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Full text of "Supplement to the Catalogue of the Library of the Athenæum, Printed in 1845: With a Classified ..."

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A T H E N ^ U M, 






Books Pages 1 — 185 

Tracts 189—270 

Atlases, Chabts, and Maps 271 — 273 

Portraits and Prints 274 

Addenda to Books 275 — ^283 

Index 287—332 


This Supplement contains all the Works added to the Library from the 
publication of the Catalogue in 1845, to the close of the year 1850. 

The same plan is adopted, viz. — an Alphabetical Arrangement of 
Titles under the Author*s name ; or under the Subject of the work, when 
the Author is unknown. 

Cross-references are principally confined to the names of Authors, 
Editors, and Persons mentioned in the titles. 

The Appendix to the first part of the Catalogue is incorporated in 
the Supplement. 

To facilitate consultation, an extensive Classified Alphabetical Index 
of Subjects has been compiled by Mr. B. R Wheatley. 

This does not include Works entered under Subjective Headings in 
the general Alphabet of the Catalogue, such as Special Biographies, and 
Translations of, or Commentaries on. Classical Authors (the exceptions to 
the rule as to Authors' names, given above), for these, being already under 
the Subject of the Biography or the Name of the Classic, required no 
further reference. 

In the first part of the Catalogue, the Contents of the principal 
Collections of Voyages and Travels were separately entered under their 
Authors' names : these, being only parts of Works^ have not been again 
referred to in the Index; but under the difierent Countries, the particular 
volumes of the Collections relating to them have been indicated. 

The Catalogues of Tracts having been fully cross-referenced, are also 
not included, — but the Subjective Headings of each class are noticed in 
the Index. 

To distinguish between Authors referred to in the first part of the 
Catalogue and those in the Supplement, the former are printed in Italics, 
as — Adams; the latter in Roman, as — Acland. 






Abbott (J.). Philip Musgrave, or Memoirs of a Church of England Mis- 
sionary in the North American Colonies. 12^ London, 1846. 

Abelabd. — see Craufurd. 

Abergayennt — Historical and Genealogical account of the Noble Family 
of Nevill, particularly of the House of Abergavenny, with account of 
the Family of the Beauchamps, &c., by Daniel Rowland, fol. London^ 

see Nicolas. 

AcHEBY (Lucas d'). Spicilegium sive CoUectio Veterum aliquot Scriptorum 
qui in Gallise Bibliothecis delituerant. Nova editio, expurgata, per Ludo- 
yicum-Franciscimi- Joseph de La Barre. 3 vols. fol. Parisiis, 1723. 

see Mabillon (Vetera Analecta). 

Acta Sanctorum Ord. S. Benedicti. — see Mabillon. 

Achilles Tatius Alexandrinus. De Leucippes et Clitophontis Amori- 
bus libri octo ; textum ad librorum MSS. fidem recensuit, Lat. Hannib. 
Cruceii Vers., notas CI. Salmasii, inAditas F. Guyeti, C. G. Goettlingii, 
C. B. Hasii et suas adjecit F. Jacobs. 8^ Lipsise, 1821. 

AcLAKD (T.). Popular Account of the Manners and Customs of India. 
12** London, 1847. 

Acta Sanctorum. — see Bollandus. 

Acton (Eliza). Modem Cookery in all its Branches, for the use of private 
fiEUiulies. 18^ London, 1845. 

Adam (Bobert). Euins of the Emperor Diocletian's Palace at Spalatro in 
Dahnatia. fol. London, 1763. 

Adams (Arthur). Natural History of the Eastern Archipelago. — see 

Adams (John Quincy) — Eulogy on his Life and Character, by Edward 
Everett. 8° Boston, 1848. 

Addresses (History of). — see Oldmixon. 

Admiralty Scientific Manual. — see Herschel. 

Supp. b 

2 ADO — ALE 

Adolphus (John). History of England from the accession to the decease 
of George the Third, vols. 1 to 7. 8** London, 1840-5. 

iEscHiNES. — see Demosthenes. 

iEscHYLUS. Tragcediae ad optimorum librorum fidem recensuit, integram 
lectionis varietatem notasque adjecit Augustus Wellauer. 3 vols, in 2. 
8° Lipsi», 1823-31. 

Tragedies, translated by R. Potter. 2 vols. 8** London, 1789. 

Die iEschylische Trilogie. — see Welcker. 

-^OPUS — ^Vita ^sopi ex Yratislaviensi ac partim Monacensi et Vindobo- 
nensi Codicibus, nunc primum edidit Antonius Westermann. 8^ 
BrunsvigjB, 1845. 

AoAssiz (L.). Monographic des Poissons Fossiles du vieux Gr^ Kouge ou 
Systeme D^vonicn (Old Red Sandstone) des lies Britanniques et de 
Russie. 4^, and Atlas of Plates in fol. Neuchatel, 1844. 

Nomenclator Zoologicus, continens nomina systematica Genenim 

Animalium tam viventiimi quam fossilium. 4** Soloduri, 1842-46. 

Bibliographia Zoologiae et GeologisB : a general Catalogue of all 

Books, Tracts, and Memoirs on Zoology and Geology, corrected and 
enlarged by H. E. Strickland. Vol. I. Periodicals, and Alphabet 
from A to Byw. (Ray Society.) 8® London, 1848. 

AouESSEAU (le Chancelier d'). (Euvres. 13 vols. 4** Paris, 1759-89. 

Tome 1. Discours — Mercuriales — Requisitoires — Instructions but les Etudes 
pour un Magistrate &c. 

— 2-5. Pl&idoyers. 

— 6-7. Koquestes sur les matidres domaniales. 

— 8-9. Lettres sur les matidres criminelles et civiles. 

— 10. Suite des mdmes — Sur les Monnoies — Sur la Gompagnie des Indes, &c. 

— 11. Meditations sur I'origine de la Justice, &c. 

— 12. Lettres Philoeophiques, et Litt^raires, Mdmoires, &c. 

— 13. Vie,parsonfil8 — Mdmoire8surr£gli8e;1647-1710^AutresM6moire8. 

AiNSWORTH (W. F.). Travels and Researches in i\^ia Minor, Mesopotamia, 
Chaldea and Armenia. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1842. 

AiTCHisoN (David). Strictures on the " Duke of Argyll's Essay on the 
Ecclesiastical History of Scotland.** 8** London, 1 849. 

Akebman (J. Y.) List of Tokens issued by Wiltshire Tradesmen in the 
17th Century. 8** London, 1846. 

Alberi (Eugenio). — see Venice. 

Albbicus. — see Scriptores (Mythographi.) 

Alciphbon Rhetor. Epistolse, ex fide aliquot codicum recensitsB cum 
Stephani Bergleri Commentario, cui aliorum criticorum et suas Nota- 
tiones, versionem emendatam indiculimique adjecit Joannes Augustinus 
Wagner. 2 vols, in 1. 8° Lipsiae, 1798. 

Alcman Lyricus. Fragment^ collegit et recensuit Fr. Theoph. Welcker. 
4** Giess®, 1815. 

Alder (Joshua^ and Albany Hancock. A Monograph of the British 
Nudibranchiate MoUusca, with Figures of all the species. (Ray 
Society.) Parts 1-4 in 2 vols. 4** London, 1845-8. 

Aleman (Mateo). Vida y Hcchos del Picaro Guzman de Alfarache atalaira 
de la Vida Humana. 2 vols. 8° Valencia, 1787. 

ALF — AME 8 

Alpieri (Vittorio). Opere Postume. 13 vols, in 12. S'' Londra, 1804. 

Tomo 1. Ab^le — Le due Alcesti. Tomo 5-6. Terenzio tradotto. 

— 2. I Persiani— U Filott6te— ■ — 7-8. Virgilio tradotto. 

le Kane. — 9-10. Commedie. 

— 8. Satire. — 11. Rime (con Tomo 3.) 
-— 4. Sallustio tradotto. — 12-13. Vita. 

Alfred— The Will of King Alfred [with notes by Thomas Astle, edited 
by Sir H. Croft.] 4** Oxford, 1788. 

— ^^— Life, by Asser. — see Chronicles. 

Alison (Archibald). Principles of Population and their connexion with 

Human Happiness. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1840. 

England in 1815 and 1845, or a sufficient and a contracted Cur- 
rency. 8** London, 1845. 

■ Free Trade and a Fettered Currency. 8® London, 1847. 

see Marlborough (Life of). 

Atlas to Alison's History of Europe, constructed by Alexander 

Keith Johnston. Edinburgh, 1848. 

Allen (C. F.). Haandbog i Foedrelandets Historic med stadigt Henblick 
paa Folketfl og Statens indre Udvikling. 12° Kiobenhavn, 1845. 

Allen (John). Inquiry into the rise and growth of the Boyal Preroga- 
tive in England, with the author's latest corrections, biographical 
notices, and the life and character of King Eadwig. 8° London, 1849. 

Allen (J. N.) Diary of a March through Sinde and Afighanistan with 
the troops imder Sir William Nott. 12° London, 1843. 

Allen (Capt. William) and T. R. H. Thomson. Narrative of the Expedi- 
tion sent by H. M. Government to the River Niger in 1841, under the 
command of Capt. H. D. Trotter. 2 vols. 8° London, 1848. 

All's a Delusion, a Comedy, in Five Acts. 8° London, 1847. 

Allwoebden (H. ab). — see Servetus (M.) 

Almanac — The Court and City Register for the Year 1748. 

The Oxford, Cambridge, and Dublin University and Ecclesiastical 

Almanac, by William Atkinson Warwick. 4° London, 1848. 

Oliver and Boyd's Edinburgh Almanac, from the year 1824. 18° 


Almanach de Gotha: Annuaire Diplomatique et Statistique depuis 

I'ann6el843. 18° 

see also Annuaire, Calendar. 

Alphabetum Hebraicum. 12° Lutetise, ex off. R. Stephani, 1550. 

Alt (Heinrich). Die Heiligenbilder oder die bildende Kimst imd die 
theologische Wissenschafb in ihrem gegenseitigen Yerhaltniss historisch 
dargestellt. 8° Berlin, 1845. 

Alypius. — see Scriptores (Musicse). 

Amari (M). La Sicile et les Bourbons. 8° Paris, 1849. 

Ambrosius (Sanctus) Mediolanensis Episcopus. Opera, studio et labore 
Monachorum Ordinis S. Benedict^ [Jac. du Friche, et Nic. le Nourry.] 
2 vols. fol. Paris, 1686-1690. 

America — Paraphrase on a passage in a Sermon of Archbishop Mark- 
ham, relative to the War with the American Colonies. 8° London, 


America — History of the Western World. The United States. (Lardner's 
Cyclopsedia). 2 vols. 12^ London, 1830. 

-— ^^— Acts passed at the First Session of the 26th to the 35th Greneral 
Assembly for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 9 vols. 8° Frank- 
fort, 1818-1827. 

Journal of the House of Eepresentatives of the Commonwealth of 

Kentucky. 2 vols. 8^ Frankfort, 1824-1826. 

A Sketch of the Present State of Commerce, Agriculture, and 

Manufactures in the United States, with some Observations on the 
ImpoUcy of High Tariff Laws. 12** Philadelphia, 1827. 

Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury in relation to the Annual 

Statement of Commerce and Navigation. 8** Washington, 1841. 
Keport from the Committee on Foreign Affairs on the Memorial 

of Jabez Mowry and others, on the Colonial Trade with Great Britain. 
April 14, 1842. 8° New York, 1842. 

Keport on Colonial Trade with Great Britain. 8** Washington, 1842. 

Report on the Commercial Relations of the United States with 

Foreign Nations ; comparative Tariffs and Tabular Statements of the 
Domestic Exports. 8^ Washington, 1842. 

— • see Patents. 

Abstract of the Massachusetts School Returns for 1841, 1842, 

1843, 1844. 2 vols. 8^ Boston, 1842-1844. 

Ahebican Church — Journal of the Proceedings of the Bishops, Clergy, 
and Laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, 
assembled in General Convention. 8® New York, 1 845. 

■ Report of the Committee appointed to recommend a standard 

Prayer Book. 8** 1844. 

Akerotius (Hadrianus). De Dialectis diversis Declinationum Greecani- 
carum ex Corintho, Joan. Grammatico atque aliis ejusdem classis. 12^ 
Parisiis, 1534. 

Akiens — Illustrations of the Cathedral Church of Amiens, by B. Winkles; 
with an historical and descriptive Account, by Thomas Moule. 4° 
London, 1846. 

(Treaty of) — Pieces Officielles relatives aux Pr61iminaires de Lon- 

dres et au Trait6 d' Amiens. 8** Paris, 1803. 

Amos (Andrew). Four Lectures on the advantages of a Classical, as an 
auxiliary to a Commercial Education, with a Letter on Dr. Whewell*s 
" Liberal Education." 8** London, 1846. 

The Great Oyer of Poisoning : the Trial of the Earl of Somerset for 

the Poisoning of Sir Thomas Overbury in the Tower of London, and 
various matters connected therewith, from contemporary MSS. 8° Lon- 
don, 1846. 

Ampere (J. J.). Histoire Litt6raire de la France avant le Douzidme Si^e. 
3 vols. 8** Paris, 1839. 

Ana, ou Collection deBonsMots,Contes, Pens^sd^tach^es, Traits d'histoire, 
et Anecdotes des hommes c61ebres. 10 vols. 8° Amsterdam, 1799. 

Bobeana in vol. 10 I Menagiana in 1-3 

Carpenteriana 7 Poggiana 4 

ChevrsBaua 9 Sevigniana 10 

Furet6riana 4 Valesiana 7 

Huetiana 8 VigneulMarvilliana 5-6 

Huet de TOrigine des RomanB. . . 8 

ANC — APO 5 

Anckelmankus (Theodoras). Inscriptiones antiquissimse et celeberrimsa 
urbis Hamburgensis (witb Lindenbrogius). fol. Hamburgi, 1706. 

Ancre (Marquis d') — The true relation of the deserved Death of that base 
and insolent Tyrant. 4** London, 1617. 

AiTNALES Arch^ologiques, dirig6es par Didron Ain6. vols. 1-8. 4® Paris, 
1844, Ac. 

de Chimie : ou Becueil de Memoires concemant la Chimie et les 

Arts qui en dependent, par MM. De Guyton-Morveau, Lavoisier, 
Monge, BerthoUet, De Fourcroy, le Baron de Dietrich, &^, 96 vols. 
8^ Paris, 1789-1815. 

Table Q6n6rale Raisonnde des Matidres oontenues danB les Trente premiers 

volumes. 8® Paris, 1801. 
dans les volumes 31 et suivans jusqu'^ 60 inclu- 

sivement. 8® Paris, 1807. 

dans les Trente-six demiers volumes. 8° Paris, 


de Chimie et de Physique, par MM. Arago, BertoUet, Biot, 

Bouillon-Lagrange, ChaptaJ, Chevreul, &c. &c. r6dig6es par MM. 
Gray Lussac et Arago. 75 vols. 8** Paris, 1816-1840. 

Table G^nSrale Raisonn6e des Matieres contenues dans les Trente premiers 

volumes. (1816-26.) 8^ Paris, 1831. 
des Matidres contenues depuis le Tome 31 jusqu'au 

Tome 60. (1826-35.) 8^ Paris, 1840. 

depui8leTome61juflqu'auTome75. (1836-40.) S^ 

Paris, 1841. 

de Chimie et de Physique, par MM. Gkiy Lussac, Arago, Chevreul, 

Savary, Dumas, Pelouze, Boussingault, et Begnault. Troisi^me S6rie. 
Tome 1-24. 8** Paris, 1841-8. 

Annals and Magazine of Natural History. 8° London, 1837-47. 

Vols. 1-4. Magazine of Natural History, by £. Charlesworth. 
— 5-20. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, by Sir William Jardine, 
Selby, Johnston, &c. 

Second Series, from vol. 1. 8® London, 1848-9. 

Annuaire des Soci^t6s Savantes de la France et de TEtranger, public sous 
les auspices du Minist^re de Flnstruction Publique. 8^ Paris, 1846. 

G^n^ral de Commerce, par F. Didot, pour les ann^es 1845 et 1849. 

8** Paris. 

Anschabii (S.) Archiep. Hamb. Vita. — see Lambecius. 

Akthologia Grseca : ad fidem Codicis olim Palatini nunc Parisini ex Apo- 
grapho Gothano edita, curavit, epigrammata in Cod: Palat: desiderata 
et annotationem criticam adjecit Fr: Jacobs; cum Suppl. A. J. Pauls- 
sen. 3 vols. 8° LipsiflB, 1813-17. 

■I Collections from the Greek Anthology, by Bobert Bland and 

others: a new edition, with specimens of all the Poets in Meleager's 
Garland, by J. H. Merivale. 12** London, 1833. 

Anthologia Polyglotta (from the Greek). — see Wellesley. 

■ Latin Anthology. — see Dunlop. 

Antioonus. — see Scriptores Rer. Mirabilium. 

Antonini Itinerarium. — see Itineraria. 

Antwerp — A Journal kept there, including also Notices of Brussels, and 
of the Monastery of St. Bernard, near Westmalle. 12® London, 1847. 

Apollodobus. — see Historicorum Gr. Fragmenta. 

6 APO — ARI 

ApoLLOinus. — see Scriptores Ber. Mirabilium. 

•^^— Argonautica. — see Hesiodus. 

Apollonius Dyscolus. — see Meursius. vol. 7. 

' Apollonius Tyanensis. Epistolse. — see Philostratus. 

Appianus Alexandrinus. Histoire des Guerres Civiles de la R^publique 
Bomaine, traduite du Grec, par J. J. Combes Dounous. 3 vols. 8^ 
Paris, 1808. 

Appleton (Nathaniel). Kemarks on Ourrency and Banking; having refer- 
ence to the present derangement of the Circulating Medium in the 
United States. 8'' Boston, 1841. 

Abatub. The Phenomena and Diosemeia of Aratus, translated into English 
verse, with notes by John Lamb. 8® London, 1848. 

Abbuthnot (John). Tables of Ancient Coins, Weights, and Measures, 
explained and exemplified in several Dissertations, with an Appendix 
by Benjamin Langwith. 4^ London, 1754. 

'^—— Miscellaneous Works, with an Account of the Author's Life. 
2 vols. 12** London, 1770. 

AacHiEOLOGiA Cambrensis, a Becord of the Antiquities of Wales and its 
Marches, and the Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association, 
from the commencement in 1846. 8^ London. 

Abchenholtz (J. W. von). Geschichte des Siebenjahrigen Krieges in 
Deutschland. 2 vols. 12** Berlin, 1793. 

Kleine Historische Schriften. 12** • Berlin, 1791. 
see Christine (Beine de Suede). 

Abohilochus *' lambographorum Prinoeps.'* Beliquise, cum adnotationibus 
Yirorum doctorum et de Vita et Scriptis Poetsa Commentatioue, edidit 
Ignatius Liebel. 8** Yindobonte, 1818. 

Abgtic Expeditions — Extracts of Proceedings or Correspondence of the 
Admiralty in reference to the Arctic Exp^itions. 2 parts, fol. 1849. 

Abculf. Travels. — see Palestine. 

Abet^bus Cappadox. Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. editionem curavit C. G. 
Kiihn. 8** Lipsi», 1828. 

Aboyll (Duke of). *^ Presbytery Examined,'* an Essay, critical and his- 
torical, on the Ecclesiastical History of Scotland since the Beformation. 
12** London. 1849. 

Strictures on. — see Aitchison. 

Abiosto (Lodovico). Binaldo Ardito, Frammenti inediti pubblicati sul 
manoscritto originale da I. Giampieri e G. Aiazzi. 8^ Firenze, 184G. 

ABiSTiENETUS. EpistolfB ad fidem Cod: Vindob: recensuit, Merceri, 
Pauwii, Abreschii et aliorum notis suisque instruxit, Jo. F. Bois- 
sonade. 8*^ Lutetiss, 1822. 

Love Epistles, translated from the Greek into English Metre, [by 

R B. Sheridan and N. B. Halhed.] 12** London, 1773. 

Abistides. Opera, ex recensione Guilielmi Dindorfii. 3 vols. 8^ 
Lipsise, 1829. 

Abistides Quintilianus.^-see Scriptores (Musicse). 

AM — AEN 7 

Abistobulus. — see Valckenseritis. 

Abistophanes. Comedies, translated into blank verse, with notes, pre- 
liminary observations, etc., by C. A. Wheelwright, with a Dissertation 
on the Old Greek Comedy fn>m the German of Wachsmuth. 2 vols. 
8** Oxford, 1837. 

— • The Birds, translated by the Rev. Henry Francis Cary. 8° Lon- 
don, 1824. 

Scholia Grseca in Aristophanem, cum Prolegomenis Grammatico- 

nim, varietate Lectionis Optimorum Codicmn Integra, annotatione criti- 
corum item selecta cui sua qusedam inseruit Fr : Diibner. 8° Paris, 

Abistoteles. Opera, Greece ex recensione Inmianuelis Bekkeri, et Latine 
interpretibus variis, cum scholiis C. A. Brandis, edidit Academia 
Begia Borussica. 4 vols, in 2. 4^ Berolini, 1831. 

■ De Yirtutibus libellus, nunc primilm repertus et in luoem editus. 

12** Parisiis (C. Wechel) 1548. 

I see Scriptores Rer. Mirabilium. 

Abistoxenus. — see Scriptores (Musicae.) 

Ablikcouet (Le Yicomte d*). Les Anneaux d*une Chaine. 2 vols. 18^ 
Bruxelles, 1844. 

La Tache de Sang. 2 vols. 18** Bruxelles, 1847. 

Place au Droit, (Suite ^ " Dieu le veut.") 8** Paris, 1850. 

Abmt— Regulations for the exercise of Riflemen and Light Infantry. 8° 
London, 1798. 

and Ordnance Expenditure. Second Report from the Select Com- 

mittee, fol. 1849. 

Abnaud (l*Abb6). Eloge Fun^bre de Sa Majest6 Louis xvi. prononc^ le 
jour de rAnniversaire de sa Mort, 21 Janvier 1815. (France, Recueil 
de Pieces.) 8** Paris, 1815. 

Abkauld (Antoine). (Euvres Philosophiques, nouvelle edition, collationn^e 
sur les meilleurs Textes, et pr6c4d6e d*une introduction par Jules 
Simon. 12** Paris, 1843. 

Abnold (Thomas). Fragment on the Church. 8^ London, 1844. 

■ Sermons. 3 vols. 8° London, 1844. 

Sermons, chiefly on the Literpretation of Scripture. 8^ London, 


Christian Life, its Course, its Hindrances, and its Helps. 8^ 

London, 1845. 

Christian Life, its Hopes, its Fears and its Close. 8^ London, 


History of the later Roman Commonwealth, frpm the end of the 

Second Punic War to the death of Julius Caesar, and of the reign of 
Augustus, with a Life of Trajan. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1845. 

Miscellaneous Works, [collected by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley.] 8° 

London, 1845. 

— Life and Correspondence, by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley. 2 vols. 

8*> London, 1844. 

8 AKN — AUB 

Arkot (Hugo). Collection and Abridgment of celebrated Criminal Trials 
in Scotland, from A.D. 1536 to 1784^ with historical and critical 
remarks. 4** Edinburgh, 1785. 

History of Edinburgh. 4** Edinburgh, 1789. 

Art — ^Library of the Fine Arts, or Repertory of Painting, Sculpture, 
Architecture and Engraving. 4 vols. 8** London, 1831. 

Magazine of the Fine Arts, and Journal of Literature and Science. 

4 vols. 8** London, 1833. 

Reports from the Committee on Arts, and their connexion with 

Manufactures. 2 vols. fol. London, 1835-6. 


Reports from the Select Committee on Fine Arts. fol. London, 

Reports of the Commissioners on the Fine Arts. Parts 1-8. fol. 

London, 1842-8. 

Reports of the Council of the School of Design. Parts 1-5. fol. 

London, 1842-6. 

Reports of the Special Committee of the Council of the School of 

Design. 2 parts, fol. London, 1847. 

Report from the Select Committee on the School of Design, with 

the Minutes of Evidence, (fee. fol. London, 1849. 

Choice Examples of Art Workmanship, Mediaeval and Modem. 

Part I. 8^ London, 1849. 

AsHBURNER (John). On Dentition and some coincident Disorders. 18^ 

London, 1834. 
AssAAD Yakoob Kayat. The Eastern Traveller's Interpreter ; or Arabic 

without a Teacher. 12** London, 1844. 

Ashley (James). Case and Appeal, in relation to Henry Simons, the 
Polish Jew, with his Trials. 8** London, 1753. 

AsTLE (Thomas). Origin and Progress of Writing, as well Hieroglyphic as 
Elementary, also some account of the Origin and Progress of IVinting. 
4° London, 1803. 

see Alfred. 

Atuenjeus, Opera, ex recensione Guilielmi Dindorfii. 3 vols. 8** Lipsise, 

■ Banquet des Savants par Ath^n^e ; traduit, tant sur les Textes 

imprim6s que sur plusieurs Manuscrits, par M. Lefebvre de Yillebrune. 

5 vols. 4** Paris, 1789. 

Atlantic and Pacific Oceans — Report from the Select Committee to the 
House of Representatives on Railroad and Canal Routes between the 
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by John A. Rockwell. 8** United 
States, 1849. 

Atthill (William). Documents relating to the Foundation and Antiqui- 
ties of the Collegiate Church of Middleham in the County of York, with 
an historical Introduction, and incidental notices of the Castle, Town, 
and Neighbourhood. (Camden Society.) 4** London, 1847. 

Auberge des Adrets— Drame en trois actes, par MM. Benjamin, Saint 
Amant, et Paulyanthe. 8** Paris, 1847. 

AuBiGN]^ (Theodore Agrippa d'). M^moires de sa Vie, ecrits par lui-m^me, 
avec les M6moires de Frederic-Maurice de la Tour, Prince de Sedan* 
2 vols, in 1. 12** Amsterdam, 1731. 

AUG — BAG 9 

Atjcheb (Father Paschal) and John Bbaio). Dictionary, English and 
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Supp. c 


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see also Songs. 

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Giovani Huomini, rappresentati sono honesti, e dilettevoli Giuochi. 4^ 
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Babtoli (Pietro Sante). Colonna Trajana scolpita con I'historia della 

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insignis erecta, a Petro Santi Bartolo delineata et incisa, cum notis 
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Vol. 1-5. Ecoles Flamandes. 

— 6-11. Yieux Maitres Allemands. 

— 12. Peintres et Clair-ObBcurs Italiens. 

— 13. Yieiix Maitree Italiens. 

— 14. Marc-Antoine et ses ^l^ves, Aug. de Venise et Marc de Bavenne. 

— 15. GbayeuiB de T^cole de Marc-Antoine. 

— 16-18. Peintres Italiens : Maitres du Seizidme Sidde. 

— 19-21. ^— — Maitres du Dix-septidme %dcle. 

Suite. — see Robert-Dumesnil. 

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Popular Fallacies regarding General Interests, translated, with notes, by 

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L'Etat. Maudit Arffent. 18^ Paris, 1849. 
Incompatibilit6s Panementaires. 18^ Paris, 1849. 
Paix et liberty, ou le Budget R6publicain. 18° Paris, 1849. 
Protectionisme et Comtuunisme. 18^ Paris, 1849. 
Capital et Rente. 18^ Paris, 1849. 

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phical Memoir by the Rev. Alexander Dyce. 11 vols. 8® London, 

Mad Lover voL 6 

Maid's Tragedy 1 

Maid in the Mill 9 

Masque of the Inner Temple and 

Gray's Inn 2 

Monsieur Thomas 7 

Nice Valour 10 

Niffht- Walker 11 

Noble Qentleman 10 

Philaster 1 

Pilgrim 8 

Prophetess 8 

Queen of Corinth 5 

KoUo D. of Normandy 10 

Rule a Wife and have a Wife 9 

Scornful Lady 8 

Sea Voyage 8 

&>anish Curate 8 

lliierry and Theodoret 1 

Two Noble Kinsmen H 

Valentinian 5 

Widow 4 

Wife for a Month 9 

Wild-Goose-Chase 8 

Wit at several Weapons [ 4 

Wit without Money 4 

Woman-Hater /** 1 

Woman's Prize '*" y 

Women Pleased y 

Memoir, &c vol. 1 

Poems 11 

Beggar's Bush 9 

Bloody Brother 10 

Bonduca 5 

Captain 8 

Chances, (The) 7 

Coxcomb 3 

Cupid's Revenge 2 

Custom of the Country 4 

Double Marriage 6 

Elder Brother 10 

Fair Maid of the Inn 10 

Faithful Friends 4 

Faithful Shepherdess 2 

False One 6 

Four Plays in one 2 

Honest Man's Fortune 8 

Humorous Lieutenant 6 

Island Princess 7 

King and no King 2 

Knight of the Burning Pestle ... 2 

Knight of Malta 6 

Laws of Candy 5 

Little French Lawyer 3 

Love's Pilgrimage 11 

Love's Ci^ 9 

Lover's Progress 11 

Loyal Subject 6 

BEA — BEB 18 

Beaaties of England and Wales, ContinuationB of: 

■ Scotland. — see Forsyth. 

Ireland. — see Brewer. 

Beccabia Anglicus. — see Wright (R.) 

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Augusts, zur erlauterung der wesentlichsten Oegenstande aus dem 
Hauslichen Leben der Romer. 2 vols, in 1. 8^ Leipzig, 1838. 

Charikles, Bilder altgriechischer Sitte, zur genaueren KenntnisB 

des Griechischen Privatlebens. 2 vols, in 1. -8^ Leipzig, 1840. 

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bishop of Canterbuiy, from the lives and Legends composed by Robert 
of Gloucester, edited by W. H. Black. (Percy Society, vol. 19.) 8® 
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pelago, with a Vocabulary of the principal Languages ; and Notes on 
the Natural History of the Islands by Arthur Adams. 2 vols. 8^ 
London, 1848. 

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Bell (T.) — see Burmeister, Fitzroy. 

Bellori. — see Bartoli. 

[Beloe (William)]. The Sexagenarian; or, the Recollections of a Literary 
Life. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1818. 

see Aulus Gellius (translation). 

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Bennett (James).— see Bogue (D.) 

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Resources, Indigenous Productions, and Commercial Facilities, with an 
Appendix contdning the Royal Charter of Justice, kc, &c. 4^ Lon- 
don, 1843. 

[Benoit (Elie)]. Histoire de TEdit de Nantes, contenant les choses les plus 
remarquables qui se sont pass^es en France, avant et apr^ sa publication, 
^ Toccasion de la diversity des Religions, jusqu'^ FEdit de Revocation 
en Octobre, 1685. 5 vols. 4^ Delft, 1693. 

Benthak (Jeremy). Deontology or the Science of Morality, in which the 
harmony and coincidence of duty and self-interest, virtue and felicity, 
prudence and benevolence, are explained and exemplified, edited by 
John Bowring. 2 vols. 8** London, 1834. 

Bsrens (Archdeacon). — see Mant's (Bishop) Life. 

Berghaus (H.) — see Johnston's Physical Atlas. 

Bernard's (Saint) Legendary Psalter. — see Brampton. 

Bernard's Travels. — see Palestine. 

14 BER — BIB 

Bebnard (Charles de). Un Beau P^re. 3 vols. 18** Bruxelles, 1844. 

— Le Gentilhomme Campagnard. 5 vols. 18** Bruxelles^ 1846. 

Bebrt (Miss). Comparative View of the Social Life in England and 
France, from the Restoration of Charles the Second to the present 
Time, with the Lives of the Marquise du Defiand and of Rachel Lady 
Russell, &c kc. 2 vols. 8** London, 1844. 

■ see Deffand. 

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County of Sussex, collected from the Heraldic Visitations and other 
MSS. fol. London, 1830. 

Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Kent. fol. London, 


Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Hants, fol. London, 


Bertband (le G^n^ral). — see Napoleon. 

Bebtband de Moleville. — see Moleville. 

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proofs in Courts of Common Law. 8** London, 1849. 

Bethell (Christopher) Bishop of Bangor. General View of the Doctrine 
of Regeneration in Baptism. 8** London, 1845. 

BsuoNOT (le Comte Arthur). Histoire de la destruction du Paganisme en 
Occident. 2 vols, in 1. 8^ Paris, 1835. 

■ see Jerusalem. 

Bevebley Minster — History of Beverley Minster from its Foundation, 
including the Ancient Monuments. 18^ Beverley, 1835. 

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Waters lately discovered at Bagnigge Wells. 12^ London, 1760. 

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recensuit I. Mart. Augustinus Scholz. 2 vols, in 1. 4® Lipsise, 1830-6. 

. Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrifb des Alten und Neuen 
Testaments nach der Deutschen Uebersetzung D. Martin Luthers. 8° 
London, 1828. 

La Biblia 6 el Antiguo y Nuevo Testani^nto traducidos al 

Espanol de la Vulgata Latina p<^r el P. Phelipe sdo de S. Miguel. 
8"" Londres, 1823. 

Bible — ^The Holy Bible, with a Commentary and Critical Notes by Adam 
Clarke, LL.D. 6 vols. 4® London, 1836. 

. The Romaunt Version of the Gospel of St. John, from MSS. in 

Trinity College, Dublin, and in the Bibliotheque du Roi, Paris ; with a 
History of the Version of the New Testament anciently in use among 
the Old Waldenses, &c. by William Stephen Gilly, D.D. 8° London, 

Bibliographic de la France, ou Journal G^n^ral de FLnprimerie et de la 
Librarie, depuis Tan 1844 . 8<> Paris, 1844. 

Bibliophile Beige (Le). — see Bulletin. 

Bibliothecse. — see Catalogue. 

BIO — BLO 16 

BiCHAT (F. X.). Recherches Physiologiques sur la Vie et la Mort, avec 
une notice sur la vie et les travaux de Bichat, par le Docteur Cerise. 
12^ Paris, 1843. 

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1845-6-7. Vol. 1. 8^ Kiobenhavn, 1849. 

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plified. 4^ Edinburgh, 1849. 

Biographid. — see Scriptores. 

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folio. ^ Milano, 1841. 

BntKENHEAD — Plan of Docks and Warehouses proposed to be made at 
Birkenhead in the County of Chester, designed by J. M. Bendel (in 
Map Case). 8® Liverpool, 1844. 

Plans, Elevations, and Sections of Fireproof Dwellings for the 

Workmen of the Birkenhead Dock Company now in progress, by 
Charles Evans Lang. 8° Liverpool, 1845. 

Bjobnstjerna (le Comte de). Die Theogonie, Philosophic und Kosmo- 
gonie der Hindus, aus dem Schwedisdben iibersetzt und mit Anmer- 
kungen begleitet von J. B. 8^ Stockholm, 1843. 

Black (William H.) — see Catalogue (Ashmolean MSS.) 

Blackburne (J.). A brief Historical Inquiry into the introduction of 
Stone Altars into the Christian Church. 8^ London, 1844. 

The Stone Altar, in connexion with the Eucharist, a Witness for 

the Truth of our Lord*s Humanity. 8® London, 1845. 

Blaib (John). Chronological and Historical Tables, from the Creation to 
the present time, with Additions and Corrections from the most 
authentic Writers, including the Computation of St. Paul, as connecting 
the period from the Exode to the Temple, edited by Sir Heniy Ellis. 
8^ London, 1844. 

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— — - Appreciation de la m^me. — see Chaudey. 

Organisation du Travail. 18^ Paris, 1848. 

Le Socialisme : Droit au Travail, Espouse k M. Thiers. 12^ 

Paris, 1848. 

— - La Revolution de F€vrier au Luxembourg. 12® Paris, 1849. 

T Appel aux honn^tes gens ; quelques pages dliistoire contempo- 

raine. 12® Paris, 1849. 

■ Pages d'Histoire de la Revolution du F6vrier, 1848. 12® Brux- 

elles, 1850. 

Bland (Robert). — see Anthology. 

Blanqui (J. A.) — see France (Petits Traits, 12-14). 

Bloomfield (S. T.). Recensio Synoptica Annotationis Sacrse ; being a 
critical Digest and synoptical arrangement of the most important 
Annotations on the New Testament 8 vols. 8® London, 1826. 

see Thucydides. 

16 BLO — BOP 

Blore (Edward). Monumental Remains of Noble and Eminent Persons, 
comprising the Sepulchral Antiquities of Great Britain, with historical 
and biographical Illustrations. 4^ London, 1826. 

Boccaccio (Giovanni). II Decameron [nuovamente corretto per Paolo 
Holli, secondo Tedizione dell' anno 1527.] 4^ Londra, 1 725, 

BocKH (August). Urkunden iiber das Seewesen des Attischen Staates, 
mit 18 Tafeln enthaltend die von Herm Ludwig Boss gefertigten 
Abschriften. 8** Berlin, 1840. 

see Pindarus. 

Bode (Baron Clement A. de). Travels in Luristan and Arabistan. 2 
vols. 8° London, 1845. 

' see Ehanikoff. 

■ Statement for Counsers opinion, and opinions of Gressier, Marie, 

Dupin, 0. Barrot, Berryer, <bc., concerning the Indemnity due to him. 
8^ London, 1845. 

BoDUEL. — see Bothwell. 

BoGUE (David) and James Bennett. History of Dissenters, from the 
Revolution in 1688 to the Year 1808. 4 vols. 8*^ London, 1808. 

BoHL DE Faber (J. N.) — see Teatro EspanoL 

BoiLEAU (D. V The Nature and Genius of the German Language, displayed 
in a Review of its Gnunmatical Forms. 8^ London, 1820. 

BoisserI:e (Sulpice). Yues, Plans, Coupes, et Details de la Cath6drale de 
Cologne, avec les Restaurations d'apr^s le Dessin original, avec THistoire 
et Description pour servir de Texte. 2 vols. fol. and 4® Munich, 

BoissoNADE (J. F.) — see Aristsenetus. 

Boke of Curtasye (The), an English Poem of the fourteenth century, edited 
by J. O. Halliwell. (Percy Society, vol. 4.) 8^ London, 1841. 

[BoLiNOBROKE (Henry St. John, Yiscount)]. Dissertation upon Parties, in 
several letters to Caleb D'Anvers. 8® London, 1735. 

Memoirs of, by George Wingrove Cooke. 2 vols. 8° London, 


BoLLANDUS (Joannes). Acta Sanctorum, quotquot toto orbe coluntur, vel 
a Catholicis Scriptoribus celebrantur, collegit, digessit, Notis illustravit 
J. Bollandus; continuata per G. Henschenium, D. Papebrochium, C. 
Suyskenum, C. Byeum, J. Yandermoere et Jo. Yanhecke. 54 vols, 
fol. Yenetiis et Bruxellis, 1734-86-1845. 

De prosecutione operis Bollandiani quod Acta Sanctorum inscri- 

bitur. 8^ Namurci, 1838. 

BoLTZ (A.). Proc^ des Demiers Ministres de Charles x. MM. de 
Polignac, de Peyronnet, Chantelauze, Guemon-Ranville, Montbel, 
d'Haussez et Capelle. 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 1830. 

BoNGABS (J. de). Lettres Latines de M. de Bongars, " Ambassadeur sous le 
Roy Henri iv. en diverses nigociations importantes;" traduites en 
Fran9oiB [par de Brianville.] 12® Paris, 1681. 

Bopp (F.). A Comparative Grammar of the Sanscrit, Zend, Greek, Latin, 
Lithuanian, Gothic, German, and Sclavonic Languages, translated from 
the German by Lieutenant Eastwick ; edited by H. H. Wilson. 2 vols. 
8** London, 1845. 

BOR — BOT 17 

[BoRDE (Charles)]. La Papesse Jeanne, polme en dix Chants. 8^ La 
Haye, 1778. 

Bordeaux (M. de) " Intendant des Finances.'* M6moires de, par M. G. 
D. C. (Sandras de Courtilz.) 4 vols. 12® Amsterdam, 1758. 

BoBiE (Victor). Travailleurs et Propri^taires, avec une introduction, par 
Georges Sand. 12° Paris, 1849. 

BoRLASE (William). The Natural History of Cornwall, illustrated with a 
map and twenty-eight plates, fol. Oxford, 1758. 

Antiquities, Historical and Monumental, of the County of Corn- 
wall, consisting of several Essays on the first Inhabitants, Druid Super- 
stition, Customs, and Remains of the most remote Antiquity in Britain, 
&c., exemplified by Monuments now extant in Cornwall and the Scilly 
Islands, fol. London, 1769. 

Borneo — A Selection from Papers, relating to Borneo and the Proceedings 
at Sarawak of James Brooke, Esq., now Agent for the British Govern- 
ment in Borneo, (with numerous official Maps.) fol. London^ 

Bos (L. von). Waerachtige Historic van Earel de 2, Koninck van Groot 
Britannien. 18** Dordrecht, 1661. 

Bosanquet (S. R.). " Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation," its 
Argument examined and exposed. 8^ London, 1845. 

Boscobel Tracts. — see Hamilton's Grammont. 

BosQUECiLLO. — see [Shaw]. 

Boston — Thirtieth Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the 
City of Boston. 8^ Boston, 1842. 

Report of the Water Commissioners [to the Council of the City 

of Boston] on the Material best adapted for distribution Water-Pipes, 
and on the most economical mode of introducing Water into private 
houses. 8^ Boston, 1848. 

Botany — ^Reports and Papers on Botany. (Ray Society). 8** London, 


Contents — Zuocarini on the Morphology of the Coniferse. 
Qrisebach on Botanical Geography. 
N&geli (Carl.) on Vegetable Cells. 
Link (H. F.) Report on Botany. 

Reports and Papers on Botany, edited by Arthur Henfrey. (Ray 

Society.) 8^ London, 1849. 

1. Mohl on the Palm-stem. 

2. N^eli on Vegetable Cells. 

3. on the Utricular Structures in the contents of cells 

4. Link's Report on Physiological Botany for 1844-5. 

5-6. Qrisebach's Report on Geographical Botany for 1844-5. 

see Zoology (Reports on.) 

[BoTPiELD (Beriah)]. Journal of a Tour through the Highlands of Scot- 
land, during the Summer of 1829 (privately printed). 12® Norton 
Hall, 1830. 

Catalogue of Pictures in his possession at Norton Hall. 8** 

London, 1848. 

Notes on the Cathedral Libraries of Ei^land. 8^ London, 


see Catalogue (Bibl. Heamiana). 


18 BOT— BRA 

BoTHWELL (Earl). Lea Affaires du Conte de Boduel, Tan 1568. (Banna- 
tyne Club). 4** Edinbourg, 1829. 

BoTTA (Carlo). Storia della Guerra Americana (1765-83). 7 vols, in 3. 
8** Firenze, 1822. 

BoTTAKi (Giovanni). EACColta di Lettere suUa Pittura, Scultura ed Archi- 
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continuata fino u nostri giomi da Ste£Euio TicozzL 8 vols. 12^ 
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see Museum CapiiolinunL 

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pensation is delineated in twenty epitomes. 8^ London, 1836. 

BowDEN (J. W.) — see Gregory vii. (Life of). 

BowDiTCH (Hon. Natbaniel) — Discourse on bis Life and Character, by 
Alexander Young. 8® Boston, 1838. 

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BBA — BaO 19 

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bridge Camden Society). 4^ Cambridge, 1846. 

Manual of. — see Haines (H.) 

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■ see Hatcher (Life of). 
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20 BBO — BUG 

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Selections from the popular Poetry of the Hindoos, arranged and 

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Graveurs, etc., ont d€signl leurs noms. 3 vols, in 1. 4° Munich^ 

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accusation intent^e contre M. Libri. 8° Paris, 1849. 

Bruzen de la Martini^re. — see Louis xiv. 

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tains across North America, the Great Desert Basin, and through Cali- 
fornia. W London, 1849. 

Bryant (Jacob). — see Chatterton. 

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Poems, Speeches, and Plays, with Memoir by Thomas Brown. 2 vols. 
8^ London, 1721. 

Vol. 2. The Rehearsal, and Key to 
The Chances. 

Conference with an Irish Priest. 
Poems, Speeches, &c. 

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par Francisque Bouillier. 12® Paris, 1843. 

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Paris, 1849. 

^le Marechal Bugeaud : r6cit des Champs, des Camps, et de la 

Tribune, par Arthur Ponroy. 12** Paris, 1849. 

Yol. 1. The Restoration. 

Battle of Sedgmoor. 

Militant Couple. 

Poems, Letters, and Speeches. 

BUI — BUR 21 

BuiLDEB (The) — a Journal for the Architect, Engineer, Operative, and 
Artist, from the commencement in 1843. fol. 

Bullarhtm Magnum Komanum, a Leone Magno, ad Benedictum xiv. (1757) 
a Laertio Cherubino, continuatimi ab A. M. Cherubino, Ang. a Limtusca 
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Vol. 10. Godolphin, and Pilgrims of 
the Rhine (part). 

— 11. Pilgrims of the Rhine, the 

— 12. The Student (concluded), and 
England and the English. 

— 18. Zanoni. 

— 14. Night and Morning. 

Vol. 1. Rienzi. 

— 2. The Last Days of Pompeii. 

— 8. Pelham. 

— 4. The Disowned. 

— 6. Devereux. 

— 6. Paul Clifford. 

— 7. Eiurene Aram. 

— 8-9. Ernest Maltravers. 

The New Timon, a Bomance of London. 8^ London, 1846. 
A Word to the Puhlic. 12** London, 1847. 
King Arthur. &" London, 1849. 

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I Vermischte Schriften. 2 vols. 18® Gottingen, 1821. 

Outlines to his Ballads. — see Retzsch. 

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tion, containing an Historical View of the Times in which he lived, by 
the Rev. Edward Nares. 3 vols. 4** London, 1828. 

BuROON (J. W.) — see Gresham (Life of Sir T.) 

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of lus decease in 1797, edited by Earl Fitzwilliam and Sir Richard 
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Burke. — see Junius. 

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England, Ireland and Scotland. &* London, 1844. 

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Lanaed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, with the Supplement and 
general Index. 3 vols. 8® London, 1847-9. 

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22 BUB — CAT 

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their living affinities, with a Systematic Review of the Species hitherto 
described, edited from the (German by Professors T. Bell and E. Forbes. 
(Ray Society.) fol. London, 1846. 

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Phillimore. 4 vols. 8** London, 1842. 

BuBN (Richard). — see Nicholson (J.) 

BuBNET (John). — see Rembrandt. 

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his Friend in London, containing an Account of the Highlands, and a 
Letter relating to the Military Ways b^^n in the year 1726, with an 
Appendix, by R Jamieson. 2 yoIb, 8^ London, 1818. 

BuBTON (Henry). — see Prynne (Prelates' Tyranny.) 

Burton (J. H.) — see Hume (Life of). 

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of the principal Cold Water Establishments of Germany. 12^ Berlin, 

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illustres Favoris. 3 vols. 12^ Paris, 1697. 

— Lettres de, avec les R6ponses. 6 vols. 12^ Amsterdam, 1738. 

BussT (le Sieur de). M€moire expositif de ses Cr6ances sur la Compagnie 
des Indes, et M€moire sur celui de M. Lally, avec leur Lettres. 
4^ P^ris, 1764-66. 

[R4ponse] M4moire de la Soci4t6 en r^ponse, et deux M^moires 

sur D61iber4 pour les Offiders et Soldats du regiment de Cambresis, kc 
4^ Paris, 1765. 

Butler (Charles). History of the Revolutions of the Empire of Germany, 
from the Coronation of Charlemagne in 814 to its dissolution in 1806, 
with Account of the Gknealogies of the Imperial House of Hapsburg, 
and of the six secular Electors. 8^ London, 1812. 

Butler (Nathaniel) — The London Apprentice, or Life and Death of N. 
Butler, executed in Cheapside, 1657, for the murder of John Knight. 
12** London, 1802. 

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bras, oy Z. Grey, (Supplement to his edition of 1744,) with a Disserta- 
tion upon Burlesque Poetry by Montagu Bacon. &* London, 1752. 

Cabanis (P.-J.-G.). Rapports du Physique et du Moral de THomme, av&; 
une notice biographique, <&c., par le Docteur Cerise. 12° Paris, 1843. 

Caret (M.). Voyage en Icarie. 12** Paris, 1848. 

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ing the Roman Art of War, by William Duncan. 2 vols. 8** Lon- 
don, 1819. 

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toire et de Litt^rature. 4** Paris, 1848. 

Cailll^re. — see Matignon. 


Caibd (James). The Plantatioa Scheme, or ihe West of Ireland aa a 
field for investment 8^ Edinb. 1850. 

Calais — The Chronicle of Calais in the l^eigns of Hennr vii. and viii. to 
the Year 1540, edited by Jolm Gough- l^ichols. (Camden Society.) 
4** London, 1846. 

Calcutta — Final Beport of St. Paulas Cathedral,: Calcutta^ with appendix 
of Documents. 8^ Calcutta, 1847. 

Calcutta Review — ^from the commencement in May, 1844, to the present 
time. 8^ Calcutta, 1844. 

Caldebox de la Barca (Don Pedro). Autos Sacramentales, Alegoricos y 
Historiales, Obras Posthumas que saca a luz Don Pedro de Pando y 
Mier. 6 vols. 4** Madrid, 1717. • 

see Teatro Espanol. 

Calendar — ^The Cambridge University Calendar, from the year 1824 to 
the present time. 12^ Cambridge. 

The Oxford University Calendar, from the year 1824 tx> the pre- 

sent time. 12^ Oxford. 

— -— The Koyal Ealendar and Court and City Begister, with Bidgway's 
Companion, Peerage and Baronetage, from the year 1824 to the pre- 
sent time. 12^ London. 

Callebt (J. M.). Systema Phoneticom Scripturse Sinic». 8° Macao, 

Callinus. — ^see Translations. 

Callistratus. Descriptiones. — see Philostratus. 

Calpubnii Eclog». — see Poetae Latini Minores. 

Calvebt (Qeorge^ first Lord Baltimore— Discourse on his Life and Cha- 
racter, by John P. Kennedy, before the Maryland Historical Society. 
8** Baltimore, 1845. 

Calvi (J. A.) — see Guercino (Vita di). 

Calvinus (Joannes). Opera Omnia, editio recognita et indicibus adomata. 
9 vols. fol. Amstelodami, 1671. 

Tom. 1. Commentaria in Pentatenchtun et Libnun Josaee. 

— 2. HomiluB m Samuelem et oondonee in Jobum. 

— 8. Commentaria in Psalmoe et Isaiam. 

— 4. Pnelectiones in Jeremiam et Ezechielem. 

— 6. in Danielem et Prophetas minores. 

— 6. Connnentaria in Evangelia et Acta Apostolonim. 

— 7. in Epistolas Pauli et Cuionicas. 

— 8. Opuscula Theologica. 

— 9. Institutiones Religionis ChristianAy &c. 

Cahbbidoe — The Poll for the Election of two representatives in Parlia- 
ment for the University, by Henry Gunning. (Candidates : Law, 
Goulbum, Viscount Fielding, and J. G. Shaw Lefevre). 8** Cam- 
bridge, 1847. 

■ The Poll containing the names of those Members of the Senate 

who voted for H.B.H. Prince Albert, and of those who voted for the 
Earl of Powis, at the Election of a Chancellor of the University of 
Cambridge, Feb. 25, 26, 27, 1847. 8** Cambridge, 1847. 

Camden^s (W.) Huntingdon Visitation. — see Ellis (Sir H.) 


Camden Miscellany. (Camden Society). Vol. 1. 4° London, 1847* 

Vol. 1. Register and Chronicle of the Abbey of Aberconway. 
Chronicle of the Rebellion in Lincolnshire in 1470. 

Bull of Innocent vm. on the Marriage of Henry vn. with Elizabeth of York. 
Journal of the Si^e of Rouen in 1591. 
Letter of G. Fleetwood on the Battle of Lutzen and death of Gustayus 

Diary of Edw. Lake, Chaplain to Q. Mary and Anne, 1677-81. 

Camoeks (Luis de). Poems, with remarks on his Life and Writings by 
Lord Viscount Strangford. 12** London, 1805. 

— — ^ Memoirs of his Life and Writings, by John Adamson. 2 vols. 8^ 
London, 1820. 

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Author by George Skene Keith. 2 vols. 8® Aberdeen, 1815. 

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the Great Seal of England, from the earliest times till the reign of 
George iv. (Three Series.) 7 vols. 8** London, 1846. 

Lives of the Chief Justices of England, from the Norman Con- 
quest till the death of Lord Mansfield. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1849. 

Campbell (Thomas). Essay on English Poetry, with Notices of the British 
Poets. 8** London, 1848. 

— — see Frederick the Great. 

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band. 6 vols. 4® Braunschweig, 1807-13. 

Camus (A. G.). M€moire sur la Collection des Grands et Petits Voyages 
[de Theodore de Bry], et sur la collection des Voyages de Melchisidech 
Thevenot. 4° Paris, 1802. 

Canning (George). Speeches delivered on Public Occasions in Liverpool. 
8** Liverpool, 1825. 

Speeches, on various occasions in the House of Commons, 1823- 

1826. 8° London, 1823-6. 

Life ; by Robert Bell. 8** London, 1846. 

Capefigue (B. H. R.). L*Europe depuis rav6nement du Roi Louis- 
Philippe, pour faire suite k lliistoire de la Restauration. 16 vols. 18^ 
Bruxelles, 1845-7. 

Diplomatic de la France et de TEspagne, depuis Tav^nement de la 

Maison de Bourbon, 1698-1846. 18** Bruxelles, 1847. 

Les Diplomates et Honmies d*Etat Europ6ens. Troisi^me s^rie. 

18** BruxeUes, 1847. 

The Diplomatists of Europe, translated from the French by Major- 

General Monteith. 12® London, 1845. 

Capella (Martianus). — see Scriptores (Auctores Musicae). 

Oaracci (Ludovico). II Claustro di San Michele in Bosco di Bologna, 
dipinto da lui, ed altri Maestri della sua Scu61a, descritto da Carlo Cc^are 
Malvasia. fol. Bologna, 1694. 

Caradoc of Lhancarvan. History of Wales, englished by Dr. Powell, and 
augmented by W. Wynne, with a Description of Wales by Sir John 
Price. 8® London, 1774. 

Cardwell (Edward). — see Liturgy. 

Carew (Thomas). Works, reprinted from the Original Edition of 1640. 
8° Edinburgh, 1824. 

OAR — OAT 26 

Cablisle in 1745 — Authentic Account of the Occupation of Carlisle in 
1745 by Prince Charles Edward Stuart, [Correspondence of the Rev. 
John Waugh], edited by George Gill Mounsey. 8° London, 1846. 

Cabltle (Thomas). Critical and Miscellaneous Essays collected and 
republished. 5 vols. \2^ London, 1842. 

on Heroes, Hero Worship, and the Heroic in History. 8° Lon- 

don, 1842. 

Chartism. 8** 

Latter-day Pamphlets. 12** 1850. 

see Cromwell's Letters. 

Cabols — Specimens of Old Christmas Carols, selected from Manuscripts 
and printed Books. (Percy Society, vol. 4). 8** London, 1841. 

see also Ballads; Songs. 

Cabpenteb (William H.). — see Vandyck. 

Cabboll of Carrollton (Charles). Journal, during his visit to Canada 
in 1776, with memoir by Brantz Mayer. 8^ Baltimore, 1845. 

Cabteb (Mrs. E.). — see Epictetus (translation). 

Cabtwbight (John). Appeal on the Subject of the English Constitution, 
[on Reform]. 8° Boston, 1803. 

■ Letter to the Electors of Nottingham. 8** London, 1803. 

State of the Nation, in a series of Letters to the Duke of Bedford. 

8^ London, 1805. 

Caby (Henry). — see Herodotus (Lexicon). 

Caby (Henry Francis). — see Aristophanes. 

Memoir of the Reverend Henry Francis Cary, translator of Dante, 

with his Literary Journal and Letters, by his son, Henry Cary. 2 vols. 
8*> London, 1847. 

Cabystius. — see Meursius, vol. 7. 

Castelnau (Michel de). Ses M6moires, illustrez et augmentez de plusieurs 
Commentaires, et MSS. sur Thistoire des Rdgnes de Fran9ois ii., 
Charles ix., et Henry iii., (be, par J. Le Laboureur. 3 vols. fol. 
Bruxelles, 1731. 

Casti (Giambatista). Gli Animali Parlanti, poema epico. 3 vols 8® 
Parigi, 1802. 

Novelle. 3 vols. 8** Parigi, 1804. 

The Three Groats, translated from the Italian (li Tr^ Giuli), with 

a Memoir of the Author, and numismatic Notes, by M. Montagu. 8^ 
London, 1841. 

Castlemaine^s (Earl of) Embassy. — see M. Wright. 

Catalogues: — 

The London Catalogue of Books, with their sizes, prices, and 
publishers, from 1814 to 1846. 8** London, 1846. 

Supplement, from 1846 to 1849. 8^ London, 1849. 

Bibliotheca Londinensis — a Classified Index to the Literature of 
Great Britain during Thirty Years, arranged from, and serving 
as a Key to, the London Catalogue of Books, 1814-46. 8® 
London^ 1848. 

SUPP. e 

26 CAT 

Catalogues op Pubuc Librabies : — 

Catalogue of the Library of the Corporation of the City of London, 
instituted 1824. 8** London, 1840. 

of the Chinese Library of the Royal Asiatic Society, by 

S. Kidd. 8° London, 1838. 

of the Scientific Books in the Library of the Royal Sodety. 

8** London, 1839. 

of the Miscellaneous Literature in the Library of the Royal 

Society. 8® London, 1841. 

of the Library of the Royal College of Surgeons in London. 

3 parts. 8** London, 1831-40-50. 

(Classed) of the Books contained in the Library of the Royal 

College of Surgeons in London. 8** London, 1843. 

(Alphabetical) of the Printed Books in the Library of the 

Inner Temple, with Index to the Law Treatises and Reports. 
8^ London, 1843. 

of the Library of the Middle Temple, arranged according to 

classes, and alphabetically. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1845. 

of the Library in Red Cross Street, Cripplegate, founded 

pursuant to the will of the Reverend Daniel Williams, D.D., 
1716. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1841. 

of the London Library, by John Qeorge Cochrane. 8* 

London, 1847. 

of the Arundel Manuscripts in the Library of the College of 

Arms, by Sir Charles George Young, Garter (privately printed). 
8^ London, 1829. 

Specimen of a Catalogue of the Books on Foreign Law, 

presented by C. P. Cooper to the Society of Lincoln's Inn. [The 
Laws of Spain.] 8** London, 1847. 

of Books on Foreign Law, founded on the Collection pre- 

sented by C. P. Cooper to the Society of Lincoln's Inn. Vol. I. 
Laws and Jurisprudence of France, Ancient Part. 8® London, 

of the Works in Medicine and Natural History contained 

in the Radcliffe Library, Oxford, by J. Kidd, M.D. 8** Oxford, 

(Descriptive, Analytical, and Critical) of the MSS. bequeathed 

unto the University of Oxford by Elias Ashmole and others, by 
William Henry Black. 4*^ Oxford, 1845. 

(Classed) of the Library of the Writers to his Majesty's 

Signet. 4** Edinburgh, 1805. 

^Alphabetical) of the Library of the Society of Writers to 

the Signet, with a general Index. 4® Edinburgh, 1837. 

of the Egyptian Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity Col- 

lege, by Edward Hincks. 8° Dublin, 1843. 

of the Library of Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massa- 

chusetts, by Benjamin Peirce. 4 vols. 8° Cambridge, 1830. 

CAT 27 

Catalogues of Pubug Libraries^ conHnued: — 

Catalogue des Livres de la Biblioth^ue de FObservatoire Royal de 
Bruxelles, par A. Quetelet. 8® Bruxelles, 1847. 

des Livres sur V^lin de la Biblioth^ue du Boi. — see Van 


des Manuscrits des Biblioth^ques Publiques des D^parte- 

ments. Tome 1". 4^ Paris, 1849. 

des Manuscrits de la Bibliotheque Boyale des Dues de Bour- 

gogne, public par ordre du Ministre de rint^rieur. 3 vols. fol. 
Bruxelles, 1842. 

Tome 1. IU8um6 Historique — ^Inventaire. 
— 2-8. Repertoire M6ihodique. 

Fortegnelse over Selskabets Atbenseums Bogsamling; 

[Catalogue of the Library of the Athenseum at Copenhagen.] 
12** 1834. 

Catalogues of Private Libraries : — 


Lidex Bibliothecffi qua Frandscus Barberinus Cardinalis magnifi- 
centissimas suffi famili» ad Quirinalem aedes magnifieenUores 
reddidit. 2 vols. fol. Honise, 1681. 

Catalogue Baisonn^ de la Collection de M. Pierre Antoine Crevenna^ 
N6gociant k Amsterdam. 6 vols, in 3. 4° Amsterdam, 1775. 

Analytique des Archives de M. le Baron de Joursanvault, 

contenant une pr^cieuse collection de MSS., Chartes, et Documens 
originaux, concemant THistoire G^n6rale de France, Thistoire 
particuli^re des Provinces, de la Noblesse, et de Tart H^raldique. 
2 vols. 8** Paris, 1838. 

des Livres imprimis, Manuscrits, Estampes, Dessins, et 

Cartes k jouer, composant la Bibliotheque de C. Leber, avec des 
notes [et des fac-similes]. 3 vols. 8^ Paris, 1839. 


Catalogue. Bibliotheca Grenvilliana, or Bibliographical Notices of 
Bare and Curious Books forming part of the Library of the Bight 
Hon. Thomas Grenville, by John Thomas Payne and Henry 
Foss. 2 vols. 8*' London, 1842. 

. Bibliotheca Heamiana — Excerpts from the Catalogue of 

the Library of Thomas Heame, A.M., printed from his own 
Manuscript. [Privately printed by Beriah Botfield.] 8® London, 

of the English Portion of the Library of the Venerable 

Francis Wrangham, Archdeacon of Cleveland (unpublished). 8* 
Malton, 1826. 

Catalogues of Private Libraries sold by Auction : — 

Catalogue des Livres de feu M. D*[Argen8on] (in vol. 2 of the 
La ValUere Catalogue, 1767). 8** Paris, 1766. 

des Livres du Cabinet de CI. Gros de Boze (avec les deux 

Estimations de Davids et Martin). 8° Paris, 1753. 

des Livres provenans de la Bibliotheque de feu M. de Boze 

[par Gabriel Martin]. 8"" Paris, 1754. 

28 CAT 

Catalogues of Private Libraries sold by Auction, continued: — 

Catalogue des Livres rares et precieux de la Biblioth^que de M. C* * *, 
er Paris, 1829. 

— — ~ de Livres rares [de feu M. Camus], par Guill. de Bure, 
(avec les prix.) 8° Paris, 1786. 

des Livres de la Biblioth^ue de Pierre Antoine Bolongaro- 

Crevenna, avec les prix imprim6s. 5 vols. 8^ Amsterdam, 

de la Biblioth^que de Pierre Antoine Bolongaro-Crevenna. 

12** Amsterdam, 1793. 

Bibliotheca Fayana, seu Catalogus Librorum Bibliothecn 

D. Car. Hieronymi de Cistemay du Fay, digestus et descriptus k 
Qabriele Martin, cum Indice alphabetico. 8^ Parisiis, 1725. 

des Livres rares et singuliers du Cabinet de M. FilheuL 

8^ Paris, 1779. 

des Livres de Louis Jean Gkdgnat, par G. F. de Bure. 

(Supplement k la Bibliographic Listructive.) 2 vols. 8^ Paris^ 

-. Catalogus Librorum Bibliotbecse Caroli Henrici Comitis 

de Hoym, digestus et descriptus k Gktbriele Martin, cum Lidice 
alphabetico. 8^ Parisiis, 1738. 

des Livres de la Biblioth^que de feu M. de Lamoignon. 

3 vols. 8^ Paris, 1791. 

de la Biblioth^que de feu M. Philippe de Larenaudi^re. 8* 

Paris, 1846. 

des Livres provenans de la Biblioth^que de M. le Due de 

La Yalliere, avec une Table Alphab6tique des Auteurs, par G. 
Fran9ob de Bure le jeune. 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 1767. 

de la Biblioth^que de feu M. le Due de La Yalliere ; Pre- 

miere partie (les Manuscrits, les premieres editions, livres sur 
velin, livres rares, i!^.), par Guillaume de Bure, fils ain6. 3 vols. 
8** Paris, 1783. 

— Seconde partie, dispos^e par Jean-Luc Nyon Tain^. 6 

vols. 8** Paris, 1784. 

de la Bibliothdque de feu A. J. Letronne. 8^ Paris, 


de la Biblioth^que de M. Libri. 8** Paris, 1847. 

— des Livres rares et precieux de la Biblioth^ue de feu M. 
le Comte de Mac-Carthy Reagh. 2 vols. 8** Paris, 1815. 

. Catalogus Bibliothecae Menckenianse. 2 vols. 12^ Lipsiie, 


des Livres de la Biblioth^que de feu M. Millin. 8° Paris, 1819. 

des Livres de la Biblioth^que de Mirabeau Fain^, (with the 

prices.) 8** Paris, 1791. 

This Catalogue includes the entire Library of Buffon, which was pur- 
diased by Mirabeau. 

-. Bibliotheca Maphsei Pinellii Yeneti magno jam studio col- 

lecta, a Jacobo Morellio Bibliothecse Venetse D. Marci custode 
descripta et annotationibus illustrata. 6 vols. 8^ Yenetiis, 1787. 

CAT 29 

Catalogues of Private Libraries bold by Augtiok, cantirmed: — 

Catalogue des Livres de la Biblioth^que de feue Madame la Marquise 
de Pompadour, Dame du Palais de la Beine. 8^ Paris, 1765. 

. Biblioth^que Dramatique de Pont de Yesle, form6e avee les 

debris des Bibliotheques de Saint Ange, de Crozat, de Madame de 
Pompadour, &c., (with Bibl. de Soleinne, vol. 6.) 8® Paris, 1847. 

des Livres de feu M. TAbb^ d'Orleans de Eothelin, par 

Gabriel Martin. 8** Paris, 1746. 

des Livres rares et pr6cieux composant-la Bibliotheque de 

M. L. M. de Roure. 8** Paris, 1848. 

Catalogus Librorum qui studiis inservierunt MatthisB 

Roveri. 2 vols. 8** Lugd. Bat., 1806. 

Katalog der von August Wilhelm von Schlegel nachgelas- 

senen BUchersammlung den Iten Dezember, 1845 offentlich 
versteigert. 8** Bonn, 1845. 

Bibliotheque de M. le Baron Silvestre de Sacy, [par R 

Merlin]. 3 vols, 8** Paris, 1842-47. 

Bibliotheque Dramatique de Monsieur de Soleinne; catalogue 

r6dig6 par P. L. Jacob, Bibliophile. 6 vols, in 3. 8® Paris, 1843-4. 

Tome 1. Th6&tre Oriental, Grec et Eomain, Latin modeme, anden Th6&tre 
Fran9aiB et juaqu'A Bacine. 

— 2. Fran9ai8 depiiiB Bacine jusqu'A Victor Hugo, Th6&tre des 

provinces, et A I'^tranger. 

— 8. Fran9ai8 de la Coiir, de Paris, burlesque, satiriques, en 

patois, ftc. 

— 4. Italien, Espagnol et Portugais, Allemand, Anglais, Suedois, 

FUunand et Hollanoais, Russe et Polonais, Turc, Grec et Yalaque. 

— 5. Ecrits relati& au Th6Atre, Bibliographie du Th6Atre, Eetampes. 

— 6. Autographes; Table G^n^rale, par M. Goizet. 

de la Bibliotheque c^l^bre de Ludwig Tieck, vendue ^ 

Berlin. 8** 1849. 

des Livres de la Biblioth6que de la maison professe des ci- 

devant soi-disans Jesuites. 8^ Paris, 1763. 

Bibliotheca elegantissima, Parisina; Catalogue des livres 

du Cabinet d'un Amateur. 8^ Londres, 1790. 

d*une Collection pr^cieuse de Livres vendus k Halle, 16 

Mars, 1846. 8** Halle, 1846. 


Catalogues — Lost of the Original Catalogues of the principal 
Libraries sold by auction by Leigh and Sotheby, from 1744 to 
1828. 8** London, 1828. 

Catalogue of the Library, Books of Prints, Missals and MSS. of 
William Beckford, Esq., at Fonthill Abbey. 8** London, 1823. 

of the Library of Frederick, Earl of Bessborough. 8® 

London, 1848. 

of the Library of John Black, editor of the "Morning 

Chronicle," 2 parts. 8° London, 1844. 

of the Library of the late Count Borromeo, of Padua, 

(Italian Novels of the xv. and xvi. Centuries). 8^ London, 

80 CAT 

Catalogues of Private Libraries sold bt AueriOK, continued: — 


Catalogue of the Library of Benj. Heywood Bright, 2 parts, (with the 
parts containing the Works on Natural EUstory, the MSS., and 
the Law Library.) 8** London, 1844-5. 

of the Library of John Trotter Brockett, (with printed 

prices and names.) 8® London, 1823. 

of the Library [of the Duke of Buckingham] removed from 

Stowe House, Buckinghamshire, (with the prices.) 
London, 1849. 

Another Copy. 8® London, 1849. 

of the Library of George Chahners. Parts 1, 2, and 3. 8^ 

London, 1841-2. 

of an extensive collection of Spanish Books, the property of 

W. B. Chorley, (with the prices). 8*> London, 1846. 

of the European and Asiatic Manuscripts of Dr. Adam 

Clarke. 8*» London, 1836. 

of the Library of Antony Collins, sold by Auction at St. 

Paul's Coffee-house, Monday, the 18th day of January, 1730-1, 
by Thomas Ballard ; both parts. 8** London, 1731. 

of Spanish Books, the Library of Don J. Antonio Conde. 

8** London, 1824. 

of the Library of the Reverend Thomas Crofts, Chancellor of 

the Diocese of Peterborough, (with printed prices.) 8^ London, 

of the Library of J. Walter K. Eyton, (Collection of 

privately printed Books, &c,) 8° London, 1848. 

of the Library of David Garrick, Esq., with the modem 

works added thereto by his Widow. 4^ London, 1823. 

of the Library of Thomas Jolley, 4 parts, in 1 vol 8' 

London, 1843-4. 

of the Library of a Gentleman [David Ker] (Early Typo- 

graphy, &C.). 2 parts in 1 vol. 8** London, 1847-8. 

of the Library of Edward, Viscount Kingsborough, (including 

the Chinese Books of the Jesuits* College at Pekin.) 8^ 
Dublin, 1842. 

of the Library of John Morice (Topographical and Histo- 

rical Works, illustrated with Drawings, emblazoned Armorial 
Bearings, &c), &* London, 1844. 

of the Library of the late Thomas Murdoch [rich in Spanish 

and Portuguese Literature]. 4° London, 1847. 

of the Library of Dr. John Murphy. 6 parts. 8^ London, 


of the Library of G, F. Nott, Canon of Winchester. 8** 

Winchester, 1842. 

-. of rare and curious Old Tracts, Manuscript Letters, and 

Ballads, never published, [Lister Parker's]. 8° London, 1815. 
of the Library of Dr. Samuel Parr, 2 parts. 8® London, 


CAT 31 

Catalogues of Private Librabies sold by Auction, wnJlMVMd: — 

CatcJogue of the Library of Kobert Soutbey. 8^ London, 1844. 

of the Library of H.R.H. tbe Duke of Sussex. 6 parts in 

1 vol. 8° London, 1844-5. 

of tbe Library, Manuscripts and Autograpb Letters, and 

Collection of Prints, Ac, of tbe late WiUiam Upcott. 8* 
London, 1846. 

of tbe Library of tbe late Walter Wilson. 8® London, 


' of tbe Library of Arcbdeacon Wrangbam. 2 parts. ^ 

London, 1843. 

Catalogues op Antiquities, Pictures, etc. : — 

Catalogues of tbe Exhibitions of Ancient and Modem Pictures at tbe 
British Institution for promoting tbe Fine Arts, from tbe com- 
mencement in 1806 to the present time. 4^. 

Catalogue of the Koman Silver Coins in tbe Library of Trinity 
College, Dublin, by John A. Malet. 8** Dublin, 1839. 

of Antiquities, Coins, Pictures, and miscellaneous Curiosities, 

in tbe possession of tbe Society of Antiquaries of London, 1847. 
By Albert Way. 8** London, 1847. 

Catalogues op Antiquities, Pictures, etc., sold by Auction : — 

Catalogue of tbe Contents of Stowe House, near Buckingham, sold 
by Christie and Manson, Tuesday, August 15, 1848. 4^ 
(London), 1848. 

Tbe Stowe Catalogue, priced and annotated, by Henry 

Bimisey Forster. 4** London, 1848. 

des Objets d'Art qui composent la Collection Debruge- 

Dum^nil. 8^ Paris, 1849. 

d*une collection de Lettres autograpbes [de M. Charon]. 8^ 

Paris, 1848. 

des Tableaux composant la Qalerie de feu S. E. le Cardinal 

Fescb. 4^ Rome, 1841. 

Eaisonn^ des Tableaux de feu S. £. le Cardinal Fescb, 

occompagne de notices historiques et analytiques des mfdtres des 
6coles Flamande, &c., par George. 2"* et 3"* parties. 8® 
Rome, 1844. 

Raisonn6 de la pr^cieuse Collection de Dessins et d*£stampes. 

au nombre de pres de 30,000, formant le Cabinet de M. Ch. Van 
Hulthem. 8** Gand, 1846. 

d'une belle collection de Tableaux des 6coles Italienne, 

Flamande, Hollandaise et Fran9aise, form^e par M. Stevens, 
8° Paris, 1847. 

of a Collection of English Portraits, from Egbert tbe 

Great [Musgrave's], sold by Richardson. 8° London, 1800. 
-. Die Kunstsammlung des Freiherm C. F. L. F. von Rumohr, 

bescbreibend dargestellt von J. G. A. Frenzel. 8^ Lubeck, 

32 CAT— CEN 

Catalogues of Antiquities, Pictures, etc., sold by AucnoK^ wrUinued: 

Catalogue of the Collection of British and Foreign Portraits of the 
Bey. Thomas Russell [works of Hogarth, £c.]. 4? London, 

(Descriptive) of a collection of Byzantine, early Italian, 

German, and Flemish Pictures, belonging to his Serene High- 
ness Prince Louis d'Ottingen Wallerstein. 8® London, 1848. 

of the Classic Contents of Strawberry Hill, collected by 

Horace Walpole. 4*» London, 1842. 

Catherine the Second, Empress of Russia — Life by William Tooke. 3 vols. 
8** London, 1800. 

Catherwood (F.). Views of Ancient Monuments in Central America, 
Chiapas, and Yucatan, fol. London, 1844. 

Caussin de Perceval (A. P.). Essai sur I'Histoire des Arabes, avant 
rislamisme, pendant T^poque de Mahomet, et jusqu*k la reduction de 
toutes les tribus sous la loi Musulmane. 3 vols. 8^ Paris, 1847-8. 

Cavallo (Tiberius). Treatise on Magnetism, in Theory and Practice, with 
original experiments. 8^ London, 1787. 

Cavour (M. de). De la Question relative k la Legislation Anglaise sur 
le Commerce des C^r^ales. 8** Geneve, 1845. 

Catlet (G^rge John). Some Account of the Life and Adventures of Sir 
Reginald Mohun, Bart. Canto 1st. 8^ London, 1849. 

Catlus, Antiquit^s, Suite. — see La Sauvag^re. 

Cellarius (Christophorus). Notitia Orbis Antiqui sive Geographia plenior 
ab ortu Rerumpublicarum ad Constantinorum tempora Orbis terrarum 
faciem declarans, cum tabulis Greographicis. 2 vols. 4^ Cantab., 

Cellini (Benvenuto). Memoirs written by himself, translated from the 
last Milan edition by Thomas Roscoe. 12^ London, 1847. ' 

■ Vita, scritta da lui medesimo, restituita alia lezione ori^ale sul 

MS. Poirot ora Laurenziano, ed arricchita d'illustrazioni et documenti 
inediti, da Francesco Tassi. 2 vols. 8^ Firenze, 1829. 

Rioordi Prose e Poesie, con documenti, la mag^or parte inediti, in 

seguito della Vita, pubblicata da Francesco Tassi. [Vol. 3.] 8** Firenze, 

Celsus (A. Cornelius). MedicinsB libri octo ex recensione Leonardi Targe, 
cum notis variorum, acced. J. L. Bianconius de Celsi setate, et G. Mat- 
thise Lexicon Celsianum. 4^ LugcL Bat., 1785. 

Cennini (Cennino). Trattato della Pittura, messo in luce la prima volta 
con Annotazioni dal Cavaliere Giuseppe Tambroni. 8^ Roma, 1821. 

Centlivre (Susanna). Works, with an account of her Life. 3 vols. 12^ 
London, 1761. 

Peijured Husband, vol. 1 

Perplexed Lovers. 2 

Platonic Lady 2 

Stolen Heiress 1 

Wife well managed 3 

Wonder (The) 3 

Artifice vol. 3 

Basset Table 1 

Beaux's Duel 1 

BickerstafiTs Burial 3 

Bold Stroke for a Wife 3 

Busy Body 2 

Cruel Gift 2 

Gamester vol. 1 

Gotham Election 3 

Love at a Venture 1 

Love's Contrivance 2 

Manbewitch'd 3 

lifarplot in Lisbon 2 




Cervantes (Miguel de). Leben und Thaten des weisen Junkers Don 
Quixote von Mancha, aus der Urschrifil, nebst der Fortsetzung des 
Avellaneda, von F. J. Bertuch. 6 vols. 8** Weimar, 1775-7. 

Stories and Chapters from Don Quixote versified ; " The Curious 

Impertinent." 12** London, 1848. 

The Squib or Searchfoot; an unedited little work which Miguel de 

Cervantes Saavedra wrote in defence of the First Part of the Quijote, 
published by Don Adolfo de Castro at Cadiz, in 1847, translated. 12** 
Cambridge, 1849. 

Vida escrita e ilustrada por D. Martin Fernandez de Navarrete. 

8° Madrid, 1819. 

Chalcondylas (Laonicus) Atheniensis. De origine et rebus gestis Tur- 
corum, Latine, C. Clausero interprete, adjecimus Theod. Gazsd et aliorum 
de rebus Turcorum adversus Christianos opuscula. fol. Basilese, 

de Rebus 

Chalcondylas (Laonicus) \ 

Gaza (Theodorus) 

Egnatius (Bapt.) 

Euboicus (Nicol.) 

Ramus (Joan.) 

Lacuna (And. A.) 

Drechsler (Wolfg.^ 

Pecondinus (P.), ae Vita Tamerlanis. 

Callimachus (P.), de Clade Yamensi. 

Chiensis (Leon.), de Capta Constanti- 

Isidorus Card. Ruth., de eadem. 

Incertus Autor, de Capta Chalcide. 

Sabellicus (A. CX de Clade Sontiaca. 

Cepio (C), de reous P. Moccenici con- 
tra Turcas. 

Canoersin (G.), de oppugnatis a Turca 
Constanti nopoli, Kigroponto, &c. 

de Captione Hydruntinaj 


Barletius (M.), de Scodrensi urbe a 

Turca expugnata. 
Penias (H.), de gestis Sophi contra 

Fontanus (J.), de Bello Rhodio. 
Soitterus (M.), de Bello Pannonico. 
Armerius (A.), de Gk>uleta et Tuneto 

Etrobius de TunicesB urbis expugna- 

Crispus (Jo.), de Naxo insula A Turcis 

Villagagnonus de Expeditione ad Ar- 

Stella (J. M.), de Turcarum in regno 

HungariiB 1543 gestis, de Alten- 

burgi munitione, &c. 
Stella (J. C. C), de expugnato Aphro* 


Chalkhill (John). Thealma and Clearchus; a Pastoral Romance, first 
published by Isaac Walton, 1683; now edited by S. W. Singer. 18** 
Chiswick, 1820. 

[Challoner (Richard), " Bishop of Debra"]. Memoirs of Missionary 
Priests, as well secular as regular, and of other Catholics of both sexes, 
that have suffered death in England on religious accounts from 1577 to 
1684. 2 vols. 8° London, 1741. 

Chalmers (George). A Collection of Treaties between Great Britain and 
other Powers. 2 vols. 8° London, 1790. 

see Ireland (W. H.); Ruddiman. 

Chalmers (Thomas) — Discourse commemorative of him, by William R 
Sprague. 8** Albany, 1847. 

Chaltas (L. a.). Le Due Charles de Brunswick avant et depuis la Revo- 
lution de Brunswick en Septembre, 1830. 8® Paris, 1832. 

Chamberlayne (William). Pharonnida: an Heroic Poem; and Love's 
Victory: a tragi-comedy. 3 vols, in 2. 12** London, 1820. 

Chambers (Robert). History of the Rebellion in 1745-6. 12** Edin- 
burgh, 1847. 

Traditions of Edinburgh. 12^ Edinburgh, 1847. 

8UPP. P 

84 CHA 

Chambebs (W. and K). Edinburgh Journal, from the commencement 
of the New Series in 1844. 8** Edinburgh, 1844. 

Champolliox-Figeac (Aim6). Captivity du Roi Fran9oi8 1". (Docu- 
ments inMts sur THistoire de France). 4** Paris, 1847. 

see Silvestre. 

Essay on his System of Hieroglyphics. — see Salt (H.) 

Chandleb rEUcardus). Marmora Oxoniensia. [Engravings of the Arun- 
delian Marbles], fol. Oxonii, 1763. 

Changing (Walter). Address on the prevention of Pauperism. 12** Bos- 
ton, 1843. 

Channing (William Ellery). Works. 6 vols. 8** Glasgow, 1840. 

Chantbet (Sir Francis) — Recollections of his life, practice, and opinions, 
by George Jones, R.A. 8° London, 1849. 

Chapman (George). — see Marlowe (C.) 

Chables II. — Secret History of the Court and Reign of Charles the 
Second, with Introductory Sketches of the preceding period from the 
accession of James the First, with a Supplement to the Revolution. 
2 vols. 8^ London, 1792. 

■ Personal History. — see Hamilton's Gnunmont. 

Visit to Norwich. — see Turner (Dawson). 

Chables ix. de France — Chronique. — see M^rim^e. 

Chabnogk (John). Biographia Navalis, or Memoirs of the Lives and 
Characters of Officers of the Navy of Great Britain, from the year 1660 
to the present time. 6 vols. 8° London, 1794-1798. 

— — History of Marine Architecture, including an enlarged view of 
the Nautical Regulations and Naval History of all Nations, especially 
of Great Britain. 3 vols. 4** London, 1800. 

Chabbi^be (E.). — see France (Negociations). 

Chateaubbiand (Le Vicomte A. F. de). The Monarchy according to the 
Charter. 8® London, 1816. 

■ M^moires d'Outre-tombe. vol. 1 to . 8® Bruxelles, 1849. 
see Ranc6 (Vie). 

Chatham (William Pitt, Earl of). Life. — see Junius (Waterhouse). 

Chattebton (Thomas). Poems supposed to have been written at Bristol 
by Thomas Rowley and others, in the Fifteenth Century, with appendix 
on the Language of these Poems, to prove they were written by Chat- 
terton, [by Thomas Tyrwhitt]. 8** London, 1794. 


Observations on the Poems attributed to Rowley, tending to prove 
that they were really written by him, [by Rayner Hickford,] 
with Remarks on [Tyrwhitt's] Appendix [by John Fell]. 8* 

Vindication of the Appendix to the Poems called Rowley's, in reply 
to Milles and Bryant, by Thomas Tyrwhitt. 8** London, 1782. 

Observations on the Poems of Thomas Rowley, in which their 
authenticity is ascertained, by Jacob Bryant. 2 vols. 8° Lon- 
don, 1781. 

CHA— CHE 36 

Chatterton (Thomas). — ^Works on the Rowleyan Controversy, can^ 
Hntied: — 

Enquiry into the authenticity of the Poems of Thomas Rowley, in 
which the arguments of Jeremiah Milles and Jacob Bryant are 
examined, by Thomas Warton. 8® London, 1782. 

Remarks upon the eighth section of the second volume of Warton*s 
History of English Poetry, [by Henry Dampier]. 8® London. 

Cursory observations on the Poems attributed to Thomas Rowley, 
with Remarks on the Commentaries of Jeremiah Milles and 
Jacob Bryant, [by Edmund Malone]. 8® London, 1782. 

Strictures on " Cursory Observations on the Poems of Rowley," with 
a postscript on Warton's Enquiry, [by E. B. Greene.] 8° Lon- 
don, 1782. 

Examination of the Poems attributed to Thomas Rowley and William 
Canynge, with a defence of the opinion of Mr. Warton. 8** 

Rowley and Chatterton in the Shades ; or NugsB antiquse et novae, a 
new Elysian interlude. 8** London, 1782. 

The Prophecy of Queen Emma, an ancient ballad written by Johannes 
Turgotus, in the reign of William Rufus, with a vindication of 
the authenticity of the Poems of Ossian and Rowley, [by W. J. 
Mickle]. 8** London, 1782. 

Chaucer (Geoffrey). The Canterbury Tales, a new text, with illustrative 
notes, edited by Thomas Wright. (Percy Society, vols. 24-5-6.) 
3 vols. 8° London, 1847. 

Chaudey (M. G.). Appreciation historique, litt^raire et politique, de THis- 
toire de Dix Ans (de Louis Blanc). 8° Paris, 1845. 

Chemistry — Introduction to Practical Organic Chemistry, with references 
to the works of Davy, Brande, Liebig. (Small Books on Great Subjects, 
No. 4.) 12° London, 1843. 

Ch^ier (Andr6). Poesies, pr6c6d6es d'une Notice par H. de Latouche. 
12** Paris, 1847. 

see Malherbe. 

Chanter (Marie Joseph de). Tableau historique de T^tat et des progr^s 
de la Litt6rature Fran9aise, depuis 1789. 8** Paris, 1816. 

Th64tre, pr6c6d6 de Considerations sur la liberty du Theatre en 

France. 3 vols. 8^ Paris, 1818. 

Cherry (Henry Curtis). Illustrations of the Saints' Days, and other Fes- 
tivals of the Church. 2 vols. 18° London, 1844. 

Cherubini (Laertius). — see BuUarium. 

Chesterfield (Philip Dormer, Earl of). Letters, including many now 
first published from the Original MSS., edited, with notes, by Lord 
Mahon. 4 vols. 8° London, 1845. 

Chettle (Henry). Kind-Heart's Dream; containing five apparitions, with 
their invectives against abuses reigning, from the original Black-Letter 
Tract of 1592, edited by E. F. Rimbault. (Percy Society, vol. 5.) 8*" 
London, 1841. 

Chevalier (Michel). Lettres sur TOrganisation du Travail, ou Etudes sur 
les principales causes de la Misere et sur les moye^ propose pour y 
remMer. 12'' Bruxelles, 1848. 

36 CHE — CIB 

Chevalier (Michel). The Labour Question: Amelioration of the Condition 
of the Labouring Classes^ Wages, Organization of Labour. 18^ London, 

China — Contribution to an Historical Sketch of the Portuguese Settle- 
ments in China, principally of Macao, by A. L. Knt. (privately printed.) 
8° Macao, 1832. 

I Description of the City of Canton, with an Appendix, containing 

an accoimt of the population of the Chinese Empire, &c, 8° Canton, 

Choiseul (le Due deV M6moires Merits par lui-meme, et imprimis dans 
son Cabinet, k Cnanteloup, en 1778. 2 vols, in 1. 8** Chanteloup, 

Choiseul Goufpier (Marie G. F. A. Comte de). Voyage Httoresque de 
la Grece. 2 vols. fol. Paris, 1782-1809. 

Christendom — Present State of Christendome, and the interest of England 
with a regard to France. 4** London, 1677. 

Christian Doctrine and Practice in the Second Century. (Small Books on 
Great Subjects, No. 7.) 12^ London, 1844. 

Christian Doctrine and Practice in the Twelfth Century. (Small Books on 
Great Subjects, No. 17.) 12° London, 1850. 

Christian Remembrancer, a quarterly Review, 8® London, 1847-9. 

Christian Sects in the Nineteenth Century, in a Series of Letters to a Lady. 
(Small Books on Great Subjects, No. 11.) 12^ London, 1846. 

Christianity — On the State of Man before the promulgation of Chris- 
tianity. (Small Books on Great Subjects, No. 14.) 12° London, 

Christie (S. H.). Elementary course of Mathematics, for the use of the 
Royal Military Academy. Vol. 1. 8° London, 1845. 

Christine, Reine de Suede — M^moires pour servir d'^claircissement ii 
rhistoire de son rigne, et principalement de sa Vie priv6e, suivis de deux 
Ouvrages de cette Princesse qui n'ont jamais ^t^ imprim6s [par J. W. 
Archenholtz], 2 vols. 4° Amsterdam, 1751. 

Christmas (Henry). Concise History of the Hampden Controversy, from 
the period of its commencement in 1832 to the present time, with all 
the Documents which have been published, &c. 8® London, 1848. 

Chronicles — Six Old English Chronicles — viz., Ethelwerd's Chronicle, 
Asserts Life of Alfred, Geoffrey of Monmouth's British History, Gildas, 
Nennius, and Richard of Cirencester, edited, with notes, by J. A. Giles. 
12° London, 1848. 

Chronicon Petroburgense — nunc primum typis mandatum, curante 
Thom& Stapleton. (Camden Society.) 4** Lond. 1849. 

Chrtsippus. Philosophiad ejus Fundamenta in Notionum dispositione 
posita, e Fragmentis restituit C. Petersen. 12° Hamburg!, 1827. 

Churton (Edward). Letter to Joshua Watson, giving an Account of 
a singular Literary Fraud practised on the Memory of Bishop Jeremy 
Taylor. 8** London, 1848. 

CiBBER (Theophilus). Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland to 
the time of Swift. 5 vols. 12^ London, 1753. 

CIC — COB 37 

Cicero (M. Tullius). Opera quse supersunt omniay edidenmt Jo. Gasp: 
Orellius, et Jo. Geo. Baitenis. 8 vols, in 12. 8° Turici, 1826. 

Vol. 1. Rhetorica. Vol. 5. Scholiastse. 

— 2. Orationes. — 6-8. Onomaetioon Tullianum, (Vita, 

— 3. Epistolse. Uistoria litteraria, Indices, 

— 4. Opera Philosophica. [ Fasti Consulares, &c.) 

Cato Major efc Somnium Scipionis, Graece. 12** 

Cn> (£1) Vida. — see Quintana. 

Claims of Labour. — see [Helps]. 

Clarendon — The Clarendon Family vindicated from the gross falsehoods 
and misrepresentations of John Oldmixon and George Duckett. 8° 
London, 1732. 

Clarke (Adam). Bibliographical Dictionary, and Supplement or Blblio- 
graplucal Miscellany, containing an account of English Translations of 
the Classics, List of Arabic and Persian Grammars, Origin of Printing, 
Essay on Bibliography, &c. 8 vols in 4. 8° London, 1802-6. 

■ see Bible. 

Account of his Infancy, Eeligious and Literary Life, edited by 

J. B. B. Clarke. 3 vols. 8*» London, 1833. 

Clarke (Mrs. Cowden). Complete Concordance to Shakspere, being a 
Verbal Index to all the Passages in the Dramatic Works of the Poet. 
8** London, 1845. 

Clarke (J. S.) — see Nelson. 

Clarkson (Thomas). — see Penn (W.) 

Classici Itauani — Bibliografia od Elenco Bagionato delle Opere contenute 
nella CoUezione de' Ck^ici Italiani [da F. Fusi]. 8° Milano, 1814. 

List of the authors. — see in the Index. 

Clavering (William Aloyzius). Commentary on Genesis, xi. 10. [The 
Position of Eden]. 12** London, 1845. 

On the Tarshish of the Second Book of Chronicles. 8** London. 


Clego (Samuel, jun.). Practical Treatise on the Manufacture and Distri- 
bution of Coal-Gas, its introduction and progressive improvement. 4** 
London, 1841. 

Cleghokn (George). Restoration of the Parthenon of Athens as the 
National Monument of Scotland. 8** London, 1846. 

Clergy List (The"), from the year 1843 to the present time. 8** 

Clerk (John). Essay on Naval Tactics, systematical and historical, with 
explanatory "Plates. 4** Edinburgh, 1804. 

Clyn (Friar John), and Thady Dowlino. Annals of Ireland, together with 
the Annals of Boss, edited from MSS. in the Library of Trinity College, 
Dublin, by Dean Richard Butler. (Irish Archaeological Society.) 4** 
Dublin, 1849. 

CoAD (John). Memorandum of the wonderful Providences of God to a 
poor unworthy Creature during the Duke of Monmouth^s Bebellion, &e, 
[Contemporary account of the sufferings of the Rebels sentenced by 
Judge Jefferies.] 18** London, 1849. 

CoBBETT (William). The Political Register, from to 8** 


88 COB — COL 

CoBBETT (WilliamV Porcupine's Works, containing yarious Writings and 
Selections, exhibiting a faithful Picture of the United States of America, 
of their Governments, Laws, Resources, &c. <fec. 12 vols. 8** Lon- 
don, 180L 

Paper against Gold, containing the History and Mystery of the 

Bank of England, the Funds, &c, &^ London, 1817. 

A Year's Besidence in the United States of America. 3 parts in 

1 vol. 8** London, 1819. 

History of the Protestant '' Reformation'' in England and Ireland. 

2 vols. 12° London, 1824. 

Treatise on Cobbett's Com, containing Instructions for propagat- 

ing and cultivating the Plant, and for harvesting and preserving the 
Crop. 18** London, 1828. 

Twelve Sermons. 12** London, 1828. 

Hbtory of the Regency and Reign of King George the Fourth. 

2 vols. 12** London, 1830-34. 

Legacy to Parsons. 18** London, 1835. 

Legacy to Labourers. 18** London, 1835. 

Legacy to Peel. 18** London, 1836. 

Cottage Economy. 12** London, 1843. 

Gnunmar of the English Language. 12** London, 1844. 

His Life. 12** London, 1835. 

Full and Accurate Report of the Trial of William Cobbett, 

July 7, 1831, at Guildhall, with various numbers of the Weekly 
Register. 8** 

see Gouge (W. M.) 

CoBBETT (William, jun.). Analysis of the Poor-Law Bill. 12** London, 

Cochrane (Andrew). Correspondence regarding the Affairs of Glasgow, 

1745-6, edited by James Dennistoun. (Printed for the Maitland 

Club.) 4** Glasgow, 1836. 

Cock Lorell's Bote, a satirical poem, from an unique copy printed by 
Wynkyn de Worde, edited by Edward F. Rimbault. (Percy Society, 
voL 6.) 8** London, 1843. 

CoDiKus (G.) — see Meursius, vol. 8. 

Coins (The), of England. 12*» London, 1846. 

Coke (Sir Edward). The Three Parts of the Institutes of the Laws of 
England; or a Commentary upon Littleton; with Notes by Francis 
Hargravc, Charles Butler, and others. 7 vols. 8** London, 1809. 

— see Prynne (W.) 

Coke (Doctor). — see Wesley. 

CoLDEN (Cadwallader D.). Memoir prepared at the celebration of the 
completion of the New York Canals. 4** New York, 1825. 

Cole (Henry). — see Records. 

Coleridge (Samuel Taylor). Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit. 12** 

' The Friend, a Series of Essays to aid in the formation of fixed 

principles in Politics, Morals, and Religion. 3 vols. 12** London, 


COL 39 

Ck>LERiDOE ^Samuel Taylor). Biographia Literaria, or Biographical Sketches 
of my Literary Life and Opinions. 3 vols. 12^ London, 1847. 

Ck>LES (James). Spinal Affections, and the Prone System of treating 
them; an Inquiry into the nature, causes, and different methods of 
treating Diseases and Distortions of the Spinal Column. 12^ London, 

CoLLE (Charles). Journal Historique, ou M^moires Critiques et Litt^raires 
sur les ouvrages Dramatiques et sur les Ev^nemens les plus m^morables 
depuis 1748 k 1751. 3 vols. 8** Paris, 1805. 

Collegian's Quide; or Recollections of College Days, setting forth the 
Advantages and Temptations of a University Education. 8^ London, 

CoLLETTA (Pietro). Storia del Beame di Napoli, dal 1734 sino al 1825. 
2 vols. 8° Parigi, 1843. 

Collier (Jeremy), View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the 
English Stage, together with the sense of Antiquity upon this Argu- 
ment, with the two Defences. 8® London, 1699-1700. 

Collier (John Payne). Memoirs of the Principal Actors in the Plays of 
Shakespeare. (Shakespeare Society.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Extracts from the Registers of the Stationers' Company, of Works 

entered for publication between the Years 1557 and 1587, with notes 
and illustrations. (Shakespeare Society.) 2 vols. 8^ London, 1848-9. 

see Jones (Inigo) ; Hawkins (Admiral). 

Collieries — ^History and Description of Fossil Fuel, the Collieries and 
Coal Trade of Great Britain. 8'' London, 1841. 

Reports on the Gases and Explosions in Collieries, by Sir Henry 

T. De la Beche, Dr. Lyon Playfair, and Warington Smyth, fol. 
London, 1847. 

Collins (Arthur). Proceedings, Precedents, and Arguments on Claims 
and Controversies concerning Baronies by Writ and other Honours, 
published from the MSS. of R. Glover, Sir W. Dugdale, Gregory King, 
S. Stebbing, P. Le Neve, <fec fol. London, 1734. 

Collins (David). Account of the English Colony in New South Wales : 
remarks on the dispositions, customs, manners, d^c, of the Native 
Inhabitants, with some particulars of New Zealand, compiled from the 
MS. of Lieutenant-Gk)vemor King. 2 vols. 4® London, 1798. 

Collins (Greenvile). Great Britain's Coasting Pilot, fol. London, 

Collins (William, R.A.) — Memoirs of his Life, with selections from his 
Journals and Correspondence, by his Son, W. Wilkie Collins. 2 vols. 
12*» London, 1848. 

CoLMAN ((Jeorge). — see Terentius (Translation). 

CoLMAN (Henry). European Agriculture and Rural Economy, from per- 
sonal observation. 8^ London, 1844. 

Colonial Church Chronicle and Missionary Journal, from the commence- 
ment in 1848. 8^ 

Colonies — Colonial Land and Emigration Commission; General Report of 
the Commissioners. S° London, 1843. 

Church in the Colonies; Journals of the Bishops* Visitations in 

Quebec, Toronto, Nova Scotia, &c, 3 parts. 12** London, 1844. 

40 COL — COO 

Colonies — Documents relative to the erection and endowment of additional 
Bishoprics in the Colonies. 12^ London^ 1844. 

CoLQUHOUN (Patrick). Summary of the Roman Civil Law, illustrated by 
Commentaries on, and Parallels from, the Mosaic, Canon, Mohammedan, 
English, and Foreign Law. Vol. 1. 8° London, 1849. 

Entwurf zur Bildung einer Deutschen Kriegsflotte, nebst Kosten- 

anschlag derselben. S° Leipzig, 1849. 

CoLUTHi Raptus Helenae. — see Hesiodus. 

CoMBES-DouNOUS (J. J.) — scc Appiauus (traduction). 

CoMicx)RUM QRiECORUM Fragmcuta, collegit et disposuit Augustus Meineke 
(cum Indice auctorum in vol. 4.) 4 vols, in 5. 8** Berolini, 


Vol. 1. Historia Critica Comicorum 
— 2. Partes 1& 2, ComcBdiaAntiqua. 

Vol. 8. Comoedia Media. 
— 4. Comcedia Nova. 

CoMMENDON (Cardinal) — Histoire du. — see Fl^chier ((Euvres, tome 2). 

Common Sense, or the Englishman's Journal; a collection of Letters, poli- 
tical, humorous, and moral. 12^ London, 1738. 

CoMNENA (Anna). Alexiadis libri xv. Qrseca ad Codicum fidem nunc 
primum recensuit, novam interpretationem latinam subjecit. Car. 
Ducangii commentationes suasque annotationes addidit Ludovicus 
Schopenus. Vol. 1. (Byzantina Histor.) 8° Bonnse, 1839. 

CoMTE (Auguste). Cours de Philosophic Positive. 6 vols. 8® Paris, 

CoNDi (Louis de Bourbon, Prince de), "sumomm6 le Grand" — Histoire 
de, om6e de plans de Sieges et de Batailles, par Jos. L. R. Desormeaux. 
4 vols. 12^ Paris, 1766. 

Life, by Lord Mahon. 12** London, 1845. 

Confucius et Mencius. Les Quatre Livres de Philosophic morale et 
politique de la Chine, traduits du Chinoispar G. Pauthier. 12** Paris, 

Connoisseur, (The) by Mr. Town, Critic and Censor-General [G^eo^ge 
Colman and Bonnel Thornton]. 4 vols. 12** London, 1767. 

CoNOLLY (John). Inquiry concerning the Indications of Insanity, with 
Suggestions for the better protection and care of the Insane. 8** 
London, 1830. 

. The Construction and Grovemment of Lunatic Asylums and Hos- 
pitals for the Insane. 12** London, 1847. 

CoNsiDERANT (Victor). Dcstin^c Sociale. 2 vols, in 1. 12** Paris, 

. Le Socialisme devant le Vieux Monde, ou le Vivant devant 

les Morts, suivi de J6sus-Christ devant les Conseils de Guerre, par 
Victor Meunier. 8** Paris, 1 849. 

CoNSTANTiNUS Manasscs. — see Meursius, vol. 8. 

CoNSTANTiNUS Porphyrogcnncta. — see Meursius, vol. 6. 

Cooke (G. W.) — see Bolingbroke (Life). 

CooPERi (Thomse) Thesaurus. — see Elyot. 

coo — GOV 41 

Cooper (Charles Furton). Memoria da Commissao dos Arquivos da Oran- 
Bretanba, dirigida aos Cartorarios, Bibliothecarios, e Antiquaries de 
Portugal. S"" Lisboa, 1835. 

CooPEB (William White). Practical Remarks on Near Sight, Aged Sight, 
and Impaired Vision, with Observations upon the Use of Glasses, and 
on Artificial Light. 8° London, 1847. 

Corbet (Richard), Bishop of Norwich. Poems, with biographical notes 
and Life by Octavius Gilchrist. 8** London, 1807. 

CoRKENiN (M. de). Lettres sur la Liste Civile et sur 1* Apanage. 18^ 
Paris, 1837. 

[ ] Etudes sur les Orateurs Parlementaires, par Timon. 8® Bruxelles, 


Corn Laws — Principes sur la Libert6 du Commerce des Grains. 8® 
Amsterdam, 1768. 

Account of the operation of the Com Laws (from the "Daily 

News"). 8** London, 1846. 

Brief considerations with reference to the Com Laws, and on the 

theory of Protection generally. 8** London, 1846. 

CoROKELLi (P. M.). ]!l3[emorie Istoriografiche delli Regni della Morea, e 
Negroponte e luoghi adjacenti. fol. Venezia, 1686. 

CoRREQOio and Parmegiano — Sketches of their Lives, [by Archdeacon 
William Coxe]. 8** London, 1823. 

Life. — see Mengs, vol. 3. 

Cory (Isaac Preston), Inquiries: 1. Metaphysical Inquiry into the 
ancient and modem Philosophy. 2. Mythological Inquiry into the 
recondite Theology of the Heathens. 3. Chronological Inquiry into 
the ancient history of Egypt. 12** London, 1833-7. 

CoTTRELL (Charles H.) — see Bunsen. 

Courier de Paris, &c. — see Gk)rsas. 

CouRTENAY (F. B.). Pathology and rational Treatment of Stricture of the 
Urethra, m all its Varieties and Complications, with Observations on 
the use and abuse of Urethral instruments. 8^ London, 1848. 

CouRTENAY (Thomas Peregrine). " Histoire du Congrfes de Vienne, par 
M. de Flassan," reviewed, [on the Foreign Policy of England]. 8** 
London, 1829. 

CouRTiLz (Sandras de). — see Bordeaux. 

CouRTY (H. de). Manuel Fran9ais-Anglais, k I'usage des Voyageurs 
Fran9ais en Angleterre. 12° Paris, 1845. 

Cousin (Victor). Des Pens6es de Pascal, Rapport a FAcad^mie Fran9aise 
sur la n6cessit6 d'une nouvelle Edition de cet ouvrage. 8° Paris, 

see Pascal (Jacqueline). 

■ Philosophic Populaire, suivie de la premiere partie de la Profes- 

sion de Foi du Vicaire Savoyard sur la Morale et la Religion Naturelle. 
18** Paris, 1848. 

see France (Petits Trait^s, 1). 

Coventry (Greorge). — see Junius. 

SUPP. o 

42 COW — CRE 

CowEL (John). Law Dictionary; or the Interpreter of Words and TennB 
used either in the Common or Statute Laws of Great Britain, and in 
Tenures and Jocular Customs, fol. Savoy, 1727. 

Cowley (Hannah). Works : Dramas and Poems. 3 vols. 8® London, 

CoxE (R. C). The Symmetry of Revelation a Witness to the Divinity of 
Christ, in a Series of Advent Lectures. 8° London, 1845. 

CoxE (Archdeacon William). Historical Tour in Monmouthshire, illus- 
trated with Views by Sir R C. Hoare, Bart. 4** London, 1801. 

see Correggio; Stillingfleet. 

Crabb (George). English Synonymes explained, with copious illustrations 
and examples, drawn from the best writers. 8** London, 1844. 

Craik (George L.) and Charles Macfarlane. The Pictorial History of 
England; being a History of the People as well as a History of the 
Kingdom. 8 vols. 8*» London, 1847. 

' Continuation. — see Martineau. 

CRAKAin?HORPE (Richard). Sermon preached at Panic's Crosse, 24 March, 
1 608, at the solemnization of the happie Inauguration of our Soveraigne 
King James. 4^ London, 1609. 

Cranmer (Thomas, Archbishop). Writings and Disputations relative to 
the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, edited by J. E. Cox. (Piffker 
Society.) 8® Cambridge, 1844. 

' Miscellaneous Writings and Letters, edited by J. E. Cox. (Parker 

Society). 8® Cambridge, 1846. 

Memorials of, by John Str3rpe, edited by J. E. Cox. (Ecclesiastical 

History Society). 8** Oxford, 1848. 

Remarks on. — see Maitland (S. R) 

Correspondence of William Maskell and Henry Jenkyns, on some 

strictures by the former on the Oxford Edition of Cranmer*s Remains. 
8** Durham, 1846. 

Crapelet (G. a.). — see Henri vul 

Craufurd (Quentin). Essais sur la Litt^rature Fran9ai8e. 3 vols, in 2. 
8** Paris, 1815. u 

Melanges d'Histoire et de Litt^rature. 8® Paris, 1817. 

[Sur Abeillard et H61oiBe, le Prisonnier au Masque de Fer, Destruction des 
Jesuites en France, Journal de Madame du Hausset, &o.] 

Creasy (E. S.). Some Account of the Foundation of Eton Coll^^e, and 
of the past and present Condition of the School. 12^ London, 1848. 

Sub rege sacerdos: Comments on Bishop Hampden's Case, with 

an epitomised report of the proceedings. 8° London, 1848. 

Creation — Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation. 8** London, 

Explanations, a Sequel to '' Vestiges of the Natural Histoiy of 

Creation.'' 12*> London, 1845. 
exposed. — see Bosanquet. 

Crest (Edward). Encyclopsedia of Civil Engineering, historical, theore- 
tical, and practical. 8^ London, 1847. 

ORE — GUI 48 

Cbetiksau-Jolt (J.). Histoire religieuse, politique et litt^raire, de la 
Compagnie de J^us. 6 vols. 8** Paris, 1844-6. 

Cbiminal Cods — Letters on the Criminal Code, by a Barrister of Lincoln's 
Inn. 8° London, 1847. 

First and Second Reports of the Commissioners on the State of the 

Criminal Law in the Channel Islands (Jersey and Quemsey). 2 vols, 
folio. Loudon, 1847-8. 

Criminal Offenders — Tables showiug the number of Criminal Offenders 
committed for Trial, from the year 1834 to 1848, and the result of the 
Proceedings. 2 vols. fol. London, 1835-48. 

Croke (John). — see Psalms. 

Croker (T. C). — see Ireland; Songs. 

Crolt (George). Sermons preached at the Foundling Hospital, and in St. 
Stephen's, Walbrook, in 1847. 8*^ London, 1848. 

Cromwell (Oliver). Letters and Speeches, with Elucidations, by Thomas 
Carlyle. 3 vols. 8° London, 1846. 

Letter from Sir Philip Stapleton to Oliver Cromwell, and four 

letters from Oliver Cromwell himself. (Norfolk Ardiaeological 
Society.) 8° 

Memoirs of Oliver Cromwell, and of his sons, Richard and 

Henry, illustrated by original letters, &c., by Oliver Cromwell, a 
descendant. 4^ London, 1820. 

" Noble's Memoirs of Cromwell" reviewed. — see Richards. 

and Bunyan — ^Their Lives, by Robert Southey. 12® London, 


Crosnier (I'Abb^). Iconographie Chrdtienne, ou Etude des Sculptures, 
Peintures, etc. qu'on rencontre sur les Monuments Religieux du 
Moyen Age. 8® Paris, 1848. 

Crosthwaite (John Clarke). The Book of Obits and Martyrology of the 
Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, commonly called Christ Church, 
Dublin, with an Introduction by J. H. Todd. (Irish Archseological 
Society.) 4® Dublin, 1844. 

Modem Hagiology : an Examination of the nature and tendency 

of some Legendary and Devotional Works, published under the sanc- 
tion of the Revs. J. H. Newman, Dr. Pusey, and F. Oakeley. 2 vols. 
12^ London, 1846. 

Crusades — Chronicles of the Crusades, being contemporary Narratives of 
the Crusade of Richard Coeur de Lion, by Richard of Devizes and 
Geoffrey de Vinsauf, and of the Crusade of Saint Louis, by Lord John 
de Joinville. 12^ London, 1848. 

Crypt (The), or Receptacle for things past: an Antiquarian, Literary, and 
Miscellaneous Journal. 3 vols. 12^ Ringwood, 1827-28. 

Ctesias Cnidius. Operum Reliquise, fragmenta collegit, textum e Codd. 
recognovit, prolegomenis et perpetua annotatione instruxit indicesque 
adjecit J. C. Felix Baehr. 8^ Francof. ad. Moenum, 1824. 

CuiTT (George). Wanderings and Pencillings amongst Ruins of the 
Olden Time; a Series of 73 Etchings, with descriptive Letterpress, 
fol. London, 1848. 

44 CUL — DAL 

CuLLUM (Sir John). History and Antiquities of Hawsted and Hardwick, 
in the County of Suffolk. 4^ London, 1813. 

CuifBERLAKD (Richard). Anecdotes of Eminent Painters in Spain during 
the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, with cursory remarks upon 
the present state of Arts in that Kingdom. 2 vols. 12^ London, 

see Sackville. 

CuKNiNOHAH (Peter). A Handbook for London, past and present. 2 vols. 
12° London, 1849. 

see Jones (Inigo). 

CuBETON (WilliamV VindicisB Ignatianse, or the Qenuine Writings of St 
Ignatius^ as exhibited in the Antient Syriac Version, vindicated from 
the charge of Heresy. 8^ London, 1846. 

Corpus Ignatianum: a complete Collection of the Ignatian Epistles, 

genuine, interpolated, and spurious, together with numerous Extracts 
from them, in Svriac, Greek, and Latin ; copious notes and Introduc- 
tion. 8° London, 1849. 

Curling (Thomas Blizard). Treatise on Tetanus, (the Jacksonian Prize 
Essay for 1834). 8° London, 1836. 

— ^^ The advantages of Ether and Chloroform in Operative Surgeiy. 
8*^ London, 1848. 

CuRRT (John). Review of the Civil Wars in Ireland, from the reign of 
Queen Elizabeth to the settlement under King William. 2 vols. 8^ 
Dublin, 1786. 

CuBSETJEE (Manackjee). Poems, ascribed to him. 12^ London, 1842. 

Curtis (John). BritiBh Entomology, being Illustrations and Descriptions 
of the Genera of Insects of Great Britain and Ireland, with coloured 
figures from nature, 16 vols. 8® London, 1827-38. 

CussY (Ferdinand de). — see Martens. 

Cyprianus (Sanctus Ciecilius). Opera ad MSS. codices recognita et illus- 
trata studio ac labore Stephani Baluzii, absolvit post Baluzium ac 
prsefationem et vitam S. Cypriani adomavit unus ex Congr^|;atione S. 
Mauri [Prudent Maran]. fol. Parisiis, 1726. 

Cyrillus (Sanctus) '' Archiepiscopus Hierosolym.'* Opera omnia, ad 
Mstos. codices castigata, dissertationibus et notis illustrata, cum nova 
interpretatione, et copiosis indicibus, cura Antonii Augustini Toutt^, 
Mon. Bened. e Congreg. S. Mauri, fol. Parisiis, 1720. 

-^— contra Julianum. — see Juliatus. 

D. — see DauneuiL 

Dacier. — see Horatius (traduction). 

Dallas (Alexander). Romanism: its rise, progress, and prospects. 12^ 
London, 1846. 

Dalrymple (Alexander). Historical Collection of the several Voyages 
and Discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean. 2 vols, in 1. 4^ London, 

— ^— Letter from Mr. Dalrymple to Doctor Hawkesworth on some 
groundless and illiberal Imputations in his Account of the late Voyages 
to the South. 4*^ London, 1773. 

DAM — DAU 45 

Damiron (J. Ph.). Essai sur rhistoire de la Fhilosophie en France au dix- 
neuyi^me Si^cle. 8** Bruxelles^ 1832. 

■ see France (Petits Trait^s, 13). 

Daniel (Le Pere GabrielV Histoire de France depiiis TEtablissement de 
la Monarchie Fran9oise ; avec les regnes de Louis xiii. et xnr., du 
Pere Griffet [et la Comparaison de Thistoire de Mezeray et de celle 
du P. Daniel, par Lombsj'd]. 7 vols. 4° Amsterdam, 1725. 

Histoire de la Milice Fran^oise jusqu'a Louis le Grand. 2 vols. 

4*" Amsterdam, 1724. 

DAinEL (J. Frederic). Introduction to the Study of Chemical Philosophy, 
being a Preparatory View of the Forces which concur to the production 
of Chemical Phenomena. 8^ London, 1843. 

Daniel (Samuel). Poetical Works, with Memoirs of his life and 
Writings. 2 vols. W London, 1718. 

Daih'E Alliqhieri. La Divina Commedia. 3 vols. fol. Parma, 
co*tipi Bodoniani, 1795. 

The first Ten Cantos of the Inferno, newly translated into English 

Verse (by T. W. Parsons). 8° Boston, 1843. 

D'Anvers (Caleb). The Craftsman. 14 vols. 12° London, 1731. 

Written by Lord Bolingbroke, Mr. Pulteney, &c., in opposition to Sir Robert 
Walpole's measures. 

D*Abblat (Madame). Diary and Letters, edited by her niece. 7 vols. 
12° London, 1842-6. 

Dabt (John). Westmonasterium : or the History and Antiquities of the 
Abbey Church of St. Peter's, Westminster. 2 vols. fol. London, 

History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury, 

and the once adjoining Monastery, fol. London, 1726. 

Dabwin (Charles). The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs. 8^ 
London, 1842. 

— — see Fitzroy. 

Dabwin (Erasmus). Botanic Grarden. Part 1, containing the Economy 
of Vegetation. Part 2. The Loves of the Plants, with philosophical 
notes. 2 vols. 4^ London, 1791. 

Daubent (Charles). Letters to Professor Jameson on the Volcanoes of 
Auvergne. 8*^ 1825. 

Sketch of the Geology of Sicily. 8*^ 1825. 

Inaugural Lecture on the Study of Chemistry, read at the Ashmo- 

lean Museum. 8^ Oxford, 1823. 

On the Methods of separating Lime from Magnesia. S° 

On the Site of the ancient city of the Aurunci> and on the volcanic 

phenomena which it exhibits. (Ashmolean Society.) 8^ Oxford, 1846. 
A Description of Active and Extinct Volcanoes, of Earthquakes, 

and of Thermal Springs ; with remarks on the causes of these Phseno- 
mena, and their influence on the past and present condition of the 
Globe. 8** London, 1848. 

and Captain W. S. Widdbington. On the Occurrence of Phos- 

phorite in Estremadura. 8^ London, 1845. 

[Dauneuil (La Comtesse)]. Nuovi Eacconti delle Fate, di Madama D., 
tradotti dal Francese. 12'' Venezia, 1752. 

46 DAV — DEL 

Davids (Arthur Lumley). Qrammaire Turke, pr6c^6e d'un Discours sur 
la Langue et la litt^rature des Nations Orientales, traduite de FAnglais 
par Sarah Davids. 4^ Londres, 1 836. 

Davies (Edward). — see Murillo (Life). 

Davis (John Francis). Chinese Moral Maxims, with a free and verbal 
Translation, affording examples of the grammatical structure of the 
Language. 8^ Macao, 1823. 

Dawes (Richard). Suggestive Hints towards improved Secular Listruc- 
tion, making it bear upon Practical Life. 12° London, 1847. 

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see also under Defoe (in Tract Catalogues). 

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— 11. Sur les rdgnee de Claude et de N^ron, ftc. 

— 12. Suite du m6me — Sur le Gouvemement et les Etudes en Russie — Corre- 

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(21.) (Euvres in6dites: — Neveu de Rameau — Voyage de HoUande — Table 

). Di 

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see Annales Arch^ologiques. 

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nsean and Natural Systems, the whole arranged according to the Natural 
System. 4 vols. 4° London, 1831. 

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duction to the Philological study of the Latin Language. 8° London, 

see Key (T. H.) 

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— 2-5. Sermons. 

— 6. Sermons — Letters — Poems. 

— — Poems, with Elegies on the Author's Death, to which is added 
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— Sermons — The Criterion, Ac. 

■ see Milton. 

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see Catalogue (Egyptian MSS.) 

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Dufresnoy's Art of Painting translated. — see Mason^s Works. Vol. 3. 

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Chronologic of the Lord Chancellors, &c. fol. London, 1 680. 

^^— Short View of the late Troubles in England, briefly setting forth 
their rise, growth, and tragical conclusion, with a narrative of the 
Treaty at Uxbridge. fol. Oxford, 1681. 

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tinued by William Thomas. 2 vols. fol. London, 1730. 

Life, Diary, and Correspondence, with appendix, containing an 

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mental Inscriptions to the Memory of the Dugdale Family, and 
heraldic grants and pedigrees, edited by William Hamper. 4° Lon- 
don, 1827. 

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Bruxelles, 1845. 
Les M6dicis. 18^^ Bruxelles, 1845. 
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La R^ence. 2 vols. 18° Bruxelles, 1849. 
Louis Quinze. 18° Bruxelles, 1849. 
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par Eugene de Mirecourt 8^ Paris, 1845. 

52 DUM— DUB 

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lUustres de ce Temps-ci: Alexandre Dumas. 8^ Paris, 1840. 

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and Atlas in 4° Paris, 1828-1846. 

DuMBSNiL. — see Eobert-Dumesnil. 

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Paris, 1849. 

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and illustrations. 12^ London, 1844. 

-^— Essays on Conversation and Quackery. 12° London. 

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County of Hereford. 2 vols. 4° Hereford, 1804-1812. 

DuNFERMELYN — Rcgistrum de Dunfermelyn, liber Cartarum Abbatie 
Benedictine SS. Trinitatis et B. Margarete Begine de Dunfermelyn. 
(Bannatyne Club.) 4° Edinburgi, 1842. 

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and during the Augustan Age. 3 vols. 8^ London, 1823-28. 

Selections from the Latin Anthology, translated into English 

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American Fur Trade, with an Account of the Habits and Customs of 
the principal Native Tribes of the Northern Continent 8^ London, 

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avant, pendant, et apres 1848. 18"^ Paris, 1848-49. 

see France (Petits Trait^s, 4). 

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the Old and New Testament. 2 vols. fol. London, 1699. 

' History of Ecclesiastical Writers; containing an Account of the 

Authors of the several Books of the Old and New Testament, the Lives 
and Writings of the Primitive Fathers and Ecclesiastical Authors to the 
XVII. Century, abridgment of their Works, and a history of the Councils. 
14 vols, in 7. fol. London, 1696-1706. 

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edition augment6e des additions et de la vie de Tauteur par P. R. 
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Albert Durer, edited by Henry Cole. 12° London, 1844. 

Das Leben und die Werke Albrecht Diirer's, von Joseph Heller. 

8° Bamberg, 1827-31. 

DuRLACHER (Lewis). Treatise on Corns, Bunions, the Diseases of Nails, 
and the General Management of the Feet. 8° London^ 1845. 

DUT — EDW 63 

DuTTOK (Francis). South Australia and its Mines; with an historical 
Sketch of the Colony under its several administrations to the period of 
Captain Grey's depajture. 8° London^ 1846. 

DwABBis (Sir Fortunatus). General Treatise on Statutes^ their Rules of 
Construction, and the proper houndaries of Legislation and of Judicial 
Interpretation, including a summary of the Practice of Parliament^ &c. 
8° London, 1848. 

Dtce (Alexander). — see Beaumont and Fletcher; Shakespeare; Skelton. 

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March 3, 1840. fol. London, 1840. 

Theory of the Fine Arts; an introductory lecture delivered in the 

classical Theatre of King's College. 8^ London, 1844. 

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and Religion inquired into. 12^ London, 1670. 

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London, 1847. 

- Contributions to the Literature of the Fine Arts. 8° London^ 

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to the establishment of King William and Queen Mary. 3 vols. fol. 
London, 1718. 

The History of the Revolution, and the Establishment of Eng- 
land in 1688. 8° London, 1725. 

Edict of Naittes — ^An Edict of the French King, prohibiting all publick 
exercise of the pretended Reformed Religion in his Kingdom, wherein 
he recalls, and totally annuls, the Edict of King Henry 4th given at 
Nantes. 4° London, 1686. 

History. — see [Benoit]. 

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English Peers, deduced from the earliest Times. 6 vols. fol. 
London, 1764-84. 

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and Wales, August 3. foL London, 1835. 

in Wales — Reports of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the state 

of Education in Wales. 3 parts, fol. London, 1847. 

Reports of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the state of Educa- 
tion in Wales. 8° London, 1848. 

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in England, intended as a continuation of Horace Walpole's Anecdotes 
of Painting. 4<^ London, 1808. 

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Europe and America, fol. London, 1849. 

64 EDW— EMP 

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of the Human Foot, with Advice on the management of the Hand. 
4° London, 1845. 

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3 vols. 8° London, 1844. 

see also Stowell. 

— — Corrections of Twiss's Life by Surtees. — see StowelL 

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Bessy ; and how she married King Henry the Seventh, of the House of 
Lancaster, edited by J. 0. HalliwelL (Percy Society, vol 20.) 8° 
London, 1847. 

EuzABETH (Queen) and Jakes vi. of Scotland. Letters from originals 
in the possession of Edward Ryder, and others from a MS. formerly 
belonging to Sir Peter Thompson, edited by John Bruce. (Camden 
Society.) 4° London, 1849. 

Elizabeth's (Queen) Progress, or the Rose of Arden. S° 1849. 

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Cantos, with other Poems and notes. 8° London, 1845. 

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Agra, 1845. 

> Bibliographical Index to the Historians of Muhammedan India. 

Vol. 1. General Histories. 8° Calcutta, 1849. 

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lypse, critical and historical, including an Examination of the chief 
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British Merchant against the recent alterations in the Laws of Debtor 
and Creditor. 12° London, 1845. 

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sicians, June 27, 1846. 8^ London, 1846. 

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authority of William Camden, Clarencieux King of Arms, by his 
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Society.) 4° London, 1849. 

see Brand; Vergil (P.) 

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gical Series from Homer to Tryphiodorus, translated and illustrated 
with Biographical and Critical Notices. 3 vols. 8^ London, 1814. 

■ see Habington. 

Ely Cathedral as it is and as it was. S° Cambridge, 1846. 

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C. T. Jackson's claims to the discovery. — see Gay (M.) 

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des plans de Batailles, des Sieges, et des M6dailles n^cessaires pour 
Fintelligence de cette histoire [par E16azar Mauvillon]. 5 vols. 12^ 
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see Adams (J. Q.) 

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EYR — FEA 57 

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Conway Tubular Bridges, with a complete history of their progress. 
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towards a History of them, with specimens of the descriptive pamph- 
lets published by the City Poets, 2 parts. (Percy Society, vol. 10.) 
8° London, 1844. 

•^— — The Civic Garland, a Collection of Songs from London Pageants, 
with Introduction and notes. (Percy Society, vol. 19.) 8° London, 

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Bruxelles, 1844. 

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South- Western, Oregon, and North-Westem Boundary of the United 
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Guernsey, Serk, Herm, Jethou, Aldemey, and the Caskets. 18° 
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Correspondence of Sir Richard Fanshawe, Ambassador from Charles ii. 
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On the Magnetic Affection of light. 8° 1846. 

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et Poesie Frangoise, Origine des Chevaliers, Armoiries et Heraux, etc.] 
4° Paris, 1610. 

FAUoiiRE (P.) — see Pascal (Pens^). 

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and its Environs, with biographical anecdotes. Royal 8° London, 

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des Lettres de Paris. 3 vols. 8° Paris, 1846. 

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Sketches of popular Manners, and Geological Notices. 2 vols. 8^ 
London, 1844. 

A Canoe Voyage up the Minnay Sotor ; with an account of the 

Lead and Copper deposits in Wbconsin, of the Gold Eegion in the 
Cherokee Country ; and Sketches of Popular Manners. 2 vols. 8^ 
London, 1847. 


58 FEL — FIT 

Felibien (Andrew). Entr^tiens but les Vies et sur les Ouvrages des 
plus excellens Peintres, anciens et modemes, avec la vie des Architectes, 
et la Description des Maisons de Campagne de Pline et de celle des 
Invalides. 6 vols. 12° Trevoux, 1725. 

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transmission to England. 8° London, 1843. 

Lycia, Caria, Lydia, described by him ; illustrated by Qeorge 

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Account of the Ionic Trophy Monument excavated at Xanthus. 

8° London, 1848. 

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who have no previous knowledge of the Mathematics. 8° London, 1775. 

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Gallery, and National Record Office, with suggestions for their 
improvement. 8° London, 1849. 

Fernandez (R.) — see Romancero. 

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tenant des Instructions tres-£aciles pour se perfectionner dans cet Art. 
4° St. Omer, 1723. 

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Festus. — see Pompeius Festus. 

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Fichte. 8 vols. 8° Berlin, 1845. 

Vol. 1-2. Zur theoretischen Philoflophie. 

— 3-4. Zur Recht8-und Sittenlehre. 

— 5. Zur Reliffionsphilosophie. 

— 6. Popul&rphilosophische Schriften (Politik und Moral). 

— 7. (Politik, Moral, und Philoeophie der Geschichte). 

— 8. (VermiBchte Schriften und AufiAtse). 

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(Ecclesiastical History Society.) 8° Cambridge, 1847. 

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auflebung bis auf die neuesten Zeiten. 5 vols. 8° Qottingen, 

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Eboracensi Carmen. 4° Londini, 1750. 

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The Night Watch, an Argument. 8° London, 1845. 

■ The Day Watch, an Argument, continued. 8° London, 1849. 

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the Beds between the Chalk and the Purbeck Limestone in the East of 
England. 4° London, 1833. 

■ Stratigraphical Account of the Section from Atherfield to Rocken- 

End, on the South-west Coast of the Isle of Wight. S° London, 

FIT — FOR 59 

FiTZCLARENCE (Lieut.-Colonel). Memoir on the Duty of Picquets. 24° 
London, 1827. 

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Management of Landed Property, reprinted, with Xenophon*s Treatise 
of Householde. 8^ London, 1767. 

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his command, during 1832-36, edited and superintended hy Charles 
Darwin. 5 vols. 4° London, 1840-43. 

Part 1. Fossil Mammalia, by Richard Owen. 

— 2. Mammalia, by G. R. Waterhouae. 

— 8. Birds, by Jolm Gbuld. 

— 4. Fish, by Leonard Jenyns. 

— 5. Reptiles, by Thomas aeU. 

FiTZHOY (Robert). — see New Zealand. 

Fli^chier (Esprit), " Ev^ue de Nismes." (Euyres Complettes. 10 vols. 
8° Nisme«, 1782. 

Tome 1. Histoire de Th^odose le Grand. 

— 2. Hu Cardinal Commendon. 

— 8. du Cardinal Ximente. 

— 4. Oraisons fundbres. 

— 6. Pan6gyriques. 

— 6-7. Sermons de Morale, &c. 

— 8. Mandemens, Lettres pastorales, kc, 

— 9. M61anges d'Eloquence, de Poesie, &c. 

~ — 10. Lettres ; Dissertation sur Nismes, kc. 

Fletcher (John). — see Beaumont (Francis). 

Fletcher (Phineas). The Purple Island, or the Isle of Man ; together 
with Piscatorie Eclogs, and other Poetical Miscellanies. 4° Cambridge, 

Fleury (Cardinal) — Vie. — see Van Hoey. 

Fliegende Blatter. 4° Miinchen, 1847. 

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Rouen, 1840-42. 

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ventu Hengesti et Horsi in Britanniam usque ad 1117, cum continua- 
tionibus ad 1295, edidit hrevique adnotatione illustravit Benjamin 
Thorpe. (English Historical Society.) 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1848. 

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(Privately printed.) 12° London, 1849. 

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fornia, from their first Discovery to the present Time, with an Appendix 
relating to Steam Navigation in the Pacific. 8° London, 1839. 

Forbes (Edward). History of British Starfishes, and other animals of the 
class Echinodermata. S° London, 1841. 

Monograph of the British Naked -Eyed Medusae, with Figures of 

all the Species. (Ray Society.) folio. London, 1848. 
Travels in Lycia. — see Spratt. 

Forbes (James D.). On the Transparency of the Atmosphere, and the law 
of extinction of the Solar Kays in passing through it. 4° London, 

60 FOR — FOS 

Forbes (James D.). Travels through the Alps of Savoy and other parts of 
the Pennine Chain, with observations on the Phenomena of Glaciers. 
8° Edinburgh, 1843. 

On a possible explanation of the adaptation of the Eye to distinct 

vision at different distances. 4^ Edinburgh, 1845. 

Reply to Hopkins on the motion of Glaciers. 8° 1845. 

Letters on Glaciers. 8° 1846. 

Notes on the Topography and Geology of the Cuchullin ELills in 

Skye. 8° Edinburgh, 1845. 

The Danger of Superficial Knowledge; an Introductory Lecture 

to the course of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh, 
delivered Nov. 1848. 12° London, 1849. 

Forbes (John). Lecture on Poetry and Fiction, considered as sources of 
pleasure and improvement, delivered before the Chichester Mechanics* 
Institution. 12° Chichester, 1838. 

Forbes (John, M.D.). Illustrations of Modem Mesmerism, from personal 
investigation. 18° London, 1845. 

A Physician^s Holiday; or a Month in Switzerland in the Summer 

of 1848. 8° London, 1849. 

FoRBiQER (Albert). Handbuch der alten Geographic aus den Quellen 
bearbeitet. 3 vols. 8° Leipzig, 1842. 

[FoRBONKOis (Fr. Yeron de)]. Recherches et Considerations sur lea 
Finances de France, depuis 1595 jusqu'k 1721. 2 vols. 4° Basle, 

FoBCHHAMMER (Pctcr Wilhclm). Hellenika, Griechenland im Neuen das 
Alte. 8° Berlin, 1837. 

Ford (Richard). Gatherings from Spain, selected from the " Handbook 
of Spain," &c. 12° London, 1846. 

see Murray (Hand-Book for Spain). 

FoRSTER (Charles). The Historical Geography of Arabia; or, the Pa- 
triarchal Evidences of Revealed Religion: a Memoir, with illustrative 
Maps, &c. 2 vols. 8° London, 1844. 

FoRSTER (R. W. C). The Copyhold and Customary Tenure Commutation, 
Enfranchisement, and Improvement Acts, with an introduction, notes, 
and index. 12° London, 1843. 

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Agriculture, Commerce, Mines and Manufactures, Population, Cities, &c 
of each county. 5 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1805-8. 

Forsyth (William). . Hortcnsius, or the Advocate; an Historical Essay. 
12° London, 1849. 

FoRTESCUE (Earl). — see King (Lord). 

Fortune (Robert). Three Years' Wanderings in the Northern Provinces 
of China, including a Visit to the Tea, Silk, and Cotton Countries, 
with an Account of the Agriculture and Horticulture of the Chinese. 
8° London, 1847. 

FosBERY (Thomas Vincent). Hymns and Poems for the sick and suffer- 
ing. 8° London, 1844. 

FoscoLO (Ugo). Opere Scelte, cioe : Ultimo Lettere di Jacopo Ortis, 
Orazione a Bonaparte, <fec. 8° Parigi, 1 837. 

FOS — FRA 61 

Foss (Edward). The Judges of England, with Sketches of their lives, 
and Miscellaneous Notices connected with the Courts at Westminster, 
vols. 1-2. 8° London, 1848. 

Foster (Thomas Campbell). Letters on the Condition of the People of 
Ireland. 8° London, 1846. 

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Bruxelles, 1849. 

et Xavier de Montepin. Les Viveurs d'autrefois. 3 vols. 18** 

Bruxelles, 1849. 

FouQui (Friedrich Baron de La Motte). Ausgewahlte Werke. 12 vols, 
in 4. 12° Halle, 1841. 

Band 1-S. (1^ Der Held dea Nordens. 

— 4-6. (2) Der Zauberring. 

— 7. (8) Sintram. 

— 8. (8) Undine. 

— 9-12. (4) Novellen, En&hlungen. 

Schauspiele und Gedichte. 

Aslauga's Bitter. 12° London, 184.5. 

FouRKiER le Jeune (P. Simon). Manuel Typographique. 2 vols. 12** 
Paris, 1764. 

FouRNiER (Fr. Ign.). Nouveau Dictionnaire portatif de Bibliographic. 
8° Paris, 1809. 

Fox (William). Colonization and New Zealand. 12° London, 1842. 

Fbaehk (C. M.). Numophylacium Orientale Pototianum. 12^ Casani, 

France — Ordonnances des Bois de France de la troisi^me race, recueillies 
par ordre chronologique, par M. de Lauridre et D. F. S6cousse, con- 
tinu^es par Vilevault, Br^quigny, et le Comte de Pastoret. 21 vols, 
fol. Paris, 1723-1847. 

Vol. 1. Huffuea Capet ft Charles le Bel. 

— 2. PhUippe oe Yalois et Jean, ft 


— 3. Jean, ft sa Mort, 1364. 

— 4. Suppl. ft Jean — Charles v., 


— 6. Charles v., 1867-78. 

— 6. et VI., 1874-82. 

— 7. Charles VI., 1383-94. 

— 8. 1395-1403. 

__ 9. :. 1404-11. 

— 10. 1411-18. 

— 11. 1419-22. 

Vol. 12. Supplement, 1187-1422. 

— 18. Charles vn., 1422-47. 
_ 14. 1447-61. 

— 15. Louis XI., 1461-63. 

— 16. 1463-67. 

— 17. 1467-78. 

— 18. 1474-81. 

— 19. Charles vm., 1482-86. 
_ 20. 1486-97. 

— 21. Louis xn., 1497-1514. 

— 22. Tables Chronologique et 

Alphab6tique, par J. M. 

Becueil de M^moires et Instructions servans k THistoire de France. 

4° Paris, 1626. 

Les Grandes Chroniqu^ de France (376-1381,) selon que elles 

sont conserv^es' en TEglise de Saint-Denis en France, puhli6es par 
Paulin Paris. 6 vols. 8° Paris, 1836. 

see Begnier. 

N6gociations diplomatiques entre La France et TAutriche durant 

les trente premieres Annies du xvi. Si^cle, puhli6es par M. Le Qlay. 

SDocnmens Li^dits sur THistoire de France.] 2 vols. 4^ Paris, 

62 FRA — FRE 

France — N^gociations de la France dans le Levant^ ou Correspondanoes, 
M^moires, et Actes Diplomatiques des Ambassadeurs de France a Con- 
stantinople, etc, publics, pour la premiere fois, par £. Charri^re. [Do- 
cuments InMits sur THistoire de France.] 4° Paris, 1848. 

■ Finances de France (1595-1721). — see Forbonnois. 

Recueil de (5) Pieces sur la Revolution Fran^aise. (See Amaud, 

Louis XVI., Robert, Treneuil, Villefort.) 8° Paris, 1814-15. 

Constitution Fran9oise; Declaration des Droits de rHomme et du 

Citoyen. 4° Paris, 1791. 

Joum^es de Tlnsurrection de Juin, 1848, pr6c6d6es des Murs de 

Paris, Journal de la rue, collection des principales Affiches appos^ de 
F^vrier k Juin, 1848. 8° Paris, 1848. 

Histoire Parlementaire de TAssembl^e Nationale, pr6c^6e du Recit 

de la [troisi^me] Revolution de Paris, par M. Felix Wouters. 6 vols. 
8° Bruxelles, 1848. 

Biographic des 750 Repr^sentants k TAssembiee Legislative, eius 

le 13 Mai, 1849. 18° Paris, 1849. 

Constitution de la R^publique Fran9aise, acoompagnee de Notes 

sommaire8,explicatives duTexte,et suivie dequelquesDiscoursprononces 
dans la discussion du projet, par Charles Dupin. 18° Paris, 1849. 

Petits Trait6s, publics par TAcademie des Sciences Morales et 

Politiques. 18° Paris, 1848-9. 

Tome 1. Justice et Charity, par Victor Cousin. 

— 2. De la Propri6t6 d'aprts le Code Civil, par R. T. Troplong. 

— 3. Des Causes de rin6galit6 des Richesses, par Hippolyte Paasy. 

— 4. Bien-Etre et Concorde des Classes du Peuple Fran9ais, par Charles Dupin. 

— 6-6. Du Droit de Propri6t6, par L. A. Thiers. 

— 9. De la Yraie D6mocratie, par Barth61ennr Saint-l 

— 10. Des Associations Ouvridres, par L. R. Villerm^. 

— 7-8. Vie de Franklin, k I'usage de tout le monde, par F. A. Mignet. 


par L. R. '^^illermi 

— 11. L'Homme et la Society, par le Comte J. M. Portalis. 

— 12-14. Des Classes Ouvridres en France pendant TAnn^e 1848, par A. 


— IS. De la Providence, par J. P. Damiron. 

— 15. De la Sant6 du Peuple, par L. F. Lelut. 

— 16. L'Homme et la Soci6t6, par le Comte Portalis ; deuxidme Partie : la Familie. 

see Cousin; Dupin. 

Frakce (M. de). — see Gordon (Lady D.) 

Fbancis I. — see Champollion-Figeac 

Francis (Sir Philip). — see Junius. 

YtJLSCK (Adam). Le Communisme jug6 par THistoire (with *^ Joumaux 
Rouges"). 18° Paris, 1849. 

Francklin (Thomas). — see Phalaris. 

Frakklin (Benjamin) — ^Vie, par Mignet. — see France (Petits Trait6s, 7-8). 

Frederick the Great and his Times, edited, with an Introduction, by 
Thomas Campbell. 4 vols. 8° London, 1842. 

. see Thi^bault. 

Freeland (H. W.). Poems. 8° London, 1848. 

Free-Thinker (The), or Essays of Wit and Humour, written by Archbishop 
Boulter, Lord Chancellor West, Gilbert Burnet, Ifenry Stephens, and 
Ambrose Philips. 3 vols. 12° London, 1740. 

Free Trade — Sophisms of Free Trade and popular Political Economy 
examined, by a Barrister. 12° London, 1850, 

FB£ 68 

F&EHEBUS (Marquardus). Renim Bohexnicarum Antiqui Scriptores aliquot 
insignes, partim bactenus incogniti, accedunt Johannis Dubravii Epis- 
copi Olomucensis Historise Bohemicse Commentarii. fol. HanovisBy 

1. CosmsB Pragensis Chronica Bohemonim, ad 1086. 

2. Incerti auctoris de Conversione Baioarionim et Carenthanoram ad fidem 

Christianam, et de SaliBburgensis Eodesise origine. 

3. Chronica AuIib BegiiB, et de Johanne Bege Bohemisp, 1817-38. 

4. CaroluB Bohem. "Regia de vita sua ab ipso script. 

5. De jure Electoratus in Romano Impeno. 

6. ^nese Sylvii, postea Pii PP. n., mstoria Bohemica, usque ad Frid. ni. 

7. Jacobus Piccolomineus Card, de Hussitis, et Qeorgio Pogiebracio, Bohem. Bege. 

8. De Waldensium doctrina et moribus. 

9. EpistoUb Bohemorum et Morayorum ad Christi fideles, 1481. Constantinopo- 

litanse Ecclesise Epistola ad Bohemoe, 1451. 
10. Confessio fidei fratrum Waldensium, re^ VladisUo ad Hungariam missa et 
eorundem oratio et ezcusatio. 

»— — - Rerum Germanicarum Scriptores varii qui G^ta sub regibus et 
imperatoribus Teutonicis a Carolo Magno usque ad Carolum v., litteris 
reliquerunt, cum glossario, notis et indice curante Burcardo Gottbelffio 
Struvio. 3 vols. fol. Argentorati, 1717. 

Tom I. 1. Annales Francorum, (714-900). 

— 2. Annales Nazariani, (740-826). 

— 8. Chronicum Laurishiunense, (ad 1179). 

— 4. Bruno de Bello Saxonico, (1073-1082). 

— 5. WaltramuB de Unitate Ecdesiie oonsenranda. 

— 6. Burchardus de victoria Frid. Im. Barbarossn. 

— 7. Godefridi Annales, (1162-1237). 

— 8. Tagenonis Expeditio Asiatica Frid. i. 

— 9. Friderici I. Imp. Epistols. 

— 10. Chronica Australis, etc., (852-1344). 

— 11. Chronica Augustensis, etc., (873-1265). 

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I Freschi nella Cappella della Villa Magliana fuori di Porta Por- 

tese di Roma, inventati da RafiTaelle Sanzio d^Urbino, incisi da Ludovico 
Griiner, con descrizione della Villa di Ernesto Platner. fol. Londra^ 

Specimens of Ornamental Art, selected from the best models 

of the Classical Epochs, illustrated by eighty plates, with descriptive 
tett by Emil Braun. Atlas fol. London, 1850. 

72 GUA— HAI 

GuALTHERi Tabulae Antique. — see Paruta. 

QuELPH — Genealogia Guelfouum ex Tabulis CanonisB RothenbuchiensiB. 
(Manuscript.) fol. Rothemburg, 1781. 

QuEBCiNO — Notizie della Vita, e delle Opere del Cavaliere Gioan Fran- 
cesco Barbieri, detto " II Guercino da Cento," da Jacopo Alessandro 
Calvi. 4*" Bologna, 1808. 

GuERiCKE (Otto de). Experimenta nova Magdeburgica de Vacuo Spatio. 
fol. Amstelodami, 1672. 

[GuERBY (M. A.)]. Compte G^n^ral de radministration de la Justice 
criminelle, civile, et commerciale, en France pendant Tann^e 1842. 
2 vols. 4^ Paris, 1844. 

Guesses at Truth. — see [Hare]. 

GuiCHARD de Beaulieu. Le Sermon de, (Poesies Gotbiques du xiii. Si^le,) 
d*apr^s le MS. unique de la Bibl. du Roi [par A. Jubinal]. 8^ Paris, 

Guildford (Nicholas de). The Owl and the Nightingale; an early 
English Poem, with some shorter Poems, edited by Thomas Wright. 
(Percy Society, vol. 11.) 8** London, 1843. 

GuiLHERMT (le Baron de). Monographic de TEglise Boyale de Saint- 
Denis. 12° Paris, 1848. 

GuizoT (F.). Dictionnaire Universel des Synonymes de la Langue Fran- 
9aise. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1833. 

The History of Civilization, from the Fall of the Roman Empire 

to the French Revolution. 3 vols. 12° London, 1846. 

De la Democratic en France (Janvier, 1849). 8° Paris, 1849. 

Democracy in France, January 1849. 8° London, 1849. 

Discours sur lliistoire de la Revolution d'Angleterre: pourquoi 

a-t-elle r^ussi? 8° Paris, 1850. 

the same, translated by [Mrs. Austin]. 8° London, 1850. 

GuTCH (J. W.). Scientific Register and Almanack, from 1845 to the pre- 
sent time. 18^ London. 

Guthrie (William). — see Quintilianus (translated). 

Guzman de Alfarache. — see Aleman. 

Habington (William). Castara; with a Preface and Notes by Charles A 
Elton. 12^ Bristol, 1812. 

Hadot (E. S.). Des Gouvemements R^volutionnaires en France, depuis 
60 ans, et de leur chute. 8** Paris, 1849. 

Haoedorn (Friedrich von). Poetische Werke. 5 vols, in 2. 8** Ham- 
burg, 1800. 

Theil 1. Lehrspedichte iind Epigrammen. 

— 2. Fabem und Erz&hlimgen. 

— 3. Oden und lieder. 

— 4. Leben, Charakerifltik, &c. 

— 5. Ausziige des von Hjigedomischen BriefWechsels. 

Hailes (John D.). Astronomy established on a principle practically prov- 
ing the words of Joshua; a theological chronology from the creation. 
12« 1847. 

HAI — HAM 73 

[Haines (Herbert)]. Manual for the Study of Monumental Brasses; with 
a descriptive Catalogue of four hundr^ and fifty " Rubbings" in the 
possession of the " Oxford Architectural Society." 8° Oxford, 1848. 

Hale (Sir Matthew). Works, moral and religious, collected and revised, 
with his Life and Death by Bishop Burnet, edited by T. Thirlwall. 
2 vols. 8° London, 1805. 

History of the Common Law of England, and an Analysis of the 

Civil part of the Law; with Notes, and Life of the Author, by Charles 
Runnington. 8° London, 1820. 

Hales (William). New Analysis of Chronology and Geography, History, 
and Prophecy, in which their elements are attempted to be explained, 
harmonized, and vindicated. 4 vols. 8® London, 1830. 

ELall (James). — see M'Kenney (T. L.) 

Hall (Joseph), Bishop of Norwich. Works; with some account of his 
Life and Sufferings, written by himself, and with additions, translation 
of the Latin pieces, glossary, indices, and notes [by the Rev. P. Hall]. 
12 vols. &" Oxford, 1837. 

VoL 1. Biographical Pieces — Contem- 

— 2. Contemplations. 

— S-4. Paraphrase on Hard Texts 

of Scripture. 

— 5. Sermons. 

— 6-7. Practical Works. 

Vol. 8. Devotional Works. 

— 9-10. Polemical Works. 

— 11. Latin Theology, with Trans- 


— 12. Mundns alter et idem — Virgi- 

demiarum — Satires — Miscel- 
laneous Poems, &c. 

Satires; with the illustrations of the late Thomas Warton, and 

additional notes by Samuel Weller Singer. 12^ Chiswick, 1824. 

Hall (Spencer). Echyngham of Echyngham. (Privately printed.) 8** 
London, 1850. 

Hallam (Henry). Supplemental Notes to the View of the State of 
Europe during the Middle Ages. 8° London, 1848. 

Halle (John). An Historiall Expostulation agaynst the beastlye abusers 
both of Chyrurgerie and Physyke in oure time; with a goodlye doc- 
trine and instruction necessarye to be marked and folowed of all true 
Chirurgiens, edited by T. J. Pettigrew. (Percy Society, vol. 11.) 8** 1844. 

Halliwell (James Orchard). The Nursery Bhymes of England; col- 
lected principally from oral tradition. (Percy Society, vol. 4.) 8** 
London, 1842. 

Illustrations of the Fairy Mythology of " A Midsummer Night's 

Dream." (Shakespeare Society.) 8° London, 1845. 

The Marriage of Wit and Wisdom; an ancient Literlude, with 

Illustrations of Shakespeare and the Early English Drama, edited by 
James Orchard Halliwell. (Shakespeare Society.) 8° London, 1846. 

Descriptive Notices of popular English Histories. (Percy Society, 

vol. 23.) 8"* London, 1848. 

see under Camden and Percy Societies, in the Index. 

Hakel (Joseph). Beschreibung zweyer Eeisen auf den Mont Blanc, unter- 
nommen im August, 1820. 8° Wien, 1821. 

Tradescant der Aeltere 1618 in Bussland. Der Handelsverkehr 

zwischen England und Bussland in seiner Entstehung. 4^ St. Peters- 
burg, 1847. 

Der Dodo, die Einsiedler und der Erdichtete NazarvogeL 8^ 

Sanct Petersburg, 1848. 


74 HAM— HAK 

Hamilton (Anthony). Memoirs of Count Grammont and the Court of 
Charles the Second, ^nth numerous additions by Sir Walter Scott; the 
personal history of Charles, and the Boscobel Tracts. 12^ London, 

Hamilton (H. C.) — see Walter de Hemingburgh. 

Hamilton (Henry Parr). The Education of the lower classes; a Sermon. 
8"* London, 1841. 

Difficulties of the Believer, and the Objections of the Sceptic; a 

Sermon. 8** Ripon, 1843. 

Sermon preached in the Cathedral of Ripon, September 3^ 1844. 

8** London, 1844. 

Hamilton (William). Letters concerning the Northern Coast of the 
County of Antrim, containing a Natural History of its Basaltes. 8^ 
Dublin, 1786. 

Hampden (John) — Discourse on his Character and Services, and the 
struggle for popular liberty in his time, by W. C, Rives. 8° Rich- 
mond, 1845. 

Hampden (R. D.) Bishop of Hereford — Report of the Case of, in Hereford 
Cathedral, the Ecclesiastical Courts, and the Queen's Bench, by Richard 
Jebb. 8° London, 1849. 

The Hampden Controversy. — see Christmas; Creasy. 

see also under Hampden (in Tract Catalogue). 

Hamper (William). — see Dugdale (Life). 
Hancock (A.) — see Alder (J.) 

Hand-Book for Travellers in Ireland, by James Fraser. 12^ DubHoy 


for London.— see Cunningham (P.) 
see also Murray. 

Hand Books of Painting. — see Head; Eugler. 

Hansabd (T. C). Treatises on Printing and Type-Foimding. 8** Edin- 
burgh, 1841. 

Habdenbebo (Friedrich von). — see Novalis. 

Habdwicke (Philip Yorke, Earl of) — Life by George Harris, with Selec- 
tions from his Correspondence, Diaries, Speeches, and Judgments. 
3 vols. 8° London, 1848. 

Habdy (Thomas Duffiis). — see Records. 

Habdy (William). — see Lancaster. 

Habe (Archdeacon Julius Charles). The Unity of the Church; a Sermon 
preached at St. Peter's, Brighton. 8° London, 1845. 

The Mission of the Comforter and other Sermons, with Notes. 

2 vols. 8** London, 1846. 

The Means of Unity; a Charge delivered in 1842; with Notes on 

the Anglican Bishopric at Jerusalem. 8° London, 1847. 

Duty of the Church in times of Trial; a Charge, delivered in 

1848, with notes on the Management of Schools, and on the Jewish 
Question. S° London, 1848. 

HAR— HAW 75 

Hare ^Archdeacon Julius Charles). " Thou shalt not bear False Witness 
against thy Neighbour." A Letter to the Editor of the English Review. 
&" London, 1849. 

■ Sermons preacht in Herstmonceux Church, Vol. 2. 8® Lon- 

don, 1849. 

[Hake (Julius Charles, and Augustus)]. Guesses at Truth by Two 
Brothers. (Two series.) 2 vob. 12* London, 1838-48. 

Hare (Sir Thomas) — Engravings from Ancient Seals attached to Deeds 
and Charters in his Muniment Boom at Stowe Bardolph. fol. Stowe 
Bardolph, 1847. 

Harmony of Birds (The), a Poem, from the only known copy printed by 
J. Wight in the xvi. Century, with an introduction and notes. (Percy 
Society, vol. 7.) 8** London, 1843. 

HARRia — see Malmesbury (Earl of). 

Harris (Major W. Comwallis). The Highlands of ^Ethiopia. 3 vols. 
8** London, 1844. 

Harris (Sir W. Snow). Bemarkable Instances of the Protection of cer- 
tain Ships of H.M. Navy from the destructive effects of Lightningi 
8"* London, 1847. 

Hart (J.) — see Herodian (translated). 

Hart (Richard). The Antiquities of Norfolk: a Lecture delivered at the 
Norfolk and Norwich Museum, March 14, 1844. 8° Norwich, 1844. 

Hartshorne (C. H.). The Book Rarities in the University of Cambridge, 
illustrated by original Letters and notes, biographical, literary and 
antiquarian. 8^ London, 1829. 

Harward (Simon). — see Markham. 

Hatcher (Henry) — Memoirs of his Life, Writings, and Character, by 
John Britton. 8** London, 1847. 

Hatton (Sir Christopher) — Memoirs of his Life and Times, including his 
Correspondence with the Queen and other distinguished persons, by 
Sir Harris Nicolas. 8° London, 1847. 

Hauohton (Sir Graves Chamney). Dictionary, Bengali and Sanskrit, 
explained in English, adapted for Students of either Language, with an 
Index, serving as a Reversed Dictionary. 4° London, 1833< 

Letter on the Danger to which the Constitution is exposed from 

the encroachments of the Courts of Law. 8° London, 1840. 

— — Experiments proving the Common Nature of Magnetism, Cohe- 
sion, Adhesion, and Viscosity. 8® London, 1840. 

Havercahpus (Sigebert). — see Morellius. 

Hawes (Stephen). The Pastime of Pleasure: an allegorical Poem, re- 
printed from the edition of 1555. (Percy Society, voL 18.) 8° 
London, 1845. 

Hawkins (Caesar H.). The Hunterian Oration on the 14th February, 1849. 
8** London, 1849. 

Hawkins (Ernest). Historical Notices of the Missions of the Church of 
England in the North American Colonies previous to the independence 
of the United States. 8° London, 1845. 

Hawkins (Francis). Oratio Harveiana, habita die Junii 24, 1848. 4^ 
Londini, 1848. 

76 HAW— HEI 

Hawkins (Admiral Sir John), ''temp. Elizabeth** — Letters on certain 
passages in his life, from John Payne Collier and Captain W. H. 
Smyth. 4** London, 1850. 

Hat (John H. Drunmiond). Western Barbary: its wild tribes and savage 
animals. 12^ London, 1844. 

Hayoarth (Henry William). Recollections of Bush Life in Australia, 
during a Kesidence of Eight Years in the Interior. 12^ London, 


Hayley (William). — see Romney (Life). 

Haywood (Eliza). The Female Spectator. 4 vols, 12** London, 1766. 

Haywood (Francis). — see Kant. 

[Hazlitt (William)]. The Eloquence of the British Senate, or Select Spe- 
cimens from the Speeches of the most distinguished Parliamentary 
Speakers, from the reign of Charles i. to the present time, with notes, 
biographical, critical, and explanatory. 2 vols. 8° London, 1807. 

i The Round Table: a collection of Essays on Literature, Men, and 

Manners. 2 vols. 12** Edinburgh, 1817. 

it Characters of Shakespeare's Plays. 8® London, 1817. 

View of the English Stage, or a Series of Dramatic Criticisms. 

&* London, 1818. 

Lectures on the Dramatic Literature of the Age of Elizabeth. 8** 

London, 1820. 

The Spirit of the Age; or. Contemporary Portraits. 8° London, 


■ The Plain Speaker: Opinions on Books, Men, and Things. 2 vols. 
8"* London, 1826. 

Head '(Sir Edmund). Hand-Book of the History of the Spanish and 
French Schools of Painting (Sequel to Kugler). 12® London, 1848. 

Head (Sir Francis Bond). The Emigrant. 12® London, 1846. 

i Stokers and Pokers; or the London and North-western Railway, 

the Electric Telegraph, and the Clearing House. 12® London, 1849. 

Head (Sir George). Rome. A Tour of many Days. 3 vols. 8® Lon- 
don, 1849. 

see Pacca (Cardinal). 

Health of Towns — First Report of the Commissioners for inquiring into 
the state of Large Towns, &c, (Causes of Disease, Supply of Water, 
and Drainage). 2 vols. 8^ London, 1844. 

■ Second Report (Remedial Measures — Local Reports). 2 vols. 
8® London, 1845. 

Health and Sickness of Town Populations, with reference to Sani- 

tary Legislation and the establishment of Medical Police and District 
Dispensaries. 8® London, 1846. 

see Sanitary Reform (in Tract Catalogue). 

Heabne (Thomas). — see under Catalogues (Private Libraries). 

Hebrew Monarchy, History of the. — see [Newman (F. W.)] 

Hegel on Newton. — see Whewell. 

Heilneb (G. M.). Grammar of the German Language. 8® London, 



Heikeocius (Johann Michaelis) et Johann G. Leuckfeldus. Scriptores 
Bemm Germanicarum, cum yariis diplomatibus et indicibus^ in unum 
Yolumen collecti. fol. Francof. ad McBnum, 1707. 

1. Antiquitates Goelarienses, 918-1599. 

2. Numi Goslarienses antiqm ac recentioris aevi. 

8. De antiquissimo regionis Goslariam ambientis statu et Crodone Harrzburgioo. 

4. Turkii Fasti Carolini, seu Rerum a Carolo Magno gestanim series. 

5. Crusius (J. A.), de Witikindi Frincipis Angaris ac Duels Saxonum Vita^ &c. 

6. Eginharti Vita et Gesta Caroli Magni. 

7. Budffii (G.), Thanatologia dynastarum et yirorum Uteris prsBclarorum hujus Seculi 


8. Capitulatio des Stififts Ossnabrugk, auf der Romischen Kayserlichen Majest. &c. 

interpositioii, 1651. 

9. Acta Formulae Concordl» in Bergensi Ccenobio^ cura Augustl Saxonia Electoris, 

anno 1577. 

10. Oratio de ortu, &c., Coenobii Bergensis. 

11. Bericht von vielen Monarchien (wfigyptische, Israelitische, Syriscbe, Assy- 

riscbe, &c.) 

Heikecken (Ch. H. de). Dictionnaire des Artistes dont nous avons des 
Estampes, avec une Notice d^taill^e de leurs Ouvrages Graves. Vol. 
1-4, A-Diz (no more published). 8® Leipzig, 1778-80. 

Heinse (Wilhelm). Sammtliche Schriften, herausgegeben yon Heinrich 
Laube. 10 vols, in 3. 12** Leipzig, 1838. 

Band 1-2. Ardingbello und die glUckseligen Inseln. 

— 3-4. Hildegard von Hobenthal. 

— 5. Laidion, oder die Eleusiniscben Gebeimnisse. 

— 6-7. Anastasia und das Schacbspiel. 

— 8-9. Briefe. 

— 10. Gedichte und vermiscbte Schriften. 

Heiksius (Wilhelm). AUgemeines BUcher-Lexicon oder Yerzeichniss der 
von 1700 bis zu Ende 1846, erschienenen BUcher, welche in Deutschland 
imd in den damit verwandten Lftndem gedruckt worden sind, — mit 
Forsetzungen von C. G. Kayser, Otto August Schulz, und Albert 
Schiller. 10 vols. 4*> Leipzig, 1812-49. 

Heller (Joseph). Geschichte der Holzschneidekunst von den altesten bis 
auf die neuesten Zeiten nebst zwei Beilagen enthaltend den Ursprung 
der Bpielkarten. 8^ Bamberg, 1823. 

see Durer (Alb.) 

[Helps (Arthur)]. Essays written in the intervals of business. 12° 
London, 1841. 

[ ] The Claims of Labour, an Essay on the Duties of the Employers 

to the Employed. 12° London, 1845. 

Hemans (Felicia). Works, with a Memoir by her Sister. 7 vob. 12° 
Edinburgh, 1839. 

YoL 1. Memoir. 

England and Spain. 
W^lace's Invocation to Bruce. 

— 2. Tales and Historic Scenes. 

Bestoration of Works of Art to 

Modem Greece. 
Translations, &c. 

— 8. The Sceptic. 

Tale of the Secret Tribunal. 
The Last Constantine. 
Sebastian of Portugal. 
Siege of Valencia, &c. 

— 4. The Forest Sanctuary. 

Lays of Many Lands. 

Welsh Melodies. 
Hymns for Childhood. 
De Chatillon, a Tragedy, kc. 
Vol. 5. Vespers of Palermo, a Tragedy. 
Songs of the Cid. 
Records of Woman, &c. 

— 6. Songs of the Affections. 

Miscellaneous Poems. 
National Lyrics. 

— 7. Lyrics and Songs for Music. 

Scenes and Hymns of Life. 

Female Characters of Scripture, 
&c. &c. 

78 HEM— HER 

Hemikobubqh. — see Walter de HemingburglL 

Hemprich (W. F.) und C. G. Ehrenbero. Naturgeschichtliche Eeisen 
durch Nord-Afrika und West Asien in den Jahren 1820 bis 1825. 
(iEgypten, Libyen, Nubien, und Dongola.) 4** Berlin, 1828. 

Hemso (Jacob Graberg fran). Italiensk Spniklara for Svenskar. 8^ 
Stockholm, 1843. 

Hekdebson (Thomas). Astronomical Observations made at the Bojal 
Observatory, Edinburgh, edited by Charles Fiazzi Smyth (1839-42). 
Vol. 5 to 8. 4° Edinburgh, 1843-9. 

Memoir of, by Thomas Galloway. 8® London, 1848. 

Henry v. — Essay on the character of Henry the Fifth when Prince of 
Wales, by Alexander Luders. 8° London, 1813. 

— ^^— Memoirs of his Life and Character as Prince of Wales and King of 
England, by J. Endell Tyler. 2 vols. 8"* London, 1838. 

Henri yiii. Lettres de Henri viii h Anne Boleyn, publides d'apres les 
originaux de la Bibliotheque du Vatican, par G. A. Crapelet. 8*^ 
Paris, 1835. 

' see Lewis (E.) 

Henri iv. de France, Lettres. — see Lefevre de la Boderie. 

Henslowe (Philip). Diary from 1591 to 1609, printed from the original 
MS. at Dulwich College, edited by J. Payne Collier. (Shakespeare 
Society.) S° London, 1845. 

Heph.£STIo Alexandrinus. Enchiridion ad MSS. fidem recens. cum notis 
Variorum et Leonardi Hotchkis, curante Thoma Gaisford, accedit Procli 
Chrestomathia Grammatica. 8^ Lipsiae, 1832. 

Herberstain, "Neyperg, et Guettenhag (Sigismundus, liber Baro in). 
Eerum Moscoviticarum Conmientarii, Russise et Moscovise descriptio. 
fol. BasilesB, 1556. 

Herbert (Honourable William). Supplement to his Works. 8^ London, 

[The Christian, Book I. — SylvsB ReoentioreB — Five Odes firom Pindar.] 

Herculaneum — Le Antichita di Ercolano, esposte con qualche spiegazione 
[da Ottavio-Antonio Bayardi]. 9 vols. fol. Napoli, 1757-92. 

Tomo 1-4. Pitture Antiche. 

— 6-6. Bronzi. 

— 7. Pitture Antiche (torn. 5). 

— 8. Lucerne, Lanteme e Candelabri. 

— 9. Catalogo degli Monumenti, da Bayardi. 

— — Les Antiquity d'Herculanum, gravies par F. A. David, avec leurs 
explications en Fran9ois, par P. Sylvain. 7 vols. 8° Paris, 1780. 

Herculanensium Yoluminum quse supersunt, cum Dissertatione 

isagogica. 9 vols. fol. Neapoli, 1793-1844. 

Tom. 1. PhilodemuB de Musica. 

— 2. Epicurus de Natura, Liber n. et XI. 

— 8. Ptiilodemus de Yitiis et Yirtutibus. 

— 4. PolystratuB de injusto contemptu — Philodemus de Bhetorica. 

— 6. P. 1 et 2. Philodemus de Rhetorica — Idem de Vita et Moribus. 

— 6. Idem de deorum vivendi ratione — Metrodonis de sensionibus. 

— 7. 

— 8. Philodemus de eo quod juxta Homerum est bonum populo — Idem de 


— 9. 

see Museo Borbonico. 

HER— HIE 79 

Hermann (Godofredus). — see Orpheus. 

Hebodiakus. Fragmentum. — see Phiyiiicas. 

— ^— - History of his Own Times, or of the Roman Empire after Marcus, 
translated, with notes, by J. Hart. 8° London, 1749. 

Hebodotus. Musae, textum ad Qaisfordii editionem recognovit, perpetua 
tum Fr. Creuzeri tum sua annotatione instruxit, commentationem de 
yita et scriptis Herodoti, tabulas Geographicas indicesque adjecit J. C. 
F. Baehr. 4 vols. 8^ Lipsiae, 1830-35. 

Lexicon to Herodotus, Greek and English, adapted to the text of 

Gaisford and Baehr, by Henry Gary. 8^ Oxford, 1843. 

Hebbick (Robert). Poetical Works. 2 yols. 8^ London, 1825. 

Herschel (Sir John F. W.). Results of Astronomical Observations 
during 1834-8, at the Cape of Good Hope, the completion of a tele- 
scopic survey of the Heavens, commenced in 1825. 4° London, 1847. 

Outlines of Astronomy. 8° London, 1849. 

— ^— - and others. A Manual of Scientific Liquiry, prepared for the use 
of Her Majesty's Navy, and adapted for Travellers in general. 8® 
London, 1849. 

■ see Baily. 

Hebvet (John, Lord). Memoirs of the Reign of George the Second, 
edited by John "Wilson Croker. 2 vols. 8° London, 1848. 

Hesiodus. Hesiodi Carmina, Apollonii Argonautica, Mussei Carmen de 
Herone et Leandro, Coluthi Raptus Helenae, Quinti Fost-Homerica, 
Tryphiodori Excidium Ilii, Tzetzse Ante-Homerica, Gr. et Lat, cum 
indicibus F. S. Lehrs. Asii, Pisandri, Panyasidis, Choerili, Antimachi, 
Fragmenta, cum commentariis F. DUbner. 8° Farisiis, 1841. 

Hestchius Milesius. — see Meursius, vol. 7. 

Het (John). [Norrisian] Lectures in Divinity, delivered in the University 
of Cambridge, 1780-1795. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1841. 

Hetlyk (Peter). History of the Presbyterians, containing the beginnings 
progress, and successes of that active sect, &c, from the Year 1536 to 
1647. fol. Oxford, 1670. 

■ Help to English History, continued, with additions, arms of the 

nobility, <fec., by Paul Wright. 8** London, 1773. 

Cyprianus Anglicus. — see Laud. 

BterwoOD (John). A Dialogue on Wit and Folly, now first printed, with 
account of tne author and his dramatic works, by F. W. Fairholt. 
(Percy Society, vol. 20.) 8° London, 1846. 

Heywood (Thomas). A Marriage Triumph, on the nuptials of the Prince 
Palatine and the Princess Elizabeth, daughter of James i., reprinted 
from the edition of 1613, with an introduction and notes. (Percy 
Society, vol. 3.) 8** London, 1842. 

The Fair Maid of the Exchange, a Comedy; and Fortune by Land 

and Sea, by Thomas Heywood and William Howley, edited by Barron 
Field. (Shakespeare Society.) 8° London, 1846. 

HiBBEBT (Samuel). Sketches of the Philosophy of Apparitions, or an 
attempt to trace such illusions to their physical causes. 12^ Edin- 
burgh, 1824. 

HiBBOCUS Synecdemus. — see Itineraria. 

80 HIL — HOL 

Hill (Richard), " Envoy from the Court of St. James to the Duke of Savoy, 
in the Reign of Queen Anne." Diplomatic correspondence from July, 
1703, to May, 1706; edited by W. Blackley, A.M. 2 vols. 8"* Lon- 
don, 1845. 

HiNCKFORD Agricultural and Conservative Club — Account of its meeting 
in the Baronial Hall, Hedingham Castle. 8° Sudbury, 1849. 

Hun) (J. R.). On the expected return of the Great Comet of 1264 and 
1556, with a History of Former Appearances. 8** London, 1848. 

HiSTORicoRUM Qrsecorum [Hecatoei, Charonis, Xanthi, etc.] Fragments; 
Apollodori Bibliotheca cum fragmentis, auxerunt, notis illustrarunt, 
indice instruxerunt C. et Theod. Mullen, accedunt Marmora Parium et 
Rosettanum, cum commentariis Letronnii, et C. Mullen. 8^ FariSj 

HoARE (Sir Richard Colt). History of Modem Wiltshire. 8 vols. fol. 
London, 1822-35. 

Vol. 1. Hundred of Mere. 

— 2. Heytesbury. 

— 8. Branch and Dole, 

by J. Offer and Sir R. C. 

— 4. Everley, Ambres- 

bury, and Underditch. 

— 6. — • Dunworth and Yale 

of Noddre, by Baron Anin- 
dell and Sir R. C. Hoare. 

Vol. 6. Hundred of Westbuiy, by R. 
Harris and Sir R. G. Hodre. 
Warminster, l^ H. 

Wansey and ditto. 

— 7. Chalk, by Charles 


— 8. South Damerham, 

by W. H. Black and ar R. C. 

Downton, by Qto. 


HoBSON — The pleasant conceits of Old Hobson the merry Londoner, a.d. 
1607, edited by J. O. HalliweU. (Percy Society, vol. 9.) 8^ Lon- 
don, 1843. 

HoDOKiKSON (Clement). Australia, from Port Macquarie to Moreton 
Bay, with aescriptions of the Natives, their manners and customs, the 
Geology, Natural Productions, <fec., of that region, 8® London, 1845. 

HoDY (Humphry). The Case of Sees vacant by an unjust or LTficanonical 
Deprivation stated, in reply to a Treatise entituled ^' A Vindication of 
the Deprived Bishops,*' <fec. 4** London, 1693. 

see also Stillingfleet. 

Letter, concerning a Collection of Canons said to be omitted 

in his edition of the Oxford Treatise on Schism. 4® Oxford, 1692. 

HoFFMEiSTER (Wemerus). De Vermibus quibusdam ad Genus Lumbri- 
corum pertinentibus. 4® Berolini. 1842. 

Travels in Ceylon and Continental India, including Nepal and 

other parts of the Himalayas to the Borders of Thibet, with some 
Notices of the Overland Route. 12** Edinburgh, 1848. 

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see Translations. 

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-. see Testament (Apocryphal). 

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82 HOP — HUG 

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— 8-4. Ecole Italienne. 

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. see also Bartschj Dumesnil. 

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— 9. Ecole Angloise. 

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HUG— HYD 83 

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— 3. Bug- Jargal, Le dernier jour d'un Condamn6, Claude Gueux. 

— 4. Thi&tre : 1. Hemani, Marion de Lorme, Le Roi s'amuse. 

— 5. 2. Lucrdce Borgia., Marie Tudor, Angelo, Proods d'Hemani et 


— 6. 3. La Esmeralda, Ruy Bias, Les Burgraves. 

— 7. Cromwell, drame. 

— 8. Odes et Ballades, Les Orientales. 

— 9. Les Feuilles d'Autonme, Les Chants du Cr^puscule^ Les Yoix interieures, 

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— 11. tome 3, Litt^rature et Philosophie m£l^. 

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mena connected with the chemical and molecular changes produced by 
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see More (Sir T.); Records; Thoresby. 

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his Life and Writings by the Rev. William Leechman. 2 vols, in 1. 
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gress, &c,, with a Tabular View of the Offices in Great Britain and 
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London, 1845. 

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Customs of Hy-fiachrach or O'Dowda's Country; now first published, 
with a Translation and Notes by John O'Donovan. (Irish Archaeolo- 
gical Society.) 4° Dublin, 1844. 

Hyointjs. — see Scriptores (Mythographi). 

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Theatraliache Laofbahn. 

Band 9. 

Die Austeuer. 

— 2. 

Albert von ThumeiBen. 

Die Hagestolzen. 

Yerbrechen aus EhrBucht. 

Der Magnetiamus. 

Die Miindel. 

Die Gefliichteten. 


Die Jfiger. 


Der Mann von Wort. 


Die Reise nach der Stadt. 

Der Spieler. 

Der Veteran. 

— 4. 

Neue versohnt. 


Der Fremde. 

Achmet und Zenide. 

Die Advokaten. 

Figaro in Deutschland. 

Die Verbrtiderung. 



Der Eichenkranz. 

Der Komet. 

— 12. 





Leichter Sinn. 

Allzuscharf macht achaitig 

— 13. 

Der Vormund. 

Friedrich ron Oestreich. 

liebe um Liebe. 

— 7. 

Elise von Yalberg. 

Die Kokarden. 

Das Oewissen. 

Die Vaterfreude. 



Die Kiknstler. 

Das Vaterhaus. 

Die Hdhen. 




Die Familie Lonau. 

Alte Zeit und neue Zeit. 


Das Verm&chtniss. 


Das Erbtheil des Vatert. 
Das Vaterhaus. 

Ignatius (W.). Works. — see Cureton. 

Imbabd (£. F.). Tombeaux de Louis xii. et de Fran9ois i., dessin^s et 
graves au trait d*apr^s les marbres du Mus^e des Petits-Augustins. 
fol. Paris, 1823. 

Ikchbald (Elizabeth). Modem Theatre: a Collection of Successful 
Modem Plays, as acted at the Theatres Royal, London. 10 vols. 12® 
London, 1811. 

Bank Note vol. 9 

Box-lobby challenge.... 5 

Braganza 6 

Carmelite 5 

Chapter of Accidents. . . 9 

Delinquent 2 

Duplicity 4 

England preserved 8 

English Merchant 9 

Fabe Impressions 5 

Fashionable Levities ... 10 

Folly as it flies. 2 

Fortune's Fool 2 

Fugitive 8 

Heniy the Second 9 

He is much to blame... 4 

He would be a Soldier.. 8 

How to grow rich... vol. 1 

I'll tell you what 7 

Impostors 6 

Laugh when you can 2 

Law of Lombardy 6 

Lie of a Day 10 

Life 1 

Mary Queen of Scots 8 

Matilda 8 

Mysterious Husband.. 5 

Natural Son 5 

Next-door Neighbours 7 

Notoriety 1 

Percy 7 

Rage (the) 1 

Bunah Droog 6 

School for Arrogance 4 

School for Prejudice, vol. 4 

School for *Wivee 9 

Secrets worth knowing S 

Seduction 4 

Speculation 2 

Time's a Tell-tale 10 

Trip to Scarborough.... 7 

Votary of Wealth 8 

Werter 8 

What is she? 10 

Which is the Man? 10 

Who wants a Chiinea? 8 
Wife of two Husbands 6 

WiU(the) 1 

Wise Man of the East.. 7 
Zorinski 8 

India (East) Eegister and Army List, from the year 1831 to the pre- 
sent time. 12^ 

mG — IBE 86 

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J. 0. HalUwell. (Percy Society, vol. 22.) 8** London, 1848. 

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Nome, disegnati ed illustrati. 7 vob. in 10. Badia Fiesolana, 

Tomo 1. Ume Etnische. 

— 2. Speochi Mistici. 

— 8. Bronzi Etruschi. 

— 4. Edifizi Etruschi. 

Tomo 6. Vasi Fittili. 

— 6. Monumenti che servono di 

corredo all' Opera. 

— 7. Indici. 

Insects — Natural History of Insects. 2 vols. 12° London, 1830. 

Insurance Companies — Abstract of Eetum of their Names, Places of 
Business, and Objects, fol. 1849. 

Interlude (The) of the four Elements: an early moral Play, edited by J. O. 
Halliwell. (Percy Society, vol. 22.) 8** London, 1848. 

Ireland. — see Parliament 

The Keen of the South of Ireland, as illustrative of Irish political 

and domestic History, Manners, Music, and Superstitions, collected and 
edited by T. Crofkon Croker. (Percy Society, vol. 13.) 8° London, 

Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters, from the 

earliest period to the Year 1616, edited from the autograph MSS., with 
a translation and copious notes, by John O'Donovan. 3 vols. 4° 
Dublin, 1848. 

Sketches of Ireland, Sixty Years Ago, by W. 12° London, 1847. 

Thoughts and Suggestions on our Kelations with Ireland. 8° 

London, 1847. 

Policy of England towards. — see [Greville]. 

Evidence taken before Her Majesty's Commissioners of Inquiry 

into the state of the Law and Practice in respect to the Occupation of 
Land in Ireland. 4 vols. fol. Dublin, 1845. 

Bepeal Prize Essays, or Essays on the Repeal of the Union, to 

which the Association Prizes were awarded, with a Supplemental Essay. 
8*> Dublin, 1845. 

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Report of the British Association for the Relief of the Extreme 

Distress in Ireland and Scotland. S^ London, 1849. 

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under the Hand and Seal of William Shakspeare, including the 
Tragedy of King Lear, and a small fragment of Hamlet, from the 
originals in the possession of Samuel Ireland, of Norfolk Street. 
(The original Work.) Royal 4** London, 1796. 

Miscellaneous Papers, another edition, <kc. 8® London, 1796. 

Authentic Acooimt of the Shakspearian MSS. 8^ London, 1796. 

Confessions ; containing the Particulars of his fabrication of the 

Shakspeare Manuscripts. 12^^ London, 1805. 

Works on the "Shakspeare Forgery" Controversy: — 

Shakspeare's Manuscripts in the possession of Mr. Ireland examined, 
respecting the external and internal evidences of their authen- 
ticity, by Philalethes [Colonel F. Webb]. 8** London, 1796. 

86 IRE— JAC 

Ibelakd (Waiiam Henry) — Works on the "Shakspeabe Foboert" 
CoNTBOVERSY, continued: — 

Free Eeflections on Miscellaneous Papers and Legal Instruments, Ac 
in the possession of Samuel Ireland, with Extracts from an 
unpublished MS. Play called the Virgin Queen, written by or in 
Imitation of Shakspeare, by F. G. Waldron. 8® London, 1796. 

Inquiry into the Authenticity of certain Miscellaneous Papers and 
Legal Instruments, published December 24, 1795, and attributed 
to Shakspeare, Queen Elizabeth, and Henry, Earl of South- 
ampton, by Edward Malone. 8^ London, 1796. 

Samuel Ireland's Vindication of his Conduct respecting the Publica- 
tion of the supposed Shakspeare MSS., being a pre&ce to a Beply 
to the Critical Labours of Mr. Malone. 8** London, 1796. 

Samuel Ireland's Investigation of Mr. Malone's Claim to the Cha- 
racter of Scholar, or Critic, being an Examination of his Inquiry 
into the Authenticity of the Shakspeare MSS. 8° London, 1797. 

Apology for the Believers in the Shakspeare Papers which were ex- 
hibited in Norfolk Street, by Q«orge Chalmers. 8® London, 1797. 

Supplemental Apology for the Believers in the Shakspeare Papers, 
being a reply to Mr. Malone's Answer, by (Jeorge Chalmers. 8** 
London, 1799. 

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to Come, an Argument. 8° London, 1824. 

Irving (Washington). — ^see Mahomet. 

IsocRATES. (Euvres Complettes, traduites en Fran9ois, par I'Abb^ Auger. 
3 vols. 8° Paris, 1781. 

Italy — Archivio Storico Italiano ossia Baccolta di Opere e Document 
finora inediti o divenuti rarissimi risguardanti la Storia d' Italia, coll' 
Appendici. 21 vols, in 22. 8** Firenze, 1842-9. 

Tomo 1. Pitti (Jac.), Istoria Fiorentina. 

— 2. Sozzini (A.), Diario Senese, 1550-65. 

— 3. Cagnola, Prato e Burigozzo, Cronache Milanesi. 

— 4. Yite di illustri Italian!, inedite o rare. 

— 5. Foscarini, Storia Arcana, &o. 

— 6. Parte 1. Roncioni, Istorie Pisane. 

— 2. Cronache Pisane di autori diverai. 

— 7. Parte 1-2, Malipiero, Annali Veneti (1457 al 1500). 

— 8. Gronaca Veneta detta AJtinate, e Cronaca dei Veneziani di Martino 
» da Canale. 

— 9. Storia del regno di Napoli : Narrazioni e Documenti raocoiti da F. Pa- 


— 10. Tommasi, Sommario della Storia di Lucca (1004-1700). 

— 11. Paoli (Pasquale de'), Lettere, con note di Tommaseo. 

— 12. Nores (Pietro^, Storia della Querra di Paolo iv. contro gli Spagnuoli. 

— 18. Scarabelli (L.), Paralipomeni di Storia Piemontese (1286-1617). 

— 14. Galvani, Delle Genti e deUe Favelle loro in Italia. 

Tomo 1-7. Appendici. 

Itineraria — Vetera Komanorum Itineraria sive Antonini Augusti Itine- 
rarium cum integris Simleri, Suritae et Schotti notis. Itinerarium 
Hierosolymitanum et Hieroclis Grammatici Synecdemus, curante Petro 
Wesselingio. 4° Amstelaedami, 1735. 

Jack of Dover, his quest of inquirie, or his privy search for the veriest 
foole in England; a collection of merry Tales, published at the begin- 
ning of the XVI. Century. (Percy Society, vol. 7.) 8^ London, 1842. 

JAC — JAN 87 

Jackson (Colonel J. R.). On National Education; with Remarks on 
Education in general, and its subdivisions. 8^ London, 1845. 

Jacob (Bibliophile). — see La Croix. 

Jacobs (F.) — see Achilles Tatius; Anthologia Graeca. 

James v. of Scotland — Excerpta e libris Domicilii Domini Jacobi Quinti 
Regis Scotorum. (Bannatyne Club.) 4° Edinburgi, 1836. 

James i. The Workes of the most high and mighty Prince James, pub- 
lished by James Mountague, Bishop of Winton. fol. London, 1616. 

Contents : Paraphrase upon the Reyelatioiii &c., DsBmonologie, Basilioon 
Doron, Law of Free Monarchies, Counter-blast to Tobacoo, Of the Powder Treason, 
Apologie for the Oath of Allegiance, Prsemonition to all Christian Monarches, 
Declaration against Yorstius, Defence of the Bight of Kings, Speaches, — [Suppl. 
1620,] On the Lord's Prayer, Pateme for a King's Inauguration. 

Dutie of a King in his Royall Office, showing how it is to be used 

in the Administration of Justice and Politicke Government in his 
Kingdomes. 4° London, 1642. 

Original unpublished Letter to Sir Robert Cecil, communicated to 

the Norfolk Archaeological Society by Dawson Turner. 8° [Yar- 
mouth, 1849.] 

— The Court and Times of James the First, containing a series of 

historical and confidential Letters, transcribed from the originals in the 
British Museum, State Paper Office, and private collections, by Thomas 
Birch, published from his MSS. 2 vols. 8° London, 1849. 

as VI. of Scotland — Papers relative to his Marriage with the 

Princess Anna of Denmark, a.d. 1589, and the form and manner of 
her Majesty's Coronation at Holyrood House, 1590. (Bannatyne 
Club.) 4^ Edinburgh, 1828. 

Letters. — see Elizabeth. 

James (G. P. R). Works, revised and corrected, vol. 1 to 16. 8® 
London, 1846-8. 

Vol. 1. The Gipw. 

Vol. 10. The Brigand. 

— 11. The King's Highway. 

— 12. The Gentleman of the Old 

— 13. Henry Masterton. 

— 14. Forest Days. 

— 15. The Littie Ball o' Fire. 

— 16. DeTOrme. 

— 2. Mary of Burgundy. 

— 8. The Huguenot. 

— 4. One in a Thousand. 

— 6. Philip Augustus. 

— 6. Henry of Guise. 

— 7. Morley Emstein. 

— 8. The Robber. 

— 9. Damley. 

James rWilliam Boberts). The Charters and other Documents relating 
to tne King's town and parish of Maidstone, in the county of Kent. 
8° London, 1825. 

Jaxeson (Mrs.). Companion to the most celebrated Private Calleries of 
Art in London. 8** London, 1844. 

Sacred and Legendary Art. 2 vols. 8® London, 1848. 

Vol 1. Legends of Angels and Archangels, the Evangelists, Apostles, Doctors of 

£e Church, and Manr Magdalene. 
— 2. Legends of Patron Saints, Martyrs, early Bishops, Hermits, and Warrior 

see Griiner; Rubens. 

Jamieson (R.) — see Burt's Letters. 

J ASSES (Henri). Essai sur TOrigine de la Gravure en Bois et en Taille- 
Douce, et sur la Connoissance des Estampes des xv. et xvi. Si^cles, oii 
il est parl^ aussi de TOrigine des Cartes II jouer et des Cartes G^ogra- 
phiques. 2 vols. 8® Paris, 1808. 

88 JEB — JOL 

Jebb (Richard). — see Hampden (Bishop). 

Jeffreys (Judge) Life. — see Western Martyrology. 

Jeffrey (Francis). Contributions to the Edinburgh Review. 4 vols. 
8"" London, 1844. 

Jelf (Richard William). Inquiry into the Means of Grace; in eight 
Sermons, preached at the Bampton Lecture in 1844. 8** Oxford, 

Jenyns (L.)— see Fitzroy. 

Jenyks (Soame). Free Liquiry into the Nature and Origin of Evil. 
12^ London, 1757. 

JERUSALEM — ^Assises de Jerusalem, ou R6cueil des ouvrages de Jurispru- 
dence composes pendant le xiii*. Si^le dans les Royaumes de Jerusa- 
lem et de Chypre, publi^es par M. le Comte Beugnot 2 vols. foL 
Paris, 1741-3. 

Tome 1. Assises de la Haute Gonr. 
— 2. de la Cour dee Bourgeois. 

■ — The assize of Jerusalem, edited by T. Smith. (Leicestershire 
Literary Society.) 8® Leicester, 1842. 

Jervis (T. B.). The expediency and facility of establishing the Metrolo- 
gical and Monetary Systems throughout India on a scientific and per- 
manent Basis, grounded on an analytical review of the Weights, Mea- 
sures, and Coins of India. 8^ Bombay, 1836. 

■ see Hiigel. 

Jewell (Bishop John). Workes, newly set forth, with some amendment 
of divers quotations, and a briefe discourse of his Life. fol. London, 


SermoDB at Paul's Crosse, &c. 

Defence of the Apologie of the Church of England. 

Replie unto M. Harding's Answer on the grounds of the Roman Religion. 

View of the Bull of Pope Pius v., 1669. 

Treatise of Scripture — Sermons — ^Treatise of the Sacraments. 

Johnson (James). The Baths of Pfeffers, in the country of the Orisons. 
8^ London, 1834. 

Johnson (John). Typographia; or the Printer's Instructor; including 
an Account of the Origin of Printing. 2 vols. 12® London, 1824. 

Johnson (Richard). The Crown Qarland of Golden Roses; consisting of 
Ballads and Songs, from the edition of 1612, edited by W. Chappell. 
(Percy Society, vol. 6.) 8"^ London, 1842. 

The Crown Qarland of Qolden Roses. Part 2, from the edition 

of 1659. (Percy Society, vol. 15.) 8*» London, 1845. 

Johnston (Sir Alexander Keith). Physical Atlas, illustrating the Geo- 
graphical Distribution of Natural Phenomena, based on that of H. 
Berghaus, with the co-operation of Sir David Brewster, Professor 
Forbes, and J. P. Nichol, &c. fol. Edinburgh, 1848. 

see Alison (Atlas). 

JoiNviLLE (Lord John de). — see Crusades. 

JoiNViLLE (Le Prince de). Note sur T^tat des Forces Navales de la 
France. 8"^ Paris, 1844. 

[Jolt (l'Abb6)]. Remarques Critiques sur le Dictionnaire de Bayle. 2 
vols, in 1. fol. Paris^ 1752. 

JOL — JUN 89 

Jolt. — see Cr6tineau-Joly. 

Jokes (GJeorge). — see Chantrey (life of). 

Jokes (Inigo) — ^A Life of the Architect, by P. Cunningham: Remarks on 
his Sketches for Masques and Dramas by J. R. Planch6; and five Court 
Masques, edited from the ori^nal MSS. of Ben Jonson, John Marston, 
etc., by J. Payne Collier. (Shakespeare Society.) 8® 1848. 

Jokes (Theophilus). History of the County of Brecknock. 3 vols. 4® 
Brecknock, 1805. 

JoRDEKS (Karl Heinrich). Lexikon deutscher Dichter und Prosaisten. 
6 vols. 8** Leipzig, 1806-11. 

JoRio (Andrea de). Real Museo Borbonico : Offidna de* Papiri descritta. 
8*» Neapoli, 1825. 

Journal des Savants, par le Sieur de H^douville (Denis de Sallo), continue 
et augments de divers Articles par J. Gallois, de La Roque, &c., anndes 
1665-1736. Vols. 1-108 18^ Amsterdam, 1684, &c. 

Joumaux Rouges (Les), Histoire Critique de tons les Joumaux Ultra- 
R^publicains publics k Paris depuis le 24 Fevrier jusqu'au 1*' Octobre, 
1848, avec des Extraits-Specimens. 18** Paris, 1848. 

JoYELLAKOs (Qsspar Melchor de). Informe de la Sociedad Economica 
de Madrid al Real y Supremo Consejo de Castilla. 4^ Palma, 1814. 

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XI v., et XY. Si^cles, pour faire suite aux collections Legrand d'Aussy, 
Barbazan et M6on. 2 vols, in 1. 8** Paris, 1839. 

La R^urrection du Sauveur, fragment d'un Myst^re in6dit, avec 

une traduction en regard, d'apres le MS. unique de la BibL du Roi. 
8* Paris, 1834. 

Un Sermon en vers, d'apres le MS. de la Bibl. du Roi. 8® Paris, 


Lettre au directeur de TArtiste, touchant le MS. de la Bibl. de 

Berne, No. 354, perdu pendant vingt-huit ans. 8** Paris, 1838. 

La Bataille et le Manage des vii. Arts, pieces in6dites du xui. 

Si^cle, en langue Romane. 8^ Paris, 1838. 

Notice sur les Armes defensives, et sp^cialement sur celles qui ont 

6t6 usit^es en Espagne jusqu'au xvi*. Siecle. 8** Paris, 1840. 
see also Guichard de Beaulieu; Rutebeuf. 

Lettre 4 M. Paul Lacroix [Bibliophile Jacob], avec quelques faits 

nouveaux relatifs a Todieuse persecution de M. Libri. 8** Paris, 1849. 

JuoLEB (J. F.) — see Struvius (Bibl. Hist. Litter.) 

Jukes (J. Beete). Narrative of the Surveying Voyage of H. M. S. Fly, 
commanded by Captain F. P. Blackwood, in Torres Strait, New 
Guinea, and other Islands of the Eastern Archipelago, in 1842-46, 
and an Excursion into the Eastern part of Java. 2 vols. 8^ London, 

JuLiANUS Imperator. Opera Omnia, et S. CyriUi Archiepiscopi contra 
Julianum libri x. Gr: et Lat: acccdunt D. Petavii in Julianum Notae, 
recensuit Ezechiel Spanhemius. fol. Lipsise, 1696. 


The Authorship of the Letters of Junius elucidated, including a 
Biographical Memoir of lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Barr6, M.P., by 
John Britton. 8** London, 1848. 


90 JUN— KAY 

Junius — Controversy on the Authorship op Junius, etmJlinuai: — 

An Essay on Junius and his Letters; embracing a Sketch of the 
Life and Character of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, and 
Memoirs of other distinguished Individuals, with historical reflec- 
tions relating to the A&irs of Great Britain and America from 
1763 to 1785, by Benjamin Waterhouse. 8** Boston, 1831. 

Identity of Junius with a distinguished Living Character [Sir Philip 
Francb] established, by [John Taylor], with a Supplement, con- 
sisting of Facsimiles of Hand-writing and other illustrations. 
^ London, 1817. 

The Claims of Sir Philip Francis, K.B., to the authorship of Junius' 
Letters disproved; some Inquiry into the claims of the late 
Charles Lloyd, with Observations on the character and style of 
the Writings of the late Edmund Burke, &c., by E. H. Barker. 
8^ London, 1828. 

An Inquiry concerning the Author of the Letters of Junius, with 
' reference to the Memoirs by a celebrated Literary and Political 
character ["Leonidas" Glover], 8** London, 1814. 

Letters to a Nobleman, proving a late Prime Minister (Duke of 
Portland) to have been Junius, with an Appendix, containing 
a Celebrated Case published by Almon in 1768. 8^ London, 

A Critical Inquiry regarding the real Author of the Letters of 
Juniiis, proving them to have been written by Lord VLSoount 
Sackville, by George Coventry. 8® London, 1825. 

Letters addressed to John Pickering, Esq., showing that the Author 
of that celebrated work was Earl Temple, by Isaac Newhall. 
8** Boston, 1831. 

Life of the Author of the Letters of Junius, the Rev. James Wilmot, 
D.D., by Olivia Wilmot Serres. 8** London, 1813. 

Juste (Theodore). Histoire de la Revolution Beige de 1790, pr6o^^ 
d'un Tableau Historique du Regne de TEmpereur Joseph u., et soivie 
d'un Coup-d'CEil sur la Revolution de 1830. 3 vols. 8** Bnixelles, 

ELfiMPPEB (Engelbertus). Amoenitates Exoticse, quibus continentur Varie 
Relationes, Observationes, et Descriptiones Rerum Persicarum et Ulte- 
rioris Asiae. 4° Lemgoviie, 1712. 

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C. V. Walker. 12^ London, 1845. 

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Eakt (Immanuel). Critick of Pure Reason, translated, with notes and 
explanation of terms, by Francis Haywood. 8® London, 1848. 

Analysis of his Critick of Pure Reason, by the Translator [Francis 

Haywood]. 8** London, 1844. 

Kayseb (C. L.). Disputatio de diversa Homericorum Carminum origine. 
8° HeidelbergsB, 1835. 

— ^— see Philostratus. 

KEA — KIN 91 

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O'Connor, fol. London, 1723. 

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to which are added the Laws of William the Conqueror. 8° London. 

Keller. Panorama of Switzerland. 4^ London. 

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Treatise on the Exchanges, Coins, Weights and Measures, of all trading 
Nations and their Colonies. 2 vols, in 1. 4^ London, 1835. 

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London, 1848. 

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Englisn Commonwealth till the period of the Norman Conquest. 2 vols. 
8** London, 1849. 

see Twysden. 

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Martin-le-Grand, formerly occupying the site of the New Post-Office. 
S° London, 1825. 

Ken (Thomas), Bishop of Bath and Wells. Prayers for the use of all Per- 
sons who come to the Baths of Bath for Cure, with a brief Life of the 
Author, by J. H. Markland. 12** London, 1849. 

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the Indus, in Sind and Kaubool in 1838-9. 2 vols. 8^ London, 

Notes on the Epidemic Cholera. 8° London, 1846. 

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in the History of Ambrosden, Burcester, and other adjacent parts in the 
Counties of Oxford and Bucks. 2 vols. 4** Oxford, 1818. 

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York, 1844. 

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Dido for the suppression of Piracy, with Extracts from the Journal of 
James Brooke, Esq. of Sarawak. 2 vols. 8® London, 1846. 

Kebby Pastoral (A), in imitation of the first Eclogue of Virgil, edited by 
T. Crofton Croker. (Percy Society, vol. 7.) 8^ London, 1843. 

Ejsstneb (A.). Notice sur Tlnstitut de Correspondance Arch^ologique. 
8"* Home, 1846. 

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(Charles Hotham, Esq., Captain), stranded in the Bay of Monte Video, 
May 10, 1844. 8** London, 1847. 

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nianus. (Privately printed.) 12° London, 1845. 

Khanikoff ( — ). Bokhara: its Amir and its People, translated from the 
Russian by the Baron C. A. De Bode. 8° London, 1845. 

King (The) and a poor Northern Man, from the edition of 1640, attributed 
to Martin Parker. (Percy Society, vol 1.) 8° London, 1841. 

92 KIN — K(EN 

King (Charles). Memoir of the construction, cost, and capacity of the 
Croton Aqueduct, compiled from Official Documents, with an Essay on 
Ancient and Modem Aqueducts. 4** New York, 1843. 

King (John Qlen). Rites and Ceremonies of the Qreek Church in Russia: 
containing an account of its doctrine, worship, and discipline. 4^ 
London, 1772. 

King (William). Original Works, with historical notes, and memoirs of 
the Author. 3 vols. 12° London, 1776. 

Vol. 1. Reflections on Yarillas' History of Heresy — ^Animadversions on Molesworth*! 
Denmark — Dialogues of the Dead — Adversaria. 

— 2. The Transactioneer, with his Philosophical Fancies [a severe satire on 

Sir Hans Sloane, at that time compiler of the Philosophical Transac- 

— 3. Useful Miscellanies — ^Art of Cookeiy — Art of Love — Miscellany Poems, ftc. 

King (Lord^. Selection from the Speeches and Writings of the late Lord 
King, with a Memoir by Earl Fortescue. 8** London, 1844. 

[KiNGLAKE (A. J.)]. Eothen. S° London, 1845. 

[KiNGSLEY (Jeffries)]. The Standard County Book, proffered for the use 
of County Treasurers of Ireland. 4® Dublin, 1838. 

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with a preface, notes, and other Poems. 12^ London, 1847. 

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London, 1828. 

KiBBT (William), and William Spence. Introduction to Entomology, or 
Elements of the Natural History of Insects. 4 vols. 8® London, 1816-26. 

KiRKSTAXL Abbey — Historical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque Account of 
Kirkstall Abbey. 1 2« London, 1 84 1 . 

KiRMANi, Eeign of Tipti Sult&n. — see Miles. 

Klug (K.). Opfer-und Grabalterthtimer zu Waldhausen, ein Beitrag zur 
Nordischen Alterthumskunde. 4° Liibeck, 1844. 

Knighthood — The Buke of the Order of Knighthood, translated from the 
French by Sir Gilbert Hay, from the MS. in the Library at Abbotaford. 
(Abbotsford Club.) 4^ Edinburgh, 1847. 

KocK (Ch. Paul de). 

La Famille Gogo. 4 vols. 18^ Bmxelles, 1844. 

Hon Ami Pifibrd et Chipolata. 8 vols. IS^ Bruxellea, 1844. 

Tyler le Couvreur. 18P Bruxelles, 1844. 

L'Amoureux Tranai. 4 vols. 199 Bnixelles, 1844. 

L' Amour aui passe et TAmour qui vient. 18^ Bnixelles, 1847. 

L'Amant de la Lune. 10 vols. 18^^ Bruzelles, 1847. 

Taquinet le BoBsu. 2 vols. 18° Bruxelles, 1848. 

Une Qaillarde. 189 Bruxelles, 1849. 

KoHL (J. G.). Travels in Ireland. 8** London, 1843. 

Austria: Vienna, Prague, Hungary, Bohemia, and the Danube. 

8° London, 1843. 

■ Russia: St. Petersburg, Moscow, and the German Provinces of 

the Baltic. 8"" London, 1844. 

KcEKiG (Ferdinand, Soph. Chr.). De Pausanise Fide et Auctoritate in 
Historia, M3rthologia, Artibusque Grsecorum tradendis, prsestita. 8® 
Berolini, 1832. 

KON— LAO 98 

KoKio (Georgius Matthias). Bibliotheca Yetus et Nova. fol. Altdorf^ 

Koops (Matthias). Historical Account of the Substances which have been 
used to describe events and to convey ideas from the earliest date to 
the invention of Paper. (Printed on Paper manufactured solely from 
straw.) 8® London, 180L 

KoTZEBUE (Auguste von). Die Franzosischen Kleinstadter. 12° Leipzig, 

Krajceb (Gustavus). — see Strabo. 

K&ASiNSKi (Count Valerian). Panslavism and Germanism. 12^ Lon- 
don, 1848. 

K&AUSE (Aug.). De Suetonii Tranquilli Fontibus et Auctoritate. 8** 
Berolini, 1831. 

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staltning af Consistorium ved Kiobenhavns Universitet. 8 tracts in 
1 vol. 8"^ Kiobenhavn, 1848. 

see under Denmark (in Tract Catalogue). 

KuoLER (Franz). Handbook of the History of Painting from the age of 
Constantine, translated. 

Part 1. The Italian SchoolB, edited by 0. L. Eastlake. 12^' Tjondon, 1842. 
— 2. The German, Flemish, and Dutch Schools, edited by Sir Edmund Head. 
12<> London, 1846. 

— — Sequel. — see Head (Sir E.) 

see Kunstblatt. 

KuHN (C. Q.) — see Aretaeus. 

Kunstblatt, herausgegeben von Ernst Forster und Franz Kugler. 4^ 
Stuttgart, 1845-48. 

[Eykaston (H.)]. Strena Poetica a D. Pauli Scholse Informatore Primario 
alumnis suis meunte anno dicata. 18^ Londini, 1849. 

Labanoff (le Prince A.) — see Mary, Queen of Scots. 

La Bodebie. — see Lefevre. 

La BfiUTiRE (Jean de). Les Caracteres de La Bmy^re, suivis des Carac- 
t^res de Th^ophraste, traduits du Grec per le m^me. 2 vols. 8^ 
Paris, 1822. 

Lachm ANN (C.) — see Avianus; Babrius; MtQler; Nibelunge Noth. 

Lacobdaire (Henri Dominique). Conferences de Lacordaire des Fr^res 
Pr^cheurs, pr6c6d€es d*une notice biographique, par P. Lorain. 2 vols, 
in 1. 8*^ Bruxelles, 1847. 

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in 3. 8^ Paris, 1846-48. 

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Peintre Fran9ais, par P. L. Jacob. 2 vols. 18® Bruxelles, 1845. 

Le Chateau de la Pommeraie, par le Bibliophile Jacob. 2 vols. 

18® Bruxelles, 1849. 

Lettres it M. Hatton au sujet de Tincroyable accusation intent^e 

contre M. Libri. 8® Paris, 1849. 
see Dubois (Cardinal) ; Moyen Age. 

94 LAC— LAN 

Lagtantius Placidns. — see Scriptores Mjtiiographi. 

Lact (Edmund), Bishop of Exeter. Liber Pontificalis, a MS. of the 
fourteenth century, printed from the original, in the possession of the 
Dean and Chapter of Exeter, edited by Ralph Barnes. 8^ Exeter^ 

Laenneg (R T. H.). Treatise on Mediate Auscultation, and on diseases 
of the Lungs and Heart, with notes by Mer: Laennec and M. Andral, 
translated and edited by Theophilus Herbert, with Notes by Dr. F. H. 
Bamadge. S"" London, 1846. 

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par sa famille. 6 vols. 8^ Paris, 1838. 

La Hobe. — see Louis xrv. 

Laibe (F. X.). Index Librorum ab inventa Typographia ad annum 1500, 
chronologic^ dispositus cum notis historiam typographico-litterariam 
illustrantibus. 2 vols. 8° Senones, 1791. 

Lakes (The) — Quide to the Lakes, with Wordsworth's Description of the 
Scenery of the Country, and Professor Sedgwick on the (Geology of the 
Lake District. 12"^ Kendal, 1846. 

Lam ABTiNE (Alphonse de). Histoire des Girondins. 8 vols, in 4. 8^ 
Paris, 1847. 

Trois Mois au Pouvoir. 12<> Paris, 1848. 

■ Discours sur le Droit au Travail. 12° Paris, 1848. 

Discours sur le projet de Constitution. 12° Paris, 1848. 

Une seule Chambre. 12° Paris, 1848. 

La Pr6sidence. 12° Paris, 1848. 

Histoire de la Revolution de 1848. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1849. 

^^— - Les Confidences. 2 vols. 18° Bruxelles, 1849. 

■ Raphael, pages de la vingtidme ann6e. 18° Bruxelles, 1849. 

Lamartine, poete, orateur, historien, homme-d'^tat, par A. Bas- 

toul de Mongeot. 12° Bruxelles, 1848. 

Lamb (John). — see Aratus. 

Lambecius (Petrus). Origines Hamburgenses ab urbe condita usque ad 
annum 1725, cum vita S. Anscharii primi archiep. Hamburgensis. foL 
Hamburg!, 1706. 

Lambebti (Luig^). Poesie. — Pamaso Ital. Viventi, tomo 13. 

Lambinet (Pierre). Origine de Tlmprimerie d*apres les Titres authen- 
tiques, les opinions de Daunou et Van Praet, etc. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 

Lamennais (P.). Le Livre du Peuple. 12° Bruxelles, 1838. 

Lampillas (El Abate Don Xavier). Ensayo historico-apologetico de la 
Literatura Espanola contra las opiniones preocupadas de algunos Escri- 
tores modemos Italianos, traducido del Italiano por Dona Josefa Amar 
y Borbon. 7 vols. 8° Madrid, 1789. 

Lamping (Lieutenant). — see Gordon (Lady D.) 

Lancaster — The Charters of the Duchy of Lancaster, translated and edited 
by William Hardy. (Privately printed.) 8° London, 1845. 

LAN — LAU 96 

Lakcetti (Yinoenzo). Pseudonimia, owero Tavole Alfabetiche de' Nomi 
Finti o Supposti degli Scrittori, con la contrapposizione de' VerL 8** 
Milano, 1836. 

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40 Paris, 1843. 

Lakdov (Letitia Elizabeth). Poetical Works. 4 vols. 12** London, 1844. 
Vol. 1. The Improyisatrioe — ^Tales and Poems. 

— 2. The Troubadour— Poetical Sketches. 

— 8. The Golden Violet— Erinna, &c. 

— 4. The Venetian Bracelet — The Lost Pleiad — Poetical Portraits, ftc. 

Lanebcost — Chronicon de Lanercost, 1201-1346, e codice CottonianOy 
nunc primum t3rpis mandatum, [edited by Joseph Stevenson]. (Banna- 
tyne Club.) 4"^ Edinburgi, 1839. 

Lang (C. E.) — see Birkenhead. 

Lanzi (Luigi). Notizie della Scultura degli Antichi et del van suoi StilL 
8'' Poli^rafia Fiesolana, 1824. 

La Planche. — see Regnier. 

Lappenbebq (J. M.). History of England under the Saxon Kings, trans- 
lated from the German by Benjamin Thorpe, with additions by the 
Author and Translator. 2 vols. 8° London^ 1845. 

Labdner (Dionysius). The Steam Engine explained and illustrated, its 
invention, improvement, and application to Navigation and Railways, 
with a Memoir of James Watt. 8® London, 1840. 

La Rochefoucauld (Fran9ois, Due de). Ses Pens^es, Maximes, et R^ 
flexions Morales. 12"^ Paris, 1777. 

Maximes et Reflexions Morales. 8^ Paris, 1815. 

La Sauvaoere (Ffl-Fr. Le Royer d'Artezet de). Recueil d* Antiquity 
dans les Gaules, ouvrage qui pent servir de suite aux Antiquity de feu 
M. le Comte de Caylus. 4^ Paris, 1770. 

Lascabis (Constantinus). Epitome ejus Qrammaticse, (in modem Greek). 
8** Venetiae, 1811. 

La Sebna, Santandeb (Charles Antoine de). Dictionnaire Bibliographique 
choisi du xv. Siecle, ou Description par ordre alphab6tique des Editions 
les plus rares et les plus recherch^es du xv. Siecle. 3 vols. 8^ Bruxelles, 

— — M6moire historique sur la Bibliotheque dite de Bourgogne. 8^ 
Bruxelles, 1809. 

Latham (R G.). Elementary English Grammar. 12^ London, 1849. 

History and Etymology of the English Language. 12^ London, 


La Tour (Frederic Maurice de), Memoires. — see Aubign^. 

Laud (WiUiam, Archbishop). Original Letters and other Documents 
relating to his Benefactions to the County of Berks, edited by John 
Bruce. (Berkshire Ashmolean Society.) 4^ London, 1841. 

Cyprianus Anglicus; or, the History of the Life and Death of 

William, Archbishop of Canterbury, by Peter Heylyn. fol. London, 

Lauder (William). — see Milton. 

Lanread (The), a literary, political, and naval Satire. 12^ London, 1833. 


Laubiebe et S^coussE. — see France (Ordonnanoes). 

Layeaux (J.-Ch.). Nouveau Dictionnaire de la Langue Fran9ai8e. 2 vols. 
4^' Paris, 1843. 

Law — On the Principles of Criminal Law. (Small Books on Great Sub- 
jects, No. 10.) 12° London, 1846. 

Law List (The), edited by William Powell, from the year 1824. 12** 

Law Eeview and Quarterly Journal of British and Foreign Jurispru- 
dence, from the commencement in 1844. 8° London. 

Law (William John). Some Eemarks on the Alpine Passes of Strabo. 
8** London, 1846. 

Lawrence (W.). The Hunterian Oration delivered Feb. 14, 1846. 8** 
London, 1846. 

Lawson (William). A new Orchard and Garden, or the best way for 
planting, grafting, and to make any ground good for a rich orchard, 
with the country housewife's garden, and the husbandry of bees, and 
the art of propagating plants, by S. Harward. 4° London, 1648. 

another edition, (in Markham's " Way to get Wealth.") 4° 

London, 1660. 

Latamon*s Brut, or Chronicle of Britain, a Poetical Semi-Saxon Paraphrase 
of the Brut of Wace, now first phblished from the Cottonian MS. in the 
British Museum, accompanied by a literal translation, notes, and a Gram- 
matical Glossary by Sir Frederic Madden. 3 vols. 8° London, 1847. 

Layard (Austen Henry). Nineveh and its Remains, with an account of 
a visit to the Chaldsean Christians of Kurdistan and the Tezidis or 
Devil Worshippers, and an inquiry into the Manners and Arts of the 
Ancient Assyrians. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1849. 

The Monuments of Nineveh, from Drawings made on the spot, 

illustrated in one hundred plates. Atlas fol. London, 1849. 

Lays of Ancient Babyland, to which are added divers Small Histories not 
known to the Ancients. 12° London, 1849. 

Leber (C). Collection des meilleurs Dissertations, Notices, et Traits 
particuliers relatifs k THistoire de France, compos6e de pieces rai«8, 
ou qui n'ont jamais 6t6 publi^es s^par^ment. 20 vols. 8^ Paris, 

Tome 1. (Premiere Partie.) Origines, Preliminaires de THistoire de France : 

Etymologies, Origine de la Monarchie. 

— 2. (Deuxidme Partie.) G^ographie : Position des Gaules, Noms de lieuz 


— 3. rrroisidme Partie.) Ciilte. 

— 4-5. (Quatriime Partie.) Orffanisation Sociale : Droit Publique, Loii Sa< 

uques, Anciennes Constitutions, ic. 

— 6. — Titres, offices, dignity Pairie, magistrature, Ac 

— 7. — Milioe ancienne, tribut ancien, revenu public, 

apanages, monnaies. 

— 8. (Cinquidme Partie.) Civilisation : Solennit6s publiques, ooutumes roy- 

aux, origines des sobriquets et des usages sin- 

— 9-10. — Origines des divertissemens, joyeuses 

coutumes, mascarades, Ac. 

— 11. — Particularity curieuses de I'histoire 

physique et morale des Fran9ai8. 

— 12-18. -- • Chevalerie, Toumois, Carrousels, 

Armoiries, Fleurs de lis, &c. 

LEB— LEO 97 

Leber (C.) — carUirmed: — 

Tome 14-15. (Sbddme Partie.) Sdenoes, Lettres, Arts : Histoire de la langae 

Fran9aiBe — Ktats des Sciences et des Lettres 
dans le moyen &ge. 

— 16. — Commerce des G^ulois; 

des Fran9oi8 sous la premidre race, et du moyen 

— 17-18. (Septidme Partie.) Evdnemens fameux: Election de Hugues Capet> 

Querelles, Conspirations, Procds, Massacres, &c. 

— 18. (Huitidme Partie.) Melanges: F6erie du Moyen Age, M^lusine, Koia 

fain6ansy &c. 

— 19. (Supplement fl la Quatridme Partie.) Etats de la Maison Royale, &c. 

— 20. — — Origines des Conmiunes — Addi- 

tions, &c. 

Lee (John). Antiquarian Eesearches in the Ionian Islands in the year 1812. 
4^ London, 1848. t 

Lefebyre de Villebrune. — see Athenseus. 

Lefeyre de la Boderie (Antoine). Lettres d'Henry iv. Hoy de France, et 
de Messieurs de Villeroy et de Puisieux, (depuis 1606 jusqu'en 1611). 
2 vols. 8** Amsterdam, 1733. 

— — Ambassades en Angleterre sous le r^gne d*Henri iv. et la Minorite 
de Louiis xiii.^ depuis les ann^es 1606 jusqu'en 1611. 5 vols. 12^ 
[Paris], 1750. 

LioER (Saint) — Histoire de Saint L6ger^ €y^ue d'Autun et martyr, et de 
FEglise oes Francs au septi^me silcle^ par Dom J. B. Pitra. 8^ 
Paris, 1846. 

Le Glay. — see France (Negociations). 

Legrand d'Aussy, Fabliaux — Suite, see Jubinal. 

Leichhardt (Dr. Ludwig). Journal of an Overland Expedition in Aus- 
tralia, from Moreton Bay to Port Essington, a distance of upwards 
of 3000 miles, during the years 1844-45. 8** London, 1847. 

Leiohton (Archbishop Kobert). Whole Works, with Life of the Author, 
by John Norman Pearson. 2 vols. 8° London, 1835. 

Vol. 1. Life, Commentary on the 1st Epistie of St. Peter, Meditations on the 

Psalms, &c. 
— 2. Lectures on St. Matthew, Sermons, Expositions of the Creed, &c.. Theolo- 
gical Lectures, &c. 

Le Laboureur. — see Castelnau. 

Lelakb (T.) — see Demosthenes (translation). 

Le Long (Jacques). Biblioth^que Historique de la France, contenant le 
Catalogue des Ouvrages imprimis et MSS. qui traitent de l*histoire de oe 
royaume, avec des notes critiques et historiques par Fevret de Fontette, 
[C^unus, Barbeau de La Bruyire, etc.] 5 vols. fol. Paris, 1768-78. 

Lelut (L. F.) — see France (Petits Traitfe, 15). 

LtMOMTEY (P. £.). Histoire de la R^gence et de la Minorite de Louis xv. 
jusqu'au Ministere du Cardinal de Fleury. 2 vols, in 1. 8® Paris, 1832. 

Lenormakt (Charles). Eclaircissements sur le Cercueil du Boi Memphite, 
Myc6rinus,traduitsderAjiglais,etaccompagn6s denotes. 4^ Paris, 1839. 

Leopardi (Giacomo). Opere, edizione accresciuta secondo Tultimo intendi- 
mento dell' autore da Antonio Ranieri. 2 vols. 12^ Firenze, 1845, 

Studi Filologici, raccolti da P. Pellegrini e P. Giordani. 12** 

Firenze, 1845. 

Paralipomeni della Batracomiomachia. 12^ Parigi, 1842, 


98 LEP — LIB 

Lepeletier de St. Fargeau (]^fichel), CEuvres, pr6c6d6e8 de sa Tie par 
Felix Lepeletier, suivies de Documents Historiques. 8® Bruxelles, 1826. 

Le Roux de Lincy. — see Nouvelles. 

Lepsius (Richard). Denkmaler aus Agjrpten und Athiopien nach den 
Zeichnungen der von Friedrich Wilhelm iv. nach diesen landem ge- 
sendeten in den jahren 1842-5, wissenschaftlichen Expedition, fol. 
and text in 4** Berlin, 1849. 

Die Chronologic der iEgypter, Einleitung und erster Theil: 

Kritik der Quellen. 4^ Berlin, 1849. 

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the first volume of the Rehearsals, by Philalethes. folio. London, 1708. 

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sent^ au Conseil d'Etat. 8° Paris, 1849. 

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rischen Nachlasse. 3 vols. 12** Berlin, 1793. 

L'EsTRANOE (Sir Roger). A brief History of ihe Times. 3 parts. 8** 
London, 1687. 

1. Pre&ce to the Third Volume of Obeervators. • 

2. On the Pretended Popish Plot. 

3. Death of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey. 

Lesueur (J. B. C). Chronologic des Rois d'Egypte, ouvrage coaronn6 
par r Academic des Inscriptions, 1846. 4® Paris, 1848. 

Leszczyc-Suminski (Graf). Zur Entwickelungs Geschichte der Farm- 
krauter. 4° Berlin, 1848. 

Lettere Sanesi. — see [Valle]. 

Letters from Madras during the years 1836-1839, by a Lady. 12° 
London, 1846. 

Letters from the Baltic. — see [Rigby]. 

Letters from the North of Scotland. — see [Burt]. 

Letters (Royal). — see Bromley (Sir G.) 

Lettsou (W. N.) — see Nibelimge Not 

Leuckfeldus. — see Heineccius. 

Lewis (Edward). The Patriot King displayed in the life and reign of 
Henry viii., from the time of his quarrel with the Pope to his death. 
12^ London, 1769. 

Lewis (George Comewall). Essay on the Government of Dependencies. 
8"^ London, 1841. 

Essay on the Influence of Authority in matters of Opinion. 8® 

London, 1849. 

Lewis (W.). Treatise on the Game of Chess, with twenty-five new Chess 
Problems, on Diagrams. 8** London, 1844. 

-^^— - Second Series of Lessons on the Game of Chess, for the use of the 
higher class of Players. 8** London, 1834. 

Lewis (W. L.) — see Statins (translation). 

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ment of the Low Countries in 1585-6, edited by John Bruce. (Camden 
Society.) 4** London, 1844. 

Liber de Antiquis Legibus. — see London. 

LIB — LIS 99 

Libraries — ^Report from the Select Committee on Public Libraries, with 
the Minutes of Evidence, &c fol. 1849. 

— ^— see Edwards (E.); British Museum. 

LiBRi (G.). Espouse au Rapport de M. Boucly, publi6 dans le Moniteur 
Universel du 19 Mars, 1848. 8** Londres, 1848. 

Lettre k M. de Falloux, contenant le r^cit d*une odieuse persecution, 

et le Jugement port6 sur cette pers6cution; suivie d'un grand nombre 
de Documents. 8^ Paris, 1849. 

see Brunet, Jubinal, Lacroix. 

LiCHTENBEROER (Jo. Frid.). Initia Typographica. 4® Argentorati, 

LiEBEL (Ignatius). — see Archilochus. 

LiEBio (Justus). Researches on the Chemistry of Food, edited by William 
Gregory. 8** London, 1847. 

Researches on the Motion of the Juices in the Animal Body. 8** 

London, 1848. 

LiouE, M^moires de la. — see Goulart (S.) 

LiNBEKBROOius (Erpoldus). Scriptores Rerum Germanicarum Septentrio- 
nalium Yicinorumque Populorum Veteres diversi, cum novo auctario, et 
Indice, J. A. Fabricii. fol. Hamburgi, 1706. 

Contents: Adami (M.) Historia Ecdesiastica Septent. a Carolo M. ad Henr. TV, 

De Situ Danise. 

Incerti Auctoris Historia Archiepiscoporum Bremensium. 

De Ecclesia Bremensi yetus scriptum. 

De Benedicto v. Pont. Rom. Uamburgum ab Imperatore in exilium 

Poema antiquum de Episcopo Vicelino. 
Privil^^ ArchiecclesisB Hammaburgensis. 
Auctarium Privilegiorum et Diplomatum. 
Incerti Auctoris Chronica Sclavica. 
Hebnoldi Presb. Buzov. Chronics Sdavorum Supplem. 
Incerti Auctoris Annales sive Chronica Sclavica. 
Erici^ Daniffi Regis, Narratio de origine Gentis Danonmi. 

see also Freherus, Heineccius, Pistorius, Scbardius, Wegelinus. 

Ldtdsay (Lord). Sketches of the History of Christian Art. 3 vols. 8^ 
London, 1847. 

Vol. 1. Ideal, a Dignity of Christian Art — Symbolism and Mythology of Christiamty 
— Classification of Schools and Artists — Roman and Byzantine Art. 

— 2. Lombard and Gothic Architecture and Sculpture — N. Pisano — Giotto. 

— 3. Schools of Siena^ Florence, Bologna — Sculpture and Painting north of the 

Alps, &c. 

LiKOARD (John). History and Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church, 
containing an account of its origin, government, doctrines, worship, &q, 
and clerical and monastic institutions. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1845. 

History of England, from the first invasion by the Bomans to the 

accession of William and Mary in 1688. 10 vols. 8° London, 

LiKWOOB (Guliehnus). Anthologia Oxoniensis. 8^ Londini, 1846. 

Lion (Alb.) — see Aulus Gellius. 

[LiPPi (Lorenzo)]. H Malmantile Eacquistato di Perlone Zipoli coUe 
Note di Puccio Lamoni [Paolo Minucci]. 2 vols. 4^ Firenze, 1788. 

L'IsLE (Barony of). — see Nicolas. 

100 LIT — LON 

LiTHOTiNT — Hampstead Conversazione ; Sketches in lithotint and litho- 
graphy, in illustration of the different processes. 4^ 1847. 

LiTTLETOK (Adam). Latine Dictionary, in Four Parts. 4° London, 

LiTUROY — The Two Books of Common Prayer set forth by Parliament in 
the Reign of King Edward the Sixth, compared and edited by Edward 
Cardwell, D.D. 8^ Oxford, 1841. 

Ancient Liturgy, according to the uses of Sarum, Bangor, York, 

and Hereford. — see Haskell. 

Offices of the Church according to the use of Salisbury. — see 


see Primers. 

A brief Discourse of the Troubles begun at Frankfort, in 1554, 

about the Book of Common Prayer and ceremonies. (Reprinted from 
the edition of 1575.) 12** London, 1846. 

Lives of Eminent Persons. (Library of Useful Knowledge.) 8** Lon- 
don, 1833. 

Coke (Sir E.) 


Michael Angelo. 

Smith (Adam). 

Somen (Lotd). 
Wren (Sir 0.) 

LiYius (Titus). History of Home, translated from the original by George 
Baker. 6 vols. 8^ London, 1814. 

Livonian Tales. — see [Rigby]. 

Lloyd (Charles). — see Junius. 

LoBECK ((Dhr. Augustus). Aglaophamus, sivc de Theologie Mystics 
Grsecorum caiisis libri tres, idemque Poetarum Orphicorum disperses 
reliquias collegit. 8** Eegimontii Prussorum, 1829. 

Paralipomena Grammaticse Grsecse. 8® Lipsise, 1837. 

*Piy/iarticov sive Verborum Grsecorum et Nominum Yerbalium Tech- 

nologia. 8^ Eegimontii, 1846. 
see Phrynicus. 

LoiOLA (Ignatius) — De Vita et Moribus S. Ignatii Loiolse, qui Societatem 
Jesu fundavit, libri iii. Auctore Joan. P. Maffeio. 12^ Mediolani, 

London — Chroniques de London, depuis Tan 44 Henri iii., jusqu^a Fan 17 
Edouard ii.; edited from a MS. in the Cottonian Library, by George 
James Aungier. (Camden Society.) 4** London, 1844. 

— ^— Liber de Antiquis Legibus. Cronica Maiorum et Vicecomitum 
Londoniarum et quedam, que contingebant temporibus illis ab anno 
MCLXXViii. ad annum mcglxxiv. cum appendice, curante Thoma 
Stapleton. (Camden Society.) 4° Londini, 1846. 

London Keview. Vol. 1. 8® 

[Long (C. E.)]. Koyal Descents : a Genealogical List of the several per- 
sons entitled to quarter the Arms of the Hoyal Houses of England. 
4° London, 1845. 

Long (George). The Conduct of Life : a Series of Essays. 8^ London, 

LON — LUD 101 

Long (Qeorge). Two Discourses delivered in the Middle Temple Hall, with 
an Outline of the Course [of Lectures on General Jurisprudence and the 
Civil Law]. 8^ London, 1847. 

LoNOiNUS (Dionysius). On the Suhlime, translated, with Notes, Observa- 
tions, and Life of the Author, by William Smith. 8** London, 1819. 

Louis xrv. — Histoire de la Vie et du B^gne de Louis xiv., r€dig6e sur les 
M^moires du Comte de * * *, [attribule au P. la Mothe dit de La Hode,] 
publi^e par Bruzen de la Martiniere. 5 vols. 4^ La Haye, 1740. 

Letters. — see William iii. 

Louis xiY. and the Pretender — The Great Bastard, protector of the little 
one. 4** Cologne, 1689. 

Louis XV. — Histoire de son r^gne. — see Tocqueville. 

Louis XVI. — M^moires particuliers, formant, avec Touvrage de M. Hue et le 
Journal de Cl^ry, THistoire complete de la Captivity de la Famille 
Boyale k la Tour du Temple. (France, Recueil de Pieces.) 8® Paris, 

— see Droz; Hue; Moleville; Robert; Soulavie. 

Lovelace (Earl of). Review of the Agricultural Statistics of France, with 
a Notice of the Works of MM. Rubichon, Mounier, and Passy, respect- 
ing its Produce and the condition of the Rural Population. 8^ Lon- 
don, 1848. 

■ Review of the Work of Rubichon and Mounier, " de Taction de 

la Noblesse et des Classes Sup^rieures dans les Soci6t6s Modemes,*^ and 
of the Memoir of M. Benoiton de Chateauneuf, '* sur TExtinction des 
Families nobles en France." 8® London, 1848. 

On Harbours of Refuge, with an Abstract of the Discussion upon 

the Paper, held at the Institution of Civil Engineers. 8^ London, 1849. 
On the Construction of a Collar Roof. 8® London, 1849. 

Low (David). Elements of Practical Agriculture, comprehending the cul- 
tivation of plants, the husbandry of the domestic animals, and the 
economy of the &rm. 8^ London, 1847. 

Lowe (R Grove). Description of the Roman Theatre of Verulam. 8^ 
London, 1848. 

LowTH (Bishop). Introduction to English Grammar; with critical notes. 
12^ London, 1784. 

Lubbock (Sir J. W.). On the theory of the Moon, and on the perturba- 
tions of the Planets. 8** London, 1848. 

Lucas (R C). Remarks on the Parthenon; being the result of studies 
and inquiries connected with the production of two Models of that 
noble building. 8^ Salisbury, 1845. 

LuDEN (Heinrich). Geschichte des Teutschen Volkes. 12 vols. 8** 

Gotha, 1825-37. 
LuDERS (Alexander). Tracts on various subjects in the Law and History 

of England. 2 Parts. 8^ Bath, 1810. 

Part I. On Constructive Treason. 

On the Judgment in High Treason. 

On the Right of Succession to the Crown in the Reign of Elizabeth. 
— n. On the Constitution of Parliament in the Reign of Henry in. 
On Nonobstante. 

On the use of the French lAnguage in our ancient Laws and Acts of State. 
Inquiry into the History of the Laws of Oleron. 

102 LUD — MAB 

LuBEBS (Alexander). Treatise on the Constitution of Parliament in the 
Reign of Edward the First. 8° London, 1818. 

■ see Henry v. 

LuDwiG den Ersten, Konig von Bayem. WaUialla*s Genossen. 8® 
Miinchen, 1847. 

Qlyptothek. — see MunicL 

[LusHiNOTON (C. R.)]. The Practice of the Mendicity Society. 18** Lon- 
don, 1847. 

Luther (Martin) — Histoire de sa Vie, ses Ouvrages, et ses Doctrines, 
par M. Audin. 12^ Paris, 1845. 

Ltcophbok. Alexandra, Scholia minora inedita, Scaligeri interpretationem 
Latinam, indicesque addidit Ludovicus Bachmannus. 8^ Lipsis, 

■ Cassandra translated and illustrated, with Notes by Viscount Roy- 
ston. 4** Cambridge, 1806. 

Isaaci et Joannb Tzetz» scholia in Lycophronem, cum lectionibus 

editionis Sebastianee, commentanis Meursii et Potteri et indicibus 
instruxit Ch. G. Muller. 3 vols. 8** Lipsise, 1811. 

see Meursius, vol. 5. 

Ltdgate (Dan John). Selection from his Minor Poems, edited by J. O. 
Halliwell. (Percy Society, vol 2.) 8** London, 1840. 

Lyell (Charles). Travels in North America. 2 vols. 8** London, 

■ A Second Visit to the United States of North America. 2 vols. 

W London, 1849. 

Ltlie (John). Euphues the Anatomic of Wit, and Euphues and his 
England, containing his voyage and adventures. 2 vols, in 1. 4** 
London, 1631. 

Lytton (Sir Edward Bulwer). — see Bulwer-Lytton. 

Mabillok (Johannes). Vetera Analecta complectens varia Fragmenta et 
Epistolia Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum hactenus inedita, cum adnota- 
tionibus, etc. 4 vols. 8** Lut. Paris. 1675. 

Vetera Analecta, sive collectio veterum aliquot Operum et Opus- 

culorum, cum Itinere Germanico, adnotationibus et aliquot disquisi- 
tionibus Johannis Mabillon, cui accesscre Vita et Opuscula Mabillonii, 
etc [curante L. F. J. de La Barre]. (See Achery.) fol. Pans, 

Acta Sanctorum ordinis S. Benedict! in sa^culorum classes distri- 

buta collegit Lucas d' Achery; ediderunt Joannes Mabillon et Theode- 
ricus Ruinart. 9 vols. fol. Venetiis, 1733-40. 

— Histoire de Jean Mabillon, et de la congr6gation de Saint-Maur, 

par Emile Chavin de Malan. 12** Paris, 1843. 

et Bern, de Montfaucon. Correspondance in6dite avec Tltalie, 

^ contenant un grand nombre de faits sur Thistoire religieuse et litt^raire 

du XVII. Siecle, suivie des Lettres in6dites du P. Quesnel, accompagn6e 
de Notices par M. Valery. 3 vols, in 1. 8** Paris, 1846. 

MAC— MAH 103 

Macaulay (Thomag Babington). The History of England from the 
accession of James II. Vols. 1-2. 8^ London^ 1849. 

His Character of the Clergy, <fec. of xvii. Century considered. — 

see Babington. 

see also under Macaulay (in Tract Catalogue). 

Macculloch (John). Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, 
including the Isle of Man; comprising an account of their Geological 
structure; with remarks on their agriculture, scenery and antiquities. 
2 vols. 8° and Plates in 4° London, 1819. 

M'CuLLOCH (J. R.). The Literature of Political Economy; a classified 
Catalogue of publications in the difierent departments of that Science, 
with historical, critical, and biographical notices. 8^ London, 1845. 

Treatise on the principles and practical influence of Taxation and 

the Funding System. 8® London, 1845. 

Treatise on the Succession to Property vacant by Death, including 

inquiries into the influence of Primogeniture, Entails, Compulsory Par- 
tition, Foundations, over the public interests. 8® London, 1848. 

MacFarlane (Charles). Our Indian Empire, its history and present state, 
from the earliest settlement of the British in Hindostan to the dose of 
1843. 2 vols. 12° London, 1844. 

■ see Craik (G.) 

McGeachy (Edward). Suggestions for a plan of Steam Communication 
between the East and West Hemispheres. 8° London, 1846. 

Macobegob (John). The Progress of America, from the Discovery of 
Columbus to the Year 1846. 2 vols. 8° London, 1847. 

Sketches of the progress of Civilization and Public Liberty, with 

a view of the political condition of Europe and America in 1848. 8^ 
London, 1848. 

Machtn (Henry), " Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London." Diary 
from A.D. 1550 to a.d. 1563, edited by John Gough Nichols. (Camden 
Society.) 4® London, 1848. 

McKEinTET (Thomas L.) and James Hall. History of the Indian Tribes 
of North America, with biographical sketches of the principal chiefs. 
3 vols. foL Philadelphia, 1837-44. 

Maconochie (Captain). On the Management of Transported Criminals. 
4** London, 1845. 

■ Crime and Punishment : The Mark System, framed to mix per- 

suasion with pimishment, and make their efiect improving, yet their 
operation severe. 8® London, 1846. 

Macvicab (J. G.). On the Beautiful, the Picturesque, the Sublime. 8® 
London, 1837. 

Madden (Sir Frederick). — see Layamon. 

Maffbi (J. P.) — see Loiola (Vita). 

Magnetism — Le Magnetisme traduit en Cour d'Assises — acquittement. 
8« Paris, 1845. 

Mahomet — Sa Vie, traduite et compil6e de TAlcoran, des Traditions 
authentiques de la Sonna, et des meilleurs auteurs Arabes, par Jean 
Gagnier. 2 vols. 12"" Amsterdam, 1732. 

104 MAH — MAN 

Mahomet — Mohammed der Prophet, sein Leben und seine Lehre, aus hand- 
schriftlichen Quellen und dem Koran dargestellt von Gustav WeiL 
8° Stuttgart, 1843. 

Lives of Mahomet and his Successors, by Washington Irving. 

2 vols. 8° London, 1850. 

Life. — see Ockley. 

Mahox (Viscount). Historical Essays. 12® London, 1849. 

' see Chesterfield; Cond^. 

Maintenon (Madame de). Lettres, pr6c6d^es de sa Vie par L. S. Auger. 
3 vols. 8° Paris, 1815. 

Histoire. — see NoaiUes. 

Maistre (le Comte Xavier de). CEuvres completes. 12° Paris, 1847. 

Maitland (S. E.). Index of such English Books printed before 1 600 as 
are now in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth. 8° London, 

Remarks on the First Volume of Strype*s Life of Archbishop 

Cranmer, recently published by the Ecclesiastical History Society. 8* 
London, 1848. 

Essays on subjects connected with the Eeformation in England. 

8° London, 1849. 

Majob (Johannes). Historia Majoris Britannise, tam Anglise quam Scotis. 
4** Edmburgi, 1740. 

Makerstoun Observations. — see Broun (J. A.) 

Malherbe (Francois). Poesies, avec un Commentaire in^dit, par Andr6 
Ch^nier. 12° Paris, 1842. 

Malkin (Benjamin Heath). Scenery, Antiquities, and Biography of South 
Wales. 4° London, 1804. 

Mallet (P. H.). Northern Antiquities; an historical account of the 
manners, customs, religion, literature, <fec of the Ancient Scandinavians, 
translated by Bishop Percy, revised and enlarged by J. A. Blackwell. 
8** London, 1847. 

Malmesbury (James Harris, Earl of). Diaries and Correspondence, con- 
taining an account of his Mission to the Courts of Madrid, Frederick 
the Great, Catherine the Second, the Hague, Berlin, and the French 
Kepublic 4 vols. 8° London, 1844. 

Malone (Edmond). — see Chatterton; Ireland (W. H.) 

Malvasia (Carlo Cesare). Felsina Pittrice: Vite de' Pittori Bolognesi, 
con Aggiunte e Note inedite del medesimo autore, di Giampictro Ta- 
notti e di altri Scrittori viventi. 2 vols. 8** Bologna, 1841. 

■ see Caracci (L.) 

Mamiaki de Macerata (Le Comte). Precis Politique sur les demiers 
6v^nemens des Etats Komains. 8^ Paris, 1832. 

I^Llkchesteb ((Jeorge, Duke of). Times of Daniel, chronological and pro- 
\^ phetical, examined with relation to the point of Contact between 

Sacred and Profane Chronology. 8° London, 1845. 

Manetho. — see Potocki. 

Mangles (Captain James). An Alphabet of Illustrated Geography and 
Hydrography. (Preliminary Papers.) 8*^ London, 1846-7. 

MAN — MAR 106 

Manners (Lord John). Notes of an Irish Tour. 18"* London, 1849. 

Mant (Bishop Richard). History of the Church of Ireland, from the 
Eeformation to the Revolution, with a preliminary survey, from the 
papal usurpation in the twelfth century. 2 vols. 8° London, 1841. 

Horse Liturgicae. 12® London, 1845. 

Memoir of his Life, by his some-time Brother-Fellow, Arch- 
deacon Berens. 12® London, 1849. 

Mantell (Gideon Algernon). The Medals of Creation ; or. First Lessons 
in Geology and in the study of Organic Remains. 2 vols. 12** 
London, 1844. 

The Geological Structure of the Country seen from Leith Hill. 

4° London, 1845. 

Thoughts on Animalcules ; or, a glimpse of the Invisible World 

revealed by the Microscope. 4® London, 1846. 

Thoughts on a Pebble; or, a first Lesson in Geology. 12^ Lon- 

don, 1846. 

The Structure of the Maxillary and Dental Organs of the Igua- 

nodon. 4® London, 1848. 

Observations on Belemnites and other Fossil Remains of Cepha- 

lopoda; discovered by Reginald Neville Mantell, near Trowbridge, 
Wilts. 4° London, 1848. 

On the Fossil Remains of Birds collected in New Zealand, by 

WiUiam Mantell. 8° London, 1848. 

Observations on the Osteology of the Iguanodon and Hylseosaurus, 

with notes on the Vertebral Column of the Iguanodon, by A. G. Mel- 
ville. 4** London, 1849. 

Mabcellus de Medicina. — see Poetse Latini Minores. 

Mart anus (Fr. Jos.). Flora Fluminensis sen descriptiones Plantarum 
Fluminensi sponte nascentium cum Iconibus (incomplete). 4^ and fol. 
Flumine Januario, 1825; et Paris, 1827. 

Marie de France, " Po^te Anglo-Normand du xni. Si^cle." Poesies, ou 
Recueil de Lais, Fables, etc., publi^es d'apr^s les MSS., avec sa vie, des 
notes et des observations sur les usages et coutimies des Fran 9018 et des 
Anglois dans les zii. et xiii. Siecles, par B. de Roquefort 2 vols. 8^ 
Paris, 1819. 

Marin (P.). Grand Dictionnaire Hollandois et Francois. 2 vols. 4^ 
Rotterdsun, 1768. 

Mariotti (L.). Italy: General Views of its History and Literature in 
reference to its present state. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1841. 

Markham (Gervase). Cheap and good Husbandry for the well ordering 
of all Beasts and Fowles, and for the general Cure of their Dii^eases. 
4** London, 1648. 

Country Contentments; or, the Husbandman*s Recreations — 

Hunting, Hawking, <fec. 4® London, 1649. 

The Inrichment of the Weald of Kent; or, a Direction to the 

Husbandman for the true ordering of the grounds within the Wealds of 
Kent and Sussex. 4° London, 1649. 

Farewell to Husbandry ; or, the enriching of all sorts of barren 

and sterile groimds in our Kingdome. 4^ London, 1649. 

The above four works reprinted, (the tenth edition,) under the 

general title of " A Way to get WealtL" 4° London, 1660. 


106 MAB 

Mabkham (G^rvase). The Orchard. — see Lawson (W.) 

Marlborough (John Churchill, first Duke of). Letters and Dispatches 
from 1702 to 1712, edited by Sir George Murray. 5 vols. 8^ 
London, 1845. 

Military Life, by Archibald Alison. 8® London, 1848. 

Marlborough Gems — Gkmmarum Antiquarum Delectus; ex pnestan- 
tioribus desumptus quae in Dactyliothecis Duds Marlburiensis conser- 
vantur. 2 voIe. fol. Londini, 1845. 

Thoughts on the Cameos and Intaglios of Antiquity, suggested by 

a survey of the Blenheim Collection, by a Lover of the Fine Arts. 8" 
Oxford, 1847. 

Marlowe (Christopher). Hero and Leander, finished by George Chapman; 
(with Chamberlayne's Pharonnida). 12° London, 1820. 

Maroccus extaticus, or Bankes' Bay Horse in a trance, from the tract 
printed in 1595, edited by E. F. Eimbault. (Percy Society, vol. 9.) 
8° London, 1843. 

Mar Prelate (Martin) — Pap with a Hatchet, being a Reply to Martin 
Mar Prelate. 8° London, 1844. 

Hay Any Worke for Cooper, being a Reply to the " Admonition 

to the People of England." 8'' London, 1845. 

— An Almond for a Parrot, being a Reply to Martin Mar Prelate. 

S"" London, 1846. 

— Admonition to the People of England against Martin Mar Pre- 

late, by Thomas Cooper, Bishop of Winchester. 8® London, 1847. 
see Maskell. 

Marriage — The Pain and Sorrow of Evil Marriage, from an unique copy 
printed by Wynkyn de Worde. (Percy Society, vol. 1.) 8° Lon- 
don, 1840. 

Marshall (John), " Chief Justice of the United States" — Discourse on his 
Life, character, and services, by Joseph Story. 8** Boston, 1835. 

Marston (J. Westland). Strathmore, a Tragic play in five acts. 8** 
London, 1849. 

Martene (Edmundus) et Ursinus Durand. Thesaurus novus Anecdo- 
torum. 5 vols. fol. Lutetise Parisiorum, 1717. 

Tom. 1. Regtim, Principum, vironimque illustrium Epistola) et Diplomata. 

— 2. Urbani iv., dementis IV., Joannis xxn. et Innocentii vi. £pistoke, aliaque 

de Schiiunate Pontificum Ayenionensium monumenta. 

— 3. Chronica varia, omniimique pene Nationum Monumenta Historica. 

— 4. Varia Concilia, Episooporum Statuta Synodalia, et Monasteriorum Decreta. 

— 5. SS. Patrum alionimque auctorum Ecclesiastioorum Ssec. IV. ad XIV. opuacula. 

Veterum Scriptorum et Monumentorum historicorum, dogmati- 

corum, moralium coUectio. 9 vols. fol. Parisiis, 1724-33. 

Tom. 1. Regimi, Principum, vironimque illustrium Epistolie et Diplomata. 

— 2. Monumenta Monasterii Stabulensis — Wibaldi Abbat. Stabul. EpistobB — 

Alexandri iii. et Friderici n. Epistolse. 

— 3. Ambrosii Camaldulensis, Alberti Sarthianensis, Petri Delphini, .^igidii 

Viterbiensis, Thomse Wolsei et Petri Ciaoonii Epistolse. 

— 4. Scriptores historici de rebus G^rmanicis. 

— 5. de rebus Gallicis, Anglicis, Italicis, ConBtantinopoli- 

tanis et Terrae-Sanct«B. 

— 6. de ordinibus Religiosis, Antiqua Martyrologia et Sanc- 

torum Acta. 

— 7. Varia Concilia, Episcoporum Statuta Synodalia, et Acta Coneilii Pisani.^ 

— 8. _ Acta Coneilii Basileensis et Historia Coneilii 


— 9. OpuBcula Sanctorum Ptitrum, etc. 

MAR — MAT 107 

Martens (le Baron Charles de) et Ferd. de Cussy. Recueil Manuel et 
Pratique de Trait^s, Conventions, et autres Actes Diplomatiques sur les- 
quels sont 6tabli8 les relations, ka., existant aujourd'hui entre les divers 
Etats Souverains du Globe, depuis Tann^e 1760 jusqu*^ T^poque 
actuelle. 4 vols, in 3. 8° Leipzig, 1846. 

Martin (R. M.). Reports, Minutes, and Despatches on the British Posi- 
tion and Prospects in China. 8° London, 1846. 

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Enquiry into the Doctrine of the Church of England upon Abso- 

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— 2. Elfrida — Caractacus — Letters on the Drama, &c. 

— 3. Dufresnoy's Art of Painting translated, &c. — Essays on English Church 


— 4. Sermons — On the word Angel, &c. 

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foL 1702. 

108 MAT — MEI 

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memorable depuis la mort du Hoy Fran9oi8 i. jusqu'^ la fin des 
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Matthi^ (G.) — see Celsus. 

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Vols. 1-2. Gedichte. 
— 8-6. Erinnerungen. 

literarischer Nachlass, nebst einer Auswahl von Briefen seiner 

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Sequel to the Outlines of Medical Proof 8® London, 1849. 

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pendant sa retraite hors de France en 1651 et 1652, avec Notes et 
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les ann6es 1809, 1810-11, ouvrage continu6 par M. Gau, avec une 
notice sur Mazois par le Chev. Artaud, et Texplication de la Mosaique 
d^couverte k Pomp6i en 1831 par Quatremere de Quincy. 4 vols, 
fol. Paris, 1812-38. 

Tome 1. Voie — ^Tombeaux — Murailles et Fortes de la Ville. 

— 2. Habitations. 

— 8. Portiaues. 

— 4. Temples et Amphith6&treB. 

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Uitvinding der Boekdrukkunst, getrokken uit het Latynisch met 

ene Voorreden van H. Gockinga. 4® Amsteldam, 1767. 

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an unique black-letter copy in the Bodleian Library, edited by J. 0. 
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MEI — MER 100 

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France avant la Revolution, avec le caractere des principaux Personnages 
du Regno de Louis xvi. 8^ Londres, 1795. 

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Mela. — see Pomponius Mela. 

Meleaoeb, — see Translations. 

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Natives of a valley of the Marquesas Islands, or a peep at Polynesian 
Life, with the Story of Toby. 12** London, 1846. 

Omoo : a narrative of adventures in the South Seas, being a sequel 

to the " Residence in the Marquesas Islands." 12® London, 1847. 


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L. Rhodomanno, acced. Nymphidis, PromathidsB et Callistriti Frag- 
menta et Chionis Epistolse, edidit Jo. C. Orellius. 8® Lipsise, 1816. 

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Ck)NTENTS : — Fh&don, Morgenstunden, Jemsalem, Evidenz Metaphys., Ueber die 
Seele, Ueber die Empfindungen, philosophische Schrifben, BitualgeBetze und Ret- 
tung der Juden, die Psalmen, das hohe Lied, Briefe und kleine Schriften, Leben. 

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cion, iSropagacion y Progresos, del Arte de la Imprenta en Espana. 4^ 
Madrid, 1796. 

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med- Aly, pr^c6d6e d'une introduction historique par M. Agoub.' 2 vols. 
8° Paris, 1823. 

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in 1. 8° London, 1796. 

Vol. 1. life — List of his PaintingB — Reflections on Beauty and Taste in Painting 
— Reflections on Raphael, Correggio, and Titian, and on the Ancients. 

— 2. Discourses and Letters on Style, Design, Colouring, Invention, and Com- 

position — ^Description of Paintings in the Royal Palace, Madrid. 

— 3. Life of Correggio — Lessons on Painting — Rules for Masters and PupUs. 

Mensch (F. a. de). Manuel pratique du Consulat, ouvrage consacr6 spe- 
cialement aux Consuls de Prusse et des autres etats formant le Zollve- 
rein, ou TAssociation de Douanes et de Commerce Allemande. 8^ 
Leipzig, 1846. 

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Thomas Gordon. 4 vols. 12° Oxford, 1840. 

Meecurius Rusticus. — see [Dibdin]. 

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during a residence in that Colony, from 1839 to 1844. 12° London, 

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employ^ dans ce genre de Peinture, depuis Hubert et Jean Van-Eyck 
jusqu'^ nos jours. 8° Paris, 1830. 

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Double M^prise et de la Guzla. 12^ Paris, 1842. 

Histoire de Don Pedre i", Roi de CastiUe. 8° Paris, 1848. 

110 MER — MIC 

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3 parts in 1 vol. 8° London, 1830. 

Merivale (J. H.) — see Anthology. 

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eighteenth Centuries, on the Arts of Painting in Oil, Miniature, Mosaic, 
and on Glass, of Gilding, Dyeing, and the Preparation of Colours and 
Artificial Gems, with a general Introduction, translations, prefaces, and 
notes. 2 vols. 8° London, 1849. 

Mesnager's Negociations. — see [De Foe]. 

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12 vols. fol. FlorentiflB, 1741-63. 

Tomus 1-2. De Attica et Athenienaibus. 

— 3. De AntiquitatibuB Gnecis. 

— 4. Theopbrastus — Glossarium GrsBCO-Barbaiiim, &o. 

— 5. De Luxu et Antiquitatibus Romanonim — Lycophron, &c. 

— 6. Auctores Musicech— Constant. Porphyrogenneta, &c. 

— 7. Carystins — Phlegon Trallianus — ApoIIonius Dyscolus — Hesychius Mile- 

sins — Constant. Manasses — G. Codinus, etc., varia Historia. 

— 8. Procopius Gazaeus — Eusebius Pamphilus, etc., in Canticum Cantioorom 

— SS. Cyrilli, Anastasii, Andres, etc., opuscula. 

— 9. Varia ad Historiam Danicam. 

— 10. ad Historiam Belgicam, &c. 

— 11. Epistolae. 

— 12. Index Generalis. 

Meten (F. J. F.). Outlines of the Geography of Plants, with inquiries 
concerning the Native Country, Culture, and Uses of the principal Cul- 
tivated Plants on which the prosperity of Nations is based; translated 
by Margaret Johnston. (Ray Society.) 8° London, 1846. 

Metrick (Sir Samuel Eush). Critical Inquiry into Antient Armour as it 
existed in Europe, particularly in Great Britain, from the Norman 
Conquest to Charles the Second, with a Glossary of Military Terms of 
the Middle Ages. 3 vols. 4® London, 1842. 

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jusqu*au Ecgne de Louis le Juste, (1598,) enrichie des Antiquit^z, de 
la vie des Reynes, des Portraits, &c. 3 vols. fol. Paris, 1 685. 

Comparaison de son " Histoire de France" avec celle de Daniel. — 

see Daniel. 

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anticni Popoli ItalianL fol. Firenze, 1844. 

Michel Angelo, Life. — see Painters (Lives of). 

Michel (Fran9isque). Chroniques Anglo-Normandes. Recueil d'Extraits 
et d'Ecrits relatifs it I'histoire de Normandie et d'Angleterre pendant 
les XV et xir Si^cles. 3 vols. 8° Rouen, 1836. 

Rapports k M. le Ministre de Tlnstruction Publique sur les 

Anciens Monuments de THistoire et de la Litt6rature de la France qui 
se trouvent dans les Biblioth^ques de TAngleterre et de TEcosse. 
(Documens In^dits sur Thistoire de France.) 4** Paris, 1838. 

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Le Peuple. 18*^ Bruxelles, 1846. 

• Historical View of the French Revolution (1789), translated by 

C. Cocks. 12° London, 1848. 

MicKLE (W. J.) — see Chatterton. 

MID— MIL 111 

MiDDLETON (Conyere). Free Inquiry into the Miraculous Powers supposed 
to have subsisted in the Christian Churchy from the earliest ages. 12° 
London, 1844. 

Mjgnet (Fran9ois A. A.). Antonio Perez et Philippe ii. 8® Paris, 1845. 

see France (Petits Trait^s, 7-8). 

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continuation of the Neshani Hyduri, written by Mir Hussein Ali Khan 
Kirmani. 8° London, 1844. 

MiLiziA (Francesco). L*Art de Voir dans les Beaux- Arts, traduit de 
ritalien, suivi des Institutions propres k les faire fleurir en France, 
parle G^n^ral Pommereul. 8*^ Paris, 1798. 

■ Dizionario delle Belle Arti del Disegno. 2 vols. 8® Bologna, 


Mill (James). History of British India (1527-1805), with Notes, and 
Continuation from 1805 to 1835, by Horace Hayman Wilson. 9 vols. 
8° London, 1848. 

Mill (John Stuart). Principles of Political Economy, with some of their 
Applications to Social Philosophy. 2 vols. 8° London 1848. 

MiLMAN (E. A.). The Wayside Cross, or the Raid of Gomez; a Tale of 
the Carlist War. 12° London, 1847. 

MiLMAK (H. H.) — see Horatius. 

MiLNER (T. H.). On the Regulation of Floating Capital and Freedom of 
Currency. 8° London, 1848. 

MiLNES (Richard Monckton). Memorials of many Scenes. 12° London, 

Palm Leaves. 12® London, 1844. 

Poems, Legendary and Historical. 12® London, 1844. 

Poems of Many Years. 12° London, 1844. 

Milton (John) — Life, by Charles Symmons. 8° London, 1806. 

MiLTONiANA — Review of the Text of the twelve books of Milton's Paradise 
Lost, in which Bentley's emendations are considered [by Bishop 
Zachary Pearce]. 8° London, 1733. 

— ^— Explanatory Notes and Remarks on Milton's Paradise Lost, with 
Life by J. Richajrdson. 8** London, 1734. 

Remarks upon Milton's Paradise Lost, by W. Massey. 12® 

London, 1761. 

Essay upon Milton's Imitations of the Ancients in his Paradise 

Lost, with some Observations on the Paradise Regain'd. 8° London, 

Essay on Milton's Use and Imitation of the Modems in his Para- 

dise Lost, by William Lauder. 8** London, 1750. 

King Charles i. vindicated from the charge of Plagiarism brought 

against him by Milton, and Milton himself convicted of Forgery and a 
gross Imposition on the Public, by William Lauder. 8® London, 

Milton vindicated from the charge of Pls^arism brought against 

him by Lauder, and Lauder himself convicted of several Forgeries and 
gross Impositions, by Bishop John Douglas. 8® London, 1751. 

see also Douglas's (Bishop) Works. 

112 MIL — MOO 

MiLTONiANA — Considerations on Milton's Early Beading, and the Prima 
Stamina of his Paradise Lost; together with extracts from a Poet of 
the XVI. Century [Sylvester's Du Bartas] by Charles Dunster. 8° Lon- 
don, 1800. 

Mines — Report from the Select Committee on Accidents in Mines. foL 
London, 1835. 

see Collieries. 

Mint (The) — Report of the Conmiissioners appointed to inquire into the 
Constitution, Management, and Expense of the Royid Mint. foL 
London, 1849. 

[MiRABEAu (Comte de)]. Histoire secrete de la Cour de Berlin, ou Cor- 
respondance d'un Voyageur Francois. 2 vols, in 1. 8** 1789. 

Mirror (The), a periodical paper, published at Edinburgh in 1779 and 
1780. [Written by Mackenzie, Lord Craig, Abercromby, <kc.] 3 vols. 
12° London, 1782. 

Mitchell (Sir T. L.). Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of 
Tropical Australia in search of a Route from Sydney to the Gulf of 
Carpentaria. 8° London, 1848. 

Mofras. — see Duflot de Mofras. 

MoiLE (Nicholas Thiming). State Trials. Specimen of a new Edition. 
8° London, 1838. 

Cicero; a Drama. 4° London, 1847. 

MoLESWORTH (Robert, Viscount). An Account of Denmark in 1692. 8® 
London, 1738. 

Animadversions on. — see King (W.) 

MoLEViLLE (A. F. Bertrand de). Private Memoirs relative to the last 
year of the reign of Lewis the Sixteenth. 8 vols. 8° London, 1797. 

MoNBO (Cecil). — see Records. 

Montagu (M.) — see Casti. 

Montaigne (Michel de). Essais, publics d'apres I'Edition la plus authen- 
tique, et avec des Sommaires analytiques et de nouvelles notes par 
Amaury Duval. 6 vols. 8° Paris, 1820. 

MoNTBABEY (Ic Princc de), '' Secretaire d'Etat du departement de la 
Guerre sous Louis xvi." M^moires Autographes. 3 vols. 8® Paris, 

MoNTEAGLE (Lord). Speeches on Emigration — Ireland, June 4, 1847. 
On Colonization, August 10, 1848. On Colonization of Vancouver's 
Island, August, 24, 1848. 18° London, 1848. 

MoNTFAUCON (Bernard de). — see Mabillon (J.) 

[MoNTGAiLLARD (G. H. Rocqucs, Abb6 de)]. Revue Chronologique de 
I'Histoire de France, 1787-1818. 8° Paris, 1823. 

MoNTGOMEBY (Jamcs). The West Indies, and other Poems (with Cham- 
berlayne's Pharonnida). 12° London, 1810. 

MoNTHOLON (le G^n^ral). Histoire de la Captivity de Ste-H61^ne. 2 vols. 
18° BruxeUes, 1846. 

Monti (V.). The Death of Basseville; a Poem in terza rima, translated 
by A. Lodge. 12° London, 1845. 

MoNTBOSE. — see Napier (Mark). 

MooLTAN — Description of the Province, City, and Fort, in relation to the 
operations under General Whish. fol. London, 1848. 

MTOO — MOS 118 

Moon (Robert). Fresnel and bis Followers : a Criticism, with Outlines 
of Theories of Diffraction, and Transversal Vibration. 8° Cam- 
bridge, 1849. 

MooRE (Admiral Sir Graham) — Memoir of, by Sir Robert Gardiner. 8® 
London, 1844. 

More (Sir Thomas) — Life by his Great-Grandson, Cresacre More, with a 
biographical preface, notes, and other illustrations, by the Rev. Joseph 
Hunter. 8° London, 1828. 

Sir Thomas More, a play; now first printed, edited by the Rev. 

Alexander Dyce. (Shakespeare Society.) 8° London, 1844. 

MoRELLius (Andreas). Thesaurus Morellianus, sive Familiarum Roma- 
narum Numismata Omnia, accedunt Nummi Miscellanei, nunc primum 
edidit Sigebertus Havercampus. 2 vols. fol. Amstelaedami, 1734. 

Thesaurus Morellianus, sive Christ. Schlegelii, Sig. Havercampi et 

Ant. Fr. Gorii Commentaria in 12 priorum Imperatorum Romanorum 
Numismata Aurea, Argentea et iErea delineata ab And. Morellio, cum 
praefatione P. Wesselingii, 3 vols. fol. Amstelsedami, 1752. 

Morgan (John Minter). The Christian Commonwealth, fol. London, 

Letters to a Clergyman on Institutions for ameliorating the Con- 

dition of the People in the Autumn of 1845. 12° London, 1846. 

Morgan (Lady). — see Rosa (Salvator). 

MoRGHEN (Raffaello). Opere d'Intaglio, raccolte ed illustrate da Niccolo 
Palmerini [with a Catalogue of a Collection of the Works of R 
Morghen, sold by Auction in 1828]. 8*^ Firenze, 1824. 

MoRHOF (Daniel Georgius). Polyhistor Literarius Philosophicus et Prac- 
ticus, cum accessionibus Joannis Frickii et Joannis MoUeri cui prsefa- 
tionem, notitiamque prsemisit J. A. Fabricius. 2 vols. 4° Lubecae, 

MoRiCHiNi (Carlo Luigi). Degl' Istituti di Pubblica Caritk ed Istruzione 
Primaria e delle Pngioni in Roma, libri tre. 2 vols. 8° Roma, 1842. 

MoRiER (David R.). What has Religion to do with Politics? the Question 
consiaered in Letters to his Son. 12° London, 1848. 

Morris (Gouvemeur) — Life, with Selections from his Correspondence 
and Miscellaneous Papers, detailing Events in the American Revolu- 
tion, <kc., and the Political History of the United States, by Jared 
Sparks. 3 vols. 8° Boston, 1832. 

Morrison (James). Influence of English Railway Legislation on Trade 
and Industry. 8® London, 1848. 

MoRTARA (II Conte Alessandro). Epigrammi Greci tradotti in Versi Tos- 
cani. 18** Oxford, 1847. 

MoRTLOCK (Edmund). Scripture Testimony to the Doctrine of the 
Trinity; in four Sermons, preached before the University of Cam- 
bridge. 8° Cambridge, 1844. 

MosELET (Henry). Treatise on Mechanics applied to the Arts, including 
Statics and Hydrostatics. 8^ London, 1847. 

Moses Chorenensis. Historise Armeniacse, libri iii.; accedit ejusdem 
Epitome Geographise, Armen. et Lat., ediderunt notisque illustrarunt 
Gul. et Geor. Whiston. 4° Londini, 1736. 

8UPP. Q 


MouNSEY (G. G.) — see Carlisle. 

MoTEN Age (Le) et la Renaissance ; Histoire et Description des moeurs et 
usages^ du commerce et de I'industrie, des sciences, des arts, des littera- 
tures et des beaux arts, en Europe pendant le Moyen Age, public 
par P. Lacroix et F. Ser6. S^rie 1-33. 4*» Paris, 1847-9. 

MozABT (Wolfgang) — Life, including his Correspondence, by Edward 
Holmes. 12° London, 1845. 

MuLLEB (C. G.) — see Lycophron. 

MiJLLER (C. O.). Ancient Art and its Remains, or a Manual of the 
Archaeology of Art, translated from the German, by John Leitch. 8 
London, 1847. 

see Pompeius Festus. 

MuLLER (C. et T.) — see Historioorum Gr. Fragmenta. 

MuLLER (Johann von). G^chichte Schweizerischer Eidgenossenchaft von 
des Volks Ursprung. 5 vols. 8° Leipzig, 1806. 

Vier und zwanzig Biicher Allgemeiner Geschichten besonders der 

Europaischen Menschheit. 3 vols. 8^ Stuttgart, 1828. 

MuLLER (Peter ErasmusV Sagaenbibliothek des Skandinavischen Alter- 
thums in Auszugen mit litterarischen Nachweisungen, aus der Danischen 
iibersetzt von D. Earl Lachmann. 8^ Berlin, 1816. 

MuLLER (Wilhelm). Versuch einer mythologischen Erklarung der Nibe- 
lungensage. 8° Berlin, 1841. 

Offenes Sendschreiben an herm Jacob Grimm als nachtrag zu 

'' Geschichte der altdeutschen Religion.** 8° Gottingen, 1845. 

MuNDELL (Alexander). View of the Industrial Situation of Great Britain 
from 1775. 8° London, 1832. 

MuNDT (Captain Rodney). Narrative of Events in Borneo and Celebes 
down to the Occupation of Labuan, from the Journals of Sir James 
Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak, with a Narrative of the OperationB of 
H.M.S. Iris, 2 vols. 8° London, 1848. 

Munich — Beschreibung der Glyptothek des Konigs Ludwig I. von Bayem, 
von Leo von Elenze und Ludwig Schom. 12° Miinchen, 1833. 

MuRCHisoN (Sir Roderick Impey). Address at the Anniversary Meeting 
of the Royal (^graphical Society. 8° London, 1844. 

■ Outline of the Greology of the neighbourhood of Cheltenhanb 

augmented by J. Buckman and H. E. Strickland. 8° London, 1845. 

E. de Verneuil and Count A. von Ketserling. Geology of 

Russia in Europe and the Ural Mountains. 2 vols. 4° London, 

Address at the Southampton Meeting of the British Association 

for the advancement of Science, September 10, 1846. 8^ London, 

The Silurian Rocks and their Associates in parts of Sweden. 8° 

London, 1847. 

On the Sedimentary Rocks of Cornwall. 8® London, 1847. 

On the Silurian Rocks of North Wales. 8° 1847. 

On the superficial detritus of Sweden, and on the causes which 

have affected the surface of the Rocks. 8° London, 1847. 

MUE — MYT 115 

MuRiLLO (Bartolom^ £.)— Life, compiled from yarious Authors, by Edward 
Davies. 8° London, 1819. 

MuRiMUTH (Adam de). Chronica sni temporis, nunc primum per decem 
Annos aucta 1303-1346, cum eorundem continuatione ad 1380, a 
quodam Anonjmo, ad fidem Codicum recensuit Thomas Hog. (English 
Historical Society.) 8° Londini, 1846. 

Murray (Sir G^rge). — see Marlborough Dispatches. 

Murray's Hand-Book for Travellers in Spain and Readers at Home, 
describing the Country and Cities, the Natives and their Manners, 
with Notices on Spanish History, by Bichard Ford. 2 vols. 12^ 
London, 1845. 

Mu&£us. — see Hesiodus. 

MuSAUS (J. K. A.). Volksmahrchen der Beutschen, herausgegeben von 
Julius Ludwig Klee, mit holzschnitten von B. Jordan, G. Osterwald, 
&c. 8° Leipzig, 1842. 

Mused (Real) Borbokico. 14 vols. 8^ Napoli, dalla Stamperia Reale, 

[EDOTavings of Statues, Ancient PaintiDgB, Baa-retiefe, Vases, Candelabra, Ooms, 
fto., discovered at Pompeii and Herculaneum.j 

Mused Capitdlino. 3 vols. fol. Roma, 1741-55. 

Tomo 1. Immagini d'Uomini Illxistri. 

— 2. Busti Imperiali. 

— 8. Statue. 

Museum Capitolinum, cum animadversionibus Italice primum, 

nunc Latine editis a Johanne Bottario, et N. Fogginio. 4 vols. fol. 
Rom», 1750-83. 

Tomus 1. Philosophorum, Poetarum, &c., HermsB. 

— 2. Augustorom et Augustanim Herme. 

— 3. Deorum Simulacra, &c. 

— 4. Marmora Anaglypha. 

Museum FLDRENTn<ruM, exhibens insigniora Yetustatis monumenta qu» 
Florenti» sunt [in Thesauro Mediceo, etc.] cum observationibus Ant. 
Fr. Gorii. 12 vols, in 11. fol. Florentiae, 1731-66. 

Tom. 1-2. Gemme AntiqusB. 

— 8. Statute Antique. 

— 4-6. Antiqua Numismata 

— 7-10. Rittratti degli eccellenti Pittori, deecritte da F. Moilcke. 

— 11. di celebri Pittori esiatente appresso I'abate Antonio 

Pazzi, con notizie da Orazio Marrini. 2 voL in 1. 

Museum.— see British MuseunL 

MusHET (David). Papers on Iron and Steel, practical and experimental, 

ifrom the Philosophical Magazine,) with illustrative notes. S° London, 

MusHET (Robert). Attempt to explain the effect of the Issues of the 
Bank of England. 8*^ London, 1826. 

Musics (Antiquee) Auctores. — see Scriptores. 

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Mtthooraphi. — see Scriptores. 

116 NAG — NEM 

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conduct, illustrated from private letters, and other unpublished docu- 
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entitled. The Conquest of Scinde, a Commentary. 8° London, 1847. 

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Introductory Passages in the Life of Major-General Sir Charles James 
Napier. 2 vols. 8° London, 1845. 

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et de Syrie, 1798-1799, dict^s par lui-meme, et publics par le G6n6ral 
Bertrand. 2 vols. 8° and Atlas in fol. Paris, 1847. 

Captivity. — see Montholon. 

Napoleon Medals ; a complete series of the Medals struck in France, 
Italy, Great Britain, and Germany, from the commencement of the 
Empire in 1804, to the restoration in 1815, engraved by the process 
of Achilles Collas, with historical and biographical notices, edited by 
Edward Edwards, fol. London, 1837. 

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de TArtillerie. Tome 1. 4° Paris, 1846. 

Napoli e i Luoghi Celebri delle sue Vicinanze (descritte da G. Ajello, 
Stanislao Aloe, <kc.) 2 vols. 8** Napoli, 1845. 

Nares (Archdeacon Edward). — see Burghley (Life). 

[ ^ Heraldic Anomalies, or rank Confusion in our Orders of Pre- 
cedence, with Disquisitions on the existing Orders of Society, by " It 
matters not who." 2 vols. 8° London, 1823. 

National Magazine and General Review. Vols. 1 and 3. 8° London, 

Navarrete (M. F. de). — see Cervantes. 

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lichen Kirche durch die Apostel, als selbstandiger Nachtrag zu der 
allgemeinen Geschichte der Christlichen Religion und Kirche. 2 vols. 
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The Emperor Julian and his generation, an historical picture; 

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Nicholas Harris Nicolas. 7 vols. 8° London, 1845. 

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aarke, and John M'Arthur. 2 vols. 4** London, 1809. 

— Memoirs of his Life, by Thomas Joseph Pettigrew. 2 vols. 

8° London, 1849. 
Nem£SLA2{i Cynegeticon. — see Poet® Latini Minores. 



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with Notes, by James Henthom Todd, and an Introduction bj the 
Hon. Algernon Herbert. (Irish Archaeological Society.) 4** Dublin, 

see Chronicles. 

Neptune — Story of the New Planet, Neptune (From the United Service 
Magazine). 8° 1847. 

Nevil Family. — see Abergavenny. 

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1636. 8° Boston, U. S., 1846. 

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The Soul, her sorrows and her aspirations, an Essay towards the 

natural history of the Soul as the true basis of Theology. S° London, 

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trine. 8° London, 1846. 


and others]. Lives of the English Saints. 5 vols. S° London, 


Adamnan 2 

Aehed 5 

Augustine 4 

Bartholomew 1 

Bega 2 

Bettelin 1 

Bbba 2 

Edelwald 1 

Edwin 2 

Ethelburga 2 

German 8 

GUbert 2 

Gimdleus 1 

HeUer 1 

Herbert 1 

Langton (Stephen) 3 

Neot 1 

Ninian 5 

Oswald 2 

Oswin 2 

Paulinus 2 

Bichard (King) 1 

Richard of Chichester... 5 

Robert 5 

Stephen 1 

Waltheof 6 

Walbuiga 1 

Wilfric 4 

WiUiamofYork 2 

Willibald 1 

Winibald 1 

Wulstan 2 

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nal MSS. in the Library of Dawson Turner, Esq., Yarmouth. 8** 
Norwich, 1848. 

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Anecdotes of several of his Friends, by himself. 6 vols. 8° Lon- 
don, 1787. 

Vol. 1-2. Life — Dissertations on the Writings of Moses. 

— 8. Dissertations, Sermons and Charges. 

— 4-5. on the New Testament. 

— 6. Various Dissertations. 

Dissertations on the Prophecies which have remarkably been 

fulfilled, and at this time are fulfilling, in the world. 3 vols. 8^ 
London, 1766. 

New Zealand. — Eeports of the New Zealand Company. Nos. 1 to 21, 
1840-46, and Documents to Report 12, 1844, and following papers. 
5 vols. 8^ London, 1840-4. 

118 NEW — NIC 

New Zealand. — Letter to the Earl of Devon on the late Massacre at 
Wairau. 8° London, 1844. 

— — Petition of the New Zealand Company, presented to the House of 
Commons by Joseph Somes, Esq., M.P., 16th April, 1845. 8° Lon- 
don, 1845. 

Debate in the House of Conmions, on the 17th, 18th, and 19th 

June, on the State of New Zealand, and the Case of tiie New Zealand 
Company. 8° London, 1845. 

Bemarks on New Zealand, February 1846, by Kobert Fitzroy. 

8° London, 1846. 

Letters from the Bishop to the Society for the Propagation of the 

Gk>spel, together with Extracts from his Visitation Journal, July 1842, 
to January 1843. 18° London, 1847. 

NiBELUNGE Noth und die Ellage, nach der altesten Ueberlieferung mit 
Bezeichnung des Unechten und mit den Abweichungen der C^emeinen 
Lesart, herausgegeben von Karl Lachmann. 8° Berlin, 1841. 

NiBELUNGE N6t — The Fall of the Nibelungers, otherwise the Book of 
Kriemhild, a translation of the Nibelunge N6t, or Nibelungenlied, by 
William Nanson Lettsom. 8° London, 1850. 

NiBELUKOEN LiED, herausgcgebeu durch Friedrich Heinrich von der 
Hagen. 8° Berlin, 1807. 

Zwanzig Lieder von den Nibelungen nach Lachmann*s Andeu- 

tungen wiederhergestellt, von Dr. Earl Simrock. 12° Bonn, 1840. 

Erklarung der Nibelungensage. — see W. Miiller. 

NiCHOL (J. P.). Thoughts on some important points relating to the 
System of the World. 12° Edinburgh, 1846. 

Nichols (John). The History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester, 
compiled from the best and most antient historians, Becords, disc, 
including Burton's Description of the County, and the later Collections 
of Staveley, Carte, Peck, and Sir Thomas Cave. 4 vols, in 8 parts, 
fol. London, 1795-1815. 

Vol. I. Part 1. Introductory Records, IllustratioiiB, kc., the Early Histoiy of the 

Town of Leicester. 


— 2. Town of Leicester, continued — General Indexes to the whole 

Work, and Appendix. 
— 1. Framland Hundred. 


"■" tf 

— 2. Gartre Hundred. 

— 3. 

— 1. East Gosoote Hundred. 


— 2. West Goscote Hundred. 

— 4. 

— 1. Guthlaxton Hundred. 


— 2. Sparkenhoe Hundred. 

Nicolas (Sir Nicholas Harris). Testamenta Yetnsta, being Illustrations 
from Wills, of Manners, Customs, (fee, as well as of the Descents and 
Possessions of many distinguished families, from Henry ii. to Queen 
Elizabeth. 2 vols. 8° London, 1826. 

. History of the Battle of Agincourt, and of the Expedition of 

Henry the Fifth into France, to which is added the Roll of the Men at 
Arms. 8° London, 1827. 

The Siege of Carlaverock in the xxviii., Edward i., a.d. 1300, 

with the arms of the Earls, Barons, and Knights who were present 
on the occasion, a translation, a history of the Castle, and memoirs of 
the personages commemorated by the poet, (with the coats of arms 
coloured). 4° London, 1828. 

NIC — NOP 119 

Nicolas (Sir Nicholas Harris). Eeport of Proceedings on the claim to 
the Barony of L'Isle in the House of Lords, with notes and appendix 
on the cases of Ahergavenny, Botetourt, and Berkeley. 8^ London, 

Observations on the state of Historical Literature, on the Society 

of Antiquaries, with Remarks on Record Offices, and the Record Com- 
mission. 8^ London^ 1830. 

Observations on the Offices of Secretary of State, Lord Privy Seal, 

and Lord Chamberlain of the King's Household, with Remarks on the 
Great Seal of England. (Privately printed.) 8° (London), 1837. 

History of the Orders of Knighthood of the British Empire, of 

the Order of the Guelphs of Hanover, and of the Medals, Clasps, and 
Crosses conferred for Naval and Military Services. 4 vols. 4° Lon- 
don, 1842. 

History of the Royal Navy, from the earliest times to the wars of 

the French Revolution. 2 vols. 8° London, 1847. 
see Hatton ( Sir C.) ; Nelson; Vincent. 

NicousoN (Joseph), and Richard Bubn. History and Antiquities of the 
Counties of Westmoreland and Cumberland. 2 vols. 4^ London, 

NicoMACHUS. — see Scriptores (MusicsB Anctores). 

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8** Hamburg, 1845. 

Vortrage iiber Romischc Geschichte, an der Universitat zu Bonn 

gehalten, herausgegeben von Dr. M. Isler. 3 vols. 8^ Berlin, 1846. 

Vortrage iiber alte G^eschichte, an der Universitat zu Bonn gehalten. 

herausgegeben von M. Niebuhr. 2 vols. 8° Berlin, 1847. 

An Epitome of Niebuhr*s History of Rome, with Chronological 

Tables, and an Appendix by Travers Twiss. 2 vols. 8^ Oxford, 

NiEUWENHUYS (C. J.). Description de la Collection des Tableaux qui 
oment le Palais du Prince d*Orange ^ Bruxelles. 8° Bruxelles, 1837. 

NoAiLLES (M. le Due de). Histoire de Madame de Maintenon, et des prin- 
cipaux Evenements du R^gne de Louis xrv. vols. 1-2 8^ Paris, 1848. 

NoBBE (C. F. A.) — see Ptolem»us. 

Noble (Daniel). The Bndn and its Physiology; a Critical Disquisition on 
the Methods of determining the Relations subsisting between the 
Structure and Functions of the Encephalon. S° London, 1846. 

NoDiER (Charles). Questions de Litt^rature Legale; du Plagiat; de la 
Supposition d*Auteurs; des Supercheries qui ont rapport aux Livres. 
8*^ Paris, 1828. 

see Bulletin du Bibliophile. 

Noel (Baptist Wriothesley). Essay on the Union of Church and State. 
8° London, 1849. 

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J. Wichmanni. 3 vols. 8° Berolini, 1780. 

NoPiTSCH (Christian Conrad). Literatur der Sprichworter, ein Handbuch 
fur Literarhistoriker, Bibliographen und Bibliothekare. 8° Niim- 
berg, 1833. 

120 NOR — OKE 

Norman (B. M.). Rambles in Yucatan, including a visit to the remark- 
able ruins of Chi-Chen, Kabah Zaji, and Uxmal. 8^ New York, 

Normandy — Coustumes du Pais de Normandie, andens Ressors et 
Enclaves d'ioeluy. 4° Paris, 1586. 

Northampton — Copies of the Polls taken at Northampton for the election 
of Knights of the Shire, in the Years 1702-1705-1730-1745-1806, 
reprinted from the Poll Books in the possession of Mr. Qeorge Baker, 
4° Northampton, 1832. 

Northampton (Lord). — see Tribute (The). 

North British Review, from the commencement in 1844. 8^ Edinburgh, 

Norton (Andrews). Evidences of the Qenuineness of the Gospels. 2 vols. 
8° London, 1847. 

Norton (Honourable Mrs.) — see Sierra Leone. 

Notes of a Traveller. — see [Hunter]. 

NouvELLES — Les Cent Nouvelles, Edition r^vue sur les Textes Originaux, et 
pricldle d'une Introduction par Le Roux de Lincj. 2 vols. 12^ Paris, 

NovAUS [Friedrich von Hardenberg]. Schriften, herausgegeben von 
Ludwig Tieck und Friedrich Schlegel. 8° Paris, 1837. 

O. (H. E.) — see [Fonnereau]. 

0*Byrne (William R.). Naval Biographical Dictionary, comprising the 
life and services of every living officer in her Majesty's Navy. 8* 
London, 1849. 

OcKLET (Simon). The History of the Saracens, containing the Lives of 
Mahomet and his immediate Successors, and account of the Mahometan 
Religion. 2 vols. 8° Cambridge, 1757. 

0*CoNNELL (Daniel) — Reminiscences of, during the agitations of the Veto, 
Emancipation, and Repeal, by a Munster Farmer. 8^ London, 1847. 

OcTAviAN — The Romance of the Emperor Octavian; now first published 
from MSS. at Lincoln and Cambridge, edited by J. O. HalliwelL 
(Percy Society, vol. 14.) 8° London, 1844. 

O'DoNOVAN (John). — see Ireland (Annals by the Four Masters). 

O'Flahertt (Roderic). A Chorographical Description of West or H-Jiar 
Connaught, written a.d. 1684, edited from a MS., with notes, by James 
Hardiman. (Irish Archaeological Society.) 4° Dublin, 1846. 

Ogilvy (E. a. H.). Book of Highland Minstrelsy, with Illustrations, by 
R. R. Mian. 4** London, 1846. 

Oehlenschlaqer (Adam). Schriften. 18 vols, in 4. 18^ Breslau, 

Band 1-2. Selbstbiomphie. 

— 3-4. Dramat. M&hrchen : Aladdin 

oder die Wunderlampe. 

— 6. Ludlam*8 Hdhle. 

— 6-10. Trauerspiele. 

Band 11-14. Lust und Singspiele. 

— 16. Koniff Hroar. 

— 16. Nove&en. 

— 17. Milhrchen. 

— 18. Gedichte. 

Oken (Lorenz). Elements of Physiophilosophy, translated from the Ger- 
man by Alfred Tulk. (Ray Society.) 8** London, 1§47. 

OLD — OUS 121 

[Oldmixon (J.)]. The History of Addresses, with remarks, serious and 
comical. 2 vols. 8° London, 1709-11. 

see Clarendon. 

Oldys (William). British Lihrarian, exhibiting a compendious Abstract 
of our most scarce and useful Books in all Sciences, as well in MSS. 
as in Print, with many characters of their Authors, Antagonists, <bc. 
8° London, 1738. 

Oleabius (G.)— see Philostratus. 

Oliver (QeorgeV Monasticon Dioecesis Exoniensis, being a collection of 
Records ana Instruments illustrating the ancient Conventual, Colle- 
giate, and Eleemosynary Foundations in the Counties of Cornwall and 
Devon, with historical notices and a Supplement, fol. Exeter, 1846. 

Collections towards illustrating the Biography of the Scotch, 

English, and Irish Members of the Society of Jesus. 8° London, 

OiiSHAUSKN (Hermannus). Historise Ecclesiastics Veteris Monumenta 
prsecipua, prsefatus est Augustus Neander. 2 vols. S° Berolini, 

Opuscula Mythologica, Physica, et Ethica, Grsece et Latine, cdente T. 
Qale. 8'' Amstelsedami, 1688. 

Ordonnakces des Hois de France. — see under France. 

Obellius (J. C.) — see Cicero; Memnon; Phsedrus. 

Orfila (P.). Trait6 de Toxicologic. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1843. 

Obpheus — Orphica, cum notis H. Stephani, A. Chr. Eschenbachii. J. M. 
Gesneri, Th. Tyrwhitti, recensuit Godofredus Hermannus. 8° Lipsite, 

— ^— see also Lobeck (Aglaophamus). 

OssAT (Cardinal Amaud d'). Lettres, avec des Notes historiques et poli- 
tiques de M. Amelot de la Houssaie. 5 vols. 12^ Amsterdam, 

Oettinoeb (Eduard Maria). Bibliothek des Schachspiels : alphabetisch 
^ geordnetes Yerzeichniss aller Werke die iiber das Schachspiel im Druck 
erschienen sind. 8° Leipzig, 1844. 

Bibliographic Biographique, ou Dictionnaire de 26,000 ouvrages, 

tant anciens que modemes, relatifs k Thistoire de la vie publique et 
priv^e deshommes c^l^bres de tous les temps. Royal 8° Leipzig, 1850. 

Ottley (William Young). Collection of Facsimiles of scarce and curious 
Prints by the Early Masters of the Italian, German, and Flemish 
Schools, illustrative of the History of Engraving, from its invention by 
Maso Finiguerra in the fifteenth, to the end of the sixteenth century, 
with a CaUdogue of the Plates, fol. London, 1826. 

see Etchings. 

OuDiNUS (Casimir). Commentarius de Scriptoribus Ecclesise antiquis 
illorumque scriptis, a Bellamiino, Possevino, P. Labbseo, G. Caveo, 
L E. Du Pin, <bc., omissis, ad annum 1460. 3 vols. fol. Lipsiae, 

OusELET (Sir Gore). Biographical Notices of Persian Poets, with critical 
and explanatory remarks, and with a Memoir of the Author by the 
Reverend James Re3molds. 8^ London, 1846. 

8UPP. . B 

122 OUT — PAL 

OuTE^M (Colonel). The Conquest of Scinde, a Commentary. 2 yoIb. 
8° Edinburgh, 1846. 

■ Remarks on. — see Napier (R.) 

OvERBUBY (Sir Thomas). — see Amos. 

OviDius. Fasti, translated into English Prose by Isaac Butt 12^ Dublin, 

Owen (Richard). Odontography, or a Treatise on the Comparative Ana- 
tomy of the Teeth; their Physiological Relations, mode of Develop- 
ment, and Microscopic Structure in the Vertebrate Animals. 2 vols. 
4° London, 1840-45. 

History of British Fossil Mammals and Birds. 8° Londcm, 1846. 

The Archetype and Homologies of the Vertebrate Skeleton. 8® 

London, 1848. 

On Parthenogenesis, or the successive production of procreating 

Individuals from a single Ovum. 8^ London, 1849. 

Fossil Mammalia. — see Fitzroy. 

and Professor Bell. Monograph on the Fossil Reptilia of the 

London Clay. Part I. Chelonia. (Paleeontographical Society). 4* 
London, 1849. 

Oxford — The University Statutes, translated by G. R. M. Ward. (The 
Caroline Code orLaudian Statutes, promulgated 1636.) 8^ London, 

The Foundation Statutes of Merton Collie, Oxford, a,d. 1270, 

with the subsequent ordinances of Archbishops Peckham, Chidiely, 
and Laud, edited by Edward France Percival. S° London, 1847. 

Copy of the Poll for two burgesses to serve in parliament for the 

University. (Candidates: Inglis,* Gladstone, and Round.) 8^ Oxford, 


Marmora Oxoniensia. — see Chandler. 

Oxford Graduate (The). — ^see Ruskin (J.) 

Oxford and Cambridge Review. Vols. 1-5. 8° London, 1845-7. 

OxLET (John). Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New 
South Wales in 1 81 7- 1 8. 4° London, 1 820. 

Pacca (Cardinal)^ Prime Minister to Pius vii. Historical Memoirs, written 
by himself; translated from the Italian by Sir George Head. 2 vols. 
8° London, 1850. 

Page (James). Quid Romae fadam 1 or Reasons for dedining an invita- 
tion to join the Papal Church. 8** Oxford, 1849. 

Paget (John). Hungary and Transylvania, with Remarks on their con- 
dition, social, political, and economical. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1839. 

Painters — Lives of the Italian Painters: Michel Angelo, by R. Duppa; 
Raffaello, by Quatremere de Quincy. 12° London, 1846. 

Pal^imon de Ponderibus. — see Poetse Latini Minores. 

PAiiioGEAPHiE Universelle. — see Silvestre. 

Palestine — Early Travels in Palestine, comprising the Narratives of 
Arculf, Willibald, Bernard, Saewulf, Sigurd, Benjamin of Tudela^ Sir 
John Maundeville, De la Brocqui^e, and Maundrell, edited, with notes, 
by Thomas Wright. 12*^ London, 1848. 

PAL — PAS 128 

PaIiORAYE (Sir Francis). Corporate Reform : Observations on the prin- 
ciples to be adopted in the Establishment of New Municipalities, the 
Beform of Ancient Corporations, and the cheap administration of 
Justice. 8° London, 1833. 

see Records. 

Palmer (Charles John). Booke of the Foundacion and Antiquitye of the 
Towne of Qreate Yermouthe, from the original MS. of the time of 
Queen Elizabeth. 4° Great Yarmouth,, 1847. 

Panzer (Ceorg Wolfgang). Aelteste Buchdruckergeschichte Niimbergs 
oder Verzeichnis sJler von Erfindung der Buchdruckerkunst bis 1500 
in Niimberg gedruckten Biicher. 4° Niimberg, 1789. 

Pabini (Giuseppe). Opere pubblicate ed illustrate da Francesco Reina. 
(Classici Italiani.) 6 vols. 8° Milano, 1801-4. 

Paris (T. Clifton). Letters from the Pyrenees. 12° London, 1843. 

Parliament — Journals of the House of Commons. Vols. 100 to . foL 
London, 1845, &c 

' ' ' of the House of Lords. Vols. 77 to . fol. London, 

1845, ifec 

Ireland — Debates relative to the Affidrs of Lreland in 1763- 

1764, taken by a Military Officer. 2 vols. 8° London, 1766. 

History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of 

Conmions of Ireland. 17 vols. 8° Dublin, 1784. 

List of Sessional Papers and General Index, printed by order of 

the House of Commons from 1829 to 1845. 2 vols. fol. London, 

— Rules for the guidance of Members of Parliament in the 

management of Select Committees and the preparation of Reports. 
[By C. P. Cooper.] (Not published.) 8° 1837. 

Plan of the New Houses of Parliament, Charles Barry, R.A., 

Architect, drawn by Day and Haghe, (in case). 4° London, 1845. 

Papillon (J. M.). Trait6 historique et pratique de la Gravure en Bois. 
2 vols. 8° Paris, 1766. 

Parmeoiano, Life. — see Correggio. 

Parrot (J. L von). Versuch einer Entwicklung der Sprache, Abstam- 
mung, Geschichte, etc., der Liwen, Latten, Eesten, etc., mit einem 
poly^otten Atlas. 8"" Berlin, 1839. 

Partington (Charles F.). Account of Steam Engines, illustrative of the 
improvements in Railways, kc, 18** London, 1845. 

Paruta (P.) et L. AuGUSTiNUS. Sicilia Numismatica, cum Gk)ltzii aliorum- 
que Sicilise descriptione, etc., studio S. Havercampi; acced. G. Gualtheri 
Tabulse antique. 3 vols. fol. Lugd. Bat. 1723. 

Pascal (Blaise). Pensles, Fragments, et Lettres, publics pour la premiere 
fois, conform^ment aux MSS. originaux en grande partie inddits, par 
M. Prosper Faugcre. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1844. 

sur une nouvelle edition des " Pens^es." — see Cousin. 

Pascal (Jacqueline), par Victor Cousin. 12° Paris, 1845. 

Pasquter (Estienne). (Euvres, contenant ses Recherches de la France, sea 
Plaidoyers, ses Lettres, et les Lettres de Nicolas Pasquier son fils. 2 
vols. fol. Amsterdam, 1723. 


Pasquieb (Esdenne). Les Recherdies de la France. foL Pkris, 1665. 

Passat AST (J. D.). Tour of a CknDan Artist in England, with notices 
of Priyate Galleries, and remarks on the state of Art 2 toIs. 8° 
London, 1836. 

see Eafiaelle. 

Passy (Hippolyte).— see France (Petits Tndt^ 3). 

Patents, Register o£ — see Pritchard. 

(American). Report of the Commissioner of Patents to the 

Senate, showing the operations of the Patent Office dnring the Tear 
1844. 8** New York, 1845. 

Paterculus (C. Velleius). Quae supersunt, ex Historie Romanse voln- 
minibus duobus, ex recensione et cum integris animadversionibus 
Davidis Ruhnkenii, accurate edidit C. H. Frotscher. 2 toIs. 8° 
Lipsiae, 1830. 

Patix (Gui). Lettres, accompagn^es de Remarques scientifiques, histo- 
riques, philosophiques, et litt^raires, par J. H. Reveill^-Parise. 3 vols. 
8** Paris, 1846. 

Patrum Yeterum Bibliotheca. — see Gallandius. 

Pausakias. Description of Greece, translated from the Greek, with notes, 
by Thomas Taylor. 3 vols. 8** London, 1824. 

* de ejus fide et auctoritate. — see Koenig. 

■ Commentary on. — see Gell's (Sir W.) Greece. 

Pauthier (G.). Documents Officiels Chinois sur les Ambassades Etran- 
g^res envoy^es pres de TEmpereur de la Chine, traduits. 8° Paris, 

Esquisse d'une Histoire de la Philosophic Chinoise. 8® Paris, 


see Confucius. 

Pazzi (Antonio). Ritratti di Pittori. — see Museum Florentinum, torn. 11. 

Peacock (Edward). — see Sallust (translated). 

Pearce (Bishop Zachary). Commentary, with notes, on the Four Evan- 
gelistis and the Acts of the Apostles, and a new translation of St Paul*s 
First Epistle to the Corinthians, with Life by himself, published by 
John Derby. 2 vols. 4** London, 1777. 

-^-^— see Miltoniana. 

Pedro i., of Castille. — see M6rim^e. 

Peionot (Gabriel). Manuel Bibliographique. 8° Paris, 1800. 

■ Dictionnaire critique, litt6raire, et bibliographique des prindpaux 

Livres condamn^s au feu, supprim^s, ou censur6s, pr6c6d6 d'lm Discours 
sur ces sortes d'Ouvrages. 2 vols. 8** Paris, 1806. 

Amusemens Philologiques, ou Vari6t6s en tons Genres, par G. P. 

Philomneste. 8° Paris, 1808. 

Repertoire de Bibliographies sp^iales, curieuses, et instructives. 

rOuvrages imprimis ^ petit nombre; Livres sur Papier de couleur; 
Livres graves, et les Ana.] 8° Paris, 1810. 

PEI — PER 125 

Pbiokot (Gabriel). Essai sur lliistoire du Parchemin et du V^lin. 8^ 
Paris, 1812. 

Melanges litt^raires, Philologiques et Bibliographiques. 8° 

Paris, 1818 

Essai chronologique sur les Hivers les plus rigoureux, depuis 396 

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Becherches Historiques sur la Personne de J^s-Christ, sur celle 

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Percy (Bishop Thomas). — see Mallet. 

Perez (Antonio).— see Mignet. 

Perez de Villa Amil (Don GenaroV Espana Artistica y Monumental, 
Vistas y Descripcion de los sitios y monumentos mas notables de 
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Atlas in 4**. 4 vols. 8° Paris, 1846. 

126 PER — PHI 

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Petitot (C. B.). — see Theatre Fran9ois. 

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select Epistles of the most eminent Greek Writers, by Thomaa 
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see Ireland's Shakespeare Forgeries (F. Webb). 

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'<Beal Presence'* in the Administration of the Sacraments, with 
Appendix against Romanism, Galvinism, and the Athanasian Greed 
12* London, 1843. 

Pluleleutherus Anglicanus — ^A Vindication of Protestant Principles. 8^ 
London, 1847. 

Fbiuppb II. d*£spagne. — see Mignet 

PHI— PIN 127 

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LipsiiB, 1828-30. 

Vol. 1. De Opificiis Mundi — De Allegoriis Legum — I>e Cherubim — De Sacrificiis 
Abelis et Caini, etc. 

— 2. De Posteritate Caini — ^De Gigantibiui — De Affrioolturay etc. — ^Noe — ^De 

Confusione Linguarum — De Migratione Abnmami. 

— S. Quis Remm Diyin. heres sit — ^De Profugis — ^De Mutatione Nominum — ^De 


— 4. De Abrahamo, Joeepho, Moysi, de Decalogo— De CircmnciBione— De Mo- 

iLarchia — De YictimiSy etc. 

— 5. De Meroede Meretricis — ^De ^ecialibus Legibua — ^De festo Oopbini — De 

Judice — De Creatione Principum — ^De Poemtentia — De Vita Contempla- 
tiva, etc. 

— 6. De Incorruptibilitate Mundi — ^De Mundo — Scripta ex Armenia lin^^ua, etc. 

— 7. QusBstionea in Geneid, et in Exodo, De Sampsone — De Jona, etc. (Latine.) 

— 8. De Proyidentia, de AnimaUbus, etc. (Latine) — Indices. 

Philosophical Theories and Philosophical Experience, by a Pftriah. (Small 
Books on Qreat Subjects, No. 1.) 12® London, 1845. 

Philosophy — A Brief View of Greek Philosophy, up to the Age of 
Pericles, and from the Age of Socrates to the Coming of Christ. 
(Small Books on Great Subjects, Nos. 5 and 6.) 2 vols. 12° Lon- 
don, 1844. 

Philostratus (Flavius.) Philostratorum quae supersunt omnia. Vita 
Apollonii libris 8, etc., accessere ApoUonii Tyanensis Epistoke, Eusebii 
liber adversus Hierodem, <fec., omnia recensuit notisque illustravit 
Gottfridus Olearius. 2 vols. fol. Lipsi®, 1709. 

■ Flavii Philostrati quae supersunt, Philostrati Junioris Imagines, 
CalUstrati Descriptiones, edidit C. L. Kayser. 4^ Turici, 1844. 

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Phleoon Trallianus. — see Meursius, vol. 7. 

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cum scholiis A. Schotti. fol. Rothomagi, 1653. 

' Bibliotheca^ ex vecensione Immanuelis BekkerL 2 vols, in 1. 4^ 
Berolini, 1824. 

■ see Memnon. 

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J. Nunnesii, D. Hoeschelii, J. Scaligeri et Comelii de Pauw, acced. Frag- 
mentum Herodiani, &c., edidit Chr. August Lobeck. 8^ Lipsise, 1820. 

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Sciences. (Small Books on Great Subjects, No. 2.) 12° London, 1846. 

Physiology — ^Introduction to Vegetable Physiology, with references to the 
Works of De Candolle, Lindley, <bc (Snudl Books on Great Sub- 
jecte. No. 9.) 12° London, 1845. 

PiCKBOUBN ^James). Dissertation on the English Verb, with an Appendix 
on Frenck and Latin Participles. 8° London, 1789. 

PiGKEKiKO (Perciyal AndreeV Remarks on Treating, and other matten 
relating to the election of Members of Parliament, and on some recent 
decisions of Committees of the House of Commons. 8° London, 1849. 

PiXBCE the Ploughman's Crede. (Facsimile Reprint of the original Edition 
of 1553.) 4** London, 1814. 

PlHCKKEY (General C. Cotesworth) — Eulogy on, at the Society of the 
Cincinnati of South Carolina, by Alexander Gkurden. 8° Charlestoni 

128 PIN — PLA 

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annotationes criticas Scholia integra, interpretationem Ladnam, corn- 
men tarium perpetuum et indices adjecit Augustus Boeckhius. 3 vols. 
4^ Lipsi«, 1811. 

Epinicia, Grsece, textum restituit Augustus Boeckhius. 4^ 

Lipsiffi, 1811. 

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Roma, 1756. 

Tomo 1. Avanzi degli Antichi Edifizi di Roma, co' frammenti dell' Ajitica leno- 
grafia maimorea, &c. 

— 2-8. Avanzi de* Monumenti Sepolcrali esistenti in Boma, e nell' agro Ro- 


— 4. Pdnti antichi di Roma, Isola Tiberina^ Teatri, Portici ed aitri. 

PiSTOBius (Joannes^. Rerum Oermanicarum Scriptores aliquot insignes. 
3 vols. fol. Francofurti, 1607-13. 

Rerum Oermanicarum Scriptores, qui historiam Oermanorum 

Medii ^vi, inde a Carolo Magno ad Carolum V. usque, per annales 
Uteris consignarunt, primum collectore J. Pistorio, in lucem producti, 
nunc denuo recogniti, notis et indice, curante Burcardo Ootthelff. 
Struvio. 3 vols, in 4. fol. Ratisbonse, 1726. 

Tom. 2. Gotfridi YiterbiensiB Chronica. 

Tom. 1. Regino, Abbas Promiensis. 

Contractus (Herm.) Comes a 

Lambertus Schafiiabui^nsis. 
Marianus Scotus. 
— Pars. 2. Dodechini append, ad 

Sigebertus Monach. Qembla- 

Robertas de Monte. 
Sigefridus, Presb. Misnensis. 
Chronol^ia Anonymi. 
Langii (P.) Episcoporam Citi- 

cens. nistoria. 
Historia, Vits, et Genealogia 

Thuringias Landgraidoram. 

Rolewinck (Wemeri) Fascicu- 
lus Temporum. 

Linturii (Joan.) Appendix ad 

Mutius (H.), de Germanomm 
prima origine. 
Tom. 3. Magniun Chronicon Belgicom. 

Wippo de Vita Chunra(£ Salid 

GermanicsB Antiquitates, vel 
Traditiones Fuldenses. 

Sigismimdi Chronicon Augus- 

Manlii (Jac.) Chronicon Episc. 

Chronicon Episc Mindens. 

■ see also Freherus, Heineccius, Lindenhrogius, Schardius,Wegelinas. 

PiTCAiRN (Robert). Oriminal Trials in Scotland, from A.D. 1488 to A.D. 
1624, embracing the reigns of James iv. and v., Mary Queen of Scots, 
and James vi., compiled from the original Records and MSS., with 
historical notes and Ulustrations. 4 vols. 4° Edinburgh, 1833. 

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tout recueilli par P. Dupuy]. 2 vols. fol. (Paris), 1731. 

Tome 1. Remonstrances, M^moiree, ftc. 
— 2. libellus D. Bertrandi Card, adversus Petrum de Cugneriis. 

Le Songe du V eigier, qui parle de la disputacion du Clerc et du Cheralier. 
Remonstrantia Hibemorum contra Lovanienses Ultramonasque consaias 
vindicata, authore F. R. Caron. 

Preuves des Libertez de TEglise Oallicane. 2 vols. fol. Paris, 1731. 

PiTBLA. (J. B.) — see L^ger (Saint). 

PiZARRO (P.) — ^Vida — see Quintana. 

Place (Oeorge Oordon). Plans, sections, and elevations of the Chancel of 
All Saints* Church, Hawton, Notts, with descriptive account. Atlas 
fol. Cambridge, 1845. 

Placet (Peter) [pseud]. String of Beads for the Romanisers. 12® Lon- 
don, 1844. 

PLA — POE 120 

PiiAKCHi (J. R). British Costume, a complete History of the Dress of 
the Inhabitants of the British Islands. 12^ London, 1846. 

see Jones (Inigo). 

PLAKTiB — Appellationes Fartiumin Plantis. 12** Parisiis, 1555. 

Plautus. Comedies, translated into familiar Blank Verse, by Bonnell 
Thornton. 5 vols. 8° London, 1767. 

Playfair (James). System of Chronology, fol. Edinburgh, 1784. 

Plays — Old Plays, being a continuation of Dodsley's Collection, with 
Notes, critical and explanatory [by Charles W. Dilke]. 6 vols. S*' 
London, 1816. 

Vol. 1. Marlowe. — Doctor FaustuB. 

Lust's Dominion. 

Lyly. — Mother Bombie. 


— 2. Endymion. 

Marston. — Antonio and Mellida. 

What you WiU. 


— 8. Dekker. — Wonder of a Kingdom. 

Old Fortunatus. 

Chapman. — Bussy d'Ambois. 

Mons. d'Olive. 

— 4, May Day. 

Middleton and Rowley. — 

Spanish Gipsy. 


The Old English Drama, a Selection of Plays from the Old 

English Dramatists, collected by Charles Baldwyn. (Supplement to 
Dodsley's Collection.) 2 vols. 8« London, 1824. 

Middleton. — More Dissemblers 
besides Women. 

Vol. 6. Women beware 


Trick to catch the 

Old One. 

Rowley. — ^Woman never vezt. 

Webster. — ^AppiusandViiginia. 
— 6. Webster and Rowley. — ^Thnician 

Heywood.— The English Tra- 

Royal King and Loyal 


Challenge for Beauty. 

Vol. 2. Love's Mistress. 

Albertus Wallenstein. 
Dido, Q. of Carthage. 
The Lady's Privilege. 

Vol. 1. The Second Maiden's Tragedy. 
A Pleasant conceited Comedy. 
The Ball. 
The Rape of Lucrece. 

Plinius (C.) Csecilius Secundus. Epistolarum libri x. et Panegyricus, ex 
recensione et cum adnotationibus perpetuis J. M. Gesneri, quibns J. 
M. Hensingeri, J. C. T. Emestii suasque addidit Godofr. Henr. 
Schaefer. 8° Lipsise, 1805. 

The Letters of Pliny the Younger, with Observations on each 

Letter, by John, Earl of Orrery. 2 vols. 8° London, 1752. 

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Natural History of Oxfordshire, being an Essay towards the 

Natural History of England, fol. Oxford, 1705. 

Plowden (Francis). Historical Review of the State of Ireland, from the 
Invasion of that Country under Henry ii. to its Union with Great 
Britain. 3 vols. 4° London, 1803. 

Plutarchus Chfleronensis. Moralia: id est Opera, exceptis Vitis, Reliqua, 
Gneca emendavit, notationem emendationum, et Latinam Xylandri 
interpretationem castigatam subjunxit, etc. item indices copiosos 
adjecit, Daniel Wyttenbach. 8 vols, in 15. 8** Oxonii, 1795-1830. 

Poems on Affairs of State, from the time of Oliver Cromwell to the Abdi- 
cation of K. James the Second, written by the greatest Wits of the Age. 
4 vols. 8° London, 1703. 

Poems (Lyrical), selected from Musical publications, between the years 1589 
and 1600, edited by J. Payne Collier. (Percy Society, vol. 13.) 12^ 
London, 1844. 

SUPP. s 

1 80 POE — POO 

PoESiE — Biblioth^ue Po^tique, ou Choix des plus belles Pieces de Yen, 
depuis Marot jusqu*k nos jours, [par Le Fort-de-la-Morini^re, et les Vies 
des Poetes par Gk)ujet]. 4 vols. 8** Paris, 1745. 

PoETiE Latini Minores — Gratii Falisci CTnegeticon, M. A. Olympii Neme- 
siani Cynegeticon, Calpumii Siculi EclogsB, C. Rutilii Numatiani Iter, 
Samonicus et Marcellus de Medicina, Q. R. F. PakBmon de Ponderibus, 
et Sulpicise Sat3rra, cum notis Variorum, curante Petro Burmanno. 
2 vols. 4° Leid», 1731. 

PoETiE Choliambici GrsBci. — see Babrius. 

PoETiE Scenici Grseci, accedunt Perditarum Fabularum Fragmenta; reoog- 
novit et prsefatus est Guil. Dindorfius. 8^ lipsise, 1830. 

see Comicorum Grsecorum Fragmenta. 

see also Scriptores. 

Poetical Miscellanies, from a MS. Collection of the time of James i., 
edited by J. O. Halliwell. (Percy Society, vol. 15.) 8** London, 1845. 

Poetical (Ancient) Tracts of the sixteenth century, from copies in the 
possession of the late Thomas Caldecott, edited by E. F. Rimbaolt 
(Percy Society, vol. 6.) 8** London, 1842. 

PoETBY — Specimens of Lyric Poetry, composed in England in the reign 
of Edward the First, edited from the Harleian MSS. by Thomas Wright. 
(Percy Society, vol. 4.) 8^ London, 1842. 

PooGio Bracciolini — Life, by the Rev. William Shepherd. 8° Liverpool, 

Pole (Cardinal). Reginaldi Poli Cardinalis et aliorum ad ipsum EpistoUe, 
prsemittuntur Vita Poli, Diatribse, etc. edidit Cardinalis Quirinus. 
5 vols. 4** Brixiffi, 1744-57. 

Politics for the People. 8° London, 1848. 

Politics on both sides. — see [Pulteney]. 

PoLTBius. [Opera], ex recognitione Immanuelis Bekkeri. 2 yoIs. 8^ 
Berolini, 1844. 

Histoire de Polybe, traduite du Qrec par Dom Vincent Thuillier, 

avec un Commentaire, ou un Corps de Science Militaire, par C. de 
Folard, avec le Supplement. 7 vols. 4*^ Amsterdam, 1753. 

PoMMEREUL (General). — see Milizia. 

PoMPEius Festus (Sextus). De Verborum significatione quae supersnnty com 
Pauli epitome emendata et annotata a C. O. Muellero. 4^ LipsisB, 1839. 

PoMPONius Mela. De Situ Orbis libri tres, ad Codices MSS. etc., recensiti, 
cum notis Herm. Barbari, Joac. Vadiani, P. J. Olivarii, etc. necnon 
Manuscriptis J. G. Grsevii, Jac. Gronovii, et Petri Burmanni conlectis 
additis suis, a C. H. Tzschuckio. 3 vols, in 4. 8^ LipsisB, 1807. 

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lated from the Danish, fol. Loudon, 1755. 

PoKZ (Antonio). Viage de Espana, en que se da noticia de las cosas mas 
apreciables, y dignas de saberse, que hay en ella. 18 vols, in 9. 12^ 
Madrid, 1776-94. 

Viage fuera de Espana. 2 vols, in 1. 12^ Madrid, 1791-2. 

Poor and Poor Laws — Abstract of the Returns made by the Overseers of 
the Poor in pursuance of an Act 26 Geo. iii. 4° London, 1787. 

— — Report on the Continuance of the Poor Law Commission, and 
further amendment of the Law. 8^ London, 1 840. 

POO — PRA J 31 

Poor and Poor Laws — ^Reports from the Poor Law Commissioners on the 
Training of Pauper Children, with Appendices. 8^ London, 184L 

Report of the Poor Law Commissioners on Local Taxation. 8® 

London, 1844. 

Return of the number of Paupers in the receipt of Relief in the 

Unions of England and Wales, on the Ist July, 1848. fol. London, 

Ireland. Three Reports by (George Nicholls,Esq. 8** London, 1838. 

Porcupine's Works. — see Cobbett (W.) 

PoRTALis (J. K M.). Discours, Rapports, et Travaux Li6dits, sur le Con- 
cordat de 1801. 8** Paris, 1845. 

see France (Petits Trait^s, 11, 16). 

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Rev. Alexander Dyce. (Percy Society, vol. 5.) 8** Ix)ndon, 1841. 

Porter (Sir Robert Ker). Travels in Qeorgia, Persia, Armenia, Antient 
Babylonia, Ac during the years 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820. 2 vols. 4^ 
London, 1821-2. 

Portland (Duke of). — see Junius. 

Post Office — The Administration of the Post Office, from the introduc- 
tion of Mr. Rowland Hill's plan of Penny Postage up to the present 
time. 8^ London, 1844. 

PoTOCKi (Jean). Dynasties du second livre de Manethon. 12° Florence, 

Examen critique du Fragment Egyptien connu sous le nom 

d*Ancienne Chronique. 12** Florence, 1808. 

Potter (L. J. A. de). L'Esprit de VEglise, ou Considerations philosophiques 
et politiques sur Thistoire des Conciles et des Papes; depuis les Apdtres 
jusqu*^ nos jours. 8 vols. 8** Paris, 1821. 

Potter (R) — see -^schylus. 

Potter (T. R). The History and Antiquities of Chamwood Forest, with 
an Appendix on the Geology, Botany, and Ornithology of the district, 
by J. B. Jukes, A. Bloxam, and C. Babington. 4** London, 1842. 

Powell (Baden). Rational Religion examined, or Remarks on the pre- 
tensions of Unitarianism, especially as compared with those systems 
which professedly discard Reason. 8^ London, 1826. 

— — The Connexion of Natural and Divine Truth; or the Study of the 
Inductive PhOosophy, considered as subservient to Theology. 8° Lon- 
don, 1838. 

Tradition Unveiled; or an Exposition of the pretensions and ten- 

dency of authoritative Teaching in the Church. 8° London, 1839. 

Powell (David). — see Caradoc. 

PoYET (le Chancelier) — Histoire de son Proces, pour servir a celle du 
regne de Francois i., roi de France, avec un chapitre sur Tantiquit^ et 
la dignity de TOffice de Chancelier, par I'Historiographe sans gages et 
sans pretentions. 8° Londres, (Paris) 1776. 

Prsemimire ; a Ballad relating the Doughty Deeds of the Knight, Decanns, 
or Dean, and his Squire, Canonicus, by [D. Bird?], fol. London, 1848. 

Pratt (J. Tidd). Summary of the Savings Banks of England, Scotland, 
Wales, and Ireland. 8^ London, 1846. 

182 PRA — PRO 

PsATra (Comiiioii). — see Ihmgj, 

Ttaams (Stephen). Wreck of the Boseommon. 8° Dman, 1844. 

Prescott (WQluwn H.). Hiatorr of the Conquest of Pern, with » prelimi- 
nary Tiew of the dyOizfttion of the Incas. 2 toIs 8° London, 1847. 

Tketostt (Alexandre P.). Esaai sar la th^orie de la Yisi<m Bmocolaiie. 
4* Gen^Te, 1843. 

I Bedierchea war le sjsteme Xervenx de la tete dn Congre. 4^ 

Gen^e, 1846. 

Price's (Sir John) Description of Wak& — see Caradoc. 

Price (Ridiard). Essaj on the Population of England, firom the Bevoln- 
tion to the present time, with an Appendix on Mr. Eden's Letters to 
Lord Carlisle. 8*^ London, 1780. 

. The State of the Pohlic Dehis and Finances, in January, 1783, 

with a plan for raising money by Public Loan& 8° London, 1783. 

Prichard (James Cowles). Natural History of Man, comprising inquiries 
into the modifying influence of Fhyrical and Moral Agendea on the 
different tribes of the Human Family. 8^ London, 1845. 

Priestley (Joseph). History and present state of DiscoTeries relating to 
Vision, Light, and Colours. 2 vols. 4^ London, 1772. 

Priests — Memoirs of Missionary Priests. — see [Challoner]. 

Primers (Three) put forth in the reign of Henry vin. 8° London, 1846. 

A Goodly Piymcr, 1535. 
Manual of Pnyen, 1539. 
King Henry's rrimer, 1545. 

Priksep (Henry Toby). History of the Political and Military Transac- 
tions m India during the Administration of the Marquess of EEastings. 
2 vols. 8* London, 1825. 

— Memoirs of the Nuwab Amecr-Ood-Doulah Mohummud Ameer 
Khan, Cliief of Seronj Tonk, and other places in Hindoostan. 8° 
Calcutta, 1832. 

Origin of the Sikh Power in the Punjaub, and political Life of 

Muha-Raja Runjeet Singh. 8"^ Calcutta, 1834. 

Note on the historical results deducible from recent discoveries in 

Afghanistan. 8^ London, 1844. 

Prior (James). The Country House and other Poems. 12^ London, 

Prisons. — ^Reports of Inspectors of Prisons, from 1837 to 1848. Parts, 
fol. London, 1837-48. 

— — Report of the Surveyor-General of Prisons on the construction, 
ventilation, and details of Pentonville Prison, 1844. 8° London, 1844. 

Pritchakd (Andrew). English Patents, being a Register of all those 
granted for Inventions in the Arts, Manufactures, Chemistry, Agricul- 
ture, from 1801 to 1845. 12° London, 1847. 

Proolus. The Fragments that remain of the lost Writings of Proclus, 
translated by Thomas Taylor. 8° London, 1825. 

— - Chrcstomathia.— see Hepheestio. 

Procopius Qazseus. — see Meursius, vol. 8. 

Propri6t6 (la) c* est le Vol: folic socialiste, en trois actes, par MM. Clair- 
ville et J; Cordier. 8° Paris, 1848. 

PBO — PRY 183 

Prospeciiye Beview, a Quarterly Journal of Theology and literature, firom 
to .8° London. 

Proudhon (P. J.). Solution du Probl^me Social. 8° Paris, 1848. 

Qu*e8t-<;e que la Propri6t6? ou Recherches sur le principe du Droit 

et du Gouvemement; deux m^moires. 12 Paris, 1848. 

Avertissement au Propri6taires, ou Lettre a M. Consid^rant. 12^ 

Paris, 1848. 

De la Calibration du Dimanche, con8id6r6e sous les rapports de 

rhygiene publique, de la morale, des relations de famille et de cit^ 12^ 
Paris, 1848 

Organisation du Credit et de la Circulation, et Solution du Pro- 

bleme Social. 12° Paris, 1849. 

Banque du Peuple, suivie du Rapport de la Commission des 

D^l^gues du Luxembourg. 12° Paris, 1849. 

De la Cr^tion de TOrdre dans THumanit^, ou Prindpes d*Organi- 

sation Politique. 12° Paris, 1849. 

Iddes R^Yolutionnaires, avec une Preface par Alfred Darimon. 

12<^ Paris, 1849. 

Pbout (William). Chemistry, Meteorology, and the Function of Diges- 
tion, considered with reference to Natural Theology. (Bridgewater 
Treatise.) 8** London, 1845. 

Nature and Treatment of Stomach and Renal Diseases. 8° Lon- 
don, 1848. 

Pbtkne (William). The Unlovelinesse of Love-lockes, or a summarie Dis- 
course prooving: The wearing and nourishing of a Locke, or Love- 
Locke, to be altogether unseemely and unlawfull unto Christians. 4® 
London, 1628. 

^— ^ A briefe survay and censure of Mr. Cozens his cozening Devo- 
tions, proving both the forme and matter of Mr. Cozens his Booke of 
Private Devotions, or the Houres of Prayer, to be meerely Popish, &c 
4** 1628. 

The Church of England*s old Antithesis to new Arminianisme. 4^ 

London. 1629. 

Anti- Arminianisme, or the Church of England's old Antithesiis 

to New Arminianisme. Second edition enlarged, [with an Appendix 
touching the Bowing at the name of Jesus]. 4^ (London), 1630. 

God no impostor nor deluder, or an Answer to a Popish and 

Arminian Cavill in the defence of Free Will and universall Grace. 4^ 
(London), 1630. 

Histrio-Mastix: the Player's Scourge or Actor's Tragaodie, in two 

parts, wherein it is largely evidenced by arguments from Scripture, 
the whole Primitive Church, Synodes and Councels, Fathers, Protestant 
and Popish Authors, Heathen Philosophers, &c, that popular Stage- 
Playes are sinfull, heathenish, lewde, ungodly spectacles and most 
pernicious corruptions. 4° London, 1633. 

[ ] Breviate of the Prelates' intoUerable Usurpations, both upon the 

Kings Prerogative Royall, and the Subjects' Liberties, published by W. 
Huntley. 4° (London), 1637. 

The Antipathic of the English Lordly Prelacie both to Regall 

Monarchy and Civill Unity. (Two parts.) 4** London, 1641. 

184 PRY 

Fetnke (William). A New Discovery of the Prelates' Tyranny in their 
late prosecutions of Mr. William Pryn, Dr. John Bastwick, and Mr. 
Henry Burton. 4° London, 1641. 

Mount-Orgueil; or divine and profitable Meditations raised from 

the contemplation of these three Leaves of Nature's volume, Bockes, 
Seas, and Gardens, digested into three Poems, with a poeticall descrip- 
tion of Mount-Orgueil Castle in Jersy. 4^ London, 1641. 

The Popish Boyall Favourite; or a full discovery of H. M.'8 

extraordinary favours to, and protection of, notorious Papists. 4^ 
London, 1643. 

[Answer] Loyall Vindication of the King, in answer to Mr. Prynne's 

Popish Royall Favourite, by N. D. 4° London, 1645. 

[ J Rome's Master-Peece, or the grand Conspiracy of the Pope and 

his Jesuited Instruments to extirpate the Protestant Eeligion, re-esta- 
blish Popery, &c., revealed to Andreas ab Habemfeld by an agent of 
Cardinal Barbarino. 4^ London, 1643. 

The Doome of Cowardice and Treachery, or a Looking Qlasse for 

cowardly or corrupt Govemours and Souldiers, who, through pusilla- 
nimity or bribery betray their trusts. 4° London, 1 643. 

Humble Eemonstrance against the Tax of Ship Money, lately 

imposed, laying open the Illegality, Injustice, Abuses, and Incon- 
veniences thereof, written in 1636. 4° London, 1643. 

The Opening of the Great Scale of England. 4° London, 1643. 

Transcript of a Letter lately written from the Sommer Islands to 

William Prynne, relating the seditious Proceedings of the Independents 
there. 4^ London, 1643. 

The Soveraigne Power of Parliaments and Eingdomes, divided into 

foure parts, with an appendix. 4^ London, 1643. 

Twelve Considerable Serious Questions touching Church Govern- 

ment. 4° London, 1644. 

Full Reply to certain briefe Observations and Anti-Queries on 

Master Prynne's twelve Questions about Church Government 4^ 
London, 1644. 

Independency examined, unmasked, refuted by twelve new parti- 

cular Interrogatories, detecting its manifold absurdities and incon- 
veniences. 4° London, 1644. 

A fresh Discovery of some prodigious new Wandring-Blasing 

Stars and Firebrands, stiling themselves New-Lights, firing our State 
and Church into New Combustions. 4° London, 1645. 

The University of Oxford's Plea refuted; or a full answer to " The 

Priviledges of the University of Oxford in point of Visitation." 4^ 
London, 1647. 

Irenarchus Redivivus, or a briefe Collection of sundry usefull and 

necessary Statutes and Petitions in Parliament, concerning Justices of 
Peace. 4° London, 1648. 

A Legall Vindication of the Liberties of England against Illegal 

Taxes, (in Gibbon's Tracts, vol. 15.) 4® London, 1649. 

Substance of a Speech in the House of Commons touching the 

Ring's answer to the propositions of both Houses upon the whole 
Treaty. 4** London, 1649. 

PRY — PTO 186 

Pbynke (William). A brief Memento to the present unparliamentaiy 
Junto touching their present intentions and proceedings to depose and 
execute Charles Stuart, their Lawful King. 4^ London, 1649. 

A Declaration and Protestation against the illegal, detestable, ofb- 

condemned New Tax and extortion of Excise in general, and for Hops 
in particular. (In Gibbon's Tracts, vol. 22.) 4° London, 1654. 

A New Discovery of Free-State Tyranny, containing four letters, 

with a Remonstrance of several grievances and demand of Common 
Right, after his imprisonment in the Castles of Dunster, and Taunton, 
and Pendennis, to know his offence and accusers. 4^ London, 1655. 

A Short Demurrer to the Jewes' long-discontinued barred remitter 

into England. (Two parts.) 4® London, 1656. 

A brief Register, Kalendar, and Survey of the several kinds, forms 

of Parliamentary Writs. 4 vols, in 2. 4® London, 1 659-64. 

A true and perfect Narrative of what was done, spoken by and 

between him, the old and newly forcibly late Secluded Members, the 
Army Officers, and others, the 7th and 9th of this instant May. (In 
Gibbon's Tracts, vol. 15.) 4° London, 1659. 

A Brief Necessary Vindication of the Old and New Secluded 

Members from the malicious Calumnies of John Rogers and M. Ned- 
ham. (In Gibbon's Tracts, vol. 15.) 4° London, 1659. 

[ ] A full declaration of the true state of the Secluded Members' Case 

in vindication of themselves and their Privileges. [In Gibbon's Tracts, 
vol. 15.) 4** London, 1660. 

[ ] A brief Narrative of the manner how divers Members of the 

House of Commons, illegally and unjustly imprisoned or secluded by 
the Armies' force in December 1648, and May 7, 1659— coming upon 
Tuesday, 27th December, 1659, to discharge their Trusts were again 
forcibly shut out. (In Gibbon's Tracts, vol. 15.) 4® London, 

— — - The Case of the Old, Secured, Secluded and now Excluded Mem- 
bers briefly and truly stated. (In Gibbon's Tracts, vol. 15.) 4° Lon- 
don, 1660. 

Conscientious, Serious, Theological, and Legal Queries propounded 

to the twice-dissipated, self-created, Anti-Parliamentary Westminster 
Juncto. (In Gibbon's Tracts, vol. 15.) 4° London, 1660. 

Aurum Reginse; or a Compendious Tractate and Collection of 

Records in the Tower and Court of Exchequer, concerning Queen- 
Gold. 49 London, 1668. 

Brief Animadversions, Amendments of, and Explanatory Records 

to, the Fourth Part of the Institutes of the Lawes of England concern- 
ing the Jurisdiction of Courts, compiled by Sir Edward Cooke, £jit. 
fol. London, 1669. 

Pbalms — Thirteen Psalms, and the First Chapter of Ecclesiastes, translated 
into English verse by John Croke in the reign of Henry viii.j with 
documents relating to the Croke Family. (Percy Society, vol. 11.) 
8** London, 1844. 

ProLEM^us (Claudius). Geographia, edidit C. F. A. Nobbe. 3 vols. 
18° Lipsi», 1843. 

Geographic. — see Gossellin. 

see Wallisii Opera. 

136 PUB — QUI 

PuBLii Syri Sententise. — see Fhedrus. 

PuGiN (A. Welby). The true Principles of Pointed or Christian Architec- 
ture, set forth in two Lectures delivered at St. Marie's, Oscott 4** 
London, 184L 

[PuLTENEY (William) Earl of Bath]. Politicks on Both sides with regard 
to Foreign Affairs, with Sequel; Inquiry into the conduct of our domes- 
tick Affairs, from 1721. 2 vols, in 1. 8** London, 1734. 

Puritan Discipline Tracts. — see Mar Prelate. 

PuSEY (E. B.). Sermon on the Sacrament. 8® London, 1840. 

Marriage with a deceased Wife's Sister prohibited by Scripture: 

the Evidence before the Commission, with a preface by him, and a 
Speech delivered June 15, 1847, by Edward Badeley. 8** Oxford, 

see also under Marriage (in Tract Catalogue). 

Quarantine — Eeport of the Board of Health on Quarantine. 8° Lon- 
don, 1849. 

QuABLES (Francis). Divine Poems, containing the History of Jonah, 
Esther, Job, Sampson, together with Sion's Sonnets and Elegies. 12^ 
London, 1680. 

QuATBEMi:BE dc Quincy. — see Mazois; Painters. 

QnisABD (J. M.). Les Supercheries Littlraires d^voil^es: Galerie des 
Auteurs apocryphes, suppose, d6guis6s, plagiaires, et des Editeurs 
infideles de la Litt^rature Fran9aise. Vols 1-2. 8^ Paris, 1847-9. 

QuESNEL (le P^re.) Lettres in^dites. — see Mabillon. 

QuETELET (Adolphe) — Nouveau Catalogue des principales Apparitions 
d'Etoiles Filantes. 4*» Bruxelles, 1841. 

Instruction pour I'Observation des Ph^nom^nes P^riodiques. 4** 

Bruxelles, 1843. 

Observations des Ph^nom^nes P^riodiques, ou Il^um6 des Obser- 

vations Magnetiques et M^t^orologiques faites a des 6poques d6ter- 
min^es, 1841-8. 4° Bruxelles, 1843-48. 

Instructions pour FObservation des Ph6nom^nes Periodiques: 

Bapport D^cennal des Travaux de I'Acad^mie Royale des Sciences et 
Belles Lettres depuis 1830. 8'' Bruxelles, 1844. 

Becherches Statistiques. 4° Bruxelles, 1844. 

Annales de I'Observatoire Boyal de Bruxelles, publi6es aux frais 

de I'Etat. vols. 1-7. 4** Bruxelles, 1834-49. 

Sur les anciens recensements de la Population Beige. 4' 

(Bruxelles, 1845.) 

De I'influence du libre arbitre de l*homme sur les faits sociaux, et 

particuli^rement sur le nombre des Manages. 4^ (Bruxelles, 1845.) 

see Falck; Simons; Stevin. 

see Catalogue (Bibl. de I'Observ. de Bruxelles.) 

Quincy (Josiah). History of Harvard University. 2 vols. 8® Cam- 
bridge, 1840. 

■ Speech before the Board of Overseers of Harvard University, 

February 25, 1845. 8° Boston, 1845. 

see Grahame (J.) 

QUI — RAM 187 

QuiNET (Edgar). Mes Yacances en Espagne. 18'' Bnixelles, 1846. 

L'Impdt BUT le Capital dans la lUpublique de Florence. 12** 

Paris, 1850. 

^ Ultramontanism, or the Roman Church and Modem Society, 

translated by C. Cocks. 8° London, 1845. 

QuiKTANA (Manuel Josef.). Yidas de Espanoles Celebres. 8° Paris, 

Cid (el). 

Chizman el Bueno. 

Lauria (Roger de). 

Principe de Viana. 

GK>nzaIo de Cordoba, el gran Capitan. 

Yasco Nunez de Balboa. 
Pizarro (Franciaco). 
AlTaro de Luna. 
Bartolom6 de las Gasas. 

QuiNTiLiAKUs (M. Fabius). Institutes of Eloquence, or the Art of Speak- 
ing in Public in every character and capacity; translated, with critical 
notes, by William Guthrie. 2 vols. 8° London, 1736. 

Rabutin. — see Bussy (Comte de). 

Radcltppe (C. W.) — Memorials of Shewsbury School, with Yiews, as well 
as of some of the Scenes in the Town and Neighbourhood. foL 
Shrewsbury, 1843. 

Raffaelle d^Urbino. Imagines Yeteris ao Novi Testamenti a Raphaele 
Sanctio Urbinate in Yaticani Palatii xystis mirk PictursB elegantia 
expressse, cura J. J. de Rubeis. foL Roma, 1675. 

Freschi nella Yilla Magliana. — ^see Qruner. 

Arabesques of the Ancients compared with his. — see Gruner. 

History of his " Madonna dell' Impannata." — see Sanford. 

Rafael von Urbino und sein Yater Giovanni Santi, von J. D. 

Passavant. 2 vols. 8^ Leipzig, 1839. 

see also Painters (Lives). 

Raikes (Henry). Two Lectures on Population, delivered in the Mechanica' 
Institute in Chester, in 1842-3. 8^ Chester, 1844. 

Railways — South>Eastem Eailway: General Statement of the Position 
and Prospects of the Company. 8° London, 1845-6. 

Reply to ditto. 8** London, 1846. 

Report of the Select Committee on Railway Labourers, fol. 

London, 1846. 

Report of the Commissioners on the Application of Iron to Rail- 

way Structures, with the Plans. 2 vols. fol. 1849. 

Indian Railways; as connected with the Power and Stability of the 

British Empire in the East. 8° London, 1846. 
see under Railways (in Tract Catalogue). 

Ralegh (Sir Walter) — Discourse on his Life and character, by J. Morri- 
son Harris, before the Maryland Historical Society. 8^ Baltimore, 

Ramble in Germany. — see [Sherer]. 

Ramleb (Karl Wilhelm). PoStische Werke. 2 vols. 4^ Berlin, 

Theil 1. Lyriflche Gedichte. 
— 2. Yermiflchte Gedichte und Oden au8 dem Horax. 



RjuuAT (AfldrewC). Tmmmgrnukthe Historj of Geologj; Insagunl and 
Introdnctorj Lectura at UniTenitj College. 2 Fui& 8^ Londoiiy 


Rjurci (A. J. Le BoathOlier de) — ^Vie, par le Yiooiiite A« F. de Chateao- 
briand. 12^ BmxeUea, 1841. 

Rajtdolfh (Thomas). PoemSy with the Muses* Looking Glass and 
Amjntas, wheretinto is added the Jealous Lovers. 18* London, 


Ranoabi^ (A. R). Antiquity Hell^niqoes, on Repertoire d* Inscriptions 
et d'autres Antiquit^ d^oouvertes depois Tafianchisseinent de la 
Gr^ce. 4^ Ath^nes, 1842. 

Ravke (Leopold). EUstory of the Reformation in Germany, translated bj 
Sarah Austin. 3 vols. 8** London, 1845-7. 

History of Servia, and the Servian Revolution, from original MSS. 

and documents, translated from the Gkrman by Mrs. Alexander Kerr. 
8^ London, 1847. 

Ratti (Carlo Giuseppe). Instruzione di quanto puo vedersi di pin beDo 

I in Genova] in Rttura, Scultura, ed Architettura. 2 vols. 8^ Genova» 

Raudot (M.). De la Decadence de la France. 8^ P^uns, 1850. 

Raumer (Friedrich von). Beitrage zur neueren Geschichte aos dem 
Britischen Museum und Reichsarchive. 5 vols. 12* Leipzig; 1836. 

Vol. 1. Die Kdniffinnen Elizabeth und Maria Stoart. 

— 2. Kdnig Fnedrich n. nnd seiner Zeit. (1740-1769). 

— 3-5. Enropa vom Ende dee nebenjftbrigen bie zum Ende dee AmerOcaniachen 

Krieges (1768-1788). 

Rauwolpp's Itinerary. — see Ray. 

Ravionan (Le Pdre). De I'existence et de Tinstitut des J^suites, avec le 
Memoire de M. de Vatimesnil sur lea associations religieuses non 
autori86e8. 18** Paris, 1844. 

Rat (John). Catalogus Hantarum Anglie et Insularum adjaoentinm. 
12« Londini, 1670. 

Historia Plantarum, species hactenus editas aliasque insuper multas 

noviter inventas et descriptas complectens. 3 vols. foL Londini, 

-^— Methodus Plantarum. 8° Londini, 1703. 

— — The Wisdom of God manifested in the Works of the Creation. 
8^ London, 1692. 

Collection of Curious Travels and Voyages, [L. RauwolflTs Itinerary 

into the Eastern Countries, and the Observations of Belon, Vernon, 
Spon, Smith, Huntingdon, Greaves, Alpinus, Veslingius, Thevenot^ ^1 
8* London, 1693. 

Travels through the Low Countries, (jkrmany, Italy, and France, 

with a Catalogue of Plants found in those parts, and an Account of the 
Travels of Francis Willughby in Spain. 2 vols. 8® London, 1738. 

Philosophical Letters between him and several of his ingenious 

Correspondents, Natives and Foreigners, with those of Francis 
Willughby, edited by W. Derham. 8** London, 1718. 

Select Remains, with his Life, by William Derham, published by 

George Scott 8^ London, 1760. 

RAY — REC 139 

Bat (John). Memorials, consisting of his Life, by Dr. Derham, Biographical 
Notices by Sir J. E. Smith and Cuvier and Dupetit Thouars, with his 
Itineraries, edited by Edwin Lankester. (Ray Society.) 8° London, 

Correspondence, consisting of Selections from the Philosophical 

Letters published by Dr. Derham, and Original Letters in the collection 
of the British Museum, edited by Edwin Lankester. (Ray Society.) 
8° London, 1848. 

Raykaudus (Theophilus). Erotemata de Malis ac Bonis Libris. 4^ 
Lugduni, 1653. 

Ratkouard (Ft, J. M.). Observations philologiques et grammaticales sur 
le Roman de Ron, et sur quelques regies de la Langue des Trouv^res 
au douzieme siecle. 8° Rouen, 1829. 

Real Property — Report from the Select Committee of the House of 
Lords on the Burdens affecting Real Property, fol. 1846. 

Reconciliation — Sure Hope of Reconciliation. 12° London, 1847. 

Records (Public): — First and Second Reports from the Select Committee 
appointed to inquire into the state of the Public Records of the King- 
dom, fol. London, 1800. 

First and Second Reports from the Commissioners appointed to 

execute the measures of the Select Committee respecting the Public 
Records of the Elingdom, with the Appendix, 1800-1819. 2 vols. fol. 
London, 1819. 

Reports (1 to 15) from the Commissioners appointed to execute the 

measures recommended by the House of Commons respecting the Public 
Records of Ireland. 1810-1825. 3 vols. fol. London, 1819-1829. 

Report of the Committee appointed by the order of the Board, 

dated SOth June, 1832, on the publication of the Calendars of the Pro- 
ceedings in Chancery. 8° London, 1833. 

Letters from eminent historical writers relating to the publications 

of the Commissioners, [edited by C. P. Cooper]. 8° London, 1836. 
Papers and Documents relating to Evidence before the Select 

Committee on the management of the Record Commission, [edited by 
C. P. Cooper]. 8^ 1837. 

Reports of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records. Vols. 1-10. 

fol. London, 1840-9. 
see Cooper. 

Publications : — 
Documents and Records illustrating the History of Scotland, and 

the Transactions between the Crowns of Scotland and England, pre- 
served in the Treasury of H. M.'s Exchequer, collected by Sir F. Palgrave. 
VoL 1. 8*» London, 1837. 

The Great Rolls of the Pipe, for the second, third, and fourth 

years of the reign of E. Henry the Second, ad. 1155-58, edited by 
Joseph Hunter. 8^ London, 1844. 

- — The Great Roll of the Pipe for the first year of the reign of King 
lUchard the First, a.d. 1189-1190, edited by Joseph Hunter. 8^ 
London, 1844. 

Fines, sive Pedes Finium sive Finales ConcordisB in curia Domini 

Regis, ab anno septimo Ricardi i., ad annum decimum-sextum 
Johiemms, 1195-1214, edente Jos. Hunter, vol. 2. (Cumb.-Dorset.) 
8^ London. 1844. 

140 KEC — REM 

BnxMDS (Ptbuc) : — Pcbucatioss. eomfimmmi: — ^Boliili de libente me de 
Miai et PkxidtiB, icgittnte Johtfuie, cnim T. Daffbs Hjundf. B* Jjoa- 

■ BoCuIi Lhtenrnm GmoaAinm in Turn T^ondinmfd aaaeirsti, woea- 

naU ThooMi Doffas Hardj; toL 1, ab anno 1724 ad annum 1727. 
§oL London, 1844. 

DoenmentB Hhmtf rntl ve of English Histoiy in tlie xm. and xnr. 

Centnries, selected from the Reoords of the Department of tlie Qoeen's 
Beniembnuicer of the Exdieqner, and edited hj Henij Cole^ IbL 
London, 1844. 

Acta CanceDarw; or Selections from the Reoords of the Court <^ 

Chaneerj, remaining in the office of Reports and Entries^ during the 
reigns of Qoeen Elisibeth and James First, hj Cecfl Monro. 8^ Lon- 
don, 1847. 

RcDDDTG (CTms). EListory and Description of Modem Wines. 8P Lon- 
don, 1836. 

Bmowtmar GE3rEBAL*s Reports of the Marriages, Births, and Deaths regis- 
tered in the DiTisions, Counties, and Districts of England. 8^ 
London, 1849. 

-^— > Tables and Returns of the Births and Deaths r^;istered in Lon- 
don, and Quarterij Tables of the Mortality in 115 Districts, inducBng 
the principal Towns, from January 7, 1843, to 1849. foL London, 

RlGVAKD (Jean Francois). (Euvres Completes, avec des remarques sur 
duiquepi^ par M. Gamier. 6 vols. 8** Paris, 1810. 

Tome 1. Tie — Toyagw. Tome 2-6. Comedies. 

RlOKAULT (^ias). Histoire du Qouvemement Provisoire. 8° Paris, 1850. 

Reoxler, Sieur de La PUoche. Histoire de TEstat de France, tant de la 
R^uhlique que de la Religion sous le r^gne de Francois n. (1559-60), 
puhli^e per Ed. Mennechet 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 1836. 

Rehearsals (The).— see [Leslie (C.)]. 

RxiCHEirBACH (Baron von). Abstract of Researches on Magnetism and 
on certain allied Subjects, including a supposed Lnponderable, trans- 
lated l^ W. Gr^ory. 8^ London, 1846. 

Reid (Thomas). Works, now fiilly collected, with selections from his 
unpublishea Letters, with notes and supplementary Dissertations by 
Sir William Hamilton, and Professor Stewart's Account of the Life 
and Writings of Reid. 8^ Edinburgh, 1846. 

Rked (Lieutenant-Colonel William). The Progress of the Derelopment of 
the Law of Storms, and of the Variable Winds, with the practical 
application of the subject to Navigation. 8^ London, 1849. 

RnFFENBEBG (Fr6d6ric, Baron de). La plus ancienne Gravure connue arec 
nne date (1418). 4'' BruxeUes, 1845. 

see Bulletin; Du Clercq. 

Rembrandt and his Works, comprising a Short Account of his Life, with 
a critical examination into his Principles and Practice of Design, 
Light, Shade, and Colour, illustrated by examples from his Etchings by 
John Burnet, fol. London, 1849. 

R]iMirsAT (Charles de). Essais de Philosopbie. 2 vols. 8"^ Paris, 1842. 

' — Pass^ et Present: Melanges. 2 vols. 12** Ptois, 1847. 

REN — REY 141 

Renbel (J. M.) — see Birkenhead. 

Rennell (Major James). Elucidations of the African Orography. 4^ 
London, 1793. 

— ^— - Ohservations on a Current that often prevails to the Westward of 
Scilly. 4^ London, 1793. 

On the effects of Westerly Winds in raising the Level of the 

British Channel. 4° London, 1809. 

On the Ruins of Bahylon. — see Rich (C. J.) 

Renouard (Antoine Auguste). Annales de rimprimerie des Estienne^ ou 
Histoire de la famille des Estienne et de ses Editions. 2 vols. 8® 
Paris, 1837. 

Requeno (Yincenzo). Saggi sul Ristahilimento dell' Antica Arte de' 
Greci e Romani Pittori. 2 vols. 8° Parma, 1787. 

Retzsch (Moritz). Outlines to Shakespeare. First Series. Hamlet 4^ 
Leipsic, 1828. 

Second Series. Macheth. 4° Leipsic, 1833. 

Third Series. Romeo and Juliet. 4^ Leipsic, 1836. 

Fourth Series. King Lear. 4^ Leipsic, 1838. 

Fifth Series. Tempest. 4** Leipsic, 1840. 

Sixth Series. Othello. 4^ Leipsic, 1842. 

Seventh Series. Merry Wives of Windsor. 4° Leipsic, 1844. 

Outlines to Buerger's Ballads, Leonora, the Song of the Brave 

Man, and the Parson's Daughter of Tauhenhayn. 4^ Leipsic, 1840. 

Umrisse zu Schiller's Fridolin. 4° Stuttgart, 1824. 

Outlines to Goethe's Faust. 4° Stuttgart, 1836. 

Reuchlin (Hermann). Geschichte von Port Royal: Der Kampf des 
Reformirten und des Jesuitischen Katholicismus unter Louis xiu. und 
XIV. 2 vols. 8** Hamburg, 1839. 

Reume (A. de). Recherches historique«, g^n6alogiques, et bibliographiqueSy 
sur les Elsevier. 8^ Bruxelles, 1847. 

Reumont (Alfred). Dichtergraber : Ravenna, Arqua, Certaldo. 18® 

Berlin, 1846. 
Reveill£>Parise. — See Patin (Gui). 

Revue Encyclop^dique, ou Analyse raisonn^ des Ph>ductions les plus 
r^marquables dans la Litt6rature, les Sciences et les Arts, de son com« 
mencement en 1819 jusqu'a 1833 (imperfect). 60 vols. 8** Paris. 

Revue Retrospective, ou Archives secretes du dernier Gouvemement, 1830- 
1848. [Louis Philippe.] 8^ Paris, 1848. 

Retbaud (Louis). J6rome Paturot k la recherche d'nne position Sociale. 
12** Paris, 1845. 

Jerome Paturot h la recherche de la Meilleure des R^publiques. 

4 vols. 18"" Bruxelles, 1848. 
Reynard the Fox (History of), from the edition printed by Caxton, in 
1481; with Notes, and an Introductory Sketch of the Literary History 
of the Romance, by W. J. Thoms. (Percy Society, vol. 12.) 8® Lon- 
don, 1844. 

Reynolds (Sir Joshua) — ^Memoirs, comprising Anecdotes of his Contem- 
poraries, and analysis of his Discourses, by James Northcote. 4^ 
London, 1813. 

142 BEY — RIC 

Reynolds (Sir Joshua). Delle Arti del Disegno. 12^ Firenze, 1778. 

RiBETBO (John). HiBtory of Ceylon, presented to the King of Portugal 
in 1 685, translated from the Portuguese by the Abb6 Le Grand, now 
re-translated, with an Appendix on the past and present condition of 
the Island, by George Lee. 8® Ceylon, 1847. 

RiCARDO (David). Works, with a notice of his life and writings by J. R 
M'Culloch. 8° London, 1846. 

Rich (Bamaby). The Honestie of this Age; proving by Good Circum- 
stance that the World was never Honest till now; with an Introduction 
and notes by Peter Cunningham. (Percy Society, vol. 11.) 8** Lon- 
don, 1844. 

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EIC — ROB 143 

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[Robert (Pierre Fran9ois Joseph)! Louis xvi. (du s6jour des Heureux) 
it son auguste et respectable Fr^re Louis xviii. faisant sa premiere 
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Paris, 1814. 

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— 2-4. nis dans le 17* Sidcle. 

— 6-7. dans les 15«, 16«, et 17* Siddes. 

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144 ROB — EOS 

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Yalentia^s Work upon the Red Sea» with Diagrams, showing the 
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— lS-24. Histoire Romaine. 

— 25-28. Trait6 des Etudes. 

— 29. Histoire Romaine, Table des Matidres. 

— 30. (Euvres Diverses. 

— 81. Eclairdssements par Letronne. 

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antiques. Contiene el Cancionero, los Bomances Moriscos, los Pasto- 
riles, los Heroycos, los Jocosos, y las Letrillas [por Bamon Fernandez]. 
2 vols, in 1. 12'' Madrid, 1796. 

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ping e Don Antonio Alcala-Galiano. 3 vols, in 1. 12^ Leipsique, 

Bome in the Nineteenth Century. — see [Waldie]. 

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Excommunication veranlassten Aufsaetzen. 12^ Jena, 1845. 

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His Life and Times, by Lady Morgan. 2 voU. 8^ London, 


BosGOE (Thomas). — see CellinL 

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observationes turn aliorum tum suas adjecit H. J. Bose. 8^ Qmtab. 


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7 vok 8^ and Plates in 5 vols. fol. Pisa, 1839-1847. 

Tomo 1-2. Epooa Prima, Gianta a Masaccio. 

— S-4. Seoonda, F. F. lippi a Raffitello. 

— 5. Terza, (Hulio Romano al Baroocio. 

— 6-7. Quarta, Caracci all* Appiani. 

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Southern and Antarctic Regions during the years 1839-43. 2 vols. 8^ 
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the loss of the wandering knight, Monsieur L'Argent, from the edition 
of 1609. (Percy Society, vol. 2.) 8° London, 1840. 

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Royal Society — Narrative of the Dissensions and Debates in the Royal 
Society. 8° London, 1784. 

— ^— ^ History of the Instances of Exclusion from the Royal Society, with 
instances of the despotism of Sir Joseph Banks, &c, S° London, 1784. 

Appeal concerning Sir Joseph Banks' measures to compel Dr. 

Hutton to resign the office of Secretary for Foreign Correspondence. 
8** London, 1784. 

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the Natural History of the Himalayan Mountains, and of the Flora of 
Cashmere. 2 vols. fol. London, 1839. 

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of Dr. Waagen, by Robert R Noel, edited by Mrs. Jameson. 8** 
London, 1840. 

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Buchanan, by George Chalmers. 8** London, 1794. 

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und Mythologie und einem Anhang iiber die historische Literatur der 
Islander. 8^ Berlin, 1812. 

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P. R Auguis. 6 vols. 8*^ Paris, 1819. 

Tome 1-4. ((Euvres Poathumes). Higtoire de I'AnaPchie de Pologne. 

5. ((Euvres, torn. 1). EclaircisBements hiatoriques sur la rfivocation de I'Edit 

de Nantes. 
— 6. (CEuvres, torn. 2). Discours, Aneodotes et Poesies. 


146 BUM— SAB 

BuHOHR (C. F. L. F. Ton) — Seine Eunstsammlung beschreibend dargw- 
tellt von J. G. A. Frenzel. 8** Lubeck, 1846. 

Bump Paruament — ^A Collection of Loyal Songs written against the 
Bump Parliament, between the Years 1639-1661, with an historical 
introduction. 2 vols. 12^ London, 1731. 

BuNJEET Singh, life. — see Prinsep. 
■ Notice of. — see Vigne. 

BuPEBT (Prince) — Memoirs of Prince Bupert and the Cavaliers, including 
their Private Correspondence, from the original MSS. by Eliot War- 
burton. 3 vols. 8° London, 1849. 

[BusKiK (John)]. Modem Painters, by a Graduate of Oxford. Vols. 1-2. 
8^ London, 1846. 

Seven Lamps of Architecture. 8° London, 1849. 

BussELL (Bachel, Lady), Life. — see Berry. 

BussiA — Berum Moscoviticarum Anctores varii, quibus et Gentis His- 
toria continetur et Begionum accurata descriptio. foL Franoofiuti, 

Moflcoviffi Duels Oenealogis epitome. 

Sigismundi Baro in Herberstain, Remm Mosooviticanim Commentarii. 

Jovii (Paul!) de legatione Basilii Principla Mosoovis liber. 

Fabri (Joan.) Mofloovitarmn Beligio. 

Angloram Navigatio ad Moaoovitas [a Clement Adams]. 

Qwanini (Alex.) Regionum Moscovis subjectarum, morum et religionis descriptio. 

Michovia (Matthias &) de Moecovia. 

Bredenbachii (T.) Historia Belli Liyonici. 

Oderbomii (P.) Vita Joanms Basilidis Moscoviffi Ducis. 

Heidenstenius (R.) de Bello Moscovitioo quod Stephanus PolonisB Rex geant. 

BuTEBEUP, " Trouvere du xin. Siide." La Gomplainte d'Outre-mer, et 
celle de Constantinople, mises au jour, avec une notice sur ce Poete par 
AchiUe Jubinal. S*' Paris, 1834. 

— ^— Le Miracle de Th6ophile, public par Achille JubinaL 8** Paris, 

BuTHYN. — see Grey of Buthyn. 

Bunui Numatiani Iter. — see Poetas Latini Minores. 

Buxton (George F.). Adventures in Mexico, and the Bocky Mountains. 

12** London, 1847. 


Btmeb (Thomas). Foedera, Conventiones, litterss et Acta Publica inter 
Beges AngliflB et alios Lnperatores, Beges, Pontifices, Prindpes vel 
Conmiunitates, ab ingressu Gulielmi i., aucta et multis locis emendata^ 
accurantibus Adamo Clarke, Johanne Cayley, et Frederico Holbrooke 
(ad annum 1377). 3 vols, in 6. fol. Londini, 1816-30. 

Byswick — Actes et M6moires des N^gociations de la Paix de Byswick. 
6 vols. 12^ La Haye, 1707. 

Sabbath (The), or an Examination of the six texts, commonly adduced from 
the New Testament in proof of a Cliristian Sabbath, by a La3n3:ian. 8^ 
London, 1849. 

Sabine (Colonel Edward). Observations made at the Magnetical and 
Meteorological Observatory at Toronto, in Upper Canada, printed under 
his superintendenee, 1840-42. Vol. 1. 4^ London, 1845. 

SAC — SAL 147 

Sackyillb (Thomas), Lord Buckhurst and Earl of Dorset. Poetical 
Works. [Gorboduc; Complaint of Henry, Duke of Backingham.] 12** 
London, 1820. 

Sackville (George, Viscount) — Character of [by Richard Cumberland]. 
8° London, 1785. 

' see Junius. 

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Tableau historique et critique de la Poesie Fran9aise et du Th^Atre 

Fran9ais au xvi. SMe. 12"* Paris, 1843. 

Sadtt-allais. — see Viton de Saint Allais. 

St. Faroeau. — see Qirault de St. Fargeau. 

Sadtt-Hilaire (Barth616my). — see France (Petits Trait^s, 9). 

St. John (Bayle). Adventures in the Libyan Desert, and the Oasis of 
Jupiter Ammon. 12° London, 1849. 

St. John (Charles). Short Sketches of the Wild Sports and Natural His- 
tory of the Highlands. 12° London, 1846. 

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Q4n6rale d'ltalie depuis Tan 476 [jusqu'4 1314]. 6 vols. 12° Parii^ 

St. Marc Qirardin. Cours de Litt^rature Dramatique, ou de Tusage des 
Passions dans le Drame. 12^ Paris, 1845. 

Essais de Litt6rature et de Morale. 2 vols. 12° Paris, 1845. 

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" La Papesse Jeanne"). 8° Strasbourg, 1790. 

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Prolusiones Literarie Premiis quotannis propositis dignatee, et in 

D. Pauli Schola habitae. 8° Londini, 1840-49. 

Oratiuncula Latina; ReginsB Ser. Victoria ad Forum Mercatorium 

proficiscenti a Divi Pauli Scholte Alumnis dedicata, die Octobris 28, 
8° Londini, 1844. 

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au xvm. Si^cle (1750-1782). 12° Paris, 1846. 

History of the Fall of the Jesuits in the Eighteenth Century. 

12° London, 1845. 

Saint Tropez. — La Dame de Saint Tropez, par MM. Anicet-Bourgeois et 
Dennery. 8° Paris, 1847. 

Sallustius (C. Crispus). Opera qu» extant, recognovit, et varias 
lectiones e codicibus Basileensibus, Bemensibus, ceterisque quos 
Wassius, Havercampius, aliique Editores contulerunt, collectas, com- 
mentarios atque indices adjecit F. D. Gerlach. 2 vols, in 1. 4° 
Basilese, 1823. 

Works, with Essays on his life, literary character, and writings, 

and notes, historical, biographical, and critical, by Henry Steuart 
2 vols. 4° London, 1806. 

The History of the Conspiracy of Catiline and of the Jugurthine 

War, translated by Edward Peacock. 12° London, 1845. 

148 SAL — SAV 

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Salmasii PliniansB Exercitationes in Solinum. — see Solinus. 

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System of Hieroglyphics, with some additional discoyeries, by which it 
may be applied to decipher the names of the Ancient Kings of Egypt 
and Ethiopia. 8^ London^ 1825. 

Salvador (J.). Histoire de la Domination Ilomaine en Jud6e et de la mine 
de Jerusalem. 3 vols. 18° Bnixelles, 1847. 

Sahokicus de Medicina. — see Poetee Latini Minores. 

Sampson (Thomas). Elcctrotint, or the art of making paintings so that 
copper plates can be taken from them by means of Voltaic Electricity. 
8° London, 1842. 

Sand (George) — [Madame Dudevant]. 

Le Meunier d*Angibault. 3 vols. 18^ Bruxelles, 1845. 

Teverino. 18° Bnixelles, 1846. 

Isidora, Journal d'un Solitaire & Paris. 18° BruxeUes, 1845. 

Le P6ch6 de M. Antoine. 2 vols. 18° Bruxelles, 1846. 

La Mare au Diable, suiyie de Fanehette. 18° Broxelles, 1846. 

Lncrezia Floriani. 18° Bnixelles, 1846. 

Fran9oi8 le Champi. 18° Bnixelles, 1848. 

Tje Piccinino. 8 vols. 18° BnixeUes, 1848. 

La Petite Fadette. 18° Bnixelles, 1849. 

La Cause du Peuple. Nos. 1-3. 4® Paris, 1848. 

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Giuliano de* Medici, a Drama, <S:c. 8^ London, 1842. 

■ The Amidei, a Tragedy. 8° London, 1845. 

' Aurora, and other Poems. 8° London, 1849. 

Sandby (Oeorge). Mesmerism and its Opponents, with a Narrative of 
Cases. 12° London, 1844. 

second edition. 12° London, 1848. 

Sanderson (Bishop) — His character defended against Blackhume. — see 
Townson (T.) 

Sakdts (Charles). Critical Dissertation on Professor Willis's Architec- 
tural History of Canterhury Cathedral. 8^ London, 1846. 

Sakford (John). History of the Picture called the ''Madonna delF 
Impannata,'* (by RafiiEielle ?). 4^ London, 1845. 

Sakitabt Commission (Metropolitan). First Report of the Commis- 
sioners appointed for the improvement of the Hcncdth of the Metropolis, 
with Minutes of Evidence. 8° London, 1848. 

' see Health of Towns. 

also. Sanitary Reform (in Tract Catalogue). 

Santander. — see La Sema^ Santander. 

Santi (Giovanni). — see Raffaelle. 

Sarto (Andrea del). Notizie Inedite della sua Vita raccolte de mano- 
scritti, e documenti autentici da Luigi Biadi di Firenze. 8° Firenze, 

Saul, a Dramatic Sketch ; Josephine to Napoleon, with other Poems and 
Translations. 8^ London, 1844. 

Savonarola — Qirolamo Savonarola, aus grossen Theils handschriftlichen 
Quellen dargestellt von P. Earl Meier. 8^ Berlin, 1836. 

S G H 149 

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ScHARDius (Simo). Historicum opus [Scriptores Rerum Germanicarom]. 
4 vols in 3. fol. BasilesB, (1574). 

Tom. I. OermtmicB ArUiquce UlustrcUio, viz. : 

— Althamerus in Taciti Germaniam. 

— Willichius, Qlarianus et P. Melanthon in eandem. 

— Pirckeimeri Qermanisa explicatio. 

— Bebelius de Maximiliano I. 

— Bebelii Demonstratio Qermanos esse indigenas. 

— Defenaio Imperatonim contra Leonhartum Justinianum, &c 

— de laude, &c., yeterum Germanonim, Suevonim,. &c. 

— Trittenhemius de origine Franconim. 

— Wjrmphelingii Epitoma Germanicanim Rerum. 

— Peutingeri Sarmones Convivales. 

— Hutten (Ulrici) Arminius, Dialoffus. 

— G«bwilerii Libertas GkrmanisB, oc. 

— Celtis (C.) de situ et moribus Germani». 

— Sylvii (Mnem) Germania. 

— Munsteri (Seb.) Germanise descriptio. 

— Spalatinus de Arminio Germanonun Duce contra Romanos. 

— Schudi Prisce Alpine RhsatiaB descriptio. 

— De Lentiensium, &c., equestris colonin situ. 

— Heroldus de Romanorum in Rhetia littorali stationibus. 

— Glareani Helvetiffi descriptio, &c. 

— Leodius de Tungris et Eburonibus. 

— Divffius de Gallisp Belgics antiquitatibus. 

— Monachi Herveldensis Chronicon. 

Tom. II. Ea qwB in Imperium Caroli v. inciderwUf viz. : 

— Sabinus, H. Maurus et H. Balbus de Curonatione, hjo., Caroli v. 

— Tethingerus de beUo inter Huldrichum Wirtemb. et feeder. Suevos. &c. 

— Goblenis de beUo Hildensheimensi, 1519. 

— Rerum in Dania et Suetia, 1510, kc., narratio. 

— Fontanus de beUo Rhodio. 

— Latomi« Actio Fran, ab Siocingen, cum Trevirorum obsidione. 

— Gnodalii Rustici Tumultus in Germania, 1525. 

— Capella (G.) de rebus pro restitutione Francisci n. Medio!. Ducis. 

— Brudericus de clade Ludovici ii. Hungar. 

— Camerarius de Roma capta a Carolo Borbonio, 1527. 

— Vienna Austriaca. 

— a Solymanno obsessa. 

— Soiteri Bellum Pannonicum. 

— Agrippa (H. C.^ de duplici coronatione Caroli v., 1530. 

— Dantisci Yictona ^gismundi i. contra Vaniivodain Muldavis. 

— Eobanus Hessus de Victoria Wirtembexgensi. 

— Barbatus de expulso et restitute Duce Wirtemb. Ulricho. 

— Montfortii et A Condni Tumultus Anabi4>tistarum. 

— Etropii, &c., Expeditio Tunetana. 

— Yillagogno de Caroli v. expeditione in Africam. 

— De Aphrodisio expugnato varia. 

— Richerius, &c., de rebus Turcarum. 

— Schmalcaldici foederis et belli contra Henr. Brunsvic. historia^ &c. 

— Jovius (P.) de bello Juliacensi. 

— Stella de Turcarum in Hungaria successibus, 1548, &c. 

— MontfortiuB de beUo Germanico. 

— Descriptio Pugnse Mulbexg. Saxonies. 

— Mameranus de investitura Mauritii Saxonies. 

— Besselmeieri Historia belli Magdebuigensis, 1550-1. 

— Sambuci Res ad Agriam, 1552. 

— Expugnatio arcis Temesvari. 

— Sleidani expeditio Henrici R^. Franc, in Gennaniam. 

— Wintzeri F^gna inter Maur. Elect. Saxon, et Albertum Brandenb. &c. 

— rVaria de Mauritii morte.J 

— Marchetus de Morini et Hedini expugnatione. 

— Lazii et Heroldi Res contra Turcas, 1556. 

— Mamerani Gestae Caroli v., 1519-48. 

— Barlandi Papiensis Obsidio. 

— rVaria de Roma a Ceesariano exeroitu capta, 1527.] 

— buooldianus de puella^ sine cibo et potn per annos Tiyente in pago Roed. 

150 S G H 

ScHARDius (Simo)^ — carUirmed: — 

Tom. II. Gois de obddione Lovanii. 

— Narratio renim in R^no Britannie, 1558. 

— in conventu Londini inter r^es. Card. Polum, kc. 

— De abdicatione Caroli y. 

Tom. III. Historia rerwn 9ub Ferdtnando i., viz. : 

— Lorichius et Stilbinus de ciede M. Zobelli. 

— ParadinuB de motibuB Gbdlis, 1558. 

— Tornebus [et alii] de Calisio capto a Gnisio Duoe (12 tractB). 

— Vita D. G. Holaadi Heredarcns. 

— Bellum Principifl Rutenorum oontra livones. 

— Historia Belli iMetmarsid. 

— Friderici Danisa Regis Coronatio, Elogium, kc,, J. Rantzovii (5 tnujta). 

— rVarial de Electione Maximiliani in Reg. Romanonim (8 tracts). 

— Strotadienii Relatio ad Ferdin. n. redtata, 1562. 

— Amiraldi Francisa Responmo ad Confesmonem J. Poltronii de cede P. 

Guiaionum Ducis, &c. 
Tom. lY. Beg gesta tub Mcucimiliano u,, viz. : 

— HieronymuB Com. Alezand. de Rebus Taro. in Insula Melitse. 

— Sambuci Ezpugnatio ards Tokaii. 

— Historia SigeiM Sdayodis propugnaculi a Solymanni capti. 

— Epitaphia in N. ZerinisB morton. 

— Historia executionis contra proecriptos ad capte Gk)tluB, 1567. 

— Epitome Rermn sub Mazimniano Secnndo, 1565-72. 

»— ^- see also Freherus^ Heineccins, Lindenbrogius, Pistorius, Wegeliniis. 

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— 4. Wallenstein. 

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— 9. Geschichte des dreissigjtthrigen Kriegs. 
— 10. Prosaische Schrifien. 

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see Translations. 

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SCH 161 

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— S, i. Poetische Ueberaetzungen und Nachbildungen. 

— 5, 6. Vorlesungen ueber dnumatische Kunst und Idtteratur. 

— 7. Vermischte und kritische Schrifben ; Sprache und Poetik. 

— 8. Chankteristiken und Idtteratur. 

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— 2. Beaux- Arts, Eflsais Litt^nures, Litt6rature Occidentale. 

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Lipsiss, 1848. 

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Ck)NTENTS — "On Christian Art, Qothic Architecture, Romanoe-Poetiy of 
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Wisdom of the Indians." 

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152 SCH — SCR 

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— i. £legieen — Episteki — Gedichte — Die bezauberte Rose. 

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— 3. Rogerius de Destnictione Regni per Tartaros, temp. Bels iv. 

— 4. Ranzani Epitome Remm Ungaricarum. 
Vol. II. 6. Chartuitu Vita S. Stephani ftimi. 

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Vol. III. 14. Bizari Bellum Pannonicimi sub Maximiliano n. 

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— 17. Pistorii Genealogia Regum HungariaB. 

— 18. Reychersdorff Chorographia Transilvanis. 

— 19. Moldaviie. 

— 20. Bronioyii Tartaria. 

— 21. Wemkerus de admirandis Hungaris aquis. 

— 22. Stella) (J. M.) Descriptio et Munitiones Altemburvi HungarioL 

— 28. Petancius de itineribus aggrediendi Turcam ad VhtdisUum. 

— 24. Bongarsii Transilvanicn Inscriptiones, &c. 

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— - Zoistic Magnetism, being the substance of two Lectures, descrip- 
tive of original views and investigations respecting this mysterious 
agency. 8*^ London, 1849. 

The Franklin Expedition, or considerations on measures for its 




discovery and relief. 8^ London, 1850. 

Scotland — The new Statistical and Topographical Account of Scotland^ 
by the Ministers of the respective Parishes. 8^ Edinburgh, 1846, kc 

Additional volumes : — 


Scribe (Eugene). Piquillo Alliaga, ou les Mores sous Philippe ui. 
7 vols. 18*^ Bruxelles, 1846. 

Scriptores: — 

Scriptores Biographici — B10rPA4>0I, Vitarum Scriptores Ored 
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Nioomachus Qerasenus. 


Bacchius Senior. 
Aristides Quintilianus. 
Martianus Capella. 

SCB — SHA 158 

Sgbiptobes, continued: — 

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Lactantius Placidus, Albricus Philosophus, cum commentariis va- 
riorum, curante Aug. van Staveren. 4^ Lugd. Bat 1742. 

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Antonius Westermann. 8® Brunsvigse, 1839. 

Scriptores Poeticse Historic Grseci, edidit Antonius Westermann. 8^ 
BrunsyigaB, 1843. 

see also Ck)micorum Qr. Fragmenta; Historicomm Or. Frag- 

menta; PoetsB. 

Scriptores Rerum Alamannicarum — ^Qoldastus, (in Addenda). 

_ Bohemicarum— Freherus. 

Boicarum — CEfelius, (in Addenda). 

' Brunsvicensium — Leibnitius, (in Addenda). 

Germanicarum — Freberus, Heineccius, Meibomius, 

(in Addenda^) Pistorius, Schardius, Urstisius, Wegelinus. 

Germanicarum Septentrionalium — Lindenbrogius. 

■ Hispanicarum — Bel, (in Addenda). 

Hungaricarum — Schwandtneras. 

■ Moscoviticarum. — Russia. 

Suevicarum — Wegelinus. 

Turcicarum — Cbalcondylas. 

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Life. 2 vols. 12^ London, 1778. 

Vol. 1. Poema — Songs — Epigrams — Antony and Cleopatra, a tragedy — Speeches — 

Virgil's Pastorals. 
— 2. Songs — The Mulberry (harden, Bellamira, and the Grumbler, comedies — 
Venus and Adonis — ^Tyrant King of Crete, a tragedy. 

Seemilleb (Sebastian). BibliothecaB Academicae Ligolstadiensis Incu- 
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Mille et quadringenti, descripti, notisque illustrati. 4 parts in 1 voL 4*^ 
Ingolstadii, 1787-92. 

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S. W. Singer. 12° London, 1847. 

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Sere (F.) — see Moyen Age. 

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Helmstad. 1727. 

Sbbvius (M.) — see Virgil. 

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Thomas Wright. (Percy Society, voL 16.) 8** London, 1845. 

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durant la R^gence et la Fronde, par M. le Baron Walckena^. 4 vols, 
12** Paris, 1845. 

Sexagenarian. — see [Beloe]. 

Sbadwell (Charles F. A.). Tables for facilitating the approximate pre* 
diction of Occultations and Eclipses for any particular place. 8^ 
London, 1847. 


164 SHA — SHE 

Shadwell (Charles F. A.). Tables for &cilitating the Determination of 
the Latitude at Sea by the simultaneous Altitudes of Two Stars. 8** 
London, 1849. 

Shadwell (Lancelot). — see Homer. 

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and Dr. Kippis, edited by G. W. Cooke. 2 vols. 8** London, 1836. 

Essays on his Characteristics. — see Brown (J.) 

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Persia immediately before and after the Death of Banjeet Singh. 12^ 
London, 1847. 

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temporary MS., edited by James Orchard Halliwell. (Shakespeare 
Society.) 8** London, 1845. 

The Old Taming of a Shrew, upon which Shakespeare founded 

his Comedy, reprinted from the edition of 1594, edited by T. Amyot. 
(Shakespeare Society.) 8^ London, 1844. 

Illustrations of the '^ Midsummer Night's Dream." — see Halli- 

weU (J. O.) 

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speare, by Alexander Dyce. 8** London, 1844. 

Essay on Shakespeare's character of Macbeth. 8° London, 


Characters of his Plays. — see Hazlitt (W.) 

Memoirs of Actors in his Plays. — see Collier. 

Concordance to Shakespeare. — see Clarke (C.) 

Outline Illustrations of his Plays. — see Hetzsch. 

The Shakespeare Forgeries. — see Ireland (W. H.) 

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Registers, principally in the North of England. 8^ London, 1841. 

Memorials of the Rebellion of 1569. [The Bowes Manuscripts.] 

S" London, 1840. 

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Thomas Stephen. 8^ London, 1846. 

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London, 1838. 

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from the MSS. of Huntbach, Loxdale, Bishop Lyttelton, and others; 
the whole brought down to the present time. 2 vols. fol. London, 

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by Bosquecillo. 18° London, 1849. 

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Liverpool Observatory, with Supplement. 2 vols. 8** London, 

SHE — SIM 155 

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Germany. 8** London, 1827. 

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the Ck)rporation and Test Acts, [first published in the Bangorian Con- 
troversy, re-edited agidnst the Case of Protestant Dissenters]. 8^ 
London, 1787. 

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Papers printed for the use of the Parish of St Qeorge*s, Bloomsbury, 
during the Years 1834-1841. 12'' London, 1842. 

What is Christianity? 12** London, 1844. 

■ Sketch of the History of the Church of England to the Revolution^ 

1688. 8** London, 1845. 

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Chinese State Papers, illustrative of the history of the present position 
of affairs in China. 8^ Macao, 1840. 

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to the Union of the Crowns : with a Glossary. 4 vols. 8^ Edin- 
burgh, 1802. 

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the Hon. Qeorge Pellew, D.D., Dean of Norwich. 3 vols. 8® Lon- 
don, 1847. 

Sidney (Samuel). Brief history of the Qauge Question. 8^ London^ 
. 1846. 

History and Prospects of the Railway System, illustrated by the 

evidence given before the Ckmge Commission. 8° London, 1846. 
Railways and Agriculture in Notf^h Lincolnshire: Rough Notes 

of a ride over the track of the Manchester, Sheffield, Lincolnshire, and 
other Railways. . 18"* London, 1848. 

see also under Railways (in Tract Catalogue)^ 

Sierra LEdNE—Resideiice at Sierra Leone, by a Li^y, edited by Mrs. 
Norton. 12*» London, 1849. 

SiGiSHUND.— %^ Herberstain. 

Sigurd, Travels, — see Palestine. 

SiLVESTRE (J. B.). Pal^ographie Universclle: Collection de Fac-Simile 
d'Ecritures de tons les Peuples et de tons les Temps, accompagn^ 
d*explications historiques et descriptives, par MM. ChampoUion-Figeac 
et Aim6 Champollion fils. 4 vols. foL Paris, 1841. 

Tome 1. Peuplefl Orientauz. 

— 2. Grecs et Latins. 

— 8. Europe Modeme, Region M6ridionale. 

— 4. R^on Septentrionale. 

SiMONAU (Gustave). Principaux Monuments Qothiques de TEurope, 
dessin^ sur les lieux, accompagn^ d*un texte historique par Auguste 
Voisin, et d*une notice sur TArdiitecture Ogivale. Atlas fol. Bruxelles^ 

Simons (Henry), the Polish Jew. — see Ashley. 

Simons (Pierre) — Notice sur, par Adolphe Quetelet. 12^ Bruxelles, 

156 SIM — SMI 

Simpson (Alexander). The Sandwich Islands: progress of events since 
their discoveiy by Cook, their occupation bj Lord Qeorge Paolet, and 
their value and importance. 8** London, 1843. 

Simpson (F.). A Series of Ancient Baptismal Fonts, chronologiciJly 
arranged. 4^ London, 1828. 

Simpson (Sir George). Narrative of a Journey round the World during 
the Years 1841-1842. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1847. 

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Amenca effected by the Officers of the Hudson's Bay Company in 
1836-39. 8*» London, 1843-5. 

Sims (R). Index to the Pedigrees and Arms contfuned in the H^alds 
Visitations, <fec. in the British Museum. 8** London, 1849. 

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Brothers, George and David Simson. fol. London, 1848. 

Sinclair (Catherine). Sir Edward Graham, or Eailway Specoktors. 
3 vols. 8° London, 1849. 

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in 1468, under the title of '' Exposicio Sancti Jeronomi in Simbolo 
Apostolorum,** and on its claim to be considered the first book printed 
in England. &" London, 1812. 

— — — The Departing SouPs Address to the Body; a Fragment of a 
Semi-Saxon Poem, with an English translation. (Privately printed.) 
8° London, 1845. 

SiSMONDi (J. C. L. Simonde de). Julia S^v6ra, ou Tan quatre cent quatre- 
vingt-douze. 8° Bruxelles, 1843. 

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Author and his Writings by Alexander Dyce. 2 vols. 8^ London, 

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and antiquities, with a sketch of their manners and customs, and an 
account of the Clans into which they were divided, &c 2 vols. 12^ 
London, 1837. 

Slanet (K a.). Plea to Power and Parliament for the Working Classes. 
18^ London, 1847. 

Smart (B.H.). Manual of Logic 8** London, 1849. 

Smeaton (John). Description of the Construction of the Edystone light 
House, with an Appendix giving some Account of the Light House on 
the Spurn Point, fol. London, 1813. 

Smith (Francis). Account of a Voyage for the Discovery of a North- 
West Passage by Hudson*s Streights, to the Western and Southern 
Ocean of America, in 1746-7. 2 vols. 8** London^ 1748. 

Smith (James) of Deanston. Remarks on Thorough Draining and Deep 
Ploughing. 8** Stirling, 1837. 

Thoughts on the profitable employment and comfortable subsist- 
ence of the increasing population of Great Britain. (Privately printed.) 
8** Stiriing, 1842. 

Smith (James) [of Jordanhilll. On the age of the Tertiary Beds of the 
Tagus, with a catalogue of the Fossils. 8^ London^ 1847. 

SMI— SOM 167 

Smith (James) [of Jordanhill]. Voja^and Shipwreck of St. Paul, with 
digsertations on the sources of the n ritings of St. Luke, and on the 
Ships and Navigation of the Antients. S° London, 1848. 

Smith (J. Toulmin). Government by Commissions illegal and pernicious. 
8** London, 1849. 

Smith (Sydney). A Fragment on the Irish Boman Catholic Church. 
8^ London, 1845. 

— Elementary Sketches of Moral Philosophy, delivered at the Royal 
Institution in 1804-6. 8** London, 1850. 

Smith (Thomas). The Chairman and Speaker's 'Quide; being a digest of 
the rules required for the efficient and orderly conduct of a Debate. 
12** London, 1847. 

Smith (William).— see Longinus (translated). 

Smith (William, LL.D.). Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and 
Mythology. 3 vols. 8*^ London, 1844-9. 

Smith (William Henry). Twelve Months* Residence in Ireland during 

the Famine and the Public Works, 1846-7. 12"^ London, 1848. 

^^ • 

Smith (Sir William Sidney) — Life and Correspondence, by John Barrow. 
2 vols. 8*» London, 1848. 

Smyth (Charles Piazzi). — see Henderson's Astronomical Observations. 

Smyth (RichardV Obituary; being a Catalogue of all such Persons as he 
knew in their life; from 1627 to 1674; edited by Sir Henry Ellis. 
(Camden Society.) 4^ London, 1849. 

Smyth (Captfun William Henry). Cycle of Celestial Objects, for the use 
of Naval, Military, and Private Astronomers. 2 vols. 8^ London, 

Tol. 1. Prolegomena. 
— 2. The Bedford Catalogue. 

— Description of an Astrological Clock, belonging to the Society of 
Antiquaries. 4^ London, 1848. 

SouKus (Caius Julius). Polyhistor: Claudii Salmasii Plinianse Exercita-. 
tiones in Solini Folyhistora. Item, Solini Polyhistor ex Yeteribus 
Libris, emendatus, acoesserunt De Homonymis Hyles latricsB, necnon 
De Manna et Saccharo. 2 vols. fol. Traj. ad Rhenum, 1689. 

Solly (Edward). On the Influence of Electricity on Y^etation. 8^ 
London, 1845. 

■ Further Observations on the Influence of Electricity on Y^ta- 

tion. 8° London, 1847. 

Rural Chemistry: an Elementary Introduction to the study of the 

Science in its relation to Agriculture. 12^ London, 1846. 

Syllabus of a complete Course of Lectures on Chemistry, including 

its applications to the Arts, Agriculture, and Mining. 8^ London^ 

Somerset's (Earl of) Trial for the poisoning of Sir T. Overbury. — see 

SoMERviLLE (Mary). On the Connexion of the Physical Sdences. 12^ 
London, 1846. 

Physical Geography. 2 vols. 12** London, 1849. 

158 SON— SPE 

Songs and Carols, now first printed, from a Manuscript of the Fifteenth 
Century, edited by Thomas Wright (Percy Society, voL 23.) 8** 
London, 1847. 

Festive Songs, principally of the sixteenth and seventeenth Cen- 
turies, with an Introduction by William Sandys. (Percy Society, 
vol. 23.) 8** London, 1848. 

Satirical Songs and Poems on Costume from the thirteenth to the 

nineteenth Centuries, edited by Frederick W. Fairholt. (Percy Society, 
vol. 27.) 8** London, 1849. 

— A Collection of Songs and Ballads, relative to the London 

Prentices and Trades, and to the affairs of London generally during the 
fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth Centuries, with notes by Charles 
Mackay. (Percy Society, vol. 1.) 8** London, 1841. 

— The Historical Songs of Ireland, illustrative of the revolutionary 

struggle between James ii. and William iii., edited, with introductions 
and notes, by T. Crofton Croker. (Percy Society, vol. 1.) 8^ Lon- 
don, 1841. 

Popular Songs, illustrative of the French Invasions of Ireland, 

Four Parts, edited, with introductions and notes, by T. Crofton Croker. 
(Percy Society, vol. 21.) 8** London, 1845. 

see also Ballads. 

Sophocles. Tragedies, literally translated into English Prose, with notes. 
8° Oxford, 1842. 

The Antigone, in Greek and English, with an introduction and 

notes by John William Donal.dson>, 8*^ London, 1848^ 

SouLAViE (Jean Louis). M^moires historiques et politiques ,du r^gne de 
Louis XVI. depuis son mariage jusqu'a sa mort 6 vols. 8^ ' Paris, 
1801. . ■ 

SouLi^ (Fr6d^rioJ. 

Confession G^n^rale. 4 vols. 18^ BruxelleSy 1840. 

Si Jeunesse Savait, fd VieiUesse Pouvait. 4 vols. 18^ BraxeHee, 1844. 

Les Drames Inoonnus. 6 vola. 18^ Bruzelles^ 1845. 

La Comiease de Monrion. 3 vols. 18^ Braxelles|y 1846. 

Le Due de Guise. 2 vola. 18^ Bruxelles, 1846. 

Lea Aventurea de Satumin Fichet, ou la Conspiration de la Rouarie. 5 vols. 18^ 

Bruxellea, 1847. 
Histoire d'Olivier Duhamel 2 vola. 18^ BruxeUea, 1847. 

SouTHEY (Robert). — see Cromwell (Life). 

SouvESTKE (Emile). 

Lea R6prouy68 et lea Elua. 4 vola. 18^ Bruxellea, 1845. 
Le Pasteur d'Hommea. 12^^ Bruxellea, 1846. 
Le Secret du Condottidre. IS9 Bnixellea, 1846. 

Spain, Tangier, etc., visited in 1840 and 1841, by X. Y. Z. 8** London, 

Spanhemius. — see Julianus Imperator. 

Spabks (Jared). — see Morris (Life of Governor). 

Speeches — Eight Speeches made in Parliament on several important occa- 
sions, (by Sir John Knight, Price, and others). 8^ London, 1733. 

Speke (Hugh). Secret History of the Happy Revolution in 1688. 8* 
London, 1715. 

SPE — STA 169 

Spelmak (Sir Henry). English Works, with life, by Edmund Qibson, 
Bishop of Lincoln, fol. London, 1727. 

Ck>NTENT8 : life — De non temerandiB eodesiifl — ^Treatise on Tythes — ^De Sepul- 
tura — Yillare Anglioum — ^PosUiumouB Woiks on the Laws and Antiquities of 
England — Of the AdminJ-Jurisdiction — Of Andent Deeds and Charten. 

Spence (WiDiam). — see Kirby (William). 

Spiceb (Henry). The Witch Wife, a Dramatic Tale of Malkin Tower. 
12^ London, 1849. 

Spiebs (A.). Dictionnaire G^n^ral Fran9ais-Anglais. Eoyal 8^ Paris, 

Spineto (Marquis). The Elements of Hieroglyphics and Egyptian Anti- 
quities. 8^ London, 1845. 

Spbatt (T. a. B.) and Edward Forbes. Travels in Lycia, Milyas, and the 
Cibyratis, in company with the late Rev. E. T. Daniell. 2 vols. 8*^ 
London, 1847. 

Spbenoel (Curtius). — see Dioscorides. 

Spbuneb (Karl von). Historisch-Qeographischer Hand-Atlas zur Oes- 
chichte der Staaten Europa*s, vom Anfiang des Mittelalters bis auf die 
Neueste Zeit. fol. Qotha, 1846. 

Stafford (R. A.). Essay on the Treatment of some Affections of the 
Prostate Gland. 8^ London, 1845. 

Stanhope (Charles, Earl). Specification respecting Ships and Vessels. 
8** London, 1807. 

Stanhope (John Spencer). Olympia, or Topography illustrative of the 
actual state of l^e Plain of Olympia, and of the Huins of the City of 
Elis. fol. London, 1824. 

Stanley (A. P.) — see Arnold (Life). 

Stabkie (Thomas). Practical Treatise on the Law of Evidence, and 
Digest of Proofs in Civil and Criminal Proceedings. 3 vols. 8^ 
London, 1842. 

Stars and the Earth : Thoughts upon Space, Time, and Eternity. 2 Parts. 
12° London, 1848. 

Statius. The Thebaid translated into English verse, with notes and 
observations, and a dissertation, by W. L. Lewis. 2 vols. 8° Lon- 
don, 1773. 

Statutes — ^Index to the Public Statutes from 9 Henry iii. to 10 and 11 
Victoria, inclusive, (excepting those relating exclusively to Scotland, 
Ireland, the Colonies and Dependencies,) analytically arranged, by 
Henry Biddell, and John Warrington Bogers. Part 1. 8^ London, 


Staunton (Sir George Thomas). Inquiry into the proper mode of render- 
ing the word *^ Qod" in translating the Sacred Scriptures into the 
Chinese Language. 8° London, 1849. 

Staunton (Howard). The Chess Player's Handbook, a popular and 
scientific Introduction to the Gkme of Chess, illustrated by numerous 
diagrams of original and remarkable positions. 12^ London, 1847. 

Staveley (Jones Butler). Detailed Account of the Journey from London 
to the East by the overland Route. 12® London, 1848. 

Staveren (Aug. van).— see Scriptores (Auctores Mythographi). 

160 STE — STI 

Steele (Sir Biohard). The Engliflhman, being the Sequel to the Quftrdiim. 
12° London, 1714. 

[ ] The Town-talk, the Fish-Pool, the Plebeian, the Old Whig, the 

Spinster, &o., by the authors of the Tatler, Spectator, and Ghuurdian. 
&" London, 1789. 

— — Dramatic Works, containing the Funeral, Tender Husband, Lying 
LoTcr, and Conscious Lovers. 12^ London, 1760. 

Apology for himself and his writings, occasioned by his expulsion 

from the House of Commons. 4^ London, 1714. 

Steenstbup (J. Japetus Sm.). On the Alternation of Generations; or 
the propagation and development of Animals through alternate Qene- 
rations, translated from the Qerman version of 0. H. Lorenzen, by 
Gkorge Busk. (Bay Society.) 8^ London, 1845. 

Steffens (Henry). Adventures on the Boad to Paris during the Cam- 
paigns of 1813-14. 12^ London, 1848. 

Stetnbach (Lieutenant-Colonel). The Punjaub; being a brief account oi 
the country of the Sikhs. 8^ London, 1845. 

Stephen. — Oesta Stephani Begis Anglorum et Ducis Normannorum, ex 
vetere Codice MS. Episcopatus Laudunensis ab Andrea Duchesne 
edita, denuo recensuit, notisque illustravit Bicardus Clarke SewelL 
(English Historical Society.) 8^ Londini, 1846. 

Stephen (Sir James). Essays in Ecclesiastical Biography. 2 vols. 8^ 
London, 1849. 

Stephen (Thomas). — see Sharp (Life of Archbishop). 

Stephens (Qeorge). Dramas for the Stage. (Privately printed.) 3 vols. 
&" London, 1846. 

Sterling (John). Letters to a Friend. (Privately printed.) 8° Brighton, 

Stern (Daniel). Histoire de la B^volution de 1848. S"* Pbris, 1850. 

Steuart (Henry). — see Sallust (translated). 

Stbuabt (John Bobert). Description of some Ancient Monuments, with 
Inscriptions still existing in Lydia and Phrygia> several of which are 
supposed to be Tombs of the early Kings. foL London, 1842. 

Stevenson (Alan). Acoount of the Skerryvore Lighthouse, with notes on 
the Illumination of Lighthouses. 4^ Edinburgh, 1848. 

Stevenson (J.). The Kalpa Sutra and Nava Tatva, two works illustnitive 
of the Jam Beligion and Philosophy, translated firom the Magadhi, with 
Benuirks on the Language of the original. (Ori^ital Translation Fund.) 
8° London, 1848. 

Stevenson (Bobert). Account of the Bell Bock Lighthouse, including 
details of its erection and peculiar structure, with an historical view <^ 
the institution and progress of the Northern Lighthouses. 4^ Edin- 
burgh, 1824. 

Stevin (Simon) — [M^moire de sa Vie, par A. Queteletl. 8^ [Bmxelles, 


StiEGLiTZ (C. L.). Ueber die Mahlerfarben der Griechen und Bomer. 8® 
Leipzig, 1817. 

Stillinofleet (Benjamin). Literary Life and Select Works (several never 
before published), by W. Coxe. 3 vok. 8^ London^ 1811. 

STI— STB 161 

[Stillingfleet (Edward), Bishop of Worcester]. Vindictttion of thdur 
Majesties' Authority to fill iixe Sees of the Deprived Bishops. 4° 
London, 1691. 

SnuuKO (William). Annals of the Artists of Spain. 3 vols. 8° Lon- 
don, 1848. 

Stokes (Captain J. Lort). Discoyeries in Australia, with an Accomit of 
the Coasts and Rivers explored and surveyed during the Voyage of 
H. M. S. Beagle, in 1 837-42; also a Narrative of Caption Owen Stanley's 
Visits to the Islands in theArafura Sea. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1846. 

Stokes (Eobert). Letter to the Earl of Devon, on the late Massacre at 
Wairau. 8° London, 1844. 

Stores (J. & H. S.). Delineations, graphical and descriptive, of Fountains 
Abbey in the West Riding of tiie County of York, with historical 
notices. 4° Ripon, — . 

Story (Joseph). Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, 
with a preliminary Review of the Constitutional History of the Colonies. 
3 vols. 8° Boston, 1833. 

Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws, foreign and domesHc, in 

regard to contracts, rights, and remedies, and especially in regard to 
marriages, divorces, <fec 8^ Boston, 1841. 

— Discourse, occasioned by his death, by William NewelL 8® 

Cambridge, U. S., 1845. 
see Marshall (J.) 

Stowell and Eldok (Lords) — Sketch of their Lives, comprising, with 
additional matter, some corrections of Mr. Twis6*s Work on the Chan- 
cellor, by William Edward Surtees. 8® London, 1846. 

Strabo. Gkographica, recensuit, commentario critico instruxit Gustavus 
Kramer. Vols. 1-2. 8** Berolini, 1844. 

Geographic, traduite du Grec (par La Porte du Theil, D. Coray et 

J. A. Letronne, avec des notes et une introduction par F. F. J. Goa- 
sellin). 5 vols. 4^ Paris, 1805-19. 

see also Gossellin. 

Strabons Erdbeschreibung in siebensehn Biichem, nach berich<- 

tigtem Griechischen Texte unter Begleitung kritischer erkl&render 
Anmerkungen, verdeutscht von Christoph Gottlieb Groskurd. 3 vols. 
8^ BerUn, 1831. 

— — — Conmientary on. — see Gell's Greece. 

His Account of the Alpine Passes. — see Law (W. J.) 

Strada (Famianus). De Bello Belgico (1555-1590) Decades duse. 2 vols. 
8** AntverpisB. 1649. 

STRAirGVORT> (Viscouut). — SCO Camocus. 

Street (Alfred B.). Frontenac, a Poem. 12^ London, 1849. 

&tRxmv9 (Burchard Gotthelf). Bibliotheca Philosophica in suas classes 
distributa, recensuit et accessionibus instruxit J. G. Lotterus. 12^ Jen», 

. Introductio in notitiam Rei Litterarise et usum Bibliothecarum, 

aooedunt Supplementa, J. C. Coleri Analecta, itemque M. Lilienthalii 
Annotationes. 12^ Lipsiae, 1729. 


162 STR — SUM 

Stbuyius (Burchard GotthelH. Bibliotheca Historic Litterarite selects 
olim titulo ''Introductionis in Notitiain Rei Litterarbe" [ab eo publicata], 
post variorum emendationes et additamenta opus novum formavit Jon. 
Frid. Jugler. 3 vols. 8** JeniB, 1754. 

see Freherus; Pistorius. 

Strtpb (John). — see Cranmer. 

Strzelecki (P. £. de). Physical Description of New South Wales and 
Van Diemen*s Land. 8^ London, 1845. 

Stukelet (WiUiam). Stonehenge, a Temple restored to the British Druids. 
foL London, 1740. 

. Abury, a Temple of the British Druids, with some others, described, 

fol. London, 1743. 

Stublesok (Snorro). The Heimskringla, or Chronicle of the Kings of 
Norway, translated from the Icelandic, with a preliminary dissertation 
by Samuel Laing. 3 vols. 8^ London, 1844. 

Sturt (Captain Charles). Narrative of an Expedition into Central 
Australia, performed under the authority of H. M. Government, 
during the Years 1844-46. 2 vols. 8"" London, 1849. 

Suckling (Sir John). Works, containing his Poems, Letters, and Plays. 
18^ London, 1719. 

Sue (Eugene). 

Martin TEnfiuit Trouv6, ou lee M^moires d*un Yalet-de-Chambre. 8 voUl 18° 

Bnizelles, 1846. 
Lea sept P6ch68 capitaux : I'Oiigueil. 4 vols. 1B9 Bruxelles, 1848. 

TEnvie. 2 vols. 189 BruxeUea, 1848. 

La CoUre. 2 voU 189 BnixeUes, 1848. 

La Par^aae. 189 Bruxelles, 1849. 

La Luxure. 189 BruxelleB, 1849. 

Suetonius. Les douze C^sars, traduits du Latin avec des notes et des 
reflexions par M. de La Harpe (en Latin et Fran^ais). 2 vols. 8® 
Paris, 1770. 

■ Dav. Ruhnkenii Scholia in Suetonii Vitas Csesarum, edidit Jacoba 

Geel. 8** Lugd. Bat. 1828. 

De ejus auctoritate. — see Erause. 

SuGAB Question — Digest of the Evidence before the Committee on Sugar 
and Coffee Plantations. (East Indies and Mauritius.) 8° London, 

see also in Tract Catalogue. 

SuiCER (J. C). Thesaurus Ecclesiasticus e Patribus Grseda exhibens 
qusecunque Phrases, Ritus, Dogmata, Hsareses, et hujusmodi alia speo- 
tant. 2 vols. fol. Amstelsedami, 1728. 

SuLPici^ Satyra. — see Poetse Latini Minores. 

Sumner (Charles). The Scholar, the Jurist, the Artist, the Philanthropist, 
an Aadress before the " Phi Beta Kappa" Society of Harvard Univer- 
sity, August 27, 1846. 8** Boston, 1846. 

Sumner (George). Memoirs of the Pilgrims at Leyden. 8^ Cam- 
bridge, U.S., 1845. 

Sumner (John Bird), Arqlibishop of Canterbury. A Practical Exposition 
of the Qospel accorc^g to St. Matthew, in the form of Lectures, 
intended to assist the practice of domestic instruction and devotion. 
8^ London, 1847. 


Sum KKR (John Bird), Archbishop of Canterbury. A Practical Exposition 
of the Gk)spel according to St. Mark. 8^ London, 1847. 

of the Gk)spel according to St. John. 8** London, 


of the Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans, and the First 

Epistle to the Corinthians. 8® London, 1843. 

of the Second Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians, and 

the Epistles to the Gkdatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. 
8'' London, 1845. 

of the General Epistles of James, Peter, John, and Jude. 

S"* London, 1840. 

Christian Charity, its Obligations and Objects^ with reference to 

the Present State of Society, in a Series of Sermons. 8° London, 

Sylyester^s (Joshua) Translation of Dn Bartas, Extracts from.- 
Milton (Dunster). 

Stmmons (Charles). — see Milton (Life). 

Sthonds (Sir William) — ^Facts v. Fiction; or Sir William Sjrmonds^ 
Principles of Naval Architecture vindicated by a compilation of Official 
and other Documents. 8^ London, 1845. 

Talbot (Henry Fox). English Etymologies. 8° London, 1847. 

Talfoubd (Thomas Noon). Vacation Rambles and Thoughts; or Recol- 
lections of three Continental Tours, in 1841, '42, and *43. 2 vols. 8^ 
London, 1845. 

Tandon (Auguste). Fables, Contes, et autres R^es, en vers patois de 
Montpellier. 8** Montpellier, 1813. 

Tabver (J. Charles). Royal Phraseological English-French, French- 
Englisn Dictionary. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1845-50. 

Tassi (Francesco). — see Cellini (Vita di). 

Tasso (Torquato). Jerusalem delivered, translated into English Spen- 
serian verse, with a life of the author, and list of English Crusaders, by 
J. H. Wiflfen. 2 vols. 8*» London, 1824. 

Vita, scritta dalF Abate Pierantonio Serassi. 4^ Roma, 1785. 

Tassoni (Alessandro). La Secchia Rapita. (Tipographia della Societa 
Letteraria.) fol. Pisa, 1811. 

Tatius. — see Achilles Tatius. 

Taylor (Henry). Notes from Life, in six essays. 8® London, 1847. 

Eve of the Conquest, and other Poems. 12^ London, 1847. 

Taylor (Richard Cowling). Statistics of Coal, the geographical and geo- 
logical distribution of Fossil Fuel, or Mineral Combustibles employed 
in the Arts and Manufactures. 8^ London, 1848. 

Taylor (Thomas). — see Pausanias; Proclus. 

Taylor (William), of Norwich. English Synonyms. 12° London, 1813. 

Memoir of his Life and Writings, containing his correspondence 

of many years with Southey, &c., by J. W. Robberds. 2 vols. 8® 
London, 1843. 

164 TEA— THI 

Tbatbo Espanol, anterior i Lope de V^a, [por J. N. Bobl de Faber]. ^ 
Hamburgo, 1832. 

Tesoro del Teatro Espanol desde bu Origen (Ano de 1356), hasta 

nuestros dias; arreglado y dividido por Don Eugenio de Ochoa. 
5 vols. 8** Paris, 1838. 

Tomo 1. Oriffenes del Teatro E8{Mifiol por D. L. F. de Moiatin. 
Piezas Dramaticas anteriores i Lope de Vega. 

— 2. Teatro eecogido de Lope de Vega. 

— 8. de Gaideron de la Baroa. 

— 4-6. desde el Siglo xvn. hasta nuestros dias. 

— Origen. — see ViUanueva. 

Temple (deorge Grenville, Earl). — see Junius. 

TsNirrsoK (Alfred). Poems. 2 vols. 12"" London, 1846. 

The Princess, a Medley. 12** London, 1847. 

Tbbentius. Comedies, translated into familiar Blank Verse by (3eoige 
Colman. 2 vols. 8** London, 1768. 

— tradotto. — see Alfieri, vols. 5-6. 

Ternauz-Compans (H.). Biblioth^ue Asiatique et Afncaine, on Cata- 
logue des Ouvrages relatifs a TAsie et k TAfrique qui ont pam depuis 
la D6couverte de Tlmprimerie jusqu'en 1700. 8* Paris, 1841. 

Tess^ (Mar^chal de). M6moires et Lettres, contenant des Anecdotes et 
des faits histonques inconnus sur partie des B.^gnes de Louis xiY. 
et XV. 2 vols. 8** Paris, 1806. 

Testament. — see Bible. 

Testament — ^The Apocryphal New Testament, being all the Qoepeb, 
Epistles, and other Pieces now extant, attributed, in the first four cen- 
turies, to Jesus Christ, his Apostles, and their Companions, and not 
included in the New Testament by its compilers, translated [and edited, 
with Notes, by W. Hone]. 8** London, 1821. 

Thaceerat (William Makepeace). Vanity Fair. A Novel without a Hera 
8** London, 1848. 

— — - The History of Pendennis. 8° London, 1850. 

TniATBE FBAN9018 — Repertoire du ThMtre Fran9ois, ou Recueil des 
Trag^ies et Comedies rest^es au Th6dtre depuis Hotrou, avec des 
Notices par M. P^titot 8^ Paris, 1803-23. 

— — see Teatro. 

^— see Plays. 

— — (Modem). — see Inchbald. 

TnioDOBic le Grand, Eoi ditalie — Histoire de, pr6cM^ d'une Bevue 
pr^liminaire de ses auteurs et conduite jusqu*4 la fin de la Monarchie 
Ostrogothique par L. M. Du Roure. 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 1846. 

THioDOSE le Qrand, Histoire de. — see Fl^chier ((Euvres, tome 1). 

Theophrastus. — see La Bruydre; Meursius, vol. 4. 

Thevenot — Sur sa collection des Voyages. — see Camus. 

Thi^bault (Dieudonn^). Mes Souvenirs de vingt ans de s^jour h. Berlin, 
ou Frederic le Grand, sa famille, sa cour, son gouvemement^ iic 
6 vols, in 3. 8** Paris, 1804. 

Thierry (Augustin). Lettres sur THistoire de France, pour servir d'intro- 
duction k r^tude de cette histoire. 8^ Paris, 1836. 

THI — THO 165 

THnsBBY (AugOBtin). Historical Works, translated. 8^ London, 1850. 

CovTRsm : History of the Oonqueet of England by the Nonnans, Narratives of 
the Merovingian Era, Historical Essays, and an Autobiographical Preface. 

Thiebs (L. a.). Bapport sur la Loi d'Instruction S^condaire, fait au nom 
de la Commission de la Chambre des D^put^ Juillet 13, 1844. 8° 
Paris, 1844. 

Histoire du Consulat et de TEmpire, faisant suite k FHistoire de 

la Revolution Fran9aise. Vols. 1 to 9. 8° and Atlas in 4^ Paris, 

History of the Consulate and the Empire of France under Napo- 
leon, translated by D. Forbes Campbell. Vols. 1 to 9. 8^ London, 

De la Propriety. 8"* Bruxelles, 1848. 

Discours sur le Droit au Travail. 12° Paris, 1848. 

— ^— ^ Il6ponse. — see Blanc (Louis). 

Du Credit Foncier. 12** Paris, 1848. 

see France (Petits Trait^ 5-6). 

Thiersch (Bernhardt). Urgestalt der Odyssee oder Beweis dass die 
Homerischen Gks&nge zu grossen Partieen interpolirt sind. 8° Konigs- 
berg, 1821. 

TniLSNins (H. C). Description d'Ems et de ses Eaux Min^rales. 12^ 

Thielwall (Connop), Bishop of St David's. History of Greece. Vols. 1 
to 5. 8** London, 1845-9. 

Thom (J. H.)— see White (Blanco). 

Thomas (Emile). Histoire des Ateliers Nationaux, des causes de leur 
formation et de Finfluence qu*ils ont exerc6e sur les ^v^nements des 
quatres premiers mois de la R^publique. 12^ Paris, 1848. 

Thomas (William). — see Dugdale's Warwickshire. 

Thomassinus (Ludovicus). Glossarium Universale Hebndcum. fol. 
Parisiis, 1697. 

Thompson (George). Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa, com- 
prising a view of the present state of the Cape Colony. 2 vols. 8^ 
London, 1827. 

Thomson (Ebenezer). German-English Analogies, a practical method of 
rendering the one Language systematically conducive to the acquisition 
of the other. 1 2« Edinburgh, 1 84 1 . 

Thomson (James). Complete Works, with his last corrections. 4 vols. 
12** London, 1757. 

Vol. 1. The Seasons. 

— 2. Idherty ; the Castle of Indolence, &o. 

— 8-4. Tragedies. 

■ A Poem to the memory of William Congreve, with a preface and 

notes by Peter Cunningham. (Percy Society, vol. 9.) 8® London, 

Thoeesbt (Balph). Letters of Eminent Men, addressed to him, now first 
published from the Originals, by Joseph Hunter. 2 vols. 8^ London, 

Diary, 1677-1724, now first published from the original MS., by 

Joseph Hunter. 2 vols. 8<' London, 1830. 

166 THO — TOD 

Thosndike (Herbert). Of the Qoveminent of Churches, a DisooorBe 
pointing at the Primitive Form, edited by David Lewis. 12° London, 

Thornton Romances. — Early English Metrical Romances of Perceval, 
Isumbras, Eglamour, and Degrevant, selected from MSS., and edited 
by J. O. Halliwell. (Camden Society.) 4® London, 1844. 

Thornton (Bonnell). — see Plautus. 

Thornton (William Thomas). Over-Population and its Remedy; or an 
Inquiry into the Distress among the labouring classes of the British 
Islands. &* London, 1846. 

Thoroton (Robert). History of Nottinghamshire, republished with large 
additions, by John Throsby. 3 vols. 4** London, 1797. 

Thorp (Archdeacon Thomas). Statement of particulars connected with 
the restoration of the Round Church. 8° Cambridge, 1845. 

Thorpe (Benjamin). — see Florentius Wigomiensis; Lappenberg. 

Thorwaldsen (II Cavaliere Alberto). Intera CoUezione di tutte le sue 
Opere, incisa a contomi, con illustrazioni del Abate MisserinL 2 vols, 
in 1. fol. Roma, 1831. 

Throsby (John). — see Thoroton's Nottingham. 

Thuctdides — The History of Thucydides, translated into English, and 
illustrated with annotations, a life of Thucydides, and memoir on the state 
of Greece at the commencement of the Peloponnesian War, by S. T. 
Bloomfield. 3 vols. 8"" London, 1829. 

[TiCKELL (Richard)]. Anticipation, containing the substance of H. M.'8 
Speech. 8** London, 1778. 

— ^— ^ La Cassette Verte de Monsieur de Sartine. 8^ La Haye, 1779. 

the same, translated. 8** London, 1779. 

TiCKNOR (George). History of Spanish Literature. 3 vols. 8® Lon- 
don, 1849. 

Ticozzi (Stefano). Dizionario degli Architetti, Scultori, Pittori, Intaglia- 
tori, Coniatori di Medaglie, Musaicisti, Niellatori, Intarsiatori d'ogni 
eta e d'ogni nazione. 4 vols, in 3. 8^ Milano, 1830-33. 

— — see Bottari. 

TiERNEY (M. A.). The History and Antiquities of the Castle and Tower 
of Arundel, with the Biography of its Earls from the Conquest to the 
present time. 2 vols. 8** London, 1834. 

TiOHE (Mrs. Henry). Psyche, with other Poems. 8** London, 1816. 

TiMON. — see [Cormenin]. 

Timon (The New). — see Bulwer. 

Tipu Sultan — History. — see Miles. 

TiTi (Filippo). Descrizione delle Pitture, Sculture e Architetture esposte 
al pubblico in Roma. 12^ Roma, 1763. 

Titian — Life, with Anecdotes of the distinguished Persons of his time, by 
James Northcote. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1830. 

TocQUEviLLE (Lc Comtc de). Histoire Philosophique du regne de 
Louis XV. 2 vols, in 1. 8** Paris, 1848. 

Todd (Henry John). Account of the Authorized Translation of the Holy 
Bible, and of the Translators. 12"" Oxford, 1838. 

TOD — TEA 167 

Todd (James Hentbom). Six Discourses on the Prophecies relating to 
Antichrist in the Apocalypse of St. John, preached before the Univer- 
sity of Dublin at the Donnellan Lecture. 8^ Dublin, 1846. 

The Search after Infallibility : Remarks on the Testimony of the 

Fathers to the Roman Dogma of Infallibility. 8^ London, 1848. 

Remarks on some Fragments of an Ancient Waxed Table Book 

found in a Bog at Maghera, County of Deny. 4** Dublin, 1848. 
see Nennius. 

Todd (Robert B.). The Cydopsedia of Anatomy and Physiology. 4 vols. 
8** London, 1836. 

Tombs (John Wood). The Pneumatogony, a Poem. 8** London, 1845. 

Metaphysical Analysis, revealing in the process of the Formation 

of Thought a new doctrine of Metaphysics. 8^ London, 1846. 

Tone (Theobald Wolfe). Life, written by himself, with his Mission to 
France, and Diary of his Negotiations with the French Republic, 
Narrative of his Trial, <kc., edited by his Son. 2 vols. 8** Washing- 
ton, 1826. 

TooKE (Thomas). History of Prices, and of the state of the Circulation, 
from 1839 to 1847, with a Review of the Currency Question, and 
Remarks on the Operation of the Act 7 and 8 Victoria. 8^ London, 

TooKE (William). — see Catherine ii. 

Topic (The), from December, 1846, to June, 1847. 

ToRBENS (R.). Principles and Practical Operation of Sir Robert Peel's Bill 
of 1844 explained and defended against the objections of Tooke, 
FuUarton, and Wilson. 8** London, 1848. 

TouLMiN (Joshua). History of the Town of Taunton, in the County of 
Somerset. 4^ Taunton, 1791. 

TowNSEND (William C). lives of Twelve Eminent Judges of the last and 
of the present Century. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1846. 

[TowNSON (Thomas)]. Dialogue between Isaac Walton and Homologistes, 
in which the character of Bishop Sanderson is defended against the 
Author of the Confessional [Francis Blackbume]. 8^ London, 1768. 

Tbadescant in Russland 1618. — see Hamel. 
Tbanbactioks op Literabt and Scientific Societies : — 

The foUowing are additions to the list in the former part of the Catalogue ; 
the voliimee published in continuation of the Transactions there enumerated 
have not been noticed. 


Journal of the British Archseological Association for the encourage- 
ment and prosecution of Researches into the Arts and Monuments 
of the Early and Middle Ages, from its commencement in 1846. 
8** London, 1846-50. 

Archseological Journal of the Central Committee of the British 
Archaeological Association [Archseological Institute] for the Encou- 
ragement and Prosecution of Researches into the Arts and Monu- 
ments of the Early and Middle Ages, from its commencement in 
1845. 8° London, 1845-50. 

168 TRA 



Proceedings at the Annual Meetings of the Archaeological Institate of 
Great Britain and Ireland at Winchester and York, September, 
1845-6. 2 vols. S** London, 1845-6. 

Transactions of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. 1847. 
Part I. 8** Hongkong, 1848. 

Reports of the Cambridge Camden Society, from 1841 to 1844. 8^ 
Cambridge, 1844. 

Reports of the Royal College of Chemistry, and Researches conducted 
in the Laboratories, 1845-6-7. 8** London, 1849. 

Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London from the com- 
mencement. 8^ London, 1845. 

Publications of the Ray Society from its commencement in 1844. 8° 

Abstracts of the Papers printed in the Philosophical TransaciionB of 
the Royal Society of London, from 1800 to 1849. 8^ London, 1832. 

Original Papers read before the Syro-Egyptian Society of London. 
Vol. 1. 8** London, 1845. 


Nordisk Tidskrifb for Oldkyndighed udgivet af det Kongelige Nordiske 
Oldskrift-Selskab. 3 vols. 8° Kiobenhaun, 1832-36. 


Verzeichniss der Abhandlungen der Konigl. Academic der Wissen- 
schaften zu Berlin, 1822-46. 8^ Berlin, 1848. 

Memorie della Reale Accademia delle Scienze di Torino. 

Tom. 1. Miscellanea Philosophioo-Mathematica Sodetatis Privata TanriiMnflu. 
4^ AugustsB Taurinonim, 1759. 

— 2-5. M^Unges de PhiloBophie et de Matli^matiqiie de la Sod6t6 Royale de 

Turin pour 1760-78. 4 vola. 4P Turin. 

— 6-22. M6moire8 de rA(»d6mie Royale des Sciences de Turin. 

— 28-40. Memorie della Reale Accademia deUe Sdenae di Torino. Tmino, 


— Serie Seconda. Tomo 1-9. iP Torino, 1839-48. 


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TBE — TUB 169 

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M^ee V, N. P. O'Gorman, Snoxall v. Major Wood, James Browne 
V. K. A. Bingbam, Bovill v, Moore and others, James Smith for Arson,- 
<kc. 8® London, 1816, &c. 

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gavensibus originem traxerunt (a.d. ad fidem 
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— 2-3. CEuvres Philosophiques ant^rieures k son adminiBtratioii. 

— 4-5. Travaux administratifs danfl Limoges (CEuTres Limouames surleA Impo- 

sitions, formation des Bichesses, &c.) 

— 6. Ordonnances, Lettres sur la liberty du Commerce des Grains, kc, 

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Visit of Charles the Second to Norwich, in September, 1671. 

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SUPP. z 

170 TUB — ULR 

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Incumbents and Patrons, and the dates of the Presentations, and annual 
value and population, continued from Blomefield's History of Norfolk 
to the present time. 8** Norwich, 1847. 

-— Guide to the Historian, Biographer, the Antiquary, the Man of 
Literary Curiosity, and the Collector of Autographs, towards the Veri- 
fication of MSS. (Privately printed.) 8** Yarmouth, 1848. 

[ •] Ancient Documents in the possession of the Rev. S. C. E. 

Neville Bolfe, at Heacham Hall, Norfolk. (Privately printed.) 8*" 
(Yarmouth, 1846.) 

see James i.; Newton's Letters. 

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-^— The Oregon Question examined, in respect to Facts and the Law 
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View of the Progress of Political Economy in Europe since the 

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The Relations of the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein to the 

Crown of Denmark and the Oermanic Confederation, and on the 
Treaty-Engagements of the Great European Powers in reference 
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see also under Denmark (in Tract Catalogue). 

see Niebuhr (B. G.) 

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England, edited nrom the unpublished MS. by John Mitchell Kemble. 
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— — Scholia in Lycophronem. — see Lycophron. 

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Walls of Atnens, translated by Ewing Pye Colquhoun. S° London, 

UNI — VAL 171 

United States. — see America. 

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Virtues and detecting the Vices of Mankind, from the Court to the 
Cottage. Vol. 1 (no more published). 12° London, 1743. 

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[The ostensible author of these papers was John Kelly, the dramatic 
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2. Ottonis de S. Blasio Appendix ad Chron. Frisingens. 

8. Hermanni Contracti Majoris Augita Monachi Chronioon. 

4. BertolduB Presb. Constantienais de rebus post Hennanni oMtum ad 


5. Henrici iv. Vita a quodam fieoniliari oonscripta. 

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7. Radevicus, jEnobarbiae historiss continuator, 1160. 

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in Longobardia gestis, 1270. 
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13. Fragmentum historicum Alb. Argent, ohronico pnefigi solitum. 

14. Alberti Argentinensis Chronioon, ad 1378. 

15. Ejusdem Commentarius de Bertoldi Episc. Ai^^nt. rebus, 1353. 

16. Sententia Exauctorationis et privationis Wenc^ilai Romanorum Regis, 


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Paix d'Utrecbt. 6 vols. 12** Utrecht, 1714. 

Considerations respecting tbe Marriage of tbe Duke of Mont- 

pensier witb reference to the Treaty of Utrecht. 8° London, 1847. 

Postscript to the further considerations respecting the Marriage of 

the Due de Montpensier with reference to the Treaty of Utrecht. 8 
London, 1849. 

see Giraud. 

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sopho Peripatetico Alexandrino, edidit et lectionem publicam Petri 
Wesselingii adjunxit Joannes Luzac. 4^ Lugd. Bat 1806. 

" Valentia's (Lord) Travels," Refutation of Wellsted's attack upon. — see 
Robinson (F.) 

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pata da Gregorio Leti. 12^ Monte Chiaro, 1670. 

YALifiY. — see MabiUon. 

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di Fossano, sopra le Belle Arti. 3 vols. 4® Venezia, 1782-86. 

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Lettere familiari a Mario Schipano, in tre parti: la Turchia, la Persia, e 
rindia, colla vita delF autore. 2 vols. 12** Brighton, 1843. 

172 VAN— VEN 

Yak Dyck (Sir Anthony). Pictorial Notices, ooDcdsting of a Memoir, with 
a Descriptive Catalogue of his Etchings, and a variety of particolarg 
relating to other Artists patronized by Charles i., by William Hookham 
Carpenter. 4® London, 1844. 

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vain, 1767. 

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ciations; pour servir a THistoire de la Vie du Cajrdinal de Fleury. 12^ 
Londres, 1843. 

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Biblioth^ue du Roi. 6 vols. 8^ Paris, 1822. 

Van Sommer (James). Tables exhibiting the various fluctuations in Three 
per Cent. Consols in every month during each year, from 1789 to 1847 
inclusive. 4^ London, 1848. 

" Varilla's History of Heresy," Eeflections on. — see King (W.) 

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from the War of Liberation in Germany, selected and translated by Sir 
Alexander Duff Gordon. 12"" London, 1847. 

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pubblicate per cura d'una Society di Amatori delle Art! Belle, vols. 
1-5. 12** Firenze, 1846-49. 

Manuale Storico dell' Arte Greca (Baccolta Artistica, voL 1). 12® 

Firenze, 1846. 

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tersammlungen aller Sprachen der Erde, zweite umgearbeitete Ausgabe 
von B. Jiilg. 8«» Berlin, 1847. 

Vatimesnil sur les Associations Keligieuses. — see Ravignan. 

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8** Oxford, 1849. 

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sur sa vie et ses ouvrages, et accompagn6es des notes de Voltaire, 
Morellet et Suard. 2 vols. 8<' Paris, 1821. 

Tome 1. Vie — Connaiisance de rEsprit Humain — Reflexions — Canustdrei. 
— 2. Reflexions et Maximes — ^Discoura — Lettres. 

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18** Paris, 1849. 

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Works, with a Critical and Historical Essay on Spanish Poetry, 

and a Life of the Author, by J. H. Wiffen. 8** London, 1823. 

Vega (Lope de). — see Teatro Espanol. 

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Desconocidas qui se encuentran en las mas Antiguas Medallas de 
Espaiia. 4^ Madrid, 1752. 

Veluanus (Anastasius Joannes). Kort Bericht in alien principalen punte 
des Christe geloves. 12® Straisburg, durch Balthasar von Klarenbach, 

Venice — Baccolta Chronologioo-Kagionata di Documenti inediti che 
formano la storia diplomatica della rivoluzione e caduta della Bepub- 
blica di Venezia. 2 vols. 4** Augusta, 1799. 

YEN— VIN 178 

YiNiOE — ^Belazione degli Ambegciatori Yeneti al Senator raccolte, annotate 
ed edite da Eugenio Alb^ri. 3 Series in 7 yoIb. 8^ Firenze, 

Yerereb (Hon. J. P.). Absenteeism considered, in its Economical and 
Social Effects upon Ireland. 18'' Dublin, 1848. 

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the MSS. of the Old Royal Library in the British Museum, edited by Sir 
Henry Ellis. (Camden Society.) 4? London, 1846. 

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Charles i., edited by John Bruce. (Camden Society.) 4^ London, 

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vol. 100. 
YiENNA — ^The Sieges of Yienna by the Turks, from the German of Blarl 

August Schimmer, and other sources. 12° London, 1847. 

YiEYRA (Anthony). Grammar of the Portuguese Language. 12° Lon- 
don, 1846. 
YiGiLANTius. — see GiDy. 

YiONS (G. T.). Personal Narrative of a Yisit to Ghuzni, Kabul, and 
Afghanistan, and of a residence at the Court of Dost Mohamed, with 
Notices of Runjit Sing, Khiva^ and the Russian Expedition. 8° Lon- 
don, 1840. 

■ Travels in* Kashmir, Ladak, Iskardo, the countries adjoining the 

Mountain-Course of the Indus, and the Himalaya, North of the Panjab. 
2 vols. 8° London, 1844. 

YiONOLES (Charles). Statements respecting the method and cost of pro- 
ducing Coke from Turf. (Privately printed.) 8^ London, 1850. 

YiLLA Amil. — see Perez de Yilla Amil. 

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Espanol. 4'' Madrid, 1802. 

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Secretes. 2 vols. 12"" Londres, 1742. 

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soBur de Louis xvi. (France, Recueil de Pieces.) 8° Paris, 1817. 

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Litt^rature du Moyen Age. 2 vols. 8® Paris, 1848. 

YiLLEMABQU^ (Th. dc). Barzas-Brciz; Chants Populaires de la Br^tagne, 
recueillis et publics avec une traduction Fran9aiBe, dee ^clairdssements, 
des notes et les melodies originales. 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 1839. 

Quatri^me Edition. 2 vols. 12** Paris, 1846. 

YiLLERM^ (L. R) — see France (Petits Trait^s, 10). 

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Harris Nicolas. -8° London, 1827. 

YiNCENT (Thomas). God's Terrible Yoice in the City, in a Narration of 
the two late dreadful Judgments of Plague and Fire inflicted upon the 
City of London, in 1665 and 1666. 12° London, 1722. 

YiNEis (Petrus de), Cancellarius quondam Friderici ii. Imp. Romam. 
Epistolarum libri 6: opus nunc post CI. Y. S. Schardii editionem, denuo 
cum Haganoensi exemplari collatum, per Germanum Philalethen. 8^ 
An^bergie, 1609. 

J 74 VIR — WAC 

ViROiLius. (Eavres de Virgile, traduites en Yen Fran9ai8 par Tisaot eft 
Delille; Espagnol par Guzman^ Velasco et Luis de Leon; Italien par 
Ariel et Annibal Caro; Anglais par Warton et Dryden; AUemand par 
Voss; texte en regard d*apr^s Heyne. 8° Paris, 1838. 

Tradotto. — see Alfi^ri, vols. 7, 8. 

Eneida, en verso Castellano. — see Yriarte. 

Commentarii in Virgilium Serviani sive Gommentarii in Yir^um 

qui Mauro Servio tribuuntur ad fidem Codd. Guelferb: aliorumqiie 
recensuit variis lect : indicibusque instruxit H. Albertus lion. 2 yoIb. 
in 1. 8** Gotting», 1826. 

ViscoNTi (Ennio Quirino). Opere varie Italiane e Francesi, raccolte per 
cura di Q. Labus. 4 vols. 8^ Milano^ 1827. 

Vol. 1. Monumento degli Scipioni — Gatalogo del Museo di T. Jenkins — Leitere 
sopra Iscrizione, Ac. 

— 2. Esposizione dell' impronte di antiche (Jemme del principe Agostino Chigi 

— Catalogo delle Gemme del principe S. Poniatowscki, Lettere, Ac 

— 8. Notice dee ZodiaqueB de Tentyra — Sur lea Scnlpteun Greos da nom de 

Gltomdnes — Sor lea Sculptures du Parthenon---Sur quelques mnmnnwrni 
des Americains — Artiook estratti dal Journal dee SavanBy kc. 

— 4. Descrizioni di Antichi Monumenti del Museo Franoese — Vases EtrosqaM 

— Notice des Statues de la (Valerie du Mu86e Ni^ol6on, Lettare^ So- 
netti, kc. 

II Museo Worslejano descritto e illustrato, pubblicato da Q. 

Labus. 8"" Milano, 1834. 

Monumenti Gabini della Villa Pinciana descritti, pubblicati da G. 

Labus. 8"" Milano, 1835. 

Monumenti scelti Borghesiani illustrati^ pubblicati da G. Labus. 

8** Milano, 1837. 

ViTET (L.). Monographie de TEglise Notre Dame de Noyon. Plans, Coupes, 
Elevations et Details, par Daniel Ram^e. [Documents In^dits sur 
THistoire de France.] 4*» Paris, 1845. 

Les Etats d'Orl^ans, Scenes Historiques. 12^ Paris, 1849. 

[ViTON de Saint Allais]. Histoire G6n^ogique des Maisons Souveraines 
de TEurope, depuis leur origine jusqu*a present. 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 

Voss (J. H.). Sammtliche Gedichte. 7 vols. 8** Kdnigsberg, 1802, 

Theil 1. Luise. 

— 2. Idyllen. 

— 3. Oden und Elegieen. 

— 4-5. Oden und I^eder. 

— 6. Yermischte Gedichte, Fabeln und Epigramme. 

— 7. Zeitmessung der Deutsohen Sprache —Oden und Elegieen. 

see Homer. 

Voyage of the Beagle. — see Stokes. 

VuLLiAMY (B. L.). On the Construction and Theory of the Dead Escape- 
ment for Clocks. 8** London, 1846. 

A Portion of the Papers relating to the Great Clock for the New 

Palace at Westminster, with Remarks. (Privately printed.) 8** Lon- 
don, 1848. 

Waagen (G. F.) — see Rubens. 

Wage (Robert). Le Roman de Rou*et des Dues de Normandie, public 
pour la premiere fois d'apres les Manuscrits de France et d'Angleterre, 
avec des notes par Fr^d^ric Pluquet. 2 vols. 8^ Rouen^ 1827. 

WAO— WAL 175 

Wacb (Robert) — Observations sur. — see Raynouard. 

— ^^— Semi-Saxon Paraphrase of his Brut. — see Layamon. 

Wachsmuth on the Old Greek Comedy. — see Aristophanes. 

Waddington (George). Three Lectures on National Education. 8® 
London^ 1845. 

Wagner (J. A.) — see Alciphron. 

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und Litteratur. 8° Leipzig, 1784. 

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" Documents In^dits sur THistoire de France." 2 vols. 4® Paris, 1838. 

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present reference to the British Empire. 8° London, 1849. 

Wakefield (Edward Jemingham). Adventure in New Zealand, from 
1839 to 1844, with some account of the beginning of the British Colo- 
nization of the Lilands. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1845. 

Walbran (John Richard). Pictorial Pocket Guide to Ripon and Harro- 
gate, and the Monastic Remains of Fountains and Bolton. 8^ Ripon, 

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tionibus instructa. 4 vols. 8® Jense, 1757. 

Walckenaer (le Baron). Geographic Ancienne, historique et compar^e 
des Gkules Cisalpine et Transalpine. 2 vols. 8^ and Atlas of Maps in 
4** Paris, 1839. 

.^— — see Sevign^. 

[Waldie (Miss)]. Rome in the Nineteenth Century: an account of the 
Ruins of the ancient City, Remains of the Middle Ages, and monuments 
of modem times, with remarks on the Fine Arts, &c, 3 vols. 8^ 
Edinburgh, 1826. 

Waldron (F. G.)— see Ireland (W. H.) 

Walhalla. — see Ludwig von Bayem. 

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of Chess. 12** London, 1846. 

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taking up arras against King Charles the First, written by himself. 8^ 
London, 1793. 

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YoL 1. Mathesis Universalis — Adversus Meibomium de Proportionibus — ^De Seo- 
tionibus Conicis — Arithmetica Infinitorom — De Cycloide — Mechanical, 

— 2. De Algebra Tractatus, cum appendicibus. 

— 3. Claudii Ptolemsei, Porphyrii et Manuelis Bryennii Harmonica — ^Archimedis 

Arenarius, et Dimensio Circuli — ^Aristarchus Samius de magnit. et dis- 
tantiis Solis et Lunsa — Pappi Alexandrini libri Secundi CoUecta> 
neorom fragmentum — Wallisii Epistoln, &c. 

Walpole (Horace), Earl of Orford. Letters, including many now first 
published from the Original MSS. 6 vols. 8^ London, 1840. 

Letters to the Countess of Ossory, from the year 1769 to 1797, 

now first printed from original MSS., edited with notes by the Right 
Hon. R Vernon Smith. 2 vols. 8° London, 1848. 

. Memoirs of the Reign of King George the Third, now first pub- 

lished from the original MSS., edited by Sir Denis Le Marchant. 4 vols. 
8** London, 1845. 

176 WAL — WAT 

Walpole (Horace), Earl of Orford. Supplement to his Anecdotes of 

Painting. — see Edwards. 

see Catalogue (Antiquities, dec.) 

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codicum manuscriptorum, recensuit Hans Claude Hamilton. (Eng- 
lish Historical Society.) 2 vols. 8^ London, 1848. 

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but also the idioms and phraseology of the En^ish Language are care- 
fully translated into Welsh. 2 vols. 4^ London, 1794. 

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Realities of Eastern Travel. 2 vols. 12® London, 1845. 

— ^— ^ Hochelaga, or England in the New World, edited by Eliot War- 
burton. 2 vols. 12** London, 1846. 

see Rupert (Prince). 

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tions and Permutations. 4^ Cambridge, 1847. 

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with existing practice. 8° London, 1844. 

see also under Tractarian Controversy (in Tract Catalogue). 

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stances connected with his mode of national defence. 8® London. 

Warton (Thomas). — see Chatterton. 

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tion and notes, by T. Crofbon Croker. ^ercy Society, vol. 22.) 8* 
Loudon, 1848. 

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Waterhouse (G. R). Mammalia. — see Fitzroy. 

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6 vols. 8° London, 1791. 

VoL 1. Taylor (J.), Scheme of Scripture Divinity. 
Allix (P.), Keflexions on Holy Scripture. 

— 2. Lardner (Nath.), History of the Apostlce and Svmngeliitt. 

— 3. Brett (Tho.) on the Ancient Yerrions of the Bible. 

Johnson (Aiithony), Account of English Translations of the Rhle. 
Beausobre et L'E£i&nt, Introduction to the Scriptures. 
Taylor (J.J, K^ to the Apostolic Writings. 

— 4. Locke (John), Reasonableness of Christianity. 

Clarke (Sam.) on Natural Religion and the Christian Revelatioii. 

Smith (John^ on Prophe^. 

Harrington (O.) on the Holy Spirit. 

Benson (G.) on Inspiration. 

on the Unity of Sense in Scripture. 

— 5. Hartley (D.) of the Truth of the Christian Religion. 

Addison fJos.) on the same. 

Lardner (N.) on the Fulfilment of our Saviour's Predietions oonoeming 

Macknight (Jae.) on the Conversion of the World to Christianity. 
Benson's (G.) Essay on the Man of Sin. 
West (Gilbert) on the Resurrection. 

— 6. Seeker's (Archbishop) Charges. 

Ostervald (J. F.) on the Corruption of Christians. 
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178 WEG 

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Die Kreuzes-Brdder. 

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■ see Daubeny (C.) 

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182 WIL 

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Qegenst&nde der alien Kunsi — Ueber die Baukunsi der Alien. 

— 2. Ueber die Herculanischen Enideckungen — Versuch einer Allegorie beson- 

ders fiir die Kunsi. 

— 3-6. Qeschichie der Kunsi des Alierihums. 

— 7. Voriaeufige Abhandlung vor dem Werk " Monumenii Aniichi inediii." 

— 8. Sachregisier von C. G. SiebeHs. 

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184 WRI — YOU 

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Anglo-Norman Period. (Royal Society of Literature.) 8® London, 


see Palestine. 

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YBI — ZSO 186 

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S"* Madrid, 1787. 

Tomo 1. Fabulaa literarias — La MuBioa^ Poema. 

— 2. Varias Poeaias. 

— 8. Eneida de Yiigilio, en verso Castellano. 

— 4. Epistola de Horado k los Pisonea, trad. — Gom6dia : El SeAorito Mimado* 

— 5. Dramas : £1 Filosofo Casado, Haerfimo de la China^ y la libreria. 

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Zacharia (Friedrich Wilhelm). Poetische Schriaen. 6 vols. 8"" Beutt^ 
lingen. 1778. 

VoL 1. Der Renommist. I Vol. 2. Das M&dchen. 

Yerwandlungen. Die Schopfimg der Hdlle, fto« 

Das Schnupftuch. 
Der Phaeton. 
Mumer in der Hdlle. 
Vol. 2. Der Morgen, &c. 

Oden una IdMer. 

— 8. Fabeln und Enihlungen. 

— 4. Oortes, Ac. 

— 5-6. Das verlohme Paradies. 

Zadora, a Romance of the great City, Babylon. 12^ London, 1846. 

Zedleb (Johann Heinrich). Grosses vollstandiges Uniyersal Lexicon aller 
Wissenscha£^n und Kiinste, welche bisshero durch menschlichen Vers* 
tand und Witz erfimden worden, nebst einer Yorrede von J. P. von 
Ludewig. 63 vols. fol. Leipzig, 1732-50. 

Supplemente (A — CAQ). 4 vols. fol. Leipzig, 1751-4. 

Zenkeb (J. ThA Bibliotheca Orientalis : Manuel de Bibliographie Orien- 
tale. 8^ Leipzig, 1846. 

Zipou (Perlone). — see [Lippi]. 

ZoiST, The, a Journal of Cerebral Phjrsiology and Mesmerism, from the 
commencement. 8^ London. 1844. 

ZoLLYEREiN (The.) — sec Mensch. 

ZoNARAS ^Joannes). Annales ex recensione Mauricii PinderL (Byzan- 
tina Historia.) 2 vols. 8° Bonnie, 1841-4. 

ZooLOOT — Reports on the Progress of Zoology and Botany, 1841-42. 
(Ray Society.) 8** Edinburgh, 1845. 

-^— Reports on Zoology for 1843-44, translated from the German by 
George Busk, Alfred Tulk, and A. H. HaUday. (Ray Society.) 8^ 
London, 1847. 

ZscHOKKE (Heinrich). Ausgewahlte Novellen und Dichtungen. 6 vols. 
8° Aarau, 1841. 

Band 1-2. Lebensweisheit. 

— 8. Erheitemdes. 

— 4-6. Historisches. 


8UPP. B B 






Uaedfor Referenoe to the CoUecUana in which the Tracts a/re otynioMhed, 

[Oontiniied flnom the list at page 868 of the former Cfttalogae.] 

Ath.CoU /or 

Oath. Ckmt 


Gibbon Coll.... 

ITiflC. Coll 


Tracts S 

Union Coll 

Collection of Tnota formed by tlie Athenmim. 

on the ControTeray between the Chnrchee of 
£nd|and and R<nne, principally of the time 
of Charles n. and James n. 

Episcopal Charges. 

formed by Edward Qibbon, the historian. 

on Miscellaneous Subjects. 

on the Tractarian ControTeray. 

' formed by the Atheneum, supplementaiy to the 
General Collection, which is confined to the 
Pamphlets of the Day, arranged ohronologL- 

for Collection of Tracts on the Union between 
Great Britain and Ireland. 

Other Colleotion% in single volumes, induded in the Catalogue of Tracti^ yis. : 

Tracts on the Ciyil War, 1642-9. 
... Beyolutionofl688. 
... Popish Plot. 
by Charles Butler, of Iinooln*8 Inn« 
by David lUoaido. 


A'Beckxtf (ThomaB Tarner). Hallway Idtigatioii, and how to check it. (Ath. CfoU. 
vol. 281.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Abikodon (William, Earl of). Constitutional Strictures on partioolar poritions 
advanced in the Speeches of the Right Hon. William Pitt, 28rd and Slst Jan. 1799. 
(Union Ooll. Speeches.) 8° London, 1799. 

ABTSaonA, British Mission to. — see Beke. 

Aglavd (Henxy W.). Remarks on the Extension of Education at the University of 
Oxford. (Ath. CoU. voL 249.) 8<' Oxfoid, 1848. 

Adaib (A. Shafto). The Winter of 1846-7 in Antrim, with Remarks on out-door 
Relief and Colonization. (Ath. Coll. vol. 210.) 8^ London, 1847. 

AoBiCfUlTUBi — ^The Battle of the Ploughshares ; Price, Profit, and Rent, their rela- 
tion in the proepects of British Agriculture. (Ath. Coll. voL 226.) 8^ London, 

The Economy of Cottage Life ; Seven Letters, with an Essay on the Lnprove- 

ment of the condition of uie Agricultural Labourers. (Ath. Coll. vol. 224.) 8^ 
London, 1847. 

- see Caird ; Davis; Hartlib ; Whitmore. 

- On Protection to. — see Com Laws ; Ricardo. 

- (Russian). — see Salter. 

AHiLAUD (J. P.). Notice sur T^tat aotuel de la publication de " I'Atlas du Yioomte de 
Santarem." (Ath. ColL vol. 286.) 8^ Pans, 1846. 

Aix-la-Chafillb — Tr^sor d*Aix-la-Chapelle, ou description des Saintes R^ques dans 
la Basilique de Notre-Dame. (Ath. Coll. vol. 286.) 129 1825. 

AliOOCK (Major T. St. Leger). Observations on the Poor Relief Bill for Lreland, and 
its bearing on Emigration. (Ath. Coll. vol. 214.) 8° London, 1847. 

The Tenure of Land in Ireland considered. (Ath. ColL vol. 254.) 8^ Lon- 

don, 1848. 
Allboiance (The Oath of). — see under " Revolution of 1688. 


AJ4XX (Captain William). Mutual Improvement ; or a Scheme for the self-adjustment 
ofthe Social Machine. (Ath. Coll. vol. 220.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Plan for the immediate extinction of the Slave Trade, and the diffiision of 

Civilization and Christianity in Afirica. (Ath. Coll. vol. 268.) 8^ London, 

[AiJJX (Peter)]. Discourse concerning the Merit of Good Works. (Cath. Cont. voL 4.) 
4^ London, 1688. 

190 TRACTS. 

Amabi (M.), The Anglo-French Mediation in Sicily, or PostrScriptnm to ** Sicily and 
the Bourbons," tranalatedfrom the French. (Ath. Ooll. vol. 284.) 8^ London, 1849. 

Ambbica — A Brief View of the Policy and Reeouroes of the United States. (Tracts S. 
vol. 6.) 8^ London, 1810. 

Anatomt — Notions sur la construction du Corps Hunudn. (Manuscript). (Gibbon 
OoU. vol. 8.) 4°. 

Anderdon (William Henry). Contending for the Faith ; a Sermon on a late Decision. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 296.) 8^ London, 1860. 

Andebson (A.). The recent Commercial Distress, or the Panic analyzed, showing the 
cause and cure. (Ath. Coll. vol. 264.) 8° London, 1847. 

Andbbson (James S. M.). The Trials of the Church a (|uickening of her Zeal and 
Love ; two Sermons on the Recent Judgment [on Baptism]. (Ath. Coll. vol. 295.) 
8° London, 1850. 

Andoveb Union — Extracts from the Report, and Oases of Mr. Parker and Mr. Day. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 217.) 8° London, 1847. 

Two Letters to Sir George Grey. (Ath. ColL vol. 217.) 8° London, 1847. 

^— see Day ; Parker. 

Abdbew (W. p.). Letter on the position of the East India Railway Company, with 
extracts and remarks. (Ath. Coll. vols. 261 and 289.) 8^ London, 1848. 

[Andbews (Lancelotus), Episc. Winton.]. Tortura Torti ; sive ad Matthsi Torti libmm 
rea>onsio qui nuper ecutus <x>ntra Apologiam Jaoobi R^s Ang1ii» pro Juramento 
Fidelitatis. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 12.) 4^ London, 1609. 

AmmxE (J. B. B. d'). Analyse G6ographique de lltalie. (Gibbon ColL vol. 2.) 4^ 
Paris, 1744. 

■ Analyse de la Carte, intitul6e Les CAtes de la Grdce et TArchipel. (Gibbon 

ColL voL 2.) 4° Pa^M!, 1757. 

Abbuthnot (John) — see Crown Inn. 

Abchjbolooioal AseociATiON (Britiah) — ^Report of the Special (General Meeting, 
March 6, 1845, [with the statement of Thomas Wright]. (Ath. ColL vol. 199.) 
8° London, 1845. 

Another Report, with Observations on the Proceedings by Alfred J. Dunkin. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 199.) 8° London, 1845. 

see Pettigrew. 

Arithm^tique, ou Science de Calcul. MS. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 1.) 4^. 

Abmt — Some Remarks on the rank, promotion, and expense of the Officers of the 
Gtiards, by an Officer of the line. (Ath. CoU. vol. 276.) 8^ London, 1849. 

The Royal ArtiUeiy. — see Chesney. 

Vindication of the British Army. — see Napier. 

IN India — Review of the present condition of the Native Portion of the British 

Army in India. (Ath. CoU. vol. 276.) 129 London, 1846. 

— On the Deficiency of European Officers in the Army of India, by one of 

themselves. (Ath. CoU. vol. 276.) 8^ London, 1849. 

On its Compoffltion. — see Briggs. 

On the Baggage of. — see Burlton ; Napier. 

Abnold (Thomas K.). Remarks on £. B. EUiott's Horss ApocalypticiB. (Ath. ColL 
voL 202.) 8^ London, 1845. 

Abnold (Thomas, D.D.), his Theology. — see Neander. 

Abticues agreed upon by the Archbishops and Bishops of both provinces, and the 
whole Clergie in the Convocation at London in 1562, for the avoiding of diversities 
of opinions. (Oath. Cont. vol. 9.) 4^ London, 1669. 

Abticlbs (xxxix.) as the Test of Doctrine. — see Goode. 

. On Subscription to. — see Maurice ; Oakeley ; Ogilvie. , 

Abt Union — The Art Union of London and the Board of Trade : Correspondence rela- 
tive to the proposed interference with the Society's Plan. (Ath. CoU. vol. 269.) 
8^ London, 1848. 

AsoiLL (John). An Abstract of the Publick Funds granted and continued to the 
Crown nnce 1st WiUiam and Mary, and stiU existing. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 22.) 4® 
London, 1788. 

TBAOTS. 191 

AflHBURNis (John). Facts in Clairvoyance, extracted from the '' Zoist," with Obeerva- 
tions on MeBmerism, and its Application to the Philosophy of Medicine and the 
Cure of Disease. (Ath. Coll. vol. 267.) 8^ London, 1848. 

AsHBUBTON (Lord). The Financial and Commercial Crisis considered. (Ath. Coll. 
vol. 226.) S^ London, 1847. 

AsiATio Society — Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth Anniversary, May 8th, 1847. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 248.) 8® 1847. 

Assurance (Life) — A proposal for a Yearly Increase of Wealth, by Subscriptions to 
advance Money upon l2ves. (Qibbon Coll. vol. 18.) 4^ London, (1715). 

Proposals by the Company of Insurers for the better establishing the Friendly 

Society for the Assurance of Money upon lives. (Qibbon Coll. vol. 20.) 4^ Lon- 
don, 1715. 

AiTEBBUBT (Francis), Bishop of Rochester. Discourse occasioned by the death of the 
mghi Hon. Lady Cutts. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 12.) 4^ London, 1698. 

— Sermon preached before the House of Commons at St. Margaret's, Westmin- 
ster, May 29, 1701. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 12.) 4° London, 1701. 

AuBEB (Jacques). M^moire concemant les Tailles, et 4e8 Moyens de fiiire cesser les 

Abus qui se commettent dans son imposition. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 7.) 4^ Paris, 

AuSTBALiA — Competence in a Colony contrasted with Poverty at Home ; or relief to 

Landlords and Labourers by Australian Colonization and Emigration. (Ath. CoU. 

vol. 266.) 8® London, 1848. 

■ On Emigration to. — see Waghom. 

»— Steam Communication with. — see Bogue ; Jemingham. 

Licence Fees of Crown Lands. — see Hamilton. 

On transferring Labour from Van Diemen's Land to New South Wales. 


see also Emigration. 

AuSTBiA. — see Italy ; Lombardy. 

Attouv (James). The Railways and the Currency, as connected with the present 
Monetary Crisis. (Ath. Coll. vol. 280.) 8® Edinbui^gh, 1847. 

AzEOUO (Marq. Massimo d'). The Present Movement in Italy ; translated from the 
ItaUan. (Ath. CoU. vol. 242.) 8<^ London, 1847. 

■ Austrian Assassinations in Lombardy ; edited by Fortunate Prandi, translated. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 258.) 8® London, 1848. 

B. (B.)— see WUUam iii. 

B. (J.) — see Trade (French Usurpations). 

Babbaoe (Charles). Thoughts on a Property Tax and its exceptions. (Ath. CoU. 
voL 264.) 8® London, 1848. 

— Reply to, on the Planet " Neptune." — see Sheepshanks. 

Bach (Adolph). Umriss einer Staatsver&ssung fiir Deutschland. (Ath. CoU. vol. 284.) 
8^ Wiesbaden, 1849. 

Bericht ueber den zu Cowes, &c., Deutsch-EvangeUschen Gottesdienst, fUr die 

Seeleute w&hrend der d&nischen Blockade. (Ath. Coll. vol. 291.) 129 London, 

Kirchenlieder aus dem Bunsenschen Gesang und Gebetbuche, zum Gebrauche 

bei dem (jk)tteedienste zu Cowes, &c., eingerichtet flir die Seeleute. (Ath. CoU. 
vol. 291.) 129 London. 1849. 

Badelet (Edward). Substance of his Speech before the Judicial Committee of the 
Privy Coundl upon the Appeal in the cause, Gk>rham v. the Bishop of Exeter, with 
an Introduction. (Ath. CoU. vol. 302.) 8® London, 1850. 

Bagot (Richard), Bishop of Bath* and Wells. Chaige to the Clergy of his Diocese, 
((iaiges, vol. 8.) 8^ London, 1847. 

Bailt (Francis), President of the Royal Astronomical Society — Memoir, by Sir John F. 
W. Herschel. (Ath.' CoU. vol. 237.) 8° London, 1845. 

Baines (Edward), junr. Letters to Lord John Russell on State Education. (Ath. CoU. 
vol. 206.) 8® London, 1846. 

Reply. — see Vaughan. 

102 TRACTS. 

Bajowell (Thomas). The Antinomian's Christ oonfbtmded and the Lord's Chriat 
exalted ; a conftitatioii of Dr. Oispe and Mr. Lancaster ; also, a combat with the 
Antinomian*8 Christ in his Den, his arraignment, and the fiunting Soole built upon 
the tme rocke. (Civil War Tracts.) 4^ London, 1644. 

The Ordinance of Excommunication rightly stated and yindicated. (Gibbon 

CoU. vol. 28.) 40 London, 1646. 

Ball (John). What is to be done for Lreland? (Ath. ColL vol 255.) 8^ London, 

Bakk of Ekoland— a Brief Account of the Litended Bank of England. (Gibbon Coll. 
voL 13.) 4° London, 1694. 

An Answer to a Libel entituled a Dialogue between Dr. H(ugfa) C(hamberiaine) 

and a Country Gentleman. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 13.) 4^ London, 1696. 

The Villainy of Stock Jobbers detected, and the cause of the late Run upon 

the Bank and Bankers discovered. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 13.) 4^ London, 1701. 

A Short View of the mparent daogem and mischiefis from the Bank of England. 

(Gibbon CoU. vol. 13.) 4«^ London, 1707. 

A Defence of the Bank of England ; or a Reply to a late pamphlet, inti 
arks upon the Bank of England. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 18.) 4^ London, 17 


Remarks upon the Bank of England. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 18.) 4^ London, 1707. 
Proposals for restoring Credit, and for making the Bank of England more 

useful and profitable. (Gim)on Coll. vol. 13.) 4^ London, 1721. 

Suffgestions for the regulation of Discount by the Bank of England. (Ath. 

ColL vol. 225.) S9 London, 1847. 

The Petition of the Merchants, Bankers, and Traders of London against the 

Bank Charter Act. (Ath. Coll. vol. 225.) 8^ London, 1847. 
see also Torrens. 

On a National Bank. — see Ricsrdo. 

Bakkino. — see Currency. 
Bavkbuftct (Court of). — see Fane. 

BAFTiaM: — 

The Gorhak Contbovkbst on thb Dogftrinb of Baftzbhal Rigekeratiok: 

Gorham v. Bishop of Exeter. The Judgment of the Judicial Committee of Privy 
Council. (Ath. Coll. vol. 296.) 8^ London, 1850. 

Speech before the Committee. — see ^uleley. 

Letter on the Judgment. — see Phillpotts. 

Works in favour of thb Doctrine, or against the Decision ov thi 

Judicial Commtfteb: 

The Judicial Committee of the Privy Coimcil and the Petition for a Chuix^ 
Tribunal in lieu of it; a letter by an Anglican Layman. (Ath. Coll. vol. 297.) 
8^ London, 1850. 

Letter to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in reference to the late Judg- 
ment, in the case of Gk>rham v, the Bishop of Exeter. (Ath. Coll. vol. 297.) 
8^ London, 1850. 

A Voice from the North : an Appeal to the People of England on behalf of 
their Church, by an English Priest. (Ath. Coll. voL 299.) 8^ London, 

Letter to Lord John Russell in fibvour of uigixur the Revival of Convocation at 
the present crisis in the Church of England, by Lucius. (Ath. Coll. voL 801.) 
8^ London, 1850. 

The Clergy and the Commons ; or the Right of the National Convocation to sit 
in Paruament vindicated, by a Layman. (Ath. ColL vol. 301.) 8^ London, 

See also Anderdon ; Anderson ; Bartholomew ; Bennett ; Biber ; Campbdl ; Case ; 
Cavendish ; Chambers ; Croly ; Denison ; Dodsworth ; Drake ; Egsn ; Garside ; 
Goodwin; Griffith; Hoare; Hook; Keble; Kempe; Maskell ; Massingberd ; 
Mayow; Melvill; Monro; Neale; Peile; FercevBl; Phillpotts; Redeodale; 
Robertson; St. lieger; Watson. 

Against State Jurisdiction in matter of Doctrine. — see Bennett; Dodsworth; 

TBACTS. 108 


Reyirion^ or a wise and timely alteration of certain ezpresdons in the Bap- 
tismal Serrices of the Chnrcn of England, recommended as necessary Ibr its 
peace and effidencj^ by a beneficed Clergyman. (Ath. Coll. vcd. 308.) 12^ 
London, 1850. 

The Great Gorham Case ; a history, including Expositions of the rival Baj^ 
tismal Theories, by a Looker-on, with a pre£ce by John Search. (Ath. Cofi. 
vol. 803.) 12<> London, 1850. 

Review of the Judgment of Sir H. J. Fust in the case of Gorham v. the Bishop 
of Exeter, reprinted firom the " Christian Observer." (Ath. Coll. vol. 296^) 
8^ London, 1850. 

See also Brogden ; Congleton ; Goode ; Harcourt ; Hare ; Kennedy ; Litton ; 

Other Controversial Tracts in reference to the Decision. — see Drummond; 
Irons; Wiseman; Wolff. 

Barber (W. H.). His Case, containing copies of all the Documents submitted to Sir 
George Grey, Letter from Norfolk Island on the Cruelties to which he was sub- 
jected, his Deliverance, &c. (Ath. Coll. vol. 275.) 8° London, 1849. 

Babbieb (Stephen). An Expedient to pay the Public Debts. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 18.) 
4^ London, 1719. 

Babkes (Ralph). Letter to a Member of the House of Commons on the Tithe Compo- 
sition Bill. (Tracts S. vol. 2.) S^ Exeter, 1880. 

Letter on Church Rates. (Tracts S. vol 2.) 8** London, 1837. 

Letter to Lord John Russell on the Commission of Inquiry into Episcopal and 

Capitular Estateik (Ath. CoU. vol. 275.) B9 London, 1849. 

Babbow's "Arctic Voyi^es," Observations on. — see Ross. 

Babbt (Henry Boothby). The advantages and disadvantages of the Feudal System, 
[Sheldonian Prize Essay]. (Ath. OoU. voL 200.) B9 Oxford, 1848. 

The Law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ, [EUerton Theological 

Prize Essay]. (Ath. Coll. vol. 200.) B9 Oxford, 1845. 

Babteb (William Brudenell). The English Church not in Schism ; or a few words on 
the Supremacy of the Pope and the Progress of Antichrist. (Ath. Coll. vol. 202.) 
69 London, 1845. 

Babtholomew (Ch. Ch.). " The Grace of Baptism tied to the Rite*' taught as a most 
certain truth by the Church of England ; two Sermons. (Ath. Coll. vol 295.) 8^ 
Exeter, 1850. 

Basill (William), Attorney General of Ireland. Declaration of the Irish Annie in 
Ulster, sent to the Parliament in a Letter from him to William Lenthal, the 
Speller. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 15.) 49 London, 1650. 

Bateman (James). A Word to the Wise on the Oxford Crisis. (Tract. Cont. vol. 18.) 
B9 London, 1845. 

Bauhik (Joannes). Historise Fontis et Balnei admirabilie Bollensis. (Gibbon OoUj 
vol. 19.) 4<^ Montis Belgardi (Montbelliard), 1598. 

Bavabia — Protestation de I'Electeur de Bavidre centre TElection qui va se Bsdre d*UB 
nouvel Empereur. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 5.) 4^ Namur, 1711. 

Bbamibh (N. Ludlow). Remedy for the impending Scarcity, suggested by a visit to 
the Kukerran Estate of the Irish Waste Land Improvement Society. (Ath. CoU. 
vol. 210.) 8° Cork, 1846. 

Bbavib (Richard). Memorial of the Dutch-Spanish Merchants, concerning the Losses 
at Vigo. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 9.) 4® London, 1703. 

Beke (Charles T.). Abyssinia : a statement of Facts relative to the transactions between 
the Writer and the British Mission to Shoa. (Ath. CoU. vol. 200.) 8^ London, 

Statement of Facts, &c., second edition. (Ath. CoU. vol. 228.) 8^ London, 


Remarks on the Mats'ha'& Tomar, or the Book of the Letter, an Ethiopic MS. 

in the Library of tho University of Tubingen. (Ath. CoU. vol. 269.) 8<^ London, 


194 TRACTS. 

Bike (Charles T.). On the Origin of ihe GallaB. (Ath. Coll. vol. 269.) 8^ London^ 


BsLOBADE — Relation of the Siege or Taking by Storm of the City of Belgrade, on the 
6th day of September, 1688. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 11.) 4^ London, 1688. 

Bkllebs /John). Proposals for raising a College of Industry of all useful Trades and 
Husbandry. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 24.) i^ London, 1696. 

Bknsdict xm. — Caract^ de TEsprit et du Coeur de notre trds-saint Pdre le F^>e 
Benoist 13. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 8.) 4® Paris, 1724. 

Bennett (William J. £.). Crime and Education; the duty of the State therein. (Ath. 
Coll. vol. 204.) 8° London, 1846. 

Apostacy ; a Sermon in reference to an event at St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, 

[The Case of the Rev. Alexander Chirol]. (Ath. Coll. vol. 222.) 8^ London, 

see Chirol. 

Reply to " A Statement of Facts," by Alexander Chirol. (Ath. ColL vol. 222.) 

8® London, 1847. 

The Church, the Crown, and the State, their junction or their separation, in 

two Sermons. (Ath. Coll. vol. 294.) 8° London, 1850. 

Benson (Christopher). Rubrics and Canons of the Church of England considered. 
flVact. Cont. vol. 12.) 8® London, 1845. 

The Cong6 d'Elire ; or the present mode of making English Bishops, [Hampden 

Controversy]. (Ath. Coll. vol. 245.) 8° London, 1848. 

Bentinck (Lord G^rge) — Answer to his Address to the Electors of King's Lynn, by 
" Plain Facts." (Ath. CoU. vol. 227.) 8° London, 1847. 

Berkslet (Hon. G. F.). Pamphlet in defence of the Gkume Laws. (Ath. Coll. voL 
203.) 8<^ London, 1845. 

Answer. — see Cobbett (J. P.) 

Best (Chief Justice) [Lord Wynford]. Charge delivered to the Grand Jury of Wiltshire. 
(Tracts S. vol. 6.) 8® London, 1827. 

[Bethel (Sir Slingsby)]. The World's Mistake in Oliver Cromwell ; or a short Political 
Discourse, shewing that his Maladministration layed the foundation of our present 
condition in the decay of lYade. (Gibbon Coll. voL 15.) 4^ London, 1668. 

BiBER (G. E.). The Church in her Day of Trial and the Duty of her Members, a 
Sermon. (Ath. Coll. vol. 294.) 8^ London, 1850. 

Bible Societt (British and Foreign) — Four I*lain Reasons, wherefore a Chnrdmian 
ought not to subscribe to the Bible Society. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) 8^ London, 

The Bible Society contrary to the Bible and hostile to the Church. ^Tracts S. 

vol. 3.) 8° London, 1848. 

On the Claim of. — see ^ry ; Yansittart. 

Against. — see Callaghan ; Wordsworth. 

BiOELOW (Henry Jacob). Address to the Boylston Medical Society of Harvard Uni- 
versity. (Ath. Coll. vol. 286.) 8® Boston, U.S., 1846. 

BiONON (M.). On the Proscriptions and Persecutions of the Jews, translated by a Lady, 
with notes. (Ath. Coll. vol. 244.) 8® London, 1848. 

BntKS (T. R.). Letter to Lord John Russell on the Admission of Jews to Parliament. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 244.) 8° London, 1848. 

BiRMiNOHAM, state of. — see Slaney. 

Bishop (George). Mene Tekel ; or the Council of Officers of the Army against the 
Declarations, &c. of the Army. (Scarce Tracts.) 4^ London, 1659. 

Blackeb (William). Essay on improving the condition of the Labouring Claases of 
Ireland. (Ath. Coll. vol. 211.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Blakeslet (Joseph William). Where does the Evil lie? On the prevalence of Private 
Tuition in the University of Cambridge. (Ath. Coll. vol. 188.) 8® London, 

BUND (The) — Letter to Lord Whamcliffe in reply to James H. Frere's Letter, by the 
London Society for teaching the Blind to read. (Ath. Coll. vol. 188.) 8^ London, 

TRACTS. 195 

Bund (The)— Fifth Report of the London Society for teaching the Blind to read. (Ath. 
Coll. vol. 188.) %^ London, 1843. 

Bloicfisld (Charles James), Bp. of London. Letter to Charles Butler, in vindication 
of English Protestants from his attack upon their sinoeri^, in iJie Book of the 
Roman Catholic Church, with a Postscript. (Butler's '"Aacts.") 8° London. 
1825. ^ 

see Butler. 

Charge delivered to the Clergy of his Diocese. (Charges, vol. 8.) 8^ Lon- 

don, 1846. 

Pastoral Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of London, [on the approach of 

the Cholera]. (Ath. CoU. vol. 263.) 8® London, 1847. 

Blunt (Walter). Ecclesiastical Restoration and Reform. No. 1. On Church Rates, 
Parish Officers, Education of the Poor, Cemeteries. (Ath. Coll. vol 221.) 8^ 
London, 1847. 

BODINOTON (Oeorge). Letters : a New Tear's Qift to Ireland, Irish Prospects, Agri- 
culture, Manu&ctures, &c. (Ath. Coll. vol. 256.) 8^ London, 1849. 

Boors (Adam). Steam to Australia, the routes between London and Sydney com- 
pared, and the expediency of forming a settlement at Cape York, in Torres Strait. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 252.) 8° Sydney, 1848. 

BOLINOBBOKB (Henry St. John, Viscount). Last Will and Testament, with copy of a 
Letter from his Lordship, giving his reasons for leaving the Kingdom in March, 
1715. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 1.) 4<^ London, 1752. 


BOBOBKT, (Uias Boratzi ((George), Tryal and Condemnation, and of Christopher Yrats, 
and John Stem, for the barbarous murder of Thomas Thynn, Esq., together with 
the Tiyal of Charles John, Coimt Coningsmark, at the Old &ailey, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 
1681. (Tracts on the Popish Plot.) fol. London, 1682. 

BoRRiNO (Etienne). Sur la Limite M6ridionale de la Monarchic Danoise, et sur VEtj' 
mologie des Noms Q6ographiques du Sleswig et de la Normandie. (Ath. Coll. 
vol. 279.) 8® Paris, 1849. 

BOUOUNB (P.). Lettre & Monsieur * * *, dans laquelle on discute divers points d'Astro- 
nomie-Pntique, avec quelques Remarques sur le Supplement au Journal Historique 
de M. de k Condamine. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 2.) i^ Paris, 1754. 

BouBNS (John). Indian River Navigation ; Report to the Committee. (Ath. Co]l. 
vol. 289.) S^ London, 1849. 

BousFiELD (Benjamin). Letter to the Citizens of Cork. (Union Coll. vol. 11.) 8^ 
Cork, 1799. 

BowEN (C. H.). Mortgage Banks, as the means of providing employment in Ireland. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 255.) 8<^ Dublin, 1848. 

BowTER (G^rge). Lombardy, the Pope, and Austria. (Ath. Coll. vol. 258.) 8^ 
London, 1848. 

BoTD (Benjamin). Letter to Sir William Denison, Governor of Van Diemen*s Land, 
on tranisferring the unemployed labour of that Colony to New South Wales. (Ath. 
CoU. vol. 266.) 8^ Sydney, 1847. 

Bravhall (John), Archbishop of Armagh. A Fair Warning for England to take heed 
of the Presbyterian Government, as being of all others most injurious to the 
Civi] Magistrate, most oppressive to the Su^ebt, most pernicious to both. (Scarce 
Tracts.) 4«> London, (1649). 

Brands (WiUiam Thomas). Correspondence relating to a Document published in the 
Report of the Commissioners on the Afiairs of the Mint. (Ath. CoU. vol. 286.) 8^ 
London, 1849. 

Bread — ^Temperate Discussion of the Causes which have led to the present High Price 
of Bread. (Tracts S. vol. 1.) B^ London, 1800. 

the Assize of. — see Penkethnian. 

Brkreton (C. D.). Observations on the Administration of the Poor Laws in Agricul- 
tural Districts. (Tracts S. vol. 1.) 8° Norwich, . 

Address, with a proposal for a Church, Mission-House, and School at Sarftwak, 

on the N. W. of Borneo, under the protection of James Brooke. (Ath. CoU. vol. 
228.) 8<^ London, 1846. 

Bricknsll (W. Simcox). Resignation and Lay Conmiunion : Professor Keble's View 
of the position and duties of Tractarians, submitted to the Members of Convocation. 
(Tract. Cent, vol 12.) S^ London, 1841. 

106 TRACTS. 

BscuriLL (W. Simooz). Beoond Letter to Hie Rer. E. B. iSiaey, ooeariofied by Im 
circular in support of the Rev. Isaac Williamt, as a candidate for the Poetiy Pro- 
fenorship. (IVact. Cont. vol. 12.) 8^ Oxford, 1841. 

An Attempt to ehicidate the Theology of the Rev. Isaac WiQiams, by a 

. comparison of Number 91 with Number 86 of Tracts for the "Hmes. (Tract Cont. 
vol. 12.) 8^ Oxford, 1842. 

Oxford : Tract Number 90: and Ward's Ideal of a Christian Church, a prac- 

tical Suggestion submitted to Members of Convocation, with an Appendix of Testi- 
monies and Extracts. (Tract. Cont. vol. 13.) 8^ Oxford, 1844. 

Bbidovs (W.). The Ix^fall Convert according to the Oxford OoVT'' ^ Convert will be 
loyidl : or some short amiotations on this Book. (Civil War Tracts.) 4® London, 

Bbioos (Mi^or General). Letter to the Marquis of Tweeddale, [on the Composition of 
the Indian Army]. (Ath. Coll. vol. 252.) 8^ Cheltenham, 1842. 

What are we to do with the Punjabi (Ath. Coll. vol. 252.) 89 London, 


How to improve the health of the Metropolis, and to feed the People of 

Ireland. (Ath. Coll. vol. 258.) 8<^ London, 1849. 

BBITI8H AssociATiOK— Correspondence of the Magnetical and Meteorological Com- 
mittee. (Ath. Coll. vol 201.) 8^ London, 1844. 

Bbitibh and Fobeion Institutb — Account of its Dissolution. (Ath. ColL voL 248.) 
8° 1847. 

BumH MuBBUX — On the Supply of Printed Books from the Library to the Reading 
Room ef the British Museum, [Ptoiazi's Reply to Sur N. H. Nicolas]. (Ath. Coll. 
voL 243.) 8° 1846. 

see Nioolas. 

Letter to the Earl of Ellesmere on the management of the Library of Printed 

Books in the British Museum, [by John Edward Gray]. (Ath. Coll. vol 269.) (Pri- 
vately printed.) 8^ London, 1849. 

BftlTTON (John) — ^The Britton Testimonial : Account of the Dinner given to him at 
Richmond, with a prefihce by T. £. Jones. (Misc. Coll. voL 14.) Royal 8^ 

Bbooden (James). The Duty of Christian Subjection, and the unreasonableness of 
Separation considered. (Ath. Coll. vol. 295.) 8^ London, 1850. 

Bkookb (H.) — see Johnson (Samuel). 

Bbouqhak (Henry, Lord). Letter to Lord Lyndhurst on Criminal Police and National 
Education. (Ath. Coll. vol. 206.) S^ London, 1847. 

Second Edition, with a Postscript. (Ath. Coll. voL 206.) S^ London, 


Letter to Sir James Graham on the making and digesting of the Law. (Ath. 

Coll. vol. 287.) S^ London, 1849. 

Seoond Edition. (Ath. Coll. vol. 287.) S^ London, 1849. 

Bbown (Hmnphrey). On the application of a Gkrvemment System of Railways in 
Ireland. (Ath. Coll. vol. 261.) 8^ London, 1848. 

Bbown (John). Some considerations in &vour of the BCaynooth Grant. (Atlk ColL 
voL 192.) 8^^ London, 1845. 

Bbowkk (G. Lathom). Explanation of the Public Health Act, 11 k 12 Vict oaip, 68. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 253.) %° London, 1849. 

[Bbownb (John)]. The Merchant's Aviso, or Instructions necessary for thcnr sons and 
servants when they first send them beyond the seas. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 21.) 4P 
London, 1640. 

Bbumton (William). On the Ventilation of Coal Mines. (Ath. Coll. vol. 286.) B9 
London, 1849. 

Bbtsoit ^lobert). Description of a new self-ragistering Barometer. (Misa Coll. voL 8.) 
40 Edinburgh, 1844. 

BuoKnroHAM (George ViUiers, Duke of). Short Discourse upon the reaionabkness of 
Men's having a Religion or Worship of God. (Gftth. Cont vol. 9.) 4^ London, 

TRACTS. 197 

BlWUJtCHiAii (Jnmes S.). Appeal to the BritSrii Nation on the greatest Reform yet 
remaining to be accomplished [against the use of Intoxicating Drinks]. (Ath. Coll. 
▼ol. 216.) 8P London, 1846. 

BuKBEN (Chevalier Christian C. J.). Die Deutsche Bundesverfassune und ihr eigenthiim- 
liches Verh&ltniss zu den Yerfassungen Englands und der Vereinigten Staaten. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 281.) 8«> London, 1848. 

Vorsohlag fUr die unverBilgliche Bildung einer vollstftndiffen Reichsverfiissimg 

w&hrend der Y erweserschaft zur Hebong der inneren Aiist&nde und zur krftftigen 
Darstellung des Einen Deutschlands dem Auslande gegeniiber. (Ath. CoU. vol. 281.) 
8^ Frankfurt-am-Main, 1848. 

Memoir on the Constitutional Rights of the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein, 

published with Qmner's Essay on the Danish Question, and the Official Documents, 
by Otto von Wenckstem. (Ath. Coll. vol. 281.) S^ London, 1848. 

Noten Euy Beleuchtung der angeblichen " Thatsachen " in dem " Memoir. 

(Atk. Coll. vol. 281.) B9 Kopenhagen, 1848. 

Yindication of the Chevalier Bimsen from the Charges of the "Cliristian 

RemembnAoer," [by J. C. Hare]. (Ath. Coll. vol. 220.) 8^ London, 1846. 

BnSGiss (Richard). Letter to the Rev. W. T. Hook on his proposed plan for the Edu- 
cation of the People. (Ath. Coll. vol. 205.) 8^ Jjondon, 1846. 

— ^— National Schools and National School Teachers. Letter to the Archbishop of 
Canterbury. (Ath. Coll. vol. 260.) 8° London, 1848. 

■ see Education (Metropolis Schools). 

BimaON(Jelm WilHam). Petra, a Prize Poem. (Ath. Coll. vol. 200.) 8^ Oxford, 1845. 

BuBl/rON (Colonel W.). Brief Comments on Sir C. Napier's Letter to Sir J. Hobhouse 

''on the Baggage of the Indian Array.^ (Ath. Coll. vol. 276.) 8^ London, 1849. 

Burnet (Gilbert), Bishop of S^trum. Sermon preached at the Chappel of the Rolk on 
Gun-Powder-Treason-Day. (Cath. Cont. vol. 9.) 49 London, 1684. 

^-~^ Sermon before the H. of Commons on the Thanksgiving Day, 81 Jan. 1688. 
(Oath. Cont. vol. 9.) 49 London, 1689. 

Sermon at his Consecration. — see Homeck. 

•^— "His History of the Reformation" — Reflections on the Relation of the English 
Reformation, printed at Oxford, by G. B., D.D. 2 parts. (Cath. Cont. vol. 6.) 4^ 
Amsterdam, 1688. 

BuBBTTT (Elihu). Journal of a Yisit of three days to Skibbereen. (Ath. Coll. vol. 210.) 
d9 London, 1847. 

BuBTON (Captain J. Ryder). Letter on the National Defences. (Ath. Coll. vol. 271.) 
S^ London, 1848. 

BuBHB (Gervase P.). Some Considerations on the Inoome Tax. (Ath. Coll. vol. 189.) 
8^ London, 1845. 

ButLSB (Charles). Tracts, viz. : 

Letter on the Chief Consul Buonaparte's projected Invasion. 8^ London, 1803. 
Address to the Protestants of Great Britain and Ireland. 8^ London, 1818. 

Inaugural Address ^oken Nov. 4, 1815, on laying the first stone of the London 
Institution. 8^ London, 1816. 

Undivided Allegiance of Roman Catholics to their Sovereigns. 8^ London, (1825). 

Letter on the Coronation Oath. 8^ London (1825). 

Address to the Protestants of Great Britain. 8^^ London (1825). 

Letter to C. J. Blomfield, Bishop of Chester, in Yindication of a Pksaage in his 
" Book of the Roman Cathohc Church." 8^ London, 1825. 

see Blomfield. 

Reply to the Article in the " Quarterly Review," for March, 1826, on the 
Revelations of La Soeur Nativity. S^ London, 1826. 

Short Reply to Dr. Phillpott's Answer to the Letter on the Coronation Oath. 
8° London, 1828. 

A Memoir of the Catholic Relief Bill passed in 1829, with a preliminary minute 
of all the Divisions in Parliament on the Catholic Claims subsequent to 1778. 
8° London, 1829. 

Catalogue of his Library, Prints, and Music, sold by Auction, December 1, 1832. 
99 London, 1832. 

198 TBACTS: 

Burr (Isaac). The Rate in Aid ; a Letter to the Eari of Boden. (Ath. CoU. rol. 298.) 
89 Dublin, 1849. 

Buxton (T. Fowell). Abridgment of his Work entitled " The African Slave Trade and 
its Bemedy." (Tracts S. vol. 7.) S^ London, 1840. 

Caibd (James). High Farming under liberal covenants the best substitate for Pro- 
tection. (Ath. Coll. vol. 277.) 8^ Edinburgh, 1849. 

Oallaohak (A.). Thoughts on the tendency of Bible Societies as affecting the Esta- 
blished Church. (Tracts S. vol. 3.) 8^^ London, 1818. 

CAi;rHBOPE (Charles). The Relation between the Lord of a Manner and the Coppy- 
holder his tenant. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 18.) 4^ London, 1635. 

Calvsbt (Frederic). Observations on the Difficulties of Suits in EquiW amongst 
the Shareholders of Joint Stock Companies. (Ath. Coll. vol. 240.) 8^ London, 

Cambridob — ^The next step respectfully suggested to the Senate of the University of 
Cambridge, by one of its Members. (Ath. Coll. vol. 249.) 8^ Cambridge^ 

Oambbedob Antiquarian Society — Second General Report (Ath. Coll. vol. 199.) 8^ 
Cambridge, 1842. 

Oamfbell (Charles). The views of the English Church and her Reformers on Bap- 
tismal Regeneration contrasted with those of the Rev. John Spurgin, with an 
Appendix on Apostolical Succession. (Tract. Cent. vol. 12.) 8^ London, 1845. 

Campbell (J.). View of the Dangers to which the Trade of Great Britain will be 
exposed if Naples and Sicily fidf into the hands of the Spaniards. (Gibbon ColL 
vol. 9.) 4® London, 1754. 

Campbkll (Hon. W. F.). Will Mr. Labouchere's Navigation Measure pass the House 
of Lords t a Letter to a Protectionist Peer. (Ath. Coll. vol. 272.) 8^ London, 

Canada — Letter to Earl Grey on the Events of the last three years, &c., by a Canadian. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 228.) 8^ Montreal, 1846. 

Financial position. — see Hincks. 

Vindication of Lord Elgin. — see Mackay. 

Canatb (Meesire Philippe). Extraits de ses Lettres au Roi Henry 4, [sur les Jdsnitesl. 
(Gibbon CoU. vol. 1.) 4<^ . 

Canning (Right Hou. George). Speech, January 29, 1817, on the motion for an 
Address to H. R. H. the Prince Regent. (Tracts S. vol. 5.) 8^ Jjondon, 1817. 

Speech, November 24, 1819, on the Address to the Throne. (Tracts S. vol. 5.) 

8® London, 1820. 

Speech to his Constituents at Liverpool, March, 18, 1820. (Tracts S. voL 5.) 

8^ London, 1820. 

Correct Report of Speeches delivered December 12, 1826, relative to the Affion 

of Portugal, (tracts S. vol. 5.) S^ London, 1827. 

[Carter (William)]. The Usurpations of France upon the Trade of the Woollen 
Manufacture of England. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 9.) 4^ London, 1695. 

Cabthagena — Journal de tout ce qui 8*est pas86 & la prise des Forts de Bocachioa et 
au Si^e de Cartagdne aux Indes Occidentales. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 11.) 4^ Lon- 
dres? 1741. 

Cast (Walter). — see Excise. 

Case (George). Failing in the Faith, a Sermon. (Ath. Coll. vol. 295.) 8^ London, 

Cabtille (Comte de) — Provisions d'un titre de Comte de Castillo, donn6 par le Roy 
d'Espagne au S' Jean Baptiste Robin et & ses descendans, et Lettres Patentee du 
Roi confirmatives d'iceluy pour en jouir en France. (Gibbon Coll. voL 1.) 4^ 
Paris, 1723. 

Cat (A) may look upon a King. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) 8^ Amsterdam, 1714. 
Cathedral Trusts.— see Whiston. 

TRACTS. 199 

*' Catlxk*8 Kotefl of Travels in Europe, with his K. A. Indian Collection." The Con- 
tentB. (Ath. Coll. vol 286.) 8^ London, 1848. 

Oarli, on fibttening. — see Wames. 

The Cattle Show, a Poem. (Ath. Coll. voL 196.) 8° London, 1846. 

Oatx (Stephen). A few Words on the encouragement to the Slaye Trade by the 
Sugar Bill of 1846. (Ath. CoU. vol. 262.) 8^ London, 1849. 

Oavkndibh (Hon. Richard). Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury on the actual 
relations between Church and State, suggested by Baptist Noel's Essay. (Ath. Coll. 
voL 291.) 8<> London, 1849. 

Letter to Archdeacon Hare, on the Judgment in the Oorham Case. (Ath. Coll. 

voL 297.) 8<* London, 1860. 

Oavoub (Camille de). Considerations on the state and prospects of Ireland, translated. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 193.) 8<> London, 1845. 

CiTLON. — see Payne. 

[Chambeblatne (Edward)]. England's Wants, or several Proposals probably beneficial 
for England humbly offered to the consideration of all good patriots in both houses 
of ParUament. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 21.) 4^^ London, 1685. 

Chambers (John David). Anglo-Saxonica, or Animadversions on some Positions, his- 
torical and theological, in Soame's '' Latin Church during Anglo-Saxon 'Hmes." 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 269.) 8^ London, 1849. 

A Review of the Corham Case, in its aspects, moral and legal, with a critical 

examination of the Judgment : a Letter to the Bishop of Salisbury. (Ath. Coll. 
vol. 296.) 8® London, 1860. 

" Charttablb Corporation Office" — History of the Charitable Corporation, from the 
date of their Charter to the kte Petition. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 13.) 4^^ London, 

The Nature of the Charitable Corporation, and its relation to Trade considered. 

by Britannicus. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 13.) 4^^ London, 1732. 

Charitable Trusts Bill. — see Palmer. 

Charles r.— see Civil War, 1642-9. 

A Solemn Humiliation for the murder of Charles i., with remaxlu on thoee 

popular mistakes concerning Popery, Zeal, and Subjection, which had a &tal 
mnuence in our Civil Wars. (Catii. Cont. vol. 9.) 4^ London, 1686. 

On the Death of Charles the Firsts a Prize Poem. (Ath. Coll. vol 286.) 8^ 

London, 1849. 

Chartdsm — What the Chartists are, a Letter to English Working-men, by a Fellow- 
labourer. (Ath. Coll. vol. 271.) 12° London, 1848. 

Chemistry, &c. — Most important Errors in Chemistiy,. Electricity, and Magnetism 
pointed out and refuted. (Ath. Coll. vol. 238.) 8° London, 1846. 

Chesnet (Colonel). Observations on the reconstruction of the Royal Regiment of 
ArtiUery, and its separation into Horse, Field, and Churrison Artillery. (Ath. CoU 
vol. 276.) 9P London, 1849. 

[Child (Sir Josiah)]. A Discourse of the nature, use, and advantages of Trade, proposing 
some considerations for the advancement thereof. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 21.) 4° Lon- 
don, 1694. 

China — Statistical View of China Proper, by K M. Martin, (on a sheet). (Misc. CoU. 
vol. 8.) 4<^ 1847. 

Treaty of Peace at Nankin, 1842. — see Urmston. 
Opium Trade in. — see Martin. 

Chio — Account of Monsieur de Quesne's late expedition at Chio, together with the 
Negociation of Monsieur Guilleragues at the Port. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 11.) 49 Lon- 
don, 1683. 

Chirol (Alexander). Statement of Facts in Reply to W. J. £. Bennett's Sennon 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 222.) 12° London, 1847. 

Reply. — see Bennett. 

Remarks on Mr. Bennett's Reply, 2nd and 3rd editions. (Ath. CoU. vo]. 222.) 

8® London, 1847. 

see Gordon ; Wiseman. 

200 TRACTS. 

CmBHOLM (Mrs.). Emigration aod Transportfttion reUtivBly mnm^andp im • IjbUt to 
Earl Grey. (Ath. CoU. vol. 266.) S^ London, 1847. 

Chloroform — Its use in Dental Surgery. — see dendon. 

In Midwifery. — see Murphy. 

Cholera — Five Minutes' Common Sense about the Asatic Cholera. (Ath. OoIL 
▼ol. 267.) 8^ London, 1848. 

The Cholera no Judgment ; the Prayer by the Archbishop of Cantetboxy 

lyer Dv 
examined, by Sensus Conmiunis. (Ath. CoU. vm. 291.) 8^ London, 1849. 

see Blomfield ; Qillkrest ; Skiers. 

Church of Eholaki^— Discourse oonoeming the Unity of the Cathdidc Church main- 
tained in the Church of England. (Cath. Cont. vol 8.) 4^ London, 1684. 

Letter to Rowland Gardiner Alston, in reply to iw Ezpostulatory Lettar to 

the Churchwardens of Ware on the subject of Um recent Memiorial to the Rirfwrp of 
London. (Tract. Cont. vol. 16.) 8° Ware, 1843. 

A Call to Churchwardens to resist the progress of superstition ai^d priestcraft 

in the Church of England^ referring especially to the Bishop of Exeter's Letter to 
the Clergy of his Diocese. (Tract. Cont. vol. 16.) 89 London, 1843. 

Letters by Civis on Church subjects in the West of Cornwall, with a Letter to 

the Rev. WiUiam Cams Wilson, (tract. Cont. vol. 16.) 8<> Truro, 1844. 

Thoughts on Church Matters, by a Churbhman. (Tract. Cont. yoL IS.) 8^ 

London, 1845. 

A Letter upon Church BCatters to the Editor of the Times, by a Co>anti7 Yicar. 

(Tract. Cont. vol. 16.) 89 London, 1846. 

Reflections discriminative and pacificatory on recent and stiU pasring events 

in our Church and Elder University. (Tract. Cont. vol. 13.) 89 London, 1845. 

see also Tractarian Controversy. 

Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury on the present wants of the Church, by 

a Layman. (Ath. Coll. vol. 220.) 8^ London, 1846. 

The Development of Anglicanism the hope of the Church of Atigland ! Letter 

to Lord John Russell by a Churchman. (Ath. CoU. voL 220.) 89 London, 1846. 

Third edition, revised and enlarged. (Ath. CoU. voL 220.) 8^ London, 


see also Korthcote ; lliompson. 

Word of Warning and Exhortation to the Clergy and Friends of the Church. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 221.) 8« London, 1847. 

Principles of the English Constitution in Church and State tooching the Royal 

Supremacy, Convocation, Appointment to Bishopridu, &c. (Ath. CoU. t6L 247.) 
S^ London, 1848. 

see also Cavendish. 

The Endowments of the Choreh no just grievanoa to Dissenter^ Rmmaniit or 

Protestant. (Ath, CoU. vol. 254.) 89 Umdon, 1849< 
On Church Government. — see Whately. 

Church Rkform — Church Reform and Clerical Ddinquenciea, by a Member of the 
Church. (Ath. CoU. vol. 220.) 89 London, 1846. 

No hope for the Church of England as by Law " perverted" : Letter 

to the National Club. (Ath. CoU. vol. 220.) S^ London, 1846. 

Church Emancipation and Church Reform, by Eodesiastea. (Ath. 

CoU. vol. 221.) S^ London, 1847. 

A Plan of Church Extension and Reform, submitted to Lord John 

Russell, in March, 1848, vrith remarks by J. C. Colquhoun. (Ath. CoU. veL 247.) 
8^ London, 1848. 

see also Blunt (W.) ; Morris ; Surtees. 

(Ireland). Proposals for remedying the abuses and promoting the 

Efficiency of the Established Church in Ireland, by a beneficed Cleigyman. (Ath. 
CoU. vol. 247.) 8<> Dublin, 1849. 

Church Leasehold Question, True Statement of the. (Ath. CoU. vol. 287.) 8^ Lon- 
don, 1849. 

see also Maitland (J. G.) 

TEACTS. 201 

Church Ratjbs. — see Barnes; Blunt. 

Chubch Vestmsnts — Circular Letter from the Bishop of Montreal to the Gei^y of his 
Diocese on Church Vestments. (Charges^ vol. 5.) 8^ London^ 1845. 

Chubohbs — on the Restoration of. — see Close. 

GiTiL Was — Narrative of the Causes and Events of Civil War between Princes and 
People, with the manner how the People of Rome and the Netherlands abjured their 
King, with the Form of their Oaths of Abjuration, by F. M. (Scarce Tracts.) 4^ 
London, 1659. 

Civil Wab (The) in England, 1642-9 — His Majesties Declaration to all his loving sub- 
jects of the causes which moved him to dissolve the last Parliament. (Scarce Tracts.) 
4^ London, 1640. 

The Copy of a Letter written to the Lower House of Parliament touching 

divers grievances and inconvenieucies of the State. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 15.) 4^ 
London, 1641. 

His Majesties Qracious Message to Parliament, wherein he assenteth to the Bill 

against Bishops, their Votes in Parliament, and that no man in holy orders shall 
meddle with any Temporall Jurisdiction. (Scarce Tracts.) 4^ London, 1642. 

A Complaint to the House of Commons, and Resolution taken up by the free 

Protestant Subjects of the Cities of Loudon and Westminster. (Civil War Tracts.) 
4<^ Oxford, 1642. 

Tom Tell Troth; or a free Discourse touching the Murmurs of the Times, 

directed to his Majesty by way of humble advertisement. (Civil War Tracts.) 4^ 
London, 1642. 

A Plea for the Parliament, or xv. Considerations for the satis&ction of such 

who are apt to be mitdeil by a Malignant Party against the Parliament. (Civil 
War Tracts.) 4<^ London, 1642. 

A Miracle : an honest Broker, or Reasons urging a more liberall Loane towards 

the maintenance of Religion, Law, and the Kmgdomes Safety in them both, &c. 
(CivU War Tracts.) 4° London, 1642. 

The Petition of Rights exhibited to his Majestic by the Lords Spirituall and 

Temporall and Commons in Parliament, &c. (Civil War Tracts.) 4^ London, 1642. 
Animadversions upon those notes which the late Observator hath published 

upon the seven Dtx^rines and Positions which the King (he saith) layes open so 
o&nsive. (Civil War Tracts.) 4° London, 1642. 

A Second Plain-English for the Satis&ction of all People, shewing whether we may 

lawfully desert the Parliament in this time of danger, or whether we are bound in con- 
science to obey, assist, and ayd the Parliament, (^vil War Tracts.) 4^ London, 1642. 

A View of a printed Book, intituled Observations upon his Majesties late 

Answers and Expresses. (Civil War Tracte.) 4° Oxford, 1642. 

New Plea for the Parliament, and the reserved Man resolved : from the serious 

consideration of the state of Controversie betweene the King and the Parliament. 
(CivU War Tracts.) 4° . 

The Second Part of Vox Populi, being the Peoples Report unto the King upon 

the severall Appeales declared in his Majesties name. (Civil War Tracts.) 4^ 

The Discovery of Malignants by the knowne Lawes, and will of the King 

absurdly urged against the Parliament. (Civil War Tracts.) 4^ 

Scripture and Reason pleaded for Defensive Armes, or the whole Controversie 

about Subjects taking up Armes. (Civil War lYacts.) 4° London, 1643. 

The Kings Majesties Letter sent from Holmby to both Houses of Parliament, 

with his M.'s Propositions for some Bishops appointed to attend his Majestic for the 
exercise of his Conscience, Ac. (Scarce Tracts.) 4° London 1647. 

see also under Parliament. 

see Bridges ; Fern ; Goodwin ; Holbome ; M (J.) 

[Claoett (Nicholas)]. A Perswasive to an ingenuous Tryal of Oi)inion8 in Religion. 
(Cath. Cent. vol. 8.) 4*^ London, 1686. 

[Claoett (William)]. The difference of the Case between the separation of Protestants 
horn the Church of Rome, and Uie separation of Dissenters from the Church of Eng- 
land. (Cath. Cont. vol. 8.) i^ London, 1683. 

Discourse concerning the Worship of the Blessed Virgin and the Saints, with 

an account of the b^^innings of it amongst Christianfl. (Oath. Cont. voL 18.) 4^ 
London, 1686. 

8UFP. D D 

202 TRACTS. 

[Claoett (William)]. View of the whole Controversy between the R^rsBenter and the 
Answerer, with an answer to the Representor's last reply, in wluoh are laid open 
the Methods by which Protestants are misrepresented by Papists. (Oath. Oont. 
voL 12.) 4<^ London, 1687. 

[ ]. Answer to the Representer's ReflectionB upon the State and View of the 

Controversy, with a reply to the Yindicator's full Answer. (Cath. Cont. voL 12.) 
4^ London, 1688. 

[ "], Discourse concerning the pretended Sacrament of Extreme Unction. (Oath. 

Cont. voL 5.) 49 London, 1687. 

Clanoabtt (Earl of). The Oath of Supremacy inconsistent with the Proviaons of the 
Irish Charitable Bequests Act. (Ath. Coll. vol. 248.) 8^ Dublin, 1848. 

Clabb (John, Earl of). Speech in the House of Lords of Ireland, on a motion made 
by the Earl of Moira^ February 19, 1798. (Union CoU. Speeches.) 8^ DnbUn, 

Olabke (Qeorge R.). Observations on the Socinian Endowment Bill, commonly 
caUed " The Dissenters' Chapels Bill." (Ath. CoU. vol. 202.) 8^ London, 

Clabkb (Hjrde). Physical Economy: inquiir into the physical laws governing the 
periods of Famines and Panics. (Ath. CoU. vol. 282.) 8^^ (London, 1849). 

Considerations on the management of RaUways in India. (Ath. ColL voL 

289.) 8<^ (London, 1849). 

Claske (J. B. B.). Remarks on Dr. Hook's Letter to the Bishop of St. David's, and 
on a State Provision for the Education of the People. (Ath. ColL vol 205.) 8^ 
London, 1846. 

Clabke (Dr.) on the Union. — see Tucker. 

[Clavkbiko (William Aloymus)]. On the Ophir of the First Book of Kings. (Misc. 
CoU. vol. 8.) i° London, 1847. 

On the Tarshish of the Second Book of Chronicles. (Misc. CoU. voL 8.) i^ 

London, 1849. 

Clehdon (J. Chitty). On the use of Chloroform in Dental Sui^gery. (Ath. ColL voL 
282.) 8^ London, 1849. 

Clocks for Railway Stations. — see YuUiamy. 

Close (F.). The Restoration of Churches is the restoration of Popery, a Sermon. 
(Tract. Cont. vol. 16.) 8^ London, 1844. 

Coal and Coal Mines— The Mischief of the Five-ShiUing Tax upon Coal. (Gibbon CoU. 
voL 20.) 4° London, 1699. 

Case of the Fifteen Sea-Coal Meters of the Gty of London, in relation to their 

Deputies. (GKbbon CoU. vol. 20.) 4^ London, 16991 

YentUation of Coal Mines. — see Brunton ; Martin. 

'■ — see also Mines. 

CoBBETT (James P.). Letter to the Hon. G. F. Berkeley, in Answer to his Defence of 
the Game Laws. (Ath. CoU. vol. 203.) 8^ London, 1845. 

Cochrane (Alexander BaUlie). The State of Greece. (Ath. CoU. vol. 242.) 8^ Lon- 
don, 1847. 

Reply. — see Metax&. 

CocKBUBN (WilUam.) Remarks on Murchison's Geology of Russia. (Ath. CoU. voL 
238.) S^ London. 1846. 

CoiK AND Coinage — ^An Essay for regulating of the Coyn, by A. U. 4^ London, 1696. 

A Letter from an EngUsh Merchant at Amsterdam to his Friend at London on 

the Trade and Coin of England. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 21.) 4^ London, 1695. 

On the alteration of. — see Houghton. 

Coke (Roger). A Treatise wherein is demonstrated that the Church and State of 
England are in equal danger with the Trade of it. Treatise 1. (Gibbon ColL 
voL 21.) 4° London, 1671. 

England's Improvements in Wealth, Trade, Yalue of Lands^ and Navigation. 

Treatises 3 and 4. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 21.) i^ London, 1671. 

Reasons for the increase of the Dutoh Trade. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 21.) 4^ Lon- 
don, 1671. 

TRACTS. 903 

OouEFSPEB (Sir Thomas). Tracts conoerning Usury reprinted, with AnimadvernoiiB 
on the Writings of Dr. Lock. (Gibbon C<3l. vol. 18.) 4*^ London, 1708. 

Ck>LLKDOS (Stephen) — His Arraignment, Tryal and Condemnation for High Treason, 
August 17-18, 1681. (Tracts on the Popish Plot.) fol. London, 1681. 

COLLurs (John). A Plea for the bringing in of Irish Cattel, and keeping out of Fish 
caught by Foreigners. (Gibbon Coll. vol: 20.) 49 London, 1680. 

Salt and Fishery, a Discourse thereof. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 18.) 4*^ London, 1682. 

Colonization. — see Emigration. 

Slystematic. — see Mills. 

Self-supporting. — see Torrens. 

COLQUHOUN (J. C). The Ministerial Policy in Lreland, its effects on the Church and 
State, [Maynooth Endowment]. (Ath. Coll. vol. 192.) 8<^ London, 1845. 

[ ^1. Claims of the West India Colonies, with the Postscript. (Ath. Coll. vol. 

229.) 8<> London, 1847. 

OOHBI (Andrew). Phrenology, its nature and uses, an Address to the Students of 
Anderson's University. (Ath. Coll. vol. 198.) 8<^ Edinburgh, 1846. 

COMBB (George). On the Application of Phrenology to the Fine Arts. (Ath. ColL 
vol. 201.) BP London, 1844. 

What should Secular £;ducation embrace t (Ath. Coll. vol. 249.) 8^ Edin- 

buigh, 1848. 

[OoiCBKB (Thomas)]. Discourse concerning the Second Council of Nice, which first 
introduced and established Image- Wmship in the Christian Church, ▲.D. 787- 
(Cath. Cont. vol. 2.) 4^ London, 1688. 

€k>iC]fKBCE. — see Trade and Commerce. 

€k>NDAMiNB ^. de la). Supplement au Journal Historique du Yoyaffe A I'Equateur, et 
an livre ae la Mesure des trois premiers degrte du Meridien. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 2.) 
4P Paris, 1762. 

Remarques sur. — see Bouguer. 

OOVOLROV (Lord). The true Idea of Baptism. (Ath. Coll. vol. 299.) 8^ London, 

CovnroHAM (William). Strictures on the Minutes of the Trustees of the National 
Gallery, 4th February, 1847. (Ath. Coll. vol. 289.) 8<^ London, 1847. 

The Picture Cleaning in the National Gallery, with Observations on the Royal 

Academy. (Ath. Coll. vol. 239.) 8^ London, 1847. 

CoiriNGSiULBK's (Count) Trial. — see Borosky. 

CoNOLLT (John). Letter to B. Rotch on the additional Lunatic Asylum for Middlesex, 
at Cokiey Hatch. (Ath. Coll. vol. 267.) 8^ London, 1847. 

Remonstrance with the Lord Chief Baron touching the case, Nottidge teniu 

Ripley. (Ath. CoU. vol. 282.) ^ London, 1849. 

CoKSUMPnoN, Report on.— see Walshe. 

Convocation— A Collection of Tracts on, in 1 vol. 4° London, 1697-1703. 

Contents: — 
Letter to a Convocation-Man concerning the Rights, Powers, and Priviledges of 
that Body, [by Sir B. Shower]. 1697. 

Letter to a Member of Parliament, occasioned by a Letter to a Convocation-Man, 
[by W. Wright]. 1697. 

The Schedule review*df or the Right of the Archbishop to continue or prorogue 
the whole Convocation, [by 1^. Edmund Gibson]. 1702. 

The new Danger of Presbytery, or the Claims and Practices of some in the Lower 
House ^L)onvocation very dangerous to the oonstitution of an Episcopal and 
Metropolitical Church. 1703. 

Remarks firom the Country upon the two Letters reUting to the Convocation and 
alterations in the Liturgy. 1689. 

Reflexions upon a late paper, entitied "An Expedient proposed,*' shewing the 
unreaaonableneas thereof. 1702. 

Vox Cleri, or the Sense of the Clergy concerning the making of alterations in the 
Established Liturgy, with account of the Proceedings of the present Convoca- 
tion. 1690. 

204 TRACTS. 

Convocation — {conHnued) : — 

see also under Baptism. 

Right of Clergy to mt in.— see Thorp (R.) 

On Revival of. — see Trower. 

CooKB (William Robert). Peace Act, dedicated with profound devotion to God, and 
with respect to Man. (Ath. Coll. vol. 216.) S^ London, 1846. 

Cooper (John). A New Whip for an Old Treasurer, for keeping his Neighbour (that 
was) in prison one year and a quarter, for speaking the tru&i, and detaining his 
money, and tiiere suffers him to lye. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 15.) 4^ London, 1657. 

COPLESTON (Edward) Bp. of liandaff. Charge to the Clergy of his Diocese. (Chaiges, 
vol. 5.) 8° London, 1845. 

Coffer Trade — ^A brief Essay on the Copper and Brass Manu&ctures of England, 
relative to the present Delate in the House of Conmions. (Gibbon ColL vol. 20.) 
i^ London, 1712. 

The State of the Copper and Brass Manu&cturee in Great Britain, humbly 

offered to the consideration of Parliament. (Gibbon Coll. voL 20.) 4^ London, 

Corn Laws — Address on the Com Laws, by a Protectionist. (Ath. Coll. roL 285.) 8^ 
London, 1846. 

Sir Robert Peel and the Com Law Crisis. (Ath. Coll. voL 285.) 8** London, 


see King (Lord) ; Nevile ; Ricardo. 

On the Repeal of. — see Gladstone. 

CoTTERELL (le Sieur), Capitaine des Yaisseaux de la Compagnie des Indes. Memoire 
centre la Compagnie des Indes. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 6.) 4^ (Paris, 1757.) 

Coi!TRELL (Charles Herbert). Religious Movements of Germany in the Nineteenth 
Century. (Ath. Coll. vol. 291.) 8° London, 1849. 

Councils — Authority of General Councils. — see Jenkin. 

Covenanters (The Scotch) — ^Generall Demands concerning the late Covenant^ pro- 
pounded by the Ministers and Professors of Divinitie in Aberdene [with a Pre&oe 
by James, Marquess of Hamilton, the High Commissioner for the introduction of 
the Service Book into Scotbmd]. (Scarce Tracts.) 4^ Edinbuigh, 1688. 

[Coventry (Sir William)]. England*s Appeal from the Private Cabal at Whitehall to 
the Great Council of the Nation in Parliament assembled. (Gibbon Coll. voL 15.) 
4<^ London, 1678. 

Cowns (Morgan). Letter to the Duke of Buccleuch on the Education at Putney Col- 
lege. (Ath. ColL vol. 288.) 8"^ London, (1849). 

Cox (W. Hayward). The Propositions attributed by the " Presbyter" of the " Times" 
to Dr. Hampden, concerning the Trinity and Atonement, compared with the Text 
of the Bampton Lectures. (Ath. Coll. vol. 246.) S^ Oxford, 1847. 

CoxwoRTHT (Franklin). The Potato Disease and Bad Ventilation. (Ath. ColL vol 
210.) 8<^ London, 1847. 

Crawfurd (John). Vital Statistics of a district in Java, with Remarks on the Dutch 
Possessions in the East by Colonel W. H. Sykes. (Ath. Coll. vol. 267) S^ Lon- 
don, 1848. 

Creation (The) — On the Present, Past, and Future, with regard to the Creation. (Ath. 
Coll. vol. 261.) 8«> London, 1847. 

Crime, Statistics of. — see Neison. 

Crolt (George). In£Eint Regeneration, the Doctrine of Holy Scripture and of the 
Church of England, a Sermon. (Ath. Coll. vol. 294.) 12P London, 1850. 

Croll (Alexander Angus). On the Construction and Use of Gas Meters. (Ath. Coll. 
vol. 201.) 8° London, 1845. 

Crosfeild (Robert). Tmth Brought to Light ; or the corrapt Practioee of acme per- 
sons at Court laid open. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 15.) 4^ London, 1694. 

Justice perverted and Innocence and Loyalty oppressed ; or a detection of the 

corraptions of some persons in places of great trust. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 14.) 4° 
London, 1695. 

The Government Unhinged ; or an Account of the many great encroachments 

made upon the Liberty of the People. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 14.) 4^ London, 1708. 

TRACTS. 206 

Crown Inn — Postscript to John Bull, containing the History of the Crown Inn, with 
the death of the Widow [Queen Anne]. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) 8° London, (1714). 

Continuation of the History of the Crown Inn ; with characters of the late 

Servants, and the proceedings of the Trustees to the coming of the New Landlord 
[George I.]. Part 2. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) 8® London, (1714). 

Farther Continuation of the History of the Crown Inn. Part 8, containing the 

present state of the Inn, &c. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) 8^ London, (1714). 

■ The Fourth and kst Part of the History of the Crown Inn, with the character 

of John Bull, and other Novels. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) 8° London, (1714). 

[These tracts were published as a continuation of Arbuthnot's History of John 
Bull, but they are by an inferior hand.] 

OnVBERLAND (Richard). Character of the late Lord Viscount Sackville. 8^ London, 

CuERENCT AND BANKING — Corporation Credit, or a Bank of Credit made currant by 
common Consent in London. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 13.) 4^ London, 1682. 

England's Interest ; or the great benefit to Trade by Banks of Credit in Lon- 
. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 13.) 4° London, 1782. 

Examination of the Currency Question, and of the Project for altering the 

Standard of Value. (Tracts. S. vol. 6.) 8° London, 1830. 

Suggestions for a Domestic Currency on philosophic and unerring prindples. 


(Ath. CSU. vol. 226.) S^ London, 1847. 

The Owls in Witenagemote ; a fable for Currency Doctors, by one of them- 

selves. (Ath. Coll. vol. 225.) 8^ London, 1847. 

see Bank of England. 

On the Currency. — see also Drummond ; Hodgson; Nevile ; Ricardo; 


On the Monetary Crisis in 1847. — see Anderson ; Ashburton ; Aytoun ; Enderby ; 

Hubbard; Phipps; Whicker. 

D (J.)— see Trade. 

Dalmsnt (Lord). Address to the Middle Classes upon the subject of Gymnastic Exer- 
cises. (Ath. Coll. vol. 267.) S9 London, 1848. 

D ANSON (J. T.). Contributions towards an Investigation of the Changes in the Condition 
of the People from 1839 to 1847, and their connexion with the variations in the 
prices of food. (Ath. Coll. vol. 264.) 8^ Privately printed. London, 1848. 

Daubent (Charles). Remarks on the Correlation of the Natural Sdenoes. (Ath. ColL 
vol. 268.) 8® Oxford, 1848. 

Davknfobt (E. D.). How to improve the condition of the Labouring Classes. (Ath. 
Coll. vol. 189.) S^ London, 1845. 

Dayib (Hewitt). Farming Essays. (Ath. Coll. vol. 277.) 8^ London, 1848. 

Dawis (Richard). Hints on an improved and self-paying system of National Education. 
(Ath. ColL vol. 207.) 8° London, 1847. 

Dat (William). Letter to Viscount Courtenay, chairman of the Andover Conmiittee. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 217.) 8<^ London, 1847. 

Dbaltbt (W.). On the importance of caution in the use of certain &miliar Words, a 
Charge. (Charges, vol. 7.) 8° London, 1843. 

Dkans (J. C). On the importance of encouraging the Irish Fisheries. (Ath. Coll. 
voL 212.) B9 (London), 1847. 

DsANB (James Parker). Considerations on the exercise of Private Judgment in matters 
connected with the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church. (Tract. Cont. vol. 18.) 
8^ London, 1845. 

DlBEETHAM (John). Tractatus de Magis et BethlehemsB Stella, et Christi in deserto 
tentatione et de Dsemoniorum Mysteris explicatio (in English). (Misc. ColL vol. 12.) 
8<> (Not printed for sale.) Chelsea, 1845. 

A New Theory of the Tides, shewing that the Full Moon is not the cause of a 

Spring Tide but the cause of the Neaps. (Ath. Coll. vol. 238.) 8° Chelsea, 1846. 

Dboobativs-Abt Sooistt — Abstracts of Papers and Transactions, from 1844 to 1846. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 239.) B9 London, 1847. 

204 TRACTS. 

OONVO0ATION--<C0n<»«tl«i) .• — 

see also under Baptism. 

Right of Clergy to at in. — see Thorp (R.) 

On Revival of. — see Trower. 

Cooks (William Robert). Peace Act, dedicated with profound devotion to God, and 
with respect to Man. (Ath. Coll. vol. 216.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Cooper (John). A New Whip for an Old Treasurer, for keeping his Neighbour (that 
was) in prison one year and a quarter, for speaking the truui, and detaining his 
money, and there suffers him to lye. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 16.) 4P London, 1667. 

CoFLESTON (Edward) Bp. of Llandaff. Charge to the Clergy of his Diocese. (Charges, 
vol. 6.) 8® London, 1846. 

Copper Trade — A brief Essay on the Copper and Brass Manufiustures of England, 
relative to the present Delate in the House of Commons. (Gibbon Coll. voL 20.) 
4P London, 1712. 

The State of the Copper and Brass Manufactures in Great Britain, humbly 

offered to the consideration of Parliament (Gibbon Coll. vol. 20.) 4^ London, 

Corn Laws — Address on the Com Laws, by a Protectionist. (Ath. Coll. voL 236.) 8^ 
London, 1846. 

Sir Robert Peel and the Com Law Crisis. (Alh. Coll. vol. 286.) 8° London, 

see King (Lord) ; Nevile ; Ricardo. 

On the Repeal of. — see Gladstone. 

CoTTERELL (le Sieur), Capitaine des Yaisseaux de la Compagnie des Indes. Memoire 
centre la Compagnie des Indes. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 6.) 4^ (Paris, 1767.) 

Coi!TRELL (Charles Herbert). Religious Movements of Germany in the Nineteenth 
Century. (Ath. Coll. vol. 291.) 8<> London, 1849. 

CouKCiLS — Authority of General Councils. — see Jenkin. 

CovENAinrERfi (The Scotch) — Generall Demands concerning the late Covenant^ pro- 
pounded by the Ministers and Professors of Divinitie in Aberdene [with a Pre&toe 
by James, Marquess of Hamilton, the High Conmiissioner for the introduction of 
the Service Book into Scotland]. (Scarce Tracts.) 4<^ Edinburgh, 1638. 

[Coventry (Sir William)]. England's Appeal from the Private Cabal at Whitehall to 
the Great Council of the Nation in Parliament assembled. (Gibbon Coll. voL 16.) 
4P London, 1678. 

CowiE (Morgan). Letter to the Duke of Buccleuch on the Education at Putney Col- 
lege. (Ath. Coll. vol. 288.) 8^ London, (1849). 

Cox (W. Hayward). The Propositions attributed by the " Presbyter" of the " Times" 
to Dr. Hampden, concerning the Trinity and Atonement, compared with the Text 
of the Bampton Lectures. (Ath. Coll. vol. 246.) 8^ Oxford, 1847. 

CoxwoRTHT (Franklin). The Potato Disease and Bad YentiUtion. (Ath. OolL vol. 
210.) 8° London, 1847. 

Crawpurd (John). Vital Statistics of a district in Java, with Remarks on the Dutch 
Possessions in the East by Colonel W. H. Sykes. (Ath. Coll. vol. 267) 8^ Lon- 
don, 1848. 

Creation (The) — On the Present, Past, and Future, with regard to the Creation. (Ath. 
CoU. vol. 261.) 8<^ London, 1847. 

Crime, Statistics of. — see Neison. 

Crolt (George). In£eint Regeneration, the Doctrine of Holy Scripture and of the 
Church of England, a Sermon. (Ath. Coll. vol. 294.) 12^ London, 1860. 

Croll (Alexander Angus). On the Constraotion and Use of Gas Meters. (Ath. ColL 
vol. 201.) 8® London, 1845. 

CROeorEiLD (Robert). Troth Brought to light ; or the corrupt Practioee of some per- 
sons at Court laid open. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 16.) 4^ London, 1694. 

Justice perverted and Innocence and Loyalty oppressed ; or a detection of the 

corruptions of some persons in places of great trust. (Gibbon Coll. voL 14.) 4^ 
London, 1696. 

The Government Unhinged ; or an Account of the many great encroachments 

made upon the Liberty of the People. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 14.) 4^ London, 1703. 

TRACTS. 206 

Crown Inn — Postscript to John Bull, contMning the History of the Crown Inn, with 
the death of the Widow [Queen Anne]. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) 8® London, (1714). 

Continuation of the History of the Crown Inn ; with characters of the late 

Servants, and the proceedings of the Trustees to the coming of the New Landlord 
[George I.]. Part 2. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) S^ London, (1714). 

Farther Continuation of the History of the Crown Inn. Part 3, containing the 

present state of the Inn, &c. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) 8° London, (1714). 

— — The Fourth and last Part of the History of the Crown Inn, with the character 
of John Bull, and other Novels. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) S^ London, (1714). 

[These tracts were published as a continuation of Arbuthnot's History of John 
Bull, but they are by an inferior hand.] 

Cumberland (Richard). Character of the late Lord Viscount Sackville. 8^ London, 

CusRENCT AND BANKING — Corporation Credit, or a Bank of Credit made currant by 
common Consent in London. (Qibbon Coll. vol. 13.) 4^ London, 1682. 

England's Interest ; or the great benefit to Trade by Banks of Credit in Lon- 
. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 13.) 4° London, 1782. 

Examination of the Currency Question, and of the Project for altering the 

Standard of Value. (Tracts. S. vol. 6.) 8^ London, 1830. 

Suggestions for a Domestic Currency on philosophic and unerring prindples. 


(Ath. CSU. vol. 225.) 8° London, 1847. 

The Owls in Witenagemote ; a fable for Currency Doctors, by one of them* 

selves. (Ath. Coll. vol. 225.) 8^^ London, 1847. 
see Bank of England. 

On the Currency. — see also Drummond; Hodgson; Nevile ; lUcardo; 


On the MonetaryCrisis in 1847. — see Anderson ; Ashburton ; Aytoun ; Enderby ; 

Hubbard; Phipps; Whicker. 

D (J.)— see Trade. 

Dalmsnt (Lord). Address to the Middle Classes upon the subject of Gymnastic Exer- 
cises. (Ath. Coll. vol. 267.) B9 London, 1848. 

Danbon (J. T.). Contributions towards an Investigation of the Chanffes in the Condition 
of the People from 1839 to 1847, and their connexion with the variations in the 
prices of food. (Ath. Coll. vol. 264.) 8^ Privately printed. London, 1848. 

Daxtbent (Charles). Remarks on the Correlation of the Natural Sciences. (Ath. Coll. 
vol. 268.) 8® Oxford, 1848. 

Davenfobt (E. D.). How to improve the condition of the Labouring Classes. (Ath. 
Coll. vol. 189.) 89 London, 1845. 

Dayib (Hewitt). Fanning Essays. (Ath. Coll. vol. 277.) 8° London, 1848. 

Daweb (Richard). Hints on an improved and self-paying system of National Education, 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 207.) 8«> London, 1847. 

Day (William). Letter to Viscount Courtenay, chairman of the Andover Committee. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 217.) 8° London, 1847. 

Dbai/tbt (W.). On the importance of caution in the use of certain &miliar Words, a 
Charge. (Charges, vol. 7.) 8° London, 1843. 

Dbanb (J. C). On the importance of encouraging the Irish Fisheries. (Ath. OoU. 
ToL 212.) 8° (London), 1847. 

Deans (James Parker). Considerations on the exercise of Private Judgment in matters 
connected with the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church. (Tract. Cont. vol. 13.) 
89 London, 1845. 

Debenham (John). Tractatus de Magis et Bethlehemie Stella, et Christi in deserto 
tentatione et de Daemoniorum Mysteris explicatio (in English). (Misc. Coll. vol. 12.) 
8^ (Not printed for sale.) Chelsea, 1845. 

A New Theory of the Tides, shewing that the Full Moon is not the cause of a 

Spring Tide but the cause of the Neaps. (Ath. Coll. vol. 238.) 8^ Chelsea, 1846. 

Deoobativb-Abt Societt — ^Abstracts of Papers and Transactions, from 1844 to 1846. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 239.) 8^ London, 1847. ^ 

206 TRACTS. 

Db Fob Paniel). The Tnie Bom WngliBhman, a B^tyr, (Gibbon Coll. vol. 12.)- 4^ 
London, 1700. 

The True Bom Englishman^ a Satyr, with an explanatory preface. 4^ (Lon- 
don), 1701. 

A Hymn to Victory. 4° London, 1704. 

The Secret History of the White-Staff [Harley, Earl of Oxford], being an 

account of affiurs under some late Ministers, and what might have happened Sher 
Majesty had not died. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) 8^ London, 1714. 

— - [Beply]. Detection of the Sophistry and Falsities of the Secret History of the 
"White Staff.' 

(TVacts S. vol. 8.) 8° London, 1714. 
see also Dunton. 

Db la Pbtmb (Charles). The Roman Embassy : Letter to Viscount Palmerston. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 221.) 8° London, 1847. 

[DXLLON (S.)]. Histoiy of the Inquisition at Goa. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 11.) 4^ Lon- 
don, 1688. 

Delpit (Martial). Notice historique sur lEcole Royale des Chartes. (lOso. Coll. 
vol. 12.) B9 Paris, 1889. 

Db Morgan (Sir Augustus). Statement in answer to an assertion made by & 
William Hamilton. (Ath. Coll. vol. 237.) BP London, 1847. 

Dbbiboh (Edward), Bishop of Salisbury. Change delivered to the Clergy of his Diocese. 
(Charges, vol. 6.) S^ London, 1845. 

Dbnibok (Geoige Anthonv). Church Schools and State Literfiorenoe : Letter to W. £. 
Gladstone. (Ath. Coll. vol. 204.) BP London, 1847. 

The Church of England and the Committee of Coundl on Education, a Letter 

to the Bishop of Bath and Wells. (Ath. Coll. vol. 250.) 8^ London, 1849. 

The Warning of the Church of England, a Sermon. (Ath. ColL vol. 295.) 8^ 

London, 1850. 

Dknman (Lord). Letter to Lord Brougham on the final extinction of the Slave TVade. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 262.) 8<^ London, 1848. 

second edition. (Ath. Coll. vol. 262.) 8^ London, 1848. 

Second Letter, with Remarks on a late narrative of the Niger Expedition in 

1841. (Ath. CoU. vol. 262.) B9 London, 1849. 
see Evans v. Lawson. 

Dbnmak (Hon. Capt.). West India Interests, African Emigration, and Slave Trade. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 262.) 89 London, 1848. 

Dbnmabk — Thb Schleswig and Holbtein Question : 

De la Succession dans la Monarchie Danoise, consid^r^ principalement sous le 

point de vue du Droit Public. (Ath. Coll. vol. 280.) B9 Paris, 1847. 

De rinsurrection dans les Duch6s de Slesvig et de Holstein, et de la oonduite 

de la Prusse H T^ard du Danemark, traduit de I'Allemand par Louis de Bouill^. 
(Ath. ColL vol. 280.) BP Paris, 1848. 

Considerations sur la question du Slesvig, et sur Tesprit envahissant des Allo- 

mands. (Ath. CoU. vol. 280.) 8^ Paris, 1848. 

Griefe des Danois centre I'Agression Allemande, public par une reunion de 

Danois. (Misc. Coll. vol. 8.) 4^ Copenhague, 1848. 

Le Danemark et la Conf6d6ration Germanique, [par H. Desprez], " Extrait de 

U Revue des Deux Mondes." (Misc. Coll. vol. 14.) royal 8^^ 1848. 

A qui les torts dans la Guerre entre le Danemark et TAlleniagne ! (Ath. ColL 

voL 279.) S9 Paris, 1849. 

Ein Wort des Rechts und der Yerst&ndigung in der Sch]eswig*8chen Frage. (Ath. 

ColL voL 279.) 8^ Mainz, 1849. 

On Nationality and Language in the Duchy of Sleswick or Soutii Jutland. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 279.) 8® Copenhagen, 1848. 

The Danish Question : Letters to the Editor of the Times, by a Dane. (Ath. 

CoU. vol. 280.) 8° Paris, 1848. 

England and Denmark : Speech of DisraeU on the Danish Question. (Ath, 

CoU. vol. 280.) S^ London, 1848. 

TRACTS. 207 

DoncASK— Thi Sghisswio and Holbteik Qubstion, (emHnutd):— 

see also Borring ; Bunsen ; Molbech ; Ren4 de Bouill6 ; Wegener. 

GanuitieB Anglo-Fr. pour le I>uch6 de Slesvic. — see Leverkus ; Thomsen. 

Dent (Edward J.). Treatise on the Aneroid, a newly-inyented portable Barometer. (Ath. 
GoIL Yol. 268.) 8^ London, 1849. 

Dkvon (Earl of). Letter from an Irish Proprietor to the Ministers of Religion of the 
district. (Ath. CoU. vol. 213.) 89 London, 1847. 

DlLL¥rrN (L. W.). Some Account of a Lusus of the Hybrid Cytisus Adami in the 
Shmbbeiy at Sketty Hall, (with an Illustration). (Misc. CoU. vol. 12.) 8^ 1845. 

DUBBNT — Letter showing the impossibility of Sectarian " Pastors" being called of God, 
by a Lay-Member of the Church. (Ath. Coll. vol. 220.) 8^ Lon£>n, 1846. 

'' DiBeoENTEBS' Chapels Bill" — Statement of the Question between Unitarians and 
orthodox Presbyterians in Ireland, respecting Trust Property. (Ath. CoU. yoL 202.) 
89 London, 1844. 

see Clarke. 

DoDSWOBTH (William). Baptism, Regeneration, and the Kingdom of God. (Ath. ColL 
vol. 800.) 129 London, 1849. 

A Letter to the Rev. £. B. Pusey on the position which he has taken in the 

present Crisis. (Ath. ColL vol. 300.) 8^ London, 1850. 

Holy Baptism, the Grafting into our risen Lord, an Easter Sermon for 1B50. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 300.) 129 London, 1850. 

The Goiham Case briefly considered, in reference to the Judgment which has 

been given, and to the Jurisdiction of the Court. (Ath. CoU. vol. 300.) 8^ London, 

A House divided against itself a Sermon with reference to the recent judgment 

S'ven in the case of Gorham v. the Bishop of Exeter. (Ath. Coll. vol. 300.) 8^ 
mdon, 1850. 

The Things of CsBsar and the Things of God, a Discourse with especial reference 

to the claim of the State to exercise power over the Church in decisions of Doctrine. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 294 and 300.) 89 London, 1850. 

Dogs — Legal Protection of Dogs from the increasing evU of Dog Stealers and Receivers. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 203.) 8<> London, 1845. 

DoBT (Synod of) — The Judgment of the Synode holden at Dort, concerning the Five 
Articles, and also their Sentence touching Conradus Vorstius. (Gibbon. ColL 
voL 12.) 4<> London, 1619. 

Douglas (John). Life and Property in Ireland assured as in England by a Poor-Rate 
on Land. (Ath. CoU. vol. 211.) 8® London, 1846. 

Dovi (Heniy). Sermon before the House of Commons, Nov. 5, 1680. (Cath. Oont. 
voL 9.) 4<* London, 1680. 

Draiitagb. — see EUerman ; Mecbi. 

Drake (Dr.). An Essay concerning the Necessity of Equal Taxes, and the dangerous 
consequences of the Encouragement of Usuiy. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 14.) 4^ London. 

Drake (WiUiam). " What shaU we do unto the ChUd that shaU be bom," a Sermon. 
(Ath. CoU. voL 295.) 8^ London, 1850. 

Dbutit (Robert). A Popular Tract on Church Music, with Remarks on its Moral and 
PoUtical Importance, and a practical scheme for its Reformation. (Tract. Cent. 
voL 16.) 8^ London, 1845. 

Dbummond (Henry). Letter on the Payment of the Roman CathoUc Clenry. (Ath. 
CoU. voL 202.) 8^ London, 1845. 

Elementary Propositions on Currency. (Ath. CoU. vol. 264.) 8** London, 1848. 

Remarks on Dr. Wiseman's Sermon on the Gorham Case. (Ath. CoU. vol. 298.) 

89 London, 1850. 

Dbtden (John). The Vindication : or the Parallel of the French Holy League and the 
English League and Covenant turned into a seditious libel against the £ng and his 
Royal Highness, by Thomas Hunt, and the authors of the reflections upon the pre- 
tended Parallel in the play of the Duke of Guiso. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 10.) 4° 
London, 1683. 

Dublin — Report on the Dublin Improvement Bill, by A. Hayward and C. P. BnuviniF- 
ton. (Ath. CoU. vol. 215.) 8^ London, 1847. 

208 TEACTS. 

DUFFSRTN (Lord), and the Hon. G. F. Botle. Narrative of a Jonmey from Oxford to 
Skibbereen during the Irish Famine. (Ath. Coll. vol. 210.) 8<* Oxford, 1847. 

DuFTOK (John). National Education, what it is, and what it should be. (Ath. GolL 
vol. 204.) 8° London, 1847. 

The Prison and the School, a Letter to Lord J. Russell. (Ath« OoU. voL 249.) 

8^ London, 1848. 

DuouEBT (Henry). Speech in the House of Commons in Ireland, 22nd January, 1795, 
on proposing an amendment to the Address to the King. (Union Coll. Speeches.) 
8° Dublin, 1796. 

DuiOENAN (Patrick). Fiur representation of the present political State of Ireland, in a 
course of Strictures on Two Pamphlets. (Umon Coll. voL 12.) 8^ London, 1799. 

Observations on, see Flood ; Lattin. 

Duin>ONALD (Earl of). Observations on Naval Affiiirs, with Instances of Injustice to 
the Author, and Summary of his Naval Service. (Ath. Coll. voL 218.) 89 Lon- 
don, 1847. 

[DuNTON (John)]. The Sacheverellite Plot, or the Church's Real Danger detected. 
(Gibbon ColL vol. 10.) 4© London, 1714. 

The Impeachment, or Great Britain's char;^ against the present M[mufr]]r. 

Roger Bold, [alias Cash], the L— — C ^ly, and Dr. S[achevere]Q, etc., dedicated 

to the Duke of Marlborough. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 10.) 4^ London, 1714. 

Queen Robin, or the Second Part of Neck or Nothing, detecting the secret 

reign of the four last years, [Reply to Defoe's Secret History of the White SItafF]. 
(Tracts S. vol. 8.) 8® London, (1714). 

DuBHAX Cathedral — Proposed Painted Windows in the Nine Altars Chapel : Statement 
of the Majority of the Committee. (Ath. Coll. vol. 286.) 8^ Durham, 1848. 

DwABBis (Sir Fortunatus). Railway Results, or the Gauge deliverance : a dramatic 
sketch. (Ath. Coll. voL 231.) 8^ London, 1845. 

East Indies. — see India. 

Eabtlake (Charles Lock). The National Gallery; on the unfitness of the present 
Building for its purpose. (Ath. Coll. voL 201.) 8^ London, 1845. 

jBiOOLBSiABTiCAL CouBTS, the State of, delineated, with Remarks on the Resolutions of 
the Committee appointed by Parliament for their Inspection and Reformation. 
(Gibbon CoU. vol. 28.) 4<^ London. 1733. 

EoOKOMT (Physical). — see Clarke. 

^MUNDS (Flavell). Etymology of Names of Places in Herefordshire. (Ath. OolL voL 
269.) 120 Hereford, 1849. 

Eduoatiok — Education ; a Lecture at the Witham Literary Institution. (Ath. OolL 
vol. 207.) 8° London, 1845. 

Letter to Sir Robert Peel on the Education of the Middle Classes. (Ath. OolL 

vol. 188.) 8^ London, 1845. 

— (Univebsitt^. Letter on the proposed alterations to the Academical System of 
I , Education, by a Member of the Senate. (Ath. Coll. vol. 249.) 8^ (Oxford), 

Thoughts on Academical Education, ecclesiastical and secular, as regards the 

Catholic Religion in Ireland, by a Catholic Priest. (Ath. ColL vol. 188.) 8^ 
Dublin, 1845. ^ 

University Education. — see also Adand; Blakesley ; Linwood; Oxford; West- 

minster School ; Wratislaw ; Wyatt. 

in Ireland. — see Todd ; Wyse ; Maynooth Grant. 

— (National^. Metropolis Schools for the Poor : Letter to the Bishop of London 
by Richard Burgess, and his Lordship's Answer. (Ath. Coll. vol. 206.) 8^ Lon- 
don, 1846. 

The School in its relations to the State, the Church, and the Congregation. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 204.) 8° London, 1847. 

The Late Struggle for Freedom of Education ; a record of facts by the Congre* 

gational Board of Education. (Ath. CoU. vol. 206.) 8^ London. 

TRACTS. 209 

Education (National) — (conHnued) : — 

Letter to the Abp. of Canterbury on the Differences between the Commit- 
tee of ConnoU and the National Society, by a Rural Dean. (Ath. ColL toI. 250.) 
8^ London, 1848. 

The Government Scheme, &c. — see Baines, Bennett, Blunt, Brougham, Bur* 

S!88, Clarke, Dawes, Denison, Dufton, Hamilton, Harness, Hook, Irons, Kxje, 
orris, Pearson, Surtees, Swaine, Trower, Vaughan, Watson. 

applied to Scotland. — see Gordon ; Melgund. 

Ireland.— see Hope; Taylor. 

Legal. — see Evans ; Law. 

Secular. — see Combe. 

Female.— rsee Queen's College. 

at Putney College. — see Cowie. 

in Wales. — see Jones; Williams. 

Popish, in England. — see National Club. 

Ragged Schools. — see Ghithrie ; Proctor. 

Edwards (Edward). Remarks on the paucity of Public librari^ in the British 
Empire, with a Statistical View of the Public Libraries in Europe. (Privately 
printed.) (Ath. Coll. vol. 286.) 8° London, 1849. 

Egan (Henry William). Holy Baptism, and its Analogy with the Resurrection of 
our Lord Jesus Christ, two Sermons. (Ath. Coll. voL 294.) 8^ London, 1850. 

Electbicitt and Magnetism, Errors in. — see Chemistry. 

as auxiliaries to Medicine. — see Wright. 

Ellerkan (Charles F.). Sanitary Reform and Agricidtural Improvement. Letter 1 : 
Drainage, Sewerage, Urinaria, and Cloaca. (Ath. Coll. vol. 258.) 8^ London, 

[Eluot (J. L.)]. Letter to the Electors of Westminster, from a Conservative. (Ath. 
Coll. vol. 216.) 8° London, 1847. 

[ ]. Letter to the Electors of Westminster, from a Protectionist. (Ath. CoU. 

vol. 270.] 8° London, 1848. 

Elliotson (Dr.). Cure of a true Cancer of the Female Breast with Mesmerism, with 
Remarks by Dr. Engledue. (Ath. Coll. vol. 267.) 8^ London, 1848. 

Elliott's Hone Apocalypticse. — see Arnold. 

Emigration — Emigration and superabundant Population considered in a Letter to 
Lord Ashley, by Amicus PopuH. (Ath. Coll. vol. 266.) 8° London, 1848. 

The Disease and the Remedy, or Parochial and National Emigration vemu 

Pauperism. (Ath. Coll. vol. 266.) 8° London, 1849. 

see Australia. 

see Chisholm. 

British and American Company. — see Hoffman. 

African. — see Denman. 

Steam Communication as promoting. — see Jemingham. 

Enderbt (Charles). Our Money Laws the cause of the National Distress. (Ath. Coll. 
vol. 225.) 8° London, 1847. 

• Proposal for re-establishing the British Southern Whale Fishery by a chartered 

Company. (Ath. Coll. vol. 227.) 8° London, 1847. 

England: — 

Roman and Celtic origin of. — see Vandeleur. 

The Government of. — see Smith (Sir T.) 

. Title of the Kings of, to the Crown of France. — see Staveley. 


see under Civil War, 1642-9. 

A Declaration of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England relating to 

the Affairs between this Commonw^th and the States General of the Low Coun- 
treys. (Gibbon Coll. voL 15.) 4^ London, 1652. 


210 » TRACTS. 

England — Contemfobabt Works illustrative of DimBBasr Periods of m Esaaosr, 

(continued) : — 

• Vox Plebis : 


[)i8 ; or the Voice of the oppressed Commons of Enghmd mgainst their 
(Gibbon Coll. vol. 15.) 4® (London), Printed in the Yeer 1658. 

Be Merry and Wise ; or a Seasonable Word to the Nation, showing the Cause, 

the Growth, the State, and the Cure of our present distempers. (Gibbon Coll. 
vol. 15.) 4® London, 1660. 

England's Great Happiness ; or a Dialogue between Content and Complaint. 

(Gibbon Coll. vol. 15.) 4<5 London, 1677. 

The Present Interest of England ; or a Confutation of the Whiggish Conspira- 

tours, Anti-Monyan Principle, etc., by [N. N.] (Gibbon Coll. vol. 10.) 4*^ Lon- 
don, 1683. 
see under Revolution of 1688. 

Britannia Nova ; or a Seasonable Discourse, showing how we may serve our 

King and Coimtry. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 10.) 4^ London, 1698. 

A Letter to a Gentleman elected a Knight of the Shire to serve in the present 

Parliament, ["after the death of Queen Mary, to regulate y* abuses in the Pro- 
ceedings with y* Allies, Ac."] (Gibbon Coll. vol. 10.) 4° London. 

A Letter to a New Member of the ensuing Parliament. (Gibbon. ColL vol. 10.) 

4<> London, 1701. 

Letter to a Member of the House of Commons touching the Rise of all the 

Imbezzlements and Mismanagements of the Kingdom's Treasure, from the Rev(^- 
tion to this Present Parliament. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 15.) 4^ Amsterdam, 1710. 

Ahab's Evil ; a funeral Discourse on a late occasion [the Death of Queen Anne]. 

(Tracts S. vol. 8.) 8° London, 1714. 

Advice to the People of Great Britain, with respect to— 1. What they ought to 

expect from the King; 2. How they ought to behave to him. (Tracts S. voL 8.) 
8° London, 1714. 

Inquiry into the Miscarriages of the four last years' Reig^n. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) 

S^ London, 1714. 

see also Crown Inn ; Defoe ; Dunton. 

State of the Nation. The State of the Nation at the Commencement of the 

Year 1822. (Tracts S. vol. 6.) 8° London, 1822. 

A Few Plain Words to the Electors of the Middle Classes on the Political Divi- 

sions and Social Prospects of the Country, by a Liberal. (Ath. Coll. vol. 216.) 8^ 
London, 1847. 
see also Parliament ; Trade. 

Enoledue (W. C). Narrative of the Proceedings on the Appointment of the Medical 
Officers to the Portsmouth, Portsea, and Gosport Hospital. (Ath. Coll. vol. 267.) 
8° Portsea, (1849). 

see Elliotson. 

Entwislb (William). Government Railways. (Ath. Coll. vol. 280.) 8** London, 1847. 

Episoopact— Letter to Lord John Russell on Bishops. (Ath. Coll. vol. 220.) 8® 
London, 1846. # 

Eeswicke (John). A briefe note of the Benefits that grow to this Realm by the 
Observation of Fish-Dayes. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 18.) 4° London, 1642. 

Ether — Inhalation of, in Surgical Operations. — see Robinson. 

see also Chloroform. 

Ethnological Society — Address at the Anniversary Meeting by Richard King, M.D. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 199.) 8° London, 1844. 

Evans (William D.). The Progress of Legal Education. (Ath. Coll. voL 249.) 8® 
London, 1848. 

Evans versus Lawson — The Nelson Sword v. Lord Denman's Law ; being Illustrationa 
of the summing-up of the Judge, the shrewdness of Counsel, the triumph of the 
"Times," Ac. (Ath. CoU. vol. 275,) 8^ London, 1848. 

Excise — Excise Anatomized, and Trade epitomised, by Z. G. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 22.) 
4° London, [1647]. 

- A Discourse by way of Essi^ towards the raising Moneys by an Excise, by 
. C. " Printed for the Author" [Walter Caiy ?] (Gibbon Coil. voL 22.) 4° Lon- 


don, 1696. 

TEACTS. 211 

Excrsi— An Impartial Aoooant of lome late TVangaotions in the Office of Excise. (GKb- 
bon Coll. vol. 14.) 4® London, 1706. 

Remarks on the Frauds and Abuses of the Brewery, touching the Excise 

Revenue. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 14.) 4® London, 1707. 
Treatise on. — see London (City Alarum). 

ExooMMUNiGATiON — The Case and Cure of Persons excommunicated according to the 
present Law of England. Printed for J. R., [probably John Rawlet.] (Gibbon 
CoU. vol. 28.) 4° London, 1682. 

see BakewelL 

P. (R.)— see Trade. 

Falooneb (Thomas). The Oregon Question, a Statement of the British Claims. (Ath. 
CoU. vol. 234.) 8° London, 1846. 

Falkland (Charles, Viscount). Considerations on the competency of the Pariiament 
of Ireland* to accede to an Union with Great Britain. (Union Coll. vol. 11.) 8^ 
London, 1799. 

Falkland (Lucius Caiy, Viscount), on In&llibility. — see ELammond. 

Fane (C). Letter to Lord Cottenham on the present position of the Commissioneni of 
the Court of Bankruptcy. (Ath. Coll. vol. 240.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Farmtno — see Agriculture. 

Faudel (Henry). A few words on the Jewish Disabilities, addressed to Sir R. H. Inglis. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 244.) 8^ London, 1848. 

Fauntlkbot (Thomas). Lux in Tenebris, a Clavis to the Treasury in Broad Street. 
(Gibbon CoU. vol. 22.) 4<^ London, 1654. 

Fkatlet (Daniel) — The Gentle Lash, or the Vindication of Dr. Featlejr, a knowne 
Champion of the Protestant ReUgion, with the said Doctor his B£vnifesto and 
Chalenge. (CivU War Tracts.) 4^ Oxfoitl, 1644. 

Feudal System. — see Barry. 

Fk&n (Dr. H.). The Resolving of Conscience upon this Question — whether, if the Ring 
will not discharge his trust, kc,, Subjects may take arms and resist. (Civil War 
Tracts.) 4^ London, 1642. 

[RepHes]. An answer to mis-led Dr. Feame according to his own method. 

(Civil War Tracts.) 4«> London, 1642. 

A fiiUer answer to a Treatise vrritten by Dr. Feame, entituled " The Resolving 

of Conscience, &c." (Civil War Tracts.) 49 London, 1642. 

Fedquisres — [Critique extraite du Moniteur surles] "Lettres in6dites desFeuquidres." 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 237.) 8° Paris, 1846. 

FiENNES (Col. Nathaniel) — ^A Checke to Britannicus for his palpable Flattery and Pre- 
varication in justifying condemned Nat. Fiennes, for the vindication of his traduced 
Judges, Prosecutors, &c. (CivU War Tracts.) 4^ London, 1644. 

Finance. — see National Debt ; Taxation. 

on the Public Debts. — see Barbier. 

The Importance of PubUc Credit. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 22.) 49 London, 1699. 

Practical Financial Reform^ (Ath. CoU. vol. 278.) 8° London, 1849. 

Financial Reform Tracts, pubUshed by the Financial Reform Association. 

Nos. 1 to 18. 8° (1848-9.) 

see also Macgregor ; Newman. 

France — ^Etat G6n4ral des Dettes de I'Etat H la mort du feu Roy Louis xiv.. 

ler Sept. 1716. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 7.) 4° Paris, 1720. 

— Lettres sur le nouveau Systdme dee Finances. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 7.) 4^ 

Paris, 1720. 

-- Nouveau Projet d'une TaUle r6eUe pour Tint^r^t de I'Etat. (Gibbon ColL 

vol.7.) 4° Paris, 1720? 

— liste Generale de MM. les Sou-fenniers. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 7.) 4^ Paris, 


Lettre d*un Banquier ik son Correspondant de Province. (Gibbon ColL 

vol. 7.) 4° Paris, 1769. 

»18 TRACTS. 

FiKAKOly (Fbavob)— R^ponae d'un Oorrespondant k son Banquier. (Qibbon OoU. yoL 7.) 
40 Paris, 1769. 

see also Auber ; Samt-Pierre. 

FiBMiN (Thomas). Some Propotials for the employment of the Poor, and the prevention 
of Idleness and Begging. (Gibbon GoU. vol. 21.) 4^ London, 1681. 

FIBHEBIX8 (British) — IxOvoOtipa ; or the Royal Trade of Fishing, disoorering the ineeti' 
mable Profit ihe Hollanders have made thereof (GKbbon ColL voL 18.) 4^ 
London, 1662. 

Proposal for granting Annuities to raise a Stock for improving the Fiaheiy of 

Great Britain. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 18.) 4^ London, 1713. 

see also Collins ; Erswicke ; Gentleman ; Jenner ; Smith (Simon). 

British S. Whale Fishery. — see Enderby. 

On encouraging the Irish Fisheries. — see Deane. 

FrrzOERALO (James Edward). Letter to the Noblemen, Gentlemen, and Merdianta of 
England [on the Irish Famine.] (Ath. Coll. vol. 211.) S^ London, 1846. 

Fttzokrald (Lord William). Suggestions for the better Government of Ireland. (Ath. 
Coll. vol. 211.) 8° London, 1846. 

FiTZ Habbib (Edward) — His Tryal and Condemnation for Hi^h Treason, Thursday, 9th 
June, 1681, as also the Tryal and condemnation of Dr. Oliver Plunket. (TraotB on 
the Popish Plot.) fol. London, 1681. 

FiTZBOT (Robert). Remarks on New Zealand. (Ath. Coll. vol. 228.) 8° London, 

Flax — Tracts on the Cultivation of. — see Hill ; Sproule ; Wames. 

[Fleetwood (William) Bp. of Ely]. Account of the Life and Death of the Blessed 
Vix^gin according to Romish Writers, with the Grounds of the Worship paid to her. 
(Cath. Cont. vol. 13.) 49 London, 1687. 

Flood (Peter). Letter to the Hon. * * * * * *, M.P., relative to a pamphlet, entitled 
A fiftir Representation of the present Political State of Ireland, by ratnok Duigenan. 
(Union CoU. vol. 12.) 8*» DubUn, 1800. 

Food Question — Letter to Lord John Russell on Increasing the Supply of Food. (Ath. 
Coll. vol. 226.) S^ London, 1847. 

see Danson. 

FoBBBS (James D.). On the Theory and Construction of a Seismometer, or instrument 
for measuring Earthquake Shocks and other Concussions. (Misc. Coll. voL 8.) 4° 
Edinburgh, 1841. 

Fourteenth and Fifteenth Letters on Glaciers. (Ath. Coll. vol. 286.) 8** 

Edinburgh, 1847-9. 

FoBBES (John). Mesmerism true — Mesmerism false : Examination of the facts, daims, 
and pretensions of Animal Magnetism. (Ath. Coll. vol. 198.) 8^ London, 1845. 

Critical Examination of Sir James Gbaham's Bill, with practical views of the 

Medical Profession. (Ath. Coll. vol. 198.) S^ London, 1846. 

FoBBES (William). Considerations on the Scottish Poor-Law Question. (Ath. ColL 
vol. 187.) S^ Edmbui^h, 1846. 

F0BE8TBB (Orlando). A few words on the Hampden Controveny. (Ath. ColL voL 246.) 
8° London, 1847. 

F0BBE8TEB (Joseph James). Observations on the attempts to reform the abuses in 
Portugal in making Port Wine. (Ath. CoU. vol. 189.) 8° London, 1846. 

FOBTESOUE (Chichester). Christian Profession not the test of Citizenship, an Essay for 
the Day. (Ath. Coll. vol. 291.) 8° London, 1849. 

F06TEB (John), Speaker of the House of Commons of Ireland — Observations on his 
Speech, ddivered April 11, 1799, by a Gentleman at the Bar. (Union ColL 
Speeches.) 8° London, 1799. 

Foulebton (Robert). Description and Uses of the Ship Manoeuvrer, bv which a Ship's 
Head may be directed at all times to any point required. (Ath. CoU. voL 190.) 8® 
London, 1846. 

Letter to the Lords of the Admiralty on the Ship Manceuvrer. (Ath. ColL 

voL 218.) 8° London, 1846. 

FoxTBNAUX (l*Abb6 de). Lettre ik Madame la Duchesse de Lorraine but la Mort de 
Monseigneur le Due d'Orleans. (Gibbon CoU. voL 4.) 4^ Puris, au F^aisi, 1728. 

TRACTS. 218 


TOBT OF France : 

The Apologie of the Reformed Churchea of France, wherein are expressed the 

Reasons why they have joyned their armies to those of the King of Great Brittaine, 
(translated by John Reynolds). (Scarce Tracts.) 4^ London, 1628. 

Christianissimus Christianandus ; or, Reason for the Reduction of France 

to a more Christian State in Europe. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 16.) 4^ London, 

PopeiT and Tyranny; or the Present State of France in relation to its Ck>y6m- 

ment, Trade, &c. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 16.) 4<^ London, 1679. 

The French Politician found out ; or Considerations on the late Pretensions 

that France claims to England and Ireland, kc. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 16.) 4^ Lon- 
don, 1^0. 

The Present State of the Protestants in France, in three Letters. (Gibbon Coll. 

Tol. 10.) 40 London. 1681. 

Requdte de la Noblesse centre les fiiusses pr6tentions de Messieurs les Dues et 

Pairs — Memoire du Parlement de Paris au Due D'Orleans, Regent. (Manuscript.) 
(Gibbon CoU. vol. 1.) 40 Paris. 

[The first is addressed "Au Roy," the second to the Regent, Orleans. An 
account of the subject to which these relate will be found in the " Mimoires de 
S. Simon," tome 13, pp. 346-351. See also Sismondi, " Hist, de France," 
tome 27.] 

Representation of the Parliament of Paris to the Regent of France, relating to 

their difference with the Dukes and Peers of that Kingdom. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 11.) 
4^ London, I7I6. 

Bail pour la £fbbrique, et vente des Poudres, Salp^tres et Plomb, &c., qui se 

oonsomment dans tout le Royaume, fisdt H J. Deshayes pour neuf ann^es, 1700-1708. 
(Gibbon Coll. vol. 1.) i<> Paris, 1799. 

Memoire de ce que les Commis Inspecteurs, &c., doivent fiskire en explication 

des ordres pour la conservation de la Ferme-gen^rale des Poudres et Salpdtres de 
France. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 1.) 

Lettre du Roy escrite H Monseigneur le Cardinal de Noailles, Archevesque de 

Paris, pour &ire chanter le Te Deimi en action de graces de la Lev6e du Si^ de 
Landrecy. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 8.) 4<> Paris, 1712. 

ExpUcation de la decoration du Feu d* Artifice pour la Paix d*Utrecht, 25 Mai. 

(Gibbon CoU. vol. 4.) i<^ Paris, 1713. 

Relation de I'Entr^e de Monsieur le Comte de Kinigsegg : Dimanche, 23 Oct. 

(Gibbon CoU. vol. 4.) 4° Paris, 1718. 

Explanation of the cause of the removal of the Prince de Cellamare, Ambas- 

sador from the Court of Spain, with his Letters, which were seized. (See Sismondi, 
" Hist, de France," tome 27.) (Gibbon CoU. vol. 5.) 4° Paris, 1718. 

Manifesto sur les sujets de Rupture entre la France et I'Espagne. (Gibbon Coll. 

vol. 6.) 40 Paris, 1719. 

Traits de Suspension d'Armes par Mer, entre le Roy, et le Roy de la G. 

Bretagne et le Roy d'Espagne. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 5.) 4^ Paris, 1720. 

Ordonnance du Roy pour la suspension d*armes par mer, entre sa Miyeste et le 

Roy d'Espagne. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 6.) 4° Paris, 1720. 

Mandement de son Eminence le Cardinal Louis Antoine de Nosdlles pour 

ordonner des Pridres au sujet des calamitez pubUques. (Gibbon CoU. voL 3.) 4^ 
Paris, 1720. 

Lettre Pastorale de Monsieur TEvdque de Sisteron au sujet de la Contagion. 

(Gibbon CoU. vol. 3.) 40 Paris, 1720. 

Description du Feu d' Artifice, &c., pour llieureuse arrivee de rinfimte Reine 

k Paris, Mars, 1722. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 4.) 4° Paris, 1722. 

Lettre de tons les bons Fran9ais H son Altesse S^renissime Monseigneur le Due. 

(Gibbon CoU. vol. 4.) 4<> Paris, 1724. 

Relation des Ceremonies observ6es H la reception des Commandeurs, etc., de 

I'ordre de S. Esprit, le 3 Juin, 1724. (Gibbon ColL vol. 4.) 4° Paris, 1724. 
Rdglement du Roi et instructions touchant rAdministration des Haras du 

Boyanme. (Gibbon CoU. voL 7.) 4o Paris, 1724 



TOBT OF Fbanoe, (continued): — 
Mabiaob db Louis xy. : — 

Mftndement du Cardinal de Rohan pour la cA^ration du Manage de aa 

Majesty, Sept. 10, 1725, avec la Prinoeme Marie. (Qibbon Coll. vol. 4.) 

— Relation dee Cer^moniee obeervSes k roocamon du Manage du Roi. ((Hbbon 

CoU. vol. 4.) 4° Paris, 1726. 

— Harangue £ute au Roy par TEvftque de Lu^on, Sept. 10, 1725. (Gibbon ColL 

vol. 4.) 

Harangue £ute H la Reine, 10 Sept. 1725, par TEvAque d'Angers. (Gibbon 

Coll. vol. 4.) 

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- — Mandement de Monseigneur rArchevesque de Paris, que le Te Deum sera 
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pour la publication de la Paix, 1 Juin, 1739. (Gibbon ColL voL 4.) 4^ 

Paris, 1739. 

qui doivent s'observer A TEntrce de Monseigneur Creecenty, Nonoe du 

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Mandement qui ordonne que le Te Deum sera chants pour le retabliasement de 

\b, Sante du Roy. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 3.) 4° Paris, 1744. 

pour la prise de la ViUe de Tpres. (Gibbon CoU. voL 8.) 4^ Paris 


pour la prise de la VUle de Fribouig. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 8.) 4^ Pkris, 


Mandements, pour la Yictoire de Fontenoy, la prise de la CitadeUe d'Anvers, 

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Madame la Dauphine, 1746-1760. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 8.) 40 Vtm, 1746-50. 

TBACTS. 216 


TORT OF FsANCE, {continued) : — 
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[On the af&irs between Holland and France.] 

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see Paris. 

see Unigenitus. 

Les Fiefe de France. — see RobiUard. 

Finances. — see under Finance. 

see Treaties. 

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— Rkvolution, 1848 : 

The Revolution in France, a Warning to the Aristocracy and Middle Classes of 

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A volume containing a selection of seventeen of the small temporary Pamphlets 

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see also Quinet. 

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Francia. — see Paraguay ; Plata. 

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and glorious State, in which aU sorts and degrees of people find their condition 
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216 TBACTS. 

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FRiESLAim. — see Holland. 

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G. (Z.)— see Excise. 

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— Thoughts on the expediency of Legalizing the Sale of (hune. (Tracts S. yoL 7.) 
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Cionstitution. — see Back ; Bunsen. 

Affiiirs of — see Vemey. 

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Bennet to the Conrniissioners on the Accounts of Spain and PortugaL (Gibbcm CmI. 
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TBACTS. 217 

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(stifled in 1713 and 1714). (Gibbon CoU. vol. 9.) 4° London, 1728. 

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Anti-Cavalierisme ; or Truth pleading as well the necessity as the lawfulnesse 

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vol 252.) 8<^ London, 1848. 

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don, 1849. 

8UPP. F F 

218 TRACTS. 

QoRHAM C0NTBOVEB8T (The). — Bee Baptism. 

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parties in recording their votes against him. (Tract. Gont, vol. 15.) 8^ Oxford, 

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a scripture demonstration that to be innocent and persecuted is more eligible than 
to be prosperously wicked. (Gath. Gont. vol. 9.) 4^ London, 1682. 

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GovEBNMSNT (Monarchical). — see Hunton; Baleigh« 

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Athdnes, 1846. 

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for Aji^riculturel Purposes [with various Reports on the subject]. (Ath. Coll. 
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TRACTS. 219 

H. (J.) — Bee Hongaiy. 

H. (W.)— flee Trade. 

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may be erected for bringing all idle hands to industry, the best expedient for 
advancing the Woollen Manu&cture. (Qibbon Coll. vol. 20.) 4^ London, 1670. 

England's Weal and Prosperity proposed; or reasons for erecting publick 

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London, 1849. 

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the Church of England. (Cath. Cont. vol 11.) 4^ London, 1646. 

[ ] View of some Exceptions which have beene made by a Romanist to the Lord 

Viscount Falkland's Discourse " Of the InfiUlibilitie of the Church of Rome.'* (Cath. 
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[ '\ The Power of the Keyes, or of binding and loosing. (Cath. Cont. vol. 11.) 4^ 

London, 1647. 

[ ^1 Of resisting the Lawfiill Magistrate under colour of Religion and appendant to 

it, of the word Kpifia, rendered ** damnation," Rom. 13, &c. (Cath. Cont. voL 11.) 
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The whole of the Corree^ondence, &c., between the Bishops of London, Exeter, 
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What will the Bishops do ? (Ath. Coll. vol. 245.) 8° London, 1847. 

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(Ath. ColL vol 246.) &^ London, 1848. 

220 TRACTS. 

Haxfdin— Thk Hampden Ck)NTBOVEBST, (amiinued): — 

Letter to Lord John Russell on oooadon of his Conduct in Church AflGurSy by s 
CleifQnnan. (Ath. ColL vol 245.) 8^ London, 1848. 

The Royalty of the Crown in Episcopal Promotions, according to the Divines or 
Canonists of the Church. (Ath. ColL vol. 246.) 8^ London, 1848. 

The Church of England pronounced heretical by the promoters of a petition 
against the Consecration of Dr. Hampden ; a Iract for the "nmes, by Qericos. 
(Ath. Coll. voL 245.) 8° London, 1848. 

The Official and Legal Proceedings connected with the appointment of Dr. Hamp- 
den to the See of Hereford. (Ath. ColL voL 245.) 8^ London, 1848. 

Are not the Cleigy arraying themselves against Church and Queen ? a question 
by M. A. (Ath. Coll. voL 246.) 8° London, 1848. 

Attempt tojustify the agitation against the appointment of Dr. Hampden to the 
See of Hereford. (Ath. Coll. voL 245.) 8^ London, 1848. 

See also Benson ; Cox; Forester; Hare; Irons; Marsden; Maurice; Mill;Fhi]l* 
potts ; Trower ; Whately. 

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and a remedy. (Ath. Coll. vol. 231.) ^ London, 1845. 

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excited by the appointment of Dr. Hampden to the See of Hereford. (Ath. Coll. 
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Second edition, with a Postscript on Lord John Russell's Letter to the Clergy 

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— Answer. — see Trower. 
Letter to the Hon. Richard Cavendish on the recent Judgment of the Court of 

Appeal as affecting the Doctrine of the Church. (Ath. Coll. vol. 297.) 8^ Lon- 
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see Cavendish. 

Remarks on his Resolutions. — see Perceval. 

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Loo. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 11.) 4^ London, 1699. 

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and clique, unmasked, [answer to tneir Criticisms on his " Napoleon," an Epic Poem]. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 287.) 8° London, 1847. 

Habtlib (Samuel). A discoverie for division, or setting out of Land aa to the best 
form. (Gibbon CoU vol. 18.) 4^ London, 1653. 

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don on the Cases of Thomas H. Siely, Ex-Chaplain at Lisbon, and Thomas Hanrey, 
Ex-Chaplain at Antwerp. (Ath. Coll. vol. 221.) 8^ London, 1846. 

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see Neate (C.) 

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HXBSCHEL (Sir J. F. W.)— see Baily. 

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222 TRACTS. 

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tannique comme Electeur de Brunswic-Lunebourg, intitull Defense de la Deduction 
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HoLBTEiN. — see Denmark. 

HoLTHEAD Harbour. — see WiUiams. 

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see also Burgess ; Clarke ; Harness ; Swaine. 

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TRACTS. 228 

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see also Lyall ; Sykes. 

224 TBACTS. 

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see also Wilbraham. 

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see also Waghom. 

River Navigation. — see Bourne (J.) 

Steam Navigation from Singapore. — see Waghom. 

Railways. — see under Railways. 

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Indes. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 6.) 4^ [Paris, 1767]. 
see Cotterell. 

Industry, Education, and Public Virtue ; or Measures for a New Pu>liament to com* 
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Inquests (Coroner's) — Presence of accused Persons at. — see Jardine. 

Inquisition at Goa. — see [Dellon]. 

Insanitt. — see Winslow. 

see Lunatic Asylums. 

Insurance. — see Assurance. 

Ionian Islands — Quelques Observations sur la manidre d'obtenir des R6forme8 Con- 
stitutionelles dans les Des-Ioniennes. (Misc. CoU. vol. 14.) royal 8^ Corfoo, 

Ireland— Roman and Celtic origin. — see Vandeleur. 

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Affidrs of, in 1662. — see Mervyn. 

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Ireland in the matter of Trade. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 20,) 49 London, 1677. 

Importation of Irish Cattle, 1680. — see Collins. 

Interest of England in its Preservation, 1689. — see Philips. 

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Society. (Union CoU. vol. 9.) 8° Dublin, 1792. 

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Letter from a Venerated Nobleman, recently retired from this country, to the 

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DubUn, 1796. 

— Rebellion, 1797-8 : 

Reflections on the Irish Conspiracy and on the necessity of an Armed Asso- 
ciation in Great Britain, with observations on the resolutions of the Whig Club. 
(Union CoU. vol. 9.) 8<* London, 1797. 

TRACTS. 226 

IfiELAHD— RKBKLLioir, 1797-8, {cmtinu^d) :— 

Letter to the Earl of Moira in defence of the conduct of his Majesty's Ministers, 

and of the Army in Ireland. (Union Coll. voL 9.) 8° London, 1797. 

A Second I^etter to the Earl of Moira on the Commercial Situation of Ireland. 

(Union Coll. vol. 9.) 8° London, 1798. 

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Papers presented to the House of Commons of Ireland, July 17, 1798, by Lord 
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on the sealed-up Treasonable Papers received from the House of Commons on the 
28rd of July. (Union CoU. vol. 10.) 89 London, 1798. 

Observations on the meaning of the Words Protestant Ascendancy and Orange- 

men, including some Strictures on other parts of the Answer of Patrick Duigenan. 
(Union CoU. voL 10.) 8^ Dublin, 1798. 

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late Rebellion, by Veridicus. (Union CoU. vol. 11.) S^ Dublin, 1799. 

Report of the Conmiittee of Secrecy of the House of Commons, to whom the 

Papers, January 22, 1799, were referred. (Union CoU. vol. 11.) 8^ London, 

see also Grattan ; Hay ; Jackson ; Moira ; O'Bryen. 

— The Union : 

Thoughts on the projected Union between Great Britain and Ireland. (Union 

CoU. vol. 9.) 8<5 Dublin, 1797. 

Letter to his ExceUency Marquis ComwaUis on the proposed Union, in which 

his political situation is candidly discussed. (Union CoU. vol. 9.) 8° Dublin, 

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in the House of Lords in Ireland. (Union CoU. vol. 10.) 8° Dublin, 1798. 

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CoU. voL 10.) 8<^ DubUn, 1798. 

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Britain and Ireland. (Union CoU. vol. 10.) 8P London, 1799. 

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Union with Ireland, Jan. 23, 1799. (Union CoU. vol. 11.) 

No Union but Unite and FaU. (Union CoU. vol. 11.) 8^ DubUn, 1799. 

Protestant Ascendancy and Catholic Emancipation reconciled by a Leeislative 

Union ; with a View of the Transactions in 1782, relative to the Independence of 
the Irish ParUament. (Union CoU. vol. 12.) 8^ London, 1800. 

Union, Prosperity, and Aggrandizement. (Union CoU. vol. 12.) 8° London, 


Letter to the Farmers and Traders of Ireland on the subject of Union. By a 

Farmer and Trader. (Union CoU. vol. 12.) 8° DubUn, 1800. 

Speeches on the Union. — see Abingdon ; Clare ; Duguery ; Foster ; Pitt ; 


Tracts on ditto. — see Bousfield ; Duigenan ; Falkland ; Flood ; Gerahty ; Gray ; 

Lattin ; Moira ; O'Connor ; Porter ; Stokes ; Tucker. 

Catholic Queshon. — see under Rome (Roman Catholic Emancipation). 

Memoranda of Irish Matters, by obscure men of good intention. Part I. The 

Rules of Irish Promotion. (Misc. CoU. vol. 12.) royal 8^ DubUn, 1844. 

Irish Waste Land Improvement Society. Fourth Annual Report, by Colonel 

Robinson. (Ath. CoU. vol 211.) 8^ (London), 1845. 
8UPP. Q o 

226 TRACTS. 

iBSLAin), (contMuted) : — 

— The FAMDns, 1846-7 : 

Crime in Ireland, by a late servant of the Crown. (Ath. ColL toL 

211.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Union in Ireland, by an Iriah Landlord. (Ath. CoU. vol. 255.) 8^^ 

Dublin, 1847. 

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voL 213.) S^ London, 1847. 

Observations on the evils resulting to Ireland firom the Insecurity of 

Title, and the existing Laws of Real Property. (Ath. Coll. vol. 212.) dP Dublin, 

The measures which can alone ameliorate the condition of the Irish 

People. (Ath. Coll. vol. 212.) B9 London, 1847. 

Irish Improvidence encouraged by English Boun^, a Remonstrance 

against the Government Projects. (Ath. Coll. vol. 210.) 8^ London, 1847 

The State of Ireland, and the Measures of Government for its relieil 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 210.) 8° London, 1847. 

Irish ReHef Measures. (Ath. Coll. vol. 210.) 8° (London), 1847. 

Relief for Ireland prompt and permanent, by Agricola. (Ath. Coll. 

vol. 210.) 8° London, 1847. 

A [Proposed] Bill for the amelioration of Ireland, [by the Hon. A. P. 

Perceval]. (Misc. CoU. vol. 8.) fol. (London), 1847. 

- see also Adair; Beamish; Burritt; Duffsrin; Fitzgerald; Rogers; 


The Supremacy of the Law, not the Endowment of the Priest, Ireland's Remedy. 

I. vol. 254. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 254.) dP London, 1848. 

How to make Ireland self-supporting, or Irish Clearances and Improvement of 

Waste Lands. (Ath. CoU. vol. 256.) 8^ London, 1848. 

Letter firom a rejected Member of a late Parliament to the Earl of Clarendon. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 256.) 8^' London, 1848. 

A Stitch in Time, by Menenius, (Ath. CoU. vol 266.) B9 DubUn, 1848. 

The Game's up, by Menenius, [on the probable effects of Repeal, &o.] (Ath. 

CoU. vol. 266.) 8^ DubUn, 1848. 

The Irish Difficulty, addressed to his Countrymen by an Englishman. (Ath. 

CoU. vol. 256.) 8^ London, 1848. 
— Poor-Law: 

To the People of Great Britain and North of Ireland against alms- 
giving for the payment of Union Rates. (Ath. ColL voL 257.) 8^ J^iadoik, 

Observations on the Board of Works, the New Poor-Law, &o., in Ire- 

land. (Ath. CoU. vol 255.) 8^^ London, 1849. 

The Extemdon of the Irish Poor Law, [Review of G. P. Scrope's Letters 

and Pamphlets, by Douglas, Ensor, and Palmer.] (Ath. CoU. vol. 208.) 8^ (London, 

Irish Poor Law, past, present, and future. (Ath. CoU. vol. 257.) 8^ 

London, 1849. 

— Ways and Means for Ireland. (Ath. CoU. vol. 255.) 8^ London, 


see also Douglas ; GkxUey ; Naper ; Scrope ; Whately. 

ReUef Measures. — see Aloock; Briggs; Scrope; Shrewsbuiy. 

. Rate in Aid.— see Butt; Scrope. 

Other Tracts on the State of Ireland between 1843 and 1849.— see BaU; 

Bodinffton ; Cavour ; Fitzeerald ; Gk>re ; Gr^g ; Gninness ; Hall ; Holmes ; Lifibrd; 
Mabeny ; MacdonneU ; Mosse ; Murray ; O'Brien ; Perceval ; Porter ; Ramsay ; Ro- 
gers ; Rosse ; Sligo; Stoddart; Tuke; Ward. 

Ulster Tenant Right.— see Hancock ; MlCnight. 

TRACXa 227 

Ibeland, (eonHnued): — 

Tenure of Land in. — see Alcock ; Hillary. 

Law of Landlord and Tenant, Defence ol — see Simpson. 

Colonization (Systematic). — see Torrens. 

Mortgage Banks. — see Bowen. 

Potato Truck System. — see Rogers. 

see Maynooth Coll^^ Endowment. 

Jbons (William J.). Should the State oblige us to educate ? a Letter to Lord John 
Russell (Ath. CoU. vol. 206.) S^ London, 1846. 

Letter to Dr. Hampden, submitting to him certain assertions, assumptions, and 

implications in his Hampton Lectures. (Ath. Coll. vol. 245.) 8^ London, 1848. 

The Present Crisis in the Church of England, illustrated by a brief inquiry as 

to the Royal Supremacy. (Ath. Coll. vol 801.) 8^ London, 1850. 

Sequel to ditto, in reply to the Rev. W. Maskell and the Rev. T. W. Allies. 

(Ath. Coll. vol. 301.) 8<^ London, 1850. 

The Judgments on Baptismal Regeneration, the Church Court of Arches, the 

State Court of Privy Councnl, the present English and Scottish Bishops; with a 
Discourse on Heresy and Open Questions. (Ath. ColL vol. 301.) 8^ London, 

Italy — ^De Jure Augusti et Romani Imperii in Parma et Plaoentia Ducatibos 
tiones z. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 4.) 4? Amstelodami, 1729. 

Di alcuni lavori spettanti alia Storia d'ltalia, ultimamente pubblicati in Oer- 

mania, [da Alfredo Reumont]. (Ath. Coll. vol. 237.) 89 (Berlin), 1845. 

Austria and Central Italy. (Ath. Coll. vol. 258.) 8^ London, 1849. 

A Voice from England to the Italians, exhorting them to unite with one another, 

and not to call in Foreign aid. (Ath. Coll. vol. 284.) 12P London, (1849). 
see Lombardy; Modena; Naples; Piedmont; Savoy; Venice. 

Geography. — see Anville. 

Austria and the Pope. — see Mazzini. 

on a Constitution for. — see Qranville. 

Movement in, 1847. — see Azeglio. 

Jackson (Charles) — Narrative of his Sufferings and Escape, including an account of 
severalbarbarousatrocitiescomonitted, June, 1798. (Union Coll. vol. 10.) 8^ Lon- 
don, 1798. 

Jamaica — Condition of, 1847. — see JeUy. 

Jambs I. — His Majesties Speach in the Starre Chamber the 20th June, Anno 1616. 
(Gibbon Coll. vol. 16.) 4° London, 1616. 

His Majesties Declaration touching his proceedings in the late Assemblie and 

Convention of Parliament. (Scarce Tracts.) i° London, 1621. 

A Proclamation declaring his Majesties pleasure concerning the dissolving of 

the present Convention of Parliament. (Scarce Tracts.) 4^ London, 1621. 

King James his Judgment of a King and of a l^nrant, extracted out of his 

own Speech in 1609, with Notations. (Civil War Tracts.) 4^ (London), 1642. 
see Tobacco. 

Jambs n. — ^An Answer to the late King James* Last Declaration, dated at St. Germains, 
April 17, 1693. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 16.) i^ London, 1693. 

Jambs (William). Vindication of the Usage of closing the Morning Service with the 
Sermon, when there is no Conmiunion, in reply to the Rev. B. Harrison. (Tract. 
Cont. vol. 12.) 8*^ London, 1846. 

Jabdihe (David). Remarks on the law and expediency of the Presence of accused 
persons at Coroner's Inquisitions. (Ath. Coll. vol. S40.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Java, Vital Statistics of.— see Crawfiird. 

Jbktll (Thomas). True Religion makes the best Loyalty, a Sermon at the New 
Church in Westminster, on May 29, the hi^py day of H. M.'s birth and return. 
(Cath. Cont. vol. 9.) 4^ London, 1682. 

228 TRACTS. 

Jkllt (Thomas). Brief Inquiry into the Condition of Jamaica. (Ath. CoU. yd. 252.) 
8° London, 1847. 

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Australia, and New Zealand, as promoting Emigration. (Ath. ColL yoL 252.) 8*^ 
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Jesuits. — see Canaye. 

Jews — REMoyAL of Jewish Disabilitibs: 

A Clei^gyman's Apology for fayouring the removal of Jewish Disabilities. (Ath. 

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(London), 1848. 

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S^ London, 1849. 

see also Birks; Faudel; Gawler; Gladstone; Goldsmid; Thirlwall; Trower; 

Van Oven. 

Proscriptions and Persecutions of the Jews. — see Bignon. 

Establishment of Jewish Colonies in Palestine. — see Gawler. 

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from the Malicious and Scandalous Aspersions of Mr. Brooke, Author of ** Gustayos 
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. Charge to the Clergy of his Diocese. (Charges, vol. 8.) 8® London, 1846. 

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Committee of the Pnvy Council in the case of Gorham v. the Bishop of Exeter. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 297.) S^ Shrewsbury, (1850). 

TBACTS. 229 

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many conoeming his Imprisonment. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 1.) 4^ London, 1676. 

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Remarks as to measures to promote their wel£&re and improve their condition. 

by a Member of the Aristocracy. (Ath. CoU. vol. 189.) 8^ London, 1845. 

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Condition of the Labouring Classes. (Ath. Coll. vol. 277.) S^ London, 1849. 

see also Chartism ; Poor Laws. 

see Davenport ; Schmit ; Scrope. 

(In Ireland). — see Blacker; Heron; Scrope. 

liAKDBD Propkbtt — The Right of the Aristocracy to the Soil considered, by John 
Noakesi (Ath. Coll. vol. 270.) 8° London, 1848. 

On the Registration of the Title to. — see Neale. 

JiAJiDLORD AND TENANT, Law of. — see Calthrope. 

see Tenant Right. 

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that the Doctrine of Transubstantiation overthrows the Proo& of Christian Religion, 
[translated by Archbishop Tennisonj. (Cath. Cont vol. 8.) 4^ London, 1687. 

[ ] Of the Incurable Scepticism of the Church of Rome, [translated by Archbishop 

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(Ath. Coll. vol. 201.) 8° Gendve, 1845. 

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Hertfordshire. (Ath. Coll. vol. 277.) 8« London, 1848. 

Reply. — see Shelley (J. V.). 

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and threatenings to prevent his turning Protestant, the other from La Vallette to 
the Clergy of Blois on the gross errors of their Church, done into Finglish by T. 
Hale. (Cath. Cont. vol. 13.) 49 London, 1701. 

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see also Evans. 

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«30 TRACTS. 

Law — On making and digesting the Law.— eee Brougham. 

Law Reform. — see Phillimore. 

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£ffect8. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 11.) i° London, 1690. 

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France, with reference to the Duchy of Schleswig, from documentary sources, trans- 
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DubHn, 1793. 

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in the paper of The World. (Union CoU. vol. 9.) 8° London, 1790. 

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vol. 269.) 8° Londres, 1848. 

LiBBio. — see Nickau. 

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of Lieut. G. Walter. (Ath. CoU. voL 190.) 8<^ London, 1844. 

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Tower of London. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 15.) 4° London, 1649. 

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Lincoln on the Bishop's claim to license the Chaplains of linooln CoUege. (Ath. 
CoU. vol. 247.) 8° London, 1848. 

LiNBN Trade — Proposals for building in every County a Working Almshouse, or Hospi- 
tal, to perfect the Trade and Manu&ctory of Linnen Cloth, by R. H. (Gibbon 
CoU. vol. 21.) 40 London, 1677. 

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sity of Oxford. (Ath. CoU. vol. 188.) 8° Oxford, 1845. 

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case of Gorham v. Bishop of Exeter. (Ath. Coll. vol. 294.) 8^ London, 1850. 

LrruROT of thb Church of ENOLAin) — Vindication. — see Hammond. 

Rubrics of the Liturgy. — see Benson; Wickham. 

On the Offertory without Communion. — see Wickham. 

On closing the Service with the Sermon. — see James (W.) 

On Alterations in. — see Convocation. 

Tottenham Churches : Statement of Proceedings in reference to the proposed 

changes in the Church Service. (Tract. Cont. vol. 16.) 8° London, 1844. 
Revise the Liturgy, by a Peer. (Tract. Cont. vol. 13.) 8° London, 1846. 

Plain considerations on a Return to Rubrical conformity, chiefly addressed to the 

Laity, with some suggestions to the Clergy. (Tract. Cont. vol 13.) 8° London, 

Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury on the approaching tercentenary of 

the English Prayer- Book, and the fiSstablishment of the Reformation in England, by 
the Bii^op of Gibraltar. (Ath. ColL voL 251.) 8^ London, 1848. 

TRACTS. 281 

LrruBOT, (conHwuied) — ^The IMrectorie.— «ee Hammond. 

Liturgy of the Scotch Episcopal Church. — see Russell. 

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ment of Great Britain in respect to Neutral Nations during the present War. 
(Gihbon Coll. vol. 4.) 4<^ London, 1759. 

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maintaining the Established Religion in opposition to Popery. (Cath. Cont. vols. 
6 and 10.) 4° London, 1673. 

1 Reasonable Defence of the Seasonable Discourse, &c. (Cath. Cont. vol. 10.) 

4<> London, 1674. 

] The Difference between the Church and Court of Rome considered, in 

some Reflections on a Dialogue entituled a ** Conference between two Protestants and 
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-] The late Apology in behalf of the Papists reprinted and answered in behalf 

of the Royalists. (Cath. Cont. vol. 10.) 4° London, 1675. 

^1 Lex Talionis ; or the Author of Naked Truth [Herbert Crofb] stript naked. 

(Cath. Cont. vol. 10.) 4° London, 1676. 

] Considerations touching the true way to suppress Popery in this kingdom, 

by making a Distinction between Men of Loyal and Disloyal Principles in that 
conmiunion. (Cath. Cont. vol. 10.) 4^ London, 1677. 

Sermon at the Funeral of Sir Edmundbury Gk)dfrey, who was barbarously 

murthered. (Cath. Cont. vol. 9.) 4^ London, 1678. 

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whicn gives an account of Jaddus the High Priest's submitting to Alexander whilst 
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Discom'se of God's Ways of disposing of Kingdoms. Part 1. (Cath. Cont. 

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of Mixed Gauge Railways. (Ath. Coll. vol. 261.) 8^ London. 

LoMBARDT. — see Bowyer. 

Austrian Assassinations in. — see Azeglio. 

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obstructed our proceedings, whereunto is annexed a Treatise on Excise. (Gibbon 
CoU. vol. 22.) 4° London, 1645. 

An Apology for the Builder ; or a Discourse shewing the cause and efifocts of 

the Encrease of Building [On the trade of London]. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 20.) 4^^ 
London, 1689. 

The Representative of London and Westminster in Parliament examined and 

considered. (Gibbon ColL vol. 10.) i? London, 1702. 

The City Struggle ; a Satire occasioned by the late Election of a Lord Mayor. 

(Gibbon CoU. vol. 10.) 4° London, 1740. 

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(Ath. Coll. vol. 199.) S^ London, 1844. 

Metropolitan Bridges and Westminster Improvements. (Ath. Coll. vol. 201.) 

8^ London, 1845. 

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(Chu^;es, vol. 8.) 8^ London, 1847. 

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other Protestants. (Ath. Coll. vol. 202.) 8^ London, 1844. 

Lucas (Samuel). The causes and consequences of National Revolutions among the 
Ancients and the Modems compared. [Sheldonian Prize Essay.] (Ath. Coll. voL 
200.) S^ London, 1845. 

LUHACT — On the Conduct of the Metropolitan Commissioners of Lunacy. — see Perceval. 

^— The Madhouse System. — see Paternoster. 

Colney Hatoh Asylum. — see Conolly. 

Ltall (John Edwardes). Discourse on the nature and study of the Laws of India. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 275.) S^ Not published. London, 1849. 

232 TBACTS. 

Lyon — Recueil de Pieces et Mf moires conoernant le Rdglement A &ire entre la Juris- 
diction de la conservation de Lyon et les Jurisdictions Consolaires. (Gibbon GolL 
vol. 1.) 40 Paris, 1759. 

Ltttelton (Lord). Letter to Ernest Hawkins on the principles of the Society for the 
propagation of the Gospel, with regard to Emigrants. (Ath. Coll. vol. 251.) 8° 
London, 1849. 

M. (J.). An Argument or Debate in Law of the great question concerning the Militia^ 
as it is now settled by Ordinance of Parliament. (C^vil War Tracts.) 4^ Lon- 
don, 1642. 

M. (T.) — see Medicine. 

Maberlt (l^frs.). The present State of Ireland and its remedy. (Ath. Coll. voL 213.) 
8° London, 1847. 

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London, 1848. 

" Macaulay'8 (T. B.) History of England." Reply. — see Harrington. 

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performances. (Ath. CoU. vol. 210.) 8° London, (1847). 

-— ^— Roman Catholic Opposition to a State-Endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy 
of Ireland. (Ath. CoU. vol. 213.) 89 London, 1847. 

M'Geachy (F. Alleyne). Speech on the third reading of the Maynooth CoU^e BilL 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 192.) 8<> London, 1845. 

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Introduction and Notes. (Ath. CoU. vol. 278.) S^ London, 1849. 

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into the working of the Reform BUI. (Ath. Coll. vol. 271.) 8^ London, 1848. 

The Crisis in Canada ; or Vindication of Lord Elgin in reference to the Rebel- 

lion Losses BiU. (Ath. CoU. vol. 285.) S^ London, 1849. 

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reign of King Charles n. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 15.) 4^ London, 1691. 

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British Crown. (Ath. CoU. vol. 254.) S^ Dublin, 1848. 

[Mackworth (Sir Humphrey)]. A brief Account of the Tack, in a Letter to a Friend, 
[relating to the Sacramental Test]. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 15.) 4^ London, 1705. 

see also Mines. 

MACLEOD (John Macpherson). Remarks on some popular objections to the present 
Income Tax. (Ath. CoU. vol. 264.) 8^ London, 1849. 

Maddison (Sir Ralph). England's Looking in and out, presented to the High Court 
of ParUament, by R(alph] M[addison], Knt. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 24.) i^ London, 

Great Britain's Remembrancer looking in and out, tending to the encrease of 

Monies of the Conmionwealth, presented to his Highness we Lord Protector. 
(Gibbon Coll. vol. 24.) 4° London, 1655. 

Madeira, Popish Persecution at. — see Lord. 

Magnetism. — see Electricity. 

Maier (Michael). De Circulo Physico Quadrate hoc est Auro, ejusque Virtute Medi- 
dnaU. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 19.) 4° Oppenheim, 1616. 

Maimonides — Two Lectures on the Life and Writings of Mumonides, with a List 
of his Works, Notes, &c., by A. Benisch. (Ath. CoU. vol. 237.) 89 London, 

Maitland (J. G.). Church Leases. (Ath. CoU. vol. 247.) 89 London, 1849. 

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ings, [relative to its PubUcation of strype's Cranmei]. (Ath. Coll. voL 269.) 8^ 
London, 1849. 

Maunb (William). Plan for additional National Defences. (Ath. CoU. vol. 219.) 89 
London, 1848. 

Mallalieu (Alfred). Rosas and his Calumniators : the justice of a triple aUiance 
Intervention of England, France, and BrazU in the affiurs of the River Plate. (Ath. 
CoU. vol. 197.) 8^ London, 1845. 

TRACTS. 233 

Malmbsburt (The Earl of). Reviaioii of the Game Laws, a Letter to %r George Qrey. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 275.) S^ London, 1848. 

Maltnes ((Jerard). The Center of the Circle of Commerce ; or a Refutation of a Trea- 
tise intituled the '' Circle of Commerce, by E. M. [Edward Misselden]. (Qibbon 
Coll. vol. 23.) 4^ London, 1623. 

Makchester (The Duke of). Part of a Speech in the House of Lords against the 
Maynooth Grant. (Ath. Coll. vol. 192.) S^ London, 1845. 

Manchester Bishopric Bill — Speech of £. Uorsman on. (Ath. Coll. vol. 221.) 8^ 
London, 1847. 

Mantell (Gideon Algernon). Notes of a Microscopical Examination of the Chalk 
and Flint of the South-East of Enghuid. (Misc. Coll. vol. 12.) 8^ London, 

BCariaita (Johannes). De Ponderibus et Mensuris. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 18.) 8^ 
Madrid, 1599. 

Mariner's Compass, Deviation of. — see Boss. 

Mariottt (L.). The Age we live in, a mock-heroic lecture — Bull and Nongtongpaw, or 
national characteristics. (Ath. CoU. vol. 200.) S° London, 1845. 

Markham rWilliam), Abp. of York — Paraphrase on his Sermon preached before the 
Society for propagating the GJospel, February 21, 1777. 8® London, 1777. 

Marriage with a deceased Wife's Sister : 

Letters of several of the Bishops on the subject. (Ath. Coll. vol. 203.) 8^ 

London, 1845. 

Letters of several Bishops on the subject, with Remarks by George A. Crowder. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 240.) S^ London, 1846. 

Letters in fiivour of a Repeal of the Law against it, by Champneys, Dale, 

Gumey, H. Montagu ViUiers, and W. F. Hook. (Ath. CoU. vol. 274.) 8<^ Lon 
don, 1849. 

see also Hayward ; HoUingworth ; Hope ; Perceval ; Wray . 

Harsdsn (J. B.). Is Dr. Hampden fairly treated? a Speech at a meeting of the 
Clergy at Aylesbury. (Ath. CoU. vol. 246.) 8° London, 1848. 

Marsden (Thomas). Roman CathoHcks uncertain whether there be any True Priests 
or Sacraments in the Church of Rome. (Cath. Cont. vol. 4.) 4^ London, 1688. 

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CoU. vol. 236.) 8° London, 1847. 

Marshall (Thomas WiUiam). Letter to the Rev. Cecil Wray on his " Address" to 
the Congregation of St. Martin's, Liverpool. (Ath. CoU. vol. 223.) 8° London, 

Martin (John). Thames and MetropoUs Improvement Plan, First Division, "On 
Drainage and Sewage Manure." (Ath. Coll. vol. 233.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Thames and MetropoUs Improvement Plan. (Ath. CoU. vol. 283.) 8° Lon- 
don, 1849. 

Reprint of the Report of the Committee on his Plan for rescuing the River 

Thames from poUution m 1836. (Ath. CoU. vol 283.) S° (London, 1849). 
Plan for VentUating Coal Mines. (Ath. CoU. vol. 286.) 8° 1849. 

Martin (R. Montgomeiy). Opium in China, extracted from his " China, political, com- 
mercial, and Social." (Ath. CoU. vol. 229.) S^ (London), 1847. 

[ ] The Sugar Question, in relation to Free Trade and Protection. (Ath. CoU. 

vol. 265.) 8° London, 1848. 

Masrell (William). Letter to WiUiam Gk)ode [on Regeneration in Baptism]. (Ath. 
CoU. vol. 251.) 8® London, 1848. 

A first Letter on the present position of the High Church Party in the Church 

of England : Tlie Royal Supremacy and the Authority of the Judicial Committee. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 298.) 8° London, 1850. 

A Second Letter : The Want of Dogmatic Teaching in the Reformed EngHsh 

Church. (Ath. CoU. vol. 298.) BP London, 1850. 
Reply. — see Irons. 

Massacre of St. Bartholomew — Warning peeoe for London, being a true relation of 
the Bloody Massacre of the Protestants in Paris by the Papists and Cavileen. (Civil 
War Tracts.) i^ London, 1642. 

SITP. h h 

234 TRACTS. 

Massinoberd (F. C). Letter to the Rev. William Qoode, ahowing that the opinions 
of Cranmer, Bidley, and Buoer, concerning Holy Baptism were opposed to those con- 
tained in a Letter of Peter Martyr, latdy published by him, with Commoits on 
his Inferences from that letter. (Ath. CoU. vol. 299.) 8^ London, 1850. 

Mathied (P. P.). Auto-Photography, or mode of reproducing by Liffht, drawingSy 
lithographs, engravings, &c., without the Daguerreotype, tranuated by Jos. 
M'Meadows. (Ath. Coll. vol. 269.) S"^ Dublin, 1847. 

Mats'ha'fa Tomab, an ^thiopic MS., Remarks on. — see Beke. 

Matbon (Henry James). Remarks on the Slave Trade and African Squadron. (Ath. 
CoU. vol. 263.) 8° London, 1848. 

Maurice (Frederick D.). Thoughts on the Rule of Conscientious Subtcription, on the 
purpose of the 39 Articles, and on our present perils from the Romish Syston. 
(Tract. Cont. vol. 15.) 8° Oxford, 1845. 

Letter to a Non-Resident Member of Convocation on the New Statute and 

Mr. Ward. (Tract. Cont. vol. 15.) 8° Oxford, 1845. 

Letter on the attempt to defeat the Nomination of Dr. Hampden. (Athu ColL 

vol. 246.) S^ London, 1847. 

Mat (Thomas Erskine). Remarks and Suggestions for the dispatch of Public Bosinfia 
in Parliament. (Ath. Coll. vol. 275.) S^ London, 1849. 

Matnooth College Endowment : 

Review of the Maynooth Endowment Bill, shewing its fiital tendenciea. (Ath. 

Coll. vol. 192.) 8^ London, 1845. 

Maynooth, the Crown and the Country, or a Protest against the Endowment 

(Ath. Coll. vol. 192.) 8<^ London, 1845. 

Letter to the Archbishop and Bishops on the Endowment of Maynooth. (Ath. 

Coll. vol. 192.) 8° London, 1845. 

The Continuation of any Grant for the Education of the Romish Priesthood a 

national Sin. (Ath. Coll. vol. 192.) 8^^ London, 1845. 

The Maynooth Endowment vindicated on the ground of Religious Princi|^ 

(Ath. Coll. vol. 192.) 8° London, 1845. 

Common-Sense v. Bigotiy, or Reasons for supporting the Parliamentary Qruit 

to Maynooth. (Ath. Coll. vol. 192.) 89 London, 1845. 

Letter to Richard Sheil on the Education Grants by Anglo-Catholicus. (Ath. 

Coll. vol. 207.) 8° London, 1847. 

see also Brown ; Colquhoun ; Hatherell; Horsley ; M'Qeachy ; D. of Manchester; 

Perceval ; Smith (Sir C. E.) ; Whately. 

Matnwarinoe (Everard). — see Tobacco. 

Matow (Mayow Wynell). Letter to the Rev. William Maskell : How fistr the Judicial 
Committee commits the Church of England by its Decision. (Ath. ColL voL 298.) 
8° London, 1850. 

MAZzna (Joseph). Italy, Austria, and the Pope, a Letter to Sir James Qraham. (Ath. 
Coll. vol 191.) 8° London, 1845. 

Mechi (I. J.). Experience in Drainage, with his Letters zvn-xx. &o. (Ath. ColL 
vol. 224.) 8° London, 1847. 

Medical Retorm — ''Sir James Graham's Bill" — Address by the Society of Apothe- 
caries to the General Practitioners on its provisions. (Ath. Coll. vol. 198.) 8^ 
London, 1844. 

see also Forbes; Quain ; Simpson. 

Medical Reform a public Question, or how to save twenty thousand lives per annum, by 
a Physician. (Ath. Coll. vol. 267.) 8° London, 1849. 

Medicine — A Letter concerning the present state of Physick and the Regulation of the 
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Greece." (Ath. Coll. vol. 242.) 8° London, 1847. 

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Mr. Cobbett, and others, have attempted to prove that Conmierce is not a source <^ 
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see also Coal Mines. 

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see also Ireland (Union). 

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TRACTS. 287 

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calumnies of the Liverpool Financial Reform Association. (Ath. Coll. vol. 276.) 
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see Finance. 

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see Burton ; Hill ; Malins ; Weale. 

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Unfitness for its purpose. — see Eastlake. 

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Picture Cleaning there. — see Coningham. 

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See Campbell; Harle; Labouchere; Ogilvy. 

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288 TRACTS. 

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by a Naval Medical Officer. (Ath. CoU. vol. 267.) 8<^ London, 1849. 

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Observatory relative to the new Planet, by J. Challis. (Misc. Coll. vol. 8.) 4" 

No. 9 of vol. 7 of the Reports of the Astronomical Society, [oontaininff Pro- 
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see Sheepshanks. 

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nimierous Radical Reforms, financial and organic. (Ath. Coll. vol. 271.) 89 Lon- 
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Remarks on. — see Fitzroy. 

Nice (Second Council of). — see Comber (T.) 

TRACTS. 289 

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most acute complaints, after the Kationale of Professor Liebig. (Ath. Coll. vol. 267.) 
8° London, 1848. 

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Museum, a Reply to Panizzi's Statement. (Ath. Coll. vol. 248.) 8^ London, 1846. 

see British Museum. 

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use of Iron m their coxistruction, as evidenced in the ** Nemesis" and ** Ariadne." 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 218.) 8° London, 1847. 

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1845. (Ath. CoU. vol. 286.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Address at the anniversaiy meeting of the Royal Society, November 80, 1846. 

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England tested by the Nicene Creed. (Ath. doll. vol. 223.) 8^ London, 1846. 

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vol. 228.) 8° London, 1847. 

Nottidge vernu Ripley." — see ConoUy. 


Oakelet (Frederick). The subject of Tract 90 historically examined, with a view to 
ascertain the object with which the Articles of the Church were put out, and the 
sense in which they are allowed to be subscribed, with the case of Bishop Moun- 
tague. (Tract. Cont. vol. 12.) S^ London, 1845. 

. Letter to the Lord Bishop of London on a subject connected with the recent 

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A few Words to those Churchmen, being Members of Convocation, who purpose 

taking no part in Mr. Ward's case. (Tract. Cont. vol. 15.) 18^ London, 1845. 
Remarks on. — see Garbett. 

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agamst the life of His Sacred Majestv, the Government, and the Protestant Reh- 
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240 TBAOTS. 

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P^ply] — A. Rowland for an Oliver, or a sharp rebuke to a saucy Levite, in 

answer to a Sermon preached by Edward Oliver before the late Lord Major, 
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Ordnance Esthnates, by David. (Ath. Coll. vol. 276.) 8^ London, 1849. 

Frauds of, in 1717.— see WithalL 

Obeoon QusernoN. — ^Tracts on, by an American. (Ath. Coll. vd. 284.) 8^ New York, 

Oregon : the Cost and the Consequences, by a Disciple of the Washington 

School (Ath. CoU. vol. 234.) 8'^ Philadelphia, 1846. 
see also Falconer ; Wallace. 

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Impartial Inquiry into the Duke of Ormonde's Conduct in the Campaign of 

1712. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 9.) 4° London, 1715. 

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(Tract. Cont. vol. 13.) 8° London, 1845. 

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Classical Scholarship and Distinctions. — see Lin wood. 

— ^ The Three Examinations. — see Hussey. 

see Lincoln College. 

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versialist, with reference to his charge against Dr. Wiseman. (Ath. Coll. voL 220.) 
8° London, 1843. 

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8° London, 1846. 

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8® London, 1847. 

[Reply]. Letter to him on the '* Condition of England Question," elicited by 

his ^eech, by Snooks. (Ath. Coll. vol. 216.) B9 London, 1847. 

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(Ath. Coll. vol. 241.) 8° (Monte Video, 1846). 

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with a disparity between a True Patriot and a Factious Associator. (Tracts on the 
Popish Plot.) fol. London, 1682. 

Paris — M6moiro pour les Doyen, Sindics, et Compagnie des Conseillers du Roi, Com- 
missaires-EnquAteurs au Chatelet de Paris, centre MM. les Pr6vdt de Paris, &c 
(Gibbon Coll. vol. 1.) 4® Paris, 1768. 

' Pr6ois pour les Ju|^ et Consuls de Paris contre les Pr6vdt des Marchands et 

Echevins de la mdme ville. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 1.) 4^ Paris, 1759. 

TBACTS. 241 

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(Gibbon CoU. vol. 14.) 4° London, 1718. 

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Nation the benefits of a rightly governed Trade. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 24.) 4^ Lon- 
don, 1648. 

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Union. (Ath. Coll. vol. 187.) 8° London, 1846. 

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Coll. vol. 210.) 8° London, 1846. 

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begun at Westminster in the tenth yeare of the reigne of K. Bichard the Second* 
(Scarce Tracts.) 4° London, 1641. 

The Privileges of Parliament, which the members, army, and the kingdom 

have taken the Protestation and Covenant to maintain ; reprinted for consideration 
and confirmation, 5th January, 1659. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 15.) 4^ London, 

The Ancient Land-Mark betwixt the Prince and the People of England, by the 

right of Inheritance which the Nobility and Baronage have to sit in the House of 
Peers in Parliament. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 15.) 4^ London, 1659. 

A Seasonable Speech made by a worthy Member of Parliament in the House 

of Commons concerning the Other House, March, 1659. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 15.) 
4^ Lond<»n, 1659. 

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intituled ''The Danger of Mercenary Parliaments." (Gibbon CoU. vol. 10.) 4^ 
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On the dispatch of Business in. — see May. 

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Pathology — ^AppUcation of Phjrsiology to. — see Walshe. 

[Patrick (Symon), Bp. of Ely]. Discourse about Tradition, showing what is meant by 
it, and what Tradition is to be received, and what is to be reje^ed. (Cath. Cent, 
vol. 8.) 4° London, 1685. 

[ ] The Texts examined which Papists cite out of the Bible to prove the Supre- 
macy of St. Peter and of the Pope over the whole Church. (Cath. Cont. vol. 3.) 
4° London, 1688. 

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taught and practised in the Church of Rome, in answer to T. G. and BoUeau. 
(Caih. Cont. vol. 5.) 4° London, 1685. 

- Discourse of the Sacrifice of the Mass. (Cath. Cont. vol. 5.) 4^ London, 

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Peace Act. — see Cooke. 

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Speech, 20 June, 1827, on moving for leave to bring in a biU for the Better 

Recovery of Small Debts. (Tracts S. vol. 5.) 8*^ London, 1827. 

Letter to the Electors for the Borough of Tamworth. (Ath. CoU. voL 216.) 

8® London, 1847. 

see Tinmouth. 

Letter to Benjamin D'IsraeU, on his recent attack on the Minister [Sir Robert 

PeelJ by a Barrister. (Ath. CoU. vol. 215.) 8° London, 1846. 

[ ] A fragmentary chapter from the most pleasant and delectable histoxy of 

Robert the fox. (Misc. CoU. vol. 13.) 4° 1846. 
8UPP. I I 

242 TRACTS. 

Peile (Thomas Williamson). What mean we by the word Regeneration I (Ath. GolL 
vol. 803.) 18<^ London, 1860. 

Penal Laws — ^IVacts on the proposed Repeal of the Penal Laws and Tent Act bj 
James n., &c. 4^ London, 1687-9. 

Three Letters, from a Jesuit at li^e, from Father Petre, and frtim Father La 
Chese, relative to the Progress of Edigion in England, &o. 

The Anatomy of an Equivalent. 

Letter to a Dissenter upon occasion of H. M.'s late gracious declaration of Li- 

Letter containing Reflections on H. M.'s Declaration for Liberty of ConsdeDoe. 

Free Thoughts of the Penal Laws, Tests, &o. 

The Project for repealing the Penal Laws and Tests. 

To the Bishops and Clergy in Convocation at Westminster, 1690, tlie humble 
Petition of many Divines and others, of the Classical, Congregational, and 
other Persuasions. 

Concerning the Case of taking the New Oath of Fealty and Allegiance, Ac. 

Letter by Myn Heer Fagel to James Stewart, advocate, giving an account of the 
Prince and Princess of Orange's Thoughts on the Repeal of the Test and the 
Penal Laws. 

James Stewart's Answer to Fagel's Letter. 

Reflexions on Monsieur Fagel's Letter. 

Apology for the Church of England, with relation to the Spirit of Persecution for 
which she is accused. 

Seasonable Considerations [relative to the Repealing of the Test Act, &c.] 

Answer to '' A New Test of the Church of England's Loyalty." 

Letter to a Person of Quality, occasioned by the News of the ensuing Parlia- 

Second Vindication of the Magistracy and Government of England. 

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Poor. (Ath. Coll. vol. 260.) 8*^ London, 1849. 

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Troy and Avoirdupois Weights. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 22.) 4P London, 1688. 

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Deacon's Orders at the General Ordination at Worcester. (CSiaiges, vol. 6.) 8° 
London, 1844. 

Charge delivered to the Clergy of his Diocese. (Charges, vol. 6.) 8^ London, 


Charge to the Clei^gy of his Diocese. (Charges, vol. 9.) 8® London, 1848. 

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vol. 8.) 4° London, 1848. 

[Perceval (Hon. A. P.)]. The Amelioration of Ireland contemplated — 1. On the Use 
of the Irish Lansruage in Religious Worship ; 2. Repeal and iWeralism conaideied ; 
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On the proposed alteration of the Law of Marriage. (Ath. Coll. vol. 274.) BP 

Leatherhead, 1849. 

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Commissioners on Lunacy. (Ath. Coll. vol. 198.) 8^ London, 1844. 

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Curates Bill. (Privately printed.) (Tracts 8. vol. 2.) 8° London, 1808. 

TEACTS. 243 

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at St. Mark, at Venice. (Misc. Coll. vol. 8.) 4° (London), 1844. 

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ence to the negociations under Lord Howden. (Ath. Coll. vol. 241.) 8° London, 

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presented to the Parliament of England by G. P. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 20.) 49 Lon- 
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Charge to the Clergy of his Diooese. (Charges, vol. 9.) 8° London, 1848. 

D^ply] — Letter to, occasioned by his Lordship's Pastoral Address of 19th 

November, 1844, by a Presbyter of the Diocese. (Tract. Cont. vol. 13.) 8° 
Exeter, 1844. 

Letter on the proposed office of Scripture-Readers. (Ath. Coll. vol. 221.) 8^ 

London, 1847. 

Reply to Lord John Russell's Letter to the Remonstrance of the Bishops. 

(Ath. Coll. vol 246.) 8° London, 1847. 

Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury [on the Rev. Mr. Shore's Case]. (Ath. 

CoU. vol. 247.) 8° London, 1849. 

Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury [on the Judgment of the Privy Council 

on the Gorham Case]. (Ath. Coll. vol. 296.) 8^ London, 1860. 
Answers to. — see Goode ; Harcourt. 

Phtpfs (Hon. Edward). The Monetary Crisis, with a proposal for relief and increased 
safe^ in future. (Ath. Coll. voL 226 and 264.) 8° London, 1847. 

Photoorafht (Auto). — see Mathieu. 

Phrbnoloot. — see Combe. 

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1686. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 10.) 4^ London, 1688. 

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(Ath. CoU. vol. 221.) 8° London, 1846. 

Plague flTie). — see Milroy. 

Plants, Respiration of Leaves of. — see Pepys. 

^— Direction of. — see Macaire. 

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Plate with a view to Commerce and Emigration. (Ath. Coll. vol. 197.) 8° Liver- 
pool, 1846. 

Appeal on behalf of the British Subjects residing there against British and 

French Intervention. (Ath. Coll. vol. 241.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Appeal on behalf of the British Subjects residing in the River Plate. (Ath. 

CoU. vol. 197.) 8° London, 1846. 

Affiure de La Plata : Se&noe de la Chambre des Pairs. (Ath. CoU. vol. 197.) 

8° 1846. 

The two Dictators, Francia and Rosas. (Ath. CoU. voL 241.) 8^ Monte- 

Video, 1846. 

244 TRACTS. 

Plata (Rio de la), [Argentine Republic] — Britiah Diplomacy in the River Plate. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 241.) 8® London, 1847. 

see Mallalieu ; Pfeil. 

Plattes (Gabriel). Subterranean Treasure, viz. of all manner of Mines and Minerals, 
firom the Gk>ld to the Coal, with directions for finding them in all kingdoms and 
countries. (Gibbon Coll. vol 20.) 4^^ London, 1679. 

Plot (Poftbh) — Letter written upon the Discoveiy of the late Plot. (Cath. Gont. 
vol. 6.) 4° London, 1678. 

The Unreasonableness and Impiety of Popeiy ; written upon the discovery of 

the late Plot. (Cath. Cent. vol. 6.) 4° London, 1678. 
see Colledge ; Fitzharris ; Oates ; Shaftesbury ; Sta£Pord. 

Protestant Plot no Paradox ; or Phanatics under that name plotting agunst 

the King and Government, [with an impartial Narrative of the Indictment, Trial, 
and Sentence of Thomas Tonge, Geoi^ge Phillips, &c., at the Old Bailey, Dec. 11, 
1662.] (Tracts on Popish Plot.) fol. London, 1682. 

PoLAKD — ^The Promotion of the Protestant Cause in Poland by the Armes of his Majesty 
the King of Sweden. (Scarce Tracts.) 4^ London, 1659. 

Manifesto du Roi Stanislas. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 5.) 49 Paris, 1734. 

■ Paralelle de I'Election A la Couronne de Pol<M^e, &ite en &veur de Stanislaa 

Leszczynski, et de Frederic Auguste, Electeur de &xe. (Gibbon CoU. voL 4.) 4^ 

Address of the Literary Association of the Friends of Poland to the People of 

Great Britain and Ireland. (Ath. Coll. vol. 237.) 8^ London, 1846. 

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of the Friends of Poland. (Ath. Coll. vol. 286.) 8° London, 1848-9. 

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Speech of Lord Dudley Stuart, and other Documents, on the Insurrection in 

Posen, and the Bombardment of Cracow. (Ath. Coll. vol. 259.) 8^ London, 


see Russia. 

Police (Criminal). — see Brougham. 

Political Principles and Political Consistency, by " Pkin Facts." (Ath. ColL voL 270.) 
8° London, 1849. 

Poor Laws — Employment of the Poor (1681). — see Finnin. 

Second Report of the Association for the relief of the ManuBfusturing and 

Labouring Poor, relative chiefly to the Supply of Fish in the Metropolis. (Tn^ S. 
vol. 1.) 8° London, 1815. 

The English Poor-Law and Poor-Law Commission in 1847. (Ath. Ooll. voL 

217.) 8<^ London, 1847. 

The Settlement and Removal of the Poor considered. (Ath. Coll. vol. 214.) 8^ 

London, 1847. 

see Andover Union ; Brereton ; Hill ; Roscoe ; Willoughby. 

On Remedies for Pauperism. — see Hodson ; Horton. 

Scottish Poor-Law Question. — see Forbes ; Pusey. 

Irish ditto. — see under Ireland. 

Training Institutions for Nurses, and Workhouses. — see Sieveking. 

PoBTEB (John Grey V.). Some Agricultural and Political Irish Questions discuaaed. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 193.) 8° London, 1843. 

Ireland : [against the Union of 1801, and in &vour of a Federal one.] (Ath. 

Coll. vol. 193.) 8«> London, 1844. 

Some Calm Observations upon Irish Afi&drs. Letter C. (Ath. CoU. voL 211.) 

89 DubUn, 1846. 

Portugal — Speeches on the Affiiirs of 1826. — see Canning. 

Lettres au Chevalier Jos. Hume sur le Debat au sujet des Affidres de Portugal, 

par un Anglo-Portugais. (Ath. Coll. vol. 259.) 8^ Lisbonne, 1847. 

Letter to Joseph Hume on the debate on Portugal, by an Anglo^Luntanian. 

(Ath. Coll. vol. 242.) 8° London, 1847. 

TRACTS. 245 

PoRTDOAL— The praflent politioal Oriflb in Porftagil. (Miso. OoU. vol. 8.) folio. London, 

Potato Disbasb — Observations respecting the Potato-Disease, and substitutes for the 
Potato. (Ath. CoU. vol. 210.) 89 London, 1847. 

see also Coxworthy ; Parkin. 

*' Potter's (W.). Proposals to the Counoell of Trade."— An Essay upon W. Potter's 
design concerning a Bank of Lands to be erected in this Coinmonwealth. (Gib- 
bon ColL vol. 22.) 4« London, 1650? 

PowBLL (Captain). Description of an Livention for obviating the Difficulties of the 
Break of Gauge. (Ath. Coll. vol 231.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Pozzo Di BoBGO — see Ouvaro£ 

Pbatkr — ^A form of Prayer to be used, January 9th, 1739, in all Churches and Chapel^ 
being a day appointed for a General Fast. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 12.) 4^ London, 

see Liturgy. 

PBBACHiNa — ^Authorized Street Preaching a Remedy for our Social Evils, by a Country 
Parson. (Ath. Coll. vol. 271.) S9 London, 1848. 

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de Charles Edouard d'Angleterre, 1745. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 5.) 4° [Dublin], 1745. 

Relation de la Reddition de la Yille d'Edinbounr, et de la Viotoire remportie, 

Oct. 1745, surl'armte du Gto6ral Cope. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 4.) 4^ Edinbotug, 

Harangue du Lord Thaylord [ ], au nom du Parlement d'Ecosse au 

Prince Royal Charles Edward, Edinbouig, le 15 Sept. 1745. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 4.) 
4° Paris, 1745. 

Lettre au Docteur Stmitrk, avocat de Londres, sur les affidres du Pretendant en 

Ecosse, et le Parti qu'il a dans Londres. (Gibbon ColL vol. 4.) 4^ Londres, 1746. 

Pbisokb — Synopsis of Charles Pearson's Lecture upon Prison Discipline, Discussions on 
the Same, &c., [at the London Literary Institution]. (Ath. Coll. vol. 275.) 8P 
London, 1849. 

Separate Confinement. — see Laurie. 

On Solitaiy Confinement before Trial. — see Vyvyan. 

Asylum Farms for Prisoners. — see Window. 

Pbootob (Thomas Beauchamp). An Appeal for the Ragged Schools. (Ath. Coll. 
vol. 270.) 89 London, 1849. 

Pbovsncb — Instruction Gtoerale pour executor les premidres decisions du Conseil de 
Sant6 sur U manidre de secourir la Provenoe. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 8.) 4^ Paris, 

PBU88IA — ^Expos^ des motift qui ont oblig6 Le Roi [de Prusse] de donner des troupes 
auxiliaires & I'Empereur. (Gibbon C(3l. vol. 5.) 4<^ [Paris, 1744]. 

[With MS. corrections.] 

Relation de la campagne du Roi de Prusse en Sil^sie de I'an 1745, et de la 

Bataille de Friedberg, gagn^e 4 Juin. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 4.) i^ Berlin, 1745. 

The Duke of Newcastle's Letter by H. M. order to Mens. Michell, the King 

of Prussia's Secretary, in answer to his Memorial, delivered on the 28 Nov. and 
18 Dec. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 4.) 4° London, 1758. 

PuNJAUB (The) — see Briggs ; Gore. 

PuSKT (E. B.). The Holv Eucharist a Comfort to the Peiutent, a Sermon preached in 
Christ Church, Oxford^ on the Fourth Sunday after Easter. (Tract. Cent. vol. 14.) 
89 Oxford, 1843. 

. RepHes. — see Gkurbett; Godwin; Lee; MeUer; Torquemada; Woodgate. 

. Reply to his Circular in support of Isaac Williams. — see BricknelL 

PUSET (Philip). The Poor in Scotland. (Ath. CoU. vol. 187.) 8^ London, 1844. 

QUAIN (Richard). Observations on the Education and Examinations for Degrees in 
Medicine as affected by the New Medical BiU, [Sir James Graham's]. (Ath. ColL 
vol. 198.) 8° London, 1845. 

Qt7ABANTiNE. — SCO Mlbroy. 

246 TRACTS. 

QuKKN's CoLLBQitf London, for Female Education : its origin and progreaB. (Ath. GoU 
vol. 288.) 8° London, 1849. 

QuETELET (A.). Rapport sur les Travaux de I'Academie Boyale de Braxellea, pendant 
1842-8. (Ath. CoU. vol 199.) S° (BruxeUes), 1844. 

— Statistique Gtoerale : Rapport an Ministre de llnt^rieur. (Ath. ColL voL 286.) 
8"^ BruxeUes, 1846. 

QunoET (£.). La R6publique : Disoonrs an Oolldge de France. (Ath. Coll. voL 270.) 
8P Paris, 1848. 

Raikbs (Henry). Charge to the Churchwardens of the Diocese of Chester. (Charges, 
vol. 7.) 8^ London, 1844. 

Railwatb — Reports of the Committee of the Board of Trade on the Railwajrs projected 
and in progress. (Ath. ColL voL 194.) 8^ London, 1845. 

RaUways and the Board of Trade. (Ath. Coll. vol. 194.) 8^ London, 1845. 

Papers on the Demoralization and Injuries occasioned by the want of regula- 
tions of Labourers on Railways. (Ath. Coll. vol. 194.) 8^ Manchester, (1845). 

Ruminations on Railways. No. 1. Railway Speculation. No. 2. The Railway 

Boaid of Trade. (Ath. ColL voL 194.) 8^ London, 1845. 

Suggestions for improved Railway Legislation at the present crisia. (Ath. ColL 

voL 2810 8<^ London, 1846. 

Chester and Holyhead Railway: Reports on erecting a Tubular Bridge across 

the Menai Straits. (Ath. Coll. vol. 230.) 8^ London, 1846. 

On the Selection of projected Lines, with Description of the Railway Scale. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 281.) 8<^ [London, 1846]. 

Railways as they really are. No. 1. London, Brighton and South Coast Rail- 

way. (Ath. Coll. vol. 260.) 8^ London, 1847. 

No. 2. The South-Eastem Company. (Ath. Coll. voL 260.) 8^ Lon- 

don, 1847. 

No. 5. The Great Western and all Broad Gauge Lines. (Atii. CoU. 

vol. 260.) 8° London, 1848. 

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London, 1847. 

— Railway Policy; a Letter to George Can* Glyn, on the Correspondence of Cap- 
in Huish and J. Whitehead. (Atii. Coll. vol. 261.) 8° London, 1848. 


Letter to the Shareholders of the Eastern Counties Railway on the Norfi>lk 

Amalgamation. (Ath. CoU. vol. 261.) 8^ London, 1849. 

— The Gauge Question : 

Replv to "Observations" of the Great Western Rulway Company 

on the Report of the Gauge Commissioners. (Misc. CoU. vol. 13.) 4° London, 

A Railway TraveUer's Reasons for adopting Uniformity of GhMige, 

addressed to J. K. BruneL (Misc. CoU. vol. 13.) 4^ Chiswick, (1846). 
Tracts on the Gkrage Question, in 1 vol. 8° London, 1846. 

Contents : — 

Dialogues of the Gauges. 

Letter to the Directors of the Great Western Railway, showing the evils and 
troubles of the Break of Gkiuge, by an Old Carrier. 

Narrow Gauge speedier than Broad Gauge Railways, as weU as cheaper, by H. S. 

The Broad Gauge the Bane of the Great Western RaUway Company, by 
£. t. d. 

Fallacies of the Broken Gkrage, by a FeUow of two Royal Societies. 

Inconsistencies of Men of Genius exemplified in the practice and precept of J: K. 
Brunei, by VigU. 

The Gau^ Question : Evils of a Diversity of Gauge, and a Remedy, by Wyndhan 

TBACTS. 247 

Eailways— The Gauob Qussnoir, (continued): — 

The Origin and Results of the Clearing System which is in operation on the 
Narrow Gkinge Railways. 

A Railway Traveller's Reasons for adopting Uniformity of Gauge, addressed to 
J. K. Brunei. 

see also Dwarris ; Harding ; Kinnaird ; Locke ; PoweU ; Sidney ; 


see Salomons ; Sidney ; Whitmore. 

Railway Administration, Legislation, Ac. — see Entwisle; Hunt; Eannaird; 

w^ Acun 
Morrison; Troup; Webb; Whitehead 

Railway Speculation, Litigation, &o. — see A'Beckett; Aytoun; Harvey; 

Smith ; Symons. 

On a Qovemment System of Railways in Lreland. — see Brown. 

On Rating Railway Companies to the Poor. — see Penfold. 

India — Indian Railways, ''from the Asiatic and Colonial Quarterly Journal." 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 281.) 8° London, 1846. 

Railways in India, "reprinted from the Railway Register." (Ath. Coll. 

vol. 231,) 8° London, 1846. 

Letter to the Shareholders of the East Indian and Great Western of 

Bengal Railways. (Ath. Coll. vol 230.) 8^ London, 1847. 

Letter to Lord John Russell on the subject of Indian Railways, by an 

East India Merchant. (Ath. Coll. vol. 261.) 8^ London, 1848. 

[Reply] Is India to have Railways? Fallacies of an East India Mer- 

chant exposed, by an East India Officer. (Ath. Coll. vol. 261.) 8^ London, 

Railways in India: Bengal, the Five per Cent. Guarantee. (Ath. Coll. 

vol. 260.) 8*^ London, 1849. 

see also Andrew ; Clarke ; Williamson. 

Raleigh (George). Albania; or certaine Concernments of Great Brittanny, truely 
represented under the £ugned person of Albania. (Gibbon Coll. voL 10.) 4^ 
London, 1641. 

Raleigh (Sir Walter). The Prince ; or Maxims of State. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 10.) 4^ 
London, 1642. 

Essay on Ways and Means to maintain the Honour and Safetyof England, 

&c., with Remarks on our Harbours, principally those of Kent, by Sir Henry Sieeis. 
(Gibbon Coll. vol. 17.) 4° London, 1701. 

" Ramee ; Architecture du Moyen Age,** Critique upon. (Ath. Coll. voL 269.) 8P 
(London, 1848.) 

Ramsat (G^rge). Repeal without Disunion. (Misc. ColL vol. 12.) royal 8^ Edin- 
burgh, 1848. 

Randolph (Bernard). Present State of the Morea, called anciently Peloponnesus, after 
several years observation, 1671-1679, Bsdthfully described. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 11.) 
4P Oxford, 1686. 

Rakelaoh rVisoount). Leeal Order and Constitutional Rights as defined by the Earl 
of Aberdeen. (Ath. CoU. vol. 191.) 8° liondon, 1845. 

Rat (John). Biographical Sketches " from the Englishwonum's Magazine." (Ath. 

Coll. vol. 287.) 8° , 1847. 

Reading Gaol. — see Prisons. 

Rebeluon of 1715 — A Declaration of the Archbishop of CanterbuiT and the Bishops 
in and near London, testifying their abhorrence of the present Rebellion, with an 
Exhortation to the Clergy. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 10.) 4^ London, 1715. 

Rebeluon of 1745. — see Pretender. 

Redesdale (Lord). Reflections on the Doctrine of Regeneration, and its connexion 
with both Sacraments. (Ath. Coll. vol. 299.) 8^ London, 1849. 

. Observations on the Judgment in the Gorham Case, and the way to unity. 

(Ath. Coll. vol. 296.) 8° London, 1850. 

Reform Bill — On the Working of. — see Mackay. 

Rene de Bouille (Comte). Des Droits de la Couronne de Danemark sur le Duche de 
Slesvig. (Atii. Coll. vol. 242.) 8<^ Paris, 1847. 

248 TRACTS. 

Bbnnell (Major Jacques) — ^Notioe Historiqne but sa Vie et mb OaTrages par le Baron 
Walckenaer. (Misc. ColL vol. 12.) Royal 8^ 1842. 

Renouf (P. Le Page). The Greek and Anglican Communions : Letter to the Rey. T. 
Allies. (Ath. ColL voL 228.) 8° London, 1847. 

RsuMOirr (A.) — see Italy. 

Revans (John). A Per Centage Tax on Domestic Expenditure to supply the whole of 
the Public Revenue. (Ath. ColL vol. 226.) 8° London, 1847. 

REVOLunoir of 1688 — Contemporary Single Sheets, Broadttdes, &o., in 1 voL finL 
London. 1688-97. 

Contents : — 

Address of the Lords and Commons to the King for suppresring the Rebeki, with 
H.M.'b Answer. 1688. 

Partridge's Advice to the Protestants of England, (in verse). 

True Interest of the Legal English Protestants, in a Letter concerning the 

Poem in defence of the Church of England. 

Account of the Tryal and Discharge of the Seven Bishops. 

Tryal of Sir E. Hales, on an Action for 5002., with his Flea upon the King's dis- 
pensing with the Statute 25, Car. n., &o. 

Earl of Rochester's Letter of Resignation to the Lords of the Ecclesiastical Com- 

Bishop Crewe's Letter of Advice to James n. 

Memorial of the Protestants of the Church of England to the Prince and Princess 
of Orange. 

MemoHal from the English Protestants for the Prince and Princess of Orange. 
Of Magistracy, Prerogatives by Divine Right, Obedience and Laws, 4 diapters. 

Magistracy, ireroffauves by invine rugn 
[The foundation of the " Bill of Rights."] 

Extract of the Resolutions of the States General of the Netherlands, October 14, 


Extract of the States General, their Resolution, October 28, 1688. 

Prinoe of Orange's Letter to the English Fleet, and the Fonn of Prayer used in 
the Dutch Fleet. 

Form of Prayer, &c. [for the Success of the Prinoe of Orange]. Exoester, 1688. 

The Association of the Gentlemen of Devon to the Prinoe of Orange. Exon, 

The Declaration of the Nobility, Gentry, and Commonalty at the Rendezvous at 
Nottingham, November 22, 1688. 

The Speech of Sir G^rge Treby, Recorder of London, to the Prince of Orange, 
December 20, 1688. 

Address of the Lord Mnyor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of London to 
the Prince of Orange. 

His Majesties Reasons for withdrawing himself from Rodiester, December 22, 
1688. [The last publication of James n.] 

A Proclamation against Papists, (Edinburgh). 

Dr. Wild's Poem ; or a New Song to an Old Friend, from an Old Poet, upon the 
hopeftil New Parliament. 

Answer to Old Doctor Wild's New Poem, by Grand-Syre Gniy-beaid the 

The Recorder of London's ^)eech to the King at Kencdngton, November 18, 

Humble Address of the House of Commons to the King, [against Profiinencss 
and Immorality]. 1697. 

Speech by Isaac Crew, an orphan in Christ's Hospital, to King William ni., in 
his passage through London, November 16, 1697. 

TEACTS. 249 

RxvoLunoN of 1688— A Second Collection of Tracts and Single Sheets, the puhlica- 
tions of the time, folio : 

Contents: — 

Declaration of the Prince of Orange, of the Reasons inducing him to appear in 
Arms. The Hague, 1688. 

The Commissioners' Pix>po8als to the Prince of Orange, with his Answer. 1688. 

The King's Letter to the Earl of Feversham upon his leaving Whitehall. 1688. 

Address of Admiral Lord Dartmouth to the King, December 1, 1688. 

Declaration of the Lords in and about the Cities of London and Westminster, 
assembled at Guildhall, December 11, 1688 [on James n.'s privately with- 
drawing himself]. 

^eech of the Prince of Orange to divers Members of Parliament, and their 
address in Reply, December 26, 1688. 

Debate upon the Quserie, whether a King elected by the Lords and Commons, 
coming to the said Lords and Commons, doth not make a Parliament^ &c. 

The Prince of Orange's Letter to the King. Exon. 1689. "^^ 

Address of the Commons to his Majesty, April 25, 1689. 

Advice before it be too late, or a Breviate for the Convention. 

The Doctrine of Passive Obedience and Jure Divino disproved. 1689. 

Reasons humbly offer'd for pUcing the Prince of Orange singly on the Throne 
during Life. 

Reasons for crowning the Prince and Princess of Orange King and Queen 

The necessity of settling the Crown of England. 

The Speech of an honourable Peer in the House of Lords. 1689. 

Historical Account concerning the Succession to the Crown of Scotland. 1689. 

Whether the King, Lords and Commons, now assembled jbe a legal Parliament f 

Speech of the Bishop of Carlisle in the House of Xiords. 

Discovery of the private League between King James and the King of France to 
destroy all the Protestants of Europe. 

Of Magistracy, &o., 4 chapters. 

Tracts. VoL 1. 49 London, 1688-9. 

Contents: — 

The Desertion Discussed, in a Letter to a Country Gentleman. 

History of the Desertion ; or, an Account of all Publick Affiurs in England, from 
September, 1688, to February 12th following ; with an Answer to a Piece, 
called " The Desertion Discussed" [by Edmund Bohun]. 

The Prince of Orange his Declaration, showing the Reasons why he invades 
England ; with a Prefiice and Remarks, and Animadversions upon the Decla- 

The Prince of Orange's Third Declaration. 

Some Reflections upon the Prince of Orange's Declaration. 

Representation of the Dangers impending over Protestants in Great Britain before 
the coming of the Prince of Orange [by Robert Ferguson]. 

The State Prodigal: his return, containing a true state of the Nation. 

Animadversions upon the modem Explanation of 2nd Henry vn., cap. 1 ; or, a 
King de Facto. 

Inquiry into the Measures of Submission to the Supreme Authority. 

Reflections upon our late and present Proceedings in England. 

Humanum est Errare ; or False Steps on both sides. 

Tracts. Vol. 2. 4? London, 1688-9. 

Account of the Expedition of the Prince of Orange for England. 1688. 
Reflections upon the occurrences of the last year. 1 688-9. 

That Resistance may be used, in case our Religion and Rights should be 
8UFP. K K 

250 TRACTS. 

Kkvolution of 1688— Tracte. Vol. % — (eowttmiAf) :— 

Seasonable Discourse, wherein is examined what is Lawful during the ConfusionB 
and Revolutions of GoYemment, &o. 1689. 

Letter to a Person of Quality, oocarioned by news of the ensuing Parliament. 

Considerations relating to the settling of the Ooyemment oflBsred to the Lords and 
Conmions. 1689. 

Proceedings of the present Parliament justified by the opinion of Hugo Grotius. 

Several Queries relating to the present Proceedings in Pariiament, reconunended 
to the consideration of the Bishops. 1689. 

Breviate for the Bishops, in vindication of the Proceedings of the House of Com- 
mons for the settlement of the Throne. 1689. 

Letter to a member of the Convention. 

Important Questions upon the late Revolutions!, and present state of these 
Nations. 1689. 

rv. Queries resolved. 

Bishop Burnet's Pastoral Letter concerning the Oaths of Allegiance and Supre- 
macy. 1689. 

Obedience due to the present King, notwithstanding our oaths to the former. 

Agreement betwixt the present and the former Qovemment ; or a Discourse of 
this Monarchy, whether Elective or Hereditary. 1689. 

Tracts. Vol.8. 4° 1688-91. 

Contents : — 

Specimen of a Declaration against Debaucheiy . 

Plain Account of the Persecution now laid to the Charge of the Church of 

Discourse upon the Designs, Practices, and Counsels of France. 1688. 

K. James i.'s opinion of a King, of a Tyrant, and of the English Lawi^ Bights^ 
and PrivUedges, 1608-9. 1689. 

Friendly Conference concerning the New Oath of Allegiance to K. William and 
Q. Mary. 1689. 

Vindication of those who have taken the New Oath of Allegiance. 1689. 

Inquiry into the present state of affitirs, and whether we owe Allegianoe to the 
King, and are bound to treat with him. 1689. 

K. William or K. Lewis ; the inevitable necessity these Nations lye under of sub- 
mitting wholly to one or other of these Kings. 1689. 

Discourse of God's ways of disposing of Kingdoms, by the Bishop of St. Asaph 
[William Lloyd]. 1691. 

Account of the late horrid Conspiracy to depose K. William and Q. Mary, to bring 
in the French and King James, and rume the City of London. 1691. 

•^— King William (8rd), or King Lewis, wherein is set forth the inevitable neces- 
sity these Nations lye under of submitting wholly to one or other of these Kinjn. 
(Gibbon CoU. vol. 16.) 4° London, 1689. 

A Seasonable Discourse, wherein is examined what is lawful during the con- 
fusions and revolution of Government, especially of a King deserting his Kinirdoms. 
(Gibbon CoU. vol. 10.) 4° London, 1689. 

The Case of Allegiance in our present Circumstances considered. (Gibbon 

CoU. vol. 23.) 4° London, 1689. 

PoUtical Aphorisms : or the True Maxims of Government displayed. (Gibbon 

CoU. vol. 10.) 4° London, 1690. 

Reflections ujpon a Treasonable Opinion, &c. [On the Oath of AUegianoe.] 

(Cath. Cont. vol. 7.) 4° 1691. 

Letter from a Gentleman in the City to a Lord in the Country, concerning the 

present conjuncture of affikirs. [On the Oath of AUegianoe.] (C^th. Cont. vol 7 ) 
4^ (I»ndon), 1691. ' 

TBACTS. 251 

Rkvoldtion of 1688— Allegiance (The Oath of).— see also Sheriock. 

A Collection of Several Treaties mnoe the late Revolution. (Gibbon Coll. 

vol. 16.) 4«> London, 1701. 

The Case of an Oath of Abjuration considered, and the Vote of the H. of 
Commons vindicated. (Printed for the Author.) (GKbbon Coll. vol. 28.) i^ Lon- 
don, 1698. 

The False Steps of the Ministry after the Revolution, showing that the 

lenity and moderation of that Qovemment was the occasion of all ihe Factions 
which have since endangered the Constitution. (Tracts S. voL 8.) 8^ London, 

see also Hunton ; Steele's Crisis ; William in, 

see Penal Laws. 

RiGABDO (David). Tracts on Bullion, the Currency, &c., in 1 vdL 8^. 

Contents : — 
The high price of Bullion, a proof of the depreciation of Bank Notes. 1811. 

Reply to Bosanquet*s Observations on the Report of the Bullion Committee. 

On the Influence of a low price of Com on the Profits of Sbock, with Remarks on 
Malthus. 1816. 

Proposals for an economical and secure Currency, with Observations on the Profits 
of the Bank. 1816. 

On Protection to Agriculture. 1822. 

Plan for the establishment of a National Bank. 1824. 

RlCfHARDSOK (James). Dedine of Qeographical Discovery, an appeal to the British 
Public on behalf of Geographical Science. (Ath. Coll. voL 286.) 8^ London, 

The Cruisers ; a Letter to the Marquis of Lansdowne in defence of armed 

Coercion for the extinction of the Slave Trade. (Ath. Coll. voL 268.) 8^ London, 

RiCKABDS (S.). Letter to Sir £. KnatchbuU in reply to a Letter by the Rev. G. R. 
Gleig against the Church Missionaxy Society. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) B9 London, 

RiDLET (Nicholas), Bp. of London. Brief Declaration of the Lord's Supper, written 
during his imprisonment, with Extracts firom Bp. Poynet's Diallacticon, [published 
by Henry Wharton]. (Cath. Cont. voL 4.) 4^ London, 1688. 

ROBIBTS (Lewes). The Treasure of Traffike, or a Discourse of Forraigne Trade. (Gib- 
bon Coll. vol. 24.) 49 London, 1641. 

Robertson (James Craigie). The Bearings of the Gorham Case, a letter to a friend. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 299.) 8° London, 1860. 

RoBiLLABD (Basile-Maximilien-Auguste). Essai sur la Matidre des Fie&, pour servir i 
r^xamen du Droit Fran9oi8, qu'il subira le Jeudi 24 Juillet, 1749. (Gibbon Coll. 
vol. 7.) 4«> Orieans, 1749. 

RoBiNSOK (Henry). England's Safety and Trade's Encrease. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 24.) 
4^ London, 1641. 

Robinson (James). Treatise on the inhalation of the Yi4>our of Ether in Smgical 
Operations. (Ath. Coll. vol. 236.) 8° London, 1847. 

Robinson (Thomas). The Anatomy of the Earth. (Gibbon Coll. voL 18.) 4^ Lon- 
don, 1694. 

RooBRS (Jasper W.). Letter to the Landlords and Ratepayers of Ireland on the per- 
manent and profitable employment of the Peasantry. (Ath. Coll. vol. 209.) 8^ 
London, 1846. 

The Potato Truck System of Ireland, the main cause of her Periodical Famines^ 

and the non-payment of her Rents. (Ath. Coll. vol. 209.) 8^ London, 1847. 

— — ^ Appeal for the Irish Peasantrv, with &cts respecting the value of Peat and 
Peat-Charcoal, as a fuel and a fertilizer. (Ath. Coll. vol. 209.) 8^ London, 

Employment of the Irish Peasantry the best means to prevent the drain of Gold 

from England. (Ath. Coll. vol 209.) 8^^ London, 1847. 

252 TRACTS. 

RooKBS (Jasper W.) Facts for the kind-hearted of England, as to the wretdiednesi of 
the Irish Peasantry. (Ath. Coll. vol. 209.) S^ London, 1847. 

Rome (Chubch of) — Catalogue of all the Discourses published against Popery dming 
the reign of James n., by Members of the Church of England, and hj the Non- 
conformists, with the names of the authors. (Cath. Cont. vol. 6.) r London, 

Works on the Controversies between the Churches of Rome and England, prin- 

cipally in the reigns of Charles n. and James n. — see Clagett; Freeman; (3ee; 
Hammond ; Hasca^ ; La Yallette ; Lloyd ; Maraden ; Sherlock ; Stillingfleet ; Strat- 
ford ; Tenison ; Wake. 

Other Works on particular Doctrines of the Church of Rome, viz. : 

Celibacy. — Wharton. 

Confession. — Qoodman. 

Extreme Unction. — Clagett. 

Good Works. — Allix. 

Infallibility. — Hammond ; Tenison. 

Invocation of Saints, Worship of Images, the Virgin Mary, &c. — Clagett; 
Comber ; Fleetwood ; Freeman ; Oee ; Hickes . 

Prayers in an Unknown Tongue. — Stanley ; Williams. 

Purgatory. — Wake. 

Supremacy. — Barter; Patrick. 

Power of the Keys. — Hammond. 

IVadition. — Patrick. 

Transubstantiation and Sacrifice of the Mass. — La Plaoette ; Payne ; Stillingfleet ; 
Tillotson ; Toussain Bridoul ; Wake. 

Visible Succession. — Sherlock. 

Roman Catholic Emancipation — Catholic Question : Tempora Mutantor ; or 

Reasons for thinking that it is inconsistent with the wel&re of this Kingdom to 
withhold political power from the Catholics. (Union Coll. voL 11.) 8^ Dublin, 

The Catholic Question considered, in a Letter addressed to the Editor 

of the Anti-Jaoobin Review and Magazine. (Union Coll. vol. 12.) 8^ London, 

Declaration of the Catholic Bishops, the Vicars Apostolic, and their 

Coacyutors in Great Britain. (Tracts S. vol. 4, and Butler's Tracts.) 8^ London, 

Address from the British Roman Catholics to their Protestant Fellow- 

Countrymen. (Butler's Tracts.) 8^ London, 1826. 

A Brief Warning against the Measure of Catholio Emancipation. 

(Tracts S. vol 4.) S^ London, 1829. 

The Lawfulness of granting political power to the Roman Catholics 

asserted, in a Letter to a Country Clergyman on his " Serious Appeal to the Bible.' 
(Tracts S. vol. 4.) &> Oxford, 1829. 

see also Hull ; Huyshe ; Noel. 

"Is there not a Cause?" published by the Bristol Protestant Association. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 202.) S9 Bristol, (1888). 

Some account of the reasons of my Conversion to the Catholic Chuioh, by a 

late Clergyman of the Anglican Communion. (Ath. Coll. vol. 248.) 8^ London, 

Papal Diplomacy and the Bull "in Cosna Domini"; a Collection of Facts and 

Documents. (Ath. Coll. vol. 248.) 8^ London, 1848. 

The Papal Bull ** in Coena Domini," translated, with an Introduction on its vali- 

dity as Roman Law. (Ath. Coll. vol. 248.) 8^ London, 1848. 

PiPLOMATic Relations with Rome): An Englishman's Thoughts on 'Diplo- 

matic Rektions with Rome. (Ath. Coll. vol. 248.) 8^ London, 1848. 
see also De la Pryme; Shrewsbury; Wiseman. 

TRACTS. 253 

Rome (Chuboh of) — Roman Cathouo Endowmzivt, &o. — ^RemonBtranoe with the Pre- 
mier. Ought the Church of Rome in Ireland to be establiflhed t Diplomatic Relations 
with the Court of Rome to be resumed, and the Roman version of the Bible 
received into our National Schools? by a Clergyman of Warwickshire. (Ath. OoU. 
vol. 248.) 8° London, 1848. 

A few words on the Endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy in 

Ireland, by an English Protestant. (Ath. Coll vol. 254.) 8^ London, 1849. 
see also Drummond; Maodonnell; Shee; Stapleton. 

[Roman Catholic Titular Bishops]. Earl Grey*s Circular, a Memento. (Ath. 

Coll. vol. 248.) 8° London, 1849. 

Church of Rome in Ireland. — see Shee ; Smith. 

Popery at Madeira. — see Lord. 

RoMAND (Baron Gustave de). De la Dictature de Paris but la France. (Ath. Coll. 
vol. 270.) S^ Londres, 1848. 

ROBAS. — see Plata. 

RosooE (James). Letter to Sir James Graham on the Poor Laws. (Ath. Coll. vol. 187<) 
89 London, 1846. 

Robs (Sir John). Observations on Sir John Barrow's "Voyages of Discoveiy and 
Research within the Arctic Regions," a refutation of his misrepresentations. (Ath. 
CoU. vol. 237.) 8«> Edinbuigh, 1846. 

Short Treatise on ihe Deviation of the Mariner's Compass. (Ath. Coll. voL 

268.) B9 London, 1849. 

R06SE (Earl of) Letters on the State of Ireland. (Ath. Coll. vol. 213.) 8^ London, 


Rosses (Earl of) Gh-eatTelesoope," Account of. (Ath. Coll. vol. 286.) 8° 

RowE (Peter). A True Method for bringing Seamen into the Navy, for the increase 
of Seamen, &c. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 17.) 4<^ London, 1703. 

RoTAL SocEETT — Authentic Narrative of the Dissensions and Debates of the Royal 
Society, with the Speeches of Dr. Horsley, Dr. Maskelyne, and others. 8^ Lon- 
don, 1784. 

History of the instances of Exclusion from the Royal Society which were not 

suffered to be argued in the course of the late Debates. 8^ London, 1784. 

Statement of Circumstances connected with the late Election for the Presidency 

of the Royal Socie^. (Ath. Coll. vol. 268.) 8^ London, 1831. 

RoTLE (J. Forbes). On the Identification of the Mustard Tree of Scripture. (Ath. 
CoU. vol. 200.) 8° (London), 1844. 

On the Hyssop of Scripture. (Ath. Coll. vol. 200.) 8° (London, 1844.) 

Rubric— see Liturgy. 

Russell (Francis). The Lord's Day not the Sabbatii ; Inquiry into the teaching of 
Scripture on the subject. (Ath. CoU. vol. 221.) 8^ Edinbuigh, 1847. 

Russell (Right Rev. M.) The position of the Scottish Episcopal Church, with regard 
to Liturgical Usage, and Communion with the Church of England ; a Charge. 
(Charges, vol. 7.) 8° Edinbuigh, 1845. 

Russia — ^The Russians in Moldavia and WaUachia. (Ath. CoU. vol. 259.) 8^ Lon- 
don, 1849. 

Debate in the House of Commons on Lord Dudley Stuart's motion on the 

occupation of Moldavia and WaUachia by Russian Troops. (Ath. Coll. vol. 259.) 
8^^ London, 1849. 

De rintervention Russe en Hongrie. (Ath. CoU. vol. 259.) SP Paris, (1849). 

S. (W.)--see Stafford. 

Sabbath (The)— Letter to Dr. CandUsh on the Word of God as to the Jewish Sabbath 
and Sunday. (Ath. CoU. vol. 221.) 8° London, 1847. 

The Lord's Day not the Sabbath. — see RusseU. 

Saghevsrbll (Dr.) — see Ihmton (John). 

Sackville (Viacoant), character of. — see Cumberland. 

264 TRA.CTS. 

Baoramsnt of the Lord's Sapper. — eee Ridley. 
The Sacramental Test.— see Madcworth. 

Saint James's, WssmiKaTKB — Prooeedings of the Parishioners relating to the Beetor- 
ship, with the address to the Rev. Qerrerd Thomas Andrewes. (Ath. Coll. yoL 215.) 
8^ London, 1846. 

Address to the Inhabitants on oertain local circumstances affwting the health 

of rich and poor. (Ath. Coll. vol. 215.) 8^ London, 1847. 

Sanitary Improvement Report. (Ath. CoU. vol. 258.) 8^ (London), 1848. 

St. Lboer (William N.). €K>rham v. the Bishop of Exeter ; Protestant v. Catholic ; 
Heresy v. Truth: a Tract for the Times. (Ath. Coll. vol. 299.) 8^ London, 

St. Lo (George). England's Safisty ; or a Bridle to the French King. (GKblxni CoIL 
vol 16.) 4^ London, 1698. 

Saint Pieebb (I'Abb^ de). Projet de Taille tarifte, pour fiure oetser lee manx qm 
causent en France les di^roportions de la Taille arbitraire. (Gibbon CoQ. voL 7<) 
40 Paris, 1728. 

Salomons (David). His Case, an Address to the Court of Aldennan on implying for 
admission as Alderman of the Ward of Portsoken. (Ath. CoU. voL 189.) 8^ 
London, 1844. 

Salomons (David). Railways in England and in France, " on Mr. Morrison's Pam- 
phlet." (Ath. Coll. vol. 280.) 8° Lopdon, 1847. 

Sai/teb rr. F.). The Rough Notes of a Farmer, during an Agricultoral Tour through 
Russia, Prussia, Denmark, and Sweden, in August, 1842. (Ath. Coll. voL 224.) 
8^ London, 1846. 

Sanitabt Refobm — Speech of Viscount Morpeth on brin^nng in a Bill for improving 
the Health of Towns. (Ath. Coll. vol 288.) 8^ London, 1847. 

Letter to Lord Morpeth on the Health of Towns Bill, by a Townsman. (Ath. 

CoU. vol. 288.) 8° London, (1847). 

Report of the Speeches of E. Chadwick, Dr. S. Smith, R. Taylor, &c., at a 

Meeting for a Subscription for the Widow and ChUdren of Dr. J. R. Lynch. (Ath. 
CoU .vol. 288.) 8° London, 1847. 

Digest of several Reports on Sanitary Reforms, containing the Views of Chad- 

wick, S. Smith, N. Amott, H. Gavin, G. A. Walker, ftc, by William ^mpson. 
(Misc. CoU. vol. 14.) royal 8<^ London, 1849. 

see Briggs; Brown; EUerman; Lloyd; Smith (J. T.) 

see Saint James's, Westminster. 

On Slaughter Houses. — see Grantham. 

see Sewerage. 

Sabdinla — Manifesto de la part de sa Majesty le Roy de Sardaigne. (Gibbon ColL 
voL5.) 4<> Paris n788. 

La Politica deU' Opposizione smascherata. (Ath. CoU. vol. 284.) 8^ Torino, 


Satiaba (Rajah of). — see India (Report). 

Saturn (The Planet) — ^Report on the discovexy and name of an eighth SateUite of 
Saturn. (Misc. CoU. vol. 8.) 4^ Cambridge, U.S., 1848. 

Saussube (Theodore de) — Notice sur sa Vie et see Ecrits par Professor Macaire. (Ath. 
CoU. voL 287.) 8° (Gendve), 1845. 

Savot — Historical Account of the most remarkable Transactions betwixt the Duke of 
Savoy and the French King. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 11.) 4^ London, 1690. 

SoHLESWio and Holstbin. — see Denmark. 

SoHMiT (J. H.). A few Words addressed to the Labouring Classes. (Ath. CoU. voL 
271.) 8° London, 1848. 

Schools. — see under Education. 

Plea for Schools. — see Symons. 

(Ragged). — see Ghithrie ; Proctor. 

School of Design — Article from the " Morning Chronicle," on the Reports and Evi* 
denoe of the CouncU of the School (Ath. CoU. vol 289.) 8<^ London, 1847. 

TRACTS. 265 

SdKNCE — ^Thoughts on Uie degradation of Science in England, by F. R. S. (Ath. Coll. 
vol 288.) 8° London, 1847. 

Scotland — ^An Aocompt of Scotland's Orieyanoes by reason of the Duke of Lauderdale's 
Ministrie, humbly tendred to his Sacred Majestie. (Gibbon Coll. yol. 15.) 49 , , 

Vindication of the Qovemment in, under. Charles n, — see Mackenzie. 

SoBiFTUBX Rbaobbs, Letter on. — see PhiUpotts. 

ScROFB (G. Poulet^. How is Lreland to be CJovemed? addressed to the Administra- 
tions of Lord Melbourne in 1834, and of Stir Robert Peel in 1846. (Ath. Coll. vol. 
208.) 8<^ London, 1846. 

Letters to Lord John Russell on enlarging the Irish Poor Law. (Ath. CoU. 

YoL 208.) 8^ London, 1846. 

Letters to Lord John Russell on the further Social Amelioration of Ireland. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 208.) 89 London, 1847. 


Remarks on the Irish Poor Relief BiH. (Ath. Coll. vol. 208.) 8^^ London, 

Reply to the Speech of the Archbishop of Dublin, &c. against the Poor Relief 

(Ireland) Bill. (Ath. Coll. vol. 208.) 89 London, 1847. 

Extracts of Evidence on the subject of Waste Lands Reclamation. (Ath. Coll. 

vol. 208.) 89 London, 1847. 

Letter to the Landed Proprietors of Ireland on meeting the crisis by measures 

of a permanent character. (Ath. Coll. vol. 208.) 8^ London, 1847. 

Address at the Opening of the Stroud Athenaeum. (Ath. Coll. vol. 248.) 8^ 

Stroud, 1847. 

The Irish Relief Measures, past and ftitnre. (Ath. Coll. vol. 257.) 8^ Lon- 

don, 1848. 

The Rights of Industnr, or the Social Problem of the Day, as exemplified in 

France, Ireland, and Britain. (Ath. Coll. voL 257.) 89 London, 1848. 

Part 8. On the best form of Relief to the Able-bodied Poor. (Ath. CoU. 

vol. 257.) 80 London, 1848. 

Plea for the Rights of Industry in Ireland. (Ath. Coll. vol. 257.) 8^ Lon- 

don, 1848. 

Some Notes of a Tour in Enghuid, Scotland, and Ireland, with a view to the 

Inquiry, whether our labouring Population be reaUy redundant! (Ath. CoU. 
voL 298.) 8^ London, 1849. 

The Irish Poor Law, how fiur has it fiuled, and why! (Ath. CoU. vol 298.) 

8^ London, 1849. 

Speech on the BiU to promote the Employment of Labour in Ireland. (Ath, 

CoU. vol. 293.) 8° London, 1849. 

Speeches on Votes in aid and Rates in aid of the Bankrupt Irish Unions. 

(Ath. CoU. vol. 257.) 8^ London, 1849. 

The Irish Difficulty, and how it must be met. (Ath. CoU. vol. 257.) 8^ Lon- 

don, 1849. 

Sellov (Miss) — Report of an Enquiry held by the Bishop of Exeter into the prindples 
of the " Sisters of Mercy" at Davenport, and the Charity termed the " Orphan's 
Home," edited by Richard C. Rogers. (Ath. CoU. vol. 251.) 89 Devonport^ 

SiwxLL (Richard Clarke). Letter to Members of the House of Convocation in the 
University of Oxford. (Tract. Cont. vol. 15.) 89 London, 1845. 

Sewxbaob — Report of the Health of Towns Association on Lord Lincoln's Sewerage 
BUL (Ath. CoU. vol. 283.) 8° London, 1846. 

Report of the Metropolitan Sewage Manure Company, with an Analysis of 

Evidence. (Ath. Coll. vol. 288.) 8° London, 1846. 

Sewage Manure for Agricultural Purposes. — see EUerman ; Guy. 

Shattksbubt (Anthonv, Earl of) — The Proceedings at the Old BaUy, 24th November, 
1681, against him for High Treason, with the " Two Associations," and Lists of the 
Grand Jury. (Tracts on the Popish Plot), folio London, 1681. 

Shand (WUUam). Observations on the adaptation of Public Bmldings to the propa- 
gation of Sound consistently with Speech. (Ath. CoU. vol. 201.) 8° Aberdeen, 

266 TRA.CTS. 

Sharp (James A.). On the estftbliBhment of Navigation Institutions at the Outports. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 190.) 8° London, 1845. 

Shabp (John), Abp. of York. Sermon on the Public Fast, April 11, 1679, before the 
House of Commons. (Cath. Cont. voL 9.) 4^ London, 1679. 

Shee (William). The Churoh of Rome in Ireland, in its relation to tiie State, with 
remarks on the Question of Endowment. (Ath. Coll. vol. 254.) 8P London, 1849. 

Sheepshakkb (R.). Reply to Babbage's Letter to the " Times" "on the Planet Nep- 
tune." (Ath. CoU. vol. 288.) B9 London, 1847. 

Shsers (Sir H.). On the Harbours of Kent. — see Raleigh. 

Shbllet (John Yilliers). Plea for Truth, exposing the mis-statement of Facts bj C. 
H. Lattimore in Us " Plea for Tenant Right." (Ath. Coll. voL 277.) 8° London, 

Sheridan (Richard Brinsley). Speech in reply to the Right Hon. William Pitt» 
January 31, 1799 — on the Union with Ireland. (Union Coll. Speeches). 

Sherlock (William), D.D. Discourse concerning the Object of Religious Worship, or 
a Scripture Proof of the unlawfidness of giving any religious worship to any other 
being besides the One Supreme God, Part 1. (Cath. Cont. vol. 8.) 4^ London, 

] The Protestant Resolution of Faith, being an answer to three Questions 

[relative to a Visible Succession in the Church]. (Cath. Cont. vol. 8.) 4^ London, 

] A Papist not misrepresented by Protestants, being a reply to ihe Reflections 

upon the Ajiswer to " a Papist misrepresented and represented." (Oath. Cont. 
vol. 12.) 49 London, 1686. 

] Answer to a Discourse intituled "Papists protesting against Protestant 

Popery," being a Vindication of " Papists not misr^resented by Protestants," with 
an Examination of Bossuet's Sxpoeition of Invocation of Saints and the Worship 
of Images. (Cath. Cont. voL 1.) 4^ London, 1686. 

-] Answer to the Amicable Accommodation of the Difference between the Re- 

presenter and the Answerer. (Cath. Cont. vol. 12.) 4^ London, 1686. 

-] Discourse concerning a Judge of Controversies in matters of Religion. 

(Cath. Cont. vols. 6 and 7.) 4^' London, 1686. 

-] Short Simimaiy of the principal Controversies between the Churoh of England 

and the Church of Rome, in answer to " Protestancy destitute of Scripture Proo&," 
(Cath. Cont. vols. 2 and 6.) 4^ London, 1687. 

Discourse concerning the Catholic Church, wherein most of the Controveraies 

are stated. Part 1. (Cath. Cont. vol. 6.) 4^^ London, 1688. 

The case of the Allegiance due to Soveraigne Powers stated and resolved. 

according to Scripture and Reason and the principles of the Church of England. 
(Cath. Cont. vol. 7.) 4° London, 1691. 

see Lloyd. 

Sherlock rrhomas). Bishop of London. Arguments against a repeal of the Corpora- 
tion ana Test Acta, wherein most of the pleas advanced in the " Case of Protestant 
Dissenters" are discussed. 8^ London, 1787. 

Argument against a repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts. (Tracts S. 

vol. 4.) 8° Oxford, 1790. 

Ships — ^The present Ship-Building Controversy; or, which is the misrepresented Party 1 
by a Naval Architect. (Ath. Coll. vol. 218.) 8^ London, 1846. 

On Iron Steam Ships. — see Nixon. 

The Ship Manoeuvrer. — see Foulerton. 

Shore's (Rev. J.) Case. — see Phillpotts (Bp.) 

Shrewsbury (John, Earl of). Thoughts on the Poor-Relief Bill for Ireland. (Ath. 
ColL vol. 214.) 8° London, 1847. 

Diplomatic Relations with Rome, in a Letter to the Earl of Arundel and Surrey. 

(Ath. Coll. vol. 248.) 8° London, 1848. 

SiCiLT — Sicily and England : a Sketch of Events in Sicily in 1812 and 1848, illustrated 
by Vouchers and State Papers. (Ath. Coll. vol. 284.) 8^ London, 1849. 

Anglo-French Mediation in. — see Amari. 


SiDKBT (Samuel). Speed on Railways conndered in a commercial point of Tiew. 
(Ath. Coll. vol. 230.) 8^ London, 1847. 

The Commercial ConseqnenceB of a mixed Cauge on our Railway System 

examined. (Ath. Coll. yol. 261.) 8^ London, 1848. 

SiXYEKiNO (Edward). The Training Institutions for Nurses and the Workhousea. 
[Privately printed.] (Ath. Coll. voL 271.) 8® London, 1849. 

Silk Tradb — Speeches of John Williams, William Huskisson, and George Canning, 
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[This Tract has been attributed to Shakespeare — see " Farmer on the Learning 

of Shakespeare."] 

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see Swift. 

see also in Catalogue of Booki^ Supplement, p. 160. 

Stbif.— see Ouvaroff. 

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see also Sherlock (W.) 

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Strafford's Plot discovered, and the Parliament vindicated in their justice 

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880 TRACTa 

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see Steele. 

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on Dutch Possessions in the East. — see Crawford. 

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T. (T.>— see Trade. 

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for carrymg the long-desired Rerorm into effect, and entirely subverting Water- 
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see also Parker (B.) 

see Drake ; Oibbon ; Haward ; Hodges. 

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Property Tax, by P. S. B. (Ath. CJolL voL 264.) 8® London, 1848. 

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see also Babbage ; Boshe ; Fumivall ; Macleod. 

Tax on Domestic Expenditure. — see Bevans. 

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(Ath. ColL Yol. 199.) S^ London, 1846. 

—— ^^ see Hay ward. 

Tevaitt Bioht. — see Caird; Lattimore: Nevile ; Shelley ; Welch. 

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Faith, with reipect ei^>ecially to the Bomish pretence of the necessity of such a one 
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see Sewerage. 

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Reply.— see Wilson (D.) 

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London, 1689. 

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the Shuffling Home-Secretary, ^th. ColL vol 215.) 8^ London, 1846. 

262 TRACTS. 

TiTHSs — Observatioiui on a Bill for the amendment of the Law in reipeoi of Mbdm ftr 

THthes. (Tracts 8. vol. 2.) 8° Exeter, 1817. 

A Letter to the £arl of Liveqxwl on the origin, title, efleota, and Commiitaikn 

of Tithes. (Tracts S. yol. 2.) S^ London, 1828. 

on the Tithe Composition BilL — see Barnes. 

TOBAOOO — King Jan^es his Counterblast against Tobacco, to which is added a 

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Treatise against smoking, with witty Poems against Tobacco by John Sylvester. 
(Gibbon Coll. vol. 19.) 4^ London, 1672. 

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see Venner. 

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Srime & Venise en 1605, a eU traduit, et extrait ce qui suit — " De Monte PSetatis.*' 
[S. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 1.) 

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Oxford, and the learned Doctors who assisted him on a late occasion. (Tract. ConL 
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Self-supporting Colonization: Ireland saved without cost to the In:^>enal 

Treasury. (Ath. Coll. vol. 212.) 8° London, 1847. 

Systematic Colonization: Ireland saved without cost to the Imperial Trea> 

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dans le second tome des Anecdotes sur la Constitution. (GKbbon ColL voL 12.) 4^ 
Paris, 1732. 

Toubsain-Bbidoul (F.). The School of the Eucharist established upon the miracnlons 
respects and acknowledgments which Beasts, Birds, and Insects have rendred to 
the Holy Sacrament of the Altar, made English, with a prefiice concerning the 
Testimony of Miracles. (Cath. Cont. vol. 6.) 4^ London, 1687. 

Tbactarian Controvbbst. — see Bateman ; Bricknell ; Close ; Deane ; Garbett ; God- 
win ; Goode ; Goulbum ; Gresley ; Hawkins ; Hussev ; Keble ; Lawrence ; Lee ; 
Maurice; Meller; Moberly; Oakeley; Pusey; Sewel1;Tait; Torquemada; Ward; 
Wickham ; Woodgate. 

— ^ see also Church of England ; Liturgy ; Lay Tracts ; Oxford. 

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to be erected called the Publike Register for general Commerce, with an Introdoc* 
tion, by Sir Arthur Gorges. (Gibbon ColL vol. 24.) 4<^ London, 1612. 

The Trades Increase, by I. R. (Gibbon Coll. voL 24.) 4^ London, 1615. 

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Considerations requiring greater Care for Trade in England, and some Expe- 

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stand in relation to each other. (Gibbon OoU. voL 18.) 4^ London, 1695. 

TRACTS. 268 

Tbads and CouMXBxm — Hie Gnnd Conoem of England explained in eeveral propoflals 
oSeired to the consideration of the Parliament. (Qibbon CoU. yol. 24.) 4^ London, 

The Naked Truth, in an Eeaay upon Trade, with some ProposalB for bringing 

the Balance on our side. (Qibbon GoU. vol. 20.) 4^ London, 1696. 

Some G^eral Considerations relating to our present Trade, and intended for 

its improvement, by T. T., merchant. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 20.) 4^ London, 1698. 
A Dialogue between Mr. Smith, Monsieur Ragouse, Menheir Dorveil, and Mr. 

Manoel Teziera, in a Walk to Newington. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 21.) i^ London, 1701. 
A Proposal for putting a speedy End to the War, by ruining the Commerce of 

the French and Spaniards and securing our own. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 20.) 4^ 
London, 1708. 

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during the present War, by R. F. (Gibbon ColL yol. 20.) 4^ London, 1708. 
Case of the Royal African Company of England. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 18.) 4^ 

London, 1780. 

Other Works on the Trade of England during the xvn. Century. — see Boilers ; 

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Roberts ; Robinson ; Trevors ; Wagstaffo ; Wheeler. 

Danger of, from the Spaniards. — see Campbell ; Williams (R.) 

The Dutch Trade.— eee Coke (R.) 

On the Balance of. — see Newdegate. 

Britain's Riches not from Commeroe.— eee Spenoe. 

Defence of Commerce. — see Mill. 

see also Linen Trade ; Wool Trade ; Copper Manu&cture. 

Trade of Lreland. — see under Ireland. 

of India (B. I. Company).— eee India. 

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don, 1847. 

see Elliot ; Hainworth ; Hodgkin ; Whitmore ; Williams. 

— — Defence of, in 1628. — see Misselden. 

1648. — see Parker. 

TBAyismr ( — ). An Account of the Proceedings against the Turks, with an exact 
Diaiy of the Siege of Newheusel and its taking. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 11.) 4^ Lon> 
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(Gibbon CoU. voL 9.) 4° London, [1701]. 

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et la HoUande, conclu & la Haye le 4 Jan. 1717. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 5.) 4^ Paris, 

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4«> Paris, 1719. 

Traits de Paix entre le Roy, TEmpereur, et I'Empire, conclu & Yienne, le 

18 Nov 

ait^ de Paix entre le Roy, TEmpereur, et I'Empire, 
. 1788. (Gibbon CoU. vol. 5.) 4<^ Paris, 1789. 

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0^n6raux, eonelu i AiK']m-ChM;pil9, le 18 Oct. 1748. (Gibbon Coll. toL 5.) 4^ 
Paris, 1760. 


Tbevsbs (Joseph). An Ean,j for the restoring of onr decsjred TnMle, wheran » 
described tne Smugglers', Lawyers', and Omoers' frauds. (GKbbon (kXL yoL 81.) 
49 London, 1675. 

'* Tribus Impostoribus (de)" — Copie de la Traduction de Latin en Fnn9oi8 du hm das 
Trois Imposteurs. [MS. no cbtte.] (Gibbon Ck>lL voL 23.) 

[This is the MS. of a supposititious work under this title, a full aoooont of 
which is given by P. Marchand, (Diet. Histor. vol. 1, page 822,) and of wfaidi, 
with yariations in their colophons as to the Library whence they wers 
obtained, seyenJ copies have been made. The work is identical with that 
published under the title of " L'Esprit de Spinoza." — see Barbier, Diet, 
dee Anon, tome 8, p. 417.] 

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Railway Highways. (Ath. Coll. vol. 281.) 8^ London, 1846. 

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sion of Jews to Parliament, and Nomination of Dr. Hampden, and on the BeriTal 
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Address to the Committee of the Chichester Diooesan Association, oocasiooed 

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the Ottoman Empire. (Ath. ColL vol. 259.) 8^ London, 1849. 

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Condition of Newport, in the Isle of Wight. (TVact. Cent. voL 16.) 8^ London, 

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tion. (Cath. Cent. vol. 9.) 4^ London, 1685. 

Ttraivtb — ^A briefe discourse upon Tyrants and Tyranny. (Civil War Tracts.) 

4° , . 

Umgekitus (The Bull) — Explications sur la BuUe Unigenitus. (Gibbon ColL voL 3.) 
4° Paris, 1720. 

D^laration du Roy au sujet de la Constitution du Pnpe Clement XL, qui 

commence par ces mots, " Unigenitus Dei filius." (Gibbon Coll. voL 8.) 4^ Tniia, 

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mille, TArchevesque de Paris, au sujet de la Constitution Unigenitus. (GKbbon ColL 
vol. 3.) 4«> Paris, 1729. 

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Paris, avec la Lettre du Roy en reponse. (Gibbon Coll. voL 3.) 4^ Paris^ 1730. 
Lettre ^crite au Roy par I'AssembUe G6n6rale du Clerg^ de France, tenue H 

Paris en I'ann^e 1730. (Gibbon Coll. voL 8.) i^ Paris, 1730. 

Lettre. "Duo quippe stmt, Imperator Auguste," &c. (Gibbon ColL voL 3.) 

4P Paris, 1752. 

[Alluding to the controversy on the Bull Unigenitus.] 
United States. — see America. 

UNiVERfiiTiES — Opinions on the Admisnon of Dissenters to the Universitiei^ and oo 
University Reform. (Ath. Coll. vol. 207.) BP London, 1847. 

see Education (University). 

Urmston (Sir James B.). Chusan and Hong-Kong, with Remarks on the Treaty of 
Peace at Nankin, in 1842. (Ath. Coll. vol. 252.) 8^ London, 1847. 

Usury, Tracts on. — see Colepeper ; Drake. 
Vaccination. — see Marshall. 

Vandeleur (Henry S.). England and Ireland, their Roman and Celtic Origin, with its 
consequences. (Ath. Coll. vol. 256.) 8^ London, 1848. 

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conversation between Judsras and Amicus Nobilis. (Ath. Coll. vol. 244.) 8^ Lon- 
don, 1847. 

TRACTS. 265 

TAVBrrrABT (NioholaB). Three Letters on the British and Foreign Hble Sodety. 
(Trscts S. yol. 2.) 9^ London, 1812. 

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of Council on Education. (Ath. GoU. vol 250.) 8^ London, 1849. 

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Edward Baines, jun. (Ath. Coll voL 206.) 8^ London, 1846. 

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Ci^tain CbnenJ Morosini, General Coningsmark, &c. (Qibbon CoU. yoI. 11.) 4^ 
London, 1688. 

Yeniter fTobiaH^. A briefe and accurate Treatise conoeming the taking of the Fume of 
Tobacco, which very many in these days doe too licentiously use. (GKbbon ColL 
▼oL 19.) 40 London, 1621. 

YsBNET (Sir Hanr). Observations on the AfBurs of Qermany, in a Letter to Yisoonnt 
Pahnerston. (Ath. ColL vol 284.) 8^ London, 1849. 

Yukita, ^ege ot — see Peter (J.) 

Ydeba (Padre Antonio). Las Cinco Pledras de la Honda de David, en oinco Disoorsoa 
Monies. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 12.) 4^ Madrid, 1676. 

Yioo— Losses of Dutch and Spanish Merchants at. — see Beavis. 

Y1NE8 — ^A few observations on the mismanagement and conseauent barrenness of 
out-of-doors Qrape-Yines in and about London. (Ath. Coll. yoL 224.) 12^ Iioq* 
don, 1847. 

YiOLiT (Thomas). True Narrative of the Proceedings in the Court of Admiraltie against 
the ships Sampson, Salvador, and Qooige, their silver and lading. (Qibbon ColL 
vol. 4.) 4<^ London, 1659. 

Y0RE8 (Thomas). The Judgment of Charity : a Plea for the hypothetical interpretation 
of the Baptismal Services of the Church of England. (Ath. Coll. voL 297.) 8^ 
London, 1849. 

[Reply]. Answer to a Pamphlet by the Rev. T. Yores, entitled " The Judg- 
ment of Charity," by Amicus Curiae. (A^^. ColL voL 297.) 8^ London, 1849. 

YoBSnus (Conrad). — see Dort (Synod of). 

Yox vera; or a Sketch for the Future, by "Simplex." (Ath. Coll. voL 215.) 8^ Lon- 
don, 1847. 

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way Stations. (Ath. Coll. vol. 201.) 8^ London, 1845. 

Ytvtak (Sir Richard). Letter to the Magistrates of Berkshire on their practice of 
consigning Prisoners to Solitary Confinement before Trial. (Ath. Coll. vol. 189.) 
8^^ London, 1845. 

Waghobn (Lieutenant Thomas). Letter to W. E. Qladstone on the extension of 
Steam Navigation from Singapore to Port Jackson. (Ath. Coll. vol. 282.) 8^ 
London, 1846. 

Two Letters to Earl Grey on ditto. (Ath. Coll. vol. 232.) 8^ London, 


On Emigration to Australia, on the broadest possible principles. (Ath. ColL 

vol. 266.) 8^ London, 1848. 

[Waostaffb (Thomas)]. Remarks on some late Sermons, and in particular on Dr. 
Sherlock's Sermon at the Temple, December 80, 1694, [on the Queen's death]. 
(Qibbon CoU. vol. 12.) 4^ London, 1695. 

[ ]^^ Rights and Liberties of Englishmen asserted, with a Collection of Statutes 

and Records of Parliament against Foreigners. (Qibbon Coll. vol. 20.) 4^ Lon- 
don, 1701. 

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the Church of England against the Exceptions of the Bishop of Meaux [Bossuet]. 
(Cath. Cent. voL 1.) 4^ London, 1686. 

: Two Discourses: of Purgatory, and Prayers for the Dead. (Cath. Cont. vol. 5.) 

40 London, 1687. 

[ ] Discourse of the Holy Eucharist, in the two great Points of the Real Presence 

and the Adoration of the Host, in answer to tiie two Discourses printed at Oxford, 
with an historical pre&ce. (Cath. Cont voL 18.) 4^ London, 1687. 


266 TBACTS. 

[Wakx (William), Abp. of GaDteriyory]. An hiftorical Traatiae, wrKten by an anOMr 
of the Communion of the Church of Rome, toudiinff IVanaabstaatiailioiiy wfaerein if 
made appear, that according to the principlea of uut Church, the doetrine caiUMi 
be an Article of Faith. (Cath. Cont. vol. 18.) 4^ London, 1687. 

[ ] The Present State of the Controyenie between the Church of Kngjand and the 

Church of Rome, or an Account of the Books written on both sidei^ with the Ooo- 
tinuation. 2 Parts. (Cath. Cont. vol. 6.) i^ London, 1687-8. 

Sermon before the House of Commons on the Fast Day, June 5, 1689. (Oath. 

Cont. vol. 9.) i? London, 1689. 

Waldinbis, Persecution of, 1686. — see Piedmont. 

Walkbb (GeoTce A.). Lectures on the actual condition of the MetropoIitMi Cbave- 
Yards (the four series). (Ath. Coll. vol. 288.) 8^ London, 1847-9. 

Wallace (Edward J.). The Oregon Question determined by the Rulfli of Iktcnia- 
tional Law. (Ath. Coll. vol 234.) 8^^ London, 1846. 

Walsh (Sir John). Passing Remarks on the Prtrilege Qnertion. (Ath. CML iroi fi09L) 
8° London, 1846. 

Walshe (Walter Hayle). Report <m Pulmonary Fhthisb, as dbibn^ at tiia HoapHal 
for Consumption, Brompton. (Ath. ColL vol. 282.) 8^ London, 1849. 

On the logical applications of Phyriology to Pathology. (Ath. OoD. r6L 282.) 

8^ London, 1849. 

Ward (James). Railways for the many and not for the fow, or how to make them 
profitable to all. (Ath. Co^ voL 280.) 8^^ London, 1847. 

How to re-construct the Industrial Condition of Lreland. (Ath. CoH. yoL 212.) 

8° London, 1847. 

Wabd (W. G.). Address to Members of Convocation in protest against the pn^osed 
Statute. (Tract. Cont vol. 15.) 8^ London, 1845. 

— Mr. Ward and the New Test ; or plain Reasdns why those who esn sur s 

Mr. Ward should not vote for the New Statute, which limits the 89 Articlei^ fay 
M. A. (Tract. Cont. vol. 16.) 8° London, 1844. 

Selections from his Ideal of a Christian Church, illustrative of its tenden^ to 

promote dutifulness to the English Church, &a (Tract. Cont. voL 15.) 8^ 
London, 1844. 

Case of. — see Bateman; Bricknell; Garbett; Gresley; Goulbum; Hussey; 

Eeble; Maurice; Moberly; Oakeley; Sewell; TViit; Woodgate. 

Wabner's (Captain) Invention — Speech of Sir Howard Douglas on Lord Ingestre's 
Motion for another Conmiission on Warner's Discoveries. (Atii. Coll. voL 238.) 99 
London, 1846. 

WABinss (John). Suggestions on fattening Cattle with Native instead of Foreign Pm- 
duce. (Ath. Coll. vol. 196.) B9 Norwich, 1842. 

Reasons for the cultivation of Flax in Great Britain and Ireland. (Ath. Coll. 

voL 196.) 8° Norwich, 1848. 

Extracts from ancient and modem writers on the Flax Crop. (Ath. ColL 

vol. 196.) S^ Norwich, 1844. 

Wason (Rigby). Letter to Lord John Russell on the mode for the reclamation of 
Waste Land at Corwar. (Ath. Coll. vol. 212.) 8^ Edinbuigh, 1847. 

Budget for the Million, in a Letter to the Borough of Ipswieh. (Ath. CoH. 

vol. 278.) 8° Ayr, 1849. 

Waste Lakds. — see Ireland. 

Reclamation ot — see Scrope; Wason. 

Water, Non-Decomposition of — see Stevenson. 

Supply of, to London. — see Tabbemer. 

Waterloo MoNuioarr— The Voice of the People as to the Waterloo Monument^ with 
Observations on its principles and objeote, &c. (Tracto S. vol. 7.) B9 London. 

Watson (Alexander). The People, Education, and the Church; a Letter to the 
Bishop of Exeter, occasioned by the Letter of Dr. Hook. (Ath. ColL vol 305.) 99 
London, 1846. ' 

TRACTS. 267 

Waxboh (Akmider). Lettar to all M«mben of the CShuroh of England, containing 
Words of Ck>mmon Sense for Oommon People, on the "one Baptiun for the remis- 
sion of Sins." (Ath. OoU. vol 299.) 8^ London, 1850. 

— — — — The Banger of being "ashamed of Christ" and of his words in an "evil and 
adulterous generation." (Ath. ColL vol. 295.) 8^ London, 1850. 

WxALK (John). Letter to Lord John Russell on the Defence of the Countiy, and on 
the expediency of training Able-bodied Male Persons applying for Parochial Reliet 
(Ath. ColL vol 219.) 8° London, 1847. 

Wbabdujb Miner's Improvement Society— Report and Addreas, by T. Sopwith. (Ath. 
ColL ToL 270.) 8^^ London, 1849. 

Wbbb (C. Looock). Letter on Railways, their accounts and dividends, with sugges- 
tions for Government assistance. (Atii. ColL voL 289.) 8^ London, 1849. 

WaasKKB (C. F.). Sur TUnion politique inseparable du Slesvic et du Danemark. 
(Ath. ColL voL 279.) 8^ Copenhague, 1848. 

Wkohtb and Measures. — see liariana. 

WxLCH (James). Tenant-Right^ its nature and requirements. (Ath. Coll. vol. 277.) 
8^ Ix>ndon, 1848. 

WxLUNOTON Statue rPhe) — Judgment on, by Iconoclaetes. (Ath. ColL vol. 289.) 
8<> (London, 1847.) 

Wnr IsDiBS — ^Remarks on the present State of our West Indian Colonies. (Ath. Coll. 
yoL 2512.) S^ London, 1848. 

see also Colquhoun ; Gore. 

■ ■■ On the employment of Convicts in. — see Window. 

WiBTMiNSTia — Cochrane and the Westminster Election : Address to the Electors, by 
C. £. Houghton. (Ath. Coll. voL 216.) 8^ London, 1847. 

Letter to the Electors. — see Elliot. 

Bescription of the New Palace of Westminster. (Ath. Coll. voL 269.) 8^ 

London, 1848. 

Westminbtkb School (The) — ^its state and prospects considered. (Ath. Coll. vol. 188.) 
8^ London, 1845. 

. see also Swabey. 

WxanmrEmEB Plat — ^The Broad Sheet libranr Edition of the Epilogue, with an English 
Poetical Version. (Misc. Coll. vol. 8.) fol. 1848. 

[Whabton (Henry)]. Treatise of the Celibacy of the Clergy, wherein its rise and pro- 
gress are historically considered. (Cath. Cont. vol. 1.) 4^ London, 1688. 

Whatelt (Richard), Archbishop of Dublin. Thoughts on Church Government^ a 
Charge to his Diocese. (Charges, vol. 5.) 8^ London, 1844. 

Reflections on a Grant to a Roman Catholic Seminary, a Chai^. (Chaiges, 

voL 5.) 8^^ London, 1845. 

Charge to the Cleigy of his Diooeaes. (Charges, vol. 8.) 8^ Dublin, 1847. 

Speech on the Irish Poor Laws. (Ath. CdL voL 214.) 8^ London, 1847. 

Statements respecting the Church and the Universities [on the appointment of 

the Bishop of Hereford]. (Ath. Coll. voL 245.) 8^ Dublin, 1848. 

Christian Saints, as described in the New Testament. (Ath. CdL vol. 251.) 

80 Dublin, 1848. 

The Search after In&llibility, in reference to Errors arising within the Church 

in the Primitive as well as in all htter ages. (Ath. Coll. vol. 251.) 8^ Dublin, 
Charge to the Cleigy of his Dioceses. (Charges, voL 10.) 8^ DubHn, 1849. 

Whxklib (John). A Treatise of Commerce, wherein are shewed the Commodities 
arising m>m a well ordered Trade, such as that of the Merchants Adventurers. (Gib- 
bon ColL vol. 24.) 40 London, 1601. 

WhkwBiL (William). On the fundamental Antithesis of Philosophy, two Memours. 
(Misc. Coll. voL 8.) 4° Cambridge, 1844-8. 

_ Remarks on a Review of the Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences, in a Letter 

to Sir J. F. W. HerscheL (Misc. CoU. vol. 8.) 4° [Privately printed.] 1844. 

Histoiy of the Inductive Sciences," Strictures on, (from the United Servioe 

Magasine). (Ath. Coll. voL 288.) S^ London, 1847. 

968 TRACTS. 

WmcKiB (WiJter Qilchrigt). A National Note propoeed to Sir CSiaries Wood. (Aih. 
CoU. voL 225.) 89 London, 1847. 

WmsroN (Robert). Cathedral TroBts and their fulfihnent. (Ath. CoIL yol. 291.) 8^ 
London, 1849-50. 

Whitehbad (John). Railway and Qovemment Qnarantee, which is preferable f (Ath. 
ColL vol. 280.) 8° London, 1847. 

WmTMORB (W. W.). Third Letter to the Agricolturists of the County d Salop. (Ath. 
Coll. vol. 224.) 120 London, 1846. 

Letter to Lord John Russell on Railways. (Ath. ColL vol. 280.) 8^ London, 


A few plain Thoughts on Free Trade, as afibcting Agriculture. (Ath. ColL 

voL 292.) 8^ (Bridgnorth, 1849.) 

WiOKHAM (Robert). Is the Offertory without Communion required by the Church f 
(Tract. Cont. vol. 12.) 8^ London, 1844. 

The Rubrics of the Communion Service examined, with a View to Conformity. 

(Tract. Cont. voL 13.) 8^ London, 1845. 

WiLBERFORCB (Archdeaoou Robert Isaac). Chai^ges to the Cleigy of the Ardideaooniy 
of the East Riding. (Charges, voL 7.) 8^ London, 1844-5. 

Chai^ to the Clergy of the East Riding. (Charges, vol. 8.) 8^ London, 


Relations of Church and State ; a Charge to the Cleigy of the East Riding. 

(Charges, vol. 9.) 8° London, 1848. 

WiLBKRFOBCB ^muel), D.D., Bishop of Oxford. Charge at the Visitation of the Ardi- 
deaconry of Surrey. (Charges, voL 7.) 8^ London, 1844. 

Charge delivered to the Candidates for Ordination. (Charges, voL 5.) 8^ Lon- 
don, 1846. 

Charge to the Clergy of his Diocese. (Charges, voL 9.) 8^ London, 1848. 

WiLBBAHAM (George). Thoughts on the Salt Monopoly in India. (Ath. ColL voL 229.) 
8^ London, 1847. 

William m. — Jus Regium, or the Kinff's Ri^t to grant Forfeitures, and other Revennes 
of the Crown, fully set forth. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 14.) i^ London, 1701. 

The Exorbitant Grants of William the 3rd examined and questioned by B. B. 

[a Jacobite Tract, answered by B. Fairfax]. (Gibbon ColL voL 14.) 4^ London, 

see Revolution of 1688. 

WiLUAMS (Albert). The Crisis and the Crash : a Letter to the Free Traders of Ikig- 
hmd. (Ath. Coll. voL 226.) 8^ London, 1847. 

Antagonistic Anomalies : Inconvertible Paper and Free Trade, Vr&e Trade and 

Bullion, and Inconvertible Paper and Protection. (Ath. ColL voL 226.) 8^ Lon- 
don, 1847. 

Williams (Charles Wye). Remarks on the Asylum Harbour at Holyhead [with Plans]. 
(Ath. Coll. voL 218.) S^ (London,) 1847. 

WiLUAMB (Isaac) — On his Theology. — see Bricknell. 

[Williams (John), Bp. of Chichester]. DiBcourse concerning the celebration of Dirine 
Service in an Unknown Tongue. (Cath. Cont. voL 5.) 4^ London, 1685. 

[Williams (R.)]. Letter from a Merchant relating to the danger Great Britain is in 
of losing her Trade by the Gh-eat Increase of me Naval power of Spain. (Gibbon 
ColL vol 9.) i"^ London, 1718. 

WiLUAMS (William). Letter to Lord J. Russell on the Report of the Commisnoners 
on the State of Education in Wales. (Ath. ColL vol. 249.) B9 London, 1848. 

Reply. — see Jones (E.) 

WnxiAMBON (Thomas). Two Letters on the Advantages of Railway Commimication 
in Western India. (Ath. Coll. vol. 231.) 8^ London, 1846. 

WiLLODOHBT (Sir Henry). Remariu on the Poor Law Commission, and on adequate 
protection for the Poor. (Ath. Coll. voL 217.) 8° London, 1847. 

WiLMOT (^ Eardley), his Case. — see Northcote. 

Wilson (Daniel), [afterwards] Bp. of Calcutta. Defence of the Church Misdonaiy So- 
ciety against the objections of the Rev. Josiah Thomas. (Tracts S. vol. 8.) 8^ 
London, 1818. ' 

TRACTS. 269 

Wilson (Daniel), Bp. of CalcaUa. Charge to the Clergy of his Dioceses. (Chaiges, 
▼ol. 10.) 8^ London. 1849. 

Window (James). Letter to the Justices of the Peace, propoBing to establish Asylum 
Farms for discharged Prisoners. (Ath. Coll. voL 216.) 8^ London, 1847. 

Reasons for the employment of Conyicts in the British Sugar-Growing Colonies 

in the West Indies. (Ath. Coll. vol. 229.) 8^ London, 1847. 

WiNi — ^Abuses of, in Portugal. — see Forrester. 

WiNSLOW (Forbes). On the Incubation of Insanity. (Ath. ColL vol. 236.) [Priyately 
printed]. 8^ London, 1846. 

Wiseman (Nicholas), D.D. Conversion : Letter to Alexander Chirol and his Family 
on their happy admission to the communion of the Catholic Church. (Ath. Coll. 
vol. 222.) 8* London, 1847. 

see Bennett ; Chirol. 

Words of Peace and Justice on the subject of Diplomatic Relations with the 

Holy See. (Ath. Coll. voL 248.) 8^ London, 1848. 

Gorham v. Bishop of Exeter : Final appeal in matters of Faith, a Lecture. 

(Ath. Coll. vol. 308.) 129 London, 1850. 

The Final Appeal in Matters of Faith, a Sermon. (Ath. Coll. vol. 295.) 89 

London, 1850. 

Remarks on. — see Drummond ; Perceval. 

WiTOHORAFT. — Sadducismus Debellatus, or a true Narrative of the Sorceries and Witch- 
crafts exercised by the Devil and his instruments upon Mrs. Christian Shaw, from 
August, 1696, to April, 1697. (Gibbon Coll. vol. 11.) 4° London, 1698. 

WiTHALL (Benjamin). A Detection of the exhorbitant oppression, public frauds, and 
mismanagements committed in His Majesty's Ylctualling and Ordnance Oifioes. 
(Gibbon CoU. vol. 14.) 4^ London, 1717. 

WlTHAJC literary Institution — ^Inaugural Address, by Sir John Page Wood, Nov. 4. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 199.) 8<^ Witham, 1844. 

Wolff (Joseph). No Convocation ; a Letter to the Bishop of Ripon on Baptismal Re- 
generation m connection with the Gorham Question. (Ath. Coll. vol. 301.) 8^ 
Taunton, 1850. 

Wood (Sir Charles). Speech on Mr. Disraeli's Motion on the State of the Nation ; 
July 2, 1849. (Ath. CoU. vol. 292.) 8^^ London, 1849. 

WOODOATE (Henry Arthur). Considerations on the Position and Duty of the Univer- 
sity of Oxford, with reference to the late proceeding against the Regius Professor of 
Hebrew. (Tract. Cont. vol. 14.) S^ Oxford, 1843. 

Earnest Appeal to the Members of the Oxford Convocation on the proposed 

assumption of Ecclesiastical powers by the Universitj. (Tract. Cont. vol. 15.) 8^ 
London, 1845. 

Wool Trade — A Treatise of Wool and Cattel, in a Letter to a Friend, occasioned upon 
a discourse concerning the great Abatements of Rents and low value of Lands. 
(Gibbon Coll. vol. 21.) 4° London, 1677. 

Reasons for a limited Exportation of WooL (Gibbon CoU. vol. 20.) [Privately 

printed.] 49 London, 1677. 

Reasons by the CK)vemour and FeUowship of Eastland Merchants against 

griving a general Uberty to export the English WooUen ManufMjture. (Gibbon Coll. 
voL 20.) 4° London, 1689. 

Observations on British Wool and the Manufiusturing of it in this Kingdom, 

with Remarks on Foreign WooL (Gibbon CoU. vol. 13.) 4^ London, 1739. 

see Haines. (R.) 

Usurpations of France, in. — see Carter. 

WoBDSWOBTH (Christopher). Reasons for dedininff to become a Subscriber to the 
British and Foreign Bible Society. (Tracts S. vols. 3 and 7.) 8^ London, 1810. 

WoBKiNO CLAB8ES. — SCO Labouring Classes. 

Wratiblaw (A. H.). Further Remarks on the University System of Education, as 
affected by the Syndicate Report. (Ath. CoU. vol. 249.) 8^ Cambridge, 184e, 

Wrat (George). The Sound PoUcy of the Existing Law of Marriage, prohibiting union 
witii the Deceased Wife's Sister, vindicated. (Ath. CoU. vol 274.) 8^^ London, 

£70 TBA0T8. 

Wbioht (W.). ObMiTfttions on VL&Mdij, GmlTAiunB, and Eleetro-Magneten, m 
auxiliaries to Medldne and Smgay. (Ath. Coll. vol S67«) 8^ London^ 1848. 

Wbiobtsoit (EUdiard Heber). Sogmationt lor tlie AmendmoDt of the Oame L«wa. 

(Ath. GoU. vol 275.) 8^ London, 1848. 

Wtatt (Hugh P.). Thoughte on UnlToraity Sdooatian. (Ath. Ooll. voL 388.) 8^ 
Gambrid^ 1849. 

Wtbb (ThomaB). Speech on the improvemant of Bdnoation in Irebndy with notea. 
(Adi. OoU. YoL 188.) 8^^ London, 1845. 

Remarks on.— «ee Todd (J. H.) 

ZmroxB (John Peter), of New ToriL, Printer— B3s Trial fi>r « Ubal against tho Garern- 
ment. (Gibbon Ooll. voL 10.) 49 London, 1788. 




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VoL 1. — ^Europe. 
— 2. — Asm, AfrioAy Amerioa^ and AvstimMa. 

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the existing Lines and those in progress^ from the Maps prepared 
by the Commissioners of Railways, by John ArrowsmitL 4® Lon- 
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uniform line of embankment, connecting it with the gireat ILaes of 
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Miguel. London, 1801. 

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London, 1802. 

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Yienna. Carte topo-hydrographique de la Yille de Yienne, et de 

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Regna Galiciee et Lodomeriee, methodo astronomico-trigo^ 

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42 sheets). 

— ERTte eines Theils von neu oder West Gallicien nebst 

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Paris, 1809. 

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dern, herausg^eben von Simon Schropp, (in 2 sheets.) 4^ Ber- 
Un, 1811. 

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Petersburg, North and South. 2 vols. 8^ St Petersburg, 1847. 

Turkey in Europe : 

Moldavia. Carte de la Moldavie, pour servir k Thistoire militaire de 
la guerre entre les Russes et les Turcs, par F. G. de Bawr, (in 6 
sheets). AmstelodamL 

— ^— General Charte von der Moldau, entworfen von J. Riedl, 
gezeichnet von F. Fried. Wien, 1811. 

RuMELiA. General Charte von Rumeli, nebst Morea und Bosna, von 
J. Riedl. Wien, 1812. 

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rillyrie, par J. Riedl, (in 4 sheets). Vienne, . 

Wallachia. Carte g6n^rale de la Yalachie, r6duite par Fran9oi8 
Fried. Vienne, 1811. 

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River Indus, by James Wyld. Londoui 1846. 

■ Sikh Territory in the neighbourhood of the Sutlej, by John Walker. 
8** London, 1846. 

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and the adjacent British Provinces, compiled under the direction of 
Miyor J. D. Graham. New York, 1843. 

BUPP. * ^ 




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Chalon, RA. (Chalon Folio. No. 3.) 

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(Portraits of Members. Vol. 2. No. 3.) 

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Stewardson (Thomas), Esq., engraved by Barney, after J. Opie. (Por- 
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A.F. Vol.3. No. 13.) 





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(et depuis, jusqu'k la mort d'Henri le Grand.) 3 vols, in 2. folio. 
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notes, par Paul L. Jacob (Lacroix). 4 vols. 8^ Paris, 1834. 

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Baronies, commonly called Baronies in fee, deriving their origin from 
Writ of Summons, and not from any specific limited creation; with 
the proofs of Parliamentary Sitting, from Edward i. to Queen Anne, 
and a glossary of dormant Peerage titles. 2 vols. 4^ Ripon, 1844. 

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the Services used at the consecration of Churches from the Anglo- 
Saxon to the present time. 4° liondoa. 1848. 


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descriptse et illustrate, a J. P. Bellorio et Michaele Angelo Caiuaeo. 
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descriptive notice of the incised Monumental Memorials of the Middle 
Ages. 8'' London, 1847. 


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ingB upon Wood, firom every yariety of these interesting and valuable 
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'' De Vera Obediential'' and Bonner's '' Prefatory Letter," by William 
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of Roman Art in Cirencester, the site of Ancient Corinium. 4^ Lon- 
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Conmiissary of Bury St. Edmunds and the Archdeacon of Sudbury, 
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London, 1 828. 

Carltle (T.) — see Goethe. 

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Jack Built — ^The Queen in the Moon — The Queen that Jack found 
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— — see Nardini. 

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CoirrKNTS: — ^Lettres P^raviexmes — C6nie, oomMie — La Fille d'Aristide, oomMie 
— Nouyelle Espagnole. 

Grikfield (E. WX An Apology for the Septuagint, in which its claims 
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friends and contemporaries. 8^ London, 1815. 

»-— ^— see Nelson. 

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Tomus I. FrsBfieitio de Christo, etc. — Vita Hilaiii — CommentBrii in Pnlmos et 
in Matthsum. 
— n. De Trinitate— de Synodis — ^Kpistola ad Abram libri ad et contra Gon- 
stantium — Historia Ariminenwn et Seleacienms Synodi, etc. — 

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Scripta Anecdota, Gr. et Lat., notisque ac dissertationibus illus- 
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2 vols, in 1. S"* Lugduni Bat. 1743. 

Jane (Queen)-— The Chronicle of Queen Jane, and of Two Years of Queen 
Mary, and especially of the Rebellion of ^ Thomas Wyat, edited, with 
illustrative documents and notes, by John Gough Nidiols, F.S.A. 
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Tom. I. Diyins Institutionee. 
— n. Epitome Diyinarmn Institntionum — ^De Opifioio Dei— de Ira Dei — de 
mortibus peneoutonim — Symposium — Phcenix — Notn ▼ariomm et 

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tioni inservientes, antiqui omnes et religionis reformatione priores. 

3 vols, folio. HanoversB, 1707-11. 


Leboux de Likct. Becueil do Chants ffistoriques Fran9ais depuis le 
XII. jogqu'au xviii. siecle, avec des notices et une introduction. Vols. 
1-2 (XII. k XVI. si^cle.) 12** Paris, 1841-2. 

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folio. London, 1684-7. 

London, pictoriallj illustrated, edited by Charles Knight. 6 vols, in 3. 
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Part I., England and Wales, with a supplementary body of Statistics to 
1850, by Hyde Qarke. 8** London, 1850. 

Lumper (Gottfridus). Historia Theologioo-critica de Vita, Scriptis, atqu^ 
Doctrina Sanctorum Patrum, aliorumque Scriptorum Ecclesiastioorum 
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Manufacture, a Glossary, and a List of Monograms. 8^ London, 

Marsden (William). Miscellaneous Works. 4^ London, 1834. 

Contents: — 1. On the Polynesian, or East Insular Languages. 

2. On a Conventional Roman Alphabet, applicable to Oriental 

8. Thoughts on the Compoation of a National English Diotionaiy. 

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Nelson (Lord). Letters to Lady Hamilton, with a Supplement of Letters 
by distinguished characters. 2 vols. &* London, 1814. 

see Hamilton. 

Newharch. — see Buckman. 

Nibby (A.) — see Gell ; NardinL 

Oefeuus (Andreas Felix). Berum Boicmim Scriptores nusquam antehac 
editL 2 vols, folio. August® VindeL, 1763. 

8UPP. o o 

jess ADDENDA* 

Oftatus (Sanctos) Afros MQevitani Epuoopiis. De Sdusnuite Don*- 
tistamm ad MSS. Codioes, etc^ emendatiy operaLud. K Dopiii. folio. 
Antverpiffiy 1702. 

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cesses and productions of Ancient and Modem Ornamental Gla« 
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PoBTEB (Q. R.) — see Long. 

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limited by the Laws of the Church, of which Kings are Members. 
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Heat, Light, Crystallization, and Chemical Attraction, in their relations 
to the Vital Force, translated by William Gr^;ory. S^ Lon- 
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REMBRAia>T. Catalogue of his Works. — see Daulby. 

RiG-YEDA-SAinaiTA. — scc Miiller; Wilson. 

S. (M.). Expos4 des cures oper^ en France par le Magnetisme Animal, 
depuis Mesmer jusqu*^ nos jours (1774-1826). 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 

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MSS., by Thomas Wright. 8** London, 1841. 

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Shakespeare (William). — see Coleridge; Simrock; ULrid. 

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Stapleton (T.) — see Records. 

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and our Commercial Intercourse with that Country, including a few 
Translations from the Chinese. 8^ London, 1822-1850. 

Stephenson (R) — see Clark. 

Sterne (L.). Illustrations of. — see Ferriar. 

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classes distributa, emendavit et copiose locupletayit Christianus Gottlieb 
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Tatlob (T.) — see Apuleius. 

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WiLBEBFOBCE (Robert Isaac). Sermons on the New Birth of Man's 
Nature. 8"" London, 1850. 

WiLKiB(Sir Daidd) — ^Life, with his Journals, Tours, and Critical Remarks 
on Works of Art, and a Selection from his Correspondence^ by Allan 
Cunningham. 3 vols. 8^ London, 1843. 

Wilson ^H. H.). lUg-yedansanhita^ a Collection of Andent Hindu Hynms, 
constituting the First Ashtaka^ or Book of the Big-Veda. 8^ Lon- 
don, 1850. 

Wbiqht (Thomas). — see Hejrwood; Sdenoe. 





This Index refers to two distinct Alphabets, viz., the Catalogue printed 

in lSi5, pp. 1-341, and the preMot Sapplement, pp. 1-185. The 

reader is therefore requested to observe the following rule in consult- 
ing it: — 

For References in Italics, as — Adama ; see Catalogue. 

in Boman, as — ^Adand; see Supplement 

in Small Capitals, as— Eitbopb; see in the Index. 

The Gatalogaes of TrMts mra not induded, with tho ezoeption of a partial ralineiioa 
to the piinoipal subjeots. 


ABIF0NE8 (The) of Paragtiay : Ddbriskofer, 
Abubt, Wilts, Temple at: BowUi, ffiffgina, 
Hoart (voL 2)...St\ikele7. 


Travels and Descriptions: lAidolpkut, 
PinkerUm {vol. 15), SaU, ValerUia. 

ADiOBAi/rT (Court of). Reports: JidbinBon^ 

Afohanibtak or Cabul. 

History: J><nii, ElphintUme. 

Military operations in, see MniTABT Hl8- 
•TORY (1838-42). 

Travels and Descriptions: Affghanittan, 
JBumet, ElphintUme, Moorcrqft, Wood 
...Masson, Prinsep, Vigne. 


History: Oardonnej Univen. Hut. (Andmt, 
vol, 15-16; Modem, vol. 11-15.) 

Oeogn^hy: Jlitter...^eimell. 

Travels and Descriptions : Africa, Browne, 
Condor, Zkkvidton, Jknham, Mwrray, 
Park. . . Herbert (in Addenda). 

— Collections : Astley {vol. I), Pwrchat {vol. 
1, hook iii., and vol, 2, bo<A vi.). Pin- 
kerton {vol, 15-16), Ramutio {vol* \), 
Hakluyt {vol, 2). 
North: Denham, Z^on... Hemprich. 

Desert of Sahara:... Richardson, St. John. 

See Barbabt, Mobocco. 

Western and Central: Aidey {vol, 2-8), 
Clapperton, Laing, Macqueen. 

Timbuctoo: CailU, BUty, 

Soudan: Lyon, 
See also Nioeb (River), Ethiopia. 
South- West, Congo: Pinkerton {vol. 16), 

South: Barrow f Campbell, Latrobe, Lichten- 

ttein.. .Thompson. 

Cape of Good Hope: Barrow, Pinkerton 
{vol, 16)... Thompson. 

Eastern: Attley {vcl, 3), iBoaca, 

Portuguese Settlements: SaU, 

North -Eastern: see Abtbsikia, Eotft, 


AoiNOOTJBT, battle of :... Nicolas. 


Journals: Feruuae, Quarterly, Trantac- 
tions {Agric. Soc.), Yowng. 

Treatises on: Abu Zacaria, Agricola, Oret' 
cemi, Darwin, Husbandry, Loudon, 
Bti Rusticce, Terentiua Varro, Torri- 
^ni... Fitzherbert, Low, Markham. 

AGRICULTURE,--€0N<MMtf(2 ;— 

Union with Manu&ctures:...Bny« 
Application of Science to : Ikmbeny, Dary 

{vol, 7-8). 
(European) : . . .Colman. 
^Flemish): Aelbroeck» 
(Chinese) : . . .Fortune. 

AoBiGEinTTM, Temple at: CockerdL 

Albioknsbs (The) : AJhigmteg, Faber, MaUkmd, 
Puy-La/urem, Vaux-Oemay. 

See also Waldrvsbs. 

Alddte Pbebs : Benouard, 

Aleppo. Natural History : Bustdl* 

Alexandeb the Gbeat: Alexander, QmiUuM 
Cvrtiue, Sainte Croix, 

Indian Expedition : Arriamue, VimcetU, 
His Tomb: Clarke (E,) 

Aloebba: Bridge, Halley, Peocodb... Wallii 
(vol. 2). 

(Eastern): Colebrooke, Boten. 
Alhambba (The) : AntigUedadee, Ckmry, 
Allboobt : Qebdin {vol, 1). 

See Mttholoot. 

Almakacs: Almanac, NauHcaZ .^....ALiuuiAo. 

Alphabets: see Laitguaoe. 

Alps: .0roc2:e(ion... Talfourd. 

Hannibal's Passage of: J)e Luc, Long, 
Wickham.,. Iaw. 

(Maritime): Oioffredo. 
(Pennine):... Forbes (J. D.) 

See Blano (Mont.) 
Altabs (Stone) : . . .Blackbume. 

Akbassaoobs, Functions, Ceremoniesy &c. : 
Dumont {vol. 4-5), Wicqurfort, 


Histoiy: Americana Antiquitatet, Burke, 
Oarey, Holmes, Univere, Hiet. (Ifo- 
dern, vol, 34-6)...Macgregor. 

Geographical Dictionary : Alcedo. 
Atlas : under Lavoiane, 

(See Tbact Catalogue, p. 371> and Teaks- 
actions, p. 813.) 


Voyages to the Coast, &c: Dixon, Hah- 
luyt (vol, 3), Mearea, Pinkerton {vol. 
12-13), Purchas {vol, 3, book v., and 
vol. i, 6o(Ml*viii.)... Robinson, Simpson. 

Travels in: Chateaubriand {vol, 7), Hall, 
Head, Kalm, Lahontan, McKenney, 
Mackenzie, Murray, Stuart, Tudor,,. 



AMERICA (SOnTB),^eontiHued:^ 

North American iDdians. HiBtory:... 
Manners and Customs: OcUUn, Hecke- 

(Chippeway) : McKetmey, 

Cahada, ftc. Descriptions, Travels, ko. : 
Bouchette, Ccmada, Daubeny, Maegreffor, 
Mactaggart, Pinkerton {vol. 13), Purihoi 
{vol. 4, book X.), Weld, 

Rebellion, 1838-9: Canada, Head. 

(See Tract Catalogue, p. 391.) 

Uhitkd States : 

History: America, Bancroft, Fergus, Ora- 
hame, MarskcUl, Morton, Pitkin, War- 
den... Amenctk, Morris, Story. 

Massachusetts: Hutchinwn, 
South Carolina: Ramsay. 
Louisiana: Marbois. 
(Ecclesiastical) (1620-98) : Mather. 

State Pliers and Correspondence: Ame- 
rica, Qebhardt, Monroe, Washington... 

Constitution, Government, Laws, ftc. : 
Adams (J.), America, Constitutffms, 
Hamilton, i2ato^ . . . Cobbett, Story, 

Pennsylvania: Franklin, 
New York: New York. 

Travels, Descriptions, &c.: America, 
Abdy, Cooper, Daubeny, Jhtngkt, La 
Rochefoucauld. Martineau, Pwrchas 
{vol. i, book viii.), Sckultz, Tocmteville, 
Weld, IVorcM^^r... Cobbett, Godley, 

Virginia: Jefferson, Pwrchas {voL 4, 

book ix.) 
St. Peter's River: Keating. 
Wisconsin: . . .Featherstonhaugh. 
Rocky Mountains:... Fremont. 
The Slave States: . . . Featherstonhaugh. 
Florida: Florida. 

Commerce, Finance, Population, Re- 
sources, &c.: Bristed, Carey, GUbart, 
Pitkin, Seybert, Sh^ffidd, Smimove, 
Trotter, Tucker, Warden... Km&ricak. 

New York (Tract Catalogue, p. 469). 

Massachusetts: Bigelow. 
Prisons: Beaum^mt. 
Slavery: BeaumwU. 
Colleges: Everett, Quincy. 

Boundary Questions: American, Falconer, 

See California, Oregon. 


History of the Aborigines, its discovery, 
&c. : Bel Rio, Bans Staden, Herrera, 
Robertson {vol. 6-8), Torquemada... 
Travels and descriptions of Antiquities: 
Del Rio, HaJduyt {vol. 3), Humboldt, 
Labat, Purchas {vol. 4, book vi.), 
Ramusio {vol. 3), Stephens, Temaux- 
C7om2»fw...Catherwood, Humboldt. 


Geography: HumboUU. 

See also GnATDfALA, Mexico, Wbf 


Voyages and Travels: Andrews, Odd' 
deugh, Head, Kvtkg, Orbigny, Smyth, 

See also Colombia, Guiana, Peru, Braiq^ 
Chili, Paraguay, Buxnos Atrsi^ 


See Anatomical Drawings. 
Treatises: Bowrgery, Bright, Cooper, 

Of the Thymus Gland: Cooper. 
See Surgery. 
(Comparative) : Cuvier, Jones (T. R.) 
Vertebrate Skeleton : . . .Owen. 
Invertebrate Animals: Owen, 
Fossil Fishes : Agassiz, 
Fossil Bones : Cuvier, 

Aneurism: Wardrop. 

Angling: Davy, Oppianus, Penn {R.), Walton. 

Animal Kingdom, see Zoology. 

Annuities (Life): Daily, Hardy, MUme, Mor- 
gan, Price. 

Reversions: Price. 

See Assurance, Life Tables. 

Anthologies: see Poetry. 

Antiquaries (Society of). Observations on:... 

Lives of the original Members : Heame, 

Publications : 

Cathedrals, Royal Household Book, 
Roy's Military Antiquities, Transac- 
tions {Archoeologia), VetustaMonumenia 
...Records (in Addenda). 


Remains of Ancient Art, ftc., E^;yptaan, 
Greek, and Roman : Antonini, cSiylus, 
D'Hancarville, Dilettanti, Mtmtfau- 
con, Moses, Quatremire de Qitmcy, 
Spence, Stuart*s Athens, Wineielmann 
...Bartoli, Herculaneum, Museo, Mu- 
seum, Rangab6, Visoonti ...Bartoli 
(in Addenda). 

Historical : Qrcnius, Lempriere, L^psius, 

Mediaeval and Northern : Britton, Fosbroke, 

Transactions {ArchaMlogia)...Kl'Qg. 
See also Art. iNSORIFTIONSy MAnnria , 
Of particular Countries, see under the 
Names of the Countries. 

Apparitions: De Foe {vol. 13)...Glanvi]y ffib- 

See also Witchcraft. 
Aqueducts : . . . King. 


History: Purchas {vol. 6), Univers. HisL 
{Modem, vol. l-3)...Cau8sin de Per- 
ceval, Mahomet. 



ARABIA, — contimied: — 
See also Mahoiot. 

Travels: Burckhardt, Conder, HaJduyt 
{vol. 2), Nidmkr, Pvnherkm {vol. 10), 
PurduM {vol. 2, booked), WeUtted. 
Mount Sinai : . . . Hogg. 

Historical Geography :...For8ter. 

Religion : see Mahometanism. 

The Druses : Sacy. 
Arabs in Spain : see Spain. 

ARCHiBOLOOT : see ANnQumES and Abt. 
Abchtteots, Lives of: see Biographt (Collec- 


See Transactions (Brit. Architects). 

Dictionaries, Terms, &c. : Glossary, OunU, 
Nicholson, Quatremire de Quincy. 
MedisBval: Britten, WiUis...Vejrt, 
See also Art (Dictionaries). 

History and General Treatises, ftc., on: 
Dwrtvnd, Ev€lyn*s Misc. Writings, Hope, 
Hosking, MUvda... Bottaji, Ruskin. 
Greek and Roman: Aberdeen, Palladio, 
PerrauU, Vitruvius ... Winckelmann 
(vol. 1). 
Egyptian: Lepsius. 
B^du: Orindlay, Ram i2az...FerguB8on 

(in Addenda). 
Saraoenic: Knight. 

€k>thic and Medissval (Civil and Eccle- 
siastical): Boisserie, Britton, EgUses, 
HaU {Sir J.), Knight, Petit, Pugin, 
WheweU, Willis ... Teyrk, Pugin, 
Schl^^, Simonau, Whittington. 
in England: Britton, Carter, DcMaway, 
Markland, Palmer, Pugin, Rickman 
...Carter (in Addenda). 

See also England (Eccles. Antiq.). 
in Ireland (before Invasion) :...Petrie. 
in Normandy : Cotnum, Delamare {Oou- 

tances). Knight, Pvgin. 
in France:... Whittington, Yitet. 
in G^ermany : Bvnsen, Boi ss e r ie, WheweU 

...Boisseree (Cologne), 
in Italy : Knight, WiSis. 
Ancient baptismal Fonts : . . . Simpson. 

See also ANTiQurniis, Art. 
Perspective of Architecture: Kirby. 
Infinity of Geometric Design in:... Billings. 
Rural and Domestic: Chateaunetrf, Lin- 
don, Jtobinton. 

Building: Halfpenny, iTodtrin^;... Builder. 

Fortification : see under Militart Art. 

Marine Architecture : see under N avt. 


Voyages and Descriptions, in search of a 
N.W. Passage: beechey, Heame, Lyon, 
Meares, Parry, Pinkerton {vols. 1 and 
12), Purchas {vol. 8, book 3-4), Boss, 
iScoresdy... Smith (F.) 
Land Expeditions: Bade, Franklin. 
Chronological History of Voyages: Bar- 
row, Bvmey, 
The Franklin Expedition (1849) : . . Arctic 
Expedition, Sooresby. 


ARCTIC REGIONS,— cemhViMttf .— 
See Grzbnland. 

Antarctio Regions, Voyages to : Hooker, 
Arianism: Mdhler, 

Arithmetio: CoUbrooke...iyiopbsaitaB, Frisius, 


History: iVeumann... Moses Choren. 
Travels and Researches : Hamilton { W, J,), 
Montpereux, Morier, Bamamo {yoL 2) 
...Ainsworth, Porter. 

Army: see Militart Art and Histort. 

Ths Fine Arts: 
See Art, Art Union, 
Reports: Pine Arts... kit 
Dictionaries: if ttttn ... Milizia» Nagler 

...Elmes ^n Addenda). 
Works on its Theory and Practioe: Aikin 
...Bottari, Dyoe, Eastlake, Greswelly 
Milizia, Valle. 
History of Art :. . .Fiorillo. 

Ancient: Frt9idte^iiia»9»...MiUler, Vasari, 
^ Winckelmann (vols. 8-6). 

Medisval and Christian, or Legendair : 
Cicognara, Bidron, F&rster, Rto, 
Rwnohr, F. Schlegel {voL 6), Seroux 
d^Agincourt. . . Alt, Annales Areheol., 
Crosnier, Didron, Grnner, Jameson, 
Lindsay, Maury, Moyen Age, 
Modem — m Engkmd: Waagen...FaMM- 
in Germany : Raczynski. 

See also Antiquities, Ar ohite ct ur k, En- 
GRAVING, Painting, Sodlftube, Gal- 

The Mechanioal Arts : see Manufaotuees. 

Artioles of the Church: Bwmet, OardwdL 

AsHRiDGE, College of Bonhonmies : Todd, 


See Remusat, 

History: Klaproth, Lenormant, 
Geographical Descriptions : Bitter, 
(Ajicient): Ussher, Williams. 
(Central): Humboldt, 
(Western): Rennell. 
Travels: Bell (/.), Malcom, Marco Poh, 

Murray, PaUas...^La,y, 
See also India, Burmese RvPTWt. 
Abl/l Minor. 

Travels, including Antiquities, Ac : Okand- 
ler. Fellows, Hamtlton {W, /.), IH^, 
Leake, Morier.. JkioMwori^ Fellows, 
Spratt, Steuart. 
Karamania (S. E. Coast) : Btiw/erL 
Azani: Kej^peL 

Assurance (Life) : Baily {F,), MUne, Morgan, 

History : . . . Hutchinson. 

On life Contingencies: Hardy... De Mor- 

See also Insurance, Annuities. 
AflSTRiA — ^Ancient Assyrians : . . . Layard. 

P P 




See TranmctUyM (Astron. Soc. Prooeed- 

History (Ancient and Modem) :...Baillj. 
(Nautical) in 15th and 16th Centuiy: 
Works on: Chalmers^ OasaenduB, Her- 
schd, Keill, La Place, Mcmliua, 
Schumacher, SomerviUe, WheweU... 
(Indian) :...6ailly. 
Solar System : Za Ptace...Nichol. 
Astronomical Tables : Airnvmre^, Nautical 

Almanac, Baily. 
Astronomical Observations: 
(Greenwich): Pond. 
(Edinburgh) : Henderson . . . Henderson. 
(Brussels): Queto^...Quetelet. 
(Madras]: Taylor (T. G.) 
(Cape 01 Good Hope) : . . . Herschel. 
(Washington, U.S.):...GiUis8. 
Various: see also Hendergon, Lubbock, 
3fac^r... Everest, Lubbock, Quete- 
let, Shadwell. 
Catalogues of Stars: Flamsteed, Pond... 
(Zodiacal): Baily, ^ 

(Circumpolar) : Qroombridge. 
^uthem Hemisphere) : Jlichardson, 
(Indian Constellations) : Jones (W.) 
Comets, orbits of: Planiamour. 
ofl264 and 1556:. ..Hind. 
Halley's, 1835-6: Maclear. 


HistoiT and Antiquities : Boecl'h, Gerhard, 

joung (Fr.)...Meur8ius, Schumann. 
Topography. Giffard, Leake, PittaJcys, 
Stuart, WordmDorth... Vlricka, 
The Parthenon : . . . Lucas. 
See illBo Qreeck. 

Atlaktio Ocean, on joining it to the Pacific : 
Pitman. . .Atlantic. 

Currents to Indian Ocean : BenneU. 

Atlases, (see in Catalogue, page 353, and 
Sdpplexent, page 271). 

Genealogical and Historical : Lavoitne, 
Of Medieval Geography : . . . Spruner. 
Physical : . . .Johnston. 

Atmosphere (The)— see Meteobolooy. 
Atomio Theory : Daubeny. 
(Addlet End — History : Braybrooke. 


Yoyi^es, Expeditions, and Descriptions: 
Bright, Flmders, Grey, Peron.. .Dutton, 
Haygarth, Hodgkinson, Leichhardt, 
Stokes, Sturt. 

(North): 6^ey... Mitchell. 

(East): Mitchell... Eyre. 

(West): Grey, King {P.P.). 

(South): Napier. 

New South Wales : Gouger, Mitchell, 
White... CoViinB, Meredith, Oxley, 

Botany Bay, &c. : Phillip. 

See also New Zealand, Van Dieuen*s 


History: Coxe, Mailath. 
Travels:... Kohl. 

Vienna Insurrection : . . . Auerbach. 
Slavonic Races :...Krasinski, Wilkinson. 
See Bohemia, Hungabt, Tbanstlvania, 

AvA : see Bubmese Empire. 

Babylon (Ancient). 

Topog^phy, &c. : ifaicrtce... Porter, Rich. 
Ballads : . . .Ballads. 

(Old English): Evans. 

(Scottish): Finlay, Pinkert<m...OgaYY, Sib- 

(Ancient Spanish): Lodehart, Ochoa, Par- 
ncuo, Quintana, Sanchez, Turpin... 
Bomancero...Bohl de Faber (in Ad- 

See Cm. 

See also Poetry, Sonqs. 

Banoordln Contbovebby : BangorioM, Hoadly 

(vol. 2). 


Treatises on: BeU (G. M.), Joplin, Quin, 

Tucker... QHhart. 
(In America) : GUbart . . . Gouge. 
Bank of England: .8anX;...Cobbett, Fullar- 

ton, Mushet, Tooke, Torrens. 
See also Ccbbenoy, (and Tract Catalogue, 

p. 378-9, and Supplement, p. 192). 

Bannatyne Club Publications: 
James v., Rrcerpta, 1525-33. 
Leven and MdviUe Papers. 
MelviVs Memoirs. 
Bagman Bolls. 
(in Supplement.) 
Bothwell, Affikires du Conte de. 
Dempster, Hist. Eocles. Scoiorum. 
Dunfermelyn, Registrum de. 
Gray's (Lord) Letters and Papers. 
James v., Excerpta e Libris Domicilii. 
James vi., Papers on his Marriage. 
Lanercoe^ Chronicon de. 

Baptism (on Regeneration in) : WeUtrUmi 
[vol. 10)...Bethell, Maakell, Wilberfbree... 
Hoare (in Addenda). 

(See also in Tract Catalogue, Supplement, 
p. 192-8). 

Travels and Descriptions: Jardine, PitJoer- 
ton (vol, 15), <S!^io...Hay. 

See also MoBOCOO. 

Barometer: see Meteorology. 

Baronage and Baronetage : see Pkkraob. 

Basque Provinces: Carnarvon... ^Rrro. 

Bath Abbey Church : Cathedrals. 

Bedfordshire — ^Topography: Lysons. 

Wobum Abbey : Bobinsfm. 
Dunstaple Priory: Heame. 
Luton Park Chapel : Shaw, 

Bees — Natural History : Huber. 

Belgium — Histoiy: 

Revolution, 1790:... Juste. 

Revolution, 1830: Nothomb... Juste. 



Beloiuu, — continued : — 

Statistics, Laws, &c. : Belgium, Q^eUUt, 
Weston.. Quetelet. 

See also Netherlands, Flandbbs. 
(See TrantactiwMf page 313.) 

Beloochistan — Travels: Po^^in^fr... Masson. 

Benedict (Order of St.) : MabUlon, Ziegelhauer 


History of the Castle and Parish : Fotbroke, 
Peerage : see Berkeley. 


Topography: Lysons. 

Reading : . . . Coates (in Addenda. ) 
Hundred of Wanting: Clarke (W. N.) 
Abp. Laud's Benefietctions to:... Laud. 


Text and Versions: BHUia, J9i62e...Biblia, 

History of the Bible : Cahnet, Gleig, Town- 
smd, Turner, Ussher {vol. 8-11). 
Connected with Pro&ne History: Shuck- 
ford, Bu89ell, Prideaux. 
Commentaries, Paraphrases, Harmonies, 
&c. : Ccedmon, Oritici /Scecrt, Ghvtii 
Opera, Harmer, Hewlett, Uieronymi 
Opera, Hordey {vol. 5-8), Lightfoot*t 
Works, Patrick, BotenmUller . . . CbI- 
vinus, Hall, Newton. 
Psalms: Boasuet {vol. 1), Hordey (vol. 4), 
Lowth, Mojiillon {vol. 12), NewUmi 
Opera hoi. 5)...Leighton, Psalms. 
Proverbs, Ecdesiastes, ftc. : Bottuet 

{vol. 2). 
Daniel:... Elliott. 

New Testament : Erasmus {vol. 8), ffinchr 
liffe, Jebb, Kuxnod, Pen», Boten- 
muller, 5imon... Bloomfield, Cal- 
vinus, Newton. 
Gospels: Bosruet {vol. 9-10), Calvine, 
Clark {rol. 3), Oreswell, Kuinod, 
Lightfoot*8 Works, Sumner, Tovmson 
...Pearce, Sumner. 
(In Sanscrit) : Mill. 
St. Matthew :...Leighton. 
St. Luke: Schleiermachtr... Simth, 
The Parables : Greswell. 
Acts of the Apostles : Bobinson, Sumner 

Epistles: Chalmers, Locke, Macknight, 
Mandeville, Shuttleworth... Sumner, 
Revelation: Bossu>et {vol. 3), Lovett... 
Elliott, James i. 

See also Prophecy. 

Introductions to: Eichhom, Gray, Home, 
1F««<!... Watson (vol. 3). 
(New Testament) : Eichhom, Michadis. 
Treatises on the Canon, Text, Interpreta- 
tion, &c. of Scripture : Boyle {vol. 2), 
Butler, Conybeare, Simon... Du^in. 
(The Septuagint): ... Grinfield (in Ad- 
(New Testament): Binterim, Jones, 
Palceoromaica, Simon... Scholz. 
Rationalistic and Pantheistic Interpreta- 
tions: Mill, Stratus... Froude. 
On its Inspiration, Genuineness, and Au- 
thority: Bemon, Hindi, StiUingfieet. 

BIBLE,— con/tnu<fd ;— 

(Pentateuch): Blunt, Warbwrton {vol. 

(Gospels): Lardner's TTor/ar... Norton. 
Works on Editions, Translations, &c. of 
the Text : Butler, Calmet, Home. 
^Ancient) : Watson's Tracts (vol. 3). 
(English): Cotton, Z«ip» ... Watson's 

Tracts (vol. 3). 
The Authorised Version : Turton, Walter 

(Ethiopic): Piatt. 
(New Testament) : Simon. 
Abyssinian Versions : Piatt. 
Dictionaries «nd Lexicons : Bid, Oesenius, 
New Testament : Sehleutner. 
Concordances: Oruden. 
(Hebrew): Taylor {J.) 
(New Test., Greek) : Schmidius. 
Geography : Harmer, Bobinson. 
Natural History: Harris, Haasdquui... 

Pictorial Illustrations: Martin. 


Introduction : IHbdin, Home. 
Books (on the Love of), Bichard de Bury. 
(Transmission of), to Modem Times: 
Libraries, Use and Arrangement^ &o. of: 

Formey, i/o^... Struvius. 
(Public):... Edwards, Libraries. 

See Catalogues (p. 56-8)... Catalogues 
(p. 26-7.) 

Ancient: Home. 

Of Vienna: Balbi. 

Of Burgundy : ... La Sema. 
(BritUh): Clarke {W.) 

Cathedral : . . Botfield. 
General Works: Bauer, Brunei, Clement, 

De Bure, Dibdin, Duclos, Freytag, 

MaiUaire, Menestrier, Peignot, BenoU' 

a/rd, Mepertorium, Saxius, Vogt, Watt 

...Clarke, Ebert, Foumier, Heinsius, 

Konig, Morhof, Peignot, Raynaudus, 

Bulletin du Bibliophile. 
(Ancient) : . . . Photius. 
(English) : Beloe, Brydges, Catalogue 

{Bridgewater House), Lowndes, Betro- 

spective Beriew, Tanner, Wood... 

(Gaelic): Beid. 

(North of Europe) : Hickes {Wanley.) 
(German): Bepertorium...Kemmia. 
(French): Ooujet, Quirard, VentoniUae 

...Rigoley, Bibliographie. 
(Italian): Qamha, Haym, LichtentheU... 

Classici Ital. 
(Spanish): Antonio, Salra, Sempere. 

Translators: Pdlicer. 
(Asia, India, &c.) : D'Herbelot, Eichhom, 

FWgd, {HajiKhalfa), Marsden, Zenker 

...Temaux, Zenker. 

! Africa) : . . .Temaux. 
America): Bich, Temaux. 
Sfecial Bibuooraphy. 

Manuscripts : Dibdin' s Decameron. 
(Greek, BibUcal): Todd. 
rEthiopic, Biblical) : PlaU. 
(Arabic): Catiri, Clarke. 




Spioial BiBUOORAPHT, Manuscripts, — con- 
tinued: — 
Oriental): Ousdeyf Wilson. 
(On Ireland) :...Bindon (in Addenda). 
(See Catalogue, page 56-7-3, and Supple- 
ment, page 26-7.) 
Eariy Printed Books, xv Century : Dibdin, 
Main, Zaire, Maiiland, Maittaire, 
Panzer... Braun, Laire, La Sema-San- 
tander, Seemiller. 
(Roman and Italian Editions): Au- 

(Qerman):... Panzer, Wiirdtwein. 
Press of Aldus : Renouard. 

— Stephens: (rrencv^... Renouard. 

— Elzevir : . . . Reume. 

Privately printed, &c. : ifarfM»...Peignot. 
Books suppressed :...Peignot. 
Rare Books: Bower, Brunei, De Burt, 
Duclot, Preytag, Vogt, Beloe, 
at Cambridge: Hartshome. 


Academical Dissertations: RevM. 

Anonymous Works : Placcius (in Addenda). 
French and Latin: Bwrhier, MofMve... 

Italian : . . . Lancetti. 
Antiquities: Fabriciv** 
Architectural: Endin. 
Art : . . .Elmes (in Addenda). 
Mechanical Arts: Engelmarm, 
Biblical : Butler (C), Calmet, Cotton, Eich- 
horn, Home, Le Long, Lewis, Petti- 
grew, iStmon...Walohius. 
Biographical : . . .Oettinger. 
Botanical: ffaUer, Wihtrom. 
Chess:... Oettinger, Schmid. 
Classics (Qreek and Latin) : Dibdin, Enslin, 
Fabriciut, if ow... Clarke, Engelmann, 
Translations: Pellicer... Clarke. 
Dictionaries: Engdmann, Endin... YAier. 
Ecclesiastical Writers: Cbve...Dupin, Ou- 
See below, Fathebb. 
Economy (Political) : . . . M 'Culloch. 

(Domestic) : Endin. 
Fathers of the Church : Fabricius, WcUchius 

...Dowling... Lumper (in Addenda). 
Genealogical: Moule. 
Geographical: Endin, 
(Geological : . , . Agassiz. 
(Grammars: ETtgelmann, Enslin... YAter. 
Heraldic: Moule. 

Historical Works: Endvn, Mencke, Meuae- 
liu8, Saxiut. . .Struvius (in Addenda). 
(British): JVtcoi«m...01dys. 
(Irish): Pittew, Ware. 
(German) : Struvws (Bud^). 
(French) : . . . Girault, Le Long. 
(Mohammedan India) : . . .Elliot. 
Legal: Enslin. 

Literary History : jSltz^nW... Struvius. 
Maffic and Superstition : . . .Grftsse. 
Mediaeval Autiiors (Latin) : Fabricius. 
Medioo-C!hirurgical : J5Vw/m...Engelmann. 
Natural History : Boehmer, (7o6ref...Engel- 

Novels (Italian Prose) : Qamba. 

Special BiBLiooRAPmES, — continued: — 
Philological: Engdmann, Endin... ^nch, 

Philosophical: .^u^n... Struvius. 
Poetry (Early English): Bibliotkeca, Cata- 
logue {Bridgewater House), Collier, 
Proverbs : . . . Nopitsch. 
Pseudonymous Works: Barbier, Manme... 

Nodier, (^erard. 
PsychologioJ : . . .Gr&sse. 
Royal and Noble Authors : Wal]^ {vol 1). 
Theological: Endin... Waiciaua. 

See above, Eooleslastical. 
Topographicad : 

(English): Oough, Smiik (Kent^, VpeoU. 
(French) : . . . Girault. 
Voyages and Travels : Boucher, Locke {vol. 

10), Pinkerton (vol. 17). 
Zoological : . . . Agassiz. 
See Catalogues... Ca,tBlogiiea. 

See also Catalogues, LrncBATUBE, Ttpo- 



Biographical Dictionaries: BayU, Biogra- 
phia Brit., Biographical Diet., Bio- 
graphic, Biography, Chalmers, Chau- 
don, ChomfepH, OenenU Diet., Hof- 
fncmnus, Marchand ... Dictionnaire, 
Joly, Zedler. 


(Greek and Roman): Lempriere, PhUar- 
cAiw...Scriptores Biog., Smitii. 

English: Aubrey, Bates, Biographia Brit., 

Biographical Diet. {Living authors), 

Biography {Anwudt), Fuller, Granger, 


Englishwomen: CosUUo. 

Anglo-Saxon and Norman (Literaiy): 

Writers educated at Oxford : Wood. 

Scottish Worthies: TytUr. 

Irish Writers : Ware. 

French: Biographie, 

(Revolution) : . . .Dictionnaire. 

Germany (Literary) :...Jordens. 

Spain : . . .Quintana. 

Italy, Spain, ftc. : Lives. 

Apostles (The) : Cave. 
Architects: Milizia, Serie, Vasari... Dodd, 
Felibien, Ticozzi, Vasari. 
(Ancient): Briiton. 
(British): Cwnningham, 
(Napoletan) : . . .Dominici. 
(Dominican) : . . . Marchese (in Addenda). 
Bishops (EngHsh): Qhver, Godwin, Whar- 
Winchester: Casaan. 
(Irish): Ware. 
(Scottish): Keith. 
Chancellors (Lord) : . . .CampbeU. 
Dramatic: Baker. 

Ecclesiastical: see also (Bishops) and 
(Fathers): Bu^tUr {A.)...l>fipui. 
English: lFon2«worfA.. .Stephen. 
Catholics: BwOeriC.) 
Ejected aerg7(17tli Century): Walker. 



BIOGRAPHY (OoLLKrnvi),-Hxm*MHKrf.— 
Engravers : Bryan, OttUy, WalpoU (vol, 4) 
...Dodd, Ueinecken, Huber, Nagler, 
Fathers (The): BailUt, Butler {A,}, Cave 

...Lumper (in Addenda). 
Jesuits (The):...Cretineau. 

(British) : . . . Oliver. 
Judges : see below, Legal. 
Kings of England : 8an€^ord, 
Legal :— British Judges, Ac.: Roteoe,,, 

Campbell, Foes, TownMnd. 
Medical: PetHgrew, Phyneiang, 
Military (British) : m«tg. 
Naval (British) : CampbeU, Locker, Sbuthey 
...Chamock, O'Byme. 
See also Navt. 
Novelists (British) : Barbmuld, ScoU (Prose 

Workt, vob. 8-i). 
Painters: Baldinncci (vols. 4-14)^ Bryan, 
PilkingUm, Serie, Smith (J.), Vcmn.., 
Dodd, Felibien, Nagler, Tioozzi. 
(Ancient): Bait, 
(British) : Oimaiaigham, WalpoU ... 

(Flemish): Beeoamps, 
^Bolognese) : . . .Malvasia. 
(Venetian) :...Ridolfi. 
(Napoletan) :...Dominici. 
(Spanish):... Cumberland, Stirling. 
(Eknninican) :...MarcheRe (in Addenda). 
Philosophers (Ancient) : Biogenet Laertiue. 
Poets (British) : CampbelVs Specimem, John- 
ton, {voU. 9-11)... Campbell, Gibber. 
Uneducated : Jonet (SovAey). 
(Early English) : CoUier, PhUlipe, RUton, 

i German) : . . . Jordens. 
Persian) : . . . Ousel^. 
Priests (Catholic) : . . . ChaUoner. 
Queens of England : Strickland. 
Saints: BailUt, Butler (ii.)-BoIlandu8, 
(English) : . . . Newman. 
Sculptors: Serie, Fa«irt...Dodd, Nagler, 
Ticozzi, Yasari. 
(British): Cunningham. 
(Napoletan) : . . . Dominici. 
(Dominican) :...Marche8e (in Addenda). 

(Foreign): Crowe, 
(British) : Foster, MacdiamUd. 
(temp. Geo. m.) : Brougham. 
Voyagers (early) : Morelli. 

BiBifAH : see Bubicesb Empirk. 
Birds : see Oriotholoot. 
Blano (Mont) : Pinkerton (vol. 4), Sa/uetwre. 
Aaoents to the Summit: Fellowet, ShertnU 

BLOOD-LEnufo: Wardrop. 

Bohxmia — History : . . .Freherus. 

Bokhara — Travels, &c. : ^urvMi ... Grover, 

BoRVSO : . . .Borneo, Keppel, Mundy. 


Bibliography: Holler, 
(Swedish): Wikttrom. 

BOTANY,— continued .^ 

Journals: Annalet dee Sciemeet, Booker.,. 

Reports : . . .Botany. 
Dictionaries: Loudon, Miller.,, Dim, 
Treatises on: Broum, Clutiut, Bauheny, 
BecanddUe, Buplessy, Hales, Hooker, 
Let, Lindley, Lvmceus, Loudon, 
Richard, Theophrastus, Turner, 
Withering... Derwia, Plantn» Ba^. 
Geography of Plants : . . .Meyen. 
Vegetable Physiolo^ : BeesmdoUe, 

Richard, .A6^...rhy8ioloffy. 
Spikenard of the Andenta: Jones (W>\ 
(vol. 2). 
Ferns : . . .Leszczyc. 

Trees: Evelyn, Loudon, WailUs...lAWwm. 
OUveTretf: Vettwi. 
Genus Pinus and Conifers: Lamhert. 
Palm Trees of Brazil : Maaiius. 
Local Botany, Fiona, Horti, Ac. 
British: CoUinstm, FwsUr (T. P.), Lin- 

ncBus (Clifford), Withering „.lBLmy. 
Denmark and Norway : Oeder. 
Sweden: Linnceus. 
Zealand : LiwMtus, 
Piedmont: AlHonius, 
Spain: Cavanilles. 

India: Jones (W.), (voL 2.) 
Cashmere and Himalaya:... Boyle. 
Malabar : Van Rheedd, 
Amboina: Rumphius, 

(America) : 
Mexico and Ghiatemala : Bateman. 
Brazil : . . . Martins. 
(Antarctic): Hooker. 

Brain (The), Cerebral Vision, &o. : Bright, 
Feam, itfayo... Noble. 

BRA88E8 (Monumental) : Monumental. , .BraiiCB, 
Haines... Boutell (in Addenda). 
See also under Enolakd (Topog. Anti- 

History: Southey. 

Sancta Cruz : Oandavo. 
Travels and Descriptions: OsUddeugh, 
Bavies, Mathison, UUoa, Walsh... 
Brscknock — History : . . .Jones. 

Brentford — Antiquities: FcntOener, 

Bridges: Courtin, Cresy, Hoddng, 
^ilitary): Bouglas. 

Britannia and Conway Bridges:... Fair- 
bairn... Clark (in Addends). 

Bridoswatxr Treatises: Babbage, BeU, Buck- 
land, Chalmers, Kidd, Kirhy, Prout, Moget, 
WheweU... Froui. 

Britain (Great) : see England. 

Britant — History: Betham, Bctru. 

Bronzbs: see ANTiQUTnES. 

Brunswick — History: ...Leiboitiua (ia Ad- 

Buckingham Palace — Garden Pavilion:... 


Topography: Lysons. 



Bdokinohamshibb, — continued : — 
Eton College:... Creasy. 
College of Bonhommes, Ashridge : Todd. 

Buenos Aykes : CaldcUugh, Funet. 

Building : see Archtteoture. 

BuLUON : see Banking, Cubrenct. 

BuaouNDT — History: BararUe, ChatUUain, 

BuHMBSE Empire. 

Accounts of: McUcom, Pinkerton (vol, 9), 

Embassies to Ava: Orawfurd. 
Conquest of Pegu : Pinto. 

Btzantine Historians: Agathias, Anastaaitu, 
Cantacuzenvs, Cedreniu, ChalcocondyUu, 
Chronicon PaschaU, Cinnamiu, Oodinut, 
Contt€mtinu8 ManoMei, OonHantinua Por- 
phyr. Corippus, DexippuSf Diaconutf 
Ducat, Ephrcemiutf Cfenenua, Olycas, Leo 
0/ummaticuSf Malalcu, MerobaudeSf Nice- 
phonu OregorcUf Niceta* Cfumiata, Pachy- 
meres, Phrantzet, Pinda, Procopim, Silen- 
tiarius, Strittertu, Synodlut, Theophanet, 
Theophylactvs, Zo8imvLB...QomneiiA, Zona- 

Cabul : see Afghanistan. 

Caen — History: VauUier. 

Calendar (The). 

History and Illustrations: Annual (For- 
ater), Brady, Oebelin {vol. 2)... Cherry. 

See Almanac. 


History:... Forbes, Greenhow. 
Travels: Bryant, Duflot, Fremont. 


Topography: Lysont. 

See Elt. 

The University. 

History: Dyer, FvUer. 

Privil^es: Dyer. 

Statute : Peacock. 

Laws (xv. cent.), King's College:... Hey- 

wood (in Addenda). 
Studies : Sedgwick. . . Whewell. 
Libraries at:...Hartshome (in Addenda). 
Musse Cantabrigienses : Drury. 
Index to Baker MSS. :... Baker. 

(See Tract Catalogue, p. 390.) 

Camden Society Pubucations: (Full descrip- 
tions will be found in the Catalogues under 
the first words) : 


Anecdotes and Traditions Thorns. 

Bale's Kynge Johan Collier. 

Brahdonda Chronica Rokewode. 

Cartwright's (Bp.) Diary Hunter. 

Dee's (John) Diary Halliwell. 

Ecclesiastical Documents Hunter. 

Edward nr., Arrival in Eng- 
land Bruce. 

Egerton Papers Collier. 

EUis, Original Letters. 

Hayward's Queen Elizabeth ... Bruce. 

Irdand, Contests in, IQil Croker. 

Kemp's Nine Daies Wonder . . . Dvce. 
Kyteler (Proceedings against) Wright. 
Mapes' Latin Poems Wright. 

Camden Socibtt Pubucations, —c(mH»ii«2 :— 

Maydistcn, Poem on Richard n. Wright. 

Monasteries, Chapters on Wri^t. 

Nioander^s Travels Cramer. 

Norden's Essex Ellis. 

Plumpton Correspondence Stapleton. 

Promptorium Parvulorwn ... Way. 

Biskanger's Chronicle HalliwelL 

Romances (English Metrical) . . . J . Robson. 

Rutland Papers W. Jerdan. 

Songs (PoUtical) of England Wright 

VergiUus' English History Ellis. 

Warkworth's Chnmide Halliw^. 

Wiclife's Apology Todd. 

(In Supplement.) 

AtthiU's Middleham Church. 
Bramston*s Autobiography. 

Calais, Chronicle of Nichols. 

Camden Miscellany. 

Chronicon Petrobui^nse Stapleton. 

Elizabeth and Jamee vi.. 

Letters HalliwrfL 

Ellis's Huntingdon Visitation. 

England, Relation of Sneyd. 

Qrey of Wilton's Commentaiy. 
Leycester's (Earl of) Corresp. Brace. 

London, Chroniques de Auneier. 

London, Liber de Antiq. L^. Stap&ton. 

Machyn's Diary Nicbols. 

Perth's (Earl of) Letters Jerdan. 

Smyth's Obituary Sir H. Ellis. 

Thornton Romances Halliwdl. 

Twysden on the Qovemment 

of England Kemble. 

Vergil's (P.) English History Ellis. 
Vemey's Long Parliament ... Bruce. 
Yonge's(W.)Diai7 Roberts. 

(In Addenda.) 

Bury St. Edmunds, Wilts Tymms. 

Jane (Chronicle of Queen) ... Nichols. 

Camel — Osteological Symmetry: Adam (W.) 

Campaigns : see Milttart Histort. 

Canada : see America (North). 

Canterbury — Cathedral. 

History and Antiquities: Pcwker... Daai, 
Architecture:... Sandys, Willis. 

See Kent. 
Cape of Qood Hope : see Africa (South). 

Cards (Plajring) — Origin and History: Singer 
...HeUer, Jansen. 

Caricature: H.B., Carioatttre Franfaise ... 

Gillray (in Addenda). 

Carlaverock, Siege of, in 1300:... Nicolas. 

Carthaginians — History: Heeren, Univers. 
Hist. Ancient, (vol. 15-16). 

Catalogues of Libraries, &c. : 

See under Catalogue, page 56-60... and in 
Supplement, pages 26-32. 
Other Catalogues, entered under the names 

of the Compilers, viz. 

(Ethiopic Biblical) : Piatt. 
Greek Biblical: Todd. 
Dodsworth: Hunter, 
Lincoln's Inn : HusUer, 



Catalogues, — continued : — 
Early Printed Books : 

Spencer Library : IHbdin, 

Lambeih Library : Maitland. 

Ditto (EngU8h):...Maitland. 
Books on Vellum : . . . Van Praet. 
Libraries — Pabricius: Fabriciua. 

La Croix du Maine : . . .Rigoley. 

Duke of Sussex : Pettigrtw, 
Paintings : see Galleries. 

See also Bibuoorafht. 

Catechism (Church) : Clarice (5.) (vU, 3), Seeker 
{vol. 8-9), Sinclair. 

Causes C^LksRES : see Trials. 

Celts (The) — Antiquities: Ikmes, Higgim, 
Johnstone f Parker. 

Eastern Origin : Prichard. 
See Druids. 


History: /feBo«?a...Ribeyro. 

Travels and Descriptions : . . .Bennett, Hoff- 

Demonology: Callaway, 
Fishes: Bennett. 

CHANCfELLORS* (Lord) Lives :...CampbeU. 
Chronology of:...Dugdale. 

Chancery (Court of): — Cooper (C. P.) 

Records of (Eliz. and James I.)... Records. 

Characpier (National) : Chenevix. 

Charn WOOD Forest : . . . Potter. 

Chelsea : . . .Faulkner. 

CHEMISTRY: C%mw<ry...Cheini8try. 

Journals: Awnales de Ckimie, Nicholton*t 
Journal. . . Annales, 

Manuals, Dictionaries, Elements, &o. : 
AUnn, Berzeliutf Brande, Davy {vol, 
3-5), Faraday, Gmelinf OraJianif Hare 
(/2.), Pr<mt, Reidy Turner {£.), Ure... 
Daniell, Daubeny, Prout. 

History: Thomson. 

applied to the Arts : . . .Dumas, Solly. 

(Agricultural): Daubeny, Davy, Lidng... 

(Animal): Lidng. 

of Food:...Liebig. 

Cheshire — History and Topography: Lyaons, 
Eaton Hall, Views : Buckler. 

Chess: Lewis {W.), Penn, Walker {W. O.)... 
Heinse (vol. 6-7), Lewis, Staunton, Walker. 
Bibliography : . . . Oettinger, Schmid. 

Chili — Voyages : Caldcleugh . . . Frezier. 


History: BaudieTf Mfmoires. 

Chronology: Qaubil, M6moires. 

Voya^^ to, and Descriptions : A^lev {vol. 
3-4), Barrow, Bell, China, Davis, Du 
Ilalde, Kidd, Macleod, Mimoires, 
Pinkerton {vol. 7), Purchas {vol. 3, 
book i-ii):... Fortune, Ripa, China. 

Embassies to: i$?/aun/on... Pauthier. 

Corea and Loo Choo : Jlall, Macleod. 

Military Operations in (1840-42) : Beldier, 
Davis... Shnck. 

CHINA, — continued : — 

British Commerce with : Staunton... Maatm 

...Staunton (in Addenda). 
Portuguese Settlements in : . . . China. 
Literature: Davis, Kidd. 
Philosophy:... Confucius, Davis, Pauthier. 
(Cochin) : see Cochin China. 


History: James, Mills, Sainte-Palaye, 
See also Crusades. 

Chloroform — Use of in Surgery :.. .Curling. 
See Ether. 

Cholera: PorHn... Gilkrest, Kennedy, Rich< 


On the Person of : . . . Peignot. 

Genealogy : . . . Peignot. 
On bowing at the Name of:...PiTnne. 
Doctrine of his Incarnation : . . ."Wilberforoe. 
— Atonement: Magee, 


Works on its Truth, Evidences, &c. : Adam 
{R.), Baker, Benson, Chalmers, Cony- 
heare, Courtenay, Qrotius {vcl. 4), Our- 
ney, Johnson, Jortin, Keith, Locke, 
Martyn, Paley {v<d. 1-2), Rosse, Stil- 
lingfieet, 5umn«r... Watson's Tracts. 
Doctrines, Institutes, Principles, fto. : 
Abercrombie, Adam, CcUvine, ChateoMr 
briand{vol. 11-13), Cranmer, QrinfM, 
Hay, Justinus, Limborch, Marhemeke, 
Milton, Palmar, Racine, Schleiermacher, 
Tomline, Venn, Wariurton {vol. 9), 
Wegscheider. . .Bourne, Calvinus, Chris- 
tian, Newman. 
Doctrine of the Atonement : Magee. 

— Incarnation : . . . Wilberforoe. 

Its Moral and Social Influence, Province, 

Ac. : Chandler, Dewar, Oreswdl, Knox, 

{vol. 7), Kdhler, MandeviUe, SeweU, 

Sumner, TiMoM... Wiseman, Worsley. 

History of : 

See Bible (History of the), Jews. 
Qeneral Histories: Baronius, Bingham^ 
Broughton, Centuriatores Magdd)., 
Eusebius^ Fleury, Fox, Jortin, MUman, 
Milner, Mosheim, Neander, Planck, 
Waddington . . . Campbell, Martene, 
Matter, Olshausen, Schroeckh. 
Religious Ceremonies : Picart. 
Apostolic Period: Cai^e... Neander. 
The Primitive Church : Butler {A.), Cave, 
Hinds, Kaye, Mosheim {Qleig), Nean- 
der, Semler, TiUemont. 
Councils : see Councils. 
Early Christian Sects, Heresies, ko, : Lard- 
ner's Works, iSmn«... Christian Sects. 
Gnosticism: Matter. 
Manicheism: Beausobre. 
Donatists:...Donatists (in Addenda). 
Oriental Churches : 
Ethiopia: Oeddes. 
Malabar: Oeddes. 

St. Thomas in the East Indies: Oouvea. 
Greek Church : Waddington. 

Rome (Church of): see above (General 
Histories), and Rome. 



CHRISTIANITY, Rome (Church of), — c<m- 
tmu£d: — 
Martyrologies, LiveB of the Saints: Baillet, 
iitrffer...Bollandu8, Jameson. 
(English) :...Cro8thwaite, Newman. 
The Popes : Bamke. . . Potter. 
Monastic Orders: Hdyot, 

(Engtish): Foabroke. 
In the Middle Ages: Hurter, Innocent in., 

Roman Catholics in England since the 
Reformation : BfUler (C), Dodd, Pan- 
zoni.-.Challoner, Dodd. 
France (Church of) in Seventh Century:... 

Reformation (The) in Fourteenth Cen- 
tuir: Wic^ffe'8 Life, 
The Hussites : Lenfant. 
In Sixteenth Century, Germany: Au- 
bignS, Heeren, Kreussler, LiUhenu, 
Seckmdorf, Sleidaniu, WaddingUm 
... Gerdesius, Hook, Ranke, 
The Low Countries: Brandt. 
Poland: Kraaintki, 
Italy: Macrie. 
France: Browning. 

England: Blunt, Burnet, Daramati, 
Sanderus, Soame, l^rype... Cohhett, 
Hook, Maitland. 
Scotland: Cook, Knox. 
Histoiy of Protestantism: Bomiet {vol. 
In the Eighteenth Century : Tittmann. 
England (Church of) : see England. 
jaoman Catholics in : see above (Rome). 
Presbyterians, 1536-1647 :...Heylyn. 
Puritans, 1517-1688: Neal. 
Nonconformists :. . .Calamy (m Addenda). 
Dissenters, 1688-1808 :...Bogue. 
Methodists: Wesley... Wesiey. 
Scotland (Church of) : see Scotland. 
Ireland (Church of) : see Ireland. 

ChBOHOLOOT. .. , r> nf . 

Systems, kciAHde vinfier les Dates, Blmr, 
Buret de Longchamps, Ideler, Newtoni 
Opera {vol. 5), Nicolas, Petavius, 
Sealiger, Time {View of)... B]&it, Hales, 

(Egyptian): Prichard, ro«ns'...Lepsius, 


(Chinese): OauJbU. 

See History. 


Works on the Nature of Church Establish- 
ments, &c. : Chalmers, Gladstone... 
Noel, Waii, Whately. 
. Church Government— Episcopacy : Hooker, 
MiUon's Prose Works (vol. 1), StiUing- 
Jleet, Wilherforce.. .Frynne, Thomdike. 
Apostolical Succession: Sinclair. 
Royal Supremacy : . . .Pusey (in Addenda). 
The Parochial System: Chalmers, Wilder- 

force, (H. W.) 
The Voluntary System : Maitland. 
See Law (Canon). 

Church of Engbmd : see under England. 
Church History : see Chbismanitt. 

Cm (The): Chronicle, Herder, Buy Diez. 

CiRCASSiA — ^Travels,: Spencer. 
Civilization : see Societt. 

Climate : see Meteorology. 

Curative Influence : Clark, HeMrwood. 
Clocks: Thomson... YvlllBjnj. 
Coal and Coal Mines : if tfrcAuon... Collieries, 

Ashby Coal Field : Mammatt. 

Cochin-China, Voyages to: Barrow, Craio- 


Journals : Numismatic {Jownal, and 

General Discourses on : Evelyn, Locke (rol 
5), MeUum, Pinkerton. 
Collections, Descriptions, &c. : 

Eastern: Marsdm, Wilson... Tmetm, 

Afghanistan: Wilson. 

Ancient Greek and Roman : Eckhd, 

Knight {R. P.), Mionnet, Spankemius 

...^buthnot, Museum Florent. (vol. 

4-6), Pembroke. 

Grecian: CardweU, Miownet, Raache, Ses- 

tini, Weston. 
Roman: Akerman, CardvoeU, Eekhd, Mion- 
net, Basche, Fatrfoiit...MorelliuB. 
I4urge Brass: Smyth {W, H.), 
Silver: Malet. 
Denarius: Oreaves, 
At Ephesus: Akerman. 
Sicilian : . . . Paruta. 
Spanish — Colonies: Flortz. 
English: Fleetwood, Liverpool, Ruding... 
Ancient British : Hawkim*, 
An? lo-CMlic : Hawkins. 
Wiltshire Tokens : . . .Akerman. 
Irish: Simon. 

Medals of Royal and Illustrious Personages 
(14th-18thCent.): Herceus. 
Cologne Cathedral, Views and Plans :...Bois- 

COLOMRIA, Descriptions: CoUmJAa, Hamilton 

{J. p.) 

Quito: Velasco. 

Colonies (The) of Great Britain : Martin, MUl 

On Colonization : Bentham, Bwm, 
Brougham... ¥ox, Lewis, Monteagle, 

(See also Tract Catalogue, p. 401.) 

Comets : see Astronomy. 

Commerce : see Trade. 

Conohology: Broderip, 
(Fossil): Brocchi, 

Conic Sections: see Geometry. 


Ancient History : Codinus, ConetcuUinople, 

Byzantine Historians. 
Conquest by the Franks: Ducange, 

Mouskes, Ville-Hardowin. 
Descriptions: Auldjo, DaUaway, Oilles, 
See also Turkey. 
CoNSTiTxnioN : see Government. 
Consumption: Clark, Holmes, Raimadge, 



€k)irvocATiON8 : see Ck>UNGfiLS. 

In England : see England (Church of.) 

Cookebt: TabeUa Cfibaria...Kmg (yoI. 8.) 
(Ancient) : Royal Household Book. 
(Modem) : . . .Acton. 

Ck>RAL Reefs : . . .Darwin. 

Oobn-Laws. Corn-laws: Oraham, ffamilton 
(W. (?.), Jacob, G'Connell,..Ca.YoviT, Cobbett 
...Com Laws. 
Prices of Cora, 1100-1700: Fleetwood. 
(See also Tract Catalogue, p. 403-5, and 
Supplement, p. 204). 


Origin of the Cornish : Betham. 
TopogTVk^hy and Antiquities: Carew, CHI- 

bertf LyfonSf Stockdale...'BoT]»Ba. 
Conventual Foundations:... Oliver. 
Oeology : De la Beche, OUbert {Boase), 
Natural History : . . . Borlase. 

COBONATIONS: Banks, Charles U., Planchi. 
The Coronation Oath : Lane, PhiUpoUs. 


History: Benson. 
Description: Benson, Boswdl. 


(Ancient): Hope. 

slesiastical) : Pugin. 
[iddle Ages) : . . .Shaw, 
ritish): Strutt... Fhaichk. 


Collections and History of: Cave, Lahbe, 

Richard ...Dwpim, Martene, Potter, 

of Basil, Constance, Pisa: Lenfant. 
of Trent: Geddes, Mendham, Sarpi... Trent. 
of Reformed Churches in France : Quick. 
of Qreat Britain : see England (Church of). 

CouTANGES (Cathedrale de) : Ddamare. 

OovENANTEBS (The) : . . .Napier. 


Temp. Reformation: Confessiowum. 
Temp. Henry VIII. : Pormvlaries. 
The Apostles' Creed (Expositions) : Barrow 
{vol. 5-6), Pear«(m... Leighton. 

Cbbte — Travels: Pashley. 


Elements of: Karnes. 

See also Language, Litebatuee, Taste. 

(Classical): Classical Museum, Dawes, 

Erasmi Opera, Hemumn, Mwretus^ 

Museum Criticumt Person, Valckenaer 

...Meursius, Welcker. 

See also under the different Classics. 
Cbusades (The). 

History: AWeH d^Aix, Foulcher, Fuller, 
QuiUaume de Tyr, Jacques de Vitry, 
Michaud, Mills, iVbgren^... Crusades. 
The First Crusade : Robert le Moine. 
Lifluence of: Heeren. 
See also Chivalby. 
Cbtstallographt: Havty. 
See Mineralogy. 


Histoiy and Statistics : Cvha, Sagra. 
Travels: Tudor. 



Topography and History: Hutehinsim, 

Lysons. . .Nicolson. 
Scenery of the Lakes : Gilpin. 


Theoretical works on : Currency, Cfraham, 
Huskisson, Tooke, ^Tudter ...Alison, 
Appleton, Fullarton, Milner, Tooke, 

Bullion, and Production and Consomptioa 
of the precious metals : Bullion, Jacobp 
Parliament (Reports), Ricardo, Senior, 

Paper Currency : Paine. 
History of Prices : Tooke. . .Tooke. 
State of the Currency, 1830-47:... Tooke. 
Sir Robert Peel's Bill:... Tooke, Torrens. 
Monetary System of India : . . . Jervis. 

(See Tbact Catalogue, p. 408, and Sup- 
plement, p. 205). 

See also Banking, Exchange, Financi. 

Cutch: see India. 

Cyolop.£dia : see Dictionabies. 

Cybus, Expedition of: RenneU, Xenophon, 

Dalmatli, &c. 

Travels and History : . . .Wilkinson. 
Palace of Diocletian at ^alatro:...Adam. 

Deafness : Laurent, Stevenson. . .Diderot (voL 2). 

Death, on the Punishment of: Bentham, 2>uc- 
pStiaux, Montagu, Waktfield, Wrightson.., 

Deism: Deistical Writers of England: LeUsnd, 

Deluge (Organic Remains of) : see FossDUS. 

Demonology : see Witchcbaft. 


Histoiy and Antiquities: DahUnann, Ihm- 

ham, Mallet, Saxo Oramm., Univ, ffitt, 

{Modem, vol. 28-9)... Allen, Meursias 

(vol. 9). 
Travels and Accounts : Barrow, Coxe, 

Roger ..Molesworth. 

See Transactions, page 313. 

Schleswig and Holstein : . . . Krieger, Twiss. 

(See also Tract Supp., p. 206). 

See Iceland, Scandinavia. 

Debbyshibe — Topography: Bray, Lysons, 

Devonshibe — Topography: Lysons. 
Dartmouth: Holdsworth. 
Exeter Cathedral : Cathedrals. 
Conventual Foundations : . . .Oliver. 
Geology: De la Beche. 


Anatomical : . . .Todd. 
Antiquities (Gr. and Rom.) : Smith {W.) 
ArchseologiaU : Fosbroke. 
Architectural: Glossary, Owilt, Nkkohon, 
Quatremire de Quincy. 

(Middle Age): Britton, Willis. 

(Cottage): £oudon. 
Architects : see Biogbaphy (Collective). 
Arts and Sciences: Crttbbe, Ure...Vn, 



DICmONARIES,— con^wwed :— 

Arts (Fine): iftT/m... Milizia, Nagler... 

Ehnes (in Addenda). 

See below, Enotclopjedias. 

Bible (of the) : Calmet. 

Biogn4)hical, see Bioorafht (Dictionaries. 

Botanical: MiUer, Loudon... Don. 

Chemical: Aihin, Ure. 

Claasical: Xtfmpmre... Smith. 

Clommercial: MaccuUoch. \ 

Ecclesiastical : BrougfUon. . .Richard, Suicer. 

EncTclopsedias : ConveracUionB • Lexicon, 

Crabbe, Encyclopaedia BriUmn., Ency- 

clopcediu Metropol.f Penny Cyclopadia, 

R&u' Cyclopadia... TMerot (vol. 18- 

20), Zedler. 

Enffravera: ^ryan...Nagler, Ticozzi. 

See also Biography (Collective). 
Gardening: Loudon, Miller... Don. 
Gcogpraphical : Edinimrgh Oaeetteer, Mac- 
cuUoch, Stephanut...BTixzeia (in Ad- 
America and West Indies : Alcedo, 
India: Hamilton (W.) 
Heraldic: Edmondson. 
Historical: Crabbcy ffofmcmnus, Moreri, 
£f/«pAantM... Zedler... Bnizen (in Ad- 
See also Bioorapht (Dictionaries.) 
• (Eastern) : Slane, Sprenger. 
Law: Jacob, Tomlin8...CoweL. 
Manufactures: Ure, 
Maritime : see below. Naval. 

Law : . . . Baldasseroni. 
Mathematical: HiUton. 
Medical: Blancardi, Forbes. 
Materia Medica: Brande, 
Mines: Ure. 
Mythological: Biographic Univ. {tomes 

58-5), Zmpricrc... Smith. 
Natural History (of) : Dictionnaire, 
Naval: FodcoTier... Young. 
Commercial Navigation: MaccuUoch... 
Oriental : D'Herbelot, FlUgel {Haji Khalfa). 
Peters : see Bioobaphy (Collective). 
Philosophical: VoUaire {vol. ZZ-Z%). 

(Natural): ffutton. 
Physiological : . . .Todd. 
Statistical: MaccuUoch. 
Suxvical: S. Cooper. 
Technological: Crabbe. 
Topographical: Capper, Carlisle, Oorton. 

^See also Lanouaob). 
Polyglott: Calepinus, CasteU, Minsheu. 


Hebrew: CasteU, 6^s9e7^tiw...Thomassinu8. 

Arabic: CasteU, Freytag, Richardson... 

Persian: iZicAorciMm... Richardson, Rous- 
seau... Angelo (in Addenda). 

Armenian: Armenicm, Ciakciak...AvLcher. 

Turkish or Tartar : dakdaJc, Kieffer. 

Sanscrit: Tr»2Mm...Haughton 

Hindustani :...Shakespear (in Addenda). 

Bengali: iraii^Aton...Haughton. 

Indian Terms : . . .Elliot. 

Anamitic [Cochin-China, &c.] : Tdberd. 

tinued : — 
Malay: Marsden. 

Chinese, Canton Dialect: Morrison, 
Australia — (S. W.) Dialects : Grey. 

E^^tian: ChampoUion, TaUam. 
Coptic: Peyron, 
Abyssinian: SaU. 

Greek: Ccnstantinus, Oebdin (voi. 9), 

Hedericus, Hesychius, MoreU, PhotiMS, 

Pollux, Stcphanus, Suidas. . .Phrynieon 
and English : Donnegan, LidddL 
(Metrical) : Brasse, MoreU. . 
Barbarisms : . . .MeursiuB (voL 4). 
(Patristical) : . . . Suicer. 
(MediflBval) : . . .Du Cange. 
(Modem or Romaic) : Lowndes. 
Latin: FaccioUUus, Qtbtlin {voL 6-7)i 

Qesnerus, 5cAe2^...Noltenia8. 
and Spanish : Antonius Nthriss, 
and French : JDictionmaire, 
and English: Ainsworth, Prompiorwim, 

SchdUr... my ot, Littleton. 
(Metrical): Oradus. 
(Barbarous and Mediaeval): Dueange, 

Spelman. . .Noltenius. 

Italian: Dizionario, Manual, Vocabolano. 
and French : Alberti, Veneroni, 
Latin and French : AntonimL 
and English : BareUi, 

Spanish: Diccionario. 
and French : Nunes, 
and Latin : Antonius NAriss. 
and English : ConneUy, Nesmum. 

Portuguese and English : Vieyra. 

Romance: Francois, Baynouard, Roquefort. 
Norman and Old French: Xaoom6e...Kel- 

Walloon: Francois* 
Breton : Le Pelletier, Rostrenen. 
French: IHctionnaire, OebeUn (wol. 6), 
3f^n«(^e...Landai8, Laveanx. 
and Latin : DicUownaire. 
and English: Boyer, Coigrave, FUmssig 

...Dune^ Skiers, Tarver. 
and Russian : Dictionnadre, 
and German: Rondeau. 
^tirical and Proverbial) : Le Rouz, 
Synonymes: Roub(»ud...Qmxot. 

Celtic: BuUet, Francois. 

Breton : Le PeUetier, Rostrtma^ 
Welsh: Lhu^, Oipen...WalterBu 
Irish: O'Brien, 
Gaelic: Armstrong, DicHonary. 

Anglo-Saxon: Bosworth, Hichet, Ikre, 

Junius, Lye, 
English: Bailey, Johnson, Smart, Walker, 
Wthster. . .Richardson. 
(Etvmoloncal) : Junius, Skinner, 
Old Words, Proverbs, io. r Nares, 
(Provincial) : Orose, Glossary, ffoUoway. 
(Slang): Orose, 
Scottish: Jamieson. 



tinued: — 
American Phrases : Pickering. 

Northern Languages — (Scandinavian) : 
Icelandic: Haldononiua, Ihre, 
Danish: Haldorsoniut. 

and English: Bay, 
Swedish and English: ITicic^rrfR... Dic- 

Gothic: Lye. 

(MsBso): Jhrt. 

(Teuto): Meidinger. 

(Snio): Ihre. 
Francic, Teutonic, and Alemannic: /Are, 

German: AdtlAmg...Q9isvae. 

and English: PlUgeL, Attn«r...B6ttger. 

and French : Rondea/VL. 

(Ancient): Wachier...QiT9S. 

(Tudesque): Fran^oit. 
Dutch and English : Seiod. 

and French : . . . Marin. 
Lapponic: Ihre. 
Russian and French : Dietionnaire. 

and English : . . .Dictionaiy. 
Polish, German, Latin, and French: 


Indian (N. A.) : OeMin (vol. 8). 

Algic or Chippeway : MacKewney. 

See also Laxouaob. 


Treatises on : Dick, Mayo, Medicina, Nit- 
bet, Paris, Truman, Willich... 'Prout. 


Morgan... jye Morgan. 

Dilettanti Society. Publications: Auica, 


Treatises on : Garden, Martens, MeM. 
Functions of Ambassadors: DwfMmt (vol. 
4-6), Wicqu^ort. 
Consuls : . . . Menech. 
History of (French) : /7aMa»...Capefigue. 
See Law of Nations, Treaties. 

Diplomatics, or Art of Dec3rphering Ancient 
Writings : see Paueographt. 


Works on the Cure of: Bright, Dickeon, 

Galenus, Long, Swieten. 
^idemic: Portter. 
Hypochondriac: MandeviUe. 
of Children: Marley. 
of the Eye: TwnbuU. 
of the Heart: Hawkins, Trarc2rop...Laennec. 
of the Limbs : BeaU. 
of the Lungs : . . .Laenneo. 
of the Nerves : Cooke, Hunt. 
of the Skin : Oreen. 
of the Spine : BeeUe. . .Coles, 
of the Stomach : Prout. . .Prout. 
of the Throat : Harwood. 
Urinary: /'roM<...Courtenay. 
The Stone : Oiviale, Petit. 
See Medicine. 

Dispatches (Collections of): WeUesley, Wd- 
2tiv//<m... Marlborough, Nelson. 

Divorce : Milton (Histor. Works). 

Practice in Parliamentary : Macqueen, 
Dodo (on the) : . . . Hamel. 

Domesday Book, Introduction : EUis. 
Doric Races : see Greece. 
DORT (Synod of). Canons : Confessummsn, 
Dover Castle : Darell. 

The Harbour: Wortkington. 

Drainage of Land:... Denton, Smith... Eenens 
(in Addenda). 

Of Towns : see Sanitary Reporm. 


On the Dramatic Art: Schlegd...8cbikgA 

(vol. 6-6). 
Greek — ^Tragedy: .£schylus (HarfordS. 

Comedy : Johnson*s Works (vol. 8). 
English, Lectures on: J7as{«M...Hulitt, 

Mason (vol. 2). 
History, &c. : Baker, Oibber. 
Early English, to the time of Elizabeth : 

AUeyn, Collier, HatDkins...Hi^tL 
to the Restoration : Collier. 
from the Restoration : Genese. 
Immorality and Profimeness:... Collier, 
French : . . . Ch^nier, Coll£, Sainte-Beuve, 

St. Marc Girardin. 
Spanish, origin of:... Teatro, Villanueva. 
Hindu: WiUon. 

Dramatic Authors. 

(Greek): JSsckylus, Aristophanes, Euripides, 
Sophocles. . . Comioorum Or. Fragments 
Poets Soenici. 

^tin) : Plautus, Seneca, Terentius. 

(English) : BaiUie, Beaumont and Fletcher, 
Burgoyne, Cibber, Colman, Congreve, 
Davenant, Dryden (vol. 2-8), £the- 
rege, Farquhar, Foot, Ford, Jaoward, 
Janson, Killigrew, Lee, Lillo, Marlowe, 
Massinger,Middleton (T.), Otway, Pede, 
Jtotoe, ShadweU, Shakespeare, Sheridan, 
Shirley, Southeme, Vembrugh, Wdtster, 
Wycherley... Be^nmojit and Fletcher, 
Buckingham, Centlivre, Cowley, (Jar- 
rick, Gay, Greene, Sedley, Steele, 

See also Plays. 

(French) : Beaumarchais, Chamfori, Cor- 
neUle, CribUUm, Deetouches, Fontendle, 
Le Sage (vol. 12-16), MarivoMX, Mo- 
li^re, Racine, Regnard, Scarron, Scribe, 
Thiatre, Voltaire (vol. l-7)...Ch*nier, 
Theatre... Boissy (in Addenda). 

(Italian) : Alamanni, A^fieri, Aretino, Ari- 
osto, Chldoni, Mamoni, MeUUtasio^ 
Niccolini, Rinuccini, Teatro, Zeno. 

(Spanish): Calderon, Cervantes, Moratin, 
Vega (L. de)...Tea,tro. 

(German): Goethe, Klinger, Lessing (vol. 
7-17), Schenk, Schiller, 2Vedb...fffland, 

Druids (The Celtic) : Davies, Higgins. 

Druidical Temples of Wilts: Hoa/r€s Anc. 

See Celts. 



DuiLLiKO, Eflsays on : BnmUyme {(Euvres), 

Cameronf OUvano. 
DUNOTAFLB Priory — Annals : ffeame. 


Histoiy and Antiquities : Surtees. 
The Cathedral: Cathedrals. 

Earth (The). 

Theory of: Collier, Evelyn, Button, Twr- 
(Mosai^: Burnet {T.) 
Figure of the Earth : Baily, Maupertiui, 

Parry, Sabine. 
See Qeoloot, Gbografht (Physical). 

Eaton Hall, Cheshire — Views: Buckler. 

(History of). 

EoLiPSis: Baily, Lubbock... ^hadwell. 
See Astronomt. 


(Poutioal) Principles of, &c. : Chalmers, 
Cooper (r.), Jones (/?.), Malthus, Mar- 
tineau. Mill, Say, Scrope, Sedgwick, 
Senior, Sismondi, Smith, Storch, Tor- 
rens, Whately... WiW, Bicardo, Twiss. 

See also Banking, Finance, Poor Laws, 
Population, Statistics. 

(Rural and Domestic) :...Cobbett, Colman. 

See also Aoricui/ture. 

Edinburgh : see Trotter. 

History :...Amot, Chambers. 

EDUCATION: Locke {vol. 9), Afill, Montagu, 
Quarterly Journal, Tmnsactions {Cen- 
tral Society) . . . Wedgwood. 
(National and Popular): Austin, Combe, 
Education, Powell... Dawcb, Hamilton, 
Jackson, Waddington. 
in Ireland : Ireland. 
in Europe : Bache. 

in France: Cousin, EdtuxUion... ThierB. 
in Prussia : Cousin, Overberg, Schubert. 
in Holland : Cousin. 
in India : Trevdywn. 
(University): Sedgwick, IFX^«:cW...Whewell. 

in Qermany : . . . Perry. 
(Liberal, Professional, &c.): Conybeare, 
Knox {vol. 4)... Amos, Green, Whe- 
Reports of Commissioners : . . .Education. 
Physioloffy applied to Education : Combe. 
Endowea Grammar Schools : Carlisle, Knox 

{vol. 4). 
(See also Tract Catalogue, p. 415-16, and 
Supplement, p. 208-9). 

Edtbtone : see Lighthouse. 

Eel (Conger) — Nervous System :...Prevost. 


History: Universal Hist. {Ancient, vol. 1 
and 8; Modem, vol. 11), Wilkinson 
...Bunsen, Cory, Potocki. 
And see below, ANnQurriES, Travels, 
under the Ptolemies :...Sharpe. 
under Mamaluke Sultans : Quatremire. 
under Mohammed Ali : . . . Mengin. 

EGYPT (History),— «m<imc€d.^— 

Chronology: Prichard, Young... l^i^^ 

Antiquities: Caylus, EgypU, Egyptian, 
Gau, Lepsius, Maurice, JtoselUm, 
Young. . .Lepsius. 
Politics and Trade : ffeeren. 
Manners and Customs : 
(Ancient): Wilkinson. 
(Modem) : Burckhardt, Lane. 

See Hieroglyphics. 

Travels and Descriptions : Browne (W. 0.), 
Bruce, EgypU, Hakluyt (vol. 2), Ha- 
milton {W. R.\ Henniker, Hogg, Irify, 
Lushii^on, Norden, PinkerUm {vcL 
16), Purchas{vol. 1-2), Russegger, Va- 
lentia, VUney {vol. 2-3), Wilkinson... 
Hemprich, Kii4rl&l^®» Lepsius, Rolnn- 
son, Warburton. 
Survey of Thebes: Wilkinson. 

See also Kmbalming, MmooBSy Nile, 
NuRiA, Pyramids. 
Elections: Buckingham... "PickenDg. 

Law of: JoUivet, Rogers. 
Elbctricitt : Eteetrical Mag., Faraday, Frank- 
lin, Priestley, Rive, Transactions {EUdr. 
iSbc.)... Faraday, Wheatstone... Harris $n Ad 
applied to the Useful Arts : Finlaison. 
Influence on Vegetation : . . .Solly. 
See Lightning, Magnetism, Metboroloqt. 

Eleusis, Archit. Remains: Attica. 

Eleumnian Mysteries: Christie. 
Elocution : Fenelon {vol. 8), Smart, Wood (S.) 

See also Oratory, Speeches. 


Bishops of: Murray {T. B.) 

Cathedral: Bentham...Eij. 

Sextry Bam at : Willis. 

Chapel and Palace, Holbom: Murray {T. B.) 

Elzevir Family : . . .Reume. 

Emralming : Davidson, Chunville, Pettigrew. 

See also Mummies. 


to England, firom Heniy iv. of France:... 

in HoUand, 1615-20 : Carleton, 

from Charles n. to Musoovie, &o. : OarU^ 

toPokndinl676: Clarendon {Rochester). 

of Earl of Castlemimie, from James n. to 
Innocent Xi : . . .Wright. 

to Ava : Crawfurd. 

to China: jSifai£nf(m...Pauthier. 

to Tibet: Turner. 
Emigration: Emigration, 

See also Colonies. 


Engineering : see Military Art. 

(Civil) : Engineers* Journal. 
Reports: Smeaton. 
Encyclopaddia : . . .Cresy. 

ENGLAND. History: 

(General): Andrews {J. P.), Baker, Brady, 
Carte, D' Orleans, Drake, Henry , Hume 
and SnuMett, Hughes, Kewnet, Lingard, 
Mackintosh, MolevUle, (Hdmixon, Ra- 
pin, TyrrtU, TJnivers. Hist. {Modem, 



ENGLAND, Hiotobt (Gxnsbal), — con- 
tiwiied: — 

ffd, 39-40)... Craik, Echard, lingard. 
Major, Macaulay. 

during Middle Ages : Thimer {S.) 

to Norman Conquest: Kewnet (vol. 1), 
MilUm, Speed, Strutt. 

Conquest to Henir vi. : Kewnet (Dcmiel). 

to Henry n. : Smfi (vol. 10). 

to Richard n. : Brady. 

to Elizabeth : Drake. 

to Charles I. : Baker (R.) 

under the Stuarts, 1603-88 : Vaugkan, 

James I. to 1778 : MacatUay (C.) 

Charles i. to the Restoration: BaiUie, 
Brodie, Warwick, Wdwood, White- 

Restoration to George I. : Macpherton. 

Charles n. to Anne : Bwmei, Dalrymple, 

Revolution 1688 to George i. : Cfunning- 
to 1820 : BeUham. 

from James n. :...Maoaulay. 

from 1713 to 1748 : Mahon. 

Durinff Thirty years* Peace (1816-46):... 

Chboniclbs and Historians of rarious eariy 
periods of English history: Aseeritu, 
Badmerus, Fahyan, Froistart, QrofUm, 
HaJtX, Haardyng, Heame (Alvredus, 
Ouilid. Neubrig., OUerboume, Peter 
Langtoft, Robert of Qloucetter, J. Rotnu, 
Sprotitu, W. Worcestritu), Holinthed, 
Lanquet, MaUhcms Wettm., Monttrelet, 
Pane (M.), Rattell, Roger de Wend., 
Saxon Chronicle, Speed, Stow, Strutt, 
Trivetut, Vergiliut, WcUterus Hemingf., 
Willelmua M€Ufne8b....ChTomcleB, Flo- 
rentius Wiflom. Murimuth, Nennius, 
Roger of Wendover, Trivetus, Ver- 
ffil, Walter de Heming., William of 

Collections of Historians: Bertra^^, Bri- 
tannicarum, Camden, Gcde, Sovile, 

(Pabtioxtlab Rsions, &c.) 

Ancient Britons: Bdham, Dames, 
Jeffrey of Monmouth, Johnstone, 
Newnivs, Sheringham, Univen. Hiat. 
(Ancient, vol. 17)...Layamon*s Brut. 

Anglo-Saxon: Codex Diplom., Lappen- 
berg, Eennet (vol. 1), Milton, Pal- 
grave, Saxon Chronicle, Speed, 
Strutt, Turner (5.)...Kemble, Lap- 
penberg, Roger of Wendover. 
Alired the Great: Aaseriut, Heame 

Nonnan Conquest: Atwood, Thierry... 
to Henry u. : PhiUipe... "ilichel. 

Henry ii : Heame (Benedictus), LytteUon 
...Berington (in Addenda). 

Richard i. : Heame (Benedicts), Ri- 
chardua Divisiensii. 

Edward l. : Heame (Hemingford). 

Edward n. : Heame (Hemin^ord cmd 
J. de Trokdowe.) 

JSdward m. : Barnes, Heame (Avetbvry 
and Hemingford.) 

ENGLAND, History (Particular), — con- 
tinued: — 

Richard n. : J7eam«... Richard n. 

Henry V. : Heame (T. de Elmham and 
Titus Livius.) 

Henry VI. : VergUius. 

Edward iv. : VergUius, Warkworth. 

Richard m. : Kennet (Sir T, More and 
Buck), VergiUus, Walpole (vol. 2). 

Henry vn. : Bacon's Works (vol. 8), 
Kewnet (vol. 1). 

Henry vm. : Qodwvn, Kennet (Herbert), 
Turner (5.)... Lewis. 

Edward vi. : Qodwin, Kewnet (Hay- 
ward), Turner (-S.)...Tytler. 

Mary: Qodwin, Turner (8.)...Tj%\er,., 
Jane (queen) (in Addenda). 

Elizabeth: Aikin, Birch, Hayward, 
Heame (Camden), Johnston, Kennet 
(Camden), Turner (S.) 
and Mary, queen of Scots : . . .Raumer. 

James i. : Aikin, Harris, Jamas l., 
Johnston, Kennet (Camden and Wil- 
son), Vaughan. 

Charles i. : Aikin, Brodie, D'/sradi, 

Fellowes, Quizot, Harris, Kennet (vol. 

3), Vaughan, Warwick. 

The Civil War: Clarendon, Qwynne, 

Hchbes (vol. 6), MonUth, Oldmixon 

...Dugdale, Homius, Piyime, Yer* 


(See Tract SuFPLmoan', p. 201.) 
Commonwealth : Brodie, Clarendon, 
Fellowes, Godwin, Cfuizot, Harris, 
Hutchinson, Warwick . . .CromweU, 
Parliament, 1656-9 : Burton (T.) 
Charles n. : Carrd, Fellowes, Harris, 

Kewnet (vol. 3), Vaughan... Boa, 
James n. : Carrd, Fox, Kennet (vol. 8), 
F(aii^Aan...£chard, Macaulay. 
The Revolution, 1688: Mackintosh, 
Mazure, TreUuK>o<2...Echard, Gui- 
zot, Macaulay, Speke. 

(See Tract SuFPLEMEm*, p. 248-51.) 

William m. : Kewnet (vol. 8), Ralph. 
Aime: Boyer, Marlborough, RaJtph, 

SomerviUe, Swift (vol. 5). 
The Union:... Defoe. 
George i. : Mahon, Ralph... Boyer. 
George n. : Mahon, Walpole... Rerrey. 
George in.: Adolphus, Aikin, Toone... 

Adolphus, Walpole. 
George iv.: Oeorgeiv., ro(m«...Cobbett. 
William iv. : Toone. 

(See also Tract Sufp., p. 209.) 
(Biographical): Granger. 

Kings of England : Sandford. 

Queens of England : Strickland. 
(Constitutional,) from Henry vn. : Hallam, 
RusseU (J.) 

See also Govxrnmbitt. 

History of Party (Charles u. to the Re- 
form Bill) : Cooke (O. W.) 
(Heraldic): Beatson... Hey\yn. 
(Legal) : see Law. 
(MiBtary) : see Mtlitart Histort. 
(Naval) : see Navt. 
(Parliamentary) : see Parijamint. 




ESQUlSD,— continued :— 

dooumkntart illustrations of eltolish 
State Papers and Letters : Rtfmer, . .Rymer. 
1501-1726: Hardwiche, 
Henry vni. : State Pajten, 

to Elisabeth : Burghl^y, Sadler. 
Elizabeth : Birch, D'Ewea, Digge*, Fene- 

lon, Forbes, Sifdney, Winvoood. 
JuBkes I. : Birch, Sydney, Winwood. 
Charles i. and the Oivil War: Carte, 

Clarendon, Nalson, Ruthworth, 

Sydney, Thurloe. 
Commonwealth : Carte, Clarendon, 

Sydney, Thurloe. 
Restoration to George i. : Macpherwon. 
William ui. : CarstareB, Cole. 
Anne: Cole. 

G^rge I., Aooe88ion:...Qrimblot. 
1812-83: State Papert. 
1«36, Ac. : Port/olio. 

See also Treaties, Records. 

Correspondence, Memoirs, &c. : Bentley, 
Briquigny, Ellis. 

Henry vi. to Heniy vn. : Fenn. 

Henrv vni. : C<Mbala, Lodge. 

Elizabeth: Cabala, Egerton, Lodge, 
Mdvil, Naunton, Nichols, Osborn, 
Stradling. . .Elizabeth. 
Northumberland's Rebellion of 1569 : 

James i. : Cahala, Carleton, Dalrymple, 
Egerton, Lodge, Melvil, Nichols, 
(hbom... J)*Ewea. 
to Queen Anne : Coke (R.) 

Charles i. and the Civil War: Dal- 
rymple, Evelyn, Ludlow, Maseres, 
Ormonde, Strafforde ... Bromley, 
D'Ewes... Charles i. (in Addenda). 
Ireland: Rinuccini. 

(See also Tract Supplement, p. 201.) 

Charles ii. : Dunois, Evelyn, Pepys, 
Sidney (H.), Trnpfc... Charles n., 
Hamilton, Pepys. 

James ii. : Evelyn. 

Monmouth's Rebellion :...Coad, West- 
em Martyrology. 

William ui. and Revolution of 1688 : 
Carstares, Ellis Corresp., Evelyn, 
Sidney {H.), Stale Trocti... Wil- 
liam ni. 

(See Tract Supplement, p. 248-51.) 

Anne: Marlborough... WXi. 

George n. : DodingUm, Walpole (Sir R. 
and Horace Lord) , . . Hervey. 

Georee m. : Hamilton, WraxaU... 

George rv. : Hamilton. 

Tracts (Collections of) on Histoir and 
Antiquities : Gutch, Harleian MisceU., 
Heame, Heame (Leland,) Morgan, 
Peck, Phenix, Somers' Tracts. 

See also Embassies. 

Topography and Antiquities : 

[of particular Counties and Places in Eng- 
land, see UNDER THEIR NaMES.] 

Accounts of Topographical Works : dough, 

ENGLAND, Topoorapht, &c,- 

Topographical Dictionaries: Capper, Car' 
lisle, Qorton, 

Antiquities (Topographical^ : Antiquariam 
Repertory, Beauties of £. and W., 
Beeverett, Camden, Collectanea Topogror 
phica, Domesday, Ellis, Orose, Heame 
(Leland's Itinerary), Karnes, Lysons, 
Nichols, Richard of Cireneetter, Sammes, 
Stukeley, Topographer, JVenuactiKms 
{Archmiogia), Verstegan^ Willeimus de 

(Ecclesiastical, Cathedral, &c): Britton, 

Dugdale, StruU, TaaiMr... Willis. 
(Monumental): Qough, Mom u m u ntal Brasses, 
Stothard, Vetusta Monumenta, Weever 
...Blore, Brasses, Douglas, Haines. 
Sculpture, Painting, fta : Carter. 
(Roman) in Britain : Hordey, Long (H. L.), 

J2oy...Buckman (in Addenda). 
(Popuhu-) Manners, Dress, Sports, ftc: 

Brand, Mamnen, Strutt...armn<L 
(Regal): StruU. 
Mary (queen). Privy Pur$e Saapentes, 
NiehoUs R^ Wills, 
Page's CuruUia. 
Royal Household Book. 

Travels and Descriptions : PorsAer, Gotk- 
tales, Gordon, Moritz, PerUn, Pinker- 
ton (vol. 2), Shaw...BrBmUm, Defoe, 
Coastmg Pilot:... Collins. 

History of the Cities, Boroughs, Ac: 
Madox, Oldfidd, Willis. 


Commerce, Wealth, Political Progresi, 
Colonies, &c. : CkunpbeU, ColqfJuium, 
De Lolme, Dupin, Heeren, MaceuUock, 
Macpherson, Marsh, Porter, Raumer, 
Spackman, Statistical, Sykes. . . MundelL 

(Moral) : Fletcher (in Addeoda). 

Geography and Statistics: Long (in Ad- 

Revenue, Population, &c. : Marshall, 
Porter, Registration, fTeib. . .Registrar 

See Colonies, Finance. 

ENGLAND (Church op). 

History and Antiquities: Beda, Cardwdl, 

CoUier, Fuller, Godwin, ffarpsfild, 

ddmiron, Parker, Southey, StiUinff- 

fleet, Ussher(vol 5-6)... Short. 

(Irtish and Anglo-Saxon): Beda, Lin- 

gard, StilliHgfleet...IADg^iTd. 
Reformation in : Blunt, Burnet, Damn- 
zati, Sanderus, Soame, Strype ... 
Cobbett, Hook, Maitland. 
1660-1662: Kennet. 
lives of its Bishops, &c. : see Bioobapht 

(Bishops and Ecclesiastical). 
Councils and Convocations, Canons, Ac. : 

Cardwdl, Hody, Kennet, WiUsins. 
Eccles. Revenues, Statistics, &c. : Bacon, 
Ecclesiastical, Le Neve, Liber Eedes., 
Ecclesiastical Laws of: see under Law 



ENGLAND (Chubch of), — eoniimted: — 

Works on its Position and Condition, Yin- 
dioationSy &c. : Bentham, Church, 
Coleridge, MandeviUe, Page, Sinclair, 
SoiUkey, Uhden ... Arnold, Biber, 

See also Abticles, Catechism, Lttubot. 

(See Tract Cat., p. 396-8, and Sdpf., p. 


£voLisH Historical Societt. Publications. 
[For full descriptions, see under the first 
words in the Catalogue.] 

£edcB Hittor. Ecdea. A ngl Stevenson. 

Bedo! Opera Hist, Minora Stevenson. 

Codex J)iplom. Sajcon Kemble. 

Oildas de Excidio Britann. ... Stevenson. 

Nennii Historia Britonum Stevenson. 

Richardi DividensU Chronicon 

JRichardil Stevenson. 

Jtogeri de Wendover Chronica . . . Coxe. 

WiUelnU Malm, Qesta Reg. A ng. Hardy. 

Florentii Wiffom. Chronicon... Thorpe. 

Murimuth Chronica Hoff. 

Richard n. Chronique de Wimams. 

Stephen, Glesta Stephani SewelL 

Triveti Annales Reg. Angl. ... Hog. 
Walter de Hemingb. Chron.... Hamilton. 


History of its Origin and ProgreBS : Evdyn, 
HevMchen, OtUey, Singer „. J anaen, 
Wood Engraving : 5tn^... Heller, Jan- 
sen, Papillon. 
Lives of Engravers : see Biografht (Col- 
Catalogues of their Works :...I>odd, Hei- 
necken, Huber. 
(Flemish, German, and Italian) : ... 

(French) : . . .Robert Dumesnil. 
Prints by earlv Masters : ... Etchings, 

Ottley, Reifrenberg. 
Monograms of Engravers : . . .Brulliot. 
Glyphography : Palmer, 
Lithography : Turner (D.) 

Enoch, Book of: Lawrence, Murray, 

ENTOMOLOGY: Rmumwr, SamoueUe, Swam- 
in«rc2am...£ntomolog^he, Hooke, Insects, 

(British): Dillwyn ...Baird, Curtis, 
Lamellicomes : . . .Schaum. 
Bees:... Huber. * 

Locusts: Ludolfut, 

Eroolako: see Hseculaksttm. 

EflCUBL/LL, MSS. in: Caairi, Clarke {£.) 

Essayists (The): British Classics (comprising 
Adventurer, Guardian, Idler, Rambler, 
Spectator, and Taller). 

See also. Adventurer, Cumberland's Ob- 
server, Johnson's Rambler and Idler, 
Maclcenzin^s Lownger, fTorM... Common 
Sense, Connoisseur, Free-thinker, Hay- 
wood's Female Spectator, Humour- 
ist, Mirror, Steele's Englidiman, &c.. 
Universal Spectator. 


Safi&^n Walden : jBrajfimioke, 

History and Antiquities : Morant, Norden, 

Waltham Abbey: FiUler, 


History of its discoverv :... Ether, Gay. 
Use in Surgery :...Curung. 

ETHICS, OR Moral and Political Philobofht: 

Abercrombie, Belsham, Brougham, Cato, 
Chalmers, Dewar, Eugenius, Forater, 
Fox, Free-MarCs, ffartley, ffdvetiut 
(vol. 8-4), Hume (vol, 1-2), Jevom, 
Long, MandeviUe, Foley Jjvol, 8), 
SmUh, Spinosa, Tucker, WheweU ... 
Bentham, Fichte, Hutohesoin, Plutar- 
chus. Smith, Whewell. 
Formation of Opinions : Bailey, . .Lewis. 

(Aristotelian and Platonic): ArisMdm, 

(Chinese) : . . . Confboius, Davis. 

History: Cousin, Madnntosk. 

See also Philosophy, Mstafhystob. 


History: Ludolfiu, 

^Ecclesiastical): Oeddes, 
(Commercial): Heeren. 
Travels in : Hoskins, Purduu (vcL % hook 7)» 
WaddingUm...^LATnA, Lepsius. 


as illustrated from the Comparison of Lan- 
guages: Adelwng, Balbi, QaUi, Hervas, 

See also Lanouaob. 

Physical History of Man: Prichard.,, 

See also Physiology (Human), Geo- 
graphy (Physical). 

Etna (Mount) : GhurbiUon, 

Eroir College. 

Acooimt of : . . .Creaqr- 

Laws (XV. Cent.): . . .Heywood (in Addenda). 


History, Language, Literature. &c. : Baiva, 

Betham, Zanxi... Gray. 
Antiquities, Sepulchres^ BranjEee, Vases, 

&c. ; Caylus, 6ray...DemuB, Inghi- 


Euphrates — Navigation of: Chesney. 


HUtory: Alison, Guizot, Koch,Rus9dl(W,), 

Origin of the European nations:... Web- 

during Middle Ages: Dunham, Hallam 
...Digby's Mores, Hallam. 

XV. Ct^tury: Raumtr. 

1548-1607: Thuanus...Avibigiik fm Ad- 

1600-1735: Europe, Siri. 

1713 (since Peace of Utrecht) : iZittsea (/.) 

1768-83: i2at(m€r...Raumer. 

1798-1806: Dohm. 

1789-1815: Alison. 

since 1 880 : Memd. . . Capefigue. 



EJJBOT^,— continued .— 

literary Histoir: JEichhom, ffallam... 
OiiiBse, Schlosser. 
Political System of: GenU, ffeeren. 

See H18TOBT (Universal, Modem). 

Travels: Broum (T.), MUU Ducai...BAj, 
(North) : Barrow (/.) 

EviL» Essays on : ^08anguet...Jenyns. 

ExoHANGB. Tables of Monies, &c. : Vere, 
WetenhaU... KeWy. 
See also, Cubbenct. 

ExcHEQUXB (The). History : Madox, 
Issues of: PdL Recordt, 

ExdSl : Parliament {Rq>orts). 

ExiTKB. The Cathedral : Cathedralt. 

En (The). 

Diseases: TumbuU. 

Cataract: Steventon, 

Near Si^ht, &o.... Cooper. 
Laws of Vision : see Oftios. 

Fables: ^top, Phoedrm, La Poniaine .., 
Avianns, Babrins, Phsdrus. 
(Russian): Kryloff, 
(Arabian): Logman. 

Fabliaux: see Tales. 

Fabmino: see Aobioultube. 


Literary History and Biography: Ckme» 
Kaye... JyM^iTif Oudinus. 

Bibliography: PcU>riciut, Walchiut.., Dow- 
On the right use of: Daille. 

Works of i£e Gr. and Lat. Fathers: Au- 
guttinuSf Beda, Chrytostom, Epifha- 
niuBf Eutdnus Pamphilut, etc. (fi^cr- 
mias, Theodoret and Evagriua), Jaiero- 
nymut, Isidorvs, Jvutinus Martyr, 
Minucius Pelix, TertvUianvs. . . Ambro- 
sius, Cyprianus, Callus, Ignatius, 
Philo Judsus... Hilarius, Irenseus, 
Lactantius, Optatus (in Addenda). 

Collections of their Works, Fragments, 
&c. : Canisius, PcUrum Apottol. Opera 
a CoteleriOf Sirmondi Opera... Actk&rj, 
Gallandius, Mabillon, Martene et 
Durand...Iiumper (in Addenda). 

Fer C^®) • • • 'DurlAcher, Eisenbei^. 


Sellow): OiUkrest. 
[alaria): Armttron^f. 

FINANCE: Macgregor. 

(England): Moreau, Wells. 
The Public Revenues: Davenant, MarthaU, 
Parliament (Beporit), Parndl, Porter, 
See also Fcin)8, National Debt, ExoLAin) 

(France) : see Fbanob. 

(See TbACT SUFPLEMElfT, p. 211). 

Fine Abts: see Abt. 
FnrLAVD — ^Travels: Barrow. 

FmcABK — ObsenratioDB on : Brooke. 
See NoBWAT. 

FiSHEBiBS: Duhamd. 

(British) : ChUty, Monson, Parliament (J^^ 

(Dutch), 1601 : KeymM-. 
(Indian): RoyU. 
YHiale Fishery : 50Oiiei6y...EndeTby. 

Fishes: see Ichthtoloot. 

FiSHnro : see AiroLDro. 


Wars o^ (1580 &c.): BeaUAvogUo, Oimsti' 
mano... Strada. 

Description: Porster. 
Sketches: Prout. 

See Netheblands. 

Flobence: seeTusoAVT. 

Food : see Diet. 

FoBTDnoATioir : see Mhjtabt Abt. 


Oiganic Remains : BuMimd, Cwvier, Par- 
kinson. . . Mantell. 

in Ava : Orawfurd. 

British:... Owen. 

SkuUofanOxatMelksham: Woods. 
Fish: AgasaiZf Egerten. 

Of the Old Red Sandstone :...Agaa8iz. 

Silurian System : Mwxkimm. 

Cephalopoda : . . . Mantell. 

(British) :...Owen. 

of New Zealand : . . .Mantell. 

of the London Clay : . . .Owen. 

Saurians in Sussex: MasUeU. 
The Iguanodon : Mantell. . . Mantell. 
Insects — tiilobites : . . .Buimeister. 
Shells (Subapennine) : Broocki. 
See also Qfoloot. 

FouiiTAiN's Abbey, TorkBhire:...Storer, Wal- 



(Qenebal) : Bowqy^f Crowe, Pramoe, Omtot, 

Mably {(Eumres), Miehelet, MonteO, 

Schmidt, Sismondi, Smedley, Umvers. 

Hist. {Modem, vol. 19-21), VeUy... 

Daniel, France, Meseray, Pasquier, 

Early Chronicles: Pabm, Proissart, Oode- 

firov, Monstrdet...FnDoe (Saint Denis) 

...Auton (in Addenda). 
(Collections): BuAon, Cimber, ChAaoL 
from 1787 to 1830: MontgaHlard. 
Restoration, 1815 to 1880: Oap^/tffue, 

Revolutionary Governments (from 1799}: 


(DiFLOiCATic) : /la«afi...Cape£igue. 

(Dooumentabt) : Prance {DocwnmUs In- 
idits), Moniteur, 
Royal Genealogies: Ansdme. 
— Letters, ko, : Breqmgny, 



PRANCE, Histoiy (Oenenl),— con^'nued;— 

Collections of UiBtorians : Bouquet, 

of Dissertations on Historical Anti- 
quities:... Leber, Michel, 
of Memoirs : 

to xm. Century : Guisoi. 

from Philip Augustus (1180) to 

1600: Petitot. 
Louis XI. to xvni. : Cimber. 
Henry iv. to the Peace of Parisj, 

1768: Petitot. 
On the Revolution: BerviUe. 
(Particular, including Memoirs, Letters, 
&c., illustrative of the diiferent 
[See also in the Catalogue, under the 
names of the Kings.] 
The Gauls: Betham, Bouquet, Thierry, 
Expedition of Attila into Caul : Carmen, 
(752-840), Pepin, Charlemagne, &c. : 

Carilut mttgnut, Egifihard, 
(1364), Charles v. : Pizan, 
(1380-1422), Charles vi. : Saint Denye, 
(1461-83), Louis xi. : Comines, Troyei, 
(1488-98), Charles vni. : Comines. 

— Etats Qeneraux & Tours en 
1484: Maasdin. 

(1498-1515), Louis xn. : Fleurauffe, 
(1515-47), Francis I. : Bellay, Fieurange 

— — Captivity of :...Cham- 

(1559-60), Francis n.: Aube»pine...CBB- 

telnau, Regnier. 
(1560-74), Charles ix. : ... Castelnau, 

(1574-89), Henry m. : Ettoile, ViUeroy 

(1589-1610), HeniT rv. : Angoulemne, 
AnquetU, Birch, Capefigue, Ettoile, 
SuUy, ViUeroy... Bongan, Lefebre. 
(1547-1605), CivUWars, the "Ligue," 
&c., (Henry n. to Henry rv.): An- 
quetU, Capffigu€f Cayet, Colynet, 
Ikivila, Laerttelle, Satyre M6mpp6e 
...Goulart, Matignon. 
(1610-14), Regency of Marie de Medicis: 

Orleantf Pontchartrain. 
(1610-43), Louis xui.: AnquetU, Bos- 
aompierre, Bnenne, Cayet, Chdtre, 
OrUant, Porte, Itichdieu, Sourdii, 
TaUemant, ViUeroy. 
(1643-1715), LouU xiv.: Voltaire (vol. 
17-1 8)... Louis XIV., NoaiUes. 
(Memoirs): Brienne, Chdtre, Choisy, 
Dangeau, Duclot, Fare, OourviUe, 
La Fayette, Limontey, Louie xrv., 
Maintenon, NoaiUee, Porte, Retz, 
Saint-Simon, TaUemant, Vaidt... 
Richelieu (Marechal de), Tess^. 
The Fronde : Sainte-Aulaire, 
Edict of Nantes (Revocation of):... 
Benoit, Rulhidre. 
(1715-22), Regency of the Duke of Or- 
leans : . . . Lemontey . 
(1715-74), Louis xv. : Capedgue, Voltaire 
{vol, 19)...Tocqueville. 
(Memoirs): Dudoe, NoaiUe»...Riche' 
lieu ^Mar^chal de), Tess^... Bar- 
bier (m Addenda). 


FRANCE, Histoiy (Particular),— co)i<tfiiie(l:— 
(1774-93), Louis xvi. :...Soulavie. 
during the Revolution : BouiUS, Ckoi' 
aeul, CUry, Ooguelat, Louie xtl 
(Clary) ... Dros, Georgel, Hue, 
Louis XVI., Moleville. 
Louis xvn. : Dauphin, 
Marie Antoinette: Marie Antoinette, 
(1789), The Revolution : Alison, BueheM, 
Carlyle, Lacretdle, Luchet, Mignet, 
Montgaillard, Prudhomme, RaJbasU, 
Smyth, Thiers, Wach9muth...Qonsia, 
Micheiet, Montgaillard, Niebubr. 
Legislative Assemblies, Conventton^ 
&c. : Buchez, Dm/i'.nt, Ludtet, 
MaiUane, Thibaudeau, 
The Girondists : . . .Lamartine. 
The Jacobins: Barruel. 
Memoirs on the Revolution: AbranUs, 
Adolphus, Angouleme, BaiUy, 
Barharoux, Besenral, BouilU, 
DusauLr, Hardenberg, MortlUt, 
Puisaye, Roland. 
(Collection of) : BerriUe. 
Wars of the Revolution: Jomini, and 
Military Histort (1792-1816). 

Wars in the Vendue : see Y kndu (The). 
Political Works on the Causes of the 
Revolution: Burke, Fausse-Lendry, 
France (Domest. Anec.), Mackintosh, 
Maistre, Monti,. Moore (roL i), 
Necker (vol. 9), Stagl...UmUuai. 
The Consulate and Empire: Abraniis, 
Bourrienne, Oourgaud, Montholon, 
Rovigo, Thibaudeau, Thiers... Iscn' 
telle, Thiers. 
See also Nafolbon. 
The Restoration to 1830 : Capefigue, La- 

Louis Philippe: ...Blanc, Capefigue, 
Chaudey, Cormenin, Revue Retro- 
spective... La Hodde (in Addenda). 
Revolution, 1848:... Blanc, Brougham, 
Dunoyer, France, GiranUn, 
Guixot^ Joumaux Rouffes, Kelly, 
Lamartine, Recrnault, Stern. 
See SocLALiSM and Labour. 
GsooRAPHT of Ancient Gaul : . . .Leber (vol. 2), 

Travels and Descriptions: Frtmce (Guide 
PiUor.), Forster, Lemaistre, Manners, 
Merimie, Moore (J.) (vol. 3), Northlei^ 
Pinkerton (vol. 4), Skippon, Weatherhead, 
Toung... Scholz. 
Antiquities: MiUin, Montfaucon...JA Saa- 
vagdre, Willemin. 
Poitou : . . . Giraudeau. 
Vaucluse: Paezis, 
See also Paris. 
Laws: Baluzius, France (page 120), (Him... 
France, Leber (vol. 4). 
(Criminal, &c.), 1842:...Guerry. 
(Ecclesiastical) : . . .Pi thou. 
Reformed Churches : Quick, 
The Concordat of 1801 :...Portalis. 
Finances: Necker ((7«vre«)...Forbonnois, 

Turgot (QSuvres). 
Statistics (Moral and Commercial) : Dunin, 
Guerry, ViUeneure. . . Audiganne,Lovelaoe. 
B B 



TKkVCE,— continued ;— 

See Trantactions {p. 314). 

(See Tract Catalogue, page 428, and 

Supplement, page 218-15.) 
See BuBouNDY, Bbitant, Normandy. 

Free Masonry: Halliwdl, ilobison. 

Free Will: Edwards. 

Funds (The) and Funding System: Fidd... 

Cobbett, M'Gullooh. 
Variations in: VcmtommeTf Walker .. 

Sinking Fund : Lauderdale. 

See Finance, National Debt. 

Fob Trade, (North American): Mackemie... 

Future State: CourtefMy, Taylor (/.) 

GALLERIES: Florence ...^uaeo Borbonioo, 
Museo Capitolino, Museum Floren- 
(Valeria Famesiana: Carracci, Raphael. 
Sacellum .£diB CryptoferrateDsis : Do- 

Muaeo Pio Clementino e Chiaramonti: 

Muaeo Worsleiano : . . . V isconti. 
Museum Dianeianum : . . .Disney. 
Louvre and Tuilleries : Tuilleries. 
Catalogues, &c. of: Dresden, FcKh, Florence, 
Orleans, Speck. 
Christiansborg : Spengler. 
Brussels : . . . Nieuwenhuys. 
England: British Institution, Jameson... 
Catalogues (p. 81), Jameson, Passavant. 
National Gallery : . . . Womum. 

Games: see Sports. 

GARDENING: Agricola, Ballaway, Danain, 
Evelyn's Miscell. Writ., Whatdy . . .Iawwh. 
Dictionaries: Loudon, Miller... Bon. 
See Botany. 
Gardner (Barony of) : Le Marchant. 
Garter (Order of the) : AshmoU, BeUz. 

Gazetteers: see Dictionaries (Geographical), 

and England (Topography). 
Gaul : see France. 

Gems (Ancient) : A ugustinus . . . Marlborough, 
Museimi Florentinum (vol. 1-2). 
See also Antiquities. 

GENEALOGY— Atlas: Lavoime. 

Royal Genealogies: Anderson, Betham... 
Yiton de St. Allais. 

of England: Sandford...hoDg. 

of France: Anselme. 
Landed Gentry:... Burke. 

Hampshire Families : . . . Berry. 

Kentish Families:... Berry. 

Sussex Families : . . . Berry. 
Accounts of, and ProceedingB relative to, 
particular Peerages and Families. 

Berkelev Peerage : Berkeley. 

Echyngham Family : . . . Hall. 

Gardner Barony : Le Marchant. 

Grosvenor (Sir R.) : Scrope. 

Gwydir Family: Wynn. 

Hastings Family: BtU. 

Huntingdon Peerage : Bell, 

Genealogy, Aoooimts of, and Prooeedingiy Ac, 
— coiUmued: — 

lisle Barony:... Nicolas. 
OfflevB of Norton : Hunter. 
Salisbuiy Family : Bowles. 
Scrope <^ Bolton : Scrope. 
Stanley Family : Ormerod. 
Baronies by Writ:... Collins... Banks (in 

See also Heraldry, Peerage. 

Genoa — Descriptions: Cfauthier. 
Works of Art in:...Ratti. 


Journals: Ferusaac, Transactions (Geo- 

ffraphical Journal). 
Dictionaries: MaccuUoch, Edinhmrgk Ga- 
Treatises on: Aboulfidd, Balbi, MaUebrun, 
Bitter... Htles, Manxes. 
(Ancient): Cluverius, irAnvilU, EUd- 
yard, Pomponius Mela, iSitra6o...Cel- 
lariuai, Pomponius Mela, Ptolemsua, 
On Ancient Systems: BenneU, Vkeri... 
Forbiger, Gossellin. 
Ronuui: Burton, PeuHngerus, St^pka- 
nus Byzant. . . .Itineraria. . .Beigier 
(m Addenda). 
(Eastern): Ahou'lfidd, Hamilton (W.), 

Sddik Isfahdni, WiUiams. 
(American): Alcedo. 
(Mediieval), Atlas :...l^runer. 
(Physical): /'or8eer...Humboldt> Somer- 
Atlas : . . .Johnston. 

See also Meteorology. 

Introductions, Elements, Theories, Ac: 
BibUcus Delvinus, Brande, Be la 
Beche, Oreenougk, Lyell, Mantdl... 
Geology, Mantel], Trebra. 

See also Geography (Physical). 
History : . . .Ramsay. 

in EngUnd : FUton. 
Journals: Firussac, Transactions {Geolog. 

Society. . . Quarterly Journal). 
Structure of the Globe, Theoir of the 
Earth, &c. : Brongniari, Buddcmd, 
Evelyn, Howard {P.), Hutton, Pom, 
Turner (iS.)...Bosaj3quet, Creation. 
Mosaic Theory: Bwmet {T.), CodAum, 

Penn, Swmner, Turner (S.) 
Rocks: jielaBede. 
Yolcanoes : Daubeny, Scrope. . .Danheny. 
Silurian System : Murchison. 

Fossil Remains : see Fossils. 

See Mineralogy, Mines. 
Local Geology. 

England and Wales: Conybeare, 
Map: Oreenougk, 
(North), The Lakes:... Lakes. 
(West), N. Wales, Shropshire, Heralbnl, 
&c. (the ^urian Syitcan): Mur- 
chison. . . Murchison. 
Cheltenham: Murchison... MwKbuoia. 
(South- West), ComwaU, Devon, and 
Someriet: DelaBecke. 
ComwaU: GUbert (Boose)... llrutilason. 



GEOLOGY, hooAL,— continued:'- 
(South-East) : FitUm, Mantell. 
Isle of Wight: EngUfield... T'ltton. 
Surrey: Mantell.. Mfkntel]. 
Sussex: Fitton, Mantell. 

Ashby Goal Field : Mammatt. 
Scotland — Hebrides : . . .Forbes, Maoculloch. 
Ireland: Hamilton, Port/oci;... Hamilton. 

Russia : . . . Murchison. 
Sweden : . . . Murchison . 
France — ^Auvergne: Forhet. 

Puy en Yelay : Berirand-Roux, 
Sicily : . . .Daubeny. 
Spain — Granada: Silvertop. 
Portugal — the Tagus : . . .Smith. 
Asia: Humboldt. 

Dukhun: Syhes. 
Australia: Fitton. 
America : . . . Featherstonhaugh. Lyell. 

Gbometbt : Detcartet (vol. 5), Euclid, Hamilton, 
Pculey, Wedgwood. 
Conic Sections: Bridge, Hamilton, Padev 

...Wallis(vol. 1). 
Properties of tne Ellipse : Somertet. 
Equation of a Curve : . . . Whewell. 

See also Mathematics, Tbioonometrt. 

Gboboia — Travels : . . .Porter. 


History : Hawkins, Pfitter, SchHter, 
Schmidt, Struvius, Univ. Hist. {Mo- 
dem, vol. 25-7, and 32)...Luden. 
(Early): Greenwood, SchUter, Stritterut. 
Merovingian Kings, (751) : Mascou. 
The Hohenstaufen (1100-1300): Raumer. 
The Germanic Empire (8U-1806): 
Dunham, Voltaire {vol. 22)... Butler. 
Charles v. : Robertson {vol. 8-5), 
1806-1830: BUlau. 
History of Swabia : Pfister. 
Scriptores Rerum Germanicarum: Pertz, 
Struvius . . . Freherus, Heineccius, 
Lindenbrogius, Pistorius, Schardius, 
Urstisius, Wegelinus . . . Goldastus, 
Meibomius (in Addenda). 

See also Austria, Prussia, Saxont. 

Travels and Descriptions: Hawkins, James, 
Planchi, Russell, ^ScAuZ^... Perceval, 
Ray, Sherer, Yamhagen. 
Yiews: Prout. 
Antiquities — ^Teutonic : Schilter. 
See Transactions {page 315). 

Gibraltar — ^Accounts: Clarke {C), Lopez de 

Siege of:...Drinkwater. 
The Straits of: James {T.) 

Giotto's Chafkl at Padua : Calcott. 

Girondists (The) — History : . . . Lamartine. 

Glaciers: .i^roMtz... Forbes, Whewell. 

Glass : see Painting on Glass. 

Manufactures : . . . Pellatt (in Addenda). 

Glastonburt — History and Antiquities : 
Hearne {Domerham, Johann. Gleuton.) 

Glossary: see Dictionaries. 

Glouorstershibe — History and Topography: 
Atkyns, Olocestriensia. 

Gloucestershire, History, &c. — continued: — 
The Cathedral : Cathedrals. 
Redcliffe Church: Bristol. 
Berkeley Castle and Parish : Fosbroke. 

Gnostics— History: Matter. 


Works on: Davenant, Hobbes^ Works, 

Machiarelli (r-ol. 1), Mill. 
(Republican) : CavcUcanti, Cicero, Harring- 
ton, Hobbes {vol. 3), More*s Utopia, 
(Church) : see Church and Law (Canon). 
Constitution and Government of England : 
Bacon {N.), De Lolme, D'/sraeli, 
HaUam, Hargrave, Park, Smith {T.) 
History: Hallam, RusseU (/.) 
Time of the Norman Conquest : Phillips, 
Succession to the Crown: Delsmafn, 

See also xmder Law. 
Grammar : see Language. 
Granada : see Spain. 

Grantham, Lincolnshire — History : HowUU 


Great Britain : see England. 



(Ancient): Herodotus, Xemophcn {vol. 1)... 
Herodotus. — Clinton, Greece, Heeren, 
Mitford, MuUcr, ThiHwaU, Univers. 
Hist. {Ancient, vol. 5-8), Wachsmuth... 
Grote, 11iirlwall...Mure (in Addeiula). 
Peloponnesian War; Hobbes {vol, 8-9), 

Thucydides. . .Thucydides. 
xmder the Romans : Finlay. 
Antiquities (Historical): Potter, Smith 

(W.), Wachsmuth. 
Manners and Customs : ^om... Becker. 
(Modem): Carrel, Or^... Coronelli. 
The Revolution : Leake, Sheridan, 
Travels and Descriptions : 

(Ancient): BarUUUmy, Cramer, Pausanitu 

(Modem): Bun/ess, Chandler, DodweU, 
Grtecf {Conder), Hughes, Leake, Spon, 
Waddington ... Choiseul-Gk>umer, 
Forchhammer, Gell, Girandeau. 
The Morea: Giffard, Leake. 
Elis and Olympia:... Stanhope. 
The Greek Islands: Aulcfjo. 
Antiquities: Caylus, D'Hancarville, 
of the Morea : Mor4e. 
Pela8gic Remains : DodweU. 
Monument d'Eubulidds : Ross, 
Yiews in : DodweU. 

See also Art and ANTiQUinES. 

See Athens, Ionian Islands. 

The Greek Church : WaddingUm, 
In Russia : . . . King. 

Greenland — YoyagesandDescriptioni: Egede, 
See Arctic Regions. 


History, Statistical and Commercial: 



GuATOfALA, History, — continued: — 

of Niotragaa : VaUUs, 
Descriptioiui : Thompton, 

Ruins of a City in : Dd Rio. 
See also America (Central). 
OuniNSET — History:... Berry (in Addenda). 

Criminal Law of :... Criminal Code. 
Guiana Qn S. America) — Description: Schom- 


Bngland: Mogg, Paterson. 

£ondon: Z«^A... Cunningham, London. 
Lreland : . . . Handbook. 
Continental: Mwrraift Handbooks, Starke 

America : . . . NewhalL 
Australia: Bright. 

Travellers' Manuals : GenUs. . .Courty. 
See Mineral WATERa 
Handbooks of Art: see Paintino and 
Guinea : see Africa (Western). 
GujERAT : see India. 
GWTDIB Faxilt : see Wynn. 

Hamburg: ITam^r^r... Lambecius. 
Hampden Controversy :... Christmas, Creasy. 
(See also Tract Supplement, p. 219.) 


Descriptions: Gilpin... QiXpm, 
Winchester: Milner, 
Selbome: WhiU. 
Pedigrees : . . .Berry. 

HAXP8TBAD — Wells: Soame, 

Hand (The) : BeU {Sir a)...Eisenberg. 

Handbooks : see Guides. 

Hannibal — Passage of the Alps : see Alps. 

Harvard Universitt — History : . . .Quincy. 

Habybt — Orationes Harveianse: (1841) Mayo 
...(1846) EUiotson, (1848) Hawkins. 

Hastinos' (Warren) Trial : Burke's Works. 

Hashnos (The Family of)— Histoiy: BeU 

(ff. N.) 
Hatfield House — Plan and Views : Robinson. 

Hatti, or St. Domingo— Descriptions : Candler, 

Hebrews : see Jews. 

Hebrides — ^Tours : Johnson (Boswell), Pennant. 

Descriptions: ^arttn...Macculloch. 
Antiquities of lona : . . . Graham. 

See Scotland. 
Hinoravb (Suffolk) — History of: Oage. 


Dictionaries, Treatises, &c. : Berry, Burke, 
Bdmondson, OwilUm, Nares, Spenerus, 
Vulson . . . Fauohet. 
Heraldic Terms: OwiUim (Coates). 

Titles of Honour, Origin of Dignities, 
Arms, &c. 
(British): Beatson, Betham, Burke, 
Cruise^ Lawrence, Madox, Monde- 
rille, Selden {vol. 3), Precedence. 
Land Honours and Baronies: Madox 
...Collins... Banks (in Addenda). 

HERALDRY, Titles, Ac. (British),— coirtifHierf.— 
Catalogue of Nobility : DugddU, Vin- 
History of British Commoners : Burke 
Heralds* Visitations. 
Huntingdon : . . .Ellis. 
Middlesex: PhilUpps. 
Index to Heralds' Visitations:... Sims. 
Orders of Knighthood, &c. 

^British): Noble, Toumsend... VkoIbs. 
Order of the Garter: Ashmole, Beltz. 
St. Patrick: Betham. 
The Guelphs of Hanover : . . .Nicolas. 
Medals, Crosse, &c.... Nicolas. 
History of the CoUege of Arms : Noble. 

See also Genealogy, Peerage. 

Herculaneum — Antiqu i ties : Varcki . . . Hercu- 
laneum, Museo Borbonioo. 

Herefordshire — History and Antiquities:... 

Words used in : Glossary. 

Heretics — History of: Lardnev's Works. 


History and Topography: Chauney, CUit- 
St. Alban*s Abbey : Cathedrals. 
Hatfield House : jRo6tfisofi. 

Egyptian, &c. : Burton, CfutmpoUion, 
Hammer, HorapoUo, Landseer, Lep- 
sius, Mycerinus, Pauthier, Prtekatd, 
Foun^... Astle, Salt, Spineto. 
Chaldean: Landseer. 

See Language. 

See also Egypt (Antiquities and Descrip- 

Himalaya Mountains: Eraser, Mooreroft. 

HiNDOSTAN : see India. 


On the Study of, &c. : Dufresnoy, Green- 

tDood, Mably {(Euvres)... 'Sicoha. 
Historical Dictionaries: see Dictionaries 
(Historical), and Biography (Dic- 
Universal : Batly, Blair, Bolingbroke {vol, 4.), 
Bossuet, Dunbar, Heame, Keightley, 
Ralegh, Rotteck, Schlegel, Tytler, Uni- 
versal History, Vincent, Volney {vol. 7)... 

Tables of: Buret, Lavoisne. 
Ancient: Diodorus, Justinus, Malalas, 
Polybius... Folyhiwi, Solinus. — ^Byzan- 
tine Historians, Bossuet {vol. 85), 
Drummond, Heeren, Ralegh {roL 2-7)* 
Universal, Voimey {vol. 1, and vol, 
5-6)...Kenrick, Niebuhr, RoUin. 
its Connexion with Sacred History : Pri- 
deaux, Russell, Shuckford, Turner, 
Modern : Annuaire Hist., A nnual Register, 
Historical Register, Zencr... Schlosser. 
xvm. Century: Xcim^fy...Schlo6ser. 
Lectures on: Arnold, Smyth... JSlernxDMH, 
See also under Europe. 
See Chronology. 
of Qvilintion : Qwuot. . .Giiixot> Macgregor. 



HISTORY, VmvwB&AL,—^(mHwued:—' 

(Eoclesiastioal) : see Chribtianitt. 
(Literary) : see Litekatube. 
(Military) : see Militabt. 
(Naval) : see Navy. 

History: Univ. Hist, {Modem, vol. 27-8.) 
Tours and Descriptions : Fortter, Holland, 

Rtynolda {vol. 2)...Brereton, Peroeval. 

See Nethsrlands. 

Holt Land : see PALEsmnE. 

Hom(EOPatht: Dunsford. 

Hobse (The) :...Yoiiatt. 

Hospitals — Lazarettos: Howard. 

Huguenots: History during xvi. Centuiy: 

Hungary : Hohcneger, Moknike, SUchenyi, 

History : . . .Schwandtnerus. 

Travels and Descriptions : Bright, Pardoc, 
Huns (The)— History : Dt Guignea. 

HuNTERTAN ORATIONS: 1838, Troners; 1889, 
Stanley; 1840, Green ;...lSi6, Lawrence; 
1849, Hawkins. 

Hunting: 0;>puzniM...Markham. 

Huntingdon — Heraldic Yiaitation:... Ellis. 

Huntingdon Peerage : Bell {H. N). 

Husbandry : see Agriculture. 

Hussites (The) — History of: Lenfant. 

Htdrauucs: Beaufoy, Belidor. 

Hydropathy, or Cold Water Cure : Claridge, 
Wilton. . .Bushnan. 

Hydrostatics: Ferguson, Whewell..Moaelej, 


History : Jotuu, Scripta. 
Travels and Descriptions: Barrow, Hen- 
derson, Hooker, Macketizie, 

Ichthyology: Buffon (Lacepide), Cuvter, Du- 

(British): FarreM... Alder, Forbes. 
(Indian) — Ceylon: Bennett. 

of Dukhun: Sykes. 
The Conger Eel:...Prevo8t. 
Fossil Fuh : see Fossils. 

Idolatry: see Mythology. 



Ancient: Anriantu, Afatirice. 

(Commercial) : Heeren, Bobertson {vol. 8), 
General (Hindoo and Mahomedan) : Dow, 
Elpkinttone, Maffei, Mav/rice. 
before Mahomedan Invasion : Sykes. 
Mahomedan or Mosul Empire: DeOuignes, 
Univ. Hist, {modem, vol. 4-6). 
its foundation :...Baber'8 Memoirs, 
to Akbar and Jehanguire (1615): Fe- 

rishta, Price. 
temp. Aurungzebe (1660-1707): Dow, 

(1700-1800): Briggs. 
European Establishments in : Raynal, Univ. 

Hist. {Modem, vol. 8-9). 
Portuguese Empire in : Camoens. 
British Empire in: Gleig, Malcolm, MiU, 
TAomtof»...MacFarlaiie, Mill. 

INDIA, History (British Empire), — amtinued: — 

1746-61: Orme. 

1784-1823: Malcolm. 

1799-1808: Asiatic Annwd Begitier, 

1800, &c. : Mahratta War, &c. : WdUsley, 

under Marquess of Hastings (1813-18) 

See also Militaby Histoby. 

Punjab (The). 
Sikh Power :...HiigeL Prinsep, Shahamat 
Cutch: Bumes. 
Gujerat: Bird. 
Rajpoot States: Tod. 
Deccan, or Central India : Maiedhn. 
(South) : 

Mysore: Michctud. 
Hydur AH and Tipu Sultan :... Miles. 
The East India Company : Morea/u, ParUa- 
ment imports). 
Laws relating to: India, 

(French) : . . . Aguesseau (vol. 10), Buny. 
Travels and Descriptions : Bacon (T.), Bemier, 
Federmcmn, Hakluyt {vol. 2 cmd 5),PiMr' 
ton {vol. 8), Purchas {vol. 1, book 4-5), 
Skinner, KoZenfia... Hoffineister, Yalle... 
Herbert (in Addenda). 
Early Voyages : Vincent. 
(North) : 
Punjab and Himalayan Provinces: 
Frtuer, Moorcroft...'EugeA, Manon, 
Mooltan, Steinbach, Yigne. 
Sinde: Bumes, Pottinger. 
Upper Provinces : Forster, Heber, 
(Central) : 

The Mahrattas : . . .Broughton. 
(South): HdHtr. 
Mysore, Malabar, &c. :... Buchanan. 
Antiquities: Maurice. 
Manners and Customs : . . . Adand. 
Scenery, Costumes, &c. : Grindlay. 
Statistics, Geography, &c. : BjOmt^jema, 
Hamilton, Boyle, Thornton. 
The Deccan : Sykes. 
Gujerat: Bird. 
Geography: Hamilton. Renndl. 
Sailing Directory : . . .Horsburgh. 
Steam Commxmication : Steam, 
Overland Route :...StaveIey. 
Trade with England : Mun, 
Land Tax : Bnggs. 

Religion, Superstitions, &c. 

St^ under Mythology (Hindu). 
See Transections, p. 313. 

(See Tract Catalogue, p. 439, and Sufplb- 
ment, p. 223). 

See Afghanistan, Ceylon. 
Trans-Gangetic : see Burmese Empibb, Sl4M, 

The East India Islands. 

History: Crawfurd, HamiUan, 

Voyages to: AaUy {vol. 1), HaJdujfi {yd. 
5), Pinkertcn {vol, 11)... Jukes. 

Dutch Establishments in — History :...Dii 

Mindanao, lolo, &c. : Combes. 

Pelew Islands : Keate. 

Sumatra — History: Marsden. 

Java — History: Baffles. 



INDIA, East Ikdia Islands, — conHnved: — 

Borneo:... Borneo, Keppel, Mundy. 
(See Tract Cataloouk, p. 414). 

Indiak Ocban . 

Navigation of : . . . Horsburgfa. 

by the Ancients : Nearchus, Vincent. 
CairentB of: JUnnell. 

Ikdians (North American) : see Amkrioa. 

Inflammation — Physiology of: Travert. 

Inquisition (The Spanish): Mautre, PtUgblanch. 


Insanitt: Fortter, Ldut... ConoUy, Esquirol. 
on the Plea of, in Criminal Cases : Wint- 

Lunatic Asylums : (/Aarce2^y...Conolly. 

Collections of, with Descriptions. 
Arabic: Chwry, 6frey...Hogg. 
Egyptian : see Hikroolyphios. 
Greek and Latin in Egypt: Letrcnne, 
• Greek: Boeckh, Xe^(mn«...Bangab6, Rose. 
Latin : Oerrard, Grcevius, Oruterut, Le- 
troTme, MorceUus, Muratori, OreUiua 
...Visconti, Wordsworth. 
Mediaeval and Northern : . . . Anckelmannus. 
Enfflish — Monumental : Wtevtr, 
See Marblks. 

Insbots (Natural History of) : see Entomoloot. 
Inburancb : . . . Insurance Companies. 
(Marine): Park. 
See also Assurance (Life). 

Interest: Baily, Hardy. 

Inventions and Discoveries — History: Beck- 
man, Buret, Pancirollus...Deioe. 

lONA — ^Antiquities : . . .Graham. 

Ionian Islands : Oijfard. . . Lee. 


History, Ancient: Grace, Moore, 0* Conor, 
(y Flaherty, Ware ... Clyn, Ireland, 
since the Conquest by Henry n. : Cam- 
den, Cox, II olinshed, Ireland, Ldand, 
Moore, Mtugrave, Univ. Hitt. (Mo- 
dem, vol. 42), Wakefield... CuTTj, 
temp. Elizabeth : Spenter (vol. 8). 
Rebellion, 1641-60: Clarendon, Temple, 
1798: Cloney, Temple. 
See also Aylofe, Boulter, Dariet, Petty. 
Historical Antiquities: Betham, Clanri- 

carde, Gvich, Milner, Ware. 
(Ecclesiastical): Collier, Lanigan.,M»sit, 
Irish Bishops : Ware. 
Irish Church Question : Z^trit... Smith. 
See... Parliament, Songs. 
Topography and Descriptions : Barrow, 
Beeverell, Dymmok, Oiraldut, Grote, 
Kingdey, Noel, Payne, Pinkerton 
(vol. 3), FbuTi^... Brewer, Kingsley, 
Dictionaries: Carlisle, Oorton. 
The Round Towers :...Petrie. 
Statistios, Political Accounts, &c.: Bea/u- 

IRELAND, Statistics, iLc.,—c<»Uinued:— 

numt, Bicheno, Doyle, Kendall, Law- 
rence, Leahy, Lewii, Martin, Morean, 
Page, Sadler, Smyth, WUdwcMt ... 
Caird, Foster, Greville, Ireland, Kane, 
Manners, Smith. 

Inland Navigation : Williams. 

Absenteeism: M organ... Yenikssr. 
(See Tract Catalogue, p. 440-4, and 
Supplement, p. 224-7.) 

Irish Archjeolooical Societt — Publications : 


Bamquet of Dun Na N-Gedh Donovan. 

CormaoanEigecu, Circuit of Ireland Donovan. 

Dymmok, Trtatite of Ireland Butler. 

Oraee, Annalet Hibernioe Butler. 

Mvltifeman Awiudi Smith. 

^Donovan's Trtbn of QKeUy't 

Payn^9DeacriptionqfIreland,15S9 Smith. 

Statute qf £dw. in Hardiman. 

(In Supplement.) 

Clyn and Dowling Annals Butler. 

Church, Dublin. 

Hy-fiachrach, or O'Dowda's Coun- 
try 0*Donovan. 

Nennius' Chronicle, Irish Version Herbert. 

O'Flaherty's West Connaught ... Hardiman. 

Iron and Steel — Papers on :...Mushet. 

Iron Mask (The Prisoner called the) — History: 
Dover... Craufiird, St. Mihiel.. 

Isinglass — Production of, in India : RoyU. 


History (General): Botta, Denina, Guie- 

ciardini, Leo, Muratori, Univ. Hid. 

(^odem, vol. 22-8)...Italy (Archivio), 

Mariotti, Saint- Marc. 

Ancient Inhabitants: Campanoari, Mi- 

Mediaeval Republics: Muratori, Sis- 

under Napoleon : Botta. 
(Literary) : see Literature (Italy). 
Historical Antiquities : Lami, Muratori. 

See also Antiquities. 
Travels and Descriptions: Beckford, BeU, 
Burnet, Chastre, CluUeaurieux, Conder, 
Cramer, Eustace, Forsyth, Hoare, 
Linton, Moore {vol. 2), Pinkerton (vol. 
5), Rose, Spon, Valery, Venice, Wea- 
therhead...QinxLde»XL, Whitedde. 

Pelasgic Remains in : Dodwdl. 
Magna Grscia:...Wilkin8. 
The City of the Aurunci:...Daubeny. 
Geography and Climate. 

(Ancient): C/tfr0rtfw...Rothman,Walcke- 
Antiquities : see Antiquities, Art, &c 
Frescoes of Churches and Palaces in:... 
Giotto's Chapel : Calcott. 
See also Naples, PnmiroNT, PoMPEn, 
Rome, Sardinia, Sictlt, Tuscany, 
(Ancient) : see Etruria, Romk 
(See Tract Sufflemknt, p. 227.) 



Jacobinism — Histoid: Barrvd, 
See Fbance (Revolution). 

Jamaica — History : Long (E.) 
Natural History : Sloane. 
Deportation of Lecesne and Escoffeiy from : 

See West Indies. 

Japan — History: Kcempfery Tittingh, 
Descriptions: Pxnkerton (vol. 7). 

Java — History: Raffles. 

JiBSET — ^Descriptions : Hooper. . . Falle. 

See... Criminal Code. 


Travels and Descriptions: Chateavhriand 
{vol. 8-9), Menniher, Hogg, Maun- 
History of the Temple : Reynolds. 
Church of the Holy Sepulchre:... Willis. 

See Palestine. 

Jesuits (The). 

History : . . . Cretineau-Joly, Ravignan. 
their Fall in the 18th Centurjr: lyAletn- 

bert {vol. 5)...Craufurd, Samt Priest. 
Biography (British) :... Oliver. 


History — see Bible (History of), John, 

Joaephtu, Lewie, MUman, Prideaux, 

Ruuell, ^uckford, Universal Hist, 

{vol. 2-8)... Newman. 

under Roman Dominion:... Salvador. 

from the time of Our Saviour : BcLsnagt. 

See also Ben Israel, Brett, Norris. . .Prynne. 
Views of Judaism : Adam, D* Israeli, Gres- 

Removal of Jewish Disabilities : (see Tract 
Supplement, page 228.) 
Jurisprudence : see Law. 

Kamtchatka — Travels: Cochrane. 


Topography and History: Hcuted, Smith 
{J. R.), Streatfeild...Qi[^m. 
Roman Antiquities : Somner. 
Pedigrees : . . .Berry. 
Hus^mdry : . . . Markham. 
Maidstone, Charters, &;c. of:... James. 
Tunbridge Wells: Britten. 

See Canterburt. 


Kingly Office and Right of Succession : 

Royal Supremacy :...Pusey (in Addenda), 

and Tracts (Ath. Coll. vol 805). 
Royal Prerogative : Allen, 
in Scotland: Buchanan. 

See Coronation. 
KissnroEN — On its Sources, ftc. :...Oranville. 

Knighthood — History: Mills. 

See Heraldry. 
KOORDISTAN, Residence in : . . .Rich. 

Labour — Organization and Right of:... Ban- 
field, Blanc, Chevalier, Du&ure, Dupin, 
Faucher, France (page 62), Qirardin, 
Lamartine, Proudhon, Thiers, Thomas. 

See Socialism. 

Labouring Classes — History: Eden, 

Condition and Claims:... Chevalier, Helps, 

(See Tract Supplement, page 229.) 

Lakes (The): Oilpin, Leigh... lakea, 

Lancashire — Historr and Antiquities: Gregson. 
Manchester: Whitaker, 
Whalley, Clitheroe, and Cartmell : Whi- 

LANQUAQE (including Grammars). 

Dictionaries of: see DicnoNARiss. 

Works on Universal Grammar, and th« 
Origin of Language: Addwng, Feam, 
OeUlin {MoiuU Primitif, vol. 8-4), 
Harrises Works, Hermann, Monboddo, 
Smart, Tocike, Wilkins ... Grammar, 
Schlegel, Wel8ford...Gilbart, Hugo (m 

Comparative Tables and (Grammars : Ade- 
Itmg, Balbi, Bopp, Bosworth, GaJUi, 
Hervas, Humboldt, Marsden... Boipp. 
European: Jfurray...Biondelli. 

See also Ethnography. 

Words (on the Senses of) : Alciaius, FitM- 

gerald, Pompeius, Potter, 
Ancient Alphabeits : Hammer, 
On Punctuation : . . .Day. 


Dissertations, &c on: i?ieAar«2icm...Dayidii^ 

Richardson, Schlegel. WahL 
The European Alphabet applied to : 
Volney {vol. 8) ... Marsden (in Ad- 
Hebrew : Bate, Volney {vol. 8). 

Grammar : Marcus, Philippe . . . Alpha- 
Arabic :...Assaad. 

Grammar : Sacy, Volney {vol, 8). 
Remains of, in Danish and Portuguese : 
Persian — Grammars: Ibraheem, Jones {W,) 
{vol. 2). 
Zend — Grammar: Bopp, 
Armenian — Grammar : . . . Aubher ^ Ad- 
Tartar: Remusat,. 
Turkish — Grammar : . . .Davids. 
Sanscrit: Adelung. 

Grammar: Bopp, Wilkins, Wilson, 
Hindu — ^Alphabets: Harkness, 
Bengali — Grammar: Houghton, 
East Indies:... Marsden (in Addenda). 

Kawi Language of Java : Humboldt { W,) 
Chinese: ... Bric^;man, Callery, Davis, 

Australian — Dialects: Orey, 

Grammar: ThreUceld. 
Polynesian : . . .Belcher. 

Egyptian — Grammar : Champollum, Tat' 
Greco-Egyptian Papyrus: Reucens. 
Ancient E^ptian Texts : SalvolinL 
Abyssinian — ^The Aboriginal Tribcm : Salt, 
Sahara (Desert of) — ^Touarick and Gha- 
damsi : . . .Richardson. 
Greek: Critical Works: Budcnu, Butlman/nt 



LANGUAGE (EvBOnA:s),— continued:^ 

Donaldson . . . PhrynichuB . . . Donaldson 
and Mure (in Addenda). 
Grammars: Bopp, Fabritiiu, Pitcher, 
QrcBccBf AfoMAu?. . . Amerotius, Lobeck. 
Metres: Brcwe, TaJte. 
Pronunciation: Pennington. 
Romaic, or Modem Greek — Granmiars: 

Hartf Lowndes... hMcariB. 
Latin :...Pompeiu8, Donaldson, Key. 
Grammars: Bopp, Scheller, Zumpt. 
Metres: Hermann. 

Pronunciation of the Romans :...DreBs- 
Etruscan: Bava, Land. 
Italian: Bembo (vol. 10-12), Cinonio, Vene- 
roni... Hemao. 
Tuscan: BwomnuUtei. 
Corsican : Benson (R.) 
Spanish: Aldrete, Gramatica. 

Alphabet of the Primitive Language... 

" Letras Desconocidas": . . .Velazquez. 
Remains of Arabic in : Weston. 
Portuguese — Grammar : . . . Vieyra. 
Remains of Arabic in : Weston. 
Romance: Lewis, Raynouard. 
Proven9al: Schlegel. 
Patois of Montpellier :...Tandon. 
Norman French — Trouvdres of the 12th 

Oentury : . . .Raynouard. 
French: ^arftcuan... Leber (vol. 14). 
Grammar: Oirault-Durivier, Levizac. 
Pronunciation: Thierry. 
Synonymes: Jtoubaud... Qmzot. 
Celtic : Bullet, Davies. 
Lish: Connellan. 
Early British : Lhuyd. 
Anglo-Saxon — Grammars : Bosworth, /u- 

nius, Mask, Saxon. 
English — History : Chambers, Ellis's Speci- 
mens... lAtham. 
Grammars : Murray, Smart . . . Cobbett, 

Latham, Lowth. 
Critical and Etymological Works : Peam, 
Jtidiardson, TeUbot, Thomson... TaX- 
bot, Welsford. 
The English Verb:...Pickboum. 
S3monyme8:...Crabb, Taylor (W.) 
Popular Phrases : Ker. 
Provincialisms; Orose. 
Herefordshire: Glossary. 
Scandinavian: Jlickes. 
Gothic — Grammar: Bopp. 
German — History : . . . Grimm. 

Grammars: Bopp, Orimm, Noehden, 
TroppanegeVy fFe0ton...Boileau, Heil- 
ner, Troppaneger... Becker (in Ad- 
German-English Analogies : . . .Thomson. 
Connexion of the Germanic Tongues: 
Lapponic: Ihre. 
Livonian : . . .Parrot. 
Hungarian: Bowring. 

Indians (Chippeway) : MacKenney. 
See also DicrnoNARiBS, Hiebooltfrics, 


Languxdoc, Remarks on : Boddington, 
Lapland — Travels: Brooke, 


See also Legislation. 

Principles of Jurisprudence : AusHn, Meijer, 

^Grecian) : Butler (C.) 
(Roman or Civil) : Ulpianus, TheodotiiMus, 
Juaiinianus. — Butler (C), Bynher- 
slioek, Heineccius, Manviius...Co]qu- 
houn, Long...Ague8Beau (in Addenda), 
in the Middle Ages : Satngny. 
(Feudal and Noethern) : Btaler {C.\ 
Assises de Jerusalem : . . .Jerusalem, 
of the Gk)ths, Saxons, Angli, &c. : Lin- 

denhrogius, Wilhins (Nieolson). 
of the Franks : Balmius (Oapitularia). 
of the Alemanni : . . .Sdiilter. 
Judicial Institutions of Europe : Meyer. 
See also below. Laws of Particular Na- 
Bodies or Systems of: Pithceus, Van-Espm 

...Bullarium Romanum. 
Works on: Butler {C), Walter. 
See also Church, Councils. 

Abyssinian Church — Apostolic Consti- 
tutions, a.d. 800 : PlaU, 
France :...Pithou. 

Reformed Churches : Qmck, 

England : Ayliffe's Parergon, Bum, 

CardweU, (^bson, Ho^ceT, Lynde- 

wood... Bum. 

Provincial Constitutions : Lyndewood. 

Reformation of Ecdes. Laws, temp. 

Henry vni. : . . . Ecclesiastical. 
Scheme of Bishoprics : Henry vm. 
Ecclesiastical Courts : BcdesiasUeal, 
Haggard, Phillimore, Wilberforcs 
(/2. /.) 

Law of Nations: Bynkershoek, Davenant, 
Ihtmont, Orotius,, Mably {(Euvres), Mac- 
kintosh {vol. 1), Mia, Puffendorf, Sdden 
(vol. 1), VaUd, Ward (R,), Wemckius, 

Collection of Trials relative to : Martens. 

On Neutrality : Pumeaux. 

See also Diflomact, Treaties. 

(Criminal) : HucpStiaux , , . law. Turner. . . 
Beccaria (in Addenda). 

See also Death (Punishment of,) 
(Maritime and Commercial) : Seldeni Opera 
(vol. 2, p. 2)...Balda8seroni. 
Laws of Oleron : . . .Luders. 
Sea Shores : Hall. 

Laws of Particular Nations. 
England (General) — ^Dictionaries: Jacob, 
Tomlins. . .Cowel. 
Journals : Jurist, Law Mag., Law Review, 
History: Reeves... Dngdale. 
Commentaries on, Abridgments, &c : 
Bacon(M.),Blackstone, Coke, Cooper, 
(C. P.), Portescue, Hargrave, HAbes 
(vol. 6), Long, Seldenus (Pitta), 
iSltepften ...Bracton, Coke, Luders, 
Prynne, Spelman. 



LAW, Laws op Pabticulab Nations (Eng- 
land), — continued : — 

Ancient Laws : Records {p. 260) 
Welsh: Wotton. 

Venedotian Code : Wales. 
Anglo-Saxon: Anglo-Saxon, WUkins, 
Laws of William I. : . . .Kelham. 
Magna Charta : Blackstone. 
Charter of the Forest : Blackstone. 
Statute Law, Codification, &c. : Statutes 
at Large, Bentham, J)warris, Meijer. 
Constitutional Law : . . . Bowyer. 
Common Law : Wingate. 

History:... Hale. 
Criminal Law : Bentham, Disney, Boscoe 

...Criminal Code. 
Conveyancing: Stewart (J). 
Copyright: Lowndes. 
Debtor and Creditor : . . . Elliott. 
Evidence: Bentham, Harrison... ^kesi, 

Game Laws : Chitty. 
Grants and Resumptions : Davenant, 
Juries: Stanhope. 
Legacies: Lowndes. 
Military : . . .Napier. 
Parish: Bum, Dalton...Vjynne. 
Property (Real): Burton {W. U.) 

(Personal) : Long. 
Tenures : Wright. 

(Copyhold) : . . . Porster. 
its present Condition, Reform, &c.: 

Miller, Stewart... Troyrer. 
On the Use of French in our ancient 

Law Courts: Courts. . . Dugdale, Haughton. 
Soothmd — Law of Entails in : Sandford, 


France — Ancient Laws, &c. : Baluzitu, 
France {p. 120)... Leber (vol. 4). 

Ordonnances des Rois : . . .France. 

Arrets de la Cour du Roi : Olim. 

Criminal, Civil, and Commercial ... 

Maritime : . . . Luders (Oleron). 
Normandy — Coutumes: Normandie, 
Sicily — Public Law : . . .Grefforio. 
^Mtin: Asso, Marina, Spain, 
Cfermany : . . . Grimm. 

The Caroline Code : Cfermany. 

Code, 1787:... Germany. 
Prussia — Codes: Mannkopff. 

Hindoo: Haughton, Janes (W.) {vol. 8). 
Mahometan Law of Inheritance: Jones 

{W.){vol. 3). 
Chinese — Penal Code : China, 

(American): America. 

Commentaries on : ir(m^... Kent, Story. 

Latoock Abbey : Bowles. 

LXABNINO — On Ancient and Modem: Swift's 

Works {vol. 11), Temple's Works {vol. 8), 


Leases— Tables of: Baily. 

Leeds — History and Topography: Whitaker 


Legislation — ^Treatises on : Bentham, Bonald, 
Constant, Filangieri, Oodwin, 

See also Law. 

Leicestebshibe — History and Antiquities:... 

Cham wood Forest : . . . Potter. 

Levant — Voyages into the: Burgess, Haasd' 
gruist, Shaw, Toumefort. 

See also Palestine. 

Lexicons: see Dictionabies. 

Libebtt of the Pkess: MiU, Milton's Prott 

Libbabies (Accounts of): see Bibliogbafht, 

Life : see Diet. 

Life Tables: Edmonds... 'WiUQifAi, 
Law of Mortality : Milne. 

See also Annuities, Assubanoe. 

Ligaments (on) : Cooper (B. B.) 

Light (Laws of) : see Optics. 

Lighthouses — Accounts o^ — The Eddystone: 

Skenyvore : . . .Stevenson (A.) 
Bell Rock:... Stevenson (R.) 
Northem Lighthouses : . . . Stevenson (R.) 
Ventilation of Lighthouse Lamps : Faircb' 

Lightning — On damage to the Navy by: 
/Tarrw... Harris. 
Effects of Thunderbolts since 1676:... 


LiNCOLNSHiBE — Views : Howlett. 

The Cathedral, Architecture and Sculpture 

of:... Wild. 
Grantham — History : Howlett (Twmor.) 

LmooLN's lNN:...Spibbury (in Addenda). 

LlsLE (Barony of) — Proceedings on:... Nicolas. 

LITERATURE— History and Criticism ot 

(Genebal): Andres, Eichhom, Quadrio, 
SchUgel (i!'.)...Gra88e, Works of the 
Middle Ages (5-15 Cent.) : BeringUm, 
— (9-12 Cent.) : Ma/iOomd. 

15th to 17th Cent : Hallam. 
Modem European : i;u:AAom...Sch]o8Ber. 
South of Europe : Sismandi. 
Ecclesiastical Writers : Cave ... Dopin 

Poetry: Quadrio. 

Since the 13 Cent. : Bouterwek. 
— 16Cent.:...Grfta8e. 
Romantic Fiction : Dwnlop. 

in France and England : Ellis, 
Literary Anecdotes, &c.: Beloe, Comey, 
Crenius, J/Isrculi, King, Schdhom^ 
18 Cent. : Nichols. 
Critical Journals, Criticisms, Ac. : Baittet, 
BiUioth^ques, Classical JotMiud, Jour- 
nal des Sarants, Le C^erc... Works of 
the Learned (and the various Literary 

s s 



lJTERATUKE,-H;on^»««i .— 


Greek— Ancient: 3fttWer...Mure (in Ad- 
Epic Poetry: Coleridge, P. ScUegd (vol, 

Roman— to the Augustan Age:...Dunlop. 
Anglo-Saxon: Conybeare, Wright. 
English: Chambers, D'Isradi, PiUeus, Re- 
trospective Review. 
Poetry: Campbell, Ellis, PtUtenham, 
WarUm . . . Campbell, 
temp. Elizabeth and James I. : CoUier. 
Mediaval writers of English History:... 

Comic Writers : Haditt. 
See also Bibliography (English). 
Scottish : Melville, RiUon. 
French: Pi-aiice (Hvft. Litter.), Oottjet... 
Ampdre, Ch6nier, Craufurd, Fauchet, 
Proven9al and of the Troubadours : Ray- 
nouard, Sainte-Palaye, Sismondi... 
Fauriel, Schlepl. 
Middle Ages : . . . Villemain. 
xvin. Century: Barante, GWwTO...Ba- 

Poetry:... Fauchet, Sainte-Beuve. 
Italian: Andrea, Corniani, Oinguin^, Si^- 
m/ondi, Tiraboschi...M.9,noiti. 
xvin. Century: Lombardi. 
Poetry: CreacimJbeni, Mendni, Muratori, 
of Corsica : Benson (R.) 
Spanish: Beaivea, Bouttrwek, Sismondi... 
Lampillas, Ticknor. 
Poetry : . . .Vega (Wiffen). 
Portuguese: BoiUerwek, Sismondi. 
North of Europe : Hickes. 
Icelandic :...B4ih. 
German: ff«n«t«...Menzel. 

Poetry: Taylor {W.)...Oerym\iM, Turgot 
(vol. 9). 
Russian: Otto. 
Hungarian: Bowring, 
Polish: Bowring. 

Eastkbn: Marsden, Richardson... Wahl. 
Hindoostanee: Tassy. 
Chinese: Davis, Kidd. 
See also Biblioorapht, Drama, Lan- 
guage, POBTBT. 

LITURGIES: Taylor (J.) (vol. 7)...Mant. 

(Primitive): Palmer. 
(Greek) : . . .Irenseus (in Addenda), 
of the Church of England: Common 

History and Antiquities : Berens, Palmer. 
Illustrations of : WheaOey. 
Conferences on its Revision, 1568-1690: 
Ancient Liturgies of Sarum, Bangor, &c. : 

Ancient Printed Service Books:... Dickin- 
son (in Addenda). 
Prayers, Henry vni. :... Primers. 
Prayer Book of Edward vi. : . . .Litur^. 
Consecration Services:... Barrett (m Ad- 

LITURGIES,— <?<m«MM*ed .•— 

of the English Church at Geneva: Common 

(See also Tract Supplement, p. 230.) 

Lives: see Biography. 
LoouBTS: Ludolfus. 
Logarithms: Euclid. 

LOGIC— Elements, Systems of, &c. : ^f^f^ 
Bosanquet, HaugfUon, Kant (vol. 1),J^ 
nitz (7ol. 2), MiU, MiUon^sPr^ WoHcs 
1 (vol. 2), Smart, Watts (vol. 5), Whatdy... 

Smart, Whewell. 
See also Mbtaphtsics, Obatort, Rhe- 

LONDON. . . . 

History and Topographical Antaquitiei: 
Brayley, Lockie, Maitland, MaMm, 
Pennant, Stow ... London (Knight's) 
(in Addenda). 
(Parochial): Newcourt. 
The Environs: Lysona. 
The Tower: Bayley. 
St. Paul's Cathedral : Dugdale, 
St. Martin's-le-Grand:...Kempe. 
The Temple Church : -BiW*nj^«. 
Chronicle of the Customs of: Arnold. 
Table of the Mayors (1189-1558): 

Lord Mayors' Pageants:.. Fairholt. 
Songs and Ballads relative to:... Songs. 
The Plague of:... Defoe, Vincent. 
The Fire of:... Vincent. 
Hand Books: Leigh... C wnj i mgh a m . 
Hollar's View of: XoiMiw. 
Architectural Improvements of the wett 

Part: Smirke. 
Statistics, &c. 

Trade of the Port of: Colqukoun, Par- 
liament (Reports). 
Police: Colquhoun. 
Climate: Howard (L.) 
Charities : Arrivabene, Brownlow, 

Low Countries (The). 

See Belgium, Holland, Flanders, Ne- 

Lunacy: seelNSANnr. 
Luton Park— The Chapel: Shaw. 
Ltcia : see Asia Minor. 
Lyons— History, during the French Revolution : 


Economy of: Bahbage. 
See Mechanics. 

Mad Houses : see Insanity. 


System : Defoe (voL 12). 
See Apparitions, WrrcHCRAiT. 

(Natural): Brewster. 
Magna Charta : Blackstone. 




Treatises on:... Cavallo, Haiighton, Reich- 
enbach...Reichenbach (in Addenda). 

Magnetic Observations: Quetelet, Sabine 
...Broun, Scoresby. 
At Baltimore, &c. : Baehe, 

Magnetic Affection of Light:... Faraday. 

Magnetic Condition of Flame and Gas:... 

See also Electbicitt, Mbtioboloot. 

(Animal): see MssMEBiSM. 

Maotabs : see Hungabt. 


(Accounts of): Adam (JR.), Butler (C), 
Martyn. . .Ockley. 

Biography of Mahomet and his Successors : 
Univer. Hist. (Modem, vol. 1)... Ma- 
homet, Ockley. 

Maitland Club — Publications: Machay'a Me- 
moin. . . Cochrane's Correspondence. 

Malabab, History of the Church of: Oeddei. 

Maxmaua and Quadbufeds: Buffon, Owner, 

British : BeU (T.) 

Dukhun: Sykee, 

Brachiopoda: Broderip, 

The Camel: Adam, 
See ZooLOOT. 

Man (Isle of). 

Antiquities: Johnstone. 
Descriptions: iSoftertaon... Macculloch. 


Origin and Prospects of:... Hope. 
Prc^g^ress of: see SocnsTT. 
Physical and Natural History of: Prichard 

Manchssteb — History of: Whitaher. 
Manicheism — History: Beausobre, 
Manniss: see Societt. 


Journals: Firvuac, Repertory of Arte, 

Technical Repot. 
Dictionary: Ure. 
Works on: Aihin, Bahbage, 
Mechanical Arts : Young {T,) 
Foreign Schools of Design : . . .Dyce. 
Frendi Exposition : . . . Wyatt. 
The Factory System : . . . Green. 
The Cotton Manu&cture : Slater. 
Woollen Manu&cture : Biachoff, Moreau, 
Cal ico Printing : . . . Persoz . 
Potteries :...Brongniart...Marryat (in Ad- 
Glass :...Pellatt (in Addenda). 

Maps: see Atlases. 


Ancient : British Museum. 
Arundelian : . . .Chandler. 
Xanthian : . . . Fellows. 
Parian and Rosetta : . . . Historicorum. 
See Inscriptions. 

MABiTmE: see Navt. 

Mab-Pbelate Contbovebst : ... Mar-Prelate, 

Mabquxsas Islands — Residence in:... Melville. 


The Law, &;c., of: i8%«(/br(2...Quetel6t. 
Royal Marriage Act : SUmestreet, 
With a deceased Wife's Sister: ... Hopc^ 

(See also Tbagt Supp. p. 233.) 
Mass (Sacrifice of the) : Rock, 
Matebla Medica : see Medicine. 

MATHEMATICS: H6hbes (vol. 4-5), ffutton, 
Leibnitz (vol, 2), Mathematics, Newtcni 
Opera (vol, 1), Pascal (vol. i), McUhemaHa 
...Christie, Wallisii Opera. 
History: Montucla. 

in Italy : Libri, 
Journal of: Ferussac. 

See also Aloebba, Abithmetio, Geohxtbt, 
Tbioonometbt, Diffebbntial Cal- 

Maubttius (The)— Description : De Ouignes. 

Matnooth College : (see Tbactt SuppLEiaQfT, 
p. 284.) 

MECHANICS: Bridge, Ferguson, Hales, Pois- 
son, WheweU, Willis (R), 
Statics: ^a^...Moseley. 
applied to the Arts:...MoBeleY. 
Journals: Franklin Journal, Mechania^ 

Mechanical Arts : see Manufactubxs. 
See Mathematics. 

Medals : see Coins and Medals. 


Works on : Galenvs, Hippocrates, Hqfinam' 

Essays, Notes, &c. on: Billing, Orichton, 

CfranvUle, Hawkins, Holland, Hosads, 

Petiigrew. . .Mayo. 
Dictionaries: Blancardi, Forbes, 
Journals : Dublin Medical Journal, FSrus- 

sac, Medico-Ohirurg. Review, Medical 

Journal... Brit, and For. Med. Review. 
Materia Medica and Pharmacy: Brande, 

OaUnus, ParM... DiosooridenB. 

(Hindoo): Royle, 

See Diseases, Suboebt, Anatomt. 
Medical Biography : Pettigrew, Physieiams. 

Meditebbanean — Voyages in : Heraud, Sand- 

Melancholt: Burton. 

Mebchant Tatlobs* School — History:... Wil- 
son (H. B.). 

Meboe, Ancient Kingdom of: Hoskins. 

Mesmebism: ... Forbes, Magnetism, Sandby, 
Scoresby, Zoist. 

in Surgical Cases: EUiotson. 
in France : . . .S. (in Addenda). 


(Ancient): Aristoteles, Monboddo, 

(Modem): Cory, Cousin, Oudworth, Des- 

cartes (vol. 1), Gruyer, Helvetius (rU, 

1-2), Hobbes, Kant, LeibniU (vol, 2), 

Malebranche^ Priestley^ Schlegel, 



METAPHYSICS (Modern),— c(W<i»i«€d; 

Tucker... Cory, Fichte, Hope, New- 
man, Tombs. 

Essays on Truth : Beattie, MaUbranche. 

Principle of Evil : Bosanqttet, Jenyns. 

Intellectual System of the Universe : Cud- 

&)iritualism in the xix. century : Gruyer, 

New Doctrines of: Snmri . . .TomhB. 

The Mind and Intellectual Powers: Aher- 
crombie, BeUham, Browny Clifford, 
Condorcet, Cousin (Maine de Biran), 
J)egerando, Feam, JIume {vol. 4), 
Locke's Works, Mill, Spinoza, Stewart 
...Hope, Reid. 

See also Ethics, Philosopht. 

METEOROLOGY: Dalton, Descartes (vol. 5), 
Mizaldus, Pr(m/...Kaemtz, Prout. 
ofDukhun: Sykes. 

Meteorological Observations: Pond, Que- 
at Makerstoun : . . . Brown, 
at Toronto :. . .Sabine. 
The Barometer :...Frod8ham, Howard. 
Winds:... Reid, Rennell. 

Law of Storms : Reid. . .Reid. 
Atmosphere: Forster (T.), Parry... Forbes. 
Climate of Britain : Howard (Zr.). 
London: Howard (L.). 
Asia: Humboldt. 

See Magnetism. 

Methodism — Rise and Progress : Wesley's Life 
(Southey)... V^esiey'6 Life (Coke and Moore) 
and Journal. 


History: Humboldt, Ward. 
The Chichimdques : Ixtliljrochitl. 
Mongul Conquest in the xui. century: 

Conquest of: Cortes, Herrera, IxtUlxo- 
chitl, Mexico, PreMott, Solis...T>'i&z. 
Revolutions of, 1808-30: Zavala. 
Antiquities: Acosta. 

Descriptions, Expeditions, Travels, &c. : 
Bullock, Fuca, Hall, Humboldt, Lyon, 
Tudor, H^ard... Ruxton. 
Yucatan: iS^e7)/Mm^...Catherwood, Nor- 
Statistics, Laws, Mines, &c. : Ward, 


Visitation of 1663: Phillipps. 
Middlesex Hospital — History : . . . Wilson. 

See London. 

Brentford:... Faulkner (in Addenda). 
Chelsea : . . .Faulkner. 
Hampstead Wells: Soame. 

MILITARY ART: Army, Cavalry, Ferussac, 
Jomini, MachiareUi (vol. 10)...Anny. 

of tiie Ancients: Frontinus, Polyoenus, 
Tacticus (^Eneas), Vegetius... YoXyhiuA 
Romans : . . .Csesar (Duncan). 
Fortification and Engineering: Belidor, 

MILITARY KKr,—'Cfmtinutd:— 

Fortification (Field) : Maeaulay. 

Militaiy Bridges : Douglas, 
Anns and Armour, Ancient : . . . Jubinal. 

English fi*om Norman Conquest:... Me j- 

Artillery : Belidor. . . Napoleon (L.). 

Platoon Exercises: Mitchell. 
Military Institutions : Padey... Thane}. 
Military Terms (Middle Ages) : — Meyri^ 


Ancient — Wars of the Mongols and Bo- 
mans: Ranking. 
Military Antiquities, Roman, in Britain : 
British Army from the Conquest: Orosc 
See Crusades. 

1415, Battle of Agincourt : . . . Nicolas. 

1555-90, &c.. Wars in Flanders and the 
Netherlands: Bentivoglio, Giuttiniano 

1618-48, The Thirty Years* War : Bottgeaut 
...Schiller (vol. 9). 

1642-9, Civil War in England: Gvynne, 

1689-91, — in Scotland and Ireland: 

1701-14, War of the Spanish Sucoesaon: 
Louis XIV., Mahon, Vault. 

1787-9, War in Bosnia (Turkey): Fraser. 

1745-61, British Military Transactions in 
India: Crme. 

1756-63, Seven Years* War: Frederick n. 
(CEuvres, vol. 3-4), Jomini, Lloyd... 

1765-83, American War:...Botta. 

1792-1801, Wars of the French Revolu- 
tion: /ommi... Bulletins. 

1796, Campaigns in India: Wellington. 

1 798-9, Campaigns in Egypt : . . .Napoleon. 

1800, &c., Mahratta War, &c.: WeUedey. 

1809, War in Germany :...Pelet. 
Campaign in Spain : Moore, 

1808-14, Peninsular War: ArgUdlet, 
DalrympU, Londonderry^ Napitr, 
Peninsula, Schipeler, Southey, SudUt, 
Toreno, Wellington . . . Bulletins. 

1812, Campaign in Russia: S^gur. 

1812-14, Campaigns: Broughton, BurgherA 

1814, Washington and New Orleans : Gleig. 

1815, Bel^um, Waterloo, &c. : Jomini, 
Napdeon, Sibome, WeUingtcn...Bol- 
letins, Gleig. 

1814-15, West Florida and Louisiana: 

1820-3, War in Spain: Pecehio, Steele, 
1824-6, Burmese War: Snodgreus, 
1836-40, Contest in Spain: Army, EtoM, 
1838-9, &c.. Campaigns in Afghanistan, 
Scinde, &c. : Dennie, Oit/ram... Ken- 
1840, Campaign of the Indus : Holdtvorth, 
1840, &c.. War in China: Belcher, Davis 

1841-2, Disasters in Afghanistan, &c., 
and Second Campaign: Eyre, Sale.., 
Allen, Gleig. 
Conquest of &inde : . . .Napier, OutrmnL 



Millennium — The Millennial Church or Shak- 
ers: Oreen. 


Dictionary: AOnn. 

Treatises: B&umon, Budkland, Bujf<m, 
Oieaecke, Ilaiiy, Jameson, Necker. 

See also Geology. 

MnfERAL Waters : Bauillon-Lagrange. 

England : Granville, New Tuiibridge WeUt. 

Bagnigge Wells :...Beyi8. 
Germany: Oranville. 

Kissingen : . . . Granville. 
Grisons, Baths of Pfeffers:... Johnson. 
Tyrol — Ems : . . .Thilenius. 
Nice: Farr, 

Mines and Mining:... Mines... Kircher and 
Mercatns (in Addenda). 
Journals: Annales de» Mines, Quarterly 

Mining Review, Taylor's Records, 
Dictionary: Ure. 

On Hindering Explosions in : Mines, 
Mines of Derbyshire : Ferber, 
Dean Forest : Sopwith, 
Laurion (Ancient Attica) : Boechh, 
Hungary: Merin, 
Mexico : Ward, 
Australia :.. .Dutton. 

See Coal Mines. 

(See Tract Supplement, p. 235.) 

Minstrelsy : see Ballads. 

Mogul Empire : see Indl^. 

Mohammedanism : see Mahomet. 

MoNAcmsM — History of Monastio Orders: 
Hdyot. . .Jameson. 
(British): Fosbroke. 

De Studiis Mona8ticis:...MabiUon (in Ad- 
See Benedict (Order of St.). 
Money: see Banking, Coins, Currency. 
Monmouthshire — Historical Tour:... Coze. 

Monograms of Painters, Engravers, &o. :... 

MoNTPENSiER MARRIAGE : . . .Utrecht. 

MONUMENTS (Sepulchral). 

Ancient : see Inscriptions. 

Mediaeval : . . . Crosnier . . . Boutell (m Ad- 

English: Q&ugh, MarJcland, Monumental 
Brasses, Stothard, Weaver ... Blore, 
Brasses, Douglas, Haines ... Boutell 
(in Addenda). 

Moon (The), Theory of: Xui&odb... Lubbock. 
See Astronomy. 

Morals: see Ethics. 

Morea (The) : see Greece. 

Mormons, or Latter-Day Saints : CcuwaU, 

Morocco — Travels and Descriptions: Brooke, 
CailU, Jackson, Lempriere, 

Mummies (Egyptian): Davidson, OrcmviUe, 

Munictpalitibs: Parliament {BowuUiry B^ 

Municipal Reform : . . . Palgrave. 

Museums: see Galleries. 


Essays on : Beattie, Descartes {vol, 5), Joa, 

Rousseau {vol, 13). 
Ancient Authors on: ... Herculaneum 

(Philodemus), Scriptores. 
Dictionary of: R!ousseau {vol. 14-15). 
History of: Bumey, Hawkins (/.) 
English Church Music:... Mason (voL 8). 
Science of Tuning : Stanhope, 

Mutiny of the Bounty : Bligh, Bownty, 

Mycerinus (Tomb of) :...Lenonnant. 

Myboeb: see India. 

Mysticism: Borger, 

MYTHOLOGY and Religions of Antiquity. 

Dictionaries of: Biographic UniverseUe 

(vol. 58-5), Lempriere... Snnih (W.) 
History, Origin, &o. : Adtun, Omuer,,, 
Fall and Destruction :...Beugnoty Tbb- 

Relations to Christianity :...Maurioe. 
Worship of the Elements : Christie, 

— Serpent: Deane, 

Hindoo: Butler {C), Frank, Mawrice, 
Wilson. . . Bjomstiema. . . Miiller, Wil- 
son (in Addenda). 
Jain Religion : . . .Stevenson. 
Banians: Lord, 

Ceylon Demonology: CalUtway, 
Japanese: Titsingh, 
Persian : . . . Hyde. 
Parsees: Lard, 
Maliometanism : Butler {C), Mahomet. 
Egyptian: Fromk, Prichard. 
Grecian and Roman : ApoUodorus, Bryant, 
BistoricB Poetica Scriptores, Mytho- 
graphi Latini, Nonnus, Orpheus ... 
Cory, Scriptores Mythograph^ Smith, 
Pictorial Antiquities of: Montfaiueon, 
Agreement of Ancient Poets aiid Artists 

in: Spence, 
Mystic Theology of the Greeks :«..Lo- 
The Druids: Davies, ffiggin»„,Ihikt, 

The Deity Teutates: Bowles, 
Icelandic or Scandinavian : Edda, 
Grundtvig, Mallet, Mone, Wogen,,, 
Riih, Tressan. 
German :... Grinmi. 

Nantes (Edict of) — History :...Benoit 
Revocation of:...Rulhidre. 

Naples — History: Costamo, Oiannone, Univer, 
Hist. {Modem, vol, 24-5)...Giannone. 

(1734-1826) :...CoUetta. 
DesoriptionB: JVapief...Ni^li. 




See France (The Consulate and Empire). 

Memoirs: AbranUs, Bourrienne, Oourgaud, 
Napoleon, Rovigo, Scott CProae Works, 
vol. 8-16), Thibaudeau, Tkitn. 
Campaign of 1812 : Sigur. 
his Court: Ooldtmith. 
at St. Helena: Las C7a«u...Montholon. 
Opinions, Correspondence, &;c. : Napoleon, 

Historic Doubts on:...Whately. 
Medab : . . .Napoleon. 

National Debt (The). 

HUtory, 1688-1800 :...Grellier. 

— 1783:. ..Price. 
Plans for its Reduction, &c. : Price, Stan- 

(See Tract Catalogue, p. 467, and Sup- 
plement, p. 237). 
See also Finance, Funds. 

National Gallery. 

Project for a: Otnlt. 
Obsisrvations on : . . . Fergusson. 
Catalogue of:...Womum. 


Journals: Ferussac, Magaziiie...Annala. 
Goieral Works on : Bacon (vol. 4), Bonnet, 

Buffon, Forster, Jesse, Plinius, JRedi. 
Dictionaries: Diciionnaire, Nemnick. 
Bibliography : Boehmer, Cobres . . . Engel- 

of the Bible : Harris, Hassdquist ... 
England — Cornwall : . . .Borlase. 
Oxfordshire : . . . Plot. 
Staffordshire:... Plot. 
Selbome : White. 
Norway : . . . Pontoppidan. 
Spain: Dillon. 
America: Oodman. 

See Botany, Gbolooy, Zoology. 

Nautilus (The Pearly) : Owen. 


Ancient, in the Indian Ocean : Vincent, 
Red Sea and Euphrates: Chesney. 
British : Locke (vol. 10), Moreau. 
^Commercial): MaccvUoch. 
^Thermometrical) : Williams (J.) 
Law of Storms, as applicable to:...Reid. 


Of the Ancients : . . . Bockh, Smith . 

France : Tupinier ... J oinville. 
Naval Discipline, Tactics, &c. : Biden, 

Douglas, Pering ...Cierk, Eardley, 

Marine Dictionaries : Falconer. . .Young. 
Naval Architecture : Trcc^oW...Chamock, 

Nautical Tables : Beaufoy. See AsTRONOifY. 
Sea Phrases— (French): Falconer. 

See Navigation. 
See Law (Maritime.) 
(See also Tract Catalogue, p. 467^ and 
Supplement, p. 237-8.) 


Wars of the Turks : Mitchell. 
Great Britain: Brenton, James, Mortem, 
Southey. . . Nicolas. 
Memoirs: see Biography (Naval.) 
English and Spanish Fleets — temp. 

Eliz. : Monson. 
1688-97, War with France :...Burchett. 
1795-1805: Nelson Dispatches. 
1813, Action of the Shannon and Che- 
8i^>eake: King. 

Nervous System : Mayo. 

Dis e as e s of: Cooke, Hunt. 

Tic Douloureux, &c. : . . .Downing. 


History : Orattan, Kampen ... Meunius 

(vol. 10.) 
Wars, &c., 1555-90, &o. : BenHvogUo, 
6ViMfiniano... Schiller, Strada. 
(Ecclesiastical): Brandt. 
Political Accounts: Kevtrberg, Temples 
Works (vol. 1.) 
Travels and Descriptions: Blaevk, Burnet, 
Holland... Baj. 

See Flanders, Holland, Belgiuic 

Nets — ^Notes on : BcUhurst. 

Newcabtle-on-Tyne — History and Antiquities : 
. . .Brand. 

New Holland : see Australia. 

New South Wales : see Australia. 

Newspapers: Newspapers. 

New Zealand. 

History: Bright (J.) 

Description: Heaphy, YTard... Collins, Fox, 

Colonization: i^i^ter... Wakefield. 
The New Zealand Company: Petre... 

New Zealand, Stokes. 
Auckland Islands : . . .Enderby. 

Nl^gara Falls — Visit : Maude. 

NiBELUNGEN LiED :...Nibelunge, Nibelungen. 
Explanation : . . . Miiller. 

Nice — Medical Guide : Farr. 

Niger (The River) — Views on : Allen. 

Works on its Course: Donkin, Lander, 
Lyon, Macqueen...A}len. 

See also Africa. 

Nile (The River)— Travels to its Source, Ac : 
.Bruce... Beke, Warburton. 
Monuments of: Oau. 

See also Egypt. 

Nineveh — on the Site of: . . .Rich. 

Monumental Remains of : ... Ainsworth, 
Layard, Porter. 

Nobility : see Peerage. 


Topographical History : Blom^field. 
Topographical Illustrations: Turner (D.)... 
Hart, Turner (D.) 
Great Tannouth : . . . Palmer. 
Attleborough Church, &o. :... Barrett ^a 




History: BenoU, Camden, Ducheaney Owl- 
laume de Jumi^e, Vital.. MictieL 

Comtes d'Eu : . . .Efltancelin. 

Caen : VaiUtier. 
Parliament : . . . Floquet. 
Laws: iVormam/ir... Normandie. 
Architectural Descriptions : Cottnan, 
Knight, WheweU. 

Coutances Cathedral : Ddamart, 

Normans in Sicily: Knight. 

NoBTHAMFTONSHiRE — ^Topography and Histoiy : 
...Baker, Whalley. 

Northern Nations: see Scandinavia. 

North Pole : see Argtio Reoions. 


History: Dunham. 
Chronicles of the Kings of : Kirchmamnu», 
Norvegicorum 72e^....Sturleson. 
Travels : Barrow, Core, Heber, Hocker 

{W. />.), latn^...Wittich. 
Natural History : . . . Pontoppidan. 
Finmark: Brooke. 

NomNOHAMSHmE — Histoiy and Antiquities : . . . 
All Saints' Church, Hawton... Place. 

Nova Scotia : see Ahxrica (North). 

Novels (Collection of English) : Barhauld, 
Early English : Painter. 

NOTON, Eglise de : . . . Vitet. 


Travels: Burckhardt, Henniker, Hoakins, 

Irby, iNTorden... Hemprich. 
Ancient Kingdom of Meroe : Hotkvna, 
Antiquities: Qau, Roadlini. 
See also Egypt, Nile. 

NuRSERT Rhtmes: Ker, i2tt«on...Halliwell. 

Ndt-Brown Maid — ^The Poem of : Arnold. 

Oaths — their Origin and History : Tyler. 

Odontoorapht : . . .Owen. 
See Teeth. 

Ofplets of Norton : HwUer. 

Olthpia (The Plain of) :... Stanhope. 

Opinions (on the Formation of) : Bailey... 

OPTICS: Barrow, Brewster, Coddington, Da- 
cariea (vol. 5), Faraday, Ferguson, Oregoriua, 
Maaerta, Newton, Smith. 

Theories of Vision : Berkeley {vol. 1), Feam 

...Forbes, Prevost, Priestlev. 
On Light:... Cooper, Faraday, Hunt. 
Difilraction : . . . Moon. 

Optical Instruments: Coddingttm, Dea- 
See Etb. 

Oratory (Ancient) : Brougham, Oratorea Ailici, 
Quintilianua. . .QuintiUanus. 

(Italian): Fontanini. 
History since 1 8th Cent. : Bouierwek. 

See Speeches, Rhetoric. 

Orders of Knighthood : see Heraldry. 

Organic Remains : see Fossils. 

Oregon TERBiTOBY:...Dufloty Dunn, Fremoiit^ 
On the Oregon Question :... Qallatin, 

Oriental Translation Fund Publications: 
Aikinaon, Belfovir, BiaUoibloUky, Bird, 
■B^9't Callaway, ColArooke, Davia, Dom, 
Dubeux (Tabari), EUiott, FlUgel, Forbea 
(Hatim Tax), Fraaer, Oayangog, Hammer 
(Evliya Efendi), Julien, Klaproth, Langloia, 
Lee {S.), Maraden, Miles, MiaceUanetma 
Trandationa, Miukeil, Neumann, PlaU, 
Price, Quatremlre, Ram Baa, Beynolda, 
Roaen, Bowlandson, Sacy, Sadik-I^ahani, 
Shea, Slane, Sprenger, Stemler, Stevenaon, 
Stewart, Tandy, Taaay, Thompaon, Titaingh, 
Wilaon. . .Stevenson. 

ORNTTHOLOGT: Brianm, Buffon, LaOam, 
Temminck, Willughby...Qo\3ld. 

Toucans and Trogons:... Gould. 

The Dodo:...Hamel. 

The Swallow: Forater. 
(British): ;SZan«v...Tarrell 
Europe:... Gould. 
Ana — Himalaya Mountains:... Gould. 

India: Sykea. 
Australia : . . . Gould. 

America: Audubon, Bonaparte, Wilaon... 

See Zoology. 


History and Antiquities: Amherai, ffeame 

{Caiua and Huttenua), Wood... Wood, 
Statutes, Privileges, &c.: 0:rforc{... Oxford, 

History of Writers educated there : Wood. 


Natural Hi8torv:...Plot. 
Topography — Ambrosden, Buroeeter, ftc. : 
. . . Kennet. 

Paganism : see Mythology. 


Treatises on. Lectures, &c. : Alberti, Bor- 
ghini, Leaaing, Opte, Phillipa, BeynMa 
(wZ. 1-2), Vinci ... Bottari, Cennini, 
Diderot (vol. 8-10), Mason (vol. 8), 
Mengs, Merrifield, Keynolds, Ricbaid* 

See Art. 
Hdodern^ : . . .Ruskin. 
Laws of Colouring: i7ay... Howard, JAk- 

rim^e, Merrifield, Stie^its. 
Anatomy of Expression : BeU. 

Fresco and other Mural Painting : LoitiUa. 
(Ancient): Lehvnne, Baoul-Bochetie... 

(Mediaeval) — Italy : . . . Gruner. 

Ptunting on Glass: />aZtot«sy...Frombeirg; 

Catalogues — ^Dutch, Flemish, and French 
Painters: Smith (J.) 

Collections of Paintings : see Gallkbub. 

History: Calcott ... Eastlake, Fiorillo, 
Gaye, Womum...Buchuian (m Ad- 



PAINTING, History,— conftiMi^d;— 

Christian Art : see Abt (Mediaeval). 
Italian Schools: Jama, Kugltr, Land, 

Ot4ley... "Rosim. 
Spanish :...Ponz, Head, Stirling. 
Flemish and German : James, Kugler, 
French .'...Head. 

lives : see Biography (Painters). 
Chronological List of: Reynolds (vcl, 3). 
Portraits: i8b*t«... Museum Florent. (vol. 

Monograms : . . .Brulliot. 
See ako Art, AirnQumss. 

Paljeooraphy and Diplomatics : MahilUm, 
Toustain . . . Silvestre, WaiUy . 
Greek: Montfaucon. 
Ancient Alphabets : Hammer. 
Court Hand : . . .Wright. 

See also Language, Papyri, Writing. 

Travels: Burckhardty Hakluyt {vol. 2), 
Hcuselquist, Kirchmanniu, Purchcu 
{vol. 2, book S-9), Pinkerton {vol. 10), 
i2o&i7Mon...Bille, Kinglake, Palestine, 

Description : Kitto. 

See Jerusalem. 
Palmyra, Ruins of: Wood {R.) 

Paper — Substances used before its Invention: 
History of Parchment and Vellum : ... 
See alao Bibliography and Typography. 

Papyri — Qraaco-Egyptian : Reiivens. . . Jorio. 

Paraguay — Accounts: Davie, Punes. 

The Abipones : Dohrizkoffer. 

History and Descriptions: Damame, Dvr 
laure, Lemaistre, LUter, Nodier. 
Siege by the Normans : A bbon. 
under Philip le Bel, 1292 : Qiravd. 
Saint Denis : . . . Guilhermy. 
Statistical Works: Paris, 
Pauperism : . . . V6e. 
Police : Manuel. 
Prostitution: Parent- Duckaidet. 

PARLIAMENT op Great Britain. 

History and Debates : Hansard, Parlia- 
ment. . . Parliament. 
Norman Conquest to 1688: Parry. 
Temp. Q. Eliz. : D'Ewes. 
Long Parliament (1640-63) : May ... 

1666-9: Burton {T.) 
1708-1807 :...Beat8on. 
1740-48: Johnson. 
1768-74: Cavendish, 
Ireland : . . . Parliament. 
Parliamentary Jurisdiction, Practice, &c. : 
Bet ham, Cotton, Elsynge, Hamilton ... 
Dwarris, Luders, Piynne. 
H. of Lords : Bligh, Hale, Mcu^queen. 

See Peerage. 
H. of Commons: HatseU, Sherwood, 
(American): Jefferhon. 

^f&Q Statutes. 

PARLIAMENT of Great Britain,— ooh- 
tinued: — 

Reports, Rolls, &o. : Parliament. 
Parliamentary Writs : Records... Fryrme, 
Writs of Simmions of Nobility : Dugdak 
...Banks (in Addenda). 
Parliamentary Companions : Dodd, Mosse. 
(See also Tract. Cat. p. 476-8). 
Parthenon (The) — Remarks on : . . . Lucas. 
Patents : . . .Patents. 

English, 1801-45 :...PritchanL 

Patrick (Order of St.) 

Statutes and Ordinances : Betham. 

Paul ^t.) 

History : Paley {vol. 2). 
Voyage and Shipwreck :... Smith. 

Paul's (St.) Cathedral — Histoiy : Jhtgdale, 

Pavements — Mosaic: Jones. 

PEERAGE OF England: Banks, Burke, Col- 
lins, Debrett, Dugdale, Lodge, Nicolas, 
Peerages, Sharp... Dod, Edmondson. 
Dignities, Feudal and Parliamentary : Be- 
(Dormant and Extinct): Banks, Burke... 

Banks (in Addenda). 
Baronetage : Betham, Burke, Debrett, Lodge 
(Dormant and Extinct): Oovrtkope ... 

(See Tract. Cat. p. 480.) 
Scotland: Douglas. 
Ireland: Lodge. 

See Peer {Reports on the Dignity of a). 
See Heraldry. 

Accounts of Particular Peerages, &c. : see 

Pegu — Conquest of: Pinio. 


Historical Tour:...Fenton. 

Percy Society Publications. 

[For full descriptions, see in the Sufplememt, 
under words in italics.] 

Vol. 1. Old J5atta<fo,— CoUier. 

— Songs relative to London, — Mackay. 

— Historical Songs of Ireland, — 


— Pain of Evil Marriage. 

— King and Poor Northern Man. 
Vol. 2. LydgaU's Minor Poem8,~-HalliweU. 

— Early Naval .ftittarf*,— HalliwelL 

— Rowley's Search for Money. 

— Pranks and Jests of Robin Goodfel- 

low, — Collier. 

Vol. 8. Political 5aZ/cMfo,— Wright. 

— Deloney's Strange Histories. 

— Hemoood's Marriage of Elizabeth, 

daughter of James i. 

— History of Patient Qriael, 
Vol. 4. Lyric Portry,— Wright. 

— Boke of Curtasye, — lialliwell. 

— Old Christmas Oarols. 

— Nursery Rhymes, — HalUwelL 

Vol. 5. Chetde's Rind Heart's Dream,— 



Percy Societt Publications, — continued: — 

Vol. 5. Delcker'a Knights Conjuring, — ^Rim- 

— Meeting of GktUants, — HalHwell. 

— Porter (II.), Two Angry Women of 

Abington, — Dyce. 

Vol. 6. Ancient Poetical Tracts, — ^Rim- 

— Cock Lorell's Bote, — ^Rimbault. 

— Johiuon, The Crown Garland (Bal- 

lads), — Chappell. 

— Hutton, FoUie's Anatomie. 

— Wotion's (Sir H.) Poems, — ^Dyoe. 

Vol. 7. Harmony of Birds. 

— Brampton's Paraphrase of the Peni- 

tential Psalms, — Black. 

— Drayton's Harmony of the Churchy 

— Dyce. 

— Jcbck of Dover's Search, (Tales). 

— The Kerry Pastoral, — Croker. 

Vol. 8. Selection of Latin Stories by 

— Gifford's Dialogue on Witches. 

Vol. 9. Rowland's Four Knaves, — ^Rim- 

— Thomson*s Poem on Congreve, — 

P. Cunningham. 

— Conceits of Old Hohson, — Halli well. 

— Maroccus extaticus, — Rimbault. 

— Old Ballads on Uie Great Frost, 

1683-4,— Rimbault. 

Vol. 10. Lord Mayors' Pageants, collected 
by Pairholt, 

Vol. 11. N. de OuUdford, The Owl and the 
Nightingale, — Wright. 

— Thirteen Psalms, translated by J. 


— Halle's (J.) Expostulation against 

abusers of Chyrurgerie, — Petti- 

— Bich (Bamaby), Honestie of this 

age, — P. Cunningham. 

Vol. 12. History' of Reynard the Fox,— 

Vol. 13. The Keen of the S. of Ireland, — 

— Six Ballads, with Burdens, — Good- 


— Lyrical Poems, — Collier. 

Vol. 14. Audelat/s (J.) Poems (Shropshire 
Dialect),— HalliweU. 

— St. Brandan, a mediaeval legend, — 


— Romance of the Emperor Octavian, 


Vol. 16. Friar BaJcan's Prophesie,— Halli- 

— Poetical Miscellanies, temp. Jas. I., 

— HaUiwell. 

— Johnson's Crown Garland. Part 2. 

Vol. 16. The Seven Sages, in Englisli Verse, 

— Romance of Syr Tryamaure, — Halli- 

Vol. 17. Scottish Versions of Ancient Bal- 
lads, — Dixon. 


Pebot Societt Publications, — continued: — 

Vol. 17. Ancient Poems, Ballads, and Songs 
of the Peasantry, — Dixon. 

Vol. 18. The Pastime of Pleasure, by Howes. 

Vol. 19. The Civic Garland, Songs from 
London Pageants, — Pairkolt. 

— Life of Thomas Becket, by Robert of 

Gloucester, — Black. 

VoL 20. Bamfield's Affectionate Shepherd, 

— Heywood's Dialogue on Wit and 

FoUy,— FairhoTt. 

— Collection of Proverbs, — Denham, 

— Song of Lady Bessy (Elvtabeth ci 

York),- HalliweU. 
Vol. 21. Popular Songs on the French Inva- 
sion of Ireland, — Croker. 

Vol. 22. Barclays Cytezen and Uplondyah- 
man, — Fairholt. 

— The Interlude of the four Elements, 

— HaUiweU. 

— IngeUnd's Interlude of the Disobe- 

dient ChUd,— HaUiweU. 

— Autobiography of Mary, Countess 

of Warwick, — Croker. 

— Westward for Smelts (Stories), — 


Vol. 23. Songs and Carols,— T. Wright. 

— Festive Songs, — Sandys. 

— Notices of popular English Histories, 

— Halliwdl. 
Vol. 24-5-6. Chaucer's Canterbury Tales,— 

Vol. 27. Massinger's Believe as you list, — 


— Satirical Songs and Poems, — Fair- 



Histonr: Ferdoosee, Fraser, Malcolm, Shea, 
ifnivers. Hist. (Modem, vol, 6). 

Travels : BeU, Bumes, Chardin, IM-ouviUe, 
Fraser, Hakluyt (vol. 1), Malcolm, 
Morier, Pinkerton, (vol. 9), Purchas 
(vol. 2, book 8-9), Ramudo (vol. 2), 
Tavemier ...Kasm^ier, Porter, Rich, 
VaUe... Herbert (in Addenda). 
Arabistan and Lunstan : . . . Bode. 

Geography: AffghaniMan, KiwMvr, 

ReUgion : . . . Hyde. 

Customs of the Women : Atkinsion, 

Perspective: Hamilton (John), JSTtrfty ..Fer- 

Peru — Histoiy: Balboa, MonUsinos, UUoa. 
Conquest, by the Monguls, xni, Centuiy : 

Conquest of, by the Spaniards: XirU.,, 

Travels; Hall, Mathison, Maw...7TezieT, 

Phalaris, Dissertations on : Bentley (vol. 1-2). 
Pharuact : see Medicine. 
Philoloot : see CRinasM, Languaqs. 


(General Works, including Metaphtbicb^ 
which also see :) 
(Ancient): Aristoteles, Athencnu, Boe- 
thim, Cicero, 




(Modern): Ducartea (vcl. Z), Herder, 

Hcihea, Kant, WUlich ... Comte, 

Cousin, Fichte, Kant, Remusat. 

History : Bruckenu, Buret de Longchamps, 

Coutin, Degerando, Herder, Bitter, 


Ancient — Greek and Roman: Coimn... 

Brandis, Philosophy, Rltter. 
Scholastic: Cotuin, Hampden, 

in France: Ahilard, 
Modem: C<msin. 
Scotch School : C(msin, 
in France : . . . Damiron . 
in Qennany : . . . Barchou. 
Mohammedan: Thompaon. 
Indian: CoUbrooke, Houghton. 

See also Mythology (Hindoo). 

Chinese : . . . Pauthier. 
Hdetaphysical) : see Metaphysics. 
(Moral and Political) : see Ethics. 
(Natural) : see Physics. 

Photooraphy — Processes and Discoveries:... 

Phrenology: Phrenological Journal, Boget, 

Physical Qeografhy: see Geografht. 

PHYSICS, OR Natural Philosophy. 

Journals : American Jownud and Begitter, 
Annalen der Physik, AnncUes dee 
Sciences Nat. , A rmual (British), Dublin 
PhUos. Journal, Edinburgh Journal 
of Science, Edinburgh Philosophical 
Journal, Nicholson's Journal, Philoso- 
phical Magazine, Philosophy (Annals 
of), Quarterly Journal, Transactions 
(Philosophical) . 
Works on: Bonnet, Boyle's WorJea^ Chal- 
mers, Descartes (vol. 4), Oalilci, Gas- 
sendus, Herschel, Hdbhes (vol. 2), Hut- 
ton, Magalotti, Natural Phihsophy, 
Newtoni Opera, Paris, Bentoick, 
Science, Todd, VoUaire (vol. 28), Whe- 
well. Young... QroYe, Mazinus, Somer- 
Inductive Sciences, Historr and Philo- 
sophy of: WheweU...Whewe]l, 
See Geography (Physical), Pneumatics. 

Physiognomy, Essays on : Lavater, 


Systems of: Bostoch, Bwrdach, Combe, Dar- 
win, Park, Boget... Bich&t, Liebig, 
Oken, Physiology, Todd. 
(Human) : Biran, EUiotson, HaUer, Hart- 
ley, Meryon, Boget... Cah&ma, 
of the Mind : Feam, Mayo. 

See also Metaphysics. 
(Animal): Boget. 

Invertebrate Animals : (hoen. 
(Vegetable): DecandoUe, Bichard, Boget 
See also Botany. 
PlOTURBB : see Galleries, Painting. 
Picturesque Scenery : Oilpin, Price. 
Pudmont — Ancient Assemblies : Po2zo. 

Pubdmont, — cowtimied : — 

Excursion in : Gilly. 

See Alrioenses, Waldknses. 

Plague ^e) of London : Drfoe (voL 9), Plagu 

Plants : see Botany. 

Plata (Rio de k) : Fwnes, PeuriA. 

(See also Tract Supplement, p. 243). 

Plays (Enslish). 

Early Mysteries and Miracle Pl&ys : Cheder 
Plays, CoventriaLudus, Hawiins, Home, 
rOld): Dodsley...?hLy8. 
(Modem): Drama, Playt, InMald... 

See also Drama. 

Pneumatics: Ferguson. 

The Air- Pump : . . . Guericke. 
Nature of Air : Cavallo, 


Essays, &c. on: Beaitie, Oraitima, Zesting 

...Forbes, Vida. 
Collections, Specimens, &c of the Works 
of— Classic : . . .Elton. 
Greek : Anthologia Graxa, Poetce Minorts 
...Anthologia, Poetse Soenici, Wei- 
Romaic: Ionian, Joss. 
Latin : Poetas Latini, TraZZr«r...Dunlop. 
Enfflish : British Poets, CampbHL 
Ancient British : Davies. 
Anglo-Saxon: Conybeare. 
Eany English Poetry and RoHiances: 
Capell, Ellis, Ewma, Hartshome, 
Hayward, Headley, Motherwell, 
Percy, Bitson, Scott, Utterson, WiU's 
Bt!creations...¥oeticsLi, Poetry. 
See also Percy Society. 
Modem : Dodsley, Mendez, Satire, 
Poetesses: Dyce. 
Political (Cromwell — James n.) :... 

Suffolk: Suffolk Garland. 
Scottish : Dalydl, Finlay, Pinkerton, Bit- 
son... Sihhald, 
Scottish Kings : Chalmen, 
Irish: Shamroac. 
French: PoHes...Voima.9. 

Troubadour: Baynouard^ 
Italian : Pamasso Italiano, Pamasso de^. 

Jtal. viventi, BaccoUa di Lirici, dx. 
Spanish : Ochoc^ Pamaso, Quinlana, &»!• 
c^...Romancero...B5hl de Faber (jn 
(North of Europe). 

Runic or Icelandic: Edda, Mallet, Percy 

Hungarian, or Magyar : Bowring. 
Poliw: Bowring. 
Servian: Bowring, 

Persian : Chodzko, 
Hindoo : . . .Broughton. 
Chinese: Davis, Percy. 
See also Ballads, Songs. 
History and Criticism (Poetic) : see LiTB* 


Poets (Lives of) : see Bioorapht (Collective). 



Poisons— .Treatise on : . . .Orfila. 
Arsenic: Monk, 


History: Dunham, FUtcher, RoepeU, Rvl- 
ht^, Univ, Bist, {Modem, vol, 80-1) 
in 1776: MMy ((Euvrea). 
Partition o^ 1793: Mackinto^ (vol. 2). 
Kusnan Rule since 1815 : Onorowaki, 
Insorreotion in 1830-81 : ChorouM, 

See ConttUuHont. 

Travels : Coxe, James, 

(See also Tract Cataloouk, p. 485, and 
SUFPLEMENT, p. 244.) 

PoLAB Ska : see Abctio Regions. 

Political Economy : see Economy. 

Polynisla: nee Indla (East India Islands), 
Sandwich, Marquesas. 

PoMFKn — ^Topography and Antiquities: Oell, 
/orio... Mazois, Moseo Borbonico. 
Inscriptions at : . . . Wordsworth . 


Reports : Poor Law. . .Poor Law. 

History: Eden, Ruggle, 

Theoretical Works: Bicheno, Colquhoun, 

Norton, Martinecni, Page, Scrope... 

Channing, Oobbett. 

(See also Tract Oataloous^ p. 486, and 
Supplement, p. 244). 

PoFis (The) : see Rome (Chnrch of). 

POPULATION: PoptdaHon ... Registrar-Ge- 

Law and Principles of: Bum, Malthtu, 
Napier,Sadler, Senior. . .Alison, Raikesi, 
Smith, Thornton, Twiss. 
of England: Marshall... Frice. 
Dangerous Classes of, in Cities : Frigier, 
See Poor. 

PORTRAITS (Collections of). 

Greek and Roman Emperors, fto. : Visconii 

. . .Museum Capitolinum. 
Painters, Sculptors, and Architects : Serie 

. . . Museum Florentinum. 

Uliistrious Personages : Lodge, 
Physicians: Pettigrew, 
Catalogue of: Bromley, Granger, 

(See also Portraits, pp. 356-862. and in 
Supplement, p. 274.) 

Port Royal — History of: Facine (vol, 1)... 
Reuchlin, Sainte-Beuve. 


History : Beatoes, Busk, Dunham, Schitfer, 
ifniv. But. (Modem, voL 18-19), 
since Peninsular War: PortugaL 
Travels and Description: Beckford, Cat' 
narvon, Tuns8...Kmaej. 
Lisbon in 1821-8 : BaiUU. • 
Batalha Monastery : Beckford, 

Potteries — History and IH*actice : . . .Brongniart 
...Manyat (in Addenda). 

See Glass. 

Prayer (Book of Common) : see LmiBOT. 
(Family): ColUns. 

Predestination: Calvine, Limborch, 

Presbyterlans — History (1536-1647) :...Hej- 

Pretender (The) : Defoe (voL 20), ffogg, Eoohe, 
Pretender. . .Carlisle. 

Prices: see Currency. 

Primooeniturb — Influence of:...M'Cn11ocli« 

Printino : see Typography. 

Prints: CfUpin, Beinecken, 
See Engraving. 

PRISONS AND Prison Discipline: Beniham, 
Maconochie, Mill, Prisont... Howe, Maoo- 
nochie, Prisons. 
England: Boward. 
Milbank: Bolford. 
Pentonville : . . . Prisons. 
France: Moreau-Chrittophe* 
United States: Beaumont.., Qn,y. 

Privy Council — Proceedings : Feoorda, 

Prophecy — Dissertations on: Maitland, Sher- 
lock, Todd...YTere, Manchester, Newton, 

Prostate Gland : . . .Stafford. 

Protestantism: ChiUingworth. 
History : see Christianity. 

Provence — Remarks on : Boddington. 

Proverbs : Erasmus {vol. 2). 

Arabic: Bwrckhardt, 

Chinese: Davis, Percy, 

English: Ccmiden, Nares...DeTiham, 

Literature of Proverbs : . . . Nopitech. 

Prussia — Histoiy: Stengel... MirabesM, 

Frederick n. :...Dohm, Frederick, Ramner, 

Seven Tears' War: see Military Hibiort 

See Germany, Silisla. 

Psalms: see Bible. 

Punishments :...Beccaria (in Addenda), 
of Death: see Death. 
(Secondary): WhcUelg, 

Punjab (The) : see Indli. 

Puritans — History: Neal. 

Pyramids of Egypt (The). 

Operations in, and Descriptions: Bekom, 

Greaves, Vyse. 
Quadrature of tiie Circle in : Agnew. 

See Egypt. 
Pyrenees — Sketches: Boddington...TBiiB, 

Quackery: .fiisay*... Duncan. 
Quadrupeds : see Mammalta. 
Quakers: Barclay, Clarkson, Oumey, 
Quietism: Bossuet (vol. 27-80, oikI 40-42). 

Railways: ifiM^...Head, Morrison, Railwayi^ 
The Gauge Question:... Sidney, 
in Ireland : Ireland, 

See Steam Engine. 

(See also Tract Catalogux, p. 492, and 

SUPFLEMXHT, p. 24^7.) 



Rat SodETT Publications (in the Supplement). 
A^assiz's Bibliogr. Zoologise et Geologiae. 
Aider's British MoUusca. 
Baird's British Entomostraca. 
Botany, Reports and Papers on, 2 vols. 
Burmeister, Organization of Trilobites. 
Forbes' British Naked-eyed Medusae. 
Meyen's (Geography of Plants. 
Oken's Physiophilosophy. 
Ray's Memorials. 
Ray's Correspondence. 
Steenstrup's Alternation of (fenerations. 
Zoology, Reports on, 1841-4. 

BjlTIONalism and Pantheism — Accounts o^ 
&c. : K6hler, Mill, Stdudlin, Strauts, 
Tiaaott... Vroude. 

Rkadino, Berks — Antiquities : . . . Coatee (in 

Records (The) : Records (Publh). 
Account of : Cooper {C, P.) 
Reports on:... Records (Public.) 

Record Offices :...Fergu88on, Nicolas. 

Redcliffe Church : BiistoL 

Red Sea (the) — On Navigation of : Chesney. 

Reformation (The): see Chbistianitt (His- 
tory of). 

Religion (Revealed) : see Christianity. 
(Natural) : see Theology (Natural.) 
(Pagan) : see Mythology. 
Religious Ceremonies of all Nations: 
Picart, Purchas {vU. 5). 


(British):... Bell (in Addenda). 
See Zoology. 

lElEVENUES : see Finance, 

Rhamnus, Archit. Remains : Attica. 

Rhetoric: Aristotelca, Ci<xro... Cicero. 

Lectures on : Blair^ Uobbta {vol, 6), 

See Oratory. 

Rheumatism: Hawkins. 

Rhine (The) — Antiquities : Goethe. 

Robin Hood — Poems, Songs, Ac, relative to: 

Romances (Metrical). 

(Early English) : Ellis, Madden, Pitson. 

French : see Tales. 

Spanish : . . . Romancero. 

On Romances of Chivalry: Scklegd...QTSaae. 

See Poetry, Tales. 


History (Ancient Authors) : Appianus, 
Aurdius Victor, Dio Cassius, JHony- 
tius Ualicam., EiUropim, Florus, 
Herodianus, Uistorice Atig. Script., 
Livius, Paterculus, SailuMivs, Sue- 
toiiitis, TacittLS ... Appianus, Hero- 
dianus, Livius, Paterculus, Polybius, 
Sallustius, Suetonius. 
(Modem Authors): Arnold, Niebuhr, 

Univer. Hist. {Ancient, vol. 9-14)... 

Merivale, Niebuhr. 

ROME, History, — continued: — 

The Republic : Ferguson, Hodke, Vertot, 

Wachsmuth. . .Arnold. 
The Emperors : Suetonius, Townsend, 
of first six Centuries : Tillenumt. 
Dechne and Fall: Byzantenb His- 
torians, Oibbon, Lebeau, Montes- 
quieu, Sismondi, Unirers. Hist, 
{Ancient, vol. 14-15)...Theodoria 
Ancient Government : Beaufort. 
(Modem) :...Farini (in Addenda). 
See also Italy. 
Historical Antiquities: Lempriere, Smith 
{W.), WUcodcs. 
Topography — Architectural Antiquities, &c: 
Bwnsen, Burgess, Caylus, Cfdl, Pome, 
Taylor, Weston, Wilcocks...Hegui, Fira- 
nesi, Titi, Waldie, Whiteside... Nardini 
(in Addenda). 
The Vatican: Gunn, Pistolesi, Baphad 

Obelisks of the City : UngareUL 
The Trajan and Antonine Colunms:... 

The Barberini Gate : . . . Berretinus. 
Wall of Rome :...Gell (in Addenda). 
Pictures in the Crypts, &c. :...BartoU 

(in Addenda). 
Institutions, Prisons, &;c. :...Moiichini. 
Private Life of the Romans:... Becker. 
Itineraries of the Roman Empire: BurUm, 
Peutingerus ... Itineraria ... Beiigier 
(in Addenda). 
Roman Antiquities in Britain : JlorsUy, 
Long, Roy. . .Buckman (in Addenda). 

ROME (Church of). 

History: JZanJfee... Potter. 

See also Christianity (History of.) 
Works on : Gordon, Lowther, Maistre, 
Nevile, Newman, 0*Croly ... Dallas^ 
Doctrines: Bossuet {veil. 5 and 18), Jknt. 
The Mass: Bossuet (roZ. 23-4), Rock. 
against its Doctrines : BramhaWs Works, 
Geddes' Tracts, Hales, Hopkins, 
PhillpotU, StiUingieetyStdglidi, Tay- 
lor {J.) {vol. 10-11), Tri<:/^<j...Page, 
Prynne, Quinet, Whately. 
Supremacy and Foreign Jiurisdiction : 

Barrow {vol. 7), Ularendon. 
Corruption of Scripture : Jcana, 
Conformity with Paganism: Mid- 
Roman-Catholic Question : Kendall, 

PhiUpotts, Smith {S.) 
(See also Tract Supplement, p. 252-3.) 

Royal Society :... Royal Society. 

History: Birch, Sprat, Thomson... Wtld, 

in XIX Cent. : Granville. 
(See Transactions {Philosophical), p. 812.) 


ifttoiy: Bell, Levesque, Masson, Milton 
(Prose Works, vol. 2), S^gur, Strahl, 
Univ. Hist. {Modem, vol, 81-2)... 
Herberstain, Russia. 
Livonia^ &c:... Parrot. 



RUSSIA, Histoiy,— cofi^MMtMl.^ 

The Ukraine, Cherson, &c. : Potocki, 
Travels: Barrow, BeU, Cochrane, Coxe, 
Ougtine, OranviUe, Hakluyt (vol. 1), 
Hebtr, James, Pallas, Pinkerton (vol, 6) 
(South) — (The Ukraine, Oaocasus, 
Crimea, &;c.) : Beai^plan, Mont- 
pereux, Spencer.., 'Rommaire, 

See also Cibcassia, Gxoroia. 
(Asiatic) : see Siberia. 
Eastern Navigations and Discoveries: 
Bumey, Coxe, 

Rutland — Histoiy and Antiquities... Blore (in 

Sabbath (On the) : BramhalVs Works, Qumey 

SACBAMEirF OF THE Lord's Sufpeb: CrwmMT, 
Cvdwwih, Knox (vol, 7), Wilberforce (S.) 
...Cranmer, Pusey. 
The Mass: Bossrnt (vol, 2a-4), Rock. 

St. Alban's, Abbey Church : Cathedrals. 

Saint Domingo : see Haiti. 

Saints fThe)— lives of: Baillel, Butler... Boh 
lanaus, Jameson. 

(English) :...Crosthwaite, Newman. 

Salisbury : see Wiltshire. 

Salisbury Familt : Bowles, 

Sandwich Islands — Voyages and Descriptions : 
Mathison. . .Simpson. 

Sanitary Reform — Health of Towns:... Sani- 
tary Commission. 
Sewerage of Towns : . . .Denton. 
Regulation of Buildings : . . .Hosking. 

See Ventilation. 

(See also Tract Supplement, p. 254.) 

Saracens (History of) :...Ockley. 

Sardinia (Kingdom of) * see Savoy, Piedmont, 
(Island of) ; Smyth . Tyndale. 

Savinos' Banks : Pratt. . . Pratt. 

Savoy — History : Pozzo, Savoy (Monum, et 
5bnp<.)... Tyndale. 

Saxony — History: BSttiger. 


(Ancient Scandinavians.) 
Historians : Scripta, 
Manners and Customs: Mallet „,Mhilet. 
Mythology and Superstitions :...Miiller. 
Travels: Hakluyt hfol, 1), Pinkerton(vol. 6). 

See Denmark, Norway, Sweden. 
See Transactions (Denmark), p. 313. 

ScHLESWio AND HoLSTEiN QUESTION : . . . Krieger, 
(See Tract Supplement, page 206.) 

Schools — Shrewsbury School : . . .Radclyfife. 
Merchant Taylors* School : . . . Wilson. 

See Education. 
Scientific Enquiry (Manual of):...Herschel. 


History (General) : BwAanan, Carrel, 
Drake, Lindsay, Scott (D.), ScoU (W.), 

SCOTLAND, HiSTORY(Qeneral),— contMMied.-^ 

Spotswood, Tytler, Univ, Hist, (Modem, 
vol. 41). 
Chronicles: Fordun, Heame (Pordun), 

Holinshed, Lindsay, Wyntimn. 
Origin of the Scots: Betham, 0^ Flaherty. 
preceding Malcolm in. (1056): Pinkerton, 
(1306-29) Robert Bruoe (l) : Barbomr, 

Malcolm m. to 1370 : Dalrymph. 
1370, Accession of Stuarts to Mary; 

1249-1608: Tytler. 
1670-73: Bannatyne, 
Mary: Mary Q. of Scots :...ld9Tj. 
Mary and James VI. : Robertson (yd, 1-2.) 
during Civil Wars and Commonwealth 
of England: Baillie, Burnet, Mon- 
teth, Spalding, 
James i. to the Union (1608-1709): 

The Union: Xodb^orf... Defoe. 
Rebellion, 1745: Home, Johndone ... 

Border History to the Union :...Ridpath. 
Documentary History. 

Collection of Pieces : Churchyard. 
State Papers, James vi. : James Yi. 

1702-45: Lockhart, 
Acts of the Parliament (1424-1707: Sta- 

Topography and Antiquities : Cfrose, Scott, 
Scotland... VoTsyih, Scotland. 

Dictionaries: Capper, Carlisle, Gorton, 

Tours: QUpin, Gordon, Johnson, Pennant, 
PinkerUm (vol. 8)...Botfield, Burt 

CuchuUin Hills in Sky e:... Forbes. 

Highlanders — Mannens, Sports, ^. :...St. 
John, Skene. 

See Hebrides. 

SCOTLAND (Church of). 

History: Spotswood... Dempster. 
since the Reformation : Cloud of Wit- 

nesses, Harington... Argyll. 
from the Reformation to James Yi.: Col- 

derwood, Keith, Spotswood, 
1660-88: Kirkton, Wodrow. 
The Covenanters :... Napier. 
Government, Succession of Bishops, ftc. : 

Harington, Keith, Spotswood. 
Religious Houses^, temp. Reformation: 


ScBiPTORES [Collections of Historians]. 

Rerum Alamannicarum : ... Goldastus (in 

Anglicarum: Bertram, Britannicarum, 
Camden, Gale, SarUe, Twysden. 

Bohemicarum : . . . Freherus. 

Boicarum:...Oefelius (in Addenda). 

Britannicarum: (see above, Anglicarum). 

Gallicarum (Historiens) : Bouquet. 

Germanicarum : Pertz, iS^ruriiM... Frehe- 
rus, Heineccius, Pistorius, Scbardius, 
Urstisius, WegeUnus ... Meibomius 
(in Addenda). 
Septentrionalium : . . .Lindenbrogius. 

Hibemicarum: (/Conor. 

Hi8panicarum:...Bel (in Addenda). 



ficumoBBB, — continned : — 

Renim Hungaricanxm : . . .Schwandtneros. 
Islandicanmi : Scripta. 
MoBcoyiticarum : . . . KusBia. 
Nonnannoram : Ihbchetne. 
Sabaudiie: Savoy. 
Sueyicanim : . . . W^^linuB. 
Turciconun : . . .0haux>ndyla8. 

ScBiFTURBs: Bee Bible. 

SCULPTURE: see Thorwaldsen...CanoYa (in 

Works on the Art of: A Iberti, OeUmi, Flax- 

man, QuatrenUre... BoiiAri, 
History of: Cicoffnara, EvdynU Mite, 

Collections of Ancient Sculptures, &c. : Att- 

gustinus, Dilettanti, Quatran^re, Spence 

...Lanzi, Museo, Museum, 
in England : Carter, Dilettanti. 

See ANTiQUiTUBSy Abt. 


Lives of Sculptors : see Bioobapht (Sculp- 

Selbornb — Natural History: White. 
SsRPSNT (Worship of the) : Deane. 
Sebvia, History. 

The Servian Revolution :...Ranke. 
Sewebaoe: see Sanitabt Refobm. 

Shaksspeabx Socixtt — Publications : 


AUet/n Papers Collier. 

A Ueyn*s (Edw.) Memoirs Collier. 

Chester Plays Wright. 

CoverUrio! Ludua {Coventry 

Mysteries) Halliwell. 

Dekker's Patient Orissd Collier. 

Fools and Jesters Collier. 

Forde, Honour Triwniphant,Ae, 

Oosson, 8(Aool of Abuse, 

Halpim,'s Oberon's Fmon illus- 

ffeywood's Edward TV Field. 

Heywood's Apology for Actors. 

Jonaon*8 Conversation vnth 

Na$h*s Pierce Penniless Collier. 

Northbrooke's Treatise a^inst 

Idle Pastimes Collier. 

Revels at Court Cunningham. 

Richard m. (The Ghost of). . Collier. 

Shakespeare, Merry Wives of 

Windsor Halliwell. 

Shakespeare, King Henry vi. Halliwell. 

Tarlton*s Jests Halliwell. 

2%ywn's Debate between Pride 

a/nd Lowliness Collier. 

Timon,aPlay Dyce. 

(In Supplement.) 

CoUier's Memoirs of Actors. 

Collier's Extracts from the 
Registers of the Station- 
ers' Company. 

Halli well's Fairy Mythology 
of a ** Midsummer 
Night's Dream." 


Shaxespeabb SodSiT, Publicatioiu^ — am* 
tiivued: — 

HaUiweU, " Marriage ofWit 
and Wisdom/' an Inter- 

Henslowe's Diary Collier. 

Heywood's Fair Maid of the 

Exchange Field. 

Jones (Inigo), life, Masques, 

&c Collier. 

More (Sir Thomas), a Flay... Dyoe. 

Rich's (6.) Farewell to MiU- 
tarie Profession. 

Shakespeare's Henry iv. ... Halliwell. 

Shakespeare, the old Taming 

of a Shrew Amyot. 

(In Addenda.) 

Simrock's Remarks HallxwelL 

Sheep — Natural and Commercial Histonr: 

Shells: see Concholoot. 
Shbewsbubt School : . . .Baddyfb. 


History: Turpin. 
Description: Kcempfer, 
Embassy to : Crawfwrd, 


Conquest of: Coxe, 

Travels: BeU, Purchas (vol. 3, book 2)... 


History: Oregorio... Qregono, Amari. 
Travels: Jloare, ffttghes. 

Syracuse: Seume. 
Antiquities: Serradifalco, 

(Grecian) : . . . Hogg. 

(Norman): Kni^. 

atAg^gentum: CockereU, 

Coins :...Paruta. 
Statistics : SmyUh ( W, H,) 
Laws: . . .Ghregorio. 

SiOHT : see Ete, Optics. 

Sikhs (The) : see India. 


History: Cwreus, 

Moral andEoolesiastioal State : PreimStkige^ 

SiKDE : see India. 

SLAVE TRADE : Bwndind, BuxUm, Portia- 
liament (Reports), J^ve TVocie. 
in the W. Indies : Barclay, Jamaica, 
in America : Beaumont, Orahame. 
its Abolition : Clarkson, Dupin, Wilberforoe, 
Right of Search: Wheaton. 

(See also Tbactf Catalooue, p. 505-4; 
and Sufplembnt, p. 257). 

Slavonic Nations (Remarks on):...Krmain8ki, 

Small Books on Obbat Subjects. (See under 
the following in the Supplement.) 

1. Philosophical Theories. 

2. Physiology and Philosophy. 
8. Barlow on Insanity. 

4. Chemistry (Organic). 
5-6. Philosophy (Greek). 

7. Christian Doc^ine in n. Centoxy. 

8. Brown RediviTus. 



Shall Books on Great Subjiotb,— «on<MMifcI; 

9. Physiology (Vegetable). 

10. Law (Criminal). 

11. Christian Sects in xn. Century. 

12. Grammar. 

13. Geology. 

14. Christianity (State of Man before). 

15. Humboldt's Thoughts. 

16. Employers (Beroonsibilities of). 

17. Christum Doctnne in xn. Century. 

SooiAUSK: ... France (p, 62), Blano, Borie, 
Considerant, Franck, Proudhon. 
against:... Thiers. 
See Laboub. 

Soomns (Scientific and Literary). 
See under Tranaaetiont, 


Works on the Progress and Profmects of: 
Brown J Oapefigue, Ckenevix, Hamilton, 
Hampden, MSrimie^ Soutkejf, StwxH... 
Ballanche, Berry, Bowles. 

History of Civilization: (?Mtzo^...Guizoty 

See also Ethics. 


History and Antiquities: CoUinson. 

Bishopricks to A.D. 1174: Ecduiastical, 

Glastonbury: Heame. * 

Taunton : . . .Toulmin. 

Bath Abbey Church : CathedrcUt, 
Sessions Roll : Somenet, 
Geology : De la Beche, 

SONGS (CoLLEcnoNs of). 

English : Aihinf Cro^, Dalrymple, BiUon, 
Songs... SoBgB, Kump Pari. 

London Pageants : . . . Fairholt. 
Scottish: RiUton. 

Jacobite: Hogg, 
Irish : Crosby, Ireland (Oroker). 
French :...Leroux (in Addenda), 
of Bretagne : . . . Villemarqu6. 
Germany : . . . Erlach. 
Greece: Songs, 

See also Ballads, Poetbt. 
Sophists (The): Athenceus (Deipnosophista), 
South Pole : see Abctio (Antarctic Regions). 


History : Beawes, Busk, />ufiAam, Hertford, 
Lembke, Mariana, Univ, Hist. (Modern, 
vol. 16-18). ..Bel (in Addenda). 
(711-1248), The Mohammedan Dynas- 
ties: Cardonne, Condt, Cfayangos, 

Annals of Aragon and Nayarre: Jfor- 

tina, Zurita, 
(1350), Pedro of Castillo :...Merimte. 
Expulsion of the Moors: Qeddetf Tracts, 

(1469-1516), Ferdinand and Isabella: 

(1618-57), Charles v.: Cbrtot v., Bobert- 

son {rol. 8-6). 
(1657-1621), Philip n. and in.: Watson, 
(I621-I700), Philip IV. and Charles u. : 


SPAIN, History,--cofUti»ued.*— 
Charles n. : Mahon. 

(1701-14), Succession under Louis xiv. : 
Louis xiv., Mahon, Mignet, VanU. 
« (1700-88), (House of Bourbon) PhiUp V. 
and Charles nr. : Ooxe, Samte-Phi- 
(1807-14), Revolution, War, &o. : Nd- 
lerto, Sdiipder, Toreno, 

See also Miutabt Hibiobt (Peidnsa- 

(1822-3), Revolution and War in: 6br- 
narvon, Chateaubriand, Pec^iio, 
(1840), Contest in: Evans, 
Antiquities (Monumental and Artifltlei^; 
Aldrete...FeTez de Villa Amil. 
(Arabian): Antiquedades, Qowry, 
Travels and Descriptions: Bedford, Bat* 
row, Bourgoing, Brooke, Clarke, Cook 
(S. £.), DilUm, Doblado, FeeUng, IngUs, 
Jacob, Labofde, Pinkerton (voL B), 
Swinburne, Toumsend, I^miss . . . Ford, 
Ponz, Quinet, Widdrington^ 
Ghranada: Carter, 
Hand Book : . . .Murray (Ford). 
Coasting Pilot: Tq/ino, 
Laws, (institutions, kc : Marina, Sjpam, 
Civil Law of Castille : Asso, 

See Tbansaotions. 

(See Tractf Catalogue, p. 609). 

See Basque Pbovuices. 

Spalatbo — Palace of Diocletian at : . . .il dasn. 

Spas: see Mineeal Watebs. 

SPEECHES (Collections of). 

in Parliament: Brougham, Bwfke, Caim^ 

bdl. Canning, Chatham, Fox, Cfrattan, 

Horsley, Huskisson, Peel, Pitt, BomiUif, 

Sheridan, TTifHiAam... Canning, King. 

since Charles I. :...Hazlitt. 

Royal, since the Restoration : Kinge, 

at the Bar: Campbdl, Curran, JErJane,., 

(American) : Clay, Everett, Webster, 


Games and Sports : Smith (H.), Strutt, 

Treatise against : Northhrooke, 

Hunting, Hawking, &o. : Oppianus ... 

WiM Sports of the Highlands:... St John, 
Tennb: Lukin, 

Staitobdshibb — History and Antiquities:... 
Natural ICstoiy:... Plot. 

Staoi (The) : see Dbaxa. 

Stanley Fajolt (Genealogy of) : Ormerod. 

Stabs (Catalogues of) : see Astbonomt. 

SKAin Pafebs : see under Enqlahd, and 

Statios: see Mechanics. 

SrATierncs: Facts and Figures, MaeeuUoA, 
Moreau, Registration, Statistics, TVatuae- 
tions (Statist. &)c.)...Banfield, Quetelet, 

See also under Enolahd, Fdiangi. 



Statutes: Statutes, 

Treatbeson: DwarrU, i^arren... Dwarris. 

See Parliament. 

Steam Engine (The). 

Aooounts of its Invention, &c. : HcM, 
Pamhour, Tredgold . . . Lardner, Par- 

Steam Naval Architecture : Tredgdld. 

See Railways. 

Stoke (The) : Civiale, Petit. 

Stobms (Law of) : see Meteoeoloot. 

Stowe Babdolph — Muniments .... Hare (Sir T.) 

Strawberbt Hill — Description : WaZpoU 
(vol. 2). 
Catalogue:... Catalogue (page 32). 

Stuabt Familt : see Pretender. 


Topography : . . . Hawsted and Hardwick, 
Hengrave: Gage, 
Ballads, &c. of: Suffolk Qarland, 

SuOAR — Growth of, in France : Dupin, 

Sumatra (Island of) — History : Marsden, 

SuNiUM — ^Arohitect. Remains: Attica, 

Superstitions (Popular) : .8ran<i... Mayo. 
Mysterious Ringings of Bells : Moor, 

See Apparitions, Witchcraft. 

SuROERT: Bourgery. 

Essays: Cooper , ^ar^... Halle. 
Dictionary : Cooper (S.) 

See Anatomy, Medicine. 


Topography and Antiquities : Manning, 
Mickleham Church : Robinson, 


Topography and Anti(]|uities : Horsfidd, 

Arundel Castle : . . .Tiemey. 
Views of the Coast : . . .Gilpin, 
Pedigrees of Families : . . . Berry. 

SwABDk (History of) : PjUter, 
See Germany. 

Swallow (The) — on its Brumal Retreat: For- 


History Dunham, Ckijer, Univ, Mist, 
{Modem, vol. 29-30), Ferto^.. Chris- 
tine... Geijer (in Addenda). 
Charles xii. ; Voltaire (vol. 20). 
Travels : Barrow, Brooke, Coxe, ffeber, 


HistoiT : Mailer, Planta, Switzerland, 

Univ, Hist. (Modern, vol. 32), Yitus^ 

Travels: Boddington, Burnet, Coze, Mel 

Panorama of:... Keller. 

Stnonymes: see under Language. 

SxruiUB: ^nica«toro...Barth^4my. 


Travels: Browne, BurMardt, My, Bo- 

Ruins of Palmyra and Balbec: Wood (R.) 
See Palestine. 

TALES (Collections of). 

(Early English): ffartshome, Painter... 

(Welsh): Mabinogion, 
(French) Fabliaux (xi. to xv. Centuiy): 

Barbaxan, Le Qrand...Z\Aims\. 
(German): Schre%ber...QTimm, Miuiiii. 
(Italian): BaccoUa. 
(Indian): Schoolcraft. 

See Poetry, Romances. 


History: De Ouignes, 
Travels and Descriptions : AstUy (voL i), 
Bumes, Cochrane, Davis, Dn Holds, 
Marco Polo, Bamusio (vol 2), Wood. 

Tar Water: Berkeley (vol. 3). 


Principles of: Alison, Knight (JZ. P.), Pic- 
tor, Price. 
On the Sublime, Beautiful, &c. : Bntie 
(vol. 1), Cameron, Caimn...Macvicar. 
See Art, Criticism. 


Principles and Sources of Taxation : Jones, 

Martineau. . .M 'CuUoch. 
Ship Money : . . .Prynne. 
Taxes on Land : . . .Brodie. 
Income Tax: Income... WeUR, Willich. 

(See Tract Supplement, p. 260-1.) 

Tea, on the Culture of:... Ball. 

Teeth (The) : Nicholles...ABhhwmer, Owen, 
Artificial: Koecker, 

Telescope: Holland,„'Komd, 

Templars (Knights) : Baynowtrd, TempUert, 

Temple Church (The)— Architecture, &c: 

Testament : see Bible. 

Tetanus : . . . Curling. 

Thames Tunnel : Brund, 

Theatre : see Drama. 

Thebes, Survey of: WUkmson, 
See Egypt. 


See Chribtianitt. 

History: Ormerod, 
(Systematic) : Dens, JM. 
(Natural) : Bvdcingham, Bwrgess, Cheyne, 
Crombie, Bay, Maistre, Martinean, 
PaUy, StUUngfUet, Stmmer, Warimr- 
ton (vol. 9), 
as deduced from the Physical Univene: 
Bridoewater Treatises, Butler, 
Conybeare, MacculUKk ... PoweU, 



Thesaurus : see Dictionaries. 

Thibet, Embassy to : Turner {8.) 

Thoricus — Architectural Remains : AtHca, 

Tides of the Irish Sea:...Beechey. 
of the Pacific : . . . Whewell. 

Tithes, History of: Sdden (vol, 8)...Spelman. 
Tithe Commutation Tables: Wilhch, 

(See also Tract Catalogue, p. 517). 

Toleration: CoUibroke, Locke {vol. 6), RocQ' 

Topes (Indian Buildings called) : WiUon. 

Topography: see under England. 

(Foreign) : see Voyages, Travels, and Anti- 
quities, under each country. 

Torture, on use of, in Criminal Law of Eng- 
land: Jardvne. 

Tracts, Collections of: see Tract Catalogue. 

Teactarian Controverst: Fnmde, Taylor*» 
Ancient Christianity. 
(See Catalogue, p. 810; Tract Cata- 
logue, p. 518-19; and Tract Sup- 
plement, p. 262). 

Trade AND Commerce : Maecvlloch...AimuaiTe. 
History: Macpherton. 

(iVncient) : . . .Gilbart. 

(England): Davenant. 
Conmierdal Tariff : Macffregor, Okey. 

(See also Tract Supplement, p. 262-8). 
Tradition op the Church:... Powell. 
Tragedt : see Drama. 
Transportation: Whately.. Mwoonoctue. 

See also Colonies. 

Transylvania — Description : . . .Paget. 


round the Worid:... Simpson. 

in Europe, Asia, and Africa: CorycU, 

Hammer {Evliyd), Lithgow, RvMegger. 
Collections: Conder, Murray. 
In part