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Full text of "A supplement to Allibone's Critical dictionary of English literature and British and American authors : containing over thirty-seven thousand articles (authors), and enumerating over ninety-three thousand titles"

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Copyright, 1891, by J. B. LIPPINCOTT UOMPAKT. 



The First Volume of the DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE was dedicated to 


and the Second and Third Volumes were dedicated to 









FROM the first publication of Allibone's Dictionary its value has been recognized 
and the use of it in public and private libraries has constantly extended and increased. 
Covering as it does the whole field of English literature, and combining biographical, 
bibliographical, and critical material, it is, in fact, a unique work, indispensable as a 
library companion, serviceable to all students of subjects comprehended in its range, 
and not without interest for readers of every class who may be led by some casual 
desire for information to consult its pages. Produced by a vast amount of careful 
and diligent labor, it supplies a general and permanent need, and it has, consequently, 
had no rival and run no risk of being supplanted, unlike in this respect a host 
of dictionaries and other works of reference having a different scope and containing 
information that has become obsolete through the advance of knowledge or changes 
of usage and after serving its purpose for a time has been made the basis of wider 
and more minute research. 

It belongs, however, to the very nature of such a work that it should require to 
be supplemented from time to time. Its substance does not decay; the information 
which it gives is not superseded by the results of further inquiry ; but the matter 
with which it deals is constantly increasing in bulk, and the accretions call for an 
extension of space and a fresh amount of labor in order that they may be arranged 
and stowed in an annex of suitable dimensions. How rapid has been the rate of 
literary production in recent years rivalling the accelerated speed of travel and 
the multiplication of mechanical inventions will be apparent on the merest glance 
through these volumes. Covering a comparatively short period, they contain more 
than half as many pages as the original work, and this although the matter is in 
many respects given in a more concise form, everything being pruned away which in 
a strict view of the requirements of the task might be considered superfluous, 

A closer comparison of the two works will show still more plainly the enormous 
progressive activity of modern authorship and the need of condensation in all non- 
essential particulars in a record like the present. The original work, according to the 
statement on the title-page, contains the names and enumerates the works of " over 
forty -six thousand" authors. The present work, confined to a period not exceeding 
an average of thirty years, contains the names of thirty-seven thousand one hundred 
and eighty-three authors, or more than four-fifths as many as belong to all the pre- 
vious centuries and decades which witnessed not only the rise and development but 
the most brilliant epochs, successive schools, and varied forms of English literature, 
including at least the earliest works of most of the writers that have shed a waning 
lustre on the literature of the nineteenth century. For it will hardly be questioned 
that we now stand not in the noontide but near the close of a day marked by 
achievements which have a distinct and original character in substance and form, 
with many new types, a fresh infusion of life, and perhaps a more complete union 
of genius with culture, of imaginative power with the comprehension of realities, 


than distinguished any earlier development. Very few of the names registered in 
this Supplement without any reference to a mention of them in the original work 
are among the most eminent in the departments to which they respectively belong. 
Still smaller, of course, is the number of living writers who hold such a position. 
The chronicler whose duty it has been to register the deaths that have thinned the 
front ranks of the cohort, leaving gaps which might not be filled from the denser 
throng behind, could not but have an ominous apprehension that the end of his task 
would indicate no mere arbitrary stopping-place, but would rather be found here- 
after to coincide with the termination of an era some of whose latest glories had been 
watched by the older among us in their dawn. Nor can it be said that the conditions 
and prevailing spirit of the time give any forecast of a new period of original and 
vigorous production. No one would undertake to formulate the precise influences 
under which literary genius is awakened and fostered ; but the inspiration and im- 
pulse must have an innate origin, and cannot spring from mere extraneous induce- 
ments or be stimulated by the march of material progress. Perhaps it may be safe 
to say that there are periods when the highest intellect is chiefly concerned with the 
improvement of man's nature, and others when it is chiefly concerned with the im- 
provement of his condition. Literature and art emanate from the former tendency, 
science and its varied applications from the latter. But no doubt each of these 
tendencies reacts upon the other, thus bringing about a due alternation. 

It must also be acknowledged that, while the literature of the present day is more 
remarkable for its quantity than for its quality, yet the general level in this latter 
respect has been steadily rising. In purely imaginative productions skilful construc- 
tion, artistic finish, adherence to nature, all the results and evidences of culture, are far 
more common than they were in the eighteenth century or in the earlier part of the 
nineteenth. In works designed to convey instruction and information the improve- 
ment is perhaps still greater and more general. History and biography have ceased 
to be pompous and ponderous ; science seeks to captivate not only by the marvel of 
its revelations but also by the form in which they are presented ; books of travel out- 
rival works of fiction in the narration of exciting adventure, while ministering to the 
general curiosity and desire for knowledge ; and philosophers and essayists address a 
greater mass of readers and are at the same time tried by more exacting standards 
than of yore. In short, literature, like the social system, but to a far greater extent, 
has lost the old class distinctions and become democratic. The scholar no longer 
writes solely for scholars ; the dilettante who appealed only to a fastidious or artificial 
taste is well-nigh extinct. The erudite few do not wait to have their discoveries or 
speculations filtered through minor channels before being spread abroad, but commu- 
nicate directly with a larger public. One obvious result of these changes has been the 
rise of a number of periodicals far exceeding in variety of topics and general ability 
of treatment any earlier publications of the kind ; but a considerable proportion of 
what is first given to the world through this medium is soon reproduced in a more 
convenient and permanent form. 

It follows from all this that the literature of the present is more broadly and 
completely representative than any other, showing " the very age and body of the 
time his form and pressure." Every phase of actual life is delineated, every fact and 
incident chronicled, every spring and movement analyzed. Practical pursuits and 
undertakings are described and explained by those who are personally engaged in 
them. Not a theory or notion is conceived without claiming public attention. The 
multitude of books, mostly, of course, ephemeral, that issue year after year in greater 
numbers from the press testifies to the communicative spirit of the age, to a desire for 


publicity and self-revelation, distinct from aspirations for fame or distinction. Con- 
sidered from this point of view, a catalogue partakes of the nature of history, and the 
titles of books may sometimes prove as instructive and interesting as the contents. In 
the lists given in these volumes prepared on a similar principle to that on which the 
Dominican father recommended the slaughter of all the inhabitants of the captured 
heretical city will be found autobiographies of persons of every station, from the 
monarch to the wandering beggar ; dissertations advocating the most opposite opinions 
and remote forms of thought, from the newest hypotheses of science, or daring flights 
beyond the usually recognized limits of credibility and proof, to revivals of long- 
buried superstitions and exploded fallacies ; and imaginative productions of every 
grade of intellect, from the highest genius to a state not readily distinguishable from 
imbecility. The " Republic of Letters" has become in the fullest sense worthy of its 
name, with an equality of citizenship, a community of rights, and a mingling and 
jostling of its component members to which no political system offers a parallel. 

The title of the original work indicates the period covered by it as extending to 
"the latter half of the nineteenth century." The earlier and later portions of it, 
however, were taken up and completed at long intervals, and the entries were not 
brought down to a common date under all the letters of the alphabet. The author's 
first intention seems to have been to end the work at the year 1850, and from A to O 
inclusive the entries, barring accidental omissions, were completed to that date. But 
before publication many additional insertions, extending in some instances to 1858, 
were made under those letters, without any attempt to comprise the full lists of the 
intervening years. The remainder of the work covers a much more extended period, 
with a more uniform limit, the entries from P to Z embracing complete lists to 
the end of 1869, with additions almost equally full to about the middle of 1870. 
Hence the period covered by this Supplement is also a variable one. ' Under the letters 
A to O it begins with the year 1850, without, of course, repeating the entries of a 
later date in the original work, and under the remaining letters it begins with the 
year 1870. The whole extends to the end of 1888, with a very few entries of later 
date, mostly to include a completed series of volumes or related works or the last pro- 
ductions of a recently deceased writer. It would have been easy to insert many addi- 
tional titles, as was done in the original work ; but no complete lists to a later date 
could have been prepared without delaying the press; and the compiler did not desire 
to leave a straggling line of projections instead of a fixed boundary, and thus impose 
upon some future successor what has been one of the embarrassing complications of the 
present task, the necessity, namely, of referring at every step to the entries in an earlier 
work and connecting his own with them by a process of dovetailing. In the 00111*86 
of this labor many entries of earlier dates than those mentioned, which had been 
omitted by Allibone, have been supplied in the Supplement, but not systematically, 
and only, of course, in the case of authors whose publications extended to those 
dates, i.e., 1850 under A to O, and 1870 under P to Z. The general plan and method 
of the original work have been followed in the Supplement, with slight modifications. 
The bibliographical details have been more uniformly and distinctly separated from 
the biographical matter ; no references have been introduced in the list of an author's 
works to others on the same subject or of a kindred nature by different writers, and it 
has not been thought necessary to inform the reader where critical articles from which 
no quotations are given may be found, any former need of this kind being now 
supplied by Poole's " Index to Periodical Literature." 

Of the authors whose names are entered in this work, some biographical in- 

viii PREFACE. 

formation beyond the mere mention of official or professional positions such as 
might presumably be found on a title-page or in a publisher's advertisement is 
given in the case of nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine. In general the 
details are very few, and are stated in the baldest form. Longer notices, besides 
occupying too much space, would often merely have presented the same facts in an 
expanded form, with the addition of critical estimates which, in cases where they 
would be likely to be sought for, are here appended in the form of extracts. The 
sources from which this information has been gathered are too numerous, and generally 
too well known as affording the most necessary material for the purpose, to be enu- 
merated in full. The most authoritative and the most copious in details, though 
embracing comparatively few of the names included in the present work, is the " Dic- 
tionary of National Biography," now in course of publication, of which the first 
twenty-five volumes have been used, the last two or three having been received only in 
time to furnish some corrections in the press. Among works including brief biographies 
of many notable English writers, living or recent, " Men of the Time," in several 
editions, Saunders's " Celebrities of the Centuries," and " Women of the Day," by 
Frances Hays, have been constantly in hand. For cis- Atlantic authors "Appletons' 
Cyclopaedia of American Biography" is the chief authority, as well for the number 
comprised in it as for its amplitude of details. Among works of a more general 
scope Thomas's " Dictionary of Biography" demands especial mention, while many 
minor publications of a similar character have each supplied some required dates or 
other particulars. Several works, chiefly English, devoted to local, professional, or 
other special subjects, have proved extremely valuable, the most important being 
Foster's " Men at the Bar" and " Alumni Oxonieuses," the " Bibliotheca Cornubien- 
sis" of Boase and Courtney, the " Encyclopaedia of Living Divines" of Schaff and 
Jackson, and Crockford's "Clerical Directory," with Peerages, Medical Directories, 
Army Lists, and similar publications, and obituaries in the "Annual Register" and 
in literary journals. A good many facts have been incidentally collected in the course 
of miscellaneous reading, while in a smaller number of cases published biographies 
or autobiographies of particular writers have been examined. Finally, several hun- 
dred English and a few American authors have, in response to applications, furnished 
the materials required, generally in no greater detail than was desirable, but occa- 
sionally with a fulness which would have imparted a liveliness to the narration not 
in keeping with its purpose and surroundings. 

The number of the books of which the titles are inserted in these volumes is 
ninety-three thousand seven hundred and eighty. No entire class of works has been 
excluded ; but single sermons, lectures and addresses, pamphlets in general, and school- 
books, have been admitted only when they seemed for one reason or another to have 
a stronger claim to insertion than the general mass of such productions, or when, as 
must sometimes have happened, their form and character were unknown. In the great 
majority of cases the title is either given in full or abridged only by the omission of 
some unessential words. But in regard to a considerable number the compiler cannot 
feel sure that the phraseology had not been somewhat altered as well as curtailed in the 
only lists accessible, though never, it is hoped, to such an extent as to make it difficult 
to identify the book. More complete success, it is believed, has been attained, though 
not without occasional exceptions, in ascertaining the dates of first editions, and also, 
when of sufficient importance, those of last and revised editions, as well as in noting 
any marked variations of title, which sometimes indicate a real alteration in the scope 
or nature of a work, but more often apparently have a different purpose, and tend, at 
all events, to produce mistakes and confusion. The chief and in all respects most 


important source from which the lists have been collected is, of course, the printed 
Catalogue of the Library of the British Museum, so far as published and received. 
These portions include in their multitude of entries the majority of the titles contained 
in this Supplement under the letters A to K and W to Z inclusive, with a few under 
each of the other letters. Catalogues of other libraries have been consulted from time 
to time, aud a great number of publishers' catalogues have been constantly examined 
and used. The whole field is covered with tolerable completeness by the English 
Catalogue issued by Messrs. Sampson Low, Marston, & Co., and the successive Amer- 
ican catalogues of Roorbach, Kelly, Leypoldt, and Bowker, the former with fewer 
omissions in the number of the entries, the latter especially those of recent years 
with greater fulness and exactness in the transcription of the names and titles. Some 
bibliographies of particular authors, either appended to their biographies or published 
separately, together with the bibliographical matter, in some cases very exact and 
adequate, in works already referred to as biographical authorities, have supplemented 
information derived originally from other quarters and have furnished occasional 
entries not recorded elsewhere. In the field of pseudonymous literature the Diction- 
ary of Halkett and Laing and the " Initials and Pseudonyms" of Gushing have been 
the chief guides, but have not always been followed, many statements in books of this 
kind being necessarily based upon mere rumor or conjecture. The few independent 
additions to entries of this class in the present work have been received from the 
authors themselves or from others having personal knowledge of the facts. It should 
be added that, with very rare exceptions, pseudonymes known to be such, with no key 
to the real names, have not been admitted. Besides the bibliographical authorities 
already enumerated, and others of minor importance, lists of their own productions 
have been furnished by writers in connection with their biographies, and information 
has been incidentally gleaned from periodical publications. 

The critical extracts number seven thousand four hundred and fifty. They have 
been taken for the most part, as will be evident on a cursory observation of the pages, 
from articles in leading weekly journals. Citations have occasionally been made from 
the principal monthly and quarterly periodicals ; but, apart from the fact that com- 
paratively few books are reviewed in such publications, the treatment is seldom of a 
strictly critical character, and still more rarely embodies any description or estimate at 
once particular and concise. Short passages from biographical and other works have 
also beeu occasionally inserted. All the quotations were made in the course of a close 
examination of the articles containing them, with the object in general of selecting such 
expressions of opinion as were fairly representative of the whole, and, where desirable 
and practicable, some terse account or characterization of the subject and nature of 
the work reviewed. It was necessary also, in many cases, to give some consideration 
to the internal evidence of the competence and impartiality of the critic ; and in the 
longer extracts, especially those which embody or sum up a general view of the qualities 
of a remarkable work or distinguished author, an endeavor has been made to provide 
agreeable aud suggestive reading. 

It is almost needless to say that in a compilation like this errors and omissions 
are likely to be more frequent than in one of a much narrower scope and demanding 
a much smaller amount of research. Occasional oversight or inadvertence will not 
seem inexcusable to any one familiar with the condition of mind induced by a long- 
continued sifting of materials often defective, abounding in discrepancies, suggestive 
at times of a deliberate intention to perplex or mislead. The amount of time and 
pains bestowed on innumerable points in the investigation may have seemed occa- 


sionally, even to the "harmless drudge" engaged in it, disproportionate to the end, 
especially when this proved to be unattainable. There is, however, only one rule and 
method in all labor of this kind, and the very minuteness and multiplicity of the 
questions to be solved exert a constraining influence and impose conformity to the 
smallest obligations of the task. 

Sic ingens rerum numerus jubet atque operum lex. 

The chief assistance which the compiler has had in the preparation of the work 
has been from members of his own family. He is indebted to Mr. John Edmauds, 
of the Philadelphia Mercantile Library, for special facilities in the use of an excellent 
bibliographical collection, and to Dr. Charles Warren Greene for suggestions and emen- 
dations while the volumes have been passing through the press. Nor is he willing to 
dismiss them from his hands without an acknowledgment of the careful and skilful 
aid of Mr. Joseph McCreery in the revision of the proofs. 


N.B. Cross-references are inserted (1) from assumed to real names; (2) from the first to the last 
part of a compound name ; (3) from titles of nobility to family names ; (4) from an earlier to a later 
name. The references " ante, vol. i., ii., iii." are to entries in the original work, the first volume, in the 
copy used, including the letters A to L. References " supra" and " infra" are to entries in different 
parts of the Supplement. 





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" It is a protest against the extremes of Idealism, on the 
one hand, and a purely materialistic Realism, on the other. 
... It attempts to take from science much that it values, 
especially its blind, mindless, mechanical theories, and it 
gives to science, what philosophy will certainly grudge it, 
objective icality independent of the thinking subject. 
Similarly, it gives back to theism the teleology and monis- 
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Abbot, Henry Larcom, b. 1831, at Beverly, 
Mass.; graduated at the U.S. Military Academy 1854, 
and was commissioned in the corps of topographical 
engineers; served in the civil war as a military engi- 
neer, and r,.se to the rank of brevet brigadier-general 
1865, and lieutenant-colonel of engineers 1880. He in- 
vented and developed the U.F. system of submarine mines 
for coast and river defence, and has been connected with 
vari-His undertakings for river and harbor improvement. 
1. Pacific Railroad Reports, (vol. vi.,) Wash.. 1857. 2. 
Siege Artillery in the Campaign against Vioksburg, 
(Papers on Practical Engineering, pub by U.S. Gov't,) 
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uated at Oxford ; called to the bar 1867 ; succeeded his 
father in the same year. 1. The Rise of the Swiss Con- 
federation, (Stanhope Prize Essay for 1861,) Oxford, 1861, 
8vo. 2. (Ed.) History of the Indian Administration of 
Lord Ellenborough, in his Correspondence with the Duke 
of Wellington, etc., Lon., 1874, 8vo. 

"The correspondence in this volume is threefold. It 
consists of Lord Ellenborough's letters to the Queen ; of 
his letters to the Duke of Wellington; and of t'he great 
Duke's replies. The first are formal and frigid of the 
usual style of ministerial letters to Royalty ; the second 
are characteristic and interesting; the third are equally 
characteristic, and still more interesting to the general 
reader." Acad., v. 477. 

3. (Ed.) Edward Law, Lord Ellenborough. A Political 
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" Those who take an interest in the politics of fifty years 
ago will find Lord Ellenborough's authentic details both 
amusing and instructive." Sat. Rev., li. 308. 

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Abbott, Austin, LL.D., [ante, vol. 5., ABBOTT, BENJ. 
V., etc., add.,] has published, in addition to the works 
mentioned in vol. i. : 1. New York Statutes relating to 
Limited Partnerships, with the Statutes relating to Com- 
promises by Partners and Joint Debtors, and to Part- 
nership Names and Signs, N. York, 8vo. 2. Reports 
of New York Court of Appeals 1850-1869, N. York, 
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Abbott, Mrs. Belle Kendrick. Leah Mor- 
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Abbott, Benjamin Vaughan, [ante, vol. i., add.,] 
d. 1890. After some years of law practice he devoted 
himself mainly to compilations of law digests and reports. 
He contributed to the Medical Reference Hand-Book 
and to periodicals, and published, in addition to works 
mentioned ante, vol. i. : 1. Digest of New York Statutes 
and Reports, from the Earliest Period to July, 1863, N. 
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11. Pateut Laws of All Nations, Wash, r 1835, 8vo. 



With ABBOTT, AUSTIN: 1. Forms of Conveyancing, Con- 
tracts and Legal Proceedings, N. York, 8vo. 2. A 
Collection of Forms of Practice and Pleading in Actions, 
2 vols. 8vo. 3. General Digest of the Laws of Corpora- 
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vols. Svo; new ser., 1865-75, N. York, 1866-76, 16 vols. 
r. Svo. 8. Treatise on the Practice of the United 
States Courts, 1869, r. Svo. He also wrote in conjunc- 
tion with his brothers Austin and Lyman, under the 
pseudonyms of "Benauly," formed from the first syl- 
lables of their respective name.*, in addition to the novel 
mentioned ante, vol. i. f Matthew Caraby, 1858. 

Abbott, Charles Conrad, M.D., b. 1843, at Tren- 
ton, N.J., graduated in the medical department of the 
University of Pennsylvania in 1865, but has since de- 
voted himself especially to archaeological researches and 
studies in natural history. In 1872 he discovered remains 
of palaeolithic man in the valley of the Delaware, anil 
he has brought forward facts nnd arguments tending to 
prove the early dispersion of the Eskimo race in the 
continent of America us tar south as New .'ersey. 1. 
Primitive Industry ; or. Illustrations of the Handiwork, 
in Stone, Bone, and Clay, of the Native Races of the 
Northern Atlantic Seaboard of America, Salem, Mass., 

"While, from the nature of the case, his immediate 
object is to describe the implements which remain imper- 
ishable because of stone yet the fact that they are im- 
plements leads us back to the uses to which they were put ; 
and by degrees the primitive Indian life grows to a vivid 
picture before the mind of the reader." Nation, xxxiv.37. 

2. A Naturalist's Rambles about Home, N. York, 
1884, Svo. 

"One of the best popular works on the natural history 
of the United States." Nation, xl. 18. 

3. Cyclopaedia of Natural History, Troy, N.Y., 1886, 
12mo. 4. Upland and Meadow : a Poaetquessings Chron- 
icle, N. York, 1886, 12mo. 5. Waste-land Wanderings, 
N.York, 1887, 12mo. 

Abbott, Rev. Edward, son of Jacob Abbott, 
(infra,) b. 1841, at Fartnington, Maine; educated at 
the University of New York and at Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary ; ordained in the Congregational 
Church 1863; pastor of Stearns Chapel, Cambridgeport, 
1865-69 ; associate editor of The Congregatlonalist from 
1869 to 1878, when he entered the Protestant Episcopal 
communion, and became minister of St. James' Church, 
Cambridge. He was editor of the Literary World, Bos- 
ton, from 1878 till 1888. 1. The Baby's Things: a 
Christmas Story in Verse. Illust. N. York, 1871, 4to. 
2. Dialogues of Christ, Bost., 32mo. 3. Paragraph His- 
tory of the American Revolution, Boct., 1875, sq. 18mo. 
4. Revolutionary Times : Sketches of our Country One 
Hundred Years Ago, Bost., 1876, sq. 18mo. 5. Long 
Look House. Illust. Bost., 12mo. 6. Out- Doors at Long 
Look. Illust. Bost., 12mo. 7. Three last form series of 
Long Look Books, Bost., 1876-80, 3 vols. 12ino. Illust. 
8. A Trip Eastward : a Book for Boys and Girls. Illuet. 
Bost., 1884, 12mo. 

Abbott, Edwin, 1808-1882, b. in London, was 
from 1827 to 1872 head master of the Philological School 
in Marylebone. He published some school-books, and A 
Concordance to the Original Poetical Works of Alexander 
Pope, with an Introduction by Edwin A. Abbott, Lon., 
1875, Svo. 

Abbott, Rev. Edwin Abbott, D.D., b. 1838, in 
London, was educated at St. John's College, Cambridge, 
where he graduated a senior in the classical tripos and 
was elected a Fellow in 1861. He was assistnnt master 
in King Edward's School, Birmingham, 1862-64, and in 
1865 was appointed head master of the City of London 
School. He has been select preacher at both Oxford 
and Cambridge, and was Hulsean Lecturer in the latter 
university in 1876. Dr. Abbott's publications include 
several school-books, viz. : How to Write Clearly ; How 
to Parse, 1878; How to Tell the Parts of Speech, 1881 ; 
Latin Prose through English Idiom*, etc. ; also, several 
religious books for children, viz. : Bible Lessons; Child's 
Christmas Sheaf from the Bible Fields; Good Voices: a 
Child's Guide to the Bible, 1871 ; Parables for Children, 
1873; also, Hints on Home Teaching. His more im- 
portant works are: 1. A Shakespearean Grammar: an 
Attempt to Illustrate souie of the Differences between 

Elizabethan and Modern English, 1869, 12mo; newed., 
is" I. 2. Cambridge Sermons: Preached before the 
University, Lon., 1876, 8vo. 

"We have to do in the sermons before us with a man 
who fears nothing, ignores nothing, takes nothing for 
granted. . . . With extreme fairness, n- Itscems to ua. IT. 
Abbott faces the position of Christianity at this moment 
on iu darkest side." Spectator, xlviii. 887. 

3. (Ed.) Bacon's Essays : with Introduction, Notes, and 
Index, Lon., 1876, 2 vols. 18mo. 4. Bacon and Essex : 
a Sketch of Bacon's Earlier Life, Lon., 1877, Svo. 

" The interest of an inquiry such as that conducted by 
Dr. Abbott sneaks for itself: and the ability which he hat 
brought to bear upon it will insure the fulfilment of hi> 
hope that by diligent sifting of facts and interpretations we 
may at least come nearer to the truth." Sat. Rev., xllv. 19. 

5. Through Nature to Christ; or, The Ascent of Wor- 
ship through Illusion to the Truth, Lon., 1877, Svo. 

" Dr. Abbott thinks that the young people of our day 
who reject the faith of Christ because this faith demands 
a belief in the supernatural, and therefore incredible, may 
be won over to the truth by presenting the worship of 
Christ so that they shall be called upon to accept nothing 
that is unnatural or Incredible. . . . We question whether 
his work, honest and earnest though it be, will prove of 
.service in this way. . . . There is much in this volume 
which has our heartiest sympathy." Spectator, 1. 949. 

6. Philochristus : Memoirs of a Disciple of the Lord, 
Lon., 1878, 8vo ; 2d ed., same year. Anon. 

"Scholarship, capacity, and a freshness and fascination 
due to rare literary skill are visibly impressed upon these 
pages ; the tone is elevated, and there is preserved through- 
out a grave delicacy and refinement of feeling ; yet the 
author delights in broad panoramic colouring, and the nar- 
rative moves rapidly onward, with the vividness and 
animation of a drama. The work bears everywhere the 
self-attesting signature of an original and a richly gifted 
mind.. . .This study of the life of Christ has some advan- 
tages over the most noted handlings of the same subject 
which have preceded it. More Christian than that of 
Strauss, more readable than that of Neander, more earnest 
and genuinely reverential than that of Renan. and more 
thorough-going than that .f the author of Ecce Homo, it 
will reward a careful perusal by any one who is seriously 
interested in the subject. Its realization of the circum- 
stances of Christ's life is perhaps unequalled, its conception 
of Christ's spiritual character is sublime, but its logical 
and historical basis is feeble." Spectator, li. 669. 

7. Oxford Sermons : Preached before the University, 
Lon., 1879, Svo. 8. Onesimus : Memoirs of a Disciple 
of St. Paul, Lon., 1882, Svo. Anon. 

" Quite apart from the substructure of genuine scholar- 
ship upon which the story is built up, and which is 
wrought with an amount of skilful labour and a range of 
selection which will be hidden from all but the expert, the 
mere story itself is a fascinating piece of narration. . . . 
If the author had proposed no further object than to 
instruct and amuse the ordinary reader, he might claim 
to have succeeded. The pleasantness of the narrative, 
however, and the life-likeuess of the individual portrai- 
ture, are mere accidents. The motive of the narrator is not 
literary, but doctrinal or perhaps we should be more 
correct if we were to say that it is anti-doctrinal. The 
most obtrusive feature in the story to the critical reader is 
its amazingly ingenuous anachronism. . . . The persons 
named in the Acts of the Apostles and St. Paul's Epistles 
are compelled to talk in the critical speech of Baur and 
Volkmar." Sat. Rev., liii. 605. 

9. Flutland : a Romance of Many Dimensions. By A. 
Square. Lon., 1884, 4to. Anon. 

1l He tells of his mysterious and painful initiation into 
the larger world of Three Dimensions. . . . Flatland is 
inhabited by a race whose shape is that of geometrical 
figures. The women are straight lines, the men vary from 
triangles in the lower orders to circles in the highest. . . . 
Much of it will be read with amusement, as satire, by those 
who do not appreciate its scientific bearing. . . . The 
assumption of the author is worked out with wonderful 
consistency, and his mathematics are thoroughly sound." 
Spectator, Ivii. 1583. 

10. Francis Bacon : an Account of his Life and Works, 
Lon., 1885, Svo. 

" Dr. Abbott's volume on Bacon maintains pretty much 
the same view of Bacon's career as Dean Church s more 
concise and also more elegant one. . . . One thing only 
will be wanting to this kind of teaching, but a vital one. 
It will not have the qualities of searching and serious 
criticism, the power of realizing the conditions of a 
society widely different from one's own." Sot Rev., 
lix. 761. 

" If diligent study of all that Bacon wrote, combined 
with a general knowledge of the history of his times, had 
been sufficient to make a perfect biography, Dr. Abbott 
would have no one to question his claim to that title. 
Unfortunatelv, though his apparatus would have been 
complete if the subject of his biography had lived in the 
nineteenth century, and therefore in an atmosphere with 
which both authorand reader are familiar, itis not enough 
when the subject of the biography has been dead for more 
than two hundred years. The author who would succeed 
under such conditions must be, not merely thoroughly, 
but iuatiuutively, familiar with the problems of the age 




In which the personage he describes lived, and with the 
aims and ideas which were natural to it, however strange 
they may seem to us. It is in this necessary knowledge 
that Dr. Abbott most distinctly fails." S. R. GARDINER: 
Acad., xxvii. 411. 

II. The Kernel and the Husk: Letters on Spiritual 
Christianity. By the Author of '' Philochristus" and 
"Onesiinus." Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. Anon. 

"This remarkable book may be regarded as a natural 
complement of the author's previous works, Philochristus 
and Onesimus. It affords a reply to some such questjon as 
this : Assuming the origin andearly growth of Christianity 
to be what you represent, how do you propose to apply 
your method and conclusions to the practical needs of 
Christian theology in the present day? ... He wishes to 
substitute for a miraculous a non-miraculous, or, as he 
terms it. a spiritual Christianity. . . . Incidental defects 
might be noticed, but they are scarcely worth mention 
In view of the many excellencies of his work. In my 
opinion it is one of the most noteworthy productions of 
recent English theology. No candid reader, of whatever 
school of thought, can rise from its perusal without being 
equally interested and instructed." JOHN OWEN: Acad., 
xxxi. 123. 

" The work resolves itself on examination into three 
connected parts, one of which is personal and biographical. 
one is philosophical and constructive, and one is critical 
and theological. The first tells how doubts arose, how 
the author partly fought and overcame them, and how 
some of them overcame him ; the second describes and 
justifies the method by which he has reached the goal, 
and sets forth thebasis on which his belief rests; and 'the 
third part criticises the ordinary belief in the miraculous, 
and seeks to substitute belief in the naturalness of the 
Divine for belief in the miraculous. The whole book is of 
great interest, apart from the vast issues discussed in it, 
because it aftbrds us a curious insight into the workings 
of an individual mind of unusual versatility and quick- 
ness of apprehension, aud also of quite unusual culture." 
Spectator, Ix. 2ft4. 

With RUSHBROOKE, W. G., M.L., formerly fellow of 
St. John's College, Cambridge, The Common Tradition 
of the Synoptic Gospels in the Text of the Revised 
Version, Lon., 1884, p. 8vo. With SEELEY, JOHN ROBERT, 
English Lessons for English People, Lon., 1871, p. 8vo. 

Abbott, Evelyn, LL.D., b. 1843, was educated at 
Balliol College, Oxford, where he gained the Gaisford 
Prize in 1804 and graduated first class Lit. Hum. 
18H6. He was elected a fellow of the college in 1874, 
and became subsequently tutor and librarian. 1. Eluci- 
dations of the Student's Greek Grammar, from the 
German of Prof. Curtius, Lon., 1874. 2. Elements 
of Greek Accidence, with Philological Notes, Lon., 1874, 
r. 8vo. 3. Index to Plato, compiled for the Second 
Edition of Professor Jowett's Translation of the Dia- 
logues, (separate ed.,) Lon., 1875, 8vo. 4. (Ed.) Hel- 
lenioa: a Collection of Essays on Greek Poetry, Phi- 
Ioopby, History, and Religion. Lon., 1880, 8vo. (Con- 
'tains articles by six members of the University of Oxford 
and three Cantabriginns.) 

"This book may be fairly said to give the measure of 
'the present condition and tendency of scholarship in 
England." Arad., xviii. 93. 

5. (Trans.) History of Antiquity. From the Germnn 
of Max Duncker. Lon., 1877-81. 6 vols. 8vo. 6. A Skele- 
ton Outline of Greek History, chronologically arranged, 
Lon., 1884, 12mo. 7. A History of Greece: Part I., 
From the Earliest Times to the Ionian Revolt, Lon., 
1888, cr. Svo. 

" Not so vast by any means as that of Grote. nor so 
eloquent and conjectural as that of Curtius, Mr. Abbott's 
History is full of Interest, it is never dull, and it has 
certain mer'ts which cannot be found in any of its 
English predecessors." Sat. Kev., Ixvi. 57. 

See, also, ALLEYNE, SARAH FRANCES, infra. 

Abbott, Franklin Pierce. 1. (Trans.) An- 
nouchka: a Tale, by Ivan S. Turgenef, from the French 
of the Author's Own Translation, Bost., 1884, 12mo. 2. 
(Tran.-.) Annuls of a Sportsman, by Ivan Turgenieff, 
("Leisure Hour" Ser.,) N. York, 1885, 16mo. 

Abbott, G. The Good Spirit: a Story for the 
Christinas Fireside, Lon., 1863, 8vo. 

Abbott, George. 1. The Atheist's Portrait; or, 
The Mind of Man : a Poem, Lon., 18B3, 8vo. 2. The 
Mother's Victory, and other Poems, Lon., 1867, 8vo. 

Abbott, George Washington. Event., Auec- 
dotical, Historical, and Biographical, in the Life of an 
Octogenarian, between the Years 179Gand 1815, 1st Ser., 
Lon., 1878, p. 8vo. 

Abbott, Gervaise. The Heirs of Cheveleigh : a 
Novel, Lon., 1858, 3 void. p. 8vo. 

Abbott, Rev. Gorham Dummer, LL.D., 1807- 
1874, brother of Jacob and John S. C. Abbott, ["<? ,] 
b. at Hallowell, Maine; educated at Bowdoin College 
and Andover Theological Seminary, and ordained aa 

a Congregationalist minister in 1831. From 1845 till 
1869 he was a teacher in New York City. He wrote for 
the American Tract Society and devoted much time to 
Biblical researches, and supplied the letter-press for a 
volume of engravings from paintings by T. Cole, The 
Voyage of Life, N. York, 1856, 4to. 1. The Family at 
Home. 2. Nathan W. Dickerman. 3. Pleasure and 
Profit. 4. Mexico and the United States: their Mutual 
Relations and Common Interests, N. York, 1869, 8vo. 

Abbott, Henry L. Defence of the Sea-Coast of 
the United States: Lectures before the U.S. Naval War 
College, N. York, 1888, 8vo. 

Abbott, J. J. C. 1. The ArgenteuilCase: Report 
of the Controverted Election for the County of Ar- 
genteuil, Montreal, 1860, 8vo. 2. The Insolvent Act of 

1864, with Notes, Ac., Quebec, 1864, 8vo. 

Abbott, Rev. Jacob, [ante, vol. i., add.,] d. 1879, 
at Farmington, Me., where he had resided since 1839; 
published in addition to works mentioned mite, vol. i. : 

1. American History, N. York, 1862-65, 8 vols. 16mo. 

2. The Harlie Stories, N. York, 1862, 6 vols. 16mo. 3. 
Rollo and Lucy Books of Poetry, Phi la., 1862, 3 vols. 
12ino; new ed., 1870. 4. Florence Stories, N. York, 
1862-64, 6 vols. 16mo. 5. John Gay; or, Work for 
Boys, N. York, 1865, 4 vols. 18mo. 6. Mary Gay; or, 
Work for Girls, N. York, 1865, 4 vols. 18mo. 7. Wil- 
liam Gay; or, Play for Boys, N. York, 1869, 4 vols. 8. 
Juno Stories, N. York, 1870, 4 vols. 16mo. 9. August 
Stories, N. York, 1871-72, 4 vols. 16mo. 10. Aboriginal 
America. Illust. N. York, 16mo. 11. Discovery of 
America. Illust. N. York, 16mo. 12. Gentle Measures 
in Training the Young. Illust. N. York, 12mo. 13. 
Rainbow and Lucky Series. Illust. N. York, 5 vols. 16mo. 
14. Rollo's Tour in Europe. Illust. N.York, 10 vols. 
16mo. 15. Science for the Young. Illust. N. York, 
4 vols. 12mo. 

Abbott, James, of Queen's College, Cambridge. 1. 
The Hand-Book of Idiotcy, Lon., 1856, 12mo. 2. Logi- 
cal Arguments and Metaphysical Verities, proving that 
Man bus Free Will in Religious and Spiritual Things, 
Lon., 1856, 12mo. 3. The Book for Training Children; 
2d ed., Lon., 1864, 12mo. 

Abbott, Rev. John, graduated at St. Augustine's 
College, Canterbury, 1858; ordained 1861 ; minor canon 
of Halifax Cathedral 1860-74. 1. Memoirs of a Church 
of England Missionary in the North American Colonies. 
2. Philip Musgrave; or, Church Missionary Life in 
Canada, Lon., 1861, p. 8vo. 

Abbott, John. Treatise on Jack Pot Poker, with 
the Game of Sancho Pedro when played for Stakes, New 
Orleans, La., 1881, 24mo. 

Abbott, John L. Home-Book of Wonders in 
Nature, Science, and Art. Illust. Hartford, 1870, 12mo. 

Abbott, Rev. John Stevens Cabot, [mite, vol. 
i., add.,] 1805-1877, was a Congregational minister, but 
resigned his pastorate in 1844 and devoted himself to 
literature; published, in addition to the books men- 
tioned ante, vol. i. : 1. Practical Christianity, N.York, 
1862, 16mo. 2. History of the Civil War in America, 
N. York, 1863-65, 2 vols. 8vo. 3. Lives of the Presi- 
dents of the United States, Bost., 1867, 8vo. 4. Life 
6f Gen. U. S. Grant, Bost., 1868, 12mo. 5. History 
of Napoleon III., Bost., 1868, 8vo. 6. Romance of 
Spanish History, N. York, 1869, 12mo. 7. American 
Pioneers and Patriots : Early History and Settle- 
ment of America. Illust. N. York, 1873-76, 12 vols. 
12ino. 8. Christopher Carson, familiarly known as Kit 
Carson, N. York, 1873, 12mo. 9. History of Frederick 
the Great. Illust. N. York. 8vo. 10. History of Maine, 
from its Discovery by the Northmen. Illust. Bost., 8vo. 
11. Italy and the War for Italian Independence, includ- 
ing a Sketch of Pius IX., Ac., Bost., Svo. 12. King- 
doms of the World, N. York, 1883, 4 vols. Svo. 

Abbott, Rev. Lyman, D.D., [mite, vol. i., see 
ABBOTT, BENJAMIN V., AUSTIN, nnd LYMAN,] gave up the 
practice of law to enter the Congregational ministry in 
1860; was pastor of a church in Terre Haute, Ind., till 

1865, when he returned to New York as secretary of the 
American Union (Freedmen's) Commission, and became 
pastor of the New England Church in New York, but 
resigned his charge in 1869 to engage in journalism and 
literature. He succeeded Henry Ward Beecher as editor- 
in-chief of the Christian Union. 1. Jesus of Naza- 
reth : his Life and Teachings. Illust. N. York, 1869, cr. 
Svo. 2. Old Testament Studies of New Testament 
Truths. Illuat. N. York, 1870, Svo. 3. A Layman's 



Story ; or, The Experiences of John Laicus and his Wifr 
in a Country Parish, N. York, 1873, 16nio. 4. New 
Testament, with Notes and Comments : Matthew and 
Mark. Maps and illust. N. York, 1875-76, 8*0. 5. 
Acts: with Notes and Comments. Maps and illust. N. 
York, 1876, 8vo. 6. How to Study the Bible, N. York, 
1877, 16mo. 7. Gospel according to St. Luke, with 
Notes and Comments. Maps and illust. N. York, 1878, 
8ro. 8. (Ed.) Hints for Home Keading : Chapters on 
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With CONANT, T. C., (ed.) Dictionary of Religious 
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dition, Chicago, 16mo; 2d ed., 1867. 2. The Davenport 
Brothers: their History, Travels, and Manifestations; 
also, The Philosophy of Dark Circles, Ancient and Mod- 
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1812 to the Soldiers who suppressed the Rebellion, 
Chicago, 1867. 

Abbott, Richard. Elementary Physical Astron- 
omy, Lon., 1870, 8vo. 

Abbott, Rosa. See PARKER, ROSA ABBOTT. 

Abbott, Samuel. Ardenuiohr among the Hills: 
a Record of Scenery and Sports in the Highlands of 
Scotland. Illust. Lon., 1876, 8vo. 

Abbott, Rev. Thomas Kingsmill, B.D., b. 
1829, in Dublin, Ireland; educated at Trinity College, 
Dublin, where he graduated with honors in mathematics, 
ethics, and logic, and was elected a fellow. From 1867 
to 1872 he was professor of moral philosophy in Trinity 
College; since 1875 he has been professor of Biblical 
Greek; and since 1879 of Hebrew also. 1. Revision of 
the Authorized Version of the English Bible, and our 
Duty with Regard to it ; with an Appendix containing 
a Concordance of the Most Important Terms in the New 
Testament, Dublin, 1857, 8vo ; 2d ed., 1871. Anon. 2. 
Sight aiid Touch : an Attempt to disprove the received 
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(Ed.) Evangeliorurn Versio Antehieronymiana, ex Codice 
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Introduction to Logic and his Essay on the Mistaken 
Subtilty of the Four Figures. With Notes by S. T. 
Coleridge. Lon., 1885, 8vo. 11. Elementary Theory of 
the Tides : their Fundamental Theorems demonstrated 
without Mathematics, and the Length of the Day dis- 
cussed, Lon., 1888, cr. 8vo. 

Abbott, Mrs. W. The Garden, and other Poems, 
Lon., 1855, 8vo. 

Abbott, W. H. Advice to Youths about entering 
on a Commercial Career, Lon., 1867, 12ino. 

Abbott, Waldo. Our Sunday-School, and how we 
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3. Sea-Bathing Guide, Lon., 1863, 12mo: 12th ed., 
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Abbs, John. Twenty-Two Years' Missionary Ex- 
perience in Travancore, Lon., 1870, p. 8vo. 

Abdy, John Thomas, LL.D., b. 1822, at Madras; 
educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where be gradu- 
ated a* Senior in the Civil Law in 1844 : in 1850 be was 
elected fellow of his college and called to the bar; he was 
Regius Professor of the Civil Law in the University of 
Cambridge, 1854-73; was appointed recorder of Bedford 
1870, and a county court judge 1871. 1. HiHorical 
Sketch of Civil Procedure among the Romans, Cam- 
bridge, 1857, 8vo. 2. (Ed.) Kent's Commentary on 
International Law, Lon., 1866, 8vo; 2d ed., rev., 1878. 
With WALKER, BRYAN, M.A., LL.D.: 1. (Ed.) The 
Commentaries of (Jains and Rules of Ulpian, with a 
Translation and Notes, Lon., 1870, p. 8vo; new ed., 
rev. by Bryan Walker, 1874. 

" As scholars and as editors Messrs. Abdy and Walker 
have done their work well. . . . For one thing the editors 
deserve special commendation. They have presented 
Gaius to the reader with few notes, and those merely 
by way of reference or necessary explanation. Thus the 
Roman jurist is allowed to speak for himself, and the 
reader feels that he is really studying Roman law in the 
original, and not a fanciful representation of it." 

2. (Trans.) The Institutes of Justinian, with Notes, 
Lon., 1876, cr. 8vo. 

" We welcome here a valuable contribution to the study 
of jurisprudence. The text of the Institutes is occasionally 
perplexing, even to practised scholars, whose knowledge 
of classical models does not always avail them in dealing 
with the technicalities of legal phraseology. Nor can the 
ordinary dictionaries be expected to furnish all the help 
that is wanted. This translation will then be of great use. 
To the ordinary student, whose attention is distracted from 
the subject-matter by the difficulty of struggling through 
the language in which it is contained, it will be almost 
indispensable." Spectator. 

Abdy- Williams, E. M. See WISHAW, MRS. E. M. 

A'Beckett, Arthur William, b. 1844, at Port- 
land House, Hammersmith, London, son of Gilbert 
Abbott A'Beckett, [see ante, vol. i., BECKETT, GILBERT 
ABBOTT A,] was a clerk in the War Office 1862-64, but 
gave up that position to edit the Glow- Worm, a Lon- 
don evening paper, and has edited other periodicals. 
He was special correspondent of the Globe and the 
Standard during the Franco-Prussian war, and since 
1874 has been on the staff of Punch. In 1882 he was 
called to the bar. He has contributed to periodicals, and 
is the author of several plays acted on the London stage. 
1. Fallen among Thieves : a Novel of Interest, Lon., 
1870, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 2. The Modern Arabian Nights, 
4 Nos., 1876, 8vo. 3. Our Holiday in the Scottish 
Highlands. Illust. Lon., 1876, oblong folio. 4. The 
Ghost of Greystone Grange, 1877, 8vo. 5. The Mystery 
of Mostyn Manor, 1878. 6. Tracked Out: a Secret of 
the Guillotine, Bristol, 1888, 12mo. 7. On Strike. By 
Bertie Vyse, (pseud.) 

A'Beckett, Sir William, 1806-1869, [ante, vol. i., 
see BECKET, WILLIAM A,] eldest son of William A'Beck- 
ett, and brother of Gilbert Abbott A'Beckett, [q. v., ,ant, 
vol. i.,] was born in London, educated at Westminster 
School, and called to the bar in 1829. He emigrated to 
New South Wales, and was successively solicitor-general 
and attorney-general of that colony. In 1851 he was 
appointed chief-justice of Victoria, and knighted. In 
1863 he returned to England, where be died. In addi- 
tion to the work mentioned in vol. i. and a number of 
contributions to The Georgian Era, he published : 1. The 
Siege of Dumbarton Castle, and other Poems, 1824. 2. 
The Magistrate's Manual for the Colony of Victoria, 
Melbourne, 1852. 3. Out of Harness, Lon., 1854. 4. 
The Earl's Choice, and other Poems, Lon., 1863, 12mo. 

Abel, Carl, Ph.D., the "Times" correspondent at 
Berlin. 1. Letters on International Relations. By Dr. 
A. Lon., 1871, 8vo. 2. Linguistic Essays, ("English 
and Foreign Philosophical Library," and " Triibner's 
Oriental Series,") Lon., 1882, 8vo. 

"A suggestive book, which brings forward a side of 
philology which does not receive much attention in Eng- 
land. M'ost of the essays, if not nil, have already appeared 
in Germany." Athenxum, No. 2865. 

3. Slavic and Latin: Ilchester Lectures on Compara- 
tive Lexicography, delivered at the Taylor Institution, 
Oxford, Lon., 1883, 8vo. 

" About his acquaintance with the languages which he 
discusses in the volume now before us there can be no dis- 
pute, and we may well be grateful to him for his labours 




in, as he styles it, ' tilling virgin soil,' even though we may 
be unable to acquiesce implicitly in all the 'conceptual 
estimates' to which he lays claim." Sat. Rev., Ivi. 341. 

Abel, Charles I).. C.B. 1. Rudimentary and 
Elementary Principles of the Construciion and Working 
of Machinery. Text and Plates. Lon., 1860, 12mo and 
4to. 2. The Action of the Patent Laws in Promoting 
Invention, Lon., 18(54, 8vo. 

Abel, Sir Frederick Augustus, C.B., D.C.L., b. 
1827, in London, Associate Member of the Ordnance 
Committee, Chemist to the War Department, and Chemi- 
cal Referee to the British Government. He has been 
President of the Institute of Chemistry and of various 
scientific societies, and was knighted in 1883. 1. The 
Modern History of Gunpowder, ("Science Lectures,") 
Lon., 1866, 8vo. 2. Gun Cotton, ("Science Lectures,") 
1866, 8vo. 3. On Recent Investigations and Applications 
of Explosive Agents: a Lecture, Edin., 1871, 8vo. 4. 
Researches in Explosives, 1875. 5. Electricity applied 
to Explosive Purposes, 1884. With BLOXAM, COL. 
CHARLES LOHDOX, Hund-Book of Chemistry, Theoretical, 
Practical, and Technical, 1854, 8vo ; 2d ed., 1858. 

Abel, G. Gordon, and other Poems, Lon., 1885, 
p. 8vo. 

Abel, John, Barrister- at-Law. (EJ.) Memorials <>f 
Queen Eleanor, illustrated by Photography; with a 
Short Account of their History and Present Condition, 
Lon., 1864, folio. 

Abell, Mrs. Lucia Elizabeth. Recollections 
of the Emperor Napoleon during the First Three Years 
of his Captivity on the Island of St. Helena, Lon., 1844, 
IL'mo; 3d ed., revised and added to by Mrs. C. Johns- 
tone, 1873, 8vo. 

Abercrombie, John, M.D., F.R.C.P., Senior 
Assistant Physician to, and late Lecturer on Forensic 
Medicine at, Charing Cross Hospital, London. The 
Student's Guide to Medical Jurisprudence, Lon., 1885, 
fp. 8vo. 

Abercrombie, Robert, M.R.C.S.E. and L.S.A. 
1. A General Treatise on the Anatomy and Physiology 
of t'ne Lungs and Heart, the Nature, New Treatment, 
and Pathological Signs of Consumption, Diseases of the 
Heart, Ac., Lon., 1865, 8vo ; 24 eds. to 1880, several of 
them with some change in the title. 2. The New Self 
Doctor, or Medical Referee, on General Ailments, Con- 
fidential Cases, Ac., Lon., 1878, 8vo ; 5th ed.. 1882. 

Abercromby, James, Baron Dunfermline, 
1776-1858, third son of General Sir Ralph Abercromby, 
was called to the bar in 1801 ; became M.P. for Midhurst 
in 1807; was Chief Baron of th Exchequer of Scotland 
1830-32, and afterwards represented Edinburgh, and 
held office as Master of the Mint, retiring in 1839, when 
he was created Baron Dunfermline of Dunfermline in the 
county of Fife. Lieutenant-General Sir Ralph Aber- 
cromby, K.B., 1793-1801: a Memoir, Edin., 1861, 8vo. 

" A valuable addition to a soldier's libra- y." Sat. Rev., 
ill. 412. 

"The best authority for his [Sir R. Abercromby's] life." 
Diet, qf Nat. liiog., i. 46. 

Abercromby, Hon. Ralph, b. 1842, late 60th 
Rifles, third son of the third and brother of the fourth 
Baron Abercromby. He is a Fellow of the Meteorologi- 
cal Society. 1. Principles of Forecasting by Means of 
Weather Charts, Lon., 1885. 2. Weather: a Popular 
Exposition of the Nature of Weather Changes from Day 
to Day, (" International Series,") Lon., 1^87, p. 8vo. 

" A most useful manual." Acad., xxxiii. 11. 

"The following sentence in the preface tells us briefly 
the object of the whole boo'; : ' Many books have been 
written <>n storms and climates, but 'none on every-day 
weather;' and he claims in the present volume to have 
opened for those who only know meteorology as a dull 
branch of statistics 'a new prospect in science and a new 
vision to the mind.' " Sat. Rev., Ixiv. 641. 

3. Seas and Skies in Many Latitudes; or, Wanderings 
in Search of Weather. II lust, and Maps. Lon., 1888, 

" Mr. Abercromby has aimed at giving us a description 
of clouds and weather i;> the numerous countries he has 
visited; and as he is thoroughly versed in the scientific 
knowledge necessary, possesses just appreciation of the 
value of details, together with keen observation, and is, 
moreover, gifted with much power of graphic description, 
this book Is a most valuable addition to travellers' tales of 
exploration and adventure." Spectator, Ixii. 235. 

Aberdare, Lord. See BRUCK. 

Aberigh-Mackay. See MACKAY. 

Abert, Silvanus Thayer, b. 1828, in Philadel- 
phia, was educated at Princeton University, served in 
the civil war, and has since been engaged as civil engi- 
neer in numerous government surveys. Besides official 

reports, he has published Notes, Historical and Statis- 
tical, upon the Projected Route for an Interoceanic Ship 
Canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Cincin- 
nati, 1872. 

Abington, S. J. The "Great West:" The Ques- 
tion of Emigration, Ac., Liverpool, 1871, 8vo. 

Ablctt, William H., of Eastwick, Herts. 1. The 
Stepping-Stonfs to Success: a Few Every-Day Hints 
addressed to the Youths and Young Men of the Drapery 
Trade, Lon., 1854, 12mo. 2. The Road to Riches; or, 
Plain Directions for Securing Wealth. By Telba. Lon., 
1857, 12mo. 3. Fingerpost to Success : Advice to Youths 
about to enter on a Commercial Career, Manchester, 1867, 
12mo. 4. Reminiscences of an Old Dniper, 1867, p. 8vo. 
5. Arboriculture for Aumteurs, Lon., 1880, cr. 8vo. 6. 
English Trees and Tree-Planting, Lon., 1880, Svo. 7. 
Stock-Keeping for Amateurs, 1880, Svo. And see RO- 
LAND, ARTHUR, infra, 

Abney, A. H. Life and Adventures of J. D. Laf- 
ferty, N. York, 1875, 12mo. 

Abney, William de Wivesleslie, F.R.S., b. 
1843, at Derby, Eng., and educated at the Royal Mili- 
tary Academy, Woolwich ; captain in the Royal Engi- 
neers 1873 ; became instructor in chemistry to the 
Royal Engineers, Chatham, and afterwards inspector for 
science in the science and art department. He was one 
of the scientific observers of the transit of Venus in 
1874. He has contributed a large number of papers to 
the Philosophical Magazine and the Philosophical Trans- 
actions of the Royal Society, some of which have been 
republished. 1. Instructions in Photography, Lon., 
1874, 12ino; 5th ed., 1882. 2. Photography. Illust. 
(South Kensington Lect.) Lon., 1876, 12mo. 3. Thebes 
and its Five Greater Temples. Illust. Lon., 1876, 4to. 
4. Photography, ("Text-Books of Science,") Lon., 1878, 
1 2mo. 5. Emulsion Processes in Photography, Lon., 1878, 
IL'mo. 6. Practical Working of Gelatine Emulsion Pro- 
cess, Lon., 1880, 12mo. 7. (Trans.) Chemical Effect of the 
Spectrum. By J. M. Eder. Lon., 1883, 12mo. 8. Nega- 
tive Making: on Gelatine Plates, Lon., 1887, 12ino. 9. 
Colour Photometry, Bakerian Lecture, (Philosophical 
Transactions of the Royal Society,) Lon., 1887, 4to. 10. 
Solar Spectrum, (Phil. Trans.,) Lon., 1887, 4to. 11. 
Transmission of Sunlight through the Earth's Atmos- 
phere, (Phil. Trans.,) Lon., 1883, 4to. 12. (Ed.) The 
Spectrum Analysis in its Application to Terrestrial Sub- 
stances and the Physical Constitution of the Heavenly 
Bodies. By Dr. H. Schellen. With Notes. Lon., 1885, 
Svo. With FESTING, , Atomic Grouping of Mole- 
cules, (Phil. Trans..) Lon., 1882, 4to. With SCHUSTER, 

, The Total Solar Eclipse of May 17, 1882, (Phil. 

Trans.,) Lon., 1884, 4to. 

Abrahall, Bennet Hoskyns-. Reform of the 
Laws relating to Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Lon., 1861, 

Abrahall, Chandos Hoskyns-. 1. Arctic En- 
terprise: a Poem, Lon., 1856, p. Svo. 2. Learn and 
Teach : a Poem, 1859, 1 2uio. 3. The Career of Franklin : 
an Ode; with other Poems, 1860, 12mo. 4. Rinaldo: a 
Dramatic Poem, 1863, Svo. 

Abrahall, Rev. John Hoskyns-, M.A., gradu- 
ated at Balliol College, Oxford, 1850 ; Fellow of Lincoln 
College 1853-57; ordained 1854; principal of Trinity 
College School, Toronto, 1857-59 ; Vicar of Combe Longa, 
Oxford, since 1861. 1. The Body of Christ : a Lecture, 
Oxford, 1861, Svo. 2. Verselets, Latin and English, 
Lon., 1863, 12mo. 3. Western Woods and Waters : 
Poems and Illustrative Notes, Lon., 1864, 12mo. (A 
description of a tour round the great American lakes, in 
the metre of Hiawatha.) 

Abraham, Rt. Rev. Charles John, D.D., b. 
1815, at Farnborough, Hants ; educated at Eton and at 
Cambridge, where he graduated 1837 and was elected 
Fellow of King's College; ordained 1838; Bishop of 
Wellington, New Zealand, 1858-70 ; Rector of Tutenhill 
1875-76, and since then Canon Residentiary of Lich- 
field. 1. Selection of Prayers with Psalms, for Families, 
Lon., 1844, 12rno. 2. The Unity of History; or, Out- 
lines of Lectures on Ancient and Modern History con- 
sidered on Church Principles, Eton, 1845, Svo. 3. Festi- 
val and Lenten Lectures, Oxford, 1849, Svo. 4. Lessons 
on the Church Catechism, Lon., 1849, 12mo. 5. Latin 
Accidence, Lon., 1857, 12mo. 6. Readings, Meditations, 
Ac., on the Communion, Lon., 1858, 12mo. Also, single 

Abraham, Henry Augustus. Newer York. 
By a Lunarian. N. York, 1876. 



Abraham, Philip. 1. Autumn Gatherings, being 
a Collection of Prose and Poetry, Sacred and Secular, 
Lon., 1866, 8vo. 2. Curiosities of Judaism : Facts, 
Opinions, Anecdotes, and Remarks relative to the He- 
brew Nation. Compiled and Collected by P. A. Lon., 
1879, p. Svo. 

Abrahams, J. Land Registration under Lord 
Westbury's Act; 2d ed., Lon., 1864. 

Abrahams, L. B., B.A., principal assistant 
master in the Jews' Free School, London. Scripture 
History for Jewish Schools and Families, Lon., 1882, p. 

A lira in, K- A Ride through Syria, Lon., 1888. 

Abram, William Alexander. 1. Parish of 
Blackburn, County of Lancaster: a History of Black- 
burn, Town and Parish, Blackburn, 1877, 8vo. 2. The 
Rolls of Burgesses at the Guilds Merchant of the Borough 
of Preston, 1397-1682, (Record Soc. Pub.,) Manchester, 
1884, Svo. 

Abram, William John, of the Middle Temple; 
called to the bar 1855. 1. Italy and the Napoleons, 
Lon., 1859, 8vo. 2. Mr. Bright and his Schemes, 1859, 

Absolom, Charles Severn. 1. The Times of 
the Gentiles fulfilling, and Zion's Time approaching, 
Lon., I860, 8vo. 2. Th Authors of " Essays and Reviews" 
judged out of their own Mouth, Lon., 1861, 8vo. 3. 
Dr. Temple's Essay ["The Education of the World"] 
examined, Lon., 1861, Svo. I. Jesus Christ and the 
Author of " Essays and Reviews" contrasted in their 
Estimate of Old Testament Scripture, Lon., 1861, Svo. 

Acaster, John.. Solitary Musings : a Poeiu on the 
Hebrew Nation, Lon., 1853, 12mo. 

Ace, Rev. Daniel, D.D., F.R.A.S., ordained 1849 ; 
Vicar of Laughton, Lincolnshire, since 1871. 1. A 
Treatise on the Romish Tenet of Auricular Confession, 
Lon., 1862, 12mo. 2. The Rationale of Free-Masonry : 
an Oration, 1873, Svo. 

Ackerman, Rev. G. E., D.D. Man a Revela- 
tion of God. N. York, 1888, 12mo. 

Ackland, Joseph. Congregational Church Mem- 
bership, Lon., 1868, Svo. 

Ackland, Rev. Thomas Suter, M.A., graduated 
at St. John's College, Cambridge, 1S39 ; ordained 1841 ; 
Fellow of Clare College, 1842-48 ; Vicar of Wold-Newton, 
Yorkshire, since 1875. 1. A Short Summary of the 
Evidence for the Bible, Lon., 1866, 12mo. 2. The Story 
of Creation as told by Theology and by Science, Lon., 
1873, 12mo. 

Ackland, William. 1. How to take Stereoscopic 
Pictures ; 2d ed., Lon., 1857, Svo. 2. Hints on Specta- 
cles, Lon., 1866, Svo. 

Acklom, George. What they Teach in Rome: a 
Course of Sermons, Swansea, 1852, 12mo. 

Acklom, Mrs. Mary. " Clear Shining :" a Memoir 
of G. M. Acklom. By her Mother. Lon., 1864, 12mo. 

Ackroyd, W. History and Science of Drunkenness, 
Lon., 1883, p. Svo. 

Acland, Arthur Herbert Dyke, M.A., b. 1847, 
second son of Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, (infra,) was 
educated at Oxford, where he was steward of Christ 
Church ; M.P. for the Rotherham division of Yorkshire 
since 1SS5. He has taken an active part in the promo- 
tion of the Co-operative movement. I. With RANSOM K, 
C., Handbook of English Politics for the Last Half-Cen- 
tury, Lon., 1882, cr. Svo. 2. Skeleton Outline of the 
History of England, Lon., 18S2, 12ino ; new ed., 1887, 
12mo. 3. Outlines of the Political History of England 
to 1881 ; 2d ed., Lon., 1882, cr. Svo. With JONES, BEN- 
JAMIN, Workingmen Co-operators : what they have done 
and what they are doing, Lon., 1884, 12mo. 

Acland, Sir Henry Wentworth, K.C.B., M.D., 
F.R.S., b. 1815, fourth son of Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 
tenth Baronet, was educated at Harrow and Christ 
Church, Oxford, was elected Fellow of All Souls Col- 
lege, took his medical degree in 1846, and in 1858 became 
Regius professor of medicine and Radcliffe Librarian. 
He has held several offices in connection with medical 
and sanitary associations, and is honorary physician to 
the Prince of Wales, whom he accompanied to the United 
States in 1860. He was made K.C.B. in 1884. His 
publications have been chiefly pamphlets, of which the 
more important are included in the subjoined list. 1. 
The Plains of Troy. Illustrated by a Panoramic Draw- 
ing and Map. Oxford, 1839, Svo and folio. 2. Memoir 
on the Visitation of Cholera in Oxford in 1854, Lon., 
1856, Svo. 3. Suggestions on Health, Work, and Play, 

1856, p. Svo. 4. The Oxford Museum. Illust. 1859, p. 
Svo. 5. Prints for Cottage Walls, Oxford and Lon., 
1862, 12mo. Anon. 6. Biographical Sketch of Sir 
Benjamin Brodie, Lon., 1804, p. Svo. 7. The llurvci.m 
Oration for 1865, Lon , 1865, p. Svo. 8. Synopsis of the 
Pathological Series in the Oxford Museum, Oxford, 1867, 
Svo. 9. National Health, 187 1, p. Svo. 10. (Ed.) Cata- 
logue of Books on Natural Science in the Radcliffe 
Library, Oxford, up to Dec. 1872, Oxford, 1877, Svo. 

11. The Groundwork of Culture : an Address, 1883, Svo. 

12. Health in the Village, (" International Health Exhi- 
bition Hund-Books.") Illuot. Lon., 1884, Svo. 13. The 
Avon Medical School: an Address, 1887, Svo. 

Acland, James, of Bristol, Eng. The Imperial 
Poll-Book of all Elections, 1832 to end of 1864, Brighton, 
1865, 12mo; new ed., continued to 1869, Lon., 1809, 

Aclnnd, Rev. Peter Leopold Dyke, M.A., 

graduated at Christ College, Oxford, 1841 ; ordained 
1843 ; Vicar of Broad Clyst, Exeter, since 1845. 1. The 
Presence of Christ the Strength and Safety of his Church : 
Sermon, Exeter, 1850, Svo. 2. A Letter to a Physician on 
the Domes-tie Management of Invalids in a Mild Winter 
Climate. By a Clergyman, (P. L. D. A.) Oxford, 1860. 

Acland, Sir Thomas Dyke, Bart., IM.'.L., 
F.R.S., son of the tenth Baronet, b. 1809, at Killerton, 
Devonshire, and educated at Harrow and at Christ 
Church, Oxford; was elected M.P. for West Somerset in 
the Conservative interest in 1837, and resigned his seat 
in 1846 on account of his support of Corn Law Repeal. 
He represented North Devon as a Gladstonian Liberal 
1865-85. His publications, chiefly pamphlets, include: 
1. Middle-Class Education: Scheme of West of England 
Examination and Prizes, Lon., 1857, 3 Parts. 2. 
Mounted Rifles : the Use of the Horse and Gun for 
National Defence, 1860. 3. Some Account of the Origin 
and Objects of the new Oxford Examinations for the 
Title of " Associate in Arts," 1858 ; 2d ed. same year. 
With ELLIS, SIR J. B., The Grillion Club: Members 
of Grillion's Club, 1813-63, Lon., 1864. Privately 
printed. Anon. 

Acland-Troyte. See TROYTE. 

A'Court, Capt. Charles, of the Staff Intelligence 
Department. Military Italy. By Charles Muriel. Lon., 

1884, Svo. (See, as to the authorship of this book, 
The Present Position of European Politics, by Sir Charles 
Dilke, p. 246.) 

Acton, C. Penrhyn. A Letter to the Working 
Men of England, from one of themselves, Lon., 1866. 

Acton, Edward Dirt, barrister of the Inner 
Temple; called to the bar 1836. The Agricultural 
Holdings Act, 1875; with Notes and Index, Lon., 
1876, 12mo. 

Acton, Miss Eliza. 1. The Voice of the North, 
[verse,] Lon., 1842. 2. Modern Cookery in all its 
Branches, Lon., 1845, Ifimo: new eds., rev., Lon., 1861, 
12mo, 1867, 1882. 3. English Bread Book for Domes- 
tic Use, Lon., 1857, 12mo. 

Acton, Mrs. F. Stackhouse. 1. The Castles and 
Old Mansions of Shropshire. By Mrs. F. S. A. Shrews- 
bury, 1868, 4to. 2. My Haunted House, 1866, Svo. 3. 
Mr. Bantry's Heir, 1866. 4. The Boatman of Burton- 
on-the-Wye, 1866. 

Acton, Mrs. Jeanie, (Hering.) 1. Garry: 
a Holiday Story. Illust. Lon., 1867, 16mo. 2. Little 
Pickles: a Tale for Children, Lon., 1S72, 12m... 3. 
Truth will Out: a Tale, Lon., 1873, p. Sro; new ed., 

1885. 4. Golden Days: a Tale of Girls' School Life in 
Germany, Lon., 1873, p. Svo. 5. Through the Mist, 3 
vols., Lon., 1874, p. 8vo; new eds., 1 vol., 1877, 1888, 
p. Svo. 6. Honour and Glory ; or, Hard to Win : a Book 
for Boys, Lon., 1875, ISmo. 7. The Banished Monarch, 
and other Stories, Lon., 18SO, 12mo. 8. Elf. Illust. 
Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 9. Honour is my Guide. Illust. 
Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 

Acton, Sir John Emmerick Edward Dal* 
berg, Baron Acton, Ph.D., b. 1834, at Naples, son 
of Sir Ferdinand R. K. Acton, (d. 1837 ;) educated at the 
Catholic College of St. Mary's, Oscott, Eng., and under 
the private tuition of Dr. Dollinger, at Munich ; raised 
to the peerage in 1869 ; was prominent among the party 
in the Catholic Church which opposed the declaration 
of Papal Infallibility. He has edited the Home and 
Foreign Review, the North British Review, and the 
Chronicle, (a weekly paper,) and has contributed many 
articles to periodical*, chiefly on historical subjects. 
His only separate publications have been a few pain* 



phlets, chiefly German. The War of 1870 : a Lecture, 
ton., 1871, 8vo. 

* Acton, Llewellyn," (Pseud.) See BAXTER, 
WYNNE EDWIN, infra. 

Acton, Philip. 1. Etchings in Verse, Lon., 1873, 
12mo. 2. Sonnets, and the Consolation of Li via, Lon., 
1875, p. 8vo. 

Acton, Richard. Our Colonial Empire, Lon., 1881. 

Acton, Roger. The Abyssinian Expedition, and 
the Life and Reign of King Theodore. Illust. Lon., 

1868, folio. 

Acton, William, M.R.C.S. 1. The Functions and 
Disorders of the Reproductive Organs in Childhood, 
Youth, Adult Age, and Advanced Life, considered in 
their Physiological, Social, and Moral Relations, Lon., 
1857, 8vo ; 6th ed., 1875. 2. Prohibition considered in 
its Moral, Social, and Sanitary Aspects, 1857; 2d ed., 
Lon., 1869, 8ro. 

Acworth, Rev. William. 1. The Acts of Uni- 
formity set at Naught in the Piocese of Oxford ; 2d ed., 
Oxford, 1866, 12mo. 2. Church Rates and the Libera- 
tion Society, Lon., 1863. 

Adair, D. L. 1. Annals of Bee-Culture, Louis- 
ville, 1869, 8vo. 2. New System of Bee-Keeping, Cin- 
cinnati, 1867. 3. Outlines of Bee-Culture, and Descrip- 
tive Catalogue ; 2d ed., Hiiwes v ille, Ky. 

Adair, Patrick. Rise and Progress of the Presby- 
terian Church in Ireland, Belfast, 1866, p. 8vo. 

Adair, Sir Robert Alexander Shafto, Bart., 
Baron Waveney, 1811-1886, was M.P. 1847-52 and 
1854-57 ; succeeded his father as second Baronet in 1869 ; 
created a peer in 1873. His publications were chiefly 
pamphlets. 1. Works on "National Defence," Lon., 1861, 
3 Parts, 8vo. 2. Ireland, her Servile War, Lon., 1866, 
8ro. 3. The Established Church of Ireland, Past and 
Future : with a Reprint of Ireland and her Servile War, 

1869, 8vo. 4. Forty Years Since; or, Italy and Rome: 
a Sketch, Lon., 1876. 

Adam, Charles, Secretary to the Victoria-Street 
Society for the Protection of Animals from Vivisection. 
The Coward Science : Our Answer to Professor Owen, 
Lon., 1882, 8vo. 

" So far, at least, as Professor Owen is concerned, to 
whose publication on 'Experimental Physiology' . . . 
this little book is a reply, Mr. Adam makes out his case 
fully enough." Spectator, Iv. 1300. 

Adam, Sir Charles Elphinstone, Bart., M.A., 
of Blair Adam, Scotland, b. 1859 ; graduated at Christ 
Church, Oxford; called to the bar at the Inner Temple 
1885. (Ed.) A View of the Political State of Scotland 
in the Last Century : a Confidential Report on the 
Political Opinions, Family Connexions, or Personal Cir- 
cumstances of the 2662 County Voters in 1788 : with 
an Introductory Account of the Law relating to County 
Elections, Edin., 1887, cr. 8vo. 

Adam, E., Ph.D. (Ed.) Torrent of Portyngale. 
From the unique MS. in the Chethain Library. (Early 
Eng. Text Soc. Pub.) Lon., 1887. 

Adam, Graeme Mercer, b. 1839, at Loanhead, 
Midlothian, Scotland, went to Canada in 1858 and 
became a publisher in Toronto. He assisted Prof. Gold- 
win Smith in founding the Canada Monthly in 1872, 
and became its editor in 1880. The Northwest: its 
History and its Troubles, 1885. With WETHERALD, A. 
ETHKI.WYN, An Algonquin Maiden: a Romance of the 
Early Days of Upper Canada, N. York and Lon., 1887, 

Adam, James. Twenty-Five Years of Emigrant 
Life in the South of New Zealand, Edin., 1874, 8vo ; 2d 
ed., 1876. 

Adam, Rev. John, of Aberdeen. An Exposition 
of the Epistle of James : Discourses, Edin., 1867, 8vo. 

Adam, Rev. Thomas, of Killiemuir. Impres- 
fhi Impressions; or, Excerpts from Manuscripts writ- 
ten at Intervals during the Last Fifty Years, Edin., 
1874, 8vo. 

Adam, W. Inquiry into the Theories of History ; 
2d ed., Lon.. 1863, 8vo. 

Adam, William, of Matlock Bath. 1. The Gem 
of the Peak ; or, Matlock Bath and its Vicinity, Lon., 
1838, 8vo ; later eds. 2. First Lessons in Geology, 
with a Special Article on the Toadstones of Derbyshire, 
Derby, 1857, 12ino. 3. Dales, Scenery, Fishing, 
Streams, and Mines of Derbyshire, Ac., 1S6I, 8vo. 

Adams, Miss. Easy Lessons in Light, Lon., 1888, 
cr. 8vo. 

Adams, Mrs. A. Hints on Dresses for Ladies, 
Lon., 1856, Itiuio. 


Adams, Andrew Leith, F.R.S., F.G.S., about 
1826-1882, son of Francis Adams, M.D., (infra,) 
graduated M.B. at Aberdeen University in 1848, became 
a surgeon in the British army in 1848, and surgeon- 
major in 1861. In 1873 he retired from the army, and 
was appointed professor of zoology in the College of 
Science, Dublin, and in 1878 he became professor of 
natural history in Queen's College, Cork. 1. Wander- 
ings of a Naturalist in India, the Western Himalayas, 
and Cashmere, Edin., 1867, 8vo. 

"A genuinely interesting book, accurate enough to 
satisfy the man of science, and simple enough to please 
the general run of readers." Sat. Rev., xxiv. 92. 

2. Notes of a Naturalist, in the Nile Valley and Malta : 
a Narrative of Exploration and Research in Connection 
with the Natural History, Geology, and Archaeology of 
the Lower Nile and Maltese Islands, Edin., 1870, p. 8vo. 

" Mr. Adams's personal observations and habitsof intelli- 
gent inference haveadded a number of factsof the utmost 
value and interest to what we have already learnt of the 
Maltese islands." Sat. Rev., xxx. '245. 

3. Field and Forest Rambles ; with Notes and Obser- 
vations on the Natural History of Eastern Canada, Lon., 
1873, 8vo. 

" His diligent labours in field-work have enabled him to 
bring together a mass of valuable and, in many respects, 
novel facts." Sat. Rev., xxxvi. 65. 

4. Monograph on the British Fossil Elephants, Lon., 

Adams, Andrew Napoleon. History of Fair 
Haven, Vermont, Fair Haven, 1870, 8vo. 

Adams, Mrs. Ann Olivia. Poems. ByAstarte. 
N. York, 1865. 

Adams, Arthur, M.R.C.S. 1. (Ed.) The Zoology 
of the Voyage of H.M.S. Samarang during the Years 
1845, 1846, Lon., 1848-50, 4 Parts, 4to. 2. Travels of 
a Naturalist in Japan and Manchuria, Lon., 1870, 8vo. 
CHARLES, Curator of the Royal Museum at Haslnr, A 
Manual of Natural History, for the Use of Travellers; 
being a Description of the Families of the Animal and 
Vegetable Kingdoms ; with Remarks on the Practical 
Study of Geology and Mineralogy. To which are ap- 
pended Directions for Collecting and Preserving. Lon., 
1854, p. 8vo. 

Adams, Brooks, fourth son of Charles Francis 
Adams, (infra,) b. 1848, at Quincy, Mass.; graduated 
at Harvard College 1870 ; admitted to the bar 1873. He 
has contributed to the Atlantic Monthly and other peri- 
odicals. The Emancipation of Massachusetts, Host., 
1887, 12mo. 

" ' The Emancipation of Massachusetts' is a catching 
title, but Mr. Adams fails to show from what she has been 
emancipated, or by whom. His eleven chapters are, in 
effect, so many distinct essays on distinct subjects, con- 
nected only by his assumption that in all these matters 
the Puritan clergy were wrong, and in most of them the 
clerical element was finally defeated." Nation, xliv. 189. 

Adams, C. Warren. 1. A Spring in the Canter- 
bury Settlement. Illust. Lon., 1853. 8vo. 2. Randal 
Vaughan; or, Self in Sacrifice: a Novel, Lon., 1856, 
2 vols. 12mo. 3. Drawing-Room Charades, Lon., 1856, 
1 2[n<>. 4. Queen Jane : an Historical Tragedy, in Five 
Acts, Lon., 1874, 8vo. 

Adams, Major Charles, late professor of military 
history at the Staff College, Carnberley. Great Cam- 
paigns : a Succinct Account of the Principal Military 
Operations which have taken place in Europe from 1796 
to 1870. Edited from the Writings of the late Major C. 
Adams, by Captain C. Cooper King, R.M. Edin., 1877, 

Adams, Charles. The Adventures of my Cousin 
Smith. By Timothy Templeton, (pseud.) Lon., 1855. 

Adams, Rev. Charles, D.D., b. 1808, graduated 
at Bowdoin College in 1833, and entered the ministry of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church. He has held various 
pastorates, and was president for ten years of the Illi- 
nois Female College. 1. Evangelism in the Middle of 
the Nineteenth Century, Bost., 1851, 12mo. 2. New 
Testament Church Members, N. York, 1851, 12mo. 3. 
Women of the Bible, N. York, 1851, 12mo. 4. Words 
that Shook the World ; or, Martin Luther his own 
Biographer, N. York, 1858, 12mo. 6. The Poet Preach- 
er: Brief Memorial of Charles Wesley, N. York, 1859, 
12mo. 6. Life of Cromwell, N. York, 1867, 12mo. 7. 
Life of Johnson, N. York, 1869, 12mo. 8. The Earth 
and its Wonders, Cin., 1869, 16mo. 9. Memoir of 
Washington Irving, with Selections from his Works nnd 
Criticism, N. York, 1870, 12mo. 10. Minister of Christ 



for the Times, Cin., Ifiino. 11. Life Sketches of 
Mucaiihiy, N. York, 1880, 32mo. 

Adams, Rev. Charles Coffin, S.T.D., D.D., 
Rector of St. Mary's Church, N. York. 1. Creation: 
a Recent Work of God, N. York, 1870, 8vo. 2. Life of 
Our Lord Jesus Christ, 1878, 8vo. 3. Anthrosophy, 
N. York, 1881, 12mo. 4. The Bible: a Scientific Reve- 
lation, N. York, 1882, 16mo. 

Adams, Charles Pollen, b. 1842, at Dorchester, 
MAPS. ; has been a frequent contributor to periodicals, 
chiefly of humorous poems in Germiin-Engliah. Some 
of these have been published in book form under the 
title of: 1. Leedle Yawcob Strauss, nnd other Poems, 
Boat., 1S77, 12mo. 2. Dialect Ballads. Illust. N.York, 
1887, 12uio. 

Adams, Charles Francis, LL.D.. [ante, vol. i., 
add.,] d. 1886, aH. 79. He was elected member of Con- 
gress for the third district of Massachusetts in 1858, and 
re-elected in 1860, but resigned in the spring of 1861 on 
his appointment ns U.S. minister to England, a post 
which he continued to occupy until 1868. His services 
in this capacity during an eventful and critical period 
belong to the history of American diplomacy. In 1871- 
72 he acted as arbitrator for the United States in the 
Commission which sat at Geneva to settle the " Alabama" 
claims. An attempt on the part of a body of indepen- 
dent voters to secure his nomination for the Presidency 
in 1872 proved unsuccessful. No biography of Mr. 
Adams has yet been published or announced, though he 
may be supposed to have left copious materials for such 
a work. The fullest sketch of his career that has yet 
appeared may be found in an article in Lippincott's 
Magazine, vol. vii. p. 357, which was written by his 
friend Dr. John Gorharn Palfrey. Besides the works 
mentioned in vol. i. and some contributions to the North 
American Review, he published : 1. What makes Slavery 
a Question of National Concern : a Lecture, Bost., 
1855, 8vo. 2. Address at the Opening of the New Town 
Hall in Braintree, [with an Appendix,] Bost., 1858, 
8vo. 3. Life of John Adams. Begun by John Quincy 
Adams. Phila.. 1871, 2 vols. 16mo. (Published origi- 
nally in Life and Works of John Adams, q. v., ante, vol. i.) 

" In the compact and attractive form In which the 
biography now appears apart from the works, it will be 
likely to nave, as it deserves, a wide circulation." Nation, 
xli. 293. 

4. The Struggle for Neutrality in America: an 
Address, N. York, 1871, 8vo. 5. An Address on the 
Life, Character, and Services of W. H. Seward, Albany, 
1873, 8vo. 6. (Ed.) Memoirs of John Quincy Adams: 
comprising Portions of his Diary from 1795 to 1848, 
Phila., 1874-77, 12 vols. 8vo. 

"It is not from a literary point ofview that these volumes 
are to be judged. They are the truthful record of the acts 
and opinions of a very eminent man during a very remark- 
able period of history ; a period into which more rises and 
falls of empires and more sudden changes in the fortunes 
of individuals were crowded together than in any other 
period since history began. ... In many of these events 
Mr. Adams had borne a conspicuous part. With many of 
the actors he was personally arquainted. Others he had 
seen at a distance. . . . He had helped make international 
law, and there was not one of his American colleagues 
who might not have sat reverently at his feet when he dis- 
coursed of history." A'alion, xxiii. 283. 

7. Address at Amherst College before the Social Union, 
July 7, 1875, N. York, 1875, 8vo. 8. The Progress of 
Liberty in a Hundred Years: an Oration, Taunton, 
Mass., 1876, 8vo. 9. (Ed.) Familiar Letters of John 
Adams and his Wife, Abigail Adams, during the Revolu- 
tion : with a Memoir of Mrs. Adums, N. York, 1876, 

"This volume takes its place by the side of the most 
valuable documents of our Revolutionary history." 
Ration, xxii. 101. 

Adams, Charles Francis, second son of the 
preceding, b. 18:<5, in Boston ; graduated at Harvard 
College 1856; admitted to the bar 1858; served in the 
volunteer army throughout the civil war, and was 
mustered out with the brevet rank of brigadier-general. 
In 1869 he was appointed a member of the board of 
railroad commissioners of Massachusetts; from 1879 to 
1882 he was one of the arbitrators of the railroads of 
the Northern States, becoming in the latter year sole 
arbitrator; and in 1884 he was elected president of the 
Union Pacific Railway. 1. The Erie Railroad Row con- 
sidered as an Episode in Court, Bost., 1868, 8vo. Pamph. 
2. A Chapter of Erie, Bost., 1869, ISrao. 3. The Double 
Anniversary; '76 and '63: an Oration. 1869, 8vo. 4. 
The Railroad Problem : a Lecture, N. York, 1875, 8vo. 

5. Railroad*: their Origin and Problems, N. York, 1878, 
12mo; new ed., 1887. 

" It will command the thoughtful consideration of the 
better class of professional transporters, and cannot fail to 
attract and enlighten a large portion of unprofessional but 
interested people." ffatian, xxvii. 14. 

6. Notes on Railroad Accidents, N. York, 1879, 12roo. 
" What might be sensational reading if the narrative 

stood alone is dignified by the clear purpose of humanity 
and progress with which the book is written, so that we 
have the attractiveness of a novel with the value of a work 
of science." Nation, xxx. 159. 

7. New Departure in the Common Schools of Quincy, 
and other Papers on Educational Topics, Bost., 1 879, 8ro ; 
also pub. with title The Public Library and the Common 
School : Essays on Educational Topics, Bost., 1879. 8ro. 
8. Taxation of Railroads and Railroad Securities, 
N. York, 1880, 12mo. Pamph. 9. Federation of the 
Railroad System, Bost., 1880, 8vo. Paraph. 10. A Col- 
lege Fetich : Address before the Harvard Chapter of the 
Phi Beta Kappa, June 28, 1883, Bost., 188.3. 8 vo; 3d 
ed., 1884. With ADAMS, HENRY, Chapters of Erie, and 
other Essays, Bost., 1871, 12mo. 

Adams, Charles II. Commissioners' and Con- 
veyancers' Manual, Phila., 1882, 8vo. 

Adams, Charles Kendall, LL.D., b. 1835, at 
Derby, Vermont : graduated at the University of Michi- 
gan in 1861, and was appointed assistant professor of 
history in 1863, and professor in 1868 ; elected president 
of Cornell University, as succe-sor to Dr. Andrew D. 
White, in 1885. Besides contributions to periodical 
literature, he has published : 1. Democracy and Mon- 
archy in France from the Inception of the Great Revo- 
lution to the Overthrow of the Second Empire, N. York, 
1874. 8vo. 

"Mr. Adams works out his theory with abundant cita- 
tion of authorities and illustration in a style which is 
always clear and often impressive, and with a certain air 
of dogmatic dignity which is perhaps due to the fact that 
the book originated in a series of college lectures." Kalian, 
xx. 28. 

2. Manual of Historical Literature : Brief Descrip- 
tions of Important Histories in English, French, and 
German, with Suggestions as to Study, N. York, 1884, 
8vo: new ed., rev., 1888. 3. (Ed.) Representative 
British Orations,' with Introduction and Explanatory 
Notes, N. York, 1884, 3 vols. 16mo. 

Adams, Charlotte. 1. Boys at Home, Lon., 
1854, 12uio. 2. Ben Howard; or, Truth and Honesty, 
Lon., 1856, 12mo. 3. The Errand-Boy; or, Your Time 
is your Employer's, Lnn., 1858, 18mo. 4. The Useful 
Little Girl, Lon., 1865, 18mo. 5. Laura and Lucy; or, 
The Two Friends, Lon., 1866, 12mo; new ed., 1882. . 
John Hartley, and How he got on in Life, Lon., 1866, 
12mo; new ed., 1878. 7. Matilda Lonsdale, Lon., 1871, 
12mo; new ed., 1885, 8vo. 

Adams, Rev. Coker, M.A., graduated at New 
College, Oxford, 1851 ; ordained 1853; Rector since 1876 
of Saham-Toney, Norfolk. Principles of the Purchas 
Case, Lon., 1871, 8vo. 

Adams, E. R. Lectures on Religion, Lon., 1878, 
p. 8vo. 

Adams, Edwin, of the Grammar School, Chelras- 
ford, Eng. 1. Geographical Word Expositor, Lon., 1855, 
fp. 8vo. 2. Notes on the Geology, Mineralogy, and 
Springs of England and Wales, Lon., 1857; new ed., 
1860. 3. Geography Classified, Lon., 1863, 8vo. 

Adams, Emily. Six Months at Mrs. Prior's. 
Illust. Bost., 1879, 12mo. 

Adams, Mrs. Emma E. Crumbs from Dame 
Nature's Table; 2d ed., Lon., 187S, r. 16mo. 

Adams, Emma Hildreth. 1. Digging the Top 
off, and other Stories, Chic., 1887, 12mo. 2. To and fro 
in Southern California, Chic., 1S87, 12ino. 

Adams, Estelle Davenport. 1. Illustrated 
Poetical Birthday Book of Female Christian Names and 
Quotations, Lon., 1882, 32mo. 2. Rose-Leaves : Poems 
nnd Passages about the Rose, Lon., 1883, 64mo. 3. 
Birthday Book of Art and Artists, Lon., 1884, 8vo. 4. 
Flower and Leaf from the Poets, Lon., 1884, 8vo. 5. 
Illustrated Floral Text- Book, Lon., 1884, 32mo. 6. (Ed.) 
Sea Song and River Rhyme, from Chaucer to Tennyson. 
With a New Poem by Algernon Charles Swinburne. 
Illust. Lon., 1889, cr. 8vo. 

Adams, F. A. The Greek Prepositions Studied 
from their Original Meanings as Designations of Space, 
N.York, 1885, 12mo. 

Adams, F. A. My Man nnd I : Modern Nehemiah : 
a Book for Churchmen. Lon.. 1885, Svo. 




Adams, F. W. L. Australian Essays, Lon., 1886, 
p. 8vo. 

Adams, Francis, M.D., LL.D., 1796-1861, b. at 
Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire; educated at King's College, 
Aberdeen, where he graduated as M.A. ; removed to 
London, and became a member of the Royal College of 
Surgeons in 1815, but returned to Scotland and settled 
as a medical practitioner in the village of Banchory 
Ternnn, where he spent the remainder of his life actively 
engaged in the exercise of his profession, while devoting 
much time to scholastic study and research, especially in 
Greek literature. Besides contributions to medical and 
classical, journals, and an appendix to Dunbar's Greek 
Lexicon, he published: 1. (Trans.) Hero and Leander : 
from the Greek of Musts us; with other Poeuis, Aber- 
deen, 1820. 2. Hermes Philologus; or, An Inquiry into 
the Causes of the Difference between Greek and Latin 
Syntax, Lon., 1826, 8vo. 3. (Trans.) The Seven Books 
of Paulus ^gineta. With a Commentary. (Sydenham 
Soc. Pub.) Lon., 1844-47, 3 vols. 8vo. (The first 
volume was originally issued in 1834 by a publisher 
whose failure caused a suspension of the work. ) 

"The translation is useful, as the only English one of 
the writer, but the chief value of the work resides in the 
commentary, which shows wide and accurate learning, 
and gives a fuller account of Greek and Roman medicine 
(to some extent, of Arabian also) than is elsewhere acces- 
sible in English, or perhaps in any modern language. 
Considering the isolated position or the writer, remote 
from great libraries and immersed in professional work, 
it is a very remarkable performance." Diet, of Not. Biog., 

4. (Trans.) The Genuine Works of Hippocrates. With 
a Preliminary Discourse, and Annotations. (Sydenham 
Soc. Pub.) Lon., 1849, 2 vols. 8vo. Vol. I. was repub- 
lished in New York in 1886, 12mo. 

" The only complete English version, and the introduc- 
tion and notes are important " Diet, of Nat. Biog., loc. cit. 

5. Arundines Devae ; or, Poetical Translations on a 
New Principle. By a Scotch Physician. Edin., 1853, 
8vo. Anon. 6. (Trans, and ed.) The Extant Works of 
Aretaeus the Cappadocian, Lon., 1856, 8vo. 7. On the 
Human Placenta, Aberdeen, 1858. (Reprinted from 
the London Medical Gazette, 1848.) 

Adams, Francis, of Birmingham, Eng. 1. Lord 
Brougham, Birmingham, 1869, 8vo. 2. The Elementary 
Education Act, 1870 ; with Analysis, Ac., Birmingham, 
1870, 8vo. 3. History of the Elementary School Con- 
test in England, 1882, 8vo. 4. The Free School System 
of the United States, Birmingham, 1875, 8vo. 

Adams, Francis Colburn, an American miscel- 
laneous writer, formerly residing in Charleston, S C., 
who wrote under various pseudonytnes. 1. Manuel Pe- 
reira; or, The Sovereign Rule of South Carolina: with 
Views of Southern Laws, Life, and Hospitality, Wash- 
ington, 1853, 12mo. 2. Uncle Tom at Home, Ac., Phila., 
1853. 3. Our World; or, The Democrats' Rule. By 
Justia, a Know-Nothing. Lon., 1855, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 4. 
Justice in the By- Ways: a Tale of Life, 1856, 12mo. 5. 
Life and Adventures of Major Roger Sherman Potter. 
By Pheleg Van Truesdale. N. York, 1858. 6. An Out- 
eaat : a Novel, N. York, 1861, 12mo. 7. The Story of 
a Trooper; with much concerning the Campaign on the 
Peninsula, (1861-62.) N. York, 1865, 12mo. 8. Siege of 
Washington for Little People. Illust. Phila., 1867, 8q. 
12mo. 9. The Von Toodleburgs ; or, The Memoirs of a 
Very Distinguished Family. Illust. Phila., 1868, 12mo. 

Adams, Sir Francis Ottiwell, K.C.M.G., C.B., 
F.R.G.S., 1825-1889; graduated with honors at Trinity 
College, Cambridge, 1S48; called to the bar at Lincoln's 
Inn, 1852 ; entered the diplomatic service, and was suc- 
cessively attachg at Stockholm, Ac., second secretary of 
legation at Washington, secretary of embassy at Berlin, 
charg6 d'affaires and secretary of legation at Yedo, and 
envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary at 
Berne, (1881-88.) The History of Japan from the 
Earliest Period to the Present Time. Vol. I., to the 
Year 1864, Lon., 1874, 3vo. 

"Mr. Adams has executed his task, as far as it has gone, 
with great care, and the only fear is that to those not pre- 
viously interested in Japan or the Far East, there may be 
too much of detail, and too many extracts from Blue-books 
and despatches." SIR RUTHERFORD ALG-OCK: .dead., v. 593 

Vol. II., to the Year 1871, 1875. 

" This second volume is in many respects an Improve- 
ment on the first. Fewer despatches are quoted, and . . . 
the narrative gains in clearness and interest." SIB K. 
ALOOCK: Acnd.. vii. 393. 

With CUNNINGHAM, C. D., The Swiss Confederacy, 
Lon., 1889, 8vo. 

Adams, Francis William Landerdale, son 

of Dr. A. L. Adams, (supra.) 1. Henry, Ac. : Tales, 
[verse,] Lon., 1884, cr. 8vo. 2. Leicester : an Auto- 
biography, Lon., 1885, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Adams, Frank Mantell, of the Inner Temple; 
called to the bar 1867. A Treatise on the Law of Trade- 
Marks, Lon., 1874, 8vo ; 2d ed., 1876. 

Adams, Mrs. G. M. 1. A Ride through the 
Holy Land. Illust. Bost., 1874, 16mo. 2. Three Months 
in Egypt, Bost., 1877, 16ino. 

Adams, George, a publisher, of Boston, Mass. 
Genealogy of the Adams Family of Kingston, Mass., 
Bost., 1861, 8vo. 

Adams, George. . Siouska, and other Poems, 
Watertown, N.Y., 1886, 12mo.. 

Adams, George B. Mediaeval Civilization, (His- 
tory Primers,) N. York, 1883, 24mo. 

Adams, Rev. H. W. The Book of Job in Poetry ; 
or, A Song in the Night, N. York, 1864, 8vo. 

Adams, Hartly. Canons of Criticism: How to 
judge a Book. Lon., 1858, 12rao. 

Adams, Henry, L.R.C.P. Edin. On Intermittent 
Malaise, Lon., 1871, 8vo. 

Adams, Henry and Arthur. The Genera of Recent 
Mollusca, arranged according to their Organization. 
Illust. Lon., 1858, 3 vols. 8vo. 

Adams, Henry, third son of Charles Francis 
Adams, b. 1838, in Boston, and graduated at Harvard 
College 1858; was private secretary to his father, then 
minister to England, from 1861 to 1868. From 1870 to 
1877 he was assistant professor of history at Harvard. 
He then went to London to reside for the second time, 
and on returning to this country a few years later settled 
in Washington, where he is engaged in writing a history 
of Jefferson's administration. He has contributed to the 
periodical press, and was for some time editor of the 
North American Review. 1. (Ed.) Documents relating 
to New England Federation, 1800-1815, Boston, 1877. 
2. (Ed.) Writings of Albert Gallatin, Phila., 1879, 3 
vols. 8vo. 3. The Life of Albert Gallatin, Phila., 1879, 8vo. 

" He seems, very wrongly, to have made up his mind 
when he took his task in hand that Gallatin's was not a 
picturesque character or an interesting life, and could not 
be made the one or the other. ... It would almost seem 
as i_f he had argued himself into the German professional 
belief that vivacity is trickery, and that there is some 
positive merit in dulness. Accordingly, what is in fact 
one of the most valuable contributions of the day to an 
almost unknown period of American history is likely to 
find its way unread to the shelves of the library." Nation, 
xxix. 128. 

4. John Randolph, (American Statesmen,) Bost., 1882, 

"To Mr. Adams Randolph is, if not quite a lay figure on 
which to hang historical drapery, at least a cadaver, to be 
curiously dissected for the instruction of an interested 
class. However this may detract from the interest of the 
book as a biography, it very much increases its value to the 
political student." Nation, xxxv.514. 

With others, Essays on Anglo-Saxon Law, Bost., 
1876, 8vo. 

Adams, Henry, member of the Institute of 
Mechanical Engineers, of the Institute of Civil Engi- 
neers, and of the Society of Engineers. 1. Notes in 
Mechanical Engineering, Lon., 1883, cr. 8vo. 2. Strains 
in Ironwork : Lectures before the Society of Engineers, 
1884, p. 8vo. 3. Hydraulic Machinery, Past and 
Present : a Lecture. 4. Designing Wrought and Cast 
Iron Work, 4 Parts. 5. Joints in Woodwork. 

Adams, Rev. Henry Cadwallader, M.A., 
[ante, vol. i., ADAMS, H. C., add.,] b. 1817, in London; 
educated at Westminster and Winchester Schools, and 
at Balliol and Magdalen Colleges, Oxford; Fellow 
of Magdalen College; ordained 1846; Vicar of Dry 
Sandford, Berkshire, 1867-78, and since then Vicar of 
Old Shoreham, Sussex. In addition to the works men- 
tioned ante, vol. i., he has published : 1. Twelve Foun- 
dations, and other Poems, Lon., 1858, fp. 8vo. 2. 
School-Boy Honour : a Tale of Holminster College; new 
ed.. Lon., 1862, 8vo. 3. Indian Boy, Lon., 1864, 12mo. 
4. White Brunswickersf or, School-Boy Life, Lon., 1864, 
12mo. 5. Balderscourt; or, Holiday Tales, Lon., 1865, 
12mo. 6. Sundays at Encombe. Illust. Lon., 1865, 12mo. 
7. Judges of Israel : Tales for Sunday Reading, Lon., 
1866, 12mo. 8. Tales for Sunday Reading, Lon., 1866, 
18mo. 9. Barford Bridge; or, School-Boy Trials, 
Lon., 1867, 12mo. 10. Boy Cavaliers; or, The Siege 
of Cholesford; new ed., Lon., 1868, 12mo. 11. Falcon- 
hurst; or, Birthday Tales, Lon., 1868, 16rao. 12. Short 
Tales for Sunday Reading, Lon., 1868, ISmo. 13. 



Tales upon Texts; or, Stories illustrative of Scripture, 
Lon., 1869, p. ovo. 14. Friend or Foe? a Tale of 
Sedgeinoor, Lon., 1870, 12mo. 15. Talus of the Civil 
Wars, Lon., 1870, 12mo. 16. Stories for Sundays. 2 ser., 
Lon., 1871, 12tno. 17. Winborough Boys; or, Ellerslie 
Park. Illust. Lon., 1871,1). 8vo. 18. The Doctor's 
Birthday; or, The Force of Example, Lon., 1872, 12mo. 
19. Stories of the Kings; or, Tales for Sunday Reading, 
Lon., 1872, 12mo. 20. Stories of the Prophets: Tales 
for Sunday Reading, Lon., 1872, 12mo. 21. Tales of 
Walter's School-Days, Lon., 1872, 12mo. 22. Walter's 
Frieml ; or, Big Boys and Little Ones, Lon., 1872, 12mo. 
23. Woodleigh Stories ; or, Tales for Sunday Reading, 
Lon., 1872, 12ino. 24. Chief of the School; or, School: 
Boy Ambition : a Tale, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 25. Fnlcon 
Family; or, Meta and Willie : a Tale, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 
26. Gannet Island; or, Willie's Birthday, Lon., 1873, 
12uio. 27. Wroxby College; or, The Luscombe Prize, 
Lon., 1873, p. 8vo. 28. Sunday Evenings at Home, 
Lon., 1874, 2 vols. or. 8vo. 29. Lost Rifle; or, School- 
Boy Faction, Lon., 1875, 12mo. 30. Tales of Nether 
Court, <tc. Illust. Lon., 1875, 12mo. 31. Hairbreadth 
Escapes in South Africa, Lon., 1876, 12mo. 32. Boys 
of Westonbury : The Monitorial System, Lon., 1877, p. 
8vo. 33. Original Robinson Crusoe : Alexander Selkirk 
and others, Lon., 1877, 12mo. 34. Tales illustrative of 
Church History, Lon., 1877, fp. 8vo. 35. Wilton of 
Cuthbert's : a Tale of Undergraduate Life, Lon., 1877, 
12ino. 36. Wykehamica: a History of Winchester Col- 
lege and Commoners from the Foundation to the Present 
Day, Oxford and Lon., 1878, p. 8vo. 

" It is as a collection of school stories and lively narra- 
tive that Wykehamica will be popularamong boys; but its 
higher value, as the author perceives, lies in its record of 
the birth and development of the English system of pub- 
lic schools." Sat. Rev., xlvii. 148. 

37. College Days at Oxford, Lon., 1880, 12mo. 38. 
Who did it? or, Holm wood Priory: a School-Boy's 
Tale, Lon., 1881. p. 8vo. 39. School Days at Kings- 
court : a Tale of 1803. Illust. Lon., 1881, p. 8vo. 40. 
Travellers' Tales: a Book of Marvels, Lon., 1882, 8vo. 
41. Mystery of Beechey Grange : a Tale for Boys, Lon., t 
1884, p. 8vo. 42. For James or George : a School-Boy's 
Tale of 1745. Illust. Lon., 1885, p. 8vo. 43. Who was 
Philip ? a Tale of Public School Life, Lon., 1885, p. 8vo. 
44. Charlie Lucken at School and College. Illust. Lon., 
1886, 8vo. 45. History of the Jews from the War with 
Rome to the Present Time, Lon., 1887, 8vo. 46. Perils 
in the Transvaal and Zululand, Lon., 1887, p. 8vo. 47. 
Ernest Hepburn ; or, Revenge and Forgiveness. Illust. 
by Whymper. Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 

Adams, Henry Carter, Ph.D., Professor in the 
University of Michigan. 1. Taxation in the United 
States, 1789-1816, (Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies',) Bal- 
timore, Md., 1884, 8vo. 2. A Juridical Glossary : an 
Exhaustive Compilation of the Most Celebrated Maxims, 
Aphorisms, Doctrines, Precepts, Technical Phrases and 
Terms employed in the Law, alphabetically arranged and 
trans, into English : Vol. I., A to E, Albany, N.Y., 1886. 
8vo. 3. Public Debts : an Essay in the Science of 
Finance, N. York, 1887, 8vo. 

" Dr. Adams has rendered an important service in this 
painstaking treatise both to financial science in general 
and to American financial history in particular. The 
social, political, and industrial effects of public borrowing 
and of interest-paying are methodically unfolded. The 
mysteries and sophisms that have grown up like weeds 
about public debts are cleared away In language addressed 
to scholars, but not too recondite to be understood by any 
reader of fair education." Nation, xlv. 195. 

Adams, Henry Gardiner, [ante, vol. i., ADAMS, 
H. <;., add.] 1. Beautiful Shells ; their Nature, Struc- 
ture, and Uses, Lon., 1855, 8vo; new ed., 1871. 2. The 
Grammar and Dictionary of Flowers, 1856, 8vo. 3. I In tu- 
rning-Birds, 1856, 8vo ; new ed., 1872. 4. Our Feathered 
Families : Game and Water Birds, Lon., 1863, 12mo. 
5. The Weaver Boy who became a Missionary : Story of 
David Livingstone, Lon., 1866, 12mo. 6. Life and Ad- 
ventures of Dr. Livingstone in the Interior of Africa, 
Lon., 1868, 12mo. 7. Our Feathered Family : Birds of 
Prey; newed., Lon., 1868, 12ino. 8. The Wild Flowers, 
Birds, and Insects of the Month, 1S62 ; new od., Lon., 
1868, 12mo. 9. Cyclopajdia of Female Biography, Lon., 
1869, r.'ino. 10. Beautiful Butterflies described through 
all Changes, Lon., 1871, p. 8vo. 11. Our Feathered 
Friends: Birds of Song, Edin., 1879, 12rao. 12. Sing- 
ing Birds : How to Catch, Keep, Breed, and Rear them, 
Lon., 16mo. With ADAMS, HENRY B., The Smaller 
British Birds. Illust. Lon., 1873, r. Svo. 

Adams, Herbert Baxter, Ph.D., b. 1850, at Am- 
IKT.-I. ; educated at Phillips Exeter Academy, at 
Aintifcr.-t College, and at Heidelberg, Germany, where he 
graduated in 1876. In 1876 he was made Fellow in 
History at Johns Hopkins University ; in 1878 Associate, 
and in 1883 Associate Professor. In 1884 he became the 
secretary of the newly-founded American Historical 
Association. He is editor of the Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity Studies in Historical and Political Science, of 
which the separate papers are published monthly and the 
volumes comprising them annually. ProfeMor Adams's 
own contributions to this work are Germanic Origin of 
the New England Towns, Saxon Tithing Men in America, 
Norman Constables in America, Village Communities of 
Cnpe Ann and Salem, Methods of Historical Study, 
Maryland's Influence upon Land Cessions to the United 
States, History of Co-operution in the United State*, 
Notes on the Literature of Charities, and Seminary 
Libraries and University Extension, Ac. 

Adam*, Isaac E. 1. Life of Emory A. Storrn, 
Phila., 1857, 8vo. 2. Political Oratory of Emory A. 
Storrs : from Lincoln to Garfield, N. York and Chicago, 
1888, 12mo. 

Adams, J. S. Town and Country; or, Life at 
Home and Abroad, Without and Within, Boat., 1854. 

Adams, J. \V. S. Ulric and Elvina, and Miscel- 
laneous Poems, Lon., 1868, 12mo. 

Adams, James Osgood, 1818-1887, secretary of 
the New Hampshire Board of Agriculture. Reports of 
the New Hampshire Board of Agriculture, Concord, 
1871-76, 5 vols. Svo. 

Adams, Rev. John, M.A., 1822-1877; b. at 
Morwenstow; graduated at Oxford 1848; ordained 1848; 
Vicar of Stockcross, Berkshire, 1858. St. Malo's Quest, 
and other Puem?, Lon., 1876, p. 8vo. 

Adams, John B.,and Durham, Warren. Real 
Estate Laws of Illinois, with Decisions of the Supreme 
Court and Notes, Chicago, 1874, 2 vols. Svo. 

Adams, Rev. John Coleman. 1. Memoir of 
T. Whittcmore, Bost., 1878, 12mo. 2. The Fatherhood 
of God, Bost., 1888, 16mo. 

Adams, Rev. John Greenleaf, [ante, vol. i., 
add.] 1. Memoir of John Moore, with Selections from 
his Writings, Bost., 1856, 12mo. 2. Gospel Psalmist for 
Universalists, Bost., 1861, ISino. 3. Memoir of Mrs. 
Mary A. Adams. By her Husband. Bost., 1865, 18mo. 
4. Sabbath School Melodist, Bost., 1866, 18mo. 5. Ves- 
try Harmonies : Hymns and Tunes for Social Worship, 
Bost., 1868, 12mo. 6. Memoirs of Thomas Whittemore, 
D.D., Bost., 1877, 12mo. 7. The Universalist Church: 
its Faith and its Works, Bost., 1877, 16mo. 8. Uni- 
versalism of the Lord's Prayer, Bost, 1879, 12mo. 9. 
Talks ab.out the Bible to Young Folks, Bost., 1881, 
16mo. 10. Fifty Notable Years : Views of the Ministry 
of Christian Universalism, with Biographical Sketches, 
Bost., 1382, sq. 12mo. 

Adams, John Milton. Maine Supreme Court 
Reports, vols. 41-42, Portland, Me., 1856, Svo. 

Adams, Rev. John Quincy. 1. Sanctification ; 
or, Growth in Grace, Bost, 1861, 18mo; new ed., 1863. 
2. (Ed.) Experiences of the Higher Christian Life in the 
Baptist Denomination, N. York, 1870, 12mo. 

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against Spiritual Intercourse, N. York, 1853, 12ino. 

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15,000 Words, Phrases, Ac., N. York, 1865, 16mo. 2. 
Compilation of Psalms, Hymns, Chants, Ac., Bost., 
1870, Svo. 

Adams, Mrs. John S. 1. Allegories of Life, 
Bost., 4to. 2. The Bouquet of Spiritual Flowers, Bost., 
1856, Svo. 3. Branches of Palm, Bost., 1866, 16mo. 

Adams, John Turvill, 1805-1882, b. in Demerara; 
graduated at Yale College in 1S24; became a journalist 
and afterwards a lawyer at Norwich, Conn. 1. The 
Knight of the Golden Melice. By J. T. A. N. York, 
1856. 2. The Lost Hunter, N. York, 1860, 12mo. 

Adams, Julius Walker, b. 1812, in Boston, 
Mass. ; has held the office of consulting engineer to the 
department of public works, New York, and published 
scientific papers. Sewers and Drains for Populous Dis- 
tricts. Illust. N. York, 1880, 12mo. 

Adams, Mrs. Leith. See LAFPAN, MRS. BERTHA, 

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the English Language; 2d ed., Lon., 1862, p. Svo ; new 
ed., 1867. 2. Geography, Mathematical, Physical, and 



Political, Lon., 1863, 8vo. 3. Rudiments of English 
Grammar and Analysis, Lon., 1868, 12mo. 4. Collector's 
Manual of British Land and Freshwater Shells. Illust. 
Lon., 1885, cr. 8vo. 

Adams, 91. A. Pocket Memoranda relating to 
Infectious Zymotic Diseases, Lon., 1885. 

Adams, Mary. Honorable Surrender, N. York, 

1883, 16mo. 

* Adams, Moses," (Pseud.) See BAGBY, GEORGE, 


Adams, Rev. Nehemiah, D.D., [ante, vol. i., 
add.,] 1806-1878, b. at Salem, Mass., and educated at 
Harvard College and Andover Theological Seminary; 
was from 1834 till his death pastor of the Essex Street 
Church in Boston. Besides the works mentioned ante, 
vol. i., he published : 1. Agnes and the Key of her T ittle 
Coffin. By her Father. Bost., 1857. 2. Broadcast. Bost., 
1867, I6mo. 3. Church Pastorals: Hymns and Tunes, 
collected and arranged, Bost., 1864, 8vo. 4. Evenings 
with the Doctrines, Bost., 1861, 12mo. 5. The Sable 
Cloud, Bost., 1863, 12mo. 6. Under the Mizzen Mast, 
1873. 7. At Eventide, 1877. 8. Endless Punishment, 
1878. 9. Walks to Emtnaus, [Sermons,] ed. by his son, 
Rev. W. H. Adams: 1st ser., 1879. It). Life of John 
Eliot in " Lives of the Chief Fathers of New England," 

Adams, Oscar Fay. 1. Brief Hand-Book of 
English Authors, Bost., 1883, 12uio. 2. Brief Hand- 
Book of American Authors, Bost., 1884, 16mo. 3. (Ed.) 
Through the Year with the Poets, Bost., 1886, 16ino, 12 
Parts, published separately. 

Adams, Rev. Richard, M.A., graduated at Mag- 
dalene College, Cambridge, 1854; ordained 1857; Vicar 
of LeverbriOge, Bolton, since 1883. 1. A Commentary 
on the Prayer-Book, Lon., 1876, 12mo. 2. A Manual 
for the Visitation of the Sick, Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 3. 
Clergyman's and District Visitor's Hand-Book for 
Parochial Visiting; 4th ed., Manchester, 1888, 8vo. 

Adams, Robert, M.D., 1791-1875, b. in Ireland; 
entered Trinity College, Dublin, in 1814 ; became 
licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 
in 1815, and was elected Fellow in 1818. He spent 
some time on the Continent, and then settled in Dublin, 
where he practised surgery, and took part in found- 
ing the Richmond (afterwards called the Carruichael) 
School of Medicine, where he lectured for some years. 
In 1861 he was appointed Regius professor of surgery 
in the University of Dublin. Besides contributions to 
medical journals and hospital reports, on Disease of 
the Heart, Abnormal Condition of the Joints, Ac., and 
articles in Todd's Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physi- 
ology, he published : A Treatise on Rheumatic Gout ; 
or, Chronic Rheumatic Arthritis of all the Joints, Lon., 
1859, 2 vols.; text, 8vo; plates, folio; 2d ed., 1873. 

"This work, though describing a disease more or less 
known for centuries, contains so much novel and impor- 
tant research as to have become the classical work on the 
subject." Dice, tf Nat. Biog., i. 101. 

Adams, Robert C. 1. History of England in 
Rhyme, Bost., 1880, sq. 16mo. 2. Evolution : a Sum- 
mary of Evidence, N. York, 1883, 12mo. 3. History of 
the United States in Rhyme, Bost., 1884, 16mo. 4. 
Travels in Faith from Tradition to Reason, N. York, 

1884, 12mo. 

Adams, Sarah B. Amy and Marion's Voyage 
around the World. Illust. Bost., 1878, 12mo. 

Adam*, Sarnh Holland. 1. (Trans.) Life and 
Times of Goethe. By Hermann Grimm. Bost., 1880, 8vo. 
2. (Trans.) The Monk's Wedding: a Novel. By Conrad 
Ferdinnnd Meyer. Bost., 1S87, 12mo. 

Adams Sebastian C. A Chronological Chart 
of Ancient, Modern, and Biblical History. With Mnps, 
drawn by Professor J. A. Painu. 5th ed., revised and 
enlarged, N. York, H86. 

Adams, Silas. Prohibition: a Cnlm View in 
Rhymo : the License System roughly handled, Gardner. 
Mass., 1881, Ifimo. 

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Thurston, Portland, 1867, 8vo. 

Adams, T. A. S. Euscotidion ; or, The Shadow 
jf Death, [verse,] Nashville, Tenn., 1876, 12mo. 

Adams, W. I. Lincoln. The Photographic 
Instructor for the Practical Photographer and Amateur. 
Illust. N. York, 1888, 8vo. 

Adams, W. L. Oregon as it is: its Present and 
Future, by a Resident for Twenty-Five Years, Portland, 
Oreg.. 1873, 8vo. 

Adams, W. M. Outlines of Geometry, Lon., 1869, 
p. 8vo. 

Adams, Walter Marsham. Zenobia; or, The 
Fall of Palmyra: a Tragedy in Three Acts, Lon., 1870, 

Adams, William. Glcna of the Creek, and other 
Poems, Lon., 1870, 16mo. 

Adams, Rev. William, D.D., LL.D., 1807-1880, 
b. at Colchester, Conn. ; educated at Yale College and 
at Andover Theological Seminary, and ordained to the 
Congregational ministry in 1831. He was for nearly 
forty years pastor of a Presbyterian church in New 
York City. In 1873 he became president and professor 
of sacred rhetoric and pastoral theology in the Union 
Theological Seminary in New York. 1. In the World, 
not of the World, N. York, 1866, 24mo. 2. The Three 
Gardens: Eden, Gethsemnne, and Paradise; or, Man's 
Ruin, Redemption, and Reformation, N. York, 1867, 
12mo. 3. Thanksgiving: Memories of the Day, and 
Helps to the Habit, N. York, 1867, 12mo. 4. Conversa- 
tions of Jesus Christ with Representative Men, N. York, 
1868, 12mo. 

Adams, Rev. William, b. 1813, in Monaghan, 
Ireland, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin, and 
t the General Theological Seminary in New York, was 
one of th founders of Nashotah Theological Seminary 
in Wisconsin, where he is professor of systematic 
divinity. He has contributed largely on theological 
topics to peril cals. 1. Mercy to Babes, N. York, 1847. 

2. Christian Science, Phila., 1850. 3. A New Treatise 
on Taptismal Regeneration, N. York, 1871, 8vo. 

Adams, >V Ilium, F.R.C.S., b. 1820, in London, 
and educated at King's College, became demonstrator 
in morbid anatomy at St. Thomas's Hospital in 1842, 
and Icstureron surgery at the Grosvenor Place School of 
Medicine in 1854 ; has held appointments as surgeon in 
several London hospitals; was elected president of the 
Harveian Society in 1873, and of the Medical Society of 
London in 1876. 1. Sketch of the Principles and Prac- 
tice of Subcutaneous Surgery, Lon., 1857, Svo. 2. On 
the Reparntive Process in Human Tendons nfter Subcu- 
taneous Division for ttie Cure of Deformities. Illust. 
Lon., 1860, Svo. 3. Lectures on the Pathology and 
Treatment of Lateral and other Forms of Curvature of 
the Spine, 1865, Svo; 2d ed., 1882. 4. Club-Foot: its 
Causes, Pathology, and Treatment, (Jacksonian Prize 
Essay, 1864,) 1866, 8vo; 2dod., 1873. 5. Subcutaneous 
Division of the Neck of the Thigh-Bone for Bony 
Anchylosis of the Hip-Joint, 1871, Svo. 6. On the 
Treatment of Dupuytren's Contraction of the Fingers ; 
and on the Obliteration of Depressed Cicatrices by Sub- 
cutaneous Operation, 1879, Svo. 

Adum*, William Bridges, 1797-1872, was the 
author of a number of inventions, including a joint for 
connecting the rails of railroads, patented in 1847. He 
contributed largely to the Journal of the Society of 
Arts, as well as to other scientific and technical periodi- 
cals, and published political pamphlets, chiefly at the 
time of che Reform Bill of 1832, under the pseudonyme 
of Junius Redivivus. He married in 1834 Sarah 
Flower, [q. v., ante, vol. i.,] the author of the widely- 
known hymn " Nearer, my God, to Thee." 1. English 
Pleasure Carriages: their Origin, History, Ac., Lon., 
1837, Svo. 2. Practical Remarks on Railways and Per- 
manent Way, Lon., 1854, Svo. 3. Roads and Rails, and 
their Sequences, Lon., 1862, 18mo. 

Adams, William Davenport, b. at Buxton, 
Surrey, Eng., son of William Henry Davenport Adnms, 
(infra,) was educated at the University of Edinburgh. 
1. (Ed.) Lyrics of Love, from Shakespeare to Tennyson, 
Lon., 1873, 12mo. 2. The Comic Poets of the Nine- 
teenth Century, Lon., 1875, 12mo; new ed., 1886. 

3. Dictionary of English Literature; being a Compre- 
hensive Guide to English Authors and their Works, Lon., 
1877, sm. I to. 4. English Epigrams, selected and ar- 
ranged, Lon., 1878, p. Svo; new ed., 1884. 5. (Ed.) 
Latter-Day Lyrics: Poems of Sentiment and Reflection, 
Lon., 1878, p. Svo; new ed., 1881, 12mo. 6. (Ed.) Songs 
of Society, from Anne to Victoria, Lon., 1879, 12mo. 
7. Worthies of the Church of England: a Series of 
Biographies, cr. Svo. 8. Quips and Quiddities : a Quint- 
essence of Quirks, Ac., Lon., 1881, 12mo. 9. Songs 
from the Novelists, from Elizabeth to Victoria, Lon., 
1S85, 4to. 10. Modern Anecdotes : Wise and Witty 
Sayings, Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 11. Sunshine and Shadow; 
or, Stories from Crayford. Lon., 1888, cr. Svo. 

Adams, William E. 1. The Slaveholders' War: 


an Argument for the North and the Negro, Lon., 183 
8vo. 2. Our American Cousins: Impressions of Peopl 
and Institutions, Lon., 188.3, p. 8vo. 

"A republication of letters to the Newcastle Weekly 
Chronicle. ... It at once is entertaining and affords a 
soothing titillation to the vanity of the true-bloode 
American." Nation, xxxviii. 263. 

Adams, Rev. William H., son of Rev. Nehe 
miah Adams, (impra.) Seven Words from the Cross 
Bost., 1878, 12mo. 

Adams, William Henry Davenport, b. 1829 
after editing a provincial newspaper, settled in London 
and was connected with several journals and periodicals 
but gave up journalism to become a translator, compiler 
and writer of books. The following list of his publica 
tions, including several which appeared under pseudo 
nymes, is probably incomplete : 1. History, Topography 
and Antiquities of the Isle of Wight, Lon., 1856, 4to 
2. Neptune's Heroes ; or, The Sea-Kings of England 
Lon., 1860, 8vo. 3. "Round our Coal Fire." Illust. 
Lon., 1860, 16mo. 4. Black's Guide to the History, 
Antiquities, and Topography of the County of Surrey, 
Lon., 1861, 8vo. 5. Memorable Buttles in English His- 
tory, Lon., 1862, p. 8vo. ft. Men at the Helm : Sketches 
of English Statesmen, Lon., 1862, 8vo. 7. Famous 
Ships of the British Navy. Illust. by W. Barnaby. Lon., 
1863, 12ino. 8. Anecdotal Memoirs of English Princes, 
Lon., 1863, 2 vols. p. 8vo. V. Scenes from the Drama 
of European History, Lon., 1863, p. 8vo. 10. Dwellers 
on the Threshold; or. Magic and Magicians, Lon., 1864, 
2 vols. p. 8vo. 11. Famous Regiments of the British Army, 
Lon., 1864, 12mo. 12. Steady Aim: Examples from 
Modern Biography, Lon., 1864, p. 8vo. 13. Famous 
Beauties: Biographiques, Lon., 1864, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 14. 
Scenes from European History, Lon., 1865, p. 8vo. 15. 
Records of Noble Lives, Lon., 1867, 12mo. 16. Marvels of 
Creation; Earth and Sea, Lon., 1867, 16mo. 17. Tri- 
umphs of Ancient Architecture: Greece and Rome, Lon., 
1866. 18. Triumphs of Modern Architecture, Lon., 1866. 
19. Sunshine of Domestic Life, Lon., 1867, T2mo. 20. 
Wonders of the Vegetable World, Lon., 1867, 12rao. 
Anon. 21. The Boy makes the Man : Book of Anecdotes 
and Examples, Lon., 1867, 12mo. 22. Truths and 
Fancies from Fairy- Land, Lon., 1867, 12tno. 23. The 
Mysteries of the Ocean. Trans., ed., and enlarged from 
the French of Arthur Mangin. Lon., 1868, Svo. Anon. 
24. Valley of the Nile : its Totnbs, Temples, and Monu- 
ments, Lon., 1868, 12mo. 25. Buried Cities of the Cam- 
pania, Lon., 1868, p. 8vo. 26. (Trans.) The Bird, by J. 
Michelet, Edin., 1868, p. 8vo. 27. (Ed.) The Household 
Treasury of English Song, Lon., 1869, 8vo. 28. Scenes 
of the Olden Time, Lon., 1869, 12mo. 29. The Desert 
World. By A. Lon., 1869. 30. The Queen of the 
Adriatic; or, Venice Past and Present, Lon., 1870, 12mo. 
31. (Trans.) The Swiss Family Robinson, Lon., 1870, 
8vo. 32. Before the Conquest. Illust. by F. Barnard. 
Lon., 1870, p. 8vo. 33. Sword and Pen ; or, English 
Worthies in the Reign of Elizabeth. By Walter Clinton. 
Edin., 1869, 8vo; new ed., 1875. 34. Light-Houses and 
Light-Ships, Lon., 1870, 12mo. 35. Every-Day Objects 
of Natural History, Lon., 1871, 12mo. 36. (Trans.) Earth 
and Sea. By Louis Figuier. Lon., 1871, r. 8vo. 37. 
Franco-Prussian War, 13 Parts, Lon., 1871. 38. Land 
of the Nile; or, Egypt Past and Present, Lon., 1871, p. 
8vo. 39. Temples, Tombs, and Monuments of Greece 
and Rome, Lon., 1871, p. 8vo. 40. Spain and its 
People : a Record of Recent Travel. With Historical 
and Topographical Notes. 150 Illust. by V. Foulquier. 
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46. Famous Books: Highways and Byways of English 
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70. Secret of Success : How to get on in the World, 
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The Bird World described with Pen and Pencil, 
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103. The Merry Monarch: England under Charles II., 
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famous Caverns and Grottoes Described and Illustrated, 
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lood Queen Anne ; or, Men and Manners, Ac., Lon., 
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rlanners, Literature and Art, of England in the First 
lalf of the Seventeenth Century, Lon., 1888, 2 vols. 
,emy Svo. 

" He is by no means an unfavourable specimen of the 



average book-maker. He has read a good deal, in his 
way, but digested little or nothing." Sat. Rev., xvii. 565. 

Adams, William Taylor, ("Oliver Optic,") b. 
1822, at Medway, Mass., was a teacher in the Boston 
public schools for twenty years, and afterwards a member 
of the school committee in Dorchester, Mass. He has 
edited The Student and Schoolmate, Our Little Ones, and 
Oliver Optic's Magazine for Boys and Girls, and has pub- 
lished about a hundred volumes, almost entirely juvenile 
stories. These were reissued in series, of which a list, 
arranged alphabetically, is given below. His first book, 
which had a large sale, was published under a pseu- 
donyme. 1. Hatchie, the Guardian Slave; or, The 
Heiress of Bellevue. A Tnle of the Mississippi and the 
South-West. By Warren T. Ashton. Bost , 1853, 12mo. 
2. Army and Navy Series, Bost., 6 vols. 16ino. 3. Boat 
Club Series, Bost., 6 vols. 16mo. 4. Flora Lee Story 
Books, Bost., 6 vols. 16ino. 5. Great Western Series, 
Bost., 6 vols. 16mo. 6. Household Library. Illust. 
Boat., 2 vols. 12mo. 7. Lake Shore Series. Illust. Bost., 
8 vols. 16mo. 8. Onward and Upward Series. Illust. 
Bost., 6 vols. 16mo. 9. Our Standard- Bearer: Life of 
U. S. Grant. Illust. Bost., 16uio. 10. lliverdale Story 
Books. Illust. 24 vols. 24mo. 11. Starry Flag Series. 
Illust. 6 vols. 16mo. 12. Way of the World. Illust. 
12mo. 13. Woodville Stories. Illust. 6 vols. 18mo. 14. 
Boat-Builders Series. Illust. 6 vols. 16mo. 15. Our 
Boys and Girls Series. Illust. 12 vols. Svo. 16. Yacht 
Club Series. Illust. 6 vols. 16mo. 17. Young America 
Abroad. 2d Series. Illust. 12 vols. 16mo. 18. Taken 
by the Enemy, 1888, 12mo. He has also published : 19. 
Life of General U. S. Grant, 1868, 12mo. 20. Our 
Little Ones, 1884, 16mo. 21. AH Taut; or, Rigging the 
Boat, 1886, 16mo. 

Adams-Walker. See WALKBR. 

Adamson, C. M. Some more Illustrations of 
Wild Birds, showing their Natural Habits, Lon., 1887, 
4 to. 

Adamson, Rev. Edward Hussey, M.A , 
graduated at Lincoln College, Oxford, 1839; ordained 
1840 ; Vicar of St. Alban's, Heworth, since 1843. 1. 
Scholae Novocastrensis Alumni, 1846, and 1870. 2. 
Memoir of Rev. H. Salvin, 1852. 3. The Parish 
Church, 1866. 

Adamson, Rev. Henry Thomas, B.D. 1. 
The Analogy of the Faith : a Series of Discourses, Lon., 
1869, p. Svo. 2. The Gospel according to Matthew 
expounded, Lon., 1871, Svo. 3. A Treatise on Divine 
Institutions and the Origin of Episcopacy, Lon., 1874, 

S. Svo. 4. The Truth as it is in Jesus, Lon., 1878, p. 
vo. 5. The Three Sevens, Lon., 1880, p. Svo. 6. 
The Millennium; or, The Mystery of God Finished, 1882, 
p. Svo. 

Adamson, Robert, M.A., LL.D., professor of 
logic and mental philosophy in Owens College, Victoria 
University, Manchester; formerly examiner in philoso- 
phy in the University of Edinburgh. 1. itoger Bacon : 
the Philosophy of Science in the Middje Ages, Man- 
chester, 1876, cr. Svo. 2. On the Philosophy of Kant, 
(Shaw Fellowship Lectures,) Ivlin., 1879, Svo. 3. 
Ficbte, (Philosophical Classics,) Edin. and Lon., 1881, 
or. Svo. 

" It Is characterized by a mastery of method and a clear- 
ness of exposition which render It a real Introduction to 
the works of the philosopher." Ath., No. '2829. 

Adamson, Rev. William, I .!>., educated at the 
University of Edinburgh ; ordained in the Church of 
England, 1866; Vicar of St. Paul'*, Old Ford, since 
1878. 1. The Solemn Warring: Four Sermons, 1870. 
2. The Light from God : Three Sermons, 1871. 3. The 
Nature of the Atonement, Lon., 1880, I2mo. 4. The 
Abbot of Aberbrothock : Scenes from the Reformation, 
Lon., 1885, 12mo. 5. The Gospel of Evolution: an Ex- 
amination of Druinmond's Natural Law in the Spiritual 
World, Lon., 1885, I2mo. 6. (Ed.) The Religious Anec- 
dotes of Scotland, Glasgow, 1885, p. Svo. 

Adamson, Rev. William Agar, D.C.L., b. 1800, 
a Canadian clergyman, Lecturer at Christ's Church, 
Ottawa. Salmon-Fishing in Canada. By a Resident. 
Lon., I860. 

Adcock, John. The Singer's Guide to Pronuncia- 
tion, Nottingham, 1873, Svo. 

Addams, Francis Holland. 1. England's 
Infirmity: a Sermon, Lon., 1857. 2. Problem-Solving 
in Arithmetic worked out, Lon., 1887, p. Svo. 

Adderley, Sir Charles Bowyer, K.C.M.G., 
Baron Norton, b. 1814; educated at Christ Church, 
Oxford: M.P. 1841-78; Under-Seoretary for the Colonies 


1866-68 ; President of the Board of Trade, 1874-78, and 
in the latter year raised to the peerage. His publications 
have been chiefly pamphlets. 1. Essay on Human Hap- 
piness, Lon., 1849-60,2 Parts, 12mo. 2. The Australian 
Colonies Government Bill discussed, 18-19, Svo. 3. Pun- 
ishment is not Education, 1856, Svo. 4. A Century of 
Experiments on Secondary Punishments*, 1863, Svo. 5. 
Europe incapable of American Democracy, 1867, Svo. 
6. Review of " The Colonial Policy of Lord J. Russell's 
Administration," by Earl Grey, 1853, and of Subsequent 
Colonial History, Lon., 1869, 3 Parts; also 1 vol. 8vo. 

Adderley, J. G. The Fight for the Drama at 
Oxford: Plain Facts, Lon., 1888, 12mo. 

Addey, Markinfield. 1. Life and Military 
Career of Gen. T. J. (Stonewall) Jackson, N. York, 
1863, 12ino. 2. "Little Mac," and how he became a 
Great General, N. York, 1864, 16mo. 

Addington, R. D. The Sabbath of Life, N. York, 
186S, 12mo. 

Addis, John. Elizabethan Echoes ; or, Poems, 
Songs, and Sonnets. By J. A. Edited by his Sister. 
Lon., 1879, 12mo. 

Addis, Rev. William E., Secular Priest, some- 
time Fellow of the Royal University of Ireland, and 
Arnold, Thomas, M.A., Fellow of the same Univer- 
sity. A Catholic Dictionary, containing some Account of 
the Doctrine, Discipline, Rites, Ceremonies, Councils, and 
Religious Orders of the Catholic Church ; 2d ed., Lon., 
1884, Svo. 

" There is evidence of literary po\yer, of careful research, 
and of able and original thought in many of the longer 
essays." Spectator, Ivii. 1145. 

Addison, Albert. A Practical Guide to the Agri- 
cultural Holdings Act of 1875, Lon., 1876, I2mo. 

"Addison, D. C.,' (Pseud.) See DANIELL, 

Addison, Francis. 1. For Love and Honour, Lon., 
1882, 2 vols. cr. Svo. 2. An Adventuress: a Novel, 
Lon., 1888, 2 vols. cr. Svo. 

Addison, Frederic. The Probable Future of the 
Great Empires of the Earth, Lon., 1856, Svo. 

Addison, Lieut. -Col. Henry Robert, formerly 
of the Second Dragoon Guards. 1. Diary of a Judge : 
Compiled from his Note-Books, Lon., 1860, fp. Svo. 
2. Recollections of an Irish Police Magistrate, and other 
Reminiscences of the South of Ireland, Lon., 1862; new 
ed., 1869, 12mo. 

" It is a description, more or less embellished, of various 
Incidents in the life of Thomas Phillips Vokes. who for 
upward of thirty years was chief magistrate of police in 
Limerick." Sat. Rev., xiv. 546. 

3. Traits and Stories of Anglo-Indian Life. Illust. 
Lon., 1858. 4. "All at Sea;" or, Recollections of a 
Half- Pay Officer, Lon., 1864, 12ino. 5. Behind the Cur- 
tain : a Novel, Lon., 1865, 3 vols. p. Svo. 6. Paris 
Social : a Sketch of Every-Day Life in the French 
Metropolis. Illust. Lon., 1866, 12mo. 7. Forty-Eight 
Hours in Paris among the Ruins, Lon., 1871, 12tno. 
He was also the author of several acting plays. 

Addison, Mrs. J. 1. Loving Words plainly spoken 
to Poor Women, Lon., 1862, 12mo. 2. Kind Words to 
Mothers, Sons, and Daughters, Lon., 1863. ' 

Addison, Julia. 1. Sister Kate; or, The Power 
of Influence, Lon., 1S56, fp. Svo. 2. Effie Vernon; or, 
Life and its Lessons, Lon., 1860, p. Svo. 3. Crow's 
Nest Farm : a True Tale, Lon., 1861, p. Svo. 4. The 
Molyneux Family; or, How to Do Good, Lon., 1864, 
lliino. 5. Effie Vernon ; or, Life and its Lessons, Lon., 
1868, p. Svo. 6. Isabel St. Clair: a Romance of the 
Seventeenth Century, Lon., 1876, p. Svo. 

Addison, P. L. Elements of Construction, Lon., 
1888. cr. Svo. 

Addison, Thomas, M.D., 1793-1860, b. at Long 
Benton, near Newcastle, Eng., was educated at New- 
castle Grammar-School and at the University of Edin- 
burgh, where he graduated M.D. in 1815. He went 
to London and became connected, first as student, then 
as lecturer and physiciim, with Guy's Hospital, where he 
acquired a high reputation as a clinical teacher and did 
more thnn any of his colleagues to establish the fame of 
the hospital as a medical school. He never obtained a 
large practice as a physician, but devoted himself to 
teaching nnd original investigation. His researches on 
pneumonia were much in advance of his time, but his 
chief claim to medical fame rests on his discovery of the 
rare disease known as " Addison's disease," which was 
announced in his Essay on Disease of the Supra-Renal 
Capsules. 1. Observations on the Disorders of Females 


connected with Uterine Irritation, Lon., 1830, 870. 2. 
Constitutional and Local Effects of Disease of the Supra- 
Renal Cnpsulrs, Lon., 1855, 4to. 3. A Collection of the 
Published Writings of Thomas Addison. With Memoir. 
Edited by Dr. Wilks and Dr. Daldy. (New Sydcnham 
Soc. Pub.) Lon., 1868, 8vo. With MORGAN, JOHN, An 
Essay upon the Operation of Poisonous Agents, Lon., 
1829, 8vo. With BRIGHT, RICHARD, M.D., Elements of 
the Practice of Medicine. Vol. I. Lon.. 1839, 8vo. 
(Only one volume published, written chiefly by Addison.) 

Addison, William, M.D., [/<, vol. i., add.,] 
The Coexistence of Two Species of Inflammation, with 
Special Reference to the Forms of Pneumonia, Lon., 
1868, Svo. 

Addison, William. Two Half-Crowns ; or, Self- 
ishness and Generosity, Lon., 1861, 32mo. 

Addon, Esther. The Forest Grange : a Series of 
Twelve Letters, Lon., 1861-62, 2 Parts, 12mo. 

Addy, Rev. D. C., D.D. Walter's Tour in the 
East, N. York, 1864, 6 vols. 16mo. 

Addy, G. H. A Song of Love and Liberty; or, 
Fifty Golden Years, Lon., 1887, sq. 16rao. 

Addy, S. O. A Glossary of Words used in the 
Neighbourhood of Sheffield, (Eng: Dialect Soc. Pub.,) 
Lon., 1888. 

"Although the Sheffield Glossary cannot be placed In the 
first class, which has to be specially created for Mr. 
Elworthy'a glossary and one or two more, it seems to me 
decidedly above the average level of similar works." 
HENRY BRADLEY : Acad., xxxiv. 292. 

Adee, David Graham. No. 19 State Street, N. 
York, 1888, 12mo. 

** Adeler, Max," (Pseud.) See CLARK, CHARLES 
HEBER, infra. 

Adeney, Walter Frederick. 1. The Hebrew 
Utopia: a Study of Messianic Prophecy, Lon., 1879, p. 
8vo. 2. From Christ to Constantino, Lon.. 1884, cr. 8vo. 
3. Christianity from Constantins to Charles the Great, 
Lon., 1887, p. 8vo. Author of Commentaries on Colos- 
sians, Ephesians, &c., in the Pulpit Commentary. 

Adkins, . The Ages to Come; or, The Future 
State, N. York, 1880, 16uio. 

Adkins, William. The Bunch of Hyssop: an 
Expostulatory Poem, Lon., 1870, p. 8vo. 

Adkinson, Francis. Township and Town Offi- 
cers' Guide: Summary of the Law governing Towns and 
Townships in Indiana, Cin., 1877, 12mo. 

Adlam, Rev. Samuel, 1798-1880, b. at Bristol, 
Eng., removed to the United States in 1821 ; was 
ordained as a Baptist minister 1824; pastor of the First 
Baptist Church in Newport, R.I., 1849-65. 1. The 
First Baptist Church in Providence not the Oldest Bap- 
tist Church in America, Newport, R.I., 1850, 18mo. 
2. Origin of the Institutions of Rhode Island : a Lec- 
ture. Providence, 1871, 8vo. 

Adlard, George. 1. The Sutton-Dudleys of Eng- 
land and the Dudleys of Massachusetts, from the Roman 
Conquest to the Present Time, Lon. and N. York, 1862, 
8vo. 2. Amye Robsart and the Earl of Leycester; or, 
A Vindication of the Earl by Sir Philip Sidney. With 
a Critical Inquiry. Lon., 1870, Svo. 

Adler, Felix, Ph.D , b. 1851, at Alzey, Germany, 
son of a Hebrew rabbi ; removed in early life to the 
United States, and was educated at Columbia College, 
New York, at Berlin, and at Heidelberg, where he took 
his degree in 1873. In 1874 he was appointed professor 
of Hebrew and Oriental literature at Cornell University. 
In 1876 he established in New York the Society of 
Ethical Culture, to which he has ever since been Lecturer. 
Creed and Deed, N. York, 1878, 16mo. 

Adler, George J., [mite, vol. i., add.,] d. 1868. 
He had been insane for the last eight years of his life. 
Published, in addition to works mentioned in vol. i. : 1. 
Wilhelm von Humboldt's Linguistical Studies, N. York, 
1866, Svo. 2. Poetry of the Arabs of Spain : a Lec- 
ture, N. York, 1868. Svo. 

Adler, Rev. Hermann, Ph.D., b. 1839, in Han- 
over, Germany, accompanied his father, Dr. Nathan 
Marcus Adler, [infra,] to England in 1845; was educated 
at University College, London, and at the Universities 
of Prague and Leipsic; became principal of the Jews' 
College in London in 1863, and chief minister of the 
Bayswater Synagogue in that city in 1864. In 1879 he 
became coadjutor to his father, whose health had begun 
to fail, with the title of Delegaie Chief Rabbi of the 
congregations of Great Britain. 1. A Jewish Reply to 
Colenso, Lon., 1864. 2. Sermons on the Passages in the 
Bible adduced by Christian Theologians in support of 


their Faith, 1869, 12mo. 3. Ibn Ga>>irol, the Poet Phi- 
losopher. 4. On Some Points in Dispute, Lon., 1869, Svo. 
5. The Jews in Englund, Lon., 1870. 

Adler, Nathan Marcos, D.D., 1803-1890, b. at 
Hanover, and educated in the German universities, was 
appointed Chief Rabbi of Hanover and its provinces 
in 1830, and in 1845 was installed Chief Rbbi of the 
United Congregations of the British Empire. His Eng- 
lish publications consist of single sermons, including : 
Sermon on the Day of Humiliation, 1854; The Jewish 
Faith, 1867; The Claims of Deaf-Mutes; The Second 
Days of the Festivals. He also published a Hebrew 
Commentary on the Chaldee paraphrase of the Penta- 
teuch, Nethina Lager, Wilna, 1874; 2d ed., 1877. 

Adlcy, Charles C. 1. The Port of Calcutta, with 
Special Reference to the late Cyclone. Illust. Lon., 18A4, 
Svo. 2. The Story of the Telegraph in India, Lon., 1860, 
p. Svo. 

Adolphns, John Leycester, [ante, vol. i., add.,] 
1795-1862, son of John Adolphus, [q. v., ante, vol. i.,] 
was educated at Merchant Taylors' School, London, and 
at St. John's College, Oxford, where he gained the New- 
digate prize for English verse a.nd the Chancellor's prize 
for an English essay. He was admitted to the bar in 
1822, became Judge of the Marylelione County Court 
in 1852, and shortly before his death was made legal 
adviser to St. John's College, Cambridge. At the lime 
of his death he was engaged in completing his father's 
History of England under George III. He wrote many 
jeur-d"eprit, and published, in addition to the books 
mentioned mite, vol. i. : Letters from Spain in 1856 and 
1857, Lon., 1858, p. Svo. For biog. see HENDERSON, MRS. 
EMILY, infra. 

Adolphus, Rev. Otto, M.A. Compendium 
Theologiuum, or Manual fur Students in Theology : 
containing a Concise History of the Primitive imd 
Mediaeval Church, The Reformation, The Church of 
England, The English Liturgy, and the XXXIX. 
Articles, with Scripture Proofs and Explanations, Cam- 
bridge, 1852 ; anon. ; 2d ed., with author's name, 1856; 
5th ed., enlarged, 1890, cr. Svo. 

Adolphns, Thomas. The English in Ireland; or, 
People who live in Glass Houses, Ac. A Reply to " The 
Turks in Europe," by E. A. Freeman. Phila., 1878, 

Adriance, John S. Laboratory Calculations and 
Specific-Gravity Tables, N. York, 1886, 12ino. 

Adshead, W. P. 1. Dr. Monck in Derbyshire, 
1877. (Reports of spiritualistic seance*.) 2. Miss 
Wood in Derbyshire, Lon., 1879. 

Adye, Frederick. The Queen of the Moor, Lon., 
1885, 3 vols. cr. Svo. 

Adye, Lieut. -Gen. Sir John Miller, b. 1819, 
at Sevenoaks, Kent, was educated at the Military 
Academy, Woolwich. Throughout the Crimean war and 
the Indian Mutiny he was Adjutant-General of the 
Royal Artillery. In 1875 he was appointed Governor 
of the Military Academy at Woolwich. He was chief 
of the staff and second in command of the force sent to 
Egypt in 1882, and was decorated for his services there. 
1. The Defence of Cawnpore by the Troops under the 
Orders of Major-General C. A. Windham in November, 
1857, Lon., 1858, Svo. 2. A Review of the Crimean 
War to the Winter of 1854-5, Lon., 1860, Svo. 3. 
Sitana : a Mountain Campaign on the Borders of 
Afghanistan in 1863, Lon., 1867, Svo. 

" To the general reader we think the narrative will be 
found as interesting as it is pregnant with instruction for 
the politician and the soldier." Sat. Rev., xxiii. 576. 

4. The British Array in 1S75: a Reply to Mr. John 
Holmes, Lon., 1876. 

Adye, Willett L. 1. The History of the Printed 
Greek Text of the New Testament, Lon., 1865, Svo. 2. 
Musical Notes: I., The Great Composers; II., Violinists 
and the Violin; III., The Violin and its History. Lon., 
1869. Svo. 

Affleck, William. (Trans.) Final Causes, from 
the French of Paul Janet, Edin., 1878, Svo; new ed., 

" Afterem, George," (Pseud.) See WILLIAMS, 
HAROLD, infra. 

Agabeg, Aviet, LL.B., b. 1845, at Calcutta; grad- 
uated at St. John's College, Cambridge ; called to the 
bar 1868. With BARRY, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Bills of 
Exchange Act, 1882: with Notes, Lon., 1884, Svo. 

Agar, Mrs. 1. Knights of the Cross : a Tale, Lon., 
1857, Svo. 2. From, Eve till Morn in Europe, I860, p. 




Bvo. 3. Adventures of a Serfs Wife, Lon., 1866, p. 

Asnssiz, Alexander, B.S., b. 1835, at Neucha- 
tcl, Switzerland, only son of Jean Louis Rodolpbe 
Agassiz, infi-rt, by his first wife, CScile Braun. He fol- 
lowed his father to the United States in 1849, graduated 
at Harvard College in 1855, and studied engineering at 
the Lawrence Scientific School, where he took the degree 
of B.S. in 1857. In 1859 he went to California as assist- 
ant on the U.S. Coa.t Survey, and on his return to Cam- 
bridge became connected with the Museum of Compara- 
tive Zoology. From 1866 to 1869 he was superintendent 
of the Calumet and Hecla copper-mines. Lake Superior, 
which, partly through his geological knowledge, were 
developed into the richest in the world. After his 
father's death he was made Curator of the Museum at 
Cambridge, and retained that position till 1885, when he 
resigned on account of ill health. He was Director of 
the Penikese School of Natural History during the sum- 
mer of 1873, and afterwards established at his own cost 
a school of zoology at Newport. Mr. Agassiz's special 
branch is marine zoology, and he assisted Sir Wyville 
Thompson in arranging the collections of the Chal- 
lenger and wrote the report on the Echini. He has con- 
tributed numerous papers to scientific periodicals and to 
the proceedings of scientific societies with which .he is 
connected. Some of these, reissued separately, are men- 
tioned below. 1. List of the Echinoderms, 1863, 8vo. 

2. North Ainericnn Acalephre. Illust. 1865, imp. 8vo. 

3. Preliminary Report on the Echini and Star-Fishes 
dredged in Deep Water between Cuba and the Florida 
Reef by L. F. de Pourtales, 1869, 8vo. 4. With GAR- 
MAN, S. W., (ed.) Exploration of Lake Titicaca, 1875- 
76, 4 vols. 8vo. 5. Obituary. [A biographical notice of 
Count L. F. de Pourtale's.] From an American Journal 
of Science. By A. Ag. Cambridge, Mass., 1880. 6. 
Review of the Echini, (Challenger Reports.) Illust. 
Lon., 1872-74, 2 vols. 4to. 7. Three Cruises of the 
United States Coast and Geodetic Survey Steamer Blake : 
a Contribution to American Thalassography. from 1877 
to 1880. Illust. Bost. and Lon., 1888. 2 vols. r. 8vo. 

" In spite of the valuable observations with which it 
teems, we confess to considerable disappointment with 
the book. Whenever confronted with one of the great 
genera^ problems to which oceanic researches necessarily 
lead, Prof. Agassiz displays a luck of lucidity, an inability 
to marshal facts in their logical sequence, which detract 
seriously from the scientific value of the work. . . . 
Where, however, Prof. Agassiz deals with his special sub- 
jectsas, for example, in the history of the West Indian 
Echinoidea he is most instructive." Ath., No. 3168. 

Agassiz, Mrs. Elizabeth Cabot, daughter of 
Thomas Graves Gary, of Boston, Mass., married, 1850, to 
Professor Louis Agnssiz, (infra.) She accompanied her 
husband on his journey to Brazil in 1865-66 and in the 
Hassler expedition of 1871-72, of which she wrote an 
account for the Atlantic Monthly, and was associated 
with him in many of his studies and wrtings. 1. A 
First Lesson in Natural History. By Actaea. Illust. 
Bost., 1859. Republished with the author's name, 1879, 
24mo. 2. Geological Sketches, edited by E. C. A., 1866. 
3. (Ed.) Louis Agassiz: his Life and Correspondence, 
Bort., 1885, 2 vols. 8vo. 

" These volumes are an account not so much of a life as 
of a life-work, the story less of a person than of a mind ; 
and the place of affairs, in which biography is usually 
Immersed, is taken by facts and theories of science. . . . 
The personal thread, however, vanishing and reappearing, 
runs like a golden strand through it all. though there is 
always a regret that it should be so slight. . . . The story 
is one of those shining examp'es of plain living and high 
thinking which are like wells of pure water in a dry land. 
. . . The enthusiasm which Agassiz always kind'led in 
others is felt throughout the work as his saving force 
within and the spirit which is preserved in these patres 
must always be a rousing and sustaining Influence for the 
scientific life under its trials." Nation, xli. 365. 

"This record of his life and work isdistiiiKiiished noless 
by judgment and good taste than by fulness of scientific 
knowledge; while the simplicitv and earnestness with 
which it is written lend it a peculiar charm and interest. 
It is neither redundant nor meagre : the scientific student 
(despite some modest words of doubt in the preface) will 
find the course of Agassiz's work sufficiently traced In it, 
while the general reader will be attracted by Its lively 
portraiture of a generous character joined to a noble 
Intellect." Spectator, Iviil. 1703. 

With AGASSIZ, ALEXANDER, Seaside Studies in Natu- 
ral History. Illust. Bost., 1865, 8vo. 

Agassiz, Jean Louis Kodolphe, [nte, vol. i., 

add.,] 1S07-1873. His biography divides with singular 

evenness into two sections, the one belonging to the 

annals of European, the other to those of American 


scientific research. The most important of his original 
studies and theories belong to the former period ; his 
labors in America tended to become more and more 
those of a teacher and organizer. From 1851 to 1854 
he was professor of comparative anatomy and zoology 
in the Charleston (S.C.) Medical College. He then re- 
turned to Cambridge, and on the establishment of the 
Museum of Comparative Zoology in 1859 became its 
curator, devoting much of his time to increasing and 
arranging its collection. In 1865 he planned a voyage 
to Brazil, partly for his health, which, through the liber- 
ality of Mr. Nathaniel Thayer, a Boston merchant, was 
turned into a well-equipped scientific expedition, lasting 
sixteen months. In 1868 he was appointed a non-resi- 
dent professor of natural history at Cornell University 
and delivered a course of lectures there. He made 
another scientific journey in 1871-72 round Cape Horn 
in the U.S. Coast Survey steamer Hassler. In 1873 he 
opened the Penikese Summer School of Natural His- 
j tory, on an endowment made by Mr. John Anderson, of 
I New York, and lectured there throughout the summer. 
About the same time he began a series of articles for 
the Atlantic Monthly on Evolution and Permanence of 
Type, only one of which was ever finished. He died at 
Cambridge after a short illness, and was buried at Mt. 
Auburn, where his grave is marked by a boulder from 
the glacier of the Aar. A complete list of his numerous 
contributions to the transactions and proceedingsof scien- 
tific societies is given in the catalogue of scientific papers 
published by the Royal Society of London. 1. Contribu- 
tions to the Natural History of the United States: I., 
An Essay on Classification ; II., Embryology of the Tur- 
tle ; III., Acalephs in general : Ctenophorae ; IV., Di- 
cophorae ; Hydroidae ; Homologues of the Radiata, 1857- 
62, 4 vols. 8vo. Vol. V., left unfinished, was edited and 
published by his son. 2. The Structure of Animal Life : 
Six Lectures, Brooklyn, 1862-65. 3. Methods of Study 
in Natural History, 1863, 12mo. 4. Geological Studies, 
Bost., 1866-76, 2 vols. 5. Centennial Anniversary of 
A. von Humboldt, 1869, 8vo. 6. Report of the Deep-Sea 
Dredging during the Third Cruise of the U.S. Steamer 
Bibb, 1869. Pamph. With AGASSIZ, MRS. E. C., A 
Journey in Brazil, Bost., 1868, 8vo. 

Ager, Rev. J. C. An Order of Services for the 
Use of the New Church, N. York, 1870, 18mo. 

Agge, Anne Ashby, and Brooks, Mary 
Mason. Marblehead Sketches, [a series of sketches 
of buildings and scenes in Marblehead, Mass.,] Bost., 
1885, 4to. 

Aggs, Mary. A Memoir of M. L. Pease, Lon., 
1859, 4to. Privately printed. 

Agnel, H. R. Book of Chess: a Complete Guide, 
N. York, 1857. 12mo. (Reprint of Chess for Winter 
Evenings, N.York, 1848.) 

Agnew, Sir Andrew, eighth Baronet, b. 1818 ; 
succeeded his father in 1849. 1. A History of the Heredi- 
tary Sheriffs of Galloway, 1330 to 1747, 8vo. 2. The 
Agnews of Lachnaw, Edin., 1864, 8vo. 

Agnew, Anna. From under the Cloud ; or, Per- 
sonal Reminiscences of Insanity, Cin., 1886, 16mo. 

Agnew, Cora. Peerless Cathleen; or, The Stolen 
Casket, N. York, 1877, 12mo. 

Agnew, Daniel. History of the Region West 
of the Allegheny and North of the Ohio River, Phila., 
1887, 8vo. 

Agnew, Rev. David Carnegie A., a minister 
of the Free Church of Scotland. 1. An Eye upon the 
Scottish Established Church. By a Free Church Min- 
ister. Edin., 1853. 2. The Soul's Business and Pros- 
pects : Sermons, Lon., 1862, p. 8vo. 3. Protestant 
Exiles from France in the Reign of Louis XIV.; or, 
The Huguenot Refugees and their Descendants in Great 
Britain and Ireland, 1866, 4to. Privately printed. 2d 
ed., enl., 3 vols., Lon., 1871-74, 4to. 

Agnew, David Hayes, M.D., b. 1818, in Lancas- 
ter co., Pa., graduated at the medical department of 
the University of Pennsylvania in 1838, and after 
practising for a time in Chester county, became a lec- 
turer in the School of Anatomy in Philadelphia and 
established the Philadelphia School of Operative Sur- 
gery. In 1863 he was appointed demonstrater of anat- 
omy and assistant lecturer on clinical surgery in the 
medical department of the University of Pennsylvania; 
in 1870 he was chosen to the chair of clinical surgery, 
and in 1871 he became professor of the principles and 
practice of surgery there and of clinical surgery in the 



University Hospital. He resigned his professorship in 

1880. 1. Hand-Hook of Practical Anatomy. Illu-t. 
Pbila., 1856, 12mo; new ed., 1870. 2. Lacerations of 
the Female Perineum, Vesleo- Vaginal Fistula, their 
History and Treatment. Illust. 1873, 8vo. 3. The 
Principles and Practice of Surgery : being a Treatise 
on Surgical Diseases and Injuries. Illust. Phila., 1878- 
81, 3 vols. Sv<> ; new ed., revised, 1890. 

"The information Is everywhere very full, great care 
having been taken to collect large masses of statistics 
from various sources, and vet. while this is so, the author 
is not lost behind a mass or opinions and observations of 
others, but the practical aim of the work is throughout 
kept in view, and we are conscious to a very large extent 
of reading the outcome of a large and wide experience. 
W know of no text-book of surgery where fulness of de- 
tail is more successfully blended with the record of per- 
sonal experience and opinion." Lancet, May 3, 1884. 

Agnew, E. C. 1. Geraldine : a Tale of Conscience. 
By E. C. A. Lon., 1837, 3 vols. 12mo. 2. The Young 
Communicants, Lon., 1840, 12mo. Anon. 3. Tales Ex- 
planatory of the Sacraments, Lon., 1846, 2 vols. 12mo. 
Anon. 4. Rome and the Abbey : Sequel to " Geral- 
dine," Lon., 1849, 8vo. Anon. 5. St. Mary and her 
Times: a Poem in Fourteen Cantos, Lon., 1851, 8vo. 
Anon. 6. The Merchant Prince and his Heir ; or, The 
Triumphs of Duty: a Tale for the World, Dublin, 
1863, 8vo. Anon. 

ARIUMV, William Thomas Fischer, b. 1847; 
called to the bar 1870; recorder of Rangoon, British 
Burmah. 1. Law and Practice relating to Letters Patent 
for Invention, Lon., 1874, 8vo. 2. Treatise on the 
Statute of Frauds, Lon., 1876, 8vo. 

"Ago, Felix," (Pseud.) See HALDEMAN, SAH- 
CEL STEHMAN, infra. 

Aguilar, Emanuel. A Little Book about Learn- 
ing the Pianoforte, Lon., 1866, p. 8vo. 

Aguirre, J. M. Uncle Saui in Pontifical Robes, 
John Bull destitute of Attire : an Open Letter to James 
G. Blaine, N. York, 1888, 12mo. 

Aide, Hamilton, b. 1830, in Paris, France, the 
son of a Greek diplomatist, was educated at the Univer- 
sity of Bonn and served for a time as an officer in the 
British army. He is the author of several popular 
eongs, which have been set to music by Blumenthal and 
others. The following list of his books includes two or 
three novels which were first published anonymously: 
1. Eleanore, and other Poems, Lon., 1856, 12mo. 2. 
Rita: an Autobiography, Lon., 1864, p. 8vo; new ed. 
1884. Anon. 3. Confidences, 1859, p. 8vo ; new ed., 

1881. Anon. 4. Carr of Carlyon, 1862, 3 vols. p. 8vo; 
new ed., 1870 and 1881, 12mo. 5. Mr. and Mrs. Fal- 
oonbridge, 1864, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 6. The Romance of the 
Scarlet Leaf, and other Poems, 1865, 12mo. 7. The 
Marstons, 1868, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 8. In that State of 
Life, 1871, p. 8vo. 9. Morals and Mysteries, 1872, p. 
8vo. 10. Penruddocke, 1873, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 11. A 
Nine Days' Wonder: a Novelette, 1875, p. 8vo. 12. 
Poet and Peer, 1880, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 13. Songs without 
Music : Rhymes and Recitations, 1882, sq. 16ino. 14. 
Introduced to Society; new ed., 1884, p. 8vo. 15. Pas- 
sages in the Life of a Lady, 1814-15-16, 1887, 3 vols. 
p. 8vo. 16. The Cliff Mystery, Bristol, 1888, 12mo. 

" Without anything remarkable in power or new in in- 
cident, Mr. A'id6 always succeeds in engaging and holding 
ourattentiou. And wetninkthisisdonechiefly by hisgreat 
carefulness. The plot is carefully worked out, without 
. . . that ignoring of likelihood, and even possibility, so 
common in the hurriedly-written novels of the present 
day. And he is careful in his writing: his English is 
simple, correct, and elegant. Moreover, he is always on 
the side of high principle and pure morality." Spectator, 
Ixvi. 929. 

Aiken, Charles Augustus, D.D., Ph.D., b. 1827, 
in Manchester, Vt. ; educated at Dartmouth College and 
Andover Theological Seminary ; became Professor of 
Christian Ethics and Apologetics in 1871, and of Ori- 
ental and Old Testament Literature in 1882, in Prince- 
ton Theological Seminary. He was a member of the 
Old Testament Revision company, has contributed to 
periodicals, and translated Zockler's commentary on 
Proverbs in the American edition of Lange's Commen- 
tary, N. York, 1869. 

Aiken, Clementine Edith. The Days we Live 
in. By C. E. A. Boston, 1876. 

Aiken, George L. 1. The Household Skeleton, 
N. York, 1865. 2. Cynthia, the Pearl of the Points: a 
Tale of New York, Bost., 1867. 

Aiken, James R. (Ed.) Gems of Poetry and 
Prose, N. York, 1876, 16mo. 

Aiken, Peter Freeland. Memorials of Robert 
Burns and some of his Contemporaries and their De- 
scendants. By the Grandson of R. Aiken. Lon., 1876. 

** Aikin, Berkeley," (Pseud.) See KORTRIOHT, 
FANNY AIKIN, infra. 

Aikin, John F. History of Liberty, N. York, 
1876, ! '-MI... 

Aikiu, Lucy, 1781-1864. See ante, vol. i., and LE 
BRETON, P. II., infra. 

Aikman, Rev. J. Logan. 1. Sabbath Evening* 
at Calvary, Edin., 1853, 12mo; 3d ed., 1854. 2. Morn- 
ings at the Sepulchre ; or, The Risen Redeemer, Lon., 
1859, 8vo. 3. The Cross and the Sepulchre: Medita- 
tions, Lon., 1860, 8vo. 4. Cyclopedia of Christian Mis- 
sions, 1860, 8vo ; 2d ed., 1861. 

Aikman, James. 1. Annals of the Persecutions 
in Scotland from the Reformation to the Revolution, 
Lon., 1843, 8vo; Phila., 2 vols. 12mo. 2. Account of 
Covenanting in Scotland, Lon., 1848, 8vo. 3. History 
of Scotland, Edin., 1856. 6 vols. 8vo. 4. The Animal 
Kingdom ; or, Natural History of Beasts, Birds, and 
Fishes, Lon., 1861, 8vo. 

Aikman, Rev. William, D.D., b. 1824, in New 
York City; graduated at the New York University in 1846, 
and at Union Theological Seminary in 1849; became a 
Presbyterian clergyman, and has taken a prominent part 
in the affairs of his denomination. 1. The Moral Power 
of the Sea, Phila., 1864, 12mo. 2. Life at Home; or, 
The Family and its Members, N. York, 1870, 12mo. 

3. The Altar in the House, Phila., 1876, 12mo. 4. Heav- 
enly Recognitions, Phila., 1883. Pamph. 5. A Bache- 
lor's Talks about Married Life and Things adjacent, 
N. York, 1884, 12mo. 

Aikman, William Robertson. 1. The Last 
Regret ; or, The Power of Divine Regeneration : a Poem 
illustrative of Truths of Inspiration assailed in a late 
work entitled " Essays and Reviews." By a Soldier of 
the Cross. Lon., 1861, 8vo. 2. The Arrow of the Lord's 
Deliverance: a Meditation, 1873, 8vo. 3. The Star of 
Prophecy ; or, First-Born of Shinar : a Poem, Oxford, 

Aim, James B. Poor Philip's Fate : Glimpses of 
an Unknown Land, [verse,] Lon., 1886, 8ro. 

Aim well, W. Jessie; or, Trying to be Somebody, 
Bost., 1860, 16mo. 

Ainger, Rev. Alfred, LL.D., b. 1837, in Lon. 
don; graduated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 1860; or- 
dained 1860; Reader at the Temple Church, London, 
1866; Canon of Bristol, 1887. 1. Sermons preached in 
the Temple Church, Lon., 1870, p. 8vo. 2. Charles 
Lamb, (" English Men of Letters,") Lon., 1882, p. 8vo. 

" It has almost in perfection those characteristics of 
complete simplicity, thorough concentration on the sub- 
ject of the picture, fulness of sympathy with all Charles 
Lamb's genius, quaintnesses, and devotion of character, 
and intense enjoyment of his humour, which are the chief 
requisites for such books as this. Moreover, the style is 
pure and graceful." Spectator, Iv. 295. 

Mr. Ainger has also edited Lamb's Tales from Shake- 
speare, Essays of Elia, Poems, Plays, and Miscellaneous 
Essays, Mrs. Leicester's School, The Adventures of 
Ulysses, and other Essays, and Letters, 1880-84. 

Ainger, Arthur Campbell. Clivus: Element- 
ary Latin Elegiac Verse, Lon., 1878-79, 2 parts, p. 8vo. 

Ainger, Rev. Thomas, 1799-1863, b. at Whit- 
tlesea, Eng., and educated at St. John's College, Cam- 
bridge, was perpetual curate of Hampstead from 1841 
till his death. In 1861 he was made Honorary Preben- 
dary of St. Paul's. 1. Four Discourses on Repentance, 
Lon., 1836, 8vo. 2. Five Sermons on Prayer, Green- 
wich, 1841, 12mo. 3. Sermons on Various Subjects, 
chiefly practical. Edited by E. B. A. Lon., 1864, 12mo. 

4. Last Sermons: with a Memoir, Lon., 1864, 12mo. 
Ainsley, Ellis. A Dream of Victory and Defeat, 

and other Poems, Lon., 1871, 12mo. 

Ainsley, Thomas Liddell. 1. A Guide-Book 
to the Local Marine Board Examination; 3d ed., South 
Shields, 1859 ; 39th ed., 1880, 8vo. 2. The Requisite 
Elements for the Nautical Almanac for 1858; 3d ed., 
Lon., 1859, 8vo. 3. The Engineer's Manual of the Local 
Marine Board Examinations; 4th ed., South Shields, 
1871, 8vo; 17th ed., 1880. 4. Sumner's Method of Pro- 
jection, Lon., 1878, 8vo. 

Ainslie, A. Douglas. Reynard the Fox : after 
the German Version of Goethe, Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 

Ainslie, Rev. Alexander Colvin, LL.D., gradu- 
ated 1st class Math, at University College, Oxford, 1852; 
ordained. 1S53; Vicar of Henstridge, Somersetshire,' 



1871-83, and since then of Langport ; Prebendary of 
Wells since 1871. 1. Smoking Fires: their Cause and 
Cure, Taunton, 1869, p. 8vo. 2. Notes on University 
Education, Lon., 1870, 8ro. 3. Lectures on Steam and 
Mechanics, Lon., 1871. 4. Analysis of the Education 
Act, 1876. 

Ainslie, Rev. Henry. 1. The Weapons of God's 
Warfare: a Sermon, Lon., 1851, 8vo. 2. Self-Examina- 
tion and Devotions preparatory to the Holy Communion, 

Ainslie, Philip Harrington, of "The Mount," 
Ouildford, Surrey, En^., member of the Surrey Archaeo- 
logical Society. Reminiscences of a Scottish Gentle- 
man, commencing in 1787. By Philo Scotus. Lon., 
1861, 8vo. 

Ainslie, Rev. Robert, an Independent minister, 
of Brighton, Eng. 1. Defence of the Innocent [Ebe- 
nezer and Mary A. Davie.] from Charges brought by 
the Officers of the London Missionary Society, Lon., 
1853, 8vo. See DAVIES, REV. EBENEZEH, fi/Vrt. 2. Dis- 
courses on the Essays and Reviews. Lon., 1861, 8vo. 3. 
Discourses delivered in Christ Church, New Road, 
Brighton, Lon., 1866, 8vo. 4. Three Discourses Sup- 
plemental to the Eight on Essays and Reviews, 1861, 
8vo. 5. (Trans.) The New Testament, from the Greek 
Text of Tischendorf, 1869, 12mo. 

Ainsworth, William Francis, Ph.D., L.R.C.S., 
F.S.A., F.R.G.S., [ante, vol. i., add.,] a cousin of the 
novelist W. Harrison Ainsworth, infra ; b. 1807, at 
Exeter, Eng. ; studied medicine in Edinburgh, and re- 
ceived the diploma of the Royal College of Surgeons. 
In 1835 he was attached as physician and naturalist to 
Chesnoy's Euphrates Expedition, and in 1838 he was 
eent by the Geographical Society and the Society for the 
Diffusion of Christian Knowledge into Asia Minor to 
explore the river Halys, and to investigate the condition 
of the Christians in Kurdistan. Returning to London 
in 1841, he devoted himself to literary work, and was 
proprietor and editor for a time of the New Monthly 
Magazine. 1. Illustrated Universal Gazetteer, Lon., 
1863, r. 8vo. 2. (Ed.) Wanderings in Every Clime. 
Illust. Lon., 1870, 4to. 3. A Personal Narrative of the 
Euphrates Expedition, Lon., 1888, 2 vols. 8vo. 

" It is an antiquary's note-book, not a graphic narrative 
of the expedition itself. . . . Nevertheless, it is not a small 
service to have gathered together from a multitude of 
sources, not always easily accessible, a massof topographi- 
cal Information and materials for antiquarian debate on 
a vast number of ancient sites, the importance and interest 
of which are alike beyond dispute."^/*., No. 3191. 

Ainsworth, William Harrison, [ante, vol. i., 
add..] 1805-1882, made his first appearance in literature 
while still in his teens, and continued writing up to the 
time of his death. The authorship of "Sir John 
Chiverton," (erroneously printed " John Cheverton" in 
vol. i.,) a novel which appeared anonymously in 1826, 
and which was praised by Sir Walter Scott, was for 
forty years attributed to Ainsworth, but has since 
been claimed by Mr. John Partington Aston. Mr. W. 
E. A. Axon, in his notice of Ainsworth, (Dictionary of 
National Biography, vol. i.,) surmises that the book may 
have been a joint production of the two young men. 
Ainsworth was author in part of a volume called 
December Tales, published in 1823, which with others 
of his earlier works has long since been scarce and out 
of print. In 1840 he succeeded Dickens as editor of 
Bentley's Mi,cellany, in which magazine Jack Shep- 
pard had appeared during the previous year, with 
illustrations by Cruikshank. In 1842 he established 
Ainsworth's Magazine, which came to an end in 1853. 
lie was also for many years editor and proprietor of the 
New Monthly Magazine. He was very popular in 
society, and his home at Kensal Manor House was 
famous for its hospitality, Dickens, Thackeray, Jerrold, 
and other literary men being among his guests. In 1881 
a banquet was given to him at Manchester, at which the 
mayor of the city, in a speech proposing the health of 
the author, gave the following statistics illustrating his 
popularity in his native town : " In our Manchester 
public free libraries there are two hundred and fifty vol- 
umes of Mr. Ainsworth's different works. During the 
last twelve months those volumes have been read seven 
thousand six hundred and sixty times, mostly by the 
artisan class of readers. And this means that twenty 
volumes of his works are being perused in Manchester 
by readers of the free libraries every day all the year 
through." The editor of Men of the Reign informs 
M that " Mr. Ainsworth's writings are still popular in 

America." It may be doubted, however, whether their 
circulation among the readers throughout the United 
States is comparable to that which, as we have seen, 
they enjoy in a single town in England. The following 
alphabetical list of his productions of which only a 
few, and these, for the most part, without dates, are men- 
tioned in vol. i. is believed to be complete. Auriol, and 
other Tales, 1880. Ballads, Romantic, Fantastic, and 
Humorous, 1855. Beatrice Tyldesley, 1878. Beau 
Nash; or, Bath in the Eighteenth Century, 1879. Bos- 
cobel, 1872. Cardinal Pole, 1863. Chetwynd Calverley, 

1876. Constable de Bourbon (The), 1866. Constable 
of the Tower (The), 1861. Crichton, 1837. Euphrates 
Valley Railway (The), 1872. Fall (The) of Somerset, 

1877. Flitch of Bacon (The) ; or, The Custom of Dun- 
mow, 1854. Goldsmith's Wife (The), 1875. Good Old 
Times (The) : a Story of the Manchester Rebels of '45, 
1873. Guy Fawkes, 1841. Hilary St. Ives, 1869. Jack 
Sheppard, 1839. John Law, the Projector, 1864. Lancas- 
ter Witches (The), 1848. Leaguer of Lathom (The) : a 
Tale of the Civil War in Lancashire, 1876. Lord Mayor 
of London (The), 1862. Manchester Rebels (The); or, 
The Fatal '45, 1873. Merry England, 1874. Mervyn 
Clitheroe, 1857. Miser's Daughter (The), 1842. Myd- 
dleton Pomfret, 1865. Old Court, 1867. Old St. Paul's : 
a Tale of the Plague and the Fire of London, 1841. 
Ovingdean Grange: a Tale of the South Downs, 1860. 
Preston Fight ; or, The Insurrection of 1 715, 1875. Rook- 
wood, 1834. St. James's; or, The Court of Queen Anne, 
1844. South Sea Bubbles, 1868. Spanish Match (The); 
or, Charles Stuart in Madrid, 1865. Spendthrift (The), 
1856. Stanley Brereton, 1881. Star Chamber (The), 
1854. Talbot Harland, 1870. Tower Hill, 1871. Tower 
of London (The), 1840. Windsor Castle, 1843. 

"The charm of Ainsworth's novels is not at all depend- 
ent upon the analysis of motives or subtle description of 
character. Of this he has little or nothing; but he 
realizes vividly a scene or incident, and conveys the im- 
pression with great force and directness to the reader's 
mind." W. E. A. AXON : Dictionary of National Biography, 

Aird, David Mitchell, Barrister-at-Law. 1. The 
Modern Novelists of France, Lon., 1863, 12mo. 2. The 
Civil Laws of France, Lon., 1875, p. 8vo. 

Aird, Marion Paul, b. 1815, in Glasgow, Scot- 
land, has published several volumes of verse, including : 
1. The Home of the Heart, and other Poems, Kilmar- 
nock, 1846; new ed., 1863. 2. Heart-Histories, in 
Prose and Verse, Kilmarnock, 1853, 8vo. 3. Sun 
and Shade: Poems, Kilmarnock, 1860, 8vo. 4. Sacred 
Songs and Leaflets. 5. The Poet's Garland. 

Airy, Rev. B. Feltham's Tour through Man in 
1879. (Manx Soc. Pub.) Maps. Douglas, 8vo. 

Airy, Sir George Biddell, K.C.B., F.R.S., [ante, 
vol. i., add.,] b. 1801; created a Knight Commander 
of the Bath in 1872; was President of the Royal Society 
from 1871 to 1873; resigned the post of Astronomer 
Royal in 1881 ; is a Foreign Associate of the Institute 
of France, and a member of a great number of scientific 
societies ; and has received many medals for his dis- 
coveries and theories. In addition to the works men- 
tioned in vol. i., he has published: 1. Popular Astron- 
omy: a Series of Lectures; new ed., 1866, 18mo. 2. 
Treatise on Partial Differential Equations, Lon., 1866, 
p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1873. 3. Undulatory Theory of Optics; 
new ed., Lon., 1866, p. 8vo. 4. Sound and Atmospheric 
Vibrations, Lon., 1868, p. 8vo. 5. Treatise on Magnet- 
ism, Lon., 1S71, p. 8vo. 6. Algebraical and Numerical 
Theory of Errors; 2d ed., Lon., 1875, p. 8vo. 7. Notes 
on the Earlier Hebrew Scriptures, Lon., 1876, 8vo. 8. 
Lunar Distance, Lon., 1881. Pamph. 9. Gravitation : 
Principal Perturbations in the Solar System ; 2d ed., 
Lon., 1885, p. 8vo. 10. Terrestrial Magnetic Force in 
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" Miss Aitken, it need scarcely be said, has retained 
nothing which is unfitted for general reading, and her 
book is one that should delight everybody." Spectator, 
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Aitken, Rev. Robert, 1800-1873, a clergyman of 
the Church of England, withdrew from that Church, 
having in consequence of some irregularities in preach- 
ing fallen under the displeasure of his bishop, and 
preached for some years to We^leyan congregations. In 
1840 he returned to the Anglican Church, and in 1844 
became Rector of Pendeen, Cornwall, where he erected 
from his own designs a fine cruciform church on the 
model of the cathedral of lona. He was known 
throughout England as a preacher of almost unrivalled 
fervor. 1. The Conversion and Holy Life of St. 
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1852, (or before.) See, for pamphlets in reply, COLE, 
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Aitken, Robert, a grandson of Robert Aitken, to 
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Memorials of Robert Burns and of some of his Contem- 
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2. The Science and Practice of Medicine, Lon., 1863, 
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"The work is an admirable one, and adapted to the 
requirements of tlte student, professor, and practitioner of 
medicine." Lancet. 

" Excellent from the beginning, and improved in each 
successive issue, Dr. A it Urn'.- great and standard work has 
now, with vast and judicious labour, been brought abreast 
of every recent advance in scientific medicine and the 
healing art." J. CRICHTON-BKOWNE: Brain. 

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Animal Alkaloids, the Ptomaines, Leucomaioes, and Ex- 
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mary of Recent Researches as to the Origin of some 
Diseases by or through the Physiological Processes going 
on during Life, Lon., 1887, 12tno. 

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Hunter, son of Rev. Robert Aitken, tupra, b. 1841, 
in Liverpool, Eng. ; educated at his home in Pendeen, 
Cornwall, and at Wadham College, Oxford, where he 
graduated in 1865; ordained in 1865, and made curate 
of St. Jude's, in the northern part of London; in 1871 
became incumbent of Christ Church, Everton, Liver- 
pool. In 1875 he gave up his parish to devote himself 
to the work of a mission preacher, and founded as a 
memorial to his fnther a mission society, since known 
as the Church Parochial Mission Society, of which he 
is general superintendent. 1. The Difficulties of the 
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Doctrine of Christ, Lon., 1884, p. Svo. 14. The Re- 
vealer Revealed : Thoughts upon Christ, Ac., 1885, p. 
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Aiton, Rev. John, D,D., [ante, vol. i., add.,] 17'J7- 
1863, son of William Aiton, [q. v., aiitr, vol. i.,] a Scot- 
tish writer on agriculture, was born at Strathaven, 
Lanarkshire, Scotland. He attracted attention by a 
pamphlet published in 1824 entitled A Refutation of 
Mr. Robert Owen's Objections to Christianity, and was 
soon after presented to the living of Dolphinton, South 
Lanarkshire, which he held for the remainder of his 
life. His publications, including the one mentioned in 
vol. i., were : 1. The Life and Times of Alexander Hen- 
derson, Edin., 1836. 2. Clerical Economics, Edin., 1842 ; 
2d ed., 1856. 3. Eight Weeks in Germany, Edin., 1842. 
4. The Lands of the Messiah, Mahomet, and the Pope, 
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Akin, Thomas Beamish, b. 1809, at Liverpool, 
Nova Scotia, became a solicitor, and in 1857 was put in 
charge of the documents relating to the history of Nova 
Scotia, from which material he published several pam- 
phlets, including: 1. History of Halifax, Nova Scotia, 
1847. 2. Rise and Progress of the Church of England 
in the British North American Provinces, 1849. 3. 
Selections from the Public Documents of the Province 
of Nova Scotia. 1869. 

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Castle or Great Island, in the mouth of the Piscataqua 
River, near Rye, N H. 1. St. Aspenquid of Agamenti- 
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Illust. Bost., 1884, 12mo. 

"The history of the island of New Castle, on the coast 
of Now Hampshire, is told quietly, with much interesting 
detail, and enough sentiment and reflection to render the 
narrative vital." Nation, xxxix. 295. 

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Story of the Chicago Hard Times, N. York, 1880, 12mo. 

Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emman- 
uel, Prince Consort of England, 1819-1861, son 
of Ernest, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, b. at the Rosen au, 
near Coburg, and married in 1839 to Queen Victoria. 
He acted as the Queen's adviser in matters of domestic 
and more especially of foreign policy, and took an ac- 
tive part in the promotion of many public but non- 
political projects, such as the first International Exhi- 
bition, 1851, the plan of which was originated by him. 
For biog. see MARTIN, SIR THEODORE, infra. 1. Ad- 
dresses on Public Occasions, Lon., 1857, 4to. 2. Princi- 
pal Speeches and Addresses; with an Introduction, Lon., 
1862, 8vo. 3. Golden Precepts ; or. Opinions and Max- 
ims; new ed., Lon., 1873, ISuio. His musical composi- 
tions have also been published, Lon., 1 382. 

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p. 8vo. 8. Walking with God : a Memoir of the late 
Venerable John Alcock, Archdeacon of Waterford, Lon., 

1887, p. 8vo. 

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Property in the East Indies, Lon., 1850, 8vo. 

Alcock, Ven. John, Archdeacon of Waterford. 
For biog., see ALCOCK, Miss D., supra. Some Plain 
Thoughts on the Lord's Prayer, Lon., 1884, 18mo. 

Alcock, R. H. Botanical Names for English 
Readers, Lon., 1884, 8vo. 

A I rock. Sir Rutherford, K.C.B., D.C.L., b. 1809, 
in London, was educated for the medical profession, and 

served for several years as an army surgeon. In 1844 
he entered the consular service, and in 1858 became con- 
sul-general to Japan, from which post he was promoted 
in the following year to that of envoy extraordinary and 
minister plenipotentiary, which he held till 1865, when he 
was transferred to Peking. His diplomatic career ended 
in 1871, but he was afterwards a member of several com- 
missions, and in 1882 he presided over the Health De- 
partment at the Congress of the Social Science Associa- 
tion. 1. Notes on the Medical History and Statistics of 
the British Legion in Spain, Lon., 1838, 8vo. 2. Life's 
Problems ; 2d ed., revised and enlarged, 1861, 8vo. 3. Ele- 
ments of Japanese Grammar, Shanghai, 1S61, 4 to. Anon. 
4. The Capital of the Tycoon : a Narrative of a Three 
Years' Residence in Japan, 1863, 2 vols. 8vo. 5. 
Familiar Dialogues in Japanese, with English and 
French Translations, 1863, 8vo. 6. Art and Art Indus- 
tries in Japan. Illust. 1878, p. Svo. And see MAR- 

Alcott, Amos Bronson, [ante, vol. i., add.,] d. 
1888. He had lived for many years in Concord, Mass., 
visiting various cities and towns and holding conversa- 
tions on speculative and ethical subjects, which attracted 
much attention. He contributed to periodicals, and pub- 
lished, in addition to works mentioned in vol. i. : 1. Tab- 
lets, Bost., 1868, 16mo. 2. Concord Days, Bost., 1872, 
12mo. 3. Table-Talk, Bost., 1877, 16mo. 4. Sonnets 
and Canzonets, Bost., 1882, 12mo. 5. New Connecticut, 
Bost., 1886, 16uao. 

Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888, daughter of 
A. B. Alcott, svpra, was born in Germantown, Pa. 
When she was two years old the family moved to Bos- 
ton, and six years later settled in Concord, Mass. 
Thoreau was for a time Miss Alcott's teacher, but her 
education was mainly conducted by her father. In 1862 
she went to Washington as a volunteer army nurse, and 
spent many months in the hospitals, writing letters to 
her mother and sister, which were printed in the Boston 
Commonwealth. She subsequently travelled in Europe, 
and after her return wrote " Little Women," which had 
an instantaneous success, the sales amounting in three 
years to 87,000 copies. She was a frequent contrib- 
utor to magazines, Ac. Her popularity as a writer for 
the young has scarcely been exceeded by that of 
any other American writer. Her biography has been 
recently written by MRS. E. D. CHENEY, (q. v., 
infra.) 1. Flower Fables ; or, Fairy-Tales, Bost., 
1855, 12mo. 2. Hospital Sketches, and Camp and 
Fireside Stories, Bost., 1863, 16mo; new ed., 1869. 3. 
Moods. Illust. Bost., 1864, 16mo. 4. On Picket Duty, 
and other Tales, Bost., 1864, 16mo. 5. The Rose Fam- 
ily : a Fairy -Tale, Bost., 1864, 16mo. 6. Morning 
Glories, and other Tales, Bost., 1867, 12mo. 7. Aunt 
Kip, Bost., 1868, Svo. 8. Proverb Stories, Bost., 1868, 
Svo. 9. Psyche's Art, Bost., 1868, Svo. 10. Kitty's 
Class-Day at Harvard, Bost., 1868, sq. 16mo. 11. Little 
Women ; or, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. Illust. Bost., 
1868-69, 2 vols. 16mo. 12. An Old-Fashioned Girl. 
Illust. Bost., 1870, 16mo. 13. Little Men ; or, Life at 
Plumfield with Jo's Boys. Illust. Bost., 1871, 16mo. 

14. Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag, Bost., 1871-79, 6 vols. 16mo. 

15. Work : a Story of Experience. Illust. Bost., 1873, 
16rno. 16. Eight Cousins; or, The Aunthill. Jllust. 
Bost., 1875, 16mo. 17. Silver Pitchers, and other 
Stories. Illust. Bost., 1876, 16mo. 18. Rose in Bloom : 
sequel to Eight Cousins. Illust. Bost., 1876, 16ino. 19. 
Modern Mephistopheles, ("No Name" Ser.) Anon. 
Bost., 1877, 16mo. 20. Under the Lilacs. Illust. 1878, 
16mo. 21. Meadow Blossoms. Illust. N. York, 1879, 
4to. 22. Sparkles for Bright Eyes. Illust. N. York, 
1879, Svo. 23. Water-Cresses. Illust. N. York, 1879, 
4to. 24. Jack and Jill. Illust. Bost., 1880, 16mo. 
25. Spinning-Wheel Stories, Bost., 1884, 16mo. 26. 
Little Lulu's Library. Illust. Bust., 1885, 2 vols. 16mo. 
This is a republication of Flower Fables. 27. Jo's 
Boys, and How They Turned Out : a Sequel to Little 
Men, Bost., 1886, 16mo. 28. A Garland for Girls, 
Bost, 1887, 16mo. 

" If Miss Alcott's personages do rather too much and too 
regularly point a moral, they also in their way do adorn a 
tale ; and the readers of her books are exceedingly few, 
discriminating and undiseriminating, who have not got 
from them pleasure." Nation, xi. 30. 

Aldam, W. H. A Quaint Treatise on " Flees and 
the Art o' artyficiall flee making," by an old Man well 
known on the Derbyshire Streams a Century ago, Lon., 
1876, 4to. 



Alden, Ebcnczer, M.D., 1788-1881, a descendant 
in the seventh generation of the Puritan John Alden, 
was born' at Randolph, Mass., graduated at Harvard 
College in 1S08, took his medical degree at the Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania in 1812, and practised fur the rest 
of his life in his native town. 1. Historical Sketch of 
the Massachusetts Medical Society, Host., 1838. 2. 
Memoirs of Mrs. A. 0. Clark, 1844. 3. Alden Memorial, 

Alden, Ellen Tracy. (Ed.) Stories and Ballads 
for Young Folks, N. York, 1879, 16mo. 

Alden, Henry Mills, b. 1836, at Mt. Tabor, Vt., 
graduated at Williams College 1857 and at Andover 
Theological Seminary 1860. In the winter of 1863-64 he 
delivered a series of twelve lectures before the Lowell 
Institute in Boston on " The Structure of Paganism." 
Since 1869 he has been managing editor of Harper's 
Monthly Magazine. With GUERNSEV, ALFRED II., Har- 
per's Pictorial History of the Great Rebellion in the 
United States. Maps and Illust. N. York, 1862-65, 2 
vols. 4to. 

Alden, Mrs. Isabella, (McDonald,) b. 1841, 
in New York, has been connected with the Cbautauqua 
Society from its beginning, and has edited a juvenile 
magocine entitled Pansy. Her " Pansy" series of Sunday- 
School books embrace about 60 volumes. 1. A Christinas 
Time, Bost., 1870, 16mo. 2. Three People, Bost., 1872, 
12 mo. 3. Bernie's White Chicken, and the Diamond 
Bracelet, Bost., 1874, 16mo. 4. Grandpa's Darlings. 
Illust. Bost., 1875, 16mo. 5. Cunning Workmen. Illust. 
Bost., 1875, 16mo. 6. Four Girls at Chautauqua, Bost., 
1874, l-'uio. 7. Pansy Picture Library. Illust. Bost., 
1876, 4 vols. 4to. 8. Pansy's Picture-Book, Illust. 
Boat., 187K, 4to. 9. The Randolphs. Illust. Bust., 1876, 
12uio. 10. Docia's Journal, Phi la., 18mo. 11. Ester 
Reid; or, Asleep and Awake, Cin., 1870, 12mo. 12. 
Helen Lester, Cin., 16ino. 13. Household Puzzles, 
Boat., 1 2io. 14, Jessie Wells ; or, How to Save the Lost, 
Bost., 12mo. 15. Julia Reid: Sequel to Ester Reid, 
Cin., 12mo. 16. The King's Daughter, Cin., 12mo. 17. 
Nannie's Experiment, and other Stories, Cin., 1 61110. 18. 
Pansy Library, Cin., 4 vols. 19. Tip Lewis and his 
Lamp. Illust. Bost., 16mo. 20. Wise and Otherwise : 
Sequel to the King's Daughter, Cin., 12mo. 21. A 
Hedge Fence, Bost., 1884, 12mo. 22. Young Folks' 
Stories of American History and Home Life, 2 series, 
Bost., 1884-87, 8vo. 23. Young Folks' Stories of For- 
eign Land, 2 series, Bost., 1884-87, 8vo. 24. One Com- 
monplace Day, Bost., 1884, 12uiu. 25. Interrupted, 
Bost., 1885, 12mo. 26. In the Woods, Bost., 1885. 27. 
Gertrude's Diary, Bost., 1885. 28, The Browning Boys, 
Bost., 1886, 12mo. 29. The Pansy, Bost., 1886, sq. 8vo. 
30. Spun from Fact, Bost., 1886, 12mo. 31. An Endless 
Chain, Bost., 1884. Reprinted in London as "Workers 
Together; or, An Endless Chain," 1887. 32. At Home 
Stories, Bost., 1887, sq. 8vo. 33. Eighty-Seven, Bost., 
1887, 12mo. 34. Little Fishes and their Nets, Bost., 
1887, 12uio. 35. Six O'Clock in the Evening, Bost., 
1887, 16mo. 36. Pansy's Story-Book, Bost., 1888, 4to. 
37. Pansy's Sunday Book, Bost., 1888, 4to. 38. A 
Dozen of Them, Bost., 1888, 12ino. 39. Judge Burn- 
ham's Daughter. Illust. Bost., 1888, 12mo. 40. Pan- 
sies for Thoughts ; from the Writings of " Pansy." 
Comp. by Grace Livingston. Bost., 1888, 2-Jino. 41. 
With FOSTER, MKS. I. 11., Modern Prophets : Tem- 
perance Stories. Illust. Bost,, 1874, 12mo. 42. Dr. 
Deane's Way, and other Stories, Illust. Bost., 1875, 
16nio. With LIVINGSTON, MRS. C. M., Profiles. Illust. 
Bost., 1888, 16mo. 

Alden, Joseph, D.D., LL.D., [ante, vol. i., add.,] 
d. in 1885. His published volumes, mostly Sunday- 
school books, amounted to more than 70. He had 
been from 1867 to 1872 Principal of the Normal School 
at Albany, N. Y. 1. Anecdotes of the Puritans; [also] 
Old Stoue House, N. York, 1853, 12mo ; new ed , 1857. 
2. Text-Book of Ethics for Union Schools and Bible 
Classes, N. York, 1864. 3. Elements of Intellectual 
Philosophy, N. York, 1866. 4. Science of Government 
in Connection with American Institutions, N. York, 
1866, 12mo; new ed., 1876. 5. The Natural Speaker, 
selected to aid in acquiring a Simple, Business-like 
Style of Speaking, N. York, 1870, 12mo. 6. Self-Edu- 
cation: what to do, and how to do it, N. York, 1880, 
32mo. 7. Alden Series. Illust. Bost., 4 vols. 24mo. 
8. Alice Gordon; or, The Uses of Orphanage. Illust. 
N. York, 18mo. 9. Choice Stories, N. York, sq. 16mo. 
10. Christian Ethics, or, The Science of Duty, Albany, 

1866. 11. Citizen's Manual: Text-Book on Govern- 
ment, N. York, Ittino. 12. Days of Boyhood, N. York, 
sq. Ifnno. 13. The Dying Robin, and other Tales, N. 
York, 18mo. 14. Elizabeth Benton ; or, Religion in 
Connection with Fashionable Life, N. York, 18mo. 15. 
iland-Book for Sunday-School Teachers, N. York, 16mo. 
16. Introduction to the Study of the English Language, 
Grammar, and Rhetoric, N. York, 18mo. 17. The Law- 
yer's Daughter. Illust. N. York, 18mo. 18. Little 
Dora. N. York, sq. Itimo. 19. Naaman and Elisha; or, 
The Nobleman's Visit to the Prophet, Phi la., 18mo. 20. 
The Old Revolutionary Soldier, N. York, sq. 16mo. 21. 
Our Father : Considerations relative to the Lord's 
Prayer, Phila., 18ino. 22. Outlines of Christian Evi- 
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Alden, Kev. Joseph Warren, a Congregational 
minister. Vaticanism Unmasked; or, Romanism in 
the United States. By a Puritan of the Nineteenth 
Century. Cambridgeport, Mass., 1877. 

Alden* Miriam. 1. Bashie's Service: or, Where 
there's a Will there's a Way. Illust. N. York, 1872, 
16mo. 2. Marjorie's Good Year. Illust. Phila., 1881, 

Alden, Raymond M. A World of Little People, 
Bost., 1888, 16mo. 

Alden, W. The Human Eye : its Use and Abuse, 
Cin., 1867, 8vo. 

Altlen, William Livingston, son of Rev. Joseph 
Alden, supra, b. 1837, at Williamstown, Mass., and edu- 
cated at Lafayette and Jefferson Colleges, graduating 
in 1858. He was the founder of the New York Canoe 
Club. In 1885 he was appointed U.S. Consul-General 
at Rome. He has contributed humorous papers to 
the New York Times and other newspapers. 1. Do- 
mestic Explosives, and other Sixth Column Fancies, 
from the New York Times, N. York, 1877, 12mo. 2. 
Shooting Stars as observed from the Sixth Column of the 
Times. Illust. by F. S. Church. N. York, 1878, 16mo. 
3. The Canoe and the Flying Proa, N. York, 1878, 
32uio. 4. Moral Pirates. Illust. N. York, 1880, 16ino. 
5. The Comic Liar. Illust. N. York, 1882, 12mo. 6. 
Cruise of the Ghost. Illust. N. York, 1882, 16mo. 7. 
Christopher Columbus, (1440-1506,) the First American 
Citizen, (by Adoption.) (Lives of American Worthies.) 
N. York, 1881, 16ino. 8. Cruise of the Canoe Club. 
Illust. N. York, 1883, 16mo. 9. Adventures of Jimmy 
Brown, N. York, 1885, 16mo. 10. A New Robinson 
Crusoe, 1888, 16mo. 

Alderdice, Mrs. Eliza Winslow. Heart's De- 
light. By E. W. A. N. York, 1879, 12mo. 

Alderson, Sir Edward Hall, 1787-1857, was 
called to the bar 1811, made a judge of the Court of 
Common Pleas 1830, and a Baron of the Exchequer 1834. 
1. A Second Letter by a Layman, Lon., 1851. 2. Selec- 
tions from his Charges and Detached Papers : with 
Introductory Notice of his Life, by his Son, Charles 
Alderson, 1858, 8vo. 

Alderson, Sir James, M.D., D.C.L., F.R.S., 
1794-1882, b. at Hull, Eng., graduated sixth wrangler 
at Cambridge in 1822, and took his M.D. degree at 
Oxford in 1829; became a Fellow of the Royal College 
of Physicians in 1830, and was its president from 1867 
to 1870. He was knighted in 1869, and appointed 
extraordinary physician to the Queen in 1874 ; was 
Lumleian Lecturer in 1852 and 1853 and Harveian 
Orator in 1854 and 1867. He contributed occasional 
papers to the Transactions of learned societies. 1. 
Orthographical Exercises; 26th ed., Lon., 1846. 2. 
Practical Observations on some of the Diseases of the 
Stomach and Alimentary Canal. Colored Plates. Lon., 
1847, 8vo. 3. The Lumleian Lectures for 1853-4, Lon., 
1854. 4. Sea-Sickness, and on some Means of Pre- 
venting it, Lon., 1872, 8vo. 

Alderson, Lady M. A. Record of an Humble 
Life. Edited by Beata Francis. Lon., 1881, 12mo. 

Aldis, Charles James Berridge, M.D., 1808- 
1872, b. in London, educated at St. Paul's School and 
at Trinity College, Cambridge; took his medical degree 
1837, and became a Fellow of the Royal College of 
Physicians 1838 ; was appointed a health officer in 1855, 
and wrote numerous reports on the sanitary condition of 



London, besides contributing articles to medical journals 
and lecturing on medical topics. 1. An Introduction to 
Hospital Practice, Lon., 1835, Svo. 2. Lecture on the 
Sanitary Condition of Large Towns, Lon., 1857, 12oio. 

3. Oratio ex Harveii Instiiuto, Lon., 1859, 4to. 4. On 
the Power of Individuals to Prevent Melancholy in 
Themselves, Lon., 1860, 12mo. 5. London Noises Dis- 
turbing Sleep, Lon., 1864, p. 8vo. 6. Scarlet Fever in 
the Parish of St. George, Hanover Square, Lon., 1871, 

A Id is, Elijah. The Carvings and Sculpture of 
"Worcester Cathedral, Lon., 1874, 4to. 

Aldis, J. A. Christian Communion with the De- 
parted : Sermons, 1881, 8vo. 

Aldis, Mary Steadman. The Great Giant 
Arithinos : a Most Elementary Arithmetic, Lon., 1882, 

Aldis, William Steadman, M.A., Principal and 
Professor of Mathematics in University College, Auck- 
land, New Zealand, formerly Principal of theNewcastle- 
on-Tyne College of Science. 1. Chapter on Fresnot's 
Theory of Double Refraction ; 2d ed., Lon., 1879. 2. 
Elementary Geometrical Optics, Lon., 1872. 3. Elemen- 
tary Solid Geometry; 3d ed., Lon., 1879. 4. Introduc- 
tory Treatise on Rigid Dynamics, Lon., 1882, p. 8vo. 5. 
An Elementary Treatise on Geometrical Optics ; 2d ed., 
Cambridge, 1886, p. 8vo. 6. A Text-Book of Algebra, 
Oxford, 1887, cr. 8vo. 

A Id red, Philip Foster. 1. Elementary Ques- 
tions on the Law of Property, Oxford, 1876, 8vo. 2. 
Questions in Political Economy, with Notes to the 
Answer*, Oxford, 1877, 8vo. 3. A Chronological Sum- 
mary of the Chief Real Property Statutes, Lon., 1878. 

4. The Law of Mortgage of Real Estate, for the Use 
of Students, Lon., 1883, p. 8vo. 

A I tired. W. M. A Love-Affair: a Drama of 
Ancient Democracy, Lon., 1887, 12mo. 

Aid red, W. VV. A Lost Cause: the Story of the 
Last Rebellion in Poland, 1881, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Aldrich, J. K. Critical Examination of the Time 
of our Saviour's Crucifixion, the Fourteenth Day of the 
Jewish Month Nisan, A.D. 30, Wellfleet, Mass., 1882, 

Aldrich, 31. Almy. History of the U.S. Marine 
Corps, from Official Reports and other Documents, 
Bost., 1875, 8vo. 

Aldrich, O. W. Ohio Revised Laws: with Sup- 
plement containing all General Laws, and Appendix of 
References to Revised Statutes, Columbus, 1883, 8vo. 

Aldrich, P. Emory. Equity Pleadings and Prac- 
tice in the Courts of Massachusetts : with Frequent Ref- 
erence to the Practice in other Jurisdictions. With 
Forms. Bost., 1885, 8vo. 

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, [ante, vol. i., add.,]b. 
1836, at Portsmouth, N.H., passed a portion of his early 
life in Louisiana, and on the death of his father entered 
the counting-house of an uncle in New York City, 
where he remained three years and began to write in 
prose and verce for periodicals. His subsequent career 
has been wholly literary. He contributed to Putnam's 
Magazine, the Knickerbocker Magazine, the New York 
Evening Mirror, and other journals, and was for three 
years (1856-59) on the staff of N. P.Willis's Home 
Journal. He was editor of Every Saturday from its 
commencement until its close in 1874, and in 1831, on 
the retirement of Mr. Howells from the Atlantic Monthly, 
ucceeded him as editor of that magazine, to which he 
had for some time been a frequent contributor. As 
only two of his earliest books are mentioned in vol. i., a 
full list is here subjoined. 1. The Bells: a Collection 
of Chines. By T. B. A. N. York, 1855, 12mo. 2. The 
Ballad of Babie Bell, and other Poems, Bost., 1856, 
1 '-'in... 3. Daisy's Necklace, and What Came of It, N. 
York, 1857, 12mo. 4. The Course of True Love never 
did run Smooth, N. York, 1858, 12mo. 5. Pampinea, 
and other Poems, N. York, 1861, 16mo. 6. Poems, (two 
collections,) Bost., 1863, 1865, 16mo. 7. Out of his Head : 
a Romance in Prose, N. York, 1864, 12mo. 8. Story of 
a Bad Boy, Bost., 1869, 12mo. 9. Marjorie Daw, and 
other People, Bost., 1873, 16mo. 10. Cloth of Gold, 
and other Poems, Bost., 1874, 16mo. 11. Prudence 
Palfrey. Illust. Bost., 1874, 16mo. 

"A slight sketch of New England life, with numerous 
bits of satire and humor, in which many of the peculiari- 
ties of the people of that section are touched upon in the 
usual manner. Ration, xix. 207. 

" Mr. Aldrich is perhaps entitled to stand at the head of 
American humourists. The little work iu Uiis line he has 


hitherto doneissingularly fresh, original, and delicate. . . . 
The only fault that can reasonably be urged against it is a 
certain measure of artifice. It is like a conjuring feat, 
which loses its interest after it has been often seen and the 
mechanical trick on which it depends is discovered. . . . 
In ' Prudence Palfrey' he attempts to employ in a long story 
a device which has told admirably in less important ex- 
periments. Once more he succeeds." Ath., No. 2441. 

12. Flower and Thorn : Later Poems, Bost., 1876, 12mo. 
13. The Queen of Sheba, Bost., 1877, 16mo. 14. Miss 
Mehetabel's Son. Illust. Bost., 1877, 32mo. 15. 
Ri vermouth Romance. Illust. Bo?t., 1877, 32mo. 16. 
(Trans.) Story of a Cat, by Emile de la Bedolliere. 
Designs in Silhouette. Bost., 1879, 8vo. 17. The 
Stillwater Tragedy, Bost., 1880, 12mo. 18. XXXVI 
Lyrics and XII Sonnets, selected from Cloth of Hold 
and Flower and Thorn, Bost., 1880, 16mo. 19. Friar 
Jerome's Beautiful Book, selected from Cloth of Gold 
and Flower and Thorn, Bost., 1881, 16mo. 20. Complete 
Poems. Illustrated by the Paint and Clay Club. Bost., 
1882, 8vo. 21 From Ponkapog to Pesth, Bost., 1883, 

" It records the impressions of a literary American as 
to some of the diflerenees between the Old World aud 
the New. . . . Mr. Aldrich's eyes are primarily those of a 
poet. He has the sensitive temperament of a poet, and 
a poet's delicacy of expression. ... A dash of somewhat 
extravagant humor is thrown in. but this often seems to 
be done in obedience to the fashion of the day." Nation, 
xxxviii. 84. 

22. Mercedes, and Later Lyrics, Bost., 1883, 8vo. 

" His poems cannot be ranked as classics, but they often 
have the form of classics; they present such graceful 
thoughts, clothed in words so delicate, that criticism is 
almost disarmed." Nation, xxxv. 469. 

" The most pointed and exquisite of our lyrical crafts- 
men. . . . Though successful in a few poems of a more 
heroic cast, his essential skill and genius are found in 
briefer lyrics comparable to faultless specimens of the 
antique graver's art." STEDMAN : Poets oj America, p. 440. 

Aldridge, R. W. Courier Pigeons: How to Pro- 
duce and Employ them, Lon., 1871, 8vo. 

Aldridge, Reginald, a civil engineer on the 
Great Western Railway, who quitted that employment 
and settled, about 1877, on a ranch in Kansas. Ranch 
Notes in Kansas, Colorado, the Indian Territory, and 
Northern Texas. Illust. Lon.. 1884, p. 8vo. 

" Mr. Aldridge is a safe guide. His pages are never 
wearisome even to the reader whose acquaintance with 
cattle is on a par with what Dr. Johnson declares was the 
extent of Goldsmith's knowledge of natural history-" 
Acad., xxv. 396. 

" It has the merit ... of being, so far as we know, the 
first account of the cattle business by the ranchman him- 
self." Nation, xxxix. 293. 

Ale in any. Most Rev. Joseph Sadoc, b. 1814, 
in Vich, Catalonia, Spain, went to the United States as 
a missionary priest in 1841, and became Roman Catholic 
Archbishop of San Francisco in 1853; resigned his see 
and returned to Spain in 1883. Life of St. Dominic, N. 
York, 1867, 12mo. 

"Alexander, Mrs.," (Pseud.) See HECTOR, MRS. 
ANNIE, (FRENCH,) infra. 

Alexander, A., Superintendent of the Liverpool 
Gymnasium. 1. Healthful Exercises for Girls. Illust. 
Lon., 1885, p. 8vo. 2. Musical Drill for Infants. Illust. 
Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 3. Modern Gymnastic Exercises, 
1887, p. Svo. 

Alexander, A. J. Alexander's Colonial Gnide; or, 
The Emigrant's Hand-Book to the Best Colony, Mel- 
bourne, 1862, Svo. 

Alexander, Adelaide. The Helping Hand : a 
Guide to the New Testament, Lon., 1862, p. Svo; new 
ed., illust., Lon., 1879. 

Alexander, Mrs. Ann, (Dillwyn.) (Ed.) 
Gathered Fragments: briefly illustrative of the Life of 
George Dillwyn, of Burlington, West New Jersey, North 
America, Lon., 1858, Svo. Anon. 

Alexander, Archibald, Professor of Philosophy 
in Columbia College, New York. Problems of Philos- 
ophy, N. York, 1887, 16mo. 

Alexander, Augustus Washington. Grantas 
a Soldier, St. Louis, 1887, 12mo. 

Alexander, B., Master of the " House of the Good 
Shepherd," Soho, London. An Earnest Appeal to the 
Faithful of the Church of England, Lon., 1857. Svo. 

Alexander, Mrs. Cecil Frances, (Humph- 
reys,) b. about 1830, in Strabnne, Ireland. In 1850 
she was married to Rev. William Alexander, infra, 
afterwards Bishop of Derry. Her publications stories 
and poems for children all appeared anonymously. 
They include : 1. Narrative Hymns for Village Schools. 
Set to Music by A. F. Lon., 1853, 4to; 8th ed., 1864. 



2. The Lord of the Forest. 3. Verses for Holy Seasons. 
Edited by Walter Furquhar Hook, D.D. Lon., 1846, 8vo ; 
6th ed , 1888. 4. The Baron's Little Daughter. 5. 
Moral Songs. Illust. 18mo. 6. Hymns for Little 
Children; 14th <([.. 1857; with Illustrations by W. 
Chappcll, engraved by Messrs. Dalziel, 25th ed., Lon., 
1862, 8vo; 66th ed., 1888. 7. Poems on Subjects in 
the Old Testament, 1857, 2 parts. 1 81110. 8. Legend 
of the Golden Prayer, and other Poems, 1859, 8vo. 9. 
The Sunday Book of Poetry, (" Golden Treasury" Series,) 
1864, 12mo. 

Alexander, Charles B. Notes on the New York 
Law of Life Insurance, N. York, 1887, 8vo. 

Alexander, E. Porter. Railway Practice: its 
Principles and Suggested Reforms reviewed, (" Questions 
of the Day,") N. York, 1887, 12mo. 

Alexander, Evan. Wilfred and Marion: a 
Drama in Five Acts, [verse,] Lon., 8vo. 

Alexander, Frances, or Francesca, b. in Bos- 
ton, daughter of Francis Alexander, an American 
artist, who, after gaining reputation as a portrait-painter, 
went to Europe, about 1830, and fixed his residence nt 
Florence. Miss Alexander's inherited talent was early 
developed, and excited the admiration of visitors, her 
drawings being pronounced by J. L. Motley in 1855 
(Correspondence, vol. i. p. 182) superior in facility, 
grace, and purity to those of any modern artist he had 
ever seen. It was not, however, till innny years later 
that Mr. Raskin's enthusiastic appreciation of her work 
made the name of " Francesca" widely known. Under 
his auspices she has published three works, which evince 
an intimate knowledge of the habits and ideas of the 
peasantry in the Tuscan valleys, in one or another of 
which she has been accustomed to spend a portion of 
each year. 1. The Story of Ida: Epitaph on an 
Etrurian Tomb. By Francesca. Edited, with Preface, 
by John Ruskin. With full-page Steel Engravings. 
Orpington, Kent, 1883, cr. 8vo; 3d ed., 1889. 2. Road- 
side Songs of Tuscany: Translated and Illustrated by 
Francesca Alexander. Edited by John Ruskin, LL.D. 
(With Articles by Mr. Ruskin on Domestic Usefulness, 
the Virtues necessary to Sainthood, the Priestly Office, 
and Gypsy Character.) Orpington, 188488, 10 parts, or 
1 vol., medium 4to. 

"These songs and hymns of the poor people . . . are but 
the riflings, so to say, of hundreds and hundreds which I 
have heard and learnt, mostly from old people ; many of 
them have never, so far as I know, been written down be- 
fore, and others it would be impossible now to fiud. ... I 
have done my best to save a little of what is passing away." 
Extract from Preface. 

" The figure-drawings of Miss Alexander are simple 
portraiture, of an artlessness, in every sense of the word, 
carried to its extreme. Her flower-drawing ... is quite 
unsurpassable in line-work, for all she does is done with 
the pen. ... As for the literary interest which Ruskin has 
found in Miss Alexander's records of the poetry and life 
around her, there can be no surprise. . . . Miss Alexander's 
books (she made another, previous to her acquaintance 
with Professor Ruskin, which now belongs to Mr. Quincy 
Shaw) are works of a kind which, from their fidelity to 
the inspirations and character of the peasant life in which 
she has found the inspiration of her own, merit perpetu- 
ity." Motion, xxxviii. 472. 

3. Christ's Folk in the Apennine : Reminiscences of 
her Friends among the Tuscan Peasantry. Edited by 
John Ruskin. Orpington, 1888, 6 parts, or 1 vol., imp. 

Alexander, Gabriel. 1. The Fair Maid of Wy- 
oming: a Tale of the War of Independence, Lon., 1846, 
obi. 4to. 2. Robert Bruce, the Hero-King of Scotland, 
1852, 8vo. 3. Lilias, the Milliner's Apprentice, 1854, 8vo. 

Alexander, George Gardener. 1. A Few Re- 
marks on our Naral Organization, Portsea, 1858, 8vo. 2. 
The Command of the Channel and the Safety of our 
Shores, Lon., 1860, 8vo. 3. Dimetri : a Dramatic Sketch 
from Russian History, 1876, 8vo. 4. Doctor Victoria : 
a Picture of the Period, 1881, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Alexander, Henry Carrington, nephew of J. 
A. Alexander, infra. Life of Joseph Addison Alex- 
ander, N. York, 1869; new ed., 1875, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Alexander, J. The Jews: their Past, Present, 
and Future, Lon., 1870, 12mo. 

Alexander, J., M.R.A.S. Our Old Ally; or, The 
Why and the Wherefore of the Franco-German War, 
1870-71 ; 3d ed., Lon., 1884, 8vo. 

*' Alexander, J. II .," (Pseud.) See JAPP, ALEX- 
ANDER H., infra. 

Alexander, James. The Nature, Subjects, and 
Design of Believers' Baptism, Lon., 1852, Svo. 

Alexander, James, M.D. Rheumatism, it* Na- 
ture, Causes, and Cure ; Gout, its Nature, Causes, Cure, 
and Prevention, Lon., 1858, p. Svo. 

Alexander, Gen. Sir James Edward, C.B., 
[mite, vol. i., add.,] 1803-1888, educated at the Universi- 
ties of Edinburgh and Glasgow and nt Sandhurst Mili- 
tary Academy ; held several appointments in India at 
the Cape of Good Hope and in North America, and 
served in the Burmese, Persian, Portuguese, and Kaffir 
wars. In 1836-37 he conducted an expedition into 
Central Africa. He took part in the Crimean war and 
in the war with the Maoris of New Zealund. Published, 
in addition to works mentioned in vol. i. : 1. Travels to 
the Seat of War in the Enst through Russia and the 
Crimea, Lon, 1830, 2 vols. Svo. 2. Transatlantic 
Sketches, Lon., 1833, 2 vols. Svo. 3. Sketches in Por- 
tugal during the Civil War of 1834, Lon., 1835, Svo. 
4. L'Acadie; or, Seven Years' Explorations in British 
America, Lon., 1849, 2 vols. 12mo. 5. Passngex in the 
Life of a Soldier; or, Military Service in the East and 
West, Lon., 1857, 2 vols. Svo. 

" Heevidently understands his profession well, and, what 
is of equal importance, takes an interest In it; but he to 
very far from being a brilliant, amusing, or instructive 
writer." Sat. Rev. 

6. (Ed.) Salmon-Fishing in Canada. By a Resident. 
Lon., 1860, p. Svo. 7. Incidents of the Maori War in 
New Zealand, 1860-61, Lon., 1863, p. Svo. 8. Bush- 
Fighting : Illustrated by Remarkable Actions and In- 
cidents of the Maori War in New Zealand. Illust. and 
Maps. Lon., 1873, Svo. 

Alexander, Kev. James Waddell, D.D., [ante, 
vol. i., add.,] 1804-1859. In addition to the works men- 
tioned in vol. i., the following have appeared since his 
death, edited by " S. D. A.," (Samuel Davies Alexander :) 
1. Sacramental Discourses, N. York, 1860, 12mo. 2. 
Thoughts on Preaching: Contributions to Homiletics, 
N. York, 1864, Svo. 

Alexander, John. The Search for a Heart: a 
Novel, Lon., 1877, 3 vols. p. Svo. 

Alexander, John Henry. Catena Dominica: 
a Series of Sunday Idylls; 2d ed. f N. York, 1867, 

Alexander, Rev. Joseph Addison, [ante, vol. 
i.. add.,] d. 1860. Add to the works mentioned in 
vol. i. : 1. Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles, N. 
York, 1857. 2 vols. 2. The Go-pel according to St, 
Mark explained, Phila., 1858, I2mo. 3. The Gospel 
according to St. Matthew explained. N. York, 1861, 
12mo. 4. Sermons, N.York, I860, 2 vols. 12mo; new 
ed., 1 vol., 1870. 5. Notes on the New Testament Litera- 
ture and Ecclesiastical History. Edited by S. D. A. 
N. York, 181, 12mo; new ed., 1875. 

Alexander, Julius J. Collection of British 
Statutes in Force in Maryland, according to Kilty's Re- 
port: with Notes and References, Bait., 1870, Svo. 

Alexander, L. The Opera-Glass ; or, Clear Views 
of a Hundred Popular Operas, Lon., 1881, Svo. 

Alexander, L. C. The Other Half: a Series of 
Stories and Sketches, Lon., 1884, cr. Svo. 

Alexander, Marianne. Hymns for Special Ser- 
vices and Congregations. Compiled by M. A. Lon., 
1868, 16mo. 

Alexander, Patrick Proctor, M.A., 1823-1886, 
b. and educated at St. Andrew's, Scotland, where his 
father was professor of Greek ; was engaged in busi- 
ness in Glasgow until 1860, when he retired and settled 
in Edinburgh. He contributed to the Scotsman, to 
Charabers's Encyclopaedia, and to the Encyclopaedia 
Britannica, and published in periodicals verses, signed 
sometimes with his own, sometimes with other initials, 
and never collected in book-form. He was a friend 
of Alexander Smith, the poet, whose Lost Leaves he 
edited. 1. Mill and Curly le : an Examination of J. 
Stuart Mill's Doctrine of Causation : with an Occa- 
sional Discourse on Sauerteig. By Smelfungus. Edin., 
1866, p. Svo. 2. Moral Causation: Notes on Mill, 
Edin., 1868, 12mo; 2d ed., 1875. 3. Spiritualism: a 
Narrative with a Discussion, Edin., 1871, 12mo. 4. 
Carlyle Redivivus. By Smelfungus. Glasgow, 1887, cr. 
Svo : 4th ed., 1888. 

Alexander, Major-Gen. Robert, of the East 
India Company's Service. 1. The Rise and Progress of 
British Opium-Smuggling, 1856; 3d ed. same year. 2. 
Contraband Opium Traffic, Lon., 1857, Svo. 3. Opium 
Revenue uf India. Lon., 1857. 

Alexander, Robert Jocelyn. The Last of the 




Red Indians : Newdigate Prize Poem, Oxford, 1874, 

Alexander, S. A. Sakya-Muni : Story of Buddha : 
Newdigate Prize Poem, Lon., 1887, 8vo. 

Alexander, Rev. Samuel Davies, b. 1819, at 
Princeton, N.J., son of Dr. Archibald Alexander, [9. v., 
ante, rol. i.,] and brother of Rev. Joseph Addison Alex- 
ander, supra, was educated at Princeton, and in 1855 
became pastor of a Presbyterian church in New York. 
He has contributed a number of papers to the Princeton 
Review. 1. Princeton College during the Eighteenth 
Century, N. York, 1872, 8vo. 

" This valuable and highly instructive work. the fruit 
of patient and loving labor sure of not being rewarded be- 
yond its deserts.' 'Nation, xv. 200. 

2. History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, N. 
York, 12mo. 

Alexander, Sigmund B. The Veiled Beyond: 
a Romance of the Adepts, N. York, 1888, 12mo. With 
others, Ten of Us : Stories, Bost., 1887, 16mo. 

Alexander, Stephen, LL.D., [ante, vol. i., add.,] 
retired from the professorship of astronomy and mathe- 
matics at Princeton in 1878. A Statement and Exposi- 
tion of Certain Harmonies in the Solar System, Wash- 
ington, 1875. 

Alexander, Stuart. 1. Saul, King of Israel : 
a Sacred Drama, Glasgow, 1843, 8vo. 2. Life's Phan- 
tom, and other Poems, chiefly Devotional, 1855, 8vo. 

Alexander, Rev. Thomas, minister of Belgrave 
Presbyterian Church, London. 1. Exposition of St. 
John's Gospel, chap, xvii., Lon., 1857, 12mo. 2. The 
Penitent's Prayer: an Exposition of the Fifty-First 
Psalm, Lon., 1860, cr. 8vo. 3. The Great High Priest; 
new ed., 1860, 18mo. 4. Plain Paths for Youthful 
Runners, Lon., I860, fp. 8vo. Also, tracts, Ac. 

Alexander, Thomas, C.E., professor of engi- 
neering in the Imperial College of Engineering, Tokio, 
professor of engineering in the Royal College, Cirences- 
ter, Elementary Applied Mechanics, Lon., 1880-83, 2 
parts, cr. 8vo. 

Alexander, Thomas Tyler. A Compilation, Re- 
vision, and Digest of the Laws governing Taxation and 
Assessments in the State of Minnesota, Phila., 1887, 8vo. 

Alexander, Right Rev. William, D.D., D.C.L., 
b. 1824, in Londonderry, Ireland, was educated at Exeter 
and Brasenose Colleges, Oxford, where he. graduated 
with classical honors in 1847. Having taken holy orders, 
he became Rector of Cainus-juxta-Morne, County Tyrone, 
Ireland, and in 1867 was appointed Bishop of Derry 
and Raphoe. He has been Select Preacher to the Uni- 
versities of Oxford and Cambridge, nnd has contributed 
poems, essays, ami reviews to periodicals. 1. Prize Es- 
say on the Divinity of Christ, Oxford, 1850, 8vo. 2. Spe- 
cimens, Poetical and Critical, Lon., 1867. Privately 
printed. 3. Leading Ideas of the Gospels : Oxford 
Sermons, 1870-71, Lon., 1872, p. 8vo. 4. The Wit- 
ness of the Psalms to Christ and Christianity : Bamp- 
ton Lectures for 1876, Lon., 1877, 8vo; 2d ed., 1878. 5. 
The Great Question, and other Sermons, Lon., 1885, 
p. 8vo. 6. The Divinity of Our Lord, Lon., 1886, sq. 
16mo. 7. The New Atlantis, and other Poems, 1886, p. 
8vo. 8. St. Augustine's Holiday, and other Poems, 
Lon., 1887, cr. 8vo. 

" The Bishop of Derry's verse is strong in the power of 
expression, but lacking in the higher flights of fancy." 
Acad., xxxi. 3<j. 

He is also the author of Commentaries on Colossians, 
First and Second Thessalonitins, Philemon, and Three 
Epistles of St. John, in the Speaker's'Coinmentary, vols. 
iii. and iv., and joint author of the Commentary on 
Deuteronomy. Also, single sermons. 

Alexander, William, M.D., Senior Physician to 
the Halifax Infirmary. 1. The Adulteration of Food 
and Drinks, Halifax, 1856, 8vo. 2. On the Sea-Bathing 
at Scarborough, Halifax, 1881, 8vo ; new ed, 1882. 

Alexander, William, LL.D., b. 1826, at Chapel 
of Garioch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland ; educated at the 
parochial school; passed his early life in manual labor 
on a farm, from herdboy to ploughmnn, and in conse- 
quence of exposure and injuries broke wholly down in 
health and had to submit to amputation of the right 
leg. When 27 years of age he became a newspaper 
reporter, nnd he has since been steadily engaged as a jour- 
nalist, in various departments, in connection with the 
Aberdeen Free Press, which he assisted in founding. 
He received the honorary degree of LL.D. from the Uni- 
Tersity of Aberdeen in 1886. Besides contributions to 

several magazines, he has published : 1. Johnny Gibb 
of Gushetneuk, in the Parish of Pyketillum : with 
Glimpses of the Parish Politics about A.D. 1843. 
(With Glossary of the Aberdeenshire Dialect.) Aber- 
deen, 1871, 8vo. Nine editions have appeared, of 
which the seventh is illustrated with portraits and land- 
scapes by George Reid, R.S.A. 2. Sketches of Life 
among my Ain Folk, Edin.. 1875, fp. 8vo ; 2d ed. 

"The life of rural Aberdeenshire at this period [the 
early part of the present century] has been set forth with 
marvellous fidelity by Dr. William Alexander in his works 
'Johnny Gibb of Gushet Neuk' and 'Life among my Ain 
Folk,' more especially, I venture to think, in the latter. 
Whoever wishes to understand the undemonstrative, 
douce, thrifty, plodding, unimaginative, and yet affec- 
tionate and sternly faithful nature of that particular 
variety of the Scot will find it drawn to the life in these 
books." W. ROBERTSON NICOLL: James Macdonell, Jour- 
nalist, p. 9. 

3. Notes and Sketches illustrative of Northern Rural 
Life in the Eighteenth Century, Edin., 1877, 8vo. He 
is also joint author of a Memoir of Andrew Jervise, 
F.S.A. Scot. 

Alexander, William, M.D., F.R.C.S., Visiting 
Surgeon to the Liverpool Parish Infirmary. The Treat- 
ment of Backward Displacements of the Uterus, and of 
Prolapsus Uteri, by the New Method of Shortening the 
Round Ligaments. Illust. Lon., 1884, p. 8vo. 

Alexander, William D. S. 1. The Hermit of 
the Pyrenees, and other Miscellaneous Poems, Washing- 
ton, 1860, 18mo. 2. The Lonely Guiding Star: a Le- 
gend of the Pyrenean Mountains, and other Poems, 
Lon., 1873, 8vo. (Presumably the same book as the for- 

Alexander, William De Witt. A Short Synop- 
sis of the most Essential Points in Hawaian Grammar, 
Honolulu, 1865, 2 parts, 8vo; new ed., 1871. 

Alexander, Rev. William Lindsay, D.D., 
LL.D., F.R.S.E., [ante, vol. i., add.,] 1 808-1884, educated 
in the Universities of Edinburgh and St. Andrews, was 
pastor of a Scotch Congregational church in Edinburgh 
1835-54 ; became professor of theology and afterwards 
principal in the Congregational Theological College, 
Edinburgh, 1854; examiner in philosophy at St. An- 
drews University 1861 ; and was a member of the Old 
Testament Revision Company from its beginning. Besides 
the works mentioned in vol. i., and several articles in the 
8th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, he wrote : 

1. Christ and Christianity : a Vindication of the Divine 
Authority of the Christian Religion, 1854. 2. lona, 
the Druids' Isle, and its Successive Inhabitants, 1855. 
3. An Ancient British Church : Inquiry into the His- 
tory of Christianity in Britain previous to the Hep- 
tarchy, 1857. 4. Christian Thought and Work, 1862. 5. 
St. Paul at Athens, 1865, 12mo. 6. Sermons: a Series 
of Sixteen Discourses, 1875, 12mo. 7. Zachariah : his 
Visions and his Warnings, 1885, p. 8vo. 8. A System 
of Biblical Theology, Edin., 1888, 2 vols. 8vo. 

" Every page bears witness to the wide reading and care- 
ful scholarship of Dr. Alexander, and it is scarcely too 
much to say that in his own peculiar province he stood by 
himself." Spectator, Ixvi. 13%. 

He also edited the 3d ed. of Kitto's Cyclopaedia of 
Biblical Literature, Edin., 1862-66, 3 vols. r. 8vo. For 
biog., gee Ross, REV. .1 A.MKS, infra. 

Alexandrow, A. New and Complete English- 
Russian Dictionary, Lon., 1884, p. 8vo. 

Alexandrow, F. New, Practical and Easy 
Method of Learning the Russian Language, Lon., 1867, 

Alford, Right Rev. Charles Richard, D.D., 
b. 1816, at West Quantoxhead, Somersetshire, Eng. ; 
graduated at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1839 ; ordained 
1839; Vicar of Islington 1865-67; Bishop of Victoria, 
Hong-Kong, 1867-72; Vicar of Christ Church, Claugh- 
ton, near Birkenhead, 1874-77 ; Commissary of the dio- 
cese of Huron, Canada, 1880-81. Besides sermons, and 
a " Charge," Ac., he published First Principles of the 
Oracles of God, vindicated from the Aspersions of Prof. 
Jowett and Authors of his Rationalistic School, Lon., 
1856, 12mo. 

Alford, Rev. Daniel Pring, b. 1838, at Taun- 
ton, Eng.; graduated at Exeter College, Oxford, 1861 ; 
Vicar of Tavistock since 1883. The Retreat, and other 
Poems, Lon., 1874,_p. 8vo. 

Alford, Miss Elizabeth M., a daughter of Very 
Rev. Henry Alford, infra. 1. Margaret: The Story of 
my Life from Five to Twenty-Five, Lon., 1870, p. 8vo 

2. Netherton-on-Sea : a Story of Ars and Mentana; 2d 



ed., Lon., 1870, p. 8vo. 3. The Fair Maiil of Taunton : 
a Tale of the Siege, 1878, p. 8vo. 4. Honour, Lon., 
1880, 3 vol.-. p. 8vo. 5. The Romance of Coombhurst, 
1883, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 

Alford, Mrs. Fanny, (Alford,) a cousin of Very 
Rev. II. Alford, to whom In- was married in 1835. 1. 
Reminiscences by a Clergyman's Wife. Edited by the 
Dean of Canterbury. Lon., 1860, 8vo. 2. Life, Journal, 
and Letters of Henry Alford, D.D., late Dean of Canter- 
bury. Edited by his Widow. Lon., 1873, 8vo ; 3d ed., 
1874, cr. 8vo. 

" The simple and loving record of a hnppy, Industrious, 
and holy life. It Is no doubt impossible for a near relative 
to form any but the most partial and imperfect estimate 
of the public or literary career of a dear husband or par- 
ent, or of the exact value of his labours when compared 
with those of others toiling in the same field. Mrs. Al- 
ford's good sense lias prompted her to delegate this portion 
of a biographer's task to such as were better able to accom- 
plish it. ... Every other qualification for the office which 
she had undertaken Dean Alford's widow possesses to the 
full." Sat. Rev., xxxvi. 25. 

Alford, Very Rev. Henry, D.D., [ante, vol. 
i., add.,] 1810-1871, was Vicar of Wymeswold, Leicester- 
shire, 1835-53, when he removed to London, and was min- 
ister of Quebec Chapel, Marylebone, till 1857, when he 
was appointed Dean of Canterbury. He had a high 
reputation as a preacher, and was an active and liberal 
churchman, maintaining friendly relations with the lead- 
ing nonconformist preachers. A man of varied accom- 
plishments, he had also an extraordinary power of 
sustained work. In addition to his labors in Biblical 
research and literature, his earnest parish activities, and 
private tuition, he wrote hymns, composed vocal and in- 
strumental music, painted in water-colors, and contrib- 
uted in prose and verse to periodicals. He was the first 
editor of the Contemporary Review, established in 1866, 
and contributed largely to its pages, as also to Good 
Words and other periodicals. A full list of his writings, 
including single sermons and other pamphlet*, and 
articles in magnzines, Ac., not reprinted, is given in the 
Appendix to the Life by Mrs. Alford, supra. The 
following list of books, omitting pamphlets, completes 
that given ante, vol. i. : 

1. Memoir of Rev. Henry Alford, Lon., 1854. (This 
book, which is a biography of his father, the Vicar of 
Ampton, near Bury St. Edmund's, is incorrectly referred 
to in vol. i. as a Life of the Dean (then Vicar of Wymes- 
wold) by h is son.) 2. Quebec Chapel Sermons : vol. iv., 
1855, 8vo; vol. iii., 1856, 8vo; vol. v., 1856, 8vo; vols. 
vi., vii., 1857, 8vo. 3. Homilies on the First Ten Chap- 
ters of the Acts of the Apostles, Lon.. 1857. 4. Four 
Sermons on the Parable of the Sower, Camb., 1858. 5. 
The Greek Testament, vol. iv., Part II., 1860, 8vo ; 2d 
ed., 1862. (Of vols. i. and ii. the 5th ed. was published 
in 1863-65 ; of vol. iii. the 3d ed. in 1861 ; of vol. iv., 
Part I., the 2d ed. in 1866. In most of these editions 
many revisions were made. An abridged ed. was pub- 
lished in 1868, 1 vol., and a new ed. of the complete 
work in 1871, 4 vols. 8vo.) 

" We only give expression to the view which has been 
formed of Dean Alford's edition by the chief theological 
scholars of the country when we say that the work is too 
large for one man." Sol. Rev., xi. 402. 

" His work forms an epoch in Biblical studies In Eng- 
land ; and, though separate portions of the Greek Testa- 
ment have since been more fully dealt with by others, it 
is as yet unapproached as a whole." CANON FKEMANTLE, 
in Diet, of Nat. Biog., i. 283. 

6. The Odyssey of Homer : in English Hendecasyllable 
Verse : Twelve Books, Lon., 1861. 7. The New Testa- 
ment for English Readers, vol. i., Part I., 1862. 8. Ser- 
mons on Christian Doctrine : preached in Canterbury 
Cathedral, Lon., 1862, p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1870. 9. A 
Plea for the Queen's English : Stray Notes on Speak- 
ing and Spelling, Lon., 1863, 12mo; 3d ed., with 
inuny additions, 1871 ; (called also A Manual of Idiom 
and Usage ;) 6th ed., 188(1. (A reprint in book form of 
papers previously published in Good Words, which had 
given rise to a controversy between the author and 
George Washington Moon, q. v., infra.) 10. Letters 
from Abroad, Lon., 1864, p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1865. (Ar- 
ticles reprinted from Good Words.) 11. Meditations 
on Advent, Creation, and Providence, Lon., 1865 ; 
new ed., 1868, 12mo. (Reprinted from Good Words.) 
12. The Year of Prayer : being Family Prayers 
for the Christian Year, 1866, sm. 8vo. 13. Easter- 
Tide Sermons : preached before the University of 
Cambridge, Lon., 1866, 12mo. 14. How to Study 
the New Testament : vol. i., 1866 ; vol. ii., The Epistles, 

first section, Lon., 1867 ; rol. iii., The Epistles, 
second section, Lon., 1870, 12mo. 15. The Year of 
Praise: being Hymns with Tunes for the Sundays 
and Holidays of the Year, 1867. (Published in 5 
oils., viz. : in large type, with music ; without music ; 
small type, with inuaic ; without music ; and tonic 
sol-fa ed.) 16. Essays and Addresses: chiefly on 
Church Matters, Lon., 1869, 8vo. 17. The State of 
the Blessed Dead, Lon., 1869 ; newed., 1870, 16mo. 18. 
The Coming of the Bridegroom, Lon., 1869, 16mo. 19. 
Our Lord and His Twelve Disciples : a Series of Photo- 
graphs after the Crayon Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, 
with a History of Each Disciple, Lon., 1869. 20. The 
Riviera : Pen and Pencil Sketches from Cannes to 
Genoa, Lon., 1870, 4 to. 21. The New Testament after 
the Authorized Version, Revised, 1870; three eds. 
22. Truth and Trust : Lessons on the War, (Advent Ser- 
mons,) Lon., 1871, 12mo. 23. Genesis and Part of Ex- 
odus, Revised Version, for English Readers, Lon., 1872, 
8vo. 24. The Sons of God, Known and Unknown, 
[Eight Sermons preached in Canterbury Cathedral 
towards the End of 1866,] Lon., 1872, 16mo. 

Alford, L. A. 1. The Great Atonement, [verse,] 
N. York, Ifimo. 2. The Masonic Gem: a Collection of 
Masonic Odes, Poemc. <tc., N. York, 16mo. 

Alford, Lady Marian Margaret, 1817-1888, 
daughter of the second Marquis of Northampton ; 
married, 1841, to Viscount Alford, eldest son of first Earl 
Brownlow. After the death of her husband, in 1851, 
she devoted herself largely to artistic pursuits and phil- 
anthropic objects. She designed the illustrations for 
several books, and published : Needlework as Art. H- 
lust. Lon., 1886, 8vo. Also, a large-paper ed., r. >vo, 
and nn id. de luxe, r. 4to. 

" It is when she quits theoretical opinions, her by no 
means distinct definitions, and her picturesque anecdotes 
and illustrations, drawn from poets and legends, that our 
author proves her right to be heard and the value of her 
verv considerable studies." Ath., No 3067. 

Alford, Kev. Walter, M.A., graduated at St. Ed- 
mund's Hall, Oxford, 1830; ordained 1831; Vicar of 
Drayton, Somersetshire, since 1848. 1. The Old and 
New Testament Dispensations compared, Lon., 1858, cr. 
8vo; 2d ed., 1861. 2. The Unreasonableness of Un- 
belief, Lon., 1878. 

Alfred Ernest Albert, Prince, Duke of 
Edinburgh, b. 1844, second son of Queen Victoria. 
Sea Fisheries and Fishing Populations of the United 
Kingdom, Lon., 1883, 8vo. 

Alfred, H. J. A Complete Guide to Spinning and 
Trolling. By Otter. Lon., 1859. 

Alfriend, Frank H. Life of Jefferson Davis, 
Cin., 1868, 8vo. 

Algar, Frederic. A Hand-Book to the Colony of 
Tasmania, Lon., 1863, 8vo; later eds. 

Alger, Abby Langdon. 1. (Trans.) Lifeof Robert 
Schumann, by J. W. von Wasielowsky, Bost., 1871, 
12mo. 2. (Trans.) Rending as a Fine Art, by Ernest 
Legouve', Bost., 1879, 16mo. 3. (Trans.) Mischief Book, 
from the German of W.Busch. Illust. N.York, 1879, obi. 
12mo. 4. (Trans.) The Actor and his Art ; from the 
French of C. Coquelin, Bost., 1881, 16mo. 5. (Trans.) The 
Usurper : an Episode in Japanese History, by Judith 
Gautier, Bost, 1884, 12mo. 6. (Trans.) The Life and 
Works of Robert Schumann, by A. Reissmann, Lon., 
1886, 12mo. 7. (Trans.) The Little Flowers of St. 
Francis of Assisi, from the Italian : with a Brief Ac- 
count of the Life of St. Francis, Bost., 1887, 12rno. 

Alger, Horatio, Jr., b. 1834, at Revere, Mass., 
graduated at Harvard College 1852, and, after three 
years spent in journalism and teaching, went through 
the Cambridge Theological School and became a Uni- 
tarian minister. In 1866 he settled in New York, be- 
coming much interested in the condition of the street- 
bo\s of that city. The following list of his books is 
arranged alphabetically. 1. Abraham Lincoln, the Back- 
woods Boy. Illust. N.York, 16 mo. 2. Ben the Luggage- 
Boy ; or, Life among the Wharves, Bost., 16mo. 3. Bob 
Burton : or, The Young Ranchman of the Missouri, 
Phila., 1888, 16mo. 4. Bound to Rise ; or, How Harry 
Walton rose in the World, Bost., 16mo. 5. Brave and 
Bold ; or, The Story of a Factory-Boy, Bost., 16mo. 6. 
Charlie Codman's Cruise, Bost., 16mo. 7. Dan the De- 
tective : a Story for Young People, N. York, 1883, 12mo. 
8. Do and Dare; or, A Brave Boy's Fight for Fortune, 
Phila., 1884, 16mo. 9. The Errand-Boy; or, How Phil 
Brent won Success, N. York, 1888, 12mo. 10. Fame and 
Fortune; or, The Progress of Richard Hunter, Bosk., 




16mo. 11. Frank Fowler, N. York, 1887, 12mo. 12. 
Frank's Campaign, Bost., 16mo. 13. From Canal-Boy to 
President; or, The Boyhood and Manhood of James A. 
Garfield, N. York, 1881, 16mo. 14. Grandfather Bald- 
win's Thanksgiving, with other Ballads and Poems, 
Bost., 1875, 16mo. 

" Simple and direct in sentiment and expression." 
Nation, xxii. a K 4. 

15. Helen Ford, Bost., 1866, 12mo. 16. Helping Him- 
self, Phila., 1886, 16mo. 17. Herbert Carter's Legacy; 
or, The Inventor's Son, Bost., 16mo. 18. Hector's Influ- 
ence; or, The Boys of Smith Institute, Phila., 1885, 
16mo. 19. Jack's Ward; or, The Boy Guardian. 20. 
Joe's Luck, N. York, 1887, 12mo. 21. Julius ; or, The 
Street-Boy Out West, Bost., 16ino. 22. Luck and Pluck; 
or, John Oakley's Inheritance. 23. Mark the Match- 
Boy, Bost., 16mo. 24. Paul Prescott's Charge, Bost., 
Ifiino. 25. Paul the Peddler; or, The Adventures of a 
Young Street-Merchant, Bo-t., 16mo. 26. Phil the 
Fiddler; or, The Young Street-Musician, Bost., I6mo. 
27. Ragged Dick ; or, Street- Life in New York, Bost., 
16mo. 28. Risen from the Ranks ; or, Harry Walton's 
Success, Bost., 16mo. 29. Rough and Ready ; or. Life 
among New York Newsboys, Bost., 16mo. 30. Rufus 
and Rose ; or, The Fortunes of Rough and Ready, Bost., 
16mo. 31. Sam's Chance, and how he improved it, 
Bost., 16mo. 32. Shifting for Himself, Bost., 16mo. 33. 
Sink or Swim ; or, Harry Raymond's Resolve, Bost., 
If'.mo. 34. Slow and Sure; or, From the Sidewalk to 
the Shop, Bost., 16mo. 35. The Store-Boy; or, The 
Fortunes of Ben Barclay, Phila., 1887, 16mo. 36. Strive 
and Succeed ; or, The Progress of Walter Conrad, Bost., 
H'mio. 37. Strong and Steady ; or, Paddle your Own 
Canoe, Bosf., 16mo. 38. Tattered Tom ; or, The Story of 
a Street Arab, Bost., 16mo. 39. The Telegraph-Boy, Bost., 
16mo. 40. Tom the Bootblack, N. York, 12mo. 41. Tom 
Temple's Career, N. York, 12mo. 42. Tony the Hero, N. 
York, 12mo. 43. The Train- Boy, N. York, 16mo. 44. 
Try and Trust ; or, The Story of a Bound Boy, Bost., 
16mo. 45. Wait and Hope ; or, Ben Bradford's Motto, 
Bost., 16mo. 46. Young Adventurer, Phila., 16mo. 47. 
Young Circus-Rider ; or, The Mystery of Robert Rudd, 
Phila., 16ino. 48. Young Explorers, Phila., 16mo. 49. 
Young Miner, Phila., Itimo. 50. Young Outlaw, Phila., 
16mo. With CHENEV, 0. W., Seeking his Fortune, and 
other Dialogues, Bost., 1 61110. 

Alger, J. G. The New Paris Sketch-Book: Men, 
Manners, and Institutions, Lon., 1S87, p. 8vo. 

Alger, Rev. William Rounseville, [ante, vol. 
i., add.] In 1855 he became pastor of the Bullfinch 
Street (Unitarian) Church, Boston; in 1858 succeeded 
Theodore Parker as minister of the Twenty-Eighth Con- 
gregational Society of Boston ; in 1874 removed to New 
York, where he was pastor of the Unitarian Church of 
the Messiah from 1875 to 1878 ; went thence to Denver, 
Chicago, and Portland, and in 1881 returned to Boston. 
Besides the works mentioned in vol. i., he has published : 
1. The Solitudes of Nature and of Man ; or, The Lone- 
liness of Human Life, Bost., 1867. 

" His readers are sure to be offended by his great diffuse- 
ness and frequent displays of fine writing. ... It is the 
concluding portion, that devoted to illustrative examples, 
which shows the author in the best light." Nation, iv. 

2. The Friendships of Women, Bost., 1868. 

" He is, to our perception, a purely sentimental writer: 
afactwhici, under the circumstances, carries with it 
several aids, and as many impediments, to the happy ex 
edition of his aims." Nation, v. 522. 

3. Prayers offered in the Massachusetts House of 
Representatives during the Session of 1868, Bost., 1869. 
4. The End of the World and the Day of Judgment, 
Best., 1870, 12mo. 5. The Sword, the Pen, and the Pul- 
pit, Bost., 1870. 6. Tribute to Charles Dickens, Bost., 
1870, 16mo. 7. The Life of Edwin Forrest, the Ameri- 
can Tragedian. Illust. Phila., 1877, 2 vols. 8vo. 

41 The book before us is not a model biography ; It is 
elaborate, painstaking, exact, in general just and pleas- 
antly free from fulsome eulogy of its subject ; but it is also 
linuse, prolix, lacking in proper chronological proportion, 
full of repetitions, ana crammed with impertinent digres- 
sions. ... It will do much for the memory of Forrest. It 
will no longer be possible for any one to think of the actor 
as a burly ruffian whose legs and lungs were more power- 
ful than his brain. Mr. Alger shows him to us as a lover 
of his art, a student of Shakspere, a man with a tender 
heart and an open purse." Nation, xxv. 124. 

"Mr. Alger has done his work as regards Forrest in a 

very impartial manner; he has not corrected his faults 

nor has he deliberately exaggerated his Rood points, for 

the grandiloquent way in which he writes of them must 


be taken as merely a part of his own inflated sf- !e." Spec- 
tator, li. 186. 

8. The School of Life, Bost., 1881, 12mo. 

Alice Maud Mary, Princess of Great 
Britain and Grand Duchess of Hesse-Darm- 
stadt, 1843-1870, second daughter of Queen Victoria; 
married in 1862 to Prince Frederick William Louis of 
Hesse, who succeeded his brother as Grand Duke in 1877. 
She took a strong interest in literature and art, in re- 
ligious speculations, and in philanthropic schemes, and 
cultivated an intimacy with Strauss, who read to her his 
life of Voltaire in manuscript and dedicated the work 
to her on its publication. Some German translations 
from her pen of essays by Miss Octavia Hill on the 
Homes of the London Poor appeared with a Preface 
signed " A." Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse, Princess 
of Great Britain and Ireland : Biographical Sketch and 
Letters. With Portrait. Lon., 1884, cr. 8vo. (The 
memoir, with a German translation of the letters, by 
Dr. Sell, of Darmstadt, had been published in the pre- 
vious year. In the English volume the original letters 
are given with a translation of the memoir and a preface 
by the Princess Christian.) 

Alison, Alexander, [ante, vol. i., add.,] b. in 
Scotland about 1812. Besides the works mentioned in 
vol. i., he wrote : 

1. The Philosophy and History of Civilization, Lon., 

1860, p. 8vo. 

" Here is a great prophet, a man who knows everything, 
past, present, and future, who is going to set a mistaken 
world right about everything, past, present, and future, 
and we actually know nothing about him. . . . Mr. Alex- 
ander Alison is the victim of the unfortunate vice of Om- 
niscience." Sat. Rev., x. 802. 

2. The New Reformation in Europe and America, 

1861, 8vo. 3. Improvement of Society and Public 
Opinion, 1862, 8vo. 

Alison, Sir Archibald, D.C.L., [ante, vol. i., 
add.,] d. 1867. In addition to the works mentioned in 
vol. i., he wrote: I. Lives of Lord Castlereagh and Sir 
Charles Stewart, Second and Third Marquises of London- 
derry, from the Original Papers in Possession of the 
Family, Edin. and Lon., 1861, 3 vols. 8vo. 2. Some 
Account of my Life and Writings : an Autobiography. 
Edited by his Daughter-in-Law, Lady Alison. Edin. 
and Lon., 1883, 2 vols. 8vo. 

" The points of individual character and the matters of 
private interest exhibited are not of a nature to entitle 
these volumes to take rank as a valuable addition to the 
existing store of memoirs." Sat. Rev., liv. 8o4. 

Alison, Lieut. -Gen. Sir Archibald, Bart., 
G.C.B., LL.D., b. 1826, at Edinburgh, son of the hU- 
torian ; was educated at Edinburgh and Glasgow Uni- 
versities ; entered the army in 1846 ; served in the 
Crimean war, the Indian mutiny, the Ashantee war, 
and the Egyptian expedition. On Army Organization, 
Edin., 1869, 12mo. 

Alison, Somerville Scott. 1. Inquiry into the 
Propagation of Contagious Poisons, Lon., 1839, p. 8vo. 
2. Observations on Organic Alterations of the Heart, 
Lon., 1845, 12mo. 3. Medicationof Interior of Larynx 
and Trachea, Lon., 1853, 8vo. 4. Physical Examina- 
tion of the Chest in Consumption, Lon., 1861, 8vo. 

** Alister, H.," (Pseud.) See ROBERTSON, ALEX- 
ANDER, infrn. 

At ken, H. Beauties and Defects in the Figure of 
the Horse, 1881, r. 8vo. 

Allan, Elizabeth P. 1. Vacation Days at Fox- 
wood, N. York, 1884, 12mo. 2. Foxwood Boys at 
School. Illust. N. York, 1886, 12mo. 

Allan, Henry. Prize Essay on Kleptomania, Lon., 
ISwT, 8vo. 

Allan, Sir Henry Marshman Havelock-, 
Bart., K.C.B., b. 1830, son of Sir Henry Havelock of 
Lucknow; served through the Indian mutiny; M.P. 
1874-81 and since 1885; assumed the additional name 
of Allan in 1880. The Three Main Military Questions 
of the Day: 1, A Home Reserve Army; 2, The More 
Economic Military Tenure of India; 3, Cavalry aa 
affected by Breech-loading Arms, Lon., 1867, 8vo. 

Allan, Herbert. Plundering and Blundering: a 
Political Retrospect, 1874-79, Lon., 1879. 

Allan, Sir Hugh. Thoughts in Verse; or, Scrip- 
ture Melodies, Lon., 1858, 8vo. 

Allan, Itev. Hugh, M.A., graduated at Wadham 
College, Oxford, 1856 ; ordained 1859 ; Vicar of Raven- 
stone since 1872. Fresh Views of Old Truths : Sermons. 
Lon., 1878. 



Allan, Rev. J. A. Day-Dreams by a Butterfly, 
Kingston, Canada, 1834. 

Allan, Jameit MacGregor, brother of Peter 
John Allnn, infra. 1. The Wmiinn-Hater : a Drama, 
1866, p. 8vo. 2. Grins and Wrinkles; or, Food for 
Laughter. By Democritus Machiavel Brown. Lon., 
1857, p. 8vo. 3. Ernest Basil, 1857, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 4. 
The Cost of a Coronet : a Romance of Modern Life, 
Lon., 1861, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 5. The Intellectual Sever- 
ance of Men and Women, [an argument against the 
low standard of female education ;J new ed., 1861, 8vo. 
6. Last Days of a Bachelor: an Autobiography, Lon., 
1862, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 7. Nobly False, Lon., 1863, 2 vols. 
p. 8vo. 8. Father Stirling : a Novel, Lon., 1864, 2 vols. 
p. 8vo. 9. The Wild Curate: a Novel, Lon., 1887, 3 
vols. cr. 8vo. 10. A Lady's Four Perils : a Novel, 1888, 
cr. 8vo. 

Allan, James Watson, M.B., Physician Superin- 
tendent to the City of Glasgow Fever Hospital. 1. 
Notes on Fever Nursing. Illust. Lon., 1880, 12mo. 2. 
Outlines of Infectious Diseases, for the Use of Clinical 
Students, Lon., 1886, 12mo. 

Allan, John. Practical Guide on "Healthy 
Houses" and Sanitary Reform ; new ed., Lon., 1884, 

Allan, Rev. John, minister of Union Church, 
Aberdeen. 1. The Leutiad; or, Peter the Pope and his 
Pioneers the Puseyinen pummelled and pounded with a 
Hudibrastic Cudgel. 

A Tale in Rhymes 
For Lenten Times. 

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discovering wherein the Rev. Frederick George Lee and 
Co. consider that a Crucifix beats the Bible, Ac., Aber- 
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Shrived his own Broth-Pot, [verse,] 1864, 8vo. 6. 
Fiddle-de-dee: a Hurdy Gurdy Ode; or, Pseudo- 
Pindaric anent Presbyterian Church Organs. By a 
Ku Oxonian, Corresponding Member of the Insti- 
tute of Common Sense. Aberdeen, 1865, 8vo. 

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Diagrams. Sunderland, 1880, 8vo. 9. After-Toil Songs, 

1882, p. 8vo. 10. Lays of Leisure : Poems and Songs, 

1883, p. 8vo. 

Allan, William, formerly Lieutenant-Colonel and 
Chief Ordnance Officer, Second Corps, Army of Northern 
Virginia. 1. Battle-Fields of Virginia, (Civil War.) 
Port, and Maps. N. York, 1867, 8vo. 2. H istory of the 
Campaign of Gen. T. J. (Stonewall) Jackson in the 
Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, from November 4, 1861, 
to June 17, 1862: with full Maps of the Region and of 
the Battle-Fields, by Jed. Hotehkiss, formerly Captain 
and Topographical Engineer, Second Corps, A. N. V., 
Phila., 1880. 

" It is an admirable piece of work, interesting and en- 
joyable from beginning to end. ... It is perfectly Clear, 
accurate, and straightforward, and perfectly impartial. 
. . . This composition is a credit to American literature." 
Nation, xxxi. 81. 

Allan-Fraser. See FRASER. 

Allard, Hafiz. Nirgis: a Tale of the Indian 
Mutiny, from the Diary of a Slave Girl ; and Bistnillah ; 
or, Hnppy Days in Cashmere, Lon., 1869, p. 8vo. 

Allardyce, Alexander, b. 1846, at Khynie, Aber- 
deenahire, Scotland ; educated at the University of 
Aberdeen 1563-67 ; was assistant editor of the Friend 
of India, at Calcutta, 1867-70, ami editor of the Indian 
Statesman 1873-75 ; joined the literary staff of Messrs. 
William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh, in 1877, and 
on the death of Mr. James Blackwood, in 1879, became 
the chief of the literary department and confidential 
literary adviser of the firm. He hns contributed article* 
and tales to Blackwood's, Fraeer's, the Cornhill, and 
Good Words, and was the chief originator of the Scot- 
tish Text Society in 1882. 1. The City of Sunshine, 
Edin. and Lon., 1877, 3 vols. cr. 8ro. 

A real tale of India, by a writer who thoroughly under- 
stands his subject." Oat. Kev., xliii. 367. 

2. Memoir of the Honourable George Keith Elphin- 
stone, K.B., Viscount Keith of Stonehaven Mariscbal, 
Admiral of the Red. Illust. Edin. and Lon., 1882, 

"Mr. Allardyce has founded his memoir upon a manu- 
script prepared by Mr. James Napier lor Lord Keith's fam- 
ily ; and lie lias also had access to the numerous private 
journals and official despatches still preserved at the fam- 
ily seat." Ath., No. 2861. 

3. (Ed.) Scotland and Scotsmen in the Eighteenth 
Century. From the MSS. of John Rnmsay, Esq., of 
Ochtertyre. Edin. and Lon., 1888, 2 vols. 8vo. 

" This is as good a book of its kind a somewhat super- 
ficial and artificial must be allowed as has yet 
been published on Scotland in the eighteenth century. . . . 
Mr. Allardyce . . . has done his work as Ramsay's editor 
carefully and well. In other words, he has allowed Ram- 
say to prattle about Scotch judges, professors, clergymen, 
gentry, ladies, landlords, 'worthies,' and 'men of genius 
and taste' and it is of such prattlings that this book is 
composed after his own fashion and in his own language." 
Acad., xxxiii 284. 

4. (Ed.) Letters from and to Charles Kirkpatrick 
Sharpe. With a Memoir by the Rev. W. K. R. Bed- 
ford. Illustrated with two Portraits of Mr. Sharpe, and 
numerous Portraits and Etchings reproduced from his 
Drawings. Edin. and Lon., 1888, 2 vols. 8vo. 

"It is impossible in a few lines to afford an idea of the 
richly varied matter that is to be found in these volumes, 
the glimpses of the faf-hionable world and notable per- 
sonages in the early part of the century, the quaint anec- 
dotes, the curious genealogical jottings, the notes on his- 
torical portraits and ancient folios, the whole given, 
always at least when the letter is from Sharpe's own pen, 
in a style characterized by the crispest and most pungent 
wit." Acad., xxxiv. 263. 

Allardyce, Airs. Elizabeth Winslow. The 
Goodwife at Home ; in Metre : illustrating the Dialect of 
the Northwest District of Aberdeenshire. By a Lady. 
With a Glossary. Aberdeen, 1867, 8vo. Anon. 

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Lithotomy, L^>n., 1863, 12mo. 

Allbut, Robert, member of the Italian Alpine 
Club. 1. A Guide-Book to Switzerland and the Italian 
Lakes. With Practical Information as to Routes, Ex- 
cursions, Railway and Diligence Fares, Ac. With Maps, 
Plans, innl Illust. Lon., 1884, p. 8vo. 2. London Rnm- 
bles " En Zigzag" with Charles Dickens, Lon., 1886, 
8vo. 3. Tourist's Hand-Book to Great Britain and Ire- 
land, Lon., 1887, 12mo. 

Allbutt, Thomas Clifford, M.D., M.R.C.P., 
F.R.S., Senior Physician to the Leeds General In- 
firmary. 1. On the Use of the Ophthalmoscope in 
Diseases of the Nervous System and of the Kidneys; 
also in certain other General Disorders, Lon., 1871, 8vo. 
2. On Visceral Neuroses : being the Gulstonian Lectures 
on Neuralgia of the Stomach and Allied Disorders, de- 
livered at the Royal College of Physicians, Lon., 1884, 
Svo. 3. Clinical Lectures on Scrofulous Neck and 
Teale's Surgery, Ac., Lon., 1885, Svo. 

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Protestant Missionary to China, Richmond, Va., 1866, 

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Story of an Honourable Woman, Lon., 1877, 3 vols. 2. 
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The World she Awoke in : a Narrative, Lon., 1879, 3 
vols. 4. The Tower Gardens : a Novel, 1882, 3 vols. 
or. Svo. 5. The Old Abbot's Road, 1881, p. . w vo. 6. 




Florence Nightingale, F. R. Havergal, Cntharine Marsh, 
Ac., Lou., 1S85, p. Svo. 7. The Queen's House : a Nar- 
rative, Lon., 1886, 3 vols. cr. Svo. 

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i., American Berkshire Record. Illust, Springfield, 
Mass., 1876, r. Svo. 

Allen, .Miss A. J. Ten Years in Oregon, Ithaca, 
N.Y., I860, Svo. 

Allen, A* P. Ambassadors of Commerce, Lon., 
1885, cr. Svo. 

Allen, Alexander Viets Griswold, b. 1841, at 
Otis, Mass. ; educated at Kenyon College and Andover 
Theological Seminary ; ordained priest in the Protestant 
Episcopal Church in 1865; in 1867 became professor 
of church history in the Episcopalian Divinity School 
in Cambridge, Mass. 1. The Continuity of Christian 
Thought : a 'Study of Modern Theology in the Light of 
its History, Bost., 1834. 

" It is a valuable contribution to the literature of broad 
and liberal faith." Nation, xl. 267. 

2. The Greek Theology, and the Renaissance of the 
Nineteenth Century, (Bohlen Lectures for 1884,) N. 
York, I JUKI. 

Allen, Alfred. The Heart of Don Vega, Wes- 
terly, R.I., 1888, 16mo. 

Allen, Alfred II., F.C.S., F.I.C., Public Analyst 
for the West Riding of Yorkshire. Introduction to the 
Practice of Commercial Organic Analysis : Treatise on 
the Properties, Ac., of Organic Chemicals and Products 
employed in the Arts, Manufactures, Medicine, Ac., vols. 
i. and ii., 1879-82 ; 2d ed., 1885-86, Svo. 

Allen, Ann H. 1. The Young Lady's New Oracle, 
Cin., 1858, 12ino. 2. The Young Mother and Nurse's 
Oracle, Cin., 1858, 12mo. 

Allen, C. The Young Mechanic's Instructor, Lon., 
1863, p. Svo. 

Allen, C. Brnce. Cottage Building; or, Hints 
for Improving the Dwellings of the Labouring Classes, 
Lon., 1849, 12mo; 7th ed., Lon., 1873; 10th ed., with a 
chapter on Economic Cottages for Allotments, by Edward 
. Allen, C.E. 

Allen, C. W. 1. History and Mystery of Common 
Things, for Schools, N. York, 12mo. 2. A Stitch in 
Time ; or, One Thousand and One Things worth know- 
ing. Illust. N. York, 12mo. 

Allen, Charles, of the Bengal Civil Service. A 
Few Words anent the " Red" Pamphlet. By one who 
has served under the Marquis of Dalhousie. Lon., 1858, 
Svo. Anon. The 3d ed., published same year, has the 
author's name. See MALLKSON, G. B. 

Allen, Charles. 1. Reprint of Cases relating to 
the Liability of Telegraph Companies, chronologically 
arranged from the English, Irish, and American Reports, 
with Notes and References, N. York, 1873, 8vo. 2. 
Massachusetts Supreme Court Reports, vola. lxxxiii.-xc., 
(1860-64,) vols. xci.-xcvi., (1864-67,) Boat., 1861-68, 

Allen, Charles Grant Blairfindie, b. 1848, at 
Kingston, Canada, was educated at Merton College, Ox- 
ford, where he graduated with honors in 1671. In 1873 
he became professor of logic and philosophy at Queen's 
College, Spanish Town, Jamaica, of which he was the 
principal in 1874-77. He now resides in England, and 
is a frequent contributor to the periodical press, his 
writings being; chiefly of a popular scientific character. 
He has also published several novels, the earlier ones 
nnder the pseudonyme of " Cecil Power." 1. Physiolog- 
ical /Esthetics, Lon., 1877, p. Svo. 

"The book now before us, dedicated to Mr. Herbert 
Spencer, aims at developing certain principles briefly laid 
down by him in the course of his recent work on Psychol- 
ogy. Mr. Urunt Allen hasdone this with very creditable 
success." Sat. Ret:, xliv. 304. 

" He is so penetrated with his physiological theory of 
aesthetics that he never dreams of establishing its founda- 
tions safely before he begins to build upon it. His theory 
in so cut and dried, to start with, that he does not try it by 
experience at all, but instead carefully selects the ex- 
perience which tends to support it. ... This little book, 
able as it is, is a complete theoretic failure." Spectator. 1. 
697 and 731. 

2. The Colour-Sense : its Origin and Development : an 
Essay in Comparative Psychology, ("English and For- 
eign Philosophical Library,") Lon., 1879, p. Svo. 

" A very remarkable addition to the theory of natural 
selection, approached in a novel direction, and applied to 
demonstrate the sequence of man in the great procession 
of nature, with reference to what may be justly described 
as the highest and most intellectual of all the sensuous 
faculties.'" Sat, ev., xlvii. 337. 

3. The Evolutionist at Large, 1881, p. Svo; 2d ed., 
rev., 1884. 4. Anglo-Saxon Britain, 1881, 12mo. 5. 
Vignettes from Nature, 1881, p. Svo. 

"Agreeable little essays on natural history. ... In spite 
of some faults of manner, the matter of the book is full of 
interest." Alh.. No. 2837. 

6. Colin Clout's Calendar: Record of a Summer, 
April-October, Lon., 1882, p. Svo. 7. The Colour of 
Flowers, as illustrated in the British Flora, ("Nature" 
Series,) Lon., 1882, p. Svo. 8. Flowers and their Pedr- 
grees. Illust. Lon., 1883, cr. Svo; 2d ed., 1886. 9. 
Biographies of Working Men, (" People's Library,") 
Lon., 1884, 12mo. 10. Strange Stories, Lon., 1884, p. 
Svo; new ed., 1886. (Contains sixteen stories, originally 
published in Belgravia and Longman's Magazine under 
the pseudonyme of " J. Arbuthnot Wilson.") 

"The stories, as literature, take higher rank than any 
similar collection since the appearance of Mr. R. L. Steven- 
son's New Arabian Rights." Acad., xxvi. 387. 

11. Philistia: a Novel. By Cecil Power. 1884,3 vols. 
cr. Svo ; new ed., Dec. 1885-86. 12. Babylon : a Novel. 
Illust. 1885, 3 vols. cr. 8vo: new ed., 1886. 13. 
Charles Darwin, (" English Worthies,") Lon., 1885, p. 
Svo. 14. For Maimie's Sake : a Tale of Love and Dyna- 
mite, Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 

" If the author means anything, he means to ridicule the 
conception of original innocence, or even decency, in 
woman. . . . But the evidence of the novel is that he only 
wished to raise a laugh. He has succeeded admirably in, 
exciting disgust and contempt." Ration, xlii. 407. 

15. In all Shades : a Novel, 1886, 3 vols. cr. 8vo ; new 
ed., 1887. 16. The Beckoning Hand, and other Stories, 
Lon., 18S7, p. Svo. 17. A Terrible Inheritance, (" Penny 
Library of Fiction,") Lon., 1887, Svo. 18. Common Sense 
Science, Bost , 1887, 12mo. (Contains essays specially 
addressed to an American public.) 19. The Devil's Die : 
a Novel, Lon., 1888, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 20. This Mortal 
Coil : a Novel, Lon., 1888, 3 vols. cr. Svo. 21. White 
Man's Foot. Illust. Lon., 1888, Svo. 22. Force and 
Energy : a Theory of Dynamics, Lon., 188S, Svo. 

" As a popular preacher once said of Mr. Bradlaugh, 
'he can hardly be the Antichrist, because he has never 
been one of the fold,' so we believe that Mr. Grant Allen 
is not destined to revolutionize dynamical science, because 
he has apparently never learnt its catechism." KARL 
PEARSON: Acad., xxxiv. 42. 

With COTES, MARY, Kalee's Shrine, Bristol, 1886, 
12mo. With WILSON, A., FOSTER, T., Ac., Nature 
Studies, Lon., 1883, p. Svo; new ed., 1884. 

Allen, Charles H. Visit to Queensland and her 
Gold-Fields, Lon., 1869, p. Svo. 

Allen, Charles H. Life of "Chinese" Gordon, 
Toronto, 1884. 

Allen, Charles H. Forty-Six Months with the 
Fourth R.I. Volunteers. Compiled from Journals kept 
while on Duty by Corporal George H. Allen, of Co. B. 
Providence, R.I., 1887, 8vo. 

Allen, Chilion B., M.D., and Mary A., M.D. 
The Man Wonderful in the House Beautiful: an Alle- 
gory teaching the Principles of Physiology and Hygiene, 
N. York, 1884. 

Allen, Rev.D. Howe, D.D., d. 1870, Presbyterian 
minister in Cincinnati, and professor in the Lane Theo- 
logical Seminary. Life and Services of Rev. Lyman 
Beecher, D.D., Cin., 1863. 

Allen, Edward Heron-, b. 1861, in London ; 
educated at Harrow School ; admitted a solicitor of 
the Supreme Court of Judicature 18S4. He has held 
several municipal and governmental offices in St. 
James's, Westminster, and was Special Commissioner for 
Italy of the Music Section of the Inventions Exhibition 
in 1885. His works include several books on the violin, 
others on cheirosophy, some novels, and a volume of 
poems. 1. The Anatomy of the Violin, Lon., 1882. 2. 
Hodges and Chanot, [violin,] 1883. 3. Codex Cheiro- 
mantiae, 1883. 4. Dactylomancy, 1883. 5. Violin- 
Making, as it Was and Is, Lon., 1884 ; 2d ed., 1887. 

" It condenses almost everything that any one needs to 
know about the violin into about three hundred and sixty 
pages. . . . When Mr. Heron-Allen is anecdotal he is simply 
commonplace, when he is historical he is desultory, but 
when he gets into the workshop it is not too much to say 
that he is 'all there.'" Sat. Rev., lix. 220. 

6. A Manual of Cheirosophy : being a Complete Prac- 
tical Hand-Book of the Twin Sciences of Cheirognomy 
and Cheiromancy, by means whereof the Past, the 
Present, and the Future may be read in the Formation 
of the Hands. Illust. Lon., 1885, p. Svo ; 2d ed., 1887. 

" An exceedingly concise and clearly-written guide to 
the study of a subject no doubt interesting to many." 
Sat. Rev., Ixi. 517. 



1. (Ed.) The Science of the Hand ; or, The Art of 
Recognizing the Tendencies of the Huuinn Mind by the 
Observations of the Formations of the Hands. From 
the French of C. S. d'Arpentigny. With Introduction, 
Ac. Illust. Lon., 1886, 16mo. 8. Practical Cheirosophy, 
1887. 9. Ashes of the Future: a Novel, Chicago and 
N. York, 12mo. 10. Kisses of Fate: a Novel, Chicago 
and N. York, 1888. 11. The Princess Daphne: a 
Novel, Chicago and N. York, 1888. 12. A Fatal Fiddle : 
Novel, Chicago and N.York, 1889. 13. A Bibliog- 
raphy of Bow- Instruments, Lon., 1889. 14. The Love- 
Letters of a Vagabond, [verse,] Lon., 1889. And sea 
FRITH, HENRY, infra. 

Allen, Mrs. Elizabeth, (Chase,) ("Florence 
Percy," pseud.,) b. 1832, at Strong, Me., was married in 
1860 to Paul Akers, the sculptor, who died in 1861. In 
1865 she married Mr. E. M. Allen, of New York. She 
has contributed to periodicals. Her authorship of the 
popular song " Rock me to Sleep, Mother," was disputed, 
but her claim to it appears to be well established. 1. 
Forest Buds, [verse,] Bost., 1855. 2. The Story of 
Thomas Fish, [verse,] Bost., 186-. 3. Poems, Bost., 
1866, 16ino. 4. The Silver Bridge, and other Poems, 
Bost., 1886, 16mo. 

" Mrs. Akers is a pleasant poetess of the old stamp, whom 
one remembers in a thousand Books of Beauty, Albums 
of the Muses, and Keepsakes of the Graces." Sot Rev., 
zxiii. 84. 

Allen, Esther Charlotte Anne. 1. Echoes of 
Heart Whispers, [verse,] Manchester, 1866, 12mo. 2. 
The Westons of Riverdale ; or, The Triumphs of Tem- 
perance, Lon., 1869, p. 8vo; new ed., 1882. 

* Allen, F. M.," (Pseud, for DOWNEY, EDMUND, 
q. v., infra,) 1. Through Green Glasses, Lon., 1887, p. 
8vo. 2. Anchor-Watch Yarns ; new ed., 1888. 3. The 
Voyage of the Ark, as related by Don Uaniin, 1888. 

" The author of The Voyage of the Ark is a humourist 
of the type of Lover; but his imagination is more discur- 
sive, while his wit is as keen and more spontaneous." 
Spectator, Ixi. 1266. 

Allen, Fordyce A. 1. Oral Geography for Junior 
and Primary Schools on Pestalozzian Principle?, Phila., 
1862, 4to. 2. Primary Geography on the Object Method 
of Instruction, Phila., 1862, 4to. With SHAW, B. F 
Comprehensive Geography, Phila., 1864, 4to. 

Allen, Frank G. The Old-Path Pulpit : Doctrinal 
Sermons, Cin., 1888, 12mo. 

Allen, Frederick D. Remnants of Early Latin, 
Bost., 1880, 12mo. 

Allen, Frederick H. 1. Masterpieces of Modern 
German Art. In 25 parts. Bost., 1886. 2. Modern 
German Masters, Bost., 1886, fol. 3. Recent German 
Art: a Series of Photo-Etchings. With Descriptive 
Text. Bost., 1886, fol. 

Allen, G. G. Universal Phonography; or, Sbort- 
Hand by the Allen Method, Bost., 1883, 24mo. 

Allen, G. W. 1. Two Ghost Tales: Poems. By 
G. W. A. Nottingham, 1870. 2. Songs of Thought and 
Feeling, Lon., 1888, 12mo. 

Allen, George. The Lord's Supper: Plain Words 
for Ordinary Readers, Lon., 1869, 12uao. 

Allen, George, LL.D., 1808-1876, b. at Milton, 
Vt., educated at the University of Vermont, and ad- 
mitted to the bar in 18.31. He then studied theology, 
was ordained, and from 1834 to 1837 WHS rector of an 
Episcopal church at St. Albans, Vt. In 1S47 he entered 
the Roman Catholic communion. He was for some 
years professor of ancient languages at Delaware Col- 
lege, Newark, Del., and in 1845 became professor of 
ancient languages, and subsequently of Greek alone, in 
the University of Pennsylvania. Life of A. D. Philidor, 
Musician and Chess-Player : with nn Essay on Philidor 
as a Chess-Player, by Tosselo von Heydcbrand and Dor 
Lasa, Phila., 1863, 12mo. 

Allen, H. 1. Prayers for Family and Private Wor- 
ship, Lon., 1839, ISmo. 2. Compendium of History 
from the Creation, Lon., 1862, cr. 8vo. 

Allen, H. C., M.D., (homoeopathic.) The Thera- 
peutics of Intermittent Fever : 2d ed., Lon., 8vo. 

Allen, Harrison, M.D., b. 1841, in Philadelphia, 
graduated at the medical department of the University 
of Pennsylvania 1861 ; served as assistant surgeon in the 
Federal army during the civil war; became professor 
of comparative anatomy and medical zoology in the 
University of Pennsylvania in 1865, and was transferred 
in 1878 to the chair of physiology. He is a member of 

various medical societies, and has contributed to med- 
ical journals. 1. Monograph of the Bats of North 
America, Washington, 1864, 8vo. 2. Outlines of Com- 
parative Anatomy and Medical Zoology, Phila., 1868, 
8vt>. 3. Studies in the Facial Region, 1869. 4. An 
Analysis of the Life- Form in Art, 1875. 5. System of 
Human Anatomy, 1882, 4 to. 6. The same: section 3, 
Muscles and Fasciae; section 4, Arteries, Veins, and 
Lymphatic.*, 2 portfolios, 1883. 7. A New Method of 
recording the Motions of the Soft Palate, 1884, 8ro. 

Allen, Henry Ellis, has edited several works of 
Cicero and other Latin writers, with commentaries, and 
hits published, separately, " Observationes" on passages 
in the same or other works, his own name being printed 
on the title-pages ns H. Alanns, Dublin, 1842-1875. 

Allen, Horace It., M.D. American Home and 
Farm Cyclopaedia : with Introduction by Rev. Matthew 
Simpson. Illust. New ed., Phila., 1887, 8vo. 

Allen, Mrs. J. Alice Warner, Lon., 1881, 2 vols. 
cr. 8vo. 

Allen, J. Antisell. The True and Romantic 
Love-Story of Colonel and Mm. Hntchinson : a Drama 
in Verse, Lon., 1883, cr. 8vo. 

Allen, J. R. Early Christian Symbolism in Great 
Britain and Ireland before the Thirteenth Century, 
Lon., 1887. 8vo. 

Allen, J. Romilly, Associate of the Institute of 
Civil Engineers. Theory and Practice in the Design and 
Construction of Dock Walls, Lon., 1876, 4to. 

Allen, James Adams, Medical Examinations for 
Life Insurance, N. York, 1862, 8vo. 

Allen, Joel Asaph, b. 1838, at Springfield, Ma?s., 
studied at the Lawrence Scientific School, Cambridge, 
under Prof. Agassiz, whom he accompanied as assistant 
to Brazil in 1865. In 1870 he became assistant in 
ornithology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology 
at Cambridge, and since 1885 has been curator of the 
department of mammalia and birds at the American 
Museum of Natural History, New York. He has been 
connected with scientific expeditions in the West and 
in Florida, is a member of various scientific societies, 
and from 1883 to 1886 was president of the American 
Ornithologists' Union. He has edited the Bulletin of 
the Nuttiill Ornithological Club and written a number 
of reports and scientific papers. 1. Foray of a Colony 
of Formica Sanguinea upon a Colony of Black Ants, 
Salem, Mass., 1868, 8vo. 2. Catalogue of the Mammals 
of Massachusetts, Cambridge, Mass., 1869, 8vo. 3. On 
the Eared Seals : with an Account of the Northern Fur 
Seal, by C. Bryant. Illust. Cambridge, 1870, 8 vo. 4. 
On the Mammals and Winter Birds of East Florida. 
Illust. Cambridge, 1871, 8vo. 5. Ornithological Re- 
connoissance of Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah, 
Cambridge, 1872, 8vo. 6. The American Bison, Living 
and Extinct. Illust. and Map. Cambridge, 1876, 4to. 
7. History of North American Pinnipeds, (Geological 
Survey of the Territories: Miscellaneous Publications, 
No. 12,) Washington, 1880, 8vo. With COCES, E. S., 
Monographs of North American Rodentia, (U.S. Geologi- 
cal Survey.) 3 vols. 4to. 

Allen, Rev. John, Curate of Lymm-cum-Warbur- 
ton. Plain Truths for Plain People: a Series of Ser- 
mons and Lectures, Manchester, 1865, 12mo. 

Allen, John, 1790-1859, b. at Liskeard, Cornwall, 
a member of the Society of Friends. 1. State Churches 
and the Kingdom of Christ: an Essay on the Establish- 
ment of Ministers, Forms and Services of Religion by 
Secular Power, Ac., Lon., 1853, 8vo. 2. History of the 
Borough of Liskeard and its Vicinity. Illust. Lon., 
1856. p. 8vo. Also, several pamphlets. 

Allen, John B. Reports of the Supreme Court 
of Washington Territory, vol. i., (1854-1879,) Olympia, 
1879, 8vo. 

Allen, John Fisk. 1. A Practical Treatise on 
the Culture and Treatment of the Grape- Vine ; 3d ed., 
N. York, 1853, 12mo. 2. Victoria Regia; or, The Great 
Water-Lily of America. Illust. Salem, Mass., 1854, 

Allen, John Gamaliel. Topical Studies in 
American History, Rochester, N.Y., 1886, 16mo. 

Allen, John H. The Tariff and its Evils; or, 
Protection which does not Protect, (" Questions of the 
Day," No. 53,) N. York, 1888, 12mo. 

"Allen, John W., Jr.," (Paeud.) See LESLEY, 
J. P., infra. 

Allen, Joseph, [ante, vol. i., add.] 1. Life of the 
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2. Life of Lord Nelson, with Introdustion by H. R. 
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Allen, Rev. Joseph, 1790-1873, b. at Medfield, 
Mass., and educated at Harvard College, was for fifty- 
seven year*, from 1816, pastor of the Congregational 
church in Northborough, Mass. He was a delegate to 
the Peace Congress of Paris in 1849. 1. Historical Ac- 
count of Northborough, 1826. 2. History of the Worces- 
ter Association, 1868. 3. Genealogical Sketches of the 
Allen Family, 1869, 12mo. Also, single sermons and 

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Reminiscences, lio.-t., 1877, 16mo. 

Allen, Rev. Joseph Henry, b. 1820, at North- 
borough, Mass., son of Rev. Joseph Allen, supra, 
graduated at Harvard College 1840, and at the Divinity 
School 1843 ; was pastor of Unitarian churches in Mas- 
sachusetts and of a church at Washington, D.C., 1847- 
60; editor of the Christian Examiner 1857-69; lec- 
turer on ecclesiastical history in Harvard College 1878- 
82. The Latin Qramuiar and other school-books which 
he prepared jointly with Prof. J. B. Greenough are very 
extensively used. 1. Memoir of Hiram Withinglon, 
Bost., 1849. 2. Ten Discourses on Orthodoxy, 1849. 3. 
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Holy Roman Empire, Bost., 1880, I6mo. 

" Mr. Allen's studies are not connected into an historical 
whole, but they have a natural sequence, and a single 
dominant conviction runs through them all. . . . Not one 
of them is devoid of interest." Nation, xxxii. 267. 

11. Three Phases of Modern Theology: Calvinism, 
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Our Liberal Movement in Theology ; chiefly as shown 
in the History of Unitarianism in New England: a 
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its Three Great Periods. First Period, Early Christian- 
ity; Second Period, The Middle Ages; Third Period, 
Modern Phases. (This includes the " Fragments.") 
Bost.. 1883, 3 vols. 12uno. 

" Mr. Allen has attempted the impossible. . . . The task 
is one to tax the resources of the most accomplished 
scholar, and to require a space many times greater than 
the author has assigned to it." Nation, xxxvil. 397. 

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Allen, Nathan, M.D., b. 1813, at Princeton, 
Mass., and educated at Amher?t College and at the 
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of the Massachusetts State Board of Charities. 1 The 
Opium-Trade, Lowell, 1853. 2. The Laws of Human 
Increase, N. York, 1S69. 3. The Treatment of the In- 

sane, Albany, 1876. Pamph. Also, many other pam- 

Allen, Oscar Dana, Ph.D., b. 1836, at Hebron, 
Me., graduated at the Sheffield Scientific School 1861, 
and in 1871 became professor of metallurgy and assay- 
ing, and in 1873 of analytical chemistry and metal- 
lurgy, in that institution. The results of his researches 
have appeared principally in the American Journal of 
Science. (Ed.) System of Instruction in Quantitative 
Chemical Analysis, by C. Remigius Fresenius; 2d ed., 
N. York, 1881, 8vo. 

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Nottingham and its Environs, Nottingham, 1866, 8vo. 

2. A Souvenir of Newstead Abbey. Illust. 1874, 4to. 
Allen, Richard L., 1803-1869, b. in Hampton 

Co., Mass., founded in 1842, in partnership with his 
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3. Last Letters, [with Memoir by S. 0. A.,] 1871, Svo. 
Allen, Rev. Robert, graduated 1859 at Trinity 

College, Cambridge ; was Vicar of Christ Church, East- 
bourne, Eng., 1877-1883. 1. The Words of Christ, and 
other Sermons, Lon., 1874, p. 8vo. 2. The 1 Life. Times, 
and Travels of Abraham. By a Master of Arts of 
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2d ed., 1877, with author's name, and title of Abra- 
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thereon by the Legislature and the Canal Board, Ac., 
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nnd Modern Theories of Light, Salem, Mass., 1873, Svo. 
3. Religion and Science : the Letters of " Alpha" on the 
Influence of Spirit upon Imponderable Actinic Molecu- 
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Allen, Timothy Field, M.D., b. 1837, at West- 
minster, Vt, was educated at Atnherst College and at the 
Medical School of the University of New York, where 
he graduated in 1861. He served for a time as army 
surgeon in the civil war, and since 1863 has practised in 
New York City. In 1867 he was made professor of 
materia medica in the New York Homoeopathic Medical 
College, of which he became dean in 1882. 1. (Ed.) 
Encyclopaedia of Pure Materia Medica : a Record of the 
Positive Effects of Drugs upon the Healthy Human 
Organism. With Contributions from Drs. R. Hughes, 
Hering, Lippe, Ac. Phila, 1874-79, 10 vols. Svo. 
Index to the same, 1881, 2. Characese American, 
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in the Southern States, N. York, 1888, Svo. 

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Lectures.) Ed. by G. Hill. Lon., 1875, Svo. 

Allen, Rev. William, D.D., [ante, vol. i., add.,] 
d. 1868. In addition to the works mentioned in vol. i , 
he published: 1. A Book of Christian Sonnet?, 1860, 
12mo. 2. Poems of Nazareth and the Cross, North- 
ampton, Mass., 1866, Ilium. 3. Sacred Songs, 1867. 

Allen, William. Five Years in the West: how 
an Inexperienced Young Man finds his Occupation : 
with Reminiscences and Sketches of Real Life. By a 
Texas Preacher. Nashville, Tenn., 1884, 12tno. 

Allen, William A. Repertory of the Symptoms 
of Intermittent Fever, Phila., 1883, 12mo. 

Allen, William B. The Kentucky Officer's Guide 
and Legal Hand-Book, Louisville, 1860, Svo. 

Allen, William Francis, 1830-1889, b. at North- 
borough, Mass., s^n of Rev. Joseph Allen, supra, 
graduated at Harvard College 1S5I, and became in 1867 
professor of ancient languages, and afterwards of the 
Latin language and Rouiau history, in the University 
of Wisconsin. He was a contributor to the North 
American Review, the Nation, and other periodicals, a 
joint editor of the Allen and Greenough series of 
school-books, (see ALLEN, JOSEPH HENRY, tupra,) and 
edited a volume of Slave Songs. N. York, 1867. Out- 
line Studies in the History of Ireland, Chicago, 1887, 
12ino. See, also, MYERS, P. V. N., infra, 

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Ne*castIe-under-Lyine, Svo. 2. Hidden Depths: a 
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Illust. Bost., 1887, 5 vols. 16mo. 6. Kelp: a Story of 
the Isles of Shoals, Bost., 1888, 12mo. 

Allen, Zachariah, [ante, vol. i., add.,] 1795-1882, 
b. at Providence, R.I., and educated at Brown Univer- 
sity ; was admitted to the bar in 1817, and afterwards 
became a manufacturer and inventor. He was for many 
years president of the Rhode Island Historical Society, 
and wrote articles on the history of thatState. Published, 
in addition to works mentioned in vol. i. : Solar Light 
and Heat. Illust. N. York, 1679, Svo. 

Allenby, Mrs. The Starling of the Spire; or, A 
Bird's- Eye View of the Church as it Was. [Verse.] By 
A. Lon., 1866, Svo. Privately printed. 

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Francisco, 1885, 12mo. 

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Earliest Period to the Time of Socrates, with a Gen- 
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vols. cr. Svo. (Comprises the 1st vol. of the original 
work.) 2. (Trans.) History of Eclecticism in Greek 
Philosophy, by Dr. E. Zelier, Lon., 1883, p. Svo. 
With GOODWIN, ALFRED, B.A., (trans.) Plato and the 
Older Academy, by Dr. E. Zeller, Lon., 1876, cr. 8vo. 
With ABBOTT, EVELYN, A History of Greece, from the 
Earliest Times to the Suppression of the Messeninn 
Rebellion. From the German of Professor Max 
Duncker. Vol. i., 1SS3, vol. ii., 1886, Svo. Vol. i. by 
S. F. Alleyne; vol. ii. by S. F. Alleyne and Dr. Evelyn 
Abbott. With ABBOTT, EVELYN, (trans.) Outlines of 
the History of Greek Philosophy, by Dr. E. Zeller, Lon., 
1885, p. 8vo. 

Allfrey, Emily. (Trans.) Schiller's Bride of Met- 
sina, Lon., 1876, 12mo. 

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Ultimatum, written in the Constitution and Laws of the 
Universe by the Hand of Divine Intelligence, N. York, 
1864, 12mo. 

Allibone, Samuel Austin, LL.D., 1816-1889, 
b. in Philadelphia; was engaged from an early age in 
mercantile pursuits, while devoting much time to the 
study of English literature and to bibliographical re- 
searches, which gradually absorbed his attention, lead- 
ing to the conception of the work which has made fail 
name familiar in all libraries throughout the English- 
speaking world, and which was produced by the continu- 
ous labor of more than twenty years. He took especial 
interest in religious literature, and was the book-editor 
and corresponding secretary of the American Sunday- 
School Union from 1867 till 1873, and from 1877 till 
1879, when he removed from Philadelphia to New York, 
to become the librarian of the Lenox Library. His pub- 
lications, excluding tracts, of which he wrote many, 
comprise: 1. A Review, by a Layman, of a Work en- 
titled " New Themes for the Protestant Clergy," Phila., 
1852, 12tno. Anon. The work to which this was a re- 
ply was by Stephen Colwell, q. ., ante, vol. i. 2. New 
Themes Condemned, 1853, 12mo. 3. A Critical Diction- 
ary of English Literature und British and American 
Authors, Living and Deceased, from the Earliest Ac- 
counts to the Latter Half of the Nineteenth Century. 
Containing over Forty-Six Thousand Articles, (Authors,) 
with Forty Indexes of Subjects. Phila., 1853-71, 3 
vols. r. Svo. 

" In long and frequent use of vol. 1. we have found it 
much more accurate than Watt's ' Bibliotheca.' The new 
volumes appear to be as good as the first in this and other 
respects. . . . He has accomplished a work for which every 
American scholar owes him hearty thanks." Nation, xii. 

4. An Alphabetical Index to the New Testament. By 
S. A. A. Phila., 1868, Svo. 5. The Divine Origin of 
the Holy Scriptures, 1869, 12mo. (This is the first part 
of the n<-xt work mentioned, published separately.) 6. 
The Union Bible Companion, 1871, 16mo. 7. Poetical 
Quotations, British and American, from Chaucer to 
Tennyson. With Copious Indexes. Authors, 550 ; Sub- 
jects, 425 ; Quotations, 13,600. Illust. Phila., 1873, Svo. 

" Mr. Allibone has been so far from falling into the error 
of being so nice in his selection of passages as to be dim- 
cult and over-fastidious, that, in our judgment, he has 
fallen a long way short of being duly discriminating. . . . 
Beyond question, however, the manual is one worth hav- 
ing, and is a monument of industry, busy, to be sure, 
rather than laborious." Nation, xvii. 227. 

8. Prose Quotations from Socrates to Macaulay. With 
Indexes. Phila., 1876, 8vo. 9. Great Authors of all 
Ages : Selections from Prose Works of Eminent Writers, 
Phila., 1879, Svo. 

Allies, Jabez, 1787-1856, b. at Lulsley, Worces- 
tershire, Eng. ; practised for some years as a solicitor in 
London ; was a member of the Society of Antiquaries, 
and a frequent contributor on antiquarian subjects to the 
Archaeological Journal and other periodicals. He was 
one of the earliest writers to take up the subject of folk- 
lore. 1. Observations on Certain Curious Indentations 
in the Old Red Sandstone of Worcestershire and Hereford- 
shire considered as the Tracks of Antediluvian Animals. 
Illust. Lon., 1835, Svo. 2. On the Causes of Planetary 
Motion, Lon., 1838, Svo. 3. The Ancient British, Ro- 
man, and Saxon Antiquities of Worcestershire, Lon., 
1840, Svo. 4. The Jovial Hunter of Bromsgrove, Herne 
the Hunter, and Robin Hood, Lon., 1845, Svo. 5. On 
the Ignis Fatuus, or Will o' the Wisp, and the Fairies, 
Lon., 1846, Svo. 6. The Ancient British, Roman, and 
Saxon Antiquities and Folk-Lore of Worcestershire, 
Lon., 1852, Svo. (This is an expansion of the small 
work with a similar title and of ''The Ignis Fatuus.") 

"It is the most interesting work on local field-names 
that has yet been published." Diet, oj Nat. Biog., i. 331. 

Allies, Miss Mary H. 1. The Life of Pius the 
Seventh. Edited by T. W. Allies. Lon., 1872, Svo. 2. 
Three Catholic Reformers in the Fifteenth Century, 
Lon., 1879. 3. Leaves from St. Augustine. Edited by 
T. W. Allies. Lon., 1886, cr. Svo. 4. Leaves from St. 
John Chrysostom. With Introduction by T. W. Allies. 

Allies, Thomas William, M.A., [ante, vol. i., 
add..] b. 1SI3, in Somersetshire, Eng., was educated at 
Eton and at Wadhara College, Oxford, where he gradu- 
ated first class in classics in 1832. Having taken holy 
orders, he was for some time examining chaplain to Dr. 



Blomfiekl, Bishop of London, who in 1842 conferred 
upon him the living of Launton, Oxfordshire, which 
he resigned in 1850 on becoming a Roman Catholic. 
He published, in addition to works mentioned in vol. i.: 
1. The Formation of Christendom, 1865-75, 3 vols. 8vo. 

"Anyone . . . who reads Mr. Allies may trust fully to 
his candour, and, as far as we can judge, rely entirely on 
his learning. If there be a fault in the book, it is rather 
in the occasional repetitions and very elaborate illustra- 
tions of the various positions he takes up, and the room 
for further condensation. But the style of Mr. Allies is so 
good, and his subject is so interesting, that we never weary 
even of his fullest expositions of the thinkers with whom 
he deals, while his criticisms from the Christian point of 
view are uniformly keen and clear, and occasionally 
brilliant and trenchant." Spectator, xlix. 114. 

2. Dr. Pusey and the Ancient Church, 1866. 3. Ger- 
many, Italy, and the Jesuits: a Speech delivered be- 
fore the Catholic Uniou, 1872. 4. Per Crucem ad 
Lucem : The Result of a Life, 1879, 2 vols. demy 8vo. 
6. A Life's Decision, Lon., 1880, p. 8vo. 

" It is, in fact, his Apologia pro Vita sua, and, though it 
cannot be compared, either as regards literary ability or 
nobility of tone, with its famous prototype, it is an inter- 
esting record." Spectator, liii. 1127. 

6. Church and State, as seen in the Foundations of 
Christendom, Lon., 1882, 8vo. 7. The Throne of the 
Fisherman built by the Carpenter's Son : The Root, the 
Bond, and the Crown of Christendom, Lon., 1887, demy 
8vo. 8. The Holy See and the Wandering of the 
Nations, 1888, 8vo. 

Allin, Abby. See CURTIS, MRS. A. A., infra. 

Allin, Rev. Thomas, 1784-1866, b. at Broseley, 
Shropshire, became a minister of the Methodist New 
Connexion, and was twice president of the Conference. 
1. Sermons on Biblical and Theological Subjects, Lon., 
1861, 8vo. 2. The Question of Questions: Is Christ 
indeed the Saviour of the World? Lon., 1885, 8vo. 

Allingham, William, 1828-1889, b. at Bally- 
shannon, in the northwestern part of Ireland, of an old 
Anglo-Irish family ; contributed to the London Athe- 
naeum, Household Words, and other periodicals, and was 
for some years editor of Fraser's Magazine, for which 
he wrote many prose articles. He was much influenced 
as a poet by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, with which 
he was connected in his youth. He married in 1874 
Miss Helen Patterson, a well-known artist and Asso- 
ciate of the Royal Society of Painters in Water- Colours. 
1. Poems, Lon., 1850, 12mo. 2. Day and Night Songs, 
Lon., 1854, 12ino; 2d ed., enl., with Illustrations 
by D. G. Rossetti, Ac. ; new ed., 1884. 3. Peace and 
War: an Ode, 1854, 8vo. 4. The Music-Master, a 
Love-Story ; and Two Series of Day and Night Songs. 
Illust. Lon., 1855, 8vo. 5. Laurence Bloomfield in 
Ireland: a Modern Poem, Lon., 1864, 12mo; new ed., 

"With affectionate yetunfearing fidelity, the poem gives 
us a little plot of Ireland as it is. ... It is Ireland in min- 
iature. It is vital with the national character. ... It is a 
plea for tenant-right; a poem for statesmen to read." Ath.. 
No. 1903. 

6. In Fairy Land. Illust. by R. Doyle. 1870. 7. 
(Ed.) Choice Lyrics and Short Poems ; or, Nightingale 
Valley, 1871, p. 8vo. 8. Rambles. By Patrici us Walker, 
(pseui!.) Lon., 1873, Svo. 

"Before his religion, morality, and philosophy, his 
poetry, science, archeology, etymology, biography about 
all which he has many curious, new, and original little 
bits to say -come his descriptions of natural scenery; at 
least to us these are the charm of the book." Spectator, 
zlvi. 313. 

9. Songs, Ballads, and Stories, many now first collected, 
Lon., 1877, 12mo. 10. Ashby Manor: a Play in Two 
Acts, Lon., 1882, I2mo. 11. Evil May- Day : a Play, 
Lon, 1882, 12mo. 12. The Fairies: a Child's Song. 
Illust. by E.Gertrude Thomson. Lon., 1883. 13. Black- 
berries nicked from many Bushes and put in a Basket, 
Lon., 1884, 4to. 14. Irish Songs and Poems, with 9 
Airs, harmonized for Voice and Piano, Lon., 1887, or. 
Svo. 15. Rhymes for the Young Folks. Illust. by 
Helen Allingham, Kate Greenaway, Caroline Patterson, 
and Harry Furniss. Lon., 1887, 4to. 16. Flower Pieces, 
and other Poems. Designs by D. G. Rossetti. Lon., 1888, 
12mo. He also edited : 1. The Ballad Book ; a Selection 
of the Choicest British Ballads (" Golden Treasury" 
Series,) 1864, 12mo. 2. Fifty Modern Poems, 1865, 

Allingham, William, F.R C S., Senior Surgeon to 
St. Mark's Hospital (London) for Fistula and Diseaces 
of the Rectum. The Diagnosis and Treatment of Fis- 
tula and other Diseases of the Rectum, Lon., 1871, 8vo} 


5th ed., by Herbert William Allingham, Surgeon to the 
Great Northern Central Hospital, Ac., 1888. 

Allinson, Edward P., and Penrose, Boies, 
of the Philadelphia bar. Philadelphia, 1681-1887 : a 
History of Municipal Development, (Johns Hopkins 
University Pub.,) Bait, 1887, 8vo. 

"The title of this excellent book sufficiently indicates 
the purpose of its authors. Although their judicious 
treatment of the subject required the best legal furniture 
of their profession, as well as the thoughtful and digested 
learning of the historian, yet its great value will be to the 
student of social science, to whom the present extraordi- 
nary development of wealth and population is constantly 
presenting new problems of no easy solution." Nation, 
xlv. 120. 

Allinson, Thomas Richard. A System of 
Hygienic Medicine; or, The Only Rational Way of 
Treating Disease, Lon., 1886, 8vo. 

Allinson, William J. 1. Memorials of Rebecca 
Jones, Phila. and Lon., 1849, 8vo. 2. Thoughts about 
the Right: Lectures, Lon., 1861, 8vo. (Contents; 
" Quakerism Vital ;" '* One Baptism ;" " Right in the 
Abstract ;" " The Early Church.") New ed., Phila., 1863, 
18mo. 3. Poems, Phila., 1873, 12mo. 

Alliott, Rev. Richard, LL.D., 1804-1863, b. at 
Nottingham, Eng. ; became a Congregational minister} 
was president of the Western College, and afterwards 
of Cheshunt College, and in 1860 became professor of 
theology and philosophy at Spring Hill, Birmingham. 
Psychology and Theology, Lon., 1854, 8vo. 

" Allison, Joy," (Pseud.) See CRAGIN, MARY A., 

Allison, M. Sinclair. Snowflakes, and other 
Tales, Lon., 12mo. 

Allman, George James, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., 
F.L.S., b. 1812, at Cork, Ireland, was educated at Bel- 
fast and at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated 
M.D. in 1844, and, after serving for a short time ns 
demonstrator of anatomy, was appointed professor of 
botany. In 1854 he was made Regius professor of 
natural history in the University of Edinburgh, and 
Thomsonian Lecturer on mineralogy. He resigned his 
position in 1870 on account of ill health. In 1874 he 
was chosen president of the Linmuan Society, and in 1879 
was president of the meeting of the British Association 
at Sheffield. Besides numerous papers in the Philo- 
sophical Transactions of the Royal Society and in 
scientific journals, and Reports on the Hydroideaof the 
Challenger expedition, Ac., he has published: 1. A 
Monograph of the Fresh-Water Polyzoa. Illust. 
(Ray Soc. Pub.) 1856, fol. 2. A Monograph of the 
Gymnoblastic or Tubularian Hydroids. Illust. (Ray 
Soc. Pub.) Lon., 1871-72, 2 parts, fol. 

Allman, George Johnston, LL.D., F.R.S., b. 
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ity College, Dublin, and appointed in 1853 professor of 
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ordained 1864 ; Rector of St. Matthew's, Quebec, 1885-87, 
and since then professor of pastoral theology in Bish- 
op's College, Lennoxville, Canada. The Witness of St. 
Matthew: an Inquiry into the Sequence of Inspired 
Thought pervading the First Gospel, and into its Result 
of Unity, Symmetry, and Completeness, as a Perfect 
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near Hull, Yorkshire, and educated for the Congrega- 
tional ministry at Cheshunt College, Herts, became as- 
sistant to the Rev. T. Lewis, pastor of Union Chapel, 
Islington, London, in 1844, and in 1852 his successor in 
the pastorate. He has contributed largely to the Con- 
temporary Review and other periodicals, is the compiler 
of the Congregational Psalmist, and author of an 
Essay on Worship contributed to a volume of essays en- 
titled Ecclesia, edited by Dr. Reynolds. 1. Memoir 
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" Wise, eloquent, and thoughtful sermons, singularly 
undogmatie, without being in any sense rationalistic." 
Spectator, xlix. 1477. 

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Allsop, Thomas, 1795-1880, b. at Stainsborough 
Hall, near Wirksworth, Derbyshire ; was educated at 
the Wirksworth Grammar-School ; went to London 
at the age of seventeen, and some years later engaged 
in business as a stock-broker. He became at an early 
period strongly interested in the philosophical specu- 
lations of Coleridge, with whom he formed a close 
intimacy, and whose " favorite disciple" he has been 
called. He had also close relations with Hazlitt, Lamb, 
and Procter, and subsequently with Mazzini, Cobden, 
Feargus O'Connor, and other political reformers. See 
the notice of him by George Jacob Holyoake, with 
whom he left autobiographical papers, in the Diet, of 
Nat. Biog., i. 337. 1. Letters. Conversations, and Rec- 
ollections of S. T. Coleridge, Lon., 1836, 2 vols. Anon. 
3d ed., with author's name, 1864. 

" As is often the case with ardent disciples, themselves 
of independent force of character, Allsop read into his 
master's mind thoughts which were his own alone, and 
included in his volumes some things needful to those who 
would judge of the many sidedness of Coleridge, but 
which seemed inconsistent with the general impression of 
him." Diet, of Nat. Biog., toe. cU. 

2. California and its Gold-Mines in 1852-3, Lon., 
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during a personal exploration of three mines.) 

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London by British Troops. With Introduction and 
Notes by Wm. W. Harris. Illust. New London, Conn., 
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Aliim-Tiulema. See TADEHA. 

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5. K., infra. 

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Council of the Governor-General of India, 1884. 1. The 
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Schools : together with a Comparative Sketch of the 
Law of Inheritance among the Sunnis and Shiahs, Lon., 
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K., add.,] 1806-1865, chief justice of the Rhode Island Su- 
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work with Mr. Angel) mentioned in vol. i. : Rhode Island 
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in 1846; consecrated Roman Catholic Bishop of North- 
ampton in 1858 ; was farced by ill health to resign his see 
in 1879, and became titular Bishop of iSozusa in 1880. 
1. Norton Broadland: a Story. 2. Lenten Thoughts 
drawn from the Gospels for Each Day of the Year, Lon., 
1873, 12mo; 4th ed., 1880, Svo. 

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Second son of William Kerril Amherst, of Kenilworth, 
Eng. ; educated at St. Mary's College, Ocott; studied 
law at the Middle Temple, and was called to the bar in 
1843, but afterwards became a Catholic priest. The 
History of Catholic Emancipation, and the Progress of 
the Catholic Church in the British Isles (chiefly in 
England) from 1771 to 1820. Lon., 1886, 2 vols. Svo. 

" An interesting and instructive book." Spectator, lix. 

It is certainly not too much to say that the learned 
Jesuit's volumes are the first that have treated these events 
fully, and at the same time in a spirit which is not offen- 
sive to the tolerant reader." Acad., xxx. 197. 

Amidoii, Royal W. 1. (Ed.) Year-Book of Ther- 
apeutics for 1883, N. York, 1884, 12mo. 2. Student's 
Manual of Electro-Therapeutics, embodying Lectures de- 
livered at the Woman's Medical College of the New York 
Infirirary, N. York, 1884, 16mo. 

Ammen, Rear-Admiral Daniel, U.S.N., b. 
1820, in Ohio, entered the navy as midshipman in 1836, 
serving in various parts of the world, and on the out- 
break of the civil war WHS executive officer of the North 
Atlantic squadron. Ho took part in the two attacks on 
Fort Fisher and other naval engagements, and rose to 
the rank of captain. After the war he was on special 
and sea service, and in 1877 retired with the rank of 
rear-admiral. 1. Address at the International Congress 
for the Study of an American Interoceanic Ship Canal, 
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Amory, Robert, M.D., b. 1842, in Boston, Mass., 
graduated at Harvard College 1863, and at the medical 
department in 1866, spent a year in study abroad, and 
settled in Longwood, (Brookline,) Mass. He has been 
lecturer on the physiological action of drugs at Harvard, 
and professor of physiology in the Medical School of 
Bowdoin College, but resigned that position in 1874. 1. 
Physiological Action of Nitrous Oxide on Man and the 
Lower Animals, illustrated by Pulse-Tracings with the 
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Bost., 1872, 16mo. 

Amory, Thomas Coffin, 1812-1889, b. in Boston, 
Mass., graduated at Harvard College in 1830, and was 
admitted to the bar in 1834. He was connected for 
many years in one or another capacity with the munici- 
pal government of Boston, and, besides official reports 
and addresses, wrote: 1. Life of James Sullivan : with 
Selections from his Writings, Bost., 1859, 2 vols. Svo. 2. 
The Military Services and Public Life of Major-Gen. 
John Sullivan, of the American Revolutionary Army, 
Bost., 1868, Svo. 3. Gen. Sullivan not a Pensioner 
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his English and American Ancestors, 1886. 6. The 
Siege of Newport: a Poem, Cambridge, Mass., 1888, 
12ino. 7. Charles River: a Poem, Cambridge, Mass., 

Amos, Rev. James, M.A., graduated at Clare 
College, Cambridge, 1851 ; ordained 1852; Vicar of St. 
Stephen'?, Southwark, 1861-75; curate in charge of St. 
Saviour's Chapel, Tonbridge, 1875-77. Two Years in 
Kent Street ; or, Intelligence from a Missionary Station 
in London, Lon., 1863, 8vo. Also, single sermons. 

Amos, Sheldon, M.A., 1835-1S87; graduated at 
Cambridge; called to the bar at the Inner Temple 1862 ; 
was tutor to the Inner Temple in jurisprudence, civil 
law, and international law; professor of jurisprudence 
at University College, London, 1869-79, and to the 
Council of Legal Education, 1872-75; examiner in 
Constitutional Law and History of England in London 
University, 1872-77. 1. Capital Punishment in Eng- 
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5. Policy of the Contagious Diseases Acts Tested, 1870, 
Svo. 6. A Systematic View of the Science of Jurispru- 
dence, Lon., 1872, Svo. 

"A general view of jurisprudence may be got much 
more quickly from Mr. Amos than from Mr. Austen ; but 
the information obtained from the former will be blurred 
in outline and loose in texture, and the reader's own 
mind, in obtaining it, will remain unstimulated." Sat. 
Rev., xxxiv. 65. 

7. Primer of the English Constitution and Govern- 
ment, 1873, p. Svo ; 4th ed., 18S3. 

" From day to day, as each part of it was composed, that 
part was submitted to the Commissioners of an illustrious 
Foreign Government, for whose use alone the work was 
undertaken." Author's Introduction. 

8. An English Code : its Difficulties, and the Mode of 
Overcoming them, 1873, 8vo. 9. Lectures on Inter- 
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("International Scientific" Series,) 1874, p. Svo. 11. 
The Purchase of the Suez Canal Shares and Inter- 
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of Some of the Objections to the Contagious Diseases 
Acts, 1876, Svo. 13. A Comparative Survey of Laws 
in Force for the Prohibition, Regulation, and Licensing 
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Svo. 14. Fifty Years of the English Constitution, 



1830-1880, 1880, Svo. 15. Political and Legal Rem- 
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l.s.sJt, I2mo. 17. History and Principles of the Civil 
Law of Home, 1883, Svo. With FKKARD, CHARLKS 
AGACE, The Law of Fixtures and other Property ; 3d ed., 

ins, svo. 

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ster. A Key to the Measuring und Knowledge of Scrip- 
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Anagnos, Mrs. Julia Romana, 1844-1S86, 
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infi'i, b. in Rome; became an instructor in the Perkins 
Institution, Boston, Mass., founded by her father, and in 
1S70 was married to Michael Anagnos, who succeeded 
Dr. Howe as superintendent of the institution. 1. Stray 
Chords, Bost., 1883. 2. Philosophise Quaestor : Days in 
Concord, Bost., 1885. 

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sumption, Lon., 1852, Svo. 

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ghin, M.P. : a Story of Home Rule, Lon., 1874, p. 8vo. 
2. Dowdenham : a Tale of High Life in the Present 
Period, 1880, p. Svo. 

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Bristol, Eng., where he became a merchant. 1. Life of 
Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells. By a Layman. 
Lon., 1851; 2d ed., 1854. 2. The River Dove: with 
some Quiet Thoughts on the Happy Practice of Angling, 
1845. 25 copies printed for private circulation. New 
ed., 1847. 3. The Messiah, Lon., 1861, Svo. Anon. 4. 
The Devout Christian's Help to Meditation on the Life 
of Our Lord Jesus Christ, 1866. (This is substantially 
a reprint of the preceding.) 5. Geron ; the Old Man in 
Search of Paradise: with a Biographical Notice, 1877, 
p. Svo. 

Anderdon, Rev. William Henry, S.J., D.D., 
b. 1816, in London, a nephew of Cardinal Manning, 
was educated at Balliol and University Colleges, Oxford, 
and took orders in the English Church. In 1850 he was 
received into the Roman Catholic communion, and after 
studying theology at Rome was ordained priest in 1853. 
He became a Jesuit in 1874, and has since held a posi- 
tion at the Catholic College, Stonyhurst. He has con- 
tributed articles to the Dublin Review and other Catho- 
lic periodicals, and has published, besides many tracts: 
1. The End of the Year and of all Things : Sermons, Lon., 
1847, 12mo. 2. The Words from the Cross: Lenten 
Lectures, 1850. 3. Lectures on the Catacombs of Rome, 
1852. 4. Bonneval: a Story of the Fronde, 1857. 5. 
The* Adventures of Owen Evans, the Catholic Crusoe. 
By W. H. A. 1862; 8th ed., 1884. 6. Afternoons with 
the Saints, 1863, fp. 8vo; 9th ed., 1884. 7. Luther. 
Four parts. 8. In the Snow : Tales of Mount St. Ber- 
nard, Lon., 1866, 12uio; 9th ed., 1884. 9. The Seven 
Ages of Clarewell, 1867. 10. The Christian .(Esop, 
1871, ISmo. 11. Is Ritualism Honest? 1877, fp. 16mo; 
new ed., Svo. 12. Bracton : a Tale of 1812, Lon., 1882. 
13. Fasti Apostolici : a Chronology of the Years between 
the Ascension of Our Lord and the Martyrdom of SS. 
Peter and Paul, Lon., 1883. 

" A chronology which places facts and fictions on the 
same level." A cad., xxiv. 211. 

14. Evenings with the Saints, 1883, 4to ; new ed., 
1884, p. 8vo. He has also edited : I. St. Francis and the 
Franciscans. 2. Purgatory Surveyed. 

Anders, J. 31., M.D. House Plants as Sanitary 
Agents ; or, The Relation of Growing Vegetation to 
Health and Disease : comprising also a Consideration of 
the Subject of Practical Floriculture, and of the Sanitary 
Influence of Forests and Plantations, Phila., 1886, 12mo. 

Anderson, Adam, M.R.I.A., d. 1867. Jim 
Blake's Tour from Clonane to London. Illustrated with 
Sketches by E. N., [Erskine Nicol,] A.R.A. Photo- 
graphed by G. W. Wilson. Dublin, 1867, 4to. Printed 
for private distribution. 

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Dumfriesshire, Scotland, was a "surfaceman" or laborer 
on a railway. 1. Songs of Labour, 1873, p. 8vo. 2. The 
Two Angela, and other Poems : with Introductory Sketch 
by George Gilfillan, 1875, p. Svo. 3. Songs of the Rnil, 
1877, p. 8vo ; 3d ed., 1881. 4. Ballads and Sonnets. By 
Surf.ii-finan. Lon., 1879, p. Svo. 

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or, The Great South-West: Review of the Mineral and 
other Wealth of the former Kingdom of New Spain. 
Map. N. York, 1877, 12mo. 2. The Teh uan tepee InU-r- 
Oceanic Railroad. Mapi>. N. York, 1881, Svo. 3. The 
American and Pacific Railway, or Transcontinental 
Short Line. Illust. Wash., 1883, Svo. 4. Mexico from 
the Material Stand-Point. Illust. Maps and Diagrams. 
N. York, 1884, Svo. 

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ductory to the Study of Fevers, Lon., 1861, cr. Svo. 2. 
Heads of Lectures on the Practice of Medicine, 1861, 

Anderson, Andrew A. 1. Twenty-Five Years in 
a Waggon in the Gold Regions of Africa. Illust. Lon., 
1887. 2 vols. Svo. 

" The results of his nomad life In their varied aspect!, 
as noted by this genial geographer, sportsman, naturalist, 
and student of men and manners, are set down modestly. 
. . . The charm of the book for the general reader lies in 
the judicious mingling of entertaining with solidly in- 
structive pages, and the kind of collective view which 
these present of lands and creatures existing between the 
scream of the railway-whistle at the diamond-beds and 
the whiz of the poisoned arrow upon the waters which 
feed the Upper Zumbese." Spectator, Ix. 1791. 

2. Terra: On a hitherto Unsuspected Second Axial 
Rotation of our Earth, 1887, cr. Svo. 

Anderson, Andrew Ferguson, M.D., Colonial 
Surgeon of Singapore. Fourteen Coloured Photographs 
of Leprosy, as met with in the Straits Settlements : with 
Explanatory Notes, Lon., 1872, 4lo. 

Anderson, Benjamin. Narrative of a Journey 
to Musardu, N. York, 1870, 12mo. 

Anderson, C. Cuyler. H. Leicester: an His- 
torical Romance, 1858, 12mo. Anon. 

Anderson, C. II. Armour; or, What are you 
going to do about it ? N. York, 1882, 12mo. 

Anderson, Hon. Caroline Dorothea* 1. 
Practical Religion exemplified by Letters and Passages 
from the Life of the Rev. Robert Anderson, Lon., 1845, 
12mo. 2. The Three Paths; or, Truth, Vanity, and 
Profession, 1852, 2 vols. p. Svo. 

Anderson, Rev. Charles, M.A., graduated at 
Caius College, Cambridge, 1853 ; ordained 1854; senior 
curate of St. Anne, Soho, 1871-74, and since then 
Vicar of St. John, Limehouse, London. 1. Words and 
Works in a London Parish, Lon., 1873, p. 8vo. 2. The 
Curate of Shyre: a Record of Parish Reform, Lon., 
1874, Svo; 2d ed., 1875. 3. Church Thought and 
Church World, Lon., 1874. 4. New Readings of Old 
Parables, 1876, Svo; new ed., 1882. 5. All Things per- 
taining to Life: Illustration of 2 Peter i. 5-7, Phila., 
1879, 12mo. 

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1889. Digest of the Principles and Practice of Com- 
mon Law, Ac., Lon., 1865, 2 vols. Svo; new ed., 1867. 

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b. 1804 ; succeeded his lather as ninth Baronet in 1846. 
1. A Short Guide to the County of Lincoln, Gains- 
borough, 1847; new ed., enl., Lon., 1880. 2. The Swedish 
Brothers: a Tale; 2d ed., Lon., 1850, 12mo. 3. An 
Eight Weeks' Journal in Norway, Ac., Lon., 1853, 12mo. 

Anderson, Right Rev. David, D.D., 1814-1885, 
b. in London, educated at Oxford, was Bishop of Prince 
Rupert's Land, Canada, from 1849 to 1864, when he re- 
signed and returned to England, where he was made 
Vicar of Clifton and chancellor of St. Paul's Cathedral. 
1. Notes on the Flood at the Red River in 1852 ; 2d ed., 
1873, 12ino. 2. Papamas ; or, The Chiefs Address, 1857, 
12mo. 3. The Net in the Bay ; or, A Visit to Moose and 
Albany; 2d ed., Lon., 1873, 12mo. Also, single ser- 
mons and charges. 

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ings by the Burns and Braes of Liddesdale, Carlisle, 
1868, Svo. 

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1884, p. Svo. 

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a Voice from Israel, Lon., 1857, Svo. 

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Palace of Holyrood. Edited by W. S. Daniel. Illust. 
Edin., 1852, Svo. 

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Map. Cincinnati, 1876, I6mo. 2. Soldier and Pioneer: 
a Biographical Sketch of Lt.-Col. R. C. Anderson, of the 
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Ride and School a Horse, with Gymnastics, 1881, p. Svo. 
4. A System of School Training for Horses, 1882, cr. 6vo 




6. On Horseback in the School and on the Road, N. 
York, 1883, 12mo. 6. The Gallop. With Instantaneous 
Photographs by John Annan. Edin., 1883, 4to. 7. 
Modern Horsemanship : a New Method of Teaching 
Riding by Means of Pictures from the Life. With In- 
stantaneous Photographs. Edin., 1884, 8vo. 8. Vice in 
the Horse, and other Papers on Horses and Riding. 
Illust. Edin., 1886, 8vo. 

Anderson, Mrs. Elizabeth, (Garrett,) M.D , 
b. 1837, in London, began her studies in medicine in 
1860 at the Middlesex Hospital, and, after many struggles 
to obtain admission to recognized medical schools, suc- 
ceeded in completing them at St. Andrews, at Edin- 
burgh, and at the London Hospital, and received her 
degree from the University of Paris in 1870. She is 
dean and lecturer on medicine at the London School of 
Medicine for Women. The Student's Pocket Book, 
(Arranged for Students of the London School of Medi- 
cine for Women,) Lon., 1878, 12mo. With others, 
Sanitary Care and Treatment of Children and their Dis- 
eases: Essays, Bost., 1881, 8vo. 

Anderson, Mrs. Emma Frances, 1842-1868, 
of South Australia, d. in Mauritius soon after her mar- 
riage to W. J. Anderson. Colonial Poems. (Ed. by W. 
J. Anderson.) Lon., 1869, 8vo. 

Anderson, Eustace. Chamouni and Mont Blanc : 
a Visit to the Valley and Ascent of the Mountain in 
1855, Lon., 1856. p. 8vo. 

Anderson, Rev. Fortescue L. M., M.A., grad- 
uated at Worcester College, Oxford, 1856 ; ordained 1857 ; 
incumbent of St. Baldred, North Berwick, since 1867. 
While on a visit to Lithuania in 1863 he was arrested 
on suspicion of being implicated in the Polish insur- 
rection, and detained some time in prison. Seven 
Months' Residence in Russian Poland in 1863, Lon., 
1864, p. 8vo. 

" Had all the book resembled its early chapters, it would 
have offered little attraction to the reader; but, as its 
author was fortunate enough to have an imprisonment to 
describe, he has been able to render its second part inter- 
esting." vUA., No. 1899. 

Anderson, G. W. The Baptists in the United 
States, Phila., 1876, 12tno. 

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Anderson, formerly president of Chicago University. 
The Story of Aunt Lizzie Aixen, [biography,] Chic., 
1880, 16mo. 

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The Burns Centenary Poeins : a Collection of Fifty of 
the Best, Glasgow, 1859, 8vo. 

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Law of the Bahamas, comprising all the Acts of the 
General Assembly of the Bahama Islands in Force to 
'24 Viet, c.' 27, 18fil, inclusive, Lon., 1862, Svo; new ed., 
continued to 38 Viet. c. 36, 1877. 

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Railways, Inverness, 1885, Kvo. 

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Notes of Travel in Fiji and New Caledonia : with some 
Remarks on the South Sea Islanders and their Lan- 
guages. Illust. Lon., 1880, 8vo. 2. The Prospector's 
Hand-Book: a Guide for the Prospector and Traveller 
in Search of Metal- Bearing or other Valuable Minerals, 
Lon.. 1885, 12mo. 

" How to find commercial minerals, and how to Identify 
them when they are found, are the leading points to which 
attention is directed. The author has managed to pack as 
much practical detail into his pages as would supply ma- 
terial lor a book three times its size." Mining Journal. 

Anderson, Rev. James, of Edinburgh, [nnte, vol. 
i., add.] 1. Memorable Women of the Puritan Times, 
1862, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 2. The Minister's Directory; or, 
Forms for the Administration of the Sacraments nml 
other Rites and Ordinances according to the Use of the 
Church of Scotland, Edin., 1 856 ; 2d ed., enl., 1862, p. 8 vo. 

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of Cults. Light in Darkness; or, Comfort to the Sick 
and Afflicted, Edin., 1858, p. Svo. 

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and journalist; editor of the Farmer's Journal, Mon- 
treal. The Union of the British North Americnn Prov- 
inces considered. By Obiter Dictum. Montreal, 1869. 

Anderson, Sir James, F.R.G.S., b. 1824; com- 
manded the Great Eastern when the Atlantic cable 
was laid in 1865. Statistics of Telegraphy, Lon., 1872, 

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Modern Horticulturist, Lon., 1874, r. 8vo. 

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of St. Andrews : a Historical Sketch, Cupar, 1878, 8vo. 
2. A Supplement to The University of St. Andrews, 
Cupar, 1883, Svo. 

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a Memoir of the Author by W. Ritchie, Edin., 1869, Svo. 

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Medicine at the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow. 1. Lectures 
on Medical Nursing, Glasgow, 1882, fp. Svo; 3d ed., 
1888. 2. The Essentials of Physical Diagnosis : a Guide- 
Book for Students, Glasgow, 1889. 

Anderson, John, M.D., C.I.E., b. 1840 ; formerly 
superintendent of the Indian Museum, Calcutta. 1. A 
Riport on the Expedition to Western Yunan via 
Bhiimo, Calcutta, 1871, Svo. 2. Mandalay and Mo- 
mien : a Narrative of the Two Expeditions to Western 
China of 1868 and 1875, under Colonel Edward B. 
Sladen and Colonel Horace Brown, Lon., 1876, 8ro. 

" He is able to give us a clear and trustworthy account 
of this strange corner of the earth and all that pertains to 
it, the interest in which is heightened by the concise and 
graphic style in which he writes." Sat. Rev., xli. 465. 

3. Anatomical and Zoological Researches : comprising 
an Account of the Zoological Results of the Two Expe- 
ditions to Western Yunnan in 1868 and 1875, and a 
Monograph of the Two Cetacean Genera, Platanista and 
Oreella. Illust. Lon., 1878, 2 vols. 4to. 

Anderson, John, M.D., M.R.C.S. 1. Searching 
the Scriptures in Order to Abiding Communion with 
God, Lon., 1878, Svo. 2. What saith the Scripture ? an 
Exposition of the Pentateuch, Lon., 1885, p. Svo. 3. 
What is Man? his Origin, Life History, and Future 
Destiny as revealed in the Word of God, Lon., 1888, Svo. 

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Newburgh, Scotland. 1. The Course of Creation. 
Illust. Lon., 1850, 12mo; new ed., 1857. 2. Dura 
Den : a Monograph of the Yellow Sandstone and its 
Remarkable Fossil Remains, Edin., 1859, r. Svo. 3. The 
Geologic Age of Man in its Present Aspects, Edin., 1859. 

Anderson, Sir John, C.E., 1814-1886. The 
Strength of Materials and Structures, Lon., 1870, p. Svo. 

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[verse :] with an Introduction by Rev. Fergus Ferguson, 
[q. B., infra,} Glasgow, 1873, 16tno. 

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Mauritius, its Scenery, Statistics, Ac., Mauritius, 1858, 
Svo. 2. Glenside; or, Shadows and Sunlight in 
Mauritius : a Family Record, Lon., 1876, Svo. 

Anderson, John. A History of Edinburgh from 
the Earliest Period to the Completion of the Half Cen- 
tury, 1850: with Brief Notices of Eminent or Remark- 
able Individuals, Edin. and Lon., 1856, Svo. 

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Chronicles of the Kirk, Edin., 1849, Svo. 2. Pencillings 
in Palestine : being Scenes descriptive of the Holy Land, 
Lon., 1850, 12mo. 3. Wanderings in the Land of Israel, 
Lon., 1853, 12mo. 4. Bible Lights from Bible Lands, 
Lon., 1855, 12mo. 5. History of Edinburgh to 1855, 
Lon., 1856, Svo. 6. The Pleasures of Home : a Poem, 
Lon., 1856, p. Svo. 7. Sketches of Edinburgh Clergy, 
Lon., 1856, Svo. 8. A Legend of Glencoe, and other 
Poems, Lon., 1857, 12mo. 9. Bible Incidents and their 
Lessons, Lon., 1861, fp. Svo. 10. The Life of Christ, from 
the Cradle to the Cross, Edin., 1862, cr. Svo ; new ed., 
1871. 11. Tourist's Guide through Scotland, Lon., 1862, 
12mo. 12. Autumn Gleanings; or, Ears of Barley, 
Edin., 1885, Svo. 

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and the Voice of Facts, Lon., 1868, Svo; 2d ed. (10th 
thousand) same year. 

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Antiquities of Croydon Church, Lon., 1855, fol. 2. 
Antiquities of Croydon Church, destroyed by Fire Jan. 
5th, 1867. Illust. Lon., 1867, r. 8vo. 3. Croydon 
Church, Past nnd Present. Illust. Lon., 1871, 4to. 4. 
Shropshire : its Early History and Antiquities. Illust. 
Lon., 1864, Svo. 5. The Roman City of Uriconium at 



Wroxeter, Salop : Illustrative of the History and Social 
Life of our Koinano-British Forefathers. Illust. Lun., 
1867, p. 8vo. 

" For all that Mr. Anderson has told us, the story of the 
excavations at Uriconium might be given in some twenty 
or thirty pages." Sat. Hev., xxiv. 26. 

He has also added historical letter-press to a new ed. 
of Nash's Memoirs of England. 

Anderson, John Eustace. 1. A History of the 
Parish of Mortlake, Lon., 1887. Printed for private 
circulation. 2. A History of the Independents at Mort- 
lake, from 1602, Lon., 1888. 

Anderson, Rev. John Henry, Wesleyan min- 
ister. Memorials : being a Selection from his Sermons, 
Lectures, and Speeches : with a Brief Memoir by his 
Brother, T. D. Anderson, Lon., 1882, 8vo. 

Anderson, John Jacob, b. 1821, in New York 
City, where he was for twenty years the master of a 
public school, has published a number of text-books of 
history, among which are: 1. Manual of General His- 
tory : with Extracts from the Works of Celebrated 
Authors, N. York, 1867, 12mo 2. Common School 
History of the United States, N. York, 1868, 16mo. 
3. School History of England from the Invasion of 
Csesar, N. York, 1874, 12mo. 4. History of France, N. 
York, 1877, 12mo. 5. Complete Course in History: Part 
I., Ancient History, N. York, 1881, 12mo. 

Anderson, John Parker. The Book of British 
Topography : a Classified Catalogue of the Topographical 
Works in the Library of the British Museum relating to 
Great Britain and Ireland, Lon., 1881, 8vo. 

Anderson, Joseph. Two Victories : a New Eng- 
land Idyll, N. York, 1867. 12 large-paper copies, 4to. 

Anderson, Joseph, LL.D., Keeper of the National 
Museum of the Antiquities of Scotland. 1. (Ed.) The 
Orkneyinga Saga: with Notes and Introduction, Edin., 
1873, 8vo. 2. (Ed.) The Oliphants in Scotland: with a 
Selection of Original Documents from the Charter Chest 
at Gask, Edin., 1879, 4to. 100 copies only. Privately 
printed. 3. Ancient Scottish Weapons. A Series of 
Drawings by James Druminond. With Notes, Ac. Edin., 
1881, fol. 4. Scotland in Early Christian Times: The 
Rhind Lectures in Archaeology, 1879. 2d Series, The 
Bhind Lectures for 1880, Edin., 1881-82, 8vo. 

" He treads the darkened path with judicious caution, 
and takes no step onwards until he has secured his foot- 
Ing." Ath., No. 2808. 

" In the first series we had descriptions and comparisons 
of the structural remains, as churches, chapels, monastic 
habitations ; and of the existing relics, as books, bells, 
crosiers, and reliquaries. In the second series we have 
descriptions and comparisons of the decorative metal- 
work, as brooches, &c. ; of decorative stone-work, as monu- 
ments, which latter is so extensive a subject that it is 
divided into several heads the Art of the Monuments, the 
Symbolism of them, the inscriptions in Celtic and Oghams, 
and the inscriptions in Runic and Roman letters. . . . Mr. 
Anderson is peculiarly fitted to undertake such a task as 
the one he has accomplished." Acad., xxi. 75. 

5. Scotland in Pagan Times: The Iron Age. Rhind 
Lectures for 1881 and 1882. Illust. Edin., 1883, 8vo. 

" It is a most exhaustive account of all the relics that re- 
main to us of the Iron Age of Pagan Scotland. As such it 
ought to be welcomed not by students of Scottish history 
alone, but bv all who are interested in the wide field of 
primitive culture." ScU. Rev., Ivi. 443. 

6. Scotland in Pagan Times : The Bronze and Stone 
Ages. The Rhind Lectures for 1882. Illust. Edin., 
1886, 8vo. 

" Dr. Anderson has conducted his careful researches on 
a strictly scientific method. He has gone working back- 
wards from what is comparatively certain to the doubtful. 
. . . His conclusions are candidly argued out, and scientifi- 
cally demonstrated, so far as he carries them, by evidence 
that is tolerably convincing." Sat Rev., xlii. 339. 

Anderson, Kate. (Trans.) The Child, by Dupan- 
loup, Bishop of Orleans, Lon., 1875, p. 8vo. 

Anderson, Lawrence. Linear Perspective and 
Model Drawing. Illust. Lon., 8vo. 

Anderson, Mark French. Phosphates in Nutri- 
tion, and the Mineral Theory of Consumption and Allied 
Diseases, Lon., 1878, p. 8vo. 

Anderson, Mary E. 1. New Songs for Little Peo- 
ple. Illust. Bost., li'ino. 2. Scenes in the Hawaiian 
Islands and California. Illust. Bost., 1865, 16mo. See 
ANDERSON, RKV. Rrprs, infra. 

Anderson, Melville B. 1. (Trans.) William 
Shakespeare, by Victor Hugo, Chic., 1886, 12mo. 2. 
(Trans.) George Sand, by E. Caro, ("Great French 
Writers,") Chic., 1888, 12mo. 3. (Trans.) Madame de 
86 vigne, by Gaston Boissier, (" Great French Writers,") 

Chic., 1888, 12mo. 4. (Trann.) Turgot, by Le'on Say, 
("Great French Writers,") Chic., 1888, 12ino. With 
PLAYFAIK, E., (trans.) Montesquieu, by Albert Lorel, 
(" Great French Writer*,") Chic., 1888, I2ino. 

Anderson, Olive Han Louie, b. 1842, at Lexing- 
ton, 0. ; a graduate of the University of Michigan of 
1875 ; professor in Santa Barbara College, California. 
An American Girl and her Four Years in a Boys' Col- 
lege. By Sola. N. York, 1878, 12uio. 

Anderson, Rev. Philip, a chaplain in India. 
The English in Western India : being the Early Hi.-tory 
of the Factory at Surat, of Bombay, and the Subordinate 
Factories on the Western Coast, Bombay, 1854, 8vo ; 2d 
ed., r-v., Lon., 1856. 

Anderson, II., Architect. Examples of the Munici- 
pal, Commercial, and Street Architecture of France and 
Italy, from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Century. Plates 
and Letter-Press. Lon., 1870-75, fol. 

Anderson, R. C. Tables for facilitating the Cal- 
culation of every Detail in Earthen and Masonry Dams, 
Lon., 1876, r. 8vo. 

Anderson, Rasmus Bjorn, b. 1846, at Albion, 
Wisconsin, of Norwegian parents, and educated at the 
Norwegian Lutheran College, Decorah, Iowa; was pro- 
fessor of Scandinavian languages in the University of 
Wisconsin from 1875 to 1884. In 1885 he was appointed 
U.S. minister to Denmark. 1. America not discovered 
by Columbus : Historical Sketch of the Discovery of 
America by the Norsemen in the Tenth Century, Chic., 
1874, 12mo. 2. (Ed.) The Scandinavian Languages: 
their Historical, Linguistic, Literary, and Scientific 
Value, elucidated by Quotations from Eminent Ameri- 
can, English, German, and French Scholars, Madison, 
Wis., 1873, 8vo. 3. Norse Mythology ; or, The Religion 
of our Forefathers. Containing all the Myths of the 
Eddas, Systematized and Interpreted. With an Introduc- 
tion, Vocabulary, and Index. Chic., 1875, 12uto. 

" Prof. Anderson gives us an admirably methodical and 
lucid account of Norse ideas as embodied in the elder and 
younger Edda, with some assistance from later sagas, the 
whole being so fully illustrated with translated extracts 
as to leave the reader nothing to desire." Nation, xxi. 391. 

4. (Trans.) Hand-Book for Charcoal-Burners, by G. 
Svedelius. Ed. by W. J. L. Nicodemus. N. York, 1876, 
12mo. 5. (Trans.) The Younger Eddas, 1880, 8vo. 
6. (Trans ) Arne, a Romance, by B. Bjb'rnson, Bost., 
1881, 10 mo. 7. (Trans.) Synnove Solbakken : a Nor- 
wegian Tale, by B. Bjornson, Bost., 1881, 16mo. 8. 
(Trans.) Bridal March, and other Stories, by Bjb'rnson, 
Bost., 1882, Lon., 1883, p. 8vo. 9. (Trans.) Capt. 
Mansana, Ac. : Stories, Bost., 1882, Lon., 1883, p. 8vo. 
10. (Trans.) Fisher Maiden, by Bjornson, Bost., 1884, 
Lon., 1883, p. 8vo. 11. (Trans.) A Happy Boy, by 
Bjornson, Bost., 1882, Lon., 1881, p. 8vo. 12. (Trans.) 
Magnhild, by Bjornson, Bo?t., 1882, Lon., 1883, p. 8vo. 
13. (Trans.) History of the Literature of the Scan- 
dinavian North from Ancient Times, by Frederick 
Winkel Horn : with a Bibliography of Books in the 
English Language relating to Scandinavian Countries, 
prepared by T. Solberg, Chic., 1884, 8vo. 14. (Trans.) 
Eminent Authors of the Nineteenth Century : Literary 
Portraits, by Georg Brandos, N. York, 1886, 12mo. 
With BJARNASON, J6N, Viking Tales of the North : 
Sagas of Thorstein, Viking's Son, and Fridthjof the 
Bold, trans, from the Icelandic; also Tegner's Fridthjof : a 
Saga, trans, by G. Stephens, Chic., 1876, 12mo. 

Anderson, Richard, F.C.S., F.G.S., member of 
the Society of Telegraph Engineers. 1. Lightning- 
Conductors : their History, Nature, and Mode of Appli- 
cation, Lon., 1880, r. 8vo ; 3d ed., 1885. 

" Admirably fulfils the purpose for which it has been 
written." Sot Rev., 1. 182. 

2. (Trans.) Information about Lightning-Conductors: 
from the French of N. F. Gay-Lussac, Lon., 1881, 8vo. 

Anderson, Major-Gen. Robert, U.S.A., 1805- 
1871, b. near Louisville, Kentucky; graduated at West 
Point in 1825 ; appointed to the artillery, and was in- 
structor in that branch 1835-37; served in the "Black 
Hawk," Florida, and Mexican wars; was in com- 
mand of Fort Sumter, in Charleston Harbor, when it 
was besieged, and compelled to surrender, 1861. Trans- 
lated and adapted from the French: 1. Instructions for 
FieM-Artillery, Horse and Foot, 1839, 12mo. 2. Evo- 
lutions of Field-Batteries of Artillery. N. York, 1860, 
24mo. The two works in one vol., 1864. 

Anderson, Robert, LL.D., b. 1841 ; graduated at 
Triniry College, Dublin ; called to the bar at the Middle 
Temple 1870 ; secretary to the Prison Commission since 




1878. The Prison Acts of 1865 and 1877 : with Notes, 
Ac., Lon., 1877, 12mo. 

Anderson, Robert, LL.D. 1. The Gospel and its 
Ministry, Lon., 1876, p. Svo. 2. The Coming Prince: 
the Last Great Monarch of Christendom, 1 882, cr. 8vo. 
3. Human Destiny, Lon., 1886, p. Svo ; 4th ed., 1888. 

Anderson, Robert E. (Trans.) Gastronomy as a 
Fine Art, by Brillat-Savarin, Lon., 1876, p. Svo. 

Anderson, Major-Gen. Robert Patrick, 
served in the Punjab campaign, 1848-49, and in the In- 
dian mutiny; retired 1878. 1. Personal Journal of the 
Siege of Lucknow, Lon., 1858, 12mo. Edited by Thomas 
Carnegy Anderson. 2. Victories and Defeats : an At- 
tempt to Explain the Causes that have led to them, 1873, 

Anderson, Rev. Rnfus, D.D., LL.D., 1796-1880, 
eon of Rufus Anderson, [q. ., ante, vol. i.,] b. at North 
Yarmouth, Me., and educated at Bowdoin College and 
Andover Theological Seminary, was ordained in 1826, 
and from 1824 to 1866 served first as assistant secretary, 
afterwards as secretary, on the American Board of For- 
eign Missions, and in that capacity visited the mission 
stations in the Mediterranean, India, and the Sandwich 
Islands. From 1867 to 1869 he lectured at the Andover 
Seminary on foreign missions. 1. Memoir of Cathe- 
rine Brown, a Christian Indian of the Cherokee Nation, 
Phila., 1820, 18mo; new eds., Lon., 1825, N. York, 1827, 
Pbila., 1832. 2. Observations on Peloponnesus and the 
Greek Islands, Bost., 1828, 12mo. 3. Irish Missions in 
the Early Ages, 1839. 4. Bartimeus, the Blind Preacher 
of Manaia, 1851. 5. Missions in the Levant, 1860. 
6. The Hawaiian Islands : their Progress and Condition 
under Missionary Labors, Bost., 1864, 12mo. 7. Foreign 
Missions: their Relations and Claims, N. York, 1869, 
12mo; 3d ed., 1870. 8. Synopsis of Lectures on Mis- 
sions, 1869. 9. A Heathen Nation Civilized: History 
of the Sandwich Islands Mission, Bost., 1870, 12mo. 10. 
History of the Mis.-ions of the American Board of Com- 
missioners for Foreign Missions, viz. : Sandwich Islands, 
Oriental Missions, Missions to India, Bost., 1872, 5 vols. 

Anderson, T. S. My Wanderings in Persia, Lon., 
1880, Svo. 

Anderson, Tempest. Notes on a Visit to the 
Prisons of Paris in Ib69, York, 1870, Svo. 

Anderson, Theophilus D. Memorials of John 
Henry Andrew, (Wesleyan Minister:) being a Selection 
from his Sermons, Lectures, and Speeches: with a Brief 
Memoir by his Brother, Lon., 1882, Svo. 

Anderson, Thomas, M.D., LL.D., 1819-1874, b. 
at Leith, and educated at the University of Edinburgh, 
and in German universities, held from 1848 till his death 
the post of chemist to the Highland and Agricultural 
Society of Scotland, contributing the results of many 
experiments to its journal. In 1852 he became Regius 

erofessor of chemistry in the University of Glasgow, 
e was a member of learned societies, and author of 
many papers on organic chemistry. 1. Elements of 
Agricultural Chemistry, Lon., 1860, p. 8vo. 2. Hand- 
Book for Yellow Fever: describing its Pathology and 
Treatment, Lon., 1866, p. Svo. 

Anderson, Thomas, M.D., 1832-1870, b. in Ed- 
inburgh, Scotland, graduated M.D. at the University 
of Edinburgh in 1853, and in 1854 entered the Bengal 
medical service. As director of the Calcutta Botanic 
Garden he .ntroduced the culture of the cinchona and 
other valuable medicinal plants into India. Floruia Ade- 
nensio, 1860. 

Anderson, Thomas, Parliamentary reporter. 1. 
History of Shorthand: with an Analysis and Review 
of its Present Condition and Prospects in Europe and 
America, Lon., 1882, p. Svo. 

" His book is bad, and bad with few redeeming quali- 
ties." Acad., xxi. 393. 

2. Catechism of Shorthand : being a Critical Exami- 
nation of the Various Styles, fp. Svo. 

Anderson, Thomas Carnegy. Poems, Agra, 
1856, Svo. And see ANDKRSON, ROBERT PATRICK, supra. 

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preceding the Rebellion : or, True Stories of Sumter and 
Pickenf, N. York, 1882, Svo. 

Anderson, Thomas McCall, M.D., professor 
of clinical medicine in the University of Glasgow. 1. 
On the Parasitic Affections of the Skin, Lon., 1861, Svo. 
2. A Practical Treatise upon Eczema, Lon., 1863, Svo; 
3d ed., 1874. 3. Contributions to Dermatology, Lon., 
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5. On the Treatment of Diseases of the Skin : with an 
Analysis of 11,000 Consecutive Cases, Lon., 1872, cr. 
8vo. 6. Eczema: the Pathology and Treatment of the 
various Eczematous Affections, or Eruptions of the Skin, 
Lon., 1874, 8vo. 7. Curability of Tubercular Peri- 
tonitis and Acute Phthisis, Lon., 1877. 8. Lectures 
on Clinical Medicine at Glasgow. Illust. Lon., 1877. 
9. Diseases of the Skin : with Diagnosis and Treatment, 
Lon., 1887, 8vo. 

Anderson, Rev. William, LL.D., [ante, vol. i., 
add.,] 1799-1873. From 1822 till his death he was 
pastor of a Presbyterian congregation in Glasgow, where 
he was called " Daft Willie Anderson" on account of 
his eccentricities, but had great influence and occupied a 
position similar to that of Dr. Chalmers before him, and 
of Dr. Norman Macleod after him. Published, in addi- 
tion to works mentioned in vol. i. : 1. Reunion of Chris- 
tian Friends and their Infant Children in the Heavenly 
Kingdom, Edin., 1868, 8vo. 2. Filial Honour of God 
by Confidence, Obedience, and Resignation, Lon., 1870, 
p.Svo. 3. The Two Graveyards : a Dream. With Remi- 
niscences of the Author. Ardrossan, 1873, 16mo. Posth. 

4. Reunion in the Heavenly Kingdom, and other Dis- 
courses, 3d series, Edin., 1876, Svo. Posth. 

Anderson, William, [ante, vol. i., the last of the 
name there mentioned, add.,] 1805-1866, b. and edu- 
cated at Edinburgh, and entered a lawyer's office in that 
city. He began early to contribute to the newspapers, 
and about 1831 held a position on the Aberdeen Journal. 
In 1836 he settled in London, where he became connected 
with literary people, and in 1839 brought out an annual, 
The Gift of All Nations, to which Campbell, Sheridan 
Knowles, and other writers of the day contributed. In 
1844 he became sub-editor of the Edinburgh Witness, 
and from 1845-47 was chief sub-editor of the Glasgow 
Daily Mail. 1. Poetical Aspirations, Edin., 1830, 12mo; 
2d ed., enl., 1833. 2. Contrast ; or, The History of a 
Day, Lon., 1836, 16mo. 3. (Trans.) Lyrical Poems of 
Be'ranger, Lon., 1847, 16mo. 4. Treasury of Discoveries, 
Enterprise, and Adventure, Edin., 1853. 5. Treasury 
of Nature, Science, and Art, 1853. 6. Treasury of the 
Animal World, 1854. 7. Treasury of Manners and Cus- 
toms, Ac., 1855. 8. The Little Voyager; or, Harry's 
Visit to Foreign Lands, Lon., 1855, 4to. 9. Treasury 
of History and Biography, Edin., 1856. 10. The Scottish 
Nation; or, The Surnames, Families, Literature, Honours, 
and Biographical History of the People of Scotland, 
Edin., Lon., and Dublin, 1859-63, 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 
Glimpses of Nature, Science, and Art, Edin., 1865, 12mo. 
12. Genealogy and Surnames: with Some Heraldic and 
Biographical Notices, Edin., 1865, Svo. 

Anderson, William. The Family of lona, and 
other Poems: with Historical Notes, Edin., 1850, Svo. 

Anderson, William, reporter of the Edinburgh 
Courant. 1. The Poor of Edinburgh and their Homes, 
Edin., 1867, 12mo. 2. Children rescued from Pauper- 
ism; or, The Boarding-out System in Scotland, Edin. 
and Lon., 1871, 12mo. 

" Goes to strengthen the very cogent arguments which 
have been already put forward in favour of boarding out." 
Sat. Rev., xxxi. 284. 

Anderson, Rev. William, D.D., member of the 
General Council of the University of Aberdeen. 1. Fe- 
male Education : Prize Essay, Aberdeen, 1851, 16mo. 2. 
Christ the Plant of Renown, Lon., 1861, 16mo. 3. The 
Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church : Bicentenary 
Essay, Lon., 1862, 8vo. 4. Self-made Men, 1861, Svo. 

5. Model Women, Lon., 1870, 12mo; 3d ed., 1873. 6. 
Kings of Society ; or, Leaders of Social, Intellectual, and 
Religious Progress, Lon., 1866, Svo. 

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Islington. Blanche, the Huguenot : a Tale, Lon., 1853, 

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let. By an Officer once in the Bengal Artillery. Lon., 
1858, Svo. 2. Mode of Manufacturing Gunpowder at the 
Ishapore Mills, in Bengal, Lon., 1862, r. Svo. 

Anderson, William, of Sunderland. 1. Abner 
the Leper, Lon., 1860, 16ino. 2. The Twin Brothers, 
Sunderland, 1860, Svo. 

Anderson, William. The Unique Grandeur of 
the Bible : a New Plea for the Old Book, Lon., 1884, 
p. Svo. 

Anderson, William. 1. Notes of Sermons on the 
Days of Noah and the Days of Lot, Lon., 1876, 8vo. 2. 



Notes of Sermons on the Valley of Decision and the Two 
Lives, Lon., 1877, 8vo. 

Anderson, Kev. William, M.A., graduated at 
Trinity College, Dublin, 1849 ; minister of the Octagon 
Chapel, Bath, 1872. 1. Tb Latest of Questions an- 
swered in the Earliest of Books: Five Sermons, Lon., 
1881, 8vo. 2. Reasons for our Fuith : Six Lectures, 
Lon., 1874, 16mo. Also, single sermons and lectures. 

Anderson, William, F.R.C.S., b. 1842, in Lon- 
don, Eng., was educated at the City of London School 
and under private tuition, and studied medicine at St. 
Thomas's Hospital, London, at the University of Aber- 
deen, and in Paris. In 1874-80 he was medical officer 
to the British Legation, Tokio, Japan, and medical di- 
rector of the Japanese Naval Medical College, Tokio. 
He made a large collection of Japanese and Chinese 
paintings, which was purchased in 1882 by the Trustees 
of the British Museum, and exhibited 1888-89. He is 
now (1889) assistant-surgeon and lecturer on anatomy 
at St. Thomas's Hospital, and examiner in anatomy for 
the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons. He 
has contributed articles to medical, artistic, and literary 
journals, and to Murray's Hand-Book for Japan, and 
has also published: 1. A History of Japanese Pictorial 
Art, (Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan,) 
1879. 2. Descriptive and Historical Catalogue of a Col- 
lection of Japanese and Chinese Paintings in the British 
Museum, lllust, (Brit. Museum Pub.) 1886. 3. The 
Pictorial Arts of Japan. With Numerous Plates, Chro- 
mo- Lithographs, and Woodcuts, and General and De- 
scriptive Text. 4 parts. Parti., Lon., 1886, fol. Issue 
for England and America limited to eleven hundred 
copies, one hundred being artist's proofs. 

"Promises to be the most complete and authoritative 
account as yet produced of that strange and delightful 
manifestation of human sentiment and the human mind 
which is known as Japanese art. ... Its illustrations 
alone are enough to make it priceless." Sot Kev., Ixi. 167. 

4. The Pictorial Arts of Japan, Part IV., Lon., 1886. 
" Mr. Anderson's great work is now complete, and the 

pictorial art of Japan is no longer a terra incognita, but a 
laud mapped out and accurately surveyed, and traversed 
at all points with broad and beaten highways. . . . Read 
with his Catalogue, of which it forms the necessary com- 
plement, his magnificent treatise, so comprehensive in de- 
sign and so masterly in execution, will teach the student 
as much as is communicable at second hand, and place 
him at such a point of vantage for the work of practical 
research as, before its appearance, could only have been 
gained at the cost of years of travel and inquiry." Sot 
ev., Ixii. 551. 

5. Historical and Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection 
of Prints illustrating the History of Engraving in 
China and Japan, [Burlington Fine Arts Club,] 1888. 

Anderson, William, member of the Institute of 
Civil Engineers. On the Conversion of Heat into Work : 
a Practical Hand-Book on Heat-Engines. lllust. Lon., 
1886, p. 8vo; 2d ed., enl., 1887. 

Anderson, William G., M.D. A Primer of Phys- 
ical Training, for the Use of Teachers, N. York, 1887, 
32mo. Pamph. 

Anderson, William James, M.D., F.R.C.S. 
The Life of F. M. H.R.H. Edward, Duke of Kent: Il- 
lustrated by his Correspondence with the De Salaberry 
Family, never before Published, extending from 1791 to 
1814, Edin., Ottawa, and Toronto, 1870, p. 8vo. 

" It is nothing more than a fragmentary sketch of the 
Duke of Kent's life, yet it has the merit, so rarely met with 
In much more elaborate biographies, of leaving us with a 
very vivid conception of the Duke's character. Sat. Rev.. 
xxx. 504. 

Anderson, William T. The Masonic Token, 
lllust. N. York, 1875, 12mo. 

Anderson, Yarborough, M.A., LL.B., b. 1850; 
graduated at Cambridge : called to the bar 1875. With 
ELLIS, CIIAIIT.KS EDWARD, (ed.) Guide to Election Law 
and Practice of Election Petition, Lon., 1885, 8vo. 

Andersson, Charles John, (Carl Johan,) 
1827-1867, b. at Elfden, Sweden, was the son of an 
Englishman, L. L. Lloyd, [q. ., ante, vol. ii.,] with 
whom he visited England in 1849. In the following 
year he accompanied Francis Gallon [q. v., infra] on an 
expedition to Africa, and was subsequently supplied by 
him with stores and equipments for a second expedition, 
in 1853-54, in the course of which he penetrated to 
Lake Ngami and explored the surrounding districts. 
After a third expedition, 1858-59, to the Okavango 
River, he settled in Cape Town, and engaged in the 
ivory trade, but soon resumed his life of adventure, and 
died while travelling through the Ovakuombi country. 
1. Lake Ngami ; or, Explorations and Discoveries dur- 

ing Four Years' Wanderings in the Wilds of South 
Africa. Man and lllust. Lon., 1856, 8vo. 

" Besides his contributions to geography. Mr. Andersson 
has devoted much attention to natural history, and espe- 
cially to zoology. . . . The book contains by far the best 
assortment of wild beast stories that we are acquainted 
with." Sal. Rev., ii. 251. 

2. The Okavango River : a Narrative of Travel. Ex- 
ploration, and Adventure. Mup and lllust. Lon., 
1861, 8vo. 

" If the present volume is not so lively and entertaining 
as some which have been published on the same subject, 
it is perhaps more trustworthy, and will fully repay most 
readers the trouble of its perusal." Sat. Bee., xii. 333. 

3. The Lion and the Elephnnt. Edited by L. Lloyd. 
Lon., 18ft3, 8vo. 4. Notes of Travel in South Africa. 
Edited by L. Lloyd, author of Field Sports in the 
North of Europe. Lon., 1875, 8vo. Po*th. 

" The account of an adventurous trader's residence in 
Damaralaud, interspersed with his acute observation.*, on 
local sport and zoology." Sat. Rev., xl. 561. 

5. Notes on the Birds of Damara Land and the Ad 
jacent Countries of South-West Africa. Arranged and 
edited by John Henry Gurney : with Additional Notes 
by the Editor, and an Introductory Sketch of the 
Author's Life. Lon., 1872, 8vo. 

Anderton, Henry. Life and Poems, Lon., 1863, 
p. 8vo. 

Andre, George G., C. E., Associate of the Insti- 
tute of Civil Engineers. 1. Draughtsman's Hand- 
Book of Plan and Map Drawing, including Instruc- 
tions for Engineering, Architectural, and Mechanical 
Drawing. lllust. Lon., 1874, cr. 4to. 2. Practical 
Treatise on Coal Mining, Lon., 1875-76, 12 parts or 
2 vols. r. 4to. 3. A Descriptive Treatise on Mining 
Machinery, Tools, and other Appliances, Lon., 1877-78, 
2 vols. 4to. 4. Rock Blasting for Industrial Purposes, 

Andre, Richard. 1. Up Stream : a Journey from 
the Present to the Past. lllust. Lon., 1883, 4to. 2. 
Every-Day Fables. lllust. 6 numbers, Lon.. 1885. 3. 
The Children's Menu, Lon., 1887, 4to. 4. The Cruise 
of the Walnut-Shell. lllust. 1881, 8vo. 5. Little 
Blossom, Lon., 1884, 4to. 6. Liliputian Opera, Red 
Riding Hood, Lon., 1885, 4to. 7. The Outpost : a Tala 
of the Backwoods, Lon., 18S6, 12mo. 8. Ebb and Flow : 
a Story of Home and Abroad, Lon., 1887, 12mo. 9. 
King's Bell-Tower : a Romance of the Olden Time, Lon., 
1888, 12mo. 

Andreas, A. T. History of Chicago, from tho 
Earliest Period to the Present Time. In 3 vols. Vol. i., 
ending with the year 1857, Chic., 1884. 

Andrew, Mrs. Original Poems on Various and In- 
teresting Subjects, Paisley, 1852, 8vo. 

Andrew, Alexander. A New Way to Heaven, 
Glasgow, 1880, 16mo. 

Andrew, Rev. J. The Pendulograph : a Series of 
Bi-Pendulum Writing, Lon., 1881, sq. 16mo. 

Andrew, J. J. 1. Jesus Christ and Him Crucified ; 
3d ed., Birmingham, 1882, 8vo. 2. The Christadelphian 
Shield, Birmingham, 1885, 8vo. 

Andrew, James, M.D. An Address on Some 
of the Causes which interfere with the Recognition of 
Medicine as a " Physical Science," Lon., 1865, 8vo. 
With SMITH, THOMAS, and others, St. Bartholomew Hos- 
pital Reports, vols. xi.-xxiii., (1875-1887,) Lon., 8vo. 

Andrew, Rev. James Osgood, 1794-1871, b. in 
Georgia, was ordained as a Methodist preacher in 1816, 
and made a bishop in 1832. In 1846, when the Southern 
Methodists separated from those of the North, he became 
senior bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 
South, and presided over that body till his death. 1. 
Family Government, Nashville, Tenn., 1848, 18mo. 2. 
Miscellanies, Nashville, Tenn., 1859, 12mo. 

Andrew, John Albion, 1818-1867, b. at Wind- 
ham, Maine ; graduated at Bowdoin College ; admitted 
to the bar in Boston in 1840; elected a member of the 
legislature in 1868. In 1860 he was elected governor 
of Massachusetts, and he was re-elected four times suc- 
cessively. For biog. see BKOWXE, ALBERT G., and 
CHANDLER, PELEG W., infra. 1. Address to the Gradu- 
ating Class of the Medical School in the University at 
Cambridge, Bost., 1864, 8vo. 2. Address before the New 
England Historic Genealogical Society, Jan. 2, 1867 : 
with Proceedings at said Meeting, Bost., 1867, 8vo. 3. 
Errors of Prohibition : Argument on the Matter of 
License and Prohibition; 10th ed., Bost., 1880, 8vo. 

Andrew, Thomas, F.G.S. Geological and Archae- 
ological Papers, Northampton, 1875, 8vo. 



Andrew, William. Constitution of Nature, Mil- 
waukee, 1863, 8vo. 

Andrew, Sir William Patrick, C.I.E.,M.R.A.S., 
F.R.G.S., F.S.A., d. 1887. 1. Memoir of the Euphra- 
tes Valley Route to India, Lon., 1857, 8vo. 2. The 
Indus and its Provinces : their Political and Commer- 
cial Importance, *Lon., 1858, 8vo. 3. The Route of 
the Indus and the Advance of Russia towards India, 
1865, 8vo. 4. India and her Neighbours. Maps. Lon., 
1878, fol. 5. Our Scientific Frontier: with Sketch 
Map and Appendix, 1880, 8vo. 6. The Euphrates Val- 
ley in Connection with the Central Asian Route and 
Egyptian Question: a Lecture, Lon., 1882, 8vo. 7. 
Indian Railways, as connected with the British Eni- 

rire in the East. Map and Appendix. 4th ed., Lon., 
884, 8vo. 

Andrew, William Raeburn St. Clair, M.A., 
son of Sir W. P. Andrew, supra, and great-grandson 
of Sir Henry Raeburn, the artist, b. 1853; educated at 
Harrow and Oxford ; called to the bar 1878. Life of Sir 
Henry Raeburn, R.A. : with Portraits and an Appendix, 
Lon., 1886, 8vo. 

" Mr. Andrew's account of his ancestor does not differ 
materially from that which has reached us from other 
sources, especially from Cunningham, whose biography is, 
as a work of literary art, immeasurably superior." Ath., 
No. 3068. 

And see CONVBEARK, C. A. V., infra. 

Andrew, Rev. William Wayte, M.A., gradu- 
ated at Oxford, 1830; ordained 1831; vicar of Ketter- 
ingham 1835-87. Four Thousand Gems of Thought; 
enl. ed., Lon., 1888, cr. 8vo. 

Andrewes, Mary Turner. Animals and their 
Social Powers, Lon., 1878, 16mo; 2d ed., 1881. 

Andrews, Mrs. Ambrose Rodman. By Mrs. 
Swerdna, (pseud.) N. York, 1865. 

Andrews, A. O. The Sixteen Years' Chaplain, 
Friend, and Counsellor of the W. L. I. of Charleston, 
B.C.: the Rev. Samuel Oilman, D.D. By A. 0. A., 
an Honorary Member of the Washington Light Infantry. 
Charleston, 1875. 

Andrews, Alexander, 1824-1873, an English 
journalist. 1. Illustrations of the Manners, &o., of the 
Eighteenth Century, Lon., 1856, p. 8vo. 2. The History 
of British Journalism, from the Foundation of the News- 
paper Press in England to the Repeal of the Stamp Act 
in 1855 : with Sketches of Press Celebrities, Lon., 1858, 
2 vols. p. 8vo. 

" Mr. Andrews has displayed creditable industry in the 
collection of materials for his work, and if his own reflec- 
tions and criticisms are not uniformly profound or original, 
they are, on the whole, characterized by good sense and 
right feeling." Sat. Rev. 

Andrews, Carl. Madam's Ward : a Novel, Chic., 
1837, 12mo. 

Andrews, Major-Gen. Christopher Colnm- 
bus, b. 1829, at Hillsborough, N.H., studied law at Cam- 
bridge, Mass., and was admitted to the bar in 1850. He 
afterwards settled in St. Cloud, Minn., where he was 
elected State senator in 1859. He enlisted as a private 
in the civil war, and rose to the rank of brigadier-gen- 
eral and brevet major-general. From 1869 to 1877 he 
was U.S. minister to Sweden and Norway, and from 
1882 to 1885 consul-general to Brazil. His diplomatic 
reports have been published in The Commercial Rela- 
tions of the United States. 1. Minnesota and Dacotah, 
in Letters descriptive of a Tour through the Northwest, 
Phila., 1857, 12mo. 2. A Practical Treatise on the 
Revenue Laws of the United States, Bost., 1858, 8vo. 
B. Hints to Company Officers on their Military Duties, 
N. York, 1864, 18ino. 4. History of the Campaign of 
Mobile, including the Co-operation of Gen. Wilson's 
Cavalry in Alabama. Maps and Views. N. York, 1867, 
8vo. 5. Digest of the Opinions of the Attorneys-General 
of the United States, Washington, 1867. 6. Brazil: its 
Condition and Prospects, N. York, 1887, 12mo. 

" It is not amusing, nor interesting, nor original ; but the 
author has managed to compress into its 350 pages much 
uselul information about Brazil. "Nation, xlivTsyO. 

Andrews, E. Benjamin, D.D. Brief Institutes 
of General History, Bort.. 1887, 12mo. 

Andrews, Rev. Ebenezer Baldwin, LL.D., 
1-1880, b. at Danbury, Conn., and educated at 
Williams College, at Marietta College, and at Princeton 
Theological Seminary, where he graduated in 1844. He 
was pastor of the Congregational church in Housatonio, 
Mass., from 1846-50, and professor of geology in Mari- 
etta College from 1851 to 1869, when he became assistant 
geologist to the Ohio State survey. 1. Report of Progress, 

Ohio Geological Survey, 1869. 2. Elementary Geology, 
designed for the Interior States. (" Eclectic Educ." 
Ser.) Illust. Cin., 1878, 12mo. 

Andrews, Edmund, M.D., b. 1824, at Putney, Vt., 
was educated and took his medical degree at the Uni- 
versity of Michigan, where he was for a time professor 
of comparative anatomy. Since 1856 he has resided in 
Chicago, where he was one of the founders of the Chicago 
School of Medicine and has held several professorships. 
With WYLLYS, E., M.D., Rectal and Anal Surgery : with 
a Description of the Secret Methods of the Itinerants. 
Illust. Chic., 1887, 8vo. 

Andrews, Emerson. 1. Youth's Picture Ser- 
mons. Illust. 1871, 16mo. 2. Living Life, Bost., 12mo. 
3. Revival Sermons, Bost., 12mo. 4. Revival Songs, 
Bost., 18mo. 5. Travels in Bible Lands. Illust. Bost., 

Andrews, Fanny, ("Elzey Hay.") ]. A Family 
Secret, Phila., 8vo. 2. A Mere Adventurer, Phila., 1879, 
8vo. 3. Prince Hal ; or, The Romance of a Rich Young 

Andrews, G. Digest of Reports, Mississippi Su- 
preme Court, vols. xlv.-xlvi., Phila., 1881, 8vo. 

Andrews, Garnett. Reminiscences of an Old 
Georgia Lawyer, Atlanta, Ga., 1870, 8vo. 

Andrews, H. P. Six Steps to Honor; or, Great 
Truths Illustrated, N. York, 1856, sq. 16mo; Eng. ed., 
under the title of " Great Truths for Little People," Lon., 
1866, 2 vols. 16ino. 

Andrews, Horace. Manual of the Laws and 
Courts of the United States, and of the several States and 
Territories, N. York, 1873, 8vo. 

Andrews, Israel Ward. 1. Manual of the U.S. 
Constitution for American Youth : with Index and Ap- 
pendix, Cin., 1874, 12mo ; rev. ed., 1887. 2. Washington 
County and the Early Settlement of Ohio, Cin., 1878, 

Andrews, J. P., and Briscoe, W. A. Index to 
Digest of Reports, Connecticut Supreme Court, vols. 
i.-xlviii., inch, (1785-1881,) Hartford, 1883, 8vo. 

Andrews, James. The Psychology of Scepticism 
and Phenomenalism, Glasgow, 1874, cr. 8vo. 

Andrews, Jane. 1. Seven Little Sisters who live 
on the Round Ball that floats in the Air, Bost., 1876, 
16mo. 2. Each and All ; or, How the Seven Little Sisters 
prove their Sisterhood, Bost., 1878, 16mo. 3. Ten Boys 
who lived on the Road from Long Ago till Now, Bost., 
1885, 16mo. 4. Only a Year, and What it Brought, 
1887. 5. The Stories Mother Nature told her Children. 
Illust. Bost., 1888, 16mo. 

Andrews, John. Day-Dreams, Lon., 1864, 12mo. 

Andrews, John. 1. Precedents of Leases: with 
Practical Notes, Lon., 1871, 12mo; 2d ed.,Lon., 1878. 2. 
Precedents of Mortgages, Lon., 1879. 

Andrews, John N. History of the Sabbath and 
First Day of the Week. Battle Creek, Mich., 1873, 12mo. 

Andrews, John Richard. 1. A Four Months' 
Tour in the East, Dubl., 1852, 8vo. 2. George White- 
field: a Light rising in Obscurity, Lon., 1864; new ed., 
1883, cr. 8vo. 3. Life of Oliver Cromwell to the Death 
of Charles the First, Lon., 1869, 8vo. 

Andrews, John W. Church Law : Suggestions on 
the Law of the Protestant Episcopal Church in theUnited 
States, its Sources and Scope, N. York, 1883, 12mo. 

Andrews, Lilian Herbert, member of the New 
York bar. Only a Farmer's Daughter, Chic., 1887, 11? mo. 

Andrews, Lorrin, 1795-1868, b. at East Windsor, 
Conn , and educated at Jefferson College, Pa., and Prince- 
ton Theological Seminary ; went to the Sandwich Islands 
in 1827, and remained there for the rest of his life, 
holding at various times positions as preacher, professor, 
and judge. He translated a part of the Bible into 
Hawaiian, and prepared several works on the literature 
and antiquities of Hawaii. 1. A Vocabulary of Words 
in the Hawaiian Language, Lahainaluna, 1836, 8vo. 
2. Grammar of the Hawaiian Language, Honolulu, 1854, 
8vo. 3. Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language, Hono- 
lulu, 1865, 8vo. 

Andrews, Mary H. Story of a Little Crab, 
Lon., 1885, sq. 16rao. 

Andrews, Richard. General Observations upon 
Music as a Science, upon Logier's Theoretical Princi- 
ples, Ac., Lon., 1865, 12mo. 

Andrews, Robert William, b. 1846; gradu- 
ated at Trinity College, Dublin ; called to the bar at 
the Middle Temple, 1869. With STUVEY, ARBUTHNOT 



BUTLER, LL.T)., Court of Judicature Acts, 1873 to 1884; 
4th ed., Lon., 1835, 8vo. 

Andrews, 8. My Reasons for Leaving the Church 
of England: Farewell Address, Lon., 1869, 12mo. 

Andrews, S. C. The American College Songster, 
Ann Arbor, Mich., 1876, 12mo. 

Andrews, Samuel. Our Great Writers; or, Popu- 
lar Chapters on some Leading Authors, Lon., 1884. 

Andrews, Rev. Samuel James, b. 1817, at 
Danbury, Conn., and educated at Williams College, 
was admitted to the bar, then became a Congregational 
minister, and in 1868, having adopted the Irvingite 
doctrines, became pastor of the Catholic Apostolic Church 
at Hartford, Conn. 1. The Life of Our Lord upon Earth, 
considered in the Historical, Chronological, and Geo- 
graphical Relations, X. York, 1863, 8vo; Eng. ed., en- 
titled The Bible Student's Life of Our Lord, Lon., 1884, 
p. Svo. 2. God's Revelation* of Himself to Men as suc- 
cessively made in the Patriarchal, Jewish, and Christian 
Dispensations and in the Messianic Kingdom, N. York, 
1886, Svo. 

Andrews, Sidney, 1837-1880, a journalist of Bos- 
ton, was secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Chari- 
ties from 1872 to 1880. 1. The Art of Flying, N. York, 
1865, 8vo. 2. The South since the War, as shown by 
Fourteen Weeks of Travel and Observation in Georgia 
and the Carolinas. By " Dixon." Bost., 1866. 

" Considered as newspaper correspondence, the letters 
are worthy of high commendation." Motion, i. 532. 

Andrews, Stephen Pearl, [ante, vol. i., add.,] 
1812-1886, b. at Teuipleton, Mass., practised law in New 
Orleans and Texas, and took an active part in the anti- 
slavery movement in Boston. In 1847 he settled in New 
York. He gave much attention to phonography, but 
devoted himself mainly to the development of a univer- 
sal philosophy which he called " Integralism," and of a 
universal language to which he gave the name of " Al- 
wato." He was a member of the American Academy of 
Arts and Sciences and of the American Ethnological 
Society, and founded, with some of his friends, an asso- 
ciation for philosophical discussion, called The Collo- 
quium. Add. to the list of books in vol. i : 1. Dis- 
coveries in Chinese; or, The Symbolism of the Primitive 
Characters of the Chinese System of Writing, 1854, 12mo. 

2. The Primary Synopsis of Universology and Alwato, 
1871. 3. The Basic Outline of Universology. By Pan- 
tarch. 1872. 4. Primary Grammar of Alwato, 1877. 
5. The Labor Dollar, 1881. 6. Elements of Univer- 
Bology, N. York, 1881. 7. Ideological Etymology, 1881. 
8. Transactions of the Colloquium, with Documents and 
Exhibits: vols. Land ii., N. York, 1882-83. 

Andrews, Thomas, M.D., F.R.S., d. 1885, aged 
71; b. at Belfast; graduated at Edinburgh in 1835; 
received a medal from the Royal Society in 1845 for his 
researches into the heat produced by chemical combina- 
tion, and became professor of chemistry at Belfast in 
1849. 1. Studium Generale : a Chapter of Contemporary 
History, Lon., 1867, 8vo. 2. The Church in Ireland: 
a Second Chapter in Contemporary History, 1869, 8vo. 

3. Properties of Matter in the Gaseous and Liquid 
States, (Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc.,) Lon., 1887, 4to. 

Andrews, W. S. Illustrations of the West Indies : 
with Descriptive Letter-Press, 1861, 2 vols. oblong fol. 

Andrews, Rev. W. W., of New York. 1. On the 
Divine Remedy for the Lawlessness of the Last Days, 
Lon., 1866, Svo. 2. Remarks on Dr. Bushnell's "Vica- 
rious Sacrifice," Hartford, 1866. 3. The Catholic Apos- 
tolic Church, Lon., 1867, Svo. 

Andrews, William, F.R.II.S. 1. The Gad Whip 
Manorial Service rendered at Caistor, Hull, 1874, 12mo. 
2. Skull Superstitions, Hull, 1877. 3. History of the 
Dunmow Flitch of Bacon Custom, Lon., 1877, Svo. 

4. A Collection of Derbyshire Rhymes, Buxton, 1877, Svo. 

5. People and Steeple Rhymes, 1377. 50 copies. 6. 
Historical Romance: Strange Stories of Old England, 
Buxton, 1878, p. Svo; new ed., Lon., 1883. 7. Singular 
Circumstances connected with the Danish Soldiers at 
Beverley, Hull, 1878, 8vo. 50 copies. 8. (Ed.) The 
Derbyshire Gatherer of Archaeological, Historical, Bio- 
graphical Facts, Folk-Lore, Ac., Buxton, 1880, Svo. 9. 
Punishments in the Olden Time, 1881. 10. The Book 
of Oddities, Lon., 1S82, p. Svo. 11. Curious Epitaphs 
from the Graveyards of Great Britain and Ireland, 
Lon., 1883, cr. Svo. 12. Modern Yorkshire Poets, Lon., 
1885, p. Svo. 13. Famous Frosts and Frost Fairs in 
Great Britain, 1887, 4to. 14. Historic Yorkshire: re- 
printed from the Leeds Express, Lon., 1888, Svo. 

Andrews, William A. A Daring Voyage across 
the Atlantic Ocean by Two Americans, the Brothers 
Andrews. Introduction and Notes by Dr. Macaulay. 
Illust. Lon., 1880, 12mo. 

Angas, George French, F.L.S., an artist. 1. 
A Ramble in Malta and Sicily, Lon., 1842, Svo. 2. 
Strange Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand, 
Lon., 1847, Svo. 3. Polynenia: a Popular Description 
of the Physical Features, Inhabitants, Natural Hictory, 
and Productions of the Islands of the Pacific, Lon., 
1867, fp. Svo. 4. The Wreck of the " Admclla," and 
other Poems, Lon., 1873, p. Svo. 

Angel, Moses. The Law of Sinai and its Ap- 
pointed Times, Lon., 1858, 12mo. 

Angell, Henry. Practical Plane and Solid Geome- 
try. Illnst. N. York, 1871, 16mo. 

Angell, Henry C., M.D., b. 1829, at Providence, 
R.I.; graduated at the Hahnemann Medical College in 
Philadelphia, and, after four years' study in the hospitals 
abroad, settled in Boston, where he is a practising phy- 
sician and professor of ophthalmology in the Boston 
University. 1. Treatise on Diseases of the Eye: with 
Test Types for determining the Exact State of Vision. 
Illust. Phila., Svo; 6th ed., Best., 1882. 2. How to Take 
Care of our Eyes : with Advice in regard to the Manage- 
ment of the Eyes of Children, Bost., 1378, 16mo; Eng. 
ed., entitled The Sight, and How to Preserve it, Lon., 
1878, 12uio ; new ed., 1880. 3. Records of the late 
William M. Hunt. Illust. Bost., 1879. 

Angell, James Burrill, b. 1829, at Scituate, R. 
I.; graduated at Brown University 1849; president of 
the University of Michigan since 1871. 1. Manual of 
French Literature, Phila., 1857, 12mo. 2. Progress in 
International Law, Bost., 1875, Svo. 

Angell, John. 1. Magnetism and Electricity. 
(" Elementary Science" Series.) Illust. N. York, 1875, 
16mo. 2. Animal Physiology. (' Elementary Science" 
Series.) Illust. N. York, 16mo. 

Angell, Lewis. 1. Sanitary Science and the Sew- 
age Question: a Lecture, Lon., 1871, Svo. 2. (Ed.) 
Proceedings of the Association of Municipal and Sani- 
tary Engineers and Surveyors : vol. i., 1873-74, 1875, Svo. 

Angelo, C. A. Sketches of Travel in Oregon, N. 
York, 1866, Svo. 

Angier, Mrs. Annie Lanman. Poems, Bost., 
1882, 16mo. 

Angove, Miss Emily, b. 1837, at Redruth, 
Cornwall, Eng. Clara May : or, Bring your Cares to 
Christ. By Emily. Redruth, 1860, 32mo. 

Angove, Grace. See MICHELL, MRS. GRACE, 

Angus, Joseph, D.D., [ante, vol. i., add.,] b. 1816, 
at Bolam, Northumberland, Eng., was educated at King's 
College, London, at Stepney College, and at the Uni- 
versity of Edinburgh, where he graduated in 1836 with 
high honors. He became a minister of the Baptist 
Church, and in 1849 was appointed president of Stepney 
College. He was a member of the New Testament Com- 
pany for the Revision of the Scriptures, and published, 
in addition to works mentioned in vol. i., and many 
single sermons: 1. Hand- Book of the English Tongue, 
Lon., 1861, 12mo. 2. Christian Churches and Christian 
History, Lon., 1862, cr. Svo. 3. A Hand-Book of Eng- 
lish Literature, Lon., 1865, 12mo. 4. Hand-Book of 
Specimens of English Literature, 1866, cr. Svo. 

Annan, William. 1. Vindication of the Letters 
on Psalmody from the Strictures of J. T. Pressley, 
Pittsburgh, 1866, 12mo. 2. The Doctrine of Close Com- 
munion tested by Scripture and Reason, Pittsburgh, 
1867, 12mo. 3. High Church Episcopacy: its Origin, 
Characteristics, and Fruits, Pittsburgh, 1874, 12ino. 

4. Defence of Close Communion tested against the 
Strictures of Drs. Pressley and Sproul, Pittsburgh, I2mo. 

5. Difficulties of Arminian Methodism, Phila., 12mo. 
Annandnle, Charles, M.A., LL.D. 1. (Ed.) 

Ogilvie's Imperial Dictionary. New Edition. Carefully 
Revised and greatly Augmented. Lon., 1882, 4 vols. 
Svo. 2. A Concise Dictionary of the English Language, 
Literary, Scientific, Etymological, and Pronouncing. 
Based on the New Edition of Ogilvie's Imperial Dic- 
tionary. Lon., 1885, Svo. 

Annandale, Thomas, F.R.S.E., b. 1838, at New- 
castle-on-Tyne, was educated at the University of Edin- 
burgh, and became private assistant to Professor Syme. 
He was afterwards lecturer on surgery and surgeon to 
the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, and in 1877 succeeded 
Lister as Regius professor of clinical surgery in the 




University of Edinburgh. 1. The Malformations, Dis- 
eases, and Injuries of the Fingers and Toes, and their 
Surgical Treatment, (Jncksonian Prize Essay for 1864,) 
E'lin. , 1865, Svo. 2. Surgical Appliances and Minor 
Operative Surgery, 1865. 3. Abstracts of Surgical Prin- 
ciples, Edin., 1868-70, 6 parts, Svo. 4. On the Pathol- 
ogy and Operative Treatment of Hip Disease, Edin., 
1876, Svo. 

Anneslcy, Charles. The Standard Opera-Glass: 
Plots of Eighty Celebrated Operas, Lon., 18S8, fp. Svo. 

Aniiesley, Miss M. Light in the Valley : Life 
and Letters of Mrs. H. Backing, Phila., 1860, 18mo. 

Ansell, George Frederick, 1826-1880, b. at 
Carhalton, Eng., held a position in the Royal Mint for 
ten years, and wrote for an encyclopaedia an article on 
coining, which was reprinted Tor private circulation and 
afterwards amplified into a volume, entitled The Royal 
Mint: its Working, Conduct, and Operations, Lon., 
1S70, r. Svo; 3d ed., enl., 1871. 

Alison, Hon. Augustus Henry Archibald, 
1835-1877, son of second Viscount and first Earl of Lich- 
field, a colonel in the army, M.P. 1859-74. 1. The Aboli- 
tion of Purchase and the Army Regulation Act of 1871, 
Lon., 1873, Svo; 2d ed. same year. 2. Army Reserves 
and Militia Reform, 1873, Svo. 3. The Supersession of 
the Colonels of the Royal Army, 1873, Svo. 

Alison, W. S. W. The Three Foolish Little 
Gnomes, Lon., 1882, r. Svo. 

Auson, Sir William Reynell, Bart., D.C.L., 
b. 1843; graduated at Oxford, where he was elected 
Fellow of Balliol College 1867 ; called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1869; has been Vinerian Law Reader 
at Oxford since 1874, and Warden of All Souls College 
since 1881. 1. Principles of the English Law of Con- 
tract, and of Agency in Contract, Oxford, 1879, Svo ; 2d 
ed., Oxford, 1882. 2. The Law and Custom of the Con- 
stitution. Part I., Parliament. Oxford, 1886, Svo. 

"The student or the budding politician who wishes to 
know, for practical purposes, the facts of the British Con- 
stitution will find them here set forth iu orderly detail." 
Ath., No. 3074. 

Auspach, J. M. Thieves of Homes; or, Habits that 
Impoverish, Easton, Pa., 1881, 12mo. 

Ansted, David Thomas, F.R.S., [mite, vol. i., 
add.,] 1814-1880. During the latter part of bis life 
Ansted turned his attention mainly to questions of 
geology as applied to engineering, on which he was an 
authority. He was a constant contributor to scientific 
journals, and published, in addition to works mentioned 
in vol. i. : 1. A Short Trip in Hungary and Transylva- 
nia in the Spring of 1862, Lon., 1862, 12mo. 

" A very readable little volume, in which he opens new 
ground for the British tourist of future years." Sat. Rev., 
xiv. 602. 

2. The Ionian Islands in the Year 1S63, Lon., 1863, 

"That portion of it which relates to the geology and 
physical geography of the islands is done clearly and 
concisely. 'Hat. Rev., xvi. 733. 

3. The Correlation of the Natural History Sciences, 
Lon., 1863, p. Svo. 4. The Great Stone Book of Nature, 
Lon., 1863, 12ino. 5. The Applications of Geology to 
the Arts and Manufactures: Six Lectures, Lon., 1865, 
12mo. 6. The Channel Islands; 2d ed., Lon., 1865, Svo. 
7. Physical Geography, Lon., 1866, p. Svo. 8. Geologi- 
cal Gossip; new ed., Lon., 1S6S, 12mo. 9. The World 
we Live In; or, First Lessons in Physical Geography, 
Lon., 1868, 12uio. 10. Examination Questions in Phys- 
ical Geography, Lon., 1870. 12mo. 11. Elementary 
Geography lor Primary Schools, Lon., 1871, 12rno. 12. 
Physiography for Science Schools, Lon., 1878, 12mo. 
13. Land and Water Supply in the British Islands: 
Surface Waters, Lon., 1878, Svo. 14. In Search of 
Mineral?, (Natural History Rambles,) Lon., 1S80, 
12rno. With LATHAM, ROBERT GORDON, The Channel 
Islands. Illust. and Maps. Lon., 1862, Svo; new ed., 
with 72 Illustrations by Vizetelly, Ac., 1865. 

" A really valuable work in very many respects It Is 

the work of two writers, aided by no less than thirty six 

amateur assistants Too much cannot be said in praise 

of the geological chapters. . . The natural history and 
botany are also admirably done, and the fifty-nine illus- 
trations by Mr. Naftel and Mr. Peter Le Lievre'verv nearly 
approach perfection as works of art, besides be'ine mi- 
nutely faithful. Add to all this the luxuriesof hot-pressed 
and pleasantly-tinted paper, excellent type, capital maps 
and plans, and you have all the elements of a book which 
will long remain the standard authority on the subject" 
Sat. Rev., xv. 444. 

Anster, John, LL.D., [ante, vol. i., add.,] 1793- 

1867, b. at Charleville, Co. Cork, Ireland, was educated 
at Trinity College, Dublin. Add. to books mentioned 
in vol. i.: Faustus: the Second Part. From the German 
of Goethe. With Notes. Lon., 1864, p. Svo. 

" While adhering more closely to the original than did 
the translation of the first part, it possesses a like poetical 
quality." Diet, of Kai. Biog., ii. 38. 

Anstey, F. See GUTHRIE, FRANCIS ANSTEY, infra. 

Anstey, Rev. Henry, M.A., b. 1827, at Rugby; 
graduated at University College, Oxford, 1S50 ; vice- 
principal of St. Mary's Hall, 1865-67 ; vicar of Wen- 
dron, 1867-74; and since then rector of Slapton, Buck- 
inghamshire. (Ed.) Miiiiiiiientii Academica; or, Docu- 
ments illustrative of Academical Life and Studies at 
Oxford, (Record Office Pub.,) Lon., 1868, 2 vols. r. Svo. 

Anstey, Thomas Chisholm, [<<, vol. i., add.,] 
d. 1873, aged 57; attorney-general of Hong-Kong. Plea 
of the Unrepresented Commons for Restitution of Fran- 
chise, Lon., 1866, Svo. 

Anstie, Francis Edmund, M.D., M.R.C.S., 
M.R.C.P., F.R.C.P., 1833-1874, b. at Devizes, Eng.; 
received his medical education at King's College, Lon- 
don ; elected assistant physician to Westminster Hos- 
pital in 1860. He was for many years one of the 
editorial writers for the Lancet, to which, as well as to 
other medical publications, he contributed a large num- 
ber of articles on therapeutics, nervous diseases, and 
sanitary matters. 1. Stimulants and Narcotics: their 
Mutual Relations, Lon., 1864, Svo. 2. Notes on Epi- 
demics, Lon., 1866, 12mo. 3. Neuralgia and the Dis- 
eases that resemble it, Lon., 1871, Svo. 4. Uses of Wines 
in Health and Disease, Lon., 1877, p. Svo. 

Anstie, John, B.A., Civil Engineer. The Coal- 
Fields of Gloucestershire and Somersetshire, and their 
Resources, Lon., 1873, imp. Svo. 

Anstruther, B. Two Tales told by a Sensitive, 
Lon., 1888, 12mo. 

Anstruther, Miss Mace. 1. Maude Winthrop's 
Life Charge, Lon., 1863, 2 vols. p. Svo. 2. Sweet Idol- 
atry, Lon., 1875. 

Anthony, Mrs. A. S. The Circus : a Story for Boys, 
Bost., 1863, 18mo. 

Anthony, Charles H. 1. Social and Political 
Dependence of Women; 5th ed., Lon., 1880, Svo. 2. 
Popular Sovereignties : being some Thoughts on Demo- 
cratic Reform, Lon., 1880, p. Svo. 3. Popular Opinion 
and Party Government: a Lecture, Lon., 1882, ISino. 

Anthony, Prof. Charles Hartshorn. This 
our Life: with Introduction by J. P. Newman, Albany, 
N. York, 1876, 12mo. 

Anthony, Edwyn, M.A., b. 1844; graduated at 
Oxford; called to the bar at the Inner Temple, 1877. 
Treatise on the Law of Consolidation of Railroad Com- 
panies, Chic., 1867, Svo. 

Anthony, Hon. Henry Bowen, 1S15-18S4, b. 
at Coventry, R.I. ; educated at Brown University ; for 
many years editor and proprietor of the Providence 
Journal ; elected governor of Rhode Island in 1849 and 
in 1850, and from 1859 till his death a member of the 
U.S. Senate. Memorial Addresses, delivered in the U.S. 
Senate, Providence, 1875, r. Svo. (Contains addresses 
on occasion of the death of Stephen A. Douglas, Charles 
Sumner, and others.) 

Anthony, Matilda. Poems. By Matilda. Rich- 
mond, Va., 1851. 

Anthony, W. B., ("W. B. A.") 1. Essential 
Memoranda of Arithmetic, Derby, 1SS1. 2. Essential 
Memoranda of English History, Lon., 1881. 3. Essen- 
tial Memoranda of English Grammar, 1S81. 

Antisell, Thomas, M.D., [mite, vol. i., add.] 1. 
The Manufacture of Photogenic or Hydro-Carbon Oils 
from Coal, Ac., N. York, 1859, Svo. 2. Biographical 
Sketch of J. M. Tower, Lancaster, Pa., 1878, Svo. 

Anton, Peter. 1. Masters in History: Gibbon, 
Grote, Macaulay, Motley, Lon., 1879, 12iuo; new ed., 
1884. 2. England's Essayists: Addison, Bacon, De 
Quincey, Lamb, 1882, 12mo; new ed., 1888, cr. Svo. 

Antrobus, . C. Rise and Progress of Painting, 
1862, Svo. 

Antrobus, Rev. Frederick Ignatius, of the 
Oratory. (Trans.) The Excellencies of the Oratory of 
St. Philip Neri. From the Italian. Lon., 1881, p. Svo. 

Antrobus, John, [ante, vol. i., add.] 1. The Czar 
and the Turk : a Lay ot the East, Lon., 1854, Svo. 2. 
The Orator's Guide ; or, The Practice and Power of 
Eloquence, Lon., 1S62, cr. Svo. 3. Elijah in the Desert: 
a Sacred and Descriptive Poem, Lon., 1S65, Svo. 



Apnqne, L. H. 1. A Baker'8 Dozen, Lon., 1882, 
p. 8vo. 2. We Little Ones, 1883, p. 8vo. 

Apgeorge, George, H.B.M. consul at Stockholm. 
(Trans.) Charles the Twelfth: a Memoir. By His 
Majesty the King of Sweden and Norway. Translated 
with His Majesty's permission. Lon., 1879, r. 8vo. 

Apjohn, A. Manual of the Metalloids, Lon., 1863, 

Apjohn, Lewis. 1. W. E. Gladstone: his Life 
and Times, (" Memorable Men of the Nineteenth Cen- 
tury,") Lon., 1880, p. 8vo. 2. Kichard Cobden and the 
Free-Traders, ( 4< Memorable Men,") Lon., 1881, p. 8vo. 
3. John Bright and the Party of Peace, (" Memorable 
Men,") Lon., 1881, cr. 8vo. 4. Life and Work of the 
Earl of Beaconsfield, (" Memorable Men,") Lon., 1881, 
cr. 8vo. 

Appach, Francis Ilobson, M.A., b. 1827; grad- 
uated at Trinity College, Cambridge ; called to the bar 
at Lincoln's Inn 1851. 1. AD Essay on the Acts for the 
Relief of Trustees, Lon., 1855, 12mo. 2. Cains Julius 
Caesar's British Expeditions from Boulogne to the Bay 
of Apuldore, and the subsequent Formation geologically 
of Roinney Marsh, Lon., 1868, p. 8vo. 

Appel, Rev. Theodore, b. 1823, at Easton, Pa.; 
educated at Marshall College, Mercersburg, Pa. ; became 
a minister of the Reformed Church, and was professor of 
mathematics, physics, and astronomy in Marshall College 
1851-53, and in Franklin and Marshall College, Lan- 
caster, Pa., 1853-77. From 1881-86 ha edited the Re- 
formed Missionary Herald. Recollections of Life at Mar- 
shall College from 1839 to 1S45, Lancaster, Pa., 1886, 
12m >. 

Appell, Jo luiii n Wilhelm. Christian Mosaic 
Pictures : a Catalogue of Christian Mosaics exhibited 
in the South Kensington Museum, Lon., 1877, 8vo. 

Appleby, C. J. Illustrated Hand-Book of Machin- 
ery and Ironwork, Lon., 1869, 8vo; (published also in 
parts:) new eds., 1877-78, 1882. 

Appleby, John. La Circe, and other Poems, 
Lon., 1873, 8vo. 

Appleby, Thomas. The Orchid Manual : with a 
Calendar of Operations, Lon., 1861, fp. 8vo. 

Appier, A. Three Lectures on Education : with 
an Additional Lecture; 4th ed., Lon., 1875. 

Appier, Augustus C. Life of the Younger 
Brothers, James Boys, and Qunntrell, the Guerillas of 
the West. Illust. St. Louis, Mo., 1875, 8vo. 

Appleton, Miss Anna E. Stories for Eva. 
lilust. llo.-t.. 1869, 16mo. 

Appleton, Charles Edward Cutts Birchall, 
D.C.L., 1841-1879; graduated at Oxford 1863; was 
editor of the Academy from its first publication till his 
death ; contributed papers to a volume entitled Essays 
on the Endowment of Research, by Various Writers, 
1876, p. 8vo. (Trans.) Universities Past and Present, 
by Doellinger, Lon., 1867, 8vo. See APPLETON, JOHN 
HOBLVN, infra. 

Appleton, Elizabeth Haven H. (Trans.) 
Charcoal-Drawing without a Master, by Karl Robert, 
[pseud, for Georges Meusnier,] Cin., 1880, 8vo. 

Appleton, G. Webb. 1. Frozen Hearts: a Ro- 
mance. 1878, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 2. Catching a Tartar, 
Lon., 1879, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 3. Jack Allyn's Friends : a 
Novel, 1880, 3 vols. p. 8vo; new ed., 1887. 4. A Ter- 
rible Legacy : a Tale of the South Downs, Lon., 1887, 
p. 8vo. 

Appleton, J. \V. Genius : What is it, and What 
has it accomplished? Lon., 1879, 8vo. 

Appleton, John, M.D. Catalogue of the Library 
of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Bost., 1859-60, 
2 vols. 8vo. 

Appleton, John Hoblyn, M.A., brother of C. E. 
C. B. Appleton, supra, and Sayce, A. II. Dr. Apple- 
ton : his Life and Liternry Relics, Lon., 1881, p. 8vo. 

Appleton, John Howard, b. 1344, at Portland, 
Me., graduated in 1863 at Brown University, where he 
became instructor in chemistry in 1864 and professor of 
chemistry and applied arts in 1868. Chemistry devel- 
oped by Facts and Principles drawn chieBy from the 
Non- Metals, N. York, 1884, 16ino. 

Appleton, John Reed, and Jones, Morris 
Charles. Evans. By J. R. A. and M. C. J. New- 
castle- upon-Tyne, 1865. 250 copies, privately printed. 
(Contains genealogical notices of the family of Evans of 
Montgomeryshire. ) 

Appleton, Lewis. Battle-Fields of Sedan, Grave- 
lotte, iipicheren, Worth, Mctz, &c., Lon., 1873, 12mo. 

Appleton, Nathan, 1770-1861, b. at Tpnricb, 
Mass.; became a merchant in Boston, took a prominent 
part in the promotion of cotton manufactures, and was 
one of the founders of the city of Lowell. He was 
twice elected to Congress, and was a member of the 
Academy of Science and Arts and the Massachusetts 
Historical Society. A memoir of him by R. C. Win- 
throp appeared in 1861. He published several pam- 
phlets, including: 1. Memoir of the Hon. A. Lawrence, 
(Mass. Hist. Soc. Pub.,) 1856, 8vo. 2. Remarks on Cur- 
rency and Banking ; enlarged ed., 1858. 3. Introduction 
of the Power-Loom, and Origin of Lowell, 1858. 4. 
The Doctrines of Original Sin and the Trinity ; dis- 
cussed in a Correspondence between a Clergyman of the 
Episcopal Church in England [i.e., Rev. William Ed- 
ward Heygate] and a Layman of Boston, U.S., Boat., 

Appleton, Richard. 1. Seen by Other Lights : a 
Scholar's Criticisms, Lon., 1878, 8vo. 2. God in Nature, 
Lon., 1885, p. 8vo. 

Appleton, Thomas Gold, 1812-1884, b. in Bos- 
ton, Mass., son of Nathan Appleton, mpra, and brother- 
in-law of the poet Longfellow ; graduated at Harvard 
College in 1831, and was for many years a well-known 
figure in Boston society, being a fluent and epigrammatic 
talker and a connoisseur and patron of art. One of 
his witticisms, "Good Americans, when they die, go 
to Paris," has become famous by repetition, and is often 
erroneously ascribed to Dr. Holmes. 1. A Sheaf of 
Papers. By T. G. A. Bost, 1874, 16mo. 2. A Nile 
Journal, illustrated by Eugene Benson, 1876, 12uio. 3. 
Chequer Work : a Volume of Tales and Essays, Bost., 
1879, 12mo. 4. Syrian Sunshine, (A Record of Six Weeks 
of Syrian Travels,) 1877, 16ino. 5. The Boston Museum 
of Fine Arts: Companion to the Catalogue, Bost., 1877. 
Pamph. 6. Windfalls, Cambridge, 1878, 12mo. See his 
Life and Letters, by Susan Hale. 

Appleton, William S. 1. Ancestors of Mary 
Oliver, 1867, 4to. 2. Memorials of the Cranes of Chil- 
ton, with Pedigree of the Family, Ac., Cambridge, 
Mass., 1868, 4to. 3. Ancestors of Priscilla Baker, 1870, 
4to. 4. Description of Medals of Washington in the Col- 
lection of W. S. A., 1873, 4to. 5. Issues of the United 
States Mint, Chronologically Arranged and Described, 
Bost., 1876, 4to. 

Appleyard, Charles. Remorse: a Drama in 
Three Acts, [prose,] Lon., 1871, 4to. 

Appleyard, Rev. Ernest Silvanns, of Luton, 
Bedfordshire, published, under his own name, Four Lec- 
tures on the Liturgy, Lon., 1834, 12mo ; and Twelve 
Sermons, 1830, 12mo. His other publications appear 
with his initials, [E. S. A.] 1. The Sure Hope of Rec- 
onciliation, 1847, 8vo. 2. Proposals for Christian Union. 
By a Member of the Church of England. Lon., 1846, 
8vo. 3. The Principles of Protestantism, considered with 
a View to Union, Lon., 1848, 12mo. 4. The Claims of th 
Church of Rome, considered with a View to Unity, Lon., 
1848, 12mo. 5. Eastern Churches : containing Sketches 
of the Nestorian, Armenian, Jacobite, Coptic, and Abys- 
sinian Communities; 2d ed., Lon., 1850, 12tno. 6. The 
Greek Church : a Sketch ; 2d ed., 1851, 12mo. 7. Welsh 
Sketches, chiefly Ecclesiastical, to the Close of the 
Twelfth Century, 3 series, Lon., 1851-53, 12mo. 8. 
Supplement on the Doctrine of the Greek Church, Lon., 
1852, 8vo. 9. The World in which I Live, and My 
Place in it, 1856. 10. My Country : the History of the 
British Islands, 1859. 11. The Fall and Redemption of 
Man, 1861. 12. The Scriptural Faith of the Young 
Churchman, 1874. 

Aprhys, R. Dieudi-nne : a Study, Lon., 1884. 

Apthorp, George Frederick. A Catalogue of 
the Books and Manuscripts in the Library of Lincoln 
Cathedral, Lincoln, 1859, 8vo. 

Apthorp, William F. (Trans.) Hector Berlioz: 
Selections from his Writings, preceded by Biographical 
Sketch, ("Amateur" Series,) N. York, 1879, 12mo. 

Arber, Edward, F.S.A., Associate of King's Col- 
lege, London, has issued many reprints of rare books, 
including The First Printed English New Testament, 
The First Three English Books on America, Ac. Also, 
(Ed.) A Transcript of the Registers of the Company 
of Stationers of London, 1554-1640 A.D. Vol. i., Text: 
Detailed Cash Abstracts onward to August 2. 1596. 
Privately printed. Lon., 1875. (Ed.) An English 
Garner : Ingatherings from our History and Literature, 
Birmingham, 1880-83, 7 vols. 



Arbouin, James. The Regenerate Life: Disser- 
tations, Lon., 1877, fp. 8vo. 

Arbuthnot, Sir Alexander John, K.C.S.I., 
C.I.E., b. 1822, son of Bishop Arbuthnot, of Killaloe; 
entered the Madras Civil Service in 1842, and was first 
director of public instruction from 1855 to 1862 ; chief 
secretary to government, 1862-67, and member of 
council, 1867-72; afterwards, member of council of the 
governor-general of India, 1875-80, and since 1887 has 
been member of council of the secretary of state for 
India. (Ed.) Major-General Sir Thomas Munro, Bart., 
K.C.B., Governor of Madras : Selections from his Min- 
utes and other Official Writings: with an Introductory 
Memoir and Notes, Lon., 1881, 2 vols. 8vo. 

"They deal with a great variety of topics : but even in 
the case of those where the points at issue have long been 
decided, the clear statement of principles, the breadth of 
view and mastery of detail displayed, make their perusal 
attractive ; while on such great subjects as the rival theo- 
ries of land tenures, questions underlying the whole polit- 
ical and social fabric, the documents here given are equally 
full of instruction to the historical student and to the 
political administrator." Ath., No. 2801. 

Arbuthnot, F. F. Persian Portraits: a Sketch 
of Persian History, Literature, and Politics, Lon., 1887. 

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" On comparing her first published volume with that of 
Mrs. Blair, of Balthavock, the fifth edition of which came 
out in 1865, we find that Mrs. Arbuthnot [sic] and Mrs. 
Blair are one and the same person. . . . Mrs. Arbuthnot 
has gained 460 prizes tor poultry in Scotland and England, 
and has had personal experience of 400 poultry-yards." 
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of his father, who held an appointment under the cor- 
poration of the city of London, but afterwards adopted 
literature as a profession, contributing to magazines and 
making a specialty of short stories and sketches de- 
scriptive of life and character among the poorer classes 
of the metropolis. He has also written on historical 
subjects, and is a Fellow of the Royal Historical So- 
ciety. 1. Wayte Summers: the Story of an Inner 
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" Mr. Archer appears to resort to original authorities for 
information, and by so doing is creating a work of real 
utility and permanent value." Acad., xxi. 99. 

' It is a chronicle rather than a history, a panorama 
rather than a picture, that Mr. Archer has produced, and 
so many anecdotes and episodes are crowded into the four 
bulky volumes that the reader is likely to be less grateful 
than'he should be forthe industrious accuracy with which 
they have been compiled." Ath,., No. 2916. 

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tion' of Popular Economic Botany, mentioned in vol. i.) 
3. Wool and its Applications, (' British Manufacturing 
Industries,") Lon., 1876, p. 8vo. 

Archer, William, b. 1856, at Perth, Scotland, son 
of Thomas Archer, C.M.G., Agent-General for Queens- 
land, was educated at private schools in England and 
Scotland, and at Edinburgh University, where he grad- 
uated M.A. in 1876. He was a leader-writer on the 
Edinburgh Evening News 1875-78, with a year's in- 
terval, 1876-77, during which he visited Australia and 
America. He was dramatic critic of the London Figaro 
1879-81; was called to the bar in 1883; and in 1884 
succeeded the late Dutton Cook as dramatic critic of the 
London World. He adapted from the Danish of Ibsen 
two plays, Quicksands; or, The Pillars of Society, and 
A Doll's House, which were produced at London thea- 
tres in 1880 and 1889 respectively, and he contributed to 
the volume of Ibsen's plays in the " Catnelot Classics" 
series (1888) translations of The Pillars of Society 
and Ghosts. He also published: 1. English Analyses 
of the French Plays represented at the Gaiety Theatre, 
London, June and July, 1879, by the Comedie Francaise. 
Reprinted from the London Figaro. Lon., 1879, 8vo. 
2. English Dramatists of To-Day, Lon., 1882, 8vo. 3. 
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" A bundle of essays, most of which are well thought out 


as to their substance, and well written as to their style." 
Sat. Rev., Ixli. 8-2. 

5. Masks or Faces? a Study in the Psychology of 
Acting, Lon., 1888, or. Svo. 

"To the principal actors of the day Mr. Archer has writ- 
ten asking them for their experiences with regard to 
Diderot's famous Paradox)* Mir le Com&llen. From their 
replies he has compiled his Masks and Faces. . . . Mr. 
Archer has collected a mass of curious information, and 
has written a very readable and suggestive book." Ath.., 
No. 3197. 

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gressive Grammar of the Telugu Language, Madras and 
Lon., 1873, Svo. 2. Telugu Reader, Madras, 1879, Svo. 
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Dunsford, Devonshire, 1866-88. 1. A Collection of 
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line on Confirmation and Communion, Oxford, 1857, 
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Courts, with Forms of Proceedings and Practical Instruc- 
tions to English Suitors, Lon. and Paris. 1882. 

" Few attorneys of the old school would have had either 
the capacity or the enterprise to make themselves so far 
masters of a foreign system of law as to produce a com- 
plete and exhaustive treatise on it." Sal. Rev., Iv. 450. 

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General's Daughter : a Romance of History, N. York, 
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Argyll, Duke of. See CAMPBELL. 

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High Court and Circuit Courts of Judiciary in Scotland, 
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Twelve Articles reprinted from the Edinburgh Evening 
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Arithmetic, Lon., 1865, 12mo. 2. A Complete Ready 
Reckoner for the Admeasurement of Land, Ac. ; 3d ed. 
revised by C. Norris. 


A very useful book to all who have land to measure." 
Mark Lane ExpreM. 

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Sheep: their Varieties and Diseases. 4. The Hone: 
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or, The Veterinarian's Pocket-Book Remembrancer, 
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iis own Horse-Doctor: with Elaine's Veterinary Art 
and Numerous Recipes ; 5th ed., rev., Lon., 1877, 8vo. 
7. (Ed.) Every Man his own Cattle-Doctor: the Veteri- 
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dained 1859; vice-principal of Sarum College 1809-79, 
and since then rector of Colne-Engaine, Essex. 1. The 
Legend of Christian Art, illustrated in the. Statues of Sal- 
isbury Cathedral, Lon., 1869, p. 8vo. 2. At the Crater of 
Vesuvius in Eruption : a Word Picture, Lon., 1872, 12mo. 

3. Gradual Psalms: Treatise on the Fifteen Songs of De- 
grees; with Commentary, 1874, p. 8vo. 4. The Three 
Witnesses : Disputed Text in St. John, Lon., 1883, p. 8vo. 

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of Poems, chiefly Anti-Slavery. Selected by a Friend of 
the Negro. Lon., 1853. 4. A Cloud of Witnesses against 
Slavery and Oppression, Lon., 1853, 16ino. 5. Tales 
and Legends of the English Lakes and Mountains. Com- 
piled by Lorenzo Tuvnr. Lon., 1855. 

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Lon., 1875-76, 2 vols. 8vo. 2. The History of New 
Guinea, and the Origin of the Negroid Race, 1876, 8vo. 

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Manual for Young Men, Lon., 1883, 32mo. 

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Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 

Armitage, Edward, R.A., b. 1817, in London; 
educated in France and Germany; became a pupil of 
Paul Delaroche in 1837, and has painted historical pic- 
tures and frescos; was elected A.R.A. in 1867, R.A. in 
1872, and was professor of painting at the Royal Acad- 
emy 1875-82. Lectures on Painting. Illust. Lon., 
1883. cr. 8vo. 

"These lectures . . . are manly, outspoken, and practi- 
cal. ... As might be expected, it is upon drawing and 
composition that Mr. Armitage is strongest." Acad., xxiv. 

Armitage, Ella S. 1. The Childhood of the Eng- 
lish Nation ; or, The Beginnings of English History, Lon., 
1876, 12mo. 2. The Connection between England and 
Scotland, Lon., 1885, fp. 8vo. 

Armitage, Mrs. R. A. Worth or Birth ? a Novel, 
Lon., 1865, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 

Armitage, Rev. Thomas, D.D., LL.D., b. 1819, 
at Pontefract, Eng. ; removed to the United States in 
1838, and became a minister of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church. In 1848 he joined the Baptists and became 
pastor of a Baptist church in New York. He was one 
of the founders of the American Bible Union, and its 
president from 1856 to 1875. 1. Jesus: His Self- 
Introspection, N. York, 1878, 16mo. 2. Lectures on 
Preaching, its Ideal and Inner Life : Lectures delivered 
before the Hamilton, Rochester, and Croier Theological 
Seminaries, Phila., 1880. 3. A History of the Baptists, 
Traced by their Vita! Principles and Practices, from the 
Time of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to the Year 
1886. With an Introduction by Rev. J. L. M. Curry, 
D.D., LL.D., American Minister to Spain. Illust. St. 
Louis, 1887, 8vo. 

" We are glad to bear testimony to the patient Industry 
and research displayed by Dr. Armitage. His authorities, 
if not numerous, are of the best." Nation, xliv. 536. 

Armitage, Thomas Rhodes. 1. Hydropathy as 
applied to Acute Diseases, Lon., 1852, 8vo. 2. The Edu- 
cation and Employment of the Blind, Lon., 1871, 8vo; 
2ded., 1886. 

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manuel College, Cambridge, 1861; ordained 1861 ; vicar 
of Scotforth, Lancashire, since 1876. Sketches of Church 
and State in the First Eight Centuries, Lon., 1887, p. 

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Lon., 1878, 3 vols. p. Svo. 2. In Shallow Waters, Lon., 
1885, 2 vola. or. Svo. 



Armor, William C. Lives of the Governors of 
Pennsylvania, with the Incidental History of the State, 
from 1609 to 1873. Illust. Phila., 1873, 12mo. 

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exhibiting the Principles concerned in the Construction 
of Iron Beams, Pillars, and Bridge Girders, and the 
Action of Heat in the Smelting Furnace. Illust. Lon., 
1871, 12mo; 2d ed., 1874. 

"A very useful and thoroughly practical little volume." 
Mining Journal. 

2. Power in Motion : Horse- Power Motion, Toothed- 
Wheel Gearing, Long and Short Driving Bands, Angular 
Forces, Ac., Lon., 1871, 12mo; 3d ed., 1887. 3. Angus 
and Mack on the Air Path, Lon., 1876-78, 3 parts, p. 
8vo. 4. Voices in the Air, Greenwich, 1878, p. 8vo. 

Armour, Rev. John M. Atonement and Law ; 
or, Redemption in Harmony with Law as revealed in 
Nature, Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 

Armour, Rev. Samuel Crawford, M.A., or- 
dained 1863 ; head-master of Merchant Taylors' School, 
Liverpool, since 1863. Christianity and Socialism : a 
Paper read before the Liverpool Diocesan Conference, 
Lon., 1887, 8vo. 

Armour, Rev. William, graduated at Magdalene 
College, Cambridge, 1879 ; ordained 1885 ; curate of 
Manchester Cathedral since 1887. Luciani Somnium 
(seu Vita Luciani), Charon, Piscator, et de Luctu. 
Literally translated. Cambridge, 1878, cr. 8vo. 

Armsby, Henry P., joint editor with E. H. Jenkins 
of the Farmer's Annual Hand-Book. Manual of Cattle- 
Feeding : a Treatise on the Laws of Animal Nutrition 
and the Chemistry of Feeding Stuffs. Illust. and Tables. 
N. York, 1880, 12mo. 

Armstrong, Sir Alexander, M.D., LL.D., F.Il.S., 
K.C.B., b. in Ireland, was educated at Trinity College, 
Dublin, and at the University of Edinburgh ; entered the 
Royal Navy ; served in various parts of the world, and 
remained for five years continuously in the Arctic regions. 
He was in the Investigator at the discovery of the 
North- West Passage, and has been Director-General of the 
Naval Medical Department. 1. Narrative of the Dis- 
covery of the North-West Passage, Lon., 1857, 8vo. 2. 
Observations on Naval Hygiene and Scurvy, more 
particularly as the latter appeared during a Polar Voyage, 
Lon., 1858, 8vo. 

Armstrong, Annie. Threads of Thought, Wash., 
1884, 12mo. 

Armstrong, Annie E. 1. Madge's Mistake: a Rec- 
ollection of Girlhood. Illust. Lon., 1883, p. 8vo. 2. 
Ethel's Journey to Strange Lands in Search of her Doll. 
Illust. Lon., 1883, p. 8vo ; 2d ed., 1884. 

Armstrong, Charles Edward. A Tar of the Last 
War: being the Services and Anecdotes of Sir C. Richard- 
son, K.C.B., Vice-Adiniral of the White, Lon., 1855, 

Armstrong, Edmund John, 1841-1865, b. in 
Dublin, and educated at Trinity College in that city. Ho 
gave early promise of high poetical ability, but his career 
was interrupted by ill health and cut short by bis early 
death. For biog., see ARMSTRONG, GKOHGK FRANCIS, 
infra. \. Poems by the late Edmund J. Armstrong, Lon., 
1865, 12mo. (This includes his two longest poems', The 
Prisoner of Mount Saint Michael and Ovooa, an Idyl- 
lic Poem, with many shorter pieces. A short memoir by 
Mr. Chadwick is prefixed tothe volume. j 2. The Poeti- 
cal Works of Edmund J. Armstrong, edited by G. F. 
Armstrong, 1877, 12mo. (This is a new edition of the 
foregoing, with many added pieces.) 3. Essays and 
Sketches, edited by George F. Armstrong, 1877. (This 
contains essays on Coleridge, Shelley, Goethe's Mephis- 
tophcler, E. A. Poe, Ac.) 

Armstrong, Capt. F. Claudius, R.N., [ante, vol. 
1., ARMSTRONG, F. C., add.] 1. The Young Commander, 
Lon., 1856, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 2. The Medora : a Tale of the 
Sea, Lon., 1857, 12mo. 3. The Young Middy: Adven- 
tures of a Boy Officer, Lon., 1858, 12mo; new ed., 1865. 
4. The Two Buccaneers, Lon., 1858, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 6. 
Bella Sanford: a Tale, Lon., 1859, 12ino. 6. The Lily 
of Devon, 1859, 8 vols. p. 8vo. 7. The Lion of War; 
or, The Pirates of Loo Choo, Lon., 1860, 8vo. 8. The 
Frignte and the Lugger : a Nnutical Romance, Lon., 
1861, 3 volg. p. 8vo. 9. The Wolf and the Lamb, 1861, 
12mo. 10. The Neapolitan Commander : a Romance of 
Sea and Land, 1862, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 11. The Pirates of 
the Foam : a Novel, 1863, 3 vole. p. 8vo; new ed., 1865, 
12mo. 12. The Sailor Hero; or, The Frigate and the 
Lugger, 1863, 12iuo; new ed., 1887. 13. The Cruise of 


the Daring, 1863, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 14. The Queen of tho 
Seas: a Tale, 1864, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 15. The Naval Lieu- 
tenant, Lon., 1865, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 16. Perils by Sea and 
Land ; new ed., 1865, 12mo. 17. The Sunny South ; or, 
The Battle of the Bosphorus, 1866, p. 8vo. 18. Our Blue- 
jackets Afloat and Ashore, 1866, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 19. The 
Wild Gazelle, and other Tales, 1868, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 

Armstrong, F. L. Chautauqua: What I Saw and 
Heard when there, Brattleboro', Vt., 1886, 12mo. 

Armstrong, Miss Fannie. The Children of the 
Bible : with an Introduction by Frances E. Willard, N. 
York, 1884, 16mo. 

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Beauty, and other Hymns. Illust. Lon., 1875, sq. 16mo. 

2. Lilian : a Tale, by F. C. A., Bost., 1863, 12mo. Anon. 

3. The Sunny South, Lon., 1880, 12mo. 
Armstrong, Miss Frances Charlotte, daughter 

of Rev. John Armstrong, Prebendary of Wells, Ac., 
b. at Nancealverne ; resident since 1878 at Weymouth. 
1. Looking Up; or, Nanny West and her Grandson. 
Illust. Lon., 1874, 16mo. 2. Phyllis Pengelly. Illust. 
Lon., 1875, 16mo. 3. Florence; or, Loyal quaitd mSnie, 
Lon., 1873, p. 8vo. 4. Dick Ford and his Father. By 
F. C. A. Lon., 1875, 16mo. 5. Rod Herring: Allie'a 
Little Blue Shoes. Illust. Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 

Armstrong, G. Names of Places in the Old Testa- 
ment and Apocrypha, Lon., 1887, 8vo. 

Armstrong, Rev. George Dodd, D D., b. 1813, 
at Mendham, N.J., and educated at Princeton College 
and the Union Theological Seminary, Prince Edward 
Co., Va. ; was for a time professor of chemistry and 
mechanics at Washington College, now Washington and 
Lee University, Lexington, but since 1851 has been 
settled as pastor of a church in Norfolk, Va. 1. The 
Summer of the Pestilence: a History of the Ravages 
of the Yellow Fever in Norfolk, Va., A.D. 1855, Phila., 
1857, 18mo. 2. The Christian Doctrine of Slavery, N. 
York, 1857, 12mo. 3. Theology of Christian Experi- 
ence: an Exposition of the "Common Faith" of the 
Church of God, N. York, 1858, 12mo. 4. Scriptural 
Examination of the Doctrine of Baptism, N.York, 1857, 
12mo. 5. The Two Books of Nature and Revelation 
Collated, N. York, 1886, 12mo. 

Armstrong, George Francis, M.A., younger 
brother of Edmund John Armstrong, supra, was born in 
the County of Dublin, in 1845. He was educated at 
Dublin University, and during his undergraduate course 
won several prizes for compositions in prose and verse. 
In 1871 he was appointed professor of history and Eng- 
lish literature in Queen's College, Cork, and a professor 
of the Queen's University in Ireland. 1. Poems, Lyrical 
and Dramatic, Lon., 1869, 12mo. 2. Ugone: a Tragedy, 
Lon., 1870, 12mo. 

" In spite of some weaknesses, ... a composition of 
really remarkable performance and of genuine promise." 
Sat. Rev., xxxii. 281. 

3. The Tragedy of Israel. Part I., King Saul. Lon.. 
1872, 12mo. 

" The character of Saul is delineated, powerfully and 
comprehensively when the drama is taken entire, as what 
it probably was in reality a character of confusions, of 
energies not quelled, but stimulated from morbid sources, 
and utterly undirected." Sal. Rev., xxxv. 492. 

4. Part II., King David, 1874. 5. Part III., King 
Solomon, 1876, 12mo. 6. Life and Letters of E. J. 
Armstrong, Lon., 1877, 12mo. 7. A Garland from Greece, 
[poems,] 1882. 8. Stories of Wicklow, [poems,] Lon., 

" Every poem in his volume is well wrought out, and is 
good in its degree. . . . There is plenty of warmth, plenty 
of colour, much thought, and some humour. Yet, somehow 
or other, we fail to find In Professor Armstrong's pages 
that sympathetic insight which makes the life which he 
would depict real and living." Spectator, lix. 1152. 

9. Victoria Regiua and Imperatrix : a Jubilee Story, 
Ireland, Lon., 1887, 4to. 10. Mephistopheles in Broad- 
cloth: a Satire, Lon., 1888, fp. 8vo. 

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Armstrong, Rev. J. W., D.D., 1812-1878, a 
clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal Church, was> 



teacher of experimental science in Cazenoria Seminary 
(N.Y.) 1850-54, and became principal of the State Nor- 
mal School at Fredonia, N.Y., in 1869. (Trans.) Won- 
der* of Electricity, from the French of J. Baile, with 
Additions. Illust. N. York, 1872, 12mo. 

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maculate Conception, 1855, 12mo. 

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and Private ; new ed., 1888, fp. 8vo. 

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ormation: its History, N. York, 1853, 12mo. 2. Ma- 
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stances, Lon., 1887, p. 8vo. 

Armstrong, Airs. M. F., and Lndlow, Miss 
Helen W. Hampton and its Students. ByTwoofits 
Teachers. N. York, 1874, 8vo. 

"If Mrs. Armstrong makes the reader ready to congratu- 
late the school which enjoys her services as an instructor, 
the same must be said of Miss Ludlow." Nation, xviii. 

Armstrong, Rev. Nicholas, of the Catholic 
Apostolic Church, Gordon Square, London. 1. Corin- 
thian and Galalian Sins against Christ: Two Sermons, 
1854, 8vo. 2. Sermons on Various Subjects: Series I., 
Lon., 1854, 8vo; Series II., 1870. 3. Sermons preached 
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Armstrong, Robert Bruce. The History of 
Liddesdale, Eskdale, Ewe*dale, Wauchopedale, and the 
Debatable Land. Part I., From the Twelfth Century to 
1530. Illust. Edin., 1883. The edition was limited to 
275 copies 4to, and 105 on large paper. 

" In all material matters paper, type, engraving It Is 
difficult to praise Mr. Armstrong's History of Liddesdale 
too highly. But it is not. we fear, an attractive or enter- 
taining volume. ... He has not made the old aspects of 
Border life revive again ; he is nothing less than pictorial." 
Sat. Rer., Ivii. 156. 

Armstrong, Rev. Skeffington. A Letter to 
Lord Dufferin and Clandeboye on the Subject of the 
Irish Branch of the United Church. By a Clergyman. 
Lon., 1S68, 8vo. 

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tillery. Hand-Book for Military Artificers. By T. A. 
Lon., 1875, 16mo. 

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dren, N.York, 1887, 12mo. 

Armstrong, W. P. Hand-Book on the Diseases 
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Armstrong, Walter. Wrestliana; or, The His- 
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Armstrong, Walter, b. 1850, at Hawick, Rox- 
burghshire, Scotland ; educated at Harrow, and at Exeter 
College, Oxford, where he graduated 1873; became a 
journalist in 1880, was on the staff of the St. James's 
Gazette from its establishment till 1889, is now con- 
nected with the Guardian and the Manchester Ex- 
aminer, and is also a frequent contributor to the Art 
Journal, the Nineteenth Century, <fec. 1. (Trans.) 
^Esthetics, by Eugene Vlron, (" Library of Contempo- 

rary Science,") Lon., 1878, p. 8vo. 2. (Trans.) History 
of Art in Ancient Egypt, by Georges Perrot and Charles 
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(Trans.) History of Art in Chaldaea and Assyria, by 
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imp. 8vo. 4. (Trans.) A Hi.-tory of Art in Phoenicia 
and its Dependencies, by G. Perrot and C. Chipicz. 
Illust. 1885, 2 vols. imp. 8vo. 5. (Tram, and ed.) 
Raphael : his Life, Works, and Times, by Eugene 
Muntz. Illust. Lon., 1887, imp. 8vo. 6. Note* on 
the National Gallery, 1887. Pamph. 

"Mr. W. Armstrong is beginning to be well known as 
one of the best equipped of the few serious students of 
art." Acad., xxxii. 60. 

7. Scottish Painters : a Critical Study : with Etch- 
ings and Vignettes 1887, fol. 

" His style is crisp, his manner trenchant, his bearing 
that of one having authority, his indulgence in the matter 
of jargon by no means immoderate. . . . The book is 
capable work, and will be read with interest wherever the 
Scottish school of painting is popular." Hal. Rev., Ixv. 

8. Celebrated Pictures in the Manchester Jubilee Ex- 
hibition. Illust. 1887, fol. 9. Celebrated Pictures at 
the Glasgow Exhibition. With nearly 100 Illustrations. 
Lon., 1888, imp. 4 to; a limited ed., 250 copies. 10. 
Memoir of Peter Dewint. Illust. Lon., 1888, 4 to. 11. 
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" Armytage, Dudley," (Pseud.) See AXON, W. 
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our Picture-Galleries, engraved on Steel in the highest 
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imp. 4to; a new series, 1875. 

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Naval, and Civil Service Examinations: with Answers 
and Hints, 1874, 8vo. 

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Arnold, Rev. Albert Nicholas, 1814-1883, b. 
at Cranston, R.I.: educated at Brown University and 
Newton Theological Seminary, where he was afterwards 
for two years, 1855-57, professor of church history. He 
held several pastorates in the Baptist Church ; was a 
missionary to Greece from 1844 to 1854, and from 1869 
to 1873 was professor of New Testament Greek in the 
Baptist Theological Seminary at Chicago. 1. Prerequi- 
sites to Communion : the Scripture Terms of Admission 
to the Lord's Table, 18mo. 2. The Evils of Infant 
Baptism, (Madison Avenue Lectures,) N. York, 1867, 
12uio. 3. One Woman's Mission, and how she fulfilled 
it: Life of Mrs. H. E. Dickson, Missionary to Greece, 
Bost, 1871, 16mo. 

Arnold, Alexander S. Henry Lovell : a Temper- 
ance Story. Illust. Valley Falls, R.I., 1878, 12mo. 

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than Gold, Lon., 1873, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 3. (Trans.) Life 
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Arnold, Arthur. See ARNOLD, ROBERT ARTHUR, 

Arnold, Augustus C. L., [ante, vol. i., add.] 1, 



Rationale and Ethics of Freemasonry ; or, The Masonic 
Institution a Means of Social and Industrial Progress, 
N. York, 1872, 12mo. 2. The Signet of King Solomon ; 
or, The Freemason's Daughter, N. York, 1872, 12mo. 
With SAMUELS, E. A., The Living World : descriptive of 
the Races of Men and Species of Animals, Ac. Illust. 
Bost., 1874, 4to. 

Arnold, Cecil. Index to Shakespearean Thought: 
a Collection of Papers, 1880, 8vo. 

Arnold, Charlotte. (Ed.) Tales of my Father's 
Friends, 1879, p. 8vo. 

Arnold, Edmund S. F., M.D. Medical Provision 
for Railroads, N. York, 1863, 8vo. 

Arnold, Edward A. Plain Politics for the Work- 
ing Classes: collated, with especial permission, from 
Speeches and Letters of the Right Hon. Lord Randolph 
Churchill, M.P., Lon., 1885, 8vo. 

Arnold, Sir Edwin, M.A., C.S.I., K.C.I.E., [ante, 
vol. i., add ,] son of Robert Coles Arnold, and brother 
of Robert Arthur Arnold, infra, b. 1832, and educated 
at King's School, Rochester, at King's College, London, 
and at University College, Oxford, where he gained the 
Newdigate prize in 1852 for his English poem on the 
" Feast of Belshazzar." He graduated with honors in 
1854, and became assistant master in King Edward the 
Sixth's School at Birmingham, but was soon afterwards 
appointed principal of the Government Sanscrit College 
at Patna, Bombay Presidency, India, and Fellow of 
the University of Bombay. He remained in India till 
1861, when he returned to England and became connected 
with the London Daily Telegraph, of which he was for 
many years editor, and in which his articles, particularly 
those written at the time of the Russo-Turkish war, at- 
tracted much attention. He was made a Companion of 
the Star of India on the occasion of the proclamation 
of Queen Victoria as Empress of India in 1877, and 
received the second class of the imperial order of the 
Medjidie from the Sultan in 1876. He is a Fellow of 
the Royal Asiatic and Royal Geographical Societies. As 
only three of his earliest books are mentioned in vol. i., 
a full. Hat is here given: 1. The Feast of Belshazzar: 
a Prize Poem, Oxford, 1852, 8vo. 2. Poems, Narrative 
and Lyrical, Oxford, 1853, 12mo. 3. Griselda, a Tragedy, 
and other Poems, 1856, fp. 8vo. 4. The Wreck of the 
Northern Belle, [poem,] 1857, 8vo. 5. Education in 
India: a Letter, 1860, 8vo. 6. The Book of Good 
Counsel: from the Sanskrit of the Hitopadesa. By E. 
A. 1861, 8vo. 7. History of the Administration of 
British India under the late Marquis of Dalhousie, Lon., 
1862-64, 2 vols. 8vo. 

" Mr. Arnold's full and lively description of the con- 
dition of the Punjaub before the conquest may be profita- 
bly studied by ev<:ry one who is interested in the compari- 
son of native with British dominion." Sat. Rev., xiii. 333. 

8. (Trans.) Political Poems by Victor Hugo and Gari- 
baldi : Done into English by an Oxford Graduate, 
1868. 9. The Poets of Greece, Lon., 1869, 8vo. 

" Sketchy and cursory as is the manner in which he 
runs over the chief epochs of Greek poetry, it is seldom 
that he overlooks a really representative poet, and there 
are not many books on the subject equally suited to those 
who have but leisure for a rapid survey." Hat. Rev., xviii. 

10. (Trans.) Hero and Leander ; from the Greek of 
Musaeus, 1873, 4to. 11. The Indian Song of Songs; 
from the Sanskrit of the Gita Govinda of Jayadeva: 
with other Oriental Poems, Lon., 1875, 12mo. 

" Though as in a shattered glass, darkly, yet, neverthe- 
less, we do behold In some portions at least the reflection 
of a great poem." Atli., No. 2607. 

12. A Simple Transliteral Grammar of the Turkish 
Language ; compiled from Various Sources : with Dia- 
logues and Vocabulary, 1877, p. 8vo. 13. The Light 
of Asia; or, The Great Renunciation, (Mahabhinsh- 
kramana:) being the Life and Teaching of Gautama, 
Prince of India, and Founder of Buddhism, as told in 
Verse by an Indian Buddhist, Lon., 1879, cr. 8vo; 4th 
ed., 1880 ; 46th ed., 1888. Illust. ed., 1884. 4to. 

" Nobody can say that this is not a poem. an extremely 
readable one, leaving on the mind a graphic and in most 
respects accurate picture of the legendary life of HHdartha 
and of his teachings from the stand-point of a disciple. It 
is a true poem as a whole, while, to speak somewhat par- 
adoxically, there is not much poetry in any individual 
portion of it." Spectator, lii. 1509. 

" It is lull of poetical merit, and its descriptions are often 
exceedingly beautiful. . . . The structural influence of 
Mr. Tennyson's sequences upon every writer of blank 
verse is unavoidable: but sometimes his Influence upon 
Mr. Arnold is more than that of mere structure. "Ath., 
No. 2072. 

" To the fact that his devotion is traceable in kind and 

quality to Christian rather than Buddhist springs is to be 
attributed the general air of the Gospel according to St. 
John which his poem has. ... In spite of having its con- 
ception furnished it, in spite of its untrustworthiness as 
a 'natural reproduction,' and in spite of the rarity with 
which anything like distinct poetry is reached in it, it not 
only has 'passages of power and passages of beauty, but 
it is altogether an intellectual performance of marked 
ability." Nation, xxix. 314. 

14. Indian Poetry: containing a New Edition of the 
Indian Song of Songs, Two Books from the Mahabharata, 
and other Oriental Poems, Lon., 1881 ; 3d ed., 1883, 
cr. 8vo. 

" In the present volume Mr. Arnold takes up new ground, 
half-way oetween the plough-field of translation and 
the mountain-tops of original song. ... It bears the im- 
press of a mind impatient of technical details, but deeply 
imbued with the beautiful repose and the tender imagin- 
ings of the East." SIR W. W. HUNTER: Acad., xx. 81. 

15. Pearls of the Faith ; or, Islam's Rosary : being 
the Ninety-Nine Beautiful Names of Allah: with Com- 
ments in Verse from various Oriental Sources (as made 
by an Indian Mussulman), Lon., 1882, cr. 8vo; 3d ed., 
1884; 4th ed., 1887. 

"We cannot but lament that some of the noblest alle- 
gories and parables to be found in Asiatic literature have 
been here touched and spoiled by a writer who has shown 
himself capable of- better things." Ath., No. 2890. 

16. Indian Idylls; from the Sanskrit of the Ma- 
habharata, 1883, p. 8vo. 17. The Song Celestial; or, 
Bhagabad-G!ta, (from the Mahabharata:) being a Dis- 
course between Arjuna, Prince of India, and the Su- 
preme Being under the Form of Krishna. Translated 
from the Sanskrit. 2d ed., 1885, cr. 8vo. 18. The 
Secret of Death : being a Version in a Popular and 
Novel Form of the Katha Upanishad ; from the San- 
skrit. With some Collected Poems. 1885, cr. 8vo; 3d 
ed. same year. 19. India Revisited: with Additions 
from the Daily Telegraph, Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 20. 
Lotus and Jewel, 1887, cr. 8vo. (A volume of poems, 
of which the principal are In an Indian Temple, A 
Casket of Gems, and A Queen's Revenge.) 21. Death 
and Afterwards. From the Fortnightly Review: with 
Supplement. Lon., 1887, 12mo; 2d ed., 1888. 22. With 
Sa'di in the Garden ; or, The Book of Love : being the 
" Ishk" or Third Chapter of the " Bostan" of the Per- 
sian Poet Sa'di. Embodied in a Dialogue held in the 
Garden of the Taj Mahal, at Agra.. Lon., 1888, cr. 8vo. 

"In this volume Sir Edwin Arnold endeavours, by pre- 
senting a Persian paraphrase amid exquisitely appropriate 
surroundings, to render its charm intelligible to modern 
readers. ... He has taken the Third Chapter of the 
'Bostan,' or Fruit Garden, of Sa'di, and recited it by the 
mouth of a venerable Munshyamid a scene more lovely 
and more pathetic than ever entered the imagination or 
Sa'di himself, the Taj by moonlight, that dream in mar- 
ble soaring up from its garden of cypress and flowers and 
gleaming water, with the Mirza to read, and Saheb to 
listen, and two accomplished dancing-girls to enliven the 
performance by interludes of music and song. It would 
indeed be impossible to conceive a more appropriate set- 
ting for a poem of Love and Death." SIR W. W. HUNTER: 
Acad., xxxv. 67. 

23. Poems, National and Non-Oriental, selected from 
the Works of Sir Edwin Arnold, [with some new Pieces,] 
1888, cr. 8vo. 24. Poetical Works, Lon., 1888, 8 vols. 

R. 8vo. 25. The Iliad and Odyssey of India, n. d., 
3. 8vo. Pamph. 26. The Edwin Arnold Birthday 
Book : Selections from his Works, by his Daughters, 
Katharine L. and Constance Arnold, 1885, 18mo. 

Arnold, Edwin Lester Linden, son of Sir Edwin 
Arnold. 1. A Summer Holiday in Scandinavia: with 
Preface by Edwin Arnold, Lon., 1877, p. 8vo. 2. On 
the Indian Hills; or, Coffee-Planting in Southern India, 
Lon., 1881, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 

"The experiences Mr. Arnold has to relate are new to 
most English readers, and they could not be better told." 
Spectator, Iv. 664. 

3. Coffee: its Cultivation and Profit, Lon., 1886, 8vo. 
4. Bird Life in England, Lon., 1887, p. 8vo. 5. England 
as She Seems; from Notes of an Arab Hadji, Lon., 1888, 
p. 8vo. 

* Arnold, Eric," (Pseud.) See MATSON, HENRI- 
ETTA, infra. 

Arnold, Frank S. Discipline and Drill of the 
Militia, N. York, 1877, 12mo. 

Arnold, Rev. Frederick, b. 1833, at Cheltenham ; 
graduated at Christ Church, Oxford, 1860; ordained 
1860 ; held curacies from 1862 to 1884. He has devoted 
himself chiefly to literature, contributing numerous 
articles to periodicals, and noting occasionally as a news- 
paper correspondent. For biog., see his Reminiscence?, 
mentioned tn/ca. 1. Alfred Leslie : a Story of Glasgow 



Life. Illust. Glasgow, 1856, 870. Anon. 2. The Public 
Life of Lord Macauiay, Lon., 1862, 8vo. 3. The Path on 
Earth to the Gate of Heaven, Lon., 1865, p. 8vo. 4. Christ 
Church Days, 1867, 8vo. 6. Turning- Points in Life, 1873, 
2 vol.-. p. 8vo; new ed., 18S2. 6. History of Greece, 
for Schools and Colleges, 1871, p. 8vo. 7. Oxford and 
Cambridge : their Colleges, Memories, and Associations. 
Illust. Lon., 1873, sin. 4to. 8. Our Bishops and Deans, 
Lon., 1875, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 

" It possesses the narrative qualities of the biographical 
dictionary and the gossipy attractions of the London letter 
of a provincial newspaper. . . . Perhaps the moot striking 
feature of the volumes is the kind of bird's-eye view which 
it gives us of the varied composition of the Bench of 
Bishops, and through them of the Established Church 
generally." S;xrrto/w, xlix. 147. 

0. Pilgrims Heavenward, 1878, 12mo. 10. Robertson 
of Brighton, with some Notices of his Times and Con- 
temporaries. Lon., 1885, p. 8vo. 

" From a literary point of view we cannot praise this 
desultory volume; but at the same time, like many care- 
lessly written books on highly interesting subjects, it con- 
tains not a little that is worth the reading. 'Spectator, 
lix. 753. 

11. Three-Cornered Essays. By a Middle- Aged Eng- 
lishman. New ed., Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 12. Ann-Chair 
Essays, Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 13. Reminiscences of a 
Literary and Clerical Life, Lon., 1889, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Arnold, Frederick, F.R.H.S. The History of 
Streatham : being an Account of the Ancient Parish of 
Estreham : with the History of the Manors of Tooting 
Bee, Legham, and Balham. Illust. Lon., 1887, 8vo. 

Arnold, Rev. Frederick Henry, M.A., LL.B., 
graduated at Trinity College, Dublin, 1859; ordained 
1859; rector of Racton with Lordington 1863. 1. Pet- 
worth : a Sketch of its History and Antiquities, Petworth, 
1864, 8vo, 2. Parochial History of Appledram, 1866. 

3. Parochial History of Lordington and Racton, 1871. 

4. Memoirs of Chichester in the Eighteenth Century, 
1879-80, 2 vols. 5. History of Thorney Island, 1882. 

Arnold, George, 1834-1865, b. in New York City, 
but spent part of bis early life in Illinois, and after 1849 
resided mainly at Strawberry Farms, N.J. He studied 
art for a time in New York, but gave up that pursuit for 
literature, and contributed in prose and verse to Vanity 
Fair, the Leader, and other periodicals. 1. Drift: a 
Sea-Shore Idyl, Host., 1866, sin. 4to. 2. Poems, Grave 
and Gay, Bost., 1S67, sm. 4to. 3. Poems: edited, with 
Biographical Sketch, by William Winter, Bost, 1870, 

Arnold, George M. Brock. I. T. Gainsborough 
and J. Constable, ("Great Artists" Series,) Lon., 1881, 
D. 8vo. 2. Robert Pocock, the Gravesend Historian, 
Naturalist, Antiquarian, Botanist, and Printer, Lon., 
1883. cr. 8vo. 

"We can commend this Life to all who are in any way 
interested in natural history or antiquities." Acad., xxiii. 

Arnold, Henrietta and Charlotte. Village 
Lyrics, Lon., 1877, 8vo. 

Arnold, Mrs. Henry. For Love of Gold: a 
Novel, Loiu, 1887, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Arnold, Howard Payson. 1. European Mosaics, 
Bost., 1864, 16mo. 2. The Great Exhibition, N. York, 
1868, 16mo. 3. Gleanings from Pontresina and the 
Upper Engadine, Bost., 1880, 12mo. 

Arnold, Isaac Newton, 1815-1884, b. at Hart- 
wick, Otsego Co., New York, was admitted to the bar in 
1835, and in 1836 removed to Chicago, where he resided 
during the remainder of his life, engaged in the practice 
of his profession and taking an active part in politics ; 
was a member of Congress from 1861 to 1865, and had a 
prominent share in measures tending to the abolition of 
slavery; on his retirement from Congress was appointed 
an auditor of the United States Treasury. 1. History of 
Abraham Lincoln and the Overthrow of Slavery, Chic., 
1867, 8vo ; new ed., revised and enlarged, under the title 
of Life of Abraham Lincoln, 1885. 

" Mr. Arnold was an almost life-long friend of Mr. Lin- 
coln. . . . Unfortunately, he was not content to confine 
himself to the factsofhisown knowledge. . . . Inageneral 
and rather discursive manner he writes a history of events, 
. . . and thus traverses ground already gleaned to the lost 
stubble." Nation, xl. 125. 

2. The Life of Benedict Arnold : his Patriotism and 
his Treason, Chic., 1879, 8vo. 

" The writer may not intend the task of rehabilitating 
Arnold scarce any one would be bold enough for that. 
Yet by enlarging on his good traits, by exaggerating his 
provocations, and shading away his faults of character, 
the biographer takes the attitude and produces the effect 

of an apologist . . . Family letter* and manuscripts yield 
material from which the biographer draws some new de- 
tails of the last twenty year* of Arnold's life." Kalian, 
xxix. 425. 

3. Recollections of the Early Chicago and Illinois Bar, 
Chic., 1880. 

Arnold, J. L., M.D. Medical Companion for 
Young Men : Laws of Physiology and Health. Cin., 
1866, 12mo. 

Arnold, Jane E. 1. (Trans.) Lyra Evangelica, by 
C. H. A. Malan. 2. The Interpreter's House, and What 
I Learned there, Lon., 1882, p. Svo. 

Arnold, Rev. John Mnehleisen, D.D., was for 
some years a missionary in Asia and Africa, and subse- 
quently chaplain to a hospital in London. 1. Ichrnael; 
or, A Natural History of Islamism, and its Relation to 
Christianity, Lon., 1859, Svo; 2d ed., with title The 
Koran and the Bible, 1866; 3d ed., with title Islam, its 
History, Character, Ac., 1874. 

"It is vexatious to think that the important cause he 
undertakes to advocate should have fallen into the hand* 
of one who seems indeed to be a sage among books, but 
a mere child among men and the circumstances of lira 
around us." Sat. Rev. 

2. English Biblical Criticism and the Pentateuch 
from a German Point of View; 2d ed., 1864, Svo. 3. 
Genesis and Science; or, The First Leaves of the Bible; 
2d ed., 1875, 8vo. 

Arnold, Julian T. Biddnlph. Palms and Tem- 
ples : a Four Months' Voyage upon the Nile, Lon., 1882, 

Arnold, L. B. American Dairying Manual, for 
Butter and Cheese Makers, Rochester, N.Y., 1876, 12mo. 

Arnold, M. E. The Painted Window: a Poem. 
By M. E. A. Lon., 1856. 

Arnold, Miss M. J. Personal Recollections of Car- 
dinal Wiseman: with other Memories, Lon., 1884, 12mo. 

Arnold, Matthew, LL.D., D.C.L., [ante, vol. i., 
add.,] 1822-1888, filled the chair of poetry at Oxford 
from 1857 to 1867, having been re-elected in 1862. He 
continued to hold the inspectorship of schools, to which 
he had been appointed in 1851, till 1886, when he retired 
on a pension. In 1859 he visited France, Germany, and 
Holland as member of a commission appointed to inquire 
into the state of education on the Continent ; in 1865 he 
again travelled officially, to report concerning the schools 
for the middle and upper classes in France and Germany ; 
and shortly before his retirement he made a third visit 
of inspection to elementary schools on the Continent 
He twice visited the United States, first in 1883, when 
he delivered three lectures in the principal cities, and 
again in the summer of 1886, when he read a lecture on 
the subject of education on the Continent of Europe. 
His death occurred suddenly, of heart-disease, at Liver- 
pool, on April 15, 1888. He was buried at his birth- 
place, Lalehatn, (not Satcham, as erroneously given ante, 
vol. i.,) near Staines, Middlesex. 

Mr. Arnold's position throughout his later years waa 
that of an ethical thinker and teacher, seeking not to 
construct a system, but to broaden the views and elevate 
the ideals of the educated classes in respect to literature, 
politics, religion, and the general scope and interests of 
life. His lectures at Oxford made a deep impression on 
his hearers, and as his influence extended to a wider 
circle it assumed somewhat of an authoritative character, 
giving rise to the designation often applied to him, of 
"the apostle of culture." It was, perhaps, the tone, 
rather than the substance, of his criticism which exer- 
cised a strong attraction, not unfelt by those who dis- 
sented from his opinions on many important topics. 
His advocacy of " sweetness and light" could not excite 
opposition even where it failed to enlist sympathy or 
exert an inspiring influence; his strictures on the nar- 
rowness and crudeness of much of our modern civiliza- 
tion, especially among the English-speaking race, though 
often expressed with a keen irony, might be combated 
as partial or defective as regarded insight and apprecia- 
tion, without provoking resentment or being treated as 
the utterances of a splenetic and censorious spirit ; and 
his death while his powers were still undiminished occa- 
sioned a general sense of loss, as of a voice with a charm 
peculiar to itself, which had never failed to reach the 
expectant ear amidst the noisiest discussions. 

The following list of Mr. Arnold's publications in- 
cludes five which are mentioned ante, vol. i. These, 
though comprised within the period between 1848 and 
1857, embrace nearly all his poetical work. They were, 
however, preceded by two youthful productions, the 



earlier of which may be said to have been newly dis- 

1. Alaric at Rome : a Prize Poem, recited in Rugby, 
June xii, M.D.CCC.XL., Rugby, 1840, 8vo, pp. 11. 
Anon. See a letter from Mr. Edmund Gosse, April 28, 
1888, (Athenaeum, No. 3157,) who received Mr. Arnold's 
confirmation of his own suspicion as to the authorship 
of the poem in these words : " Yes, ' Alaric at Rome' is 
my Rugby prize poem, and I think it is better than my 
Oxford one, 'Cromwell,' only you will see that I had 
been very much reading ' Childe Harold* ;" and who adds, 
" The little book is certainly one of the greatest rarities 
of Victorian poetry. ... As the work of a boy of seven- 
teen, it is remarkably accomplished, the versification is 
correct and even vigorous, the thoughts are not unworthy 
of the subject." 

2. Cromwell : a Prize Poem, recited in the Theatre, 
Oxford, June 28, 1843, Oxford, 1843. 

3. The Strayed Reveller, and other Poems, by A., 
Lon., 1849, cr. 8vo. 

4. mpedocles on Etna, and other Poems, by the 
Author of "The Strayed Reveller," 1853, cr. 8yo. 
(These two volumes were withdrawn from circulation 
on the publication of the next, in which selections from 
them are included, and they have consequently become 
very rare.) 

5. Poems, 1853, fp. 8 vo; 2d ed., 1854; 3d ed., 1857. 

6. Poems, Second Series, 1854, fp. 8vo. 

7. Merope: a Tragedy, 1857, fp. 8vo; 2d ed., 1858. 

8. England and the Italian Question, 1859, 8vo. 

9. The Popular Education of France, with Notices of 
that of Holland and Switzerland, 1861, 8vo. 

10. On Translating Homer : Three Lectures given at 
Oxford, 1861, cr. 8vo. See NEWMAN, F. W., iii/ru, and 
Sat. Rev., xii. 95. 

11. Last Words on Translating Homer: a Lecture, 
1862, cr. 8vo. 

12. A French Eton ; or, Middle-Class Education and 
the State, 1864, cr. 8vo. 

13. Essays in Criticism, 1865, fp. 8vo; 2d ed., 1869; 
5th ed., 1886. 

14. On the Study of Celtic Literature, 1867, 8vo. 

15. New Poems, Lon., 1S67, cr. 8vo ; 2d ed., 1868. 

" He is one of the poets who are made, who are not born. 
He is never impetuous, never ebullient. Nowhere even 
for a moment are we impressed with a sense of spontaneous- 
ness. ... It is a serious thing for such a mind to get into 
the distracting eddies of an epoch like purs, the critical 
hour of a great spiritual and intellectual interregnum. It 
is a serious thing for a mind not endowed with an ever- 
flowing fountain of poetic brightness, its own and inex- 
tinguishable, to fall among the shadows of adim-believing 
age. We may get, as we do get in the present volume, 
gracious harmony of verse, delicately pensive moods, 
stately and grave thoughts; but of light and brightness 
we get too little, and of the cheerful inspiration of poetic 
joy scarcely any. There are occasional pieces and stanzas 
which must be excepted from this criticism. . . . 77/j/m's is 
a poem of perfect delight, exquisite in grave tenderness 
of reminiscence, rich in breadth of western light, and 
breathing full the spirit of gray and ancient Oxford." 
Sat. Rev., xxiv. 319. 

" His poetry is not that of a strong original genius, but 
of a highly impressible, highly cultivated nature. It is 
the work of a student who has learned the canons of art, 
who knows how to practise the self-restraint which some- 
times almost supplies the place of power, of one who has 
thought for himself, has loved good poetry, and who, if 
not inspired, has frequented the sources of inspiration. 
His poems are most attractive to those who have a sym- 
pathy with the scholarly habit they disclose, and who are 
Fond of indulging themselves in sentiment of a fabric not 
uncommon in our davs. of which the warp is honest man- 
liness, while the 'woof is a morbid philosophic-sentimental 
morality." Nation, v. 228. 

16. Schools and Universities on the Continent, 1868, 
8vo. S-se infra. No. 23. 

17. Poetical Works, 1869, 2 Vol. I., Nar- 
rative and Elegiac. Vol. II., Dramatic and Lyric. 

18. Culture and Anarchy : an Essay in Political and 
Social Criticism, 1869, 8vo ; 2d ed., 1875; 3d ed., 1882. 

"We all of us know pretty well by this time what to 
think of Mr. Matthew Arnold in his character of social 
philosopher. . . . Considering how short a time it is since 
Mr. Arnold came before the public in this character, only 
some four or five years ago, and considering how much 
mark he has really made upon English opinion in this 
interval, there is something curious in the fact that he 
should already stand in the ranks of the played-out. . . . 
Mr. Carlyle's objurgations of the times go on kindling a 
flame in tin- young mind, while Mr. Arnold's are already 
beginning to strike on the car as a very old tune, which 
was never very much of a tune at anv time. . . . His vol- 
ume of critical essays taught us much. His more recent 
on secondary instruction in France and Germany 


was full of lucid and valuable thoughts about education. 
His verse is a constant delight. In the present volume 
;here are some wise words, and they will exert their full 
effect, for Mr. Arnold has got his public ; but we cannot 
detect any sort of usefulness in its general purpose. . . . 
Why scorn the rough and needful business of the hour, and 
the men who are content to do it ? Unless we are to starve, 
somebody must thresh the corn. Not at all, says Mr. 
Arnold; throw away your clumsy, ugly flail, and let us 
set to work to make a flue steam-machine, which will lie 
in perfect order in twenty years from now. If this is the 
result of culture, he may well call his book Culture and 
Anarchy, culture in the next generation and anarchy 
meanwhile. Only the anarchy would assuredly advance 
so much more rapidly that when culture arrived it would 
find all swept and garnished, and our last state would be 
ever so much worse than even this present." Sat. Rev., 
xxvii. 318. 

19. St. Paul and Protestantism: with an Introduction 
on Puritanism and the Church of England, Lon., 1870, 
p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1871; 3d ed., 1875. 

"The book contains much common sense, many acute 
remarks, and enough eloquence to make It a favourable 
example of the literary chaos in which we shall be plunged 
when everybody has all his faculties cultivated at once." 
Acad., i. 282. 

20. Friendship's Garland : Conversations, Letters, etc., 
1871, p. 8vo. 

" He seems to us to be committing the blunder of descend- 
ing to the level of those whom he attacks, or dropping the 
rapier, which he can use to perfection, for the common- 
place cudgel, with which any clown may break his head." 
Sat. Rev., xxxi. 314. 

" It is short, slight, playful ; the tone of good-humoured 
banter is scarcely ever dropped ; but for keen, penetrating, 
and yet just satire on our national faults and weaknesses, 
social, political, religious, intellectual, there is no book of 
recent time at all comparable to it. It is perhaps the ablest, 
it is certainly one of the most characteristic, of Mr. 
Arnold's political writings." LORD COLERIDGE : The Kew 
Review, i. 224. 

21. A Bible Reading for Schools : The Great Prophecy 
of Israel's Restoration : Isaiah, chapters xl.-lxvi. Ar- 
ranged and Edited for Young Learners. 1872, ISrno ; 
4th ed., 1875. See No. 25, infra. 

22. Literature and Dogma : an Essay towards a Better 
Apprehension of the Bible, Lon., 1873; 5th ed., 1877, 
p. 8vo. 

" He speaks of the Bible as a whole with much respect, 
and without showing the least inclination to sacrifice the 
Old to the New Testament. . . . We are told that there is 
undoubtedly in the Old Testament the germ of Christian- 
ity, and that the incomparable greatness of the religion 
founded by Christ came from his having developed it. If 
we inquire more precisely respecting the nature and con- 
tents of this development, Mr. Arnold has a formula in 
readiness. Jesus, he informs us, had a method, a secret, 
and an element. The method of Jesus is repentance- 
involving an appeal to conscience or consciousness, and 
a life-giving change of the Inner man. The secret of Jesus 
turns on the idea of two lives, one life being connected 
with the lower and transient self, and the other being 
full of joy, endurance, and felicity in connection with the 
higher and permanent life. As repentance is the great 
word attaching to the method of Jesus, so the key-word of 
his secret is peace, peace considered as the result of living 
to one's real and higher self and dying to one's lower ana 
apparent self. Associated with both the method and the 
secret of Jesus is the element in which, in Jesus, both 
method and secret worked. The Greek name of this 
element is epieikeia; the English, mildness; and Mr. 
Arnold is careful to tell us that this total stamp of grace 
and truth, this exquisite conjunction and balance, in 
an element of mildness, of a method of inwardness per- 
fectly handled and a self-renouncement perfectly kept, 
was found in Jesus alone. . . . His results, perhaps, are 
rather more definite in appearance than in fact. . . . The 
'method,' and the 'secret.' and the 'element' enable us to 
regard acknowledged truth in a somewhat new light : but 
they are not the keys to any special mysteries, and produce 
clearness mainly- by limiting the field of vision." Sat. 
Rev., xxxv. 284. 

"If its interpretation of the Bible is ntrne interpretation, 
it presents, for us at lenst, a new gospel. If it be a com- 
pletely untenable interpretation, it is a new and heavy 
Slow at the Bible, for he lends the whole weight of his 
authority, which both as critic and poet is great, to the 
assertion that the popular interpretation of the Bible is 
'fairy-tale,' or what the Germans call Aberf/laube, extra 
belief, i.e., imaginative fiction embodving in purely 
arbitrary forms the essence of the belief." Spectator, 
Ixvi. 242. 

23. Higher Schools and Universities in Germany, 1874, 
p. Svo; 2ded., 1882. 

"The book on 'Schools and Universities' which I pub- 
lished in 1868 has long been out of print ; I now republish 
that part of it which relates to Germ anv. The historical 
interest of tracing the development of the French school- 
system, from the University of Paris and its colleges down 
to the lyceums and faculties of the present day, is ex- 
tremely'great; the practical value of this school-system, 
in affording lessons for English people's guidance at the 
present moment, is small. The German schools and 



universities, on the other hand, offer an abundance of 
such lessons." Extract from Preface. 

24. Gud and the Bibie: a Review of Objections to 
" Literature and Dogma," 1875, p. 8vo ; Popular <!., 
with new preface, 1884. 

" He sees that the Bible must stand by its own inherent 
value, its adaptation to the higher needs of humanity, not 
by external evidences. Ue has put many points refuting 
to the Scriptures in a luminous and persuasive way. 
Above all, he has recalled modern Christians to the far- 
reaching words of Jesus, pushed as they have been into 
the background by the dogmatic speculations of lalerage*. 
words fitted to bring love, truth, and peace into the heart 
of humanity, sickened with forms of faith on which it 
feaM.s and is not fed; and if we often disagree with him, 
especially in the dividing process applied to the Fourth 
Gospel, his illustrations are generally happy, and his side 
references hit the nail on the head, although sometimes 
severe." Ath., No. 2511. 

25. Isaiah xl.-lxvi., with the Shorter Prophecies 
allied to it. Arranged and Edited : with Notes. I. mi., 
1875, p. 8vo. (This is the same as No. 21, with a 
different introduction.) 

" Both the translation and the notes are models of pure 
English, and full of suggest! veness to 'young learners.' 
. . . Mr. Arnold's introduction is full of criticisms involv- 
ing points of Hebrew scholarship: yet his knowledge of 
Hebrew is as 'a smoking flax. T. K. CHEYNE: Acad., 
ix. 162. 

26. Last Essays on Church and Religion, Lon., 1877, 
p. 8vo. 

" The essays here collected are four in number : 'A 
Psychological Parallel,' ' Butler and the Zeit-Ueist. 1 ' The 
Church of England,' and ' A Last Word on the Burials 
Bill." They are introduced by a Preface of considerable 
length and interest, in which Mr. Arnold gives a short 
review of the position he has taken in li is ethical writings, 
and comments on the comments which that position has 
excited both at home and abroad." Ath.. No. 2680. 

" It must be confessed now. when his work directly con- 
cerned with religion is complete, that such work leaves 
upon the mind or the thoughtful student of religion a feel- 
Ing of dissatisfaction. . . . Mr. Arnold's religious conserva- 
tism consists in part in detaining the devout imagination 
as near as may be to the things of the past, while he bids 
the inquiring intellect go forward. . . . We are orphans, 
and made wards in chancery, but let us call the Court of 
Chancery ' Our Father,' and'the filial emotion will accept 
the transition more easily." E. DOWDEN : Acad., xi. 430. 

27. Poetical Works, 1877, 2 vols. cr. 8vo; new ed., 
1881. Vol. I., Early Poems, Narrative Poems, and Son- 
nets. Vol. II., Lyric, Dramatic, and Elegiac Poems. 
(This edition is called "complete," but it does not in- 
clude " Merope," or " Lucretius, an Unpublished Trag- 
edy," or some short pieces contained in earlier collections.) 

28. Selected Poems, ("Golden Treasury" Series,) 
1878, 18mo; 10th ed., 1888. Also, a large-paper ed., 

29. Johnson's Lives of the Poets. The Six Chief 
Lives, with Macaulay's Biography of Johnson. Edited, 
with a Preface. 1878, cr. 8vo ; 3d ed., 1881 ; 4th ed., re- 
vised and enlarged. 

30. Poems of William Wordsworth. Chosen and 
Edited. (" Golden Treasury" Series.) 1879, 18mo; 5th 
ed., 1886. 

31. Mixed Essays, 1879, p. 8vo ; 2d ed., 1880. (Con- 
tents : Democracy ; Equality ; Irish Catholicism and 
British Liberalism ; Porro Unum est Necessariutn ; A 
Guide to English Literature; Falkland; A French 
Critic on Milton; A French Critic on Goethe; George 

"A good half of this volume is taken up with political 
discussion ; the rest is given to literature. But it is one of 
the many merits of Mr. Arnold's criticism that he is always 
and fully conscious of the play and reaction, one upon the 
other, or the many forces which go to make up civiliza- 
tion, of the influence of literature upon politics and of 
politics upon literature, and of both upon religion. It is 
this which distinguishes him from many excellent special- 
ists in criticism, and which gives to his'writings a peculiar 
value." Sot. Rev., xlvii. 535. 

32. Passages from the Prose Writings of Matthew 
Arnold, 1881, ISmo. I., Literature. II., Politics and 
Society. III., Philosophy and Religion. 

33. Poetry of Byron. Chosen and Arranged. (" Golden 
Treasury" Series.) 1881, 18mo ; large-paper ed., 8vo. 

34. Edmund Burke's Letters. Speeches, and Tracts on 
Irish Affairs. Collected and Arranged : with a Preface. 
1881, cr. 8vo. 

35. Irish Essays, and Others, Lon., 1882, cr. 8vo. 

" The contents of the present volume are sufficiently 
multifarious. They consistof three essays on Ireland and 
things Irish, of a couple of addresses delivered to the 
Ipswich Working Men s College and the Eton Literary 
Society, of three discourses on 'Copyright.' 'The French 
Play in London,' and 'The Future or Liberation,' and of 
the prefaces (1853 aud 1854) to the first and second editions 

of the author's poems. They consulate one of the 
readable books imaginable." Ath., No. 2838. 

36. Isaiuh of Jerusalem, in the Authorized English 
Version : with an Introduction, Corrections, and Notes, 
1883, cr. 8vo. 

37. The Matthew Arnold Birthday Book. Arranged 
by his Daughter, Eleanor Arnold, [now Hon. Mrs. 
Wodehouse.j With Photographic Portrait. Lon., 1883, 

38. Works. Uniform Edition. Printed for circu- 
lation in America. 10 vols., 1884. Vols. I.-VII., Prose 
Works. Vols. VIII.-IX., Poetical Works. Vol. X., 
(added subsequently,) Discourses in America. 

39. Poetical Worku, 1885, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. I., Early 
Poems, Narrative Poems, and Sonnets. II., Lyric and 
Elegiac Poems. III., Dramatic and Later Poems. 

40. Discourses in America, Lon., 1885. (Contents: 
Numbers; Literature and Science; Emerpon.) 

" In ' Numbers' we have Mr. Arnold's well-known views 
on democracy stated with a slight difference. . . . 'Litera- 
ture and Science 1 speaks for iuself. . . . The third paper, 
again of a different kind, is on Emerson.' ... It is rather 
destructive of hypothetically erroneous views than (as a 
real criticism should be) constructive of sound views." 
Sat. Rev., Ix. 119. 

41. Essays in Criticism. Second Series. With an 
Introductory Note by Lord Coleridge. 1888, cr. 8vo. 
(Contents: The Study of Poetry; Milton; Thomas 
Gray ; John Keats ; Wordsworth ; Byron ; Shelley ; 
Count Leo Tolstoi ; Annul. ) 

" The volume contains a number of essays previously 
published, but not generally known. . . . Those on Eng- 
lish subjects are more or less pervaded by the same central 
idea, that of distinguishing between the classical and the 
non-classical, between the true and the false, between the 
soberly serious and the frivolous or superficial. Here Mr. 
Arnold is a sure guide. Making all due allowance forhis 
hortatory tendency to iteration, there has been no such 
keen insight, no such delicate and true taste, no such 
mastery or style. In our day." Ration, xlvii. 525. 


I. As A POET : 

" Except ... in his purely narrative poems, such as the 
stately and pathetic episodes, ' Sohrab and Rustum' and 
' Balder Dead,' Mr. Arnold appears either as a teacher or a 
learner. He is an academical poet, reflecting the mental 
attitude of the most cultured minds of his time, and also 
their obligations to antiquity and such moderns as Words- 
worth andGoethe." RICHARDGARNETT: art. Literature, in 
The Reign of Queen Victoria, vol. ii. p. 463. 

" Mr. Arnold's poems are not exciting ; they offer no 
sudden shock to rouse a worn-out sense : and whoever 
enjoys them must be either a scholar, taking the term in a 
large acceptation, or on the way to become one. Hia 
strength is not sought from convulsions and tempests ; it 
is not of ' fierce air and violent light' that his image of the 
world is made. His words are potent in men's minds by 
steadfastness rather than by mastery, by serenity and not 
by ardour. He is the companion of the Muses in their 
solemn and peaceful mood, as they go up, a divine choir 
following a divine leader, by the moonlit borders of 
Helicon/' Sat. Rev., xlvi. 565. 

" There are in Arnold a vividness in picturesque descrip- 
tion, a penetrative imagination, a moral ardour, asensitive- 
ness to all that is charming in this world, individual pow- 
ers and qualities whose results in poetic work are delight- 
ful apart from the restless and regretful spirit which infests 
all his writing. It is undeniable, nevertheless, that the 
interest of his poetry and much of its value, both in what 
it teaches and what it reveals, lie mainly in its being the 
record of the passions, the disappointments and aspira- 
tions, the entire life experience, of an open doubter so far 
as he has intrusted to words what he has seeu and felt " 
Nation, xxvii. 274. 

" One reads them [the poems] for the fiftieth time, and 
for the fiftieth time one feels inclined to esteem their 
author for the chief of living poets. It is true that there 
are faults, and these of a kind which this present age is 
indisposed to condone. The rhymes are sometimes poor; 
the movement of the verse is sometimes uncertain, and 
sometimes slow ; the rhythms are always obviously simple 
in their structure ; now and then the intention and effect 
are cold even to austerity, are bald to the point of uncome- 
liness. But, on the other hand, how many of the greater 
qualities of art and inspiration are represented here, and 
here alone in modern work ! There is none of that delight 
in material for material's sake which is held to be a pri- 
mary essential in the composition of an artist of the first 
rank ; there is none of that rapture of sound and motion, 
and none of that efflorescence of expression, which are 
said to enter largely into the endowment of the true 
singer. For any of those excesses in technical accomplish- 
ment, those ecstasies in the use of words, those effects of 
sound which are so rich and strange as to impress the 
hearer with something of the emotion which the process 
of creation awakened in their author, for any, indeed, 
of the characteristic attributes of modern poetry, one 
searches here in vain. In matters of form this poet is 
no romantic, but a classic to the finger-lips. He adores 




his Shakspeare, but he will none of his Shakspeare's 
fashions. Tor him the essentials are dignity of thought 
and sentiment, and distinction of manner and utterance. 
It is no aim of his to talk for talking's sake ; to express 
what is but half felt and half understood ; to embody 
vague emotions and nebulous fancies in language that all its 
richness cannot redeem from the reproach of being nebu- 
lous and vague. In his scheme of art there is no place for 
excess, however magnificent and Shakspearian, for exu- 
berance, however overpowering and Hugoesque. Human 
and interesting in themselves, the ideas his verse embodies 
are completely apprehended ; natural in themselves, the 
experiences it pictures are intimately felt and most thor- 
oughly perceived. They have been resolved into their 
elements by the operation of a faculty of selection almost 
Sophoclean, and the effect of their presentation is akin to 
that of a gallery of Greek marbles. Other poets say any- 
thing, say everything that is in them. Mr. Browning has 
realized the myth of the Inexhaustible Bottle ; Mr. Morris 
IB fluent and copious: Mr. Swinburne has a facility that 
would seem impossible if it were not a living fact ; even 
the Laureate is sometimes prodigal of unimportant details, 
those little foxes that do so terribly spoil the grapes, of 
touches insignificant and superfluous, of words for words' 
sake, of cadences that have no raison d'etre save them- 
selves. Mr. Arnold alone says only what is worth saying." 
Ath., No. 3017. 

"Mr. Matthew Arnold's poetry in great part is an 
exquisitely delicate and lucid record of the trials of a 
spirit divided against itself. ... It was more difficult for 
him to live steadfastly his true life, the life poetic, since in 
him the will itself has been attacked by the malady of 
the age. His various sympathies perplex and entangle 
him; ... he yields on this side and recovers himself, 
yields on that side and recovers himself, and loses by 
each yielding some of the strength of his soul. He 
would fain simplify his life by submitting to one domi- 
nant set of motives, but he cannot. He admires the trench- 
ant force of will of a hardy nature, but does not see how 
this can be conjoined with what is dearer to him, gentle- 
ness, tenderness, love. He longs for the release from isola- 
tion and self-consciousness which passion and true fellow- 
ship with another human being bring, but he cannot quite 
attain this, and relapses, confessing that love is subject to 
change, and that each of us must dwelj alone. He is 
swayed by emotions too powerful for him, and to Mr. 
Arnold, as revealed in his poems, deep feeling, instead of 
bringing a rapturous calm or a resolved energy of will, 
brings restlessness and fever. He would fain possess his 
soul, and would be willing to embrace a cold and barren 
quietism, for the sake of the calm that accompanies it; but 
knowledge, and beauty, and culture solicit him with prom- 
ises too delightful to be disregarded. ... To Mr. Arnold 
the contrast oetween the feverish life and barren toil of 
man and the serene beauty and large sure operancy of 
nature becomes at times a reproach, and almost a despair. 
... He turns to Nature for deliverance from the excite- 
ment of his own restless feelings, and he sinks into her 
calms and mild depths, and is fora little timeat rest; then 
a touch, a thought, a nameless nothing, and the trouble of 
heart and brain begins anew. The dreaming garden trees, 
the full moon, and the white evening star, the dewy dark 
obscurity down at the far horizon's rim, the untroubled 
and unpassionate spaces of the sky, the soft sea breaking 
at his feet, the lovely mountain-line, the gracious solitude 
of the hills at dawn, the dimness of the Alpine pine wood, 
all in nature that consoles and soothes rather than what 
summons or impels, is that to which Mr. Arnold loves to 
abandon sense and spirit. Having gained a brief season 
of refreshment, he again takes up uneasily his burden of 
a feverish heart and divided will, and endeavors to pursue 
his way with stoical calm, or, at the lowest, with apathetic 
resignation. It is no common spirit which can tnus feel 
and delicately mirror for us the malady of the century. 
Could he but lose sight of the ideal, his .sufferings were at 
an end. But it is a virtue of Mr. Arnold's poetry that the 
flying perfect is never out of view; he falters in the pur- 
suit, but the pursuit is never wholly abandoned." E. DOW- 
DEN : Victorian Literature, in Transcripts and Studies, pp. 
206-208, (Lon., 1888.) 

" It is quite too early to assign Matthew Arnold his place 
In English literature; but doubtless it will fall somewhere 
between Gray and Wordsworth, showing affinities with 
each. He will certainly stand far higher than Gray, his 
workmanship being as perfectand his mind far more afflu- 
ent in poetical expression. He will fall below Wordsworth 
only because he wielded no power so massive and so full of 
inspiration, in spite of having a far clearer consciousness 
than Wordsworth had of his own aims and the means by 
which he could attain them. For felicity of phrase Mat- 
thew Arnold has few rivals." Spectator, Ixi. 539. 


" He may not have been a critic of the very first class 
himself; he may not have directly taught the secret of 
the best criticism to many or any disciples. But it was 
partly his fortune, and, to be generous and just at once, 
still more his merit, to bring criticism before the average 
Briton as a thing that had to be counted with, that was 
not a mere matter of academic rote-learning on one side, 
of publisners' hack-work on another, of private fear, 
hatred, and favour on yet a third. . . . The average man 
could not forget Mr. Arnold, he was too pressing; the 
average man could not sneer him down, he was too clever. 
And so he did a really great work in its way quite outside 
of his poetical work. He established criticism as a recog- 

nized literary kind in the reluctant estimation of the very 
British Philistine himself." Sat. Rev., Ixvi. 589. 

" Mr. Arnold has opinions and the courage of them ; he 
has assurance and he has charm ; he writes with an 
engaging clearness. It is very possible to disagree with 
him ; but it is difficult indeed to resist his many graces of 
manner, and to decline to be entertained, and even inter- 
ested, by the variety and quality of his matter. . . . The 
present 'is a somewhat noisy and affected age; it is given 
overmuch to clamorous devotion and extravagant repudi- 
ation ; there is an element of swagger in all its words and 
ways ; it has a love of publicity that is on the whole dis- 
tressing. Mr. Matthew Arnold's function is to protest 
against its fashions by his own intellectual practice, and 
now and then to take his contemporaries to task and to 
call them to order. He is not particularly original, but 
he has in an eminent degree the formative capacity, the 
genius of shaping and development, which is a chief 
quality of the French mind, and which is not so common 
among us English as our kindliest critics would have us 
believe. He takes a handful of golden sentences things 
wisely thought and finely said by persons having authority 
and spins them into an exquisite prelection ; so that his 
work, with all the finish of art, preserves something of 
the freshness of those elemental truths on which it is his 
mission to dilate. . . . He tells the age of its faults, and he 
suggests to it such remedies as the study of great men's 
work has suggested to him. If he produces little effect, 
that is not his fault. He returns to the charge with im- 
perturbable good temper, and repeats his remarks which 
are often of the most exasperating kind with a mixture 
of mischievousness and charm, of superciliousness and 
sagacity, and a serene dexterity of phrase, that are unique 
in modern English letters." Ath., No. 2838. 

" His secret is his subacid reasonableness and his serious 
levity or frivolous seriousness. What strikes one in his 
criticisms of life even more than their penetration is their 
sanity and completeness. Many a controversial victory 
he has won in discussions about letters or life, or some- 
times even in politics, by attending to the one question, 
What are the actual and complete facts of the ease? He 
takes human nature all round, and sees how far a proposed 
remedy answers to all its needs. Herein he is really pene- 
trated by the scientific spirit in its best aspect, and he has 
been no insufficient teacher of the higher anthropology. 
That in part is the secret of his influence. Men see that 
what he says tallies in the main with what they know, 
and at the same time they are half attracted, half repelled, 
by the tone in which he says it. If we may so put it, he 
pretends not to be serious, and by the very pretence con- 
vinces one of his seriousness. It is, in fact, this serious- 
ness, the conviction his words convey that his deepest con- 
cern is with the things of moral import, that gives such 
authority to his words among Englishmen." Ath., No. 

" In his prose writings there was discernible an Intel- 
lectual hauteur which contrasted with the uneasiness and 
moral incertitude of his versified moods, and which im- 
plied that a dogmatist stood erect under the shifting sensi- 
tiveness of the poet. A dogmatist. for Mr. Arnold is not 
merely a critic who interprets the minds of other men 
through his sensitiveness and his sympathies ; he delivers 
with authority the conclusions of his intellect; he formu- 
lates ideas." E. DOWDEN : Victorian Literature, in Tran- 
scripts and Studies, p. 209. 

"The truth appears to be that Mr. Arnold's own affection 
for poetry, though intense and not exactly narrow, was 
strictly limited, having the strangest gaps and flaws, and 
that he was all his life striving to construct formulae that 
would fit in with all his predilections." So*. Rev., Ixvi. 590. 

" It is as a poet, as a master of a prose style unmatched 
for beauty, delicacy, force, and point, and finally as per- 
haps the greatest critic of a critical generation, that he nas 
left a deep and lasting mark on our literature." Nation, 

"It is in his feeling for pure literature that Matthew 
Arnold stands alone among the writers of our day. When 
he descends into the arena of social debate his opinions 
are but the opinions of one among many thoughtful men. 
When he takes an historical view he is open to be chal- 
lenged by many. . . . His literary perception is never at 
fault, and his verdict is all but infallible. . . . Such is our 
confidence in Arnold's judgment and discernment in 
literary things that no one would think of appealing from 
a ruling of his. even when delivered without its reasons." 
MARK PATTISON: Acad., xv. 425. 

" When all has been said, there is not to be found in 
modern time such a body of literary criticism as that 
which Mr. Arnold has left us. In no other writer of our 
time is there to be found so much strong sense, keen 
insight, subtle yet lucid analysis, calm unimpassioned 
judgment, feeling for humour, for pathos, for noble poetry 
and high imagination, clothed in a style which needed 
only an occasional rise into the eloquence of passionate 
and ringing oratory to be quite perfect." LORD COLERIDGE : 
New Review, i. 218. 

Arnold, Robert Arthur, b. 1833, son of Robert 
Coles Arnold, J.P., of Framfield and Maidstone, Eng. 
He was assistant commissioner under the Public Works 
Act during the ''cotton famine" in Lancashire, 1863-66, 
and afterwards travelled extensively in the east of 
Europe, in Africa, and in Asia ; was editor of the Echo 
newspaper from its establishment until 1875; in 1880 
was elected member of Parliament for Salford, and in 



the same year succeeded Sir Charles Dilke as chairman 
of the Greek Committee, the object of which was to pro- 
mote the enlargement of the kingdom of Greece in ac- 
cordance with the suggestions of the Berlin Treaty. 
Some of his earlier books appeared under the name of 
" R. Arthur Arnold," but in all later ones the first 
name is dropped. 1. Ralph ; or, St. Sepulchre's and St. 
Stephen's, Lon., 1863, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 2. The History of 
the Cotton Famine, Lon., 1864, 8vo ; new ed., 1865, p. 
8vo. 3. Hever Court: a Novel, 1867, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 4. 
From the Levant, the Black Sea, and the Danube, 1868, 
2 vols. p. 8vo. (The order of the Golden Cross was 
conferred upon the author by the King of Greece.) 
5. English Drunkenness and Swedish Licensing, 1877. 
Paraph. 6. Through Persia by Caravan, Lon., 1877, 2 
vols. 8vo. 

" He has told some things which, if not new, have not 
been better tuld by others ; he has drawn attention to facts 
which cannot be glossed over or explained away : and he 
has shown that Persia can only be improved by some 
foreign power prepared to garrison it with its own forces." 
Sal. Rev., xlifi. 110. 

7. Social Politics, Lon., 1878, 8vo. 

"An important part of the volume ... is occupied by 
the discussion of what is known as the Land Question. 
. . . Mr. Arnold's other essays are upon Disestablishment, 
Women's Suffrage, the Municipal Government of London, 
the Liquor Traffic, and other subjects of considerable 
social and political importance. They are certain to be 
read with pleasure even when ... his readers will find 
something to criticise." Ath., No. 2669. 

8. Free Land, Lon., 1880, p. 8vo. (Advocates abo- 
lition of primogeniture, copyhold tenure, and entail, es- 
tablishment of a system of registration. Ac.) 

" This book discusses what must shortly be the leading 
question of the day, namely, the reform of the laws re- 
lating to land. It contains much that is excellent, for Mr. 
Arnold brings knowledge and intelligent suggestion to 
bear on the legal and social aspects of the question.'' 
Spectator, liv. 123. 

Arnold, Samuel Greene, 1821-1880, b. at Provi- 
dence, R.I., and educated at Brown University and at 
Harvard Law School ; was admitted to the bar in 1845 ; 
was lieutenant-governor of Rhode Island in 1852, in 
1861 and in 1862, and in 1863 sat for part of a term in 
the U.S. Senate. He was for some time president of the 
Rhode Island Historical Society, and was the author of 
numerous addresses and articles in periodicals. 1. His- 
tory of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plan- 
tations, N. York, 1859, 2 vols. 8vo. 2. An Historical 
Sketch of Middleton, R.I., Ac., Newport, 1876, 8vo. 

Arnold, T. History of the Cross of Edinburgh 
called Mercat Cross, Edin., 1885, 12mo. 

Arnold, Thomas, M.A., second son of Dr. Arnold 
of Rugby, and brother of Matthew Arnold, supra, was 
born at Laleham, near Staines, Middlesex, Eng., in 1823, 
and educated at Winchester, Rugby, and at University 
College, Oxford, where he graduated with a first class in 
classics in 1848. He passed some time in New Zealand 
and Tasmania as inspector of schools, and while there 
became a Roman Catholic. He returued to England in 
1856, was for some time a professor in the Catholic Uni- 
versity at Dublin, but afterwards removed to Birming- 
ham, where he was connected with the Oratory, and 
has since resided in Oxford. 1. A Manual of English 
Literature, Historical and Critical, Lon., 1862, p. 8vo; 
2ded., 1866; 4th ed., 1877. 

"Seems well suited to fill the ' vacant niche' which he 
asks for it." Sat. Rev., xiv. 660. 

2. Chaucer to Wordsworth : a Short History of Eng- 
lish Literature to the Present Day, Lon., 1868, 2 vols. 
12mo; new ed., 1875. 3. (Ed.) Select English Works 
of John Wycliffe, from Original MSS., Lon., 1869-71, 3 
vols. 8vo. 4. (Ed.) Beowulf: an Heroic Poem of the 
Eighth Century : with a Translation, 1876, 8vo. 5. 
(Ed.) English Poetry and Prose: a Collection of Illus- 
trative Passages from the Writings of English Authors, 
from the Anglo-Saxon Period to the Present Time, 
1596-1832: with Notes and Indexes, Lon., 1879, cr. 
8vo; new ed., 1882. 6. (Ed.) Henrici Arcbidiaconi 
Huntcndunensis Historia Anglorum. The History of 
the English, by Henry, Archdeacon of Huntingdon, 
from A.D. 55 to A.D. 1154, in Eight Books, (Record 
Office Pub.,) Lon., 1879, r. 8vo. 7. (Ed.) The Historical 
Works of Symeon of Durham, vols. i. and ii., (Record 
Office Pub.,) Lon., 1885, r. 8vo. 8. (Ed.) Clarendon's 
History of the Rebellion, Book VI. : with Introduction 
and Notes, 1886, fp. 8vo. See, also, ADDIS, WILLIAM 
E., tnpra. 

Arnold, Thomas, of Northampton, Eng. 1. The 
Education of the Deaf and Dumb: an Exposition and a 

Review of the French and German Systems, Lon., 1872, 
8vo. 2. A Method of Teaching the Deaf and Dumb 
Speech, Lip-Reading, and Language: with Illustra- 
tions and Exercises, Lon., 1881, cr. 8vo. 

" He was himself trained in the French or finger system, 
and practised it with success for no leas than twenty years. 
But he was then convinced of Its inherent shortcomings, 
and he has for another twenty years discarded It altogether 
for the more scientific and more comprehensive system of 
Heinicke and his followers." Ath., No. 2806. 

Arnold, Thomas James, [ante, vol. i., add.,] 
1804-1877, was called to the bar in London in 1829, and 
held from 1847 till his death an appointment as police 
magistrate in that city. He was the intimate friend of 
Shelley's friend Thomas Love Peacock, and son-in-law 
of Shelley's biographer, Thomas Jefferson Hogg. 1. 
Reynard the Fox. After the German Version of Goethe. 
Illust. Lon., 1860, imp. 8vo. 2. (Trans.) Anacreon in 
English, in the Metres of the Original, Lon., 1869, 12mo. 
3. Conspiracy Act of 1875, and Employers and Work- 
men Act of 1875, Lon., 1875, p. 8vo. 4. Law of Munici- 
pal Corporations, 2d ed. by S. G.Johnston, Lon., 1875, 
8vo. 5. (Trans.) Goethe's Faust. Illust. with Photo- 
graphs. Lon., 1877, fol. 6. (Trans.) Xenophon's Ana- 
basis, Books 1-7, Manchester, 1880, 12mo. 7. (Trans.) 
Euripides' Iphigtnia in Aulis, Manchester, 1884, 
12mo. 8. (Trans.) Euripides' Troades, Manchester, 
1884, 12mo. 9. (Trans.) Euripides' Hercules Furens, 
Manchester, 1885, 12mo. 10. (Trans.) Ovid's Tristia, 
Book I., Manchester, 1885, 12mo. 11. (Trans.) The 
Clouds of Aristophanes, Manchester, 1887, 12mo. 

Arnold, Walter. The Life and Death of the Sub- 
lime Society of Beef Steaks : a History of the Society, 
with the Names of all the Members, and with all the 
Toasts and Songs, Lon., 1871, sin. 4to, ed. limited to a 
few copies. 

" If the Society had not had its historian, one of the 
most singular chapters in, London social life would be 
wanting/ 'Ath., No. 2308. 

Arnold, Mrs. William. (Trans.) France as it is, 
by Andre Lebon and Paul Pelet, Professors in the School 
of Political Sciences, Paris. Specially written for Eng- 
lish readers. Maps. Lon., 1888, er. 8vo. 

Arnold, William Delafield, [ante, vol. i., 
add.,] 1828-1859, was assistant commissioner in the 
Punjaub under Sir John Lawrence, who appointed 
him in 1856 director of public instruction. In 1859 
he was forced by ill health to leave India, and died 
at Gibraltar on his way to England. His wife, Frances 
Anne, daughter of Major-Gen. Hodson, had died shortly 
before in India, and their joint memories are celebrated 
by Matthew Arnold in A Southern Night. In addition 
to the work mentioned in vol. i., he published a trans- 
lation of Wieso's Letters on English Education, 1854, 
and four lectures, treating respectively of the Palace of 
Westminster, the English in India, Caste, and the Dis- 
covery of America, 1855. 

Arnold, William Thomas, M.A., graduated at 
University College, Oxford, 1876. 1. The Roman Sys- 
tem of Provincial Administration to the Accession of 
Constantino the Great: being the Arnold Prize Essay 
for 1879, Lon., 1879, p. 8vo. 

" Anexcellentsummaryofall the information accessible 
on a vast and important subject." Sat. Rev., xlviii. 55. 

" An essay worthy of being associated with the memory 
of the great historian and scholar whose name he bears. 
Spectator, liii. 116. 

2. (Ed.) The Poetical Works of John Keats: with aa 
Introduction, Lon., 1884, 8vo. 

" It contains the three volumes of 1817, 1818, 1820, but of 
the posthumous poems only a selection, and of the plays 
not a trace. . . . The most valuable part of the Introduction 
is a discussion of Keats's vocabulary." Acad., xxvi. 2. 
Arnold- I'or.slrr. See FORSTER. 
Arnot, Rev. William, [nut,-, vol. i., add.,] 1808- 
1875, son of a Scottish farmer, was born at Scone, Scot- 
land, and educated at the University of Glasgow, where 
he gained distinction, particularly in Greek classics. In 
1838 he was ordained minister of St. Peter's Church in 
Glasgow; he followed Dr. Chalmers in the Free Church 
movement of 1843, and in 1863 became minister of one 
of the leading Free Church congregations in Edinburgh. 
He twice visited the United States, in 1870 as a delegate 
from the Free Church of Scotland to the Presbyterian 
Churches in the Northern States, and in 1873 as a mem- 
ber of the Evangelical Alliance. 1. Life of James 
Halley ; 2d ed., Glasgow, 1842. 2. The Race for Riches,, 
and some of the Pits into which the Runners fall : Six 
Lectures applying the Word of God to the Traffic of Men, 
Glasgow, 1851, fp. Svo. (This is the only work of iU 




author mentioned ante, vol. i.) 3. The Drunkard's Prog- 
ress : being a Panorama of the Overland Route from 
the Station at Drouth to the General Terminus at the 
Dead Sea; in a Series of Thirteen Views, drawn and en- 
graved by John Adam; the Descriptions given by John 
Bunyan, Junior, Eiin., 1853, 8vo. Anon. 4. Laws from 
Heaven for Life on Earth : Illustrations from the Book 
of Proverbs; newed., 1864,2 vols. p.Svo. 5. Roots and 
Fruits of the Christian Life ; new ed., 1864, p. 8vo. fi. 
The Parables of our Lord, Lon., 1864, p. 8vo ; new ed., 
1883. 7. Life of James Hamilton, D.D., Lon., 1869, p. 
8vo; 3d ed., 1870. 8. The Church in the House: Primi- 
tive Christianity, Lon., 1873, p.Svo; 2d ed., 1876. 9. 
This Present World: Sketches from Nature and Art 
taken in the Intervals of a Professional Life, Lon., 1873, 
cr. 8vo. 10. The Anchor of the Soul, and other Sermons, 
Edin., 1876, p. 8vo. 11. Autobiography: with a Me- 
moir by his Daughter, Mrs. A. Fleming, Lon., 1877, p. 
8vo. 12. Lessons from Life, 1881, 12mo. 13. The Lesser 
Parables of Our Lord, and Lessons of Grace in Nature: 
with Biographical Notices by Canon Bell, Lon., 1883, p. 

Arnott, Henry. Cancer: its Varieties, their His- 
tology and Diagnosis. Illust. Lon., 1872, 8vo. 

Arnott, Neil, M.D., F.R.S., [inte, vol. i., add.,] d. 
1874. He retired from practice in 1855, and devoted 
his time almost exclusively to scientific and sanitary 
matters. He was known as the inventor of a number 
of useful articles, which he declined to patent, but for 
which he received a gold medal and the cross of the 
Legion of Honor at the Paris Exposition, 1855. In ad- 
dition to the works mentioned in vol. i., he published: 1. 
A Survey of Human Progress, from the Savage State to 
the Highest Civilization yet attained, Lon., 1861, Svo; 
2ded., 1862. 2. Arithmetic simplified for General Use, 
1867, 8vo. 3. Observations on National Education, Lon., 
1870, 12mo. 

A mould, Sir Joseph, [ante, vol. i., ARNOULD, 
JOSEPH, add.,] 1815-1876, b. at Camberwell, London; 
educated at the Charterhouse and at Wadham College, 
Oxford, where he gained the Newdigate prize for Eng- 
lish verse in 1834 and graduated with honors in classics 
in 1836. He became a Fellow of his college; was called 
to the bar in 1841; in 1859 was appointed a puisne 
judge at Bombay, nd knighted; and from 1862 to 1869 
was judge of the High Court. He was connected for 
many years with the London Daily News. Memoir of 
Thomas, First Lord Dentnan, formerly Lord Chief Jus- 
tice of England, 1873, 2 vols. Svo. 

" Its Bocial interest is certainly its chief attraction." 
Acad., v. 422. 

"A very careful and interesting biography. . . . There is 
much interesting correspondence; . . . but the most valu- 
able original contribution consists of two autobiographical 
narratives 1, of Denman's connection with Queen Caro- 
line (1820 and 1821): and, 2, of Denman's public and 
professional life, from the death of the Queen in 1821 to 
the formation of Canning's ministry in 1827." Sat. Rev.. 
xxxvii. 81. 

Arnoux, L. Pottery, ("British Manufacturing 
Industries,") Lon., 1876, 12mo; 2d ed., 1877. 

" Arp, Hill," (Pseud.) See SMITH, CHARLES H., 

" Arr, E. H., (Pseud.) See ROLLINS, MRS. ELLEN 
CHAPMAN, (HoBBs.) infra. 

Arrington, Alfred \\. The Rangers and Regu- 
lators of tht Yanaha ; or, Life among the Lawless. By 
Charles Summerfield, late Judge of the Rio Grande Dis- 
trict, (pseud.) N. York, 185*5. 2. Poems, with a Sketch 
of his Character. Edited by Charles Carroll Bonney, 
[q. v., infra.] 1869. 

Arrivabene, Count Charles. 1. Italy under 
Victor Emmanuel: a Personal Narrative, Lon., 1862, 2 
vols. Svo. 

"At once a British subject and an Italian patriot, a cor- 
respondent of an English journal and a nobleman con- 
nected by friendship and politics with the most eminent 
statesmen in Italy, he was remarkably well circumstanced 
for seeing, hearing, and describing everything." Sat. Kev., 

XlV. 115. 

2. (Trans.) An Epoch of my Life : Memoirs of Count 
Q. [Giovanni] Arrivabene: with Documents, Notes, Ac., 
Lon., 1862, Svo. 3. The Finances of Italy: a Letter 
addressed to Lord Stratford de Redclyffe, I8rt5. 

Arrow-smith, William Robinson. 1. The 
Editor of " Notes and Queries " and his Friend Mr. 
Singer; or, The Questionable Credit of that Periodical, 
Lon., 1856. 2. Shakespeare's Editors and Commenta- 
tors, Lon., 1865, Svo. 

Arroyo, Rev. T. F. A Vocabulary or Phrase. 
Book of the Mutsun Language of Alta California, N. 
York, 1863, imp. 8vo. 

Arterton, A. King Charles the First: an Histori- 
cal Trngedy, Lon., 1880, cr. 8vo. 

Arthur, Clara M. Cherry-Blooms of Yeddo, and 
other Poems, Bost., 1882, 12mo. 

Arthur, Francis. 1. The Coparceners: the Ad- 
ventures of Two Heiresses, Lon., 1884, p. Svo. 2. The 
Touch of a Vanished Hand, Lon., cr. Svo. 

Arthur, Henry. 1. A Notice of some of the Mis- 
takes in the Proposed Alterations in the Book of Common 
Prayer, Dublin, 1873, Svo. 2. Remarks on the New 
Sacramental Rubrics, Dublin, 1874, Svo. 

Arthur, J. C., Barnes, Charles 11., and 
Coulter, John M. Hand-Book of Plant-Dissection, 
N. York, 1886, 12mo. 

Arthur, Robert. 1. Treatise on the Use of Adhe- 
sive Gold Foil, Phila., 1857, Svo. 2. Some Suggestions 
concerning the Nature and Treatment of Decay of the 
Teeth, Bait., 1867. 

Arthur, Thomas. Life of Grace Darling, Lon., 
1885, 12tno. 

Arthur, Timothy Shay, [ante, vol. i., ARTHUR, 
T. S., add.,] d. 1885. He settled in Philadelphia in 1841, 
and in 1852 founded Arthur's Home Magazine, which 
he edited till 1885. Published, in addition to books 
mentioned in vol. i. : 1. All's for the Best; or, The Old 
Peppermint Man, N. York, 1850, 16mo; 10th ed., 1874. 
2. Light on Shadowed Paths, N.York, 1863, 12mo. 3. 
Married Life: its Shadows and Sunshine, Phila., 1864, 
12mo. 4. The Two Wives; or, Lost and Won, Phila., 
1864, 1 2mo. 5. The Ways of Providence ; or, " He Doeth 
all Things Well," Phila., 1864, 12mo. 6. Woman's 
Trials; or, Tales and Sketches from the Life around us, 
Phila., 1864, 12mo. 7. Out in the World: a Novel, 
N. York, 1864, 12mo. 8. Home Heroes, Saints, and 
Martyrs, Phila., 1865, 12mo. 9. Nothing but Money: 
a Novel, N. York. 1865, 12mo. 10. What came After- 
wards : a Novel, N.York, 1865, 12tno. 11. Our Neighbor 
at the' Corner House, N. York, 1866, 12mo. 12. Blind 
Nellie's Boy, Phila., 1867, 16uio; 3d ed., 1872. 13. After 
the Storm, Phila., 1868, 12mo. 14. Fireside Angel, and 
other Stories, Bost., 1869, 18mo. 15. Pitcher of Cold 
Water, N. York, 1870, 18mo. 16. Tom Blinn's Temper- 
ance Society, and other Tales, N. York, 1870, Ifimo. 17. 
Wreaths of Friendship : a Gift for the Young, N. York, 
1870, 16rno. 18. Orange Blossoms Fresh and Faded, 
Phila., 1871, 12mo. 19. Three Years in a Man-Trap, 
N. York, 1872, 12mo. 20. Wonderful Story of Gentle 
Hand, and other Stories, Phila., 1872, sm. 4to. 21. 
Insubordination, Phila., Svo. 22. Lizzie Glenn , or, The 
Trials of a Seamstress, N. York, 1 2mo. 23. Woman to the 
Rescue: a Story of the " New [Temperance] Crusade," 
Phila., 1874, 12mo. 24. Danger; or, Wounded in the 
House of a Friend, Phila., 1875, 12mo. 25. The Budget. 
By Uncle Herbert. Phila., 1877. 26. The Old Man's 
Bride; or, The Lessons of the Day, Phila., 16nio. 27. 
Agnes; or, The Possessed, Phila., Svo. 28. The Banker's 
Wife, Phila., Svo. 

Arthur, Rev. William, b. 1819, at Kells, County 
Antrim, Ireland ; graduated at Hoxton College, London, 
1839; was missionary in India 1839-41, in France 
1846-48; secretary of the Wesleyan Methodist Society 
1851-68, since hon. secretary ; president of the Belfast 
Methodist College 1868-71. 1. A Mission to the Mysore : 
with Scenes and Facts illustrative of India, its People, 
and its Religion, Lon., 1847, 12mo; 2d ed., 1848. 2. 
The Successful Merchant : Sketches of the Life of Mr. 
Samuel Budgett, Inte of Kingswood Hill, Lon., 1852, 
12ino. 3. The Tongue of Fire; or, True Power of 
Christianity, 1856, p. Svo; 40th ed., 1885. 4. Addresses 
in New York, N. York, 1856. 5. Italy in Transition : 
Public Scenes and Private Opinions in the Spring of 
1860. Illustrated by Official Documents from the Pnpal 
Archives of the Revolted Legations. Lon., 1860 ; 6th ed., 
1877, p. Svo. 6. The Modern Jove: Review of Speeches 
of Pio IX., 1873, p. Svo; new ed., 1878. 7. Memorials 
of W. Toase, Lon., 1874, 12rno. 8. Life of Gideon 
Ouseley, Lon., 1876, 12mo; new ed., 1877. 9. The Pope, 
the Kings, and the People, 1877, 2 vols. Svo. 

" By far the completes! account of the antecedents and 
course of the Vatican Council, up to the time of its proro- 
gation, which has yet appeared, at least in this country." 
Sat. Rev., xlv. 601. 

10. (Trans.) Count Campello : an Autobiography : with 
an Introduction, Lon., 1SS1, cr. Svo. 11. On the Differ- 



ence between Physical and Moral Law: The Fernley 
Lecture tor 1883, Lon., 1883, 8vo; new ed., 1884. 

" Mr. Arthur ... is chiefly occupied in showing how 
unmistakably the mind is forced, if it looks steadily at the 
matter, to recognize a reality beyond the phenomena, law 
beyond observed uniformities, cause behind phenome- 
nal succession. ... It is, before all things, a suggestive 
book, full of eloquent passages and pregnant remarks, but 
is perhaps less remarkable for logical consecutiveness." 
Spectator, Ivii. 5'J6 and 551. 

12. Religion without Qod. Part I., Positivism and 
Mr. Frederic Harrison. Part II., Agnosticism and Mr. 
Herbert Spencer. 1884, p. 8vo; new ed., 1888. 13. 
The People's Day: an Appeal, Lon., 1885, 12mo. 14. 
God without Religion: Deism and Sir James Stephen, 
1887, p.8vo. 

Arthur, Rev. William, D.D., d. 1875. He was a 
Baptist minister, and a native of Ireland, and was the 
father of the late Chester A. Arthur, President of the 
U.S. Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian 
Names, 1857, 12mo. 

Artoin, Rev. Benjamin, Chief Rabbi of the 
Spanish and Portuguese Congregations of London. Ser- 
mons preached in several Synagogues, Lon., 1873, cr. 
8vo ; 2d ed., 1876. 

Arundel, John Francis, twelfth Baron 
Arundel of >V ardour, b. 1831; succeeded his father 
in 1862. 1. Tradition: principally with Reference to 
Mythology, and the Law of Nations, Lon., 1872, 8vo. 2. 
The Scientific Value of Tradition : Correspondence be- 
tween Lord Arundel and Mr. E. Rigley, Lon., 1879, p. 
8vo. 3. The Secret of Plato's Atlantis, Lon., 1885, p. 8vo. 
4. The Nature-Myth Theory untenable from the Scrip- 
tural Point of View. 

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" The whole of this beautiful poem gives an impression 
of a style formed from the best nifxiern and the best 
ancient examples." Hat. Rev., xxiii. 633. 

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A Bibliographical and Historical Essay on the Dutch 
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Ashley, Hon. Evelyn, b. 1836, son of the seventh 
Earl of Shaftesbury, was educated at Harrow and at 
Trinity College, Cambridge; elected M.P. for Poole in 
1874, and for the Isle of Wight in 1880; appointed 
Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade in 1880, 
and Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies in 1882. 
The Life of Henry John, Viscount Palmerston, 1846- 
1865 : with Selections from his Speeches and Correspond- 



ence, Lon., 1876, 2 vols. 8vo. (These are vols. iv. and v. 
of the Life of Lord Paluaerston which was begun by Lord 
Balling and Bulwer. See BULWEB, WILLIAM HENRY 
LYTTOX EARLE, infrn.) 

" Mr. Ashley's continuation of Lord Calling's memoir 
of Lord Palmerston is in all respects superior to the earlier 
work ."So*. Rev., xli. 303. 

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2. Sequel to the " Church of the Period :" with the 
Author's Reasons for leaving the Church of England, 
Lon., 1876, 8vo. 

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Ashley, William James, M.A., b. 1860, in Lon- 
don ; entered Balliol College, Oxford, as a scholar in 
1878; graduated 1881 ; was elected Fellow of Lincoln Col- 
lege, Oxford, and appointed lecturer in history at Lin- 
coln and Corpus Christ! Colleges ; in 1888 was appointed 
professor of political economy and constitutional his- 
tory in the University of Toronto, Canada. 1. James 
and Philip van Artevelde, (Lothian Prize Essav,) Lon., 
1883, p. 8vo. 2. (Ed.) Edward III. and his Wars, 
1327-1360, ("English History from Contemporary 
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English Economic History and Theory. Book I., From 
the Eleventh to the Fourteenth Century. Lon., 1888, cr. 
Svo. (Treats of " The Manor and Village Community," 
"Merchant and Craft Gilds," and "Economic Theories 
and Legislation.") 

" He has come to his study with his mind clear of pre- 
conceived opinions, and of the cut-and-dried theories of a 
mere politico-economist. He surrounds himself with the 
life, the needs^and the ideas of the times he deals with, 
and then endeavors to find on what principles the men of 
those times reasoned and acted." LUCY TOULMIN SMITH : 
Acad., xxxiv. 7'J. 

"He gives u; a masterly and, in the present state of 
our knowledge, almost an exhaustive presentment of the 
manorial system as it existed when it first came within 
thesphere of historic cognition, and he traces the changes 
through which it passes till the signs of decay make them- 
selves abundantly apparent." AUGUSTINE JESSOPP : Nine- 
teenth Century, xxv. 620. 

4. What is Political Science? an Inaugural Lecture, 
Toronto, 1888. Prof. Ashley is also the author of an 
Essay on Feudalism in " Constitutional Lectures," 
edited by Wakeman and ILissall, Lon., 1887 ; and of 
another, on the Early History of the English Woollen 
Industry, in vol. ii. of the Publications of the American 
Economic Association, Bait., 1887. 

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Healing Art, Lon., 1875, 12mo ; 2d ed., 1880. 

Ashmead-Iiartlett. See BARTLETT. 

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1877, 12mo. 

Ashpitel, Arthur, F.S.A., 1807-1869, met with an 

accident in his boyhood which made him a cripple for 

life. He studied architecture under his father, and in 

1842 began to practise on big own account in London. 


He contributed papers to the Archaeological Association, 
wrote for the seventh edition of the Encyclopaedia 
Britannica and for the Dictionary of Architecture, and 
was the author of a number of political pamphlets, 
squibs, and vert de societe. 1. Hand-Rails and Stair- 
cases, Lon., 1851, Svo. 2. The Carpenter's New Guide; 
Book of Lines for Carpenters : comprising all 
the Elementary Principles essential for acquiring a 
Knowledge of Carpentry. Founded on the late Peter 
Nicholson's standard work. With 74 Plates. 1857, 
4to. 3. Description and Key to the View of Ancient 
Rome now in the Royal Academy, Lon., 1858, Svo. 
4. (Ed.) Treatise on Architecture, including the Arts of 
Construction, Building, Stone-Masonry, Arch, Roof, 
Joinery, Carpentry, and Strength of Materials. Illus- 
trated with nearly 60 Plates and 250 Engravings on 
Wood. [By W. Hooking and others. Originally pub- 
lished in the Encyclopaedia Britannica.] . Edin., 1S67, 

Ashpitel, Rev. Francis, M.A., graduated at 
Brasenose College, Oxford, 1849; ordained 1851; vicar 
of Flitwick, Bedfordshire, since 1880. 1. The Increase 
of the Israelites in Egypt shown to be probable from 
the Statistics of Modern Populations, Lon., 1863, Svo. 
2. A Sketch of the Rise of the Papacy, Lon., 1876, Svo. 

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tice of the Art of Designing Fancy Cotton and Woollen 
Cloths from Sample. Illust. Phila., 1874, fol. 

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other Stories, Lon., 1888, 12mo. 

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Notes of a Visit to Belgium, London, and Paris in 1870- 
71, 1873, p. Svo. 2. Disestablishment and Disendow- 
ment. By a Liberal Churchman. Manchester, 1875, 
Svo. 3. Autumn Holidays. By a Man of Business. 
Manchester, 1876, 12mo. 

Ashton, John, antiquarian. 1. Social Life in the 
Reign of Queen Anne: taken from Original Sources. 
Illust. Lon., 1882, 2 vols. 8vo: 1883, 1 vol. p. Svo. 

"The result of most conscientious and thorough work." 
Sat. Rev., Iv. 343. 

2. A History of the Chapbooks of the Eighteenth Cen- 
tury : with Fac-Similes, Notes, and Introduction, Lon., 
1882, p. Svo. 

"This is a very interesting and curious volume. ... It 
would have been satisfactory if he had traced the history 
of this kind of literature from its commencement to its 
fall." Sat. Jiev., liii. 705. 

3. The Adventures and Discoveries of Captain John 
Smith : with Fac-Siuiiles of the Original Illustrations, 
Lon., 1884, p. Svo. 4. (Ed.) Humour, Wit, and Satire 
of the Seventeenth Century, Lon., 1883, p. Svo. 

" In some respects it is a most useful book. . . . From 
its pages might be compiled a very fair picture of manners 
in the early part of the century ; and by the aid of the ex- 
cellent Bibliographical Appendix the reader is guided in 
the direction of fuller research." Sat. Rev., Ivii. 517. 

5. English Caricature and Satire on Napoleon the 
First. With 120 Illustrations from the Originals. Lon., 
1884, 2voK Svo. 

" Mr. Ashton has been diligent in searching for materials, 
and his materials are commensurate with the extent and 
importance of his subject. . . . He has injured a capital 
subject by a pretentious mode of treating it." Ath., No. 

6. Old Times : Social Life at the End of the Eighteenth 
Century. Illust. Lon., 1885, Svo. 

" His present period is the twelve years which lie be- 
tween the appearance of the Times under its present name 
in 1788 ana the end of the century. . . . The middle 
classes, their arts and manners, are the staple of his book, 
and these he has illustrated amply." Ath., No. 3042, 

7. The Dawn of the Nineteenth Century in England : a 
Social Sketch of the Times, Lon., 1885, 2 vols. p. Svo. 

" He has made excellent use of the newspapers of the 
time ; and his volumes, while they will amuse the uncriti- 
cal reader, cannot safely be neglected by the more serious 
student of the period which they treat." Sat. Rev., Ixi. 

8. The Romances of Chivalry, told and illustrated in 
Fac-Simile, Lon., 1886, Svo. 9. Eighteenth Century 
Waifs, Lon., 1887, sm. 4to. 10. A Century of Ballads: 
Illustrative of the Life, Manners, and Habits of the 
English Nation during the Seventeenth Century. Col- 
lected, Edited, and Illustrated in Fac-Simile of the Origi- 
nals. Lon., 1887-88, 4to. 

" On the whole, Mr. Ashton's compilation is exceedingly 
interesting." Sal. Rev., Ixv. 174. 

II. The Legendary History of the Cross. A Series of 
Sixty-Four Wood-Cuts from a Dutch Book published by 



Veldeneer, AD. 1483. With an Introduction written 
and illustrated by John Ashton, and a Preface by Rev. S. 
Baring-Gould. Lon., 8vo. 12. The Fleet: it* River, 
Prison, and Marriages. With Seventy Drawings by the 
Author from Original Pictures. Lon., 1887, 8vo; 1888, 
p. 8vo. 

"It contains a vast quantity of Information, and must 
have cost the compiler a great deal of labour. ... On the 
other hand, it Is difficult to find anything In it that has not 
been told before in the many histories of London." Sal. 
Rev., Ixv. 142. 

13. Modern Street Ballads. Fifty-Six Illustrations. 
Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 14. Men, Maidens, and Manners a 
Hundred Years Ago. Illust. Lon., 1888, sq. Ifirno. 

"Mr. Ashton sails under no false colours, and honest 
paste-and-scissors work is far better than the amalgam of 
fine phrases and false facts which is too often set before 
the unwary as history." Spectator, lix. 153. 

Ashton, Robert Stone. (Trans.) The True 
Christian Church, by Verney, Lon., 1868, 8vo. 

Ashton, Samuel Elkanah. Commercial De- 
pression : its Causes and Remedy. A Plea for Reci- 
procity. Lon., 1879, 8vo. 

Ashton, Mrs. Sophia Goodrich, [ante, vol. i., 
add.] 1. Sabbath Talks on the Psulms of David, Bost., 
1*1110. 2. Sabbath Talks about Jesus, 18mo. 3. Frankie's 
Book of Bible Men, 18rao. 4. Susan and Frankie, 
18mo. 5. Girlhood of Celebrated Women, N. York, 1876, 

Ashton, Thomas John. 1. A Treatise on Corns, 
Bunions, and Ingrowing of the Toe-Nail, Lon., 1852, 8vo. 

2. A Treatise on the Diseases, Injuries, and Malforma- 
tions of the Rectum and Anus, Lon., 1854, 8vo; 4th <<!., 
1863. 3. Prolapsus, Fistula in Ano, nnd Haemorrboidal 
Affections : their Pathology and Treatment, Lon., 1862, 
8vo; 3ded., 1870. 

* Ashton, Warren T.,' (Pseud.) See ADAMS, 
WM. TAYLOR, supra. 

Ashton, William Thoma, b. 1832, at Black- 
burn, Lancashire, Eng. Old Roads and Old Inhabitants 
of Darwen, 1868. 

Ashwell, Rev. Arthur Rawson, 1824-1879, 
b. in Chelsea; educated at Cambridge, where he gradu- 
ated as fifteenth wrangler in 1847; took holy orders in 
1848; in 1851 was appointed vice-principal of St. Mark's 
College, Chelsea; in 1853, principal of the Oxford Dio- 
cesan Training College at Culhaui ; in 1865, principal 
of the Training College at Durham ; in 1870, principal 
of the Theological College, Chichester, and canon resi- 
dentiary. He was editor for twelve years (1864-1876) of 
the Literary Churchman, and subsequently of the Church 
Quarterly Review, and was a regular contributor to 
these and other periodicals. His connection with Bishop 
Wilberforce, to whom he owed his appointment as prin- 
cipal of the Oxford Diocesan Training College, and on 
whom he published an article in April, 1874, led to his 
being invited to write the life of that prelate, but he lived 
only to complete the first volume. 1. The Schoolmaster's 
Studies, Lon., 1860. 2. God in his Work and Nature: 
a Series of Sermons, 1863, 12ino. 3. The Argument 
against Evening Communions briefly stated, 1875. 4. 
Lent Lectures on the Holy Catholic Church, 1876. 5. 
Septuagesima Lecture.', delivered in the Church of All 
Saints, Margaret Street, 1877, 12mo. 6. Life of the 
Right Reverend Samuel Wilberforce, D.D., Lord Bishop 
of Oxford, and afterwards of Winchester: vol. i., Lon., 
1879, 8vo. The work was completeu by R. G. Wilber- 
force, [q.v., infra.'] Also, many single sermons. 

Ashworth, Henry, 1794-1380, b. at Birtwistle, 
near Bolton, Lancashire, and educated at a school be- 
longing to the Society of Friends at Ackworth. He 
owned and managed in partnership with his brother 
extensive manufactories at Turton. He was an intimate 
friend of Cobden, and one of the founders and most 
strenuous supporters of the Anti-Corn-Law League. 1. 
Statistical Illustrations of the Past and Present State 
of Lancashire, Lon., 1842, 8vo. 2. Cotton: its Culti- 
vation, Manufacture, and Uses, Manchester, 1858, 8vo. 

3. A Tour in the United States, Cuba, and Canada: a 
Course of Lectures, Lon., 1861, 8vo. 4. The Preston 
Strike : an Enquiry into its Causes and Consequences, 
Manchester, 1854, 8vo. 5. Recollections of Richard 
Cobden and the Anti-Corn-Law League, Lon., 1877, p. 
8vo; new ed., 1879. 

Ashworth, James George. 1. Leisure Mo- 
ments: Songs and Poems, Wisbech, 1878, 12mo. 2. 
Imperial Ben : a Jew d'Esprit, [satirical verses on the 
Earl of Beaconsfield,] Lon., 1879, 12uio. 

Ashworth, John, 1813-1875, b. at Cutgate, near 
Rochdale, Eng. His parents were poor woollen- weavers, 
and he had only the barest education. In 1858 he 
founded a chapel for the destitute at Rochdale, and 
preached with great success to a large congregation of 
the poorest class of a large manufacturing town. He 
was a manufacturer, a lecturer, and an author aa well. 
His Strange Tales, printed at first as separate tracts, hare 
been translated into half a dozen languages and have 
had a circulation of millions of copies. For biog. see 
'AI.VAN, A. I.., infra. 1. Strange Tales from Humble 
Life, Manchester, 1863-76, 12mo. 6 Series. (Series 6th 
by Mrs. I. Reaney.) 2. Walks in Canaan. Illust. 1869, 
IL'ino. 3. Simple Records, 1871-72, 12ino. 2 Series. 4. 
Back from Canaan. Illust. 1873, 12mo. 5. Short Stories: 
Selections from Simple Records and Strange Tales, 4 parts, 
1878. With PASTOR, R., Short Tales for Young Readers, 
edited and revised by R. Pastor, Lon., 1870, Svo. 

Ashworth, John Hervey, M.A., graduated at 
Oxford 1819. The Saxon in Ireland; or, The Rambles 
of Rathlynn, an Englishman, in Search of a Settle- 
ment in the West of Ireland, Lon., 1851. Anon. 1864, 
3 vols. p. 8vo. 

Ashworth, Philip Arthur, b. 1854; graduated 
at Oxford; called to the bar at the Inner Temple 1881. 
1. (Trans.) The Battle for Right, (Der Kampf urns 
Recht,) by Dr. Von Jhering, Professor der Rechte zu 
Gb'ttingen, Lon., 1883, 12mo. 2. (Trans.) The History 
of the English Constitution, by Dr. Rudolph Gneist, 
Lon., 1886, 2 vols. 8vo. 3. (Trans.) The Nation in 
Arms; from the German of Lieut.-Col. Baron von der 
Goltz, Lon., 1887, 8vo. 4. (Trans.) History of the 
Latin and Teutonic Nations from 1494 to 1514, by Leo- 
pold von Ranke, Lon., 1887, 12mo. 

"The translation is anything but satisfactory." Acad^ 
xxi. 323. 

Ashworth, Thomas. The Salmon-Fisheries of 
England, 1868, Lon., 1868, 12mo. 

Aspinall, Clara. Three Months in Melbourne, 
Lon., 1862, 8vo. 

Aspinall, Rev. James, [ante, vol. i., add.,] d. 
1861, an English clergyman, held several curacies, and 
from 1844 till his death was rector of Althorpe. In 
1831, while incumbent of a church in Liverpool, he at- 
tracted much attention by a sermon entitled The Crisis; 
or, The Signs of the Times with regard to the Church of 
England. (This is mentioned ante, vol. i.) 1. Roscoe'a 
Library; or, Old Books and Old Times, Liverpool, 1853, 
8vo. 2. Parish Sermons, Lon., 1854, 8vo. 3. A Second 
Series of Parish Sermons, 1859, 8vo. Also, single 

Aspinall, W. B. San Remo as a Winter Resi- 
dence. By an Invalid. 2d ed., Lon., 1865; 3d ed., 
edited by his widow, 1869. 

Aspland, Alfred. 1. Manchester Statistical So- 
ciety: Inaugural Address, Manchester, 1863, 8vo. 2. 
Crime in Manchester, and Police Administration, 1868, 
Svo. With ASPLAND, J. LEES, Memoranda of a Loan 
Collection of Mezzotint Proofs, Ac., 1874, Svo. 

Aspland, Lieut.-Col. J. Lees. English Drill : 
a Historical Sketch, Manchester, 1888, Svo. 

Aspland, Rev. Robert Brook, M.A., 1805- 
1869, son of the Rev. Robert Aspland, [q. v., ante, vol. 
i.,] b. at Newport, Isle of Wight, Eng., and educated 
at the University of Glasgow and at Manchester College, 
York. He was for a time co-pastor with Dr. Saul Car- 
penter at Bristol ; succeeded his father as editor of the 
Christian Reformer in 1845; and was made secretary to 
the British and Foreign Unitarian Association in 1859. 
He published in 1850 a memoir of his father, which ia 
mentioned ante, vol. i. Also, 1. A Brief Memoir of the 
Rev. Paul Carsdale. 1852. 2. Paul Best, the Unitarian 
Confessor, 1853 3. Mr. Richard Frankland and Dr. 
Henry Sampson, 1862. Pamph. 

Asquith, Herbert Henry, b. 1852; graduated at 
Balliol College, Oxford, 1874; called to the bar at Lin- 
coln's Inn 1876. An Election Guide: Rules for the 
Conduct of Elections in England and Wales, Lon., 
1885, Svo. 

Astir, M. 1. (Trans.) Outlines of Philosophy, by 
Alexander Vinet, Lon., 1865, p. Svo. 2. (Trans.) Out- 
lines of Theology, by Alexander Vinet, Lon., 1865, p. Svo. 

Aston, Claude. They are only Cousins: a Novel, 
Lon., 1855, l-un>. 

Aston, Frederic. (Trans.) Schinornick's 
Sketches of Provincial Life; from the Russian, Lon., 
1861, Svo. 




Aston, Rev. John Astbnry, M.A., graduated 
at Trinity College, Dublin, 1848; ordained I860; vicar 
of St. Luke, Cheltenham, 1871. Early Witness to Gospel 
Truth, (Sermons,) Lon., 1868, p. 8vo. 

Aston, Theodore, M.A., Q.C., b. 1827; graduated 
at St. John's College, Cambridge, 1850 ; called to the 
bar at Lincoln's Ion 1853. Patents, Designs, and 
Trade-Marks Act, 1883 : with Notes, Lon., 1884, r. 12mo. 

Aston, >V. G., M.A., assistant Japanese secretary 
H. B. M.'s Legation, Yedo. 1. Short Grammar of the 
Japanese Spoken Language, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 2. A 
Grammar of the Japanese Written Language; 2d ed., 
1877, 8vo. 

Astor, William Waldorf, great-grandson of 
John Jacob Astor, (the first of the name,) graduated at 
the Law School of Columbia College in 1875, served for 
a term in the New York State Senate, and from 1882 to 
1885 was U.S. minister to Italy. Valentino : an His- 
torical Romance of the Sixteenth Century in Italy, N. 
York, 1885, 12mo. 

Atcherley, Charlotte. Cords and Discords : a 
Family Record of Long Ago, Lon., 1880, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Atcherley, David Francis. The Exile of Saint 
Helena. By D. F. A. Lon., 1861, 8vo. 

Atcherley, Rowland J., Ph.D. 1. Adultera- 
tions of Food : Short Processes for their Detection, 
Lon., 1874, 8vo. 2. Notes on Milk, Ac., Lon., 1877, 
8vo. 3. A Trip to Boerland ; or, A Year's Travel, Sport, 
and Gold-Digging in the Transvaal and Colony of Natal, 
Lon.. 1879, 8vo. 

" He has made a useful contribution to our knowledge 
of the Transvaal." Ath., No. 2720. 

Athelby, P. Merry and Grave, Lon., 1877, cr. 8vo. 

Atherstone, Edwin, [ante, vol. i., add.,] 1788- 
1872, b. at Nottingham, Eng., a voluminous writer, 
whose poems and romances gained a passing notice and 
applause from the grandiose s.-ale on which they were 
planned, and procured him a pension of 100?. a year. 
The following list of his publications includes those men- 
tioned ante, vol. i., where there are some omissions : 
1. The Fall of Herculaneum, and Abradates and Pan- 
theon, Lon., 1821, 12 mo. 2. A Midsummer Day's 
Dream : a Poem, 1824, 8vo. 3. The Fall of Nineveh : 
a,Poem. Books I. to VI., 1828. Books VII. to XIII., 
1847. The Complete Work, 30 Books, 1868,2 vols. 12mo. 
4. The Sea-Kings in England: an Historical Romance, 
1830, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 5. The Handwriting on the Wall : a 
Story, 1858, 3 vols. p. 8vo. (The scene is laid in Babylon, 
B.c. 538.) 

"Whatever faults the book may have, it is certainly free 
from the sin of being light reading." Sat. Rev. 

6. Israel in Egypt: a Poem, 1861, 8vo. 

Atherton, Uev. Charles Isaac, M.A., grad- 
uated at St. John's College, Cambridge, 1863 ; ordained 
1863; rector of Farringdon, Exeter, since 1887. 1. 
Nature's Parables, Lon., 1865, 16mo. 2. Via Dolorosa, 
Lon., 1865. 3. Ancient Types : Modern Applications to 
the Christian Life, Lon., 1886, 12mo. 4. The Garden 
of God: Conversational Catechisings and Addresses, 
Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 5. The World Asleep, Lon., 1888. 

Atherton, Gertrude Franklin. What Dreams 
may Come : a Romance, N. York and Chic., 1888, 12mo. 

* Atherton, Harper," (Pseud.) See FOWLER, 
FRANK, infra. 

Atherton, Maria. Centzontli, and other Poems, 
Lon., 1872, 12mo. 

Atkins, Mrs. Anna, daughter of John George 
Children, [q. c., ante, vol. i.] 1. Memoir of J. G. Chil- 
dren, including some Unpublished Poetry by his Father 
and Himself. By A. A. Westminster, 1853, 8vo. Printed 
for private distribution. 2. The Colonel, Lon., 1853, p. 
8vo. Anon. 3. The Perils of Fashion, 1852, 3 vols. 
p. 8vo. Anon. 4. A Page from the Peerage, Lon., 
1863, 2 vols. p. 8vo. Anon. 

Atkins, Edward. Pure Mathematics, ("Advance 
Science" Series,) Glasgow, 1874, 2 vols. 12mo. 

Atkins, J. Coins and Tokens of the Possessions 
and Colonies of the British Empire, Lon., 1888, 8vo. 

Atkins, James B. The Mountain-Top; or, 
Glimpses of the Higher Life, Lon., 1873, 32mo. 

Atkins, John Kingwood. 1. (Trans.) Katharine 
Parr, -by L. Muehlbach, Lon., 1862, 12ino. 2. The 
Book of Racquets : a Practical Guide to the Game and 
its History, Lon., 1872, 8vo 

Atkins, Miss Mary A. 1. Earl Whiting, Bo?t., 
16mo. 2. Earnest Brownley's Trials and Tempta- 
tion--, Bost., 18mo. 3. Ellis Amory, Bost., 18mo. 
4. Motherless Maud, Boat., Ifiuao. 5. Must; or, Ann 

Holbrook's Girlhood, Bost., 16mo. 6. Little Peanut- 
Merchant, Bc-st., 1869. 16mo. 

Atkins, Richard. The Average Clause: Hints on 
the Settlement of Claims for Losses by Fire under Mer- 
cantile Policies, Lon., 1866, p. 8vo. 

Atkins, Rev. Thomas, late of the Church of St. 
Simon, Salford. 1. Ministerial Fidelity and Clerical 
Delinquency : a Discourse, Manchester, 1857, 8vo. 2. 
The Heroism of the Clerical Ulysses; or, Six Arrows 
shot from the Bow of Ulysses at the Mercenary and 
Lustful Suitors for Ecclesiastical Preferment, Man- 
chester, 1857, 8vo. 3. The Wanderings of the Clerical 
Ulysses described in a Narrative of Ten Years' Resi- 
dence in Tasmania and New South Wales, Ac., Green- 
wich, 1859, 8vo. 4. American Slavery: a Reply to 
the Letter of Bishop Hopkins, of Vermont, N. York, 
1861, 8vo. 

Atkins, W. G. History of the Town of Hawley, 
Mass., from 1771-1887, West Cuminington, Mass., 1887, 

Atkins, Walter B. Three Essays on the Eternal 
Worship of Christ, the Kingdom of Heaven, and the 
Resurrection, Lon., 1859, 8vo. 

Atkinson, Miss. Little Willie. Illust. Phila., 
1864, 32mo. 

Atkinson, D. II., ("Jeremiah Odrnan.") 1. Old 
Leeds : its Bygones and Celebrities. By an Old Leeds 
Cropper. Leeds, 1868, p. 8vo. 2. Ralph Thoresby, the 
Topographer; his Town and Times, Leeds, 1885, 8vo. 

Atkinson, E. C. Interest made Easy, a Thou- 
sand Years as a Day : a Short, Simple, Practical Method, 
Sacramento, Cal., 1884, Ifiino. 

Atkinson, Edmund, Ph.D., F.C.S., late professor 
of experimental science in the Staff College. 1. 
(Trans.) Elementary Treatise on Physics, by Prof. 
Ganot. Illust. Lon., 1863, cr. 8vo; 9th ed., 1879. 2. 
(Trans.) Natural Philosophy for General Readers and 
Young Persons, by Prof. Ganot. Illust., and with Ap- 
pendix of Questions. Lon., 1872, cr. 8vo; new ed., 
1878. 3. (Trans.) Lectures on Popular Scientific Sub- 
jects, by H. Helmholtz. 2 Series. Lon., 1873-81, 
p. 8vo. 4. Problems and Examples in Physics, Lon., 
1876, 8vo. 5. (Trans.) A Treatise on Electricity and 
Magnetism, by E. Mascart and J. Joubert, Lon., 1883 
88, 2 vols. demy 8vo. 

Atkinson, Edward, b. 1827, at Brookline, Mass., 
has published a large number of pamphlets and articles 
in periodicals upon the cotton-supply, protection to in- 
dustry, labor and capital, banking, railways, industrial 
education, revenue reform, economic legislation, com- 
munism, Ac. Also: 1. The Distribution of Products; 
or, The Metaphysics and Mechanism of Exchange, N. 
York, 1885, 12mo. 2. The Margin of Profits, Ac.: an 
Address delivered before the Central Labor Lyceum of 
Boston, 1887, ("Questions of the Day,") N. York, 
1887, 12mo. 3. Bi-Metallism in Europe: Report on the 
Precious Metals and Question of Standards, 1888, 8vo. 

Atkinson, Miss Emma Willsher. 1. Memoirs 
of the Queens of Prussia. Lon., 1 858, 8vo. 

' There is no attempt at research, and nothing that dis- 
plays a real insight into the character of the times and 
people described. . . . There is a profusion of lively anec- 
dotes, and they are woven together by a sufficient strand 
of text." Sat. Rev. 

2. Extremes: a Novel, Lon., 1859, 2 vols. p. 8vo; 
new ed., 1866, 12mo. 

Atkinson, Rev. Frederick, M.A., graduated at 
Trinity College, Cambridge, 1853; ordained 1854; vicar 
of Long Eaton, Derbyshire, 1864-81, and since then 
rector of Darley. 1. The Resurrection, and other Po- 
ems, Lon., 1878, p. 8vo. 2. South African War Verses, 
1880, 8vo. 

Atkinson, G. F. 1. Pictures from the North in 
Pen and Pencil, Lon., 1848, 8vo. 2. Indian Spices for 
English Tables ; or, A Rare Relish for Fun from the Far 
East. Illust. 1860, obi. 4to. 

Atkinson, G. W. After the Moonshiners. By One 
of the Raiders. Wheeling, W. Va., 1881. 

Atkinson, George, Sergeant-at-Law, [ante, vol. 
i., add.] Papinian : a Dialogue on State Affairs, Lon., 
1864, p. 8vo. 

Atkinson, George Franklin. 1. The Campaign 
in India, 1857-58; from Drawings made during the 
Mutiny: with Descriptive Letter-Press, Lon., 1859, fol. 
2. " Curry and Rice," on Forty Plates ; or, The Ingre- 
dients of Social Life at our Station ; 2d ed., Lon., 1859, 
4 to. 

Atkinson, I. Priestman. 1. The Ballad History 



of the Wonderful Derby Ram, Lon., 1867. r. Svo. 2. A 
Week at the Lakes: Adventures of Mr. Dobbs and Mr. 
Potts, and what came of it. Illust. Lon., 1878, fol. 

Atkinson, Israel. 1. The Saviour's Touch, Lon., 
1855, 1 MHO. 2. The Experience of . Willey : with 
Reflections, Lon., 1860, 8vo. 3. The Atonement, Lon., 
1875, 12mo. 4. Faith, Lon., 1877, 8vo. 5. Appendix 
to " Faith," Lon., 1879, 8vo. 

Atkinson, J. J. 1. Practical Treatise on the Gases 
met with in Coal-Mines, Lon., 1871, 12tno. 2. Friction 
of Air in Mines, N. York, 1874, 18mo. 

Atkinson, Rev. James Augustus, D.C.L., grad- 
uated at Exeter College, Oxford, 1853; ordained 1854; 
vicar of Bolton since 1887; hon. canon of Manchester. 
1. Prayers for Adults, Manchester, 1872, 32tno. 2. 
The Salvation Army and the Church : a Paper, Man- 
chester, 1882, 870. 

Atkinson, Jane, ("Jenny Wren.") Facts and 
Fancies in Prose and Verse, Lon., 1864, 12mo. 

Atkinson, Rev. John, D.D., b. 1835, at Deerneld, 
N.J., became a minister of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church in 1853, and has been pastor of congregations in 
New Jersey, in Chicago, and in Michigan. !!< has con- 
tributed largely to the periodical press of his denomina- 
tion, and is the author of the well-known hymn " We 
shall meet beyond the river." 1. The Living Way : 
Suggestions concerning the Duties of the Christian Life, 
Cin., 1856, Itimo. 2. Memorials of Methodism in New 
Jersey; 2d ed., Phila., 1860, 12ino. 3. The Garden of 
Sorrows; or, The Ministry of Tears; new ed., N. York, 
1868, 12mo. 4. The Class-Leader : his Work, and How 
to do it, N. York, 1874, 12mo. 5. Centennial History of 
American Methodism, inclusive of its Ecclesiastical Or- 
ganization in 1784, and its Subsequent Development 
under the Superintendency of Francis Asbury, N. York, 
1884. 8vo. 

Atkinson, Rev. John Christopher, D.C.L., 
b. 1814, at Goldhanger, Essex, Eng. ; graduated at St. 
John's College, Cambridge, 1838; ordained 1841 : vicar 
of Danby, Yorkshire, since 1847. He has contributed 
many papers on archaeological and philological subjects 
to the proceedings of various learned societies. 1. 
Walks, Talks, Travels, and Exploits of Two School-Boys, 

1859, 12rno; new ed., 1873. 2. Play-Hours and Half- 
Holidays ; or, Further Experiences of Two School-Boys, 

1860, 12iiio ; new ed., 1873. 3. Sketches in Natural 
History : with an Essay on Reason aud Instinct. Illust. 
Lon., 1861, 12mo; new ed., 1865. 4. British Birds' Eggs 
and Nests popularly described. Illust. 1861, 12mo ; new 
ed., 1886. 5. Stanton Grange; or, At a Private Tutor's. 
Illust. Lon., 1863, 12ino. 6. A Glossary of the Cleveland 
Dialect, Lon., 1868, 4to. 7. Lost; or, What came of 
a Slip from "Honour Bright," Lon., 1869, 12mo. 8. 
The History of Cleveland, Ancient and Modern. Vol. I. 
Illust. Lon., 1872, 4to. 

"The archaeological and philological portions of this 
volume seem to us by much the most valuable. In bio- 
graphical interest the history is altogether wanting." 
Acad., vil. 4J6. 

9 Additions to a Glossary of the Cleveland Dialect, 
Lon., 1876. 8vo. 10. (Ed.) Cartularium Abbathiae de 
Whiteby, Ordinis S. Benedict i, fundataa Anno ML- 
XXVIII., 2 vols., (Surtees Soc.,) Lon., 1879, 8vo. 11. 
A Hand-Book for Ancient Whiteby and its Abbey. 1882. 
12. (Ed.) Quarter Sessions Records, (North Riding 
Record Soc. Pub.,) Vol. I. Part I., 1883. 13. Lonsdale 
Glossary : Furness Coucher Book, (Cheetham Soc.,) 
Manchester, 1886-87, 3 vols. 14. Chartulary of Rievaulx 
Abbey, (Surtees Soc. Pub.,) Durham, 1888, 8vo. 

Atkinson, Joseph. The History of Newark, 
New Jersey : being a Narrative of its Rise and Progress 
from 1666 to the Present Time. Illust. Newark, 1878, 

Atkinson, Joseph Beavington, 1822-1886, b. 
at Manchester, England ; passed much of his early life 
at Bristol, where he lectured on art, and was for many 
years honorary secretary of the Bristol School of Art. In 
1865 he settled in London and devoted himself to art- 
literature, becoming the regular art critic of the Saturday 
Review, and contributing largely to other periodicals. 
1. An Art Tour to Northern Capitals of Europe, Lon., 
1873, 8vo. 

" Although he confines himself mainly to the subject of 
fine art in what he chooses to communicate to the public, 
it is evident from many scattered observations that he is 
keenly observant of everything that passes around him." 
Sat. Jta'., xxxvii. 90. 

2. Studies among the Painters, 1874, 4to. 3. The 

Schools of Modern Art in Germany. Illust Lon., 1880, 
fol. ; also, large-paper copies. 

" He has aimed, he says, not at an exhaustive compila- 
tion, but rather at a simple record of his own observations 
during a period of more than thirty yean. ... He speaks 
throughout from personal and careful examination of the 
things he writes about, and completely avoids the tone of 
dogmatism which is, and it is to be hoped will remain, the 
special property of the affected school. 'Sat. Rev., \. 683. 

4. Overbeck, ("Great Artists,") 1882, cr. 8vo. With 
COLVIX, SIDNEY, and others: 1. English Painters of 
the Present Day : Essays. Illust. Lon., 1871, 4to. 2. 
English Artists of the Present Day. Illust. Lon., 1872, 

Atkinson, Louisa. See CALVERT, MRS. CAROLINE 

Atkinson, Mary Ellen. 1. Hester's Happy Sum- 
mer, Bout., 1870, 16ino. 2. Ivy Leaves: Religious 
Poems, Phila., 1872, 12mo. 3. Rose and Millie, Bost., 
1872, ICino. 4. The Architect of Cologne, and other 
Poems, Bost., 1873, 12mo. 

Atkinson, Philip. 1. Elements of Static Elec- 
tricity, N. York, 1887, 12mo. 2. The Elements of Electric 
Lighting, including Electric Generation, Measurement, 
Storage, and Distribution. Illust. N. York, 1888, 

Atkinson, Rev. Peter Righton, M.A. Cam., 
d. 1888, aged 59; ordained 1855; for many years vicar 
of Dorking; rector of Frensham, Surrey, 1885; canon 
residentiary of Winchester and archdeacon of Surrey. 
1. God's Providences compared with his Graces: a 
Sermon, Lon., 1857, Svo. 2. Questions to the Nation: 
a Sermon, Oxford, 1871, Svo. 3. The Church a Dis- 
penser of Things New and Old : a Sermon, Oxford, 1877, 

Atkinson, Robert, LL.D. 1. (Ed.) Vie de Seint 
Auban : a Poem in Norman-French, ascribed to M. 
Paris, Dublin, 1876, 4to. 2. (Ed.) The Book of Leinster : 
with Introduction, Analysis of Contents, and Index, 
(Royal Irish Acad. Pub.,) Dublin, 1880, fol. 3. (Ed.) 
The Book of Ballymote: a Collection of Pieces (Prose 
and Verse) in the Irish Language; now for the first 
time published, from the Original Manuscript in the 
Library of the Royal Irish Academy : with Introduction, 
Ac., Dublin, 1887. 

Atkinson, Thomas Witlam, [mite, vol. i., add ,] 
1799-1861. b. in Yorkshire, Eng., of humble parentage, 
was a stonemason and educated himself for an architect, 
but gave up that profession and became a traveller, 
spending many years in the then unknown regions of 
Siberia and Kamchatka. He published, in addition to 
works mentioned in vol. i. : Travels in the Region of 
the Upper and Lower Amoor and the Russian Acquisi- 
tions on the Confines of India and China. Map and 
Illust. Lon., 1860, Svo. 

Atkinson, Mrs. Thomas Witlam. Recollec- 
tions of the Tartar Steppes and their Inhabitants, Lon., 
1863, p. Svo. 

Atkinson, William. Principles of Social and 
Political Economy, vol. i., Lon., 1858, Svo. 

Atkinson, William B. 1. Hints in the Obstetric 
Procedure, Phila., 1875, 12mo. 2. Medical Register 
and Directory of Philadelphia, Phila., 1875, 12mo. 3. 
(Ed.) Therapeutics of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Phila., 
1880, 8vo. 

Atkinson, Rev. William Blake, ordained 1873; 
rector of Kington with Dormston, Worcestershire, 1879 
86, and since then of Bradley. 1. Poems, Wallingford, 
1867, p. Svo. 2. Songs of the Heart: Poems on Various 
Subjects, Lon., 1871. p. Svo. 3. John and Mary Ann: 
a Ballad Story of the Cotton-Famine, Lon., 1871, 12mo. 
4. Pilgrim Songs, chiefly Sacred, Lon., 1883, 12mo. 

Atkinson, William Parsons, d. 1890 ; graduated 
at Harvard College; became professor of English and 
history at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
1887. 1. Classical and Scientific Studies, and the Great 
Schools of England, Cambridge, Mass., 1865, Svo. 2. 
Dynamic and Mechanic Teaching, Cambridge, 1869, 
12mo. 3. On the Right Use of Books, Bost., 1879, 16mo. 
4. On History and the Study of History : Three Lec- 
tures, Bost., 1884, 16mo. 5. The Study of Politics: an 
Introductory Lecture, Bost., 1888, 16mo. 

Atlee, Washington Lemuel, M.D., [nnte, vol. 
i., add.,] d. 1878. He had resigned the chair of medi- 
cal chemistry at the Medical School of the University 
of Pennsylvania in 1853. General and Differential 
Diagnosis of Ovarian Tumors, with Special Reference 




to the Operation of Ovariotomy, Phila. and Lon., 1873, 

Alley, H. Reminiscences: a Topographical Ac- 
count of Market Lavington, Ac. Illust. Salisbury, 
1855, 8vo. 

Atson, William. Heart Whispers, Phila., 1860, 

Atteridge, Andrew Hilliard. Islam. By A. 
H. A. Lon , 1878. 

Atteridge, Helen. 1. "Foremost if I can." 
Illust. Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 2. Bunty and the Boys, 
Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 

Atteridge, Mary Ellen. 1. Immaculate, [verse,] 
Lon., 1871, 8vo. 2. The Story of a Picture, and other 
Stories, Lon., 1875, p. 8vo. 

Attfield, John, Ph.D., F.R.S., b. 1835, at Fryern 
Barnet, Herts, Eng., and educated at a pharmaceutical 
college in London ; took his degree at the University 
of Tubingen, Germany, in 1862, and soon afterwards 
became professor of practical chemistry to the Phar- 
maceutical Society of London. 1. An Introduction to 
Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Lon., 1867, p. 8vo. 2. 
Chemistry : General, Medical, and Pharmaceutical, 1869, 
Svo; llth ed., 1885. 3. The Origin, Extension, and 
Prevention of Fires, 1872, 8vo. 4. Water and Water- 
Supplies, and Unfermented Beverages, Lon., 1884. 

Altfield, William. The Neptune's Car: a Tale 
of New York, Lon., 1857, p. 8vo. 

Atthill, Lombe, M.I). Clinical Lectures on Dis- 
eases peculiar to Women, Dublin, 1871, p. 8vo ; 6th ed., 
enl., 1880. 

Alt well, Henry, F.R.G.S., Knight of the order of 
the Oak Crown, b. 1834, at Romford, Essex. Eng. ; edu- 
cated privately ; after some years devoted to educational 
work in England was appointed to a mastership in a 
celebrated school at Noortheij, Holland, and subsequently 
to a lectorship in the University of Leyden, where, at 
the invitation of the king, he directed the ftudies of 
the Prince of Orange, and in recognition of his services 
received an order of knighthood. In 1859 he founded 
a school for higher education at Barnes, Surrey, which 
he continued to conduct till 1880. He is a member of 
the Philological Society of London, and a frequent con- 
tributor to Notes and Queries. Besides educational 
books, including an annotated edition of Goethe's 
Iphigenia and a Table of the Aryan Languages, 
(Leipsic, 1870,) he has published : 1. (Trans.) Phan- 
toms : Victor Hugo, Orientales, No. 33, Leyden, 1856, 8vo. 
2. (Ed.) A Book of Thoughts, [selections,] Lon., 1865, 
12ino. Anon. 3. (Ed.) A Book of Golden Thoughts, 
('Golden Treasury" Series,) 1870, 12mo. 4. (Trans.) 
Pensdes of Joseph Joubert, Selected and Trans- 
lated : with the Original French, 1877, p. 8vo. 5. 
(Trans.) The Leper of the City of Aosta, by Xavier 
de Maistre: with the Original French, 1873, 12mo. 
6. (Trans.) A Journey Round my Room ; from the 
French of Xavier de Maistre, 1883, 12mo. 7. French- 
English Pseudo-Synonymes, Lon., 1886, 8vo. 8. The 
Italian Masters, with Special Reference to Paintings in 
the National Gallery, Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 

Attwill, R. I., and Schofield, W. J. Pros- 
pector's Manual for Discovery of Quartz and Placer In- 
dications of Gold and Silver Mines, Bost., 1875, 16mo. 

Attwood, George. Practical Blowpipe- Assay ing. 
Illust. Lon., 1880, 8vo. 

Atwater, Rev. Edward E. 1. A Genealogical 
Register of the Descendants in the Male Line of David 
Atwater, one of the Original Planters of New Haven, to 
the Sixth Generation, New Haven, 1873, 8vo. 2. His- 
tory and Significance of the Sacred Tabernacle of the 
Hebrews. Illust. N. York, 1875, 12mo. 3. History of 
the Colony of New Haven to its Absorption into Con- 
necticut. Maps and Illust. New Haven, 1881, 8vo. 

" Negative faults will easily be overlooked in the strong 
feeling of delight and gratitude with which those who 
love the memory of the founders of New Haven will wel- 
come this solid and excellent work." Nation, xxii. 465. 

4. (Ed.) History of the City of New Haven to the 
Present Time. By an Association of Writers. Illust. 
N. York, 1887, imp. 8vo. 

Atwater, Rev. Horace Cowles, 1819-1879, b. 
at Homer, Cortland Co., N.Y.; studied in the Yale Divin- 
ity School, and became a minister of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church. Incidents of a Southern Tour ; or, The 
South as seen with Northern Eyes, Bost., 1857, 16mo. 

Atwater, Rev. Lyman Hotchkiss, 1813-1883, 
b. at New Haven, Conn. ; educated at Yale College and 

Yale Theological Seminary ; professor of mental and 
moral philosophy at Princeton College 1854-69; after- 
wards professor of logic and of moral and political 
science, and editor of the Princeton Review. Manual 
of Elementary Logic, Phila., 1867, 12mo. 

Atwater, Wilbur Olin, Ph.D., b. 1844, at 
Johnsburg, N.Y.; educated at Wesleyan University, 
Middletown, Conn.; studied chemistry at New Haven 
and in Germany, and in 1873 became professor of 
chemistry at Wesleyan University. He has published 
numerous papers in the scientific journals of France and 
Germany as well as of the United States. 1. Co-oper- 
ative Experimenting as a Means of Studying the Effect 
of Fertilizers, and Feeding Capacities of Plants, (U.S. 
Govt. Pub.,) Wash., 1881, 8vo. 2. Results of Field Ex- 
periments with Various Fertilizers, Wash., 1883, 8vo. 

Atwell, Rev. B. W. Principles of Elocution and 
Vocal Culture, Providence, R.I., 1868, 8vo. 

Atwell, William Erskine. The Pauline Theory 
of the Inspiration of Holy Scripture, Lon., 1878, 8vo. 

Atwood, Rev. Anthony, 1801-1888, b. at Bur- 
lington, N.J. ; entered the ministry of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church in 1825. The Abiding Coinfoiter, 
Phila., 1874, 12mo. 

Atwood, Daniel T., an American architect. 1. 
Country and Suburban Houses. Illust. N.York, 12mo. 
2. Modern American Homesteads. Illust. N. York, 1876, 
8vo. 3. Revised Rules of Proportion adapted to Mod- 
ern Practice. Illust. N. York, 12mo ; 2d ed., 1879. 

Atwood, E. W. Stromata Pro-catholica: a Series 
of Papers, Lon., 1864, 12ino. 

Atwood, Rev. Edward S., D.D. The Trans- 
figuration of Lii'e, and other Sermons : a Memorial Vol- 
ume. Bost., 1888, 12mo. 

Atwood, Isaac Morgan, D.D., b. 1838, at Pem- 
broke, Genesee Co., N.Y. ; entered the ministry of the 
Universalist Church in 1859, was pastor of congregations 
in New York. Maine, and Massachusetts, and since 1879 
has been president of Canton Theological Seminary, St. 
Lawrence University, where he is also professor of 
theology and ethics. He was editor of the Boston Uni- 
versalist in 1867-72, and of the Christian Leader in 
1873-75, and has been associate editor of the latter jour- 
nal since 1875. 1. Have we outgrown Christianity? 
Bost., 1870. 2. Glance at the Religious Progress of the 
United States, 1874. 3. Latest Word of Universalism, 
1878. 4. Walks about Zion, Bost., 1881, 16mo. 5. 
Manual of Revelation, 1888. 

Aubertin, J. J. 1. (Trans.) Eleven Days' Jour- 
ney in the Province of Sao Paulo, with the Americans 
Drs. Gaston and Shaw ; from the Portuguese, Lou., 
1866, 8vo. 2. Seventy Sonnets of Camoens : Portu- 
guese Text and Translations: with Original Poems, 
Lon., 1881, p. 8vo. 

"Mr. Aubertin has fulfilled in the most remarkable 
manner a task of no ordinary difficulty." Acad., xx. 

3. A Flight to Mexico. Illust. Lon., 1882, p. 8vo. 

" He has the eye of a poet and a traveller for descrip- 
tion." Sat. Rev., liv. 212. 

4. (Trans.) The Lusiads of Camoens, in English Verse, 
Lon., 1884, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 5. Six Months in Cape Col- 
ony and Natal, and One Month in TenerifTe and Madeira. 
Illust. Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 6. A Fight with Distances: 
The States, the Hawaiian Islands, Canada, Cuba, the 
Bahamas, Ac. Illust. and Maps. Lon., 1888, cr. Svo. 

" He did not leave the well-trodden tracks. But what 
he saw he describes with excellent effect, great good 
humour, and not infrequently with a keenness of penetra- 
tion which gives his book a distinct value." ROBERT 
BROWN : Acad., xxxiii. 338. 

Aubrey, D. Letters from Bombay, Lon., 1884, 
p. Svo. 

Aubrey, Frederick. Brought to Repentance: a 
Novel, Lon., 1886, 2 parts, p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1878. 

Aubrey, William Hickman Smith. The Na- 
tional and Domestic History of England. Illust. Lon., 
1867-70, 3 vols. p. Svo. 

Anchincloss, William S., Mechanical and Civil 
Engineer. Application of the Slide-Valve and Link Mo- 
tion to Stationary and Locomotive Engines, with New 
Methods for Proportioning the Parts : with Scale. Illust. 
N. York, 1870, Svo; new ed., 1875. 

Auchmnty, Rev. Arthur Compton, M.A., grad- 
uated at Lincoln College, Oxford, 1865; ordained 1867; 
vicar of Luckton, Herefordshire, since 1873. 1. Verses, 
Original and Translated, Exeter, 1869, Svo. 2. Dives 
and Pauper, and other Sermons, Lon., 1887, cr. Svo. 



3. (Ed.) Poems of English Heroism, from Brunan- 
burgh to Lucknow, Lou., 1882, 12ino. 

Audain, It. Colours of Infantry, Movements of 
Colour Party at Drill, Ac., Lon., 1887, 32mo. 

Audsley, George Ashdown, b. 1838, at Elgin, 
Scotland, Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Archi- 
tecture. 1. Guide to the Art of Illuminating and Mis- 
sal Painting, 1861. 2. liand-Book of Christian Sym- 
bolism, Lon., 1865, 4to. 3. The Art of Chrouno-Lithog- 
raphy, (with 44 plates showing separate impressions 
of all the stones employed, Ac.,) fol. 4. Notes on Jap- 
anese Art. Illustrated by Specimens of Japanese Art, 
from the Collection of James L. Bowes, Esq. Liver- 
pool, 1874. Printed for private circulation. 

"Contains the catalogue of an exhibition of enamels, 
Persian ware, Satsuma faVence, lacquer-work, porcelain, 
ivory carvings, nietal-work, &c., which was held by the 
Liverpool Art Club, and the contents of which were sup- 
plied by loans from lovers of Oriental Art. Mr. Audsley s 
lecture is concise and lucid." Ath., No. 2412. 

5. The Ornamental Arts of Japan. Illust. Lon., 
1882-86, 2 vols. (Originally published in parts.) 

"On its superb plates all the resources of MM. Lemer- 
cier, of Paris, have been lavished, arid the best qualities 
of the chromo-lithographic and heliogravure processes 
have been developed in delineating the art of the extreme 
East, especially its incrusted work. Ath.. No. 3077. 

" In this splendid work, now brought safely to a conclu- 
sion, we have the most perfect view of Japanese art which 
has yet been published. . . . No effort has been spared, 
either by author or publisher, to produce this satisfactory 
result. The collections of Europe and America have been 
ransacked to supply the finest examples for illustration, 
the most skilful lithographers of Paris and Berlin have 
been employed to furnish the plates, and the aid of the 
most learned students of Japan and her arts has been 
called in to assist the cultivated counoisseurship of the 
author." Acad., xxx. 141. 

With BOWES, JAMES LORD, Keratnic Art of Japan. 
Colored Plates, (by Firuiin Didot, of Paris,) and other 
Illustrations. Liverpool, 1875-80, 7 parts, forming 2 
vols. imp. 8vo. Limited number of copies. 

" Their researches have been ably conducted, and, while 
they tell us more than was ever told before, they are not 
afraid to say that they do not know when they do not." 
Sat. Rev., xli. 152 

See, also, AUDSLEY, WILLIAM JAMES, infra. 

Audsley, William James, has published several 
books in conjunction with his brother, (J. A. Audrey. 

1. Colour in Dress : a Manual for Ladies, Lon., 1863, 
8vo. 2. Floral Decoration of Churches, 1868, r. 8vo. 

3. Cottage, Lodge, and Village Architecture, 1872, 4to. 

4. Outlines of Ornament in the Leading Styles, selected 
from Ancient and Modern Works, for the Architect, 
Sculptor, Decorative Artist, and Painter, 1882, pi. fol. 

5. Polychromatic Decoration, as applied to Buildings in 
the Mediaeval Styles. Illust. Lon., 1882, fol. (Con- 
tains 36 folio plates in colours and gold, with an intro- 
duction and descriptive letter-press.) 6. Popular Dic- 
tionary of Architecture and the Allied Arts. Illust. 
10 vols., (each vol. containing 6 parts.) Vol. i., 1880; 
vol. ii., 1881 ; vol. Hi., 1882, r. 8vo. 

Aufrecht, Simon Theodor, LL.D., b. 1822, at 
Leschnitz, Silesia, and educated at the University of 
Berlin, was appointed professor of Sanskrit and com- 
parative philology in the University of Edinburgh in 
1862. In 1875 he resigned that appointment and re- 
turned to Germany to accept the chair of Sanskrit at 
the University of Bonn, lie has published, mostly in 
Germany, many works relating to the Sanskrit language 
and literature. 1. (Ed.) UjjvaladaUa's Commentary on 
the Unadisutras, Lon., 1859, 8vo. 2. (Ed.) The Ab- 
hidhanaratnarnala of Halayudba: a Sanskrit Vocabu- 
lary : with a complete Sanskrit-English Glossary, Lon., 
1861, 8vo. 3. Catalogue of Sanskrit MSS. in Trinity 
College, Cambridge, Lon., 1869, 8vo. 

Anghcy, Rev. John H. The Iron Furnace; or, 
Shivery and Secession, Phila., 1863, 12mo. 

Auld, Itev. Alexander, a Scotch minister. 1. 
Ministers and Men in the Far North. Wick, 1868, 12mo. 

2. Life of John Kennedy, D.D., of Dingwall, Lon., 
1887, cr. 8vo. 

Auringer, Obadiah Cyrus, b. 1849, at Glens 
Falls, N.Y., served for four years, 1871-75, in the U.S. 
navy, being stationed for some time in New Orleans, 
where he contributed anonymous poems to the New 
Orleans Picayune and Times. In 1875 he returned to 
his native place and to a farmer's life. lie has con- 
tributed poems to the Century and other periodicals, 
and published Scythe and Sword, [poems,] Bost., 1887, 

" We have encountered no recent collection more full of 
bold description and of lyric phrases." Nation, xlv. 96. 

Austen, Adelaide. 1. Among the Mountain! : 
Tales for the Young, Edin., 1871, 12mo. 2. Bible 
Stories and their Lessons, 1871, 16mo. 3. A Book of 
Favourite Animals, 1871, Ifimo. 4. Effie's Christina*, 
nnd other Stories, 1871, 16mo. 5. The Holidays at 
Wilton, and other Stories, 1871, Ifuno. 6. Noble Joe; 
or, The Boy that was Washed Ashore, 1871, cr. 8vo. 

Austen, Evelyn. Is Union Strength? or, Church 
and State, Lon., 1874, 8vo. 

Austen, Lieut. -Col. Henry Haversham 
Godwin, F.K.S., F.G.S., F.Z.S., b. 1834. With LAUGH- 
W.M.A., (ed.) Hints to Travellers: Scientific and Gen- 
eral. Maps and Illust. (Royal Geographical Soc. Pub.) 
5th ed., Lon., 1883, cr. 8vo. 

Austen, Peter Townsend, Ph.D., b. 1852, at 
Clifton, Staten Island, N.Y., educated at the Columbia 
School of Mines and at the University of Zurich. In 
1877 he became professor of general and applied chem- 
istry in Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N.J. Chemical 
Lecture Notes, N. York, 1888, 12rno. 

Austen, Rev. Samuel Cooper, M.A., graduated 
at Brasenose College, Oxford, 1861 ; ordained 1862; vicar 
ofKniveton since 1884. 1. The Divinity of our Blessed 
Lord, Lon., 1873, 16mo. 2. On the Nature and Office 
of the Holy Ghost, 1876, 8vo. 

AustenLeigh. See LEIGH. 

Auster, George. Abel Holt, and other Poems, 
Lon., 1868, 8vo. 

Austin, Alfred, b. 1835, at Headingley, near Leeds, 
Eng. ; educated at Stony hurst College and at St. Mary's 
College, Oscott ; graduated at the University of London 
1853, and was called to the bar at the Inner Temple 1857. 
He has been connected with the London Standard, 
which he represented at Rome during the sittings of the 
Ecumenical Council of the Vatican in 1870, and of which 
he was a special correspondent during the Franco-Prus- 
sian war. Ho has also contributed to the Quarterly Re- 
view and other periodicals, and has been the editor of 
the National Review, an organ of the Conservative party, 
since its establishment in 1883. 1. Randolph, [poem,] 
Lon., 1854. Anon. 2. Five Years of it, [a novel,] 
1858, Svols. p. 8vo. 

"The characters are distinctly conceived, well discrimi- 
nated, and consistently maintained. The language is good; 
and if it seems a little high-flown now and then, we must 
remember we are reading the history of a poet." Hat. Rev. 

3. The Season: a Satire, 1861, 12uio; 3d ed., rev., 
1869. 4. My Satire, and its Censors, [poem,] Lon., 
1861. (Afterwards suppressed.) 

" The author possesses a certain power of expression ; 
and when he condescends to write naturally and with 
good-humour, he can produce some very readable coup- 
lets. . . . The prime aim of his versification is antithesis, 
and he dearly loves a good rolling alliteration. One of the 
most notable and sorest points with Mr. Austin is the pres- 
ent fashion of low dresses as worn by ladies in the even- 
ing." Sat. Kev., xii. 24. 

5. The Human Tragedy: a Poem, 1862; new ed., 
rev., 1876, cr. 8vo. 

" Deserves the attention of readers who are interested 
in the progress of the poetic art in our time, and in the 
attempt of the author to throw upon recent events the 
light of poetry. If Mr. Austin has not produced a great 
poem, he has written a great deal of very beautiful 
poetry." Spectator, xlix. 801. 

6. An Artist's Proof, [a novel,] 1864, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 
7. Won by a Head, 1865, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 8. A Vindication 
of Lord Byron, 1S69, 12mo. (An answer to Mrs. Stowe's 
article.) 9. The Poetry of the Period, 1870, p. 8vo. 
(Contains critical articles reprinted from magazines.) 10. 
The Golden Age: a Satire, 1871, p. 8vo. 11. Interludes, 
1872, 12mo. 

" There is plenty of poetry in the little volume called, for 
some obscure reason, Interludes.' " Ath., No. '2340. 

12. Madonna's Child, 1873, sq. 16uio; new ed., rev., 

" In his pictures of scenes and places, and in the more 
difficult task of portraying mental conflict, Mr. Austin is 
often very happy. Spectator, xlvi. 1187. 

13. Rome or Death! 1873, 16mo. 14. The Tower of 
Babel : a Poetical Drama, 1874, sq. 16mo. 

' Mr. Austin has an ample, if not always judicious, vo- 
cabulary, and a plentiful flow of rhetoric, which would 
doubtless be much to the purpose if the subject and the 
design on which they are expended were either reasonable 
or beautiful." Sat. Rev., xxxix. 87. 

15. Russia before Europe, 1876. Pamph. 16. Tory 
Horrors; or, The Question of the Hour, 1876. Pamph. 
(A reply to Mr. Gladstone's " Bulgarian Horrors.") 17. 



Leszko, the Bastard : a Tale of Polish Grief, 1877, p. 
Svo. 18. England's Policy and Peril : a Letter to Lord 
Beaconsfield, 1877. Pamph. 19. Hibernian Horrors, 
1880. Pamph. 20. Savonarola : a Tragedy, Lon., 1881. 

" This tragedy is neither better nor worse than various 
other intelligent attempts at historical drama in verse 
which have been made of late years. ... On the stage it 
would be scenic, and a serious audience might deem it 
interesting, but it would not be dramatically exciting." 
Ath., No. 2823. 

2t. Soliloquies in Song, 1882, p. Svo. 22. At the 
Gate of the Convent, and other Poems, 1885, p. Svo. 23. 
Prince Lucifer, 1887, p. Svo; 2d ed. same year. 24. 
The Days of the Year : a Poetical Calendar from his 
Works, 1887, ISmo. 

Austin, Arthur Williams, b. 1807, at Charles- 
town, Mass., graduated at Harvard College in 1825, and 
became a lawyer. The Woman and the Queen, a Ballad, 
and other Specimens of Verse, N. York, 1875, 16mo. 

Austin, B. C. Landmarks of a Life: a Novel, 
Lon., 1866, 2 vols. p. Svo. 

Austin, Caroline. 1. Marie's Home; or, A 
Glimpse of the Past, Lon., 1885, p. Svo. 2. Dorothy's 
Dilemma : a Tale of the Time of Charles I., Lon., 1886, 
p. 8vo. 3. Friend Sorrow: an Every-Day Story, Lon., 
1887, p. Svo. 4. Hugh Herbert's Inheritance. Illust. 
Lon., 1888, p. Svo. 

Austin, Charles E. 1. On the Utilization of 
Sewerage, Lon., 1867, Svo. 2. On the Cleansing of 
Rivers, Lon., 1872, Svo. 3. Undeveloped Resources of 
Turkey in Asia: with Notes on the Railway to India, 
Lon., 1878, Svo. 

Austin, Coe Finch, 1831-1880, b. at Finchville, 
Orange Co., N.Y., was for many years curator of 
the herbarium at Columbia College, and was a recog- 
nized authority on mosses. 1. Musci Appalachian!, 1870, 
Svo. 2. Supplement 1. Tickets of Specimens of Mosses, 
1878, Svo. 

Austin, E. Anecdotage ; or, Stray Leaves from the 
Note- Books of a Provincial Reporter, Lon., 1872, Svo. 

Austin, E. P. Manual of Entomology : Directions 
for Collecting, .fee. Illust. Bost., 1882, 12mo. 

Austin, George Lowell, M.D., b. 1849, at Law- 
rence, Mass., studied at Harvard College 1868-71. 1. 
Under the Tide. By Barry Lyndon. Bost, 1870. 2. 
Life of Franz Schubert, Bost., 1873, 16mo. 3. Popular 
History of Massachusetts, Bost., 1876, Svo. 4. Water- 
Analysis : a Hand- Hook for Water-Drinkers, Bost., 
1882, 24mo. 5. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow : his Life, 
his Works, his Friendships. With Personal Recollections. 
Illust. Bost., 1882, Svo. 6. The Life and Times of 
Wendell Phillips, Bost., 1888, sin. Svo. 

Austin, Mrs. George Lowell. Little People of 
God, and what the Poets have said of them, Bost., 1877, 

Austin, Henry. The Law concerning Farms, 
Farmers, and Farm Laborers, together with Game Laws 
of all States, Bost., 1886, 12mo. 

Austin, Henry Willard. The Devil's Football: 
a Satire on the World in General, with Boston as its 
Axis, Bost., 1879. Anon. 

Austin, J. A. Ambulance Sermons, Lon., 1887, cr. 

Austin, J. II. The Mines of South Australia: to- 
gether with a Brief Description of the Country, Adelaide, 
1863, Svo. 

Austin, J. B. The Duties and the Rights of Man : 
a Treatise on Deontology, Lon., 1887, p. Svo. 

Austin, James G., an architect. A Practical 
Treatise on the Preparation of Calcareous and Hydraulic 
Limes and Cements : with Recipes for Various Purposes, 
N. York, 1862, 12mo. 

Austin, Mrs. Jane, (Goodwin,) b. 1831, in 
Worcester, Mass., daughter of Isaac Goodwin of that 
city, was educated at private schools in Boston, and in 
1850 married to Loring H. Austin, of Cambridge. She 
has contributed to periodicals and published: 1. Fairy 
Dreams; or, Wanderings in Elf- Land, Bost., 1860. sq. 
16ino. 2. Dora Darling, Bost., 1864, 16mo. 3. Out- 
post: a Novel, Bost., 1866, 12mo. 4. Cipher: a Ro- 
mance, N. York, 1869, Svo. 5. The Shadow of Moloch 
Mountain, N. York, 1870, Svo. 6. Moonfolk : a True 
Account of the Home of the Fairy Tales, N. York, 1874, 
Svo. 7. Mrs. Beauchamp Brown, f" No Name" Ser.,) 
Bost., 1880, 16mo. Anon. 8. A Nameless Nobleman, 
(" Round Robin'' Ser.,) Bost., 1881, 16mo. Anon. 9. The 
Desmond Hundred, (" Round Robin" Ser.,) Bost., 1882, 


16mo. Anon. 10. Nantucket Scraps; or, The Experi- 
ences of an Off-Islander, Bost., 1882, 16mo. 

Austin, John, [ante, vol. i., add.,] 1790-1859, 
entered the army at the age of sixteen, but sold his com- 
mission five years later, and was called to the bar in 
1818. In 1826 he was appointed professor of jurispru- 
dence in University College, London. In 1836 he was 
sent by the government to Malta to investigate certain 
alleged grievances of the inhabitants. Constitutional 
ill health combined with the peculiar tendencies of his 
mind debarred him from success both in the practice of 
his profession and as a lecturer; but as a jurist of pro- 
found learning and singular powers of elucidation he 
achieved a high reputation, and was, until recently at 
least, considered the chief authority on the source and 
nature of law. His Province of Jurisprudence [ante, 
vol. i.] was the only work which he published; but 
his widow collected and edited his Lectures on Juris- 
prudence, Lon., 1863, 2 vols. Svo; and a later edition, 
prepared by Robert Campbell, with the help of notes 
taken by J. S. Mill, was published in 1869. See AUSTIN, 
SARAH, infra. 

Austin, John Osborne. The Genealogical Dic- 
tionary of Rhode Island, Albany, 1887, 16mo. 

" We have tested this Dictionary in ways which satisfy 
us that it may be relied upon." Nation, xlv. 413. 

Austin, Lewis. Henry Irving in England and 
America, 1838-84. By Frederic Daly, (pseud.) Lon., 
1884, p. Svo. 

Austin, P. T. (Trans.) Introduction to Organic 
Chemistry ; from the German of A. Pinner, N. York, 
1883, 12mo. 

Austin, Robert Cecil, b. 1828; matriculated at 
King's College, London ; called to the bar 1859. 1. The 
Cattle Diseases Preventive Act, 1866, Lon., 1866, Svo. 
2. The Metropolitan Poor Act, 1867: with Notes, Lon., 
1867, p. 8vo. 3. Reports of Cases in the County Courts, 
1869, 12mo. 

Austin, Mrs. Sarah, [ante, vol. i., add.,] d. 1867. 
Besides editing her husband's Lectures, [AUSTIN, JOHN, 
ftnpra,] she prepared a new edition of his Province of 
Jurisprudence, with a prefatory memoir, (1861 ;) and, in 
addition to the books mentioned >itc, vol. i., published 
translations of: 1. A Tour through England, Ireland, 
and France, by a German Prince, [Puckler-Muskau,] 
1832. 2. England in 1835, by Von Raumer, 1835. 3. 
The Causes of the Success of the English Revolution, 
by Guizot, 1850. Also, 4. Letters of Sydney Smith, 
(forming the 2d vol. of Lady Holland's Life and Letters 
of Sydney Smith,) 1855. 5. Memoirs of the Duchess of 
Orleans, 1859. See, also, GORDON, LUCIE, LADY DUFF, 

Austin, Stella. 1. Stumps : a Story for Children. 
Illust. Lon., 1873, sq. 16mo. 2. Somebody, Lon., 
1874; 2d ed., 1876, 16mo. 3. Rags and Tatters: a 
Story for Boys and Girls, Lon., 1875; new ed., 1878, p. 
Svo. 4. For Old Sake's Sake, Lon., 1876, 12mo. 5. 
Not a Bit like Mother, Lon., 1876, 16mo. 6. Uncle 
Philip: a Tale for Boys and Girls, Lon., 1877, 12mo. 
7. Ben Cramer, Working Jeweller: a Tale, Lon., 1878, 
p. Svo. 8. Pat: a Story for Boys and Girls, Lon., 1879, 
p. Svo. 9. Our Next-Door Neighbour : a Story for Chil- 
dren, Lon., 1880, 12mo. 10. Two Stories of Two: I., 
Grandmother Darling; II., Faithful Friend, Lon., 1881, 
p. 8vo. 11. Kenneth's Children, 1883, p. Svo. 12. 
Other People : a Story of Modern Chivalry, Lon., 1882, 
p. Svo. 13. Wings, 1882, p. Svo. 14. Mother Bunch : 
a Story for Boys and Girls, Lon., 1884, p. Svo. 15. 
Tom the Hero, Lon., 1886, 12mo. 

Austin, Thomas. (Ed.) Two Fifteenth-Century 
Cookery-Books, (Early Eng. Text Soc. Pub.,) Lon., 

Austin, Thomas J., M.R.C.V.S., formerly medi- 
cal officer at Bethnal House Asylum. A Practical Ac- 
count of General Paralysis : its Mental and Physical 
Symptoms, Statistics, Causes, Seat, and Treatment, Lon., 
1859, Svo. 

Austin, W. F. Mathematical Examination Papers 
of Military College, Sandhurst: with Answers; 2d ed., 
Lon., 1882, Svo. 

Austin, Wiltshire Stanton, Jr., and Ralph, 
J. Lives of the Poets- Laureate. By V. Dayrell, 
(pseud.,) Ac. Lon , 1853, Svo. 

"Auton, C.," (Pseud.) See HOPPIN, AUGUSTUS, 

Aveling, Edward Bibbins, D.Sc., b. 1851, at 
Stoke Newington, London; matriculated at London 


University ; gained a medical scholarship at University 
College, and passed successive examinations in zoology, 
botany, Ac., with honors, taking the B.Sc. degree in 

1870, the D.Sc. degree in 1870, and being elected a 
Fellow in 1877. He has held several professorships, in- 
cluding that of comparative anatomy at the London 
Hospital ; was elected a member of the London School 
Board in 1882, and since 1879 has taken an active part 
in socialistic and " free thought" movements. He is 
also an authority on cricket, has written plays under the 
pseudonyme of " Alec Nelson," and poems under that of 
" Kenneth May/' and contributed to numerous papers 
in England and America. 1. Physiological Tables for 
the Use of Students, 1877. 2. The Value of this 
Earthly Life, 1879. 3. The Bookworm, and other 
Sketches, Lon., 1879, 16mo. 4. The Creed of an Athe- 
ist, 1881. 5. Biological Discoveries and Problems, 1881. 
6. Why I chose not to be a Christian, 1881. 7. The 
Wickedness of God, 1881. 8. Qod dies: Nature re- 
mains, 1881. 9. Irreligion of Science, 1881. 1U. Gen- 
eral Biology, Theoretical and Practical, Lon., 1881, 8vo. 
11. The Student's Darwin, 1881. 12. A Godless Life 
the Happiest and most Useful, 1882. 13. Darwinism 
and Small Families, 1882, 8vo. 14. Comparative Phys- 
iology for London University Examination and Science 
and Art Examinations, 1882. 15. Natural Philosophy 
for London University Matriculation, 1882. 16. The 
Keligious Views of Charles Darwin, 1883, 8vo. 17. 
Darwin made Easy, 1884. 18. The Gospel of Evolu- 
tion, 1884. 19. (Trans.) The Pedigree of Man, and 
other Essays, by E. Haeckel, 1885. 20. Chemistry of 
Non-Metallics, Lon., 1886. p. Svo. 21. (Trans.) Russia, 
Political and Social, by Tikhomirov ; from the French, 
Lon., 1887, 2 vols. 8vo. 22. An American Journey, 
1888. 23. Mechanics and Experimental Sciences, as 
required for the Matriculation Examination of the 
University of London. 4 vols., as follows: Chemistry, 
Mechanics, Heat and Light, Magnetism and Electricity. 
Illust. 1888, cr. 8vo. With AVELING, ELEANOR MARX : 
1. The Woman Question, 1888. 2. The Working-Class 
Movement in America, Lon., 18S8, 12mo. And see 
MOORE, S., in/i-ti. 

Aveling, Eleanor, (Marx,) daughter of Carl 
Marx, the German Socialist, bears the name of Edward 
Aveliug, supra, to whom she is united. 1. (Trans.) 
Madam Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert, Lon., 1886, p. 
8vo. 2. (Trans.) History of the Commune of Paris, 

1871, by H. Lissagaray, Lon., 1886, 8vo. 
Aveling, Frederic Wilkins. 1. Notabilia of 

Greek Syntax, Lon., 1886, IJmo. 2. Elementary Trea- 
tise on Light and Heat, Lon., 1887, p. 8vo. 

Aveling, Henry. Poetic Hours and Musing Mo- 
ments, Lon.. 1857, 8vo. 

Aveliug, James Hobsou, M.D., physician to 
the Chelsea Hospital for Women. 1. Wharnclifie: a 
Play, in Three Acts. Time occupied, One Day. Lon., 
1854, 12mo. Anon. 2. History of Roche Abbey, York- 
shire. Illust. Lon., 1870, imp. 8vo. 3. English Mid- 
wives: their History and Prospects, 1872, p. 8vo. 4. 
The Influence of Posture on Women in Gynecic and Ob- 
stetric Practice, 1878, p. 8vo. 5. The Chatnberlens and 
the Midwifery Forceps: Memorials of the Family, and 
an Essay on the Invention of the Instrument, Lon., 
1882, 8vo. 6. On the Inversion of the Uterus : a Lec- 
ture. Illust. Lon., 1886, cr. 8vo. 7. Fables, [verse,] 
Lon., 1886. 

Aveling, S. T. 1. Carpentry and Joinery: a 
Manual. Illust. Lon., 1871, 12mo. 2. (Ed.) Heraldry, 
Ancient and Modern. Including Boutell's Heraldry. 
Illust. Lon., 1873, 4to. 

Aveling, Thomas, a civil engineer. Road Loco- 
motives : an Epitome of the new Road Locomotive Acts, 
Lon., 1865 and 1878, 16mo. 

Aveling, Rev. Thomas William Baxter, 
D.D., d. 1884, an English Independent minister, was 
educated at Highbury College, and from 1838 until his 
death was pastor of the Congregational church at Kings- 
land. Besides many single sermons and addresses, 
he published: 1. Voices of Many Waters; or, Travels 
in the Lands of the Tiber, the Jordan, and the Nile, 
Lon., 1855, 8vo; 2d ed., rev., 1856. 2. The Gathered 
Flower : a Memoir of Miss S. Bromley : with Extracts 
from her Correspondence, Ac., Lon , 1857, 12mo. 3. 
Memorials of the Clayton Family : with Unpublished 
Correspondence of the Countess of Huntington, Ac., 
Lon., 1867. 8vo. 4. The Irish Scholar; or, Popery and 
Protestant Christianity : a Narrative, Lon., 1882, 18rno. 


Avery, A. 8. How to Draw: the Right and the 
Wrong Way. Illust N. York, 1871, 4to. 

Avery, Benjamin Parke, 1829-1875, b. in New 
York City, went to California in 1849 and engaged 
in gold mining. He then turned his attention to jour- 
nalism, edited three or four papers, was on the ftaff of 
the San Francisco Bulletin, and in 1872 became editor 
of the Overland Monthly. In 1874 he was appointed 
minister to China. Californian Pictures, in Prose and 
Verse, N. York, 1877, 4to. 

Avery, Elroy M. 1. Element* of Natural Philos- 
ophy, N. York, 1878. 2. Teacher's Hand-Book to ac- 
company Avery's Natural -Philosophy, N.York, 1879, 
12mo. 3. Elements of Chemistry. Illust. N. York, 
1881, 12mo. 4. Words Correctly Spoken, Cleveland, 0., 
1887, 32tno. 

Avery, H. N., M.D. Hand-Book for Consumptives, 
N. York, 1869, 8vo. 

Avery, Jane G. 1. The Old Distillery ; or, Hope 
Archie, Bost., 1865, 16mo. 2. Tried and True; or, Into 
the Light, Bost., 1866, 16mo. 3. Boys and Girls of 
Beech Hill, N. York, 1871, 16mo. 4. Bound Brook ; or, 
Amy Rushton's Mission, Bost., 16mo. 

Avery, M. A. 1. The Rebel General's Loyal Bride : 
a Picture of Scenes in the late Civil War. Illust. 
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piled, and komikally konkokted by Spavery, Ac. N. 
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"Avon, W.," (Pseud.) See K E.I RICK, WILLIAM, 

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Christ's Divine Mission, by Rev. S. J. Hunter: Lec- 
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Axon, William Edward Armytage, M.R.S.L., 
b. 1846, at Manchester, Eng., is self-educated. After 
thirteen years in the service of the Manchester Public 
Library, he devoted himself to literature and journal- 
ism. He has contributed many articles and papers to 
the publications of learned societies and to periodicals, 
dealing with various problems of ethics, archaeology, 
and statistics. ' He is the author of about one hundred 
pamphlets, many of which were printed only for private 
circulation, including some in advocacy of temperance 
and of vegetarianism. His verses, published in the 
London Academy and elsewhere, include translations 
from the Latin, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Por- 
tuguese, Romany, and Chinese. Mr. Axon is vice-presi- 
dent of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian So- 
ciety. 1. Dr. Rondeau's Revenge, and other Lancashire 
Sketches, Manchester, 1867, It'uno. 2. Shakespeare's 
House, Glasgow, 1868. (Signed " Dudley Armytage.") 
3. Folk Song and Folk Speech of Lancashire, Man- 
chester, 1870, 12mo. 4. Billy o' Bent's Berryin', Man- 
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1875, Svo. 10. Hand-Book of the Public Libraries of 
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Architectural and General Description of the Town 
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cashire Gleanings, Manchester, 1884, p. 8vo. 

"Mr. Axon's curious, though disjointed, collection of 
Lancashire memorabilia vividly reflects the contrasts 
which are to this day, and perhaps more now than ever, 
observable among its inhabitants." Sat. Rev., Ivii. 353. 

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Supplement separate, 1875. 

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the Protestant Episcopal Church, Cin., 1848, 18mo. 2. 
The Church's Duty in the Temperance Cause, Cin., 
16mo. 3. The Drunkard Saved, Cin., 16mo. 4. First 
Sin : Exposition of the Questions connected with the 
Fall of Man, Cin., 16tno. 5. The Great Question : 
Refutation of the Sceptical Philosophy, Cin., 16ino. 6. 
Thoughts for the Thoughtful, Cin., 16mo. 

Ayer, James Cook, M.D., 1818-1878, b. at Groton, 
Connecticut ; graduated in medicine at the University 
of Pennsylvania, and devoted himself to the manufacture 
of patent medicines at Lowell, Mass. For biog., see 
COWLEY, CHARLES, infra. Some of the Usages and 
Abuses in the Management of our Manufacturing Com- 
panies, Lowell, 1863, 8vo. 

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the Bible, N. York, 1879, I6tno. 

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1884, (47 and 48 Viet., c. 43,) with Notes, Lon., 1885, 8vo. 
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Yarmouth, 1865, 8vo. 2. A Treatise on the Causes of 
Motion in Matter, Lon., 1867, 12mo. 

Ayerst, Kev. William, M.A., graduated at the 
University of Cambridge 1853; ordained 1853; senior 
chaplain of Bengal Establishment 1861-1882 ; vicar of 
Twyford, Ac., Leicestershire, 1882-86. 1. The Penta- 
teuch its own Witness, (Norrisian Prize Fssay,) Cam- 
bridge, 1858, 8vo. 2. Assam as a Mission Field, 1863. 

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Waiting, Lon., 1862, 8 vo. 2. Bush Life in Zululand; 
or, Adventures among the Caffres, Lon., 1880, 8vo. 

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Graham Family in New Zealand. Illust. Lon., 1862, 8vo. 
Aylward, Alfred, commandant Transvaal Re- 
public, late captain Lydenberg Volunteer Corps. The 
Transvaal of To-Day : War, Witchcraft, Sports, and 
Spoils of South Africa, Lon., 1878, Svo. 

Aylward, Rev. James Ambrose Dominic, 
B.D., 1813-1872, b. at Leeds; educated at Hinckley ; 
ordained priest in the Roman Catholic Church 1836 ; 
was for some years president of Hinckley School, and 
afterwards prior of Woodchester, Ac. 1. A No vena for the 
Holy Season of Lent, gathered from the Roman Missal 
and Breviary : with an English Translation, Derby, 1849, 
If'.uio. 2. Manual of the Brothers and Sisters of the 
Third Order of Penance of St. Dominick, Lon., 1852, 
16mo; 2d ed., 1871. 3. The Daily Manual of the Third 
Order of St. Dotninick, in Latin and English, Dublin 
1862, 12mo. 4. The Dominican Tertiary's Guide: the 
Second Volume, 1866, Ifitno. 5. (Ed.) The Life of the 
B. V. St. Catherine of Sienna, by Dr. Caterinus Senensis 
translated by John Fen, Lon., 1867, Svo. 

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Murray-Aynsley. 1. Our Visit to Hindustan, Kashmir 
and Ladakh, Lon., 1879, Svo, 2. Our Tour in Southern 
India, Lon., 1883, Svo. 

The greater part of the volume Is occupied by archi- 
tectural descriptions of the temples in the South of India." 
Ath.., No. 2908. 

Ayr, Esther. A Twisted Skein : a Novel, 1881, p, 

Ayre, Rev. John. The Treasury of Bible Knowl- 
edge : being a Dictionary of Persons, Places, and 
Events, and other Matters of which Mention is made in 
he Holy Scripture. With Maps and Engravings. Lon., 
866, 12mo. 

Ayre, Kev. Legh Richmond, M.A., graduated 
it Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1850 \ ordained 1850 ; 
vicar of Ulverston since 1873. The Christian's Armour: 
an Exposition of Ephesians vi. 11-18, Lon., 1877, sq. 

Ayres, Alfred," (Pseud.) See OSMUN, DR. 

Ayres, Anne. 1. Evangelical Sisterhoods. In 
Two Letters to a Friend, by A. A., now a Sister of one. 
Edited by W. A. Muhlenberg. N. York, 1867, 16mo. 2. 
Life and Work of William Augustus Muhlenberg. 
[llust. N. York, 1880, Svo. And see MUHLENBERG, 

Ayres, George B. How to Paint Photographs in 
Water-Colors and in Oil, Phila., 1869, 12mo. 

Ayres, Mrs. H. M. E. Sharp*. Mirror-Painting 
n the Italian Style : a Practical Manual for Amateurs, 
Lon., 1885, Svo. 

Ayres, Henry, editor of the Banker's Circular. 

1. Banks and Banking under Limited and Unlimited 
Liability, Lon., 1863, Svo. 2. The Balance-Sheets of In- 
surance Companies, 1864, Svo. 3. The Financial Position 
of Railways, 1868, 4to. 

"Ayrton, J. Calder," (Pseud.) See CHAPMAN, 
Miss MARY FRANCES, infra. 

Ayrton, Mrs. Matilda, (Chaplin,) M.D., 1846- 
1883, b. at Honfleur, France, began the study of medi- 
cine, in 1867, at the London Medical College for Women, 
jut being refused admission, on the ground of her sex, 
to the highest classes, both in London and Edinburgh, 
proceeded to Paris in 1S71, where the degrees of Bache- 
lier Sciences and Bachelier es Lettres were con- 
ferred upon her, and in 1879 the degree of M.D. In 
the interval she had married, and had spent some 
years with her husband, William Edward Ayrton, 
[q. v., infra,'] in Japan. Her promising career was 
cut short by consumption, but she continued her studies 
to the last. Besides many contributions to periodicals, 
she published : Child-Life in Japan, and Japanese 
Child-Stories. Illust. Lon., 1878, r. Svo; new ed., 

It might have been made interesting and suggestive to 
adults, and it would have then been valuable. It might 
have been made a fascinating child's book, and then it 
would have been invaluable. To either end more finish 
was wanted : with the finish wanting, it has attained to 
neither." Spectator, li. 1639. 

Ayrton, William. 1. The Adventures of a Salmon 
in the River Dee. By a Friend of the Family. Together 
with Notes for the Fly-Fisher in North Wales. Lon., 1853, 
Svo. Anon. 2. Mr. Barnacles and his Boat, Lon., 1856, 

Ayrton, William Edward, F.R.S., studied under 
Sir William Thomson, Glasgow ; was a professor in the 
Imperial College of Engineering, Japan, from 1872 till 
1879. 1. On the Economical Use of Gas-Engines for the 
Production of Electricity, Lon., 1882, Svo. Pamph. 

2. Electricity as a Motive Power, Lon., 1879, Svo. 3. 
Practical Electricity : a Laboratory and Lecture Course 
for First-Year Students of Electrical Engineering. 
Illust. Lon., 1887, p. Svo. With PERRY, PROFESSOR J., 
Contact Theory of Voltaic Action, 1880, 4to. With 
WORMELL, RICHARD, D.Sc., (ed.) Manuals of Technology. 
(The titles of the several volumes are given under the 
names of the respective authors.) 

Aytoun, William Edmonstonne, D.C.L., [ante, 
vol. i., add.,] 1813-1865, was appointed in 1852, in 
recognition of his political writings, sheriff of Orkney. 
He continued to hold his professorship at Edinburgh 
and to contribute to Blackwood's Magazine, with which 
he was always closely connected, and published, in ad- 
dition to works mentioned in vol. i. : 1. Norman Sin- 
clair, [a novel,] Edin. and Lon., 1861, 3 vols. p. Svo. 

" Professor Aytoun is, if not a poet, a man with consid- 
erable command of poetic language. He has contributed 
to one of the most successful collections of parodies in the 
language, and his short stories have had great success. . . . 
1 Norman Sinclair 1 is prosy, rambling, and overloaded with 
twaddle. . . . But yet it is uot without merits of its own. 



. . . Professor Aytoun ha* really given an account of the 
events of his own time which have most Interested him. 
. . . ' Norman Sinclair* is a Tory manifesto." Sal. Rev., 
Zii. 670. 

2. Nuptial Ode on the Marriage of H.R.H. the Prince 

of Wales, Edin. and Lon. f 1863, Svo. With MARTI*, 
THKODORE, (trans.) Poems and Ballads of Goethe, Edin., 
1858, fp. 8vo; later eds. For biog., see MARTIH, SIR 
THEODORE, infra. 
Azarias, Brother. See MULLAMT, P. P., infra. 


Baiirnhiclm, Miss E. W., daughter of a Swede 
who, having emigrated to the United States, changed 
bis name to Barnes. Archibald Hamilton, Boat., I860, 

Baart, P. A. Orphans and Orphan Asylum?, N. 
York, 1886, 12mo. 

Babazon, E. J. A Month at Oravesend, Lon., 
1863, 12mo. 

Uabb, C. E., ("Uncle Jesse.") 1. The Sea-Shore: 
what Charlie saw and did there, Gin., Ifnno. 2. Talks 
about Jesus, (,'in., Itiuio. 3. Talks about the War, (Jin., 

BabP, Miss Hattie, ("Aunt Hattie.") 1. The 
Hard Sum, and other Stories, Gin., 12mo. 2. Little Prin- 
cess, and other Stories, N. York, 1874, I8mo. 

Babbage, Charles, M.A., F.R.S., [ante, vol. i., 
where the year of his birth is incorrectly given as 1790, 
add.,] 1792-1871, b. near Teignmouth in Devonshire. 
He devoted thirty-seven years of his life and no incon- 
siderable part of his fortune to the work of perfecting bis 
famous Calculating Machine, which, however, was never 
brought to a state of practical efficiency. After his death 
Borne fragments of it were deposited in the South Kensing- 
ton Museum. One calculation made by Babbage, with- 
out the aid of his machine, was that one-fourth of his 
time had been lost through the disturbance occasioned 
by hand-organs and similar nuisances. Nearly all his 
numerous publications were contributions to scientific 
periodicals. A list, comprising forty-seven, is given 
ante, vol. i., and one of eighty (which includes letters to 
newspapers, Ac.) may be found at the end of bis chief 
subsequent publication, 1. Passages from the Life of 
a Philosopher, Lon., 1864, 8vo. 2. Chapter on Street 
Nuisances, Lon., 1864, 8vo. 

Babbington, Charles. Tuning and Repairing 
Piano-fortes : the Amateur's Guide to the Practical Man- 
agement of a Piano, Lon., 1881, p. 8vo. 

Babbitt, Edwin D wight. 1. Health Guide: 
aiming at a Higher Science of Life and the Life Forces, 
N. York, 1874, 16mo. 2. Vital Magnetism, the Life 
Fountain : Answer toBrown-Se'quard's Lectures on Nerve 
Force, N. York, 1875, 16mo. 3. The Principles of Light 
and Color, Bost., 1878, 8vo. 4. The Wonders of Light 
and Color, 1879. Pamph. 5. Health Manual, Ac. : in- 
cluding Health Guide, 1880, 12mo. 

Babcock, Emma S. Dutch Tiles; or, Loving 
Words about the Saviour, Phila., 1866, 18mo. 

Babcock, Mrs. Emma Whitcomb. House- 
hold Hints: Book of Home Receipts, N.York, 1881, 

Babcock, Harmon Seeley. Trifles, Provi- 
dence, R.I., 1879, 16mo. 

Babcock, John M. L. The Spirit of Peace: a 
Poem, Bost., 1851, 12mo. 

Babcock, Rev. llufus, D.D., 1798-1875, b. at 
Colebrook, Conn.; graduated at Brown University 
in 1821 ; president of Waterville College from 1833 to 
1837 ; pastor of various Baptist congregations ; corre- 
S|>onding secretary of the American and Foreign Bible 
Society, of the American Colonization Society, Ac.; 
founder and editor of the Baptist Memorial. 1. Claims 
of Education Societies, 1829. 2. Review of Beckwith 
on Baptism, 1829. 3. Making Light of Christ, 1830. 4. 
Memoirs of Andrew Fuller, 1830. 5. George Lamed, 
1832. 6. History of Waterville College, 1836. 7. Tales 
of Truth for the Young, 1837. 8. Personal Recollections 
of Dr. John Maram Peck, Phila., 1858, 12mo. 9. The 
Emigrant's Mother, 1859. 

Babcock, Miss Sarah A. 1. Itinerant Side; 
or, Pictures of Life in the Itinerary, N. York, 1857, 12mo. 
2. Hidden Treasure ; or, The Secret of Success in Life, N. 
York, 1859, 12mo. 

Babcot-k, William Henry. 1. Lord Stirling's 

Stand, and other Poems, Phila., 1880, 12mo. 2. Cypress 
Beech, Lon., 1884, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Baber, Edward Colborne, Chinese secretary 
of the British Legation at Pekin. Travels and Re- 
searches in Western China, (Supplementary Papers of the 
Royal Geographical Society,) Lon., 1882. 

" Written for a scientific society, it yet pomewe* more 
than common interest for the general reader, who, how- 
ever, thoroughly to enjoy it, should be armed with the 
necessary books of reference. Acad., xxl. 2)0. 

Baber, Edward Crenawell, M.B. Lond., sur- 
geon to the Brighton and Sussex Throat and Ear Dis- 
rt-nsary. 1. Minute Structure of the Thyroid Gland, 
Philosophical Transactions,) Lon., 1882, 4to. 2. A 
Guide to the Examination of the Nose: with Remarks 
on the Diagnosis of Diseases of the Nasal Cavities. 
Illust. Lon., 1886, sm. 8vo. 

Babington, Arthur. Short Addresses on the 
Holy Communion, Ac., Lon., 1876, 8vo. 

Babington, Benjamin Guy, M.D., F.R.S., 
1794-1866, b. in London, entered the navy as a mid- 
shipman, and served at Walcheren and Copenhagen, but 
left the service early, and obtained an appointment in 
the Madras Presidency. Having returned to England, 
he studied for the medical profession, in which he at- 
tained considerable eminence, becoming physician to 
Guy's Hospital in 1840. He was also distinguished as 
an Oriental scholar. His publications, apart from his 
contributions to medical journals and other periodicals, 
were chiefly translations. 1. A Grammar of the High 
Dialect of the Tamil Language, from the Latin of C. J. 
Beschius, Madras, 1822, 4to. 2. The Adventures of the 
Gooroo Paramatan, (by the same author,) Lon., 1822, 
4to. 3. The Vedala Cadai : being the Tamul version of 
a collection of ancient tales in Sanscrit. 4. J. F. C. 
Becker's Epidemics of the Middle Ages, 1844; 3d ed., 
completed by the author's treatise on Child-Pilgrimages, 
Lon., 1859, Svo. 5. Passing Thoughts, 1854, published 
anonymously. (A volume of poems.) 6. An Account 
of the Sculpture and Inscriptions at Maha Laipur, (in 
M. W. Carr s Descriptive Papers relating to the Seven 
Pagodas on the Coromandel Coast,) Madras, 1869. 

Babington, Charles Cardale, M.A., F.R.S., 
F.S.A., F.L.S., F.G.S., son of Rev. Joseph Babington, b. 
at Ludlow in 1808, and educated at St. John's College, 
Cambridge, where he graduated in 1830 and took his 
M.A. degree in 1833. He is professor of botany in the 
university, and holds a professorial Fellowship in St. 
John's College. His writings have been chiefly botani- 
cal, and include, besides contributions to scientific jour- 
nals, the following works: 1. Priniitise Florae Sarnicw; 
or, An Outline of the Flora of the Channel Islands of 
Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, and Sark, Ac., Lon., 1S3V, 
12mo. 2. Synopsis of the British Rubi, 1846, 8vo; new 
ed., 1869, 12mo. 3. Manual of British Botany, 1847, 
12mo; 8th ed., rev., 1881. 4. Ancient Cambridgeshire, 
(Cambridge Antiq. Soc. Pub.,) Lon., 1853, Svo. 5. 
Flora of Cambridgeshire; or, A Catalogue of Plants found 
in the County of Cambridge: with References t* Former 
Catalogues, and the Localities of the Rarer Species, Lon., 
1861, 12mo. 6. The British Rubi: an Attempt to Dis- 
criminate the Species of Rubus known to inhabit the 
British Isles, Lon., 1869, Svo. 7. History of the Infirm- 
ary and Chapel of the Hospital and College of St. John 
the Evangelist at Cambridge, Lon., 1874. 

Babington, Itev. Churchill, D.D.. F.L.S., 
V.P.R.S.L., son of Rev. Matthew Drake Babington, rural 
dean of Ackley, Leicestershire, b. in 1821, and educated 
at Cambridge University, where he graduated with high 
honors and obtained a Fellowship; was Disney professor 
of archaeology from 1865 to 1880 : made rector of Cock- 
field, in Sussex, in 1866. His publications consist chiefly 
of editions, (from newly-discovered Greek MSS. :) The 
Oration of Hvperides against Demosthenes, (Cambridge, 




1850;) The Orations of Hyperides for Lycophron and 
Euxcnippus, (Cambridge, 1853;) The Funeral Oration of 
Hyperides, (Cambridge, 1858;) Bishop Pecock's Re- 
presser, [see PEACOCK, or PECOCK, REYNOLD, or REGI- 
NALD, ante, vol. ii. ;] Higden's Polychronieon, [see 
HIGDEX, RANULPH, or RALPH, ante, vol. i.,j with two 
ancient English versions, Lon., 1865-69, 2 vols. 8vo; 
Beneficio di Cristo, (Cambridge, 1865,) (a fac-simile re- 
print of a work long supposed to be lost ;) many contri- 
butions to Hooker's Journal of Botany, the Cambridge 
Journal of Classical and Sacred Philology, the Numis- 
matic Chronicle, and other periodicals devoted to learning 
and science; also, articles in Smith's Dictionary of Chris- 
tian Antiquities, Potter's History of Charnwood Forest, 
Hooker's Flora of New Zealand and Flora of Tasmania, 
and similar works. His other publications are: 1. Mr. 
Macaulay's Character of the Clergy in the Latter Part of 
the Seventeenth Century Considered, Cambridge, 1849, 
8vo. 2. The Influence of Christianity in promoting the 
Abolition of Slavery : Hulsean Prize Essay for 1845, 
Cambridge, 1846, 8vo. 3. An Introductory Lecture 
on Archaeology, delivered before the University of 
Cambridge, Cambridge, 1865, 8vo. 4. The Birds of 
Suffolk, 1866. 

Babington, Airs. E. Selections from the Poems 
of C. Elliott: with a Memoir by E. B., Lon., 1873, 8vo. 

Babington, E. R. Hidden Sense. Seek and 
Find; or, Double Acrostics. Lon., 1867, 8vo. 

Babson, John J. 1. History of the Town of 
Gloucester, Capo Ann, including the Town of Rockport, 
Gloucester, Mass., 1860, 8vo. 2. Notes and Additions to 
History of Gloucester. Part I., Early Settlers. Spring- 
field, Mass., 1876, 8vp. 

Bacchus, Lizzie W. The Confederate Dead. By 
Latienne. 1866. 

Bach, Alberto B. 1. On Musical Education and 
Vocal Culture, Edin., 1880; 2d ed., enl., with a lecture 
on the Equalization of the Voice, 1881, 8vo; 4th ed., 
1884. 2. The Principles of Singing : a Guide for Vocalists 
and Teachers: with Vocal Exercises, Edin., 1885, p. 8vo. 
3. The Art of Singing: with Musical Exercises for 
Young People, Edin., 1886, p. 8vo. 

Bache, Alexander Dallas, LL.D., [mtte, vol. i., 
add.,] d. 1867. Besides the works mentioned in vol. i., 
and many additional scientific papers, he published : 1. 
Magnetic Survey of Pennsylvania, Wash., 1863, 4to. 
2. Magnetic and Meteorological Observations at Girard 
College, Wash., 12 parts, 1859-65, 1866, 1 vol. 4to. 

Bache, Mrs. Anna, [ante, vol. i., add.] 1. Legends 
of Fairy-Land, Phila., 1869, 18mo; 3d ed., 1875. 2. 
Pebbles from the Sea-Shore, N. York, sq. ICuio. 3. 
Picture-Gallery, N. York, sq. 16mo. 

Bache, Richard Meade. 1. Vulgarisms and 
other Errors of Speech; 2d ed., Phila., 1869. Anon. 
2. American Wonderland, Phila., 1871, 12mo. 3. The 
Young Wrecker of the Florida Reef; or, The Adventures 
of Frederick Ransom, Phila., 16mo. 4. Under the 
Palmetto in Peace and War, Phila., 1880, 16ino. 

Bache, Rev. Samuel, 1804-1876, b. at Bridg- 
north, Eng., and educated for the ministry at Man- 
chester College, York. In 1832 he became minister of 
the New Meeting, Birmingham, (Unitarian,) which had 
formerly been Priestley's congregation, and where he 
remained till forced by failing health to resign his 
charge in 1868. 1. Harmony of Science and Revela- 
tion, \fttj. 2. Lectures in Exposition of Unitarian 
Views of Christianity, Lon., 1854, 8vo. 3. The Offices 
of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ : Seven Lectures, 
Lon., 1858, 12mo. 4. Miracles the Credentials of the 
Christ: Five Lectures delivered in Birmingham, Lon., 
1863, Ilium. Also, many single sermons, Ac. 

Bachelder, John B. 1. Tourist's Guide of the 
United States, Gettysburg, 1873, 12mo. 2. Popular 
Resorts, and How to Reach them, 1874-1875, 12mo ; 4th 
ed., 1876. 

Bacheler, O. R., M.D. Hinduism and Chris- 
tianity in Orissa: containing a Brief Description of the 
Country, Religion, Manners, and Customs of the Hindus, 
and an Account of the American Free-Will Baptist Mis- 
sion in Northern Orissa, Dover, N.H., 1854, 12mo. 

Backham, Oscar. The Visitor's Guide to Hun- 
stanton, Sandringhaui, nnd Surrounding Neighbour- 
hood; new ed., Lynn, 1879, 8vo. 

Backhouse, Edward, 1808-1879,. was a partner 

in collieries and in a bank in Sunderland, Eng., and a 

minister of the Society of Friends. He devoted him- 

elf largely to the promotion of philanthropic and relig- 


ious enterprises, and is said to have spent over 10,000 
a year in charities. He devoted much time to the study 
of church history, but left his manuscripts incomplete. 
Since his death two volumes derived from them have 
been published. 1. The Religious Society of Friends: 
Doctrines and Practices in which they agree with their 
Fellow-Christians, and others in which they differ, 
Lon., 1870, 8vo. 2. Early Church History to the Death 
of Constantino. Edited and enlarged by Charles Tylor. 
Lon., 1884, 8vo. 3. Martyr Scenes of the Sixteenth and 
Seventeenth Centuries. Edited, Ac., by J. W. B. Scott. 
Lon., 1888, 4to. He was also joint author with T. J. 
Backhouse of: 4. Memoirs of the Society of Friends to 
1683 : vol. i., Lon., 1854, 8vo. 

Backhouse, Julius Brockman. The Second 
Advent: the Seventh Vial: and the First Resurrection. 
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Bacon, Rev. Leonard, D.D., [nut*, vol. i., add.,] 
d. 1881. From 1868 to 1871 he was professor of didac- 
tic theology at Yale College, and afterwards lecturer on 
ecclesiastical polity and American church history. Be- 
sides the works mentioned in vol. i., he published: 1. 
Christian Self-Culture; or, Counsels for the Beginning 
and Progress of a Chri.-tian Life, Bost., 1863, 12mo. 2. 
Historical Discourse delivered at Worcester. Sept. 22, 
1863 : with Introductory Remarks by Hon. J. M. Barton, 
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" A contribution of permanent value to all students of 
A men ran history, and especially to such as are fond of ex- 
ploring its earlier period." Nation, xix. 272. 

5. Sketch of the Rev. David Bacon, 1876. 6. Three 
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in 1830; graduated at Yale College in 1850, and as 
M.D. in 1855; studied divinity at Yale andAndover; 
became a Congregational minister, serving as pa>tor of 
various churches. From 1872 to 1875 he resided in 
Europe, chiefly at Geneva. Besides contributing to 
various literary and religious periodicals, he has pub- 
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2. Church Music . Papers, N. Haven, 1876, 16ino. 3. 
Church Papers: Sunday Evening Essays, N.York, 1877, 
12mo. 4. A Life Worth Living: Memorials of Emily 
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Bacon, Theodore, son of Rev. Leonard Bacon, 
and a nephew of Delia Bacon, [q. v., ante, vol. i.] Delia 
Baoou: a Biographical Sketch, Bost., 1888, 8vo. Por- 

" The task which Mr. Bacon set himself he has performed 
with Mirers.*. No one henceforward will question if anv 
heretofore has questioned that the subject of this sketch 
rare intellectual force, of absolute sincerity, of self- 
annihilating devotion in her work. . . . Yet. . . we ques- 
tion the desirability of this publication. The story is too 
painful. It is a tragedy without a lesson, a history without 
a moral." AcUton, xlvii. 524. 

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Sides of the Controversy between the Roman and Re- 
formed Churches, N. York, 1860, 12mo. 2. The Reign 
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the Debate between " Science" and Religious Faith. 
Bait., 1878, 12mo. 3. The Beginnings of Religion : 
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Ward of the " Through Guide" Series, and sole author 
of the greater number of the vols. composing it. 1. The 
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2. Scotland. Part I., The Highlands as far as Aberdeen, 
etc., 1881 ; 6th ed., 1889. 3. North Devon and North 
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iii/rii. 11. Scotland. Part III., The Lowlands, including 
Edinburgh and Glasgow, 1886, 12mo. 12. Ireland. 
Part I., Northern Division, 1887. 13. Ireland. Part 
II., Southern Division, 1887. 

"In English topographical writing for tourists the 
'Through Guide' Series is so far ahead of any other that 
there can scarcely be said to be a good second to it" 
Sat. Kev. 

14. A Guide to Glasgow and its Environs. With Maps 
and Appendices by Various Writers upon the History, 
Institutions, Manufactures, ic., of Glasgow. Glasgow, 
1888, fp. Svo. 

Baddeley, P. F. H. Whirlwinds and Dust- 
Storms of India: an Investigation into the Law of 
Wind and Revolving Storms at Sea. With an Adden- 
dum containing Practical Hints on Sanitary Measures 
required for the European Soldier in India. Illust. with 
separate vol. of Plates. Lon.. 1860, 4to. 

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p. Svo. 4. The Village of the West, Lon., 1870, 3 vols. 
p. Svo. 5. The Last of the Lythams, Lon., 1873, 2 vols. 
p. Svo. 6. The Golden Lute, and other Poems, Lon., 
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Wokingham. 1. George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, 
a Drama, and other Poems, Lon., 1877, p. Svo. 2. The 
Daughter of Jephtha, a Lyrical Tragedy, and Poems, 
Lon., 1879, 12mo. 3. John Dudley, Duke of Northum- 
berland, an Historical Tragedy, and Songs and Poems, 
Lon., 1879, p. Svo. 4. Legend of the Death of Antar: 
an Eastern Romance ; also, Lyrical Poems, Songs, and 
Sonnets, Lon., 1881, cr. Svo. 5. Dramatic and Narra- 
tive Sketches, Lon., 1884, fp. 8vo. 6. Bedoueen Le- 
gends, and other Poems, Lon., 1884, fp. Svo. 7. Tchay 
and Cbianti : a Short Visit to Russia and Finland: with 
Notes on Italy, Lon., 18S7, p. Svo. 8. Lotus Leaves, 
Lon., 1887, fol. 9. Travel-Tide, 1889. 

Badeau, Adam, Brevet Brig.-Gen. U.S.A., (re- 
tired,) b. in New York City in 1831 ; entered the 
volunteer service of the United States army in 1862 ; 
became military secretary to General Grant in March, 
1864, and remained on his staff till 1869: secretary of 
legation at London 1869, and consul-general at the 
same place from that year till 1881 ; consul-general at 
Havana 1882-1884. He accompanied General Grant 
in his tour round the world in 1877-78. 1. The Vag- 
abond : a Volume of Piquant Sketches, N. York, 1859, 
12mo. 2. Military History of Ulysses S. Grant: vol. i., 
N. York, 1S68; vols. ii., iii.. 1881. 8vo. 

"The work is written with that soldierly respect for high 
qualities, even among the bitterest antagonists, which is 
the first characteristic of a gtod military history-" Sat, 
Rev., xxvii. 251. 

" The interestof the book before us is to be found mainly 
in the light which it throws on the unsettled question of 
Gram's soldierly ability, the question how far his brilliant 
successes were traceable directly to his personal influence, 



the qualities of his mind and character. . . . It is written 
in good, plain English, but not with the finish of the prac- 
tised writer, or any positive charm of style." Nation, vi. 

"They [vols. ii. and ill.] are not only a very full history 
of the military career of General Grant, but they are the 
completest and fullest history of our war, during its last 
year, of which we have any knowledge, or which, it is 
s$fe to say, is in existence. . . . They are nowhere dull, 
and it is not too much to say that they are often intensely 
interesting. The author had a story of the highest dignity 
to tell, he possessed exceptional opportunities of knowing 
it, and he has told it well ; and this is true in spite of the 
fact that these two volumes are almost an apotheosis of 
Grant, who is credited with every military virtue and with 
a large share of the other virtues." Nation, xxxii. 461. 

3. Conspiracy: a Cuban Romance, N. York, 1883, p. 
8vo. 4. Aristocracy in England, N. York, 1886, 16mo. 
6. Grant in Peace, from Appomattox to Mt. Mc- 
Gregor: a Personal Memoir, Hartford, 1887, 8vo. 

" This volume is more than interesting, it is charming." 
Nation, xlvi. 286. 

BadenPowell. See POWELL. 

Badenoch, James Greig. The Art of Letter- 
Painting made Easy, Lon., 18i U, 12mo. 

Buder, Charles. The Natural and Morbid 
Changes of the Human Eye, Lon., 1868, 2 vols., text 
and plates, r. 8vo. 

Badford, E. Measured Steps, Lon., 1884, 12mo. 

Badger, A. G. An Illustrated History of the 
Flute: with a Description of the New or Boehm Flute, 
N. York, 1854, 8vo. 

Badger, Mrs. C. 31. Floral Belles from the Green- 
house and Garden, N. York, 1866, fol. 

Badger, Rev. George Percy, D.C.L., Knight 
Commander of the Crown of Italy and Companion 
of the Gleaming Star of Zanzibar, 1815-1888, b. at 
Chelmsford, Essex, spent his early life in Malta, where 
he acquired a perfect knowledge of the Maltese dialect, 
which he subsequently endeavored to reduce to writing, 
as a medium of education among the natives. During 
a two years' residence in Syria he became a proficient in 
Arabic and made himself familiar with the manners and 
habits of all classes of the population. Having taken 
holy orders in 1841, he was sent as a delegate to the 
Nestorian and other Christian churches of the East, and, 
while at Niinrfld, made the discovery of a cuneiform 
slab which led to Layard's explorations. He was after- 
wards government chaplain at Bombay and at Aden, 
and in 1857 he rendered important services as Arabic 
interpreter and staff chaplain in the Persian expedition 
under Sir James Outram. In 1872 he accompanied Sir 
Bartle Frere on a special mission to Zanzibar, and some 
years later was appointed to attend upon the Sultan of 
Zanzibar during his visit to England. During later 
years he devoted himself to literary pursuits, especially 
in connection with his favorite studies, in which he 
ranks as one of the highest authorities. Besides his 
contributions to periodical literature, including articles 
on Egyptian affairs, he has published : l.TheNestorians 
and their Rituals: with a Narrative of a Mission to 
Mesopotamia and Coordistan in 1842-44 and of a Late 
Visit to those Countries in 1850, Lon., 1852, 2 vols. 8vo. 
2, Government in its Relations with Education and 
Christianity in India, Lon., 1858, 8vo. 3. Sermons on 
the State of the Dead, Past, Present, and Future, Bom- 
bay, 1861, 8vo; 2d ed., Lon., 1870, 12mo. 4. A Visit to 
the Isthmus of Suez Canal Works. With Map. Lon., 
1862, 8vo. 5. (Ed.) Travels of Ludovico di Varthema 
in India and the East, A.D. 1503-8, 1863. 6. (Trans.) 
The Clergy and the Pulpit in their Relations to the 
People, by I. Mullois, Lon., 1*67, 8vo. 7. (Trans.) 
History of the Imams and Seyyids of Oman, from A.D. 
661-1856, (Hakluyt Soc. Pub.,) Lon., 1871, 4to. 8. An 
English-Arabic Lexicon, Lon., 1881, 4to. 

" Only a long residence in the East, frequent intercourse 
with the best native scholars, and a careful perusal of 
Arabic newspapers could give a European Orientalist 
such a command over modern nomenclature and phrase- 
ology as Dr Badger evinces. ... His book ... is so su- 
perior to any previous attempt in this direction that it bids 
fair to remain for many generations the standard English- 
Arabic dictionary." Ath., No. 2800. 

Badger, Rev. Henry Clay. 1. The Truths and 
Errors of Liberal Christianity, and of the National Con- 
ference of 1870. By a Delegate. Cambridge, Mass., 
1870. 2. Dead-Heads, Financial and Moral. By a 
Stalwart Republican. Bost, 1884. 

Badgley, Jonathan. English Grammar, taught 
in Plain, Familiar Conversations, by Uncle Jonathan, 
Utica, N. York, 1867. 

Badham, Rev. Charles, D.D., 1813-1884, b. at 
Ludlow, Shropshire, Eng., son of Charles Badham, M.D., 
[q. v., ante, vol. i.,] was educated at Eton, and at Wadham 
College, Oxford ; studied for seven years in Italy and 
Germany; was ordained in 1848; appointed head-master 
of King Edward VI.'s Grammar-School at Lowth in 
1851, and of the proprietary school at Edgbaston, near 
Birmingham, in 1854; and in 1867 became professor of 
classics and logic in the University of Sydney, Australia. 
He was esteemed the best classical scholar in England 
since Porson. His publications include annotated 
editions of the Iphigenia and Helena of Euripides, 
1851: Ion of Euripides, 1851, 1853, and 1861; Plato's 
Philebus, 1855 and 1878; and Plato's Euthydemus and 
Laches, 1865. Also: 1. Criticism applied to Shakspere, 
Lon., 1846, 8vo. 2. Thoughts on Classical and Com- 
mercial Education, Manchester, 1866, 12mo. 3. Adhor- 
tatio ad Discipulos Academiae Sydneiensis, Lon., 1870, 

Badham, Charles, M.A., vicar of All Saints', 
Sudbury. 1. Five Sermons, Lon., 1852, 2 parts, 8vo. 

2. The History and Antiquities of All Saints' Church, 
Sudbury, and of the Parish generally, Lon., 1852, Svo. 

3. The School Prayer-Book : with Hymns and Private 
Prayers for Teachers and Children, Lon., 1856, 18mo. 

4. The Life of James Deacon Hume, Secretary to the 
Board of Trade, Lon., 1859, Svo. 

Badley, Brenton Hamline, M.A., for ten years 
a missionary in Northern India. 1. Indian Missionary 
Directory and Memorial Volume, Lucknow, 1876, Svo. 
2. Mela at Tulsipur Fair : Glimpses of Missionary Life 
and Work in India, for Children, Lon., 1884, 4to; 2d 
ed., 1886. 

Badnall, Hopkins. The Relations of the Church 
in South Africa to the Church of England and to the 
Civil Power, Cape Town, 1865, 16mo. 

Badnall, James. 1. Gems of Thought on the 
Principal Subjects of Life, Lon., 1857, 8vo. 2. (Ed.) 
The Poems of G. Heath, the Moorland Poet, Lon., 
1870, Svo; new ed., 1880. 

Baer, Mrs. Benjamin F. Irene; or, Beach- 
broken Billows, N. York, 1874, 12mo. 

Baer, W. Champagne Charlie, N. York, 1869, 

Bagby, George William, M.D., ("Mozis Ad- 
dums,") 1828-1883, b. in Buckingham Co., Va., gradu- 
ated at the medical department of the University of 
Pennsylvania, was editor and correspondent of various 
Southern journals, a contributor to magazines, and State 
librarian of Virginia from 1870 to 1878. 1. John M. 
Daniel's Latch-Key : a Memoir of the late Editor of the 
Richmond Examiner, Lynchburg, Va., 1868, 16mo. 2. 
What I did with my Fifty Millions. Edited from the 
posthumous MS. by Caesar Maurice, Esq., of the Rich- 
mond (Va.) Whig. Phila., 1875. 

" Dr. Bagby's pen-pictures of the already obsolete or ob- 
solescent manners and customs of Virginia are spirited 
and faithful." Nation, xx. 46. 

3. Meekins's Twinses, Richmond, Va., 1877, 12mo. 
Bagden, J. O. (Trans.) Brigands of the Morea, 
a Narrative, by S. Soteropoulos, Lon., 1868, 2 vols. p. 

Bagdon, J. C. A Brief Comparison of the Fun- 
damental Doctrines of the Anglican and Greek Churches, 
Lon., 1869, Svo. 

Bagehot, Walter, 1826-1877, b. at Langport, 
Somersetshire, Eng. ; was educated at University Col- 
lege, London, where he graduated in 1846 with the 
mathematical scholarship, and took his M.A. degree 
in 1848 with the gold uiediil in intellectual and moral 
philosophy and political economy. He was called 
to the bar in 1852, but instead of practising went into 
business with his father, a ship-owner and banker at 
Langport. In his leisure hours he contributed articles 
on literary and political topics to the Prospective Re- 
view, and from 1855 to the National Review, of which 
he was throughout its existence one of the editors. In 
1860 he became editor and manager of The Economist, 
established by his father-in-law, the Right Hon. James 
Wilson, as a free-trade organ. As an economist Bage- 
hot belonged to the Ricardo school, though he did not 
regard the science as a fixed but rather as a tentative 
one and subject to modifications. He was an authority 
on questions of banking and finance, and was even more 
widely known as a literary critic and brilliant talker. 
1. Estimates of some Englishmen and Scotchmen, Lon., 



1858, 8vo. (Articles in this volume are included in the 
Biographical Studies and Literary Studies hereafter 
named.) 2. The History of the Unreformed Parliament: 
an K--;iy. Lon., I860, 8vo. 3. Memoir of the Right 
lion. J. Wilson, Lon., 1861, 8vo. 4. Count your Ene- 
mies and Economise your Expenditure, Lon., 1862, 8vo. 
6. The English Constitution : Reprinted from the Fort- 
nightly Review, Lon., 1867, p. Svo. 

" It is the fruit of much acute reflection, and of a large 
ar<|inuntance with the varied facts of public life. It is 
written in a style singularly lucid and brilliant; and if in 
any re.s|>oet faulty, only faulty because it is too clever, and 
diverts the attention from the matter to the form." Hal. 
Rev., xxiii. 632. 

6. Physics and Politics; or. Thoughts on the Appli- 
cation of the Principles of Natural Selection and In- 
heritance to Political Society, ( " International Scientific" 
Series,) Lon., 1872, p. 8vo. 

" Mr Bagehot tries to indicate in what manner various 
scientific theories, and especially those of Mr. Darwin and 
Mr. Herbert Spencer, may be applied to political specula- 
tions. . . . The line of his remarks suggests to him many 
interesting remarks, the value of which is not diminished 
by the questionable nature of some of his theories." Sat. 
Rev., xxxv. 89. 

7. Lombard Street: a Description of the Money Mar- 
ket, Lon., 1873, p. 8vo; 7th ed., 1878. 

" He calls his book ' Lombard Street,' and not the ' Money 
Market,' in order to show that he means to deal, not with 
abstractions, but with concrete realities. . . . Besides its 
main topic, the management of the reserve of the Bank 
of England, it is full of most interesting economic his- 
tory." Ath., No. 2381. 

8. Some Articles on the Depreciation of Silver, and 
on Topics connected with it. From The Economist. 
Lon., 1877, 8vo. 9. Literary Studies : with a Prefatory 
Notice. Edited by Richard Holt Hutton. Lon., 1879, 
8vo. Posth. 

"Nearly all the critical essays which are now repub- 
lished have the advantage of interesting subjects. Mr. 
Bagehot had something original to say on Shelley, on 
Cowper, on Scott, on Milton, and even on Shakspeafe." 
Sat. Rev., xlvii. 18. 

10. Economic Studies. Edited by R. H. Hutton. 
Lon., 1880, 8vo. 

" Taking the book as ii stands, with the unavoidable 
loss it has suffered in wanting the keen critical revision 
of its author, it is one of the most valuable works on 
economics that we have seen for many years." Ath., No. 

11. Biographical Studies. Edited by R. H. Hutton. 
Lon., 1881. 

" Taken as a whole, these essays are a remarkable col- 
lection of studies in political psychology. For justness of 
judgment they undoubtedly surpass any previous attempts 
of Hie kind. ... If he had had the gift of style, Bagehot 
would have ranked as the greatest of English political 
writers. As it is, these Biographical Sketches [sic] will 
always constitute the most trustworthy contemporary es- 
timate of many of the leading English statesmen of the 
Victorian era." Ath., No. 2799. 

12. Essays on Parliamentary Reform, Lon., 1883, p. 
Svo. 13. The Postulates of English Political Economy : 
with a Preface by Alfred Marshall, Lon., 1885, 8vo. 
(This is a reprint of a portion of the " Economic Studies.") 
A complete edition of Bagehot's works, edited by For- 
rest Morgan, was published in New York, 1889. 

Bagenal, Philip Henry Dudley, B.A., b. 1850 ; 
educated at St. Alban Hall, Oxford : called to the bar at 
King's Inns, Dublin, 1874, and at the Inner Temple, 
London, 1881. 1. Parnellism Unveiled: Land and 
Labour Agitation of 1879-80, Dublin, 1830, 12mo. 2. 
The Irish Agitators in Parliament and on the Platform : 
a Complete History of Irish Politics for the Year 1879, 
Dublin, 1880, 12mo. 3. The American-Irish and their 
Influence on Irish Politics, Lon., 1882, p. 8vo. 

"Mr. Bagenal's . . . treatise is, we think, almost the 
first which has been devoted to its special subject, and, 
despite a few little inaccuracies of expression, it is very 
well done." Sat. Rev., liii. 737. 

" He is a strong opponent of Mr. Gladstone's Irish policy, 
y< t his own volume is. in effect, if not in intention, a ter- 
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and was the college chronicler of the World from 1878 
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ject of bicycling under the pneudonyme of " Karl Kron." 
1. Four Years at Yale. By a Graduate of '69. N. 
Haven, 1871. 2. Ten Thousand Miles on a Bicycle. 
By Karl Kron. N. York, 1887. 

" As a book of reference for information as to the most 
judicious mode of travelling on wheels in America, the 
distances accomplished by the author and other eminent 
bicyclists the best routes to be chosen, and a thousand 
other kindred matters, Ten Thousand Mile- on a Bicycle 
will be found almost indispensable." .So*. Rev., Ixir. 

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with a Succinct Account of the Earlier History, Lon., 
1885, 2 vols. 8vo. 

" Mr. Bagwell has evidently had on his side time, means, 
Impartiality, the rare and valuable gift of sympathy which 
is almost necessarily lacking to Englishmen who are called 
upon to deal with this inseparable nuisance of their Em- 
pire, the knowledge which no foreigner can have, and the 
want of which leads the best-informed foreigners into such 
ludicrous mistakes. . . . To everybody who wants a trust- 
worthy summary, easy of consultation, of a period of 
Irish history, his book will be most valuable. . . . But it is 
lacking in the instructive qualities of history. . . . The 
reader finds himself constantly lost in a wilderness of de- 
tails, with only the remotest idea of what Mr. Bagwell is 
endeavouring to show by means of these details." Sat. 
Eev., Ixi. 239. 

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Ac., Natural History and the Sciences, Lon., 1880, 8vo. 

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1864, b. at Kirk wall, Orkney; took his medical degree 
at Edinburgh; became a surgeon in the navy, and in 
1854 accompanied an expedition up the Niger, at first as 
surgeon, and, on the death of the captain, as commander, 
exploring that river 250 miles farther than any previous 
traveller. In 1857 he started on a second expedition, 
and remained several years in Africa, establishing a 
native settlement and market for native produce, open- 
ing up the navigation of the Niger, learning many Afri- 
can dialects, and translating parts of the Bible into 
Ha usa. Ha died at Sierra Leone when on his way 
home on leave. 1. List of Books and Manuscripts re- 
lating to Orkney and Zetland, Lon., 1847, 8vo. 2. Nar- 
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and Bcnue in 1854, Lon., 1856, 8vo. 3. Observations on 
the Hausn and Fulfulde Languages, Lon., 1861, 8vo. 
Privately printed. 

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1854; sometime Stowell Civil Law Fellow of University 

College. The Succession to the English Crown : an His- 
torical Sketch, Lon., 1879, p. 8vo. 

" As a whole, it is far from perfect ; but the pains and 
research which the author has spent upon particular 
points, and his skill in unravelling a legal tangle, make 
up for its shortcomings." Sat. Rev., xlviii. 389. 

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or, Sketches of the Prettiest Spots in that Interesting 
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Green, &c., Lon., 1877, 12mo. 

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dating the Manners, Government, and Customs of the 
same City from the Thirteenth Century to the Present 
Period, Winchester, 1856, p. 8vo. 

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Spelling and Pronunciation on an Entirely New Plan, 
Lon., 1861, 8vo. 

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to the Centennial City, Ac., Highland P.O., 0., 1877, 

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ZEB BAILEY, infra. 

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other Ballads, Lon., 1877, 12mo. 

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Hawaiian Ferns, Honolulu, 1882, 12ino. 

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Church of Christ and of the Various Workmen employed 
therein, Lon., 1866, 12mo. 

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War, St. Louis, 1880, 16mo. 

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Pa., in 1822; studied theology at Oberlin College, 
Ohio, and became a Baptist minister; held pas- 
torates in Pennsylvania and several Western States; 
originated the system of " ministers' institutes ;" was 
superintendent of the Baptist missions in Illinois 1863- 
67, and secretary of the Baptist Theological Union in 
Chicago 1867-75. He published: 1. History of the 
Illinois River Baptist Association, N. York, 1857. 2. 
The Great Caverns of Kentucky, Chic., 1864, 16uio. 3. A 
Manual of Baptism, Phila., 1864, 16mo. 4. The Trials 
and Victories of Religious Liberty in America, 1876. 5. 
Three Discourses on the History, Wonders, and Excel- 
lence of the Bible, Ottumwa, 1882. 6. The Word and 
Works of God, 1883, 12tuo. 7. Prize Discourse on 
Slander, Washington, 1884. 8. Ingersollism Exposed, 
Ottumwa, 1884. 

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1859. 3. Three Sermons on the Prodigal Son, 1860, Svo. 
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Twenty-Five Years at St. Augustine's College: a Letter 
to late Students, 1874. Privately printed. 

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tical Treatise on the Laws of Health, or, How to main- 
tain the Vital Action and to keep the Body in Health 
to the Longest Period for Mankind to Live, <fec., Lon., 



Bailey, J. II. The Factors of Civilization, Real 
and Assumed, Atlanta, Oa., 1883, 8vo. 

Bailey, Jacob Whitmau, b. 1803, at Ward, 
Ma.-s., became professor of chemistry at West Point, and 
contributed papers embodying the results of bis micro- 
scopical researches to scientific journals. 1. Microscopic 
Examination of Soundings, Wash., 1851, 4to. 2. Micro- 
scopic Observations in South Carolina, Georgia, and 
Florida, Wash., 1851, 4to. 3. New Species of Micro- 
scopic Organisms, Wash., 1854, -ito. 

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Day Baptist General Con Terence, Toledo, 0., 1866, 12rno. 

Bailey, James Montgomery, b. 1841, at 
Albany, N.Y. ; becume a carpenter, and subsequently 
a journalist at Danbury, Conn. ; served in the volun- 
teer army during the civil war, and in 1S7U established 
a paper called the Danbury New.', to which he con- 
tributed humorous papers, which were extensively copied 
and gave him a reputation as "The Danbury News 
Man." 1. The Danbury Newsman : being a Brief but 
Comprehensive Record of the Doings of a Remarkable 
People, Boat., 1872, 12mo. 2. Life in Danbury, Bost., 
1873, 12mo: new ed., 1877. 3. They All do it; or, Mr. 
Miggs of Danbury, and his Neighbors, Bost., 1877, Itimo. 
4. England from a Back Window: with Views of Scot- 
land and Ireland, Bost., 1879, 12mo. 5. Mr. Pbillips's 
Goneness, 1879, llimo. 6. The Dnnbury Boom: with 
a Full Account of Mrs. Cobleigh's Action therein, 1880, 

"Mr. Bailey is ... a genuine humorist, . . . not of a 
rare type." ffatlon, xvi. 435. 

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ments of Tyrtseus, Lon., 1862, 8vo. 2. Lays of Great 
Britain, and other Poems, Lon., 1872, 8vo. 

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Short Biographical Sketches of a few advanced Nona- 
genarians or actual Centenarians who were distinguished 
in Art, Science, Literature, or Philanthropy. Also, 
Brief Notices of some Individuals remarkable chiefly 
for their Longevity. With an Introductory Chapter on 
" Long-lasting." Lon., 1888, 8vo. 

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Chic., 1867, 8vo. 2. Kane County Gazetteer, Chic., 
1867, 8vo. 3. Sangamon County Gazetteer, Chic., 1867, 

Bailey, John Eglington, 1840-1888, b. at 
Edgboston, near Birmingham, Eng. ; educated at War- 
rington, and at Owens College, Manchester, and after- 
wards connected with a mercantile firm in the latter 
city ; was appointed in 1876 a member of the council 
of the Chethiim Society, and subsequently became its 
secretary. He edited old MSS., contributed articles 
on antiquarian and biographical subjects to periodicals, 
and established a journal for the discussion of such 
subjects, The Palatine Note-Book. 1. The Life of 
Thomas Fuller, D.D. : with Notices of his Books, his 
Kinsmen, and his Friends, Lon and Manchester, 1874. 

" It scarcely aims at being popular, but cannot fail in its 
exhaustive fulness to instruct and gratify those who al- 
rt'iuly know a great deal about the men that flourished in 
England towards the middle of the seventeenth century." 
Hat. Kev., xxxix.186. 

2. ( Ed.) The Life of a Lancashire Rector during the 
Civil War, the Rev. C. Ilerle, Leigh, 1877, 8vo. Pri- 
vately printed. 3. (Ed.) Inventories of Goods in the 
Churches and Chapels of Lancashire, taken in the Year 
1552, (Cherham Soc.,) 1879, 4to. 4. (Ed.) Diary for 
the Years 1595-1601. By J. Dee. Lon., 1880, 4to. 

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betical, of the Books of the ot. Louis Public School 
Library : including also the Collections of the St. 
Louis Academy of Science and Law School, St. Louis, 
1870, 8vo. 

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Dispensation for Farmers, Billerica, Mass., 1880, 8vo. 

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and the Science of Plants, Bost., 1885. 2. Field-Notes 
on Apple-Culture, N. York, 1886, 12mo. 

Bailey, Luring Woart, son of Jacob Whitman 
Bailey, [ante, vol. i.,] b. at West Point, N.Y., in 
1839; studied at Brown University and at Harvard, 
where he graduated in 1859; appointed professor of 
chemistry and natural history in the University of New 
Brunswick, Fredericton, and has since been connected 
with the geological survey of Canada. Besides bis con- 
tributions to the reports of this survey, and to the Cana- 
dian Naturalist and Canadian Record, he has published : 
1. Notes on the New Species of Microscopical Organisms 

from the Para River, South America, Cambridge, Maw , 
1861. 2. Mines and Minerals of New Brunswick, 1804. 
3. Geology of Southern New Brunswick, 1865. 4. Ele- 
mentary Natural History, St. John, N.B., 1887, 16mo. 

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York, 1882, 12mo. 

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garten System into English Infant Schools, Lon., 1876, 

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International Policy of the Great Powers, Lon., 1861, 
fit. 8vo. 2. Universal Hymn, Lon., 1868, 4to. 3. The 
Feet us I'.irtlid-iy Book. Lon., 1881, 12mo. 

Bailey, Samuel, [mite, vol. !., add.,] 1791-1870, 
spent his life entirely at Sheffield, where he was chair- 
man of the Sheffield Banking Company, and several 
times president of the Sheffield Literary and Philosophi- 
cal Society. The following list of his publications in- 
cludes those mentioned in vol. i., where there are several 
omissions of early works and the dates are generally in- 
correct. In regard to the authorship of the two books 
published anonymously, see Diet, of Nat. Biog., ii. 411. 
1. Essays on the Formation and Publication of Opinions 
and other Subjects, Lon., 1821; 2d ed., 1826; 3d ed., 
18:51. 2. Que.-tions on Political Economy, 1823. 3. 
A Critical Dissertation on the Nature, Measure, and 
Causes of Value, 1825. 4. Letter to a Political Econo- 
mist, 1826. 5. Essays on the Pursuit of Truth and on 
the Progress of Knowledge, Lon., 1829 ; 2d ed., 1844. 6. 
Rationale of Political Representation, Lon., 1835, 8vo. 
7. Money and its Vicissitudes in Value, Lon., 1837, 
8vo. 1'ainph. 8. Letters from an Egyptian Kafir on a 
Visit to England in Search of Religion, 1837. Anon. 
9. A Review of Berkeley's Theory of Vision, Lon., 1842, 
8vo. 10. Maro, or Poetic Sensibility, 1846. Anon. 11. 
The Theory of Reasoning, Lon., 1851 ; 2d ed., 1852. 12. 
Letters on the Philosophy of the Human Mind, 3 Series, 
Lon., 1855, 1858, 1863, 8vo. 13. On the Received Text 
of Shakespeare's Dramatic Writings, 1861, 1862, 2 vols. 

Bailey, Sarah Loring. Historical Sketches of 
Andover : comprising North Andover and Andover, 
Mass., Bost., 1881. 

Bailey, Rev. Thomas John, graduated at Corpus 
Christi College, Cambridge, 1860 ; ordained 1860 ; curate 
of St. Michael, Lewes, 1860-67, of St. Mary le Strand 
1873-79, and since then of All Saints', Notting Hill. 1. 
English Orders and Papal Supremacy : a Brief Manual 
of Facts, Lon., 1868, 12mo. 2. The Jurisdiction and 
Mission of the Anglican Episcopate, Lon., 1871, 12mo. 
3. (Ed.) A Defence of Holy Orders in the Church of 
England, including the Statutes, Documents, and other 
Evidence attesting the Validity of Anglican Orders: 
with a Photozincograph of the Record of Archbishop 
Parker's Consecration. Lat. and Eng. Lon., 1870, 8 vo; 
abridged ed., 1871. 4. Are the Ministers of the "Re- 
formed Episcopal Church" Validly Ordained ? a Letter, 
Lon., 1879, 8vo. 

Bailey, Mrs. Urania Locke, (Stonghton,) 
1820-1882, b. at Gill, Franklin Co., Mass.; resided after 
her marriage at Providence, R.I. She wrote under the 
name of " Una Locke." 1. The School at Elm Oak and 
the School of Life, N. York, 1861. 2. The Crooked Tree, 
N. York, 1865, 16mo. 3. Dr. Plassid's Patients, Bost., 
1872, 16rno. 4. Star Flowers, N. York, 1882, 16mo. 
With PRATT, F. L.. Holiday Tales, Bost., 18mo. With 
YORK, ZAIDA, and LKK, FRANCIS, High Days and Holi- 
days in Old England and New England, N. York, 1870, 
4 vols. Ilium. 

Bailey, W. B. Voyage up the Quorra and 
Tshudda Rivers in 1854, Lon., 1856, 8vo. 

Bailey, W. E. Against her Will, Lon., 18S8, p. 

Bailey, W. T. Richfield Springs and Vicinity : 
Historical, Biographical, and Descriptive, N. York, 1874, 

Bailey, WellesleyC. Lepers in India; 2d ed., 
Lon., 1875, 32mo. 

Bailey, William, of Nottingham. The Angler's 
Instructor : a Treatise on the Best Modes of Angling in 
English Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds, Lon., 1857, 12mo; 
3d ed., 1879, p. 8vo. 

Bailey, William II. 1. The Onus Prohandi, Prep- 
aration for Trial, Ac., N. York, 1886, 8vo. 2. The 
Conflict of Judicial Decisions, Bait., 1888, Svo. 

Bailey, William Whitman, son of J. W. Bailey, 
tupra, b. 1843, at West Point, N.Y., graduated at Brown 




University in 1864, and afterwards studied the natural 
sciences at Harvard ; was botanist to the U.S. Survey 
of the 40th parallel 1867-68 ; tutor in botany at Brown 
University 1877-81, and professor from the latter date. 
Botanical Collector's Hand-Book, Salem, Mass., 1881, 

Baillie, Alexander Dundas Ross Cochrane- 
Wishart-, Baron Lamingion, [mite, vol. i., COCH- 
RANE, ALEX. BAILLIE, M.P., add.,] 1816-1890, educated 
at Eton, and at Trinity College, Cambridge, was M.P. for 
Bridport and lloniton successively, and represented the 
Isle of Wight 1870-80, when he was raised to the peerage 
as Baron Lamington. He published, in addition to works 
mentioned in vol. i. : 1. Exeter Hall; or, Church Po- 
lemics, Lon., 1841, 8vo. 2. Lucille Belmont, Lon., 1849, 
2 rols. p. 8vo. 3. Florence the Beautiful : a Novel, Lon., 
1854, 2 Tola. p. 8vo. 4. Justice to Scotland, Edin. and 
Lon., 1854, 8vo. 5. Historic Chateaux: Blois, Fontaine- 
bleau, Vincennes, 1876, p. 8vo. 

" The Historic Chateaux which Mr. Cochrane has chosen 
as pegs to hang his discourses upon are three in number, 
Blois, Fontainebleau, and Vincennes. . . . Each of these 
three chateaux serves as an excuse for recounting the 
history of some striking events or persons connected with 
them." Sot. Rev., xliii. 234. 

6. A Young Artist's Life, Lon., 1864, 8vo. Anon. (A 
biography of L. Holme.) 7. Francis the First, and other 
Historic Studies, Lon., 1869, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 8. Historic 
Pictures, Lon., 1860, 2 vols. 8vo. 9. The Theatre Fran- 
cais in the Reign of Louis XV., Lon., 1879, 8vo. (A novel 
intended to illustrate the history of the Tbe'atre Francais, 
for which the author had been collecting materials.) 

" A very weak story indeed ... It is provoking that Mr. 
Cochrane should have defeated his own object by the un- 
fortunate form which he has selected." Acad., xv. 291. 

Baillie, Alexander I 1 '., F.R.G.S. A Paraguayan 
Treasure : the Search and the Discovery. With Route, 
Map, and Plans. [A novel.] Lon., 1887, p. 8vo. 

"Under the disguise of a novel Mr. Baillie gives a vivid 
description of incidents which are supposed to have taken 
place during the last few days of the life, and after the 
death, of Lopez, the Dictator of Paraguay." Ath., No. 3125. 

Baillie, Mrs. . C. C. 1. The Protoplast: a 
Series of Papers, Lon., 1853, 2 vols. 12mo. Anon. 2. 
The Way of the Wilderness, and other Poems. By E. 
C. C. B. Lon., 1862. 3. Hours of Rest; or, Sabbath 
Thoughts for Sabbath Days, Lon., 1867, 8vo. Anon. 4. 
Memoir of General Latta, Lon., 1870, 12mo. 5. A Sail 
to Smyrna; or, An Englishwoman's Journal : including 
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The Comforter: How He acts in the World through 
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Baillie-Grohman. See GROHMAN. 
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States. Illust. Phila., 1863; new ed., revised by Ed- 
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" It is smoothly and pleasantly written, and contains 
much general information about our birds; but it smells 
of the library rather than of the fields and woods." 
Nation, ix. 213. 

2. Trees, Plants, and Flowers : Where and How they 
Grow. Illust. Phila., 1869, 12mo. (This is included 
in the revised ed. of the former work.) 

Bain, Alexander, Electrician, 1811-1877. 1. A 
Short History of the Electric Clocks : with Explanations 
of their Principles and Mechanism, and Instructions for 
their Management and Regulation, Lon., 1852, Svo. 2. 
A Treatise on Numerous Applications of Electrical 
Science to the Useful Arts, Edin., 1869, Svo. 

Bain, Alexander, M.A., LL.D., b. 1818, at Aber- 
deen, and educated at Marischal College in that place. 
He has held the following appointments : professor of 
natural philosophy in the Andersonian University, 
Glasgow, during 1845 ; assistant secretary to the metro- 
politan sanitary commissioners 1847; assistant secretary 
to the general board of health 1848-50 ; examiner in 
logic and moral philosophy in the University of Lon- 
don 1857-62 and 1864-69 ; examiner in moral science 
at the India civil service examinations in 1858 and 
several other years; professor of logic in the Uni- 
versity of Aberdeen 1860-80, and in 1881 he was 
elected lord rector of that university. He began his 
literary career in 1840, as a contributor to the West- 
minster Review, and wrote several text-books on 
natural philosophy for a series published by Messrs. 
Chambers. 1. The Senses and the Intellect, Lon., 1855; 
3d ed., 1868. 

" What Mr. Mill accomplished for Logic, Mr. Bain has 
essayed to perform for Psychology. namely, to reconstruct 
it on a natural basis. . . . His volume presents us with a 
vast accumulation of phenomena, classified and arranged 



as the basis of his theories. . . . We can hardly open a 
page without lighting on some fact attractive to any one 
who feels an interest in these subjects." Sol. Rev. 

2. The Emotion* and the Will, Lon., 1859; 3d ed., 
1875. 3. On the Study of diameter: with an Estimate 
of Phrenology, Lon., 1861. 

" Mr. Bain canndl be a reader of the novelists and 
moralists of his lime, or he would hardly have said that 
the interest in the ' analytical study of human character* 
WM ' declining.' . . . Mr. Haiti agrees with the Phrenolo- 
gists in regarding the brain as the organ of the mind and 
In tracing the differences of character to constitutional 
iliiji-ri-nccs in the qualities of the various nerve-centres. 
. . . Huthe lays out his ground for the analysis of char- 
acter differently." Sat. Rev., xiii. 18. 

4. A Higher English Grammar, Lon., 1863, 12mo; 
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A Companion to the Higher English Grammar, Lon., 
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James Mill: a Biography. Lon., 1882, 8vo; new ed., 
1887. 14. John Stuait Mill: a Criticism: with Per- 
sonal Recollections, Lon., 1882, p. 8vo. 

"So far as doctrines are concerned, one could not have 
wished for an exponent more sympathetic than Prof. 
Bain. . . . But for the task of biographer, and even of 
critic, something more is required than mere knowledge of 
the doctrines expounded by thinkers, and these additional 
qualities literary style and arrangement, knowledge of 
life, and broad intellectual sympathies are only con- 
spicuous by their absence in these books." Ath., No. 2831. 

15. Practical Essays, Lon., 1884, cr. 8vo. 16. On 
Teaching English : with Detailed Examples, <tc., Lon., 
1887, p. Svci. 17. English Composition and Education. 
Enlarged Edition. Part Second, Emotional Qualities of 
Style. Lon., 1888. 

" Virtually a new work, of most original design and 
elaborate execution." Acad., xxxiv. 65. 

And see GROTE, GKDUGK, infra. 

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of a Run through the Netherlands, Nairn, 1873, 8vo. 

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Progress as a Book of Character. First Series : True 
Pilgrims. Lon., 1887, p. 8vo. 

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burgh, Pa., ISmo. 2. Secret Orders, 18mo. 

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tocollorum M. C. Simonis Notarii publici et Scribae Glas- 
guensis, 1499-1513; also, Rental Book of the Diary of 
Glasgow, 1509-1570, (Grampian Club Pub.,)Edin., 1875, 
2 vols. 8vo. 

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G. M. Dallas, Phila., 1871, 8vo. 

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Chloroform in Alleviating Humau Suffering : showing 
that there is no Scriptural Authority to interdict its 
Administration, Lon., 1848, 8vo. 2. Lectures on Early 
Education, Lon., 1854, 12mo; new ed., 1881. 3. The 
Droitwich Salt Springs : their Medicinal Action and 
Curative Properties, Worcester, 1873, 8vo. 

Baine, A. C. Essay on the Harmonious Relations 
between Divine Faith and Natural Reason, Bait., 1860. 

Baines, Sir Edward, [ante, vol. i., BAINES, ED- 
WAHD, second of the name, add.,] 1800-1890, was 
educated at the Protestant Dissenters' Grammar-School, 
Manchester ; associated with his father and succeeded 
him as editor and proprietor of the Leeds Mercury ; was 
M.P. for Leeds 1859-74, and knighted in 1880. He was 
one of the leading dissenting members, and a supporter 
of Free-Trade measures. Besides the work mentioned 
in vol. i., he published : 1. Life of Edward Baines, 1848. 

2. A Visit to the Vaudois of Piedmont, (Travellers' Li- 
brary,) Lon., 1855, 16mo. 

BaineH, Rev. Edward, B.D.. vicar of Yalding, 
formerly Fellow and Tutor of Christ's College, Cam- 
bridge, and examining chaplain to the Bishop of Ely. 
Sermons preached mainly to Country Congregations. 
Edited, with Preface and Memoir, by Alfred Barry. 
Lon.. 1883, p. 8vo. 

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Scenes from the History of the House of Hapsburg, 
Lon., 1851, 1. sin. i. 2. The Life of William Laud, Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, Lon., 1855, 8vo. 3. Twenty 
Sermons preached at Haverstock Hill, 1860, 12mo. 4. 
Sermons, Lon., 1875, 12mo. 

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ings by Wilhel. Baines, Lon., 1876, 4to. 

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the Church, Lon., 1875, 8vo; 2d ed., rev. and enl., 1876. 

2. The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Lon., 1879, p. 8ro. 
Baines, Thomas, [ante, vol. i., add.,] 1806-1881, 

b. at Leeds, Eng., third son of Edward Bainex, M.P., 
[q. v., ante, vol. i.,] settled in Liverpool as editor of the 
Liverpool Times in 1829, imd in 1859 removed to London 
as a parliamentary agent at the Liverpool office in that 
city. Of the two books mentioned in vol. i. the second 
is erroneously ascribed to him, and the first is included 
in the following li.-t : 1. Observations on the River Plate, 
Liverpool, 1845, 8vo. 2. Agricultural Resources of 
Great Britain, Ireland, and the Colonies, Lon., 1847, 8vo. 

3. History of the Commerce and Town of Liverpool, 
Lon., 1852, 8vo ; new ed., 1859. 4. Lancashire and 
Cheshire, Past and Present, Lon., 1866-70, 4 vols. 4to. 
5. Yorkshire, Past and Present : a History and De- 
scription of the Three Ridings of the Great County 
of York, Lon., 1871-77, 2 vols. 4to. 

Baines, Thomas, F.R.G.S., 1822-1875, b. at King's 
Lynn, Eng., accompanied the British army in the Kaffir 
war in 1848-51 as artist, and in 1858 was appointed artist 
to the Zambesi expedition under Livingstone. He made 
other journeys in Africa and Australia, and died at Dur- 
ban, Natal. 1. Explorations in South-Western Africa, 
Lon., 1864, 8vo. 2. Gold Regions of South-Eastern 
Africa. Map and Illust. Lon., 1877, 8vo. 

Baines, Thomas, F.R.H.S. Greenhouse and 
Stove Plants, Flowering and Fine-Leaved Palms, Ferns 
and Lycopodiums, Lon., 1885, 8vo. 

Baines, Wilhelmina. Lays from Legends, and 
other Poems, Lon., 1885, p. Svo. 

Baird, Andrew Wilson. Manual for Tidal Ob- 
servations and Reductions by Harmonic Analysis, Lon., 
1887, Svo. 

Baird, Rev. Charles Washington, D.D., 1828- 
1887, son of Rev. Robert Baird, [q. v., ante, vol. i.,] b. at 
Princeton, N.J. ; graduated at the University of New 
York in 1848, and at Union Theological School in 1852 ; 
became a Presbyterian clergyman; was American chap- 
lain at Rome in 1853, and has since held pastorates at 
Brooklyn and at Rye, N.Y. His publications relate 
chiefly to church history and polity, including the Pres- 
byterian liturgies, which he was the first to collect and 
investigate. 1. (Trans.) Discourses and Essays, by J. 11. 
Merle d'Aubigne", N. York, 1846, 12mo. 2. Eutaxia; 
or, The Presbyterian Liturgies, N. York, 1855. Anon. 
Revised and republished under the title of A Chapter 
on Liturgies: Lon., 1856, 12rno. 3. A Book of Public 
Prayer: compiled from the Authorized Formularies of 
the Presbyterian Church, 1857. 4. History of Rye, 
Westchester Co., N.Y., 1660-1870, including Harrison 
and White Plains till 1788. Illust. by A. Hosier. N. 
York, 1871. Svo. 

" It is full of lively sketches and quaint stories of the 
ways and manners ora primitive people in an old frontjer 
town. . . . For research and fulness it is a model of in- 
dustry." Nation, xiii. 130. 

5. History of Bedford Church, N. York, 1882. 6. 
History of the Huguenot Emigration to America, N. 
York, 1885, 2 voK 8vo. 

" These two volumes are a valuable and interesting con- 
tribution to our history, but we venture to predict they 
will be more appreciated by the genealogist than the his- 
torian, and for the genealogist they do out indicate the 
need of further search.'' Nation, xl. 444. 

Baird, E. J. C. My First School: a Tale for Boys, 
founded on Fact, Lon., 1888, or. 8vo. 

Baird, Henry Carey, b. 1825, at Bridesbnrg, Pa., 
is a publisher in Philadelphia, and author of many 
pamphlets on economic subjects advocating similar views 
to those of his uncle, Henry C. Carey. Among hia 




writings are : 1. Rights of American Producers and 
Wrongs of British Free-Trade Revenue Reform, Phila., 
1870, 16mo. 2. Protection of iiuuie Labor and Hoiue 
Productions necessary to the Prosperity of the American 
Farmer, Phila., 1860, Svo ; 7th ed., 1875. 

Baird, Rev. Henry Martyn, D.D., LL.D., son of 
Rev. Robert Baird, b. 1832, in Philadelphia; graduated 
at the University of the City of New York (Presbyterian) 
in 1850 ; studied at the University of Athens, in Greece, 
and at Union and Princeton Theological Seminaries ; 
was a tutor at Princeton College from 1855 to 1859, and 
in the latter year became professor of Greek in his alma 
mater. He has published : 1. Modern Greece : Narrative 
of a Residence and Travels : with Observations on its 
Antiquities, Literature, Language, Politics, and Religion, 
N. York, 1856, 12mo. 2. Life of Robert Baird, D.D., 
N. York, 1865, 8vo. 3. History of the Rise of the 
Huguenots of France, N. York, 1879, 2 vols. 8vo; new 
ed., 1883. 

" Looking for a word with which to characterize Pro- 
fessor Baird's work, we are tempted to use neatness. . . . 
To find the results of clean, scholar-like investigation ex- 
pressed in a lucid, consecutive, and sober narrative gives 
a sense of positive satisfaction to the critical reader which 
the finest of fine writing is powerless to bestow. . . . Op- 
portunities ... of bringing the very act and deed of 
his characters before the reader are too often rejected 
by our author in favor of some mild generality. It is 
through this failure on points of detail, and through an 
overstrained sobriety of tone, quite misplaced in telling 
of the fiercest tragedy of modern times, that The Rise of the 
Huguenots comes short of being a really great history." 
Nation, xxx. 47. 

" He is a faithful, if a somewhat partial, chronicler of 
all the main events which lie between the famous ' Bath 
of Blood 1 at Vassy, with the consequent outbreak of the 
first civil war, and the St. Bartholomew Massacre, and he 
tells his story so well that he cannot fail to interest the 
reader." SaL Rev., xlix. 634. 

4. The Huguenots and Henry of Navarre. With Maps. 
N. York, 1886, 2 vols. 8vo. 

"If his narrative never reaches the greatest excellence, 
so on the other hand it never falls below a very high stand- 
ard. His style is very clear and correct; his preparation 
is conscientious and thorough ; he possesses great skill in 
the selection and arrangement of his material, and he has 
given us a thoroughly interesting and valuable work." 
Nation, xliv. 433. 

"The only defect of any consequence to be noted in the 
work is one which does not detract from its interest as 
a narrative, but seriously affects its value as a history. 
. . . He treats the civil conflicts which he describes as 
purely religious wars, whereas it is evident from the facts 
which he records more evident perhaps than in any 
previous history that they were mainly political, and 
that religion was little more than a pretext." Critic, v. 52. 
" He is accurate, well informed, and appears to have 
made good use of the abundant materials which exist in 
print for tne history of France during the sixteenth cen- 
tury. . . . Mr. Baird is too much of a partisan, and too 
indiscriminating in the use of his materials, for his work, 
excellent as it is, to take its place as the standard and final 
history of the French Reformation." P. F. WILLERT: Hist. 
Rev., No. 11. 

Baird, Hugh. 1. Words in Season, Lon., 1856, 
32mo. 2. Beaten Oil for the Lamp of Life, Lon., 1862, 
p. 8vo. 

Baird, Rev. James, B.A. 1. Management of 
Health : a Manual of Home and Personal Hygiene, 
Lon., 1867, 12mo. 2. The Emigrant's Guide to Austra- 
lia, Lon., 1869, 12rno. 3. Emigrant's Guide to Austra- 
lia, Tasmania, and New Zealand, Lon., 1871, 12mo. 4. 
Ben Rhydding : its Amenities, Hygiene, and Therapeu- 
tics, Lon., 1870, 12mo. 

Baird, James Skerrett Shore, T.C.D. 1. Classi- 
cal Manual : an Epitome of Ancient Geography and Greek 
and Roman Mythology, Lon., 1852, 12mo. 2. A Cata- 
logue of Greek Verbs, Irregular and Defective, Lon., 
1853, 8vo; new ed., 1865. 3. Forms and Peculiarities 
of the Homeric Dialect, Lon., 1853, p. 8vo; new ed., 
by Rev. W. Gunion Rutherford. 4. First Latin Vocabu- 
lary and Accidence, 1855, 12mo. 

Baird, Rev. John, of the Free Church, Rafford. 
The Living Saviour, Lon., 1878, 12mo. 

Baird, Rev. John. 1. Nearer Heaven: a Help 
to the Deepening of the Spiritual Life, Lon., 1884, p. 
8vo. 2. Studies in the Spiritual Life, Lon., cr. 8vo. 

Baird, Robert, [ante, vol. i., add.,] d. 1863. 1. 
Life of Eliza Aston Uumpff and the Duchess de Broglie. 
Illust. N. York, 1849, I8mo. 2. Impressions and Ex- 
periences of the West Indies and North America in 1849, 
Lon., 1850, 2 vols. cr. 8vo; new ed., rev., 1855. 

Baird, Robert H. American Cotton-Spinner and 
Manager's and Carder's Guide, Phila., 1851, 12mo: 7th 
ed., 1876. 

Baird, Samuel John, b. 1817, at Newark, Ohio; 
graduated at Centre College, Ky., and studied the- 
ology at New Albany, but after officiating for some 
years as a Presbyterian preacher was obliged by ill 
health to retire from the ministry. He has published: 
1. Collection of the Acts, Deliverances, and Testimonies 
of the Supreme Judicatory of the Presbyterian Church, 
Phila., 1855, 8vo. 2. Bible History of Baptism, Rich- 
mond, Va., 8vo. Pamph. 3. The Elohim Revealed in 
the Creation and Redemption of Man, Phila., 1860, 8vo. 

4. Socinian Apostasy of the English Presbyterian Church. 

5. The First Adam and the Second, Phila., (?) 1860, 8vo. 

6. The Church of Christ: its Constitution and Order, 
Phila., 1868, 18mo. 7. History of the Early Polity of the 
Presbyterian Church in the Training of Ministers. 8. A 
History of the New School, and of the Question involved 
in the Disruption of the Presbyterian Church in 1838, 
Phila., 1868, 12mo. 

Baird, Spencer Fnllerton, LL.D., [ante, vol. i., 
add.,] 1823-1887, was educated at Dickinson College, 
where he afterwards became professor of natural science. 
On the death of Prof. Henry of the Smithsonian Institu- 
tion in 1878, Prof. Baird succeeded him as secretary. In 
1871 he was appointed by the President U.S. Commis- 
sioner of Fish and Fisheries, for the purpose of inquir- 
ing into the causes of the decrease of food-fishes in the 
country and the best means of restoring them. He fur- 
nished for some years a yearly report of the advances 
made in science. Also : 1. Reports of the U.S. Fish Com- 
mission, 1873-1886, 12 parts. 2. On the Serpents of 
New York : with a Notice of a Species not hitherto in- 
cluded in the Fauna of the State, Albany, 1854, 8vo. 3. 
Catalogue of North American Mammals, Washington, 
1857-59, 3 vols. 4to and 8vo. 4. Mammals of North 
America: Descriptions based on Collections in the 
Smithsonian Institution, Phila., 1859, 87 col. Plates, 
Svo. 6. Review of American Birds in the Smithsonian 
Museum, Wash., 1866. 6. Birds of North America: 
with Atlas, Wash., 1870, 2 vols.4to. 7. (Ed.) Cal. Geol. 
Survey. Ornithology. Vol. I.: Land Birds of Cali- 
fornia and Adjacent States and Territories : based on 
Manuscript and Collections of J. G. Cooper. Illust. 
San Fran., 4to. 8. With GIRARD, C., Catalogue of 
Serpents, Wash., 1853, Svo. 9. With CASSIN, JOHN, 
Birds of North America, Phila., 1860, 4to. 10. With 
RIDGWAY, R., New Forms of American Birds, Salem, 
1873, 8vo. Pamph. 11. With BREWER, THOMAS MAYO, 
and RJDGWAY, ROBERT, A History of North American 
Birds. Land Birds. Vols. I.-III. Illustrated by 64 
Plates nnd 593 Wood-cuts. Bost., 1875. 

"These authors have unusual facilities for preparing an 
exhaustive, treatise, opportunities which, as leading or- 
nithologists of the day, they cannot but use to the best 
advantage. . . . They have prepared a work marking 
an advance in the historv of the science as decided as 
that accomplished by Audubon in his day. The work at 
once becomes the authority upon the subject; while the 
circumstance that it embodies the results of an activity in 
the field of research which has left comparatively little to be 
learned of our birds, renders it probable that it will never 
be superseded, at least as long as present methods of or- 
nithological study endure." Ration, xviii. 270. 

12. The Water Birds of North America, 1884, 2 vols. 

"The work will . . . mark an era in the literature of 
American ornithology ; to the specialist it will form for 
many years a vade-mecum of the subject, and to the gen- 
eral reader and the amateur a boon the value of which 
cannot be easily over-estimated." Nation, xl. 17. 

For complete list of his works, see Bibliography, 1843 
1882, by George Brown Goode, in Bulletins U.S. Nat. 

Baird, William, M.D., 1803-1872, b. at Eccles, 
Scotland ; studied medicine at Edinburgh, Dublin, and 
Paris, and became a surgeon in the service of the East 
India Company. From 1841 till his death he held an 
appointment in the zoological department of the British 
Museum. He contributed papers to the Zoological and 
Linntean Societies, and published separately : 1. Natu- 
ral History of British Entoniostruca, (Hay Soc. Pub.,) 
Lon., 1850, Svo. 2. Cyclopaedia of the Natural Sciences, 
1858. 3. Memoir of John Baird, Minister of Yetholm, 
Roxburghshire: with an Account of his Labours in Re- 
forming the Gipsy Population of that Parish, [1799- 
1861,] Lon., 1862, 12mo. 

Baird, Rev. William, M.A. 1. Duty and Re- 
ward; or, The Blessedness of Doing Good, Lon., 1859, 
18mo. 2. Hints for the Formation and Management 
of Bible-Classes, Lon., 1860, 12mo. 3. The Passion of 
Jesus : a Course of Lectures, Lon., 1861, Svo. 4. The 



Mystery of Bethlehem : Three Lectures on the Source, 
the Manifestation, and the Effect of the Incarnation, 
Lon., 1866, 12mo. 5. The Hulluwing of our Common 
Life: Sermons, Lon.. 18(17, I 'Jin..: .!<l .-,!.. 1874. 6. 
The Inheritance of our Fathers : Plain Words about the 
Book of Common Prayer, Lon., 1868, 12mo. 7. The Days 
that are Past: a Manual of Early Church History, Lon., 
1870, 12ino. 8. Feeding the Lambs: a Few Brief Hinto 
about the Preparation of Cheap Dinners for Children, 
Lon., 1870, 16ino. 9. Watching by the Cross: Prayers, 
Readings, and Meditation* for Holy Week, Lon., 1870, 
.".'mi'. 10. The Missioner's Manual: Suggestions for 
Clergy engaged in conducting Parochial Missions, Lon., 
1874, I -n,... 

Haird, William, of Auchmedden. 1. Account of 
the Surname of Baird, particularly of the Families of 
Auchmedden, Newbyth, Sauchtonhall. Edited by Wil- 
liam N. Fraser. Edin., 1857, 4to. 2 Dominus Fecit. 
Genealogical Collections concerning the Sir-Name of 
Baird, and the Families of Auchmedden, Newbyth, and 
Sauchton Hall in particular. [Edited by William N. 
Fraser, and re-edited by F. M. B. S.] Lon., 1870, 4to. 

Baird, William. Index to the General Orders 
amendatory of the U.S. -Army Regulations: with Index 
to the Circulars, Rulings, <tc., of the War Department to 
Jan. 1, 1887, Wash., 1887, 16mo. 

Baird, William Itaimond. Descriptive Analy- 
sis of the Society System in the Colleges of the United 
States, Phila., 1879, 12mo. With BABCOCK, F. S., Guide 
to the Principles of the Law, N. York, 1883, Ifimo. 

Bairstow, J. <). The Parting Message of Moore 
Lykes: an Address to Young Men, Lon., 1877, sq. 16mo. 

Baker, Lady. 1. Half-Hours with my Girls; or, 
Talks about Anything, Lon., 1878, p. 8vo; 3d ed., 1885. 
2. More Half-Hours with my Girls, Lon., 1885, 12mo. 

Baker, A. H. Short Course of Geometry and 
Trigonometry, N.York, 1873, 8vo; new ed., 1878. 

Baker, Jlev. Abijah Richardson, D.D , 1805- 
1876, b. in Franklin, Mass., and educated at Amherst 
College and at Andover Theological Seminary ; held Con- 
gregational pastorates in Medford, Mass., and in Lynn, 
Mass. 1. Question-Book on the Topics in the Assembly's 
Shorter Catechism, N. York, 18(52, 18mo. 2. Topics in 
Christ's Sermon on the Mount, Bost., 1862, 3 vols. 

Baker, Amy. First History of the English People : 
vol. i., Anglo-Saxons to Henry III.; vol. ii., Edward 
I. to Elizabeth; vol. iii.. James I. to the Revolution; 
vol. iv., William III. to Victoria's Jubilee, Lon., 1888, 
4 vols. 12mo. 

Baker, Ansel m, 1834-1885, studied art at Bir- 
mingham, Eng. In 1857 he became a Cistercian monk 
at Mount St. Bernard's Abbey, Leicestershire. He exe- 
cuted several mural paintings in churches, and is con- 
sidered to have been unequalled in his own country as 
an heraldic artist. 1. Horius Animue, Lon. 2. Hone 
Diurnae, Lon. 3. Liber Vitae. 

Baker, Kev. Arthur, [ante, vol. i., add.] 1. Lec- 
tures on the Saints' Days, Lon., 1856, 12uio. 2. Our God 
a Consuming Fire : The Christian Doctrine of Ever- 
lasting Punishment founded on Reason as well as Reve- 
lation, Lon., 1864, p. 8vo. 3. Temptation : its Nature, 
Instruments, Effects, and Safeguards : considered in a 
Series of Three Lenten Sermons, Lon., 1864, p. 8vo. 

Baker, Arthur John. Incidents in my Life, 
Adelaide, 1884. 

Baker, Arthur M. How to Succeed as a Stenog- 
rapher and Typewriter, N. York, 1887, 16mo. 

Baker, Benjamin, of North Brixton. 1. Eng- 
land's Crisis; or, The National Debt extinguished, and 
Trade perfectly free, Lon., 1854, 8vo. 2. The Na- 
tional Debt : Should the Revenues of the Church be 
applied towards its Extinction? Lon., 1854, 8vo. 3. 
The Book of Common Prayer ; or, Baptismal Regener- 
ation, as taught therein, an Absurdity and a Farce, 
Lon., 1864, 8vo. 

Baker, Benjamin, C.E. 1. Diagrams: Weights 
of Iron Girders up to 200 Feet of Span, Lon., 1866, fol. ; 
rev. ed., 1873. 2. Long-Span Railway Bridges: with 
Formulae and Tables, 1867, 12rno; 2d ed., rev., with 
Similar Tables relative to Short-Span Railway Bridges. 
Illust. 1873. New ed., 1878. 3. On the Strength of 
Beams, Columns, and Arches : with a View to ascer- 
taining the Practical Strength of any given Section of 
Beam, in Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, or Steel. Illust. 
Lon., 1870, p 8vo. 4. The Actual Lateral Pressure of 
Barth-Work, N. York, 1881, 8vu. 

Baker, Benjamin Franklin, [ante, vol. I., 
add.,] b. 1811, at Wenhatn, Mass., a teacher of music; 
was superintendent of musical instruction in the Boston 
grammar-schools from 1842 to 1848. Theoretical and 
Practical Harmony, Bost., 1870, 8vo. 

Baker, Benson. 1. The Sanitary Condition of 
the Poor in Relation to Poverty, Disease, and Crime, 
Lon., 1866, 8vo. 2. Milk for Babes: How to Feed an 
Infant, Lon., 1880, 12mo. 

Baker, C. Man, his Frame and Wants, Lon., 1863. 

Baker, C. (Ed.) An Account of the Progress of 
his Grace Henry the First, Duke of Beaufort, through 
Wales, 1684, &c., by Thomas Dineley ; from the original 
MS., Lon., 1864, 8vo. Privately printed. 

Baker, Kev. Charles, M.A., graduated at Exeter 
College, Oxford, 1854; ordained 1856; rector of Tborn- 
hatn since 1884. Our Lord Jesus Christ teaching on the 
Lake of Gennesaret: Six Discourses, Lon., 1868, 16mo. 

Baker, Charles, [ante, vol. i., add.,] 1803-IS74, 
instructor of the deaf and dumb, and author of a text* 
book called The Circle of Knowledge, which many years 
ago had an immense sale, published, in addition to that 
work and to those mentioned in vol. i. : 1. Book 
of the Bible. 2. Reading and Catechising: Scripture 
Characters, Lon., 1875, sq. Ifimo. 3. (Trans.) Amman's 
Dissertation on Speech, 1873. 

Baker, Charles Conyers Mas*ey, B.A., b. 
1847; educated at Worcester College, Oxford; called to 
the bar at the Inner Temple 1871. The Laws relating 
to Young Children. Lon., 1885, 8vo. 

Baker, Charles Edmund. 1. Wills: How to 
Make and how to Prove Them, and the Law of Adminis- 
tration, Lon., 1879, 12mo; 3d ed., 1881. 2. Landlords, 
Tenants, and Lodgers : with Forty Forms, Lon., 1879, 
12mo. 3. The Law of Husband and Wife and the Law 
of Divorce, Lon., 1880, p. 8vo. 4. The Law of Master 
and Servant, Lon., 1881, 12mo. 5. Husband and 
Wife and Married Women's Property Act, 1882; new 
ed.. Lon., 1882, 12mo. 

Baker, Charles R. Practical and Scientific Fruit- 
Culture, Bost., 1867, 12mo. 

Baker, Rev. Charles R., a Protestant Episcopal 
minister, rector of the Church of the Messiah, Brooklyn, 
N.Y. The Apostles' Creed tested by Experience: Lec- 
tures, N. York, 1884, 12mo. 

Baker, Charlotte Alice. Summer in the Azores, 
with a Glimpse of Madeira. Bost., 1882, 24 mo. 

Baker, D. Willie Weston's Wonderful Sixpence: 
a Storv for Boys, Lon., 1879, p. 8vo. 

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Addresses to Young Men : with Preface by D. L. Moody, 
Lon., 1874, 8vo. 

Baker, De W. C. 1. Brief History of Texas, 
N. York, 1873, 12mo. 2. A Texas Scrap-Book : History, 
Biography, and Miscellany, N. York, 1875, 8vo. 

Baker, Dorothea. The Luck of the Four- Leaved 
Shamrock; or, A Journey's End, Lon., 1880, 8vo. 

Baker, E. Note-B'ook for Artillery Volunteers, 
Lon., 1884, 32mo. 

Baker, Edward B., late deputy inspector-general 
of police, Bengal. Sport in Bengal, and How, When, 
and Where to Seek it, Lon., 1887, 8vo. 

Baker, Elinor. (Trans.) Avanturine: Gems of 
Thought and Meditation for Daily Use; from various 
French Authors, Lon., 1882, 32mo. 

Baker, Miss Ella M., d. 1888, aged 29. 1. Songs 
of the Seasons. 2. Stories from Old History. 3. The 
Sovereigns of England. 4. Christmas Pie, Bost., 1879, 
12uio. 5. Tales of Olden Time drawn from History and 
Tradition. Illust. Lon., 1882, p. 8vo. 6. Soldier and 
Servant, 1884, 12mo. 7. Clover Leaves: a Collection 
of Poems. Compiled and arranged by K. G. B. Bost., 
1885, 12mo. 8. Put in his Thumb and Pulled out a 
Plum : Stories for a Christmas Pie. Illust. Bost., 1886, 
12mo. 9. Seven Easter Lilies, Bost., 1887, 12mo. 10. 
Bertram de Drumont, Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 11. Kingscote 
Essays and Poems, Lon., 18SS, 12uio. 12. Kingscote 
Stories, Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 

Baker, F. Magistrate's Pocket-Guide: a Key to 
Diverse Knowledge, Lon., 1880, 32mo. 

Baker, F. P., and Furnas, R. W. Preliminary 
Report on the Forestry of the Mississippi Valley and 
Tree-Planting on the Plains. Pub. by U. S. Govt. Wash., 
1883, 8vo. 

Baker, Rev. Francis A. Memoir and Sermons. 
Edited by Rev. A. F. Hewit. 10th ed., N. York, 1865, 
or. 8vo. 




Baker, Frank, D. O. N.," (Pseud.) See 

BURTO.V, ItlCHAKD F., infra. 

Baker, Franklin, 1800-1867, an English Unitarian 
minister, brother of Charles Baker, known as an in- 
structor of the deaf and dumb, [ante, vol. i.] History 
of the Rise and Progress of Nonconformity in Bolton, 

Baker, Mrs. G. Fraud, Fancy, Fact: Which is it? 
An Enquiry into the Mystery of Spiritualism. With a 
Narrative of Personal Experience. Lon., 1862, 8vo. 

Baker, Col. G. >I. Manual of Arms: Bayonet 
Exercise and General Instructions for Officers and 
Soldiers of the National Guard, State of New York, 
Buffalo, 1866, 16mo. 

Baker, George Augustus, educated at the Col- 
lege of the City of New York and the law school of Co- 
lumbia College, graduated in IS 70, and has since prac- 
tised his profession in New York. 1. Point Lace and 
Diamonds: Poems. Illusl. 1875, sin. 4to; new eds., 
1877 and 1882. 2. Bad Habits and Good Society, N. 
York, 1876, 24mo. 3. Mrs. Hephaestus, and other Short 
Stories ; [also] West Point : a Comedy in Three Acts, N. 
York, 1887, Kimo. 

Baker, Sir George Edward Dunstan Sher- 
ston, Bart., b. 1846; called to the bar at Lincoln's 
Inn 1871. He is an Associate of the Institut du Droit 
International. 1. The Laws relating to Quarantine 
at Home and Abroad, Lon., 1879, p. 8vo. 2. The Office 
of Vice-Admiral of the Coast, Lon., 1884, sm. 4to. Pri- 
vately printed. 3. (Ed.) Hal luck's International Law, 
Lon., 1878, 8vo. 

Baker, George G. Life of W. H. Seward to 
1860, N. York. 12mo. 

Baker, George Melville, b. 1832, in Maine, 
author of numerous plays for amateur acting. 1. Ama- 
teur Dramas for Private Theatricals, Bost., 1867, 16mo. 
2. An Old Man's Prayer, Bost., 1867, sq. 16iuo. 3. 
Mimic Stage : a Series of Dramas, Ac., Bost.. 1867, 16rno. 
4. Social Stage : Dramas, Comedies, <fec., Bost., 1870, 
Itiiuo. 5. A Baker's Dozen: Humorous Dialogues, 
Bost., 16mo. 6. Running to Waste. Illust. Bost., 
16mo. 7. The Temperance Drama, Bost.. 16mo. He has 
also edited several collections of pieces for tecitation. 

Baker, George Shereton. A Handy Book on 
the Law of Railway Companies, for the Use of Railway 
Travellers, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 

Baker, Georgina M. A. Pen-Rambles: Poems, 
Lon., 1869, 12mo. 

Baker, Mrs. Harriette Newell, (Woods,) 
[see LESLIE, MADELINE, ante, vol. i., add.,] (pseudonymes 
" Madeline Leslie" and " Aunt Hatty,") daughter of Rev. 
Leonard Woods, D.D., [ante, vol. iii., and infra,] and wife 
of Rev. Abijah R. Baker, D.D., supra, b. 1818, at An- 
dover, Mass. Her publications, chiefly for the young, 
are very numerous. Several of them have been trans- 
lated into French and German, Tim the Scissors-Grinder 
being the most popular. The following is not a com- 
plete list. 1. Tiin the Scissors-Grinder, Bost., 1861, 
16mo. 2. Sequel to Tim the Scissors-Grinder, Bost., 
1862, 16ino. 3. Up the Ladder; or, Striving and Thriv- 
ing, Bost., 1862, 16ino. 4. The Two Homes; or, Earn- 
ing and Spending, Bost., 1862, 16rno. 5. Bound Girl, 
and other Stories. Bost., 1862, 18ino. 6. Bound Boy and 
the Young Soldier, Bost., 1862, 18mo. 7. The Prize 
Bible; or, Covetousness, Bost., 1863, 16mo. 8. The 
Organ-Grir..ler, Bost., 1863, 16mo. 9. NeverGiveUp; or, 
The Newsboys, Bost , 1863, 16mo. 10. White and Black 
Lies< or, Truth Better than Falsehood, Bost., 1864, 16mo. 

1 1. Worth and Wealth ; or, Jessie Dorr, Bost., 1864, 16mo. 

12. Tim's Sister; or, A Word in Season, Bost., 1864, 
16mo. 13. Light and Shade, Bost., 1864, 16mo. 14. The 
Rag- Pickers, and other Stories, Bost., 1864, 16mo. 15. 
The Secret of Success, Bost., 1865, 16mo. 16. Art and 
Artlessness, Bost., 1865, 16mo. 17. Every-Day Duties; 
or, The Schoolmates, Bost., 1865, 16mo. 18. Wheel of 
Fortune, Bost., 1865, 16mo. 19. In the Wilderness, 
Boat., 1868. 20. Cora and the Doctor, <to. ; new ed., 
Bost., 1868, 12mo. 21. Governor's Pardon, Bost., 1868, 
16mo. 22. Courtesies of Wedded Life; new ed., Boat., 
1869, I2mo. 23. Walter and Frank, Bost., 1869, 16mo. 

24. Juliette; or, Now and Forever, Bost., 1869, 12mo. 

25. Paul Barton ; or, The Drunkard's Son, Boat., 1869, 
16mo. 26. Live and Learn, Bost., 1869, 16mo. 27. 
Behind the Curtain, Bost., 1869. 28. Fashion and Folly 
Bost., 1869. 29. The Hard Sum, and other Stories, 
Cin., 1869. 30. The Breach of Trust, Bos,t., 1869. 31. 
Lost but Found, Bost., 1869. 32. Edith Withington 


a Book for Girls. By H. N. W. B. 1871. 33. Ingleside ; 
or, Without Christ and With Him, Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 
34. This and That, Bost., 1887, 16mo. Also, many 
series, each in several vols., comprising similar pro- 

Buker, Henry, missionary of the Church Mis- 
sionary Society. The Hill Arrians of Travancose, and 
the Progress of Christianity among them, Lon., 1862, 

Baker, Henry. Essays, Pastoral and Elegiac. 
By a Gentleman late of the Inner Temple. Lon., 1856. 

Baker, Henry Barton. 1. French Society, 
f 1 0111 the Fronde to the Great Revolution, Lon., 1873, 
2 vols. p. 8vo. 2. Strafford : a Romance, Lon., 1878, 3 
vols. cr. 8vo. 3. Our Old Actors : with Portraits, Lon., 
1878, 2 vols.: new ed., 1881. 

" His object has been to link detached essays [published 
in Temple Bar] together, so as to form a chronological his- 
tory of actors and acting from Shakspeare to Macready. 
. . . Mr. Baker has taken for his volumes a subject of 
great interest, on which he has brought to bear a certain 
amount of industry and a vast amount of ignorance." 
Sat. Rev., xlvi. 664. 

Baker, Henry F., F.R.C.S. Edin., assistant sur- 
geon to the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, surgeon to the 
Cripples' Nursery, <tc. Practical Notes on the Treatment 
of Deformities, Lon., 1886, 8vo. 

Baker, Rev. Sir Henry Williams, Bart., 
1821-1877, b. in London, and educated at Trinity College, 
Cambridge; took orders and became vicar of Monk- 
land, near Leominster, in 1851. He is known chiefly 
as editor of Hymns Ancient and Modern, and as the 
author of a number of hymns published in his own 
collection and in Lord Selborne's Book of Praise. 1. 
Daily Prayers, for the Use of those who have to work 
hard. Anon. 2. A Daily Text-Book, for the Use of 
those who have to work hard, Oxford, 1854, 12mo. 

Baker, I* O. Levelling : Barometric, Trigono- 

metric, and Spirit, N. York, 1887, 24mo. 


d spi 
Baker, J. Laws of Salmon-Fisheries, Lon., 1866, 

Foreknowledge of God, St. Louis, 

Baker, J. M 

Mo., 12mo. 

Baker, J. S. Questions of the Age, Memphis, 
Tenn., 18mo. 

Baker, Rev. James, M.A., graduated at Univer- 
sity College, Oxford, 1847; ordained 1851; held various 
curacies 1852-59; chaplain of Winchester College 1858; 
rector of St. Swithin, Winchester, 1859-63 ; since 1885 
chaplain of Hants County Hospital. The Three Personal 
Authorities by Divine Right: God's Remedy against 
Lawlessness, Lon., 1875, 12mo. 

Baker, James, b. 1847. a contributor to the 
Saturday Review, Cornhill, and other English periodicals, 
writing articles on social, economical, and archaeological 
questions, and sketches of travel. He has visited Bo- 
hemia and has made a specialty of articles on that 
country, endeavoring to make it better known to Eng- 
lish tourists. 1. Oxford Attack on our English Con- 
stitution exposed, Lon., 1875, 12mo. 2. King Charles 
and his Murderers : a Review, Lon., 1875, 12mo. 3. 
Quiet War Scenes : Poems and Translations. Illust. 
Lon., 1879, 16mo; new ed., 1888. 4. Days Afoot, and 
European Sketches, Lon., 1881, 16mo; 2d ed., 1883. 5. 
John Westacott : a Novel, Lon., 1886, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Baker, James, B.A. Our Volunteer Army: a 
Plan for its Organization, Lon., 1862, p. 8vo; new ed., 

Baker, James, M.A., lieut.-col. Auxiliary Forces, 
formerly of the 8th Hussars. Turkey in Europe. Maps. 
Lon.. 1877, 8vo. 

" When he travels he sees with his own eyes, and does 
not merely find confirmation of what he has read and 
heard before. He is a geologist, a sportsman, and a prac- 
tical agriculturist. ... Of all that he speaks of from per- 
sonal knowledge he is a trustworthy witness, calm, shrewd, 
and impartial. Of all that he speaks of from historical 
and other printed documents he is a trustworthy compiler, 
intelligent, concise, and rapid. . . . The most 'interesting 
part of Colonel Baker's work is that which treats of Bul- 
garia." Sot. Rev., xliil. 582. 

Baker, Rev. James Franklin Bethune, 
graduated at Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1882 ; or- 
dained 1888; curate of Edgbaston since 1888. The 
Influence of Christianity on War, Lon., 1888, 8vo. 

Baker, James L. Exports and Imports, as show- 
ing the Relative Advancement of every Nation in 
Wealth, Strength, and Independence, Phila., 1859, 8vo. 

Baker, Jehu. (Trans.) Considerations of the 



Causes of the Grandeur and Decadence of the Romans, 
by C. de Sccondat, Baron Montesquieu : with Introduc- 
tion, Notes, and Indux, N. York, 1882, 12rao. 

Baker, John F. 1. Supplement to Riddle's Sup- 
plementary Proceedings, N. York, 1876, 8vo. 2. Trea- 
tise on the Law of Manufacturing Corporations in the 
State of New York, N.York, 187, 8vo. 3. The Fed- 
eral Constitution, N. York, 1886, 12mo. 4. A Treatise 
on the Law of Sales of Goods, Wares, and jMerchandise 
u affected by the Statute of Frauds, Chic., 1887, 8vo. 

Baker, John (Gilbert, F.R.S., F.L.S., b. 1834, 
at Guisborough, Yorkshire, and educated at schools 
belonging to the Society of Friends, was formerly 
lecturer on botany to the London Hospital, curator, 
and afterwards secretary, of the London Botanical 
Exchange Club, and assistant editor of Seeman's Jour- 
nal of Botany, and since 1856 has held the appoint- 
ment of assistant curator of the Herbarium of Kew 
Gardens. 1. The Flowering Plants and Ferns of 
Great Britain, Lon., 1855, 8vo. 2. North Yorkshire 
Studies in Botany, Geology, Climate, and Physical 
Geography, Lon., 1868, 8vo. 3. Catalogue of the Ferns 
and their Allies cultivated in the Royal Gardens of 
Kew, Lon., 1868-69, 8vo. 4. Elementary Lessons in 
Botanical Geography, Lon., 1875, 8vo. 5. Flora of 
Mauritius and the Seychelles : Plants and Ferns, Lon., 
1877, 8vo. 6. Flora of the English Lake District, Lon., 
1885, 8vo. 7. Hand-Book of Fern-Allies : Equisetaceae, 
Lyeopodiaceae, <fec., Lon., 1887, 8vo. 8. Hand-Book of 
Amaryllides;, including Alstroemeriaa and Agaveae, 
Lon., 1888, 8vo. 

Baker, Joseph Brogden. A History of Scar- 
borough, from the Earliest Date. Maps and Illust. 
Lon., 1882, 8vo. Only 100 copies printed. 

Baker, Josephine R. 1. Tom's Heathen, Lon., 
1880, p. 8vo. 2. Dear Gates, one of the Gates Children, 
Host.., 1886, Itimo. 3. Roundtop and Squaretop : the 
Gates Twins, Bost., 1887, 12mo. 

Baker, Lafayette C., 1826-1868, grandson of 
Remember Baker, one of the leaders of the " Green 
Mountain Boys," b. in Stafford, Gencsee Co., N.Y., went 
to San Francisco in 1853, and showed great activity and 
remarkable ability as a member of the vigilance com- 
mittee in that city, which led to his employment in the 
U.S. secret service just before the outbreak of the civil 
war, and his subsequent appointment as chief of that 
bureau, with the rank of colonel and afterwards of 
brigadier-general. History of the United States Secret 
Service in the Late War, Phila., 1867, 8vo. 

Baker, Leonard. Officiate Handboke of ye Strive- 
lin Fancye Faire, by Maistre Drekab, ye Drawing-Man, 
Lon., 1882, 8vo. 

Baker, Levi Wood. History of the 9th Massachu- 
setts Buttery. 

Baker, O. Ludlow Town and Neighbourhood, 
Lndlow, 1888, 8vo. 

Baker, Rev. Osman Cleander, D.I) , 1812- 
1871, b. at Marlow, N.H. ; educated at Wilbraham 
Academy and the Wesleyan University ; became a min- 
ister, and in 1852 a bishop, in the Methodist Episcopal 
Church. 1. Guide in the Administration of the Dis- 
cipline of the M.E. Church, N. York, 1855, I2mo. 2. 
Lact Witness : Dying Sayings of Christians, Cin., 24mo. 

Baker, P., or Delphine, P. Solon; or, The 
Rebellion of '61. By Delphine. Chiu., 1862. 

Baker, P. 1. The Devout Communicant, N. York, 
2 1 mo. 2. Lenten Monitor: Moral Reflections and De- 
vout Aspirations, N. York, 24mo. 3. Sunday Monitor, 
N. York, 18mo. 

Baker, Robert, and York, Ske'tou. Noel; or, 
It Was to Be, Lon., 1865, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 

Baker, Robert, of Bradford. The Present Con- 
dition of the Working Classes generally considered : in 
Two Lectures, Lon., 1851, 8vo. 

Baker, Sir Samuel White, F.R.S., F.R G.S., Ac., 
[nnte, vol. i., add.,] b. 1821, in London, and educnted in 
Germany, founded an agricultural colony in Ceylon in 
1847, and in 1861 undertook an expedition to find the 
sources of the Nile, which resulted (1864) in the dis- 
covery of the lake which he named the Albert N'Yanzn. 
On returning to England he was knighted and received 
the Victoria gold medal of the Geographical Society. 
In 186U he set out on another expedition to Central 
Africa, under the auspices of the Khedive, with a 
view to opening up commerce and destroying the slave- 
trade. He received from the Sultan the order of the 
Meujidie and the rank of pasha and major-general. 

1. The Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile, and 
Explorations of the Nile Sources, Lon., 1866, 2 volt. 8vo: 
1871, 1 vol. p. 8vo. 2. The Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia, 
and the Sword-Hunters of the Hamram Arabs, Lon., 
1867, 8ro; new ed., 1871. 

"In the first chapter of Albert N'Yanza, Sir Samuel 
Baker tells us that he reserves for a separate work the 
account of his travels in the district watered by the ' Nile 
Tributaries of Abyssinia,' and the present volume is only 
the fulfilment oftnat intention. . . . He is always natural, 
and never dull, and frequently presents u- with bold, 
original, striking scenes, painted with an excellent touch." 
Sat. Rev., xxiv. 703. 

3. Cast up by the Sea ; or, The Adventures of Ned 
Gray. Illust. Lon., 1869, 8vo. 

" We may envy the appetite with which the school-boys 
so near to the writer's heart will nit down to the rich feast 
of marvel and adventure that he has spread before them." 
Sat. Rev., xxvii. 156. 

4. Israailia : a Narrative of the Expedition to Cen- 
tral Africa for the Suppression of the Slave-Trade 
organized by Ismail, Khedive of Egypt. With Maps, 
Portraits, and upwards of Fifty Full-Page Illustrations. 
1874. 2 vn\f. 8vo. 

" A record of what a determined, high-souled English- 
man, fighting against any odds for a good cause, can dare, 
suffer, and achieve." Ath., No. 2454. 

" The two handsome volumes before ns, profusely illus- 
trated with the most thrilling pictures of adventures with 
hippopotami and battles with natives, contain the record 
of more than three years' operations by Sir Samuel Baker 
and his followers in the basin of the Upper Nile. The 
book is not uninteresting as a record of travel. . . . How- 
ever, the traveller is but a secondary character. ... It is 
the account, by the commander hiniself. of a military ex- 
pedition. . . . And yet the book is perhaps less interesting 
as a military narrative than from the light which it throws 
upon the condition of a part of Central Africa which has 
long possessed a peculiar interest, and which is now 
being gradually annexed to the civilized world." Hat. 
Rev., xxxviii. 638. 

5. Cyprus, as I Saw it in 1879. Lon., 1879, 8vo. 

" A book which is full of interest for the general reader, 
and is, at the same time, a most valuable and timely con- 
tribution to our political knowledge." Spectator, lii. 1574. 

I). True Tales for tny Grandsons. Illust. Lon., 1883, 
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practised as a solicitor, held municipal offices, including 
that of mayor, and was active in the improvement of 
the free libraries of that city, having been chairman of 
the committee from 1865 till his death. He waa the 
author of: 1. Memoirs of Dr. Charles Baker, [his 
brother.] 2. Memorials of Chetham's Tenement at 




Crumpsall, 1864. 3. Memorials of a Dissenting Chapel, 
its Foundations and Worthies : being a Sketch of the 
Rise of Nonconformity in Manchester, and of the Erec- 
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"A book which, within self-imposed limitations, is an 
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at Aldershot when, in 1875, he was dismissed from 
the army in consequence of the issue of the trial 
The Qui-en vs. Baker. He went to Turkey, and was 
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"His book deserves attention for its adventures which 
are not tame or conventional, and for its scope." Sat Rev 
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"'The volumes are a mine of wealth for the soldier." 

'' 78' 

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residing chiefly in Texas and other parts of the South- 
west till about 1870, when he returned to the North 
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1858, 12mo. 2. Inside: a Chronicle of Secession. By 
George F. Harrington, (pseud.) N. York, 1866. 

" As a story this novel cannot be said to have much 
merit. . . . \et it is most readable, and really valuable, 
being rather a contribution to contemporary history than 
a work of fiction. . . . There is no other book which will 
give the student of Southern history in the last five years 
a clearer understanding of the way in which the Southern 
white people were affected by the war." Nation, iii. 166. 

3. Oak-Mot, Phila., 1868, 16mo. 4. The New Tim- 
othy. N. York, 1870, 12mo; new ed., 1883. 

"The novel-reader pure and simple may easily find 
more readable books. But not so with the social observer, 
curious about the various phases of American character 
and life. . . . Mr. Baker must be pronounced a writer 
with a great talent fbrseizing and transferring the surface 
of life in those curious Southern towns, just like nothing 
else on earth, and on the Southern plantation." Nation, 
xi. 1-25. 

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" Good enough to excite regret that it is not better."^ 
Nation, xxx. 65. 

10. Colonel Dunwoddie, Millionaire. Anon. 11. 
Blessed Saint Certainty, Bost., 1881, 16mo. Anon. 

"What he would present is ... the contrast between 
nature and call it civilization, culture, or art ; but he fails 
entirely, spite of his ready judgments upon philosophy, 
theology, and all the rest." Nation, xxxiii. 98. 

12. The Ten Theophanies ; or, The Appearances of Our 
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The Making of a Man, [sequel to His Majesty Myself,] 
N. York, 1884. Anon. 

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at Waltham Abbey, Eng. ; became a Congregational 


minister, and was secretary of the British and Foreign 
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Structure, Doctrines, Forms, and Character: a Manual 
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liaker, William Spohn, b. 1824, in Philadelphia, 
is a member of the American Philosophical Society, 
one of the council of the Pennsylvania Historical So- 
ciety, and siuce 1885 has been vice president of the 
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His collect ions of 
engraved portraits of Washington and of biographies of 
Washington are the most complete in existence, and his 
collection of medals of Washington is second only to 
that of William S. Anpleton, of Boston. 1. American 
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or. 8vo. 2. Origin and Antiquity of Engraving, Host., 
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Great Facts: a Popular History and Description of the 
Most Remarkable Inventions during the Present Century, 
Lon., 1859, 12mo. 4. Considerations respecting the 
Figure of the Earth, in Relation to the Action of Cen- 
trifugal Force and the Attempt to determine the Ellip- 
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answers to Prosper MerimeVs Lettrct d une Inconnue.) 
1889. Anon. Fictitious. 

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Les Francais en Ain6rique pendant la Guerre de 1'In- 


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quiry into the Origin of Evil, and Review of the Popu- 



lar Notion of Hell and Heaven. Bost., 1865, 12mo; 
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and kindred pursuits, residing chiefly in Massachusetts, 
and serving as a member of Congress from that State 
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concerning some of the Great People and Civilizations 
of Antiquity, and their Probable Relation to a still 
Older Civilization of the Ethiopians or Cushites of 
Arabia, N. York, 1869. 

" The materials which our author uses for his vast work 
of prehistoric reconstruction are by no means scanty, 
though decidedly of unequal value, and we must confess 
lie handles them with skill and confidence. . . . The 
Pre-Historic Nations, though not a perfectly sound book, 
is in a high degree both instructive and suggestive." 
Ration, viif. 397. 

3. Ancient America; or, Notes on American Archae- 
ology. Illust. N. York, 1872, 12mo. 

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" The narrative is sensible, manly, and perspicuous." 
Sat. Rev., xliii. 172. 

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in 1883 was elected Bishop of Huron. Life in a 
Look, Lon., 1883, 12mo. With RAINY, REV. PRIN- 
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Ngami and the Kalahari Desert, 1852-1860, Lon., 1863, 
cr. 8vo. 

" In 1860 Mr. Baldwin succeeded In finding his way to the 
Zambesi Fulls, and chanced to meet Dr. Livingstone there. 

. . . Mr. Baldwin's description of the scene is vivid and 
picturesque^" Sat. Rev., xv. 122. 

Baldwin-Brown. See BROWN. 

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of the Anatomy and Physiology of Man. Abridged. 
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of Stone: with Hints on the Arrangement and Manage- 
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Book for Steam-Usere : being Notes on Steam-Engine 
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3. The Beauty of the Great King, and other Por ms for 
Heart and Home, Lon., 1869, p. Svo. 4. The Pathos of 
Life; or, Touching Incidents illustrative of the Truth 
of the Gospel, Lon., 1872, p. 8vo. 5. The Sheltering 
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and Prayers, Lon., 1884, p. Svo. 

Balfour, Alexander. License Reform in Sweden, 
and the Gothen burg System : a Letter, Lon., 1876, Svo. 

Balfonr, Right Hon. Arthur James, M.A., 
LL.D., b. 1848, brother of Francis Maitland Balfour, 
infra, was educated at Eton, and at Trinity College, 
Cambridge: acted as private secretary to his uncle the 
Marquis of Salisbury 1878-80; M. P. for Hertford 1874- 
85, and since then for Manchester ; president of the Local 
Government Board in 1885; secretary for Scotland 18S6- 
87, and since then for Ireland. He was elected rector 
of the University of St. Andrews in 1886. 1. A De- 
fence of Philosophic Doubt: being an Essay on the 
Foundations of Belief, Lon., 1879. 8vo. 

" He attempts, not without considerable success, to prove 
that the fundamental assumptions of science have no more 
claims to rationality than those of theology. . . . His book 
is an able and refreshing contribution to one of the burn- 
ing questions of the age." Ath., No. 2709. 

" His investigation of the initial assumptions of science 
shows that the least questionable may be questioned. But 
his negative aim is limited to a disproof of any special 
inviolability in those decisions which our generation con- 
siders specially certain, and the result seeins to us a plea 
less for doubt of any kind than for the validity of those 
beliefs which are self-justified, and apart from which we 
can justify no other." Spectator, liii. 459. 

2. The Pleasures of Reading: an Address delivered 
at St. Andrews University, December 10, 1887, Lon., 
1888. 3. The Religion of Humanity : an Address de- 
livered at the Church Congress, Manchester, Edin., 1888, 

"Mr. Balfour's main argument, directed nominally 
against Positivists, but really applicable not only to that 
feeble sect, but to the whole of that agnostic Humani- 
tarian Church which begins to number its tens of thou- 
sands of disciples, to proclaim itself the creed of the 
future, and to assume, while waiting for the Millennium, 
the airs of a dominant faith, is that it does not fulfil its 
first promise and does not provide a sufficient provocation 
to unselfish action." Spectator, Ixi. 1354. 

Balfour, Mrs. Clara Lucas, (Liddell,) 1808 
-1878, b. in the New Forest, Hampshire, Eng. On the 
death of her father in her childhood she removed to 
London with her mother, and in 1827 married Mr. James 
Balfour of the Ways and Means Office in the House of 



Commons, and resided in Chelsea, London, where she 
formed a friendship with Mrs. Carlyle. In 1841 Mrs. 
Balfour begun to write and lecture on temperance, and 
for nearly thirty years devoted herself mainly to that 
cause. She also lectured on topics relating to the posi- 
tion of women, and for some years was lecturer on 
literature at a school in London. Her stories and other 
publications were very numerous and have had an im- 
mense sale. 1. Moral Heroism; or, The Trials and 
Triumphs of the Qreat and Good, Lon., 1846; new ed., 
illu-t., 1877, p. 8vo. 2. The Women of Scripture, Lon., 
1S47, 12mo; 2d ed., Lon., 1850. 3. Woman and the 
Temperance Reformation : an Expostulation, Lon., 1849, 
r.'uio. 4. A Whisper to a Newly-Married Pair, from a 
Widowed Wife, Lon., 1850, 12uio. 5. Happy Evenings; 
or, The Literary Institution at Home, Lon., 1851, 12ino. 
6. Sketches of English Literature, from the Fourteenth 
to the Present Century, Lon., 1S52, 12mo. 7. Two 
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Morning Dew-Drops : Juvenile Abstainer, Lon., 1853; 
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H. Kilham, also other Biographical Sketches, Lon., 
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Lon., 1854, 12mo. 12. Working Women of the Last 
Half-Century: the Lesson of their Live*, Lon., 1854; 
2d ed., 1860, 12mo. 13. The Burnish Family, Glasgow, 
1857, Svo. Anon. 14. The Warning: a Narrative of 
Facts addressed to Wives and Mother.", Lon., 1860, 12mo. 
15. Toil and Trust: Life-Story of Patty the Workhouse 
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tim ; or, An Evening's Amusement at the Vulture Tavern, 
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Svo. 21. A Mother's Lessons on the Lord's Prayer, Lon., 

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Window, Lon., 1863, Svo. 27. Cousin Bessie : a Story, 
Lon., 1863. 28. Friends to the Friendless, Lon., 1863. 
29. Retribution : a Tale, Lon., 1863. 30. A Little Voice 
and a Sudden Snarl, Lon., 1863. 31. Troubled Waters, 
Lon., 1864, 12 mo. 32. Cruelty and Cowardice: a Word to 
Butchers and their Boys, London, 1866, Ifmio. 33. The 
Bible Pattern of a Good Woman, Lon., 1867, 12mo. 34. 
Ways and Means : a Story of Life's Struggles, Lon., 1868, 

?. Svo. 35. Harry Wilson ; or, The Society Bible, Phila., 
870, 12mo. 36. One by Herself, Lon., 1872, p. Svo. 37. 
All but Lost, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 38. Ethel's Strange 
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40. Lame Dick's Lantern : a Story for Children, Lon., 
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Honour, Lon., 1880, p. Svo. 44. The Manor House 
Mystery, Lon., 1880, p. Svo. 45. Job Tufton : a Story 
of Lite-Struggles, Lon., 1881, 12mo. 46. Lyndon the 
Outcast, Lon., 1883, p. 8vo. 

Balfour, Edward G., b. 1813, in Scotland; became 
an army surgeon and served in India from 1834 till 
1876, and has since been surgeon-general. 1. Statistics 
of Cholera, Madras, 1849, Svo. 2. Remarks on the Causes 
for which Native Soldiers of the Madras Army were 
discharged the Service in the Five Years from 1842- 
43 to 1846-47, Madras, 1850, Svo. 3. Report on the 
Government Central Museum, Mad-as. On the Iron 
Ores, the Manufacture of Iron and Steel, and the Coals 
of the Madras Presidemcy. Madras, 1855, Svo. 4. The 
Timber Trees, Timber and Fancy Woods, as also the 
Forests, of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia ; 2d 
ed., Madras, 1862 ; 3d ed., 1870, Svo. 5. The Cyclopaadia 
of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia, Commercial, 
Industrial, and Scientific : Products of the Mineral, Vege- 
table, and Animal Kingdoms, Useful Arts and Manu- 
factures; 3d ed., Lon., 1885, 3 vols. The 1st ed. was 
published in India in 1858 ; the 2d also in India, in 1873. 

" Although Balfour's Cyclopaedia has long been a house- 
hold book in official India, the present edition is the 
first [nii.lishod in England, and it possesses in improved 
arrangement and more recent information all the essential 
features oi a new work. . . . The Cyclopaedia of India is 
a monument of ]itk>m industry, and a vade-mecum for the 
Anglo-Indian publicist and statesman." Ath., No. 3031. 


Balfour, Fairfax. 1. Ida Lee; or, The Child of 
the Wreck, N. York, 1865, Svo. 2. Nellie; or, The 
Companions of the Chain, N. York, 1865, Svo. 3. The 
Fair Teinptres* ; or, The Drama of Death, N. York, 
1870, Svo. 4. The League of Crime; or, The Twelve 
Tenptations, N. York, 1870, Svo. 5. Nellie Brandon, 
N. York, 1870, Svo. 6. Perdita ; or, Fair and False, 
N. York, 1870, Svo. 

Balfour, Francis Maitland, F.R.S., 1851-1882, 
b. in Edinburgh, Scotland, son of James Maitland Bal- 
four of Whittinghatue, East Lothian, was educated at 
Harrow, and at Trinity College, Cambridge, where, under 
the guidance of Dr. Michael Foster, the Trinity prae- 
lector of physiology, he devoted himself to original 
work in biology. He took his B.A. degree in 1873, in 
the natural science tripos, studied for some time at the 
Stnzione Zoologica at Naples, and in 1876 was appointed 
lecturer on animal morphology at Cambridge. In 1881 
he received a gold medal for bis discoveries from the 
Royal Society, and in 1882 a special professorship of 
animal morphology was instituted for him at Cambridge. 
1. A Monograph on the Development of Elasmobrancb 
Fishes, Lon., 1878, Svo. 

" The largeness of the number of new facts of the highest 
interest which Mr. Balfour has discovered . . . appears 
astonishing when we encounter his results brought all 
together iu the present volume." Acad., xiii. 442. 

2. A Treatise on Comparative Embryology. I Must, 
Lon., 1880-81, 2 vols. 8vo ; new ed.. 1885. 

" A work so voluminous, so difficult, and written in 
strictly technical language, must of necessity appeal to > 
very narrow circle of readers. In fact, it is so far in ad- 
vance of the present state of science that much lime must 
of necessity elapse before it can be thoroughly underbtood. 
We are glad, however, to find various indications that its 
value as a standard work is being already recognized." 
Sat. Rev., Hi. 609. 

" The treatise is by far the best on its subject existing in 
any language." H. N. MOSELEY : Acad., xx. 405. 

3. (Ed.) Studies from the Morphological Laboratory 
in Cambridge University, Lon., 1880, Svo. 4. Collected 
Works : Memorial Edition. Edited by M. Foster, F.R.S., 
and Adam Sedgwick. 4 vols. Vol. i., Special Memoirs ; 
vols. ii. and iii., A Treatise on Comparative Embryology ; 

vol. iv., Plates. Lon., Svo. With PARKER, , Lepi- 

dosteus, Structure and Development, (Philosophical 
Transactions of the Royal Society,) Lon., 1883, 4to. 

Balfonr, Frederic Henry. 1. Waifs and Strays 
from the Far East : being a Series of Disconnected Essays 
on Matters relating to China, Lon., 1876, Svo. 

"Well calculated to correct some of the crude and 
erroneous ideas which have recently been put forth on the 
subject of China and its inhabitants." Sat. Rev., xliii. 

2. (Trans.) The Works of Chwang Tsge, Taoist Phi- 
losopher, Lon., 1881. 3. (Trans.) Lao Tsge's Tao Teh 
King, Ac., 1884. 4. Taoist Texts : Ethical, Political, 
and Speculative, Lon., 1885. 5. Leaves from my Chinese 
Scran-Book. Lon., 1887, Svo. 

" Twenty different articles, the chief of which are. more 
or less, of a Taoist character. . . . The whole book will well 
repay a careful perusal." JAMES LEOGE: Acad., xxxii. 18. 

Balfour, Gen. Sir George, R.A., K.C.B., b. 
1809; served in India, China, Ac., from 1839; was in- 
spector-general of ordnance at Madras 1857-59: chief of 
military department of finance, India, 1860-62; and 
assistant comptroller-general, War Office, 1868-71. Trade 
and Salt in India Free : with a Preface on the Com- 
mercial, Political, and Military Advantages in all Asia, 
Lon., 1875, Svo. 

Balfour, George William, M.D., F.R.C.P., late 
physician to the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. 1. 
(Trans.) Hand- Book of the Practice of Forensic Medi- 
cine, by J. L. Caspar, (New Sydenhatn Soc.,) Lon., 
1861-65, 4 vols. Svo. 2. An Introduction to the Study 
of Medicine, to which is appended a Report of the 
Homoeopathic Treatment of Acute Diseases in Dr. 
Fleischmann's Hospital, Vienna, during the months of 
May, June, and July, 1846, Edin., 1865, fp. Svo. 3. 
Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Heart and Aorta, 
Lon., 187, Svo; 2d ed., 1882. 

Balfour, Isaac Bayley, M.D., F.R.S., b. 1853, 
in Edinburgh, son of John Mutton Balfour, infra, was 
educated at the University of Edinburgh, and in 1879 
appointed Regius professor of botany at the University 
of Glasgow. He resigned that position in 1884 to become 
Sherardian professor of botany at Oxford. With VINES, 
S. H., F.R.S., Prof, of Botany, Oxford, and FABLOW, 
W. G., M.D. Harvard, (ed.) Annals of Botany, Nos. 1-4, 
Oxford, 1888, 8vo. 




Balfonr, James. Reminiscences of Qolf on St. 
Andrews Links, Edin. 

lialfour, John Tfutton, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., 
[ante, vol. i., add.,] 1808-1884, retired from his pro- 
fessorship at Edinburgh in 1879, receiving the title of 
emeritus professor of botany. He had been dean of the 
medical faculty of the University of Edinburgh for thirty 
years. He was for many years one of the editors of the 
Annals of Natural History and of the Edinburgh New 
Philosophical Journal, and published, in addition to 
works mentioned in vol. i. : 1. Phylo-Theology ; or, 
Botanical Sketches intended to illustrate the Works of 
God in the Structure, Functions, and General Distribution 
of Plants, 1851, 12mo. 2. Botanist's Vade-Mecum, 1855, 
12ino. 3. The Plants of the Bible Trees and Shrubs, 
1858, r. 8vo ; new ed., enl. 1885. 4. Botany and Religion, 
as illustrated in God's Works, Eilin., 1859, cr. 8vo. 5. 
The Botanist's Companion ; or, Directions for the Use 
of the Microscope, Edin., 1860, cr. 8vo. 6. Biogniphy 
of John Coldstreain, Edin., 1865, 12mo. 7. Systematic 
and Economic Botany; new ed., 1866; new ed., 1885. 

8. Lessons in Elementary Botany, I, on., 1869, 12uio. 

9. First Book of Botany, suited for Beginners, 1872, 
12 m<>. 10. Introduction to the Study of Palaeonto- 
logical Botany, Lon., 1872, 8vo. 11. Second Book of 
Boiany, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 12. Systematic and Eco- 
nomic Botany, ("Advanced Science" Series,) 1874, 
Itimo. (First published under the title of Vegetable 
Anatomy and Physiology.) 

Balfour, Thomas Alexander Goldie. 1. The 
Typical Character of Nature; or. All Nature a Divine 
Symbol, 1860, fp. 8vo. 2. God's Two Books; or, Nature 
und the Bible have one Author, Lon., 1861, 8vo. 3. 
Spiritual Lessons from Gems God's Jewels: a Miner- 
alogical Illustration of Scripture, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 

Balfour, Rev. William, of Holywood. 1. Dr. 
Rainy's Position Indefensible ; or, The Real Question at 
Issue in the Union Movement, Edin., 1868, 8vo. 2. 
Voluntaryanism of the United Presbyterian Church 
unchanged, and directly opposed to the Distinctive 
Principles of the Free Church of Scotland, Edin., 1869, 
8vo. 3. The Establishment Principle Defended : a 
Reply to the Statement by the Committee of the 
United Presbyterian Church on Disestablishment and 
Disendowment : with Preface by Dr. Begg, Edin., 1873, 
p. 8vo. 

Balfour, Willoughby T. 1. A Collection of 
Psalms and Hymns, Lon., 1856, 12mo. 2. How should 
'we Keep Whitsun-Week? Lon., 1869, 8vo. 

Balp, G. H., Ph.D., of Mayville, Wis. 1. (Trans.) 
Gothic Grammar, with Selections and Glossary, by W. 
Braune, N. York, 1883, 8vo. 2. A Comparative Glos- 
sary of the Gothic Language, with Especial Reference 
to English and German : Parts I.-IV., N. York, 1888. 

Balgarnie, Robert. 1. The Wreck at the Spa; 
or, God's Voice in the Storm : a Narrative and a Les- 
son, Scarborough, 1861, 32mo. 2. The Beloved Phy- 
sician: a Memoir of Peter Murray, Lon., 1864, 12mo. 
3. New Testament Baptism : its Significance, Mode, 
and Subjects, Edin., 1876, 16mo. 4. Burning of the 
Spa Saloon, 1876: Sequel to The Wreck, 1861, Lon., 
1877, 32mo. 5. Sir Titus Salt: his Life and its Lessons, 
Lon., 1877 ; new ed., 1878, p. 8vo. 6. Shepherd Calls, 
Lon., 1879, p. 8vo. 7. Arkite Worship, Lon., 1881, 

Balkwill, Francis H., L.D.S.R.C.S., Member 
of the Odontological Society. Mechanical Dentistry in 
Gold and Vulcanite. Illust. Lon., 1880, 8vo. 

Ball, B. L., M.D. 1. Rambles in Eastern Asia, 
including China and Manilla, N. York, 1855, 12mo. 2. 
Three Days in the White Mountains, 1857. 

Ball, Benjamin West. Elfin Land, and other 
Poems, Boat., 1851, 12ino. 

Ball, Charles. The History of the Indian Mutiny, 
and a Concise History of the Great Military Events 
which have tended to consolidate the British Empire 
in Hindustan. Illust. and Maps. Lon., 1858-59, 2 vols. 
Svo. See, also, STAFFORD, W. C., infra. 

Ball, Charles B. The Rectum and Anus: their 
Diseases and Treatment, Phila., 1887, 8vo. 

Ball, Rev. Charles James, M.A., graduated at 
Queen's College, Oxford, 1872; ordained 1874; head- 
master's assistant in Merchant Taylors' School 1873-75; 
second classical master 1875-78; since 1880 chaplain of 
Lincoln's Inn. 1. The Merchant Taylors' Hebrew Gram- 
mar, Lon., 1877, 8vo; new ed., 1882. 2. A Hebrew 
Primer, Lon., 1878, 8vo. 3. Commentaries on 1st and 

2d Kinga and 1st and 2d Chronicles in Bishop Ellicott's 
Commentary, 1883. 

Ball, Rev. Charles Richard, M.A., graduated at 
Christ's College, Cambridge, 1858; ordained same year; 
held various curacies 1858-70; vicar of St. Paul's, Peter- 
borough, 1869-86; vicar designate of All Saints', Peter- 
borough, 1887. 1. Lessons on our Lord's Ministry, for 
Sunday-Schools, Lon., 1882, 8vo. 2. The Promised Seed : 
Course of Lessons on the Old Testament, Lon., 1884, p. 
Svo. 3. Familiar Instructions on the Church Catechism, 
for every Sunday, Lon., 1885, 12mo. 4. The Apostle of 
the Gentiles: his Life and Letters, Lon., 1885, 12mo. 
5. The Dispensation of the Spirit: Person and Work 
of the Holy Ghost, Lon., 1887, p. Svo. 

Ball, E. A. R. Mediterranean Winter Resorts: a 
Practical Hand-Book. Map and Illust. Lon., 1888, 
fp. Svo. 

Ball, Eliza Craufurd. Christian Armor. Illu- 
minated. N. York, 1865, 4to. 

Ball, George W. I. General Railroad Laws of 
the State of Pennsylvania, and Acts relative to Corpora- 
tions affecting Railroad Companies. Arranged in Chron- 
ological Order. Phila., 1875, 8vo. 

Ball, Henry William. 1. The Social History 
and Antiquities of Barton-upon-Humber, Barton-upon- 
Humber, 1856, 2 parts, Svo. 2. Notes on Mr. Fowler of 
Winterton and his Works. By H. W. B. Hull, 1869. 

Ball, James. 1. The Popular Conveyancer: being 
a Comprehensive Exposition of Conveyancing, with Con- 
cise Precedents, Lon., 1876, 8vo. 2. Dr. Oliver Wendell 
Holmes and his Works : being a Brief Biography and 
Critical Review, Lon., 1878, 12mo. 

Ball, John, F.R.S., M.R.I.A., 1818-1889, eldest 
son of the Right Hon. Nicholas Ball, b. in Dublin, and 
educated at Oscott College and at Christ's College, 
Cambridge; was called to the Irish bar, but never 
practised; appointed a poor law commissioner in Ire- 
land in 1846, and again in 1849; elecied member 
of Parliament for the county of Carlow in 1852; ap- 
pointed under-secretary for the colonies in 1855 ; and 
being defeated in the general election of 1858, when he 
was a candidate for the borough of Limerick, retired 
from politics and devoted himself to scientific pursuits, 
especially botany. He travelled extensively, especially 
in the countries around the Mediterranean and in North 
and South America, was a prominent member of the 
Alpine Club, and contributed many papers to the publi- 
cations of learned societies, including Spicilegiutn FloraB 
Moroccanae and Origin of the Flora of the European 
Alps. He was joint author with Sir J. D. Hooker 
[q. v.] of a work on Morocco, and editor of Peaks, 
Passes, and Glaciers : a Series of Excursions by Mem- 
bers of the Alpine Club, Lon., 1859. His other pub- 
lications are: 1. Guide to the Western Alps, Lon., 
1863. 2. Central Alps and Switzerland, (Alpine Guide, 
Part II.,) Lon., 1864, 12mo. 3. Introduction to the 
Alpine Guide, Lon., 1866, 8 vo. 4. Eastern Alps, (Alpine 
Guide, Part III.,) 1868, p. Svo. 

" Rapid as are the changes in matter which guide-books 
ought to take note of, Mr. Ball's hook, or rather series of 
books, contains so much that is of permanent scientific 
value that it must long be a classic in its department." 
Sat. Rev., Ixviii. 466. 

5. South Tyrol and the Venetian or Dolomite Alps; 
new ed., 1876, p. Svo. 6. Notes of a Naturalist in South 
America, Lon., 1887, p. Svo. 

" Although embodying much information of general in- 
rest, the book Is of course chiefly addressed to natural- 
ists, and more especially to students of botany and me- 
teorology. On these two subjects it not only contains a 
surprising amount of accurate details, but also deals criti- 
cally with some of the broad, and perhaps premature, 
generalizations of modern science." A. H. KEANE: Acad., 
xxxi. 177. 

Ball, Right Hon. John Thomas, LL.D., 
D.C.L., b. 1815, at Dublin ; graduated at Trinity Col- 
lege 183A ; called to the Irish bar in 1840 ; elected M.P. 
for the University of Dublin in 1868, and was succes- 
sively solicitor-general and attorney-general for Ireland 
in that year; was reappointed attorney-general in 1874, 
and was lord chancellor of Ireland from 1875 till 1880. 

1. Speech on the Irish Church Question, Lon., 1869, 8vo. 

2. The Ballot considered in Connection with the Exten- 
sion of the Franchise, Lon., 1872, Svo. 3. The Reformed 
Church of Ireland, (1537-1886,) Lon., 1887, Svo. 4. 
Historical Review of the Legislative Systems operative 
in Ireland from the Invasion of Henry II. to the Union, 
(1172-1800,) Lon., 1888. Svo. 

" Though there is in it no evidence of any very deep 



research, there is an intelligible and correct statement of 
facts which will make it UM-IH! to the general reader." K. 
JUUNLOP : Acad., xxxiv. 147. 

Hull, Robert. (Trans.) Wonders in Acoustics; 
or, The Phenomena of Sound, by R. Radaw, Lon., 
1870, p. 8vo. 

Ball, Sir Robert Stawell, LL.D., F.R.S., b. 
1840, at Dublin, and educated at Chester, and at Trinity 
College, Dublin; appointed Lord Kosje's astronomer at 
Parsoustown in 1865 ; professor of applied mathematics 
and mechanism at the Royal College of Science for Ire- 
Inud in 1867 ; Andrews professor of astronomy in the 
University of Dublin and royal astronomer of Ireland 
in IS7I ; knighted 1886. 1. Experimental Mechanics: a 
Course of Lectures delivered at the Uoyal College of 
Science for Ireland, Lon., 1871, 8vo: new ed., 1881. 2. 
Elementary Lessons on Applied Mechanics, (Cassell's 
Tech. Mans.,) Lon., 1872, 12mo. 3. The Theory of 
Screws : Study in Dynamics of a Rigid body, Dublin, 

1876, Svo. 4. Astronomy, ( London Science Class-Books, ) 

1877, ISmo. 5. Mechanic.-!, (London Science Class- 
Books,) 1879, ISmo. 6. Elements of Astronomy, (Text- 
Books of Science,) 1880, 12mo. 7. The Story of the 
Heavens. Illust. Lon., 1886, 8vo. 

Hull, Samuel. On the Cultivation and Manu- 
facture of Tea in China, Lon., 1848, 8vo. 

Ball, T. Frederick. 1. Poems, Lon., 1865, 8ro. 
2. (Ed.) Anecdotes of Aborigines; or, Illustrations of 
the Coloured Races being " Men and Brethren," Lon., 
1868, 8vo. 3. Queen Victoria : Scenes mid Incidents of 
her Life and Reign. Illust. Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 

Ball, Uev. Thomas Hauly. Persuasions: Six- 
teen Sermons preached in St. Andrew's, Jiolborn, Lon., 
1860, cr. 8vo. 

Ball, Thomas Horatio. The Little Book on a 
Oreat Subject; or, A Demonstrative Argument in sup- 
port of the Genuineness of the Four Gospels, Lon., 1868, 

Ball, Thomas Isaac, ordained 1865; domestic 
chaplain to the Earl of Kinnoul 1874-76; priest in 
charge of High School Yards Mission, Edin., 1881-88; 
incumbent of St. Michael's, Edinburgh, 1881. The 
Thirty-Nine Articles : the Orthodox Doctrine of the 
Church of England, Lon., 1876, p. 8vo. 

Ball, V., M.A., of the Geological Surrey of India; 
Fellow of the Calcutta University and of the Geological 
Societies of London and Ireland ; now a professor at 
Trinity College, Dublin. 1. Jungle Life in India; or, 
The Journeys and Journals of an Indian Geologist, 
Lon., 1879, Svo. 

" Whether we judge the book by the varied scenery trav- 
ersed, or by the odd sights witnessed, or by the descrip- 
tion of the native as he appeared in his undress without 
varnish or veneer, or by the general style of the narrative, 
we can recommend this volume as picturesque, new, and 
original." Sat. Rev. } xlix. 285. 

" This work, while full of matter which may justly 
claim the attention of readers generally, will perhaps have 
an especial value for those already acquainted with the 
better known parts of India." Ath., No. '2733. 

2. The Diamonds, Coal, and Goldof India: Occurrence 
and Distribution, Lon., 1881, 12mo. 

Bull, Walter William Rouse, M.A., b. 1851; 
educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was 
second wrangler and first Smith's prizeman in 1874, and 
afterwards Fellow, assistant tutor, and lecturer on mathe- 
matics ; also a Fellow of University College, London ; 
called to the bar at the Inner Temple 1876. 1. The 
Student's Guide to the Bar, Lon., 1878, 12mo; 4th ed., 
1887. 2. A Short Account of the History of Mathe- 
matics, Lon., 1888, p. Svo. 

Ball, William. 1. The Transcript, and other 
Poems, Lon., 1855, Svo. 2. The Root of Ritualism, and 
other Contributions to the Periodicals of the Society 
of Friends: with added Papers, Lon., 1867, 8vo. 3. 
Verses composed since 1870: some Elegiac; others Oc- 
casional and Miscellaneous, Lon., 1875, 4to. 

Ball, Willium Edmund, LL.D., studied law at 
Gray's Inn, and was called to the bar in 1878. 1. Short 
Digest of the Common Law : being the Principles of 
Torts and Contracts. Chiefly founded upon the Works 
of Addison. With Illustrative Cases, for the Use of 
Students. Lon., 1880, demy Svo. 

"The principles of the law are very clearly and con- 
cisely stated." Law Journal. 

2. Leading Cases on the Law of Torts : with Notes, 
Lon., 1S84, r. Svo. 

Ball, William I. Youthful Devotedness: a 
Memoir of R. F. Douibrain, Dublin, 1854, fp. Svo. 

Ballantine, Henry. Midnight Marches through 
Persia. Illust. Bosk, 1879, 12mo. 

Ballanline, James, 1808-1877, b. in Edinburgh; 
was distinguished as a glass-stainer, and was chosen by 
the Royal Commissioner* on Fine Arts to execute the 
stained-glass windows for the House of Lords. His 
publications include several volumes of poetry. 1. The 
Gaberlunzie's Wallet, 1843, p. Svo; 3d ed., 1875. 2. 
The Miller of Deanhaugb, 1845, p. Svo. 3. A Treatise 
on Stained Glass, 1845. 4. The Book of Ornament*! 
Design : with an Essay on Ornamental Art, 1847, 4to. 
5. Poems, 1856, Svo. 6. The Burns Anniversary, 1859, 
imp. Svo. 7. One Hundred Song* with Melodic*, 1865, 
12uio. 8. Life of David Roberts, R.A., 1866. 9. Liliaa 
Lee, and other Poems, 1871, 12mo. 

Ballantine, William, serjeant-at-law, 1812- 
1887, b. in London; called to the bar at the Inner Tem- 
ple in 1834; made a serjeant-at-law in 1856, after prac- 
tising for some years in the criminal courts. He wa 
counsel for the claimant in his original suit for the 
Tichborne estates. 1. Some Experiences of a Bar- 
rister's Life, Lon., 1882, 2 voU. 8vo; 8th ed., 1883; rer. 
Amer. ed., 1883. 

" Its merits are of an order very inferior to what they 
might have been. ... It is the seamy side of life's tapes- 
try that is chiefly exhibited. . . . Many persons connected 
with public life, with the professions of the law. literature, 
aud the stage, whom Serjeant Ballantine did know, and 
many whom he did not know, are mentioned; and his 
book is entertaining enough, although it is ill written, 
slovenly, and full of much that must unfortunately make 
the judicious grieve." Sal. Rev., liii. 465. 

" It is so ill written and so carelessly put together that it 
can hardly be said to belong to literature at all. The first 
judgment of most readers must be unfavourable ; but as 
they go along the author's frankness and easy good nature, 
will please them and help to atone for the great defects of 
arrangement and of style. . . . There are plenty of good' 
anecdotes scattered about the book." Ath., No. '2841. 

2. From the Old World to the New : being some Ex- 
periences of a Recent Visit to America, including a 
Trip to the Mormon Country, Lon.. 1884, 8vo. 

" He terms this volume a ' continuation' of his ' Ex 
periences;' 'the dregs' of his 'Experiences' may seem a 
harsh, but it is a more accurate, title. In that portion of 
his volume which deals with the Old World he has hardly 
a good story to tell. . . . We do not find in the American 
section of his book a single sentence worth quoting." 
Spectator, Ivii. 1740. 

Ballantyne, Archibald. The Life of John, 
Second Baron Carteret (afterwards Earl Granville,) 
1690-1763: a Political Biography, Lon., 1887, Svo. 

" The biographer has failed to take advantage of hia 
great opportunity. He has collected his facts with praise; 
worthy care ; he has gone to new and unpublished sources 
of information ; his accuracy is no less commendable than 
his industry ; but, in spite of these merits, the volume re- 
mains dull. It is a conscientious piece of historical work, 
rather than an effective study of Carteret. . . . On the 
other hand, the Life of Carteret deserves to be read not 
only as a careful study, but as the first continuous narra- 
tive*, so far as we know, of the career of a most fascinating 
character." Ath., No. 3129. 

Ballantyne, James. Baptism : for whom in- 
tended, and how to be administered, Melbourne, 1868, 

Ballantyne, James. Homes and Homesteads in 
the Land of Plenty : a Hand-Book of Victoria as a 
Field for Emigration, Melbourne, 1872, p. Svo. 

Ballantyne, James Robert, 1813-1864, b. at 
Kelso, Scotland, was educated at Haileybury College, and 
was for some time connected with the Scottish Naval 
and Military Academy. In 1845 he was gent to India 
to superintend the reorganization of the Sanskrit Col- 
lege established by the English government at Benares. 
He was afterwards librarian of the East India Office, 
London. His works consist mainly of translations from 
Sanskrit into English, nnd vice vertn, and were all made 
with a view to establishing more intelligent relations 
between Indian and European thought. 1. A Gram- 
mar of the Hindustani Language. Edin., 1838, r. Svo. 
2. Elements of Hindi and Braj Bhakha Grammar, Lon., 
1839, 4to. 3. A Grammar of the Mahratta Language: 
for the Use of the East India College at Haileybury, 
Edin., 1839, 4to. 4. Principles of Persian Caligraphy. 
Illust. by Lithographic Plates of the Naskh-Ta'lik Char- 
acter, Lon. and Edin., 1839, 4to. 5. Hindustani Selec- 
tions in the Naskhi and Devanagari Character : with 
Vocabulary, Edin., 1840, r. Svo; 2d ed., 1845. 6. Hin- 
dustani Letters, lithographed in the Nuskh-Tu'leek and 
Shikustu-Ainez Character : with Translations, Lon. and 
Edin., 1840. 7. The Practical Oriental Interpreter; or, 
Hints on the Art of Translating readily from English 




into Hindustani and Persian, Lon. and Edin., 1843. 8. 
Catechism of Persian Grammar, Lon. and Edin., 1843, 
24mo. 9. Pocket Guide to Hindoostani Conversation, 
Lon., 1843; 2d ed., 1868, 32uao. 10. Catechism of 
Sanskrit Grammar; 2d ed., Lon. and Edin., 1845, 24ino. 

11. Lectures on the Subdivision of Knowledge, Ac., Mir- 
zapore and Calcutta, 1848-49. 12, TheLaghu Kaumudi, 
a Sanskrit Grammar, by Varadaraja, 1849 ; 2d ed., 1S67 ; 
3d ed., 1881. 13. First Lessons in Sanskrit Grammar, 
together with an Introduction to the Hitopad6sa, 1850 ; 
2d ed., 1862. 14. Lectures on the Nyaya Philosophy of 
Gautama, Ac., 1850. 15. (Ed.) The Tarka-Sangraha of 
Annum Bhatta, 1851. 16. First Lessons in Sanskrit 
Grammar, Mirzapore, 1851. 17. (Ed.) Metaphysics 
and Mental Philosophy, Allahabad, 1852. 18. Sketch 
of Operations in the Benares Sanskrit College, Mir- 
zapore, 1852. 19. An Explanatory Version of Bacon's 
"Novutn Organon," in Sanskrit and English, 1852; 
2d ed., 1860. 20. A Discourse on Translation : with 
Reference to the Educational Despatch of the Hon. 
Court of Directors, 19th July, 1854, Mirzapore, 1855, 
8vo. 21. A Synopsis of Science in Sanskrit and Eng- 
lish, reconciled with the Truths to be found in Nyaya 
Philosophy, Mirzapore, 1856. 22. The Mahabhashya, 
(Pantanjali's Great Commentary on Panini's famous 
Grammar,) with Commentaries ; 2ded., Mirzapore, 1856. 
23. Christianity contrasted with Hindu Philosophy, in 
Sanskrit and English, Lon., 1859, 8vo. (This work 
gained the moiety of a prize offered by a member of the 
Bengal Civil Service, and decided by judges appointed 
by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishops of 
London and Oxford.) 24. The Bible for the Pandits : 
a Translation of the First Three Chapters of Genesis into 
Sanskrit, with a Commentary, Lon., 1861, 8vo. 25. 
(Trans.) The Sankhyu Aphorisms of Kapila : with Il- 
lustrative Extracts from the Commentaries. Ed. by F. 
Hall. 3d ed., Lon., 1884, 8vo. 

Ballantyne, Randall H. 1. The Child's Ark : 
being Short Descriptions of the Animals mentioned in 
Scripture: with Simple Remarks adapted for Children, 
Lon., 1848, 16tno. 2. The Heir of Glory, Edin., 1849, 
32mo. 3. Pasture for Lambs, [verse,] Edin., 1849, 16mo. 
4. Rainy Afternoons : Tales and Sketches by the Howard 
Family, Edin., 1853, p. 8vo; new ed., 1871. 5. Mabel 
Grant: a Highland Story, Lon., 1854, 18mo. 6. The 
Better Way; or, What do I live for? Lon., 1857, 12mo. 

Ballantyne, Hubert Michael, b. 1825, at Edin- 
burgh, was in the service of the Hudson's Bay Com- 
pany in British America from 1841 to 1847. He has 
been a very prolific author, his books being chiefly 
stories of travel and adventure written for young people. 
1. Hudson's Bay; or, Life in the Wilds of North Amer- 
ica, Lon., 1848 (?) ; 3d ed., 1858, cr. 8vo. 2. Snowflakes 
and Sunbeams ; or, The Fur-Traders, Lon., 1856, cr. 8vo. 
3. The Coral Island : a Tale of the Pacific Ocean, Lon., 
1857, p. 8vo. 4. Mister Fox. By Coinu. Lon., 1857, 
4to. 5. Ungava : a Tale of the Esquimaux Land, 1857, 

?. 8vo. 6. My Mother. By Comus. Lon., 1857, 4to. 
. The Columbia Gold-Fields, Edin., 1858. 8. Martin 
Rattier ; or, A Boy's Adventures in the Forests of Brazil, 
Lon., 1858, 12mo. 9. The Robber Kitten. By Comus. 
Lon., 1858, 4to. 10. Mee-a-Mow; or, Good Advice to 
Cats and Kittens, Lon., 1859, sm. 4to. 11. The World 
of Ice: Adventures in the Polar Regions, 1859, 12mo. 

12. How Not to Do it: a Manual for the Awkward 
Squad; or, A Hand-Book of Directions written for the 
Instruction of Raw Recruits in our Rifle Volunteer 
Regiments. Illust. Edit)., 1859, 8vo. Anon. 13. The 
Volunteer Service; or, The Remarkable Experiences 
of Ensign Sopht. Written and Illustrated by Himself. 
Edin., 1860, 8vo. 14. The Golden Dream; or, Ad- 
ventures in the Far West. Illust. 1860, fp. 8vo; 6th 
ed., 1881. 15. Red Eric; or, The Whaler's Last Cruise, 
1861, fp. 8vo; new ed., 1885. 16. Man on the Ocean: 
Book about Boats and Ships, Lon., 1862, 12rao. 17. 
The Dog Crusoe: a Tale of the Western Prairies, Lon., 
1860; new ed., 1862, 16mo. 18. The Wild Man of the 
West: a Tale of the Rocky Mountains, Lon., 1862. 
12mo; new ed., 1885. 19. The Gorilla-Hunters: a 
Tale of the Wilds of Africa, 1862. 20. Gascoyne, 
the Sandal-Wood Trader, Lon., 1863. 21. The Kitten 
Series, r. 18mo: (1.) The Three Little Kittens; (2.) 
The Butterfly's Ball; (3.) The Life of a Ship; from 
the Launch to the Wreck, etc. 22. The Lite-Boat: 
a Tale of our Coast Heroes, Lon., 1864, 12mo. 23. 
Freaks on the Fells; or, Three Months' Rustication, 
1865, 16mo; new eU., 1885. 24. The Light-House: 


being the Story of a Great Fight between Man ana 
the Sea. Lon., 1865, 12uio. 25. Shifting Winds: a 
Tough Yarn, Lon., 1866, 12mo. 26. Silver Lake; or, 
Lost in the Snow, Lon., 1867, sq. 16mo. 27. Fighting 
the Flumes : a Tale of the London Fire Brigade, Lon., 
1867, 12mo. 28. Deep Down : a Tale of the Cornish 
Mines, Lon., 1868, 12rao. 29. Erling the Bold: a Tale 
of the Norse Sea-Kings, Lon., 1869, 12mo. 30. The 
Floating Light of the Goodwin Sands : a Tale, Lon., 
1870, 12mo. 31. The Iron Horce ; or, Life on the Line: 
a Tale, Lon., 1871, 12mo. 32. The Norsemen in the 
West; or, America before Columbus: a Tale, Lon., 1S72, 
12mo. 33. The Pioneers : a Tale of the Western Wil- 
derness, illustrative of the Adventures and Discoveries 
of Sir A. Mackenzie, Lon., 1872, 12mo. 34. Life in the 
Red Brigade: a Fiery Tale; and Fort Desolation; or, 
Solitude in the Wilderness, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 35. 
Jarwin and Cuffy : a Tale, Lon., 1873, 12mo; new ed., 
1881. 36. Tales of Adventure; or, Wild Work in 
Strange Places, Lon., 1873, 3 vols. 12mo. 37. The 
Story of the Rock; or, Building on the Eddystone, Lon., 
1875, 18mo. 38. Black Ivory: Adventures among the 
Slavers, 1873, p. 8vo; 8th ed., 1880. 39. The Ocean and 
its Wonders, Lon., 1874, 12mo. 40. The Pirate City: 
an Algerine Tale, 1874, p. 8vo. 41. Rivers and Ice: a 
Tale illustrative of Alpine Adventure. Illust. 1874, 
12mo. 42. Wrecked but not Ruined, 1875, fp. 43. 
Under the Waves: Diving in Deep Waters, 1876, 8vo. 
44. The Settler and the Savage: a Tale of Peace and 
War in South Africa, Lon., 1877, 12mo. 45. In the 
Track of the Troops : a Tale of Modern War, Lon., 1878, 
12mo. 46. Six Months at the Cape; or, Letters from 
Periwinkle in South Africa, Lon., 1879, 8vo. 47. Post 
Haste: a Tale of II. M.'s Mails, Lon., 1879, p. 8vo. 48. 
Digging for Gold ; or, Adventures in California; new ed., 
1879, fp. 49. Philosopher Jack, 1880, cr. 8vo. 50. 
The Lonely Island; or, The Refuge of the Mutineers, 
Lon., 1880, p. 8vo. 51. The Red Man's Revenge: a 
Tale, Lon., 1880, p. 8vo. 52. The Giant of the North; 
or, Pokings round the Pole. Illut-t. Lon., 1881, p. 8vo. 
53. My Doggie and I, Lon., 1881, p. 8vo. 54. The Bat- 
tery and Boiler; or, Adventures in the Laying of Sub- 
marine Electric Cables. Illust. Lon., 1882, p. 8vo. 
55. The Kitten Pilgrims; or, Great Battles and Grand 
Victories, Lon., 1882, 4to. 56. Battles with Sea; or, 
Heroes of the Lifeboat and the Rocket, Lon., 1883, or. 
8vo. 57. Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished : Tale of 
City Arab Life, Lon., 1883, p. 8vo. 58. The Madman 
and the Pirate. With Illust. Lon., 1883, p. 8 vo. 59. The 
Thorogood Family, Lon., 1883, 18mo. 60. Twice Bought : 
a Tale of the Oregon Gold-Fields, Lon., 1884, p. 8vo. 
61. Young Trawler: a Tale of Life, Death, and Rescue 
in the North Seas, Lon., 1884, cr. 8vo. 62. Island Queen ; 
or, Dethroned by Fire and Water : a Tale of the South- 
ern Hemisphere, Lon., 1885, p. 8vo. 63. The Rover of 
the Andes: a Tale of Adventure in South America. 
Illust. Lon., 1885, p. 8vo. 64. Big Otter: a Tale of 
the Great Nor'west, Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 65. The Lively 
Poll: a Tale of the North Sea, Lon., 1886, ISmo. 66. 
Prairie Chief: a Tale. Illust. Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 67. 
Red Rooney; or, The Last of the Crew. Illust. Lon., 
1886, p. 8vo. 68. The Fugitives; or, The Tyrant Queen 
of Madagascar. Illust. Lon., 1887, p. 8vo. 69. Blue 
Lights ; or, Hot Work in the Soudan : a Tale of Soldier 
Life in several of its Phases, Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 70. 
The Middy and the Moors : an Algerine Story, Lon., 
1888. p. 8vo. 

Ballantyne, Thomas, 1S06-1871, b. at Paisley, 
Scotland, was editor successively of the Bolton Free 
Press, the Manchester Guardian, the Leader, and othef 
papers. He was intimately associated with Cobden and 
Bright in their agitation against the corn laws, and in 
1841 published the Corn Law Repealer's Hand-Book. 
His other publications, apart from his journalistic con- 
tributions, are : 1. Passages selected from the Writings 
of Thomas Carlyle : with a Biographical Memoir, Lon., 
1855, p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1870. 2. Prophecy for 1855, 
selected from Carlyle's Latter-Day Pamphlets, 1855, 
12mo. 3. Ideas, Opinions, and Facts. 1865. 4. Essays in 
Mosaics, 1870. Carlyle wrote, " I have long recognized 
in Mr. Ballantyne a real talent for excerpting significant 
passages from books, magazines, newspapers, Ao., (that 
contain any such,) and for presenting them in lucid ar- 
rangement and in their most readable form." 

Hal I aril. Rev. A. Pleasant Paths for Little Feet, 
N.York, I860, 16mo. 

Ballard, Edward, M.D. 1. The Physical Diag- 


nosis of Diseases of the Abdomen, 1852, cr. Svo. 2. 
Causes and Treatment of Pain after Food, 1854, p. Svo. 

3. Artificial Digestion as a Remedy in Dyspepsia, Lon., 
1857, 12tno. 4. On Vaccination : it* Values and Alleged 
Dangers: a Prize Essay, Lon., 1867, Svo. 5. On a 
Localized Typhoid Fever in Islington, 1870, traced to 
Impure Milk, Lon., 1871, 8vo. With GARROD, ALFRED 
BARING, Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, 
Li.ii.. 1845, Svo. 

Mallard, Edward. (Ed.) Memorial of Topsham 
Celebration, Aug. 29, 1S62 : Commemorative of the 
Topsham Colony on the Peninsula of Sabine, Aug. 19, 
[O.S.,] 1607, (Maine Hist. Soc. Pub.,) Brunswick, Me., 
1863, Svo. 

Ballard, Ellis Ames. (Ed.) The Act relating to 
Marriage Licenses, ami other Acts; 2d ed., Phila., 1885, 

Ballard, Harlan Hoge, b. 1853, at Athens, 
Ohio; a graduate of Williams College : is principal of 
the Lenox, Mass., Academy, and the founder of the 
Agnssiz Association for Promoting the Study of Natural 
Hi.-tory. 1. Words, and how to put them together, 
N. York, 1878, 18mo. 2. Hand-Book of Blunders: de- 
signed to prevent 1000 Common Blunders in Writing and 
Speaking, Bost., 1885. 

Ballard, Isaac Fowler. 1. The Prophetic Fu- 
ture of the Empire of Great Britain, Chelia?ford, 1871, 
12mo. 2. Is it Lawful for Christians to take part in 
Politics? Chelmsford, 1871, 12mo. 

Ballard, Rev. J. 1. A Few Strictures addressed 
to Mr. Alderman Sadler on hi.s Correspondence with the 
Bishop of Oxford. By a Protestant Churchman. Oxford, 
1351, 8vo. Anon. 2. A Second Letter to Mr. Alderman 
Sadler, Ac., Oxford, 1851. Anon. 

Ballard, J. Z. (Ed.) W. Filley, the Indian Cap- 
tive; or, The Long-lost Jackson Boy: Twenty-Nine 
Years with the Indian Tribes of the Rocky Mountains, 
Chic., 1867, Svo. 

Ballard, Mrs. Julia P. 1. Gathered Lilies, Cin., 
1866, 24mo. 2. Lift a Little , or, The Old Quilt, Bost., 
1866, 18mo. 3. Little Gold Keys, Bost., 1866, 18mo. 

4. The Hole in the Bag, and other Stories. By Kruna. 
N. York, 1877. 5. Insect Lives; or, Born in Prison: 
How to Rear and Preserve Butterflies, Moths, <fcc., Cin., 
1880, 12tno. 

Ballard, Robert. Solution of the Pyramid Prob- 
lem : a New Theory as to the Ancient Use of the 
Pyramids. With Diagrams. N. York, 1882, Svo. 

Ballard, S. J. True Tales about India, its Native 
Princes and British Rulers. Lon., 1876, p. Svo. 

Ballard, Thomas, M.R.C.S. A New and Rational 
Explanation of the Diseases peculiar to Infants and 
Mothers : with Obvious Suggestions for their Prevention 
and Cure, Lon., 1860, p. Svo. 

Ballard, William Roberts. The Capital of 
Italy, and how to get to it, Lon., 1862, Svo. 

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folio of a Methodist Local Preacher, Macon, Ga., 1870, 

Bailey, Elisha. 1. Golden Remedy for the Moral 
Disease, Lon., 1872, 18ino. 2. Work and Sing for 
Jesus, Lon., 1873, It; mo. 

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Theory and Practice. Illust. Lon., 1885, p. Svo. 2. 
(Trans.) The Mahdi, Past and Present, by James 
Danuesteter, Lon., 1885, iL'mo. 

Ballin, F. L. Hebrew Grammar: with Extracts 
selected from the Bible, Lon., 1881, p. Svo. 

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tory of the Egyptian and Mesopotamian Religions, 
from the Dutch of C. P. Thiele: vol. i., Egyptian Re- 
ligion, Lon., 1882, Svo. 

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Illust. Edin., 1872, 4io. 2 Scenes of Scottish Story, 
Edin., 1873, r. Svo. 3. Edinburgh Past and Present: 
Drawn with Pen and Pencil, Edin., 1877, r. Svo. 

Mallou, Rev. Ad in, 1803-1890, b. at Cumberland, 
R.I. ; entered the Baptist ministry in 1821: became a 
Universalist in 1823; founded the Hopedale Community 
in 1S42. 1. Christian Non-Resistance defended. 1846, 
ISmo. 2. Treatise on Spirit Manifestations, 1852, Svo. 
. Primitive Christianity and its Corruptions, Bost., 1870, 
12mo. 4. History of the Town of Milford, Mass., Mil- 
ford, 1S85. 

"Of the many town histories that we have read, few 
nave had the literary quality possessed by this one." 
Nation, xli. r23. 


Million, Maturin Murray, [nnte, vol. i., add.,] 
b. 1820, not 1822, us rtated in vol. i., was editor 
and proprietor of Gleason's Pictorial, Ballou's Monthly, 
and other similar publications, and for some years 
chief editor of the Boston Daily Globe. His connec- 
tion with the Boston press hns lafted more than forty 
years, but he has uUo visited most parU of the world, 
including the Arctic regions. I. Mirakla; or, The Jus- 
tice of Paeon : a Drama in Three Acts, N. York, 1868, 
I -iiio. 2. Treasury of Thought: forming an Encyclo- 
paedia of Quotationx from Modern Authors, Bost., 1872, 
8vo. 3. Pearls of Thought, Bost., 1881, 16mo. 4. Due 
West; or, Around the World in Ten Months, Bost., 

1884, 12mo. 5. (Ed.) Notable Thoughts about Women, 
Bost., 12mo. 6. Due South ; or, Cuba Past and 
Present, Bost., 1885, 12mo. 7. Edge-Tools of Speech: 
Striking Passages from Great Men, Bost., 1886, 8ro. 

8. Genius in Sunshine and Shadow, Bost., 1886, 8vo. 

9. Under the Southern Cross; or, Travels in Aus- 
tralia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Samoa, and other 
Pacific Islands, Bost., 1887, 12mo. 10. Due North; or, 
Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia, BoH., 1887, 12mo. 

" Mr. Ballon can tell a fairly interesting story of per- 
sonal observations and experiences, but he is not a writer 
to pin one's faith to in matters of solid information." 
Nation, xliv. 537. 

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on Scrofulous Disease of the External Lymphatic Glands, 
Lon., 1852, 8vo. 

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sheriff of Westmoreland in 1876. A Reply to Mr. 
Burl's Wakefield Figures in Relation to Convict Dis- 
cipline, Lon., 1853, 8vo. With others, Observations 
on the Treatment of Convicts in Ireland: with some 
Remarks on the same in England, Lon., 1862, 8vo; 2d 
ed., 1863. 

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the Gospel, 1845, 18mo. 2. The Telegraph of the Gos- 
pel, Lon., 1846, 12mo. 3. The Magnet of the Gospel, 

1847, 12mo. 4. American States, Churches, and Slavery, 
Edin., 1863, 12mo; new ed., 1865, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 5. 
Letters on the American Republic ; or, Common Fallacies 
refuted; new ed., Lon., 1863, 12mo. 6. The American 
War Crusade; or, Plain Facts for Earnest Men, Lon., 
1863, 16uio. 7. Synopsis of the American War. Lon., 
185, 12mo. 

Balmer, Thomas C. The Israelitish Origin of 
the Anglo-Saxons, Irish, Scotch, and Welsh: an His- 
torical Proof, Liverpool, 1877, 8vo. 

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in the Collection of the British Museum : Part I., 
Lon., 1858, 8vo. 2. Descriptions of New Genera and 
Species of Phytophaga, Lon., 1864, 8vo. 

Baly, Price Richard. On Baths and Wash- 
houses: with Plans and Elevations, Lon., 1852, 4to. 

Baly, William. With KIRKES, WILLIAM SEN- 
HOUSE, Advances in the Physiology of Motion, Lon., 

1848, 8vo. With GULL, W. W., Reports on Epidemio 
Cholera, Lon., 1854, 8vo. 

Balzani, Ugo. 1. Italy, (Early Chroniclers of 
Europe,) 1883. p. 8vo. 

" His book is written without any parade of erudition, 
but, if tested in any part, it is found to rest upon a foun- 
dation of very much wider knowledge than the author 
cares to show." M. CKEIGHTON : Acad., xxiii. 378. 

2. The Popes and the Hohenstaufen, (Epochs of 
Church History,) Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 

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cial Directory of the United States and Canada, Phila., 

1885, 8vo. 

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zibah, Lon., or. Svo. 5. A Week of Lite : a Temperance 
Story, cr. Svo. 6. Father Fervent, Lon., 1887, p. Svo. 



7. The Disciple among the Poor: Memorials of Mr. 
John Bamford, Lon., cr. 8vo. 

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Mrs. SchafTer's School, Bust., 1866, 16mo; new ed., 
illust., 1875. 

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of the Days of Louis XIV., Bost., 1880, 8vo. 2. My 
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3. Thoughts of my Dumb Neighbors. Illust. N. York, 
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Live Things they found. Illust. Bost., 1887, sq. 8vo. 5. 
Father Lambert's Family : a Story of Old-Time France, 
N. York, 1888, 12mo. 

Bamford, Samuel, 1788-1872, b. at Middleton. 
Lancashire, was the son of a weaver, and followed 
the same trade in early life, but, having been educated 
at a grammar-school, he acquired a ta.^te lor literature 
and wrote songs that became very popular with the 
laboring classes of Manchester. The part which he 
took as a leader in some of the combinations of work- 
ingmen which were common in the early part of the 
present century gave him great notoriety, and led to 
his arrest and imprisonment on what appears to have 
been a groundless charge of treason. About 1826 he 
became correspondent of a London newspaper, and in 
later life he held a small appointment under govern- 
ment. 1. An Account of the Arrest and Imprisonment 
of Samuel Bamford, Middleton. on Suspicion of High 
Treason, Manchester, 1817. 2. The Weaver Boy; or, 
Miscellaneous Poetry, 1819. 3. Passages in the Life of 
a Radical, Manchester, 1840-59, 12uio; new ed., 1872. 

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By Samhul Bearnfort. 1850. 7. Life of Amos Ogden, 
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" The obvious truth is that this book is mainly fictitious, 
though with a backbone of fact. ... It is quite worth 
reading." Acad., xxvi. 427. 

Banbtiry, G. A. Lethbridge-, of H.B.M. Colo- 
nial Civil Service. Sierra Leone; or, The White Man'g 
Grave. Illust. Lon., 1888, 8vo. 

Bancroft, George, Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L., [ante, 
vol. i., add.,] 1800-1891; appointed U.S. minister to 
Prussia in May, 1867; in 1868 accredited to the North 
German Confederation, and in 1871 to the German Em- 
pire. He was recalled at his own request in 1874, and 
afterwards resided in Washington. His History of the 
United States, of which vols. i. to vi. are elaborately no- 
ticed ante, vol. i., was completed in 10 vols., Bost., 1840- 
74. A revised edition, in 6 vols., was issued in 1876, 
and another, with the author's last revision, in 1883-84. 
His other publications, not mentioned in vol. i., include 
orations, addresses, and pamphlets, the most important 
being: 1. Memorial Address on the Life and Character 
of Abraham Lincoln, delivered at the Request of Both 
Houses of Congress, Washington, 1866. 2. Joseph 
Reed: a Historical Essay, N. York, 1867. 3. A Plea 
for the Constitution of the United States of America, 
wounded in the House of its Guardians, N. York, 1886. 
He has also published : 4. History of the Formation of 
the Constitution of the United States of America, N. 
York, 1882, 2 vols. 8vo. 

"The story of the formation of the Constitution Is so 
well known, and has been so often told, Unit Mr. Bancroft 
could, in the nature of things, add very little to it. Facts 
and documents may be accumulated, and he has shown 
great industry in this part of his work, but they do not 
substantially affect the conclusions which must be reached 
on the main points. The book is chiefly valuable as a full 
and connected narrative of the adoption of the Consti- 
tution, not only by the Convention, but by the different 
States. It contains absolutely no original discussion : in 
fact, Mr. Bancroft's historical system almost precludes any- 
thing of the kind. History is with him a chronicle of 
events associated with and caused by distinguished men 
His natural taste is for the picturesque and dramatic, as 
the excesses of his style amply show ; and this disposition 
of his mind diverts him from the discussion of the growth 
and development of principles of constitutional law." 
A'ation, xxxiv. 524. 

Bancroft, Hubert Howe, b. 1832, at Granville, 

Ohio, was for some years employed in a book-store in 
Buffalo, N.Y., and in 1852 went to San Francisco and 
established a publishing house, from which he retired in 
1868 in order to devote himself, with the aid of a corps 
of collaborateurs, to the completion and arrangement of 
a great historical collection, including printed books, 
manuscripts, maps, Ac., and to the preparation of a 
series of works based on this material and intended to 
embrace the history of the whole Pacific coast on an 
elaborate scale. 1. The Native Races of the Pacific 
States. Vol. I., Wild Tribes. Vol. II., Civilized Nations 
of Mexico and Central America. Vol. III., Mythology 
and Languages of both Savage and Civilized Nations. 
Vol. IV., Antiquities and Architectural Remains. Vol. 
V., Aboriginal History and Migration : with Index. N. 
York. 1875, 5 vols. 8vo. 

" Never was a large library more thoroughly ransacked 
or more completely laid under tribute by a writer than 
was Mr. Bancroft's collection of ' Americana' in the prep- 
aration of this work. Although partly historical, the book 
could not properly be called a history : it is rather an eth- 
nological treatise. But ethnology is a broad and complex 
science, and the author's plan involves several distinct 
surveys of the entire field. He traverses it first ethno- 
graphically ; that is, he describes the various races in their 
characteristic features, just as they appeared to Europeans 
when first visited. He goes over it a second time, to give 
an account of the religion of these races; his third survey 
of the field has reference to their various languages ; and 
the fourth to their antiquities, especially their architec- 
tural remains. This is followed by another exploration, 
in which he gathers together whatever is known of their 
migrations and their primitive history." Nation, xxi. 182. 

' He has raised his Pacific district into higher impor- 
tance in the educated world, and every one appreciates his 
work. By making accessible so much valuable material, 
and sweeping away so much accumulated rubbish, he has 
made a great move toward the production of a real sys- 
tem of American anthropology." EDWARD B. TYLOR: 
Acad., x. 192. 

2. History of the Pacific States of North America, 
San Fran., 8vo. Vols. I.-III., Central America, (1516- 
1887,) 1883-87. History of Central America, vol. i., 

" We cannot express too strongly our admiration for the 
man who has seriously taken in hand such an unprece- 
dented task. With no special preparation or aptitude for 
this work, and with merely the training which asuccessful 
career in business had given him, he has manifested such 
a love of knowledge for its own sake, such a spirit of self- 
sacrifice for the future benefit of the community in which 
he has lived and accumulated his fortune, such energy 
and pluck and persistency, as justly entitle him to the re- 
spect and gratitude of his contemporaries, and insure his 
perpetual remembrance by posterity. Single-handed he 
has attempted and accomplished a feat which the oldest 
historical society in the land, with its lifetime of nearly a 
century, and its membership embracing the most scholarly 
and industrious workers of each generation, would be 
proud to have achieved. Alone he has amassed the li- 
brary, gathered the manuscript material, and erected the 
building to preserve for posterity the muniments of the 
history of a large section of our common country. But 
all this public spirit and energy, with all its attendant suc- 
cess, do not necessarily afford any assurance of his fitness 
for the taskof writing history ; and we believe he will never 
find an imitatorof his truly original device of seeing with 
other men's eyes, and thinking with other men's minds, as 
a special preparation for historical investigation." Nation, 
xxxvi. 85. 

Vols. IV.-VI., Mexico, (1516-1803), 1883, vols. i.-iii., 
8vo. Vols. VII.-VIIL, Mexico, (1804-1861), vols. iv.-v. 
Vol. IX., Mexico, 1888, vol. vi. Vol. X., North Ameri- 
can States and Texus, (1531-1800), vol. i., 1883. Vols. 
XII.-XIV., California, (1542-1824), 1884-85, vols. i.-ii. 
Vols. XV.-XVIIL, California, (1825-1859), 1885-88, 
vols. iii.-vi. 

"The history of early California has been written in 
great detail, and in a fashion that must make the book 
readable only in single chapters as episodes never as one 
connected whole. Vet nowhere else can we find so thor- 
ough an account of the beginning of an important com- 
munity. . . . No one can doubt that the Pacific States have 
a very significant history before them. In the future, near 
or remote, no sensible man will doubt the value of the 
elaborate research which has now made the early portions 
of this history both accessible and comprehensible lor all 
time." Nation, xliv. 39. 

Vols. XXII.-XXIII., The Northwest Coast, (1543- 
1846), 1884-85, vols. i.-ii. Vol. XXIV., Oregon, (1834- 
1848), 1886, vol. i. Vol. XXVII., British Columbia, 
(1792-1887), 1887. Vol. XXIX., California Pastoral, 
1888. Vol. XXX., California inter Pocula: a Review of 
some Classical Enormities, 1888. Vols. XXXI.-XXXIL, 
Popular Tribunals, 1887, vols. i.-ii. VoL XXXIII., 
Alaska, (1730-1885), 1886. 3. Early American Chron- 
iclers, San Fran., 1883, 8vo. Pamph. 4. A Popular 
History of the Mexican People, San Fran., 1887. (An 



abridgment of the author's larger work on the same sub- 
ject.) In regard to Mr. Bancroft'* methods of investi- 
gation nnd composition, and the extent to which he has 
employed the assistance of collaborateurs, see a corre- 
spondence in the Nation, xxxvi. In:;, 123, 144, I '.'.'. 

Bancroft, Marie Ettie, (Wilton,) b. at Doncas- 
ter, and Bancroft, Squire, b. 1841, in London, 
married 1867, were for some years managers of the 
Prince of Wales's Theatre, and subsequently of the 
Huymarket Theatre, and also the principal performers 
in the comedies produced at those houses. They re- 
tired from the management in IS85. Mr. and Mrs. 
Bancroft on and off the Stage. Written by Themselves. 
Lou.. 18S8, 2 vols. 8vo. 

"Gos.sip concerning players, playwrights, and play- 
i> nearly always entertaining, and there is plenty 
of rciuliible matter in these volumes. They tell pleasantly, 
and for the most part, so much as the authors 
cart- that the public should hear about them, and they put 
on record a good deal that is worth knowing about stage 
history and its connections during the past quarter of a 
century. ... As a rule, the brightest passages are those 
supplied by Mrs. Bancroft." Alfi., No. 3156. 

Bancroft, R. >!., and Francis, J. Tall Chim- 
ney Construction, Lon., 1885, r. 8vo. 

Bandelier, Adolph Francis Alphonse, b. 
1830, at Berne, removed to the United States and 
turned his attention to archaeological pursuits, work- 
ing in connection with the Archaeological Institute 
of America. He has visited Mexico and Central 
America and contributed papers and reports to the pro- 
ceedings of learned societies. 1. The Art of War and 
Mode of Warfare, Bost., 1877. 2. The Tenure of Land 
and Inheritances of the Ancient Mexicans, 1878. 3. The 
Social Organization and Government of the Ancient 
Mexicans, 1878. 4. Historical Introduction to Studies 
among the Sedentary Indians of New Mexico; [and] 
Reports upon the Ruins of the Pueblos of Pecos, (Arch. 
Inst. of America Pub..) Svo. 5. Report of an 
Archaeological Tour in Mexico in 1881, (Arch. Inst. 
of America Pub.) Illust. Bost., 1885, Svo. 

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of Lovell, Lon., 1862, 3 vols. p. Svo. 

Ita ud in ;t n 11, Daniel Edward, b. at Betthau?en, 
in Hesse, in 1837; h'rst went upon the stage in New 
York in 1857, and has since made professional tours 
round the world, playing chiefly in English, but also 
in German. An Actor's Tour ; or, Seventy Thousand 
Miles with Shakespeare. Edited by Bernard Gisby. 
Bost., 1885, 12mo. 

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Philosophy, Lon., 1862, Svo. 2. Sermon on the Death 
of the Bishop of Calcutta, Lon., 1866, Svo. 

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Brigade: 69th, 71st, 72d, and lOfith Regiments of 
Pennsylvania Volunteers, Phila., 12mo. 

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of the Principal Places in her Imperial Majesty's 
Indian Empire. Maps. Lon., 1881, r. 8vo. 

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2 ser., Lon., 1884, 12mo. 2. The Great Landlords of 
London: with Map showing the Estates, Lon., 1888. 

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Conn., became a minister in the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, and spent most of his life in missionary work 
in New York and New Haven. Autobiography and 
Journal : with Introduction by Bishop Junes. Edited 
by his Daughters. N. York, 1872, 12mo. 

Bangs, J. K., and Sherman, F. D. New Wag- 
gings of Old Tales, by Two Wags. Illust. Bost., 18S7, 

I J u ui in, Michael, 1796-1874, b. at Kilkenny, Ire- 
land, was joint author with his brother, John Banim, 
[q. p., ante, vol. i.,] of Tales o." the O'Hara Family. 
" Out of a total of twenty-four volumes he claimed to 
have written thirteen and a half." After his brother's 
death (lS42)he published: 1. Clough Fionn ; or, The 
Stone of Destiny, (in the Dublin University Magazine, 
1852.) 2. The Town of the Cascades, 1864. 

" While not possessing the poetic vein of the younger 
brother, Michael Banim was certainly his equal in the 
power of vividly depicting passion and character." Diet, 
oj .\\H. Bior,.. iii. us. 

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of England, Lon., 1877, Svo. 

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Svo; new ed., by W. L. Sugg, 1867. 

.Banister, Henry C., professor of harmony, coun- 

terpoint, and composition in the Royal Normal College 
and Academy of Music for the Blind, in the Guildhall 
School of Music, and in the Royal Academy of Music. 
1. Text-Book of Music, Lon., 1872, 12mo; 13th ed., 
1885. 2. Lectures on Musical Analyst!, embracing 
Sonata-Form, Fugue, Ac., Lon., 1887, cr. Svo. 

" Musical analysis the study of forms in a mere valley 
of dry bones; but Mr. Banister has clothed them wiifi 
flesh and breathed into them the spirit ot Haydn, of .Mo- 
zart, and of Beethoven." Acad., xxxii. 76. 

3. Musical Art and Study: Papers for Musicians; 2d 
ed.. with Additions, Lon., 1887, p. Svo. 

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the Present Crisis as regards our Colonies, our Trade, 
our Circulating Medium, and Railways; 2d ed., Lon., 
1848, Svo. 2. The Suffrage Nationalized; or, A Pro- 
posal for the Settlement of the Question of Franchise on 
a Popular and Constitutional Basis, Lon., 1853, Svo. 3. 
Our Military System at Home and Abroad, Lon., 1857, 
8Vo. See MOSSMAN, SAMUEL, infra. 

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Change-Ringing; 2d ed., Lon., 1879, Svo. 

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geant William Lawrence, a Hero of the Peninsular and 
Waterloo Campaigns, Lon., 1887. 

" Sergeant Lawrence died in 1867, bequeathing a man- 
uscript account of his life to the family of which Mr. G. 
N. Bankes is a member. ... It is stated in the preface 
that Sergeant Lawrence never learned to write, and dic- 
tated his recollections after leaving the army to a lellow- 
servant. ... If this book be genuine, it is a decided ad- 
dition to the literature of the struggle." Ath., No. 3093. 

Bankes, George, 1788-1856, son of Henry 
Bankes, [q. v., ante, vol. i.,] entered Parliament in 1816 
as his father's colleague for the family borough of Corfe 
Castle, and held several offices, including that of cur- 
sitor baron of the exchequer. The Story of Corfe Castle 
and of many who have lived there, Lon., 1853, p. Svo. 

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from Field and Tree. Illust. Lon., 1883, cr. 8vo. 

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bridge Aquatics, Oxford, 1869, cr. Svo. 

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1884, Svo. 

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ports, vols. i.-v., ( 1862-1870.) Pub. by the State. 1862- 
71, 5 vols. Svo, 

Banks, George Linn.-vus, 1821-1881, an Eng- 
lish " poet, orator, and journalist," edited successively 
the Harrogate Advertiser, the Birmingham Mercury, the 
Dublin Daily Express, the Durham Chronicle, and the 
Windsor Royal Standard; founded many Mechanics' In- 
stitutes, and was the chief promoter and honorary sec- 
retary of the Workingmen's Celebration of the Shake- 
speare Tercentenary. A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Banks is married to Mr. William Black, the novelist. 
Besides the works mentioned below, he wrote several 
plays and burlesques, and was the author of many pop- 
ular songs, and o! a poem entitled " What I Live for," 
which has been wrongly ascribed to other writers. 1. 
Blossoms of Poetry, Lon., 1841, 12mo. 2. Spring 
Gatherings, Liverpool, 1845. 3. Lays for the Times, 
Liverpool, 1845. 4. Onward, 1848. 5. Staves for the 
Human Ladder: Poems, 1850, 12mo. 6. Peals from the 
Belfry, 1853. 7. Slander: a Remonstrance in Rhyme, 
1860. 8. Life of Blondin, 1862. 9. Finger-Post Guide 
to London, 1862. 10. All about Shakespeare, Lon., 
1864, p. Svo. With BANKS, ISABELLA, Daisies in the 
Grass: Songs and Poems, Lon., 1865, cr. Svo. 

Banks, George Nugent. I. Cambridge Trifles ; 
or, Sputterings from an Undergraduate Pen, 1881. 2. 
A Day of my Life; or, Every-Day Experiences at Eton, 
Lon. 3. About some Fellows, 1886. 

Banks, Isabella, [nnte, vol. iii., VARLET, ISA- 
BRLLA, add.,] daughter of James Varley, and wife of 
George Linnueus Banks, supra, b. at Manchester, Eng- 
land, in 1821. Her first volume of poems was pub- 
lished in 1844. After her marriage, in 1846, she con- 
tributed to the journals edited by her husband, delivered 
a lecture before the Harrogate Mechanics' Institute on 
" Woman as she was, as she is, and as she may be," 
and on the occasion of the Shakespeare Tercentary, in 
1864, "baptized," with water from the Avon, the 
memorial oak presented by the Queen and planted by 
Mr. Phelps on Primrose Hill. Her literary productions 
have been chiefly novels. 1. Stung to the Quick: a 
North Country Story, Lon., 1867, 3 vols. p. Svo ; new 




ad., 1881, 1 vol. 2. God's Providence House, Lon., 
1872, cr. 8vo ; new ed., 1878. 3. The Manchester Man, 
1872, 3 vols. p. 8vo; 4th ed., 1 vol., 1881 ; later eds. 

" The story is carried rapidly from point to point, and 
some of the scenes are described with remarkable vivid- 
ness and intensity." Sat. Rev. 

4. Glory : a Wiltshire Story, Lon., 1877, 3 vols. cr. 
8vo; new ed., 1881,1 vol. 5. Hippies and Breakers, 
[verse.] Illust. Lon., 1878, sq. 16mo. 6. Caleb 
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8vo. 8. More than Coronets. Illust. Manchester, 
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Tales of Shades, Ac., Manchester; new ed., Lon., 1882, 
p. 8vo. 10. Forbidden to Marry : a Novel, Lon., 1883, 
8 vols. cr. 8vo. 11. The Watchmaker's Daughter, 
and other Tales, 1883, p. 8vo. 12. Sybilla, and other 
Stories, 1884, 3 vols. p. 8vo. IS. In His Own Hand: 
a Novel, Lon., 1885, 3 vols. cr. 8vo; new ed., 1887. 1.4. 
Ivy Leaves, [verse.] 15. Geoffrey Ollivant's Folly, 1880, 
cr. Svo. A uniform edition of Mrs. Hunks's novels has 
been published at Manchester. 

Banks, James. See DAVIES, REV. JAMKS, infra. 

Banks, Itev. John Shaw, Wesleyan minister, 
professor at Headingley College. 1. Three Indian 
Heroes : William Carey, the Missionary ; Henry Law- 
rence, the Statesman ; Henry Havelock, the Soldier, 
Lon., 1874, 12mo. 2. Martin Luther, the Prophet of 
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1). G. Mourad, Lon., 1879, p. Svo. 5. Our Indian 
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Christianity and the Science of Religion : Fernley Lec- 
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N. York, 1883, Svo. 8. (Trans.) The Old Testament 
Prophecy of the Consummation of God's Kingdom 
traced in its Historical Development, by C. von 
Orelli, (Clark's Foreign Theol. Lib.,) Edin., 1885, Svo. 
9. A Manual of Christian Doctrine, Lon., 1887, p. Svo. 

Banks, John Tatham. On Nervous Disorders, 
Melancholy Insanity, Ac., Lon., 1858, fp. Svo. 

Banks, Joseph. The Trip to the Great Exhibi- 
tion of Barnabas Blandydash and Family. By " Uncle 
Joseph." Lon., 1851. 

Banks, Mary Ross. Bright Days in the Old 
Plantation Time, Bost., 1882, 12mo. 

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York, 1884. 2. Richard and Robin. Illust. N. York, 
1886, lliiiio. 

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field, Yorkshire, became an attorney in his native 
town. 1. A List of Provincial Words in Use in 
Wakefield, Yorkshire, and Localities, Lon., 1865, 12mo. 

2. Walks in Yorkshire: I., In the Northwest; II., 
In the Northeast, Lon., 1866, 12mo. 3. Walks in 
Yorkshire, Wakefield, and its Neighbourhood, Lon., 1871, 

" Both works are remarkable for their completeness and 
happy research." Diet, of Nut. Biog., iii. 136. 

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Court Digest, Phila., 1887-88, 2 vols. Svo. 

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Voices the Only Musical Instruments of the New Testa- 
ment Church, Lon., 1857, Svo. 2. The Presbyterian 
Doctrine, G< vernrnent, and Worship of the Free Church 
of Scotland, Aberdeen, 1866, 8vo. 

Bannatyne, Dugald J., "Scotch solicitor, New 
York," member of the Faculty of Procurators, Glasgow, 
Scotland. Hand-Book of Republican Institutions in 
the United States of America, based upon Federal and 
State Laws and other Reliable Sources of Information, 
Edin. and N. York, 1887, p. 8vo. 

" It is to be commended to the use of Americans rather 
than to the use of foreigners ; for the former can supple- 
men t, while the latter cannot supplement, the curious 
ignorance of American Institutions that is quite as marked 
a leature of Mr. Bannatyne's work as is his remarkably 
accurate knowledge of such American institutions as 
have been reduced to print in the shape of published reg- 
ulations and laws." CYitic, ix. 165. 

Bannatyne, Lieut. -Col. John Millar. 1. 
Guide to Examinations for Promotion in Infantry, 2 
parts, Glasgow, 1862-63 ; 14th ed., Parts I. and II., 1882 ; 
15th ed., Lon., 1886, cr. 8vo. 2. Royal Warrants, Cir- 
culars, General Orders, and Memoranda issued by the 
War Office and Horse Guards, 1S56 to 1864, BO far as 
not since cancelled, Glasgow, 1864, p. Svo. 3. In- 

structions for the Payment of Troops and Companies 
in the Cavalry and Infantry, Glasgow, 1865, sin. Svo. 

4. Our Military Forces and Reserves, Lon., 1867, 12mo. 

5. Brigade Drill, Lon., 1871, cr. Svo. 

Bannehr, J. 1. What is Sewage? What is Ma- 
nure? Exeter, 1865, 12mo. 2. The Sewage Difficulty: 
its Cause, Effects, Remedy, amply considered in Refer- 
ence to its Sanitary, Commercial, and Agricultural As- 
pects, Lon., 1865, Svo. 

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the Society of Arts, Ac. Wholesome Houses : a Hand- 
Book on Domestic Sanitation and Ventilation, Lon., 
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on the Ventilation of Rooms and Railway-Carriages, 
Lon., 1882, Svo. 

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gies, Lon., 1884, 12mo. 3. (Trans.) Commentary on 
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the Church: Cunningham Lectures, Edin., 1887, Svo. 

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Essays on Christian Unity, Lon., 1871, 12mo. 

Bannerman, Rev. James, D.D., 1807-1868, b. 
at Cargill, Perthshire, and educated at the University 
of Edinburgh; took an active part in the movement 
which led to the separation of the Free Church from the 
state, and in 1849 was appointed professor of theology at 
the New College, Edinburgh. 1. Inspinition : the In- 
fallible Truth and Divine Authority of the Holy Scrip- 
tures, Edin., 1865, Svo. 2. The Church of Christ: 
Nature, Powers, Ordinances, Ac., of the Christian 
Church. Ed. by his Son. Edin., 186S, 2 vols. 8vo. 3. 
Sermons, Edin., 1869, p. Svo. 

Bannerman, Patrick. (Trans.) The Comedy of 
Dante Alighieri, Lon., 1850. Svo. 

Banning, Edward P., M.D. A Rational Trea- 
tise on the Trunkal Muscles, Ac., N. York, 1853, Svo; 
new ed., 1868. 

Banning, Henry Thomas, M.A., b. 1844; edu- 
cated at Trinity College, Oxford ; called to the bar at 
the Inner Temple 1871. 1. A Concise Treatise on the 
Statute Law of the Limitation of Actions, Lon., 1S77, 
Svo. 2. The Law of Marriage Settlements : with an 
Appendix of Statutes, Lon., 1884, 8vo. 

Banning, Hubert A., and Arden, Henry. 
U.S. Reports of Patent Causes, vols. i.-v., (1874-1880,) 
N. York, 1881-83, 8vo. 

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from 1792 to 1862, Columbus, 0., 1862, Svo. 

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Bath, 1844; new ed., 1853, Svo. 2. Pictorial Geography 
of the Holy Land, Lon., 1851, r. Svo. 3. The Temples 
of the Hebrews : their Courts, Sanctuaries, Furniture, 
and Festivals. An Epitome of the Laws, Liternture, 
Religion, and Sacred Antiquities of the Jewish Nation. 
Lon., 1861, cr. Svo. 

Bannister, Rev. John, LL.D., 1816-1873, b. at 
York, Eng., and educated at Trinity College, Dublin, 
held two curacies in Derbyshire, and from 1857 till 
his death was perpetual curate of St. Day, Cornwall. 
1. Jews in Cornwall, Truro, 1867. 2. A Glossary of 
Cornish Names, Ancient and Modern, Local, Family, 
Personal, Ac. : 20,000 Celtic and other Names now or 
formerly in Use in Cornwall: with Derivations and 
Significations, Ac., Lon., 1869-71, 7 parts, Svo; 1 vol. 
Svo, 1871. He was also the author of several unprinted 
works, of a similar character to the lust-mentioned book, 
which are preserved among the MSS. in the British Mu- 

Bannister, Saxe, [see BANNISTER, S., ante, vol. i., 
add.,] 1790-1877, an English barrister and miscellaneous 
writer, who was sent in 1823 as attorney-general to New 
South Wale?, where he was one of the founders of the 
Aborigines' Protection Society. He was removed from 
office in 1826, and thereafter had a standing grievance 
against the government, presenting innumerable peti- 
tions for redress and publishing in 1853 a statement of 
his " Claims." The following list of his works includes 
the only one which is mentioned ante, vol. i. : 1. Essays 
on the Proper Use and the Reform of Free Grammar 



School?, Lon., 1819, 8vo. 2. Reports of Judgments, by 
Sir Orlando Bridgman, from M. T., 1600, to T. T., 1667. 
Edited from the Harleinn MSS. Lon.. 1823, 8vo. 3. 
British Colonization and Coloured Tribes, Lon., 1838, 
12mo. 4. The Controul of the Privy Council over the 
Administration of Affairs at Home, in the Colonies, and 
in India, Lon., 1844, 8ro. 5. A Brief Description of the 
Map of the Ancient World, preserved in the Cathe- 
dral Church of Hereford, Hereford, 1849, 4to. 6. 
Records of the British Enterprise beyond Sea, vol. i., 
Hereford, 1849, Svo. (No more published.) 7. The 
Paterson Library of Finance, Banking, and Coinage; 
Agriculture and Trade; Fisheries, Navigation, and En- 
gineering ; Geography, Colonization, and Travel ; Statis- 
tics and Political Economy ; founded in Westminster in 
1703, and Proposed to be revived in 1853, Lon., 1853. 
8. William I'aterson, the Merchant Statesman, and 
Founder of the Bank of England : his Life and Trials, 
Edin., 1858, 8vo. 9. The Writings of William Pater- 
son : with Biographical Notices of the Author, 1859, 3 
vols. 10. A Journal of the First French Embassy to 
China, 1698-1700 : Translated from an unpublished MS. ; 
with an Kssay on the Friendly Disposition of the Chinese 
Government and People to Foreigners, Lon., 1859. 11. 
Classical and Prehistoric Influences upon British His- 
tory; 2d ed., 1871. 

Bannow, Waldemar, resident for many years in 
Victoria, Australia. 1. Emigrant's Hand-Book to the 
British Colonies, Lon., 1887, 12mo. 2. Guide to Emi- 
gration and Colonization, Lon., 1887, 12mo. 

Banting, William, 1797-1878, a London under- 
taker, who to reduce his " mountain of flesh" adopted, by 
the advice of a medical man, a diet and regimen which 
gave rise to the new verb " to bant." Letter on Cor- 
pulence, addressed to the Public, Lon., 1863; 4th ed., 
1869; new eds., 1881-85. 

Bantock, George Granville, M.D., F.R.C.S. 
Edin., surgeon to the Samaritan Free Hospital for 
Women and Children. 1. On the Treatment of Rupture 
of the Female Perineum, Immediate and Remote. Illust. 
Lon., 1878, 8vo; 2d ed., 1888. 2. On the Use and 
Abuse of Pessaries, Lon., 1878; 2d ed., Lon., 1884. 3. 
A Plea for Early Ovariotomy, Lon., 1881, Svo. 

Banvard, Kev. James. Story Truths, N. York, 
1861, 4 vols. 

Banvard, John, brother of Rev. Joseph Banvard, 
infra, b. in New York about 1820, is known chiefly 
as an artist, having painted a panorama of the Missis- 
sippi River covering three miles of canvas, which was 
exhibited in the principal cities of America and Europe. 
His writings comprise several dramas, two of which 
Aiuasis and Carrinia have been acted; about 1700 
poems, of which more than 200 have been published in 
magazines; and the following books: 1. Banvard; or, 
The Adventures of an Artist, Lon., 1849, 12mo. 2. De- 
scription of the Mississippi River, Lon., 1849. 3. Pil- 
grimage to the Holy Land, N. York, 1852. 4. Ainasis; 
or, The Last of the Pharaohs, Bost., 1864. 5. The 
Private Life of a King : Memoirs of the Prince of Wales, 
afterward George IV. of England, 1875, 12uao. 6. 
The Tradition of the Temple: a Poem, Bost., 1880, 4to. 

Banvard, Rev. Joseph, D.D., [ante, vol. i .add..] 
b. 1810, in New York City; graduated at the Newton 
Theological Institution in 1835 ; entered the Baptist 
ministry, and has held pastorates in Salem, Mass., Bos- 
ton, New York, and other places. His writings are 
chiefly historical compilations. 1. Plymouth and the 
Pilgrims; or, Incidents of Adventure in the History of 
the First Settlers, Bost., 1851, 12mo. 2. Romance of 
American History, as illustrated by the Early Events 
connected with the French Settlement at Fort Carolina, 
the Spanish Colony at St. Augustine, and the English 
Plantation at Jamestown, Bost., 1S5.\ 12mo. 3. Novel- 
ties of the New World; or, The Adventures and Discov- 
eries of the First Explorers of North America, Bost., 

1852, 12mo. 4. The American Statesman; or, Illustra- 
tions of the Life and Character of Daniel Webster, Bost., 

1853, Svo. 5. Priscilla; or, Trials for the Truth, Phila., 

1854, 16ino. 6. Wisdom, Wit, and Whims of the Old 
Philosophers, N. York, 1854, 12mo. 7. Tragic Scenes 
in the History of Maryland and the Old- French War, 
N. York, 1856. 8. Old Grips and Little Tidd ; or, Acts 
of Benevolence, N. York, 1871, 16mo. 9. First Ex- 
plorers of North America: with Introduction by G. T. 
Day. Illust. Bost., 1874, 16mo. 10. Juvenile Library, 
Phila., 8 vols. 18mo. 11. Southern Explorers and 
Colonists : Account of Early Settlements of North Car- 

olina and Virginia. Illust. Boat., 1874, Iflmo. 12. 
Soldiers and Patriots of the Revolution. Illust. Bust., 
1876. 1 61110. 

Baptie, D. Hand-Book of Musical Biography, 
Lon., 1883, p. Svo. 

liarbe, Louis A. The Tragedy of Gowrie House : 
an Historical Study, Paisley and Lon., 1887, 4to. 

"Whether this new account of the mysterious 'con- 
spiracy' against the life of James VI. of Scotland, which 
ended in the death of the Earl of Gowrie and his brother, 
the Master of Ruthven, and which has led to almost an 
much controversy as the authorship of the 'Jutiiun' 
letters or the identity of the Man in the Iron Mask, Is, lu 
the conclusions which it hints rather than openly states, 
a sound one or not. it is a masterly marshalling of evi- 
dence." Spectator. Ixi. 20. 

" The whole drift of the Study' is to fasten on the king 
a charge of deliberately plotting thedeath of the Ruth vena 
and fabricating a story to make it appear that they were 
slain in self-defence. An impartial examination of the 
character and actions of James will not bear out such a 
contention." T. W. CAMERON : ftintorical Review, No. 12. 

Baroee, William J., b. 1816, at Winchester, 
Kentucky ; educated at Miami University, Oxford, 
0. ; studied medicine, and practised for some years, but 
afterwards became a school-teacher and a Campbellite 
preacher. 1. The Scriptural Doctrine of Confirmation, 
Gin., Svo. 2. Physical and Moral Aspects of Geology, 
Phila., 1859, 12mo. 3. The Cotton Question : its Pro- 
duction and Consumption, N. York, 1867, 12mo. 4. 
First Principles of Geology, N. York, 1867; new ed., 
Louisville, Ky., 1868. 

Barber, Edward C. The Crack Shot ; or, 
Young Rifleman's Complete Guide, Lon., 1868, 12mo. 

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Commissioners, Cleveland, 0., 1887, 12mo. 

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copoeias compared; 2d ed., Lon., 1864, 12mo. 2. Poso- 
logical Table of the British Pharmacopoeia, Lon., 1864, 
liiino. 3. Synopsis of the British Pharmacopoeia, Lon., 
1875, Iflino and 32mo. 

Barber, George Duckett. Ancient Oral Records 
of the Cimri, or Britons. Lon., 1855, 12mo. 

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Wrecked, but not Lost, Phila., 1880. 

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tions for Drinking the Water, Lon., 1870, 12mo. 2. A 
Tourist's Guide to Furness Abbey and its Vicinity ; 3d 
ed., Ulverston, 1871; 5th ed., 1873, Svo. 3. Prehistoric 
Remains of Furness and Cartmel : a Paper, Ulverston, 
1870, Svo. 4. Swarthmore Hall and its Associations, 
Lon., 1870, Svo. 5. Furness Folk, 1870. 

Barber, James. The Nation's Defenders : Ac- 
count of the National Homes for Disabled Volunteer 
Soldiers: 2d ed., Newark, N.J., 1873, 12mo. 

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1. Historical Scenes in the United States, N. Haven, 
1827; 2.1 ed., 1830. 2. History and Antiquities of New 
England, New York, and New Jersey, Worcester, Mass., 
1841, Svo. 3. Our Whole Country: Historical and De- 
scriptive, Gin., 1861. 4. Staff and Scrip; or, Help for 
the Pilgrim in the Journey of Life. Illust. Phila., 
1875, Svo. 5. Heroes and Heroic Events in American 
History, N.York. With HOWE, HENRY: 1. Historical 
Collections of Virginia, 1844. 2. Historical Collections 
of Ohio, 1847. 

Barber, Joseph. 1. War Letters of a Disbanded 
Volunteer, N. York, 1864. 2. Crumbs from the Round 
Table, N. York, 1866, 12mo. 3. American Book of 
Ready-Made Speeches, N. York, 16mo. 

Barber, L. E. Arkansas Supreme Court Reports, 
vols. xiv.-xxiv., (1853-67,) Svo. Pub. by the State. 

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1840, ismo. 2. Childhood's Duties, Lon., 1842, ISuio. 
3. Early Days of Faith and Love, Lon., 1847, 1 81110. 4. 
Hearths of the Poor, Lon., 1853, 18mo. 5. Narratives 
of Sunshine, Lon., 1853, ISmo. 6. The Lord's Jewels; 
or, Unknown Disciples, Lon., 1854, 16mo. 7. Redemp- 
tion in Israel : Conversion among Jews, Lon., 1855, 
12mo. 8. The Sorrows of the Streets, Lon., 1855, 18mo. 
9. The Poor Folk at Home : What can we do for Them ? 
Lon., 1855, ISmo. 10. Oshielle: Life in the Yoruba 
Country, a Tale, Lon., 1857, 18mo. 11. Castle Rag; 
or, Sins and Sorrows, Lon., 1858, ISmo. 12. Du Bourg; 
or, The Mercuriale, a Chronicle of 1559, Lon., 1861, 
11' mo. 13. Earning a Living, Lon., 1861, 12mo. 14. 
Sweet Childhood and its Helpers in Heathen Lands, 
Lon., 1863. 15. Bread-Winning; or, The Ledger and 
the Lute, Lon., 1865, 12mo. 16. Mattie Hay; or, Tal- 
ents used and misused, Lon., 1872, 16iuo. 



Barber, S. 1. Maggie Hay, Lon., 1872, 16mo. 2. 
Mattieof the Colonnade ; or, A Tale of the Hop-Fields, 
Lon., 1873, 18mo. 

Barber, Rev. Thomas, M.A., graduated at Clare 
College, Cambridge, 1852, and elected a Fellow; or- 
dained 1855; rector of Elmsett since 1864. 1. David, 

Warrior, Poet, Prophet, King, Lon., 1876, p. 8vo. 2. 


p. Svo. 

Essays and Thoughts on Various Subjec 

i76, p. 8v 
ts, Lon., 


Barber, W. C. Religious Difficulty in National 
Education, Lon., 1876, p. Svo. 

Barber, William. Principles of the Law of In- 
surance adopted in the Civil Code of California, San 
Fran., 1882, ISmo. 

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B.Sc., M.D., F.R.C.P. Edin., assistant to the professor 
of midwifery, University of Edinburgh. Spinal De- 
formity in Relation to Obstetrics. Plates and Letter- 
Press. Edin., 1884, imp. fol. 

Barbour, l>. The Theory of Bimetallism und the 
Effects of the Partial Demonetization of Silver on Eng- 
land and India, Lon., 1886J Svo. 

Barbour, Mrs. G. F. Life of Mrs. Stewart Sand- 
eman, of Bonskeid and Springland, Lon., cr. Svo. 

Bnrbour, George M. Florida for Tourists, Inva- 
lids, and Settlers, N. York, 1881, 12ino; new ed., 1884. 

Barbour, George T. China and the Missions at 
Amoy, with Notice of the Opium Trade; 2d ed., enl., 
Edin., 1855, Svo. 

Barbour, J. Kentucky Digest, embracing all the 
reported Cases decided by the Court of Appeals from its 
Organization to the Year 1878, Louisville, 1878, 2 vols. 

Barbour, John Gordon. Unique Traditions of 
the West and South of Scotland, Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 

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How the Little Children reached it by a Railway Acci- 
dent, Edin., 1856, sq. 16mo. 2. The Child of the King- 
dom, Lon., 1862, 16mo. 3. The Soul Gatherer, Lon., 
1864, sq. 16mo. 4. (Ed.) Notes of Addresses by W. C. 
Burns, Lon., 1869, 12mo. 5. The Irish Orphan Boy in 
a Scottish Home, Lon., 1872, 16mo. 6. Baptized for 
Suffering: the Manuel Collision, Lon., 1874, 16mo. 7. 
Three Burdens Laid Down, Lon., 1874, 16mo. 8. The 
Bottles Broken, and How the Mischief was Remedied, 
Lon., 1875, 16mo. 

Barbour, Oliver Lorenzo, [ante, vol. i., add.,] 
I. Treatise on Parties to Actions at Law and Suits in 
Equity; 2d ed., Albany, 1884, Svo. 2. Reports of Cases 
in Law and Equity in the Supreme Court of the State 
of New York, vols. xliv.-lii., Albany, 1867-69, Svo. 3. 
New York Supreme Court Reports, 1847-73, Albany, 
1848-73, 66 vols. Svo. 4. New York Supreme Court 
Reports, vol. Ixvii., 1873-77, Albany, 1878, Svo. 5. A 
Summary of the Law of Payment, N. York, 1888, Svo. 

Barbour, Robert W. Jeroveam's Wife, and other 
Poems, Lon., 1879, Svo. Anon. 

Barclay, Andrew Whyte, M.D., 1817-1884, b. 
at Dysart, Scotland; studied medicine at Edinburgh 
University, at Berlin nod Paris, and at Caius College, 
Cambridge; was physician to St. George's Hospital, 
London, 1862-82; and held various offices in the Royal 
College of Physicians, where he was Lumleian lecturer, 
and in 1881 Harveian orator. 1. A Manual of Medical 
Diagnosis, Lon., 1857; 3d ed., 1870, 12mo. 2. Medical 
Errors: Fallacies connected with the Application of the 
Inductive Method of Reasoning to the Science of Medi- 
cine, Lon., 1864, p. Svo. 3. Gout and Rheumatism in 
Relation to Disease of the Heart, Lon., 1866, p. 8vo. 

Barclay, Anthony. Wilde's Summer Rose; or, 
The Lament of the Captive: Origin, Ac., of R. H. 
Wilde's Alleged Plagiarism, (Georgia Hist. Soc. Pub.,) 
1871, Svo. 

Barclay, D. R. Digest of the Decisions of the 
Supreme Court of Missouri, in Reports, vols. xxviii. to 
xxxviii. inch, St. Louis, 1871, Svo. 

Barclay, Edgar, artist. Mountain Life in Algeria: 
with Illustrations by the Author, Lon., 1881. r. Svo. 

" Mr. Barclay has. so to speak, been always on foot 
among his studies ; he has looked in the face the people 
he talks of, and he has gone up and down among them, 
and sat at meat with them ; and the result is a most pleas- 
ant volume upon a most interesting race." Ath.., No. 28:26. 

Barclay, Major Edward. A Few Rough Sketches 
in Rhyme, Dublin, 1872, p. Svo. 

Barclay, H. Maria. 1. Seekers after Rest; or, 
The Children of Israel, from the Exodus to Solomon. 

Lon., 1876, cr. Svo. 2. Sunday Occupations for the Chil- 
dren, Lon., 1884, cr. Svo. 

Barclay, Hugh, [see BARCLAY, H., ante, vol. i., 
add.,] 1799-1884; b. in Glasgow, Scotland, and admitted 
to the bar in 1821 ; was appointed sheriff substitute of 
the county in 1833, and at the time of his death had for 
several years been the oldest judge in Scotland. Besides 
the books mentioned in vol. i., and several pamphlets, 
he published: 1. Notices of Decided Points in Com- 
petitions in Sequestrations, Edin., 1848, 12ino. 2. A 
Digest of the Law of Scotland, with Special Reference 
to the Office and Duties of Justice of the Peace, Edin., 
1852, Svo; 4th ed., 1880, Svo. 3. The New Sheriff 
Court Act: with Practical Notes, Edin., 1853, Svo. 
4. Thoughts on Sabbath-Schools, Edin., 1855, 12mo. 5. 
Public House Statutes, Edin., 1862, Svo. 6. Curiosi- 
ties of the Game Laws, Glasgow, 1864, Svo. 7. A 
Basket of First-Fruits : Poems, Edin., 1868, Svo. 8. 
Judicial Procedure in Presbyterian Church Courts, 1876. 
9. Rambling Recollections of Old Glasgow. By Nestor. 
Glasgow, 1880. 10. Heathen Mythology corroborative 
or illustrative of Holy Scripture, Glasgow, 1884, p. Svo. 
II. A Plea for Christian Union by an Elder of the Church 
of Scotland, Edin., 1 885. 

Barclay, Hugh Donald. Orpheus and Eury- 
dice, Endymion, and other Poems. Illust. Lon., 1877, 
p. Svo. 

Barclay, James T. The City of the Great King; 
or, Jerusalem as it was, as it is, and as it should be, 
Phila., 1857, Svo; several latr eds. 

Barclay, Right Rev. Joseph, D.D., 1831-1881, 
b. in County Tyrone, Ireland, and educated at Trinity 
College, Dublin ; took orders in the Anglican Church, and 
was for some years engaged at Constantinople and at Jeru- 
salem in efforts for con verting the Jews to Christianity. In 
1881, shortly before his death, he was appointed Bishop of 
Jerusalem. He was an accomplished linguist, preaching 
in several languages, and having an intimate acquaint- 
ance with Biblical and Rabbinical Hebrew. For biog., 
see Joseph Barclay : a Missionary Biography, Lon., 1883. 

1. Some Correspondence with Monsignore Capel in the 
Holy City of Jerusalem in 1869, Lon., 1874, Svo. 2. The 
Talmud : Selection of Treatises translated from the 
Mishna, illustrating the Teaching of the Bible, Lon., 
1878, Svo. 

Barclay, Joseph Gurney. Astronomical Obser- 
vations 1865-69. Lon., 1870, 2 vols. 4to. 

Barclay, P., minister at Napier, New Zealand. 1. 
The Word of Christ in New Zealand, Lon., 1871, p. Svo. 

2. Church Work in New Zealand : Two Addresses : with 
Appendix and Map, Edin., 1876, Svo. 

Barclay, Rev. Peter, M.A. Via, Veritas, Vita: 
Discursive Notes on Preaching and on some Types of 
the Christian Life. By Presbyter. Lon., 1881, Svo. 
Republished with the author's name, under the title of 
The Way, the Truth, and the Life. 

Barclay, Robert, 1833-1876, b. at Croydon, Sur- 
rey, Eng., was a lineal descendant of Robert Barclay, 
the apologist of the Society of Friends. He was edu- 
cated at a Friends' school and trained for a business 
career, becoming a manufacturing stationer in London. 
He often preached in the meetings and missions of the 
Society of Friends, though not " recorded" as a minister. 
1. Oo the Truth of Christianity: compiled from Works 
of Archbishop Whately. Edited by Samuel Hinds, 
D.D. 1865, ISmo; three later eds. 2. On Membership 
in the Society of Friends, 1872, Svo. 3. The Inner Life 
of the Religious Societies of the Commonwealth, Lon., 
1877, r. 8vo; 3d ed., 1879. 

" His actual subject is the history of Quakerism, which 
his widow paraphrases in her prefatory note as the Re- 
ligious Society to which the author belonged.' " Sat. Rev.. 
xliii. 458. 

"His opinions on these points [birthright membership, 
&c.J led to his undertaking the important series of inves- 
tigations which culminated in his work on the inner life 
(meaning the internal constitution) of the obscurer Com- 
mon wealth sects, whose origin, ramifications and practical 
tendencies he traced with a tact and labour and a novelty 
of research which make his book of permanent value. 
' not merely for theologians and students of ecclesiastical 
history, but for historical inquiry in its wider sense.' 
(Pauli; in GottingerUelehrte-Anzeigen, April, 1878.)" Diet, 
of Nat. Biog., iii. 171. 

4. Sermons : with a Brief Memoir. Edited by his 
Widow. Lon., 1878, Svo. See BARCLAY, MRS. S. M., 

Barclay, Robert, a director of the Manchester 
Chamber of Commerce. The Silver Question and the 
Gold Question, Lon., 1885, p. Svo. 



Barclay, Mrs. S. The Hndji in Syria; or, Four 
Fears in Jerusalem, Pbila., I860, iL'inu. 

Barclay, Mrs. S. .>!., wife of Robert Barclay, 
mpra. The Self-Revealing Jehovah of the Old TesU- 
nient the Christ of the New Testament, Lon., 1885, 8vo. 

Barclay* Sidney. Personal Recollections of the 
American Revolution: a Domestic Diary, N. York, 1859, 

Barclay, Thomns, Ph.D., LL.B., b. 1853; ma- 
triculated at the London University, and afterwards 
studied at Jena and Paris ; called to the bar at Lincoln's 
Inn 1881 ; English adviser in Paris of the Suez Canal 
Company and of the British Chamber of Commerce. 1. 
French Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, 
and Cheques, Lon., 1884, 8vo. 2. The Decree of October 

2, 1888: Laws relating to Foreigners in France, Lon., 
1888, 8vo. 

Barclay, William. Handy Book for Licensed 
Victuallers, Brewer.", Ac., Lon., 1864, 12mo. 

Bardeen, C. W. 1. (Ed.) Common School Law, 
for Common School Teachers, Syracuse, N. Y., 1875, 
16mo ; 4th ed., 1878. 2. Roderick Hume: the Story of 
a New York Teacher, 1878, 16mo. 3. Verbal Pitfalls: 
a Manual of 150U Words commonly misused, Syracuse, 
N.Y., 1884, 18mo. 4. Rhetoric, for Schools and Acad- 
emies, N. York, 1884. Also, addresses, Ac. 

Hard-It >, Kev. Charles Wareing, M.A., 
graduated at Worcester College, Oxford, 1868 ; ordained 
1870; curate of Kersal Moor 1870-73; of St. Ann's, 
Manchester, 1875-78; vicar of Ulverston since 1878. 
1. Our English Surnames : their Sources and Signifi- 
cations, Lon., 1873, p. 8vo: 2d ed.. enl.. 1875. 

"A work with which all who are interested in the sub- 
ject should certainly make themselves well acquainted." 
A til.. No. 2436. 

2. John Lexley's Troubles, Lon., 1877, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 

3. Memorials of St. Ann's Church, Manchester, in the 
Last Century, Manchester, 1877, p. 8vo. 4. Brownie. 
Illust. Lon., 1878, 12mo. 5. The Romance of the 
London Directory, Lon.. 1879, p. 8vo. 

"An interesting little book \yith an inappropriate title. 
. . . The author knows his subject well, and has brought 
together a large amount of Information on the various 
modes of growth of our national names." Acad., xix. 

6. Nehemiah Nibb's Goose, Lon., 1880, sq. 16mo. 7. 
Curiosities of Puritan Nomenclature, Lon., 1880, p. 8vo. 

" Mr. Bardsley warns his readers that many of his 
examples of Puritan eccentricity will be found to be 
'nothing more than literal translations of names that had 
been in common vogue among Christians twelve and 
thirteen hundred years before.' . . . The book from first to 
last can be spoken of only in terms of high praise." Sat. 
Kev., 1.115. 

8. His Grandfather's Bible : a Tale of Furness Fells, 
Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. With AYRE, L. H., (ed.) The 
Registers of Ulverston Parish Church, Ulverston, 1886, 

Bardsley, Rev. James, M.A., ordained 1833 ; 
hon. canon of Manchester 1871 ; rector of St. Ann's, 
Manchester, 1857-78. 1. Introduction of Christianity 
into Britain in Apostolic Times : with a Brief History of 
the Early English Church, Lon., 1849, 12mo. 2. Mind 
your Rubrics : Seasonable Thoughts upon the Rubrics 
and other Important Points for the Consideration of 
Churchmen, Lon., 1866, 12uio. 3. Perils and Duties of 
the Present Crisis : Lectures delivered in St. Ann's 
Church, Manchester, 1867-68, Manchester, 1868, 8vo. 4. 
I will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord ; or, An Exposition 
of the 89th Psalm, Lon., 1876, 12mo. 5. Personal Visits 
to the Graves of Eminent Religious Men, Lon., 1877, 
12mo. 6. Counsels to Candidates for Confirmation, Lon., 
1884, 18mo. 

Bardsley, Rev. James Wareing, M. A. .gradu- 
ated at Trinity College, Dublin, 1860; ordained 1860; 
vicar of Huddersfield since 1884. I. Illustrative Texts 
and Texts Illustrated, Lon., 1872, 12mo; new ed., 1886. 
2. Glimpses through the Veil ; or, Some Natural Analo- 
gies and Bible Type*, Lon., 1883, p. 8vo. 

Bardsley, Rev. Joseph, D.D., graduated at 
Queen's College, Oxford, 184"; ordained 184; perpetual 
curate of St, Silas's, Liverpool, 1857-60 ; secretary of the 
London Diocesan Home Missionary Society 1860-69; 
rector and rural dean of Stepney 1869-80; vicar of 
Bradford since 1880. 1. The Teaching of the Church 
of England on Confession and Absolution, Lon., 1859, 
8vo. 2. Bicentenarians in Perplexity : being an Ex- 
amination of the Contradictory Reasons assigned by 
Dissenters fur the Commemoration of the Ejectment of 

Certain Ministers from the Church of England in 1662, 
Lon., 1862, 8vo. 3. Weighed in the Balance*: C. II. 
Spurgeon self-condemned; or, Hi* Questions to the 
Clergy on the Prayer- Book considered, Lon., 1864, 8ro. 
4. What if it all about? or, An Inquiry into the State- 
ments of Rev. C. II. Spurgeon, that the Church of Eng- 
land teaches Salvation by Baptism, Lon., 1864. 8ro. 5. 
Church of England Principle* viewed in Relation to the 
Ministry of Non-Episcopal Communions, Lon., 1872, 
8vo. 6. Euchariitio Vestments and the Eastward 
Position: are they Authorized? Lon., 1874, 8ro. 

Bardwell, William. 1. Temples, Ancient and Mod- 
ern, Lon., 1837, r. 8vo. 2. Westminster Improvements : 
a Brief Account of Ancient and Modern Westminster, 
Lon., 1839, 8vo. 3. Healthy Homes, and How to Make 
them, Lon., 1854, r. 8vo. 4. What a House should be, 
versus Death in the House. Illust. Lon., 1873, 8vo. 

Bartf, Frederick Settle, 1823-1886, b. in Hack- 
ney, Eng., imd educated at Christ's College, Cambridge; 
took deacon's orders in the Anglican Church, and held two 
curacies, but resigned the last one in 1852 to enter the 
Roman Catholic Church. In 1864 he b< pan the study 
of chemistry in University College, London, where he 
afterwards became assistant professor of that science. 
He was teacher of chemistry in the Jesuit College, 
Beaumont, Jersey, 1868-85, also professor of chemistry 
at the Catholic University College, Kensington, and in 
1871 was elected first professor of chemistry at the Royal 
Academy. 1. An Introduction to Scientific Chemistry; 
2d ed., Lon., 1869, 12mo. 2. Elementary Chemistry. 
Illust. Lon., 1873, 12mo. 3. Carbon and Certain 
Compounds of Carbon, treated principally in Reference 
to Heating and Illuminating Purposes: Seven Lectures, 
Lon., 1874, 8vo. 4. Glass and Silicates, (" British Man- 
ufacturing Industries,") Lon , 1876, I2mo; 2d ed.. 1877. 

Barfoot, Henry. The True Baptism; or, Remis- 
sion of Sins by Baptism, not by the Sacrament of Bap- 
tism, Lon., 1851, l'2tno. 

Barfoot, John. 1. Piety behind the Plough; or, 
Observations founded on the Life and Character of G. 
Warren, Lon., 1864, 12mo. 2. A Diamond in the 
Rough; or, Christian Heroism in Humble Life. Being 
Jottings concerning W. Hickingbotham. Lon., 1874, 

Barford, Alfred Henry, and Tilley, Henry 
Arthur. English Spelling as it is, Lon., 1668, 12ino; 
new ed., 1878. 

Barham, Alfred G. Foster-. (Trans.) The Nie- 
belungcn Lied, (Lay of the Niebelung,) Lon., 1887, 
p. 8vo. 

Barham, Francis Foster-, [see BARHAM, FRAN- 
CIS, ante, vol. i., add.,] 1808-1871 ; brother of T. F. 
Barham, infra, b. near Penzance, Cornwall. He be- 
came an attorney, but was prevented by ill health 
from practising law, and began to write for the peri- 
odicals. He founded a new form of religion, which 
he called " Alism :" in his own words, "a name derived 
from A, Al, or Alah, the most ancient and universal 
title of Deity in the Hebrew Scripture. By Alism I 
therefore mean that eternal divinity, pure and univer- 
sal, which includes and reconciles all divine truths what- 
soever to be found in scripture or nature, in theology, 
theosophy, philosophy, science, and art." He left be- 
hind him a mass of closely-written manuscript weighing 
116 pounds. The following list of his publications in- 
cludes the three which are mentioned ante, vol. i. : 1. 
The Adamus Exul of Grotius; or, The Prototype of 
Paradise Lost. Now first trans, from the Latin. Lon., 
1839, 8vo. 2. (Ed.) The Ecclesiastical History of Great 
Britain. By Jeremy Collier. New ed., with Life of the 
Author, the Controversial Tracts connected with the 
History, and nn enlarged Index. Lon., 1840, 9 vols. 
8vo. 3. The Alist, or Divine: a Message to our Times, 
Lon., 1840, 3 parts, 8vo. 4. (Tran0 The Political 
Works of Cicero : Translated from the Original, with Dis- 
sertations ami Notes, Lon., 1841-42, 12 vols. 8vo. 5. 
Socrates: a Tragedy in Five Acts, [verse,] Lon., 1842, 
8vo. 6. The Life and Times of John Reuchlin, or 
Capnion, the Father of the German Reformation, Lon., 

1843, 12mo. 7. The Foster- Barham Genealogy, Lon., 

1844, 8vo. Privately printed. 8. An Old Medley of 
Literary Curiosities, Original and Selected, Lon., 1845, 
8vo. (Contains a memoir of James Pierrepont Greaves.) 
9. A Key to Alism and the Highest Initiations, Sacred 
and Secular: with Miscellaneous Pieces, Original and 
Select, Lon., 1847, 8vo. 10. The Bible Revised : a Care- 
fully Corrected Translation of the Old and New Testa- 




ment. In Three Parts, containing the Book of Ecclesi- 
astes, Song of Solomon, and the Book of Micah. Lon., 

1848, 8vo. 11. The New Bristol Guide: a Poem, Bris- 
tol, 1850, Svo. 12. The Pleasures of Piety : a Poetn, 
Lon., 1850, 18mo. 13. A Life of Edward Colston of 
Bristol. 14. Improved Monotessaron : a Complete Au- 
thentic Gospel Life of Christ, combining the Words of 
the Four Gospels in a Revised Version and an Orderly 
Chronological Arrangement, Lon., 1862, 12mo. 15. 
Lokman's Arabic Fables, literally translated into Eng- 
lish, Bath, 1869, 12ino. 16. A Rhymed Harmony of 
the Gospels. By F. Barbara and Isaac Pitman. Printed 
both in the Phonetic and the Customary Spelling. Lon., 
1870, 8vo. 17. (Trans.) The Writings of Solomon, com- 
prising the Book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of 
Solomon, and Psalms Ixxii., cxxvii. Printed both in 
Phonetic and the Customary Spelling. Lon., 1870, 8vo. 
18. A Revised Version of the Prophecies of Hosea and 
Micah, Lon., 1870, 8vo. 19. The Book of Job : newly 
translated from the Original. Printed both in the 
Phonetic and the Customary Spelling. Lon., 1871, 8vo. 
20. An Elucidated Translation of St. John's Epistle, 
from the Greek and Syriac : with a Devotional Com- 
mentary, Lon., 1871, Svo. With HARK, EDWARD, The 
Book of Psalms. Translated from the Hebrew and the 
Syriac. Lon., 1871, 8vo. 

Hai ha in, George. 1. Pastoral and other Poems, 
Brighton, 1854, 12mo. 2. The Emigrant: a Poem, 
Lou., 1856, 12mo. 3. The Merry Days of Coaching. 
By Tom Tally. Lon., 1857. 4. Life's Last Hours : a 
Poem, Lon., 1862, 12ino. 5. The Christian's Last Hope; 
or, Pathetic Pieces on Departed Friends, Lon., 1866, 

Barham, Richard Harris Dalton, 1816-1886. 
1. Life and Remains of Theodore Edward Hook, Lon., 

1849, 2 vols. 12mo; new ed., rev., 1877. 2. The Life 
and Letters of the Rev. R. II. Barham, Author of the 
Ingoldsby Legends : with a Selection from his Miscel- 
laneous Poems. By his Son. Lon., 1870, 2 vols. Svo; 
new ed., 1880. 

Barham, Thomas Foster-, M.B., [see BARHAM, 
T. F., ante, vol. i., add.,] 1794-1869, b. at Hendon, Middle- 
sex, Eng., and educated at Queen's College, Cambridge ; 
practised medicine at Penzance and afterwards at Exe- 
ter, and then retired to Newton Abbot and gave himself 
up to benevolent enterprises and to literary occupations, 
writing theological and classical works. He contributed 
to the Transactions of the Cornish scientific societies, and 
published, in addition to many papers and the books men- 
tioned in vol. i. : 1. (Trans.) Enkhiridion of Hehfais- 
tiown, concerning Metres and Poems : with Prolegom- 
ena on Rhythm and Accent, Cambridge, 1843, 8vo. 2. 
Philadelphia; or, The Claims of Humanity, 1858, p. 8vo. 

Baring, Major Sir Evelyn, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., 
K.C.S.I., C.I.E., R.A., b. 1840; agent and consul-gen- 
eral in Egypt from 1883. 1. Staff College Essays, Lon., 
1870, Svo. 2. (Trans.) Regulations for Training the 
Troops for Service in the Field, Lon., 1871, Svo. 3. 
(Trans.) The Elementary Tactics of the Prussian In- 
fantry, by H. Perizonius, Lon., 1872, Svo. 

Baring, Thomas Charles, b. 1831, M.P. for the 
City of London since 1887. 1. (Trans.) Horace's Lyrics 
in English Rhyme, Lon., 1870, sq. 16mo. 2. (Trans.) 
Pindar's Epinician Odes in English Rhyme, Lon., 1876, 
Itjiiiu. 3. v Trans.) The Scheme of Epicurus : a Render- 
ing into English Verse of the Unfinished Poem of Lu- 
cretius entitled De Rerum Natura, Lon., 1884, sq. 16mo. 

Baring, Thomas George, Earl or North- 
brook, U.C.S.I., P.C., b. 1826; governor-general of 
India 1872-76; first lord of the admiralty 1880-85; 
raised to the peerage 1876. A Brief Account of Recent 
Transactions in Afghanistan, Lon., 1880, 8vo. Privately 

Baring-Gould. See GOULD. 

Barke, Lizzie. Life-Scenes from a Children's 
Hospital, Lon., 1881, 12mo. 

Barker, A. Introduction to Chemical Analysis, 
(Inorganic Qualitative,) Lon., 1884, 12mo. 

Barker, Alfred, M.D. Deafness and Diseases of 
the Ear, Lon., 1855, 24mo. 

Barker, Arthur E. J., F.R.C.S., surgeon to Uni- 
versity College Hospital, London ; professor of surgery 
and pathology at the Royal College of Surgeons. 1. 
(Trans.) The' Histology and Histo-C'hemistry of Man : 
a Treatise on the Elements of Composition and Structure 
of the Human Body, by Heinrich Frey. Illust. Lon., 

1874, Svo. 2. A Short Manual of Surgical Operations. 
Illust. Lon., 1887, p. Svo. 

Barker, Bernard. Elliott the Younger: a Fic- 
tion in Freehand, Lon., 1878, 3 vols. p. Svo. 

Barker, Christopher, b. 1815, in Lancashire, 
Eng. The Development of the Associative Principle 
during the Middle Ages: Three Lectures, Lon., 1S59, 8vo. 

Barker, Edward. 1. Through Auvergne on Foot. 
Lon., 1884, 12mo. 2. The Opera Guide: a Concise De- 
scription of Plot and Incidents of the Principal Operas: 
with Biographical Notices of Eminent Singers, Lon., 
1887, p. 8vo. 

Barker, Edward B. B., son of John Barker, 
who was consul at Aleppo from 1799 to 1825, consul at 
Alexandria 1826-29, and consul-general 1829-33. 1. 
The Mendal : a Mode of Oriental Divination, Lon., 
1874, Svo. 2. Syria and Egypt under the Last Five Sul- 
tans of Turkey : being Experiences during Fifty Years 
of Mr. Consul-General Barker. Chiefly from his Letters 
and Journals. Lon., 1876, 2 vols. Svo. 

" These volumes do not, of themselves, offer a picture 
either of the history of Syria and Kgypt or of the person- 
ality of Mr. Barker; . . . but they contain materials of 
very great value." Ath., No. 2557. 

Barker, Edward Harrison. The Dreamer's. 
Soliloquy ; or, The Votary of Fame : a Rhapsody, Lon., 
1869, 12mo. 

Barker, Rev. Edward Waller, vicar of Legsby, 
Market Rasen, since 18S2. Vigileinus et Oremus. By 
E. W. B. Lon., 1876. 

Barker, Ellen. Grasb, Lon., 1885, p. Svo. 

Barker, F. <_'., and Danforth, J. S. Hunting 
and Trapping on the Magalloway liiver and Parma- 
chenee Lake, Bost., 1882, 16mo. 

Barker, Mrs. F. Raymond. 1. The Land of 
Promise: an Account of the Holy Land, Lon., 1859, 
12mo. 2. Child's Pathway through Bible and Gospel 
History, Lon., 1865, ISmo. 3. Songs for our Little 
Friends, Set to Music, Lon., 1867, 4to. 4. ReginaSsecu- 
lorum ; or, Mary Venerated in all Ages. Devotions to 
the Blessed Virgin from Ancient Sources. 5. Some 
Account of Dom Bosco and his Work. Gathered chiefly 
from the Narrative of Dr. D'Espiney. Dublin, 18mo. 
6. Rosalie ; or, The Memoir of a French Child, told by 
Herself. 7. (Trans.) Father Milleriot, the Ravignon of 
the Workingrnen of Paris; from the French of Charles 
Clair, Lon., 1882, 8vo. 8. (Trans.) Life and Letters 
of Countess Adelstan ; from the French of Rev. Pere 
Marquigny, S.J. 9. Paul Seigneret, the Seminarist 
of Si. Sulpice, and Martyr. 10. Life of Father Her- 
mann, Carmelite, from Sylvian, Lon., 1883, 8vo. 11. 
Agreement of Science and Faith upon the Sacred 
Heart, Lon., 1883, fp. Svo. 

Barker, Fordyce, M.D., b. 1819, at Wilton, Me.; 
graduated at Bowdoin College 1837, and studied med- 
icine at Harvard College, and in Edinburgh and Paris; 
was professor of midwifery in the medical school con- 
nected with Bowdoin College 1845-49, and in the New 
York Medical College 1850-57; and in 1860 was ap- 
pointed to a similar professorship in Bellevue Hospital 
Medical College. 1. On Sea-Sickness, N. York, 1870, 
12mo. 2. Puerperal Disease : Clinical Lectures at Belle- 
vue Hospital, N. York, 1874, Svo. 

Barker, Rev. Francis, Wesleyan minister. 1. 
Manna; or, Sacred Texts for Every Day in the Year: 
with Appropriate Verses of Sacred Poetry, Lon., 1853, 
ISmo. 2. Boadicea : a Poem, 1S59, 12mo. 

Barker, George Fisher Rupert, M.A., b. 1848 ; 
educated at Westminster School, and at Trinity College, 
Cambridge; called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1876. 
Political Hand-Book, Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 

Barker, George Frederic, M.D., Ph.B., b. 
1835, at Charlestown, Mass. ; studied in the scientific 
school of Yale College 1856-58, and graduated as M.D. at 
Albany 1863. In 1864 he was chosen professor of natu- 
ral sciences in the Western University of Pennsylvania, 
in 1867 professor of physiological chemistry and toxi- 
cology in the medical department of Yale College, and 
in 1873 professor of chemistry and physics in the Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania. In 1881 he was made Com- 
mander of the Legion of Honor. 1. Preparation of 
Nitrous Oxide, Protoxide of Nitrogen, Phila., 1866, 
Svo. 2. College Chemistry, Louisville, Ky., 1870. 3. 
Text-Bcok of Elementary Chemistry, Theoretical and 
Inorganic, N. Haven, 1870; several later eds. 4. The 
Correlation of Vital and Physical Forces, N. Haven* 



1870, 12 mo. 5. Account of the Progress in Physics in 
the Year 1883, Wash., 1884. Pamph. 

Barker, George M. A Ten- Planter's Life in 
Assam : with Seventy-Five Illustrations by the Author, 
Calcutta, Bombay, and Lun., 1SS4, cr. 8vo. 

"When Mr. Barker explains the various processes of 
clearing, planting, hoeing, plucking the leal', weighing, 
rolling, tea-tiring, and packing, he is really worth our 
attention." Sat. Rev., Ivii. 519. 

Barker, II. J . Lays and Ballads of Heroism, Lon., 
18S4, iL'iuo. 

Barker, Henry II., of Lancashire, Eng. The 
Walton -le- Dale Mock Corporation, 1874. 

Barker, J. II. Treatment of Fever.-, Lon., 1856, 
cr. 8vo. 

Barker, Mm. J. L. Influence of Slavery on the 
White Population. By a Former Resident of Slave 
States. N. York, 1880. 

Barker, J. T. Pilgrimage of Memory : Romance 
of Yorkshire Moors, Ac-., Lon., 1886, sq. IGuio. 

Barker, Jacob, 1779-1871, b. at Perkins, Me.; 
became a banker; removed to New Orleans in 1834. 
The Rebellion : its Consequences. By Investigator. 
New Orleans, 1866. 

Barker, Jessie M. 1. Mary Elwood: a Novel, 
Lon., 1884, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 2. Our Boy : a Story, Lon., 
1888. p. 8vo. 

Barker, John G. Early History and Transactions 
of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the 
State of New York, N. York, 1877, 8vo. 

Barker, John Theodore. 1. The Beauty of 
Flowers in Field and Wood: containing the Natural 
Orders or Families of British Wild Plants, Bath, 1852, 
8vo. 2. Congregationalism in Lincolnshire, Lon., 1860, 

Barker, Johnson. Forbidden Fruit: Sermons 
preached in New College Chapel, Lon., 1879, p. 8vo. 

Barker, Joseph, 1 806-1875, b. of humble parent- 
age at Braiulcy, near Leeds. His life was full of vicis- 
situdes, both of fortune and of opinion. He was con- 
nected as preacher with different branches of the Meth- 
odist communion, as well as with the Unitarians, was a 
Chartist writer and agitator, and was elected M.P. for 
Bolton, though he never sat in Parliament. He removed 
to the United States in 1851, became a zealous aboli- 
tionist, and delivered secular Sunday lectures. He 
returned to England in 1860, and ended his career as a 
Methodist preacher. His publications include a great 
number of cheap books issued from a private press at 
Wortley, Yorkshire, under the general title of " Barker's 
Library." 1. Christian Liberty and Evangelical Re- 
form, Newcastle, 1342, 12mo. 2. Confessions of a Man 
as put forth by Himself, Wortley, 1846, 8vo. Re- 
published, with additions by his sons, as The Life of 
Joseph Barker, written by Himself, Lon., 1880, 8vo. 3. 
Christianity Triumphant, Wortley, 1846, 12mo. 4. The 
Life of William Penn, the Celebrated Quaker and 
Founder of Pennsylvania, Lon. and Wortley, 1847, 
8vo. 5. Lectures on the Church of England Prayer- 
Book, Wortley, 1847, 8vo. 6. Confessions of Joseph 
Barker, a Convert from Christianity, Lon., 1858, 8vo. 
7. The Drink Trade and the Temperance Movement, 
Lon., 1863, cr. 8vo. 8. Human Progress, Lon., 1863, 
8vo. 9. The Influence of the Bible on Science, Art, 
and Literature, Lon., 1863, 8vo. 10. Love and Mar- 
riage; or, The Way to Domestic Happiness, Lon., 1863, 
8vo. 11. Self-Culture, Lon., 1864, 8 vo. 12. An Essay 
on the "Essays and Reviews," Lon., 1863, 8vo. 13. 
Modern Scepticism : a Journey through the Land of 
Doubt and Back Again: a Life-Story, Lon., 1874, 12mo. 
14. Jesus: a Portrait, Phila., 1874, 12mo. With GRANT, 
B., Discussion on the Origin, Ac., of the Bible, Stoke- 
upon-Trent, 1855, 12ino. 

Barker, Ilev. Joseph Henry, M.A., graduated 
at St. John's College, Cambridge, 1833 ; ordained 1834 ; 
curate of St. Peter's, Hereford, 1834-49; chaplain of 
the Hereford Infirmary 1843-64; chaplain Hereford 
County Gaol 1849-75. 1. What is Pusey ism ? 1843. 2. 
The Ages to Come; or, The Future Destiny of our Globe 
considered, Hereford, 1853, 8vo. 3. Apostolic Missions ; 
or, The Sacred History amplified, Lon., 1858, 8vo. 4. 
The Ruling Mind, Lon., 1875. 5. True Materialism: a 
Suggestion for the Harmonizing of Modern Materialism 
With Christian Theism, Lon., 1876, 8vo; 2d ed., 1877. 
6. Miracle no Mystery, 1879. 

Barker, Mrs. Lucy 1). Sale, b. 1841, daughter 
of Francis Henry Davies, registrar of the English Court 

of Chancery, married Lieut.-Col. Villiers of the 74th 
Highlanders, and after his death married Mr. Sale Bar- 
ker. She has contributed to English periodicals, and if 
the editor of a child's magazine called Little Wide- 
Awake, published in London. 1. With a Stout Heart, 
Lon., 1874, 12mo. 2. Little Bright Eyes' Picture-Book. 
Illust. Lon., 1876, 4to. 3. (Tran*.) Memoirs of a 
Poodle, Lon., 1876, 16ino. 4. Little Golden Locks' Story- 
Book, Lon., 1876, 4to. 5. Lily's Scrap- Book. Lon., 
1876, ismo. 6. Lily's Visit to Grandmamma : with 120 
Pictures, Lon., 1877, ll'ino. 7. Lily's Drawing- Room 
Book : containing Lily's Home, Screen, Ac., Lon., 1877, 
12uio. 8. Little Curly-Pate's Picture-Book, Lon., 1877, 
4to. 9. Little Rosy-Cheek's Story-Book, Lon., 1878, >q. 
16mo. 10. Found in the Snow, and other Tales, Lon., 
1878, 12rno. II. Little Wide-A wake Pictures Described, 
Lon., 1878, r. 8vo. 12. Eva's Locket, and other Tales, 
Lon., 1878, 12mo. 13. Lily's Magic Lantern : with 120 
Pictures, Lon., 1879, 18mo. 14. Little Wide-Awake 
Poetry-Book for the Children, Lon., 1880, 4to. 15. 
Some of my Little Friends. Illust. Lon., 1881, sq. 
16mo. 16. Some of my Feathered and Four-Footed 
Friends, Lon.. 1882, 4to. 17. Those Boys. Illust. Lon., 

1882, -I to. 18. Those Girls. Illust. Lon., 1882, 4 to. 
19. Sunday Talks with Mamma: with 55 Illust., Lon., 

1883, 4to. 20. For Very Little People, Lon., 1883, r. 
8vo. 21. Golden Hours. Illust. Lon., 1884,r.8ro. 22. 
Uncle John's Adventures in Prairie-Land, Lon., 1884, 
p. 8vo. 23. Puff the Pomeranian, and other TaJes. 
Illust. in Colors. Lon., 1885, 4to. 24. Flowers in 
May: with 40 Illustrations, Lon., 1885, r. 8vo. 25. 
Birds, Beasts, and Fishes : with Prose and Poetry, Lon., 
1885, r. 8vo. 26. Our Home, [verses.] Illust. Lon., 
1887, sq. 16mo. 27. Our Friends : Original Verses. 
Illust. Lon., 1887, sq. Ifimo. 28. Our Pets: Original 
Verses. Illust. Lon., 1887, sq. 16mo. 29. Sunny 
Childhood. Col. Illust. Lon., 1887, imp. 16mo. 30. 
Our Home, Pets, and Friends. Illust. Lon., 1888, imp. 
16 mo. 

Barker, Mary Ann, Lady. See BROOKE, MART 

Barker, Philip C. 1. The Conversion of Sinners 
the Grand Object of the Christian Ministry : Price 
Essay, Lon., 1871, 8vo. 2. (Ed.) Pulpit Commentary: 
I. Chronicles, Exposition and Homiletics, Lon., 18S4, 

Barker, Samuel, M.D. 1. Thermo-Therapeutics ; 
or, The Turkish Bath in the Treatment of Diseases, Lon., 
1861, 16ino. 2. The Prevention and Cure of Skin Dis- 
eases by Heat and Fumigation, Lon., 1862, 8vo. 3. 
The Diet of Infancy and Childhood, Lon., 1864, 8vo. 4. 
Domestic Management of Infants and Children, Lon., 
1865, 8vo; new ed., entitled Children and how to Man- 
age them in Health and Disease, 1875. 

Barker, Rev. Thomas, M.A., educated at Queen's 
College, Oxford ; vicar of Revesby, Boston, since 1867, 
and rector of Wilksby cum Claxby since 1874. 1. 
Plain Sermons preached in Parish Churches, Lon., 
1858, p. 8vo. 2. Strictures on Maurice's Doctrine of 
Sacrifice, 1858, cr. 8vo. 3. The Canticles pointed for 
Anglican Chants. By an English Presbyter. Lon., 

Barker, Thomas B. Abney Park Cemetery: a 
Descriptive Guide to Every Part of this Beautiful De- 
pository of the Dead, Lon., 1869, 12mo. 

Barker, Ilev. Thomas Childe, M.A., grad- 
uated at Christ Church, Oxford, 1850; ordained 1851; 
rector of Carleton-in-Craven since 1885. Aryan Civi- 
lization : its Religious Origin and its Progress : with 
an Account of the Religion, Laws, and Institutions of 
Greece and Rome. Based on the Work of De Cou- 
langes. Lon., 1871. (A condensed translation of La 
Cite Antique, with some added matter.) 

Barker, Thomas Francis. Some Account of 
the Parish of Thornton, Chester, 1874, 8ro. 

Barker, Thomas Herbert, M.D. 1. Practical 
Observations on Diet for Infancy and Childhood, Lon., 
1850, 8vo. 2. On Cystic Entozoa in the Human Kidney, 
Lon., 1856, 8vo. 3. The Treatment of Fevers, with 
Special Relation to Ventilation, Lon., 1857, 8vo. 4. On 
the Hygienic Management of Infants and Children, 1859, 
8vo. 5. Malaria and Miasmata, and their Influences in 
the Production of Typhus and Typhoid Fevers, Cholera, 
and the Exanthemata, Lon., 1863, Svo. 6. Photographs 
of Eminent Medical Men, Lon., 1865, Svo. 7. Right 
Foods for Infants and Children, Lon., 1866, 12mo. 




Barker, Walter Goodyer, M.D. 1. On the 
Climate oi Worthing: its .Remedial Influence, Lon., 
1860, p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1867. 2. On Diseases of the Re 
spiratory Passages and Lungs, Sporadic and Epidemic, 
Lon., 1866, p. 8vo. 

Barker, William. 1. Modern Atheism and the 
Bible, Lon., 1862, 12mo. 2. Civic and Ecclesiastical 
Government: Two Lectures, Lon., 1876, 8vo. 3. The 
"False Christs:" a Lecture, Lon., 1880, 12ino. 

Barker, William Burckhardt. 1. I, arcs and 
Penates; or, Cilicia and its Governors, Lon., 1853, 8vo. 
2. Turkish Reading-Book, 1854, Svo. 3. A Short His- 
torical Account of the Crimea, Hertford, 1855, 12rno. 
4. Odessa and its Inhabitants. By an English Prisoner 
in Russia. Lon., 1855. Anon. With BLEKCK, ARTHUR 
HENRY, A Practical Grammar of the Turkish Language : 
with Dialogues and Vocabulary, Lon., 1854, 12mo. 

Barker, William Gideon Michael Jones, 
1817-1855. 1. The Three Days of Wensleydale. By 
the Wensleydale Poet. Lon., 1854. 2. Historical No- 
tices of Wensleydale; 3d ed., Lon., 1856, 8vo. 

Barkley, Henry C., Civil Engineer. 1. Between 
the Danube and the Black Sea ; or, Five Years in Bul- 
garia, Lon., 1876, p. Svo; 2d ed., 1877. 

"An honest and very readable transcript of the writer's 
experiences and impressions. . . . The whole is described 
in a bright, cheerful, and genial manner, which is much 
more attractive than the laboured style of many a prac- 
tised man of letters." Sat. Rev., xlii. 639. 

2. Bulgaria before the War : being Seven Years' Expe- 
rience of European Turkey and its Inhabitants, Lon., 
1877, p. Svo. 

" His unpretending little work is only indirectly politi- 
cal, but he necessarily saw a great deal of the natives in 
the discharge of his duties as a railway engineer." Sat. 
Rev., xliv. 687. 

3. My Boyhood : a Story-Book. Illust. Lon., 1877, 

Barkley, John Trevor. Report on the Purchase 
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Barling. John, 1804-1883, b. at Weymouth, Eng., 
was educated for the ministry as a Congregationalist, 
but became a Unitarian and subsequently a preacher of 
that persuasion. In addition to his published writings 
he left manuscript essays on Idealism and Scepticism, 
and on Final Causes. 1. A Review of Trinitarianism, 
chiefly as it appears in the Writings of Bull, Waterland, 
Sherlock, Howe, Newman, Coleridge, Wallis, and Ward- 
law, Lon., 1847. 2. Leaves from my Writing-Desk ; 
being Tracts on the Question, What do we Know? By 
an Old Student. 1872. Anon. 

Barlow, Alfred. The History and Principles of 
Weaving by Hand and by Power. Illust. L.on., 1879, 
r. Svo. 

"Reprinted, vyith considerable additions, from the peri- 
odical Engineering, and showing a thorough knowledge of 
his theme in its historical, mechanical, and economical 
aspects." Sat. Rev., xlvii. 749. 

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Patents; or, Hints and Suggestions to Inventors and 
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Barlow, George, b. 1847, in London; educated at 
Harrow School, and at Exeter College, Oxford. Some of 
his lyrics have been set to music, and he wrote the Eng- 
lish version of the libretto of Gounod's Ave Maria at 
the request of the composer. He has published : 1. 
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or, The Connection between Spiritualism and Modern 
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Barlow, Henry Clark, M.D., 1806-1876, studied 
architecture in his youth, but being obliged, in conse- 
quence of an accident to his hand, to give up that pro- 
fession, adopted that of medicine, took his degree at 
Edinburgh, and studied medicine and science at Paris. 
He then went to Italy, where the poetry of Dante took 
such hold upon him that he consecrated his whole sub- 
sequent life to its study, collecting the works of his 
favorite poet, and publishing many commentaries on the 
different readings. 1. A Dissertation on the Causes and 
Effects of Disease, considered in Reference to the Moral 
Constitution of Man, Edin., 1837, Svo. 2. La Divina 
Commedia : Remarks on the Reading of the 59th Verse 
of the 5th Canto of the Inferno, Lon., 1850, 4to. 3. In- 
dustry on Christian Principles, Lon., 1851, Svo. 4. God's 
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the 114th Verse of the 7th Canto of the Paradise of the 
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Notice of the Malatesti. Lon., 1859; 2d ed., 1875, Svo. 

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fatal to Dante Allighieri : a Dissertation on Verses 58 to 
63 of the 3d Canto of the Inferno, Lon., 1862, Svo. 

8. II Conte Ugolino e 1'Arcivescovo Ruggieri : a Sketch 
from the Pisan Chronicles, Lon., 1862, 4to. 9. The 
Young King and Bertrand de Born, Lon., 1862, Svo. 

10. Critical, Historical, and Philosophical Contributions 
to the Study of the Divina Commedia, Lon., 1864, Svo. 

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Sixth Centenary Festivals of Dante Allighieri in Flor- 
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1866. 13. On the Vernon Dante : with other Disserta- 
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fessor in the University of Dublin. 1. Eternal Punish- 
ment and Eternal Death : an Essay, Lon., 1864, Svo. 2. 
The Ultimatum of Pessimism : an Ethical Study, Lon., 

1882, 8vo. (An argument to prove the worthlessness of 
the present life without the prospect of a future and 
happier one.) 

"The book Is well worth reading." Acad., xxiii. 182. 

3. A Short History of the Normans in South Europe, 
Lon., 1886, 8vo. 

" He should have called his production ' Bald Transla- 
tions of Various Passages in the Chronicles of the Eleventh 
Century, down to the Year 1085, with Discursive Com- 
ments. 1 '" Acad., xxx. 68. 

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1. Poems, Lyrical and Dramatic. By Evelyn Douglas, 
(pseud.) Lon., 1885, fp. Svo. 2. The Queen of the 
Hid Isle: an Allegory of Life and Art. And Love's 
Perversity; or, Eros and Anteros. By Evelyn Douglas. 
Lon.. 1885, fp. Svo. 

Barlow, John W., b. 1838, in New York, gradu- 
ated at West Point 1861; lieut.-col. of U.S. engineers. 
With HEAP, DAVID P., Report of a Reconnaissance of 



the Basin of the Upper Yellowstone in 1371, (pub. by 
U.S. Gov't,) Wash., 1872, 8vo. 

Barlow, Joseph Lorenzo, b. 1818, at Kent, 
Conn., became a baptist minister in 1853. Endless 
Being ; or, Man made fur Eternity: with an Introduc- 
tion by Kev. P. S. Henson, N. York and Cbio., 1888, 

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pension Bridge, made during a Recent Tour in America, 
Lon., 1860, 8vo. 2. On the Relief of London Street 
Traffic : with a Description of the Tower Subway, now 
shortly to be executed, Lon., 18B7, 8vo. 

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rections for the Cure of Tic-Doloreux, Neuralgia, Sciatica, 
Toothache, Ac., Darlington, 1859, 12mo. 

Barlow, Samuel Latham Mitchell, b. 1826, 
at Grauville, Me., is a practicing lawyer in New York 
City, who has made a large collection of rare and curious 
books, especially Ameiicnna. (Ed.) Letters of Chris- 
topher Columbus describing his First Voyage. Edited 
by S. L. M. B. Lon., 1875. With HAIUUSSK, HENRY, 
Notes on Columbus, N. York, 1866. Privately printed. 

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12uio; 2d ed., 1865, 18mo. 

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Sun of Righteousness, Lon., 1863, 12mo. 

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ed. of Cheshire and Lancaster Historical Collector. 1. 
Cheshire: its Historical and Literary Associations, il- 
lustrated in Biographical Sketches, Lon., 1852, 8vo ; new 
ed., 1855. 2. The Mystic Number: a Glance at the 
System of Nature, Lon., 1852, cr. 8vo. 3. Memoir of 
W. Brootue: with Selections from his Works, Lon., 1855, 

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to all Styles of Reporting, Phila., 1886, 12mo. 

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N. York, 1885, 12mo. 

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of Force, Lon., 1885, 8vo. 

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Infantile Paralysis, and Spinal Paralysis of Adults, 
Manchester, 1879, 8vo. 

Barlow, William Henry. (Ed.) An Analytical 
Investigation of the Board of Trade Returns of the 
Capital and Revenue of Railways in the United King- 
dom, Lon., 1868, 8vo. 

Barlow, William Ruxton. Notes on Ammuni- 
tion, Lon., 1872, 8vo ; 4th ed., 1877. 

Barmby, Rev. James, M.A., B.D., graduated at 
University College, Oxford, 1845; ordained 1846; Fel- 
low and mathematical lecturer of Magdalen College, 
Oxford, 1846-60; principal of Hatfield Hall, and tutor 
and divinity lecturer in the University of Durham, 
1859-76; vicar of Pittington since 1875. 1. Plays for 
Young People: with Songs and Choruses, Lon., 1878, 
8vo; new eds., 1880-88. 2. Gregory the Great, ("The 
Fathers for English Readers,") Lon., 1879, p. 8vo. 

Barmby, John Goodwyn, 1820-1881, b. at Yox- 
ford, Suffolk ; a Unitarian preacher and Christian social- 
ist. He founded in 1841 the Communist Propaganda 
Society, and subsequently a socialistic home, known 
as the Morville Couimunitorium, at Hanwell. Ba-tnby 
claimed to have originated the word "communism" 
in conversation with a French socialist about 1S40. 
1. Poetry of Children and Poetry of Home, Lon., 
1852-53, 2 vols. 12ino. 2. Poetry of Spring: a Poem, 
1860, 12mo. 3. Aids to Devotion ; or, Religious Read- 
ings in the Order of the Natural and the Christian 
Year, Lon., 1864, p. 8vo. 4. The Return of the Swal- 
low, and other Poems, Lon., 1864, 12mo. 

Barnaby, Sir Nathaniel, K.C.B., b. 1829; direc- 
tor of naval construction 1876-85. The Naval Review 
of British, French, Italian, German, and Russian War- 
Ships : with Diagrams, Lon., 1886, Svo. 

Barnaby, Sydney W. Marine Propellers: Lec- 
tures at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, Lon., 
1885, p. 8vo. 

Barnard, Mrs. A Day at the Sea-Side, Loo., 1808, 

Barnard, Charles, b. 1835, at Boston, Mass., be- 
came a florist, and afterwards a journalist, and has 
also devoted much attention to in uric. He has been 
assistant editor of the Boston Journal of Commerce, 
editor of Vox Humana, musical critic of the Boston 
Post, editor of the ' World's Work Department" in the 
Century Magazine, and superintendent of instruction 
to the Chautauqua Town and Country Club. 1. The 
Soprano: a Musical Story, Bost., 186V, 12mo. 2. My 
Ten- Rod Farm, Bost., 1869, 12mo; new ed., entitled 
"Gardening for Money: How it was done," 1871. 3. 
Farming by Inches; or, With Brains, Sir, Bost., 1889, 
12mo. 4. Simple Flower-Garden for Country Houses, 
Bost., 1 870, 8vo. 5. The Tone-Musters : a Musical Series 
for Young People, 1870, 3 vols. ICmo. 0. Money and 
Music: n Art Story, Bo*t., 12ino. 7. Camilla: a Tale 
of a Violin : being the Artist Life of Camilla Urso, 
Bopt., 1875, 18mo. 8. Co-Operation as a Business, N. 
York, 1881, 12ino. 9. Knights of To-Dny; or, Lore 
nnd Science, N.York, 1881, 12mo. 10. A Dead Town: 
a Romance of the Old Country, Lon., 1885, I'.'mo. 11. 
Talks about the Weather in its Relation to Plants and 
Animals, Bost., 1885, 16nio. 12. The Whistling Buoy: 
a Novel, Phila., 1887. 

Barnard, Mrs. Charlotte Alington, 1830- 
1S69, was the author and composer of a great number 
of songs, published under the pseudonyme of " Claribel," 
which were very popular in their day. 1. Fireside 
Thoughts: Ballads, Lon., 1865. 2. Thoughts: Verse* 
and Songs, Lon., 1877, p. 8vo. 

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Romance, Chic., 1882, 12mo. 

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Di.-trict of Columbia, Wash., 1869, 8vo. 

Barnard, Francis Pierrepont. Strongbow's 
Conquest of Ireland. Illust. and Map. ( English His- 
tory from Contemporary Writers.") Lon., 1888, 18mo. 

Barnard, Rev. Frederick Augustus Porter, 
LL.D., D.D., [i,te, vol. i., add.,] d. 1889. In 1854 be 
took orders in the Episcopal Church, and in 1864 was 
elected president of Columbia College, New York ; was 
United States commissioner to the Paris Exposition of 
1867, and assistant commissioner- general to that of 1878; 
besides filling various other offices in connection with 
scientific institutions and enterprises. His publications 
have been chiefly Reports, and papers contributed to 
scientific journals. 1. History of the American Coast 
Survey, 1857. 2. University Education, 1858. 3. The 
Undulutory Theory of Light, 1862. 4. Recent Progress 
of Science, N. York, 1869, 8vo. 5. Report on Machinery 
and Processes in the Industrial Arts and Apparatus of 
the Exact Sciences at the Paris Exposition, 1867. Illust. 
N. York, 1869, 8vo. 6. Metric SysUrn of Weights and 
Measures, N. York, 1872, 8vo; 3d ed., 1879. 7. Im- 
aginary Metrological System of the Great Pyramid of 
Gizeh, N. York, 1884, 8vo. With Girvor, ARNOLD 
HENRY, (ed.) Johnson's (revised) Universal Cyclopaedia, 
N. York, 1888, 8 vols. r. 8vo. 

Barnard, George. 1. Drawing from Nature: a 
Series of Progressive Instructions in Sketching: to 
which are appended Lectures on Art delivered at 
Rugby. Illust. Lon., 1865, 3 parts, Svo ; new ed., 
1877. 2. Hand -Book of Foliage and Foreground 
Drawing, Lon., 1853; new eds., 1870-84, p. 8vo. 3. 
Theory and Practice of Landscape Painting in Water 
Colours. Illust. Lon., 1855; new ed., 1870, r. Svo. 4. 
Trees : Studies from Nature, 1868, 3 parts. 

Barnard, Henry, LL.D., [ante, vol. i., add.] In 
1856 he was elected chancellor of the University of 
Wisconsin, but soon resigned this position on account of 
ill health ; was president of St. John's College, An- 
napolis, Md., 1865-66, and United States commissioner 
of education from 1867 till 1870. His contributions to 
the Journal of Education, founded by him in 1855, have 
been very numerous, and, in a revised form, are to be 
included in a complete edition of his writings, now in 
preparation, which will comprise SCO treatises, published 
separately and in 52 vols. under the title of The 
American Library of Schools and Education. 1. Object- 
Teaching, and Oral Lessons on Social Science and 
Common Things, N. York, 1861. 2. German Experi- 
ence in the Organization, Instruction, and Discipline 
of Public Schools, N. York, 1861. 3. Pestalozzi and 
Pestalozzianism, N. York, 1861. 4. Military Schools, 
and Courses of Instruction on the Science an-l Art 




of War in France, Prussia, Austria, Russia, Sweden, 
Switzerland, Sardinia, England, and the United States, 
Phila., 1862, Svo. 5. German Educational Reformers, 
N. York, 1862, Svo. 

Barnard, Mrs. Henry. Dick's First School- 
Days: a Story, Lon., 1875, ISmo. 

Barnard, John Gross, 1815-1882, colonel of 
engineers and brevet major-general U.S.A., brother 
of F. A. P. Barnard, [ante, vol. i., and supra,'] b. at 
Sheffield, Mass. ; graduated at West Point in 1833 ; ob- 
tained a commission in the corps of engineers, and was 
employed many years on the defences of the coast; be- 
came a captain in 1838, and served as engineer in the 
Mexican war, 1846-47. In the spring of 1861 he 
planned and superintended the fortifications of Wash- 
ington, and in the same year was appointed chief of en- 
gineers of the Army of the Potomac. He was chief en- 
gineer of the armies in the field, on the staff of General 
Grant, from June 5, 1864, to April 9, 1865. His publi- 
cations consist chiefly of military and scientific reports 
and memoirs: 1. Rotary Motion as applied to the 
Phenomena of the Gyroscope, N. York, 1858; new ed., 
1887, 24mo. 2. Notes on Sea-Coast Defence: Sea-Coast 
Fortifications, the Fifteen-Inch Gun, and Casemate Em- 
brasure. Plates. 1861, Svo. 3. The "C. S. A." and 
the Battle of Bull Run : a Letter to an English Friend. 
Maps. N. York, 1862, Svo. 4. The Peninsular Campaign 
and its Antecedents, as developed by the Report of 
Gen. McClellan and other Documents, N. York, 1864, 
Svo. 5. Problems of Rotary Motion, Wash., 1872, 4to. 
6. Report on the North Sea Canal of Holland, and on 
Navigation, Wash., 1874, 4to. 7. Report on the De- 
fences of Washington, (Papers on Practical Engineer- 
ing, pub. by U.S. Gov't.) With BARRY, Bmo.-GEff. 
WILLIAM FARQUHAR, Report of the Engineer and Ar- 
tillery Operations of the Army of the Potomac, from 
its Organization to the Close of the Peninsular Cam- 
paign, 1863, Svo. 

Barnard, Joseph. Among the Girls, and other 
Poems, Lon., 1874, p. Svo. 

Barnard, Rev. Mordaunt Roger, graduated at 
Christ's College, Cambridge, 1851 ; ordained 1851 ; chap- 
lain of the British consulate at Christiania; vicar of 
Margaretting, Essex, since 1863. 1. Sport in Norway, 
and where to find it, Lon., 1864, p. Svo. 

" Very few persons will visit Norway henceforth without 
possessing themselves of the practical information con- 
veyed in his pages." Sal. Rev., xvii. 264. 

2. (Trans.) The Life of Thorwaldsen ; from the 
Danish of J. M. Thiele, Lon., 1865, 12mo. 3. (Trans.) 
Signe's History: a Norwegian Tale, by A. M. Thoresen, 
Lon., 1865, 12ino. 4. (Trans.) Private Life of the Old 
Northmen, by J. R. Keyser, Lon., 1868, p. Svo. 5. 
(Trans.) Summer in Iceland, by C. W. Paijkull. Illust. 
Lon., 1868, Svo. 6. Sketches of Life, Scenery, and 
Snort in Norway, Lon., 1871, p. Svo. 7. (Trans.) 
Homer's Odyssey, in English Blank Verse, Lon., 1876, 
p. 8vo. 8. (Trans.) Master of his Fate : a Swedish 
Tale, by A. Blanche. Illust. Lon., 1885, p. Svo. 

" Barnaval, Louis,'* (Pseud.) See DE KAY, 

Barneby, W. Henry. Life and Labour in the 
Far, Far West : Notes of a Tour. Map. Lon., 1884. 

' Everything that he hears or sees or does is stated with 
painstaking accuracy." Acad., xxvi. 4. 

It iirncs, Rev. Albert, [nnte, vol. i., add.,] 1798- 
1870. He underwent a trial for heresy founded on 
passages in his Notes on the New Testament, but was 
acquitted, though advised to make certain changes in 
the phraseology, which he accordingly did, becoming 
however, a leader of the " New-School" Presbyterians on 
the subsequent division in the denomination. 1. Closet 
Companion, N. York, 1854. 2. How shall Man be 
just with God? 1855, 12mo. 3. Life at Threescore 
and Ten: a Sermon, Phila., 1858, 12mo. 4. Notes 
on the Psalms, N. York, 1868-69, 3 vols. 12mo. 5. 
Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity in the Nine- 
teenth Century, N. York, 1868, 12mo. 6. Life of the 
Apostle Paul, Lon., 1869, p. Svo. 

Barnes, C. L., M.A., late scholar of Balliol Col- 
lege, Oxford; science master at Bromsgrove School. 
Rock History : a Concise Note-Book of Geology, having 
Special Reference to English and Welsh Formations. 
Maps and Illust. Lon., 1884, p. Svo. 

Barnes, Charles R. Hand-Book of Bible Biog- 
raphy. Illust. N. York, 1S85, Svo. 

Barnes, David M, The Draft Riots in New York, 


July, 1863: The Metropolitan Police, their Services 
during Riot Week, Ac., N. York, 1863, 8vo. 

Barnes, Detnas, 1827-1888; b. at Canandaigua, 
N.Y. ; was a merchant in New York City from 1849 till 
1870; member of Congress from 1867 to 1869; took an 
active part in the promotion of many public undertakings, 
including the construction of the Brooklyn bridge. He 
was the founder and editor of the Brooklyn Argus, and 
contributed to other papers. From the Atlantic to the 
Pacific, N. York, 1866. 

Barnes, Miss E. W. What will come of it? 
By E. W. B. Phila., 1877. 

Barnes, Edgar G. How to arrest Infectious Dis- 
eases, Lon., 1883, 12mo. 

Barnes, Rev. Edward John, ordained 1862; 
chaplain of the Islington Infirmary since 1878. The Peo- 
ple's Bible Finger- Post : a Guide to Bible Subjects : with 
Notes and Anecdotes in Parallel Columns, Lon., 1883, Svo. 

Barnes, Edwin C. A Wild Bouquet. By Claire. 
Syracuse, N.Y., 1874. 

Barnes, Elliot. A Tramp Actor. Illust. N. 
York and Chic., 1886, 12mo. 

Barnes, Mrs. Emily Ripley. Narratives con- 
nected with the Early History of the Bellows Family, 
Bost., 1888, Svo. 

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The Mother's Legacy, Lon., 1871, 8vo. 2. A Needle 
and Thread: a Tale for Girls, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 

Barnes, Kev. Francis, M.A., graduated at Jesus 
College, Cambridge, 1847; ordained 1848; vicar of Holy 
Trinity, Plymouth, since 1851. Twelve Sermons preached 
at Plymouth, Lon., 1860, fp. Svo. 

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ling, [poems,] Lon., 188S, r. 18mo. 

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Culture: the Best Methods, Lon., 1881, 12mo. 

Barnes, John Hindmarsh. Notes on Surgical 
Nursing : being a Short Course of Lectures, Lon., 1874, 

Barnes, Lieut. John S. Submarine Warfare, 
Defensive and Offensive: comprising a History of the 
Invention of the Torpedo, Ac., N. York, 1869, Svo. 

Barnes, Josiah. Wonderful Adventures by Land 
and Sea of the Seven Queer Travellers who met at an 
Inn, Phila., 1865, 12rno. 

Barnes, M. L. Happy Memories of R. Barnes, 
Lon., 1875, Svo. 

Barnes, It. S. Fancourt, M.D., M.R.C.P., 
physician to the Chelsea Hospital tor Women ; obstetrio 
physician to the Great Northern Hospital. 1. A Man- 
ual of Midwifery for Midwives. Illust. Lon., 1879 ; 2d 
ed., 1883, p. Svo. 2. German-English Dictionary of 
Words and Terms in Medicine and its Cognate Sciences, 
Lon., 1881, sq. 12mo. 

Barnes, Rev. Reginald Henry, M.A., grad- 
uated at Christ Church College, Oxford, 1852; ordained 
1854; vicar of Heavitree 1869-87. General Charles 
George Gordon : a Sketch : with Fao-Simile Letter, 
Lon., 1885, cr. Svo. 

Barnes, Rev. Richard William, M.A., b. at 
Coinercally, Bengal, graduated at Queen's College, Ox- 
ford, 1834; perpetual curate of East and West Looe 
1845-49; vioar of Probus 1849; prebendary of Exeter 
1853. 1. The Last Three Sermons preached in the Church 
of Looe, Cornwall, by the late Perpetual Curate of East 
and West Looe, Truro, 1850, Svo. 2. Public Opinion 
considered, in Letters between one of his Friends and 
R. W. Barnes, Lon., 1855, Svo. 3. Let Well Alone; or, 
Removal of Blemishes from Church and State. By 
Alazon. Lon., 1860, Svo. 4. Confirmation, <to. : Four 
Sermons, Lon., 1860. 5. Appendix and Imaginary 
Criticisms, Lon., 1865, Svo. Anon. 6. Christmas- Day 
Sermons preached in the Parish Church of Probus, Lon., 
1865, Svo. 7. New-Year's Day Sermons, Lon., 1865, 
Svo. 8. Three Sermons preached in Exeter Cathedral, 
Lon., 1869 Also, single sermons. 

Barnes, Robert, M.D., [ante, vol. i., add.,] con- 
sulting obstetric surgeon to St. George's Hospital. 1. 
Clinical and Critical Contributions to Obstetrio Science 
and Practice: I., On Uterine Polypus, Lon., 1854, 
12mo. 2. The Physiology and Treatment of Placenta 
PraBvia: being the Lettsomian Lectures on Midwifery 
for 1857, Lon., 1858, Svo. 3. Lectures on Obstetrio 
Operations, including the Treatment of Haemorrhage, 
and forming a Guide to the Management of Difficult 
Labour, Lon., 1869, Svo; 4th ed., 1886. 4. A Clinical 
History of the Medical and Surgical Diseases of Women. 



Illust. Lon., 1873; 2d ed., 1878, 8vo. 5. A Synoptical 
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" It seems to be the object of this memoir to till up ... 
gaps in the autobiography ; and the work is done quite as 
MtisJactorily as it could have been done by any second 
hand." Xation, xxxvlii. 325. 

Barnes, Ker. William, D.D., 1820-1886, b. in 
the vale of Blackmore, Dorset, Eng., kept a school at 
Dorchester for a time, but in 1847 was ordained and 
became curate of Whitcoube, and in 1862 rector of 
Winterbourne-Came. He made a close study of the 
Dorsetshire dialect and early English history and lan- 
guage. He was also on Oriental linguist. He pub- 
lished several important philological works, his philo- 
logical grammar being formed by a comparison of more 
than sixty language?, but he is best known as the poet 
of Dorsetshire rural life. For biog, see -BAXTER, Lucy, 
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10. Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect : Third 
Collection, Lon., 1862, 12mo. The author says in fais 
preface, " To write in what some may deem a fast-out- 
wearing speech-form may seem as idle as the writing 
of one's name in snow of a spring day. I cannot help 
it. It is my mother-tongue, and is to my mind the 
only true speech of the life I draw." 

"If it be an achievement worth performing to write 
of ' simple and self-evident delights,' not only well, but in 
such a way that educated readers feel that a new pleasure 
has been given them, while the poor laugh with delight as 
they listen, Mr. Barnes has merited, and will occupy, a 
lasting place in the ranks of our native poets." Sat. Rev., 
xv. 123. 

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"One of the most original, and within his own range 
one of .the most faultless, of English poets. . . . Mr. Barnes 
is perfectly master of his new vehicle of composition, and, 
although some raclness is necessarily lost in transplanta- 
tion Irom his native soil, his new poems possess all the 
chief characteristics of his pleasant Devonshire idyls." 
Sal. Rev., xxv. 556. 

14. Early England and the Saxon-English: with 
some Notes on the Father-Stock of the Saxon-English, 
the Frisians, Lon.. 1869, 12mo. 

" He should have lived at the same time as Chaucer, 
and he might perhaps have acted as an opposing influence 
to Chaucer. . . . We do not know how far Mr. Barnes 
would really use his ultra-Teutonic style in writing upon 
all subjects, or whether he does it simply as a ki ul of 
show on this particular subject." So*. Rev., xxvii. 620. 

15. An Outline of English Speech-Craft, Lon., 1878, 
p. 8vo. 

" It may deal a blow at some of the blunders and ab- 
surdities of modem English speech. ... We may com- 
mend Mr. Barnes's book to the reader as one in which he 
willflnd much to instruct, much to irritate, and not a little 
to amuse him." .Sol. Rev., xlvi. 285. 

16. Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect, (First- 
Third Collection,) Lon., 1S79, p. 8vo. 

" Mr. Barnes is unquestionably the greatest Enplish pas- 
toral poet; for Wordsworth comes under a different cate- 
gory. Such a power of painting Dorsetshire scenery as he 
commands can only come of a deep love of it. Hence 
the sweet air of Southern England blows through every 
stanza he writes. . . . Mr. Barnes is a master of rustic 

e."-^/*., No. 2700. 


17. An Outline of Rede-Craft (Logic) with English 
Wording, Lon., 1880, p. 8vo. 18. A Glossary of the 
Dorset Dialect: with a Grammar of its Word Sbapening 
and Wording. Dorchester, 1886. 

" Students who belong to a more vigorous school may. 
no doubt, often flnd reason to smile at his inwnioux and 
erratic speculations ; but . . . hUquaimly-wonlcd writings 
on 'speech-lore' neverthelew contain an abundance of 
original and valuable suggestion U> which even scientific 
philologists may sometimes do well to take heed. . . .Ills 
to be regretted that the venerable author has been unable 
himself to revise his book for the press. . . . Although, 
however, this glossary appears in so fragmentary and un- 
finished a shape, there arc few books of the kind that 
greatly surpass it in interest. The Dorset dialect is in 
itself exceptionally worthy of attention. It is probably 
the purest existing descendant of the West-f?axou speech 
of Alfred." HENKY BKADLEY: Acad., xxix. 214. 

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Barnum, Phineas Taylor, [nnte, vol. i., add.,] 
d. 1891 ; was proprietor of Barnaul's Museum and of 
" P. T. Barnutu'i Greatest Show on Earth :" resided at 




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" The historian of wider views looks through a volume 
of this sort with a kind of languid interest, here and there 
spotting some detail which illustrates some point of lan- 
guage, manners, or politics, fully recognizing the honest 
labour of the author, feeling thankful that such men exist 
to smooth his own path, not feeling the least temptation 
himself to intrude upon theirs," Sat. Rev., xxiii. 506. 

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Barr, Mrs. Amelia Edith, daughter of Rev. Wil- 
liam Huddleston, b. in Ulverston, Lancashire, Eng., in 
1831 ; educated at the Glasgow High School ; married, 
1850, to Robert Barr, (son of a Scottish Free-Kirk min- 
ister,) d. 1867; was a resident of Texas from 1854 to 
1869, since which year she has lived in New York City. 
Her literary productions include many contributions to 
Harper's New Monthly Magazine and other periodicals. 
1. Romances and Realities : Tales, Sketches, and Papers, 
N. York, 1872, 12mo. 2. Young People of Shakespeare's 
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lam Succession : a Tale of Methodist Life in Two Coun- 
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" A story of the Shetland Norsemen, homely and simple, 
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"Though her semi-barbarous MacAllisters and roving 
Romanys are highly colored, they are full of nature and 
of life, and the plot in which they move is well knit to- 
gether." Nation, xlii. 532. 

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Pastoral Romance, N. York, 1887, 12mo. 16. Master of 
his Fate, N. York, 1888, 16mo. (Same as In Spite of 
Himself: a Tale of the West Riding, Lon., 1888.) 17. 
Christopher, and other Stories, N. York, 1888, 12mo. 
18. Remember the Alamo, N. York, 1888, 1 61110. 

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[autobiography :] with Sketch of his Character by a 
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Incidents in the Life of a Birmingham Man, Lon., 1863, 

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Ebony. By One who knows all about them. Bost., 
1877. 2. Coral and Christian; or, The Children's Pil- 
grim's Progress, 1878, 16mo. 

Barr, Matthias, b. 1831, in Edinburgh, of German 
parents, is a popular writer of poetry for young people, 
and has hence been called ''The Children's Laureate." 

1. Poems, Lon., 1865, 12mo; new eds., 1870, 1879. 

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Anderson's College, Glasgow. A Manual of Diseases of 
the Ear, for Students and Practitioners of Medicine. 
Illust. Glasgow, 1884, p. 8vo. 

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losophy of Human Life: with an Introductory Note by 
Rev. D. S. Gregory, M.D., N. York, 1887, 12mo. 

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Combustion of Coal, Indianapolis, 1879, 8vo. 

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abasis, Lon., 1872, p. 8vo. 

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Tiger-Hunting, Lon., 1885, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 2. The New 
Shikari at our Indian Stations, Lon., 1885, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 

" The Colonel has . . . had a happy idea when he 
thought of supplementing his amusing book on tiger- 
hunting by a description of the various Indian stations, 
some of them very remote, to which a young officer is 
likely to be sent, and of the different kinds of sport in 
which be may indulge." Spectator, lix. 392. 

3. Rama : a Sensational Story of Indian Village Life, 
Lon., 1886, 12mo. 4. Under Two Shillings, Lon., 1888, 

Barratt, Alfred, 1844-1881, b. at Manchester, and 
educated at Rugby and Oxford. He was distinguished 
for his extraordinary precocity and powers of study. 
He studied law and was admitted to the bar, but con- 
tinued his philosophical pursuits, and died of paralysis 
brought on by overwork. 1. Physical Ethics: an Essay, 
Lon., 1869, 8vo. 2. Physical Meteinpiric: with Me- 
moir by his Widow, and an Appendix containing Three 
Articles reprinted from " Mind," Lon., 1883, 8vo. 

" It is a paradise of paradox, laid out in the English 
taste by a powerful intellect sibi pennispus, that is to say, 
unhampered by the exigencies of the analytical method. 
It marshals a host of consequences flowing from the as- 
sumption that consciousness is immediately known as 
agency. Its value is the value inherent in the systematic 
and conscientious labour of a logical mind, employed 
upon the highest and largest problems of thought." 
SHADWORTH H. HODGSON: Acad., xxiii. 404. 

"This is the work of an ingenious but somewhat fanci- 
ful mind. It professes to deal with what philosophers call 
the ' noumenar world the unknown causeof the phenom- 
enal upon principles analogous, to the atomic theory of 
physics. The only ' noumenon,' or 'thing-in-itself,' with 
which we are acquainted is our own consciousness, and so 
the author supposes every atom which is, physically con- 
sidered, a centre of force and movement, to be ' noumen- 
ally' that is, in itself, or ' metempirically,' as he calls it 
a centre of consciousness." Spectator, Ivii. 161. 

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tors: Story of a Cornish Family, Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 

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and Methodists in the City of Lincoln, Lincoln, 1866, 

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By a Citizen of Middletown, Connecticut. Middletown, 

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ucated at Franklin College. 1. Lives of Illustrious 
Americans, 8vo; 11 eds. 2. Life and Public Services of 
Millard Fillmore, 1856. 3. (Ed.) Speeches and Writ- 
ings of Hon. Thos. F. Marshall, Cin., 1858; many 
later eds. 

Barrere, Albert, Officier del'Instruction Publique, 
professor at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. 1. 
Argot and Slang: a New French-and-English Diction- 
ary of the Cant Words, Quaint Expressions, Slang 
Terms, and Flash Phrases used in the High and Low 
Life of Old and New Paris, Lon., 1887, fp. 4to. Pri- 
vately printed at the Cbiswick Press. The ordinary edi- 



tion consists of about 500 copies, and the large-paper 
ed. of 250 copies. 

"The list of authorities which stands at the head of M. 
Barrere's prefnci'. though ample on the French side, is 
rneau'rr and ill chosen enough on the English. ... Of 
Kngli-li slang, other than Hint of ' A rry and the criminal 
classes, M. IJarrere has a very rudimentary knowledge. 
. . . There are obvious reasons why a Frenchman should 
find it hard to appreciate forms of language which have 
grown out of our system of education. With these allow- 
ances, he has performed his work with great patience and 
industry, and with an accuracy, if we may say so without 
Bflbnce, surprising in one of a race who. as a rule, do not 
take the trouble to be correct in their deal ings with any 
foreign tongue." Spectator, Ixi. 1197. 

' Hardly any of its words do not belong to the vocabu- 
lary of the prison or the brothel, and the impression which 
it leaves upon the mind is that argot, in spite ot Charles 
Nodier's eulogy, is a very dreary and a very limited 
tongue." Sal. Rev., Ixvi. 718. 

2. With LKLAND, CIIAUI.KS GODFREY, Slang, Jargon, 
and Cant: a Dictionary of Unconventional Phraseology, 
embracing English, American, and Colonial Slang; 
Tinkers', Yiddish, Pidgin, and Anglo-Indian Slang; 
Quaint Expressions, Vulgarisms, their Origin, Meaning, 
and Application, Lon., 1888, 2 vols. fp. 8vo. Printed 
exclusively for private circulation, and limited to 650 
copies, of which 150 for America. 

Barrett, Rev. Alfred, 1808-1876, b. at Atter- 
clifle, near Sheffield, Eng. ; became a Wesleynn minister 
1832; was governor of Richmond Theological Institu- 
tion for many years. 1. Essay on the Pastoral Office, 
Lon., 1839, p. 8vo. 2. Catholic and Evangelical Prin- 
ciples viewed in their Present Application, 1843, p. 8vo. 
3. Life of Mrs. Mary Cryer, Lon., 1845, r. 32mo. 4. 
Pastoral Addresses, 1846, 2 vols. 12mo. 5. The Boat- 
man's Daughter, Lon., 1847, 12mo; 4th ed., 1875. 6. 
Christ in the Storm; or, The World Pacified, 1849, 12tno. 

7. Life of Rev. J. H. Bumby : with a Brief History of 
the Wesleyan Mission in New Zealand, Lon., 1852, 12rao. 

8. The Ministry and Polity of the Christian Church, 
1854, p. 8vo. 9. Consolator ; or, Recollections of Rev. 
J. Pearson, Lon., 1856, 12uno. 

Barrett, Arthur Charles. Companion to the 
Greek Testament, Lon., 1873 ; 4th ed., en!., 1878, 

Barrett, Ashley William, M.B. Lond., M.R.C.S., 
L.D.S., dental surgeon to, and lecturer on dental surgery 
and pathology in, the medical school of the London 
Hospital. Dental Surgery, for General Practitioners and 
Students of Medicine. Illust. Lon., 1885, p. 8vo. 

Barrett, Rev. Benjamin Fisk, b. 1808, at 
Dresden, Me., graduated at Bowdoin College and the 
(Unitarian) Divinity School at Cambridge, Mass., be- 
came a Swedenborgian minister, and has had the charge 
of congregations in New York, Cincinnati, and Phila- 
delphia since 1848, except during an interval of four 
years, when he practised a mechanical trade in Chicago. 
He was editor of The Swedenborgian 1858-60, of the 
New Church Monthly 1867-70, and of the Swedenborg 
Library, Phila., 1876-81, 12 vols., and is president and 
corresponding secretary of the Swedenborgian Publish- 
ing .Association. 1. A Life of Swedenborg, N. York, 
1841, 12uio. 2. Lectures on the Doctrines of the New 
Jerusalem Church, N. York, 1842. (Republished as 
Lectures on the New Dispensation, llth ed., Phila., 
1878.) 3. The Golden Reed ; or, The True Measure of 
a True Church, N. York, 1855, 8vo. 4. Beauty for 
Ashes ; or, The Old and New Doctrine concerning In- 
fanU after Death contrasted, N. York, 1856, 12ino. 5. 
Letters on the Divine Trinity : addressed to H. W. 
Beecher, Phila., 1860; 4th ed., 1873, 16mo. 6. Cath- 
olicity of the New Church, N. York, 1863, 12mo. 7. 
Report of the Inquiry into the Allegations against B. F. 
Barrett, 1867. 8. The New View of Hell, showing its 
Nature, Whereabouts, Duration, and how to esca >e it, 
Phila., 1870 ; 5th ed., 1886. 9. Episcopalianism, Phila., 
1871, 3 vols. 18mo. 10. Letters on the Future Life: 
addressed to H. W. Beecher, Phila., 1872. 11. The 
Golden City, Phila., 1873. 12. The New Church: its 
Nature and Whereabout, Phila., 1876, 12mo. 13. Swe- 
denborg and Channing : showing the Many and Re- 
markable Agreements in the Beliefs and Teachings of 
these Writers, Phila., 1878, 16mo. 14. Footprints of the 
New Age, Phila., 1884. 15. Heaven Revealed: a Pop- 
ular Presentation of Swedenborg's Disclosures about 
Heaven, Phila., 1885, 12mo. 

Barrett, Rev. Daniel William, graduated at 
Trinity College, Dublin, 1871; ordained 1872; vicar of 
Nassington 1879-87; and since 1887 rector of Chipping- 

Barnet, Hertfordshire. Life and Work among the Nav- 
vies ; 2d ed., Lon., 1880 ; 3d ed., 1883. 
Barrett, Commodore Edward, U.S.N.,d. 1881. 

1. Naval Gunnery Instruction, N. York, 1862, 12mo. 

2. Temporary Fortifications : prepared for the Naval 
Service, N. York, 1863, 12mo. 3. Dead Reckoning; or, 
Day's Work. N. York, 1864, 8vo. 

Barrett, Elizabeth Gertrude Barber. Poem*, 
N. York, 1866, 8vo. 

Barrett, Frank, b. 1848, in London, was for a 
short time a journalist and subsequently a modeller in 
clay, but has since devoted himself to novel-writing. 1. 
Fantoccini, [stories,] Lon., 1874, or. 8vo. 2. Maggie: a 
Novel, Lon., 1876, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 3. Two Knaves and 
a Queen : a Novel, Lon., 1877, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 4. Foil/ 
Morrison : a Novel, Lon., 1880,3 vols. cr. 8vo; new ed., 
1885. 5. Lieutenant Barnabas: a Novel, Lon., 1881, 3 
vols. cr. 8vo. 6. A Prodigal's Progress, Lon., 1882, 3 
vols. cr. 8vo. 7. Honest Davie: a Novel, Lon., 1883, 3 
vols. cr. 8vo; new ed., 1885. 8. John Ford : bis FaulU 
and his Follies, Lon., 1884, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 0. Little 
Lady Lin ton : a Novel, Lon., 1884, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 10. 
Found Guilty : a Novel, Lon., 1886, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 11. 
The Great Hesper, Lon., 1887, 12mo. 12. His Help- 
mate, Lon., 1887, p. 8vo. 13. A Recoiling Vengeance, 
Lon., 1888, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 14. The Admirable Lady 
Biddy Fane: her Surprising Curious Adventures in 
Strange Parts, and Happy Deliverance from Pirates, 
Battle, Captivity, and other Terrors: with divers Ro- 
mantic and Moving Accidents, as set forth by Benet Pen- 
gilly, (her companion in misfortune and joy,) and now 
first done into Print, Lon., 1888, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 

" Mr. Barrett's style is bright and picturesque, and his 
book is interesting from beginning to end. It is improba- 
ble, certainly. But writers of this kind of romance have 
now for some time abandoned the hard-and-fast limits of 
Nature and probability." Spectator, Ixii. 26. 

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3d ed., 1865, 8vo. 2. The Soldier Bird: History of 
"Old Abe," Chic., 1865, 12mo. 

Barrett, Lawrence, b. 1838, at Paterson, N.J.; 
has been for many years a leading actor in Shake- 
spearian and other parts on the American stage. Edwin 
Forrest. Illust. (" American Actors" Series.) Bost., 1881. 

"The main story is, with here and there a little mis- 
placed rhetoric, told in a straightforward aud manly fash- 
ion." Nation, xxxiii. 299. 

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0., fi/-a. 

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the University of Oxford ; Fellow of the Anthropological 
Society of London ; member of the Lincoln Dialectical 
Society. 1. An Examination of Mr. W. II. Gillespie'a 
Argument a priori for the Existence of a First Great 
Cause. ByT.S.B.,Ac. Lon., 1869, p. 8vo:2d ed.. 1371. 




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Barrett, William Alexander, Mus. IX, b. 1836, 
at Hackney, Middlesex; was a chorister at St. Paul's 
Cathedral 1846-49 ; organist at St. James', Penton- 
ville, 1854; clerk of Magdalen College, Oxford, 1861; 
vicar-choral of St. Paul's Cathedral 1867 ; assistant in- 
spector of music 1872; Fellow of the College of Organ- 
ists 1874; grand organist to the grand lodge and grand 
chapter of Freemasons 1888. He is editor of the Mu- 
sical Times, and a contributor to the Athenaeum and 
other journals, and, besides musical compositions and 
collections, has published : 1. Flowers and Festivals 
Floral Decorations of Churches, Lon., 1867, 16mo. 
2. The Chorister's Guide, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 3. Eng- 
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and Work. Lon., 1882, p. 8vo. 

" There is in the book so much that is curious and inter- 
esting to people interested in musical matters, so much 
that is eminently readable by people that have no special 
interest in such matters, . . . that the author may be ex- 
cused for his shortcomings, odd as some of them are." 
Sat. Rev., liv. 580. 

7. English Church Composers, ("Great Musicians,") 
Lon., 1882, p. 8vo. 8. English Glees and Part Songs: 
their Historical Development, Lon., 1886. p. 8vo. 

" This treatise on a branch of music on which the author 
Is specially competent to speak is the substance of a series 
of lectures delivered at the City of London College." 
Atfi., No. 3123. 

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STAINKR, SIR JOHN, A Dictionary of Musical Terms, 
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Barrie, James Matthew, M.A., b. 1860, at Kir- 
rieinuir, Forfarshire, Scotland, and educated at Edin- 
burgh University, has devoted himself to literature and 
journalism, contributing to the St. James's Gazette, the 
Scotsman, and other journals. Kirrieuiuir, where he still 
resides, is the "Thrums" of his Auld Lnhts Idylls. 1. 
Better Dead, '[a story,] Lon., 1887. 2. Auld Lichts 
Idylls, Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. (Contains sketches descrip- 
tive of life in a Scotch village.) 

"This is not only the best book dealing exclusively with 
Scotch humble life, but theonly book of the kind deserv- 
ing to be classed as literature that has been published for 
at least a quarter of a century. ... It is written in a style 
of clear, direct English, devoid of affectation and un- 
marred by self-consciousness, but which, every tenth page 
or so, leads the reader into some ambuscade of what looks 
like quair.i,ness, but is only realism touched with humour. 
. . . His success in toning down the harshness of the world 
he depicts lies in the tenderness which mingles with his 
humour." WILLIAM WALJ ACE: Acad., xxxiii. 354. 

3. When a Man's Single: a Tale of Literary Life in 
London, Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 

" A story which no man of Scotland will read without 
being rewarded. The tale is rather thin, but the old peo- 
ple of Thrums are as good as ever." Ath., No. 3197. 

4. An Edinburgh Eleven. By Gavin Ogilvy, (pseud.) 
Lon., 1888, cr. Svo. (Contains sketches of Lord Rose- 
bery, Profs. Masson, Blackie, Ac.) 

" Mr. Barrie ought to have kept the really good things 
in An Edinburgh Eleven for a more important work." 
Spectator, Ixii. 147. 

5. A Window in Thrum?, Lon., 1889. 

"Lovers of Gait and Mansie Wauch, of the hodden 
gray, and of Lowland humour, will welcome another vol- 
ume of Mr. Barrie's ' Anld Licht' series. Many of our old 
friends in Thrums survive in the present story." Ath.., 
No. 3217. 

Barringer, Mrs. Maria Massey. 1. Dixie 

Cookery : Cook-Book for Southern Housekeepers, Bost., 

1867, 12mo. 2. Dixie Cookery ; or, How I Managed my 

Table for Twelve Years, Bost.. 1870, 12ino. 


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on the Defensive; or, The Problem of Invasion Criti- 
cally Examined : with Map, Lon., 1882, large cr. 8vo. 

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M.A., b. 1805, son of fifth Viscount Barrington; grad- 
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Alban's since 1868. From Ur to Machpelah : the Story 
of Abraham, Lon., 1872, p. Svo. 

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Tenn. ; dramatic critic on the Chicago Interocean since 
1879. The Viking: with Preface by Lawrence Barrett, 
Chic., 1888, 12mo. 

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uated at Oriel College, Oxford, 1867 ; ordained 1867; 
tutor of St. Mary Hall, Oxford, 1870-79, and since then 
rector of Cholderton. Stray Links : Fifty Short Studies 
for Sermons and Meditations, Lon., 1888, p. Svo. 

Barrow, Mrs. Frances Elizabeth, (Mease,) 
(" Aunt Fanny,") b. 1822, at Charleston, S.C., and ed- 
ucated in New York City, where she has resided since 
her marriage to James Barrow, Jr., in 1841. She began 
to write in 1855, her productions being juveniles, 
which have had an immense circulation both in America 
and in England. Most of her stories, after being pub- 
lished separately, have been collected in the following 
series: 1. Little Pet Books, N. York, 1860, 3 volg. r. 
16mo; 5th ed., 1876. 2. Good Little Hearts; or, Stories 
about Children who tried to be good and to do good, 
Bost., 1864, 4 vols. 12mo. 3. Nightcap Series, N. York, 
6 vols. 16mo. 4. The Pop-Gun Stories, N. York, 6 vols. 
16mo. 5. The Six Mitten Books, N. York, 6 vols. 16mo. 

Barrow, Sir George, Bart., 1806-1876, eldest 
son of Sir John Barrow, [q. o., ante, vol. i.,] became a 
clerk in the Colonial Office in London in 1825, and chief 
clerk and secretary to the order of St. Michael and St. 
George in 1870, and retired in 1872. Ceylon, Past and 
Present, Lon., 1857, p. Svo. 

" He appears well informed, accurate, generally sound 
in judgment, and always honourable in feeling; but he is 
hard and dull to a wonderful degree." Sat. Rev., iii. 336. 

Barro%v, Rev. George Staunton, M.A., grad- 
uated at Pembroke College, Oxford, 1857 ; ordained 1857 ; 
vicar of Stowmarket 1876. The Mysteries of Christ: 
being an Examination of the Doctrine contained in the 
First Three Chapters of Ephesians, Lon., 1876, p. Svo. 

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By a Private of the 38th Artists' and member of the 
Alpine Club. Lon., 1864. 2. Mountain Ascents in 
Westmoreland and Cumberland, Lon., 1886, p. Svo. 

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relating to North-Eastern Texas, Lon., 1849, Svo. 2. 
Summer Tours in Central Europe, 1853-56, Lon., 1857, 
3 vols, 12mo. 

Barrow, Sir John Croker, Bart., M.A., eldest 
son of Sir George Barrow, supra, and grandson of Sir 
John Barrow, [q. ., ante, vol. i.,] b. 1833; educated 
at Trinity College, Oxford; called to the bar 1869 ; suc- 
ceeded his father as third baronet in 1876. 1. Arden: 
a Poem, Lon., 1856, Svo. 2. The Valley of Tears, Lon., 
1865, 12uao. 3. Poems, Lon., 1876, Svo. 4. Mary of 
Nazareth : a Legendary Poem. Parts I. and II. 5. 
Towards the Truth : Thoughts in Verse, Lon., 1885. 

" Barrowcliffe, A. J.," (Pseud.) See MOTT, 
ALFREn, infra. 

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gernon, and other Poems, (published by the author,) 
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Authors : Facts for Every Reader about Prominent 
American Books, Authors, and Publishers, English 
Books and Authors, Translations, Ac., Bost., 1887, 
12mo. 2. Facts and Fictions of Mental Healing, Bost., 
1887, 12mo. 

Barrows, Mrs. E. A. Friendship nnd Wayside 
Gleanings, [verse.] Illust. Bost., 1887, 12mo. 



Barrows, Rev. Elijah Porter, D.D., b. 1805, 
at Mansfield, Conn.; graduated at Yale College 1826, 
ordained 1832, and held a Presbyterian pastorate in 
New York 1835-37. He was professor of sacred litera- 
ture in Western Reserve College, Hudson, 0., 1837-52, 
was Hebrew professor at Andover Seminary 1853-06, 
and in 1872 was made professor of Hebrew at Oberlin, 
0. He has been one of the editors of The Bible with 
Notes, issued by the American Society, and a contributor 
to the Bibliotheca Sacra. 1. A Memoir of Evertin 
Judson, N. York, 1852. 2. Companion to the Bible, N. 
York, 187; new ed., 1869, I2mo. 3. Introduction to 
the Study of the Bible, Luii., I860, 8vo. 4. Sacred 
Geography and Antiquities, N. York, 1872, 12ino. 5. 
Manners and Customs of the Jews; new ed., Lun., 
1884. p. 8vo. 

Barrows, Rev. J. O. On Horseback in Cappa- 
docia, Bost., 1884. (The author was for nine years a 
missionary of the American Board in Turkey.) 

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ing, N. York, 1861, 12mo. 2. Scripture Readings, N. 
York, 1871, 16mo. 3. Home as it Should Be, N. York, 
1874, 18mo. 

Barrows, Rev. Samuel June, b. 1845, in New 
York City ; graduated at Harvard Divinity School in 
1875; studied for a year at Leipsic ; became pastor of 
the First Parish Church, (Unitarian,) Dorchester, Mass., 
1876, and editor of the Christian Register 1881. He has 
contributed articles on Dorchester to the Memorial His- 
tory of Boston, 1880, and published: 1. The Doom of 
the Majority, 1883. 2. A Baptist Meeting- House: the 
Staircase of the Old Faith, the Open Door to the New, 
Bost., 1885, Ifimo. 3. (Ed.) Science and Immortality: 
Symposium, Bost., 1887, 16mo. With BARROWS, ISABEL 
C., The Shaybacks in Camp : Ten Summers under Canvas. 
With Map. Bost., 1887, 12ino. 

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Nights in the Hunter's Camp, Bost., 1869, 16mo. 

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cohol and the Commonwealth : the Question Argued, 
Bost., 1851, 8vo. 2. Purgatory, Doctrinally and His- 
torically Opened : with an Introduction by A. M. Mc- 
Kenzie, N. York, 1882, 12mo. 

Harrows, Rev. William, D.D. 1. Oregon: the 
Struggle for Possession, (" American Commonwealth" 
Series,) Bost., 1884, 16mo. 

" Mr. Barrows himself tells us ... that ' this book is de- 
signed to be a history of the concession of Oregon, and 
not a history of Oregon.' . . . He abandons the threadbare 
efforts to find or invent a title by discovery, purchase, or 
prescription, and puts the American title on the true 
ground, of successful colonization." Nation, xxxviii. 283. 

2. The United States of Yesterday and of To-Morrow, 
Bost., 1887, 12mo. 3. The Indian's Side of the Indian 
Question, Bost., 1888, 12mo. 

Barry, Miss. 1. Wondrous Strange, Lon., 1864, 3 
vols. p. 8vo. Anon. 2. Kate Kennedy, Lon., 1865, 2 
vols. p. 8vo. Anon. 

Barry, Right Rev. Alfred, D.D., D.C.L., b. 
1826, son of the eminent architect Sir Charles Barry; 
educated at King's College, London, and at Trinity 
College, Cambridge, where he won high prizes and 
obtained a Fellowship; was ordained in 1850; was 
subwarden of Trinity College, Glenalmond, 1851-54; 
head-master of the grammar-school at Leeds 1854-62, 
when be wafe appointed principal of Cheltenham Col- 
lege. In 1868 he became principal of King's College, 
London ; in 1869 examining chaplain to the Bishop 
of Bath and Wells; in 1871 a canon of Worcester; 
in 1875 honorary chaplain, and in 1880 chaplain-in- 
ordinary, to the Queen; in 1881 canon of Westmin- 
ster; in 18S3 Bishop of Sydney, Primate of Australia, 
and Metropolitan of New South Wales. 1. Intro- 
duction to the Study of the Old Testament, Part I., 
Lon., 1856, cr. 8vo. 2. Notes on the Gospels, 1856, 
12ino. 3. Sermons preached in the Chapel of Chel- 
tenham College, Lon., 1865, p. 8vo. 4. Notes on the 
Catechism : for the Use of Public Schools, 1867, 12mo. 5. 
The Doctrine of the Spirit : Three Sermons preached be- 
fore the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, 1867, 1 2mo. 
.The Life and Works of Sir Charles Barry, R. A., 
F.R.S., <tc., Ac., Lon., 1867, 2 vols. 8vo; 2d ed., 1870. 

' Great credit is due to the son of Sir Charles Barry for 
ie good sense and moderation with which he has ex- 
ecuted the difficult task of writing his father's life." Sat 
Rev., xxiv. 733. 

7. Some of the Present Needs of the Church of Eng- 
land : a Lecture, Lon., 1867, p. 8vo. 8. The Doctrine 

of the Cross: Six Sermons, Hereford, 1868, 12mo. 9. 
The Architect of the New Palace at Westminster, Lon., 
1868, 8vo. (This i an answer to a pamphlet, by E. 
Welby Pugin, in which a claim was set up for A. W. 
Pugin of having designed the plans of the House* 
of Parliament.) 10. Sermons for Boys; or, Memorials 
of Cheltenham Sundays, Lon., 1869, I2ino. 11. The 
Atonement of Christ: Six Lectures, Lon., 1871, 12mo. 
12. Religion for Erery Day: Lectures to Men, Lon., 
1873, 12uio. 13. Not that we would be unclothed, Ac.: 
Ordination Sermon, Lon., 1877, 8vo. 14. What it 
Natural Theology ? An Attempt to estimate the Cumu- 
lative Evidences of many Witnesses, (Boyle Lectures, 
1876,) Lon., 1877, 12iuo. 15. Masters in English 
Theology: King's College Lectures, Lon., 1877, p. 8vo. 
16. Manifold Witness for Christ: being the Boyle Lec- 
tures for 1877 and 1878, Lon., 1880, 8vo. 17. Sermons 
for Passiontide and Easter, preached in Worcester 
Cathedral, Lon., 1881, p. 8vo. 18. Teacher's Prayer- 
Book : Common Prayer, with Analysis and Notes, Lon., 
1882, I Snio. 19. Colossians, Thessalonians, and Timothy, 
with Commentaries, Lon., 1883, 12mo. 20. First Words 
in Australia: Sermons, Lon., 1884, p. 8vo. 21. Sermons 
preached at Westminster Abbey, Lon., 1884, p. 8vo. 22. 
Lives of Irish Saints, 1st Series, Lon., 1887, 18mo. 

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Girl, N. York, 1878, 12mo. 2. Primer of Design, Bout., 
1878, sq. 18mo. 3. Model and Object Drawing: an 
Essay. Illust. Bost., 1879, 4to. 

Barry, C. JM. The New Law Courts and National 
Gallery, Lon., 172. 8vo. 

Barry, Right Hon. Charles Robert, b. 1825; 
called to the Irish bar 1848; lord justice of appeal in 
Ireland since 1883. Speeches, Dublin, 1868, 8vo. 

Barry, E., sergeant-major 2d Middlesex Volunteers. 
Artillery Volunteer's Vade-Mecum, Lon., 1880, 32mo. 

Barry, Edward Middleton, R.A., 1830-1880, 
third son of Sir Charles Barry, was professor of architec- 
ture at the Royal Academy from 1873 till his death. 
He was the architect of a large number of churches, Ac. 
Lectures on Architecture delivered before the Royal 
Academy. Ed., with a Memoir, by Canon Barry. Illust. 
Lon., 1881, 8vo. 

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N. York, 1864, 8vo. 

Barry, Henry. The Manual of Happiness. Ed- 
ited by his Daughter. Lon., 1862, 12mo. 

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p. 8vo. 

" His book may be cordially recommended as honest 
and instructive." Sat. Jiev., xxxi. 672. 

2. Russian Metallurgical Works, Iron, Copper, and 
Gold, concisely described, Lon., 1870, 8vo. 3. Ivan at 
Home; or, Pictures of Russian Life. Illust. Lon., 
1872, 8vo. 

" He is simply a shrewd man of business, proud of his 
English good sense, and amusingly unconscious of his 
English prejudices, but judging everything steadily from 
an English point of view. . . . The main interest ... of 
Mr. Barry's book lies in the insight which it gives into the 
industrial life of Russia." Sol. Rev., xxxiii. 606. 

" Ivan, of course, is the representative Russian peasant 
. . . After perusing Mr. Barry's works we have the impres- 
sion that we have known Ivan intimately all our lives." 
Spectator, xlv. 726. 

Barry, Rev. James, curate of Bratton Clovelly, 
Devonshire. Elijah ; or, The Baalim in Israel: a Met- 
rical Libretto, Lon., 1869, 12ino. 

llarr>, Rev. John Stetson, 1819-1872, brother 
of Rev. William Barry, infra, b. in Boston, Mass., be- 
came a Universalist minister, and had charge of congre- 
gations at West Amesbury, Ac. 1. Genealogical Sketch 
of the Stetson Family, Bost., 1847, 8vo. 2. A Histori- 
cal Sketch of Hanover, Mass., Bost., 1853, 8vo. 3. The 
History of Massachusetts, 1855-57, 3 vols. 8vo. 

Barry, John Wolfe, C.E. Railway ApplU 
ances: Details of Railway Construction, Lon., 1876, 
12mo ; 5th ed., 1887. With BRAMWELL, SIR F. J., C.E., 
F.R.S., Railways and Locomotives: Lectures delivered 
at the School of Military Engineering at Chatham in 
1877, Lon., 1882, 8vo. 

Barry, Joseph. The Annals of Harper's Ferry 
from 1794 to 1869. By Josephus, Jr. Hagerstown, Md., 

Barry, M., professor at All Hallows' College. 1. 
Orators and Elocution : a Class-Book on Public Speak- 
ing, Dublin, 1862, 8vo. 2. Hand-Book of Rhetoric, 
based on Stirling and Holmes, Lon., 1864, 12mo. 

Barry, M. L. Hard Realities, Lon., 1S84, 12mo. 




Barry, Mailman. Catechism of the Eastern 
Question, 1710-1878, Lon., 1880, 8vo. Paraph. 

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Dublin, 1845, 18mo; new ed., 1870. 2. Lays of the 
War, and Miscellaneous Poems, Lon., 1856, 12mo. 3. 
Miscellaneous Lyrics, 1856, 12mo. 4. The Pope and 
the Romagna, Dublin, I860. Pamph. 5. Heinrich and 
Leonore : an Alpine Story, Ac., [verse,] Lon., 1886, p. 8vo. 

Barry, Patrick. 1. Dock- Yard Economy and Na- 
val Power, Lon., 1863, 8vo. 2. The Dock-Yards, Ship- 
Yards, and Marine of France, Lon., 1864, 8vo. 3. 
Shoeburyness and the Guns : a Philosophical Discourse, 
Lon., 1865, 8vo. 4. Over the Atlantic and Great West- 
ern Railway, Lon., 1866, p. 8vo. 5. Wealth and Pov- 
erty considered, Lon., 1869, p. Svo; 2d ed., 1871. 6. 
The Workman's Wrongs and the Workman's Rights; 
2ded., Lon., 1871, p. 8vo. 

Barry, Patrick, 1816-1890, b. at Belfast, Ireland; 
emigrated to America in 1836, and engaged io the nur- 
sery business at Rochester, N.Y. He was editor of the 
Genesee Farmer 1844-52, and of the Horticulturist 
1852-54, prepared the catalogue of the American 
Poinological Society, and published A Treatise on the 
Fruit Garden, N. York, 1851 ; new ed., 1872. 

Barry, Philip Francis Gould. A Book of 
Christmas Verses, Hobart Town, 1865, lOino. 

Barry, R. Milner-. Bayreuth and Franconian 
Switzerland. Illust. Lon., 1887, p. Svo. 

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Memories of San Francisco in the Spring of 1850, San 
Fran., 1873, Svo. 

Barry, W. Venezuela: Gold-Mines of Guyana and 
the River Orinoco during 1886, Lon., 1887, p. Svo. 

Barry, William. 1. Moorland and Stream : with 
Notes and Prose Idyls on Shooting and Trout-Fishing, 
Lon., 1871, p. Svo. 2. Sporting Rambles and Holiday 
Papers, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 

Barry, William J. The Sacramentals of the Holy 
Catholic Church ; or, Flowers from the Garden of the 
Liturgy, Lon., 1879, 16mo. 

Barry, William Jackson, b. in Cambridge- 
shire, Eng., about 1819, son of a veterinary surgeon, 
taken to New South Wales when a boy, and had a 
career of strange vicissitudes and adventures, which he 
has recounted in his autobiography. Up and Down ; 
or, Fifty Years' Colonial Experiences in Australia, Cali- 
fornia, New Zealand, India, China, and the South Pa- 
cific : being the Life History of Captain W. J. Barry, 
by Himself, Lon., 1880, p. Svo. 

" A perusal of this volume leaves the stay-at-home Eng- 
lishman in the condition of a child who has had his first 
gaze into a kaleidoscope." Sat. Rev., xlix. 609. 

Barry, William Whittaker. 1. A Treatise on 
the Statutory Jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery, 
Lon., 1861, Svo. 2. A Treatise on the Practice of Con- 
veyancing, Lon., 1865, Svo. 3. A Treatise on the Law 
and Practice of Benefit Building SocietifcS, Lon., 1866, 
p. Svo. 4. A Walking Tour round Ireland in 1865. By 
an Englishman. Lon., 1867. 5. A Walking Tour in 
Normandy, Lon., 1868, Svo. 6. Forms and Precedents 
in Conveyancing, Lon., 1872, 8vo. 

Barstable, C. Francis. The Theory of Inter- 
national Trade : with its Applications, Dublin, 1887, 
p. Svo. 

" He goes over the ground which Mill has covered, not 
as a servile follower, but striking out unbeaten short-cuts 
and obtaining new points of view." F. Y. EDGEWOBTH: 
Acad., xxxi. 256. 

Barstow, Amos C. Letters, [from Europe.] By 
A. C. B. 1873. 

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Darkness: a Story of Street-Life, Lon., 1884, sq. 16mo. 

Barstow, Mrs. E. The Young Christian Mer- 
chant : Memoir of G. W. Blake, Bost., 16ino. 

Barstow, William, M.D. Sulphurets: Whatthey 
are, how Assayed, Ac. : with Chapter on Blow-Pipe As- 
say of Minerals, San Fran., 1867, 12mo; new ed., 1875. 

Barter, Catherine. 1. Alone among the Zulus. 
By a Plain Woman. The Narrative of a Journey through 
the Zulu Country, South Africa. Lon., 1866. Anon. 
New ed., 1879. 2. Home in South Africa. By a Plain 
Woman. Lon., 1874, 12mo. 

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1857, professor of medicine in the Medical College of Ohio 
186478, and in 1878 became professor of materia uiedica 
and therapeutics in Jefferson College, Philadelphia. He 
was Cartwright lecturer in 1880, and president of the 
American Neurological Society in 1881. His writings 
include four prize essays, viz., two of the Connecticut 
Medical Society in 1868, that of the American Medical 
Association in 1869, and the Fiske Prize, Rhode Island, 
in 1870. He has also published : 1. Manual for Enlist- 
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Bartlett, Ellis Ashmead-,b. 1849, at Brooklyn, 
N.Y. ; was educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where he 
took a first class in the final schools; called to the bar 
at the Inner Temple 1879 ; elected M.P. for Eye 1880 
and for Sheffield 1885; civil lord of the admiralty since 
ISM). Shall England keep India? with special Maps, 
Lon., 1885, fol. 

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Mass., and in Boston, at first on his own account, 
and afterwards, in 1865, as a member of the firm of 
Little, Brown, A Co., of which since 1878 he has been 
the senior partner. Besides his Familiar Quotations, 
of which the 8th revised edition appeared in 1883, he 
has published : 1. A New Method of Chess Notation, 
Cambridge, 1857. 2. The' Shakespeare Phrase-Book, 
Lon., 1881, p. Svo; Bost., 1882, 12mo. 3. CataKgueof 
Books on Angling, including Ichthyology, Pisciculture, 
Fisheries, and Fishing Laws, Bost., 1882, 8vo. 

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Bartlett, John Russell, 1805-1886, [nnte, vol. i., 
add.,] was secretary of state in Rhode Island from 1855 
to 1872, and acting governor in 1861-62 ; corresponding 
secretary of the New York Historical Society, and a 
member of the American Ethnographical Society. For 
many years he had the care of the John Carter Brown 
Library at Providence, R.I. 1. History of the De- 
struction of His Britannic Majesty's Schooner Gaspee, on 
Narragansett Bay, 1772, Providence, R.I., 1861, imp. 
'8ro. 2. Bibliography of Rhode Island, Providence, 

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Trinity College; ordained 1856; vicar of Great Wai- 
tham 1873-76. The Letter and the Spirit: Bamptoa 
Lectures, 1888, Lon., 1888, 8vo. 

Bartlett, Rev. Samuel Colcord, D.D., I.1..H.. 
b. 1817, at Salisbury, N.H. ; graduated at Dartmouth 
in 1836, and at Andover in 1842; pastor of Congrega- 
tional churches 1843-59 ; became professor of intellect- 
ual philosophy and rhetoric in Western Reserve College 
1846, and of Biblical literature in Chicago Theological 
Seminary 1858; elected president of Dartmouth Col- 
lege 1877. 1. Life and Death Eternal : a Refutation 
of the Doctrine of Annihilation, Bost., 1866, 12mo; 2d 
ed., 1878. 2. Sketches of the Missions of the A. B. C. 
F. M., 1872. 3. From Egypt to Palestine, through 
Sinai, the Wilderness, and the South Country: Observa- 
tions of a Journey made with Special Reference to the 
History of the Israelites. Illust. N. York, 1879, 8vo. 
4. Sources of History in the Pentateuch, 1883. 

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sculptor. The Art Life of William Rimmer Sculptor, 
Painter, and Physician. Illust. with Heliotype Repro- 
ductions. Bost., 1882, 4to. 

" It brings out what is important and avoids the Insig- 
nificant and trivial. It is a truly interesting and instruc- 
tive life." Nation, xxxv. 637. 

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Green since 1868. 1. Tne History and Antiquities of 
the Parish of Wimbledon, Surrey : with Sketches of the 
Earlier Inhabitants, Lon., 1865, p. Svo. 2. Profitable- 
ness of the Old Testament Scriptures: a Treatise founded 
on 2 Tim. iii. 16, 17, Lon., 1884, cr. Svo. 

Hartley, Elms Hudson, M.D., b. 1849, at Bart- 
ley ville, N. J. ; graduated at Cornell in 1873, and in 
1879 at Long Island College Hospital, where he was 
made professor of chemistry and toxicology in 1885 ; 
chief chemist to the health department, Brooklyn, from 
1882. He contributed articles to Wood's Household 
Practice of Medicine, (N.Y., 1885,) and has published 
separately : Medical Chemistry : a Text-Book for Stu- 
dents. Illust. Phila., 1885, 12mO. 

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People, Lon., 1871, 8vo. 2. The Seven Ages of a Vil- 
lage Pauper, Lon., 1874, p. Svo. 

" Mr. Hartley's little volume is worth careful attention. 
He paints his picture too dark on the one Mile, and does 
not go far enough in reforms on the other; but. after all, 
legislation is not everything." Spectator, xlvii. 919. 

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and other Poems, Richmond, 1855, 12mo. 

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copoeial Companion to the Visiting List and Medical 



Diaries ; 2d ed., Lon., 1875, 16rao. 2. (Trans.) An- 
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mania : a Few Words as to the Value of Peruvian Guano 
as a Manure, Launceston, Tasmania, 1855, 12mo. 

Bartol, Rev. Cyrus Augustus, D.D., [ante, 
vol. i., add.,] pastor of the West Church, (Unitarian,) 
Boston, since 1861. Besides uncollected poems and 
essays and the books enumerated in vol. i., he hus pub- 
lished : 1. The Word of the Spirit to the Church, 1860, 
16mo. 2. The Unspotted Life: a Discourse in Memory 
of Rev. T. S. King, Bost., 1864, Svo. 3. Radical Prob- 
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6. Principles and Portraits, 1880. 7. James T. Fields : 
& Discourse, 1881. 8. The President's Death : a Dis- 
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Kersley, 1876. 

* Barton, Fanny M.," (Pseud.) See BUTTS, 
MRS. M. F., infra. 

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practises at Dunedin, New Zealand. 1. Literature in 
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Remark? on the Parochial and Burgh Schoolmasters' 
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.Y.; graduated at Williams College in 1849, and at 

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Williams College from 1855 to 1874, and in the latter 

year was made president of the University of Wisconsin. 

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Basford-de-Wilson. See WILSON. 

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Woolwich, 1864-74. 1. Construction of Oblique Bridges, 
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versity Buildings, together with Remarks on the Manage- 
ment of the Public Library, Lon., 1853. 3. Description of 
the Chronograph, Lon., 1866. 4. Mathematical Treatise 
on the Motion of Projectiles, founded chiefly on the Re- 
sults of Experiments made with the Author's Chrono- 
graph : with 3 Plates and 192 Tables of Co-Efficients for 
the Cubic Law of Resistance, Lon., 1873, Svo; new ed., 
with supplement. 5. Supplement to the above, sepa- 
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English Verse, N. York and Phila., 18(55, 12mo. 4. Le- 
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fraduated at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 
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Helps to I'rayer and Meditation, Lon., 1886, 12mo. 

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perstitions of the Sea and Sailors, N. York and Chic., 
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Bassett, Rev. Francis Tilney, M.A., gradu- 
ated at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 1852; 
ordained 1852; vicar of Dulverton, Somersetshire, since 
1872 ; prebendary of Wells Cathedral 1885. 1. Elohism 
and Jehovisrn, Bath, 1864. 2. The Prophets: What were 
they? A Brief Inquiry into the Titles of Prophet and 
Seer, 1S65. 3. Criticism and Interpretation of Psalm 
ii. 12, 1866. 4. The Minutiae of Prophecy and the Mi- 
nutiae of Fulfilment, 1866. 5. The Errors of the Church 
of Rome founded on or substantiated by Mistransla- 
tions of the Original Hebrew and Greek, found in the 
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Literally Translated: with Introduction and Notes, Crit- 
ical and Explanatory, Lon., 1869. 7. Christ in Eternity 
and Time : Four Advent Sermons preached in Old Wid- 
couibe Church, Bath, 1871, 12mo. 8. Search and See: 
a Brief Examination of Certain Messianic Texts of the 
Old Testament, with Relation to Ancient and Modern 
Controversies, Lon., 1870, p. 8vo. 9. The Teacher's 
Text-Book : a Collection of some Difficult Passages in 
the Gospels explained, Lon., 1871, 16mo. 10. The 
Catholic Epistle of St. James: a Revised Text: with 
Trans., Lon., 1876, 8vo. 11. Collect Hymns; or, The 
Collects for Sundays and Festivals rendered into 
Hymns: with an Introduction and an Historical Notice 
to each Collect, Lon., 1877. 12. The Eastern Question 
and the Preservation of Peace: a Sermon, Lon., 1878, 
8vo. 13. Sacred Allegories and their Lessons in Verse, 
Lon., 1873, 12mo. 14. Things that Must Be: Four 
Advent Sermons', Lon., 1872, 12mo. 15. An Examina- 
tion of Some of the Texts in the New Testament that 
relate to the Deity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Lon., 
1883, 8vo. 

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facturers, Merchants, and Traders, Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. 

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tice: with Precedents and Indictments, Chic., 1869, 8vo; 
2d ed., 1884. 

Bassett, Rev. James, b. 1834, near Hamilton, 
Can.; graduated at Wabash College in 1856, and at 
Lane Theological Seminary in 1859; was chaplain in 
the U.S. volunteer army in 1862-63 ; pastor of Presby- 
terian churches in Newark and Englewood, N.J. ; in 
1871 went as a missionary to Persia, where he acquired a 
familiarity with the language which enabled him to com- 
pose a volume of hymns in Persian, which was published 
at Teheran in 1875 and again in 1884. Persia, the Land 
of the Imams: a Narrative of Travel and Residence, 
1871-1885. Map. N. York, 1886, 12mo. 

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Hebrew Christian. Lon., 18H2, p. 8vo. 

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the manor of Cbarlton Marshall, Blandford. Scepticism 
and Social Justice, Ramsgate, 1872; 2d ed., 1877, p. 

Bastian, Henry Charlton, M.D., F.R.C.P., 
F.US., F.L.S., b. 1837, at Truro, Cornwall; graduated 
at University College, London ; appointed lecturer on 
pathology and assistant physician at St. Mary's Hos- 
pital 1866; professor of pathological anatomy in Uni- 
versity College, and assistant physician to the hos- 
pital, 1867 ; physician to the same hospital in 1871, and 
professor of clinical medicine in 1878. He was dean of 
the faculty of medicine in University College from 1874 to 
1876, and examiner in medicine to the Queen's Univer- 
sity in Ireland from 1876 to 1879. Besides the works 
on which his reputation as a physiologist chiefly rests, 
and some of which attracted wide attention and led to 
public controversy by their advocacy of the doctrine of 
abiogenesis, (or the spontaneous generation of life,) he 
has contributed numerous papers to medical and scien- 
tific publications, the most important being Memoirs on 
Nematoids, Parasitic and Free, (in the Philosophical 
Transactions and the Transactions of the Linnaean So- 
cietv ;) a monograph on the Anguillulidae, in which he 
described 100 new species discovered by himself; and 
all the articles on Diseases of the Spinal Cord, with 
many on Diseases of the Nervous System, in Quain's 
Dictionary of Medicine. 1. The Modes of Origin of the 
Lowest Organisms, including a Discussion of the Ex- 
periments of M. Pasteur, and a Reply to some Statements 
by Professors Huxley and Tyndall, Lon., 1871, p. 8vo. 

"Whatever the ultimate verdict of science may be on 
the vexed question of the possibility of what is called 
spontaneous generation, the controversy will certainly not 
languish for want of experiments or of arguments upon 
them. . . . Dr. Bastian's book is an attempt ... to dis- 

Erove the overstrained inferences which havebeen drawn 
om Pasteur's remarkable negative results." Sat. Rev., 
xxxii. 152. 

2. The Beginnings of Life; being some Account of 
the Nature, Modes of Origin, and Transformations of 
Lower Organisms. Illust. Lon., 1872, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 

" A work which in the startling character of its revela- 
tions is the most remarkable that has appeared since Mr. 
Darwin took the scientific world by storm with his Origin 
of Species. . . . His experiments have followed three main 
lines of investigation. One class of observations is di- 
rected to the investigation of the transformations which 
matter actually living or taken direct from a living organ- 
ism may undergo. A second class deals with the evolu- 
tion of "life from the debris of formerly living plants or 
animals. A third class is directed to the inquiry whether 
life can be developed from matter containing the organic 
elements, after it has been reduced to a crystalline I'orm. 
. . . He does not profess to have proved that life can be 
evolved out of crystalline solutions, though he does not 
disguise his own expectation that when the subject i 
more fully worked out this also will have to be recognized 
as an established fact." SaL Rev., xxxiv. 731. 

3. Evolution and the Origin of Life, Lon., 1874, p. 
Svo. 4. On Paralysis from Brain Disease in its Com- 
mon Form. Illust. Lon., 1875, p. 8vo. 5. The Brain 
as an Organ of Mind, (" International Scientific" Series,) 
Lon., 1880, cr. 8vo. 

" It cannot be regarded in any sense as a popular work, 
but rather as the fullest scientific exposition yet published 
of the views held on the subject of psychology by the ad- 
vanced physiological school. It teems with new and sug- 
gestive ideas." Ath., No. 2749. 

6. Paralyses : Cerebral, Bulbar, and Spinal. Illust. 
Lon., 1886, 8vo. 

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cluding Organography, Vegetable Histology, Vegetable 
Physiology, Ac. Illust. Chic., 1887, 8vo. 

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Mensuration, for Students of the Indian Universities, 
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ern Diocese, Claremont, N.H., 1876, 3 vols. Svo. With 
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History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the 
Diocese of Vermont, N. York, 1870, Svo. 

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infra. Romance of the Fashionable World, Bost., 1857, 

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Edmund Burke, Chic., 1866, I2mo. 2. Societyism and 
its Evils. By a Chicagoan. Chic., 1871. 3. The 
Christ in Life, Chic., 1887, 16mo. 

Batchelder, John Putnam, M.D., 1784-1868, 
b. at Milton, N.H., licensed to practise medicine in 1807, 
and took the degree of M.D. at Harvard in 1815; professor 
of anatomy in Castleton College, Vermont, in 1817, and 
soon afterwards professor of surgical anatomy in Berk- 
shire Medical Institution, Pittsfield, Mass.; president 
of the Academy of Medicine and of the New York 
Medical Association in 1858. 1. Thoughts on the Con- 
nection of Life, Mind, and Matter, Utica, N.Y., 1845, 
8vo. 2. Inaugural Address before the New York 
Academy of Medicine, N. York, 1858, 8vo. 

Batchelder, Samuel, 1784-1879, b. at Jaffrey, 
N.H., was a manufacturer and mechanical inventor, and 
president for many years of several of the largest corpo- 
rations at Lowell, Mass., and other places. He resided 
at Cambridge, Mass., and served for some years as a 
member of the State Legislature. 1. Responsibilities 
of the North in Relation to Slavery, Cambridge, 1856. 
2. The Young Men of America : a Prize Essay, N. York, 

1858, 16mo; new ed., 1860. 3. The Poetry of the Bells, 

1859, 12mo. 4. The Introduction and Progress of the 
Cotton Manufacture in the United States, Bost., 1863, 

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Lowell, Mass.; graduated at Harvard 1851. Laws of 
Massachusetts in Reference to Manufacturing Corpora- 
tions, Bost., 1869, 12mo. 

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Home; or, A Stray Shot at the Yankees, Lon., 1864, 8vo. 

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other Problems, Ethical and Religious, Bost., 1887, 

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ister. 1. The Logic of Atheism : Three Lectures, Lon., 
1858, 12mo. 2. Instrumental Music in Christian Wor- 
ship, Lon., 1867, 8vo. 3. The Incarnation of God, and 
other Sermons, Lon., 1880, p. 8vo. 4. The Christian 
Fulfilment and Uses of the Levitical Sin-Offering, Lon., 
1887, p. 8vo. 

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York, 1888, 12mo. 

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pared with the Usual Practice of Medicine, Lon., 1845, 
12tno. 2. The Curableness of Cancer, Lon., 1854, 8vo. 

Bate, Charles Spence, F.R.S., F.L.S., b. 1819, at 
Trenick House, near Truro ; settled at Plymouth and 
engaged in practice as a dental surgeon, devoting his 
leisure time to abstruse researches into the structure and 
classification of the obscurer forms of animal life, par- 
ticularly the Crustacea, in the knowledge of which he is 
regarded as the highest living authority. He was vice- 
president of the Biological section of the British Asso- 
ciation in 1869, and vice-president of the British Asso- 
ciation in 1877. He has contributed a number of papers 
and reports to scientific journals and the Transactions 
of learned societies. 1. Catalogue of the Specimens of 
Amphipodous Crustacea in the Collection of the British 
Museum, Lon., 1862, 8vo. 2. The Pathology of Dental 
Caries. Illust. Lon., 1864, 8vo. With WESTXVOOD, JOHN 
OBADIAH, F.L.S., A History of the British Sessile-Eyed 
Crustacea, (Sandhoppers, Ac. :) with Figures of all the 
Species and Numerous Tail-pieces, in 23 parts, Lon., 
1861-69, and 2 vols. imp. Svo. 

Bate, Francis. The Naturalist School of Paint- 
ing, Lon., 1887. 

" Though . . . Mr. Bate holds a brief and pleads not 
over-wisely for a certain narrow creed in art, Vet for the 
sake of many small practical suggestions, and for its vivid 
description of a view of nature, The Naturalistic School 
of Painting fully deserves the trouble of a careful read- 
ing." Sat. Rev., Ixiii. 881. 

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Die ? Lon., 1876, Svo. 2. The Recovery of the Lost, 
Lon., 1876, Svo. 3. Counsels and Encouragements to 
the Agents of the British Workman's Assurance Com- 
pany, Limited, Lon., 1877, Svo. 4. Will there be a 
Resurrection ? an Answer to the Materialist, Pantheist, 
and Spiritualist. Lon., 1877, 12mo. 5. How to become 
a Successful Life Assurance Agent, Lon., 1878, Svo. 6. 
The Life Assurance Agent's Pocket Hand-Book, Leeds, 
1879, 16mo. 7. Heathen, Jewish, and Infidel Testi- 
mony to Bible Facts, Christianity, Ac., Lon., 1883, Svo. 

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1. Vernon: a Tale of the Sea, [verse,] Lon., 1856, p. 
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Found Wanting; or, The National Religion of England 
brought to the Test of Holy Scripture, and found every- 
where Defective and Erroneous. By Puto. Lon., 1872, 

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clopaedia of Illustrations of Moral and Religious Truths, 
Lon., 1864, Svo; 9th ed., 1884. 2. Objections to the 
Methodist Class-Meeting Answered, Lon., 1865, p. Svo. 
3. The Class- Leader's Assistant : containing upwards 
of 470 Views of Christian Doctrine, Lon., 1865, 8vo ; 
5th ed., 1869. 4. Speaking to the Life; or, Practical 
Godliness, Lon., 1866, 12uio. 5. Aids to the Spiritual 
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6 Talkers : with Illustrations, Lon., 1878, sm. Svo. 7. 
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fluence of the Mind on Mind, Lon., 1883, 8vo. 9. Out- 
Spoken, (Dedicated to the Churches,) Lon., 1888, Svo. 

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Claims of Ishmael as viewed by Muhainuiedans: being 
the First Chapter of Section I. of Studies in Islam, 
Benares, 1884, Svo. 

Bateman, Lord. See HANBURT. 

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of Speech, and the Localization of the Faculty of Artic- 
ulate Language, Lon., 1870, Svo. 2. Darwinism tested 
by Language, Lon., 1877, p. Svo. 

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Hundred and Sixty- Five new Hymns and Psalms for 
Public Worship, Lon., 1862, Svo. 3. Fret Not, and 
other Poems, Lon., 1869, 16mo. 

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Otterpool: a Novel, Lon., 1858, 3 vols. 12rno. 2. Who 
is to have it? a Novel, Lon., 1S59, p. Svo. 3. For- 
giveness: a Novel, Lon., 1860,3 vols. 12mo. 4. The 
Two Families ; or, The Power of Religion, Lon., 1863, 
1 2mo. 5. lerne of Armorica : a Tale of the Time of 
Chlovis, Lon., 1873, cr. Svo. 

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Growing, Lon., 1864, 8vo. 2. Monograph of Odonto- 
glossum, Lon., 1874, fol. Previously pub. in parts. 

Bateman, John, of Colchester, Eng. 1. The Acre- 
ocracy of England : Owners of Three Thousand Acres 
and Upwards, L<5n., 1876, 'cr. Svo. 

" He has taken every person whom he suspects of more 
than three thousand acres, has hunted up his possessions 
through all counties and under all mistakes of initials, 
has ascertained his college and club, and has given in the 
briefest possible form and in alphabetical order these four 
important items of intelligence about him, his college, 
his club, his acreage, and his rent-roll. The work, so far 
as we have tested it, is carefully done." Spectator, xlix. 

2. Church Association : its Policy and Prospects ; 2d 
ed., Lon., 1880, Svo. 3. Great Land-Owners of Great 
Britain and Ireland, Lon., 1878, cr. Svo. 

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Lon. and Edin., b. 1810, past president Institute of Civil 
Engineers. 1. Metropolis Water-Supply. Illust. Lon., 
1865, Svo. 2. History and Description of the Man- 
chester Water- Works, Lon., 1884, r. 4to. With REVT, 
JULIAN JOHN, Channel Railway, Lon., 1869, Svo. 

Bateman, Rev. Josiah, M.A., [ante, vol. i., add.,] 
rector of North Gray, Kent; vicar of Margate, and 
rural dean ; afterwards rector of Southchurch, near 
Southend; honorary canon of Canterbury. 1. Sermons 
addressed to Parents, Masters, Children, and Young 
Men, Lon., 1850, Svo. 2. Life of Bishop Daniel Wilson, 
Lon., 1860. [See WILSON, DANIEL, D.D., ante, vol. iii.j 
3. The Church of England in Harmony with the Holy 
Scriptures, Lon., 1867, 12mo. 4. The Life of the Rev. 
Henry Venn Elliott, M.A., Perpetual Curate of St. 
Mary's, Brighton, and late Fellow of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, Lon., 1868. 5. Short Sermons for Sick- 
Rooms, Lon., 1870, p. 8vo. 6. Clerical Reminiscences. 
By Senex. Lon., 1880. 

" Books such as this clothe with flesh the bones of 
Church history and legislation, and help to preserve in 
life-like form the records of a half-century among the 
most eventful in the annals of the English Church." Sat. 
Rev., 1. 550. 

Bateman, Newton. 1. School Laws of Illinois, 
as amended Feb'y, 1865 ; 12th ed., Springfield, 111., 1866, 
Svo. 2. School Laws and Common School Decisions of 
the State of Illinois. Rev. by Win. L. Pillsbury. Spring- 
field, 111., 1888, Svo. 

Bateman, Thomas, 1821-1861, b. at Rowsley, 
Derbyshire, local secretary for Derbyshire of the Society 
of Antiquaries, made excavations in his native county 


and brought to light a great number of relics. Besides 
numerous contributions to archaeological journals, he 
published: 1. Vestiges of the Antiquities of Derbyshire 
and the Sepulchral Usages of its Inhabitants, I. DM., 1847, 
8vo. 2. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Antiquities and 
Miscellaneous Objects preserved in the Museum of Lom- 
berdale House, 1855, 12mo. 3. Ten Years' Diggings in 
Celtic and Saxon Grave-Hills, from 1848 to 1858, Lon., 
1861, 8vo. 

" He has probably had more experience than any living 
antiquary in the excavation of barrows . . . For want of 
some power of generalization, the valuable facts here col- 
lected, and all the varied learning of the compiler, are to 
a great extent thrown away." Sat. Rev., xii. 252. 

liatcman,Uev. William Fairbairn Latrobe, 
M.A., graduated at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1866; 
ordained 1868; perpetual curate of Upper Norwood 
since 1880. 1. Instructions given to the Guild of St. 
John the Evangelist, Upper Norwood, in the Course of 
the Year 1876. By W. F. B. Lon., 1877. 2. The 
Lord's Prayer the Prayer of the Catholic Church on 
Earth, Oxford, 1887, cr. 8vo. 

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mercial Law, as recognized in the Jurisprudence of the 
United States, Phila., 1860, 8vo. 2. Political and Con- 
stitutional Law of the United States, St. Louis, 1876, 8vo. 

Bates, Arlo, A.M., b. 1850, at East Machias, 
Me.; graduated at Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me., 
in 1876; became the editor of the Boston Sunday 
Courier in 1880. He has contributed many sketches and 
stories to magazines, and is author of the following 
books, of which the first and third were published anony- 
mously : 1. Patty's Perversities, (" Round Robin " Se- 
ries,) Bost., 1881, 12mo; new ed., 1887. 2. Mr. F. 
Seymour Huden and Engraving, 1882. Pamph. 3. 
Mr. Jacobs: Tale of the Drummer, Ac., Bost., 1883, 
2 lino. Anon. (This is a parody on Crawford's "Mr. 
Isaacs.") 4. The Pagans, N. York, 1884, 16mo ; 4th ed., 
1888. 5. A Wheel of Fire, N. York, 1885, 12mo. 6. 
Berries of the Brier : a Collection of Poems, Bost., 

1886, 16mo. 7. Lad's Love: a Campobello Story, Bost., 

1887, 16mo. 8. Sonnets in Shadow, Bost., 1887, 16mo. 
9. The Philistines. 1888, 12mo. 

Bates, Cadwallader John. A Glance at the 
Wages Question in England, Lon., 1878, 8vo. 

Bates, Miss Charlotte Fiske, daughter of Her- 
vey Bates, b. 1838, in New York City, resides in 
Cambridge, Mass., and has contributed poems to leading 
American magazines. She assisted Longfellow in com- 
piling Poems of Places, for which she made some 
original translations. 1. Risk, and other Poems, Bost., 
1879, 24mo. 2. (Ed.) Cambridge Book of Poetry and 
Song, N. York, 1882, 8vo. 

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land, Versified, Bost., 1876, 4to. 2. More Classics of 
Babyland, Bost., 1878, 4to. 3. Child-Lore: its Classics, 
Traditions, and Jingles. Illust. Bost., 1880, 8vo. 4. 
On the Way to Wonderland. Illust. Bost., 1884, 8vo. 

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Forms under the Code: adapted to the Statutes of Ohio, 
Ac., Cin., 1881-82, 2 vols. 2. Supplement to Ohio 
Digest, vols. xxv.-xxix. inch, 1875-1878, Cin., 1878, r. 
8vo; same, 1878-1882, vol. xxx., Cin., 1883, 8vo. 3. The 
Law of Limited Partnership, Bost., 1886, 12mo. 4. 
The Law of Partnership, Chic., 1888, 2 vols. 8vo. 

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Water ; or, Four Years on the Pacific Coast ; 2d ed., 
Bost., 1857, 8vo. 

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of Chancery, 1814-1865, Phila., 1876-78, 2 vols. 8vo. 

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d. 1870. Poetical Works. Edited by S. Bates. Phila., 
1870, 12mo. 

Bates, Miss E. Katharine. 1. Egyptian 
Bonds: a Novel, Lon., 1879, 2 vols. 8vo. 2. A Year in 
the Great Republic, Lon., 1887, 2 vols. p. 8vo. 

"The first volume is a valuable contribution to our 
knowledge of social and Intellectual life in the 1'nited 
States. The second is a remarkably pleasant and lively 
narrative of personal adventure oy a writer whose 
naturally keen and accurate powers of observation have 
received careful cultivation." Spectator, Ixi. 633. 

Bates, K. P. English Analysis: containing 
Forms for the Complete Analysis of English Composi- 
tion, Bost., 1862, 12ino. 

Bates, Fanny B. (Ed.) Between the Lights: 
Thoughts for the Quiet Hour, N. York, 1887, 12mo. 

Bates, Miss Fanny D., (" Beulah.") My Sister 
Kitty, Bost., 1SS1, 24uio. 


Bates, G. W. Sandwich Island Notes. By * 
Haole. 1854. 

Bates, George H. It-ports of tho Delaware 
Court of Chancery, voh). iii. and iv., (1866-1873,) Phila., 
1884, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Bates, Gilbert II. Sergeant Bales'* March from 
Gretna Green to the Guildhall, Lon., 1873, 12mo. 

Bates, Mrs. Harriet Leonora, (Vose,) d. 
1886, wife of Arlo Bates, tupra, contributed stories and 
sketches to American magazines under the pseudnnyme 
of " Eleanor Putnam." Old Salem. Edited by Arlo 
Bates. Bost., 1886, 16mo. 

Bates, Henry Walter, F.R.S., 1825-1887, b. at 
Leicester, Eng., was educated for a commercial career, 
but devoted himself to the study of natural history. 
He accompanied Mr. A. R. Wallace on hi* first expedi- 
tion to South America, 1848-52, and remained there till 
1859, exploring the upper basins of the river Amazon?. 
In 1864 he became assistant secretary of the Royal 
Geographical Society, and continued to hold that office 
and to edit the journals and proceedings of the society 
down to the time of his death. 1. The Naturalist on 
the River Amazons: a Record of Adventures, Habits of 
Animals, Sketches of Brazilian and Indian Life, during 
Eleven Years of Travel. Illust. Lon., 1863, 2 vols. p. 
8vo: 3d ed., 1873. 

" Mr. Bates . . . resided during eleven years within four 
degrees of the equator, sent home nearly fifteen thousand 
species, eight thousand of which were new to science, and 
has now published an account of his travels and adven- 
tures, distinguished by a manly simplicity, an entire ab- 
sence of book-making, and a rich collection of sujrKestlve 
facts. The work is meant only for readers of natural his- 
tory, but they will be very grateful for it. Marvels and 
novelties will arrest them in every chapter. . . . Mr. Bates 
is a philosophical naturalist, and not merely a hunter of 
species. ... He is always on the track of general prin- 
ciples, and, thus guided, many of his observations have a 
distant reach." Sat. Rev., xv. 600. 

2. Contributions to the Insect Fauna of the Amazon 
Valley, Lon., 1867, Part I., 8 vo. 3. (Ed.) German Arctic 
Expedition, 1862-70, by Capt. C. Koldewey. Illust. 
Lon., 1874, r. 8vo. 4. Central America, West Indies, and 
South America, (Stanford's Compendium of Geography 
and Travel :) with Ethnological Appendix by Prof. A. 
H. Keane, B.A., M.A.I. Maps and Illust. Lon., 1878, 
8vo; 2d ed., 1882. 

Bates, J. C. Report of the Proceedings in the 
Probate Court of San Francisco on the Will of Horace 
Hawes, San Fran., 1872, 8vo. See, also, LANGDON, C. W. 

Bates, James L. Alfred Kelly, of Ohio: his 
Life and Work, Columbus. 0., 1888, 8vo. 

Bates, Josephine W. A Blind Lead: the Story 
of a Mine, Phila., 1888. 12mo. 

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literature at Wellesley College, Massachusetts. 1. (Ed.) 
Wedding-Day Book, Bost., 1882, sq. 16tno. 2. Santa 
Clans' Riddle. Illust. Bost., 1886, 16mo. 3. Sunshine. 
Illust. Bost., 1887, 24mo. 

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1867, ISino. 2. Max Fleming. N. York, 1867, 18mo. 
3. The True Boy, N. York, 1867, ISmo. 4. Among the 
Crags. Illust. N. York, 1868, 8vo. 5. Anchored. 
Illust. N. York, 1868, Ifiino. 6. The Stolen Child. 
Illust. N. York, 1868, 18mo. 7. Nvthercliff, Bost., 
1869, 12mo. 8. Stories from the Moorland, Bost., 1869, 
16mo. 9. Jonas Clare, N. York, 1870, 16mo. 10. Be- 
ginning, Phila., 1870, 16mo. 11. Two Ways of doing 
it, Phila., 1870, 16ino. 12. The Builders, Phila., 1870, 
16mo. 13. The Seymours, N. York, 1871, 12ino; new 
ed., 1875. 14. Torch -Bearers, Bost., 1S71, 16mo. 15. 
Drierstock : a Story of Missionary Work on the Ameri- 
can Frontier, Lon., 1884, cr. 8vo. 16. Eric the Scan- 
dinavian ; or, Life with the Norsemen of the West, 
Phila., 1884, 12mo. 17. What a Girl can do, Phila., 
1885, 16mo. 18. Cull worth : a Story of the Rocky 
Mountains, Phila., 1885, 12mo. 19. The Last of the 
Line, Phila., 1885, 12mo. 20. Drawn Together: a Tale 
of the Green Mountains, Phila., 1886, 12mo. 

Bates, Miss K. Edith Lawson, Lon., 1886, 3 
vols. cr. 8vo. 

Bates, Samuel Penniman, LL.D., b. 1827, 
at Mendon, Worcester Co., Ma.s., graduated at Brown 
University in 1851, became principal of the Academy 
of Meadville, Pennsylvania, in 1853, superintendent 
of schools for Crawford County in 1857, deputy super- 
intendent of schools for the State of Pennsylvania 
in 1860, and State historian in 1865. Besides educa- 
tional reports, which have never been collected, he pub- 




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and Copious Notes, Biographical, Critical, Bibliographi- 
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"The book is so full of entertaining gossip and curious 
literary facts, . . . that the letter-press is almost as at- 
tractive as the portraiture." Spectator, xlvi. 1657. 

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the Man: with Some Account of his Brother Robert: 
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Henry Bather, of Meol Brace, Shropshire, Eng. She 
published stories for children under the pseudonyme of 
" Aunt Lucy ;" also Footprints on the Sands of Time : 
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from the University of Tubingen, and, after practising 
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under private tutors; became a clergyman of the Epis- 
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in San Antonio, Tex., Grace Church in Wabasha, Minn., 
St. Clement's in Philadelphia, and the Church of the An- 
nunciation in Philadelphia. 1. Missionary Tune-Book, 
1868. 2. Christmas Carols, and other Verses, Phila., 
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" For eight months in 1871-72 the author, a Quaker 
school-teacher, taught Caddo children at the Wichita 
Agency in the Indian Territory, when, under a powerful 
impulse, he conceived it his duty to go among the Kiowas. 
. . . With these people he remained as his health permit- 
ted, until he entirely broke down in the summer of 1874; 
and the diary of his nomadic life is the soul of this vol- 
ume. ... It may be commended as a plain statement of 



some thinps that pertain to barbarian camps existing at 
this moment in the heart of our country, and as corrobo- 
rative evidence that a consistent and rational policy of 
peace is not M> absurd and puerile as the white savages of 
the frontier insist." Kation, xxil. 50. 

Battle, Rev. Archibald .1., D.I'., b. 1826, at 
Powelton, Ga., graduated at the University of Alabama in 
1846, and became a Baptist minister. He held professor- 
ships in his alma mater and other colleges, and in 1872 
was appointed president of Mercer University, Macon, 
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Character indicated by Handwriting: with Illustra- 
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clesiastics, Authors, Poets, Musicians, Actors, and other 
Persons, Lon., 1880, p. Svo. 6. The Northern Watering- 
Places of France: a Guide for the English People, Lon., 
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Baiim, Rev. Henry Mason, b. 1848, at East 
Schuyler, Herkimer Co., N.Y. ; educated at the Protes- 
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been rector of parishes in New York State, New Jersey, 
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" The matter of Dr. Baxley's shapeless and ponderous 
production is not of the first merit, but it is quite good 
enough to be better presented." Nation, xx. 350. 

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other Poems, N. York, 1886, 12rao. 

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Baxter, Evan Buchanan, M.D., 1844-1885, b. 
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College, London, and graduated M.D. at the University 
of London with high honors in 1870. He was appointed 
medical tutor ut King's College in 1871. and professor 
of materia rnedica and therapeutics in 1874. He pub- 
lished some important medical papers, including a re- 
markable article on the vaso-motor nervous system con- 
tributed to the British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical 
Review in 1877. (Trans.) A Manual of Pathological 
Histology, by E. Rindfleisch, (New Sydenham Soo. 
Pub.,) Lon., 1872-73, 2 vols. Svo. 

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Baxter, James Phinney, b. 1831, at Gorham, 
Me., a merchant and manufacturer, has presented to the 
Portland Public Library, the Portland Society of Art, 
and the Maine Historical Society a lot of land on which 
he is erecting a building for the joint use of those 
societies. 1. Idylls of the Year, [verse,] Portland, 
1884, 12mo. 2. George Cleeve of Casco Bay, (1630- 
1667.) 1S85. 3. (Ed.) The British Invasion from the 
North : the Campaigns of Generals Carleton and Bur- 




goyne from Canada, 1776-77. From the Journal of Lieut. 
W. Digby. Illust. Albany, 1888, 8vo. 4. Sir Ferdi- 
nando Gorges and his Province of Maine, 1889. 

Baxter, Mrs. Lucy E., (" Leader Scott," pseud.,) 
daughter of Rev. William Barnes, supra, the Dorset- 
shire poet. She was educated chiefly at home, and 
began at the age of eighteen to write stories for a 
ladies' annual. Since her marriage in 1867 she has 
lived altogether in Italy. She is the Italian correspond- 
ent, under the signature of Leader Scott, to the Maga- 
zine of Art. 1. The Painter's Ordeal. 2. A Nook 
in the Apennines; or, A Summer beneath the Chestnuts, 
Lon., 1879, p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1881. 

" An entertaining little volume, which seems to reflect 
most faithfully the life it describes." Sat. Rev., xiviii. 85. 

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with other Early Italian Sculptors, Lon., 1882. 

" It is well and carefully written throughout, and one 
cannot but regret that its narrow limits have excluded 
any account of so many not unimportant sculptors." J. 
H. MIDDLETON : Acad., xxii. 229. 

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1883. 9. A Bunch of Berries, and the Diversions 
thereof. Illust. Lon., 1883, p. 8vo. 10. Sculpture, 
Renaissance and Modern, (Illust. Art Hand- Books,) 
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"Great Artists," with some additions.) 11. Tuscan 
Studies and Sketches. Illust. Lon., 1887, p. 8vo. 12. 
The Life of William Barnes, Poet and Philologist, Lon., 
1887, p. 8vo. 

"This is a charming and readable record of a simple and 
beautiful life. . . . The author has taken the trouble to 
master and digest her materials, so that the story is at the 
same time full and well condensed." Ath., No. 3140. 

Baxter, Miss Lydia, 1809-1874, b. at Petersburg, 
Rensselaer Co., N.Y., was the author of many popular 
Sunday-school hymns, and published a collection of re- 
ligious and domestic verse, called Gems by the Wayside, 
N. York, 1855. 

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acy to his Friends ; or, Glimpses of the Land of 
the Blessed, Lon., 1868, 12mo. (Ed.) With MACALL, 
ROBERT WHITTAKER, Ten Lectures addressed to the 
Working Classes in Sunderland, Sunderland, 1854, 8vo. 

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and Song, Lon., 1876, 12mo. 

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poleon the Destined Monarch of the World, Phila., 1863, 
12mo. 2. Coming Wonders, expected between 1867 and 
1875, Phila., 1867, 12mo. 3. Coining Battle and Ap- 
palling National Convulsions. Pamph. 

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dence, Lon., 1862, 8vo. 2. The Panic of 1866, with its 
Lessons on the Currency Act, Lon., 1866, p. 8vo. 3. 
The Voice of the Country upon the Irish Church, Lon., 
1869, 8vo. 4. God's Purpose in Judgment considered : 
with Especial Reference to the Assertion of Mercy, Lon., 

1869, 16tno. 5. The Irish Tenant-Right Question ex- 
amined, Lon., 1869, 8vo. 

Baxter, Robert Dudley, 1827-1875, b. at Don- 
caster, Eng., graduated with honors at Trinity College, 
Cambridge, in 1849; became a solicitor and partner in a 
firm of which his father was the head, but devoted him- 
self chiefly to statistical researches, becoming a high 
authority in these matters and a member of the Council 
of the Statistical Society of London. A memoir of him 
by his widow was printed in 1878 for private circulation. 
1. The Volunteer Movement : its Progress and Wauts, 
Lon., 1860. 2. The Budget and Income Tax, 1860. 3. 
The Franchise Returns and the Boroughs, 1866. 4. 
Railway Extension, 1866. 5. The Redistribution of Seats 
in the Counties, Lon., 1866, 8vo. 6. The National In- 
come of the United Kingdom, Lon., 1868, 8vo. 7. Results 
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The Taxation of the United Kingdom, Lon., 1869, 8vo. 
9. History of the English Parties and Conservatism, 

1870, 8vo. 10. National Debts of the Various States of 
the World; 2d ed., 1871. 8vo. 11. Political Progress of 
the Working Classes, 1871. 12. Recent Progress of 
National Debts, 1874. 13. Local Government and Tax- 
ation, and Mr. Goschen's Report, Lon., 1874, Svo. 

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Orders of British Wild Flowering Plants, Lon., 1871, 

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Manual, 2 parts, Phila., 1864, 12mo. 

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struction of Children and Pupil Teachers in Day- 
Schools : being the Substance of Several Addresses, 
Lon., 1860, 8vo. 

Baxter, Rev. William, b. about 1823, at Leeds, 
Eng.; removed to the United States in 1828; graduated 
at Bethany College, West Virginia, in 1845, and, after 
serving as pastor and travelling preacher for several 
years, became president of Arkansas College, Fayette- 
ville, which was burnt during the civil war, when he re- 
moved to Cincinnati. 1. Life of Elder Walter Scott: 
with Sketches of W. Hayden, Ac., Gin., 1864, 16mo. 2. 
The Loyal West in the Time of the Rebellion. 3. Pea 
Ridge and Prairie Grove ; or, Scenes and Incidents of 
the War in Arkansas, Cin., 1864, 16tno. 

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tion: Whose is the Land? a Dialogue. By W. Welsh, 
(pseud.) Glasgow, 1870. 

Baxter, Right Hon. William Edward, [ante, 
vol. i., BAXTER, W. E., add.,] 1825-1890, b. at Dundee, 
Scotland; educated at the University of Edinburgh; 
succeeded Joseph Hume in 1855 as M.P. for Montrose, 
which he continued to represent for many years. In 
1868 he became secretary to the admiralty, and in 1871 
secretary to the treasury, and after resigning that office 
in 1873 he was sworn of the Privy Council. 1. Hints 
to Thinkers ; or, Lectures for the Times, Lon., 1860, 
12mo. 2. The Social Condition of the Southern States 
of America: a Lecture, Lon., 1862, p. 8vo. 3. Free 
Italy: a Lecture, Lon., 1875, 8vo. 4. Our Land Laws 
of the Past, Lon., 1880, 12mo. 5. New Greece: an 
Address at Montrose, Lon., 1880, 12mo. 6. A Winter 
in India. Map and Illust. Lon., 1882, p. 8vo. 7. Eng- 
land and Russia in Asia, Lon., 1885, p. 8vo. 

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Jew, but for Man : an Essay, Edin., 1880, 8vo. 

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written in Aid of the Sydenham Lecture Hall. By 
Llewellyn Acton, (pseud.) Lon., 1863, 12mo. 2. The 
Law and Practice of the Supreme Court of Judicature, 
Ac., Lon., 1874 ; 5th ed., 1883, 8vo. 3. The Domesday 
Book for the County of Surrey : with Introductory Re- 
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The Domesday Book of Kent, Lon., 1877, 4to. 

Bay, W. V. N., late judge of the Supreme Court 
of Missouri. Reminiscences of the Bench and Bar of 
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" The book itself, the characters portrayed, and, above 
all, the literary style, are very typical and peculiar. . . . 
There is something so genuine and yet so funny about it 
all that itgivesthe book an interest apart from its intrinsic 
value. . . . These little peculiarities of expression do not, 
however, in the least injure the real interest of the book." 
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College, Birkenhead, and wiis well known from his con- 
troversies on behalf of the Evangelical party with mem- 
bers of the Roman Ca