny' is 
the work of a man of genius." Speetato?*, lix. 820. 

** The book . . . contains not merely a small library of 
thoughtful, eloquent, deeply enjoyable epigrams, but a 
profound lesson." -CHfoc t v 303 

5. Passe Rose, Bost, 1889, 12iao. 

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or, Days and Nights of Moose-Hunting in the Pine 
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Life in Acadie : Sketches of Sport and Natural History 
in the Canadian Dominion, Lon , 1869, Svo. 

"He has a proper abhorrence of useless slaughter, and 
renders intelligible something of the genuine enjoyment 
to be derived from wandering with a gun or a rod over the 
still unexhausted wilderness of Nova Scotia." Sat. JReo. f 

Hardy, Edmund Armitage* Our Horses : being 
Anecdotes from Personal Experience of Individual 
Horses, Lon,, j878, 12rno. 

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at Trinity College, Dublm, 1871 j ordained 1874; chap- 
lain to the forces since 1887. 1. How to be Happy, 
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Matrimony. Lon., J 885, p. Svo. 2. Uncle John's Talks 
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18SS, p. Svo. 

Hardy, Miss Elizabeth, [ante, vol. i., HABDT, 
s Miss> add.,] 1794-1854, b. in Ireland, I. Michael Caa- 



sidy , or, The Cottage Gardener Lon , 1S45, 1 2mo Anon 

2 The Confessor a Jesuit Tale of the Times, founded 
on Fact with a Preface by the Rev C. B Tayler, 
M A , Loa , 1854, 12mo Anon 

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and the Jubilee being the Sturge Prize Essay on Hos- 
pitals, Bristol, 1887, Svo 

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Dufius Hardy, mft a 1 Not E isily Jealous, Lon , 1872, 

3 vols p Svo. 2 Between Two Fires, Lon , 187^ 2 vols 
p Svo 3 Glenfiairn, Lon , 1377, 3 vols p Svo 4. Only 
a Love-Story, Loo , 1877, 3 vols or Svo, new ed, 1885. 
6 For the Old Love's Sake a Storv, Lon , 1877, 12mo 

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Between IVo Oceans , or, Sketches of American Travel, 
Lon t 1SS4, Svo. 10 The Love that he Passed By a 
TaJe of Sa-ntana, City, Lon , 1884, 3 vols er, Svo 11. 
Hearts or Diamonds? & Novel, Lon , 1885, 2 \ols 12 
Changes and Alligators Sketches of South Florida Life, 
Lon., 1886, p Svo 13, The Westhorpe Mystery a 
Story, Lon , 1886, 12mo. 14. The Girl he did not 
Marry, Lon , 1837, 3 vols or Svo. 15. Love in Idleness 
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pions of the Reformation the Stones of their Lives, 
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Heroes and Martyrs, Lon , 1870, 1 2rno 4 Jacqueline 
a Story of the Reformation in Holland, Lon., 1872, 
12mo 5 The Story of a Noble Lite or, Zurich and its 
Reformer, Ulrica Zvvingle, Lon , 1874, 12mo. 6 Afloat 
and AsUore with Sir Walter Ealeigh, Lon., 1876, 1 2mo. 

7 The Castaways' Home, or, The Sailing and the Sink- 
ing of the Goa.l Ship "Rose" Illust Lon, 1877, 
32ino. S. Up North, or, Lost and Found in Russia, and 
the Arctic Wastes. Illast Lon , 1878, 12mo 9. Jacob 
Jennings the Colonist, or, The Adventures of a Young 
Scotch mm m South Africa, Eilin , 1884, 12mo 

Hardy, Mary, Lady, daughter of C. Macdowell, 
second mfe of Sir Jaoiuatt JOuffas Hardy, in// a After 
the death of her husband, she vi&ited the United States 
\nth her daughter I. War Notes from the Crimea, 
Lon , 1855, Svo 2 The Artist's Family, an Historical 
Romance, Lon , 1857, 12mo B A Casual Acquaintance 
a Hovel founded on Fact, Lon , 1866, 2 vols p. Svo 

4 A Hero's Work, Lon , 1867, 3 vols p Svo. 5. Paul 
Wynter's Sacrifice, Lon, 1869, & vols p Svo, new ed, 

"A single personage, even when the leading one, no 
more makes a good novel than a solitary sw allow makes a 
summer Paul Wyuter, we freely confess, is excellent , a 
lofty conception consistently worked out The others 
are all more or less weak and forced " bat Reo , xxvu 852 

6. Daisy Kichol , a Novel, Lou , 1S70, 3 vols p Svo 
7 A Woman's Triumph a Novel, Lon , 1 872, <J vols p 
Svo, 8. Lizzie, Lon., 1874, 3 rote p fao 9 Madge, 
Lon , 1S78, 3 vols p* Svo 10 Beryl Forteacue, Lon , 
1881, SvoLs or Svo 11 Through Citie* anil Frame- 
Lands. Sketches of an American Tour, Lon , 1881, Svo 

"She is one of those who may be said to run and write 
Her readers, with even the best will in the world to 
keep up with her, suon find themselves left &r behind " 
Sat Rw , hi 453 

12 JUown South, Lon , 1883, Svo 

"Gives gooi evidence as to the reconstruction of the 
South She draws a vivid sketch, of life as it there presents 
ifeelf to an ordinary traveller, while the outlines and 
casuat touches of the picture ate sufficient to bring into 
strong contrast the <Jifterences between the South of vester- 
day and of to-day n Soft Rw t In. 639 

IB In Sigkt of I*and, Lon , 1885, S vols* or Svo. 14 
A Dangerous Experiment ; a Novel, Lon , 18SS, 3 vols. 
or Svo 

Hardy, Fhilip Dixon, [nnte, vol. i , add ] 1 The 
Mfiynooth Grant considered Religiously, Morallv, and 
Politicly, Lon,/lS53, Svo. 2 Belfast and 


Causeway, Lon , 1861, fp Svo 3 Dublin 
Counties, Lon , 1861, fp. Svo. 4 Galway, Connetnara, 
and the Irian Highland*, Lon , 1861, fp Svo 5 The 
Lakes of Killarney, Cork, <fcc , Lon , 1861, fp Svo 6 
(Ed ) The New Testament Matthew and Romans 
with Notes, Lon , ISbS, 8\o 

Hardy, Rev. Robert Spence, [ante, vol i , add ,] 
180-5-1868, ordained minister m the We^leyan Meth- 
odist Church m 1825, missionary in Ceylon for many 
years, member of the Royal Asiatic Society 1 A 
JWLauual of Buddhism m its Modern Development trans- 
lated from Singhalese MSS , Lon f 185% Svo, 2d ed , 
18SO 2 William Q-nmshaw, Incumbent of Haworth, 
1742-63, Lon , I860, fp Svo 3 The Legends and Theo- 
ries of the Buddhists compared with History and Sci- 
ence with Introductory Notices of the Life and System 
of G6tawa Buddha, Lon , 1S66, p Svo, 2d ed , 1881. 

Hardy, Robert William Hale 1, Travels m 
the Interior of Mexico m 1825-28, Lon , 1S29, Svo 2 
Incidental Remarks on some Properties of Light being 
Part V of an Essay on Vision, Lon , 1856, Svo 6 Deity 
as Cieator, Sustainer, and User of Nature, Lon , 1874, 
p 8vo 

Hardy, Robina F* 1 Whin Bloom, [verse,] 
Edin , 1879, p bvo 2 Hester Glen's Holidays, Glasgow, 
1881, l(5uio 3 Jock Ehlhda,y,a GrassmarUet Hero, or, 
Sketches of Life and Character in an Old City Parish, 
Edin , 1883, 12mo 4 Toui T^lfei's Shadow a Story of 
Every-Da>y Liie, Edin, 1SSS, I2mo 5 Glenaiilie, or, 
The Last of the Gi aauie^, Edin , 1S84, p Svo 6 Archie , 
a Story of Changing Fortunes and other Stone 1 ?, Edin , 
1885, 12rno 7. Within a Mile o' Edinburgh Town, Edin , 
1885, 4to 8 Katie, an Edinburgh Lassie, Edin , 1885, 
12mo 9 Fickle Foitune, Edin, 1886, 12rno 10 
Frieda's First Lesson ("Way to Win" Ser ) Illust. 
Edm , 1887, ISmo With SWAN, ANNIE S , and SAXBY, 
JESSIE M F , Vita Vmctis, Edin , 1887, p Svo, (Con- 
tains stories in prose and poeme ) 

Hardy, Mis, Samuel* The Soldier's Dream , or, 
The Home of Mercy for Habitual Drunkards, ion, 
1876, Svo 

Hardy, Thomas, b 1840, at a village in Dorset- 
shire, Eng , of the same family to which Nelson's cap- 
tain, Thomas Haidy, belonged He went to school in his 
native county, and was apprenticed at sixteen to an ec- 
clesiastical architect in the county town On coming of 
age he went to London, where he entered as a student of 
modern languages at King's College, and became a pupil 
in architecture of Mr Arthur Elomneld, F S A He 
received the prize and medal of the Institute of British 
Architects in 1863 for his essay on Coloured Bnok and 
Terrfi-Cotta Architecture, winning also in the same year 
a priae for design He also wrote art criticism. At 
about the age of thirty he found his true vem in the 
writing of fiction, to which he has since mainly devoted 
himself He resides at Mas: Gate, near Dorohester, IJor- 
setsbire, on a hill which overlooks many of the scenes of 
his Wessex tales Some of his novels have been tians- 
lated into French and Dutch, and " Far from the Madding 
Crowd" was dramatized by the author in 1879 and pro- 
duced in a modified form in 1882 1 Desperate Rome- 
dies, Lon , 1871, 3 vols p Rio Anon 

" * Desperate Remedies/ though 5n some respects a.n un- 
pleasant story, ib undoubtedly a very powerful one We 
cannot deude, satisfactorily to our own mind, on the sex 
of the author The chief blemish of the book will be 
found in the occasional coarseness If the author will 
purge himsel f of this we see no reason why he should 
not write novels only a little, if at all, Interior to the best 
of the present generation " Ath , No 2266 

2 Under the Greenwood Tree a Eural Painting of 
the Dutch School By the Author of " Desperate Reme- 
dies " Lon., 3872, 2 vols p 8vo f 

" A series of rural pictures full pf life and genome eol- 
ouringr, aua drawn with a distinct minuteness reminding 
one at tunes of some of the scenes in * Hermann and Doro- 
thea " flint Rev , xxxiv 417 

J A Pair of Blue Eyes, Lon , 1873, 3 vola p 8vo , 
new ed., 1877 

" 'Elfnde Swancourt, a young lady,' has a very dlatinct, 
if not a very substantial, character and there is iiolack of 
individuality about the people \ho surround her Mr 
Hardy's femimm? ideal is not loftj, though perilously at- 
tractive, #s the gtory shows n Ao!\ No ZJ88 

4. Par from the Madding t'jowd, Lm , 1874, 2 vola 
P $ yo * 

^Mt H ar ^ kas stall much to learn, or, perhaps we 
ought to say, to unlearn before he caw oe placed in the 
first order or modern English novelists , He takes 
trouble* &nd Is not an a hurry to worl; off Jiia sketches 
Tney are imaginative, dravin from the i&|$$e, and highly 



finished They show power also of probing and analyzing 
the deeper shades of character The English Bceodan 
has never been so idealised before Under his hand 
Boeotians become Athenians in acuteness, Germans in ca- 
pacity for philosophic speculation, and Parisians m polish 
we feel either that we have misjudged the unenfran- 
chised agricultural classes, or that Mr Hardy has put his 
own thoughts and words into their mouths And this sus- 
picion necessarily shakes our confidence in the truthful- 
ness of many of the idyllic incidents of rustic life which 
are so plentifully scattered through these volumes 
But perhaps it does not very much matter (except to the 
student of the political capabilities of the agricultural 
labourer) whether eithei the conversations or the descrip- 
tions are true or false They are in keeping with the gen- 
eral character of the novel to this extent that they are 
worked up with unusual skill and care Each scene is a 
study in itself, and, within its o\vn limits, effective And 
they all fit into the story like pieces of an elaborate puzzle, 
making, when they are so fitted in, an effective whole " 
Sat to , xxxix 57 

* By critics who prefer a grain of substance to a pound 
of shadow it will, we think, be pronounced a decidedly 
delusive performance , it has a fatal lack of magic 
It is inordinately diffuse, and, as a piece of narrative, sin- 
gularly inartistic "Nation, xix 423 

5 The Hand of Echelberta a Comedy in Chapters 
Illust Lou , 1876, 2 vols p 8vo 

" While the whole story is a most elaborate and lively 
satire on the social falsehoods of our fashionable world on 
the vapidness of us life, the hollowness of its sentiment, 
and the chasms which yawn between it and the hone-st la- 
bour which builds the edifice of its luxury, we do not find 
much in it that impresses us as if it ever had happened or 
ever would happen, and are disposed to regard the whole 
story as a humorous fable illustrating the vices and weak- 
nesses of the upper ten thousand, rather than as a picture 
of the most characteristic figures in the intellectual society 
of modern London "^pectator^ xlix ^30 

" We cannot but think that 'The Hand of Ethelberta * 
amusing as it is, is hardly worthy of its author's powers 
Sat R&o t li 592 

6 The Eeturn of the Native, Lon , 1878, 3 vols p 

" We maintain that the primary object of a story is to 
amuse , and in the attempt to amuse u& Mr Hardy in our 
opinion, breaks down He would seem to be steadily 
subordinating interest to the rules by which he regulates 
his art In the rugged and studied simplicity of its 
subject the story strikes us as intensely artificial We 
need not say that Mr Hardy's descriptions are always 
vivid, and often most picturesque But he weakens rather 
than increases their force by going out of his -way for ec- 
centric forms of expression which are far less suggestive 
of his meanings than the every-day words he carefully 
avoids "Sat MSV , xlvn 23 

" A storv of singular power and interest, very original, 
very gloomy, very great in some respects, though these re- 
spects are not the highest and from beginning to end in 
the highest degree vivid " Spectator, lii 181 

7 The Trumpet-Major: a Tale, Lon , 1880, 3 vols p 

" Mr Hardy in his latest novel has produced perhaps a 
finer study of character in a certain sense than he has be- 
fore given to his readers This central character is sur- 

rounded by others drawn for the most part with the truth 
and insight which have raised Mr Hardy to the high 
place he occupies among novelists of our time " Sa> .Rev , 
T **&& 

" The present story is not Mr Hardy's best, but it has 
some of his best work in it " Spectator, 1m 1627 

8. A Laodicean, or, The Castle of the Do Stancys 
a Story of To-Day, Lon , 1881, 3 vols p 8vo, 

"The book has undoubted interest both because Mr 
Hardy has written it and because it is In many ways so 
unlike anything else that he has written Whether he has 
made his new departure in the right direction is another 
question " Sat &ev } liii 53 

" In previous works . Mr Hardly has shown a talent 
for depicting heroines the reverse of commonplace, and 
belonging to a class of their own In the work before 
us this talent is displayed in the picture of Paula Power 
The study of this curious, uncommon, but by no means 
inconceivable middle-class young lady is very interesting " 
8pect<xtor t Iv, 296 

9. Two on a Tower a Romance, Lon 1882, 3 vols p 

probability in the plot, and what good can be served by 
violating all natural motives in order to produce such un- 
pteasanfresults we are at a loss to see "Spectator, Ivi Io4 

10 The Mayor of Oasterb ridge the Life and Death 
of a Man of Character, Lon*, 1886, 2 vols p 8vo 

" Mr Hardy txas notgiven us any more powerml study 
than that of Michael Henehard, We cannot express 
too warmly our admiration for the art with which tha 
stalwart and wayward nature has been delineated a^ all 
the apparently self-contradictory subtleties of his mood 
have bees 0cnftrayecl " Specio&wv lix 752 

11. TheWwmandenu Lon,> 1887, 3 vola. p 

nt of the 

V 48 

various aspects of the woodland in the midst of which the 
story is laid, for example, are worked in with inimitable 
skill" Ath, No 3100 

12 Wessex Tales Strange, Lively, and Commonplace, 
Lon , 1S88, 2 vols p 8vo 

" Mr Hardy has rare qualities, a keen observation of 
nature, a knowledge of country life and its wajs that 
George Sand might envy, and a tragic force "which 
few writers possess "Scti Rev , xli 593 

" Mr Haray seems, after a preliminary trial cf several 
nnds to have finally chosen as his branch of fiction that 
which, for want of a better name, may be called the 
modern romantic That is, he takes the present for his 
;ime and such people as move among us at the present for 
his characters , but he makes his characters do things, and 
puts them into positions, which, if not impossible, would 
at least be thought \erv remarkable, and worthy of a lead- 
ng article m every daHj paper, if thev had really been re- 
ported bv a living witness This must be called the second 
order of fiction, as it is distinctly inferior, in an arti&tic 
joint of view, to that which produces its effects solely 
with the materials of every-day life but in the nan ds of a 
master, who is capable of seeing how people might prob- 
ably act and speak in improbable circumstances, it is by 
no means unsatisfactory "Ath No 2529 

" While Mr Hardy has enough superficial kno\\ ledge 
of human nature to give an air of plausibility and life to 
all he pamts, he has not enough or, at least, seldom shows 
enough to engrave individual figures on our mind as 
figures which take leave to live in our memories, and 
which positively enlarge the sphere of our expectations " 
Spe ctator, xlix 530 

" He has a telling instinct for the value of sex his 
heroines are profoundly feminine, his heroes thoroughly, 
and at times comically, masculine He ne\er misses 
the comic aspect of a situation or episode, and yet he 
never enforces it by a coarse or unsympathetic touch the 
light falls gentlv and sweetly upon it and passes on A 
great many modern novelists would never be humorous 
if there were not so great a demand for humour nowa- 
days, . but Mr Hardy is humorous inevitably and in - 
ad 5 * ertently On The other hand, gem us of Mr Hardy's 
order is not capable of the loftier and more powerful 
efforts of tragedy, its furthest range m this direction 
should be limited by the pathetic ana this* involves never 
altogether losing sight of the humorous Kow, in true 
pathos Mr Hardy has no Ihiug superior, but his attempts 
in the way of tragedy have not been satisfactory 
When Othello kilb Desdemona the act only makes him 
more Othello than he was before, but when Eustacia 
drowns herself on Egdon Heath, she leaves the Eustaeia 
that we believe in safe oxi the bank " Spectator, lu j J627 

44 He has never risen much above nor sunk much below 
the level of his, ' Under the Greenw ood Tree ' In all his 
succeeding novels we have had the same dehcacy of ob- 
servation, the same curious combination of felicity with 
infelicity of expression, the same success in getting what 
may be roughh called tone without much faithfulness m 
other equally important matters " Nation, rxxu 16 

Hardy, Sir Thomas Duffus, [ante, vot i , add ,] 
1804-1878, b m Jamaica was appointed in 1819 a 
junior clerk in the Record Office, and in 1869 succeeded 
feir Francis Palgrave as deputy keeper of the Public 
Kecords. He was knighted in 1870* 1. A Eeview of 
the Present State of the Shakspeanan Controversy, Lon , 
1860, 8vo 2 Descriptive Catalogue of Materials re- 
lating to the History of Great Britain and Ireland to 
the End of the Reign of Henry VII , Lon , 1862, r. 8vo 
3 Report upon the Documents in the Archives and 
Public Libraries of Venice, Lon , 1866, r 8vo. 4 (Ed.) 
Syllabus, in English, of Rymer>s Foedera, (1066-1654,) 
(Record Office Pub, ) Lon , 1869-85, 3 voK 5 The Atna- 
tiftsian Creed m Connection with the Utrecht Psalter 
being a Report to the Right Honourable Lord Ronnlly, 
Master of the Eolls, on a Manuscript m the University 
of Utrecht, Lon , 1872, 4to 6 (Ed ) Year-Boolcs Sdward 
I., Years 20-21, Lon., 1873, r 8ro, 7. Further Report 
on the Utrecht Psalter in Answer to the Eight Reports 
made to the Trustees of the Bntifeh Museum and edited 
by the Dean of Westminster, Lon, 1874, 4to. Clhe 
question discussed in these repents is the date of the 
Utrecht Psalter, Sir T. D Haidy contending that the 
MS belongs to the sixth century, while his opponents 
assign it respectively tp the seventh, the eighth, the 
ninth, find the tenth century.) 

u There can we think, be no reasonable doubt that the 
handwrmngr is actually that of the sixth century , or, if 
not, that it is a copy of a Jater period, imitating the style 
of the sixth century " NICHOLAS FOCOCK J.wi , M lift 

Hardy, W Auchterlome, tfearndale- a lem- 
perflnee Tale. Lon f 1876, p Svo 

Hardy, Sir William* F S.A n 1807-1887 , entered 
tbe branch Eeoord Office in the Tower of London with 
his brother Sir T D, Hardy, *pra, and beijame succes- 
sively keener of the Eeoord$ of tbe Dw&y of Lancaster, 
ass&lw; keeper of the Public Rflcords, and deputy 
keeuar, aa office from which he retired m 1S86. (Twins 
r ' 


and ed ) The Clmtera of the Duchy of Lancaster 
Lon , 1845, Svo TFith HARDY, EDWAHD, L C P., P S A 
1. (Trans ) A Collection of the Chronicles and Ancient 
Histories of Great Britain, now called England, by John 
de Wavrin vols. i -n , Lon., 188437, r Svo 2 (Ed ) 
Recueil des Chroniques et anehiennes Istones de la 
Grant Bretaigne * a present nomine Bngleterre Par Je- 
han de Waurm. (Record Office Pub ) Lon , 1884, 4 
vols Svo 

Hardy, William, of Harrogate Life and Elec- 
tricity in Health and Disease being a Guide to the Use 
of Electricity IE Disease, Harrogate, 1862-65, 2 parts, 

Hare, An gust us John Cuthbert, [ante, vol i , 
add,] b 1834, at the Vila Strozzi at Rome, son of 
Francis George Hare, and nephew of Augustus William 
Hare and Julius Charles Hare, (q v , ante, vol i ,) and 
adopted by Mrs Maria Hare, infra* He was educated 
at Harrow, and at University College, Oxford, and for- 
merly resided at the family home of Hurstmonceaux, but 
afterwards removed to Holmhurst, near Hastings 1 
Epitaphs for Country Churchyards, Collected and Ar- 
ranged, Oxf, 1856, Svo 2 Afinter at Mentone, Lon, 
1862, 12mo. 3. Walks in Borne, Lon , 1871, 2 vols p 
Svo, 12th ed, 1887. 

" He has supplied in a pleasanter and more intellectual 
form but; with the practical drawback of filling two some- 
hat bulky volumes an enlarged Murray for Home " 
Sat Rev , xxxn 156, 

4. Memorials of a Quiet Life, Lon , 1872, 2 vols p 
Svo 1 8th ed, 1884 

" Francis Augustus Julius, and Marcus Hare, ' the most 
brotherly of brothers,' as Landor called them are promi- 
nent figures here , but the central character of the book is 
Mrs Augustus Hare of whose life we have minute partic- 
ulars from childhood to old age, and from whose diary 
copious extracts are given "Spectator xlv 1592 

' Two verj thick volumes expended on the quiet life of 
a clergyman's widow unknown to fame might test e\ en a 
steady reader's powers to the utmost Impatient turn- 
ing or the leaver produces only discouragement , but be^nn 
at the beginning, and the well-principled effort is re 
warded by forming acquaintance with a really high- 
minded, unworldly, and intellectual group of people pre- 
senting a picture of aims, pursuits, and habits which laise 
them sufficiently above ordinary folks and their doings to 
make them well worth knowing "Sat Jtev^xxv 21 

5 Wanderings in Spain Illust Lon , 1873, p Svo , 

" Here Is the ideal book of travel In Spam the book 
which exactly anticipates the requirements of everybody 
who is fortunate enough to be going to that enchanted 
laud , the book which ably consoles those who are not so 
happv, by supplying the imagination from ihe daintiest 
and most delicious of its stores The book seizes upon 
one's mind with a fascination like that of the Par East, 
with its mingled delight m grand nature and its subtle, 
distant human sympathy with a past and a present quite 
unlike the past and pre&ent of our own race and country " 
Spectator, xlvi 111 

11 One of the charms of his volume is the number of le- 
gends and anecdotes that the traveller will seek m vam m 
the guide books , It Is a book that will bear reading 
repeatedlv when, one is moving among the scenes it de 
scribes" Serf to.xxxv 154 

6 Days near Home Illu&t Lon , 1875, 2 vols cr 
Svo, 3d ed, 1884 

" It treats specially of Rome's surroundings, and of the 
quite endless excursions which may be undertaken with 
large profit of refreshment and information by any one 
possessed of moderate health, moderate means, and a 
moderate spirit of adventure "Spectator, xlvni 437 

7* Memorials of a Quiet Life : (supplementary Volume 
With Fifty-Sevan Photographs Lon , 1876, p Svo, 

" This volume is given m accordance with the earnest 
request from many distant quarters for the actual and ac- 
curate representation of the places and of the persons 
mentioned m ' Memorials of a Quiet Life ' The ad- 
ditional letterpress given consists of further selections 
from the unpublished letters and journal of Mrs Augustus 
Hare> and a few of the letters of Archdeacon Hare/ 1 Ath 
No 2548 ' 

' The last volume which he has given to his peculiar 
audience is chiefly made up of copies of the portraits of 
all the Hares and all their connections and all the houses 
in which they ever lived, notwithstanding that there is 
nothing at all remarkable either in the faces or the houses 
or thu alarmingly well-known family "Spectator, xlix 

8. Cities of Northern and Central Italy, Lon , 1 876, 3 
vols, p, Svo 

"With one or two exceptions, we have scarcely 

have collated a good many) with which a student of the 
red book [Murray's "Hand-Book for Northern Italy"! 
would not be tolly as well acquainted as Mr Hare him- 
self *Ath , NO 2532. j 
*His accounts of scenery and travelling are obviously' 


inspired, in the majority of instances, by a personal an<3 
even intimate acquaintance with the localities described 
He gives us information and guidance not to be obtained 
at all elsewhere, or, at least, to be collected with difficulty " 
Spectator, xlis 1285 

9 Walks in London, Lon, 1878, 2 vols p 8vo, 5th 
ed, rev, 1883 

" So much of late years has "been written about London 
that a new work on the subject is not likely to contain 
much original matter, but the author has gone over the 
ground himself, in addition to a careful study of authori- 
ties, and personal observation has enabled him to use his 
book-knowledge effectively ' Walks in London' is a 
book for perusal as well as for reference " Spectator, li 

10 The Life and Letters of Frances, Baroness Bun- 
sen, Lon , 1878, 2 vols 8vo , 3d ed , 18S2 

" Mr Hare has, on the whole exercised a wise discretion 
in allowing the letter to tell their own story, but he might 
with advantage have curtailed a little both at the begin- 
ning and the end of the book " Ath , No 2672 

11 Cities of Southern Italy and Sicily, Lon , 1883, 
cr. 8vo 

"It is pleasant to have set before us, by means of Mr 
Hare's excellent word-painting, the many classic and med- 
iaeval buildings with which these districts abound, es- 
pecially as these antiquarian subjects are every now and 
then agreeably enlivened by sketches of romantic scenery 
and curious aspects of ancient and modern life " Spectator . 
Ivii 417 

12 Cities of Central Italy, Lon , 1884, 2 vols p Svo. 
IS Yenice, Lou , 1884, p Svo 14 Florence, Lon , 
1884, p Svo, 2d ed, 1887 15 Sketches in Holland 
and Scandinavia, Lon , 1885, p Svo 

"The author savs truly that these Sketches are slight, 
but they are vivid and picturesque, and convey a more 
distinct impression of Holland and Scandinavia than 
many larger works " Spectator, Ivm 1009 

16 Studies in Russia Illuat Lon , 1S85, p Svo 

" A volume which may be read with pleasure, and may 
prove useful to travellers who intend to visit the scenes 
he has described Regarded as a hand-book, his work 
deserves to be commended " Ath , No dOOO 

17 Paris, Lon , 1887, p Svo 18 Bays near Pans, 
Lon , 1887, p Svo. 

" Hare, Mrs. Emily," (Pseud ) See JOHNSON, 
Mns LAURA W , wfi a 

Hare, F. A. C. 1 Life Assurance Made Easy , or, 
The Calculation of Nett Kates explained by Simple 
Arithmetical Demonstration, Lon , 1870, Svo 2 
Bonuses an Aid to the Selection of a Life Office, Lon , 
188% Svo. 3 William Earr, Lon , 1883, Svo 4 Life- 
insurance Manual, Lon, 1S86, 8to 

Hare,Hobart Amory, M D , clinical professor of 
diseases of children m the University of Pennsylvania 
1. The Physiological and Pathological Effects of the Use 
of Tobacco, Phila , 1885, Svo 2 Questions and Answeis 
on the Essentials of Physiology, prepaied especially foi 
Students of Medicine Illust Phila , 1888, 12mo 

Hare, John Middleton. 1. Famihai Colloquies 
between a Father and his Children, Lon , 1SC2, 12mo 
2 The Ministry and Character of R. H Hare, Lon , 
1874, p Svo 

Hare, Maria, (Leycester,) d 1870, wife of Eev. 
Augustus William Hare, (ante, vol i ) For biog pee 
HARE, A J C , supra. A True and Sad Stoiy of 1862, 
Lon , 1862, 16mo 

Hare, Thomas, M A , [cm?<?, vol i , add ,] b 1806 ; 
educated at Queen's College, Cambridge, called to the 
ba-r at the Inner Temple 183$, an inspector of chanties 
bince 1853. 1. A Treatise on the Election of Represen- 
tatives, Parliamentary and Municipal, Lon , 1859, Svo, 
4th ed , 1 87? 2. The Development of the Wealth of In- 
dia* with Notes, Lon , 1861, Svo 3 Usque ad Coelum 
Thoughts on the Dwellings of the People, Charitable 
Estates, Improvement, and Local Government in the 
Metropolis, Lon , 1862, Svo 

Hare, W. R. On the Search for a Dinner, [trans- 
lated from the French,] Lon , 1857, 12mo 

Hare, Capt. William Aldworth Home, KB 
1 (Trans.) The Armed Strength of Italy j from the 
German, Lon , 1875, p Svo 2 (Trans ) The Duties of 
the General Staff, by Major^Gen Bronsart von Schellen- 
dorf. Lon , 1877-80, 2 vols. Svo 

Harford, Rev. Frederick Kill, graduated at 
New Inn Hall, Oxford, 1&>5; minor canon of Westmin- 
ster since 186L The Martyrs of Lyons and Vierme, 
[verse,] Lon , 1859, 12mo 

Harford, John Scandrett, D C L , F K S , [ante, 
vol i ,add. ] 1785-1866, b.nt Bristol , educated privately 
and at Christ's College, Cambridge, but took no degree , 
resided at Blaise Castle, near Bristol, and was a magis- 


trate and deputy lieutenant for Gloucestershire and Car- 
diganshire. He was intimate with W. Wilberforce and 
with Hannah More, and was the hero of ** Coelebs in Seai ch 
of a Wife." 1. Memoir of the Rev. Richard Chappie 
Whalley : Illustrated by 8elect Letters and Sermons, 
Lon., 1846, 16mo. 2. The Life of Michael Angelo 
Buonarroti : with Translations of Many of his Poems 
and Letters ; also, Memoirs of Savonarola, Raphael, and 
Vittoria Colonna, Lon., 1857, 2 vols. Svo; 2d ed., 1858. 
3. Recollections of William Wilberforce during nearly 
Thirty Years : with Brief Notices of some of his Per- 
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Hargreave, Charles James, LL.D., F.R.S., 
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versity College, London; called to the bar at the Inner 
Temple 1844 } appointed a commissioner under the In- 
cuinbeied Estates Act (Ireland) 1849. He contributed 
numerous mathematical papers to the Philosophical 
Transactions. An Essay on the Resolution of Algebiaic 
Equations, Dublin, 1866, Svo. Privately printed. 

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By C. S. H. Lon., 1868, 16mo. 2. Gonzalez and his 
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. A Ghaminar of the Latin Language, for Schools and 
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for the First Year, Lon., 1S8S, p. Svo. Also, other school- 
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ector of St. Swithin's,, Worcester, since 1879. 1. Salva- 

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" There seems to be no reason to doubt that this is a very 
complete collection of the songs of Lancashire The 
editors are rather insatiable, and all seems to b grist that 
is brought to their sous and ballad mill It is so with the 
songs of the Cotton Famine Nevertheless it is in. 
these and the other ballads and songs, in the dialect of the 
country that the true force and pathos of the volume lie " 
Spectator xlvui 373 

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where he became professor of medical jurisprudence in 
1859 He is a member of scientific and me4ioil socie- 
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Anon. Also, single sermons and addresses. 

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1884, Svo. 

" He is a writer of great merit of style and of no small 
humour . The student . who attempts to grapple 
with Father Harper must be prepared . for a total re- 
versal of most of his previous philosophical habits." So*. 
Itev , Ivui 410 

" It is an attempt to render into English, with such crit- 
icism of other systems as Mr Harper could set forth, the 
great mediaeval system of philosophy. It is a book full of 
courage and lull of ability "Spectator, Iv 931. 

Also, single sermons, &c. 

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Magnitude : the Deductions by which the Relative Mag- 
nitudes of the Planets and the Absolute Magnitude of 
the Sun are determined, in the Received Astronomical 
System, proved to be Fallacious, Dublin, 1856, Svo. 

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Rangers ; a Play, in Five Acts j and other Poems, Sydney, 
1853, 12mo. 2. The Tower of the Dream, [verse,] Syd- 
ney and Melbourne, 1865, 12mo. 3. Poems, Melbourne, 

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lege, Dublin, 1856 j ordained 1856, vicar of North Clif- 
ton, Northamptonshire, since 1872. 1. Christ in the 
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The Pope of Rome shown to be a Layman, and Home's 
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of the Maison de Sante> Sehoneberg, Berlin, Lon., 1S7B, 
demy Svo, 

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Animal Vaccination, preceded by Considerations on 
Vaccination in General, by E. Warlomont, *Lon., 1$ 


12mo. With CAMPBELL, C. M., Lupus a Pathological 
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and Treatment, Lon , 18S6, Svo. 

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the Countries of Europe, Bost, 1SS3, 32ino. 

Harrington, Countess of. See STANHOPE. 

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Sir William E. Logan, Kt., LL.D., F R S., F.G.S., &c., 
First Director of the Geological Survey of Canada. Lon., 
1883, Svo. 

"Perhaps as good a monument to the reputation of a 
valuable public servant, an enthusiastic votary of science, 
as circumstances permitted "Sat. ev , Ivn 3S9. 

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Denver, Col , 1874, 12mo. 

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*' Harrington, George F.,*> (Pseud.) See 

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for the Age: a Masonic Dialogue, wherein the First 
Principles which constitute Nature are explained, Lon., 
1851, ISmo. 2. Systematic Philosophy, and New Theo- 
ries of Light and Heat, Lon , 1857, Svo. 3. Northamp- 
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Brad laugh Atheism against Christianity, Lon., 1881, 

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press,] Lon., Ib69, fol 2. St. George's Chapel, Windsor: 
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tive Letter. Press, Lon., 1871, 4to. 

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1. Between the Crusts. Illust. N. York, 1875, Svo. 2. 
A Strange Woman. Illufet N. York, 1876, Svo. 

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the observatory there. 1. The Analysis of Plants : in- 
tended for Schools and Colleges, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1876, 
4to. 2. The Identification and Microscopical Examina- 
tion of Crude Drugs and other Vegetable Products, Ann 
Arbor, Mich , 1877, 12mo. 

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ming: with Practical Hints to Beginners, Lon., 1861, 
12mo , new ed , with a Bibliographical List of Works on 
Swimming, by Olphar Hamst, [Ralph Thomas,] 1870. 

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or, The Social Cue-toms of England and their Practical 
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Unity with Science j An Exhortation to the Biblical Re- 
visers, Lon., 1870, Svo. 

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senting Places in Egypt supposed to be Nomes and 
Toparehies, Lon., 1852. 4to. Privately circulated. 

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2, A Guide to Port Stephens in Kew South Wales, the 
Colony of the Australian Agricultural Company, LOB., 
1849, Idmo. 3. The Bmigrant Family ; or, The Story 
of an Australian Settler, Lon., 1849, 3 vols. p. Svo. 4. 
Martin Beck j o1r, Th<s Story of an Australian Settler, 
Lon., 1852, fp. Svo. 

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Book, Latieaster, Pa., 1862, 12rao. 2. A Biographical 
Lancaster County, Lancaster, 1872, Svo. & 



A. Review of the Political Conflict in America, fiom the 
)omniencement of the Anti-Sla\ery AgiUtion to the 
>lose of the Southern Reconstruction, TS York, 3376, Svo 
Harris, Miss Amanda Bartlett. 1. Stunner's 
Autographs By A B H N York, 1875 2 How we 
>vent BirdsVftesting Field, Wood, and Meadow Bam- 
iries. Ulost Bost, 18SO,s<i Svo. 3 (Ed ) Autograph 
Birthday-Book for Young Folks* IJlust Bost , 18&1, 
>c( 24mo 4 Wild Flowers, and where they Grow 
Eilust Bost , 1882, ac[ Svo 5 Door>ard Folks, and a 
Winter Garden Illust. Bost, IS83, 12mo 6 Pleas- 
ant Authors for Young Folks, (" Little Biographies ") 
Illust Bost, JSS4, 12iuo 7 American Authors foi 
Young Folks, Bost , 1888, 12mo 8 The Luck of Eden- 
haH Illuat Bo s t , 1SSS, 16mo 

Harris, Rev. Croasdaile Edward, educated at 
King's College, London, 01 darned 1865, chaplain at 
Weinuw emte iSSS Sermon Sketches on the Creed, or, 
Plain Outlines for Instruction m the First Principles of 
the Chustian Religion, Cambridge, 1SS7, 12mo 

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try to Help themselves " a Plea for Industrial Brigades 
as Adjuncts to Ragged Schools, Glasgow, 1873, Svo 2 
True Nobles and Heioes, and other Stories, Bdm , 1885, 
p S\o 

Harris, David George* The Oak's Congress, 
or, " All for the Best,* 1 [a tale,] Lon , 1886, 3vo 

Hams 9 E. B Description of Buddhist Remains 
disoo\eied at Sooltangunge, on the River Ganges, 1862- 
63 Illust Lon , 1864, 4to 

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Daniel Pond and his Descendants, Bost , 1873, S\o* 

Harris, Elisha, M D , 1S24-1S84, graduated at the 
Hew York College of Physicians and Suigeons 1849, and 
held various government medical offices 1855-1876 I 
Tobacco the Effects of its Use as a Luxury on the Physi- 
cal and Moral Watuie of Man a Prize Ehsay, N. Yoik, 
1853, Svo 2 Cholera Pievention, Ac, N York, 1867, 
Svo S Cleanliness ami Disinfection, 1879, 16rao, 

Harris, Emilia Marion, b ID London, of Jewish 
descent and faith 1 Fuur Messengers, Lon f 1870, p 
Svo. Anon 2 Echoes BjB M H (Thiee Stones ) 
Lon, 1871, 16ino 3 Twilight and Diwn, 1872, 38mo. 
Anon. 4 Clem&ne, Lon , 1874, 12mo. 5 Mercer's 
Widens, Lon, 1876, p Svo Anon 6. Estelle, Lon, 
1S73, 2 vols p Svo Anon 7 Friends Only, Lon, 
1879, 12roo 8. Verses, Lon., 1880, 12mo. 9 Withm a 
Circle, [essays,] Lon., 18SO, 12ino. 10 The Lieutenant 
of the Tower, Lon, 188I T p Svo Anon 11 Benedictus, 
1887, 2 vots cr Svo, 12 The Narrative of the Holy 
Bible, Lon , 1888, sq cr. Svo 

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Harris, F* Wilfred and his Reeoi d By a Pioneer 
Adelaide, 1S87 

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pseud.) 1 Bible Stories <ind Scenes for Young People 
Illust N Yoik. 2 Nan's Thanksgiving, N. Yoik, 
I87S, 18mo 3 A Year at Buarcliffe, JST Yoik, 1879, 

Harris, Mrs. G. A Lady's Diary of the Siege of 
Lucknow, Lon , 1S58, Svo 

Harris, George, LL D , FS,A, [mite, vol i v 
add ,] 1809-1890, entered the British navy as a midship- 
man, but left it on account of ill health; was called to 
the bar m 1843, acting judge of the Birmingham 
County Couit for two years, and one of the regiattfus of 
the Court of Bankruptcy J 882-63 , vice-president of the 
Anthropological Institute, ana of the Kojal Historical 
Society L Civilization considered AS a Science* in Re- 
lation to its Essence^ its Elements, and its End, Lon t 
18$t, Svo 

At the end of his volume we feel that Mr Hams has 
not really been writing- about civilization but has merely 
been laying down propositions about his ideal of humanity 
and of Jiumau government M Sat JSev , xi* 539 

2 Pnnupia Priina Legum j or, An Examination and 
Analysis of the Elementary Principles of Law in its 
bevenil Departments. Part I Lon , 1865, Svo 8 On 
Foreign Missions, m Connection with Civilization and 
Anthropology, Lon, 1868, Svo 4 Memoir of Lord 
Brogbany reprinted from the "Law Magazine and 
Law Beview," Lon , 1868, Svo 5 The Theory of the 
Arts, or, Art in Relation to Nature, Cuilization, and 
Man s comprising aik Investigation, Analytical and Crit- 
ical, into the Origin, Ris*, Province, Principle*, and 
Application of Each of the Arts, Lon., 1860, 2 \ois. 

" The 'Theory of the Arts' is of about the same profim- 
ditj as Blair's ' Lectures on the Belles-Lettres' and Lord 
Kames's * Elements of Criticism ' "bat Men , sxis. 160 

6 Supernatural Phenomena Tebts adapted to deter- 
mine the Truth of Supernatural Phenomena, Lon , 1874, 
Svo. 7 A Philosophical Treatise on the Natuie and 
Constitution of Man, Lon , 1876, 2 vols Svo 

11 The author seems to be wholly unaware of the vast 
gulf which divides his views respecting man's natuie and 
origin from those entertained by the large majority of the 
exponents of modern science ''JAMES SULLY Acad , x 

8 Autobiography with a Preface by B W Richard- 
son Lon., 1S8S, p Svo Printed for private cuculation 

Harris, George, Tucker, W. J., and Glezeii, 
E. K. H>mns of the Faith a Hymn- and Tune-Book 
for Congiegational Use, Bost , 1888, 12mo 

Harris, Rev. George Collyer, M A , 1834-1874, 
son of Bev Joseph Hemington Harris, i// u f graduated 
at Exeter College, Oxford, 1856, prebendary of Exetei 
1865, vicar of St Luke's, Torquay, from 1867 1 
Lessons from St Peter's Life a Course of Lectures 
preached during Lent, Lon , 1S65, 12mo 2 Church 
Lessons and Piesent Times Sermons, Lon , 1867, 12mo 
3 The Golden Steps being Recollections of Lectures 
to Communicants' Classes , 2d ed , Lon ,187-}, 32ino 4 
Sermons with Memoir by C H Yonge, Lon , 1873, fp 
Svo Also, single sermons 

Harris, George E. 1 Chronological Register of 
American Law and Equity Repoits of the United States 
Couits, Wash , 1 883, 8\o. 2 A Tieatise on the Law of 
Contracts by Married Women, Albany and N Yoik, 1887, 
8\o With SIM HALL, G H , Mississippi Law Reports, 
vols xhx -hi , (1873-76 ) Pub by the State 4 vols Svo 

Harris ? George F., FGS Granites, and our 
Granite Industries Illust Lon , 1888, p Svo 

Harris, George Frederick. The Snider Rifle 
its Action and Ammunition being a Few Notes com- 
piled for Regimental Inductions, Lon , 1868, Svo 

Harris, George Washington, 18 14-1869, b in 
what is now Allegheny City, Pa , was apprenticed to a 
jeweller in Knoxville, Term , and wis afteiwaids captvm 
of a Tennessee Ruer steamboat, contributed numeious 
stones to the New Yoik Spirit of the Times under the 
signature of S 1 Sut Lovengood Yarns Spun by a 
"ffat'ral Born Durned Fool " Waiped and Wove for 
Public Wear, N York, 1867, 32rao, 

Harris, Rev. Henry, M A , [ante, vol i , add J 
graduated at Magdalen College, Oxford, 1841, oulained. 
1842, rector of Wiuterbourne-Bassett, Wiltshire, since 
1S58 1 Scepticism and Revelation, Lon , 1861, er Svo 
2 Historical Religion and Biblical Revelation, Lon , 
1867, p Svo, 2d ed, Oxf , 1885 3 The Claims of 
the Prusthood considered, Lon, 1S68, p. 8vo 4 The 
Powers of the Woild to Come Short Sermons, Lon , 
3870, p Svo, 2d ed , rev and enl , 1S86 5 The Two 
Blasphemies Five Sermons on the Blasphemy agamst 
the Son of Man and the Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, 
Lon , 1874, 12mo 6 Death and Resurrection with 
an Introduction on the Value of Exteinal Evidence, 
Lon , 1880, 12mo 7 Outskirts of Re\ elation, Oxf , 1885, 
12mo. 8 The Scnptine Doctrine of the Atonement and 
its Place in the Chnstiau System, Oxf, 1887, 12mo 

Harris, Henry, Primitive Methodist minister 1 
The Great Love-Feast in Heaven, Lon , 1867, Svo 2 
Graphic Sketches , or, Wandeungs m the Field of Truth , 
2d ed, rev, Lon , 1867, 8vo, new ed, entitled "Sacred 
Pictures , or, Graphic Sketches" Lon , ] 872, Svo 

Harris, Rev. J. L* 1 A New Age for the New 
Church, N York, I860, Svo 2 Law and Giaoe Notes 
and Lectures on Galatians, Lon , 1873, 12rno 

Harris, J. W. The Tubute ot Science to Revealed 
History, Lon , 18f>b, 12mo 

Harris, Kev. James, M A , graduated at Pem- 
broke College, Oxford, 1842, oi&uned 1842, rector of 
Paglesham, Essex, since 1860 1 An Alphabetical 
Prayer for a Little Child, Lon t 3859 2 Don't Chance 
t a Word of Warning , 6th thousand, Lon , 1860, 12mo 

A Metrical Version of the Litany, Lou , IfcoT, I2ino 
With HATCH, H. J , and WISEMAN J* F T 1 The Pa- 
glesham Oyster containing Tales of Fact, Fiction, and 
Romance, Rochford, 1870, 4to 2 Logs for the Christ 
mas Fire* a Selection of Tales in Prose and Veise, Kid 
dies, Charades, Joke% &c Uluufc Lon , 1876, Svo 

Harris, James, head-master of the Cathedral Gram 
mar-School, Chester 1 Idiomatic Phrases in French 
and English, Lon , 1859, 12mo, 2d ed , 1870 2 Hfl^ 
fjowers* a Popular and Scientific Description of tfa< 


Wild Flowers of the Month, Chester, 1872, Svo. Also, 

Harris, James. (Trans.) Rhys Lewis, Minister 
of Bethel : an Autobiography j from the Welsh of Daniel 
Owen, [a story,] Lon., 1888, p. Svo. 

Harris, James Howard, third Earl of 
Malmesbury, G.C.B, D C.L., 1S07-1SS9, b. in Lon- 
don; educated at Eton, and at Oriel College, Oxford, 
where he graduated 1827j succeeded to the title 1841; 
secretary of state for foreign affairs 1852 and 1858-59, 
lord privy seal 1866-68 and 1874-76. 1. (Ed.) Official 
Correspondence on the Italian Question, Lon., 1859, Svo. 

2. (Ed.) A Series of Letteis of the First Earl of Malmes- 
bury, his Family and Friends, 1745-1820, Lon., 1870, 2 
vols. Svo. 3 Memoirs of an Ex-Minister: an Auto- 
biography, Lon., 1884, 2 vols. Svo; 4th ed., 1SS5. 

" No more interesting compilation of the kind has been 
published in illustration of the history of the present 
reign, and in the latter part of the work Lord Malmesbury 
has the field to himself. . . . The style oi the journal is 
spirited, easy, and attractive ; and the matter is extraordi- 
narily copious and varied " Sat Rev , Iviu 600 

Harris, James Kendel, M.A., Fellow of Clare 
College, Cambridge, and professor of Biblical literatuie 
at Haverford College. 1. New Testament Autographs : 
Supplement to the " American Journal of Philology." 
Illust Bait., 1883, Svo. 2. The Teaching of the Apos- 
tles and the Sibylline Books, Cambridge, 1885, Svo. 3. 
(Ed.) Fiagments of Philo Judseus, Lon , 1886, 4to. 4. 
The Origin of the Leicester Codex of the New Testa- 
ment, Lon., 1887, 4to. 5. (Ed) The Teaching of the 
Apostles : from MS. of the Holy Sepulchre, Cambridge, 
1888, 4to. 

Harris, Joel Chandler, b. 1848, at Eatonton, 
Ga.; was apprenticed to a printer, and afterwards 
studied law, and practised at Forbyth, Ga. ; editor of 
the Atlanta Constitution, 1890. 1. Uncle Remus: his 
Songs and his Sayings ; the Folk-Lore of the Old Plan- 
tation : with Illustrations by Frederick S. Church and 
James H. Moses, N. Yoik, 1880, 12mo. 

" Mr. Harris ... is a literary artist, and his thirty-four 
tales . . are ingeniously and charmingly set in an epi- 
sodical narrative, m winch ' Uncle Remus' figures as tne 
conteur and a little boy as the rapt auditor. . The work 
has five divisions : the fables, plantation proverbs, Uncle 
Remus's songs, a true story of tne war, aua Uncle Remus's 
sayings " Nation, xxxi 398 

" Deserves to be placed on a level with ' Reineke Fuchs* 
for its quaint humour, without reference to the ethnologi- 
cal interest possessed by the&e stories, ab indicating, per- 
haps, a common origin for very widely-severed races.'* 
Spectator, liv, 445 

2. Nights with Uncle Remus : Myths and Legends of 
the Old Plantation, Bost., 1883, 12mo. 

" The mine of which he first fairly revealed the richness 
has, meantime, been still further opened up, ... until in 
addition to the thirty-four of the former series we have 
seventy-one new tales placed before us." jyfefcon, xxxvii. 

3. Mingo, and other Sketches in Black and White, 
Bost., 1884, 12mo. 

11 His perception is subtler and more truthful than Bret 
Harte's. . . .Both authors have keen instincts and insights, 
but Harris's are the finer and deeper. Harte's characters 
are by far the more picturesque, his incidents are more 
thrilling, but Harris's people wind theniselvjes about our 
hearts and owe little to circumstance." JV p afo0n,xxxix 115 

4. Fiee Joe, and other Georgian Sketches, N. York, 
1887; new ed., 1888, 12mo. 

Harris, John, F.B.H8., 1820-1884, b. near Cam- 
borne, Cornwall ; was a working miner for nearly twenty 
years, and afterwards resided at Falraouth. Besides the 
works mentioned below, he wrote a large number of 
tracts in verse and prose, and contributed to religious 
periodicals poems and records of his experiences in the 
mines and among the poor of Falmouth, He was gen- 
erally known as "the Cornish poet," and was awarded 
pensions from the Literary Fund and the Royal Bounty 
Fund. For biog,, see HARRIS, JOHN HOWARD, wfia, 
1. Lays from the Mine, the Moor, and the Mountain, 
Lon., 1853, 12moj 2d ed., eni., 1856. 2* The Land's 
End, Kynance Cove, and other Poems, Lon., 1859, Svo. 

3, The Mountain Prophet, The Mine, and other Poems, 
Lon., 1860, 12mo. 4. A Story of Cam Brea, Essays 
and Poems, Lon., 1863, 12mo. 5. The Shakspere Ter- 
centary First Prize Poem, Coventry, 1864, Svo. (The 
original MS. is preserved in the museum at Stratford.) 
6. Shakspere's Shrine, An Indian Story, Essays and 
Poems, Lon t , 1366. 7. Rilla Bock, the Maid of the 
Moor, Penryn, 1867, $vo. 8. Luda, a I&y of the 
Pruids, Hymns, Tales, Essays, and Legends, Lon^ 1868, 
12mo. 9, Bulo, Beuben Boss, A Tale of the Manacle^ 


Hymn, Song, and Story, Lon., 1871, p. Svo. 10. The 
Cruise of the Cutter, and other Peace Poems, Lon., 1ST2, 
p. Svo. 11. Wayside Pictures, Hymns, and Poems: 
with a Portrait of the Author, Lon,lS74, 4to. 12. 
Walks with the Wild Flowers, [verse,] Lon., 1876, 16mo. 
13. Tales and Poems, Lon., 1877, Svo. 14. The Two 
Giants : with an Autobiography of the Author, Falmouth 
and Exeter, 1S79, Svo. 15. Monro, [and other Poems,] 
Lon., 1879, Svo. 16. Lmto and Lancer, [verse ,] Lon., 
1881, p. Svo. 17. My Autobiography, &c., Lon., 1SS2, 

Harris, John, of Montreal. 1. Kuklos: an Ex- 
perimental Investigation into the Relationship of Cer- 
tain Lines, Montreal, 1S70, 4to. 2. The Bible read by 
the Light of Ideal Science. By Kuklos. Montreal, 1 S74, 
Svo. 3. The Circle and Straight Line, Montreal, Ib74, 
Svo. 4. A Review of Macaulay's Teaching on the Rela- 
tionship of Theology to the Science of Government. By 
Kuklos. Montreal, 1S74, Svo. 5. Centrifugal Force and 
Gravitation, Montreal, 3875, 5 parts, Svo. 6. Supplement 
to Theology and Science of Government : being a He\ lew 
of a Book by Inimanuel Kant called " Critique of Pure 
Reason/' Montreal, 1877, Svo. 

Harris, John, of the Kent Archaeological Society. 
The Parish of Erith in Ancient and Modern Times. 
Illust. Lon., 1885, Svo. 

Harris, Rev* John Andrews, D.D., rector of 
St. Paul's Church, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Princi- 
ples of Agnosticism applied to the Evidences of Chris- 
tianity : Nine Sermons ; to which is added a Tenth, on 
the Christian Doctrine of the Trinity, N. York, 1S83, 
12m o. 

Harris, John Howard, son of John Harris, supra. 
(Ed.) John Harris, the Cornish Poet : the Story of his 
Life, Lon , 18SS, 12ino. 

Harris, John JH Annexations to Sierra Leone, 
and their Influence on British Trade with West Africa, 
Lon , 1883, Svo. 

Harris, John Oherlin. A Comprehensive Man- 
ual of Elementary Knowledge j 2d ed., Lon , 1884, 4to. 

Harris, John Tindall, of Englefield Green, near 
Egham, Surrey. The Rifle Club : being a Manual of 
Duty for Soldiers, whether Regulars, Militia, or Volun- 
teers, Lon., 1S52, Svo. Anon. 

Harris, Joseph. 1. On the Pig: its Breeding, 
Rearing, Management, and Improvement, N. York, 
1870, 12mo$ new ed., 1883. 2. Talks on Manures, N. 
York, 1S78, 12mo 3. Gaidening for Young and Old. 
Illust. N. York, 1S82, 12mo. 4. Gardening: Cultiva- 
tion of Garden Vegetables. Illust. N. York, 1883, 
12 mo. 

Harris, Rev. Joseph Remington, D.D. 1, 
Auricular Confession not the Rule of the Church of Eng- 
land : a Letter to the Lord Bishop oi Exeter. By Pres- 
byter Anglicanusp Lon., 1852, Svo. 2. The Baptismal 
Covenant : Eight Lectures, addressed chiefly to Candi- 
dates for Confirmation during Lent, Lon., 1861, fp. Svo. 
3. Sir Morton Peto's Burial Bill. By Presbyter Angli- 
can us. Lon., 1862, Svo. 

Harris, Josiah, b. 1821, at Mevagissey, Cornwall; 
editor oi The Bath Herald, The Western Luminary, Ae. 

1, A Dialogue in Mevagissey Church- Yard, Bath, 1S55. 

2, A Voice from the Ocean Grave, By a Philanthropist. 
Truro, 1S59, 8vo. a. The Pulpit of Cornwall: its 
Preachers and their Teachings. By Isbmael. Penzance, 
1859, 3 nos., Svo. 4. A Tear and a Floweret, Tniro, 
1871, 8vo ; 3d ed , Bristol, same year. (Contains a biog- 
raphy of Rev. J. W. Etheridge, Ac.) 

Harris, L, P. Mohim* What the Swallows told 
me, Lon., 1878 r p Svo; 2d ed., 1880, 12mo. 

Harris, Lee O* The Man who Tramps: a Story 
of To-Day, Indianapolis, 1878, 12m o. 

Harris, Lillie* 1. Mamma's Fairy-Tales, Lon., 
1878, p. Svo. 2. Our Married Ladies, Lon. 7 1S86, 12mo. 

3, Our Young Ladies, Lon., 1886, 12mo. 4. Our Mar- 
ried Men, Lon. t 1887, p. Svo. 

Harris, Mrs. Lily C. and Thomas Lake* 
Hymns of the Two-in-One : for Bridal Worship of the 
New Life, By Chrysanthea-Chrysantheus. Salem-on- 
Erie, 1876. 

Harris, Luther Metcalf. Robert Harris and his 
Descendants : with Notices of the Morey and Metcalf 
Families, Bost., 1861, Svo. 

Harris, Mrs* Miriam, (Coles,) b. 1834, at Do* 
soris, LJ,, and educated .at St. Mary's Hall, Burlington? 
married to Sidney S. Harris, of Nw York City, J864. 
1. Rutledge, N* Yorfc, 1860, 12mo. Anon. Nw ed., 


1866. 2. The Sutherlands, N. York, 1862, 12mo. 3 
Louie's Last Term at St. Mary's, N. York, 186,3, 12mo, 
new ed, 1871. 4. Frank Warrmgton, N. York, 1863, 
12mo. o. Louie Atterbury, N. York, 1866, 12mo. 6 
Roundhearts, N. York, 1867, 12ino. (Republished, with 
other stones, 1871,) 7. Rosary for Lent: Devotional 
Readings, N. York, 1870j new ed., as "Dear Feast of 
Lent/' 1874. 8. Richard Vandermark: a Novel, N. 
York, 1871, 12mo. 9. A Perfect Adonis, N York, 1880, 
12ino. 10. Happy-Go-Lucky, N. York, 1881, 12mo. 11. 
Missy, N. York, 1882, 12mo. 12. Phoabe: a Novel, 
Bost, 1884, 12mo. 13, St. Philip's, new ed., Boat., 
1885, 12mo. 14. Novels, Bost., 1885, 6 vols. 12mo. 

Harris , N. E. 1. Digest of the Decisions of the 
Supreme Court of Georgia, reported in the Ten Volumes 
from xh. to 1., Macon, Ga, 1876, Svo. 2. Supplement 
to the Georgia Code containing Public Acts pasbed since 
187*6, and the Constitution of 1877 : with Annotations, 
Side References, <fco., Macon, 1878, Svo. 

Harris, Richard, b 1833, called to the bar at the 
Middle Temple 1864. 1. Reflections from Nature, School- 
Day Reminiscences, and other Original Poems, Lon., 
1853, 12uio, 2 The English Press and its Poets : a Satire. 
By Cordrao Verdelio, [pseud.] Lon., 1856. 3. The 
Siege of Candia: an Epic Poem, Lon., 1859-60, 12 parts, 
12rno. 4. New Nobility: a Novel. By Benedick Whip- 
em, [pseud.] Lon , 1867, 3 vols. 12mo. 5. Mayfay to 
Millbank : a Novel, Lon., 1870, 3 vols. p. Svo. 6. Nine 
Little Poems, Lon, 1877, Svo; 2d ed. same year. 7. 
Hints on Advocacy. By a Barrister. Lon, 1879, Svo; 
8th ed , 18S7. 8. Recollections of a Night at Brackley, 
Northampton, 1880, Svo. 9. Mr. Bumpkin's Lawsuit j 
or, How to Win your Opponent's Case, Lon., 1883, Svo; 
2d ed., entitled "The Humorous Story of Farmer 
Bumpkin's Lawsuit," 1883. 10. Illustrations in Advo- 
cacy, Lon., 1S84, Svo. 11. Before Trial : what should be 
done by Client, Solicitor, and Counsel, from a Barrister's 
Point of View, together with a Treatise on the Detence 
of Insanity, Lon., 1SS8, Svo , 2d ed , rev., 1887. 

Harris, Richard Donald. Hymns on the Epis- 
tles, from the Book ot" Common Prayer, Kmgston-on- 
Thames, 1868, I6tno. 

Harris, Richard Julian. Life through the 
Lotos a Romance in Poetry, Lon , 1884, p. Svo. 

Harris, Robert, art master, St. Paul's School, 
London. Note-Book on Plane Drawing : 
with a Chapter on Scales and an Introduction to Graphic 
Statics, Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 

Harris, Rev. Samuel, D.D, b. 1S14, at East 
Maehias, Me. j graduated at Bowdoin College 1833, and 
at Andover Theological Seminary 1S3S ; was professor of 
systematic theology in Bangor Seminary 1855-67; pres- 
ident of Bowdoin, and professor of mental and moral 
philosophy in that college, till 1S71, when he became 
professor of systematic theology at Yale. 1. Zaccheus ; 
ot, The Scriptural Plan of Benevolence, N. York, 1850, 
ISmo. 2. Christ's Prayer for the Death of his Re- 
deemed, 1863. 3. The Kingdom of Christ on Earth: 
Twelve Lectures, Lou., 1874, Svo. 4. The Philosophical 
Basis of Theism: an Examination of the Personality of 
Man, N. York, 1883, 8vo. 5. The Self-Revelation of 
God, N. York, 1887, Svo. 

"The book Is not written in a, pugnacious spirit; its dis- 
passionate mode of treatment marks the well-balanced 
thinker " OtUc, vni. 176. 

Harris, Rev. Samuel Bache, M.A., graduated, 
senior optiiue, at Clare College, Cambridge, 1851; or- 
dained 1853; vicar of St. James, Kennington, since 
1S75. Ireland's Crisis and England's Honour : Thoughts 
for the Time, Lon., 1868, 12mo. 

Harris, Rt. Rev. Samuel Smith, D.D., LL.D., 
1841-1888, b. in Autauga, County, Ala. ; ordained min- 
ister of the Protestant Episcopal Church 1869, and con- 
seerated Bishop of Michigan 1879. 1. Sheltern, [a 
novel.] By Christopher Coningsby, [pseud,] N. York, 
1S6S. 2. The Relation of Christianity to Civil Society, 
(The Bohlen Lectures,) Lon., 1883, p. Svo. With STORRS, 
RET. DR., and others, Cooperation in Christian Work; 
Common Ground for United Interdenominational Effort, 
N. York, 1888, I2mo. 

Harris, Rev. Seymour Frederick, M.A., 
B.C.L., b. 1851 ; graduated at Worcester College, Oxford, 
1S72; called to the bar at the Inner Temple 1S75; or- 
dained 18T7j viear of St. Michael and All Angels', 
Blackburn, Lancashire, since 1884. 1* The Elements of 
Roman Law Summarized, Lon., 187d, Svo, 2. Princi- 
ples of the Criminal Law, Lon., 1877, Svo ; Amer. ed., 


with Notes and Additions by M F. Force, 1880 , 4th ed., 
lev. by Aviet Agabeg, 1886. 

Hariis, Stanley. 1. Old Coaching Days. Illust. 
Lon., 1 882, Svo. 2. The Coaching Age. Illust. Lon., 
1885, Svo. 

" Not only may the lover of horses and admirer of the 
old coaches find almost everything here recorded which 
can be rescued from the wreck of the coaching system, but 
even the general reader will be amused."- 4ca<i , xxix 5. 

Harris, Sylvanus. Craving for Drink . its Causes j 
3d ed , Lon., 1883, p. Svo. 

Harris, Thomas, F.R.S.L., architect. Victorian 
Aichitecture: a Few Woids to show that a National Ar- 
chitecture adapted to the Wants of the Nineteenth Cen- 
tury is attainable, Lon., 1860, Svo. 

Harris, Thomas, M.D. Lond., M.R.C P., patho- 
logical registrar of the Manchester Eoyal Infirmary, 
assistant lecturer and demonstrator of pathology in the 
Owens College, and honorary assistant physician to the 
Manchester Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of 
the Thioat. Post-Mortem Hand-Book ; or, How to Con- 
duct Pofet-Moitein Examinations for Clinical and Medico- 
Le<ral Purposes. Illust. Lon , 1SS7, p. Svo. 

Harris, Thomas Frederick. Hand-Book of 
Acoustics, for the Use of Medical Students, Lon., 1887, 
p. Svo. 

Harris, Thomas Lake, [ante, vol. i. add ,] b. 
182.4, at Fenny Stiatford, Eng.; removed to the United 
States while young. He was fiist a Calvin ist, then a 
Universahs-t minister, and in 1850 became a spiritualist, 
and after lecturing in Great Britain established a com- 
munity known as the Brotherhood of the New Life m 
Dutchess County, N.Y., of which Laurence Ohphant 
became a member. He has edited a journal called the 
Herald of Light. 1. Letters upon the Repeal of the 
Fugitive Slave Law, Wash., 1851, Svo. 2. The Wisdom 
of Angels. Part I. N York, 1857, 12mo. 3. Hymns 
for Spiutual Devotion, N.York, 1858, 12mo. 4. Arcana 
of Chustianity: Celestial Sense of the Divine Word. 
Part I. N. York, 1S58, Svo. 5. The Song of Satan : 
Poems, N. York, 1858, 8vo. 6 Regma a Song of Many 
Days, N. York, I860, Svo. 7. Modem Spiritualism: 
Sermons preached in Stove Street Music Hall, London, 
Lon. and N. York, 1860, 12mo. S. The Millennial Age 
Twelve Discourses, N. York, 1860, 12mo. 9 Truth and 
Life in Jesus Sermons, Lon., I860, p. Svo. 10 The Great 
Republic : a Poem of the Sun, N. Yoik, 1867, 12mo. 11. 
The Breath of God with Man : an Essay, N. Yoik, 167, 
12mo. 12. Arcana of Christianity : an Unfolding of the 
Celestial Sense of the Divine Word, N Yoik, 1868, 2 
vols. Svo. 13. The Wedding-Guest; Jesus-in-Yessa, 
Fountain Grove, Cil., 1878, Svo. 14. A Voice from 
Heaven, Fountain Giove, 1879, Svo. 15. The Holy City 
and the Light therein, 1880, Svo. 16. The Luminous 
Life, 1882, Svo. 17. The Wisdom of the Adepts : Eso- 
teric Science in Human History, Fountain Grove, 1884, 
Svo. 18. Star Flowers: a Poem of the Woman's Mys- 
tery, Fountain Grove, 1886, 5 vols. Svo. With HARRIS, 
MRS. LILY C., (g. v., supra,) The Lord the Two-m-One : 
Declared and Glorified, Salem -on-Brie, 1876, Svo. 

Harris, Vincent Dormer, M.D., F.R.C.P., phy- 
sician to the Victoria Park Hospital for Diseases of the 
Chest. The Student's Guide to Diseases of the Chest: 
including the Principal Affections of the Pleurae, Lungs, 
Pericardium, Heart, and Aorta. Illust. Lon., ISbS, 
12mo. With POWER, D'ARCT, Manual for the Physio- 
logical Laboratory, Lon., 1880, p. Svo ; 4th ed., 1888. 

Harris, Rev. W., of Camberwell. 1. Six Lectures 
on Questions indicative of Character, Lon., 1875, 12mo. 
2. Homiletical Commentary on the Books of Samuel, 
Lon., 1884, r. Svo. 

Harris, W. A. Titles to Mines in the United States : 
with the Statutes and References to the Decisions of the 
Courts relating thereto, Lon , 1877, Svo. 

Harris, W. S. The Potter's Wheel, and how it goes 
around : a Complete Description of the Manufacture of 
Pottery in America, Illust. Trenton, N.J., 1886, Svo. 

Harris, W, T. The Right of Property and the 
Ownership of Land, Bost, 1887, Svo. 

Harris, William, of Halesowen. Clentine Ram- 
bles : a Description of Hagley, Clent, and the Surround- 
ing Scenery. Rev. and enl. by W. Stephens, &c. Stour- 
bridge, 1S68, Svo. 

Harris, William, M.R.C.P. Insanity : its Causes, 
Prevention, and Treatment, Lon., 1882, p, Svo. 

Harris, Rev. William, Presbyterian minister. 1, 
Outlines of Sermon* on the Miracles of the Old Testa- 


meat By a London Minister Lon, 1&7S, Svo 2 
(Ed ) Seimons foi Boys and Girls, by William Hams, 
Wilberioree Newton, and Edgar Woods together with 
Fifteen Ten-Minute Sermons to Children, Lon , 18SO, 
8\o 3 HomileticjAl Commentary on the Book of Piov- 
eibs, Lon , 3882, Svo 

Harris, William. The History of the Kadical 
Party in Paihaniuit, Lon , 1SS5, Svo 

" It is less a history than a chronicle, setting forth \vith 
great care and with commendable freedom from bias the 
struggles of political reformers in and out oi Parliament 
during rather more than a ceutury " , No 2991 

Hains, William C* assistant commissioner of 
the police of the metropolis 1 Questions and Answers 
framed for the Instruction of Constables on Joining the 
Police, Lon , 1860, 12uao , 2d ed , 1868 2 Manual of 
Drill for County and District Constables, Lon , 1862, 

Harris, Lieut. William ., U.S A Prison-Life 
in the Tobacco Warehouse at Richmond By a, Ball's 
Bluff Prisoner PhiK , 1862, 12mo 

Hams, William C. Angler's Ghuda and Tourists* 
Gazetteer of the Fibbing Witers of the United States 
and Canada, N York, 18S5, I2tno 

Harris, William Harry, Cattle-Food Adulteia- 
tions being a Guide to the Farmer in the Purchase of 
Oil-Cake Illust Noithimpton, 1863 Svo 

Harris, William Hetherington* The Honey. 
Bee its Nature, Homes, and Ptoduots, Lon., ISS4, p. 
Svo Also, school-books 

Harris, Rey* William Logan, DD, LL T> , 
1817-1SS7, b near Mansfield, , a minister of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, elected bishop 1872 1, 
(EJ ) Journal of the General Conference of the Metho- 
dibt Episcopal Chuich t<u 1863, N York, 1863, Svo 2 
The Relation. of the Episacopacy to the General Confer- 
ence [thiee lectures,] N York, 18SS, 12ino 

Hams, William Manning, and Clarkson, 
Thomas, M A The Conveyancing and Law of Prop- 
eity Act, 1881, and the Vendor and Puichasei Act, 1874 
with Notes, Lon , 1882, Svo 

Harris, Sir William Snow, F R S , [ante, vol 
i , add ,] 1792-1867, b at Plymouth, Eng , bee*me a 
member of the Royal College of Surgeons, made scien- 
tific inventions for preserving ships from lightning, &c , 
and received the Copley medal m 1835 1 Ou the 
Nature of Thunder-Storms, and on the Means of Pro- 
tecting Buildings and Shipping against the Destructive 
Effects of Lightning, Lon , 1 84 i, Svo 2 National De- 
fences the Great Questioa of the Day, Lou , 1862, Svo, 
3 Our Dock-Yards Past and Present State of Naval 
Construction in the Government Service its Future 
Piospeeta, Plymouth, 1863, Svo 4 A Treatise on Fnc- 
tiomil Electricity Edited, with a Memoir of the 
Author, by Tomlm-on Lon , 1867, Svo 

Harris, William Torrey, A M ? b 1835, at South 
Kilhngly, Conn , educated at Yale , superintendent of 
public schools in Sfc Louis, Mo , 1868-80 , editor of the 
Journal of Speculative Philosophy founded by him in 
1S67, and an active member of the Concord School of 
Philosophy 1 Method of Study of Social Science a 
Lecture, St Louis, 1879, Svo 2, How to teach Natural 
Historv Syracuse, N Y , 1887, 16mo 

Harris, William W. The Battle of Groton 
Heigh tis a Collection of Narratives, Oficial Heporta, 
&a with an Introduction and Notes lilust and Maps 
Enlarged by Alfyn New London, Conn t 1882, Svo. 

Harris, Worsley Poulett, M D r| surgeon-major, 
Bengal civil service Lithotomy and Extraction of 
Stone from the Bladder, Lon,, 1876, 8vo 

Harrison, A. Stewart* The Queen of the Arena, 
and other Stones. Illust Lon , 1880, p. Svo 

Harris on, Agnes* Martin's Vineyard, Lon , 1872, 
cr Svo. 

Harrison, Albert Edward. The Registry of 
the Cognizances, Mottoes, <fcc , of the Sovereigns of Eng- 
land, from the Norman Conquest with the Bates of 
their Births, Coronations, Marriages, Demises, &e , Lon., 
1860, 4to 

Harrison, Benjamin, M A. Indiana Supreme 
Court Reports, vols xv.-xvu , (1861-1862 ,) vols. xxm - 
xxix, (18&4-1868,) Indianapolis, 186S-69, 10 vols $vo. 

Harrison, C. (Trans ) HoraoVg Odes m English 
Verse Part i, Book 1st Best , 1&77, 16}Q. 

Harrison, Rev* Charles, minister of the Inde- 
pendent Chapel, Birdbush, Wiltshire Tfce Church at 
Birdbush its Origin and History, Lon , 1853, 12mo, 


Harrison, Charles. A Treatise on the Culture 
of the Vine, Lon , 1859, p Svo 

Harrison, Charles. 1. Theatricals and Tableaux 
Yivinta foi Amateurs Illust Lon, 1SS2, Sto 2 
The Prince and the Penny a Fairy-Tale Illust. 
Lon, 1SS3, p S\o 3 Memoi andum-Book and Birth- 
day Diary, [\ erse ] Illust Lon, 1SSJ, 16fflo 4 Six 
Plajs for Children with Instructions for Impromptu 
Scenery, &.Q } Lon, 1SS4, cr Svo 5* Entertainments, 
for Bazaars, Fancy Fairs, and Home Circles. Illust. 
Lon , 1SS7, 12mo 

Hainson, Clifford. In Hours of Leisure, [verse,! 
Lon , 1SS7, Svo 

Harrison, Mrs. Constance Cary, b about 
1835, at Vaucluse, Fairfax Co., Va , married, 1867, to 
Burton Harrison, a lawyer of Virginia, resides in New 
York City 1 Golden-Rod an Idyl of Mount Desert, 
N York, 1879, 8\o 2. The Story of Helen Tioy, 1ST. 
York, 1881, 16mo 3 Woman's Handiwork in Modern 
Homes Illust N Yoik, 1881, 12mo 4 The Old- 
Fashioned Fairy-Book Illust Lon., 1SS4, sq. 16mo. 

5 Folk and Fairy Tales Illust Lon , 1885, p. Svo. 

6 Bar Harbor Days Illust N York, 18S7, 16mo 
Harrison, David. A Voice from the Washing- 

tonian Home, Bost, 1860, 12mo 

Harrison, F. Bay ford. 1 As Good as Gold, 
a Tale, Lon , 1878, ISmo, new ed , ISS1 2. Her Very 
Own a Tale, Lon ,1879, ISmoj new ed , 1884 3 Is 
It All Eight 9 a Tale, Lon, 1S80, p Svo 4 Golden 
Flowers , or, Simple Sunday Stories, Lon , 1SS2, p Svo 
5 Under Canvas a Tale, Lon , 1883, p Svo 6 Little 
Pretty, Lon , 1883, cr. Svo 7* A Wase Woman, Lon , 
1SS3, cr Svo. 8. Biothers in Arms, a Story of the 
Crusades. Illust Lon , 1884, p. Svo 9 Second Beat . 
a Tale, Lon , 1885, 10 Masaniello . a Nine-Days 1 Won- 
der Illust. Lon , 1888, p 8 11 Missy Illust 
Lon , 1886, 12mo 12 The Battle-Field Treasure Illust, 
Lon , 1888, p Svo 

Harrison, Fanny. Our Teacher's Stones, Lon , 
1880, sq 16mo , new ed , 0\:f., 1888 

Harrison, Rev. Francis, M.A , graduated at 
Queen's College, Cambridge 1850 , rector of North Wrax- 
hall since 1866 Come Sections treated Geometrically 
together Tnth an Elementary Treatise on Analytical 
Geometry, Lon , 1 8f 7 ? cr. Svo 

Harrison, Frederic, b 18^1 , m London , educated 
at King's College, London, and Wadham College, Oxford, 
where he graduated, first class Lit Hum , 185-J, and was 
elected Fellow and tutor, called to the bar at Lincoln's 
Inn 1858, and practised in the Court of Chancery 1860- 
74, member of the royal commission on trades-unions 
1867-69, secretary to the royal commission for the 
digest of the law 1869-70 , professor of jurisprudence 
for the Council of Legal Education of the Inns of Court 
167S-S9, elected an alderman in the London county 
council 1 889, He is president of the London Fositnist 
Committee, and has published many addresses and 
essays in support of Positivism, besides being a frequent 
contributor to the Nineteenth Century and other periodi- 
cals 1 The Meaning of History Two Lecture*, Lon , 
1862, p Svo 2 (Trans.) Social Statics [vol n of 
Comte's "Pohftque Positive,"] Lon, 1875 3 Order 
and Progress Part I > On Government , Part II , Studies 
of Political Crises, Lon , 1875, Svo 

" Mr Harrison sees the vices of our Parliamentary system 
with great clearness, and denounces them with great 
energy It is to be regretted that he has not pointed out 
their cure *' -jicccd , vhi 239 

4 Martial Law in Kabul, Lon, 1880, Svo. 5, The 
Present and the Suture a Poaitmst Address, Lon., 
1880, Svo. 6 The Crisis in Egypt a Letter to Mr 
Gladstone, Lon , 1SS2, cr. &vo 7. The Choice of Books, 
and other Literary Pieees, Lon , 1886, p Svo. (Also, an 
edition on large paper, Svo, and & Popular edition, cr 

**A writer of such wide interests, who can find some- 
thing Instructive to say about subjects so far apart as the 
French. Revolution and the developments of modern ses- 
thetieism, the Law Courts and the Academy Exhibition, 
S^ Bernard and Lord Beaeonsfleld, who * tackles* Mr 
Rnskm and Mr Arnold flnth equal intrepidity, cannot fail 
to suggest matter for draensBion to any intelligent reader '* 
-jttf t Ko 3047. 

8. Oliver Cromwell, (" Twelve English Statesmen/*) 
Lon , ZJSSd, p &vo* 

* He has made no discoveries in a field where it is still 
to be hoped that ffcssh grain may be garnered, he has, 
however, arranged the old knowledge more deftly than at 
has ever been arranged before* anxTby what he onnts, as 



well as by what he gives, he has shown that every step in | 
that wonderful career is familiar to him." Ath , No 3169 

"The merit of the book lies in the fulness,, fluency, and 
(on the whole) fairness of its narrative of facts." Sat. Rev , 
Ixv. 802 

Harrison, Gabriel, b. 1825, in Philadelphia; 
was an actoi and manager, and later became a teacher 
of elocution in Brooklyn, N.Y. 1. The Stratford Bust 
of William Shakespeare, and a Critical Inquiry into its 
Authenticity and Artistic Merits. Illust. Brooklyn, 
1863, 4to. Only 75 copies printed. 2. The Life and 
Writings of John Howard Payne, Albany, 1875, r. Svo; 
new ed., entitled " John Howard Payne, Dramatist, 
Poet, Actor, and Author of 'Home, Sweet Home!'" 
Phila, 1SS4, Svo. 

Harrison, George. Memoir of William Cook- 
worthy, formerly of Plymouth. By his Grandson. Lon., 
1854, 12mo. 

Harrison, George. Treatise ontheGieek Prep- 
ositions, Phila., 185S, Svo. 

Harrison, George. Two Months in Brittany 
with my Knapsack and Fly- Bod, Lon., 1868, 12ino. 

Harrison, George Harrison Rogers. A 
Genealogical and Historical Account of the Maitland 
Pamily: compiled from Charters, Deeds, &c., Lon., 
1S69, 4to. Privately printed. 

Harrison, George Henry De Strabolgie 
Neville PlantageneU 1. Fac-Simile of the Origi- 
nal Domesday-Book with Translation, Lon., 1876, fol 
2. The History of Yorkshire, [and Yorkshire Families ,] 
vol. i., Lon. and Aylesbury, 1879, fol. (No more pub- 

Harrison, George Leib, 1811-1885, b. in Pbil- 
adelphia r Pa., was for several years president of the 
Pennsylvania Board of State Charities. 1. Ch.ipters on 
Social Science as connected with the Adminis.tiati<m of 
State Chanties, Phila , 1877. 2. The Kemauis of Wil- 
liam Penn : Pennsylvania's Plea, the Mission to England, 
Visit to the Giave, Letters, <fco., Phila., 1882, 4to. Pi i- 
vately pi mted. 3. Legislation on Insanity Collection 
of the Lunacy Laws of the United States to the Ye.u 

1883, inclusive ; [also] England, Canada, and Poitimii 
of the Lunacy Laws of Germany, France, <fcc., PlnLu, 

1884, Svo. Privately printed. 

Harrison, Rev, H., of Hackney. A Guide to the 
Throne a Daily Guide to Family Devotion. Jllust. 
Lon,, 1857-61, 4to. 

Harrison, Rev. Hall, b. 1837, in Anne Arundrt 
Co., Md. , assistant master in St. Paul's School, Concord, 
N.H., 1865-79, and since then rector of St John's, Elli- 
cott City, Md. 1. Hugh Davey Evans, LL.D. : a Me- 
moir founded upon Recollections written by Himself, 
Hartford, 1870, 12mo. 2. Life of the Right Reverend 
John Bishop Kerfoot, D.D., LL.D , First Bishop of 
Pittsburgh with Selections from his Diaries and Cor- 
respondence. Illust. N. York, 1886, 2 vols. 8vo. 

" The book is one which will make its prinp ipal appeal 
to those who find themselves in places similar to that 
which Bishop Kerfoot occupied, and to those profoundly 
interested in the ecclesiastical polity and history oi the 
Episcopal Church , . But to read his biography, , is 
to be made aware that his Christianity and his manhood 
transcended his particular opinions " Nation, xliii 216 

" This is an interesting and profitable book It depicts a 
character singularly devout, manly, lovable, and ener- 
getic And it incidentally >h ows us something of the faith, 
the enterprise, the uiiworldhuess. which are the most at 
tractive characteristics of an orthodox com ninmoii wholly 
independent oi the state." Spectator, Ix. 359. 

Harrison, Harry. Poems, Claphain, Yorkshire, 
1887, Svo. 

Harrison, Henxy William, The Battle-Fields 
and Naval Exploits of the Republic from Lexington to 
the City of Mexico, Hlust. Phila,, 1857, Svo j new 
ed., 1877. 

Harrison, I. Henry. L (Tra,ns,) The Death of 
Ivan the Terrible; from the Russian of Count A. K. 
Tolstoi, 1869, p. Svo. 2. (Trans.) Kriloff's Original 
tables, 1883, 8 vo, 3. Compl *te Course of Volapuk: with 
G-rammar and Exercises, and a Vocabulary of Two Thou- 
sand Five Hundred Words j adapted from the French of 
Prof. Aug. Kercknoffs j 2d ed., Lon., 1888, 12mo. 

Harrison, J. Manual of the Type-Writer, Lon., 

1885, fp, 8ro. 

Harrison, J. Bay ford. A Good Copy, and other 
Stones, Lon , 1884:, p. 3vo. 

Harrison, J, J. and E. On the Culture of the 
Peach. Nectarine, <fec., Lon., 1860, Svo. 


Harrison, James, of Gateshead-on-Tyne. 1. 
Oxford Theology; or, Romanism in the Church of Eng- 
land, Lon., 1875, 12mo. 2. The Everlasting Kingdom 
and the Life Eternal, Lou., 1880, Svo. 

Harrison, James Albert, b. 1848, at Pass Chris- 
tian, Miss. ; graduated at the University of Virginia 
1866; professor of Latin and modern languages in Kan- 
dolph-Macon College, Va , 1871-76, and since then pro- 
fessor of English and modern languages in Washington 
and Lee University, Lexington, Va. 1. A Group of 
Poets and their Haunts, N. York, 1875, Svo. 

"He has an excellent selection of subjects, subjects 
which are a proof oi hi& having real literary and aesthetic 
predilections He has apparently made a long stay in 
Europe, and spent his time there in a sufficiently scholarly 
manner. . He is bitten with the mania of being pict- 
uresque at any cost, in season and out "Nation, xx. 399. 

2. Greek Vignettes : a Sail in the Greek Seas in the 
Summer of 1877, Bost., 1878, ISmo. 3. Spam in Pro- 
file: a Summer among the Olives and Aloes, Bost., 1S79, 

" Mr Harrison's sketches are not only very agreeable 
reading, but they have a distinct charm He has in a very 
perceptible, if not very con&picuous, degiee the quality 
of an artiht he sees thmg& picturesquely, and describes 
them sympathetically "Nation, xxix. 63 

4. Spain, (Sketch of the History of Spain.) Illust. 
Bost., 1881, 12mo. 5. The Story of Greece, ("Story of 
the Nations,") N. York, 1885, 12mo. 6. Autrefois: 
Tales of Old New Orleans and Elsewhere, N. York, 1888, 
12mo. With BASKERVJLL, W. M., A Handy Dictionary 
of Anglo-Saxon Poetry based on Groschopp's Grem. 
Edited, Revised, and Corrected: with Grammatical Ap- 
pendix, List of Irregular Verbs, and Brief Etymological 
Features. Bost. and Lon., 1886, 8\o; new ed., N. York, 

Harrison, James Bower, M.D, M.R.C.P., 
F.R.C.S , graduated in medicine at the University of 
St. Andrews; formerly surgeon of the Ardwick and 
Ancoats Dbpensary, and assistant physician of the Man- 
chester Royal Infiimary. 1. Some Reimiiki on the Con- 
tamination of Water by Poison of L< ad ? and its Effects 
on the Human Body, Lon., I860, 12mo. 2. Popular 
Medical Errors, Lon , 1851, 12mo. 8. The Medical As- 
pects of Death and the Medical Aspects of the Human 
Mind, Lon., 1852, 12ino. 4. A Few Remarks on the 
Perforating Ulcei of the Stomach and Bowels, Lon , 1856, 
12mo. 5 Familiar Letters on the Diseases ot Childien, 
Lon., 1862, 12mo. 6. A Vision of Asniodeus, and the 
Reflections of Dr. Anselmo, Manchester, 1880, p. Svo. 

Harrison, James Carter. 1. An Epitome of 
the Laws of Probate and Divorce, Lon., 1880, 8voj 3d 
ed., 1886. 2. An Epitome of the Cuniinal Law, Lon., 
1882 j 2d ed., Lon., 1885, Svo. 3. A Selection of 
Statutes for Students : with Notes and Cases, Lon., 1885, 
r. Svo. 

Harrison, James Hargrave. (Ed.) Postwick 
and Relatives; written in the Early Part of the Eigh- 
teenth Century by Thomas Harrison, of Great Plum- 
stead. Illustrated with Notes. Great Yarmouth, 1858, 
4to. 100 copies printed for private circulation. 

Harrison, Miss Jane Ellen. 1, Myths of the 
Odyssey in Art and Literature. Illust. Lon,, l&Hl, 

'* To scholars her work will form a compte-rendu of the 
mythography of her subject , to the uninitiated, a promise 
of pfood things to come " Acad , xx 359 

" Miss Harrison's book ismeanjfc, not for the mythologist, 
thouerh it may interest him, but for the student of the art 
in which the Greek genius clothed the common materials 
of human fancy. . . . Her main object is to show how 
Greek artists conceived of the Homeric legends. . . Wo 
are not acquainted with any book produced by any man 
at either university which does so much for the knowledge 
of ancient art as this work by a woman from one of the 
Cambridge colleges for women " Ath,, No 2830. 

2. Introductory Studies m Greek Art. Illust, Lon., 
1885, Svo. 

"The book she has just published displays in an equal 
degree the instinct of address and the iiunauct of research. 
. . . The reader will constantly encounter serious and 
earnest thought, wide knowledge, and a vivid exposition." 
A S. MURRAY : Acad , xxix. 116 

Harrison, Jennie. 1. The Right Way, and how 
Agnes Turner walked in it, N. York, 1863, 18 wo. 2. 
The Children's Wreath, N. York, 1865, 6 vote, IHmo, 4. 
On the Ferry-Boat, N. York, 1865, ISmo. 4. Murwiiiir- 
Glory Stories, JST. York, 1865, J8mo. 5. The Boys' 
Watchword , or, The Story of the Old Back Room, Ion , 
1872; new ed., 1876, 12mo. 6. Little Boots, and the 
Steps they trod in, Lon., 1874, 12uio. 7. "Little 


Boots" grown Older ; or, The Soldier of the Cross, Lou , 
1874, 12mo. 8 Paul Thurston and his Little Boots, 
new ed , Lou ,1875 9. Marty and the Mite-Boxes, 
Lon, 1875, I2mo 10 Little Oranges, or, The Friend 
of the Friendless, Lon , 1875, 16mo , new ed , 1885 11 
Choir-Boys of Cheswiok, 1876 12 Doctor Will, 1880 
IS. Jean Macdoaald's Week a Storj Illust N 
York, 1SS5, 12mo 14 Uogcr Dunham's Choice, N 
York, 1887, 12mo 

Harrison, Joanna* A Northern Lily Fue 
Years oi aa Uneventful Life, [a novel,] Lou, 1S56, cr 

Harrison, John, F R C S 1 Weights of Spirits 
per Imperial Gallon, Lon , 1851, long Svo 2 The Pa- 
thology and Treatment of Stricture of the Uretbri, Lon , 
1852, Svo , 2d ed , 1858 3 The Pathology and Treat- 
ment of Venereal Diseases, Lon , I860, Svo 

Harris on , Jo hn. The Laird of Restalng's Daugh- 
ter a Legend of the Siege of Leith, Bdm , U57, 12ino 
Harrison 9 Rev. John, D D , ordained 1854 , vi< <ir 
of Eenwiok, Yorkshire, 1367. 1 An Antidote to the 
Teaching of Certain Anglo-Catholics conceimng Wor- 
shipping Eastward, Lon, 1366 2 Whose are tbe 
Fatbeis? or, The Teaching of Certain Anglo-Cithohts 
on the Church and its Ministry contrary alike to the 
Scriptures, to the Fathers of the Fust Six Centime*, 
&o , Lon , 1867, Svo. 3 On the Primitive Mode of 
making Bishops being 9.11 Enquny as to whethei they 
were created chiefly by those over whom they were to 
preside or by one or more of their own Order, Lon t 
1870, Svo 4 An Answer to Dr Pusey's Challenge IL- 
apecting the Doctrine of the Real Presence, Lon , IS71, 
2 vols Svo 5. An Answer, in Seven Tiacts to the 
Euchanstte Doctrine of Romanists and Ritualists m 
"which it ia shown that their Teaching is contrary to Holy 
Scriptures, Lon, 1873, p Svo 6 The Fathers IUBUS 
Dr Pusey an Exposition of his Unfair Treatment of 
their Evidence on the Doctrine of the Kcal Presence, 
Lon , I873 t p Svo 7. The Eastward Position Unserip- 
tural and not Primitive and Catholic, Lon , 1876, p Svo 
Harrison, John. Three Ballads The Clipper 
Screw, Maximilian, Trafalgar, Lon , 18b9, 12mo 

Harrison, John* Imaginary Love&, [verse,] Bir- 
mingham, 1880, p Svo 

Harrison, John. Cure Toums Colledge Sketches 
of the Early History of the Old Colledge ot Edinburgh 
with an Appendix of Historical Documents, Edin , 1884, 

Harrison, John, of Edinburgh The Scot m 
Ulster the Story of the Scottish Settlement m Ulster, 
Edm , 1888, cr Svo. 

Harrison, Rev. John Denby, Ph D t , oidnmed 
186F , vicar of Barton, Lancashire, 1B70 The Identity 
of the British, the Anglo-Saxon, and the Catholic 
Church, 1876 

Harrison, Rev. Jonathan Baxter, b 1S35 m 
Ohio , a Unitarian minister at Franklin Palls, JS" H., 
since 1860 1 Certain Dangerous Tendencies in Amer- 
ican Life, and other Papers, Boat, 1880, 12mo Anon 
2 The Latest Studies on Indian Reservations, Phila, 
1887, 16mo 

Harrison, Joseph, 1SIQ-1874, 1) in Philadelphia, 
became a mechanical engineer and inventor, and was 
employed by the Russian, government to construct loco- 
motives, to, 1843-62. 1. An Essay on tiw Steasa 
Boiler, Phila , 1867, Ifano, 2 The Locomotive Engine 
and Philadelphia's Share in its JEarJy Improvement , 
rev ed , Phila , 1S72, Svo 3* Tha Iron- Worker and 
King Solomon with a Memoir and an Appendix, 2d 
ed rev , Phila , 1869 Printed for private circulation 
Harrison, Rev. Joshua Clarkson, The Offi- 
cers, Services, and Institutions of Paik Chapel, Camden 
Town mth the Reports for 185S (ISbl ) and an Address 
to the Chinch and Congregation, Camden Town, 1859- 
61, 2 vols 12mo. Privately printed. Also, single ser- 
mons and addresses. 

Harrison, Rev, Lawrence John. Sermons 
preached on Various Occasions, Lon , 1867, p, 8\o. 

Harrison, Mrs. 1HL B. (Trans ) A Great Lady 
from the German of J. van Dewall, [pseud lor August 
Kuehne,] Lon., 1879, p. Svo. 

Harrison, Mrs. Mary, daughter of Jter. Charle 
Kmgsley, in/mj wife of Rev William Harrison Her 
books and her contributions to periodicals hare been pub- 
lished under the pseudonyme of " Lucas MaleV 1 Mrs 
Lonnw a Sketch in BJaek and White, Lon , 1882, 2 
vols. p 870, 


14 Not only brimful of cleverness, profuse and careless 
Cleverness, *as of one rich in intelligence, and of genuine, 
oftly reflectne humour, such as critics Icn e, but oi power 
fa kind so separate that it is bard to characterize without 
Luoting m justification the whole book " Spectator, lu 

2 Colonel Enderb/s Wife a Novel, Lon, 13S5, 3 
r ols cr Svo 

We cannot doubt that this storj w ill Jive amongst the 
great English fictions of tins centuo For it mo\ es m the 
ugher imaginative world without anj deficiency m real- 
sm There is noble poetiy in it without dreaminess or 
want oi grasp for the truth of human nature ' Spectator, 
vin 710 

i Little Peter a Chrism ^ Morality, Lon 1 18S7, sq. 
Gmo 4 A Counsel of Perfection, Lon , 1SSS, p Svo. 

Harrison, Miss Mary. The Skilful Cook a 
Practical Manual of Modern Experience, Lon , 3 SS4, 
er 8vo 

Hairison, Nellie Fortescue. 1 For One Man's 
Pleasure a No\el, Lon, 1883, 2 vola cr. Svo, nexv 
ed , 1SS5 2 So Runs mj Dream a Story, Lon , 1S85, 

\ols p S\o 

Harrison, Octavian Baxter Cameron, M*A , 

1819, graduated at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1S41, 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple ISM 1. The 
Summary Procedure on Bills of Exchange Act, 1S55, 
Lon, 1855, 12mo ? 2d ed same yeir 2 The Practice 
of the Sheriff's Court of the City of London, Lon , I860, 
cr 8\o 3 The Registration (Occupation Voters) Act, 
LSS5, Lon , 1885, Bvo. 4 The Representation of the 
People Act, 1884 Kotes, Lon , 1885, p Svo 

Harrison, Ob car. The Comic Guide to the Isle 
of Man Illust Lon, 1881, STO. 

Harrison, R. E. What is Congelation ? or, The 
Benumbing Influence of Cold in producing Insensibility 
to Pam in Dental Operations popularly explained, Lon , 
185S, 12mo 

Harrison, Reginald, M D , F.R CJ5 , surgeon to 
the Liverpool Rojal Infirmary 1 Clinical Lectures on 
Stricture of the Uiethra and Disorders of the Urinary 
Organs, Lon , 1878, Svo 2 Lectures on the Surgical 
D^eases of the "Uuimy Organs, 2d ed , etil , Lon , 1880, 
8vo, 3d ed 1 1887 3 The Prevention of fefcncture and 
of Piostatio Obstruction, Lon , 1882 4 On some Recent 
Advances m Surgery of the Urinary Organs Address, 
Lon , 1883, Svo. 5, Obsen auons on Lithotomy, Lithot- 
nty, and the Early Detection of Stone in the Bladder 
with a Description of a New Method of Tapping the 
Bladder, Lon , 18S3, 8\o 6> Some Points in the Surgery 
oi the Urinary Organs. Lettsomian Lectwe, Lon, Ib88, 

Harrison, Major-Gen, Richard, BE, C.B, 
C M G , served m the Indian Mutiny, China war, Znlu 
wai, Egyptian expedition, <fce 1 A Piaetical Scheme 
for the Reoigaiuzatiou of tbo Armies of England By 
an Officer Lon, 1871, 8\t 2* The Volunteer, the 
Ahhtinmon, and the Regular Soldier. By a Public- 
School Boy Lon, 1S74-, bvo 8. The Officer's Memo- 
randum-Book for Peace and War, Lon , 1877, obi 32nio j 
4th eil 188i. 

Harrison, Robert, librarian of the London 
Libraiy, 1 Kotes of a Nine Ye.irs' Residence m Russia, 
from 1844 to 1853, Lon, 1855, p, Svo 2 Colonial 
Sketches , or. Five Years m South Australia, Lon , 1S62, 
ISmo, 3 (Trans } Lorenzo de' Medu.i the Magnificent, 
by A, von Reumont Lon., 1876, 2 vols 8vo 4 Cata- 
logue of the London Library: with Appendix containing 
List of Members, Contents of Voluminous Collections, 
Alphabetic \l List of Tracts, and a Classified Index of 
Subjects; 5th ed, Lon., 1888, 2 vols. And see Go&T- 
WICK, JQ^EPJE, supra 

Harrison, Hotoert Alexander, BCL, 18SV 
1878, b at Montreal, Canada; admitted to the bar 1855 j 
represented West Toronto m Parliament 1867-72, and 
became chief justice of Ontario in 1875. 1. Digest of 
Cases in the Queen's Bench, Upper Canada, from 182$ 
to 1851, 18o3 2 The Common Law PioetduTS Act, 
[Canada,] and other Acts relating to the Practice of the 
Superior Courts of Common Law and the Rules of Coxn t 
with Notes, Toronto, 1S56 , 2d ed , 1870, Svo 3 Statutes 
of Upper Canada, to 1856, 18$r. 4. Sketch of the Legal 
Profession in Upper Canada, 1857, 5 Manual of Costs 
m County Courts, 1857 6 Rules of Practice and Plead- 
ing m the Courts of Upper Canada, 1&58 V Municipal 
Manual of Upper Canada, 1859 
Harrison, S.Francis. Crowded Out Ottawa, 1386, 
Harrison, Samuel, of Sheffield Eng, A Com- 
plete History of the Great Flood at Sheffield on March 
11 aod 12, 1864 Illust. Lon., 1364, 8 ?o. 



Harrison, Rev. Samuel, of Pittsfield, Mass. 
An Appeal of a Colored Man to his Fellow-Citizens of a 
Fairer Hue in the United States, Pittsfield, 1877, 16mo. 

Harrison, Samuel H. Alonzo ye Brave and ye 
Fayre Imogene: an Hysterical Drama, in Three Acts, 
[verse,] Liverpool, 1876, Svo. 

Harrison, Rev. T. Three Hundred Testimonies 
in Favor of Religion and the Bible, by Distinguished 
Men and Women, Gin., 1888, 12ino. 

Harrison, Rev. W. How to take a Holiday in 
the Tyrol for 21: with an Account of a Visit to Ant- 
werp, &c., Manchester, 1886, p. Svo. 

Harrison, W, B., editor of tne American Artisan. 
The Mechanic's Tool-Book: with Practical Rules and 
Suggestions for the Use of Machinists, Iron-Workers, 
and Others, N. Toik, 1868, 12mo. 

Harrison, W. C. Beesund Bee-Keeping, N. York, 
I860, 12mo. 

Harrison, W. H. The Fossil Bride : a Legend of 
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and the Sanitary Record I OB Diphtheria its Hia- 
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' The title of this book does not fairly indicate its inter- 
esting contents Ihe % olnme is \aluabie m the violinist, 
it is mstruetrv e for the amateur , and miscellaneous matter 
may be found 111 it calculated to fix the attention of the 
general reader \\ ho is disposed to dn e into the records of 
the history and development of ajt " Ath , No 2498 

2 The Viohn and Us Music. IHust Lon, 3881, 
4to new ed , 1SS4, S\o 

" The bioad range of interest in the book, winch appears 
at the verv beginning, and the evident appreciation of the 
romantic as \\ell as the practical side of the cmestion 
slio'tts that the man is not merged in the specialist, and 
that outsiders as well as experts may look to fird axau&e- 
mentas well as instruction therein "So? Rev , In 241 

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J , wfi a. 

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S Hart, inf>a., b 1859, at Princeton, H" J } graduated 
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Bosk, 1688, 12mo 

"Wot only a pleasing record of travel, but a timely pic- 
ture of one of the idaa toown yet most valuable portions 
of the earth's saraee.'^JSafttw/xIvit 442 - 

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to the ataflT of tfce PubK<& Itaprf Office, England. 1 A 
Short Account of tii J 3^ft|panafkcture of Gunpowder 
in England, Lon , l^^^M^ (W Hfstoaia et Car- 
tnlanam Monasterjl^^p ^lowrcstrl^i^ki^uL 
miti o 

the Actress, and Thomas Qt^ay, Lon , 1868, 4to 4. 
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Regard to their G-avelkind and K on- Gavel kind Quali- 
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Harte, Francis Bret, b 1839, at Albany, N Y , 
removed to California in 1854, became a compositoi in 
a printing-office, a contubutor to newspapers, and in 
1868 the first editor of the Overland Monthly, in which 
he published " The Luck of Scaring Camp** and other de- 
lineations of Cahfornian lifeAln 1870 he was made pro- 
fessor of recent literature in the University of Califor- 
nia, but m the following year he resigned this position, 
as well as the editorship of the Overland, and removed to 
New York, becoming a contributor to the Atlantic Monthly 
and to Senbner's Magazine I He was U S consul at Cre- 
feld, Germany, 1873-80, and'at Glasgow 1880-85, and has 
sineejihen resided in En^IanjLjgT Condensed Novels, 
lind otherFapersTT^ Ifork; T7<Vl2mo 2 "The Hea- 
then Chiifee," [verse ] Illust Cbie , 1870 (Published 
originally in the Overland Monthly, under the title of 
" Plain Talk from Truthful James ") 3 The Luck of 
Eoanog Camp, and other Sketches, Bost , 1870, 12mo 

" We cannot safely infei that a man who can throw off 
these vigorous etchings is capable of composing more am- 
bitious pictures with equal success At the same time, 
he sho\*s so much unmistakable talent m the frtory we 
have noticed thative cannot but hope that he will turn 
his powers to some account in future, and that we may 
have to congratulate California on pi educing a genuine 
teller of stones with a strong local flavour T ' &zi Jfcev , 
xzzl 89 

4 Poems, Bost , 1871, 12mo 5 " The Heathen 
Chinee," and other Poems, Lon ,18*71, Svo 6 last and 
West Poems, Bost , 1871, 16mo 7 Stones of the Sier- 
ras, Bost, 1S72, 12 mo 

" In none of Bret Harte's stones, -whether iu prose or 
verse, are the characteristics of hi& geums more striking 
than in these o the biejrras '* Spectator, 3Jv 1657 

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M Bellew, Lon , 187&. 12 Ati Episode of Ihddletown, 
and other Sketches, with a Memoir, Lon, 1873, 8vo. 
13 Echoes of ^Foot-Hills Poems, $ost , 1&74 } Ifano. 
Argonaut^ and other Sketches, Bost , 
Gabriel Conroy a Hovel, Lon , 1870, 

14 Tales of 
1875, 16 
3 vols. 

his account 

^o has skill in the art of skipping, may find 

reading this novel for the sate of the good 

pieces of Ascription and dialogue to be found' in It , but 
we, who have w&ndered through all it uatoeSvMJi only 
speak of fb as a most disappointing boofe * ? mt M$t f xti 
$17 f | 

16 Thankful Blossom a BomanW yft tlta 
1779 Blust. Bost , 1877, sq, Hmov' 4ff Wo Me 
Bandy Bar a Drama, Bost, 1877, $). Horn. IS 
Hoodlum Band, and other ^2^* ^^^ 
The Story of a Mine, Bost,WS Umo* 
Two Shores, Bast , 1878, ]i^o 21 The 
Mottnta,jn t and other Stones, B0"t , 1870> 
An Heiress of Eed Dog, and other ^$& 
Jtf79, p 8vo. 23. Jeff Bnggss 
Sketches, Lon , 1880, J2m^ 24 
lected and Revise* ^y the 
Svo, Riverside 4ltfttyBo 
at Blazing Star, Bost., 1^82, Uttafr fy\ t 
Woods, Bost., 18SS> 


snows true literary feeling, but we can but feel that the 
author is wasting his forces in the service of an outworn 
literary fashion "-Nation xxxvii 255 

27 On the Frontier, Boat, 1884, 16mo 28 Cahfor- 
mau Stones, Lon, 1884, p Svo 29 Maruja,Bost,m5, 

i i" T S? nenroiis > energetic ttyle tells to advantage m a tale 
like this, and the approach to a tragedy iss just near 
enough, to keep one's interest pitched high " tfafton, xh 

30 By Shore and Sedge An Apostle of the Tules, 
"Sarah Walker," A Ship of *49, Boat, 1885. 16mo 

"Three very slight sketches, marked by their au- 
thor's usual extravagance "Nation, xh 157 

31 The Queen of the Pirate Isle. Illustrated by Kate 
Greenaway Bost , 1886, sin 4bo 32 Snow-Bound it 
Eagles, Bost, 1S86, Svo 33 Devil's Ford a Novel. 
Lon , 1887, p Svo 34 A Millionaire of Rough and 
Keady, Lon , 1887, Svo 35 The Crusade of the " Ex- 
celsior " a Kovel, Lon , 1887, 2 vols cr. Svo 36 The 
Argonauts of North Liberty, Bost , 1888, 24mo <J7 
A Phyllis of the Sierras, [also] A Drift from Redwood 
Camp, Bost, 1888, 24iao 


u No living writer has struck so powerful and original a 
note as he Has sounded throughout the six tales which 
made his reputation In the&e he forgets all other litera- 
ture, and sees and is possessed solely by the life which he 
portrays So vigorous and veracious is the conception that 
all extraneous and reflected matter is left behind, as the 
impurities of a solution are rejected when it crystallizes " 
-Spectator, 1m 1194 

r He has plenty of humour, both, artificial and real, and 
prenfy of true imaginative wife he has a sure eve for char- 
acter of a certain sort an excellent faculty of description, 
Doth didactic and dramatic, and a very masterful appre- 
hension of effect, he is capable of pathos and he is capa- 
ble of drama he has imagination of the right romantic 
quality , he is an adept in certain sorts of pabsion , and he 
has abundant knowledge of certain classes of motivel He 
is hardly ever faultless , for even when he is at his best and 
highest it is never clear that a touch of unveracity, a trace 
of the practised stage manager, a blunder in tact, a discord 
in sentirn ent, will not spoil all But he now and then goes 
straight to the heart for all thafc, and within his limits there 
is no living writer who can improve upon him " Ath , No 

" Perhaps the most eminently distinctive feature of Mr 
Bret Harte's manner is suggestiveness, a quality in which. 
we think, his writing is hardly to be surpassed. By this 
we mean the power of suggesting definite, not Indefinite, 
adeas With a few touches, thrown as it were by acci- 
dent, he describes remote or trivial consequences so as to 
carry our thought at once to the centre of the action Nor 
do we come to resent this as a trick of manner , partly be- 
cause Mr Bret Harte knows how to apply it with infinite 
variety, parti v because it is really not artificial, but founded 
on the truth of human nature The purely humorous 
aspect of Mr Bret Harte's writings is both the most familiar 
and perhaps the most difficult to give an account of 
The curious irony using the word in its original sense 
of under-statoment which runs through the whole is ge- 
neric rather than individual But our author embodies it 
in a quiet, easy flow of verse peculiar to himself which 
sets it off admirably His Californian tales, beyond 
their interest as works of fiction, have a truth which, If 
not exactly literal, is better than much that passes for his- 
torical truth They give us a picture, everywhere so 
striking and consistent that even without confirmation 
which, however, is not wantingit must be accepted aa 
faithful, of a strange transitory phase of civilization which 
already belongs to the past " Sat Rev , xxxv 722 

Haite, George C K (Ed ) Golden Love, Illust 
Ion, 3 888, ISmo. 2 (Ed.) Chaplet of Gems. Blast 
Ion , 1888, 18rao 

Harte, Rev. William* Sermons preached in the 
Parish Church of BUndford, Lon , 1864, 12mo. 

Harthill * S u sanna. Revolution, and other Poems, 
Edm , 1850, 12mo 

Hart ing, James Edmund, F L S , b. 1S41, in 
London, and educated at Dowimde College, near Bath, 
and at the University of London , practised as a soli" 
citor till 187$, Since when he has devoted himself to 
zoological investigations. In 1871 lie became editor 
of the natuiai history columns of the Pield, and in 1877 
editor of the Zoologist I The Birds of Middlesex : a 
Contribution, to the Natural History of the County, 
lion , 1866, p Svo 2, Hint? on Shore Shooting . with a 
Chapter on Skinning and Preserving Birds, Lon,, 1871, 
p Svo &. The Ornithology of Shakespeare Critically 
Examined, Explained, and Illustrated, Lon v 1871, Svo. 
4, A paijtd-BiOofc of Bntiah Birds: showing the Jhstri- 
bution of the Resident and Migratory Species in the 
British XstaaaH, Lon , 1872, Svo, & ($d.) White's Nat- 
ural IJistoty of Selborne. Revised, wxth E?otes r Lon. f 
1875, $p. 6, Rambles IB Search of Shells, Land and 
Fresh- Water ijlptfu Lon^ W5, {>. Svo 7 Os*r Sum- 


mer Migrants an Account of the iligratory Birds 
which pass the Summer in the British Islands " Illust 
LOB , 1875 , new ed 5 1881. 8 British Animals Bxtmct 
within Historic Times with some Account of British 
Wild "White Cattle Illust Lon , 1SSO, S*o 

" We quite agree with Mr Earting In thinking: that the 
space which mter\ enes "between the end of O\\ ears ' British 
FOSSJ! Mnrnmals and Birds* and the "beginning- of Bell's 
1 British Quadrupeds' should be- bridged o\ er by a history 
oi those species that have become extinct in historic times 
The five essays that compose Mr Hamng s book relate 
to the bear, the beaver, the reindeer, the wild boar, and 
the wolf, and there is a supplementary essay on ' Wild. 
White Cattle ' "-Sat Rev > li $fo 

9 Sketches of Bird Life, Haunts and Habits Illust* 
Lon , 1883, Svo 10 Essays on Sport and Natural His- 
tory litest Lon , 1883, Svo. 11 Hints on the Man- 
agement of Hawkgj Lon , 1884, Svo, With ROBERT, L 
P , Glimpses of Bird Life, portrayed by Pen and Pencil. 
IJlusfc Lon , 1SSO, fol. 

Hartiugton, Marquis of. See CATENDISH. 

Hartley, JHrs. 1. Hilda and I a Novel, Lon , 
1874, 2 vols p Svo 2 Spiders and Flies . a Novel, Lon , 
1875, 2 vols p Svo. 3 King or Knave, Lon , 1877, 2 
vols p Svo. 

Hartley, Benjamin. Guide fco Collodio-Etchinff. 
Illust and Plates N York, 1882. 

Hartley, Cecil B. 1 Life and Adventures of 
Lewis Wetzel, the Virginia JUnger, 12mo, 3 Life of 
the Empress Josephine, Phila , 1860, 12mo. 3 Life of 
Francis Marion with Sketches of other Patriots Illast 
Phila., 12mo 4 Lives of the Three Mrs. Judsons, the 
Female Missionaries, Phila , 12mo 5 Hunting Sports 
in the West Illuat. Phila , 12mo 6 Life of Daniel 
Boone, the Great Western Hunter and Pioneer : to waiea 
is added his Autobiography complete, as dictated by 
himself, PM!a M 1865, Svo 7. Pjetorial Teaching and 
Bible Illustration, Phila , 1S69, 12mo. 

Hartley* Charles* 1. Elocution Made Eaav for 
Clergymen, Pubho Speakers, and Headers, Lon., 1870, 
8vo. 2 Oratory Made Easy a Guide to the Composi- 
tion of Speeches, Lon , 1 871, 12mo. 3. The Grammat- 
ical Remembrancer Aids in Correct Speaking and 
"Writing, Lon , 1871, 12mo 4 Th English Elocution- 
ist a Collection of the Finest Passages ot Poetry and B3o- 
quence, Lon , 1872, 12mo 5 The Speaking Voice How 
to Cultivate, Develop, Modulate, Manage, Strengthen, 
and Preserve it- with Passages for Practice, Lon 1S73, 
Svo 6 How to Speak Well in Public and Private, 
Lon , 1884, 12mo. 7 The Book of Recitations . a Col- 
lection of Passages from the Works of the Best Poets and 
Dramatists, Lon , 1837, p. Svo 

Hartley, Mrs* Emily. 1. Dora K>mper t or, 
How the Bitter was made Sweet Illust Phila , 1879, 
16mo. 3 Beeorda of the Do-Without Society, Phila, 
1879, I6mo. 3. Odd Moments of the Willoughby Boys, 
Lon , 1881, cr Svo 

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Meter Testing, 3d ed,Lon, 1&73 , 4th ed, 1882. 2. 
The Gas Analyst** Manual, Lon , 1879, p 8vo. 

Hartley, Fountain J. T&e Sunday-School Army 
its Position and Progress, Lon , 1884, p Svo. 

Hartley, Rev. Isaac Smith son, DJD, son of 
Kobert Milham Hartley, wfr*t t b 1S30, in New York j 
graduated at New York "University 1852, and at An- 
dover Theological Seminary 1856 , since 1871 pastor of 
the Reformed Church at TJtic% N.T , and in 1873 founded 
the Vedder lectureship at Kutgers College. 1 Prayer 
and its Relation to Modern Thought and Criticism: 
Vedder Lectures, 1874, N York, 1875, 12mo 2. His- 
tory of the Reformed Church, Utioa, N. York, 188$, S. 
Memorial of Rev Philip H Fowler, D.D,, K. Tori, 
1881. 4 Memorial of Eobert Milham Hartley, Utie% 
1881. 5. Old Fort Schuyler in History, 1884, S, 
( Comp.} The Twelve Gates Yerses from Various Authors, 
TJtiea, 1887, 4to. 

Hartley, Rev, John, Wesleyan minister, 1 Hxd 
Treasures, and the Search for them * Lectures to Bible- 
Classes, Lon., 185$, 4th ed, 1&79 2. Let Us Go Up: 
Incentives to the Pursuit of Holiness, Lon , 1872 ? Ifaoo, 
S. Chapters on Holiness, Expository and Practical, Loa., 
188% 12mo. 

Hartley, John, W&^ M.S , V. 1839, at HaBfa*, 
Yorkshire, and educated at the Park Place Academy 
there, waa for tventy years a designer of upfeolsfcary 
goods for & firm in Halifax. In 1$$6 lie begaa t^e pul>- 
lieation. of the Clock Altaanoek, th eireula^m s*f 
100,000 amjuaUy. In 1S72 lie 


America. Most of his productions are written in the 
Yorkshire dialect. 1. Annie Linn, the Moorland Flower. 
2. A Rolling Stone : a Tale of Wrongs and Revenge, 
Waken" eld, 12mo. 3. Yorkshire Ditties ; two series, 
1872. 4. Yorkshire Tales; two series. 5. Pensive 
Poems and Startling Stories, 1876, I2mo. 6. Sects i' 
Lundun : a Yorkshireman's Ten Days' Trip, Lon., 1876, 
12mo. 7. Grimes* Trip to Aineiica. Ten Letters from 
Sammywell G-rimes to John Jones Stnith, Wakefield, 
1877, 12mo. 8. Yorkshir Puddin' : a Collection of the 
Most Popular Dialect Stories from the Pen of John 
Hartley; two series, Lon., 1877, 12mo. 

14 Mr Hartley is a writer of real power, both dramatic 
and humorous He is not devoid, either, of pathos. . . . 
The permanent value of the book consists m its pictures 
of working-men's hie and thought in the Yorkshire of the 
nineteenth century. Where, without straining after fun, 
Mr Hartley confines himself to tracing such pictures and 
letting the* humour flow naturally out of them, his work- 
manship is of its kind simply pertect, and reminds one ol 
nothing so much as of a first-rate Temers." Spectator, In 

9. Many a Slip: a Domestic Romance, 1878, 12mo. 
10 Seets i' Paris, 1879, 12mo. 11. A Sheaf from the 
Moorland Poems, 1881, 12mo. 12. Seets i* Blackpool, 
Fleetwood, Lytham, and Southport, 1882, 12mo. 

Hartley, L. Industrial Thrift ; or, Life Assurance 
and Pensions, &c., Lon., 18S7, 12mo. 

Hartley, Mrs. May, (Laffan,) b. in Dublin; 
wife of W. N. Hartley, infra. 1. Hogan, M.P. . a 
Novel, Lon., 1876, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. Anon. 

" We have seldom read through a modern novel which 
left a worse taste behind it than this At the same time, 
we cannot but admit that the author shows considerable 
power in handling his materials. His canvas, indeed, is 
crowded to such an extent that the sketches are of the 
slightest; but each character standb on its own feet, and 
is not merely a lay figure, and the story, such as it is, never 
flags. Our objection is not to the handling of them, but to 
tine materials themselves." Spectator, xhx. 1013. 

2. The Honourable Miss Ferraid, Lon., 1877, 3 vols. 
cr. Svo. 

"Doubly worth reading, for its pictures of Irish manners 
are as entertaining as the story itself." Sat. JRev , xliv. 403. 

3. Flitters, Tatters, and the Counsellor, Lon., 1879, 
12mo; new ed., 1883. 

41 No work of fiction that we have seen for a long time 
has such splendid humour and deep pathos as this little 
shilling book "Spectator, hi. 410 

4. Christy Carew, Lon., 1SSO, 3 vols. or. Svo. 

" Whatever may be the political or religious bias of the 
reader, he can hardly fail to find so life-Tike a sketch of 
society in an important portion of the realm both timely 
and interesting . . . Neither pathos nor humour is lack- 
ing." Atfi , No. 2728 

5. The Game Hen, Dublin, 1880, 12mo. 6, Bauble 
Clark, Edin. and Lon , 1880, 12mo. 

*' The simple tale is told with so much vividness and so 
mudx knowledge of the outlying corners of human nature 
that it v&& not easily be forgotten "Acad. t xvin 438. 

7. (Trans.) No Relations, by Hector Malot, Lon., 
1880, 3 vols. cr. Svo. 8. A Singer's Story, Lon., 18S5, 
12mo, 9. Ismay's Children, Lon., 1887, 3* vols. p Svo. 

"Among the contemporary chroniclers of the realities 
of Insh liie the author of ' Hogan, M P ,' occupies a prom- 
inent place, and her latest venture will greatly enhance 
a deservedly high reputation, 'Ismay's Children' opens 
admirably, and improves on closer acquaintance, being 
marked to a singular extent by a combination of qualities 
rare in female writers, strength, breadth of humour, and 
impartiality . . No one who is anxious to tathom the 
enigma of the Irish character will be deterred by such 
considerations [" Hibermcisms" m the style, &e J from the 
careful study of what we have no hesitation m pro- 
nouncing to be the most valuable and dispassionate con- 
tribution towards the solution of that problem which has 
been put forth in this generation in tlie domain of fiction." 
Ath., No 31*29 

"Among the younger generation of novelist* we know 
none who writes so manifestly from the heart and at the 
same time fully satisfies the demand of the critic for literary 
grace, whether in her longer or her shorter pieces."- Acad , 
xs. 310. 

Hartley, Oliver C. and R. K. Texas Supreme 
Court Eeports, vols. xiv.-xxi., (1855-58,) Houston, 1856- 
58, 8 vols, 

Hartley, Robert Milham, 1796-1881, b. at 
Cocfkermotith, Eng.; removed to America in infancy; 
founded the New York Association for Improving the 
Condition of the iPoor J$42, and issued for it thirty-four 
octavo volumes of reports. 1. Historical, Scientific, and 
Practical Essay on Milfe, K. York, 1841. 2. Intemper- 
ance in Cities and Large Towns, N. York, 1851. 

Hartley, W* In a London Suburb, Lon., 1885, 3 
vols. cr Svo. 


Hartley, W. G. A Handy Book of Rifle Volun- 
teers. Illust. Lon., 1859, 18mo. 

Hartley, Walter Noel, F.C.S., demonstrator of 
chemistry and lecturer on chemistry in the Evening 
Class Department, King's College, London. 1. Air, and 
its Relations to Life: being, with some Additions, the 
Substance of a Course of Lectures delivered at the Royal 
Institution of Great Britain, Lon., 1875, 12moj 2d ed., 

" Mr Hartley has treated the subject very skilfully. . . . 
Mr. Hartley devotes a considerable part of his book to a 
? toum6 of 'the various experiments made by Pasteur, 
Schwann, Schroder, Bastian, and others, himselt included, 
on spontaneous generation." Acad , ix. 126 

2 Water, Air, and Disinfectants, ("Manuals of 
Health,") Lon., 1877, 12mo. 3. Spectnim Photography 
and New Methods of Qualitative Analysis, (Philosophi- 
cal Transactions,) Lon., 1884, 4to. 4. Researches m 
Spectrum Photography, Ac.: Quantitative Analysis, 
(Philosophical Transactions,) Lon, 3885, 4to. 5. Ab- 
sorption Spectra of the Alkaloids, (Philosophical Trans- 
actions,) Lon , 1886, 4to. 6. Course of Quantitative 
Analysis for Students, Lon., 1887, p. Svo. With ADTSNEY, 

, Wave Lengths of Lines of High Refrangibility, 

(Philosophical Transactions,) Lon., 1 884, 4to. 

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phy of the Human Mind, Lon., 1860, 12mo. 

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Turkish and English, Lon,, 1856, 12mo. 

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Conchologia Cestrica : the Molluscous Animals, and their 
Shells, of Chester County, Pa. Illust. Phila., 1874, 12mo. 

Hart ma nil, Franz, M.D. 1. Report of Observa- 
tions made during a Nine Months' Stay at the Head- 
Quarters of the Theosophical Society at Adyar, Madras, 
1884, Svo. 2. Magic, White and Black j or, The Science 
of Finite and Infinite Life containing Practical Hints 
for Students of Occultism, Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 3. The 
Life of Philippus Theophrastus Bombast, of Hohen- 
heim, known by the Name of Paracelsus, Lon., 1887, 
p. Svo. 

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Love. N. York, 1860, 12mo. 

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to the Irish National Exhibition of 1882 with a His- 
torical Catalogue of Irish Manufactures and Industries, 
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International Exhibition of 1S83, Cork, 1883, Svo. 

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Hand-Book for the City of Philadelphia. Map and 
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Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital* The Refrac- 
tion of the Eye: a Manual for Students. Illust. Lon., 
1884, p. Svo; 3d ed,, 1887. 

Hartshorne, B* F* The Dunes : a Prize Poem. 
By B. F. H. 1864. 

'Hartshorne, Rev* Charles Henry, M.A., 
F S.A., [ante, vol. i., add.,] 1802-1865, b. at Broseley, 
Shropshire; graduated at St. John's College, Cambridge, 
1825; ordained 1826; rector of Cogenhoe 1838-50, and 
from then of Holdenby, Northamptonshire. 1. Rocking- 
ham Castle : its Antiquity and History, Oxf., 1852, Svo. 
Printed for private distribution. 2. Memoirs Illustra- 
tive of the History and Antiquities of Northumberland, 
1858. 3. (Ed.) The Itinerary of King Edward the 
Second, Lon,, 1861, 4to. Privately printed. 4. A Guide 
to Alnwick Castle. Illust. Lon., 3866, p Svo. 

Hartshorne, Emily Sophia. I. Enshrined 
Hearts of Warriors and Illustrious People, Lon,, 1861, 
Svo. 250 copies printed. 2. Memorials of Holdenby, 
Lon., 1868, Svo. 3. Designs of Church Embroidery and 
Crewel Work from Old Examples, [with descriptive 
letter-press,] Lon., 1880. 

Hartshorne, Henry, M.D., [rente, vol. i., add.,] 
became professor of the practice of medicine at the 
University of Pennsylvania 18o9j profess-or of hygiene 
in the same institution 1866, and of organic science and, 
philosophy at Haverford College 1867. 1. Woman's 
Witchcraft; or, Th$ Curse of Coquetry. By Corinne 
L'Estrange, [pseud.] 1S54. 2. Memoranda Medicaj 
or, Note-Book of Medical Principles, Phila.^ I860, 12mo. 


3. A Monograph on Glycerin and its Uses, Phila., 1S65, 
12mo. 4. Summer Songs. By H. H. Illust. 1865. 
5. Cholera: its Nature, Prevention, and Treatment, 
Phila., 1866, ISino. 6. Essentials of the Principles and 
Practice of Medicine. Illust. Phila, 1869, r. 12mo,- 
5th ed., 1881. 7. Conspectus of the Medical Sciences. 
Illust. Phila., 1869, 12mo. 8. Family Adviser and 
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Twentieth Century, Phila., 1881, 24mo. 12. A House- 
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giene, for Daily Use m the Preservation of Health and 
Care of the Sick and Injured: with an Introductory 
Outline of Anatomy and Physiology. Illust. Phila., 
1886, 8vo. 

Hartshorne, Oliver* Training for Life : a Novel, 
Lon M 1868, p. 8vo. 

Hartt, Charles Frederick, 1S40-1S78, b. at 
Fredericton, New Brunswick ; graduated at Acadia Col- 
lege, Wolfville, N,S., 1860; became a student at the 
Museum of Comparative Zoology in Cambridge, and was 
one of the geologists of the Thayer expedition to Biazil 
in 1865 ; was made professor of geology and physical 
geography at Cornell in 1868, and chief of the Geological 
Surveys of Brazil m 1875. 1. Geology and Physical 
Geography of Brazil, (Thayer Expedition.) Illust. and 
Map*. Bost, 1870, Svo. 

" The faculty of artistic perception or picturesque illus- 
tration is . . subordinated in the writer's mind to the 
habit of close observation and the dry record of fact " 
Sat Rev , xxx 602 

"Oui author takes up, one after another, the description 
of the several provinces to which his studies extended, 
and gives details of their geological character, . . . while 
in the case of the fossiliferous strata their organic remains 
are careiully noted. . . . While fully sustaining the dis- 
covery oi glacial drift in tropical Brazil, our author ex- 
cludes from it much ot the material which Prof. Agas&iz 
had referred to that period "Nation, xi. 370 

2. Contributions to the Geology and Physical Geogra- 
phy of the Lower Amazons, Buffalo, 1874. 3. Ama- 
zonian Tortoise Myths, Bio de Janeiro, 1875, Svo. 4. 
Notes on the Manufacture of Pottery among Savage 
Races, Rio de Janeiro, 1875, Svo. 

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1878, 32wo. 

Hart well 9 Mary. See GATHER WOOD, MARY H., 

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Council: Sixty Addresses by American Educators, N. 
York, 1884, 12mo. 

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hall and the Various Offices of the Corporation of 
London, Lon,, 1860, Svo; new ed., 1862. 

Harvey, Alexander, M.D. 1. Trees and their 
Nature j or, The Bud and its Attributes: in a Series of 
Letters to his Son, Lon., 1856, 12mo. (Written in sup- 
port of a theory that all plants are strictly annual, and 
** the only difference between the plants called annual 
and those called perennial is that the former produce 
seeds only for the propagation of their specie^ while 
the latter produce both seeds nnd buds/') 2. Testimony 
of Nature to the Identity between Bud and Seed, Lon., 

1857, 12rao. S. Four Letters to Sir J. Clark on Admin- 
istrative Reform in Relation to the Medical School, Lon., 

1858, Svo. 4. Man's Place unique in Nature, and his 
Pedigree Human not Simian. By a University Profes- 
sor. Edin., 1865, 8vo. 5. First Lines of Therapeutics, 
as based on the Modes and Processes of Healing as oc- 
curring Spontaneously in Diseae : in a, Series of Lec- 
tures, Lon,, 187$, 01% Svo. With DAVIDSON, AwsxAKDEft 
IHora, M.D., Syllabus of Matena Medtea, for the Use of 
Tenders and Students, Lon,* 1873, 12mo; 8th fld n 1887. 

Harvey , Mrs* Annie Jane, of Ick well-Bury. 1. 
V. 49 


Our Cruise in the tf Claymore '* with a Visit to Damas- 
cus and the Lebanon, Lon., 1861, 12mo. 

" Any one who, in this busy age, has a surplus of leisure 
on his hands, and no more serious reading to engage his 
attention, may pass a very pleasant hour in glancing 
through the pages of this unpretending little volume " 
Sat Rev , xii. 102 

L Turkish Harems and Circassian Homes, Lon., 1871, 
Svo. 3. Cositas EspanoUs; or, Every-Day Life in 
Spain, Lon., 1875,* Svo. 4. Memoir of Lady William Rus- 
sell. Privately printed at the Chiswiok Press. Lon., 1 876. 

1 It was m the August of 1874 that some brief obituaries 
in the daily papers told of the death of Lady William Rus- 
sell, . . The outside world never knew that one of the 
most remarkable women of our day bad gone to her labt 
rest . . Mrs Harvey has, in the little volume now before 
us, done something to recall that salon in which many 
happy hours have been spent." Ath , No 25S8. 

Harvey, Bennett. Outlines and Exposition of 
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Journal of an English Pair-Oar Expedition through 
Prance, Prussia, &o. By the Captain. With Etchings 
by One of Ourselves. Lon., 1854, 8vo. Anon. 2. Mull- 
yon: its History, Scenery, and Antiquities. Map and 
Illust. Truro and Lon., 1875, 4to. 

"Written throughout with a spnghtliness and vivacity 
usually wanting in works of this imd." -Acad., ix. 854. 

Also, single sermons and addresses, musical compo- 
sitions, Ac. 

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Summer Day: a Northern Dream, [verse.] By E. L. 
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By E. L. H. With a Preface by A. G-., Bishop of Ja- 
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of the Families of Sheridan, Lefanu, and Knowles, Lou., 
1875, 4to. Only 40 copies, privatelv printed. 

Harvey, Rev. Frederick Burn, graduated at 
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Cheddmgton, Buckinghamshire, since 1869; diocesan 
inspector of schools for the diocese of Oxford since 1875. 
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Historical Sketch of the Office of the Rural Dean and 
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of the Country a State Paper Money, Lon., 1865, Svo; 
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Money Interest an Everlas-ting Tax levied by the An- 
nuitant Class on Labour, Lon., 1870, Svo; new ed., 
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7. Paper Money the Money of Civilization: an Issue 
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6. Restoration of Nervous Functions, Lon., 1865, Svo. 

7. How to Get Fat; 4th ed , hon., 1866, Svo. 8. Com- 
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sidered and compare 1 with the Game Laws of other 
Countries: with Suggestions for their Improvement, 
Lon , 1872, Svo 

Harvey, Minnie L. Louisa Van Benthusen: a 
Novel, 1S82, 12iuo 

Harvey, Rev. Moses, F.R.G.S., b. 1820, near 
Armagh, Ireland, and educated at Belfast College ; en- 
tered the Presbyterian ministry, and was minister of a 
church in St John, Newfoundland, trora 1852 till 1878, 
when he gave up his charge to devote himself to scien- 
tific studies and to lecturing 1. Thoughts on the Poetry 
and Literature of the Biule, St. John, Newfoundland, 
1853. 2. The Testimony of Nineveh to the Veracity of 
the Bible, 1 854. 4. Lectures on the Harmony of Science 
and Revelation, Halifax, 1856. 4. Leotuies on Egypt 
and its Monuments as Illustrative of Scripture, St. John, 
Newfoundland, 1857. 5. Lectures, Literary and Bio- 
graphical, Edm., 1864, p Svo. 6. Across Newfoundland 
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Text-Book of Newfoundland History, for the Use of 
Schools and Academies. Map and Blast. Bost., 1885, 
Svo. 8. Where are we, and whither tending ? Three 
Lectures on the Reality ami Worth of Human Progress, 
Lon., 1886, Svo. And see HATTOV, JOSEPH, htfta. 

Harvey, Peter, 1810-1877, b. at Barnet, Vt. ; was 
a merchant m Boston, and an intimate friend of Daniel 
Webster. Reminiscences and Anecdotes of Daniel 
Webster, Bost., 1877, Svo. 

*' From the intimate relations between Mr. Harvey and 
Mr. Webster, . . we anticipated finding in his iriend's 
recollections a valuable collection of anecdote and remi- 
niscence But it is only too e\ ident after reading a very 
few pages of the book that the author was not equal to his 
task. . . . The picture he gives of Mr. Webster is ... 
neither accurate nor characteristic." Natton, xxvi 81. 

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Harvey, Thomas, 1812-1884, b. at Barnsley, 
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worth \ became a chemist at Leeds ; was an active phi- 
lanthropist, and made two visits to Jamaica to inquire 
into the condition of the blacks. 1. The Hebrew Dis- 
pensation a Light to the Gentile World, n. d. 2. On the 
Book of Job its Place in the General Plan of Silva- 
tion, n. d. 3. The Polynesian Slave-Trade : its Character 
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the Island: with Remarks on its Social, Educational, 
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of the Enlarged Tonsil, and its Consequences in Cases of 
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5. On Corpulence in Relation to Disease: with some Re- 
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add.,] 181 1-1866, b at Suuunerville, near Limerick; be- 
came a bota,mst, settled for a time at Cape Town, and at 
a later period visited America, India, and Australia; 
professor of natural history in the University of Dublin 
from 1856. A memoir of him, with selections from his 
correspondence, was published in London, 1869, Svo. 1. 
Atlas ot British Sea- Weeds, Lon., 1857, 4to. 2. Phycolo- 
gia Austrahca; or, A History of Australian Sea Weeds: 
containing Coloured Figures, Generic and Specific Char- 
acters, Syuonymes, and Descriptions of the More Charac- 
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Ac., Lon , 1868-63, 5 vols. Svo. 3. Thesauius Capensifc ; 
or, Illustration of South African Flora, 1859-63, 2 vols. 
Svo. 4. Index Generum Algarum; or, A Systematic 
Catalogue of the Genera of Algae, Marine and Fresh- 
Water, Lon., 1861, Svo. 5. Charles and Josiah ; or, 
Friendly Conversations between a Churchman and a 
Quaker, Lon., 1862, Svo, Anon. With BONDER, OTTO 
WILHELM, Flora Capensis : being a Scientific Description 
of the Plants of the Cape Colony, Caffraria, and Poit 
Natal, Dublin, 1859-65, 3 vols. Svo. 

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tiquities of the Hundred of Willey m the County of 
Bedford, Lon., 1872-78, 4to. 

Harvey, Rev. William Wigan, M.A., B.D., 
F.S.A., 1810-1883, b. at Great Stanmore, Middlesex; 
graduated at King's College, Cambridge, 1833; ordained 
1833; became a Fellow and divinity lecturer of his col- 
lege; rector of Burkeland, Hertfordshire, 1844-72, and 
of Eweline, Oxfordshiie, 1872-83. 1. Ecolesias Angli- 
canse Vmdex Cathohcus, Lon., 1841, 3 vols. Svo. 2. 
Prsslectio Academica in Prov. vm. 22, Oxf., 1848. 8. 
Sermons for Young Men on the Grace of Chi ist : preached 
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tian Religion, Cambridge, 1859, 12mo. 7. The Assess- 
ment of Tithe- Kent Charges, Lon., 1863, Svo. 8. (Trans.) 
Royston Winter Recreations in the Days of Queen Anne, 
by Thomas Wright, M.A , Royston, 1873, Svo. 

Harvie- Brown. See BROWN. 

Harwood, Kear-Admiral Andrew Allen, 
U.S.N., 1802-1884, b. at Settle, Bucks Co., Pa. ; com- 
mandant of the navy-yard at Washington, and of the 
Potomac flotilla 1862-64. The Law and Practice of 
United States Nival Courts-Martial, N. York, 1867, Svo. 

Harwood, Annie* See HOLMDEN, MRS. ANNIE 
HAB WOOD, infra. 

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In Memory ofc W. A. Muhknberg, D.D., LL.D., N. York, 
1877, Svo. 

Harwood, Gabriel H. The Lily and the Rose : 
a Tale of the Untruth of a True Heait, Lon., 1870, S vols. 
p. Svo. 

Harwood, George, M.A., b. 1845, at Bolton; a 
Lancashire manufacturer j " born and bred a Dissenter ; w 
" spent such spare time as the successful management of 
a large business left at his comnumd in hard study;'" grad- 
uated with distinction at the University of London ; was 
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, and afterwards or* 
darned deacon of the Established Church; head of the 
firm of Richard Harwood & Son, cotton-spinners, Bol- 
ton. 1. Disestablishment ; or, A Defence of the Princi- 
ple of a National Church, Lon., 1876, p. Svo. 

"The main object of the book ... is to defend the na- 
tional principle. ... We know of no recent work so likely 
to provoke both Churchmen and Dissenters to reconsider 
the ordinary, ready-made opinions which pass muster on 
both sides of this great controversy." Spectator, xlix. 865. 

2. The Coming Demwsrucy, Lon., 1882, p. Svo. 


"He accepts democracy as partly present with us ana 
still more as coming upon 115, and proceeds in a comforta- 
ble make-the best oi-it mood to inquire what it will do 
His volume divides iteelf znto three books, 'The Democ- 
racy and Foreign Politics,' The Democrat^ and Home 
Politics, (further partitioned into ' constitutional' and so- 
cial,') and I he Democracy and Behgion " Sat Rev ,liv 

J From Within, Lon , 1887, p Svo 

"The subject is, more than an exposition of philo- 
sophical idealism It i& ideahbm considered as an evi- 
dence of re\ elation It is dealt with by Mr Harwood 
in a peculiarly fresh and vivid manner " Acad , xxxiv 

Harwood, Isabella, ("Ross Neil," pseud,) d 
1S8S, daughter of Philip Harwood, editor of the Lon- 
don Saturday Reuew 18o8~83, She published dramas 
under the above pseudonyms, two of which, Inez, the 
Bnde of Portugal, nnd Elfinella, weie played at London 
theatres Her no\ els were published an onyiucmaly 1. 
Abbot's Cleve a Novel, Lon , 1864, Svo 2 Carleton 
Orange a Novel By the Author of "Abbot's Cleve " 
Lon, IbGft, 3 vols Svo 3 Raymond's Heroine, Lon, 
1867, p Svo 4 Kathleen, Lon, 1869, Svo b The 
Heir Expectant Lon , 1870, p Svo 6 Lady Jane Grey, 
Inez , or, The Bride of Portugal, Lon 1S71, p, 8\o 

" If the choice of really dramatic subject matter, and a 
treatment as feound and delicate as it is completely free 
from affectation are worth appreciation these ira o plays 
de&erve a sincere Welcome '1 heir literary place is in the 
class to whi< h the dramas, of Sir Henry Taylor belong 
Both are <-o wi itten as, to illustrate history, and to intensify 
with excellent effect the light that falls* on a catastrophe 
or a period "Mi Hev , xxxu 7S^ 

7 Plays The Cid, r lhe Kmg and the Angel, Duke 
for a Day , or The Toilor of Brussels, Lan , lS74 t p Svo 

"Marked by the same qualities of vigorous simplicity 
and artistic nnish which distinguished Mr Ross. Neil's 
earlier efforts "Sat J2ev,xxxvji o9o 

B Nvw Plays Elfinella,* and Lord and Lad? Russell, 
Lon, 1876, cr 8vo 9 AribelU Stimzt, The Heir of 
Lmne, Tasso Piays, Lon, 1879, p 8\o. 10 Andrea 
the Painter, Claudia's Choice, Orestes, Pzindoia Plays, 
Lon , 1SS3, p Svo 

Harwood, J. A* Rinks and Rollers a Guide to 
the Skating-Rink, Lon , IS7b, fp Svo 

Harwood, John Berwick* 1 Poems, Lon, 
1849, 12rno 2 The Bridal and the Bnde, 01, Our 
Honeymoon-Trip in the East in ISoO, Lon, 1851, 8\o 
Anon 3 Stamboul and the Sea of Gems, Lon, 1852, 
I2mo Anon 4, Falconbeck Hall a Novel, Lon, 
3354, 3 \o\s p Svo 5. The Seif Sisters, or, Russia 
of To-Day, Lon , IS55, p Svo, new ed, 1861. 6. Lord 
Lynn's Wife, Lon., 1864, 2 vols. p Svo Anon New 
ed , 1867, 12mo. 7. Lady Flavia, Lon, 1865, <J vols p 
Svo 8 Odd Neighbours, 1865, 3 vols p. 8vo. Anon 

9 Plain John Orpington, 1866, 3 vols p Svo* Anon 

10 Lord Ills water a Novel, 1867, 3 vols. p. Svo 11. 
Miss Jane, the Bishop's Daughter, Lon , 1867, 3 vols p 
Svo 12 Sir Peiegnne's Heir, Lon , 1875, 3 vols p 8vo 
13 Helena Lady Harrogate a Tale, Lon , 1878, $ vols 
cr Svo 14 Paul Knox, Pitman, Lon , 1878, 3 vols cr 
Svo 15 The Tenth Earl, Lon , 1880, 3 vols p. Svo 
lf> Young Lord Penrith, Lon , 1880,3 vols cr Svo 17. 
The Merchant Prince being the Fortunes of Bertram 
0*kley, Lon , 1882, 1 vols cr Svo 18 One False, Both 
Fitir, or, A Hard Knot, Lon , 1883 3 vols. cr. Svo 39 
Ralph Raeburn, and other Tales, Lon , 1S84, 3 vols p 
Svo 20. Sir Robert Shirley, Bart., Lon., 1885, 3 vols 
cr Svo 

Hasbrouck, J* The Insurance Laws of Califor- 
nia embracing All the Statute?, Repealed and Unre- 
peated, San Fran , 1872, Svo 

Haselden, Adolphus Frederick, Notes on the 
British Pharmacopoeia showing the Additions in the 
Various Compound PreparAtions, <fce,, Lon , 1S64, 12mo 

Has eld me, G, A. Mow to Win an Election; a 
Manual written fur the Use of Candidates, 2d ed., Lon,, 
1885, Svo, 

Has el foot, Frederick Kneller Has el foot, 
M A,, b 1#2S educated at Unuemty College, Oxford 
called to the bar at the Inner temple 1S55 , assumed the 
name of HaseJfoot in lieu of bis patronymic, Cock. 
( Trans } Dante's Divine Coined?, in Terza Rima, Bng- 
li<h Line for ^me, LHK, 1887, Svo. 

Haseit, Elizabeth Julia* mO~m7, daughter 
of E W HaseiU ot DalemaiR, Uik water, Eng* , was an 
accorophsheU echoJar, versed in the literature of Spam, 
Portugal, a,nd Italy f ftn4 contributed to Black wood s 
nam^ end tfie Lpndon Athene urn 1. The Rook, 
other Short" Lectures on Passages of Holy 


ture, Lon , 1867, 12mo 2 Short Family Prayers, Lon , 
187i>, Ihmo, new ed , 1884. 3. Cdlderon, (de la Barca,) 
( u i*oieign Classics for English Readers/') Lon , 18T9, 
12mo. 4 Tas.^o, { *' Foieign Classics for English Readers/') 
Lon , 1882, 16uio 5 Bible Partings, Edin , 1883, p 

Haselwood, Cecil. Bead Lilies a Novel Ed- 
ited by Mrs H Kmgsley Lon , 1879, 2 vols cr Svo 

Hasen, Syed J. First and Second Hindustani 
Reider, Lon , 187 -J, 2 vols, 12mo 

Ha se rick, E* C. becrets of the Art of Dyeing-, 
, Cambridge, Mass 1869, Svo. 

Haskelt, B. D* Tekel . an. Examination and Ref- 
ntition of the Material istio or Dead-Sleeping Theology, 
Haverhill, Mass f 1875, 16uio 

Haskeil, JUrs. E, F. The Housekeeper's Encyclo- 
pedia of Useful Information, N ^tork, 1SW), 12mo. 

Haskell, Thomas Hawes. 1. Reports on the 
Judgments of Eon Edward Fax, United States [District 
Judge for Maine District, Firt Circuit vol i , Portland, 
1887, Svo 2 Jtfew Gloucester Centennial Historical 
Address, Remarks, Record of the Falinouth Convention, 
1TT4, <fcc , Portland, Me Svo. 

Ha Skins, C. H* The Galvanometer and its Uses : 
a Manual for Electricians and Students Illust N. 
York, 1ST*, IBrn-o. 

Hawkins, Rev. David Greene. 1 (Ed.) Selec- 
tions from the fccriptuies, 1861, 12mo 2 What is Con- 
arniation, or the Laj ing-On of Hands ? K York, I6mo 
3 A Brief Account of the Unuersity of the South, N 
York, 1877, 12mo 4. Ralph Waldo Emerson bis Ma- 
ternal Ancestors with some Reminiscences of Him, N. 
York, 1887, Svo 

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Solved, or, A Practical fecbeme of Decimal Coinage for 
the People, Lon 185S, Svo 

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land, France, Italy, nd Ireland, Boat , 1856, 32mo 

HaskoII, W. Davis. I. Methods of Railway 
Construction Itlust Lon, 1857, 2 vols imp Svoj 
Second Series, IS5S, 2 vols. 2. Tao Practice of Engi- 
neering Field-Wurk, applied to Land, Hydrographic, 
and Hydraulic Sur\ eying and Levelling Illust. ton., 
18oS, vo , 2d ed , 1ST 1 , 2 \ ols. 3 Ranging Curves and 
Setting Out Railway Works, Lon , 1860, p bvo, 2d ed, 
1875 4 Railways in the East and High Thermo- 
metric Regions, Lon., 1S63, r. Svo 5 The Engineer's, 
Mining Surveyor's, and Contractor's Field-Book for Bx- 
pedinug Field- Work Operations, Lon, 1S64, 12mo, new 
eJ , 1880. 6. Exnmples of Bridge and Viaduct Con- 
struction, of Masonry, Timber, and Iron, Lon , 1S64, 
fol , new ed, 18<>7. 7, Land and Marine Surveying, in 
Reference t<> the Preparation of Plans for Beads and RaiU 
c , Lon , 3S6, Svo , 2d ed , Lon , 1SS6. 

Has lam, John, The Paper Currency of England 

'-'passianaiely considered, Lon., 1856, 8vo. 

Haslarn, Samuel Holker, and Edwards, 
Joseph. Conic Sections treated Geometrically, Lon , 

1881, p Sro 

Haslam, Mrs. T. J. The Woman's Advocate. 
By T. J, H Dublin, 1874 

Haslam 9 He v* William ? M.A , [nnfe, voL i , add } ] 
graduated at Uni verity College, Durham, 1842, ordained 
1842, mission p nest of the Church Parochial Missions 
Society since WS 1 The Threefold Gift of God, or, 
Jesus Christ the Object of Faith, Hope, and Love, Lon,, 
1878, p. Svo, newed,lS86 2 Personal Experience, 
being Lectures tm Bunyan's a Pilgrim's Progress," Lon., 
1877, ISmo ft A Peisonal Christ, Lon, 1878, Svo 4, 
Building from the Top, and other Readings, Lon., 1878^ 
p* Svo 5 From Death into Life , or. Twenty Years 
of my Ministry, Lon , 1880, p. Svo, new ed., 1883. 6 
" Yet not I ," or, More Years of my Ministry, Lon , 

1882, cr 8vo, new ed, 1S3. 7, "Full Salvation" as 
ueen in Bunyan's ** Pilgrim's Progress," Lon., 1 883, p Svo. 
S The Lord is Coming; a Plain Narrative of Prophetic 
Events in their Order, Lon., 1885, cr. Svo. 0. Gleanings 
from the Harvest, [a takr,] Lon,, 1SS7, p. Svo. 

Has I e ti) 9 John, 1808-1884-., b. at Carrington, near 
Manchester, became a painter on ehma. and enamel. 
The Old Derby China Factory . the Workmen and their 
Productions, Lon , 1870, Svo. 

"Those who want Information on the subject mil find 
it in this book " Sqt JBew f xli 408 

Haslett, Charles. The Mechanics', Machinists', 
and Engineers' Practical Book of Reference, If. York, 
18&6, 12mo, newed.,1864 


Ha si e wood, Frances C. Poetry and Fragments 
of Correspondence, Lon , 1878, Svo, 

Haslewood, Rev. Francis, F S A , graduated at 
King's College, London, 1863 , ordtimed 1863 , rector 
of St Matthew's, Ipswich, Suffolk, since 1S7 1 ) 1 The 
Antiquities of Smarden, Kent, Lon , 1866, 4to 2 The 
Monumental Inscriptions m the Parish Church of St 
Matthew, Ipswich, Ip&wich, 1884, Svo Privately 
printed 3 Memorials of Smarden, Kent, Ipswich, 
J^Sfi, 4to Privately prmted 4 Chislft, Kent its 
Monuments, Vicars, and Parish Officers, 1887, 8vo Also, 
some genealogical pamphlets 

Haslop, Alice. Nellie's Visit to Brook House, 
Lon , 1874, 12mo 

Haslope ? L L Kepousse* Work for Amateurs 
Illusf Lon , 1886, Svo 

Hasluck, Paul N* 1 Larhe-Work a Practical 
Treatise on the Tools employed in the Ait of Turning 
Illust Lon, 1881, p Svo, 3d ed, 1855 2 TheMetJil- 
Turner's Hand-Book IHust Lon , 1882, 8\o, 2d ed , 
1887 3. Pattern- Maker's Handy Book, for Founders 
Illust Lon, 1887, p. Svo 4 Watch-Jobber's Hindy 
Book, Lon , 1S87, p. Svo. 5 Wood-Turner's ^andy 
Book, Tools, Appliances, &c, Lon, 18s7, p Svo 6 
Sciew-Threads, and Methods of producing them, Lon, 
1SS7 , 2d ed , 18S8, 64mo 7 Mechanic's Workshop 
Handy Book, Lon., 188S, p Svo 

Hasluck, Samuel L. Elocution , a Text-Book 
of Definitions, Rules, &Q , Lon , 1886, 12mo. 

HassalJ, Arthur* Life of Viscount Bohngbroke, 
("Statesmen" Ser ,) Lon , 1888, p Svo. 

Hassall, Arthur Hill, M D , [ante, vol. i , add ,] 
founder of, and consulting physician to, the Royal 
National Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the 
Chest, Ventuor 1. Adulterations Detected , or, Plain In- 
structions for the Discovery of Frauds in Food and Med- 
icine, Lon, 1857, 8vo, 2d ed., 1861 2. The Urine in 
Health and Disease, Lon , 1859, Svo, 2d ed , 1862 3 
Food its Adulterations, and the Methods tor their De- 
tection. Illust Lon , 1876, Svo (A different work from 
the one mentioned ante, vol 4 i*) 4 San Remo and the 
Western Riviera Climatically and Medically considered. 
Illnst Lon , 1879, cr. Svo, new ed., 1883. 5 The In- 
halation Treatment of Diseases of the Organs of Respira- 
tion, including Consumption, iLon , 1885, Svo 

Hassall Richard. Cholera its Nature and 
Treatment, Lon , 1854, 870 

Hassall, W. J, English History Dates upon a 
New Plan, from B C.450 to A> 1861, Lon , 1878, 12mo, 
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*V A journey from the sea-coast to the Interior, a sojourn 
at Quito, and a principal excnwt&n into Northern Ecuador, 
such is the frame upon which thip agreeable, almost 


charming, and altogether instructive book is built There 
is scarcely any point as to which the average or the culti- 
vated reader might desire to be informed that the author 
has omitted in these graphic pages The author is not 
only cognizant of his subject, but has it well in hand, 
knows especially what to select and what to reject, and 
vvithal is a capable observer and a trustworthy narrator " 
Nation, v 477 

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44 Mr Hastie has done his work in a very satisfactory 
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Introductory Lecture on the Study of Ecclesiastical 
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"It is only a summary, and the scholarship and erudi- 
tion which have gone to its making will probably be un- 
noticed by general readers , but all musst be struck by the 
power it exhibits of perceiving the significance of facts, 
and of connecting and grouping them so that they become 
intelligible "Acad., xxxii. 179. 

6. Studies in Biblical Greek, Oxf., 1SS9. Also, sin- 
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Brasenose College, Oxford, 1841 ; rector of St, Nicholas, 
Guildford, 1856-69, and from then Bishop of Mauritius. 
The Floweret Gathered: a Brief Memoir of Adelaide 
Hatchard. By her Father. Lon., 1858, 16ino; new 
ed , enl., 1870. 

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Hale, Gossionath Sadashivji, Dew an (chief 
minister) to the ttate of Palitana, Kathiawar ; a pleader 
in tbe Bombay High Comt The Regeneration of In- 
dia, Bombay, 1883. 

** Without crossing the dark water, he has become a pro- 
ficient in English, . . . There is more subject for thought 
and congratulation in hi& eighty pages than in many other 
bulky and more portentous publications " Sat. JKeu., Ivii. 

Hatfield, Rev* Edwin Francis, D.D., 1807- 
1878, To. in Eli2abethtowH, N.J.; graduated at Middle- 
bury College in 1829, and studied theology at Andoverj 
has been p.iptor of Presbyterian churches in St. Louis, 
Mo., and in New York City. I. (Ed.) Freedom's Lyre; 
or, Psalms, Hymns, and Sacred Songs for the Slave and 
his Friends; 2d ed., N. York, 1840, 16mo. 2. Univer- 
salism as it is*, N. York, 1841, 16mo. 3, Memoir of 
BHhu W, Baldwin, N. York, 1843, L2ino. 4. St. Helena 
and the Cape of (Jood Hope ; or, Incidents in the Mis- 
sionary Life of the Rev. J. M. Bertram, N. York, 1862, 
12mo. b. History of Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1868. 6. 
The New York Observer Year-Book, N. York, 1871-73, 
3 vols. 7- The Church Hymn-Book: with Tunes, N. 
York, 1872, Svo. 8. The Chapel Hymn-Book, 1873. 9. 



The Poets of the Church a Series of Biogrnphical 
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N York, 1885, sm Svo. 

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Book By the Idle Scholar N York, 1869, 4to 

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on United States His-tory, Geography, English Gram- 
mar, Arithmetic Theory and Practice ot Teaching, Phys- 
iology, and Hygiene, Cleveland, O , ISbS, 6 vols 16mo 

Hathaway, Benjamin, b m Cayuga Co, N Y , 
composed poems which he wrote with chalk on barrel- 
heads while working as a cooper He also followed the 
business of nurseryman and farmer ior thirty years 
1 Art-Life, and other Poem-*, Bust, Ib77, It'ino 2 
The League of the Iroquois, and other Legends troin the 
Indian Muse Port Chic f 1SS1, 12mo 

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Tenses, or, A benes of Hules adapt* d to all the Pas- 
sages in the Hebiew Bible peculur to Oriental Construc- 
tion, Lon , 1S48, Svo 2 Gospel Melodie-, or Poitiait- 
ures of Our Saviour, in Verse, Lon , 18oh, 12mo 

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Musings, in Prose md Verse, Lon, 1852, 2ltuo 

Hatheway, Mary E. N* I Johnny's Vacations, 
and other Stories Illu^t Boat, 1878, 16ino 2 In 
the Field", [poems] Illust. Bo-t, U>SI, 16ino 
Cats with Gloves catth no Mi e, Bost, 1887, obi ^2 

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with Brief Notes on the Culture and Manufacture of 
Tea, and Kules for the Sale of Unasscssed Waste Lands, 
Caleutti, 1863, Svo 

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cated at Timity College, Dublin, wis incumbent of St. 
Anne's, Lancaster, Eng. 1 Poernati Ljitina duo, Lon , 
1843, I2uao 2 (Trans ) D M Aufaonu ex Epheineridc 
Oritio a Prayer, Ac, Lou , 18-48, 12mo 3 Lancaster, 
(a. Httrospect,} and The Seasons a Tianslation from the 
Greek, [versej Lon , 1S73, 12mo. 

Hatt, George* Sketches of a Tract Missionary, 
N York, 1852, 16mo 

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Poem, Lon., 1877, 12uio. 2 Norstone , or, The Riits m 
the Cloud, Lon., 1879, p. Svo 

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Lon, 1866, 18rno 2 Present Couiinumou of Saints, 
Lon , 1866, 18rao 

Hatton, E. Finch*. The Militia and the Recruit- 
ing Service with buggebtions for their Keorganization, 
Lon , 1859, Svo 

Hatton, Frank, 1861-188% son of Joseph Hatton, 
i//o, b. at Horheld, near Bristol, educated at King a 
College School and the Royal School of Mines , went to 
Borneo m 1881 as mineral explorer to the British North 
Borneo Company North Borneo Explorations and Ad- 
ventures on the Equator with Biographical 8keteh and 
Kotes by Joseph Hatton, and Prefwse by Sir Walter 
JMedharst Illust Lou > 1885, p. Svo 

"The diaries of his journeys in North Borneo, though 
not reduced to form contain some interesting mineialogi- 
cal matter, along with many natural and graphic notes of 
adventure " Aead t xxix 7 

Hatton, G. Noel. Whom Nature Leadeth, [a 
novel,] Lon f 1883, -J vols p Svo. 

Hatton, George James Finch-, eleventh 
Earl of Winchilsea, (see WINCHILSEA, ante, vol m , 
add ,) d. 1887 1. Flying Childers his Cruise, [verse,] 
Lon, 1870, Svo 2 The Toinmiad, Lon., 1872, Svo 
Anon. 3. Voices through Many Years, [verse,] Lon , 
1879, 3 vola Svo Privately printed 

Hatton, Hon. Harold Hfiieage Finch*, b 
1856, son of the tenth Earl of Wmchilsea Advance 
Australia an Account of Eight Year*' Work, Wander- 
ing, and Amusement in Queensland, New bouth Wule. 
and Victoria, Lon f 1885, j>. Svo 

"Pull of most disastrous chances, of moving accidents 
by flood and field, whicfc bear the stamp of a genuine ex- 
penence" Sat. Rev lix >9 

"A very lively and am using book " AcacL, xxvhi 22 
HattOB, Joseph, b 1839, at Andover, Deibyshire, 
has edited several piovincia,! and London papers, and in 
1868-74 was editor of the Gentleman's Magazine He 
has several times visited the United States, and since 
hia first visit in l$7fl has acted as London correspondent 
of the New York Ximei, He baa contributed to period- 
icals, and adapted plays and novels for the stage. 1 
Provincial Papers b$mg a Collection of Tales and 


Sketches, Lon , 1861, p 8vo, 2d ed , 1866 2 Bitter- 
Sweets- a Love-Story, Lon , 1865, 3 vols p 8vo 3 
Agamst the Stream, Lon , 1866, 3 vols p 8vo 4 The 
Tallanta of Barton a Tale of Fortune and Fmanee, 
Lon , 1 867, i vols p 8vo 5 Pippins and Cheese, Lou , 
IS68, p 8vo 6 Christopher Henrick his Life ami 
Adventures, Lon , 1869, 2 vols p Svo 7 With a Show 
in I he North Reminiscences of Mark Lemon, Lon f 187 1, 
p 8%o 8 The Valley of Poppies, Lon , 1871, 2 vols p 
Svo 9 Kites and Pigeons a Novelette Illust Lon , 
1S72, 12mo 10. In the lap of Fortune a Story 
"stranger than fiction," Lon, 1873, i vols , new ed., 

1877, 1 vol 11 Clytie a No\el of Modern Life, Lon , 
1874, 3 vols p Svo 

" By dint of being the subject of a lawuiit the no^i el 
called ' riytie 1 has attracted an amount of attention which, 
its merits assuredly do not warrant Ibobe who aie 
already acquainted with the natuie and the main facts of 
a peculiarly disagreeable slander case u hieh created much 
scandal not \ ery long ago will hardlv vv ish to refresh their 
memory by i efferent e to Mr Hatton s novel Those who 
are not acquainted with these facts ^ ill bcarcelv care to 
learn them in the form into \\hich the author oi 'Ujtie 
has put them ' Sat Rev , xxxvm 25 

12. The Queen of Bohemia a Novel, Lon , 1877, 2 
vols* p Svo H. Punting, ( 'British Manufacturing In- 
dustries , *) 2d ed , Lon , 1877, p Svo 14 (bd ) Not in 
Society, by V Morgan, and other Tales, by J Hatton, 
Lon., 1877, 12mo. 15 Cruel London a Novel, Lon , 

1878, -J vols , new ed , 1879, 1 \ol or Svo 16 Three 
Kecruits and the GuIs they left behind them, Lon , 
1880, 3 vols p Svo 17 To-Day in America Studies 
from the Old World and the Isew, Lon , 1881, 2 vols* 
p Svo 

** It is a weary book a book which should not have been 
written , its conclusions rrng like the echoes of common- 
place talk , it tells us nothing new " Sat Rev , lu 08 

' 1 lie whole work is brightly and lucidly written , 
and though a considerable portion of the two blender 
volumes might ha\e been omitted without depriving the 
reader ot anjthmg really valuable, the digressions and. 
amplifications are harmless and entertaining "iypecfatw, 

18 Journalistic London being a Series of Sketches 
of Famous Pens and Papers of the Day, Lon , 1882, Svo. 
19 " The New Ceylon being a Sketch of British North 
Borneo, or Sabah, Lon ? 1882, p 8xo 20 A Modem 
TJlysfce, Lon., 18S3, 3 vols er fevo 21 Henry Irvmg's 
Impressions of Amenta, narrattd in a Series of Sketches, 
Chronicles, and Conversation", Lon , 1884, 2 vote cr Svo, 
new ed same year, 1 vol 

u In the five hundred and seventy pages of Mr Hatton's 
two volumes a diligent search would perhaps repeal tew 
pages which might fairly be described as Mr Irvine's im- 
pre^sions of America Uhe remainder is, the most hetero- 
geneous* collection that it has? ever been our fortune to 
meet in the shape of a book Mr Haiton/s descriptions 
of places and incidents are often graphic and racy "/Spec- 
tator, Ivu 955 

22 Behind a Mask a Romance of Renl Life, Lon , 
1S85, Svo 2i John Needham's Double a Story 
founded on Fact, Lon., 1885, Sio 24 Ihe Old House 
at Sandwich the Story of a Ruined Home, as developed 
in the Strange Revelations of Hickory Maynard, [a 
norelj Lon ,1886 2 vola cr Svo. Anon 25 The Ly- 
ceum " Faust." Illust Lon , 1886, 4to 26 The Gay 
World, Lon , 1887, 3 vols p 810 27. The Park Lnne 
Mjstcry a Story of Love and Magic, Bristol, 1887, 
I2mo 28 The Abbey Murder, Lon, 1888, er Svo 29. 
Captured by Cannibals Some Incidents m the Life of 
Horace Dura nd Illust Lon, 1888, 810 SO. Hern- 
ia istences of J L Toole, the Comedum related by 
Himself and chionicled by Joseph llatton Illust. 
Lon , 1888, 2 vols. demy 8vo 

"The greater part of the contents are cast in the form 
of conversations or ixitenieus. *** the accuracy oi ^hich 
Mr Toole has gone bail , Mr Hatton has tulhlled his 
peculiar and not very dignified undertaking \ery ci edit- 
ably He has put togt ther 111 a readable form a great 
ma&s of anecdotessome ot them quite excellent bearing 
on the life of a popular actor on and oft the stage, awd he 
has certainly contrived to give us a clear notion of 
the individuality of the central figure ' Spectator, laa 

With HAKVFY, REV Mosrs, Newfoundland the Old- 
en Engirt! Colony, Lon ind Boat, 188H, p 8\o 
"A most entertaining and useful boolc "Spectator, Ivii 

"Good and interesting and thorough and well written " 
Nation xxx VH 495 

Hatton, Mark. The Cmite of the "Humming- 
Bird," or, Notes near Home, Lon , 1864, p. 8vo (Short 
stones of Irish life ) 

Hatton, Murray Edward Gordon Finch-, 


twelfth Earl of Wuichilsea, b 1851 , succeeded bis 
brother in 1887 A Practical Hand-Book of Arabic for 
the Nile, Lon ,1873, 8vo 

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12 mo 

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The Churches of Yoik&Lne llinst \ ol i , Lon , Ib80, 
4to (No more published ) 

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"All who are interested in the study of ancient language 
and ancient rebgion will look forward, with the greatest 
expectations to I)r Haug's continued investigations " 
Sat Rev , xiv 714 

2 Outline of a Grammar of the Zend Language, 
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M A , M D , D C L , LL J> , M K.I A , F E b , Ac , grad- 
uated at Trinity College, Dublin, 1844, ordained 1846, 
professor of geology in Tnmty College, Dublin, since 
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1880, Svo. 

"His mastery of the subject has enabled him to com- 
pr,e&s into so narrow a compass the material which would 
m ordinary hands suffice to fill a volume oC no slight di- 
mensions * Sat R&v , li 532 

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The Student's Summary of the Principal Events in 
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1867 4to 

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preceding The Yellowstone National Part, PhiJa., 
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3 The Topographer his Methods and Instruments, 
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Havelock- Allen* See ALLEK. 

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vol.i , add.,] Ib20-l 881, elected a bifehop of the Method- 
ist Epibcopal Chinch 1881), 1 Rhetoric a TexkBook, 
N, Yoik, Ife69, 12mo 2 The National Band- Book ot 
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by J. M Buckley. N York, 1883, 12mo 

Haven, Rev. Gilbert, 1821-1SSO, b. at Mai- 
den, Mas* , graduattd at Wesleyan University 1846, 
became a. member of the New England Conference 
1851, and was pafetor of churches m Massachusetts > in 
1867 he became uditor of Ziou's Herald and pastor of a 
church in Boston, and in 1872 was elected and ordained 
bishop, having his offiual residence at Atlanta, Ga. 1. 
Lay Representation in the Methodist Episcopal Church 
its Justice and Expediency, Bost. t IhfH, 12mo. 2 The 
Pilgrim 1 * Wallet,- or, Soraps of Travel in England, 
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and Dlust N* York, 1875, cr. Svo. With RTJSSEI.I* 
THOMAS, Father Taylor, the Sailor Preacher. Port. 

o^t, JS72, 12mo 

Haven, Rev* Joseph, B.D , LL.D., [c*e vol i, 



add.,] 1816-1874, b. at Dennis, Mass.; graduated a 
Ainherst 1835, and at Andover Seminary 
1849 , was pastor of a church in Brookhne, Mass., anc 
editor of the Congregationahst in 1846-50; professor of 
mental and moral philosophy at Ainherst 1850-58; of 
systematic theology m the Chicago Theological Seminary 
1858-70 ; in 1873 became acting professor of mental anc 
moral philosophy in the Chicago University. 1 Moral 
Philosophy: including Theoretical and Practical Ethics, 
Bost , I860. 12mo. 2. Studies m Philosophy and Theol- 
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Bo&t., 1875. 

Haven, Samuel Forster, 1SU6-1SS1, b. at Ded- 
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lawyer, and was librarian for many years of the Ameri- 
can Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass. Archaeology 
of the United States Wash., 1856, 4to. 

Haverfieid, Mrs* Eina W. Enlightened Women, 
Chic, 1882, 12mo. 

Haverfieid, Thomas Tim stall, B D , [ante, vol. 
i. f add.,] 1798-1866, graduated at Corpu> Christi College, 
Oxford, 1807; rector of Godington fiorn 1826. 1. 
Charles Roussell ; or, Industry and Honesty. Adapted 
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2. The Fugitives of the Cevennes Mountains. Adapted 
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3. The Old Oak Farm, and what became of its Sunday 
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Kindness and Fidelity. Adapted from the French of 
J. J. Porchat. Lon., 1874, p. Svo. 

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lutmnated fay M A C. Lon., 1886, 32rn<>. 2. Wayside 
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16mo. 3. Untold Mercies : Selection of Poems, Lon., 
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Fulness of Joy; new ed., Lon., 1887, sq. 16mo. 2. 
Serving the King: Poems, Lon , 1888, 16mo. 

Havergal, Frances Ridley, 1846-1879, daugh- 
ter of Rev. William Henry Havergal, infra/ was born 
at the rectory of Astley, Worcestershire, and educated 
partly at the Luisenschule in Dusseldorf. She had 
begun at the age of seven to write hymns and letters in 
verse, but published nothing till 1860, when she began 
to contribute to Good Words. She was a musician, and 
composed the music for several of her hymns. 1. The 
Ministry of Song: a Book of Sacred Poetry; 2d ed., 
Lon., 1371, p. Svo; ath ed., 1874. 2. Bruey : a Little 
Worker for Christ, Lon., 1872; new ed., 1880, cr. Svo. 
3. The Four Happy Days, Lon., 1873, 16mo; 15th thou- 
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or, Good-Night Thoughts for the Little One*, Lon , 1874, 
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for the King's Servants, Lon., 1877, lSmo. 9. Royal 
Bounty; or, Evening Thoughts for the King's Guests, 
Lon., 1877, ISmo. 10. My King; or, Daily Thoughts 
for the King's Children ; new ed., Lon,, 1877, 18mo. 11. 
The Royal Invitation; or, Daily Thoughts on the Cotnin* 
to Christ, Lon., 1878, 18mo. 12. Loyal Responses: or. 
Daily Melodies for the King's Minstrels, Lon t 1878, 
ISino. 13. Morning St irs ; or, Names of Christ for his 
Little Ones, Lon., 1879, 32mo. 14. Red-Letrar Days . 
Register of Anniversaries and Birthdays : 2i ed., Lon 
1879, 32uio. 15. Royal Grace and Loyal Gifts, Lon. 
1S7, 6 vols. 18mo. 16. Under his Shadow: the Last 
Poems of F. R. Havergal, Lon., 1S79, 32mo. 17. Kept 
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Songs of Peace and Joy; 2d ed., Lon., 1879, 4to, 20. 
Life-Chords. Illust. Lon., 1880, p. Svo. 21. My Bible 
Study for the Sundays of the Year, Lon., 1880, sq. 1 6tno ; 
new ed., 1886. 22. Specimen Glasses for the Kind's 
Minstrels, Lon., 1881, p. Svo. 23. Daily Text-Book : 
Scrtptare and Verses, Lon., 1881, 32mo. 24. Starlight 
through the Shadows, and other Gleams from the Kind's 
Wo*d, Lon., ISS1, 16mo. 25. Messages for Life's Jour- 
ney. Edited nd arranged by Jane Peck. Lon., 1881 
!! m o * 26 ; p<Mstlcal Works, Lon., 1881, 3 vols. 32mo! 
ZF, Swiss Letters ami Alpine Poems. Edited bv J. M 
Crane. JUn., 18S1, p. Svo? new ed., 1883. 2*. Ben 
k nd other 8 True Stories. Hymns, and 

Footprint,' and " Living 


Edited by C. Bullock. Lon., 1883, 16mo. 31. Letters. 
Edited by her Si-ter, M. V. G. H. Lon., 1885, p. Svo. 
32. Songs of the Master's Love, Lon , 1885, 4to. 33. 
Treasu re-Ti ove : Extracted from Unpublished Letters 
and Bible Notes, Lon., 188(>, lOmo. 

"In her poetical work there is a lack of concentration, 
and a tendency to meaningless repetition of phrase, but 
some of her hymns are excellent, and will permanently 
pre&erve her name," Diet of Nat Biog , xxv. 180. 

Havergal, Uev. Francis Tebbs, M.A., D D , 
1829-1890, son of Rev. W. H. Havergal, infta; gradu- 
ated at New College, Oxford, 1852. ordained 1852, 
sub-treasurer of Hereford Cathedral 1866, chaplain to 
the Bishop of Hereford 1873, vicar of Upton-Bishop 
from 1874; prebendaiy of Col wall, in Hereford Cathe- 
dral, from 1877. 1. The Visitors' Hand-Guide to the 
Cathedral Church of St. Mary and St. Ethelbort, Here- 
ford, 3d ed., Hereford, 1869, 12mo; 6th ed., 1882. 2. 
Fasti Herefordenses, and other Antiquarian Memorials 
of Hereford. Illust. Edin., 1869, 4to. 3. Herefoid 
Mappa Mundi, 1872. 4. Monumental Inscriptions m 
the Cathedral Church of Hereford. Illust. Lou., 1881, 
4 to. 5. Records, Historical and Antiquarian, of the 
Parish of Upton-Bishop, Hei efordshire, Walsall, 1883, 
4to. 6 Description of the Ancient Glass in Credenhill 
Church, Herefordshire, representing Thomas a Becket 
and St. Thomas de Cantelupe, Bishop of Heieford: 
together with a Description of Credenhill Camp, and a 
General View of the Roman Stations in the County, 
Walsall, 1884, 4to and fol 7. Ancient Glass at Bnnsop, 
1886. 8. Herefordshire "Words and Phrases, Colloquial 
and Archaic, Walsall, 1887, 4to. 

Havergal, Maria Vernon Graham, d. 1887, 
daughter of Kev. W H. Havergal, tw//a. 1. Pleasant 
Fruits from the Cottage and the Class, Lou., 1870, 
12ino. 2. Frances Ridley Havergal: the Last Week, 
Lon., 1879, 16mo. 3. Memorials of Frances Kidley 
Havergal, Lon., 1880, p. Svo. 4. Outlines of the Gentle 
Life: a Memorial Sketch of Ellen P. Shaw. Edited by 
her Sister, M. V. G- Havergal. Lon., 1887, p. Svo. 5. 
Cripple Joseph: a Story of Giace, Lon., 1887, 12mo. 
6. Autobiography and other Memorials. Edited by her 
sister, Mis. Jane Miiiam Crane. Lon., 1887, cr. Svo. 

Havergal, Rev. William Henry, M A., 1793- 
1870, b. at Chipping Wycovnbe, Buckinghamshire j grad- 
uated at St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, 1816 j ordained 
1816; rector of Astley, Worcestershire, 1829-45, and of 
St. Nicholas, Worcester, 1845-60; vicar of Shareshill 
from 1860 ; honorary canon of Worcester Cathedral. For 
biog., see BULLOCK, C., sup a. 1. Sermons: chiefly on 
Historical Subjects fiom the Old and New Testament, 
Lon., 1853, 2 \o\S. p. 8vo. 2. A History of the Old 
Hundredth Psalm Tune: with Piefatory Note by Rev. 
J. M. Wainwright, Bost., 1854. 3. A Wise and Holy 
Child: an Account of Elizabeth Edwards, Lon., 1856, 
L2mo. 4. Six Lectures on the Ark of the Covenant, 
Lon.. 1868, p. Svo. 5. Pyrmont : an Eligible Place for 
English Patients who require Chalybeate or Saline 
Waters ; 2d ed., Lon., 1871, Svo. Also, many muaical 

Havers, Dora. See BOULGEB, DORA. 
Haverty, Martin, 1809-1887, b. m County Mayo, 
Ireland j educated at the Irish College in Pans ; was 
connected with the staff of the Freeman's Journal from 
1836 till 1850, and was afterwards sub-librarian of the 
King's Inns, Dublin. 1. Wanderings in Spain in 1843, 
Lon., 1844, 2 vols. 12mo. 2. The History of Ireland, 
Ancient and Modern, Dublin, I860, Svo; 2d ed., enl., 

Ha vi I and, Alfred. 1. Climate, Weather, and Bis- 
ease: being a Sketch of the Opinions of the Most Cele- 
brated Ancient aond Modern Writers with Regard to the 
Influence of Climate and Weather in producing Disease, 
Lincoln, 1855, p. Svo. 2. "Hurried to Death;" or, A 
Few Words of Advice on the Banger of Hurry and Ex- 
citement: especially addicted to Railway Travellers, 
Lon,, 1868, 8vo. 3. Scarborough as a Health-Resort. 
Lon,, 1884, Svo. Also, single lectures, <fec. 

Havitand, E. W. A Table of Cases affirmed, re- 
versed, modified, overruled, or otherwise criticised and 
Cited in All the Reports of the State of New York from 
1880-to 1887, Rochester, N.Y., 1887, 2 vols. $vo, 

Haviland, Laura S, A "Woman's Life- Work: 
Labors and Experiences of L. S. Havilaod, Cm., 1883. 
m<>; new ed., 1887. 
Haw, William. Fifteen Years in Canada: being 
a Series of Letters, Edin.^ 18oO, Svo* 


Haward, John Warrington, A Treatise on 
Orthopaedic Surgery, Lon , 1S81, Svo 

Haivarth, Ellen C* Poeias, Newark, H J , 1868 
sq Ibtuo J 

Ha we, Joseph. In*ula Suera, , or. Garlands from 
fcacircd ISoweie [verse,] Dublin, 1859 p Svo 

Haweis, Rev. Hugh Reginald, M A, b 18*3, 
at Eghain, famrty , graduated at Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, 1861 , perpetu it curate of St James's, Marylebone, 
since 1866 He w is uiubieal etitic und writer of leadm* 
articles on the staff of the Echo, ami m 1S6S became 
editor of Cassells Mig^ine 1 Music and Morals, 
Lon , 1871, p Svo , 1 ith ed , 1885 

" A somewhat heterogeneous and unequal book It is 
full of pleasant reading, and con tains many good criticisms 
and descriptions , but itb tlieonet. nre often very question- 
able, and its survey of fiicte omits much that is essential " 
fepec/ator, xhv Ub7 

" ' Mufeic and Morale' is a comprehensive term , and it is 
made hoio to convey an elaborate analysis ot thecounec. 
ticm of music with emotion as well as tome critical com- 
ment on ife position with reference to individual moralitv 
ami ti> its influence and significance m society at large 
Wo cannot comaierid too highly Mr Hawei&'s general ex- 
position of the theory ot IUUMC; as the most profound and 
Hubtle artibltc instrument for expressing emotion " Sat 


2 Thoughts for the Times, Lon , 1872, p. Svo , 10th 
cd t 1877 

4 Mr Haweis writes not only fearlessly, but with remark- 
able freshness and vigour He is occasionally eloquent, 
and even pathetic In all that he &av s we perceu e a trans- 
parent honesty and singlene-^aof purpose Mr Haweis 
fetarts with the assertion that there ou^ht to be no fixed 
dogmas in religion Doctrine, faich, and morals are all to 
be progressive " Sat Reo , XXXLV 478 

i UnaecUrun Family Pi lyers, Lon, 1874, 3d ed , 
1S8Q, I2iwu> t Pet , or, Pastimes and Penalties IJlust, 
Lon t 1&74, p Svo , new od , 1886 , new ed , with con- 
siderable alterations, entitled "The New Pet," Lon, 
1875, ICttiQ 5 Ashes to Ashes a Oiemation Prelude, 
Lon , 187 1, p Sva 6 Speech in Season, Lon . 1875, p 
Svo, 5th od, 1881 

** Unlike most extempore ^ernicns^ they are from begin- 
ning to end iullol matcer and at the same time are always 
lively M Spectator, xlviu 921 

7 Current Com, Lon , Ib76, p Svo, 4th ed , 1881 8 
Arrowa in the An, Ltm , 1S7S, p Svo, 4th ed, 1S8U 
0, Poets in the Pulpit, [addresses,] Lon , 1880, or, Svo , 
new ed , 1883 10 Ameucan Humourists, Lon , 1883, p 
Svo, II Key of Doctrine and Practice, Lon , 1884, 
J6rao 12 My Musical Life, Lou, 1834, p Svo 
" Tho actual details of the musical life of the writer 
constitute a comparattvcly small part of his> work, which 
consists chiefly or two distinct elements a philosophical 
and a historical Mr Haweias thoughts upon the 
whole rationale of music appeal to us as , entirely 
true "Spectator, Ivh 617 

13 Wmgoil Words, or, Truths Retold, [sermons,] 
Lon, 1885, p Svo U (Ed) Seleoc Poems, (World 
Libru-ry,) Lon , 1886, 18mo 15 Travels of Dr Living- 
stone, Lon, 1886, aq 16ino, 16 (Ed) Old Ballad"*, 
(Woild Library,) Lon, 1886, sq 16ma 17 (Ed ) Tales 
of E A Poe Selected, Lon , 1S86, sq lo*mo. 18 (M) 
Esisay Gems By K W Kmerson Lon , 1S36, sq 16tno 
19. (Kd ) The Spectator Selections, with an Introduc- 
tion, Lon , 1886, sq Ificao 20 Chridt ind Christianity, 
Lon , 1886*87, 5 vols p Svo (Vol i was the last pub- 
lished Each volume har* a separate sub-title.) 21 
Life <vf Queen Victory Lon 1SS7, sq Ifimo 

Haweis, Mrs. Alary Eliza, daughter of Thomas 
Muagrove Joy, a. well-lsnuwn English artist, studied art 
with her father, and exhibited her first picture at the 
Royal Academy at the age of sixteen In 1867 she mar- 
rifrl Rev Hugh Begmald Haweis, supra. 1 Chaucer 
for Children a Golden Key, Lon , 1876, 4to 2 The 
Art of B'ftuty IHmt Lon , 1877, Svo 

" Women whose aim in life soars a little above that of 
attracting public admiration and enebatning lovers will 
hesitate to profit by Mrs Haweis's advice to lavish the 
eevme fare on the foac inatlons of their personal adornments 
as they now do upon higher things "Sat Rev , xllv il 

"Though compelled to differ m some things from 
content of this volume, we heartily rejoice in its publica- 
tion, and congratulate its accomplished authored on b^lng 
one of the first to inaugurate something like aii artistic 
study of things Sn themselves so important, so educing 
and which enter so largely into the aally Jtfe of n)9 ail " 


TUe Art of Dress Illust L<m, IStfy 
Ohauow far Schools, Lon , 1880, 'Svo, 5* The A*t of 
Deooration Blast Lon , 1881, p. Svo a* Beamiafui 
Hons; being a DjWiption of Oertatn Well^^w 
Artiste Houses, Lon., 18S2 # 12mo. T. Ofcawr's Bflftd^ 


a Birthday Book of Proverbs, Lon , 1 884, er Svo 8. 
Elua m TJrbe, or, ^Flowers in London Gardens and 
Smoky Towns Illust Lon ,1886, sq 16mo 9 Tales 
'roin Chaucer with Introduction, Edited by H B 
Haweis Lon , 1887, ISmo. 

Hawes, Mrs. Angelica H, The Grafted Bud a 
Memoir of Angelica Irene Hawes, N. York, 1853, 12mo. 

Hawes, Capt. Arthur Briscoe. Bifle Ammuni- 
tion being Notes on the Manufactures connected there- 
with, as conducted in the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, 
Lon t 1S59, Svo 

Hawes, Granville P. The Law relating to Gen- 
eral Voluntary Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors, 
~ York, 1876, Svo 

Hawes, Rev* Herbert H., D.D Baptism Mode- 
Studies, SUunton, Va, 1887, 24mo. 

Hawes, Horace. 1 Law respecting Parties to 
Actions, Legal and Equitable, San Fran , 1884, 16oao 
2 The Law relating to tbe Subject of Jurisdiction of 
Courts the Means of Acquiring Jurisdiction, Sa,n Fran , 
1886, 12mo 

Hawes* JT* H. Manual of United States Survey- 
ing, Phila,, 1868, 12mo 

Hawes, Jesse. Cahaba a Story of Captive Boys 
in Blue IlluM; N Yoik, 1888, Svo 

Hawes, Rev. Joel, DD, [ante, vol. i, add,] 
1789-1867 1 Reminiscences of Re\ivals of Religion 
in the First Church m Hartford, Hartford, 1865, Svo, 
2 Seimons, Experimental and Practical, M" York, 1866, 

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cipal Events in Sacred and Profane Hi-tory, Best , 1870, 
Svo. 2 New Testament Te\t-Book embracing a His- 
toucal Tabular View of the Gospels, Tables of the 
bles, Discourses and Miracles of Christ, &c 
Bost , 16mo 

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and Limited Liability, L<m , 1854, Svo. 

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Hawker, Charles, of tbe Ordnance Office A His- 
tory of Sammy's Bed, not Down, nor a Turn-Dowti, 
though it turned out down at last* Drawn by Himself. 
Lon , 1857, Svo Anon 

Hawker, Edward. My Life, or, Advice to tbe 
Consumptive, Lon , IbfiO, 18mo 

Hawker, Rev. John, M A , graduated at Balhol 
College, Oxford, 1843 , ordained 1845 , rftctor of Catleigh, 
Devonshire, since 1882 1 Bible Thoughts on the Book 
of Genesis, Lon , 1873, p. Svo 2 Bible Thoughts on 
the Epistle to the Galatmna, Lon , 1874, p Svo 3 The 
Work of the Holy Ghost m the Present Dispensation, 
Lon, 1884, p Svo 4 Unpolished Gems of Scripture, 
Lon , 1S85, p Svo Also, single sermons, &c 

Hawker, Rev. Robert Stephen, M A , 1803- 
1875, b at Stoke Damorel, Devonshire, educated at 
Pembroke College and Magdalen Hall, Oxford, where be 
gained the Newdigate prize m 1827 by a poem oa 
Pompeii, and graduated in 1828 , ordained 1829 , vicar 
of Morwenstow, Cornwall, from 1884. He contributed 
to Notes and Queries, All the Year Round, and other 
periodicals, and many of his poems appeared first m 
local papers His "Song of tbe Western Men,*' with its 
stirring refrain, "And shall Trelawney die?" was re- 
ceived by Scott and Maeaulay as a genuine old Cornish 
ballad. For biog , see GOULD, S. BARING-, wpta, and 
LBB, FG,w/f 1 TendnU By Reuben. [ Verse J 
Cheltenham, 1821, 12mo. 2 Pompeii, Oxf., 1827, Svo* 
* Records of the Western Shore, [veiae,] Oxf, 1832, 
12mo 4 Poems containing the Second Series of 
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Series, Second Edition, and Pompeii, Stratton, 1SJ6, 
12mo 5. Ecolesia. a Volume of Poems, Oxf> 1840, 
p Svo; Lon ,1841 Reeds Shaken with, the Wmd> 
Lon , 184 i, 16WJO 7. Reeds Shaken with tb* Wind 
the Second Cluster, Loa , 1644, 12mo S Rural Synods 
By the Vicar of Moweastaw Lou , 1844, p Svo 9. 
Echoes from Old Cornwall, [verse,] Lon, 1846, Svo-. 
10* A Voice from the Place of S Morwenna, in tbe 
Rocky Land, uttered to the Sisters of Mercy, at the 
Tamar Mouth , and to Lydia,, their Lady in the Faith^ 
Lou f 1849, 16mo* 1 1 A Lettjer to a Friend , containing 
same Matters relating- to the Church. By a Cornish 
Viear. Lao , T8&7* 12 Aisbab Shoechinab, I860, Svo. 
y printed, IB. The Quest of the Strograal a 
h,a*it tbe First Exeter, 1864, 4to, Privately 
$ more published,) 14. Th^ Cornish Bal 



lads, and other Poems : including a Second Edition of 
"The Quest of the Sdngraal," Lon., 1869, fp. Svo,- new 
ed.. 1884. 

" Contemplation of nature, and an ear alive to legend 
and tradition, have apparently ntted him to be the ballad- 
i&t oi Cornwall . . Had his name and all local data been 
wanting, . . we should ha\e known the author tor one 
who dwelt where lock and river, bosky combe, and rude, 
wild ocean are not far apart, in a land full of ancient 
towers and shrines*, cairiib, holy \\ ells., and the like, the 
nurses of poetic fancy " Sat. Rev , xxvii. 628. 

15. Footprints of Foimer Men in Far Cornwall, Lon., 
1870, p. Svo. 16. Poetical Works, now nr&t Collected 
and Arranged, with a Prefatory Notice, by J. G. Godwin, 
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' Welcome as a presentation of much remarkable work 
wtuch was formerly only to be got together with consider- 
able pains and trouble " Ath* t No 2683. 

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reducing Spirits from Five to One Hundred Gallons, 
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Hawkes, John. 1. A Steam Trip to the Tropics; 
or, A Description of a Visit to the West Indies: in- 
cluding Part of Central and Sourh America, Lon., 1864, 
p. Svo. 2. On the General Management of Public Lunatic 
Asylums in England and Wales, Lon., 1871, Svo. 

Hawkes, Mervyn L. A Piimroae Dame: the 
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Uawkings, James. The Tradesman's Guide to 
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Hawkins, Benjamin Waterhou^e, F.L.S, 
F.G.S., b. 1807, in London ; was a pupil in art of the 
late W. Behnes, the English sculptor, but has devoted 
himself to natural history, and especially to geology and 
paleontology. In 1852 he was appointed by the Crystal 
Palace Company to make the life-size models of extinct 
animals, many of them of colossal proportions, exhibited 
at that institution. In 1868 he visited New York and 
lectured on scientific subjects at the Cooper Union. He 
was afterwards employed in that city in making models 
of extinct animals for Central Park. 1, The Science of 
Drawing Simplified, Lou., 1843, Svo. 2. A Comparative 
View of the Human and Animal Frame, Lon., I860, fol, 
3. The Artistic Anatomy of the Horse, Illu&t. Lon., 
1865, Svo. 4. The Artistic Anatomy of Cattle and 
Sheep. Illust. Lon., 1867, 12mo. 5. The Artistic 
Anatomy of the Dog and Deer, Lon , 1876, 12mo. 6. 
Comparative Anatomy, as applied to Purposes of Artists, 
Lon., 1883, 12mo. 

Hawkins, Caesar Henry, M R.C.S., P.R.S., 1798 
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George's Hospital 1829-61; sergeant-surgeon to the 
queen from 1862; president of the Royal College of 
Surgeons 1852 and IS6L. 1. The Hunterian Oration, 
Ion., 1849, 8vo. 2. The Hunterian Oration, Presidential 
Addresses, and Pathological and Surgical Writings, Lon , 
1874, 2 vols. Svo. Printed for private circulation. 

Hawkins, Rev. Charles Ha I ford, M.A., grad- 
uated at St. John's College, Cambridge, 1861 ; ordained 
1862; assistant master and chaplain in Winchester Col- 
lege, (Ed.) Noctes Shaksperianae : a Series of Papers, 
Winchester, 1887, Svo. (Contains thirteen essays by 
members of the Winchester College Shakspere Society ) 

" The reader will find in all the papers facts and su 
tions that will well repay him for his labour. 

. , 

Hawkins, Daisy Waterhouss. Old Point-Lace: 
how to copy and imitate it. tllust. Lon., 1878, p. 8vo 

Hawkins, Dexter Arnold, 1825-1886, b. at 
OumJen, Me. j graduated at Bowdoin in 1848: studied 
lawat Harvard, arid at the EcoJedes Droifs, Paris, France j 
travelled for two years under a commission from the 
governor of Maine, to examine European methods of 
instruction, and in J8H began the practice of law in 
New York City. 1. Traditions of Overlook Mountain, 
1 87R. 2. Education the Need of the South : an Address, 
1875. & Archbishop Puret*H Outdone! The Roman 
Catholic Church in New York City, and Public Land 
and Public Money, N. York, 1880, Svo. Also, numerous 
addresses, <fce. 


Hawkins, Edward, F R.S., F.S.A., F.L.S., [ante, 
vol. i., add.,] 1780-1867, b. at Macclesfield, Eng.; 
keeper of antiquities in the British Museum 1826-60. 
Medalhc Illustrations of the History ot Great Britain 
and Ireland to the Death of George II. Compiled by 
the Late Edward Hawkins, F.R.S., and edited by Au- 
gu^-tus W. Franks, F.R S., and Herbert A. Grueber. 
Printed by Order of the Trustees of the British Museum. 
Lon., 1885, 2 vols. Svo. 

"We have heartily to commend this work which is 
obviously destined to be a standard one to the attention, 
of numismatists and hibtoncal students " Ath , No 3017. 

Hawkins, Rev. Edward, D.D., [ante, vol. i , add.,] 
1789-1882, b. at Bath, giuduated, double fir&t class, at 
St. John's College, Oxford, 1811; vicar of St. Maiy's, 
Oxford, 1 823-28 j provost of Onel College, rector of 
Purleigh, and canon of Rochester, from 1828 ; Ireland 
professor of exegesis 1847-61. 1. Notes upon Subscrip- 
tion, Academical and Clerical, Oxf., 1S64, Svo. 2. Ad- 
ditional Notes on Subscription, 0-\f., 1S66, Svo. 3. 
Considerations upon the Athannsinn Creed and the Pro- 
posed Synodical Declaration : with a Supplement and 
Appendix, Lon., 1874, Svo. 4. Notes on Church and 
State, Lon, 1874, Svo. 5. Additional Notes on Church 
and State, Lon., 1877, 8vo. Also, single sermons, &c. 

Hawkins, Rev. Edward, giaduated at Corpus 
Cbristi College, Cambridge, 1848; 01 darned 1850; vicar 
of Walton, diocese of Carlisle, fioin 1875. Notes on the 
Greek Testament, 1851. 

Hawkins, Rev. Edwards Comerford, M.A., 
graduated at Exeter College, Oxford, 184<J; 01 darned 
3854 j head-master of St. John's Foundation School, 
Leatherhead, 3861-83; vicar of St. Bride's, London, 
since 1883. Spirit and Form: Seimons pleached at 
Lentherbead, Lon., 1881, p. 8vo. 

Hawkins, Rev. Ernest, B.D., [<wtt, vol.i., add.,] 
1802-1868, b. at Lawrence End, Hertfordshire; graduated 
at Balliol College, Oxford, 1824; secietary of the Society 
for the Piopagation of the Gofapel 1843-64, and from 
then canon of Westminster. 1. The Book of Psaln<s: 
with Notes, Lon., 1857, 12mo; now ed., 1868. 2. Sick- 
Bed Services, compiled from the Holy Scriptures and the 
Book of Common Piayer: with a Selection of II}mns, 
Lon., 1867, 8\o; new ed., 1885. 

Hawkins, Francis Vaugban, M.A., b. 1833; 
educated at Trinity College, Cambridge; called to tho 
bar at Lincoln's Inn 1856. 1. A Conci&e Treatise on the 
Construction of Wills, Lon., 1863, 8vo 2. Optional Mo- 
bilization of Land: a Scheme for Simplifying Title andi 
Land Transfer, Lon., 186i), Svo. 

Hawkins, Frederick W., b. 1849; a London 
journalist; editor in 1877-79 of The Theatre, and mem- 
ber of the editorial staff of tho London Times. 1. The 
Life of Edmund Keanj from Published and Original 
Sources, Lon., 1869, 2 vols. Svo. 

"Our hopes ha^e been completely disappointed by Mr. 
Hawkins's volumes Wnh the exception or a few particu- 
lars of Kean's la^t illness, . . . the 840 pngea we have waded 
through have told us> nothing that wo knew not before wo 
read them, have generally 'marred a curiou tale in the 
telling,' have thrust improbabilities upon us, have per- 
verted facts, ha-ve exhibited ignorant prejudices to an 
amount we had fondly believed impossible," Bat. ttev., 
xxvii.782. ' 

2. Annals of the French Stage, from its Origin to the 
Death of Racine, Lon , 1884, 3 vols. Svo; now ed., 1885, 
2 vols. 3. The Fiench Stage in the Eighteenth Century : 
with Portraits, Lon , 1888, 2 vols. Svo. 

"His book is trustworthy, readable, and entertaining. 
. . . Highly interesting chapters upon Voltaire and upon 
Beaumarchais include some late discoveries with regard 
to those authors." Ath , No, 3172. 

Hawkins, Bev. Henry, M.A., graduated at Exe- 
ter College, Oxford, 1848 j ordained 1849; chaplain of 
Middlesex County Asylum, Co>n*y-Batcb, from 1867. 
1. "Work in the Wards," by Asylum Attendant?, Lon., 
1874, Svo. 2. A Friendly Talk with a New Patient, 
Lon,, 1878, 8vo. 3. "Time tryeth Troth;" "A Friend 
and Companion never meet arnibsj" "Visiting Bay at 
the Asylum," Lon., 1878, 8vo. 

Hawkins, I. (Trans,) On the Teeth of Wheels, 
by M. Camus j 3d ed., Lon,, 1868, 8vo. 

Hawkins, J. Louisiana Supreme Court Reports* 
vols. xix.-xxiv., (1867-72.) Pub. by the State. 1868- 
72 6 vols, Svo. 

Hawkins, James. 1. The Physical, Moral, and 
Intellectual Constitution of the Deaf and Dumb : with 
some Practical Bemarks concerning their Education, 
Lon., 1863, p. 8yo. 2. On the Desirability of National 


Education for the Deaf and Dumb Poor, Lon , 1868, Svo 
3 Are the Beneficent Uses of Puhhe Institutions ade 
quately supported by their Present Organization " a So 
cial Question, Lon , 1872, Svo 4 Phases of Modern 
Poctnne m delation to the Intellectual and Actn 
Powers of Nature and Man, Lon , 1878, p Svo 

Hawkins, Rev. James. Short Sketches on Im 
portant Subjects, Lon , 1878, Svo 

Hawkins, James E., editor of The Gospel Watch 
? an * " T *P e Enou Sfc Yet," or, The Danger of Belay 

,, o 

,1S74, 32mo 2 Cleanstd, Clothed, and Crowned 
or, What is Conversion ? By J E H , Author of Th* 
Blood of the Lamb," <fcc 2d ed , Lon , 1874, 32mo S 
Short Papers on Prophecy, Lon , 187$, 12mo 4 Noth- 
ing to Do By J E H Lon , 1878, 32nio 5 Lectures 
on the Tabernacle of Israel, Lon, 188*, 12ino 

Hawkins, Rush Christopher, b 1841, at Pom- 
fret, Oonn , a lawyer, colontl ol a regiment of zoua\es 
during the civil war He nude a collection of books 
from the first fifteenth-century presses which was ^olc 
at auction in New Yoik m 1867. Titles of the First 
Books from the Earliest Presses established in Europe 
before the End of the Fifteenth Century with Brief JX T otes 
upon their Punters, N York And Lon , 1884, 4to 

"The real merits of Mr Hawkins's book are, in mv 
opinion, concentrated m the admirable photo-lithographs 
which lie has given of twenty five first oooks of early fif- 
teenth-century presses "~ J H HESSELS Acad , sxvi 56 

(This article is mainly taken up with a defence of Mr 
Hessels's work on Gutenberg against the strictures of Mr 
Hawkins ) 

Hawkins, Thomas, FRGS, 1S10-I8S9 b at 
Glautonbury, Eng , studied anatomy at Guy's Hospital 
under Sir Astley Cooper, but devoted himself chiefly to 
geology 1 Memoirs of Ichthyosauri and Plesiosaun, 
Extinct Monsters of the Ancient Eaith Illust Lon, 
ISWjfol. 2 The Book of the tirt.a,t Sea-Dragons. Illust 
Lon , 1840, fol 3. The Lost Angel and the History 
of the Old Adamites a Poem, Lon , 1840, 4to 4, One 
Centenary of Sonnets, Lon , 1841, p Svo 5 The Wars 
of Jehovah in Heaven, Earth, and Hell, [verse ] Illust 
Lon, 1844, Svo 6 Victorian Verses, Lon, 1848, fol 
7 Prometheus a Lyrical Drama, Lon , 1850, Svo. S 
The Chriatiad, [verse,] Lon , 1853, Svo. 9 My Life and 
Works, Lon , 1887, Svo. 

Hawkins, W. JU. Key to the Tithe Question a 
Hand-Book on Tithes, 2d ed , Lnn , 1887, Svo 

Hawkins, William Bentmck Lethem, [ante, 
vol i , HAWKINS, W B,,add ] The Limit* ot Religious 
Bel let Suggestions addressed to the student in Divine 
Things, Lon, 1862, 12mo 

Hawkins, Rev. William George, b 182?, at 
Baltimore, Md , and educited at Wesle^an University 
and the Protestant Episcopal Semm try m Alexandria, 
Va , has held rectorships in \arious States, edited the 
Nation il Freedman lSfi-l-66, and has been engaged in 
domestic missions 1 Life of John H, W Hawkins, 
Bost, 1860, 12mo 2 Lunsford Lnne, or. Another 
Helper from North Carolina, Boat , 186i, 12mo 3 His- 
tory of the New York National Freedinen s Association, 
BT York, 1868 

Hawks, E* R. Guide to Obtaining Civil Employ- 
nent, for Soldiers Lon , 1887, sq 16mo, 

Hawks, Kev. Francis Lister, B D., LL D , 
'ante t vol. i T add ,] d 18ft6 1 Histoiy of North Caro- 
ma with Maps and Illustrations vol. u t Embracing 
:he Penod of the Proprietary Government, from 1663 to 
L729, Fayetteville, N.C, 1860, Svo 2 The American 
Forest By Uncle Phihp N York, 1862 3, " Is not 
;his a Brand plucked out of the Fire?" The Story of a 
Penitent Lola Montez, S York, 18fi7, 16mo With 
PERRY, WILLIAM STMTKNS 1 (Ed) Journals of the 
General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church 
of the United States of America with Notes, &c vol ! 
i , 1861, Svo. (No more published-) 2 Document- 
ary History of toe Protestant Episcopal Church in the ' 
United States of America, N. York, 186J-64, 2 vote Svo ! 
Hawksford, C. M* Adela a. Jersey Romance, 
Lon , 188$, 3 vols cr Svo ! 

Hawkshaw, Mrs* Ann. 1 Dionyms the Areop- 
agite with other Poems, Lon, 1S42, p 8vo* 2. Pot^n-* 
for my Children, 1847. 3. Aunt JSmVs Rhymes for Little | 
Children, Lon, 1852, 4to Anon. 4. Aunt EmV& Gift 
to the Nursery, Lon^ 3854, 12mo, Anon. 5. *mefes on j 
An^lo-Saxon History, Lon^ 1854, 12rao, 

Hawksley, 'Cordelia J. 1 ft* F. S, : What does 
it mean ? LOB*, 18S2, p, Sro. 2, Eleven I^ett^rs 


the East to my Bible-Claas, Illust. Lon., 1885, en 

Hawks ley, Thomas, M D Matter, its Ministry 
to Life in Health and Disease, and Earth, as a Natural 
Link between Organic and Inorganic Matter, Lon, 

Hawksworth, Rev. John, perpetual curate of 

woore, Salop The U lonous Gospel of the Blessed God: 
a Series of Twelve Parochial Let tures, Lon , 1854, p Svo. 
Hawley, Kev. Bostwick, BD, b 1814, at 
Caimllus, NY , graduated at Wesleyan Unnemty in 
1838, and has held numerous pastorates in New York 
State 1 Manual of Instruction ior Baptized Children 
in trie Methodist Episcopal Church, N York, 1865, 24mo 
2, Manual of Methodism The Doctrines, General Rules, 
and Usages of the Methodist Episcopal Church with 
Scripture Proofs and Explanations, N York, 1868. 16mo. 
d Beauties of Kev, George Herbert, A M , N York, 1877, 
12mo 4 Dancing as an Amusement considered in the 
Light of the Scriptures, of Chnstwn Experience, and of 
Good Taste, N York, 3877, 16rno 5 The Shield of 
Faith , or 3 Articles of Religion, General Rules, Baptis- 
mal and Church Covenants, of Methodist Episcopacy: 
with Scripture Proofs, N York, IbSO, 16mo 6 The 
Lenten Season: including Whit Sunday and Trinity 
Sunday, Cm , 1882, 16mo Also, single ^ermons, <fce. 

Hawley, C. The Dupery Trade before the Public 
phowiog the Extortionate Profits made by many Eetail 
Drapers, Lon, 1878, Svo 

Hawley, Rev. Charles, DD, 1819-18S5, b at 
Catskill, N Y , graduated at Williams College 1840, and 
at Union Theological Seminary 1844 , pastor of & Pres- 
byterian Church in Auburn, N Y , 1858-85 1 History 
of the First Presbyterian Church of Auburn, Auburn, 
NY, 1S76. 2. Early Chapters of Cajuga History: 
Jesuit Missions in Goi-o-gouen, 1656-1684; also, An 
Account of the Sulpitian Mission among the Cayugas 
about Qmnte Bay, 166S Intioduetion by J G Shea.. 
Auburn N Y,, 1879, Svo. 3. Sanitary Reforms, 1880. 4. 
Early Chapters of Seneca History, 1881. b. Memorial 
Discourses, 18S4 

Hawley, Frederick. The Royal Family of Kng- 
;and containing Remarks on the Principles of the 
Royal Succession , with a Genealogical Account of the 
Royal Family, Lon , 1851, 12mo. 

Hawley* Frederick B. Capital and Population * 
a Study of the Economic Effects of their Relations to- 
each other, N. York, 1882, 12mo 

Hawley, Giles P. (Ed ) Wit, Wisdom, and Phi- 
iosnphy of J P. F Ruhter, 1884, Svo 

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The Latest and Mott Important Criminal Cases deter- 
mined in the Federal and State Courts with Notes, Ac , 
"hie, 1878-82, S vols Svo 

Hawley, John Hugh. 1 A Complete Course of 

Inghsh Composition, Lon , 1868, p Svo 2- Ode to Her 
Majesty Queen Victoria on her Sixtieth Birthday, Lon , 
STy, 4to 3 In Memonam Lours Eugene Napolon, 
verse,] Lon , 1880, Svo 4. Dates Made Easy . a Mne- 
monic Synopsis of the History of England, Lon , 18S8, 

Hawley, Richard* An Essay on Free Trade, 
" Economic MonograpW) N. York, 1878, 12mo 

Hawley 9 Thomas P. Digest of Nevnda, Reports, 
nd Sawyer's Circuit Court Reports with & Table of 
" is% <fc<s , Saa Fran., 1878, Svo 

Haworth, Euphrasia Fanny* 1 St. Sylvester's 

ay, and other Poems Illust. Lon , 1847, p Svo 2. 
tones for Idle Afternoons Lon., 1875, p Svo. 

Ha worth, Martin E. 1 The Silver Greyhound, 

jn,lSSfl, p8vo (Contains incidents of travel.) 2, 

oml Scrapings, Coaches, and Coaching, Lon , 1881, Svo. 

Hawtayne, G* H. West Indian Illustrations of 

iiik<*speare, 18S7. 

" Hawthorn, J* R. H*** (Pseud ) See Houu>- 
NG JOHK RICH Ann infra 

Hawthorne, Alice* Stones of Remarkable Birds, 
into., 1S54, 16mo, 

"Hawthorne, Emily," (Pseud.) See CHARLES, 
[MIT Y T , *ym. 

Hawthorne, George Stuart, M D. 1 A New 
Mode of Ventilating Hospitals, <fe<J , Belfast, 18 iO, 12mo, 
The True Pathological Nature of Cholera, and an In- 
allible Method of treating it, Lon,, 1848, Svo. 3. The 
Doctrine of the Trinity a Doatnne not of Divine Qri~ 
:in r and the Duty of Christian Men in Relation thereto, 
4>n . 1S5L Svo. 



Hawthorne, Julian, b. 1346, in Boston, Mass , 
son of Nathaniel Hawthorne, tnfta, went to Europe 
with his parents in 1S53, and after their return eateied 
Harvard in 1863, but did not graduate He began the 
study of civil engineering at the Lawrence Scientific 
School of Harvard, and was a student in Dresden, Ger- 
many, m 1868-70 From 1870 to 1872 he was employed 
a& a hydrographie engineer m the department ot docks 
in New York In 1872 he went abroad, spent two years 
m Dresden, and from 1874 till 1881 resided in London, 
where be was for two years on the staff of the Spectator 
and contributed to reviews and magazines In 1882 he 
returned to New York 1 Bressant a Romance, Lon , 
187 i 2 vols p Svo 

" We are glad to find that Mr Julian Hawthorne's first 
work has a sufficient character of its own to mark it oft 
from the writings ot that mofet original of American au- 
thors, his father While we freely concede great merit 
to Bres&ant,' we must at the same time admit that its faults 
are still greater The admirable promise of the first vol- 
ume is not fulfilled m the second " Sa* Reo aatxv 854 

2 Idolatry a Romance, Lon , 1874, 2 vola p 8vo 

1 That the younger Hawthorne is gifted with a power 
which, judged by the standard of ordinary novels, is great, 
caniioc be doubted Nor can it be doubted that he has 
misused that power "Sat. Rev , xxxvui 540 

3 Saxon Studies, Lon , 1876, p 8vo 

ui Saxon Studies' are just one string of impertinences, 
four hundred pages long, against the people who, with 
greater kindness than wisdom, allowed the author to l 
among them for some years* " Sat Rev , xLt 780 

" It is hardly to be wondered at that Saxon Studies' have 
caused great offence m Dresden, but they might be entitled 
* Siberian Studies' for any likeness they bear to the people 
therein described " M BETHAM-EJDWJLBDS * Acad , Ix 505 

4. Garth, a Novel, Lon., 1877, 3 vols p Svo 

"'Garth' strikes us as a decided improvement upon 
1 Bressant and * Idolatry ' it is a very much riper and wiser 
work We must add that we use these terms in a strictly 
relative sense; for Mr Hawthorne's standing fault seems 
to be a certain incurable immaturity and cruouty " Notion, 

5 Mrs. GrainsbarougVs Diamonds a Story, N. York, 
1878, 16mo 6. Sebastian Stiome a Novel, Lon , 1S3 9, 
3 vote p 8vo. 

" Find what fault with the story we may, and it is un- 
questionably a story of very ntful and uue\ en power, there 
is a forte of passion and gemus in the book which it is im- 
possible to ignore " &peetofor. In 1476 

7. Ihe Laughing Mill, and other Stories, Lon , 1879, 
p 8vo 8 Archibald Malmaison, Lon, 1879, p SVG. 

"Strong as the telling may be, it is so bluntly, boldly 
worked out as to be only horrible "Nation, xxxvm 449 

9. Eliice Qaentm, and other Stones, Lon., 1S80, 2 vols 
p Svo 10 Yellow Cap, and other Fairy Stones for 
Children, Lon , 1880, p 870 11 Prince SaiomS Wife, 
and other Stories, Lon , 1882, 2 vols p Svo 12 Bea- 
trix Randolph a Novel, Lon , 188), 3 volb p Svo 13. 
Dust a Novel Ulnae. N York, 1883, 12mo. 14. 
Fortune's Fool, Lon., 1883, 3 vols. Svo. 15 Nathaniel 
Hawthorne and ins Wife a Biography, Bost , 1884, 2 
vols. Svo 

" By the help of his father's very copious notes of the 
sayings and dolugs and looks of the children and 
with his own recollections of boyhood to draw upon be- 
sides for the later period, he has taken us into the intimacy 
of the household, and confided the charm and dignity and 
wisdom of Hawthorne's fatherhood. The biography 
w like Mr James s ' Hawthorne' in that it fails to give any 
history of that immortal part of the man in wuich the 
world tafeesintere&f;."JVa&7i,xixix 525 

16 Love or a Name, Lon, 1885, p Svo. 17 Miss 
CaUogna, a Romance, Lon , 1885, p. Svo. 18 Noble 
Blood, N Yprk, 1883, 12mo 19, John Parmelee's Curse 
N. York, 1886, 16mo, 20 The Trial of Gideon, and 
Countess Almara*s Murderer, N York, 1886, 12mo. 21 
Confessions and Criticisms, Bost , 1886, Svo 

He confesses the vital principles of his intellectual 
life his esthetic religious, anS philosophical creed His 
criticisms, m themselves, are a plight matter, though there 

22 'A IWi<j Mystery ; from the Diary of Inspector 
Byraes, N. York, 1887, X6mo. 23. An American Pen- 
S ai l ? fSS? t % Dl * ry of Inspector Byrnes, Lon and N, 
York, 1887, pAra 24. The Groat Bank-Robbery , from 
the Diary of ftiispeetor Byrnes, Lon and N. York, 1887, 
p. Svo <25. Another's Crime, from the Diary of In* 
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tester's Disappearanee, and other Tales, N. York, 1888, 
Iteo. 27 A Brew and a Forgetting - a Novel, N. 
Y*rk and Ckifc, W% 12mo. 28 The Professor's Sitter 
a Bounce, N. York and Gtofc, 1888, }2mo 29. Seetion 
658 * 392 Tbe Fa * tal Letler * from th * Diaiy of Inspector 


Byrnes, N York, 1888,1 6m o 30 Smfire, [also] Douglas 
Duane, by Edgar Fawcett, Phila, 1888, 12mo 

Hawthorne* Nathaniel, [ante, TO] i, add,] 
1804-1864 In 1857, after retiring from the consulship 
at Liverpool* Hawthorne travelled on the Continent, 
making A long stay in Italy He returned to England 
In 18o9, and m li>bl (1860 ?) to America, where he again 
took up his residence at Concord He died at Plymouth, 
N H , while on a trip to the White Mountains with ex- 
President Pierce. For biog, see HAWTHORNE, JULIAN, 
supra, and JAMES, HENRY, wfiu 1 The Marble Eaun, 
Bost , 1860, 42mo , Eng ed , entitled " Transformation , 
or, The Romance of Monte Beni," Lon , I860, 3 vols 

" It has a great deal of beauty, of interest and grace , but 
it has, to ray sense, a slighter value than its companions, 
and I am far irom regarding it as the masterpiece of the 
author, a portion to which we sometimes hear it assigned 
The subject IB admirable, and so are many of the details , 
but the whole thing is less, siraple and complete than either 
of the three tales of Amen can liie "HENRY JAMES J3aw- 
tlwne, (* JSngluth Men oj Lett s ") Amer ed , p 160 

2 Our Old Home, Bost, 18W, ICmo a Pansie & 
Fragment: the Last Literary Effort of Nathaniel Haw- 
thorne, Lon , 1 864, 12mo 4 Passages from the Amei lean 
Note-Books of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Bost and Lon , 
1868, 2 vols Svo 5 Passages from the English Note- 
Books of Nathaniel Hawthorne. [Edited by his Widow ] 
Bost , 1870, 2 vols I2mo 

14 There remains to be noted the occasional shrewdness 
of observation , some anecdotes, of men like Buchanan, 
Thackeray, Jerrold, and Lord Houghton , a few good de- 
scriptions of show-places in England and Scotland, and, 
finailj the general readableness, m virtue of the water's 
celebntj t as well as of the skill with which he does the 
work in hand and the intrinsic interest of the things he 
writes about "Nation, xi 59 

6. Passages from the French and Italian Note-Books 
of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Lon , 1871, 2 vols Svo 

" His journals throw but very little light on his personal 
feelings, and even less on his genius per se They 
deepen our sense of that genius, while they singularly di 
mmifeh our impression of his general intellectual power 
These volumes of Italian notes, charming as they are. 
are on the whole less rich and (substantial than those of 
England The theme m this case is evidently loss conge- 
nial We seem to see him strolling through churches 
ana galleries ats the last pure American, attesting by his 
shy responses to dark canvas aud cold marble his loyalty 
to a simpler and less encumbered civilization " H JAMES, 
JB Nation, xiv 172 

7. Septimiua Felton, or, The Elixir of Life, Bost, 
1372, 12mo. Eng. ed , entitled "Septimius a Ro- 
mance," Lon., 1872. (This was edited by Una Haw- 
thorne ) 

' Of course It cannot take rank with Hawthorne's fin- 
ished works, but no other author of our time could have 
written it "Ath t No 2830. 

" After making allowance for the incomplete state of the 
story, we must confess that to our taste Hawthorne appears 
to have in this case ventured rather too far into the dim 
dreamland of the grotesque and unnatural Ihe fatory, 
however Is powerful and interesting as it stands The 
art is admirable, but we can hardlj call it healthy 

1*5 uw - WWi -tfcOC/ , AA*JLIY OV 

8 Tales of the White Hills, Bost , 1877, 16mo & A 
Virtuoso's Collection, and other Tales Boat , 1877, 16ino. 
10 The Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Bost , 1879, 
24 vols 18mo 11. The Complete Works of Nathaniel 
Hawthorne with Introductory Note* by G- P. Lathrop* 
Illust Bost , 188% 12 vola Svo 12 Sketches and 
Studies, Bost , 1883, 16mo 13 Dr. Griinshawe'a Secret * 
a Romance Edited, with Preface and Notes, by J-ulian 
Hawthorne Bost and Lon, 1883 p Svo (A fragment ) 
"The publication of *Dr Gnmshawe's Secret,' though it 
contains detached passages which are full of Hawthorne's 
thought and style, cannot add to Hawthorne's reputation " 
Sat Ren. , Iv 25 

J'iP h j lt; ab , 01 i.nds in passages marked by all the beauties 
of Hawthorne's be^t writing, It Is as a whole crude and raw 
; * * e ! ve r of Hawthorne will be glad 10 find in the feet 
that the book required editing' a justification for de- 
clining to become interested in it, at feast until he knows 

Sf r f pr A? 1 J 5ely what the Umlts of tjl editor'* labors 
were n ~~ Nahon> xxxv 66 

Hawthorne, Rainey. 1 The Ruling Passion, 
Lon , 1867, S vols. p $vo 2 The B-ich Husband . a 
Novel of Real Life, Lon , 1858, 3 vote I2mo 

Hawthorne, Robert, Ph D , professor i& Argyll 
College, Parnihgam, India. The Student's Manual of 
Indian History, Lon , 1885, 8vo 

Hawthorne, Sophia, (Peabady,) 1810-1871, 

at baton, Mass , married/ 1W2, to Nathaniel Hdw- 
K * tes m E Slaad an<f Italy, N fork, 


Hawtrey, Mrs. 1. The Alphabet of Fruits, for 
Good Children. Illust. Lon., 1866, 16mo. 2. My Sun- 
day Companion : Hymns and Poems, Lon., 1869, 16mo. 
3. Village Songs. Illust. Lon., 1876, 16mo. 

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Some Vicissitudes in the Life of an English Boy. By 
Hope Wraythe, [pseud.] Illust. Lon., 187S, p. Svo. 

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Troubles in the Troublous Times, Lon., 1872, p. Svo. 

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graduated, senior optiine, at Trinity College, Cambridge, 
1829; ordained 1833 ; rector of Rimpton 1841. 1. Spon- 
sors for the Poor, 1840. 2. Earnest Address to New Zea- 
land Colonists with Reference to their Intercourse with 
the Native Inhabitants, 1840. 3. Justice to New Zea- 
l<ind, Honour to England, Lon , ISfil, Svo. 

Hawtrey, Rev. Stephen Thomas, M.A., d. 
1886, aged 78 j graduated at Trinity College, Cambridge, 
1S32 ; mathematical master of Eton College 1851-71 j 
warden of St. Mark's School 1871 1. The Story of a 
"Week spent by St. Mark's School, Windsor, on Board a 
Man-of-War, Windsor, 1859, 12mo. Privately printed. 
2. St. Mark's School by the Sea-Side in the Summer of 
1861, Lon., 1861, Svo. 3. Reminiscences of a French Eton, 
Lon., 1867, Svo. Privately printed. 4. A Narrative Essay 
on a Liberal Education,' Lon , 1868, Svo. 5. The Aims, 
Duties, and Rewards of a School-Master, Lon., 1870. 6 
An Introduction to Euclid. Part I. Lon., 1874, 12mo j 
new ed., 1884. 

Hay, Sir Alexander. Estimate of the Scottish 
Nobility during the Minority of James the Sixth, 
(Grampian Club Pub.,) Lon., 1873, Svo. 

Hay, Arthur, ninth Marquis of Tweeddale, 
1S24-1S78, b. at Yester ; educated at Leipsic and Geneva , 
served in the army 1841-66, retiring with the rank of 
colonel 5 succeeded to the title 1876. He contributed 
many papers on ornithology to Ibis, the Transactions 
of the Royal Zoological Society, and other scientific 
periodicals, which were collected after his death. Or- 
nithological Works. Edited and revised by Capt. R. B. 
W. Ramsay, P.L.S., &o. : together with a Biographical 
Sketch by W. II. Russell, LL.D , Lon., 1881, Svo. Printed 
for private circulation. 

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verified from Original Sources, by Heinrich Sehorid, 
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Lon., 1867, Svo. 

Hay, Ebenezer Story, of New Zealand, died 
young, leaving poems considered among the finest pro- 
duced in Australasia. Some Characteristics of Words- 
worth's Poetry, and their Lesson for us an Essay ; and 
some Poems by Fleta, Dunedin, N.Z., 1881. 

Hay, Elzey," (Pseud ) See ANDREWS, FAITOY, 

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Bishop Strain. Edin., 1871-73, 7 vols. p. Svo. 

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broath to the Present Time : with Notices of the Neigh- 
bouring District, Aibroath, 1876, cr. 4to. 2. (Ed.) 
Round about the Round with its Poets, Illust. Ar- 
broath, 1883, 4to j new ed., 1 885, Svo. 

"The letter-press of the volume Is mostly composed of 
Terse with a local colour, written py persons connected ^ 
the town." Ath, , No 2910. 

Hay, Helen Selina, Countess of Gifforu/, 
1S07-1867, daughter of Thomas Sheridan ; married, fii 
to the fourth Lord Dufferitt, and secondly, in 1S62, 
George, Earl of Gifford, (by courtesy,} son of the^ighth 
marquis of Tweeddale. Lisphigs from Low LutilEdes j 
or, Extracts from the Journal of tbie HOB, Imp^tem 
Oushington. [Edited by Lord DuJferia,] ,Iioa. f *"** 
obi. Svo. 

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-with Pen and Pencil. Illust. Aberdeen, 1884; - 2. 
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lection of Egyptian Antiquities belonging to the Late 
R. Hay, Lon., 1869, 16mo. 2. Mysie's Pardon, Edin., 
1873, 3 vols. p. Svo. 

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Story. Illust. Lon , 1855, 16mo. 

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The Self-Testing Arithmetic, on a New Plan, Glasgow. 
1868, cr. Svo. 

Hay, John, b. 1838, at Salem, Tnd. ; graduated at 
Brown University 1858, studied law in Springfield, 111., 
and was admitted to the bar in 1861, in which year he 
went to Washmgjfci as assistant secretary to President 
Lincoln, remaini with him till his death. He also 
acted as Lincoln's adjutant and aide-de-camp, served for 
several months under Gens. Hunter and Gillmore, and 
was brevetted colonel. He was first secretary of legation 
at Pans 1865-67, charge d'affaires at Vienna 187-6S, 
and secretary of legation at Madrid 1 868-70 j assistant 
secretary of state 1879-81. He was an editorial writer 
on the New York Tribune between 1870 and 1875, and 
is joint- author with J. G. Nicolay of an elaborate Life 
of Abraham Lincoln, published as a serial^n the Century 
Magazine, 1887, &c. 1. Castihan Days, BdK., 1871, 12mo. 

"In spite of some interferences with the reader's pleas- 
ure, 'Castihan Days' is a very readable book, so trust- 
worthy is Mr Hay's sense of what will agreeably engage 
the attention of the general reader without jading it, so in- 
teresting is the nation \vhich he describes, so good were 
his opportunities of close observation of the political 
leaders who have been of especial interest of late, and so 
much more clear and lively than is common is his way of 
expressing himself" Nation, xiv. 93 

2. Pike County Ballads, and other Pieces, Bost., 1871, 
12mo; newed., Lon., 1886. ^ 

" It cannot be denied tfoat there is^aint vigour ij^f 
Hay's manner of tellinHftese anecdotes, but thIP is 
nothing m the ballads lo warrant the praise bestowed 
upon them by the American press,' 1 Ath., No. 2291. 

" Full of sharp, graphic touches, which bring the vivid- 
est scenery, physical and moral, before your eyes.** $pee- 
totor.xUvr&fi ~^ 

3. Little Breeches, and other Pieces, Hu?B||us, De- 
scriptive, and Pathetic, Lon., 1871, 12mo. 

Hay, Sir John Charles Dairymple, 
C.B., F.R S., b. L82I, and educated at Rugb 
the British navy ; served in China, the Crim$_ 
where, and retired as rear-admiral in 1870. He has 
been several times returned to Parliament from different 
boroughs. 1. The Reward of Loyalty, Edin., 1862, Svo. 
2. Remarks on the Loss of H.M.S. "Captain," Lon., 
1871, 8vo. 3, Ashanti and the Gold Coast, and what 
we know of it : a Sketch, Lon., 1873, p. Svo. J**** 

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p. Svo. *^ 

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new ed., 1883. 11. A Sifter's Sacrifice, Ac M Lon*, 1881, 
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8vo. 13. Bid Me Discourse, and other Tales, Lon 
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Tumor of the Orbit in a Child. Plates. 


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Scotland m the tourt of Scions, and Awards liy Arbu 
tration, Lon, 1859, 8\o 2. Decisions of the Supreme 
Courts of England and Scotland on the Liability ot Pro- 
prietors Miibter^ and Servants tor Repaid-tion of In- 
juries E<iin , I860, Svo 

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of the Great City Written AD 1942, Lon, 1S80, p 
Svo 2 Three Hundred Years Hence , or, A Voice from 
Posterity, Lon , 18S1, p Svo 3 Brighter Britain ' or, 
Settler and Maun in .Northern New Zealand, Lon ; 1882, 
2 "vols. p Svo 

"Brisk, frank and cheery is the tone of these volumes, 
and they are written with sense as well as spirit "Specta- 
tor, ivi 324 

4 Elementary Text-Book of British Fungi Illust 
Lon, 1887, Svo 5 The Fungus- Hunter's Guide and 
Field Memoianduin-Book with Analytical Keys to the 
Orders and Genera, and Notes of Iiapoitmt Species, 
Lon 18S7, p fevo 

"The author is a 5 ? plausible as the tcorae of his work 
is mischievous " HENRY T WH VBFON Acad , xsxn 272 

6 Blood- a Tragic Tdle, Lon , 1887, p 8\o 

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Eng , d about 1S72 1 Elements of Veterinary Homoe- 
opathy, or, A Treatise on the Diseases of the Horse and 
Cow, Lon , 1852, p Svo 2 On Hysteru in the Metre, 
Lon, 1854, Svo 3 Treitise on the Pnneiples and 
Practice of Vetennwy Medicine and Surgery, Lon, 

1858, Svo 4 The Gentleman's Stable Manual the Con- 
struction of $&e Suble, the Feeding and Grooming of 
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ought to be Shod, Lon , 1869, 4to 

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well's Victory, Lon , 1886, p Svo 3 Rays and feain- 
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Illust Lon , 1388, 4to 6 Humpty-Duiapty Silver 
Bell?, <fce Illust Lon , 1SSS, p Svo 

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bourer, or, An AflSfeAl to the Churches for the Better 
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1862, I2uio, 2ded same year 3 Moses and Colenso, 
or, The Divme Authority of the Books of Moses, and the 
Objections of Dr Colenso. Lon , 1863, Svo 

Haydeu, Ferdinand Vandeveer, M D , LL D , 
1827- 18S8, b at We^theld, Mass j piofe^sor of miner- 
alogy and geology in the University of Pennsylvania 
1&60-72, was connected with the Geological and Geo- 
graphical Surveys of the United States fi om 1859 to 1886 
3. (Ed ) United States Geographical and Geological Sur- 
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Havden. Thnmn. Th^ nfBooa A nf tv. TJ^^.J. 


vols. With CRirrsp, Flutters RTCHAHD, Report on the 
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Geometrical Quadrature of the Circle being a Con- 
struction wherein no Error is found on Investigation, 
Chicheter, 1872, Svo 

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velopments upon the Interpretation of the First Eleven 
Chapters of Genets, Bost , 1852, I2mo 2 On the Phe- 
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Ten Chapters on Marriage, its Nature^ Uses, Duties, and 
Final Issues, Bost, 1863, I6rno 4, Ihe Apocalyptic 
Dispensation Ten Lectures on the Book of Revelation, 
Bost , 1865, 12ino 5 Light on the Last Things, Lon , 
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Book a Compilation of Truths and Facts about the 
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yonl, N York, 187S, 12mo 3 Amusements in the 
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Haydon, Frank Scott, 1822-1887, son of Ben- 
jamin Kobert Ha\don, (q v , wife, voi i ,) was assistant 
keeper in the Public Record Office (Ed ) EuTomum 
(flistoriarum siv e Terapons ) Chromcon al) Oi bt Condito 
usque ad Annum Domini 1336 a Monacho quodam 
Maltce-binensi exaratuin vols 1,11, and in Lon, 
1858-64, Svo 

Ha* don, Frederick Wordsworth, 1827-1886, 
son of B R Haydon, (*, ^ol i ,) served in the navy, 
and was dismissed in 1867. Benjamin Eobert Haydon 
Correspondence and Table-Talk with a Memoir, Lon , 
Ib7b 2 vols 8vo 

" The mais of the matter is nut of proportion to the 
interest found in it " Sat Rev , xli 211 

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Australia Jehx Illust Lon, 1846, r. Svo 2 The 
Australian Immigrant a Kainblmg Story, Lon , 1861, 
2 vols r Svo 

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and other Poems, Edm, 1860, 12mo 2 The Persecu- 
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The Sabbath By a Late Scots Episcopalian Edin, 
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"Mr Hayes has the virtues of sincerity of mind and 
loftiness of aim, he looks at nature with a most constant 
heart howbeit he has an all too Tennvboinan cast in Ins 
eye, he has plenty of thought and plenty of words " Sat 

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ami the Santa F6 Trail Illu-t N York, 1875, 8\o, 
new ed, 1S&0 2. The Jesuit's Ring a Romance of 
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NY, 1878, flvo 

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1S82, 8\o 

" Hayes, Henry," (Pseud ) See KIHK, MRS* B 
W, -?// 

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tum* Considered by a No-Party Man, HoIIoway, Eng, 
1859, Svo Anon ' & * 

Hayes, Isaac Israel, M.D , 1832-1881, b in Ches- 
ter Co , Pi , took his medical degree at the University 
of Pennsylvnnm in 1854, and sailed &8 surgeon of the 
second (Srmnell expedition under Dr. K&ne, In 1860 
he sailed in command of an expedition fitted out by pub- 
he subscription for the discovery of an open polar sea. 
During the civil war he was commissioned surgeon of vol- 
unteers and brevetted lieutenant-colonel, and m 1869 h 
again vmt&d ftmtiland. He received the founder's 


Arctic Boat- Journey in the Autumn of 1854. Illust 
Bost. and Lon f I860, 12nioj new ed., enl , 1SS:J. 

" The modesty and good taste with which he tells his 
story are just what might have been expected from the 
nature of the exploits which it relates." Sat Reu , ix. 612. 

2. Physical Observations in the Arctic Seas, 1860 and 
1861, Wash., 1867, 4to. J. The Open Polar Sea : a Nar- 
rative of a Voyage of Discovery in the Schooner " United 
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as related by Captain John Hardy, Mariner, Lon., 1869, 
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White Men . an Es^ay on the Origin and Progress of the 
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dustn il Library ;") 4th ed., Lon., 1878, 12mo. ! 

Hayes, John Lord, LL.D., 1812-1887, b. atSouth 
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Alpaca and its Congeners, or Wool- Hearing Animals of 
the Cordilleras of the Andes, N. Yoik, 1882, 12mo. 
Also, addresses and other pamphlets 

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Galvanic GUI rents in the Electro-Thermal Bath, Chic., 
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its close was brevetted biigadier-general of volunteers. 
History of the One Hundred and Third Ohio Regiment, 

Haygood, Atticns Green, D.D., LL.D., b, 1839, 
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C6pal Church, and was president of Emory College 1876- 
84. 1. Our Keepsake, Nashville, Tenn , 1871, Svo. 2. 
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College, Oxford, where he graduated lS45 f and a Fellow 
1848-55; assistant master at the Charterhouse 1853-55, 
afterwards head-master successively of St. Olaw's Gram- 
mar-School, Southwark, Cheltenham Grammar-School, 
St. Andrew's College, Bradford, and Bugby School ;L8&9 
-74, and since then rector of Aldmgham. 1. Dialogues 
of the Barly Church: L, Romej II., Syria f HL, Ca<r- 


thage, Lon., 1851, 12mo. 2. Retail Mammon; or, The 
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rector of Ardnageehy 1863, of Doneraile 18(57, of Car- 
rigaline 1872, and of Douglas from 1S75 j canon of Cork. 

I. Annals of Youghal, four series, 184S-5S. 2. Notes 
and Records of the Ancient Religious Foundations at 
Youghal, 1854. 3. Guide to Youghal, Ardmore, and 
ihe Black water. Map and ilk^t, 1860. 4. Sketch of 
;he Blaekwater from Youghal to Fermoy, 1860. 5. IIlus- 
Lrated Guide to St. Mary's Collegiate Church, <fce., at 
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1830-1886, b, at Charleston, S.C.; educated at the Col- 
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but gave it up for literature. At the outbreak of the 
civil war he became aide-de camp to General Piekens, 
but his health, naturally delicate, broke down, and ren- 
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Defence of Purchase for Valuable Consideration without 
Notice, Lon., 188t>, Svo. 

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Historical Sketch of the Massachusetts State Prison, 
69, 12mo. 


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?. Svo. 2. (Trans.) Mauprat, by George Sand, Lon., 
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1S82, I2mo. 3. The Lovmg Sister: a Story for Big 
Girl?, N. York, 1883, 12mo. 

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secretary at the war office 1882-85. Essays on Produc- 
tion, and its Increase by the Freedom of Commerce and 
the Best Distribution of Capital and Labour, Lon., 1864, 


Hayter, Henry Heylyn, C.Ma., b. 1821, at 
Eden Vale, Wiltshire; emigrated to Victoria in 1S52, 
and was for many years employed in the department of 
the registrar-general, at the head of the statistical 
branch, which in 1874 was erected into a separate de- 
partment, with Mr. Hayter at its head, under the title 
of government statist. 1. Notes on the Colony of Vic- 
tona: Historical, Geographical, Meteorological, and Sta- 
tistical, Melbourne, 1875, Svo; 2d ed , 1876. 2. Hand- 
Book to the Colony of Victoria, Melbourne, 1S84, Svo; 
2d ed., rev., 1S85. 3. My Chiistmas Adventure, Car- 
boons, and other Poems, Melbourne, 1S87. 

Hay ward, Abraham, [^, vol. i. t add.,] 1S01- 
1884, b, at Wilton, Wiltshire; wa-s articled to a solic- 
itor, but afterwards entered at the Middle Temple, was 
called to the bar in 1830, and became queen's counsel in 
1845. Though the founder of the Law Magazine, which 
he edited 1828-44, and a special student of the literature 
and history of law, he had only a small practice, and 
was known chiefly as a literary man and raconteur. 
He was for many years a constant contributor to the 
Quarterly Keview and to other periodicals. For biog., 
see CARLISLE, HENRY E., ttupra. 1. Some Account of a 
Journey across the Alps : in a Letter to a Friend, Lon., 
1S34, 12mo^ Anon. Printed for private circulation. 2. 
Verses of other Days, Lon., 1847, sm. 8vo. Anon. 
Printed for private circulation. Reprinted, with addi- 


tion?, 1878. 3. The Art of Dining; or, Gastronomy and 
Gastronomers, Lon., 1852, Svo Anon. New ed , 1883. 
4. Lord Chesterfield, his Life, Character, and Opinions; 
and George Selwyn, his Life and Times, Lon., 1854, cr. 
8vo. 5. More about Junms: the Franciscan Theory 
Unsound. Lon , 1868, 8vo. 

" Exhibits the sagacity of an astute lawyer and of an 
accomplished critic? 'Sat. J2ev., xxv. 87. 

6. The Second Arinada . a Chapter of Future History, 
Lon., 1871, sm. Svo. Anon. 7. Biographical and Crit- 
ical Essays. Series II. and III. Lon., 1873-74, 3 vols. 

" Mr Hayward's Essays . . . rather gain than lose by re- 
production in a collective form , for the reader becomes 
accustomed to Mr Hayward's mode of treatment, which is 
characteristic, though it is exempt from mannerism." 
Sat, JRev., xxxv. 184 

" A master of the processes by which half a score of 
huge books may be boiled down into a single article, he 
puts his facts into the concisest language, and, having 
made a point, leaves it to commend it&elt Hence comes 
the detect of some of his papers , a redundancy of anec- 
dotes which fail to produce a satisfactory effect, because 
they thrust one another out of the reader's memory," 
Ath, No. 2363, 

" He is popular because he overflows with anecdote and 
personal story. It would be unjust to say that he is noth- 
ing if not anecdotical ... But, were it not for their re- 
dundancy of gossip about memorable persons, his volumes 
would offer lew attractions to ordinary readers." Ath., 
No 2408. 

"An inexhaustible knowledge of good stories, combined 
with the rarer power of telling them well, and a great 
familiarity with the lighter literature of modern times, 
make these essays very enjoyable reading for an idle hour. 
Whether they have cost Mr. Hayward much thought, or 
whether that which has not cost the author much thought 
can be of any real service, are questions which it is per- 
haps as ridiculous to ask as it would be to ask whether a 
moss-rose were good to eat." SAMUEL JR.. GARDINER: 
Acad. t v. 250. 

S. Goethe, ("Foreign Classics for English Headers,") 
Lon , 1878, p Svo. 

" He has attempted to describe for us a great man nay, 
one of the greatest men that ever lived by giving us, so 
to speak, his dimensions in ieet and inches, the color of 
his eyes and hair, his weight in pounds avoirdupois." 
Nation, xxvii 1S2. 

9. Selected Essavs, Lon , 1878, 2 vols. p. Svo. 

" There is no better or more pleasant way of describing 
people than by recording their best sayings and most char- 
acteristic actions, and there is nobody m our generation 
who has shown such a power as Mr Hayward of extract- 
ing titbits from biographical memoirs, stringing them In 
a natural order and supplementing them from his own 
sources " Acad. t xv. 91. 

10. Sketches of Eminent Statesmen and Writers; with 
other EssaTS, Lon., 1S80, 2 vols. Svo. Also, pamphlets. 
And see PIOZZI, MRS. H. L., ante, vol. 11 , and WYNN, 
Miss F. W M mite, vol. ill. 

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Book ot Aimrican Poets Illut. New ed., Bost, 1881, 
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paign, Pott Hope, Cnnndi, 1855, 8vo. 

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Martial Law, Courts-Mai tial, <fcc. By E. D. H. Lon., 
1866, Svo, 

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Lowell, Mass, j graduated at Harvard 1851 ; a Unitarian 
minister, 1. Willoughby . a Poem, Bost., 1879, 16im>. 
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Jesus as the Law of Life, Bost., 1881, 12mo. 8. Patnce: 
her Love and Work : Poem, in Four Parts, Bost., 1883, 

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St. Andrews; practises at Liverpool. 1. The Vale of 
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Svo ; 2d ed., under the title of 4< Guide to Tretriw and 
the Vale of Coriway Spa," 1872; 3d ed., 1881, p. Svo. 


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Left to the World: a Novel, Lon., 1SSS, 12mo 32. The 
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terbein University. The Earth and its Chief Motions, 
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By One of her Crew, With Notes from Historical Author- 
ities. Bost., 18S6, 16mo. (Suppressed hy the publishers ) 

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Economy in Brown University : compiled from his Let- 
ters, Journals, and Writings, and the Recollections of 
his Friends, Bost., 1SS6, I6mo. 

" It Is his life as a scfcolar that these pages contain t . . 
and with t&ejr 4eta4s <are woven some personal impres- 
sions of him m his literary club, and brief notices of Taca- 
tfon days." ^Yo^ow, xliv. 40. 

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Poems, P^iJa., 1$? 


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Articles on the Financial and Political Conditions of the 
United States, N. York, 1864, Svo. 2. Freedom of the 
Mind in Willing ; or, Every Being that Wills a Creative 
First Cause, N. York, 1S64, 12rno. 3. Essays on Finance 
and Hours of Labor, N. York, 1868. 4. Two Letters on 
Causation and Freedom m Willing : addressed to J. S. 
Mill, Bost. and Lon., 1869, p. Svo. 5. Man a Creative 
First Cause Two Discourses, Bost., 1883, Svo. 

" Devoted to showing that within his own consciousness 
every man has a wide chaotic sphere of sensations, de- 
sires, feelings, &c , which it is the business of his life to 
reduce to order and beauty ."Nation, xxxvii. 421. 

Hazard, Samuel. 1. Cuba, with Pen and Pencil, 
Hartford, Conn., 1870, Svo. 2. Santo Domingo, Past 
and Present : with a G-lanee at Hajti. Maps and Illust. 
N. York and Lon., 1873. 

"Compiled with praiseworthy care, and showing 
throughout more than common powers of observation and. 
judgment "Sat Kev , xxxv 57 

** it gives a condensed history, borrowed from a great 
variety of sources, of both parts of the island of San Do- 
mnigo ; and it de&cnbesin a readable manner theauthor's 
experiences of travel there in 1871, on the heels of, and 
partly m company with, the United States Commissioners. 
The illustrations are of a reallj helpful sort. . . Mr Haz- 
ard is a warm advocate f annexation." Nation, xvi. 183. 

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add ,] 1784-1876. 1. The Ordeal of Life, Graphically 
Illustrated in the Experiences of Fifteen Hundred Indi- 
viduals, Bost., ] 870, Svo. 2. Blasphemy: Who are the 
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Cow : their History, Nature, and Management. Illust. 
Phila., 1872, Svo. 3. Butter and Butter-Making : with 
the Best Methods for Producing and Marketing it, Phila., 
1877, 12mo. 4. Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsyl- 
vania in the Olden Time. Illust. Phila., 1879, Svo. 
(Completion of J. P. Watson's Annals of Philadelphia.) 

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Australasian Colonies: Emigration and Colonization, 
Lon., 1887, Svo. (A report by two members of the com- 
mittee of management of the Emigrants' Information 

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fast, Me ; graduated at Harvard 1862, and afterwards 
studied at Oxford,- practised law till 1878, when he 
became liteiary editor of the New York Sun. 1. The 
American Woman in Europe, and the Keys to New York 
Society, N. York, 1S79, 16mo. 2. British and American 
Education : the University of the Two Countries com- 
pared, N, York, 1880, 32mo. 3. Chats about Books, 
Poets and Novelist?, N. York, 18SS, 12mo. 

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Chess Problem Tournament, N.York, 1860, ISmo. 2. 
Brevity find Brilliancy in Chess, N. York, 1866, 12mo. 

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Country Lite, Lon., 1872, 3 vote, p. Svo. 

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Bost., 1S83, Svo. 

Hazen, MarF P* X- Tbe Mission School in Mill 
Village. Itlusfc os^ J&mo. 2. The Mother's Ship, 
and the Cargo it brought* Boat., 16mo, 3. Joanna j OK, 
Le&ruin# ,to follow Jesus. By Mabel, [pseudj Illust. 

. York, }$n, Itoo. 

? W R* Justices' Guide, and Forms of 
Kan,, 1368, Svo. 



Hazen, Brig. -Gen* William Bafccock, 

USA, 1830-1887, b m West Hartiord, Vt ; graduated 
at the US Military Academy in 1855, was appointed 
professor of infantry tactics at thelJ S. Military Academy , 
served through the civil war, was in France during 
the Franco-Prussian war, and was TI S. military attache" 
at Vienna during the Ru&so-Turkish war In 1880 
he was appointed chief signal officer 1 The School 
and the Army in fox-many and France with a Diary 
of Siege Life at Versailles, N York, 1S72, 12mo 

* Beplete with matter of great interest and value both 
to the soldier and the statesman The information it con- 
taiDS respecting the military and the educational institu- 
tions of North Germany and of France is as lull and as 
detailed as can be desired 1 '~ Nation, xvi 29 

* To the report of thife remarkable conversation [with 
Bismarck] succeed several chapters of the author's impres- 
sions of the siege of Pans , and where these are founded 
on his own observations, the} are fresh and interesting in 
a high degree " Sat Rev , xxxv 394 

2 Our Barren Lands Inteuor of the United States 
West of the One Hundredth Meridian and East of the 
Sierra Nevada, Cm, 1S75, Svo 3 A Nairative of Mili- 
tary Service. Illust Bost., 1885, Svo 

11 General Hazen's book will have a very considerable 
value among the contributions to a final historj of the 
war The parts which relate to the organisation and 
internal discipline of his ovvn command will rank high 
We suspect that the rest will be regarded as a curiously 
unconscious disclosure of his subjective traits of charac- 
ter, more than a strictly objective presentation of real 
facts "tfatton, ill 381 

Hazlehurst, George S The Invisible Telegraph 
of the Future, Lon , 1887, Svo* 

Hazlengg, Rev. Grey* 1. The Voice of the 
Bridegroom and the Voice of the Bride live Sermons, 
LOB , 1869, Svo. 2. Letterb to a Mother with a Brief 
Sketch of Earlier Experiences, Lon } 1886, Svo Also, 
single sermons, &c 

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Border, Phila , 1860, I2mo 2. The Pastor's Son, Phila , 
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M. Tatem, [pseud ] Phila., 1869, 12mo 4. The Heights 
of Heidelberg, 1870, ISino. 

Hazlewood, David. 1 A Compendious Grammar 
of the Peejean Languige with Examples of Native 
Idioms, Vewa, Feejee, 1850, Svo 2 A Feejean and 
English Dictionary, <fcc , Vewa, 1850-52, 2 parts, 12mo , 
2d ed , Lon , 1872, Svo 

Hazlitt, W. I Dictionary of Ancient Geography, 
Sacred and Profane, Lon , 1851, p Svo 

Hazlittj William Carew, [ante, vol. i , add.,] 
*"fe 1835 , educated at Merchant Taylors' School, and 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple 1861 He baa 
edited the works of Lovelace, Herrick, and other old 
authors, Warton's History of English Literature, <fec 
1. (M.) Duma the Sonnets and other Poems of Henry 
Constable, Lon , 1S59, p. Svo 2 History of the Vene- 
tian Eepublic her Eise, her Greatness, and her Civili- 
zation, Lon , I860* 4 vols Svo 

11 Some time back he published the first two volumes of 
the present work, they showed a great deal of industry, 
but they were fall of the most ludicrous blunders We 
eritici&ed him severely, and by wa> of answer he has re- 
written his two volumes from beginning to end We 
have on the strength of this reform, made a second at- 
tempt to read through Mr Hazhtt's hibtory, and we have a 
second time broken down , He knows what the chron- 
ic lers tell him, but to try those chroniclers by the received 
laws of historical criticism is a thought which never oc- 
curred to bun It would be endless to enumerate all 
tbe mistakes which one comes across m turning over Mr 
Hazlitt s pages " Sat Res , xu 14tf 

3 The Great Gold-Fields of Cariboo with an Au- 
thentic Description of British Columbia and Vancouver 
Island, LOQ , 1862, 12mo. 4. (Ed ) Old English Je-fr- 
Books, Lon , 1864, 3 vols Svo 6 (Ed.) Remains of the 
Early Popular Poetry of England, Lon , 1864-66, 4 vols 
12mo. 6. Sophy Laurie a Novel, Lon , 1365, 3 vols p 
Svo 7 Memoirs of William Hazlitt with Portions of his 
Correspondence, Lon , 1867, 2 vols Svo. 8 Hand- Book 
to the Popular Poetical and Dramatic Literature of Great 
Britain, fiom the Invention of Printing to the Re^tora- 
tion, Lon., 1867, Svo 9 (Ed ) The Roxburghe Library 
Lon , 1868-70, 8 vols. 4to. 10. Popular Antiquities of 
Q-reat Britain, Lon , 1869, S vols, Svo 11. (Ed ) Eng- 
lish Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases, Lon , 1869, r Svo, 
2d ed , enl , 1882 12 (Ed ) Inedited Poetical Miscel- 
lanies, 1684-1700: selected from MSS chiefly m Private 
Hands with a Few Explanatory and Illustrative Notes, 
Loo, 1870, 8vo. 50 copies, privately printed. (Con- 
tains a preface by Henry Huth> from, whose library the 



material was mainly selected ) 13 (Ed ) The New Lon- 
don Jest- Book, Lon, 1&71, Svo 14 Anecdotes and 
Bennmseences of Illustrious Men and Women of Modern 
Times, Lon, 1872, 12mo U (Ed) Prefaces, Dedica- 
tions, Epistles, selected from Early English Books, 1540 
-1701, Lon , 1874, 8vo. 50 copies, privately printed 
(Contains an introductory notice by Henry Huth ) 16 
Collections and Notes, 1867-76, Lon , 1876, 8vo 

'* The books noticed by Mr Hazlitt in this volume are all 
rare Perhaps it would be safe to say that three-fourths 
of the books named in it are unique There are very 
few that are worth reading , and we may look on the 
mama for collecting them as a harmless lorm of the prev- 
alent insanity To such collectors Mr Hazhtt's book is 
simply Indispensable , nor will it be absolutely useless to 
the student of the history of English literature Sat Rev , 
sli 560 

17 Second Senes of Bibliographical Collections and 
Notes on Early English Literature, 1474-1700, Lon, 
1882, 8vo 18 Offspring of Thought in Solitude Mod- 
ern Essays, Lon , 1884, cr 870 19, (Ed ) Jests Old 
and New containing Anecdotes of Celebrities Living 
and Deceased, Lon, 1886, 12mo Also, 100 specul 
copies, interleaved 20 Old Cookery Books and An- 
cient Cuisine, Lon , 1886 21 Gleanings in Old Gar- 
den Literature, Lon , 1887, 12mo 22 Schools, School- 
Books, and School-Masters a Contribution to the History 
of Educational Development m Great Britain, Lon , 1887, 
p Svo. 

Head, Barclay Vincent, Ph D , D C L , b 1844, 
at Ipswich, Eng , educated at Queen Elizabeth's Gram- 
mar-Schoo! in that town , entered the British Museum 
as assistant m the department of coins and medals 1864, 
and was appointed assistant keeper 1871 His honorary 
degrees were conferred upon him by the Universities of 
Heidelberg and Durham in recognition of his services to 
the science of numismatics, he having been the first to 
methodize the classification of Greek and Phoenician 
coins according to their chronology and styles of art 
He is a corresponding member of the Imperial German 
Archaeological Institute, honorary secretary of the Numis- 
matic Society of London, and joint editor of the Numis- 
matic Chronicle Three of his works have been crowned 
by the French Academy 1, On the Chronological Se- 
quence of the Coins of Syracuse, Lon , 1874, 8\o 2 
Metrological Notes on Ancient Electrum Coins, LOB , 
1876, Svo 

" A valuable monograph on a class of coins too little 
studied Historically the main value of the labour 
Mr Head has undeigone in these inquiries consists in the 
proofs afforded b> them of the extent of the eaily com- 
merce of antiquity, and of the great lines along vihich it 
moved" Mh, No 2533 

3 The Coinnge of Lydia and Persia, from the Earliest 
Times to the Fall of the Dynasty oi the AehsBiuemdse, 
Lon, 1377, 4to. 4. Catalogue of Greek Coins Mace- 
donia, Lon 1879, p Svo 5. The Coinage of Ephesus 
IIiut Lon , 1880, Svo 

" No one can study this interesting volume, with its fine 
photographic (autotype) plates, without being astonished 
at the certainty to which the science of numismatics in the 
hands of such scholars as Mr Head has attained, and the 
amount of artistic, mythological, historical and e~\ en eco- 
nomical knowledge that is to be derived from the patient 
study of the monetary series of a Greek city " &at Jiev , 
1 &J 

6 A Guide to the Principal Gold and Silver Coins of 
the Ancients, fiorn onoa B C* 700 to A D 1, (Brit Mus. 
Pub,) Lon ,1881, Svo, nw ed , 18S6 7. Synopsis of 
the Coins and Medals in the British Museum Issue L 
(Bnt Mus. Pub ) Lon, 1881, cr Svo. 8 Catalogue of 
Greek Coins Central Greece, (Locris, Phoois, Bo&otia, 
and Euboea.) Illusfc Lon , 1884, Svo 9 Histona 
Nummorum a Manual of Greek Numismatics Illust 
Oxf , 1887, Svo. 

" What Mr Head has succeeded in doing is to produce 
an excellent introduction to the study of Greek coin in all 
its branches, a thing lor which com collectors, foreign 
and English, have been sighing for the last half century " 
C OMAN Awd.xaod 419 

10 Catalogue of Greek Coins Attica Megaris 
Lon 1888, Svo 

Head, Sir Edmund Walker, Bart., K C B , 

D C L , F.R S , [ante, yol i , add ,] 1805-1868 He re- 
signed the governor-generalship of Canada in 1861^ and 
on his return to England was appointed a civil service 
commissioner 1 Shall and Will , or, Two Chapters on 
Future Auxiliary Verbs, Lon., 1856, p Svo, 2d ed , enl , 

" The book is clear in expression and abundant in infer* 
matjon It is also ingenious When \> e have read the 
book we feel tbat we have got into our mind a good deal 


of undigested information, wbicli we must sort into order 
and get Into shape for ourselves " Sat Rev , in b7 

2 (Trans) Viga Glums Sigi, from the Icelandic 
with Kotes and an Introduction, Lon , 1866, fp Svo 3 
Ballads and other Poems, Original and Translated, Lon , 
1868, p Svo 

Head, Edward Francis. Poitroonms a Tragic 
Farce, in One Act. By an Admirer oi Chivalry. Boat , 
1856 Anon 

Head, Mrs. F. E. Faithful m Little a Tale for 
Young Women, Lon, 1869, 12mo 

Head, Sir Francis Bond, Bart,, [ante, vol 
i , add ,] 1793-1875 1 Descnptive Essays from the 
" Quarterly Review," Lon , T8o6, 2 vols p 8vo. 2 The 
Horse and his Rider Illust Lon , ISbO, cr Svo. 

" The author neither has nor pretends to have any spe- 
cial knowledge of his subject "a J&ev , xi 171 

6 Mr Kinglake, Lou , 1863, bvo 4 The Royal En- 
gineer, Lon,, 1869, Svo 

"Readable and pleasant throughout, and withal not 
unmstructive " Sett Jteu , xxvn 224 

5 A Sketch of the Life and Death of the Late Field- 
Marshal Sir John Bargoyne, Lon , IS72, 12mo 

Head, Franklin H Shakespeare's Insomnia, and i 
the Causes thereof, Chic ,1886, Svo ! 

Head, Frederick William, b 1854, called to 
the bar at the Inner Temple 1879 The Statutes by ! 
Heart bemg a, System of Meinona Technica applied to 
Statutes, Lon , 1877, Svo. ' 

Head, George E. An Essay on a New System of 
Fortification, 1ST York, I860, 4to 

Head, J. H* Home Pastimes, Bost , 1860, 12mo. 

Head, John* A Few Notes on the Portable Steam - 
Engine, Lon , 1877, Svo 

Head, John W. Tennessee Law Keports, 1S5S- 
59 Pub by the State I860, 3 vols Svo 

Head, Rev. Nelson. Daily Walk with Wise Men , 
or, Kehgious Exercises for Every Day in the Year, N 
York, 1863, 12mo 

Head, Percy Rendell* Yan Dyck , [and] Fr<tns 
Hals of Haarlem, ("Great Artists,") Lou , 1879, p Svo 

Head, Robert. Congleton, Past and Present a 
History of this Old Cheshire Town, Congleton, 1887, Svo 

Headingley* Adolphe S. The Biography of C 
Bradlaustfi, Lon , 1880, cr 8vo, new ed , enl , ISS3 

Headmgtoii, J. A., and Franklin, Joseph. 
(Ed ) Book of Gems , or, Choice Selections from the 
Writings of Benjamin Franklin, St Louis, 1879, 12mo 

Headlam, Mis. Beatrice R M wife of Rev S 
D Headlam, infra Short Lessons m Christian Theol- 
ogy Lon , 1878,p. Svo 

Headlam, Kev. Stewart Duckworth, gradu- 
ated at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1869 , ordained 
1870, curate of Shoreditch 1881-84 1 The Church 
Catechism and the Emancipation of Labour, Lou , 1875, 
Svo 2 Pnestoraft and Progress Sermons and Lec- 
tures, Lon, 1S7S, 8vo 3. The Service of Humanity, 
and other Sermons, Lon, 1882, fp Svo 4 Lessons 
from the Cross Addresses given in Oxhey Parish Church 
on Good Friday, 1886, Lon , 1887, Svo 5 The Laws 
of Etoinal Life . bemg Studies In the Church CoteUiibm, 
Lon , 18b8, cr Svo 

Headland* Rev* Edward. The Happy Sufferer . 
a Narrative, Loo , I860, 12ino With Swf-TE, H. B. 
1 Thoughts and Prayeis for Private and Family Use, 
Lon , 1864, 8vo 2 Qalatmns, with Explanatory Notes, 
Lon , 1S66, I2tno 3 Tbessalomans, Lon , 1866, 12mo 

Headland, Frederick William, M.D , F E C P , 
[ante, voi i , add ] A Medical Hand-Book with Hints 
to Clergymen, Lou , 1861, fp Sio 

Headley, Joel Tyler, [a nte> voL i , add ] 1. The 
Life of General H Haveloek, K C.B , Lon , 185<J, 12ino 

" Quite up to the average of biographical excellence " 
ft* && , Vii 751 

2. The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution, . 
York, 1861, 12mo, new ed ,1875 3 The Great RebeL 
lion i a History of the Civil War in the United States, 
Hartford, 1863-66, 2 vols. Svo 4 Grant and Sherman 
their Campaigns and Generals, N. York, 1865, 8v<$ nev 
ed,, 1868. 5. Farragutand our Naval Commander^ 1L 
York, 1867, Svo, new ed , enl., 1880. 6, Life of # *. 
Grant, N.York, 1808,870. 7 Biographical Btoflfar of 
Sacred Heroes and Martyrs, N. York, 18W ^o 8 - 
(Ed,) Mountain Adventures in Vanou PSftfU of tee 
World, N York, 1872, 12mo. 

Headier, Rev. Phineas CMtift [ante, vol. i , 
add J has held pastorates in tho B^yterian and Con- 
gregational Churches. 1 3Jasjrv4$$ Hork of the 


Spirit Illustrated in the Labors of Kev E P Ham- 
tnond in Great Britain and Ameiica, Bost , 18fi2* 2 
The Hero Boy, or, The Life and Deedfc ot Lieutenant- 
General Granfc, N. York, 1S64, 12mo 3 The Miner 
Boy and his Monitor, or, The Career and Achievements 
of John Ericsson, the Engineer, N York, 1864, 16mo 
4 The Patriot Boy , or, The Lite and Career of Major- 
General M. Mitohel, X York, Ifc64, 16uso. 5 Life 
and Naval Career of Vice-Admit al D G rarragut, N 
York, 1S65, IfSuio. 6 Life and Ahhtarv Career of Major- 
General W. T. Sherman, N York, 1S65, 12tno 7 Mas- 
sachusetts in the Rebellion a Record of the Historical 
Position of the Commonwealth, Bo*t , 18f>6, Svo, 8 
Heroines of the Bible , or> The Women of Saered His- 
tory, Bost , 18f>7, ISmo 9 The Court and Camp of 
David, Bost, ISbS, 8\o, new ed , 1S76, r 4to 10 
Youth's Illuminated Bible History, Phila, 1873, 2 vols. 
4to 1 1 Evangelists in the Church, A D 35-1875, Bost , 
1S75, 12mo 12. The Island of Fire, or, A Thousand 
Years of the Old Norsemen's Home, &74-1S74, N York, 
1875, 12iao 13. (Camp ) Public Men of To-Bay, 1SS2, 
Svo 14 (Ed.) The Reaper and the Harvest, or, Scenes 
and Incidents m Connection with the Work of the Holy 
Spuit in the Life and Labours of E. P Hammond, N 
Yoik, 1884, Svo 

Head ley , Rev. TanSeld George, educated at 
Kmg*s College, London , ordained 1869 , curate of St 
Peter's, Great Windmill Street, London, 1869 1 Ele- 
mentary and Primary Views of Religion, Lon , 1871, 
Svo. 2. The Vital Principles of True Christianity, to be 
established in the coming Christian Reformation, for 
bringing Gentiles and Jews into Union, Lon , 1872, Svo 
3 The Gospel, the Crucifixion, and the Cross of Christ, 
Lon., 1874, Svo. 4. The Law and the Gospel, Lon., 1875, 
Svo 5 Life IE Love a Sacred Song with Mueie, 
Lon , 1875 

Headley, Walter Balls. On Internal Tumours 
their Characteristic Distinctions and Diagnosis, Mel- 
bourne 1876, Svo. 

Heady, M. Seen or Heard* Poems, or the Like, 
Bait , 1869, 12mo 

Heaford, A. S* 'Strains on Braced Iron Arches 
and Arched Iron Bridges Illust Lon., 1883, Svo 

Heald, Edmund. The Line of Prophecy, or, The 
Times of the Gentiles the Antichrist yet to be devel- 
oped and established in Svna, Babylonia, and Egypt, 
Lon j 1865, 16mo 

Heale, James Newton. I A Treatise on Vital 
Causes, Los., 1859, Svo. 2 A Treatise on the Physio- 
logical Anatomy of the Lungs, Lon , 1862, Svo* 

Heafes, Alfred, proetoi m Doctors* Commons. 1 
The History and Law of Church Seats or Pews, Lon , 
1872, 2 vols. Svo 

11 He has divided the law from the social history, and 
served them up in separate \olumes . [His] pages 
abound m familiar illustrations as well as in instances not 
generally known "Ath , No 2&IG, 

2 The Archaeology of the Christian Altar in Western 
Europe with its Adjuncts, Furniture, and Ornaments, 
Lon , 1SS1, Svo. 3 The Early History of the Church 
of Kingston-upon-Xbaroes together with the History 
of the Free Chapel of St Mary Magdalene, Kingston, 
Lon, 18S3, Svo. 4 The History of Tanndge Priory, 
Surrey, and some Account of the Canons Regular of the 
Order of St Augustine, Lon , 1885, Svo 

Healey, Charles Heley Chadwyck-* b. 1845, 
called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1872. A Treatise on 
the Law and Practice relating to the Articles of Associa- 
tion of Joint-Stock Companies, Lou,, 1875 7 r, Svo 5 2d 
ed., enl 1886. 

Healey, Francis* A Collection of Two Hundred 
Che^s Problems, accompanied by the Solutions, Lon , 
ISflfl, p Svo. 

Heal?? Mary. See Biaor, MART, (HJ&ALY,) mpra. 

Healy, Timothy Michael, b. 1855$ M? since 

8$$; admitted to the Irish bar 1884. 1 The Land 
La?w (Ireland) Act, 1881 witli le Statutes incorporated 
tlnsrewith and the Kules and Forms issued thereunder, 
Dublin, 1882, 8vo.' 2, A Word for Ireland, Dublin, 
I8S6, Svo. With BVALY, MATJSICE, Key to the Land 
Law (Ireland) Act, tSBT, Dublin, 1887, p Svo. 

Heaney* Rev. J M * P a Dominican monk, of 
Sonjer&e^ OMo. A Short Treatise on the Eosary with 
Dv0f!flto tfre Blessed Virgin, N.York, 1863, ISmo, 

He&Hley, K. 3H * matron of Boston Cottage Ho$- 
tiflfcL A Manual of Urme-Teatmg : compiled far the 
, tfaeo-f Matrons, Nurses, and Probationers, kon., 188ft, B?o* 


Heanley, Rev. Robert Marshall, M A , grad- 
uated at Queen's College, Oxford, 1871 , ordained 1871 , 
hon secretary of the Universities* Central African Mis- 
sion, and rector of Wamneet, Lincolnshire, since 1880 
A Memoir of Edward Steere, D.D , LL D , Third Mis- 
sionary Bishop in Central Africa. Illust Lon , 1888, 
cr Svo 

Heap, Major David Porter, son of G H Heap, 
\npa, b 1843, at San Stefano, Turkey, graduated at 
the tf*S Military Academy 1864 , served in the civil 
war, and has since been engaged m various engineering 
works 1 History of the Application of the Electric 
Light to Lighting the Coasts of France, Wash ,1883 
2 Electrical Appliances of the Present Bay, N. York, 
1884 3 Ancient and Modern Lights, Boat, 1887 
Also, repoits, &c 

Heap, Gwynn Harris, 1817-1887, b at Chester, 
Pa , became a clerk in the U S government service 
1846 , consul at Belfast 1866, and at Tunis 1867-78, and 
then appointed secretary of legation and consul -geueial 
at Constantinople Central Route to the Pacific, from 
the Valley of the Mississippi to California Journal of 
the Expedition of E F Beale and G H. Heap, Phila., 
1853, Svo 

Heaphy, Musgrave. Glimpses and Gleams, Lon , 
188% p Svo 

Heapay, Thomas, 1813-1S73, son of Thomas 
Hetphy, an artist m water-colours and the first president 
of the Society ot Briton Artists , followed his father's 
profession, and was much employ ed as a porti ait painter 
He also contributed to periodicals 1 The Likeness of 
Christ being an Enquiry into the Verisimilitude of the 
Received Likeness of Our Blessed Lord. Edited by 
Wyke Bayhas Illust Lon, 1SSI 2 A Wonderful 
Ghost-Story being Mr H s Own Narrative: with 
Letters of Charles Jhckens to the Author respecting it 
[Edited by Mrs Heaphy] Lon, 1SS2, I2mo 

Heard, Albert F., formerly consul-general for 
Russia at Shanghai. The Russian Church and Russian 
Dissent comprising Orthodoxy, Dissent, and Erratic 
Sects, N York, 1SS7, Svo 

" If Mr Heard's work is to be classified as a compilation, 
it is one in the best sense of the word He has perfectly 
mastered hi& subject, and has worked it up in the calmly 
unbiassed temper of an historian and m a stjle at once 
clear and terse He offers no original theories, no new 
views, but plenty of sound observations and interesting 
details carefully selected " Nation, xlv 238 

Heard, Franklin Fiske, [ante, vol i, add,] 
1S25-1SS0, b at WayJand, Middlesex Co , Mass , grad- 
uated at Harvard 1843, admitted to the bar 1850. 1 
Libel and Slander, Bost , 1860. 2 The Legal Acquire- 
ments of William Shakspeare, Bost , 1865, 4to 3 Curi- 
osities of the Law Reporters, Bosfc , 1871, 12mo, new 
ed , 1SS1 4 A Treatise adapted to t he Law and Practice 
of the Superior Courts, and of Trial Justices District, 
Police, and Municipal Courts, in Criminal Cases, Bost , 
1879, Svo 5. Principles of Pleading in Civil Actions, 
Bo*<t, I860, Svo 6. A Concise Treatise on the Prin- 
ciples of Equity Pleading with Precedents, Bost , 1882, 
Svo 7 Shakespeare as a Lawyer, Bost , 188 }, sq I2mo 
8 (Ed ) Acts and Resolve*, General and Special, of the 
Massachusetts General Court, 1382, Bost 1 1884, Svo. 9. 
Precedents of Equity Pleadings, Bot , 1884, I2mo 10 
Precedents of Pleadings in Personal Actions in the Su- 
peiior Courts of Common Law with Notes, Bo't., 1886, 

Heard, Isaac V. B. History of the Pinux War 
and Massacres of 1862 and 1863, N York, 186?, 12mo 

Heard, James Arthur. The Life and Times of 
Kathaha, Borissovna, Princess Dolgorookov, Lon , 1857, 
12m o 

Heard, Rev John Bickford, M A , graduated 
act tionville and Cams College, Cambridge, 1852, or- 
dained 1852 j rector of Woldingham, Surrey, since I860 
1* The History of the Extinction of Paganism in the 
Koman Empire, viewed in Relation to the Evidences of 
Christianity, Cambridge and Lon * 1852, Svo 2 New 
Wine in Old Bottles, a Eeviewof Mumce*s Theological 
Essays, Dublin, 1S54, 16mo. 3 New Wine in Old Bot- 
tles, [being a Reply to the "Essays and Reviews/'] 
Lon , 1862, Svo 4 The Pasfor and the Parish , or, The 
Minister as Preacher, Pastor, Cateohist Lon, 1865, p 
Svo 5 The Tripartite Nature of Man Spirit, Soul, 
and Body, Lon,, 1866, p Svo , 5th ed, Edm ,1882 6 
Rational Christianity, or, Ca&sansm and Clericalism, 
Lon, 1877, Svo 7 Old and New Theology a Con- 
structive Critique, Bdm , 1884, p. &vo 


Hearn, Lafcadio, b 1S50, in Leuoadia, (Santa 
Maura,) Ionian Islands, of English and Greek parent- 
age, educated in England and France, a journalist in 
Cincinnati and New Orleans 1 (Trans ) One of Cleo- 
patra's Nights, and other Fantastic Romances, by Th6- 
ophile Gautier, N York, 1882, Svo 2 Stray Leasts 
from Strange Literature Stones reconstructed from the 
Anvan-Soheih, Talmud, <&c , Bost , 1884, Svo 3 (Trans ) 
Q-ombo Zhdbes Little Dictionary of Cieole Proverbs 
selected from Six Creole Dialects with Notes, Ac , N 
Orleans, La, 1885, Svo 4 Some Chinese Ghosts, Bost , 
1887, 12mo 

"His style is exquisitely polished his vocabulary is the 
cream of language, and his six stones are told with literary 
art " Nation, xhv 456 

Hearn, William Edward, LL D , 1826-1888, b 
at Belturbet, County Cavan, Ireland, and educated at 
the Royal School of Bnmskillen, and at Trinity College, 
Dublin , was appointed professoi of Greek at Queen's 
College, Galway, in 1849, and in 1854 became professor 
of modern hi-tory, logic, and political economy in the 
University of Melbourne, Australia In 1873 he resigned 
hia professorship to become dean of the faculty ot law 
at the university and a member of the legislative council 
of Victoria, He was called to the Irish bar in 185S, and 
to the bar of Victoria in 1860 1 The Cassell Puze 
Essay on the Condition of Ireland, Lon , 1851, p Svo 
2 Plutology , or, The Theory of the Efforts to satisfy 
Human Wants, Lon t 1864, Svo, new ed , 1878 

" It is a ^ ery good book, a manual of political econ- 
omy not ciifiermg very materially as far as -w e can judge, 
from previous works on the same subject ' Sat Rev , x\u 

The Government of England its Structure and its 
Development Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide, Lon , 
1867, 8vo , 2d ed , rev , 18S7 

" Professor Hearn's ' Government of England' has taught 
me more than any other single work of the way in winch 
the labours of lawyers established in early times the ele- 
mentary pi in ciplefe which form the basis of the constitu- 
tion " JE DICEY Law of the Constitution, Preface 

4 Payment by Eesults m Primary Education, Mel- 
bourne, 1872, 12mo 5 The Aryan Household, its, 
Structure and Development an Intioduction to Com- 
parative Jurisprudence, Lon r 1878, 8vo 

"\Ve should say that he owes most to Sir H Maine 
though he has looked at the structure of archaic society 
also with the ej es of M de Coulangea Yet tt were grossly 
unjust not to admit that Dr Hearn's work i& one of great 
learning, ability, and ^value " Ath , No 2674 

6 The Theory of Legal Duties and Rights an In- 
troduction to Analytical Jurisprudence, Melbourne and 
Lon , 1884, Svo. 

" The Australian colonies have furnished, in the person 
of Mr Hearn, a most able writer on jurisprudence His 
book is modestly styled an Introduction , but, as far 
as it goes, it is complete and exhaustive ' Sat Rev , Ivui 

Hearnden, Isaac. " Blower's Ghost JJ a Legend 
of Kent, Lon ? 1880, 12ino 

Heaine, Edwin. 1 Thoughts on the Cholera, 
Lon , 1853, Svo 2 Cholera Non- Contagious, and the 
Absurdity of Quarantine Bestnctions demonstrated, 
Lon , 1866, Svo 

Hearne? Mary Anne, (^Marianne Farmng- 
hauo," pseud ,) b at Farnmgham, Kent 1 Lays and 
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ed , 1867 2 Life Sketches and Echoes from the Valley, 
Lon, 1861-67, thiee series, fp Svo 3 Poems, Lon, 
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7 Girlhood, Lon, 1869, ]2mo 8 Boyhood, Lon, 
1870, 12mo, 9 The Sunday-Schools of the Future, 
Lon, 1871, I2mo 10 The Cathedral's Shadow a 
Story, Lon , 1871, p Svo 11 Brothers and Sisters, 
Lon , 1873, 12mo 12 Leaves from Bhm, [verse,] Lon , 
1873, p 8vo IS Dell's New Year, Lon , 1874, 12 uio 
14 Sunday Afternoons with Je^us Bible Readings, 
Lorn, 1874, p Svo 15 What of the Night? a Tem- 
perance Tale, Lon , 1876, J2mo 16 The Summer and 
Autumn of Life, Lon, 1876, 12mo 17 Songs ot Sun- 
shine, Lon , 1878, p Svo. 18 The Childien's Holiday* 
Out-of-Door Stories for Little Ones, Lon , 1878 1*J 
The Story of the Years a Text- Book and Diai v, Lon , 
1880, 32mo 20. Homely Talks about Homely Ihmgs, 
Lon, 1886, p 8vo. 21, Victoria a Sou\ emr of the 
Queen's Jubilee, Lon , 1887, 32mo 

Heartley* Charles Tebfcott, Our Cathedrals 
and their Mission, Lon , 1855, Svo 

Heasell, Anne, 1 Studies on the Apocalypse , 


new ed, Lon., 1852, 12mo. 2. England's Church and 
Hopes scripturally considered, Lon , 1852, 12mo. 
Heasman, Alfred, Cane, E., and Coote, G. 

The Sussex Herd-Book : vol i., 1S55-1S7S, Lewes, 1879, 

Heath, A. An Introductory Work on Consump- 
tion, <fce , N. York, 1856, 12mo. 

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3 vols p. Svo. 2. A Thorn in his Side ; a Novel. Lon., 
1868, 3 vols. p. 8yo. 

Heath, Christopher, F R.C.S., b. 1835, in Lon- 
don j educated at King's College; assistant surgeon and 
lecturer on an t atoniy at the Westminster Hospital 1862 ; 
assistant surgeon and teacher of operative surgery at Uni- 
versity College Hospital 1866, burgeon and Holme pro- 
fes^r of clinical surgery at the same institution 1875. 1, 
A Manual of Minor Surgery and Bandaging, for the Use 
of Hoiise-Surgeons, Lon., 1861, 12mo; 6th ed , enl., 1880 j 
8th ed., 1886. 2. Practical Anatomy : a Manual of Dis- 
sections, Lon., 1864, 12mo; new ed., with additions by 
W. W. Keen, illust. ; 6th ed., Phila., 1885. 3. On the 
Endoseope as a Means for the Diagnosis* and Treatment 
of Urethral Disease, Lon , 1866, Svo 4. Injuries and 
Diseases of the Jaws, (Jacksonhin Pdze Essay,) Lon., 
1868, Svo ; 3d ed , 1884. 5. On the Treatment of Intra- 
Thoracic Aneurism by the Distal Ligature, Lon., 1871, 
Svo. 6. A Course of Operative Surgery with Plates 
drawn by M. Le" veillS Parts I.-IV., Lon., 1877, imp. 
4to ; 2d ed., 1884. 7. The Student's Guide to Surgical 
Diagnosis, Lon., 1879, 12ino; 2d ed., 1883. 8. (Ed) 
Dictionary of Practical Surgery. By British Hospital 
Surgeons. Lon, 1886, 2 vols r. Svo. 9. Lectures on 
Certain Diseases of the Jaws Illust. Lon., 1888, Svo. 

Heath, Douglas Denori, MA, b. 1SU; edu- 
cated at Trinity College, Cambndge; called to the bar 
at the Inner Temple 1835 ; judge of the Blooinsbury 
county court 1847-65. An Elementary Exposition of 
the Doctune of Energy, Lon., 1874, p. Svo. 

Heath, Rev. Dimbar Isidore, M.A M \ante, vol. 
i., HEATH, D. J., add.,] 1816-1888 ; graduated at Trinity 
College, Cambridge, 183Sj became vicar of Brading, 
Isle of Wight, 184(5; was prosecuted for expressions in 
his sermons considered derogatory to the Thirty-Nine 
Articles, and sentenced in 1861 to deprivation of his 
benefice. 1. Our Future Life, Lon., 1853, Svo. 2. A 
Record of the Patriarchal Age; or, The Proverbs of 
Aphobis, B.C. 1900, now first translated from the Egyptian, 
Ryde, 1858, 12mo. .-}. Sermons on Important Subject^, 
Ryde, 1860, 12 mo 4. A Defence of my Professional 
Character, Lon., 1862, p. Svo. 5, Phoenician Inscrip- 
tions : Part L, Lon., 1873, Svo. 

Heath, Francis George, b. 1843, at Totnes, Dev- 
onshire, entered the civil service in 1862. He has for 
many yeais taken an active interest in the preservation 
of forests and the extension of parks and open squares 
in the metropolis. In 1882 he became editor of the 
Journal of Forestry. 1. The " Romance" of Peasant 
Life in the West of England, Lon., 1872, p. Svo ; 2d ed., 
enl,, same year. 

"An account of a rather unique vacation-tour, which 
was almost exclusively devoted to examining mto the 
present condition of the agricultural poor of apparently 
his native county, Somersetshire. , . Few questions . , . 
can be either more important or more sad to an English 
mind, allied to an English heart of only ordinary kind 
feeling, than the one of which the greater part of this 
little book treats "Spectator, xlv 1306. 

2. Joseph Arch: a Brief Biography, Lon., 1874, Svo. 
3. The English Peasantry, Lon., 1874, Svo 

" Mr Heath's book, while it is very interesting and very 
important, is also somewhat disappointing. ... It treats 
onlyas did his little book entitled the ' Romance of Peas- 
ant Life' of that part of the West of England which com- 
prises Somerset and an adjacent portion of Devonshire. 
No doubt this is the part of England where reform in the 
condition of the peasantry is mobt urgent." Spectator* 
xlvu. 1569. 

4. The Fern Paradise : a Plea for the Culture of Ferns, 
Lon., 1875, p. Svo; 4th ed., illust, 1S78. 

" First he stimulates a taste for fernery by vivid descrip- 
tions of fern-land and its unflowering botanic inhabitants, 
and, this done, he introduces us to a dozen typical * single 
ferns,' the only species of their respective genera, after- 
wards discussing some seven interesting fern groups, and 
all this simply and clearly." Sat. Kev , xl. 782. 

5. The Fern World, Lon., 1877, p. Svo. 

" The book may ... be said to comprise, in a compact 
and at any rate * knapsack-fitting' form, the whole gram- 
mar and dictionary of the fern world. . . * A delightful 
addition to the naturalist's library." Sat. Jte., xliv. 275. 

6. Our Woodland Trees. Illust. Lon., 1878, p. Svo, 


"The book, as a whole, meets a distinct need; its en- 
gravings are excellent, its coloured le<ues and leaflets 
angularly accurate, and both author and engravers seem 
to have been animated by a kmdred love of their subject " 
Sat ev , xlvi. 604. 

7. Burnhaui Beeches: with Fae-Sinnle Letter from 
Lord Be.tconsfield. Illu&t. aud Map. Lon., 1879, 12inoj 
new ed., 1SS5. 8. Trees and Ferns, Lon., 1879, 12mo. 

9. Peasant Life in the West of England, Lon., 1880. 
( Anenlarged and chiefly revvntteu edition of No. 3, spr.) 

10. Sylvan Spring. Illust. Lon , 1SSQ, cr. Svo 11. Au- 
tumnal Leaves Illust Lon , 1881, p. 8vo ; 3d ed., 1SS5. 
12. Wheie to Find Ferns: with a Special Chapter on 
the Feme, lound London, Lon., 1SS1, 12moj new ed., 
1SS5. 16. My Garden Wild, and what I grew there, 
Lon., 1SS1, p. Svo. 14. The Fern Portfolio : with Letter- 
Press Descriptions, Lon , 1S85, fol. 15. Sylvan Winter. 
Illust. Lon., 1885, p. Svo. 16. Tiee Gossip, Lon., 1SS5, 
p Svo. 

Heath, George. The Poems of George Heath, 
the Moorland Poer. Edited by James Badnall. With 
a Memoir by F. Uedfern, Lon., 1870, p. Svo, new ed., 
illust , 1880. 

Heath, Gei trade. Tell us "Why! Customs, <fcc., 
of the English Church, Lon., 1S8S, p. Svo. 

Heath, James Dunbar. The Complete Croquet- 
Play ei. II lu^. Lon , 1874, 12mo. 

Heath, Richard, surgeon. Deafness: its Causes 
and Cure, Lon., 1867, 12mo, 2d ed., Geelong, 1859. 

Heath, Kichard. 1. Edgar Quinet: his Early 
Life and Writings. Illust. Lon , 1881, Svo. 

" The interest of the "book is much more biographical 
than literary, though Mr Heath has loaded it, and indeed 
somewhat overloaded it, with translated specimens of 
what he is pleased to call Qumet's l teachings. 1 "~Mh , No. 

1. Histoiic Landmarks in the Christian Centuries. 
Illust. Lon., 1882, 4to. 3. The English Via Dolorosa ; 
or, Glimpses of the History of the Agricultural Labourei, 
Lon., 1884, 8\o. 4. The Reformation in France: from 
the Dawn of Reform to the Revocation of the Edict of 
Nantes, ("Church History" Ser.,) Lon., 1886, cr. Svo, 
5. The Reformation m France after the Revocation of 
the Edict of Nantes, Lon., 1SS8, p. Svo. 

Heath, Rev. Richard Ford, M.A., 1833-1885, 
graduated at University College, London, 1853, and at 
Hertford College, Oxford, 1S76; ordained 1875; vicar of 
Bishopswood 1880. 1. Titian, (' Great Artists,") 1879, 
p. Svo. 2. (Trans.) Michel Angelo, Lionardo da Vinei, 
and Raphael, by Charles Clement. Illust. Lon,, 1880, 
cr. Svo. 3. Albreeht Durer, (" Great Artists/ 1 ) Lon., 
1881, p. Svo. 

Heathy Robert Samuel. 1. A Treatise on Geo- 
metrical Optics, Cambridge, 1887, Svo. 2. Elementary 
Treatise on Geometrical Optics, Lon., 1888, p. Svo. 

Heath 9 Solyraan. Maine Supreme Court Reports, 
vols. xxxvi -xl., (1853-55,) Poitland, 1S56, 5 vols. Svo. 

Heath, Thomas. Ellen Seymour, and other 
Poems, San Fran., 1868, 12mo. 

Heath 9 Thomas Little. Diophantos of Alexan- 
dria : a Study in the History of Greek Algebra, Cam- 
bridge, 1885, Svo. 

" An exceedingly valuable contribution to the history of 
mathematics " Acad , xxvni 294. 

Heathcote, Mrs* Edmund. The Admiral's 
Niece j or, A Tale of Nova. Scotia, Lon., 1858, 2 vols. Svo. 

Heathcote, Evan. A Parson's Story, Lon., 18S1, 
cr* Svo. 

Heathcote, Frederick Granville. Post-Em- 
bryonic Development of Julus Terrestris, (Philosophical 
Transactions,) Lon., Z8SS, Svo, 

Heathcote, Rev. Gilbert Vyvyau, graduated at 
Balliol College, Oxford ; then served in the Indian army ; 
ordained 1858; rector of West Deeping, Lincolnshire, 
since 1867. 1. Seven Sermons preached on the Sundays 
in Lent and Easter Day, 1862, Lon,, 1862, p. Svo, 2, 
Sermons, Lon., 1865, p. Svo. 8. Notes for Bible-Teach- 
ing: intended for the Help of Church-Teachers, Lon, 
1 #74-76, 2 vols. I2rno. 

Heathcote, John Moyer. 1, Reminiscences of 
Pen and Mere, Lon., 1876, r. Svo 

" He has brought to his task a vast quantity of informa 
tion got at firsthand, having himself taken no small part 
m the great improvements of the district, being in sympa- 
thy with its scenery, sports, and old associations, and 
cherishing an enthusiastic confidence Sn the future in 
store for fen and mere." Sat. Reo. t xli. 472. 

2. Seoop Wheel and Centrifugal Pamp, Lon., 1877, 
p Sya. 

* 891 


Heathcote, W. C, The Truth of God Defended, 
&o Three Essays, Lou , IS 72, Svo 

Heaihcote, W, E. (Trans ) The Nature of Ear- 
mony and Metre, by Montz Hauptmann, Lon , 1838, Svo 

Heather, H. E. 1 How to Play at Block, Lon , 
1873, p Svo 2 Caids and Card-Tricks Illust Lon , 
1876. p. Svo 

Heatheriiigton, Alexander, FOS, d 1878, a 
mining agent m Halifax, tso\d bcotia, and Toronto 1 
A Practical Guide for Touribts, Miners, and Investors, 
and All Persons interested in the Development of the 
eold-JFields of No\a, Scotia, Montreal, 1S6S, 12mo 2 
A Plea for the Gold Industry o $0; a Scotia, Lon , 1874, 
p S\o 

Heatherthwayte, J. T. Nsenia, or, Voices from 
the Silent Land Lon , 18S5, p Svo 

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tion of Lite and Fioperty from Fire, Lon , 1882, p Svo, 
new ed , 1SS5 

Heathmau, William G, 1 The Jews and their 
Institutions, Lon , 1S47, Uuio 2. Travels m Switzer- 
land in 1854-oa, Lon , 1855, &vo 

Heat horn, Capt, Thomas Bridges. 1 An 
Organization ior a Popular Aruiy, Lon, 1871, 810 2 
Light Refreshments of Different Sorts, [prose and verse,] 
Lon, 1881, Svo 

Healley, George S. 1 The Horse-Owner's Safe- 
guard a lJUndj Medieal Guide, Edin 1882, cr Svo 
2 The Stock-Owner's, Guide a Handy Medical Treatise, 
Edm , ISStJ, p 8\o 3 Sheep-Farming, Lon , 1884, p 
S\o 4. Our Dogs and their Diseases, Lon, 1884, p 
Svo, new ed, 18b7. o Practical Veterinary Remedies 
a Hand-Book on Medicme, Edin*, 1885, p Svo 6 The 
Dog-Fancier's Friend a Handy G-uide, Lon , 1887, p 

He at on, Rev. Arthur Frederick, graduated at 
Clare College, Cambridge, 18o3, oidamul 1865, chap- 
lain at St Olave, Chnstiama, 1SS* 1 The Church 
Militant, Lon , 1S76, Svo 2 Hereafter, [verse,] Lon , 
1881, p Svo 

He at on, Charles William, professor of chemis- 
tiy The ihreshold of (Jbeiniatry an Experimental 
Introduction, Lon , 1861, p Svo 

Heat on, Ellen Marvin. The Octagon Club a 
Character Study By $ H M. N York, 1880, Svo 

Heatou, George, M D Bupture, Reducible and 
Irreducible, also, Vuitocele, N York, 1877, 16uao 

Heatou, Capt. Henry William, Notes on 
Rifle-Shooting, Lo& , 18b4, IJino 

Heatou, Isaac 13* New and Decisive Evidence 
of the Mode of 13 iptibm, Bost , 1875, 16mo 

He at on, J. Henniker. I Australian Dictionary 
of Dates and Men of the liuje containing the History 
of Australasia from 1542 to Date, Lon , 1879, Svo 2 A 
Short Account of a Canonization at fet Peter's from an 
TJnsectanan Point ot Vi^w, Lon , 1883, 4to 

Heatou, M. Compton. Correggio, (" Great Ar- 
tists,") Loa, lt^2, cr 8vo 

Beaton, Mary Margaret, (Kymer,) 183(5- 
18S3, marrud to 0. W Heatou (*uptu) in 1863 She 
was a constant contributor to the London Academy, of 
which far nine years no uutnber appeared without some 
article or note, ^igned or unsigned, from her pen She 
also contributed toother periodicals in the department 
of art criticism 1 The Great Works of Sir David 
Wilkie Twenty-Six Photographs with a Descriptive 
Account of the Pictures and a Memoir of the Artist, 
Lon 1 1867, 4to 2 Masterpieces of Flemish Art Twenty- 
Six Photographs : with Memoirs of the Artuts, Lon , 
ISbS, 4to 3 The Hisrory and the Life of Albrecht 
Duier of Nuinfaerg with a Translation of his Letters 
and Journal, and Account of his Woi k Lith and Auto- 
type. Illust Lon* and N York, 1869, r Svo , 2d ed , 
1881, Svo 4 Routledge'j? Album for Children, ind other 
Juveniles, Lon, 14570-75,5 vols sq 12mo 5. A Concise 
History of Painting IHust Lon , 38H Svo 

<( The style is eminently popular, the story never flags 
in interest and the nmtenak, are put $o pleasantly together 
as to lead young people onwardt to the more thorough 
study of art The work will have its subordinate uses, 
though it can never be quoted as an authority "Sat Men , 
xxxv 459 

t> Happy Spnng-Tini* in Pictures by Pleteeh 
with Rhymes for Mothers and Children by Mrs He&ton, 
Lon, 1874, Svo, new ed , col illust, 1875 7 Sun- 
day Album for Children, Lon , 1881, sq 16mo With 
BLACK, CflARLLS CHHISTUPHBR, M A , Leonardo da Vinci 
and his Works: conflating of a Life of Leonardo da 


Vmoi, an Essay on his Scientific and Literary TVorks, 
and an Account of his Most Important Paintings 
Illust Lon, 1874, Svo 

Heaton, William, [ante, vol i, add] I. The 
Story of Kobin Hood Illust Lon and N York, 1S70, 
16mo, 5thed,mi, sq 16mo. 2 (Ed) CasselPs Con- 
cise Encyclopedia Illust Lon , 18S^ r Svo 3 The 
Three Reforms of Pailiame&t a History, 1830-85, Lon , 
1885, p 8\o 

Heatseii, Alice. (Ed) On the Sea-Shoie Se- 
lected a,nd Arianged Illust Lon , 1888. 

Heaven, Mrs. S.M*,("LucuNoi man/' pseud) 1 
Youth's History of California, San Fran , 1867, 16mo 

2 Aldeane By Laura Pieston, [pseud,] San Fran, 

Heaver, Thomas Teed. Farmer Green, or, 
Ho&pitality and its Good Results a True Story, Lon > 
1862, 18mo 

Heaviside* George* Canoe Cruise down the 
Learn, Avon, Severn, and Wye, Lon , 1871, Svo With 
BE.NNETT, J. EDWIN, Canoe Cruise in Central and North- 
ern Germany on the Fulda, Weser, and Geeste i 1874, 
Leamington, 1875, Svo 

Heaviside, John T. C. American Antiquities, 
or, The New World the Old, and the Old World the New, 
Lon , 1868, Svo 

Heavisides, Henry. 1 The Mintre]<=y of Britain 
a (i lance at our Lyrical Poetry and Poets fioin the Reign 
of Queen Elizabeth to the Present Time including a 
Dictation on the Genius aad Lyrics of Burns, Stock- 
ton-on^Tees, 1860, Svo 2 Courtship and Matrimony 
their Lights and Shades, Ac , Stockton, 1 864, Svo 3 
The Annals of Stockton -on-Tees with Biographical 
Notices, Stockton, 186o, Svo 

Heavlin, Mrs. R. A. The Mysteries of Isis By 
Umche, [pseud ] N York, 1858. 

Heavysege, Charles, 1816-1876, h mYoikshire, 
emigrated in 1853 to Monti eal, where he worked at his 
trade of wood-carving, and wrote for the press 1 The 
Revolt of Tartarus a Poem, Lon , 1852, 12mo 2 
Saul a Drama, m Three Parts, Montreal, 1859 Anon 
2d ed , carefully levised and amended, Lon , 1859, Svo 

3 Count Fihppo , or, The Unequal Marriage a Draini, 
m Five Acts By the Author of "Saul" Monti eai, 
lS6Q,12mo 4 Jephthah'8 Daughter a Poem, Montreal, 
1864, r Ifimo 

Hebbard, William Wallace, M D Will it 
Corne ? a Story By Lelaud Seaeher, [pseud ] Hyde 
Park, Mass , 1870 

HebUerd, Rev. Stephen Southwicfe, I 1841, 
held several pastotates in the UniveraalistChuich, 1866- 
74, The Secret of Christianity, Bost , 1874, 12mo 

Hehdeu, Rev. Arthur Henry Kamsgate, 
M A , giaduated at Trinity College, Cambndge, 185o ; 
ordained 1856 , rector of Ashfoid, Staffoid&hne, 1873-79. 
1 Baptism, or, The P ayei-Book explaining itself, 
Lon, 1871, p Svo 2 The Lord's Supper according to 
the Bible and the Prayer-Book, Lon , 1871, p Svo 3 
BaptifaTn Aie we Right ? Lon 1874, p*8\o 

Hebert, Kev. Chailes, M A , D D , graduated at 
Corpus Christi College, Cambiidge, 18J1 , ord.unod Ib^ij 
vicar of Ambleside 1875-78, 1 The Eook of S^oi ts and 
Archbishop Laud, 01, The Anti-Sabbath Movement of 
that Day, Lon , 1S53, 12mo 2 Tht-ological Colleges 
undthe Universities, or, What Special Training should 
be given to the Future Clergy-' Bursleni, 1853, Svo 
} The Atonement by Propitiation a Fiagincnt of the 
Argument, Lon, 1860, Svo 4- Neology not Tiue, and 
Truth not New Three Short Treaties, 1861, Svo 5. 
On Clerical Subscription an Inquiry into the Real Po- 
sition of the Church and the Cleigy in Reference to t lie 
Articles, the Liturgy, the Canons and Statutes, Lon , 
JS62, p Svo 6 KUualism, or, True Chmch Views, 
Lon , 1867, p 8 7, Faith and Doubt or, Uhe Bible 
sind the Creeds, Lon., 1872, 12mo 8 (JEd ) The Lord's 
Supper Unmbpired Teaching, Lon , 1879, 2 vola Svo 9 
The New Testament Souptures in the Order in which 
they were written, &e , Oxf , 1882, p Svo 

Hebert, George* Willie Atherton a Tale., Lon , 
1S62, p Svo 

Hechler, Rev, William Henry, graduated nt 
Church Missionary College, Islington, 1870, ordained 
1870, chaplain at Stockholm 1883-84, chaplain at 
Vienna since 1S85, 1 The Jerusalem Bishopric Docu- 
ments with Translations, Loo , 1883, p Svo 2. The 
Restoration of the Jews to Palestine, Lon 1384, fol 

Hecker, G* W* Law Reports of Cages argued and 


determined in England and the United States, on War- 
ranty on the Sale of Personal Property, Meadville, 1S74, 

Hecker, Rev* Isaac Thomas, 1S19-1SS8, b m 
Xew York City, of German parentage, was a member of 
the Brook Fartn Community; became a convert to the 
Koman Catholic religion, studied theology in Germany, 
was oidained in 1849, and enUred the Redemptorist 
order la 1851 he returned to the United States and 
established a community known as the Congregation of 
St Paul, of which he was superior In 1865 he founded 
the Catholic World, and became its editor 1 Questions 
of the Soul, N York, 1855, 12ino 2 Aspirations of \ 
Nature, N York, 1S57, 12m o 3 The Catholic Church 
in the United States, N York, 1S79, Svo 4 Catholics 
and Protestants agreeing on the School Question, N 
York, 1881, Svo 5 The Church and the Age an Ex- 
position of the Catholic Chmeh in View ot the Needs 
and Aspirations of the Piesent Age, N York, 1SSS, 
12 mo. Also, single set mons, <&c. 

Hecker, John* The Scientific Basis of Education 
demonbtrated by an Analysis of the Temperaments, <&e 
2d ed , N York, 1866, Svo 

Heckethorn, Charles William. 1 Boba 
d' Italia, or, Italian Lights and Shadows a Record of 
Travel, Lon , 1875, 2 vols Svo 2. The Secret Societies 
of All Ages and Countries, Lon , 1875, 2 vols p Svo. 3 
Roses and Thorns Poems 3 Loa , 1888, or Svo 

Heckford, Sarah* 1 The Life of Christ, and its 
Beaung on Communism, Lon , 1873, p Svo 2 A Lady 
Trader in the Transvaal, Lon , 1882, p Svo 

" One would wish to know something more about the 
antecedents of this vigorous lady, who suddenly, without 
ft lends or relations, lands at Durban in December, 1S78, 
and is equal to anything, from uurbing, teaching, and 
cooking, to grooming her horses and ordering and super- 
intending the flogging of a Kafir We learn incidentally 
that she was born in Ireland and has been in India, ana, 
incidentally al&o, that she went out to learn farming in the 
1 rans vaal bhe has gu eii us an amusing and interest- 
ing book " Acad , x^ 56 

Hector, Mis. Annie, (French,) ("Mis Alexan- 
der," pseud,) b about J82o, in Dublin She began to 
write at an early age , gave up authorship on her mar- 
riage, but resumed it after the death of her husband 1 
Which Shall It Be? Lon , 1866, 3 vola. p Svo. 2 The 
Legend of the Golden Prayer, &c, [verse,] Lon., 1872, 
12mo 3. The Wooing o't? a Novel, Lon., 187i, 3 vols. 
p Svo 

"It is a boolt of healthy tone and pleasant feeling, 
womanly, yet by no means sentimental or mawki&h , in- 
deed, noticeably bright, and with an extraordinary atmos- 
phere of good temper throughout, but a book that is evi- 
dently below its own possibilities and the powers of its 
ftuthot "~~Sat fiev , xxxvi 613 

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" The story is subordinated to the main object of the 
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thought-out scheme of emigration j but . , . when Sir 
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11 The greater part of Mr. Helps's treatise is devoted to an 
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result oi thought and experience, and in every part it is 
sugge&tive of though t t "Su,t Rev., xxxiu, 1S3> 

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the elements oi his success were moral a& well as intellect- 
ual, is clearly proved by Sir Arthur Helps's account of M& 
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" The studies of characters which it contains are numer- 
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render the book specially attractive to the admirers, so 
many in number, of * Fnends in Council,' is the frequent 
occurrence of the shrewd observations and the wise utter- 
ances which give a peculiar charm and value to much that 
Sir Arthur Helps has written." Ath , No. 2410. 

14. Social Piessure, Lon., 1875, p. Svo 

" The 4 Fnends in Council' possess one desired merit, they 
are old friends to most of us. \Ye know what to expect of 
them ; the angularities of speech which characterize most 
of them no longer annoy us, ' it is their way/ . . The 
present series is by far the best which has appeared." 
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"It contains, in the first place, a sketch of the leading 

the local Roman Church during the first nine centuries, 
illustrated by the minute knowledge of monumental and 
other antiquities acquired by one who has been for many 
years a resident in Rome. It also contains an elaborate ac- 
count of the religious art treasures of Borne and Bavenna, 
ba&ed on a careful and minute inspection, and some notice 
of the churches and religious monuments of other Italian 
cities. . . . Mr. Hemans's book possesses a further and very 
exceptional value, as recording the impression made by 
long acquaintance with the present life and historic me- 
morials of tne great Christian metropolis, especially the 
Catacombs, on an educated man of deeply religious senti- 
ment who several years ago joined the Koinan Catholic 
Church and has recently left its communion. ... It is 
then in the author's estimate of the past and present of 
Catholicism, and in his anticipations of its future, that the 
main interest of this remarkable volume centres " Sat, 
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" A more transparently candid writer, being also a man 
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"There is interest enough connected with the subject of 
these imperfect memoirs for the record at large to form an 
emphatic chapter in what we have been UBod of late to 
call the history of self-help." Sat. JKev,, xxv, 92 

2. The Annals of Dunfermline and Vicinity. A.D. 
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11 The value of the book does not consist so much in its 
originality although many curious facts are introduced 
as m its being an ample and methodical presentation of 
the materials contained in the * Eegistrum de Dunferme- 
lyn,' and m many other chartularfes and treatises more 
or less rare." Ath , No 2707 

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ecdotes of John Kemble, Barham, and other celebrities,) 

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Henderson, George, M.D., and Hume, Allan 

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and Natural History of the Countries traversed by the 
Expedition of 1870, under T. D. Porsjth, C.B., Lon., 
1873, Svo. 

"The record of the adventures of three adventurous 
Englishmen on a journey undertaken in the year 1870. . 
The leader of the expedition was Mr Shaw, who had 
already attracted attention by his account of a visit to 
Yarkand and Kashgar in 1868 Mr T D Forsyth, a well- 
known civilian, represented the Government of Lord Mayo ; 
and observations were made, specimens were collected, and 
a narrative of the journey was written, by Dr Henderson, 
the medical officer attached to the expedition. The writer 
of the account has found an able coadjutor in a son of the 
late member for Montrose, Mr Allan Hume . . The work, 
though chiefly attractive to botanists and ornithologists is 
by no means unsuited to the general reader." Sat eo., 
xxxvi 182 

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tional Language for Purposes of Commerce and Science, 
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owner and publisher with the New York Evening Post 
1872-81, and has since resided in Europe, I, The Prel- 
ate : a Novel, Bost , 18S6, 12mo. 

" Finely written, full of situations and incidents, it yet 
exhibits a perfectly organized and developed plot." Critic, 

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James's Version, the Latin Vulgate, and the Doaay Bible, 
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came a seedsman and greenhouse harticalturist in Jersey 
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to the Successful Cultivation of the Market and Family 
Garden, N. York, 1867, 12mo. 2. Practical Floriculture: 
a Quid to the Successful Cultivation of Florists* Plants. 
Illust. N, York, 1869, 12mo. 3. Gardening for Pleas- 


ure : a Guide to the Amateur in the Fruit, Vegetable, 
and Flower Garden. Illust. N. York, 1875, 12mo. 4. 
Henderson's Hand-Book of Plants, N. York, 1881, 
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How the Farm Pays, N. York, IS 84. 

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moir of the Late Rev G. Armstrong: with Extracts 
from his Journals and Correspondence, Lon., 1S59, Svo. 

Henderson, Robert, late of the 32th Lancers. 
The .Soldier of Three Queens a Narrative of Personal 
Adventures, Lon., 1865, 2 vols. p. Svo. 

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Ralph. The Book of Revelation : being a Brief View 
of its Structure and the Connection of its Parts, Lon.. 
1879, Svo. 

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Algebra, Phila , 1877, 12mo. 

Henderson, Thalia Susannah. See ENGALL, 
MRS. T. S., siipi a. 

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Rule, Madras, 1879, 12 mo. 

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tianity and Modern Thought : Twelve Lectures, Ballarat. 
1861, Svo. 

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Lore of the Northern Counties of England and the Bor- 
ders : with an Appendix on Household Stories by S. 
Baring-Gould, M.A., Lon., 1866, p. Svo, 2d ed., 1S79. 

" A pleasant collection of stories of various kinds, mainly 
from the bishopric of Durham and other paits of old 
Northumberland, but illustrated by kindred tales from 
other parts. ... Mr Henderson ^simply tells his stories; 
... he makes no attempt to enter on the scientific side 
of his subject 'llns he leaves to Mr Baring-Gould "Sat. 
JRev , xxni. 535 

[The second edition is] " so much enlarged and improved 
that, except in a library catalogue, it may well be treated 
as a new book. We have no hesitation in saying that it is 
the most important contribution to the branch of knowl- 
edge which it illustrates that has appeared since Sir Henry- 
Ellis issued, upwards oi sixty years ago, his edition of 
Brand's ' Popular Antiquities.' 1 ' Aead., xix. 21. 

2. My Life as an Angler. Biust. Lon., 1879, Svo : 
2d ed., 1SSO. 

'* By far the most important contribution, of late years to 
angling literature." Ath , No. 2711 

" Independently of the interest which the book derives 
from its descriptions or suggestions of river scenery, is 
that which \*e gain from the natural history with which, 
the angling details aie mterspersed/ r p#&itor, Hi 1416. 

Henderson, William, M.D., F.R.C.P. Bdin., 1810 
-1872, b. at Thurso, Scotland ; graduated in arts and in 
medicine at the University of Edinburgh ,* professor of 
general pathology theie 1842-69. In 1845 he became a 
homoeoputhist, and many unsuecesful efforts were subse- 
quently made to oust him from his chair. A Dictionary 
and Concordance of the Names of Persons and Places, 
&c., in the Old and New Testaments, Edin., 1869, r. Svo. 
Also, several controversial pamphlets on homoeopathy, 

Henderson, William, printer. 1. The Cedars: 
a Poem. By W. H. Lon., 1872, Svo. 2. Who Wrote 
Shakespeare ? By W. H. Illust. Lon., 1S87, p. 8vo. 

Henderson, Very Rev. William George, 
M.A., B.C.L., b. 1819 ; graduated at Magdalen College, 
Oxford, 1840 ; ordained 1844 ; head-master of Leeds 
Grammar-School 1862-84; dean of CarlUle since 1884. 
1. (Ed.) Missal e ad Usum Insignis Ecclesiae Eboracensis, 
(Surtees Soe. Pub.,) Newcastle, 1874, 2 vols. Svo. 2. (Ed.) 
Manuale ct Processionale ad Usum Insignis Ecclesiae 
Eboracensis, (Surtees Soc. Pub.,) Newcastle, 187&, Svo. 
3. (Ed.) Liber Pontificalis Christopbori Bainbridge, 
Archiepiscopi Eboracensis, (Surtees Soc. Pub.,) New- 
castle, 1875, Svo. 

Hendley, Thomas Holbein* Memorials of the 
Jeypore Exhibition, (" The Razm Namah, or History of 
the War,") Lon., 1883, 4 vols. 4to. 

Hendrix, Rev. Eugene Russell, D.D., b. 1847, 
in Howard Co., Mo. ; became a minister in the Method- 
ist Episcopal Church j editor of the St. Louis Christian 
Advocate 1 877-78 j president of Central College, Fay- 
etie, Mo.. 1878-81; elected bishop 18S6. Around the 
World : with an Introduction by the Rev. Bishop Mar- 
vin, Nashville, Tenn., 1 87S, 12mo. 

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ancing, In the Form of Examinations, Edin., 1859, p. 
Svo ; 3d ed., rey. by JT. P. "Wood, &c,, 1881. 2, Styles 
of Deeds and Instruments in Accordance with the Titles 



to Land (Scottish) Acts, 1858 and I860, <fcc By a Con- 
veyancer Revised hy a Member of the Bar Edin . 
1S61, 8vo Anon 2d ed , with author's name, 1862 
And see MOWBRAY, J* T > inf> a 

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Saith the Scripture ? a Poem, Lou , 1873, 16mo 

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Caucasus, Persia, Ac , by Baron Mas von Thielmann, 
Lon , 1875, 2 vols p 870 

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nate Da-vs, Sydney, 18S7. 

Henfrey, Charles. A Few Hints on Colours as 
applied to the Toilet, Decorations of Booms, Embroid- 
ery, Fancy Work, and the Garden By C H Brighton, 
ISfiS, 12mo Anon 

Henfrey, Henry William, 1852-1881, son of 
Arthur Henfrey, [ante, 10! i ,] b in London, educated 
at Brighton College , was a member of the Numismatic 
Society of London, of the British Archaeological Asso- 
ciation, &c 1 A Guide to the Study and Arrangement 
of English Coma giving a Description of Every De- 
nomination of E\ery Issue, in Gold, Silver, and Copper, 
from the Conquest to the Present Time with All the 
Latest Discoveries, Lon , 1870, Svo, new ed , rev. by C 
3? Keary, 1885 2 Nmisnmta Cromwelhana , or, The 
Metallic History of Oliver Cromwell Illustrated by his 
Coins, Medals, and Seals Published m Parts. Lon , 
1877, 4to 

Henhara, Rev. William Townsend, MA, 
graduated atChiist's College, Cambridge, 1801 , ordained 
1851 , viear of Streatley, Berkshire, since 1880. Ser- 
mons, chiefly Practical, Lon , 1869, p Svo. 

Henley, Rev. and Hon. Robert, M A , son of 
the second Baron Henley, b 1831, graduated at Baikal 
x College, Oxford, 1853, and at Wells Theological College 
1354 , ordained 1854 , vicar of Putney, Surrey, since 
1861. 1 The Great High Priest Six: Lectures, Lon , 
1858, p Svo 2 The Prayer of Prayers, Lon , 1861, fp 
8vo B Samtlmess a Coarse of Sermons on the Beati- 
tudes, Lon, 1864, 12mo 4 Pro More Lex Some 
Thoughts on our Position, Lon , 1869, Svo 5. Musings 
OH the Revelation of St John the Divine, Loo , 1872, Svo. 
Henley, T* O. A Handful of Paper Shavings, 
Lon , 1861, 32mo 

Henley, William Ernest, formerly editor of the 
Magazine of Art , became editor of the Scots Observer, 
a new weekly paper published at Edinburgh, 1888 He 
has contributed literary criticisms to the Saturday Re- 
view and other journals A Book of Verses, (Ballades, 
Hondels, Sonnets, <fcc,) Lon , 1888, 16mo, aJso, a large- 
paper ed, 

" What is more singular about this writer's work than 
Its clever craftmanship is its ring of genuine and virile 
humanity " &a/ Jefl,lx:v 770 

Henri, Rev* Silas. 1, Religion m Earnest de- 
signed to aid in Forming and Perfecting the Christian 
Character, Lon, 1851, 12mo 2* The Burning Spirit 
and the Flaming Life, or, Living Religion Exemplified 
in the Life and Character of Sfc Paul, Lon , 1856, 12mo 
3 Heart Yearnings , or, Living Truths for Living, 
Dead, and Dying Souls, Lon , 1859, 12mo 4 Lightning- 
Plashes , or, Outspoken Truths to Professors of Religion, 
Lon , 1877, p. Svo 5 The Beautiful m Christianity , 
or, Entire Sanetification the Grand Centre of the Chris- 
tian Religion, Lon , 1880, Svo, Also, single sermons, 
lectures, Ac 

Hejinah, Mrs* Ann* 1 Thirty-One Old Testa- 
ment Narratives m Verse, Salisbury, 1876, p Svo 2 
Twenty-Seven New Testament Narratives m Verse, Sal- 
isbury, 187t>, p Svo 

Heunell, Miss Sara Sophia. 1. Prize Essay 
Christianity and Infidelity an Exposition of the Argu- 
on Both Sides, LOB., 1857, Svo. 2. Essay on the 
Tendency of Butler's Analogy, Low , 1859, 
3 The Early Christian Anticipation of an Ap- 
hmg End of the World, Lou , 1860, cr, Svo 4. 
ghts in M& of tfaith, gathered chiefly from recent 
Works in Tleology and Philosophy, Lon , I860, p. Svo 
5 Present Bel'igian, as a Faith owning Fellowship with 
Though, Lon^ 1865-87, 2 parts, p Svo 

Hennen, William I>, A Digest of Louisiana 
Eeports, from the JPirst Martin to the Fifteenth Louisa- 
ana Annual, Bost., 1852, 2 vols Svo 

Henuessey, Henry. 1. On tne Study of Science 
in its Relations to Individuals and Society, Dublin, 1858, 
Svo ; 2d ed , 1859 2. The Relations of Science 
em Civilization, Lon,, 1S$2, Svo. J $ j 


Hennessy, Sir John Pope, K C M G , Knight 
of Malta, b 1834, at Cork , called to the bar at the Inner 
Temple 1S61, MP for King's County 1859-65 lie 
has been got ernor of several colonial islands and settle- 
ments, and was transferred in 1882 to the colony of 
Mauritius 1 Napoleon JII and the Rhine, Lon , 
1866, Svo 2. Sir Walter Raleigh m Ii eland, Lon , 
1S83, p Svo 3 Lord Beaoonsfield's Irish Policy Two 
Essays on Ireland, Lon , 1885, 8vo x 

Hennessy, William Maun sell, M B. I A , 
1828-1889, b at Castle Gregory, County Kerry, Ireland , 
was one of the writers of the Nation newspaper 185:3- jQ , 
obtained a portion in the latter year in Dublin Ci-tle, 
and in 1868 entered the Pubho Record Office of Ii eland, 
of which he became assistant deputy keeper 1 (B<1 ) 
Chronieon Seotorum a Chronicle of Irish Affairs from 
the Earliest Titnes to A D 1 135, with a Supplement, Ac , 
(" Rolls" Ser ,) Lon , 1S66, Svo 2 (Ed ) The AnnaH 
of Loch Ce" a Chronicle of Imh Affairs from AD 10 H 
to A D. 1590 with a Translation, ("Bolls" Ser ,) Lon , 
Ib71, 2 vols 8vo 3 (Ed ) The Book of Peenagh, [text 
and translation,] 1S75, 4to 50 copies, privately printed 
4 (Ed) Poets and Poetry of Munster, 3d ed , lu^ti 
text, revised by W M H , Dublin, 1883 5 (Ed ) An- 
nals of Ul&ter, otherwise, AnnaU of Senat a Chronicle 
of Irish Affairs from AD 431 to A D 1540 with A 
Translation and Notes, (" Recoid" Ser , Ireland ) vol i , 
Dublin, 1887, Svo 

Heimiker, Rev. Robert, d 18SO 1 (Ed ) Stories 
from English History, for Young Children, Lon , 1861 7 
new ed, 1868, ISrao 2 Tiifiea foi Tiavellers being a 
BoA/SapiGv i) KQ%\i5iw, Lon , 1864, 12mo 

Henningseu, Charles Frederick* 1S15-1877, 
b m England, of Swedish paients, served in the Carhst 
army in Spain in 18^4, and afterwards m the Russian 
army in Cireassia, took part in the Hungarian revo- 
lution of 1848, and in 1856 joined William Walker m 
Nicaragua During the civil war he served in the Con- 
federate army and was made brigadier-geneial 1 The 
Last of thegophis a Poem, Lon ,1831,p Svo 2 Scenes 
from the Belgian Revolution, Lon , 1S32, Svo 3 The 
Most Striking Events of a Twelve Months' Campaign 
with Zumalaearregui in Navarre and the Basque Piov- 
inces, Lon , 1836, 2 vols 12nao 4 Revelations of Rus- 
sia , or, The Emperor Nicholas and his Empire in 1S44 
By One who has seen and describes Lon , 1844, 2 vols 
p Svo Anon 3d ed, 1846 5 The White Slave, or, 
The Russian Peasant-Girl, Lon., 3845, 3 vols p Svo 
Anon 6 Eastern Europe and the Emperor Nicholas, 
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1851, 12rno 10 The Past and Future of Hungary, 
Lon , 1852, p Svo 

Hewrici, Glaus* Skeleton Structures, especially 
in their Application to the Building of Steel aud Iron 
Bridges, Lon , 1865, 8vo 

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at the Middle Temple 1853 On some Legal and Eco- 
nomic Questions connected with Land-Credit and Mort- 
gage Companies , 2d ed , rev , Loa , 1864, Svo. 

Henry, Alexander, M D, A Glossary of Scien* 
tifie Terms p for Genera! Use, Lon , 1860, am p Svo 

Henry, Alexander, M B , of Edinburgh Poso- 
Jogical an& ftp&rapeutic Tables: containing the Doees, 
Actions, andtlses of the Medicines in the Biitisb Phar- 
macopoeia, Lof a H75, sq 8vo 

Henry, Rer |L G, ten years a missionary in 
China. 1 The Crosaan4 the Dragon , or, Light in the 
Broad East, Lou , 1885, p. Svo (The first eight ohap^ 
ters are descriptive of life and customs m China, and 
the remaining eighteen treat of missionary enterprise m 
that country ) 

"An honest and satisfactory work, written by a man 
who deals only with tacts that have come under his own 
notice, but deals with them exhaustively " Spectator, Iviii 

2 Lmg-tfam , or, Interior Views of Southern China, 
including Travels |n the Hitherto Untraverse,<t Island of 
Hainan, Lon , 1^80, p, 8vo 

"Mr Henry does not profess to deal scientifically With 
eracesandtegu^geaof Itag-Nta, he only writes right 
on of wfcftt&e himself sa^na !iea{V''~wAaad l , 

[ante* vol. i , 

Stones, and his < 

ed., 1872. X OofflBi<tfi^te 


8&0, Umo, new 
pf tha Elements 


and Conditions of Social Welfare and Human Progress, 
N. York, I860, 12ino. 3. Politics and the Pulpit: a 
Tract for the Times. By an Episcopal Clergyman. N. 
York, I860. 4. History and its Philosophy: an Ad- 
dress, N. York, 1868, Svo. 5. Household Liturgy ; or, 
Order of Daily Prayer for Families, N. York, 1873, 18ino. 
6. About Men and Things- Papers fiom my Study- 
Table Drawer, N. York, 1875, 12mo. 7. Satan as a 
Moial Philosopher- with other Essays and Sketches, 
N. York, 1877, 12ino. 8. The Endless Future of the 
Human Race, N. York, 1879, 12mo. 

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Lon., 1881, 2 vols. cr. Svo. 

" Henry, D. S.," (Pseud.) See DIRCKS, HENRY, 
sup) a. 

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1883, 12mo. 

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Baptism : its Nature, Mode, and Subjects, Aberdeen, 
I860, 12mo. 

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Manuscript, New York, MDCCCXCL, N. York, 1888, 

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ise on Anaemia, Phila., 1887, 12mo. 

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by C. Deslys, Lon., 1878, p. Svo ; new ed., 1879. 

Henry, Major Guy Vernor, b. 1839, at Fort 
Smith, Indian Territory ; graduated at the U.S. Military 
Academy in 1861 ; served through the civil war, be- 
coming brigadier-general of volunteers in 1864, and has 
since served against the Indians. 1. Military Record of 
Civilian Appointments in the United States Army, N. 
York, 1865-71, 2 vols. Svo. 2. Army Catechism for Non- 
Commissioned Officers and Soldiers, Salt Lake City, 1881. 
3. Manual on Target Practice, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., 

Henry, Rev* IT. A*, Rabbi. Discourses on the 
Book of Genesis, San Fran., 1864, 12mo. 

Henry, H. L. Little Ada ; or, The Three New 
Years. By H. L. Illust. Phila., 1871, 18mo. 

Henry, J. T. The Early and La.ter History of Pe- 
troleum: with Facts in Regard to its Development m 
Western Pennsylvania, &c., Phila., 1873, Svo. 

Henry, James, M.D., d. 1876, set 78; b. at 
Dublin; graduated with the classical gold medal at 
Trinity College in 1818; attained eminence and large 
practice as a physician in spite of his unorthodox re- 
ligious opinions, and of the enmity of the profession in- 
curred by his sarcastic tracts and his habit of charging 
only five shillings a visit, on the ground that "no doctor's 
opinion was woi th a guinea." Having been enriched by 
a large legacy, he gave up medicine and devoted himself 
to scholastic pursuits, chiefly with the object of obtaining 
the materials for a complete commentary on the j33neid 
of Virgil, and, with this end in view, began, about 1848, 
a series of journeys throughout Europe, accompanied by 
his wife, and, after her death, by his daughter, wander- 
ing for the most part on foot, searching for every rare 
edition and ill-collated MS. of his favonte author, and 
becoming acquainted with scholars and librarians in all 
the principal cities and seats of learning. After a full 
quarter of a century thus employed, he returned to Dub- 
lin, where he spent his few remaining years, diligently 
prosecuting his researches in the Library of Trinity Col- 
lege. See an article by J. P. Mahaffy, Academy, vol. x. 
p. 162. The following Jibt of Dr. Henry's works is 
chiefly derived from Mr. Mahafry's article. They were 
all, or nearly all, printed for private circulation, except 
the second volume of the last mentioned, which was 
a posthumous publication, 1. Milinria accuratius de- 
scrip ta: Thesis habita in Univ. Dub., 1832, Svo. 2. 
A Dialogue between a Bilious Patient and a Physician, 
Dublin; 2d ed., Dublin, 1838; 6th ed., 1843. 3. An 
Account of the Druken Sea, Dublin, 1840. 4, An Ac- 
count of the Proceedings of the Government Police in 
tb$ Gity of Canton, Dublin, 1840, I2rno. 5. A Letter 
to fte Secretaries of the Dublin Mendicity Institution, 
DuWfn, 1840. 6. Report of Meeting of the Informers 
of Xfarityhn the Day alter the Execution of John Dela- 
hunt By m Infotmer. Dublin, 1842. 7. Ttoe 
Boolsa I., II.. rea&Md into BngKsh Blank 
J. H., Dublin* IttWMh 8. Tke Unripe W 
Prose and Y*tt 3Wh, XSSI. 9. 'My Bok 
Dresden,, IM&, dfy VtfMB of * Twelve 


Discovery in the First Six Books of the JEneis, Dresden, 

"In his Twelve Years' Journey through the JEneid of 
Virgil' Dr Henry first disclosed to the world that a great 
new commentator on Virgil had arisen, and those who \vill 
look through Conington's -work will see how many of the 
best and most original notes are ascribed to Henry!" J. P. 
MAHAFFY, loc at 

11. A Half-Year's Poems, Dresden, 1854 12. Poems, 
chiefly Philosophical in Continuation of ** My Book" 
and "A Half- Year's Poems," Dresden, 1858, 2 parts. 
13. Thalia Petastata . a Foot-Journey from Carlsruhe 
to Bassano, [verse,] Dresden, 1859. 14. Religion, 
Worldly-Mindedness, and Philosophy, [Remarks on 
Dr. Cheyne,] 1860. 15. Menippea, Dresden, 1866. 16. 
^Bneida; or, Critical, Exegetical, and JBsthetical Re- 
marks on the JEneis: with a Personal Collation of All 
the First-Class MSS., and Upwards of a Hundred of the 
Second-Class MSS , All the Principal Editions, Lon. and 
Dublin, 1873-79, 2 vols. Svo. (Vol. i. part i. printed at 
Leipsic ) 

" It is like the work of a sixteenth-century scholar, of a 
man who studied and thought and wrote without hurry 
or care, who loved his subject and scorned the applause 
of the vulgar crowd As such, and as the fullest and best 
exegesis ever attempted of Virgil, Dr Henry's commen- 
tary cannot fail to take a permanent and unapproachable 
place "J. P MAHAFFY. 

Henry, James, b. 1809, in Philadelphia; president 
of the Moravian Historical Society. Sketches of Mora- 
vian Life and Character, Phila., 1859. 

Henry, James Buchanan. (Ed.) The Messages 
of President Buchanan : with an Appendix containing 
Letters from Members of his Old Cabinet, N. York, 1888, 

Henry, Jardine* 1. The Government Annuity 
Tables, Lon., 1856-59, 2 vols. Svo. 2. The Hand-Book 
for Life Assurers j 2d ed , Edin., 1887, p. Svo. 

Henry, John. The Pure Delight, [a poem,] Lon., 
1868, 12mo. 

Henry, Joseph, LL.D., 1797-1877, an eminent 
American scientist, the first secretary and director of the 
Smithsonian Institution from 1 846 to has death The Sci- 
entific Writings of Joseph Henry, Wash., 1 886, 2 vols. Svo. 

Henry, Luciau Edward. (Ed.) Last Days of 
F. A. P. Dupanloup, Bishop of Orleans, Lon., 1879, p. 
Svo. Also, school-books. 

Henry, Lucien. (Ed.) Flowers of Christian Wis- 
dom : with a Preface by Lady Herbert of Lea, Lon., 
187;*, 18mo. 

Henry, M. H* 1. The Treatment of Venereal Dis- 
eases: a Monograph on the Method pursued in the 
Vienna Hospital, N. York, 1872, Svo. 2. Treatment of 
Varicocele by Excision of Redundant Scrotum. Illust. 
Phila., 1881, 12mo. 

Henry, Mrs. Mary H., (" Howe Benning," pseud.) 

I. Essie's Journey, and what she found in it, Bost., 1871, 
16mo, 2. Grace Courtney ; or, Seeking the Shepherd. 
Illust. 1871, 16ino. 3. Nix's Offerings. Illust. 1873, 
16mo. 4. Hester Lenox, 1877, 12mo. 5. father's 
House, 1880, 16mo. 6. Opening Plain Paths, 1881, 
12rno. 7. Quiet Corners, 1882, I2mo. 8. Finding her 
Place, 1883, 12rno. 9. Ursula's Beginnings, Lon,, 1886, 
sq. 16mo. 10. Miss Charity's House, Bost., 18S6, 16mo. 

II, Hope Reed's Upper Windows, Lon., 1887, sq^. 16mo. 
12. One Girl's Way Out, Bost, 1887, 12mo. 

Henry, Fhineas* Poems, Manchester, 1876. 

Henry, R. 1. Ethel's New Papa, and A Summer's 
Holiday, Lon., 1876, 12mo. 2. Dickey Bird, Lon., 1876, 
12 mo. 3. Original Readings, [prose and verse,] Lon., 
1880, 4. The Cabman's Story, and other Readings, in 
Prose and Verse, Lon., 1882, 12mo. 

Henry, Mrs* Sarepta M. Irish. 1. Victoria: 
with other Poems, Cin., 1865, 16mo. 2. After the Truth, 
3 vols* 12mo. 3. The Pledge and the Cross, N. YorK, 
1879, 16mo. 4. The Voice of the Home; or, How Roy 
went West, and how he cme Home again, N. York, 18S2, 
16mo. 5. Mabel's Work: Sequel to ** The Voice of the 
Home," N. York, 1882, 16mo. 0, Beforehand: a Com- 
panion Volume to " One More Chance/' N. York, 1888, 

Henry, William John Charles. I. (Trans.) 
The Truth : from the Portuguese of J. C. Saldanha de 
Oliveira e D$,un, Loo., 1872, 16mo. 2. Portugal; or, 
The Results of a. liberal government, Lon., 1880, Svo. 

**Hctaflel 'Octavia," (Pseud.) See SEtMOtra, 
. J., mfrcti , 
$l; William Ufcjer, b. 18$1, at Qu*rryville, 

fc I graduated trt Franklin and Marshall College 



appointed attorney-general of Pennsylvania 1891 Life 
of T. A Hendncks, 1884 With PARKER, GEORGE F , 
Life and Public Services of Grower Cleveland and Thar- 
man, Pbila , 1SS8, 12ttxo 

Henshall, James A. 1. Book of the Black Bass 
comprising its Complete Scientific and Life History to- 
gether with a Practical Treatise on Angling and Fly- 
Fishing Illust Cm, 1881, 12mo 2 Camping and 
Cruising in Florida Illust Cm., 1884, Svo, Annie B. Amusements for Invalids, 
Bost , 1870, ISmo 

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Writings o Dr Alpheus Spnng Packard, 1887 

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and its Tributaries being a History of the Work of the 
Northwestern Sanitary Commission and its Auxiliaries, 
Chie , 186S 

Hen shew, T. W. Young Mrs Charnleigh a 
Novel, N York, 1883, 12mo 

Hensley, Hev. I*ewis, M A , graduated at Trinity 
College, Cambridge, 1S46, ordained 1851; vicar of 
Hitehm, Hertfordshire, since 1856 1 Steps to the 
Practical Understanding of the Church Catechism, Oxf 
and Lon , 1860, 12mo 2 Household Deyotiona , or, 
Family Prayers for the Church Seasons, Lon , 1864, p. 
Svo 3 Hymns for the Sundays after Trinity, Lon , 
1S64-, 12tnc> 4 A Few Words on Science, Lon , 187S, 
p. Svo 5. Scholar's Algebra, Lon , 18S7, p. Svo 6. 
Scholar's Arithmetic, Lon , 1887, p. 8vo. 

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1863 16mo 

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graduated at Christ's College, Cambridge, 1858, ordained 
1859 ; lecturer on botany at St Bartholomew's Hospital 
since 1870. 1 The Theory of Evolution of Living 
Things, and the Application of the Principles of Evo~ 
lution to Religion considered as Illustrative of the Wis- 
dom and Beneficence of the Almighty, Lon , 1873, p. Svo. 
2. Floral Dissections Illustrative of Typical Genera of 
British Natural Orders, Lon., 1879, 4to. 3 The Stu- 
dent's Catalogue of British Plants, Lon , 1879, Svo. 4. 
Botany for Children, Lon. , 18SO, p Svo 5 Christian 
Beliefe reconsidered in the Light of Modern Thought, 
Loa, 1884, p. Svo. 6 Origin of Floral Structures 
through Insect and other Agencies Illust ("Inter- 
national Science" Ser ,) Lon , 1888, or 8vo 

Hen slow, Rev* John Stevens, [ante, vol i, 
add,] 1796-1851, rector of Hitcham, Suffolk, from 
1S37 For biog, see BLOICBFIELD, L Dictionary of 
Botanical Terms , new ed , Lon , 1861, fp. Svo. With 
SKEPPBB, EDMUKD, Flora of Suffolk a Catalogue of the 
Plants found in a Wild State in the County of Suffolk, 
Lon , I860, r 12mo 

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of the Year 15, Lon , 1880, p. Svo, new ed, 188 L 2 
White and Ked, Lon , 1881, 2 vols. cr. Svo 3 Duke's 
Wmton a Chronicle of Sedgemoor, Lon , 1886, cr. 8vo. 
Hens man* Alfred Peach, graduated at London 
University 1853 , exiled to the bar at the Middle Temple 
1858; attorney-general of Western Australia since 1883 
Hand-Book of the Constitution being a Short Account 
of the Rise, Progress, aad Present Stata of the Laws of 
England, Lon , 1860, fp Svo. 

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Use of Students in the Dissecting- Rooms. Illust Loa , 
1873-80, 4 pans, sin 4to. 

Hensman, Howard* The Afghan War of 1879- 
80 Maps Lon, 1881, 870 

'* Sir Frederick Roberts says of the letters here published 
in a collected form that f nothing could be more accurate 
or graphw ' . , Mr Hensman enjoyed singular advan- 
tages during the first part of the war, for he was the only 
special correspondent who accompanied the force which 
marched out of ALi Kheyl in September, Ib7$" Ath , Mo 

Hensman, John, attorney -at-Iaw The Oath and 
the Accused; or, The Right of Every Man to give Evi- 
dence in Courts of Justice, Lon., 1862, 8vo. 

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Poem , new ed , Lon , 1873, 32mo 

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formity to the Laws of California, and adapted for Ne- 
vada, Oregon, Washington* Idaho, Montana, Arizona, 
and Utah, San Fran , 1869, 2 vols. Svo 

Henty, George Alfred, b. 1832, at Trumptng- 

ton, Cambridgeshire ; educated at Westminster School, 

and at Cam* College, Cambridge, has acted as special 

war correspondent of the London Standard in van- 



OTIS parts of the vrorld He is editor of the Union 
Jack, a journal ior boys 1 The Mnrch to Magdala, 
Lon , 1868, Svo 2 Alt but Lost a No\el, Lon , 1869, 
3 vols p Svo 3 Out on the Pampas , or, The Young 
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Illust Lon 3 1831, p Svo , new ed , 1S83 8 The Cor- 
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Crusaders Illust Lon , 1382, sin p Svo. 10 Under 
Drake's Flag a Tale of the Spanish Mam Illust, 
Lon , 1882, imp 16mo 11 Facing Death , or. The 
Hero of the Vaughan Pit a. Tale of the Coal-Mines, 
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Ashanti War Illustrated by Browne Lon , 18S3, p Svo. 
13 Friends, though Divided a Tale of the Civil Wars. 
Illust Lon, 188 5, p Svo 14 Jack Archer a Tale of 
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p. Svo 16 The Young Colonists, Lon , 1884, p Svo 
17 True to the Old Flag a Tale of the American War of 
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England a Tale of Cressy and Poitiers Illust Lon , 
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and Bruce. Illust Lon , 1884, p Svo 20 Yarns on 
the Beach a Bundle of Tales Illust Lon , 1885, p 
Svo. 21 Through the Fray a Tale of the Luddite 
Riots, Lon, 1885, p Svo 22 The Diagon and the 
Raven j or, The Days of King Alfred, Lon, 1885, p 
8^0 23 For Name and Fame, or, Through Afghan 
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a Tale of the Times of Gustarus Adolphus, Lon , 1885, 
p Svo 25 The Bravest of the Brave , or, With Peter- 
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Final Reckoning a Tale of Bush Life in Australia 
Illust Lon , 1886, p Svo 27. With Wolfe m Canada, 
or, The Winning of a Continent II Just Lon , 18S6, 
p Svo. 28 The Young Carthaginian, or, A Stmggle 
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Prmee Charlie a Tnle of Fontenoy and Culloden 
Illust Lon , 1887, p Svo SO For the Temple a Tale 
of the Fall of Jerusalem Illust Lon , 1887, p Svo 
41. In the Reign of Terror the Adventures of a West- 
minster Boy, Lon , 1887, p Svo. 32 Orange and Green 
a Tale of the Boyne and Limerick Illustrated by Browne 
Lon , 1887, p Svo. J3 Ihe Sovereign Reader Scenes 
from the Life and Reign of Queen Victoria, Lon , 1887, 
12mo 34 Sturdy and Strong, or, How George Andre-ws 
made his Way Illustrated by R Fo^leu Lon , 1887, 
p Svo 35 Captain Baj ley's Eeir a Tile of the Gold- 
Fields of California. Illust Lon , 1888, p Svo 36 
The Cat of Buhastes a Tale of Ancient Venice Illust 
Lon , 1&S8, p Svo 37 Gabriel Allen, M P , Lon 1 1888, 
p 8^0 38 The Lion of St Mark's a Tale of Venice. 
Illust Lon , 1888, p Svo 

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the colony of Victoria. Auetrahana . or. My Early Life, 
Lon, 1886, 12mo 

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United States Edited by E. Burgess with Notes by 
J H Emerton Illuet Boat , 1875, 8^0 

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Cm,, 1875, 32mo. 

"Hepburn, Alice," (Pseud) See BOUTEIX, 


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2 A Japanese-English and English-Japanese Diction- 
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p Svo 

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Hepworth, Rev. George Hughes, b 1SB3, in 
Boston, Mass., was pastor of the Church of the Unity 


in Boston from 1858 till 1870, and of the Church of the 
Messiah, New York City, from 1870 till 1872, when he 
left the Unitarian for the Pi esbyterian pulpit, and, after 
preaching for some years at the Church of the Disciples, 
became a journalist connected wiih the New York Her- 
ald. 1. The Whip, Hoe, and Swonl , or, The Gulf De- 
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nightly Review.) 4. The Right and Wrong of Compul- 
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Gouruud's * Cgcile, ou la petite Scaur.") 2. (Trans.) The 
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from the Prize Essays of the International Fisheries 
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p, Svo. 

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Lon., 1862, p. Svo. 

Herbert, George Robert Charles, Earl of 
Pembroke, eldest son of Sidney Herbert, Lord Her- 
bert of Lea, b. 1S50, and educated at Eton; travelled in 
New Zealand and Australia in 1867-70 ; was uuder-sec- 
retary of state for war 1874-75, but was obliged by ill 
health to resign that office and to give up active political 
life. With KINGSLEY, GEORGE HB*RT, M.D., South Sea 
Bubbles. By the Earl and the Doctor. Lon>, 1872, Svo 5 
2d ed. same year, cr. Svo. 

" One of the liveliest books of travels that we have met 
with for some time. It records the experiences of two 


gentlemen during a yachting cruise in the South Seas." 
Sat. Rev , xxxm 185. 

Herbert, H. S. Emblematical Sermons, Lon., 1850, 

Herbert, Henry Howard Molyneux, fourth 
Earl of Carnarvon, D.C.L., 1S31-189U; educated at 
Eton, and at Christ College, Oxford, where he obtained a 
first class in Classics ; succeeded his father (see CARNAR- 
VON, LORD, ante, vol. i.) 1S49 ; under-secretary of state for 
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11 Mr Herford has disccrered a comparatively unoccu- 
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"The book would, it appears, never have been written 
"but for some ill-considered passages in Mr, Walpole's 
recent History of England wnce 1815 Mr, Edward Hernes 
conclusively disproves charges which are only partially 

n.^jKV.V.Wu. *,j VF>"- v^*-. T,,-.-,,^** *** *JV** - ^..^wn"-.-ij-T T ~1-"T 

biography and in Mr, GretaUe's Memoirs." Sat, Jfew r li 20. 
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'uated at Corpus Chrisii College, Cambridge, 1S57; or- 


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" The documents collected in this volume make Tip a 
loug-delajed. record and now the only possible one of a 
life given to work which, it done for itself alone, would 
have been enough to keep alive line name ol the worker in 
after-times." Sat. JRev , xli. 471. 

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being a Series of Classified Subjects in Alphabetical 



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3 (Ed ) The Practical Statutes of the Session, 1849, Lon , 
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Hertslet, Sir Edward, B , P H O S , b 1824, 
in London , son of Lewis Hertslet, (#. , ante, vol i ,) 
entered the Foreign Office in 1840 ; became sub-librarian 
1855, aad librarian and keeper of the papers 1857. He 
was attached to the special embassy of the Earl of Beac- 
onsfield and the Marquis of Salisbury to the Congress 
of Berlin m 1878, and was knighted at Berlin in that 
year. 1 The Map of Europe by Treaty, showing the 
Vanous Political and Territorial Changes which h/ue 
taken place since the General Peace of 1814 with Nu- 
merous Maps and Notes, Lon , 1875, 3 vols Svo 

" Mr Hertslet has produced a treasure of reference for 
alL students ot modem politics . He has brought to- 
gether in English translations illustrated by careful notes 
and maps, four hundred and fifty-one European treaties 
and kindred documents " Mh , No 2504 

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Great Britain and Foreign Nations, and Extracts of 
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zoon Coster, critically examined by Dr. A Van der 
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Lex Sahca the Ten Texts, with the Glosses . with Notes 
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he the Inventor of Printing ? an Historical Investigation, 
embodying a Criticism on Van der Lmde's ** Gutenberg," 
Lon , 1SS2, Svo 

" While we con&ider that Mr Hessels has performed a 
very valuable and rather thankless service in thoroughly 
sifting all tfce evidence on this subject, and has demon- 
strated the weakness of much, of tbe current evidence, we 
cannot think that his treatise answers in the negative the 
question proposed in its title " Sat JSei , Iv 685 

5 (Ed ) Ecclesiae Londino-Batavse Aichivum, Cam- 
bridge, 1886-89, 2 vola 4to 6 Haarlem the Birthplace 
of Printing, not Mentz, Lon , 1887, Svo 

" Mr Hessels -wants neither ingenuity nor erudition , he 
has collected and arranged with great sjall all that Ws 
accessible m regard to Coster and the works attributed to 
him More than ever the singular position and real im- 
portance of these works the undoubted mystery 'Which 
surrounds their origin, are impressed upon us as we read 
Mr Hessels's chapters But they do not force upon us 
Mr Hessels's dogmatic conclusion as to the claims of 
Haarlem" Ato t l8o 8153 

7 (Ed ) Aferahami Ortelu et Virorum eruditorum ad 
eundam et ad Jaoobum Colium Ortehanum Epistulse 
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, Kev. Francis, D C L., d 1882, aged 66 , 
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Middlesex since 1875 1 Sunday its Origin, History, 
and Present Obligation considered, in Bight Lecture* 
preached before the University of Oxford, (Bampton 
Lectures,) Lon , I860, Svo, 4th ed , I860 

" No small praise is due to the author for his franknes* 
in running counter to much oi the popular and leeble re 
ligionism of the day " Sat JR&u , xi 72 

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Conn., graduated at Aniherst in 1839: studied law, but 
gave it up for theology, and in 1S42 became a Congrega- 
tional minister ; in the following year he was ordained 
deacon in the Protestant Episcopal Church, and in 1846 
he was received into the Catholic communion. He was 
ordained in 18-47 , became a member of the congregation 
of St. Paul, founded by Father Hecker, aupra y taking 
the religious name of Augustine Francis, and since 
1S65 has been professor ot philosophy, theology, and 
Holy Scripture in the Pauhst Seminary, New York City. 
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Light in Darkness : a Treatise on the Obscure Night of 
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Svo. 2. Stonyhurst College: its Past and Present, 
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ments, Lon., 1855-60, 3 vols. Svo. (The second volume 
is devoted to the fourteenth century, and the final one 
gives a sketch of the gradual disuse of defensive armor.) 

*' It is not a book for continuous reading , but it will sel- 
dom disappoint the student who turns to it for occasional 
instruction " Sat. JRev , ix 430 

2. Official Catalogue of the Tower Armories, Lon., 
1859, 12mo. 3. Hand-Book for the City of Lichfield 
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House of Lords m regard to Scottish Titles of Honour 
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" Mibs Hickson has examined the truth of the matter . . 
with the accuracy, acumen, and patient impaitiality of an 
ideal historian Mr Froude, who admits that he has on 
former occasions smarted under her cnticMsms, acknowl- 
edges that there exists thestrorigest influence to bias her to 
the Irihh. view ' She has no English prejudices, she is the 
descendant of some of the exiled and tian&poited Irish 
and Anglo-Irish of 1649, she is keenly alive to the wrongs 
which her country has suffered at English hands, and on 
some points she is in full sympathy with Iris-h Nation- 
alism ' Yet, m the face of such influences, Miss Hickson 
finds herself compelled to give judgment m favour of the 
English contention " Spectator , Ivni 1011. 

(Foi a controversy between J. R. Gai diner, Miss 
Hiekson, J. F. Kegan, and W. B. H. Lecky, in regard to 
the statements in this work, see Acad., vol. xxvi.) 

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Oxford , was a leading writer under the above and various 
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" Though these volumes will not be read without much 
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of freedmen mustered into the national service , after- 
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1858-66, professor of agticultural chemistry m the 
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Svo 2 Fiona Home to Home : Autumn Wanderings in 
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"He has one 'home' at Oxley Manor, in the county 
which he represents, and a second, . of somewhat less 
architectural pretensions, at the foot of the Rocky Moun- 
tains . . . The book is well worth reading "Acad 
xxvii 234 ' 

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and was ordained in 1871. Poems, Devotional and 
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1875, Svo 3 Specie Resumption and National Bank- 
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the rank of major-general ; has since been president of 


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Anon. 2. George Canning, (" English Worthies,") Lon., 
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" His writing is never dull, and yet nevermade to sparkle 
with the meretricious ornaments oi mere memoir-gossip. 
. . Mr Hill evidently knows his period in the most ex- 
traordinary minuteness of detail." -Spectator, Ix. 528. 

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Hill, as head-master of Bruce Castle School, and retired 
in 1876. 1. Dr. Johnson : his Friends and his Critics, 
Lon., 1878, p. Svo. 

"The author of this pleasant volume has spared no pains 
to enable the present generation to realize more completely 
the sphere, so near and so far from this latter half of the 
nineteenth century, in which Johnson talked and taught." 
Sat. JReu., xlvi. 55. 

2. (Ed.) Bos well's Correspondence with the Honour- 
able Andrew Brskine, and his Journal of a Tour to Cor- 
sica : with Preface, Notes, and Introduction, Lon., 1879, 
p. Svo. 3. The Life of Sir Rowland Hill, K.C.B., and 
the History of Penny Postage, [by Sir Rowland Hill J 
Lon.) 1880, 2 vols. Svo. 

"Sir Rowland Hill had in his lifetime written, and it 
seems printed, a voluminous * History of Penny Postage,' 
which., it need hardly be said, was an autobiography in all 
but the name. ... Dr. Hill has probably done well to 
make this first edition of his uncled life complete enough 
to be a book of reference for all who are interested in the 



subject He may very likely have an opportunity of pre- 
paring a more popular edition, and then he would be well 
advised to .include only a few extracts from Sir Row- 
land's own work, and, giving his own share of the book 
intact as it now is, to refashion the rest in the same style 
and form " tiat. Rev , 1 738, 809. 

4. (Ed ) Colonel Gordon in Central Africa 1874-1879 . 
fiom Original Letters and Documents, Lon., 1881, Svo, 
2d ed., 1S84. 

' The story of Colonel Gordon's loyal attempt to carry 
out this piogiamme [for the suppiession of the slave-trade 
in the Soudan, &G ] . .is told in the volume before us, in 
his own words, ably and judiciously edited by Dr. Hill " 
Sat. w,li 757 

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Select Essays of Dr. Johnson, 1889. Also, school-books. 

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Lon., 1861, sq. Svo. And see KING-, THOMAS H., infra. 

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How to Preserve Fruit in a Hundred Different Ways, 
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son of President Thomas Hill, infra; graduated at Har- 
vard 1S6U j assistant professor of chemistry at Harvard 
1874, and professor since 1884. Lecture-Notes on Quali- 
tative Analysis, N. York, 1874, 16mo. 

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or, The Fulfilment of the Prophetic Epistles of Christ 
to the Seven Churches verified in the History of the 
Christian Church, Bost., 1S77, 12mo. 

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Churches and Church- Yards, Lon., 1856, Svo. 

iver: a Novel, Lon., 


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Tabulating Accounts and Returns, for Civil Seivice 
Candidates, Lon., 1879, Svo. 

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Leading Principles of Christian Life, Lon., 1S64, Svo. 

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corporation of the Town of Mason, New Hampshire, 
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scriptive, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 2. Manual of Indian His- 
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Facts and Features of English Hi&toiy, Lon., 1873, 

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York, 1877, 12nio. 2. The Tabernacle, (Chautauqua 
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mon : with a Selection of Five Minutes' Sermons to 
Children, Pbila., 1882, 16mo. 

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dred and Forty Casefa oi Oiganic Stnctuieof the Uiethra, 
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ated at Emmanuel College, Cambudge, ]849; ordained 
1849 ; rector of Quarley since 1873. 1. Jesus and Jesuit. 
2. Guide to the Antiquities of Dieppe. 3. Indices Ec- 
clesise : an Epitome oi the Leading Suggestive Subjects 
contained in the New and Old Lectionaries, Psalms, Col- 
lects, <fcc., Lon., 1872, 2 parts, Svo. 

Hill, Rev. John Harwood, M.A., F.S.A , 
1809-1886; giaduated at St. Peter's College, Cam- 
bridge, 1834 ; ordained 1834; rector of Cianoe from 
1837, and vicar of Welham, Leicestei shire, from ]841. 
He contributed to the Transactions of the Leicestershire 
Architectural and Archaeological Society, of which he 
was a secretary. 1. The Chronicle of the Christian Ages, 
Uppingham, 1842, Svoj new ed., enl., 1859. 2. The 
Family of Langton, 1862, Svo. 3. The Archdeacons of 
Leice&ter, 1866, Svo. 4. The History of the Parish ot 
Langton, and a Portion of the Gaitree Hundred of Lei- 
cestershire. Iliust. Leicester, 1867, 4to. 5. The Bish- 
ops of Peterborough, 1870. 6. Notes on Rutlandshire, 
1871, Svo. 7. The History of Market Harborough : with 
that Portion of the Hundred of Gartree, Leicestershire, 
containing the Parishes of Baggrave, Billesdon, Bos- 
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dred of Alstoe : being a Continuation of Blore's " History 
and Antiquities of the County of Rutland," 1881, 4to. 

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Relative Positions of the Higher and Lower Creations ; 
or, A Plea for Dumb Animals : Two Lectures, Lon., 1SSI, 
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1883. 4. The Diseases of Poultry : their Causes, Symp- 
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len College, Oxford. Old Saints and New Demons : a 
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sq. 16mo. Anon. 

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Wounded Illustrated by Observations made at the Seat 
of War, Lon., 1870, 12mo. With COOPER, ARTHUR, The 
Student's Manual of Venereal Diseases, Lon., 1877, 12mo : 
4th ed., 1886. 

Hill, Matthew Davenport, Q.C , 1792-1872, son 
of T. W. Hill, infra, and brother of Sir Rowland Hill, 
K.C.B., (q. v., ante, vol. i. j) was called to the bar in 1819 ; 
was M.P. in the Liberal interest for Kingston-upon-Hull 
1832-34, and in the latter year was appointed recorder 
of Birmingham and commissioner in bankiuptcy for the 
Bristol district. He held the first of these offices till 1866 
and the second till 1869. He was well known for his 
exertions in promoting the establishment of reformatories 
for juvenile criminals. For biog., see HILL, ROSAMOND 
and FLORENCE, inft a. 1. Suggestions for the Repiession 
of Crime, Lon., 1857, Svo. 2. (Ed) Our Exemplars, 
Poor and Rich, Lon., 1861, 12mo , new ed , enl , 1880. 3. 
Papers on the Penal Servitude Acts and the Regulations 
of the Home Department for carrying them into Use, 
Lon., 1864, Svo. With HILL, FLORENCE DAVENPORT, 
Journal of a Third Visit to the Convict-G-aols, Refuges, 
and Reformatories of Dublin and its Neighbourhood, 
Lon., 1865, Svo. With WILMOT, SIR JOHN EARDLEY 
E \BDLEY, Papers on Grand Juries, Lon., 1865, Svo. 
Also, letters, charges, <fcc. And see HILL, T. W., infra. 

Hill,Micaiah* 1 The Principles of the Pastoral 
Function in the Christian Church : deduced from Scrip- 
ture, Lon., 1856, p. Svo. 2. The Sabbath made for Man j 
or, The Origin, History, and Principles of the Lord's 
Day, Lon., 1857, p. Svo. 3. Christ or Colenso , or, A Full 
Eeply to the Objections of the Bishop of Natal to the Pen- 
tateuch, Lon , 1862, 12mo. 4. The Typical Testimony 
to the Messiah, Lon., 1862, Svo. With CORNWALLIS, C. 
F , Two Prize Essays on Juvenile Delinquency, Lon., 
1854, p. Svo. 

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Illust. Newark, 0., 1881, 4to. 2. History of Knox 
County, Ohio, IHust. Mt, Vernon, 0., 1881, Svo. 3. 
(Ed) History of Licking County, Ohio: its Past and 
Present. Illust. Newark, 0., 1881, 4to. 

Hill, Miss O eta via, b. about 1S38; has devoted 
herself to work among the London poor, and has been 
successful in carrying out a scheme for the improvement 
of the dwellings of the poor which was suggested to her 
by Mr, Ruskin and has been widely adopted in London. 
1. Homes of the London Poor, Lon., 1875, 16moj new 
ed., 1883. 

" Should be in the hands of every one who desires to form 
a sound judgment upon one of the great social problems 
of the day, and to see how in some measure its solution is 
being worked out" Acad., xxv. 221. 

2. District Visiting, Lon., 1 S77, p. Svo. 3. Our Com- 
mon Land, and other Short Essays, Lan., 1S7S, p. Svo. 

" Five out of the eight essays in the volume before us 
explain her views ou district visiting, charity organization, 
and, other kindred topics. . , . Miss Hill's essays on the 
preservation of commons will be read with interest and 
profit" Ath, No. 2624. 

Hill, OrDell Travers, F*R G.S. 1. English Mo- 
nasticism : its Rise and Influence, Lon., 1867, Svo. 

" He gives us neither a vivid picture of monastic life, 
nor yet a vivid narrative of the fates of the house and the 
order which he specially takes in hand. He goes on telling 
us, without any new grouping of facts, or any fresh com- 
ments upon them, things which have "been over and over 
again told much better? Sat. Reo., xxiv, 702. 

2. (Trans.) The Triumphs of the Cross j from the 
Latin of GKrolamo Savonarola : with Notes and a Bio- 
graphical Sketch, Lon., 1868, Svo. 
Hill, Rev. Pascoe Grenfell, [ante, vol. i., add. 


1S04-1SS2, b. at Mazarion, Cornwall; rector of St. Ed- 
mond the King and Martyr, London, from 1S63. 1. 
Poems on Several Occasions, Penzanee, 1S45, Svo. 2. 
A Journey through Palestine, Lon., 1S52, Svo. 3. The 
Kar War, Westminster, 1852, Svo. 4. A Visit to 
3airo, Lon., 1853, 12mo. 5. Modern British Poesy a 
Comparison between Poets who flourished during the 
Latter Half of the Eighteenth Centuiy and those of the 
Nineteenth Century : with Biogiaphies, Lon., 1856, Svo. 
" Life of Napoleon III., Lon., 1869, Svo. 

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the Lowest, N. York, 18SS, 12mo. 

Hil I , Richard , of Spanish Town, Jamaica. Lights 
and Shadows of Jamaica, History, Kingston, 1859, Svo. 
(He assisted P. H. Gosse in his work on the <* Birds of 
Jamaica," <&c.) 

Hill, Robert Gardiner, M.R.C.S., 1811-1878, b. 
at Louth, Lincolnsbiiej originator of a non -restraint 
system in the treatment of lunacy. 1. A Concise History 
of the Entire Abolition of Medical Restraint in the Treat- 
nent of the Insane, 1857. 2. Lunacy : its Past and its 
Present, Lon., 1S70, Svo. 

Hil 1 9 Robert T. The Present Condition of Knowl- 
edge of the Geology of Texas, Wash., 1887, Svo. 

Hill, Miss Rosamond Davenport, daughter 
of Matthew Davenport Hill, sup) a. Lessons in Cookery, 
Lon , 18S5, Svo. With HILL, FLORENCE DAYEJJPOKT: 1. 
What we Saw in Australia, Lon., 1S75, p. Svo. 2. The 
Elecoider of Birmingham : a Memoir of Matthew Daven- 
port Hill : with Selections from his Correspondence. By 
ais Daughters. Lou., 1S7S, Svo. 

41 It is not possible to read this biography of Mr Matthew 
Davenport Hill without seeing how leally he made a part 
of the history of his time, and how truly his biography is 
the record of that history . Mr Hill's* daughters and 
biographers habitually assisted him as we know, though 
they nowhere mention itin his great and un intermitting 
work , . . and the masterly way in \\ hich they have given 
the whole story of each social movement down to the pres- 
ent time, and not merely their father's share in at, shows 
that their filial services were ot a more intelligent and 
sympathetic character than those by which Milton s daugh- 
teis lightened his labours. . , . "V\e cannot, indeed, praise 
too highly the execution of this vi orthy memorial of a 
worthy father "Spectator, lii 763. 

Hill, Rt. Rev. Rowley, D.D., 1836-1887; grad- 
uated at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1859 j ordained 
1861; became vicar of Sheffield 1873: rural dean of 
Sheffield 1874 ; canon of York Cathedral 1876, and Bishop 
ot Sodor and Man in 1877. 1. Sunday-School Lessons Ex- 
plaining and Ululating the Collects, Lon., 1S65, 12mo. 

2. Sunday-School Lessons Explaining the Gospels, Lon., 
1866, 12mo. S. Priestly Vestments from a Scriptural 
Point of View, Lon., 1867, Svo. 4. The Titles of Our 
Lord : a Series of Sketches for EN ery Sunday in the 
Year, Lon , 1S70, ISmo. 5. Instructions on the Church 
Catechism, Lon., 1875, 12mo. 6. The Church at Home : 
a Series of Shoit Sermons, Lon., 18S1, p. Svo. 

Hill, S. S., [ante, vol. i., add.] 1. Travels in Si- 
beria, Lon., 1854, 2 vols. p. Svo. 2. Travels on the Shores 
of the Baltic extended to Moscow, Lon., 1S54, p. Svo. 

3, Travels in the Sandwich and Society Islands, Lon., 
1S56, p. Svo, 4. Travels in Peru and Mexico, Lon., 1860, 
2 vols. p. Svo. 

44 Honest and unpretending." Sat, ev , ix. 151. 

5. Travels in Egypt and Syria, Lon., 1S65, Svo. 

Hill, Theophilus Hunter, b. 1886, near Raleigh, 
N.C. j became a lawyer in that city, and was State libra- 
rian of North Carolina 1871-72. 1. Hesper, and other 
Poems, Ealeigh, N.C., 1861. 2. Poems, N. York, 1869. 
3. Passion-Flower, and other Poems, Raleigh, 1883. 

Hill, Rev* Thomas, D.D., LL D , [ante, vol. L, 
add.,] was president of Harvard College from 1862 till 
186S, when he resigned on account of impaired health. 
In 1871 he served in the Massachusetts legislature ; later 
he accompanied Prof. Agassiz on the Coast Survey ex- 
pedition to South America, and on his leturn lie became 
pastor of the Unitarian Church in Portland, Me. 1. 
Jesus the Interpreter of Nature, and other Sermons, 
Bost., 1860, 16ino. 2. Geometry and Faith: a Frag* 
mentary Supplement to the Ninth Bridgwater Treat- 
ise, N. York, 1874 j 3d ed., enl., Bost, 1SS2, 12mo. 3. 
Statement of the Natural Sources of Theology, with 
Discussion of their Validity, and of Modern Sceptical 
Objections, Andover, 1877, Svo. 4. In the Woods and 
Elsewhere, [verse,] Bost., 1888. 

Hi II, Thomas Manual of Social and Business 
Forms, Chic., 1873, 4to. 

Hill, Thomas Padmore. The Oratorical 


Trainer a System of Vocal Culture, Melbourne, 1S62, 
16mo, 6th ed, 1870 

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the Parish of Thomson, Lon , 1S84, Svo 

Hill, Thomas Wright, 1763-1S51, b at Ridden 
minster, a school-master, father of Sir Rowland Hill 
1 Remains with Notices of has Life, Lon , 1859, 870 
2. Selections from, the Papers of the late 1 W Hill, 
Lon . I860, Svo 

Hill, Rev. Walter Henry, b 1822, near Lebanon, 
Marion Co , Zy , graduated at Sfc Mary's College, Ky , 
1843, and studied medicine in the St Louis University , 
entered the Jesuit older m 1847, was professor of logic 
and metaphysics in St Louis University in 1864-60, 
and agam a professor in that institution in 1871-84 I. 
Elements of Philosophy comprising L?gic and General 
and Special Metaphysics, Bait, 1873, 12mo, 4th ed , 
1885 2 Ethics, or, Moral Philosophy,, 1878, 
12mo 3 Historical Sketch of St. Louis University, St 
Louis, 1879 

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Agents, Bost, 1875, Svo 

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Rhyming Mnemonical Expositor, Lon , 1852, 18mo 2 
Memories for the Million | or, How to Teach Students 
to Remember, Lon , 1874, 12mo. 

Hill, William Gilbert. Family Record of Dea- 
cons James W. Conveise and Elisha S, Converse, &c , 
Bost , 1887, Svo Privately printed 

Hill, William Has well A Nine Bays' Ramble 
in the Lake District of England, Manchester, 1852 

Hillam, S. A. Sheykh Hassan, the Spiritualist a 
View of the Supernatural, Lon , 188S, p Svo 

Hillard, George Stillman, LL 1) , [ante vol. i, 
add.,] 1SOS-1S79. 1 Letteis of Silas Standfast to his 
Friend Jotham, Boat , 1S53 2 Life and Campaigns of 
G. B MeClellan, Phila , 1864, 12mo 3 Dangers and 
Duties of the Mercantile Profession, Bost , 1866, Svo 
4. Political Duties of the Educated Classes, Bost., 1866, 
Svo And see TICKKOR, GEORGE, mfta. 

Hillary, Max. 1 Hunted Down, Lon , 1S85, p 
Svo 2 Once for All a Novel, Lon, 1885, 3 vols. 
cr Svo. 

Hillebraud, Karl Arnold, 1829-1884, b at 
Giessen, Germany, and educated at the university there, 
was implicated in the revolutionary movement at Baden 
in 1849, and imprisoned, but made his escape and went 
to Prance, where he was secretary to Hemnoli Heine 
He afterwards became professor of foreign literature in 
the Univeisity of Douai On the outbreak of the Franco- 
Prussian war in 1S70, he left France and settled in Italy 
Most of his m>rks were written in German or French 
Six Lectures on the History of German Thought, from 
the Seven Years' War to the Death of Goethe, Lou , 
1880, p Svo. (These lectures were delivered in England 
m 1879 ) 

Hillebraad, William, M.D , a German physician , 
resided about twenty years in the Hawaiian Islands 1, 
^Report on Supply of Labour to the Board of Immigra- 
tion of the Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu, 1857, 12mo 2 
Flora of the Hawaiian Islands a Description of their 
Phanerogams and Vascular Cryptogams Annotated and 
Published after the Author's Death, by W" F. Hille- 
brand Maps Lon and N. York, 1888. Svo 
"The work is a noble monument " Nation, Ixvi 454 
Hiller, Rev. Oliver Prescott. 1. Practical 
Sermons, Lon , 1855, Svo. 2 The Pleasures of Re- 
ligion a Poem with other Poems, Lon , 1856, Svo. 3 
English and Scottish Sketches. By an American. Lon , 
1857, Svo 4 G-od Manifest a Treatise on the G-ood- 
ness, Wisdom, and Power of God, Lon , 1858, 12mo 5 
American National Lyrics and Sonnets, Bost , 1860, p 
Svo. 6. A Chapter on Slavery, presenting its Origin 
and History, <fcc , Lon , 1860, Svo 7. Pocahontas , or, 
The Founding of Virginia * a Poem, in Three Cantos, 
Lon, 1865j Svo 8 Sermons on the Ten Command- 
ments, Bost, 1887, 16mo. 9 Memoir of Swedeoborg, 
Chic, 1867, so;. 16mo 10 Gems from the Writings 0J 
Swedenborg with a Memoir ? 2d ed , Boat , 1868, 2 vols 
18mo 11, Notes on the Psalms, N. York, 1869, Svo. 
12* Sermons on the Lord's Prayer, Bost , 1871, 12mo 

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College of Surgeons of Ireland 1831 , formerly lecturer 
on anatomy and physiology at the Westminster Hospital* 
1. Treatise on Hernia, Lon , 1838, Svo 2. Treatment 
of Rupture, Lon v 1856, Svo. 3. Regional Anatomy 
containing a Description of the Most Important Regions 


f the Human Body, Lon , 18^7, ISmo 4 The Diseases 
>f London Residents their Causes and Treatment, Lon , 
857, 12mo 5 The Anatomist a Complete Description 
>f the Anatomy of the Human Body, Lon , 1860, ISmo, 
new ed , IS 85. 6 The Essentials of Physiology, Lon , 
860, 24mo, new ed, 1886 7. The Pocket Anatomist, 
.867, 32mo 

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o the Ait of Dancitfg, N Yoik, 1864, I6mo 

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Illust N York, 1868, I6mo 

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he Mason Science College, Birmingham (Ed ) Hand- 
Book of Practical Botany, from the German of E 
Strasburger, Professor of Botany in the University of 
Bonn, Lon , 1886, Svo 

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Life with Sketches of Travel By Ugly's Mistress 
Lon, 1871, p Svo 

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I. The Law of Torts, Bost , 1859, 2 vols Svo , 4th ed , 
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3d ed , rev , 1874. 3 The Law of New Trials, and 
other Reheanngs, Phila , 1S66, Svo 4 A Treatise on 
the Law of Bankruptcy and Insoh ency , 2d ed , Phila , 
1867, Svo , 3d ed , 1872 5 The Law of Remedies for 
Torts, Bost , 1867, 8vo, 2d ed , enl , 1S73 6 The Law 
of Contracts, Phila , 1872, 2 vols Svo 7 The Law of 
Taxation, Boat , 1875, Svo 8 Ameiican Law a Com- 
prehensive Summary of the Law in its Various Depart- 
ments, F York, 1877-78, 2 vols 8*0 

Hilliard, Henry Washington, [ante, vol i, 
add ,] b 1808, at Fayetteville, N C , graduated at South 
Carolina College 1826 , admitted to the bar 1829 , mem- 
ber of Congress from Alabama 1845-51, US minister 
to Brazil 1S77-81 De Vane a Story of Plebeians and 
Patricians, N. York, 1865, 12mo* 

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Isle of Wight, Lon , 1849, 16mo 2 The Topography 
of the Isle of Wight, Lon , 1850, ISmo 3 A Narrative 
of the Attempted Escapes of Charles the First from 
Carisbrook Castle, Ac, Lon , 1852, p Svo. 4 (Ed ) The 
Sieges of Arundel Castle, Lon, 1854, 12mo 5 The 
Strangers Guide to the Town of Beading with a His- 
tory of the Abbey, Reading, 1859, 12mo 

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ise on the Gout, Lon , 3848, Svo, new ed , Cheltenham, 
1854 2. A Popular Treatise on Diseases resembling 
Consumption and on the Nature and Treatment of Con- 
sumption, Lon , 1854, Svo 

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eases, Lon , 1865, p Svo 2 Diseases of Children a 
Clinical Treatise, Lon , 1868, Svo 

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fidelity a Series of Letters showing the Follies ot Athe- 
ism occasioned by the Return of C Bradlaugh as Mem- 
ber of Parliament for Noithampton, Lon, 18S1, 16ino, 
2d ed , 1885 

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perintendent of the General Leper Asylum, British 
Guiana Leprosy in British Guiana an Account of 
West Indian Leprosy Illust. Lon, 188 1, r Svo 

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sion, and how he discharged it, Eost , 1887, 12mo 

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p. Svo it Life Story : a Prize Autobiography, Lon , 
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and Labours in London a Step nearer the Maik, Lon , 
1S65, p Svo 6. Life-Struggles an Autobiographic 
Record, Lon*, 1877, p Svo 7 The Gentle Prince a 
Story for All who desire the Golden Crown of Life, Glas- 
gow, 1879, 12mo 8 Hard Battles for Life and Useful- 
ness an Autobiographical Record, Lon , 1884, Svo, 2d 
ed., 1885. 

Hil 1 s f Mrs. Margaret Mortimer's Second Husband, 
Lon , 1875, p Svo 

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erate Philosopher and Southern Blower, N York, 1864, 
12m o. 

Hills, Rev* George Morgan, D.D., 1825-1890, 
b. at Auburn, N Y , graduated at Trinity m 1847 , rec- 
tor of St Mary's Church, Burlmgton, N J-, 1_870-SO, 
and lecturer on homiletics and pastoral theology in Bur- 
lington College 1. Letters from Europe, 1S6L 2 An 
Historical Sketch of St. Paul's Church, Syracuse, 1870. 


3. History of the Church in Burlington, New Jersey, 
Trenton, 1876 ; 2d ed , enl , 1885. 4. The Transfei of 
the Church from Colonial Dependence to the Freedom of 
the Republic, 1876. 5. John Talbot, the First Bishop 
of North Ameiica, 1878. 6. The Missions of the 
Church of England and New Jersey, 1882. 7. Memo- 
rials of Rev. N. Petit, 1885. 

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3. The Captive's Daughter, and other Stories, Lon, 
1863, 12mo. 4. The Little Trapper, and other Stories, 
N. York, 1866, 16mo. 5. Reginald "Vernon ; or, The 
Fatal Likeness, Lon , 1868, 12mo; new ed., 1887, 2 vols. 

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Pleas for the City and County of New York, (1855-1860,) 
Pub. by the State. 2 vols. Svo. 

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Hilton, James, F.S.A. 1. Chronograms, Five 
Thousand and More in Number, excerpted out of Various 
Authors and collected in Many Places, Lon., 1882, 4to 

" That any one could be found to make the history and 
collection of chronograms his hobby is sufficiently sur- 
prising, but surprise gives way to some extent to admira- 
tion when the reader finds that Mr Hilton's enthusiasm 
has resulted in the publication ot a most tastefully printed 
antique quarto of 570 pages, containing a collection of 5137 
examples of chronograms culled from, various languages 
and countries, ranging from A D 1208 to the present time." 
Ath., No 2868 

2. Chronograms Continued and Concluded, Lon., 1885, 

" Full of out-of-the-way information, conducting the 
reader into many an unfrequented by-path of history, 
valuable as a chronicle of extraordinary human ingenu- 
ity." ^/i., No '3029 

Hilton, James Foord. 1. Guide to Examina- 
tion for Officers and 'Non-Commissioned Officers of Rifle 
Volunteers, Lon., 1881, 32mo; new ed., 1883 2. Cate- 
chism on Company Training, Lon., 1884, 32mo \ 2d ed., 

Hilton, John, F R.S., 1807-1878, b at Sible Hed- 
ingham, Essex, Eng., and educated <it Chelmsford Gram- 
mar-School, and at Boulogne-sur-Merj was appointed 
demonstrator m anatomy at Guy's Hospital, London, 
in 1828, becoming subsequently in the same institution 
lecturer on pathological anatomy, anatomy and physi- 
ology, and on surgery, assistant surgeon, surgeon, and 
consulting surgeon. He was president of the Royal 
College of Surgeons of England, and professor of anat- 
omy at the college. 1. Notes on some of the Develop- 
mental and Functional Relations of the Cranium : se- 
lected by F. W. Pavy from the Lectures delivered at 
Guy's Hospital by J. Hilton, Lon., 1855, Svo. 2. On the 
Influence of Mechanical and Physiological Best in the 
Treatment of Accidents and Surgical Diseases, and the 
Diagnostic Value of Pain : a Couise of Lectures delivered 
at the College of Surgeons of England in the Years 1860, 
1861, and 1{562, Lon., 1863, 8vo; 3d ed., 1880. 

*' The views of Mr Hilton may be fairly taken to repre- 
sent those of a school which has done very much of late 
years to make medicine and surgery something better 
than $ mystery and an art, and to place them, among the 
most noble of the applied sciences . . The means which 
he, has taken, to work out his purpose tell of a deep-rooted 
faith that Nature gave us at once, and m the same frame, a 
perfect machinery for the purposes of life and for the rep- 
aration of mischief caused by injury or disease." hat 
%eo. t xvn. 206. 


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being Particulars of its Formation and lueidents of its 
First Year, Lon, 1872, 16mo. 2. The Fourth Year of 
the Creche, Lon., 1875, 16mo. 

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Tale- an Incident of the American Civil War, Lon., 
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"Words oi Command in Manoeuvring a Regiment of 
Cavalry, a Battalion of Infantry, and a Batteiy of Ar- 
tillery, Lon., 1866, Svo. 2. The Minor Tactics of JBVld 
Aitillery, Lon , 1872, r. Svo. 8. Universal Conscrip- 
tion the Only Answer to the Resulting Question, 
(Prize Essav,) Lon., 1875, Svo. 4. Wagnensin: a Pro- 
test, Lon., 1882, p. Svo. 

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Foyle College, Londonderry. 1. An Introduction to the 
Latin Language: with Appendices, Lon, 1878, 12mo. 

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3. Morality : an E a say on some Points thereof, (addressed 
to Young Men,) Lon., 1SSO, p. Svo; 8th ed., 1884. 4. 
A School-Master's Retrospect of Eighteen and a Half 
Years in an Irish School, Lon., 1885, p. Svo. 5 Unbe- 
lief: an Essay to Christian Young Men, Lon., 1885, p* 
Svo. 6. Home Education; or, Irish vs. English Gram- 
mar-Schools for Irish Boys, Lon., 1SS7, p. Svo. 

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cal Guide to the Public Health Act, 1875, and Correlated 
Acts, Lon., 18S4, Svo. 

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Co., Pa. j professor of chernis-try and physics in Dickin- 
son College 1865-85. 1. (Trans ) Tables for Qualitative 
Analysis, Phila., 1866. 2. Leaf-Prints ; or, Glimpses oi 
Photography, 1S68. 3. (Trans.) Flame Reactions, ISG8. 

4. Histoucal Sketch of Dickinson College, Hamsburg, 
1879. Also, single lectures, Ac. 

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Phila, 1878, 12mo. 

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president of the Alpine Club. 1. Summer Months 
among the Alps, with the Ascent of Monte Rosa, Lon., 
1857, p. Svo. 2. South American Sketches , or, A Visit 
to Rio Janeiro, the Organ Mountains, La Plata, and the 
Parana, Lon., 1868, p Svo. 

" A good book of travels, describing a country of which, 
there is still something new to tell, and written without 
affectation, and with a competent though unobtruded 
knowledge of the topics touched upon, i& By no means of 
every-day occurrence Mr. Hinchhft, however, has pro- 
duced an account of his rambles in South America, which 
fulfils all these conditions." Sat. Rev , xvi. 31. 

3. Over the Sea and Ear Away : being a Narrative of 
Wimderings round the World, Lon., 1S76, Svo. 

" In its way a model volume of travel. Necessarily it 
professes to be nothing more than superficial. . . But Mr. 
Hmchliff seems to have the gift of embracing in a rapid 
glance all that is most suggestive and striking " SaL JZev , 
xli. 784. 

Hinchliffe, Edward. Barthomley: in Letters 
from a Former Rector to his Eldest Son, Lon., 1S56, Svo. 

Hincks, Rev. Edward., D.D. t 1792-1866, b. m 
Cork, Ireland ; was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, 
where he graduated in 1812 and was made a Fellow in 
1S1H. In 1819 he took the college living of Ardtrea, 
and in 1826 exchanged it for that of Killileagh, which 
he held till his death. He was distinguished foi his 
knowledge of Egyptian and Assyrian inscriptions, and 
his publications ai e chiefly reprints from the Transac*- 
tions of the Royal Irish Academy. 1. Catalogue of the 
Egyptian Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, 
Dublin, Dublin, 1S43, Svo. 2. An Attempt to ascertain 
the Number, Names, and Powers of the Letters of the 
Hieroglyphic or Ancient Egyptian Alphabet, Dublin, 
1847 4 to. 3. On the Khorsabad Inscriptions, Dublin, 
1850, 4to. 4. Report to the Trustees of the British Mu- 
seum respecting certain Cylinders and Terra-Cotta Tab- 
lets, Lon., 1854, 12mo. 5. On the Polyphony of the 
A ssyrio-Baby Ionian Cuneiform Writing, Dublin, 1863, 
Svo. & On the Various Years and Months nx Use 
among the Egyptians, Dublin, 1865, 4 to. 


HincUs, Sir Francis, C "B , &e , 1S07-1SS5, I at 
Coik, edueited at the Koya-1 Belfabt Iiutitution , re- 
moved to Canada in 1 S32 He was several times a mem- 
ber of the Canada Assembly, premier 1851-54, gov- 
ernor of Barbadoes and the Windward Islands 1355-62 
and of British Guiana 1862-69, and minister of finance 
in Canada 1869-73 1 Canada its Financial Position 
and Resources, Lon, 1849, Svo 2 The Seignorial 
Question its Present Position By a Member of the 
Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada Quebec, 1854 
*). Reply to the Speech of the Hon Joseph Howe on the 
TJnion of the North American Provinces, Lou , 1855, 
Svo 4 Kehgiou3 Endowments in Canada the Clergy 
Reserve and Rectory Questions, Lon , 1869, Svo 5. 
Reminiscences of iny Public Lite, 1884 

Hincks, Kev. Thomas, b. ISIS, at Exeter, Eng 

1. A History of the British Hydroid Zoophytes, Lon , 
1868, 2 vols Svo 2 A History of the British Marine 
Polyzoa, Lon,lSSO, 2 vols Svo vol i,text> vol 11 , 

Hind, Edward. Poems, Lon , 1853, 12mo 

Hind, Henry Youle, F R OS., b 1823, m Not- 
tingham, Eng 7 educated at Leipsic and Cambridge, 
settled in Canada in 1847, became professor of chemis- 
try and geology m Trinity College, Toronto, 1851 , held 
various appointments in connection with the govern- 
ment surveys, and was made professor of chemistry and 
natural history in King's College, Nova Scotia 1 Es- 
say on the Insects and Diseases injurious to the Wheat 
Crops, Toronto, 1857, Svo 2 Northwest Territory: 
Reports of Progress, together with a Preliminary and 
General Report on the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan 
Exploring Expe-lition, Toronto, 1859, 4to 3 Narra- 
tive of the Canadian Red River Exploring Expedition 
of 1857, and of the Assimbome and Saskatchewan Ex- 
ploring Expedition of 1S58, Lon , I860, 2 vols Svo 

" There is a great deal of really valuable matter in Mr 
Hind's book, but everv now and then he shows very clearly 
that lie has got beyond his depth " Sat Rev , xi 540 

4 Explorations in the Interior of the Labrador Penin- 
sula, the Country of the Montagu us and Nasquappe 
Indians Illust Lon , 1863, 2 vols Svo 

"Such as his story is, Mr Hind tells it well and simply 
Its picturesqueness is much increased by the obvious 
accuracy of the illustrations made by Mr William. Hmd, 
the draughtsman of the expedition " S<d JReu., xvn 140 

Also, various geological reports 

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pool, 1S5S, 4to 2 Essays and Poems selected from 
the Literary Remains of P. Hmde, Liverpool, 1864, Svo 

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Spicules from the Upper Chalk, Munich, 1880, Svo 2 
Catalogue of Fossil Sponges in the Geological Depart- 
ment of the British Museum, Lon , 1883, 4to. 3 Bed 
of Sponge Remains in South of England Greensand, 
(Philosophical Transactions ) Lon , 18S6, 4to 

Hmde, John Hodgson. 1 A History of Nor- 
thumberland Part I , Containing the General History 
of the County, State of the District under the Ro- 
mans; the Sa.xon and Danish Kings of Northumber- 
land , the Official Earldom with a Narrative of Events 
connected with the County, from the Norman Conquest 
to the Accession of the House of Hanover, NewcJ-stle- 
npoa-Tyne, 1858, 4to. 2* (Ed.) Symeonis Dunelmensia 
Opera et Collectanea, (Surtees Soc. Pub ) vol. i , New- 
castle, 1868, Svo. 

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censed Victuallers , 4th ed , Lon , 1884, Svo. 

Hind ley, Charles, of Booksellers' Row, Holborn. 
1 The Book of Re<idy-Made Speeches, Lon , 1868, 12mo 

2. (Ed ) Miscellanea. Antigua. Anghoana the Old-Book 
Collector's Miscellany, Lon, 1871-73, 3 vola Svo. 3. 
(Ed ) The Roxburghe Ballads, Lon , 1873-74, 2 tots. 4to. 
4 Tavern Anecdotes and Sayings- including Origin 
of Signs, and Reminiscences of Taverns, Coffee- Houses, 
Clubs, &Q t Lon, 1875, p Svo; new ed,18Sl. 5. The 
Life and Times of J Catnach, late of Seven Dials, 
Ballad-Monger, Lon , 1878, Svo Only 25 copies printed 
6* A History of the Criea of London, Ancient and Mod- 
em, Lon., 1881, p Svo , 2d ed , 1884 7 The History 
of the Catnach Press (and the Two Catnaehs, John and 
James,) Lon , 1SS6, 4to 

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Lon , 1874, 2 vols* p, 8v,o* 

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mar, BT York, 1881, l&no. 

Hinds, J- I D The Use of Tobacco, Lebanon, 
Tenn., 1882, Svo. 


Hinds, Rt. Rev. Samuel, DD, [<wte, v<A i, 
add,] 1793-1872. He resigned the see of Noiwich m 
1857 on account of the somewhat ration ilistic views 
which he had embraced 1 Fiee Discussion of Religious 
Topics, Lon , 1868-69, 2 parts, Svo 2 Another Reply 
to the Question, "What nave we got to rely on, if we 
cannot rely on the Bible ? " Bamsgate, 1869, Svo A 
A Reply to the Question, "Apart from Supernitural 
Revelation, what is Min's Prospect of living after 
Death?" Ramsgate, 1370, Svo 4 A Reply to the 
Question, " Shall I seek Ordination in the Church of 
England ?" Ramsgate, 1 871, Svo 

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Queen's College, Birmingham. The Harmonies of Phys- 
ical Science m Relation to the Higher Sentiments, Lon , 
1853, p Svo 

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nities Brief Sketches of Economy, Zoar, Bethel, the 
Shakers, and the Brotherhood of the New Life, Oneida, 
N T , 1878, Svo 

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tions for Agents, N York, 1865 2 The Insurance 
Statutes of the United btates and Canada, N York, 
1876, Svo 3 Letters to an Agent fiorn the Patriarch, 
N York, 1876, Svo With NICHOLS, WALTER S 1 
New Digest of Insurance Decisions, Fire and Marine, 
N York, 1SS2, Svo 2 The Agents* Hand-Book of 
Insurance Law, N York, 1S87, Svo 

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with the Lost House of Israel by Twenty-Seven Identifi- 
cations, Lon , 1S70-73, 5 parts, Svo 2. The English 
Nation identified with the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, 
Wamugton, 1872, Svo 3 Forty-Seven Identifications 
of the British Nations with the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, 
Lon., 1874, Svo, 105th thousand 

Hine, Maude Egerton, Poems, Lon , 1S85. 
Privately printed 

" Those poems in this little volume which were written, 
as we are told, by a child of less than eight years old, aie 
unquestionably very marvellous specimens of poetical 
power m childhood ^Spectator, lix Ife 

Hine, Thomas Chambers. Nottingham its 
Castle, a Military Fortress, a Royal Palace with Notes, 
Lon , 1876-79, 2 parts, 4to 

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Pacific Oregon its History, Condition, and Prospects, 
Buffalo, 1851, 12mo 

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Hmgeston. Edited by his Son, [Rev Francis Charles 
Hingeston-Randolph ] Lon , 1857, p Svo 

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Medical, Social, and Scientific, Lon , 1863, p Svo 

Hingeston-Randolph. See RANDOLPH 

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Modern Italy Adelaide Kistori a Sketch of her Life, 
Lon , 1S56, &vo 2 The Genial Showman being Remi- 
niscences of the Life of Artenms Waid, and Pictures of 
a Showman's Career in the Western World, M". York, 
1870, Svo new ed , 1881 

Kingston, James. The Australian Abroad 
Branches from the Mam Eoutes round the World 
Illust Lon , 1 879-80, two series, Svo 

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E , add.] 1 The Constitution of the United States 
with Notes, References, <fcc , and Index, Bait., 1853, Svo 
2 Maryland Constitution, adopted 1867 with Notes 
and References, Bait , 1867, 8\o 3 Testamentary Law 
and Law of Inheritance and Apprentices in Maryland, 
Bait, 1878, Svo With CARTER, C. B., The Revenue 
Laws of the State of Marvland, passed since the Year 
1840, Bait, 1851, 8vo With MAYER, L, The Law of 
Attachment in Maryland, Bait, 1869, Svo 

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of Village Life, N York and Chic , 1&88, Umo. 

Hinrichs, Gustavus Detlef, M D , b 1836, at 
Lunden, Hol&tem, graduated, at the University of Copen- 
hagen 1360 , removed to the United States , was made 
professor of physical sciences in the Iowa State Univer- 
sity, and of chemistry and toxicology in the medical de- 
partment of that institution in 1863, and in 1868 ap- 
pointed chemist to the State G-eological Survey. 1. The 
Elements of Physics, Davenport, 1370 5 The Princi- 
ples of Pure Crystallography, Davenport, 1871. 3 The 
Principles of Physical Science demonstrated by the Stu- 
dent's own Experiments and Observations Part I , The 
Elements of Chemistry and Mineralogy T Part II , The 
Principles of Chemistry and Molecular Mechanics, Dav- 


enport, la., 1871-74, 8vo. 4. The First Course in Quan- 
titative Analysis, 1874. 

Hinsdale, Rev. Burke Aaron, b. 1837, at 
Wadsworth, j became professor of history and English 
literature in Hiram College 1869, and president 1870. 
1. The History of a G-ieat Mind, (John Stuart Mill,) 
Cin , Svo. 2. The Genuineness and Authenticity of the 
Gospels an Argument conducted on Historical and 
Critical Grounds, Cm., 1872, 12mo. 3. The Republican 
Text-Book for the Campaign of 1880, N. York, 1880, 
8vo. 4. President Garfield and Education : Hiram Col- 
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and Studies, Bost , J884, 12ino. 6. The Old Northwest : 
with a View of the Thirteen Colonies as constituted by 
the Royal Charters. Maps. N. York, 1888, Svo. 

" Prof Hmsdale groups together, and arranges in regu- 
lar sequence, the facts relating to the Northwest hitherto 
scattered through many books and documents not easily 
available to the inquirer . . Not for many a day has our 
national history had so important a contribution, or one 
sbo much needed " Critic, x 5 

Hmsdale, Grace Webster. 1. Coming to the 

King : a Book of Daily Devotions for Children, N York, 

1865, 16mo. 2. Thinking Aloud, N. York, 1865, 24mo. 

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or, Love's Victory, by Paul Heyse, N.York, 1874, 16ino. 

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Romances What is the fourth Dimension ? <fcc., Lon , 

1884-88, 7 nos., cr. Svo. 2. A New Era of Thought, 

Lon , 1888, cr 8vo. See, also, HINTON, JAMES, t?i//a. 

Hinton, Henry L. Select Historical Costumes. 
Illust. N. York, 1868, Svo. Also, annotated editions 
of several plays of Shakespeare. 

"Hinton, James," (Pseud.) See BARLOW, 
GEORGB, supra. 

Hinton, James, M.R.C.S., 1822-1875, b. at Read- 
ing, Eng. , son of Rev. John Howard Hinton, infra; 
was educated at private schools, and in 1838 was ap- 
prenticed to a clothier in London; a year later he 
entered an insurance office, but gave up that situation 
iu consequence of a decline of health ; entered St. Bar- 
tholomew's Hospital to study medicine, and became a 
member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1847. In 
the same year he went as surgeon of a ship to Jamaica, 
where he remained for two years, afterwards visiting 
the United States. In 1850 he began medical practice 
in London, and gradually confined himself to aural 
surgeiy, in which he gained large practice and repu- 
tation. He was lecturer on aural surgery at Guy's 
Hospital from 1863 to 1874, when he gave up his pro- 
fession to devote himself to philosophical studies. For 
biog., see HOPKINS, JANE ELLIOE, -infra. 1. Man and 
his Dwelling- Place : an Essay towards the Interpretation 
of Nature, Lon., 1859, Svo. Anon. New ed., 1872. 2. 
Life in Nature Lon., 1862, p. Svo. 3. The Mystery of 
Pain : a Book for the Sorrowful, Lon , 1866, Svo ; new 
ed., 1879. 4. Selections from Manuscripts, Lon., 1870-74, 
4 vols. Svo. 5. Thoughts on Health and some of its Con- 
ditions, Lon., 1871, p. Svo. 6. The Place of the Physi- 
cian : being the Introductory Lecture at Guy's Hospital, 
October, 1873: with other Essays, Lon., 1874, cr. Svo. 

7. The Questions of Aural Surgery, Lon., 1874, p. 8vo. 

8. (Trans.) The Surgical Diseases of the Ear, by Prof. 
Trbltsch, (New Sydenham Soe.,) Lon. f 1874, Svo. 9. 
( Ed,) Physiology for Practical Use. By Various Writers. 
Illust. Lon, 1874, 2 vols. 12moj 3d ed., 1880. 10. 
Chapters on the Art of Thinking, and other Essays : 
with an Introduction by Shadworth Hodgson. Edited 
by C. H. Hinton. Lon., 1879, p. Svo. 

'" Mr. Hiuton was apparently too much in earnest to be 
critical ; we should say, though it may sound paradoxical, 
too much in earnest to walk: safely in philosophical in- 
quiries The satisfaction he went forth m search of was 
moral, not intellectual. Disinterested even to excess in 
one sense, his habit of mind was over-weighted with a 
special interest in another His writing shows hardly a 
tiace of the pure curiosity of speculation, and little, if 
anything, of delight in dialectics as a fine art. Least of 
all does he seem to think of forcing conviction on the 
reader. His essays are in very truth what many things 
written for effect have professed to be, solitary medita- 
tions.''^. JKe , xlvn 279. 

" One's first reflection on reading these short stimulating 
papers which are like so many oeams of light glancing 
here and there on widely-removed objects and every where 
illuminating and Beautifying with their touch, is that 
here is an intellect which ought to he one of the great 
stirring forces in contemporary thought ... A man who 
so frankly avows that he feeeks to satisfy at once our in- 
tellects and our emotions is, best viewed perhaps as a kind 
of poet."~-jAMES SUU^Y : Acad , xv. 600. 


11. Philosophy and Religion : Selections from the 
Manuscripts of the Late James Hinton. Edited by 
Caroline Haddon Lon., 1SS1, Svo (The selections 
are from the earlier series of MSB., belonging to the 
period from ISofi to about 1861.) 

" This is a valuable book ; philosophically speaking, per- 
laps the most valuable book written in England since 
Coleridge First, for the deep insight of the thoughts 
which compose its philosophy of ' Actuahsm ,' and sec- 
ondly, on account of the particular philosophical ground 
which it occupies, and from which it speaks" SHAD- 
WOBTH H. HODGSON : Acad. t xxi. 29 

12. The Law-Breaker and the Coming of the Law. 
Edited by M. Hinton. Lon., 1R84, p 8vo 

" The position of 'The Law-Breaker' is briefly that laws, 
duties, virtues, fixed rights and wrongs, are apt to become 
obsolete, dead, and mischievous, and that it i& a pernicious 
mistake to regard them as of permanent obligation , since, 
as circumstances change, duties change also for indi- 
viduals, there is no absolute morality binding on all and 
forever." Acad , xxvi. 395. 


"He was a born metaphysician, and the 'art of think- 
ing' was to him what music was to Beethoven or dramatic 
dialogue to Shakespere. But he was no mere thinker m 
the ordinary sense of the word He was rather . . a 
prophet, a seer His thinking was a spiritual, not an in- 
tellectual, process ; and the visions he saw revolved round 
the profoundest themes, God, lite, man. and above all, 
combining and concentrating them all. the great world- 
tragedy of woman." JAMES A ALDIS Acad , xxx. 1. 

Hinton, Rev. John Howard, [ante. vol. i., add,] 
1791-1873. 1. The Woik of the Holy Spirit in Con- 
version, Lon., 1830 ; new ed., 1855, 12mo. 2. Review of 
the Bishop of London's Sermons, Lon., 1S42, Svo. 3. A 
Treatise on Man's [Responsibility, Lon., 1842, 12mo. 
4. The Test of Experience,- or, The Voluntary Prin- 
ciple in the United States, Lon., 1851, ?2mo. 5. On 
Acquaintance with God: Twelve Lectures, Lon., 1856, 
12mo. 6. On God's Government of Man : Ten Lecture^, 
Lon., 1856, 12mo. 7. On Redemption : Eleven Lectures, 
Lon., 1859, 12mo. 8. Tour in Holland and North Ger- 
many, 1851, Lon., 1860, 12mo. 9. Moderate Calvinism 
Re-Examined, Lon., 1861, p. Svo, 10. An Exposition 
of the Epistle to the Romans on the Principles of Scrip- 
ture Parallelism, Lon., 1863, Svo. 11. Theological 
Works, Lon., 1864, 7 vols. p. 8vo. 

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Guide to the Purchase of an Organ, Lon., 1882, cr. Svo ; 
2d ed., enl , same year. 

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Leaders, (" Brief Biographies,") N. York, 1875, 16mo. 
2. The Hand- Book to Arizona: its Resources, History, 
and Scenery. Illust. San Fran., 1878, 12mo. 

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in England, and other Rhymes, Pans, 1877, 12mo. 
2. The Huguenots: Fragments of a Metrical Tale of 
France and Ireland, Lon., 1877, Svo. 3. Ballads, Para- 
phrases, and Hymns, (not for Churches,) Ancient and 
Modern, Lon., 1878, 16mo. 

Hinxman, Mrs. Emmeline. Poems, Lon., 1856 ; 
2d ed., 1857, p. Svo. 

" The simple and natural product of a thoughtful and 
earnest yet gentle mind " Sat Jfteu., iii. 341. 

Hiorns, Arthur H* Principal of the School of 
Metallurgy, Birmingham and Midland Institute. 1. 
A Text -Book of Elementary Metallurgy, for the Use of 
Students, Lon., 18SS, p. Svo. 2. Practical Metallurgy 
and Assaying: a Text-Book for the Use of Teachers, 
Students, and Assayers. Illust. Lon., 188S, 12mo. 

Hip kins, Alfred James, F.S.A. Musical In- 
struments, Historic, Rare, and Unique: Introduction 
and Descriptive Notes. Illustrated by a Series of Fifty 
Plates in Colours, drawn by William Gibb. Edin, 
18S7, fol. 

Hipsley, William, Undine, the Spirit of the 
Waters : a Poem containing a Version of the Narrative, 
Lon , 1886, p. Svo. 

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p. Svo. 

Hird, W. G. 1. Etymologic 
tare Names, Accented and Ex 
Lon., 1851, 12mo. 2. Scripture '. 
tion to Ancient History, Lon., 1875, p. Svo. 3. An 
Illustrated Guide to Bolton Abbey, Ac., Bradford, 1882, 

Hiroi, Isami. Plate-Girder Construction, 1ST. lork, 
1888, 16mo. 

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with Special Reference to their Insurance Features, St. 
Louis, ISSa, Svo. 


il Dictionary of Scrip- 
plained; 2d ed., enl., 
SFames and, their Rela- 


Hirst, J, Crowther* Hiram Greg, Lon , 1381, 3 

vols or Svo 

Hirst, John, The New Evangelist being Outlines 
for Village Preachers, &c , Lon , 1865, 12mo 

Hirst, Samuel. 1 Social Science } or, Social Ref- 
ormation, Lon , 1S59, 12mo 2 The Lamb of God a 
Sacred Poem, in Twelve Books, Lon , 1865, <sr Svo 

Hirst* Thomas. 1 The Autobiography of the 
Bible, and other Poems, Lon, 1865, p 8\o 2 John 
Wimhleton , or, The Triumph of Principle a Story of 
Methodistic Facts, Lon s 18TO, Svo 

Hiscox, Rev. Edward T., b 1814, at Westerly, 
K I j graduated at Madison University 1843, and entered 
the Baptist ministry 1. The Baptist Church Directory 
a Guide to the Doctrines and Di&eiplme of the Bap- 
tist Churches, N York, 1859, 16mo 2 Baptist Shoit 
Method with Inquirers and Opponents, Phila , 1869, 
ISmo 3 The Star Book a Manual for Baptist Church- 
Members, N. Yoik, 1873, ISino 4 Star Book on Chris- 
tian Baptism, W York, 1376, 18mo. 

His! op. Rev* Alexander, minister of the East 
Free Church, Arbroath 1 The Light of Prophecy let 
an on the Dark Places of the Papacy being an Exposi- 
tion of Thessalonians II , Chapter 11 , Edm , 1346, 12mo 
2 The Red Republic , or, The Scarlet-Coloured Beast of 
the Apocalypse, Edin , 1849, IScao 3 The Two Baby- 
Ions, their Identity, and the Present Antichrist also the 
Last, Edm , 1S53, 8ro 4 The Moral Identity of Babylon 
and Borne, Lon , 1855, 1 2mo Anon. 5 Infant Bap- 
tism according to the Word of God and Confession of 
Paith, Edin , 1856, 12ino. 6 The Scriptural Pnn&iplea 
of the Solemn League and Covenant, in their Bearing 
on the Present State of the Episcopal Churches, Glas- 
gow aad Lon , 1858, Svo 7 The Two Babylons , or, 
The Papal Worship proved to be the Worship of Nimrod 
and his Wife Ulust. 2d ed , Edm , 1858, 5th ed , 


"This is in all respects a very ettraordmary book Per- 
haps the title n as wonderful as anything else about it " 
Sat %ev,\m 338 

Hislop, Alexander, publisher I The Proverbs 
of Scotland Collected and Arranged, with Notes, Es- 
planatory and Illustrative, and a Glossary, Glasgow, 
1862, Svo, 3d ed ? rev , Edm , 1870. 2 The Book of 
Good Devices By Godfrey Goldmg, [pseud ] Edin , 
186- 3 (Ed ) Adversaria, Ana, and Table-Talk a 
Literary Commonplace- Bo ok, Lon , 1869, Svo 4 (Ed ) 
The Book of Scottish Anecdotes- Humorous, Social, 
Legendary, and Historical, Edm , 1874, new ed, 1876, 

Hislop* J. P Medical Attendance on Sick Chil- 
dren of the Poor in Large Towns, Lon , 1869 

Hi slop, Rev* Stephen, 1817-1363, b at Duns, 
Scotland, studied at the Universities of Edinburgh and 
Glasgow, and in LS44 was ordained and sent out as a 
missionary of the Free Church of Scotland to Nagpoor, 
Central India, where he remained,, except for one year, 
till his death Besides discharging the duties of his 
office -with much success, he contributed many valuable 
papers to scientific journals For biog, see SMITH, 
GEORGES, w/}. Papers relating to tha Aboriginal 
Tribes of the Central Provinces Edited, with Notes 
and Preface, by Sir Richard Temple. Nagpoor, 1866, 

Hissey* James John* 1. An Old Fashioned 
Journey through JBaglacd and Wales, Lon , 1884, Svo 
2 A Drive through England, or, A Thousand Miles of 
Eoad Travel. Illust. Lon , 188o, Svo. i On the Box 
Seat from London to Laud's End Illu*t Lon., 1886, 
Svo. 4 A Holiday on the Road, an Artist's Wander- 
ings in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey with Numerous Illus- 
trations Iroia Sketches by the Author, Lon , 1887, Svo 

"A boot full of healthy enthusiasm and agreeable de- 
scription The numerous illustrations add greatly to 
the interest of the text " Spectatw , Jxi 545 

Hitchcock, Alfred, A M , M 1)^ 1818-1874, 1), in 
Westminster, Vt , and educated at Philhpa Andover 
Aoademy, Dartmouth College, and Jefferson College, 
Pa j praotised medicine in fitchburg, Mass He pub- 
lished several monographs and addresses Christianity 
and Medical Science, Bost , 1367 

Hitchcock* Benjamin W. Chronological Record 
of the American Civil War, N York, ISfifi, Svo 

Hitchcock, Charles Henry, Ph D , b 1836, at 
Amherst, Mass.; son of Eev Edward Hitehooak, w/r&, 
graduated at Amherst 1S58, studied theologv at Yale 
and Andover, buensed to preach 1861, beeame State 
ist of New Hampshire 1868, and professor of geol- 


ogy and mineralogy at Dartmouth 3869 I Natural 
History and Geology of the State of Maine, [two re- 
ports,] Augusta, 1861-62 2 ISfew Hampshire Geologi- 
cal Survey Reports upon the Geology and Mineralogy 
of the State, Concord, N H , 1869-n, 3 vols. 4 to 3 The 
Geology of New Hampshue Illust Concord, N H , 
1 874-78, 3 vols. 4to With others, Eeport on the Gteology 
of Vermont, Clareinont, 1861,2 ^ols 4to With HTJN- 
TINGTON, J H , and others, Mount Washington m Winter, 
Boat , 1871, Svo 

Hitchcock, Rev. Edward, D D , LL D , [ante, 
vol i f add ,] 179 VI 864 1. Reminiscence? of Amhersfc 
College, Historical, Scientific, Biographical, Autobio- 
giaphical, Northampton, 1863, 12mo 2 Supplement to 
the Ichnology of Kew England, Boat , 1865, 4to With 
HITCHCOCK, CHARLES H , Elementary and Popular Treat- 
ise on Geology, Illust 1860, 12mo With HITCH- 
COOK, EDWARD, JR t Anatomy and Physiology Illust. 
I860, 12mo. 

Hitchcock, Ethan Allen, [ante, vol i, add,] 
1798-1870, was major-general m the U S volunteer army 
during the civil war, and stationed at Washington, serv- 
ing on the commission for the exchange of prisoners, 
<fco 1 Christ the Spirit an Attempt to state the 
Primitive Views of Chn&tianity, N. York, 1860, 2 vols 
12mo 2 Remarks on the Sonnets of Shakspeare, N. 
York, 1S65, 16mo, 2d ed , 1867 3 Spenser's Poem en- 
titled " Colin Clout's Come Home Agame" Explained, 
Remarks upon the Anioiett: Sonnets, &Q , N York, 1865, 
12mo 4 2^otS on the Vi*a Nuova and Minor Poema 
of Dante, N York, 1867, 16mo 

Hitchcock, Harvey Kexford. An English- 
Hawaiian Dictionary, for the U&e of Schools, San f ran , 
1887, 15mo 

Hitchcock^ Henry, American State Constitu- 
tions a Study of their Giowtb, N York, 1887, I2mo 

Hitchcock, James liipley Wellman, b 1857, 
at Pitchburg, Masi> , son of Pr Alfred Hitchcock, 
supta, graduated at Eanard 1877, and, having adopted 
literature as a profession, settled jn New York 1 The 
Western Art Movement, K York, 1885 2 A Study of 
6-eorge Jenness, 1885 3 Kotable Etch ings by American 
Artists Text, including an Essay on the Etching of the 
Past Year, IS" York, 1S86, fol 4 Etchings in America 
with Lists of American Etchers and Notable Collections 
of Prints, N. York, 1886, Svo 5 Important Now Etch- 
ings by American Artists with Text, N York, 1888, 
fol. 6 Madonnas by Old Masters Photogravures, with 
Test, N York, 1888, fol 

Hitchcock, R. V. Poems. Fragments, Stanzas, 
and Songs, Lon , 1852, 12rao. 

Hitchcock, Komyn. Synopsis of the Fresh- 
Water Rhizopoda founded upon J, Leidy'a "Fresh- 
Water Khizopods of North America," N York, 1881, 

Hitchcock, Rev. Ro swell D wight, DD, 
LL J> , 1817-1887, T> at East Marinas. Me , educated at 
Ainherst and at Andover Theological Seminary 3 or- 
dained 1845 became Collins professor of natural and 
revealed religion in Bowdom College 1 852, professor of 
church history m Union Theological Seminary 1855, and 
president of that institution 1880 1. Life of Edward 
Robinson, N* York, 1863 2 Complete Analysis of the 
Bible, Ac., Phila , 1869, Svo 3. Socialism, N York, 1879, 
I2mo 4, The New Testament with the Readings and 
Renderings preferred by the American Committee in- 
corporated into the Test, 1881, Svo. 5 Eternal Atone- 
ment, N York, 188S, 12mo. With SCHA.FF, PHILIP, 
and EDDY, ZACHARY, Hymns and Songs of Praise, for 
Social and Sabbath "Worship, N York, 1874, Svo With 
BHUWN, FRANCIS, (trans ) Teaching of the Twelve 
Apostles recently discovered and published by Philo- 
theos Bryennios, Metropolitan of Nitomedia with In- 
troduction and Notes, rf York, 1884, 8vo With EDDY, 
ZACHARY, and MCDGE, L W , Carolina Sanctorum, 1885. 

Kitchens, Rev. James Hiles. 1. Behold the 
Man f a "Word to the Unconverted, Lon , 1858, 16mo. 2. 
the Face of the Kingj or, Seeing Jesus Man's Gheatest 
Pleasure, Lon., 1867, p Svo S The Furnace ? or, 
Truths for Hours of Trial, Lon , I8fl0, j> Svo 4 The 
Penalty, or, The Eternity of Future Punishment, Lo. 
187$, Svoj 2d ed , 18S2 5. The Young Men <?f Scrip- 
ture, Lon., 1879, p Svo 6, EeeeVeritas; or, Modern 
Scepticism and Bevealed Xtdigion Weighed, Lon*, ZS80, 
p 8vp, newed, 1887 

Hitchmgs, Charles H. Poems, Lou, 


Hitchman, Francis, d 1891. 1 The Public 
Life of the Kight Honouiable the Earl of Beaeonsfceld, 
KG, Lon 1878, 2 vols 8\o 

"Mr Hitchman is perhaps too in discriminate an ad- 
mirer of his hero, but his devotion has induced him to 
collect the materials of his narrative with indefatigable 
industry " i<tf Rev , xlvi 819 

2 Pius the ftinth j, Biography, Lon , 1878, Svo 3 
Eighteenth-Century Studhs Es*ijs, Lon,18Sl, Svo 
4. (Ed ) Richard F Burton, K C.M tt his Early, p n . 
vite and Public Life with an Account of his '1 ravels 
and Explorations, Lon., 1887, 2 vols Svo (Portions of 
this book, mcludmg the first two chapters, were written 
by Lady Burton ) 

" Despite many defects, a good crop of inaccuracies, 
which mferent 1 ally throw doubt upou &ome amusing anec 
dotes and historical statements and a want of depth as 
well as breadth in the treatment of his great theme the 
character and life-work of a very original man, Mr Hitch- 
man's volume will ne\ erthele^s be found entertaining, 
perhaps edifying, by the general reader " Spectator, ix! 

4 It is an interesting book, dealing with a wide range of 
subjects and therefore sure to attract a correspondingly 
wide circle of readers " Atfi , No 3173 

Hitchman, Richard. I Miracles, Lon, 1866, 
Svo 2 The Christian Priesthood, Lon , 1867, Svo A 
Essay on the Christian Church, Lon , 1867, Svo 4 
The Protestantism of the Church of England, Lon 
1867, Svo 

Hitchman, William, MD, DOL, b 1319, at 
Noith Beach, ixloueesterehire, gruduited at Erlangen 
1841, became an " Eclectic" prictitioner Consump- 
tion its Nature, Prevention, and Homoeopathic Treit- 
ment, Lon , ISotf, 12mo 

Hitjer, B.* (Trans) Two Friends, or, Rich and 
Poor , from the G-erraan, Lon , 1885, p Svo 

Hitteil, John S. 1 Evidences against Christian- 
ity , 2d ed, N Yoik, 1857, 2 vols. 12mo. 2 (Trans) 
Somnambulism, and Crvuap, from the German of C von 
Keichenbaoh, 1861), Svo 3 Mining in the Pacific States 

01 Noith America, San Fran , 1362, 16mo* 4 The Re- 
souices of California, with an Appendix on Oregon and 
Washington Territory comprising Society, Climate, 
Ac, San Fran, 186*, 12tno, 6th ed , 1874, 5 Nine- 
teenth Anniversary of the Corporate Society of the Cali- 
fornia Pioneer Association, San. Fr in , 1889, 8ro, 6 A 
Brief History ot Culture, N York, 1875, 12mo. 7 
History of San Francisco, and incidentally of Califor- 
nia, San Fran , 1878, Svo 

Hitteil, Theodore H* 1* The Adventures of J 
C Adams Illast San Fran , 1860, 12 mo 2. Reports 
of Cases determined m the Supieme Court of Nevada, 
vols. v.~ix , San Fian , 1866 d General Laws of Call- 
forma, 1850-64 with Notes of Dacwona and Prior 
Statutes, ban J?ran , 1868, 2 vola in 1, r. Svo 4 
Goethe's Faust, Ban Fran , 1872, Svo, 5 {Ed ) Califor- 
nia Codes and Statutes, 1&76-SO, San Fran., 1876-80, 3 
vols. r Svo. 6 History of Cahfornu, ban Fran , 1885, 

2 vol* Svo (Brings tbe narrative down tci 1850 ) 

" He has evidently spared no pains in the examination 
of authorities for the historical portion of the work and 
has been able to weave together the particulars derived 
from many sources into a narrative of ranch interest, 
couched m a clear and graceful style, which reminds cue 
of Prescott "Ontoc, vl 50 

Hoadley, J. C. Warm-Blast Furnace: a Report, 
<&c, N York, 1886, Svo 

Hoare, Benjamin. 1 The Maori a New Aus- 
tralian Poem, Adelaide, 1889, 8vo 2 Figures of Fancy 
a Volume of New Poems, Adelaide. 

Hoare, Charles* 1 Mensuration M<tde Eisy 
the Decimul System for the Million* Lon, 1855, 12mo, 
Utb ed , 1881 , new ed , 1883. 2 The Wme and Spirit 
Merchant's Guide, Lon , 1857, 12mo. * The Slide Rale, 
and how to use it, Lon , 1868, 12mo, 4th ed , 1881. 4. 
Iron xnd Steel a Work for the Fftrge, Foundry, Fac- 
tory, and Office, 6th ed , Lon, 1874, 8th ed, 1876, 
32 mo 5 Exchange of Foreign Honey to *s Sterling, 
Lon , 1887, I2mo 

Hoare, ttev. Edward, MA., [>fe, vol. i , add.,] 
gra tuated at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1834? ordained 
18*6, vicar of Holy Trinity, Tunbndge Wells, Kent, 
since 1853, hon canon of Canterbury since 1868* 1. 
(Ed>) The Light of Prophecy being Lectures delivered 
during Lenr. By Twelve Clergymen. Lon , 1856, Svo 

2 Sacred Memorials of the Last Illness of Maria Eliza 
Hoar*, Tunbudge Wells 1864, Svo Pruately printed 

3 The Proportion? of Truth, Lon , 1872, Svo. 4 Sanc- 
tification , Expository Sermons, Lon , 1874, 12mo , new 



ed , 1878 5 An Exposition of Romans vi,vii, and 
vm , Lon , 1875, 12mo. 6 Rome and Turkey in Con- 
nection with the Second Advent, 2d ed, Lon, 1S76, 
18mo 7 The Doctrine of the Lord's Supper as taught 
by the Church of England, Lon , 1S77, p Svo 8 Pal- 
e-tine and Russia, Lon , 1S77, ISiao 9. Redemption, 
Lon , 1878, 12mo 

Hoare, Capt. Edward* Some Account of the 
Ea,rly History and Genealogy of the Families of Hoie 
and Hoare interspersed with Anecdotes, Lon , 1883, 4to. 

Hoare, Edward Hatch. The Scripture Ground 
of Justification, or, An Inquiry into the Doctrine of 
Scriptures concerning the Active and Passive Obedience 
of Christ, Lon , 1867, Svo 

Hoare, Very Kev* Edward Newenham, 1802- 
1877, educated at Trinity College, Dublin, dean of 
Waterford 1851 till his death I. The Tendency of the 
Principles advocated in the "Tracts for the Times" con- 
sidered, Lon., 1S41, Svo 2 Remarks on Certain Mis- 
statements as to the Extent of Scriptural Education m 
Ireland, Dublin, 1850, Svo 3 The English Settlers* 
Guide through Ir^h Difficulties By Decanus Lon , 
1850, 12mo 4 Practical Suggestions with a View to 
the Remot al of Objections to the National System of 
Education in Ireland, Bubhn, 1854, Svo 5 English 
Roots, and Dentations of Words from the Anglo-Sayon, 
Dublin, 1855 , new ed , 1856, 12mo 6 T E\otics , or, Fng- 
hsh Words derived from Latm Roots Ten Lectures, 
Dublin; 1863, Svo 

" Bean Hoare's whole notion is to so through the Latin 
DictJOiiarvand to mention the English wordb which are, 
or which he supposes to be, derived from each successive 
Latin w ord \\ e are tern pted to doubt whether he has 
any notion v, hatever of the science of language " Sat 
Bev,XMl 227 

Hoare, Rev* Edward Newenham, M.A , son 
of the preceding, b 1842, in Dublin , graduated at Trinity 
College, Dublin, 1862, ordained 38b5, rector of Acrise, 
Kent, 1879-88, and since then vicar of Stoneycroft, Lan- 
cashire 1. A Child of the Glens , or, Elsie's Fortune, Lon , 
1875, ISnao. Anon 2. Motherless Maggie: a Liverpool 
Tale, Lon, 1876, iSmo. Anon 3. Two Voyages, and 
what came of them, Lon , 1877, p Svo Anon 4~ Percy 
Trevor's Training, Lon , 1878, p. Svo* Anon 5 Be- 
tween the Locks; or, The Ad\entnres of a Water-Party, 
Lon , 1879, 12mo. Anon. 6 Mike a Tale of the Great 
Irish Famine, Lon ,1880, p 8to. Anon 7. Koe Carson's 
Enemy , or, The Straggle for Self- Conquest, Edm , 1880, 
ISmo. 8. The Brave Men of Eyam , or, A Tale of the 
Great Plague Year, Lon, 1881, p 810 9 A Brave 
Fight being a Narrative of the Many Trials of Master 
William Lee, Inventor, Lon , 1882, p Svo 10. Tem- 
pered Steel or ; Tned in tb* 3?ire ; Lon , 18S2, p Svo. 
II. HeioUm in Humble Life; or, The Story ot Ben 
Pritehard and Charlie Campion, Lon , 1S8-J, p Svo 12, 
Paths in the Great Waters a Tale wherein is comprised 
a Record of Virginia's Early Troubles together with 
the True History of the Bermudas or Somerfi Islands, 
Lon, 1883, p Svo 1&, A Turbulent Townj or, Ihe 
Story of the Arteveldts, Lon , 1884, p. Svo 14 Fred 
Turner's Friends a Temperance Tale, Lon , 1884, p 
Svo. 15 Seeking a Country; or, The Home of the 
Pilgrims, Lon, 1885, p Svo 16 Perils <of the Deep 
an Account of some of the Remarkable Shipwrecks and 
Disasters at Sea during the Last Hundred Ytars, Lon., 
1885, p Svo. 17 Josiah Hunslet's Reward, Lon , 1SS6, 
p &vo 18 Foxholt, and the Light that burned there, 
Lon, 1887, p Svo* 19 Kotsible Workers in Humble 
Life Pounds, Duncan, DK!E, <fcc, Lon , 1887, p Svo 

Hoare, Rev. George Tooker. 1, The Village 
Museum, Lon , 1858, p Svo. 2, A Letter- Writer for 
the People, Lon , 1860, Svo. 3. (Ed ) True Stories of 
Brnve Deeds Illust. Lrm., 1868, 12ino, 

Hoare, Henry* banker. 1 Outlines of Ecclesias- 
tical History before the Reformation, Lon , 1S52, ISmo. 
2 Hints on Lay Co Operation a Collection of Docu- 
ments, Lon. t 1866, 7 vols Svo, (Originally published in 
pirts, 1858, Ac ) 

Hoare, Henry, 3?,S.$. Tba Appr^eifttion of Gold 
and its Connection with the Depression of Trade, Lon , 
1&S6, Svo 

Hoare, Rev. John Gnmey, M.A., graduated at 
Trinity College, Cambridge, 1869j ordained 1873; vicar 
of Aylsbam, Norfolk, since 1888, 1. Righteousness atid 
Life, or, Readings from the Early Chapters of the 
Epistle to the Eomans, Lon , 1887, 32in<>. 2 Biblo 
Lessons on Joshua and Judges,, &oiu, 1887, I2rao 4. 


From Adam to Abraham on Genesis, Chaps, i to xiv., 
L<m,1888, 12rao 

Hoare, Rev. William Henry, [<wtt> vol i, 
add ,] d 1888, aged 78 1 On the A eucity of the Book 
of Genets, Lon , 1S60, Svo 2 Letter to Biphop Colenso, 
Lon, 186-5, Svo, 4th ed. same yeir 3 The Age and 
Authorship of the Pentateuch considered, 186 4 

Hobart, Rev. John Henry, D D , b 1817, in 
Kew York City, &on ot Bibhop J H Hobart, (q v, 
ante, vol i ,) graduited at Columbu College 1836 , or- 
d.ame-1 in the Pro e^tmt Episcopal Church 1841 , rector 
of Trinity Church, Fishkill, K Y 1 Instruction and 
Encouragement tor Lent, N York, 1859 2 Church 
Reform la M tico, 1S77 3. Meihsev il, Papal, and Ritual 
Principles Stated an I Contracted N Yoik, 1877, 16mo 

Hobart, ttev. tl illiam Kirk, LL D , graduated 
at Trinity College, Dublin, 1360 , ordained 1861, dio- 
cesan curate of Deny and Hap hoe <unce 1S86 The 
Medical Language uf St Lukt* a Proof from Intei nal 
Evidence thit ' Ihe Gospel according to St Luke" and 
"The Acts of the Apostles" were wntten by the same 
Person, and that the Author was a Medical Man, Dublin, 
1882, Svo, 

"He has produced a work of great value of a special 
kind, and such as, few persons but himselt in the present 
day could ha\ e executed " Aaid , xxiv 7d 

Hobart-Hampden. See HAMPDCJT. 

Hobbes, W, R. P Arithmetw of Electrical 
Measurements with Examples worked, Lon , 1887, p 

Hobbs, C. W. Lynn and Surroundings, Lynn, 
Maaa, 1886, Svo. 

Hobbs, Charles E, Botanical Hand-Book of 
Common, Local, English, Botanical, and Pharuiacopceial 
Names, Bost , 1876, Svo. 

Hobbs, Isaac H. Architecture containing De- 
igns for Villas, <feo. with Rules for Criticism and Intro- 
duction, Phila , 1372, Svo , 2d ed , enl , 1876 

Hobbs, J. S. 1 Sailing Directions for the Gulf 
and River ot St Lawrence, Lon , 1843, Svo 2 Sailing 
Directions for the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Ac , 1849, 
Svo. 3 Sailing Directions from the Texel to the Horn 
Reefs, 1852, Svo 4. Sailing Directions for the Bristol 
Channel, Ac, , 1355, Svo Other vrorks of the sime kind 

Hobbs, Capt. James* Wild Life in the Far 
West Personal Adventures of a Border Mountain Man, 
St. Louis, 1875, 8vo 

Hobbs, Samuel* Fireside Melodies, a Love- 
Dream By Sylvan, [pseud.] Lon , 1859. 

Hobbs, Samuel W. 1. One Hundred and Sixty 
Culinary Dainties for the Epicure, Invalid, and Dys- 
peptic, Lon , Ib84, cr Svo 2 The Kitehen Oracle ; or, 
Modern Culinary Art, Lon , 18S6, 8vo 

Hobbs, Veiu Stephen, educated at the Church 
Missionary College, Islington, ordained 1838, formerly 
archdeicon of Mauritius, curate of Tollerton, Notting- 
hamshire, 1SS4-85. The Perfect Pattern of All Prayer 
Lectures on the Lord's Prayer Lon , 188, Svo. 

Hobbs, Thomas Francis. The Subaltern's 
Hand-Book and Guide to the Military Examinations, 
Belfast, 1S59, Svo. 

HobbM, \V* Fisher* Landlord, Tenant, and La- 
bourer, Lon . 1S9, Svo 

Hobby, Edwin. Treatise on Texas Land Law, 
St. Louis, Mo , 1$8\ Svo 

Hobday, Edward. 1. Cottage Gardening, Lon , 
1877,p Svo 2 Fruit-Culture for Profit, Lon, 1883, 
12uio. 3 Villa, Gardening a Hand-Book for Amateurs 
and Practical Gardeners, Lon , 1887, p Svo 

Hobhouse, Sir Arthur, Baron Hob house, 
K C S L, b 18 Ly , educated at Eton, and at Balliol C>I- 
lege, Oxford, called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1345, 
law member of the governor-generaPs council in India 
1872-77, raised to the peerage 1835. The Dead Hind* 
Addres-es on the Subject of Endowments and Settle- 
ments of Property, Lon , 1880, p Svo Also, single 
lectures, &c. 

Hobhouse, Tit. Rev* Edmund, M A., B D , 
graduated at Balliol College, Oxford, 1S*8 , ordained 
1841. Bishop of Nelson 1858-65 j Assistant Bishop of 
Licafield 1869-80. I- Sketch of the Life of Walter de 
Merton Pounder of Morton College, Lon , 1859, Svo 2. 
(Ed ) The Begiter of Boger de Norbury, Bishop of Lich- 
field and Coventry, from A D 1322 to A.D 1358, (Wil- 
liam Salt ArohssalOffical Society,) Stafford, 1880, Svo 

Hobhouse, Henry, IVf.A , b 1854; educated at 
Balhol College, Oxford , called to the bar at Lincoln's 


Inn 1880, M,P for Somerset smee 1885 (Ed) The 
Parhamentaiy Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Practices) 
Act, 1883 with an InModuction, &e , Lon , 188% p 8vo 
With FAHSHAWE, E L, The County Councillors Guide, 
Lon , 1888, Svo 

Hobhouse, Walter* The Theory and Practice 
of Ancient Education bung the Chancellor's English 
Essay, 1885, Oxf, 1885, Svo 

Hobkirk, Charles P. 1 Huddersfield its His- 
tory and Natural History Illust 2d ed , Lon , IbbS, 
p Svo 2. A Synopsis of the Bntish Mosses based 
upon Wilson's ** Bryologia Britanniea," Ac , Lon , 187^ , 
2d ed , rev , 1884, p Svo \\ ith BOSWELL, H , The Lon- 
don Catalogue of British Mosses, Lon , 1877, Svo 

Hobkirk, William. Soundings in S icreil "Waters, 
or, Modem Calvinism the Greit Moral Barrier to the 
Progress of Vital Christianity in Presbyterian Scotland, 
Edm , 1854, p 8vo 

Hobler, Fruncis, formeily secretary of the Numis- 
matic Society of London Records of Roman Iliftory, 
from Cnaeua Pompems to Tiberius Constantmus, as ex- 
hibited on the Eoman Com collected by F H , Lon , 
18(50, 2 vols 4 to 

Hob ley, Henry* Five Tears of Granny Glad- 
stone's Eule, [verse,] Lon , 1885, Svo 

Hoblyn, Anna Margaret* 1 Time's "Changes " 
Pilgrims' Poems and Hymns, Lon, 186-J, p. Svo. 2 
God's Omnipresence The Gospel Plan of Sah ation , and 
other Poems, Lon , 1870, p Svo 

Hoblyn, Miss Maria Theresa. The Fisher- 
man's Daughter, and Dreams of the Past. By Theta, 
[pseud] Lon , 1869 

Hob son, Arthur H. B. The Amateur Mechanic's 
Hand- Book. Tools, Woik, Ac., Lon, 1877, 12mo 

Hobson, Benjamin, MB. A Medical Vocabu- 
lary in English and Chinese, Shanghai, 1858, Svo 

Hobson, Rev. Edwin, M A v graduated at Trinity 
College, Dublin, 1870, ordained 1871, principal of tlie 
Tottenham Training College for School-Mistresses since 
1877 1 Aids to the Study of the Books of Samuel 
Books 1 and 2. Lon , 1S76, 12mo 2. Church-Teaching 
for Sunday-Schools, Lon , 1882, 12mo. 3 Notes on the 
Athanasian Creed, Lon , 1S87, p 8vo 4 With my 
Father a Plain Manual of Home and School Prayer*, 
Lon , 1887, 32mo 

Hobson, Rev* John, British chaplain at Shang- 
hai. Discourses to a Christian Congregation in a Heathen 
Land, Lon , 1S58, 8;o 

Hobson, Kev. John Pluhp, M A , graduated at 
Worcester College, Oxtord, 1872, ordained 1873, vicar 
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... we catch but indirect glimpses of the real impression 
which he made on the men who were nearest aimin - 
thority and ability, and learu steU less of the flrtnta 
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"The book 'Consists of a collection of six lectures de- 
livered bythe author in the Anglo-Saxon Room of the 
British Museum, ami a most interesting book it is, full of 
out-of-the-w&y learning and of facts which it behooves all 
who love this .English land, and are curious about the be- 
ginnings of its history, to know Mr Kuskin, who was one 
of the -select Jew who listened to these lectures, said that 
they were a new revelation of tiuth and poetry for him , 
that he shad no idea of the wealth and beauty of ancient 
English .teachings until he heard them from Mr Hodgetts' 
lipsj that the latter had overturned some of his mojt 
cherished opinions, but had given him a new field of 
thought instead." Spectatyr, Ivii 448 

" Eccentric speculations are made the text for moraliz- 
ing discourses, which together take up the greater part of 
the volume We should be glad it we could assent to the 
high praise which the author quotes from Prof Ruskin 
and other eminent persons who were among his hearers ; 
but the fact that such praise could be given only shows 
how greatly the educated public stands m need of en- 
Ijghtenmentre&peetmg' Older England/" Acad , xxv.201. 

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Tottenham, and at University College, London, and 
graduated with honors at the University of London 1851. 
He is engaged in business as a member ot a banking 
firm at Newcastle, and his historical work has been the 
employment of his leisuie hour*. The honorary degree 
of D.C.L. was confeired upon him by the University of 
Durham in 1883, and by the University of Oxford in 
188fi. He has contributed to the Edinburgh Review and 
other peiiodicals, and to the ninth edition of the Ency- 
clopsedu Bnranmca. 1. Clandian. the Last of the Ro- 
man Poets. Two Lectures delivered before the Literary 
and Philosophical Society, Newcastle-on-Tyne, New- 
castle and Lon., 1875, p. &vo, 

11 More able and appreciative treatment than that which 
Mr Hodgkm gives to his subject could not be desired." 
Spectatoi , xlvm 1149 

2. Italy and her Invaders: vols. i., ii., 376-476, O.\f., 
1880, Svo. 

" The idea of the book is to describe the process by which 
the old goveinment and cnilization o Italy were de- 
stroyed, and the foundations laid lor the new development 
oi her mediaeval life . . Ihe conception is a fine one, 
worthy o the long and serious study which Mr Hodgkin 
has evidently given it . . He has been driven to depart 
pretty widely from his original scheme, and has really 
given us not so much a history of Italy and the Teutonic 
nations that invaded her as a series ot pictures fiom the 
fourth and fifth centuries. . The book is one ol great 
and micommon merits . . There is a freshness and heart- 
iness about it which makes it pleasant reading from the 
first page to the last The authoi has lived so long among 
the men oi whom he writes that they ha\ e become quite 
real and living to him, and his interest communicates 
itself to his readers . His style is always simple, lively, 
graphic ; and if his treatment, and the occasional reflec- 
tions or illustrations which lie throws m, become occasion- 
ally somewhat more familiar than the last generation 
would have thought compatible with the dignity of his- 
tory, this is, after all, an error on the right side, an error 
which one is disposed to praise when the subject is so re- 
mote and little know n that a dry and pragmatic handling 
of it is more than usually certain to repel most people 
... It is long since we have come across a book moie 
likely to make history popular by true and honest methods." 
Sat. Rev , 1 211. 

Vols. m. and iv., The Ostrogothic Invasion; the Im- 
perial Restoration, 1885. 

' Mr Hodgkin has a story to tell which is in all ways 
one of the most fascinating which history affords ... He 
has an excellent author to expound in Procopms, ' De Bello 
Gothico,' and he spares no pains to extract his author's 
meaning Mr. Hodgkin has clearly rambled, with las 
Procopius in his hand, along the whole line of the march 
of Behsarius. He has identified all the places which Pro- 
copius mentions; he has examined every battle- field. . . 
His account ot the glories of ancient Rome is the most 
vivid and the most intelligible that we have ever read. 
Not only does he reproduce the Forum and the Capitol, 
but the walls, the gates, and the aqueducts are made the 
subjects of animated description," Sat. Rev , Ix. f>79. 

'His standard of historical performance has steadily 
risen as he has gone forward with his task; he has learnt 
how to mass and group his subj'ect, how to handle his ma- 
terials to the best advantage, and how to restrain some of 
that tendency to rash analogy and picturesque comparison 
which is one of the greatest snares of the historian. . . . 
The book . . . has not quite the grip of the great histo- 
rians, but Mr. Hodgkin has industry, imagination, and an 
attractive styIe."-v<4JA , No. 3024 

* ( They tell once more those stories the centres of which 
are Theodorte and Totila, Behsarius and Narses, and than 


these the history of the world presents none more roman- 
tic . Mr Hodgkin's style is admirably suited to do jus- 
tice to his present narratix e " Spectator,']!*. 17 

3. The Letters of Cassiodorus : being a Condensed 
Translation of the Variaa Epistolse of Magnus Auiehus 
Cassiodorus, Senator: with an Introduction, Lon., 1 886, 

" An excellent contribution to the interpretation of an 
author whose historical value is out of all proportion 10 
his very limited degree ot literary merit." Ath , No 3068. 

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He* i to, Lon, 1876, 16ino. 

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A\VAV, A. J M (trans.) Short Text-Book of Inorganic 
Chemistry, by Adolph Strecker and J. Wichcenus: with 
Extensive A hlitions, Lon., 1881, Svo. 

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and Punishment; or, The Hand of God visible m the 
Overt hi ow of Slavery. By a Chaplain ot the United 
States Army. N. York, 1864. 

Hodgson, Brian Ho ugh ton, F.R.S., corre- 
sponding member oi the P'rench Institute; chevalier cf 
the Legion of Honor, member of the Asiatic Societies of 
Bengal and London; British iCMdent for about twenty 
yeais at the court ot Nepil He edited and translated 
some Sanskrit works, published at Calcutta, and contrib- 
uted many papeis to the Journal of the Asiatic Society 
of Bengal. 1. Ed-ays on tlie Languages, Literature, 
and Religion of Nepal and Thibet: together with further 
Papers on the Geography, Ethnology, and Commerce of 
those Countries, Lon., 1874, Svo 

" The work is, of course, one which appeals more to the 
student than to the general reader , but whilst no one in- 
terested m Tibet and Nepaul should be without Mr Hodg- 
son's * Essays,' any casual reader who may turn to the 
second part of his volume will find general information 
conveyed in a pleasant style "Ath , No 2454 

2. Miscellaneous Essays relating to Indian Subjects, 
Lon , 1880, 2 vols. Svo. 

" Every chapter relates more or less to philological sub- 
jects and to philological studies; and many of them aie 
ab&truse essays, or most valuable critical contributions to 
the comparative philology or the comparative grammar 
of some of the least known of the Oriental languages." 
Spectator, liv. 289 

" This is a remarkable volume of the collective essays 
of a remarkable man, who in green old age is still among 
us, though some of his writings date back to a period when 
men of sixty were still boys at school; and these Essays 
register the high-water mark of a particular branch of 
linguistic knowledge which up to tins date has never been 
exceeded." ROBERT CUST. Acad, xvu. 867 

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Hodgson : with a Biographical Preface by Rev. <*. T. 
Fox, Lon., 1872. p. Svo 

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travelled extensively, and held several consulates. 1. 
Reminiscences of Australia: with Hints on the Squat- 
ter's Lite, Lon,, 1846, p. 8vo, 2. The Wanderer : a Poem, 
Lon., 1849, 8vo. 3. El Ydaivur: a Book of Eastern 
Travel, Lon., 1849, 12mo 4. Pyrenaaca; or, A Hi^ory 
of the Viscounts of Beam to the Death of Henry IV. : 
with the Life of that Monarch, Lon., 1855, 12mo. 5. A 
Residence at Nagasaki and Hakodate in 1859-60 : with a 
Series of Letters on Japan by his Wife, Lon., 1861, cr. Svo. 

Hodgson, D. S. Lucknow: General Views and 
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British Government has exercised on the Material Pios 
perity of that Country, (Le Baa Prize Essay,} Lon,, 1863 
j>, Svo. * 

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uals,") N. York, 1881, I2nw. 3* Handsaws: their Use, 
Care, and Abuse 5 how to select and how to file them, 


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in* : being Selections from the Scripture* of the Chinese, 
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tures to which is added the Tedching of the Twelve 
Apostles and Selections from the Talmud and Apocry- 
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1885, Svo. 

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(q t?., ante, vol. i. j) graduated at University College, 
Oxford, 1869; assistant master in the Charterhouse 
School from 1872 Memoir of the Rev. Francis Hodg- 
son. B.D , Scholar, Poet, and Divine: with Numerous 
Letters from Lord Byron and others, Lon., 1878, 2 
vols Svo. 

The memoir . . . tells itself m letters, of which there 
is a rich collection . . If ... there has been any one 
acquainted with the evidence hitherto published who has 

. ___ long series of confid 

and unaffected letters to Mr. Hodgson printed in these 
volume*." Ath , No '2666 

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Lon M 1874, 12mo. 

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rian to the Royal Academy. 1. Academy Lectures, Lon., 

1884, p. Svo. 

" He has endeavoured to trace the causes of the artistic 
ideals oi various peoples and times, the conditions under 
which, artists have produced their work, and the atmos- 
phere, intellectual and spiritual, political and social, by 
which they were surrounded. ... He has, in a word, 
treated the art-student as a being who thinks before he 
paints, and wishes to learn the history of his profession, 
and to profit by the warnings of centuries*. Such enlight- 
enment as may be gained by a thorough mastery of these 
lectures has probably never been, so easily attainable by 
any art-student in any age. "COSMO MONKHOUBE : Acad . 
xxvi. 111. 

2. Fifty Years of British Art, as Illustrated by the 
Pictuteb and Drawings in the Manchester Exhibition, 
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Yaneey : a Sketch ot Southwestern Political Histoiy 
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" A valuable contribution to the history of the doctrine 
of secession " Nation, xxx. 142. 

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Vi. 18&J, ait Boston. Lmcolm-hire ; educated at Rugby, 
where he gained the English Verse prize for a poem on 
the Death of Moses, 1850, and at Corpus Christi College, 
Oxford, where he graduated 1854. He is an honorary 
Fellow of Corpus Christi College, and president of tlie 
Aristotelian Society for the Systematic Study of Philos- 
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Lon., 1866, p. Svo. 8. The Theory of Practice : an 
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44 In Mr- Shad worth Hodgson we recognize unmistakably 
a true metaphysical gealus." Sat. Rea , xxx. 495. 

4. The Philosophy of Reflection, Lon , 187$, 2 vols. Svo, 

" We are not speaking in haste, and we do not think we 
are speaking without sufficient reasons, when we say that 
this is the most important contribution to British philos- 
ophy since Ferrier. ... He has made the book much 
harder reading than it ought to be, so much so that we 


fear a good many of the readers who might derive most 
prott from it will be repelled by the exceb&ive dimcutoy of 
the fatyle . Mr. Hodgson announces his aim to b<i the 
continuation oi the critical or analyzing part of Kant's 
work, with a view to lay foundations on which philos- 
ophy may securely build hereafter." Sat. lte, xlvi. 279, 

5. Outcast Essays and Verse Translations. Lon., 1881, 
cr. Svo. (The Essays are termed Outcast" because they 
had been rejected by magazine editors. Five of theui 
are on Be Quincey, one on the Supernatural in l.nglish 
Poetry, one on the True Symbol of Christian Union, 
and one on English Verse.) 

* The book contains not a little careful thinking " Spec- 
tator, lv 427 . 

6 The Kelation of Philosophy to Science, Physical 
and Psychological : an Addret-s, Lon,, 1884, Svo. 7. Phi- 
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S. The Reorganization of Philosophy : an Addrebs, Lon., 

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1887, STO. 

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and afterwards as principal. From 1847 to 1851 he was 
principal of the Chorlton High School, Manchester. 
After residing for some time on the Contimnt and in 
London, wheie he was connecred with the School Com- 
mt-sion, he was elected in 1871 professor of commercial 
and political economy and mercantile law in the Univer- 
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and WOODWARD, E., infra. I. "Classical" Instruction 
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" Its chief use will be in very distinctly proving with 
what wonderful carelessness or inconipetency the English 
language is generally written For the examples of error 
here brought together are not picked from obscure or in- 
ferior writings. Among the grammatical tanners whose 
trespasses are here recorded appear many of our be&t- 
known authors and publications." Acad , xx. 449 

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India: being Extracts from the Letters of the Late 
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Horse :" including a Personal Narrative of the Siege of 
Delhi and Capture of the King and Princes, Lon , 1859, 
cr. Svo; 4th ed., with a Vindication from the Attack of 
Mr Bosworth Smith, 1883. 

" While it contains much indispensable material, it is 
perhaps needless now to say that on most of the matters 
in regard to Hudson's character which had been impugned, 
both irom what it says and what it leaves unsaid, its author- 
ity is next to worthless "T. R. fi. HOLMES: four Fanuws 
Soldiers, 226. 

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erence to the Eastern Hindi, Lon., 3880. 8vo. 

"By 'Gaudian' are meant what Mr Beames calls the 
modern Aryan languages of India . . the work . . 
contains an extraordinary amount of information com- 
pressed into a comparati\ely &mall volume " Acad., xvn. 

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K Camp, Court, and Sieg'e: a Narrative of Persdnal 
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"It is written apparently -with perfect frankness, aM its 
author a$peam to m gif ted with an eX^elleW memory, as 
well as with a considerable sense of hunanr, . . . Colonel 
Hoffman's accounts of what passed behind the scenes 
strongly reeomnien<f. themselves to our sense of the prob- 
abilities, while in' recalling atfd tellftig a good story he 
never seems to mis* tne pom" Sat $&)*, xlrv. 2i$, 

" Mr. HoffloaaR tos not contributed nmeb to the history 

of our own war, but what he has to say about the sie ( 
Pans aud the Commune is valuable " Nation, xxv. i 

3 of 

2. Leisure Hours in Russia, Lon., 1883, Svo. 

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" It is very entertaining, and contains a large amount of 
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and the inteiest seldom flags ... A desire to make the 
most of the stories told has induced some exaggeration and 
recklessness m statement." Natoon, xiu. 174. 

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"The main body of the work is taken up with a method- 
ical description of the se** eral modes of sea-fi&lnng, and an 
enumeration of the vaiious stations on the coasts of the 
three kingdoms. Ihe statistics here collected form a val- 
uable mass of information.''^. Eev., xxxvm 709 

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p Svo 

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fol Only 100 comes printed. 

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vols p. Svo , new ed , 1865 2 The Old House in Crosby 
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Maxims of Self-Control, && f JSf York, 1879, 
SfordeHo : a Story from Robert Browning, N. 
TorS4 188T, 12ino, ^. Stones from Browning : with an 
Introduction by Mrs Sutherland Orr r Lon , 1S82, 12mo 

w Thk plmieal element, the speech and action of the 

characters; giv^n by Mr Holland, while Krs Orr 

presents i|B,w3tfr a comprehensive essay on the spiritual 

element au4 tosycJiology 4f the poems Mr Holland 

has done a <Bfleult pieee <tf work with f&ir success " 

Aaad . xxil 2^ 



4 The Rise of Intellectual Liberty, from Thales to 
Copernicus, N. York, 1885 

" The story is truly told, i-s parts judiciously pro- 
portioned and the relations oi the different events and 
phenomena ably brought out "Nation, xli 99 

Holland, Rev, Frederick West, b 1811, in 
Boston, Mass , graduated at Harvard 18 tt, and at the 
Cambridge .Divinity School 1834 lie resides at Concord, 
Mass , has lectured on Eastern subject^, organized 
several religious societies, and contributed to the Pro- 
ceedings of the New England Histonc Genealogical So- 
ciety 1 Scenes in Palestine. By a Pilgrim of 1851 
Bost , 1852. 2 Siaai and Jerusalem , or, Scenes from 
Bible Lands. Illust Lon , 1870, 4to 

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11 Origin and Nature of Disease, and the Homoeopathic 
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Svo 3 Opening of the National Graveyard to Non- 
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add ,] 1788-1873 1 Essays on Scientific and other 
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Lon , 1871, cr 8vo, 2d ed , 1872 

"Pour years ago, at the entreaty of his children, he 
wrote down for them the ttory of his life, as he could then 
recall it, and printed it for a small prnate circle of his 
friends In his eighty fourth > ear he is induced to give it 
a wider range ana publishes it ioi the world It is bingu- 
larly open 111 its confidences, and wins upon us like a per- 
sonal narrative which we listen to from an old man's lips " 
^LfA,No 2306 

6 Fragmentary Papers on Science and other Subjects, 
Lon 1875, Svo 

Holland} Rev, Henry Scott, M.A , b 1847, at 
Ledbury, Herefordshire, and educated at Eton, and at 
Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated, first class 
Lit. Hum., 1870, ordained 1872 , became tutor at Christ 
Church, (Kford, 1872-86 7 hon canon of Truro 1S8*~84, 
and since then canon of St, Paul's, 1 The Apostolic 
Fathers, (" The Fathers for English Readers,") Lon, 
1ST8, 12mo. 2 Four Addi esses on the Sacrifice of the 
Cross, Lon, 1879, S\o 3. Logic and Life with other 
Sermons, Lon , 1882, cr Svo, 7th ed , 1884 

" The flrst three sermons In this volume, to say the least, 
- and several of the others approach them in power,~-ap 
pear to us sermons that defeene to rank high in the theo- 
logical literature of England, and that appear likely to 
maintain their place there as long as sermons on the 
greatest subjects that aflect human nature continue to be 
preached and read " Spectator Iv 596 

4 Grood Friday bemg Addresses on the Seven Last 
Words delivered at St Paul's Cathedral, Lon , 1884, fp 
Svo. 5. Creed and Character Sermons , 2d ed , Lon, 
1887, or 8vo 6 Christ or EccTesiastes Sermons 
preached in St. Paul's Cathedral, Lon , 1887, p Svo* 7* 
On Behalf of Belief Sermons preached in St Paul's 
Cathedral, Lon , 1888, p Svo 

Holland, J, Simon* Office and Cabin Compan- 
ion for Engineers and Officers of Steam Vessels, Lon , 
1861 } fp &vo, 2ded. 1864 

Holland, J* W., M.D 1 Diet for the Sick 
Notes, Medical and Culinary, Louisville, 1S80, I6mo. 
2. On the Urine Memoranda, Chemical and Microscop- 
ical for Laboratory Use Illust Pbila , 1887, 12mo 

Holland, John* The Bazaar, or, Money and the 
Church, a Rejected Offering, in Blank Verse By a 
Christian Poet Sheffield, 1861 

Holland, Josiah, Gilbert, M D,, [ante, vol. i, 
add,,] 1H19-188I Dr Holland's connection witfc the 
Springfield Republican ceased m 1866. In 1870 he be- 
gan the publication of Smfener's Monthly (now the 
Century,) of which he vas editor and part owner 1, 
Gold Foil Harnrawid from Popular Proverbs, N York, 
1859, 12mo. 2. Mies Gilbert's Career, N, York, I860, 
16mo. 3. Lessons in Liie, N. York, 1862, 12mo. 4. 


Letters to the Joneses, N York, 1S63, T2mo 5 Plain 
Talks on Familiar Subjects, N York, 1 865, 12mo 6 
Life of Abraham Lincoln, Spimgfield, 1865, 8vo (More 
than 100,000 copies are said to have been sold.) 7 
Kathrma her Life and Mine m a Poem, N York, 186S, 
Svo 8 The Marble Prophecy., and other Poems, N 
York, 1872, 12mo 

' The editor of 'Scribner's Magazine' is steadily building- 
up a fame which bids fair to rival that ot any oi his coun- 
try's poets The shorter poems are all \igorous 
and tuneful, and some are especially charming " Ath , 
No 2364 

9 Arthur Bonnieastle an American Novel, Blast 
N. York, 1873, 12mo 

"The whole book, while written with the best inten- 
tions, is too pallid, too lifekhP, to deserve piaise ' Nation, 
xvn 277 

10 Garnered Shea\e*, N York, 18H or Svo (This 
as a collection of the author's poetical woiks } 11. The 
Mistress of the Ma use a Poem, N York, 1874, 12iuo 
12 The Story of Sevemnks, N York, 1875, 12mo. 13 
Nicholas Mmturn, N York, 1S7R, 12mo 14 Every- 
Day Topics, N York, 1876-82, 2 vols 12mo 15 Com- 
plete Poetical Wntinga lllu-t N York 1879, Svo 

" He had the immense advantage of keeping on a plane 
Of thought just above that of a \ ast multitude of readers, 
each, one of whom he could touch with, the hand and 
raise a little upward," Nation, xxxui 315 

Holland, Penelope. Earnest Thoughts, Lon., 
1874, p Svo 

Holland, R* A. Integrity of Character: the 
Proper Aim of Education, Bait, 1869, Svo 

Holland, Robert. A Glossary of Words u^ed in 
the County of Kent in Three Parts, (Eng Dialect Soe 

"A sound and careful piece of work " Acad , xxxiv 215 

Holland, Spencer Langtou, b 1856, called to 
the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1881. 1. Summary of Ecclesi- 
astical Courts Commission's Report, <fco., Lon , 1884, p 
Svo 2 Democracy and the Established Church, 2d 
ed , rev., Lon , 1885, Svo 

Holland, Thomas JErskine, I> C L , LL D , b 
1335, at Brighton, Eng , obtained a deiayship at Mag- 
dalen College, Oxford, a Fellowship at Exeter College, 
and a Chancellor's prize, called to the tar at Lincoln's 
Ina 1863, Chichele professor of international law at 
Oxford since 1874 1. The Advantages and Disadvan- 
tages of Charitable Endowments, Lon, I860, Svo 2 
Essay upon Composition Deeds, Lou , lift *, 12mo. 3 
Essays upon the Form of Law, Lon., 1S70, Svo, 4. 
(Ed ) Albenoi Gtentilis De Jure Belli Libri tres, Lon., 
1877, 4to. 5 The Treaty Relations of Russia and Tur- 
key from 1774 to IS5J a Lecture Lon , 1877, p Svo, 
6 The Element* of Jurisprudence, Qxf , 1880, 8*0 

" The work will for law students' purposes t>e a great im- 
provement on Austin Though considerably less Dulky,it 
is more complete, more symmetrical and more intelligible 
As literature it is almost incomparably better " Sat -fiev , 
xlix 801, and 1 89 

7 The European Concert in the Enstern Question a 
Collection of Treaties and oiher Public Aots -with 
Notes, Lon , 1885, 8vo With SHADWEUJ, C L , B L , 
Select Titles from the Digest of Justinian, Qxf, 1881, 

Holland, Col. Trevenen J*, C B , served in the 
Crimea 1854-55, in the Persian campaign 1S56-57, IB 
the Indian Mutiny 18$7-58, in China I86t>, and as quar- 
termaster-general in Abyssinia 1867-68 With HOZIER, 
Cofj HBSKY MONTAGUE, (q v , infra,) Becord of the Ex- 
pedition to Abyssinia, ton , 1870, 2 vK 4to. 

Holley, Alexander layman, LL.D , 1832-1883, 
b a,t Lakeville,Coinu; graduated, in the scientific course 
at Brown University in J853, published Holley 's Bail- 
way Advocate 1856-57 , became a. member of tbe U S 
board for testing metftla in 1S75, and lecturer on the 
manufacture of iron and flteel at the Columbia School 
of Mines in 1879, 1. American and European Bftilw&y 
Practice in tbe Economical (Jteneratiom ot Btet>m, N* 
York and Lon , I860, foU,, new *d , 18ft7 2. A Treaties 
on Ordnance and Armor, IJJurt N York, 1865 3. 
(Trans ) The Use of Steel for Copptrwetn e Purposes 
Methods of Working, Applying, and Te^ng Pktef| an 
Bars ? by J. Bftrty^ Lou*, 187^ <jr^ Svo, With CtMLSjratf 
ZBBAH, The Permanent Way a^d Coal-Burnmg Loco- 
motives of luropena Railways wi% a Comparison of 
the Working ^Economy of European and* American Lines, 
and ibe Pnneip)e$ upon yhi<W &e I^ncoy^me^t^ m 
proceed, N YorR, 1S% 

Holley, Oeorge W, 1. Niagara its B^tory and 
y^ Incadent$ and Poetry, Toronto, 1872, ISww 


The Falls of Niagara with Supplementary Chapters on 
the other JFamous Cataracts of the World. Map and 
II lust H" York, 1882, Svo 

Holley, Marietta, b 1S44, at Elhsburg, Jefferson 
Co , N Y 1 My Opinions and Betsey Bobbet's By 
Josmh Allen's Wife. Ulust N York, 1872, 12mo 2 
Samantha at the Centennial, Hartford, Conn ,1878, 12mo 
J My Wajward Pardner, or, My Trials with Josinh, 
Hartford, Conn, 1880, 12mo 4 Poems Illust. If. 
York, 1887, sq 12mo. 5* Miss Jones's Quoting, N. 
York, 1887, 12tno. 6 Samantha at Saratoga lllust. 
Phila t 1887, 12mo. 

Holliday, Rev. F. C., I) D. 1 Bible Hand- 
Book, Theologically arranged^ Cinomaati, 1869, 12mo. 
2 Indiana Methodism, Svo 

Hollmgbery, K. H* 1 Hand-Book on Gold and 
Silver By an Indian Official, Lon , 1878 Anon 2. 
The Silver Question Beviewed. By an Indian Official. 
Lon, 1879, Svo 

Hollings, Mrs* Her First Impression, Lon , 137% 
p. 8vo 

HoHings, Rev. George Seymour, educated tit 
King's College, London ; ordained 1874 , chaplain to the 
Sisters of Bethany House of Retreat, London, since 
1884- 1 Meditations on the Divine Life, the Blessed 
Sacrament, and the Transfiguration, Lon., 1SS2, p, Svo. 
2 Considerations on the Spiritual Lite, Lon, 1SSB, p. 
Svo, 3 Considerations on the Wisdom of G-od, Lon., 
1S34, p. Svo 4. Paradoses of the Love of God, epe- 
euilly as shown m the Way of Evangelical Coun-eJs, 
Lon , 1887, p Svo 5 One Born of the Spirit $ or, Uni- 
fication of our Life IB God, Lon., 1888, p Svo. 

Hollingshead, John,!} 1 827, in London ; a jour- 
nalist and theatrical manager in London , has contrib- 
uted largely to Household Words, All the Year Round, 
and other periodicals, held the post of dramatic critic 
of the Daily News, and adapted plays for the frtage. 1 
Under Bow Bells, Lou., 1859, 12mo 2* Odd Journe>s 
in and out of London, Lon , 1860, p. Svo 3 Rubbing 
the Gilt off, Lon , I860, 12ruo, 4, Bagged London in 
ISfil, Lon , 1861, p. Svo 5 Sough Diamonds a- Story- 
Book lllust Lon , 1861, r 16ino, new cd., 3866, 6 
Underground London, Lon., 1861, 12mo, 7. A Concise 
History of fcbe Exhibition of 182, Lon, 1862, r 8\o. 
8, To-J>ay Essays and Miscellanies, Lon., 1864, 2 vols, 

?8vo. 9 Miscellanies : Stories and Essays, Lon., 
&74, 3 vols. Svo, 10. Plain English, Lon., 1880, p 
8\o 11. The Footlights, Lon, 1883, p Svo, 

HoJlingworth, Rev* Henry, M A., graduated at 
King's College, Cambridge, 3864; ordained 1865, curate 
of St. Mary Magdalene, Paddington, London, wnce 
1885 Waiting for the Gift a lew Plain Words to 
those who are about to be confirmed, Lon , 1S86, ISuio. 

Hollins, Rev. James, incumbent of St. element's, 
Bristol J. The Holy BibJe the Foundation Rook of the 
Church of England, Lon, 1852, 12mo. 2. Pastoral 
Recollections at the Port of Gloucester, Lon , 3 857, 
l^ino. 3. Suggestive Sermons, Lon. r 1864, p. Svo. 4. 
The Pastor, or, Scenes from the Life of a Clergyman, 
Lon , 1866, 8vo Anon. 

Hollis, E. B* 1. Laura's Aspirations , or, The 
Next Thing, llluat Phila, 1879, 16ino, 2 Cecil's 
Summer. Illnst. H. York, 1884, 12mo. 

HoJliS, William* Miscellaneous Latin Poems, 
Original and Translations. By a Contributor to Beat- 
ley's Lon f 1851, 12mo Anon. 

Hollister, Gideon Hiram, [aute r vo}* i n add,] 
1817-1881, b at Washington, tonn , graduated at Yale 
184-0; was consul-geneial nd US minister to Hayti 
1868-69, and afterwards resided and practised Jaw in 
Connecticut 1. Thomas & Bucket, a Tragedy, and 
other Poems, Bost , 1866, 16mo 2. Kinley HoUow a 
Novel, N. York, 1882, IGmo. 

Hoi lister, 0. J* 1. The Mines of Colorado, 
Springfield, 1867, 12mo> 2. Life of Sohuyjer Colfax* # 
YorlSy 1856, Svo 

HoIIottd, E, Israel's Pre-Millennium Future, 
Lon, t 1875, p. Svo 

Holloway, A* Bf. 1. A Life for a Look, N York, 

1876, 32m o 2, The Beauty of the King, N* Yorfe> 

1877, Uma 

Holloway* Mrs^ An0a* ("Teresa A, Tbomet/' 
Kate Cfornerford j or, Sfetehes of Garrison Life, 

Hollo way, Georgre. j?ilissatioii, Taxation, and 
Representation, Lon., 1867, Svo 
Holltfway, H. L A Voice from 



Lon ,1877. 2 An Echo from Prison, or, My Mother 
and I, Lon , U77, 12mo 

Holloway, Henry H. Mental Geometry, or, 
Generalizations of Geometrical Demonstrations m Planes, 
Solids, and Spherics, Phila., 1864, 12mo 

Holloway, J Essays on the Indian Mutiny, Lon., 
1865, p Svo 

Hollo way, J. Kathleen, or, The Four-Leaved 
Shimroek, Lon , 1872, I2tno 

Holloway, Mrs* Laura Carter, b 1848, at 
Kabhville, Term , married, 1862, to J. B. Holloway, of 
Richmond, Ky. She has contributed to pei lodieaJs, 
edited the Home Library Maga/me in Chicago, 111 , and 
acted for twelve years as associate editor of the Biooklyn 
Daily Eagle 1 Ladies of the White House. Illust. 
N York, 1869, Svo, new ed , 18SO 2 An Hour with 
Charlotte Bronte" , or, blowers from a Yorkshire Moor, 
N York, 1S83, 12mo 3. The Mothers of Great Men 
and Women, and Some Wives of Gieat Men Illust 
JT. York, IS S3, Svo 4 The Hearthstone , or, Life at 
Home, Phila , 1883 5. The Home in Poetry, 1884 6 
Chinese Gordon, 1885. 7. Adelaide Neilson a Biog- 
raphy, 1835. 8. A Buddhist Diet-Book, N York, 188b, 

Holloway, Thomas, 1 . Practical Surveyor, Lon , 
1881, Svo. 2 Levelling m its General Application, Lon, 
18S7, Svo 

Holloway, William. 1 Superstition, a Poem, 
Lon , 1856, bvo 2 Scripture Questions m Rhyme, 
Lon , 1869 

Hollowelf, J. H* The Roval Commission on 
Education, 1886-88, Lon ,1888, 12mo 

Holls, Frederick William, of the New York 
b ir. Saneta Sophia and Truitza a Tourist's Notes on 
the Oriental Church, N. York, 1888, 12mo 
Hollway-Calthrop. SeeCALTHROp 
Holly, H* IV. 1. The Art of Saw-Filing, N York, 
1S64, I6mo. 2. The Caipenters' and Joiners' Hand- 
Book, N York, 1S64, 16rno. 

Holly, Henry H* 1. Coun try- Seats . eontwmng 
De&tgns for Cottages, VilUs, and Mansions, N York, 
1864, sm. 4to. 2. Church Architecture: with Thirty- 
live Lithograph Plates, Hartford, 1872, 1 4to 3 Mod- 
ern Dwellings in Town and Country, adapted to Amer- 
ican Wants and Climate* with a Treatise on Furniture 
and Decoration, N. York, 1878, sin. 4to 

Hollyday, Mrs. K. C. Domestic Economy New 
Cookery- Book, Bale , 1882, Svo, 

Holm, J Coeoa, and its Manufacture, Lon , 1874, 

" Holm, Saxe," (Pseud ) Stories, N York, 1873, 
12mo , Second Series, 1878, 12mo. See JACKSON. MBS. 
H. M* F , wfra 

Ho I man t Rev* D. A. Comity of the Laws of 
Marriage and Divorce, Ethnological, Ecclesiastical, and 
Civil, Fort Worth, Tex , 1885, 12mo 

Holm den, Mrs. Annie, (Har wood.) 1 (Trans) 
Jesus Chufet. his Times, Life, Ac , by E de Presaense*, 
1866, Svo, new ed , 1871 2 (Tran* ) Stories from 
Germany, by P Hoffmann, Lon , 1868, 16tno, 3 (Trans J 
Busy Hands and Pa-tient Hearts, by G. Nientz, 1868, 
Svo 4 (Trans ) The Mystery of Suffering, by E de 
PressensS, 1868, p Svo 5 The King's Daughters, or, 
Words on Work to EMueated Women, Lon., 1869, I2mo. 
6* (Trans ) Early Years of Christian itv, by E de Pres- 
sensa*, Lon , ISbU, 8\ o 7, (Trans.) Madeleine's Tridls, and 
other Stories* by M idame E de Pressensg, 1870, p Svo. 
8 (Trans ) Martyrs nd Apologists, by JB de Prtssens, 
Loo , 187 J, Svo 9 (Trans.) The Oneness of the Rice 
in its Fall and it Future 5 from the Frenuh of Engine 
Bersier, Lon , 1871, 8vo 10 (Trans.) UUory oi Chris- 
tian Theology in the Apostolic Age, by E Reuis, Lon, 
1872-74,2 voJs Svo IT (Trans,) Heresy and Christian 
Doetrme, by E. de Pressed, L<m., 1873, Bvo. 12. 
(Trans ) Early Years of Christianity : vol iv , Christian 
Life and Practice in the Early Church, by B de Pres- 
setise 1 , N York, 187*, 12ino 13. (Trans ) Contemporary 
Portraits, by B de Prepense*, N. York, 1880, 12mo 14 
(Trans) A Study of Ongma, or, Problems of Knowl- 
edge, of Being, and of Duty, by E. de Pressed, D.D 
Lon , 1883, cr 8vo. 15 (Trans ) Cohgny the Earlier 
Life of the (Jreat Hguenot f by Eugene Bersier, Lon., 
1884, or,8vo. 16. (fns.) Palestine in the Tiiaa Kxf 
Christ, by Esmond Stapfei, DD, Lou, 1887, p. Svo. 
17. (Irans.) The Aneient World and Ohiisfcianity. by B. 
de PressensS, Lon , I8&fy Bvo 
Holme, Cecil Frederick, A Vocabulary to 

Eland's Latin Hexameters and Pentameters. By a 
Harrow Tutor Lon , 1863, 12mo. 

Holme, Kev. Christopher , M A , graduated at 
Untveraity College, Durham, 1851 , ordained 1855, rector 
of Cathorpe since 1S76. Annotations on the Gospel of 
St. Mark, Lon , 1S63, 12mo, 

" Holme, "Daryl,** (Pseud ) See HERBERT, DAVID, 

Slip* ft 

Holme, J. Stanford. (Ed) Light at Evening 
Time a Book for the Aged, N York, 1870, 4to 

Holme, T* and J. Hymns and Sacred Poetry, 
Lon , 1861, 32mo. 

Holme, W. Maggie Bell } or, The Lost Sister, Lon , 
1864, 2 vols p Svo 

Holmes, A. Bromley, associate member of the 
Institute of Civil Engineers 1 The Electric Light Pop- 
ularly explained Lon , 1882, 12mo 2 Practical Elec- 
tric Lighting Illust Lon , 1883, p 8vo , 2d ed , 1884 

Holmes, Alice A. Stray Leaves, X York, 1868, 

Holmes, Rev. Baptist James, H.A , graduated 
at Hatford Hall, Durham, 1864, ordained 18t)5> vicar 
of New Mill since 1879 Musings m Verse, 1874 

Holmes, C. The Teeth, and how to preserve them, 
Manchester, 1884, 12mo 

Holmes, K. M. 1. The Cruise of the "Petrel," 
and other Stories, Lon , 18S7, ISmo 2 T<it*s Dream, 
<kc Illust. Lon, 1887, p Svo 3 Winning his Laurels, 
or, The Boys of St Raglan'*, Lon , 1887, p Svo 

Holmes, Edmond G. A. Poems, Lon , 1876, cr 
Svo , Second Series, 1879 

"With the exception of Mus Rossetti, ahnobt no living 
writer of religious v ersess equals Mr Hoi mes in earnestness, 
in poetic insight, and m music "~Ath , No 2544 

Holmes, Rev. Edward Molloy, LL B , gradu- 
ated at Trinity College, Dublin, 1851 , ordained 1853 ; 
rector of Marsh Gibbon Buckinghamshire, since 1869 

1 The Confirmation CJass-Book Notes for Lessons, Oxf , 
1873, 12rao, 2d ed , 188* 2. The Cateobist's Manual 
with Introduction by Bishop Wilberforee, Lon , 1878, p 
Svo 3. 13ie Catechist's Praver-Book Prayer, Morning 
and E\ening, Lon., 1887, I8mo 

Holmes, Eleanor* 1 In Time to Come a Novel, 
Lon., 1883, 2 vols or. Svo 2 Through a Refiner's Fire. 
a Tale, Lon , 1885, p Svo. 3 A Week in Acadia Illust. 
Lon , 1888, p Svo. 

Holmes, Emra, b 1839, at Cleeve, Somersetshire, 
collector of customs at Fowey since 1877 1 Tales, 
Poems, and Masonic Papers with a Biographical Sketch 
of the Author by (J M Tweddell, Stokesley, 1877, Svo 

2 Amabel Vaughan, and other Tales . with a Masonic 
Memoir of the Author by <* M Tweddell, Truro and 
Lon , 1879, 12mo. A An Unknown Watering-Place , or, 
Fowey as a Holiday Centre and Health-Resort, St Blazey, 
1881, Svo 

Holmes, F. MorelK 1. Faith's Father: a Story 
of Child Life in London By-Waya, Lon, 1880 2 The 
Children of the Court, and Two Little Waifs, Lon , 1881, 
p. Svo 3 Banger Signals Volumes of Temperance 
Tales Illust Lon, 1881, sq. 16mo 4 Exeter Hall 
and its Associations, Lon, 1881, p Svo 5 History of 
the Land League Impartially Reviewed, Lon , 1882, or, 
Svo & Reggie's Boast, and other Stones, Lon , 1882, 
sq Ifaqo -7, Starlight Stones*. Short Tales for the 
Younger Ones, Lon , 1884, p. Svo* 8. Jack Marston'a 
Anchor, Lon., 1886 

Holmes, F. S. The Phosphate Bocks and Marls 
of South Carolina their Hieto*y, Ac , Charleston, 1870, 

Holmes, George, Farmer John, Lon, 1883, 3 
vo-la p. Svo. 

Holmes, George C. Y., secretary of the Institu- 
tion of Kaval Architects I. The Steam-Engine Revised 
throughout by Professor James Stuart, M P Ulust 
(" Text-Books of Science,") Lon , 1887, I2mo , 2d ed , 
1888. 2, Marine Engines and Boilers. Illust. Lon., 
18S8, cr. Svo 

Holmes, CapU H. Old Rube the Hunter, N. 
York, 1866, giro, 

Holmes, J., M.D. Diseases of Infancy and Child- 
hood , 2d ed , Phila , 1 869, Svo 

Holmes , J. E* Hand-Book to^Cotiton'-^ltttfing, for 
Yoang Corders, &Q , Manchester, 1$87, 12m^ '* } 

Holmes, J. G. 1. Ghost's gloom a Bwd. Lon , 
, p 8vo. 2. Pearl Button's Love a Jfovd, Lon , 
IS88, 3 vote, <JT. 8vo. 

Holmes, J. S. Reports of United States Cxrciut 


Courts, First Circuit, vol 

i., (1870-75,) Best, I87T, 

Holmes, John, of Holmstead, near Leeds John 
Ruskin a Reminiscence, 1886 Printed for private 
circulation r 

Holmes, Margaret, The Chamber over the Gate 
Indianapolis, Ind, 13S6, 12mo 

Holmes, Mrs, Mary Jane, (Hawei,) [ante, 
vol I M add ,j b at Brookfceld, Mass , tv, niece of Rev 
Joel Hawes, D D , (q v, ate, vol i ,) married to Daniel 
Holmes, a lawyer She resided after her marriage IB 
Versailles, Ky, and later settled in Broekport, NT 
Some of her novels are said to have had a circulation of 
over fifty thousand copies. 1 Bora Deane, or, The 
East India Uncle, N York, 1S5S, 12tno 2 Maggie 
Mtller, or, Hair's Secret, N York, 1853, 12mo. ^ 
Rosamond, N. York, 1860, I2rno 4 Cousin Maud, N 
York, I860, 12mo & Marun Gray, or, The Heiress 
of Redstone Hall, N York, 1863, 12ino 6. Hugh 
Worthingtou a Novel, K York, 1863, 12mo 7. Dark- 
ness and Daylight a Novel, N. York, 1861, 12mo 8 
The Cameron Pride, or, Purified by Suffering a Novel, 
N York, 1867, 12mo 9 The Christmas Pont, N York, 
1868, sq I8mo 10 Rose Mather a Tale of the "War, 
N York, 1868, 12mo 11 Ethelyn's Mistike, or, The 
Home in the West a Novel, N York, 1869, 12mo 12 
Milbaak, N, York, 1871, 12mo 1 J Edna Browning, 
N. York, 1872, 12mo 14 West Lawn, and the Reotor 
of St Mark's, N York, 1874, 12mo 15. Mildred, N 
York, 1877, 12mo 16 Edith Lyle, Lon , 1878, 12ran 
IT Daisy Thornton and Jessie Graham, N. York, 1S7S, 
12mo 18 Forest House, N York, Ib79, 12mo 19 
Red-Bird a Brown Cottage Story Illust N. York, 
1880, 16mo. 20 Chateau d'Or, N.York, 1880, I2mo 
21. Madeline, N York, 1881, 12rao 22. Qaeenie Hether- 
ton, N York, 1383, 12iuo 2-i Chnstm is Stone* N 
York, 1884, 12mo 24 Bessie's Foitune, N York,lS85, 
12rao 25 Gretchen, N Y.>rk, 1887, 12tno 

Holmes, Nathaniel, b 1SU, at Peterborough, 
N H , graduated at Harvard 1837; admitted to the bar 
in Boston 1839 a judge of the Supreme Court of Missouri 
1865-6$ , Eoyall professor of law at Harvard 1868-72. 
1 The Authorship of Shakespeare, N. York* 1866, ISmo, 
3d ed , 1876 , new ed , enl , 1886, 2 vqls (An argument 
in support of the theory that Bacon was Shakespeare ) 
3 Realistic Idealism m Philosophy itselt. Best, 18S8. 2 
vols. 8vo 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, MD r [ante, vol i., 
add ,] resigned hia professorship in ttje medical school 
at Harvard in 1882, and wis appomtel profea^r emeri- 
tus. In 1S86 he paid a visit to England, meeting with 
a reception that testified to his popularity with readeis 
of every class His literary aotuity hns dimimshel 
under the weight of fourscore yejirs, but h& still con- 
tributes occasionally to the Atlantic Monthly, and his 
later productions, whether in pro*e or verse, have shown 
little diminution of the exuberant fancy and wit and 
felicitous expression in which he is generally acknowl- 
edged to have no rival among American poets and essay- 
ists, For biog, see BROW, EHXA B, aupia, and 
KENNEDY, W S , infra K The Professor at the Break- 
fast-Table, Bost , ISftl), I2mo* 2 Currents and Counter- 
Currents in Medical Science . with other Essays, Boat , 
1861, Iflrao, new ed , liJS2 3* Songs in Many Keys, 
Bot, 1861, 16mo 4 EKie Vennei a Romance of Des- 
tiny, Boat , 1861, 2 vols Ifltno 5 Border Lines m some ] 
Provinces of Medical Science, Bust, 1S&2, 16roo. 6. 
Soundings from the '* Atlantic " a Series of Essays, 
Boat , 1863, 16nio 7* Humorous Poems, Boat., 186% soft 
4to. 3. The Guardian Angef , Bgst , IM7, l$m*> 

" When he had written the 'Autocrat of 4fce Bareakflist- 
Table/ Dr Holmes would hare doe weJLfs Sii^as since 
appeared, had he ceased f rosa *>atir$. T&&I ?WS of papers 
gave him a brilliant reputation which fi$tt that time for- 
ward he has gone oa damaging, dmuniSsbing to %eaofi 
new book . , On t&e whole ' The Quartan Angir Is far 
from being unreadable, unless o-i*e is too- fastidious n 
Nation v 390 

9 Mechanism m Thought and Morals- an Adctpess 
delivered before the Pht Beta Kappa Socjety of ^aryaard; 
University, June 2% 1570: wit^i 'Ko!^ an*- 
thoughta, Boat. 1&7D, Iftrpo* * * u 

" Br ^toe^s w>^tte. ^ suTj^tpntj-aftr &i^ep, 
man la a machine, only a machine v?b$b. is partly ^el 
ulated, <& Bu, Bois-KeyinondX $>&*, weje n mol Jra^he 
B?feto all &e ptooina tnaffrt 6h in 
u ttp i &te problem mf personal fr&$t>m would 
analjttqal mdaomc^"-T?ftittOTi f xu U& 


10 The Poet at the Breakfast-Table, Bost, 1872, 

1 The vein which Dr Holmes has worked so long gives 
no signs oi exhaustion Whether he has brought to light 
as much sterling ore as on former occasions need not be 
decided , but at any rate he writes with his> old buoyancy, 
and does not make upon us the unpleasant impression as 
of a writer flogging a tired horse and produc ing a wretched 
^og-trot m place of the old lively paces "hat Rev , xxxiv 

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"Vie\ving the book merely as a memoir, the reader is 
disappointed , but taking it for what it is, a detailed re- 
view of the opera omma of one man of genius by another, 
with running annotations, grave gay learned and \* itty, 
it becomes both valuable and attractive "tfatwn, xl 99 

IT A Mortal Antipathy: iir&t Opening ot tbe JSTew 
Portfolio, Bost, 1885, 16mo 

" Has the freedom, and often the verve, of the conversa- 
tion nhich the Autocrat has ruled over so long and -with 
such universal acceptance " JVfetam, xli 542 

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" A volume than offers nothing- but pleasure to the reader 
and a well-diffused contentment " Sat Rev , Ixiv 38 

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sional, Bo*t, 1888, 16mo 

" Dr Holmes is of all living American mitera, the one 
who may most truly be said to have ?von the hearts of 
.English readers Longiello'n and Emerson, \vho have so 
lately parsed away, ha\e had, the former Mider and the 
latter deeper, influence on tbe feelings and thoughts of 
Englishmen But there is no American author now living 
v, hose works are more often read, and (which i*. the bett 
test of their value) more often taken up again, than those 
of Dr Holmes " Saf ev , hn 651 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, son of the preceding, 
b 184-l,iii Boston j educated at Hnrvaid College; served 
in the civil war, admitted to the bar 1866, elected a 
professor in the law school of Harvard 188^ and ID the 
same year appointed a justice of the Supreme Court of 
Mnsenehusetts The Common Law, Bost , IS81, 8\o 

" It can best be described as an historical essay describing 
the influence of tbe primitive conceptions of the childhood 
of the Teutonic races upon the common law ot to-day. . 
Tbe \olume contains rauch that is novel and brilliant, and 
itsho^s calm consideration and unusually profound 
legal study It is injured by long philosophical dis- 
cussions of inten t and the li ke, which & ve a tetfiou&ly 
discursive and aimless air to the book, and hide its real 
historical value " Nation, xixxu. 464 

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a>, And of tbe Disturbances which accompanied it 
Hong the Civil Population with Tvro Maps and Six 
Plans, Lon , 188-5, 8vo , Sd *d., 18SS 
' He wntes in an animated style, and ife descriptions 
are spirited and in the mate correct," &at Rev , Iva, 

41 A history which, though not likely to remain an au- 
thonty, has at least done something: tow&rdt digesting the 
vaht literature QI the Mutiny "$j:Mniator t Jvw H10* 

"The object of Mr. Holmes is lo supplement the worts 
of Kaj r e and Malleson and to complete ' the solntioii of 
the real historical problems connected with tht 1 Mutiny ' 
In this afetempt Mr Holm hK feeen auooessful He has 
'on many debated subjeets, he has> led 
f b a ma^e oi evepts, and lite has shown 
, , . . , Jtude the prex*Kee relation oi each part of 
^tfcewhole."- AfaJXu 2937 

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r, Bristol, 1885. 

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Hoist, Hermann Eduard von, b. IS 11, at Fel- 
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Heidelberg; removed to the United States in 1866, and 
settled in New York, where he contributed to the press 
and became assistant editor of the Deutsch-Amerika- 
nisches Comer&ations-Lexieon. In 1S72 he was made 
professor of histoty in Strasburg University, and in 
1874 professor of modern history at Freiburg. 1. John 
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" May be described as a history of the slavery question, 
-with especial relation to Cal noun's participation in it." 
Nation, xxxv 79. 

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duction and Appendix by Frank P. Stearns, a Poem 
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in that town, with which he was afterwards connected 
as teacher of mathematics, has lectured and written on 
political and speculative questions, and taken an active 
part in promoting schemes for co-operation and for the 
education of the working-classes His writings advo- 
cate a system which he has called secularism He was 
the last person itnpmooed m England for alleged athe- 
ism, having been committed for sit months in 1841 fur 
an answer given in debate at the close of a political lec- 
ture 1 The Logiu of Death , or, Why should the Athe- 
ist fear to D e ? 12ino 2 The Logic of Lift, deduced 
from the Principle of Freethought, I .lino -J Rudiments 
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" He confines himself mainly to some jottings from 
Canada to Santa F omitted m his earlier volume Mr 
Holyoake is a shrewd observer " Acad , xxvi 86 

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"Home, Cecil,*' (Pseud) See WEBSTER, Au- 

GURTJL infia 

Home, Daniel Dungias, 1S3VISS6, b near 
Edinburgh, removed to the United States in 1840 j at 
the age ot seventeen became noted as a spiritualistic 
medium, and some years later went to Europe, where he 
gave exhibitions at some oi the pnncipil courts and m 
private circles, making converts among people of intelli- 
gence and culture* 1 Incidents in niy Life, Lon., ISbS, 
p Svo 

" Mr Home is, according to his own account and from 
the testimony ot his own book, a weak, credulous, half- 
educated funatical person, born, bred, and educated m 
wtmdwtul (stones, woo has> lived from his earliest jears in 
a whole atmosphere and mirage of dreaming "Serf Re& , 
xv 878 * 

2 Lights and Shadows of Spmtualism, Loiu 1877, 
Svo 2dd,1878 

" Mr Home has compiled a melancholy collection of the 
frauds, blasphemies and follies of th& people who seek 
alter a sign, and of the prophets who help them to what 
they want Mr Home himself likes an ftonest sceptic 
honesty anywhere must be refreshing m these pursuits n 
Sat Rev , xlin oltf 

Home, Mrs. Daniel Dimglas, a Russian lady, 
second wife of the preceding Daniel Dunglas Home , his 
Life and Mission, Lon , 1SSS, Svo 

41 Her book, if Jt will please those who already tbinfc well 
of her husband, Is not likelv to make new converts - 
Mrs Home is evidently herself a devout believer in her 
husband & pretensions " Attk , No <J163 

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Holy Apostles in the Chriatnn Church their Memorials 
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187, Svo 

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of a Bank of Deposit, Lon., 1862, 3 vols* p Svo. 

Home, JoI* Hubert, C tt , HE, 1^7-1879, 
a member of the commiaaiun appointed under the Treuy 
of Beilin to define the limits oi Balaam 1 (Tiaus ) 
Military Repoit, addiesa<d to the French War Minister, 
by Baron btofiU, Lon , 1872, S\o 2 (Traits ) Reforms 
in thfi French Army Part I , Law ot Kecruiting, Lon f 
1872 See BRACK EXBirar, 0* B , tupm. 

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Homes, Rev. Henry Augustus, 1S1 2-1888, b m 
Boston Mass, graduated at Arnherst in 1S3G, studied 
at Andover and Yale Theological Seminaries, pursued 
Orientil ^tidies at Pans, France, and was ordained as a 
missionary to Turkey of the Egl^e ReTorme'e He was 
atterwards connected with the American board of mis- 
sions and with the diplomatic service of the United 
States, and in 1854 became assistant hbranin, in 3878 
senior librarian, of the State library at Albany, NY. 
1 The Keed of the Yezedee* of Mesopotamia, 1842 2. 
Observations en the Design and Import of Medals, 
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M.R C P , physician to the West London Hospital Dis- 
eases and their Commencement Lectures to Trained 
Nurses, delivered at the West London Hospital, Lon, 
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Hood, Rev. Edwin Paxton* [ante, vol i , add ,] 
1820-1S85, b in Westminster, and educated privately, 
begin his ministry in the Congregational Church an 
18o2, held pastorates in London was for nwny years 
editor of the Eclectic Review, and from 1871-1875 ed- 
ited the Preacher's Lantern The following list of his 
publications includes the only one mentioned by name 
ante, vol i. 1 The Age and its Architects Ten Chap- 
ters on the English People in Relation to the Times, 
Lon , 1&.50, 12mo 2 Genius and Industry, Lon , 1851, 
ISino. 3 The Good Old Times of Queen Bess, Lon , 
185l,18aio. 4 John Milton, the Patriot and Poet, Lon , 

1851, 12mo 5 The Literature of Labour, Lon, 1851, 
12mo 6 Old England Historic Pictures, Lon , 1851, 
IStno 7 Self-Educition, Lon, 1851, 12mo 8 The 
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ance Melodies with Airs, new ed , 1853, 12mo 19 
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185SMI, two series, p. Svo, 5th ed , 1870 23. Blind 
Amos and his Velvet Principles Proverbs and Para- 
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24- l>a.rk bayings on a Harp, and other Sermons, Lon , 
1865, p Svo, 2d ei, 1870 25 Lamps, Pitchers, and 
Trumpets Lectures delivered to Students for the Min- 
istry, on the Vocation of the Preacher, Lon , 1867, p 
Svo (The author writes, '* I have given to this lecture 
this title, because words are lamps, are pitchers, and are 
trumpets Preaching to the intellect . is as a lamp , 
. . preaching to the conscience is as a trumpet, . . 
preaching to the experience is as a pitcher ") 

* The one qualification for a lamp, pitcher, or trumpet 
seems to be au unbounded flow ot mother wit and animal 
spirits, with the power of combining unlimited fun and 
chaff with Scriptural language and ideas " Sal Jteu , xxv 

26 The World of Anecdote an Aceumulition of 
Facts Incidents, find Illustrations, Historical and Bio- 
gmphical, from Books and Times Recent and Remote, 
Lon , 1S69, p. Bvo, new ed., 1884 27 The World of 
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eoE M 1S85 29. Thomas Bmney his Mind, Life, and 
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Bibfe, Lon., 1874, or. Svo. 81. Thomas Carlyle Philo- 
sophic Thinker, Theologian, Historian, and Poet, Lon , 
1875, p Svo. 

* The most vulgar, sensational, improbable story that we 
have been forced to read in the course of this year does 
not betray a more complete absence of judgment or of 
culture than his book on Mr Carlyle "Ath^ No 2485 

32 Isaac Wafts . his Life and Writings, his Home and 
Friends, Lon , 1875, Svo 33 The Rommce of Biogra- 
phy t Lon , 1876, p 8vo. 34. Vignettes of the Great Re- 
vival of the Eighteenth Century, Lon f 1880, sq. 16mo , 
new ed., 1887. *5. Robert Raikes of Gloucester, Lon , 
1880, Svo. 36. The Day, the Book, and the Teacher, 
Lon , 1880, p Svo. 37. Robert Hall, (" Men Worth Re- 
membering,") Lon , 1881, p. Svo 38. Christmas Evans, 
the Preacher of Wild Wales, his Country > his Times, 
and his Contemporaries, Lon., I $81, p Svo , 3d ed , 1888 

"In Christmas Evans, the great Wel^h preacher, his 
times, and his contemporaries, Mr Paxton Hood has found 
a good subject and has produced an interesting book 
The story that Hr Hood has to tell and the men and 
scenes he lias to describe, lend themselves readily to a 
picturesqjteness of treatment that would generally strike 
us as strained and exaggerated*" Spectator, Iv 900 

39, Oliver Crorowel4 hi<* Life, Times, Bat^e- Fields, 
and Contemporaries, Lnn , 1882, er. Svo , 2d ed., 1884 
40. Scottish Characteristics, Lon., 158% p, Svo. 


" A model of adroit book making The result, how- 
ever, is to collect a large number oi characteristic anec- 
dotes in a com euiem iorm "Atli , No 2903 

41 The World of Pioverb and Parable, Lou , 1884, r 
8vo 42 The Throne of Eloquence (She it Pieaehers, 
Ancient and Modern, Lon, 1885, p bvo 4i The King's 
Windows or, Glimpses of the Wonderful Works of God, 
Lon , 1885, sq 16mo 44 The Vocation of the Pieacher, 
Lon, Ib86, p Svo Poth (Ihe second volume of an 
intended seiie^ of which. "The Thione of Eloquence" 
was the hist It contains cbaptets on the " Place ot the 
Pulpit m Poetry ind Fiction," and Mimlar subjects, and 
biographical sketches of Cardinal Newuian, Dr Faber, 
and other emini nt pieachers ) 

It is interesting, picturesque, \ivacious eloquent, from 

J .umug to end* 1 Acad, xxxi 25 
tood, Mrs. Emma Nelson. Bob Dean, or, Our 
oth^r Boarder, Phila , 1882, 12rao. 

Hood, Frances Hamilton. Maud Mansfield . a 
Novel, M icon Ga , 187b, 12mo 

Hood, Henry John, M A , b 1845 , graduated at 
Biasenofae College, Oxford, 1868, called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1870 With CHALLTS, HENKY WILLIAV, 
The Con\eyancing Acts 1881 and 1882 and the Settled 
Land Act, 1882 with Commentaries, 2d ed, with Sup- 
plement, LOB., 1884-85, 8vo 

Hood, Rev. Jame* Walker, DD, b 1831, in 
Kennett township, Chester Co , P , was st-nt to Noith 
Carolina 111 1864 as the first colored missionary to the 
freedmen, and in 1872 was consecrated Bishop of the 
African Methodist Episcopal Church (Ed ) The Negro 
m the Christian Pulpit, Raleigh, 1884 

Hood, John Bell, 1831-1879, b at Owingsville, 
Kj , graduated at the US Military Academy 1853, 
major-general in the Confederate nrmy dming the civil 
war. Advance and Retreat Personal Experiences m 
the United States and Confederate States Armies Edited 
by General Bea uregard N Ot leans, 1880, 8vo 

"It -was evidently begun as an an&wer to the strictures 
on General Hwd'& campaign of 1864 in Georgia and Ten- 
nessee which General Joseph E Johnston had mad* in his 
1 Narrate e,' and probably grew into larger proportions 
than the author had flnbt intended He vehemently 
insibts that he deserved victorv, it he did not achieve it 
His book mufat be judged for what it is, a \ erj sincere 
but controveisial defence of his policv as an army com- 
mander, and not as a systematic tontnbutiou to exact hi&- 
tory It will have a peimanent \alue of its o\\ n and will 
(as we think it should) modify fa^ ombly the judgment of 
the world upon his last important campaign "-"Nation, 
xxx 236,254 

Hood, Maxwell. Her Idol a Novel, Lon 7 1375, 
3 vols p 8vo 

Hood, Peter, M D [ante, vol i , add ,] 1809-1890, 
b, at Gatesheud, Eng , received hn medical education 
at St, George's Hospital 1 The Successful Treatmt nt 
of Scarltt Fever, also, Obrrvations on the Pathology 
and Treatment of Crowing Inspiration* in Infants, Lon , 
1857, p Svo. 2. On the Treatment of Sprained Ankle, 
Lon t 1858, 8vo 3 A Treatise on Gont, Rheumatism, 
and the Allied Affections with Chnpters on Longevity 
and Sleep, Lon , 1871, p Svo, -id ed , 1885 

Hood, Rev. Jlobert, of the Evangelical Church 
Union, Bndgeton, Eng A Run to Italy, Glasgow, 1882, 

Hood, T. H. Notes of a Cruise in H M S. Fawn," 
in the We-t< rn Pacific, in 1862 IlluH Lon , 186*, Svo. 

Hood, Thomas, 1835-1874, son of Thomas Hood, 
(q v t ante, vol. i ) b nt Wan^tead, Essex, educated at 
University College School, Louth Gnirn mar- School, and 
Pembroke Colhge, Oxfoid, wheie he passed the exam- 
ination but did not take his degree, He illustrated some 
of his father's comic verges and edited various editions 
of his works In 1865 he became editor of Fun. Be- 
sides the books mentioned below, he furnished the text 
for some pictorial publications 1. Pen and Pencil Pic- 
tures Illu-t. Lon , 1857, p Svo 2. The Daughters of 
King Daber, and other Poems, Lon , 1861, fp Svo 3 
Quips and Cranks Illust Lon,18ftl,p $vo 4 The 
Loves of Tom Tucker and Little Bo- Peep a Rhymmg 
Rigmarole, Lon, 1862, 4to 5. A Deputed Inheut- 
ancet the Story of a Cornish Family, Lon, 186,*, p* 
8vo; 2d ed , 1865 6 Vere Verekei's Vengeance a 
Sensation in Several Paroxysms Illu-t Lon , 1864, 
12raoj new ed, 1868. 7 Rainbow's Best, and other 
Stones* Lon., 1864, 12mo 8 Jingles and Jokes for the 
Little Folks, Lon , 186*% p Svo. 9. C vpram Maseru's 
Children* a Not el, Lon t 1866, 8 vol* p Svo 10 A 
Golden Heart 1 A Not el, Lon , 1867, A vols p Svo 11 
The Lost Linfc a Novel, Lon , 1868, 3 vols. p Svo 12 


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2 vols. 12mo. 13. The Rules ot Rhyme : a Practical 
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Robin, and their Friends Kitty and Bob, Lon., 1871, r. 
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18. (Ed.) The Book of Modern English Anecdotes : Hu- 
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The Book of Modern Anecdotes: English Irish 
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Scotland: Reminiscences of Thomas Hood, Poet and 
Humourist, Lon., 1885, 4to. With ARCHER, T., Great 
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(MBS. F. F. BRODBRIP:) 1. Fairy-Land: for the Rising 
Generation, Lon., 1860, sq, 16mo. 2. Excursions into 
Puzzledom, Lon., 1879, Svo; new ed., 1884. And see 
BRODERIP, MRS. F. F., supra. 

Hood, Thomas H* Cockburn* The House of 
Cockburn of that Ilk, and the Cadets thereof: with His- 
torical Anecdotes of the Times in which many of them 
played a Conspicuous Part, Edm., 1888, 4to. Privately 

Hood, Wharton Peter, M.D., M.R.C.S. On 
Bone-Setting (.so called) and its Relation to the Treat- 
ment of Joints crippled by Injuries, <fcc., Lon., 1871, p. 

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of the Literary Profession for 1879, Lon., 1879, 12mo. 
2. Sculptors of the Bay : a List of the Profession in 
1880, Lon., 1880, or. Svo. 3. Sharping London, Lon., 
1880, 8vo. 4. A Collection of Metaphors, Phrases, and 
Sayings common in Private, Commercial, and Political 
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infra; graduated at Christ Church, Oxford, 1867; or- 
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Homes m Meadows, Woods, and Water. Illust. Lon., 
1888, p. Svo. 

Hook, Rev. Walter, M.A., son of W. F. Hook, 
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(ed.) A Church Dictionary. By W. F. Hook. Four- 
teenth Edition, adapted to the Requirements of the 
Present Bay, Lon., 1887, Svo. And see HOOK, W. F., 
inft a. 

Hook, Very Rev. Walter Farquhar, D.D, 
F.R.S., [ante, vol. i, add.,] 1798-1875, b. in London; 
educated at Winchester, and at Christ Church, Oxford, 
graduating m 1821; ordained 1821; vicar of Trinity 
Church, Coventry, 1829 ; vicar of Leeds L837-59 ; dean 
of Chichester from 1859. He was regarded as a leader 
of the High Church party, hut he stood aloof from that 
section of it which showed an inclination towards the 
Church of Rome, while his zeal and ability in the pro- 
motion of ' church, extension," general education, and 
the elevation of the laboring classes gained him general 
respect and admiration. For biog., see STEPHENS, Hwv. 
W. R. W., ^nfra. } . The Last Days of Our Lord's Min- 
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Five Sermons preached before the University oC Oxford, 
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bearing on the Controversies of the, Present Day, fcan^ 
1853, Svo, 7. laves of the Archbishops of Canterbury, 
Lon., 1860-76^ J2 vols. Svo. (Vol. u, Anglo Saxon 


Period; vol. ii., Anglo-Norman Period; vols, iii.-v., 
Middle-Age Period; vols. vi.-xi., (which are also num- 
bered as New Series, vols. i.-vi.,) Reformation Period ; 
vol. xii., Index. The work ends with the Life of Arch- 
bishop Juxon.) 

"There are historians more capable than Dr. Hook of 
dressing up a pretty picture, of trotting out a novelty in a 
taking shape. ... But we believe thar there is none who 

<k It is painful to be obliged to say that the book is not 
only unworthy of Bean Hook's well-earned reputation, 
but that it is almost entirely destitute of any historical 
or biographical \alue. It is full of mistakes, small and 
great, lull of random accusations against persons and par- 
ties, which, no attempt is made to substantiate "SAMUEL 
R GAKDINEB : Acad., vin. 467, (notice of vol. xi ) 

8. The Christian taught by the Church Services, Lon., 
1865, fp ; new ed., 1868, 32mo. 9. The Disestablished 
Church in the Republic of the United States : a Lecture, 
Lon , 1S69, Svo. 10 A Charge to the Clergy of Chich- 
ester, Lon., Oxf., and Cambridge, 1872, Svo. Anon. 
11. The Church and its Ordinances. Edited by Rev. 
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mons. Edited by Rev. Walter Hook. Lon., 1879, p. 
Svo; new ed, 1881. Also, numerous single sermons, <fce. 

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Neither Rome nor Judah, Phila., 16mo. 3. Captive, yet 
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(q. v., ante, vol. i. ;) married, 1841, to John Hooker, 
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1873, 16mo. 

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K.C.S.I , F.R.S., F.L S., D.C.L., LL.D., [ante, vol. i., 
add.,] b. 1817 ; was appointed assistant director of Kew 
in 1855, and on tfce death of his father, Sir W. J. 
Hooker, (<?. ., inf>a,} m 1865, became sole director, de- 
voting himself thenceforth in great measure to the in- 
crease of the collections there and the extension of its field 
of operation. He resigned this pOFt in 1885. In 1868 he 
presided over the British Association, his address being 
an advocacy and popular explanation of Darwinism, and 
from 1873 to 1878 he served as president of the Royal 
Society. 1. Hand-Book of the New Zealand Flora, Lon., 
1864, Svo. 2. Icones Plantarum; or, Figures with De- 
scriptive Characters of New and Rare Plants from the 
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the first and second series, see HOOKER, SIR W. J., ante, 
vol. i.) 3. The Student's Flora of the British Islands, 
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With BALL, JOHN, Journal of a Tour in Morocco and 
the Great Atlas: including the Geology of Morocco, 
by George Maw. Maps and Illust. Lon., 1878, Svo. 

" Although botanical research was the main object of 
the journey, two such practised observers have also much 
to tell of the life, ways, habits, and manners of the na- 
tives,' 1 &rf. J5., xlvii. 834. 

With THOMSON, THOMAS, Flora Ipdiea : being a Sys- 
tematic Account of the Plants of British India: vol, i., 
Lon,; 18&5, Svo. (No more published.) See, also, BEN- 

THAM, GfcQROB, wprtt, 

Hooker* Sir William Jackson, F.R.S., D.C.L., 
LUD,, [cMfei.ToL i. add.,] 1785-1865. J. Bryologia, 
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Coloured Figures and Inscriptions of Exotic Ferns, 
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Hookham, Mrs. Mary Ann. The Life and 
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France; and of her Father, Rene* "the Good," King 
of Sicily, Naples, and Jerusalem : with Memoirs of the 
House of Anjou, Lon., 1872, 2 vols. Svo. 

" She is just a little too indiscriminate in her admiration ; 
and, while she evidently means to do them justice, she 
often really waters down the characters of those whom 
she describes by terms of undi&tinguihhing eulogy . . 
Mrs Hookham has collected her materials with consider- 
able assiduity but she would have added greatly to their 
value had she but shown some critical discernment worthy 
of so much industry. . . Few biographies, however, are 
more interesting than those of Rene" and Margaret of 
Anjou, and Mis Hookham has made a readable book by 
merely telling the story of these two remarkable lives to- 
gether Ath , No. 2320. 

Hoole, Rev. Charles Holland, M.A., gradu- 
ated at Magdalen College, Oxford, 1859; ordained 1862; 
senior student of Christ Church, Oxford, since 1861. 1. 
An Analytical Paraphrase of the Republic of Plato, 
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odists: a Few Remarks on Recent Proposals for their 
Reunion, Lon., 1868, Svo. 3. (Trans.) The Shepherd 
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The Apostolic Fathers j the Epistles of St. Clement, St. 
Ignatius, St. Barnabas, St. Polycarp ; together with the 
Martyrdom of St. Ignatius and St Polycarp, Lon., 1872, 
cr. Svo , 2d ed., 1885. 5. St. Peter's Visit to Rome, Lon , 
3873. 6. Poems and Translations, Lon M 1875, 16mo; 
new ed., 1S82* 7, Hermione a Tragedy, [verse,] Lon., 
1877, 12mo. (Includes sonnets.) 8. The Return of 
Ulysses [a tragedy,] 1880. 9. The Classical Element 
in the New Testament considered as a Proof of its 
Genuineness: with an Appendix on the Oldest Author- 
ities used in the Formation of the Canon, Lon., 1888, Svo. 

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Lon., 1874, p. Svo. 

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resided m Manchester for more than forty years. 1. 
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Ciuij-e of the " Nelly," 1870. 

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mance, [verse,] Lon., 1883, cr. Svo. 2. Tiinoleon: a 
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Remarks on. Home Training and Teaching, Lon., 1S73, 
p. Svo. 

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1888, graduated at Christ's College, Cambridge, 1834 j 
ordained 1834 j rector of Upton Warren, Worcestershire, 
1836. 1. The Old and New Dispensations Contra-ted, 
Lon., 1844. 2. Palinoni : an Essay on the Chronograph- 
ical and Numerical Systems in Use among the Ancient 
Jews : to which is added an Appendix, containing an Ex- 
amination of the Assyrian, Egyptian, and other Ancient 
Chronographies, <fcc., <&c., Lon., 1851, Svo, Anon. 3. A 
Guide to the Apocalypse, Lon,, 1853, Svo. 4. A Quietus 
for the Coming Struggle: with a Demonstrated Answer 
to the Question, Is either Beast of Rev. xiii. the Papacy * 
By a Presbyter. Lon , 1853, Svo. 5. The Revelation 
of Jesus Christ by John Expounded, Lon., 1861, 2 vots. 
8yo. 6. Reply to Dr. Wild: a Defence of the Bishops 
and the Memorialists, 1861, Svo. 7. The Kingdom of 
the Heavens, Lon., 1870, Svo. 8. Endless Sufferings 
the Doctrine of Scripture, Lon., 1877, Svo. 9. Reci- 
procity: Over-Production v. Over-Consumption, Lon., 
1879, Svo. 10. AH Religion Supernatural, Lon., 1879, 
Svo, 11. Daniel's Mysteries Unveiled, Lon., 1887, Svo. 

Hooper, Frederic E* E The Indian Revolt : a 
Poem. Part I, Lon., 1S58, $vo. 


Hooper, George, 1824-1890, b. at Oxford; became 
a journalist in London about 1844, writing successively 
for the Leader, the Spectator, of which he was for a 
time sub-editor, the Globe, and the Army and Navy 
Gazette, to which he contributed a series of articles 
during the civil war in America, explaining and fre- 
quently anticipating the movements of the armies in the 
neld. In 1868 he went to India, and edited the Bombay 
Gazette for three years. From 1S72 to the end of 1886 
he was on the staff of the Daily Telegraph, and after- 
wards wrote for the Globe, the Spectator, and the Syd- 
ney Morning Herald. Besides the works mentioned 
below, he wrote the account of the Crimean war and of 
the Indian Mutiny in Cassell's History of England. 1. 
The Italian Campaigns of General Bonaparte in 1796-7 
and 1800, Lon., 1859, p. Svo. 2. Waterloo: the Down- 
fall of the First Napoleon : a History of the Campaign 
of 1815. Maps and Plans. Lon., 1862, Svo. 

" A most valuable contribution to English historical lit- 
erature " Sat. Rev , xv 152. 

" The best account of the battle of Waterloo ever wnt- 
ten" Ath, No 3116. 

3. Army Organization, Lon., 1871, Svo. 4. The Cam- 
paign of Sedan : the Downfall of the Second Empire, 
August-September, 1870, Lon., 1887, Svo. 

11 Though we think it might have been better done, and 
defects and omis&ions may be seen in it, it certainly is the 
befet history of the great contest in the English language." 
W. O'CONNOR MOBRIS : Acad , xxxii. 175. 

5. Life of Wellington, ("Men of Action/') Lon , 1889, 
p. Svo. 

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Practical Lessons under the Code Duello. By an Ama- 
teur. N.York, 1874. 

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Life of an Orator. By Ducdame. Lon., 1872. 

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wife of George Hooper, supra. 1. Arbell : a Tale for 
Young People, Lon., 1847, 12mo. 2. Recollections of 
Mrs. Anderson's School, Lon., 1851, 12mo. 3. Little 
Maggie and her Brother : a Sketch for Children, Lon., 
1861, fp. Svo. 4. Fanny and Arthur, Lon., 1862, 16mo. 
5. A Young Man's Love, Lon., 1873, 3 vols. p. Svo. 6. 
The House of Raliy; or, Our Lady of Darkness: a 
Novel, Lon., 1874, p. 8vo; new ed., 1884. 7. Prince 
Pertmax : a Fairy- Tale. Illust. Lon., 18S3, 4to. 

Hooper, Rev. John Willmore, graduated at 
Hatfield Hall, Duiham, 1S65; ordained 1865; curate of 
Hexham 1866-70; rector of Gateshead Fell, Durham, 
since 1870. Sermons preached in Hexham Abbey Church, 
Lon , 1870, p. Svo ; 2d ed., rev., 1872. 

Hooper, Mrs* Lucy Hamilton, b. 1835, in 
Philadelphia ; daughter of B. Muse Jones, a Philadel- 
phia merchant; married, 1854, to Robert M. Hooper. 
She contributed to periodicals, -was for a time assistant 
editor of Lippmcott's Magazine, and since 1874 has re* 
sided in Paris, France, where her husband is U.S. vice- 
consul-general. She is a correspondent of several Amer- 
ican journals. 1. Poems- with Translations from the 
German of Greibel and Others, Phila., 1864, 16mo. 2. 
Poems, Phila., 1871, 12uo. 3. (Trans.) The Nabob; 
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4. Under the Tricolor; or, The American Colony in Paris: 
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("No Name" Ser.,) Bost , 1881, 16mo. 

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Breakfast-Table, Lon., 1873, cr. Svo. 2. Little Dinners : 
how to serve them with Elegance and Economy, Lon., 
1874, cr. Svo; 17th ed., 1883. 

"Just the book which is needed in the English house- 
holoV'- Spectator, xlvii. 887. 

A. Cookeiy for Invalids, Persons of Delicate Diges- 
tions, and Children, Lon., 1S75, p. Svo. 4. Wives and 
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5. Every- Day Meals : being Economical and Wholesome 
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er. Svo. (Many later editions.) 6. Ways and Tricks of 
Animals : with Stories about Annt Mary's Pets, Lon,, 
1879, cr. Svo. 7. Our Dog Prm* Illust. Lon., 1880, 
12mo. 8. Lily's Letters from the Farm, Lon., 1880, 
12ino. 9. Good Plain Cookery, Lon., 1882, p, Svo. 

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Trinity College, Cambridge, 1844; ordained 1845; rec- 
tor and vicar of Upton and Aston Upthorpe, Berkshire, 
since 1862. 1. Music and Musicians (especially Eng- 
lish) to the Days of H. Purcell, Lon , 1855, 12mo. 2. 
(Ed.) Chapman's Homer: the Iliads; the Odysseys j Ba- 


trachomyomachia, Lon., 1857-58, 5 vols. ; Iliad, 3d ed , 
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from 1851. Currency or Money, its Nature and Uses. 
By a Merchant of Boston. Bost , 1 855. 

Hooper, W. H., and Phillips, W, C. A Man- 
ual of Marks on Potteiy and Porcelain, <fcc. Illust. 
Lon., 1876, 16mo. 

"Small as the book is, . . it contains an immense 
amount of information "Sat. Rev , xlin. 650. 

Hooper, William Hulme, 1827-1854. Ten 
Months among the Tents of the Tuski, Lon., 1853, Svo. 

Hoopes, Josiah, b. 1832, at West Chester, Pa.; 
was one of the founders, and for seven years president, 
of the Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania. The 
Book of Evergreens : a Practical Treatise on the Conif- 
erse, N. York, 1868, 12mo. 

Hooppell, Rev. Robert Eli, M.A., LL.D., 
D.C L., F.R.A.S., graduated at St. John's College, Cam- 
bridge, 1855; ordained 1857; principal of Winterbot- 
tom Nautical College, South Shields, 1861-75, and since 
then rector of Byers Green, Durham 1. Tabular Forms 
for facilitating the Calculation of Certain Nautical 
Problems, Lon , 1866. 2. Reason and Religion ; or, The 
Leading Doctrines of Christianity, Lon., 1867, p. Svo. 
3. A Practical Introduction to Navigation and Nautical 
Astronomy being a Collection of Rules, Examples, and 
Exercises, preliminary to those Sciences, Lon., 1871. 4. 
Materialism : Has it any Real Foundation in Science ? a 
Lecture, South Shields, 1874, Svo , 3d ed., Lon., 1876. 
5. On the Signification of the Names of the Roman Sta- 
tions "per Lmeam Valli," &c., 1877, 4to. 6. On the 
Discovery and Exploration of Roman Remains at South 
Shields in 1875-76: with Maps, Plates, <fec M Lon., 1878. 

7. The Bible and Science : Are they at Variance ? 1878. 

8. Vinovium, the Buried Roman City in the County of 
Durham, as revealed by the Recent Explorations, 187y. 

9. Discovery of a Perfect Saxon Church at Escombe, in 
the County of Durham, 1879. 10. Roman Ebchester, 
Durham, 1883. 

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bairn's Progress, Edin., 1876, 12ino. 

Hope, Alexander James Beresford. Beres- 
fold-, LL.D., 1820-1887, son of Thomas Hope, author of 
Anastasius, <fcc., (q. v., ante, vol. i. ;) educated at Harrow, 
and at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated 
1841; M.P. for Maidstone 1841-52 and 1857-58, for 
Stoke-upon-Trent 1865-67, and for the University of 
Cambridge from 1868; member of the Privy Council 
from 18SO. He was the proprietor of the Saturday Re- 
view. 1. Poems, Lon., 1843, 12mo. 2. (Trans ) Hymns 
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1844,12mo. 4. Letters on Church Matters. ByD.C.L. 
From the "Morning Chronicle" Lon,, 1851. 5. Pub- 
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Svo. 6. The Common Sense of Art : a Lecture, Lon , 
1858, Svo. 7. The English Cathedral of the Nineteenth 
Century. Illust. Lon., 1861, 8ro. 

" Mr. Beresford- Hope's aim is to show how the organiza- 
tion of the Church is to be adapted, materially and mor- 
ally, to the wants of the age." Sat Rev , xi. 643. 

8. The American Disruption : in Three Lectures, Lon , 
1862, Svo. (The three Lectures had been published sep- 
arately in the same year, in four editions.) 9, The 
World's Debt to Art: a Lecture, Lon., 186$, Svo. 10. 
The Social and Political Bearings of the American Dis- 
ruption, Lon., 1863, Svo; 3d ed. same year. 11. The 
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12. Worship in the Church of England, Lon., 1874 ; 2d 
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1880, 3 vols, or. Svoj 3d ed., 1881 j new ed., 1S85, 1 


vol. 12mo. 14. The Brandreths, Lon., 1882, 3 vols. cr, 

" ' The Brandreths' is a sequel to its* author's previous 
work, ' Strictly Tied Up ,* and it must be declared -with 
all sadne&s that the second book is even duller than its 
predecessor, which seemed to realize a rounded ideal of 
dulness " Acad , xxii 255 

15. Worship and Order, Lon , 18S3, Svo. Also, single 

Hope, Andre" e. Chronicles of an Old Inn; or, A 
Few Words about Gray's Inn, Lon., 1887, p. Svo. 

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Life of St. Thomas a Becket : with a Preface by Father 
Dalgairns, Lon., 1868, 12mo. 4. Conversion of the Teu- 
tonic Race ; Conversion of the Franks and the English. 
Edited by Rev. John Bernard Dalgairns, of the London 
Oratory of S. Philip Neri, Lon., 1872. 5. Sequel to the 
Conversion of the Teutonic Race S. Boniface and the 
Conversion of Germany : with a Preface by Rev. J. B. 
D.ilgairns, Lon., 1872. 6. Franciscan Martyrs in Eng- 
land, Lon., 1S78. 

Hope, Arthur, Sorrento and Inlaid Work, for 
Amateurs. Illust. Chie., 1S77, Svo. 

Hope, Ascott Robert. See MONCRIEFF, ASCOTT 
ROBERT HOPE, infia. 

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Story, Lon., 1880, 3 vols. cr. Svo. 

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1860, Svo. 2. Sunlight through a Shower, Lon., 1S76, 
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5th ed. same year. 4. More about our Coffee-Room : 
with a Preface by the Earl of Shaft ebury, Lon., 1877, 
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ground, Lon., 1879, 12mo. 8. Gathered Clusters from 
Scripture Pages : a Book for Parents, Teachers, and 
Children, Edm., I860, sq. 16mo. 9. Touches of Real 
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1881, p. 8vo. 11. Sunrise Gleams; or, Early Morning 
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12. Sunset Rays; or, Evening Readings for a Month, 
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15. His Handiwork, Lon , 1883, p. Svoj new ed., 1884. 

16. Wild Hyacinths : a Tale, Lon,, 1883, p. Svo. 17. 
White as Snow: a Text and Meditation for Each Day 
of the Month, Lon., 1884, 32mo. 18. Our Golden Key : a 
Narrative of Facts from "Outcast London," Lon., 1S84, 
p. Svo. 19. The Guest-Chamber, Lon., 1884, sq. 16mo. 
20. Estellaj or, Who is my Neighbour? Lon., 1884, p. 
Svo. 21. Down in the Valley, Lon., 1885, p. Svo. 22. 
Pictures of Silver, Lon., 18S5, sq. l&mo. 23. Simple 
Life, Lon., 1885, 3 vols. p. Svo. 24. Through the Gorse : 
a Village Story, Lon,, 1885, 12mo. 25. Changed Scenes ; 
or, The Castle and the Cottage, Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 26. 
Loving Work in the Highways and Byways, Lon., 1887, 
p. Svo. 

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Confirmation* Lon., 1854, 12mo. 

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Fame Islands. Illust. N. York, 1883, 12mo. 

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Fathers and Sons, Lon., 1 873, p. Svo. 

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Edinburgh. Notes and Thoughts on Gardens and Wood- 
lands. Edited by Anne J. H. JTohnstone. Lon., 1881, 
p. Svo. 

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chet Edgings. Illust. Ramsgate, 1847, 24mo. 2. The 
Prize Knitting-Book, Lon., 1848, I6mo. 3. The Rams- 
gate Book of Knitted Lace Edgings, Lon., 1848, 16mo. 



4. (Ed. 1 ) Six Square Doyleys in Crochet, Lon , 1848, two 
series, 16rno. 5. My "Working Friend, Lon., 1850, 16mo. 
6. Aunt Anne's Jftitimaeassars, Hastings, 1367, 16mo. 

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man Life, Lon , 1886, p 8vo. 

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1878, 3 \ols. p. Svo. 

"Hope, I.," (Pseud.) See BROMFIELD, JAMES, 
mpi a 

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Newspapers and E&savista, Loa., 1866^ Svo. 

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folk, Va,.: educated at William and Mary College, prac- 
tised law, served in the Confederate^ army during the 
civil war, and afterwards settled at Norfolk. 1. Leoni 
di Monti, ind other Poems, Phil.u, 1857, 12mo 2 A 
Collection of Poems, Richmond, 1859, 16mo. 3. An 
Eleginc Ode, and othei Poems, Norfolk, 1875. 4. Under 
the Empire, or, The Story of Madelon, Norfolk, 1878. 

5. Arms and the Man, and other Poems, Norfolk, 1882. 
Hope, James L. A. In Quest of Coolies, Illust. 

Lou , 1872, p. 8vo. 

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The House of Scmdea: a Sketch, Lon , 1S63, p. Svo. 

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a Farce, in Two Acts, Lon , 1 881, 12ino 

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her Qualifications and Duties, Lon., 185.3, 12mo. 

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er. Svo. 

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& Tale of Religions Life in the Time of Louis XIV. : 
founded on Fact, Lon., 1879, <3 vols. p. 870. 

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Eustace Claie Grenville Murray, q. v. t ?// a.} 1. Dark 
and Light Stories, Lon., 1879, p Svo, new ed., 1880. 
2. The Prodigal Daughter: a Story of Female Prison 
Life, Lon., I860, 3 vols. p. Svo, 3. Because of the Angels . 
a Novel, Lon., 1883, 2 vols. cr. Svo. 

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Kingdome or Keigne of Antichrist. Written in Latin 
Verse by Thomas Naogeorgus and Englysbed by Bar- 
nabe Googe, 1570. Lon., 1881., 2. A Provisional Glos- 
sary of Dialect Place-Nomenclature, Lon., 1882, 2d ed., 
1SS3, sq. 16ino. 3. The Lawn-Tennis Code: Regulations 
for Club Matches, &c., Lon., 1S85, p. Svo. 4. An In- 
ventory of Church Plate in Eutland. Illust. Lon., 1888. 

Hope, Stanley," (Pseud.) See HODGES, 

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Story of Diane, Leeds, 1852, Svo. 

Hop e -Ed ward es. See EDWARDES. 

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endowment of the Church, of England, Lon , 1875, Svo. 
2. An Attempt to define Unitarian Christianity, Lon., 
1877, Svo. 

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12mo. 2. Newspaper Poets; or, Waifs and their Au- 
thors, Rochester, N.Y., 1876, sq. 16moj new ed., Bo*r, 
-1880, 3, John Bremm, Bost., 1877, 12mo 4, Our 
Sabbath Evenings; Home Meditations in Prose and 
Verse, Boat., 1881, 16mo. 5. Sinner and Saint: a Story 
of the Woman's Crusade: a Novel, Bost., 1881, 12mo. 

6. The Life of Clinton Bo wen Fisk: with a Brief Sketch 
of John A, Brooks, N. York, 1888, 12mo 

Hopkins, Casper Thomas, b. 1826, at Allegheny 
City, Pa., son of Rt. Rev. J. H. Hopkins, infra; 
graduated at the University of Vermont 1847, and in 
1849 went to California, where he established an insur- 
ance company. Manual of American Ideas: for the 
Instruction, of Foreigners and Use of Citizens, San Fran., 
1873, Bvo. 

Hopkins, Rev. IK CU The True Cause of all Con- 
tention, Strife, and Civil War in Christian Communities, 
N. York, 163, 


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History of the Organ, Memoirs of the Most Eminent 
Builders, <fco., by E. F. Rimbault, Lon., 1855, Svo , 3cl 
ed , 18S7 

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Gold-Bearing Rocks of the World, and the Gold-Fields 
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The Principles of Terrestrial Physics, Lon., 1865, 12mo. 

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Holy Trinity, Richmond, Surrey, since 1870. 1. The 
Holy Life a Book for Christians seeking " the Rest of 
Faith," Lon., 1875, 12mo; new ed., 1881. 2. Thoughts 
on Life and Godliness, Lon., 1878, ISmo; 2d ed , 1883. 
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Liberty in the Spiritual Life, Lon , 18S4, p. Svo. 5. The 
Walk that pleases God, Lon., 1SS7, sq. 16mo. 

Hopkins, Rev. Frank Lawrence, M.A., gradu- 
ated at Tiimty Hall, Cambudge, 1S59; oidaiued 1862; 
Fellow and tutor of Trinity Hall. Elementary Gram- 
mar of the Turkish Language: with Exercises, Lon., 
1877, p. Svo. 

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p. Svo. 

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for Developing, Patenting, Perfecting, Manufactunng, 
and Operating Inventions, Chic , 1S87, 16mo 

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sonry, Lon., 185S, 12mo. 

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1S71, I6mo. 4. Floy Lmdsley. Illust. N.York, 1875, 
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7. The Signal Flag, 1879, 16mo. 8. Blue Badge Boys, 
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Up to the Mark, 1883, 12mo. 11. Good Time Girls, 
1S84, 12mo. 12. Arrow Head Light. Illust. N.York, 
1887, 12mo. 13. Judge Havisharn's Will, N. Yoik, 1888, 

Hopkins, Miss Jane Ellice, daughter of Wil- 
liam Hopkins, a well-known mathematician. She has 
been engaged for many years in philanthropical labors 
for the instruction and elevation of the poorer classes. 
1. Grave Moral Questions addressed to the Men and 
Women of England, Lon., 1868, IGrno. 2, Hou.o 
Thoughts for Mothers and Mothers' Meetings, Lon , 
1869, 12mo. 3. Work among the Lost, Lon., 1870, sin, 
Svo. 4. An Englishwoman's Work among Working- 
Men : with an Introduction by Ehhu Burritt, New 
Biitain, Conn., 1875, 12mo. 5 Rose Turquand, Lon., 
1S76, 2 vols. cr. Svo. 6. (Ed ) Life and Letters of James 
Hinton: with an Introduction by Sir William Gull, 
Lon., 1878, or. Svo; new ed , 1879. 

"James Hinton's biography has fallen into good hands, 
Miss Ellice Hopkins was Hinton's personal friend, and 
was able, by yirtue of thorough congeniality of disposi- 
tion, to know what he knew, to feel what he felt, to get 
exactly into his point ot view, and to act as interpreter 
between aim and the world . . She writes well, not 
only clearly, but with an eloquenre which sometimes 
rises almost into poetry. . . Sir William Gull also was the 
right man to supply the ' Introduction' to James Hinton's 
biography The life and letters are an illustrative and 
corroborative comment upon Sir William's estimate of his 
friend. The hook i& full of interest, and by no means 
void of instruction," Spectator, li. 444 

7. Christ the Consoler: a Book of Comfort for the 
Sick, Lon., 1879, 12mo. 8. Work amongst Working- 
Men, Lon., 1879, 12mo j 4th ed., 1882, (This is an en- 
larged edition of "An Englishwoman's Work among 

" Miss Hopkms's book is not exclusively concerned with 
her own work. It contains many valuable suggestions 
upon other matters connected with the class fox which &he 
has done so much." Spectator, In. 1646. 

9, Notes on Penitentiary Work, Lon., 1879, 12mo, 10. 
Occupation for the Sick ; or, Practical Suggestions to 
Invalids and those who have the Care of them, Lon,, 
1879, sqi. 16mo; 3d ed., 1S84. 11, Preventive Work,- 


or, The Care of our GUIs, Lon., 1881, Svo 12 On the 
Early Training of Gnls and Boys: an Appeal to Work- 
ing-Women, Lon., 1883, 16mo. 13. Autumn Swallows: 
a Book of Lyrics, Lon., 1883, 12mo. 

"There is a genuine passion and not a little of vivid 
imagination in this volume of lyrics, which seems to sme 
us some measure of the inward force that has gone to 
the making ot Miss Ellice Hopkins's beneficent career " 
Spectator, Ivi 710. 

Hopkins, John Baker, 1. The Yogi's Daugh- 
tei : a Tragedy, m Five Acts, [verse,] Lon., 1854, 8vo. 
2 Words on the War, Lon., 1855, 8vo. 3. Elvire" : a 
Reminiscence of Paris, Lon., 1855, Svo. 4. Not at all 
Nervous : a Farce, Lon., I860, Svo, 5. The Fall of the 
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Lon , 1865, p Svo. 7. Cosmopolitan Sketches, Lon , 
1867, p. Svo. 8. The English Revolution, Lon., 1868, 
p. Svo. 9. Making the Worst of it. a Novel, Lon., 
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Words and Deeds, Lon., 1879, cr. Svo; 2d ed.. 1881. 
12. Two Turns of the Wheel, Lon , 1SS2, Svo. 

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vol. i., add.,] 1792-1868. For biog., see HOPKINS, Rev. 
J. H., infra 1. The American Citizen: his Rights and 
Duties, N. York, 1857, 12mo. 2 A Scriptural, Eccle- 
siastical, and Historical View of Slavery, N. York, 1864, 
12mo. 3. History of the Church, in Veise, N. York, 
1866, 12tno. 4. The Law of Ritualism examined in its 
Relation to the Word of God, Ac., N. Yoik, 1867, 12mo. 
5. A Candid Examination of the Question whether the 
Pope is the Great Antichrist of Scripture, N. York and 
Lon., 1868, Svo 

Hopkins, Rev. John Henry, D.D., b. 1820, in 
Pittsburg, Pa.; s-on of the preceding j graduated at the 
University of Vermont 18-J9, and at the General Theo- 
logical Seminary, New York City, 1850; ordained in 
the Protestant Episcopal Church 1850 ; editor and pro- 
prietor of the Church Journal 1853-68; rector of Trin- 
ity Church, Plattsburg, N.Y., 1872, and of Christ 
Church, Wilhamsport, Pa., 1876. 1. The Faith and 
Order of the Protestant Church in the United States, N. 
York, 1863, 12mo. 2. The Three Kings of the Orient : 
a Christmas Carol, N. York, 1865, 4to. 3. Life and 
Times of John llenry Hopkins, Bishop of Vermont. By 
One of his Sons. N. York, 1S68, Svo. 4. Poems by the 
Wayside, N. York, 1883, 12mo. 5. Carols, Hymns, and 
Songs ; 4th ed,, 1887. 

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of the Earth : Natural Methods in Geography, Bost., 
1883, 24mo. 3. Educational Psychology: a Treatise for 
Parents and Educators, Bost, 1886, 24mo. 4. How 
shall my Child be taught? Practical Pedagogy; or, The 
Science of Teaching Illustrated, Bost., 1887, 12mo. 

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eral. 1. A Hand-Book of Average: with a Chapter 
on Arbitration, 1857, Svo ; 4th ed., 1884. 2. Hawaii : 
the Past, Present, and Future of its Island-Kingdom : 
an Historical Account of the Sandwich Islands, (Poly- 
nesia :) with a Preface by the Bishop of Oxford, Lon., 
1862, Svo j 2d ed., rev. arid enl., 1 866. 

" A very able and useful account of the Sandwich Islands, 
not only of their physical character, but of their national 
history." Sat. Reu. t xiv. 202. 

3. A Manual of Marine Insurance, Lon., 1867, Svo. 

4. The Port of Refuge; or, Advice and Instructions to 
the Master Mariner, Lon., 1873, p. Svo; ad ed., 1S82. 

5, The Cardinal Numbers : with an Introductory Chap- 
ter on Numbers generally, Lon., 1887, 12ino. 

Hopkins, Rev. Mark, D.D., LL.D., M.D., [ante, 
vol. i., add.,] 1802-1887; resigned the presidency of 
Williams College in 1872, retaining the chair of moral 
and intellectual philosophy established for him in 1836, 
and that of Christian theology, to which he had been 
called in 1858. He retained the pastorate of the college 
church till 1883. 1. Lectures on Moral Science, Bost., 
1S62, 12mo. 2. Baccalaureate Sermons and Occasional 
Discourses, Bost., 18$% 8vo. 8. The Law of Love, and 
Love as a Law; or, Moral Science, Theoretical and 


Practical ; 2d ed , with Strictures by Dr. McCosh, and 
Replies, N. York, 1S70, Svo; new ed, 1881 

"The views of President Hopkins on female suffrage 
differ so much from those of Mr Stuart Mill, that one 
might \\ ell suppose a chapter in his last work on moral 
science was intended as an answer to the English philoso- 
pher, if it were not that the book \vas published several 
months before the more recent work of Mr Mill . . 
The whole inquir