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Full text of "Supplement to the Bibliographer's manual of Gloucestershire literature, being a classified catalogue of biographical and genealogical literature relating to men and women connected by birth, office, or many years' residence with the country of Gloucester or the city of Bristol, with descriptive or explanatory notes"

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Gloucestershire fttcrature 










The Large Paper Edition of this Work is limited to 75 Copies of 
which this is No_ / (f . 

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The Small Paper Edition is limited to 110 Copies. 


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THE work to which this is a Supplement was begun by- 
Canon Bazeley and myself nearly thirty years ago. 
The first volume appeared in 1895 and the third in 1897. 
According to our original plan it was to have comprised not 
only topographical but biographical works and a large 
number of notes for this purpose were accumulated. As the 
work progressed, however, we found that it was attaining 
much larger proportions and had occupied much more time 
than we had expected, and in order that its completion 
might not be indefinitely postponed we determined to 
modify our scheme by abandoning the biographical section. 

After volume 3 of our joint work had been printed, 
Canon Bazeley left in my custody our disused biographical 
notes, and I continued intermittently to add to them. 
About five years ago I found I had accumulated so much 
new matter that I set to work systematically to prepare for 
press a biographical supplement to the Manual. As many 
of the old notes collected before 1895 had been made by 
Canon Bazeley, I naturally desired that his name should 
appear on the title-page of the Supplement in conjunction 
with my own, but I failed to induce him to acquiesce in my 
wish, though he most willingly and generously gave me 
permission to make use of his work. 

After I had finally decided to issue a biographical 
Supplement, Mr Roland Austin gave me assistance the value 
of which, both in its quantity and its quality, it would be 
difficult to over estimate. He did this from sheer love of 
the work and for some time refused to allow his name 
to appear as having collaborated in its production. I am 
glad that he did not persist in his refusal, for if the present 
volume possesses any merits they are quite as much due to 
him as they are to me. 


THE alteration of the plan of volumes 1-3 while they 
were in progress has occasioned some defects in the 
present volume which we have done our best to diminish 
but could not altogether avoid. After the authors of volumes 
1-3 had decided to abandon the issue of a biographical 
volume of the Manual, in order that some of the notes which 
would have been thereby discarded might be utilised, they 
embodied in these volumes such of those notes which bore 
a connection with the County on the face of them. For 
example, pedigrees of families or biographies of individuals 
described as of a particular place were entered among the 
histories of that place. The omission of these from the 
present volume or allusion to them by short references only 
would have destroyed its value unless the earlier volumes 
had been at hand. We have therefore repeated most of the 
biographical references in those volumes — many of them 
verbatim but some in a slightly abbreviated form with an 
indication of the pages of the original work where they may 
be found in full. We have however made an exception in 
the case of the Reports of Law Suits, &c, grouped under 
" Berkeley Peerage " at pp. 26-9 in vol. 2, the names of 
which it has not been thought necessary to repeat. Our 
aim has been to make the present volume useful as an 
independent work for all ordinary purposes of research. 

The difficulties of determining the persons whose 
biographies should be included in a local bibliography 
are more numerous than those whose attention has not 
been directed to such subjects might suppose. What 
qualifications should a man possess to entitle him to be 
described as belonging to a particular place ? Should birth 


within its boundaries be the only qualification for inclusion ? 
To have answered this question in the affirmative might 
have been the simplest and at first sight the most correct 
solution, but it would have led to results which would often 
have been unsatisfactory and sometimes absurd. For 
instance, in the case of Gloucestershire, Mary Howitt, who 
was born at Coleford, where her parents, who had no sort of 
connection with the County, were temporarily residing, 
would have been included, as would also Cardinal Vaughan, 
who was born in Gloucester, but whose parents made their 
home in another county a few weeks after his birth, while 
Bishop Ellicott, who was Bishop of the Diocese for 42 years, 
Sir John Dorington, who was chairman successively of 
Quarter Sessions and of the County Council for 30 years, 
and T. Barwick Baker, who took a leading part in the 
administrative and philanthropic work of the County during 
the whole of a long life, would have been excluded. It 
seemed to us that men who had spent useful lives in the 
County — lives which sometimes formed a contribution to 
its history — had an irresistible claim to be described 
as " Gloucestershire Men," and that any system of selection 
which necessitated their exclusion must be rejected. 

This decision gave rise to many questions which it was 
not easy to answer. If the holding of a local office was to 
qualify, what offices should give a qualification? and would 
mere appointment to one suffice, or should it be held for 
a given time ? If residence in the County was to be by 
itself enough, what length of residence ? It is obvious that 
no answers can be given to these questions which do not 
involve a system of selection which is more or less arbitrary. 
But some answers had to be found which would keep the size 
of this volume within reasonable limits and prevent its 
usefulness from being impaired by the inclusion of persons 
who were only remotely connected with the County. 

After much consideration we decided that, as a general 
rule, no person should be regarded as coming within the 


scope of this work who did not fall within one or other of 
the following classes : - 

1. Natives of Gloucestershire 

(a) without further qualification if their parents 
were connected with the County. 

(&) who had resided in the County for a few 
years if their parents had previously been 
unconnected with it. 

2. Persons who had held some local office which 

necessitated or was accompanied by residence in 
the County for at least ten years. 

For example, Bishops, Incumbents, Non- 
conformist Ministers, Schoolmasters, are 
included, but not M. P.'s or Recorders unless 
they happened to be residents. 

3. Persons who had resided in the County for at least 

twenty years. 

These rules have not been very rigidly applied, indeed 
they have been used rather as guiding principles, and in 
their application extraneous considerations have been taken 
into account. For example, connection by office with the 
County which would have insured inclusion had it stood 
alone we have regarded as extinguished if followed by 
a closer or more generally accepted connection with some 
other county. 

The following instances of omissions for this reason 
may be cited. 

Accepted Frewen, who was Dean of Gloucester for 
13 years, was Archbishop of York at his death. Joseph 
Butler, the author of the "Analogy," was Bishop of Bristol 
for 12 years, but he was translated to Durham and is now 
generally described as " Bishop of Durham. " Joseph 
Wilcocks and Richard Beadon were Bishops of Gloucester, 
the one for 10 and the other for 11 years, and John 


Thornborough of Bristol for 13 years, but all of these 
subsequently held other Sees for much longer periods. 
Robert Hall, the eloquent Baptist Minister, officiated (with 
an interruption) for about 11 years at the Broadmead Chapel, 
Bristol, but his connection both with Cambridge and with 
Leicester was of much longer duration. Rowland Hill 
officiated for a part of every year for more than 50 years 
at a chapel at Wotton-under-Edge, but he did the same at 
Surrey Chapel in London, where he made his reputation, 
and with w T hich his name is naturally associated. T. E. 
Brown's mastership at the Crypt School, Gloucester and at 
Clifton College extended over a period of 29 years, but to 
claim as a Gloucestershire man one who is always designated 
as " the Manx Poet " would be an anomaly. 

On the other hand a few persons have been included 
whose tenure of office was less than 10 years if it was the 
last office which they held. This was the case with James 
Brooks, Bishop of Gloucester, and George Smalridge, and 
Robert Gray, Bishops of Bristol. 

Sometimes the importance of the events which occurred 
during the tenure of a local office by a particular individual 
has been held to compensate for its want of the prescribed 
length or for some other defect of title. This was the case 
with John Hooper, who was Bishop of Gloucester for only 
four years, but, if any qualification other than birth is to 
obtain, no one would cavil at his inclusion. Sir Edward 
Massey's case is peculiar. He was Governor of the City of 
Gloucester for two years, but they were certainly the most 
eventful years of its history. No doubt this period, even 
under such special circumstances, would have been short to 
give any claim to be regarded as a Gloucestershire man, but 
as he subsequently represented the City of Gloucester in 
Parliament for ten years — whether with or without 
residence in the County is not known — we have admitted 

It has generally been easy to obtain definite information 


as to the length of tenure of an office, but this has not been 
so with regard to place of birth or length of residence. There 
is a tradition that " Dick Whittington " belonged to a 
Gloucestershire family, but as no evidence is forthcoming 
as to his parentage, or the place of his birth, his name has 
been omitted. William Tyndale, on the other hand, un- 
questionably belonged to a Gloucestershire family, and his 
name has been included — although the belief that he was 
born in North Nibley has been shown to have been ill- 
founded, it is not impossible that he was born at Stinchcombe. 

There was also another matter requiring settlement 
before the list of names could be completed, which had 
nothing to do with the connection of their bearers with the 
County. This was the nature and extent of the biographical 
notice which should give a title to admission. 

Any memoir, however brief, if published as an inde- 
pendent work, has been considered sufficient, and all names 
of duly qualified persons who find a place in the Dictionary 
of National Biography have been included, although no 
other memoir of them exists.* In the case of other 
Dictionaries or Collective Biographies, the value and length 
of an article was taken into account before its subject was 
admitted. A single obituary notice in a periodical, unless 
of unusual length, has not been considered sufficient, but 
two or three of such notices have sometimes gained admission 
for those to whom they refer. In the application of this 
rule, families have been more liberally treated than indi- 
viduals, and a large number admitted on the strength of a 
single reference to a printed genealogy. 

The names of a few persons will be found, the only 
references to whom are funeral sermons. It is impossible 
to reconcile their admission with the rules that have been 
laid down, as few of such works contain a sentence which is 

* We take this opportunity of expressing our indebtedness to those who planned 
and executed this invaluable work, from which many names and much 
useful information have been derived. 

PREFACE liii. 

strictly biographical. But copies of sermons of this class 
are as a rule excessively rare, and as their title-pages often 
record names which but for them would have passed into 
oblivion, it has been thought better to treat them in an 
entirely exceptional manner. 

The foregoing explanations, coupled with the instances 
of admissions and exclusions which have been given, will 
it is hoped indicate the system (or perhaps some may think 
want of system) on which the names in this volume have 
been selected. The title to inclusion (for what it may be 
worth) is stated immediately after the name of every person 
of whom biographical notices are recorded, indeed with the 
addition of the date of birth this is the only information 
that the head-notes are generally intended to supply. In 
the case of distinguished persons, however, a few important 
events in their careers have been mentioned, and in other 
cases biographical details have been added where without 
them the reason for the inclusion of works under a particular 
name would be obscure. 

The Catalogues of the British Museum and the Bodleian 
and other leading Libraries, both in London and the provinces, 
as well as those of a few private collectors, have been searched 
for literature bearing on our subject. The references to 
articles in periodicals are more numerous than are usually 
to be found in bibliographies. Many of these have been 
obtained by a first-hand search, but their number has 
been augmented by the aid of the Dictionary of National 
Biography, and that monument of American industry, 
Poole's Index of Periodical Literature. 

References from either of these sources have, however, 
been verified and amplified, except in the case of a few 
American Magazines, which are not in the British Museum. 
We may add that a considerable number of references to 
articles of no little value in the Gentleman 's Magazine and 
Notes and Queries will be found, which had escaped the 


notice of the contributors to the Dictionary of National 

With a few exceptions no bibliography of the works 
of authors whose biographies are mentioned has been 
attempted, but whenever a list of their works exists, either 
in the Dictionary of National Biography or elsewhere, 
attention has been called to it. Sometimes these lists have 
been supplemented by the addition of omitted works. The 
most important exception to this rule is in the case of Bishop 
Ellicott, an exhaustive bibliography of whose works is given 
because none is to be found elsewhere and the mention of 
them in the Dictionary of National Biography is unusually 

Seventeenth century works by Gloucestershire authors 
have been generally collated, and such of them as are prized 
by collectors (e.g. Dennys' " Secret of Angling " and 
Northbrooke's " Spiritus est Vicarius Christi ") have been 
very fully described. Reviews of works of any date by 
such authors are generally noticed. The list of reviews of 
Southey's works is, as might be expected, a very long one. 

The domicile of the copies of works examined which 
are not readily accessible are indicated by initials. All 
biographical works described have been seen except where 
the contrary is mentioned. 

For permission to reproduce or for aid in obtaining 
reproductions of portraits, &c. for the L.P. copies of this 
work, our thanks are due to the Dean of Christ Church, the 
Master of Pemb. Coll. Ox., Bodley's Librarian, Mr G. L. 
Basset of Tehidy, Cornwall, Mr E. R. Massie of Annefield, 
North Wales, Mr H. F. V. Negus of the Naval College, 
Greenwich, Mr A. A. Hunter of Cheltenham College, 
Mr G. E. Lloyd-Baker, Sir Hubert Parry, Earl St Aldwyn, 
The Trustees of the National Portrait Gallery, The Trustees 
of the British Museum, The Superintendent of the Hope 
Collection of Prints, Messrs Smith, Elder & Co., Messrs Emery 
Walker & Co., and Messrs Elliott & Fry. 


Our thanks are also due to owners of private, and the 
officials of public libraries for the willingness with which 
they have replied to enquiries and the courtesy with which 
they have rendered us assistance. The help we have 
received from librarians and attendants in the British 
Museum, the Bodleian Library, the Bristol Reference 
Library, and the Guildhall (London) Library deserves 
special mention. 



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(at present housed in the Gloucester Public Library) 

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* Works starred thus * were seen in the Library of the late 
Rev. B. H. Blacker, at 26, Meridian Place, Clifton, 
which has since been dispersed. 

Other Abbreviations 

A.L.A. American Library Association 

Ann. Biog. & Obit. The Annual Biography and Obituary 

B. & O.A.S. Trans. Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire 

Archaeological Society 
B.N.S. Procs. Proceedings of the Bristol Naturalists' Society 

C.A.C. Procs. Proceedings of the Clifton Antiquarian Club 

G.N.F.C. Procs. Proceedings of the Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club 

OI08. N. & Q. Gloucestershire Notes and Queries 

Jour, of B.A.A. Journal of the British Archaeological Association 

Litt. Liv. Age. Littell's Living Age 

N. & Q. Notes and Queries 

s. sh. Single Sheet 

Somerset A. & N.H.S. Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological & Natural 

History Society 
[T.P.] Privately printed by Sir Thomas Phillipps 

Hi£t of gillusSttationg 


Sir Matthew Hale 

Sir Robert Atkyns, Senr 

T. Barwick Ll. Baker 

Sir Alexander Ball 

Sebastian Cabot 

Facsimile of the Title-Page of Dennys' 
"Secrets of Angling" 

Sir John Dorington 

Richard Graves, the Younger 

John Hall, Bishop of Bristol 

Earl St. Aldwyn 

John Keble 

Samuel Lysons, F.R.S. 

p. 11 









rilOPOGRAPHICAL bibliographies do not as a rule appeal 
-■- to a large class of the reading public. Librarians and 
book collectors recognize their uses, as do, to a lesser extent, 
students of local history. But when such a work contains a 
biographical section it commands a wider interest, for it then 
cannot but include numerous references to the lives and 
work of men who have attained fame or notoriety outside 
the area to which it relates. Indeed the biographical portion 
of a county bibliography forms a rough and ready index to 
the part which that county has played on the stage of 
national history or in the world of literature. 

Those who take even a cursory glance through the follow- 
ing pages will find the names of many noteworthy citizens, 
and of a few who have admittedly in their respective spheres 
reached the very topmost pinnacle of fame. Obviously no 
county can claim sons who have in every walk of life attained 
transcendent eminence. So among our Gloucestershire 
worthies it will be seen that there are soldiers and sailors, 
poets and statesmen who stand high in public estimation, 
but there are none who can be ranked with Wellington or 
Marlborough, with Nelson or Hawkins, with Shakespeare 
or Milton, with Chatham or Pitt. On the other hand, to 
George Whitefield, the son of a Gloucester innkeeper, is 
usually assigned the very first place among preachers, and 
Sir Matthew Hale and Lord Hardwicke (the one connected 
by birth and the other by office and residence with our 
County) hold prominent positions even among the very 
greatest judges who have ever adorned the English Bench. 

It may be of interest if the contributions of Gloucester- 
shire to the stream of national life — the " men of thought 


and men of action " — born in or closely connected with the 
County are examined under their respective vocations. 

In the legal world Gloucestershire is strongly represented. 
The names of 

Two Lord Chancellors of England 

Two Lord Chancellors of Ireland 

Three Lord Chief Justices of the King's Bench 

Two Lord Chief Barons of the Exchequer 

One Lord Justice of Appeal 

One Master of the Rolls, and 

One Dean of the Arches 

and other judges of lower rank, are mentioned in the follow- 
ing pages. The Lord Chancellors of England were the 
second Lord Bathurst and the first Lord Hardwicke. The 
claim of the latter to be a Gloucestershire man rests on his 
close connection with the County for 38 years. He was 
unquestionably one of our greatest judges. " It is hardly 
too much to say that in the course of somewhat less than 
twenty years he transformed equity from a chaos of precedents 
to a scientific system . . . His judgments, which were 
usually written, were models of logical arrangement and 
perspicuous style, and" continues Mr J. M. Rigg, " though 
he amassed an immense fortune, no suspicion of corruption 
ever sullied his fair fame." The two Irish Lord Chancellors, 
Richard Freeman and John Freeman-Mitford, 1st Lord 
Redesdale, both owned Batsford. Freeman was born there, 
and it was from a descendant of his that Lord Redesdale 
acquired the Batsford property and his first surname. The 
Lord Chief Justices of the King's Bench, Sir John Fortescue, 
Sir Matthew Hale and Sir Edward Saunders, were, it goes 
without saying, all men of mark, for, as the late Lord 
Coleridge observed, "a man does not drift into being Lord 
Chief Justice of England." 

Sir John Fortescue, who was appointed Lord Chief 
Justice in 1442, was Lord of the Manor of Ebrington, where 
he spent the last years of his life. He was the writer of 


many legal treatises, some of which have still an historical 
value. The most celebrated of these is De Laudibus Legion 
Anglice, but his tract on The Governance of England (an 
excellent edition of which was brought out in 1885) will 
now be found of greater interest. His professional career 
ended with the fall of the House of Lancaster, of which he 
had always been a staunch supporter. He was taken prisoner 
at the battle of Tewkesbury and, recognising that the cause 
for which he had struggled was lost, he acknowledged King 
Edward and received pardon. He was buried in Ebrington 
Church. Lord Campbell speaks of him as " one of the most 
learned and upright men who ever sat in the Court of Queen's 
Bench," and considers that " he laid the foundation of 
Parliamentary privilege to which our liberties are to be 
mainly ascribed." He was appointed Lord Chancellor by 
Henry VI., but whether the appointment was valid is very 
doubtful. He never had possession of the great seal. 

Sir Matthew Hale was unequivocally a Gloucestershire 
man. He was born at Alderley, where his father owned an 
estate to which he succeeded, and his mother was a member 
of the Poyntz Family, who also belonged to the County. He 
was appointed Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in 1660, 
and eleven years later he was promoted to the Chief Justice- 
ship of the King's Bench, which, during his presidency, 
from the regularity and solemnity of its proceedings 
was described as " an Academy of Sciences." He was 
distinguished as much for his integrity, piety, and high 
sense of honour as for his enormous industry and profound 
learning. His opinion on all legal matters came to be 
regarded as almost infallible. 

Sir Edward Saunders was also a remarkable man. His 
father was a small tradesman in Barnwood, where Edward 
was born. He went to London when quite young, where he 
taught himself to write, and managed to subsist by copying 
legal documents. He applied himself with diligence to the 
study of law and was called to the Bar by the Benchers of 
the Middle Temple in 1660. He commenced his professional 


career as a reporter, and did his work so well that Lord 
Mansfield described him as the Terence of Reporters. His 
reports went through seven editions between 1686 and 1791. 
He soon obtained a large practice, and he was appointed 
Lord Chief Justice when he was about 50 years old. He 
"never in all his life betrayed a client," but his private life 
was somewhat irregular, in consequence of which he was not 
a favourite with Sir Matthew Hale. 

The two Lord Chief Barons were Sir Robert Atkyns and 
Sir Edmund Probyn. Sir Robert Atkyns, who was born in 
Gloucestershire, came of a family of successful lawyers. 
His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather had all been 
judges, and it is said that for two hundred years his 
ancestors had held judicial appointments. His younger 
brother, Sir Edward Atkyns, immediately preceded him as 
Lord Chief Baron. The estimation in which he was held by 
his contemporaries as an able and upright judge was second 
only to that of Sir Matthew Hale. He was father of Sir 
Robert Atkyns, the author of " The Ancient and Present 
State of Glostershire." 

Sir Edmund Probyn was a son of William Probyn of 
Newland, in the Forest of Dean, where he was born. 

The Master of the Rolls connected with Gloucestershire 
was Henry Powle, who lived at Williamstrip and was buried 
at Quenington, and who was three times returned as M.P. 
for Cirencester. 

The Lord Justice of Appeal was Sir John Rolt of 
Ozleworth Park, near Wotton-under-Edge, and the Dean of 
the Arches was Sir Herbert Jenner-Fust, of Hill Court, near 

Sir John Powell, who was successively Baron of the 
Exchequer and Justice of the Common Pleas and King's 
Bench, was an eminent judge. He was a native of Gloucester 
and was Town Clerk of the City in 1674, and represented it 
in Parliament in 1685. Sir Robert Tracy, who was born at 


Toddington and passed the last years of his life at Coscomb, 
in Gloucestershire, was also a Baron of the Exchequer and 
Justice of the Common Pleas. 

Many distinguished judges have been Recorders of 
Bristol, but only one, Sir Robert Atkyns, comes within the 
scope of this work. 

The names of two Speakers of the House of Commons 
occur. Sir Henry Powle (who has been already mentioned 
as a Master of the Rolls) was Speaker of the Convention 
Parliament, and the first Lord Redesdale (also previously 
referred to) held the office for one year (1801-2). 

The County has supplied Parliament with several 
members who may be described as prominent politicians, 
but with few who can fairly be ranked as statesmen. No 
Gloucestershire man has ever been Prime Minister, and only 
one, Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, first Earl St. Aldwyn, has 
ever been Chancellor of the Exchequer. John Cam Hob- 
house, first Lord Broughton, who came of a Bristol family, 
and T. H. S. Sotheron Estcourt, of Estcourt, were both 
Cabinet Ministers. 

In the management of County affairs Gloucestershire 
has always had a high reputation. More than a century ago 
it was " distinguished for the efficiency with which its 
county business was carried on " by the Court of Quarter 
Sessions, and when local government in some parts of 
England was the source of many abuses, Gloucestershire 
was one of the few "highly organised and progressive" 
counties.* Sir G. O. Paul, T. Barwick Baker, T. Gambier 
Parry, J. Curtis Hayward, S. S. Dickinson, Sir J. E. 
Dorington, and Russell J. Kerr, whose names occur in these 
pages, were conspicuous for their services to the County. 
But these names do not by any means exhaust the roll of 
able administrators of whom the County may be proud, 
and it is a matter of regret that the absence of biographical 

* English Local Government. By Sidney and Beatrice Webb (1906), pp. 430, 482. 


notices precludes the inclusion in this work of such men 
as the Rev. John Foley and R. B. Purnell. 

The roll of famous Gloucestershire soldiers and sailors, 
it must be admitted, is somewhat meagre. The Somerset 
family have given us two of our most distinguished generals, 
who were both sons of the 5th Duke of Beaufort. The 
elder, Lord Edward Somerset, earned distinction in the 
Peninsular War and also at Waterloo, where he commanded 
the Household Brigade. His memory is kept alive amongst 
us by the tower which overlooks the Vale of Severn from 
the crest of Hawkesbury Hill. The younger, Lord Fitzroy 
Somerset, afterwards Lord Raglan, was on Wellington's staff 
during the Peninsular War and was awarded a cross with 
five clasps for his services. At Waterloo he received a bullet 
wound in his right arm which occasioned its amputation. 
He bore the operation without a word, and when it was over 
called out to his servant " Hullo, don't carry away that arm 
till I've taken off my ring." He was implicitly trusted by 
the Duke of Wellington, who had a great affection for him. 
When the Crimean War broke out in 1854 he was selected 
for the command of the British troops. Success attended 
the operations of the allied forces for some months, and in 
Nov., 1854 Raglan was made Field-Marshal. But in the 
winter of that year our troops suffered great privation and 
hardships during the ill-advised siege of Sebastopol (for 
which the War Office and not Raglan was responsible), and 
these were in the main unfairly attributed to Raglan. An 
assault on Sebastopol, undertaken at the instance of the 
French general and against Raglan's better judgment, on 
June 18, 1855, ended in disaster. He felt these failures 
keenly and they diminished his strength, which had already 
been undermined by dysentery. He died on June 28, 1855, 
as was said by Sir Evelyn Wood " the victim (or should we 
not say one of the many victims) of England's unreadiness 
for war." Although his capacity as a general has been 
reflected on, he retained the confidence of the army to the 
day of his death, probably a sufficient answer to civilian 


criticism. His personal gallantry was conspicuous, his staff 
thought that he would rather be under fire than not. The 
nobility of his character earned for him universal respect. 
The Duke of Wellington said of him that he would not tell 
a lie to save his life. Take him for all in all he may be 
regarded as one of Gloucestershire's most distinguished sons. 

One of the most brilliant commanders connected with 
the County was Sir Edward Massey, whose successful defence 
of Gloucester (of which he was Governor) when besieged by 
Charles I. was a very remarkable performance. No less 
remarkable, when at the head of troops, were the rapidity of 
his marches and the suddenness of his attacks. Probably 
no such dashing leader ever met with so few reverses. After 
the Restoration he represented Gloucester in Parliament 
during the later years of his life. 

Hodson of " Hodson's Horse," who was a native of 
Maisemore, is another soldier of whom Gloucestershire may 
be proud. No man in the British army who occupied a 
comparatively subordinate place did more for the suppression 
of the Indian Mutiny than Hodson. The coolness and 
daring he displayed in the capture of the King of Delhi and 
his two sons amazed even those who knew him, and spread 
terror through the ranks of the mutineers. Sir Hugh Gough 
said of him that "a finer or more gallant soldier never 
breathed. He had the true instincts of a leader of men." 

Of the lesser stars in the military firmament mention 
should be made of Sir John Winter, of Major-General Sir 
Henry Gee Roberts, and of Sir Daniel Lysons. Winter, 
who lived at the White House, Lydney, was private secretary 
to Queen Henrietta Maria. He was a civilian by profession, 
but forced to play the part of a soldier when the Civil War 
broke out, and he acquitted himself well. He was the only 
royalist leader who could cope with Massey with any chance 
of success when the Gloucester garrison was raiding the 
Forest of Dean. Major-General Roberts, like Hodson, dis- 
tinguished himself during the suppression of the Indian 


Mutiny. General Sir Daniel Lysons, son of Daniel Lysons 
the topographer, of Rodmarton and Hempsted, was an all- 
round good soldier. He saw active service in Canada and in 
the Crimea, where he was severely wounded and where he 
was noted for the care of his men. He was three times 
mentioned in despatches in 1854-5. 

The names of thirteen Admirals will be noticed, three of 
whom were members of the Berkeley family, viz. : James, 
3rd Earl of Berkeley, George Cranfield Berkeley, son of the 
4th Earl of Berkeley, and Sir Maurice Berkeley, 1st Baron 
Fitzhardinge ; and two of the Codrington family, viz. : Sir 
Edward Codrington, and his son, Sir Henry Codrington. 
Of these the most famous is Sir Edward Codrington, who 
commanded the British fleet at the Battle of Navarino. 
His son, Sir Henry, saw no active service after he became a 
flag officer, but he had given evidence of the possession of 
qualities, which, had he lived in more troubled times, might 
" have sent his name down to posterity among those of our 
most distinguished admirals." Among the other Gloucester- 
shire admirals of whom mention is made are Sir Alexander 
Ball, Sir Edward Sotheby, and F. A. Close. Ball was born 
at Ebworth Park in the parish of Painswick, in 1757. 
Nelson, who had a great regard for him, had a high opinion 
of his professional capacity. His reputation however rests 
rather upon his just and enlightened government of Malta 
after its annexation by Great Britain than upon his services 
as a naval commander. Sotheby was born in Clifton, and 
Close in Cheltenham, when his father, Francis Close, Dean 
of Carlisle, was rector of the parish. 

We now come to a section which numerically and 
ethically holds the highest rank. If the men and women 
whose names occur in this volume in alphabetical order were 
re-arranged after the method of a catalogue raisonne it 
would at once give rise to the thought that there may be a 
truth in the quaint old proverb "As sure as God's in 
Gloucestershire" other than that of its origin, for it becomes 


evident that it is in the world of religious thought that the 
County has displayed greatest activity and laboured with 
most effect. The number of names in this class far exceeds 
that in any other. It comprises Translators of the Bible, 
Preachers, Theologians, Church Dignitaries, and repre- 
sentatives of every leading Nonconformist sect, the names 
of some of whom are still held in honour throughout the 
English-speaking world. 

The most illustrious member of this important group is 
unquestionably William Tyndale, who stands at the head 
of our Reformation leaders. His share in the historic 
controversy with Sir Thomas More did more to curb the 
influence of sacerdotalism among the educated than the 
writings of any other Englishman, and, what was of far 
greater importance, his translation of the New, and parts of 
the Old Testament into English fostered throughout the 
country a spirit which made for freedom. His love of truth 
and his great learning (he was reputed to be the best Greek 
scholar in Europe of his day), coupled with the force and 
simplicity of his English, pre-eminently fitted him for the 
task which he had undertaken. The excellence of his 
translation may be gathered from the fact that when the 
text of the English version of the Bible was revised by a 
Committee of divines in the reign of James I., many of his 
renderings were substantially retained by the revisionists, 
who to a great extent adopted his methods and his style. 

Miles Smith, a great classic and Hebrew scholar, who 
afterwards became Bishop of Gloucester, was a prominent 
member of this Committee. He took part in the revision of 
the prophetic books (which of them were allotted to him is 
not known) and he and Bilson, Bishop of Winchester, were 
apppointed to make a final revision of the whole of the Old 
Testament. It may therefore be fairly assumed that the 
force and exquisite beauty of some of its passages were due 
to his taste and scholarship.* And as John Bell, who was 

• It has been pointed out to one of the authors that in "Gloucester in National 
History" fp. 247), the translation of the Book of Isaiah is attributed to Miles 
Smitb. The passage certainly may bear that construction, though it was not 
intended to do so. There is no documentary evidence forsuch attribution. —F.A.H. 


Rector of Weston-sub-Edge and Archdeacon of Gloucester, 
revised the Epistle to the Thessalonians in 1543, our County 
can claim the honour of a connection with three eminent 
Biblical translators. 

The earliest and one of the most famous of 
our Gloucestershire theologians was Alexander of Hales, 
known as the " Doctor Irrefragabilis," who after lecturing in 
Paris on theology and metaphysics entered the Order of the 
Franciscans, and imparted to them an educational character 
they did not before possess ; indeed through his ability the 
Franciscan friars became formidable opponents of the secular 
professors in the Paris University. He was one of the first 
of the schoolmen who expended untold labour on the futile 
task of attempting to reconcile the teaching of Christ with 
the teaching of Aristotle. He died in 1245. 

Another scholastic philosopher, who flourished a century 
later and may be claimed as a Gloucestershire man, is John 
of Dumbleton, of which village it may be assumed he was a 

George Kedermyster, Abbot of Winchcombe, was a 
theologian of some repute who vigorously upheld the Benefit 
of the Clergy. His abbey flourished under his rule " so 
much so that it was equal to a little University." He was 
one of the representatives of this country at the Lateran 
Council in 1512. 

Robert Crowley (or as his name is also written, Crole or 
Croleus) was born in Gloucestershire about 1518. He was a 
prolific author, and most of his life was spent in upholding 
the doctrines of the Reformation. He was also a printer, 
and the impressions of the " Vision of Pierce Plowman " 
which issued from his press, have done more to perpetuate 
his memory than his controversial works. 

Three curious works, the title of each of which com- 
mences with the words " Spiritus est Vicarius Christi in 
Terra" were written by John Northbrooke, a Bristol preacher. 


The last of these, first printed in 1579, was the earliest 
systematic attack on stage plays. It has been reprinted by 
the Shakespeare Society. 

Of succeeding local divines, Richard Field, Dean of 
Gloucester, attained a greater reputation than the rest. His 
chief work entitled " Of the Church, Five Books," first 
published in 1606, is placed by some critics on a par with 
Hooker's " Laws of Ecclesiasticall Politic" 

Another theologian of some repute in his day was 
Sebastian Benefield, who was born at Prestbury, in 1559, 
and was vicar of Maisey Hampton from 1611 till his death 
in 1630. He was appointed Margaret Professor of Theology 
at Oxford in 1613. Richard Capel, an eminent puritan divine, 
was born and educated in Gloucester. His work entitled 
"Tentations" went through many editions. Rather than 
read James I.'s Book of Sports he resigned the living of 
Eastington, and settled in Pitchcombe, where he died in 
1656. John Trapp, whose commentaries on the Bible were 
characterised by learning and humour, was incumbent of 
Welford-on-Avon and "Weston-on-Avon, two Gloucestershire 
livings, between 1636 and 1660. John Fox, who after being 
ejected from the vicarage of Pucklechurch, took charge of a 
Nonconformist congregation at Nailsworth, wrote " Time 
and the End of Time" (1670), and "The Door of Heaven 
Opened and Shut " (1676), two works of some merit. 

The theological writings of George Bull were read and 
admired beyond the shores of Great Britain. He was ap- 
pointed Bishop of St. David's in 1705, before which he had 
been incumbent of Bristol and Gloucestershire livings for 
51 years. His chief works are "Harmonica Apostolica " 
and " Defensio Fidei Nicaenae," the latter of which was 
praised by Bossuet. George Vernon, who was rector of 
Bourton-on-the-Water for about 50 years, wrote a defence of 
the Established Church entitled " Ataxia? Obstaculum," to 
which Sir Thomas Overbury, the younger, replied with 
" Ratiocinium Vernaculum." The " Ataxias" was occasioned 


by " Queries proposed to the serious Consideration of those 
who impose upon others in Things of Divine and Super- 
natural Revelation, and persecute any upon the account of 
Religion " — an anonymous tract which is said to have been 
written by Overbury. 

Thomas Hyde, who was Archdeacon of Gloucester 
(1678-1702), held professorships of Hebrew and Arabic at 
Oxford, and was said by Hearne to have been in his day the 
greatest orientalist in Europe. 

Joseph White, born near Ruscombe, in the neighbour- 
hood of Stroud, in 1745, was another theologian who was 
also a distinguished orientalist. He obtained an unenviable 
notoriety in connection with his Bampton Lectures, which 
enhanced his reputation, but in the preparation of which, 
it subsequently transpired, he had received much unacknow- 
ledged and unrequited assistance. 

An original but inconclusive work : " The Divine 
Legation of Moses," which provoked considerable controversy 
in the 18th century, was written by William Warburton, 
who was for 20 years Bishop of Gloucester. Josiah Tucker, 
Dean of Gloucester (1758-99), may perhaps be classed among 
theologians, but he earned a greater reputation as a writer 
on political economy, and is said to have forestalled some 
of Adam Smith's theories. 

Another theologian who was also eminent as an orientalist 
was Robert Payne Smith, Dean of Canterbury. He was born 
in 1819 at Chipping Campden, where his ancestors had been 
settled for generations, probably since the days of Edward III. 
He commenced his education at Campden Grammar School, 
where he obtained the scholarship attached to Pembroke 
College, Oxford. He catalogued the Syriac MSS. in the 
Bodleian Library, and when this was completed he com- 
menced the Thesaurus Syriacus, which occupied much of 
his leisure for 36 years of his life. He was Regius Professor 
of Divinity at Oxford from 1865 to 1870, and Dean of 
Canterbury from the latter date till his death in 1895. 


Among our local preachers, George Whitefield, son of a 
Gloucester Innkeeper, stands facile princeps. He was one 
of the two great leaders of the Methodist movement in the 
18th Century, and although John Wesley had the larger share 
in shaping and directing that movement, the rapidity with 
which it spread was due more to Whitefield's impassioned 
eloquence than to any other cause. In the power of kindling 
religious fervour in the hearts of a vast congregation he 
was nearly Savonarola's equal. 

A name almost forgotten is that of William Cartwright, 
who was born at North way, near Tewkesbury, in 1611, and 
who, although he died at the early age of 32, was said by 
Anthony Wood to have been "the most florid and seraphical 
preacher in the University of Oxford." 

Many natives of the County have held high offices in 
the Church : — 

JOHN MOORE, Archbishop of Canterbury (1783-1805) 

Tobias Matthew, Archbishop of York (1606-28) 

Francis Marsh, Archbishop of Dublin (1682-93) 

JOSIAH HORT, Archbishop of Tuam (1742-51) 

Philip Bisse, Bishop of Hereford (1713-21) 

John Carpenter, Bishop of Worcester (1444-76) 

John Chedworth, Bishop of Lincoln (1451-71) 

Edward Fox, Bishop of Hereford (1535-8) 

Robert Huntington, Bishop of Raphoe (July- 
Sept., 1701), and 

Wm. Basil Jones, Bishop of St. Davids (1874-97) 

Edmund Lacy, Bishop of Exeter (1420-55) 

Thomas Ruthall, Bishop of Durham (1509-23) 

were all born in Gloucestershire, and 

Ralph of Bristol, Bishop of Kildare (1223-32), and 
William Thomas, Bishop of Worcester (1683-89) 
were born in Bristol. 

Bishop Fox was probably the most distinguished of 
those whose names are on this list. When quite a young 
man his ability was recognised by Wolsey, who entrusted to 


him the negotiations with Rome and other foreign courts 
relating to the divorce of Catherine of Aragon. He was also 
sent on other missions where difficult and delicate questions 
were involved. Bishop Huntington was a great orientalist, 
and he assisted in the translation of the Old Testament into 

Henry Dean, who was Archbishop of Canterbury, 
1501-3, probably belonged to the Dene Family of the Forest 
of Dean, but proof is wanting. He was certainly connected 
with the County by office, for he was Prior of Llanthony 
Secunda, near Gloucester, from 1461 to 1494. 

Some of the ecclesiastics connected by office with 
Gloucestershire and Bristol have been distinguished men. 
One of these was Gilbert Foliot, who was Abbot of St. Peter's 
Abbey at Gloucester before he became successively Bishop 
of Hereford and London, He was Becket's most formidable 
antagonist, and probably for that reason he became the 
trusted adviser of Henry II. He is said to have been 
remarkable for his piety, his learning, and his eloquence. 

Of all churchmen whose connection with the County 
was official, Bishop Hooper unquestionably figures more 
prominently in history than any other. The leading part 
which he took in the national struggle for religious freedom 
and the splendid courage with which he met an agonizing 
death, the torments of which were cruelly prolonged, have 
perpetuated his memory throughout the length and breadth 
of the land. 

Of ecclesiastics of lesser note who were connected by 
office with Gloucestershire or Bristol, the following may be 
mentioned. Anthony Ellys, Bishop of St. Davids, was a 
Canon of Gloucester for 37 years (1724-1761). Thomas 
Newton, who was Bishop of Bristol from 1761 till his death 
in 1782, owes his reputation to his edition of " Paradise 
Lost," which went through eight editions, and to his 
"Dissertation on the Prophecies," an eighteenth edition of 


which was issued in 1834. The latter, Johnson said, was 
" Tom's greatest work : but how far it was great and how 
much of it was Tom's, was another question." Samuel 
Hallifax, James Henry Monk, and Charles John Ellicott, all 
Bishops of Gloucester, were distinguished scholars. William 
Lort Mansel, who was educated at the Grammar School, 
Gloucester, became Master of Trinity College and Public 
Orator at Cambridge before he was appointed Bishop of 
Bristol in 1808. He was a celebrated wit, and the poet 
Rogers described his epigrams as "remarkably neat and 

Bristol has been for centuries an important centre of 
Nonconformity, and Ministers of Broadmead and Lewin's 
Mead Chapels, have not unfrequently been men of no 
ordinary ability. One of these was John Ryland, President 
of the Bristol Baptist College, who was the immediate pre- 
decessor, at Broadmead Chapel, of the famous preacher Robert 
Hall, a man whose name would also have been found in the 
following pages, but for his closer connection with other 
places. John Prior Estlin and Lant Carpenter were two 
distinguished Unitarians who ministered at Lewin's Mead 
Chapel. Both were also schoolmasters, and both were loved 
and revered by their pupils. Estlin numbered Coleridge, 
Southey and Robert Hall among his friends. 

John Biddle, who was born at Wotton-under-Edge in 
1615, and became Master of the Crypt School, Gloucester, in 
1611, was a very learned man, who suffered persecution on 
account of his anti-trinitarian writings. He was sentenced 
to many terms of imprisonment, he was banished to the 
Scilly Isles, he was reduced to destitution, and he died from 
a disease brought on by foul prison air. 

Two other Nonconformist Ministers who were punished 
for their opinions were James Forbes and William Winter- 
botham. Two of Winterbotham's descendants represented 
Gloucestershire Constituencies in Parliament, and another 
of them was a County Alderman for 25 years. He was 


sentenced to two long terms of imprisonment for sermons in 
which lawyers smelt sedition. During the last 21 years of 
his life he had charge of a congregation at Horsley. James 
Forbes was imprisoned in Chepstow Castle on a charge which 
seems to have been fabricated. With some interruptions he 
ministered for 58 years in Gloucester. He was a weekly 
preacher in the Cathedral from 1654 to the Restoration, when 
(being one of " Oliver's Preachers") he was prohibited from 
preaching in the diocese. He was in Gloucester in 1672, 
and was pastor of a Nonconformist congregation there from 
1686 till his death in 1712. The Barton Street Chapel, of 
which he was the first Minister, was built in 1699. 

John Roberts, a Quaker, who was born at Siddington, 
was a sturdy upholder of the faith that was in him. Like 
Biddle and Winterbotham, he underwent imprisonment for 
conscience sake. His fame is perhaps to some extent due to 
the graphic style in which his memoirs were written by his 
son Daniel — a little book which has gone through about 40 
editions — but apart from this, the humour, good sense and 
good temper, which Roberts displayed under persecution, 
would have given his " Memoirs" a permanent interest. 

Edward Tagart, a Unitarian writer of considerable ability, 
was born in Bristol in 1804. Hallam thought that one of his 
works would restore Locke to his proper position in the esti- 
mation of the country. 

The names of many other workers in the same field who 
have been esteemed for their learning or piety will be found 
in the following pages. 

Some of the theologians previously mentioned were, as 
has been stated, remarkable for their scholarship. Besides 
these, other distinguished scholars have been connected with 
the County. Thomas Neal, Professor of Hebrew at Oxford 
(1559-1569), was born at Yate, and Brian Houghton Hodgson's 
mastery of Sanskrit and Tibetan enabled him to throw much 
light on the religion and literature of the Buddhists, which 


for Europe he may be said to have discovered. After 
leaving India he spent the last 36 years of his life successively 
at Dursley and Alderly. 

Arthur Cooke Burnell, another great Sanskrit scholar, 
was born at St. Briavels. His "Classified Index to the 
Sanskrit MSS. in the Palace at Tanjore " was a work which 
no other scholar could have so successfully accomplished, 
and his "Handbook of South Indian Paleography " was 
said by Professor Max Miiller to have opened "an avenue 
through one of the darkest jungles of Indian archseology, 
and is so full of documentary evidence that it will long 
remain indispensable to every student of Indian literature." 

Robert Meadows White, before accepting the living of 
Slimbridge which he held for nineteen years, had been 
Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford. 

Three distinguished mathematicians, Isaac Dalby, 
Bartholomew Price, and Norman Macleod Ferrers were 
natives of Gloucestershire, and a fourth, Henry Moseley, 
was Vicar of Olveston from 1854 to 1872. 

Nine heads of Colleges at Oxford or Cambridge, whose 
names are subsequently referred to, were born in Gloucester- 
shire or Bristol. Arthur Charlett, Master of Univ. Coll., Ox. 
(1692-1722), was born at Shipton, near Cheltenham ; John 
Chedworth, Provost of King's Coll., Camb., was a native 
of Gloucestershire ; Norman Ferrers, Master of Gonville and 
Caius Coll., Camb., at Prinknash ; John Fuller, Master of 
Jesus Coll., Camb. (1557-8), at Gloucester ; Robert Harris, 
President of Trinity Coll., Ox. (1648-58), at Broad Campden ; 
Edmund Lacy, Master of Univ. Coll., Ox. (1398-1103), 
probably in Gloucestershire ; Robert Morwent, President of 
Corp. Ch. Coll., Ox., at Hartpury ; Bartholomew Price, of 
Pemb. Coll., Ox. (1891-98), at Coin St Dennis; and Thomas 
Turner, President of Corp. Ch. Coll., Ox. (1688-1714), at 

John Hall, Bishop of Bristol, was Master of Pembroke 


Coll., Ox., 1664-1710, and Leonard Hoar, who was President 
of Harvard College, America (1672-5), was also a native of 

One of the direct results of the religious revival of the 
17th Century was a stimulus to philanthropy, and so, as might 
be expected, in Gloucestershire, where revivalists were active, 
philanthropists were numerous. At the head of this list 
must be placed Robert Raikes, to whom the nation owes the 
Sunday School system, and Sir G. 0. Paul, who was second 
only to Howard as a Prison Reformer, and in actual practical 
work, perhaps, surpassed him. Among others who laboured 
in this field, and of whom Gloucestershire may be proud, 
were William Fox, of Clapton, who developed Raikes's 
scheme ; Mary Carpenter, the friend of juvenile delinquents ; 
Joseph Sturge, one of the champions of the anti-slavery 
movement ; T. Barwick Baker, the founder of the first 
state-aided Reformatory ; William Canynges, Edward Colston 
and Samuel Warneford, who munificently endowed Schools, 
Hospitals, or other Charitable Institutions ; and Vincent 
Stucky Lean, who left £50,000 to the British Museum, and 
a like sum to Bristol Libraries. One of the earliest and most 
noteworthy of our local philanthropists was John Bellers, 
of Coin St. Aldwyn, whose proposals for the prevention of 
destitution by an alteration of our economic conditions, find 
a place in the theories of modern social reformers. 

The work of George Miiller as a philanthropist, having 
regard to its extent and the means by which it was achieved, 
was quite unique. He built at a cost of £115,000, and 
maintained at an annual cost of £26,000 an Orphanage on 
Ashley Down, Clifton, without any direct appeal for sub- 
scriptions, but by circulating throughout many parts of the 
world a brief account of his past life, entitled " A Narrative 
of the Lord's Dealings with George Miiller. " During his 
life he received for this object no less than £1,500,000 and 
he maintained 123,000 children. The widespread interest 
which his work aroused is evidenced by the number of 


magazine articles and other literature which it occasioned, 
references to which will be found under his name. 

Chatterton and Southey stand at the head of our local 
poets, both, be it observed, natives of Bristol,* whence a 
large proportion of the celebrities mentioned in this work 
have sprung. It is a strange chance which here couples their 
names together, for it would be difficult to find two poets 
who differed more widely, as much in the circumstances of 
their lives as in the characteristics and fortunes of their 
works. Chatterton's tragic fate is known to everyone. 
Failing to earn a livelihood by his pen and finding himself 
face to face with starvation, being too proud to beg, he put 
an end to his life when only 18 years old. Southey lived 
to nearly four times that age, his voluminous writings, 
which were widely read, brought him in a fair fortune, and 
during the last 30 years of his life he was Poet Laureate. 
But Time has a habit of adjusting the mistakes of contem- 
poraries. Southey's poems, except by those who make a 
special study of English literature, are scarcely read, while 
new editions of Chatterton's works, and new accounts of his 
life, continue to issue from the press. 

There were of course poets of an earlier date connected 
with the County. William Cartwright, who was born at 
Northway, near Tewkesbury, was a dramatist of some repute 
in the days of James I., and the works of John Oldham, a 
native of Shipton Moyne, who in the style of his satire, 
though not in the refinement of his taste, may be regarded 
as a precursor of Pope, went through numerous editions 
between 1683 and 1770. Ulpian Fulwell, rector of Naunton 
1570-85, and Thomas Washbourne, rector of Dumbleton, 
1640 to 1687, author of " Divine Poems," first published in 
1654, are perhaps both deserving of mention, though their 
works have not very materially added to the stock of English 

* A large part of the City of Bristol lies within the geographical boundaries of 
Gloucestershire, and a considerable portion of the present City was, till quite 
recently, within its administrative boundaries. 


" The Secrets of Angling " (the first metrical treatise on 
fishing in the language) by John Dennys, of Bitton, is a 
poem of some slight merit, and has an adventitious interest 
(at least for bibliophiles) on account of the extreme rarity of its 
early editions, and the uncertainty which so long prevailed 
as to its authorship. Joseph Trapp, the first Professor of 
Poetry at Oxford, was born at Cherrington in Gloucestershire. 
He was the writer of many verses, but is now only re- 
membered by his translation of Virgil. Among poets of 
later days we are able to claim William Ernest Henley, a 
native of Gloucester, who was also an eminent critic, and 
(through a residence of 38 years in the County) Sydney 
Dobell, the author of " The Roman " and " Balder." Thomas 
Lovell Beddoes, a native of Clifton, whose posthumous work 
" Death's Jest Book," has found a permanent place in 
literature, and John Addington Symonds, the translator of 
Michael Angelo's Sonnets, were natives of Clifton. John 
Keble, who was born at Fairford, and descended from an 
old Gloucestershire family, and Charles Wesley, who was 
born at Bristol, where he lived during many years of his 
life, alone suffice to place our County, as the home of hymn- 
writers, in quite the front rank. Isaac Williams, the author 
of Lyra Apostolica, was curate of Sherborne, Gloucester- 
shire. To the Singers of the Church must be added the 
names of John Ryland, Baptist Minister, of Bristol, some of 
whose hymns are still in constant use, and of old Benjamin 
Beddome, who was Baptist Minister at Bourton-on-the- Water 
from 1740 to 1795. A volume containing no less than 830 
of his hymns was published in 1818. 

The County has also produced some of those whom 
Southey designates as " uneducated poets." Chief among 
these is John Taylor, generally known as " the water-poet," 
who was born in Gloucester in 1580. He was for many 
years a waterman on the Thames, and when his earnings 
were diminished by the increase of coaches (which he calls 
1 hired hackney-hell carts '), he took to writing verses as a 
means of increasing his income. As literature they are poor 


stuff, and the writer of his life in the Dictionary of National 
Biography Bays that he should be regarded as a literary 
bargee rather than, as he styled himself, " the King's Water 
Poet." His works have, however, from the minuteness of 
their descriptions, an antiquarian and historical value. He 
had a facility for versifying, and the same writer gives a 
list of no less than 157 rhymed brochures, which are attributed 
to him. Many of them are journals of trips which he made 
in his boat on English rivers, and the titles of such as are 
biographical are given in extenso in the following pages. To 
the same class belong John Jones, a domestic servant, and 
Ann Yearsley, " the Bristol Milkwoman." 

As is probably the case in most counties, the list of 
prose writers is a long one. It commences, in point of time, 
with three of the old chroniclers, Robert of Gloucester, 
Richard of Cirencester, and William of Worcester, who was 
born in Bristol. John of Trevisa, who was an accomplished 
translator of Latin into English in the 14th Century, was 
vicar of Berkeley, and canon of Westbury-on-Trym, and 
Fabian Phillips, royalist controversialist, was born at 
Prestbury, near Cheltenham. The most eminent names on 
the list are those of Robert Southey, John Foster, the essayist, 
Hannah More, and John Addington Symonds. A much 
higher place is now accorded to Southey as a prose writer 
than as a poet. As a biographer he has not often been 
excelled. Some idea of the interest which his prose works 
and poems excited in his own day may be formed by observing 
the numerous references to Reviews collected under his name. 
Among those of lesser note are a goodly group of topographical 
and antiquarian writers, viz. : Daniel and Samuel Lysons, Sir 
Robert Atkyns, Philip Bliss (the editor of Wood's A thence 
Oxonienses), George Ormerod (author of the History of 
Cheshire), John Lewis, Thomas Dudley Fosbroke, Henry 
Thomas Ellacombe, James Dallaway, William Barrett, Herbert 
Haines (the author of an excellent " Manual of Monumental 
Brasses,") Samuel Rudder and Sir John Maclean. " The 
Spiritual Quixote " will keep alive the name of Richard 


Graves, of Mickleton. John Scandrett Harford, of Bristol, 
wrote an admirable life of Michael Angelo. 

Robert Raikes, senr., and Robert Raikes, junr. (who has 
been already named among philanthropists), proprietors and 
editors of the Gloucester Journal (which was founded by 
the former in 1722 and is still nourishing), gave to the 
County a newspaper which has always occupied a high 
position among provincial journals. John Mathew Gutch 
owned and edited from 1833 to 1844 Felix Farley's Bristol 
Journal, which was merged in the Bristol Times in 1853. 
Philip Harwood earned for himself considerable distinction. 
He was born in Bristol, and after sub-editing the Examiner, 
the Spectator, the Morning Chronicle, and the Saturday 
Review, he became editor of the latter paper, a post which 
he held from 1868 to 1883. 

In the medical profession Gloucestershire and Bristol 
are well represented. Edward Jenner, of Berkeley, one of 
the benefactors of the human race, heads a long list which 
includes, among others, Matthew Baillie, Thomas Beddoes 
(the father of the poet), Richard Bright (the discoverer of 
Bright's disease), William Budd, whose researches threw 
much light on zymotic diseases, Thomas Dover (from whom 
"Dover's Powders" took their name), and Caleb Hillier 
Parry, of Cirencester, who wrote a valuable treatise on the 
Arterial Pulse. Sir John Tomes, who was knighted on 
account of his eminence in dental surgery, was born at 
Weston-on-Avon and came of a family who had lived for 
centuries in Gloucestershire. 

The men of Science form a creditable group. A head 
and shoulders above the rest stands James Bradley, 
Astronomer Royal, the discoverer of the Aberration of Light 
and the Nutation of the Earth's axis. He was born at 
Sherborne in Gloucestershire and educated at the Northleach 
Grammar School. Second to Bradley must be placed Sir 
Charles Wheatstone, who had a genius for making practical 
use of scientific discoveries. He was the son of a music 


seller in Gloucester and was born at Barnwood in 1802. 
The application of electricity for the transmission of 
messages (although he can hardly be called its inventor) 
was more due to him and his fellow-worker, Sir W. F. 
Cook, than to anyone else. Nathaniel Bliss, who succeeded 
Bradley as Astronomer Royal, was born in Bisley. 

The names of others will be found in this group who 
have, in a lesser degree, contributed to the advancement of 
Science. James Cowles Prichard and John Beddoe (both of 
Bristol) were eminent ethnologists. William John Broderip, 
son of a Bristol surgeon, was the author of many valuable 
papers on Zoology and other branches of Natural Science, 
which appeared in periodicals and Transactions of Scientific 
Societies. John Leonard Knapp, of Alveston, wrote the 
" Journal of a Naturalist," which went through four editions. 
John Canton and John Watkins Brett were electricians. 
The former, who was born at Stroud, made valuable dis- 
coveries relating to the properties of electricity, and the 
latter, whose father was a cabinet maker in Bristol, was the 
originator of submarine telegraphy. Jonathan Hulls, who 
was born at Chipping Campden in 1699, must not be left 
unmentioned, as he originated and constructed a small tug, 
which was the first vessel ever propelled by steam. 

John Lightfoot, the author of " Flora Scotica," was born 
at Newent and educated at the Crypt School in Gloucester. 
David Mushet and his son, Robert Forester Mushet, metal- 
lurgists, resided for many years at Coleford, where the latter 
was born. Their experiments resulted in many improved 
methods for the manufacture of iron and steel. 

William Sanders and G. W. K. Thwaites were both 
natives of Bristol. The former was a geologist and the latter 
a botanist and entomologist. John Turton, who was a 
conchologist, was born at Olveston, near Almondsbury, and 
Eleanor Ormerod (a writer on entomology), daughter of the 
historian of Cheshire, was born at Sedbury. 

George Gore, the discoverer of amorphous antimony 


and electrolytic sounds, was born in Bristol. Charles H. 
Greville Williams, the discoverer of quinoline-blue, and 
William James Russell, President of the Institute of 
Chemistry (1894-7), were natives of Cheltenham and Glou- 
cester respectively. 

The names of John and Sebastian Cabot (the one of 
whom was connected by residence, and the other by birth 
with the City of Bristol), alone give lustre to the part which 
Bristolians have played as explorers. Captain James, another 
adventurous and capable navigator, who attempted to discover 
a north-west passage in 1631, was also closely connected with 
Bristol. The account which he wrote of his voyage is very 
interesting and has often been reprinted. James's Bay was 
named after him. Martin Pring was another Sea Captain 
who was sent by Bristol merchants on exploring expeditions 
and earned for himself some distinction. The voyage on 
which Captain Woodes Rogers was sent from Bristol in 
1708 was more of a filibustering than exploring character, 
but it has a literary interest as it occasioned the discovery 
of Alexander Selkirk on the island of Juan Fernandez. 

Turning to overland explorers, we find that Samuel 
Turner, who wrote the first published account of a journey 
to Tibet, was a native of Gloucestershire ; Thomas Edward 
Bowdich, the writer of " A Mission from Cape Coast Castle 
to Ashantee," was a Bristolian ; and Frank Hatton, whose 
brilliant career as a scientific explorer in Borneo was cut 
short by an accident at the early age of twenty-two, was born 
at Horfield. 

In the musical world the county and city which are the 
subject of this work hold a respectable place. The names of 
many eminent organists who have also been composers may 
be noticed. In the front rank of these stand Samuel and 
Samuel Sebastian Wesley, the son and grandson of Charles 
Wesley, the hymn-writer, the former of whom was born in 
Bristol, and the latter was organist of Gloucester Cathedral 
for the last ten years of his life. John Stafford Smith was 


born in Gloucester, and Edward Hodges and Alfred Stone 
in Bristol, and all became organists in the Cathedrals of 
their native cities. William Child, who was organist of 
St. George's Chapel, "Windsor, was also born in Bristol. 
William Hine and Barnabas Gnnn were organists of Glou- 
cester Cathedral, the former for eighteen, and the latter for 
eight years. Elway Bevin is said by Anthony Wood to have 
been organist of Bristol Cathedral from 1589 to 1637. 
Another local organist and composer was Robert Broderip, 
who lived in Bristol all his life. John Clarke Whitfield, 
who was organist of Hereford Cathedral (1822-33), was born 
in Gloucester. Robert Lucas Pearsall (composer), was born 
at Clifton, and Henry Phillips (vocalist), and Robert Sidney 
Pratten (flautist), at Bristol. All of the above have been 
deemed worthy to be included in the Dictionary of National 

Another very eminent, perhaps the most eminent of all 
our county musical composers, is Sir Hubert Parry, the owner 
of Highnam Court, and son of Thomas Gambier Parry 
the distinguished fresco painter. He has composed two 
oratorios and many symphonies, songs, sonatas and anthems, 
and he has been Director of the Royal College of Music 
since 1894. 

The names of eight natives of Gloucestershire or Bristol 
will be found, who were sufficiently successful on the stage 
to obtain a place in the Dictionary of National Biography. 
These are Richard Estcourt, of Tewkesbury ; Mary Robinson, 
Amy Sedgwick, Charles Bonnor and Thomas German Reed, 
of Bristol; Charles Bannister, "of Gloucestershire"; Thomas 
Chiswell King, of Twyning ; and Edwin Ransford, of 
Bourton-on-the-Water. Estcourt, Mary Robinson and Bonnor 
were also dramatists. 

But for Bristol the list of artists would indeed be 
meagre, for the county can lay claim to only two painters 
of talent — Thomas Gambier Parry and Samuel Edward 
Waller. Parry purchased Highnam Court, near Gloucester, 


in 1838, where he lived for fifty years. The walls of the 
beautiful church at Highnam, which was built from his 
design, he decorated with frescoes. In the painting of these, 
in order to ensure their permanence, he used a spirit as a 
medium — a process of which he was the inventor, and which 
was approved and adopted by Sir Frederick Leighton. In 
his appreciation of the beauties of the early Italian Masters, 
Parry was a generation ahead of his day, and his style was 
distinctly influenced by studying some of their works. 
Indeed, the Highnam frescoes call to mind those in the 
Capella San Giorgio at Padua, by Avanzi and Altichieri — 
two of the Giotteschi — for whom Parry had a special admir- 
ation. He also decorated with frescoes the lantern and 
the roof of six bays of the nave of Ely Cathedral, the roof of 
the nave of Tewkesbury Abbey, and the walls and roof of 
St. Andrew's Chapel in Gloucester Cathedral. All of these 
works he carried out gratuitously and at considerable expense 
to himself. It may be added that he took a leading part 
in County affairs, to which he devoted much time. 

Samuel Edward Waller was the son of Frederick 
Waller, architect, of Gloucester, where his son Samuel was 
born. His genre pictures were very popular and commanded 
high prices. Many of them have been acquired by Colonial 
and Provincial Galleries, and some have been engraved. 

Bristol, on the other hand, can boast a fair number of 
artists connected with her by birth and residence. Chief 
among these is the great portrait painter Sir Thomas Lawrence, 
who was born at No. 6, Redcross Street, Bristol, on May 4, 
1769. He did not, it is true, reside there for long, as his 
father removed to Devizes when he was only three years old, 
but he was sent to school in Bristol when quite young. He 
was an extraordinarily precocious child, and his talent for 
taking likenesses made its appearance when he was 5 years 
old. He made a great reputation at a very early age. After 
the death of Sir Joshua Reynolds, he was appointed painter 
in ordinary to the King when he was only 23 years old, and 


in 1819 he was elected President of the Academy. He painted 
the portraits of a large number of celebrities, among others 
the Duke of Wellington, Sir Walter Scott, Lord Eldon, Samuel 
Rogers and Mrs Siddons. The portrait of our Gloucestershire 
antiquary, Samuel Lysons, which has been so beautifully 
engraved by S. W. Reynolds, was his handiwork. He died 
in 1830, and was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral by the side 
of Sir Joshua Reynolds. 

Bristol has also the honour of having given her name to 
a School of landscape painters of considerable merit. The 
"Bristol School" comprised Samuel Jackson, G. A. Fripp, 
Nicholas Pocock, J. B. Pyne, Edward Bird, William Evans, 
the Branwhites, W. J. Miiller and Samuel Phillips Jackson. 
Henry Brittan Willis, James Francis Danby and Paul 
Falconer Poole were all born in Bristol. Brittan Willis 
gained a considerable reputation as an animal painter ; and 
Danby, a landscape painter, was a frequent exhibitor in the 
Academy. Poole painted historic and idyllic pictures with 
considerable power, and twenty-six of his works were 
exhibited at a winter exhibition in Burlington House after 
his death. 

Only two sculptors and two architects whose names 
occur later, have found their way into the Dictionary of 
National Biography. The former are Edward Hodges Baily, 
a native of Bristol, and John Thomas, who was born at 
Chalford in 1813 ; the latter are Edward William Godwin 
and John Norton, both of whom were born in Bristol. 

The families of Berkeley and Somerset have given to 
the County many good sportsmen, and the packs of fox- 
hounds which have been kept by them for generations have 
a national reputation. W. G. Grace, the greatest cricketer, 
and Fred Archer, the most successful jockey during the last 
half of the 19th century, were both natives of Gloucestershire. 
Charles Travess, who was huntsman of the Cotswold hounds 
from 1872 to 1908, knew all about his business, and was a 
fine rider to hounds. 


The energies of Bristol were undoubtedly great and 
expressed themselves in divers forms. We have seen that 
she was a centre of religious thought and that she gave 
birth to poets and prose writers, to theologians and philan- 
thropists, to artists and explorers, but the fine physique and 
animal courage of her citizens earned for her fame of a very 
different character. Biographical references will be found 
in these pages to sixteen prize-fighters, of whom no less 
than twelve hailed from Bristol, where they received their 
early training in what was then called the " Noble Art of 
Self Defence," and three of the remaining four were born 
within seven miles of the city. Four (Tom Cribb, Jem 
Belcher, Ben Brain, and John Gully) became Champions 
of England. Gully's career was a strange one. Having made 
some money in the prize-ring he went on the turf and 
amassed a large fortune as a bookmaker. He became an 
owner of racehorses, and twice won the Derby and the Two 
Thousand Guineas. For five years he represented Pontefract 
in Parliament. He invested his winnings in coal mines, and 
these seem to have afforded him his chief interest in the 
later years of his life. 

This brief survey of the most prominent men and 
women whose names occur in this volume gives a tolerably 
complete answer to the catechetical title of Canon Lysons' 
tract " What has Gloucestershire achieved ? " It should not, 
however, be forgotten that the work is bibliographical, and 
consequently does not include the names of some who well 
deserve to be placed among Gloucestershire Worthies, but 
about whom it has chanced that nothing has been written. 

&he fiibliogiaphev's itlannal of 
(JMouecstcrsljire Citerature 

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Title and pp. 1-32. 
1901-5. The Library of Literary Criticism of English and American 
Authors. Edited by Charles Wells Moulton. Buffalo, New York. 
8 vols. 8vo. 

Alexander of Hales, vol. 1, pp. 71-2. 
1907. Das Wesen der Gnade und ihr Verhaltnis zu den Menschen bei 
Alexander Halesius. Von Lie. Dr. Karl Heim . . . Leipzig. 1907, 
8vo. Two leaves and pp. 252. B.M. 

N.D. The English Nation (Cunningham). See [1835-7] 


ALFIELD or AUFIELD, Thomas, alias Badger [a native of Gloucestershire. 
Executed in 1585 for importing Catholic books.] 

1857. Life and Martyrdom of Thomas Alfield. Rambler, N.S. vii., 420-431. 

1884. [Biographical note by Thompson Cooper.] N. & Q. Ser. 6, ix., 485. 

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1909. Notes on Two English Martyrs. By John Wainewright. Down- 
side Review, xxviii., 19-40. 

The two martyrs are Thomas Alfleld and Thomas Webley. 
1913. [Biographical note.] N. db Q. Ser. 11, viii., 433. 

ALLIBOND, John, D.D., [b. 1597, Rector of St. Mary -de -Crypt, Gloucester. 
1634-38 ; perpetual curate of St. Nicholas, Gloucester, 1635-45 ; and 
rector of Broadwell, Gloucestershire, from 1636 till his death in 1658.] 

1853-85. A Register of the Presidents, Fellows, Demies, Instructors in 
Grammar and Music, Chaplains, Clerks, Choristers, and other Members 
of Saint Mary Magdalen College, in the University of Oxford, from the 
Foundation of the College to the present time. By John Bloxam, 
D.D. Fellow and Librarian. Oxford. 1853-85. 8 vols. 8vo. 
John Allibond, vol. i., 33-35; vol. ii., 48-51; vol. in.. 156-8. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. i., 330, q.v. for Works. 

ALYE, Family of, [of Tewkesbury.] 

1871. Herald & Genealogist, vi., 223-231. 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 2-3. 

AMES, Family of, [of Gloucestershire and Bristol.] 

1878. Pedigree of Ames. From the original in the possession of Reginald 
Ames, Esq Genealogist, ii., 273-281. 

1889. Genealogical Memoranda of the Family of Ames. By Reginald 
Ames, M.A. Privately Printed. London : Mitchell and Hughes, 140, 
Wardour Street. 1889. 4to. B.M. 

Title & Intro., pp. i.-xxil. ; Title to Pedigrees, one leaf; Pedigrees & Facsimiles 
of Autographs, 4 folding sheets, 12 leaves, and pp. 1-[100] ; 37 Photographic 
Portraits ; 7 Views of Tombstones, Effigies, &c. ; Pedigrees, Plates of Brasses, 
&c, of the Chamicey Family, 10 leaves. The letterpress is paged 1-12. 

Among the portraits are tho9e of Levi Ames, of Clifton Wood (Mayor of Bristol 
1788-9) (2) ; Levi Ames, the Younger, of Clifton ; Lionel Lyde, of Holcombe and 
of Bristol, and of Anna Maria his wife. 

ANDERDON, John Lavicount, [b. in Bristol Ap. 5, 1792 ; author of a 
work on angling and of some works on religious subjects ; d. in 1874.] 

1877. Geron : the Old Man in search of Paradise. A Posthumous Work 
by John Lavicount Anderdon . . . With a biographical notice of the 
Author by the Rev. George Williams, B.D. London : 1877. 8vo. 
Pp. xi. & 306. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. i., 370-1, q.v. for Works. 


ANGEL or ANGELL, John [author ; b. in Glos. c. 1590 ; d. 1655.] 

1813-20. Athenae Oxonienses. An Exact History of all the Writers and 
Bishops who have had their education in the University of Oxford . . . 
By Anthony A. Wood, M.A., of Merton College. A New Edition, with 
Additions, and a Continuation By Philip Bliss. London : 1813-20. 
4 vols. 4to. 

John Angell, vol. 3, cols. 397-8. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. i., 413-14, q.v. for Works. 

APPLEYARD, John Whittle, [b. at Cirencester June 15, 1814 ; educated 
at Kingswood School, 1823-8 ; missionary in South Africa 1840 till 
his death on 4th April, 1874.] 

1881. Memoir of the Rev. John Whittle Appleyard, Wesleyan Missionary 

in South Africa. The Author of a Kafir Grammar, and one of the 

Translators of the Sacred Scriptures into that Language. By the 

Rev. Thornley Smith . . . London : 1881. 8vo. Q.P.L. 

Pp. vili. & [142] ; portrait facing p. 1 ; folding map of 8. Africa at end. 

APSLEY, Family of. See infra BATHURST 

ARCHARD, Family of, [of North Nibley.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 2. 

ARCHER, Family of. [William Archer, landlord of the King's Arms, Prest- 
bury, was father of Frederick James (q.v.) and Charles Edward, a trainer 
at Newmarket.] 

1885. Autobiographies of the three Archers, William (pere), Fred, and 
Charlie. By a Cheltonian. Dedicated by permission to the Rt. Hon. 
Earl Fitzhardinge. Pub. by S. H. Brookes, " Express " Offioe, 
Cheltenham. 8vo. 

Title and Pref., 2 leaves ; William Archer, pp. 3-18 ; Fred. James Archer, pp. I9- 
60 ; Charles Edward Archer, pp. 51-5 ; Winning Mounts, p. 64 ; Portrait of Fred 
Archer, Front. 

[A Second Edition, with portraits, entitled] The Three Archers 
with a Memoir of Fred Archer, And his Experiences in America, France 
and Ireland. Also Autobiographies of William (pere) and Charles 
Archer. By a Cheltonian. Dedicated by permission to the Rt. Hon. 
Earl Fitzhardinge. 1887. Cheltenham. Pub. by S. H. Brookes, 
"Express" Office. 8vo. [Price Is.] Q.P.L. 

Two leaves & pp. 8-82. Two portraits of Fred Archer before title. 

ARCHER, Frederick James, [a celebrated jookey ; b. at Cheltenham, 
Jan. 11, 1857 ; d. Nov. 8, 1886. His portrait drawn by R. Josey, 
was engraved by Rosa Corder, and another is the frontispiece of 
Baily'a Mag., vol. 31.] 

[1884.] No. 7. Pinder's Pocket Library . . . The Life of Fred Archer, 
The Champion Jockey. Full Particulars. Price Id. Leeds. 8vo. B. 
Pp. 16. Portrait on p. 3. Date from Bodl. Cat. 


1885-7. Autobiographies of the three Archers . . . 1885 [and Seoond 
Edition . . . 1887.] See ante, sub ARCHER, Family of. 

1886. Baily's Magazine, xlvi., 477-482. 

Fred Archer. [By Alfred Allison.] Time, xv., 641-9. [Same Art.] 

Lit. Liv. Age, Ser. 6, vol. 57, pp. 141-5. 

1901. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. I., i., 67. 

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N.D. Fred Archer; or, " How to Win." [Portrait of] Fred Archer. Died 
Nov. 8th, 1886. London. 12mo. 

Pp. 15. A Tract (signed W.H.J.) published by the Open-Air Mission, mentioning 
interviews which the writer had with Fred Archer and his attempts to show him 
" How to win Christ." 

ARKELL, Family of. 

N.D. Pedigree of Arkell, of Walley, in VVhittington. [T.P.] fol. B. 

ARMSTRONG, Rev. George, [b. 1792 ; Unitarian Minister of Lewin's- 
Mead Chapel, Bristol, 1838 till his death in 1857.] 

1838. Abuse of Power in the State : The Cause and Support of Cor- 
rupt Doctrine in the Church. In three discourses, delivered before the 
Congregation of Lewin's Mead Chapel, Bristol . . . with an Address, 
explanatory of the Author's Secession from the United Church of 
England and Ireland. By the Rev. George Armstrong, B.A. . . . 
London : 1838. [Printed by Philip and Evans, Clare St., Bristol.] 
8vo. Pp. 79. * 

1857. The Grateful Remembrance of Departed Ministers. A Sermon 
delivered on Sunday Morning, August 16th, 1857, in Lewins Mead 
Chapel, Bristol, On Occasion of the Death of The Rev. George Arm- 
strong, B.A., by The Rev. William James. London : 1857. 8vo. 

Pp. 22 ; Notes, one leaf. 

1858. Memoir of the late Rev. George Armstrong, of Bristol. Christian 
Reformer, xiv., 1-18, 65-94, 162-176, 272-290, 338-341, 467-473, 663- 

1889. A Memoir of the late Rev. George Armstrong, formerly incumbent 
of Bangor in the Diocese of Down, and latterly one of the Ministers of 
Lewin's-Mead Chapel, Bristol. With Extracts from his Journals and 
Correspondence. By Robert Henderson, his literary Executor . . . 
[quot.] London. 1859. 8vo. B. 

Title, one leaf; Contents, Pref., &c, pp. xx. Memoir <t App., pp. 400. 


Discourses in Lewin's Mead Chapel. 1844. 

Maynooth Endowment : a letter to Charles Pinney. 1845. 

Has the British and Foreign Bible Society kept faith with the Public ? 1847. 

A Letter to the Churches of the West Unitarian Christian Union. [1850] 

There are also six of his Sermons in the B.M. 


ARNOLD, Sir Nicholas, [Lord Deputy of Ireland, son of John Arnold, 
lord of the manor of Highnam and Over, near Gloucester ; b. o. 1507 
at Churcham, Glos ; M.P. for Gloucestershire 1545-7, 1553, 1555, 1572- 
80 ; for Gloucester City 1559 and 1563-7 ; High Sheriff of Glos. 1558-9 ; 
imprisoned in 1556 and released on condition that he did not go within 
10 miles of Gloucestershire ; d. in 1580 or 1581, and was bur. at Churcham. 
His first wife was a daughter of Sir William Dennys, of Dyrham.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), p. 4. 
1888. Sir Nicholas Arnold, N. & Q., Ser. 7, vi., 287, 394. 
1890. Sir Nicholas Arnold, Lord Deputy of Ireland. Oloa. N. db Q. iv., 

A valuable note giving references to many incidental mentions of Arnold In the 
Calendar of State Papers (Domestic) between 1554 and 1580. 

1901. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. I., i., 75-6. 

1911. [Notes by Mr. W. D. Pink and Mr. F. S. Hockaday referring to 

John Arnold and his son Sir Nicholas.] N. & Q., Ser. 11, iv., 42-3, 


ARRIS, Family of, [of Ebrington.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 3-4. 

ARROWSMITH, Family of. [Members of this family resided at Newent, 
Wotton-under-Edge, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Painswiok, Stroud and 
Tewkesbury in the 17th century.] 

1892-1914. [Thomas Arrowsmith, of Newent, a deaf and dumb portrait 
painter.] N. & Q., Ser. 8, i., 168, 318, 458; Ser. 11, x., 355, 395. 

1893. Pedigree of the Family of Arrowsmith. By the Rev. W. G. D. 
Fletcher, M.A. . . . Printed for Private Circulation by John White, 
23, George Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire. 1893. 8vo. B. 

Title on wrapper & pp. 1-6. Keprinted from G. N. & Q. 

1894. The Family of Arrowsmith. Oloa. N. & Q. v., 432-7, 565. 

ARUNDEL, Family of, [of Dursley and Stroud.] 

1894. The Arundel Family. Glos. N. do Q. v., 110-1, 561. 

ASH, Edward [M.D., b. in 1797, in Bristol, where his early and muoh of his 
later life was spent, and where he died, Dec. 23, 1873. There are 12 
works by him in the B.M.] 

1874. A Retrospect of my Life. By Edward Ash, M.D. Bristol : W. 
Mack, 38 Park St. 1874. 8vo. Pp. iv. & 88. F.F.F. 

ASHBY, Harry, [writing-engraver ; b. in 1744 at Wotton-under-Edge, where 
he was apprenticed to a clockmaker ; at the end of his apprenticeship 
he removed to London, where he obtained employment as an engraver ; 
d. 1818. His work was of exceptional excellence. His portrait by 
Borokhardt was eng. by Holl.] 


1818-21. [Obituaries.] European Mag. lxxiv., 207-8 ; Oent. Mag. vol- 
88, pt. 2, pp. 283-5 ; Ann. Biog. db Obit, v., 306-7. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. ii., 165-6, where the books in which some of his 
finest work occurs are named. 

ASPLIN, William, [theologian ; b. 1687 ; Vicar of Eastleach St. Martin 
(otherwise Burthorpe) from 1720 (or 1733) till his death in 1758.] 

1778. [Letters on Asplin's work "Alkibla."] Oent. Mag. xlviii., 221, 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. ii., 197, q.v. for Works and the long title of 

ASTRY, Family of, [of Henbury, Glos.] 

1881. Genealogical Memoirs of the Families of Chester of Bristol . . . 
Also of the Families of Astry of London, Kent, Beds, Hunts, Oxon, 
and Gloucestershire, descended from Sir Ralph Astry, Kt., Lord Mayor 
of London, 1493. Attempted by Robt. Edmond Chester Waters, Esq., 
B.A. . . . London. 1881. 4to. 

Pp. x. & 122. Privately printed. Price £1 lis. 6d. Pedigree of Astry of 
Henbury, pp. 90-1. 

ATKYNS, Family of, [of Tuffley and Sapperton, Gloucestershire. There 
are portraits at Ketteringham Hall, Norfolk, of the Sir Edward Atkyns 
who died in 1669 and of the Sir Edward Atkyns who died in 1698, 
and one of the former in the Guildhall, London.] 

1758. Taylor, on the Demise of Atkyns, Esq ; Plaintiff in Error. Atkyns, 
Esq ; and Others, Defendts in Error. The Case of the Plaintiff in Error. 
To be Heard at the Bar of the House of Lords, on Tuesday the 24th 
Day of January 1758. Fol. Pp. 8. O.P.L. 

In Error, Cyprian Taylor, on the Demise of John Atkins, Esq. 

Plaintiff. Charles Coxe, Esq. Thomas Horde, Esq. and others 
Defendants. The Defendants Case . . .Fol. Pp. 6. O.P.L. 

This case related to the estates of Sir Robert Atkyns the elder, the ownership 
of which was disputed. It turned on points of real property law which have become 
antiquated and Is now valuable only on account of the genealogical information 
which it contains. 

1780. House of Lords. Edward Atkyns, Esq. Appellant. John Atkyns, 
Esq. and others, Respondents. Case for the Appellant. Fol. Pp. 4. 


The Case of the Respondents. Fol. Pp. 4. O.P.L. 

This was an appeal by Edward Atkyns, eldest son and heir of Edward Atkyns 
who died Feb. 22, 1765, against a decision of the Lord Chancellor decreeing that 
the Manor of Lower Swell and lands in Upper Swell and Stow-on-the-Wold passed 
under the Will of the appellant's father to the testator's younger children. The 
Appeal was dismissed by the House of Lords. The cases, like those preceding, 
have a genealogical Interest. 

The appellant was great-great grandson of Sir Edward Atkyns, Lord Chief Baron, 
the brother of Sir Robert Atkyns, Sen., q.v. 


1910-12. Atkyns Family. N. & Q., Ser. 11, ii., 474-5; v. 448 ; vi., 137-9, 

1912. Some Account of Sir Robert Atkyns the Younger and other Members 
of the Atkyns Family . . . See infra ATKYNS, Sir Robert, the Younger. 

ATKYNS, John Tracy, [barrister ; 3rd son of John Tracy of Stanway and 
great grandson of Viscount Tracy of Toddington ; b. Jan. 10, 1706. 
His mother was a daughter of Sir Robert Atkyns, Senr., under whose 
Will he assumed the name of Atkyns. He died in 1773.] 

1864. Foss's Judges of England, viii., 238-9. 

1880. Diet. Nat. Biog. it, 228. 


Reports of Cases argued In Chancery 1765-8. 

A second edition of these Reports appeared In 1781-2, and a third In 1794. 

ATKYNS, Richard, [writer on Typography ; b. at Tuffley in 1615 ; owned 
a leasehold interest in the manor of Tuffley which had been in his family 
for upwards of a century ; educated at the Crypt School at Gloucester ; 
commanded, in the Civil War, a royalist troop of horse which he had 
raised at his own expense ; d. Sept. 14, 1677.] 

1669. The Vindication of Richard Atkyns Esquire As also a Relation 
of several Passages in the Western-War, Wherein He was Concern'd 
. . . London, Printed 1669. sm. 4to. B.M. 

Two leaves and pp. 80. More fully described ante, vol. 2, p. 228. 

1778. Biographia Britannica : or the Lives of the most Eminent Persons 

who have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland from the earliest 

ages to the present times . . . The Second Edition . . . By Andrew 

Kippis, D.D. London : 1778. vols. Fol. 

Richard Atkyns, 1., 322-324. 

The work was never finished. Vol. 5 ends at Fa. 

1817. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), iii., 1126-7. 

1885. Diot. Nat. Biog. ii., 228-30, q.v. for Works. 

An account of his " Original and Growth of Printing " Is given in Tlmperley's 
"Dictionary of Printers and Printing" (1839), pp. 145-7, 653. 

ATKYNS, Sir Robert, [the elder, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer ; 
born in Gloucestershire, April 29, 1620 ; Recorder of Bristol 1659 or 
1661 to 1680, which office he was constrained to resign by reason of 
factious proceedings instituted against him by his political opponents. 
He was an unsuccessful candidate for the representation of Bristol in 
Parliament in 1680. He was the father of Sir Robert Atkyns, Junr., 
the Author of " The Ancient and Present State of Glostershire," q.v. 
He died on Feb. 12 (not as stated in the Diet. Nat. Biog. on Feb. 18), 
1709-10, at Sapperton, the manor of which he had purchased in 1660, 
and where he had spent the later years of his life. "After Hale, there 
was no more learned lawyer of his time, and there was none more honest." 

From a portrait by J. Michael Wright in the Guildhall. Lond 


There are full length portraits of him at Ketteringham Hall, Norfolk, 
and in the Guildhall, London.] 

[1680.] Reasons for chusing Sir Robert Atkins and Sir John Knight, 
Parliament -Men for the City of Bristol, fol. B.M. 

1683. The Presentment of the Grand Jury of Bristol At the General 
Sessions of the Peace . . . begun Maroh 13, 1682 . . . London : Printed 
by H. Hills, Junr. . . . 1683. fol. g 

The presentment refers to the circumstances which caused Sir R. Atkyna to re- 
sign the Recordership of Bristol. It is more fully described ante, vol. 3, p. 33. 

1695. The Case of Sir Robert Atkyns, Knight of the Honourable Order 
of the Bath, upon his Appeal against a Decree obtain'd by Mrs Eliza- 
beth Took, the now wife of Thomas Took, Esq., and others, Plaintiffs 
in Chancery, about a Separate Maintenance of £200 per ann., clear 
above all Charges settled on Mrs. Took, besides a Large Jointure. 
London : Printed in the year 1695. Fol. Pp. 12. L.P. 

[1695.] Mr. Took, Esq. ; Appellant, his Answer to the 1st and 2nd Case 
of Sir Robert Atkins Chief Baron, Respondent, fol. B.M. 

Mr Took alleged that Sir R. Atkyns was his guardian and had misappropriated 
moneys due to him. The court of first Instance had dismissed his claim. 

1778. Biographia Britannica (Kippis), i., 324-329. 

1821. Copy of a Letter to Sir Robert Atkyns, Knight of the Bath, Lord 
Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and Speaker of the House of Lords, in 
the Reign of King William, from his brother Sir Edward Atkyns, who 
was also Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer. Written from London 
during the Fire 1666, to his Brother at Sapperton, his residence in 
Gloucestershire. Communicated by the Rev. Stephen Weston, B.D., 
F.R.S. Archaeologia, xix., 105-108. 

This letter contains a description of the Great Fire of London written while It 
was In progress. 

1836. Lives of Eminent Englishmen (Cunningham), iv., 56-7. 

1848-64. The Judges of England; with Sketohes of their Lives, and 
miscellaneous notices conneoted with the Courts of Westminster, from 
the Time of the Conquest. By Edward Fobs, F.S.A., of the Inner 
Temple. 1848-64. 9 vols. 8vo. 
Sir Robert Atkyns, vli., 306-10. 

1870. Biographia Juridica, pp. 25-6. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. ii., 230-2. 

1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, by Joseph Stratford . . 

Gloucester : Printed and published at the " Journal " Office. 1887. 

8vo. Pp. xxvi. & 360. 

Sir Robert Atkyns, Senr., pp. 41-9. 
Letter from Sir Robert Atkyns to Mr. Lysone, 1691 [expressing a 

wish to buy an estate " near to Swell or Sapperton."] Olos. N. dk Q. 

iii., 513. 


1910. Sir Robert Atkyns. N. & Q., Ser. 11, ii., 474-6. 
N.D. The English Nation (Cunningham), ii., 722-3. 


Parliamentary and Political Tract9 written by Sir Robert Atkyns . . . Lon- 
don. 1734. 8vo. Pp. 429. B.M. 

The seven tracts in this volume had been printed separately. Copies are in the 
B.M. A second edition (a reprint of the first edition) appeared in 1741. 

An Enquiry into the jurisdiction of the Chancery in cases of Equity. 1695. 

A Treatise on the true and ancient jurisdiction of the house of peers. 1699. 

Neither of the two last named works were Included in the Parliamentary Tracts. 

ATKYNS, Sir Robert, [author of the "Ancient and Present State of GJoster- 
shire," eldest son of Sir Robert Atkyns (1620-170^) q.v. ; b. 1647; 
knighted by Charles II. on his visit to Bristol in 1663 ; M.P. for Ciren- 
cester 1680-1, and for the County of Gloucester, 1684-5 ; d. in 1711, one 
year before the publication of his History of Gloucestershire ; buried in 
Sapperton Church. His portrait, eng. by M. Vdr. Gucht, forms the 
frontispiece to the first edition of his History of Gloucestershire, and a 
smaller one is in Malcolm's " Lives of Topographers."] 

1717. A Catalogue of the Library of the Late Sir Robert Atkins of Pin- 
bury-Park . . . Which will be Sold (the Price being mark'd in each Book) 
on Thursday the 11th of this Instant July, 1717, at Nine of the Clock 
in Morning at Exeter-Exchange in Strand. 8vo. Pp. 38. B.M. 

1778. Biographia Britannica (Kippis) i., 329-30. 

1815. Lives of Topographers and Antiquaries who have written con- 
cerning the Antiquities of England, with Portraits of the Authors, 
And a complete List of their Works, so far as they relate to the topo- 
graphy of this Kingdom, together with a List of Portraits, Monuments, 
Views, and other Prints, contained in each Work with Remarks that 
may enable the Collector to know when the Works are complete ; 
By J. P. Malcolm, Esq., F.S.A. London ; 1815. 4to. B. 

Pagination of each Life is distinct. Lives arranged in alphabetical order. Sir 
Robert Atkyns is the second, pp. 2, with portrait, pub. 1812, by Wm. Richardson, 
York House, Strand. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. ii., 232-3. 

1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 89-91. 

1912. Some Account of Sir Robert Atkyns the Younger and other Mem- 
bers of the Atkyns Family. By Roland Austin, Librarian of the 
Public Library, Gloucester. B. & O. A. S. Trans., xxxv., 69-92. 
Portrait of Sir Robert Atkyns the Younger, p. 69. 


The Ancient and Present State of Glostershire . . . 1712. Fol. 


The Second Edition . . . 1768. Fol. 

Both editions are fully described ante vol. 1, pp. 14-19. 

AUFIELD, see Alfield. 

AUSTIN, William, M.D., [b. on Dec. 28, 1754, at Wotton-under-Edge, 
where his family had been clothiers for generations. He commenced 
his education at Katherine Lady Berkeley's School at Wotton. At 
Oxford he obtained exhibitions in Hebrew and Botany, and after taking 
his degree he lectured on Mathematics and Arabic, and was appointed 
professor of chemistry. In 1786 he was elected physician to St. Bar- 
tholomew's Hospital, and soon obtained a large private practice. He 
died in 1793.] 

1793. Practical Observations on the Operation for the Stone. By James 
Earle, Esq. London. 1793. 8vo. 

Pp. v.-xxiv. contain a brief memoir of Wm. Austin. 
1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. ii., 272-3, q.v. for Works. 

AVENEL, Family of, [of English Bicknor.] 

1879-80. Family of Avenel. B. & O. A. S. Trans., iv., 313-319. 

AYLEWAY, Family of, [of Taynton, Glos.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc., 1623 (Maclean), pp. 229-230. 

1886. Memoranda concerning the Family of Ayleway of Gloucestershire. 
Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, Ser. 2, vol. 1, pp. 313-315. 

AYLWORTH or AYLEWORTH, Family of, [of Aylworth in Naunton, Co. 

1726. Protection for Bray Ayleworth [against seizure of his goods, etc., 
for debt] Rymer's Foedera, xviii., 767. 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 4-5. 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 7-8. 

BAALUN, or BALUN, John de, [a landowner in Gloucestershire, and 
probably son or grandson of Wynebald de Baalun of Eastington Manor, 
Gloucestershire. Justice itinerant for Gloucestershire with Matthew 
de Pateshull 1224-5. He died in 1235. His son (also called John), 
with Sir John Giffard, obtained, by stratagem, possession of Gloucester 
(excepting the Castle) for Simon de Montfort in 1263.] 

1848. Foss's Judges of England, ii., 214-5. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. ii., 303-4. 

BAGHOT or BAGOT and BAGHOT-DE-LA-BERE, [Families of.] 

1866. Pedigree of Baghot of Prestbury . . . co. Glouc [T.P.] Broadside. 


1878-81. The Delabre or Delabere Family. N. & Q., Ser. 5, x., 113, 
377 ; De La Bere of Southam. Id. Ser. 6, iv., 436, 473. 


1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 5-6, 56-7 ; 1582-3 
(Maolean), pp. 223-5. 

1892. Pedigree of Pritchett as derived from De La Bere of Kynnersley, 
Berks of Drayton and Pritchett of Richard's Castle. London : 1892. 
Fol. B.M. 

Title on wrapper ; 7 leaves (one folded) of pedigrees, &c, and pp. 1-8 of Notes 
printed on one side. 
The De-La-Beres of Southam, pp. 1-2. 

BAGHOT-DE-LA-BERE, John, [fl. 1877-84 ; Vicar of Prestbury ; he 
assumed the above name in lieu of Edwards c. 1880. Reports of legal 
proceedings against him for ritualistic practices at Prestbury (on account 
of which he was ultimately deprived of his living) and literature arising 
therefrom, referred to below, are described more at length, ante vol. 2, 
pp. 272-3.] 

1877. In the Court of Arches. The Office of the Judge promoted by 
Combe v. Edwards. 

1878. Arches Court. Combe v. Edwards. Judgment of the Right Hon. 
Lord Penzance. 

1881. St. Mary's Prestbury. The Attempted Deprivation of the Vicar. 

St. Mary's Prestbury. Report of Presentations made to the Rev. 

J. Bagot-de la Bere. 

The Prosecution. A Statement relating thereto [in a 

letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury.] 

1884. Has the Law been used Lawfully T A Letter to the Right Rever- 
end the Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. 

The Pastor and the Flock. Last Words of Sorrow and of Hope. A 

Farewell Sermon preached ... by John Bagot-de la Bere. 

BAILLIE, Matthew, [physician and writer on morbid anatomy of con- 
siderable eminence ; b. 1761 ; owned a country house at Duntisbourne 
Abbots, where he died on Sept. 23, 1823 ; buried in Duntisbourne 
Church. A bust to his memory is in Westminster Abbey, and his por- 
trait, painted by Hoppner, was engraved by Chas. Turner and H. Cook.] 

1817. An Address to British Females on the moral management of Preg- 
nancy and Labour . . . Suggested by The Death of her Royal Highness 
Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales. With A Vindication of Her 
Royal Highness's Physicians, Sir Michael Croft, Dr. Baillie, and Dr. 
Sims. By William Cooke. London. 1817. 8vo. Pp. 32. B.M. 

1823-4. [Obituaries.] Ann. Biog. & Obit. viii. ; Oent. Mag., vol. 93, pt. 2, 
pp. 377-9; European Mag. (with portrait) lxxxv., 97-100. 

1824. Biographical Sketch of the late Matthew Baillie, M.D. By James 
Wardrop, Esq., Surgeon Extraordinary to the King. From the Edin- 
burgh Medical & Surgical Journal, Jan., 1824. A.W.C. 
Title & Imprint one leaf. Sketch pp. 1-17. 


1825. The Works of Matthew Baillie, M.D. To which is prefixed, An 
Account of his Life, collected from authentic Sources. By James 
Wardrop, Surgeon ... In two volumes. London : 1825. 8vo. 

Vol. 1. Pp. lxxi. & 237. Life, pp. vii.-lxvi. Vol. 2. Pp. lxxil. & 407. 
Reviewed Monthly Rev., cviil., 83-7 ; Brit. Critic, ii., 311-25. 

[1825.] The Life of Matthew Baillie, M.D. . . . From the Edition of his 
Works by James Wardrop, Esq. 8vo. Pp. 62. B.M . 

1827. The Gold-Headed Cane. London : 1827. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Baillie, pp. 152-79. Engraving of bust of Baillie, p. 170. 
1832-34. The Georgian Era : Memoirs of the most Eminent Persons, 
who have flourished in Great Britain, from the accession of George 
the First to the demise of George the Fourth. London : 1832-34. 
4 vols. 8vo. 

Matthew Baillie, 11., 442-5. 
1837. Lives of Eminent Englishmen (Cunningham), viii., 274-6. 

[1840.] Medical Portrait Gallery. Biographical Memoirs of the most 
celebrated Physicians, Surgeons, etc., etc., who have contributed to the 
advancement of Medical Science. By Thomas Joseph Pettigrew. 
London. 4 vols. imp. 4to. 

Matthew Baillie. In vol. 2, Portrait & pp. 10. Each life is paged separately. 

[1846-8.] The National Portrait Gallery of Illustrious and Eminent 

Personages chiefly of the Nineteenth Century. With Memoirs By W. 

Cooke Taylor, L.L.D. London. 4 vols. 4to. 

Dr. Baillie, vol. 1, pp. 103-4. Portrait by Hoppner, eng. by H. Cook. This is 
an enlarged edition of the " National Portrait Gallery " with memoirs by W. Cooke 
Taylor, which appeared in 1830-34, see infra sub CODRINGTON, Sir Edward. 
Portraits of Sir E. Codrington, Robert Gray, Sir B. Hobhouse, Sir T. Lawrence, 
3. Lysons, Hannah More and J. H. Monk in the two editions were from the same 

1878. The Roll of the College of Physicians of London ; comprising Bio- 
graphical Sketches of all Eminent Physicians, whose names are re- 
corded in the Annals from the foundation of the College in 1518 to its 
removal in 1825, from Warwick Lane to Pall Mall East. By William 
Munk, M.D., F.S.A. Second Edition. Revised and Enlarged. London. 
1878. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Matthew Baillie, ii., 402-412. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. ii., 419-20, q.v. for Works. 

1885. Eminent Doctors : Their Lives and their Work. By G. T. Bettany 

. . . London. 1885. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Baillie, Halford, Chambers and Holland, the Fashionable and Courtly Physicians, 
11., 51-70. 

1901. William Hunter, Anatomist, Physician, Obstetrician (1718-1783), 
with Notices of his friends Cullen, Smellie, Fothergill, and Baillie. 
By R. Hingston Fox . . . London : 1901. 8vo. Pp. viii. & 75. 

Brist. Med. Lib. 
Matthew Baillie, pp. 26-29, and patiim. Portrait, p. 26. 


N.D. The English Nation (Cunningham), v., 548-00. 

BAILY, Edward Hodges, R.A., F.R.S., [Sculptor; b. in Bristol in 1788, and 
educated at the Bristol Grammar School. After being about 2 years in 
a merchant's office in that city he became a pupil of Flaxman, and 
subsequently attained a high reputation as an artist. He died May 22, 
1867. A portrait of him by W. Beechey was eng. by Miss Turner, 
another by T. Bridgeford was eng. by J. Smyth for the Art Journal, 
1847 ; and a pencil sketch of him by H. Lear is in the National 

1847. Portraits of British Artists. Art Union, ix., 260. 

Short memoir facing portrait eng. by J. Smyth from drawing by T. Bridgeford. 

1851. Works of Edward Hodges Baily, Esq., R.A. Catalogues of the 
Royal Academy. 1815-1851. Eclectic Review, N.S. xxvi., 146-158. 

1867. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S. iv., 247-9. 

1884. [Memoir.] Oloa. N. 6c Q. ii., 447-8. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. ii., 427. 

1903. Edward Hodges Baily, R.A. Art Journal, lv., 331-2. 

BAINHAM or BAYNHAM, James, [Protestant Martyr. Son of Sir 
Alexander Bainham, who was High Sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1497, 
1501 and 1516. He spent his youth at Westbury-on-Severn, where his 
father owned an estate. He was burned in Smithfield, April 30, 1532.] 

1825. No. XLII. Church of England Tract Society, Instituted in Bristol, 
1811. Some Account of the Life and Martyrdom of James Bainham, 
of the Middle Temple, Esq. Who was burnt at Smithfield, London, 
April 30, 1532. [Woodcut.] Sold by W. Richardson, At the Deposi- 
tory, 6, Clare St., Bristol . . . Price Id. each or 5s. per Hundred . . . 
Pr. by J. Chilcott, 6, High St., Bristol. 1825. 12mo. Pp. 12. 

1852. A Short Account of the Lives and sufferings of several Godly Persons, 
who died in England for the sake of the Gospel, under the reigns of 
King Henry and Queen Mary. [S.P.C.K.] London : 1852. 8vo. 

James Bainham, pp. 13-16. 
[1867.] Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire. Fides Invicta Triumphat. 
A Series of Biographical Sketches ; with A Brief History of the County. 
By Joseph Stratford, Cirencester. [Quots.] Illustrated. Cirencester : 
C. H. Savory, Printer & Publisher, St. John Street. London : Morgan 
and Chase, 38, Ludgate Street, cr. 8vo. 

Two titles, 2 leaves ; Pref. (dated June, 1867), Contents, &c, pp. i-iv. ; Intro- 
duction, Text, &c, pp. 1-478. For list of biographies (31) see ante vol. 1, pp. 76-7. 
They were published separately, 1861-5, under the title " Gloucestershire Tracts." 
James Baynham, The Martyred Bible Reader, pp. 69-76. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. ii., 442. 

BAKER and LLOYD-BAKER, Family of, [of Hardwicke Court, Co. 

K.I'.Kcldis, pinxit 

Of Hardwicke Court, Gloucestershire. 


1893 et seq. Visitation of England and Wales. Edited by Joseph Jackson 
Howard, LL.D. Maltravers Herald Extraordinary, and Frederick 
Arthur Crisp. Privately printed [by F. A. Crisp.] In progress. B.M. 

Baker of Hardwicke, vii., 156-7. This family assumed the name of " Lloyd- 
Baker " in 1911. 

BAKER, Shirley Waldemar, [Wesleyan missionary ; b. at Brimscombe in 
1835 ; premier of Tonga 1881-90 ; d. 1903.] 

1894. The Diversions of a Prime Minister By Basil Thomson . . . 1894. 
8vo. Pp. xv. & 407. 

A Bloodless Revolution (pp. 1-25) relates to S. W. Baker. 

1904. A Statesman-Adventurer of the Pacific. Blackwood, clxxv., 253- 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., i., 87-88. 

BAKER, Thomas Barwick Lloyd, [of Hardwicke Court, Glos. ; b. at Ful- 
ham, Nov. 14, 1807; founded the Hardwicke Reformatory in 1852; 
the first of the Poor Law Conferences (which are now held annually all 
over England) was convened by him and held in Hardwicke Court 
in 1855; d. Dec. 10, 1886; bur. at Hardwick. There is a monu- 
ment to him in Gloucester Cathedral with his likeness in relief on marble. 
Portraits of him, painted by G. Richmond, R.A., and Eddis, are in 
Hardwicke Court. Between the years 1854 and 1881 Mr Baker wrote 
numerous letters (certainly not less than 265) to the Press, chiefly on 
social reforms, often containing suggestions which were both original 
and practical. A large number of these related to the repression of crime 
and the diminution of pauperism — subjects in which he took a deep and 
enlightened interest — and many were reprinted for distribution among 
his friends.] 

1877. Ein Englischer Landsquire, Von Franz Von Holtzendorff. Stutt- 
gart. 1877. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Pp. [vi.] & 156. A Sketch of T. B. LI. Baker. 

1878. An English Country Squire, as sketched at Hardwicke Court by 
Professor Von Holtzendorff, translated by Rosa Gebhard. Gloucester. 
8vo. Pp. vii. & 106. O.P.L. 

1886. In Memoriam Thomas Barwick Lloyd Baker, Hardwicke Court. 
Reprinted from the "Gloucestershire Chronicle," Dec. 11 and 18, 
1886. 12 mo. Pp. 18. O.P.L. 

The late Mr Barwick Baker, s. sh. 4to. O.P.L. 

A letter to The Times, dated Dec. 14, 1886, written by Lord Ebury. 

1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 243-50. 

Memorial to Mr Barwick Baker, to be erected in Gloucester 

Cathedral. [Committee and First List of Subscriptions.] Fol. 2 
leaves. O.P.L. 


1889. ' War with Crime ' being a Selection of reprinted Papers on Crime, 
Reformatories, etc. By the late T. Barwick LI. Baker, Esq. Edited 
by Herbert Philips and Edmund Verney. London : 1889. 8vo. 

Two titles, Introduction, Contents, &c, pp. i.-xiv. ; Memoir, pp. xv.-xxix ; 
Papers, pp. 1-299. Portrait of T. B. LI. Baker from a painting by G. Richmond, 

Reviewed Quart. Rev., No. 370, pp. 408-32. 

1890. List of Subscribers to the Memorial in Gloucester Cathedral to 
[T. B. LL. Baker.] See ante, vol. 1, p. 309. 

1901. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. I., i., 106-7. 

1912. The Old English Country Squire by P. H. Ditchfield. 8vo. 

A German View of the English Squire, pp. 321-34. Sketch of T.B.L.B. based 
on Prof. Von Holtzendorff's "An English Country Squire," see ante, 1877. 

BALDWYN, Family of, [of Ashton-under-Hill.] 

1865. Pedigree of. [T. P.] fol. B. 

BALL, Sir Alexander John, [Rear-Admiral ; born, probably at Ebworth, 
near Painswick, in 1756 ; Son of Robert Ball, of Stonehouse Court and 
Ebworth Park. He was educated under Mr. Purnell, at the Market- 
House School, Stroud. See Fisher's " Notes and Recollections of 
Stroud," 1871. He died in 1809. His portrait by H. W. Pickersgill, 
is at the R.N. College, Greenwich.] 

1809. A Discourse, delivered On Board His Majesty's Ship Trident, In 
Malta Harbour, Nov. 19th, 1809, Occasioned by the Death of Sir Alex. 
John Ball, Bart. His Majesty's Civil Commissioner for administering 
the Affairs of Malta and its Dependencies, Rear-Admiral of the White, 
&c, &c, &c. By Richard Crutwell, LL.B. Chaplain of the Trident, 
And Secretary to the Rear-Admiral. [London.] 8vo. Pp. 24. B.M . 

1812. The Friend ; a Series of Essays. By S. T. Coleridge . . . London : 

1812. 8vo. 

Sketches and Fragments of the Life and Character of the late Admiral Sir 
Alexander Ball, pp. 340-367, 417-430 and 433-448. On p. 448 it is stated " To 
be concluded in the next Number," but no more appeared. In subsequent editions 
the last paragraph was re-written. 

The essays relating to Sir A. Ball are comprised in subsequent editions under 
the title of " The Third Landing Place." They occupy the following pages re- 
spectively of the under-mentioned editions. 

1818. The Friend ... A New Edition. London. 1818. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 3, pp. 267-375. 
1837. The Friend . . . The Third Edition. London. (Pickering) 1837. 
3 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 3, pp. 217-301. 

1850. The Friend . . . The Fourth Edition. London (Pickering) 1850. 
3 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 3, pp. 209-286. 

From a portrait by H. \V. Pickersgill at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich 


1863. The Friend ... A New Edition, Revised. London (Moxon) 1863. 
2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 2, pp. 249-316. 

1866. The Friend . . . London (Bell & Daldy) 1866. 8vo. 
Pp. 346-385. 

1881. Admiral Sir J. A. Ball. Qlos. N. & Q. i., 13-14 ; The Ball Family 
of Stonehouse, Id., 377. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. hi., 70-2. 

1890. Procs. Roy. Soc, vol. 47, pp. v.-ix. 

1892. [Additions to Diet. Nat. Biog.] N. <fc Q., Ser. 6, iii., 184. 

1902. Nelson and his Captains : Sketches of Famous Seamen. By 
W. H. Fitchett. London. 1902. 8vo. 

Sir Alexander Ball, pp. 175-199. Portrait, p. 176. 

BALLARD, George, [antiquary, b. at Campden, Glos., 1706, where he re- 
sided until 1750, and where he died June 24, 1755. He was grandson 
of John Ballard, q.v.~\ 

1812-16. Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century ; comprizing 
Biographical Memoirs of William Bowyer, Printer, F.S.A. and many of 
his Learned Friends ; An Incidental View of the Progress and Advance- 
ment of Literature in this Kingdom during the last century ; and Bio- 
graphical Anecdotes of a considerable number of Eminent Writers and 
Ingenious Artists ; with a very copious Index. By John Nichols, F.S.A. 
In six [9] volumes. London : Printed for the Author, by Nichols, Son, 
and Bentley, at Cicero's Head, Red-Lion-Passage, Fleet-Street. 
1812-16. 8vo. 

Vol. vii. appeared in 1813 with the same title as the preceding vols., except that 
the work was stated to be " in seven volumes," and "A Copious Index to the pre- 
ceding volumes " was added. Vol. viii. appeared in 1814 and vol. ix. in 1815, 
and on neither title was the number of vols, stated. On the last page of vol. ix. 
(p. 816) it is stated that that volume is the last, and that " The Index to the Eighth 
and Ninth Volumes will be so printed as to form a Second Part of Vol. vii." This 
appeared in 1816. Tins work is an amplified edition of a single 4to vol. which ap- 
peared in 1782. 

References to G. Ballard, vol. 2, pp. 466-70 ; vol. 4, p. 123. 

1817-58. Illustrations of the Literary History of the Eighteenth Century. 
Consisting of Authentic Memoirs and Original Letters of Eminent 
Persons ; and intended as a sequel to The Literary Anecdotes. By 
John Nichols, F.S.A. London. 8 vols. 1817-1858. 
[George Ballard.] vol. 4, pp. 206-26. 

1853-85. Bloxam's Register, ii., 95-102. 

1884. George Ballard's Bequest to the Bodleian Library. Qlos. N. tie Q. 
ii., 385-6. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. iii., 84. 

BALLARD, John, [son of Edward Ballard and grandson of John Ballard, 
whose pedigree is mentioned below, both of Weston-sub-edge ; b. in 


Oxford in 1612 ; educated at Chipping Campden Free School ; set up as 
a medical practitioner at Weston-sub-edge and was buried there in 
1678. He was one of the contributors to Annalia Dubrensia.] 

1817. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), hi., 1178-80. 

N.D. [Pedigree of] John Ballard of Weston-sub-edge. [T.P.] s. sh. 
fol. B. 

BANASTER or BANISTER, Family of, [of Turkdean.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 8. 

BANISTER, Sir William, [Baron of the Exchequer. Lord of the Manor of 
Turkdean, which had been in his family for more than 100 years. He 
seems to have resided there c. 1712. Atkyns says he owned large 
estates there and in other places. He died at Turkdean, Jan. 21, 1721, 
and was buried in Turkdean Church. His name occurs in the pedigree 
of the Banaster family given above.] 

1724. An Act for [the sale of] . . . the Manors of Hasilton and Turkdean 
. . . late the Estate of Sir William Banestre, Knight [for payment of 
his debts.] 11 Geo. I. c. 11. Priv. 

1864. Foss's Judges of England, viii., 14. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. hi., 120. 

1898. [Date of death.] N. & Q., Ser. 9, i., 304. 

BANNISTER, Charles, [actor; b. in Gloucestershire, ? 1738 ; d. 1804. 
There are 7 eng. portraits of him in the B.M., two of them eng. by 
J. R. Smith.] 
1804. [Obituary.] European Mag., xlvi., 323-6 ; portrait eng. by Ridley, 
p. 323. 

1845. Charles Bannister. Eraser, xxxii., 593-8. 
1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. hi., 140. 

1912. A Book of Famous Wits by Walter Jerrold. London. 
Charles Bannister, pp. 115-6. 

BARBER, Anne, [daughter of James Howell ; b. May 12, 1801 ; m. Feb. 12, 
1822, Mr. William Barber {q.v.), Master of Longford Academy ; d. Aug. 
22, 1822.] 

1822. Memorials of the late Mrs Barber, of Longford Academy, near 
Gloucester, obit. Aug. 20, 1822, ^Etat. Ann. 21. [Quot.] Printed for 
Domestic Circulation only, by J. Roberts, Herald Office, Gloucester. 
1822. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Pp. 135. Note in inserted slip after title. Reprinted as an Appendix to "A 
Brother's Portrait," q.v. sub BARBER, W. 

1823. [Obituary.] Wesley an- Methodist Magazine, xlvi., 67-8. 


BARBER, William, [b. in Bristol 1799 ; Master of a School at Longford 
near Gloucester, 1822 ; went as a Missionary to Gibraltar in 1824 • 
d. 1828.] 

1830. A Brother's Portrait ; or, Memoirs of the late Rev. William Barber, 
Wesleyan Missionary to the Spaniards at Gibraltar, who fell a Victim to 
the epidemic Pestilence, which raged on that Rock, During the Autumn 
of the year 1828. Compiled chiefly from his Journal and extensive 
Correspondence. By Aquila Barber, Wesleyan Minister. To which 
is added as an Appendix, the Memorials of his late W T ife, Written by 
himself . . . London. 1830. g jr £ 

Title, &c, pp. xvi. ; Memoirs, pp. 438 ; Title & Pref. to App., pp. viii. ; App 
pp. 72. 

BARKER, Family of, [of Fairford.] 

1705. A Funeral Sermon Preached at Fairford in Glocestershire, Decem- 
ber 10. 1704. For Mrs. Barker, Widow and Relict of Andrew Barker, 
Esq ; With Short Characters of Them Both. By John Pinsent, A.M. 
. . . London : Pr. for Ri Chiswell at the Rose & Crown in St Paul's 
Church- Yard. 1705. 8vo. ECS 

Two Titles, &c., 2 leaves and pp. i.-xis. ; Sermon, pp. 1-54. 

1877. [A Pedigree of the Family of Barker, of Salop, showing the 
Branches Settled in Salop, Gloucester, Chester, Warwick, Stafford 
and Berks, arms, 4to, pp. 15, wrapper, 1877.] Not seen. 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1G82-3 (Fenwick), pp. 9-10. 

BARKER, Andrew. [Bristol Merchant, d. 1577. See ante, vol. hi., p. 2.] 
1600. The Voyage of Master Andrew Barker with two ships ... to 
the coast of Terra firma . . . Hakluyfs Voyages, iii., 528-30. 

1811. [Another Edition] vol. 4, pp. 4-10. 

Also reprinted in Maclehose's edition of Hakluyt (1903-5), x., 82-8. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. iii., 194. 

BARKLEY, Family of, [of Stoke Gifford.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 8-9. 

BARKSDALE, Clement, [b. at Winchcombe in 1609 ; Chaplain to the 

Chandos Family at Sudeley during a part of the Civil War ; about 1650 

he had a private school at Hawling, where he wrote his " Nympha 

Libethris or the Cotswold Muse " ; and at the Restoration he was 

presented to the livings of Naunton and Stow-on-tho-Wold ; d. in 1687.] 

1816. Nympha Libethris, or the Cotswold Muse. By Clement Barksdale, 

A.M. of Sudeley in Gloucestershire. First Printed 1651. A New 

Edition. London : 1816. 12mo. B.M. 

The advertisement of this edition (pp. vii. -is.') contains a short memoir of Barks- 
dale by Sir Egerton Brydges. This and the first editions are fully described ante, 
vol. 1, pp. 8-9. 


1820. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 221-5. 

1860-78. Collectanea Anglo-Poetica : or, A Bibliographical and Descrip- 
tive Catalogue of a portion of a Collection of Early English Poetry, 
with occasional extracts and remarks Biographical and Critical. By 
the Rev. Thomas Corser, M.A. 1860-78. 

Barksdale, Clement, Pt. i., pp. 174-180. This work was published by the Chetham 
Society, in 8 parts, which appeared as the following volumes of their publications 
respectively :— Pt. 1, vol. 52 ; Pt. 2, vol. 55 ; Pt. 3, vol. 71 ; Pt. 4, vol. 77 ; Pt. 5, 
vol. 91 ; Pt. 6, vol. 100 ; pt. 7, vol. 101 ; pt. 8, vol. 102. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. iii., 215-16, q.v. for Works. 

N.D. Olim Alumni. I. 16mo. B. 

Pp. 11. Biographical account of Clement Barksdale, by W.H.R. [William Henry 
Richardson.] Reprinted from the Abingdon School Magazine. 


Thirty-one works by him are mentioned in the Diet. Nat. Biog. His " Nympha 
Libethris " (1651) and " Disputation at Winchcombe " are described at length 
ante, vol. 1, p. 8, and vol. 2, pp. 380-2, respectively. 

BARNARD, Families of, [of Flaxley and Upton St. Leonards.] 
1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1569 (Maclean), pp. 202-3. 
1894. [Will of] Edward Barnard. Glos. N. & Q. v., 149. 

BARNETT, Domenico Dragonetti J., [teacher of Music at Cheltenham 
Ladies' College from before 1873 until his death on Dec. 28, 1911.] 

1912. In Memoriam. Domenico Barnett. Cheltenham Ladies' Coll. Mag., 
No. lxv., pp. 66-71. 

BARNETT, Samuel Augustus, [b. at Bristol, 8 Feb., 1844, where he spent 
Ms early years; Canon of Bristol 1893-1906; Canon of Westminster, 
1906 till his death in 1913. He was Principal of Toynbee Hall, White- 
chapel, for many years, and had a great reputation as a social and 
poor-law reformer.] 

1902. Canon Barnett, Warden of Toynbee Hall : His Mission and Its 
Relation to Social Movements. By W. Francis Aitken . . . London : 
1902. 8vo. 

Pp. 168. Portrait : Front. 

1913. Canon Barnett : an appreciation. [By J. H. Whitehouse.] Con- 
temp. Rev. civ., 68-72. 

BARON, John, M.D., F.R.S., [b. 1786 ; commenced practice in Cheltenham ; 
Physician of the Gloucester Infirmary from 1809 to 1833 ; spent the 
later years of his life at Cheltenham, where he died in 1851. He was the 
author of the Life of Dr. Jenner.] 

[1840.] Medical Portrait Gallery (Pettigrew). Portrait and pp. 12 in 
vol. 2. 


[1846-8.] The National Portrait Gallery (Taylor), iii., 43-4. 

Portrait by U.. Koom, eng. by W. Holl. 
1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. iii., 269-270, q.v. for Works. 

BARONSDALE, William, [M.D. ; native of Gloucestershire ; d. 1608.] 
1861. Cooper's Athense Cantab., ii., 492-3. 
1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. iii., 272. 

BARRETT, William, [b. 1733 ; surgeon at Bristol, where he resided from 
c. 1755 till his death in 1789. He was a friend of Chatterton and the 
author of the History and Antiquities of the City of Bristol, 1789, the 
value of which is much impaired by his belief in the genuineness of Chat- 
terton's fabrications. There are frequent mentions of Barrett in all of 
the Chatterton Biographies. His portrait, eng. by Wm. Walker from a 
painting by Rymsdick, forms the frontispiece to his History of Bristol.] 

1789. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag. lix., 1052. [The Rowley Poems.] Id. 

1812. [Letter ... on Barrett's History, by John Britton.] Gent. Mag. 
lxxxii., 4-6. 

1884. Brief Romances from Bristol History, with a few other Papers from 
the same pen. Being cuttings from the columns of the " Bristol 
Times," " Felix Farley's Bristol Journal," and the " Bristol Times and 
Mirror " during a series of years extending from 1839 to 1883. By 
J.L. [Joseph Leech.] Bristol : William George and Son. 1884. 8vo. 

William Barrett, pp. 233-235. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. iii., 284-6. 


Barrett's History and Antiquities of Bristol (and the Proposals for printing it) 
are described ante, vol. 3, pp. 79-80. 

BARROW or BEREWE, Family of, [of Awre, etc.] 
1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 18-19. 
1894-6. [Will of John Barrow.] Glos. N. db Q., v., 150-1. [Interrogatories 

in a suit in the Star Chamber, to which Richard Barrow was a party.] 

Id., vi., pp. 174-7. 
1898. The " Perverse Widow "... See infra, sub BOEVEY, Catherina 

[Pedigrees, Extracts from Registers and Wills, Inscriptions, etc., 

relating to the Barrow Family], pp. 287-99. 
1913. Pedigree of Sir Charles Barrow, Bart., of Highgrove, Minsterworth, 

Co. Gloucester. Genealogist, N.S., xxx., pp. 
Reprinted roy. 8vo., pp. 8. 

BARRY, Edward, M.D. & D.D., [author, b. 1759; son of a Bristol physician; 
commenced his education at Bristol under Mr. Lee ; d. Jan. 16, 1822.] 


1822. [Obituaries.] Annual Register, 1822, pp. 266-7. Gent. Mag. 

xcii., 185-6. 
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BASSET or BASSETT, Family of, [of Uley.] 

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BATHURST, Family of, [of Cirencester House.] 

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1809-11. British Family Antiquity ; illustrative of the Origin and Pro- 
gress of the Rank, Honours, and Personal Merit, of the Nobility of the 
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The Apsley Family, pp. 1-41 ; The Bathurst Family, pp. 42-92. Pedigrees 
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[Another Edition.] Compiled by the Hon. A. B. Bathurst, 

M.P. Printed by H. Harmer. 1903. 8vo. 

Title, Preface and Corrigenda, 2 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-136. Folding Pedigrees of 
the Apsley and Bathurst Families before pp. 1 & 77. 

Savory's Visitors' Guide to Cirencester : with . . . Notices of the 

Bathurst and Master Families . . . price Is. E. W. Savory, Cirencester. 

1889. 8vo. 

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Visitors' Guide to Oakley House . . . with Biographical Notices and 

Anecdotes of the Bathurst Family . . . E. W. Savory, Cirencester. 
1889. 8vo. Pp. 38. Price 6d. 

1903. History of the Apsley and Bathurst Families . . . See ante, 1889. 


1908. Catalogue of the Bathurst Collection of Pictures Compiled by 
Earl Bathurst Privatoly Printed by The London Stereoscopic Com- 
pany 1908. 4to. G.P.L. 
Title, Pref., & List of Illustrations, pp. i.-viii. ; Text, pp. 2-297 ; Index, pp. 299- 

Illustrated with 16 photogravure and 132 collotype full-page plates of liistorical 
and family portraits, after Van Dyck, Lely, Kneller, Reynolds, Gainsborough, 
Romney, Hoppner, Lawrence and others. 

One hundred and fifty copies printed, a few of which were sold at £5 5s. 

1911. Monumental Effigies. Brist. & Glos. A.8. Trans., xxxiii., 120-123. 
BATHURST, Family of, [of Lechlade.] 

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BATHURST, Allen, 1st Earl Bathurst, [statesman ; b. 1684 ; eldest son 
of Sir Benjamin Bathurst; M.P. for Cirencester 1705-12; created Baron 
Bathurst in 1712 and Earl Bathurst in 1772; died at Cirencester in 
1775 in his 91st year, and was buried in Cirencester Church. He was a 
friend of Pope, Swift, Congreve, Prior and Sterne. Pope addressed his 
Third Moral Essay to him, and Sterne described him as " a prodigy " 
and said that " at eighty -five he has all the wit and promptness of a man 
of thirty." There are 3 portraits of him by Kneller in Cirencester House, 
as well as two by unknown artists. One on enamel (? in Cirencester 
House) was engraved by Bestland for R. O. Cambridge's Works, 1803.] 

1740. An Historical View of the Principles, Characters, Persons, &c of 

the Political Writers in Great Britain. Viz. Mr. P y, Lord C— — , 

Lord B , D. of A le, Mr. S &c &c &c Also the Names and 

Characters of the Authors of the Craftsman, Common-Sense Champion, 
Englishman's Evening Post, Daily Gazetteer &c. In a Letter to 

Monsieur M s, from Monsieur B s, Private Agent these twenty 

Years past from the C 1 of F ce, in England. Translated from 

the French. London : 1740. 8vo. B.M. 

Lord B is Allen, Lord Bathurst, see B.M. Catalogue. 

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BATHURST, Allen Alexander, 6th Earl Bathurst, [son of Lieut. Col. 
Seymour T. Bathurst ; b. 1832; M.P. for Cirencester 1857-78; Major 
S. Glouc. Militia, 1870-79 ; d. 1892. Portraits of him by T. Phillips, 
Landseer, Eddis, Collier, and an unknown artist, are in Cirencester 


1888. " The Earl Bathurst." Baily'a Magazine, xlviii., 63-4 ; Portrait, 
p. 63. 

BATHURST, Henry, 2nd Earl Bathurst, [b. 1714. Eldest son of the 
1st Earl q.v. ; M.P. for Cirencester 1735-1754 ; created Baron Apsley 
during his father's lifetime ; appointed Lord Chancellor in 1771 — an 
office which he held till 1778 ; d. 1794 ; bur. at Cirencester. Portraits 
of him by R Van Bleeck, N. Dance and an unknown artist are in 
Cirencester House, and engraved portraits by R. Houston and T. Watson 
are in the British Museum.] 

1752. The genuine Speech of the Hon. Mr. at the Late Trial of 

Miss Blandy : which contains A Summary of all the Proofs against 
Her ; with Notes on its Faults, and Beauties ; and Observations on 
the Effects it had on the Audience . . . London. 1752. Price 6d. 
8vo. Pp. 20. B.M. 

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Exchange Contained in a Settlement of the Estates of the Right 
Honourable Henry Earl of Bathurst. [41 Geo. III. cap. iv.] 

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of England, from the earliest times till the Reign of Queen Victoria. 
By John Lord Campbell. London. 1849. 8 vols. 8vo. 

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1864. Foss's Judges of England, viii., 239-43. 

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BATHURST, Henry, 3rd Earl Bathurst, [statesman ; son of Lord Chancellor 
Bathurst q.v. ; b. 1762 ; M.P. for Cirencester 1783-94 ; d. 1834. He 
was member of several Tory Ministries between 1804 and 1830. His 
portrait, painted by Sir Thos. Lawrence, is in Windsor Castle (repro- 
duced in Cust's Royal Collection of Paintings, vol. 2) ; another, by T. 
Phillips, was eng. by J. Meyer ; and another, by N. Dance, was eng. by 
T. Watson.] 

1822. The British Gallery of Contemporary Portraits, being a Series of 
Engravings of the most Eminent Persons now living or lately deceased, 
in Great Britain and Ireland : from drawings accurately made from 


Life, or from the most approved Original Pictures. Accompanied by 
Short Biographical Notices. London : Printed for J. Cadell. 1822. 
2 vols. Fol. Unpaged. 

Vol. i. Portraits arranged alphabetically. Henry Earl Bathurst. From a 
picture by J. Phillips, dr. by J. Wright, eng. by H. Meyer. Pub. 1810. Portrait and 
one page of letterpress. 

1828. Public Characters of . . . 1828, pp. 351-62. 

1834. Earl Bathurst. Gent. Mag., N.S. ii., 425-6. Reprinted in Ann. 
Biog. <Sc Obit, for 1834, PP- 389-91. 

1838. Exposition and Defence of Earl Bathurst's Administration of 
Affairs of Canada, when Colonial Secretary, during the years 1822 to 
1827, inclusive. By the Right Honourable Sir Robert Wilmot Horton, 
Bart. G.C.H. London. 1838. 8vo. Pp. 106. 

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BATHURST, Henry George [4th Earl Bathurst ; b. 1790 ; M.P. for Ciren- 
cester 1812-34, when he succeeded to the title ; d. May 25, 1866.] 

1866. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S. ii., 107. 

BATHURST, Seymour Henry, [7th Earl Bathurst, son of the 6th Earl 
Bathurst q.v. ; b. 1864 ; col. 4th Batt. Glouc. Reg. ; member of the 
Glos. C.C. ; M.F.H. (" Earl Bathurst's "). His portrait (equestrian) by 
Whittaker Reville is in Cirencester House.] 

1896. Baily's Magazine, lxv., 161-3. Portrait, p. 161. 

1906. The Foxhounds of Great Britain and Ireland, Their Masters and 
Huntsmen. Edited by Sir Humphrey F. de Trafford, Bart. Assisted 
by Capt. E. Pennet Elmhirst (" Brooksby "), Sir R. D. Green Price, 
Bart. (" Borderer "), Commander Forbes (" Maintop "), C. Richardson 
(" Shortley "), G. S. Lowe (" G.S.L."), H. S. Davenport (" H.S.D."), 
T. F. Dale, W. Scarth Dixon, J. Crawford Wood (" Hyme "), Claude 
E. Benson, Cuthbert Bradley (" Whipster "), Charles J. Cropper, C. 
W. Tindall, and Raymond Carew. London. 1906. imp. 4to. 

V.W.H. (Cirencester), pp. 240-2. Portrait of Lord Bathurst with text on p. 241. 
Pub. at £5 5s. 

1908-11. British Hunts and Huntsmen . . . See infra, sub SOMERSET, 
Family of. 

The Vale of White Horse Hounds. Vol. 1, pp. 127-143. Portrait of the 7th 
Lord Bathurst, p. 135. 

BATTESON, Family of, [of Bourton-on-the-Hill.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 13-14. 


BAUGH, Family of, [of Twining.] 

1886. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), p. 11. 

BAWN, John, [shoemaker ; b. at Frenchay, where he lived all his life, 
and where he died on July 4, 1822, aged 19.] 

1824. An Account of the Life and Religious Opinions of John Bawn, of 
Frenchay. By Michael Maurice. Also Answers to some Objections 
frequently advanced against Unitarians. Bristol : Pr. for and sold 
by Wm. Browne, No. 29, Clare Street. 1824. 8vo. F.A.H. 

Two leaves & pp. 3-56. Pp. 7-34 were reprinted from the Christian Reformer 
of Aug., 1822. 

BAYLEE, Joseph, D.D., [theological writer ; b. 1808 ; d. 1883. Principal 
of the Birkenhead Theological College from 1856 to 1871, when he was 
presented to the Vicarage of Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire, which he 
held till his death in 1883. He was well-known as a champion of evangeli- 
cal opinions, both on the platform and in print. He was buried at Sheeps- 

1856. Protestantism v. Roman Catholicism. Report of the Discussion 
between the Rev. Joseph Baylee, D.D. . . . and Mathew Bridges, Esq. 
. . . Reported by Messrs. T. A. Reed and A. Higgs, and verified by the 
Disputants. London : 1856. 8vo. 

Pp. 103. More fully described ante, vol. 2, p. 314. 

1884. Catalogue of The Library of the late Rev. Joseph Baylee, D.D. 
. . . comprising a valuable collection of Theological, Oriental, Linguistic 
and Standard Miscellaneous Literature . . . Also a few Oriental, English 
and Irish Manuscripts. [To be sold by] Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge 
... [on Mar. 7, 1884.] 8vo. Pp. 34. 

Joseph Baylee. Qlos. N. & Q., ii., 535-6. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. iii., 441, q.v. for works. Many tracts, &c, not 
there mentioned are in the B.M. 

BAYLEY, John, [? John Whitcomb ; antiquary ; son of a farmer at Hemp- 
stead ; sub-commissioner of Public Records c. 1820-34 ; spent most 
of his life, between 1834 and his death, in 1869, at Cheltenham.] 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. iii., 443-4. 


Bayley's " Ilistory of the Tower " is reviewed Gent. Mag., xci., pt. 2, pp. 425-8, 
525-7, 618-20; xcv., pt. 2 (1825), pp. 37-40, 147-50, 254-6; Brit. Critic (1822), 
N.S., xvii., 249-63. 

BAYLY, Family of, [of Wheatenhurst. ] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 15. 

[1896.] The House of Hambrook. A Family Sketch of the Bayly Family 
by Charles Worthy . . . 8vo. B.M. 

Pp. 8. Title on wrapper. 


BAYLY, Benjamin, [b. 1671 ; rector of St. James's, Bristol, 1697 till his 
death in 1720. He was also at one time Vicar of Olvoston, Glos. His 
portrait was eng. by Vertue in 1721 for a Frontispiece to his " Sermons 
on Various Subjects."] 
1885. Diot. Nat. Biog. iii., 448, q.v. for Works. 

BAYNHAM, Family of, [of Clearwell and Westbury-on-Severn.] 

1881-2. Pedigree of Families of Dene, Abenhall, Baynham, Greyndour 
and Vaughan. B. & O. A. S. Trans., vi., 181-7 ; Arms of Baynham, 
p. 180. 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 12-16. Arms on p. 12. 


BAYNTON, Thomas, [a surgeon of some eminence at Bristol, where he 
spent most of his life. He died at Clifton in 1820.] 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. iii., 457, q.v. for works. 

BEACH, Family of, see infra, HICKS-BEACH. 

BEALE, Dorothea, [b. in London 1831 ; dau. of a London surgeon who 
belonged to a Gloucestershire family ; Principal of Cheltenham Ladies' 
College 1858 till her death in 1906. The extraordinary success of the 
College was due entirely to her ability. When appointed there were 
sixty-nine pupils on its books, and at her death there were six hundred 
and fifty-seven. Portraits of her were painted by J. J. Shannon and 
Mrs. Lea Merritt, and a miniature of her by Florence Meyer. Busts of 
her were executed by J. E. Hyett, of Cheltenham, and Miss Evangeline 
1895. Girls' Schools of To-day. I. Cheltenham College. By L. T. Meade. 

Strand Magazine, vol. ix., pp. 283-8. 
1902. Cheltenham's First Freewoman. Abridged from the Cheltenham 
Chronicle. Englishwoman's Review, xxxiii., 53-8. 

Presentation of the Freedom of the Borough to Miss Beale. By 

A. M. Andrews. Chelt. Ladies' Coll. Mag., No. xlv., pp. 88-93. 

Miss Beale was admitted a Freewoman of Cheltenham on 28 Oct., 1902. 

Miss Beale's Scotch Tour. By Alice M. Andrews. Id., No. xlvi., 

pp. 271-279. 
1905. Portrait of Miss Beale. Jubilee Gift to Cheltenham Ladies' Col- 
lege. Id., No. li., pp. 149-152. 

Cheltenham Ladies' College Jubilee. Presentation Bust of Miss 

Dorothea Beale, LL.D. List of Donors, &c. " Looker-on " Printing 
Works. 8vo. 

Title on wrapper, and 6 leaves, including a photogravure of the bust. 

Cheltenham Ladies' College. Supplement to the " Cheltenham 

Examiner," May 17, 1905. Fol. 


Pp. 1-8. Numerous Illustrations. Full length portrait of Miss Beale on p. 7 
and pi. of bust on p. 8. 

1907. The Cheltenham Ladies' College Magazine. In Memoriam. Doro- 
thea Beale. Born March 21, 1831. Died November 9, 1906. 

Title and Preface, pp. i.-iv. ; Verses, Miss Beale's last days, Public References, 
Newspaper notices, etc, pp. 1-138. Portrait of Miss Beale, Front. 

Dorothea Beale Memorial. Chelt. Ladies' Coll. Mag., No. lv., 

pp. 67-69. In Memoriam [Dorothea Beale] Id., pp. 70-86. 

The latter includes additional Notices since publication of the " In Memoriam " 
number of the Magazine. 

1908. Dorothea Beale, of Cheltenham By Elizabeth Raikes Il- 
lustrated London. 1908. Demy 8vo. 

Two titles, &c, and List of Illustrations, 6 leaves ; Text, Apps. & Index, pp. 1- 
432. Portraits of Miss Beale, Front, & pp. 108, 340. Reviewed Cornhill, N.S., 
xxv., 649-54. A new and cheaper edition was published in 1910. 

1909-10. Dorothea Beale Memorial. Chelt. Ladies' Coll. Mag., 1909, 
pp. 1-2; 1910, pp. 209-212. 

[1911.] A Book of Noble Women by C. C. Cairns . . . London. 8vo. 

Dorothea Beale, pp. 341-367. B.M. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., L, 116-18. 


A list of Miss Beale's works is given on the inside of the wrapper of the Chelt. 
Ladies' Coll. Mag., No. Ixix. (1909). 

BEARD, John James, [Secretary to the Bristol Seaman's Bible Society for 
14 years ; d. 1830.] 

1830. The Death of the Righteous and Merciful Man Considered. A 
Sermon preached at Temple Church, Bristol, on Sunday, May 30th, 
1830, on occasion of the death of Mr. John James Beard, Secretary to 
the Bristol Seaman's Bible Society . . . By the Revd. Fountain Elwin, 
Vicar of Temple . . . Albion Press : Pr. by John Wansborough, 
Redcliffe- Street. 1830. 8vo. Pp. 16. B.R.L. 

BEDDOE, John, [anthropologist; b. at Bewdley, Sept. 21, 1826; settled 
in Clifton in 1857, where he practised as a physician and where he lived 
till his death, July 19, 1911. A portrait of him, painted by Miss E. B. 
Warne, is in the Municipal Art Gallery, Bristol.] 

1894. Dr. Beddoe, F.R.S. B.N.S. Procs., N.S., vol. vii., Portrait and 
pp. 141-144. 

A list of the papers which he contributed to these " Proceedings " is given on 
pp. 143-4. 

1910. Memories of Eighty Years by John Beddoe, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., 
Bristol. J. W. Arrowsmith, 11, Quay Street. 1910. 8vo. B. 

Pp. xl. & 322. Photographic portrait, Front. 


1911. [Obituaries.] B. & O. A. S. Trans., xxxiii., 355-6; Bristol Kyrle 
Society Sixth Ann. Rep., pp. 13, Portrait, Front. ; Brit. Med. Jour., 
p. 316 (with portrait); Man, xi., 151-3; Nature, lxxxvii., 116-17; 
Wilts. Arch. & Nat. Hist. Mag., xxxvii., 175-9, where a list of 70 of his 
writings is given. 

Dr Beddoe was first President of the Bristol Kyrle Society. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., i., 124-5. 

BEDDOES, Thomas, [physician ; b. 1760 ; d. 1808. In 1793 he established 
a Pneumatic Institute at Clifton, in the charge of which he was assisted 
by Sir Humphrey Davy till 1801, when it was discontinued. He con- 
tinued to practise in Clifton till his death. He was the friend of Cole- 
ridge, Southey, and Davy, all of whom had a very high opinion of his 
intellectual and imaginative powers. The latter said that " he had 
talents which would have raised him to the pinnacle of philosophical 
eminence if they had been applied with discretion." There are 15 tracts 
by him on medical subjects in the B.M. and 8 on other subjects.] 

1811. Memoirs of the Life of Thomas Beddoes, M.D., with an analytical 
account of his writings. By John Edmonds Stock, M.D. . . . London. 
1811. 4to. F.F.F. 

Title, one leaf ; Errata inserted ; Pref. pp. i.-v. ; Letter from W. K. Craufuird, 
one leaf ; Text, pp. 1-413 ; List of Dr. Beddoes' Publications, pp. 2 ; Appendices, 
pp. i.-lxxi. Reviewed Eclectic Review, xiii., 491-505 ; Brit. Critic, xxxvii., 568- 
78 ; Month. Rev., lxv., 128-33. Twenty L.P. copies were printed for presentation. 

1837. Lives of Eminent Englishmen (Cunningham), viii., 163-8. 
1856. Thomas Beddoes, Esq., M.D., N. <fc Q., Ser. 2, i., 151, 278. 
1885. Diet, Nat. Biog., iv., 94-5, q.v. for Works. 
N.D. The English Nation (Cunningham), v., 437-42. 


His " Nature and Cure of Calculus " was reviewed Crit. Rev., Ser. 2, viii., 
253-8 and Monthly Rev., xii., 267-74; "Nature of Demonstrative Evidence," 
Month. Rev., xiii., 1-7; "Letter to Dr. Darwin," Id., xii., 274-6 and Crit. Rev., 
Ser. 2, ix., 370-5; "Physical and Medical Knowledge," Monthly Rev., xxx., 
60-72 ; " Observations made at the Medical Pneumatic Institution," Id., xxx., 
405-8 ; " Consumption," Id., xxxvi., 364-8 ; and " Hygeia," Id., xlvii., 225-35, 
355-62. "Researches concerning Fever," Brit. Critic, xxxl., 524-7. Translation 
of Scheele's Chemical Essays, Crit. Rev., lxi., 328-37 ; " Considerations on Medical 
Use and Production of Factitious Airs," Id., Ser. 2, xvi., 202-9. 

BEDDOES, Thomas Lovell, [poet and physiologist ; son of Dr. Thomas 
Beddoes, q.v. ; b. in Clifton, July 20, 1803 ; d. Jan. 26, 1849, at Bale.] 

1823. Notices of the Modern British Dramatists, No. II. Beddoes. 
Blackwood's Magazine, xiv., 723-729. 

1833. The Georgian Era, ii., 437-42. 


1851. Poems by the late Thomas Lovell Beddoes, Author of Death's 
Jest-Book, or the Fool's Tragedy. With a Memoir. London : W. 
Pickering, 1851. 8vo. B.M. 

Two Titles & Contents, pp. i.-v. ; Memoir, pp. v.-cxxxiv. Poems, pp. 1-238. 
The Memoir was written by Thomas Forbes Kelsall. 

" Beddoes." Eclectic Magazine, xxiv., 446-455. Reprinted from 

" The Examiner." 

1872. " Thomas Lovell Beddoes." By Thomas Kelsall. Fortnightly Re- 
view, xviii., 51-75. 

1874. A Strayed Singer. By Kate Hillard. Victoria Magazine. Con- 
ducted by Emily Faithful, xxii., 352-306. Reprinted in Lippincotfa 
Magazine (Philadelphia), xii., 550-7. 

1879. A Poet not Laureate. By Mabel Collins. University Magazine, 
iv., 513-525. 

1880-94. The English Poets Selections with Critical Introductions by 
various Writers and a General Introduction by Matthew Arnold. 
Edited by Thomas Humphry Ward. London. 4 vols. 8vo. 

Thomas Lovell Beddoes, iv., 552-61. The Memoir (pp. 552-4) is by E. W. Gosse. 
Also at same pages of vol. 4 of the 1883-4 & 1891-4 editions. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 95-7. 

1890. The Poetical Works of Thomas Lovell Beddoes. Edited with a 
Memoir, by Edmund Gosse, Hon. M.A. . . . With Etchings by Herbert 
Railton. London. 1890. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1. Titles, &c, 4 leaves ; Contents, Pref., and Memoir, pp. vii.-xxxix. ; Poems, 
pp. 1-254 ; Front., Beddoes' Birth Place, Rodney Park, Bristol. 

Vol. 2. Titles, &c, 5 leaves ; Poems, pp. 1-284. Front., The Charterhouse. 

One of the Temple Library Series. Edition limited to 500 copies for England 
and 500 for America ; and a L.P. edition of 225 copies. Reviewed Athenmum, 
1890, ii., 879-81. 

[1891-1905.] The Poets amd Poetry of the Century. Edited by Alfred 
H. Miles. London. 10 vols. cr. 8vo. [1891-7.] 

Thomas Lovell Beddoes, vol. 3, pp. 521-46. Also at same pages of vol. 3, pp. 
521-46 in the 1898 & 1905 editions. 
The memoir (pp. 521-4) is by Richard Garnett. 

[Another edition, a reprint of the 1891-7 edition, with same 

pagination.] London. 1898. 10 vols. 8vo. 

[Another edition.] London. [1899.] 9 vols. 8vo. 

A re-issue of the 1898 edition without vol. 8. 

[Another edition, entitled] The Poets and Poetry of the Nineteenth 
Century. Edited by Alfred H. Miles. London. 1905, etc. Vols, 

T. L. Beddoes, pp. 521-46 of vol. entitled " John Keats to Edward, Lord Lytton." 

1893. Under the Evening Lamp by Richard Henry Stoddard. London. 
1893. 8vo. 

Thomas Lovell Beddoes, pp. 200-212. 


1894. The Letters of Thomas Lovell Beddoes. Edited with Notes by 
Edmund Gosse . . . London : 1894. 8vo. 

Two Titles, Imprint, Prefatory Note, and Memoir, 4 leaves ; Letters, pp. 1-262 ; 
Notes, pp. 263-270. 
Twenty-five l.p. copies (po9t 8vo.) were printed for England. 

[Death of T. L. Beddoes]. N. & Q. Ser. 8, vi., 168. 

Thomas Lovell Beddoes. By Mrs. Andrew Crosse. Temple Bar, 

ci., 357-70. 

1896. Critical Kit-Kats. By Edmund Gosse . . . London : 1896. Pp. 
[xiv.] and 302. L.R.L. 

Thomas Lovell Beddoes, pp. 29-61. 

1902. Library of Literary Criticism, v., 585-9. 

1903. Thomas Lovell Beddoes. [By Barnette Miller.] Sewanee Rev. 
[New York] xi., 306-336. 

[1907.] The Poems of Thomas Lovell Beddoes edited with an Introduc- 
tion by Ramsay Colles. London, sq. 8vo. 

Title, &c., 3 leaves ; Introduction (biographical and critical), pp. i.-xxvii. ; Text 
and Index, pp. 1-4C0. Muses Library Series. 


See Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica, i., 92a-93b. His principal works are men- 
tioned in the Diet. Sat. Biog. Besides these he wrote many pamphlets. Thirty- 
seven of his works are in the Extracts from his "Verses on Alexander's 
Expedition " were printed in the Annual Anthology, i., 289-300. " The Bride's 
Tragedy " was reviewed Edin. Rev., No. 75, pp. 177-208, London Hag., vii., 169-72. 

BEDDOME, Benjamin, [hymn-writer; b. 1717; educated at the Baptist 
College, Bristol ; Baptist Minister at Bourton-on-the-Water from 1740 
till his death in 1795.] 

1794-7. [Obituary. By Dr. Rippon.] Baptist Annual Register, pp. 314- 

1811-30. A History of the English Baptists . . . Including an Investiga- 
tion of the History of Baptism in England from the Earliest Period to 
which it can be traced . . . By Joseph Ivimey. London : 1811- 
1830. 4 vols. 8vo. 

Benjamin Beddome, iv., 461-9. 

1835. Sermons printed from the Manuscripts of the late Rev. Benjamin 
Beddome, A.M., of Bourton-on-the- Water, Gloucestershire ; with a 
Brief Memoir of the Author. London : 1835. 8vo. B.M. 

Pp. xxxvi. & 468. Memoir, pp. ix.-xxviii. 

A volume of his sermons, without the memoir, appeared in 1805 (noticed Eclectic 
Review, i., pt. 2, p. 948) and another volume, entitled " Twenty Short Discourses " 
in 1807 (reviewed Eclectic Review, iii., 531-5). 

1843. Memoir of the Rev. Benjamin Beddome, A.M., formerly of Bourton- 
on-the-Water. Baptist Mag., xxxv., 509-12. 


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Sheffield. Baptist Mag., lvii., 441-6. 

1869. Singers and Songs of The Church : being Biographical Sketches of 
the Hymn-Writers in all the Principal Collections. With Notes of their 
Psalms and Hymns. By Josiah Miller, M.A. Second Edition. Lon- 
don : 1869. 8vo. 

Benjamin Beddome, pp. 222-4. 

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its Most Distinguished Alumni. By Stephen Albert Swaine. London : 
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1907. A Dictionary of Hymnology . . . Edited by John Julian . . . 

Revised Edition. London. 1907. 8vo. 

Benjamin Beddome, pp. 121-4. About 100 of his hymns which are in common 
use are noticed here or in other parts of this work. The first edition of Julian's 
Dictionary appeared in 1892. 

BEDFORD, Arthur, [author ; b. at Tidenham, Sept. 8, 1668 ; Curate of 
St. Nicholas Church, Bristol, 1688 ; Vicar of the Temple Church, Bristol, 
1693-1713 ; d. Aug. 13, 1745.] 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 109-110, q.v. for Works. 

BEEKE, Henry, D.D. [b. 1751 ; Dean of Bristol 1813 till his death in 

1837. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., vii., 546-7. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. iv., 124-5, q.v. for Works. 

BELCHER, Edward, [pugilist ; elder brother of Tom and Jem Belcher, 
q.v. ; fought his only fight in 1806 ; d. before 1812.] 

1818. Ned (the eldest) Belcher. Boxiana, i., 344-5. 

BELCHER, James, [pugilist ; known as " Jem Belcher ; " b. in Bristol in 
1781 ; began life as a Bristol butcher ; champion 1798-1803 ; d. 1811]. 

1811. [Obituaries.] European Mag., lx., 156-7; Gent. Mag., lxxxi., 194. 

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the day of the renowned Broughton and Slack to the Championship 
of Crib. By P. Egan. London. 1818-24. 4 vols. 8vo. 

Jem Belcher from Bristol, One of the most heroic Champions of England. 
Boxiana, i., 120-44. Portrait, p. 120. 

A skit on " Boxiana " appeared in Blackwood xii., 460-6. 

1826. The Fancy ; or True Sportsman's Guide : being Authentic Memoirs 
of the Lives, Actions, Prowess, and Battles of the Leading Pugilists, 
from the days of Figg and Broughton to the Championship of Ward. 
By an Operator. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Memoirs of James Belcher, i., 129-31, 153-57, 177-81. Portrait, p. 129. 


1856. Fights for the Championship ; and Celebrated Prize Battles ; or 
Accounts of all the Prize Battles for the Championship from the days of 
Figg and Broughton to the present time ; And also many other game 
and extraordinary battles between first-rate pugilists of ancient and 
modern times. Compiled from " Bell's Life in London," " Boxiana," 
and original sources, by the Editor of Bell's Life in London. London. 
1856. 8vo. 

Jem Belcher, pp. 18-23. 

[1880-1.] Pugilistica : being one hundred and forty four years of The 
History of British Boxing. Containing Lives of the Celebrated Pugi- 
lists, and full reports of their battles from contemporary Newspapers 
and Periodicals, with authentic portraits from original Prints, Paintings, 
and Busts, Personal Anecdotes . . . The only Complete and Chrono- 
logical History of the Ring, from Figg and Broughton, 1719-40, to the 
last Championship Battle of King and Heenan, in December, 1863. 
By Henry Downes Miles . . . London. [Vol. 1 & 2, 1880 ; vol. 3 
1881.] 3 vols. 8vo. 

Jem Belcher, i., 132-152. Portrait, p. 132. Another edition appeared In 1906. 

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[1902.] Fights for the Championship. The Men and their Times. By 
Fred Henning (" Tourist "). With Portraits from Old Prints. Re- 
printed from the " Licensed Victuallers' Gazette." London. 2 vols. 

Jem Belcher's Fights, i., 170-245; 280-90; 299-306. Portrait, p. 171. 

[1909.] Fights Forgotten. A History of some of the Chief English and 
American Prize Fights since the year 1788. By Henry Sayers. Il- 
lustrated. London. 8vo. 

Jem Belcher v. Joe Berks, pp. 14-22. Portrait, p. 14. 
Tom Crib v. Jem Belcher, pp. 30-40. 

BELCHER, Thomas, [pugilist ; born in Bristol 1783, and died there in 1854. 
He was brother to " Jem " and " Ned," q.v. His portrait by D. Guest 
was eng. in mezzotint by Chas. Turner.] 

1818-1821. Tom Belcher. Boxiana, i., 334-344 ; Portrait, p. 334 ; ii., 
28-45; iii., 642-545. 

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BELL, Family of, [of Bristol.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), p. 17. 

BELL, John, [Rector of Weston-sub-Edge ; Archdeacon of Gloucester, 
1518-39 ; Bishop of Worcester, 1539-43. He revised the Epistle to 
Thessalonians in 1543 ; d. Aug. 2, 1556.] 


1815. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), ii., 771-2. 
1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 1 05- 166. 

BELLERS, John, [philantliropist and author ; b. 1654 ; d. 1725. Joint 
Lord of the Manor of Coin St. Aldwyn's, where he passed much of his 
life. He was a member of the Society of Friends and devoted time, 
thought and money to improving the condition of the poor. His " Pro- 
posals for raising a College of Industry " was said by Karl Marx to be a 
" Phenomenon in Political Economy." A list of his works (23) is given 
in Smith's Catalogue of Friends' Books (1867), i., 235-8.] 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 190-2. 

BELLOWS, John, [lexicographer and printer, and a prominent member of 
the Society of Friends ; b. at Liskeard, Cornwall, Jan. 18, 1831 ; settled 
in Gloucester in 1851, where in 1858 he established a printing business, 
which soon became a flourishing concern, and before his death obtained 
a national reputation. He had considerable knowledge of local 
antiquities and contributed some valuable papers to the C. N. F. C. 
and the Brist. & Glos. A. S. He was a trenchant controversialist 
and often wrote on political and other current events. His greatest 
literary work was his diminutive French and English Dictionary, which 
is now known throughout Europe. He died, beloved and respected, at 
Upton Knoll, near Gloucester, on May 5, 1902, and was buried in the 
Painswick Cemetery. His portrait by Percy Bigland is in the Guildhall, 

[1866.] A Winter Journey to Norway. Not published. F.A.H. 

Pp. 68. Date from prefatory note. An account of a journey made by John 
Bellows to Norway in 1863. 

[1902.] In Memoriam. B. & Q. A. S. Trans., xxiv., 363-5. 

The late Mr. John Bellows. Proposed Portrait for Gloucester. 

Reprinted from the " Gloucester Journal," June 28th, 1902 4to. 


Two leaves. Report of a meeting held in the Guildhall, Gloucester, 21 June. 
The outcome of this meeting was the portrait of John Bellows, painted by Percy 
Bigland, which now hangs in the Guildhall. 

[Obituary.] The Annual Monitor for 1903, pp. 2-12. 

1904. John Bellows Letters and Memoir Edited by his Wife with 
Portraits, Map, and other Illustrations London : 1904. demy 8vo. 

Title, Ded., Pref., List of Illustrations, 4 leaves ; Text &c, pp. 1-392. Portraits 
of John Bellows, Front. & p. 357. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., i., 139-40. 


Besides The Bona-Fide Pocket Dictionary, John Bellows was the author of 
42 pamphlets, papers in Transactions of Societies and Letters to Newspapers which 
were reprinted as Leaflets. A complete list of these is given at pp. 385-7 of his 


BENEDICT of Gloucester, [author of the Life of St. Dubricius. Little is 
known of him, but he described himself as a monk of St. Peter's Abbey, 
Gloucester. He lived about the middle of the 12th century.] 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 216. 

BENEFIELD, Sebastian ; [D.D., theologian; b. at Prestbury, Glos., ? 1559 
or 1569 ; rector of Meysey-Hampton from c. 1614 till his death in 1630. 
He was buried in the chancel of Meysey-Hampton Church.] 

1780. Biographia Evangelica, vol. 2, pp. 490-1. 

1815. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), ii., 487-9, q.v. for Works. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 217-8, q.v. for Works. 

BENNETT, James, [printer and topographer ; b. at Falfield, Glos., in 1785. 
He carried on a printing business in Tewkesbury from 1810 to 1852, and 
died there in 1856.] 

1856. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag. N.S. xlv., 317. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 242. 


His "History of Tewkesbury," (1830), "Tewkesbury Guide" (1835), and 
Tewkesbury Yearly Register are described ante, vol. 2, pp. 342, 344, 345, & 347. 

BENNETT, Joseph, [musical critic ; born in 1831 at Berkeley, and died 
there on June 12, 1911.] 

[1908.] Forty years of Music, 1865-1905, by Joseph Bennett. London. 

Pp. xvi. & 415 ; Portrait, Front. Much of it relates to the life of the author. 

1910. Joseph Bennett. Musical Times, li., 769-72. Portrait, p. 769. 

BENSON, Martin, [b. 1689 ; Bishop of Gloucester 1734 till his death in 
1752. There are two portraits of him at the Palace, Gloucester, one at 
Ch. Ch., Oxf., and one at the Charterhouse, London. One of those at the 
Palace was painted by J. Richardson, and has been engraved by G. 

1740. Articles of Visitation and Enquiry ... At the Fifth Triennial 
Visitation Of the Right Reverend Father in God Martin By Divine 
Permission, Lord Bishop of Glocester. Holden in the Year 1750. 
Glocester : Printed by R. Raikes. 4to. Pp. 7. B. 

1752. [Obituary Notice.] Gent. Mag., xxxii., 432. 

[Between 1752 and 1757.] The Sinner and the Saint : And (sic) Ode, 
occasioned by the Death of Dr. Martin Benson, late Bishop of Glo- 
cester. Price 6d. 

Not seen. Advertised as " Just Published," by R. Bond, of Gloucester, on the 
last page of a Sermon preached by Richard Smyth, A.B., at Frampton, Feb. 11th, 
1757, and printed by Bond. 


1875. Early Methodism and Dignitaries of the Established Church. 
Martin Benson, Bishop of Gloucester. Wesleyan Methodist Magazine, 
November, 1875, pp. 992-8. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 258. 


Two Sermons by him are in the B.M. The one, on Ps. lxxviil., 6-8, preached 
before the House of Lords, on June 30, 1738, went through 4 editions. 


BERKELEY, Family of, [of Berkeley Castle, co. Gloucester, which they 
have owned for more than 700 years. The present owner is descended 
directly in the male line from Eadnoth, Edward the Confessor's 
" Staller," to whose great grandson Maurice, Richard I. granted the 
lordship of Berkeley Hernesse, to be held by him and his heirs in barony. 
In all probability this charter did but confirm an earlier grant of this 
lordship to Maurice's father, Robert Fitzhardinge [q.v.], the founder of 
St. Augustine's Priory in Bristol. If Robert is regarded as the first 
Baron Berkeley, Frederick Augustus (the 5th earl and last owner of the 
Berkeley Estate of unquestioned legitimacy) was the 23rd Baron. But 
Thomas, the 6th Baron on this assumption, who was summoned by writ 
to attend the Parliament of 1295 has probably a better legal title to be 
regarded as the first Baron. (See Lords' Reports on Dignity of a Peer, 
1816-29, App. i., 67). These two methods of enumeration occasionally 
give rise to confusion. George, who was 14th Baron after the writ of 
1295, was created an earl in 1679.] 
1668. Memoirs of the Lives, Actions, Sufferings and Deaths of those 
Noble, Reverend Personages That suffered By Death Sequestration 
Decimation Or otherwise For the Protestant Religion, And the great 
Principle thereof, Allegiance To their Soveraigne, In our late Intestine 
Wars, From the Year 1637, to the Year 1660, and from thence con- 
tinued to 1666. With the Life and Martyrdom of King Charles I. 
By Da : Lloyd, A.M. sometime of Oriel-Colledge in Oxon. London : 
Printed for Samuel Speed ; and sold by him at the Rainbow . . . 
1668. Fol. B.M. 

Of the loyal Family of the Berkeleys, pp. 98-129. 
1675-6. The Baronage of England, or An Historical Account of the Lives 
and most Memorable Actions of Our English Nobility In the Saxons 
time, to the Norman Conquest ; And from thence, of those who had their 
rise before the end of King Henry the Third's Reign. Deduced From 
Publick Records, Antient Historians, and other Authorities, By 
William Dugdale Norroy King of Arms. London. 3 vols. Fol. 
Berkeley, vol. 1, pp. 349-369. Pedigree, p. 348. B.M. 

1781-90. [Pedigrees of a branch of the Berkeley family that settled at 
Cotheridge, and at Spechesley (Spetchley), Worcestershire, will be 
found in Nash's History of Worcestershire, vol. 1., p. 258, and vol. 2, 
p. 358 respectively.] 


1799. Extracts from a MS. History of tho Berkeley Family. By Samuel 
Lysons. roy. 8vo. G.P.L. 

Pp. 39. Part of a paper read by Samuel Lysons before the Society of Antiquaries, 
May 23, 1799, and set up for Vol. 15 of Archceologia. A MS. note, signed S.L., on a 
copy of pp. 24 of the paper at Chestal, states that it was cancelled. The reading 
of this paper occupied 15 evenings. See Archceologia, lxii., 70, and N. 6c Q., Ser. 
11, x. 167 (where for 1779 read 1799). 

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1, pp. 22-4. 

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of the Berkeleys, illustrative of Ancient Manners and the Constitution ; 
including all Pedigrees in the Ancient Manuscript . . . By Thomas 
Dudley Fosbroke, M.A. London : 1821. 4to. 

Pp. xii. & 242. More fully described ante, vol. 2, p. 19. 

[1822 ?] The B y Family : A Narrative By Mary Tudor, Sister-in- 
law of the Countess. London. 8vo. Pp. 99. B.M. 

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fol. B. 

1863. Norman's History of Cheltenham, with eighty illustrations. By 
John Goding . . . London : 1863. 8vo. 

The Berkeley Family, pp. 85-94. This work is fully described ante, vol. 2, p. 71. 

Origin of the Berkeley Family. [By Edward A. Freeman.] Gent. 

Mag., N.S., xv., 222-3, 491-2. 

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A Review of vols. 1 and 2 of "My Life and Recollections," by Grantley Berkeley. 

The Great Governing Families of England. By John Langton 

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2 vols. 8vo. 

The Berkeleys. Vol. 2, pp. 211-244. 

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[1873.] A Sketch of the History of Berkeley, its Castle, Church and the 
Berkeley Family. By James Herbert Cooke . . . Gloucester : John 
Bellows. 16mo. VV.B. 

Two leaves & pp. 80. More fully described ante, vol. 2, p. 21. 
1874. Sir John Berkeley of Beverstone. N. 6c Q., Ser. 5, i., 228. 


1879. The Great Berkeley Law- Suit of the 15th and 16th Centuries. 
By James Herbert Cooke. B. & 0. A. S. Trans., iii., 305-324, and 
folding pedigree. 

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437,477; Ser. 6, i., 20-1, 58-9, 101, 203-4, 239, 327; ii., 10-11, 155; 
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These are valuable notes by A. S. Ellis, R. W. Eyton, J. H. Cooke, and others. 

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James Herbert Cooke. B. & O. A. S. Trans., v., 212-221. 

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From 1066 to 1618. With a description of the Hundred of Berkeley 
and its Inhabitants. By John Smyth of Nibley. Edited by Sir John 
Maclean . . . Gloucester : Printed by John Bellows for the Sub- 
scribers. 1883-85. 3 vols. 4to. 

Printed for Members of the Brist. & Olos. Arch. Soc. Fifty l.p. copies were issued 
at £6 and 300 s.p. at £3 each. More fully described ante, vol. 2, p. 23. 

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pp. 15-16. 

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Robert Fitzharding, the founder of the second house of Berkeley. 

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and the Berkeleys. Id., 665-7. A Gloucestershire Scandal in the 
Fifteenth Century. Id., 600-4. 

The parties incriminated were Sir Win. Berkeley, of Stoke Giffard, and hie son's 
affianced bride " Katherine Ferrys." 

Tales of our Great Families by Edward Walford ... A New 

Edition. Revised. London. 1890. 8vo. 

The House of Berkeley, pp. 322-8. 


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Ellen Bagnall-Oakeley. B. & G. A. S. Trans., xv., 89-102. 

[Portrait of Colonel Henry Berkeley.] N. & Q., Ser. 7, xi., 367, 


1892. Descriptive Catalogue of The Charters and Muniments in the 

possession of the Rt. Hon. Lord Fitzhardinge, at Berkeley Castle, 

compiled with Introduction, Notes, and Indices, by Isaac Herbert 

Jeayes, of the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum. Bristol : 

C. T. Jefferies and Sons, Limited, Printers, Baldwin Street, 1892. 

8vo. O.P.L. 

Title, Contents, List of Subscribers, etc., 4 leaves ; Introduction, pp. i-xxxvii. ; 
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Reprinted from N. & Q., Ser. 5, xii., 362. 

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Berkeley MSS. By the Rev. Thomas Veal, Curate of Berkeley. 
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Catherine, his second wife.] N. db Q., Ser. 9, v., 375, 483. 

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1908-11. British Hunts and Huntsmen, ii., 560-70. 

Brief notices of some members of the Berkeley Family and portraits with letter- 


[The literature relating to the several claims to the Earldom and Barony 
of Berkeley described ante vol. 2, pp. 26-9, is not noticed here. The 
following references are additional.] 

1829. Report of Proceedings on the Claim to the Barony of LTsle, in the 
House of Lords. With Notes, and an Appendix containing the Cases 
of Abergavenny, Botetourt, and Berkeley ; accompanied by Observa- 
tions on Baronies by Tenure. By Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Esq. . . . 
London. 1829. 8vo. B.M. 

Pp. xvii. & 436. Barony of Berkeley, with Observations, etc. App. III., pp. 

1858. House of Lords. Berkeley Barony. Argument of Mr. Fleming, 
as Counsel for the Right Honorable Sir Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge 
Berkeley K.C.B. of Berkeley Castle, in the County of Gloucester, Vice- 


Admiral of the White, on opening his Claim to the Title, Honor, and 
Dignity of Baron of Berkeley. Before the Lords Committees for 
Privileges; Friday the 23rd of July 1858. Fol. Pp. 1-31. O.P.L. 

1860. House of Lords. Berkeley Barony. Argument of Mr. Fleming, 
as Counsel for the Claimant The Right Honorable Sir Maurice Frederick 
Fitzhardinge Berkeley, K.C.B., of Berkeley Castle, in the County of 
Gloucester, Vice-Admiral of the White, on summing up his Claim to the 
Title, Honor, and Dignity of Baron of Berkeley. Before the Lords' 
Committees for Privileges, on the 12th, 13th, 20th, and 30th of July, 
1860. London : Printed by Charles Francis Hodgson, 1, Gough 
Square Fleet Street. Fol. Pp. 1-209. O.P.L. 

House of Lords. Berkeley Barony. Argument of the Attorney- 
General, on behalf of the Crown, upon the Claim of The Right Honora- 
ble Sir Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge Berkeley, K.C.B., of Berkeley 
Castle, in the County of Gloucester, Vice-Admiral of the White, to the 
Title, Honor, and Dignity of Baron of Berkeley. Before the Lords' 
Committees for Privileges, Friday, the 10th of August, 1860. London : 
Printed by Charles Francis Hodgson. Fol. Pp. 1-59. O.P.L. 

1861. Baronies by Tenure. Speech of Lord St. Leonards, in the House 
of Lords, on the 26th February, 1861, on the Claim to the Barony of 
Berkeley. London. 1861. 8vo. Pp. 36. O.P.L. 

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mittee for Privileges on the Berkeley Peerage Claim. Ordered to be 
printed 23 April 1891. Fol. Pp. 129. O.P.L. 

[Continuation.] O.P.L. 

Title and one page (numbered 31), recording the resolutions of the Committee 
that Lord Fitzhardinge had failed to sustain his claim, and that Randal Mowbray 
Thomas Berkeley had sustained his claim to the Earldom of Berkeley. 

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Pedigree on p. 74. 

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age. The Ludgate, N.S. v., 91-5. 

Portrait of the 5th Earl of Berkeley on p. 93 and of the Hon. F. H. F. Berkeley, 
M.P. for Bristol, 1837, on p. 94. 

BERKELEY, Arnald de. [Probably grandson or great-grandson of William 
de Berkeley, founder of Kingswood Abbey ; ownod land at Cubberlcy ; 
Master of the Hospital of Holy Trinity, Berkoley, c. 1267 ; d. 1270.] 

1892. Arnald de Berkoley, Baron of the Exchequer, 1264. By Sir Henry 
Barkly, K.C.B. B. & Q. A. S. Trans., xvi., 167-182. 


BERKELEY, Craven Fitzhardingo, [youngest son of the 5th Earl Berkeley ; 
b. 1805; M.P. for Cheltenham 1832-47, 1848, and 1852-55; d. 1855.] 
1831. A Correspondence between The Rev. F. Close, Mr. C. Berkeley 
[and others] . . . with the Resolutions of Mr. Craven Berkeley's Com- 
mittee thereon. Cheltenham. 1831. 8vo. 

Pp. viii. & 30. The correspondence related to a report (said to have been In- 
vented for electioneering purposes) that Mr C. Berkeley was an atheist. 

1837. The trial of Fraser v. Berkeley and another . . . Fraeer, xv., 100- 

For the cause of this trial see infra BERKELEY, G. C. G. F. 
1855. [Obituary.] Oent. Mag. N.S., xliv., 197-8. 
1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 343-4. 

BERKELEY, Elizabeth, [daughter of Augustus 4th Earl of Berkeley ; 
b. 1750 ; m. (1) Wm. Craven, afterwards Earl Craven, and (2) the Mar- 
grave of Anspach ; d. 1828. She wrote comedies in which she some- 
times acted. Her portrait was painted by Reynolds and eng. by H. 

1804. Public Characters, 1803-4, pp. 221-254. 

1826. Memoirs of the Margravine of Anspach. Written by Herself. 
London. 1826. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1, pp. viii. & 430. Portrait, Front. Vol. 2, pp. vil. & 406. 
Reviewed Brit. Critic. (1826) ii., 356-69 ; Monthly Rev., N.S. i., 177-91. 
A French edition of these Memoirs appeared in 1826. 

1828-9. [Obituaries.] Gent. Mag., xcviii., pt. 1, pp. 466-8. Benham, the 
Seat of the late Margravine of Anspach, Id., 497-8. PI : Benham, 
p. 497. Ann. Biog. & Obit., xiii., 10-28. 

1851. The Margravine of Anspach. International Monthly Mag., in., 

1861. The Literary Women of England ... By Jane Williams. Lon- 
don : 1861. 8vo. 

Elizabeth Margravine of Anspach, pp. 307-12. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., ii., 36-7., q.v. for Works. 

1912. The Countess of Craven. N. & Q., Ser. 11, v., 187. 

[1914.] The Beautiful Lady Craven The Original Memoirs of Elizabeth 
Baroness Craven afterwards Margravine of Anspach and Bayreuth 
and Princess Berkeley of the Holy Roman Empire (1750-1828) Edited 
with Notes and a Biographical and Historical Introduction con- 
taining much unpublished matter, by A. M. Broadley & Lewis 
Melville. London. [1914.] 2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1, pp. cxliii. & 141. Portraits of Lady Craven, Frontispiece & pp. x., xli., 
lvii. (caricature), cxiv., & 26. 
Vol. 2, pp. x. & 306. Portraits of Lady Craven, Front., pp. 98, & 116. 

BERKELEY, Francis Henry Fitzhardinge, [4th son of tho 6th Earl of 
Berkeley; b. 1794 ; M.P. for Bristol 1837-1870 ; d. 1870. His portrait, 
by J. W. Childe, was eng. by H. B. Hall.] 


1865. To be ready in a few days, 8vo., price £2 2s. Od., Some Passages in 
the Life of the Hon. F. Henry F. Berkeley, M.P., With Extracts from his 
Correspondence, and from Official Documents, shewing his Views on 
Matrimony, Bigamy, Polygamy, etc., etc. . . . 1865. 8vo. G.E.W. 

Title, one leaf ; Preface and Contents, pp. 3-7. Probably an announcement of 
an apocryphal work issued for electioneering purposes. It is very libellous. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 345-6. 

BERKELEY, Francis William Fitzhardinge, 2nd Baron Fitzhardinge ; 
[b. Nov. 16, 1826 ; son of Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge, 1st Baron 
Fitzhardinge q.v. ; d. at Berkeley 1896, where he was buried. His 
portrait, painted by F. Holl, R.A., was presented to him in 1885.] 

1872. Lord Fitzhardinge. Baily's Magazine, xxii., 365-6. Portrait, 
p. 365. 

1886. [List of Subscribers for a portrait of Lord Fitzhardinge.] 12mo. 


It was presented to him in recognition of his services to Agriculture and his 
popularity as a M.F.H. 

1896. Fitzhardinge Memorial. Meeting at Berkeley. Middle Class School 

Scheme, F.A.H. 

Report of a Meeting held at the Town Hall, Berkeley, at which resolutions were 
passed for erecting a memorial to the late Lord Fitzhardinge, and that such memorial 
should, if possible, take the form of a Secondary School at Berkeley. Reprinted 
from the Bristol Mercury of Nov. 12, 1896. The Scheme was found impracticable. 

1906. The Foxhounds of Great Britain, pp. 17-19. 

Portrait of the 2nd Baron Fitzhardinge on p. 17 and of his huntsman, " Will 
Rawle," on p. 19. 

BERKELEY, Frederick Augustus, 6th Earl of Berkeley, [b. 1745 ; d. 1810 ; 
son of Augustus, the 4th Earl ; Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, 
Lord High Steward of Gloucester and Warden of the Forest of Dean. 
He married Mary Cole in London, on May 16, 1796, having, as he main- 
tained but failed to prove, previously married her privately at Berkeley, 
on Mar. 30, 1785. See ante sub BERKELEY PEERAGE, and also 
vol. 2, pp. 26-29, where the claims to the earldom and barony of Berkeley 
by sons born between the two marriages or their descendants are noticed.] 

1773. Histories of the Tete-a-Tete annexed ; or, Memoirs of Lord B . . . 
and Mrs. B . . . Town and Country Magazine, v., 121-4. 

Portraits of "The famous Mrs B — y— y " [? Mrs Bayly] and the " E. of 
B— k— y," facing p. 121. 

1799. Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee for Privileges 
on the Earl of Berkeley's Pedigree. Fol. Pp. 57. 

1811. A Narrative of the Minutes of Evidence respecting the Claim to 
the Berkeley Peerage . . . To which are added, Facsimiles of the 
Banns, and Register of the Marriage . . . London. 8vo. 

Pp. xv. & 276. And see ante, vol. 2, p. 27. 


1811. [Particulars of his Will.] Gent. Mag., vol. lxxxi., pt. 2, pp. 84-5. 

1882. Narratives of State Trials in the Nineteenth Century ... By 
Q. Lathom Browne. London. 1882. 2 vols. 8vo. 
The Berkeley Peerage Case, vol. 1, pp. 346-89. 

1905. Lord Bathurst and the Highwayman. N. db Q., Ser. 10, iv., 349, 
415, 495. 

Lord Berkeley, not Lord Bathurst, was the hero of the story. 
[1907.] Romantic Stories of Famous Families. 8vo. 

Did the Earl of Berkeley marry a Butcher's daughter, pp. 84-90. 

BERKELEY, George, [13th Baron Berkeley since the writ of 1295 ; b. 1601 ; 
d. 1658. His son George was the 1st Earl of Berkeley.] 

1658. The Patriarchal Funeral : or A Sermon Preached before The Right 

Honorable the Lord George Berkeley Upon the Death of his Father. 

By John Pearson. London, Pr. by E. Cotes, for John Williams at 

the Sign of the Crown in St. Pauls Church-yard, 1658. sm. 4to. 

Title & Ded., 2 leaves ; Sermon, pp. 1-31. B.M. 

1809. Proceedings against the Seven Lords ; namely, James Earl of Suffolk, 
. . . George Lord Berkley, and James Earl of Middlesex, upon an 
Impeachment of High Treason, for levying War against the King, 
Parliament, and Kingdom. 1647. Cobbett's State Trials, iv., 983- 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 346. 

BERKELEY, George, 1st Earl of Berkeley, [son of the 13th Baron Berkeley 
q.v. ; b. 1628 ; M.P. for Glos., 1654-5 & 1656-8 ; created Earl of 
Berkeley and Viscount Dursley, Sept. 11, 1679; elected a F.R.S. in 
1663 ; appointed Custos Rotulorum for Gloucestershire, in Feb., 1685 ; 
d. 1698. His portrait by D. Loggan was engraved by the artist, and 
by R. Dunkarton.] 

1684. The Conditions upon which the Patentees for making Salt or 
Brackish Water Fresh and Wholsom (sic), do intend to conclude with 
such Persons that shall please to agree with them for the Use of this 
Invention either by Sea or Land. London. 1684. fol. B.M. 

Lord Berkeley was one of the Patentees. 

1759. A Catalogue of Royal and Noble Authors of England, With Lists 
of their Works. [By Horace Walpole.] Second Edition corrected and 
enlarged . . . London. 2 vols. 12mo. B. 

George, Earl of Berkeley, il., 60-1. He was not mentioned in the first edition. 

Third Edition . . . Dublin: 1759. 2 vols. 12mo. B. 

George, Earl of Berkeley, ii., 95-6. 

1792. A New Edition. Edinburgh. 1792. 2 vols. 12mo. 

George, Earl of Berkeley, ii., 90-1. 


1806. [Another Edition] enlarged and continued to the Present 

Time by Thomas Park . . . London : 1806. 5 vols. 8vo. B. 

George, Earl of Berkeley, iii., 337-42. 

1820. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 625-6. 

1884. George, first Earl of Berkeley. Olos. N. & Q., ii., 7-10, 95. 

Pp. 7-10 relate chiefly to his " Historical Applications." 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 347-8. 


1666. Historical Applications and Occasional Meditations upon Several 
Subjects. Written by a Person of Honour. London, Printed by 
F. Flesher for R. Royston, Bookseller to his most Sacred Majesty. 
1666. 12mo. B.M. 

Title, Verses by Waller, beginning " Bold is the man that dares ingage," and 
Dedication " To the Lady Harmonia," signed " Constans," 7 leaves ; A Prayer, 
pp. 1-6 ; Historical Applications, &c, pp. 7-125. 

Waller's Verses, which appear in all later editions, have been supplied in MS. 
In the B.M. copy, in which leaf A2 is wanting. This edition is excessively rare. 
It was unknown to Horace Walpole when he wrote his " Noble Authors," where 
he gives the 1670 edition as the first. The B.M. copy of the first edition subsequently 
came into his possession, and he noted in it that he had never heard of another. 

[A French translation, entitled] Applications Historiques & 
Meditations faites par occasion sur Divers Sujets. Traduites de 
l'anglois. Ecrites par Une personne d'Honneur. Londres, Imprim6e 
en l'an, 1667. 12mo. B.M. 

Title, Ded. (signed " Constans ") & Waller's Verses, 9 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-150. 
A literal translation, but omitting the note on p. 54 and the lines on p. 117, of the 
English edition. 

Historical Applications . . . [Another edition.] Printed by J. 
Macock for R. Royston . . . 1670. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, To the Lady Harmonia (signed Constans), A Prayer and Waller's Verses 
6 leaves [A2— A7], Imprimatur " Aug. 19, 1970 (sic) John Parker," one leaf ; Text 
pp. 1-159. 

[Another Edition] Newly Reprinted with Additions, 

being the Third Impression. . . . London, Printed by M. Flesher for 
R. Royston . . . 1680. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, &c, 6 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-172. 

[Another Edition,] being the Fourth Impression. 

London, Printed for L. Meredith, at the Star in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 
1698. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, &c, 7 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-192. 

[Another Edition] Reprinted. 1838. 12mo. B.M. 

Pp. xiv., one leaf, & 1-178. Printed by C. Richards, St. Martin's Lane. 

1681. The Earl of Berkeley's Speech to the Corporation of Trinity-House 
at Deptford, upon Trinity -Munday, 1680. When His Lordship was 


Elected Master by a General and Unanimous Vote, Nemine Contra- 
dicente. London, Printed for R. Royston, Bookseller to the Kings 
most Sacred Majesty, 1681. sm. 4to. B. 

Title, one leaf ; Speech, etc., pp. 1-14. 
1681. A Speech Made by the Right Honourable George, Earl of Berkeley, 
to the Levant Company at their Annual Election, February ix. 1681. 
London, Printed for R. Royston. 1681. sm. 4to. Pp. 8. B. 

BERKELEY, George, [politician ; 4th son of Charles 2nd Earl of Berkeley ; 
b. ? 1693 ; d. 1746.] 

1824. Letters to and from Henrietta, Countess of Suffolk, and her second 
husband, the Hon. George Berkeley ; from 1712 to 1767. With His- 
torical, Biographical, and Explanatory Notes. London. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol.1. Pp. xlviii. & 412. Portrait of the Countess of Suffolk, Front. 
Vol. 2. Two Titles & pp. 376. 

Reviewed Quart. Rev., No. 60, pp. 542-559 : Monthly Rev., cvi., 132-42 Brit. 
Critic, N.S. xxi., 360-75. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 348. 

BERKELEY, George Charles Grantley Fitzhardinge, [sportsman and 
author ; b. 1800 ; d. 1881. M.P. for West Gloucestershire 1832-1852. 
He was the 6th son of the 5th Earl of Berkeley and the second son born 
after the London marriage. He was the only one of the sons who dis- 
believed his father's and mother's assertion that they had been privately 
married in 1785.] 

1836. Mr. Grantley Berkeley and his Novel. Fraser's Magazine, xiv., 


The novel here reviewed was entitled " Berkeley Castle." The review was by 
Dr. Wm. Maginn and gave rise to a savage assault on Mr Jas. Fraser, the Proprietor 
of the Magazine, by Mr Grantley Berkeley (in which he was assisted by his brother 
Craven), and to a duel between Mr Berkeley and Dr. Maginn. 

1837. The Trial of Fraser v. Berkeley and Another, and Berkeley v. 

Fraser. [In the Exchequer, Dec. 3, 1836.] Fraser's Magazine, xv., 


Fraser v. Berkeley was an action for assault, and Berkeley v. Fraser an action 
for libel, both arising out of the article in Fraser's Magazine, xiv., 242-6. 

1838. Random Recollections of the Lords and Commons . . . 1838. 
2 vols. 8vo. 

The Hon. Grantley Berkeley, vol. 2, pp. 185-189. 

1840. [Review of " Sandron Hall."] Fraser's Magazine, xxii., 639-645. 

1854. Reminiscences of a Huntsman. By the Honourable Grantley F. 
Berkeley. With Illustrations by Leech. London : 1854. 

Title & Ded., 2 leaves ; Pref., pp. v.-xi. ; Reminiscences, pp. 1-402 ; Notes, 
pp. 403-415. 

1867. A Month in the Forests of France. By the Hon. Grantley F. 
Berkeley. London : 1857. 8vo. Pp. vii. & 286. 


1865. My Life and Recollections. By The Hon. Grantley F. Berkeley. 
In Two Volumes. London : 1865. 8vo. 

Vol. 1. Pp. xi. & 383. Portrait of Grantley F. Berkeley, Front. 

Vol. 2. Pp. xi. & 358. 

These 2 vols, were re-issued with two additional vols, in the next year. The 
author laboriously attempts (vol. 1, cap. 2) to prove that no private marriage had 
taken place between his father and mother, and does not scruple to blacken their 
characters ; indeed, here and in other parts of the volumes he seems to take a delight 
in bespattering every member of his family with mud. They were reviewed in 
Macmillan's Magazine, xi., 467-477 ; Temple Bar, xiv., 103-118. 

[c. 1865.] Reply to Some Passages in a book entitled " My Life and 
Recollections, by the Hon. Grantley F. Berkeley." By the Surviving 
Sons of the late Earl and Countess of Berkeley . . . [Quot. from 
Sat. Rev.] 8vo. O.P.L. 

Pp. 18. It is signed Fitzhardinge, Augustus Fitzhardinge Berkeley, Francis 
Henry Fitzhardinge Berkeley, Thomas Moreton Fitzhardinge Berkeley. It is a 
dignified denial of the uncalled-for aspersions which their brother Grantley had 
cast on the characters of their parents. 

1865. The Old Squire [George Osbaldiston] and Mr. Grantley Berkeley. 
Baily's Magazine, x., 118-124. 

1866. My Life and Recollections. By the Hon. Grantley F. Berkeley. 
Complete in Four Volumes. London : 1866. 8vo. 

[This was the title of vols. 3 and 4.] 

Vol. 3. Pp. x. & 358. Portrait of the 5th Lord Berkeley, Front. 

Vol. 4. Pp. xi. & 361. At pp. 328-351 the author makes a venomous rejoinder 
to his brothers* " Reply to Some Passages in a Book entitled My Life and Recol- 

1867. " The Hon. Grantley Berkeley's Life and Recollections. Con- 
clusion." Dublin Univ. Mag., lxx., 102-111. 

1878. Grantley Berkeley and Maginn. N. & Q., Ser. 5, ix., 429, 496 ; 
x., 157. 

1881. Grantley F. Berkeley. [By Rosa Mackenzie Kettle.] The New 
Monthly Magazine, N.S., iv., 429-432, and " Passing Away " [Sug- 
gested by the Death of the Hon. Grantley F. Berkeley, of Alderney 
Manor, Dorset.] at pp. 433-435. 

"The late Hon. Grantley Berkeley." Baily's Magazine, xxxvii., 


1884. Grantley Berkeley and Maginn. N. & Q., Ser. 6, ix., 429, 496, & 
vol. x., 157. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 356-358, g.v. for Works. 

BERKELEY, George Cranfield, [Admiral ; second surviving son of Augustus 
4th Earl of Berkeley; b. Aug. 10, 1753; M.P. for Gloucestershire 
1783-1812; d. 1818. He had unsuccessfully contested the County in 
1776, when W. Bromley Chester, who was supported by the Duke of 
Beaufort, was returned. This contest was a trial of strength between the 


houses of Berkeley and Somerset, and is said to have cost £100,000. 
Admiral Berkeley's portrait was painted by Gainsborough and eng. by 
H. Birche in 1793.] 

1804. A Biographical Memoir of the Hon. George Cranfield Berkeley, 
Rear- Admiral of the Red Squadron, Naval Chronicle, xii., 89-113. 
Portrait of Admiral Berkeley, p. 89. 

The Trial of James Whiting, John Parsons, and William Congreve, 

For a Libel against the Hon. G. C. Berkeley, Rear Admiral of the Red, 

And one of the Representatives in Parliament for the County of 

Glocester ; by a Special Jury, before the Right Hon. Lord Chief Baron 

Macdonald, In His Majesty's Court of Exchequer, June 27th, 1804. 

Taken in short hand by Mr. Gurney. Together with the Letters and 

Papers which are referred to in the course of the Trial. Buckingham : 

1804. 8vo. b. 

Pp. 1-132. This trial arose out of a paragraph in The Royal Standard, and Loyal 

Political Register imputing to the plaintiff cowardice in an action on June 1, 1794, 

and also in Quitting his command off Brest in 1800. The verdict was for the Plaintiff 

with Damages £1000. 

1818. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., lxxxviii., pt. 2, pp. 370-1. 
1833. The Georgian Era., ii., 513. 
1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 358-9. 

BERKELEY, Henrietta, [5th daughter of George 1st Earl of Berkeley q.v. 
She caused a considerable scandal in 1682 by eloping with the husband 
of her sister Mary, Lord Grey of Werke. She died unmarried in 1710. 
Engravings of her portrait by Kneller are in the Biographical Mirrour, 
iii., 152, and in Alan Fea's King Monmouth (1902), p. 149.] 

1682. A New Vision of the Lady Gr s, Concerning her Sister, the 

Lady Henrietta Berkeley. In a letter to Madam Fan . London, 

Printed for J. Smith. 1682. (printed on both sides). B.M . 

1716. The Trial of Ford Lord Grey of Werk, Robert Charnock, Anne 

Charnock, David Jones, Frances Jones, and Rebecca Jones. At the 

King's-Bench-Barr, on Thursday the 23d. day of November, A.D. 

1682 . . . for Unlawful Tempting and Inticing, the Lady Henrietta 

Berkeley, One of the Younger Daughters of the Rt. Honble. George 

Earl of Berkeley, to Unlawful Love, and carying her away from her 

Father's House in Surry, with an intent to cause her to live in a 

Scandalous manner with the said Lord Grey . . . London : 1716. 

8vo. A.W.C. 

Title, one leaf ; Trial, pp. 1-94 ; Portrait of Ford Lord Grey, Front. ; Portrait 

of Lady Henrietta Berkeley, p. 1. The Portraits are probably inserted, as there 

are none in two other copies of the work which have been seen. 

1734. Love-Letters between a Nobleman and his Sister : Viz. F - - - rd 
Lord Gr - - y of Werk, and the Lady Henrietta Berk - - - ley, Under the 
Borrow'd Names of Philander and Silvia. Done into Verse, by the 
Author of the Letters from a Nun to a Cavalier. The Second Edition. 
London : 1734. 12mo. B.M. 


Title, To the Reader, & Contents, 7 leaves ; Love Letters, pp. 1-162. Portrait 
of " Silvia," Front. 

This work has been often confused with a prose work entitled " Love-Letters 
between a Nobleman and his Sister with the History of their Adventures. In 
Three Parts," which went through many editions. The 5th (London : Pr. for 
D. Brown, J. Tonson & others) appeared in 1718 and the 8th in 1765. This latter 
work is attributed by Halkett & Laing to Aphra Behn, but it is not included in the 
list of her works given in the Dictionary of National Biography. 

1730-5. A Complete Collection of State-Trials and Proceedings for High 
Treason, and other Crimes and Misdemeanours ; from the Reign of 
King Richard II. to the end of the Reign of King George I. . . . The 
Second Edition. 8 vols. Fol. B.M. 

The Trial of Ford, Lord Grey, Robert Charnock, and others for a Misdemeanour 
in Debauching the Lady Henrietta Berkeley, Nov. 23, 1682, vol. 3, pp. 515-41. 

Lady Henrietta alleged in Court at the end of the trial that she was married to a 
Mr Turner, son of Sir Wm. Turner, an Advocate. Her father ordered her to come 
home with him, but she refused to leave her nominal husband and an affray took 
place in Westminster Hall in which swords were drawn on both sides. 

The Fourth Edition. [From 11, Rich. II to 16, Geo. 

Ill] London. 1776-81. 11 vols. Fol. B.M. 
The Trial of Ford, Lord Grey of Werk . . . Vol. 3, cols. 519-544. 
[Another Edition.] London : 1809-28. 34 vols. 8vo. 

The Trial of Ford, Lord Grey of Werk, vol. 9, cols. 127-186. 

Vols. 1-10 of tills edition were entitled " Cobbett's Complete Collection of State 
Trials;" vols. 11-21 were edited by T. B. Howell and vols. 22-33 by Ms son, 
T. J. Howell. Vol. 34 is the Index. It is herein referred to as Cobbett's State 

1795-[? 1803.] The Biographical Mirrour, comprising a Series of Ancient 
and Modern English Portraits of eminent and distinguished Persons from 
Original Pictures and Drawings. Published by S. & E. Harding. 
London. 3 vols. 8vo. B. 

Henrietta Berkeley, vol. 3, p. 37, and portrait. 

1849. Celebrated Trials connected with The Aristocracy in the Relations 
of Private Life. By Peter Burke, Esq. . . . London : 1849. 2 vols. 

The Trial of Ford, Lord Grey of Werke, and others, for a misdemeanour, vol. 1, 
pp. 98-122. 

An edition of this work (not seen) was issued in 1881. 

BERKELEY, James, 3rd Earl of Berkeley, [Admiral ; b. 1680; M.P. for 
Gloucester, 1701-2; Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire and Bristol, 
Warden of the Forest of Dean and Lord High Steward of Gloucester ; 
d. 1736. His portrait, painted by Kneller, was eng. by J. Faber, Junr.] 

1795. Biographia Navalis ... By John Charnock, Esq. With Portraits 
and other Engravings by Bartolozzi. London. [1794-98.] 6 vols. 

James, Earl of Berkeley, vol. 3, pp. 201-13. 


1821. Memoirs of the Celebrated Persons composing the Kit-Cat Club ; 
with a prefatory account of The Origin of the Association: illustrated 
with forty-eight portraits, from the original paintings by Sir Godfrey 
Kneller. The Kit-Cat Club, generally mentioned as a set of Wits, were 
in reality the Patriots that saved Britain. Horace Walpole. London : 
1821. Fol. 

James Berkeley, Earl of Berkeley, pp. 100-2. Portrait, eng. by Cooper, p. 100 
1833. The Georgian Era, ii., 163-5. 

1836. Lives of Eminent Englishmen (Cunningham), iv., 136-138, and in 
The English Nation (Cunningham), hi., 42-4. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 360-1. 

BERKELEY, Mary, Countess of Berkeley, [daughter of Cole of 

Wotton-under-Edge ; m. the 5th Earl of Berkeley publicly, in 1796, 
having (as she and he alleged) secretly married him in 1785. 

1811. An Address to the Right Honourable the Peers of the United 
Kingdom . . . from Mary, Countess of Berkeley. London : 1811. 

Two leaves, pp. 209 & Errata (one leaf). 

[1822 ?] The B y Family ... See ante, sub BERKELEY 


Pp. 39. An answer to the above Address. 

1844-5. [Obituaries.] Annual Register, 1844, pp. 278-9. Oent. Mag., N.S. 
xxiii., 94-5. 

BERKELEY, Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge, First Baron Fitzhardinge, 
[Admiral ; second son of the 5th Earl of Berkeley by Mary Cole after 
his alleged private marriage with her in 1785 ; b. 1788 ; M.P. for 
Gloucester 1831-1833, 1835-1837, and 1841-1857; unsuccessfully claimed 
the Barony of Berkeley by Tenure in 1857 ; created Baron Fitzhardinge, 
Aug. 6, 1861 ; d. Oct. 17, 1867.] 

1849. O'Byrne's Naval Biographical Dictionary, p. 75. 
And at pp. 76-7 of the 1859 edition. 

1863. Lord Fitzhardinge. A Biography. Baily'e Magazine, vi., 217- 
219. Portrait, p. 217. 

1867. [Obituary.] Oent. Mag. N.S. iv., 819-20. 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 365-6. 


A Letter to Sir John Barrow on the System of War and Peace Complements In 
Ships. 1839. 

BERKELEY, Norborne, Baron Botetourt, [only son of John Symes Berkeley 
of Stoke Gifford ; M.P. for Gloucestershire, 1741-1763; Colonel of the 
S. Gloucester Militia, 1759-68, and of the N. Gloucestershire Militia, 
1761-68; Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, 1762-66; Constable of 


St. Briavels Castlo and Warden of Dean Forest, 1762-66. He was one 
of the Founders of the Gloucester Infirmary. He established his claim 
to the Barony of Botetourt in 1764, and ho was governor of Virginia 
from 1768 till his death in 1770. His portrait was in Troy House in 

[1763 ?] Pedigree and Descent of the Petitioner Norborne Berkeley, 
Esq., from John Lord Botetourt, who was summoned to Parliament 
33 Edw. I. B.M. 

[1763 ?] The Case of Norborne Berkeley, Esq., In Relation to the Barony 
of Botetourt. Fol. B.M. 

Case (signed C. Yorke), pp. 1-5. Title endorsed on p. 6. 

1854. [Statue of Lord Botetourt.] N. db Q., Ser. 1, ix., 373. 

1861. Errors and Discrepancies in Books on the Peerage. N. db Q., Ser. 
2, xii, 385, 464. 

1881. Norborne Berkeley, Baron de Botetourt. N. do Q., Ser. 6, iii., 327, 
353-4, 417, 455. 

1884. Norborne Berkeley. Glos. N. db Q., ii., 150-4, 181-6. 

BERKELEY, Robert, [2nd Lord Berkeley ; espoused the cause of the 
barons and was dispossessed of his estates, including Berkeley Castle ; 
received a grant of the manor of Cam on making his submission to 
King John in 1212 ; d. 1219 or 1220 without issue.] 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog., iv., 366. 

BERKELEY, William Fitzhardinge, First Earl Fitzhardinge ; [eldest son 
of the 5th Earl Berkeley by Mary Cole, b. Dec. 25, 1786, before the 
public marriage of his father and mother. His claim to the earldom of 
Berkeley was disallowed. He was created Baron Segrave in 1831 and 
Earl Fitzhardinge in 1841. He was Colonel of the S. Gloucestershire 
Militia 1810-1857; M.P. for Gloucestershire May-August, 1810; Lord 
Lieutenant of Gloucestershire 1836 till his death in 1857. Before his 
elevation to the peerage he was known as " Colonel Berkeley."] 

1821. Fifth-Edition ! ! ! Report of the Trial of Waterhouse v. Colonel 
Berkeley, for Crim. Con. which was tried at the Gloucester Lent Assizes, 
on Saturday, April 7, 1821 .. . Cheltenham : Price eighteenpence. 
8vo. Pp. 32. A.W.C. 

1824. Damages Three Thousand Pounds ! ! Fairburn's Edition of the 
Trial between Maria Foote, the celebrated Actress, Plaintiff, and 
Joseph Hayne, Esq., Defendant, for A breach of Promise of Marriage. 
. . . Tried . . . Dec. 21, 1824. 8vo. A.W.C. 

Two Titles, 2 leaves ; Trial, etc., pp. 3-76. 

Caricature of Col. Berkeley, Miss Foote and Joseph Hayne (folding), Front. An 
edition was also printed in 12mo. 

[c. 1824.] Seventh Edition ! ! ! With the whole of the Letters. Damages . . 
£3000. Duncombes Edition. Full Report of the Trial between Miss 


Foot© & J. Hayne, for a Breach of Promise of Marriage : Detailing the 
opening speech of the Attorney-General, At Full Length ; Narrating a 
most interesting History : The first Introduction of the Parties, and 
consequent Intimacy ; unfolding the whole of this hitherto mysterious 
affair : The Evidence ; With Copies of the numerous & highly interesting 
Love Letters, that passed on each side. Mr. Scarletts Skilful & amusing 
Speech for the Defence ; Reply of the Attorney-General ; And the 
Summing up of the Evidence by the Lord Chief Justice. London. 
Price 6d. 8vo. A.W.C. 

Title & Text, pp. 1-26. Coloured portrait of Col. Berkeley and others, Front. 
1825. The Colonel and the Editor; A New Song to an old Tune, on a 
Recent Affair at Cheltenham . . . 1825. s. sh. fol. A.W.C. 

Twelve verses relating to an assault by Col. Berkeley which gave rise to the 
trial next noticed. 

The Trial of Judge versus Berkeley and Others, tried at Hereford, 

Aug. 4, 1825 . . . 8vo. 

Pp. 83. This and the preceding song are more fully described ante, vol. 2. p. 58. 

1825. Facts illustrative of the Evidence on the late Trial of Foote v. 

Hayne : with a brief review of the Speech of the Attorney-General 

. . . London : 1825. Price Is. 6d. 8vo. B. 

Title, one leaf ; Facts, etc., pp. 1-29. 

1825. Fitzalleyne of Berkeley. A Romance of the Present Times. By 

Bernard Blackmantle, Author of the English Spy. London. 1825. 

2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1. Pp. xx. & 219. Vol. 2, pp. x. & 201. 

By Charles Molloy Westmacott (Halkctt <t Laing). 

The transactions disclosed in the trial of Foote v. Hayne (with which Lord Fitz- 
hardinge — then Colonel Berkeley— was closely connected) form the ground work 
of this story. It was rigidly suppressed by the Berkeley family and now fetches 
from £1 to £1 10s. 

1827. A Speech delivered by Colonel Berkeley . . . at one of the Stewards' 
Ordinaries, which took place During the Gloucester Races . . . see 
ante, vol. i., p. 279. 

The Speech was in reply to a sermon by the Rev. F. Close, in which he denounced 
Race Meetings. The Sermon and Speech occasioned many controversial pamphlets, 
described ante, vol. ii., pp. 60-61. 

1857. Death of the Right Hon. Earl Fitzhardinge. Memoir of his Life and 
Brief Abstract of his Family History from the Period of the Conquest 
to the Present Time. From the Cheltenham Examiner, October 14, 
1857. Norman, Examiner Office, 9, Clarence St. 8vo. Pp.32. B.R.L. 

[Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., hi., 559-60. 

Price Fourpence. The late Earl Fitzhardinge. Funeral Sermons, 

preached by the Rev. Dr. Morton Brown, at the Congregational Chapel, 
Winchcomb Street, on Sunday, Oct. 25, 1857. From the Cheltenham 
Examiner, October 28, 1857. Cheltenham : Pr. by G. Norman, 
" Examiner " Office. 8vo. Pp. 31. B.R.L. 


[Another Edition, entitled] Funeral Sermons preached by the 
Rev. Dr. Morton Brown . . . Second Edition. London . . . Cheltenham. 
Alfred Harper, Free Press Office. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Title, pp. x. & 52. Biographical Memoir, pp. i.-x. 
1906. The Foxhounds of Great Britain. 

Portrait of Earl Fitzhardinge and his huntsman " Harry Ayris," on p. vii., and 
copy of an old engraving of him with his hounds, in 1835, on p. 18. 

BERKIN, Henry, [b. in Bristol in 1778 ; curate-in-charge of Abenhall 
1808-9, and of Mitcheldean 1809-1817 ; raised funds for the building of 
Holy Trinity Church, Dean Forest, of which he was incumbent from 
1817 till his death in 1847.] 

1863. The Personalities of the Forest of Dean ; being a Relation of its 
Successive Officials, Gentry, and Commonalty, drawn from numerous 
sources, but chiefly from unpublished data and local information, 
Forming an Appendix to "An Historical and Descriptive Account of 
the Forest of Dean." By the Rev. H. G. Nicholls, M.A., Perpetual 
Curate of Holy Trinity, Dean Forest. London : John Murray . . . 
Gloucester : Lea, 2, Westgate Street. 1863. 8vo. 

Life of the Rev. Henry Berkin, pp. 130-147. See also Nicholls' Forest of Dean 
(1858), pp. 157-164. 

BERNARD, Sir Charles Edward, [Indian Civil Servant ; son of James Fogo 
Bernard, M.D., of 16 The Crescent, Clifton, where Charles Edward was 
born in 1837. He died in 1901.] 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., i., 149-150. 

BERNARD, Mountague, [writer on International Law ; b. at Tibberton 
Court, Glos., 1820; d. 1882.] 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. iv., 383-4, q.v. for Works. 

BERNARD, Thomas Dehany, [divine ; b. at Clifton in 1815 ; d. 1904.] 
1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., i., 150-1. 

BEVIN, Elway, [musician and composer ; said to have been organist of 
Bristol Cathedral from 1589 to 1637, but the evidence of this is weak. 
Little is known of him. He was author of "A Brief e and Short In- 
struction of the Art of Musicke."] 

1885. Diet. Nat. Biog. iv., 451. 

1904-10. Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Edited by J. A. 
Fuller Maitland, M.A., F.S.A. In Five Volumes. London : 1904-10. 

Elway Bevin, vol. 1, pp. 322-3. 

An earlier edition, 4 vols., 8vo., was published 1878-1889, and reprinted In 1899- 


BIDDLE, John, [b. 1615 ; d. 1662. Son of a tailor at Wotton-under-Edge, 
where he was born, and educated at the Free School, under John Rugg 
and John Turner. Master of the Crypt School at Gloucester, 1641-5, 
when he was imprisoned for his anti-trinitarian writings. He was re- 
peatedly punished for the same cause, and he died of a disease brought 
on by imprisonment.] 

1655. [July 14 ?] A True State of the Case of Liberty of Conscience in 
the Common-wealth of England. Together with a true Narrative of 
The Cause, and Manner, of Mr. John Biddle's Sufferings. London, 
Printed in the year, 1655. sm. 4to. B.M. 

Title, one leaf; Text, pp. 1-12. Dated "July 14," in MS. in B.M. copy. 

[July 21 ?] The Spirit of Persecution Again broken loose, By An 

Attempt to put in Execution against Mr. John Biddle, Master of Arts, 
an abrogated Ordinance of the Lords and Commons for punishing Blas- 
phemies and Heresies. Together with, A full Narrative of The Whole 
Proceedings upon that Ordinance against the said Mr. John Biddle 
and Mr. William Kiffen, Pastor of a baptised Congregation in the City 
of London. Printed at London for Richard Moone at the seven Stars 
in Paul's Church-yard, neer the great North-door, 1655. sm. 4to. 


Title, one leaf ; Text, pp. 1-23. Dated " July 21," in MS. in B.M. copy. 

1682. Joannis Bidelli (Angli) Academise Oxoniensis quondam Artvm 
Magistri Celeberrimi Vita. Londini, Typis Darbianis, 1682. 12mo. 

Title, one leaf ; Text, pp. 3-56. By " Farrington." B.M. 

1691. The Apostolical and True opinion concerning the Holy Trinity . . . 
Reprinted, Anno 1653. By John Bidle, M.A. And now again with the 
Life of the Author prefixed, Anno Dom, 1691. sm. 4to. A.W.C. 

Title and Life, pp. 11 ; Text, pp. 12-16, and 1-16. 
1738. The History of the English Baptists, from the Reformation to the 
Beginning of the Reign of King George I. . . . By Thomas Crosby. 
London. 1738-40. 4 vols. 8vo. 
John Biddle, vol. 1, pp. 206-16. 
1780. Biographia Britannica (Kippis), ii., 302-9. 

1789. A Review of the Life, Character and Writings of the Rev. John 

Biddle, M.A. who was banished to the Isle of Scilly, in the Protectorate 

of Oliver Cromwell. By Joshua Toulmin, A.M. . . . London : 1789. 

Pp. iv. & 186. Reprinted in Tracts published by the Unitarian Society. 
Vol. 4 (1791), pp. i.-iv. and 5-141. Vol. 5, 2nd ser. (1805), pp. i.-iv. and 1-186. 

[Another Edition] London: 1791. 8vo. Pp.141. G.P.L. 

1813. The Lives of the Puritans : containing a Biographical Account of 
those Divines who distinguished themselves in the cause of Religious 
Liberty, from the Reformation under Queen Elizabeth, to the Act of 
Uniformity, in 1662. By Benjamin Brook. London : 1813. 3 vols. 

John Biddle, vol. 3, pp. 411-17. 


1817. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), iii., 593-603. 

1850. Anti-Trinitarian Biography : or Sketches of the Lives and Writings of 
Distinguished Antitrinitarians ; exhibiting a View of the State of the 
Unitarian Doctrine and Worship in the Principal Nations of Europe, from 
the Reformation to the close of the Seventeenth Century : to which is 
prefixed A History of Unitarianism in England during the same period. 
By Robert Wallace, F.G.S. . . . London. 1850. 3 vols. 8vo. B.M. 
John Biddle, vol. 3, pp. 173-206. See also vol. 1, pp. 124-132, and passim. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog. v., 13-16, q.v. for Works. 

1896. A " Crypt " Schoolmaster. Olos. N. &Q., vi., 79-82. 

1899. Bicentenary, 1899. A Brief Account of the Foundation and 

History of the Protestant Dissenting Meeting-House in Barton Street, 

Gloucester, 1699 ... By Walter Lloyd . . . Price Is. 8vo. G.P.L. 

Pp. 50. John Biddle and the Birthplace of English Unitarianism, pp. 40-50. 

1906. Memorable Unitarians, being a Series of Biographical Sketches . . . 
London. 1906. 8vo. 

John Biddle, pp. 28-36. By Robert Spears. An Edition (not seen) appeared in 
1911. A Crypt Headmaster. The Cryptian (Gloucester), April, 1911, 
pp. 31-33. 

[1913.] Four English Unitarian Martyrs By Arthur W. Fox, M.A. . . . 
London. 16mo. 

John Bidle, pp. 12-28. No. 136 of the Unitarian Penny Library. 

BIDDULPH, Thomas Tregenna, [b. in Worcestershire in 1763 ; lecturer 
at St. Werburgh's, Bristol, 1796 ; incumbent of St. James's, Bristol, 
from 1799 till his death on Aug. 10, 1838. He earned considerable 
celebrity as a preacher and controversialist. He was a strenuous sup- 
porter of evangelical doctrines and a voluminous writer. His portrait 
by Opie was, in 1816, in the possession of Mr. W. P. Punchard, of Taunton, 
and one eng. by W. Ridley is in the Evangelical Magazine, xiii., 193.] 

1813. The Charge of Non-Conformity repelled : A Letter to the Right 
Reverend the Lord Bishop of Bristol, by the Reverend Thos. T. Bid- 
dulph, A.M. &c. Bristol : Sold by J. M. Gutch, Small-Street . . . 
Bristol. Price 2s. 1813. 8vo. Pp. 45. B. 

1838. [Obituaries.] Christian Guardian (1838), pp. 257-63; Christian 
Observer, xxxviii., 594-9 ; Gent. Mag., N.S., x., 331-4. 

Paul the Aged : A Discourse delivered at St. Michael's, Bath, on 

Sunday Morning, May 27th., 1838, on The Death of the late Rev. T. 
T. Biddulph, M.A. Minister of St. James's, Bristol, By the Rev. John 
East, M.A. Bristol : J. Chilcott, Wine St ; 1838. 8vo. Pp.20. 

A Sermon occasioned by The Death of the late Rev. Thomas T. 

Biddulph . . . Delivered in the Parish Church of St. James, in the 


same City, on Sunday Evening, June 3rd, 1838. By the Rev. Z. H. 
Biddulph . . . Bristol : Pr. and Pub. by J. Chilcott, 30 Wine Street. 
1838. 8vo. Pp. 3G. B.R.L. 

— Two Sermons preached in the Parish Church of St. Werburgh, 

Bristol, on occasion of the death of the Rev. Thomas Tregenna Bid- 
dulph, A.M. Minister of St. James's ; On Sunday Evening, June 3, & 
on Sunday Morning, June 17, 1838, By the Rev. John Hall, B.D. 
Rector of St. Werburgh's. London. 1838. 8vo. 

Pp. 44. TMb and other sermons by the Rev. John Hall were published by J. 
Chilcott in 1843, with Additional Title and Contents, pp. i.-ii. 

1839. The Church of St. James, and Memoir of The Late Rev. T. T. 
Biddulph, M.A. Minister of St. James's, Bristol. 4to. B.R.L. 

Pp. 16. No Title. Printed by J. Chilcott, Wine St., Bristol. View of St. 
James's Church, Front. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., v., 17. 


[About a hundred of his works are described or noticed in the Bibliotheca Cornu- 
biensis, pp. 23-25 & 1069-71. In addition to these he wrote 106 Tracts for the 
Church of England Tract Society. For reviews of his works see Quart. Rev. No. 30, 
pp. 475-511, and No. 51, pp. 111-125.] 

BILLINGSLEY, Nicholas, [poet and divine ; b. at Faversham in 1633 ; 
incumbent of a Chapel of Ease at Blakeney, from which he was driven 
" for want of conformity " by Bp. Frampton and Chancellor Parsons ; 
officiated as Nonconformist Minister at various places in Gloucester- 
shire, and died at Bristol in Dec, 1709.] 

1775. The Nonconformists' Memorial . . . vol. 2, pp. 38-9 and one 
page at end. 

1802. Second edition . . . vol. 2, pp. 297-8 and 477. 

1815-20. Fasti Oxonienses, or Annals of the University of Oxford, by 
Anthony A Wood ... A New Edition, with Additions, and A Con- 
tinuation by Philip Bliss . . . London : [Pt. 1] 1815. [Pt. 2, 1820.] 

Nich. Billingsley, Pt. 2, col. 213. 

1861. Collectanea Anglo-Poetica (Corser), pt. 2, pp. 272-6. 
1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., v., 36-37, q.v. for Works. 

BIRCHALL, John Dearman, [b. at Leeds, Aug. 6, 1828 ; purchased Bowden 
Hall, Upton St. Leonards, c. 1869, where he lived till his death on June 
11, 1897. He took an active part in county affairs and was High 
Sheriff for Gloucestershire in 1894. There is a portrait of him by Sir 
John Collier in Bowden Hall.] 

[1899.] John Dearman Birchall. 1828-1897. For private circulation. 
4to. O.P.L. 


Title & Intro., 2 leaves ; Memoir, pp. 1-52. Portraits of Mr J. D. Birchall 
facing pp. 1, 20, & 30 ; View of Bowden Hall, p. 15 ; Pis. of China in Bowden Hall, 
pp. 16 & 25. The Memoir was written by Mr Birchall's eldest daughter, the wife 
of the Rev. J. S. (now Archdeacon) Sinclair. 

BIRD, Edward, [R.A. ; b. 1772 ; came to Bristol before 1807, where he 
seems to have passed the rest of his life ; d. in 1819 ; buried in Bristol 
Cathedral. A drawing of a bust by Chantrey was eng. by Mrs. D. Turner 
and W. C. Edwards, and a portrait of him by B. Murphy was litho- 
graphed by H. Jackson.] 

1819. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., vol. 89, pt. 2, pp. 470-1. 

1820. Catalogue of Pictures, painted By the late Edward Bird, Royal 
Academician, now exhibiting at the rooms, Lately occupied by the 
Bristol Fire Office, Opposite The Exchange, Bristol. Admittance 
One Shilling ... J. M. Gutch, Printer, 15, Small-Street, Bristol. 
1820. 8vo. B.M. 

Pp. 11. Some lines on Bird, signed " Eden " are printed on p. 2. 

1830. The Lives of the most eminent British Painters Sculptors and 

Architects. By Allan Cunningham. 6 vols. 8vo. [1829-33.] 

Edward Bird, ii., 242-59. Portrait, eng. by W. C. Edwards, p. 242. 
Also in vol. 2 of the 1830-3, 1844 & 1879 editions at pp. 251-68, 208-22, 26-39 

1850. Pilgrimages to English Shrines. By Mrs. S. C. Hall. With notes 
and illustrations by F. W. Fairholt, F.S.A. . . . London : 1850. 2 
vols. 8vo. 

The Monument of Edward Bird, R.A., ii., 218-26. 

1880. Painting on Tea-Trays. N. & Q., Ser. 6, i., 217-18. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., v., 72-3. 

BIRT, Isaiah, [Baptist minister ; b. Sep. 6, 1758, at Coleford, where his 
father, who was minister at King Stanley, resided, and where he him- 
self spent his early years ; entered as student at Bristol Academy in 
1779 ; d. Nov. 1, 1837.] 
1838. Memoir of the late Rev. Isaiah Birt. By the Rev. John Birt. 
Baptist Mag., xxx., 54-59, 107-16, 197-203. 

BISHOP, William, [b. at Sheerness in 1766 ; Minister of the Southgate 
Chapel, Gloucester, from 1794 till his death in 1832. There is a portrait 
of him in the Theological Magazine for 1801, p. 441.] 

1833. Memoir of the late Rev. William Bishop. Evangelical Magazine 
for Feb. 1833, pp. 45-49. 

BISSE, Family of. [A Somorsetshiro Family, many of whom engaged in 
trade in Bristol, and a branch settled at Oldbury-on-the-Hill, in 

1886. Genealogical Memoranda relating to the Family of Bisse. Com- 
piled by Francis Grigson, Esqr. London : 1886. 4to. B. 


Title & Contents, 2 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-62. Seal of Philip Bisse. Bp. of Hereford, 
Front. ; Burgess rolls of the City of Bristol (17 members of the Bisse Family), p. 43. 

Bristol Apprentice Rolls (many members of the Bisse Family), p. 44. Oldbury- 
on-the-Hill Parish Registers (12 members of the Bisse Family), pp. 47-8. 

Originally published in Miscellanea Oenealogica el Heraldica, Ser. 2, vol. 1, pp. 283- 
5 ; vol. 2, pp. 139-149. 

BISSE, Philip, [son of Thomas Bisse, rector of Oldbury-on-the-Hill, 
1641-1656; b. in 1667 at Oldbury ; Bishop of St. Davids, 1710-13; 
Bishop of Hereford 1713 till his death in 1721. His portrait was 
painted by T. Hill and eng. by Vertue, and there is an eng. portrait of 
him in the Oxford Almanac for 1738.] 

1710. A Sermon Preached in Lambeth-Palace, November the 19th., 1710. 
At the Consecration of the Right Reverend Fathers in God, John Lord 
Bishop of Bristol, and Philip Ld. Bp. of St. Davids. By J. Adams, 
D.D. London : 1710. 8vo. Pp. 30. B.M. 

1721. H.S.E. Reverendus in Christo Pater, Philippus Bisse, S.T.P. 
. . . [Latin Epitaph in Hereford Cathedral.] fol. B. 

" Natus est Olburise in Agro Glocestrensi, Institutus in Schola Wintoniensi, 
in Nov. Coll. Oxon. cooptatus." 

1812-14. [Biographical notices.] Nichols' Anecdotes, i., 120-1, 703 ; 
[His marriage.] Id., vi., 225 ; viii., 391. 

1856. [Sermons.] N. & Q., Ser. 2, ii., 53-4. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., v., 98, q.v. for Works. 

BISSE, Thomas, [divine; brother of Philip Bisse {q.v.) ; b. at Oldbury-on- 
the-Hill in 1675 ; d. 1731. His portrait was painted by T. Hill and eng. 
by Vertue. He was famed for the eloquence of his preaching.] 

1812. Nichols' Anecdotes, i., 120-1. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., v., 98-9, q.v. for Works. 


The titles of 4 sermons which he printed are given in the Diet. Nat. Biog., and 
3 others have been seen. One on" The Beauty of Holiness," went through 10 edi- 

BLACKER, Beaver Henry, [b. in Dublin in 1821 ; curate-in-charge of 
Charlton Kings, co. Glouc, 1875-6 ; senior curate 1876-8 ; resided in 
Stroud 1878-81, and in Clifton from 1881 till his death on Nov. 11, 1890. 
He started Gloucestershire Notes and Queries during his residence in Stroud, 
and continued them till his death. Many of the best notes in vols. 1-4 
(1880-90) of this valuable publication were written by him, some of them 
under the pseudonym "Abhba."] 

1890. In Memoriam. Glos. N. & Q., v., 1-4. 
Portrait of the Rev. B. H. Blacker, Front. 


" Gloucestershire Notes & Queries " are described ante, vol. 1, p. 171, and 2 vols, 
of " Monumental Inscriptions," vol. 2, pp. 47, 79. There are 20 sermons and 
tracts on religious subjects by him in the B.M. 


BLACKWELL, Elizabeth, [first woman doctor of medicine; b. in 
Bristol 1821, where she resided until 1832 ; d. 1910.] 

1868. Eminent Women of the Age ; being narratives of the Lives and 
Deeds of the Most Prominent Women of the Present Generation. By 
James Parton [and others] . . . Hartford. Conn. 1868. 8vo. Pp. 


Miss Elizabeth Blackwell. M.D., pp. 522-8. 

1889. Miss Elisabeth Blackwell et Les Femmes Medecins Conference 
faite par E.— M. Mesnard. Bordeaux. 1889. 8vo. Pp. 24. B.M. 

1895. Pioneer work in opening the Medical Profession to Women. Auto- 
biographical Sketches by Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell . . . London : 1895. 

Half-title, Title, Pref. & Contents, pp. i.-ix. ; Text, pp. l-[267.] 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., i., 170-1. 

BLAKE, Family of, [of Bristol.] 

1887. The Blake Family. Gloa. N. & Q., hi., 297-8. 

BLANKET, Family of, [flannel manufacturers, of Bristol.] 

1862-91. [Supposed derivation of " blanket."] N. & Q., Ser. 3, ii., 318, 
359, 398 ; hi., 177, 233 ; Ser. 9, vii., 68, 155-6. 

1884. Brief Romances from Bristol History, pp. 58-61. 

BLATHWAYT, William, [politician ; b. 1649 ? ; m. 1686, Mary, daughter 
and heiress of John Wynter, of Dyrham, Glos. ; built the house now 
known as Dyrham Park (which still belongs to his descendants) in 1698 ; 
retired from public life in 1710 ; died at Dyrham in 1717, and was 
buried in Dyrham Church.] 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., v., 206. 

BLISS, Nathaniel, [Astronomer Royal ; b. Nov. 28, 1700, at Bisley, 
where his father, also called Nathaniel, lived ; succeeded Bradley (q.v.) 
as Astronomer Royal in 1762 ; d. 1764. His portrait, by D. Martin, 
was etched by J. Caldwell.] 

1882-6. Professor Bliss, Astronomer Royal. N. rf? Q., Ser. 6, vi., 69 ; 
xi. 235; Ser. 7, i., 105. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., v., 220-21. 

BLISS, Philip, [author; b. at Chipping Sodbury in 1787, and commenced 
his education at the Grammar School in that place. He was the son of 
Philip Bliss, the rector of Dodington and Frampton Cotterell, Glos. He 
did much valuable bibliographical work, but his fame chiefly rests on 
his edition of Wood's Athence Oxonienses. He died at Oxford in 1857. 
There is a portrait of him in tho Clarendon Building, Oxford.] 

1857-8. [Obituaries.] Gent. Mag., cciii., 677-8; cciv., 99-100; N. db Q., 
Ser. 2, iv., 443. [His private correspondence] Id., v., 47, 76. 


18G5. Dr. Bliss's Library. N. & Q., Ser. 3, viii., 149. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., v., 221-2. 

1905. A Poetical Revenge. N. & Q., Ser. 10, vii., 369. 

BLOMER, Families of, [of Cowley and Hatherop.] 
1885. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1623 (Maclean), pp. 21-2. 

BLOUNT, Family of, [of Mangotsfield.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 23-5. 

BLUNT, John Henry, D.D., [b. 1823; rector of Beverstone, Glos., from 
1873 till his death in 1884. He was a prolific writer, mainly on religious 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., v., 273-4. 


A list of twenty-seven of his works is given in the Diet. Nat. Biog., but the two 
following, viz., Dursley and its Neighbourhood (see ante, vol. 2, p. 180) and Tewkesbury 
Abbey and its Associations (see ante, vol. 2, p. 349) are there wrongly described. 
His Household Theology was reviewed Quart. Rev., No. 291, pp. 519-49. 

BOEVEY and CRAWLEY- BOEVEY, Families of, [of Flaxley Abbey.] 

1809-11. British Family Antiquity, vii., 308-10. 

1863. Boevey and Crawley. Personalities of the Forest of Dean, pp. 39- 

1871. John Bovey. N. & Q., Ser. 4, vii., 179. 

1880. A fly-leaf formerly belonging to the late Sir Martin Crawley Boevey, 
Bart., of Flaxley Abbey, Glouc. Misc. Gen. et Heraldica, N.S., iii., 

[1887.] Dene Forest Sketches Historical and Biographical Founded on 
Family Records . . . By S. M. Crawley Boevey. London. 8vo. 

Half-title & pp. 448. " The Gipsy's Fosterling " (pp. 364-448) relates to the 
Boevey Family. 

1898. The " Perverse Widow "... See infra, sub BOEVEY, Catharina. 

BOEVEY, Catharina, [b. 1670 ; daughter of John Riches ; m. in 1685, 
Wm. Boevey, of Flaxley Abbey ; d. 1727. There are grounds for 
believing that she may be identified with Sir Roger de Coverley's 
" Perverse Widow," and it is certain that she is portrayed as " Portia " 
in Mrs Manley's New Atlantis. She seems to have been remarkable 
alike for intelligence, benevolence, and personal charm. She taught 
village children in her house on Sundays long before the days of Raikes. 
Epitaphs were placed to her memory in Flaxley Church (where she was 
buried) and in Westminster Abbey, describing her character and 
enumerating her good deeds. There are two portraits of her in Flaxley 


1747. [Sir Roger de Coverley's description of the " Perverse Widow."] 
Spectator, No. 113. See also Nos. 115 & 118. 

1752. Memoirs of Several Ladies of Great Britain who have been celebrated 
for their Writings or Skill in the Learned Languages Arts and Sciences. 
By George Ballard . . . Oxford. 1752. 4to. 

Catherine Boevey, pp. 438-444. Also at pp. 302-6 of the 1775 edition. 
1792. [Letters] from Mrs Margaret Barrow to Mrs Winstone, on the 
Death of Mrs Bovey. Gent. Mag., lxii., 703 ; lxiii., 399-400. 

1804. Monument in Westminster Abbey. Methodist Mag., xxvii., 84-5. 

1850. Sir Roger de Coverley. By Spectator [with Notes by Henry 
Wills.] London. 1850. 8vo. 

Pp. 196-9 relate to Catherina Boevey, and pp. 122-4 of an 1851 edition. 

1854. " The Perverse Widow." N. & Q., Ser. 1, x., 161. 

[1855.] A Vindication of the Autographs of Sir Roger de Coverley's 
" Perverse Widow " and her " Malicious Confident " from a disparaging 
statement thrown out in the Athenaeum . . . Extracted from Thomas 
Kerslake's Catalogue of Valuable Books, Bristol. To which is added, 
in Answer to the Athenaeum's Reply, A Postscript In which it is proved 
that Persons of Illustrious Rank and " the most Shining Accomplish- 
ments," in former times, did use to " Scribble " on the Fly Leaves and 
Title-Pages of their Printed Books. 4to. B.M. 

Pp. 8. Date from B.M. Catalogue. Also issued as part of the March No. of the 
Oent. Mag. for 1855. 

1872. Mrs Bovey and the Meetings of the Three Choirs. N. & Q., Ser. 4, 
ix., 136. 

It is here stated that Mrs. Boevey was the founder of the Three Choirs Festival. 

1881. Mrs Catherine Bovey . . . Her Monumental Inscriptions. Glos. 
N. & Q., i., 340-2 ; " The Perverse Widow." Id., 451-2. Bishop 
Frampton . . . and Mrs Bovey. Id., ii., 84-8 : Mrs Catherine Bovey 
and the Festival of the Three Choirs. Id., 130-3 ; Two Letters on the 
Death of Mrs Bovey. Id., 178-180. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 37-8. 

1897. A Perverse Widow. Longman's Magazine, xxix., 523-532. By 
Miss S. M. Crawley-Boevey. 

1898. The " Perverse Widow : " Being Passages from the Life of Catha- 
rina, Wife of William Boevey, Esq., of Flaxley Abbey, in the County 
of Gloucester. With Genealogical Notes on that Family and others 
connected therewith. Compiled by Arthur W. Crawley-Boevey, 
M.A., Bombay Civil Service (Ret.), Barrister-at-law of Lincoln's 
Inn ; Fellow of the Huguenot Society of London. Longmans & Co. 
1898. med. 4to. 6.P.L. 

Two Titles, Dedication, Preface, Contents, List of Appendices, and Illustrations 
(10), pp. xvi. ; Text, pp. 1-139 ; Appendices (14), pp. 141-345 ; Addenda et Cor- 
rigenda, pp. 347-8 ; Indices, pp. 349-365. Price £2 2. 


This is a valuable genealogical work. The Appendices contain pedigrees of the 
families of Boeve of Courtrai, Courten, Le Baudain, Vanacker, Bonnell, Butler. 
Riches. Davall of Ramsay, Lloyd of Carrog and of Chipstead, Ayleway, White of 
Truro, Knowles, Mohns, Barrow, and Crawley. Among the Illustrations are 
Portraits of Catharina Boevey, Front., of James Boevey of Cheam, p. 36, and of 
Robert Frampton, Bishop of Gloucester, p. 76 ; and views of Flaxley Abbey, p. 75, 
and of the Abbot's Room in Flaxley Abbey, p. 101. 

A Narrative Pedigree of Sir Charles Barrow, Bart., of Highgrove, Minsterworth, 
which had been compiled by Mr Arthur Crawley-Boevey, was printed in the 
Genealogist, N.S., xxx., pp. 73-86, after his death. It was reprinted by his 
executors (1914, roy. 4to, pp. 8) as an Addendum to the " Perverse Widow." 

BOND, Family of, [of Newland and St. Briavels.] 
1863. Personalities of the Forest of Dean, pp. 46-7. 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 16-20. 

BONNER, Charles, [actor and dramatist; fl. 1777-1829?; son of a dis- 
tiller in Bristol, where he was apprenticed to a coachmaker ; first ap- 
peared on the stage at Bath in 1777 ; d. 1829 ?] 

1812. Biographia Dramatica ; or a Companion to the Playhouse . . . 
[By David E. Baker, Isaac Reed and Stephen Jones successively.] 
London. 1812. 3 vols. 8vo. B. 

Charles Bonner, vol. 1, pt. i., pp. 45-47. 

1885. Charles Bonner. N. & Q., Ser. 6, xii., 28, 94. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., v., 361-2. 

BONNOR, Thomas, [draughtsman and engraver, was a native of Glos. 
He has also some literary connection with the county through his Copper- 
plate Itinerary, which contains finely executed views of Gloucester 
Cathedral, and as the engraver of many of the plates in Bigland's 
Gloucestershire Collections. He died about 1807.] 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., v., 362. 


Illustration of the Engraved Subjects which compose ... the Copperplate 
Itinerary ... By T. Bonnor. 1796. [Described ante, vol. 1, pp. 270-2.] 

BOOTHBY, Family of. 

1866. Pedigree of Boothby of Hawkesbury. To be verified. 1866. 
[T.P.] Broadside. B. 

Bristol Merchant, who was executed with Robert Yeomans in Wine St., 
Bristol, May 30, 1643, for having been party to a plot to deliver up 
Bristol to Prince Rupert. He was a member of the Family whose pedi- 
gree is given below, sub Bowcher. His portrait, with many others, is 
on the Frontispiece of Winstanley's " Loyall Martyrology."] 


1643 [? June.] The Two State Martyrs, or, The Murther of Master Robert 
Yeomans, and Master George Boucher Citizens of Bristol. Committed 
on them by Nathaniel Fiennes (second son of the Lord Say) the pre- 
tended Governor of the City, and the rest of his conspiracie, whom call 
a Councell of warre . . . Psal. 94, 20, 21. Printed in the year 

Title and pp. 34. Possibly written by Mr Towgood, of St. Nicholas. See ante, 
vol. 3, p. 11. 

[1721.] A Design to surprise Bristol and the Condemnation of Mr Yeo- 
mans and Mr Boucher, Mar. 164|.] Rushworth's Collections, v., 153-6. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 4. 

BOURCHIER, Family of, [of Barnsley.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 20-22. 

BOURNE, Family of, [of Kilcott.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 22. 

BOWCHER, Family of, [of Bristol.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 23. 

BOWDICH, Thomas Edward, [traveller ; b. in Bristol, June 20, 1791 ; 
educated at the Bristol Grammar School till 9 years old ; d. Jan. 10, 

1819. Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee, with a Statistical 
Account of that Kingdom, and Geographical Notices of other parts of 
the Interior of Africa. By T. Edward Bowdich, Esq., Conductor. 
London. 1819. 4to. B.M. 

Two Titles & pp. 512. This work is partly biographical. It was reviewed iu 
the Edinb. Rev., No. 64, pp. 389-399 ; Brit. Critic. N.S. xi., 372-88 ; Month. Rev., 
xc, 286-96, 363-76. 

New Edition With Introductory Preface by his daughter 

Mrs Hale. London. 1873. 8vo. Pp. xii., and 292. 

1820. [Review of] 1. Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee. 1819. 
2. The African Committee. By T. E. Bowdich, Esq., Conductor of 
the Mission to Ashantee. Quart. Rev., No. 44, 273-302. 

A Reply to the Quarterly Review. By T. E. Bowdich, Esq., Con- 
ductor of the Mission to Ashantee. Imp. 8vo. B.M. 

Pp. 114. Lithographed for private circulation. 

1824-5. [Obituaries.] Gent. Mag., xciv., 279-280. Ann. Biog. & Obit., 
ix., 197-215. European Mag., lxxxv., 383-4 ; Portrait, p. 383. 

1825. Excursions in Madeira and Porto Santo, during the Autumn of 
1823, whilo on his third voyage to Africa ; By the late T. Edward 
Bowdich, Esq. Conductor of the Mission to Ashantee . . . To which 
is added, by Mrs Bowdich, I. A Narrative of the continuance of the 


Voyage to its completion, together with the subsequent occurrences 
from Mr Bowdich's arrival in Africa to the period of his death . . . 
Illustrated by Sections, Views, Costumes and Zoological Figures. 
London. 1825. 4to. B.M. 

Title, Ded. to Earl Bathurst, Pref., Contents & List of Plates, pp. i.-xii. ; Ex- 
cursions, pp. 1-169 ; Narrative, pp. 171-216 ; App., pp. 219-278. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 41-3, q.v. for Works. 

BOWLY, Samuel, [cheese-factor ; b. at Bibury in 1802. For some years 
he lived at the Horsepools, Painswick, and at Saintbridge, Upton. He 
was a member of the Society of Friends, and he took an active part in 
the anti-slavery and anti-corn law agitations, and strenuously advo- 
cated teetotalism. He was one of the founders of the British and Ragged 
Schools in Gloucester. He died in 1884.] 

[1872.] Fifty Portraits of Religious and Philanthropic Celebrities. With 
Brief Literary Notices. London. 4to. 
Samuel Bowly, pp. 68-9. 

1882. Presentations at Gloucester in celebration of the Eightieth Birth- 
day of Mr. Samuel Bowly, With Sketch of Mr. Bowly's Public Career. 
Reprinted from the " Gloucester Journal." Gloucester : " Journal & 
Citizen " Steam Printing Works. 8vo. Pp. 39. G.P.L. 

[1884.] Price One Penny. The Life of the late Samuel Bowly The Apostle 
of Temperance, The Bondsman's Friend. [Portrait.] By Frederick 
Sessions. London. 8vo. Pp. 15. 

1884. Memorials of Samuel Bowly Born March 23, 1802 Died March 23, 
1884 Compiled by his daughter Maria Taylor Printed for private 
circulation by John Bellows, Gloucester 1884. 8vo. G.P.L. 

Pp. 174. Portrait, Front. Photographs of "Horsepools" at p. 32; Saint- 
bridge, p. 81 ; The Grave, p. 129. Two hundred copies were printed. 

The Late Mr. Samuel Bowly. Reprinted from the "Gloucester 

Journal," of March 29, 1884. Price 2d. Journal and Citizen Steam 
Printing Works, Gloucester. 8vo. Pp. 24. G.P.L. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 71. 

1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 201-13. 

"Memorials of Samuel Bowly, 1802-1884." Glos. N. & Q., iii., 


1888. Biographical Catalogue being an Account of the Lives of Friends 
and others whose Portraits are in the London Friends' Institute . . . 
London : 1888. 8vo. 

Samuel Bowly, pp. 96-102. 
1891. Friends of a Half -Century ; Fifty Memorials with Portraits of 
Members of the Society of Friends, 1840-1890. Edited by William 
Robinson. London : 1891. 8vo. 

Samuel Bowly, pp. 82-88. Portrait, p. 82. 



1903. Friends Ancient and Modern. No. 2. The Life Story of Samuel 
Bowly, A Champion of Freedom, Progress and Temperance. By 
Frederick Sessions . . . [Quot.] London : 1903. 8vo. 

Pp. 40. Portrait, Front. 
N.D. Price One Penny. The Life of the late Samuel Bowly . . . See 
ante [1884.] 

Title on wrapper and pp. 15. 


Total Abstinence in Its Proper Place. 

The Influence of class upon class in supporting the Intemperance of our 

BOWSER, Family of, [of Tortworth and Stone.] 

1885. Visitation co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean) pp. 25-6. 

BOYD, Archibald, [Dean of Exeter ; b. at Londonderry in 1803 ; incumbent 
of Christ Church, Cheltenham, 1842-68 ; d. 1883. His portrait by 
H. W. Phillips was engraved by S. Cousins (?).] 

1852. Pulpit Sketches. By a Church-Goer. Price 3s. 6d. Cheltenham : 
1852. 4to. Pp. 75. C.P.L. 

Sermons by the Rev. A. Boyd, pp. 11-14, 25-8, 39-47, 55-9, 70-3. 

1884. The Golden Decade of a Favored Town. Being Biographical Sketches 
and Personal Recollections of the Celebrated Characters who have been 
connected with Cheltenham from 1843 to 1853. By Con tern Ignotus. 
[Richard Glover.] London : 1884. 8vo. 

The Rev. Archibald Boyd, pp. 70-102. 
1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 90-91, g.v. for Works. 

BRADLEY, James [Astronomer Royal ; b. at Sherborne, Gloucestershire 
in 1693, and educated at Northleach Grammar School ; m. Susannah, 
daughter of Samuel Peach of Chalford, where he died, July 13, 1762. 
He was buried at Minchinhampton. There are portraits of him at 
Shirburn Castle, at Greenwich, and in the Rooms of the Royal Society, 
and there is one at Oxford by T. Hudson, which was eng. by J. Faber, 
Junr., E. Scriven and T. Tookey.] 

1763. An Account of the Case of the late Rev. James Bradley, D.D., 
Astronomer Royal : in a Letter to the Right Honourable George 
Earl of Macclesfield, President of R.S. from Daniel Lysons, M.D. 
Philosophical Transactions, Hi., 635-640. 

1765. Some Account of the late Dr. James Bradley, D.D. Royal Pro- 
fessor of Astronomy at Greenwich. Oent. Mag., xxxv., 361-365 ; and 
[same article] Annual Register, 1765, Characters, pp. 23-29. 

This article was a translation of Fouchy's Eloge in Mi-m. de V Academie des Sciences, 
1762, p. 231. See Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 171. 

1791. Memoirs of the Life of the Rev. Dr. James Bradley. Universal 
Magazine, lxxxviii., 161-3. Portrait, facing p. 161. 


1796. Proceedings of the Board of Longitude in Regard to the Recovery 
of the late Dr. Bradley's Observations ; with some other Papers relative 

Not seen. Reviewed at length, Gent. Mag., lxvi., 945-7, 1029-31. 

1832. Miscellaneous Works and Correspondence of the Rev. James 
Bradley, D.D. . . . Oxford. 1832. 4to. B.M. 

Two Titles, Pref., Contents & Directions to Binder, 6 leaves ; Memoirs of Bradley, 
pp. i.-cviii. ; Text & Index, pp. 1-528. Portrait, between Titlea. 
Reviewed, Edinb. Rev., No. 132, pp. 119-132. 

1833-37. Gallery of Portraits with Memoirs. London : Charles Knight. 

1833 [-37.] Price £1 Is. [each vol.]. 7 vols. 4to. [Published by 

the Society for the Diffusion of Knowledge.] 

James Bradley, vol. 6 (1836), pp. 69-74. Portrait eng. by Scriven from painting 
by Richardson, p. 69. 

1834. The Georgian Era, iii., 126-8. 

1836 Lives of Eminent Englishmen (Cunningham), v., 246-7. 

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Ser. 6, v., 283 ; Dr. Bradley's Observations. Id., viii., 612. 

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1887. Dr. James Bradley. N. db Q., Ser. 2, ix., 377-8. 
Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 103-11. 

1893. Pioneers of Science by Oliver Lodge. With Portraits and other 
Illustrations. London. 1893. 8vo. 

Roemer and Bradley and the Velocity of Light, pp. 233-53. 
1895. Great Astronomers by Sir Robert S. Ball, D.Sc. [&c] With 
numerous illustrations. London. 1895. 8vo. 
Bradley, pp. 187-199. 

Cheap Edition. London. 8vo. 1907. 

Bradley, pp. 187-99. 

1898. A Short History of Astronomy By Arthur Berry . . . London : 
1898. 8vo. 

James Bradley, pp. 257-73. Portrait, p. 258. 

1909-10. [Queries as to Pedigree.] N. db Q., Ser. 10, xii., 489; Ser. 11, 
i., 38, 98. 

N.D. The English Nation (Cunningham), iii., 610-11. 

BRAIN, Benjamin, [pugilist, b. in Bristol, 1753 ; champion, 1786-91 ; 
d. 1794. He was generally known as " Big Ben."] 

1812. Benjamin Brain, otherwise Big Ben, who remained Champion till 
his death ! Boxiana, i., 112-116. 

1880. Benjamin Brain (Big Ben). Champion — 1786-1791. Pugilistica, 
i., 65-70. 

[1902.] Fights for the Championship, i., 92-106; portrait, p. 97. 


BRANWHITE, Charles, [landscape painter ; b. in Bristol in 1817, where he 
studied under his father Nathan Branwhite (q.v.); d. 1880.] 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 228. 

BRANWHITE, Nathan, [miniature painter ; lived the greater part of his 
life at 1, College Green, Bristol ; exhibited in the R.A. between 1802 
and 1825.] 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 228-9. 

BRAYNE, Family of, [of the Forest of Dean.] 

1882. Pedigree of Brayne. [By W. C. Heane.] B. & G. A. S. Trana., 
vi., 296-9. 

1884. Arms of the Brayne Family. G. N. & Q., ii., 250. 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1569 (Maclean), pp. 208-9. 
1894. [Brayne Wills.] Glos. N. & Q., v., 416-18. 

BRERETON, Family of, [of Cirencester and Charlton Kings.] 
1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 23-4. 

BRETT, Family of, [of Dowdeswell.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc., 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 25. 

BRETT, Henry, [of Sandy well Park, Glos., which he rebuilt. Son of Henry 
Brett, of Cowley. He was a friend of Addison and Steele. He died in 

1881-84. Colonel Henry Brett. Glos. N. & Q., i., 168-9 ; ii., 379. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 282. 

1913. [Parentage of] Colonel Henry Brett. N. & Q., Ser. 11, vii., 247-8. 

BRETT, John Wat kins, [said to have been " the founder of submarine 
telegraphy " ; son of a cabinet maker in Bristol, where he was born in 
1805 ; buried at Westbury-on-Trym, in 1863.] 

1865. John Watkins Brett, and the Submarine Telegraph. A 7 . & Q., 
Ser. 3, viii., 203. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 283, q.v. for Works. 

BRIDGEMAN, Family of, [of Mitcheldean, Nymphsfield, &c] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 26-28. 
1890. [Three Bridgeman portraits.] Glos. N. & Q., iv., 121. 

BRIDGES, Family of, [of Woodchester and Colesborne.] 
1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 26-7. 



BRIGHT, Richard, M.D., [discoverer of " Bright's disease ; " son of a 
Bristol Merchant ; b. in Queen's Square, Bristol, in 1789 ; d. 1858. 
His portrait was eng. by H. Cook for the Medical Portrait Gallery.] 

1818. Travels from Vienna through Lower Hungary; with some Remarks 
on the state of Vienna during the Congress, in the year 1814. By 
Richard Bright, M.D., Edinburgh : 1818. 4to. 
Pp. xviii. & 642. Appendix & Index, pp. cii. 

1840. Medical Portrait Gallery (Pettigrew). Portrait and pp. 14 in vol. 2. 

[1846-8.] National Portrait Gallery (Taylor), vol. 1, p. 99 and Portrait. 

1860. [Obituary.] Procs. of the Royal Society, x., pp. i.-iv. 

1878. Munk's Roll of Physicians, hi., 155-60. 

1885. Eminent Doctors (Bettany), vol. 2, pp. 1-23. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 334-7, q.v. for Works. 
BRISTOL, Bishops of, See 

BROWNE, Geo. F. 
BUSH, Paul 
CHEYNEY, Richard 
GRAY, Robert 
HALL, John 

IRONSIDE, Gilbert, the elder 
MANSEL, William Lort 
NEWTON, Thomas 
WRIGHT, Robert 

BRITTON, Family of, [of Bristol, and Bitton House, Enfield, Co. Middlesex.] 
1894. Crisp's Visitation of England, ii., 77-8. 

BRODERIP, Robert, [organist and musical composer ; lived in Bristol all 
his life and died there on May 14, 1808.] 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 376. 

BRODERIP, William John, [naturalist and lawyer ; son of William Broderip, 
a surgeon of Bristol, where he was born in 1789 ; educated at a school 
kept by the Bristol Historian, Samuel Seyer ; a London Police Magistrate 
from 1822 to 1856 ; d. 1859. His collection of shells was purchased by 
the British Museum.] 

1847. Zoological Recreations. Quart. Rev., No. 163, pp. 119-142. 

1856. Broderip (William-John), Ancien Magistrat, Naturaliste Litterateur, 

Membre de la Societe Royale de Londres . . . Extrait du Memorial 

Historique. Paris. 1856. 8vo. 

Two titles ; Life, signed " Louis Berger," pp. 3-12. 


1859-60. [Obituaries.] Fraser, lix., 485-8 ; Gent. Mag., N.S., vi., 430- 
31 ; Law Mag., viii., 174-8 ; Procs. Linnean Society (May, 1859), pp. 
xx-xxv. ; Procs. Royal Society, x., pp. iv.-vii. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 377, q.v. for principal Works. For the titles 
of 33 of his contributions to Transactions of Learned Societies, see 
Roy. Soc. Cat. of Sci. Papers, i., 638-9. 

BRODWAY, Family of, [of Winchcomb.] 

1881. The Broadway Family. Glos. N. & Q., i., 123-4. 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 27-8. 

BROMBY, Charles Hamilton, [barrister ; son of Dr. C. H. Bromby (q.v.) ; 
educated at Cheltenham College ; lived at Cheltenham c. 20 years ; 
d. 1904.] 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., i., 232. 

BROMBY, Charles Henry, D.D., [b. 1814 ; Vicar of St. Paul's, Chelten- 
ham, and Principal of the Cheltenham Training College, 1844-64 ; Bishop 
of Tasmania, 1864-82 ; d. in Clifton 1907.] 

1852. Pulpit Sketches, pp. 67-69. 

1864. Farewell Sermons preached at St. Paul's Church, Cheltenham, by 
the Rev. Dr. Bromby, Bishop of Tasmania, and The Rev. H. Bromby, 
September, 1864. Price Sixpence. Cheltenham. Norman & Sons, 
Printers, etc. 8vo. Pp. 27. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., i., 232. 

BROMBY, Henry Bodley, [son of C. H. Bromby, Bishop of Tasmania q.v., 
b. 1840 ; vicar of All Saints, Clifton, 1892 till his death in 1911.] 

1913. Henry Bodley Bromby Hon Canon of Bristol Cathedral and Vicar 
of all Saints, Clifton : sometime Dean of Tasmania A Memoir by the 
Rev. J. H. B. Mace, M.A. With eight illustrations [London] 1913. 

Two Titles, Pref., &c, pp. l.-xi. ; Text, pp. 1-331. Portraits of Canon Bromby, 
Front. & pp. 6, 10, 20. 

BROMWICH, Family of, [of Bromsberrow.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1623 (Maclean), pp. 29-30. 

BROOKE, Henry, [b. 1694, rector of Tortworth, Glos., 1730 till his death 
in 1757, but only resided there from 1749. A portrait of him was, in 
1830, " at Mr Hulton's, of Blackley," and one (? the same), painted by 
John Lewis, was in the possession of Mr Henry Brooke in 1904. (See 
N. dk Q., Ser. 10, i., 153.) He left his library for the benefit of future 
rectors of Tortworth.] 

[1884 ?] The Authorship of " Lancashire Hob." By John E. Bailey. 
Privately printed. 4to. Pp. 8. B.M. 


1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 424. 

1890. The Rev. Henry Brooke. Glos. N. <fc Q., iv., 95-100, where several 
errors in the Diet. Nat. Biog. are corrected. 


See Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 424, & Glos. N. &. Q., iv., 99-100. 

BROOKS, James, [b. 1512 ; Bishop of Gloucester 1554-1560 ; successor to 
Bishop Hooper, at whose trial he assisted ; deprived of his See for 
refusing to take the oath of supremacy, and died in prison, in 1560 ; 
bur. in Gloucester Cathedral.] 
1813-15. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), i., 314-5 ; ii., 791-2. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 438-9, q.v. for Works. 

BROUGH, William, [appointed Dean of Gloucester 1644 ; resided at Oxford 
during the Commonwealth ; re-installed Dean of Gloucester at the 
Restoration; d. 1671.] 

1820. Wood's Fasti Oxon., ii., 85. 

1879. William Brough, D.D. N. & Q., Ser. 5, xi., 233-4. 

1881. William Brough, D.D. Glos. N. <k Q., i., 204. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 448, q.v. for Works. 

BROUGHTON, Lord, see HOBHOUSE, John Cam. 

BROUGHTON, Samuel Daniel, [son of the Rev. Thos. Broughton, rector 
of St. Peter's, Bristol, where he was born in 1787 ; educated under 
Seyer, the Bristol Historian ; became an army surgeon in 1812 ; d. 1837. 
He devoted much time to scientific research, and contributed many 
papers to scientific journals, the titles of seven of which are given in 
the Roy. Soc. Cat. of Scientific Papers, vol. 1, p. 656.] 

1837. Gent. Mag., N.S., viii., 432. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 463-4. 

BROUGHTON, Thomas Duer, [brother of Sam. Dan. Broughton, (q.v.); 
b. 1778 ; d. 1835. He wrote two works on India. His " Popular 
Poetry of the Hindoos" was reviewed Month. Rev. lxxix., 75-87.] 

1813. Letters written in a Maharatta Camp during the year 1809, descrip- 
tive of the character, manners, domestic habits, and religious ceremonies, 
of the Maharattas, from drawings by a native artist. By Thomas 
Duer Broughton, Esq. late commander of the Residents' escort at the 
Court of Scindia. London : 1813. 4to. 

Title &c. 7 leaves ; Letters, pp. 1-358 ; Directions to Binder, one leaf. Re- 
viewed Edinb. Rev. No. 43, pp. 67-72, and Quart. Rev. No. 20, pp. 323-331. 

A New Edition with an Introduction by the Right 

Honourable Sir M. E. Grant Duff. Westminster. 1892. 8vo. 

Titles, Introduction, &c, pp. i.-xxxi. ; Text & Index, pp. 1-273. 
This is vol. 4 of " Constable's Oriental Miscellany." 


1836. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., v., 203. 
1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vi., 465, q.v. for Works. 

BROWN, Family of. [A Quaker family who lived near Cirencester.] 

1899. The Browns of Bartonbury. By John Bellows. From " Friends' 
Quarterly Examiner," Seventh Month, 1899. London. 8vo. 
Pp. 8. G.P.L. 

BROWN, Andrew Morton, [Nonconformist Minister at Cheltenham ; b- 
Mar. 6. 1812, d. July, 1879. There are 16 Works by him in the B.M.] 

1852. Pulpit Sketches, pp. 22-24. 

1879. " Christ magnified in the Life & Death of His Servants." A 
Sermon preached in the Congregational Church, Winchcombe Street, 
Cheltenham, Sunday Evening, July 27, 1879. On the occasion of the 
lamented Death of the Rev. Andrew Morton Brown, LL.D. For more 
than thirty-six years the beloved Pastor of the Church meeting there, 
by Rev. Joshua C. Harrison . . . Revised & Corrected by the 
Author. Price 4d. Cheltenham : G. Norman, " Examiner " Office. 
8vo. Pp. 33. * 

BROWNE, Famihes of. 

1881. The Browne Family of Salperton. Glos. N. & Q., i., 415. 

1884. Browne of Corse and Tirley. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fen- 
wick), pp. 28-30. 

1885. Browne [of Bristol.] Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), p. 31. 

BROWNE, George F., [b. 1833 ; Bishop of Bristol, 1897 till 1914, when 
he resigned. His portrait, painted by A. S. Cope, is in the Bishop's 
Palace, Bristol.] 

1902. Great Preachers Their Homes and Households. The Right Rev. 
the Bishop of Bristol. By Rudolph de Cordova. Sunday Strand, 
vol. 6, 327-333. 

Bristol's " Centre of Gravity." Clifton Society, 4 Dec, 1902, with 

Cartoon of Bishop Browne in the Pulpit. 

1903. Bristol and its Bishop. By the Rev. Canon Tetley, D.D. The 
Treasury, ii., 1-6, and portrait. 

BROWNE, or BROWN, James, [theologian ; son of James Browne, of 
Mangotsfleld, Glos. ; b. 1616 ; d. 1685.] 

1820. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 504-5. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vii., 49, q.v. for Works. 

BROWNE, John, [b. 1795; d. 1857. Incumbent of Trinity Church, 
Cheltenham 1828-1857.] 


1857. A Sermon preached in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Cheltenham, 
on Sunday Morning, August 2, 1857, on the occasion of the death of the 
Rev. John Browne, M.A., Late Incumbent of that Church, by the Rev. 
J. N. Green-Armytage, M.A. . . . Cheltenham : Wight & Bailey, 
Promenade. 1857. 8vo. Pp. 22. * 

1858. Posthumous Sermons, preached in the Church of the Holy Trinity, 

Cheltenham. By the Rev. John Browne, LL.B. Curate. London. 

1858. 8vo. * 

Title, Pref., (containing Memoir, signed Fras. T. Hill) and Contents, pp. i.-xx. 
Sermons, pp. 1-402. Portrait, Front. 

BROWNING, Family of, [of Coaley.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 30 ; 1623 (Maclean), 
p. 32. 

1894. The Browning Family. Olos. N. & Q., v., 146-7. 

BRUCE, William, [b. in London in 1806 ; Vicar of St. James's, Bristol, 
1851 till his death in 1870.] 

1872. Comfort in Suffering. Letters to a Sick Friend, by the late Rev. 
William Bruce, M.A. Vicar of St. James', Bristol ; With a Memoir 
and Introductory Notice . . . London. 1872. 8vo. B.R.L. 

Title, pp. lxvi. & 135. 

Photograph of Wm. Bruce, Front. 

1872. Faithful and Fruitful. Two Sermons preached in the Parish Church 
of Saint James, Bristol, on the Sunday after the Funeral of the Rev. 
William Bruce, M.A. Late Vicar of St. James. With a Brief Account 
of his Ministry. London . . . Bristol : J. E. Chillcott, Clare St. 
1872. 8vo. * 

Title on cover ; Biographical Introduction, pp. iil.-x. : Sermon, pp. 1-38. 

BRYANT, Samuel, [b. 24 Oct., 1792, at Kingswood, where he lived until 
his death on Jan. 12, 1827.] 

1827. Memoirs of the Life and Character of Samuel Bryant, a Kingswood 
Collier, late Bailif over Mr Whittuck's coal works, at Soundwell, Kings- 
wood, and Prayer- Leader, Pastor, and Preacher, in the Tent Missionary 
Society, who was killed by the falling of a Large Stone, while ascending 
from the Pit. " He was a bright and shining light." Bristol : Printed 
and sold by Philip Rose, 20, Broadmead ; and may be had of the Tent 
Preachers. 1827. 8vo. Pp. 28. B.R.L. 

BRYDGES, Family of, [Lords Chandos, of Sudeley.] 

1790. The Case of The Rev. Edward Tymewell Brydges, Clerk j Claiming 
the Title and Dignity of Baron Chandos, of Sudeley. Presented to the 
House of Lords [May 5] 1790. Fol. Pp. 21. B.M. 

[? 1790. Pedigree showing the descent of Edward Tymewell Brydges 
from Baron Chandos of Sudeley, who died 1557.], 26 x 19 J in. 



It contains a mention of Charles Bridges (1625-69) of the Mythe, Tewkesbury, 
and his children. 

Reprinted, 1795 ; With corrections and Additions, illustra- 

tive of the Further Case. f., 26 x 16 in. B.M. 

1791. Minutes of the Evidence given before the Committee of Privileges 
to whom the Petition of Edward Timewell Bridges, Clerk, claiming the 
Barony of Chandos was referred. Ordered to be printed 11th May, 
1791. Fol. G.P.L. 

Pp. 201. These Minutes were reprinted in 1802-3. 
1808. [Family of Brydges vindicated from Aspersion.] Gent. Mag., 
vol. 78, pt. 1, pp. 119-20. 

1812. Barony of Chandos. Collins' Peerage (Brydges), vi., 704-740. 

1815. Speeches delivered to Queen Elizabeth, on her visit to Giles Brydges, 
Lord Chandos, at Sudeley Castle, in Gloucestershire. With a Preface, 
by Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart. . . . Printed at the Private Press of 
Lee Priory . . . 1815. med. 4to. 

The Chandos Family, pp. 23-52. Pedigrees pp. 28-9. Portrait of Giles Brydges, 
3rd Lord Chandos, Front. This work is more fully described ante, vol. 2, p. 326. 

1820. Atavise Regise : Tables and Pedigrees tracing the Egerton and 
Brydges Families from various Kings, frontispiece, 4to. 60 copies. 
Privately printed. 1820. Not seen. 

1825. Stemmata Illustria ; prascipue regia. Auctore Sir Egerton de 
Bruges, Bar' et Bar e Augt . Paris. 1825. 18 x 11 in. Pp. xvi. 
and 112. B.M. 

List of Quarterings and Explanation of the Shield of Brydges, pp. 1-6, after 
p. 112. Anecdotes and Singularities of the Chandos Claim, 4 leaves (a-d) ; Mis- 
cellaneous Notes regarding Brydges Alliances, pp. 3 ; Chandos Peerage. Ab- 
stracts of the Proofs of Pedigree of the Claimant to the Barony of Chandos. Fol. 6 
leaves, unpaged. List of the Great Shield of Quarterings of Sir Egerton Brydges, 
Bart., 2 pages. Speech of Lord Chancellor Eldon upon the Chandos Claim of 
Peerage, 4 leaves, unpaged. 

The above are bound up with the Stemmata but are probably inserted. 

[1831.] Memoir of the Brydges Family. Broadside. B.M. 

By Sir S. Egerton Brydges. Pedigree on back. 

1834. A Review of the Chandos Peerage Case, Adjudicated 1803 . . . 

By Geo. Fred. Beltz, Lancaster Herald . . . See ante, vol. 2, p. 327. 

Reviewed Quart. Rev., No. 136, pp. 413-444. 
1852. Wilton Castle and the Brydges Family. N. & Q., Ser. 1, vi., 34, 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1569 (Maclean), pp. 233-237. 

BRYDGES, Edmund, [2nd Baron Chandos, d. 1573.] 

1605-6. An Act for Establishing of the Possession and Inheritance of 
Edmund, late Lord Chandos, of Sudeley. 3 Jas. I. c. 5. Priv. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vii., 163-4. 


BRYDGES, George, [6th Baron Chandos ; eldest son of Grey Brydges, 
5th Baron Chandos, q.v. ; b. Aug. 9, 1620 ; d. Feb. 1, 1655. He was a 
zealous Royalist. His portrait, painted by Jansen, is in Sudeley Castle.] 

164§. [Jan. 19.] A True Relation of the Late Attempt upon the Town 
of Ciceter [by Lord Chandois (sic) and others] . . . See ante, vol. 2, 
p. 141. 

1668. Lloyd's Memoirs, pp. 365-6. 

1877. Annals of Winchcombe and Sudeley. By Emma Dent . . . [de- 
scribed ante vol. 2, p. 383.] London. 1877. 4to. 

Pp. 254-86 relate to Ld. Chandos. Portrait after Jansen, p. 254. 
1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vii., 161. 

BRYDGES, Grey, [5th Baron Chandos, b. (?) 1579; d. 1621. On account 
of the magnificent style in which he lived at Sudeley Castle he was called 
" King of the Cotswolds."] 

1802. Memoirs of the Peers of England. During the Reign of James the 
First . . . Volume 1. London. 1802. 8vo. 

Brydges, Lord Chandos, pp. 383-397. PI. Sudeley Castle, p. 396. By Sir S. 
Egerton Brydges. No other volume was published. 

1806. A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors . . . [By Horace 
Walpole.] See ante, sub BERKELEY, George, 1st Earl. 

Sir Grey Bridges, Lord Chandos, pp. 184-9. His name does not appear in the 
four earlier editions. 

1869. The Poems of Sir John Beaumont, Bart. . . . Printed for Private 
Circulation. 1869. 8vo. B.M. 

Teares for the death of the truly honourable, the Lord Chandos, pp. 184-5. 
1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vii., 160-1. 


A Discourse against Flatterie. 1611. 

Reprinted in Horse Subsecivse. 

Horse Subsecivse. Observations and Discoveries. London, Printed for 
Edward Blount, and are to be sold at his shop in Pauls Church-yard, 
at the signe of the Black Beare. 1620. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, To the Reader [signed Ed. Blovnt], Contents & Corrigenda, 4 leaves ; Text, 
pp. 1-542. 

The authorship of this work is a matter of dispute. Horace Walpole attributed 
it to Lord Chandos. See N. & Q., Ser. 2, viii., 13 ; Ser. 5, v., 303-4, 352 ; Ser. 10, 
xii., 101-3, 162-3. 

BRYDGES, Sir John, [1st Baron Chandos; b. (?) 1490; eldest son of Sir 
Giles Brydges, of Cubberley ; Constable of Sudeley Castle 1538 ; created 
Lord Chandos of Sudeley in 1554 ; d. Ap. 12, 1556, at Sudeley, and was 


buried there. His portrait by Holbein is in Sudeley Castle. An en- 
graving of it is at p. 212 of Dent's " Annals of Winchcombe," and there 
are allusions to Sir J. Chandos at pp. 200-212 of that work.] 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vii., 163. 

BUCK, Family of, [of Bibury, Co. Glouc.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1569 (Maclean), p. 211. 

BUCK, Family of, [of Minchinhampton.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc., 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 31. 

BUCK, Rev. Charles, [theological writer ; b. at Hillesley, near Wotton- 
under-Edge in 1771. He went to a school at Wotton kept by the Rev. 
Wm. Hitchman, a Baptist minister. He died Aug. 11, 1815. His 
" Theological Dictionary," 1802, and his " Collection of Anecdotes," 
1799, went through several editions.] 

1817. Memoirs and Remains of the late Rev. Charles Buck : Containing 
Copious extracts from his Diary, and Interesting Letters to his Friends ; 
interspersed with Various Observations, Explanatory and Illustrative 
of his Character and Works. By John Styles, D.D. London : Printed 
for and sold by the Widow, 13, Nottingham Place, East, Whitechapel. 
1817. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, &c., pp. viii., Memoirs & Errata, pp. [443.] 

Second Edition. London. 1825. Not seen. 

1818. Juvenalia ; or, Specimens of the early efforts as a Preacher of the 
late Rev. Charles Buck. To which are subjoined Miscellaneous Re- 
marks and an Obituary of his daughter. Edited by John Styles, D.D. 
London : 8vo. B.M. 

Two leaves and pp. 179. Inscription on Mr Buck's Tomb, p. 171. 
1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vii., 198. 

BUCK, Rev. Charles, [rector of St. Stephen's, Bristol, from 1831 (or before) 
till his death in 1858.] 

1858. The Death of the Righteous, a public Loss. A Sermon preached 
in the Parish Church of St. Werburgh, Bristol, On Sunday Morning, 
November 7, 1858 ; on occasion of the death of The Rev. Charles Buck, 
A.M. Rector of St. Stephen's. By the Rev. John Hall, B.D. . . . 
Bristol : Pr. by J. E. Chillcott, Clare St. 1858. 8vo. Pp. 19. 

BUCKE, Family of, [of the Forest of Dean.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1569 (Maclean), p. 212. 

BUCKINGHAM, Duke of, see STAFFORD, Edward. 

BUCKMAN, James, [geologist and botanist ; b. in 1814, at Cheltenham, 
where he studied under a surgeon apothecary and where he subsequently 
lectured at the Philosophical Institution. Professor of Geology and 


Botany at the R.A. Coll., Cirencester, 1848-63, and an active member of 
the C.N.F.C, 1849-69. He died in 1884. He presented the Cirencester 
Museum with a collection of Roman antiquities, and the R.A. Coll. with 
a collection of fossils.] 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vii., 216. 


The Titles of 54 of his Papers contributed to the Transactions of Societies are 
given in the Roy. Soc. Cat. of Sci. Papers (1880-3), vol. 1, pp. 705-6, vol. 7, p. 298, 
vol. 9, pp. 393-4, & vol. 12, p. 130 ; and 14 of his contributions to the C.N.F.C. 
Ptocs. in Austin's Index (1913), p. 4. Two only of the latter are included in the 

His works which are of local interest are noticed ante, vol. 1, pp. 69, 73, 76, 149, 
150 ; vol. 2, pp. 48, 63, 96, 151, 152, 256. 

His Prize Essay on "Agricultural Weeds " was reviewed in the Quart. Rev., No 
212, pp. 522-34. 

BUDD, William, [physician; b. in Devonshire in 1811 ; settled at Bristol 
in 1842 ; and continued to practise there till 1873 ; physician to the 
Bristol Royal Infirmary, 1847-62 ; d. 1880. His researches added to 
the knowledge of zymotic diseases.] 

1880. [Obituary.] Annual Register, pt. 2, p. 139. 

William Budd, M.D., F.R.S. " In Memoriam." By W. Mitchell 

Clarke . . . London : 1880. 8vo. Pp. 8. B.R.L. 

1885. Eminent Doctors (Bettany), ii., 118-34. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vii., 220-1, q.v. for Works. 

BUDGETT, Edwin, [b. in 1829 at Kingswood Hill, near Bristol, where 
he lived till his death in 1849.] 

1850. Recollections of Mr. Edwin Budgett, late of Kingswood Hill, near 
Bristol. By a Ministerial Friend. London : 1850. 12mo. F.F.F. 

Pp. 87. Portrait of E. Budgett, Frontispiece. 

BUDGETT, Mrs James, [b. April 14, 1805, at Eastington ; d. Jan. 4, 1859.] 

1859. The Christian's Life in its Nature and Foundation : A Sermon, 
occasioned by the death of Mrs James Budgett, of Kingswood-Hill ; 
with Memorials of her religious character and peaceful death. By the 
Rev. William S. F. Moss, Wesleyan Minister . . . [Quot.] Bristol : 
Thos. H. Pengelly, Castle Street. 1859. Pp. 68. * 

BUDGETT, Samuel, [son of a tradesman at Kingswood, whose small business 
he converted into the largest wholesale provision stores in the West of 
England. He was noted both for his business capacity and for the up- 
rightness of his dealings. He died on Ap. 29, 1851, aged 56.] 

1852. The Successful Merchant : Sketches of the Life of Mr Samuel 
Budgett, Late of Kingswood Hill. By William Arthur . . . A.M. 
London. 1852. 8vo. F.F.F. 


Five leaves & pp. 392. Portrait, Front. Reviewed Chambers's Jour., xvii., 
188-90. This work went through 20 editions before 1860. Another edition (pp. 
xxiv. & 450) appeared in 1885. See also ante, vol. ill-, p. 171. 

1855-9. The Christian Life, Social and Individual. By Peter Bayne, 
M.A. . . . Edinburgh & London. 1855. 8vo. 

Budgett : the Christian Freeman, pp. 197-239. Also at pp. 204-45 of the 1857 
edition, and at pp. 235-72 of the 1859 edition. 

[1867.] No Gains without Pains. A True Life Story for Boys. By 
H. C. Knight. London. 8vo. Pp. 96. 

[Another Edition.] London. 1875. 16mo. Pp. 116. 

[Another Edition, 1876.] 16mo. Pp. 91. 

1882. The Merchant of Kingswood. By H. Noel. London : 1882. 
12mo. Pp. 32. 

1885. Samuel Budgett ; or Religion and Business. By the Editor [the 
Rev. Stephen Swaine.] Baptist Mag., lxxviii., 201-3, 255-61, 294-301, 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vii., 226. 

[? 1887.] Hunt's Merchants' Magazine (New York), xxviii., 184-196. 

1887. Six Christian Biographies . . . By Peter Bayne. London. 1887. 

Samuel Budgett, pp. 202-39. 

1890. [Another Edition, entitled] Men Worthy to lead . . . London. 1890. 
Samuel Budgett, pp. 202-239. 

1891. The History of Kingswood Forest ... By A. Brain . . . London 
and Bristol. 1891. 8vo. 

Samuel Budgett, pp. 256-8. For full title see ante, vol. 2, p. 224. 

[1901] Men who have made themselves . . . with Illustrations, London. 

Samuel Budgett, p. 316-24. 

1911. Wesley and Kingswood . . . See infra, sub WESLEY, Charles. 

Samuel Budgett, pp. 221-5. Vignette Portrait, p. 241. 

BULL, George, D.D., [b. 1634; incumbent of St. George's Bristol c. 1654- 
1658 ; rector of Siddington, near Cirencester, 1658-1685 ; and of Avening, 
1685-1705; Bishop of St. Davids, 1705 till his death in 1710.] 

1705. A Sermon Preach'd at the Consecration of the Right Reverend 
Father in God, George, Lord Bishop of St. David's, in Lambeth Chappel, 
on Sunday, April 29. 1705. By John Waugh, D.D. . . . London. 
1705. am. 4to. Pp. 30. B.M. 

1713. The Life of Dr. George Bull, Late Lord Bishop of St, David's. 
With the History of those Controversies In which he was Engaged : 
And An Abstract of those Fundamental Doctrines which lie Maintained 

BULL 79 

and Defended in the Latin Tongue. By Robert Nelson, Esq. London : 
1713. 8vo. B. 

Title and Contents, pp. i.-xvi. ; Life, pp. 1-542. Also issued as Vol. 4 of " Some 
Important Points of Primitive Christianity, 1713." See infra, 1816. Copies of 
this work were burnt at the fire at Bowyer's on Jan. 29, 1713. 

1714. Second Edition. London. 1714. 8vo. # 

Pp. i.-xvi. and 1-544. Portrait of Dr. Bull, Front. 

[Another Edition, entitled] The Life of George Bull, D.D., 
sometime Lord Bishop of St. Davids. By Robert Nelson, Esq. 
Oxford : 1840. 12mo. B. 

Title, one leaf ; Preface (signed J.H.N.) & Contents, pp. i.-xvi. ; Life, pp. 1-332. 
The history of the controversies in which Bp. Bull took part is omitted from this 
edition. The Preface is by John Henry Newman. 

1780. Biographia Britannica (Kippis), ii., 695-708. 

1816. Some Important Points of Primitive Christianity Maintained and 
Defended ; in several Sermons and other Discourses : By George Bull, 
D.D. Late Lord Bishop of St. Davids. To which is prefixed, The 
History of his Life, and of those Controversies in which he was Engaged. 
By Robert Nelson Esq. A New Edition. Oxford. 1816. 8vo. 
3 vols. B.M. 

Vol. 1. Life of Dr. George Bull. Pp. xv. & 438. 
1825. The Opinion of the Catholic Church for the first three Centuries, 
on the necessity of believing that Our Lord Jesus Christ is truly God. 
Translated from the Latin by Bishop Bull. To which is prefixed a 
Memoir of his Life. By the Rev. T. Rankin . . . [Quot.] London 
. . . 1825. 8vo. B.M. 

Memoir of Bishop Bull, pp. 3-53. 

1827. A Vindication of the Character of the Pious and Learned Bishop 
Bull, from the unqualified Accusations brought against it by the Arch- 
deacon of Ely, in his Charge delivered in the year 1826. By the Rev. 
Charles Daubeny, LL.D. . . . London : 1827. 8vo. Pp. viii. & 163. 

The Works of George Bull, D.D. Lord Bishop of St. David's, 

Collected and Revised by The Rev. Edward Burton, M.A. . . . To 
which is prefixed The Life of Bishop Bull, By Robert Nelson, Esq. 
Oxford, 1827. 7 vols. 8vo. 

Works, Vols. 1-6. Vol. containing Life [not numbered], Titles, Pref. &, Con- 
tents, pp. i.-xliii ; Life & Index, pp. 1-467. Folding Pedigree, between pp. 
xxvi, xxvii. 

Second Edition. London. 1846. 6 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1., Title, Preface, &c, pp. i.-xliv. ; Life & Index, pp. 1-468. 

1835. Latitudinarianism in Oxford in 1690, a Page from the Life of 
Bishop Bull. Oxford. 1835. 8vo. Pp. 24. B. 

1836. Lives of Eminent Englishmen (Cunningham), iv., 211-14. 
1840. The Life of Dr. George Bull ... See ante, 1713. 


1846. Lives of English Divines ; Bishop Andrews, Doctor Hammond, 
Bishop Bull, Bishop Wilson, Jones of Nayland. By William Henry 
Teale, M.A. London. 1846. 12mo. 

Life of George Bull, D.D., pp. 185-248. Portrait, Front. Reprinted in 1849, 
with the following title : 

Biography of English Divines. The Life of George Bull, D.D., 
Bishop of St. David's. London. 1849. 12mo. 

Two titles & Quot., 2 leaves ; Life, pp. 187-248. Portrait, Front. 
No. 3 of a Series issued at 9d. each. 

1846. The Works of George Bull ... See ante 1827. 

1853. The Burial Service said by Heart. N. & Q., Ser. 1, vii., 94-5. 

1878. The Classic Preachers of the English Church. Lectures delivered 
at St. James's Church in 1878. Second Series. London. 1878. 8vo. 
Bishop Bull, the Primitive Preacher, pp. 1-34. By W. P. Warburton. 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vii., 236-238, q.v. for Works. 

1887. George Bull, D.D., and the Parish of Avening, 1685-1705. Oloa. 
N. & Q., iii., 61-5. 

1901. The Library of Literary Criticism, ii., 564-5. 

1915. A History of the Parishes of Minchinhampton and Avening. By 
Arthur Twisden Playne. 1915. roy. 8vo. 

Dr. George Bull, Rector of Avening and Bishop of St. Davids, pp. 109-114. 
N.D. The English Nation (Cunningham), iii., 117-20. 

BULLINGHAM, John. [A native of Gloucestershire. Rector of Boxwell 
and Withington, c. 1556. Bishop of Gloucester from 1581 till his death 
in 1598. He also held the See of Bristol in commendam, 1582-1589.] 

1815. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), ii., 842-3. 

1858-1913. Athense Cantabrigienses. By Charles Henry Cooper, F.S.A. 

and Thompson Cooper. Cambridge. [Vol 1, 1858 ; vol. 2, 1861 ; 

vol. 3, 1913.] 8vo. 

John Bullingham, vol. 2, pp. 247, 550, q.v. for Works. 

1884. John Bullingham, D.D. Glos. N. & Q., ii., 32-3. 
1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., vii., 250-1. 

BUNDY, James, [b. at Dymock, resided in Bristol ; d. Mar. 20, 1818.] 

1818. The Blessedness of those who Die in the Lord. A Sermon, de- 
livered April 5, 1818, at Ebenezer Chapel, Bristol, on the occasion of 
the Death of Mr. James Bundy. By Thomas Wood . . . Ps. xxxvii. 
37. Bristol : Pr. & sold by Philip Rose, Broadmead. 8vo. Pp. 52. 


[1818 ?] A Particular Account of The Death & Funeral of Mr James 
Bundy. B.M. 

A Handbill, printed by Harry Bonner, with a brief notice of J. Bundy and 
memorial verses and hymns. 


[c. 1818.] A Biographical Sketch of the Life and Character of the late 
Mr. James Bundy, whose Active Benevolence and Ministerial Fidelity 
procured to him a Large Share of Public Confidence, and much Personal 
Esteem. By Thomas Wood . . . Bristol : Pr. & Sold by Philip Rose, 
20 Broadmead. 8vo. Pp. 64. B.M . 

Second Edition. Bristol. 12mo. Pp.96. B.R.L. 

Third Edition, enlarged. London. 1824. 8vo. Pp. vii. 

& 111. 

1880. The Prisoner's Friend : The Life of Mr James Bundy, of Bristol. 
By his grandson, the Rev. William R. Williams. London : 1880. 
8vo. Pp. xii. & 139. 

BURCHELL, Thomas, [b. at Tetbury, Dec. 25, 1799 ; educated at Crad- 
dock's School in Tetbury ; apprenticed to a cloth manufacturer at Lush- 
brook, near Nailsworth ; came under the influence of the Rev. W. Winter - 
botham of Shortwood ; ordained Baptist Minister, Oct. 14, 1823 ; 
Baptist missionary in Jamaica 1823 to 1846 ; d. in London in 1846. His 
father was in business in Tetbury and his grandfather, the Rev. Jos. 
Burchell, was Baptist Minister there for more than 50 years. The portrait 
of him which is the front, to his Memoir, is an engraving by R. 
Woodman from a picture by H. Room.] 
1834. Letter from Messrs. Burchell and Knibb [to their Baptist friends.] 

Baptist Mag. xxvi., 379-80. Portrait of T. Burchell (same as in 

Memoir), p. 379. 

1849. Memoir of Thomas Burchell, Twenty-Two Years A Missionary in 
Jamaica. By his Brother, William Fitz-er Burchell. [Vignette of] 
Montego Bay. London : 1849. 8vo. 

Pp. xii. & 416 ; Portrait, Front. Reviewed Eclectic Rev., N.S., xxvi., 159-176. 

Early Life of the late Rev. Thomas Burchell, twenty-two Years. 

Baptist Missionary in Jamaica. Baptist Mag., xii. 333-42. 

BURDER, George Forster, [M.D., son of the Rev. John Burder, Non- 
conformist Minister ; b. at Stroud 1824 ; physician to the Bristol General 
Hospital, 1856 to 1883, when he was appointed Consulting Physician ; 
hon. sec. Bristol Medical School, 1862 to 1879 ; president Bristol Natural- 
ists' Society 1880 till his death on the 6th Feb., 1883. For more than 30 
years he registered the rainfall in Clifton.] 

1892. George Forster Burder. Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal, x., 
67-68 ; British Medical Journal [Feb. 27], pp. 475-6. 

1894. [Memoir.] B.N.S. Procs., N.S., vol. vii. Portrait & pp. 61-63. 

A list of the papers which he contributed to these " Proceedings " is given on 
p. 63. Among them are his Reports on the Rainfall at Clifton, mentioned ante, 
vol. ill., pp. 192, 198, 212. 

BURDOCK, Mary, [of Bristol. Executed for murder on Ap. 17, 1834. See 
ante, vol. 3, pp. 148-9, where 9 Tracts, &c, relating to her life, trial, 
and execution are described.] 


1835. Trial, Confession, and Execution of Mary Ann Burdock, for the 
murder of Mrs. Clara Ann Smith, Tried at the Bristol General Assize, 
April 10th, 11th, and 13th, 1835. With Observations &c. 8vo. 
Pp. 12. B.R.L. 

BURGESS, Sarah. 

1808. True and False Piety demonstrated. A Funeral Sermon, preached 
at Horsley, in the County of Gloucester, on Sunday, April 3, 1808, To 
the Memory of Mrs. Sarah Burgess, of Cranmor, in that Parish. By 
Thomas Dudley Fosbrooke, M.A. Published by Desire, for the benefit 
of The Sunday School of Horsley. Gloucester : Herald-Office. 1808. 
8vo. Pp. 22. A.W.C. 

BURGUM, Henry, [fl. 1767-74. He settled in Bristol where he carried on 
a thriving business as a pewterer. His name would probably have been 
forgotten had he not been one of Chatterton's earliest dupes. There 
is a portrait of him at p. 250 of Memorials of Old Gloucestershire.] 

1775. A Narrative of Facts, In Contradiction of the many Falsehoods, 
contained in James Thistlethwaite's Address to Mr Henry Burgum 
. . . Bristol : 1775. 8vo. 2 leaves & pp. 28. B.R.L. 

An Answer to a Narrative of Facts, &c, lately published by Mr 

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Both tracts described ante, vol. 3, p. 69. 

1879. The " Grateful Society " in 1767, and its President, Henry Burgum. 
. . . 8vo. B.R.L. 

Reprinted from the Stroud Journal of Feb. 22, 1879, and subsequently reprinted 
in Olos. N. <t Q., i, 28-30. 

BURHILL or BURGHILL, Robert, [theological writer, b. at Dymock, 
Glos., in 1572 ; d. in 1641.] 

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BURKHEAD, Henry [fl. 1645. Author and merchant of Bristol. His 
tragedy, " Cola's Furie or Lirenda's Misery," was inordinately praised 
by his friends.] 

1823. The Bristol Memorialist, pp. 138-9, and 212-3. 

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1646. A Tragedy of Cola's Fvrie, or Lirenda's Miserie. Written by Henry 
Burkhead, 1645. Printed at Kilkenny, 1645. And are to be sold at the 
signe of the white Swanne, in Kilkenny, M.DC.XLVI. sm. 4to. B.M. 

Title, The Names of the Chiefe actors, Ded. to Lord Herbert, Verses addressed 
to the author by Wm. Smyth, Paul Ayhvard, Dan. Breedy & Prologue, 4 leaves ; 
Cola's Furie and Epilogue, pp. 1-02. A very scarce work. 


BURNELL, Family of, [of Yato.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), p. 33. 

BURNELL, Arthur Coke, [Sanskrit scholar ; b. at St. Briavels, Glos., in 
1840 ; d. in 1882. His portrait is at p. xiii of " Hobson Jobson," 1886.] 

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BURRUP, Henry de Wint, [son of the Under-Sheriff for Gloucestershire ; 
b. in Gloucester, 1830 ; educated at the College School under Dr. Evans ; 
went, in 1861, as a Missionary to Central Africa, where he died in 1862.] 

1867. Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire, pp. 389-400. 

BURY, Samuel, [b. 1663 ; minister of Lewin's Mead Chapel, Bristol from 
1720 till his death in 1730. There is a portrait of him at Bury St. 
Edmunds. His wife Elizabeth, the diarist (see Diet. Nat. Biog., viii., 
24-5) died 6 months after he came to Bristol.] 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., viii., 27-8, q.v. for Works. 

BUSH, Paul [b. 1490 ; d. 1558. First Bishop of Bristol, which See he held 
from 1542 till 1554, when he resigned it to avoid deprivation by the 
Bonner and Gardiner Commission. He held the Rectory of Winterbourne 
till his death. He was buried in Bristol Cathedral.] 

1713. Power for Stephen Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England, 
and others to deprive Paul Bp. of Bristol in consequence of his being 
married. Mar. 13, 1554. Rymer's Foedera, vol. xv., p. 370. 

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BUSHE, Family of, [of Bitton.] 

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BUSHELL or BUSSELL, Family of, [of Broad Marston, Pebworth.] 

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The Butler Family, pp. 30-36. 

BUTLER, Joseph H. [Born in Bristol Nov. 16, 1805. A self-educated 

1849. Sketches by the Way Side ; in Prose and Verse : Written during 
Fifteen Years Residence Abroad, by Joseph H. Butler ; Author of 
" Wild Flowers of Poesy," etc., etc., With an Introduction by Alonzo 
Potter, B.D. . . . And a Memoir of the Author, &c. [Vignette . . .] 
London : . . . Bristol : Pr. by Robert Joy, No. 5, All Saints' St. 1849. 
8vo. Pp. 160. B.R.L. 

BUTLER, Sarah. 

1831. Memoirs of Mrs Sarah Butler, late of Brimscombe, near Stroud, 
Gloucestershire. By Richard Skinner. With an Introductory Letter, 
By Joseph Burgess, Stroud : Pr. for the Author by W. A. Baylis, 
Rowcroft, 1831. 8vo. Pp. 68. * 

CABBAGE, Jack, see STRONG, John. 

CABOT, John, [discoverer of Newfoundland ; a Venetian Merchant who 
settled in Bristol, c. 1472, where he is believed to have died in 1498.] 

CABOT, Sebastian, [cosmographer ; son of John Cabot q.v. ; is said to have 
been born in Bristol in 1474 {See D.N.B.), but whether he was born 
there or in Venice seems doubtful (see N. & Q., Ser. 2, vol. 5, pp. 1, 154, 
193, 263 & 285 ; Ser. 3, vol. 1, p. 48) ; he certainly spent part of his life 
in Bristol. He died in 1557. A portrait of him, erroneously attributed 
to Holbein, which was once in the possession of Chas. J. Harford, Esq., of 
Bristol, was sold to an American in 1845, and destroyed by fire at Pitts- 
burg, Pennsylvania. Three copies of it were made before its destruc- 
tion. One, by John Chapman, is in the Gallery of the Massachusetts 
Historical Society, at Boston ; one is the property of the New York 
Historical Society ; and one (? by James Herring) was presented by 
Alderman Francis Fox to the Bristol Corporation in 1897. The original 
portrait was also engraved by S. Rawle for Seyer's History of Bristol 
(vol. 2, p. 208), and an engraving of it in vignette by Storm was pub- 
lished in America. For engraved portraits see A.L.A. Portrait Index. 
For an exhaustive catalogue of the works relating to the Cabots 
see Winship's " Cabot Bibliography," 1900. The following list is 
merely a supplement to Winship. It comprises only works which 
have appeared since the Bibliography was published, and a few minor 
ones not noticed by Winship.] 

1713. [Grant of an annuity of £166 13s. 4d. to Sebastian Cabot on Jan. 6, 
1549, and on Nov. 27, 1555; and of £116 13s. 4d. on May 25, 1557.] 
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From an engraving in " Seyer's History of Bristol" from a portrait which was destroyed by fire 


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Cabot, Ser. 5, hi., 468-9 ; iv., 54 ; Burial Place of Sebastian Cabot, 
v., 405. 

1878-9. The History of the Portrait of Sebastian Cabot, attributed to 
Holbein. By Mr W. George. B. & G. A. S. Trans., hi., 19-21. 
Lithograph of Portrait, p. 21. 

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A review of John Harrisse's " John Cabot ... a chapter of the maritime history 
of England" {see Winship, pp. 137-8). 

Was Sebastian Cabot in Bristol, s. ah. fol. B.R.L. 

Letter by G. E. Weare, reprinted from the " Western Daily Press," 8 Aug., 

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the Cabots based on independent examination of tho sources of in- 
formation by George Parker Winship. London . . . 1900. 8vo. 

Two titles, Pref. Note & Contents, 4 leaves ; The Careers of the Cabots, pp. vii.- 
lii. ; Bibliography, Title & pp. 1-180. 

This is an exhaustive bibliography of Cabot literature. It contains the titles 
of 579 works (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) which relate ex- 
clusively to the Cabots or contain important references to them, with critical and 
explanatory notes, in which numerous Magazine and Newspaper articles bearing 
on the subject are mentioned. 


1903. H. P. Biggar. The Voyages of the Cabots and of the Corte- Reals 
to North America and Greenland, 1497-1503. Extrait de la Revue 
Hispanique, tome x. Paris. 1903. 8vo. B. 

Pp. 113. Folding maps, p. 12. 3 after p. 20, p. 46, and 2 at end. 

Latest Lights on the Cabot Controversy. By Right Rev. Bishop 

Howley. Trans. Boy. Soc. of Canada, vol. 9, section 2, pp. 205-215. 


1905. The Saint Lawrence Basin And its Borderlands being the story of 
their discovery, exploration and occupation By Samuel Edward 
Dawson . . . with illustrations from drawings, photographs and maps 
by J. G. Bartholomew. London : 1905. 8vo. 

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Sebastian Cabot, p. 44 ; South American portion of the Cabot Map of A.D. 1544, 
p. 216. 

1906. Original Narratives of early American History. The Northmen 
Columbus and Cabot 985-1503. The Voyages of the Northmen edited 
by Julius E. Olson . . . The Voyages of John Cabot, edited by Edward 
Gaylord Bourne, Ph. D. Professor of History at Yale University. With 
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Photographic reproduction of Portrait, p. 228. 

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CADDICK, Thomas, [b. 1763 ; carried on the business of a druggist at 
Tewkesbury 1789-1820, and resided there till his death in 1847.] 

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[? 1851.] The good Man serving his generation. Not seen. 

A Funeral sermon, published With Sketch of Life by Mr Lewis, an executor, 
mentioned in the Tewkesbury Yearly Register, ii., 319. 



CADELL, Thomas, [bookseller and publisher ; b. in Wine Street, Bristol, 
in 1742, where he probably lived till he was 10 years old ; d. in 1802. 
His portrait by Beechey belongs to the Stationers Company. It was 
eng. by H. Meyer.] 

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CALDERBANK, Leonard, [b. 1809 ; Catholic " missionary rector " at 
Gloucester, 1850 ; soon afterwards Canon of Clifton, where he died in 

1886. Diet. Nat. Biog., viii., 244. 

CALLENDER, George William, [surgeon ; b. in Clifton in 1830 and edu- 
cated at Bristol School before entering St. Bartholomew's Hospital. 
He died in 1878.] 

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CALO alias CALEW alias CALLOW, Family of [of Churcham, Rodley and 

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CAMBRAY, Family of. 

1898. The Family of Cambray of Great Rissington and Icomb, Gloucester- 
shire. With a note upon the medieval Cambrays. Compiled by 
J. A. Dunbar-Dunbar, M.A. . . . London : Printed for private circu- 
lation and issued by Phillimore & Co., 36, Essex Street. 1898. 4to. 


Pp. iv. & 29. Pis : Arms of Piers Cambray of Poole, p. 2 ; Arms of Watkin 
Cambray of Stretton, p. 4 ; Great Rissington Church, p. 6 ; Icomb Place, p. 12 ; 
Pp. 7-24 relate to the Cambrays of Gt. Rissington and Icomb. 

CAMPION, Richard, see CHAMPION. 

CANTON, John, F.R.S., [b. at a house in Middle St., Stroud, July 31, 1718. 
After leaving school he worked as a broad-cloth weaver in his father's 
manufactory till 1737. His aptitude for science led him to London 
where he obtained considerable eminence as an electrician. He made 
some important scientific discoveries and invented the electrometer. 
He died in 1772. A portrait of him by an unknown artist is in the 
Nat. Port. Gal.] 

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CANYNGES, Family of, [of Bristol.] 

1853. An Examination of the Church of St. Mary Redcliffe [and of its 
alleged foundation by Simon de Burton and the two Canynges.] . . . 
By George Pryce. Archceologia, xxxv., 279-97. 

[Reprinted separately] London : 1854. 4to. Pp. 19. B.R.L. 

1854. Memorials of the Canynges' Family and their Times : their claim 

to be regarded as the Founders and Restorers of Westbury College and 

Redcliffe Church, critically examined : to which is added, Inedited 

Memoranda relating to Chatterton ; with Coloured Illustrations. By 

George Pryce . . . Bristol. 1854. 8vo. 

Three Titles &c, 7 leaves ; Memorials & App. pp. 336. The work is more fully 
described ante, vol. 3, pp. 174-5. 

1858. Fact versus Fiction. A Descent among writers on Bristol History 
... By George Pryce. Bristol . . . 1858. Pp. 109. B.R.L. 

William Canynges, Junior, pp. 69-83. 

1863. The Family of Canning. Herald & Genealogist, i., 272-7. 

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1866. English Merchants : Memoirs in illustration of the Progress of 
British Commerce. By H. R. Fox Bourne. London : 1866. 2 vols. 8vo. 
The Canynges of Bristol, i., 96-109. Portrait of Wm. Canynges the younger. 

A New Edition with Illustrations. London, 1886. 

8vo. Pp. xvi. & 492. 

The Canynges of Bristol, pp. 63-70. Portrait of Wm. Canynges the younger, 
p. 65. 

1884. The Canynges Family. Gloa. N. <fc Q. ii., 224-5. 

CANYNGES, William, [b. 1399 ? A wealthy Bristol merchant. He was 
Mayor of Bristol five times, viz., in 1441, 1449, 1456, 1461 and 1466, 
and was returned as M.P. for that City in 1451. In 1462 he entertained 
Edward IV. at his house in Redcliffe St., which is still known as " Can- 
ynges' House." He re-built St. Mary Redcliffe Church. In 1467 he 
retired from public life and entered the College of Westbury-on-Trym, 
of which he subsequently became Dean. He died in 1474. An engraved 
portrait of him by J. Jehner is in the B.M.] 

1777. Memoirs of Sir William Canynge, chiefly collected from Rowley's 
Poems. Gent. Mag., xlvii., 425-7. 

1834. Antiquities of Bristow . . . and The Life of William Canynges. 
By the Rev. James Dallaway. Bristol. 1834. 8vo. 

Life and Times of Canynges, pp. 169-212, and Pedigree. This work is fully 
described ante vol. 3, p. 145. 

1850. A Guide to St. Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol ; with . . . Bio- 
graphical Sketches of Canynges, Chatterton, &c. . . . See ante, vol. 
hi., p. 253. 

A 4th ed. appeared in 1858. Most of the Guides to St. Mary Redcliffe contain 
references, more or less full, to Wm. Canynges. 


1881-2. Bristol Past and Present, ii, 213-19. Portrait, p. 214. 

1884. Canynges's House, Bristol. Glos. N. & Q., ii., 97. 

Brief Romances from Bristol History . . . Being Cuttings from the 

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A.S. Trans., xxvii., 55-62. 

1913. Old Houses in Bristol. N. & Q., Ser. 11, viii., 90, 155, 214-5. 
See also ante CANYNGES, Family of. 

CAPEL or CAPELL, Family of, [of Gloucester, Prestbury, &c] 

1823. An Act For [the sale of an Estate in the Parish of Chievley, Berks, 

devised] By the Will of William Capel Esquire ... 4 Geo. IV. 

c. 20. Priv. 

William Capel is described as "late of Prestbury" Glos. In the copy in the 
Guildhall, London (Nayler's Private Acts, vol. 18) there is a MS. pedigree of his 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 36-7. 

1900. Capel Family. N. & Q., Ser. 9, vi., 234-5. 

N.D. Pedigree of Capell of . . . Gloucester. [T.P.] s. sh. fol. B. 

CAPEL, Daniel, [son of Richard Capel (q.v.), b. in Gloucester c. 1625, and 
educated at the College School in that city. He was ejected from the 
Rectory of Shipton Moyne, in Gloucestershire for nonconformity. 
He then practised as a physician in Stroud, where he died c. 1679.] 

1817. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), iii., 1221. 

CAPEL, Richard, [Puritan divine ; son of Christopher Capel, Alderman of 
Gloucester ; b. in 1586 in Gloucester, where he was educated ; Rector 
of Eastington 1613 to 1633, when he resigned the rectory on refusing 
to read the " Book of Sports." He owned an estate in Pitchcombe, 
where he died, Sept. 21, 1656.] 

1658. Capel's Remains. Being an useful Appendix to his Excellent 
Treatise of Tentations. Concerning the Translations of the Holy 
Scriptures. Lest (sic) written with his own Hand. By that incom- 
parably learned and judicious Divine, Mr Richard Capel, Sometimes 
Fellow of Magdalen-Colledge in Oxford. With a Preface prefixed, 
Wherein is contained an Abridgement of the Authors Life, By his 
Friend Valentine Marshall. London, Printed by T.R. for John Bartlet, 
at the Gilt Cup on South-side of Pauls over against the Drapers, and 
at the Gilt Cup in Westminster Hall. 1658. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, and ' To the Reader ' dated from Elmore, May 20, 1658, 24 leaves ; Text, 
pp. 1-118. Books lately Printed for Jolm Bartlet, one leaf. 


1662. A Collection of the Lives of Ten Eminent Divines, Famous in their 
Generations for Learning, Prudence, Piety, and painfulness in the work 
of the Ministry, Where unto is added, the Life of Gustavus Ericson, 
King of Sweden, who first Reformed Religion in that Kingdome, and 
of some other Eminent Christians. By Sa. Clarke, Preacher of the 
Gospel in St. Bennet Fink, London . . . London, Printed for William 
Miller, at the Guilded Acorn near the Little North-door in St. Pauls 
Church-yard, 1662. sm. 4to. B.M. 

Life and Death of Mr Kichard Capel, pp. 248-73. 

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522-4 ; The Will of the Rev. Richard Capel, Id., pp. 638-642. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., ix., 17-18, q.v. for Works. 


[See Wood and Diet. Nat. Biog. Capel's " Tentationa " went through six editions. 
It occasioned "Animadversions on Mr Capel's Discourse of Usury, In His Tentations, 
P. 262 &c." at pp. 223-259 of " Usury Stated" ... By J. P. London : 1679.] 

CAPPER, Samuel, [Quaker ; b. Mar. 2, 1782 ; resident in Bristol 1819 till 
his death in 1852.] 

1853. [Obituary.] Annual Monitor, pp. 65-68. 

1855. Memoir of Samuel Capper . . . Heb. iii. 14. London. 1855. 8vo. 
Pp. vii. & 230. B. 

Title, Preface, &c, pp. i.-vii. ; Memoir, pp. 1-230- 

1888. Biographical Catalogue (Lives of Friends), pp. 124-8. 

CARPENDER or CARPENTER, Family of, [of Coleford and St. Briavels.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 33 ; 1623 (Maclean), 
p. 243. 

CARPENTER, John, [b. at Westbury-on-Trym ; Chancellor of the Uni- 
versity of Oxford, 1437 ; Bishop of Worcester (which then included 
Gloucester) 1444-1476. He re-built and endowed Westbury College. 
He died at Northwick in 1476, and was buried in Westbury Church.] 

1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 1-7. 

Diet. Nat. Biog., ix., 156, q.v. for Works. 

1902. The grave of Bishop Carpenter. B. & G. A. S. Trans., xxv., 294-5. 

1909. The Disagreement between The Dean and Chapter of Westbury 
and The Vicar of Henbury, with Terms of settlement in A.D. 1463 by 
The Right Reverend John Carpenter, D.D. Lord Bishop of Worcester 


and Westbury, also Notes on the Earliest Efforts to found a Bishopric 
for Bristol, by H. J. Wilkins, D.D. . . . Bristol J. W. Arrowsmith, 
11 Quay Street . . . 1909. 8vo. Pp. 31. 

Some Chapters in the Ecclesiastical History of Westbury-on-Trym 

... by H. J. Wilkins, D.D. . . . Bristol. J. W. Arrowsmith, 11 
Quay St. . . . 1909. 8vo. 

Pp. 99. Desecration of Bishop Carpenter's Tomb, pp. 9-16. Pis : Part of the 
fresco found on the wall of Bp. Carpenter's Tomb, p. 10 ; Bishop Carpenter's 
Monument in 1840, p. 12 ; Bishop Carpenter's Monument as restored by Oriel 
College, 1852, p. 13 ; The Tomb and Piscina, p. 16. 

CARPENTER, Lant, [b. 1780 ; Unitarian Minister at Lewin's Mead Chapel, 
Bristol, from 1817 till his death in 1840. He was one of the chief or- 
ganisers of the Bristol Literary and Philosophical Institution in 1822, 
and took a leading part in local affairs. An engraving of a portrait of 
him painted by Branwhite, is prefixed to the 1842 edition of his 

1840. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xiv., 435-6. 

A Sermon preached at Lewin's Mead Chapel, Bristol, on Sunday, 

April 26, 1840, on occasion of the lamented death of The Rev. Lant 
Carpenter, LL.D., by Joseph Hutton, LL.D. London : & Bristol : 
Philp & Evans. 1840. 8vo. Pp. 36. B.R.L. 

1842. Lant Carpenter, LL.D. : a Bust, in white biscuit China. Bentley, 
Sculpsit. Published by H. Jones, Hanley, Staffordshire ; John Mardon, 
Farrington Street. 1842. Christian Reformer, ix., 371. 

Notice of a bust of L.C., 5 inches high. Price 5s. 

Memoirs of the Life of the Rev. Lant Carpenter, LL.D., with selec- 

tions from his correspondence. Edited by his son, Russell Lant Car- 
penter, B.A. Bristol : Philp & Evans, Clare Street. 1842. 8vo. 

Title, Pref., Contents, List of Subscribers and Errata, pp. i.-xxi. ; Text, pp. 1-510 ; 
Appendices, pp. 511-516 ; Portrait, Front. 

Reviewed: Christian Examiner (Boston, 1842) xxxii., 102-25; Monthly Rev. 
N.S., xiii., 205-19. 

[Another Edition.] Abridged by his Daughter, Mary 

Carpenter. London : 1875. 8vo. 

Pp. ix. & 252. Photograpluc portrait, Front. 

1846. Pen and Ink Sketches, pp. 43-52. 

Part of " John Foster and his Contemporaries " in this and later editions. 

1848. A Short Account of the Life of the Rev. Lant Carpenter, LL.D. 
By his Son Russell Lant Carpenter, B.A. Published by The Christian 
Tract Society. London : 1848. 12mo. Pp. 72. * 

1875. Memoirs of the Rev. Lant Carpenter . . . See 1842. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog. ix., 157-9. 

1906. Memorable Unitarians, pp. 240-4. 



See his "Memoirs," 1842, App. B, and Diet. Nat. Biog. His "Principles of 
Education" was reviewed Monthly Rev., xcv., 249-65; "Sermons on Practical 
Subjects," 1840, Id., N-S. ix., 666-76 ; and " Examination of Charges against 
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CARPENTER, Mary, [philanthropist ; daughter of Lant Carpenter (q.v.), 
b. at Exeter, Ap. 3, 1807. In 1846 she established a Ragged School in 
Lewin's Mead, Bristol, which she removed in the same year to St. James's 
Back. On Sep. 11, 1852, she opened a Reformatory for boys at Kings- 
wood, and on Oct. 10, 1854, one for girls at the Red Lodge, Park Row, 
Bristol ; and in April, 1859, an Industrial School in Park Row. She 
died June 14, 1877, and was buried in Arno's Vale Cemetery, Bristol.] 

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CARPENTER, Philip Pearsall, [conchologist, son of Lant Carpenter, q.v. ; 
b. at Bristol on Nov. 4, 1819; educated in his father's School and at 
Bristol College ; d. May 24, 1877.] 


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Lant Carpenter, q.v., at whose School and at the Bristol Medical School 
he was educated. At the latter School he became a lecturer. He died 
Nov. 19, 1885. A lithographed portrait of him by T. H. Maguire was 
published in 1851.] 

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See Diet. Nat. Biog. 

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Besides these he wrote 
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Researches in the Challenger. Contemp. Rev. xxvi., 565-89. Reprinted in 

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CARTWRIGHT, Family of, [of Washbourne and Tredington.] 

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CARTWRIGHT, William, [poet, b. at Northway near Tewkesbury, 1611 ; 
commenced his education at the Free School, Cirencester, where his 
father kept an Inn ; d. Nov. 26, 1643. His portrait was eng. by W. 
C. Edwards from the frontispiece to his Comedies, 1651.] 

1651. Comedies, Tragi-Comedies, With other Poems, by Mr. William 
Cartwright, late Student of Christ-Church, in Oxford, and Proctor of 
the University. The Ayres and Songs set by Mr. Henry Lawes, 
Servant to His late Majesty in His Publick and Private Musick . . . 
London, Printed for Humphrey Moseley, and are to be sold at his 
Shop, at the sign of the Prince's Arms in St. Pauls Church-yard. 
1651. 8vo. B. 

Title, Ded., To the Reader, Verses by 53 persons on Cartwright or his Poems, 
and Errata, 60 leaves unpaged. The Lady-Errant and The Royal Slave, pp. 1-140 ; 
The Ordinary, The Siege and Poems, pp. 1-320. Portrait of Cartwright. eng. by 
Lombart, Front. 

The Bodleian copy is said to have 3 cancelled leaves. 

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It is here said that Cartwright was born at Burford, Aug. 16, 1615. 


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CARUTHERS, Family of. 

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CARY, John, [an eminent merchant of Bristol, where most of his life was 
spent ; son of the Rev. Thomas Cary, Vicar of SS. Philip and Jacob, 
Bristol ; Warden of the Merchant Venturers Co. 1683-4 ; author of many 
pamphlets on Commercial and Political subjects (see ante, vol. hi., "An 
Essay on the State of England," p. 30) ; d. 1720 ?] 

1719. The Case of John Cary, Esq. ; On his Petition of Complaint and 
Appeal, against The Proceedings of the Right Honourable Allen Vis- 
count Broderick Lord Chancellor of Ireland, in a Cause depending in 
the High Court of Chancery there, between Thomas Amory and others 
. . . and the said John Cary and others . . . Humbly Offered to the 
Honourable Commons of Great Britain in Parliament Assembled. 
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CASSEY, Family of. 

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CATCHMAY or CACHMAID, Family of, [of St. Briavels.] 

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M.A. Late Vicar of S. Briavel's. B. & G. A. S. Trans., xxiv., 142-155. 

CATCOTT, Alexander, [son of Alexr. Stopford Catcott (q.v.) ; b. at Bristol 
1725 ; lecturer of St, John's ; Vicar of the Temple Church 1766 till 
his death in 1779.] 

1739. A Answer to a Pamphlet entitled An Examination of Mr. Hutchin- 
son's Remarks and Mr. Catcott's Answer to the Observations on his 
Sermon preach'd at Bristol. In which the wilful Misrepresentations 
and the malicious Calumnies of this Examiner, together with his Ignor- 
ance in the Hebrew Language, are fully expos'd. By Daniel Gittins, 
LL.B. London : 1739. 8vo. L.P. 

Two titles. 2 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-55. 
1885. [Hody Exhibitioner.] N. & Q., Ser. 6, xi., 288, 435. 
1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., ix., 278-9, q.v. for Works. 

His " Remarks on the Bishop of Clogher's Vindication " was reviewed Monthly 
Rev., xiv., 498-502. 

CATCOTT, Alexander Stopford, [divine and poet; b. in London in 1692; 
head master of the Bristol Grammar School 1722-1744 ; appointed 
Reader in St. Mark's Chapel, Bristol, in 1729, and Lecturer of St. John's 
in 1740 ; presented to the rectory of St. Stephen's in 1744 ; d. 1749.] 


1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., ix., 279-80, q.v. for Works. 


The Supreme and Inferiour Elahim. A Sermon Preached before the 
Corporation of Bristol, and the Lord Chief-Justice Hardwicke, At the 
Mayor's Chappel, On Sunday the 16th of August, 1735 : Being the 
Day before the Assizes. By A. S. Catcott . . . Master of the Grammar 
School in Bristol. The Second Edition. London. 1742. Price 6d. 
8vo. O.P.L. 

Pp. 40. This was his most important work. On p. 40 is a bibliography of the 
controversy which it occasioned. The first edition was issued in 1736. 

CAVE, Sir Stephen, [son of Daniel Cave of Cleve Hill, Bristol ; b. in Clifton 
in 1820 ; M.P. for Shoreham 1859-80 ; held several political appoint- 
ments ; d. in 1880.] 

1878. Men of Mark, iii., 6. Portrait and one page of letterpress. 

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CHAMBERLAINE or CHAMBERLAYNE, Family of, [of Maugersbury.] 

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Collectanea Topographica, vol. 3, pp. 95-98. 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 37-9. 

CHAMBERLAYNE, Edward, [author ; b. at Oddington, Glos., Dec. 13, 
1616 ; educated at Gloucester; d. 1703. His most important work was 
"Anglise Notitia : or The Present State of England," the first edition 
of which appeared in 1669, and the 38th in 1755.] 

[1724.] A Catalogue of the Libraries of Edward Chamberlayne and of 
his son, John Chamberlayne, Esq. both deceased. [London. 1724.] 
8vo. b.M. 

Not seen. Copied from B.M. Catalogue. B.M. copy mislaid. 

1820. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 789-90. 

1858. Angliae Notitia and the Chamberlaynes. N. & Q., Ser. 2, v., 456-7, 
521. See also Ser. 2, ix., 486. 

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Ser. 6, xii., 116, 137, 189-191. 

1886. ' The New State of England,' 1691-1707, and other rival Publica- 
tions to Chamberlayne's 'Angliae Notitia ; or Present State of England.' 
N. do Q., Ser. 7, i., 123-4, 202-4, 462-4; ii., 121-3. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 8-9, where his works are mentioned and some 
of the editions of "Anglioe Notitia " are described. 


CHAMPION or CAMPION, Richard, [b. (? in Bristol) in 1743. Proprietor 
of the manufactory in Bristol (1773-82) at which the celebrated Bristol 
china was made. He died in Carolina in 1791.] 

1775. Papers relative to Mr Champion's Application to Parliament, for 
the Extension of Term of a Patent. 1775. 8vo. B.M. 

Two leaves and pp. 36. Relates to a patent for the use of certain materials for 
making porcelain which had been granted to William Cookworthy and assigned 
by him to Champion. Josiah Wedgwood petitioned against the extension. 

An Act for enlarging the Terms of Letters Patent, granted by his 

present Majesty to William Cookworthy of Plymouth, Chymist, for the 
sole Use and Exercise of a Discovery of certain Materials for making 
Porcelain, in order to enable Richard Campion of Bristol, Merchant 
(to whom the said Letters Patent have been assigned) to carry the said 
Discovery into effectual Execution for the Benefit of the Publick. 
15 Geo. III. c. 52. 

1873. Two Centuries of Ceramic Art in Bristol being a History of the 
Manufacture of " The True Porcelain " by Richard Champion with a 
biography compiled from private correspondence journals and family 
papers ... By Hugh Owen, F.S.A. London : 1873. super roy. 8vo. 

Twenty leaves, pp. xxiv. & 420. [More fully described ante vol. 3, p. 193.] 
Portrait of R. Champion (eng. by W. T. Davey from a miniature), Front. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 34-35. 

CHANDOS, Barons, See ante, BRYDGES, Edmund, George, Grey, and 

CHAPPELL, Hannah, [b. Jan. 19, 1796 ; d. Nov. 13, 1876.] 

1877. Crumbs of Bread ; or, the Life of Hannah Chappell, late of Staple- 
ton, Bristol, Who was no Ritualist, but an old-fashioned Protestant. 
By James Hawkins, Sen. ... To be obtained Post Free, in boards, for 
Ten Stamps, or nicely Bound for Thirteen Stamps, Address Z. London : 
1877. 8vo. Pp. 63. * 

CHARLETON, Robert, [Philanthropist and Temperance Lecturer, b. in 
1809, in Bristol, where he died in 1872. He was proprietor of a pin- 
manufactory at Kingswood from 1833 to 1852. He was a member of 
the Society of Friends and an active promoter of education. The 
Schools at Kingswood, Oldland, and in Redcross Street, Bristol, owed 
much to his support.] 

1841. Observations in reply to A Pamphlet, Entitled "Remarks on Mr. 
Robert Charleton's Letter to the Wesleyan Methodists, in the Bristol 
North Circuit. By Jacob Stanley." By Robert Charleton. Bristol : 
1841. 8vo. Pp. 12. B.R.L. 

[1873.] Memoir of the late Robert Charleton; Also, Brief Thoughts on 
the Atonement ; and a Lecture on the Protestant Reformation in 
England. London. Is. 8vo. Pp. 56. B. 


1873. Memoir of Robert Charleton. Compiled Chiefly from his Letters. 
Edited by his Sister-in-Law, Anna F. Fox. London : 1873. 8vo. 


Title, Pref., &c, pp. i.-viii. ; Memoir, pp. 1-302 ; Postscript, one page. 

Second Edition, with considerable Additions. London : 

1876. 8vo. 

Title, &c., pp. i.-x. ; Memoir & Appendix, pp. 1-345. Portrait, Front. 
[Obituary.] The Annual Monitor for 1874, pp. 18-50. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 116, q.v. for Works. 

1888. Biographical Catalogue (Lives of Friends), pp. 128-32. 
1891. Friends of a Half Century, pp. 90-100. Portrait, p. 96. 

1911. Wesley and Kingswood . . . See infra, sub WESLEY, Charles. 
Robert Charleton, pp. 227-31. Vignette portrait, p. 241. 

CHARLETT, Arthur, [Master of University Coll. Ox. ; b. at Shipton, near 
Cheltenham, in 1655 ; d. 1722.] 

1869. Reliquiae Hearnianae . . . With a few notes by Philip Bliss. 
Second Edition, Enlarged. London : 1869. 

A lengthy note on pp. 218-224 of vol. 1, relates to Charlett. 
1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 119-20, q.v. for Works. 

CHATTERTON, Thomas, [poet; b. Nov. 20, 1752, in a small house behind 
Pyle Street Charity School, of which his father was head master ; bap- 
tised in St. Mary Redcliffe Church on Jan. 1, 1753 ; educated at Pyle 
Street School and at Colston's Hospital ; his first poem, written when 
he was 10 years old, was published in Felix Farley's Bristol Journal, 
Jan. 8, 1763. When 12 years old he commenced writing poems which he 
alleged had been preserved in Canynges' coffer in St. Mary Redcliffe ; some 
of these which he ascribed to Thomas Rowley, " prieste of St. Johan's 
Bristowe," he handed to George Catcott and William Barrett, who 
believed in their authenticity. For a brief interval Horace Walpole was 
one of his dupes. In 1767 he was apprenticed to John Lambert, a Bristol 
attorney, for 7 years, but Lambert cancelled his Indentures in 1770, and 
on April 24 in that year he went to London, where, after vainly struggling 
for 4 months to earn a livelihood by his pen, he poisoned himself on 
Aug. 25. His portrait, painted by Morris, was in the possession of 
Wordsworth, and subsequently of Sir Henry Taylor. Seven other 
reputed portraits of him are almost certainly spurious. One of these 
appeared as the frontispiece of the 1837 edition of Dix's Life of Chatterton. 
It was engraved by Woodman from a copy by N. C. Branwhite of a 
picture which was in the possession of Mr G. W. Braikenridge and was 
probably a portrait by Morris of his son F. Morris. See Diet. Nat. Biog., 
x., 152 ; N. <Sc Q., Ser. 5, vi., 60. It was suppressed in the second 
edition of Dix's Chatterton.] 


1914. Chattertoniana, being a Classified catalogue of books, pamphlets, 
magazine articles, & other printed matter, relating to the Life or 
Works of Chatterton, or to the Rowley Controversy. Reprinted from 
The Bibliographer's Manual of Gloucestershire Literature by Francis 
Adams Hyett, B.A. and The Rev. Canon Bazeley, M.A. With numer- 
ous additions By F. A. H. Gloucester : John Bellows MDCDXIV. 

Pp. 43. This work contains references to all printed works, etc.. relating to 
Chatterton known to the authors. It comprises references to the works noticed at 
pp. 316-337 of the "Manual of Gloucestershire Literature" combined with refer- 
ences to about 130 additional works. 

CHAUNCY, Ichabod, [ejected from a living in Bristol for nonconformity, 
c. 1663, after which he practised as a physician in that city for 18 years ; 
fined in 1682 and exiled in 1684 for non-attendance at Church ; re- 
turned in 1686 to Bristol where he died in 1691.] 

1684. Innocence Vindicated : by A Brief and Impartial Narrative of the 
Proceedings of the Court of Sessions in Bristol against Ichabod Chauncy, 
Physitian in that City . . . (See ante vol. iii., p. 34). London : 1684. 
sm. 4to. Title & pp. 17. B.R.L. 

1878. Munk's Roll of Physicians, i., 354-5. 

1884. Pedigree of the Family of Chauncy. Compiled by Stephen Tucker, 
Esquire, Somerset Herald in Ordinary. Special Private Reprint with 
Additions. 200 Copies. London. 1884. 4to. B.M. 

Pp. 12 ; 3 plates before p. 3, and 2 at end. 
Descendants of Ichabod Chauncy pp. 9-12. 

1885. [A Graduate at Harvard.] N. & Q., Ser. 6, xi., 90. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 169. 

1889. Genealogical Memoranda . . . See ante, sub AMES Family. 
Pedigree of I. Chauncy and his descendants, pp. 7, 9, & 93. 

CHEDWORTH, John, [b. in Gloucestershire ; benefactor of Cirencester 
Grammar School ; Provost of King's Coll. Camb. 1446 ; Bp. of Lincoln 
1451 till his death, Nov. 23, 1471.] 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 175-6. 

CHESTER, Families of. 

1881. Genealogical Memoirs of the Families of Chester of Bristol, Barton 
Regis, London and Almondsbury, descended from Henry Chester, 
Sheriff of Bristol 1470 . . . Attempted by Robt. Edmond Chester 
Waters . . . London : 1881. 4to. Pp. x. & 122. F.A.H. 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), p. 39. 

1890-4. Almondsbury Church : Monumental Inscriptions. Qloa.N.&Q., 
iv., 4-6. Chester and Howard, Id., v., 214. 


CHESTER-MASTER, Thomas William, [Colonel ; b. in London 1841 
son of T. W. Chester -Master, of Knole Park, Almondsbury, and the 
Abbey, Cirencester, who was High Sheriff for Gloucestershire 1878 
M.P. for Cirencester, 1878-85, and for the Cirencester Div. of Glos 
Oct., 1892, to Feb., 1893, when he was unseated on a scrutiny ; un 
successfully contested the Div. in 1892 and 1893 ; Colonel 4th Batt 
Glos. Militia, 1886 ; Member of the Glos. C.C. 1889-1905 ; 1908-14 
lived at Knole Park from 1894 until his death in 1914.] 

1885. The Political Record of Colonel Chester-Master, while M.P. for 
Cirencester, 1878 to 1885 . . . [Quot.] Pp. 8. B.L.C. 

1907. Men of Mark in the West. No. XXXII. Col. T. W. Chester- 
Master. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Pp. 9. Portrait on Title. Reprinted from the Bristol Evening News of June 3, 

1914. In Memoriam. Colonel Thomas William Chester-Master, J. P., 
D.L., of The Abbey, Cirencester, and Knole Park, Gloucestershire. 
Born May 15th, 1841. Entered into rest November 14th, 1914. 
Reprinted from the "Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard," November 
21st, 1914. 8vo. 

Pp. 32. Portraits of Colonel Chester-Master, Front., and Colonel and Mrs. 
Chester-Master, p. 14 ; Views of The Abbey, Cirencester, and The Abbot's Barn, 
Cirencester Abbey, p. 10 ; Knole Park, Almondsbury, p. 17. 

CHETWOOD, Knightly, D.D., [b. in Buckinghamshire in 1650 ; rector of 
Great Rissington in 1686 ; rector of Little Rissington 1702 ; dean of 
Gloucester 1707 till his death in 1720.] 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 210-211, q.v. for Works. 

CHETWYND or CHETWIND, John, [divine, b. 1623. Vicar of the Temple 
Church, Bristol, c. 1660, and a Prebendary of Bristol Cathedral. He died 
in 1692 and was buried in the Temple Church.] 

1820. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 376-7. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 212-213, q.v. for Works. 

CHEYNEY, Richard, [b. 1512 or 1513 ; canon of Gloucester 1558 ; vicar 
of Painswick 1554-58 ; consecrated Bishop of Gloucester, 1561, and 
authorised to hold the See of Bristol in commendam in the same year ; 
d. 1579. His sermons in favour of free-will gave great offence to the 
citizens of Bristol. He was buried in Gloucester Cathedral.] 

1858. Cooper's Athenae Cantab., i., 400-2. 

1880-81. Bishop Cheyney and the Recusants of the Diocese of Gloucester. 
B. & 0. A. S. Trans., v., 222-37. 

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1890. Bp. Cheyney's Desire to resign. Gloa. N. & Q., iv., 676-7. 


1898. Lives of the Elizabethan Bishops of the Anglican Church By the 
Rev. F. O. White . . . London : 1898. 8vo. 
Richard Cheyney, pp. 172-177. 

CHILD, William, [organist and composer ; b. in Bristol 1606 or 1607 ; a 
pupil of Elway Bevin, q.v. ; organist at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, 
1632-43 and 1660 till his death ; d. 1697. His portrait eng. by 
I. Caldwell from a painting in the Music School at Oxford is in the 
Supplement to Hawkins' " General History of Music," 1853.] 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 245-7. 

[Epitaph.] Olos. N. & Q., hi., 335-6. 

1904. Grove's Diet, of Music, i., 515. 

CHILMEAD, Edmund, [author ; b. at Stow-on-the-Wold, 1610 ; chaplain 
of Ch. Ch. Oxford, 1628-48 ; d. 1654.] 

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CHISHOLM, Colin, [M.D. ; settled in Bristol c. 1800 and practised there 
for many years ; d. in London in 1825.] 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 261, q.v. for his principal Works. 

The titles of five of his papers are given in the Roy. Soe. Catalogue of Papers, 
vol. 1 (1867). Besides these he contributed papers to the " Medical Repository " 
and Duncan's "Annals of Medicine." 

CIRENCESTER, Richard of, see RICHARD of Cirencester. 

CLARE, de, Family of, [Earls of Gloucester and owners of the Honour of 

1675. The Baronage of England ... see ante, sub BERKELEY, 
Family of. 

Clare, vol. i, pp. 206-17; Pedigree, p. 209. 

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90, pt. 1, pp. 33-4 ; [Different Accounts of the Clare Family] vol. 91, 
pt. 1, pp. 215-16. There is a pedigree of the Family, vol. 89, p. 41 1. 

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Family. Id., Ser. 5, xi., 424-5. 
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pp. 24-47. 

1884. Miscellaneous Writings ... By the late Stacey Grimaldi . . . 
London. [100 copies.] Privately printed. 1884. 

Pedigrees of Richard and Gilbert de Clare (ob. 1295), pp. 619 & 621. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 375-6. 


CLARE, Gilbert de, [6th Earl of Gloucester, 7th Earl of Clare and 5th Earl 
of Hertford. He was the son of Richard Earl of Clare and Hertford by 
Ins wife Amicia one of the three co-heiresses of William Earl of Gloucester, 
whose vast estates in that county he inherited c. 1217. He died in 1230 
and was buried in Tewkesbury Abbey to which he had been a great 

1852-78. The Two Gilberts de Clare. N. & Q., Ser. 1, v., 594 ; De 
Clare Earl of Gloucester. Id., Ser. 5, x., 329, 349-50. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 378. 

CLARE, Gilbert de, [8th Earl of Gloucester, 9th Earl of Clare and 7th 
Earl of Hertford, b. 1243 ; succeeded to the estates and earldom of 
Gloucester in 1262. At one time he was leader of the baronial party. 
He died in 1295 and was buried in Tewkesbury Abbey.] 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 378-382. 

CLARE, Gilbert de, [9th Earl of Gloucester, 10th Earl of Clare and 8th 
Earl of Hertford. He was son of Gilbert the 8th Earl of Gloucester 
(q.v.) and was born in 1291. He was killed at the battle of Bannockburn 
in 1314.] 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 382-3. 

CLARE, Richard de, [7th Earl of Gloucester, 8th Earl of Clare and 6th Earl 
of Hertford, son of Gilbert the 6th Earl of Gloucester (q.v.) ; b. in 1222 ; 
m. Maud daughter of John de Lacy in 1238 ; d. in 1262 ; bur. in Tewkes- 
bury Abbey. He was the most powerful baron of his day.] 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 393-396. 

CLARK, William Tierney, [civil engineer ; b. in 1783, in Bristol, where 
he was apprenticed to a millwright. He became eminent as a bridge- 
builder, his most important work being the bridge over the Danube 
which unites Buda with Pesth. He died in 1852.] 

1852-3. [Obituaries.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xxxviii., 534. Procs. of Inst, 
of Civil Engineers, xii., 153-7. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., x., 411-12. 

CLARKE, John Randall, [architect ; b. in Gloucester, or brought there in 
infancy, and lived there all his life ; d. Mar. 31, 1863, aged 36.] 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog. x., 435, q.v. for Works. 


Three of his works, vie. :— (1) An Architectural History of Gloucester, (2) A 
Popular Account of the Priory of Llanthony, and (3) Gloucester Cathedral (an 
historical romance) are described ante. vol. 1, pp. 281, 291, 292 respectively. 

The Siege of Cirencester : a Royalist Rhyme, 0ent. Mag. (1861), N.S., x., 391-8, 
is not mentioned in the Diet. Nat. Biog. He also published a lecture on " King 


CLAY, Joseph, [founder of the Gloucester Co-operative and Industrial 
Society (1860), of which he was President for 36 years. He lived in 
Gloucester from 1851 till his death in 1901.] 

1901. Joseph Clay. Gloucester Co-operative and Industrial Society 
Monthly Record, vii., 182-6. O.P.L. 

CLAYMOND, John, D.D., [b. ? 1457 ; President of Magdalen Coll. and 
Corp. Ch. Ox. ; vicar of Bishops Cleeve, Glos., 1516 till his death in 1537.] 

1813. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), i., 104-7. 

1873. Bloxam's Register, iv., 3-18 and v. passim. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xi., 11. 

CLEMENT of Llanthony, [also known as Clement of Gloucester. He was 
educated at Llanthony Priory, of which he subsequently became canon, 
sub-prior and prior. He died in ? 1190 and was buried at Llanthony, 
near Gloucester.] 

1901. Diet. Nat. Biog., Supp. I., ii., 33-34, q.v. for Works. 

CLIFFORD, Family of, [of Frampton.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 39-42 ; 1623 
(Maclean), pp. 40-2. 

CLIFFORD, William Joseph Hugh, [b. 1823 ; R.C. Bishop of Clifton 1857-93 ; 
First President of the Clifton Antiquarian Club, 1884 until his death on 
14 Aug., 1893.] 
1893. Obituary. C.A.C. Procs., ii., 275-7. Portrait, p. 276. 

CLOSE, Francis, D.D., [b. 1797 ; curate of Trinity Church, Chelten- 
ham 1824-26, and rector of Cheltenham Parish Church 1826-1856 ; 
dean of Carlisle 1856-1881 ; d. 1882. He was a popular preacher and 
very prolific writer of tracts in support of evangelical doctrines and in 
condemnation of the theatre and the race-course. Much of the litera- 
ture of the controversies in which he was engaged that relate to Chelten- 
ham is noticed ante, vol. 2, pp. 60-64. His portrait by H. W. Phillips 
was eng. by J. R. Jackson, and a mezzotint portrait of him, engraved 
by W. Ward (proofs 21s., prints 12s.), was published by Wight in 
Cheltenham. 1835.] 

1826. A Farewell Sermon preached in the Church of the Holy Trinity, 

on . . . Nov. 12 Together with An Introductory Sermon preached 

in the Parish Church of Cheltenham, on . . . Nov. 19, 1826. By the 

Rev. Francis Close. 1826. Pp. 28. B. 

1832. To the Electors of Cheltenham. Broadside. F.A.H. 

A letter from "A Parishioner" on Mr Close's alleged political partizanship. 

1847. The Church-goer. Rural Rides ; or Calls at Country Churches. 
To which are added notices of . . . Francis Close, Vicar of Cheltenham. 

106 CLOSE 

Bristol : John Ridler. 1847. 8vo. O.P.L. 

The Rev. Francis Close, pp. 253-9. By Joseph Leech. Another edition of this 
work (not seen) appeared in 1851. 

1851. Pen Pictures of Popular English Preachers, with limnings of listeners 
in church and chapel. By the Author of " The Life of Chatterton," 
[John Dix] . . . London : 1851. 12mo. 

The Rev. Francis Close, M.A. of Cheltenham, pp. 253-263. 

1852. Pulpit Sketches, pp. 5-8, 17-21, 29-32, 35-8, 48-50, 60-6, 74-5. 

1856. Biographical Memoir of the Rev. Francis Close, A.M., Incumbent 
of Cheltenham, To Ms Appointment as Dean of Carlisle, A.D. 1856. 
Reprinted from the Cheltenham Free Press. Cheltenham : Alfred 
Harper, Free Press Office. 12mo. Pp. 73. O.P.L. 

The Rev. F. Close, A.M., Dean of Carlisle. A Brief Retrospect of 

his Life, Labours, and Ministry, during a period of Thirty Years, as 
Incumbent of Cheltenham. Price Fourpence. Norman, Examiner 
Office, 1856. 12mo. Pp. 27. * 

1859-61. Francis Close, D.D. Church of England Photographic Portrait 

Photograph & one page of letterpress. 
1863. Norman's History of Cheltenham . . . 

The Very Rev. Dr. Close, pp. 145-151. 
[1872.] Fifty Portraits ... see ante, sub BOWLY, Samuel. 

Dean Close, pp. 96-7. 
1875. Evangelical Deans. The Congregationalist, iv., 562-572. 

1883. Death of Dean Close. The Cheltonian, N.S., ix., 3-5. 

1884. The Golden Decade of a Favored Town. 

Chapters ii.-v. (pp. 10-69) relate to Dean Close. 

Short Studies in Ecclesiastical History and Biography by the 

Rev. H. N. Oxenham M.A. . . . London : 1884. 8vo. 

Dean Close and the Evangelicals, pp. 391-402. 

1885. Memorials of Dean Close. Edited by one who knew him. Lon- 
don : 1885. 8vo. Pp. 110. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xi., 123-4. 

N.D. Fifty Portraits ... See ante [1872.] 


There are 106 copies of works by Dean Close (chiefly sermons, addresses and 
tracts) in the li.M . Thirty-six of his most important works are mentioned in the 
Diet. .Vat. Biog. His " Evil Consequences of attending the Race Course " (see 
ante, vol. 2, p. 60) was reviewed Gent. Mag., vol. 97, pt. 2. pp. 160-3, and 
" Miscellaneous Sermons," Brit. Critic (1835), xviii., 406-40. 


CLOSE, F. A. [Admiral ; son of Dean Close, q.v. ; b. at Cheltenham ; entered 
the navy in 1842 ; Admiral, 1877 ; resident at Stoke Park, Stoke Gifford, 
for 17 years and is now (1915) living at Clifton. High Sheriff of Bristol 
in 1902.] 

1903. Admiral F. A. Close. Clifton Society, May 28, 1903, with cartoon. 

1905. Men of Mark in the West. Admiral Close. 8vo. Pp. 15. B.R.L. 

CLUTTERBUCK or CLOTTERBOOKE, Family of, [of Eastington, Bristol, &c] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 41-3 ; 1623 (Mac- 
lean), pp. 42-3. 

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iii., 6-9. 

1894. Collections relating to the Family of Clutterbuck, by Robert H. 
Clutterbuck . . . Stroud : 1894. 

Pp. 48. Reprinted, for private circulation, from Glos. N. & Q. See ante, vol. 2, 
p. 221. 

1894-6. Will of Richard Clutterbuck, of Eastington, A.D. 1583. Gloa. 
N. & Q., v., 229-30 ; Will of Robert Clutterbuck, 1563. Id., 329-30 ; 
The Family of Clutterbuck. Id., 379-393, 426-7, 454-460, 511-513, 
547-560; vi., 13-16. 

COCKS, Family of, [of Bishops Cleeve, Glos.] 

1868. Cocks Pedigree. Misc. Gen. et Herald., i., 238-41. 

1909. Monumental Effigies. B. & G. A. S. Trans., xxxii., 245. 

CODRINGTON, Family of, [of Dodington.] 

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of Tewkesbury, pp. 435-6. 

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The Codrington Family, Id., ii., 40-41. 

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Century. By the Rev. R. H. Codrington. B. & G. A. S. Trans., xviii., 

1898. Memoir of the Family of Codrington of Codrington, Didmarton, 
Frampton-on-Severn, and Dodington. By R. H. Codrington, D.D. 
B. <Sb G. A. S. Trans., xxi., 301-345. 

CODRINGTON, Sir Edward, [Admiral ; a member of the Codrington 
Family of Dodington ; b. Ap. 27, 1770 ; commanded the British Fleet 
at the battle of Navarino ; d. Ap. 28, 1851. There is a portrait of him, 
by H. P. Briggs, in the National Portrait Gallery. Another by Sir T. 
Lawrence was eng. by Chas. Turner and T. Cockran, and one by G. Hayter 
was eng. by Holl.] 


[1828 ?] The Battle of Navarin, compared With other Important Naval 
Events ; justifying by Analogy the conduct of Sir Edward Codrington, 
& shewing his right to the Thanks of Parliament, and the Propriety of 
Granting Pecuniary Compensation to the Men. By James Ralfe, 
author of " The Naval Biography," &c. London. Price 2s. 8vo. 
Pp. 44. B.M. 

1830. Documents relating to the recall of Vice-Admiral Sir Edward 
Codrington from the Mediterranean Command, in June 1828. Printed 
for Private Distribution. London : 1830. 8vo. Pp. viii. & 107. 


1830-4. National Portrait Gallery of Illustrious and Eminent Personages 
of the Nineteenth Century ; With Memoirs by William Jordan . . . 
London. 1830 [-1834.] 5 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

Portrait of Sir E. Codrington, eng. by J. Cochran from painting by Sir T. Lawrence 
and 4 pp. of letterpress in vol. 2. 

[1832 ?] Papers relating to the Claim made by Vice-Admiral Sir 
Edward Codrington, on behalf of himself, The Officers, Seamen and 
Mariners engaged in the Battle of Navarin. Printed for Private Dis- 
tribution. London : 8vo. Pp. 16. B.M. 

1837. The Naval History of Great Britain, from the year 1783 to 1836. 
By Edward Pelham Brenton. A New and Greatly Improved Edition, 
Illustrated with Portraits, Plans, etc. London : 1837. 2 vols. 8vo. 

The Battle of Navarin, vol. 2, pp. 610-642. Portrait of Sir E. Codrington, p. 625. 

1840. Saunders' Portraits and Memoirs of Eminent Living Political 
Reformers. The Portraits by George Haytor . . . and The Memoirs 
by a distinguished literary character . . . London. 1840. Fol. 

Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Codrington, M.P., G.C.B., etc., pp. 138-153. Portrait 
from a painting by B. Hall, p. 138. 

[1846-8.] The National Portrait Gallery (Taylor). 

Sir Edward Codrington, vol. 4, pp. 56-7. Portrait by Sir T. Lawrence, eng. by 
J. Cochran. 

1861. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xxxvi., 194-5. 

1873. Memoir of the Life of Admiral Sir Edward Codrington. With 
Selections from his public and private correspondence. Edited by his 
daughter, Lady Bourchier. With Portraits and other Illustrations. 
London : 2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1, pp. i.-xii. & 1-512 ; Portrait of Sir E. C, Front. 

Vol. 2, pp. i.-viii. & 1-617 ; Portrait of Sir E. C. (1843), p. 525. 

1875. Edited and Abridged from the larger Work by his daughter 

Lady Bourchier. 8vo. 

Pp. i.-xvi. & 1-571. Portrait of Sir E. C, Front. 
1886. The Naval History of Great Britain ... By William James. 
London : 1886. 6 vols. 8vo. 

The Battle of Navarin, vol. 6, pp. 358-380. Also in earlier editions of the work. 


1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xi., 204-7. 

CODRINGTON, Sir Henry John, [Admiral ; 3rd son of Sir Ed. Codrington, 
(q.v.) ; b. 1808 ; d. 1877. His portrait by L. Dickinson is at Greenwich.] 

1880. Selections from the Letters, private and professional, of Sir Henry 
Codrington, Admiral of the Fleet. Edited by his sister Lady Bourchier. 
London. 8vo. 

Pp. i.-viii. & 1-495. Photograph of Sir H. C, Front. 

1881. Henry John Codrington, Admiral of the Fleet. [By J. K. Laugh- 
ton.] Fraser, xxiii., 73-86. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xi., 207-9. 

CODRINGTON, Robert, [a member of the Codrington Family of Dodington ; 
b. 1602 ; d. 1665. He was author of many English and translated many 
Latin Works.] 

1817. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), iii., 699-700. 

1853-85. Bloxam's Register, v., 100-3. 

1857. " Heptameron." N. db Q., Ser. 2, iii., 71. 

1862-9. Monumental Effigies. JV. db Q., Ser. 3, i., 90. Richard Craw- 
shaw. Id., Ser. 4, iii., 334-5. 

An Elegy attributed to Crawshaw is here ascribed to Codrington. 
1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xi., 209-210, q.v. for Works. 

COLCHESTER, Family of, [of Westbury & Mitcheldean.] 
1863. Personalities of the Forest of Dean, pp. 50-64. 

1881-2. Pedigree of Roberts and Colchester. [By Sir John Maclean.] 
B. db G. A. S. Trans., vi., 188-93. Arms of Wemyss-Colchester, p. 188. 
1884. Visitation Co. Glouc., 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 45. 

COLCHESTER, Maynard, [b. 1664 ; Colonel of the Red Regiment of the 
Glos. Militia, 1697 ; M.P. for Glos., 1701-8 ; d. June 25, 1715. He was 
one of the promoters of the S.P.C.K.] 

1867. Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire, pp. 404-6. 

1884. Clark Monument. Glos. N. db Q., ii., 398. 

1900. A Brace of Worthies. Duncombe and Maynard Colchester, of 
Westbury -on -Severn. By Miss S. M. Crawley-Boevey. Gent. Mag., 
vol. 289, pp. 548-58. 

COLE, Families of, [of Henbury and Northway.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc., 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 45-6; 1623 (Mao- 
lean), p. 43. 

COLE, Thomas, [minister of Southgate Street Chapel for 40 years. He 
was taken ill while preaching at Nympsfield on Aug. 4, and died on Aug. 5, 
1742, aged 64.] 


1742. A Sermon Occasioned by the much lamented Death Of the Reverend 
Mr. Thomas Cole, Who departed this Life August the 5th, 1742. 
Preached at Glocester, August 22. And Published with some Addi- 
tions at the People's Request. By Thomas Hall. London . . . 
Sold by G. Harris jun. in Glocester. 1742. Price 6d. 8vo. Pp. 62. 


1867. Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire, pp. 249-63. 

Advice to Students [A Sermon on 1 Tim, iii., 15.] 

COLEMAN, James. 

1888. " The Victory Won." A Short Account of what God did for the 
late Mr James Coleman, for many years the devoted Scripture Reader 
at St. Luke's, Barton Hill, Bristol. By the Rev. R. Cornall, M.A. . . . 
Bristol : J. E. Chillcott, Printing Works, 26, Clare St. 1888. Price Id. 
8vo. Pp. 11. * 

COLES, Thomas, [b. in the parish of Hawling, Glos., in 1779 ; Baptist 
Minister at Bourton-on-the-Water from 1801 till his death in 1840.] 

[1801.] The Difficulties and Supports of a Gospel Minister; and The 
Duties incumbent on a Christian Church : A Charge, by John 
Ryland, D.D., and A Sermon, by James Hinton ; Delivered Nov. 17, 
1801, at the Ordination of Thomas Coles, A.M. To the Pastoral Care 
of the Baptist Church, at Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire. 
Bristol : Printed by Harris and Bryan. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Pp. 53. List of Publications by Dr. Ryland, one leaf. 

1841. Memoir of the late Rev. Thomas Coles, M.A. By the Rev. B. S. 
Hall. Baptist Mag., xxxiii., 213-21. 

COLLET, Joseph, [nonconformist minister ; b. 1684 or 1685 at Longborough, 
near Moreton-in-the-Marsh, where he spent his early years.] 

1742 ... A Sermon Occasioned by the Death Of the Reverend Mr. 
Joseph Collet, Who departed this Life August 21, 1741. In the Fifty- 
Seventh Year of his Age. Preach'd At Coat in the County of Oxford. 
By Joseph Stennett. Published, with some Enlargements, at the 
earnest Request of the Family, and Congregation. London : 1742. 
8vo. Pp. 76. O.P.L. 

1863. [Biographical Notes] N. db Q., Ser. 3, iii., 71, 158-9. 

COLLINS, John Churton, [author and university extension lecturer ; b. 
26 Mar. 1848 at Bourton-on-the-Water, where he spent the first ten 
years of his life ; d. 12 Sept., 1908.] 

1901. A Censor of Critics. Fortnightly, lxxv., 1003-12. 

1908. John Churton Collins Professor of English Literature in the Uni- 
versity of Birmingham Died September 12th, 1908. " One short 
sleep past, wo wake eternally " . . . Eton College : 1908. Price 6d. 8vo. 
Pp. [24.] By Margaret E. Luce. 


1912. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. II., i., 385-8. 

Life and Memoirs of John Churton Collins Written and Com- 
piled by His Son L. C. Collins With two illustrations one in photo- 
gravure. London : 1912. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Two Titles, Dec!., Introd., Contents, & List of Illus., pp. i.-xvii. ; Life and Memoirs, 
pp. 1-294 ; Appendices, pp. 295-317 ; Index, pp. 319-30. Portrait, Front. 
Though dated 1912 this work was issued Oct., 1911. 


A list of his works is given at pp. 307-12 of his son's Life. A volume of Post- 
humous Essays, with portrait of Collins from the painting by George Phoenix, was 
published in 1912. 

COLSTON, Family of, [of Bristol.] 

1754-5. An Act to enable Alexander Ready Esquire, and his Issue by 
Sophia his Wife (late Sophia Edwards) to take & use the Surname of 
Colston, persuant to the will of Edward Colston, Esquire, deceased, 
and to bear the like Arms which were borne by the said Edward Colston. 
(28 Geo. II c. 33 Priv.) 

1884. The Colston Family. Glos. N. & Q., ii., 365-6. [By the Rev. C. 
S. Taylor.] 

COLSTON, Edward, [son of William Colston, a Bristol merchant ; b. 1636 ; 
is said to have passed his infancy at Winterbourne ; made a freeman of 
Bristol in 1683 and was M.P. for the City 1710-13 ; d. 1721. He 
founded two schools in Bristol, one in St. Augustine's Back (removed to 
Stapleton) and the other in Victoria Street. His public benefactions 
amounted to over £70,000. His memory is kept alive by four Bristol 
Societies that meet annually on Nov. 13, the anniversary of his death. 
There are 4 portraits of him : one at the Colston School ; one (by J. 
Richardson) in the Council House ; one in the Merchant Venturers' 
Hall ; and one (by Kneller) in St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London. 
The portrait by Richardson in the Bristol Guild Hall was eng. by G. 
Vertue, W. Pether, and J. Tookey.] 

1711. An Occasional Poem, upon the Meeting of the Loyal Society, On 
the Second of November ; Being the Anniversary Birth-day of Edward 
Colston, Esq. ; Written at Bristol, in the Year 1711. Printed for the 
Author. 4to. Pp. 4. B.R.L. 

1721. Charity the only Certain Infallible Note of a True Church . . . 

By Robert Griffith, Rector of Woolaston, in Gloucestershire. London : 

1721. 8vo. A.W.C. 

Title one leaf ; Ded. to Edward Colston, pp. i.-x. ; Some account of Edward 

Colston, Esq. ; his Publick Charities, in the City of Bristol, and to the Clergy, pp. (1)- 

(6) ; Pref. pp. i.-xl. ; Text, pp. 1-111. List of Subscribers, pp. 113-122. 

A Sermon Preach'd in the Church of All-Saints, Bristol, October 29, 

Upon the Death of Edward Colston, Esq 1 " ; By James Harcourt, D.D. 
. . . To which is annex'd an Abstract of the several Charities given by 
the Deceas'd. London . . . 1721. 8vo. Pp. 47. B.M . 

Pp. 47. For full title see ante, vol. 3, p. 46. 


1788. Memoirs of Edward Colston, Esq. Universal Magazine, lxxxii., 
337-9. Portrait facing p. 337. 

1789. Biographia Britannica, vol. 4, pp. 43-5. 

1839. Copies of the Settlements made by Edward Colston, Esq., for the 
Maintenance of his Almshouse on St. Michael's Hill &c, and of his 
Hospital for the Maintenance and Education of Poor Boys on St. 
Augustine's-back, Bristol. Bristol . . . Printed by John Taylor. 
1839. 4to. One leaf & pp. 65. * 

[c. 1849-52 ?] The Life and Times of Edward Colston, Bristol's Philan- 
thropist. Bristol : H. H. King. 16 Small St. 8vo. Pp.16. B.R.L. 

[Another Edition, dated 1860 ? in B.M. Cat.] With an 

Account of the Charities which he endowed. Bristol : H. H. King. 
26 Small St. 8vo. Pp. 16. B.M. 

1852. Edward Colston, the Philanthropist, His Life and Times, including 
a Memoir of His Father . . . By Thomas Garrard. Edited by Samuel 
Griffiths Tovey . . . Bristol : J. Chilcott, Clare St. 1852. 4to. 

Pp. xi. & 507 ; portrait, Front. 

[Another Edition, entitled] Colston, Philanthropist ; Memorials 
of his Life and Deeds. By S. G. Tovey. Second Edition. Bristol : 
T. D. Taylor, Small Street. 1863. 8vo. 

Two leaves, pp. 161 & xii. The " Times " are omitted in this edition. 

1856. Entries respecting Ed. Colston in the Wells Convocation Books. 
N. & Q., Ser. 2, i., 431. 

[1859.] Mr Colston's Further Directions touching the Government of his 
Hospital on St. Augustine's Back . . . Also A Correspondence Relative 
to . . . the removal of the school from Bristol to . . . Stapleton . . . 
Price 3d. 8vo. B.R.L. 

More fully described ante. vol. 3, p. 178. 

1866. English Merchants ... See ante, sub CANYNGES, Family of. 

Edward Colston vol. 1, pp. 353-302. Portrait, p. 353. Also at pp. 247-253 
of the 1886 edition. Portrait, facing p. 247. 

1877. Concerning Edward Colston, of Bristol and London, Merchant, 
And his Anniversary with some Facts and Figures compiled by Edward 
G. Clarke Hon. Sec. of the Anchor Society. Bristol. 1877. 8vo. 
Pp. 55. 

[A Second Edition, entitled] Life of Edward Colston By E. G. 
Clarke. Bristol : J. W. Arrowsmith. 8vo. 

Title, Illus. of Colston's Statue, and Preface, to Second Edition, dated 1895, 
pp. i.-vi. ; Life, pp. (7)-44. 

1879. Colston's House at Mortlake. N. & Q., Ser. 5, xi., 261. 

1881-2. Bristol Past and Present, iii., 122-38 ; Portrait of Ed. Colston, 
p. 123. 


1881-90. Colston's House at Mortlake, Qlos. N. & Q., i., 318-9; [Bio- 
graphical Sketch], Id., ii., 63-4 ; Edward Colston and his Hospital, 
Id., hi., 72-5; A Glimpse of Edward Colston, Id., iv., 26; A Statue 
of Edward Colston suggested, Id., 40 ; Portraits of Edward Colston, 
Id., 269 ; Colston's Room, Id., 345. 

1884. Edward Colston's Apocryphal Love Story. Brief Romances from 
Bristol History, pp. 182-9. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xi., 406-7. 

[1896.] The Colston Statue. List of Donations and Balance Sheet. 8vo. 

Pp. 8. Date from Balance Sheet. 
1904. The Colston Celebration. The King, xix., 260-2. 

[Monumental Effigy.] B. & G. A. S. Trans., xxvii., 66-71. 

N.D. Life of Edward Colston ... See ante, 1877. 

The Monument of the late Worthy, Good, Pious and Charitable 

Edward Colston Esq. s. sh. 20| by 13£. B. 

COMBE, William, [b. in 1741, at Bristol, and was residing there in 1768. 
He was the writer of many works, the best known of which is Dr Syntax's 
Three Tours, which was illustrated by Rowlandson. He also wrote The 
Philosopher in Bristol and Clifton, a Poem (see ante, vol. iii., pp. 69, 70), 
the letter-press of Boydell's River Thames, and many satirical poems and 
political pamphlets. He was on the staff of The Times. He died at 
Lambeth, 1823. His portrait was painted by Lonsdale and Cosway.] 

1823. [Obituary.] Gent Mag., vol. 93, pt. 2, pp. 185-6. 

Letters to Marianne. By William Combe, Esq. . . . London : 

1823. 8vo. B.M. 

Title & Advert., pp. i.-xiv. ; Pref. (containing short memoir of the author), 
pp. i.-viii. ; Letters, etc., pp. 1-85. 

1824. [List of Works.] Gent. Mag., vol. 94, pt. 2, pp. 643-4. 
1852. Portrait of William Combe. N. & Q., Ser. 1, v., 558-9. 

William Combe and his Works. By Robert Cole, Esq., F.S.A. 

Gent. Mag., N.S., vol. 37, pp. 467-472, 538. 

[1868.] Doctor Syntax's Three Tours : in search of the Picturesque, Con- 
solation, and a Wife. By William Combe. The Original Edition, 
complete and unabridged, with the Life and Adventures of the Author, 
now first written by John Camden Hotten. Eighty full page Illustra- 
tions drawn and coloured after the originals by T. Rowlandson. 
London : John Camden Hotten. 8vo. 

Title, one leaf ; Poem & List of Plates, pp. i.-iv. ; Life of the Author, pp. v.- 
xxxix ; Works written by Wm. Combe, pp. xl.-lxviil. ; Dr Syntax's Tours, pp. 1-354. 
The 1869 and 1870 editions contain no memoir. 

1869-74. William Combe, Author of " The Tours of Dr. Syntax." N. & Q., 
Ser. 4, iii., 545-548, 569-573 ; iv., 14, 15, 86, 90, 201-2 ; vi., 90 ; & 
Ser. 5, i., 153. 



1870. A Slave of the Lamp and His Labours. Dublin Univ. Mag., lxxv., 
316-325, and Eclectic Mag., N.S., xi., 611-620. 

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1908-9. ' The Diaboliad,' by William Combe [a Key.] N. & Q., Ser. 10, 
ix., 227 ; xi., 458 ; xii., 14. ' The Diabo-lady ' : a Key. Id., ix., 247. 

COMPTON, Family of, [of Hartpury.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc., 1623 (Maclean), p. 44. 

CONDER, Claude Reignier, [Col. R.E. ; Altaic Scholar and Palestine 
Explorer ; b. in 1848 at Cheltenham, where he died in 1910.] 

1878. Tent Work in Palestine. A Record of Discovery and Adventure. 
By Claude Reignier Conder, R.E. Officer in command of the Survey 
Expedition. Published for the Committee of the Palestine Explora- 
tion Fund . . . London 1878. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1, pp. xxvi. & 381. Vol. 2. pp. viii. & 352. 

New Edition. London. 1880. 1 vol. 8vo. Pp. xvi. & 397. 

1910. Memoir of Col. C. R. Conder. By C. M. Watson. Royal Engineers 
Journal, xi., 283-8. 

[Obituaries.] Geographical Jour., xxxv., 456-8 ; Palestine Ex- 
ploration Fund, Quarterly Statement, April, 1910, pp. 93-6, in both of 
which his works are mentioned. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. II., i., 401-3. 

COOK or COOKE, Family of, [of Highnam.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc., 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 47-8 ; 1623 (Maclean), 
p. 45. 

COOK or COOKE, Edward, [son of Sir Robert Cook of Highnam] 

168|. A Elegy Upon the Death of that worthy Gentleman Collonel Edward 
Cook Who departed this Life the 29th of January 168 J. s. sh. B.M. 

A Funeral Sermon Upon the much lamented Death of Col. Edw. 

Cook, Who died in London Upon January the 29th and was Buried in 
the Chappie at Highnam near Gloucester, on February the 2nd, 168|, 
By Edmond Thorne . . . London, Printed for Walter Davies in Amen- 
Corner. 1684. sm. 4to. Pp. 39. B. 

1690. Certain Passages Which happened at Newport, in the Isle of Wight, 
November. 29. 1648. Relating to King Charles I. Written By Mr 
Edward Cooke, of Highnam in Gloucestershire, sometime Colonel of 
a Regiment under Oliver Cromwell. London, Printed for Richard 
Chiswell at the Rose and Crown in St. Paul's Church- Yard, 1690. 
sm. 4to. B.M. 


Title & To the Reader, 3 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-26 ; Books printed for Richard 
Chiswell. one leaf. Relates to the capture of the King. Reprinted with a few 
verbal alterations at pp. 165-183 of " Memories of the Two last Years of the Reign 
of . . . King Charles I.," 1702. 

COOKE, George Wingrove, [author ; b. in Bristol, 1814 ; son of T. H. 
Cooke of Bristol ; d. in London, 1865.] 

1865. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., ccxix., 256-7. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xii., 85-6, q.v. for Works. 

COOKE, James Herbert, [steward of the Berkeley Estate from c. 1853 
till his death, Oct. 24, 1885.] 

1885. [Obituary.] B. <k O. A. S. Trans., ix., 367-8. 


A Sketch of the History of Berkeley Castle (1873). See ante, vol. 2, pp. 21 & 25. 

On the Ancient Inscriptions in the Chapel at Berkeley Castle, with some Account 
of John Trevisa (1876) B. A; G. A. S. Trans., i., 138-146. 

On the Tyndales in Gloucestershire (1878), Id., ii., 29-46. 

The Great Berkeley Law-suit of the 15th and 16th Centuries (1879), Id., iii., 305- 

The Berkeley Manuscripts and John Smyth (1881), Id., v., 212-221. 

On Wanawell Court, and its Occupants for Seven Centuries (1882), Id., vi.. 310- 

On a Roman Road from Corinium to Lydney (1884), Id., viii., 156-158. 

COOKE, William, [numismatist ; rector of Oldbury and Didmarton, Glos. 
from 1753 till his death in 1780.] 

1812. Nichols' Anecdotes, ii., 264-7. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xii., 100, q.v. for Works. 

CORBET, Family of 

[Before 1872.] Corbet of Queinton. [Pedigree. T.P.] s. sh. fol. B. 

CORBET, John, [b. 1620 ; son of a Shoemaker of Gloucester where he was 
born and educated. He was incumbent of St. Mary de Crypt Church 
and Chaplain to the Governor of Gloucester during the siege of that 
city, of which he wrote a very valuable account (see sub works). 
" An Historicall Relation." He aided Rushworth in the compilation 
of vol. i. of his Collections. He died in 1680.] 

1679. The Kingdom of God among Men ; A Tract Of the Sound State of 
Religion . . . With the Point of Church-Unity and Schism Discuss'd. 
By John Corbet. London, Printed for Thomas Parkhurst, at the Bible 
and Three Crowns at the Lower end of Cheapside. 1679. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, Preface, &c, 6 leaves ; The Kingdom of God, pp. 1-210; The Point of 
Church Unity, 4 leaves and pp. 1-67. 

At pp. 61-67 is "A humble representation of my own case touching the exercise 
of the Ministery." 


[1682.] A Sermon Preached at the Funeral Of that Faithful Minister of 
Christ Mr John Corbet. With his True and Exemplary Character. 
By Richard Baxter. London, Printed for Thos. Parkhurst at the 
Bible and Three Crowns at the Lower End of Cheapside. sm. 4to. 

Title, one leaf ; Sermon, pp. 1-36. List of Mr Corbet's published writings, 
one page. Date from B.M. Cat. Reprinted in Baxter's Practical Works. 1707, 
vol. 4, pp. 911-20 and in the 1830 edition, vol. 18, pp. 161-91. 

1683. The Nonconformist's Plea for Lay-Communion with the Church 
of England. Together with a Modest Defence of Ministerial Non- 
conformity, and the Exercise of their Ministry. By John Corbet, 
late of Chichester. London : Printed for Thomas Parkhurst . . . 
1683. sm. 4to. B.M. 

Pp. 30. At pp. 11-30 is "A Defence of my Endeavours for the Work of the 

1766. Biographical Collections : or Lives and Characters, from The 
Works of the Reverend Mr. Baxter, and Dr. Bates, with various Addi- 
tions interspersed . . . Together with Abstracts of Funeral Sermons. 
London : 1766. 2 vols. 12mo. B. 

Memoirs of Mr. John Corbet, vol. 1, pp. 150-170. 
1768. [Another Edition, entitled] Christian Biography : or, a Collection 
of Lives of Several Excellent Persons. London. 2 vols. 12mo. B.M. 

John Corbet, vol. 1, pp. 150-170. 

1817. Wood's Athena; Oxon. (Bliss), hi., 1264-7, q.v. for Works. 

1833. Corbet's Self-Employment in Secret. With a Brief Account of 

the Author . . . [Quot.] London. 1833. 32mo. (4£ x 2-f ). B.M. 

Pp. 1-56. Pr. by E. Power, Gloucester. Memoir of the Author by G. W. Counsel, 
pp. 53-56. 

1835. [Another Edition, entitled] A Reprint of A Very Curious Tract, 

written during the Great Rebellion, by John Corbet, A non-conformist 

Divine, Incumbent of Saint Mary-de-Crypt, and Domestic Chaplain 

to Governor Massey : — With a Biographical Memoir Of the Author, 

In which are inserted some very interesting Particulars respecting the 

History of those times. By G. W. Counsel Esq. Printed, Published 

and Sold by Edward Power, Westgate Street, Gloucester : Sold also 

by Lee, Cheltenham ; Harmer, Stroud ; Fryer, Newnham ; and other 

Booksellers. 1835. 32mo. G.P.L. 

Title, one leaf ; Memoir, pp. i.-xv. ; Notes, pp. xvi.-xxii. ; Recommendations, 
one leaf ; Mr Corbet's Introduction, pp. 5-7 ; Reprint of Tract, pp. 9-52. The tract 
consists of (1) Corbet's enquiry into the State of his Soul ; (2) the Workings of his 
Heart in Affliction ; and (3) Notes for Himself. 

[Another Edition, viz. : — ] Devotional Manuals Self-Employment 

in Secret London 16mo. (4f x 3i). 1883. B.M. 

Three Titles, Intro., Contents, &c., 9 leaves ; Preface [by John Howe] pp. 9-16 ; 
Biographical Sketch, pp. 17-20 ; Corbet's Introduction and Text, pp. 21-93. The 
Biographical Sketch is not the same as that in the 1833 edition. It is mainly 
extracted from Baxter's Practical Works, xviii., 185 et seq. 


1867. Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire, pp. 145-56. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xii., 201-2. 

John Corbet. N. & Q., Ser. 7, iii., 68-9, 157. 


Lists of his works are given in Wood's Athena and the Diet. Nat. Bing. of these, 
two, viz. : "An Historicall Relation of the Military Government of Gloucester," 
1645. with later editions and "A Vindication of the Magistrates and Ministers of 
the City of Gloucester " are fully described ante, vol. 1, pp. 256-7 & 258. As the 
later editions of " Self-Imployment in Secret " are not given in the Diet. Sat. Biog. 
they are set out here with the full title of the first edition. 

1681. Self-Imployment in Secret ; Containing I. Evidences upon Self- 
Examination. II. Thoughts upon Painful Afflictions. III. Memorials 
for Practice. Left under the Hand-Writing of that Learned and 
Reverend Divine, Mr John Corbet, Late of Chichester. With a Pre- 
fatory Epistle of Mr John Howe. London, Printed for Thomas Park- 
hurst, at the Bible and Three Crowns, in Cheapside, near Mercers- 
Chappel, 1681. Pott. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, & Pref., 4 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-75. Lists of Corbet's Writings and Books 
printed by Parkhurst, 2 leaves. 

[? 1700 Another Edition.] 12mo. 

1741. [Another Edition.] Corrected and newly published by S. Wright. 

London. 1741. 12mo. 





1824. London (Pr. at Bungay.) 12mo. 

1827. [Another Edition, entitled] The Christian's Companion in Solitude. 
1827. 12mo. 

The 1833 & 1835 editions contain Memoirs, and have been mentioned above. 

CORNOCK, Family of, [of Berkeley, Nibley, &c] 

1896-1900. Cornock Monuments at Berkeley. Glos. N. dc Q., vi., 31-2 & 
97-8. Cornock Monuments at Nibley. [By R. W. K. Goddard.] 
Id., vii., 96-8. 

CORNWALL, Alan Gardner [Rector of Newington Bagpath, 1827, and 
Beverston-cum-Kingscote, 1839, both of which livings he held till his 
death in 1871, aged ? 72. He married Miss C. Kingscote in 1825. Two 
sermons by him are in the G.P.L.] 

1872. Recollections of the Rev. Alan Gardner Cornwall, Late Rector of 
Beverston-cum-Kingscote, and Newington Bagpath-cum-Owlpen, Chap- 
lain in Ordinary to the Queen. Stroud : Printed at the " News " 
Office, George St. 1872. 8vo. Pp. 22. F.A.H. 

















COSSHAM, Handel, [b. at Thornbury, Mar. 31, 1824 ; d. Ap. 23, 1890 ; 
manager of the Yate Collieries, 1845-60 ; principal owner of the Kings- 
wood Collieries ; M.P. for E. Bristol, 1885-90. His portrait was pre- 
sented with the Weekly Record in 1862. He wrote several tracts on coal, 
mining, etc., and some of his lectures were published.] 

1875. Mr H. Cossham v. " The Times and Mirror." Action for Alleged 
Libel . . . Tried November 3, 4, 5, 6, 1875. Bristol. 8vo. Pp. 160. 


1888. Mr Handel Cossham, F.G.S., M.P. The Biographical Magazine, 
N.S., ix., 296-311. Portrait, facing p. 296. 

1890. Handel Cossham, M.P. Brief outlines of a Full Life. By Joseph 
Stratford . . . Bath : William Lewis & Son, Herald Office. 1890. 
8vo. O.P.L. 

Titles, &c, 8 leaves ; Memoir, pp. 1-110. Portrait, Front. 

[c. 1890.] The Late Handel Cossham, Esq., M.P. Sketch of his Life. 
Price Id. VV. F. Mack, Park Street, Bristol. 8vo. * 

Title and Portrait, on Wrapper ; Sketch, pp. 1-16. 

1891. Mr Handel Cossham. The History of Kingswood Forest . . . 
(See ante, vol. 2, p. 224), pp. 261-271. 

1911. Wesley and Kingswood . . . See infra, sub WESLEY, Charles. 

Handel Cossham, pp. 241-9. Vignette portrait, p. 241. 

N.D. Life, Death, and Funeral of Handel Cossham, Esq., M.P. Re- 
printed from the Bristol Mercury. 8vo. 

Pp. 32. Portrait on Wrapper. Price 2d. 

COTTERELL, Family of, [of Saintbury.] 

N.D. Cotterell of Seyntbury. [Pedigree of, T.P.] s. sh. fol. B. 

COTTLE, Amos Simon, [minor poet ; brother of Jos. Cottle q.v. ; b. in Glos. 
1768 ? ; educated at Henderson's School, Hanham, and Cambridge ; 
d. in 1800. A portrait of him by Palmer, eng. by R. Woodman is at 
p. 124 of vol. 1 of Cottle's " Early Recollections," 1837.] 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xii., 296, where some of his writings are mentioned. 
His principal work was " Icelandic Poetry or the Edda of the Saemund." 
His " Hermit Boy " was published in the Annual Anthology, i., 183-8, 
in 1799. 

COTTLE, Joseph, [b. 1770 ? in Gloucestershire. Educated at Hanham. 
In 1791 he set up as a bookseller and publisher in Bristol. He was a 
friend of Coleridge and Southey and published some of their earliest 
poems. He died in 1853.] 

1837. Early Recollections ; chiefly relating to the late Samuel Taylor 
Coleridge . . . By Joseph Cottle. 1837. 2 vols. 8vo. 
Vol. 1, pp. xxxviii. & 325. Vol. 2, pp. [viii.] & 346. 


[Another Edition, entitled] Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Cole- 
ridge and Robert Southey. By Joseph Cottle. London. 1847. 8vo. 
Pp. xx. & 516. List of 8 work- by J. Cottle, one leaf. 
1846-67. Pen and Ink Sketches. 

Robert Southey and Joseph Cottle, pp. LS5-173. Also at same pages of the 1856 
and 1857 editions, and at pp. 47-58 of the 1850 edition. 

1849. Trade Editions. Cottle's Life of Coleridge. N. & Q., Ser. 1, i., 
55-6, 75. 

1853. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xl., 205. 

1857. Critical Essays contributed to The Eclectic Review, by John 
Foster . . . Edited by J. E. Ryland, M.A. London. 1857. 2 vols. 
8vo. G.P.L. 

Recollections of Coleridge [by Joseph Cottle], vol. ii-, 45.3-483. 

1860. Joseph D . N. & Q., Ser. 2, x., 229, 277, 338-9. 

1865. Catalogue of a Collection of Autograph Letters comprising the 
Literary correspondence of Mr Joseph Cottle, of Bristol, deceased, 
containing many interesting letters of Southey, Coleridge, Lamb, 
Cowper, Wordsworth, and other eminent poets. ... [to be sold on 
Mar. 13, 1865, by] Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge . . . 8vo. Pp. 36. 

1887. Diet. Nat, Biog., xii., 296-7. 


Besides the works noticed in the Diet. Nat. Biog. he published : — 

Poems. 1795. 12mo. 

Second edition, with additions. 1796. 12mo. 

Selection of Poems. 1805. 

Third Edition. N.D. 

Fourth Edition. [1836?] 

The Affectionate Heart, A nniml Anthology, 1., 83-4; Ellen, Id., 102-4 ; Destiny, 
/</., 214-17; Age and Youth, Id., 272-8; Markoff, a Siberian Eclogue, Id., ii., 
223-9. [1799-1800.] 

He also, in conjunction with Southey, edited the 1803 edition of Chatterton's 
Works. His " Early Recollections " were reviewed Qnan. Rev., No. 117. pp. 1-32 ; 
his "Alfred," Id., No. 180, pp. 333-62; Monthly Rev., xxxv., 1-9, and Monthly 
Visitor (1800), xi., 413-20; his •Reminiscences," Edinb. Rev., No. 176. pp. 368- 
392; "Fall of Cambria," Eclectic Rev., xii., 1073-83, and Monthly Rev., lvii.. 
279-88 ; and his " Malvern Hills," Id., xxviii., 21-5. 

COTTLE, Mrs. S. 

1814. Brief Memoir of Mrs S . . . . C Late of Bristol, who 

departed this life, Dec. 18, 1813. Aged 74. In a Letter to a Friend. 
Bristol : Printed by M. Bryan, 51, Corn St. 1814. 12mo. Pp. 64. 


COTTON, Family of, [of Whittington.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 45-6. 

COURT, Family of, [of Bourton-on-the-Hill.] 

1871. Pedigree of Court of Blockley, Co. Wore, and of Bourton-on-the- 
Hill, Co. Glouc. 1871. [T.P.] s. sh. 4to. B. 


COVENTRY, Countess of, see SOMERSET, Anne. 

COWLEY, Family of, [of Eastington.] 

1868. Pedigree of Cowley of Eastington . . . 1862. [T.P.] s. sh. fol. B. 

COWLEY, Abraham, [missionary ; b. in 1816 at Fairford, where he was 
educated and resided until 1839; d. 11 Sept., 1887.] 

[After 1893.] The Ven. Archdeacon Cowley, D.D., C.M.S., Missionary in 
Rupert's Land from 1841 to 1887. 4to. Q.P.L. 

Title, one leaf ; Portrait and Text, pp. 1-16. 

COX, alius HAYWARD, Family of, [of Woolstrap in Quedgley and Forthamp- 

1709-10. An Act for making Effectual the Provisions intended by William 
Hayward, late of Quedgley [for] . . . providing Portions for his 
Younger Children. 8 Anne c. 4. priv. 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 49-51. 

COXETER, Thomas, [author and antiquary ; b. at Lechlade, Sept. 20, 1689 ; 
d. Ap. 19, 1747.] 

1748. A Catalogue of the Libraries of the Several Gentlemen under 
mentioned, viz. . . . The well-known Antiquarian Thomas Coxeter, 
Esq. ... to be Sold at T. Osborne's in Gray's-Inn (from Ap. 26 to 
Aug. 1). 1748. 8vo. B. 

Two leaves, pp. 368 and App. pp. 24. 
1781. [Brief Memoirs of Mr Coxeter,] Gent. Mag., li., 173-4. 
1818. Nichols' Anecdotes, ii., 512-13. 
1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xii., 422-3, q.v. for Works. 

COXWELL, Families of, 

1833-8. A Genealogical and Heraldic History of The Commoners of Great 
Britain and Ireland, enjoying Territorial Possessions or High Official 
Rank ; but uninvested with Heritable Honours. By John Burke, 
Esq. . . . London : 1833-8. 4 vols. 8vo. 

Coxwell, of Ablington, vol. 3, pp. 471-2. 

1884. Coxwell of Turkdean. Visitation Co. Olouc., 1682-3 (Fenwick), 
pp. 51-2. Coxwell of Dowdeswell, Id., pp. 146-7. 

1885. Coxwell of Cirencester and Ablington. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1623 
(Maclean), p. 47. 

CRABBE, George, [son of the poet, b. 1785 ; curate of Pucklechurch, 1817- 
34; d. 1857.] 

1857. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., cciii., 562-3. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xii., 431. His Life of his father, the poet (" an 
excellent piece of biography "), was reviewed Brit. Critic (1834), xvi. ( 


56-70; Edinb. Rev., No. 122, pp. 255-9(5; Gent. Mag. (1834), N.S., i., 
253-64 ; Quart. Rev., No. 103, pp. 184-203. 

CRADOCK, Family of, see infra, NEWTON. 

CRAIK, Henry, [b. Aug. 8, 1805. Minister of Newfoundland St. Chapel, 
Bristol, from 1832 till his death 22nd Jan., 1866.] 

1866. Passages from the Diary and Letters of Henry Craik, of Bristol. 
By W. Elfe Tayler. With an Introduction by Mr George Muller. 
London : 8vo. B.R.L. 

Title and Pref. dated April 21, 1866, 2 leaves ; Contents and Introduction, 
pp. vii.-xx. ; Text, pp. 1-366. 


CREW, William, [of Wotton-under-Edge. Executed for robbery Ap. 21, 

1786. The Progress of Vice, exemplified in the life of William Crew of 
Wotton-under-Edge . . . see ante, vol. 2, p. 391. 1786. cr. 8vo. 
Pp. 39. A Second Edition (pp. 40) appeared in the same year. 

CRIBB, Thomas, [pugilist, b. at Hanham, July 8, 1781. He became 
Champion in 1809 and held the belt for nearly 10 years. Some of his 
fights are historic, notably that with Molineux, the American (1811), 
which was witnessed by over 20,000 persons. His only defeat was by 
George Nicholls q.v. He died in 1848. "As a professor of his art he was 
matchless," and his fair play, integrity and humanity were unquestion- 
able. (Diet. Nat. Biog.) His portrait by S. De Wilde was eng. by 
C. Warren, and another by J. Sharpies was eng. by P. Roberts. Other 
portraits of him in works on pugilism are mentioned below. ] 

1812-21. Tom Cribb, First known in the Pugilistic Hemisphere by the 
Appellation of " The Black Diamond ! " But who rose rapidly by his 
Scientific Pursuits, to the Proud and enviable Title of The Champion of 
England, and In whose Hands it now remains, April 7th, 1813. Boxiana, 
i„ 384-422. 

Portrait of Cribb, Frontispiece ; Folding plate of The Second Contest between 
Cribb and Molineux, Sept. 28, 1811, after p. 412. Tom Cribb. Id., ii. (1818), 416- 

The Champion of England, Tom Cribb. Id., iii. (1821), 21-32. 

1819. Tom Crib's Memorial to Congress. With a Preface, Notes, and 
Appendix. By one of the Fancy . . . [Quotations from Plato & Ben 
Jonson.] London . . . 1819. 8vo. B.M. 

Two titles and Preface, pp. i.-xxxi., Memorial, pp. 1-30 ; Appendix, pp. 31-88. 

This work is by Thomas Moore, the Poet. The Memorial, in verse, is supposed 
to have been presented to a congress of pugilists wliich met at Aix-la-Chapelle. The 
Appendix comprises several short humorous pieces in verse, the first of which is 
an "Account of a Grand Pugilistic Meeting at Belcher's, Tom Crib in the Chair." 

A 2nd, 3rd, and 4th edition appeared in 1819, apparently reprints of the first 
edition, without alteration. 


1826. Memoirs of Thomas Cribb. The Fancy, i., 5-12, 85-9; 112-17; 
329-37. Portrait, p. 5. 

1856. Fights for the Championship, pp. 36-48. 

1869. Tom Crib. N. & Q., Ser. 4, iii., 530. 

[1876.] Conducted by the Promoter of "The Sporting Life" and "Il- 
lustrated Sporting News." Famous Fights in the Prize Ring. 4to. 

No. 3. Great Anglo-American Fight between Tom Cribb and Molineux, pp. 17- 

1880. Thomas Cribb, Champion of England, 1805-1820. Pugilistica, i., 
242-277 ; Portrait, p. 242 ; Cribb 's Monument, p. 276. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xiii., 84-5. 

[1902.] Fights for the Championship. 

Tom Cribb 's Fights, i., 299-307, 316-323, Portrait, p. 303 ; ii., 1-54, Portrait, p. 5. 

[1909.] Fights Forgotten. 

Tom Crib v. Jem Belcher, pp. 30-40. Portrait of Crib. p. 30. Tom Crib v. 
Molyneux, pp. 41-52. 

CRIPPS, Family of [of Cirencester]. 

1894. Crisp's Visitations, ii., 119-120. 

1914. Memories of Father and Mother (Henry William & Julia Cripps.) 
By three of their children . . . London : 1914. 8vo. 

Four leaves, and pp. 1-155. Henry William Cripps was born. Mar. 20, 1815, at 
Wigwold, near Cirencester, where and at Preston his early years were spent. He 
married in 1845 Julia Lawrence, eldest daughter of Charles Lawrence, g. v. 
He died Aug. 14, 1899, and Mrs. Cripps died on July 13, 1912. Portraits of Mr. 
& Mrs. Cripps in 1895, Front; of Mrs. Cripps in 1853 and 1908, p. 44 & 120, and 
of Mr. Cripps, in 1887, p. 101. 

CRIPPS, Wilfred Joseph, C.B., [writer on English Plate ; member of an old 
Cirencester Family ; b. in London in 1841 ; J.P. & D.L. for Glos. ; served 
in the North Glouc. Militia; member of the Glos. C.C. 1893-1903; 
resided in Cirencester the greater part of his life ; d. 1903.] 

1903-4. [Obituaries.] Archazologia Aeliana, xxv., 188-191. Portrait, p. 188; 
B. & G. A. S. Trans., xxvi., 212-13; Procs. Soc. Antiq., Ser. 2, xx., 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. II., i., 442-3. 

1914. Old English Plate . . . By Wilfred Joseph Cripps, C.B., F.S.A. . . . 
Tenth Edition . . . London, 1914. 8vo. Pp. xxxiv. & 538. 

Introduction ("containing "a short account of the author's work in connection 
with old plate "), pp. xxi.-xxxii. Bibliography of the Books and Pamphlets 
(22 in all) by the late Wilfred J. Cripps, Esq., pp. xxxiii. -xxxiv. For those of 
local interest, see ante, vol. 1, p. 81. and vol. 2, pp. 156, 254. An enlarged 
edition of his history of the Royal North Gloucester Militia was published 1915. 

CROKER, Family of, [of Batsford.] 


1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), p. 48. 
1890. John Croker. Oloa. N. db Q., iv., 263. 

CROLE, P. R. [Minister at Gloucester, 1868-1881.] 

1881. Memoir of The Rev. P. R. Crole, Late Minister of the Whitefield 
Memorial Church, Gloucester, with Funeral Sermons Preached at Tyn- 
dale and Brunswick Road Chapels. Price 6d. Gloucester :" Journal" 
Steam Printing Works. 8vo. Pp. 50. O.P.L. 

CROLE, Robert, see CROWLEY. 

CROMWELL, Family of, [of Henbury.] 

1899. N. db Q., Ser. 9, iii., 367, 494 ; iv., 91, 332-3. 

CROOM, or CROOME, John, [methodist preacher. Born at Horsley in 
1718, where he lived till his death on Oct. 10, 1780. Said to have been 
dissolute in his youth and converted by Whitefield (Evan. Mag.) or 
Howell Harris (Stratford, p. 58). He was buried at Rodborough.] 

1806. Memoir of the late Rev. J. Croom. Evangelical Magazine for Oct., 
1806, pp. 433-440. 

CROSS, William, [b. at Cirencester, July 22, 1797, where he lived till he was 

about 21. He was a missionary from 1827 till his death in 1842.] 

1846. Memoir of the Rev. William Cross, Wesleyan Missionary to the 

Friendly and Feejee Islands ; with a Short Notice of the early History 

of the Missions. By the Rev. J. Hunt, Missionary to Feejee. London : 

1846. 8vo. Pp. vii. & 167. B.M. 

1867. Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire, pp. 377-87. 

CROSSMAN, Edward, [b. at Alveston, Sept. 20, 1832 ; surgeon at Ham- 
brook, Bristol, 1856 till his death in 1904.] 

1904. Edward Crossman. Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal, xxii., 193-6. 
Portrait, p. 193. 

CROSSMAN, Samuel, [b. 1624, d. 168$. Prebendary of Bristol 1667; 
Dean of Bristol, May, 1683, until his death in the following February. 
Buried in Bristol Cathedral.] 

168|. The Last Testimony and Declaration of the Reverend Samuel 

Crossman, D.D. and Dean of Bristoll. Setting forth his Dutiful, and 

True Affection to the Church of England as by Law Established, fol. 

Pp. 2. He had been ejected from a living for Nonconformity in 1662. B.M. 

1867. [Hymn by S. Crossman.] N. db Q., Ser. 3, xi., 65. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xiii., 230. 


Titles of two of his works are mentioned in the Diet. Nat. Biog., vii. : — " The 
Young Man's Monitor " and " The Young Man's Meditation." but it is not stated 
that the latter formed Part 2 of the former. Part 1 of the Monitor was entitled 


The Young Man's Calling : or the whole duty of Youth. 
This was also printed separately, 12mo, in 1678, and went through several editions, 
the 8th of which appeared in 1725. Some of his sermons were printed. 

CROWLEY, CROLE or CROLEUS, Robert. [Said to have been born in 
Gloucestersliire, c. 1518. Printer, Divine, Poet and Controversialist. 
Archdeacon of Hereford, 1559-67. He died in 1588.] 

1786. Typographical Antiquities : or An Historical Account of the Origin 
and Progress of Printing in Great Britain and Ireland : containing 
Memoirs of our Ancient Printers and a Register of Books printed by 
them From the Year MCCCCLXXI. to the Year MDC. Begun by the 
late Joseph Ames, F.R. & A.S.S. And . . . Considerably augmented. 
... By William Herbert. London. 3 vols. 4to. 
Robert Crole, Croleus, or Crowley, vol. 2, pp. 757-762. 

[Another Edition] greatly enlarged with Copious Notes, 

and Illustrations with appropriate Engravings ; Comprehending the 
History of English Literature, and a View of the Progress and the Art 
of Engraving, in Great Britain ; By the Rev. Thomas Frognall 
Dibdin. London: 1810-19. 3 vols. 4to. 

Robert Crowley, vol. 4 (1819), pp. 325-33. 
1813. Brook's Lives of the Puritans, pp. 357-361. 

Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), i., 542-6. 

1843. The Psalmists of Britain ... By John Holland. London : 1843. 
2 vols. 8vo. 

Robert Crowley, vol. 1, pp. 147-51. 

1850. A Treatise on the Lord's Supper by Robert Crowley. N. ds Q., 
Ser. 1, i., 332-3, 355-6, 362-3. 

1869. Collectanea Anglo-Poetica (Corser). 

Pt. 4, pp. 539-542, contains a short memoir and reprint of Crowley's " Voyce of 
the Laste Trumpet." 

1870. Robert Crowley, and F. Seager's " School of Vertue." N. & Q., 
Ser. 4, vi., 452. 

1872. The Select Works of Robert Crowley, Printer, Archdeacon of 
Hereford (1559-1567), Vicar of Lawrence Jewry, &c. &c. . . . Edited 
With Introductions, Notes, and Glossary by J. M. Cowper. London : 
1872. 8vo. B.M. 

Two Titles, &c, 4 leaves ; Introduction (partly biographical), pp. ix.-xxiii. ; 
Notes, pp. xxiv.-xxxi. ; Works, Glossary & Index, pp. 1-185. 

1873. Bloxam's Register, iv., 78-84. 

1883. Diet. Nat. Biog., xiii., 241-3, q.v. for Works. 

DALBY, Isaac, [mathematician ; b. in Glos. 1744, where he lived ? 1772 ; 
d. 1824. His portrait, painted by W. Derby, was eng. by J. Thomson.] 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xiii., 382-3, q.v. for Works. 


DALLAWAY, James, [son of James Dallaway (a Stroud banker, who lived 
in Rodborough Fort), b. in Bristol in 1763 ; educated at Cirencester 
Grammar School ; curate at Rodborough 1787-93, when he lived either 
at Rodborough or Gloucester. He assisted Richard Bigland in the 
editing of Bigland's Historical Collections, (see ante, vol. i., p. 31). He 
died June 6, 1834.] 

1834. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., ii., pp. 318-20. 
Keprinted in the Ann. Biog. <£ Obit, for 1834, pp. 404-6. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xiii., 398-9. 


See Diet. Nat. Biog., where eleven works of which he was the author, and four 
which he edited, are mentioned. Besides these he wrote 

"Sonnets . . on the death of Chatterton. 1788." See ante, vol. 3, p. 326. 

Two of the eleven works mentioned in the D.N.B. relate to Gloucestershire, and 
are described ante, viz. : "Antiquities of Bristow " and " William Wyrcestre Redl- 
vivus " (see vol. 3, pp. 145 and 120). The former was reviewed (1835) Gent. Mag., 
N.S., iv., 164-7, the latter (1824) Gent. Mag., vol. 94, pt. i., pp. 339-40, 433-6. His 
'* Series of Discourses on Architecture in England," 1st ed., was renewed 
Monthly Rer. liii., 244-54 and an enlarged ed., Gent. Mag. (1824), N.S., i., 627-9; 
Ms " Science of Heraldry," Id., lxiv., 54-7, Monthly Rev., xvii., 361-7, xviii., 132- 
144, 246-51 ; Brit. Critic, iv., 231-9 ; and Critical Rev., Ser. 2, xi., 296-304; and his 
"Anecdotes of the Arts in England," Gent. Mag., lxx., 1069-75. and Monthly Rev., 
xxxiv., 61-72. The latter work was translated into French, and his " Constanti- 
nople " (reviewed Brit. Critic, xi., 29-39 and Monthly Rev., xxv., 121-9) into 
German. His edition of Lady Montagu's Works was reviewed Monthly Rev. 
xlv., 31-45. 

DAMORY, Family of, [of Yate and Gotherington.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), p. 244. 

DANBY, James Francis, [painter, son of Francis Danby, b. in Bristol in 
1816, where he resided 8 or 9 years ; d. 1875.] 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xiv., 8. 

D'ANVILLE, Family of. 

1888. Collections relating to the Families of D'Anville of Bitton, Glouces- 
tershire ; and The Le Grand alias Button Family, of Wiltshire and 
Glamorganshire. By "Alton." London : Bowden, Hudson & Co., 
23 Red Lion Street. 1888. Part 1. Only 105 Copies Printed, roy. 
4to. B.M. 

Blank leaf, 2 Titles, & Quotations, pp. 1-7 ; Se Dedica, one leaf ; Text, pp. 9-36. 
Folding Pedigree between Titles. By T. C. Button. 

DARLING, Samuel, [trainer of race-horses ; b. at Bourton-on-the-Hill, 
1852 ; apprenticed to Weever, a trainer at Bourton, where he remained 
at least 10 years.] 

1909. Sportsmen of Mark XLII. Sam Darling of Beckhampton. By 
Alfred E. T. Watson. Badminton Mag., xxviii., 355-73 ; Portrait 
p. 357. 

1914. Sam Darling's Reminiscences. 1914. 8vo. Pp. 260. Not seen. 


DAUBENEY, Family of. 

1836. Burke's Commoners, iv., 738-40. 

The pedigree includes the Daubeneys of Cote (Coates) and Bristol. 

1890. [Monumental Inscriptions.] Olos. N. <Sc Q., iv., 245, 412, 415, 416. 

DAUBENY, Charles. [D.C.L., b. 1745; son of a Bristol merchant; re- 
sided, in 1776, in Clifton ; Archdeacon of Salisbury 1804 till his death 
in 1827. His portrait was engraved by J. D. Harding and A. S. Agar 
from a miniature by C. Jagge.] 

1827. The Living and the Dead. By A Country Curate [Erskine Neale.] 
. . . London : 1827. 8vo. Pp. vii. & 379. B.M . 

Archdeacon Daubeny, pp. 361-379. Extracts from this notice are printed Qent. 
Mao-, vol. 97, pt. 1, pp. 438-40. 

Neale's notice gave rise to some unfavourable comment, to which he replied in 
the preface (pp. vui.-xii.) to the second series of his Work. 

1827. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., vol. 97, pt. 2, pp. 274-5, q.v. for Works. 

1830. A Guide to the Church ; in Several Discourses. To which are 
added Two Postscripts . . . By the Rev. Charles Daubeny, late Arch- 
deacon of Sarum. To which is prefixed Some Account of the Author's 
Life and Writings . . . Third Edition, London & Bath, 1830. 2 vols. 


Vol. 1. Title, Notice, Editor's Pref., &c, 4 leaves ; Memoir, App. & Index to 
App., pp. i.-cxxx. ; Contents, pp. iii., iv. ; To the Reader, and Pref. pp. i.-lvii. ; 
Introductory Discourse & Text, pp. 1-369. Index, pp. i.-viii. 

Vol. 2. Title, one leaf ; Pref., &c. and Text, pp. 1-431 ; App., Title, and pp. i- 
xci. ; Indices, pp. i.-x. ; Works by same Author and Errata, one leaf. 

Reviewed Brit. Critic (.1832), xi., 288-310. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xiv., 92-4, q.v. for Works. 

His Charges delivered 1819-1824 as Archdeacon of Sarum were reviewed Brit. 
Critic, N.S. xiii., 210-15, xvi., 390-4, xxii., 363-8. His "Discourses on Several 
Subjects," Brit. Critic, N.S. vh\. 285-95 and Christian Observer, v., 26-40, 94-104 ; 
" Discourses on Old and New Testament," Brit. Critic, xx., 390-7; " Guide to the 
Church" (1798) and the Appendix (1799), Id., xi., 549-54, xv., 239-50; " Pro- 
testant's Companion " Id., N.S. xxi., 225-33, 337-48; " Schism," Id., N.S. x., 113- 
24 ; " Unitarian Method of interpreting the Scriptures," Id., N.S. iv., 317-21 ; 
"Vindicse Ecclesise Anglicanse." Id., xxiii., 591-602, xxiv., 24-36 and Crit. Rev., Ser. 
3, v.. 154-75. 

DAUBENY, Charles Giles Bridle, [M.D., b. 1795, at Stratton, near Ciren- 
cester ; son of the Rev. Jas. Daubeny, rector of Stratton ; Professor of 
Chemistry 1822, of Botany 1834, and of Rural Economy 1840, at Oxford ; 
d. 1867. There is a portrait of him, attributed to Thos. Phillips, in the 
Library of the Botanic Garden at Oxford.] 

1843. Journal of A Tour through the United States, and in Canada made 
during the years 1837-38 By Charles Daubeny, M.D. . . . Printed 
for private circulation only. Oxford. 1843. 8vo. B. 

Pp. vi. & 231. Folding Map of United States, Front. 

1853-85. Bloxam's Register, vii., 181-99, q.v. for Works. 


1867. [Obituaries.] Devon Assoc. Trans., ii., 303-8 ; Gent. Mag., N.S., v., 
108-9 ; Procs. Roy. Soc, vol. 17, pp. lxxiv.-lxxx. 

1868. Obituary Notice of Charles Giles Bridle Daubeny, M.D., F.R.S., 
sometime Professor of Chemistry and late Professor of Botany and of 
Rural Economy in the University of Oxford. Read to the Ashmolean 
Society, February 17, 1868. sq. 8vo. Pp. 15. Signed J.P. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog. xiv., 94-5. 

1904. A History of The Daubeny Laboratory, Magdalen College, Oxford. 

To which is appended a list of the Writings of Dr. Daubeny, and a 

Register of the Names of Persons who have attended the Chemical 

Lectures of Dr. Daubeny from 1822 to 1867, as well as those who have 

received instruction in the Laboratory up to the present time. By R.T. 

Gunther, M.A. . . . With a Preface by the President of Magdalen. 

London. 1904. 

Title. Pref., &c, pp. i.-vii. ; History, pp. 1-29 ; Apps. A — E, & Index, pp. 30- 
137. App. D (pp. 53-64), contains a bibliography of bis writings. 


See Diet. Nat. Biog.. Bloxam's Register, and History of the Daubeny laboratory. 
Eighty-one papers by him are mentioned in the Royal Society's Catalogue of 
Papers, vol. 2, pp. 155-7 & vol. 7, p. 458. 

His Works were reviewed Edinb. Rev., No. 90. pp. 295-320 ; No. 191, pp. 254- 
296 ; No. 246, pp. 464-500. 

DAUNT, Family of, [of Owlpen.] 

[1881.] Some Account of the Family of Daunt. By John Daunt. 8vo. 
Pp. 34. See ante. vol. ii., p. 259. The Manor of Owlpen was held by this family 
for over 300 years. 

1884. The Daunt Family. Glos. N. & Q., ii., 286-9, 416. 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 55 ; 1569 (Maclean), 
pp. 213-4. 

DAVIDGE, George Bothwell, [actor; b. in Bristol 1794 when he was 
apprenticed to a printer ; went to London where he became lessee of 
the Surrey Theatre; d. Jan. 31, 1842.] 

1842. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag. N.S. xvii., 445-6. 

DAVIES, Charles, [son of James Machen of Eastbach Court, English Bicknor, 
where he was born c. 1780 ; changed his name to Davies ; Colonel in 
the East India Company's service ; accidentally shot, near to his brother's 
house, Bicknor Court, where he was residing in 1844, by the discharge of 
his own gun while getting over a fence. He married a sister of the late 
Maynard Colchester, of the Wilderness, Mitcheldean, whose property 
his widow inherited.] 

1844. A Monody, on the Accidental Death of an Officer in the East India 
Service, composed in the Walks and Woods near his dwelling. Glouces- 
ter : Pr. by Cliffe & Co., Chronicle Office. 1844. 8vo. 

Pp.20. The poem is by t he Rev. James Davies (a brother of Col < haa. Davies) 
who was for many years Rector of Abenhall. 


DAVIES, Edward, [master of Chipping Sodbury grammar school, 1783-99 ; 
curate of Olveston, 1799-1802; d. 1831.] 

1831. Memoir of the Rev. Edward Davies. Cambrian Quart. Mag., iii., 

1831-8. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., vol. 101, pt. i., 645-0; Monument of 
the Rev. Edward Davies, Id., N.S., ix., 596-7. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xiv., 134-5, q.v. for Works. 


His " Celtic Researches " was reviewed Brit. Critic, xli., 321-42, xlii., 50-69, 
123-41 ; Edinb. Rev., No. 8, 386-399 ; Gent. Mag., lxxiv., 434-6 and Monthly Rev., 
xlvi., 52-65, and his " Church Union " Brit. Critic, xxxix, 325-33. 

DAVIS, Family of, [of the Bourne, Stroud.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 54. 

DAVIS, Cyrus, [prize-fighter, b. in Bristol, 1795, where he carried on the 
trade of a butcher ; d. in London, 1846. He was known as " Cy. Davis 
the gay Bristol Boy."] 

1821-4. Cyrus Davis The gay Bristol Boy ; and also pronounced the 
Beau Ideal of the Prize Ring. Boxiana, iii., 359-366 ; iv., 345-359. 
Portrait, facing p. 345. 

1826. The Fancy. 

Fight between Turner and Cyrus Davis, ii., 127-131. 

1880. Cy. Davis, "The Gay Bristol Boy." 1818-1823. Pugilistica, i., 

DAVIS, James, [travelling musician ; spent some years of his life on the 
roads between and in the towns of Brighton, Bath, Bristol and Chelten- 

1865. Passages in the Life of James Davis, Wandering Musician, Twenty 
years on the Road. Bristol : J. E. Chillcott, Steam Press, Clare St. 
1865. 8vo. Price 6d. F.A.H. 

Pp. 16. Only one other copy of this tract has been seen. 

DAVIS, William, [highwayman, b. 1627 ; hanged 1690. He occupied a 
farm at Chipping Sodbury, and for the greater part of his life was be- 
lieved to be eminently respectable. He was known as the " Golden 

1685. An Account of the Tryal of Charles Bateman . . . [and] The Tryals 
of John Holland and William Davis, For Conspiring against, violently 
Assaulting, and without any warrantable Cause, Imprisoning William 
Chauncey, Citizen and Mercer of London to extort a Sum of Money 
from him ; who were Tryed and found guilty at Justice-Hall in the 
Old-Baily, on the 10th of December, 1685. As also the Tryals of John 
Holland, William Davis, and Agnes Wearing, for a Notorious Burglary 
and Felony, Committed in the House of Leonel Gatford, a Minister in 


Lime-street, London, and stealing Plate, Money and Rings, to the value 

of 3001. , who were Tryed and found Guilty, at Justice-Hall, in the Old 

Baily, on the 11th of December, 1G85. London, Printed for D. Mallet, 

1685. Fol. BM 

Pp. 18. The Trials of Wm. Davis and others, pp. 7-18. 

1090. The Golden Farmer's Last Farewell, s. sh. fol. B.M. 

Black letter. Eight verses of 12 lines each. Printed for P. Brookesby, J. Deacon, 

J. Blare, and J. Back. 

1714. The History of the Lives Of the most Noted Highwaymen, Foot- 
Pads, House-breakers, Shop-lifts and Cheats, Of both Sexes ... By 
Capt. Alexander Smith. The Second Edition. London : 1714. 2 
vols. 8vo. 

The Golden Parmer, a Murderer and Highway-Man, vol. 1, pp. 1-30. 
1719-20. [Another Edition, entitled] A Compleat History of the Lives and 
Robberies Of the most Notorious Highway-Men, Foot-Pads, Shop- 
Lifts and Cheats of both Sexes ... To which is prefix'd The Thieves 
New Canting-Dictionary ... By Capt. Alex. Smith. London. 1719. 
3 vols. sm. 8vo. 

The Golden-Farmer, a Murderer and Highway-man, vol. 1, pp. 48-[58.] Pp. 49- 
58 are wrongly numbered 3-12. The next 5 leaves and one page [numbered 13-23] 
relate to Davis's colleague " Old Moll." 

1734. A General History of the Lives and Adventures Of the Most Famous 
Highwaymen, Murderers, Street-Robbers, &c. To which is added, A 
Genuine Account of the Voyages and Plunders of the most Notorious 
Pyrates. Interspersed with several diverting Tales and pleasant Songs. 
And Adorned with Heads of the most Remarkable Villains, Curiously 
Engraven on Copper. By Capt. Charles Johnson . . . London. 1734. 

The Life of the Golden Farmer, pp. 106-8. PI. of the Golden Farmer and the 
Tinker, facing p. 106. Reprinted, with emendations, in chapbook form, in ? 1825, 
entitled " Sawmey Beane, Golden Farmer, &c." Unpaged. 

1805. The Surprising Adventures of Robin Hood, King of the Robbers, of 
Sherwood Forest : To which is added, the Wonderful Life of William 
Davis, Commonly called the Golden Farmer. London : 1805. 8vo. 


Pp. 36. The Life of the Golden Farmer, pp. 28-36. 

1828. The Golden Farmer ; or, the last crime : A Domestic Drama, In 
Two Acts, By Benjamin Webster, Comedian . . . London. 12mo. 
Pp. 50. Vol. 6 of Cumberland's Minor Theatre. 

1876. The Golden Farmer's Last Farewell. The Bagford Ballads, Pt. 2, 
pp. 239-243. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xiv., 172-3. 

1908. Half -hours with the Highwaymen. Picturesque Biographies and 
Traditions of the " Knights of the Road." By Charles G. Harper . . . 
London 1908. 2 vols. 8vo. 

William Davis, the Golden Farmer, vol. 1, pp. 317-332. Pis. The Uolden Farmer 
and the Tinker, p. 324 ; Execution of the Golden Farmer, p. 329. 


DAY, Samuel Emery, [Vicar of St. Philip and Jacob, Bristol, for 12 years.] 

1804. Christian Mourners comforted : A Sermon preached in the Church 
of St. Philip and Jacob, Bristol, On Sunday, February 7, 1864, On the 
occasion of the Decease of The Rev. Samuel Emery Day, M.A., Vicar 
of the Parish. By the Rev. Thomas Fryer Jennings, M.A. Published 
by Request. Bristol. J. E. Chilcott, Clare St., and London. 1864. 
8vo. Pp. 18. B.M. 

DAY, William, [Vicar of St. Philip & St. Jacob, Bristol, for 22 years ; d. 

1832. The Faithful Pastor's Dying Reflections ; A Sermon occasioned by 
the death of the Rev. William Day, M.A. . . . Preached at St. Philip's 
Church, on Sunday, September 16, 1832, by the Rev. Samuel Field, M.A. 
Bristol. 1832. 12mo. Pp. 24. B.R.L. 

A Sermon occasioned by the Death of the Rev. William Day, M.A. 

Late Vicar of St. Philip & Jacob, in the City of Bristol ; Preached at 
St. Philip's Church, On Sunday Evening, September 16, 1832, by the 
Rev. T. T. Biddulph, Minister of St. James's. Taken in Shorthand, by 
L. Shewring. Bristol : Pr. & pub. by T. Bedford, 14, Redcliff St. 
8vo. Pp. 16. W.B. 

[? 1832.] Letter to the Inhabitants of the Parish of St. Philip and Jacob 
on the Death of the Rev. Wm. Day. Broadside. B.M. 

DEANE, DENE or ADEANE, Family of. 

1881-2. Pedigree of the Families of Dene, Abenhall . . . and Vaughan. 
[By Sir John Maclean.] B. & G. A. S. Trans., vi., 181-7. 

[c. 1886.] A Short Sketch of the Life of Major General . . . Deane . . . 
See infra, sub DEANE, Richard. 
Pedigree of the Deanes, pp. 9-10. 

1887. Deane Family, of Temple Guiting. Glos. N. & Q., iii., 509-10. 

1899. The Book of Dene, Deane, Adeane. A Genealogical History. By 

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Half-title, Deane Arms, Title, Pref., Contents, &c, pp. i.-xi. ; Text, pp. 1-143. 

Archbishop Dene (Prior of Llanthony), pp. 44-46 ; Sir Richard Deane, pp. 47-51 ; 

Deanes of Guyting Poer, pp. 51-52 ; Sir Anthony Deane, pp. 59-61 ; Dene of the 

Forest of Dene, pp. 67-76. 

DEANE, Henry, [Archbishop of Canterbury, 1501-3. He was Prior at 
Llanthony Secunda, near Gloucester, 1461-1494, and held the Priory 
in commendam 1494-1501. The Gateway of the Priory, a part of which 
is still standing, was erected by him. He died in 1503. He probably 
came of a Dean Forest family.] 

1815. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), ii., 690-692. 

1824. Lives and Memoirs of the Bishops of Sherborne and Salisbury, From 
the Year 705 to 1824. By the Rev. Stephen Hyde Cassan. Salisbury : 
1824. 8vo. B.M. 

Henry Deane, or Denny. Pt. 1, pp. 273-279. 

DEANE 131 

1857. Foss's Judges of England, v., 45-46. 

1858. Cooper's Athenae Cantab., i., 0, 520. 

1801. The Will of Henry Dene, Archbishop of Canterbury, Deceased 15 
February, 1502-3. Communicated by the Rev. John Bathurst Deane, 
M.A., F.S.A. Arch. Journ., xviii., 256-267. 

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Hook, D.D. ... 12 vols. London : 1860-1876. 
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DEANE, Mary, [daughter of John Grymosditch ; m. (1) Richard Deane, 
g.v., in 1647, and (2) Col. Salmon in 1655.] 

1654. An Ordinance touching Allowance of Debts on Incumbrances upon 
the Estate which was settled by Order of the Council of State upon 
Mistress Mary Dean, Relict of General Dean and her children. B. 

DEANE, Richard, [Admiral, General, and one of the Regicides ; eldest son 
of Edward Deane of Farmcot, Temple Guiting, where he was born, 1610 ; 
d. 1653.] 

1641. The Scottish Commissioners Demand concerning the sixt Article. 
Pp. 16. No Title. Dated at end Jan. 16. 

1648. A Letter Of his Excellency Thomas Lord Fairfax, To the Right 
Honorable, The Lord Major of the City of London, For the better 
preserving a right Understanding between the City and Army. With 
An Order of his Excellency to Col. Dean, to march into the City of 
London, and seize the publike Treasuries of Goldsmiths, Weavers, and 
Haberdashers-Hall, that thereby they may be supplied with Moneys to 
pay Quarters, and free the Countreys from that grievous Burthen of 
Free-quarter . . . London, Printed by John Field for John Partridge 
and George Whittington. Decemb. 9. 1648. sm. 4to. Pp. 8. B.M. 

1649-50. An Act for authorizing Col. Blake, Col. Popham, and Col. Dean, 
or any two of them to be Admiral and General of the Fleet at Sea, from 
Febr. 23. 164f to 1 March I6f* with power of Martial Law, &c. 
[1 Car. II. cap. 14 continued by 2 Car. II. cap. 50.] 

1650. A List of all the Victories, and successful Atchievements of the 
Parliaments Fleet, under the Command of Col. Popham lately deceased 
Col. Blake, and Col. Deane, Admiralls and Generalls of the Fleet, from 
the time they were impowred, which was 28 Feb. 1650 to this present. 
London : printed by Robert Ibbitson. 1651. Broadside. B.M. 

1653. An Elegiack Memorial of the Right Honourable Generall Deane. 
. . . London : Printed by M.S. for Tho. Jenner at the South-Entrance 
of the Royal Exchange. 1663. 8. sh. fol. B.M. 

Woodcut of Monument (inscribed "^Etatis suae 42 ") and 99 lines signed Th : Tw: 
[? Thomas Twittee] and dated in MS. June 24. 

132 DEANE 

1653. An Elegie upon the Death of the thrice Noble Generall, Richard 

Dean, Who departed this life the 2d. of June, 1653. London : Printed 

by Tho. Rycroft, and are to be sold by Tho : Jenner, at the Royall 

Exchange, 1653. Broadside. B.M. 

Woodcut of Monument and Acrostic, 147 lines in verse, signed J : R : Merchant. 

Dated in MS. June 17. 

Waerachtigh Ende perfect verhael, aengaende de Zee-Batallie, 

Gehouden op den 12 en Iuny 1653. voor de Wielinghe, tusschen den 
Hollantse Admirael Marte Harpertsz Tromp ende vier Engelsche 
Admiraels, Blaeck, Pen, Monck, on Deane. Gedruckt voor Jan Thysz, 
Anno 1653. sm. 4to. Two leaves. B.M. 

1660-1. An Act of Free and General Pardon, Indemnity and Oblivion. 

[12 Car. II. c. 11.] 

The lands and goods of Richard Deane were expressly excepted from the opera- 
tion of this Act, and were vested in the Crown next year by 13 Car. II. c. 15.] 

1661. The Lives, Actions, and Execution of The prime Actors, and 
principal Contrivers of that horrid Murder of our late pious and Sacred 
Soveraigne King Charles the First, of Ever blessed memory. With 
Severall Remarkable Passages in the Lives of others, their Assistants, 
who died before they could be brought to Justice. By George Bate, 
an observer of those Transactions. London, Printed for Tho. Vere, at 
the signe of the Angell without Newgate. 1661. 12mo. B.M. 

Title, Epistle Dedicatory, &c. 4 leaves ; Proocmium, and Text, pp. 1-144. 

Eleven Portraits of " Prime Actors " on Front. ; " The Life of Colonel Richard 

Deane " is at pp. 64-65 after p. 96. 

1798. The Lives of the English Regicides, and other Commissioners of the 

pretended High Court of Justice, Appointed to sit in Judgment upon their 

Sovereign King Charles the First. By the Reverend Mark Noble. 

London: 1798. 2 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

The Life of Richard Deane, Esq., i., 172-7. 

1867. [Birthplace and origin of Richard Deane.] N. & Q., Ser. 3, xi., 
417, 482, 503 ; xii., 14, 117. 

1870. The Life of Richard Deane, Major General and General-at-Sea in 
the Service of the Commonwealth, and one of the Commissioners of the 
High Court of Justice appointed for the Trial of King Charles the First. 
By John Bathurst Deane, M.A., F.S.A., &c. London : 1870. 8vo. 

Title, List of Illustrations, List of Portraits of Richard Deane, and Opinions 
of Contemporaries, 3 leaves ; Preface and Contents, pp. vii.-xii. ; Corrections, 
inserted; Text, pp. 690 ; App., pp. 691-718 ; Descendants of Jos. Deane, one leaf ; 
and Descendants of Jane Deane, one folding leaf between pp. 690-1. Portraits 
of Richard Deane, Front. & p. 388. 

1873. The Life of General Sir Richard Deane. Herald and Genealogist, 
vii., 61-62. 

Portrait of Richard Deane, p. 62. 
1886. Historical and Genealogical Memoirs of the Family of Poyntz . . . 
See infra, sub POYNTZ, Family of. 

Life of Sir Richard Deane, pp. 285-292 ; Pedigrees, pp. 293-4 ; Portrait of Sir 
Richard Deane, p. 284 ; His Funeral Car, p. 290. 


[c. 1886.] A Short Sketch of the Life of Major-General & Admiral Richard 

Deane. By Sir John Maclean, F.S.A., &c. Reprinted from the 

" Memoir of the Family of Poyntz." 4to. F.A.H. 

Pp. 8. Portrait of Sir Rich. Deane, Front. ; Funeral Car of General Deane, 
facing p. 7 ; Pedigree of the Deanes of Guiting Power, p. 9 ; Descendants of Jane 
Deane, p. 10. 

1887. Major-General Richard Deane : his Parentage and Birthplace. 
Glos. N. & Q., iii., 351-3. 

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1896. Literary Parallel. N. & Q., Ser. 8, ix., 65. 

DE CHEDDER, Family of, [of Bristol.] 

1842. Some Account of Cheddar, its Cliffs and its Caves, chiefly compiled 
from printed and other documents. Bristol : Light and Ridler, 21, 
'High Street. 1842. 8vo. B.R.L. 

Pp. 33. The De Chedder Family, pp. 20-22. 

1888. The De Chedder Family of Bristol. By W. George. Somerset 
A. & N. H. S. Procs., N.S., xiv., 114-16. 
Reprinted separately, pp. 3. 

DEIGHTON, Family of 

1894. The Deightons of Gloucester. Glos. N. & Q., v., 135-6. 


DE LA FELD and DELAFIELD, Family of, see FIELD. 


DENYS or DENNYS, Family of. 

1867. " The Secrets of Angling," By J. D. N. & Q., Ser. 3, xii., 466-7. 

A note giving some interesting facts relating to the Dennys Family and pedigree 
showing six descents from Sir Walter Dennys. 

1881. The Dennis Monument in Pucklechurch. Glos. N. db Q., i., 363-4. 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 49-52. 

1901. The Denys Family and their connection with the Manors of Alveston, 
Siston, and Dyrham. By Thos. S. Bush. Bath N. H. & A. Field 
Club. Procs., ix., 58-70 ; Pedigree, p. 70. 

DENNYS, John, [of Pucklechurch, where his father Hugh, his grandfather 
John, and possibly his great grandfather, Sir Walter, had also lived. 
His mother was Catherine, daughter of Edward Trye, of Hardwicke. It 
has only recently been established that he was the author of " The 
Secrets of Angling," a poem of considerable merit, the early editions of 
which are excessively rare. It is stated on the title-page to be by 
" I. D." Isaac Walton, who quoted 6 beautiful stanzas from it, ascribed 
it to " Jo. Davors," and it has been assigned to Donne and to six different 
Davieses (Diet, Nat. Biog., xiv., 375), but an entry in the Register at 


Stationers' Hall that it was the work of " John Dennys " coupled with an 
allusion in it to the " sweet Boyd " — a stream which divides Puckle- 
church from Dyrham — puts an end to further question as to its author- 
ship. John Dennys died in 1609, and Roger Jackson, the printer of 
" The Secrets," who wrote the Dedication of the First Edition which 
appeared in 1613, stated in it that he had received the MS. after its 
author's death.] 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xiv., 375-6. 

Biographical allusions to John Dennys will be found in some of the editions of 
and notes on " The Secrets of Angling," mentioned below. 


1613. The Secrets of Angling : Teaching, The Choisest Tooles Baytes 

and seasons, for the taking of any Fish, in Pond or Riuer : practised 

and familiarly opened in three Bookes. By I.D. Esquire [Woodcut.] 

Printed at London, for Roger Iackson, and are to be sould at his shop 

neere Fleetstreet Conduit, 1613. sm. 8vo. B. 

Flyleaf, Title, Dedication by " R.I." (the Printer) to Master John Harborne, of 

Tackley, Oxfordshire, Sonnet " In due praise of this Praise-worthy Skill and Worke," 

signed Io. Dauies, & Contents, 4 leaves [A— (A4)] ; Text B — (E3) in eights. 

" Finis " is printed at the end of the " Secrets of Angling," on E3 front, but 

on the back of E3 are the 4 lines : — 

Wouldst thou catch Fish ? 
Then here's thy wish ; 
Take this receipt 
To annoynt thy Baite 
followed by the receipt (8 lines in verse) signed " Probatum ; " after which come 
4 more lines, signed B.R., with another " Finis " at foot of the page. 

The woodcut on the title-page represents two men fishing. There is a fish on 
the hook of the one on the left, and over it a scroll with the inscription : — 
Well fayre the plesure 
that brings such treasure. 
The one on the right has a globe at the end of his line, and above it a label with 
the words 

Hold hooke and line 
then all is mine. 

This is said to be the earliest English poem on fishing that was printed. Only 
three perfect copies of this edition are known to exist, one of which is in the 
Bodleian, one in the Denison library, and the other was in the Huth library. A 
second edition appeared, it is conjectured, in or about 1620, but, as far as is 
known, the only copy in existence is in the Denison library, and this has had the 
date ploughed off by the binder. 

[Another Edition, ? the third,] Augmented with many 

approved experiments. By W : L. [Woodcut as in 1st ed.] Prin- 
ted at London for . . . sm. 8vo. [1630.] B.M. 
Title, " In due Praise," &c., signed Io. Daves ; Ded. to Mr Harborne ; To the 
Reader, signed W Lauson, and Contents, 3 leaves ; Text, 30 leaves (A5— E2) ; 
Additions, 2 leaves. 

This copy has been mutilated by the binder. The printer's name and the date 
are gone, and it has been badly cut all round. In its present state it measures 
5i by 3 in. It is dated in the B.M. Cat. 1630, a date probably taken from a more 
perfect copy said to be in the Denison library. No other copies of this edition are 
known to exist. 


Secrets of Angling: 

The choifcftTooks Bayrf« and fea fons.for the taking of 
any Fiih, in Pond or R:ucr: pra.lifedand famili- 
arly opened in three Book cs. 

J?/ I. D. £fl»trt. 

Printed at Londenfox %oger /^;o*,andaretobc fould/' 
at his fliop ncere Flcctftiect Conduit ,1^13. / 


[Another Edition, ? the 4th,] Augmented with many 

approved experiments by W. Lauson. London, Printed by J.H. for John 
Harison, and are to be sold by Francis Coles at . . . [added in a MS. 
note " his shop in the Old Bayly, 1652."] B.M. 

Title, &c. [as in the ? 3rd ed.] 3 leaves ; Text and Additions, 32 leaves. A 
copy of the Woodcut on the titles of earlier editions is used as the frontispiece of 
this edition. It is superior in execution to the original. It was subsequently used 
on a ballad of 4 verses (, entitled " The Royal Recreation of jovial Anglers," 
a copy of which is in the B. M. (Rox. III. 232). 

[Another Edition,] Augmented with many approved experi- 
ments. By W. Lauson . . . Reprinted for Robert Triphook, 37, St. 
James's Street. 1811. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, Extract from Books of the Stationers' Company, " In due Praise," &c. ; 
Ded. to Mr Harborne, To the Reader, signed W. Lauson, and Contents, 4 leaves ; 
Text, pp. 1-36 ; Index, one leaf. Edited by H. Ellis. 

[A Reprint of the 1652 Edition] The British Bibliographer 

(1812), ii., 465-502. 

[Another Edition, reprinted in] An English Garner 

Ingatherings from our History and Literature By Edward Arber, 
1877. Vol. i., pp. 141-190. 

To this reprint is added, at pp. 191-8, William Lauson's " Comments on the 
Secrets of Angling," there said to be from the " Second Edition Augmented with 
many approved experiments." 

[Another Edition.] A Reprint with Introduction by 

Thomas Westwood. 4to. 1883. G.P.L. 

Two Titles, Introduction and Advertisement, pp. 1-14 ; The Secrets of Angling, 
pp. 17-62. The Introduction to this edition is the most valuable contribution to 
the bibliography of this interesting little book that has appeared. 

[Another Edition] Edited by " Piscator." In two 

volumes. Privately printed Edinburgh. 1885. 8vo. B. 

Vol. i., Two Titles and Introduction, pp. 1-9 ; Reprint of original from Dedica- 
tion to end of Book I., pp. 10-43. 

Vol. ii., Two Titles and Books II. & III., pp. 1-52. Appendices, pp. 53-64. 

This edition (part of the Bibliotheca Curiosa) was limited to 275 small and 75 
large paper copies. 

[Another Edition, reprinted in 1903 in] Social England 

Illustrated, pp. 187-236. 

This is a vol. of a revised edition of "An English Garner." Lauson's Comments 
are at pp. 237-244. 

1631. The whole Art of Angling, as it was written in a small Treatise in 
Rime, and now for the better understanding of the Reader, put into 
Prose ; and adorned and inlarged : And first of Angling, the vertue, vse 
and Antiquity. Country Contentments [by Gervase Markham] pp. 59- 

This is a prose version of Dennys' " Secrets of Angling " by Gervase Markham, 
who also printed it (but without any indication of its source) in his Pleasures of 
Princes, 1615 and 1635. 


1807-14. Anecdotes of Literature (Beloe). 

" The Secrets of Angling " (here attributed to Jo. Davors), vol. 2. pp. 64-67. 

1809. The Secrets of Angling . . . [Note on and extracts from the 1652 
edition] Censura Literaria, x., 266-274. 

1813. Supplement to the Rural Sports [By the Rev. W. B. Daniel.] 4to. 


Extracts from Secrets of Angling, pp. 59-67. It is stated on p. 67 that Sir John 
Hawkins attributed the initials " R.R." at the end of the verses beginning " It's 
perfect and good " to R. Roe, mentioned by Walton. 

1865. The Secrets of Angling. N. & Q., Ser. 3, viii., 510. 

1867-9. Notes on John Dennys and the " Secrets of Angling." N. & Q., 

Ser. 3, xii., 456-7 ; Ser. 4, iv., 91-3, 177-8. 
1873. Collectanea Anglo-Poetica (Corser), pt. v., pp. 181-188. 

Extracts from the " Secrets of Angling," with notes interspersed. 

1875. Trout and Trout Fishing. Quart. Rev., No. 278, pp. 334-67. 

1883. Bibliotheca Piscatoria ... By T. Westwood & T. Satchell. 
London. 1883. B.M. 

Pp. 72-5 contain a description of the several editions of The Secret s of Angling 
and a biographical notice of their author. 

1887. [Note on " The Secrets of Angling."] Glos. N. & Q., iii., 68n. 
1902. An early seventeenth century Angler. [By Ralph Lytton Bower.] 

Sewanee Review [New York] x., 199-206. 

1904. Library of Literary Criticism, vi., 758-66. 

DENT, Emma, [nee Brocklehurst ; b. 1833 ; m. 1847, John C. Dent, who 
inherited Sudeley Castle, where Mrs. Dent lived from 1857 till her death 
in 1900. She wrote Annals of Winchcombe and Sudeley described ante, 
vol. 2, p. 383.] 

1899. In Memoriam. B. & O. A. S. Trans., xxii., 300-1. 

1900. "The Lady of Sudeley." By Elizabeth Calrow. Chelt. Ladies' 
Coll. Mag., No. xli., 141-152. 

DERHAM, Samuel, M.D., [son of William Derham of Weston-sub-Edge, 
where he was born in 1655. He died in 1689.] 

1820. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 265. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xiv., 392, q.v. for Works. 

DEVERELL or PEDLEY, Robert, [son of Simon Pedley, of Bristol, where 
he was born in 1760 ; he commenced his education at Mr. Lee's School 
in that city ; between 1784 and 1802 he changed his name to Deverell ; 
d. 1841. He was very eccentric and was thought by some to be insane.] 

1850-63. Robert Deverell [and his Works.] N. db Q., Ser. 1, ii., 61 ; ix., 
375, 577 ; x., 236 ; Ser. 2, v., 466 ; Ser. 3, iv., 503-4. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xiv., 424, where the names of eight of his works, 
most of which were privately printed, aro given. His "Adalusia " was 
reviewed in The Bookworm, i., 44-6. 


DICKIE, Matthew, [b. in Dundonald ; Minister of the United Presbyterian 
Church, St. James' Parade, Bristol, 1857 till his death in 1871.] 

1872. Memoir of the Rev. Matthew Dickie, Minister of the United Presby- 
terian Church, Bristol. By the Rev. W. M. Taylor, M.A. . . . Bristol : 
W. Mack, 38, Park Street. B.R.L. 

Title, Pref. (dated 1872), &c, 4 leaves ; Memoir, pp. 1-178 ; Sermons & Poems, 
pp. 179-272 ; Photograph of M. Dickie, Front. 

1873. In Memoriam of Three Bristol Worthies . . . 

The late Rev. Matthew Dickie, pp. 3-7. 

DICKINSON, Sebastian Stewart, [b. 1815 ; resided at Brown's Hill, in the 
parish of Painswick from 1854 till his death in 1878. M.P. for Stroud 
(Borough) 1868-1874 ; Chairman of the Second Court of Q. Sess., 1866-74, 
and of Q. Sess. of the County of Gloucester, 1874-78 ; Chairman of the 
Stroud Board of Guardians 1856-78 ; Captain of the 1st Glos. Rifle 
Volunteers, 1861-78 ; bur. in Painswick Cemetery. There is a portrait 
of him (taken after death from a photograph) by S. Waller (q.v.) in the 
Subscription Rooms, Stroud, a copy of which is at Judges' Lodgings, 

1882. Memorials of S. S. Dickinson. Gloucester. Printed by John 
Bellows. 1882. 8vo. Q.P.L. 

Title, Pref., & Contents, 2 leaves ; Memorials, pp. 1-191. Written by his Widow, 
Frances Stephana Dickinson (nee Hyett), and printed for private distribution. 

1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 265-272. 

DIGHTON, Family of. 

1902. The Dightons of Clifford Chambers And their Descendants. By 
Charles Dighton. London. 1902. 4to. Q.P.L. 

Two titles, Pref. & Contents, 3 leaves ; Text & Apps. (A— I), pp. 1-40. Pis. : 
Manor House of Clifford Chambers (2 views), Front ; Lt. Gen. John Dighton 
(1761-1840), p. 12 ; David Boyd Dighton (1798-1824), p. 14 ; Richard Henry 
Dighton (1799-1854), p. 18 ; Charles Mein Dighton (1797-1826), p. 20 ; Arms of 
the Dightons of Clifford Chambers, of Christopher Dighton, and of Robert Dighton 
(3 plates), after p. 32. 

DIMOCK, Family of. 

1878-80. Dimock, of Randwick and Stonehouse, Co. Gloucester. Genea- 
logist, ii., 181-3. Register Extracts relating to the Dimock Family. 
Id., 213-14. Dimock Family. Id,, iii., 326-7 ; iv., 98-9. 

1894. The Family of Dimock, Glos. N. do Q., v., 240-9, 269-71 ; Wills of 
the Dimocks, Id., 365-8, 560-6. 

1910. County Pedigrees. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore . . . Notting- 
hamshire, volume 1. London : 1910. 4to. B.M. 
The Pedigrees of the Dimock Family, of Randwick and Stonehouse, are given under 
" Dimock of East Retford," pp. 65-71. 

DIMOCK, Nathaniel, [theologian ; son of John Dimock of Bridge-End, 
Stonehouse, Glos., and of Rylands, Randwick ; b. at Stonehouse, 1825 ; 
d. 1909.] 


1912. Diet, Nat. Biog. Suppl. II. , i., 510-11, q.v. for Works (20). 
A Memorial Edition of his principal works was published in 1910-11. 

DIX, John, see PHILLIPS, George Spencer. 

DOBELL, Sydney Thompson, [poet ; b. in 1824 at Cranbrook, Kent ; came 
in 1836 to Cheltenham, where he assisted his father in the business of a 
wine merchant ; married in 1844, after which he resided at Cheltenham, 
at Hucclecote, at Charlton Kings, and at Amberley. In 1854 he went to 
Edinburgh, and between 1857 and 1866 he spent the summer in Glouces- 
tershire, and the winters either in the Isle of Wight or in Italy. The four 
following years were passed, partly at Noke Place on Churchdown Hill, 
and partly at Clifton. In 1871 he made his home at Barton End House, 
Horsley, where he died in 1874. He was buried in the Painswick 
Cemetery. His chief works are " Balder " and " The Roman," most of 
which were written in Gloucestershire. He also published a collection 
of smaller poems, entitled " England in Time of War," and some prose 
Essays of marked originality. He sometimes wrote under the pseu- 
donym " Yendys."] 

1868. Last Leaves. Sketches and Criticisms, by Alexander Smith . . . 
Edited, with a Memoir, by Patrick Proctor Alexander . . . Edinburgh. 

Sydney Dobell, pp. 171-209. Reprinted from The Argosy, ii., 313-25. 

1874. In Memoriam Sydney Dobell. Good Words, xv., 718-720. 

1875. The Poetical Works of Sydney Dobell . . . [Quot.] With Intro- 
ductory Notice and Memoir by John Nichol, M.A. London, 1875. 
2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1, Two Titles & Contents, pp. i.-viii. ; In Memoriam, pp. ix.-xxxvi. ; Half 
Title & Note, 2 leaves ; Poems, pp. 3-455. Portrait of Sydney Dobell, Front. 

Vol. 2, Two Titles & Contents, pp. i.-vii. Prefatory Note to the Second Edition 
of Balder (pub. 1854), pp. 1-7 ; Poems, pp. 8-426. 

1878. The Life and Letters of Sydney Dobell Edited by E. J. With 
Steel Portrait and Photographic Illustrations. London 1878. 8vo. 

Vol. 1. Two Titles and Editor's Note, 3 leaves ; Introductory Note, Contents of 
Vol. 1 and List of Illustrations, pp. vii.-xii. ; Text, pp. 3-456. Portrait wlal. 
41, Front. 

Vol. 2. Two Titles, 2 leaves ; Contents and List of Illustrations, pp. v.-vi ; 
Text, pp. 3-424. The editor was Miss Emily Jolly. 

Reviewed The Nation (New York), xxviii., 289-90. International liev. (New 
York), vi., 484-502. 

1879. De Mortuis. Good Words, xx., 313-19. 

Sydney Dobell. A Personal Sketch. By Robert Buchanan. 

Temple Bar, lvi., 80-91. 

Sydney Dobell. Unitarian Review (Boston), xi., 557-9. 

1880-94. The English Poets (Humphry Ward), iv., 615-20. 

Also at same pages of vol. 4 of the 1883 and 1894 editions. The memoir (pp. 615-6) 
is by J. Nichol. 

"zhtym. a, rxcusrUtsi>Q Lnj Q~Cu^h^ < Dl<sju£s-e* 

^frub / rx, c WalUeyr Qh, && 

Uhe. ( J\L . ~Hon,.Q$<Cr ^ . S . (2)orCrvatorv,^cuH>. 


1884. The Golden Decade of a Favored Town . . . 

Sydney Dobell, pp. 154-193. 
1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 273-86. 
The Poems of Sydney Dobell (Selected) with an Introductory 

Memoir. London : 1887. 

Title, one leaf ; Contents, pp. iii.-vi ; Introductory Memoir, pp. vii.-xxviii. ; 
Poems, pp. 1-316. A vol. of The Canterbury Poets Series. Price Is. each. Also 
issued at 2s. with Portrait. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xv., 133-4. 

[1891-1905, &c] Poets of the Century (Miles), v., 179-208. 

Memoir (pp. 179-82) by Richard Garnett. Vol. 5, pp. 179-208 of the [1891-7] & 
1898 editions, and pp. 211-40 of the vol. entitled " Charles Kingsley to James 
Thomson" of the 1905, &c, edition. 

1901-5. The Library of Literary Criticism, vi., 758-66. 

1908. Sydney Dobell and his Edinburgh Friends. N. & Q., Ser. 10, x., 


See Diet. Nat. Biog. " Balder " was reviewed in Fraser, i., 59-73. in Hogg's 
Instructor, ii., 89-96, and in Vaughan's Essays and Remains (1858), ii., 326-31 ; 
" England in Time of War " in The National Rev., iii., 442-8, and The New Quarterly, 
v., 420-3 ; both works and " The Roman " in the Edinb. Rev., No. 212, pp. 337-62. 

Besides the works noticed in the Diet. Nat. Biog. he published in 1856 : — 

Notes of an Address to Students (pp. 16), which was reprinted in his " Life 

and Letters," vol. 2, pp. 54-61 ; and a posthumous work was published in 1876, 


Thoughts on Art, Philosophy, and Religion : selected from the unpublished 

works of Sydney Dobell. With Introductory Note by John Nichol. 

DODWELL, Family of [of Sevenhampton.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 57-8. 

Two Private Acts of Parliament (1, Geo. III. c 43, and 2, Geo. II. Sess. 3. c. 17) 
relating to this family are noticed ante, vol. 1, p. 205 & vol. 2, p. 287. 

DORINGTON, Rt. Hon. Sir John Edward, Bart., [of Lypiatt Park, Stroud, 
b. July 24, 1832 ; M.P. for Stroud (Borough) 1874, and for Stroud Div. of 
Glos. 1886-1905 ; Chairman of Glos. Q. Sess. 1878-1888 and of the Glos. 
County Council, 1888-1908 ; created a Baronet in 1886, and a Privy 
Councillor in 1902; d. Ap. 4, 1911. A portrait of him by Sir Hubert 
Herkomer, painted in 1889, is in Judges' Lodgings, Gloucester, and 
another, painted by Hugh Riviere in 1909, is in the Shire Hall, Gloucester. 
His bust, executed by Sir Goscomb John in 1909 is at Lypiatt.] 

1867. The Chronicles of Gotham . . . 

This and the two following are political squibs. They are described ante, vol. 2, 
pp. 315, 316. 

[1867.] Kron-I-Kleer The Story Teller . . . 
1874. The Land of Gotham . . . 


1889. List of Subscribers to the Portrait of Sir J. E. Dorington, Bart., 
M.P. Presented on October 17th, 1889, to the Gloucestershire Magis- 
trates Club. John Bellows, sm. 4to. Pp. 11. O.P.L. 

1894. Sir John Dorington, Bart., M.P. for the Tewkesbury Division of 

Gloucestershire, s. sh. fol. F.A.H. 

A biographical notice printed by John Bellows and published by the Tewkesbury 
Div. Conserv. Assoc, July, 1804. 

1904. Mangotsfield. An Appreciation of the Chairman of the Gloucester- 
shire County Council : The Right Honourable Sir John E. Dorington, 
Bart., M.P. Printed for Private Circulation, 1904. 4to. G.P.L. 

Pp. 28. Photographs of Sir J.E.D., Front., and of County Councillors and others, 
with text. This is a report of a dinner given by Mr A. W. Page, County Councillor 
for the Mangotsfield Division, on Dec. 14, 1903, to the members of various local 
bodies, at which a framed portrait of Sir J. E. Dorington was presented to the 
Mangotsfield Parish Council. The appreciation was written by Mr A. W. Page, 
and printed at his expense. 

1909. Presentations to the Right Hon. Sir J. E. Dorington, Bart., on his 

retirement from the Chairmanship of the Gloucestershire County 

Council . . . John Bellows, Gloucester. 1909. 4to. G.P.L. 

Title, Resolutions, Correspondence, &c, pp. 1-7 ; List of Subscribers, pp. 9-14 ; 
Statement of Account, p. 15. Photogravure of the portrait of Sir J. E. Dorington, 
painted by Hugh Riviere, Front. 

1911. [Obituaries.] The Gloucester Diocesan Magazine, vi., 84-5 (by Dean 
Spence-Jones) ; Seeking and Saving. Formerly the Reformatory and 
Refuge Journal, No. 467, pp. 478-480 (by Michael G. Lloyd-Baker) ; 
C. N. F. C. Procs., xvii., 277-8 (by F. A. Hyett). 


On the Radiometer. Stroud N. H. & Phil. Soc Trans., Pt. 1, pp. 30-4. Read 
Dec. 12, 1876. 

A Sketch of Foreign Policy. [A Lecture in Badbrook Hall, Stroud, on Feb. 23, 
1880.] 8vo. Pp. 27. 

Presidential Address. Brist. dk Glos. A. S. Trans., v., 6-16. 1880-1. 

The Endowments of the Church and their Origin. A Paper read at the Gloucester 
and Bristol Diocesan Conference on October 12, 1881. London. 1882. 8vo. 
Pp. 16. 

The Casual Poor Acts, 1882, and the Berkshire System. Reports of the Poor 
Law Conferences, 1883, pp. 36-55. The Casual Poor Act and Way-Ticket System. 
Id., pp. 291-309. 

County Government, Id., 1886, pp. 4-23. Reprinted separately, pp. 22. 

On the Local Government Act, 1888. Broadside. 1888. Reprinted from 
the Glotic. Jour, of April 28. 

Standing Joint Committees. 1889. Reprinted from the County Council Magazine 
of October, 1889. 

Inaugural Address to the Annual Meeting of the [Archneological] Listitute held 
at Gloucester [Aug. 12-19, 1890.] Arch. Jour., xlvii., 359-369. 

The Unionist Cause in the Tewkesbury Division. Speeches by Sir J. Dorington, 
Bart, [and others.] 1891. 

Letter to the "Times" of the 29th November, 1895, by Sir J. E. Dorington, 
Bart., M.P., as to the Application of the Local Taxation (Customs and Excise) 
Duties. Pp. 6. Reprinted by order of the Gloucestershire County Council. 

The Philosophy of a Rainbow. N.D. Six leaves printed in double columns 
from a newspaper. 


DORNEY, Family of, [of Uley]. 

1887. Extracts from the Uley Registers. Olos. N. db Q., in., 440-1. 

DORNEY, Henry, [son of Thomas Dorney of Uley, where he was born in 
1613 ; educated " in the neighbourhood," probably at Dursley or 
Wotton ; d. in 1683.] 

1684. Divine Contemplations, and Spiritual Breathings Of Mr. Henry 

Dorney : Comprised in, I. Practical Discourses. 1. Of the Nature, 

Means, and Method of Salvation, on Isa. 45. 17. 2. How to find God a 

Sanctuary in time of Trouble : With the manner of the Author's 

entring into Covenant with God, on Rev. 1.3. 3. Of Union with Christ, 

on Joh. 17. 23. 4. Of Glorifying God, on 1. Cor. 6. 19, 20, With an 

Appendix how to pursue a Lawful Tiling Lawfully. II. His Letters. 

III. His Last and Dying Speeches and Prayers. Also an Account of 

his Life, at the Close of the Preface. London, Printed by James 

Rawlins, for John Wright, at the Crown on Ludgate-Hill. 1684. 8vo. 


Title & Pref., 4 leaves ; The Life of Mr. Henry Dorney, pp. 1-63 ; Discourses, 
pp. 1-221 ; Letters, pp. 222-362 ; Speeches and Prayers of Mr Henry Dorney, in 
his last sickness, pp. 222-362 ; from the 11th of March, 168f to the 25th of 
April following; when he died: being the Seventieth Year of his Age, pp. 363-408 ; 
Errata, one leaf. 

[Another Edition, entitled] Contemplations of Mr. Henry Dorney, 
Comprised in I. Practical Discourses ... II. His Letters. III. His 
Last Sayings and Prayers. Also an Account of his Life. With a 
Recommendatory Preface by Rev. Mr. Romaine. Third Edition. 
Bath. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Title, and Preface (dated Jan. 13, 1773), pp. i.-vi. ; List of Subscribers, 3 leaves ; 
Life, pp. 1-63; Discourses, pp. 65-269; Letters, pp. 270-407; Dying Speeches, 
pp. 408-450 ; Errata, one leaf. 

[Another Edition, entitled] Contemplations, and Letters, of Henry 
Dorney, of Uley, Gloucestershire. London : 8vo. 

Pp. 224. Published by the R.T.S. ? 1840. The Life and some of the short 
letters are omitted from this edition. 

1830. Letters of the late Mr. Henry Dorney, written between the years 
1638 and 1682 ; with a brief notice of the Author. London : 1830. 
32mo. O.P.L. 

Title, one leaf ; Pref. (biographical), pp. v.-xi. ; Letters, pp. 1-240. 

[1835 ?] Christian Biography. Life of Mr. Henry Dorney, of Uley, 
Gloucestershire, The Author of " Contemplations." Religious Tract 
Society [London] 12mo. Pp. 1-72. 

1867. Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire, pp. 217-28. 

DOVER, Family of, [of Campden.] 

N.D. Pedigree of, [T.P.] s. sh. fol. B. 


DOVER, Thomas, M.D., [b. in Warwickshire. Practised as a physician in 
Bristol, 1684-1708. He sailed in " The Duke," one of two vessels which 
were sent under the command of Capt. Woodes Rogers, q.v. to S. America, 
in 1708, on a privateering expedition by a syndicate of Bristol merchants, 
and returned in 1711 with a booty reported to amount to £170,000. 
During this cruise Alexander Selkirk was discovered on the desert island, 
where he had been for 4 years, and taken by Dover on board the Duke. 
Dover resumed practice in Bristol. He died in 1742. He was the 
inventor of Dover's powders, and was probably the " Dr. Dover " who 
reprinted the Annalia Dubrensia (see ante, vol. i., pp. 2-5), and if so he 
was " Captain " Robert Dover's grandson.] 

[1849.] Bristollia ... See infra, sub ROGERS, Woodes. 

1878. Munk's Roll of Physicians, ii., pp. 79-81. 

1881-90. Dr. Thomas Dover, of Bristol. Qlos. N. & Q., i., 435-6 ; ii., 
111-12; iv., 556. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xv., 382. 

1908. An Alabama Student and other Biographical Essays By William 
Osier, M.D. . . . Oxford. 1908. 8vo. Eight leaves & pp. 334. 

Thomas Dover Physician and Buccaneer, pp. 19-36. 

1908-10. Motherhood late in Life. N. & Q., Ser. 10, ix., 118, 232. [An- 
cestry] Ser. 10, xi., 149, 196. [Date of Dover's Death.] Ser. 11, ii., 

1909. Thomas Dover : Physician and Merchant Adventurer. By J. A. 
Nixon. Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal, xxvi., 31-40. 

Reprinted (pp. 9, 8vo.) in same year. 

1913. Thomas Dover, Physician and Circumnavigator. [By J. A. Nixon.] 
Reprinted from The British Medical Journal, March 22nd, 1913. 8vo. 
Pp. 4. O.P.L. 

1913. Further Notes on Thomas Dover. By J. A. Nixon, M.B. Procs. 
Royal Society of Medicine, viii., 233-7. 


"The Ancient Physician's Legacy to his Country." 1732. It was translated into 
French in 1734 and an eighth English edition appeared in 1771. It occasioned 
considerable controversy. 

DOWDESWELL, Family of, [of Dowdeswell, Temple Guiting, Charlton 
Kings, &c, co. Glouc. ; and Pull Court co. Wore] 

1830. A Pedigree of the Dowdeswell Family. Bennett's History of Tewkes- 
bury, pp. 439-54. 

This, though called a pedigree, is a short history of the Family. 

1884. The Dowdeswell Family. Olos. N. dh Q., ii., 410-2, 530-2. 

1899. Crisp's Visitation, vii., 80-82. 


DOWLING, John Goulter, [b. in Gloucester, in 1805 ; master of the Crypt 
Grammar School from 1827, and rector of St. Mary de Crypt from 1834 
till his death in 1841. There are 6 works by him mentioned in the 
D.N.B. These include a volume of sermons preached at St. Mary de 
Crypt and a lecture delivered in Gloucester. He also wrote a history of 
the Christian Church for the Encyclopaedia Metropolitana.] 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xv., 390, q.v. for Works. 

1912. John Goulter Dowling. The Cryptian, April, 1912, pp. 28-30. 

DOWNE, Viscountess, see WELSTEAD, Louisa Maria. 

DRAPER, Sir William, [Lieutenant-General ; b. at Bristol in 1721 ; com- 
menced his education at the Bristol Grammar School ; resided, c. 1770, 
at Manilla House, Clifton Downs, now converted into the Convent of 
La Mere de Dieu ; d. at Bath 1787. A portrait of him by Gainsborough 
was eng. by Ridley for the 1805 ed. of Junius's Letters.] 

1764. Colonel Draper's Answer, to the Spanish Arguments, claiming The 
Galeon, and refusing Payment of the Ransom Bills, for preserving 
Manila from Pillage, and Destruction : In a Letter addressed To the 
Earl of Halifax, His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the 
Southern Department. London. 1764. 8vo. Pp. 43. B.M. 

A short View of a Letter to the Earl of Halifax, just published, under 

the Title of Colonel Draper's Answer to the Spanish Arguments, for 
refusing the payment of ransom bills for the Manillas. Gent. Mag., 
xxxiv., 590-91. 

[1769.] The Political Contest ; Containing a Series of Letters between 
Junius and Sir William Draper : Also the whole of Junius's Letters, to 

His Grace the D - - - of G Brought into one point of View. 

London. Price Is. 8vo. Two leaves and pp. 55. 

The Second Edition. Pp. iv. & 55. B.M. 

The Political Contest ; Being a continuation of Junius's Letters, 

From the 8th July last to the Present Time, in which is included 

Dr B 's Postscript on Mr Wilkes's Expulsion, and Junius's Answer. 

Also Sir William Draper's Last Letter, with Junius's Reply. Part II. 
London. Printed for F. Newbery, the West-End of St. Paul's Church- 
Yard. Price 6d. Where may be had the 2d Edition of the 1st Part. 
Price Is. 8vo. Title & pp. 38. B. 

— [Another Edition,] Containing, all the Letters between 

Junius and Sir William Draper . . . The Third Edition. Dublin. 
1769. 8vo. Pp. vii. & 108. B.M. 

Sir William Draper's Conduct reviewed. Gent. Mag., xxxix., 68-71, 

1783. The Sentence of the Court-Martial, Held at the Horse-Guards, For 
the Trial of the Hon. Lieut. Gen. James Murray, Late Governor of 
Minorca, on the Twenty-nine Articles exhibited against him by Sir 


William Draper. With His Majesty's Order thereon . . . With an 
Appendix, containing Gen. Murray's Defence and Answer to every 
Article of the Charge, — all the Correspondence between Gen. Murray 
and Sir William Draper, — the several Councils of War, — and the sub- 
sequent Proceedings of the Court-Martial relative to the private Dispute 
between Gen. Murray and Sir William Draper ; with all the Corre- 
spondence upon that Subject. London. 1783. Price 3s 6d. 
Pp. 1-100. 4to. B.M. 

Observations on the Honourable Lieutenant-General Murray's 

Defence By Lieutenant-General Sir William Draper. London : 1783. 
Price Is 6d. 4to. Two leaves and pp. 32. B.M. 

1787. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., lvii., 91-92. 

1788. [Memoir of] Sir William Draper, K.B. Universal Magazine, 
lxxxii., 244-5. 

1799. [Eulogium on Sir William Draper.] Gent. Mag., lxix., 918-19 ; 
[His Epitaph.] Id., p. 1127. 

1833. The Georgian Era, ii., 62-65. 

1875. Memoirs of Celebrated Etonians . . . By J. Heneage Jesse . . . 
1875. 8vo. 2 vols. C.P.L. 

Lieut.-General Sir William Draper, K.B., vol. 2, pp. 150-6. 
1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvi., 4-7. 

1900. The Obelisk and Cenotaph on Clifton Down By John Beddoe . . . 

Bristol J. W. Arrowsmith, Quay Street. 1900. 8vo. B.R.L. 

Pp. 15. Description of the Obelisk, with biographical notes on Sir William 
Draper ; Portrait, Front. 

1904. Library of Literary Criticism, vii., 502-3. 

DREW, Catherine, [domestic servant, born 1784 at Gun's Mills, in the 
Forest of Dean, near where she lived most, if not all, of her life.] 

1841. A Collection of Poems on the Forest of Dean and its neighbourhood. 
By Catherine Drew, of Littledean . . . Coleford. 1841. Price Is 6d. 
8vo. G.P.L. 

Pp. 36. Memoir, pp. 5-6. 

1904. [Another Edition] Republished by Request, Cinderford 

. . . John Cooksey, " Dean Forest Mercury " Office. 1904. 8vo. 

Pp. 36. Memoir at pp. 5-0. 

DREWET, Amariah, [yarn-maker, at Cirencester, where he died, July 25, 
1687. He was one of the Cirencester Quakers who were persecuted for 
their religious opinions.] 

1687. Some Testimonies of the Life, Death and Sufferings of Amariah 
Drewet, of Cirencester, in Gloucestershire ; and To the Way of Life 
wherein he walked . . . sm. 4to. B.M. 

Pp. 16. For full title see ante. vol. 2. p. 144. 


1867. Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire, pp. 201-216. 

DRIVER, Family of, [of Aston in Avening and Bristol.] 
1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 59. 

DROWRY, Thomas, [Protestant Martyr ; burned in Gloucester, c. 1555.] 

1867. Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire, pp. 89-92. 

1884. The Blind Boy of Gloucester and Dr Williams. Gloa. N.&Q.,ii., 195-9. 

1886. Thomas Drowry, The Blind Boy of Gloucester. Martyr, in 1556. 
By M. J. Walker. Second Edition. Price 2d. London, sq. 12mo. 
Pp. 23. B. 

DUGDALE, Family of, [of Symonstone Hall, Co. Lancashire, and Lilley 
Brook, Co. Gloucester.] 

1896. Crisp's Visitation, iv., 13-15. 

DUKE, Richard, [verse-writer ; b. 1658 ; prebendary of Gloucester, 1688, 
till his death in 1710 or 1711.] 

1856-67. Duke the Poet. N. & Q. Ser. 2, ii., 4-5 ; Ser. 3, xii., 21-2, 69. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvi., 144-5, q.v. for Works. 

DUMBLETON, John, [scholastic divine, fl. 1340 ; " doubtless a native of 
the village of Dumbleton."] 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvi., 146-7, q.v. for Works. 
DUPRE, Family of. 

1860. Pedigree of Dupre of Temple Guiting . . . [T.P.] 1860. B. 

DURHAM, Families of, [of Weston-Sub-edge & Willersey.] 

1848 & N.D. Pedigrees of (2). [T.P.] s. sh. fol. B. 

DURHAM, William, [divine ; son of John Durham of Willersey, Glos., 
where he was born in 1611 ; d. 1684.] 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvi., 258, q.v. for Works. 

DURHAM, William, [D.D., son of William Durham [q.v.) ; b. in Glos.; 
d. about 1656. He was a noted preacher.] 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvi., 258, q.v. for Works. 

DUTTON, Family of, [Barons Sherborne, of Sherborne, Glos.] 

1809-11. British Family Antiquity, ii., 277-81. 

1812. Collins' Peerage (Brydges), viii., 39-55. 

1842. An Act for discharging . . . [the Manor of Cheltenham] in the 
County of Gloucester and other estates in tho same County from the 
Portions of the younger children of . . . John Lord Sherborne and 
the younger children of the Hon. J. H. L. Dutton ... 5 & 6 Vict. c. 
25 Priv. 


1863. Norman's History of Cheltenham, pp. 102-8. 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 53-5. 

1899. Historical and Genealogical Memoirs of the Dutton Family, of 
Sherborne, in Gloucestershire, as represented in the Peerage of England 
by the Right Hon. the Baron Sherborne. With an Introduction by 
Lord Sherborne. Privately Printed. 1899. 4to. Q.P.L. 

Half-title, Title [with the Dutton Arms at head.] Contents, List of Autotype 
Plates, & Introduction, pp. i.-xv. ; Memoirs, pp. 1-253 ; Index, pp. 254-264. Only 
25 copies printed. 

Thomas Dutton acquired the Manor of Sherborne in 1551. 

Pis. : Thomas Dutton, the first family owner of Sherborne, 1507-1581, Front. ; 
The Dutton Family Group, by F. Zoffany, R.A., p. xiv. ; William Dutton, 1561- 
1618, p. 70 ; John Dutton, M.P., 1594-1657, p. 103 ; Sir Kalph Dutton, Bart., 
M.P.. p. 220 ; Sir John Dutton, Bart., p. 236 ; Folding Pedigree of the Dutton 
Family, Barons Sherborne, p. 246. 

1901. Memorials of the Duttons of Dutton in Cheshire with Notes 
respecting the Sherborne Branch of the Family . . . [Quot.] London 
& Chester : 1901. 4to. Q.P.L. 

Pp. xxvi. and 296. Reviewed Aiheneeurn (1901), ii., 275. 

The Sherborne Branch of the Duttons of Dutton. pp. 97-109. 

Folding pedigrees of the Cloughton and Sherborne Branches of the Duttons of 
Dutton, in 1584, p. 98 ; and in 1612, p. 100 ; of the Sherborne Branch of the Duttons 
of Dutton, in 1623, p. 102 ; of the New Manor and C'hedworth Branches of the 
Duttons of Dutton, in 1623, p. 228. 

1911. Monumental Effigies. B. & O. A. S. Trans., xxxiii., 104-110. 

1911-12. Sherborne House. Written and Illustrated by Leonard 
Willoughby. Connoisseur, xxx., 3-13 ; xxxii., 77-94. 

N.D. Abstract of Thomas Adyes title to Manors of Standish and Hard- 
wicke, giving particulars of the title of the Dutton family thereto. 
s. sh. fol. 

Not seen. Advertised for sale by Bailey Brothers, 62, Newington Butts, S.E. 

EAGLES, Rev. John, [son of Thomas Eagles {q.v.) ; b. in Bristol, in 1783 ; 
commenced life as an artist and obtained some celebrity ; after taking 
orders, in 1818, he was for 4 years curate of St. Nicholas, Bristol ; gave 
up duty in 1841 and resided in Clifton, where he devoted himself to 
literature till his death in 1855. Two portraits of him are mentioned 
in the Diet. Nat. Biog., one by Curnock and the other by the elder 

1855. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S. xliv., 661-2. 

1856. The Eagles of Bristol, Father and Son. Gent. Mag., N.S. xlv., 

1856. The Sketcher. By tho Rev. John Eagles, A.M. Oxon. Edinburgh 
and London. 1856. 8vo. F.F.F. 

Two Titles & Quotation, 2 leaves ; Introduction containing a Memoir of the 
Rev. John Eagles, pp. v.-x ^ The Sketcher, pp. 1-397 ; Sonnet, 1 page. 
Reviewed Gent. Mag., Ser. 3, i., 448-452. 


1857. A Garland of Roses, gathered from the Poems of the late Rev. John 

Eagles, M.A., by his old Friend, John Mathew Gutch . . . 8vo. B.M. 

Title, Contents, &c, pp. i.-xii. ; Errata inserted ; Reminiscences of the late 
Rev. John Eagles, pp. xiii.-xxxii. ; Lyrics from the Sketcher, pp. i., ii. & 1-184. 
Editor's Note, one leaf. Only fifty copies were printed for private distribution. 

1859. The Cyclops of Euripides. N. & Q. Ser. 2, vii., 53-4. 

1859. Miscellanies by Monkshood. Essayists and Reviewers. Rev. John 
Eagles. Bentley's Miscellany, xlvi., 594-C05. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvi., 312-13, q.v. for Works. 

1907. Penrose's Journal. N. & Q. Ser. 10, vii., 148-9, 216-17, 277. 

work not mentioned in Diet. Nat. Biog. 

The Bristol Riots, their causes, progress, and consequences. By a Citizen. 
Bristol. 1832. Described ante vol. 3, p. 139. 

EAGLES, Thomas, [descended from a family who had lived for 200 years 
in Bristol, where he was born in 1746 ; lived in Bristol or Clifton from 
1762 till his death in 1812. He was a contributor to The Crier — apart 
of Felix Farley's Bristol Journal.] 

1812. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., vol. 82, pt. 2, pp. 589-90. 

1855. The Beggar's Legacy. Blackwood, lxxvi., 251-272. 

Written by John Eagles and narrating an act of kindness by his father, Thomas 

1856. The Eagles of Bristol . . . See ante, sub EAGLES, John. 

1857. A Garland of Roses . . . See ante, sub EAGLES, John. 
Pp. xxvi.-xxxi. contain Reminiscences of Thomas Eagles. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvi., 313, q.v. for Works. 

EAST, John Fraser, [b. 1817 at Chipping Campden, where he spent his early 
years; d. 1833.] 

1835. " The Happy Moment : " or, Recollections of a Departed Son. 
By the Rev. John East, M.A. . . . Bath : Printed by George Wood. 
1835. 8vo. Two leaves & pp. 92. O.P.L. 

EASTERBROOK, Joseph, [Vicar of the Temple Church, Bristol, d. 1791. 
Four tracts relating to George Lukins, a pretended lunatic, by whom 
Easterbrook was duped, are described ante, vol. 3, pp. 78-9.] 

1791. A Sermon on the death of the Rev. Joseph Easterbrook, Vicar of 
Temple . . . Preached at Temple Church on the 30th of January, 1791, 
being the Sunday after his Interment ... By the Rev. Powell Samuel 
Criche . . . Bristol : Pr. by W. Pine, 1791. Price 6d. 8vo. Pp. 20. 

A Sermon preached at the Rev. Mr. Wesley's Chapel, in Bristol, 

On Sunday, the 30th of January, 1791, On Occasion of the Death of the 
Rev. J. Easterbrook, Vicar of Temple ... By Mr. Henry Moore. 
London. Printed at New Chapel, City Road . . . Price 2d. Pp. 24. 



1791. A Token of Esteem to Departed Worth, or an Epistle of Sincere 
Condolence, to the Inhabitants of Bristol . . . Occasioned by the Death 
of [the Rev. J. Easterbrook] . . . By the Rev. Edward Barry, M.D. 
. . . 1791. 8vo. B.M. 

Pp. 16. More fully described ante, vol. 3, p. 82. 
Zion's Lamentation. Being the Substance of a Sermon Occasioned 

by the Much lamented Death of the Rev. Joseph Easterbrook, Vicar 
of Temple & Ordinary of Newgate, In the City of Bristol, Who de- 
parted this Life January 21, 1791. Preached January 30, 1791, By 
the Rev. John Hey, Minister of Castle-Green Meeting . . . Bristol : 
Printed by S. Bonnor, in Castle Green ; 1791. 8vo. B.R.L. 

Title & Ded., dated Feb. 18, 1791, 2 leaves ; Sermon, pp. 1-32. 

EASTHOPE, Sir John, [politician and journalist ; b. at Tewkesbury, 1781 
{Gent. Mag.) or 1784 (Diet. Nat, Biog.); d. 1865.] 

1841. Portraits of Public Characters . . . [By John Grant.] London : 
1841. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Mr Easthope, vol. 1, pp. 76-86. 

1845. Letters addressed to the Rt. Hon. Lord Granville Somerset [and 
others] . . . with an Address to the British Public, containing stric- 
tures on the conduct of Sir John Easthope, as proprietor of the Morning 
Chronicle. By James Sedgwick, Esq. London : 1845. 8vo. Pp. vi. 
and 105. 

1866. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S. i., 128. 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvi., 329-330. 

EATON, Joseph, [member of the Society of Friends ; son of George Eaton, 
a Bristol ironmonger; b. in Bristol, 1792; carried on his father's 
business till 1835 ; engaged in philanthropic work till his death in 1858.] 

1858. Brief Sketch of the Life and Character of the late Joseph Eaton, 
Esq., of the City of Bristol . . . Bristol. Isaac Arrowsmith, 11, Quay 
Street. 1858. 8vo. 

Pp. 32. By George May, author of a " History of Evesham." 

EDEN, Charles Page, [author ; son of George Eden, curate of St. George's 
Bristol ; b. in or near Bristol, where he commenced his education, in 
1807 ; d. in 1885.] 

1888. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvi., 355-0, q.v. for Works. 

1888. Lives of Twelve Good Men ... By William Burgon. London : 
1888. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Charles Page Eden : the earnest Parish Priest, vol. 2, pp. 305-42. 
Also at same pages of vol. 2 of the 4th edition, 1880, and at pp. 402-22 of an 1891 
(one volume) edition, with portrait at p. 402. 
Reviewed Quart. Rev., No. 335, pp. 192-4. 



EDWARDS, Mary, [Quakeress ; b. 1635 at Hasfield, Glos. j married 
Edward Edwards, minister of Tredington, Glos., where they lived for 
many years ; d. June 20, 1715 ; bur. in Friends' Burying-Ground at 
Stoke Orchard, Glos.] 

1720. Some Brief Epistles, Testimonies and Counsel, given By that 
Antient and Faithful Servant of the Lord, Mary Edwards. Recom- 
mended to Friends, called Quakers, in Gloucestershire, Wales, Bristol, 
and elsewhere concerned . . . London : 1720. 8vo. G.P.L. 

Pp. 30. The testimonies and epistles contain matter of a biographical nature 
relating to Mary Edwards and members of her family. A "Farewell" by her 
was published in 1719. 

EEDES, Rev. Richard, [curate ot Cleeve, 1632-1647 and 1658-1662; vicar 
of Beckford, 1647-1658. Failing to obtain the rectory of Cleeve in 1662, 
on account of Presbyterian proclivities, he gave up active duty. He 
lived at Gretton, near Winchcombe, till bis death in 1686. He was 
buried in Cleeve Church.] 

1813. Wood's Athena? Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 187-8. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvii., 141, q.v. for Works. 

ELLACOMBE, Henry Thomas, [campanologist and topographer ; b. 1790 ; 
curate (1817-1835) and vicar (1835-1850) of Bitton in Gloucestershire; 
d. 1885. His works on Church Bells are of much value, and his History 
of Bitton, had it but an Index, would be the model of what a parochial 
history should be. He contributed to ' N. & Q.' from its commence- 
ment till the year of his death.] 

1872. To my Deare ffriend, H.T.E. On receiving his Opus magnum 

de Campanis. J5. 

Twenty-two lines in verse, printed in black letter (signed " J.T.F. Durham, 

June 19, 1872 ") written by Mr J. T. Fowler, of Bishop Hatfield's Hall, Durham, on 

receiving Mr Ellacombe's work on the Church Bells of Devon. 

1882. Reminiscences chiefly of Oriel College and the Oxford Movement 
By the Rev. T. Mozley, M.A. . . . London : 1882. 2 vols. 8vo. 
Henry Thomas Ellacombe, vol. 1, pp. 75-81. 

1885-7. [Obituaries.] Church Bells (Aug. 7 & 21, 1885), pp. 847-8, 908 ; 
Glos. N. & Q., hi., 230-1 ; B. dc G. A. S. Trans., ix., 365-6. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvii., 242-3, q.v. for some of his works. 

works not mentioned in D.N.B. 

Note on the Sepulchral Monuments in Bitton Church-yard. Archoeologia (1829), 
xxii., 437-9. 

A Paper on Bells. Bristol Architectural Society. 1850. Reviewed Quart, Bt 
No. 190, pp. 308-37. 

Accounts of the Executors of Richard, Bishop of London, 1303 . . . Edited by 
H.T.E. and another. Camden Society, N.S., x., 1874. 

The Ringers True Guide. With Preface by H.T.E. 

History of the Parish of Bitton. 2 pts. 1881-83. 

The Bells of the Cathedral Church of St. Peter's, Exeter. [1874.] 

Instructions for taking Rubbings of Inscriptions on Bells [1875 ?] 

The "Church Bells of Gloucestershire " was noticed Glos. X. ■£ Q., iii., 148-9. 


ELLICOTT, Charles John, [b. 25 April, 1819 ; Bishop of Gloucester & 
Bristol, 1863-97; Bishop of Gloucester, 1897-1905; d. 15 Oct., 1905. 
There is a portrait of him by Frank Holl in the Palace at Gloucester 
and a marble effigy of him in Gloucester Cathedral. He was cari- 
catured in Vanity Fair (1885), xvii., pi. 468.] 

1859-61. The Rev. C. J. Ellicott. Church Photographic Portrait Gallery. 

Photograph & one page of letterpress. 
1868. The Writings of the Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. By 

a Graduate of Oxford. Churchman's Shilling Magazine (1868), iii., 


1873. Ecclesiastical Sketches. The Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. 
Congregationalist, ii., 725-62. 

1874. Difficulties in Church Work. A Respectful Remonstrance ad- 
dressed to the Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol by the Rev. R. 
W. Randall, M.A., Vicar of All Saints, Clifton, with correspondence. 
1874. 8vo. Pp. 48. 

[1874-7.] The National Portrait Gallery . . . Cassell. London. 4 vols. 

The Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, iv., 33-40. Coloured portrait, p. 33. 

1876. Men of Mark. Ser. 1, Portrait No. 17. 

1886. The Right Rev. C. J. Ellicott, D.D., Lord Bishop of Gloucester, 
f'cap 4to. Q.P.L. 

Pp. 4. Keprinted from "Home Words," xvi., 10-11. 

1887. The Sunday Book of Biography, pp. 178-183. Portrait, p. 179. 

1888. Supplemental Papers by the Church-Goer . . . Bristol : William 
George's Sons. 1888. 8vo. 

Bishop Ellicott at St. Stephen's, Bristol, pp. 47-52. 

1891. Men and Women of the Day. Fol. 

No. 37. The Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, Portrait and pp. 2 
of letterpress. 

1905-6. Charles John Ellicott. The Eagle (Cambridge), xxvii., 84-106, 

The article is signed " W.A.C." 

1906. [Obituary.] Alpine Journal, xxiii., 171. 

1909. Gloucester Cathedral. 19th June, 1909. Unveiling of the Memorial 
to Charles John Ellicott, D.D., Bishop of Gloucester, 1863 to 1905. 
8vo. F.A.H. 

Title on wrapper and 4 leaves. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., i., 618-19. 


Commentaries and Miscellaneous Works 

The History and Obligation of the Sabbath. [Hulsean Prize Essay.] 1844. 
On Vaulting. Camb. Camden Sue. Trans. 1845. 


Audi alteram partem. A reply to an article in the Christian Remembrancer. 

Critical and Grammatical Commentaries on the following Epistles, with revised 

translations : — 

(a) The Epistle to the Galatians. 1854. Other Editions, 1859, 1863, 1867. 

(b) The Epistle to the Ephesians. 1855. Other Editions, 1859, 1864, 1868, 1884. 

(c) The Pastoral Epistles of St. Paul. 1856. 

Second Edition. 1861. Reviewed Quart. Rev., No. 225, pp. 95-138. 

Third Edition. 1864. 

Fourth Edition. 1875. 

Fifth Edition. 1883. 

(d) Epistles to the Philippians, Colossians, and to Philemon. 1857. 

Other Editions 1861, 1865, 1875, 1888. 

(e) Epistle to the Thessalonians. 1858. 

Second Edition. 1862. 

Third Edition. 1866. 

Fourth Edition. 1880. 

(f) The First Epistle to the Corinthians. 1887. Reviewed Church Quart. Rev., 

xxvi., 154-170. 
The Apocryphal Gospels. [An Essay.] 1856. 
The following books of the Bible were " compared with the original Greek and 
revised by Five Clergymen," of whom C. J. Ellicott was one. 

(a) The Gospel of St. John. 1857 & 1858. Second Edition, with Notes. 1862. 
Another Edition, with notes on the proposed alteration. 

(b) The Epistle to the Romans. 1858. 

(c) The Epistles to the Corinthians. 1858. 

A Revised Version of the Epistles to the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and 

Colossians. 1861. 
Scripture and its Interpretation [ Aids to Faith.] 1861 & 1862 eds., pp. 371-469. 
Comfort of the Scripture to the Bereaved. 2nd Ed. 1862. 
Considerations on the Revision of the English Version of the New Testament. 


Second Edition. 1872. Reviewed Quart. Rev., No. 265, pp. 147-166. 

The Course and Direction of Modern Religious Thought. The Church and the 

Age, p. 39, et seq. 
Prayers and Meditations for the Holy Communion. Edited with Pref. by C.J.E. 


Another Edition. 1875. 

What is Death ? Metaphysical Society's Papers. No. 19. 1871. 
Translation of the Athanasian Creed 1872. 

Story of the Trojan War . . . With a Preface by Bishop Ellicott. [1874.] 
The Adequacy of the Christian's Answer to all deeper Questions ... A Course 

of Lectures. 1876. 

Third Series. 1880. 

What is the real distinction between England and Rome ? [1876.] 

Modern Unbelief. 1877. 

Report of the Committee of Bishops on the Revision of the Text of the Athanasian 

Creed with an Introduction and Notes [by C.J.E.] 
St. Raphael's, Bristol. The Church closed by a Bishop . . . [Correspondence, 

Dec. 8, 1877— Jan. 17, 1878]. 
A New Testament Commentary for English Readers. 3 vols. 1878-9. Re- 
viewed Church Quart. Rev., ix., 253-5, 305-345. 
[Preface to] Homiletical and Pastoral Lectures. 1879. 
A New Testament Commentary for Schools. 1879. Edited by C.J.E. Other 

Eds. 1880, 1884. Reviewed Church Quart. Rev., ix., 253-5, 305-45. 
An Explanatory Paper on the Objects of the Christian Evidence Society. 1880. 
An Old Testament Commentary for English Readers. Edited by C.J.E. 1882. 

Other Eds. 1884, 1885-92, 1897. 


Introduction to the New Testament by E.H. Plumtree. With Pref. by C.J.E. 

A Report by a Committee on the condition of the Bristol Poor. With Preface 

by C.J.E. 1885. 
A Plain Introduction to the Books of the Bible. 2 vols. 1893. 
The Complete Bible Commentary. 1897. 
A Bible Commentary for English Readers, by Various Writers. Edited by 

C.J.E. 1905-6. 8 vols. An edition in 15 vols, f'scap 8vo. was also issued. 

Addresses, Charges, Lectures, and Speeches 

Historical Lectures on the Life of our Lord. [Hulsean Lectures.] 1860 ; 2nd 

ed. 1861 ; 4th ed. 1865 ; 5th ed. 1869 ; 6th ed. 1876. 
Church Work and Church Prospects. (Charge) 1864. 
Progress and Trials. A Charge, October, 1867. 

Diocesan Progress (13 addresses pub. separately). 1868-74, 1888-91, 1899. 
The Christian Evidence Society and its Lectures. [A Lecture.] 1871. 
Modern Scepticism. A Course of Lectures . . . 1871. 
On behalf of the Church of Ireland Sustentation Fund. 1872. 
Church Prospects, Church Reform, and Church Parties. (3 addresses). 1872. 
[Speech] At the Meeting of the Bristol Church Defence Association. 1872. 
Church Work and Church Questions. (Charge.) 1873. 
The Revision of the Rubrics. 1874. 
Approaching Dangers. 1874. 

Vestments and the position of the Celebrant. 1874. 
Future Prospects. 1874. 
The Public Worship Regulation Bill 1874. 

On the Relation of the Church to The Temperance Question. [1875.] 
Modern Unbelief : its Principles and Characteristics. Six Addresses. 1877. 
Some present Dangers of the Church of England (7 addresses). [1878.] 
Homiletical and Pastoral Lectures. 1879. 
Six Addresses on the Being of God. 1880. Reviewed Church Quart. Rev., xi. 

Are we to modify Fundamental Doctrines. Five Addresses. 1885. Other 

Eds. 1887, 1890. 
Spiritual Needs in Country Parishes (7 Addresses). 1888. 
Salutary Doctrine. 1890. A reprint of portions of a Charge delivered in the 

Archdeaconry of Bristol. 
Christus Comprobator or the testimony of Christ to the Old Testament. Seven 

Addresses. 1891. 4th Ed. 1891. Reviewed Church Quart. Rev., xxxiii., 307- 

323; Quart. Rev., No. 356, pp. 370-413. 
Foundations of Sacred Study (5 Addresses). 1893. Reviewed Church Quart. 

Rev., xlii., 94-103. 

Second Series. 1895. 

Our Reformed Chinch and its present troubles (3 Addresses). 1899. 
Addresses on the Revised Version of the Holy Scripture. 1901. 
Doubt and its Remedy (Charge). 1903. 


The Destiny of the Creature and other Sermons preached before Camb. Univ., 

1858. 2nd Ed. 1862 ; 4th Ed. 1865. 
The Broad and the Narrow Way. Two Sermons. Matt, vii., 13, 14. 1863. 
The Purposes of a Day of Humiliation. 1866. 
Ritualism. Matt, xxii., 20. 1866. 
The Nations of the Saved. Rev. xxi., 24. 1867. 
On Church and State. Matt, xvi., 18. 1868. 
Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the Parish Church at Stroud . . . 

August 4, 1868. 
True Social Science. Acts, x., 38. 1869. 


Our Cathedral Institutions : Will they Stand ? Is. lxiv.. 11. 1871. 

The Present Dangers of the Church. Ps. lxviii., 11. 3rd ed. 1871. 

The Hope of Christianity and the Despair of Unbelief. Eph. ii., 12. 1876. 

The Church and the Sunday School. Eph. vi., 4. 1880. And see Glos N & O 

ii., 459-460. 
The Living and Enduring Word. 1 Pet. i., 23. 1886. 
On the Restoration of the Choir of Bristol Cathedral. Philip, iii., 3. 1895 

Pp. 7-20 of "Octave Sermons." 
Sermons at Gloucester. The Church Pulpit Library. 1905. 

ELLYS, Anthony, [Bishop of St. Davids, b. 1690 ; prebendary of Gloucester 
1724 till his death in 1761 ; buried in Gloucester Cathedral.] 
1753. Some Qualifications requisite to a due Discharge of the Ministry, 
considered. In a Sermon Preached in Lambeth Chapel, at the Con- 
secration of the Right Reverend Father in God Anthony, Lord Bishop 
of St. David's. On Sunday, January 28, 1753. By Charles Jenner, 
D.D. . . . London : 1753. 4to. Title & pp. 26. B.M. 

1812. Nichols' Anecdotes, ii., 454-5, 725. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvii., 306, q.v. for Works. His " Tracts on the 
Liberty, spiritual and temporal, of Protestants " were reviewed in the 
Monthly Review, xxix., 117-134. 

ELTON, Sir Charles Abraham, [author; b. in Bristol 1778; d. 1853.] 
1853. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., vol. 40, pt. 2, pp. 88-9. 
1884. Sir Abraham Elton's House. Glos. N. 6s Q., ii., 598-9. 
1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvii., 337. 


See Diet. Nat. Biog., where 9 Works by him are mentioned. 

Some of his Works were reviewed Blackwood, xxxii., 165-76, 505-18, 807-23 ; 
xxxviii., 731-49; Eclectic Rev., xii., 1124; Littell's Museum of Foreign Literature, 
xxviii., 262 ; Quart. Rev., No. 25, pp. 151-8. 

ELTON, Richard, [writer on military subjects; b. in Bristol; fl. 1650.] 

1650. The Compleat Body of The Art Military : Exactly compiled, and 

gradually composed for the Foot, in the best refined manner, according 

to the practise of the Modern Times. Divided into Three Books . . . 

By Richard Elton, Serjeant Major . . . London : Printed by Robert 

Leybourn, in Monkswell Street neer Creeplegate, MDCL. sm.fol. B.M. 

Title, & Epistles Dedicatory, 4 leaves ; Eulogies in verse on the Author and his 

Work, 7 leaves; Art Military, pp. 1-192; Contents, 2 leaves. Eng. portrait 

of the Author (Aetatis 39) by Droeshout, Front. Double plate, and folding plate 

of An Army in Three Brigades, between pp. 174-5. 

The Second Edition, with new Additions. 1659. B.M. 

A reprint of the 1st ed.. with slight additions. There is no portrait in the B.M. 

1864. [Elton's " Compleat Body of the Art Military."] N. & Q. Ser. 3, 
v., 319-20. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xvii., 339. 


EMRA, John, [vicar of Kingswood ; author of " The Second Temple. A 
Dramatic Poem, " pub. 1844.] 

1842. No Condemnation — in Christ Jesus. A sermon preached in the 
Parish Church of St. George, Kingswood, On Sunday morning, Septem- 
ber 25, 1842 ; on occasion of the death of the Rev. John Emra, A.B., 
Vicar of the said Parish. By the Rev. John Hall, B.D. . . . Bristol : 
Pr. by J. Chilcott, Wine Str. 1842. 8vo. Pp. 1-28. B.R.L. 

ENGLISH, John, D.D., [rector of Rudford ; incumbent of Cheltenham 
Parish Church, temp. James I. and Charles I. ; prebend of Gloucester, 
1633 till his death; d. 1643 (Fosbroke) or 1647 (N. & Q.); bur. in 

1877. John English, D.D. N. & Q. Ser. 5, viii., 67, 179, 359, 395. 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 60. 

ESTCOURT, Family of, [of Estcourt and Shipton Moyne]. 

1836. Burke's Commoners, iv., 155. 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 61-2; 1623 (Maclean), 
pp. 65-7. 

ESTCOURT, James Bucknall Bucknall, [Major-General ; second son of 
Thomas Grimston Bucknall Estcourt, M.P., of Estcourt, Gloucester^ 
shire ; b. 1802 ; d. of cholera in the Crimea, 1855.] 

1855. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag. N.S., xliv., 199-200. 

1856. The Life of Major-General Estcourt, Adjutant-General of the Army 
of the East. From George Ryan's Lives of our Heroes of the Crimea. 
London : 1856. 8vo. Pp. 22. 8vo. 

[? 1856.] Major-General Estcourt. 8vo. G.P.L. 

Pp. 8. A Reprint of a notice by Mr Winthrop, late Speaker of U.S. Congress, 

from the Boston Transcript of July 19, 1855, and of one by Mr Marsh, late American 

Ambassador at Constantinople, from the National Intelligencer of Feb. 7, 1856. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xviii., 9. 

ESTCOURT, Richard, [actor and dramatist; b. 1668; d. 1712; said to 
have been born at Tewkesbury and educated at Tewkesbury Grammar 

1713. The Infernal Congress or News from Below. Being a Letter from 
Dick Estcourt, The late Famous Comedian, to the Spectator . . . 
The Second Edition Corrected. London : 1713. Price 6d. 8vo. 
Pp. 32. B.M. 

1808. Dramatic Mirror, pp. 334-6. 

1812. Biographia Dramatica . . . See ante, sub BONN OR, Charles. 

Richard Estcourt, vol. 1, pt. i., pp. 219-21. Also at pp. 147-8, vol. 1, of a 1782 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xviii., 9-11, where plays which he wrote and the 
principal parts which he played are mentioned. 


ESTCOURT, Thomas Henry Sutton Sotheron [of Estcourt, Gloucestershire ; 
Statesman ; b. 1801 ; Home Secretary, 1859 ; d. 1876.] 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xviii., 11. 

ESTLIN, John Bishop, [surgeon ; son of John Prior Estlin, g.v. ; b. 1785 in 
Bristol and educated at his father's School. He studied medicine at 
the Bristol Infirmary, and in 1812 he established an Eye Institution in 
that City, which he managed for 36 years. He died in Bristol in 1855, 
and was buried in the Lewin's Mead burial ground.] 

1855. Memoir of John Bishop Estlin, Esqr., F.L.S. By the Rev. William 
James. From the Christian Reformer for August, 1855. London 
1855. 8vo. Pp. 29. F.F.F 

[Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xliv., 208-9. 

A Sermon on the Death of John Bishop Estlin Esqr. F.L.S. F.R.C.S. 

. . . By George Armstrong A. B. . . . delivered at Lewin's Mead Chapel, 
Bristol. June 17th, 1855. Bristol. Evans and Arrowsmith, 29 Clare 
st. (Price 6d.) 8vo. Pp. 19. B.M. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xviii., 12, q.v. for Works. 

works not mentioned in D.N.B. 
Account of a Supply of fresh Vaccine from the Cow. 1837. Reprinted in Crook- 
shank's History and Pathology of Vaccination, ii., 323-62. 

ESTLIN, John Prior, [b. 1747 ; minister of the Lewin's Mead Unitarian 
Chapel, Bristol, 1771 to 1817; opened a School at St. Michael's Hill, 
Bristol, c. 1772, which soon became celebrated ; d. in Glamorganshire 
in 1817 ; buried in Bristol.] • ' 

1817. Discourse occasioned by the death of the Rev. John Prior Estlin, 
L.L.D. Delivered in Lewin's Mead Meeting, Bristol, August 24, 1817, 
by the Rev. James Manning. To which is subjoined the Funeral 
Service, by Lant Carpenter, LL.D. Bristol : Pr. by Browne & Manchee. 
1817. 8vo. B.R.L. 

Title, etc., 2 leaves ; Discourse, etc., pp. 1-43. 

Memoir of the late Rev. John Prior Estlin, LL.D. By Mrs Barbauld. 

The Monthly Repository, xii., 573-5. 

[Obituary.] Gent. Mag., vol. 87, pt. 2, pp. 277-8. 

Obituary Notice of the late Rev. Dr. Estlin of Bristol. Drawn 

up by an affectionate pupil. The Christian Reformer, iii., 391-2. 

1818. Familiar Lectures on Moral Philosophy : by John Prior Estlin, 
LL.D. . . . London. 1818. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1, pp. xxxi. & 320. The Memoir (pp. xi.-xxxi.) is by Mrs Barbauld, and 
was reprinted from that in the Monthly Repository with additions. Reviewed 
Monthly Rev., lxxxviii., 312-20. 

1835. A History of The Presbyterian and General Baptist Churches in 
the West of England ; with memoirs of some of their pastors. By 
Jerome Murch . . . London : 1835. 8vo. 
John Prior Estlin, pp. 127-31. 


1884. The Easterlings. Olos. N. dc Q., ii., 657-8. 
1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xviii., 12-13. 

A list of his Works is given in the Monthly Repository, xii., 573-5. 

ETHERIDGE, Robert, F.R.S., [palaeontologist ; b. 3 Dec, 1819; resident 
at Bristol, c. 1840-57 ; curator of Museum of Bristol Phil. Inst., 
1850-1857 ? ; d. 18 Dec., 1903.] 

1904. A Memoir of Robert Etheridge, F.R.S., etc. By Horace B. Wood- 
ward. B.N.S. Procs., N.S., x., 175-185. Portrait, p. 175. 

[Obituaries.] Geological Magazine, Decade V., vol. i., pp. 42-48. 

Portrait, p. 49. Quar. Jour. Geo. Soc, lx., pp. lxviii.-lxxi. 

1905. Robert Etheridge. 1819-1903. [By H. B. Woodward.] Procs. 
Royal Society, lxxv., 258-61. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., i., 629-30. 


Lists of his works are given in the B.X.S. Procs. and the Geo. Mag. The latter 
mentions 32 Works and Memoirs, and 19 Geological Survey Memoirs, to which he 
contributed the Palaeontology. 

EVANS, Ann. 

1776. God the everlasting Portion of his People. A Sermon, Occasioned 
by the Death of Mrs. Ann Evans, wife of the Rev. Hugh Evans, M.A. 
Who died January 23, 1776, in the fifty-sixth Year of her Age. Preached 
at Broadmead, Bristol, the Lord's Day following, Jan. 28, By Caleb 
Evans, M.A. . . . Bristol : Pr. & Sold by W. Pine . . . 1776. 8vo. 
Pp. 27. G.P.L. 

EVANS, Arthur Benoni, [undermaster (1784-7) and headmaster (1787-1841) 
of the College School, Gloucester ; rector of Coin Rogers from 1807 and 
vicar of Barnwood from 1809 till his death in 1841, aged 82.] 

1841. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xvi., 211-12. 

EVANS, Caleb, D.D., [son of Hugh Evans (q.v.) ; b. in Bristol in 1737; 
pastor of the Baptist Congregation in Broadmead from 1781 till his 
death in 1791, where he had assisted his father as assistant preacher 
since 1759.] 

1766. A Letter To the Reverend Mr. Caleb Evans Of Bristol ; Occasioned 
by his Two Sermons on the Deity of the Son & Holy Spirit. Bristol. 
Sold by S. Farley. 1766. 8vo. B.M. 

Pp. 40. A London edition was issued in the same year. pp. 1-28, price 6d. 

A Reply to [the above Letter.] . . . By James Newton. Bristol : 

1766. 8vo. Pp. 38. B.R.L. 

[Another Edition, without the author's name on the title-page.] 

London. 8vo. Pp. 43. B.B.C. 

EVANS 157 

1767. A Charge and Sermon, together with an Introductory Discourse, 

and Confession of Faith, delivered at the Ordination of the Rev. Caleb 

Evans, August 18, 1767, in Broadmead, Bristol . . . Bristol, Pr. & 

Sold by S. Farley in Castle-Green. 1767. Price Is. 8vo. B.B.C. 

Title, &c, pp. 1-10 ; Confession, &c, pp. 11-99. 

[1767.] A Letter to the Rev. Mr. Caleb Evans, occasioned by his Curious 
Confession of Faith at his late Ordination among the Independent 
Baptists in Bristol : In which His Marvellous Creed is considered, and 
his Abusive Censures of other ministers and churches are exposed. 
Being a Seasonable Rebuke to an uncharitable Baptist. By E. Harwood 
. . . Bristol : Pr. by S. Farley in Castle-Green . . . Price Is. 8vo. 
Pp. 51. L.P. 

1767. Animadversions on the Rev. Mr. E. Harwood's Affectionate and 
Candid Letter, to the Rev. Mr. Caleb Evans. By a By-Stander . . . 
Bristol : Pr. and Sold by S. Farley in Castle-Green. Price 6d. 8vo. 
Pp. 39. L.P. 

Brief Remarks upon The Rev. Mr. Harwood's Late Extraordinary 

Letter. By Caleb Evans . . . Bristol : Pr. by S. Farley in Castle 
Green. 1767. Price Id. 8vo. Pp. 11. B.B.C. 

1791. [Correspondence respecting an alleged attempt to remove the 
Rev. R. Hall from Bristol.] 12mo. F.A.H. 

It relates to a dispute between C. Evans and R. Hall. See ante vol. 3, p. 81. 

Reflections ... in A Sermon occasioned by the decease of The 

Rev. Caleb Evans . . . Preached in Cannon -street, Birmingham, 
Sept. 4, 1791. By Samuel Pearce . . . Birmingham. 1791. 8vo. 
Pp.32. B.R.L. 

1791. An Elegy on the Death of the Rev. Caleb Evans, D.D. Who de- 
parted this Life August 9, 1791, In the fifty-fourth year of his age. 
. . . By Benjamin Francis. The Second Edition. Bristol : Pr. by 
William Pine, in Wine Street. Price 3d. 8vo. Pp. 12. B.R.L. 

It was also printed in the Baptist Annual Register for 1790-3, pp. 247-52. 

The Mortality of Ministers contrasted with the Unchangeableness 

of Christ : in a Sermon occasioned by the decease of The Rev. Caleb 
Evans, D.D. Who departed this Life Aug. 9, 1791, In the 54th Year of 
his Age : preached At Broad -Mead, Bristol, Aug. 21, 1791, By Samuel 
Stennett, D.D. To which is added the Address delivered at his Inter- 
ment, By the Rev. John Tommas . . . London. . . 1791. Price Is. 
8vo. B.R.L. 

Title and Dedication, 2 leaves ; Sermon, &c, pp. 1-58. 

1792. Second Edition. London : 1792. Title, &c, 2 leaves ; 

Sermon, &c, pp. 1-48. 

The Tribute of affection to the memory of the late Doctor Evans. 

A Discourse addressed to the Bristol Education Society at their Annual 
Meeting In Broadmead, August the 22d, 1792. By T. Dunscombe. 

158 EVANS 

To which is added Dr. Evans's Advice to the Students, written and 
addressed to them in the year 1770. Oxford, Price Is. B. 

Title, &c, pp. i.-iv. ; Discourse, Postscript & Dr. Evans's Address, pp. 5-48. 
1794-7. A Brief Essay towards An History of the Baptist Academy at 
Bristol, read before the Bristol Education Society . . . Aug. 26, 1795. 
By John Kippis, D.D Baptist Annual Register, pp. 413-55. 

Caleb Evans, pp. 439-51. 

1811-30. A History of the English Baptists : Including an Investigation 
of Baptism in England . . . By Joseph Ivimey. London. 1811-30. 
4 vols. 8vo. 

Caleb Evans, vol. 4, pp. 274-80. 

1812. The Ponderer, a Series of Essays: Biographical, Literary, Moral 
and Critical. By the Rev. John Evans . . . Printed by E. Bryan, 
51, Corn St., Bristol. 1812. 12mo. 

Memoir of Caleb Evans, pp. 183-9. Also in the 1819 edition, pp. 181-7. 

1817. Memoir of the late Rev. Caleb Evans, D.D. Extracted from his 
Funeral Sermon, preached at Broad-Mead, Bristol, August 21, 1791, 
By Samuel Stennett, D.D. Baptist Mag., ix., 321-4. 

1884. Faithful Men ... See ante, sub BEDDOME, B. 
Caleb Evans, pp. 122-35. 


Sixteen of his Sermons were printed separately and copies are in the B.M., where 
there are also six other Works of which he was author, and six which he edited. 

For criticisms on his opinions, see A full Defence of the Rev. John Wesley, 1776, 
by Thos. Olivers ; American Patriotism, 1777, by J. Fletcher ; .4 Letter to Mr Caleb 
Evans, 1789, by Wm. Huntington ; and The Unpurchased Love of God, 1792, by 
D. B. Jardine. 

EVANS, Hugh, [pastor of the Baptist Congregation in Broadmead, Bristol ; 
d. 1781. His portrait was painted by G. Roth and eng. by T. Holloway.] 

1781. Elisha's Exclamation. A Sermon, Occasioned by the Death of 
The Rev. Hugh Evans, M.A. Who departed this Life, March 28th, 
1781, In the 69th Year of his Age. Preached at Broadmead, Bristol, 
April 8, 1781. Published at the Request of the Congregation. By 
Caleb Evans, M.A. . . . Second Edition. Bristol. Pr. by W. Pine, 
in Wine St. 8vo. Pp. 48. B. R.L. 

[1781 ?] An Elegiac Poem, Sacred to the Memory of The Rev. Mr. Hugh 
Evans, M.A. Who departed this Life, March 28, 1781, In the 69th 
Year of his Age . . . By Benjamin Francis, Printed by W. Pine, in 
Wine-St. [Bristol.] 8vo. Pp. 16. B.M. 

1794-7. A Brief Essay ... See sub EVANS, Caleb. 
Hugh Evans, A.M., pp. 431-9. 

1811-30. Ivimey's English Baptists, iv., 270-4. 

1864. [Erroneous Monumental Inscription.] N. & Q., Ser. 3, v., 368. 

1884. Faithful Men ... See sub EVANS, Caleb. 
Hugh Evans, pp. 70-82 & 115-121. 

EVANS 159 

EVANS, Sir Hugh, [a Welsh schoolmaster ; supposed to have resided in 
Gloucestershire, and to have been vicar of Farmington or Northleach.] 

1899-1900. Sir Hugh Evans a Gloucestershire Worthy. N. & Q., Ser. 9, 
hi., 381-3, 474 ; iv., 57. 

EVANS, John, [Presbyterian minister, schoolmaster, and author ; native 
of Bristol, where he kept a school for many years ; sometimes officiated 
at Marshfield ; d. in London, in 1832. Essays which he had contributed 
to the Bristol Mercury were reprinted in 1812 in a volume entitled " The 
Ponderer." At the end is an advertisement of " The Rev. John Evans' 
Academy, for a limited number of Pupils, Lower Park-Row, Bristol." 
The number of Boarders was limited to twelve. Terms 45 guineas per 
ann. He is described on the title of the second edition of " The 
Ponderer " (1819) as " Master of the Academy, Kingsdown."] 

1832. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., vol. 102, pt. 1, pp. 372-3, 651. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xviii., 68. 


See Diet. Nat. Biog. Such of his Works named as are topographical have 
been described ante vol. 3, vie. : — 

The Picture of Bristol (1814) ... at p. 247. 

A Historical Account of the Church of St. Mary Kedchffe (1815) ... at p. 106. 

The History of Bristol (1816), vol. 2, (vol i. was written by John Corry) . . . 
at p. 107. 

" The Ponderer " was reviewed Month. Rev., Ixxi., 306-12. 

EVANS, John, [printer and author ; b. 1774, in Bristol, where he carried on 
a printing business till within a few months of his death. He owned, 
edited, and printed the Bristol Observer from 1819 to 1823. He issued 
a prospectus of a History of Bristol in 1826 (see ante, vol. 3, p. 126), 
but it was not published, as he was killed by the falling of a theatre in 
Wellclose Square, London, in 1828.] 

1828. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., vol. 98, pt. 1, pp. 375-6. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xviii., 67-8, q.v. for Works. 


His "Bristol Index, or Evans' Directory, 1816-18," is not mentioned in the 
Diet. Nat. Biog. 

His " Chronological Outline of the History of Bristol " (see ante, vol. 3, p. 121) 
was reviewed in the Gent. Mag., vol. 95, pt. i., pp. 41-3 & 159-61. 

EVANS, Sarah. 

1771. A Sermon occasioned by the Death of Mrs Sarah Evans, wife of 
The Rev. Caleb Evans, of Bristol, Who died November 7, 1771, in the 
33d. Year of her Age. With the Oration Delivered at Her Interment. 
By J. Ash. Bristol : Pr. by W. Pine, in Wine-street. 8vo. Pp. 24. G.P.L. 

EVANS, William, [landscape painter, known as " Evans of Bristol " ; b. ? 
in Bristol about 1811 ; d. 1853.] 

1889. Diet, Nat. Biog., xviii., 76. 


EVANSON, Rev. Edward, [b. 1731 ; d. 1805. Vicar of Tewkesbury 1769- 
1778, when he resigned and separated himself from the Church of England. 
A prosecution against him had been instituted by Neast Havard, Town 
Clerk of Tewkesbury, in 1771, in the Consistory Court, on account of 
alterations habitually made by him in the liturgy, and of a sermon upon 
the Resurrection, preached on Mar. 31, 1771. The proceedings were 
unsuccessful though carried to a Court of Appeal.] 

[1773 ?]-1778. [For literature relating to the prosecution of the Rev. E. 
Evanson for heresy, see ante vol. 2, pp. 336-7.] 

1805. Account of the Life and Writings of the late Edward Evanson, A.M. 
Monthly Magazine, xx., 477-483. 

[Obituaries.] Gent. Mag., lxxv., 1073-4, 1233-6. 

1807. Sermons, by Edward Evanson, A.M. To which is prefixed a Memoir 
of his Life, Religious Opinions, and Writings . . . Ipswich . . . 1807. 
2 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

Vol. 1. Two Titles, 2 leaves ; Contents & Errata, pp. iii.-viii. ; Memoir, pp. ix.- 
xci. ; Sermons, pp. 1-343. 

Vol. 2. Two Titles, &c, 2 leaves and pp. iii.-viii ; Text, pp. 1-406. 
Reviewed Critical Rev., Ser. 3, xii., 374-82. 

1812. Nichols' Anecdotes, vi., 482-3. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xviii., q.v. for Works. 

works not mentioned in the D.N.B. 

Three Discourses. 1773. 

A Second Edition of his " Letter to Dr. Hurd " (1777) appeared in 1792, and of his 
" Dissonance ot the four generally received Evangelists" (1792) in 1805. The 
first edition of the latter was reviewed Critical Rev. (1793), Ser. 2, vii., 543-50 ; 
Monthly Rev., x., 291-7. 


1845. Christ to live and gain to die. Two Sermons, preached in the 
Church of St. Andrew's, Montpelier, Bristol, Sunday, March 30th, 1845, 
on occasion of the death of Mary, the wife of the Rev. Charles Evanson, 
M.A. Incumbent of the said Church. Bristol : D. Vickery, Nelson 
St. 1845. 8vo. Pp. 28. * 

EXLEY, Thomas, [b. 1775 ; teacher of mathematics from c. 1812 to c. 1848 
at Bristol. From 1848 till his death in 1855 he lived in Cotham Park 
Road, Bristol.] 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xviii., 97, q.v. for Works. 

FARLEY, Family of, [of Bristol.] 

1884. The Farley Family. Olos. N. & Q., ii., 170-1, 548, 605. 

It was a member of this family who started Felix Farley's Journal in 1743. 


FENN, Joseph Finch, [b. 1820 ; incumbent of Christ Church, Cheltenham 

1860 till his death in 1884 ; chaplain to the Bp. of Gloucester, 1877, and 

Hon. Canon of Gloucester, 1879.] 

1880. A Speech prepared for delivery, and in part delivered, in The 

Chapter-House of Bristol Cathedral, On Thursday, December 2, 1880, 

on occasion of proposing for election as Proctor in Convocation for 

the Diocese of Gloucester and Bristol, The Rev. J. F. Fenn, B.D., 

Hon. Canon of Gloucester . . . [&c] By John J. Trollope, M.A. 

For Private Circulation only. London : 1880. 8vo. Pp. 15. B. 

1887. [Obituary.] Qloa. N. & Q., iii., 580-82. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xviii., 315. 


A few of his sermons were published separately, and a volume of them, entitled 
" Lenten Teachings 1877-84 " appeared after his death. 

FERRERS, Norman Macleod, F.R.S., [mathematician, b. Aug. 11, 1829, at 
Prinknash Park, Glos. ; Senior Wrangler, 1851 ; Master of Gonville 
and Caius Coll., Camb., 1880, until his death on Jan. 31, 1903.] 

1903. [Obituaries.] Athenceum, Feb. 7, 1903, p. 180 ; Procs. of the Roy. 
Soc, lsxv., 273-6. 

1900. Ferrers Family History. By C. S. F. Ferrers. Privately Printed. 
4to. B.M. 

Norman Macleod Ferrers, pp. 45-6. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., ii., 20-1, q.v. for Works. 

FIELD, FELD, or DE LA FELD, Family of. 

1862-76. Families of Field and De la Feld or Delafield. N. & Q., Ser. 3, 
i., 427, 477, 514 ; [Derivation of name] Id., ii., 33-4. Delafields Manu- 
script. Id., Ser. 5, vi., 165. 

On p. 514, Ser. 3. vol. 1, is a notice of John Delafield Phelps, the founder of the 
Chestal Library. 

1885. Visitation, Co. Glouc., 1623 (Maclean), p. 58. 

FIELD, Richard, [b. 1561 ; Dean of Gloucester, 1609 till his death in 1616. 
He was author of " Of the Church, Five Bookes " — a work which ranks 
" among the grandest monuments of polemical divinity in the language."] 

171 S. Some Short Memorials Concerning the Life Of that Reverend 
Divine Doctor Richard Field, Prebendarie of Windsor, and Dean of 
Gloucester, The Learned Author of Five Books of the Church. Written 
by his Son Nathaniel Field, Rector of Stourton in the Countie of Wilts. 
Published from the Original by John Le Neve, Gent. London : 1716-7. 
Pp. xii. & 60. O.P.L. 

1779-86. Biographia Evangelica, ii., 374-6. 

1814. Chalmers' Biographical Dictionary, xiv., 279-283. 

A reprint, with a few omissions, of Gough's Life of Field from Biographia Britan- 
nia*, vol. 6. 



1815. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), ii., 1881-6. 

1847. Of the Church, Five Books. By Richard Field, D.D., Dean of 
Gloucester. Vol. 1, containing the First Three Books. Cambridge. 
1847. 8vo. 

Two Titles, 2 leaves ; Biographical Notice, pp. iii.-xiii. ; Text, pp. xv.-xxxii. & 
1-374 ; Errata, one leaf. Printed for the Ecclesiastical History Society. 

1868. [His second wife.] N. & Q., Ser. 4, ii., 325. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xviii., 410-12, where the several editions of his 
great work are described and his other writings mentioned. 

work not mentioned in the D.N.B. 

A learned Sermon preached before the King at Whitehall on Friday, the 16 of 
March, 1604. 

Field's writings provoked much controversy. He was attacked by Anthony 
Champney in his Latin translation of the " Treatise of the Vocation of Bishops " 
(1616) ; by Theophilus Hyggons in " The First Motive of Theophilus Hyggons to 
suspect the integrity of his Religion " (1609) ; and in "An Antidote . . . against 
pestiferous Writings," and other works by S.N. [Sylvester Norris] published 1615- 

FISHER, Charles Hawkins, [son of Paul Hawkins Fisher, author of " Notes 
and Recollections of Stroud ; " b. 1825, at the Castle, Stroud, where he 
lived all his life, and where he died Oct. 26, 1901.] 

1901. Reminiscences of a Falconer By Major Charles Hawkins Fisher 
of the Castle, Stroud, Gloster With seven photogravure plates and 
six portraits London 1901. 8vo. 

Pp. xiv. & 188. Portrait of Major Fisher, Front. 

Modern Falconry. C.N.F.C. x., 39-70. PI. "Death of the Mallard," p. 39. 

FISHER, Edward, [theologian ; son of Sir Edward Fisher, of Mickleton ; 
B.A., Ox. 1630 ; succeeded to his father's estate in 1654, and sold it in 
1656 to Richard Graves ; d. soon afterwards in Ireland.] 

1817. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), hi., 407-9. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xix., 55-56, q.v. for Works. 

FISHER, Richard, [of Winchcombe, where he passed all his life ; died c. 

1810. Human Life Represented. A Sermon, Occasioned by the Death 
of Mr Richard Fisher. Preached at Winchcomb, Gloucestershire, on 
Sunday, January 28th, 1810. By Josiah Hill . . . Second Edition. 
London : 1810. 8vo. Pp. 39. O.P.L. 

FITZHARDINGE, Barons, see BERKELEY, Francis William Fitzhardinge ; 
BERKELEY, Maurice Frederick Fitzhardingo. 

FITZHARDINGE, Earl, see BERKELEY, William Fitzhardinge. 

FITZHARDINGE, Robert, see BERKELEY, Family of, 1864, 1879-81, 
1889, 1894. 


FLEMING, Family of. 

N.D. Pedigree of Fleming Do Insula, & Hoese, of Saperton, Co. Glouc. 
[T.P.] B. 

FLETCHER, Robert, [bibliographer ; son of Robert Fletcher, an accountant 
of Bristol, where he was born Mar. 6, 1823, and where he lived until 
1847 ; became one of the principal Editors of the Index Catalogue of the 
Surgeon-General's Library, Washington, " one of the greatest works 
ever undertaken in the history of Bibliography; " d. Nov. 8, 1912.] 

1912. The Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal. Vol. xxx., No. 118 

[pp. 289-94.] Reprint, December, 1912. Robert Fletcher, 1823- 

1912. By Sir William Osier, Bart. . . . Diseases bearing the Names 

of Saints. By Robert Fletcher, M.D. Bristol : J. W. Arrowsmith. 

8vo. O.P.L. 

Title, one leaf ; In Memoriam. Eobert Fletcher, pp. 3-8 ; On some Diseases 

bearing names of Saints, pp. 9-29 ; Editorial note [and letters relating to Fletcher's 

portrait,] pp. 30-32. Portrait, p. 3 ; PI. : St. Anthony, p. 28. The portrait is 

at p. 289 of the Journal. 

FLINT, Thomas, [Baptist minister ; b. 1777 ; minister at Horsley and 
Uley, 1799- c. 1816 ; d. 1819.] 

1820. Memoir of the late Rev. Thomas Flint. Baptist Mag., xii., 177-82. 

FLOWER, Family of. 

1870. Pedigree of Flower, of Carlton Place, Cheltenham, co. Glouc, and 
of London, and Liverpool. [T.P.] 1870. s. sh. fol. B. 

FOLIOT, Gilbert, [Abbot of St. Peter's, Gloucester, 1139-1147; Bishop of 
Hereford, 1147-1163; Bishop of London, 1163 to his death in 1188.] 

1845. Gilberti ex Abbate Glocestrife Episcopi primum Herefordiensis 

deinde Londoniensis Epistola?. Nunc primum e codicibus mstis. 

Edidit J. A. Giles, LL.D. . . . Oxford : 1845. 2 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

Vol. 1. Titles, Pref. (biographical), Catalogus, &c, pp. xxiv. ; Epistola; Gilberti 

Foliot (as Abbot of Gloucester), pp. 3-102 ; as Bishop of Hereford and London, 

pp. 103-368. 

Vol. 2. Titles, &c, pp. i.-xii. ; Epistoke, &c, pp. 1-352. 

[Another Edition, in Migne's] Patrologiee Cursus Completus, 

vol. 190, cols. 739-1068. 

1887. Diet. Nat. Biog., xix., 358-60. 

FORBES, James, [nonconformist divine ; preacher at Gloucester Cathedral 
during the end of the Commonwealth, 1654-1660. He was subsequently 
imprisoned several times at Gloucester for nonconformity and died, aged 
83, in 1712, after a ministration at Gloucester extending, with brief 
interludes, over 58 years.] 

1713. A Funeral Sermon On Occasion of the Death Of the Reverend James 
Forbes, M.A. Preaeh'd At Glocester, June 3d. 1712. By J.N. . . . 
2 Kings, 2.14. London 1713. 8vo. A.W.C. 

Pp. 44, By John Noble, of Bristol. 


1713. Pastoral Instruction : Being some Remains Of the Reverend James 

Forbes, M.A. Late Minister of the Gospel, in Glocester. Containing 

I. A Farewel- Letter of Advice to his People. II. The Sum of the 

Last Sermon he Preach'd before the Ministers of his County, June 19th, 

1711. III. His Short Counsel to Youth. To which is Added, His 

Funeral-Sermon, Preach'd at Glocester, June 3d, 1712. By J. N. 

London : 1713. Price Is. 8vo. G.P.L. 

Two titles & Pref., 3 leaves ; Text, pp. 5-56 ; Funeral Sermon (by John Noble), 
pp. 1-44. 

1775. The Nonconformist's Memorial . . . By the Reverend and Learned 
Edmund Calamy, D.D. Now abridged and corrected, and the Author's 
Additions inserted, with many further Particulars, and new Anecdotes, 
By Samuel Palmer . . . London : 1775. 2 vols. 8vo. 

James Forbes, i., 545-6. Also at same pages of the 1777 & 1778 editions. 

[Another Edition, also called] Tho Second Edition . . . 

London : 1802. 3 vols. 8vo. 
James Forbes, vol. 2, pp. 249-50- 
1867. Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire, pp. 119-28. 
1889. Diet. Nat, Biog., xix., 396-7, q.v. for Works. 

1899. Bicentenary, 1899. A Brief Account of the Foundation and History 
of the Protestant Dissenting Meeting-House in Barton Street, Gloucester, 
1699, with a sketch of the life of its first Minister, James Forbes, M.A., 
and his last letter to his congregation . . . By Walter Lloyd, Minister 
of Barton Street Chapel. Printed for the Author. Gloucester, 1899. 
Price Is. 8vo. G.P.L. 

Pp. 50. Mr Forbes' Last Letter to his Congregation, pp. 23-30. 

FORTESCUE, Sir John, [Lord Chief Justice ; born c. 1394 ; Lord of the 
Manor of Ebrington, which he purchased in 1456, where he spent the 
last years of his life, and where he died and was buried in 1476 ?] 

1670. State- Worthies. Or the States-men And Favourites of England 
Since the Reformation Their Prudence and Policies ; Successes and 
Miscarriages, Advancements and Falls ; During the Reigns of Henry 
VIII., Edward VI., Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James, King 
Charles I. Second edition, with additions. London, Printed by 
Thomas Milbourn for Samuel Speed, in the Royal-Exchange, 1670. 
8vo. B.M. 

Sir John Fortescue, pp. 556-7. 

[Another Edition, entitled] State- Worthies : or, the Statesmen 
and Favourites of England from the Reformation to the Revolution. 
Their Policies . . . and Falls. By David Lloyd. . . By C. Charles 
Whitworth, Esq. London 17G6. 2 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

Sir John Fortescue, vol. 1, pp. 442-4. 
1737. De Laudibus Logum Angliae. Written Originally in Latin by Sir 
John Fortescue, Lord Chief Justice, and after Lord Chancellor to 
King Henry VI. Translated into English ... To which are prefix'd 


Mr Selden to the Reader, and a Large Historical Preface ... In the 
Savoy : 1737. Fol. O.P.L. 

Title, Ded., &c, 2 leaves ; Mr. Seidell's Preface, pp. i.-ii. ; The Preface (parts 
of which are biographical), pp. iii.-lxiv. ; De Laudibus, pp. 1-130; Addenda & 
Index, 7 leaves. Portrait of Chancellor Fortescue in attendance on Prince Edward, 
son of Henry vi., eng. by G. Vander Gutch, Front. With this edition are bound the 
Pref. to the first edition, with the testimonies of Bale and others, and the Works of 

This work was first printed in 1573. It went through 8 editions before 1700. 

[Another Edition, entitled] De Laudibus Legum Anglise A Treatise 
in Commendation of the Laws of England by Chancellor Sir John 
Fortescue with translation by Francis Grogor Notes by Andrew Amos 
and a Life of the Author by Thomas (Fortescue) Lord Clermont. 
Cincinnati : 1874. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, Publishers' Notice, & Contents, 4 leaves ; Life of Sir John Fortescue (re- 
printed from the 1869 edition of his Works), pp. v.-lv. ; Prefaces, pp. lvii.-lxiv. ; 
De Laudibus, & Index, pp. 1-302. 

1809-11. British Family Antiquity, i., 580-2. 

1816. Woodburn's Gallery of Rare Portraits; consisting of Original 
Plates by [Elstracke, Faithorne, Loggan & others] with facsimile copies 
from the rarest and most curious Portraits . . . Containing Two 
Hundred Portraits . . . London 1816. Price Twenty Guineas. Large 
Paper, roy. fol. 2 vols. B.M. 

Sir John Fortescue, vol. 1, pi. 84. 

1841. Notices of early English Lawyers. Law Mag., 276-85. 

1845. Campbell's Lord Chancellors, i., 368-375. 

1851. Foss's Judges of England, iv., 215-216. 

1863-5. Sir John Fortescue's MSS. N. & Q., Ser. 3, iv., 351-2 (and note) 
and viii., 474. 

1869. The Works of Sir John Fortescue Knight, Chief Justice of England 
and Lord Chancellor to King Henry the Sixth. Now first collected 
and arranged by Thomas (Fortescue) Lord Clermont. London : 
Printed for Private Distribution. 1869. 2 vols. sup. roy. 4to. B. 

Vol. 1. Two Titles, Contents, pp. i.-xxi. ; Supplement to Contents, pp. xxi*- 
xxii* ; Directions to Binder, on inserted slip ; Preface, pp. xxiii.-xxv. ; List of 
Illustrations, one leaf ; Life of Sir John Fortescue, pp. 1-55 ; Works, pp. 57-58 ; 
59*-90* ; 59-333 ; 335*-372* ; one leaf unpaged ; pp. 335-556 ; Legal Opinions, 
pp. 1-119 ; Corrigenda, one leaf. 

Portrait of Sir J. Fortescue from a picture in Bosworth Hall, Front. ; Facsimiles 
of Iris signature and handwriting, pp. 21. 336, 474, 487, 523 ; His portrait from 
Faithorne's Print, after p. 556. 

Vol. 2. A History of The Family of Fortescue in all its branches. By Thomas 
(Fortescue) Lord Clermont London Printed for Private Distribution : 1869. 

Two Titles, Contents, Preface, Lists of Pedigrees and Illustrations, pp. i.-xii. ; 
Text, pp. 1-356 ; Appendix, pp. 357-9 ; Index, pp. 361-9 ; Supplement, pp. 371-8 ; 
Addenda &c, one leaf ; Corrigenda to Vol. 2 on inserted slip ; Imprint, one leaf. 

Reviewed Editib. Rev. (1877), No. 298, pp. 299-333. (Reprinted in Litt. Liv. 
Age, mrrtiii. , 707), and in the Saturday Review (Reprinted in Antiquarian Essays, 
see infra, 1895). 


[Another Edition, entitled] A History of the Family of Fortescue 
in all its branches. By Thomas (Fortescue) Lord Clermont. Second 
Edition. London : 1880. sup. roy. 4to. 

Two Titles, Two Prefaces, Contents, Lists of Pedigrees Full-page Illustrations 
and Woodcuts, and Corrections, 10 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-481 ; App. pp. 483-503 ; 
Chartrier de Richard Fortescu, one leaf and pp. 1-70 ; Imprint (Chiswick Press) 
one leaf ; Indices, pp. 71-81 ; Glossary, pp. 83-88 ; General Index, 10 leaves. 

Portrait of Sir John Fortescue, after Faithorne, Front. ; Chancellor Fortescue 
carrying the Seal Bag, p. 64 ; his signature, p. 73 ; Facsimile of MS. of " De Laudibus 
Legum Anglian " in Fortescue's handwriting, p. 79 ; Ebrington Church, p. 84 ; 
his tomb, p. 91 ; his portrait from a picture in Bosworth Hall, p. 94. A Supple- 
ment to Chapter I. (title on wrapper, 3 leaves and 2 plates) was issued subsequently. 

1870. Biographia Juridica, pp. 276-8. 

1885. The Governance of England : otherwise called The Difference 
between an Absolute and a Limited Monarchy By Sir John Fortescue, 
Kt. sometime Chief Justice of the King's Bench A Revised Text 
edited with Introduction, Notes, and Appendices by Charles Plummer, 
M.A. . . . Oxford 1885. 8vo. 

Titles, Chronological Tables, Sec, pp. i.-xxiii. ; Introduction, pp. 1-105 ; Text, 
Appendices and Indices, pp. 107-387. 

Life of Sir John Fortescue and an account of his Writings, Opinions, and Character 
are at pp. 49-105 of the Introduction. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 42-5, q.v. for Works. 

1895. Antiquarian Essays . . . (Taylor), pp. 345-64. 

1896. Sir John Fortescue. Law Times, ci., 375-6. 

1897. A Chancellor of England. Macmillan's Magazine, lxxv., 217-225. 

1901. Library of Literary Criticism, i., 194-5. 

1901. Sir John Fortescue, Buried at Ebrington. By Anne Mannooch 
Welch, L.L.A. B. & G. A. S. Trans., xxiv., 193-250; Print of Tomb, p. 59. 

1909. Monumental Effigies. B. & 6. A. S. Trans., xxxii., 246-9. 

FOSBROKE or FOSBROOKE, Thomas Dudley, [antiquary and local his- 
torian ; b. May 27, 1770; curate of Horsley, Glos., 1792-1810; curate, 
1810-30, and vicar, 1830-42, of Walford, Herefordshire ; d. Jan. 1, 1842. 
In 1820 he changed the spelling of his name from Fosbrooke to Fosbroke, 
and in a letter of May 8 in that year, in the G.P.L., gave his reason for 
so doing. For a fuller biographical notice see ante vol. 1, p. 56.] 

1825. Encyclopaedia of Antiquities, and Elements of Archaeology, Classical 
and Mediaeval. By the Rev. Thomas Dudley Fosbroke. London. 
1825. 2 vols. 4to. 

Vol. i. Pp. xvi. & 486. Vol. 2. Pp. iv. and 488-955. 

Biographical Account of the Author, vol. 1, pp. vii.-xi. Portrait, Front. 

An 1840 edition contains no memoir or portrait. 

1842. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xvii., 214-16. Reprinted, pp. 3. 8vo. 

1843. British Monachism ; or, Manners and Customs of the Monks and 
Nuns of England . . . By Thomas Dudley Fosbroke . . . Third 
Edition, with Additions. London. 1843. 8vo. 


Pp. xii. and 428. Memoir of the Author, (By John B. Nichols), pp. 9-13 ; 
Memoir of the Family of Fosbroke, By the Rev. T. D. Fosbroke, pp. 14-23. Por- 
trait of T.D.F., Front. The first edition appeared in 1802, and was reviewed 
British Critic, xx., 112-21 ; Gent. Mag., lxxii., 137-8, 220-1. 

The second edition (1817) was reviewed British Critic, N.S. ix., 180-94 ; Gent. 
Mag., vol. 88, pt. 1, 43-5, 139-41, 240-1 ; Quart. Rev., No. 43, pp. 59-102. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 51. 

1890. The Rev. T. D. Fosbroke. Glos. N. & Q., iv., 622-5, 662. 

[1915.] Letters of Thomas Dudley Fosbroke. By Roland Austin. 
B. & G. A. S. Trans., xxxvii., 131-180. An appendix contains the 
titles of 31 Works and Communications by Fosbroke, and references 
to notices and reviews of them. 


See Diet. Nat. Biog., and B. & G. A.8. Trans., xxxvii. Such of these as relate to 
Gloucestershire, as well as some not mentioned in the Diet. Nat. Biog-, are noticed 
ante, vol. 1, pp. 55, 60, 66, 139, 277 ; vol. 2, pp. 19, 93, 281. 

His most important topographical Works were 

Abstracts of Records and Manuscripts respecting the County of Gloucester. 

1807. 2 vols. 4to. And 

An Original History of the City of Gloucester (compiled from Bigland's un- 
published collections). 1819. Fol. and 4to. Reviewed Gtnt. Mag., vol. 89, 
pt. ii., 521-2. 

His most important Works on general subjects were "The Encyclopaedia of 
Antiquities" and "British Monacbism " mentioned above. There are 17 Works 
by him in the B.M. 

He was a frequent contributor to the Gent. Mag. 

The " Encyclopaedia of Antiquities " was reviewed Gent. Mag., vol. 93, pt. i., pp. 
342-3 ; vol. 95, pt. i., pp. 137-9, 235-8, 344-6, 434-6, 538-41 ; pt. ii.. pp. 154-3. 
"Tourist's Grammar," Id., vol. 96, pt. i., pp. 140-2. "Account of Cheltenham," Id., 
pp. 149-50. "Choir-Service Vindicated," Id., vol. 99, pt. ii., pp. 343-4. 
"Ariconensia," Id., vol. 92, pt. 1, pp. 43-5. " Berkeley Manuscripts," Id., vol. 
92, pt. 1, pp. 52-4. 

FOSTER, John, [baptist minister and essayist ; b. 1770. He entered the 
Baptist College, Bristol, in 1791, and had charge of a congregation at 
Downend, near Bristol, from 1800-4, and from 1817-1820. He resided 
at Bourton-on-the-Water from 1808-1817. In 1821 he went to Stapleton 
and remained there till his death in 1843. While there he lectured at 
Broadmead Chapel, Bristol, between 1822 and 1825. Between 1806 
and 1839 he contributed 184 articles to the Eclectic Review.] 

1843. On Seeing Him who is Invisible. A Sermon, occasioned by the 
Death of the Rev. John Foster, late of Stapleton, near Bristol, preached 
at Broadmead, Bristol, October 22, 1843. By Thos. S. Crisp. London. 
8vo. Pp. 40. B.M. 

Reprinted Eclectic Review, N.S. xv., 223-45. 

1844. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xxi., 95-6. 

1844-6. Memoir of the late Rev. John Foster, Baptist Mag., xxxvi., 
1-7, 65-71; Supplementary Account, Id., xxxviii., 405-15; Reminis- 
cences of his own Life, by the Rev. J. Foster, Id., 472-5. 


1845. [De Quincey's estimate of Foster.] Tait's Edirib. Mag., [N.S.] 
xii., 727-9. 

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1845. 8vo. 

John Foster, pp. 163-183. Reviewed, Eclectic Mag. (N.Y.), vii., 225-8. 

1846. Pen and Ink Sketches of Poets, Preachers, and Politicians. [By 

George Spencer Phillips who wrote under the pseudonyms of Dix 

and Ross.] . . . London : 1846. Pp. xii. & 275. 

John Foster and his Bristol contemporaries, pp. 25-52. Pp. 25-42 relate to 

Second Edition, enlarged. London : 1847. Pp. xii. & 296. 

John Foster, &c, pp. 25-52, and at same pp. of the 1857 reprint. 

1846. The Life and Correspondence of John Foster : Edited by J. E. 
Ryland. With Notices of Mr Foster as a Preacher and companion, 
By John Sheppard. London. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1. Title, Pref., &c, pp. i.-xii. ; Memoir, pp. 1-468. Portrait, Front. 

Vol. 2. Title, &c, pp. viii. ; Memoir, &c, pp. 579. List of Foster's Contri- 
butions to the Eclectic Review, pp. 580-6 ; Index, pp. 587-590 ; Corrections, one 
leaf. Sheppard's Notices are at pp. 479-518. 

Reviewed : American Biblical Repository, Ser. 3, iii., 1-64 ; Biblical Rev., ii., 
268-82 ; Brit. Quart. Rev., iv., 197-251 ; Christian Rev., xi., 437-467 ; Dublin 
Univ. Mag., xxviii., 491-508 ; Eraser, xxxiv., 127-46, 529-35, reprinted Eclectic 
Mag., x., 33-38 ; Gent. Mag. (1846), N.S. xxvi., 115-34 ; Methodist Quart. Rev., 
Ser. 3, vii., 308-18 ; New Englandcr (New Haven), v., 259-276 ; North Brit. Rev., 
v., 281-328, reprinted Eclectic Mag., vii., 293-321 ; Prospective Rev., ii., 441-478 ; 
Sharpe's London Mag., iii., 398-400, 413-16 ; Tait's Edinb. Mag., N.S. xiv., 4-11 ; 
Universalisl Quart. Rev., iv., 128-144. 

Second Edition. 1848. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1. Title, &c, pp. i.-xv. ; Life, pp. 1-544. Portrait, eng. in stipple by Hunt 
from painting by Branwhite, Front. 

Vol. 2. Titles, &c, pp. i.-vii. ; Life, pp. 1-512. 

Certain additions and corrections were made in this edition. 

[Another Edition, Bonn's Standard Library.] London. 

1852. 8vo. 

Vol. 1. Pp. xvi. & 488. Portrait, Front. Vol. 2. Pp. vii. & 471. 
Another edition with same pagination was issued in 1872. 

1846. Foster's Essays to the Eclectic (N. York 1844) and " Miscellaneous 
Essays . . ." (the Broadmead Chapel Lectures) N. York, 1844, reviewed 
North American Review, lxii., 141-64. 

1849. Rev. John Foster and his Reviewers. Christian Rev., xiv., 35-53, 

1849. John Foster the Essayist. Chambers's Jour., x., 249-50. Same art., 
Litt. Liv. Age, xx., 21. 

1849. John Foster's Letter on Endless Punishment. Univeraalist Quart. 
Rev., vi., 391-7. 

1850. A Second Gallery of Literary Portraits. By George Gilfillan. 

John Foster, pp. 81-101. A different sketch to that in the Gallery of 1845. 


1852 etc. Lives of the Illustrious. Biographical Magazine. London. 
8vo. B.M. 

John Foster, vol. 4 (1853), pp. 63-76. 

1854. Genius, Literature, and Devotion. TaiVs Edinb. Mag., xxi., 513- 
20. Reprinted Eclectic Mag., xxxiii., 337-46. 

1855. The Christian Life . . . See ante, sub BUDGETT, Samuel. 

John Foster, pp. 299-364. Also at pp. 303-66 of the 1857, and at pp. 284-343 of 
the 1859 editions. 

Visits to European Celebrities. By William B. Sprague, D.D. . . 

Boston: 1855. 8vo. 

Robert Hall and John Foster, pp. 55-63. 

1856-7. Galleries of Literary Portraits, By George Gilfillan. Edinburgh. 
1856-7. 2 vols. 8vo. 

John Foster, vol. 2, pp. 227-45. A reprint of the sketches in the Gallery and 
Second Gallery of Literary Portraits, see ante, 1845 & 1850. 

1862-71. Notes on Godwin, Foster and Hazlitt. De Quincey's Collected 
Works (1862-71), xi., 280-311 ; 1897 Edition, xi., 326-54. 

From Tail's Edinb. Hag., Nov. & Dec, 1845, Jan. & Ap., 1846. 

1863. The Afternoon Lectures on English Literature . . . London : 1865. 

8vo. B. 

The Life and Writings of the late John Foster, the Essayist. By the Rev. Edward 
Whately, M.A., pp. 181-204. 

1864. Dr. Leifchild's Reminiscences of Robert Hall and John Foster. 
Leisure Hour, xiii., 125-8. 

1864. John Foster, The " Essayist," Vindicated from the Aspersions of 
Mr Leif child, published in his recent Work, entitled " Life of Dr Leif- 
child, by his Son." By Anglicanus . . . London. 1864. Is. 8vo. 
Pp. 41. B. 

1866. John Foster. Baptist Mag., lviii., 420-4, 472-7, 543-9. 

1868. Life and Thoughts of John Foster : by W. W. Everts, D.D. . . . 
Sixth Edition. Chicago : 1868. 8vo. Pp. 314. B.M. 

[1870.] Men who were in earnest ... A Series of Biographical Studies. 
Edinburgh. 8vo. 

John Foster and Decision of Character, pp. 85-96. 

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Baptist Mag., lxx., 23-24. 

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1887. Six Christian Biographies . . . By Peter Bayne. London. 1887. 
8vo. B.M. 

John Foster, pp. 240-299. Also at same pages of 2nd ed. (1890) entitled " Men 
Worthy to Lead." 


1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 57-9. 

Village Gossip about John Foster. Baptist Mag., lxxxi., 510-13. 

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Some Fallacies in the Views of John Foster upon Future Punishment. 
Id., pp. 37-44. 

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Gilflllan's Literary Portraits : John Foster, vol. 11, pp. 335-41. 
1902. Library of Literary Criticism, v., 424-7. 


See Diet. Nat. Biog. and Ryland's " Life and Correspondence of John Foster," 
where his works and contributions to the Eclectic Review are mentioned. His 
"Essays" were reviewed Christian Observer, v., 40-50, 104-117, 186-8; Eclectic 
Rev., i., 801-10 ; Edinb. Rev., No. 228, pp. 460-88, and Monthly Rev., li., 240-6 ; 
His " Essay on Popular Ignorance," Edinb. Month. Rev., iv., 353-70 ; His " Glory 
of the Age," Quart. Christ. Sped. (New Haven), v., 400-21; His "Writings," 
Fraser, xxx., 684-702 ; His " Contributions to the Eclectic Review," Eclectic Rev., 
N.S., xv., 584-601 ; and His " Lectures at Broadmead Chapel," North Amer. Rev., 
lxii., 141-64, North Brit. Rev., ii., 87-104 & Eclectic Rev., N.S., xvi., 309-17. 

FOWKE, John, [Lord Mayor of London (1652-3), was the son of Wm. Fowke, 
of Tewkesbury. For refusing to pay tonnage and poundage he was 
imprisoned and heavily fined temp. Car. I. On the sale of the Bishop of 
Gloucester's lands in 1648, Fowke purchased the manors of Ashle worth, 
Maisemore, Longford, and Preston. He died in 1662.] 

1798. The Lives of the English Regicides . . . See ante, sub DEANE, 

The Life of John Fowke, Alderman of the City of London, vol. i., pp. 237-42. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 81-2, where a speech and report of his, which 
were printed, are mentioned. 

FOWLER, Family of, [of Gloucester.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1682-3 (Fenwick) pp. 62-3. 

FOWLER, Family of, [of Stonehouse, Glos.] 

1881-84. The Fowlers of Gloucestershire. Glos. N. & Q., i., 223-5, 282-4, 
450-1 ; ii., 55-7, 172-5, 324-6, 405-9. 

By W. Fowler Carter. It was stated (vol. 2, p. 409) that these notes were to be 
continued, but no more appeared. 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1623 (Maclean) pp. 61-2. 

FOWLER, Edward, [b. in 1632, at Westerleigh, Gloucestershire ; commenced 
his education at the College School, Gloucester ; prebendary of 
Gloucester 1676 ; Bishop of Gloucester 1691 till his death in 1714. 
His portrait, painted by Kneller, was eng. in mezzo, by J. Smith.] 

1685. A Letter to Dr. Fowler, Vicar of St. Giles Cripplegate, In Answer 
to his Late Vindicatory Preface. By William Nevvbery & William 
Edmunds . . . London, Printed in the Year 1685. Fol. Titlo & pp. 6. B.M. 


1685. A Reply to a Letter Sent by William Newbery, And William 
Edmunds to Dr Fowler. By William Smythies his Curate. Fol. B.M. 
Pp. 8. Dated at end Dec. 14, 1685. 

1691. A Sermon Preached at St. Mary le Bow, On Sunday, the 5th of 
July, 1691. At the Consecration of the most Reverend Father in God, 
John, Lord Archbishop of York ; And . . . Edward, Lord Bishop of 
Gloucester. By Joshua Clarke, Chaplain to the Bishop of Norwich. 
London : 1691. sm. 4to. Title & pp. 36. B.M. 

1706. A Brief Vindication of the Bishop of Glocester's Discourse con- 
cerning The Descent of the Man Christ Jesus from Heaven, &c. From 
the Dean of St. Paul's Charge of Heresy. With A Confutation of his 
new Notion in his late Book of The Scripture-Proofs of our Saviour's 
Divinity. London : 1706. 4to. B.M. 

Pp. 19. Published in Thomas Emlyn's "A Collection of Tracts, stating some 
Important Points Relating to the Deity, Worship, and Satisfaction of the Lord 
Jesus Christ." The Dean of St. Paul's was Dr. Sherlock. 

1750. Biographia Brittanica (Kippis), hi., 2014-16. 

1801. [Biographical notice.] Gent. Mag., lxxi., 713-14. 

1820. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 612-16, where the titles of his 
principal works and of 9 sermons are given. 

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Ser. 2, i., 393 ; [Works,] Id., Ser. 3, iv., 89. 

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1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 69-75. 

[Monumental Inscription.] Glos. N. & Q., hi., 225-6, 452-3. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 84-86. 


See Wood's Athenee and Diet- Nat. Biog., where fifteen of his Works are mentioned, 
and it is stated that he published 14 separate sermons. Four of the sermons men- 
tioned by Wood are described ante, vol. 1, pp. 12, 261, 262 The following Works 
are not noticed by Wood, or in the Diet. Nat. Biog. : — 

The Minister of Cirencester's Address ... To which is prefixed A Letter 
[from Bp. Fowler] . . . 1698. See ante, vol. 2, p. 144. 
The Charge of the Bishop of Gloucester. 1707. See ante, vol. 1, p. 14. 
A "Scripture Catechism" (usually assigned to Dr. John Worthington) is by 
Sir Egerton Brydges attributed to Bp. Fowler. Restituta, i., 54-5. 

FOWLER, John, [author and printer. Born at Bristol in 1537. He left 
England after Elizabeth's accession, and set up a printing-press in 
Belgium, where he printed controversial works in support of the Catholic 
Religion. He died in 1579.] 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., q.v. for Works. 

FOX, Families of. 

1864. A Short Genealogical Account of some of the Various Families of 
Fox in the West of England, to which is appended a Pedigree of the 

172 fox 

Crokers of Lineham, and also Sketches of the Families of Churchill, 
Yeo, Pollard, Copplestone, Strode, Fortescue and Bouville. Privately 
Printed, 1864. T. Kerslake & Co., Park St., Bristol. 4to. 

Title & Pref., signed Charles Henry Fox, 2 leaves ; Folding sheet of pedigrees ; 
Text. pp. 1-24. Monumental Brass of Sir John Croker, Front. 

1871. Genealogical Memoranda relating to the Family of Fox, of Bris- 
lington . . . Privately printed. London. 1871. 4to. Pp. 7. B. 

1872. [Another Edition.] London. 1872. 4to. Pp. 4. B. 

1874. Genealogical Memoranda relating to the Family of Fox, of Bris- 
lington, Clifton, &c, &c. Misc. Gen. et Herald., N.S., i., 114-118, 

1901. Fox Family, of Bristol. N. & Q., Ser. 9, viii., 265, 288. 

FOX, Edward, [Bishop of Hereford ; b. at Dursley in ? 1496 ; secretary to 
Wolsey, who entrusted to him the principal negotiations respecting the 
King's divorce from Q. Katherine ; d. in 1538.] 

1670-1766. Lloyd's State Worthies, pp. 86-9, and at pp. 96-9, vol. 1 of 
the 1766 edition. 

1858. Cooper's Athense Cantab., i., 66, 531. 

1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 28-9. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 113-15, q.v. for Works. 

FOX, Edward Long, [surgeon ; eldest son of Dr Francis Ker Fox, of Bristol ; 
b. 1832 ; Physician Bristol Royal Infirmary, 1857-77 ; resided in Bristol 
until his death March 28, 1902.] 

1902. Edward Long Fox, M.D. (Oxon), F.R.C.P. Bristol Medico-Chirurgi- 
cal Journal, xx., 97-105. 

Portrait, p. 97 ; Bibliography, pp. 103-5. 

FOX, John, [author ; B.A. Camb. 1624 ; ejected from the vicarage of 
Pucklechurch, Glos., in 1662 ; became nonconformist minister of Nails- 
worth, in the same county.] 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 129-30, q.v. for Works. 

FOX, William, [philanthropist ; b. in 1736 at Clapton, Glos. ; owned land 
in Clapton ; lived at Lechlade from 1802 till 1823, and at Cirencester 
from 1823 till his death in 1826 ; buried at Lechlade. He was a success- 
ful London merchant. The Sunday School Society was founded by him, 
and he was one of the earliest promoters of national education.] 

1827. Memoir of William Fox, Esq. Founder of the Sunday School 
Society. Baptist Mag., xix., 249-56, 297-302. Portrait, eng. by 
Freeman, p. 249. 

1830. Sunday School Mag., N.S., i., cols. 257-67. Portrait, 

eng. by Freeman. 


1831. Memoir of William Fox, Esq., Founder of the Sunday School 
Society, Comprising the History of the Origin and First Twenty Years 
of that Benevolent and useful Institution, with the Correspondence on 
the Subject between Wm. Fox, Esq., and Robert Raikes, Esq., of 
Gloucester, the Father of the Sunday School System, and other Dis- 
tinguished Persons. By Joseph Ivimey . . . London. 1831. Price 
2s. 12mo. B.M. 

Title, &c, pp. i.-iv. ; Memoir, pp. 5-131. Portrait of Wni. Fox, Front. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 136-7. 

FRAMPTON, Robert, [b. 1622 ; Prebendary of Gloucester, 1671 ; Dean of 
Gloucester, 1673 ; Bishop of Gloucester, 1680 till 1690, when he was 
deprived of his See as a non -juror, but was allowed to hold the living of 
Standish, where he resided till his death in 1708. There is a portrait 
of him in the Palace at Gloucester.] 

1684. Articles of Visitation and Enquiry Exhibited to the Ministers, 
Church-wardens and Sidesmen, In the First Triennial Visitation of the 
Right Reverend Father in God Robert Lord Bishop of Gloucester, 
1684. Oxford, 1684. sm.4to. Sion Coll. 

Title & Oaths, one leaf ; Articles, pp. 1-6. 

1733. The Lives of the English Bishops from the Restauration to the 
Revolution . . . Printed for J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane. 1733. 
8vo. Sion Coll. & B.M. 

Bishop Frampton. pp. 269-271. The author was Nathaniel Salmon. [Halkett & 
Laing.] It was also issued in the same year with a longer title. 

1820. Wood's Athena; Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 890-1. 

1851-3. Life of Bishop Frampton. N. & Q., Ser. 1, iii., 61, 214 ; vii., 
605 ; Bishop Frampton. Id,, vi., 204, 349. 

1876. The Life of Robert Frampton, Bishop of Gloucester. Deprived 
as a Non -juror 1689. Edited by T. Simpson Evans, M.A. London 
1876. 8vo. 

Pp. xii. & 234. Portrait eng. by Aillard from painting in the Bishop's Palace, 
at Gloucester. Front. 

1881-90. Robert Frampton. Glos. N. & Q., i., 69-72 ; Dean Frampton 
and Giles Fettyplace, Esq. Id., 273-4 ; Bishop Frampton and the 
Vicarage of Standish, Id., 394-5 ; Robert Frampton, D.D. [and 
Mrs. Mary Caning.] Id., ii., 3-6 ; Bishop Frampton and Lord Wharton, 
Id., 51, 68-70 ; Bishop Frampton, Bishop Talbot and Mrs. Boevey 
of Flaxley, Id., 84-8 ; Bishop Frampton and the Rev. Benjamin 
Billingsley, Id., 646-7 ; A Letter from Bishop Frampton to Rev. John 
Kettlewell, Id., iii., 149-150 ; An interesting Letter of Bishop Frampton. 
Id., iv., 439-441. 

1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 159-61. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 159-161. 


FRANCILLON, James, [b. 1802; County Court Judge of the Gloucester- 
shire Circuit from 1847-1866 ; Deputy Chairman of the Gloucester- 
shire Quarter Sessions ; d. 1866.] 

1866. [Obituary.] Qent. Mag., Ser. 4, ii., 559. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 164. 


Judgments in Causes reserved . . . [described ante, vol. 1, p. 181.] 
Lectures, Elementary and Familiar on English Law. 1860-1. 

FRANCILLON, Robert Edward, [novelist; son of Jas. Francillon, q.v. ; 
b. in Gloucester in 1841 ; educated at Cheltenham College ; novel 
reviewer for the Graphic for more than 30 years ; living 1915. His 
portrait appeared in the Graphic of Dec. 7, 1912. Fourteen novels and 
two other works by him are in the B.M.] 

1879. R. E. Francillon. The Biograph and Review, i., 7-14. 

1914. Mid-Victorian Memories by R. E. Francillon. London, &c. 8vo. 
Pp. xii. & 307. 

FRANCIS, Benjamin, [b. 1734 ; baptist minister at Horsley, 1758 till his 
death Dec. 14, 1799.] 
1794-7. The Baptist Annual Register. 
Portrait of Benjamin Francis, Front. 

1796. Ordination of the Rev. Mr Francis. Evangelical Mag., iv., 206. 
Portrait, p. 353. 

[1800 ?] The Presence of Christ the Source of Eternal Bliss. A Funeral 
Discourse, delivered December 22, 1799, at Shortwood, near Horsley 
in Gloucestershire, occasioned by the Death of The Rev. Benjamin 
Francis, A.M. By John Ryland, D.D. To which is annexed, A 
Sketch of Mr. Francis's Life, and of his Death-Bed Consolations, drawn 
up by his son and assistant Thomas Flint . . . Pr. by Ann Bryan 
Corn-Street, Bristol. 8vo. Pp. 96. G.P.L. 

1818. Memoir of the late Rev. Benjamin Francis, Pastor of the Church at 
Horsley, Gloucestershire. Baptist Mag., x., 121-5, 161-4. 


The Conflagration : A Poem [2nd ed.] 1786. 

Poem in memory of Hugh Evans. 1781. 

Elegy on the death of the Rev. J. Gill. [1772 &] 1838. 

The Salopian Zealot. [A Poem. 1778.] 

FREAM, Family of, [of Lypiatt, Bisley and Cirencester.] 
1886. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 63-4. 
1898. Arms of Fream of Bisley. N. & Q., Ser. 9, ii., 187, 437. 


FREAM, William, [writer on agriculture, b. in 1854 at Gloucester, where 
he was educated and lived until 1872 ; professor of Nat. Hist, at the 
Roy. Agric. Coll., Cirencester, 1877-9 ; agricultural correspondent of 
" The Times " from Jan., 1894, until his death on May 29, 1906 ; buried 
in Gloucester cemetery.] 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., ii., 54-5. g.v. for Works. 

FREELING, Sir Francis, [b. at Bristol in 1764 ; an official in the post office 
in that City in his youth ; became head of the London post office ; 
created a baronet for postal improvements which he introduced ; d. 1836. 
A monument in his memory is in the church of St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol. 
His portrait, painted by Geo. Jones, R.A., was engraved by Chas. Turner.] 

1836-7. [Obituaries.] Gent. Mag., N.S., vi., 322-4 ; Ann. Biog. & Obit., 
xxi., 232-5. 

1838. Monument to Sir Francis Freeling [in St. Mary Redcliffe Church.] 
Gent. Mag., N.S., x., 496. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 239. 

FREEMAN, Families of. 

1867. Pedigree of Freeman of Batsford. [T.P.] B. 

[Before 1872.] Pedigree of Freeman of Saintbury . . . Buckland and 
Laverton, Co. Glouc. [T.P.] B. 

Pedigree of Freeman of Todenham. [T.P.] B. 

Pedigree of Freeman of Todenham & of Batsford, Co. Gloc. [T.P.] B. 

1880-7. Marshall of Selsby, Co. Durham, and Freeman of Batsford. 
Glos. N. & Q., i., 131-5; The Freeman Family, Id., i., 165; Freeman 
Inscriptions, Hempstead and Bushley, Id., iii., 150-2 ; Notes on the 
Freeman Family of Bushley, 1620-1700, Id., 168-70. 

1884. Freeman of Batsford. Visitation Co. Glouc. (Fenwick), pp. 64-5. 

Freeman of Ebrington, Blockly & Twyning. Visitation Co. Glouc. 

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Glos. c. 1646 ; d. 1710.] 

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of Ireland, from the earliest Times to the reign of Queen Victoria. By 
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FREEMAN, Thomas, [poet ; b. 1590 ? at Batsford, Glos.] 
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Rubbe, and A great Cast. Epigrams. By Thomas Freeman, Gent. 

Horace, Lectorem delectando pariterq ; monendo. Imprinted at 

London, and are to bee sold at the Tigers Head. 1614. sm. 4to. B.M. 

Forty leaves, signed [A]— [K4.] The copy collated has been badly cut by the 

binder, and the pagination may have been ploughed off. The first part ends on 

leaf F2. " Runne And a Great Cast. The Second Bowie " is on leaves [F.3 — K.4, 

with running title " Run and a great Cast."] 

FREEMAN-MITFORD, Family of, [Barons and Earls Redesdale, of Bats- 
ford, Glos.] 

1809-11. British Family Antiquity. 

Redesdale (Barons), vol. 2, pp. 549*-552*. 

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FREEMAN-MITFORD, Algernon Bertram, [2nd Baron Redesdale, of 
Batsford Park, Glos. ; b. 1837 ; Secretary to the Embassy at St. Peters- 
burg and to the Legation at Peking and Tokio 1874-86 ; C.B. 1882 ; 
C.V.O. 1901 ; created Baron Redesdale 1902, having succeeded to the 
estates of Earl Redesdale q.v. in 1886 ; K.C.B. 1906.] 

1893. [Biographical Notice.] Baily'a Magazine, lix., 73-75. Portrait, 
p. 73. 

1913. The Writings of Lord Redesdale. [By Edmund Gosse.] Edinb. 
Rev., No. 444, pp. 314-33. 


Tales of Old Japan. 1871. [Translated into German in 1874.] 

The Bamboo Garden. 1896. 

The Attache at Peking. 1900. 

Address on the opening of the New Buildings of the Campden School of Arts and 
Crafts, Oct. 20, 1904. (50 copies privately printed Essex House Press). 

[A Second Address] at the Campden School of Arts & Crafts ... on Oct. 7, 1905. 
(Privately printed Essex House Press). 

The Garter Mission to Japan. 1906. 

Die Grundlagen des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts : By Houston Stewart Chamber- 
lain. An Appreciation by Lord Redesdale, G.C.V.O., K.C.B. Privately printed. 
By John Lane. London. 1909. 

Introduction to II. S. Chamberlain's " Foundations of the Nineteenth Century." 

A Tragedy in Stone. 1913. 

FREEMAN-MITFORD, John, [1st Baron Redesdale ; b. 1748 ; Speaker 
of the House of Commons 1801 ; Lord Chancellor of Ireland, 1802-6 ; 
d. in 1830 at Batsford, Glos. (where ho owned an estate, which he had 
inherited in 1808) ; bur. in Batsford Church, which he had rebuilt in 
1822. A portrait of him, painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence, was engraved 
by G. Clint and another by Sir M. Shee is in the Nat. Port. Gall.] 


1807. Public Characters of 1807, pp. 135-177. 

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works not mentioned in the D.N.B. 

Observations on the late and present state of Ireland. 1805. 

Observations on the Importation of Foreign Corn. 1828. 

A Treatise on Pleadings in the Court of Chancery [which went through many 

His '"Letters on the Catholic Question" was reviewed Brit. Critic (1829), v., 

FREEMAN-MITFORD, John Thomas, [1st Earl Redesdale, of Batsford 
Park, Glos. ; son of the 1st Baron Redesdale, q.v. ; b. 1805 ; Chairman 
of Committees of the House of Lords 1851 till his death in 1886 ; buried 
at Batsford.] 

1867. Lord Redesdale and The New Railways : A Review of his Lordship 
as a Railway Legislator ; in a Letter by R. S. France, Railway Con- 
tractor . . . London : 1867. 8vo. Pp. 24. B.M. 

Lord Redesdale and the New Railways. Correspondence between 

his Lordship and Mr France . . . London. 1867. 8vo. Pp. 20. B.M. 

1875. Feb. 27. Vanity Fair. Portrait No. 196. 

1876. Men of Mark, Ser. 1, Portrait No. 29. 

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Portrait, p. 311. 


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A biographical sketch of Lord Redesdale. 

1894. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxviii., 83-4, q.v. for Works. 

works not mentioned in the D.N.B. 

Pamphlets on (1) The Real Presence, 1877 & 1879 ; (2) The Infallible Church, 
1875 & 1876 ; (3) Divorce, 1856 ; (4) The Coronation Oath, 1868 & 1869 ; (5) The 
Gorham Case, 1850 : (6) Disputed Points of Doctrine, 1874 ; (7) Regeneration, 
1849; and (8) Mr Gladstone's Policy, all of which are in the B.M. Letter on 
Parliamentary Committees and Railway Legislation, Edirib. Iter.. No. 214, pp. 
578-86 [in reply to comments Id., pp. 256-266.] 

FREME, Family of, [of Gloucester.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc., 1623 (Maclean), pp. 62-3. 

FRERE, Mary Eliza Isabella, [authoress ; eldest daughter of Sir Bartle 
Frere ; b. Aug. 11, 1845, at the Rectory, Bitton, Glos. ; d. March 26, 
1911. Her "Old Deccan Days," 1868, went through many editions 
and was translated into German and Marathi.] 

1911. The late Mary Eliza Isabella Frere. [By Sir George Birdwood.] 
Athenaeum, Apr. 15, 1911, pp. 419-20. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., ii., 56-7, q.v. for Works. 

FRIPP, George Arthur, [artist ; b. in Bristol in 1813 ; studied under Samuel 
Jackson, " the father of the Bristol School ; " d. 1896. He painted 
chiefly portraits in oils, until he left Bristol, in 1838, when he took to 
water-colours, and made a reputation as a landscape painter.] 

1891. A History of the ' Old Water-colour ' Society, now The Royal 
Society of Painters in Water Colours, with Biographical Notices of its 
older and of all deceased Members and Associates . . . By John Lewis 
Roget. London. 1891. 2 vols. 8vo. 

George Arthur Fripp, ii., 264-8 & passim. 

1901. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. I., ii., 253. 

FRIPP, Henry Edward, M.D., M.R.C.P., [b. 1816; physician to Bristol 
General Hospital from c. 1857 to 1873, when he was made consulting 
physician ; president of the Bristol Naturalists' Society, 1875 till his 
death on 23rd March, 1880.] 

1894. [Brief memoir.] B.N.S. Procs., N.S., vii., Portrait & pp. 1-3. 

The titles of 20 papers contributed by him to the B.N.S. Procs. are given on 
pp. 2-3. 

FROUCESTER, Walter de, [Abbot of St. Peter's, Gloucester, from 1382 
till his death in 1412.] 

1863. Historia et Cartularium Monasterii Sancti Petri Gloucestriae . . . 
London : 1863-7. 3 vols. 8vo. 

" De domno Waltero Froucestre vicesimo abbate monasterii Sancti Petri 
GloucestrioB post conquestum," vol. 1, pp. 55-8. 

There is also a notice of A hlnit Proucester on p. lxiv. of the same volume. 
For full title and collation of the llistmia. see ante, vol. 1, pp. 296-7. 


1881. Abbot Froucester's MS. Chronicle. Gloa. N. & Q., i., 113, 363. 
1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 290. 

FRY, Edmund, [M.D. and type-founder ; son of Joseph Fry q.v. ; b. in 
Bristol 1754 ; carried on his father's type-founding business in Bristol 
from 1787 till his death in 1835. His portrait was painted by F. Boileau.] 

1836. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., Ser. 2, v., 557-8. 

1887. A Brief Memoir of Francis Fry . . . See infra, sub FRY, Francis. 
Portrait of Edmund Fry. p. 12. 

1887. A History of the Old English Letter Foundries, with Notes, Historical 
and Biographical, on the Rise and Progress of English Typography. 
By Talbot Baines Reed. London : 1887. 4to. 

Joseph and Edmund Fry, pp. 298-314. Silhoutte (sic) of Edmund Fry, p. 298. 

1889. Diet. Nat, Biog., xx., 293-4. 


[He wrote several works on Type-founding, the most important of which was] 
Pantographia, containing accurate Copies of all the known Alphabets of the 

World . . . 1799. Announced and reviewed Gent. Hag., vol. C9, pt. 1, p. 137 

& pt. 2., pp. 879-81. 

FRY, Francis, [philanthropist and bibliographer ; b. at Westbury-on- 
Trym, 1803, and educated at Mr Joel Lean's School at Fishponds. He 
lived at Cotham, near Redland, for 47 years. For the greater part of 
his life he was a member of the firm of J. S. Fry & Sons, chocolate manu- 
facturers of Bristol. He made a special study of early printed bibles, 
of which he possessed a splendid collection. He died in 1886, and 
was buried in the Friends' graveyard at King's Weston.] 

1887. A Brief Memoir of Francis Fry, F.S.A., of Bristol. By his son 

Theodore Fry, M.P. Not Published. 1887. 8vo. G.P.L. 

Title. Ded., & Pref., 3 leaves ; Memoir, pp. 9-72 ; Works by Mr Fry, pp. 73-74. 

Portrait of F. Fry, Front. ; Portraits of Joseph Fry, Edmund Fry, Anna Fry, and 

Joseph Storrs Fry, pp. 10, 12, and 14 ; Views of Tower House and Cotham Tower, 

p. 16 ; Facsimile, p. 70. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 296-7, q.v. for Works. 

FRY, John, [author and bookseller; b. 1792; carried on business at 46, 
High Street, Bristol ; d. 1822.] 

1822. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., xcii., pt. 2, p. 566. 

1889. Diet, Nat. Biog., xx., 298, q.v. for Works. 

FRY, Joseph, [founder of the chocolate manufactory at Bristol, and printer 
and type-founder ; b. 1728 ; d. 1787 ; buried in the Friends' Burial 
Ground at the Friars. He was the first of his family who settled at 

1887. A History of the Old English Letter Foundries . . . See ante, sub 
FRY, Edmund. 

1889. Diet, Nat. Biog., xx., 298-9. 


FRY, Joseph Storrs, [chocolate manufacturer ; b. Aug. 6, 1826, at Bristol ; 
eldest son of Joseph and Mary Ann Fry ; educated at Bristol ; entered 
the business established by his great-grandfather in Bristol in the 18th 
century ; became a partner in 1855 ; d. July 7, 1913.] 

1914. Joseph Storrs Fry A Brief Memoir By E.F. Reprinted from 
the "Annual Monitor," 1914 [pp. 59-77.] 1914. 16mo. O.P.L. 

Memoir, pp. 20 ; Appendix (a poem by J. S. Fry on the Cutlers' Hall, Bristol), 
pp. 21-28. Portrait, Front. By Sir Edward Fry. 

FRYER, John, [b. at Pegthorne (? Packthorne in Frampton-on-Severn), 
where he seems to have lived all his life ; a follower of Whitefield and 
an occasional preacher ; d. 1798.] 

1799. The Dying Christian's Testimony to the Preciousness of Christ. 
A Sermon, occasioned by the death of Mr John Fryer, Who died January 
3d, Aged 27 : Preached at Frampton upon Severn, Gloucestershire, 
Jan. 13th, 1798, By Cornelius Winter . . . [Quot.] To which are 
added, A Prefatory Address to the Reader and an Elegy on the Death 
of Mr John Fryer, by Edward Gardner, Esq. Shrewsbury : 1799. 
8vo. Pp. 44. 6.P.L. 

FRYER, Kedgwin Hoskins, [b. at Tewkesbury in 1814 ; practised as a 
Solicitor in Gloucester, 1838-51 ; clerk to the Gloucester Local Board 
of Health, 1851-65 ; Town Clerk, 1865-83 ; d. 1884.] 

1884-5. [In Memoriam.] B. & O. A. S. Trans., ix., 366-7. 


Archives of the City of Gloucester. B. & O.A.S. Trans., i., 59-68. 

Documents illustrative of History in the Archives of the Corporation of Gloucester. 
Trans, of B.A.A., 1848, pp. 16-20. 

Priory of Lanthony. Read at a Meeting of the B. & G. A. S., 12th April, 1882. 
Pp. 12. G.P.L. 

FULLER, Francis, [medical writer; b. in Bristol, 1670; d. 1706.] 

1812. Nichols' Anecdotes, i., 370-1. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 311, where his " Medicina Gymnastica " is 

FULLER, John, [Master of Jesus Coll., Camb. ; b. in Gloucester ; d. 1558.] 
1858. Cooper's Athenae Cantab., i., 188. 
1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 312. 

FULWELL, Ulpian, [poet ; b. in Somersetshire ; rector of Naunton, Glos., 

1813. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), i., 540-2. 

1839. Lives of the most Eminent . . . English Poets. By Robert Bell 
[Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia] . . . London : 1839. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Ulpian Fulwell, vol. 2. pp. 102-5. 


1877. Collectanea Anglo-Poetica (Corser), pt. 6, pp. 382-396. 
1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 327-8, q.v. for Works. 

[The following work, having much bibliographical interest, is fully described.] 
The First part of the eight liberall science : Entituled, Ars adulandi, 
the art of Flattery, with the confutation thereof, both very pleasant 
and profitable, deuised and compiled by Vlpian Fulwell. 

His diebus non peractis, 
Nulla fides est in pactis. 


Mel in ore, verba lactis 
Fel in corde fraus in factis 


Who reads a booke rashly, 

at randorne doth runne, 
He goes on his arant, 

yet leaues it vndone 

Imprinted at London, by William Hoskins, and are to be solde at 
his shop ioyning to the midle Temple Gate, within Temple Barre. 1576. 

Trin. Coll., Carrib. 

Title (within a woodcut border), one leaf ; A Dialogue, one leaf \ ii. ; To the 
right noble and vertuous Lady, one leaf [^f iii.] ; To the "friendly Reader "and The 
printer to the Reader, in verse, one leaf "j| iiii. and one page, A front. A descrip- 
tion of the seuen liberall Sciences and imprint, A back & 47 leaves, A ii., B i.-N ii. 
Black letter. Apparently the first word of the title was originally misprinted 
" Tee " and corrected by printing an H over the first E. 

This copy of the first edition is believed to be unique. 

[Another Edition.] Newly corrected and augmented 

. . . Imprinted at London, by Richarde Jones, and are to bee solde at 
his shoppe ouer agaynst Sainct Sepulchers Churche. 1579. sm. 4to. 


Thirty-seven leave.?, signed A— K. There is another edition in the B.M. ? 1580. 

FURNEY, Richard, [archdeacon of Surrey ; b. in Gloucester : master of the 
Crypt School 1720-1724 ; d. " at his seat at Hucclecote," Feb. 22, 1753 ; 
buried in St. Michael's Church, Glouc. Ho left some volumes of MS. 
collections relating to Gloucester, some of which are in the Brist. & Glos. 
A.S. Library, two are in the Bodleian, and one is in Painswick House.] 

1855. Archdeacon Furney. N. & Q., Ser. i., xi., 205 ; xii., 95, 387-8. 

1881-4. Richard Furney, M.A. Glos. N. da Q., i., 384-7 ; [His bequest of 
books to the Bodleian,] ii., 390-1. 

FUST, Family of, [of Hill Court, Gloucestershire.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 67-8. 


1887-90. Hill Church : Monumental Inscriptions and Extracts from 
Registers . . . [relating to the] Fust Family. Glos. N. db Q., iii., 
582-594. The Fust Family Portraits. Id., iv., 102-127. 

Both Xotes are by Mr Herbert Jenner-Fust. 

FUST, Sir Herbert, see infra, JENNER-FUST. 

FYFFE, William Johnston, [M.D. & Surgeon at Clifton, 1873 till his death 
in 1901.] 

1901. W. J. Fyffe. Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal, xix., 97-100; 
Portrait, p. 97. 

GABB, James Frederick Secretan, [b. 1809, d. Mar. 12, 1893. Vicar of 
Charlton Kings for 41 years.] 

1893. In Memoriam James Frederick Secretan Gabb, M.A., Vicar of 
Charlton Kings, 1834-1875. Charlton Kings Parish Magazine, April, 

By the Rev. Canon Bazeley, Curate of Charlton Kings, 1867-70. and now Rector 
of Matson. 

GABBITASS, Peter, [verse writer ; b. 1822 ; living 1885 ; resided at Clifton 
the greater part of his life.] 

1885. Heart Melodies : for Storm and Sunshine. From Cliftonia the 
Beautiful. By P. Gabbitass, the Clifton Poet, once a Carpenter Boy. 
Pp. ix.-lvi. contain the author's autobiography. This and Ms other works are 
mentioned ante, vol. 3, pp. 204, 205, 206, 208, 210. 

GAGE, Family of, [of Cirencester.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1623 (Maclean), p. 246. 
GAINSBOROUGH, Earls of, see NOEL, Family of. 

GARDINER, Thomas, [non-juror ; b. 1657 ; tutor of Robert Pleydell, of 
Ampney Crucis ; d. 1745. After 1719 he lived almost the life of a hermit 
in Ampney Crucis till his death.] 

1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 92-9. 

GARDINER, William, [b. at Whitchurch, Herefordshire, Apr. 16, 1766; 
commenced his education at Mr Donne's school at Bristol ; clerk in an 
office at Lydney, c. 1783-90; kept a school at St. Briavels, 1803 ; and 
at Lydney, 1804-16 ; d. May 18, 1825. There are seven works by him 
in the B.M.] 

1854. Original Poems, Songs, and Essays, by the Late William Gardiner, 

of Lydney Academy . . . with a Narrative of His Life, by His 

Daughter . . . London, 1854. G.P.L. 

Title. &c, pp. i.-viii. : Memoir, pp. 1-59; Poems. Sec., pp. 01-17*'.. The first 

edition of these poems entitled " Poems on various occasions," 1813, [see ante, 

vol. 2, p. 231] contained no Memoir. 

GARNSEY, Rev. Thomas Rock, [b. 1792 ; incumbent of Christ Church, 
Berry Hill, Dean Forest, 1824 till his death in 1847.] 


1863. Life of the Rev. Thomas Rock Garnsey. Personalities of the 
Forest of Dean, pp. 148-151. 

GASTRELL, Family of, [of Cranham and Cheltenham.] 

1866. Pedigree of Gastrell . . . [T.P.] B. 

GASTRELL, Family of, [of Tetbury.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 70-1 ; 1623 (Maclean), 
p. 64. 

GEARING, Henry, son of Henry Gearing, a mercer in Lechlade, where he 
was born Mar. 5, 1632, and where he lived until 12 or 13 years of age ; 
died in London in 1694.] 

1694. Some Account of the Holy Life and Death of Mr Henry Gearing, 
Late Citizen of London : Who departed this Life January the 4th, 
169|. Aged 61. By John Shower. With the Trial and Character 
of a Real Christian, collected out of Ms Papers, for the Examination 
of himself : From which several other Particulars are added, for the 
Instruction, Encouragement, and Imitation of Christians. London : 
1694. 12mo. B.M. 

Title, Ded., & Life, pp. i.-xxxv. ; Character and Trial of a Real Christian, pp. 1-132. 

Second Edition . . . London : 1699. 12mo. G.P.L. 

Same pagination as first edition. 

[Third Edition, entitled] The Character and Trial of a Real 

Christian ; Exemplify'd in the Life and Experience of Mr Henry 
Gearing, late Citizen of London. By John Shower, The Third 
Edition ; With a Preface by Samuel Hay ward. London : 1754. 
I2mo. B.M. 

Title & Pref. by Hayward, pp. i.-viii. ; A Short Account Of the Holy Life of 
5Ir Henry Gearing, &c, pp. ix.-xxxv. ; The Character and Trial of a Real Christian, 
pp. 1-132. 

GEORGE, Family of, [of Baunton.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 72-3 ; 1623 (Maclean), 
pp. 247-9. 

GEORGE, Elizabeth, [b. at Pebworth, Glos., Ap. 27, 1831 ; lived there with 
her parents till 1844, when they removed to Welford-on-Avon ; d. Ap. 5, 

1858. Memoir of Elizth. George. By the Rev. Henry J. Piggott, B.A. 
. . . London : 1858. 8vo. B.M. 

Two titles. Pref. &c. 2 leaves and pp. i.-viii. ; Memoir, pp. 1-25 5. Also at same 
pages of the Second Edition, 1859. 

GEREE, John, [puritan divine ; b. in Yorkshire ? 1601 ; vicar of Tewkesbury 
c. 1621 to c. 1625, when he was inhibited by Bp. Goodman ; restored 
in 1641 to his living, which he held till 1646 ; d. 1649.] 


1813. Brook's Lives of the Puritans, iii., 102-3. 
1817. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), iii., 244. 
1850. Tewkesbury Yearly Register, ii., 429-30. 

1884. Nonconformity in Herts ... By William Urwick, M.A. . . . 
London : 1884. 8vo. O.P.L. 

John Geree, pp. 131-5. He was Minister at St. Albans 1646-48. 
1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxi., 229-230. 
1890. John Geree, M.A. Glos. N. & Q., iv., 431-2. 


Lists of his published works are given by Brook and Wood, and in the Tewkesbury 
Kegister, and Diet. Nat. Biog. 

GIBBES, Family of. 

1886. Pedigree of Gibbes, of Bedminster and Bristol. Misc. Geneal. et 
Herald. Ser. 2, vol. 1, pp. 3-6. Arms of Gibbes facing p. 3. 

GIFFARD, Families of, [of Brimsfield & Weston-sub-Edge.] 

1675. The Baronage of England, i., 499-502. 

1834. [Pedigree of Giffard, of Brimsfield.] Collectanea Topographica, i., 

1837. Pedigree of Giffard of Weston Sub-edge. [T.P.] Broadside. B. 

1885. [Giffard of Weston-sub-Edge.] Visitation Co. Olouc. 1623 
(Maclean), pp. 249-50. 

1900. Dugdale's Pedigree of Giffard of Brimsfield. Genealogist, N.S., 
xvi., 24-26. 

1902. Collections for a History of Staffordshire, edited by The William 

Salt Archaeological Society. Volume v. New Series . . . London. 

1902. 8vo. B. 

Giffards from the Conquest to the Present Time. By Mai. -Gen. The Hon. George 
Wrottesley, 3 leaves and pp. 1-232. 
Giffard, Barons of Brimsfield, pp. 7-9. 
Giffard of Weston-under-Edge, pp. 54-59. 

GIFFORD, Andrew, [baptist minister ; b. in Bristol in 1641 ; minister of the 
Pithay Chapel 1677 till his death in 1721. There is a portrait of him in 
the Baptist College Library, Bristol.] 

1738-40. The History of the English Baptists (Crosby) . . . See ante, 
sub BIDDLE, John. 

Andrew Gifford, vol. 3, pp. 148-58. 

1814. Ivimey's English Baptists, i., 412-414 ; ii., 541-52. 

1847. The Records of a Church of Christ, meeting in Broadmead, Bristol. 
1640-1687. Edited for The Hanserd Knollys Society, with an Historical 
Introduction by Edward Bean Underhill. London : 1847. 8vo. 

Andrew Gifford, pp. 213, 223-4. 361, 473-81 and passim. 


GIFFORD, Andrew, D.D. [numismatist, and baptist minister; b. Aug. 17, 
1700 ; son of the Rev. Emanuel Gifford, baptist minister at Bristol, 
and grandson of Andrew Gifford, q.v. ; commenced Ins education at 
Mr Jones' School at Tewkesbury ; entered the Baptist Ministry and 
assisted his father at Bristol from 1726-1730; was Assistant Librarian 
in the British Museum from 1757 till his death in 1784. His portrait by 
J. Russell was eng. by R. Houston. He bequeathed a valuable collec- 
tion of books, MSS. and curiosities to the Baptist Academy at Bristol. 
His collection of coins was purchased by George II.] 

1784. Memoirs of the Life of The Rev. Andrew Gifford. New Spiritual 
Magazine, iv., 929-34 ; Portrait p. 929. Elegy on death of Dr. A. G. 
(by R. Bromham). Id., pp. 966-8. 

1784. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., liv., 485-6, 595-6. 

1784. A Sermon occasioned by the death of the Reverend Andrew Gifford 
D.D. By John Rippon. With an Address delivered at his Interment, 
by John Ryland, A.M London : 1784. Price Is. 8vo. Pp. 84. B.M. 

1860. Dr. Gifford and the Gifford Museum. [By William Blades.] 
Baptist Mag., hi., 143-7. 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxi., 300, where two published sermons by him are 
mentioned. He edited " Folkes' Tables of English Silver and Gold 

1899. Dr. Andrew Gifford. N. & Q., Ser. 9, hi., 408. 

GIFFORD, Edwin Hamilton, [theologian ; b. Dec. 18, 1820, at Bristol ; 
Archdeacon of London 1884-1889 ; d. May 5, 1905.] 

1905. [Obituary.] The Eagle (June), pp. 372-88. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. II., ii., 105-6, q.v. for Works. 

GILPIN, Mary, [b. in Bristol in 1813; d. ? 1838.] 

1840. Memoir of Mary Ann Gilpin, of Bristol, consisting chiefly of Extracts 

from her Diary and Letters . . . London . . . Lavars & Ackland, 

Bristol. 1840. 8vo. * 

Two Titles, Intro. & Pref., pp. i.-viii. ; Memoir, pp. 1-239. A second edition 
appeared in 1811, and a third in 1842. Both are in the B.M. 

GIRDLESTONE, Edward, [b. 1805 ; canon of Bristol, 1854 ; vicar of 
St. Nicholas, Bristol, 1855-58, and vicar of Wapley with Codrington 
1858-62 ; vicar of Olveston 1872 till his death in 1884. Eighteen 
sermons or tracts by him are in the B.M.] 

1859-61. The Rev. Edward Girdlestone. Church of England Photographic 
Portrait Gallery. Portrait and one page of letterpress. 

1879. Biograph & Review, i., 14-17. 

1884. The Rev. Edward Girdlestone. Church Portrait J ournal, N.S., vol. 5, 
pp. 58-60. Photographic Portrait, p. 57. 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxi., 395, q.v. for Works. 


GLOUCESTER, Bishops of, see 
BENSON, Martin 
BROOKS, James 
CHEYNEY, Richard 
ELLICOTT, Charles John 
FOWLER, Edward 
GOODMAN, Godfrey 
MONK, James Henry 
SMITH, Miles 

GLOUCESTER and BRISTOL, Bishops of, set 
ELLICOTT, Charles John 
MONK, James Henry 

GLOUCESTER, Clement of, see CLEMENT. 

GLOUCESTER, Duke of, see HENRY, Duke of Gloucester. 

GLOUCESTER, Dukes and Earls of. 

1610. A Catalogue of the Dukes & Earles of Glocester and Hertford. 
Together with their seuerall Armes, Wiues, and Issue. London. 
MDCX. Fol. Pp. 357-416. F.A.H. 

1675. The Baronage of England, i., 534-6. 

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B.A.A., xxv., 26-39. Notes on Mr Planche's Paper on "The Earls 
of Gloucester," by Sir P. Stafford Carey and the Author. Id., pp. 39-41. 

1876. On some Original Deeds relating to William Earl of Gloucester . . . 
By J. Taylor, Librarian of the Bristol Museum and Library. Jour. 
B. A. A., 455-9. 


1878-9. The Land of Morgan [Pt. L] The Chief Lords. Part III. The 
Earls of Gloucester. By G. T. Clark. Arch. Jour., xxxv., 1-18, 

1878-9. The Earls of Gloucester, By Rev. William Bazeley. B. dk G. A. S. 
Trans., iii., 368-389. 

See also CLARE, de, Family of ; CLARE, Gilbert de (3), and Richard de. 

GLOUCESTER, Milo of, see MILO. 

GLOUCESTER, Robert of, see ROBERT. 

GODWIN, Edward William, [architect ; b. in Bristol in 1833, where he was 
educated, and practised till 1862, when he removed to London ; d. in 
1886. Obituary Notices of him appeared in October, 1886 in the Builder, 
Building News, Architect, British Architect and American Architect.] 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxii., 55-6, where a list of his writings (other than 
contributions to periodicals) is given. 

GODWIN, Morgan, [son of the rector of English Bicknor, Glos., where he 
was baptised, Dec. 2, 1640. He went to Virginia c. 1664, where he 
took orders.] 

1820. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 180-1. 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxii., 62, q.v. for Works. 

GOLDSBOROUGH, Godfrey, [b. 1548 ; Bishop of Gloucester, 1598 till his 
death in 1604 ; buried in the Lady Chapel of Gloucester Cathedral.] 

1861. Cooper's Athenae Cantab., ii., 388-9. 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxii., 79. 

1904. [Effigy in Gloucester Cathedral.] B. & G. A. 8. Trans., xxvii., 

GOODALL, Thomas, [commander of privateers ; b. in Bristol, in 1767, 
where he lived till he was 13 years old ; died c. 1832.] 

1808. Biographical Sketch of Thomas Goodall, Esq. Commandant of 
the Haytian Flotilla. European Mag., liii., 323-8. Portrait (eng. by 
Ridley and Blood), p. 313. 

1813. Crim. Con. Trial between Thomas Goodall, Esq., Plaintiff, and 
William Fletcher, Attorney-at-Law . . . defendant ... in the Court 
of King's Bench, on Monday, July 19, 1813. Damages, £5,000 . . . 
London : 1813. 8vo. 2 leaves & pp. 52. B.M. 

1890. Diet. Nat, Biog., xxii., 117-18. 

GOODMAN, Godfrey, [b. 1583 ; rector of Kemerton ; Bishop of Gloucester 
1625 till the Commonwealth. In 1636 he acted as arbitrator between 
the City and County of Gloucester as to the proportion of ship money 


for which each was liable. In 1643 his palace at Gloucester was sacked 
by the Parliamentary troops, and he was almost reduced to a state of 
destitution. He died 1656.] 

1643. March 31. Cap. 4. An Ordinance for the Sequestration of several 
delinquents' estates. 

Godfrey Goodman was one of the delinquents named in this Ordinance. 

1649. To the Supreme Authority, the right Honorable the Commons 
of England . . . The humble Petition of Godfrey Goodman, late 
Bishop of Gloucester. Broadside. B.M. 

The Petition states that the Petitioner " hath suffered as much and in as harsh 
a manner as any other man hath done, and that he had lived for 7 years without 
rents." Then follow certificates that the Petitioner had not " intermeddled with 
any business concerning warlike affairs," and then a petition " To the Honourable 
William Lenthall, Speaker of the Parliament of England and Recorder of the City 
of Gloucester, and to the Knights Citizens and Burgesses of the said City and County 
of Gloucester attending in Parliament " praying that Bishop Goodman " may have 
some means wherewith to subsist." It is signed by 73 " Gentlemen of Gloucester- 

1653. The Two great mysteries of Christian Religion 

/ Ineffable Trinity 

\ Wonder fid Incarnation, 
explicated, To the Satisfaction of Man's own Naturall Reason, and 
according to the Grounds of Philosophy. By G.G.G. . . . London. 
Printed by I. Fletcher. 1653. sm. 4to. B. 

Title, Epistle Dedicatory to Lord Cromwell, To the Master Fellows &c. of Trin. 
Coll. Camb., 8 leaves (A — A4 & a — a4) ; Introduction & Text, pp. 1-109 ; Anagram 
in praise of Goodman by Jeffery Moore, p. 109 verso ; Oratio, one leaf. 

The Epistle Dedicatory contains many personal allusions. 

1655. To His Highness my Lord Protector. The humble Petition and 

Information of Godfree Goodman, Bishop, late of Gloucester, s. sh. 

fol. B. 

Dated at end, July 9, 1655. The petitioner states that he was sequestered for 

Tithes of the parsonage of West-Ildesley and suffered other private losses, and 

prays that he " may be put into possession by Souldiers as he was outed by 


1681. The First Apparition of Bishop Goodman's Ghost, being A New 
Strange Sight, Or : A Late Strange Vision. Making a wofull Repeti- 
tion of his former confession ; in 1653. Upon the extirpation of Bishops; 
in 1642. Now Occasionally Revewed, and seasonably Renewed. 1681. 
For an Adhortatory Admonition to all Bishops, and their Courts, B. 

Printed by H.B. in the year 1681. 

1809. Proceedings against the Twelve Bishops ; namely . . . Dr. Godfrey 
Goodman, Bishop of Gloucester [and others] upon an Accusation of 
High Treason. 1641. Cobhett's Complete Collection of State Trials, 
iv., 63-82. 

1815. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), ii., 863-9, sub twin SMITH, Miles. 


1825. A Memoir of Gabriel Goodman, D.D. Dean of Westminster . . . 
Also of Godfrey Goodman, D.D. Bishop of Glocester from the year 1624 
to 1655, nephew of the above. By Rev. Richard Newcome, M.A., 
Warden of Ruthin . . . Ruthin : 1825. 4to. Q.P.L. 

Title, Subscribers, & Pref., 6 leaves ; Text, pp. 3-87 & Appendices A— T, 68 

Memoir of Doctor Godfrey Goodman, Bishop of Glocester, pp. 61-87 ; Appendices 
O — R : Papers relating to the Perversion of Godfrey Goodman to Popery, dated 
1638 and 1639 : The Will of Godfrey Goodman ; A Memorial of Bishop Goodman's 
Charities at Kuthin ; Deed of Covenant, between Godfrey Goodman, Bishop of 
Gloucester, and the Mayor and Burgesses of the same, touching the Rectory of 
Kemerton, 12 leaves ; Appendix T. Biographical notes relating to Godfrey Goodman 
entered by him in a copy of " Pontiflcale Romanum," Trin. Coll. Camb., 2 leaves. 

1839. The Court of King James the First; by Dr. Godfrey Goodman, 
Bishop of Gloucester . . . London : 1839. 2 vols. 8vo. Q.P.L. 

Vol. i. Introduction [Memoir of Godfrey Goodman.] pp. vii.-xvii. Reviewed 
Brit. Critic (1840), xxvii., 24-39; Edirib. Rev., No. 143, pp. 1-98; Gent. Mag. 
(1839), N.s.. xii.. 265-73. 

1859-66. [Extract from Bp. Goodman's M.S.] N. & Q., Ser. 2, vii., 5-6. 
Bishop Goodman, Id., x., 265 ; Godfrey Goodman, Id., Ser. 3, ix., 118, 

1864. Original Letter of Godfrey Goodman, together with materials for 
his Life. Antiquarian Communications of the Cambridge Antiquarian 
Society, ii., 113-138. 

1870. " The Religion of Dumb Creatures." N. <k Q., Ser. 4, v., 400. 

"The Creatures praysing God. or the Religion of dumb Creatures . . . G.G. 
London. Pr. by Felix Kingston. 1622 " is here attributed to Goodman. 

1890. Diet, Nat. Biog., xxii., 131-4. 

GORDON-CANNING, William James, [of Hartpury House. M.F.H. ; b. 
1857 ; Master of the Ledbury Hounds 1889-1896, and of a pack known 
by his name 1907-1910.] 

1908-11. British Hunts and Huntsmen, ii., 521-2. 

1909. Mr W. Gordon -Canning. Baily's Magazine, xci., 181-2. Portrait 
facing p. 181. 

GORE, George, F.R.S., [electro-chemist ; son of George Gore, a cooper, of 
Bristol ; b. Jan. 22, 1826, at Bristol, where he was educated and lived 
until 1851 ; d. at Birmingham Dec. 20, 1908.] 

1909. Dr. George Gore, F.R.S. Nature, lxxix., 290. 

1911. [Obituary.] Procs. of the Roy. Soc, vol. 84, pp. xxi.-xxii. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. II., ii., 132. 

GORE, Mary Holmes, [on the staff of Cheltenham Ladies' College, 1875- 
1900; d. 24 Feb., 1911.] 
1911. In Memoriam. Mary Holmes Gore. Cheltenham Ladies' College 
Magazine, 1911, pp. 56-61. 


GOSTLETT, Family of, [of Marshfield.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1G82-3 (Fenwick), pp. 73-4 ; 1623 (Maclean), 
p. 67. 

GOUGH, Family of, [of St, Briavels.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 74-5; 1623 (Mac- 
lean), pp. 67-8. 

GOUGH, Strickland, [the elder; presbyterian minister at Lewin's Mead, 
Bristol, 1699-1708, and of the Tucker Street Congregation in the same 
city, 1708 till his death in 1718.] 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxii., 282, where he is mentioned under the heading 
of his son q.v., who bore the same name, and where his published sermons 
are mentioned. 

GOUGH, Strickland, [the younger, controversial writer ; son of Strickland 
Gough, the elder, q.v. ; b. in Bristol 1715 ; d. 1752.] 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxii., 282, q.v. for Works. 

GOULD, George, [baptist minister ; b. Sept. 20, 1818, at Bristol, where he 
was educated and where he lived till 1841 ; d. 1882.] 

[1884.] Sermons & Addresses by the late George Gould, Minister of 
St. Mary's Chapel, Norwich. Together with A Memoir by his Son, 
George P. Gould, M.A. London. 8vo. 

Pp. viii. & 432 ; Errata, one leaf. Memoir at pp. 1-116 ; Photographic portrait, 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxii., 285-6, q.v. for Works. 

GRACE, Family of, [of Downend.] 

[1893.] The Kings of Cricket Reminiscences and Anecdotes with Hints on 
the Game by Richard Daft . . . With Introduction by Andrew Lang 
and Illustrated by 80 Portraits of Eminent Cricketers, etc. Bristol : 
J. W. Arrowsmith, 11, Quay Street. 8vo. 

Notice of E. M. Grace, pp. 106-7, with Portrait, p. 13 ; of W. G. Grace, pp. 107-8. 
Portrait, p. 109 ; and of G. F. Grace, pp. 143-4, Portrait, p. 145. 

1899. " W.G." Cricketing Reminiscences and Personal Recollections 
By W. G. Grace . . . London : 1899. 8vo. 

Pp. xx. & 524. Portraits of W. G. Grace, Front. & pp. 52, 196, 197. 205, 349 ; 
also of Mrs Grace, p. 4 ; of Dr. H. M. Grace, p. 13 ; of G. F. Grace, p. 21 ; of E. 
M. Grace, p. 52. 

GRACE, Edward Mills, [cricketer, and brother of W. G. Grace, q.v. ; b. Nov. 
28, 1841, at Downend, near Bristol ; settled in 1869 at Thornbury, where 
he practised medicine until his death ; coroner for West Gloucestershire, 
1875-1909; secretary of the Gloucestershire Cricket Club, 1871-1909; 
during his cricketing career scored over 12,000 runs and took over 12,000 
wickets ; d. at Park House, Thornbury, May 20, 1911.] 

GRACE 191 

1910. Chats on the Cricket Field. By W. A. Bettesworth . . . London. 

Dr. E. M. Grace, pp. 131-141. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. II., ii., 144-5. 

GRACE, William Gilbert, [cricketer ; younger brother of E. M. Grace, q.v. ; 
b. at Downend, near Bristol, July 18, 1848 ; living 1916 ; unquestionably 
the champion cricketer of his generation ; between 1863 and 1886 he 
made in first-class matches 30,122 runs in 675 innings, and twice scored 
over 300, six times over 200, and seventy-three times over 100 runs, 
in a single innings.] 

1871. Mr W. G. Grace. Baily's Mag., xix., 85-7. Portrait, Front. 

1877. Celebrities at Home. Reprinted from ' The World.' First Series. 
London. 1877. 8vo. 

Mr W. G. Grace at Downend, Ser. 1, pp. 119-27. 
[1887.] The Boys own Bookshelf. III. Cricket A Popular Handbook 
of the Game By Dr. W. G. Grace Rev. J. Pycroft [and others.] London. 

Dr. W. G. Grace, pp. 27-33. Portraits of W. G. G. Front. & p. 182. 

W. G. Grace. A Biography By W. Methven Brownlee, with a 

Treatise on Cricket contributed by W. G. Grace. London : 1887. 8vo. 

Pp. 166. Biography, pp. 9-136 ; Cricket, and how to excel in it (reprinted from 
the " Boys Own Paper"), PP- 137-165. Author's Note, p. 166. 

The Greatest of Cricketers. Leisure Hour, xxxvi., 543-5. 

W. G. Grace at Home. By W. Methven Brownlee. Olympia : 

A Monthly Miscellany, pp. 1-8. 

1890. Modern Men. From the Scots Observer. London : 1890. 8vo. 

W. G. Grace, pp. 87-91. 

1891. Cricket. By W. G. Grace. Bristol : J. W. Arrowsmith, 11 Quay 

Street . . . 1891. 8vo. Pp. xii. & 489. 

Portraits of W. G. Grace, Front, and p. 226. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 and other 
parts of the book are substantially a biography of W. G. Grace. An Edition de 
Luxe, crown 4to, of 652 ordinary, and 10 presentation copies, was published. The 
names of the Subscribers to this Edition were added on pp. 491-512. 

[1895.] Price Sixpence. The History of A Hundred Centuries written by 

W. G. Grace. Edited by W. Yardley. London. 8vo. 

Pp. 135. The centuries described were all made by the Author. 

1895. " W.G." [By R. H. Lyttelton.] New Review, xiii., 129-136. 

[1896.] How's That ? Including "A Century of Grace " by Harry Furniss, 

Verses by E. J. Milliken and Cricket Sketches by E. B. V. Christian. 

Bristol : J. W. Arrowsmith. 8vo. Pp. 163. 

How's That ? Coupled with the Name of W.G., pp. 18-44. A Century of Grace 
(l.e., 100 sketches of Grace in different attitudes), pp. 45-94. 

1899. " W.G." Cricketing Reminiscences . . . See ante, sub GRACE, 
Family of. 


1901. Bijou Biographies. No. VI. Dr. W. G. Grace. By Acton Wye. 
London. 1901. sm. 8vo. 4£ by 3. Pp. 90. Portrait, Front. 

GRAILE, Edmund, [poet; b. in Gloucester, 1574 ; physician at St. Bar- 
tholomew's Hospital, Gloucester, 1607-43 ; d. Sept. 24, 1643.] 

1884. [Notes on the Grade Family.] Glos. N. & Q., ii., 380-81. 

1890. Diet. Nat, Biog., xxii., 367. 

1913. Edmund Grade. N. & Q., Ser. 11, vii., 46. 

A note by Roland Austin stating facts not to be found in the Diet. Nat. Biog. 


1611. Little Timothe his Lesson : Or A Summary relation of the Historicall 
part of holy Scripture, plainely and familiarly comprised in Meeter, 
for the helpe of memory, and instruction of the ignorant in the Writings 
of God. By E. G. Mr. in Arts, and practitioner in Physicke for the 
Kings Hospitall of St. Bartholomew, in the City of Glocester. Devt. 11. 
19 . . . Coloss. 3.16 . . . London, Printed by William Hall for Ionas 
Man, and are to bee sold in Pater-noster-Row at the signe of the Talbot. 
1611. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, one leaf [A 2] ; " To the Worshipfvll, and other the Officers of the Hospitall 
of St Bartholmew, Mr Iohn Browne Maior of the City of Glocester and President 
of the House : Mr Laurence Wilshire Alderman and Surueiour, Mr John Thome, 
Alderman and Treasurer, Mr. Richard Smith, Sheriffe and Surueiour. Mr. William 
Locksmith, and Mr Iohn Moore, Almoners, Mr Iohn Bruster and Mr Antony Robin- 
son, Scrutaners, or Visiters of the Poore," 3 leaves ; To the Right Worshipfull 
Sir William Throckmorton, Knight ; and to the Lady Cecilie his vertuous and 
beloued wife. 8 verses, signed Edmvnd Graile, one leaf ; Vpon the Author's Worke, 
signed I.M., one leaf; In Momum, signed Io. Gr., and The Author to the curious 
Reader, one leaf ; Test, pp. 1-106. 

1632. The third Impression, corrected and amended . . . Lon- 
don, Printed by Aug. Mathewes for Iohn Grismond, and are to be sold 
at his Shop in Iuie-Lane, at the signe of the Gunne. 1632. 12 mo. 

"A form of Morning prayer for a private family " was added to this edition." 

GRAVES, Family of. 

1781. Pedigree of Walwyn Graves, of Mickleton, in the county of 
Gloucester, esq., lord of the manor of Poden, in Worcestershire, and 
of the royalty of the hundred of Kiftesgate, in Gloucestershire. Nash's 
History of Worcestershire, vol. i., pp. 198-9. 

Walwyn Graves was grandson of Richard Graves, the elder, q.v.. and nephew of 
Richard Graves, the younger, q.v. This pedigree was reprinted on a broadside. 

1853. Graves of Mickleton, Co. Gloucester. N. & Q., Ser. 1, vii., 130-1, 

1880. The Family of Graves. By Sir John Maclean, F.S.A. Genea- 
logist, iv., 103-6. 

1887. The Graves Family. Glos. N. & Q., hi., 480-1. 

From a print published in "Public Characters 171)9 - 1800' 


GRAVES, Richard, [the elder, antiquary ; son of Samuel Graves, of Mickle- 
ton Manor ; b. at Mickleton, Ap. 22, 1G77 ; educated at Campden Gram- 
mar School, at Stratford-on-Avon, and at Pemb. Coll., Ox. ; he lived at 
Mickleton all his life and died there Sept. 18, 1729 ; he was a friend of 
the antiquary Hearne, whom he assisted, and he is mentioned several 
times in the Reliquice Hearniance. His portrait, engraved by Vertue, 
is in Nash's History of Worcestershire (vol. 1., p. 198), where the date 
of his death is erroneously given as 1731.] 

1812. Nichols' Anecdotes, ii., 467-9 (n). 

1881. Richard Graves of Mickleton. Olos. N. db Q., i., 221-2. 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxii., 431-2. 

GRAVES, Richard, [the younger ; son of Richard, the elder, q.v. ; b. at 
Mickleton, May 4, 1715; rector of Claverton, Somerset, 1749, till his 
death, Nov. 23, 1804. He wrote many novels, which were popular in 
his day, but all are forgotten except " The Spiritual Quixote," in which 
he satirized his old college companion Whitefield and the extravagancies 
of the Methodists. It was translated into German by J. G. Gellius, in 
1773, and by E. Bekker (who attributed its authorship to Smollett) in 
1798-9. Graves also wrote verses. His portrait by Gainsborough was 
engraved by Basire, and another by Northcote by S. W. Reynolds.] 

1799. Public Characters of 1799-1800. 

The Rev. Richard Graves, pp. 385-400. Portrait, p. 400. 

1804. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., lxxiv., 1083, 1165-6. 

1806. Biographical Sketch of the late Rev. Richard Graves. Monthly 
Mirror, xxii., 75-80. Portrait, p. 75. 

1810-16. The Spiritual Quixote . . . See ante, vol. i., p. 127. 

Life of the Author, vol. 1, pp. 1-5 in the 1810 edition ; and pp. iii.-vii. in the 1816 

1812-14. Nichols' Anecdotes, iii., 132-5 & 746, viii., 485. Portrait, hi., 

1866. Remains in Verse and Prose of the Rev. Francis Kilvert . . . 
Bath : 1866. 8vo. B.M. 

Richard Gravea of Claverton [Read before the Bath Literary Club Dec. 12th, 
1857,] pp. 91-115. 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxii., 432-4, q.v. for Works. 

1905. Burford Papers Being Letters of Samuel Crisp to his Sister at 
Burford ; and other Studies of a Century (1745-1845) By William 
Holden Hutton, B.D. . . . London : 1905. 8vo. 

The Reverend Richard Graves, pp. 210-32. Portrait, p. 210. 

1908-9. The Spiritual Quixote [attributed to Smollett.] iV. db Q., Ser. 10, 
ix., 88 ; [Did R. Graves write an autobiography ?] Id., xii., 408, 455-6. 

1914. Jane Austen and Columella. N. db Q., Ser. 11, x., 429-30, 453-4. 



1915. Richard Graves and 'The Spiritual Quixote.' [By Havelook 
Ellis.] Nineteenth Century, lxxvii., 848-60. 


See Diet. Nat. Biog. His "Essay on the Character of the Apostles" was re- 
viewed Brit. Critic (1799), xiii., 518-22; Monthly Rev., xxx., 44-50; " Senilities," 
Id., xlv., 70-6; "The Invalid," Id., xlvii., 85-8; "Sermons," Brit. Critic, xv., 
066-71; "Lectures on the Pentateuch" Id., xxxiii, 375-82; "Proofs of the 
Trinity," Id., N.S. xiii., 86-96. 

GRAY, Robert, [b. 1762 ; Bishop of Bristol, 1827 till his death in 1834. 
His palace was burned to the ground during the riots in 1831. He was 
buried in the graveyard adjoining Bristol Cathedral.] 

1794. Letters during the course of a Tour through Germany, Switzerland 
and Italy, in the years MDCCXCL, and MDCCXCII. With reflections 
on the Manners, Literature, and Religion of those Countries. By 
Robert Gray, M.A., Vicar of Farringdon, Berks. London : 1794. 
8vo. B. 

Title, &c, pp. ix., Errata, one leaf ; Text, pp. 468. 

1827. A Sermon, preached at Bishopswearmouth, on Sunday, 11th March, 
1827, on occasion of the resignation of the Rectory of that Parish. 
By Robert Gray, D.D. Prebendary of Durham . . . Sunderland : 
1827. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, To the Parishioners of Wearmouth, signed R. Bristol, pp. 1-18 ; Addresses 
from the Parishioners, &c, pp. 19-27. Dr. Gray had been for 22 years Hector of 

1830-34. National Portrait Gallery (Jordan). 

Portrait eng. by J. Jenkins after J. W. Wright, and 6 pages of letterpress in Vol. 3. 

1831. A Sermon preached at the Ordination of the Lord Bishop of Bristol, 
in the Cathedral Church, on Friday, January 28th, 1831, by the Reverend 
Dr. England, Archdeacon of Dorset. Published at the request of the 
Lord Bishop and the Clergy present. Dorchester and London. 1831. 
4to. Pp. 27. B.M. 

1834-5. [Obituaries.] Ann. Biog. & Obit., xix., 258-64 ; Annual Register, 
p. 242 ; Gent. Mag., N.S., ii., 645-7. 

1836. Monument in Bristol Cathedral to Bp. Gray. Gent. Mag., N.S., v., 

1846. National Portrait Gallery (Taylor), ii., 126. 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiii., 16-17, q.v. for Works, except separate sermons 
of which there are 12 in the B.M. 

GRAYLE or GRAILE, John, [puritan minister; son of John Grayle (? in- 
cumbent), of Stono, Glos. ; b. at Stone in 1614 ; d. in 1654.] 

1813. Brook's Lives of the Puritans, hi., 229-30. 

1817. Wood's Athena? Oxon. (Bliss), hi., 362-3. 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiii., 29-30. 


GREEN, Family of, [of Newent.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1G82-3 (Fenwick), p. 76. 

GREGORIE, Family of, [of Hempstead.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 76-8. 

GREGORY of Caergwent or Winchester, [historian ; entered St. Peter's 
monastery at Gloucester, Oct. 29, 1237, and is said to have lived there 
for 60 years. His Annals of St. Peter's Abbey, 682-1290, have been lost, 
but an epitome of them is in the Cottonian MSS.] 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiii., 91. 

GREGORY, William, [b. in Shropshire in 1805 ; minister of Hope Chapel, 
Clifton, 1832-48 ; d. in Clifton 1853.] 

1853. Pastoral Memorials of the late Rev. William Gregory, of Hope 
Chapel, Clifton. Edited by the Rev. John Jack, of Castle Green 
Chapel, Bristol. London. 1853. 8vo. F.F.F. 

Pp. viii. & 303. Biographical Sketch at pp. 1-7. 

GREVILLE, Families of. 

1850. Pedigree of Greville of Campden, Charlton Kings, Tewkesbury, 
Gloucester & Bristol, fol. [T.P.] B. 

1884. William Grevel, of Campden. Olos. N. & Q., ii., 517. 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 78-80; 1623 
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GRINFIELD, Thomas, [hymn-writer and divine; b. in Bath in 1788; 
curate-in-charge of St. Mary-le-Port, Bristol for 23 years ; d. in Clifton 
in 1870.] 

1880. The History of Preaching . . . From the Manuscript of the late 
Rev. Thomas Grinfield, M.A. (Of Trinity College, Cambridge). With 
a Preface, by Robert Eden . . . London : 1880. 8vo. Pp. [xxi.] & 
92. B.M. 

Notice of the family of the Rev. T. G., pp. i.-iii. 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiii., 265-266, q.v. for Works. 
1907. Julian's Hymnology, pp. 470-1. 

GROVE, Family of. 

1857. Pedigree of Grove of Weston-sub-edge and Mickleton. [T.P.] B. 

GUEST, Family of, [of Tewkesbury.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), p. 71. 

GUISE, Family of, [of Elmore.] 

1809-11. British Family Antiquity, vii., 302-5. 

196 GUISE 

1866. Pedigree of Guise, of Elmore, Co. Glouc. To be verified. 1866. 
[T.P.] B. 

1867. Pedigree of Guise, of Elmore, Rendcombe, & Highnam, Co. 
Gloucester. From the emblazoned Pedigree at Elmore, 1867. With 
some additions. To be verified . . . 1867. [T.P.] Broadside. B. 

1879. Elmore and the Family of Guise. By Sir John Maclean. B. & G. 
A.S. Trans., hi., 49-78. 

Family history, pp. 49-68 ; Pedigree, pp. 09-77 ; Descendants of John de Burgh, 
p. 78 ; Arms of Sir Wm. Vernon Guise, facing p. 68. See also Id., vii., 162-6 for a 
notice of the Brockworth branch of the family. 

1881. John Gyse's Monument in Elmore Church. Glos. N. & Q., i., 

The monument is to John Gyse, obiit 1472 and his wife Alice. 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc. 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 80-3 ; 1623 (Maclean), 
p. 72. 

Achievement of Sir W. V. Guise, q.v., is the frontispiece of the latter work. 

GUISE, Sir Berkeley William, Bart., [of Highnam, Glos. ; b. 1775 ; Mayor 
of Glouc. 1810 ; M.P. for Glos., 1811-32 and for E. Glos. from 1832 till 
his death in 1834.] 

1810. To the Independent Freeholders of the County of Glocester. 
fol. F.A.H. 

An Election Address, signed " Berkeley William Guise, Highnam Court, August 
20, 1810." 

1810. Sir Berkeley Wm. Guise's Address to the Freeholders of the County 
of Glocester, At a County Meeting, the 25th of August, 1810. 

A Political Squib. Copies of further addresses issued by Sir W. B. Guise between 
Oct. 13, 1810. and Feb. 7, 1811. are in the Gloucester Public Library. 

1811. The Gathering of the Guise-ites. A Poem . . . 1814. 8vo. Pp. 14. 

1834. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., ii., p. 432. Reprinted in the Ann. 
Biog. and Obit, for 1834, p. 419. 

GUISE, Sir John, [of Elmore, 3rd baronet, d. Nov. 16, 1732.] 

[1725 ?] Duke upon Duke. roy. 8vo. B.M. 

Pp. 4. A ballad (37 verses of 4 lines each) written by Swift on a quarrel between 
Nicholas, Lord Lechniere, and Sir John Guise. 

GUISE, Sir John Wright, [general ; b. at Elmore Court, July 20. 1777 ; 
second son of Sir John Guise, of Highnam Court ; served in the Penin- 
sular Campaigns ; d. at Elmore Court, Ap. 1, 1865.] 

1865. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., Ser. 3, vol. 18, p. 666. 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiii., 332-3. 

GUISE, William, [orientalist, of Abloads Court, near Gloucester; son of 
John Guise, of Sandhurst (a grandson of Sir Wm. Guise, of Elmore) ; 
born c. 1653 ; died at Oxford, 1083, and was buried in St. Michael's 
Church, where there is a monument to his memory.] 


1820. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 114-115. 
1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiii., 333, q.v. for Works. 

GUISE, Sir William Vernon, 4th Baronet, [of Elmore, where he lived all his 
life ; b. 1816 ; President of the Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club 1859- 
87 ; First President of the Bristol & Glos. A.S. 1876, and President of 
its Council 1877 till his death in 1887.] 

1887. The Achievement of Sir William Vernon Guise. Glos. N. <k Q., 
hi., 361-3. 

1888. In Memoriam. B. & G. A. S. Trans., xii., 172-5. 

Printed Papers and Addresses 

Sec Austin's Index to Procs. of C.S.F.C. (1913), pp 8-9, and Jones' Index to the 
B. .i- G. A. S. Trans. (1900), p. 122. A paper entitled "Some Notes on the Occurrence 
at Elmore of the Garganey Teal " C.S.F.C. Procs., viii., 64-5, was by him. 

GULLY, John, [prize-fighter, owner of racehorses and M.P. ; son of the 
landlord of the Crown Inn, Wick-and-Abson, where he was born in 1783 ; 
was a Bristol butcher in his youth ; fought his first fight in 1805 ; 
champion 1805-8 ; M.P. for Pontefract 1832-37 ; d. 1863.] 

1818. Boxiana, i., 175-87. 

1826. The Fancy, ii., 365-72. Portrait, p. 365. 

1835. John Gully, Esq., M.P. New Sporting Mag., viii., 59-60. Portrait, 

p. 59. 
1856. Fights for the Championship, pp. 31-35. 
1861. Mr. Gully. Baih/s Mag., ii., 107-113. Portrait, p. 107. 
1863. The late Mr. John Gully. Sporting Rev., xlix., 306-310. 

Portrait, eng. by J. B. Hunt after A. Cooper, p. 306. See also pp. 274-6 of same 

1879. [Memoir.] Rice's History of the British Turf, pp. 288-293. 

1880. Pugilistica, vol. 1, pp. 182-91. Portrait, p. 182. 

1886. William Day's Reminiscences of the Turf. With Anecdotes and 
Recollections of its Principal Celebrities. Second Edition. London : 
1886. 8vo. 

Mr John Gully, pp. 53-66. See also pp. 67-72. 

A New and Cheaper Edition being the third. London : 


Mr John Gully, pp. 40-51, & 51-55. 
1888. John Gully Pugilist and Legislator. The Monthly Chronicle of 
North Country Lore and Legend, ii., 74-77. 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiii., 336-7. 

[1902.] Fights for the Championship, i., 271-280, 307-315, 323-330. 

Portrait, p. 273. 
[1909.] Fights Forgotten. The Game Chicken v. John Gully, pp. 23-29. 


GUNN, Barnabas, [organist at Gloucester Cathedral, 1732-40 ; d. 1753.] 
1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiii., 341, q.v. for Works. 

GUTCH, John Mathew, [proprietor and printer of " Felix Farley's Bristol 
Journal " ; b. 1776 ; resided in Bristol 1803-23 ; d. 1861.] 

1829-30. [Action against J. M. G. for libel.] Gent. Mag., vol. 99, pt. 2, 
p. 656 ; vol. 100, pt. 1, p. 168. 

1847. "A Lytell Geste of Robin Hode " (reviewed). Gent. Mag., N.S. 
xxvii., 571-92. 

1858. [Sale of his Library.] N. 6c Q., Ser. 2, v., 248, 268. 

1861. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S. xi., 682-6. 
1878. [Note on J. M. G.] N. & Q., Ser. 5, x., 204. 
1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiii., 371-3, q.v. for Works. 

GUTCH, John Wheeley Gough, [surgeon, son of John Mathew Gutch, q.v. ; 
b. at Bristol in 1809 ; a student in the Bristol Infirmary ; a contributor 
to " Felix Farley's Journal," d. 1862.] 

1862. [Obituaries.] Gent. Mag., Ser. 3, xii., 792-3; xiii., 112-3. 
1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiii., 372-3. 

GUY, John, [Bristol merchant ; wrote a pamphlet in 1609 " to animate the 
English to plant in Newfoundland," in consequence of which a Charter 
was granted, in 1610, to certain "Adventurers and Planters " of London 
and Bristol, for the purpose. He was the first Governor of Newfound- 
land, 1611-1617; Mayor of Bristol, 1618-19; M.P. for Bristol 1620, 
1621 & 1624 ; Master of the Merchant Venturers 1622 ; d. ? 1628.] 

1625. Master Iohn Gvy his Letter to Master Slany Treasurer, and to the 
Counsell of the New-found-land Plantation. Purchas his Pilgrims, 
bk. iv., pp. 1877-9. 

Reprinted vol. xix., pp. 410-16 of the 1905-6 edition. 

1863. John Guy. N. 6c Q., Ser. 3, iv., 498. 
1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiii., 389-390. 

GWINNETT, Family of, [of Shurdington, &c] 

1884-5. Visitations, Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 84-6 ; (Maclean), 
p. 252. 

GWINNETT, Richard, [author, son of George Gwinnett, of Shurdington, 
Glos., where he lived, 1700-16 ; d. 1717. A portrait of him eng. by 
G. King forms the frontispiece to " The Honourable Lovers."] 

1731. Py lades and Corinna : or Memoirs of the Lives, Amours, and 
Writings of Richard Gwinnett . . . and Mrs Elizabeth Thomas . . . [and] 

1732. The Honourable Lovers : or, the Second and Last Volume of 
Pylades and Corinna . . . 

Both are described ante, vol. 2, p. 290. A second edition appeared in 1736. 


1732. The Country Squire ... by Pylades [Richard Gwinnett] . . . 

See ante, vol. 2, p. 290. 

The Appendix contains some biographical matter. A second edition, without 
the Appendix, entitled 'A Glo'stershire Squire " appeared in 1734. 

1853. Pylades and Corinna. N. & Q., Ser. 1, vii., 551. 
1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiii., 400-1. 


[Besides the Works mentioned above, Gwinnett also wrote] 

The Wish, a Poem. With some other Miscellanies . . . published by Corinna. 
12 mo. 1728. Not seen. Advertised on p. [288] of Pylades and Corinna. 

HAINES, Herbert, [writer on monumental brasses ; b. 1826 ; commenced 
his education at the College School, Gloucester, of which he was assistant 
master from 1850 till his death in 1872. A memorial brass, with his 
likeness, is in Gloucester Cathedral.] 
1884. [Obituary.] Glos. N. & Q., ii., 186-7. 
1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiv., 2. 

Memories of the College School, Gloucester ... By Frederic 

Hannam-Clark. Gloucester. 1890. 8vo. 

Herbert Haines, M.A., pp. 39-45 ; Portrait, p. 39. 


"A Manual of Monumental Brasses," 1861, and "A Guide to the Cathedral 
Church of Gloucester," 1867, are described ante, vol. 1, pp. 151, 299. 

HALE, Family of, [of Alderley.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 87. 

HALE, Sir Matthew, [Lord Chief Justice, son of Robert Hale, of Alderley, 

Glos., where he was born in 1609, and where he died and was buried, 

in 1676. He was M.P. for Gloucestershire, 1654 and 1660-1. His 

biographer, Bp. Burnet, says " That he was one of the greatest patterns 

this age has afforded, whether in his private deportment as a Christian, 

or in his public employments, either at the bar or on the bench," an 

estimate which still meets with general acceptance. There are portraits 

of him in the Guildhall, London, in the National Portrait Gallery, in 

Lincoln's Inn Library, in the Bodleian Library, and at Alderley House. 

The Guildhall and Lincoln's Inn portraits are by Michael Wright. They 

have been engraved by G. Vertue, C. Picart, T. Trotter, F. H. Van 

Hove, R. White, and in mezzotint by an unknown engraver. The two 

last are especially fine. The Alderley House portrait is a copy or a 

replica of that in the Guildhall. It has been engraved by H. Adlard. 

An engraved portrait of Hale (sitting) by F. H. Van Hove which forms 

the frontispiece of his Primitive Origination of Mankind (1677) is not 

after any of the painted portraits which have teen named. Burn I - 

' Life ' of Hale went through more than 20 editions. These are 

mentioned under the first edition (1682) without cross references under 

their respective dates.] 

200 HALE 

1677. A Elegy on That famous Oracle of Law, and unbiass'd Dispenser 
of Justice, the most Learned and no less Religious Sr Matthew Hale, 
Kt. The late Lord Chief Justice of England, Who departed this Life 
on Christmas-day last, at his House in Atherly (sic) in Glocester-shire 
. . . London, Printed for Ben Harris, in Sweethings-Ally, by the 
Royal Exchange, 1677. s. sh. fol. B. 

1677. The Just and Pious Scorpionist or the Nativity of that thrice 
Excellent Man Sir Matthew Hales, Late Lord Chief Justice of England. 
Who was born . . . Under the Coelestial Scorpion : Astrologically 
considered, By John Gadbury . . . London. 1677. sm. 4to. A.W.C. 

Title, &c, 4 leaves; Text, pp. 1-24. 

A Sermon preached At Alderly ... at the Funeral of Sir Matthew 

Hale Kt ... By E. G.[riffith] A.M. Minister of Alderly . . . London. 
1677. sm. 4to. G.P.L. 

Two leaves & pp. 30. Both of the above works are more fully described ante, 
vol. 2, p. 2. 


1682. The Life and Death of Sir Matthew Hale, Kt. Sometime Lord 
Chief Justice of His Majesties Court of Kings Bench. Written by 
Gilbert Burnett, D.D. London, Printed for William Shrowsbery, at 
the Bible in Duke-Lane, 1682. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Title, Preface, and Errata, 9 leaves ; Life, pp. 1-218. Portrait of Sir M. Hale 
(sitting, dated 1679, eng. by F. H. Van Hove), Front. 

[Another Edition, in smaller type and with Errata 

corrected, same date and printer.] F.A.H. 

Title & Pref., 7 leaves ; Life, pp. 1-128. Engraving by F. H. Van Hove, of the 
Guildhall portrait, Front. 

[Another Edition, part of] The Lives Of sundry Eminent Persons 
in this Later Age. In Two Parts. I. Of Divines. II. Of Nobility 
and Gentry of both Sexes. By Samuel Clark . . . London : 1683. 
sm. fol. C.P.L. 

Sir Matthew Hale, pt. 2. pp. 125-134. 

[Another Edition, entitled] The Life and Death of Sir Matthew 
Hale, Knt. Late Lord Chief Justice of England. Containing many 
Pious and Moral Rules for humane Conversation. Also, many Re- 
markable Sayings and Worthy Actions of tho said Lord Chief Justice. 
And many other Things worth the Readers perusal. Written Originally 
by Dr. Gilbert Burnet, now Bishop of Salisbury. London : Printed 
and Sold by J. Bradford at the Bible in Fetter-Lane. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Pp. 16. Woodcnt (5 J by 4) after Van Hove's sitting portrait on title. No 
date but during Burnet's Episcopate (1689-1715). 

[Another Edition, entitled] The Life and Death of Sir Matthew 
Hale ... [A Reprint of the 1682 edition of Burnet's Life of 
Hale.] London, 1700. 8vo. B. 

HALE 201 

Title & Preface, 5 leaves ; Life, pp. 1-101. On p. 101 is a "A Catalogue of all 
his Works that are Printed and are to be sold by William Slirowsbury at the Sign 
of the Bible in Duke-Lane." 

[Another Edition of a part, included in] Memorials and Characters, 
[By John Wilford,] 1741. 

The Character of Sir M. Hale, pp. 104-11. 

[Another Edition, abridged, in] Biographical Collections (1766), 
vol. 2, pp. 85-107 ; [Re-printod, 1768, in] Christian Biography, vol. 2, 
pp. 85-107. 

[Another Edition, part of] The Lives of Sir Matthew Hale, Knt. 
Lord Chief Justice of England ; Wilmot, Earl of Rochester ; and Queen 
Mary. Written by Bishop Burnet. To this Edition are added, Richard 
Baxter's Additional Notes to the Life of Sir Matthew Hale . . . London : 
Printed for J. Davies, in Russell- Street, Covent Garden. 1774. 8vo. 


Burnet's Life of Hale, pp. 1-107 ; Baxter's Additional Notes, pp. 108-139. The 
other Lives are also paged independently. 

[Another Edition, part of] Contemplations Moral and Divine. In 
two volumes. By Sir Matthew Hale Kt. Late Chief Justice of the 
King's Bench. To which is affixed, an Account of His Life and Death. 
By the right reverend Dr. Gilbert Burnet, Lord Bishop of Sarum. 
The fifth Edition, corrected. Edinburgh : 1792. 8vo. * 

Vol. 1, Two Titles, 2 leaves ; Pref. pp. v.-x. ; Text, pp. 503. Contents, 1 page. 
The Life & Death of Sir Matthew Hale Kt., pp. 11-74. 
Vol. 2, Title, &c, 2 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-475 ; Subscribers' Names, 2 leaves. 

[Another Edition, entitled] The Life and Death of Sir Matthew 
Hale ... To this new edition are added, Richard Baxter's Additional 
Notes to the Life of Sir Matthew Hale, and also by Sir Matthew Hale, 
some Thoughts on the Nature of True Religion. London : 1805. 
12mo. Pp. 202. Portrait, Frontispiece. -jc 

[Another Edition, prefixed to] The Works, Moral and Religious, 
of Sir Matthew Hale, Knt. Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's 
Bench : the whole now first collected and revised. To which are 
prefixed His Life and Death, by Bishop Burnet, D.D. And an Appendix 
to the Life, Including the Additional Notes of Richard Baxter. By the 
Rev. T. Thirlwall, M.A. Editor of the Latin and English Diatessarons. 
London : 1805. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1. Title, Ded., Contents & Pref., pp. i.-xxix. ; Life and Death of Sir M. H., 
pp. 1-87 ; Baxter's Notes, pp. 88-114 ; Continuation by the Editor, pp. 115-171 ; 
Pedigree and Particulars of the Family, pp. 173-192 ; Text, pp. 193-536 ; Portrait, 
Front. ; Pedigree, p. 67. 

Vol. 2. Title & Contents, 2 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-614. 

Reviewed in Christian Observer, v., 563-569, 589-592; Eclectic Rev.,L, 588-596. 

[Another Edition] Together with The Life of the Rev. H. Ham- 
mond, D.D., by John Fell, D.D. Dean of Christ-Church. A New 
Edition. Oxford. 1806. 12mo. 

Preface to Life of Hale, pp. i.-xv. ; Life, pp. 1-153. 

202 HALE 

[Another Edition.] Wotton-under-Edge : Pr. & Sold by W. 
Povey. [? 1810.] 12mo. B.M. 

Title, one leaf ; Pref., pp. i-x. ; Text, pp. 1-114. 

[Another Edition.] Oxford : 1856. 8vo. 

Life of Hale, pp. 1-109. 

[Another Edition, part of] The Lives of Sir Matthew Hale and 
John Earl of Rochester, by Gilbert Burnet, D.D. Bishop of Salisbury. 
London : (W. Pickering) 1820. 12mo. * 

Life of Sir M. Hale, pp. 1-120. Portrait of Hale on title to hia Life. 

[Another Edition, entitled] The Life of Sir Matthew Hale, Knt. 

... A New Edition. London. 1823. 8vo. Pp. iv. & 08. * 

[Another Edition, part of] Lives of Sir Matthew Hale and John 
Earl of Rochester . . . London : W. Pickering. 1829. 12mo. 
Preface and Life of Sir M. Hale, pp. 1-174. 

[Another Edition, entitled] Incidents in the Life of Matthew Hale ; 
exhibiting his Moral and Religious Character. By Gilbert Burnet, D.D. 
. . . With Baxter's Recollections of Hale. Revised American Edition. 
Boston. 1832. 18mo. Pp. 112. 

Not seen. Reviewed Amer. Month. Rev., ii., 384-94. 

[Another Edition, part of] The Lives of Sir Matthew Hale, Knt. 
Sometime Lord Chief Justice of His Majesty's Court of King's Bench : 
and the most learned, reverend, and pious Dr Henry Hammond. New 
Edition. London : 1842. 8vo. 

Life of Sir Matthew Hale, pp. 1-100. 

[Another Edition, N.D.] Wotton-underedge . . . See ante [? 1810.] 

[Another Edition, N.D., part of] The Lives of Hale, Bedell, and 
Rochester ; by Bishop Burnet : with Fell's Life of Dr. Hammond. 
London : 12mo. * 

Sir Matthew Hale, pp. 11-82. Portrait, Front. ; Vignette of Rochester on 1st 

[Burnet's Life of Hale was also reprinted in whole or in part in :] 
Wordsworth's Ecclesiastical Biography (1810 & 1818) vi., 1-106; 
(1839) iv., 507-83; (1853) iv., 521-97; The Methodist Mag., xliii., 

1682. Additional Notes on the Life and Death of Sir Matthew Hale, the 
late Universally Honoured and Loved Lord Chief Justice of the Kings 
Bench. Written by Richard Baxter, at the request of Edward Stephens, 
Esq ; the Publisher of his Contemplations, and his familiar Friend. 
And Published by the urgency of others. London : Printed for Richard 
Janeway, in Queons-hoad Alley in Pater-noster-Row. 1682. 12mo. 

Title, Note, and To the Reader, 7 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-45. 

HALE 203 

1682. A Tryal of Witches, at the Assizes held at Bury St. Edmonds for 
the County of Suffolk; on the Tenth day of March, 1664. Before Sir 
Matthew Hale, Kt. then Lord Chief Baron of His Majesties Court of 
Exchequer. Takon by a Person then Attending the Court. London, 
Printed for William Shrewsbery at the Bible in Duck-Lane. 1682. 
8vo. F.A.H. 

Title & To the Reader, 2 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-59. 

Iu the course of his summing up, Sir Matthew Hale said : " that there were such 
creatures as witches he had no doubt at all ; for first the Scriptures had affirmed 
so much ; secondly, the wisdom of all nations provided laws against such persons." 
In consequence of this expression of opinion by so great an authority trials for 
witch-craft greatly increased in number. The two poor women tried before Hale 
were convicted and hanged. 

[Reprinted -with] Pleas of the Crown . . . By Sir 

Matthew Hale . . . 1707. Two leaves & pp. 69. 

[Another Edition] Reprinted verbatim from the original 

edition of 1682. With an Appendix by C. Clark, Esq., of Great 
Totham, Essex. London. 1838. 8vo. Pp. 28. B.M. 

[Another Edition, in] Narratives of Sorcery . . . 1851, at pp. 261- 
83 of vol. 2. And at same pages of vol. 2 of the second edition, also 1851. 

1736. Historia Placitorum Coronse . . . By Sir Matthew Hale, Knt. 
[Edited by Sollom Emlyn]. In the Savoy. 1736. 2 vols. fol. 

Pp. i.-xiv. of the preface are biographical. Portrait of Sir M. Hale (M. Wright 
pinxt., G. Vertue sculp.) vol. 1, Front. 

1742. The Life of the Right Honourable Francis North, Baron Guilford 
. . . Wherein are inserted The Characters of Sir Matthew Hale [and 
others] . . . By the Hon. Roger North, London. 1742. 4to. 

Pp. 333. The character of Sir M. Hale (evidently not written by an admirer) 
is incidentally mentioned on pp. 61-4. Also at pp. 110-18, vol. 1 of the 1808 edition, 
and pp. 119-125, vol. 1, of the 1826 edition. 

1766. The Life of Sir Matthew Hale. Universal Mag., xix., 289-97. Por- 
trait, facing p. 289. 

1762. Sir Matthew Hale's Three Epistles To His Children. With Direc- 
tions concerning their Religious Observation of the Lord's Day. To 
which is prefixed An Account of the Author's Life. Berwick. 1762. 
8vo. B. 

Pp. 108. Life, pp. 3-44. 

1766. Biographical Collections (Baxter & Bates), ii., 85-107. 

1779. The History of the Common Law ; by Sir Matthew Hale, Knt. 
Lord Chief Justice of England in the Reign of Charlos the Second. 
The Fourth Edition Corrected ; with Notes, References, and some 
Account of the Life of the Author, by Charles Runnington, Esq ; 
Barrister at Law. London. 1779. 8vo. B.M. 

Life of Sir M. Hale, pp. xl., after p. [306] of the History of Civil Law and before 
"An Analysis of the Civil Part of the Law," 4th ed., pp. 114. Reviewed, Month. 
Rev., lx., 481. These two works are also paged separately in the fifth and sixth 

204 HALE 

editions, and the Life of Hale is between them. In the former (1794) it is pp. lxiv., 
in length and in the latter (1820) pp. li. The sixth edition was reviewed Edinb. Rev., 
No. 72, pp. 287-341. 

1779-86. Biographia Evangelica : or, an Historical Account of the Lives 
and Deaths Of the most eminent and evangelical Authors or Preachers, 
Both British and Foreign, in the several Denominations of Protestants, 
From the Beginning of the Reformation, to the present Time . . . By 
the Rev. Erasmus Middleton . . . 1779-86. 4 vols. 8vo. 
Sir Matthew Hale, Knt., vol. 3, pp. 403-421. Portrait, p. 403. 

1789. Legal Biographies. No. VII. The Templar, ii., 605-14. 

1791. Anecdotes of Sir Matthew Hale. Universal Mag., lxxxix., 12. 

1794. The History of the Common Law of England ... see ante, 1779. 

1795-7. Anecdotes of some Distinguished Persons chiefly of the Present 

and Two Preceding Centuries. [By William Soward.] . . . London. 

4 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

Sir Matthew Hale, vol. 4, pp. 409-19. Also vol. 2, pp. 83-94 of the 1798 edition 

and vol. 2, pp. 75-85 of the 1804 edition. 

1813. Lives of the most Eminent and Evangelical Ministers, from the 
Beginning of the Reformation to the Present Time . . . Newcastle : 
1813. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Sir Matthew Hale, vol. 2, pp. 100-121. 

1815. Nichols' Anecdotes, ix., 504-5. 

1816. The Counsels of a Father, in Four Letters of Sir Matthew Hale 

to His Children. To which is added, The practical Life of a true 

Christian, in the account of The Good Steward at the Great Audit. 

By Sir Matthew Hale . . . With a brief memoir of the Author. London: 

1816. 12mo. 

Titles, &c., pp. i.-viii. ; Life of Sir Matthew Hale, pp. 1-36 ; Letters, pp. 37- 
126 ; The Great Audit, pp. 127-207. Portrait, eng. by Freeman, Front, 
lleviewed Brit. Critic (1817) N.S. viii., 279-87. 

Second Edition. With a new memoir of the Author. 

[Pagination and portrait as in first edition.] London : 1817. 12mo. 

1816. Sir Matthew Hale. The British Plutarch, iv., 1-80. 

1817. Wood's Atheme Oxon. (Bliss), hi., 1090-6. 

1819. Sir Matthew Hale. Biographical Magazine, vol. 1. 
Portrait, eng. by Hole, at head of one page of letterpress. 

1820. The History of the Common Law of England . . . See ante, 1779. 

1820. Sir Matthew Hale [By D. Watson.] Methodist Mag., xliii., 881-8. 

1821-89. Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Groat Britain. Engraved 
from Authentic Pictures, in the Gallerios of the Nobility, and the 
Public Collections of the Country. With Biographical and Historical 
Memoirs of their Lives, and Actions, by Edmund Lodge, Esq. F.S.A. 
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Portrait of Hale (from the Lincoln's Inn painting) with pp. 5 of letterpress in vol. 1. 
The arrangement of this vol. is alphabetical and each memoir Is paged separately. 

HALE 205 

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Pp. xxiv. & 408. Portrait, eng. by Adlard, Front. "A careful compilation, 
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,^ir .Matthew Hale. vol. 4. pp. 241-325 ; Portrait, eng. by Barclay, p. 241. By 
the Rev. R. B. Hone. 

206 HALE 

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and Original Biographies, with illustrative Woodcuts and twelve 
splendid illuminated Engravings. London : 1847. Imp. 4to. B.M. 

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p. 148. 

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Pp. xxviii., & 268. Pp. 1-13 are quasi biographical. 

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N.D. — Biographical Sketches ... see [1869.] 

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HALES, Alexander of, see ante, ALEXANDER of Hales. 

HALES, Thomas, [Franciscan friar and poet ; fl. 1250 ; said to have been a 
native of Hailes.] 

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HALES, or D'HELE, Thomas, [French dramatist, who belonged to a Glouces- 
tershire family ; b. 1740 ? ; d. 1780.] 

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De Weyer. sm. 4to. B.M. 

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HALL, Canon, [rector of St. Werburgh's, Bristol, for at least 30 years.] 

1871. The Ministry Fulfilled. A Sermon preached in St. Werburgh's 
Church on the death of the Rev. Canon Hall, B.D., Rector, on Sunday, 
September 10th, 1871. By the Right Rev. Bishop Anderson, D.D. 
Vicar of Clifton . . . Bristol : J. E. Chilcott, Clare St. 1871. 8vo. 
Pp. 18. F.F.F. 

HALL, Mrs., [a resident in Cheltenham for 20 years previous to her death.] 

1842. The aged Believer's dying profession : A Sermon Preached in the 
Parish Church of St. Werburgh, Bristol, on Sunday Morning, March 
6, 1842 ; on occasion of the death of Mrs. Hall, of Cheltenham, on 
Friday, February 25. By the Rev. John Hall, B.D. Rector of St. 
Werburgh's, Bristol : Printed by J. Chilcott, 30, Wine Street. 1842. 
8vo. Pp. 24. F.F.F. 

HALL, John, [b. 1633 ; Bishop of Bristol 1691 till his death in 1710. Por- 
traits of him are in the Hall and Lodge of Pemb. Coll., Ox. of which he 
was Master 1664-1710.] 

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iii., 507-8 ; Hall Families, Id., Ser. 4, iii., 528. 

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1897. A History of Pembroke College, Oxford anciently Broadgates 
Hall in which are incorporated short historical notices of the more 
eminent members of this House By Douglas Macleane, M.A. . . 1897. 

Pp. 259-71 relate to Bishop Hall and there are other allusions to him passim. 

1904. John Hall. N. & Q., Ser. 10, i., 72. 

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HALLEWAY, Family of, [of Bristol.] 

1901. The Halleway Chauntry at the Parish Church of All Saints, Bristol, 
and the Halleway Family. By E. G. Cuthbert F. Atchley. B. dt O. 
A. S. Trans., xxiv., 74-125. 

HALLEWELL, E. G., [? Edward Gilling, a Magistrate for Gloucestershire, 
in which county he resided most of his life. He married the only daughter 
of Mr Joseph Watts of Stratford Park, Stroud, with whom he eloped 
when she was a young girl. At one time he lived at Stratford Cottage, 
Stroud, and at another at Paradiso House, Painswick.] 

John Hall, Bishop of Bristol, 1691 1710 
From a portrait in the Master's I-odge, Pembroke College, Oxford 


1846. Mr Hallewell's Statement of Facts and Circumstances relating to 
His Connexion with Mr Watts, in vindication of himself Against Mr 
Watts' Conduct. 8vo. F.A.H. 

Pp. 31. Signed E. G. Hallewell and dated Feb., 1846. 

HALLEWELL, Edmund Gilling, [Lieutenant Colonel ; son of E. G. Hallewell 
q.v. ; b. at Stroud ; joined the 20th Regiment in 1839 ; d. Nov. 27, 1869, 
of an illness contracted during the Crimean War.] 

[1870.] Memoir of the late Colonel Hallewell. 12mo. 5 leaves. F.A.H. 

HALLIDAY, Family of. 

1835. Halliday, of Rodborough. Burke's Commoners, ii., 131-2. 

HALLIFAX, Samuel, [b. 1733 ; Bishop of Gloucester 1781 to 1789, when 
he was translated to St. Asaph ; d. 1790. There is a portrait of him in 
Trin. Hall, Camb.] 

1790. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., lx., pt. 1, pp. 281, 369-70. 

1812-15. [Bp. Hallifax's Epitaph in Warsop Church, Notts.] Nichols' 
Anecdotes, v., 664. [Biographical and bibliographical Notes] Id., vi., 
868-9 & ix., 659-60. 

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HARFORD, Family of. [A quaker family, of Bristol, who founded the 
Harford Bank.] 

1836. Burke's Commoners, iv., 638-40. 

1909. Annals of the Harford Family. Edited by Alice Harford. London. 
1909. sup. roy. 8vo. 

Two titles, Arms (2 pis.) List of Dlustrations. & Contents, pp. i-viii. ; Prologue 
and Annals, pp. 1-149 ; App., pp. 150-4 ; Genealogical Tables, pp. 155-65 ; Index, 
pp. 167-[171] ; Pedigree of Elizabeth Grey Dundas on folding sheet between pp. 
164 & 5. Portraits : Mrs J. Scandrett Harford, Junr., Front ; Richard Harford, 
p. 12 ; Joseph Harford, p. 34 ; Mrs Edward Harford, p. 40 ; J. Scandrett Harford, 
Senr., p. 56 ; J. Scandrett Harford, Junr., p. 72 ; Mrs A. G. Harford-Batteraby, 
p. 82. 

HARFORD, John Scandrett, [author ; b. at Bristol 1785 ; inherited Blaise 
Castle on the death of his father in 1815; J.P. & D.L. for Glos.; d. 1866. 
He is said to be prototype of the hero in Hannah More's Ccehbs in Search 
of a Wife. A portrait of him by A. E. Chalons is in the possession of 
the Duchess of Beaufort.] 

1866. " The Blessedness of the Holy Dead." A Funeral Sermon preached 
in the Parish Church of Henbury, on the Evening of Sunday, April 22, 
1866, on the occasion of the death of the late John Scandrett Harford, 
Esq., of Blaise Castle. By the Rev. E. J. Harford, Curate of Henbury 
. . . J. E. Chilcott. Bristol. 1866. 8vo. Pp. 24. F.F.F. 

Memoir of the late J. S. Harford, Esq., of Blaise Castle. By the 

Rev. Canon Harford Battersby. Christian Observer, lxvi., 489-98. 


1866. [Obituary.] Oent. Mag., Ser. 4, i., 770. 

1890. Diet, Nat. Biog., xxiv., 376-7, q.v. for Works. 


His " Life of Michael Angelo " was reviewed -.—Edinb. Rev., No. 216, pp. 506-44 ; 
Oent. Mag. (1857), N.S. ii., 317-22 ; Quart. Rev., No. 206, pp. 436-83 ; Ms " Life of 
Thomas Burgess," Oent. Mag. (1840), N.S., xiv., 339-56; and his "Works," 
British Critic, (1832) xii. 371-97. 

HARINGTON, Edward Charles, [chancellor and sub-dean of Exeter 
Cathedral ; b. probably at Clifton in 1804 ; d. in 1881 at Exeter. He 
spent £16,000 on the fabric and woodwork of Exeter Cathedral and 
bequeathed his fine library to the Dean and Chapter, with £2,000 for 
the librarian.] 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiv., 384-5, q.v. for Works. 

HARMAR, or HARMER, John, [professor of Greek at Oxford ; b. at 
Churchdown, 1594 ? ; d. 1670.] 

1817. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), hi., 918-21. 

1853-85. Bloxam's Register, hi., 151-6, v., 36-40. 

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1881. John Harmar. Olos. N. & Q., i., 147-8, 225-6. 

1890. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxiv., 413, q.v. for Works. See also Bloxam's 

HARRIS alias PRICKLEY, Family of. 

1884. Harris of Deerhurst Walton. Visitation, Co. Glouc. 1682 (Fenwick), 
p. 89. 

1885. Visitation, Co. Glouc., 1623 (Maclean), pp. 77-8. 

N.D. Pedigree of . . . Harris alias Prickley, of Deerhurst Walton, 
Co. Glouc. [T.P.] s. sh. fol. B. 

HARRIS, Eliza Ann, [b. in Clifton in 1834, where she lived all her life, and 
where she died in 1857.] 

1859. The Broad Road and The Narrow Way : A Brief Memoir of Eliza 
Ann Harris. By the Author of " The Female Jesuit." London : 
1859. 12mo. B.M. 

Title, Contents, &c, 3 leaves ; Text, pp. 3-130. By Mrs Jemima Luke. 

1860. Third Edition [pagination as above] : London: 1860. 8vo. 


HARRIS, John, D.D., [b. 1802, d. 1856. His youth was spent in Bristol, 
where he was known as " The Boy Preacher." The chapels in the 
villages around the city were crowded to hear him when he preached 
for the Bristol Itinerant Society. He became Principal of New College, 


1858. [Obituary.] Congregational Year Booh, 1858, pp. 207-9. 
1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxv., 15-1G, q.v. for Works. 


Three of his works, vie. :— " Union ; or The Divided Church made One," " The 
Pre-Adamite Earth," and "Man Primeval," were reviewed respectively in the 
Eclectic Review, N.S., iv., 303-19, xxi., 137-54, xxvi., 612-25. 

HARRIS, Robert, [President of Trin. Coll., Ox. ; b. at Broad Campdon, 
Glos., in 1581 ; commenced his education at Chipping Campden Gram- 
mar School in 1609 ; d. in 1658. There is an engraved portrait of him 
by M. Droeshout in the B.M. There are 34 Works by him, chiefly 
Sermons, in the B.M.] 

1648. Two Letters Written by Mr Harris In Vindication of Himself e 
from the known slanders of an unknown Author. [Letter signed W.J. 
and dated May 2, 1648.] Printed in the Yeare 1648. sm. 4to. B. 

Pp. 8. The accusations against Dr. Harris were non-residency, exchange of 
churches and pluralism. The unknown author had written under the pseudonym 
of " Pegasus." 

1660. The Life and Death of That Judicious Divine, and Accomplished 
Preacher, Robert Harris, D.D. Late President of Trinity Colledge in 
Oxon. Collected By a joynt-concurrence of some, who knew him well 
in his strength, visited him often in his sickness, attended him at his 
death, and still honour his Memory. Published At the earnest request 
of many, for the satisfaction of some, for the silencing of others, and 
for the Imitation of all. By W.D. his dear Friend and Kinsman . . . 
Isai. 57. 1, 2 . . . London, Printed for S.B., and are to be sold by 
J. Bartlet at the gilt Cup on the South side of S. Pauls Church, over 
against the Drapers, and at the gilt Cup in Westminster Hall. 1660. 
I2mo. b. 

Latin Verses on R. Harris, Title, Lines on the Memory of Dr. Harris & Errata 
4 leaves ; Text, pp. 1-119. Stated in a MS. note on Bodleian copy to have been 
written "by Will Durham, Minister of Tredington C5m. Wigorn." 

1662. A Collection of the Lives of Ten Eminent Divines ... By Sa. 
Clarke . . . See ante, sub CAPEL, Richard. 

The Life and Death of Dr. Robert Harris, pp. 274-329. 

1813. Robert Harris, D.D. Brook's Lives of the Puritans, pp. 303-308. 

1817. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), hi., 458-460, q.v. for Works. 

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HARRIS, Walter, [M.D. ; b. in Gloucester, 1647 ; d. 1732.] 
1878. Munk's Roll of Physicians, i., 423-4. 
1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxv., 25-6, q.v. for Works. 

HARRISON, Mr, [pawnbroker ; b. near Tetbury, where he lived till he was 
7 years old. He was one of George Whitefield's converts.] 


1773. The Life and Conversion of Mr Harrison. Glocester : Printed 
by John Pytt. 1773. pott 4to. Pp. 117. O.P.L. 


The Duty of Ministers of the Church of England : shewing How Shamefully some 
of them neglect their Duty . . . Glocester : Printed by John Pytt . . . 1775. 
Price 3d. 

HART-DAVIS, Family of, [of Frampton Cotterell, co. Glouc] 

1901. Crisp's Visitation, ix., 28-32. Portrait of Richard Hart-Davis 
before p. 27. 

HARVEY, Henry, [b. 1792 ; canon of Bristol 1831 till his death, Nov. 20, 
1854. Vicar of Olveston 1850-54.] 

1855. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xliii., 314-16. 

HARWARD, Families of. 

1837. Pedigree of . . . Harward, of Weston Subedge and Bretforton. 
[T.P.] Broadside. B. 

[Before 1872.] Pedigree of Harward of Pebworth. [T.P.] s. sh. fol. B. 

1914. Early Harward Genealogy and notes. A fragment. Evesham 
N. & Q., hi., 246-52. 

HARWOOD, Philip, [journalist ; b. in 1809, in Bristol, where he was articled 
to a solicitor ; became a Unitarian minister at Bridport in 1835 ; took 
to journalism c. 1843 ; edited the Saturday Revieiv, 1868-83 ; d. 
1887. There are 23 works by him, mostly sermons, in the B.M.] 

1888. Philip Harwood. N. db Q., Ser. 7, v., 147, 197, 257-8, 278. 

1891. Diet, Nat, Biog., xxv., 104-5, q.v. for Works. 

HATCHER, Henry, [antiquary ; b. in 1777 at Kemble, where he lived till he 
was 13 ; d. 1846. There is a monument to his memory in Salisbury 
Cathedral, and his portrait, painted by W. Gray, was eng. by G. F. 

1843. The Original Preface to the History of Old and New Sarum, or 
Salisbury. With a Statement of the Circumstances connected with 
the publication of that Work. By Henry Hatcher. 8vo. 

Not seen. Mentioned in Oent. Mag. (1844), M.S.. xxii.. 324-5, where the circum- 
stances lending to the publication of this and the next pamphlet are fully stated. 

1843. Facts and Observations touching Mr Hatcher and the History 
of Salisbury : being an answer to his recent pamphlet on that subject. 
By Robert Benson, Esq. M.A. Recorder of Salisbury . . . London. 
1843. B.M. 

Two leaves and pp. 84. 


1847. Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Character, of Henry Hatcher, 
Author of " The History of Salisbury," &c. By John Britton . . . 
London : Printed for J. Britton, to accompany his Auto-biography. 
1847. Svo. B.M. 

Title. Sec., pp. i.-viii. ; Memoirs, pp. 1-36. Portrait, eng. by G. F. Storm from 
painting by W. Gray. Front. 

1847. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xxvii., 437-40 ; [His Monument in 
Salisbury Cathedral.] Id., xxviii., 656-7. 

1855. Catalogue of a large collection of Miscellaneous Books . . . [the 
property of Heiuy Hatcher] sold by auction by Messrs. Puttick and 
Simpson . . . [Aug. 21-25, 1855.] 8vo. Pp. 79. B. 

1891. Diet. Nat, Biog., xxv., 150-1, q.v. for Works. 


His " Historical Account of Old and New Sarum "was reviewed Gent. ila<j. (1834), 
.Vs.. ii.. 273-4, and "Old and New Sarum. or Salisbury," Id. (1843), N.S., xx., 

HATTON, Family of. 

18S5. An Account of the Family of Hallen . . . with Pedigrees of the 
Families of Hatton of Newent . . . and Weight of Clingre. By 
Arthur W. C. Hallen, M.A. Edinburgh. 1885. 4to. B.G.L. 

Pp. 69-71 & Table viii. relate to the Hattons. More fully described ante vol. 2, 
p. 249. 

HATTON, Frank, [explorer ; b. at Horfield, near Bristol, in 1861 ; d. 1883.] 

1885. Frank Hatton in North Borneo. Notes on his life and death, by 
his Father. Century May., xxx., 437-446. 

1886. North Borneo Explorations and Adventures on the Equator. By 
the late Frank Hatton . . . With Biographical Sketch and Notes by 
Joseph Hatton and Preface by Sir Walter Medhurst . . . Illustrated. 
Second Edition. London : 1886. 8vo. 

Title. Pref.. inc. pp. i.-xiv. ; Text, & Index, pp. 1-342. Portrait. Front. Pp. 1- 
116 are biographical. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxv., 164-5, where his contributions to periodicals 
are mentioned. 

HAWKINS, Caesar Henry, [surgeon ; b. at Bisley, 1798 ; d. 1884.] 

1884. [Obituary.] Medico-Chirurgical Trans., lxviii., 16-20. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxv., 206-7, where his contributions to medical 
journals are mentioned. 

HAWKINS, Francis, [physician; b. at Bisley 1794; brother of Caesar 
Henry Hawkins, q.v. ; d. 1877.] 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxv., 211, q.v. for Works 


HAWKINS, Jeremiah, [sportsman, b. 1764 ; lived for many years, probably 
all his life, on a small estate at the Haw, Tirley, Glos., which had been 
in his family for generations ; noted for having constantly swum the 
river Severn with his horse at night on returning from Gloucester market ; 
d. May 14, 1835. His portrait, with several favourite hounds belonging 
to the Berkeley Hunt, by T. Turner, was (in 1840) in Berkeley Castle. 
It has been engraved by R. Dunkarton and copied on a Worcester dessert 

1840. The late Jeremiah Hawkins, Esq. The celebrated Fox-Hunter. 
Tewkesbury Yearly Register, i., 245-7. 

HAY, Isabella, [on the staff of the Cheltenham Ladies' College, 1876-1909 ; 
resided from 1890-1909 at Churchdown, where she died 16 Aug., 1909.] 

1910. Isabella Hay. Cheltenham Ladies' Coll. Mag., 1910, pp. 42-7. 

HAYES, Edwin, [marine painter ; b. June 7, 1819, at Bristol ; d. Nov. 7, 

1901. The Work of Edwin Hayes, R.H.A., R.I. By W. L. Woodroffe. 
Mag. of Art, 1901, pp. 289-295. PI : A Study of Sky and Sea, p. 289. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. II., ii., 230-1. 

HAYNES, Family of. 

1885. The Pedigree of Haynes, of Westbury-on-Trym, Wick & Abson, 
and other places in Gloucestershire, with supporting evidences. Com- 
piled by Revd. F. J. Poynton . . . Bristol : C. T. Jefferies and Sons, 
Printers. 1885. 4to. B. 

Pp. 1-23 and 1-3. Keprinted from B. is G. A. S. Trans., ix., 277-97, x., 226-8. 

HAYWARD, Family of, see ante, COX. 

HAYWARD, John Curtis, [of Quedgeley House, Glos. ; b. at Bitton, Glos., 
1804 ; called to the bar c. 1831 ; Deputy-Chairman of the Glos. Quarter 
Sessions 1843-63 and Chairman, 1863 till his death in 1874. He lived at 
Quodgeley for 41 years. A portrait of him by Eddis is at Judges' 
Lodgings, Gloucester.] 

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HAYWOOD, William, [royalist divine ; b. in Bristol c. 1600 ; son of a cooper, 
who lived in Balance Streot ; d. 1663.] 

1641. The Petition and Articles Exhibited in Parliament against Doctor 
Heywood, late Chaplain to the Bishop of Canterburie, By the Parish- 
ioners of St Giles in the Fields. With some considerable circumstances, 


worth observing, in the Hearing of the Businesse before the grand 
Committee for Religion, and of his demeanour since. London, 
printed 1641. sm. 4to. b. 

Title and pp. 1-9. The grievance of the Parishioners was that Dr. Haywood 
preached " most damnable and erroneous Doctrines, full of gross Popish tenets." 

1641. An Answer to A Lawless Pamphlet entitled The Petition [see above] 
... By R.M. London, Printed by I.N. for Henry Seile, at the Tygres 
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HEATH, Robert, [b. 1741 ; Minister of Rodborough Tabernacle, 1789 till 
his death in 1800.] 

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HENDERSON, John, [son of a Schoolmaster at Hanham ; b. 1757; com- 
menced his education at Kingswood School, near Bristol ; taught Latin 
when 8, and Greek when 12 years old ; mastered Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, 
Spanish, Italian and German when at Pembroke Coll., Oxford ; became 
very eccentric in his habits ; d. in 1788 ; buried in St. Georges, near 
Bristol. His portrait, by W. Palmer, has been twice engraved, and a 
miniature of him was engraved by J. Conde for the European Magazine. 
An unfinished sketch has also been engraved.] 

1788. A Sermon occasioned by the Death of the celebrated Mr J. Henderson 
B.A. Of Pembroke College, Oxford : Preached at St. George's, Kings- 
wood, Nov. 23, and at Temple Church, Bristol, Nov. 30, 1788. By 
The Rev. William Agutter, M.A. Of St. Mary Magdalen College, 
Oxford . . . Bristol : Pr. by Bulgin & Roper. 1788. 8vo. Title & 
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of Henderson, Front. 

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HENLEY, William Ernest, [poet and critic; son of a Gloucester printer; 
b. at Gloucester, Aug. 23, 1849 ; educated at the Crypt School ; d. July 
11, 1903. His bust, in bronze, by Rodin, is in the National Portrait 
Gallery, and a replica in marble is in St. Paul's Cathedral. His portrait 
was drawn by Rothenstein and painted in oils by Wm. Nicholson. 
Portraits of him appeared in 3 numbers of the Bookman and 4 of 
the Critic, and in about 12 other periodicals (see A.L.A. Portrait Index, 
p. 679).] 

[1891-1905, &c] Poets of the Century (Miles), viii., 335-42, of the 1891-7 
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Bridges and Contemporary Poets," of the 1905, &c, edition. 

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ments of the Scottish Poet. Collected and Edited by John D. Ross, 
LL.D. . . . Stirling 1901. 8vo. Pp. ix. & 106. 

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See Diet. Nat. Biog., and English Illustrated, xxix., 547, which also contains a 
long list of magazine and newspaper articles on Henley and his works. His works 
were reviewed in the Academy, lii., 419-20 ; liii., 48-9, 249-50 ; Ixi., 584-6, and 
in the Monthly Review (1903), xii., 78-87. 

HENRY, William, [D.D., dean of Killaloe ; " probably a native of 
Gloucestershire ; " d. 17G8.] 

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HENRY, Duke of Gloucester, [3rd son of Charles I. ; b. 1639 ; d. Sept., 1660, 
in June of which year he had been appointed High Steward of Gloucester. 
His portrait was painted by Lely, W. Dobson, and with his tutor Lovel, 
by an unknown artist. There are many engraved portraits of him.] 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxvi., 108-9. 

HENSMAN, Rev. John, [b. 1780, d. 1864 ; curate of Clifton Parish Church 
1809-1822, and subsequently incumbent of the following Clifton Churches : 
Dowry Chapel, 1822-1831 ; Trinity Church, 1831-1844; Christ Church, 
1844-1847 ; and the Parish Church, 1847 till his death. He was also an 
hon. canon of Bristol Cathedral. A chapel was built in Clifton, in 1862, 
as a memorial of his 55 years ministry in that place.] 

1864. Hymns sung in Dowry Chapel, Clifton, On Sunday, May 1st, 1864, 
being the Day after the Interment of the Reverend John Hensman, 
M.A. Incumbent of the Said Parish, and Honorary Canon of Bristol 
Cathedral, Who Died April 23rd, 1864, aged 84 Years, Having during 
Fifty-five Years of his Ministry been connected with the Parish of 
Clifton. 8vo. Pp. 3. * 

[Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xvi., 803-4. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxvi., 138. 

HERAPATH, John, [mathematician and journalist ; son of a maltster ; b. 
at Bristol in 1790 ; assisted his father in his business till c. 1815 ; opened 
a mathematical academy at Knowle Hill, Bristol, where he lived till 
1820 ; d. in 1868.] 

1848. [Review of] Herapath's Railway and Commercial Journal. Quart. 
Rev., No. 167, pp. 1-65. 

1868. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., Ser. 4, v., 404, 544-5. 

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HERAPATH, William, [analytical chemist ; first cousin of John Herapath 
q.v. ; b. in 1796 in Bristol, where he lived till his death in 1868. 
He was one of the founders of the Bristol Medical School and of 
the London Chemical Society, and was president of the Bristol 
Political Union. He used his influence to quell the Bristol nots of 1831.] 


1868. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., Ser. 4, v., 404, 544. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxvi., 164, q.v. for Works. Such of them as 
relate to Bristol are described ante, vol. 3, pp. 140, 160, 174, 254. 

HERBERT, Henry, [b. 1826; living 1866.] 

1866. Auto-Biography of Henry Herbert, A Gloucestershire Shoemaker, 
and Native of Fairford. Gloucester : Printed for the Author. 1866. 
8vo. Pp. 174. G.P.L. 

1876. [Another Edition.] 1876. 8vo. Pp. 174. B.M. 

HICKS and HICKS-BEACH, Family of, [of Tortworth, Bristol, Campden, 


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1887. An Error in the Genealogy of Hicks of Beverston (as it appears in 
Burke's Peerage and Baronetage). Explained and Corrected by the 
Rev. Fras. J. Poynton, Rector of Kelston. Bristol, 1887. 4to. 

Pp. 6, with Pedigree. Not seen. Probably a reprint of "A doubtful point." 

1909. A Cotswold Family : Hicks and Hicks Beach. By Mrs. William 
Hicks Beach, Author of "An Inland Ferry." London : 1909. 8vo. 

Title, &c, 6 leaves; Text & Index, pp. 1-381. Thirty-five illustrations among 
which are portraits of Sir Ellis Hicks (Front). Michael Hicks (p. 166), Sir Wm. 
Hicks, 2nd Bart., and Sir Michael Hicks (p. 218), Sir Wm. Hicks, 1st Bart. (p. 220), 
Dame Susannah Hicks & Sir Michael Hicks (p. 224), Mary Hicks & Howe Hicks 
(p. 240), Sir Howe Hicks and Dame Martha Hicks (p. 266), Michael Hicks & Hen- 
rietta Maria Beach (p. 304), Henrietta Maria Hicks Beach (p. 340), Lady Hicks Beach, 
wife of the 8th Bart. (p. 344), and Sir Wm. Hicks, 7th Bart. (p. 346). 

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No. 87, April, 1913, pp. 1-9. 

HICKS, or HICKES, Sir Baptist, [Viscount Campden ; b. in London in 1551 ; 
son of a Bristol merchant, and grandson of John Hicks, of Tortworth, 
Glos. ; M.P. for Tewkesbury, 1624- 28, when he was raised to the peerage. 
In 1608 he purchased the manor of Campden, where he built a magnificent 
house, at a cost of £29,000, which was destroyed during the Civil War, 
in 1645. He died at Campden in 1629.] 

1630. A Defiance of Death. Being The Funebrious Commemoration of 
the Right Honourable, Baptist Lord Hickes, Viscount Camden, late 
deceased. Preached at Camden in Gloucester-shire, November 8, 1629. 
By Iohn Gavle. London . . . 1630. 12mo. A.W.C. 

Four leaves and pp. 46. A Catalogue of his Charitable Deeds (with a list of "Good 
deeds done to the Towne of Campden,'") An Elegy. An Epitaph & Errata, 9 leaves. 


1633. A Briefe Remembrance of such Noble and Charitable deeds, as 
have beene done by the late Right Honourable, Baptist Lord Hicks, 
Viscount Campden, as well in his life as at his death : Recorded to the 
Glory of God, his owne honour, and good example of others. Stow's 
Survey of London (1633), pp. 760-1. 

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Baptist Hickes, Id., iv., 11-12, 399. 

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1892. Sir Baptist Hicks. By B. Woodd Smith, F.S.A., Hon. Sec. of the 
Middlesex County Record Society. Middlesex Records, iv., 329-349. 
Photograph of a portrait of Sir Baptist Hicks in the Westminster 
Sessions House, Front. ; His monument in Campden Church, p. 343. 

1910. Some Letters . . . See infra, sub NOEL, Family of. 

Reproduction of miniatures of Sir Baptist Hicks and his daughter Juliana, p. 10. 
View of his monument in Campden Church: p. 12. 

HICKS, Sir Michael, [secretary to Lord Burghley ; eldest son of Robert 
Hicks, of Bristol, and brother of Baptist Hicks, q.v. ; b. 1543 ; pur- 
chased an estate at Beverstone, Glos., but usually resided in Essex ; 
d. in 1612.] 

1891. Diet. Nat, Biog., xxvi., 359-360. 

HICKS-BEACH, Family of, see ante, sub HICKS. 

HICKS-BEACH, The Rt. Hon. Sir Michael Edward, [1st Earl St. Aldwyn ; 
eldest son of Sir Michael Hicks Hicks-Beach, of Williamstrip Park, Glos. 
M.P. ; b. 1837 ; Captain N. Glos. Militia, 1862-76 ; M.P. for E. Glos., 
1864-85, and for West Bristol 1885 till his elevation to the peerage in 
1906 as Viscount St. Aldwyn ; created Earl of St. Aldwyn in 1915 ; 
Alderman for Co. Glouc. 1907 to the present time (1915). He was Chief 
Sec. for Ireland, 1874-78 and 1886-7 ; Sec. of State for Colonies, 1878-80 ; 
President of the Board of Trade, 1888-1892; Chancellor of the Ex- 
chequer, 1885-86, 1895-1902, and he previously held minor Government 
offices. His portrait was painted by Ouless, R.A., Wills, R.A., and 
Cope, R.A. There is also one of him by F. Sandys, at Whitehall.] 

1874. Vanity Fair, Aug. 22, No. 182. 

1875. The Right Honourable Sir Michael Edward Hicks-Beach, Bart., 
M.P., Chief Secretary for Ireland. Dublin University Magazine for 
June, 1875, pp. 654-661. Photograph of Sir M. E. Hicks-Beach, facing 
p. 654. 

1876. Men of Mark, Ser. 1, Portrait No. 6. 

1879. Pillars of the Empire. Sketches of Living Indian and Colonial 
Statesmen, Celebrities and Officials. Edited, with an Introduction, 
by T. H. S. Escott. London : 1879. 8vo. 

.sir Michael Hicks-Beach, Bart., M.P., pp. 122-7. 

Ciarl (J I.. ( I flu- 1/ 11 


1881. Sir M. E. Hicks-Beach, M.P. The Country Gentleman, July 23. 
Portrait and 1 page of letterpress. 

1892. Bristol's Candidates : their Portraits and Biographies . . . Written 
and Compiled by Frederick G. Warne . . . Bristol : Pr. & Pub. by 
William F. Mack. 8vo. Pp. 24. B.R.L. 

Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, Bart., pp. 21-23, including portrait. Issued at the 
General Election of July, 1892. 

1892. The Cabinet Portrait Gallery. Reproduced from Original Photo- 
graphs by W. & D. Downey. Third Series. London : 1892. 4to. 

The Right Hon. Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, pp. 81-3 ; Portrait, p. 81. 

[1893.] Our Conservative and Unionist Statesmen. London. Fol. 

The Rt. Hon. Sir M. E. Hicks-Beach, Bart., Pt. 5, pp. 48-53. Portrait (photo- 
graph), p. 48. This work appeared in 6 parts, and was only issued to subscribers. 

[1900]. General Election, 1900. The Book of the Bristol Election Con- 
taining Specially Prepared Biographies of the Candidates, both Con- 
servative and Liberal, and their Latest Portraits. Written and Com- 
piled by Fredk. G. Warne. Bristol, H. A. Burleigh, 53, Baldwin 
Street, and 52, Park Row. Id. 8vo. Pp.31. B.R.L. 

Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, Bart., pp. 4, 5 & 7. 

1902. Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, Bart., Chancellor of the Exchequer. By 
James Baker . . . Leisure Hour, March, 1902, pp. 374-8. 

Sir Michael Hicks-Beach. Pall Mall Mag., xxvi., 443-5. 

Portrait from painting by F. Sandys at Whitehall, p. 444. 

1903. British Political Portraits. By Justin McCarthy. VI. Sir Michael 
Hicks-Beach. New York. 1903. 8vo. Pp. 7. 

Sir Michael Hicks-Beach and the Free Food League. [By C. J. 

Follett] National Rev., xlii., 478-86. 

1906. Presentation of the Honorary Freedom of the City of Gloucester 
to The Rt. Hon. Viscount St. Aldwyn P.C., D.C.L., Lord High Steward 
of the City. 9th July, 1906. 8vo. Two leaves. O.P.L. 


All Sides of the Fiscal Controversy. 

Annexation of the Transvaal & Correspondence between Sir M. Hicks-Beach, 
Bart., Secretary of State for Colonies and the Transvaal Delegate. 1881. 

Financial Relations (between Great Britain & Ireland). A Speech in the House 
of Commons, Session 1. Reprinted from The Parliamentary Debates, London 

The House of Commons and Bimetallism. 1898, The Gold Standard. 

Free Trade and Property. Extract from the Budget Speech of Sir M. Hicks-Beach. 

Seven Years of Tory Extravagance. Words of Warning from Sir M. Hicks - 
Beach. Reprinted from the Western Daily Press. 1902. 

Speech in the House of Com is mi 12th May, 1902, on the Finance Bill, Second 

Heading. Reprinted from "The Parliamentary Debates," (1902). 


HIGFORD, William, [puritan ; b. at Dixton, near Alderton, ?1581, where 
he resided from 1599 till his death in 1G57. The MS. of " Institutions, 

or Advice to his Grandson," was revised by Clement Barksdale, and 

published the year after his death.] 
1817. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), hi., 429-30. 
1839. Descendants of Higford, of Dixton and Alderton, Co. Gloucester. 

[T.P.] Broadside. B. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxvi., 366. 


1658. Institutions, or Advice to his Grandson, In Three Parts. By 
William Higford Esq. ; Disce Puer virtutem ex me. Virg. London, 
Printed by Tho. Warren, for Edmund Thorn of Oxford. 1658. sm. 
8vo. B.M. 

Title, To his Noble friend Iohn Higford, Esq. ; Epitaphium Gulielmi Higford, 
& Pref., 6 leaves ; Institutions, pp. 1-97. 
[Another Edition, entitled] The Institution of a Gentleman. 
In III. Parts. By William Higford, Esq. ; Virtus verus Honos. 
London, Printed by A.W. for William Lee at the Turks-head in Fleet- 
street, 1660. 12mo. B.M. 
Title, To the Generous Reader, Interpretation of the poetical sentences in favour 
of the young Ladies, Epitaphium Gulielmi Higford, & Pref., 7 leaves ; Institutions 
pp. 1-97. 

[1818.] [Another Edition.] London. [1818.] 8vo. Q.P.L. 

Pp. xvi. & 104. A reprint of the 1658 edition. Also reprinted in the Har- 
leian Miscellany, is., 580-99. 

HIGGES, Family of. 

1865. Pedigree of Higges of Cheltenham, Charlton Kings, and Colesborne. 

Co. Gloucester. To be verified. 1865. [T.P.] s. sh. fol. B. 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 89 ; 1623 (Maclean), 

p. 81. 
1909. [Genealogical Chart.] N. & Q., Ser. 10, x., 387. 

HILL alias HULL, Family of, [of Olveston.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 94 ; 1623 (Maclean), 
p. 82. 

HILL, T. W., [settled in Bristol in 1811 and lived there for 40 years ; carried 
on business and took an active part in municipal affairs and philan- 
thropic work.] 

1871. Recollections and Retracings ; or, A few incidents from the Life 
of an Octogenarian . . . Bristol : Pr. for private circulation. 1871. 
8vo. Pp. 64. Portrait, Front. 

HINE, William, [b. 1687; organist of Gloucester Cathedral 1711 or 1712 
till his death in 1730.] 


1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxvii., 3-4. 

HOAR, Leonard, [President of Harvard College ; b. in Glos., 1630 ? ; d. 

1840. History of Harvard University. By Josiah Quincy . . . Cam- 
bridge [Mass.] roy. 8vo. B.M. 

Leonard Hoar, vol. 1, pp. 31-38. 

1873-81. Biographical Sketches of Graduates of Harvard University, 
In Cambridge, Massachusetts. By John Langdon Sibley . . . Cam- 
bridge [Mass.] 1873-81. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Leonard Hoar, vol. 1, pp. 228-52, with list of authorities. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxvii., 23, q.v. for Works. 

1899. The Hoar Family in America and its English Ancestry A Com- 
pilation from Collections made by the Hon. George Frisbie Hoar by 
Henry Stedman Nourse. Boston. 1899. roy. 8vo. Pp. 37. G.P.L. 

Leonard Hoar, pp. 26-28. 

HOBHOUSE, Sir Benjamin, [politician, b. 1757 ; son of a Bristol merchant ; 
commenced his education at Bristol Grammar School ; stood for Bristol 
at the 1796 election, but was defeated ; d. 1831. Portraits of him were 
painted by J. Jackson and T. Phillips, and there is a bust of him by 
Chant rey in the Museum at Oxford.] 

1830-34. National Portrait Gallery (Jordan). 

Portrait of Sir Ben. Hobhouse by J. Jackson, eng. by J. Cochran, and Memoir 
(pp. 8), in vol. 4. 

1831. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., ci., 371-2. 

1846. The National Portrait Gallery (Taylor). 

Sir Benjamin Hobhouse, vol. 4, pp. 77-8. Portrait by J. Jackson, eng. by 
J. Cochran. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxvii., 46, q.v. for Works. 

HOBHOUSE, Henry, [archivist ; b. at Clifton, 1776 ; d. 1854.] 
1854. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xlii., 79-80. 
1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxvii., 46-7. 

HOBHOUSE, John Cam, [1st Baron Broughton, statesman ; b. at Redland, 
Bristol, in 1786 ; commenced his education at John Prior Estlin's 
School in Bristol ; unsuccessfully contested Bristol at the 1835 election ; 
was a member of Lord Melbourne's and Lord John Russell's govern- 
ments ; raised to the peerage in 1851 ; d. in 1869. He was one of 
Byron's most intimate friends. A portrait of him, by I. Lonsdale, was 
twice engraved in mezzotint by Chas. Turner. He was also painted by 
A. Wivell.] 
1807. Public Characters of 1807, pp. 101-135. Portrait, Front. 


1813. A Journey through Albania and other provinces of Turkey in 
Europe and Asia, to Constantinople, During the years 1809 and 1810. 
By J. C. Hobhouse. London : 1813. 4to. 

Title, &c, pp. i.-xx. ; Letters & App. pp. 1-1152 ; Facsimile of MS., Greek 
Music & Directions to the Binder, 4 leaves. The work contains one folding map 
and many coloured plates. 

A second edition was issued the same year in 2 vols., 4to., pp. xv., 1152, & 4 leaves. 
Reviewed Brit. Critic, N.8. ill., 611-23; Gent. Mag., vol. 84, pt. l,pp. 353-7, 468-9; 
Month. Rev., lxxiv. 337-56. 

A New Edition. London. 1855. 2 vols. 8vo. B. 

Vol. 1, pp. xii. & 544. Vol. 2, pp. vii. & 528. Folding map of Greece &c. at 

A New Edition, revised and corrected. London. 1858. 

2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1, pp. xii. & 544. Folding Facsimile of a letter from Ali Pasha of Albania, 
before p. 1. Vol. 2, pp. ix. & 528. Folding plates (2) of pediments of the Par- 
thenon, pp. 444-5 ; Map at end. 

1819. An authentic narrative of the events of the Westminster Election, 
which commenced on Saturday, February 13th, and closed on Wednes- 
day, March 3rd, 1819 ; including the speeches of the Candidates, Sir 
Francis Burdett, and others. Together with the Report of The West- 
minster Reformers. Compiled by order of the Committee appointed 
to manage the Election of Mr Hobhouse. London : 1819. B.M. 

Pp. vii. & 412. Portrait of J. C. Hobhouse, eng. by H. Meyer from drawing by 
A. Buck, Front. 

1820. Proceedings in the House of Commons, and in the Court of Kings- 
Bench, relative to the Author of the " Trifling Mistake," together with 
The Argument against Parliamentary Commitment, and The Decision 
which the Judges gave without hearing the case. . . . Prepared for 
the Press by John C. Hobhouse, Esq., F.R.S. London : 1820. 8vo. 

Pp. xxxix. & 114. J. C. Hobhouse was the author of the " Trifling Mistake." 

1836. Sir John C. Hobhouse. Fraser, xiii., 508. Portrait facing one 
page of letterpress. 

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Not seen. Reviewed in Edinb. Rev., No. 272, pp. 287-337, same Art. Lift. Liv. 
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[Another Edition, entitled] Recollections of a Long Life. By 

Lord Broughton (John Cam Hobhouse) With Additional Extracts 

from his Private Diaries. Edited by bis daughter Lady Dorchester. 

With Portraits. London: 1909-11. 6 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1 (1909). Pp. xix. & 348. Portrait of Hobhouse from a Miniature, Front. 
The Preface is by Lord Rosebery. 
Vol. 2 (1909). Pp. xiii. & 383. 


Vol. 3 (1910). Pp. xiii. & 374. Portrait of Hobhouse from an engraving by 
C. Turner, Front. 

Vol. 4 (1910). Pp. xi. & 383. 

Vol. 5 (1911). Pp. xi. & 300. 

Vol. 6 (1911). Pp. xiii. & 316. Portrait of Lord Broughton, Front. 

Included in this edition is the early part of the 1871 edition, together with ex- 
tracts from "A Journey through Albania," " Letters from Paris," and " Italy from 
1816 to 1854." 

[1873.] A Gallery of Illustrious Literary Characters (1830-1838) drawn 
by the late Daniel Maclise, R.A. and accompanied by notices chiefly 
by the late William Maginn, LL.D. Republished from " Fraser's 
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Sir John C. Hobhouse, pp. 191-4. Portrait of J.C.H. on the hustings, p. 191. 

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1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxvii., 47-50, q.v. for Works. 


His " Letters from Paris " was reviewed Month. Rev., lxxxi., 135-51 ; and " Notes 
on Childe Harold," Brit. Critic, N.S., xii., 23-40. 

HODGES, Family of, [of Shipton Moyne and Arlingham, co. Glouc] 

1881-94. The Hodges Family. Glos. N. & Q., i., 360-3, 455-7 ; ii., 27 ; iv., 
32-3 ; v., 305, 351-3. 

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HODGES, Edward, [b. at Bristol 1796 ; organist successively of Clifton 
Parish Church, St. James' and St. Nicholas Churches in Bristol ; d. at 
Clifton in 1867. He composed "A Morning and Evening Service and 
Two Anthems " (see ante, vol. 3, p. 122) for the opening of an organ in 
St. James' Church.] 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxvii., 59, q.v. for Works. 

1896. Edward Hodges Doctor in Music of Sydney Sussex College, Cam- 
bridge. Organist of the Churches of St James and St Nicholas, Bristol, 
England, 1819-1838. Organist and Director in Trinity Parish, New 
York, 1839-59. By His Daughter Faustina H. Hodges . . . New 
York and London. 8vo. 

Pp. xviii. & 302. Portrait of E. Hodges, Front. Many illustrations of Bristol 

[? 1898.] The Hodges Family. Reprinted from the Bristol Times & Mirror, 
December 6th, 1897. s. sh. fol. B.R.L. 

Notes by G. E. Weare concerning Edward Hodges. 

1904. Parish Church, Stanton Drew (S. Mary's) ... A Souvenir of the 
Opening of the New Organ, On Sunday, 10th January, 1904. With a 


Brief Sketch of the Life of Dr. Edward Hodges, Mus. Doc. Cantab. 
Written by (Mrs.) K. Probert Goodwin, Org. & CM. Stanton Drew. 
Goodwin, Bristol. 8vo. B.E.L. 

Title & pp. 11. Edward Hodges, pp. 5-10. 

HODGSON, Brian Houghton, [orientalist ; b. 1800 ; in the Indian Civil 
Service from 1818-58 ; resided at Dursley 1858-07, and at Alderley 
1867 till his death in 1894. He was author of many essays on Indian 
subjects, chiefly on the languages, literature and religion of Nepal and 
Tibet, collections of which were published in 1874 and 1880.] 

1883. Not Published. Notes of the Services of B. H. Hodgson, Esq., 
F.R.S., F.R.A.S., Cor. Member of the Institute of France, Chevalier 
of the Legion of Honour, and late British Minister at the Court of Nepal. 
Collected by a Friend. 1883. 8vo. C.P.L. 

Pp. 104. Inserted in the copy collated are two leaves, unpaged, of biographical 
notes. Another edition, N.D., pp. 80 has been seen. 

1894. Mr. Brian Houghton Hodgson. Athenaeum, i., 710. 
[Obituary.] Natural Science, v., 151-153. 

1895. Linguistic and Oriental Essays. Written from the years 1861 to 
1895. Fourth series. By Robert Needham Cust, LL.D. . . . London: 
1895. 8vo. 

Brian Houghton Hodgson, F.R.S., pp. 75-80. 

1896. Life of Brian Houghton Hodgson, British Resident at the Court 
of Nepal, Member of the Institute of France ; Fellow of the Royal 
Society ; A Vice-President of the Royal Asiatic Society, etc. By 
Sir William Wilson Hunter, K.C.S.I. [etc.] London : 1896. 8vo. 
Pp. ix. & 390. 

1901. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. I., ii., 429-432, q.v. for Works. 

His miscellaneous Essays (1880) were reviewed in Cust's linguistic Essays, 
Ser. 3 (1891), pp. 265-8. 

HODSON, William Stephen Raikes, [commander of "Hodson's Horse"; 
b. at Maisemore Court, Glos., in 1821 ; d. in 1858. He and the regi- 
ment which he raised and which bore his name, played a most important 
part in quelling the Indian Mutiny.] 

1858. [Obituary.] Qent. Mag., N.S., iv., 558-9. 

1859. Hodson of Hodson's Horse. Fraser, lix., 127-45, [same Art.] Litt. 
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Ohio. 1859. 8vo. 

Captain Hodson, pp. 7-47. Portrait, p. 16. 

1859. Twelve years of a Soldier's Life in India : being extracts from the 
Letters of the late Major W. S. R. Hodson . . . including a personal 
narrative of the Siege of Delhi and Capture of the King and Princes. 


Edited by his brother the Rev. George H. Hodson, M.A. London : 1859. 

Pp. xvi. & 365. Portrait, Front. A second edition was published in the same 
year. Reviewed Edinb. Rev., No. 222, pp. 545-58. 

[Another Edition, entitled] Hodson of Hodson's Horse or Twelve 
Years of a Soldier's Life in India . . . With a Vindication from the 
attack of Mr Bosworth Smith Edited by his brother George H. 
Hodson, M.A. . . . Fourth Edition. London. 1883. G.P.L. 

Pp. lv. & 300. A fifth edition was published in 1889. 

[1863.] Passages from the Life of a Hero ; or, Readings for Night Schools. 
London [S.P.C.K.] 8vo. Pp. 64. 

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1885. Life of Lord Lawrence By R. Bosworth Smith . . . Sixth Edition 
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Hodson, of Hodson's Horse, Appendix, vol. 2, pp. 499-530. Also passim. 

A defence of the author's statements in earlier editions reflecting on the character 
and career of Hodson, and a reply to the ' Vindication ' made by George Hodson 
(see ante, 1883). 

1889. Four Famous Soldiers. Sir Charles Napier, Hodson of Hodson's 
Horse, Sir William Napier, Sir Herbert Edwardes. By T. R. E. Holmes. 
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Pp. xii. & 396. Photograph of a Statue of Hodson at Stoke-upon-Trent, Front. 
Folding map of the N.W. Provinces, p. 354. 

[Another Edition, entitled] The Life of Hodson of Hodson's Horse : 
by Captain Lionel J. Trotter. London, [c. 1910.] sm. 8vo. Pp. xi. 
and 306. Everyman's Library Edition. 

1901. Remarks on Captain Trotter's Biography of Major W. S. R. Hodson 
by General Sir Crawford Chamberlain, G.C.I. E. Edinburgh. 1901. 8vo. 

Pp. 19. Some copies have " For Private Circulation " on the title. 

1902. Hodson of Delhi : an appreciation. By Percy Cross Standing. 
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N.D. The Life of Hodson . . . See sub 1901. 


HOGG, William, [nonconformist preacher ; b. in Pitchcombec. 1719 ; known 
as " Butcher Hogg ; " resided for some time at Painswick ; d. Nov. 8, 

1801. Memoir of the Life of Mr Hogg. Theological Mag., pp. 41-8, 81-6 ; 
Anecdotes of Mr Hogg, Id., pp. 146-7. 

Said by Stratford to have been written by Cornelius Winter, g.v. 

1862. Memoir of the late Mr William Hogg, of Painswick. Republished 
from the "Theological Magazine," of 1801, with slight corrections. 
By his Grandson. Cheltenham : Pr. by Thomas Harper, Mercury 
Office, 5, Grosvenor Street. 1862. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Pp. 23. Copies of this Memoir are very rare. 

1867. Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire, pp. 256-8. 

HOLBROW, Family of. 

1901. Some Account of the Family of Holbrow, anciently of Kingscote, 
Uley, and Leonard Stanley, in Gloucestershire. By W. P. W. Philli- 
more . . . Printed for private circulation and issued by Phillimore & Co., 
124, Chancery Lane, London. 1901. 4to. O.P.L. 

Arms, &c, and List of Illustrations (13), pp. i.-viii., Text & Imprint, pp. 1-46. 
Key Pedigree of Holbrow, p. 1. Portraits : Samuel Holbrow and his Wife Sarah 
Dimock, Thomas Holbrow and William Holbrow, p. 33 ; Anthony Holbrow, p. 37; 
Maria Holbrow, p. 39 ; Rev. Thomas Holbrow. p. 40 ; Mrs. Thomas Holbrow, p. 40; 
C. A. Holbrow, p. 42 ; H. E. Holbrow, p. 44. Seventy-five copies printed. 

HOLDER, John, [b. Feb. 24, 1800, ? at Stroud, where he lived and where 
he died Jan., 1818.] 

1818. Poems, and Other Pieces, written at an early age, by John Holder, 
Grandson of the late Mr. Franklin, Architect, of Stroud. To which 
is prefixed a Memoir of the Author. . . . Stroud : Pr. by F. Vigurs. 
1818. Pp. 71. O.P.L. 


1837. A Poem, In Memory of the Rev. W. C. Holder, Late Vicar of Cam, 
who Departed this Life Nov. the 6th, 1837. Aged, 43 years, s. sh. 
4to. A.W.C. 

Ten verses of four lines. Signed J. Bamfield. Cam. Printed by Rickards, 

HOLLAND, Family of. 

1854. Pedigree of Holland, of Dumbleton, Co. Glouc. [2 editions.] 1854 
and N.D. [T.P.] s. sh. fol. B. 

HOLLINGS, John, [resident in Stroud ; retired mercer and banker ; captain 
of the Loyal Stroud Volunteers, 1798.] 

1798. John : A Model for Volunteer Captains. 1798. 4to. F.A.H. 

Pp. 12. Satirical verses by Joseph Lewis, of Brimscombe. 


1817. The Chronicles and Lamentations of Gotham : to which are added, 
John, a Model for Volunteer Captains ; The Address of Captain Hollinga 
to the Loyal Stroud Volunteers ; and other Historical Documents, 
illustrative of the Character of the Gothamites. Stroud. 1817. 8vo. 

Title & pp. 56. See also ante, vol. 2, p. 311, and Fisher's " Notes and Recollec- 
tions of Stroud," 1871, pp. 30, 37-8, 122-5. 

HOOKE, Family of, [of Pauntley and Newent.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 91-2 ; 1623 (Maclean), 
p. 84. 

HOOPER, John, [Bishop of Gloucester. He was nominated to the See 
July 3, 1550, but refused it as he objected to the form of the oath of 
supremacy and to the episcopal vestments. He subsequently overcame 
his scruples and was consecrated Mar. 8, 1551. In 1552 he was made 
also Bp. of Worcester, and later he was so styled, Gloucester having 
been made an Archdeaconry. On the accession of Queen Mary he was 
charged with heresy, condemned and burned in Gloucester on Feb. 9, 

1559. The Complaynt of Ueritie, made by John Bradford. An exhorta- 
tion of Matthew Rogers, unto his children. The complaynt of Raufe 
Allerton and others, being prisoners in Lolers tower & Wrytten with 
their bloud, how God was their comforte. A songe of Cain and Abell. 
The saieing of maister Houper, that he wrote the night before he suffered, 
vpon a wall with a cole, in the newe In, at Gloceter, and his saiying at 
his death, Anno Domini. 1559. f'scap 8vo. B. 

Fourteen leaves A-[B6]. Black letter. " The wordes of Maister Houper at his 
death " are on the last 4 pages. They consist of a prayer and 20 lines in verse. 
The heading of the verses (printed p. xxx. in the Parker Society's edition of 
Hooper's " Later Writings ") is as follows :— 

"These are the wordes that Maister John Houper wrote on the wall with a 

cole, in the newe Inne in Gloceter, the night before he suffered." 

From internal evidence it seems improbable that these " wordes " are authentic. 

However, Hooper spent the two nights before his execution in the house of Robert 

Ingram, and a " Robertus Ingram " is described as an " Innholder " in the Burgess 

Roll of Gloucester for the years 1534-5 to 1563-4. 

[Another edition, entitled] The Wordes of Maister Hooper at his 
death. 12 mo. B. 

Pp. 3. Printed at the end of "A Ballet Declaring the fal of the whore of baby- 
lone intytuled Tye thy mare torn boye w other and there unto a prologe to the reders. 
Black letter. 

The copy collated is imperfect, wanting the last 18 lines of verse. It has the 
appearance of having been printed about the same time as " The Complaynte of 

1562. An apologye made by the reuerende father and constante Martyr 
of Christe John Hooper late Bishop of Gloceter and Worceter againste 
the vntrue and sclaunderous report that ho should be a maintainer and 
encorager of suche as cursed the Queues highnes that then was Quene 


Marye. Wherein thou shalte see this Godly mannes innocency and 
modest behauiour, and the falshode and subtilty of the aduersaries 
of gods truth. Newelye set foorth and allowed accordinge to the 
order appoynted in the Quenos Msiestyes (sic) iniunctious. Anno 1562. 
sm. 8vo. B.M. 

Black letter. Twenty-six leaves, the first three unlettered, followed by J1-J4, 
Av.-[A8], El, k.2-[K8], L1-[L8.] 

On the last page but one, " Imprynted at London, by John Tisdale and Thomas 
Hacket and are to be solde at their shoppes in Lonibarde strete. Anno 1562." 
The Apology ends on LI back. It is followed by " The copy of the letter wherby 
Maister Hooper was certifyed of the takyng of a Godlye Companye in bowe churche- 
yarde at prayer [L2-L7]. 

[Another Edition] with Introductory Remarks, by the 

Rev. Edward Bickersteth. London. 1837. 8vo. Pp. xxxvi. & 531. 
Letters of Master John Hooper, pp. 85-129. 

1563. Actes and Monuments of these latter and perillous dayes, touching 
matters of the Church, wherein ar comprehended and described 
the great persecutions & horrible troubles, that haue bene wrought 
and practised by the Romishe Prelates, speciallye in this Realme of 
England and Scotlande, from the yeare of our Lorde a thousande, unto 
the tyme nowe present. Gathered and collected according to the true 
copies and wry tinges certificatorie as wel of the parties them selues 
that suffered, as also out of the Bishops Registers, which wer the doers 
thereof, by Iohn Foxe. Imprinted at London by Iohn Day, dwellyng 
ouer Aldersgate. Fol. B.M. 

Title (&c, «fec), 13 leaves ; Actes and Monumentes, pp. 1-1742 ; Index, 19 leaves. 
The Imprint on the last page is dated Mar. 20, 1563. 

The Life and Martirdom of Iohn Hooper Bishop of Worcester, and Gloucester, 
who with great constancie was burnte for the defence of the gospell. Anno. M.D. 
LV. the viiii of February, pp. 1049-1063. The Description of the burning of Maister 
Iohn Hoper (with woodcut), p. 1064. 

Seven later editions of this work appeared between 1570 and 1641. Its accuracy 
was vehemently attacked by the Catholics generally and by a few Protestants, and 
some of their criticisms were undoubtedly well grounded. No well edited edition 
has appeared. The best known of the later editions is that of 1843-9, q.v. 

1564. Certain most godly, fruitful, and comfortable letters of such true 
Saintes and holy Martyrs of God, as in the late bloodye persecution 
here within this Realme, gaue their lyues for the defence of Christes 
holy gospel : written in the tyme of theyr affliction and cruell impryson- 
ment. Though they suffer payne amonge men, yet is their hope 
full of immortalitie. Sap. 3. Imprinted at London by Iohn Day, 
dwelling ouer Aldersgate, beneath Saint Martines. 1564. Cum gratia 
& priuilegio Regise Maiestatis. sm. 4to. B.M. 

Title, Woodcut & Preface, 4 leaves ; Letters, pp. 1-689. 

Letters of mayster Iohn Hoper late Byshoppe of Glocester : wher, after his long 
and cruel imprisonmente in the flete, he was burnte wyth most terrible kindes of 
tormentes (as you may reade in the boke of martyrs fol. 1062) for the defece of the 
syncere truth of the gospell, the 9, day, of January, in the yeare of our Lord 1555, 
pp. 114-170. 

It is remarkable that the month of Hooper's martyrdom should be incorrectly 


1713. [Appointment of John Hooper to be Bp. of Gloucester, July 3, 
1550] Rymer's Fcedera, vol. xv., p. 240 ; [The King's command to 
Thomas Arch, of Canterbury for his consecration Mar. 7, 1552 and 
Surrender of the Bishopric of Gloucester by John Hoper, April 26, 
1552] p. 297 ; [Confirmation of Hooper's resignation of the Bishopric 
by the Dean and Chapter of Gloucester, May 20, 1552 and his appoint- 
ment to the See of Worcester, May 23, 1552] p. 298 ; [Special pardon of 
debts to the crown for Bp. Hooper, June 10, 1552] p. 308 ; [Power for 
Stephen Bp. of Winchester and others to depose John Hoper Bp. of 
Worcester and Gloucester Mar. 15, 1554] p. 370. 

1759. The Lives of the Principal Reformers, Both Englishmen and 
Foreigners ... By Mr. Rolt . . . London. 1759. fol. B.M. 

John Hooper, pp. 175-181 ; Portrait (eng. by R. Houston), p. 175. 

1764. The Book of Martyrs : or, the History of Paganism and Popery. 
. . . Abstracted From the Best Authors, both Antient and Modern. 
Coventry : 1764. 8vo. 

John Hooper, pp. 284-293. 

1764-65. The Book of Martyrs : or, Compleat History of Martyrdom, from 
the Crucifixion of our Blessed Saviour, to the Present Times. London : 
1764[-65.] 5 vols. 12mo. B.M. 

John Hooper, vol. 3, pp. 119-29. 

1779. Biographia Evangelica, i., 317-330; Portrait, p. 317. 

1784. The Life and Death of John Hooper. New Spiritual Mag., iii., 

1807. The Book of Martyrs, or, Christian Martyrology : containing an 
Authentic and Historical Relation of many dreadful Persecutions 
against The Church of Christ, From the Death of Abel to the beginning 
of the Nineteenth Century ; being a Particular Account of all the 
Martyrs of the Old and New Testaments, and the Ten Great Persecutions 
under the Roman Emperors, With the Persecutions exercised by the 
Papists in England and other Parts of Europe. Including every 
Important Relation in Fox's Book of Martyrs, And also all the essential 
Parts of every Work on the Subject which has appeared since that 
Publication ; the whole carefully revised, corrected and amended ; 
with some original Matter. 

The Life and Martyrdom of John Hooper, vol. 2 (1807), pp. 71-97. 

1810. The Life Story and Martyrdom and Selections from the Writings 
of John Hooper, Bishop and Martyr. 

Pp. xh. & 716. Vol. 5 of The Fathers of the Church. London. 1810. 

1810-53. Ecclesiastical Biography ; or, Lives of Eminent Men, connected 
with the History of Religion in England ; from the commencement of 
the Reformation to the Revolution ; selected and illustrated with 
Notes, by Christopher Wordsworth, D.D., etc. London : 1810. 6 vols. 

Bishop Hooper, vol. 2, pp. 427-79. Also in vol. 2, pp. 427-79 of the 2nd ed. 
(1818), pp. 353-402 of the 3rd ed. (1839), and pp. 355-404 of the 4th ed. (1853). 


1813-16. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), i., 222-6 ; ii., 758-9. 

1816. No. XVIII. Church of England Tract Society, Instituted in 
Bristol, 1811. The Life and Martyrdom of John Hooper, Bishop of 
Glocester and Worcester, Who was burnt at Glocester [. . . Woodcut 
of Bp. Hooper at the stake.] Sold by J. Richardson At the Depository, 
6, Clare-St., Bristol . . . Price Id. or 5s. the Hundred. 1816. 12mo. 

Pp. 12. Reprinted in 1827. 

1817. [Bp. Hooper's Refusal to wear episcopal vestments and his com- 
mittal to the Fleet.] Archceologia, xvii., 151-2. 

1818. Ecclesiastical Biography . . . Second Edition. See sub 1810. 

1825. Celebrated Trials, and Remarkable Cases of Criminal Jurisprudence, 

from the earliest Records to the year 1825 . . . London : 1825. 6 vols. 

8vo. B.M. 

[Trial of] John Hooper, Bishop of Gloucester, for opposing the Popish Religion, 

Feb. 9th, 1555, v. 637-42. 

1825. [A letter signed W. Uvedale.] Gent. Mag., vol. 95, pt. 2, p. 424. 

The writer states that he has in his possession an original half-length portrait 
of Bp. Hooper by Holbein and that it had been owned by his family from time im- 

1827. Life and Martyrdom of . . . John Hooper . . . see ante, 1816. 

1829. [Bishop Hooper's Homily, 1553. By Shirley Woolmer.] Gent. 
Mag., vol. 99, pt. i., pp. 113-15. 

[1830.] Writings of Dr. John Hooper Bishop of Gloucester and Worcester. 

Martyr, 1555. London. 8vo. 

Title & Contents, pp. i.-iv. ; A Brief Account of Dr. John Hooper, pp. 1-14 ; 
Writings, pp. 15-480. Portrait of Hooper, Front. Vol. 5 of British Reformers. 
Reprinted, in same form after 1841 (" 1842 " is mentioned on p. 480). 

1835. Lives of Eminent Englishmen (Cunningham) ii., 168-72. 
1839. Ecclesiastical Biography . . . Third Edition. See sub 1810. 

1839. A Short Memoir of John Hooper By M.K. London : R.T.S. 
1839. 12mo. Pp. 36. 

[1839.] A Short Narrative of Facts, relative to the Five Protestant Bishops 

of the Church of England, I. Fox's History. London : Pr by C. 

Richards, fol. 

Seven leaves and 5 plates. John Hooper, one leaf. Portrait, eng. by H. B. Hall 
from a drawing by J. Childe " From the original Portraits." 

1840. Some Account of the Life and Martyrdom of John Hooper . . . 

By George Worrall Counsel, Esq. Gloucester : 1840. 8vo. 

Two leaves & pp. 73. Printed by Bryant and Jefferies, College Street. Re- 
printed by T. Jew, Gloucester, 1841. 

1843-1849. The Acts and Monuments of John Foxe : with a Life of the 

Martyrologist, and Vindication of the Work, By the Rev. George 

Townsend, M.A. . . . 1843-9. 8 vols. 8vo. 

The Story, Life, and Martyrdom of Master John Hooper, Bishop of Worcester 
and Gloucester, vol. 6, pp. 636-670. 


1851. A Sketch of the Life and Martyrdom of William Tyndale. Also, 
the Martyrdom of Bishop Hooper, at Gloucester. London : 1851. 

Bishop Hooper, pp. 1-8 (after William Tyndale, pp. 1-12). Printed by Stephens, 
Dursley. Price 4d. Called " Second Edition," on longer title on wrapper. 

1851. Bishop Hooper's Godly Confession. N. & Q., Ser. 1, hi., 169, 227. 

1851. Tract for the Times. Bishop Hooper's Character and Martyrdom, 
in a Sermon preached on the Anniversary of his Death, Sunday, 9th 
of February, 1851, in the Wesleyan Chapel, Gloucester, by the Rev. R. 
Roberts. Published by Request. Gloucester : Pr. by C. Jeynes, 
Opposite the Shire Hall. 1851. 12mo. Pp. 27. 

1852. Later Writings of Bishop Hooper, together with his Letters and 
other Pieces. Edited for The Parker Society by the Rev. Charles 
Nevinson . . . Cambridge : 1852. 8vo. 

Pp. xxx. & 640. Corrigenda, one leaf. Biographical Notice at pp. vii.-xxx. 

1853. Early Writings of John Hooper, D.D., Lord Bishop of Gloucester 
and Worcester, Martyr, 1555 . . . Edited for The Parker Society, by 
the Rev. Samuel Carr . . . Cambridge : 1853. 8vo. Two Titles & 
pp. xiv. & 584. 

1853. Ecclesiastical Biography . . . Fourth Edition. See sub 1810. 

1853. Memorials of the English Martyrs. By the Rev. C. B. Tayler. 
London. 1853. 8vo. 

John Hooper, pp. 164-184. 

New and Revised Edition. London : The Religious Tract 


Old Cleve, Gloucester (John Hooper) pp. 123-146. 

1854. Bishop Hooper's Argument on the Vestment Controversy. N. <k Q., 
Ser. 1, ix., 221-2. 

1855. Ladies of the Reformation. Memoirs of Distinguished Female 
Characters, belonging to the period of the Reformation in the Sixteenth 
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Anne De Tserclas, wife of Bishop Hooper, pp. 365-399. This memoir relatei 
almost entirely to Bp. Hooper. 

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1861. Bishop Hooper, The Gloucester Martyr : A Sketch of his Life, 
Times, and Martyrdom, A Lecture, delivered at Gloucester, By Mr 
William Higgs . . . Price 4d. Gloucester : Davies & Son, North- 
gate Street. 1861. 8vo. Pp. 30. G.P.L. 

Religious Persecution. A Sermon preached in the Cathedral 

Church of St. Peter, Gloucester . . . September 18, 1861, being the 
day appointed for Laying the Foundation Stone of a Monument to be 
erected to the Memory of Bishop Hooper, upon the Spot where he 
was Burned, February 9, 1555. By the Rev. G. Roberts, B.A. 
Gloucester : E. Nest, &c. Price 6d. Pp. 16. G.P.L. 

Ceremony of Laying the Foundation Stone of the Monument to 

the Memory of Bishop Hooper, at Gloucester, On Wednesday, the 
18th September, 1861, With Masonic Rites. 4to. Pp. 3. G.P.L. 

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[Another Edition, entitled] John Hooper, The Martyred 

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Title on wrapper ; Text, pp. 1-61. Price 4d. Issued as No. 1 of the Protestant 
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1880. On some Archaeological remains in Gloucester relating to the 
burning of Bishop Hooper. Read at the Annual Meeting of the Cotte- 
wold Club, at Gloucester, 1878. By John Bellows. C. N. F. G. Proce., 
vii., 23-49. 

Folding facsimile of page from Corporation Account Book, after p. 24. Double- 
page plate of house in which Hooper was confined, after p. 28. Photograph of a 
portion of the stake at which Hooper was burned, facing p. 46. 

[Reprinted by John Bellows, with additions.] Second 

Edition. 8vo. G.P.L. 

Title & pp. 33. Same plates. 

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No Title ; pp. 129-144. MS. note in Bodleian copy says it is from " Zuricensia 
Beitrage zur zaricherischen Geschichte. Zurich, 1891." 

1891. Light from Old Times ; or Protestant Facts and Men. With an 
introduction for our own days. By The Late Bishop John Charles 
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Pp. 16. Signed C. E. Dighton, and dated at end, April 11, 1904. Copy of 
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Portion of the Stake, p. 14. 

[1904.] Champions of the Truth. Short Lives of Christian Leaders in 
Thought and Action . . . Edited by A. R. Buckland. London. 
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infra, sub JENNER, Edward. 

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Order given for his Execution. G.P.L. 

Pp. 246-251 of Part III. of Book V. of a work not identified, 

St. Bartholomew Bicentenary Papers. Tract Series No. 1. The 

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8vo. B. 

Pp. 18. An account of Bp. Hooper's refusal to conform to the Consecration 

A short Narrative of Facts . . . See [1839.] 

Writings of Dr. John Hooper ... See [1830.] 

HOOPER, William, [pugilist ; b. in Bristol, in 1766 ; carried on the business 
of a tinman till he entered the ring.] 

1812. Bill Hooper, the Tinman, Otherwise denominated " Bully Hooper," 
the " Lion-hearted Hooper." Boxiana, i., 187-194. 

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[1902.] Fights for the Championship, i., 105-6 ; portrait, p. 104. 

HORLICK, John, [b. at Painswick 1778 ; son of Robert Horlick, a flannel 
weaver ; he resided for many years in Painswick, where he was a pupil 
of Cornelius Winter, q.v. ; minister of Mitcheldean and Ruardean 
Chapels 1801-50 ; and of Ruardean only 1850-58 ; d. Feb. 22, 1858.] 

1858. The Rev. John Horlick. Christian's Penny Mag., xiii., 215-219. 

HORLICK, Zacharias, [a disciple of Whitefield. He died in June, 1798, 
aged 92, at Painswick, where he had lived a great part, if not all, of his 

1799. [Obituary, by Cornelius Winter.] Evangelical Mag., April, 1799, 
pp. 167-8. 

Warning from the Grave. A Sermon, occasioned by the Death 

of Mr Zacharias Horlick, Who departed this Life, June 20th, in the 
92d Year of his Age : Preached at Painswick, Gloucestershire, July 1st, 
1798, By Cornelius Winter . . . Shrewsbury : 1799. 8vo. Three 
leaves & pp. 28. 6.P.L. 

HORT, Josiah, [Archbishop of Tuam. Born at Marshfield, Gloucestershire, 
c. 1674, where he was assistant non-conformist minister, c. 1700. Some 
of his Charges and many of his Sermons were published. His " Instruc- 
tions to his Clergy " went through 10 editions. Died 1751.] 

1803. [Obituary.] Monthly Mag., xv., 144-5. 


1855. The Clergyman's Instructor, or a Collection of Tracts on the 
Ministerial Duties . . . Sixth Edition. 1855. 8vo. B. 

Instructions to the Clergy of the Diocese of Tuam, by Josiah Hort, pp. 331-35G. 
A Biographical Note at pp. 333-4 did not appear in any of the earlier editions. 

1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 100-2. 

1891. Diet. Nat, Biog., xxvii., 388-9, q.v. for Works. 

HOSEA, Alexander, [founder of the Wickwar Grammar School ; b. in or 
about 1613 at Wickwar, where he lived for 14 years ; went to London 
c. 1627, and subsequently made a large fortune as a weaver ; d. June, 
1686. He left by Will £600 and a house in Holborn for the establishment 
of a School at Wickwar.] 

1884-7. Alexander Hosea of Wickwar (by the Rev. B. H. Blacker, q.v.). 
Qlos. N. & Q., ii., 365-8 ; iii., 77-9. 

HOSKINS, Joseph, [minister at Castle-Green-Meeting, Bristol. His " Hymns 
on Select Texts of Scripture and Occasional Subjects " were published 
in 1789.] 

1788. An Elegy On the Death of The Rev. Joseph Hoskins, Late Minister 
of the Gospel in Bristol, Who departed this Life, September 28, 1788, 
Aged 43 Years. Bath. 8vo. Pp. 8. F.F.F. 

HOWE, Charles, [author ; b. in Gloucestershire in 1661 ; brother of John 
Grubham Howe, q.v. ; d. 1742.] 

1884. The Hon. Charles Howe. Glos. N. & Q., ii., 469-71, 555-7. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxviii., 83-4, where the many editions through 
which his " Devout Meditations " went are mentioned. 

HOWE or HOW, John Grubham, [b. 1657 ; generally known as " Jack 
Howe " ; M.P. for Cirencester, 1689-98 ; and for Glouc. Co. 1698-1701 & 
1702-5 ; d. at his seat, Stowell Park, Glos., 1722.] 

[1698 ?] A Speech made at the General Quarter-Sessions, held for the 
County of G .... r. s. sh. fol. B.M. 

A political skit. See ante, vol. 1, p. 13. 

1749. From the Remembrancer Aug. 5. Gent. Mag., xix., 364-5. 

1877-8. Stowell House and Park. B. & G. A. S. Trans., ii., 47-52. 

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HOWELL, Thomas Bayly, [b. 1768 ; lived at Prinknash Park, Glos., which 
he inherited from his father; edited the first 15 vols, of the 1808-18 
edition of " State Trials " ; d. at Prinknash, Ap. 13, 1815.] 

1818. T. B. Howell, Esqr. Barrister at Law, and Editor of the State 
Trials, &c. Accompanied by an Original Letter. The A>m. Biog. db 
Obit., ii., 413-15. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxviii., 117. 


"State Trials" was reviewed Edirib. Rev., No. 61, pp. 235-246; Quart. Rev., 
No. 72, pp. 511-557. 

HUDSON, Charles Thomas, [F.R.S., naturalist; b. Mar. 11, 1828; second 
master of the Bristol Grammar School, 1852-5, and headmaster 1855-60 ; 
conducted a private school at Clifton 1861-81 ; removed to Devonshire 
in 1891, and in 1899 to the Isle of Wight, where he died Oct. 23, 1903.] 

1904. [Obituary.] Jour. Roy. Microscop. Soc. (1904), pp. 48-9. 

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HUGFORD, Family of, [of Dixton.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1623 (Maclean), pp. 85-6. 

HUGHES, Alice. 

1845. Three Letters to my Sister. On the Decline, Decease, and Burial 
of our Mother, Alice Hughes, Born at Old Sodbury 1 lth Mo, Nov. 30th, 
1766, Died at Thornbury 4th Mo. April 2nd, 1845. Aged 78 years, 
four months. Bristol Pr by John Wright, 18, Thomas St. 1845. 
12mo. Pp. 36. * 

HUGHES, Maria, [b. in Bristol, 1803 ; one of the first scholars admitted at 
St. Werburgh's Sunday School, established by Miss French about the 
year 1809 ; spent her later years at Westbury-upon-Trym, where she 
died 31 Jan., 1816.] 

N.D. No. 168. Some Account of Maria Hughes. A poor but pious 
Child. By a Clergyman. Third Edition. Bristol : Pr. by C. McDowall, 
24, High Street, for the Bristol Society for Promoting Religious Know- 
ledge. Price Id. 8vo. Pp. 12. B.R.L. 

HULL, see HILL. 

HULLS or HULL, Jonathan, [b. at Chipping Campden in 1699 ; Will proved 
June 14, 1758. He made an unsuccessful attempt to propel vessels 
by steam, but his experiments were valuable as he showed how a rotatory 
motion could be produced by a piston-rod.] 

1875. Jonathan Hulls. Chambers's Journal, lii., 341-2. 

1890. Jonathan Hulls, of Campden. Olos. N. & Q., iv., 504-5. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxviii., 200-201, q.v. for Works, the most interesting 
of which is mentioned below. 


1737. A Description and Draught of a new-invented Machine For carrying 
Vessels or Ships Out of, or Into any Harbour, Port, or River, against 
Wind and Tide, or in a Calm. For which, His Majesty has Granted 
Letters Patent, for the Sole Benefit of the Author, for the Space of 
Fourteen Years. By Jonathan Hulls. London : Printed for the 
Author, 1737. Price 6d. 12mo. B.M. 


Pp. 48. Folding plate of a barge, propelled by steam, tugging a Man-of-War. 
Noticed N. & Q., Ser. 1., iii., 23, 69. 

[1855.] [Another Edition.] F.A.H. 

A facsimile of the 1st ed., printed for private distribution, 27 copies 12mo., 
and 12 copies sm. 4to. One of the l.p. copies is in the B. M. 

1858. [Another Edition.] 4to. Birm. R.L. 

Two leaves & pp. 149-160. 

1860. [Another Edition.] London : E. & F. N. Spon, 16, Bucklers- 
bury. 1860. Pp. 48, and folding plate. B.M . 

HUMPHREY or HUMFREY, Laurence, [President of Mag. Coll. Ox. ; Dean 
of Gloucester 1571-80; d. 1590. Portraits of him are in Magdalen 
College School and in the Bodleian Library.] 

1620. Herwologia Anglica : hoc est Clarissimorvm et Doctissimorvm 
aliqovt Anglorvm, qvi Florvervnt ab anno Cristi M.D. usque ad 
presentem annum M.D.C.XX. Viuse Effigies, vitse et elogia Duobus 
tomis. Authore H. H. Anglo-Britanno : Impensis Crispini Passsei 
Calcographus et Jansonij Bibliopolse Arnhemien sis. sm. fol. B.M. 

Laurentivs Humfredus. Portrait, p. 207, letterpress, p. 208. 
1813. Brook's Lives of the Puritans, i., 363-375. 
1813. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), i., 557-561. 
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1881. Cooper's Athenae Cantab., ii., 80-85, q.v. for Works. 
1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxviii., 238-240, q.v. for Works (21). 

HUNCKES, Family of 

N.D. Pedigree of Hunckes of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. [T.P.] 
Broadside. B. 

HUNGERFORD, Family of. 

1855. Pedigree of Hungerford of Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Somersetshire 
and Gloucestershire. 1855. To be verified. [T.P.] Broadside. B. 

[Before 1872.] Pedigree of Hungerford, of Cadenham Lea, Chisbury, Co. 
Wilts., Windrush and Down Ampney, Co. Glouc. s. sh. fol. [T.P.] B. 

1885. Visitation, Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 87-91. 

HUNTER, Jessie. 

1821. A Narrative of Some of the Pious Remarks of Mrs. Jessie Hunter, 
in her last illness and happy death ; delivered in the Independent Chapel, 
Gloucester, on the Lords-Day evening, November 18, 1821. Gloucester; 
J. Roberts, Herald Office. 8vo. Pp. 19. * 


1821. Two Sermons, occasioned by the death of Jessie, Wife of the Rev. 
John Hunter, preached in St. Nicholas' Church, Gloucester, On Sunday, 
Nov. 18, 1821, by John Edmund Jones, B.A. . . . Curate of St. 
Nicholas', Gloucester. Gloucester : Printed by J. Roberts. 1821. 
8vo. Title & pp. 48. C.P.L. 

[Another Edition, entitled] The Believer triumphing over Death 
& the Grave. Two Sermons occasioned by the death of Mrs Hxxxxx, 
by John Edmund Jones M.A. Curate of St. Nicholas, & Sunday-Evening 
Lecturer at St. John's, Gloucester. The Second Edition. Gloucester : 
Printed for the author, by J. Roberts, Herald Office, Westgate St. 
1824. 8vo. Pp. 48. F.A.H. 

HUNTINGFORD, George Isaac, [b. 1748 at Winchester ; Bishop of Gloucester 
1802-15; Bishop of Hereford 1815 till his death in 1832. There are 
portraits of him at Winchester College and at the Palace, Winchester : 
the former was painted by Sir T. Lawrence and has been engraved by 
J. Ward, H. Meyer, & T. A. Dean.] 

1802. A Sermon preached In Lambeth Chapel, on Sunday, the 27th of 
June, 1802. At the Consecration of the Right Reverend George Isaac 
Huntingford D.D. Lord Bishop of Gloucester. By the Rev. William 
Howley, M.A. London : 1802. 4to. Two leaves & pp. 22. B.M. 

1804. Public Characters of 1803-4, pp. 317-325. 

1813. Jan. 12. A Letter to the Right Reverend the Bishop of Gloucester, 
in vindication of His Lordship's Refusal to accept a Vice Presidentship 
of an Auxiliary Bible Society at Gloucester : with a few Notes and 
Observations. Canterbury. Price 6d. 8vo. Pp. 19. B.M. 

1814. [Biographical and bibliographical notes] Nichols' Anecdotes, viii., 

1822. The British Gallery of Contemporary Portraits . . . See ante, sub 
BATHURST, Henry, 3rd Earl. 

Vol. i., Portrait of Bp. Huntingford (H. Meyer sculpt., T. Lawrence, pinxt), 
and one page of letterpress, where the names of 17 of his Works are mentioned. 

1831. The Sunday Library . . . With occasional Biographical Sketches 
and Notes. By the Rev. J. F. Dibdin, D.D. London. 1831. 8vo. 


George Isaac Huntingford, D.D., vol. 4, pp. 1-88. Portrait, eng. by T. A. Dean 
after Sir T. Lawrence, Front. 

1832-3. [Obituaries.] Ann. Biog. & Obit., xvii., 42-6 ; Gent. Mag., cii., 
pt. 1, pp. 559-61. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxviii., 306-7, q.v. for Works. 


His " Introduction to the Writing of Greek," which went through 14 editions, 
was reviewed Month. Rev. (1783), lxviii., 301-3 ; his " Metrica Monostrophica," 
Id., 505-15; lxix., 154-61; and "An Apology for the Monostrophica," /d.(1785)lxxii., 


291-303, 410-33 ; lxxiii., 105-21, 177-87. The last work provoked "A Collection 
of Critiques," by C. Burney. His Discourses were reviewed Month. Rev. (1795-7), 
xviii., 202-4, xxiv.. 412-19 ; "A Call for Union with the Established Church," lirit. 
Critic (1809), xxxiii., 31-8 ; " Preparations for the Holy Order of Priests," Id., 
xxxv., 133-40 ; His Charge of 1810, Id., xxxviii., 616-21 ; " Protestant Letter to 
Lord Somers, Id. (1813), xlii., 394-401 ; " Thoughts on the Trinity," Id. (1833), 
xiii., 393-9. 

HUNTINGTON, Robert, [Bishop of Raphoe ; b. at Deerhurst, Glos., 1637 ; 
commenced his education at a grammar school at Bristol ; d. 1701.] 

1704. Admodum Reverendi & Doctissimi Viri, D. Roberti Huntingtoni, 

Episcopi Rapotensis, Epistolae . . . Praemittuntur D. Huntingtoni 

et D. Bernardi Vitae. Scriptore Thoma Smitho . . . Londoni. 1704. 

8vo. B. 

Two Titles, 2 leaves ; Life of Huntington, pp. i.-xxxvi. ; Text, &c, pp. 1-115 ; 

Index, Life of Bernard, &c, 4 leaves and pp. 1-44 ; Errata, one leaf. 

1825. The Life and Travels of the Right Rev. and Learned Dr. Robert 
Huntington. Gent. Mag., xcv., 11-15, 115-119, 218-221. 

A translation of Dr. Thomas Smith's Latin Work, noticed above. The name 
of the translator does not appear to be known (-V. <£• Q., Ser. 5, iv., 88). 

1850. The Life and Travels of . . . Dr. Robert Huntington. Tewkesbury 
Yearly Register, ii., 222-40. 

A Reprint of the Life in the Gent. Mag., 1825. 

1881-4. Robert Huntington. Glos. N. & Q., i., 3; ii., 24-5, 110. 

The last note relates to Bishop Huntington's connection with Deerhurst. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxviii., 308-9. 

HUNTLEY, Family of, [of Boxwell.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 85-6 ; 1623 (Maclean), 
pp. 92-4. 

HUNTLEY, Family of, [of Rye, Standish, Frocester, and Boxwell.] 
1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), pp. 92-95. 

HUNTLEY, Richard Webster, [a descendant of an old Gloucestershire family 
who held lands at Huntley, Glos., under William the Conqueror ; b. Ap. 2, 
1793; Rector of Boxwell and Leighterton, 1831-1857, though he did 
not take up residence until 1839 ; Rural Dean of Hawkesbury and Bitton, 
1840 ?-51 ; Proctor in Convocation for the Archdeaconry of Bristol, 
1841-57 ; d. May 4, 1857.] 

1857. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., iii., 561-2. 

1860. The Year of the Church. A Course of Sermons by the late Rev. 
Richard Webster Huntley, M.A., sometime Fellow of All Souls' College, 
Oxford ; Rector of Boxwell-cum-Leighterton, Gloucestershire, and 
Vicar of Alberbury, Salop ; and for eleven years Proctor in Convoca- 
tion for the Clergy of the Diocese of Gloucester and Bristol ; with A 
Short Memoir by the Editor, the Rev. Sir George Prevost, Bart., M.A. 
Oxford and London : 1860. 8vo. 

Pp. xxiii. & 491 ; Memoir at pp. vii. -xviii. 



A Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury on the Ecclesiastical Commission . . . 
1843. His local Works, " Chavenage : A Tale of the Cotswolds " (reviewed Gent. 
Mag., N.S., xxiv., 272-4), "A Glossary of the Cotswold Dialect," and " Frocester 
Court," are described ante, vol. 2, p. 216, vol. 1, p. 78, vol. 2, p. 201 respectively. 

HURST, Henry, [nonconformist divine ; son of the Vicar of Mickleton, where 
he was born in 1629 ; d. 1690.] 

[1690.] The Earthly and Heavenly Building Opened in a Sermon On 2d 
Corinthians Chap. v. verse 1. At the Funeral of the Late Reverend 
Minister of Jesus Christ Henry Hurst, M.A. Sometime Fellow of 
Morton Colledge in Oxon. . . . By Richard Adams, M.A. sometimes 
Fellow of Brazen Nose Colledge in Oxon. London, Printed for John 
Weld at the Crown between the Temple-Gates in Fleet Street. MDCIC. 
sm. 4to. B.M. 

Three leaves and pp. 29. Some of the Sermon is biographical. The Preface is 
dated 1690. The date on title-page, MDCIC, is evidently a misprint for MDCXC. 

1853-85. Bloxam'a Register, L, 57-60. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxviii., 319. 

HUSENBETH, Frederick Charles, D.D., [R.C. priest and author ; son of a 
wine-merchant in Bristol, where he was born in 1796 ; d. in 1872.] 

1872. [Obituaries.] N. & Q., Ser. 4, x., 365, 388 ; [Note on Sermon de- 
livered at his Funeral] Id., pp. 441-2, where a list of his works is given. 

1876. Dr. Husenbeth's " Emblems of the Saints." N. & Q., Ser. 5, vi., 

[1885-1902.] A Literary and Biographical History, or Bibliographical 
Dictionary of the English Catholics, From the breach with Rome, in 
1534, to the present time . . . By Joseph Gillow. London : 5 vols. 8vo. 

F. C. Husenbeth, vol. 3, pp. 492-507. q.v. for Works, where is mentioned a 
" Sermon, delivered at the funeral of the Very Rev. Provost Husenbeth, D.D., 
V.G., at S. Walstan's Chapel, Cossey, on the 6th Nov., 1872. By the Very Rev. 
John Dalton, Canon of Northampton. London : 1872. 8vo. Pp. 26." 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxviii., 320-1, q.v. for Works. 
1910. Catholic Encyclopaedia, vii., 589-90. 

HYDE, Thomas, [orientalist ; b. 1636 ; professor of Arabic at Cambridge 
and Oxford, and of Hebrew at Oxford ; Bodley's Librarian, 1665-1701 ; 
archdeacon of Gloucester 1673 till his death in 1703. There is a por- 
trait of him in the Bodleian Library.] 

1767. Syntagma Dissertationum quas olim auctor Doctissimus Thomas 
Hyde S.T.P. Separatim edidit. Accesserunt nonnulla ejusdem opus- 
cula hactenus inedita ; necnon de ejus vita scriptisque, II PO AETOM EN A 
. . . Omnia diligenter recognita A Gregorio Sharpe LL.D. Oxonii : 
1767. 2 vols. 4to. B.M. 

T\po\(fo^(va de Vita et Scriptis Doctissimi Viri Thomae Hyde. S.T.P. . vol. 1. 
pp. i.-xxxiv. Portrait eng. by F. Perry. Front. 


1820. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 522-7, where a list of 31 works 
which Hyde " designed for the press " is given. Some of these were 
published during his life, and some after his death. 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxviii., 401-2, where 8 works, not in Wood's list, 
are mentioned. 

HYETT, Families of, [of Westbury-on-Sevorn and Lydney.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc., 1G82-3 (Fenwick), pp. 96-7 ; (Maclean), 
p. 254. 

HYETT, Family of, [of Painswick.] 

1880. Grant of Arms to William Henry Hyett of Painswick, Co. Gloucester, 
1813. Misc. Gen. et Herald., N.S., hi., 88. 

Memoranda relating to the Hyett Family. /</., pp. 94-95. Book-plate of 
William Henry Hyett, p. 94. 

1900-9. Crisp's Visitation, viii., 122-6. Notes to the Visitation (1909), 
viii., 84-88 sub nom. Adams. 

HYETT, William Henry, F.R.S., [of Painswick House, where he passed more 
than 50 years of his life ; b. at Shrewsbury Sept. 2, 1795 ; M.P. for 
Stroud, 1832-3 ; founder of the Barnwood Hospital for the Insane in 
1858, and the Gloucestershire Eye Institution (now merged in the 
Gloucester Infirmary) in May, 1866; d. at Painswick, Mar. 10, 1877, 
and was buried in the Painswick Cemetery. A marble bust of him 
executed in Rome c. 1826 ; a portrait of him in oils by Pickersgill, painted 
about the same time ; and a charcoal portrait sketched by W. B. Carter 
in 1876, are in Painswick House.] 

1877. William Henry Hyett, F.R.S. Extracts from the " Stroud News " 
and " Stroud Journal " of March 17, 1877. 4to. F.A.H. 

Pp. 4. A Reprint of portions of Obituary Notices. 

1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 170-87. 
[1903.] The General Infirmary at Gloucester (Whitcombe). 
Portrait of W. H. Hyett after p. 49. 


Speech of W. H. Hyett Esq M.P. in the House of Commons On Friday July 6, 
1833, on the Factories Regulation Bill. London 1833. 8vo. Pp. 13. 

A Letter to David Ricardo, Esq.. on the Advantage to the Poor to be derived 
from the early commencement of the Railway through the Stroud Valley. Stroud. 
1838. 8vo. Pp. 13. 

Chemical Effects of Particular Manures on Particular Crops. 1841. Pp. 23. 

Experiments on the Growth of the Potatoe. 1842. Pp. 10. 

The Benefits which Agriculture has derived from Science. 1842. Pp. 10. 

On the Modes of Comparing the Nutritive Values of different Crops. Juut. of 
Royal Agricultural Soc. (1843), pp. 139-152. 

On the absorption of Liquid Solutions by growing Timber. Trans, of the IJighla ml 
and Agricultural Society of .Scotland (1841), vol. 14, pp. 535-567. Reprinted pp. 33. 

Corn Laws. The Speeches of W. H. Hyett, Esq., of Painswick, and J. Curtis 
Hayward, Esq., Of Quedgley, at a General Meeting of the Vale of Gloucester Agri- 
cultural Protection Society . . . the 10th of Feb., 1844. 4to . Pp. 4. 


Flowers of the South. From the Hortus Siccus of an Old Collector. Torquay. 
1852. sni. 8vo. [Pp. 28. Translations of Italian and French poems and one 
original sonnet.] 

[Another Edition.] London. 1869. 4to. [Pp. 129. A much enlarged 

edition containing translations from Horace and many original poems. Some of 
those were also printed separately.] 

Mechanical Drawing and the Education of the Hand in Schools for the People. 
. . . Printed at the United National and Free School Painswick. 1856. Price 6d. 
8vo. Pp. 24. 

N.D. Speech of W. H. Hyett, On his Nomination in December, 1832, to serve 
in the first Reformed Parliament. Eeprinted after 1860, from a copy of the 
Gloucester Journal, of Dec, 1832, corrected soon after delivery. 8vo. Pp. 8. 

Many of Mr W. H. Hyett's letters to Newspapers were reprinted for distribu- 
tion. He left two MS. vols, of translations of Odes of Horace in English verse. 

HYETT, William Henry Adams, [son of William Henry Hyett, q.v., b. in 
Rome, Dec. 14, 1825 ; d. Sept. 1, 1850. A water colour portrait of him 
by his sister, Frances Stephana, was engraved.] 

1851. Journal of a Visit to The Nile and Holy Land, in 1847-48. By the 
late W. H. Adams Hyett. London : 1851. 8vo. 

Title & Pref., 2 leaves ; Journal, pp. 150. Privately printed. 

INGELO, Nathaniel, [divine ; b. ? 1621, " apparently " in Bristol, where 
he lived after leaving the University (? Cambridge, though the D.N.B. 
says Oxford) ; became a fellow of Eton Coll. & D.D. ; d. 1683. Andrew 
Marvel addressed a poem in Latin and English to him.] 

1891. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxviii., 432-3, q.v. for Works. 

INGLEFIELD, Sir Edward Augustus, [admiral, author, artist and inventor ; 
b. at Cheltenham 1820 ; d. 1894. There is a portrait of him in the 
National Portrait Gallery.] 

1849. O'Byrne's Naval Biographical Dictionary, pp. 563-4. 

1853. A Summer Search for Sir John Franklin ; with a peep into the 
Polar Basin. By Commander E. A. Inglefield, R.N. . . . and a New 
Chart of the Arctic Sea. London : 1853. 8vo. 

Pp. xxi. & 232. A Summer Search is at pp. 1-128, and Correspondence between 
Captain Inglefield and the Admiralty at pp. 209-232. 

1894. [Obituary.] Annual Register, 1894, pt, 2, pp. 177-8. 

1901. Diet. Nat. Biog. Suppl. I., hi., 32-33, where his writings, pictures 
and inventions are mentioned. 

IRONSIDE, Gilbert, the elder, [b. at Hawkesbury, in 1588 ; Bishop of 
Bristol 1661 till his death in 1671 ; bur. in Bristol Cathedral. His son, 
Gilbert Ironside the younger, was also Bishop of Bristol, but only for 
2 years, 1689-91.] 

1733. Lives of the English Bishops ... see ante, sub FRAMPTON, 

Dr. Ironside, pp. 185-188. 

1887. The Bishops Ironside of Bristol. Qlos. N. & Q., hi., 530-1. 


1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxix., 46, q.v. for Works. 

IRWIN, Sidney T., [master at Clifton College, 1876-1911 ; d. Sept. 8, 1911.] 

1912. Clifton School Addresses. By the late Sidney T. Irwin . . . 
London: 1912. 8vo. B.R.L. 

Pp. xxiii. & 219. In Menioriain S.T.I, by W. Warde Fowler, pp. xi.-xxiii. 

IRWIN, Eyles, [b. 1751 ?, d. 1817 ; traveller and author. He was in the 
employ of the East India Company from 1766 to 1792, after which 
he spent the remainder of his life at Clifton. His portrait, painted by 
Romney, was eng. by Jas. Walker in mezzo., and by Thorn thwaite in 

1780. A Series of Adventures in the course of a Voyage up the Red-Sea, 
on the coasts of Arabia and Egypt ; and of a Route through the Deserts 
of Thebais, hitherto unknown to the European Traveller, in the year 
1777. In Letters to a Lady. By Eyles Irwin, Esq. . . . Illustrated 
with Maps and Cuts . . . London: 1780. 4to. B.M. 

Two Titles, &c, pp. i.-xvi. ; Text, pp. 1-400. Pis: facing pp. 11. 49, 237. 
Folding Maps facing pp. 69, 291, and 355. A Second Edition appeared in the 
same year, and a Third in 1787. 

Eeviewed Month. Rev., lxiii.. 401-9. 

1780. Short Account of the Adventures of Eyles Irwin, Esq., in a Voyage 
up Red-Sea, on the Coasts of Arabia and Egypt ; and in a Journey 
through the Deserts of Thebais : Extracted from his Letters. Uni- 
versal Mag., vol. 66, pp. 236-240, 293-298, 362-365. 

1783. Occasional Epistles. Written during a Journey from London to 
Busrah, in the Gulf of Persia, in the years 1780 and 1781. To William 
Hayley, Esq. By Eyles Irwin, Esq. London : 1783. 4to. B.M. 
Title, one leaf ; Epistles and Notes, p. 60. Folding view of Bagdad, p. 1. 

1789. Memoirs of Eyles Irwin, Esq. European Mag., xv., 179-181. Por- 
trait, p. 177. 

1792. [Mention of.] Gent. Mag., lxii., 276. 

1792. Voyage de a la Mer Rouge, sur lee Cotes de l'Arabie, En Egypte, 
et dans les Deserts de la Thebaide ; . . . Par M. Eyles Yrwin. Traduit 
sur la troisieme edition Angloise, par M. Parraud. Avec deux cartes 
geographiques. A Paris 1792. 2 vols. 8vo. B.M. 

Vol. 1, Two titles and pp. vi. & 440. Vol. 2, Title and pp. 1-483. 

1817-18. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., lxxxvii., pt. 2, 376; lxxxviii., pt. 1, 

1818. Eyles Irwin, Esq., M.R.I. A. Ann. Biog. db Obit., ii., 221-236. 

1888. A Collection of Letters chiefly between the Madras Government 
and Eyles Irwin, in the years 1781-5 . . . Privately printed at the 
Govt. Press, Madras (by permission). 1888. 8vo. Pp. 99. B.M. 

1892. Diet. Nat, Biog., xxix., 57-58, q.v. for Works (18). 


IZOD, Family of, [of Stanton.] 

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p. 95. 

1887. Izod or Izard Family of Gloucestershire. Glos. N. & Q., iii., 401. 

JACKSON, Samuel, [landscape-painter ; son of a Bristol merchant ; b. in 
1794, in Bristol, where he lived till his death in 1869. He has been called 
" the Father of the Bristol School."] 

1891. A History of the « Old Water-Colour ' Society (Roget), vol. 1, 
pp. 523-4, vol. 2, p. 87 and passim. 

1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxix., 106-7. 

JACKSON, Samuel Phillips, [water-colour painter ; son of Samuel Jackson, 
landscape painter, q.v. ; b. Sept. 4, 1830, at Bristol, where he was edu- 
cated and resided until 1870, when he removed to Streatley, Berks. ; 
returned (c. 1890) to Bristol, where he died, Jan. 27, 1904.] 

1891. A History of the ' Old Water-Colour ' Society (Roget), vol. 2, pp. 

1904. [Obituary.] Athenaeum, Feb. 6, 1904, p. 184. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. II., ii., 358-9. 

JAMES, Family of, [of Lydney and Bristol.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 98-9. 

JAMES, Thomas, [navigator ; kinsman of Thomas James, Mayor of Bristol, 
1605, 1616 ; b. ? 1593 ; in 1628 he was owner and captain of " The 
Dragon of Bristol " ; appointed by the merchants of Bristol commander 
of an expedition " for the discovery of the north-west passage into the 
South Sea " ; sailed from Bristol May 3, 1631 ; returned to Bristol 
Oct. 22, 1632, after a tempestuous voyage, but with the loss of only 
4 men ; d. ? 1635. He wrote an account of Ins expedition entitled " The 
Strange and Dangerous Voyage of Captain Thomas James." Attempts 
have been made to show that this is the narrative of Coleridge's " Ancient 
Mariner." Coleridge may have been inspired to write his " Rime " 
by James' spirited account of his adventures, but there is little simi- 
larity between the incidents of the two stories. There is a portrait of 
him on the " Piatt of Sayling " in the 1633 ed. of his " Strange and 
Dangerous Voyage " (reproduced in the Hakluyt Society's Reprint, 
1894) and in Seyer's " Memoirs of Bristol," vol. 2, p. 496.] 

1633. The Strange and Dangerous Voyage of Captaine Thomas lames, 
in his intended Discouery of the Northwest Passage into the South Sea. 
Wheroin The Miseries indured both Going, Wintering, Returning ; and 
the Rarities obsorued, both Philosophicall und Mathematical!, are re- 
lated in tins Iornal of it . . . London. Printod by Iohn Logatt, for 
Iohn Partridge. 1633. sm. 4to. B.M. 


Title, &c, 3 leaves ; Voyage, pp. 120 ; Names of Instruments, &c, 11 leaves. A 
folding " Piatt of Sayling " with a portrait of Capt. James on it, after p. 56. Other 
editions appeared in 1740 and 1894. All three editions are more fully described 
ante, vol. 3, p. 6, where the collections of Voyages, &c, in which it was reprinted 
are mentioned. 

1787-89. Voyages imaginaires, songes, visions, et romans cabalistiques. 

36 torn. Supplement ... par M.D. [Edited by C. G. T. Gamier.] 

3 torn. Paris. 8vo. B.M. 

Hivernement De l'Equipage d'un Vaisseau Anglois, commandc par le Capitaine 

Thomas James, dans l'ile de Charlton, au fond de la Baie d'Hudson, en 1631 & 1632, 

pp. 100-159 of Supplement, torn premier. A note on p. 100 states " Le Journal 

du voyage de Thomas James se trouve dans le cinquieme volume de l'Histoire des 

decouvertes des Europeens dans les differentes parties du monde, par M. Barrow. 

1812. Omniana, or Horse Otiosiores. 1812. 2 vols. 8vo. [By Robert 
Southey.] B.R.L. 

Cap. Thomas James, of Bristol, vol. 2, pp. 118-22. 

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1905. Blackie's English School Texts edited by W. H. Rouse, Litt, D. 
The Voyage of Captain James. London. 1905. 8vo. Pp. 18. B. 

JAMES, Warren, [reputed champion of the Forest of Dean.] 

1831. The Life of Warren James, the Reputed Champion of the Forest 
of Dean . . . By a Resident Forester. Monmouth : 1831. 8vo. 
Pp. 49. A.W.C. 

JANE, William, [regius professor of Greek at Oxford ; b. at Liskeard in 
1645 ; dean of Gloucester 1685 till his death in 1707. There are two 
portraits of him in the Bodleian Library, one by Wm. Gandy and the 
other anonymous. A list of his Works is given in " Bibliotheca Cornu- 
biensis," i., 269-70.] 

1820. Wood's Athense Oxon. (Bliss), iv., 643-4. 

1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxix., 244-6. 

JEENS, Charles Henry, [engraver; b. at Uley, Oct, 19, 1827; d. Oct. 22, 1879.] 

1880. [Obituary.] Art Journal, N.S., xix., 39-40. 

1881. Mr Charles Henry Jeens. Glos. N. & Q., i., 226. 
1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxix., 264. 

JEFFS, Jane, [nee Neal ; b. in 1773, near Stroud ; mar. Samuel Jeffs, of 
Gloucester, March, 1803 ; d. Feb. 6, 1819.] 

1820. The Grace of God manifested, In some account of the pious and 
happy death of Mrs. Jane Jeffs, of Gloucester. Written by her Husband. 
Methodist Mag., Sept., pp. 685-94. 

JEFFS, Thomas, [of Gloucester, where he lived all his life.] 

1876. In Memoriam. Thomas Jeffs, Born March 10th, 1788, Died 
June 4th, 1876. Printed for Private Circulation only. Gloucester : 
C. Jeynes, Mercury Office, Northgate Street, 8vo. Pp. 12. G.P.L. 


JELF, William Edward, [son of Sir James Jelf, of Gloucester ; b. in 
Gloucester April 3, 1811 ; classical examiner at Oxford, 1840, 1841, 
1855, 1856 ; Bampton lecturer 1857 ; d. 1875.] 

1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxix., 291-2. 

JENKINSON, Family of, [of Eastwood, Gloucestershire.] 

1894. The Jenkinson Monuments in Hawkesbury Church. Glos. N. & Q. 
v. 252-260. 

Jenkinson of Hawkesbury, afterwards Earls of Liverpool. Misc. 

Geneal. et Herald., Ser. 2, vol. v., pp. 7-12, 27-30. Registers of the 
Jenkinson Family Hawkesbury, Co. Gloucester, Id., pp. 14, 79 ; Fal- 
field, p. 79. 

For pedigree of their descendants see Id., pp. 33-6, 61-3, 76-8, 84-6. 

JENNER, Family of. 

1863. Jenner of Wilts, Worcestershire, and Gloucestershire. N. & Q., 
Ser. 3, iii., 10 ; Jenner Pedigree, Id. 34. 

Norman's History of Cheltenham, pp. 130-6. 

1871. Jennour Arms. N. & Q., Ser. 4, vii., 549-50 ; viii., 194. 

1887. Jenner Family. Glos. N. & Q., iii., 118-9, 543. 

1914. Jenner of Gloucestershire and Wiltshire by R. J. Fynmore. Glos. 
N. & Q., x., 49-59. 

JENNER, Edward, M.D., [son of the Rev. Stephen Jenner, Vicar of Berkeley, 
where Edward was born in 1749. He was sent to a school kept by 
Mr Clissold at Wotton-under-Edge, and afterwards to Dr. Washbourn's 
School at Cirencester. Subsequently he was apprenticed to Daniel 
Ludlow, a surgeon at Chipping Sodbury. In 1773 he set up as a surgeon 
at Berkeley. In 1798 he made known his discovery that vaccination 
is a preventive against small-pox. For this discovery £10,000 was 
granted to him by Parliament in 1802. He resided in Berkeley from 
1815 till his death in 1823. He was buried in Berkeley Church. His 
portrait was painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence, James Northcote, and 
J. R. Smith all of which have been engraved. The Northcote portrait 
is in the National Portrait Gallery. There are statues of him in 
Gloucester Cathedral, in Kensington Gardens, at Boulogne-sur-mer 
and Br iinn in Moravia.] 

1798. Miscellanies, in Prose and Verse, by Edward Gardner. Bristol : 
Printed by Biggs & Cottle, 1798. 12mo. 
Sonnets to Jenner, pp. 125-6, 136-7. 

1802. Report from the Committee on Dr. Jenner's Petition, respecting 
his Discovery of Vaccine Inoculation. Ordered to be printed 6th May, 
1802. sm.fol. Pp. 51. A.W.C. 

1803. Ad Edvardum Jenner, M.D. Carmen Alcaicum Auctore Chr. 
Anstey, Arm. [London & Bath.] 1803. Pret. Is. 4to. G.P.L. 

Tp. 9. For an English Translation, see Gent. Mag., vol. 75, pt. 1, pp. 325-6. 


1803. Observations on Dr. Pearson's Examination of the Report of the 
Vaccine Pock Committee of the House of Commons, concerning Dr. 
Jenner's Claim for Remuneration. By Thomas Creaser . . . Bath : 

1803. 8vo. Title & pp. 90. B.M. 

Public Characters of 1802-3, pp. 17-48. Portrait, p. 32. 

[1804.] Memoir of Edward Jenner, M.D. From Dr. Lettsom's Oration, 
delivered before the Medical Society of London, on the 8th of March, 

1804. 8vo. Pp. 10. B.M. 

1804. Edward Jenner, M.D. European May., vol. 46, 8 pages numbered 
163-8 & *165-6. Portrait eng. by Ridley, p. 163. 

1805. The Evidence At Large as laid before the Committee of the House 
of Commons respecting Dr. Jenner's Discovery of Vaccine Inoculation ; 
together with the debate which followed ; and some Observations on 
the Contravening Evidence, &c. By the Rev. C. C. Jenner . . . Lon- 
don : 1805. 8vo. B.M. 

Pp. xxvii., 213 and one leaf of Errata. 

[Verses to Jenner.] Gent. Mag., lxxv., 325-6. 

1807. A Comparative Sketch of the effects of Variolous and Vaccine 
Inoculation, being an enumeration of facts not generally known or 
considered, but which will enable the public to form its own judgment 
on the probable importance of the Jennerian Discovery. By Thomas 
Pruen . . . 1807. 8vo. B.M. 

Title, &c, pp. vi. ; Sketch, pp. 102 ; Index, pp. vi. 

1817. The Life of Dr. Jenner. Analectic Mag., [Philadelphia] ix., 48-59. 
Portrait, p. 48. 

1821. Berkeley Manuscripts. Abstracts and Extracts of Smyth's Lives 
of the Berkeleys . . . and Biographical Anecdotes of Dr. Jenner, his 
interviews with the Emperor of Russia, etc. By Thomas Dudley 
Fosbroke, M.A. London : 1821. 

Anecdotes of Dr. Jenner, pp. 219-242. 

1822. [Anecdote of Jenner.] Gent. Mag., vol. 92, pt. 1, p. 396. 

1823. The Masonic Jennerian Sermon, preached in the Cathedral of 
Gloucester, August 19, 1823, in aid of the subscription for Erecting 
a Monument in Honour of Dr. Jenner . . . By Brother the Rev. T. 
D. Fosbroke. Gloucester : D. Walker & Sons. Price Is. 6d. 1823. 
8vo. Pp. 20. 

[Anecdotes of the late Dr. Jenner.] Gent. Mag., vol. 93, pt. 1, 

p. 104. 

Inscription for the Tomb of the late Dr. Jenner. The Mirror, i., 

286. Epitaph on Dr. Jenner, Id., ii., 436. 

[Obituaries.] Annual Register (Chronicle), pp. 188-9 ; Gent. Mag., 

vol. 93, pt. 1, pp. 179-81. 


1824. Edward Jenner, Esq., M.D. . . .A Physician Extraordinary to 
the King, and a Magistrate for the County of Gloucester. Ann. Biog. 
and Obit., viii., 186-217. 

1825. Memoir of Edward Jenner, M.D. Portfolio [Philadelphia,] xix., 
512-515. Portrait, p. 441. 

1827-38. The Life of Edward Jenner, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., Physician 
Extraordinary to the King, &c, with Illustrations of his Doctrines, 
and Selections from his Correspondence. By John Baron, M.D., F.R.S., 
London. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Vol. 1 (1827). Title, Introduction, &c, pp. i.-xxiv. ; Text and Index, pp. 1-627. 
Portrait of Ed. Jenner, drawn from the Bust by H. Corbould, on stone by R.J. Lane, 

Vol. 2 (1838). Title, Contents, &c, pp. iii.-vii. ; Text, Appendix and Index, 
pp. 1-471. Portrait of Ed. Jenner, dr. by Sir T. Lawrence, engraved by W. H. 
Mote, Front. 

Reviewed Month. Rev., cxlvi., 622-7. 

Some copies were issued with 1838 on title of vol. 1. 

1830. Lives of British Physicians. London : 1830. 8vo. S.C.L. 

Jenner, pp. 252-274 ; Portrait, p. 282. 
1833. The Georgian Era, ii., 422-7. 
1833-37. The Gallery of Portraits (Knight), vi., 11-19. 

Portrait eng. by E. Scriven from print by J. B. Smith. 

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1838. An Historical Review of the Nature and Results of Vaccination, 
as unfolded in Dr. Baron's Life of Jenner. By Vigorniensis . . . 
London: 1838. 8vo. Pp. 111. 

[Another Edition.] 1869. Printed by J. F. Hadley, 33, 

Cambray, Cheltenham. 8vo. Pp. 64. 

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W. Mote. 

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Edward Jenner, pp. 83-104. 
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London : 1849. 8vo. 

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pp. 689-94. Portrait, eng. by W. H. Mote, after Lawrence, p. 689. 

Original Poems . . . See ante sub GARDINER, Wm. 

Ode to Dr. Jenner, pp. 116-19. 

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1860. 8vo. Pp. 70 & one leaf. 

1862. Grundriss des Kosmodynamischen Systems zur Reform des mechani- 
sch-dynamischen, i.e., der Alloopathie. Jenner's Gant vor dem wissen- 
schaftlichen Congresse von Frankreich zu Cherbourg 1860, zu Bordeaux 
1861 . . . von Dr. Nittinger . . . Leipzig : 1862. 8vo. Pp. iv. & 208, 
with 9 plates. B.M. 

Jenner et La Vaccine par Le Dr. Auzias-Turenne . . . Paris : 1862. 

8vo. Pp. 16. B.M. 

1862. Memoirs of the Distinguished Men of Science of Great Britain living 
in the years 1807-8 . . . Compiled and arranged by William Walker, 
Junior . . . London : 1862. 8vo. 

Edward Jenner, pp. 102-110. And at pp. 67-72 of 1864 edition. 

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. . . See ante, 1838. 

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Ser. 4, iv., 193-4. Vaccination : Jesty versus Jenner, Id., v., 533, 
589-90. A Letter of Dr. Jenner's, Id., xii., 123. 

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Lorain. Paris : 1870. 8vo. Pp. 48. B.M. 

1875. Monument a Edw. Jenner ou Histoire Generate de la Vaccine a 
l'occasion du premier centenairo de son invention publiee sous le 
patronage des administrations et du corps medical par Le Docteur 
Burggraeve . . . Bruxelles : 1875. imp. 4to. Pp. xvi. & 377 ; 
Portrait, Front. 


[1876.] Der Nutzen der Jenner'schen Kuhpockenimpfung, unwiderleglich 

erwiesen aus der Statistik der Pockensterblichkeit . . . von Dr. n, 

in Aachen. 8vo. Pp. 28. B.M. 

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JENNT2R 253 

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[Jenner's various papers on " Variola? Vaccinae " are reprinted in Crookshank's 
" History and Pathology of Vaccination, ii., pp. 1-33, 155-189, 247-274.] 

The following are not mentioned in the D.N.B. : — 

An Inquiry into the Causes . . . of the Variola? Vaccina;, 1798. [See ante, vol. i., 
p. 133.] Second Edition, 1800, and Third Edition, 1801. [Reprinted at pp. 205-298 
of] Epoch-Making Contributions to Medicine, Surgery and to Allied Sciences . . . 
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On the Origin of the Vaccine Inoculation. By Edward Jenner, M.D. . . . Lon- 
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Letter to Chas. Hy. Parry on Artificial Eruptions. Reviewed Oent. Mag., vol. 
92, pt. 1, pp. 241-4. 

JENNER-FUST, The Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert, [b. in London, Feb. 4, 1778 ; 
Dean of the Arches, 1834-52 ; Master of Trinity Hall, 1843-52 ; d. Feb. 
20, 1852. He assumed the name of Fust in addition to that of Jenner 
on succeeding to the Hill Court estate, Glos., in 1841, on the death of 
his niece, Miss Langley Fust. The case respecting the validity of Jemmy 
Wood's will, which occasioned much interest in Gloucestershire, was 
decided by him, and his judgment in tho celebrated Gorham case (re- 
specting the doctrine of baptismal regeneration), coupled with that of 
the Privy Council on appeal from his decision, gave rise to a heated 
religious controversy. His portrait by F. Y. Hurlstone is in Hill House. 
It has been engraved by Wm. Walker.] 


1852. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xxxvii., 408. 

1889. Diet. Nat. Biog., xx., 339-340, where some of his judgments and 
pamphlets occasioned by them are mentioned. The following is not 

Judgment ... in the case of Wood and Others versus Goodlake . . . 
See ante, vol. 1, p. 285. 

JENNER-FUST, Herbert, [cricketer ; eldest son of Sir Herbert Jenner, 
afterwards Jenner-Fust q.v., b. in London Feb. 23, 1806 ; settled at 
Hill Court, Glos., in 1864, when he adopted the additional name of Fust ; 
d. at Hill Court, July 30, 1904 ; his portrait in oils hangs in the pavilion 
at Lord's cricket ground.] 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. II., ii., 371-2. 

JERNINGHAM, Family of, [Lords of the Manor of Painswick, 1557-1802. 
Their usual residence was at Cossey, Norfolk, but they lived from time 
to time at a house now known as " The Lodge Farm," Painswick.] 

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Jerningham (afterwards Lady Bedingfeld), p. 78 ; Mrs. Jerningham (wife of George 
William), p. 188 ; Sir William Jerningham, p. 334. A View of Cossey, p. 362. 
Folding pedigree of the Jerninghams, after p. Ii. 

Vol. 2. pp. vi. & [445.] Portraits of the Hon. Lady Jerningham (wife of the Hon. 
Edward), Front. ; Edward Jerningham (3rd son of Sir William), p. 11 ; and of 
Emily, his wife, p. 253 : of Lady Bedingfeld's daughter, Frances Charlotte, p. 226. 

JERVIS, Charles, [incumbent of Cheltenham Parish Church, 1816 till his 
death, Sept. 25, 1826.] 

[1826.] A Sermon, preached at St. Mary's Church, Cheltenham, on oc- 
casion of the lamented death of The Rev. Charles Jervis, A.M. Late 
Incumbent of the Parish. By the Rev. G. Gretton, A.M. Price Is 6d. 
. . . Pr. and Pub. by S. Y. Griffith and Co. Chronicle Office . . . 
Cheltenham. 8vo. Pp. Hi. C.P.L. 


JOHN of Tewkesbury, [minorite friar and author ; fi. 1340-88. Very little 
is known of him, and his chief work on " The Art of Music " (the MS. of 
which is in the Bodleian) has been attributed to a Thomas of Tewkes- 
bury and to Simon Tunsted.] 

1840. John of Tewkesbury. Tewkesbury Yearly Register, i., 355-8, 
where a list of his works is given. 

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JOHNSON, Elizabeth, [a disciple of Wesley ; b. 1721 ; d. 1798.] 

[1799.] An Account of Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, Well known in the City 
of Bristol for more than Half a Century, for her eminent Piety and 
Benevolence. To which is added An Extract from her Diary . . . 
Bristol. 8vo. Pp. 86. B. 

" JONATHAN," Little, see WILLIAMS, Jonathan. 

JONES, Family of, [of Gloucester and Norton.] 

1885. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1623 (Maclean), p. 96. 

JONES, Henry, [pugilist; b. in Bristol, in 1804; began life as a sailor; 
d. in 1835.] 

1880. Harry Jones "the Sailor Boy." 1822-1834. Pugilistica, ii., 

JONES, Jeremiah, [b. 1693 ; educated under his uncle Sam. Jones g.v., at 
Gloucester and at Tewkesbury ; congregational minister at Nailsworth, 
• 1719, till his death in 1724. He published "A Vindication of the 
Former Part of St. Matthew's Gospel " 1719 & 1721, and a posthumous 
work by him on the " Canonical Authority of the New Testament," 
1726-7, went through 3 editions.] 

1803. Memoirs of Mr. Jones. Oent. Mag., lxxxiii., 501-2. 

Pieces of Neglected Biography. Monthly Mag., xv., 240-1. 

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JONES, John, [domestic servant, son of a gardener at Clearwell, Glos., where 
he was born in 1774, and where he lived till he was 17 years old.] 

1831. Attempts in Verse, by John Jones, an old servant : with some 

Account of the Writer, written by himself : and An Introductory Essay 

on the Lives and Works of our Uneducated Poets, by Robert Southey. 

London. 1831. 8vo. B.R.L. 

Title, Contents, &c, pp. i.-xv. ; Introduction by Southey, pp. 1-168; Attempts in 

Verse, pp. 169-332. Reviewed Quart. Rev., No. 87, pp. 52-82 ; Edinb. Rev., No. 107, 

pp. 69-84. 

[Another Edition, with same pagination, entitled] Lives of Un- 
educated Poets, to which are added Attempts in Verse, by John Jones, 
An Old Servant. By Robert Southey, Esq., Poet Laureate. London : 
Bohn. 1836. 8vo. 


1859. John Jones. N. & Q., Ser. 2, viii., 57. 

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JONES, John Andrews, [baptist minister; b. at Bristol in 1779, and lived 
there till he was 22 ; educated at the Colston School ; d. 1868.] 

1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxx., 135-6, q.v. for Works. Many tracts not 
there mentioned are in the B.M. 

JONES, Samuel, [b. ? 1680. Master of a nonconformist school in Gloucester, 
which had a considerable reputation in 1710. In 1712 he removed his 
school to Tewkesbury. Many of his pupils attained eminence, among 
others Seeker, afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury, and Butler, author 
of the Analogy. He died in 1719 or 1720. An interesting notice of 
Samuel Jones and his school will be found in " The Tewkesbury Academy" 
(by the Rev. Wm. Davies) at pp. 5-17.] 

1809. Some Account of Mr. Samuel Jones. Monthly Repository, iv., 

1850. Tewkesbury Presbyterian Academy. Tewkesbury Yearly Register, 

ii., 416-18, 441-6. 
1892. Diet. Nat, Biog., xxx., 161. 

JONES, Theophilus, [b. Dec. 29, 1787; d. May 4, 1833.] 

1835. A Brief Account of the late Rev. Theophilus Jones, of Wotton- 
under-Edge, Gloucestershire. London : 1835. 8vo. Pp. 16. B.M. 

JONES, Thomas, [incumbent of Chalford for 37 years (1781-1818) where 
he died Jan. 10, 1820, aged 72.] 

1820. Memoir of the late Rev. Thomas Jones, of Chalford, Gloucestershire. 
Evangelical Mag., October, pp. 401-3. 

Signed " J.B., Stroud." Probably by John Burder. 

JONES, William Basil, [Bishop of St. David's (1874-97) ; b. at Cheltenham 
1822 ; examining chaplain to Wm. Thompson when Bishop of Gloucester 
(1861-3); d. 1897. His surname was originally Tickell.] 

1901. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. I., hi., 47-9, q.v. for Works. 

JORDAN, Thomas Brown, [engineer ; b. in Bristol, 1807, and lived there 
till 1827 ; d. 1890. He was a frequent contributor to the Transactions 
of Scientific Societies. For his Works see " Bibliotheca Cornubiensis," 
i., 279-280; hi., 1250.] 

1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxx, 200. 

KATER, Henry, [b. in Bristol in 1777 and lived there till 1799 ; d. 1835. 
He wrote many papers on scientific subjects.] 

1835. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., iv., 324-5. 




1862-4. Memoirs of the Distinguished Men of Science . . . See ante, 
sub JENNER, Edward. 

Captain Henry Kater. pp. 116-18. Also at pp. 75-7 of the 1864 edition. 
1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxx., 240-1. 

Twenty-five papers by him are named in the Royal Soc. Catalogue of Scientific 
Papers, vol. 3 (1869), pp. 618-9. Some of his Works were reviewed Edinb. Rev., 
No. 47, pp. 31-8, and No. 60, pp. 407-24 ; Quart. Rev., No. 71, pp. 139-67. 

KAY, Sir Brook, Bart., [b. in London in 1820 ; commenced his education 
in Cheltenham ; lived at Painswick, 1858-64, and at Charlton Kings, 
1867 till his death in 1907. He was President of Council of the Brist. & 
Glos. Archaeological Society from 1881-1903.] 

1907. In Memoriam, [by Canon Bazeley.] B. & Q. A. S. Trans., xxx., 
283-5. Portrait, facing p. 283. 

KEBLE, John, [author of the " Christian Year," was born at Fairford, 
Ap. 25, 1792. After leaving Oxford he was curate of Southrop and had 
the sole charge of Eastleach Turville and Eastleach Martin. From 
1826 to 1835 he resided with his father (who was vicar of Coin St. Aldwyn) 
at Fairford, and assisted him in his parochial work. He died at Bourne- 
mouth in 1866. His portrait, by Richmond, is in the National Portrait 
Gallery, and his bust by Woolner, is in Westminster Abbey. Keble 
College was erected in his memory.] 

1851. Homes of the Poets. " Hursley Vicarage." By the Rev. Prof. 
Spencer. Southern Literary Messenger (Richmond, U.S.), xvii., 17-21. 

1865. On the Influence of the " Christian Year." Churchman's Family 
Mag., May, pp. 469-80. Portrait, p. 469. 

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April 4, 11, 18 & 25.] London Quart. Rev., xxvi., 403-427. 

The Birth-Place . . . and other Places connected with the Author 

of the " Christian Year "... With Notes By the Rev. J. F. Moor, 

Jun. Winchester and London : 1866. 4to. 

Pp. 134 & 6 leaves. This and the second edition (1867) are described more 
fully ante, vol. 2, p. 194 sub Fairford. 

[ ] " In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength." A 

Sermon preached in Holy Trinity Church, Leeds, on Sunday, April 
8th, 1866, Being the Sunday following the Burial of the Rev. J. Keble, 
by James H. McCheane, M.A. . . . London. 8vo. Pp. 12. B.M. 

John Keble. An Essay on the Author of the ' Christian Year.' 

By J. C. Shairp, Professor of Humanity, St. Andrews, Edinburgh. 
1866. 8vo. Pp. viii. & 115. 

[Another Edition in] Studies in Poetry and Philosophy. By J. C. 
Shairp . . . Edinburgh. 1868. 8vo. 

John Keble, pp. 267-347. Also pp. 239-314 of the Second (1872), the Third (1876) 
and the Fourth (1880) editions. 





Emery Walker Ltd. Photographers 

From a drawing by G. Richmond R. A. in the National Portrait Gallery 

KEBLE 259 

1866. The Power of Holy Minstrelsy. A Sermon preached before the 
University of Oxford, at St. Mary's, on Sunday, April 8, 1866, Being 
the Sunday after the funeral of the Poet of " The Christian Year." 
By Edward Churton, M.A. . . . Oxford & London : 1866. 8vo. 
One leaf & pp. 1-16. B.M. 

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Reminiscences of the Author of " The Christian Year." By 

J. M. Chapman, M.A. . . . Printed for private circulation. [Oxford.] 
1866. 12mo. Pp. 16. 

[Another Edition, entitled] Reminiscences of Three Oxford 
Worthies: Rev. J. Keble . . . Rev. J. Miller . . . and Rev. C. A. 
Ogilvie ... By J. M. Chapman . . . Oxford and London : 1875. 

J. Keble, pp. 7-21. The Reminiscences are in verse. 

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Second Edition. With Corrections and Additions. Lon- 
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Rev., vi., 190-215. 

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to his Brother, July 25, 1844. Macmillan' 's Mag., xx., 132-4 ; (Same 
Art.) Litt. Liv. Age, Ser. 4, xiii., 85-93. 

1870. Essays chiefly on Questions of Church and State from 1850 to 1870. 
By Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D.D. Dean of Westminster . . . London : 
1870. 8vo. 

John Keble, pp. 592-613. 

260 KEBLE 

1870. Letters of Spiritual Counsel and Guidance, By the late Rev. J. 
Keble, M.A. Vicar of Hursley. Edited by R. F. Wilson, M.A. . . . 
Oxford & London : 1870. 8vo. 

Pp. xxxvi. & 240. The preface is an appreciation of Keble's Character by an 
old friend. 

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ii., 572-575. 

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John Keble, the Poet-Pastor. American Quart. Church Rev., 

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Musings over the " Christian Year " and " Lyra Innocentium " 

by Charlotte Mary Yonge ; together with a few Gleanings of Recol- 
lections of the Rev. John Keble, gathered by several Friends . . . 
Oxford & London : 1871. 8vo. 

Pp. clxv. & 358. Gleanings. &c. at pp. i.-clxv. 

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pp. 155-185. 

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Holydays throughout the year . . . New Edition. With a Memoir 
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KEBLE 261 

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Hursley Church, after Memoir. 

[Another Edition, 18S0] With a Biographical Sketch of 

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Also at same pages of the 1899 reprint of vol. 10 entitled " Sacred Poets of the 
Nineteenth Century." 

There is a portrait of Keble in the 1S98 edition. 

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In Memoriam W.J.H.C .... To which is added The Gift of 

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tion of John Keble . . . Oxford : 1892. 8vo. 

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262 KEBLE 

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Fifty-six of Keble's hymns which are in common use are noticed here, and about 
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[See Diet. Nat. Biog., xxx., 293-5.] 

The " Christian Year " was first published anonymously in 1827. At the end of 
the first year after Keble's death it had gone through 107 editions. 
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His paper " On the Real Presence " was reviewed in The Month (1866), vi., 71 
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KEBLE, Thomas, [brother of John Keble q.v. ; b. at Fairford, 1793 ; Vicar 
of Bisley 1827 till his death in 1875. He had previously been curate 
of Eastleach Turville and Eastleach Martin, and Cirencester.] 

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KECK, Families of. 

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Pedigree of Keck of Mickleton, Co. Glouc : [T.P.] B. 

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KEDERMYSTER, Richard, [abbot of Winchcombe from 1487 till his death 
in 1531. He was buried at Winchcombe.] 

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KEMBLE, Family of, [of Lydbrook.] 
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KEMPTHORNE, John, [b. 1775 ; residing in Gloucester in 1820 ; curate 
of St. Aldate's, Gloucester, 1822-6 ; examining chaplain to the Bishop 
of Gloucester in 1820; Vicar of Northleach 1816, and Rector of 
St. Michael's, Gloucester, 1826, till his death ; Prebend of Lichfield 
1826 ; d. Nov. 6, 1838, in his 64th year ; buried at St. Aldate's, Glouc, 
where there is a mural tablet to his memory, and another is in Gloucester 

1816. The Pastor's Parting Appeal, Exhortations, and Benedictions : 
A Farewell Sermon, preached In the Parish Church of Claybrook, 
Leicestershire, On Sunday, June 16, 1816 ; By the Rev. John Kemp- 
thorne, B.D. Late Curate of Claybrook. Gloucester : Pr. by Walker 
and Sons. 1816. 8vo. Title & pp. 19. B.M. 

1826. An Address to the Inhabitants of the Parish of St. Aldate, In the 
City of Gloucester, On Resigning the Curacy of that Parish. By the 
Reverend John Kempthorne. Gloucester : Pr. by D. Walker and Sons, 
At the Office of the Gloucester Journal, Westgate-Street. 1826. 8vo. 
Pp. 15. * 

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KEMYS, Family of, [of Siston, Oldbury, etc., etc.] 
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KERR, Russell James, [of the Haie, Newnham ; b. at Northampton, 1832 ; 
Chairman of the Second Court of Quarter Sessions, Co. Glouc : 1879-89 ; 
Chairman of Quarter Sessions, 1889-1904 ; Vice-Chairman of the 
Gloucestershire County Council 1889-1904 ; Verderer of the Forest of 
Dean, 1894 till his death in 1910. His portrait, by Frank Bramley, is 
in Judges' Lodgings, Gloucester.] 

1904. List of Subscribers to the Portrait of Russell J. Kerr, Esq. Pre- 
sented on October 18th, 1904, to the Gloucestershire Magistrates' Club. 
John Bellows, Gloucester. 4to. Pp. 15. F.A.H. 

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KERSLAKE, Thomas, [Bristol bookseller (1828-70) and writer on anti- 
quarian subjects ; b. 1812 ; d. 1891.] 


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xxxvii., 131-3. By W. George. Fifty copies reprinted in separate 
form. Pp. 3. 

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1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxi., 70-1. 


Besides the 10 works mentioned in the Diet. Nat. Biog., lie wrote the following:— 
Literary Curiosities, 1860; A Remonstrance [concerning the Bristol Library Society,] 
1867 ; Athelwey, 1877 ; Antiquarian Legislation, 1877 ; What is a Town ? 1878 ; 
Three Essays [vie. : I. The Word Metropolis ; II. The Ancient Word Anglo- 
Saxon ; and III. Anglo-Saxon Bristol and Fossil Taunton ;] Early History of 
Bristol and Taunton, 1880 ; Pannier Alley, [in the Antiquary] 1880 ; The Welsh in 
Dorset, 1880 ; Caer Pensauelcoit, 1882 ; Branscombe Dedication, 1883 ; Henbury, 
a Gloucestershire Parish 1000 years ago, 1883 ; Saint Kidwelly Charters. Arch. 
Camb., 3rd Ser., ii., 273-281 ; iii., 1-22. The Celt and the Teuton in Exeter. Arch. 
Jour., xxx., 211-225 ; The Welsh in Dorset. Dorset Nat. Hist. X- Anliq. Field Club., 
iii., 74-103 ; Bindon Hill, on the Swines Back. Id., iv., 53-55. 

KEYT or KEYTE, Family of. 

1864. Pedigree of . . . Keyte of Ebrington, Co. Glouc. & of Broadway 
Co. Worcester . . . 1864. [T.P.] B. 

1881. William Keyt's Bequest of Milk, 1632. Glos. N. & Q., i., 435. 

This Wm. Keyt was an ancestor of Sir Wm. Keyt, q.v. 
1884. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 101-3. 
1909. Monumental Effigies. B. & O. A. S. Trans., xxii., 250-1. 

KEYT, KEYTE, or KYTE, Sir William, [of Norton House, Weston-sub- 
Edge, b. 1690; d. 1741.] 
1719-20. Act for Discharging certain Estates, in the Counties of Lincoln 
and Warwick, of and from the Uses and Limitations contained in the 
Marriage Settlement of Sir William Keyte, Baronet, and Settling 
other Lands in the County of Gloucester, of greater Value, to the same 
Uses. [6 Geo. I. c. 11. Priv.] 
1774. The Story of Sir William Kyte, who set fire to his own House, and 
perished in the Flames. Gent. Mag., xliv., 171-2. 

Reprinted, with slight alterations, in Evesham N. & Q., iii., 231-4. 
1797. [Catastrophe of Sir William Keyt.] Gent. Mag., lxvii., 1109-10. 
1884. The Life and Death of Sir William Keyte, Bart. Glos. N. tfc Q., 

ii„ 574-7. 
1914. The Burning of Norton House, Gloucestershire. Evesham N. de Q., 
iii., 231-237. 

KING, Peter, [b. at Kingstanley, Jan. 9, 1801, where, or in the neighbour- 
hood of which, he lived all his life.] 


1851. A Memoir of the Life and Character of the late Mr Peter King, 
Deacon of the Baptist Church at Kingstanley, Gloucestershire, who 
died, January 2, 1851. By Thomas Fox Newman. London : 1851. 
Pp. 70. O.P.L. 

1851. Memoir of the late Mr Peter King, deacon of the Baptist Church at 
Kingstanley, Gloucestershire. Baptist Mag., Ser. 4, xiv., 677-83. 

KING, Thomas Chiswell, [actor; b. in 1818 at Twyning, Glos. ; engaged 
in a paper-hanging business in Cheltenham till ? 1840, when he went 
on the stage ; d. 1893.] 

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KINGSCOTE, Family of, [of Kingscote.] 

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149. Portrait, p. 148. 

Reviewed in Glos. N. & Q., ii., 442-4. 

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(Maclean), pp. 99-100. 

KINGSCOTE, Sir Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge K.C.B., [agriculturist; b. at 
Kingscote, 1830 ; A.D.C. to Lord Raglan in the Crimea, 1854, fought 
at Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman, and the siege of Sebastopol ; M.P. for 
W. Glos., 1852-85 ; Alderman, Co. Glouc, 1889 till his death in 1909. 
His portrait was painted by A. de Brie.] 

1908. Sir Nigel Kingscote. Jour, of the Roy. Agric. Soc. of England, 
vol. 69, pp. 1-16. 

Portrait (eng. from De Brie's painting), p. 1. The article is by Sir Ernest Clarke, 
Secretary to the Royal Agricultural Society, 1887-1905. 

1909. Kingscote, Gloucestershire. Catalogue of the entire old-established 
herd of pure bred Shorthorn Cattle bred by The late Col. Sir Nigel 
Kingscote, K.C.B., For Sale by Auction By order of the Executors, 
On Thursday, April 29, 1909 .. . 8vo. O.P.L. 

Pp. [31.] A history of the herd, then the oldest in the West of England, is given 
on p. 2. 

1912. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. II., ii., 401-2. 

1914. Members of the Beaufort Hunt ... see infra sub SOMERSET, 
Hy. Chas. Fitzroy. 

The late Sir Nigel Kingscote, pp. 50-52. 

KINGSTON, Family of, [of Painswick, Flaxley, &c] 

1882. Pedigrees of Kingston. [By W. C. Heane.] B. db G. A. S. 
Trans., vi., 292-5. 


KINGSTON, Sir Anthony, [b. 1519 ; son of Sir Wm. Kingston of Gloucester- 
shire, q.v. ; commanded 1000 Gloucestershire men in suppression of the 
Pilgrimage of Grace ; received grants of lands belonging to suppressed 
Gloucestershire monasteries, including those of Flaxley Abbey ; resided 
in Gloucestershire till his marriage in 1535 ; M.P. for Gloucestershire 
1545, 1552-3, 1555; lord of the Manor of Painswick, 1540-1556; died, 
probably by his own hand, at Cirencester, in 1556.] 

1881. Sir Anthony Kingston of Painswick. Glos. N. & Q., i., 27-8. 

[1887.] " The Fosco Belt," at pp. 278-363 of Dene Forest Sketches, see 
ante, vol. 1, p. 245. 

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KINGSTON, Richard, [controversialist, rector of Henbury, 1678-88 ; d. 
c. 1708.] 

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1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxi., 185-6, q.v. for Works. 

KINGSTON, Sir William, [K.G., Constable of the Tower; member of a 
Gloucestershire family ; Lord of the Manor of Painswick, where he 
died in 1540; buried in Painswick Church.] 

1670-1766. Lloyd's State Worthies (1670), pp. 462-5; (1766), i., 339-43. 

1881. Old Monument in Painswick Church. Glos. N. & Q., i., 64. 

1892. Diet. Nat, Biog., xxxi., 186-7. 

KINSEY, William Morgan, [divine and traveller ; b. 1788 ; incumbent of 
St. John's Church, Cheltenham ,1832-1843 ; d. 1851.] 

1851. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xxxvi., 95. 

1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxi., 193, q.v. for Works. 

KNAPP, Family of, [of Clifton]. 

1879. Pedigree of Mathew Grenville Sam well Knapp, of Little Linford, 
Bucks, and of Arthur John Knapp. of Llanfoist House, Clifton Down, 
Bristol. Privately printed. London : 1879. 4to. Pp. 6. 

Arthur John Knapp was born at Llanfoist House in 1808, and was living there 
in 1879. He was the eldest son of John Leonard Knapp q.v. 

KNAPP, John Leonard, [botanist ; b. 1767 ; lived from 1813, till his death 
in 1845, at Alveston, near Bristol, where he wrote the " Journal of a 
Naturalist," which relates to the district around his home. It has been 
called " a botanical companion of White's Solborne " ; it went through 
4 editions (described ante, vol. 2, pp. 4-5), and was reviewed Quart. Rev., 
No. 78, pp. 406-31 ; Monthly Rev., N.S., x., 475-91.] 

1845-49. [Obituaries.] Gent. May., N.S., xxiii., 653-4 ; Procs. Linnean 
Soc., i., 244-5. 

1892. Diet, Nat. Biog., xxxi., 235-6, q.v. for Works. 


KNIFE, Family of, [of Cheltenham.] 

1866. Pedigree of Knife of Imber Court, Thames Ditton, and of Chelten- 
ham, and Brighton. To be verified. [T.P.] 1866. s. sh. fol. B. 

KNIGHT, Family of, [of Bristol and Matson.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc. 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 105. 

1899-1900. The Knights of Bristol. N. & Q., Ser. 9, hi., 321-2, & v., 152. 

1911. Bristol M.P.'s. See infra sub KNIGHT, Sir John, the younger. 

KNIGHT, Sir John, the elder, [b. 1612 ; provision merchant of Bristol ; 
knighted by Charles II., 1663 ; mayor of Bristol, 1663 ; d. 1683 ; notori- 
ous for his religious intolerance and especially for his persecution of the 

1665. A Relation of the Inhumane and Barbarous sufferings of the people 
called Quakers in Bristoll during the Mayoralty of John Knight. 
Title & pp. 128. Described more fully ante, vol. 3, p. 26. 
1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxi., p. 225. 

KNIGHT, Sir John, the younger, [d. 1718 ; ? a kinsman of Sir John Knight, 
the elder q.v., with whom he is often confused ; b. in Bristol ; Sheriff 
of Bristol in 1681, and Mayor in 1690 ; M.P. for Bristol, 1691-5. Like 
his kinsman he was a religious zealot and oppressed papists and non- 
conformists alike. He died in poverty. His speech in Parliament 
against naturalizing foreigners in 1693, in which he urged the House to 
" first kick the Bill out of the house and then all the foreigners out of 
the kingdom" made some sensation. It was printed c. 1694, and went 
through at least 4 editions. It was also reprinted in "A Choice Col- 
lection of Papers," 1703, and in the " Somers Tracts," 1748 &1813.] 

1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxi., 255-6. 

1911. Bristol M.P.'s. Sir Arthur Hart, Sir John Knight. N. dk Q., 
Ser. 11, iv., 247, 291-2, 371-3. 

KNIGHT, John, [mayor of Bristol, 1670. Probably a relative of the two 
Sir John Knights mentioned above, q.v.] 

[1670 ?] Order of John Knight, Mayor, for restraining Blasphemy, 
Swearing, Drunkenness, &c. s. sh. fol. B.M. 

1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxi., 256. 

KNIGHT, John, [of Whiteshill, b. 1763, d. I860.] 

1860. The Good Old Man, or the Patriarch of Whiteshill. Stroud : 
Printed and Sold ... By W. H. Baily. 1860. 8vo. 

Pp. 14 & verse by Lot Pearce, one page. Price 2d. 

KNOWLES, John, [controversialist. In 1648 he described himself as " a 
Preacher of the Gospel, formerly in and near Gloucester." He was there 
again in 1650. He died c. 1668.] 


1850. Antitrinitarian Biography . . . see ante, sub BIDDLE, John. 

John Knowles, vol. 3, pp. 210-221. 
1803. John Knowles. N. & Q., Ser. 3, iii., 80. 
1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxi., 300-301, q.v. for Works. 

KYNASTON, Herbert, [b. June 29, 1835 ; headmaster, Cheltenham College, 
1874-1888 ; d. Aug. 1, 1910.] 

1910. [Obituary.] Classical Rev., xxiv., 229-30. 

1912. Herbert Kynaston A Short Memoir With selections from his oc- 
casional writings By The Rev. E. D. Stone formerly Assistant Master 
at Eton College. London : 1912. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Pp. xxxiv. & 98. Memoir at pp. ix. -xxxiv. Portrait, Front. 
1912. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. II., ii., 409-10. 

LACY, Edmund, [born c. 1370, probably in Gloucester; master of Univ. 
Coll., Ox., 1398-1403; bishop of Hereford, 1417-20; bishop of Exeter, 
1420-55; d. 1455; buried in Exeter Cathedral.] 

1861. Lives of the Bishops of Exeter. ... By the Rev. George Oliver, 
D.D. Exeter. 1861. 8vo. 

Edmund Lacy, pp. 100-104 and passim. 

1901. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. I., hi., 74. 

LAMB, John, [Master of Corp. Ch. Coll. Camb ; b. 1789 ; Dean of Bristol 
1837-50, and Vicar of Olveston, 1845-50 ; d. 1850.] 

1850. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xxxiii., 667-8. 

1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxi., 431-2, q.v. for Works. 

LANE, Family of, [of Apperley and Gloucester.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 106-7 ; 1623 
(Maclean), pp. 100-2. 

LANGLEY, Family of, [of Bristol and Gloucester.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 107-8; 1623 
(Maclean), pp. 102-3, 255. 

LANGLEY, John, [grammarian ; master of the College School, Gloucester, 
1617-27 and 1628-35; d. 1657.] 

1658. A Sermon Touching the Use of Humane Learning. Preached In 
Mercers-Chapel, at the Funeral Of that Learned Gentleman, Mr John 
Langley, late School-Master of Pauls School in London, on the 21 day 
of September, 1657. By Ed. Reynolds, D.D. London, Printed by 
T.N. for George Thomason at the Rose and Crown in Pauls Church- 
yard, 1658. sm.4to. B.M. 
Title & pp. 34. Some .p. copies were printed. 


1817. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), iii., 434-6. 

Wood says he was a prebendary of Gloucester, but his name does not occur in 
Fosbroke's list. 

1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxii., 111-12, q.v. for Works. 

LATHBURY, Thomas, [b. 1798; curate of Mangotsfield, 1831; vicar of 
St. Simon's, Bristol, 1848 till his death in 1865. His works were re- 
viewed Edirib. Rev., No. 129, pp. 93-105; No. 213, pp. 78-111 ; Quart. 
Rev., No. 223, pp. 236-70.] 

1865. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., cexviii., 385. 

1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxii., 169-70, q.v. for Works. 

N.D. A List of Printed Service Books, Belonging to the Rev. T. 
Lathbury. 8vo. Pp. 7. 

LATIMER, John, [journalist ; editor of the Bristol Mercury 1858-83 ; hon. 
sec. for Bristol of the Brist. & Glos. Arch. Society 1894-1900 ; d. Jan. 4, 
1904, in his 80th year.] 

1903. [Obituary.] B. & G. A. S. Trans., xxvi., 208-12, where his several 
works and papers are mentioned. Portrait, p. 212. 


His "Annals of Bristol " in the 18th and 19th centuries are described ante, vol. 3, 
pp. 224, 215. His "Annals of Bristol " in the 17th century was published in 1900, 
and his "Sixteenth Century Bristol" in 1908. He contributed papers on 
subjects relating to Bristol and Gloucestersliire to B.G.A.S. Trans., xii., 114-22; 
xiv., 221-84 ; xv., 7-19 ; xvi., 201-7 ; and to C.A.C. Procs., i., 217-28 ; ii., 93-104. 

LATIMER, or LATYMER, William, [classical scholar ; b. 1460? ; rector 
of Wotton-under-Edge, and Saintbury, Glos., where he died in 1545.] 

1813. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), i., 147-9. 

1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxii., 181-2. 

LAW, Henry, [b. 1797 ; Dean of Gloucester from 1862 till his death in 1884.] 
1887. Henry Law, M.A. Glos. N. db Q., iii., 381-2. 
1892. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxii., 228-9, q.v. for principal Works. 


Besides the Works mentioned in Diet. Nat. Biog., he published a large number 
of Tracts and Leaflets, Charges delivered while he was archdeacon of Wells, and 2 

LAWRENCE, Family of, [of Sevenhampton, &c, &c] 

1829. [Curious pedigree of the Lawrences.] Gent. Mag., vol. 99, pt. 1, 
pp. 105-8. 

1836. Burke's Commoners, iii., 64-66. 

1863-7. Pedigree of Laurence of Sevenhampton. [1863 & 1867. T.P.] B. 

1868. Lawrence Pedigree. Misc. Gen. et Herald., i., 205-8. 


1884. The Lawrence Family of Bourton-on-the-Water. Oloa. N. & Q., 
ii., 15-1G. 

The Lawrence Family [of Sevenhampton.] Two Monumental 

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LAWRENCE, Charles, [agriculturist ; b. 1794 at Cirencester, where he 
lived till his death in 1881.] 

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LAWRENCE, Giles, [professor of Greek at Oxford ; b. in Gloucestershire ; 
fl. 1539-84.] 

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LAWRENCE, Sir Thomas, [president of the Royal Academy ; b. in Bristol 
1769 ; taken by his father in 1772 to Devizes and shortly after to Bath ; 
sent to a school at " The Fort " in (and not as stated in the Diet. Nat. Biog. 
near to) Bristol ; his talent for drawing manifested itself when he was 
five years old ; moved to London in 1786 or 1787, where he made a great 
reputation for himself as a portrait painter ; elected R.A. 1794 ; Presi- 
dent R. A. 1820 ; d. 1830. His portrait is in Burlington House, and a 
copy of it by Richard Evans is in the National Portrait Gallery ; a 
portrait of him was also painted by Chas. Landseer and another was 
painted and engraved by Charles Turner. A marble bust of him, by 
Edward Hodges Baily q.v., and a bronze medallion after Baily's bust, 
by S. Parker, are in the National Portrait Gallery.] 

1830. A Catalogue of the first part of the very valuable and extensive 
collection of Engravings in the portfolio of Sir Thomas Lawrence, . . 
Sold by Auction, By Mr Christie . . . May the 10th, 1830 .. . 4to. 


Pp. 40. His paintings and drawings by old and modern masters were sold by 
Christie on May 15, 20, 21 (Catalogues, pp. 10 &18) ; his library was sold by Sotheby 
on June 25-28 (Catalogue, pp. 3G) and Ms casts and medals by Christie on July 6. 
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of Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A., deceased . . . also, the celebrated 
Portrait of Sir Thomas Lawrence painted by himself . . . Sold by 
Auction, by Messrs. Christie & Manson . . . June the 18th, 1831 . . . 
4to. Pp. 8. B.M. 

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of vol. 1. Addresses by him to the Members of the R.A. and the Students are 
printed in an Appendix to vol. 1. 

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p. 12 ; His Nephew, Thomas Lawrence Bloxam, p. 16 ; Rowland Bloxam, p. 17; 
His Nephew, Henry Bloxam, p. 17 ; His Niece, Mary Isabella Bloxam, p. 18 ; 
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21 ; Miss Bloxam, p. 22. All the plates are after Sir Thomas Lawrence. 

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Lawrence . . . and other distinguished persons . . . London : 1858. 
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of one of The Portraits. [Fredk. Herbert Hemming.] 1872. 8vo. 
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. . . with a Catalogue of the Artist's Exhibited and Engraved Works 
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Two leaves & pp. iv. & 181. Imprint, one leaf. Only GOO copies printed. 

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by himself, Front. ; from engraved portrait by Worthington, after the same, 
p. 70 ; from a lithograph by 11. J. Lane, after the drawing by Lawrence, p. 210. 

Reviewed [By Eliza Priestley] Nineteenth Century, lvii., 642-51 ; (By J. B. 
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Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A., from the original by himself in the possession of 
the Royal Academy, Front. 

[1908.] Letters from Professor Thomas J. Mulvany R.H.A. to his eldest 
Son William T. Mulvany Esqre. Royal Commissioner of Public Works 
Ireland from 1825-1845 and appendix containing correspondence with 
Sir Thomas Lawrence and Obituaries. 8vo. 

Correspondence with Sir Thomas Lawrence, showing that Professor T. J. Mulvany 
was one of the chief movers in having the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin 
erected, pp. 85-96. 

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ductions in colour. London : 8vo. Pp. 80. 

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LAWRENCE, Sir William, [surgeon ; b. at Cirencester, 1783 ; educated at 
Elmore, near Gloucester, till 1799 ; d. 1867. He was elder brother of 
Charles Lawrence q.v. There is a portrait of him, by Pickersgill, at St. 
Bartholomew's Hospital, and a bust in the College of Surgeons. His 
portrait was also drawn and eng. by Chas. Turner. He contributed 
many papers on medical subjects to periodicals, and his Lectures on 
Comparative Anatomy, Physiology, &c, went through 9 editions.] 

1819. Cursory Observations upon the " Lectures on Physiology, Zoology, 
and the Natural History of Man," deliverod at tho Royal College of 
Surgeons, by W. Lawrence, F.R.S. Professor of Anatomy and Surgery 
to the College, &c, in a Series of Letters addressed to that Gentleman ; 
with A Concluding Letter to his Pupils. By Edward William Grinfield, 
M.A. . . . Tho Second Edition, to which is added, A Congratulatory 
Address to Mr Lawrence on the Suppression of his " Lectures." 
London : 1819. 8vo. Pp. 61. 


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Lawrence, Esq. . . . sold by auction, by Messrs. S. Leigh Sotheby & 
John Wilkinson . . . 29th of January, 1855 . . . Pp. 49. 8vo. B. 

Library of William Lawrence, Esq., pp. 1-20. 

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LEACH, Family of. 

1862. Pedigree of Leach, of Buckland, Co. Gloucester & Broadway, Co. 
Worcester. T.P. 1862. [T.P.] B. 

LEAN, Vincent Stuckey, [b. at Bristol, April 10, 1820 ; son of James Lean, 
one of the managers of the Bristol branch of the Somerset Bank, now 
known as Lean's Bank ; educated at private schools in Clifton and Fai- 
land; called to the Bar, 1843; d. Mar. 24, 1899. By his will Mr Lean 
bequeathed to the Trustees of the British Museum a sum of £50,000 for the 
improvement and extension of the Library. He also left a similar amount 
to be applied to the further development of the Public Libraries of 
Bristol and large legacies to other Institutions in that City. The new 
Reference Library in College Green, Bristol, was built out of the bequest. 
His large collection of MSS. relating to the subject of National Proverbs 
(English and Foreign) was left to the British Museum and has in part 
been published in four volumes, roy. 8vo., under the title of " Lean's 
Collectanea." His collection of printed books relating to the same 
subject was left to the Bristol Reference Library.] 

1902-4. Lean's Collectanea. Collections by Vincent Stuckey Lean of 

Proverbs (English and Foreign), Folk Lore, and Superstitions . . . 

1902-4. 4 vols. (vol. 2 in 2 parts). B. R.L. 

Memoir of Vincent Stuckey Lean (a9 reprinted) is in vol. 1, pp. ix.-xvi. Portraits : 

Fronts, to vols. 1 and 4. 

1903. Bristol Public Libraries. Reference Library. The Stuckey Lean 

Collection. Edited by Norris Mathews, F. R. Hist. S., City Librarian. 

Bristol : Printed by order of the Libraries Committee. 1903. 4to. 



Titles, and Preface (biographical), pp. i.-viii. ; Contents and Title to Sect. I., 
2 leaves ; Catalogue, pp. 1-268. Portrait : Front. 

1903. A Memorial Volume. The Vincent Stuckey Lean Collection In 
the Bristol Reference Library. Philology, Proverbs, &c. 8vo. Pp. 10. 

Review of the Catalogue of the Collection, reprinted from the " Bristol Times 
and Mirror," Dec. 3, 1903. 

N.D. Short Memoir of Vincent Stuckey Lean 1820-1899. Together 
with Prefatory Note written by Mr T. W. Williams for " Lean's Col- 
lectanea." Bristol: J. W. Arrowsmith. 8vo. B.R.L. 
Pp. xv. Portraits of Vincent S. Lean, Front, and p. ix. ; Book-plate, p. vii. ; 
Facsimiles of " Lean's Collectanea," between pp. xiv.-xv. 

LEIGH, Family of, [of Adlestrop.] 

1884. Visitation Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 113-5. 

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LEIPNER, Adolph, [b. Aug. 13, 1827 ; settled at Clifton, 1854 ; lecturer, 
Bristol U/niv. Coll., 1876-1894 ; hon. sec. Bristol Naturalists' Society, 
1862-1893; d. 1894.] 

1901. B.N.S. Procs., N.S., vol. is., Portrait & pp. 81-83, q.v. for Works. 

LEWIS, Charles, [painter of still-life ; b. at Gloucester 1753; d. 1795.] 
1893. Diet, Nat. Biog., xxxiii., 171-2. 

LEWIS, James Henry, [stenographer ; b. in King's Stanley in 1786 ; son 
of James Lewis, cloth manufacturer of Ebley. He devised a system of 
shorthand, which is still sometimes used. The best description of it is 
in T. C. Foster's " Plain Instructions for the Attainment of Short- 
hand," 1838. He died Nov. 30, 1853. His portrait, which has been 
engraved, was in 1893 in the possession of his son, Mr. A. C. Lewis.] 

1881. James Henry Lewis. Glos. N. & Q., i., 388, 398-9. 

1893. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxiii., pp. 185-6, q.v. for Works. 

LEWIS, John, [author ; b. in Bristol, Aug. 29, 1675 ; son of John Lewis, 
a wine cooper, of Bristol ; he was a writer of biographies, of topographical 
works, and of theological and antiquarian tracts ; died Jan. 16, 1747. 
A portrait of him was in the possession of Mr Hutton, of Blackley, in 
1830, and one [? the same] was in the possession of Mr Henry Brook 
in 1904. A mezzotint portrait of him by Vertue is in his edition of 
Wycliff's New Testament, and a portrait of him eng. by G. White is 
in the second edition of his " History of Thanet."] 

1822. [Letters to Rev. Oliver Battely. Nichols' Illustrations, iv., 106-9 ; 
to Mr Joseph Ames, Id., 168-197 ; Portrait, eng. by P. Audinet, Id. 

1823. Bristol Memorialist, pp. 187-188. 


1855-93. Lewis's Collections for the History of Printing. N. & Q., 
Ser. 1, xii., 284 ; [His Birthplace] Id,, Ser. 3, i., 310-11 ; [Anecdote of,] 
Id., Ser. 4, vi., 270 ; [The MSS., and Memoir of,] Id., Ser. 8, iv., 388, 

1893. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxiii., pp. 186-8, where his principal Works 
and ten of his tracts are mentioned. His " Church Catechism explain'd " 
went through 13 editions. 

1904. [John Lewis's portrait.] N. db Q., Ser. 10, i., 153. 

LEWIS, William, [b. Sept, 17, 1753, ? in Bristol ; d. 1816 ; buried in the 
Friends' Burial Ground, The Friars, Bristol.] 

1819. Memoirs of the Life and Religious Experience of William Lewis, 
Late of Bristol. To which is added, Extracts from Letters, addressed 
by him to individuals On different Occasions. Bristol : Printed for 
the Editors, at the Albion Press, by Wansbrough and Saunders, 142 
Redcliff-Street. 1819. Two leaves & pp. 223. 8vo. B.M. 

1820. Second Edition . . . 1820. 8vo. Two leaves & pp. 233. 


1853. [Another Edition, printed for the Tract Association of the 

Society of Friends, without Extracts from Letters.] Pp. 16. 8vo. 


LIGHTFOOT, John, [naturalist ; b. Dec. 9, 1735 at Newent, Glos. ; edu- 
cated at the Crypt Grammar School, Gloucester, and Pemb. Coll. Ox. ; 
d. 1788.] 

1777. Flora Scotica By The Rev. John Lightfoot. London. 2 vols. 


A memoir of the Author by Thomas Pennant is at pp. *v.-*xii. of vol. 1. Re- 
viewed Month. Rev., lix., 370-4. 

1788. [Obituary] Gent. Mag., lvii., pt. 1, pp. 183, 269. 

1877. John Lightfoot. N. & Q., Ser. 5, viii., 275-6. 

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1905. Lightfoot's Visit to Wales in 1773. By the Rev. H. J. Riddelsdell. 
Journal of Botany, xliii., 290-307. 

LINGEN, Family of. 

1856. Pedigree ... of Lingen, of Radbroke [? Redbrook, Newland], Co. 
Glouc. [T.P.] Broadside. 

1884. Visitation, Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), p. 116. 

LIPPINCOTT, Family of, [of Over Court, Almondsbury.] 

1809-11. British Family Antiquity, vii., 230-3. 

1890. " Be Strong." Joshua I. 6. A Funeral Sermon In Loving 
Memory of the late R. C. Lippincott, Esq., Of Over Court, Preached 


on Sunday Morning, June 22nd, 1890, by Rev. F. Sumner, M.A. In 
Compton Greenfield Church. Pub. by Special Request. Bristol, 
Wm. F. Mack, 70, Park St. Price Id. 16mo. Pp. 15. * 

LITTLE, Family of, [of Pitchcombe House, Co. Glouc] 

1892." Our Family History " By E. Caruthers Little. John Bellows. 
Gloucester. 4to. F.A.H. 

Pp. 45. Two plates of arms and seals (one folded) and one folded pedigTee of 
the Little Family at end. Privately printed. Eelates to the Families of Little, 
Palling, Caruthers, Butler, and White. 

1897. Crisp's Visitation, v., 84-89. 

1899. Corrections in, with Additions to " Our Family History," By E. 
Caruthers Little. 4to. Pp.17. F.A.H. 

LLOID or LLOYD, Family of, [of Wheatenhurst.] 

1884-5. Visitations Co. Glouc, 1682-3 (Fenwick), pp. 116-7; 1623, 
(Maclean), pp. 104-5. 

LLOYD, Thomas, [of Wheatenhurst, where he owned a considerable estate; 
d. in Gloucester, in 1668.] 

1669. . . . The Dust returning to the Earth. Being A Sermon Preached 
at the Interment Of that Excellently accomplisht Gentleman Tho. 
Lloyd Esq. Late of Wheaten-Hurst in the County of Glocester, upon 
Tuesday the 22th (sic) of December, 1668. By Tho. Woolnough, 
Rector of the Parish of St. Michael in the City of Glocester ... In 
the Savoy, Printed by T.N. for James Collins, & are to be sold by 
T. Jordan Bookseller in Glocester. 1669. sm. 4to. Title & pp. 1-20. 

1884. Thomas Lloyd, a Squire of the Seventeenth Century. Gloa. N. & Q., 
ii., 651-5. 


LOE, William, [Vicar of Churcham, Glos., c. 1598 ; master of the College 
School, Gloucester, 1600 ; prebendary of Gloucester Cathedral 1602 ; 
d. 1648.] 

1817. Wood's Athenae Oxon. (Bliss), hi., 183-4. 

1870. Miscellanies of the Fuller Worthies' Library. The songs of Sion 
of Dr. William Loe (1620) Edited, with Memorial-Introduction and 
Notes, by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart, St. George's Blackburn, 
Lancashire. Printed for Private Circulation. 1870. 106 copies only. 
8vo. Title & pp. 183. B.M. 

1893. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxiv., 67-8, q.v. for Works. 

[1913.] William Leo, a Seventeenth Century Vicar of Wandsworth, and 
Minister at Putney. 4to. O.P.L. 

[Pp. 5 and 6 of] reprints of articles from The Wandsworth Boro' Xeics, by Cecil T. 


LONGDEN, Family of, [of Gloucester.] 

1882-95. Thomas Longden, Mayor of Gloucester, 1695. N. & Q., Ser. 6, 
v., 110, 277; vi., 138. Robert Longden of Gloucester, 1622-84. Id. 
v., 277 ; vi. 138 ; Ser. 8, vii., 458. 

1884-94. Longden Family of Gloucester. Glos. N. & Q., in., 36-7, 214-16, 
244-6 ; v., 230-3 ; Thomas Longden, Mayor of Gloucester, Id., ii., 127 ; 
General Sir H. E. Longden, Id., v., 37. 

LONGE, Family of. 

1904. Longe of Ashelworth. Extracts from the Parish Registers of 
Ashelworth. By Conway Dighton. Glos. N. & Q., x., 22-26. 

LOUISA, " The Maid of the Haystack," [a lunatic who wandered about in 
the neighbourhood of Bristol 1776 c. 1785 ; d. Jan. 1801.] 

1782. A Tale of Real Woe. Arminian Mag., v., 321-25. 

1785. A Narrative of Facts supposed to throw light on the History of 
the Bristol Stranger ; known by the Name of The Maid of the Hay- 
stack. Translated from the French. London: 1785. 12 mo. B.R.L. 

A translation from " L'Inconnue histoire veritable," by the Kev. G. H. Glasse. 
It went through 3 editions, q.v. ante vol. 3, p. 76. 

1801. The Death of Loisa (sic). Methodist Mag., xxiv., 224-6. 

1801. Louisa, the Lady of the Haystack. Lady's Monthly Museum, vi., 
421-3. Portrait, p. 421. 

1801. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., vol. 71, pt, 1, pp. 280-1. 

1803-20. The Wonderful and Scientific Museum : or, Magazine of Re- 
markable Characters ; including all the Curiosities of Nature and Art, 
from the remotest period to the present time, Drawn from every authen- 
tic Source. Illustrated with Elegant Engravings . . . London : 1803- 
20. 6 vols. 8vo. 

Circumstantial history of the Life of the unfortunate Louisa, or the Lady of the 
Hay-Stack, iii. (1805), 328-57. Portrait, eng. by G. Scott, from an Original Painting 
taken soon after her arrival at Bourton, near Bristol, in ye Year 1776, pub. May 21, 
1805, by R. S. Kirby, p. 328. A reprint, with same pagination, was published in 

1807. The Eccentric Mirror . . . Collected by G. H. Wilson. 4 vols. 

Louisa, or the Lady of the Hay-Stack, vol. 3, No. 22, pp. 36. Plate : Louisa, 
p. 1. 

1821. Wonderful Characters : comprising Memoirs and Anecdotes of 
the most Remarkable Persons of Every Age and Nation. Collected 
from the most authentic sources By Henry Wilson. London : 1821. 
3 vols. 8vo. 

Louisa, the Lady of the Hay-Stack, vol. 1, pp. 282-308. 

1902. Louisa, the Maid of the Haystack. Procs. Wesley Hist. Soc, 
iii., 161-2. 


LOVEL, Christopher, [labourer; fl. 1716.] 

1823. The Case of Christopher Lovel, of Bristol, who was touched by the 
Pretender, for the King's Evil. Bristol Memorialist, pp. 65-70. 
Reprinted from the General Evening Post, Jan. 5th-7th, 1747-8. 

LOVELL, Robert, [b. about 1770 (probably) in Bristol, where he lived all 
his life ; intimate with Coleridge and Southey, and the three friends 
married three sisters ; d. in 1796.] 

1870. Robert Southey and Robert Lovell. N. <fc Q., Ser. 4, v., 171. 

1901. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. I., iii., 111. 

LOWSLEY, Family of, [of Cherrington & Chavenage.] 

1897. Record of the Family of Lowsley of Berkshire and Gloucestershire 
[Arms] compiled from documents in the possession of the Family by 
Lieut. -Colonel B. Lowsley, Royal Engineers . . . Printed for private 
reference only. 1897. imp. 4to. 

Two Titles, Ded., List of Illust. & Index, pp. xvi. ; Text, pp. 208. Pis : Arms of 
4 branches of the Family, p. 6 ; Some residences of the Family in Glos., p. 24 ; 
Chavenage & Cherrington, p. 42 ; Family portraits, Front. & pp. 72, 78, 123 & 138. 

LUDLOW, Ebenezer, [serjeant at law ; b. March 5, 1777, at Chipping Sod- 
bury ; Town Clerk of Bristol, 1819-1836; for some years a Com- 
missioner in Bankruptcy, Bristol District ; Chairman Gloucestershire 
Quarter Sessions, 1842-49 ; d. at Almondsbury, Mar. 18 (not Mar. 25, 
as stated in Gent. Mag., 1851).] 

1851. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., N.S., xxxv., 666-7. 

1894. Ludlow of Chipping Sodbury. Glos. N. cfc Q., v., 443-5. 

LURY, Anne Harford, [of Bristol ; a Member of the Society of Friends. She 
was born blind.] 

1827. A Memoir respecting Anne Harford Lury late of Bristol ; who 
died [. . . Oct. 28, 1820] in the twenty-fifth year of her age. Bristol : 
Pr. by John Wright ; 1827. One Shilling. 8vo. Pp. 28. F.L. 

LUTTON, Anne, [b. at Moira, Dec. 16, 1791 ; resided at Bristol from 1837 
until her death on Aug. 22, 1881.] 

1882. Memorials of a Consecrated Life compiled from the Autobio- 
graphy, Letters, and Diaries of Anne Lutton of Moira Co. Down, Ireland, 
and of Cotham, Bristol . . . London : 1882. 8vo. G.P.L. 

Title, &c, pp. i.-xvi. ; Memorials, pp. 1-523. Portrait, Front. 

LYDIARD, Family of, [of Cheltenham, Gloucester, Birdlip, Cirencester & 

1868. Pedigree of Lydiard ... To be verified . [T.P.] 1868. 

LYNE, Family of, [of Little Compton, Elkstone and Guiting.] 

1884. Glos. N. <fc Q., ii., 34-37, 89-91. 



LYSONS, Family of, [said to have resided in Gloucestershire for 300 years. 
In the 16th and 17th centuries they were settled at Westbury-on-Severn, 
and later at Rodmarton and Hempstead. As five members of the family 
are mentioned in the following pages a pedigree of the generations in 
which their names occur is given.] 

Daniel Lysons 
of Hempstead Court 
b. 1697 ; d. 1773 


Daniel Lysons, M.D. 

b.1727; d.s.p. 1800 

m. Mary Rogers of 


Josepha C. S. Cooper = Daniel Lysons, 
b. 1762, d. 1834 
Rector of Rod- 

Elizabeth Mee 

a grand-daughter of Wm. Trye 
of Hardwicke Court 

Samuel Lysons = 

= Mary, daughter of 

b. 1730; d. 1804 

Samuel Peach of Chalford 

Rector of 

Rodmarton and 


Sarah Hardy Samuel Lysons Mary Elizabeth 

b. 1763; d. s.p. m. m. 

1819 Chas. John 

Brandon Marshall 

Trye Collard 

General Sir Daniel Lysons, K.C.B. 
b. 1816 ; d. 1898 

Samuel Lysons 
b. 1806; d. 1877 

Rector of 
Hempstead and 
Canon of Glou- 

1836. Burke's Commoners, iii., 221-3. 

1884. The Lysons Family. Qlos. N. <k Q., ii., 533-5. 

LYSONS, Daniel, [M.D., son of Daniel Lysons of Hempstead Court ; b. 
Mar. 21, 1727 ; physician to the Gloucester Infirmary ; d. Mar. 20, 1800.] 

1800. [Obituary.] Gent. Mag., lxx., pt. 1, pp. 392, 483. 

1893. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxiv., 360, q.v. for Works. 

LYSONS, Rev. Daniel, [topographer ; son of the Rev. Samuel Lysons, 
rector of Rodmarton, and nephew of Daniel Lysons, M.D. q.v. ; b. at 
Rodmarton, where he was baptised April 28, 1762. On the death of 
his uncle Daniel ho inherited Hempstead Court in 1800, where he died 
in 1834. He was buried at Rodmarton, of which he had been rector 
from 1804 till his death. His portrait was painted by Sir T. Lawrence, 
and a chalk drawing of him was engraved.] 

1834-5. [Obituaries.] Ann. Biog. 6s Obit., xix., 103-109; Gent. Mag., 
N.S. i., 558-9. 

1868-1907. Lysons's Collectanea. N. & Q., Ser. 4, ii., 490 ; Ser. 10, 
viii., 325-6. 


CJcv/n u c I ^1^ ti.'jcii 


1893. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxiv., 361-2, q.v. for Works. 

N.D. The Rev. Daniel Lysons, F.R.S., F.A.S., F.L.S., &c. 8vo. A.W.C. 

Pp. 7. No title or imprint. A reprint of the obituary notice in the Ann. Biog. <fc 


His " Magna Britannia " was reviewed Brit. Critic, xxviii., 131-47, xxxiv., 270-7, 
xxxvii, 227-30, N.S. iii. (1815), 23-30 ; Quart. Rev., No. 10, 332-9 ; Month. Rev., 
liii., 370-81, lxvii., 14-31 ; & Month. Mag., xxiii., 0-8. His reply to the latter (/</. 
pp. 340-2) was reprinted Gent. Mag., lxxvii., 405-8. His " Environs of London, 
was reviewed Brit. Critic, i., 172-9, vi., 465-72, x., 50-6; Critical Rev. (1793), vii., 
398-407, viii., 86-93. 

LYSONS, Sir Daniel, [General ; b. Aug. 1, 1816, at Rodmarton ; son of the 
Rev. Daniel Lysons q.v. ; distinguished himself in the Crimean War ; 
d. Jan. 29, 1898, and was buried at Rodmarton.] 

1876-83. Men of Mark, Ser. 6, Portrait No. 17. 

1878. Vanity Fair, x., 176. 

1879. General Sir Daniel Lysons, K.C.B. Biograph & Review, ii., 430-32. 

1895. The Crimean War from First to Last. By General Sir Daniel 
Lysons, G.C.B. London : 1895. 8vo. 

Titles, &c, pp. i.-ix»; Letters written during the Crimean War, &c, pp. 
1-298. Portrait, Front. 

1896. Early Reminiscences By General Sir Daniel Lysons, G.C.B. Con- 
stable of the Tower . . . With illustrations from the Author's sketches. 
London. 1896. 8vo. O.P.L. 

Titles, &c, pp. i-xv., Reminiscences, pp. 1-235 ; Index, pp. 237-46. 

1901. Diet. Nat. Biog., Suppl. I., hi., 115-16, q.v. for Works. 
His Drill and Rifle Instruction went through 10 editions. 

LYSONS, Samuel, F.R.S., [topographer ; brother of the Rev. Daniel Lysons 
q.v. ; b. at Rodmarton, where he was baptised May 17, 1763 ; called 
to the Bar 1798 ; appointed keeper of the records of the Tower 1803 ; 
d. at Cirencester June 29, 1819; bur. at Hempstead. His portrait, 
painted by Sir T. Lawrence was eng. in mezzotint by S. W. Reynolds 
(one of his finest works). His portrait was also painted by Dance and 
(in miniature) by W. J. Newton. Both have been engraved.] 
1819-20. [Obituaries.] Gent. Mag., vol. 89, pt. 2, pp. 273-75; Ann. 

Biog. & Obit., iv., 424-5. 
1823. [On his work as Keeper of the Records.] Gent. Mag., vol. 93, pt. 2, 
pp. 303-4. 

1830-34. National Portrait Gallery. 

In vol. 5 (unpaged), pp. 6 & portrait of Sam. Lysons, by Sir Thos. f Lawrence, 
eng. by H. Robinson. This memoir was also printed separately without the por- 

1846. The National Portrait Gallery, ii., 125-6. 

The portrait is from the same plate as that in the 1830-4 work. 


1850. Inedited Letters of Celebrated Persons. Bentley's Miscellany, 
vols. 27, 28. 

Letters from Horace Walpole to Samuel Lysons, xxvii., 521-6, 619-23. 
Letters from Mrs Piozzito Samuel Lysons, xxviii., 73-82, 163-71, 307-15,438-47, 
535-43, 620-8. 

1884-7. Lysons' " Gloucestershire Antiquities." Olos. N. & Q., ii., 169- 
70 ; iii., 551-8. 

1893. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxiv., 362-3, g.v. for Works. 

1910. On the Fellows of the Society of Antiquaries of London who have 
held the office of Director. By Sir Edward William Brabrook. 
Archceologia, lxii., 59-80. 

Samuel Lysons, pp. 70-71. Portrait (copy of S. W. Reynolds' mezzotint), p. 70. 


His " Gloucestershire Antiquities " in its serial and completed form is described 
ante, vol. 1, pp. 27-31, 47-54, and his " Roman Antiquities discovered at Wood- 
chester," vol. 2, pp. 387-8. This was reviewed Brit. Critic, xi., 1-6. Mention of 
his minor works relating to Gloucestershire will be found ante vol. 1, pp. 45, 59; 
vol. 2, pp. 19, 188, 276, 340, 386. 

His " Temples at Bath " was reviewed Month. Rev., xliii., 386-90. 

For his paper on the Berkeley Family see ante sub BERKELEY FAMILY, 1799. 
The MS. of this, with letters to Lady Berkeley, explaining the reasons for its publica- 
tion not being completed, was sold by Sotheby's at the sale of the Rev. Samuel 
Lysons's Library in July, 1880 (see N. & Q., Ser. 11, xi., 271). 

LYSONS, Samuel, [antiquary ; b. 1806 ; son of the Rev. Dan. Lysons g.v. ; 
rector of Hempstead 1833-1866 ; hon. canon of Gloucester, 1867-1877 ; 
d. 1877 ; bur. at Hempstead.] 

1880. Catalogue of the valuable Library of the late Rev. Samuel Lysons 
. . . Sold by Auction by Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge . 
[12th and 13th] July, 1880 . . . 8vo. Pp. 42. O.P.L 

1882. Catalogue of . . . Books and Manuscripts, Including some Im 
portant Books from the Library of the late Rev. Canon Lysons . . 
[Sold May 31, 1882, by Sotheby, Wilkinson, and Hodge.] 8vo. Pp 
34. B 

1884. The Rev. Samuel Lysons, M.A., F.S.A. Glos. N. & Q., ii., 514-16 

1887. Gloucestershire Biographical Notes, pp. 237-42. 

1893. Diet. Nat. Biog., xxxiv., 363, g.v. for Works. 


His Works relating to Gloucestershire are described ante, vol. 1, pp. 74, 75, 78, 
295, & vol. 2, p. 48. 

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