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A.D. 1906 




This volume is published in accordance with the vote of 
the General Council at its meeting in Boston, January 17, 
1906. As its title indicates, it is simply a Supplement to the 
General Register published in 1902. The Committee ap- 
pointed by the Council began its work immediately on its 
appointment in the hope that the work would be finished and 
the book distributed among the State Societies by early 
summer ; a hope that has not been realized because of long 
delays on the part of a few State Secretaries in transmitting 
to the Committee desired information. Indeed, the first half 
of the last month of summer had passed before all of the 
reports had been received. 

A supplement is in many respects an uninteresting and 
unsatisfactory book to edit; but the Committee trusts that 
the volume it now places in the hands of the members of 
the Society will meet the object sought in the action of the 
Council, viz. : to furnish the names of those who have joined 
the Society since the Register was issued, together with 
accompanying genealogical data. An alphabetical list of all 
members of the Society, July 1, 1906, will, it is thought, 
give additional interest and value to the book. 

The Committee takes this opportunity of urging early 
action by the Society towards the publication of a new 
General Register at some future date, to be fixed suffi- 
ciently long in advance to enable the Secretaries and Regis- 
trars of State Societies to prepare their lists of members 
carefully and without haste, thus insuring an accuracy which 
is not only desirable but most essential to a book of this 
character, but which the Committee is compelled to think 
has not yet been attained. A glance at the Corrigenda at 
the end of this volume will tend to confirm the Committee's 

Presuming that the Secretaries and Registrars who fur- 
nished the lists of members and their lines of descent were 

best qualified to correct their work as it went through the 
press, the opportunity for so doing was extended to them, 
and with one or two exceptions was accepted. Therefore, 
as the Committee has been relieved of this responsibility, for 
whatever degree of accuracy the lists of each Society pos- 
sess credit should be given to the Secretary or Registrar 
of that Society. 

To all those Secretaries and Registrars who promptly sent 
in their reports, and who have cheerfully responded to our 
not infrequent inquiries, the Committee returns its hearty 
thanks, and especially to those who have so kindly added to 
the value of the Supplement by furnishing the seals of their 
Societies, and pictures of memorials of important events in 
colonial history. 

The Committee would also gratefully acknowledge the 
kindness of his Honor, Chief Justice Aiken of Massachusetts, 
for the pictures of the " Old Forts " at Greenfield and Heath ; 
and of Miss Annie B. Jennings, of New York, and Mr. 
Richard A. Perry, of Southport, Conn., for their interest in 
securing for the Supplement the picture of the monument 
commemorating the Great Swamp Fight in Fairfield, Conn. 

A. J. C. Sowdon. 
Charles L. Hutchins. 
Robert Noble. 

November, A.D. 1906. 



Officers of the General Society 2 

Officers and Delegates present at the Fourth General 

Assembly 4 

Constitution of the General Society 8 

In Memoriam, Frederic J. de Peyster, Governor General, 

1893-1905 23 

New York Society 26 

Pennsylvania Society 60 

Maryland Society 70 

Massachusetts Society 78 

Connecticut Society 102 

District of Columbia Society 107 

New Jersey Society 117 

Virginia Society 123 

New Hampshire Society 124 

Vermont Society 128 

Illinois Society 136 

Missouri Society 145 

Ohio Society 153 

Nebraska Society 159 

Minnesota Society 161 

Kentucky Society 165 

California Society 169 

Colorado Society 175 

Iowa Society 179 

Georgia Society 182 

Michigan Society 187 

Wisconsin Society 191 

Delaware Society 195 

Rhode Island Society 198 

Washington Society 202 

Maine Society 204 

Indiana Society 210 

Alphabetical List of the Members of the General Society 

July i, 1906 214 

Index of Ancestors with Services and Descendants . . . 283 

Corrigenda 376 


Portrait of Frederic J. de Peyster 

Seal of the General Society 

Insignia of the Society 

Seal of New York Society 

Monument at Lake George 

Flag of Pennsylvania Society 

Memorial in Independence Hall 

Seal of Massachusetts Society 

Turner Memorial, Greenfield, Mass 

Old Fort, Greenfield, Mass 

Old Fort, Heath, Mass 

Memorial of Great Swamp Fight, Fairfield, 

Seal of District of Columbia Society .... 

Seal of New Jersey Society 

Seal of New Hampshire Society 

Memorial of Fort William and Mary, Ports- 
mouth, N.H 

Seal of Vermont Society 

Seal of Ohio Society 

Seal of Kentucky Society 

Seal of California Society 

Seal of Colorado Society 

Seal of Georgia Society 

Seal of Michigan Society 

Seal of Wisconsin Society 

Seal of Rhode Island Society 

Seal of Maine Society 

Lovewell Memorial, Fryeburg, Me 

Memorial of Old Fort, Charlestown, N.H. . . 

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Arthur J. C. Sowdon, 
66 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. 

Vice- Governor- General. 

Howland Pell, 
7 Pine Street, New York City. 

Deputy Governors-General. 

New York, Walter Lispenard Suydam, New York City. 

Pennsylvania, Richard McCall Cadwalader, Phila- 

Maryland, Hon. Henry Stockbridge. 

Massachusetts, Rev. Charles L. Hutchins, D.D., Concord. 

Connecticut, Bela Peck Learned, Norwich. 

District of Columbia, Thomas Hyde, Washington. 

New Jersey, Joel Francis Freeman, Morristown. 

Virginia, Hon. Richard Thomas Walker Duke, Jr., 

New Hampshire, Prof. Charles Lathrop Parsons, 

Vermont, Robert Noble, Burlington. 

Illinois, John Smith Sargent, Chicago. 

Missouri, Hon. John B. White, Kansas City. 

Ohio, Michael Myers Shoemaker, Cincinnati. 

Nebraska, Hon. Julius Sterling Morton, Nebraska City.' 

Minnesota, Gen. James Franklin Wade, U.S.A., St. 

Kentucky, Hon. Daniel Linn Gooch, Covington. 

California, Hon. Frank P. Flint, U.S. Senate, Washing- 
ton, D.C. 
Colorado, Frank Trumbull, Denver. 
Iowa, Judson KEITH Deming, Dubuque. 
Georgia, John Avery Gore Carson, Savannah. 
Michigan, THEODORE H. Eaton, Detroit. 
Wisconsin, Wyman Kneeland Flint, Milwaukee. 
Delaware, William Alexander LaMotte, Wilmington. 
Rhode Island, George Corlis Nightingale, Providence. 
Washington, J. Kennedy Stout, Spokane. 
Maine, Fritz Hermann Jordan, Portland. 
Indiana, Alexander Frederick Fleet, Culver. 

Secretary- General. 

Samuel V. Hoffman, 

45 William Street, New York City. 

Deputy Secretary-General . 

Guy Van Amringe, 
7 Wall Street, New York City. 

Treasurer- General. 

William Macpherson Hornor, 
Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Deputy Treasurer-General. 

David Lewis, 

526 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Registrar- General. 

George Norbury Mackenzie, 
1808 Park Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 


Thomas Page Grant, M.D., 
Louisville, Ky. 


Chaplain- General. 
Rt. Rev. William Lawrence, D.D., 

i Joy Street, Boston, Mass. 

Surgeon- General. 

James Gregory Mumford, M.D., 
Boston, Mass. 

Ch ancellor- General. 

Prof. Theodore S. Woolsey, 
250 Church Street, New Haven, Conn. 


Present at the Fourth General Assembly held 

in the City of New York, 

May 3, 1905. 

Governor- General. 
Frederic J. de Peyster. 

Vice- Governor- General. 
Howland Pell. 

Secretary- General. 
Samuel V. Hoffman. 

Deputy Seer eta ry- General. 
William Bleecker Seaman. 

Treasurer- General. 
William Macpherson Hornor. 

Registrar- General. 
George Norbury Mackenzie. 


Historian- General. 
Rev. C. Ellis Stevens. 


New York. 
Walter Lispenard Suydam. 

Pennsylvania. • 
Richard McCall Cadwalader. 

Arthur J. C. Sowdon. 

Achilles Henry Pugh. 

Daniel Linn Gooch. 

John Murray Glidden. 


New York Society. 
Gen. Charles F. Roe, George R. Schieffelin, 

James Wm. Beekman, Guy Van Amringe. 

Pennsylvania Society. 

S. Davis Page, John T. Spencer, 

Edward S. Sayres, Archibald R. Montgomery, 

W. Bleddyn Powell, Joseph B. Godwin, 

Francis H. Williams. 


Maryland Society. 
J. Appleton Wilson, Robert Burton, 

J. Henry Lee. 

Massachusetts Society. 
John A. Remick, Walter K. Watkins, 

J. Grafton Minot, Edward T. Barker, 

Rev. Charles L. Hutchins, A. A. Folsom. 

Connecticut Society. 
Morris Beach Beardsley, George Edwin Taintor, 
Ralph Wm. Cutler, Winslow T. Williams. 

District of Columbia Society. 
Gen. Walter Wyman, Thomas Hyde. 

New Jersey Society. 
Emory McClintock, Frank O. Briggs, 

William M. Deen, John Eyerman. 

New Hampshire Society. 
George A. Gordon, John C. Thorne. 

Vermont Society. 
Charles A. Converse, Daniel W. Robinson. 

Illinois Society. 
Asa G. Pettibone. 

Missouri Society. 
Henry Coole, W. P. Voorhees. 

Minnesota Society. 
Maj.-Gen. James F. Wade, Col. Edward Hunter. 


Kentucky Society. 
George T. Wood. 

California Society. 
Holdridge O. Collins. 

Delaware Society. 
J. Wilkins Cooch, Thomas J. Craven. 

Rhode Island Society. 
Henry B. Rose. 

Maine Society. 
Frederick H. Gerrish, Fritz H. Jordan. 


Whereas. It is desirable that there 


should be adequate celebrations com- 
memorative of the events of Colonial History hap- 
pening from the settlement of Jamestown, Va., May 
13, 1607, to the battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775: 
Therefore, The Society of Colonial Wars has 
been instituted to perpetuate the memory of those 
events, and of the men who, in military, naval, and 
civil positions of high trust and responsibility, by 
their acts or counsel, assisted in the establishment, 
defence, and preservation of the American Colonies, 
and were in truth founders of this nation. With 
this end in view, it seeks to collect and preserve 
manuscripts, rolls, relics, and records; to provide 
suitable commemorations or memorials relating to 
the American Colonial period, and to inspire in its 
members the fraternal and patriotic spirit of their 
forefathers, and in the community, respect and 
reverence for those whose public services made our 
freedom and unity possible. 

The Society shall be known by the article i. 
name and title of the General Society Name- 
of Colonial Wars. 

Any male person above the age of article ii. 
twenty-one years, of good moral charac- Membership - 
ter and reputation, shall be eligible to membership 
in the Society of Colonial Wars, who is lineally 

descended in the male or female line from an 

(i) Who served as a military or naval officer, 
or as a soldier, sailor, or marine, or as a privateers- 
man, under authority of the Colonies which after- 
ward formed the United States, or in the forces of 
Great Britain which participated with those of the 
said Colonies in any wars in which the said Colonies 
were engaged, or in which they enrolled men, from 
the settlement of Jamestown, May 13, 1607, to the 
battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775; or 

(2) Who held office in any of the Colonies 
between the dates above mentioned, either as 

(a) Director-General, Vice-Director-General, or 
member of the Council, or legislative body in the 
Colony of New Netherlands; 

(5) Governor, Lieutenant or Deputy Governor, 
Lord Proprietor, member of the King's or Governor's 
Council, or legislative body in the Colonies of New 
York, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and 

(c) Lord Proprietor, Governor, Deputy Governor, 
or member of the Council, or of the legislative body 
in Maryland and the Carolinas; 

(d) Governor, Deputy Governor, Governor's 
Assistant, or Commissioner to the United Colonies of 
New England, or member of the Council, body of 
Assistants, or legislative body in any of the New 
England Colonies. 

One collateral representative of an ancestor such 
as above specified shall be eligible for membership, 
provided there be no existing lineal descendant, and 
provided that such person be the oldest collateral 


representative in the male line of such ancestor, or 
has filed with the Secretary-General of the Society 
written renunciations from all other persons having 
nearer claims to representation. 

No State Society shall adopt any rule of eligibility 
for membership which shall admit any person not 
eligible for membership in the General Society. 

But any State Society may, except as to members 
transferred from another State Society, further 
restrict, at its discretion, the basis of eligibility for 
membership in its own Society. 

The General Society of Colonial article hi. 
Wars shall consist of the societies General Society - 
now existing in the States of New York, Pennsyl- 
vania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and 
District of Columbia, and such other State Societies 
as may from time to time be duly organized and 
authorized by the General Society. 

Whenever the word " State " occurs in this Con- 
stitution it shall be held to include within its meaning 
the Territories of the United States and the District 
of Columbia. 

The officers of the General Society of article iv. 
Colonial Wars shall be: A Governor- °™™"«- 
General, a Deputy Governor-General from each 
State Society, a Secretary-General, a Deputy Secre- 
tary-General, a Treasurer-General, a Deputy Treas- 
urer-General, a Registrar-General, a Historian- 
General, a Chaplain-General, a Chancellor-General, 
and a Surgeon-General. With the exception of the 
Deputy Governors-General the above officers shall 

be elected by a plurality vote of the delegates present 
at a General Assembly of the Society. Vacancies 
occurring by death or resignation may be filled by the 
General Council for the unexpired term. Each 
Deputy Governor-General shall be elected by a plu- 
rality vote of the delegates present in the General 
Assembly from the State from which said Deputy 
Governor-General is chosen. The above officers 
shall serve until the next regular meeting of the Gen- 
eral Assembly and until their successors are duly 

A General Assembly of the General article v. 
Society shall be held every three years, at meetings. 
such time and place as the preceding Assembly 
shall appoint, or authorize to be appointed. 

Special General Assemblies may be held upon the 
order of the Governor-General, or upon the call of 
the Secretary-General or Deputy Secretary-General, 
issued at the request of the Governors or Acting 
Governors of three State Societies, or else at the 
written request of five Deputy Governors-General. 

General Assemblies shall be composed of the 
members of the General Council, and five delegates 
from each State Society, to be chosen by the State 
Councils respectively, or otherwise as may be pre- 
scribed by the respective State Societies; and all 
vacancies arising from any cause in any State Dele- 
gation may be filled for the unexpired term by the 
State Council concerned. 

The term of service of the delegates shall be for 
three years and until their successors be elected. 

Delegates or General Officers representing seven 

State Societies shall constitute a quorum of the Gen- 
eral Assembly for the transaction of business; the 
proceedings shall be in accordance with parliament- 
ary law, and only the votes of those present shall be 

The order of business shall be : 

First. The calling of the General Assembly to 
order by the Governor-General, or in his absence 
by the Secretary-General. 

Second. Prayer by the Chaplain-General. 

Third. Reading of Minutes of last General 

Fourth. Report from Secretary-General. 

Fifth. Report from Treasurer-General. 

Sixth. Reports from Committees and Officers. 

Seventh. Unfinished Business. 

Eighth. New Business. 

Ninth. Reports from State Societies. 

Tenth. Election of Officers. 

Eleventh. Benediction by the Chaplain-General. 

The minutes of each Assembly shall be read before 
its final adjournment. 

Each State Society shall annually article vi. 
transmit to the Secretary-General a State Societies - 
circular letter stating the number of its members, 
general matters of interest, and any suggestions 
which may be deemed of advantage to the Society. 
Each State Society shall, in the month of January in 
each year, pay to the Treasurer-General the sum of 


The General Society shall have sole article vii. 
power of action in the national, as dis- powers of the 

_ , _ ~ . r . General Society. 

tinct from the State affairs of the organ- 
ization. It shall have jurisdiction to pass upon all 
questions of eligibility referred to it by the Registrar- 
General; but shall not otherwise interfere in the reg- 
ulations or government of any State Society, unless 
by a plurality vote of the General Assembly, when 
the surrender of a State charter may be demanded, 
should an investigation show that such action is 
necessary for the welfare of the Societies at large. 
It shall have power to grant charters to States other 
than those in which the Society is already organized, 
provided that at least nine persons duly qualified to 
be members make such application. It shall issue 
the insignia and the diploma of membership. It shall 
publish the Year-book with the cooperation of the 
several State Societies; and the cost shall be defrayed 
by the latter in proportion to their membership. 

The General Council which shall be composed of 
all the General Officers shall exercise the powers of 
the General Society (except those of demanding 
State charters, and of amending the Constitution) be- 
tween meetings of the General Assembly, to which 
latter body it shall regularly report all its transactions. 

The Governor-General, or in his article viii. 
absence a duly selected temporary governor-general. 
presiding officer, shall preside at all General Assem- 
blies and meetings of the General Council of the 


The Secretary-General shall be article ix. 
keeper of the Great Seal of the secretary-general. 

Society, and of the General Society flag, and of the 
diploma. He shall conduct the general corre- 
spondence of the Society and keep a record thereof. 
He shall have charge of the printing and publications 
of the Society. He shall give due notice of the time 
and place of the holding of all meetings of the General 
Assembly, and of the General Council; and shall 
keep full record of their proceedings. 

The Deputy Secretary-General deputy 

shall perform the duties of the Sec- secretary-general. 
retary-General in case of the death, absence from the 
country, or inability of the Secretary-General to act, 
and generally assist the Secretary-General in the per- 
formance of his duties. 

The Treasurer-General shall col- article x. 
lectand keep the funds and securities treasurer.general. 
of the Society, and deposit and invest them subject 
to the direction of the General Council. Out of 
these funds he shall pay such sums as may be 
ordered by the General Council. He shall keep a 
full account of his receipts and payments, and at 
each General Assembly, or when required by the 
General Council, shall render an account of the 
same. He shall be custodian of the die of 
the insignia, and may issue the insignia and rosettes. 

For the faithful performance of his duty, he may 
be required to give such security as the General 
Council may deem proper. 


The Deputy Treasurer-General DEPUTY 

shall perform the duties of the treasurer-general. 
Treasurer-General in case of the death, absence from 
the country, or inability of the Treasurer-General to 
act, and generally assist the Treasurer-General in the 
performance of his duties. 

It shall be the duty of each State article xi. 
Society to file with the Registrar- «~™ar.g™lii„ 
General a duplicate of the application of each mem- 
ber. The Registrar-General shall receive and file all 
duplicate applications upon which membership has 
been granted, with a list of all diplomas signed by 
him, and all documents which the Society may 
acquire. It shall also be his duty to submit to the 
General Council any application for membership 
which, in his opinion, does not fulfil the require- 
ments of Article II. of this Constitution. 

The Historian-General shall keep article xii. 
a detailed record of all historical and historian.general. 
commemorative celebrations of the General Society, 
and shall edit and prepare for publication such his- 
torical addresses, papers and other documents as the 
Society may decide to publish. 

The Chaplain-General shall be an article xm. 
ordained minister of a Christian chaplain.general. 
Church, and it shall be his duty to officiate when 
called upon by the proper officers. 


The Chancellor-General shall be a article xiv. 
lawyer duly admitted to the bar, and chanc ELL or. GE n E r AL . 
it shall be his duty to give legal opinions on matters 
affecting the Society when called upon by the proper 

The Surgeon-General shall be a article xv. 
practising physician. surgeon.g.n.ral. 

The Great Seal of the General So- article xvi. 
ciety shall be: Within a beaded An- ©««***■ 
nulet, a title scroll, " 1607, General Society of Colonial 
Wars, 1775;" and in base the motto: " Fortiter Pro 
Patria," surrounding diaper charged with nine mul- 
lets. Over all a shield, surmounted of the crown, 
bearing American Colonial seals quarterly of nine: 
I. Virginia: Argent, a cross gules between four 
escutcheons each regally crowned proper, the first 
and fourth escutcheons France and England quarterly; 
second escutcheon, Scotland; third, Ireland: II. New 
York: Argent, a beaver bendways proper, on a 
bordure tenny, a belt of wampum of the first: III. 
Massachusetts: Azure, on a mount between two 
pine trees vert, an Indian affronte or, belted with 
leaves of the second, holding in his dexter hand an 
arrow paleways, point downwards, and in his sinister 
hand a bow paleways, of the third; upon a scroll 
proper, issuing from his mouth, the legend, " Come 
over and help us." IV. New Hampshire: Quar- 
terly, first and fourth grand quarter of France and 
England; second, Scotland; third, Ireland; over all 
an escutcheon of pretence; azure billetee or, a lion 
rampant of the second, for Nassau. V. Connecti- 


cut: Argent, a dexter hand issuing out of clouds in 
dexter chief, holding a double scroll proper, fesse- 
ways, bearing the legend, " Sustinet qui transtulit;" 
in base fifteen grape-vines, six, five, four, leaved and 
fructed proper. VI. Maryland: Quarterly first and 
fourth paly of six or and sable, a bend counterchanged, 
for Calvert; second and third, per fesse and per pale 
argent and gules, a cross bottony counterchanged for 
Crossland (seal of Lord Baltimore). VII. Rhode 
Island: Azure, an anchor in pale or. VIII. New 
Jersey: Quarterly, first, England impaling Scotland; 
second, France; third, Ireland; fourth, per pale and 
per chevron ; first, gules two lions passant guardant 
in pale or, for Brunswick; second, or, seraee of 
hearts, a lion rampant azure, for Lunenburgh; third, 
gules, a horse courant argent, for Westphalia; over 
all an inescutcheon gules, charged with the crown of 
Charlemagne. IX. Pennsylvania: Argent, on a 
fesse sable, three plates; (Arms of Penn.) 

The insignia of the Society shall con- article xvii. 
sist of a badge, pendant by a gold crown insignia. 

and ring, from a watered silk ribbon one inch and a 
half wide of red, bordered with white and edged with 
red. The badge shall be surrounded by a laurel 
wreath in gold and shall consist of: 

Obverse: A white enameled star of nine points 
bordered with red enamel, having between each star- 
point a shield displaying an emblem of one of the nine 
original colonies; and, within a blue enameled garter 
bearing the motto " Fortiter Pro Patria," an Indian's 
head in gold relievo. 

Reverse : The star above described, but with 


gold edge, each shield between the points displaying 
a mullet, and in the center, within an annulet of blue 
bearing the title, " Society of Colonial Wars, 1607- 
1775," the figure of a colonial soldier in gold relievo. 
The reverse of the crown of each insignia shall bear 
an engraved number, corresponding to that of the 
registered number of the member to whom such 
insignia has been issued. 

The insignia shall be worn by the members on all 
occasions when they assemble as such, for any stated 
purpose or celebration, and may be worn on any 
occasion of ceremony. It shall be worn conspicuously 
on the left breast ; but members who are or have 
been Gentlemen of the Council of a State Society, 
may place a rosette of regulation pattern upon the 
silk ribbon from which it is pendant. Members who 
are or have been General Officers, or officers of a 
State Society, may wear the insignia with three jewels 
in the crown, and suspended from a regulation ribbon 
around the neck. Members who are or have been 
Governors, Deputy Governors or Lieutenant-Gov- 
ernors of State Societies, or officers of the General 
Society may, in addition to the insignia so suspended, 
wear a ribbon of the Society's colors, three and one- 
half inches in width, extending from the right 
shoulder to the left hip. The insignia shall be worn 
only as above prescribed. 

The undress insignia shall be a rosette or button 
of the size now in use, of red watered silk with white 
thread edging, like the insignia ribbon. 

On ordinary occasions members may wear this 
rosette in the upper buttonhole of the left lapel of the 


coat, provided it be not used at the same time with 
any other insignia of the Society. 

The diploma of this Society shall article xvm. 
bear the following words : diploma. 

General Society of Colonial Wars. 

To All Whom it May Concern. 

Greeting : Know ye, this is to certify that on the 

day of , in the year of our 

Lord , and in the year of this Society the 

Gentleman, was duly 

elected an Hereditary Member of the Society of 

Colonial Wars in the State of. by 

right of his descent from 

In witness whereof : We have hereunto 
signed our names and affixed the Great 
Seal of the General Society. 

Officers of the General Society. 

Governor- General. 

Secretary- General. 

Registrar- General. 

And countersigned by the Governor, Secretary and 
Registrar of the State Society. 

Bordering the top and left side of the diploma is 
an ornamental scrollwork containing within the 
initial letter " G." of " General Society," a represen- 
tation of Captain Myles Standish and a band of 
colonial soldiery; the initial surmounted by the 
imperial crown of the British empire, and having 


below it the motto of the Society. Ranged along 
the scroll are shields bearing the arms of the original 
nine colonies as emblazoned in the Great Seal of the 
Society; and around these are emblems of colonial 
warfare, with the flags of Sweden and New Nether- 
lands, and the rose, thistle, shamrock, and cornflower 
— badges respectively of England, Scotland, Ireland 
and Germany. At the center at top is a cluster of 
Indian weapons and the head of a Sachem charged 
upon the fleur-de-lis of France. 

The flag of this Society shall consist article xix. 
of the red cross of Saint George on a FLAG- 

white field, bearing in the center the escutcheon of 
the General Society surmounted by the crown and 
surrounded by nine stars. 

It shall be competent for the General article xx. 
Council to appoint State Secretaries in State Secretaries - 
States where no State Societies exist, with a view 
to represent the interest of this Society, and, if 
authorized to do so, to prepare for the organization 
of new State Societies. Such State Secretaries shall 
be subject to the direction and regulation of the Gen- 
eral Council. Their appointment shall be for a limited 
time, not to exceed one year, but may be renewed. 
They may be removed for cause, and their office 
shall terminate upon the organization of, and grant 
of a charter to, a Society in their State. They shall 
communicate with and receive communication from 
the Society through the Secretary-General. 

The General Council shall elect to ARTICLE XXI 
membership only charter members of members of 

r~i . . o • , • i i State Societies. 

new State Societies; whose member- 
ship shall be ipso facto transferred to their own 
State Society with the grant of its charter. No 
State Society shall elect to membership persons 
resident within the territory of another State Society, 
except upon written consent given in advance by the 
Council of the latter Society. But members chang- 
ing residence from one State to another, or coming 
within the jurisdiction of a new State Society, may at 
their option retain membership in the State Society 
in which they were originally admitted. 

A. member of any State Society may be admitted 
to membership by action of the Council of another 
State Society, within the bounds of which he is 
resident, upon satisfactory proof of his membership 
in good standing in the Society from which he comes, 
and subject to the rules and regulations of the 
Society he enters. 

An initiation fee shall not be twice required. 

No alteration of or amendment to 


this Constitution shall be made, unless alterations 

.. . . . - i/^i 'i r and Amendments. 

proposed in writing by the Council oi a 
State Society, or by the General Council. The Sec- 
retary-General shall send a printed copy of the pro- 
posed amendment to each State Society, naming the 
time when and place where it will be voted upon. 
At least ninety days' notice shall be given to each 
State Society. Whenever any amendment is under 
consideration in the General Assembly it shall be 
open to any modification or change germane to the 


proposed amendment. No such change or modifica- 
tion shall be made, nor shall any amendment to this 
Constitution be adopted, unless the same shall receive 
the votes of two-thirds of the members of the 
General Assembly present when the vote is taken. 

In flDemoriam. 





Frederic J. de Peyster died at Lakewood, N.J., on May n, 
1905. His death was sudden, and occurred soon after the meeting 
of the Triennial Assembly of the General Society of Colonial Wars, 
on May 4, at which he presided. 

He was born in New York City, Feb. 5, 1839, and was the son 
of Captain James Ferguson de Peyster, U.S.A., and Frances 
Goodhue Ashton of Salem, Mass. Mr. de Peyster was a graduate 
of the College of the City of New York, and of the Columbia 
Law School. He was married to Augusta McEvers Morris on 
Oct. 10, 1871, at Morrisania, N.Y. His widow and five children 
survive him: Helen Van Cortlandt de Peyster, Frederic Ashton 
de Peyster, Frances Goodhue de Peyster, Augusta Morris de Peyster, 
and Ella de Peyster Shoemaker. 

Descendant of one of the oldest Dutch families on this side of 
the Atlantic, member of a family line which has given to the 
country many distinguished jurists, soldiers, financiers, and men of 
letters, himself an able lawyer and scholar, interested in education, 
art, science, and civic affairs, officer and member of many chari- 
table, benevolent, and learned societies, he graced every office and 
station in which he was placed. His care for the interests of the 
Society of Colonial Wars, and the efficiency, courtesy, and genial 
humor with which he presided over its General Assemblies and 
Councils, won for him the respect and esteem of all its members. 
The Society mourns the loss of a valued officer, a worthy fellow- 
member, a high-minded citizen, and a true gentleman. 

At a special meeting of the General Council of the Society of 
Colonial Wars called by the Vice-Governor-General, Mr. Howland 
Pell, at his residence, 450 Madison avenue, New York City, May 
31, 1905, the following resolutions were carried unanimously, in 
silence, by a rising vote : 

" Assembled for the first time without the presence of our 
Governor-General, Frederic J. de Peyster, and, full of grief and 
sorrow at the loss we have sustained in his death, we desire to record 
our personal love for him and our appreciation of his character and 

"The first Governor-General of this Society, he watched it 
through its early difficulties, and in the perfection of the discharge 
of his duties did more than any one to place the Society in the en- 
viable position it now occupies. To him the Council always looked 


for wise advice in its troubles, and he never failed to guide it to the 
accomplishment of the best attainable results. 

" Happy are we to have been associated with him for so long a 
period, and grateful that he was permitted to see fulfilled his desire 
that the Society's foundations should be strongly laid and its future 
work assured. 

" In sorrow at his loss, and yet in thankfulness that he once 
directed our Council, we make this record. 

"It is ordered that the Secretary-General spread the foregoing 
on our minutes, and that a copy thereof, duly engrossed and cer- 
tified, be sent to the family of our deceased Governor-General, in 
loving remembrance of his affectionate and brilliant personality." 

On motion duly seconded and carried, the Secretary-General was 
instructed to order and place on Mr. de Peyster's grave, in Trinity 
churchyard, on the anniversary of his death, May II, a wreath of 
flowers, for two years to come, the unfinished portion of his term 
of office. 

The meeting then adjourned out of respect to the memory of Mr. 
de Peyster. 

^ ^ ^ 



James M. Varnum. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Charles Francis Roe. 

Lieutenant- Governors. 

Stephen Henry Olin, Willard Bartlett, 

Frederic de Peyster Foster. 

Henry Gansevoort Sanford. 

Deputy-Secretary . 
William Gilman Low, Jr. 

Clarence Storm. 

Acosta Nichols. 

Everett Pepperrell Wheeler. 

Vice- Chancellor. 
William Whitehead Ladd, Jr. 


Daniel MacMartin Stimson, M.D. 

Reynold Webb Wilcox, M.D. 



Bayard Fish Foulke. 

Rev. Charles Edward Brugler. 

Philip Schuyler de Luze. 

Term ending December, 1906. Term ending December, 1907. 

cortlandt irving, james william beekman, 

Henry Whiting Hayden, Amory Sibley Carhart, 
Anson Phelps Stokes. Arthur Stuart Walcott. 

Term ending December, 1908. 
Wm. Bleecker Seaman, 
William Graves Bates, 
f. ashton de peyster. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

1272 Adams, Walter Wood, New York. 3625 

7th from Lieut. Thomas Adams. 

7th from Lieut. Thomas Burnham. 
1267 Allerton, Walter Scott, New York. 3620 

8th from Isaac Allerton. • 
1259 Allin, George Albert, Brooklyn. 3612 

4th from John Gardner, 3rd. 

4th from Elisha Brown. 

7th from Richard Tew. 

7th from Obadiah Holmes. 

7th from William Harris. 
1323 Andrews, James Madison, New York. 3866 

5th from William Andrews. 

3rd from Corp. Miles Andrews. 
1274 Austin, Eugene K., New York. 3627 

8th from William Phelps. 

8th from Hendrick Kip. 

8th from Nicasius De Sille. 
1294 Averill, Charles Sydle, Syracuse. 3758 

5th from Capt. Stephen Noble. 
1325 Avery, Irving Montgomery, Brooklyn. 3868 

9th from Capt. James Avery. 
1350 Babcock, Harry Woodruff, New York. 3948 

4th from Col. Henry Babcock. 
10th from Gov. William Pynchon. 

6th from Capt. Nathaniel Woodruff. 
1 1 59 Barbour, William Delamater, New York. 3170 

7th from Francis Bloodgood. 
1216 Barstow, Donald McLean, M.D., New York. 3379 

8th from Gov. William Bradford. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1227 Bates, George Butterfield, New York. 3452 

7th from Robert Chapman. 

1 163 Boynton, Charles Edward, New York. 3218 

7th from Nathaniel Richardson. 

1202 Boynton, Frederick Chester, New York. 3366 
7th from Nathaniel Richardson. 
6th from Capt. Joseph Boynton. 

1328 Braine, Clinton Elgin, New York. 3871 

5th from Capt. Thomas Braine. 

1349 Braine, Lawrence Fulton, New York. 3910 

5th from Capt. Thomas Braine. 

1329 Brereton, Tallmadge Hepburn, Lieut., U.S.A. 3872 

9th from Gov. Robert Treat. 

6th from Miles Merwin. 

7th from Capt. Nathaniel Baldwin. 

8th from Capt. Joseph Treat. 

9th from Ensign John Stream. 

9th from Sergt. Thomas Tibbals. 

9th from Maj. Moses Mansfield. 
1 oth from Alexander Bryan. 
10th from Edmund Tapp. 

1260 Brett, Martin Wiltsie, New York. 3613 

5th from Lieut. Roger Brett. 
1345 Brokaw, George Tuttle, New York. 3896 

7th from Capt. William Hallett. 

8th from Rev. Abraham Pierson. 

9th from Capt. Thomas Munson. 

8th from Joris George Woolsey. 

7th from Ensign Samuel Kitchell. 

7th from Lieut.-Col. John Jackson. 

9th from William Tuttle. 

8th from John Seaman. 

9th from Thomas Cornell. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1266 Brown, Benjamin West Bonney, New York. 3619 
7th from Thomas Bonney. 
7th from James Bishop. 

1320 Brush, Louis Thompson, New York. 3863 

7th from William Hallett. 

1204 Buel, Rev. Clarence, Troy. 3368 

7th from Maj. John Mason. 

1 169 Buell, William Collins, Syracuse. 3333 

4th from Capt. Jonathan Buell. 

1248 Burnham, Charles Luther, New York. 3601 

7th from John Burnham. 

1207 Burrill, Drayton, New York. 3371 

6th from Hon. Lewis Morris. 
6th from Ebenezer Burrill. 

1 196 Byrns, Robert Ainsworth, New York. 3322 

8th from Capt. Thomas Minor. 

12 17 Caldwell, Frank Eddy, M.D., Brooklyn. 3380 
9th from Gov. John Winthrop. 
7th from Capt. John King. 
8th from Cornet Robert Stetson. 
5th from Nehemiah Sylvester. 

1355 Campbell, Shiras, New York. 3966 

8th from Samuel Richardson. 

1 346 Carpenter, Charles Whitney, Jr., New York. 3907 

9th from Lieut. Robert Feake. 

1347 Carpenter, George Washington, New York. 3908 

6th from Richard King. 

1 165 Carter, Colin Smith, New York. 3220 

4th from Thaddeus Carter. 

1281 Carter, Robert Anderson, New York. 3782 

6th from Samuel Carter. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1262 Chapin, Samuel Austin, New York. 3615 

7th from Samuel Chapin. 

6th from Josiah Chapin. 

5th from Seth Chapin. 

3rd from Gershom Chapin. 

6th from Richard Case. 

8th from Gov. William Bradford. 

7th from Maj. William Bradford. 

8th from Gov. John Webster. 

6th from Lieut. Joseph Kellogg. 
1 35 1 Chapman, Frank Michler, New York. 3949 

7th from Robert Chapman. 
1 188 Church, William Conant, New York. 3310 

9th from Roger Conant. 
1201 Claflin, William Bement, New York. 3365 

7th from Robert Mackclothlan. 
1264 Clark, James Bayard, M.D., New York. 3617 

6th from Col. John Wheelwright. 
1336 Clark, Samuel Adams, New York. 3879 

7th from Col. John Wheelwright. 
1 176 Clarke, Fabius Maximus, New York. 3261 

7th from Joseph Clarke. 
1307 Cleveland, Henry Edwin, New York. 3774 

6th from Moses Cleveland. 
1236 Coleman, Leighton Palmer, Brooklyn. 3461 

7th from Lieut.-Col. John Gorham. 

8th from Capt. John Gorham. 
10th from John Tilley. 

9th from Gov. John Howland. 

5th from Lieut. Timothy Jackson. 

7th from Sebas Jackson. 

8th from Tristram Coffin. 

8th from Robert Paddock. 

8th from Richard Sears. 

8th from John Otis, Jr. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1332 Conrow, Wilford Seymour, New York. 3875 

7th from Samuel Keever, 1st. 

1309 Cook, Robert Bowne Minturn, Port Chester. 3770 
4th from Lieut. Thomas Swords. 

1 3 19 Crannell, Clarke Winslow, New York. 3862 

6th from Robert Crannell. 

1225 Critcher, Edward Payson, Boston, Mass. 2666 
6th from Daniel Hawes. 

1268 Demorest, William Curtis, New York. 3621 

9th from William Phelps. 

1 241 Dennis, Rev. James Shepard, New York. 3482 

8th from Gov. William Bradford. 

1224 Dennis, Otis Alonzo, Whitehall. 3387 

8th from John Gallup. 
1 161 de Peyster, Johnston Livingston. 3216 

6th from Col. Abraham de Peyster. 

1 192 de Peyster, William Moore Dongan, New 

York. 336i 

5 th from Johannes de Peyster. 

1223 De Witt, George Gosman, New York. 3386 

6th from Andries De Witt. 
1 171 Dominick, Henry Blanchard, New York. 3335 

8th from Lieut. Thomas Cooper. 

121 1 Dos Passos, Louis Hays, New York. 3374 

9th from Isaac Vermilye. 
8th from Arent Harmanus Bussing. 
9th from Claude Le Maistre. 
9th from Resolved Waldron. 
8th from Jan Dyckman. 
9th from Daniel Tourneur. 

1254 Drake, William Wilson, Warrenton, Va. 3607 
6th from Joseph Drake. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1247 Dwight, Frederick, New York. 3600 

7th from Capt. Timothy Dwight. 

1 341 Eagle, Clarence Henry, New York. 3884 

8th from William French. 

1300 Enos, Alanson Trask, New York. 3764 

7th from Capt. William Trask. 
8th from Paul Peck. 
8th from Cornelius Hull. 
6th from William Trask. 
7th from Theophilus Hull. 
8th from Andrew Ward. 

7th from Lieut. Joseph Judson. , 

6th from Capt. James Judson. 

1354 Fish, Henry Manning, M.D., New York. 3673 

7th from Samuel Manning. 
6th from Ensign John Pratt. 
7th from Lieut. William Pratt. 
6th from Capt. Joseph Sill. 
8th from Capt. William French. 
6th from John Hopkinson. 
7th from John Alden. 
6th from William Pabodie. 
8th from John Clark. 
6th from Richard Lord. 
5th from John Spofford. 
4th from Samuel Manning. 
5th from John Manning. 

1 2 19 Fish, George Farnham, New York. 3382 

7th from John Fish. 

1250 Foster, Frederick de Peyster, New York. 3603 
8th from William Beekman. 
7th from Resolved Waldron. 
9th from William Whitney. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

8th from Rev. John Whitney. 

7th from George Tibbits. 

9th from David Provoost. 

8th from Jean Mousnier de la Montagne. 

8th from John Moss. 

8th from Hendrick Kip. 

8th from Jacob Wolfert Van Couwenhoven. 

8th from William Betts. 

6th from Gerardus Beekman. 

7th from Dr. Gerardus Beekman. 

6th from Daniel Waldron. 

6th from Jan Dyckman. 

8th from Hans Kierstede. 

4th from George Codwise. 

9th from Edward Collins. 

9th from Thomas Newbury. 

8th from Samuel Edsall. 

7th from Benjamin Blagge. 

7th from Johannes Van Gelder. 

4th from Philip Hone. 

4th from John Kane. 

5th from Christopher Codwise. 

1 168 Frye, Jed, New York. 3232 

4th from Capt. Henry Ingalls. 
7th from Nathaniel Putnam. 
4th from John Farnum. 
6th from John Osgood. 
6th from Samuel Moore. 
6th from Joris Rapelje. 

12 1 3 Gallatin, Albert Eugene, New York. 3376 

4th from Commodore James Nicholson. 

1 301 Giles, Stephen Weart, New York. 3765 

9th from Louis DuBois. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

1228 Goodrich, William Winton, Brooklyn. 3453 

5th from William Goodrich. 
1 1 75 Goodspeed, Benjamin Franklin, New York. 3260 

6th from Ebenezer Goodspeed. 

7th from Filyp Pieterse Van Schuyler. 

7th from Nathaniel Richardson. 

8th from Lieut. Thomas Dimock. 

6th from Arent Schuyler. 
1 191 Gould, S. Seward, New York. 3313 

7th from Capt. John Gould. 
1335 Gunther, Clarence Eugene, M.D., New York. 3878 

4th from Nathaniel King. 
1344 Gunther, Franklin L., New York. 3895 

4th from Nathaniel King. 

1 170 Hamilton, Henry Nicoll, Yonkers. 3334 

6th from Johannes Schuyler. 

1 1 80 Harding, Hammond Lee, New York. 3273 

4th from John David Woelpper. 
12 1 5 Hawks, Edward Clinton, Buffalo. 3378 

7th from Rev. James Fitch. 

1 185 Hawks, William Irving, New York. 2360 

6th from Elizur Hawks. 

1237 Hay, Charles Cortlandt, New York. 3462 

8th from Hon. Richard Treat. 
1255 Hincken, Cort Roadside, New York. 3608 

6th from Thomas Lyon. 
1 197 Hoffman, Charles Frederick, New York. 3323 

4th from Martinus Hoffman. 
1275 Hoffman, William Mitchell Vail, New 

York. 3628 

4th from Martinus Hoffman. 
1 166 Houghton, Rev. George Clarke, New York. 3221 

7th from Lieut. Samuel Smith. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1221 How, John Gordon, New York. 3384 

6th from Capt. John Fisher. 

13 17 Howard-Martin, Edmund, New York. 3860 

4th from Capt. Abram Martin. 
1 195 Hoyt, Charles Wentworth, M.D., Rochester. 3321 
10th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 

9th from John Alden. 

9th from Gov. Simon Bradstreet. 

9th from Gov. Thomas Wiggin. 

8th from Capt. Peregrine White. 

5th from Col. Joseph Williams. 
1 160 Hunt, Ridgley, New York. 3207 

7th from Hon. Robert Livingston. 
1 1 73 Hutton, Arthur Lefferts, New York. 3258 

10th from Gerretse Wolfert Van Cowenhoven. 
1233 Johnson, William Schuyler, Booneville. 3458 

9th from Maj.-Gen. Robert Sedgewick. 

8th from Capt. Thomas Munson. 

5th from Capt. Abner Johnson. 

1 3 14 Jones, Arthur Sidney Herbert, New York. 3857 

6th from Hon. Lewis Morris. 

131 5 Jones, Oliver Livingston, Jr., New York. 3858 

7th from Hon. Robert Livingston. 
1280 Kenly, William Watkins, New York. 3745 

6th from Col. Nicholas Greenberry. 

6th from Col. Nicholas Gassaway. 

6th from Col. George Wells. 

7th from Col. Edward Dorsey. 

6th from Maj. Samuel Goldsmith. 
1 1 72 Kenyon, Rev. Ralph Wood, Brooklyn. 3336 

9th from Isaac Allerton. 
1330 Ketcham, Arthur C, New York. 3873 

8th from Lieut. John Ketcham. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1273 Kitchel, William Lloyd, New York. 3626 

8th from Abraham Pierson. 

1 32 1 Kittle, Charles Albert, Brooklyn. 3864 

6th from Lieut. Daniel Ketelhuyn. 

1282 Lancaster, Edwin Williams, New York. 3746 
4th from Alexander Legrand. 

131 1 Lane, Wolcott Griswold, New York. 3772 

4th from Gov. Matthew Griswold. 

1322 Leaycraft, John Edgar, New York. 3865 

4th from Capt. Viner Leaycraft. 

1285 Leeds, Warner Mifflin, New York. 3749 

6th from Daniel Leeds. 

1298 Leeds, William Bateman, New York. 3762 

6th from Daniel Leeds. 

1288 Lindsay, John Douglas, New York. 3752 

7th from Christopher Lindsay. 
6th from Eleazer Lindsay. 
7th from Maj. John Pell. 
8th from Maj. Thomas Lawrence. 
6th from Col. Benjamin Valentine. 
7th from Joseph Mansfield. 
8th from Lieut. John Fuller. 
7th from Capt. Edward Fuller. 

1337 Lines, Ernest Van Rensselaer, New York. 3880 
6th from Moses Mansfield. 

1308 Lines, Harvey Klapp, Flushing. 3775 

6th from Moses Mansfield. 

1240 Lines, Theodore Truesdale, Brooklyn. 3481 

5th from Moses Mansfield. 
3rd from Ebenezer Lines. 
5th from John Ailing. 
7th from Lieut. Francis Bell. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1181 Litchfield, Edward Hubert, Brooklyn. 3274 

8th from Lawrence Litchfield. 

1209 Livermore, John Riley, New York. 3373 

8th from Maj. Richard Walderne. 

1243 Low, Joseph Tompkins, New York. 3596 

6th from Capt. Joseph Allen. 

1279 Lung, George Augustus, M.D., Washington, 

D.C., U.S. Navy. 3744 

7th from Capt. Isaac Johnson. 

1208 McPherson, Robert Barclay, New York. 3372 
7th from Lieut. Thomas Tracy. 
7th from Hugh Calkins. 
6th from Jonathan Rudd. 
6th from Joseph Hartshorne. 
6th from Lieut. Lefftngwell. 
6th from Thomas Parke. 

1263 Manton, Leon Wood, Major and A.D.C. 

Division Staff, N.G.N.J. 3616 

7th from John Brown. 

1324 Marshall, David Parish Barhydt, New 

York. 3867 

5th from Thomas Marshall. 

1235 McAlpin, Benjamin Brandreth, New York. 3460 
9th from Thomas Stanton. 

1234 McAlpin, Edwin Augustus, New York. 3459 

8th from Thomas Stanton. 

1 194 McClintock, John, Lieut., U.S.A. 3320 

7th from Capt. Joseph Wakeman. 

13 18 McCulloch, Walter Buchanan, Rensselaer. 3861 
4th from Joshua Champlin. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

1258 McGuire, James Clark, New York. 361 1 

9th from Col. George Reade. 
7th from John Lewis, Jr. 
8th from John Lewis, Sr. 
8th from John Catlett. 
8th from Augustine Warner, 2nd. 
9th from Augustine Warner, Sr. 
9th from Col. William Bernard. 
I oth from Robert Higgenson. 
8th from Maj. Peter Field. 
9th from William Farrar, Sr. 
8th from William Farrar, Jr. 

1226 McNair, Eben Orlando, Buffalo. 3451 

7th from Edward Griswold. 

1203 McNamee, Theodore H., New York. 3367 

4th from Jeremiah Hogeboom. 

1244 McVicker, John Augustus, Dobbs Ferry. 3597 
6th from Maj. -Gen. John Bradstreet. 

1276 Meigs, Peveril, Jr., Flushing. 3629 

8th from Simon Willard. 

1269 Melcher, John Stevens, New York. 3622 

8th from Maj. Simon Willard. 

1338 Miller, Eddis Nelson, New York. 3881 

7th from Timothy Baker. 
8th from Lieut. John Hollister. 
9th from Hon. Richard Treat. 

1 164 Miner, Karl Roswell, New York. 3219 

8th from Thomas Miner. 

1257 Moffat, R. Burnham, New York. 3610 

8th from Thomas Welles. 
7th from Lieut. Joseph Judson. 
6th from Capt. William Curtiss. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

1246 Moore, Howard Parker, Albany. 3599 

5 th from Archelaus Moore. 
6th from Edward Fifield. 
6th from Robert Seaver. 
10th from Gov. Roger Conant. 
8th from Thomas Dustin. 
9th from Cornet Robert Stetson. 
8th from Lieut. John Sanborn. 
8th from Capt. Joseph Boynton. 

1230 Mowatt, Charles Grayson, Brooklyn. 3455 

7th from John Scott. 

1261 Muren, George Morgan, M.D., Brooklyn. 3614 
8th from Sergt. Richard Haven. 

1 158 Murphey, Chauncey Hurlburt, New York. 3169 

8th from Vice-Admiral Thomas Gilbert. 
1229 Napier, Charles Dwight, M.D., Brooklyn. 3454 

4th from Gen. Joseph Dwight. 
1286 NlCOLL, Fancher, New York. 3750 

8th from Capt. William Lawrence. 

9th from Roger Ludlow. 

9th from William Hallett. 

6th from Daniel Noble. 

7th from David Noble. 

9th from Richard Goodman. 
1 oth from Stephen Terry. 
1 184 Nicoll, Henry Denton, M.D., New York. 3277 

3rd from Lieut. John Nicoll. 
12 1 8 Northrop, Frank, New York. 3381 

7th from Maj. Nathan Gold. 
1 183 Oddie, Orville, Jr., New York. 3276 

8th from Maj. Simon Willard. 
1 3 10 Osborn, William Updike, New York. 3771 

7th from Gysbert Opdyke. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1256 Palmer, Lucius Noyes, New York. 3609 

6th from Gershom Palmer. 

7th from Gov. William Coddington. 

6th from Gov. Peleg Sanford. 

6th from Nehemiah Palmer. 

6th from Rev. James Noyes. 

7th from Capt. George Denison. 
1316 Parish, Edward Codman, New York. 3859 

9th from William Thomas. 
1287 Peck, George Lyman, Jamaica, L.I. 3751 

7th from Gov. William Lute. 
1 199 Pell, Stephen Hyatt Pelham, New York. 3363 

7th from Maj. John Pell. 
1220 Pell, Theodore Roosevelt, New York. 3383 

7th from Maj. John Pell. 
1 198 Pell-Haggerty, Howland, Westbury, L.I. 3362 

7th from Maj. John Pell. 
13 12 Phelps, Samuel Fowler, New York. 3339 

9th from Sir Richard Saltonstall. 
1340 Pickering, McLaurin Jameson, New York. 3883 

4th from Capt. Thomas Pickering. 

4th from Richard Furber. 

8th from Elder William Wentworth. 

5th from Col. Thomas Wallingford. 

8th from Richard Tozier. 
1327 Pillot, Peter Stuyvesant, New York. 3870 

7th from Gov. Peter Stuyvesant. 

7th from Lieut. Wilhelmus Beekman. 

7th from Frederick Phillipse. 

5th from Maj. Gilbert Livingston. 

6th from Col. Robert Livingston. 

6th from Nicholas Bayard. 

6th from Col. Henry Beekman. 

5th from Joseph Reade. 

7th from Brant Arentse Van Slichtenhorst. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1353 Pinkney, Cornelius Sidell, New York. 3951 

8th from Sergt. David Provoost. 

1352 Pinkney, Townsend, New York. 3950 

8th from Sergt. David Provoost. 
8th from Francis Bloetgoet. 
8th from Resolved Waldron 
8th from Johannes Benson. 

1 157 Postley, Sterling, New York. 3168 

9th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 

1238 Potts, Charles Edwin, Brooklyn. 3479 

8th from Lieut. Isaac Williams. 
9th from Capt. William French. 
9th from William Park. 
9th from Robert Williams. 
8th from Edward Griswold. 
8th from Sergt. Jonathan Hyde. 
7th from Sergt. Josiah Dewey. 
5th from Lieut. Abel Buel. 

1326 Pratt, Alexander Dallas Bache, New 

York. 3869 

8th from Gen. Constant Southworth. 
9th from Francis Chickering. 
9th from Maj. John Mason. 
8th from Reinhold Marvin. 
9th from Lieut. William Pratt. 
9th from Jeremiah Clarke. 
9th from Randall Holden. 
9th from Obadiah Holmes. 
8th from Ensign John Pratt. 
9th from Thomas Hazard. 
9th from John Clark. 
9th from Rev. James Fitch. 
5th from Capt. David Hunter. 
6th from Col. Joseph Stout. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

8th from Edward Dotey. 
9th from Maj.-Gen. Robert Sedgwick. 
8th from Gov. John Leverett. 
9th from Gov. William Leete. 
9th from Dep.-Gov. Benjamin Fenn. 
9th from Col. Thomas Willett. 
7th from Capt. Samuel Ruggles. 
8th from Capt. Henry Crane, Sr. 
8th from Lieut. George Bartlett. 
ioth from John Brown, ist. 
8th from Moses Cleveland. 
9th from John Sanford. 
8th from John Sanford, Jr. 
9th from Capt. Ralph Earle. 
8th from Capt. Robert Chapman. 
8th from Capt. George Denison. 
9th from Samuel Gorton. 
9th from William Collier. 
8th from Daniel Smith. 

1299 Primrose, John Selby, New York. 3763 

8th from Capt. Henry Crane. 

9th from William Hayden. 

8th from Ensign Samuel Tarbox. 

9th from Andrew Ward. 
1302 Prince, L. Bradford, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 3766 

7th from Gov. William Bradford. 
1245 Requa, Robert Russell, Port Chester, N.Y. 3598 

5th from Maj. Hackaliah Brown. 

9th from Stephen Hopkins. 

8th from Giles Hopkins. 
1239 Rice, Calvin Winsor, New York. 3480 

ioth from William Brewster. 
12 1 2 Rice, Edward Russell, Buffalo. 3375 

6th from Joshua Bigelow. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1232 Richards, William Stiger, New York. 3457 

7th from Nathaniel Richards. 
8th from Joseph Foster. 
7th from Teunis Gybertse Bogaert. 
7th from Roelof Martense Schenck. 
7th from Qt. Mstr. Martin Adrianse. 
1 oth from Degorie Priest. 
6th from Celeb Carman. 
9th from William Patten. 
6th from Lieut. Noah Butterworth. 
7th from Capt. John Seaman. 
7th from Jethniel Peck. 
8th from Sergt. John Heald. 
6th from Capt. Jan Meserole. 
7th from Lieut. John Heald. 
8th from Daniel Smith. 
6th from Lawrence Van Kleeck. 
8th from Capt. Jan Strycker. 
5th from Noah Wiswall. 
7th from Capt. Joseph Fuller. 
7th from Capt. Baltus Van Kleeck. 
5th from John Barrett. 
8th from James Frost. 
9th from Sergt. Thomas Foster. 
9th from Joseph Peck. 
6th from John Pratt. 
6th from Lieut. Thomas Wiswall. 
7th from Capt. Leonard Lewis. 
9th from William Adrianse Bennett. 
7th from Jacob Bennett. 
7th from John Stratton. 
9th from Capt. William French. 
9th from Col. Philip Eliot. 
8th from Edward Farmer. 
9th from Simon Crosby. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

8th from Thomas Patton. 
8th from Corp. John French. 
7th from Lieut. William French. 
7th from Thomas Pollard. 
7th from Ensign John Butterworth. 
9th from Samuel Eddy. 
8th from Joris Jansen de Rapelje. 
7th from Israel Heald. 

9th from Wolfert Gerretse Van Couwenhoven. 
9th from John Hill. 
9th from William Denison. 
1 oth from Capt. Richard Brackett. 
6th from Lieut. Ephraim Kidder. 
7th from John Barrett. 
5th from Sergt. Amariah Crane. 
6th from John Bent. 
9th from John Bent. 
9th from Francis Chickering. 
7th from Joseph Houghton. 
7th from Capt. Noah Wiswall. 
8th from John Aldis. 
8th from Corp. Philip Squires. 
5 th from Aaron Pratt. 
7th from Pieter Praa. 
6th from Lieut. Peter Monfort. 
7th from Capt. Pieter Janse Strycker. 
8th from Daniel Fisher. 
6th from Lieut. Jeremiah Fuller. 
8th from Lieut. John Wilson. 
6th from Lieut. Peter Strycker. 
8th from Joseph Pratt. 
8th from Phineas Pratt. 

1291 Roberts, Richard Hubbard, New York. 3755 

7th from Thomas Cooper, Sr. 

Statb Society No. General Society No . 

1 1 77 Roe, Frank Otheman, New York. 3262 

6th from Nathaniel Roe. 

1206 Root, William Stanton, Buffalo. 3370 

7th from John Stanton. 
8th from Thomas Welles. 

1348 Rowland, Henry, New York. 3909 

5th from Hon. Thomas Fitch. 

1283 Sanborn, John Eben, New Rochelle. 3747 

8th from Lieut. John Sanborn. 

1306 Sands, Benjamin Jerome, M.D., Port Chester. 3773 
8th from Capt. James Sands. 

1 1 89 Sanford, Henry Gansevoort, New York. 33 11 
7th from Gov. Peter Stuyvesant. 
5th from Maj. Gilbert Livingston. 
4th from Capt. Christopher Yates. 
6th from Col. Henry Beekman. 
7th from John Talcott. 
7th from Lieut. Wilhelmus Beekman. 
6th from Nicholas Bayard. 
7th from Brant Arentse Van Slichtenhorst. 
8th from Richard Borden. 
6th from Col. Robert Livingston. 
6th from Gov. Joseph Talcott. 
5 th from Joseph Reade. 
7th from Frederick Phillipse. 
8th from Col. Thomas Willett. 

1303 Saxe, Edward Thomas, New York. 3767 

4th from Daniel Hammond. 

1334 Schall, John Hubley, M.D., Brooklyn. 3877 

5th from Col. James Burd. 

12 14 Scudder, Marvyn, New York. 3377 

6th from Hon. Jabez Hamlin. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

1305 Scudder, Townsend, New York. 3769 

6th from Richard Townsend. 

1289 Shailer, William Griggs, New York. 3753 

7th from John Fuller. 

1339 Shannon, Richard Cutts, Brockport, N.Y. 3882 
5th from George Vaughan. 

1 33 1 Sheldon, Theodore Butler, Buffalo. 3874 

8th from Capt. George Denison. 

1249 Shepard, Augustus Dennis, Jr., New York. 3602 
8th from Gov. William Bradford. 

1343 Shirley, Rufus George, New York. 3894 

8th from David Provoost. 
8th from Francis Bloetgoet. 
8th from Resolved Waldron. 
8th from Johannes Benson. 
7th from Jonathan Provoost. 
10th from Abraham Pieterson Van Deusen. 
8th from Sergt. Cornelius Barrentsen Sleght. 

1342 Simmons, Joseph Ferris, New York. 3885 

8th from Joseph Moore. 

1356 Simpson, Frank Bradford, New York. 3967 

7th from John Ogden. 

123 1 Slayton, William Henry, Buffalo. 2456 

4th from David Slayton. 

1 1 79 Smith, Bayard Marston, New York. 3272 

9th from Maj.-Gen. Humphrey Atherton. 

1 190 Smith, L. Bertrand, Brooklyn. 3312 

6th from Daniel Adams. 

1242 Stanton, Frank McMillan, Atlantic Mine, 

Mich. 3595 

9th from Nicasius de Sille. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

13 i 3 Stephens, Thomas Conklin, New York. 3856 

7th from Thomas Lyon. 

1358 Stickney, Herbert Whiting, Albany. 3969 

4th from Abraham Stickney. 

1 187 Stimson, Daniel McMartin, M.D., New 

York. 3309 

8th from Capt. Isaac Johnson. 
8th from Humphrey Atherton. 
7th from Henry Bowen. 
9th from John Johnson. 

1 162 Swan, Robert Otis, New York. 3217 

8th from Richard Swan. 

1 271 Talcott, Edward Coleman, New York. 3624 

7th from Capt. Samuel Talcott. 
1265 Tefft, Erastus Theodore, New York. 3618 

4th from Daniel Griswold, 2nd. 
1200 Thomas, Robert McKean, New York. 3364 

8th from Sergt. David Provoost. 

5th from Capt. David Provoost. 

6th from Col. David Provoost. 

7th from Gov. Jacob Leisler. 

7th from Capt. James Sands. 

9th from Lieut. Robert Feake. 
1357 Totten, John Reynolds, New York. 3968 

6th from Col. John Thatcher. 
1 1 78 Treat, Edward Adams, New York. 3263 

7th from Richard Smith. 
1210 Upham, Charles Clifton, New York. 833 

6th from Lieut. Phineas Upham. 
125 1 Van Buren, Laurens Hardy, New York. 3604 

6th from Gov. Lewis Morris. 
1 174 Webb, William Clarke, Rochester, N.Y. 3259 

9th from Gov. William Bradford. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

1253 Weisse, Faneuil Suydam, New York. 3606 

7th from Dr. John Cutler. 
1 182 Westcote, William Joseph, New York. 3275 

8th from Stuckley Westcott 
1333 White, Alain Campbell, New York. 3876 

5th from Col. Andrew Burr. 
1205 Whitin, Ernest Stagg, New York. 3369 

6th from Jonathan Whiting. 

7th from John Fay. 

7th from Sebas Jackson. 

8th from Jan Strycker. 

7th from Thomas Aldridge. 

7th from Philip Eastman. 

7th from Thomas Holbrook. 

9th from Philip Eliot. 

7th from John Aldis. 

8th from Joseph Skelton. 

7th from Benjamin Wellington. 

8th from Thomas Barnard. 

8th from John Polly. 
1290 Whiton, James Bartlett, New York. 3754 

8th from John Alden. 
1270 Williams, Gordon, Buffalo. 3623 

8th from Capt. Isaac Williams. 
1296 Wing, John Daniel, New York. 3760 

7th from Capt. John Underhill. 

8th from Thomas Cornell. 

8th from John Russell. 

8th from Lieut. Robert Feake. 
1284 Wing, John Morgan, New York. 3748 

8th from Capt. John Underhill. 

9th from Lieut. Robert Feake. 

9th from Thomas Cornell. 

9th from John Russell. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1297 Wing, Louis Stuart, New York. 3761 

8th from Capt. John Underhill. 
9th from Lieut. Robert Feake. 
9th from Thomas Cornell. 
9th from John Russell. 

1295 Winant, Frederick, New York. 3759 

7th from Joseph Bishop. 

1277 Wood, Spencer Shepard, Lieut. Com., 

U.S.N. 3742 

8th from Joris de Rapelje. 
1 1 86 Woodruff, Edward Lowrey, Milwaukee, 

Wis. 1913 

9th from Thomas Mayhew. 

8th from Christopher Hussey. 

8th from John Howland. 

7th from Capt. John Gorham. 
1304 Woodruff, Frederick Sanford, New York. 3768 

6th from Capt. Nathaniel Woodruff. 

5th from Ensign Jacob Woodruff. 

7th from Capt. Joseph Wadsworth. 

8th from Samuel Wright, 2nd. 

8th from Capt. Timothy Phelps. 

9th from William Phelps. 
10th from William Pynchon. 

8th from Capt. Aaron Cook. 

9th from Maj. Aaron Cook. 

8th from Lieut.-Col. John Allyn. 

6th from Capt. Jacob Griswold. 

8th from John Taylor. 

7th from Lieut. John Lyman. 

9th from William Westwood. 

9th from Matthew Allyn. 

7th from Judge William Pinhorn. 

8th from Gov. Richard Ingoldsby. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

1252 Woodruff, Henry Gilbert, New York. 3605 

8th from John Ogden. 

1 193 Wright, Joshua Butler, New York. 3319 

9th from Thomas Welles. 

1278 Wyeth, George Edward, New York. 3743 

6th from Hon. Lewis Morris. 

342 *Pell, Harrison Archibald, New York. 342 

7th from Maj. John Pell. 

543 *McCulloch, Champe Carter, M.D., Captain, 

U.S.A. 1087 

6th from Col. Robert Carter. 

•Although among the early members of the Society, these names were accidentally 
omitted from the General Register of 1902, and are therefore inserted in the Supple- 




Statb Society No. General Society No. 

200 Bassett, Charles Franklin, Brooklyn. 200 

9th from Elder William Brewster. 

1017 Brewster, Samuel Dwight, New York. 2802 

8th from Andrew Warner. 
7th from John Howland. 
7th from John Stebbins. 
8th from William Phelps. 
8th from John Plumb. 
7th from Lieut. Andrew Newcombe. 
8th from John Tilley. 
7th from Lieut. Francis Peabody. 
8th from Robert Bartlett. 
6th from Thomas Kenney. 
7th from John Bissell. 
7th from John Brown. 
7th from Lieut. Daniel Warner. 
5th from Moses Lyman, Jr. 
6th from James Brown. 

888 Brown, Charles Holbrook, Buffalo. 2344 

8th from Gov. Roger Williams. 
7th from Capt. Samuel Adams. 
6th from John Waldo. 

689 Brown, John Barker, New York. 1457 

7th from Anthony Annable. 
6th from Sergt. John Barker. 
8th from Joseph Peck. 

1 1 10 Corbusier, William Henry, Lieut.-Col., 

U.S.A. 3044 

8th from Jacob Walingsen Van Winckel. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

409 Davies, Julien Townsend, Jr. 409 

9th from Col. Job Almy. 
9th from Capt. Johannes Pieterszen Van 

8th from Capt. Johannes Wendell. 
8th from Lieut.-Col. Edmund Quincy. 
8th from Capt. John Hull. 
8th from Capt. John Seamen. 
8th from Henry Sewall. 
7th from Samuel Sewall. 
7th from Lieut. Ambrose Dawes. 
7th from Lieut. Robert Foote. 
7th from Lieut-Gen. John Walley. 

1077 de Luze, Philip Schuyler, New Rochelle. 2956 
7th from Philip Pieterse Schuyler. 
7th from Oloff Stevense Van Cortlandt. 

975 Depew, Hon. Chauncey Mitchell, U.S. 

Senator, New York. 2701 

7th from Capt. John Sherman. 
7th from Capt. Timothy Wheeler. 
7th from Lieut. Edward Winship. 
6th from Capt. James Minott. 
5th from Hon. and Col. James Minott. 

880 Gamble, Rev. Joseph, Plattsburg. 2265 

3rd from Joseph Easton. 
6th from Joshua Baker. 

359 Hubbell, Henry Wilson, Brig.-Gen., U.S.A. 359 
6th from Sergt. Richard Hubbell. 
3rd from Lieut. John Hubbell. 
9th from Commissioner Andrew Warde. 
8th from Lieut. John Hollister. 
7th from Richard Osborn. 
7th from Capt. Thomas Fitch. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

6th from Capt. Matthew Sherwood. 
6th from Commissary Daniel Burr. 
5th from Lieut. Thomas Peet. 
5th from Cornet Benjamin Fayerweather. 

182 Hulbert, Henry Carlton, Brooklyn. 182 

9th from Elder William Brewster. 
8th from Gov. Thomas Prence. 
7th from Richard Sears. 

1 140 Lefferts, William Henry, New York. 3127 

9th from Samuel Smith. 
7th from William Arms. 
7th from Daniel Belden. 
8th from Joris Jensen de Rapelje. 
8th from Nicasius de Sille. 

277 Mickle-Saltonstall, Andrew Hutchins, 

New York. 277 

8th from Antoine Lispenard. 
7th from Capt. Anthony Lispenard. 
6th from Col. Leonard Lispenard. 
7th from Anthony Rutgers. 

1092 Moran, Charles. 3005 

9th from Lieut. John Howard. 

793 Phelps, Luis James. 1878 

9th from William Phelps. 

1 1 32 Pratt, Dallas Bache. 3099 

8th from Lieut. William Pratt. 
7th from Ensign John Pratt. 
7th from Lieut. Reinhold Marvin. 
8th from Capt. Jeremiah Clarke. 
8th from Maj. John Mason. 
8th from Thomas Hazard. 
8th from John Clark. 
8th from Randall Holden. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

8th from Rev. James Fitch. 
8th from Obadiah Holmes. 
8th from Francis Chickering. 

1002 Reed, Latham Gallup, New York. 2754 

8th from Capt. George Denison. 
7th from Dr. Joseph Miner. 
7th from Nehemiah Smith. 
7th from Robert Stanton. 
8th from Nathaniel Cheeseborough. 

954 Reynolds, John Jay, New York. 2582 

7th from Lieut. Jonathan Lockwood. 

795 Salter, Jasper Colton, New York. 1880 

6th from Samuel Bliss. 
7th from Thomas Bliss. 
7th from Qt.-Mstr. George Colton. 

1 1 34 Schenck, Charles Lott, Brooklyn. 31 01 

8th from Abraham de la Noye. 
7th from Joost Rutgers Van Brunt. 

749 Seabury, Frederick Chandler, Brooklyn. 1600 
7th from Gen. Constant Southworth. 

1082 Sherrill, Charles Hitchcock, Colonel and 

A.D.C., Governor's Staff, New York. 2964 

5th from Capt. Benjamin Day. 
4th from Benjamin Day. 

869 Smith, Charles Stewart, New York. 2254 

5 th from Lieut. James Treat. 
6th from John Lattimer. 
7th from Samuel Boardman. 
7th from John Ogden. 

174 Suyd am, Walter Lispenard, New York. 174 

6th from Corp. Arent Harmanus Bussing. 
7th from Claude Le Meistre. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

9th from Wolfert Garretse Van Couwenhoven. 
8th from Capt. Thomas Miner. 
7th from Ephriam Miner. 
8th from Capt. James Avery. 

443 Talmage, Robert Swartwout, New York. 781 

8th from Benayah Dunham. 
9th from Gov. Thomas Roberts. 

219 Thomas, Douglas Hamilton, Baltimore, Md. 219 
7th from Maj. William Gooch. 
9th from Elder William Brewster. 
8th from Thomas Willoughby. 

626 Tilden, John Packwood. 1285 

9th from Richard Warren. 
8th from Capt. Peregrine White. 

465 Underhill, Frederick Edgar. 872 

6th from Josiah Hunt, Jr. 

9th from Thomas Hunt. 
487 Vail, Henry Hobart, New York. 940 

8th from John Winslow. 

7th from Col. John Young. 

8th from John Washbourne, Sr. 

9th from Francis Cooke. 

8th from Experience Mitchell. 

74 Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt Schuyler. 74 

8th from Capt. Philip Pieterse Van Schuyler. 
7th from Col. Peter Schuyler. 
7th from Lieut. Philip Schuyler. 
6th from Capt. Nicholas Schuyler. 
9th from Brant Arent Van Slichtenhorst. 
7th from Maj. Dirck Wessels Ten Broeck. 
7th from Capt. Johannes Van Brugh. 
8th from Maj. Abraham Staats. 
7th from Dr. Samuel Staats. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

9th from Nicholas Bayard. 

9th from Lieut.-Gov. Jacob Leisler. 

9th from Harmon Rutgers. 

9th from William Beekman. 

8th from Col. Garardus Beekman. 

9th from Hendrick Van Dyke. 

9th from Nicholas de Meyer. 

1 121 Whitin, Frederick Henry, New York. 3088 

6th from John Fay. 
8th from Daniel Fisher. 
8th from William Lyon. 

507 Woodruff, Charles Hornblower, New York. 969 
6th from Judge William Pinhorn. 
7th from Gov. Richard Ingoldsby. 



An flfeemortam. 

228 Francis Ellingwood Abbot, died Oct. 29, 1903. 

418 Frederick P. Allen. 

930 Samuel Putnam Avery, died Aug. 11, 1904. 

1020 James Hale Bates, died Nov. 29, 1901. 

80 Frederick Henry Betts, died Nov. 12, 1905. 

1 137 John Bissell, died Oct. 25, 1903. 

725 Delavan Bloodgood, died April 4, 1902. 

704 Lansdale Boardman, died Sept. 9, 1903. 

1329 Lieut. Tallmadge Hepburn Brereton, U.S.A., died 
July 1, 1906. 

82 James Oliver Carpenter, died March 6, 1905. 

1 1 15 Walter Steuben Carter, died June 3, 1904. 

170 Thomas Brownell Chapman, died March 9, 1904. 

485 John Van Boskerck Clarkson, died July 11, 1905. 

1069 Edward Howell Cook, died Sept. 14, 1902. 

1 167 William Edward Cooper, died April 16, 1903. 

613 Charles W. Darling, died June 22, 1905. 

94 Edward Floyd de Lancey, died 1904. 

696 Rodney Strong Dennis, died March 7, 1904. 

36 Frederic J. de Peyster, died May 11, 1905. 

1 161 Johnston Livingston de Peyster, died May 27, 1903. 

1 150 William Earl Dodge, died Aug. 9, 1903. 

123 Ferdinand Pinney Earle, died Jan. 2, 1903. 

489 George May Elwood, died April 30, 1906. 

110 George Dow Farrar. 

400 Horace Allen Foote, died April 22, 1903. 

498 Crowell Hadden, Jr., died May 13, 1905. 

541 Lewis Hall, died April 1, 1902. 

608 George Harral, died July 11, 1903. 

127 William Edward Harriman, died Jan. 31, 1902. 

685 Charles Waldo Haskins, died Jan. 9, 1903. 

986 Emory Hawes, died Oct. 1904. 

1215 Edward Clinton Hawks, died Feb. 2, 1906. 

1089 Rev. Eugene Augustus Hoffman, died June 17, 1902. 

617 Virgil P. Humason, died May 6, 1905. 

96 John Cornelius Duryea Kitchen, died Dec. 3, 1902. 

768 John MacDonald, died May 27, 1903. 



470 Sylvanus Jenkins Macy, died May 16, 1903. 

307 J. Lynch Montgomery, died Nov. 1905. 
1048 Henry Norcross Munn, died March, 1905. 

62 Isaac Myer, died Aug. 2, 1902. 

582 Henry Allen Newton, died Feb. 14, 1903. 

789 Charles F. Nye, died Dec. 23, 1905. 

288 E. Benedict Oakley, died June 19, 1904. 

115 Henry C. Oakley, died May 24, 1906. 

569 John Webster Oothout, died Feb. 11, 1902. 

936 Andrew Stuart Patterson, died April 2, 1903. 

33 John H. Pell, died Feb. 5, 1902. 

639 Henry Evelyn Pierrepont, Jr., died March 3, 1903. 
175 John Van Schaick Lansing Pruyn, died Aug. 1904. 
985 Robert Reading Remington, died Aug. 18, 1902. 
911 Jeremiah Richards, died June 8, 1906. 

1232 William Stiger Richards, died Aug. 16, 1905. 

1039 Herman Foster Robinson, died June 21, 1903. 

640 Edward Rathbone Satterlee, died Nov. 28, 1903. 
348 Clarkson C. Schuyler, died Aug. 16, 1905. 

518 Henry Seymour, died June 5, 1906. 

430 Edward Lyman Short, died July 30, 1905. 

1071 Henry Lyle Smith, M.D., died Feb. 11, 1905. 

260 Rt. Rev. John Franklin Spalding, died March 9, 1902. 

484 Henry Stanton, died Dec. 5, 1903. 

486 Frank Griswold Teft, died Nov. 8, 1903. 

990 John Newell Tilden, M.D., died July 10, 1902. 

186 William Henry Tillinghast, died Dec. 9, 1902. 

1078 Edward Adam Treat, died Nov. 1905. 

322 Edgar Underhill, died Jan 23, 1904. 

66 Abraham Bates Valentine, died Dec. 19, 1901. 

311 Jesup Wakeman, died April 3, 1904. 

1057 Charles Henry Webb, died Sept. 1905. 

560 William Minot Whitney, died May 10, 1905. 

1018 Edward Augustus Willard, died Aug. n, 1905. 

308 Ephraim Williams, died Nov. 4, 1902. 
784 Andrew Clark Woodvvorth, died 1902. 

923 Chauncey Clark Woodworth, died May 7, 1902. 



Edward Shippen, M.D., U.S.N. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Richard McCall Cadwalader. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Frederick Prime. 


Edward S. Sayres, 

217 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia. 

William MacPherson Hornor. 

T. Hewson Bradford, M.D. 

Gregory B. Keen. 


Rt. Rev. Cortlandt Whitehead, D.D., 

Bishop of Pittsburgh. 

Term ending 1907. Term ending 1908. 

S. Davis Page, Dr. Richard A. Cleeman, 

John Thompson Spencer, George Cuthbert Gillespie, 
Charles Williams. William Lyttleton Savage. 

Term ending 1909. 
Edwin Swift Balch, 
John T. Lewis, Jr., 
George Brinton Phillips. 

jflag of tbe Society of Colonial TRIlars 

in tbe Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 



State Society No. General Society No. 

238 Baker, Frederick Diller, Philadelphia. 3409 

5th from Samuel Rhoads. 

244 Banks, George Washington, Philadelphia. 3691 
7th from John Banks. 

239 Binney, Charles Chauncey, Philadelphia. 3548 

8th from Capt. John Johnson. 
7th from Capt. Isaac Johnson. 

253 Corbin, Elbert Augustus, Jr., Philadelphia. 3921 
8th from Maj.-Gen. Humphrey Atherton. 
7th from Joshua Healy. 

232 Felton, Edgar Conway, Haverford. 3238 

8th from Roger Williams. 
6th from Moses Lippitt. 
5th from Moses Lippitt, Jr. 
4th from Col. Christopher Lippitt. 
7th from John Whipple. 
6th from Joseph Whipple. 
7th from Edward Smith. 
8th from Thomas Angell. 
7th from Randall Holden. 
6th from Charles Holden. 
8th from John Greene. 
7th from John Greene, Jr. 
8th from William Almy. 
7th from Zachariah Rhodes. 
6th from John Rhodes. 
8th from William Arnold. 
8th from Richard Waterman. 
7th from Resolved Waterman. 
7th from John Low. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

6th from Maj. Anthony Low. 
5th from Col. Stephen Low. 
4th from Lieut. -Col. John Low. 
8th from Stephen Arnold. 
7th from Israel Arnold. 
9th from Edward Smith. 
8th from James Barker. 
8th from Samuel Gorton. 
7th from Benjamin Gorton. 
6th from Samuel Gorton, 2nd. 
8th from Thomas Greene. 
7th from Thomas Greene, Jr. 
8th from John Wickes. 
6th from John Wickes, 3rd. 
8th from John Townsend. 
6th from Charles Holden. 
8th from Richard Carder. 

251 Fitzhugh, Gen. Charles L., Washington, D.C. 3855 

5th from Col. William Fitzhugh. 

243 Flagg, Stanley Griswold, Jr., Philadelphia. 3632 
7th from Lieut. Gershom Flagg. 

252 Francine, Albert Philip, M.D., Philadelphia. 3920 

7th from Lieut. Richard Stockton. 

248 Frazer, Reah, Pay Director, U.S.N., Phila- 

delphia. 3794 

4th from Capt. William Steele. 

249 Frazier, William West, Philadelphia. 3795 

6th from Capt. Anthony Checkley. 
229 Haughton, John Paul, Philadelphia. 3165 

9th from Gov. William Bradford. 
7th from Lieut. Samuel Bradford. 
10th from John Alden. 
9th from Matthew Allyn. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

9th from John Coggeshall. 

9th from Ensign Thomas Cornell. 

8th from Gen. Constant Southworth. 

8th from Jonathan Brewster. 

5th from Capt. Jabez Huntington. 

6th from Col. John Moore. 

8th from Gov. Andrew Bowne. 

9th from Obadiah Holmes. 

245 Haughton, Richard, Bryn Mawr. 3786 

9th from Gov. William Bradford. 
8th from Maj. William Bradford. 
9th from Maj. William Whiting. 
7th from Col. William Whiting. 
6th from Lieut. Charles Whiting. 
5th from Col. John Whiting. 
8th from Lieut.-Col. John Allyn. 
8th from Maj. John Coggeshall. 
8th from Capt. Christopher Almy. 
4th from Jedediah Huntington. 
8th from Landgrave Daniel Axtell. 
6th from Capt. George Richards. 
7th from Capt. Matthew Sherwood. 
9th from Lieut. Thomas Tracy. 
8th from Maj. John Bowne. 
10th from Gov. William Pynchon. 
9th from Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell. 
7th from John Moore. 
6th from Col. John Moore. 

227 HUIDEKOPER, WALLIS, Philadelphia. 3163 

7th from Edward Shippen. 

246 Levick, Lewis Jones, Philadelphia. 3792 

6th from Christopher Wetherill. 
5 th from Thomas Wetherill. 
5th from Morris Morris. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

4th from Joshua Morris. 
6th from Toby Leach. 
6th from Samuel Smith. 
5th from Richard Hayes. 

231 Lloyd, Malcolm, Jr., Philadelphia. 3209 

8th from Gov. Thomas Lloyd. 

254 McIlvaine, Edward Morton. 3990 

6th from John Morton. 

230 Montgomery, James Henry, M.D., Erie. 3171 

6th from Philip Key. 

226 Morgan, Fisher Corlies, Philadelphia. 3085 

8th from Gov. Walter Clarke. 

233 Morris, Roland Sletor, Philadelphia. 3278 

8th from Anthony Morris. 

242 Perkins, Charles Penrose, Philadelphia. 3631 

6th from Toby Leech. 
5th from Isaac Sharp. 

225 Porter, Augustus Drum, Philadelphia. 3052 

5 th from Capt. William Porter. 

237 Reily, George Wolf, Harrisburg. 3408 

5th from Col. John Elder. 

240 Russell, Alexander Wilson, Jr., Philadelphia. 3549 
4th from Capt. Robert McPherson. 

247 Sanders, Dallas, Philadelphia. 3793 

4th from Robert Carter Nicholas. 

236 Schwartz, Frank Nicholson, Pittsburgh. 3407 

8th from Capt. Philip Pieterse Schuyler. 
7th from Capt. Arent Schuyler. 
9th from Brandt Arent Van Slichtenhorst. 
8th from Quartermaster William Teller. 
7th from John Cripps. 
6th from Nathaniel Cripps. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

235 Schwartz, John Loeser, Pittsburgh. 3406 

8th from Capt. Philip Pieterse Schuyler. 
7th from Capt. Arent Schuyler. 
9th from Brandt Arent Van Slichtenhorst. 
8th from Quartermaster William Teller. 
7th from John Cripps. 
6th from Nathaniel Cripps. 

241 Stryker, Samuel Stanhope, M.D., Philadel- 
phia. 3630 
6th from Capt. Jan Stryker. 
5th from Matthias Keen. 

250 Tyler, George Trotter, M.D., Philadelphia. 2916 
8th from Col. Miles Cary. 
7th from Col. Miles Cary, 2nd. 
8th from Col. William Wilson. 
8th from Col. John Armistead. 
6th from George Nicholas. 
5th from John Smith. 
8th from Archibald Blair. 
7th from John Blair. 

224 Van Syckel, Rev. Nehemiah Dunham, Phila- 
delphia. 3030 
8th from Maj. William Phillips. 

234 Wharton, Charles, Jr., Pittsburgh. 3400 

5th from Ensign Andrew Boggs. 

228 Wirgman, William Wayne, Paoli. 3164 

6th from Capt. Isaac Wayne. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

213 Colket, Charles Howard, Philadelphia. 2850 

6th from Ensign James Heard. 
5th from Capt. John Heard. 
5th from Samuel Colcord. 
6th from David Potts. 

222 Converse, Charles Allen, Philadelphia. 3015 

6th from William Ward. 
7th from George Lamberton. 
8th from James Bates. 
7th from Timothy Nash. 
8th from Samuel Stone. 
8th from Thomas Coleman. 
8th from John Porter. 
4th from Joseph Prentis. 
7th from James Rogers. 
6th from Cornet Jonathan Gilbert. 
7th from Lieut. Matthew Griswold. 
8th from Henry Wolcott. 
7th from Thomas Stanton. 

177 Cox, John Lyman, Philadelphia. 2 171 

5th from Capt. Samuel Welles. 
7th from William Pitkin. 
5th from Col. Joseph Pitkin. 
7th from Caleb Stanley. 
8th from Capt. Richard Lord. 
6th from Lieut. Richard Lord. 
8th from Henry Smith. 
9th from William Pynchon. 
5th from Capt. Nathaniel Hazard. 
5th from Matthew Clarkson. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

6th from Johannes de Peyster. 

6th from Lieut. Erasmus Stevens. 

6th from Ensign John Lyman. 

4th from Capt. William Lyman. 

7th from John Plumb. 

6th from Medad Pomeroy. 

9th from John Johnson. 

8th from John Strong. 

9th from Thomas Ford. 

8th from William Holton. 

8th from Samuel Marshfield. 

7th from Thomas Welles, Jr. 

4th from Ensign John Welles. 

7th from Lieut. Joseph Judson. 

8th from John Porter. 

6th from Lieut. John Ellsworth. 

8th from John White. 

9th from William Goodwin. 

6th from William Pitkin, Jr. 

7th from Richard Lord. 

7th from Lieut. Goosen Gerritse Van Schaick. 

8th from Thomas Gardner. 

7th from Capt. John Gardner. 

4th from Capt. John Hall. 

6th from Thomas Rutter. 

5th from John Parry. 

113 Darrach, Henry, Philadelphia. 13 17 

6th from Capt. James Sands. 
7th from William Budd. 

223 Godwin, Joseph Brown. 3029 

8th from Gov. Thomas Wiggin. 
8th from Gov. Simon Bradstreet. 
6th from Jotham Odiorne. 
9th from Ambrose Gibbons. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

171 Goodrich, William, Philadelphia. 2165 

5th from Lieut. Joseph Goodrich. 
7th from John Deming. 
7th from Jonathan Prescott. 
7th from Capt. Joseph Weld. 
9th from Richard Cocke. 
8th from Thomas Cocke. 

69 Hough, Oliver, Philadelphia. 467 

7th from John Clows. 
6th from John Hart. 
7th from Henry Baker. 
8th from Lieut. Lawrence Wilkinson. 
8th from William Wickenden. 

165 Savage, William Lyttleton, Philadelphia. 462 

6th from John Savage. 
7th from Nathaniel Lyttleton. 

116 Sayres, Edward Stalker, Philadelphia. 1320 

9th from Capt. Nathaniel White. 

208 Wainwright, Francis King, Philadelphia. 2787 
8th from Andrew Bankson. 
5th from Zachariah Van Luveneigh. 

121 Williams, Francis Howard, Philadelphia. 1325 
7th from Hugh Wynne. 
6th from Reese Thomas. 



fln flDemoriam. 

1 68 Nicholas Brice, died March 19, 1906. 

132 Charles Henry Burnett, M.D., died Dec. 29, 1902. 

35 Richard Strader Collum, Maj., U.S.M.C, died Jan. 3, 

16 Alfred Devereux, died March 7, 1905. 

172 John Murray Glidden, died March 28, 1906. 

75 Eben W. Greenough, died April 6, 1905. 

152 Robert Benoit Groesbeck, died April 24, 1904. 

99 Byerley Hart, died Oct. 7, 1904. 

117 Caleb Wright Hornor, M.D., died Feb. 8, 1903. 

19 Charles Hare Hutchinson, died Oct. 4, 1902. 

162 William Henry Ingham, died Jan. 16, 1903. 

23 James Large, died Oct. 3, 1902. 

161 Walter Lee Merwin, died Feb. 7, 1905. 

7 Thomas Harrison Montgomery, died April 4, 1905. 

103 Thomas George Morton, M.D., died May 20, 1903. 

112 Elisha Gilbert Patterson, M.D., died May 29, 1903. 

46 Edward Shippen, Treasurer-General of the Society of Co- 
lonial Wars, died March 14, 1904. 

217 William Penn Troth, Jr., died Aug. 21, 1902. 

1 Hon. William Wayne, died Nov. 20, 1901. 

203 Jacob Ridgeway Wright, died Jan. 20, 1905. 

* * * 



DeCourcy Wright Thom. 

Deputy- Governor. 
William Bowly Wilson. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Geo. Norbury Mackenzie. 

Robert Burton. 

Deputy -Seer eta ry . 
Edward Ferguson Arthurs. 

William Mozart Hayden. 

Bennet Bernard Browne, M.D. 

Thomas Marsh Smith. 

Mc Henry Howard. 

Dr. Henry Barton Jacobs. 


Term ending 1907. Term ending 1908. 

Walter B. Platt, M.D., William T. Manning, 

N. Winslow Williams, Harvey Middleton, 

Thomas J. Chew. William B. Clark, Ph.D. 

Term ending 1909. 
A. Leo Knott, 
James McC. Trippe, 
Malcolm Van Vechten Tyson. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

124 Baughmann, Louis Victor. 3527 

8th from Gov. Leonard Calvert. 

136 Brush, Murray Peabody. 3713 

7th from Francis Peabody. 

128 Clark, William Bullock. 3566 

5th from Col. William Bullock. 

125 Dashiell, Nicholas Leeke. 3528 

6th from James Dashiell. 
119 Duer, Henry Lay. 3324 

7th from Capt. John White. 
139 Duvall, Richard Mareen. 3890 

7th from Samson Waring. 

6th from Maj. Thomas Greenfield. 

5th from Capt. Basil Waring. 

8th from Richard Wells. 

7th from Capt. Thomas Stockett. 

129 Ellicott, William Miller. 3567 

8th from Lieut. Philip Thomas. 

137 Hambleton, Frank Sherwood. 3790 

7th from William Hamilton. 
133 Hill, John Philip. 3683 

4th from Samuel Hill. 
6th from Capt. Ralph Hill. 
8th from James Patterson. 
8th from Richard Wells. 
8th from Capt. Thomas Stockett. 
8th from Lieut. Thomas Adams. 
8th from Col. Henry Ridgely. 
9th from Elder Edward Howe. 
7th from Capt. Josiah Richardson. 
4th from Lieut. Ebenezer Bancroft. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

140 Hill, Norman Alan. 3891 

7th from Thomas Hynson. 
5th from John Carvill. 
7th from William Harris. 
6th from Daniel Westcott. 
9th from Nathaniel Foote. 
6th from Charles Hynson. 

131 Jacobs, Henry Barton, M.D. 3635 

6th from Capt. John Jacob. 

134 Johnson, Charles William Leverett. 3704 

4th from William Samuel Johnson. 

8th from Sir John Leverett. 
138 Key, Edward. 3102 

7th from Lieut.-Col. John Jarboe. 

7th from Maj. John Weire. 

6th from Maj. William Boarman. 

6th from Richard Gardner. 

8th from Richard Gardner, Sr. 

7th from Capt. Luke Gardner. 
127 Knott, Aloysius Leo. 3565 

6th from Capt. James Neale. 

6th from Gov. Edward Digges. 

6th from Col. Nehemiah Blakiston. 

6th from Henry Sewall. 

5th from Lieut. Anthony Neale. 

7th from Thomas Gerard. 

5th from William Digges. 

132 Merrit, Simon Wickes, M.D. 3682 

8th from Edward Lloyd. 

135 Myers, William Starr. 3705 

9th from Dr. Thomas Starr. 
9th from Capt. Joseph Weld. 
5 th from Lieut. William Starr. 
122 Ober, Gustavus. 3358 

8th from John Woodbury. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

126 Orrick, Henry Abert. 3564 

4th from Capt. Nicholas Orrick. 
7th from Maj.-Gen. John Hammond. 
6th from Col. Thomas Hammond. 

130 Rose, John Carter. 3568 

7th from Robert Rose, Sr. 
7th from John Whiting. 
7th from Peter Woodward. 
4th from Lieut. Jonathan Russell. 
6th from Peter Woodward, Jr. 
7th from Maj. William Whiting. 

121 Sharp, Hon. George Matthews. 3357 

7th from William Richardson. 

8th from Maj. Richard Ewen. 

7th from Henry Baker. 

6th from Capt. Thomas Hammond. 

6th from William Pusey. 

7th from Nathaniel Newlin. 

7th from Col. John Hammond. 

8th from Nicholas Newlin. 

5th from Col. John Hite. 

9th from John Chew. 

8th from Col. Samuel Chew. 

8th from Sergt. Cornelius Barentsen Sleght. 

9th from Mathys Blanshan. 

8th from William Clayton. 

8th from Dr. Thomas Wynne. 

7th from Lieut. Philip Thomas. 

8th from Francis Hutchins. 

8th from Louis Du Bois. 
123 Trippe, James McCorky. 3416 

6th from Lieut.-Col. Henry Trippe. 
120 Wilson, William Thomas. 3350 

6th from Tobias Stainborough. 



State Society No. General Society No. 

42 Burton, Robert. 507 

7th from Robert Burton. 
7th from Richard Curtis. 

7 Chew, Samuel Claggett. 223 

6th from Capt. Richard Hill. 
5th from Charles Ridgely. 
6th from Capt. Thomas Claggett. 
6th from Hon. John Dorsey. 

113 Gilman, Daniel Coit, Ph.D. 2686 

5th from John Gilman. 

108 Hill, Malcolm Westcott. 2462 

7th from Thomas Hynson. 
5 th from John Carvill. 
7th from William Harris. 
6th from Daniel Westcott. 
9th from Nathaniel Foote. 
6th from Charles Hynson. 

107 Johnston, Christopher, Ph.D. 2395 

7th from Maj. Thomas Brooke. 
6th from Col. Thomas Brooke. 
4th from Col. Thomas Price. 
8th from Hon. Henry Sewall. 
7th from Maj. Nicholas Sewall. 
5th from Col. Drury Stith. 

34 Reed, John Ludovicus. 499 

7th from John Beale. 
6th from John Whitmarsh. 
8th from Edmund Hobart. 
7th from Maj. -Gen. Humphrey Atherton. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

7th from Edward Jackson. 
7th from William Ward. 
5th from Col. Joshua Wingate. 
6th from Samuel Penhallow. 

2 Thom, William Henry DeCourcy Wright. 218 

7th from Joshua Hoopes. 
6th from Daniel Hoopes. 
7th from William Warner. 
9th from Thomas Purefoy. 
8th from Humphrey Tabb. 

3 Thomas, Douglas Hamilton. 219 

8th from Capt. Henry Isham. 

9th from William Brewster. 

6th from Col. Thomas Randolph. 

112 Tyson, Malcolm Van Vechten. 2662 

8th from Pieter Bogardus. 
8th from Francis Hutchins. 
9th from Richard Snowden, Sr. 
8th from William Biles. 
9th from Capt. Robert Vaughan. 
9th from Capt. John Neale. 
8th from Maj. James Ringgold. 
8th from Pieter Winne. 
8th from Mahlon Stacy. 
8th from John Curtis. 
7th from Thomas Yardley. 
7th from Abel Janney. 
8th from Thomas Janney. 
8th from John Taylor. 
8th from Richard Curtis. 
8th from Herman Myndertse van der Bogert. 
5th from Capt. Giles Fonda. 
7th from Tobias Leech. 
7th from Adam Vrooman. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

118 Veazey, Duncan. 3102 

4th from Col. John Veazey, Sr. 
9th from Capt. Jan Van Strycker. 

22 Williams, Mason Locke Weems. 487 

9th from Col. William Burgess. 
8th from Dep.-Gov. Nicholas Sewall. 
9th from Hon. Henry Sewall. 
8th from Maj. Thomas Brooke. 
7th from Col. Walter Smith. 
6th from Walter Smith. 
8th from Richard Smith. 
8th from Richard Hall. 
7th from Thomas Brooke. 
9th from Robert Brooke. 
5th from Capt. Edward Gantt. 
8th from Thomas Dent. 
7th from John Dorsey. 

91 Williams, Nathan Winslow. 1722 

8th from Kenelm Winslow. 
7th from Col. Henry Coursey. 
5th from Stephen Williams. 
5th from Thomas Wilkinson. 



Un fIDemoriam, 

14 Gen. Joseph Lancaster Brent, died Nov. 27, 1905. 

32 William Harrison Gill, died Feb. 20, 1906. 

63 Thomas William Hall, died July 16, 1901. 

114 Rev. Elias Henry Johnson, died March 10, 1906. 

45 Peter Neff, died May 11, 1903. 

64 Nelson Perin, died May 12, 1904. 

95 William Armstead Moale, M.D., died July 13, 1905. 

85 Rev. Alfred Lee Royce, U.S.N., died 1901. 

77 Lieut. -Col. Richard Polk Strong, died April 29, 1903. 

36 James Gulian Wilson, died June 3, 1904. 

92 Marshall Gulian Wilson, died June 4, 1905. 

* * * 





Joseph Grafton Minot. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Nathaniel Johnson Rust. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Francis Henry Appleton. 

Edward Webster McGlenen. 

Deputy-Secretary . 
Charles Sumner Parsons. 

Charles Sherburne Penhallow. 

Paul Mascarene Hubbard. 

Barrett Wendell. 

Walter Kendall Watkins. 


Charles Upham Bell. 



Charles Montraville Green, M.D. 

Rt. Rev. William Lawrence, D.D. 


Albert Alonzo Folsom, Edward Tobey Barker, 

Henry Morton Lovering, John Henry Brooks, 
Moses Greeley Parker, M.D., Samuel Arthur Bent, 
*Henry Oscar Houghton, Dawes Eliot Furness, 
Edwin Sanford Crandon. 





State Society No. General Society No. 

514 Allen, Carter Crawford, West Newton. 3443 

7th from Nicholas Danforth. 
7th from Arthur Fenner. 
7th from Rev. John Wilson. 
6th from Gideon Crawford. 

541 Austin, George William, Roxbury. 3577 

6th from Lieut. John Caswell. 

538 Baker, Roy Ball, Walth am. 3574 

8th from Maj.-Gen. Daniel Gookin. 

561 Barrows, John Stuart, Boston. 3677 

5th from Samuel Bradley. 

484 Baxter, William Elihu, Boston. 3283 

7th from William Prichard. 

482 Beal, Boylston Adams, Boston. 3281 

5th from Col. Joseph Williams. 

539 Beal, Herman Lincoln, Boston. 3575 

9th from John Beal. 

498 Bell, Sidney Eugene, Leominster. 3342 

9th from Lieut. Francis Bell. 

524 Bickford, Robert Sloane, Boston. 3499 

9th from Stephen Hopkins. 
8th from Gov. Thomas Prence. 
8th from Gov. Robert Treat. 
8th from Lieut. Henry Adams. 
8th from Lieut. Joseph Rogers. 
5th from Ensign Jeremiah Bickford. 

486 Bird, Robert, Canton. 3285 

7th from Thomas Tolman. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

505 Blackmer, Henry Reed, Maiden. 3403 

9th from Myles Standish. 
9th from John Alden. 

565 Bliss, Chester William, Springfield. 3681 

7th from Capt. Daniel Clark. 

551 Bond, Charles Henry, Boston. 3587 

6th from Joseph Bond. 
540 Booth, Charles Edwin, New York. 3576 

9th from Richard Butler. 

9th from Rev. Samuel Stone. 

9th from Capt. Joseph Weld. 

9th from William Hopkins. 

9th from Sergt. William Lewis. 

9th from Isaac Morrill. 

8th from Robert Booth. 

8th from Elder John White. 

8th from Thomas Stanley. 

8th from Timothy Stanley. 

8th from Dr. Thomas Starr. 

8th from John Whitmore. 

8th from Sergt. Thomas Butler. 

8th from John Cowles. 

8th from Nathaniel Dickinson. 

8th from Thomas Judd. 

8th from John Porter. 

8th from Ensign Jared Spencer. 

8th from George Graves. 

8th from Nathaniel Foote. 

8th from James Bates. 

8th from Henry Burt. 

8th from Capt. Daniel Harris. 

8th from Capt. William Lewis. 

8th from Edward Griswold. 

7th from James Bates, Jr. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

7th from Thomas Bliss. 
7th from Capt. Samuel Buell. 
7th from Capt. Thomas Bull. 
7th from Jonathan Burt. 
7th from Capt. Thomas Chandler. 
7th from Capt. Robert Chapman. 
7th from Sergt. John Dickinson. 
7th from John Porter, Jr. 
6th from Henry Burt. 
6th from Sergt. Benjamin Judd. 
6th from Lieut. Francis Whitmore. 
6th from Sergt. Caleb Abell. 
6th from Sergt. Zachariah Booth. 
6th from John Day. 
5th from Lieut. Timothy Porter. 
5th from Capt. Joseph Porter. 
5th from James Burt. 
5th from Lieut. James Bates. 
5th from Capt. John Abell. 
5th from Capt. David Sage. 
4th from John Bates. 
4th from Ensign Joseph Booth. 
4th from Capt. Aaronl,Porter. 
4th from James Burt, Jr. 
4th from Benjamin Wood. 
5th from Thomas Wood. 
5th from Amos Dodge. 
6th from John Wood. 
6th from John Sage. 
6th from Sergt. Joseph Churchill. 
6th from Ensign Henry Chandler. 
7th from James Warriner. 
7th from John Deming. 
7th from Thomas Wood. 
7th from Sergt. Francis Whitmore. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

7th from Capt. Nathaniel White. 

7th from Christopher Webb. 

7th from Thomas Thompson. 

7th from Arthur Smith. 

7th from John Norton. 

7th from Thomas Noble. 

7th from Sergt. Isaac Moore. 

7th from Capt. William Harris. 

7th from John Harmon. 

7th from Capt. Thomas Fiske. 

7th from Lieut. John Dodge. 

7th from Sergt. William Cornwall. 

7th from Capt. Samuel Adams. 

7th from George Abbot. 

8th from Lieut. Samuel Loomis. 

8th from Rear Admiral Thomas Graves. 

8th from Capt. Phineas Fiske. 

8th from Daniel Brewer. 

8th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 

8th from Richard Treat. 

9th from Joseph Loomis. 

485 Bouve, Charles Osborn, Hingham. 3284 

8th from Richard Warren. 

121 Bowman, George Ernest, Boston. 1075 

9th from Gov. Thomas Prence. 
8th from Gov. Thomas Hinckley. 

594 Breed, Charles Norcross, Lynn. 3944 

7th from Capt. John Fanning. 

504 Brooks, Henry Gilbert, Boston. 3402 

8th from Capt. George Denison. 

536 Brown, Charles Augustus, Honolulu, Hawaii. 3522 
8th from Lieut. Richard Hall. 
7th from Ebenezer Williams. 


State Society No. 

7th from Lieut. Thomas Vose. 
7th from Thomas Andrews. 
6th from Abraham Cummings. 
4th from Moses Fairbanks. 

Burnham, Kingsley Allan, Hanover, N.H 
8th from Lieut. Thomas Burnham. 

General Society No. 



Capelle, William Curtis, Boston. 3077 

4th from John Capell. 

525 Carpenter, Wheaton Alton, Attleboro. 3500 

5 th from Lieut. John Tyler. 

581 Chapin, Clifford Samuel, Great Barrington. 3818 
5th from Sergt. Caleb Chapin. 

555 Chase, Charles Henry, Somerville. 3591 

8th from Lieut. John Sanborn. 
4th from Corp. Isaac Chase. 

553 Chase, Daniel Emery, Somerville. 3589 

7th from Lieut. John Sanborn. 
3rd from Corp. Isaac Chase. 

554 Chase, Daniel Emery, Jr., Somerville. 3590 

8th from Lieut. John Sanborn. 
4th from Corp. Isaac Chase. 

462 Clarke, Charles Edes Fletcher, Andover. 3201 
8th from Capt. John VVaite. 

493 Cobb, Carolus Melville, Lynn. 3292 

7th from Capt. Samuel Brocklebank. 

596 Cobb, Morton Eddy, Boston. 3946 

8th from Lieut.-Col. John Talcott. 

506 Cochrane, James Eugene, Dedham. 3404 

6th from Nathaniel Putnam. 

532 Crockett, Edward Sherman, Boston. 3518 

5th from David Spofford. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

479 Cutler, Elbridge Gerry, Boston. 3268 

8th from Gregory Stone. 

599 Cutter, Watson Grant, Cambridge. 3986 

6th from Richard Cutter. 

600 Day, Fred Nahum, Auburndale. 3987 

4th from Timothy Day. 

542 DeCormis, Rev. Louis, D.D., Cambridge. 3578 

7th from Edmund Freeman. 

558 Deshon, George Durfee, Fort Des Moines, 3641 
5th from Elisha Jones. 

483 Dewey, Henry Sweetser, Boston. 3282 

7th from Josiah Dewey. 

467 Dutcher, Frank Jerome, Hopedale. 3227 

8th from Philip Eliot. 
7th from John Smith. 
6th from Miles Jordan. 
5th from Rudolph De Duyster. 
5th from Corp. Edmund Jordan. 

495 Dyar, Perlie Appleton, Boston. 3326 

5th from Jonathan Woodward. 

593 Eldridge, Edric, Boston. 3943 

8th from Edmund Hawes. 
8th from John Howland. 
7th from Anthony Thacher. 
7th from Capt. John Gorham. 

592 Endicott, William Crowninshield, Danvers. 3889 
9th from Gov. John Endicott. 

507 Fall, Charles Gershom, Boston. 3405 

7th from Caleb Moody. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

440 Farwell, John Whittemore, Boston. 3079 

8th from Capt. Hugh Mason. 
7th from Shadrach Hapgood. 
7th from Capt. Joseph Hills. 
7th from Nathaniel Richardson. 
6th from Capt. John Waite. 
4th from Sergt. John Calef. 

476 Fox, Walter Silvanus, Boston. 3265 

8th from Capt. Roger Clap. 

550 Francis, George Hills, Brookline. 3586 

8th from Isaac Allerton. 

513 French, Charles Edward, Boston. 3442 

7th from Lieut. John Baxter. 

574 French, George Baldwin, Boston. 3717 

8th from Lieut. John Baxter. 

518 Fuller, Alfred Worcester, Newton. 3492 

5th from Jeremiah Fuller. 

560 Fuller, Arthur Greenwood, Groton. 3643 

5th from Jeremiah Fuller. 

587 Furness, William Theodore, Brookline. 3852 

4th from Maj. John Furness. 

474 Gardner, James Browne, Boston. 3258 

7th from Ensign William Hartvvell. 
6th from John Gibson, Jr. 

584 Gay, Ernest Lewis, Boston. 3835 

9th from Lieut. Lion Gardiner. 

588 Gerrish, Orville Knight, Lakeville. 3853 

7th from William Gerrish. 
7th from Maj. Richard Waldron. 
6th from John Gerrish. 
4th from Lieut. Jonathan Gerrish. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

472 Gilbert, Edward Winsor, Boston. 3255 

6th from Samuel Sprague. 

533 Green, Robert Montraville, Boston. 3819 

10th from John Bent. 
9th from Lieut. Hugh Drury. 
9th from John Gallop. 
9th from Edmund Hobart. 
9th from Edward How(e). 
9th from John Howe. 
9th from Edmund Rice. 
9th from Gregory Stone. 
8th from John Beal. 
8th from Hugh Clark. 
8th from Lieut. John Drury. 
8th from Lieut. William Hasey. 
8th from Nicholas Jacob. 
8th from Henry Rice. 
8th from John Stone. 
8th from John Wetherbee. 
7th from Lieut. Henry Green. 
7th from John Bent. 
7th from Capt. Thomas Drury. 
7th from Capt. John Thaxter. 
7th from Robert Ware. 
6th from Cornet Samuel Lincoln. 
6th from Col. Samuel Thaxter. 
6th from Capt. John Ware. 

583 Greenlaw, William Prescott, Boston. 3834 

8th from John Prescott. 

501 Guilford, William Wallace, West Medford. 3345 
7th from Nathaniel Richards. 

591 Hall, Henry, Dorchester. 3888 

6th from Lieut. Richard Hall. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

502 Hall, Henry Lyon, Dorchester. 3352 

7th from Lieut. Richard Hall. 

572 Hall, William Stickney, Cambridge. 3715 

7th from James Richardson. 

512 Harris, Alfonso Scott, Brookline. 3441 

6th from Daniel Harris. 

559 Harris, Frederick, Springfield. 3642 

7th from Capt. Daniel Clark. 

585 Hart, Albert Bushnell, Cambridge. 3850 

7th from Stephen Hart. 

568 Hayes, William Allen, Boston. 3708 

5th from Col. William Allen. 

441 Hersey, Alfred Henry, Hingham. 3080 

3rd from Thomas Hearsey. 

580 Hicks, Rev. Lewis Wilder, Wellesley. 3817 

7th from Lieut. Francis Peabody. 
7th from Ralph Wheelock. 
7th from Capt. Edward Wright. 
6th from Samuel Champney. 
6th from Capt. John Dresser. 
6th from Corp. John Green. 
6th from Zachariah Hicks. 
6th from Benoni Learned. 
5th from Theophilus Phillips. 
4th from Benjamin Leland. 

522 Hill, Edward Marcy, Boston. 3496 

8th from John Hill. 

521 Hill, Henry Horace, Boston. 3495 

8th from John Hill. 

517 Hill, James Frank, Stoughton. 3466 

7th from Nathaniel Richards. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

461 Hobbs, Franklin Warren, Boston. 3200 

6th from Capt. William Goodhue. 

499 Holman, Charles Bradley, Hopkinton. 3343 

3rd from Jonathan Holman. 

547 Holmes, William Boyd, Somerville. 3583 

7th from Nathaniel Holmes. 
6th from Ebenezer Davenport. 
5th from Isaac Davenport. 
5th from Samuel Holmes. 

466 Howe, Edward Jenkins, Dorchester. 3226 

7th from Maj.-Gen. Humphrey Atherton. 

470 Howland, Shepard, Boston. 3253 

7th from John Howland. 

497 Hubbard, Paul Mascarene, Boston. 3328 

8th from William Hubbard. 
5th from Maj.-Gen. Jean Paul Mascarene. 

463 Inches, George Brimmer, Boston. 3202 

9th from Robert Parke. 
9th from John Holgrave. 
8th from Edward Holyoke. 
8th from William Pynchon. 
8th from John Stowe. 
4th from Col. John Chester. 

443 Jenney, Bernard, South Boston. 3182 

6th from John Jenney. 

548 Jones, Charlie Arthur, Wobum. 3584 

7th from Capt. Josiah Jones. 

586 Kellen, William Vail, Boston. 3851 

5th from Capt. Isaac Myrick. 

503 Kent, Daniel, Worcester. 3401 

7th from John Prescott. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

545 Leland, Herbert Messenger, Boston. 3581 

5th from Joshua Leland. 
469 Lockwood, Thomas St. John, Boston. 3252 

9th from Myles Standish. 

546 Long, Harry Vinton, Brookline. 3582 

8th from Lieut. Constant Southworth. 

489 Longfellow, Alexander Wadsworth, 

Boston. 3288 

6th from William Longfellow. 

510 Lord, Calvin, Brookline. 3419 

8th from Ensign Richard Nason. 
8th from Benoni Hodsdon. 
8th from Richard Tozer. 
7th from Nicholas Gowan. 
6th from Ensign John Russell. 
6th from Capt. Abraham Lord. 

465 Lyman, George Hinckley, Boston. 3204 

5th from Lieut. Jonathan Lyman. 

454 Martin, Charles Henry, Boston. 3193 

5 th from Capt. Nathaniel Bayley. 

468 Mason, Amos Lawrence, Boston. 3228 

7th from Maj. John Mason. 

444 Merrill, Frederic Augustus, Boston. 3183 

8th from Capt. Thomas Bradbury. 

577 Moore, Frank Remick, Newton Highlands. 3814 
7th from Lieut. Thomas Johnson. 

562 Moriarty, George Andrews, Jr., Cambridge. 3678 
10th from Pres. John Sanford. 

602 Morse, Rev. Glenn Tilley, Cambridge. 3994 

9th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

537 Murdock, Joseph Ballard, Com., U.S.N. , 2447 
9th from Richard Warren. 
8th from Randall Holden. 
7th from Capt. George Macey. 
7th from Capt. Michael Pierce. 
6th from Jonathan Gennings. 
5th from Capt. Samuel Murdock. 

520 Nash, Louis Philip, Holyoke. 3494 

6th from John Ware. 

603 Nichols, Richard Johnson, Lynn. 3995 

6th from Col. Daniel Pierce. 

552 Nutter, Charles Read, Boston. 3588 

7th from Capt. John Gerrish. 

526 Palmer, William Lincoln, Cambridge. 3501 

10th from Richard Warren. 
9th from Lieut. Ephraim Morton. 
8th from Thomas Chase. 
6th from Jonathan Prescott. 
6th from John Tuck. 
5th from Sergt. John Burrell. 
5th from Jonathan Tuck. 
5th from Capt. Jonathan Prescott. 

511 Patch, Andrew Warren, Maiden. 3420 

4th from Samuel Mead. 

451 Pear, Albert Marston, Cambridge. 3190 

7th from James Barrett. 

604 Pearson, Arthur Emmons, Roxbury. 3996 

7th from Lieut. John Pearson. 

605 Pearson, William Henry, Roxbury. 3997 

6th from Lieut. John Pearson. 

9 r 

State Society No. General Society No. 

446 Phelps, George Nelson, Brookline. 3185 

6th from Capt. Timothy Phelps. 

475 Pope, Percival Wentworth, Boston. 3264 

6th from Lieut.-Gov. John Wentworth. 

508 Porter, Alexander Sylvanus, Jr., Boston. 1568 
7th from John Cushing, Sr. 

595 Prouty, Dwight Mortimer, Chestnut Hill. 3945 
8th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 

452 Read, Charles French, Boston. 3 191 

8th from Esdras Read. 

566 Read, Robert Leland, Maiden. 3700 

8th from Esdras Read. 

449 Rice, Arthur Noble, Boston. 3188 

6th from Col. Arthur Noble. 

527 Richards, Elijah Loring, Boston. 3502 

6th from Nathaniel Richards. 

528 Ricker, Everett Wilder, Boston. 3503 

5th from Ephraim Ricker. 

606 Robinson, Roswell Raymond, Maiden. 3998 

6th from George Robinson. 

571 Rumrill, Frank, Roxbury. 371 1 

9th from Emanuel Downing. 
8th from Thomas Ford. 
8th from John Ruggles. 
8th from Isaac Addington. 
8th from Francis Wainwright. 
8th from Capt. Richard Davenport. 
7th from Robert Williams. 
7th from Capt. Roger Clap. 
7th from John Polley. 
7th from William Lyon. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

7th from Col. John Wainwright. 

7th from Edward Tyng. 

7th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 

6th from Capt. Stephen Williams. 

6th from Maj. Samuel Clap. 

6th from Lieut. John Davis. 

6th from Jonathan Whiting. 

6th from Addington Davenport. 

6th from Gov. Joseph Dudley. 

5th from Col. William Dudley. 

4th from Col. Joseph Williams. 
509 Russell, Harry Browning, Brockton. 3454 

7th from Robert Cox. 
567 Rust, Edgar Carter, Boston. 3695 

8th from Quartermaster Nathaniel Rust. 

570 Sands, Edward Parker, Los Angeles, Cal. 3710 
7th from Dep.-Gov. Samuel Symonds. 

480 Simmons, Walter Everett, Boston. 3279 

6th from John Cushing, Sr. 

455 Sleeper, Henry Davis, Boston. 3194 

5th from Capt. John Loring. 

456 Sleeper, Stephen Westcott, Boston. 3195 

5th from Capt. John Loring. 

597 Snelling, Rev. Samuel, West Roxbury. 1337 

5th from Capt. Jonathan Snelling. 
579 Solis, Andrew Jackson, Newton. 3816 

9th from John Bridge. 

8th from Capt. Francis Norton. 

8th from Nathaniel Hancock. 

6th from Capt. Daniel Champney. 

5th from Rev. Nicholas Bowes. 
589 Stearns, Foster Waterman, Cambridge. 3854 

8th from Lieut. Samuel Smith. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

598 Stearns, Frank Waterman, Boston. 3985 

7th from John Cushing. 

516 Steele, Thomas Sedgwick, Boston. 3465 

8th from Gov. William Bradford. 

500 Stevens, Harry Appleton, Wollaston. 3344 

7th from Maj. Samuel Appleton. 

478 Stevens, William Studley Bartlett, Boston. 3267 
8th from Capt. Hugh Mason. 

471 Stimson, Frederic Jesup, Dedham. 3254 

4th from Lieut.-Col. John Jones. 

496 Stockton, John Wishart, Boston. 3327 

6th from Lieut. Richard Stockton. 

582 Stratton, Solomon Piper, Boston. 3819 

6th from Josiah Hobbs. 

494 Swan, Reuben Samuel, Brookline. 3325 

7th from Gershom Cutter. 
7th from Capt. Edward Johnson, Sr. 
6th from John Harrington. 
6th from Joseph Richardson. 
5th from Gershom Swan. 

535 Sweetser, Arthur Leslie, Boston. 3521 

4th from Maj. Samuel Hall. 

573 Taylor, Charles Henry, Jr., Boston. 3716 

7th from Shadrach Hapgood. 

576 Thomas, Frank Ray, Boston. 3741 

8th from Gov. William Bradford. 
7th from Richard Warren. 
7th from Edward Dotey. 
7th from John Alden. 
6th from Capt. Jonathan Alden. 
5th from Col. John Alden. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

519 Thompson, Ebenezer, Woburn. 3493 

4th from Col. Israel Putnam. 

437 Tobey, Rufus Babcock, Boston. 3076 

5th from Col. Sylvester Richmond. 

556 Todd, Thomas, Boston. 3639 

5th from Capt. Daniel Rindge. 

557 Todd, Thomas, Jr., Boston. 3640 

6th from Capt. Daniel Rindge. 

531 Turner, Everett Pendleton, Arlington. 3506 

9th from Brian Pendleton. 

529 Turner, Herbert Bryant, Cambridge. 3504 

9th from John Bryant. 

530 Turner, Howard Chubbuck, Arlington. 3505 

7th from Lieut. John Chubbuck. 

575 Upham, James Bailey, Maiden. 3740 

7th from Lieut. Phineas Upham. 

442 Upham, Robert Hay, Boston. 3 181 

7th from Lieut. Phineas Upham. 

563 Van Guysling, George Edward, Boston. 3679 

4th from Myndert Van Guysling. 

569 Walker, Joseph, Brookline. 3709 

8th from Capt. Samuel Walker. 

544 Warren, Albert Cyrus, Boston. 3580 

7th from Jacob Warren. 

549 Warren, Nathan, Waltham. 3585 

6th from Daniel Warren. 

543 Warren, Walter Burgess, Boston. 3579 

7th from Jacob Warren. 

459 Waterman, Frank Sturtevant, Boston. 3198 

4th from Lieut. John Waterman. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

460 Waterman, George Huse, Boston. 3199 

4th from Lieut. John Waterman. 

481 Webber, William Oliver, Boston. 3280 

8th from William Tyng. 
7th from Thomas Brattle. 
7th from Capt. Peter Oliver. 
7th from Lieut. John Giddings. 
7th from Capt. William Gerrish. 
7th from Maj. Richard Waldron. 

578 Weld, Charles Richmond, Boston. 3815 

7th from Maj. Thomas Savage. 

607 Weld, Rev. George Francis, Hingham. 3999 

8th from Capt. Joseph Weld. 

523 Welsh, Willard, Boston. 3497 

7th from Sergt. Thomas Welsh. 

487 Wendell, Barrett, Boston. 3286 

6th from Capt. Johannes Wendell. 

457 Wheeler, Bertrand Thorp, Boston. 3196 

7th from Robert Tucker. 
4th from Samuel Thorp. 

453 Wheeler, John Frederic, Boston. 3192 

7th from Maj.-Gen. Humphrey Atherton. 

450 White, William Roland, Westfield. 3189 

7th from Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell. 
7th from John White. 

490 Whitney, Ralph Holyoke, Dorchester. 3289 

8th from John Whitney. 

491 Whitney, Richard, Dorchester. 3290 

8th from John Whitney. 

492 Whitney, Robert Bates, Dorchester. 3291 

8th from John Whitney. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

534 Williams, Charles Jarvis, Jamaica Plain. 3520 

4th from Ensign George Williams. 

473 Williams, Ralph Blake, Boston. 3256 

8th from William Blake. 

590 WlNSLOW, Erving, Boston. 3887 

5th from Col. Edward Winslow. 

439 Wolcott, Roger, Boston. 3078 

10th from William Pynchon. 
9th from Stephen Hopkins. 
8th from Gov. William Leete. 
5th from Col. William Prescott. 
4th from Col. Oliver Wolcott. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

436 Ballou, Hosea Starr, Brookline. 3001 

7th from Shadrach Hapgood. 

6th from Thomas Hapgood. 

6th from John Starr. 

4th from Sergt. Ebenezer Cheney. 
143 Bates, Theodore Cornelius, Worcester. 12 14 

6th from Quartermaster William Hartwell. 

5th from John Hartwell. 

5th from Ensign Benjamin Loring. 

4th from Lieut. Jonathan Hartwell. 

386 Gilbert, Shepard Devereux, Salem. 2644 

5th from Ensign Benjamin Gilbert. 
52 Gould, Levi Swanton, Maiden. 550 

6th from Lieut. Phineas Upham. 

6th from Capt. John Whipple. 

6th from Job Lane. 
4 Green, Samuel Swett, Worcester. 209 

6th from Lieut. Phineas Upham. 
274 Healey, David Alden, Holyoke. 1848 

7th from Capt. John Gould. 

7th from John Gilbert. 

7th from John Dunham. 

4th from Nathan Gould. 
427 Hewins, James, Medfield. 2992 

8th from Maj. William Hathorne. 

8th from Andrew Peters. 
315 Holbrook, Levi, New York. 2185 

7th from Ensign Thomas Wells. 

7th from John Hill. 

7th from Edmund Rice. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

396 Lunt, William Wallace, Hingham. 2672 

9th from Maj.-Gen. Humphrey Atherton. 
9th from Lieut. Francis Peabody. 
9th from Ezekiel Richardson. 
9th from Maj. Aaron Cooke. 
8th from Capt. John Peabody. 

408 Nickerson, Philip Tillinghast, Boston. 2748 

8th from William Brewster. 
7th from William Nickerson. 
7th from Gov. Thomas Prence. 
6th from Mark Snow. 
4th from Lieut. Joseph Haywood. 

399 Nickerson, Stephen Westcott, Boston. 2733 

8th from Stukeley Westcott. 
8th from Stephen Hopkins. 
7th from William Nickerson. 
7th from William Hartwell. 
6th from Maj. John Freeman. 

202 Nickerson, Rev. Thomas White, Pittsfield. 1626 
9th from Richard Borden. 
9th from William Harris. 
9th from Lieut. Samuel Nash. 
7th from William Nickerson. 
5th from William Nickerson. 

94 Palmer, Charles Dana, Lowell. 887 

8th from Jacob Barney. 
7th from Sebas Jackson. 
5 th from Daniel Barney. 
5th from Col. Aaron Davis. 

391 Perkins, William Henry, Gloucester. 2667 

8th from Humphrey Bradstreet. 
8th from George Giddings. 
7th from Lieut. John Giddings. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

7th from Capt. William Haskell. 
7th from John Pearson. 
7th from Ensign Jacob Towne. 
6th from Capt. John Dodge. 
6th from Richard Hubbard. 
6th from Elisha Perkins. 
5th from John Perkins. 
5 th from William Haskell. 

410 Reed, James Herbert, Chelsea. 2777 

8th from John Alden. 

28 Rich, James Rogers, Boston. 526 

8th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 
4th from Capt. Samuel Ruggles. 
4th from Samuel Appleton. 
3rd from Samuel Ruggles. 
3rd from Capt. John Appleton. 

402 Rowe, Arthur Everett, Gloucester. 2736 

8th from Lieut. George Ingersoll. 
7th from Samuel Ingersoll. 
7th from George Giddings. 
7th from Edward Harraden. 
6th from Lieut. George Giddings. 

345 Thornton, James Brown, Boston. 2387 

9th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 
8th from Gov. Simon Bradstreet. 

160 Wead, Leslie Clark, Brookline. 1232 

6th from Peleg Lawrence. 

415 Williams, Robert Breck, Marlboro. 2884 

4th from Col. Joseph Buckminister. 


> Ay 


Un flDemoriam. 

3 Francis Ellingwood Abbot, LL.D., died Oct. 29, 1903. 

178 Ebenezer Alexander, died March 30, 1906. 

377 Wilmon Whilldin Blackmar, diedjuly 16, 1905. 

124 Henry Bryant, died Jan. 10, 1906. 

123 James Sturgis Bryant, died Oct. 29, 1903. 

448 George Bigelow Chase, died June 2, 1902. 

95 William Emerson Cox, died Nov. 28, 1903. 

393 George Allen Dary, died Dec. 30, 1905. 

214 Augustus Flagg, died Nov. 29, 1903. 

513 Charles Edward French, died Aug. 29, 1904. 

226 Walter Henry French, died Aug. 15, 1904. 

205 Charles William Galloupe, died Nov. 28, 1903. 

137 Josiah Little Hale, M.D., died Dec. 21, 1903. 

252 Leander Miller Haskins, died Aug. 1, 1905. 

441 Alfred Henry Hersey, died Oct. n, 1901. 

39 Henry Oscar Houghton, died June 14, 1906. 

179 Enoch Stafford Johnson, died Nov. 20, 1904. 
229 John French Johnson, died Feb. 23, 1906. 
262 William Francis Joy, died Oct. 27, 1901. 

312 Charles Anthony Morss, died July 28, 1903. 

328 Henry Brigham Rice, died Sept. 8, 1903. 

323 Charles Henry Souther, died Jan. 4, 1905. 

516 Thomas Sedgwick Steele, died Sept. 10, 1903. 

407 Rev. Morton Stone, died Feb. 4, 1905. 

320 Samuel Parcher Tenney, died March 3, 1903. 

458 Charles Mellen Tillinghast, died March 7, 1902. 

241 Edward Silas Tobey, died July 21, 1902. 

419 Benjamin Barstow Torrey, died Sept. 11, 1905. 

389 Charles Hooper Trask, died Dec. 11, 1905. 

575 James Bailey Upham, died Nov. 25, 1905. 

357 James Cowdin Madison Upton, died Sept. 27, 1904. 

139 Joshua Wilbour, died March 14, 1902. 


Charles Edward Gross. 

Bela Peck Learned. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Morris Beach Beardsley. 

Frank Butler Gay. 

Ralph William Cutler. 

Frank Butler Gay. 

Williston Walker. 

Rt. Rev. Chauncey Bunce Brewster, D.D. 


Term ending 1907. Term ending 1908. 

Carl Eugene Munger, Morris Woodruff Seymour, 

John Hoyt Perry, George Dudley Seymour, 

John Edward Heaton. Theodore S. Woolsey. 

Term ending 1909. 
James Junius Goodwin, 
Isaac Washington Birdseye, 
Timothy Huggins Bishop. 



State Society No. General Society No. 

i 88 Barnes, Amos Foote, New Haven. 3448 

9th from Thomas Barnes. 
212 Beardsley, Samuel Fayerweather, Bridge- 
port. 3971 
10th from Hon. Richard Treat. 

201 Brainard, Morgan Bulkeley, Hartford. 3975 

6th from Quartermaster Nathaniel Foote, 2nd. 
194 Brooks, Isaac Watts, Torrington. 3701 

9th from Gov. William Leete. 

202 Comstock, George, Bridgeport. 3924 

8th from Jeremiah Jagger. 
189 Crane, Albert, Stamford. 3449 

7th from Maj. Simon Willard. 

7th from John Starkey. 
214 Curtis, Roderick Perry, Southport. 3973 

8th from Capt. William Curtis. 
192 *Downes, John Ireland Howe, New Haven. 

8th from Gov. Robert Treat. 
191 Edwards, Prof. Charles Lincoln, Hartford. 1404 
ioth from John Clark. 

8th from Gov. George Wyllys. 

8th from Lieut. William Pratt. 

8th from Gov. John Haynes. 

7th from Ensign John Pratt. 

6th from Lieut. Richard Stockton. 

207 Goodman, Capt. Richard Johnston, Hartford. 3929 

7th from Sergt. Richard Goodman. 
209 *Goodwin, Charles Archibald, Hartford, 
ioth from Maj. Simon Willard. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

213 Goodwin, Walter Lippincott, Hartford. 3972 

8th from Sergt. Miles Morgan. 

198 Griggs, Robert Foote, Waterbury. 3777 

7th from Roger Wolcott. 

200 Hall, Clarence Lones, Hartford. 3989 

9th from Samuel Fox. 
. 9th from Daniel Comstock. 

203 Hungerford, Newman, Hartford. 3925 

7th from Capt. Joseph Wadsworth. 

195 Jackson, John Day, New Haven. 3698 

10th from Gov. John Haynes. 

205 Jennings, Oliver Gould, Fairfield. 3927 

8th from Maj. Nathan Gould. 

210 Lippitt, COSTELLO, Norwich. 3931 

8th from Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell. 

197 Osgood, Frederick Larned, Norwich. 3776 

7th from Maj. Samuel Appleton. 

208 Prentice, Hon. Samuel Oscar, Hartford. 3930 

8th from Capt. Thomas Prentice. 

196 Robinson, Henry Seymour, Hartford. 3699 

9th from Capt. George Denison. 

215 Seeley, Frederick Sterling, Bridgeport. 3974 
9th from Capt. Nathaniel Seeley. 

211 Smith, Thomas Edward Vermilye, Hart- 

ford. 879 

6th from Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell. 

187 Stanley, Alix Welch, New Britain. 3447 

9th from Capt. John Stanley. 

186 Stanley, Charles Brown, New Britain. 3446 

8th from Capt. John Stanley. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

204 Trowbridge, Edmund Quincy, Guilford. 3926 

8th from Lieut. Thomas Trowbridge. 

190 *Trowbridge, Hayes Quincy, New Haven. 
7th from Lieut. Thomas Trowbridge. 

185 White, William Henry, Waterbury. 3445 

9th from Capt. Nathaniel White. 
8th from Capt. Timothy Phelps. 
7th from Capt. Nathaniel Phelps. 
9th from William Phelps. 
9th from Maj. Samuel Eels. 

193 Whittemore, James Madison, New Haven, 

Brig.-Gen., U.S.A. 1006 

4th from Col. John Gorham. 

199 Wilcox, Frank Langdon, Berlin. 3923 

9th from Rev. Thomas Hooker. 

206 Williams, George Goodwin, Hartford. 3928 

8th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 

Io 5 


Ifn flDemoriam. 

88 Leverett Brainard, died July 2, 1902. 

72 Hon. Lyman Denison Brewster, died Feb. 14, 1904. 

30 Charles Edwin Brown, died Sept. 16, 1903. 

67 James Lawrence Chew, died March 9, 1905. 

53 Hon. Robert Coit, died June 19, 1904. 

27 William Elijah Downes, died Feb. 1, 1904. 

54 Maj.-Gen. William Buel Franklin, died March 8, 1903. 
100 Col. Jacob Lyman Greene, died March 29, 1905. 

184 John Henry Hall, died June 25, 1902. 

129 Maj. Andrew Goodrich Hammond, died Feb. 21, 1906. 

147 Nathaniel Shaw Perkins, died Feb. 8, 1905. 

105 William Elmer Seeley, died Aug. 25, 1905. 

141 Archibald Henderson Smith, died April 24, 1906. 

19 Edwin Porter Smith, died Aug. 18, 1904. 

49 Henry Putnam Stearns, M.D., died May 26, 1905. 

4 Charles Hotchkiss Trowbridge, died June, 1906. 

165 Edwin Dwight Trowbridge, died Feb. 25, 1904. 

127 Ezekiel Hayes Trowbridge, died Nov. 30, 1901. 

145 Prof. Francis Wayland, LL.D., died Jan. 9, 1904. 

78 Stephen Whitney, died Sept. 3, 1905. 

183 Harvey Ladew Williams, died Aug. 4, 1905. 

^p jf? ti^ 



Marcus Benjamin. 

Deputy- Governor. 
William Van Zandt Cox. 

Lieutenant-Governor . 
Job Barnard. 

Walter Collins Clephane. 

John William Henry. 

Albert Charles Peale. 

Gilbert Thompson. 

Rev. Caleb Rochford Stetson. 

John Sidney Webb. 

James Bayard Gregg Custis. 


Term ending December, 1906. Term ending December, 1907. 
Alonzo Howard Clark, Joseph Cuyler Hardie, 
Zebina Moses, Frederic Wolters Huide- 

Samuel Walter Wood- koper. 
ward. Thomas Blagden. 

Term ending December, 1908. 

Armistead Peter, Jr., 
Robert Root Bennett, 
Frederick Denison Owen. 



State Society No. General Society No. 

131 Anderson, John F., Marine Hospital Service, 

Washington. 3707 

9th from Peter Montague. 

1 17 Bennett, Robert Root, Washington. 3347 

8th from Francis Cooke. 
7th from Gen. Sergt. Samuel Bennett. 
7th from Henry Kingman. 
6th from Lieut. Samuel Bennett, Jr. 
6th from Lieut. Jonathan Knight. 
6th from Samuel Leonardson. 

129 BRIGGS, Southwick CARY, Washington. 3593 

9th from Capt. Jeremy Clarke. 
9th from Pres. John Sandford. 
8th from Capt. Randall Holden. 
7th from Lieut. John Holmes. 
5th from Justice Peter Buell. 
5th from Chief Justice John Gardner. 

120 Bryan, Frederick Carlos, Washington. 3417 

3rd from Col. Richard Bryan, Jr. 

127 Butt, Archibald Willingham, Capt., U.S.A., 

Washington. 3541 

5th from John Robertson. 
7th from William Robertson. 
7th from Robert Mosely. 

139 Chapman, Edwin Lyon, Washington. 3900 

9th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 
7th from Edward Chapman. 
6th from Capt. Jonathan Ellswerth. 
6th from Capt. Samuel Marshall. 
5th from Eliakim Marshall. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

132 Clephane, Lewis Painter, Washington. 3789 

7th from William Cornwall. 
7th from Lieut. William Chittenden. 
7th from Gov. William Leete. 
6th from Lieut. -Gov. Nathan Gold. 
6th from Lieut. Samuel Candee. 
6th from John Collins. 

118 Clephane, Walter Collins, Washington. 3348 

8th from Capt. John Wakeman. 
8th from Commissioner John Talcott. 
7th from Lieut.-Col. John Talcott, Jr. 
7th from Maj. Nathaniel Gould. 
7th from Capt. William Seward. 
7th from Marshal John Scranton. 

141 Foster, Everett Worthington, Washington. 3918 
4th from Sergt. John Foster. 
3rd from Isaac Foster. 

123 French, Leon Le Lanne, Searchlight, Nevada. 3471 
10th from Edmund Rice. 
9th from Lieut. John Tuttle. 
9th from Lieut. Hugh Drury. 
8th from Capt. John Carter. 
8th from Nathaniel Foote. 
7th from Lieut. Thomas Benedict. 
6th from Ensign William Goodrich. 
5th from Col. David Goodrich. 

130 Gardner, Freeland Barney, Georgetown, 

S.C. 3594 

6th from Capt. William Savage. 

113 Hall, Henry Orville, Washington. 3270 

6th from Capt. Nathaniel Merriman. 
6th from Capt. John Hall. 
5th from Eliasaph Preston. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

5th from Jacob Johnson. 

4th from Justice Caleb Merriman. 

3rd from Capt. Asahel Hall. 

no Hopkins, Alfred Francis, Washington. 3205 

9th from Speaker Edward Johnson. 
8th from Gov. Robert Brooke. 
5th from Ensign William Monroe. 

in Hopkins, Neville Monroe, Washington. 3206 

9th from Speaker Edward Johnson. 
8th from Gov. Robert Brooke. 
5th from Ensign William Monroe. 

114 Johnson, Henry Lowry Emilius, Washington. 3304 

7th from Commissioner Stephen Goodyear. 

107 Kendall, Henry Myron, Maj., U.S.A. (ret.), 

Washington. 3149 

8th from Stephen Hopkins. 
8th from Elder William Brewster. 
7th from Giles Hopkins. 
7th from Gov. Thomas Prence. 
7th from Edmund Freeman. 
6th from Maj. John Freeman. 
6th from Lieut.-Com. William Raymond. 
5th from William Nickerson. 
4th from Lieut. Samuel Kendall. 

115 Langworthy, Charles Ford, Washington. 3305 

9th from Sergt. Richard Hildreth. 
8th from Capt. Jonas Prescott. 
8th from Matthias Farnsworth. 
8th from Robert Proctor. 
7th from Thomas Tarbell. 
6th from John Proctor. 

137 Magruder, Caleb Clarke, Jr., Washington. 3848 
7th from Samuel Magruder. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

122 Miller, Ben de Mier, Washington. 3470 

7th from John Libbey. 

136 Morse, Edward Emery, Washington. 3805 

9th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 
8th from Gov. Simon Bradstreet. 
8th from Gov. Thomas Wiggin. 
7th from Sergt. John Sherburne. 
6th from Capt. John Sherburne. 

133 Newcomb, Harry Turner, Washington. 3788 

8th from Lieut. Andrew Newcomb. 

112 Offley, Cleland Nelson, Lieut., U.S.N., 

Washington. 3259 

9th from Justice John Washington. 
9th from Capt. Lawrence Washington. 
8th from Col. John Carter. 
8th from David Offley. 

7th from Maj.-Gen. Alexander Spottswood. 
6th from Thomas Nelson. 

135 Owen, William O., Maj., U.S.A., Monterey, 

Col. 3901 

4th from Lieut. James Hughes. 

128 Peelle, Stanton Canfield, Washington. 3560 

8th from Judge Matthew Canfield. 

124 Peter, Armistead, Jr., Washington. 3472 

6th from Justice Richard Kennon. 

144 Peter, Rev. George Freeland, Washington. 3964 
6th from Justice Richard Kennon. 

143 Phillips, Duncan Clinch, Washington. 3919 

5th from Col. Joseph Phillips. 
4th from Maj. Philip Phillips. 
3rd from John Ormsby. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

146 Raymond, George Lansing, Washington. 3068 

7th from Capt William Raymond. 

1 19 Reynolds, Frederick Pratt, Capt. and Ass't. 

Surgeon, U.S.A., Washington. 3349 

9th from John Pratt. 
7th from Lieut. Joseph Pratt. 

134 Rittenhouse, David, Washington. 3804 

4th from Gen. John Bull. 

138 Root, Charles Stevens, U.S. Revenue Cutter 

Service, Washington. 3849 

8th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 

126 Root, Cyrus, Laurel, Md. 3531 

7th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 

147 Russell, Averley Claude Holmes, Wash- 

ington, Surgeon, U.S.N. 699 

6th from Col. Henry Pawling. 
6th from Capt. Daniel Brodhead. 

140 Smith, Rev. Roland Cotton, Washington. 3917 
6th from Col. Samuel Appleton. 

125 Swartwout, Frank Austin, Washington. 3473 

8th from Roeloff Swartwout. 
7th from Thomas Swartwout. 
7th from Justice Jacobus Swartwout. 

145 Tainter, Frank Stone, New York, N.Y. 3993 

5th from Benjamin Tainter. 
6th from Lieut. Simon Tainter. 
8th from Joseph Tainter. 

108 Tupper, James Brainerd Taylor, Washing- 
ton. 3172 
7th from William Peck. 
6th from Gov. Thomas Mayhew. 
6th from Capt. Thomas Tupper. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

116 Tweedy, Frank, Washington. 3346 

4th from Speaker Andrew Burr. 

142 Wallace, Elliott Lambert, Washington. 3959 
5th from George Mason. 

121 Woodward, Samuel Walter, Washington. 3459 
8th from John Alden. 
7th from William Peabodie. 
6th from Lieut. Benjamin Bartlett. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

51 Baird, William, Capt. U.S.A. (retired), 

Annapolis, Md. 883 

7th from Capt. Thomas Prentice. 
105 Barnard, Job, Washington. 3081 

7th from Richard Sears. 

7th from Commissioner Thomas Macy. 

7th from Edward Starbuck. 
101 Connell, Robert, Washington. 2836 

7th from William Fisher. 

4th from Thomas Coulter. 
100 Dyer, Leonard Huntress, New York, N.Y. 2814 

9th from William Hubbard. 

9th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 

9th from William Denison. 

9th from Gov. Theophilus Eaton. 

9th from John Tuttle. 

8th from Capt. John Whittingham. 

8th from Maj.-Gen. Daniel Denison. 

8th from Lieut. Anthony Nutter. 

8th from Valentine Hill. 

8th from Speaker Richard Martyn. 

8th from Pres. John Cutts. 

8th from Francis Cooke. 

7th from Capt. Nathaniel Hill. 

7th from Thomas Chesley. 

7th from Robert Linnell. 

7th from Capt. Thomas White. 

6th from John Baxter. 

6th from Thomas Dyer. 

5th from Justice Richard Rogers. 

5th from Christopher Huntress. 

3rd from Jones Dyer. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

79 Flint, James Milton, Medical Director, U.S.N. 

(retired), Washington. 1793 

8th from Robert Clements. 

7th from Lieut. William Stickney. 

7th from George Abbott. 

7th from Lieut. Thomas Chandler. 

7th from Lieut. Nathaniel Putnam. 

6th from John Clements. 
47 Huidekoper, Frederic Wolters, Washington. 673 

8th from Valentine Hollingsworth. 

6th from Commissioner Thomas Budd. 

5th from John Evans. 

4th from Col. Andrew McDowell. 
12 Moseley, Edward Augustus, Washington. 249 

9th from George Cleves. 

8th from John Plumb. 

8th from William Thomas. 

7th from Lieut. John Lyman. 

7th from Lieut. Thomas Stebbins. 

7th from John Strong. 

7th from Capt. Nathaniel Thomas. 

6th from Ch. Justice Nathaniel Thomas. 

5th from Judge Joseph Otis. 

4th from Jabez Fox. 
70 Owen, Frederick Denison, Washington. 1557 

8th from Capt. James Avery. 

8th from Richard Swan. 

7th from Capt. John Avery. 

7th from Robert Swan. 
95 Thompson, William Baker, Washington. 2688 

8th from Richard Treat. 

7th from Lieut. John Hollister. 

7th from John Strong. 

7th from Lieut. William Clark. 

6th from Capt. Philip Wheeler. 


Hn flDemoriam. 

63 James Thomas Anderson, U.S.A., died May 13, 1904. 

92 George Franklin Appleby, died April 30, 1903. 
46 Absalom Baird, U.S.A., died June 14, 1905. 

93 Le Droict Langdon Barber, died May 19, 1905. 

33 James Cushing Merrill, U.S.A., died Oct. 27, 1902. 

17 Frank Birge Smith, died Dec. 21, 1904. 

98 Palmer TiltOn, U.S.A., died March 7, 1905. 

72 John Elfreth Watkins, died Aug. n, 1903. 

* ^ * 





William Gray Schauffler, M.D. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Joel Francis Freeman. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Prof. Charles Greene Rockwood, A.M., Ph.D. 


John Eyerman, F.Z.S., 
" Oakhurst," Easton, Pa. 


Charles Arthur Greene, 

i 7 Battery Place, New York. 

William Frederick Dix. 

Prof. William Libbey, Sc.D. 


Rev. Charles Harris Hayes. 


George Cummins Thomas. 

George Herbert Richards, M.D. 


Term ending May, 1907. Term ending May, 1908. 

Alden Freeman, Bradford Darrach, 

Thomas W. Milnor, William A. Halsey, 

Benjamin Shepard. Col. MasonWhiting Tyler. 

Term ending May, 1909. 
Townsend Burnet Baldwin, 
Augustus Lefebvre Revere, 
Farnham Yardley. 



State Society No. General Society No. 

104 Baldwin, Elbert Francis, Lakewood. 3947 

8th from Capt. Samuel Newton. 

94 Booth, Edward H., Plainfield. 3839 

9th from Philip Pieterse Schuyler. 

89 Brady, Rev. Cyrus Townsend, LL.D., Toledo, 

Ohio. 3687 

5th from Capt. John Brady. 

87 Brett, Rev. Cornelius, D.D., Jersey City. 3547 
7th from Capt. Francis Rombouts. 

75 Briggs, Frankland, Newark. 3331 

9th from Capt. Thomas Bradbury. 

100 Clapp, Edward Everett, East Orange. 3839 

7th from Roger Clapp. 

102 Crocker, Clarence Pardee, East Orange. 3935 
10th from Elder William Brewster. 

j6 Freeman, Joel Francis, East Orange. 3332 

8th from John Campbell. 

101 Gardner, Edmund Le Breton, Paterson. 3934 

11th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 

74 Granniss, Robert Andrews, Morris Plains. 3330 
4th from Capt. John Granniss. 

70 Hall, Henry Harrington, East Orange. 3306 

7th from Lieut. Phineas Upham. 

95 Halsey, Samuel Armstrong, Newark. 3840 

9th from Thomas Halsey. 

97 Hardwick, Charles Cheever, Orange. 3843 

9th from Joseph Hills. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

90 Hayes, Rev. Charles Harris, Madison. 3688 

8th from Gov. Robert Treat. 

98 Hills, William, Jr., East Orange. 3842 

9th from Joseph Hills. 

80 Hoffman, Samuel Verplanck, Morristown. 2362 
4th from Col. Martinus Hoffman. 

72 Irving, Washington, San Francisco, Cal. 3308 

6th from Maj.-Gen. William Alexander. 

91 Johnson, Stephen Seguine, South Orange. 3836 

8th from Jonathan Delano. 

103 Lynch, Jasper, Lakewood. 3936 

6th from Edward Shippen. 

99 Mabie, Hamilton Wright, LL.D., L.H.D., 

Summit. 3932 

7th from Pieter Casparse Mabie Van Naerden. 

93 Merrill, John Lenord, Orange. 3838 

8th from Thomas Wade. 

82 Mulford, Ernest Denman, Elizabeth. 3427 

10th from Lieut. Lion Gardiner. 

88 Parker, Hon. Charles Wolcott, Jersey City. 3592 
10th from Capt. George Denison. 
nth from Gov. Thomas Welles. 

9th from Capt. John Gallup. 

9th from Capt. James Judson. 

8th from Col. David Goodrich. 

8th from William Gallup. 

8th from David Benedict. 

7th from Capt. Elihu Chauncey. 

7th from Capt. Philip Schuyler. 

7th from Col. Oloff Stevensen Van Cortlandt. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

6th from Capt. Elisha Parker. 
6th from Dr. John Johnstone. 
6th from Stephanus Van Cortlandt. 
5th from Col. John Parker. 
4th from Capt. James Parker. 

86 Porter, Horace, Lakewood. 3507 

4th from Gen. Jonathan Moulton. 

81 Plumer, David Bowdoin, Lakewood. 3426 

7th from John Bowdoin. 

7J Shepard, Benjamin, East Orange. 3333 

9th from Gov. William Bradford. 

96 Snyder, Charles Edward, Lakewood. 3841 

10th from Stukeley Westcott. 

86 Storm, Clarence, New York. 2508 

9th from Col. Oloff Stevensen Van Cortlandt. 

71 Strong, Alan Hartwell, New Brunswick. 3307 
9th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 

78 Tennille, William Alexander, East Orange. 3355 

6th from Gen. Nathaniel Bacon. 

79 Truman, Henry Hertel, Orange. 3356 

9th from Elder William Brewster. 

84 Upson, William Ford, Glen Ridge. 3459 

9th from Capt. Nathaniel Turner. 

83 Williams, John Camp, Morristown. 3418 

9th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 

92 Yardley, Farnham, East Orange. 3837 

7th from William Biles. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

4 Chandler, Walter, Elizabeth. 129 

8th from William Swaine. 
7th from Maj. Job Chandler. 
7th from Capt. Samuel Swaine. 
6th from Col. Josiah Ogden. 

it Deen, William Morris, East Orange. 378 

9th from Maj. Peter Field. 
8th from Capt. Thomas Jefferson. 

58 Freeman, Alden, East Orange. 2762 

9th from John Campbell. 
9th from Robert Crosman. 
9th from Joseph Alden. 
9th from Nathaniel Hayward. 
9th from John Whitemarsh. 

61 Giles, Frank Warren, Jr., Newark. 2921 

7th from John Giles, Jr. 

60 Giles, Howard Everett, Newark. 2920 

7th from John Giles, Jr. 

46 McClintock, Emory, Morristown. 2088 

8th from Dep.-Gov. Stephen Goodyear. 

31 Rockwood, Prof. Charles Green, Ph.D., 

Princeton. 1528 

8th from Capt. Thomas Bradbury. 
7th from Capt. John Gardner. 
6th from Capt. Johannes de Peyster. 



Hn flfeemoriam. 

70 Henry Harrington Hall, died April 9, 1906. 

62 Charlton T. Lewis, died May 26, 1904. 

20 Charles Burnham Squier, died Sept., 1904. 

54 Rev. Prof. Charles Woodruff Shields, D.D., LL.D., 

died Aug. 26, 1904. 

78 William Alexander Tennille, died Jan. 10, 1905. 

9 Rev. Ashbel Greene Vermilye, D.D., died July 9, 1905. 

18 George Sandford Wylie, died June 2, 1901. 

* * ^ 



Joseph Bryan. 

Secretary and Acting Treasurer. 

Thomas Bolling, Jr., 
Box 404, Richmond. 

John Garland Walker. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

16 Axtell, Decatur. 2872 

8th from John Alden. 

17 Carleton, Henry Guy. 3778 

9th from Col. George Mason. 

flit flftemoriam. 

8 Virginius Newton, died May 26, 1904. 

5 William James Walker, died Jan. 21, 1904. 



John Calvin Thorne. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Henry Moore Baker. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Charles Henry Greenleaf. 

Prof. Fred Winslow Morse, 


James Minot. 

Edson Cummings Eastman. 

Rev. Howard Fremont Hill, D.D. 

Capt. George Augustus Gordon. 

Rev. Lucius Waterman, D.D. 

Dwight Hall. 


Elisha R. Brown, Charles H. Fish, 

Joseph B. Walker, Henry R. Parker, M.D., 

William H. Foster. 



State Society No. General Society No. 

8 i Baker, Hon. Henry Moore, Bow Mills. 3485 

5th from Capt. Joseph Baker. 

74 Banning, Kendall, Walpole. 321 1 

8th from Capt. Joseph Sill. 

86 Bissell, Leslie Dayton, Ph.D., Concord. 3719 

5th from Lieut. Ozias Bissell. 

78 Conant, Henry Estes, Concord. 3360 

10th from Gov. Roger Conant. 
8th from John Conant. 

82 Douglas, Edward Laird, Keene. 3486 

8th from William Douglass. 

87 Forbes, Harry Rogers, New York City. 3892 

6th from Capt. Peter Powers. 

85 Foster, William Hamilton, Concord. 3718 

6th from Abraham Foster. 

80 Goodwin, Augustus Franklin, Boston, Mass. 3523 
8th from Gov. Robert Treat. 

J2 Parker, Henry Rust, M.D., Dover. 3138 

8th from Maj. Richard Walderne. 
7th from Col. Richard Waldron. 
8th from Quartermaster Robert Kinsman. 
9th from John Moulton, Sr. 
8th from Ensign John Moulton. 
7th from Lieut. John Locke. 
4th from Moses Seavey. 
9th from Robert Page. 
9th from Capt. Christopher Hussey. 
8th from Judge Henry Robie. 
8th from Quartermaster Nathaniel Rust. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

5th from Col. Henry Rust. 
5th from Hon. William Parker. 
8th from Maj. William Vaughn. 
9th from Capt. Richard Cutts. 
9th from Thomas Boreman. 

83 Pillsbury, Rosecrans William, Londonderry. 3637 

5th from Capt. Caleb Pillsbury. 

77 Smith, Forrest Starr, Brookline, Mass. 3353 

6th from Col. Samuel Smith. 

76 Smith, Hon. Joshua Ballard, Durham. 3314 

9th from Gov. John Winthrop. 
9th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 
8th from Rev. Samuel Dudley. 

88 Smith, Prof. Justin Harvey, Hanover. 3893 

9th from Gov. William Bradford. 
8th from Maj. William Bradford. 

79 Smith, William Dickinson Griswold, New 3354 
York City, 
nth from Gov. John Winthrop. 

73 Tuttle, Hon. Hiram Americus, Pittsfield. 3210 

8th from Judge John Tuttle. 

84 Walker, Joseph Burbeen, Concord. 3638 

7th from Capt. Richard Walker. 

89 Webster, Edmund Kirby, Maj., U.S.A. 3952 

8th from Gov. John Webster. 
7th from Lieut. Reinold Marvin. 
4th from Elnathan Smith. 


7 in MmzmnAyion 


fttetf J!)|lil;UUlfiil!)il 

iWiVJ, ijfliiil Stilt- " 

LgADg/ i-S-QP , --r>l£ J? 

J> X J MEiA'JM Of riiS PATiliOij 

Jii'/iii -jar?: »jf m^;iAiM^Mi£ 



fln fIDemoriam. 

49 Charles Albert Busiel, died Aug. 29, 1901. 

66 Person Colby Cheney, died June 19, 1901. 

70 Joseph Pinkham, died Feb. 27, 1903. 

4 Rev. Charles Langdon Tappan, died Feb. 23, 1902. 

44 William Cleaves Todd, died June 27, 1903. 

* * & 




Daniel Webster Robinson. 

Deputy- Governor. 

Jacob Gray Estey. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 

John Heman Converse. 


Byron Nathaniel Clark. 

Deputy-Secretary . 

John Henry Booth. 


Harry Stinson Howard. 


Rev. Thomas Butler. 

Charles Allen Converse. 


Charles Edwin Allen. 


Albert Tuttle. 


Le Roy Monroe Bingham. 


Holding over for one year. 
William Paul Dillingham. 
Holding over for two years. 
Heman Woods Allen, 
Truman Chittenden Fletcher, 
Edward Wells. 

Holding over for three years. 
William James Van Patten, 
Charles Spooner Forbes. 



State Society No. General Society No. 

72 Butler, Rev. Thomas, Concord. 3801 

7th from Capt. Thomas Holme. 
67 Clark, Byron Nathaniel, Burlington. 3388 

10th from Com. Tristram Coffin. 
10th from Capt. Edmund Greenleaf. 
9th from Dep. William Coolidge. 
8th from Capt. William Bond. 
8th from Lieut. Edward Gove. 
8th from Capt. John Sanborn. 

65 Converse, Hon. John Heman, Philadelphia, Pa. 3359 

8th from Dep. Henry Wolcott. 
7th from Dep. James Rogers. 
7th from Lieut. Matthew Griswold. 
6th from Dea. Edward Convers. 
5th from Capt. Stephen Prentis. 
5th from Corp. Edward Allen, Jr. 
5th from Eliezer Hawks. 
77 Dewey, William Tarbox, Montpelier. 4000 

9th from Capt. John Alden. 

66 Dyer, Daniel Barnes, Augusta, Ga. 3552 

8th from Gov. Roger Williams. 

7th from Capt. William Dyer. 
71 Field, Frank Henry, New Britain, Conn. 3791 

4th from Capt. Seth Field. 
76 Hack, George Earnest, Burlington. 391 1 

5th from William Hack. 
69 Hack, Mervin Root, New York, N.Y. 3553 

7th from Dep. Richard Treat, Sr. 

6th from Ensign William Goodrich. 

5th from William Hack. 

5th from Capt. Ephraim Goodrich. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

73 Hack, Thomas Henry, Proctor. 3886 

8th from Dep. Richard Treat, Sr. 
6th from Capt. Ephraim Goodrich. 

75 Holton, Henry Dwight, Brattleboro. 3906 

7th from Dep. William Holton. 
6th from Capt. John Grout. 
3rd from Joel Holton. 

68 Howard, Harry Stinson, Burlington. 3389 

9th from Capt. John Alden 
9th from Dep. John Winslow. 
8th from Ensign Nicholas Byram. 
8th from Sergt. Thomas Waite. 
8th from Ensign John Whitman. 
7th from Lieut. John Howard. 
7th from John Otis. 
7th from John Ames. 
7th from John Ensign. 

74 Howard, Oliver Otis, Maj.-Gen., U.S.A. 

(retired), Burlington. 3905 

6th from Lieut. John Howard. 

70 Woolson, Charles Amasa, Springfield. 3646 

5th from Lieut. Phineas Upham. 
5th from Thomas Woolson. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

48 Allen, Charles Edwin, Burlington. 2562 

6th from Dep. Samuel Allen. 
5th from Capt. Timothy Johnson. 

7 Benedict, George Grenville, Col. and 

A.D.C., Burlington. 734 

7th from Lieut. Thomas Benedict. 
6th from John Benedict. 
5th from Capt. James Benedict. 

35 Booth, Hon. John Henry, Plattsburgh, N.Y. 2431 
4th from Lieut. Daniel Booth. 

56 Boynton, Charles Smith, M.D., Burlington. 3399 
6th from Capt. Benjamin Putnam. 

23 Converse, Charles Allen, Col. and A.D.C., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 2419 

8th from Chaplain Samuel Stone. 
8th from Dep. Thomas Coleman. 
8th from Dep. John Porter, Sr. 
8th from Dep. James Bates. 
8th from Dep. Thomas Stanton. 
8th from Dep. Henry VVolcott. 
7th from Capt. George Lamberton. 
7th from Lieut. Timothy Nash. 
7th from Ensign Hugh Welles, Sr. 
7th from Dep. James Rogers. 
7th from Lieut. Matthew Griswold. 
6th from Dep. Edward Convers. 
6th from John Prentis, Sr. 
6th from Sergt. Joseph Bixby. 
6th from Sergt. William Ward. 
6th from Samuel Belden. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

6th from Sergt. Benjamin Wait. 
6th from William Smead. 
6th from Cornet Jonathan Gilbert. 
5th from John Fay. 
5th from Corp. Edward Allen, Jr. 
5th from Eliezer Hawks. 
*i7 Dewey, Hon. Charles, Montpelier. 2413 

9th from Capt. Elizur Holyoke. 
8th from Gov. William Pynchon. 
15 Dyer, Horace Edward, Maj., V.N.G., Rut- 
land. 742 
10th from Dep. Hugh Calkins. 
34 Evans, Ira Hobart, Maj., U.S.V., Montpelier. 2430 
7th from Dep. Edmund Hobart. 
7th from Capt. Samuel Talcott. 
31 Fifield, Hon. Benjamin Franklin, Mont- 
pelier. 2427 
7th from William Fifield. 
6th from Benjamin Fifield. 
64 Francisco, Israel Holmes, Rutland. 
7th from Lieut. Thomas Judd. 
5th from Lieut. John Judd. 
14 Fuller, Austin Weld, Capt., U.S.V., St. 

Albans. 741 

10th from Elder William Brewster. 
8th from Capt. Joseph Weld. 
7th from Capt. Matthew Fuller. 
7th from Capt. John Weld. 
21 Lyman, Hon. Elias, Burlington. 2417 

9th from Gov. George Wyllys. 
9th from Gov. William Pynchon. 
8th from Col. John Pynchon. 
7th from Lieut. -Col. John Pynchon, Jr. 
7th from Quartermaster George Colton. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

5 Noble, Robert, Burlington. 732 

7th from Cornet Thomas Dewey. 

51 Page, Hon. Carroll Smalley, Ex-Gov. of 

Vermont, Hyde Park. 2661 

5th from Henry Woodward. 

54 Putnam, Ralph Wright, Putnamville. 3397 

5th from Seth Putnam. 
4th from Ebenezer Putnam. 

55 Putnam, Warren Edward, M.D., Surg.-Gen. 

V.N.G., Bennington. 3398 

4th from Seth Putnam. 
33 Richardson, Albert Emore, Burlington. 2429 

9th from Elder William Brewster. 

8th from Dep. Jonathan Brewster. 

8th from Capt. Benjamin Brewster. 

6th from Samuel Richardson, Jr. 
39 Richardson, Frederick Albert, New York, 

N.Y. 2446 

8th from Maj. William Bradford. 

7th from Samuel Richardson, Jr. 

7th from Alexander Gordon. 
32 Robinson, Daniel Webster, Burlington. 2428 

7th from William Robinson. 
59 Ward, Frederick Wood, Burlington. 3175 

4th from Col. Oliver Partridge. 
58 Ward, Henry Landon, Burlington. 3174 

4th from Col. Oliver Partridge. 
30 Waterman, Hon. Heman Allen, Johnson. 2426 

6th from Robert Waterman. 
3 Webb, William Seward, Col. and A.D.C., 

Shelburne. 730 

8th from Capt. Henry Dow. 

8th from Gov. William Hooke. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

8th from Dep. Samuel Winsley. 

7th from Capt. John Clark. 

7th from Sergt. Joseph Dow. 

7th from Henry Green. 

6th from Sergt. John Nott. 

6th from Sergt. Edward French. 

6th from Isaac Green. 

6th from William Miller. 

5th from Lieut. Joseph Webb. 

5th from Jacob Brown. 

5th from Benjamin Cram. 

4th from Benjamin Cram. 

28 Wells, Edward, Burlington. 2424 

7th from Ensign Hugh Welles. 
6th from Capt. Nathaniel White, Sr. 
6th from Thomas Welles. 

24 Wells, Frederick Howard, Burlington. 2420 

7th from Ensign Hugh Welles. 
6th from Capt. Nathaniel White, Sr. 
6th from Thomas Welles. 

40 Wells, Frank Richardson, Capt. Vt. N.G., 

Burlington. 2449 

8th from Ensign Hugh Welles. 
7th from Capt. Nathaniel White, Sr. 
7th from Thomas Welles. 

36 WORTHINGTON, GEORGE, Bennington. 2432 

8th from Capt. Thomas Bull. 
7th from Thomas Bunce. 

[ 34 


In flfeemoriam. 

17 Charles Dewey, died Aug. 31, 1905. 

19 Julius Jacob Estey, died March 7, 1902. 

29 James Clay Houghton, died March 4, 1902. 

18 John Erastus Hubbard, died July 17, 1899. 
10 Hiram Augustus Huse, died Sept. 23, 1902. 

9 Robert Jackson Kimball, died Oct. 3, 1903. 

46 Julius William Russell, died Feb. 25, 1900. 

30 Hem an Allen Waterman, died Aug. 5, 1896 

* * * 



Moses Jones Wentworth. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Alfred Landon Baker. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Edmund Daniel Hulbert. 


Roger Sherman, 
Room 1 21 7, No. 135 Adams Street, Chicago. 

Ralph Chester Otis. 

Seymour Morris. 

John Edward Case. 

Judge Frank Baker. 

Rev. William M. Lawrence, D.D. 

James Nevins Hyde, M.D. 


Charles Howard ReQua, Edmund Daniel Hulburt, 
David Allen Noyes, John Edward Case, 

Hiram Holbrook Rose, Seymour Morris, 
Moses Jones Wentworth, Ralph Chester Otis, 
Alfred Landon Baker, Roger Sherman. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

185 Allen, John Kermott, Chicago. 3668 

6th from Lieut. Thomas Bancroft. 

170 Andrews, Alfred Hinsdale, Chicago. 3338 

8th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 
184 Armsby, James Kendall. 3674 

6th from John Ormsbe. 

9th from James Cutler. 

9th from Sergt. John Porter. 

7th from Capt. Jonathan Boyden. 

8th from Lieut. Thomas Cutler. 

186 Baker, Alfred Landon, Chicago. 3669 

6th from John Mudge. 
194 Brown, Paul, Glencoe. 3979 

8th from William Hoskins. 
9th from Abraham Pierce. 
7th from Maj. Aaron Cooke. 
9th from John Richmond. 
7th from William Westwood. 
8th from Thomas Ford. 
7th from Ensign Jacob Hathaway. 
9th from William Chase. 
6th from John Griswold. 
7th from Nathaniel Foote. 
8th from Samuel Chapin. 
6th from Capt. Aaron Cooke. 
10th from John Rogers. 
9th from William Hoskins. 
7th from Japhet Chapin. 
7th from Lieut. John Hitchcock. 
7th from Lieut. Samuel Smith. 
8th from Capt. Luke Hitchcock. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

6th from Lieut. Philip Smith. 

8th from Capt. George Denison. 

9th from John Lawrence. 

8th from Richard Godfrey, Jr. 

7th from Maj. Daniel Lovett. 

6th from Capt. James Lovett. 

7th from Jacob Joy. 

8th from William Spencer. 

9th from Philip Sherman. 

9th from Thomas Caswell. 

7th from Ensign Robert Walker. 

7th from Robert Lay. 

8th from Thomas Stanton. 

7th from Capt. Henry Crane. 

8th from Andrew Ward. 

8th from John Hathaway. 

8th from Lieut. John Lyman. 

7th from Valentine Whitman. 

9th from John Plum. 

7th from Ensign John Brown, Jr. 

8th from John Brown. 

•8th from Isaac Pierce. 

8th from Sergt. Samuel Wright. 

8th from Nicholas Desborough. 

7th from Lieut. John Kelsey. 

6th from Lieut. John Kelsey, Jr. 

8th from Peleg Lawrence. 

8th from John Tower. 

7th from Edward Griswold. 

8th from William Kelsey. 

8th from Capt John Whipple. 

8th from Maj. Eleazer Lawrence. 

9th from Henry Burt. 

6th from Capt. Joseph Brown. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

175 Case, Francis Mamre, Chicago. 3413 

5th from Capt. James Case. 

168 Case, John Edward, Chicago. 3237 

5th from Capt. Josiah Case. 
9th from Maj. William Chittenden. 
9th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 
9th from Andrew Warner. 
9th from Matthew Marvin. 
9th from John Steele, 1st. 
8th from Lieut. William Spencer. 
8th from Capt. John Bissell. 
8th from Ensign William Goodrich. 
8th from Ensign John Steele, 2nd. 
8th from Sergt. John Griffin. 
5th from Charles Humphrey. 
4th from Capt. Josiah Case. 
8th from Sergt. John Humphrey. 
7th from John Moses, 2nd. 
7th from Nathan Gillett, 1st. 
6th from Capt. John Higley. 
6th from Lieut. Samuel Pettibone, 1st. 
6th from Lieut. John Pettibone, 2nd. 
6th from Lieut. Samuel Humphrey. 
6th from Lieut. Nathaniel Holcombe. 
6th from Nathan Gillett, 2nd. 
6th from James Eno, 2nd. 
5th from Lieut. Elijah Hart. 
5th from Ensign Brewster Higley. 
5th from David Eno. 
7th from Capt. Thomas Hart. 
7th from Col. David Goodrich. 
8th from Thomas Holcombe. 
8th from Benjamin Burr. 
8th from William Thrall. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

8th from Michael Humphrey. 
8th from Anthony Hawkins. 
8th from Stephen Hart. 
8th from Samuel Chapin. 

1 66 Chamberlain, Paul Mellen. 3229 

9th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 

180 DYER, LOUIS, Oxford, England. 3489 

8th from Roger Williams. 

193 Earle, Frank Breckenridge, Chicago. 3978 

8th from Capt. Ralph Earle. 

173 Eddy, George Simpson, Chicago. 341 1 

7th from Samuel Eddy. 

172 Eddy, Thomas Hooker, Chicago. 3410 

7th from Samuel Eddy. 

197 Favor, Otis Skinner, Chicago. 3982 

6th from Thomas Hichborn. 

183 Fish, Charles Manning, Joliet. 3673 

7th from Ensign Samuel Manning. 
5th from Capt. John Spofford. 
7th from John Alden. 
6th from Capt. Joseph Sill. 
6th from William Peabodie. 
6th from Lieut. Richard Lord. 
8th from John Clark. 
4th from Samuel Manning. 
7th from Sergt. Jacob French. 
8th from Capt. William French. 
5th from Lieut. Joseph Dudley. 
7th from William Dudley. 
6th from John Pratt. 
7th from William Pratt. 
7th from George Clark. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

7th from John Manning. 
6th from John Hopkinson. 
7th from John Spofford. 

178 Grover, Oliver Dennett, Chicago. 3487 

7th from Capt. Jonas Prescott. 

192 Hebard, Frederic Schiller, Chicago. 3977 

4th from Capt. Zebulon Hebard. 

179 Huntington, Henry Alonzo, Versailles, 

France. 3488 

8th from Roger Williams. 

174 Lawrence, Rev. William Mangam, D.D., 

Chicago. 3412 

7th from Capt. William Lawrence. 

176 Loomis, John Henry, Chicago. 3414 

7th from Capt. Samuel Marshall. 
8th from Lieut. David Wilton. 
7th from Capt. Benjamin Newberry. 
7th from William Hartwell. 
7th from Ensign Samuel Loomis. 

181 Ludlow, George McMurtry, Chicago. 3524 

8th from Edward Doty. 

191 Noyes, David Allen, Chicago. 3976 

7th from Timothy Noyes. 

187 Nye, James Warren, Chicago. 3670 

6th from John Keep. 

196 Otis, Charles Tillinghast, Chicago. 3981 

7th from John Otis. 

171 Otis, Ralph Chester, Chicago. 3340 

7th from John Otis. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

190 Perrin, William Redfield, Chicago. 3675 

10th from William Pynchon. 

189 Sheldon, Frank Parmly, Chicago. 3672 

6th from Sergt. Samuel Lewis. 

182 Smith, Thomas Herbert, Chicago. 3525 

8th from John Webster. 
6th from John Barnes. 
7th from Thomas Prince. 
8th from Nicholas Snow. 
9th from Stephen Hopkins. 
7th from Jonathan Sparrow. 
8th from Richard Sparrow. 
8th from Gov. Thomas Prence. 
9th from Elder William Brewster. 
7th from William Hedge. 

188 Williams, Nelson Buttrick, Chicago. 3671 

8th from Thomas Dewey. 

167 Woodward, Theron Royal. 3 2 3° 

7th from John Woodward. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

162 Snow, Edgar Morton, Chicago. 3067 

7th from Joseph Alden. 
7th from Samuel Ruggles, 2nd. 
6th from Samuel Ruggles, 3rd. 
7th from Josiah Winslow. 
7th from Moses Simmons, Sr. 
7th from William Merrick. 
7th from John Leonard. 
7th from Kenelm Winslow. 
7th from Rev. John Woodbridge. 
8th from Peter Worden. 
8th from Giles Hopkins. 
8th from Stephen Hopkins. 
7th from Edward Bangs. 
8th from John Coggswell. 
7th from Gen. Constant Southworth. 
7th from John Alden. 
6th from Nathaniel Dickinson. 
' 7th from Nicholas Snow. 
8th from William Hayden. 
8th from William Collier. 



11 n flfeemoriam- 

132 William Starr Brackett, died Sept. 5, 1902. 

96 Oliver Partridge Dickinson, died Oct. 7, 1904. 

150 Francis Brown Little, died Aug. 29, 1904. 

151 Josiah Little, died March 2, 1906. 

15 Josiah Lewis Lombard, died April 7, 1902. 

106 George Mulhollan Lyon, died Feb. 6, 1905. 

39 George Samuel Marsh, died May 24, 1906. 

51 Franklin Adams Meacham, died April, 1902. 

129 Arthur Orr, died June 1, 1905. 

17 Frederick Clifton Pierce, died April 5, 1904. 

149 Charles Constant Ruggles, died Aug. 28, 1904. 

109 Edwin Henry Sedgwick, died Sept. 10, 1901. 

9 Frederick H. Winston, died Feb. 19, 1904. 

167 Theron Royal Woodward, died Feb. 1, 1906. 

43 Harry Linn Wright, died 1905. 

* >& * 



Horatio Nelson Spencer, M.D., LL.D. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Captain Robert McCulloch. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Col. James Hamilton McCord, N.G.M. 



iiio Washington Avenue, St. Louis. 

Deputy-Secretary . 
William Street Baker. 


George Turner Parker, 

S.E. Corner Broadway and Locust, St. Louis. 

Henry Cadle, 



James Thomas Sands. 

Rt. Rev. Daniel Sylvester Tuttle, D.D., LL.D. 

Dr. Horatio Nelson Spen- George Amos Newcomb, 

cer, Hon. Selden Palmer Spen- 

Capt. Robert McCulloch, cer, 
Col. James Hamilton Mc- Charles McI. Cuthbert, 

Cord, Wallace Delafield, 

hobart brinsmade, george turner parker, 

Henry Purkitt Wyman, Malcolm Macbeth, 
Henry Cadle, Alfred Lee Shapleigh, 

Richard Aylett Barret. Edward Bliss Wilder. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

130 Aylett, Patrick Henry, St. Louis. 3436 

9th from Gov. John West. 

147 Ball, Samuel Boyd, St. Louis. 3797 

7th from Gen. John Hammond. 
7th from Henry Ridgeley. 
6th from Edward Dorsey. 
6th from John Worthington. 

135 Baker, William Street, St. Louis. 3421 

4th from Lieut. John Baker. 

151 Barrows, John Chester, St. Louis. 3970 

7th from Capt. John Stanley. 

133 Crandall, Arthur Lee, St. Louis. 3483 

8th from Robert Lockwood. 
7th from John Crandall. 

129 Denison, Henry Heber, St. Louis. 3435 

7th from George Denison. 
120 Douglas, Hon. Walter Bond, St. Louis. 3249 

8th from Thomas Newberry. 

8th from Samuel Appleton. 

8th from Hugh Calkins. 

8th from Thomas Bartlett. 

8th from Henry Wolcott. 

8th from John Steele. 

8th from Thomas Judd. 

8th from John Moore. 

7th from William Douglas. 

7th from William Bond. 

7th from William Janes. 

7th from Samuel Appleton. 

7th from Nathaniel Loomis. 

Statb Society No. General Society No. 

7th from William Hough. 
7th from Henry Wolcott. 
7th from Isaac Shepard. 
7th from William Judd. 
7th from Thomas Burnham. 
7th from George Chappell. 
7th from Thomas Woolson. 
7th from Henry Spring. 
6th from William Marsh. 
6th from William Douglas, Jr. 
6th from Abel Janes. 
6th from Thomas Bond. 
6th from Hopestill Humphrey. 
6th from John Cutting. 
6th from Samuel Wolcott. 

127 Fleet, Henry Wyatt, Lieut., U.S.A. 3423 

8th from Robert Brooke. 
8th from Capt. James Neale. 
7th from Lieut. -Col. Henry Fleete. 
7th from Francis Hutchins. 

134 Fleet, John Seddon, Capt., CM. A. Culver, 

Ind. 3484 

8th from Robert Brooke. 
8th from Capt. James Neale. 
7th from Lieut.-Col. Henry Fleete. 
7th from Francis Hutchins. 

143 Homer, William Bradford, St. Louis. 3697 

8th from Gov. Henry Wolcott. 
7th from Samuel Chapin. 
7th from Henry Burt. 
7th from Quartermaster George Colton. 
7th from James Bates. 
7th from John Hoar. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

145 Hubbard, Robert Morris, St. Louis. 3723 

3rd from Jonathan Hubbard. 

122 Leighton, George Bridge, St. Louis. 3251 

6th from Capt. John Leighton. 

137 Little, Rev. Edward Porter, Hannibal. 3661 

7th from John Alden. 
7th from Gov. William Bradford. 
6th from Thomas Little. 

126 Lyon, George Elmer, M.D., St. Louis. 3422 

7th from Capt. Thomas Hicks. 

140 Macbeth, Malcolm, St. Louis. 3720 

8th from Alexandre Thesee Chastaigner. 
8th from Henri LeNoble. 
8th from Hugh Hext. 
7th from David Hext. 
7th from Pierre de St. Julien. 
7th from Rene Ravenel. 
7th from Samuel Prioleau. 
5th from John Pearson. 

146 Macbeth, Ravenel, St. Louis. 3787 

8th from Alexandre Thesee Chastaigner. 

8th from Henri LeNoble. 

8th from Hugh Hext. 

7th from David Hext. 

7th from Pierre de St. Julien. 

7th from Rene Ravenel. 

7th from Samuel Prioleau. 

5th from John Pearson. 

155 Mudge, Solomon Hinckley, St. Louis. 3992 

7th from John Mudge. 

128 Parker, George Turner, St. Louis. 3424 

9th from Maj. Aaron Cook. 
9th from William Spencer. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

9th from William Phelps. 
8th from Gregory Stone. 
7th from Thomas Hastings. 
6th from James Parker. 

141 Porter, Valentine Mott, St. Louis. 3664 

7th from Arnout Cornelise Viele. 
7th from Robert Paddock. 
7th from Samuel Eddy. 

154 Prince, Laurence Lempriere, St. Louis. 3991 

4th from Clement Lempriere. 
3rd from Charles Prince. 

124 Reid, William Magraw, Kansas City. 3294 

3rd from William Austin. 

119 Robinson, Hamline Elijah, Maryville. 3248 

9th from Maj.-Gen. Humphrey Atherton. 
9th from Anthony Fisher. 
8th from Samuel Chapin. 
7th from George Robinson. 
6th from Sergt. George Robinson. 
5th from George Robinson. 

139 Rodes, Frank, St. Louis. 3663 

6th from William Kinshen, Sr. 
5th from Edward Masterson. 
4th from Maj. Robert Harris. 
4th from John Lindsay. 
4th from William Gilbert. 

149 Sharp, Charles Edward, St. Louis. 3897 
7th from Capt. Jan Jansen Bleecker. 

150 Shelton, Richard Theodore, St. Louis. 3904 
6th from Maj. Robert Harris. 


State Socikty No. General Society No. 

152 Shepard, Prof. Edward Martin, Spring- 

field. 3954 

8th from Gov. William Bradford. 
8th from Gov. John Webster. 
7th from Sergt. John Shepard. 
7th from Maj. William Bradford. 
7th from Lieut. Robert Webster. 
3rd from Eldad Shepard. 

153 Skinner, Charles Mather, St. Louis. 3988 

6th from Ebenezer Skinner. 

117 Smith, George Kimball, St. Louis. 3246 

6th from Lieut. Philip Smith. 

142 Smith, Hamilton, Paris, France. 3696 

10th from Gov. John Winthrop. 

144 Smith, Ralph Lancaster, St. Louis. 3722 

10th from Gov. John Winthrop. 

138 Smith, William Dickinson Griswold, New 

York. 3662 

10th from Gov. John Winthrop. 

132 Stearns, Melvin Hall, St. Louis. 3438 

7th from Jeremiah Jewett. 

135 Stiles, Hon. Edward Holcomb, Kansas 

City. 3659 

6th from Thomas Sherwood. 
5th from Joshua Holcomb. 
4th from Joshua Holcomb. 
3rd from Hezekiah Holcomb, 1st. 

131 Teachout, Oscar Leander, St. Louis. 3437 

7th from Josiah Dewey. 
5th from David Dewey. 

148 Van Blarcom, Jacob Craig, St. Louis. 3798 

9th from Nicasius De Sille. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

121 Wolfe, Daniel Reece, St. Louis. 3250 

3rd from Reece Wolfe. 

123 Wolfe, M. Good, St. Louis. 3291 

4th from Reece Wolfe. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

116 Wilder, Edward Bliss, St. Louis. 3063 

9th from Lieut. Samuel Smith. 

8th from Quartermaster George Colton. 

7th from Shadrach Hapgood. 

6th from Eleazer Kimberly. 


6th from Lieut. Nathaniel Wilder. 



Hn flDemoriam, 

112 George Arnold Baker, died Feb. 2, 1902. 

38 William Bingham Clarke, died Feb. 24, 1905. 

113 Orestes Augustus Crandall, died July 6, 1901. 
108 Harry Beverly Deas. 

44 George Eliot Leighton, died July 4, 1901. 

78 Francis McCord, died March 30, 1905. 

136 James McCord, died Sept. 24, 1903. 

115 Charles Parsons, died Sept. 15, 1905. 

72 Charles Edward Pearce, died Jan. 20, 1902. 

30 Clark Hamilton Sampson, died March 31, 1904. 

74 Rev. William Short, D.D., died Oct. 26, 1905. 

121 Daniel Reece Wolfe, died June 1, 1906. 

* * * 



Charles Theodore Greve. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Howard Sydenham Winslow. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Harry Brent Mackoy. 


James Wilson Bullock, 

St. Paul Building, Cincinnati. 

Deputy-Secretary . 
Ward Baldwin. 

George Merrell. 

Robert Ralston Jones. 

John Uri Lloyd. 

Herbert Jenney. 

Dr. Phineas Sanborn Conner. 

Rev. Samuel Newell Watson. 

Nathaniel H. Davis, William J. Colburn, 

Edwin C. Goshorn, Murray M. Shoemaker, 

Charles H. Newton, Roderick D. Barney, 

John Gordon Battelle, Benjamin Rush Cowen, 
Dr. Gilbert L. Bailey, Richard Pratt Marvin. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

76 Adams, Asael Edward, Youngstown. 3812 

4th from Eli Mygatt. 

77 Adams, Whittlesey, Warren. 3813 

3rd from Eli Mygatt. 

68 Bailey, Gilbert Langdon, Cincinnati. 3336 

9th from Stukeley Westcott. 

67 Baldwin, Ward, Cincinnati. 3335 

4th from Gen. Artemas Ward. 

65 Barney, Howard, Wyoming. 3296 

7th from Gov. John Haynes. 

72 Bartholomew, George K., Cincinnati. 3693 

6th from Lieut. William Bartholomew. 

69 Cowen, Benjamin Rush, Cincinnati. 3337 

5th from Ebenezer Sprague. 

75 Cowen, Benjamin Sprague, Cincinnati. 3803 

6th from Ebenezer Sprague. 

66 Kite, Thomas, Cincinnati. 3297 

7th from William Warner. 

79 *Leonard, Rt. Rev. William A., Cleveland. 
8th from James Leonard. 

74 McGrath, John, Wyoming. 3706 

8th from Kenelm Winslow. 

63 Mackoy, Harry Brent, Covington, Ky. 3244 

8th from Col. Richard Lee. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

73 Norris, Henry McCoy, Cincinnati. 3694 

8th from Maj. John Mason. 
9th from Dep.-Gov. George Cleeves. 
9th from Samuel Chapin. 
9th from Sergt. William Cornwell. 
10th from Capt. John Johnson. 
7th from Quartermaster Nathaniel Foote. 

64 Shoemaker, Murray Marvin, Cincinnati. 3295 

6th from Maj. Richard Colgate. 

70 Smith, Irvin McDowell, Hillsboro. 3491 

4th from Capt. Samuel McDowell. 

78 Sparrow, Jackson Wolcott, Cincinnati. 3922 

9th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 

71 Woolson, Alvin Mansfield, Toledo. 3676 

4th from David Batcheller. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

47 Conner, John Sanborn, Cincinnati. 2038 

5th from Ensign Tristram Sanborn. 
6th from Capt. John Sanborn. 
7th from Lieut. Tristram Coffin. 
8th from Tristram Coffin. 

48 Conner, Phineas Sanborn, M.D., LL.D., 

Cincinnati. 2039 

5th from Ensign Tristram Sanborn. 

6th from Capt. John Sanborn. 

7th from Lieut. Tristram Coffin. 

8th from Tristram Coffin. 
21 Hurd, Ethan Osborn, Plainville. 1403 

6th from Thomas Orton. 

6th from Sergt. Edward Hinman. 

5th from Benjamin Hinman. 

3rd from Capt. John Osborn. 

7th from Thomas Kimberly. 

7th from Matthew Mitchell. 

7th from Ensign Thomas Wheeler. 
42 Newton, Charles Humphreys, Marietta. 2033 

6th from David Perkins. 

7th from John Washburne, Jr. 

6th from Capt. James Newton. 

8th from John Washburne, Sr. 

7th from Thomas Newton. 
58 Orton, Edward, Jr., Columbus. 2764 

5th from Ensign Zebulon Gibbs. 
53 Watson, Rev. Samuel Newell, D.D., Chilli- 

cothe. 1273 

7th from Col. James Graham. 

6th from Hon. Lewis Morris. 

State Socihty No. General Socif.ty No. 

27 WiNSLOW, CHAUNCEY Rose, Portland, Ore. 1494 

5th from Capt. William Ely. 
6th from Capt. Thomas Seymour. 
6th from Lieut. Job Winslow. 
7th from Kenelm Winslow. 
6th from Capt. William Hallett. 
7th from William Hallett, Sr. 
7th from Capt. John Seaman. 
7th from George Woolsey. 
7th from John Batchelder. 
7th from John Tisdale. 
7th from Maj. Thomas Leonard. 
7th from John Norton. 
7th from Rev. John Harriman. 
8th from Thomas Halsey. 
8th from Thomas Cornell. 
8th from Isaac Moore. 
8th from Quartermaster John Perkins. 
9th from Sergt. John Perkins. 
9th from Alexander Bryan. 
7th from Isaac Perkins. 
8th from James Leonard. 
7th from Samuel Corning. 
8th from Richard Seymour. 
8th from John Pratt. 
7th from Daniel Pratt. 

18 Winslow, Howard Sydenham, Cincinnati. 1400 

5th from Capt. William Ely. 
6th from Capt. Thomas Seymour. 
6th from Lieut. Job Winslow. 
7th from Kenelm Winslow. 
6th from Capt. William Hallett. 


Un fIDemortam. 

24 John Ward Bailey, died Aug. 16, 1902. 
32 Asa Smith Bushnell, died Jan. 15, 1904. 
31 William Wallace Seely, died Nov. 7, 1903. 

* * * 

i 5 8 


Myron Leslie Learned. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Basil Marion Webster. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Clement Chase. 


Edwin Catlin Webster, 

William Farnam Smith. 

Charles William Hamilton. 

* James Mills Woolworth, LL.D. 

George Wallen Crafts. 


Charles Albert Goss, Edwin Catlin Webster, 
Myron Leslie Learned, Charles William Hamilton, 
William Farnam Smith, Clement Chase, 
Basil Marion Webster. 





State Society No. General Society No. 

26 Tracy, Charles Alcinous, Omaha. 3467 

8th from Lieut. Thomas Tracy. 

7th from Lieut. Jonathan Tracy, 1st. 

27 Tracy, Thomas Herbert, Omaha. 3468 

8th from Lieut. Thomas Tracy. 

7th from Lieut. Jonathan Tracy, 1st. 

Iln mentor iam. 

13 James Mills Woolworth, LL.D., died June 16, 1906. 



Ell Torrance. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Edward Hickman Gheen, U.S.A. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
George Arthur Goodell. 

William Gardner White. 

Walter Fredericks Myers. 

Edward Hutchins Cutler. 

George Henry Daggett. 

Edward Blake Young. 

Hon. Francis Marion Crosby. 

Rt. Rev. Samuel Cook Edsall, D.D. 

Jehiel Weston Chamberlin, M.D. 


Term ending 1906. Term ending 1907. 

Edmund Joseph Phelps, Everett Hoskins Bailey, 
Edward Charles Stringer, George Brooks Young, 
Oliver Warren Shaw. Jeremiah C Stewart, M.D. 

Term ending 1908. 
Lewis Arms Robinson, 
Kenneth Clark, 
William Eddy Richardson. 



State Society No. General Society No. 

159 Bird, Francis Joseph. 381 i 

5th from Col. Ephraim Doolittle. 

153 Burt, Eugene. 3655 

4th from Lieut. Nathaniel Burt. 

154 Crosby, Francis Marion. 3808 

5th from John Allen. 

151 Edsall, Rt. Rev. Samuel Cooke, D.D. 3653 

5th from Col. James Frye. 

149 *Farnum, Arthur Wadsworth. 

6th from Ensign Jeremiah Whipple. 

144 Fletcher Frank Fayette. 3649 

4th from Gov. Thomas Chittenden. 

143 Geery, William Beckwith. 3648 

5th from Maj. Noah Ashley. 

146 *Goodell, George Arthur. 
6th from Capt. Josiah Starr. 

142 *Jaggard, Edward Ames. 
8th from Daniel Wills, Jr. 

157 Kellogg, Frank Billings. 3809 

7th from Lieut. Joseph Kellogg. 

145 Lathrop, Alanson Peckham. 3650 

8th from Lieut. Thomas Tracy. 

162 *McMuran, William Thomas. 
7th from John Custis, 2nd. 

155 Mead, Lewis Henry. 3806 

4th from Zebulon Mead. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

158 Merrill, Thomas Davis. 3810 

6th from Daniel Merrill. 

150 Orton, Forrest Hoy. 3652 

8th from Thomas Orton. 

141 Robertson, Kenneth. 3208 

6th from Sir Alexander Spotswood. 

152 Rogers, Harry Lovejoy. 3654 

9th from Lieut. Joseph Rogers. 

136 Sedgwick, Rev. Theodore. 3104 

7th from Maj.-Gen. Robert Sedgwick. 

160 *Severance, Cordenio Arnold. 
7th from Jonathan Severance. 

156 Seymour, McNeil Vernam. 3807 

8th from Rev. Samuel Stone. 

163 *Stowell, William Henry Harrison. 
7th from Lieut. Henry Bowen. 

135 Stringer, Edward Charles. 3103 

6th from Peter Winne. 

148 *Theopold, Herbert Cotton. 

9th from Sergt. William Cotton. 

147 Wells, Henry Journeay. 3651 

9th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 



An ffoemoriam. 

83 William Ellery Almy, Capt., U.S.A., died Aug. 1, 1901. 

102 William Butters. 

hi Thaddeus Crane, died Feb. 19, 1906. 

114 William Parker Jewett, died Aug., 1905. 

96 Frank Hutchinson Peavey, died Dec. 30, 1901. 

66 William Emerson Peet, died April 17, 1902. 

105 Stevens Graham Russell, died 1905. 

128 Arthur Lockwood Wagner, Col., U.S.A., died 1905. 

^ % ifr 



George Griffith Fetter. 

Deputy- Governor. 
J. Adger Stewart. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
William Lafon Halsey. 

George Twyman Wood. 

John D. Otter. 

George Hall Wilson. 

Benjamin LaBree. 

Thomas Page Grant, M.D. 

Peyton Harrison Hoge, D.D. 


To serve until 1906. To serve until 1907. 

John Calvin Lewis, Darius Laudon Moffett, 

Matthew Love Akers. Samuel Milton Cutler. 
To serve until 1908. 
Samuel H. Stone, 
Edmund L. McDowell, 
Alvah L. Terry. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

44 Atkinson, John Bond, Earlington. 3829 

10th from John Willets. 

46 Burton, George Lee, Louisville. 3821 

8th from Edward Kneeland. 

38 Caine, Sydney Atmore, Boston, Mass. 3571 

nth from Col. William Ball, Sr. 

42 Clarke, Bailey Tyler, Owensboro. 3827 

9th from William Hatcher. 
1 ith from Dr. John Woodson. 

39 Cutler, Samuel Milton, Louisville. 3572 

9th from Sergt. John Plympton. 

32 Fetter, George Griffith, Louisville. 3243 

8th from Col. George Reade. 
8th from Capt. Nicholas Martian. 
9th from William Bernard. 
8th from Col. Nicholas Greenbury. 

28 Goshorn, Alban Oliver, Louisville. 3156 

8th from John Mousall. 
7th from Richard Cutter. 

25 Hoge, Rev. Peyton Harrison, Louisville. 2943 

nth from John Rolfe. 
8th from Benjamin Harrison. 
8th from Robert Carter. 
7th from William Randolph. 

36 Hundley, John Barret, Louisville. 3569 

8th from William Barret. 

31 Lewis, John Calvin, Louisville. 3214 

6th from Maj. John Lewis. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

48 Marshall, James M., Col., U.S.A., Jefferson- 

ville, Ind. 3899 

5th from Lieut. Thomas Marshall. 

34 McDowell, Rev. Hervey, Biloxi, Miss. 3526 

7th from Capt. Samuel McDowell. 

43 Otter, John Delaware, Louisville. 3823 

9th from Col. William Ball, Sr. 

47 Pope, George Laughton, M.D., Louisville. 3832 
9th from Lieut.-Col. Nathaniel Pope. 

30 Robinson, Charles Bonnycastle, Louisville. 3158 
8th from Col. George Mason. 

45 Smith, Rogers M., Louisville. 3830 

6th from Capt. John Smith. 

37 Stewart, Joseph Adger, Louisville. 3570 

nth from Col. John Mottrom. 
10th from Col. Robert Boiling. 

8th from Col. Francis Smith. 

8th from Capt. Francis Meriwether. 

35 Stone, Samuel Hanson, Louisville. 3825 

6th from Samuel Hanson. 

33 TERRY, Alvah LaMar, Louisville. 3490 

4th from Nathaniel Terry. 

24 Todd, George Davidson, Louisville. 2917 

6th from Charles Stewart. 

41 Wilson, George Hall, Louisville. 3826 

8th from Humphrey Tabb. 

23 Wood, George Twyman, Louisville. 2766 

10th from William Barret. 



1In flDemoriam. 

1 8 Paul Caine. 

13 Charles Henry Gere. 

16 Hervey McDowell, M.D. 

* * * 


'++•* *****+ 



Deputy- Governor. 
Hon. Erskine Mayo Ross. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Hon. Cameron Erskine Thom. 

Secretary and Treasurer. 
Harrison Babcock Alexander, 
Room 417 Bullard Block, Los Angeles. 

Edward Thomas Harden, 
2331 Thompson St., Los Angeles. 

Bradner Wells Lee. 

Frank Clarke Prescott. 

John Randolph Haynes, M.D. 

Rev. William Augustus Brewer. 

Term ending 1906. Term ending 1907. 

Albert Henry Payson, George Eli Hall, 

wlllard atherton nichols, arthur burnett benton, 
Charles Strong Walton. Willis Milnor Dixon. 

Term ending 1908. 
Isaac Hilliard Polk, 
Henry Kirk White, 
Orville Dwight Baldwin. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

58 * Andrews, Herbert Cornelius. 3551 

9th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 
8th from Gov. William Leete. 

61 Baldwin, Orville Dwight, San Francisco. 3685 
5th from Capt. Nathaniel Baldwin. 

55 Benton, Arthur Burnett, Los Angeles. 3351 

6th from Ensign Thomas Chandler. 

56 Chenery, Leonard Edwin, San Francisco. 3390 

4th from Isaac Chenery. 

63 Dixon, Willis Milnor, Los Angeles. 3689 

8th from Robert Long. 
8th from Edward Converse. 
7th from Lieut. James Converse. 
7th from Capt. John Carter. 
6th from Joshua Sawyer. 
6th from Maj. James Converse. 
5th from Capt. Josiah Converse. 
5th from Nathaniel Richardson. 
4th from Capt. Amos Walbridge. 
4th from Lieut. Josiah Converse. 

57 Field, Kirke Hart, Redlands. 3550 

7th from Zechariah Field. 

64 Hall, Victor Joseph, San Francisco. 3690 

4th from Timothy Hall. 

59 Kulp, John Stewart, Major, U.S.A. 3634 

6th from Sergt. David Williams. 

67 Lobingier, Andrew Stewart, Los Angeles. 3912 
5th from Lieut. John George Miller. 

* Deceased. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

66 Parkhurst, Daniel Burleigh, Amherst, Mass. 3799 
7th from Lieut. John Andrews. 

65 Pollock, Edwin Taylor, Lieut. -Com., U.S.N. 3779 
6th from Capt. John Taylor. 
8th from Francis Cooke. 

68 Sanborn, Kingsbury, Riverside. 3913 

8th from William Sanborn. 
6th from William Sanborn. 
6th from Ensign Ephraim Kingsbury. 

69 Sinclair, Henry Harbinson, Los Angeles. 3914 

4th from Richard Sinclair. 

62 Turpin, Frank Blair, Mill Valley. 3686 

4th from Lieut.-Col. Thomas Turpin. 

60 Walton, Charles Strong, Los Angeles. 3656 

8th from Robert Long. 
7th from Capt. James Parker. 
5th from Lieut. John Walton, Jr. 
5th from Isaac Woods. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

7 Brewer, William Augustus, San Mateo. 1200 

6th from Daniel Brewer, Jr. 

1 Collins, Holdridge Ozro, Los Angeles. 23 

8th from Gov. William Bradford. 
8th from William Vassall. 
7th from Maj. William Whiting. 
7th from Capt. Miles Morgan. 
7th from Deacon Edward Collins. 
6th from Capt. Samuel Terry, Jr. 

49 Cowles, William Northrope, Philadelphia, 

Pa. 2810 

9th from Gov. John Webster. 
9th from Thomas Birchard. 
9th from Thomas Ford. 
9th from Rev. Samuel Stone. 
8th from William Wadsworth. 
7th from Capt. Joseph Wadsworth. 
7th from John Marsh. 
7th from William Pitkin. 
5th from Ensign Joseph Cowles. 

54 Lathrop, Charles Gardner, Stanford Uni- 
versity. 3 121 
7th from Hugh Calkin. 
6th from Richard Haughton. 
6th from Philip Sherman. 
4th from Capt. Daniel Hyde. 
6 Nichols, Willard Atherton. 1187 
9th from Gov. William Hutchinson. 
8th from Capt. Edward Hutchinson. 
8th from John Winslow. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

7th from Cornet Peter Ayer. 

6th from Nathaniel Ladd. 

4th from Col. Nathaniel Folsom. 

13 *Thorpe, Spencer Roane. 1201 

8th from Col. William Ball. 
7th from Gov. Nicholas Spencer. 

51 White, Henry Kirke, Porto Rico. 2915 

9th from Capt. Thomas Bull. 
9th from William Phelps. 
9th from William Goodwin. 
8th from Capt. John Bissell. 
6th from Sergt. Benjamin Wait. 

28 Wright, William Hammond, Mt. Hamilton. 1767 
7th from Gov. Robert Carter. 

* Deceased. 




The San Francisco Chapter was organized on Feb. 3, 
1898, under the provisions of Article XV. of the State 
Society By-Laws. " Members of the California State Society 
residing within a radius of fifty miles of San Francisco shall 
be eligible for membership in this Chapter." 


Hon. George Eli Hall. 

Capt. Albert Henry Payson. 

Local Secretary. 
George Timothy Klink. 

Ifn flbemortam. 

58 Herbert Cornelius Andrews, died May 31, 1905. 

20 Elisha William McKinstry, died Nov. 1, 1901. 

14 Rev. Alexander Moss Merwin, died Feb. 2, 1905. 

35 Frederick Hastings Rindge, died Aug. 29, 1905. 

13 Spencer Roane Thorpe, died Sept. 2, 1905. 




Henry LeBreton Wills. 

Deputy- Governor. 

Durand Clarence Packard. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 

Samuel LeNord Caldwell, M.D. 


John Wright Barrows, 


Deputy-Secretary . 

Walter Clarence Frost, 

Colorado Springs. 

Treasurer . 

Chauncey Edward Dewey, 



Edward Shaw Irish. 


Joseph Farrand Tuttle, Jr. 


Curtis Nye Smith. 


Charles Denison. 


William Frederick Slocum. 

1906. x 9°1- 

Francis Crissey Young, Edmund J. A. Rogers, M.D. , 
Charles Alfred Johnson. Asahel Sutton. 


Richard Calvin Thayer, 

Edward Darwin Upham. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

66 Greene, Richard McCormick, Pueblo. 3298 

7th from Dep.-Gov. John Greene. 

69 Hart, Richard Huson. 3898 

9th from Stephen Hart. 

68 Smith, Curtis Nye, Denver. 3684 

9th from Thomas Clark. 

67 Wetherill, William Chattin, Denver. 3667 

7th from Christopher Wetherill. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

5 Barrows, John Wright, Denver. 1503 

5th from Experience Porter, Sr. 

60 Chapman, Joseph Warren. 3137 

8th from Henry Ewell. 
7th from John Northey. 
6th from Abraham Parker. 
8th from Capt. John Pike. 
7th from John Livermore. 

50 Irish, Edward Shaw. 2723 

7th from Ensign Joseph Church. 

41 Morse, Willard Samuel,, 

Mex. 2025 

4th from William Coney. 
7th from Ensign Thomas Lynde. 
8th from Jacob Farrar. 
8th from John Stevens. 
8th from Elder John Wiswall. 
8th from Capt. William French. 
9th from Maj.-Gen. Humphrey Atherton. 

18 Tuttle, Joseph Farrand, Jr., Denver. 1542 

7th from Col. John Youngs. 
7th from Capt. Nathaniel Merriman. 
8th from Lieut. Lion Gardiner. 

38 Wills, Henry LeBreton, Colorado Springs. 1813 
6th from Timothy Noyes. 
7th from William Johnson. 
7th from Sergt. Jacob Perkins. 
8th from John Chadwick. 
8th from Joseph Hills. 


Un flfeemortam, 

43 Lieut. James Thomas Anderson,U.S.A., died May 13, 1904. 

56 Alfred Terry Bacon, died June 4, 1901. 

58 John Lathrop Jerome, died Nov. 22, 1903. 

46 Otis Stafford Johnson, died Aug. 21, 1905. 

3 Rt. Rev. John Franklin Spalding, D.D., died March 9, 


19 Maj.-Gen. Frank Wheaton, U.S.A., died June 18, 1903. 

22 Hon. Edward Oliver Wolcott, died March 1, 1905. 

* ^ ^ 



Willard Horatio Torbert. 

Deputy Governor. 
James Blaine Mason. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Thomas Frank Cooke. 


John Ely Bready, M.D., 


Isaac Stover Bigelow, M.D., 


Lester Clark Bissell, 

George Edwin Maclean, Ph.D., LL.D. 

Rev. William Salter, D.D. 


William Perry Brady, Lester Clark Bissell, 

Norman Riley Cornell, Esek Steere Ballard, 

M.D., Stephen Alfred Swisher, 

Joseph Henry Merrill, John Stoney Ely, 

George Herbert Rich- Silas Wright Gardiner. 





State Society No. General Society No. 

42 Baker, Charles Edward, Cedar Rapids. 3902 

5th from Daniel Hammond. 

39 Cooke, Thomas Frank, DesMoines. 3498 

9th from Roger Williams. 
9th from John Coggeshall. 
8th from Caleb Carr. 
9th from Nicholas Easton. 
8th from Capt. John Greene. 

41 Haven, William, Chariton. 3802 

6th from John Frost. 

45 Lindly, John Milton, Winfield. 3941 

9th from Gov. Robert Treat. 

43 Merrick, Cyrus Henry, Ottumwa. 3937 

3rd from Capt. James Merrick. 

44 Merrick, Henry Spencer, Ottumwa. 3938 

4th from Capt. James Merrick. 

37 Morrison, Samuel Turner, Iowa City. 3299 

9th from Col. William Burgess. 

40 Morrison, William Francis, Lieut., Art'y 

Corps, U.S.A., Iowa City. 3633 

9th from Col. William Burgess. 

38 Peck, Raymond Edward, M.D., Davenport. 3317 

8th from Joseph Peck. 
8th from John Trippe. 



Un flDemoriam. 

34 Henry Warren Lathrop, died Dec. 27, 1902. 
19 William Henry Wheeler, died Aug. 2, 1904. 

* * • * 


Francis Fitch Jones. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Robert Caldwell Neely. 

William Berrien Burroughs. 

Secretary and Treasurer. 

Claire Courtenay Quackenbush. 

Box 322, Savannah, Ga. 

Registrar and Historian. 
William Ridgely Leaken. 

Rev. Charles Hall Strong, D.D. 

Alfred Dearing Harden. 

Thomas Jackson Charlton, M.D. 


William Dearing Dearing, Clarence Sherman Ham- 
Anson Jesse Ives, matt, 

James Fairlie Cooper Charles Henry Banks, 

Myers, Clarence Gordon Ander- 
Fred Marcus Hull, Jr., son, Jr., 

Josiah Oakes Hatch, Thomas Gamble, Jr. 



State Society No. General Society No. 

42 Anderson, Clarence Gordon, Jr., Savannah. 3563 
9th from Sir Patrick Houston. 

45 Baker, Marcus Stephen, Savannah. 3703 

4th from Lieut. John Baker. 

34 Banks, Charles Henry, Savannah. 3514 

6th from Maj.-Gen. Andrew Pickens. 

31 Burroughs, William Berrien, M.D., Bruns- 
wick. 35 1 1 
10th from Gov. Thomas Mayhew. 

38 Camak, Louis, Athens. 3536 

7th from Capt. Samuel Marshall. 
9th from John Ogden. 

29 Charlton, Thomas Jackson, M.D., Savannah. 3509 
8th from Thomas Charlton, Sr. 

52 Colquitt, William Neyle, Savannah. 3785 

6th from James Habersham. 
49 Dearing, William Dearing, Savannah. 3725 

10th from Col. William Claiborne. 
47 Thomas Gamble, Jr., Savannah, Ga. 3721 

10th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 

9th from Gov. Simon Bradstreet. 

8th from Col. Dudley Bradstreet. 

6th from Lieut. Dudley Bradstreet. 

9th from Francis Wainwright. 

8th from Capt. Simon Wainwright. 

7th from Samuel Kemp. 

5th from Ebenezer Kemp. 

6th from Zachariah Sawtell. 

5th from Joseph Sawtell. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

8th from Lieut. William Lakin. 
9th from Lieut. Edward Woodman. 
8th from Capt. John Gould. 
6th from Capt. Jacob Gould. 
9th from Lieut. Thomas Bancroft. 
8th from Capt. Ebenezer Bancroft. 
9th from Capt. Jonathan Poole. 
7th from Col. Ebenezer Nichols. 
9th from Sergt. John Stevens. 
7th from Lieut. Philip Goodridge. 
9th from Sergt. John Parker. 

30 Glenn, Garrard, New York City. 35 10 

9th from Col. George Reade. 

55 Goodyear, Charles Porter, Brunswick. 3915 

7th from Stephen Goodyear. 

35 Harden, Alfred Dearing, Savannah. 3515 

5th from Lieut. John Baker. 

36 Hatch, Clarence, Savannah. 35 16 

9th from Capt. Nathaniel White. 

37 Hatch, Josiah Oakes, Savannah. 3517 

9th from Zechariah Field. 
10th from Lieut. Abraham Dickerman. 
10th from Capt. George Macey. 
10th from Capt. Nathaniel White. 

9th from Samuel Phipps. 
1 2th from Thomas Gregson. 
10th from Henry Glover, 
nth from Jacob Barney. 

8th from Daniel Goffe. 
nth from Rev. Nicholas Street. 

9th from John Ailing, 
nth from Matthew Mitchell, 
nth from William Dixie. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

9th from Benjamin Pemberton. 

8th from Lieut. Abraham Bassett. 
nth from William Hayward. 
i ith from Robert Coe. 
nth from Richard Miles, 
nth from John Cooper, 
ioth from Roger Ailing, 
nth from William Blake. 

51 Hull, Frederick Marcus, Jr., Savannah. 3784 
8th from William Greene. 

33 Ives, Anson Jesse, Savannah. 3513 

ioth from John Cooke. 

58 Jackson, Nathaniel Francis, Atlanta. 3965 

9th from Col. Augustine Warner, 2nd. 

41 King, Harris Macleod, Brunswick. 3562 

6th from Francis Harris. 

39 Lipscomb, Francis Adgate, Athens. 3537 

9th from Col. George Reade. 

54 Meader, Richard Dame, Brunswick. 3845 

9th from John Babcock. 

50 Myers, James Fairlie Cooper, Savannah. 3783 

9th from Joseph Yates. 

48 Norman, Albert Clift, Lieut., U.S. R.C.S., 

Washington, D.C. 3724 

5th from Lieut.-Col. James Taylor. 

43 Park, Robert Emory, Atlanta. 3636 

6th from Ensign Joseph Park. 

40 Phinizy, Barrett, Athens. 3561 

6th from William Glascock. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

57 Postell, John Cunningham, Savannah. 3953 

5th from John Postell. 
6th from Gen. James Moore. 
7th from Hon. James Moore. 
8th from Sir John Yeamans. 

32 Quackenbush, Claire Courtenay, Savannah. 3512 
9th from Capt. Nathaniel Seelye. 
10th from Robert Seelye. 

53 Salinas, Christopher Edward, Savannah. 3844 
8th from James Kidder. 

46 Schley, John Sullivan, Savannah. 3714 

4th from James Sullivan. 

44 Waller, Robert Tyler, Savannah. 3702 

6th from Benjamin Waller. 

56 Wilder, William Willis, Savannah. 3916 

10th from John Babcock. 

IFn flDemoriam. 

9 William Daniel Grant, died Nov. 7, 1901. 



* Alfred Russell. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Samuel Townsend Douglas. 

Alanson Sheley Brooks. 

Registrar and Historian. 
Nathan Jenks, M.D. 


Clarence Ashley Lightner, 
901 Penobscot Building, Detroit. 

Rev. Rufus Wheelwright Clark, D.D. 


Term ending May 7, 1907. Term ending May 7, 1908. 

Alanson Sheley Brooks, Edwin Wells Gibson, 
Theodore Horatio Eaton, William Kyle Anderson, 
Burnham Standish Col- John Newberry Bagley. 


Term ending May 7, 1909. 
Charles Albert DuCharme, 
George Harrison Barbour, 
Richard Henry Fyfe. 





State Society No. General Society No. 

49 Albro, Rev. Addis, Detroit. 1667 

6th from Major John Albro. 

46 Bates, George Williams, Detroit. 3430 

8th from Lieut. Ralph Sprague. 
6th from Lieut. Joses Bucknam. 
7th from Gov. Roger Williams. 
7th from Capt. John Sprague. 
5th from Ensign John Bates. 

58 Cady, Guy Brewster, Detroit. 3822 

10th from Elder William Brewster. 

59 Clark, Lorenzo E., Detroit. 3823 

7th from Lieut. William Clark. 

60 Clark, Emory W., Detroit. 3824 

8th from Lieut. William Clark. 

40 Colton, Allen Lysander, Madison, Wis. 3213 

8th from Quartermaster George Colton. 

57 Comfort, Benjamin Freeman, Detroit. 3821 

8th from Gov. William Leete. 

50 Emerson, Justin Edwards, M.D., Detroit. 3433 

7th from Capt. Roger Clapp. 

52 Ewing, Alonzo Prentiss, Detroit. 3554 

7th from Capt. Benjamin Newberry. 

56 Finck, Leon Christian, Detroit. 3820 

6th from Ensign Andrew Finck. 

47 Hawks, James Dudley, Detroit. 3431 

7th from Rev. James Fitch. 
8th from Samuel Maverick. 
6th from John Hawkes. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

6th from Samuel Fletcher, Sr. 
8th from Dep.-Gov. Isaac Allerton. 
7th from Benjamin Brewster. 
8th from Jonathan Brewster. 
9th from Elder William Brewster. 
5th from Sergt. John Perham. 
7th from Capt. Paul Thorndike. 

48 Jenks, Nathan, M.D., Detroit. 3432 

7th from Gov. Joseph Jenckes. 

55 Lathrop, Alanson Peckham, Detroit. 3650 

8th from Lieut. Thomas Tracy. 

45 McMillan, Philip Hamilton, Detroit. 3429 

7th from Lieut. Joseph Kellogg. 

39 Nelson, Edwin Horatio, Detroit. 3212 

8th from John Alden. 

54 Pendleton, Edward Waldo, Detroit. 3556 

7th from Major Brian Pendleton. 

53 Rogers, Frederick Percival, Washington, D.C. 3555 
9th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 

42 *Russell, Alfred, Detroit. 3315 

3rd from David Webster. 

5 1 Standish, Charles Dana, Detroit. 3434 

8th from Capt. Myles Standish. 

41 Walker, Bryant, Detroit. 3242 

7th from Capt. Roger Clapp. 

* Deceased. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

15 Clark, Rufus Wheelwright, Detroit. 2390 

7th from Lieut. Samuel Wheelwright. 
4th from Adjt. George Muse. 
8th from Tristram Coffin. 
7th from Capt. Stephen Greenleaf. 
6th from Col. John Wheelwright. 
7th from Capt. William Gerrish. 
4th from Col. Clement March. 
7th from John Foulsham. 

19 Goldsmith, Oliver, Detroit. 2489 

7th from Capt. Paul Thorndike. 

Hn flfeemoriam. 

44 Laurence Depew, died Jan. 3, 1904. 

36 George Hiram Hopkins, died March 6, 1906. 

32 Edward Watrous Jenks, died March 19, 1903. 

38 James Albert Remick, died Dec. 28, 1903. 

42 Alfred Russell, died May 8, 1906. 

28 Richard Storrs Willis, died May 7, 1900. 



John William Peterson Lombard. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Gerry Whiting Hazelton. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Oliver Clyde Fuller. 

Henry Alvin Crosby. 

Deputy-Secretary . 
Harry LaFayette Kellogg. 

Jonathan Franklin Peirce. 


William Stark Smith. 

Charles Copeland Russell. 

Ellis Baker Usher. 

William Ward Wight. 

William Mattocks Farr, M.D. 

Rev. Horatio Gates. 


Thomas Lathrop Kennan, Albert Kellogg Stebbins, 
William Wolcott Strong, Charles Louis Jones, 
Oliver Frederic Dwight. 

i 9 i 



State Society No. General Society No. 

58 Bancroft, Levi Horace, Richland Centre. 3558 

8th from Lieut. Thomas Hurlbut. 

59 Crosby, Henry Alvin, Milwaukee. 3559 

7th from Simon Crosby, 2nd. 

55 Dwight, Oliver Frederic, Milwaukee. 3508 

7th from Capt. Timothy Dwight. 

60 Fuller, Oliver Clyde, Milwaukee. 3665 

5th from Capt. John Sevier. 

62 Gray, Alfred William, M.D., Milwaukee. 3666 
5th from John Gray. 

54 Hazelton, Gerry Whiting, Milwaukee. 3334 

7th from Capt. John Pike. 
6th from Lieut. James Smith. 

52 Kennan, Thomas Lathrop, Milwaukee. 3160 

9th from Elder William Brewster. 
8th from Jonathan Brewster. 
7th from Capt. Daniel Wetherell. 
7th from John Denison. 
8th from Capt. George Denison. 

56 Kellogg, Harry LaFayette, Milwaukee. 3532 

8th from Lieut. Joseph Kellogg. 

61 Peirce, Jonathan Franklin, Milwaukee. 3644 

3rd from Gen. Jonathan Moulton. 
4th from Jacob Moulton. 
5th from Lieut. John Moulton. 
4th from Dr. Anthony Emery. 

51 Ruggles, Charles Herman, Wanwatosa. 3159 

5th from Lieut. -Gov. Cadwallader Colden. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

57 Russell, Charles Copeland, Milwaukee. 3533 

8th from John Alden. 

53 Stebbins, Albert Kellogg, Milwaukee. 3 161 

7th from Lieut. Thomas Stebbins. 
8th from Lieut. Samuel Smith. 
8th from Hon. Samuel Sherman. 
6th from Capt. James Beebe. 
9th from Dep. Matthew Mitchell. 
8th from Lieut. Thomas Benedict. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

33 Jones, Charles Louis, Milwaukee. 2403 

9th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 
6th from Capt. James Lewis. 

48 Perry, Ralph Percy, Reedsburg. 2940 

5th from Rev. Matthew Short. 

fln flDemoriam. 

34 Bedford Brown Hopkins, died Dec. 3, 1903. 

32 Henry Clay Payne, died Oct. 4, 1904. 

44 Harold Green Underwood, died May 12, 1905. 



Hon. George Gray. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Hon. Ignatius Cooper Grubb. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Col. Henry Algernon du Pont. 

Willard Hall Porter. 

Deputy-Secretary . 
Christopher Longstreth Ward. 

William Henry Swift. 

Hon. John Reed Nicholson. 

Hon. Edward Green Bradford. 

John Henry Rodney. 

Dr. Hiram Rodney Burton. 

Rev. Joseph Brown Turner. 


Term ending May 5, 1909. 
Victor du Pont, Jr., 
Preston Lea, 
Joseph Swift. 



State Society No. General Society No. 

52 Bayard, Thomas Francis, Wilmington. 3726 

6th from Capt. Charles Willing. 

48 Bradford, Edward Green, Jr., Wilmington. 3396 

9th from Gov. William Bradford. 

45 Corbit, Daniel Wheeler. 3393 

4th from William Brinton. 
44 Draper, James Avery, Wilmington. 3392 

6th from Alexander Draper. 
55 Draper, James Avery, Jr., Wilmington. 3729 

7th from Alexander Draper. 
43 du Pont, Henry Francis, Winterthur. 3391 

8th from William Van Vreedenberg. 

50 du Pont, Victor, 3rd, Wilmington. 3539 

5th from Henson Zaacharia Vanvoluzi. 

49 Evans, Charles Black, Newark. 3538 

6th from Capt. Thomas Gooch. 

53 Garland, Hugh Alfred, Seattle, Wash. 3727 

7th from Col. William FitzHugh. 

54 Haskell, Harry Garner, Wilmington. 3728 

7th from Jonathan Amory. 
47 Lea, William, Wilmington. 3395 

7th from William Jenkins. 

51 Porter, Willard Hall, Jr., Wilmington. 3540 

4th from William Killen. 

46 Warner, Edward Tatnall, Wilmington. 3394 

6th from Samuel Lezis. 

57 *Copeland, Charles, Wilmington. 
56 *Saulsbury, Willard, Wilmington. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 



State Society No. General Society No. 

27 Bush, Joshua Danforth, Wilmington. 2342 

8th from Capt. Jonathan Danforth. 
9th from Nicholas Danforth. 

19 Ward, Christopher Longstreth, Wilmington. 1939 
9th from John Bronson. 
9th from Lieut. John Hopkins. 
8th from Andrew Ward. 

In flDemoriam. 

36 Charles I. du Pont, died Oct. 4, 1902. 
46 Edward Tatnall Warner, died 1904. 





Wilfred Harold Munro. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Rowland Gibson Hazard. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Arthur Wellington Dennis. 

Henry Brayton Rose. 

William Conrad Rhodes. 

R. Hammett Tilley. 

John Austin Stevens. 

Hamilton Bullock Tompkins. 

Rev. Roswell Randall Hoes. 

Dr. George H. Kenyon. 


Term ending December, 1906. Term ending December, 1907. 

Hunter Carson White, Elisha Dyer, 

Amory Austin, Melville Ball, 

George Corlis Nightingale. William Smith Granger. 

Term ending December, 1908. 

Valentine Mott Francis, 

George Leander Shepley, 

Emory Poole Russell. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

46 Adams, Benjamin Bosworth, Providence. 3733 

8th from Capt. William Turner. 

60 Blodgett, John Taggard, Providence. 3962 

9th from Bartholomew Trow. 

56 BURLINGAME, Edwin Aylsworth, Providence. 3957 
8th from Edwin Burlingame. 

58 Cross, William Pierce, Providence. 3960 

5th from George Cleveland. 

44 Dennis, Arthur Wellington, Providence. 3731 

10th from Roger Williams. 

49 Dexter, Henry Clinton, Central Falls. 3736 

4th from Benjamin Tingley. 

48 Greene, William Maxwell, Hamilton, 

Bermuda. 3735 

6th from John Greene. 

45 Hagan, Gilbert Harris, Providence. 3732 

6th from Gilbert Updike. 

59 Hall, David Allen, Capt., U.S. R.C.S , New 

York City. 3961 

10th from Rev. Obadiah Holmes. 

62 Hall, Nelson Read, M.D., Warren. 3984 

10th from Rev. Obadiah Holmes. 
7th from John Read. 

50 Henshaw, Joseph Greene, Providence. 3737 

7th from Capt. John Gorham. 

53 Kimball, Hon. Charles Dean, Providence. 3942 
8th from Roger Williams. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

6 i Lawton, Fred Chester, Providence. 3963 

9th from Myles Standish. 

51 Lincoln, George Henry, Providence. 3738 

7th from John Coolidge. 

43 Rhodes, William Conrad, Providence. 3730 

8th from Capt. Arthur Fenner. 

47 Richards, John Bion, New York City. 3734 

8th from Robert Corbett. 

54 Robinson, Charles L. F., Newport. 3955 

5th from Samuel Chapman. 
8th from Capt. John Tuttle. 
8th from Lieut. Thomas Tracy. 
6th from James Steele. 

52 Shepley, George Leander, Providence. 3739 

8th from Richard Martyn. 

57 Warren, Joseph Draper, Providence. 3958 

7th from Capt. Jonas Prescott. 

55 Wilcox, Howard Dutee, Providence. 3956 

8th from Valentine Wightman. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

8 Tompkins, Hamilton Bullock, New York City. 379 
7th from Edward Thurston. 
7th from Thomas Brownell. 
6th from William Wilbur. 
6th from William Peabodie. 

An flDemortam. 

29 Henry Rodman Barker, died March 17, 1901. 

25 Rowland Hazard, died Aug. 16, 1898. 

24 Hugh Kinsley Norman, died Oct. 30, 1900. 

7 Gouverneur Mather Smith, died Dec. 8, 189 

15 Howard Smith, died March 29, 1901. 


Frank T. Post. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Frank Hyde Graves. 

Lieutenant- Governor. 
Jay P. Graves. 

Secretary and Treasurer. 
Hiram Burns Ferris, 


A. George Avery. 

George S. Brooke. 

Millard T. Hartson. 


Henry L. Wilson, A. George Avery, 

Jay P. Graves, George S. Brooke, 

George T. Doolittle. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

13 Graves, Carroll Stephen, U.S.N. 3983 

7th from Capt. Joseph Kingsbury. 
8th from William Holton. 


State Society No. General Society No. 

8 Ferris, Hiram Burns, Spokane. 2587 

8th from Anthony Thompson. 
7th from Jonathan Hyde. 
7th from Ensign Joseph Farwell. 
7th from Ensign Joseph Kidder. 
8th from Capt. William French. 
5th from Joel Holton. 



Fritz H. Jordan. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Frederic H. Gerrish, M.D 

Hon. John F. Hill. 


Philip F. Turner. 


James C. Fox. 

Hon. Charles F. Libby. 

Rev. John C. Perkins, D.D. 

Henry Deering. 

Stephen H. Weeks, M.D. 

Rev. Henry S. Burrage, D.D. 

Hon. Albert R. Savage. 

Edward A. Butler, Frederick S. Vaill, 

Augustus F. Moulton, John F. Hill, 

Edward D. Noyes. 



State Society No. General Society No. 

58 Brown, Philip Greely, Portland. 3847 

10th from William Brewster. 

52 Dennis, Alfred Lewis Pinneo, Chicago, 111. 3545 

9th from Gov. William Bradford. 

43 Drew, Morrill Newman, Portland. 3302 

7th from Dep.-Gov. James Bishop. 

55 Elwell, Walter Edward, Togus. 3780 

8th from Moses Little. 
9th from Lieut. Tristram Coffin. 

49 Emery, Ralph, Belfast. 3542 

7th from James Emery, Sr. 

51 Gerrish, William Little, Saco. 3544 

6th from Capt. William Gerrish. 
5th from Capt. John Gerrish. 
4th from Col. Timothy Gerrish. 
6th from Maj. Richard Waldron. 
6th from Capt. Edmund Greenleaf. 
6th from Tristram Coffin. 
5th from Robert Eliot. 
5th from Tristram Coffin, Jr. 
4th from Moses Little. 
4th from Capt. Thomas Pickering. 

54 Gilson, Arthur Scott, Portland. 3645 

6th from William Pollard. 

53 Hunt, Arthur Kinsman, Boston, Mass. 3546 

7th from Jonathan Hunt. 
9th from Gov. John Webster. 
9th from William Goodwin. 
7th from Lieut. Daniel White. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

8th from John Plumb. 

7th from Medad Pomeroy. 

7th from Lieut. John Lyman. 

6th from Lieut. Benjamin Lyman. 

8th from John White. 

7th from Robert Kinsman. 

6th from Capt. Andrew Robinson. 

8th from Thomas Boreman. 

9th from Gov. Thomas Dudley. 

8th from Maj.-Gen. Daniel Denison. 

5th from Samuel Rogers. 

7th from Rev. John Wise. 

6th from Maj. Ammi Ruhami Wise. 

9th from John Holgrave. 

8th from William Parke. 

9th from William Brewster. 

8th from Jonathan Brewster. 

8th from Edmund Hobart. 

8th from Humphrey Turner. 

7th from William Arms (or Ames). 

6th from Sergt. Joseph Clesson. 

5th from Sergt. Joseph Allen. 

4th from Sergt. Zebulon Allen. 

44 Page, Walter Gilman, Boston, Mass. 213 

6th from Sergt. John Page. 
4th from Lieut. Joseph Page. 
9th from Capt. Thomas Brooke (or Brooks). 
8th from Capt. John Whipple. 
7th from Col. John Lane. 
4th from Ensign James Springer. 

57 Pennell, Henry Beaumont, Portland. 3796 

9th from Theophilus Eaton. 

56 Perkins, John Carroll, Portland. 3781 

10th from Myles Standish. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

41 Sanderson, William Kennedy, Portland. 3300 

5th from John Sanderson. 

48 Savage, Albert Russell, Auburn. 3535 

4th from Thomas Savage. 
6th from Capt. John Savage. 

45 Shaw, Edward Arthur, Portland. 3450 

10th from John Alden. 

42 Smith, Augustus Ledyard, Jr. 3301 

6th from Capt. Timothy Childs. 

50 Spaulding, John Walker, Portland. 3543 

6th from John Spalding. 

46 Vaill, Edward Griswold, Portland. 3463 

9th from Capt. Myles Standish. 
9th from John Alden. 
9th from Richard Warren. 
8th from Andrew Ring. 
9th from George Soule. 

47 Weeks, Stephen Holmes, Portland. 3534 

5th from Capt. Samuel Weeks. 
8th from Robert Page. 
7th from Lieut. John Sanborn. 
6th from Richard Sanborn. 
5th from Ensign John Sanborn. 




State Society No. General Society No. 

22 Butler, Edward Anson, Rockland. 2677 

6th from Capt. Samuel Morse. 
6th from Lieut. Henry Adams. 
5th from Henry Adams, Jr. 

35 Fairbanks, Henry Nathaniel, Bangor. 3140 

7th from Henry Cobb. 
7th from John Howland. 

39 Haskell, Charles Oliver, Portland. 3318 

5th from Philip Reynolds. 

8th from Capt. Nathaniel Reynolds. 

10 Jordan, Fitz Hermann. 2594 

6th from Capt. Thomas Baker. 
7th from Samuel Symonds. 

34 Talbot, Archie Lee, Lewiston. 3072 

8th from Phineas Pratt. 

40 Turner, Philip Foster, Portland. 3303 

4th from John Reed. 

9th from Elder William Brewster. 

8th from Edward Doty. 

7th from John Buck. 

7th from Capt. William Turner. 

8th from Humphrey Turner. 

7th from Richard Dwelley. 

8th from Edward Foster. 

8th from Edmund Hobart. 

8th from Jonathan Brewster. 

25 Vaill, Frederick Sturdivant, Portland. 2770 

10th from Stephen Hopkins. 




fln fIDemoriam, 

20 Eben Corey, died March 25, 1905. 

13 Gen. Francis Fessenden, died Jan. 2, 1906. 

1 John Murray Glidden, died March 28, 1906. 

38 Edward Wadsworth Shead, died Aug. 19, 1905. 

%* ►& * 



The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Indiana was 
organized April 23, 1903, in the city of Indianapolis, and 
chartered by the General Society May 26, 1903. Officers 
were elected and an organization perfected at a meeting held 
in Indianapolis July 1, 1903. The first annual Court and 
dinner was held at the University Club, Indianapolis, Feb. 
10, 1905, anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Paris, 
1763, on which occasion the Hon. Jacob Piatt Dunn delivered 
an address on " Indiana in the Colonial Period." The second 
general Court and dinner was held at the Country Club, 
Indianapolis, on June 12, 1906, when Jesse S. Reeves, Ph.D., 
delivered an address on " Patriotic Societies and the Historical 


Capt. William E. English. 

Deputy- Governor. 
Col. Russell B. Harrison. 

Richard Carpenter. 


William O. Bates, 

91A Woodruff Place, Indianapolis. 

William B. Wheelock. 

Charles W. Moores. 

Jacquelin S. Holliday. 

Chancellor and Genealogist. 
Merrill Moores. 

Rev. B. Wilson Smith. 

R. B. Wetherill, M.D. 


Term ending 1907. Term ending 1908. 

Col. A. F. Fleet, Rev. B. Wilson Smith, 

Richard Carpenter. Col. R. B. Harrison. 

Term ending 1909. 
Col. William J. Robie, 
Charles E. Coffin. 



State Society No. General Society No. 

3 Bates, William Oscar, Indianapolis. 2307 

7th from John Warner, Sr. 
6th from Sergt. John Hawks. 
4th from Capt. Samuel Reynolds. 

13 Carpenter, Richard, Lafayette. 2282 

7th from Maj. John Greene. 

16 Coffin, Charles Emmet, Indianapolis. 3557 

7th from Tristram Coffin. 
1 English, Capt. William Eastin, Indianapolis. 2795 
9th from Matthew Blanshan. 
8th from Louis DuBois. 
8th from Cornelius Barrentsen Sleght. 
5th from Col. John Hite. 
4th from Ensign Charles Smith. 

5 Fleet, Col. Alexander Frederick, A.M., 

LL.D., Culver. 402 

7th from Robert Brooke. 
7th from Capt. James Neale. 
6th from Lieut.-Col. Henry Fleet. 
6th from Francis Hutchins. 

7 Harrison, Col. Russell B., Indianapolis. 3474 

4th from Benjamin Harrison. 
15 Hayward, Capt. William Eugene, Indian- 
apolis. 3530 
7th from Thomas Hayward. 

14 Heywood, Henry Brady, Indianapolis. 1034 

8th from Lieut. Phineas Upham. 

9 HOLLIDAY, JACQUELIN Smith, Indianapolis. 3475 

5th from Patrick Henry. 

10 Lilly, John Miller, Weston, Mass. 3476 

4th from Col. Theunis Dey. 

State Society No. General Society No. 

12 Moores, Charles Washington, Indianapolis. 3477 

7th from Wallerand Dumont. 
1 1 Moores, Merrill, Indianapolis. 3478 

7th from Wallerand Dumont. 

7th from Cornet Benjamin Kimball. 

19 Reeves, Jesse Siddall, Richmond. 3903 

7th from Sergt. John Plimpton. 
21 Robie, Guy Scott, Richmond. 3939 

5th from Nehemiah Gilman. 

20 Robie, Col. William Jewett, Richmond. 3940 

4th from Nehemiah Gilman. 
18 Sargent, Rev. Christopher Smith, Indian- 
apolis. 3712 
4th from Daniel Benezet. 
17 Sargent, George Paull Torrence, Indian- 
apolis. 3692 
5th from George Paull. 
5th from William Smith. 
2 Smith, Rev. Benjamin Wilson, Indianapolis. 2792 

3rd from Col. Benjamin Wilson. 
8 Walling, William English, Chicago, 111. 3529 

9th from Louis DuBois. 
6 Wetherill, Richard Benbridge, M.D., 

Lafayette. 2406 

5th from Capt. Jacob Morgan. 
4 Wheelock, William Barker, Indianapolis. 1862 
8th from Capt. Joseph Hills. 
7th from Capt. John Waite. 
6th from Increase Winn. 
5th from Joseph Capron. 
4th from John Starkey. 
4th from William Barker. 



General No. State Soc. 

1997 Abbot, Edgar Wade. Conn. 

886 Abbott, Edwin Hale. Mass. 

1415 Abbott, Everton Judson. Minn. 
1369 Abbott, George Birch. N.Y. 

3812 Adams, Asael E. Ohio. 
3733 Adams, Benjamin Bosworth. R.I. 

828 Adams, Edward Milton. III. 

2826 Adams, Frederick Cossette. Mo. 

405 Adams, Henry Herschel. N.Y. 

1416 Adams, John Quincy. Minn. 
1616 Adams, John Walker. Minn. 
2906 Adams, Joseph Weaver. N.Y. 
3625 Adams, Walter Wood. N.Y. 

859 Adams, Washington Irving Lincoln. N.J. 

3813 Adams, Whittlesey. Ohio. 
363 Aitken, William Benford. N.Y. 

1530 Akers, Matthew Love. Ky. 

1667 Albro, Addis. Mich. 

1774 Alden, Isaac Carey. Ohio. 

3087 Aldridge, Frederick Thurston. N.Y. 

2206 Alexander, Harrison Babcock. Cal. 

1022 Alexander, William Henry. Neb. 

2562 Allen, Charles Edwin. Vt. 

3443 Allen, Crawford Carter. Mass. 

471 Allen, Francis Olcott. Pa. 

2068 Allen, Francis Richmond. Mass. 

2069 Allen, Frederick Baylies. Mass. 
1004 Allen, Frederick Hobbes. N.Y. 

660 Allen, Frederick Percival. N.Y. 

3800 Allen, Heman Woods. Vt. 

3668 Allen, John Kermott. III. 

528 Allen, Theodore Lathrop. Mass. 

3620 Allerton, Walter Scott. N.Y. 

3612 Allin, George Albert. N.Y. 

2229 Amee, Albert Francis. Mass. 

2893 Ames, Adelbert. Mass. 

1 71 7 Ames, Joseph Blanchard. Mass. 

1746 Ames, Louis Annin. N.Y. 

1804 Amory, Francis Inman. Mass. 

1702 Amsden, Franklin Dana. Mass. 

1703 Amsden, Henry Franklin. Mass. 
*Anderson, Arthur Converse. Minn. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 

General No. State Soc. 

3563 Anderson, Clarence Gordon, Jr. Ga. 

3707 Anderson, John F. D.C. 

1865 Anderson, John Wheelwright. Mo. 

2983 Anderson, William Kyle. Mich. 

1910 Andrew, Henry Hersey. Mass. 

3866 Andrews, James Madison. N.Y. 

2001 Andrews, James Sherlock. Conn. 

1978 Andrews, William Given. Conn. 

1798 Appleton, Francis Henry. Mass. 

31 1 1 Arms, Frank Thornton. Conn. 

3674 Armsby, James Kendall. III. 

788 Arnold, Conway Hillyer, Jr. N.Y. 

2522 Arthurs, Edward Ferguson. Md. 

1950 Ashton, Thomas George. Pa. 

1634 Ashton, William Easterly. Pa. 

138 Astor, John Jacob. N.Y. 

1001 Atkinson, Charles Thomson. III. 

3829 Atkinson, John Bond. Ky. 

1769 Atwill, James William. Mo. 

2046 Atwood, Edward Stanley. N.Y. 

31 10 Austin, Amory. R.I. 

3627 Austin, Eugene K. N.Y. 

3577 Austin, George William. Mass. 

3758 Averill, Charles Sydle. N.Y. 

2210 Avery, Asahel George. Wash. 

278 Avery, Frank Montgomery. N.Y. 

3868 Avery, Irving Montgomery. N.Y. 

2392 Avery, John Herbert. Mich. 

2700 Avery, Samuel Putnam, Jr. N.Y. 

2255 Avery, Trueman Gardner. N.Y. 

2872 Axtell, Decatur. Va. 

822 Ayer, James Bourne. Mass. 

3436 Aylett, Patrick Henry. Mo. 

2708 Azoy, Anastasio Carlos Mariano. N.Y. 

3948 Babcock, Harry Woodruff. 

257 Backus, J. Bayard. 

1 195 Bacon, Cary Harrison. 

1092 Bacon, Gorham. 

1354 Bacon, Horace Sargent. 

1832 Bagley, John Newberry. 

1655 Bailey, Edward Payson. 

2319 Bailey, Everett Hoskins. 

3336 Bailey, Gilbert Langdon. 

1463 Bailey, Theodorus. 






General No. State Soc. 

556 Baird, George William. Conn. 

883 Baird, William. D.C. 

3669 Baker, Alfred Landon. III. 

3902 Baker, Charles Edward. Iowa. 

897 Baker, Frank. III. 

106 Baker, Frank Leslie. N.Y. 
3409 Baker, Frederick Diller. Pa. 
3485 Baker, Henry Moore. N.H. 
3703 Baker, Marcus Stephen. Ga. 
3574 Baker, Roy Ball. Mass. 
3421 Baker, William Street. Mo. 

413 Balch, Edwin Swift. Pa. 

508 Balch, Francis Dupont. Md. 

412 Balch, Thomas Willing. Pa. 

3128 Baldwin, Berry Oakley. N.Y. 

3947 Baldwin, Elbert Francis. N.J. 

188 Baldwin, Joseph Clark. N.Y. 

3685 Baldwin, Orville Dwight. Cal. 

1743 Baldwin, Townsend Burnet. N.J. 

3335 Baldwin, Ward. Ohio. 

2179 Baldwin, Wilson Leslie. Conn. 

2153 Ball, George Oscar. N.H. 

3797 Ball, Samuel Boyd. Mo. 

2973 Ballance, John Green. Cal. 

757 Ballord, Esek Steere. Iowa. 

2722 Ballord, Webb Rysse. Iowa. 

3001 Ballou, Hosea Starr. Mass. 

3558 Bancroft, Levi Horace. Wis. 

233 Bangs, Anson Cuyler. N.Y. 

728 Bangs, Charles McClary. N.H. 

2475 Bangs, Fletcher Harper. N.Y. 

1389 Banks, A. Bleecker. N.Y. 

3514 Banks, Charles Henry. Ga. 

302 Banks, David. N.Y. 

107 Banks, David, Jr. N.Y. 
3691 Banks, George Washington. Pa. 
321 1 Banning, Kendall. N.H. 

298 Banta, Theodore Melvin. N.Y. 

2680 Barbour, George Harrison. Mich. 

2002 Barbour, Lucius Albert. Conn. 

3170 Barbour, William Delamater. N.Y. 

3043 Barclay, David. N.Y. 

1059 Bardwell, Harry Jenkins. Ill- 

212 Barker, Edward Tobey. Mass. 

2968 Barlow, Peter Townsend. N.Y. 



General No. 

3081 Barnard, Job. 

2271 Barnes, Alfred Victor. 

3448 Barnes, Amos Foote. 

2800 Barnes, Frank Loring. 

3092 Barnes, Winthrop Howard. 

3296 Barney, Howard. 

2030 Barney, Roderick Douglas. 

2245 Barnwell, Morgan Gibbes. 

766 Barret, Richard Aylett. 

3006 Barron, Thomas. 

2241 Barrows, Ira. 

3970 Barrows, John Chester. 

3677 Barrows, John Stuart. 

1503 Barrows, John Wright. 

3379 Barstow, Donald McLean. 

2637 Bartholf, John Henry. 

3693 Bartholomew, George K. 

1244 Bartlett, Franklin. 

792 Bartlett, George Frederick Hunter. 

282 Bartlett, John Russell. 

1740 Bartlett, Sidney Roland. 

1245 Bartlett, Willard. 
489 Barton, Randolph. 

2575 Bascom, George Jonathan. 

1770 Bascome, Western Radford. 

200 Bassett, Charles Franklin. 

2510 Bassett, Roger Marcus. 

644 Batchelder, George Aiken. 

3452 Bates, George Butterfield. 

3430 Bates, George William. 

1214 Bates, Theodore Cornelius. 

2947 Bates, William Graves. 

2307 Bates, William Oscar. 

2497 Battelle, John Gordon. 

2616 Battis, Edward Clarence. 

3527 Baughman, Louis Victor. 

2997 Baxter, Jesse Bunton. 

3283 Baxter, William Elihu. 

3726 Bayard, Thomas Francis. 

8 Bayne, Howard Randolph. 

977 Beach, Bennett Sheldon. 

1979 Beach, John Kimberly. 

3281 Beal, Boylston Adams. 

3575 Beal, Herman Lincoln. 

2176 Beardsley, Morris Beach. 


State Soc. 




























General No. State Soc. 

3971 Beardsi.ey, Samuel Fayerweather. Conn. 

1373 Beatty, Alfred Chester. N.Y. 

2129 Beatty, Franklin Thomason. N.H. 

384 Beatty, Robert Chetwood. N.Y. 

383 Beatty, William Gedney. N.Y. 

369 Beckurts, Charles Lewis. N.Y. 

108 Beekman, James William. N.Y. 

181 7 Beers, William Francis. N.J. 

1246 Belknap, Waldron Phoenix. N.Y. 

3129 Belknap, William Cook. N.Y. 

820 Bell, Charles Upham. Mass. 

1839 Bell, George. D.C. 

1872 Bell, Jared Weed. N.Y. 

3057 Bell, Nicholas Montgomery. Mo. 

3342 Bell, Sidney Eugene. Mass. 

1867 Bell, William Duffield. D.C. 

802 Bellas, Henry Hobart. Pa. 

2798 Bellows, Johnson McClure. N.Y. 

2896 Bement, Robert Bunker Coleman. Minn. 

1029 Bemis, George Pickering. Neb. 

734 Benedict, George Grenville. Vt. 

1084 Benedict, James Augustus. N.Y. 

2052 Benedict, Lemuel Coleman. N.Y. 

356 Benedict, Robert Dewey. N.Y. 

2932 Benedict, Walter St. John. N.Y. 

1295 Benedict, William de Liesseline. N.Y. 

2580 Benjamin, George Powell. N.Y. 

1775 Benjamin, Marcus. D.C. 

2120 Bennett, Josiah Chase. Mass. 

212 1 Bennett, Larkin Everett. Mass. 
3347 Bennett, Robert Root. D.C. 

800 Benson, Alexander. Pa. 

411 Benson, Edwin North. Pa. 

1893 Benson, Frank Sherman. N.Y. 

527 Bent, Samuel Arthur. Mass. 

3351 Benton, Arthur Burnett. Cal. 

1643 Bettle, Samuel. Pa. 

315 Betts, Samuel Rossiter. N.Y. 

68 Bibby, Andrew Aldridge. N.Y. 

3499 Bickford, Robert Sloane. Mass. 

710 Bickley, Lawrence Wharton. N.Y. 

414 Biddle, Thomas. Pa. 

804 Biddle, William Foster. Pa. 

1805 Bigelow, Henry Nelson. Mass. 

1 513 Bigelow, Isaac Stover. Iowa. 



General No. 

538 Bigelow, Melville Madison. 

2401 Bigelow, William. 

3039 Billings, Charles Miller. 

2043 Billings, David Lane. 

2423 Bingham, Leroy Monroe. 

1674 Bingham, Theodore Alfred. 

3548 Binney, Charles Chauncey. 

390 Binney, William Greene. 

381 1 Bird, Francis Joseph. 

3239 Bird, John Blymyer. 

3285 Bird, Robert. 

2435 Birdseye, Isaac Washington. 

167 Bishop, Cortlandt Field. 

906 Bishop, Henry Alfred. 

618 Bishop, Timothy Huggins. 

1247 Bissell, Eugene. 

3719 Bissell, Leslie Dayton. 

151 5 Bissell, Lester Clark. 

2107 Bissell, William Putnam. 

2533 Black, John Janvier. 

2024 Blackmer, Henry Myron. 

3403 Blackmer, Henry Reed. 

3058 Blackwell, Sidney Smith. 

1433 Blagden, Thomas. 

35 Bleecker, Anthony James. 

3681 Bliss, Chester William. 

2549 Bliss, Elias James. 

2246 Bliven, William Warren. 

1768 Block, Harry Leach. 

3962 Blodgett, John Taggard. 

2227 Blood, John Balch. 

1535 Bloss, Orlando Powers. 

122 Blunt, Stanhope English. 

511 Bodge, George Madison. 

2379 Bogert, William Benezet. 

716 Bolling, Thomas, Jr. 

1894 Bolmer, Thomas Henry. 

3587 Bond, Charles Henry. 

2656 Bonney, Charles Lydius. 

1564 Booth, Charles Austin. 

3576 Booth, Charles Edwin. 

3839 Booth, Edward H. 

3241 Booth, Henry Driver. 

2431 Booth, John Henry. 

1459 Bostwick, Henry Anthon. 


State Soc. 














































General No. State Soc. 

1895 Boucher, Charles. N.Y. 

749 Boutell, Henry Sherman. III. 

1283 Boutelle, Frank Warren. N.Y. 

3284 Bouve, Charles Osborn. Mass. 

76 Bowen, Clarence Winthrop. N.Y. 

964 Bowers, Henry. N.Y. 

244 Bowers, John Myer. N.Y. 

3034 Bowie, Washington, Jr. Md. 

1440 Bowman, Austin Lord. Mass. 

1075 Bowman, George Ernest. Mass. 

669 Boyd, Allen Richards. D.C. 

2596 Boyd, Charles Harrod. Me. 

3218 Boynton, Charles Edward. N.Y. 

3399 Boynton, Charles Smith. Vt. 

3366 Boynton, Frederick Chester. N.Y. 

1 55 1 Brackett, Frederic Huntington. Mass. 

1453 Brackett, Sidney Lawrence. Mass. 

1928 Bradford, Edward Green. Del. 

3396 Bradford, Edward Green, Jr. Del. 

141 Bradford, Thomas Hewson. Pa. 

569 Bradley, Cyrus Sherwood. Conn. 

976 Bradley, Frederick Lines. N.Y. 

3687 Brady, Cyrus Townsend. N.J. 

1 28 1 Brady, William Perry. Iowa. 

240 Brainerd, Cephas. N.Y. 

3975 Brainard, Morgan Bulkeley. Conn. 

3871 Braine, Clinton Elgin. N.Y. 
3910 Braine, Lawrence Fulton. N.Y. 
2447 Brayton, Charles Ray. R.I. 
2694 Bready, John Ely. Iowa. 
3944 Breed, Charles Norcross. Mass. 
1675 Brenton, Cranston. N.Y. 

3872 * Brereton, Tallmadge Hepburn. N.Y. 
3547 Brett, Cornelius. N.J. 
3613 Brett, Martin Wiltsie. N.Y. 
3146 Brewer, Arthur Henry. Conn. 
1200 Brewer, William Augustus. Cal. 
3846 Brewster, Chauncey Bunce. Conn. 

990 Brewster, Henry Colvin. N.Y. 

2802 Brewster, Samuel Dwight. N.Y. 

674 Brice, Philip Howard. Pa. 

2018 Briggs, Edward Cornelius. Mass. 

3331 Briggs, Frankland. N.J. 

861 Briggs, Frank Obadiah. N.J. 

•Since deceased. 



General No. State Soc. 

3593 Briggs, Southwick Cary. D.C. 

701 Bright, Louis Victor. N.Y. 

1935 Brinckle, John Rumsey. Del. 

1266 Brinsmade, Hobart. Mo. 

430 Brinton, John Hill. Pa. 

1946 Brinton, Ward. Pa. 

372 Britton, Charles Price. N.Y. 

2865 Britton, Edward Earl. N.Y. 

2641 Britton, Henry Berry. N.Y. 

2336 Brocklebank, John Charles Fremont. III. 

2858 Brockway, William Stevens. Wis. 

3896 Brokaw, George Tuttle. N.Y. 

1970 Bronson, Julius Hobart. Conn. 

679 Brooke, George, Jr. Pa. 

2589 Brooke, George Smith. Wash. 

1776 Brooke, John Rutter. Minn. 

i960 Brooker, Charles Frederick. Conn. 

1083 Brookfield, Henry Morgan. N.Y. 

1363 Brookfield, James Hanford. N.Y. 

2985 Brooks, Alanson Sheley. Mich. 

2189 Brooks, Franklin Eli. Colo. 

3402 Brooks, Henry Gilbert. Mass. 

3701 Brooks, Isaac Watts. Conn. 

1690 Brooks, John Henry. Mass. 

2074 Brooks, Lyman Loring. Mass. 

1823 Brooks, Walter Curtis. Mass. 

3619 Brown, Benjamin West Bonney. N.Y. 

3522 Brown, Charles Augustus. Mass. 

1920 Brown, Charles Curtis. Wis. 

2344 Brown, Charles Holbrook. N.Y. 

1908 Brown, Daniel Austin. Mass. 

542 Brown, David Henry. Mass. 

2274 Brown, Elisha Rhodes. N.H. 

2281 Brown, Frank Lampson. Cal. 

1447 Brown, George Edward. Mass. 

863 Brown, George LeRoy. N.Y. 

2533 Brown, Henry Morris. N.Y. 

2191 Brown, James Henry. Colo. 

1457 Brown, John Barker. N.Y. 

2649 Brown, Louis. Pa. 

3979 Brown, Paul. III. 

965 Brown, Paul Richard. N.Y. 

3847 Brown, Philip Greely. Me. 

2209 Brown, Philip King. Cal. 

478 Browne, Bennett Bernard. Md. 

General No. State Soc. 

255 Brugler, Charles Edward. N.Y. 

3863 Brush, Louis Thompson. N.Y. 

3713 Brush, Murray Peabody. Md. 

1582 Bryan, Foster Abel Kimball. N.Y. 

3417 Bryan, Frederick Carlos. D.C. 

1035 Bryan, Joseph. Va. 

2904 Bryant, Frederick Stewart. Minn. 

276 Bryant, Percy. N.Y. 

254 Bryson, Andrew. N.Y. 

1925 Buck, Francis Nixon. Del. 

2598 Buehler, William George. Pa. 

3368 Buel, Clarence. N.Y. 

1961 Buel, John Laidlaw. Conn. 

1382 Buell, Frederick Follett. N.Y. 

3333 Buell, William Collins. N.Y. 

578 Bulkeley, Morgan Gardner. Conn. 

1983 Bull, Charles Stedman. Conn. 

2289 Bull, Melville. R.I. 

2036 Bullock, James Wilson. Ohio. 

907 Bunce, Jonathan Brace. Conn. 

2249 Bunker, William. N.Y. 

3176 Burbank, Eugene Damon. Iowa. 

2574 Burke, James Stranahan. N.Y. 

3957 Burlingame, Edwin Aylsworth. R.I. 

3601 Burnham, Charles Luther. N.Y. 

2761 Burnham, Frederick Gordon. N.J. 

1265 Burnham, John Appleton. Mass. 

3680 Burnham, Kingsley Allan. Mass. 

2595 Burrage, Henry Sweetzer. Me. 

1694 Burrell, Herbert Leslie. Mass. 

3371 Burrill, Drayton. N.Y. 

2294 Burrough, Lewis Fairbrother. R.I. 

3655 Burt, Eugene. Minn. 

35 1 1 Burroughs, William Berrien. Ga. 

2058 Burt, Stephen Smith. N.Y. 

3821 Burton, George Lee. Ky. 

952 Burton, George Smith. Mass. 

1943 Burton, Hiram Rodney. Del. 

507 Burton, Robert. Md. 

2342 Bush, Joshua Danforth. Del. 

i486 Bushnell, Clarence Munson. N.Y. 

3132 Bussing, John Stuyvesant. N.Y. 

2677 Butler, Edward Anson. Me. 

135 Butler, Henry Percival. N.Y. 

1842 Butler, John Lawton. Mass. 


General No. State Soc. 

3801 Butler, Thomas. Vt. 

3541 Butt, Archibald Willingham. D.C. 

104 1 Butters, George. III. 

1763 Byers, Anthony Stoddard. Ga. 

1871 Byington, Cassius Perkins. N.Y. 

2050 Byington, Charles Sperry. N.Y. 

3322 Byrns, Robert Ainsworth. N.Y. 

2238 Cabeen, Francis von Albade. Pa. 

711 Cabell, James Alston. Va. 

1352 Cabot, Louis. Mass. 

1806 Cadle, Charles Francis. Mo. 

385 Cadle, Henry. Mo. 

803 Cadwalader, Richard McCall. Pa. 

3822 Cady, Guy Brewster. Mich. 

3571 Caine, Sydney Atmore. Ky. 

3380 Caldwell, Frank Eddy. N.Y. 

3084 Caldwell, Samuel LeNord. Colo. 

1668 Calef, Amos Howard. N.Y. 

3025 Camak, James Welborn. Ga. 

3536 Camak, Louis. Ga. 

1473 Cammann, Edward Crary. N.Y. 

181 Cammann, George Philip. N.Y. 

876 Cammann, Henry Lorillard. N.Y. 

1899 Camp, Charles Lewis Nichols. N.Y. 

3148 Camp, Edward Newton. III. 

2281 Camp, Robert. Wis. 

2283 Camp, Thomas Edward. Wis. 

1679 Campbell, Benjamin Howell. N.Y. 

3966 Campbell, Shiras. N.Y. 

3066 Canby, Edward Tatnall. Del. 

1 1 56 Candee, Henry Safford. III. 

2882 Canfield, James Hulme. N.Y. 

959 Capell, William Benton. N.Y. 

3077 Capelle, William Curtis. Mass. 

1993 Capen, Walter Nelson. Conn. 

3046 Carhart, Alfred Bangs. N.Y. 

41 Carhart, Amory Sibley. N.Y. 

3778 Carleton, Henry Guy. Va. 

2771 Carney, Franklin LaFayette. Me. 

1070 Carney, George James. Mass. 

1005 Carney, Sidney Howard. N.Y. 

396 Carney, Sidney Howard, Jr. N.Y. 

87 Carnochan, Gouverneur Morris. N.Y. 

3907 Carpenter, Charles W., Jr. N.Y. 



General No. 

1015 Carpenter, Frederick Banker. 

3908 Carpenter, George Washington. 

2282 Carpenter, Richard. 

3500 Carpenter, Wheaton Alton. 

2793 Carpenter, William Montelle. 

1428 Carson, John Avery Gere. 

3061 Carter, Charles Jared. 

3220 Carter, Colin Smith. 

2678 Carter, John William Dodge. 

3782 Carter, Robert Anderson. 

2871 Cary, George Peter. 

2745 Cary, John Watson. 

31 12 Cary, Melbert Brinkerhoff. 

2230 Cary, Wilson Miles. 

3413 Case, Francis Mamre. 

3237 Case, John Edward. 

1605 Castle, Alfred Henry. 

616 Catlin, Abijah, Jr. 

2791 Catlin, Frederick Miles. 

2731 Chadwick, William Harris. 

1726 Chamberlin, Clarence Abner. 

1422 Chamberlin, Jehiel Weston. 

129 Chandler, Walter. 

610 Chapin, Charles Frederick. 

3818 Chapin, Clifford Samuel. 

403 Chapin, Henry Dwight. 

3615 Chapin, Samuel Austin. 

3900 Chapman, Edwin Lyon. 

3949 Chapman, Frank Michler. 

3137 Chapman, Joseph Warren. 

3509 Charlton, Thomas Ja.ckson. 

3591 Chase, Charles Henry. 

1023 Chase, Clement. 

3589 Chase, Daniel Emery. 

3590 Chase, Daniel Emery, Jr. 
1047 Chatfield-Taylor, Hobart C. 

680 Chauncey, Charles. 

1099 Chauncey, Elihu. 

3390 Chenery, Leonard Edwin. 

2224 Cheney, John Eugene. 

1967 Cheney, Louis Richmond. 

169 Chenoweth, Alexander Crawford. 

2320 Cheesebrough, George Latimer. 

1609 Chew, Beverly. 

223 Chew, Samuel Claggett. 


State Soc. 



Ind. and Wis. 




















NJ. and N.Y. 























General No. State Soc. 

2014 Chew, Thomas John. Md. 

2529 Childs, Edwards Herrick. N.Y. 

264 Childs, James Edmund. N.Y. 

2783 Childs, Starling Winston. Pa. 

505 Chittenden, Edward Alonzo. Vt. 

1410 Chittenden, Edwin Sedgwick. Minn. 

3122 Choate, Edward Austin. N.Y. 

1607 Chrystie, Thomas Ludlow. N.Y. 

3310 Church, William Conant. N.Y. 

3365 Claflin, William Bement. N.Y. 

3839 Clapp, Edward Everett. N.J. 

637 Clark, Alonzo Howard. D.C. 

2066 Clark, Augustus Taylor. Mass. 

3388 Clark, Byron Nathaniel. Vt. 

3201 Clark, Charles Edes Fletcher. Mass. 

2003 Clark, Charles Hopkins. Conn. 

3824 Clark, Emory W. Mich. 

95 Clark, Henry Schieffelin. N.Y. 

2077 Clark, Homer Pierce. Minn. 

3617 Clark, James Bayard. N.Y. 

2106 Clark, Kenneth. Minn. 

3823 Clark, Lorenzo E. Mich. 

2175 Clark, Orlando Elmer. Wis. 

2390 Clark, Rufus Wheelwright. Mich. 

3879 Clark, Samuel Adams. N.Y. 

3566 Clark, William Bullock. Md. 

109 Clark, William Newton. N.Y. 

3827 Clarke, Bailey Tyler. Ky. 

2051 Clarke, Charles Lorenzo. N.Y. 

2881 Clarke, Charles McClellan. . N.Y. 

689 Clarke, Edward Smith. N.Y. 

3261 Clarke, Fabius Maximus. N.Y. 

2019 Clarke, George Kuhn. Mass. 

864 Clarke, Isaac Sherman. N.Y. 

160 Clarkson, Banyer. N.Y. 

92 Clarkson, Clermont Livingston. N.Y. 

91 Clarkson, David Augustus. N.Y. 

1906 Clay, Thomas Savage. N.Y. 

447 Cleeman, Richard A. Pa. 

920 Clement, John Benham. Ohio. 

3789 Clephane, Lewis Painter. D.C. 

3348 Clephane, Walter Collins. D.C. 

3133 Cleveland, Charles Dexter. N.Y. 

3774 Cleveland, Henry Edwin. N.Y. 

2272 Cleveland, James Wray. N.Y. 



General No. 

1339 Coates, Edward Hornor. 

3292 Cobb, Carolus Melville. 

3946 Cobb, Morton Eddy. 

2957 Cochrane, Adam William Spies. 

3404 Cochrane, James Eugene. 

1294 Coe, Henry Clark. 

3153 Coerr, Frederic Dan Huntington. 

3557 Coffin, Charles Emmet. 

547 Coffin, Rufus. 

1852 Coffin, William King. 

2375 Coggeshall, Morton Cheeseman. 

192 Coghill, Howard. 

194 Cogswell, Cullen Van Rensselaer. 

2154 Coit, James Milnor. 

2490 colburn, burnham standish. 

2040 Colburn, William J. 

3036 Coleman, Charles Philip. 

3461 Coleman, Leighton Palmer. 

923 Coleman, William Wheeler. 

784 Coles, Henry Rutgers Remsen. 

1591 Colfax, Albert Eben. 

2850 Colket, Charles Howard. 

599 ■ Collins, Atwood. 

697 Collins, Clarence Lyman. 

1095 Collins, Edwin Pinckney. 

1954 Collins, Henry Hill, Jr. 

23 Collins, Holdridge Ozro. 

2105 Collins, Loren Warren. 

3785 Colquitt, William Nagle. 

1704 Colt, Samuel Pomeroy. 

3213 Colton, Allen Lysander. 

2 937 Comegys, Edward Tiffin. 

2524 Comegys, William Henry. 

3821 Comfort, Benjamin Freeman. 

3924 Comstock, George. 

1297 Conant, Ernest Lee. 

3360 Conant, Henry Estes. 

1843 Conant, Samuel Morris. 

1969 Cone, James Brewster. 

2808 Conger, Arthur Latham. 

2977 Conkey, Walter Blakesley. 

2132 Conn, Granville Priest. 

2836 Connell, Robert. 

2038 Conner, John Sanborn. 

2039 Conner, Phineas Sanborn. 


State Soc. 







Minn, and Wis. 


N.J. AND N.Y. 















Cal. and N.Y. 



Mass. and R.I. 
















General No. State Soc. 

3100 Conover, John Thompson. N.Y. 


1 Constant, Samuel Victor. N.Y. 

93 constantine, rlchard buell. n.y. 

3015 Converse, Charles Allen. Pa. 

2419 Converse, Charles Allen. Vt. 

1 124 Converse, Edmund Cogswell. N.Y. 

3359 Converse, John Heman. Vt. 

1927 Cooch, Joseph Wilkins. Del. 

2717 Cook, Ferdinand Huntting. N.Y. 
2743 Cook, Henry Francis. N.Y. 
2657 Cook, Joshua Osgood. III. 
3770 Cook, Robert Bowne Minturn. N.Y. 
2076 Cook, Stephen Champlin. Minn. 

238 Cooke, Charles Edward. D.C. 

474 Cooke, James Welch. Pa. 

3498 Cooke, Thomas Frank. Iowa. 

586 Cooley, Francis Rexford. Conn. 

2618 Coolidge, David Hill, Jr. Mass. 

*Copeland, Charles. Del. 

2718 Copp, William Maltby. N.Y. 
3921 Corbin, Elbert Augustus, Jr. Pa. 
3393 Corbit, Daniel Wheeler. Del. 
3044 Corbusier, William Henry. N.Y. 
3141 Corey, Edward Ward. Me. 
2834 Cornell, Norman Riley. Iowa. 
1787 Corser, Elwood Spencer. Minn. 
3054 Corwin, David Rittenhouse Porter. Cal. 
2345 Corwin, Hamilton Stewart. N.Y. 
1347 Cottman, James Hough. Md. 
3337 Cowen, Benjamin Rush. Ohio. 
3803 Cowen, Benjamin Sprague. Ohio. 

649 Cowles, Calvin Duvall. D.C. 

1796 Cowles, Edmund Brainerd. Mass. 

2810 Cowles, William Northrope. Cal. 

1016 Cox, Edward Birchard. Mass. 

2734 Cox, George Howland. Mass- 

984 Cox, James William. N.Y. 

1 77 1 Cox, William Van Zandt. D.C. 

21 71 Coxe, John Lyman. Pa. 

2358 Crafts, George Wallen. Neb. 

1 1 16 Crafts, John Chancellor. Mass. 

2269 Crafts, John Willard. N.Y. 

2625 Cragin, Charles Isaiah. Pa. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 


General No. State Soc. 

3082 Craiger, Sherman Montrose. D.C. 

3483 Crandall, Arthur Lee. Mo. 

1829 Crandon, Edwin Sanford. Mass. 

185 1 Crandon, John Howland. Mass. 

3449 Crane, Albert. Conn. 

3862 Crannell, Clarke Winslow. N.Y. 

2853 Craven, Thomas Jenkins. Del. 

2666 Critcher, Edward Payson. N.Y. 

3086 Critchlow, George Read. N.Y. 

3935 Crocker, Clarence Pardee. N.J. 

3518 Crockett, Edward Sherman. Mass. 

746 Cromwell, Charles. III. 

565 Cropper, John. Conn. 

242 Crosby, Edward Nicoll. N.Y. 

3808 Crosby, Francis Marion. Minn. 

3559 Crosby, Henry Alvin. Wis. 

241 Crosby, Livingston. N.Y. 

3960 Cross, William Pierce. R.I. 

431 Crothers, Stevenson. Pa. 

2041 Crouse, Daniel Nellis. N.Y. 

2091 Crutcher, Edwin Ruthven. Mo. 

2928 Currier, Amos Noyes. Iowa. 

1544 Curtis, Henry Melville. Ohio. 

2180 Curtis, John Calvin. Conn. 

31 1 3 Curtis, Lewis Beers. Conn. 

3973 Curtis, Roderick Parry. Conn. 

1662 Curtis, Rodney. Colo. 

2807 Curtiss, Harlow Clarke. N.Y. 

1567 Cushing, Luther Stearns. Minn. 

2326 Custis, George Washington Neale. D.C. 

2325 Custis, James Bayard Gregg. D.C. 

2109 Cutler, Edward Hutchins. Minn. 

3268 Cutler, Elbridge Gerry. Mass. 

3612 Cutler, James Goold. N.Y. 

T310 Cutler, Joseph Warren. N.Y. 

572 Cutler, Ralph William. Conn. 

3572 Cutler, Samuel Milton. Ky. 

1446 Cutter, John Clarence. Mass. 

3986 Cutter, Watson Grant. Mass. 

1220 Cutter, William Richard. Mass. 

1950 Da Costa, Charles Frederick. 

986 Daggett, George Henry. 

601 Daggett, William Gibbons. 

1 218 Daly, Martin Ordway. 




General No. State Soc. 

2539 Damon, Charles Edward. Mass. 

902 Dana, Charles Durkee. III. 

2348 Dana, Charles Loomis. N.Y. 

73 Dana, Richard Starr. N.Y. 

1205 Dandridge, Nathaniel Pendleton. Va. 

2945 Daniell, John Francis. N.Y. 

2946 Daniell, William Sohier. N.Y. 
1253 Darling, Charles William. N.Y. 

1454 Darlington, Charles Francis. N.Y. 

1455 Darlington, James Henry. N.Y. 
2967 Darlington, Thomas. N.Y. 

852 Darrach, Bradford. N.J. 

1317 Darrach, Henry. Pa. 

3528 Dashiell, Nicholas Leeke. Md. 

77 Davenport, Richard Graham. D.C. 

299 Davenport, Timothy. N.Y. 

1371 Davenport, William Bates. N.Y. 

796 Daves, John Collins. Md. 

409 Davies, Julien Townsend, Jr. N.Y. 

187 Davies, William Gilbert. N.Y. 

3004 Davis, Chandler. N.Y. 

974 Davis, Fellowes. N.Y. 

585 Davis, Gustavus Pierrepont. Conn. 

2201 Davis, Nathaniel Henchman. Ohio. 

1387 Davison, John Mason. N.Y. 

3987 Day, Fred Nahum. Mass. 

1995 Day, George Herbert. Conn. 

1898 Day, Robert Webster. N.Y. 

2634 Deane, Gardiner Andrus Armstrong. Mo. 

3725 Dearing, William Dearing. Ga. 

806 de Benneville, James S. Pa. 

3578 De Cormis, Louis. Mass. 

378 Deen, William Morris. N.J. 

2590 Deering, Henry. Me. 

3136 de Kay, Eckford Craven. N.Y. 

163 Delafield, Joseph Livingston. N.Y. 

164 Delafield, Maturin Livingston, Jr. N.Y. 
2828 Delafield, Wallace. Mo. 
2948 de la Montanye, James. N.Y. 
2714 de la Roche, Charles Percy. Pa. 
2956 de Luze, Philip Schuyler. N.Y. 

612 Deming, Judson Keith. Iowa. 

3621 Demorest, William Curtis. N.Y. 

1 140 Denis, George Jules. Cal. and N.Y. 

1562 Denison, Charles. Colo. 


General No. State Soc. 

3435 Denison, Henry Heber. Mo. 

1811 Denison, John Henry. Colo. 

3545 Dennis, Alfred Lewis Pinneo. Me. 

3731 Dennis, Arthur Wellington. r.I. 

2053 Dennis, Holmes Van Mater, Jr. N.Y. 

3482 Dennis, James Shepard, N.Y. 

494 Dennis, James Teackle. Md. 

3387 Dennis, Otis Alonzo. N.Y. 

2842 Dennis, Warren Egerton. N.Y. 

882 Dennison, Ira Warren. D.C. 

2780 Densmore, Edward Dana. Mass. 

2701 Depew, Chauncey Mitchell. N.Y. 

2815 de Peyster, Frederic Ashton. N.Y. 

3216 de Peyster, Johnston Livingston. N.Y. 

3361 de Peyster, William Moore Dongan. N.Y. 

393 de Rose, Edward. N.Y. 

1300 de Russy, Rene Amedee. N.Y. 

3641 Deshon, George Durfee. Mass. 

1484 Devereux, Walter. N.Y. 

1 183 Dewey, Charles Ayrault. N.Y. 

1593 Dewey, Chauncey Edward. Colo. 

1 1 72 Dewey, Edward Wilkins. N.Y. 

2663 Dewey, George. Vt. 

3282 Dewey, Henry Sweetser. Mass. 

4000 Dewey, William Tarbox. Vt. 

3386 DeWitt, George Gosman. N.Y. 

2600 Dexter, Charles Warner. Mass. 

3736 Dexter, Henry Clinton. R.I. 

148 1 Deyo, Peter. N.Y. 

2235 Dickinson, Frederick. III. 

2546 Dickson, Brenton Haliburton, Jr. Mass. 

449 Dillard, Henry Kuhl. Pa. 

738 Dillingham, William Paul. Vt. 

1596 Dimock, William DeWolf. N.Y. 

2079 Dimond, Edwin Rodolph. Cal. 

1493 Dimond, Henry Cipperly. Ohio. 

2923 Dix, William Frederick. NJ. 

3689 Dixon, Willis Milnor. Cal. 

1302 Doane, William Croswell. N.Y. 

1402 Doane, William Howard. Ohio. 

2104 Dobbin, Edward Savage. Minn. 

1374 Dominick, George Francis, Jr. N.Y. 
3335 Dominick, Henry Blanchard. N.Y. 

1375 Dominick, Lamont. N.Y. 
2204 Doolittle, George Tilton. Wash. 


General No. State Soc. 

1948 Doran, Joseph Ingersoll. Pa. 

3014 Dorland, William Alexander Newman. Pa. 

518 Dorman, William Barnes. Mass. 

1625 Dorr, Joseph. Mass. 

3374 Dos Passos, Louis Hays. N.Y. 

*Doty, Paul. Minn. 

2934 Doughty, Francis Edward. N.Y. 

2410 Douglas, Charles Henry. N.Y. 

2534 Douglas, Duncan. N.Y. 

3486 Douglas, Edward Laird. N.H. 

2873 Douglas, Samuel Townsend. Mich. 

3249 Douglas, Walter Bond. Mo. 

2486 Douglas, William Harris. N.Y. 

275 Douw, Charles Gibbons. N.Y. 

27 Downes, Anson Treat. N.Y. 

*Downes, John Ireland Howe. Conn. 

1856 Downing, Augustus Cornwall. N.J. 

3607 Drake, William Wilson. N.Y. 

176 Draper, Charles Albert. N.Y. 

949 Draper, Eben Sumner. Mass. 

3392 Draper, James Avery. Del. 

3729 Draper, James Avery, Jr. Del. 

5 Draper, Thomas Waln-Morgan. N.Y. 

216 Draper, Walter Holbrook. Mass. 

214 Draper, William Franklin. Mass. 

3302 Drew, Morrill Newman. Me. 

2980 Drouilard, James Pierre. Mo. 

2732 Drummond, John N., Jr. III. 

2219 Duane, Charles William. Mass. 

268 Duane, William North. N.Y. 

2799 Du Bois, John Van Wyck. N.Y. 

232 Du Bois, William Maison. N.Y. 

1253 Du Charme, Charles Albert. Mich. 

230 Dudley, Edgar Swartwout. N.Y. 

2509 Dudley, Frank Alonzo. N.Y. 

3324 Duer, Henry Lay. Md. 

1575 Duffield, Howard. N.Y. 

351 Duke, Richard Thomas Walker. Va. 

2999 Duncan, James Lewis. Mass. 

1456 Dunnell, William Nichols. N.Y. 

1942 du Pont, Alexis Irenee. Del. 

2665 du Pont, Henry Algernon. Del. 

3391 du Pont, Henry Francis. Del. 

1929 du Pont, Victor, Jr. Del. 
* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 


General No. 

3539 du Pont, Victor, 3RD. 

2750 Durrell, Jesse Murton. 

3227 Dutcher, Frank Jerome. 

3890 Duvall, Richard Mareen. 

256 Dwight, Arthur Smith. 

3600 Dwight, Frederick. 

3508 Dwight, Oliver Frederic. 

3326 Dyar, Perlie Appleton. 

3552 Dyer, Daniel Burns. 

2285 Dyer, Elisha. 

742 Dyer, Horace Edward. 

2814 Dyer, Leonard Huntress. 

3489 Dyer, Louis. 

2536 Eager, Joseph Percy. 

3884 Eagle, Clarence Henry. 

1601 Eames, Francis Luther. 

1461 Eames, Stewart Woodford. 

3978 Earle, Frank Breckenridge. 

2138 Eastman, Edson Cummings. 

756 Eastman, Lauren Chase. 

2133 Eastman, Samuel Coffin. 

1585 Easton, Irving Boyd. 

1962 Eaton, George Francis. 

1845 Eaton, Joseph Giles. 

1854 Eaton, Theodore Horatio. 

1824 Eaton William Storer, Jr. 

2847 Eberlein, Charles Wood. 

341 1 Eddy, George Simpson. 

3410 Eddy, Thomas Hooker. 

2276 Edgerly, Edwin Lorraine. 

3653 Edsall, Samuel Cook. 

2583 Edwards, Charles Jerome. 

1404 Edwards, Charles Lincoln. 

1407 Edwards, Edward Junius. 

131 Edwards, Pierrepont. 

2889 Eells, James. 

2343 Eldredge, Zoeth Skinner. 

3943 Eldridge, Edric. 

3567 Ellicott, William Miller. 

285 Elliot, Daniel Giraud. 

1973 Elton, John Prince. 

3780 Elwell, Walter Edward. 

2914 Ely, John Stoney. 

312 Ely, Smith. 


State Soc. 




















Iowa and Mo. 















N.J. and N.Y. 










General No. State Soc. 

2474 Ely, William Caryl. N.Y. 

2907 Emerson, George Douglas. N.Y. 

3453 Emerson, Justin Edwards. Mich. 

698 Emery, Brainerd Prescott. N.Y. 

3542 Emery, Ralph. Me. 

663 Emery, Rufus. N.Y. 

1828 Endicott, Eugene Francis. Mass. 

168 Endicott, Robert. N.Y. 

3889 Endicott, William Crowninshield. Mass. 

279 English, William Eastin. Ind. 

3764 Enos, Alanson Trask. N.Y. 

173 Erving, William Van Rensselaer. N.Y. 

22 1 1 Estabrook, Fred Watson. Mass. 

801 Este, Charles. Pa. 

2416 Estey, Jacob Gray. Vt. 

3538 Evans, Charles Black. Del. 

1855 Evans, Dudley. N.J. 

2152 Evans, George Frederic N.H. 

2430 Evans, Ira Hobart. Vt. 

3554 Ewing, Alonzo Prentiss. Mich. 

1527 Eyerman, John. N.J. 

2910 Fahys, George Ernest. N.Y. 

3140 Fairbanks, Henry Nathaniel. Me. 

3405 Fall, Charles Gershom. Mass. 

3131 Falls, DeWitt Clinton. N.Y. 

1905 Farnam, Charles Henry. N.Y. 

1984 Farnam, William Whitman. Conn. 

2090 Farnham, Elijah Thompson. N.J. 

2484 Farnham, Paulding. N.Y. 

775 Farnsworth, Frederick. Conn. 

*Farnum, Arthur Wadsworth. Minn. 

2726 Farr, John. N.J. 

1649 Farr, Marvin Andrus. III. 

2860 Farr, William Mattocks. Wis. 

1778 Farrington, Robert Irving. Minn. 

3079 Farwell, John Whittemore. Mass. 

3982 Favor, Otis Skinner. III. 

3238 Felton, Edgar Conway. Pa. 

921 Felton, Samuel Morse. Ohio. 

2619 Ferris, Alexander Marsh. Mass. 

2587 Ferris, Hiram Burns. Wash. 

303 Ferris, Morris Patterson. N.Y. 

2386 Ferris, William Marsh. Mass. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 



General No. 

903 Fessenden, Charles Newton. 

3243 Fetter, George Griffith. 

3791 Field, Frank Henry. 

782 Field, Hugh Wentworth Greene. 
2318 Field, John Ireland Howe. 
3550 Field, Kirke Hart. 

783 Field, Thomas Goldsmith. 

2969 Field, William Bradhurst Osgood. 

2427 Fifield, Benjamin Franklin. 

3820 Finch, Leon Christian. 

261 1 Fish, Charles Henry. 

3673 Fish, Charles Manning. 

3382 Fish, George Farnham. 

3673 Fish, Henry Manning. 

1239 Fisher, Charles David. 

1040 Fisher, Francis Porter. 

398 Fisher, Harris Baldwin. 

399 Fisher, Nathaniel Campbell. 
651 Fisher, Robert Strettle Jones. 

2806 Fiske, Edwin Williams. 

19 19 Fitch, Grant. 

2032 Fitch, Winchester. 

950 FitzGerald, Desmond. 

358 Fitzgerald, Louis. 

3855 Fitzhugh, Charles Lane. 

1 721 Flagg, Charles Partridge. 

1720 Flagg, Henry Daggett. 

3632 Flagg, Stanley Griswold, Jr. 

402 Fleet, Alexander Frederick. 

3423 Fleet, Henry Wyatt. 

3484 Fleet, John Seddon. 

3649 Fletcher, Frank Fayette. 

21 14 Fletcher, Paris. 

733 Fletcher, Truman Chittenden. 

2173 Flint, Francis Gardner. 

1682 Flint, Frank Putnam. 

1793 Flint, James Milton. 

2097 Flint, John Wyman. 

1 68 1 Flint, Motley Hewes. 

1051 Flint, Wyman Kneeland. 

2765 Folger, Walter A. 

516 Folsom, Albert Alonzo. 

690 Folsom, William Henry. 

3035 Folsom, William Howard. 

1304 Foote, George Benton. 

1303 Foote, Gilbert Flagler. 


State Soc. 





























Ind. and Mo. 


















General No. State Soc. 

764 Foote, John Crocker. Mo. 

702 Foote, Morris Cooper. N.Y. 

2518 Foote, Robert Dumont. N.J. 

867 Foote, Wallace Turner, Jr. N.Y. 

739 Forbes, Charles Spooner. Vt. 

3892 Forbes, Harry Rogers. N.H. 

1632 Forbes, William Innes. Pa. 

700 Forbush, William Curtis. N.Y. 

29 Ford, George Hare. Conn, and N.Y. 

2145 Forney, James. Pa. 
2454 Forrest, Herbert Molton. Pa. 
2658 Foster, Albert Volney. III. 
1222 Foster, Alfred Dwight. Mass. 
2939 Foster, Antoine Lentilhon. Del. 
3918 Foster, Everett Worthington. D.C. 

772 Foster, Francis Apthorp. Mass. 

3603 Foster, Frederic de Peyster. N.Y. 

266 Foster, Howell. N.Y. 

2146 Foster, Joseph. N.H. 
3718 Foster, William Hamilton. N.H. 

655 Foulke, Bayard Fish. N.Y. 

1370 Foulke, William. N.Y. 

26 Fowler, Franklin Hamilton. Conn. 

25 Fowler, William Miles. N.Y. 

2772 P'ox, James Carter. Me. 

3265 Fox, Walter Silvanus. Mass. 

1924 Frame, Thomas Clayton, Jr. Del. 

3920 Francine, Albert Philip. Pa. 

3586 Francis, George Hills. Mass. 

2286 Francis, Valentine Mott. R.I. 

♦Francisco, Israel Holmes. Vt. 

2163 Frazer, Persifor. Pa. 

3794 Frazer, Reah. Pa. 

3795 Frazier, William W. Pa. 
2762 Freeman, Alden. N.J. 
1264 Freeman, James Goldthwait. Mass. 
3332 Freeman, Joel Francis. N.J. 
3717 French, George Baldwin. Mass. 
3471 French, Leon Le Lanne. D.C. 
2986 Frost, Walter Clarence. Colo. 

953 Fry, Alfred Brooks. N.Y. 

2628 Fry, Charles. Me. 

3232 Frye, Jed. N.Y. 

2537 Fryer, Greville Edward. Pa. 

1904 Fryer, Robert Livingston. N.Y. 
* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 


General No. 

3492 Fuller, Alfred Worcester. 

3643 Fuller, Arthur Greenwood. 

741 Fuller, Austin Weld. 

2870 Fuller, Linus Elisha. 

3665 Fuller, Oliver Clyde. 

2654 Fuknald, Francis Perkins. 

1554 Furness, Dawes Eliot. 

2833 Furness, William Eliot. 

3852 Furness, William Theodore. 

2874 Fyfe, Richard Henry. 

State Soc. 








2495 Gaither, Alfred. 

2778 Gaither, Charles Perry. 

1228 Gale, Thomas Monroe. 

3376 Gallatin, Albert Eugene. 

85 Gallatin, Frederic. 

61 Gallatin, Rolaz Horace. 

2457 Galloney, Frank Hutchinson. 

2213 Galloupe, Isaac Francis. 

2265 Gamble, Joseph. 

3721 Gamble, Thomas, Jr. 

2929 Garfield, Harry Augustus. 

753 Gardiner, Curtiss Crane. 

53 Gardiner, Dav[d. 

54 Gardiner, Robert Alexander. 
1 5 19 Gardiner, Silas Wright. 
3934 Gardner, Edmund Le Breton. 
3594 Gardner, Freeland Barney. 
3257 Gardner, James Browne. 
3727 Garland, Hugh Alfred. 

3065 Garland, Spotswood. 

3069 Gates, Horatio. 

3835 Gay, Ernest Lewis. 

615 Gay, Frank Butler. 

2434 Gay, Frederick. 

3648 Geery, William Beckwith. 

2812 Gerrish, Frederic Henry. 

3853 Gerrish, Orville Knight. 

3544 Gerrish, William Little. 

2897 Gest, John Marshall. 

1780 Gheen, Edward Hickman. 

3028 Gibbs, William Briggs. 

2710 Gibson, Charles Langdon. 

2391 Gibson, Edwin Wells. 

2730 Gifford, Charles Edgar, Jr. 
































General No. State Soc. 

3105 Gilbert, Arthur Eaton. Minn. 

2936 Gilbert, Charles Pierrepont Henry. N.Y. 

3255 Gilbert, Edward Winsor. Mass. 

141 8 Gilbert, Frederick Lee. Minn. 

2644 Gilbert, Shepard Devereux. Mass. 

2147 Gilchrist, Harry Wilbur. N.H. 

2921 Giles, Frank Warren, Jr. N.J. 

2920 Giles, Howard Everett. N.J. 

3765 Giles, Stephen Weart. N.Y. 

406 Gilfillan, William Whitehead. N.Y. 

146 Gillespie, George Cuthbert. Pa. 

1254 Gillett, Rufus W t oodward. Mich. 

1657 Gillette, Edwin Fraser. III. 

2686 Gilman, Daniel Coit. Md. 

450 Gilpin, George. Pa. 

3645 Gilson, Arthur Scott. Me. 

3510 Glenn, Garrard. Ga. 

2679 Glidden, John Montfichet. Me. 

2593 Glidden, Joseph Warren. Me. 

1613 Goadby, Arthur. N.Y. 

3029 Godwin, Joseph Brown. Pa. 

2489 Goldsmith, Oliver. Mich. 

1313 Gooch, Daniel Linn. Ky. 

573 Gooch, Frank Austin. Conn. 

* Goodell, George Arthur. Minn. 

3929 Goodman, Richard Johnston. Conn. 

2165 Goodrich, William. Pa. 

3453 Goodrich, William Winton. N.Y. 

3260 Goodspeed, Benjamin Franklin. N.Y. 

3523 Goodwin, Augustus Franklin. N.H. 

♦Goodwin, Charles Archibald. Conn. 

589 Goodwin, Francis. Conn. 

575 Goodwin, James Junius. Conn. 

978 Goodwin, James Junius. N.Y. 

3972 Goodwin, Walter Lippincott. Conn. 

3915 Goodyear, Charles Porter. Ga. 

1221 Gordon, Edwin Averill. Mass. 

2134 Gordon, George Augustus. N.H. 

1508 Gorham, Austin Goddard. Colo. 

3156 Goshorn, Alban Oliver. Ky. 

2200 Goshorn, Edward Clarence. Ohio. 

1027 Goss, Charles Albert. Neb. 

1903 Gould, Charles Albert. N.Y. 

1964 Gould, David Henry. Conn. 

2389 Gould, George Lambert. Mass. 
* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 




1 194 

5 1 





















No. State Soc. 

Gould, Levi Swanton. Mass. 

Gould, Seabury Smith. N.Y. 

Gould, S. Seward. N.Y. 

Granger, William Smith. R.I. 

Granniss, Robert Andrews. N.J. 

Grant, Charles Julian Clarke. Ky. 

Grant, De Forest. N.Y. 

Grant, Frederick Dent. N.Y. 

Grant, John William. Ga. 

Grant, Madison. N.Y. 

Grant, Thomas Page. Ky. 

Gratwick, Frederick Colman. N.Y. 

Gratwick, William Henry. N.Y. 

Graves, Carroll Stephen. Wash. 

Graves, Clyde Merritt. Wash. 

Graves, Frank Hyde. Wash. 

Graves, Jay P. Wash. 

Gray, Alfred William. Wis. 

Gray, Andrew Caldwell. Del. 

Gray, George. Del. 

Gray, Nathaniel A. Wis. 

Green, Charles Edward. Mo. 

Green, Charles Montraville. Mass. 

Green, John. Mo. 

Green, Robert Montraville. Mass. 

Green, Samuel Swett. Mass. 

Greene, Charles Arthur. N.J. 

Greene, Charles Lyman. Minn. 

Greene, Douglas Norvai.. N.Y. 

Greene, George Sears, Jr. N.Y. 

Greene, Howard. Wis. 

Greene, Richard Henry. N.Y. 

Greene, Richard McCormick. Colo. 

Greene, William Maxwell. R.I. 

Greenlaw, William Prescott. Mass. 

Greenleaf, Charles Henry. N.H. 

Greenleaf, Franklin Lewis. Minn. 

Gregg, Jesse Ashton. Minn. 

Gregg, Norris Bradford. Mo. 

Gregg, William Henry. Mo. 

Gregg, William Henry, Jr. Mo. 

Gregory, Clifford D. N.Y. 

Greve, Charles Theodore. Ohio. 

Gridley, Horace Warren. N.Y. 

Griffin, Francis Butler. N.Y. 

Griffin, Henry Arthur. N.Y. 

General No. State Soc. 

3777 Griggs, Robert Foote. Conn. 

269 Grinnell, George Bird. N.Y. 

270 Grinnell, William Milne. N.Y. 
675 Griscom, Clement Acton. Pa. 

1338 Griscom, Clement Acton, Jr. Pa. 

1334 Griscom, Lloyd Carpenter. Pa. 

808 Griscom, Rodman Ellison. Pa. 

224 Griswold, Benjamin Howell. Md. 

954 Gross, Charles Edward. Conn. 

748 Gross, Samuel Eberly. III. 

3487 Grover, Oliver Dennett. III. 

1524 Grubb, Charles Ross. N.J. 

451 Grubb, Edward Burd. N.J. and Pa. 

1835 Grubb, Ignatius Cooper. Del. 

1762 Guild, Curtis, Jr. Mass. 

1478 Guilford, Nathan. N.Y. 

3345 Guilford, William Wallace. Mass. 

7 Gunn, George Miles. N.Y. 

3878 Gunther, C. Eugene. N.Y. 

3895 Gunther, Franklin L. N.Y. 

391 1 Hack, George Earnest. Vt. 

3553 Hack, Mervin Root. Vt. 

3886 Hack, Thomas Henry. Vt. 

2440 Hadley, Emerson. Minn. 

3732 Hagan, Gilbert Harris. R.I. 

20 Haight, Abner Sherman. N.Y. 

1672 Haight, Charles Sherman. N.Y. 

6 Haight, Frederic Everest. N.Y. 

2170 Hale, Arthur. Pa. 

3143 Hale, Frederick. Me. 

843 Hale, Henry Appleton. Mass. 

2650 Hale, Thomas Wright. N.H. 

2021 Hall, Boardman. Mass. 

2081 Hall, Charles Lander. Cal. 

3989 Hall, Clarence Lones. Conn. 

504 Hall, Clayton Col man. Md. 

3961 Hall, David Allen. R.I. 

2060 Hall, Dudley. N.Y. 

2080 Hall, George Eli. Cal. 

517 Hall, George Franklin. Mass. 

2955 Hall, George Purdy. N.Y. 

2545 Hall, Harrison Coburn. Mass. 

3888 Hall, Henry. Mass. 

3352 Hall, Henry Lyon. Mass. 

3270 Hall, Henry Orville. D.C. 


General No. State Soc. 

2809 Hall, Maurice Arthur. Cal. 

3984 Hall, Nelson Read. R.I. 

3690 Hall, Victor Joseph. Cal. 

3715 Hall, William Stickney. Mass. 

1522 Halsey, Charles Day Thompson. N.J. 

2357 Halsey, Edmund Tyron. Ky. 

17 Halsey, Henry Augustus. N.Y. 

3840 Halsey, Samuel Armstrong. N.J. 

2087 Halsey, William Armstrong. N.J. 

1 191 Halsey, William Lafon. Ky. 

1 1 76 Halsted, David Crane. N.Y. 

1 1 77 Halsted, Edward Bayard. N.Y. 
3790 Hambleton, Frank Sherwood. Md. 

987 Hamersley, William. Conn. 

177 Hamilton, Alexander. N.Y. 

1026 Hamilton, Charles William. Neb. 

1025 Hamilton, Frank Tiernan. Neb. 

3334 Hamilton, Henry Nicoll. N.Y. 

2558 Hamlin, Charles Sumner. Mass. 

2397 Hammatt, Clarence Sherman. Ga. 

743 Hammond, Lyman Dresser. 111. 

2514 Hammond, William B. Pa. 

2994 Hammond, Winthrop. Mass. 

1396 Hanna, Charles Augustus. Neb. 

3515 Harden, Alfred Dearing. Ga. 

1 197 Harden, Edward Thomas. Cal. 

639 Hardie, Joseph Cuyler. D.C. 

3273 Harding, Hammond Lee. N.Y. 

3843 Hardwick, Charles Cheever. N.J. 

900 Hardy, Cyrus Austin. III. 

2226 Harmon, Ralph Gilbert. Mass. 

1979 Harral, Edward Wright. Conn. 

21 16 Harrington, Charles. Mass. 

3441 Harris, Alfonso Scott. Mass. 

2022 Harris, Charles. Mass. 

3642 Harris, Frederick. Mass. 

2942 Harris, James Louis. N.H. 

2394 Harrison, Alexander. Conn. 

2377 Harrison, Carter Henry. III. 

3474 Harrison, Russell B. Ind. 

3850 Hart, Albert Bushnell. Mass. 

1742 Hart, Charles Nelson. Colo. 

2192 Hart, Henry Gilbert. N.Y. 

3898 Hart, Richard Huson. Colo. 

581 Hart, Samuel. Conn. 

360 Hartley, George Derwent. N.Y. 


General No. State Soc. 

2208 Hartson, Millard Tracy. Wash. 

2513 Harvey, Richard Wistar. Pa. 

1096 Hasell, Lewis Cruger. N.Y. 

1945 Haseltine, Frank. Pa. 

3318 Haskell, Charles Oliver. Me. 

3093 Haskell, Frank Walsh. N.Y. 

3728 Haskell, Harry Garner. Del. 

2660 Haskell, Horace Stewart. Vt. 

841 Hastings, Henry. . Mass. 

1438 Hastings, Hugh. N.Y. 

21 Hatch, Arthur Melvin. N.Y. 

3516 Hatch, Clarence. Ga. 

3517 Hatch, Josiah Oakes. Ga. 
1875 Hatfield, William Henry. N.Y. 
1042 Hathaway, Forrest Henry. Vt. 
3165 Haughton, John Paul. Pa. 
3786 Haughton, Richard. Pa. 
3802 Haven, William. Iowa. 
2901 Hawes, Andrew. Me. 

199 Hawes, Gilbert Ray. N.Y. 

126 Hawkes, McDougall. N.Y. 

3431 Hawks, James Dudley. Mich. 

1779 Hawks, Joseph Matthew. Minn. 

2360 Hawks, William Irving. N.Y. 

2205 Hawley, Walter Augustus. Cal. 

2857 Hawxhurst, Arthur. III. 

3462 Hay, Charles Cortlandt. N.Y. 

1907 Hayden, Charles. Mass. 

2702 Hayden, Henry Whiting. N.Y. 

419 Hayden, Horace Edwin. Pa. 

2746 Hayden, James Raynor. N.Y. 

2128 Hayden, William Mozart. Md. 

910 Hayes, Birchard Austin. Ohio. 

3688 Hayes, Charles Harris. N.J. 

3708 Hayes, William Allen. Mass. 

1362 Haynes, John Randolph. Cal. 

3530 Hayward, William Eugene. Ind. 

2698 Hazard, Rowland Gibson. R.I. 

3334 Hazelton, Gerry Whiting. Wis. 

1848 Healy, David Allen. Mass. 

552 Heaton, John Edward. Conn. 

3977 Hebard, Frederic Schiller. III. 

2944 Hegeman, John Rogers, Jr. N.Y. 

263 Heilner, George Corson. N.Y. 

2198 Hendrick, Calvin Wheeler. N.Y. 

670 Henry, James Malcolm. D.C. 


General No. State Soc. 

643 Henry, John William. D.C. 

3737 Henshaw, Joseph Greene. R.I. 

148 Herman, John Armstrong. N.Y. and Pa. 

1806 Herrick, Charles William. N.Y. 

1783 Hersey, Roscoe Freeman. Minn. 

2992 *Hewins, James. Mass. 

1034 Heywood, Henry Brady. Ind. and Neb. 

2063 Hicks, Benjamin Doughty. N.Y. 

2064 Hicks, Frederick Cocks. N.Y. 
3817 Hicks, Lewis Wilder. Mass. 
2576 Hill, Charles Borland. N.Y. 
3496 Hill, Edward Marcy. Mass. 
3495 Hill, Henry Horace. Mass. 
2144 Hill, Howard Fremont. N.H. 
2632 Hill, John Boynton. Mo. 
3032 Hill, John Fremont. Me. 
3683 Hill, John Philip. Md. 
1 1 14 Hill, Lew Cass. Mass. 

2462 Hill, Malcolm Westcott. Md. 
3891 Hill, Norman Alan. Md. 
1586 Hill, Robert Carmer. N.Y. 
1 133 Hill, William Squier. N.Y. 
1 181 Hillhouse, Charles Betts. N.Y. 

50 Hillhouse, Francis. N.Y. 

3225 Hills, Joseph Lawrence. Vt. 

3842 Hills, William, Jr. N.J. 

3608 Hincken, Cort Roadside. N.Y. 

3106 Hinckley, Nathaniel Bent. Minn. 

1849 Hinckley, Sylvester Baxter. Mass. 

3200 Hobbs, Franklin Warren. Mass. 

933 Hodges, Alfred. N.Y. 

2298 Hoes, Roswell Randall. R.I. 

121 Hoff, John Van Rensselaer. N.Y. 

3323 Hoffman, Charles Frederick. N.Y. 

503 Hoffman, Richard Curzon. Md. 

2362 Hoffman, Samuel Verplanck. N.J. and N.Y. 

3628 Hoffman, William Mitchell Vail. N.Y. 

2943 Hoge, Peyton Harrison. Ky. 

2185 Holbrook, Levi. Mass. 

1991 Holcombe, John Marshall. Conn. 

1 1 19 Holden, Joshua Bennett. Mass. 

1226 Holden, William. Mass. 

3130 Holland, Alexander. N.Y. 

1 100 Holland, John Butterfield. N.Y. 

2463 Holland, Joseph. N.Y. 

* Since deceased. 

General No. State Soc. 

3475 Holliday, Jacquelin Smith. Ind. 

1635 hollingsworth, w. wharton. pa. 

i729 hollingsworth, zachary taylor. mass. 

3343 Holman, Charles Bradley. Mass. 

2243 Holmes, Edwin Thomas. N.Y. 

3583 Holmes, William Boyd. Mass. 

1840 Holt, Henry Peter Renouf. D.C. 

3906 Holton, Henry Dwight. Vt. 

3697 Homer, William Bradford. Mo. 

582 Hooker, Edward Williams. Conn. 

3205 Hopkins, Alfred Francis. D.C. 

3206 Hopkins, Neville Monroe. D.C. 
149 Hopkinson, Edward. Pa. 

1868 Hord, Arnold Harris. D.C. 

2813 Horner, Alfred Byrne. D.C. 

144 Hornor, William Macpherson. N.Y. and Pa. 

668 Horton, William Edward. N.Y. 

248 Hosmer, Edward Sturges. N.Y. 

1618 Hosmer, Jerome Carter. Mass. 

2044 Hotchkin, Walter Bryant. N.Y. 

1985 Hotchkiss, Henry Lucius. Conn. 

467 Hough, Oliver. Pa. 

1448 Houghton, Clement Stevens. Mass. 

3221 Houghton, George Clarke. N.Y. 

2676 Houghton, William Addison. Me. 

2648 Houston, Samuel Frederic. Pa. 

452 Houston, William Churchill, Jr. Pa. 

3384 How, John Gordon. N.Y. 

2306 Howard, Charles Edward Nason. Minn. 

2738 Howard, Harry Morton. Mass. 

3889 Howard, Harry Stinson. Vt. 

488 Howard, McHenry. Md. 

3905 Howard, Oliver Otis. Vt. 

133 Howard, William Colman. N.Y. 

3860 Howard-Martin, Edmund. N.Yv 

3226 Howe, Edward Jenkins. Mass. 

1 2 19 Howe, Edward Willard. Mass- 

2456 Howe, George Allaire. Pa. 

2960 Howe, George Rowland. N.J. 

2101 Howe, Herbert Marshall. Pa. 

2878 Howell, Edwin Albro. N.Y. 

78 Howell, Henry Wilson, Jr. N.Y. 

329 Howell, William. N.Y. 

890 Howland, Charles Warren. Mass. 

513 Howland, Daniel Webster. Mass. 

3253 Howland, Shepard. Mass. 



General No. 

3321 Hoyt, Charles Wentworth. 

2008 Hoyt, Edward Corse. 

1 105 Hoyt, William Edwin. 

811 Hubbard, Adolphus Skinner. 

3328 Hubbard, Paul Mascarene. 

3723 Hubbard, Robert Morris. 

1462 Hubbell, Charles Bulkley. 

2339 Hubbell, Frederick Cooper. 

2199 Hubbell, Frederick Marion. 

359 Hubbell, Henry Wilson. 

673 Huidekoper, Frederick Wolters. 

3163 Huidekoper, Thomas Wallis. 

2378 Hulbert, Edmund Daniel. 

182 Hulbert, Henry Carlton. 

3784 Hull, Frederick Warren, Jr. 

1670 Hull, George Huntington. 

1628 Hull, James Wells. 

1030 Humphrey, Charles Frederick. 

305 Humphreys, Frank Landon. 

857 Humphreys, Frederick H. 

3569 Hundley, John Barret. 

1595 Hungerford, Charles Stuart. 

3925 Hungerford, Newman. 

3546 Hunt, Arthur Kinsman. 

1 718 Hunt, Henry Warren. 

3207 Hunt, Ridgley. 

918 Hunt, Samuel Furman. 

2903 Hunter, Edward. 

678 Hunter, Richard Stockton. 

1900 Huntington, Charles Richards. 

1989 Huntington, Frederick Jabez. 

3488 Huntington, Henry Alonzo. 

-2707 huntting, teunis dlmon. 

Si 5 Hurd, Charles Russell. 

1403 Hurd, Ethan Osborn. 

2196 Hurd, Harold. 

287 Hurd, Rukard. 

3147 Hurlbutt, John Henry. 

985 Huse, Robert Selden. 

1 143 Hutchins, Charles Lewis. 

2267 Hutchinson, Cary Talcott. 

3258 Hutton, A. Lefferts. 

71 Hyatt, Frank Stanley. 

2472 Hyde, Clarence Melville. 

785 Hyde, Edwin Francis. 

653 Hyde, Frederick Erastus. 


State Soc. 






































Conn, and N.Y. 









General No. State Soc. 

1885 Hyde, James Clarence. N.Y. 
2028 Hyde, James Nevins. III. 
1366 Hyde, Raymond Newton. N.Y. 
a868 Hyde, Thomas. D.C. 
2004 Hyde, William Waldo. Conn. 

3202 Inches, George Brimmer. Mass. 

2178 Ingalls, Phineas Henry. Conn. 

i99o ingersoll, charles anthony. conn. 

570 Ingersoll, Colin Macrae. Conn. 

2972 Ingraham, William Moulton. Me. 

31 14 Ingraham, William Shurtleff. Conn. 

354 Innis, Hasbrouck. N.Y. 

2723 Irish, Edward Shaw. Colo. 

3042 Irving, Cortlandt. N.Y. 

3308 Irving, Washington. N.J. 

2251 Irwin, John Vosburgh. N.Y. 

104 Isham, Charles. Conn, and N.Y. 

3513 Ives, Anson Jesse. Ga. 

709 Ives, Francis Joseph. N.Y. 

1833 Ives, Marvin Allen. III. 

1884 Ives, Ralph Olmsted. N.Y. 

2823 Jackson, Edward Fisher. Mo. 

2822 Jackson, George Edwards. Mo. 

1886 Jackson, James H. N.Y. 
3698 Jackson, John Day. Conn. 
3965 Jackson, Nathaniel Francis. Ga. 

161 Jackson, Oswald. N.Y. 

2756 Jackson, Pearsall Bradhurst. N.Y. 

171 1 Jackson, William. Mass. 

3635 Jacobs, Henry Barton. Md. 

*Jaggard, Edward Ames. Minn. 

1274 James, Thomas. Mo. 

2143 Jameson, Winifield Scott. Wash. 

1610 Janvrin, Joseph Edward. N.Y. 

625 Jarvis, Samuel Fermor. Conn. 

1024 Jaynes, Fremont Nathan. Minn. 

1 122 Jenkins, Austin Lowe. Md. 
1003 Jenkins, Edmund Fellows. N.Y. 

506 Jenkins, Edward Austin. Md. 

1037 Jenkins, Francis de Sales. Md. 

1 123 Jenkins, Spalding Lowe. Md. 
2126 Jenkins, Thomas Courtney. Md. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 


General No. State Soc. 

2466 Jenks, Almet Francis. N.Y. 

845 Jenks, Henry Fitch. Mass. 

3432 Jenks, Nathan. Mich. 

3182 Jenney, Bernard. Mass. 

2037 Jenney, Herbert. Ohio. 

395 Jennings, Albert Gould. N.Y. 

1999 Jennings, Arthur Osborne. Conn. 

3927 Jennings, Oliver Gould. Conn. 

2 493 Jerome, Thomas Spencer. Mich. 

1 138 Jewett, Stephen. Minn. 

2987 Jewett, William Kennon. Colo. 

2 433 Joclyn, Stephen Perry. Vt. 

2190 Johnson, Charles Alfred. Colo. 

3704 Johnson, Charles William Leverett. Md. 

1786 Johnson, Charles Williamson. Minn. 

1944 Johnson, Edward H. Pa. 

891 Johnson, Emery Walter. Mass. 

2941 Johnson, Francis Jewett. Wis. 

1 716 Johnson, George Perry. Mass. 

3304 Johnson, Henry Lowry Emilius. D.C. 

380 Johnson, Jeremiah Augustus. N.Y. 

1460 Johnson, John Quincy Adams. N.Y. 

791 Johnson, Joseph Horsfall. N.Y. 

2497 Johnson, Joseph Taber. D.C. 

404 Johnson, Stephen Albert. N.Y. 

3836 Johnson, Stephen Seguine. N.J. 

3458 Johnson, William Schuyler. N.Y. 

2 395 Johnston, Christopher. Md. 

1289 Johnstone, Francis Upton. N.Y. 

2266 Johnstone, John. N.Y. 

3857 Jones, Arthur Sidney Herbert. N.Y. 
420 Jones, Charles Henry. Pa. 

3125 Jones, Charles Herbert. N.Y. 

2867 Jones, Charles Landon. N.Y. 

2403 Jones, Charles Louis. Wis. 

3584 Jones, Charlie Arthur. Mass. 

1 190 Jones, David May. Ky. 

3°33 Jones, Edward Clarence. Me. 

1533 Jones, Francis Fitch. Ga. 

'763 Jones, George William. Mass. 

1090 Jones, Oliver Livingston. N.Y. 

3858 Jones, Oliver Livingston, Jr. N.Y. 
1342 Jones, Paul. Ky. 
2651 Jones, Philip Ingraham. Me. 

435 Jones, Richmond Legh. Pa. 

2819 Jones, Robert Ralston. Ohio. 



General No. 

hi Jones, Shipley. 

2561 Jones, Wylie Brantley. 

2 594 Jordan, Fritz Hermann. 

849 Jordan, Scott. 

2045 Judd, Orrin Reynolds. 

1533 Judson, Frederick Newton. 

1306 Judson, William Pierson. 

2481 Junkin, Francis T. A. 

1588 Keech, Frank Browne. 

2194 Keegan, Dermot Warburton. 

2781 Keegan, Vincent Elijah. 

1955 Keen, Gregory Bernard. 

636 Keith, Arthur. 

1231 Keith, Solomon Lorin. 

3851 Kellen, William Vail. 

2605 Kellogg, Frederic Rogers. 

3809 Kellogg, Frank Billings. 

3532 Kellogg, Harry, LaFayette. 

1966 Kellogg, John Prescott. 

410 Kelly, James Henry. 

1830 Kelly, Luther Sage. 

2840 Kemble, Francis Tillou. 

3149 Kendall, Henry Myron. 

3745 Kenly, William Watkins. 

3160 Kennan, Thomas Lathrop. 

1326 Kennard, Joseph Spencer. 

1881 Kennedy, Elijah Robinson. 

3401 Kent, Daniel. 

720 Kent, Henry Oakes. 

3018 Kenyon, George Henry. 

3336 Kenyon, Ralph Wood. 

3873 Ketcham, Arthur C. 

2737 Ketchum, Charles John. 

3833 Key, Edward. 

703 Keyser, Robert Brent. 

779 Kimball, Arthur Reed. 

3942 Kimball, Charles Dean. 

2543 Kimball, Frank Reed. 

2270 Kimball, Harold Chandler. 

2990 King, Edward. 

3562 King, Harris MacLeod. 

21 15 King, Henry Parsons. 

1091 Kingman, William Livermore. 

593 Kingsbury, Frederick John. 

97 Kip, William V. B. 


State Soc. 




























General No. 



Kirkland, Howard McKesson. 
Kirkman, Van Leer. 

2042 Kissam, Henry Snyder. 

3626 Kitchell, William Lloyd. 

1525 Kite, Louis Stanvvood. 

3297 Kite, Thomas. 

3864 Kittle, Charles Albert. 

1058 KiTrREDGE, Abbott Eliot. 

454 Klapp, William Henry. 

1685 Klink, George Timothy. 

2309 Knapp, Henry Eno. 

2488 Knight, Stephen Herrick. 

3565 Knott, Aloysius Leo. 

641 Knox, William Saulsbury. 

854 Kobbe, George Christian. 

2476 Kobbe, Philip Ferdinand. 

1368 Koop, Eugene. 

948 Koop, Godfrey Phelps. 

367 Koues, George Ellsworth. 

3634 Kulp, John Stewart. 

1888 Kunkel, Robert Sharp. 

State Soc. 












N.J. and N.Y. 



1 192 La Bree, Benjamin. 

1397 Ladd, Charles Franklin. 

1378 Ladd, William Whitehead, Jr. 

2744 Lahens, Louis Emile. 

2167 Lamberton, James McCormick. 

1936 LaMotte, William Alexander. 

523 Lamson, Daniel Sanderson. 

2544 Lamson, William George. 

2577 Lancaster, Edwin Robinson. 

3746 Lancaster, Edwin Williams. 

2959 Landon, Francis Griswold. 

2719 Landon, Henry Hutton. 

475 Landreth, Burnet, Jr. 

1340 Landreth, Symington Phillips. 

1209 Lane, Ebenezer. 

2250 Lane, Francis Titus Luquer. 

3772 Lane, Wolcott Griswold. 

1676 Langdon, Andrew. 

919 Langdon, Perin. 

2260 Langdon, William Chauncey. 

1897 Langdon, Woodbury Gersdorf. 

3305 Langworthy, Charles Ford. 

423 Lardner, James Lawrence. 

3650 Lathrop, Alonzo Peckham. 



























General No. 

31 21 Lathrop, Charles Gardner. 

1258 Lathrop, Kirke. 
84 Lawrence, Abraham Riker. 

2059 Lawrence, Robert Cutting. 

2016 Lawrence, William. 

3412 Lawrence, William Mangam. 

2626 Lawrence, William Watson. 

17 14 Lawrie, Andrew Westcott. 

2034 Laws, Harry Langdon. 

3963 Lawton, Fred Chester. 

1587 Lawton, George Perkins. 

2550 Lea, James Henry. 

1941 Lea, Preston. 

3395 Lea, William. 

459 Leach, Josiah Granville. 

1548 Leaken, William Ridgely. 

602 Learned, Bela Peck. 

799 Learned, Francis Mason. 

1028 Learned, Myron Leslie. 

609 Learned, Walter. 

3865 Leaycraft, John Edgar. 

1 198 Lee, Bkadner Wells. 

468 Lee, Edmund Jennings. 

201 1 Lee, Hillyard Cameron. 

1 08 1 Lee, Julian Harry. 

1225 Leeds, Charles. 

3749 Leeds, Warner Mifflin. 

3762 Leeds, William Bateman. 

554 Leete, Charles Sidney. 

3097 Lefferts, Frederic Raymond. 

2966 Lefferts, Frederic Raymond, Jr. 

3127 Lefferts, William Henry. 

3251 Leighton, George Bridge. 

2699 Leland, Charles Henry. 

3581 Leland, Herbert Messinger. 

457 Lennig, Charles Frederick. 

1602 Leonard, Daniel. 

693 Leonard, Edgar Cotrell. 

1259 Leonard, Gardner Cotrell. 
21 18 Leonard, George Henry. 

*Leonard, William A. 

1384 LeRoy, Frederick Gebhard. 

912 Le Roy, Jacob. 

3792 Levick, Lewis J. 

472 Levis, Samuel White. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed 


State Soc. 













































General No. State Soc. 

436 Lewis, David, Jr. Pa. 
1426 Lewis, George Winthrop. Minn. 
3214 Lewis, John Calvin. Ky. 
2655 Lewis, John Locke. N.Y. 

437 Lewis, John Thompson, Jr. Pa. 
142 Lewis, William Fisher. N.Y. and Pa. 

2961 Libbey, William. N.J. 

2592 Libby, Charles Freeman. Me. 

2169 Liggett, Sidney B. Pa. 

2685 Lightner, Clarence Ashley. Mich. 

14 1 7 Lightner, William Hurley. Minn. 

3476 Lilly, John Miller. Ind. 

3738 Lincoln, George Henry. R.I. 

3941 Lindley, John Milton. Iowa. 

3752 Lindsay, John Douglas. N.Y. 

3880 Lines, Ernest Van Rensselaer. N.Y. 

3775 Lines, Harvey Klapp. N.Y. 

3481 Lines, Theodore Truesdale. N.Y. 

3931 Lippitt, Costello. Conn. 

3537 Lipscomb, Francis Adgate. Ga. 

1630 Lisle, Robert Patton. Pa. 

335 Litchfield, Edward Hubbard. N.Y. 

3274 Litchfield, Edward Hubert. N.Y. 

3123 Litchfield, Electus Darwin. N.Y. 

3661 Little, Edward Porter. Mo. 

3037 Little, Frederick Scrymser. N.Y. 

2322 Little, Henry Lyman. Minn. 

2741 Little, Thomas. N.Y. 

2767 Little, William Agnew. D.C. 

2749 Littlefield, George Emery. Mass. 

1 1 13 Littlefield, Marcellus. Mass. 

3373 Livermore, John Riley. N.Y. 

44 Livingston, Edward de Peyster. N.Y. 

1 188 Livingston, Gilbert Robert. N.Y. 

455 Livingston, John Henry. N.Y. 

32 Livingston, Philip. N.Y. 

1545 Lloyd, John Uri. Ohio. 

3209 Lloyd, Malcolm, Jr. Pa. 

3912 Lobingier, Andrew Stewart. Cal. 

2225 Locke, Charles Augustus. Mass. 

1963 Lockwood, Luke Vincent. Conn. 

3252 Lockwood, Thomas St. John. Mass. 

1574 Logan, Walter Seth. N.Y. 

191 8 Lombard, John William Peterson. Wis. 

3582 Long, Harry Vinton. Mass. 

634 Long, Oscar Fitzalan. D.C. 


General No. State Soc. 

1314 Longacre, James Barton. Pa. 

3288 Longfellow, Alexander Wadsworth. Mass. 

3414 Loomis, John Henry. III. 

3419 Lord, Calvin. Mass. 

2215 Lord, Charles Edward. Mass. 

708 Lord, Frank Howard. N.Y. 

1031 Lord, John Prentiss. Neb. 

2911 Lord, Joseph Edwin Potter. N.Y. 

166 Lord, Nathan Holcombe. N.Y. 

2244 Lorton, Heth. N.Y. 

1968 Love, William De Loss. Conn. 

1579 Lovell, Frank Hallett. N.Y. 

1580 Lovell, Frank Hallett, Jr. N.Y. 
1818 Lovell, Leander Newton. N.J. 
1 1 12 Lovering, Henry Morton. Mass. 
3596 Low, Joseph Tompkins. N.Y. 
1892 Low, William Gilman, Jr. N.Y. 
3524 Ludlow, George McMurtry. III. 
3744 Lung, George Augustus. N.Y. 
2672 Lunt, William Wallace. Mass. 

253 Luquer, Lea McIlvaine. N.Y. 

787 Luquer, Thatcher Taylor Payne. N.Y. 

2417 Lyman, Ellas. Vt. 

2622 Lyman, George Alexander. III. 

3204 Lyman, George Hinckley. Mass. 

3936 Lynch, Jasper. N.J. 

3422 Lyon, George Elmer. Mo. 

712 Lyons, James. Va. 

3932 Mabie, Hamilton Wright. 

3720 Macbeth, Malcolm. 

3787 Macbeth, Ravenel. 

1552 Macdonough, Rodney. 

217 Mackenzie, George Norbury. 

1344 Mackenzie, George Norbury, 3RD. 

3244 Mackoy, Harry Brent. 

3071 MacLean, George Edwin. 

3372 Macpherson, Robert Barclay. 

1759 MacVeagh, Eames. 

1590 Macy, Coggeshall. 

1584 Macy, George Henry. 

991 Macy, Sylvanus Jenkins, Jr. 

3848 Magruder, Caleb Clarke. 

2670 Mandell, Samuel Pierce. 

1435 Mann, Charles Addison. 

361 Mann, Elias Plum. 






Md. and N.Y. 













General No. State Soc. 

362 Mann, Francis N., Jr. N.Y. 

1485 Mann, Matthew Derbyshire. N.Y. 

1614 Manning, William Thurston. Md. 

3616 Manton, Leon Wood. N.Y. 

1068 Marsh, Henry Daniel. Mass. 

2976 Marsh, Henry Wheelwright. III. 

2573 Marsh, John Edward. N.J. 

3867 Marshall, David Parish Barhydt. N.Y. 

3899 Marshall, James M. Ky. 

3059 Marshall, William St. John Elliott. Mo. 

458 Marston, John. Pa. 

3193 Martin, Charles Henry. Mass. 

686 Martin, J. Willis. Pa. 

1497 Marvin, Richard Pratt. Ohio. 

3228 Mason, Amos Lawrence. Mass. 

426 Mason, George Champlin, Jr. Pa. 

2609 Mason, James Blaine. Iowa. 

2095 Mason, William Lyman. Wis. 

1572 Matthews, Albert. Ohio. 

1958 Maxwell, Francis Taylor. Conn. 

2866 Maxwell, Robert Alexander. N.Y. 

2627 Maybury, William Jordan. Me. 

642 Maynard, George Colton. D.C. 

661 Mayo, Edward Carrington. N.Y. and Va. 

56 McAllister, Heyward Hall. N.Y. 

3460 McAlpin, Benjamin Brandreth. N.Y. 

3459 McAlpin, Edwin Augustus. N.Y. 

2088 McClintock, Emory. N.J. 

3320 McClintock, John. N.Y. 

1307 McClure, Archibald Jermain. N.Y. 

2372 McCord, George Lawrence. Mo. 

2369 McCord, James Hamilton. Mo. 

2373 McCord, Robert Hamden. Mo. 

2370 McCord, Samuel Steele. Mo. 
2368 McCord, William Hallack. Mo. 
1087 McCulloch, Champe Carter. N.Y. 

2630 McCulloch, Richard. Mo. 

2631 McCulloch, Robert. Mo. 
3861 McCulloch, Walter Buchanan. N.Y. 
2461 McDowell, Edward Campbell, Jr. Ky. 
3526 McDowell, Hervey. Ky. 
2785 McElroy, Clayton. Pa. 
2405 McGeoch, Arthur Nye. Wis. 

847 McGlenen, Edward Webster. Mass. 

951 McGlenen, Harry Jarret. Mass. 

3706 McGrath, John. Ohio. 



General No. 

361 i McGuire, James Clark. 

2788 McIlvain, William. 

3990 McIlvaine, Edward Morton. 

1071 McIntire, Charles John. 

2913 McKesson, Irving. 

1 134 McKinstry, Charles Hedges. 

1637 McKnight, Charles. 

2837 McMichael, Charles Barnsley. 

3429 McMillan, Philip Hamilton. 

1483 McMillan, William Charles. 
♦McMurran, William Thomas. 

3451 McNair, Eben Orlando. 

2801 McNamee, Charles. 

3367 McNamee, Theodore H. 

3597 McVickar, John Augustus. 

3806 Mead, Louis Henry. 

1468 Mead, Spencer Percival. 

3845 Meader, Richard Dame. 

482 Meeker, Richards Carson. 

21 17 Meekins, Edward Munro. 

3629 Meigs, Peveril, Jr. 

3622 Melcher, John Stevens. 

273 Melville, Henry. 

3012 Mercur, James Watts. 

1324 Mercur, Rodney Augustus. 

1773 Merrell, George. 

889 Merriam, Frank. 

3937 Merrick, Cyrus Henry. 

3938 Merrick, Henry Spencer. 
3183 Merrill, Frederic Augustus. 
3838 Merrill, John Lenord. 

2835 Merrill, Joseph Henry. 

3810 Merrill, Thomas Davis. 

611 Merriman, William Buckingham. 

932 Merritt, Douglas. 

3682 Merritt, Simon Wickes. 

2978 Merritt, William Alfred. 

2182 Merwin, Orange. 

1470 Metcalf, Bryce. 

1 145 Metcalf, William Park. 

2981 Meysenberg, Robert Carr. 

277 Mickle-Saltonstall, Andrew Hutchins. 

1794 Middleton, Harvey. 

2727 Middleton, Merle. 

2706 Miles, Alfred Graham. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed 



State Soc. 










, and N.Y. 





































General No. State Soc. 

1861 Mill, Charles David. III. 

1269 Millard, Frank Ashley. Iowa. 

3470 Miller, Ben de Mier. D.C. 

46 Miller, Charles Benjamin. N.Y. 

892 Miller, Charles Kingsbury. III. 

3881 Miller, Eddis Nelson. N.Y. 

1310 Miller, Sidney Trowbridge. Mich. 

855 Milnor, Thomas William. N.J. 

2422 Miner, Charles Edmund. Vt. 

3219 Miner, Karl Roswell. N.Y. 

491 Minis, John Livingston. Md. 

243 Minor, John Crannell. N.Y. 

2753 Minot, James. N.H. 

1067 Minot, Joseph Grafton. Mass. 

2 1 81 Mitchell, Charles Foote. Conn. 

1565 Mitchell, Edward Craig. Minn. 

3610 Moffat, R. Burnham. N.Y. 

2284 Moffett, Darius Lauden. Ky. 

2755 Moller, Charles George, Jr. N.Y. 

1725 Monfort, Frederick Delos. Minn. 

2236 Montgomery, Archibald Roger. Pa. 

1 1 78 Montgomery, Hardman Philips Alan. N.Y. 

1296 Montgomery, Henry Eglinton. N.Y. 

3010 Montgomery, Henry Eglinton, 2nd. N.Y. 

2262 Montgomery, James Eglinton. N.Y. 

3 1 71 Montgomery, James Henry. Pa. 

2085 Moody, Frederick Schander. Cal. 

1421 Moore, Albert Randell. Minn. 

3814 Moore, Frank Remick. Mass. 

3599 Moore, Howard Parker. N.Y. 

1735 Moore, William John. III. 

3477 Moores, Charles Washington. Ind. 

3478 Moores, Merrill. Ind. 
3005 Moran, Charles. N.Y. 
2775 Morgan, Charles. N.Y. 
3085 Morgan, Fisher Corlies. Pa. 
2259 Morgan, George Dayton. N.Y. 
3051 Morgan, George Edgar. N.Y. 

113 Morgan, James Henry. N.Y. 

1284 Morgan, James Lancaster. N.Y. 

2242 Morgan, John Hill. N.Y. 

3038 Morgan, Leslie Allen. N.Y. 

2465 Morgan, Louis Segur. N.Y. 

279 Morgan, Robert Webb. N.Y. 

853 Morgan, William Fellows. N.J. 

229 Morgan, William H. N.Y. 





3 2 78 


















Moriarty, George Andrews, Jr. 
Morrell, Edward De Veaux. 
Morrill, Samuel. 
Morris, Frederick Wistar, Jr. 
Morris, Henry. 
Morris, Lewis. 
Morris, Roland Sletor. 
Morris, Seymour. 
Morrison, Charles King. 
Morrison, George Austin, Jr. 
Morrison, Samuel Turner. 
Morrison, William Francis. 
Morse, Edward Emery. 
Morse, Fred Winslow. 
Morse, Glenn Tilley. 
Morse, Waldo Grant. 
Morse, Willard Samuel. 
Morton, Frederick Nash. 
Morton, Levi Parsons. 
Moseley, Edward Augustus. 
Moseley, Frank. 
Moseley, John Graham. 
Moses, Zebina. 
Motley, Thomas Lawrence. 
Mott, John Thomas. 
Mott, Luther Wright. 
M otter, Isaac. 

Moulton, Augustus Freedom. 
Moulton, George Mayhew. 
Mowatt, Charles Grayson. 
Mudge, Frank Herbert. 
Mudge, Solomon Hinckley. 
Mulford, Ernest Denman. 
Mumford, James Gregory. 
Munger, Carl Eugene. 
Munro, Wilfred Harold. 
Munson, Cyrus La Rue. 
Munson, Francis Morton. 
Munson, Francis Morton, Jr. 
Murdock, Harold. 
Murdock, Joseph Ballard. 
Muren, George Morgan. 
Murphey, Chauncey Hurlburt 
Murphey, Elijah Warriner. 
Murphy, Franklin. 
Murray, Charles Henry. 


State Soc. 
III. and Mass. 

General No. 
3240 Murray, George Henry. 

2193 Myer, Albert James. 

3783 Myers, James Fairlie Cooper. 

3705 Myers, William Starr. 

2303 Myers, Walter Fredericks. 

1469 Mynderse, Wilhelmus. 

3454 Napier, Charles Dwight. 

3494 Nash, Louis Philip. 

1826 Nash, Nathaniel Cushing. 

2355 Neely, Robert Caldwell. 

3212 Nelson, Edwin Horatio. 

2681 Newberry, John Stoughton. 

iioi Newberry, Truman Handy. 

1 147 Newcomb, George Amos. 

3788 Newcomb, Harry Turner. 

2168 Newell, William Harmar. 

3142 Newhall, Charles Cary. 

1 hi Newhall, James Silver. 

1 135 Newman, Clarence Egberts. 

2033 Newton, Charles Humphreys. 

558 Newton, Henry Gleason. 

3007 Nichols, Acosta. 

3008 Nichols, George Livingston. 

1 186 Nichols, Henry Atherton. 
943 Nichols, Maury. 

3995 Nichols, Richard Johnson. 

1 187 Nichols, Willard Atherton. 
1933 Nicholson, John Reed. 

2748 Nickerson, Philip Tillinghast. 

2733 Nickerson, Stephen Wescott. 

1626 Nickerson, Thomas White. 

3750 Nicoll, Fancher. 

3277 Nicoll, Henry Denton. 

2292 Nightingale, George Corlis. 

732 Noble, Robert. 

1216 Norcross, Grenville Howland. 

3724 Norman, Albert Clift. 

438 Norris, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. 

439 Norris, George Washington. 
3694 Norris, Henry McCoy. 
3381 Northrop, Frank. 

381 Norton, Edward Loudon. 

1436 Norton, Porter. 

917 Norton, Thomas Herbert. 

134 Norwood, Lewis Morris. 


State Soc. 







Mich, and N.Y. 


































General No. 

347 Noyes, Charles Phelps. 

1424 Noyes, Daniel Rogers. 

3976 Noyes, David Allen. 

2591 Noyes, Edward Deering. 

210 Noyes, James Atkins. 

2629 Noyes, Wadsworth. 

3588 Nutter, Charles Read. 

2338 Nutting, Grant Hosford. 

2337 Nutting, James Ralph. 

3670 Nye, James Warren. 

760 Obear, Frank. 

3358 Ober, Gustavus. 

49 O'Conor, John Christopher. 

3276 Oddie, Orville, Jr. 

3259 Offley, Cleland Nelson. 

338 Ogden, Ludlow. 

355 Olin, Stephen Henry. 

31 17 Olmstead, Edward. 

22 Olney, George Washington. 

1 29 1 Olyphant, John Kensett. 

1290 Olyphant, Robert. 

1 1 79 Ormsbee, Hermann W. 

203 Orne, Henry Merrill. 

3564 Orrick, Henry Abert. 

2764 Orton, Edward, Jr. 

3652 Orton, Forrest Hoy. 

3126 Orvis, Charles Eustis. 

1043 Osborn, Henry Austin. 

2328 Osborn, Henry Fairfield. 

3771 Osborn, William Updike. 

2735 Osgood, Edward Louis. 

3776 Osgood, Frederick Larned. 

3981 Otis, Charles Tillinghast. 

1 50 1 Otis, Joseph Edward, Jr. 

1738 Otis, Philo Adams. 

3340 Otis, Ralph Chester. 

3823 Otter, John Delaware. 

1557 Owen, Frederick Denison. 

2579 Owen, William Henry, Jr. 

3901 Owen, William O. 

State Soc. 


Mass. and N.Y. 



















483 Paca, John Philemon. 


Packard, Durand Clarence. 
Page, Carroll Smalley. 
Page, Louis Rodman. 






General No. State Soc. 

1333 Page, Oliver Ormsbv. Pa. 

440 Page, Samuel Davis. Pa. 

213 Page, Walter Gilman. Me. 

2760 Paine, Cyrus Fav. N.Y. 

887 Palmer, Charles Dana. • Mass. 

2935 Palmer, Ernest. N.Y. 

2720 Palmer, Lowell Mason. N.Y. 

3609 Palmer, Lucius Noyes. N.Y. 

1902 Palmer, Walter Warner. N.Y. 

3501 Palmer, William Lincoln. Mass. 

3859 Parish, Edward Codman. N.Y. 

3636 Park, Robert Emory. Ga. 

2070 Parker, Charles Lincoln. Mass. 

191 1 Parker, Charles Wallingford. Mass. 

1 715 Parker, Charles Wentworth. Mass. 

1709 Parker, Charles Wentworth, Jr. Mass. 

3592 Parker, Charles Wolcott. N.J. 

2578 Parker, Frederick Sheldon. N.Y. 

2017 Parker, Frederick Wesley. Mass. 

3424 Parker, George Turner. Mo. 

3137 Parker, Henry Rust. N.H. 

2218 Parker, Herman. Mass. 

2122 Parker, John Nelson. Mass. 

2383 Parker, Moses Greeley. Mass. 

3799 Parkhurst, Daniel Burleigh. Cal. 

580 Parmele, George Luther. Conn. 

2140 Parsons, Charles Lathrop. N.H. 

1069 Parsons, Charles Sumner. Mass. 

2065 Parsons, Hosmer Buckingham. N.Y. 

2794 Parsons, Lewis Baldwin. Mo. 

1365 Parsons, William Decatur. N.Y. 

2398 Parsons, William Naramore. Ga. 

3055 Partridge, Arthur Samuel. Mo. 

1870 Partridge, Edward Lasell. N.Y. 

2652 Partridge, Frank Harvey. N.Y. 

3420 Patch, Andrew Warren. Mass. 

1 791 Patten, Dewhurst. D.C. 

1 24 1 Patterson, James Wilson. Md. 

334 Patterson, John Henry. N.Y. 

1 127 Patteson, Thomas Adkins, Jr. N.Y. 

2366 Paul, Edward Joy. Wis. 

150 Paul, John Rodman. Pa. 

687 Paul, Lawrence Taylor. Pa. 

2879 Paulson, Leonard, Jr. N.Y. 

1683 Payson, Albert Henry. Cal. 

250 Peale, Albert Charles. D.C. 










3 r 3 

3 6 44 



355 6 



1 129 




Pear, Albert Marston. 
Pear, Charles Meriam. 
Pearce, Thomas David. 
Pearson, Arthur Emmons. 
Pearson, George. 
Pearson, William Henry. 
Pease, Edward Allen. 
Peck, George Lyman. 
Peck, Hamilton Sullivan. 
Peck, Hiram Harper. 
Peck, John Hudson. 
Peck, Raymond Edward. 
Peck, Theodore Safford. 
Peelle, Stanton Canfield. 
Peet, Frederick Tomlinson. 
Peirce, George Webster. 
Peirce, Jonathan Franklin. 
Pell, Frederick Aycrigg. 
Pell, Harrison Archibald. 
Pell, Howland. 
Pell, Rodman Corse. 
Pell, Stephen Hyatt Pelham. 
Pell, Theodore Roosevelt. 
Pell-Haggerty, Howland. 
Pendleton, Edmond. 
Pendleton, Edward Waldo. 
Penhallow, Charles Sherburn. 
Pennell, Henry Beaumont. 
Pennington, Willl^m Clapham. 
Pennoyer, Nelson Alonzo. 
Pennypacker, Samuel Whitaker. 
Perin, Frank Langdon. 
Perkins, Charles Penrose. 
Perkins, John Carroll. 
Perkins, J. Deming. 
Perkins, Joshua Newton. 
Perkins, Seymour. 
Perkins, William Henry. 
Perrin, William Red field. 
Perry, John Hoyt. 
Perry, Ralph Percy. 
Peter, Armistk\d, Jr. 
Peter, George Freeland. 
Peters, Ralph. 
Peters, Richard, Jr. 
Pettibone, Asa G. 


State Soc. 


General No. 

1836 Phelps, Edmund Joseph. 

3185 Phelps, George Nelson. 

2388 Phelps, John Samuel. 

1878 Phelps, Luis James. 

3339 Phelps, Samuel Fowler. 

3919 Phillips, Duncan Clinch. 

2786 Phillips, George Brinton. 

2103 Phillips, George Myron. 

3561 Phinizy, Barrett. 

3883 Pickering, McLaurin Jameson. 

606 Pierce, Bradford DeWitt. 

1292 Pierce, Charles Henry. 

2384 Pierce, Dean. 

1073 Pierce, George Francis. 

935 Pierce, George Williams. 

1 62 1 Pierce, Jacob Willard. 

3870 Pillot, Peter Stuyvesant. 

2996 Pillsbury, Albert Smith. 

3637 Pillsbury, Rosecrans William. 

1639 Pinkerton, Samuel Stanhope Smith. 

3951 Pinkney, Cornelius Sidell. 

3950 Pinkney, Townsend. 

2278 Pitman, Charles Frank. 

3074 Pitts, Thomas. 

215 1 Plant, Morton Freeman. 

2773 Platt, Thomas Collier. 

1 1 64 Platt, Walter Brewster. 

2237 Pleasants, Henry. 

2258 Plum, Frederick Augustus. 

591 Plumb, Henry Blackman. 

2705 Plumb, James Ives. 

3426 Plumer, David Bowdoin. 

1376 Plympton, Gilbert Motier. 

2207 Polk, Isaac Hilliard. 

3779 Pollock, Edwin Taylor. 

868 Pomeroy, George Eltweed. 

3095 Pomeroy, Robert Watson. 

11 Pond, Charles Hobby. 

1009 Pond, Edwin Watson. 

2692 Pond, George Enoch. 

171 Pond, Nicholas Misplee. 

1 109 Pond, Virgil Clarence. 

14 Pond, Winthrop. 

2195 Pool, Eugene Hillhouse. 

1 150 Pool, Marvin Bemis. 

3832 Pope, George Laughton. 


State Soc. 






















N.Y. and Ohio. 







General No. State Soc. 

3264 Pope, Percival Wentworth. Mass. 

2356 Pope, William Hayes. Ga. 

1568 Porter, Alexander Sylvanus, Jr. Mass. 

3052 Porter, Augustus Drum. Pa. 

1981 Porter, George Loring. Conn. 

3507 Porter, Horace. N.J. 

3090 Porter, Peter Augustus. N.Y. 

3091 Porter, Peter Augustus, Jr. N.Y. 
3664 Porter, Valentine Mott. Mo. 
1938 Porter, Willard Hall. Del. 
3540 Porter, Willard Hall, Jr. Del. 
2083 Post, Frank Truman. Wash. 
3953 Postell, John Cunningham. Ga. 
3168 Postley, Sterling. N.Y. 
3479 Potts, Charles Edwin. N.Y. 
1 106 Poucher. John Wilson. N.Y. 

466 Powell, Washington Bleddyn. Pa. 

931 Prall, William. N.Y. 

2995 Pratt, Abner Kingman. Mass. 

3869 Pratt, Alexander Dallas Bache. N.Y. 

2525 Pratt, Charles Alexander. Mo. 

3099 Pratt, Dallas Bache. N.Y. 

2552 Pratt, Herman Washington. Mass. 

3930 Prentice, Samuel Oscar. Conn. 

1988 Prentis, Edward. Conn. 

1358 Prescott, Frank Clarke. Cal. 

2953 Pressey, Joseph Wesley. N.Y. 

992 Preston, Deming Haven. III. 

1128 Price, Alfred Bryant. N.Y. 

2897 Price, Eli Kirk. Pa. 

459 Prime, Frederick. Pa. 

377 Prime, Ralph Earl. N.Y. 

3763 Primrose, John Selby. N.Y. 

3766 Prince, L. Bradford. N.Y. 

3991 Prince, Laurence Lampriere. Mo. 

2256 Proctor, Frederick Towne. N.Y. 

1 171 Proctor, Thomas Redfield. N.Y. 

3945 Prouty, Dwight Mortimer. Mass. 

2467 Provoost, John Moffat. N.Y. 

10 1 8 Pugh, Achilles Henry. Ohio. 

2927 Putnam, Eben. Vt. 

1076 Putnam, George Franklin. Mass. 

836 Putnam, George Jacob. Mass. 

3397 Putnam, Ralph Wright. Vt. 

3398 Putnam, Warren Edward. Vt. 


General No. 


141 1 




Quay, Andrew Gregg Curtin. 
Quincy, Charles Frederick. 
Quincy, Josiah. 
Quisenberry, Anderson Chenault. 

State Soc. 




3154 Raborg, H. Mason. 

1599 Raborg, Thomas Mason Thomson. 

3162 Rainforth, Selden Irwin. 

1277 Randall, John Frederic. 

2640 Rathbone, Richard Fanning Loper. 

1 1 80 Rawlings, Carroll Crary. 

916 Rawson, Edward Stephen. 

1876 Ray, Franklin Trowbridge. 

3068 Raymond, George Lansing. 

620 Raynolds, Edward Villette. 

3 191 Read, Charles French. 

304 Read, Harmon Pumpelly. 

3700 Read, Robert Leland. 

522 Reade, Philip. 

19 Reed, Henry Bidlack. 

2556 Reed, James. 

2777 Reed, James Herbert. 

116 Reed, James Monroe. 

499 Reed, John Ludovicus. 

2754 Reed, Latham Gallup. 

3903 Reeves, Jesse Siddall. 

3292 Reid, William Magraw. 

3408 Reiley, George Wolf. 

2570 Remick, Daniel Clark. 

543 Remick, John Anthony. 

824 Remick, Ninian Beall. 

541 Remick, Timothy. 

408 Remsen, Phoenix. 

2333 Re Qua, Charles Howard. 

3598 Requa, Robert Russell. 

2517 Revere, Augustus Lefebvre. 

3349 Reynolds, Frederick Pratt. 

2954 Reynolds, George Nelson. 

2582 Reynolds, John Jay. 

58 Rhinelander, Philip. 

28 Rhinelander, T. J. Oakley. 

197 Rhoades, Lyman. 

1017 Rhodes, Dudley Ward. 

3730 Rhodes, William Conrad. 

3188 Rice, Arthur Noble. 











III., Mass., and Wis. 






















General No. State Soc. 

3480 Rice, Calvin Winsor. N.Y. 

3375 Rice, Edward Russell. N.Y. 

2385 Rice, George Staples. Mass. 

2124 Rice, Lewis Frederick. Mass. 

3271 Rich, Gains Barrett. N.Y. 

526 Rich, James Rogers. Mass. 

529 Rich, Thomas Phillips. Mass. 

2721 Rich, William Taber. N.Y. 

2506 Richards, Charles Spielmann. N.Y. 

2581 Richards, Edward Osgood. N.Y. 

3502 Richards, Elijah Loring. Mass. 
350 Richards, Frederick Barnard. N.Y. 

2962 Richards, George Herbert. N.J. 

3734 Richards, John Bion. R.I. 

2429 Richardson, Albert Emore. Vt. 

2538 Richardson, Francis Allen. Mass. 

2446 Richardson, Frederick Albert. Vt. 

2075 Richardson, George Eliot. Mass. 

21 12 Richardson, George Herbert. Iowa. 

2340 Richardson, Harry Alden. Del. 

2315 Richardson, William Eddy. Minn. 

2838 Richmond, Edward Ansley. Ga. 

2839 Richmond, Francis Coe. Ga. 

3503 Ricker, Everett Wilder. Mass. 
1065 Ridgely, Charles. III. 
2825 Ridgely, Franklin Lee. Mo. 
1923 Ridgely, Henry, Jr. Del. 
2918 Riggs, Elisha Francis. D.C. 
2820 Riggs, Manfred Moses. Mo. 

947 Riker, Henry Ingersoll. N.Y. 

86 Riker, John Jackson. N.Y. 

117 Riker, John Lawrence. N.Y. 

657 Ripley, Charles Stedman. N.Y. 

3804 Rittenhouse, David. D.C. 

2464 Robbins, Rowland Ames. N.Y. 

1479 Roberts, Cyrus Swan. N.Y. 

600 Roberts, Henry. Conn. 

2468 Roberts, Joseph Banks. N.Y. 

3755 Roberts, Richard Hubbard. N.Y. 

2450 Roberts, William Shields. Vt. 

553 Robertson, Abram Heaton. Conn. 

21 19 Robeson, Andrew. Mass. 

3939 Robie, Guy Scott. Ind. 

3940 Robie, William Jewett. Ind. 
2841 Robinson, Beverly Randolph. N.Y. 
3158 Robinson, Charles Bonnycastle. Ky. 



General No. 

3955 Robinson, Charles L. F. 

2713 Robinson, Charles Palmer. 

2428 Robinson, Daniel Webster. 

2239 Robinson, Eugene Nugent. 

1765 Robinson, Francis Walter. 

1581 Robinson, Frederick Minor. 

3248 Robinson, Hamline Elijah. 

3699 Robinson, Henry Seymour. 

1785 Robinson, Lewis Arms. 

3998 Robinson, Roswell Raymond. 

1930 Robinson, Thomas. 

31 15 Rockwell, Charles Lee. 

1528 Rockwood, Charles Greene. 

3096 Roddy, Hugh Vincent, Jr. 

3663 Rodes, Frank. 

1922 Rodney, John Henry. 

2715 Roe, Charles Francis. 

157 Roe, Fayette Washington. 

3262 Roe, Frank Otheman. 

205 Roe, George. 

1 155 Rogers, Alfred Harrison. 

1 102 Rogers, Archibald. 

1388 Rogers, Charles Butler. 

1 74 1 Rogers, Edmund James Armstrong. 

2409 Rogers, Edward Little. 

3555 Rogers, Frederick Percival. 

3654 Rogers, Harry Lovejoy. 

2346 Rogers, Hubert Edward. 

442 Rogers, James Slocum. 

2682 Rogers, James Smith, Jr. 

972 Rogers, William Evans. 

1249 Rollins, Edward Adolphus. 

2280 Rollins, Frank West. 

3849 Root, Charles Stevens. 

3531 Root, Cyrus. 

979 Root, Elihu. 

3370 Root, William Stanton. 

31 18 Rose, Frederick P. 

3119 Rose, Henry Brayton. 
1212 Rose, Hiram Holbrook. 
3568 Rose, John Carter. 
1658 Rose, Landon Cabell. 
1360 Ross, Erskine Mayo. 
2736 Rowe, Arthur Everett. 
2742 Rowland, George. 

3909 Rowland, Henry. 


State Soc. 
































General No. State Soc. 

1293 Rowland, Thomas Fitch, Jr. N.Y. 

3159 Ruggles, Charles Herman. Wis. 

37 1 1 Rumrill, Frank. Mass. 
1638 Russell, Alexander Wilson. Pa. 
3549 Russell, Alexander Wilson, Jr. Pa. 

699 Russell, Averley Claude Holmes. D.C. and N.Y. 

3533 Russell, Charles Copeland. Wis. 

3017 Russell, Emory Poole. R.I. 

3464 Russell, Harry Browning. Mass. 

2329 Russell, Talcott Huntington. Conn. 

207 Russell, William Hamilton. N.Y. 

2664 Rust, Aloney Joseph. Minn. 

3695 Rust, Edgar Carter. Mass. 

842 Rust, Nathaniel Johnson. Mass. 

2863 Ryer, George Stillman. N.Y. 

1278 Sabin, David Dickey. Mo. 

2844 Salinas, Christopher Edward. Ga. 

1880 Salter, Jasper Colton. N.Y. 

2187 Salter, William. Iowa. 

2248 Salter, William Tibbits. N.Y. 

1 8 14 Sample, Nathaniel Welcher. Colo. 

1079 Sampson, Walter Scott. Mass. 

3747 Sanborn, John Eben. N.Y. 

3913 Sanborn, Kingsbury. Cal. 

3793 Sanders, Dallas. Pa. 

3300 Sanderson, William Kennedy. Me. 

3773 Sands, Benjamin Jerome. N.Y. 

198 Sands, Benjamin Aymar. N.Y. 

3710 Sands, Edward Parker. Mass. 

752 Sands, James Thomas. Mo. 

566 Sanford, George Bliss. Conn. 

33 1 1 Sanford, Henry Gansevoort. N.Y. 

614 Sanford, Samuel Simons. Conn. 

3180 Sanger, John Foster. Colo. 

1 144 Sanger, Joseph Prentice. D.C. 

153 Sanger, William Cary. N.Y. 

3712 Sargent, Christopher Smith. Ind. 
3692 Sargent, George Paull Torrence. Ind. 

827 Sargent, John Smith. III. 

239 Satterlee, Francis LeRoy. N.Y. 

1097 Satterlee, Herbert Livingston. N.Y. 

*Saulsbury, Willard. Del. 

2668 Saunders, Charles Gurley. Mass. 

3535 Savage, Albert Russell. Me. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 


General No. State Soc. 

462 Savage, William Lyttleton. Pa. 

2492 Savidge, George Patten. Mich. 

2491 Savidge, William. Mich. 

2273 Sawyer, Charles Francis. N.H. 

2135 Sawyer, William Davis. N.H. 

3767 Saxe, Edward Thomas. N.Y. 

629 Saxton, Henry Dearborn. D.C. 

1320 Sayres, Edward Stalker. Pa. 

2158 Scales, John. N.H. 

3877 Schall, John Hubley. N.Y. 

2516 Schauffler, William Gray. N.J. 

3101 Schenck, Charles Lott. N.Y. 

3045 Schenck, W t illard Parker. N.Y. 

3094 Schermerhorn, Arthur Frederic. N.Y. 

162 Schermerhorn, Charles Augustus. N.Y. 

706 Schermerhorn, Edward Gilbert. N.Y. 

103 Schieffelin, Eugene. N.Y. 

60 Schieffelin, George Richard. N.Y. 

101 Schieffelin, Schuyler. N.Y. 

102 Schieffelin, William Jay. N.Y. 
3714 Schley, John Sullivan. Ga. 

705 Schroeder, James Langdon. N.Y. 

1 25 1 Schuyler, Montgomery. N.Y. 

3407 Schwartz, Frank Nicholson. Pa. 

3406 Schwartz, John Loeser. Pa. 

2758 Scofield, George Starr. N.Y. 

2453 Scott, Alexander H. Pa. 

1606 Scott, John Frederick. N.Y. 

2451 Scott, John Morin. Pa. 
3012 Scott, John Reed. Pa. 

2452 Scott, Lewis Allaire, Jr. Pa. 
1603 Scott, William Sherman. N.Y. 
1363 Scranton, Benjamin Hand. Mich. 

344 Scudder, Henry Townsend. N.Y. 

3377 Scudder, Marvyn. N.Y. 

3769 Scudder, Townsend. N.Y. 

2364 Seabury, Channing. Minn. 

1600 Seabury, Frederick Chandler. N.Y. 

82 Seaman, Louis Livingston. N.Y. 

930 Seaman, William Bleecker. N.Y. 

145 1 Seamans, Frank Manning. Mass. 

659 Sears, Clinton Brooks. N.Y. 

1 761 Sears, Henry Darrah. Mass. 

59 Sears, Walter Jesse. N.Y. 

2635 Seaverns, Francis. N.Y. 

3098 Sedgwick, Robert. N.Y. 



General No. 



State Soc. 

Sedgwick, Theodore. Minn. 

Seeley, Frederick Sterling. Conn. 

♦Severance, Cordenio Arnold. Minn. 

2502 Sexton, Alonzo Gilbert. Wis. 

2608 Sexton, Arthur Taylor. Wis. 

1977 Seymour, George Dudley. Conn. 

2498 Seymour, Henry Albert. D.C. 

3807 Seymour, McNeil Vernam. Minn. 

579 Seymour, Morris Woodruff. Conn. 

3144 Seymour, Thomas Day. Conn. 

3753 Shailer, William Griggs. N.Y. 

3882 Shannon, Richard Cutts. N.Y. 

1272 Shapleigh, Alfred Lee. Mo. 

3897 Sharp, Charles Edward. Mo. 

3357 Sharp, George Matthews. Md. 

1555 Shattuck, Edward Horace. Mass. 

3450 Shaw, Edward Arthur. Me. 

2212 Shaw, Henry Southworth. Mass. 

2848 Shaw, Oliver Warren. Minn. 

2970 Sheldon, Charles Lawrence. N.Y. 

3672 Sheldon, Frank Parmly. III. 

2891 Sheldon, Ned Lewis. Mass. 

3874 Sheldon, Theodore Butler. N.Y. 

3904 Shelton, Richard Theodore. Mo. 

284 Shelton, William Atwood. N.Y. 

3602 Shepard, Augustus Dennis, Jr. N.Y. 

3333 Shepard, Benjamin. NJ. 

3954 Shepard, Edward Martin. Mo. 

2352 Shepard, Ralph Kissam. N.Y. 

3^2 Shepard, Robert Fitch. N.Y. 

3739 Shepley, George Leander. R.I. 

2832 Sherman, Roger. III. 

189 1 Sherman, William Watts. N.Y. and R.I. 

2964 Sherrill, Charles Hitchcock. N.Y. 

598 Shipman, Arthur Leffingwell. Conn. 

597 Shipman, Nathaniel. Conn. 

147 Shippen, Edward. Pa. 

3894 Shirley, Rufus George. N.Y. 

102 1 Shoemaker, Frederick Bellinger. Ohio. 

498 Shoemaker, Michael Myers. Ohio. 

3295 Shoemaker, Murray Marvin. Ohio. 

909 Shoemaker, Robert Henry. Ohio. 

2601 Short, Charles Lancaster. Mass. 

1 131 Shuart, William Herbert. N.Y. 

2551 Shurtleff, Howard Livingstone. Mass. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 



General No. 


Sill, Frederick Schroeder. 


Sill, Howard. 


Sill, J 

ohn Targee. 


Simmons, Joseph Ferris. 


Simmons, Samuel Sweet. 


Simmons, Walter Everett. 



, William C. 


Simpson, Frank Bradford. 


Sinclair, Henry Harbinson. 


Skidmore, William Lemuel. 


Skinner, Charles Mather. 


Skinner, Henry Whipple. 


Skinner, James Henry. 


Skinner, William Converse. 



George Theron. 


Sleeper, Henry Davis. 


Sleeper, Stephen Westcott. 



, William. 



[, Elliott Truax. 


Slocum, Herbert Jermain. 


Slocum, Joseph Jermain. 



, William Frederick. 


Slosson, Frank. 

33 QI 


Augustus Ledyard, Jr 



Bayard Marston. 



Benjamin Wilson. 



Bradish Johnson. 



Charles Eastwick. 



Charles Stewart. 



Clement Grubb. 



Curtis Nye. 



Dudley Wetmore. 



Edward Barnum. 



Edward Curtis. 



Forrest Starr. 



Francis Lee. 



George Gregory. 



George Henry. 



George Kimball. 



George William. 






Harvey Cushing. 



Henry Erskine. 



Herbert Knox. 



Howard Caswell. 



Irwin McDowell. 

State Soc. 




































General No. State Soc. 

3314 Smith, Joshua Ballard. N.H. 

3893 Smith, Justin Harvey. N.H. 

3312 Smith, L. Bertrand. N.Y. 

291 Smith, Lewis Bayard. N.Y. 

2297 Smith, Marion McAllister. R.I. 

391 Smith, Philip Henry Waddell. N.Y. 

1260 Smith, Philip Sherwood. N.Y. 

3722 Smith, Ralph Lancaster. Mo. 

647 Smith, Robert Atwater. D.C. 

3830 Smith, Rogers M. Ky. 

3917 Smith, Roland Cotton. D.C. 

1996 Smith, Stewart Woodruff. Conn. 

879 Smith, Thomas Edward Vermilye. Conn. 

3151 Smith, Thomas Guilford. N.Y. 

3525 Smith, Thomas Herbert. III. 

481 Smith, Thomas Marsh. Md. 

3662 Smith, William Dickinson Griswold. Mo. 

3354 Smith, William Dickinson Griswold. N.H. 

1395 Smith, William Farnam. Neb. 

2331 Smith, William Poultney. Pa. 

1328 Smith, William Rudolph. Pa. 

2877 Smith, William Stark. Wis. 

1660 Smith, Wyllys King. III. 

*337 Snelling, Samuel. Mass. 

3067 Snow, Edgar Morton. III. 

3016 Snow, Louis Franklin. R.I. 

3841 Snyder, Charles Edward. N.J. 

3816 Solis, Andrew Jackson. Mass. 

2223 Soule, Horace Homer, Jr. Mass. 

531 Sowdon, Arthur John Clark. Mass. 

1671 Spalding, George Brown, Jr. N.Y. 

1 132 Spalding, George Burley. N.Y. 

3922 Sparrow, Jackson Wolcott. Ohio. 

3543 Spaulding, John Walker. Me. 

763 Spencer, Horatio Nelson. Mo. 

428 Spencer, John Thompson. Pa. 

183 Spencer, Lorillard. N.Y. 

762 Spencer, Selden Palmer. Mo. 

2642 Spies, Henry Hull. N.Y. 

128 Spofford, Paul Nelson. N.Y. 

1044 Spooner, Frank Eugene. III. 

1653 Spoor, John Alden. III. 

825 Sprague, Frank William. Mass. 

654 Sprague, John Titcomb. N.Y. 

2442 Sprague, Phineas Warren. Mass. 

1467 Stafford, William Frederick. N.Y. 



General No. 

3434 Standish, Charles Dana. 

309 Standish, Myles. 

3447 Stanley, Alix Welch. 

3446 Stanley, Charles Brown. 

1549 Stanley, James Gordon. 

1883 Stanley, Samuel Goodman. 

3595 Stanton, Frank McMillan. 

2086 Stanton, Josiah Rumball. 

2174 Stark, Charles Gager. 

2796 Starkweather, Frank Henry. 

469 Starr, Isaac, Jr. 

1 63 1 Starr, Louis. 

2172 Starr, William James. 

2829 Start, Charles Monroe. 

1692 Stearns, Albert Henry. 

2137 Stearns, Ezra Scollay. 

3854 Stearns, Foster Waterman. 

3985 Stearns, Frank Waterman. 

1 816 Stearns, Frederick Maynard. 

2724 Stearns, John Lloyd. 

3438 Stearns, Melvin Hall. 

3161 Stebbins, Albert Kellogg. 

1492 Stedman, Charles James. 

3856 Stephens, Thomas Conklin. 

1556 Stetson, Caleb Rochford. 

1434 Stetson, George Rochford. 

1847 Stetson, Henry Crosby. 

119 * Stevens, Charles Ellis. 

1262 Stevens, Clarence Winthrop. 

1282 Stevens, Frederick Bliss. 

3344 Stevens, Harry Appleton. 

2287 Stevens, John Austin. 

147 1 Stevens, John Bright. 

2845 Stevens, John Walter. 

2993 Stevens, Solon Whithed. 

3267 Stevens, William Studley Bartlett. 

137 Stevenson, William Paxton. 

1305 Stewart, Henry Pierce. 

1782 Stewart, Jeremiah Clark. 

3570 Stewart, Joseph Adger. 

3215 Stewart, Philip Battell. 

2347 Stewart, William Dingnall. 

500 Stickney, George Henry. 

3969 Stickney, Herbert Whiting. 

2824 Stickney, William Albert. 

* Since deceased. 

State Soc. 


Mass. and N.Y. 




























General No. State Soc. 

3659 Stiles, Edward Holcomb. Mo. 

3309 Stimson, Daniel McMartin. N.Y. 

3254 Stimson, Frederic Jesup. Mass. 

3019 Stiness, Edward C. B. R.I. 

221 Stockbridge, Henry. Md. and N.Y. 

2919 Stockton, Bayard. N.J. 

3327 Stockton, John Wishart. 

1488 Stoddard, Enoch Vine. 

2880 Stoddard, Francis Russell. 

371 Stokes, Anson Phelps. 

2020 Stone, Charles Augustus. 

19 1 3 Stone, Charles Wellington. 

1566 Stone, Jacob. 

3825 Stone, Samuel Hanson. 

1764 Stone, William Eben. 

3089 Storer, Ebenezer. 

2288 Storer, Horatio Robinson. 

2599 Storer, John Humphreys. 

2508 Storm, Clarence. 

2380 Storrs, Henry Randolph. 

1230 Storrs, Leonard Kip. 

190 Story, Henry Grafton. 

191 Story, Joseph Grafton. 
1766 Stout, John Kennedy. 

*Stowell, William Henry Harrison. 

3000 Stratton, Charles Edwin. 

3819 Stratton, Solomon Piper. 

3103 Stringer, Edward Charles. 

201 Stringer, George Alfred. 

3307 Strong, Alan Hartwell. 

3026 Strong, Charles Hall. 
936 Strong, Donald Watkins. 

1 125 Strong, Theron George. 

2887 Strong, Thomas Morris. 

2876 Strong, William James Henry. 

896 Strong, William Wolcott. 

3630 Stryker, Samuel Stanhope. 

1261 Stryker, Thomas Hubbard. 

3021 Studley, John Edward. 

1975 Sturges, Henry Cady. 

3027 Sturtevant, Henry Dexter. 
1 1 89 Suckley, Robert Bowne. 
1834 Sutton, Asahel. 
2602 Sutton, Eben. 

174 Suydam, Walter Lispenard. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed 









N.J. and N.Y. 


















General No. 

2674 Swain, Julius Curtis. 

2444 Swain, Julius Marshall. 

1916 Swain, William Chester. 

2351 Swan, Edward Henry, Jr. 

3325 Swan, Reuben Samuel. 

3217 Swan, Robert Otis. 

816 Swan, Robert Thaxter. 

3473 Swartwout, Frank Austin. 

3521 Sweetzer, Arthur Leslie. 

1857 Swift, Eugene L'Hommedieu. 

1620 Swift, Henry Walton. 

1937 Swift, Joseph. 

1934 Swift, William Henry. 

1536 Swisher, Stephen Alfred. 

2816 Swords, Edward Jenner. 

57 Swords, Henry Cotheal. 

1594 Symonds, Chakles Stanley. 

2029 Taft, Charles Phelps. 

3993 Tainter, Frank Stone. 

583 Tainter, George Edwin. 

3072 Talbot, Archie Lee. 

2623 Talbot, Joel Francis. 

3624 Talcott, Edward Coleman. 

781 Talmage, Robert Swartwout. 

2216 Tapley, Henry Fuller. 

1240 Tapscott, John Shurman. 

3155 Tarleton, Robert Melvin. 

2566 Taylor, Carter Berkeley. 

3716 Taylor, Charles Henry, Jr. 

2568 Taylor, J. Bonsall. 

2007 Taylor, John Metcalf. 

1889 Taylor, John Myers. 

1550 Taylor, John Yeatman. 

231 1 Taylor, Oscar Livingstone. 

695 Taylor, Washington Irving. 

3437 Teachout, Oscar Leander. 

744 Teall, Edward McKinstry. 

3618 Tefft, Erastus Theodore. 

2418 Telford, Worthington Smith. 

2804 Tenney, Charles Henry. 

2776 Tenney, Daniel Gleason. 

3490 Terry, Alvah LaMar. 

336 Terry, George Davis. 

2861 Terry, John Taylor. 

2671 Thayer, Charles Irving. 


State Soc. 







































General No. State Soc. 

2909 Thayer, Frank Andros. N.Y. 

1 108 Thayer, Nathaniel. Mass. 

3177 Thayer, Rufus Calvin. Colo. 

337 Thebaud, Paul Gilbert. N.Y. 

*Theopold, Herbert Cotton. Minn. 

1 36 1 Thom, Cameron Erskine. Cal. 

218 Thom, William Henry DeCourcy Wright. Md. and N.Y. 

219 Thomas, Douglas Hamilton. Md. and N.Y. 
1 1 68 Thomas, Douglas Hamilton, Jr. Md. 
3741 Thomas, Frank Ray. Mass. 

851 Thomas, George Cummins. N.J. 

2892 Thomas, Houston Addison. Mass. 

2532 Thomas, Howard Van Syckel. N.Y. 

272 Thomas, Lawrence Buckley. N.Y. 

3364 Thomas, Robert McKean. N.Y. 

211 Thompson, Abijah. Mass. 

1 5 10 Thompson, Clifton Sharp. Colo. 

1452 Thompson, Eben Francis. Mass. 

3493 Thompson, Ebenezer. Mass. 

43 Thompson, Frederick Diodati. N.Y. 

628 Thompson, Gilbert. D.C. 

2006 Thompson, Harry Grant. Conn. 

870 Thompson, Hobart Warren. N.Y. 

817 Thompson, John Taliaferro. Neb. 

2728 Thompson, Norman Frederick. III. 

2688 Thompson, William Baker. D.C. 

318 Thompson, William Prall. N.Y. 

797 Thomsen, Alonzo Lilly. Md. 

1346 Thomsen, Herman Ivah. Md. 

1345 Thomsen, John Jacob. Md. 

2023 Thomson, Arthur Cecil. Mass. 

2252 Thomson, George Mortimer. N.Y. 

2253 Thomson, Giraud Foster. N.Y. 
1844 Thorndike, Augustus Larkin. Mass. 
1797 Thorndike, Townsend William. Mass. 

982 Thorne, Joel Wolfe. N.Y. 

2131 Thorne, John Calvin. N.H. 

1887 Thorne, Robert. N.Y. 

2387 Thornton, James Brown. Mass. 

195 Throckmorton, Charles Wickliffe. N.Y. 

252 Throop, George Enos. III. 

2653 Thurston, Nathaniel Blunt. N.Y. 

222 Tiernan, Charles Bernard. Md. 

1285 Tilden, John Packwood. N.Y. 


* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 

General No. State Soc. 

2159 Tilton, George Henry. N.H. 

1837 Timberlake, William Sharp. Minn. 

2330 Tingley, Witter Kinney. Conn. 

996 Tobey, Frank Bassett. III. 

3076 Tobey, Rufus Babcock. Mass. 

1 196 Todd, Charles Henry. Ky. 

2917 Todd, George Davidson. Ky. 

3639 Todd, Thomas. Mass. 

3640 Todd, Thomas Jr. Mass. 
1 701 Tolman, William Sawyer. Mass. 

30 Tomlinson, Charles Abraham. Conn. 
945 Tomlinson, John Canfield. N.Y. 
379 Tompkins, Hamilton Bullock. N.Y. and R.I. 

2695 Topham, Theophilus. R.I. 

2751 Torbert, Willard Horatio. Iowa. 

2789 Torrance, Ell. Minn. 

3968 Totten, John Reynolds. N.Y. 

31 Townsend, James Hill. N.Y. 
1408 Townsend, John. Minn. 

3467 Tracy, Charles Alcinous. Neb. 

3468 Tracy, Thomas Herbert. Neb. 
1604 Treadwell, George Curtis. N.Y. 
2473 Treat, Erastus Buck. N.Y. 

10 Trenchard, Edward. N.Y. 

63 Trevor, Henry Graff. N.Y. 

493 Trippe, Andrew Cross. Md. 

3416 Trippe, James McConky. Md. 

281 Trott, James Parkhurst. N.Y. 

65 Trowbridge, Charles Hotchkiss. Conn, and N.Y. 

3926 Trowbridge, Edmund Quincy. Conn. 

♦Trowbridge, Hayes Quincy. Conn. 

366 Trowbridge, Samuel Breck Parkman. N.Y. 

1728 Trowbridge, William Petit. Minn. 

2504 Truax, Charles Henry. N.Y. 

3356 Truman, Henry Hertel. N.J. 

780 Trumbull, Jonathan. Conn. 

1506 Trumbull, Nathan Franklin. Colo. 

2013 Tuck, Philemon Hallam. Md. 

376 Tucker, Gilman Henry. N.Y. 

3179 Tucker, John Speed. Colo. 

1615 Tucker, William Francis. Minn. 

830 Tucker, William Ruggles. III. 

24 Tufts, Walter Brownell. N.Y. 

3172 Tupper, James Brainerd Taylor. D.C. 

3506 Turner, Everett Pendleton. Mass. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 


General No. 
3504 Turner, Herbert Bryant. 










Turner, Howard Chubbuck. 
Turner, Joseph Brown. 
Turner, Luther Guiteau. 
Turner, Philip Foster. 
Turner, Theodore Campbell. 
Turpin, Frank Blair. 
Tuttle, Albert. 
Tuttle, Daniel Sylvester. 
Tuttle, Frank Day. 
Tuttle, Hiram Americus. 
Tuttle, Joseph Farrand, Jr. 
Tweedy, Frank. 
Tyler, Augustus Cleveland. 
Tyler, Edward Royal. 
Tyler, George Trotter. 
Tyler, Harry Blake. 
Tyler, Mason Whiting. 
Tyler, Sidney F. 
Tyson, Anthony Morris. 
Tyson, Malcolm Van Vechten. 
Tyson, Matthew Smith. 

State Soc. 























1379 Underhill, Francis T. 

872 Underhill, Frederic Edgar. 

1926 Underwood, Herbert Wight. 

1695 Upham, Charles Clifton. 

15 1 2 Upham, Edward Darwin. 

901 Upham, Frederic William. 

1706 Upham, Henry Macy. 

1409 Upham, Henry Pratt. 

3181 Upham, Robert Hay. 

1050 Upham, William Henry. 

3459 Upson, Willlym Ford. 

191 5 Usher, Ellis Baker. 

940 Vail, Henry Hobart. 

1540 Vaile, Joel Frederick. 

3463 Vaill, Edward Griswold. 

2770 Vaill, Frederick Sturdivant. 

382 Valentine, Samuel Hempstead. 

1678 Van Amringe, Guy. 

3798 Van Blarcom, Jacob Craig. 

3604 Van Buren, Laurens Hardy. 

184 Van Cortlandt, Robert Bunch. 

1666 Vander Veer, Edgar Albert. 




Mass. and N.Y. 
















General No. 
















Van Dyke, Harry Weston. 

Van Guysling, George Edmund. 

Van Patten, Charles Strain. 

Van Patten, William James. 

Van Rensselaer, Augustus Cortlandt. 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt Schuyler. 

Van Rensselaer, Eugene. 

Van Syckel, N. Dunham. 

Van Vechten, Abraham Van Wyck. 

Varnum, James M. 

Varnum, Robert Taylor. 

Vaughan, George Tully. 

Veazey, Duncan. 

Vermilye, Frederic Montgomery. 

Vernon, William Bryan. 

Ver Planck, William Gordon. 

Viele, Sheldon Thompson. 

Voorhees, William Perrine. 

State Soc. 









2843 Wade, Alfred Byers. 

2553 Wade, Benjamin Franklin. 

2890 Wade, Henry Francis. 

2950 Wade, Herbert Treadwell. 

2305 Wade, James Franklin. 

2313 Wade, John Parsons. 

944 Wagstaff, Cornelius DuBois. 

2787 Wainwright, Francis King. 

88 Wainwright, William Pratt. 

1965 Wakeman, Robert Peel. 

143 Walbridge, Thomas Chester. 

1879 Walcott, Arthur Stuart. 

2264 Walcott, Frederic Collin. 

2639 Waldo, Rhinelander. 

3242 Walker, Bryant. 

316 Walker, Gustavus Adolphus. 

3048 Walker, Isaac Henry. 

714 Walker, John Garland. 

3709 Walker, Joseph. 

3638 Walker, Joseph Burbeen. 

2374 Walker, Stoughton. 

2965 Walker, William Macy. 

604 Walker, Williston. 

3959 Wallace, Elliott Lambert. 

3702 Waller, Robert Tyler. 

3529 Walling, William English. 







and Pa. 













General No. State Soc. 

2062 Walsh, James William. N.Y. 

1098 Walsh, Samuel Armstrong. N.Y. 

3656 Walton, Charles Strong. Cal. 

294 Ward, Aaron. N.Y. 

2177 Ward, Brownlee Robertson. Conn. 

1939 Ward, Christopher Longstreth. Del. 

3175 Ward, Frederick Wood. Vt. 

3174 Ward, Henry Landon. Vt. 

1268 Ward, Hugh Campbell. Mo. 

206 Ward, Sylvester L'Hommedieu. N.Y. 

1072 Ware, Horace Everett. Mass. 

1547 Waring, Thomas Pinckney. Ga. 

496 Warner, Culbreth Hopewell. Md. 

546 Warner, Frank Edwards. Mass. 

3580 Warren, Albert Cyrus. Mass. 

2478 Warren, Charles Elliot. N.Y. 

2898 Warren, Henry Mather. Pa. 

559 Warren, Herbert Cleveland. Conn. 

3958 Warren, Joseph Draper. R.I. 

3585 Warren, Nathan. Mass. 

3579 Warren, Walter Burgess. Mass. 

2483 Warren, Walter Phelps. N.Y. 

1477 Warren, William Young. N.Y. 

388 Washburn, John Henry. N.Y. 

2312 Washburn, William Drew. Minn. 

386 Washburn, William Ives. N.Y. 

993 Washburne, Hempstead. III. 

3198 Waterman, Frank Sturtevant. Mass. 

3199 Waterman, George Huse. Mass. 
2279 Waterman, Lucius. N.H. 
2585 Watkins, DeLancey Walton. N.Y. 

208 Watkins, Walter Kendall. Mass. 

156 Watmough, James Horatio. N.Y. 

464 Watmough, John G. Pa. 

1308 Watson, Charles Pixley. N.Y. 

3135 Watson, Preston. N.Y. 

1273 Watson, Samuel Newell. Ohio. 

374 Watson, William Henry. N.Y. 

2035 Wayne, James Starke. Ohio. 

429 Wayne, William. , Pa. 

1232 Wead, Leslie Clark. Mass. 

204 Webb, Alexander Stewart, Jr. N.Y. 

810 Webb, Francis Parsons. Pa. 

880 Webb, John Sidney. D.C. 

3259 Webb, William Clarke. N.Y. 


General No. State Soc. 

2931 Webb, William Edward. N.Y. 

730 Webb, William Seward. Vt. 

3280 Webber, William Oliver. Mass. 

2361 Webster, Basil Marion. Neb. 

3952 Webster, Edmund Kirby. N.H. 

1394 Webster, Edwin Catlin. Neb. 

368 Webster, Frank Daniel. N.Y. 

2982 Webster, George Barry. Mo. 

623 Webster, William Reuben. Conn. 

1390 Weed, George Standish. N.Y. 

3534 Weeks, Stephen Holmes. Me. 

3050 Weeks, William Raymond. N.Y. 

2604 Weir, Levi Candee. N.Y. 

3606 Weisse, Faneuil Suydam. N.Y. 

3815 Weld, Charles Richmond. Mass. 

1458 Weld, DeWitt Clinton. N.Y. 

3999 Weld, George Francis. Mass. 

130 Welles, Benjamin. N.Y. 

981 Welles, Charles Edwin. N.Y. 

2061 Welles, Lemuel Aiken. N.Y. 

3145 Welles, Roger. Conn. 

3047 Welling, Richard Ward Greene. N.Y. 

2610 Wellman, James Albert. N.H. 

375 Wells, Charles Nassau. N.Y. 

1727 Wells, Eben Freme. Minn. 

2424 Wells, Edward. Vt. 

2449 Wells, Frank Richardson. Vt. 

2420 Wells, Frederick Howard. Vt. 

2421 Wells, Henry. Vt. 
3651 Wells, Henry Journeay. Minn. 
2895 Wells, Henry Rogers. Minn. 
1064 Wells, Samuel Rogers. III. 

90 Wells, Thomas Lawrence. N.Y. 

1807 Welsh, Luther Winfield. Mo. 

1 1 59 Welsh, Milton. Mo. 

3497 Welsh, Willard. Mass. 

3286 Wendell, Barrett. Mass. 

2232 Wentworth, Moses Jones. III. 

2 334 Wentworth, William Grafton. III. 

2314 Wenzell, Henry Burleigh. Minn. 

576 Wessells, Henry Walton. Conn. 

1734 Wesson, James Leonard. Mass. 

2541 West, Charles Alfred. Mass. 

3275 Westcote, William Joseph. N.Y. 

509 Wetherbee, Winthrop. Mass. 


General No. 

I3 J 9 
















Wetherill, Albert Laurence. 

Wetherill, Charles. 

Wetherill, John Price. 

Wetherill, Richard Benbridge. 

Wetherill, William Chattin. 

Wharton, Bromley. 

Wharton, Charles, Jr. 

Wheaton, John Robert. 

Wheeler, Benjamin Dudley. 

Wheeler, Bertrand Thorp. 

Wheeler, Edward Jonathan. 

Wheeler, Everett Pepperrell. 

Wheeler, John Frederic. 

Wheeler, Ralph. 

Wheelock, William Barker. 

Wheelwright, Edmund March. 

Whipple, Charles Henry. 

Whipple, Durand. 

Whistler, Garland Nelson. 

Whitcomb, Lawrence. 

White, Alain Campbell. 

White, Charles Goddard. 

White, Edward Lupton. 

White, Henry Kirke. 

White, Hunter Carson. 

White, John Barber. 

White, William Chester. 

White, William Gardner. 

White, William Henry. 

White, William Roland. 

Whitehead, Cortlandt. 

Whitehouse, James Norman de Rapelje. 

Whitin, Ernest Stagg. 

Whitin, Frederick Henry. 

Whiting, William Sawin. 

Whitner, Charles Frank. 

Whitner, John Addison. 

Whitney, Charles Wadsworth. 

Whitney, Drake. 

Whitney, Eli. 

Whitney, Eugene Wolcott. 

Whitney, Frank Irving. 

Whitney, Harry Edward. 

Whitney, Ralph Holyoke. 

Whitney, Richard. 


State Soc. 















and Ind. 
































General No. State Soc. 

3291 Whitney, Robert Bates. Mass. 

1089 Whitney, Warham. N.Y. 

3754 Whiton, James Bartlett. N.Y. 

1 165 Whitridge, William. Md. 

2612 Whittemore, Arthur Gilman. N.H. 

1006 Whittemore, James Madison. Conn. 

2998 Whitwell, Frederick Silsbee. Mass. 

*Wickwire, Arthur Manley. Minn. 

1049 Wight, William Ward. Wis. 

1322 Wilbur, Rollin Henry. Pa. 

3923 Wilcox, Frank Langdon. Conn. 

3956 Wilcox, Howard Dutee. R.I. 

265 Wilcox, Reynold Webb. N.Y. 

3063 Wilder, Edward Bliss. Mo. 

3916 Wilder, William Willis. Ga. 

2714 Willard, James Le Baron. N.Y. 

"553 Willard, Joseph. Mass. 

2186 Willard, Martin Stevenson. Mass. 

2073 Willcutt, Levi Lincoln. Mass. 

2469 Willets, Howard. N.Y. 

514 Willey, William Lithgow. Mass. 

1229 Williams, Borland. Mass. 

463 Williams, Charles. Pa. 

2584 Williams, Charles Howard. N.Y. 

3520 Williams, Charles Jarvis. Mass. 

2005 Williams, David Willard. Conn. 

1325 Williams, Francis Howard. Pa. 

929 Williams, George Burbank. N.Y. 

3928 Williams, George Goodwin. Conn. 

3623 Williams, Gordon. N.Y. 

2161 Williams, Jared Irving. « N.H. 

3418 Williams, John Camp. N.J. 

1619 Williams, John Davis. Mass. 

227 Williams, John Savage. Md. 

2900 Williams, Joseph John Gurney. Pa. 

1949 Williams, Josiah Randall. Pa. 

487 Williams, Mason Locke Weems. Md. 

1722 Williams, Nathan Winslow. Md. 

3671 Williams, Nelson B. III. 

1242 Williams, Norman Alton. N.Y. 

3256 Williams, Ralph Blake. Mass. 

2884 Williams, Robert Breck. Mass. 

2515 Williams, Samuel. Pa. 

928 Williams, Samuel Burbank. N.Y. 

* Membership in the General Society not yet completed. 

General No. State Soc. 

1224 Williams, Samuel King. Mass. 

1 166 Williams, William Smith Gittings. Md. 

2009 Williams, Winslow Tracy. Conn. 

179 Williamson, George DeWitt. N.Y. 

1641 Willing, George. Pa. 

1442 Willis, Henry Augustus. Mass. 

1813 Wills, Henry Le Breton. Colo. 

2617 Wilson, Charles Hiram. Mass. 

1 137 Wilson, Charles Robert. N.Y. 

,835 Wilson, Fred Allan. Mass. 

3826 Wilson, George Hall. Ky. 

2886 Wilson, Henry Lane. Wash. 

480 Wilson, John Appleton. Md. 

2127 Wilson, William Bowley. Md. 

3350 Wilson, William Thomas. Md. 

3759 Winant, Frederick. N.Y. 

3760 Wing, John Daniel. N.Y. 
3748 Wing, John Morgan. N.Y. 

3761 Wing, Louis Stuart. N.Y. 
2072 Winship, William Henry. Mass. 

1494 Winslow, Chauncey Rose. Ohio. 
3887 Winslow, Erving. Mass. 
2885 Winslow, George Scott. Mass. 
1400 Winslow, Howard Sydenham. Ohio. 
2184 Winter, Samuel Drew. Mo. 

328 Winthrop, Grenville Bayard. N.Y. 

2555 Winton, William Crayton. Minn. 

3164 Wirgman, William Wayne. Pa. 

1947 Wister, Alexander Wilson. Pa. 

1323 Wister, Rodman. Pa. 

327 Wodell, Silas. N.Y. 

3078 Wolcott, Roger. Mass. 

3291 Wolfe, M. Good. Mo. 

2056 Wood, Alfred Trenchard. N.Y. 

539 Wood, Alva Sylvanus. Mass. 

3009 Wood, Arnold. N.Y. 

1496 Wood, Charles Morgan. Ohio. 

1495 Wood, E. Morgan. Ohio. 
1739 Wood, Franc Ogilvy. Colo. 
2766 Wood, George Twyman. Ky. 
2704 Wood, John Henry. N.Y. 
1329 Wood, Joseph. Pa. 

120 Wood, Marshall William. N.Y. 

3742 Wood, Spencer Shepard. N.Y. 

397 Wood, Thomas Newton. N.Y. 


General No. State Soc. 

3222 Woodbury, Charles Lincoln. Vt. 

3223 Woodbury, Edward Philo. Vt. 
735 Woodbury, Urban Andrain. Vt. 
969 Woodruff, Charles Hornblower. N.Y. 

1913 Woodruff, Edward Lowrey. N.Y. 

3768 Woodruff, Frederick Sanford. N.Y. 

3605 Woodruff, Henry Gilbert. N.Y. 

2693 Woodward, Francis William. Minn. 

622 Woodward, Joseph Gurley. Conn. 

3459 Woodward, Samuel Walter. D.C. 

296 Woodworth, Newell Bertram. N.Y. 

2393 Woolsey, John Munro. Conn. 

621 Woolsey, Theodore Salisbury. Conn. 

3676 Woolson, Alvin Mansfield. Ohio. 

3646 Woolson, Charles Amasa. Vt. 

2432 Worthington, George. Vt. 

3319 Wright, Joshua Butler. N.Y. 

1767 Wright, William Hammond. Cal. 

2048 Wyckoff, Peter. N.Y. 

3743 Wyeth, George Edward. N.Y. 

754 Wyman, Henry Purkitt. Mo. 

633 Wyman, Walter. D.C. 

894 Wyman, Walter Channing. III. 

3837 Yardley, Farnham. N.J. 

301 1 Yates, Blinn. N.Y. 

2031 Yergason, Henry Christopher. Ohio. 

2846 Young, Edward Blake. Minn. 

1812 Young, Francis Crissey. Colo. 

2752 Young, George Brooks. Minn. 

1 163 Young, Harry. Mass. 

306 Young, William Hopkins. N.Y. 





















(ancestors in small caps, the numbers indicate the pages 
referred to.) 

A. &■ H. A. Co., Abbreviation for Member Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Company of Boston. 

Abbot, George, 1631-1689, Andover, 
Mass. Member Andover Train 
Band, 1658. In King Philip's 
Booth, Charles E., 83. 
Flint, James M., 115. 
Abell, Sergt. Caleb, 1 646-1 731, 
Conn. Sergt. of Norwich Co., 
1 701. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Abell, Capt. John, 1678-1769, Conn. 
Ens., 1755. Lieut., 1758. Capt., 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Adams, Daniel, 1 652-1 713. Under 
Maj. Willard, King Philip's War. 
Smith, L. Bertrand, 47. 
Adams, Lieut. Henry, 1604-1676, 
Medfield, Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 
1652. Lieut., Military Co., Med- 
field, . Fought in King 

Philip's War. Deputy, 1659, et 
seq. Killed at door of his house 
by Indians, Feb. 21, 1676. 
Bickford, Robert S., 80. 
Butler, Edward A., 208. 
Adams, Ens. Henry, 1657-1733, 
Medfield, Mass. Representative, 
1706, et seq. 
Butler, Edward A., 208. 
Adams, Capt. Samuel, 161 7-1689, 
Chelmsford, Mass. Capt. of 
Foot, 1682, et seq. William and 
Mary, French and Indian Wars. 
In Capt. Holbrook's Co., King 
Philip's War. 
Booth, Charles E., 83. 
Brown, Charles H., 52. 
Adams, Lieut. Thomas, 1612-1688, 
Braintree and Concord, Mass. 
Chief Sergt., Concord Train Band, 
1660. Ens., 1678. Lieut., 1682. 
In King Philip's War, Capt. 
Samuel Adams's Co. Commis- 

sioner, i66i-'74. A. & H. A. 
Co., 1644. Deputy, 1673. 

Adams, Walter W., 28. 

Hill, John P., 71. 
Addington, Isaac, Boston. A. & H. 
A. Co., 1652. 

Rumrill, Frank, 92. 
Adrianse, Q. M. Martin, 1668-1754. 
Q. M. under Col. Richard Stil- 
well, King's Co. Militia, 1715. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Albro, Maj. John, 1617-1712. Corp. 
in Colonial Militia, 1661-66. 
Lieut., i675-'8o. Capt., 1680, 
and Major. 

Albro, Addis, 188. 
Alden, John, 1599-1687. In Capt. 
Myles Standish's Duxbury Co., 
1643. Gov.'s Asst., 1632-40, 
'50, '86. Deputy, 1641-42, '44, 
'49. Council of War, '46, et 
seq., Plymouth Col. Acting Dep. 
Gov., 1664, '77. 

Axtell, Decatur, 123. 

Blackmer, Henry R., 81. 

Dewey, William T., 129. 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 

Fish, Henry M., 33. 

Haughton, John P., 62. 

Howard, Harry S., 130. 

Hoyt, Charles W., 36. 

Little, Edward P., 148. 

Nelson, Edwin H., 189. 

Reed, James H., 100. 

Russell, Charles C, 193. 

Shaw, Edward A., 207. 

Snow, Edgar M., 143. 

Thomas, Frank R., 94. 

Vaill, Edward G., 207. 

Whiton, James B., 49. 

Woodward, Samuel W., 113. 
Alden, Col. John, 1 680-1 739, 
Duxbury, Mass. Representative, 
1712, et seq. Col., 1732. 

Thomas, Frank R., 94. 







Alden, Capt. Jonathan, 1627-1697, 

Duxbury, Mass. Ens., Lieut. 

and Capt. Duxbury Co. In King 

Philip's War. 

Thomas, Frank R., 94. 

Alden, Joseph, 1624-1697, 

bury, Mass. In Capt. 

Standish's Co., 1643. 

Freeman, Alden, 121. 

Snow, Edgar M., 143. 

Aldis, John, 1655-1736. 

King Philip's War. 

Richards, William S., 45. 

Whitin, Ernest S., 49. 

Aldridge, Thomas, 1643 

Served in King Philip's War. 
Whitin, Ernest S., 49. 
Alexander, Major-Gen. William, 
1726-1783. Styled Lord Stirling. 
Commissar}', 1755. Priv. Sec, 
A. D. C, Gen. Shirley, 1756. 
Capt. Co. of Grenadiers, N. Y., 
1760. King's Council, N. J., 1 761. 
Irving, Washington, 1 19. 
Allen, Corp. Edward, Jr., 1663- 
1740, Deerfield, Mass. In King 
William and Queen Anne's Wars. 
In 1707 in Expedition to Canada 
to redeem Indian captives. 
Converse, Charles A., 132. 
Converse, John H., 129. 
Allen, John. Assisted in defence of 
Deerfield, Mass., Feb. 29, 1704. 
Killed by Indians, May II, 1704. 
Crosby, Francis M., 162. 
Allen, Capt. Joseph, 1653-1724. 
Served in King Philip's War. 
Capt. of Mil. Co. at Gloucester. 
Rep. to General Court, 1705. 
Low, Joseph T., 38. 
Allen, Sergt. Joseph, 1 701-1785. 
At Northfield, Mass., 1755— '56. 
Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 
Allen, Samuel, 1632-1703, Bridge- 
water, Mass. Deputy, 1693. In 
King Philip's War. 
Allen, Charles E., 131. 

Allen, Col. William, 171 7 , 

New Gloucester. Roll dated 9 
April, 1759. Regiment under 
Jeffrey Amherst at Lake George. 
Hayes, William A., 88. 
Allen, Sergt. Zebulon, 1 726-1 786. 
In Maj. John Hawks's Co., Col. 

Williams's Regt., 1758. In Capt. 
Samuel Will's Co., 1759. 
Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 
Allerton, Dep.-Gov. Isaac, 1583— 
1659. Dep.-Gov., Plymouth Col., 
i62i-'24. Sole Asst. Plymouth 
Col., 1621, '23, '34. 
Allerton, Walter S., 28. 
Francis, George H., 86. 
Hawks, James D., 189. 
Kenyon, Ralph W., 36. 
Alling, Sergt. John, Jr., 1647-1717. 
Assistant, Col. of Conn., 1704- 
1716, and Member of Council, 
Committee of Safety, 1704. 
Hatch, Josiah O., 184. 
Lines, Theodore T., 37. 
Alling, Roger, New Haven, Conn. 
Treas. N. H. Col., 1661-64. 
Hatch, Josiah O., 185. 
Allyn, Lieut. -Col. John, 1630- 
1696, Hartford, Conn. Cornet, 
First Troop of Horse in Conn., 
1637, under Maj. John Mason. 
Capt., Hartford Militia, 1673. 
Lieut. -Col., 1689. Sec. of the 
Colony thirty-four years. Assist- 
ant, 1662-1696. Commissioner, 
United Colony, 1674-1681. Mem- 
ber Gov. Andros's Council, 1687. 
Haughton, Richard, 63. 
Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 
Allyn, Matthew, 1604-167 i, Wind- 
sor. Deputy, Mass., 1636. Dep- 
uty, Conn., i648-'57. Assistant, 
i658-'67. Commissioner for 
United Colonies, i66o-'64- 
Haughton, John P., 62. 
Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 
Almy, Christopher, 1632-1713. 
Deputy from Portsmouth, R. I., 
and Assistant to Gov. Andros, 
1690. Elected Gov. of R. I., but 
refused to serve, 1693. Messenger 
to England from R. I. Capt., 
Haughton, Richard, 63. 
Almy, Col. Job, 1601-1678. Dep- 
uty from Warwick, Colonial 
Assembly of R. I., i670-'72. 
Indian Commissioner, 1673. 
Davies, Julien T., Jr., 53. 
Almy, William, 1601-1676. As- 
sembly, R. I., i656-'57-'63. 
Felton, Edgar C, 61. 



Ames, John, 1647-1726, Bridgewater, 
Mass. In King Philip's War, 
defence of Bridgewater. 
Howard, Harry S., 130. 
Amory, Jonathan, 1640- 1699, 
Charleston, S. C. Speaker of 
Haskell, Harry G., 196. 
Andrews, Lieut. John, 1618-1702, 
Mass. Corp., Chebacco Train 
Band. Lieut., 3rd Co., 1683. In 
Pequot War. 
Parkhurst, Daniel B., 171. 
Andrews, Corp. Miles, 1735-18 10. 
In 7th Co. of Gen. Lyman's 1st 
Conn. Regt. 
Andrews, James M., 28. 
Andrews, Thomas, 1634-1704, Dor- 
chester, Mass. In Capt. John 
Withington's Co., Canada Expedi- 
tion, 1690. 
Brown, Charles A., 84. 
Andrews, Sergt. William, 1710- 
1816. In 6th Conn. Regt., 1739. 
Expedition to Spanish West 
Indies, 1741. 
Andrews, James M., 28. 
Angell, Thomas, 1618-1694, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Deputy, R. I., 


Felton, Edgar C, 61. 
Annable, Anthony, 1599-1674, Ply- 
mouth, Scituate and Barnstable, 
Mass. Member Military Co. 
under Lieut. Thomas Dimmock, 
1643. Deputy. 

Brown, John B., 52. 
Appleton, Maj. John, 1622-1699, 
Ipswich, Mass. Lieut., 1653. 
Capt., 1658. Deputy to Gen. Ct., 

Rich, James R., 100. 
Appleton, Samuel, 1 586-1670, Ips- 
wich, Mass. Deputy, 1637. 

Douglas, Walter B., 146. 

Rich, James R., 100. 
Appleton, Maj. Samuel, 1624-1696, 
Ipswich, Mass. Deputy, 1668, 
et seq. Lieut., 1668. Capt., 
1675. Maj. and Commander- 
in-Chief of Mass. Troops, at 
Springfield, Hatfield, and Great 
Swamp Fight, 1675. Sergt.-Maj. 
South Essex Regt., 1692. Dep- 
uty to Gen. Ct. Assistant, 1681- 

'86. Member of Council, 1689- 

Douglas, Walter B., 146. 

Osgood, Frederick L., 104. 

Smith, Roland C, 112. 

Stevens, Harry A., 94. 
Armistead, Col. John, 1635-1698, 
Gloucester Co., Va. Justice be- 
fore 1675. High Sheriff, 1675. 
Burgess, 1685. Lieut. -Col. of 
Horse, 1680. Col. and County 
Lieut., 1685. Council, i688-'98. 

Tyler, George T., 65. 
Arms (Ames), William, 1654-1731. 
Soldier under Capt. William 
Turner in the Falls Fight, King 
Philip's War, 1676. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 

Lefferts, William H., 54. 
Arnold, Israel, 1649-17 16, War- 
wick, R. I. Deputy, R. I., 1683, 
et seq. 

Felton, Edgar C, 62. 
Arnold, Stephen, 1622-1699, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Deputy, 1664-65, 
et seq. Gov.'s Asst., 1672, et seq. 

Felton, Edgar C., 62. 
Arnold, William, 1 587-1676, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Deputy, R. I., 
1661. Commissioner. 1661. 

Felton, Edgar C, 61. 
Ashley, Noah. Ens. in Capt. Buck- 
minster's Co. of Brookfield, 
Mass. At Fort Dummer and on 
frontier of Mass., 1748. Killed 
in Expedition to Lake George, 


Geery, William B., 162. 
Atherton, Maj.-Gen. Humphrey, 
1610-1661, Dorchester, Mass. 
Deputy, 1638, et seq. Lieut., 
1645. Member Council of War, 
1645. Capt., 1646, and of the A. 
&H. A. Co., i65o-'58. Speaker, 
1653. Asst., i654-'6i. Maj. 
Mass. Forces, 1652. Commanded 
expedition against the Narragan- 
setts, 1650. Major-Gen., 1661. 

Corbin, Elbert A., Jr., 61. 

Howe, Edward J., 89. 

Lunt, William W., 99. 

Morse, Willard S., 177. 

Reed, John L., 74. 

Robinson, Hamhne E., 149. 

Smith, Bayard M., 47. 



Stimson, Daniel McM., 48. 

Wheeler, John F., 96. 
Austin, William, 1 750-1 800, Va. 
Capt. Bedford Co. Militia, 1772. 

Reid, William M., 149. 
Avery, Capt. James, 1620-1694, 
New London, Conn. Ens., Lieut, 
and Capt. In King Philip's War. 
Deputy, i656-'8o. 

Owen, Frederick D., 115. 

Suydam, Walter L., 56. 
Avery, Capt. James, 3rd, 1673-1754. 
Deputy, 1715, et seq. Ens., 1716. 
Lieut., 1721. Capt. 1st Groton 
Co., 1728. Justice, New London 
Co., i726-'35- Appointed guar- 
dian of Pequot Indians. Served 
on frontier and in garrison. 

Avery, Irving M., 28. 
Avery, Capt. John, 1654-1715. 
Ens., 1692. Capt. James Avery's 
Co., 1693. Capt., 1697. 

Owen, Frederick D., 115. 
Axtell, Daniel, 1681. Mem- 
ber of Council and Landgrave 
of Carolina. 

Haughton, Richard, 63. 
Ayer, Cornet Peter, 1633-1699. 
Cornet Haverhill Co. and Deputy, 
1680, et seq., Col. of Mass. Bay. 

Nichols, William A., 173. 

Babcock, Col. Henry, 1 736-1800. 
Served in the R. I. Regt., 
French and Indian Wars, 1755— 
'59. Capt. under Sir William 
Johnson at Fort George. Major, 
1 756— '58. Col. at Ticonderoga. 
Babcock, Harry W., 28. 
Babcock, John, 1644- 1685, West- 
erly, R. I. Conservator of the 
Peace, 1678. Deputy, i682-'84. 
Meader, Richard D., 185. 
Wilder, William W., 186. 
Bacon, Gen. Nathaniel. Member 
of Assembly. Hero of " Ba- 
con's Rebellion." Led campaign 
against Indians, 1676. 
Tennille, William A., 120. 

Baker, Henry, 1701. Member 

Penn. Assembly, 1685, et seq. 
Hough, Oliver, 68. 
Sharp, George M., 73. 
Baker, Lieut. John, 1 703-1 760, 

Woodbury, Conn. Ens., 1741. 
Lieut., 1743. 

Baker, William S., 146. 

Baker, Lieut. John, 1792, 

Georgia. Lieut., 1st Co., 3rd 
Regt. Foot Militia. 

Baker, Marcus S., 183. 

Harden, Alfred D., 184. 
Baker, Capt. Joseph, 1 714-1795, 
Pembroke, N. H. Private in Col. 
Hart's Regt., Crown Point Expe- 
dition, 1758. Later, Capt. in Col. 
Lovewell's Regt. 

Baker, Henry M., 125. 
Baker, Joshua, 1642 . Volun- 
teer in King Philip's War, 1676. 
One of the Narragansett Grantees 
who drew Cedar Swamp Lot No. 

^ 29. 

Gamble, Joseph, 53. 
Baker, Capt. Thomas, 1631-1718. 
Deputy from 1663. Capt. of 
Topsfield and Andover Troop of 
Horse, 1713. 

Jordan, Fitz H., 208. 
Baker, Ens. Timothy, 1647- 1729, 
Northampton, Mass. In Capt. 
William Turner's Co., Falls Fight, 
1676. Ens. of Foot under Capt. 
Cook, 1685. 

Miller, Eddis N., 39. 
Baldwin, Capt. Nathaniel, 1693- 
1760. Deputy, 1 759-1 760. Lieut, 
of East Co., Goshen, Conn., 1 751 . 
Capt., 1752. 

Baldwin, Orville D., 170. 

Brereton, Tallmadge H., 29. 
Ball, Col. William, Sr., 1615-1680. 
Empowered by the Virginia As- 
sembly to impress men and horses 
against the Indians, 1675. 

Caine, Sydney A., 166. 

Otter, John D., 167. 

Thorpe, Spencer R., 173. 

Bancroft, Capt. Ebenezer, 1667- 

171 7, Lynn, Mass. Lieut, of 

Lynn Foot Co., 1689; Capt. in 

Capt. Burrell's Regt. in i7o6-'o7. 

Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 184. 
Bancroft, Lieut. Ebenezer, 1738- 
1827. Corp. in Capt. Butterfield's 
Co., Crown Point Expedition, 
1 755. Sergt.,1756. 2nd Lieut., 
1759. Lieut., 1761. 

Hill, John P., 71. 



Bancroft, Lieut. Thomas, Mass. 
Soldier in King Philip's War. 
Ensign before 1679. Lieut, in 
Lynn Co., 1689. 
Allen, John K., 137. 
Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 184. 
Bangs, Capt. Edward, 1 592-1 678, 
Plymouth and Eastham, Mass. 
Capt. of the Guard against the 
Indians. Member Plymouth Mili- 
tary Co., 1643. Deputy, 1652. 
Snow, Edgar M., 143. 
Banks, John, 1684, Conn. Dep- 
uty to General Court, 19 terms 
between 165 1 and 1683. 
Banks, George W., 61. 
Bankson, Andrew, 1640-1706, Penn. 
Member of Assembly, 1683, '86, 
Wainwright, Francis K., 68. 
Barker, Dep.-Gov. James, 1623- 
1702, Newport, R. I. Dep.-Gov. 
R. I., 1678. Assistant and Dep- 
uty, 1663-1686. Corp., 1644. 
Ens., 1648. 
Felton, Edgar C, 62. 
Barker, John, Mass. Deputy from 
Marshfield 1689, and from Scituate 
1706, '12, '19. Sergt. in King 
Philip's War, and in 1680 was 
freed from bearing arms on account 
of wounds received in the late 
Brown, John B., 52. 
Barker, William, 1705- 1762. Pri- 
vate in Capt. List's Co., Maj. 
John Minot, 1757. 
Wheelock, William B., 213. 
Barnard, Thomas, 161 2-1677, Ames- 
bury, Mass. Killed by Indians. 
Whitin, Ernest S., 49. 

Barnes, John, 1671, Plymouth, 

Mass. In Lieut. William Holmes's 
Co., Pequot War, 1637. 
Smith, Thomas H., 142. 
Barnes, Sergt. Thomas, 1637-1689, 
Farmington, Conn. In Pequot 
War, 1637. Sergt., 1651. 
Barnes, Amos F., 103. 

Barney, Daniel, 1697 , Re- 

hoboth, Mass. Representative, 
1 74 1, et seq. 
Palmer, Charles D., 99. 
Barney, Jacob, 1601-1673, Salem, 
Mass. Deputy, 1635, et seq. 

Hatch, Josiah O., 184. 
Palmer, Charles D., 99. 
Barret, William, 1623-1700. 
Member House of Burgesses from 
James City County, Va., 1644- 


Hundley, John B., 166. 

Wood, George T., 167. 
Barrett, James, 1644-1694, Maiden, 
Mass. In Capt. Edward Hutchin- 
son's Co., MountHope Campaign, 
1675; under Lieut. William 
Hasey, 1675; also one of Swift's 
"ply of horse," 1676, King 
Philip's War. 

Pear, Albert M., 91. 
Barrett, John, 1706, Chelms- 
ford, Mass. In King Philip's 
War, 1676, Capt. Thomas Pren- 
tice's Co. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Barrett, John, 1 709-1 772, Chelms- 
ford, Mass. Served in the French 
and Indian Wars, under Capt. 
Jabez Fairbanks. 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Bartholomew, Lieut. William, 
1640-1697, Ipswich and Roxbury, 
Mass. In King Philip's War. 
Ens. of the New Roxbury (Wood- 
stock, Conn.) Co., 1689. Lieut., 

Bartholomew, George K., 154. 

Bartlett, Lieut. Benjamin, 

1691, Duxbury, Mass. Lieut, of 
Militia. Deputy, 1685. 

Woodward, Samuel W., 113. 

Bartlett, Lieut. George, 1669, 

Guilford, Conn. Sergt. under 
Lieut. Seely against Dutch, 1654. 
Lieut., Guilford Train Band, 1665. 
Deputy, i663-'65- 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 
Bartlett, Robert, 1676, North- 
ampton, Mass. Soldier under 
Capt. Turner; killed by Indians 
in assault upon Northampton. 

Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 
Bartlett, Ens. Thomas, i 594-1654. 
Watertown Militia, Pequot War. 

Douglas, Walter B., 146. 
Bassett, Lieut. Abraham, 1692- 
1755, North Haven, Mass. 
Lieut, of Train Band. 

Hatch, Josiah O., 185. 



Batchelder, John, 1676. 

Served in King Philip's War, 
1675, under Lieut. William Her- 
sey, Three Co. Troop. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Batcheller, David, 1673-1766, 
Wenham, Mass. In Capt. John 
Spring's Co., of Uxbridge, Mass., 
1757. In the French War. 
Woolson, Alvin M., 155. 
Bates, James, 1582-1655, Dorchester, 
Mass. Deputy, 1640. 
Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Converse, Charles A., 66, 131. 
Homer, William B., 147. 

Bates, James, Jr., 1624 , Had- 

dam, Conn. Deputy, i670-'74, 
Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Bates, Lieut. James, 1683-1745, 
Conn. Lieut., 1714. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Bates, John, Sr., 1742, Stam- 
ford, Conn. Ens. of Train Band 
at Stamford, Oct., 1685. Deputy, 
Bates, George W., 188. 
Bates, John, 171 7-1 782, Conn. In 
French and Indian War, 1755. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Baxter, Lieut. John, 1639-1719, 
Braintree, Mass. Deputy, 1693- 
'99, i70i-'o5, 1706. In town 
Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 
French, Charles E., 86. 
French, George B., 86. 
Bayard, Nicholas, 1644-1707. 
Member of Council. Commander- 
in-Chief of Militia, N. Y. 
Pillot, Peter S., 41. 
Sanford, Henry G., 46. 
Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 57. 
Bayley, Capt. Nathaniel, 1732- 
1812, So. Weymouth, Mass. 
Ens. in Capt. Samuel Thaxter's 
Co., Crown Point Expedition, 
1 755- Capt., 1760. Represen- 
tative, 1774. Also member Prov. 
Cong, at Salem, same year. 
Martin, Charles H., 90. 
Beale (Beal), John, 1588-1688, 
Hingham, Mass. Deputy, 1649- 
Beal, Herman L., 80. 







168 <;. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 
Reed, John L., 74. 
Beebe, Capt. James, 1641-1728. 
Lieut., 1696. Capt., 1710, 
Queen Anne's War, Colonial 
Forces of Conn. 
Stebbins, Albert K., 193. 
Beekman, Col. Gerardus, 
1653-1723. Capt. of 
Flatbush, 1681. Maj., 
Lieut. -Col., King's Co. 
1698. Gov. Leisler's Council, 
1690-1691. Council, 1705-1723. 
Pres. and Dep.-Gov., 
Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S 
Beekman, Capt. Gerardus, 

1746. Lieut, and Capt., N. Y 
Prov. Forces, 1728, i738-'46. 
Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Beekman, Col. Henry, 1st, 
1716, Kingston, N. Y. 
on the South River, 
Capt. Ulster Co. Troop, 
Expedition to Albany. Legisla- 
tive Assembly, 1691-1716. Col. of 
Militia, Prov. N. Y. 
Pillot, Peter S., 41. 
Sanford, Henry G., 46. 
Beekman, Lieut. Wilhelmus, 1623- 
1707. Lieut., Burgher Corps, 
New Amsterdam, 1652-1658, and 
New Orange, 1673-1674. Vice- 
Director on the South River, 
1658-1664. Scout at Esopus, 
Foster, Frederick de P., 33. 
Pillot, Peter S., 41. 
Sanford, Henry G., 46. 
Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 57. 
Belden, Daniel, 1648-1731, Hat- 
field and Deerfield, Mass. In 
King Philip's War. On Com- 
mittee of Fortification with Col. 
Lefferts, William H., 54. 
Belden, Samuel, 1657-1737, Hat- 
field, Mass. Capt. William 
Turner's Co., Falls Fight, 1676. 
Converse, Charles A., 131. 

Bell, Lieut. Francis, 1690, 

Stamford, Conn. Lieut., 1643. 
Deputy, 1653, to Union of the two 



Colonies. Commis'r, 1664. Gov.'s 

Bell, Sidney E., 80. 
Lines, Theodore T., 37. 
Benedict, David (Daniel), about 

1655 . Soldier in King 

Philip's War, 1 675-' 76. 
Parker, Charles W., 119. 
Benedict, Capt. James, 16S5-1762. 
Original settler of Ridgefield, 
Conn. Justice, i73i-'38. Rep- 
resentative, 1740- '45, '48-'52. 
Benedict, George G., 131. 
Benedict, John, Norwalk, Conn. 
Selectman, 1689, 1692-^94, '99. 
Representative, i722-'25- 
Benedict, George G., 131. 
Benedict, Lieut. Thomas, 161 7- 
1690. Lieut, in Capt. Byron 
Newton's Foot Co., Jamaica, 1665. 
Member Colonial Assembly at 
Hempstead, 1665. Deputy from 
Norwalk, Conn., 1670-1675. 
Benedict, George G., 131. 
French, Leon Le L., 109. 
Stebbins, Albert K., 193. 
Benezet, Daniel, i 723-1 797, Phila- 
delphia. Member of Capt. Kidd's 
Ind. Co. of Foot, 1756. 
Sargent, Christopher S., 213. 

Bennett, Jacob, 1665 , Gowanus, 

N. Y. In Maj. Peter Schuyler's 
Co., detached out of the Counties 
of Westchester, Richmond, Kings, 
Queens, Suffolk and Ulster, 1692. 
Richards, William S. , 44. 
Bennett, Sergt. Samuel, 1611-1684. 
Providence and East Greenwich, 
R. I., Gen. Sergt., 1652. Dep- 
uty, 1 668-' 74-' 78. 
Bennett, Robert R., 108. 

Bennett, Lieut. Samuel, i745i 

E. Greenwich and Coventry, R. I. 
Deputy, 1690. Lieut., 1690. 
Bennett, Robert R., 108. 

Bennett, William Adrianse, 

1644, Gowanus, N. Y. In War 
with Indians, 1643, under Kieft's 
Richards, Charles S., 141. 
Richards, William S., 44. 
Benson, Capt. Johannes, 1655-1715. 
Lieut., 1688, and subsequently 
Pinkney, Townsend, 42. 

Shirley, Rufus G., 47. 
Bent, John, Sr., 1603-1672, Sud- 
bury, Mass. In Maj. Simon Wil- 
lard's Troop, Expedition against 
Ninigret, 1654. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Bent, Corp. John, 1635-1717, Sud- 
bury, Mass. Corp. of Militia, 

Green, Robert M., 87. 

Richards, William S., 45 

Bernard, Hon. William, 1668. 

Member Va. Council i642-'43, 

Fetter, George G., 166. 

McGuire, James C, 39. 
Betts, William, 1632-1672, Dor- 
chester, Mass., and Westchester, 
N. Y. Barnstable Co., 1643. 
Magistrate, 1662. 

Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 

Bickford, Ens. Jeremiah, ■ 

1735?, Eastham and Truro, Mass. 
Ens. of Military Co., Truro, Feb., 


Bickford, Robert S., 80. 
Bigelow, Joshua, 1655-1745. In 
King Philip's War. In Capt. 
Davenport's Co.; also in Capt. 
Sill's Co. 

Rice, Edward R., 43. 

Biles, William, Sr., 1710. 

Member first Council, Prov. of 
Penn., 1683, '95, '98, 1700. 
Member of Assembly from Bucks 
Co., 1686-1710. 

Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 

Yardley, Farnham, 120. 
Birchard, Thomas, 1 595-1684, Say- 
brook, Conn. Deputy, i65o-'5i. 

Cowles, William N., 172. 

Bishop, Dep.-Gov. James, 1691. 

Sec. of New Haven Colony, 1661- 
'65. Gov.'s Asst., Conn. Col., 
i668-'83- Dep.-Gov., i683-'9i. 

Brown, Benjamin W. B., 30. 

Drew, Morrill N., 205. 

Winant, Frederick, 50. 
Bissell, Capt. John, 1591-1677, 
Windsor, Conn. Deputy, 1648, 
et seq. Under Capt. John Mason, 
1657-1658. Soldier in King 
Philip's War. Capt. of Windsor 
Troop, 1676. 



Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 

Case, John E., 139. 

White, Henry K., 173. 
Bissell, Ozias, 1 729-1822. Served 
six years in French and Indian 
Wars. In Lake George engage- 
ment, 1755. Taken prisoner at 
Havana, 1762. 

Bissell, Leslie D., 125. 

Bixby, Sergt. Joseph, 1700. 

Sergt. of Rowley Train Band. 
In Capt. Brocklebank's and Capt. 
Appleton's Cos. in King Philip's 

Converse, Charles A., 131. 
Blagge, Benjamin. Member of Gov. 
Leisler's Council. Sent by him 
to England as Delegate. 

Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Blair, Dr. Archibald, 1660-1735, 
Williamsburg, James City Co., Va. 
Justice, 1 714 and earlier. Bur- 
gess, 1718 to 1723. 

Tyler, George T., 65. 
Blair, Hon. John, 1687-1771, York 
Co. and Williamsburg, Va. Jus- 
tice, 1724 el ante. Naval officer 
Upper James River, 1728. Audi- 
tor General, 1728-1771. Bur- 
gess, i736-'40, etc. Member of 
Council, 1745-1771. Pres. Coun- 
cil, 1 757—1771 . Acting Gov., 
1757— '58 and 1768. 

Tyler, George T., 65. 
Blake, William, 1 594-1663, Dor- 
chester, Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 

Hatch, Josiah O., 185. 

Williams, Ralph B., 97. 

Blakiston, Col. Nehemiah, 

1693. Capt. of Horse, St. Mary's 
Co., Md., 1689. Col., 1692. 
Member of Md. Council, 1691-93. 

Knott, Aloysius L., 72. 
Blanshan, Matthew (Mathys), 
1695. Served in the rescu- 
ing expedition after the massacre 
of Esopus. Member of Hurley 
Military Co., Capt. Paulding, 1670. 

English, William E., 212. 

Sharp, George M., 73. 
Bleecker, Capt. Jan Jansen, 
1642-1732. Albany Militia, 1676, 
French and Indian War, 1689. 

Sharp, Charles E., 149. 

Bliss, Samuel, 1 624-1 720. Volun- 
teer in Narragansett War. 
Salter, Jasper C, 55. 

Bliss, Thomas, 1688, Saybrook 

and Norwich, Conn. In King 
Philip's War. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Salter, Jasper C, 55. 
Bloetgoet (Bloodgood), Capt. 
Frans Jansen, 1635 - 1676. 
Chief Military Officer of Flush- 
ing, Heemstede, Rustdorp, and 
Meddleburgh. Privy Councillor 
to the Gov. for the surrender of 
the Colony to the English, 1675. 
Magistrate, 1673. Deputy to New 
Orange, 1674. 
Barbour, William D., 28. 
Pinkney, Townsend, 42. 
Shirley, Rufus G., 47. 
Boardman, Samuel, 1615-1673, 
Wethersfield. Gov.'sAsst., 1670, 
Colony of Conn. 
Smith, Charles S., 55. 
Boarman, Major William, 1630- 
1709. Member of the Lower 
House of Assembly of Maryland 
from St. Mary's Co., 1671-1674. 
Capt., 1661-1666. Major, 1676. 
Key, Edward, 72. 
Bogaert, Teunis Gybertse, 1652 
, Wallabout, N. Y. Repre- 
sentative from Brooklyn to the 
Flatbush Convention in 1664. 
Member Council of War under 
Gov. Colve. Magistrate of Brook- 
lyn, 1663, '67, '73. 
Richards, William S., 44. 
Bogardus, Pieter, 1645-1703. In 
defence of Albany. 
Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Boggs, Andrew, — — - 1764. Ens. in 
French and Indian War, 1754. 
Wharton, Charles, Jr., 65. 
Bolling, Col. Robert, 1646-1709. 
Prince George Co., Va. Justice 
of Charles City Co. anterior to 
1698. High Sheriff, 1699. Sur- 
veyor, 1702. Col. and Co. 
Lieut., i7C>5-'09. 
Stewart, Joseph A., 167. 
Bond, Joseph, 1653-1 724/5, Hav- 
erhill, Mass. Soldier in King 
Philip's War. 
Bond, Charles H., Si. 



Bond, Thomas, 1654-1704. In Capt. 
William Turner's Co. in King 
Philip's War. In garrison at 
Springfield, 1676. 
Douglas, Walter B., 147. 
Bond, Capt. William, 1625-1695, 
Watertown, Mass. Deputy, 1689, 
'93> '95- Speaker, io9i-'93- 
'95. Capt. Watertown Co., King 
Philip's War. 
Clark, Byron N., 129. 
Douglas, William B., 146. 
Bonney, Thomas, 1604-1693. Fought 
in King Philip's War. 
Brown, Benjamin B. W., 30. 
Booth, Lieut. Daniel, 1 704-1 777. 
Lieut., 2nd Co., Newtown, Conn. 
Representative, 1 751— '61. 
Booth, John H., 131. 
Booth, Ensign Joseph, 1 736-1810, 
Enfield, Conn. Sergt., 1760. Ens., 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Booth, Robert, 1604-1672, Saco, 
Me. First Dep. from Saco to 
Gen. Ct., Boston, 1659. 
Booth, Charles E., 81. 

Booth, Sergt. Zachariah, 1741, 

Enfield, Conn. Representative, 

I73i/ 2 - 

Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Borden, Richard, 1601-1671, Ports- 
mouth, R. I. Gov.'s Asst., 1653- 
1654. Treasurer, 1653— 1655. 
Commissioner, 1654, '56, '57. 
Deputy, 1667-1670. 

Nickerson, Thomas W., Jr., 99. 

Sanford, Henry G., 46. 
Boreman, Thomas, 1673, Ips- 
wich, Mass. Representative, 1636. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 

Parker, Henry R., 126. 
Bowdoin, James. Member of King's 
Council, i744-'46. 

Plumer, David B., 120. 
Bowen, Lieut. Henry, 1634-1724, 
Roxbury, Mass., and Woodstock, 
Conn. In Great Swamp Fight. 

Stimson, Daniel McM., 48. 

Stowell, William H. H., 163. 

Bowes, Rev. Nicholas, 1755, 

Concord, Mass. Chaplain at Fort 
Edward, 1755. Died upon his 
return home. 

Solis, Andrew J., 93. 

Bowne, Gov. Andrew, 1638-1708. 
Member of Council of E. Jersey, 
i692-'99. Dep. -Gov., 1699. Gov., 

Haughton, John P., 63. 
Bowne, Maj. John, 1684. Mem- 
ber of Assembly, E. Jersey, 1668, 
et seq. Capt., E. Jersey, 1679. 
Maj., 1683. 

Haughton, Richard, 63. 
Boyden, Capt. Jonathan, 1652- 
1732, Medfield, Mass. Repre- 
sentative, 1715. Capt. at Med- 
field, 1712. 

Armsby, James K., 137. 
Boynton, Capt. Joseph, 1645-1730. 
Prov. Forces of Mass. Bay. 
Deputy, 1697-1714, from Rowley. 

Boynton, Frederick C, 29. 

Moore, Howard P., 40. 
Brackett, Capt. Richard, 161 i- 
169 1. Commander, Militia of 
Braintree, Mass. A. & H. A. 
Co., 1636. Deputy, 1655-1680. 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Bradbury, Capt. Thomas, 1610- 
1695, Salisbury, Mass. Ens., Sal- 
isbury Train Band, 1647. Capt., 
1661. Deputy, 1651-1657. 

Briggs, Frankland, 1 18. 

Merrill, Frederic A., 90. 

Rockwood, Charles C, 121. 
Bradford, Lieut. Samuel, 1668- 
17 14, Duxbury, Mass. Lieut., 
Colonial Forces. 

Haughton, John P., 62. 
Bradford, Gov. William, 1589- 
165 1. Gov. of Plymouth Col- 
ony, 1621, et seq. Asst., 1634, 
et seq. 

Barstow, Donald M., 28. 

Bradford, Edward G., Jr., 196. 

Chapin, Samuel A., 31. ' 

Collins, HoldridgeO., 172. 

Dennis, Alfred L., 205. 

Dennis, James S., 32. 

Haughton, John P., 62. 

Haughton, Richard, 63. 

Little, Edward P., 148. 

Prince, L. Bradford, 43. 

Shepard, Augustus D., Jr., 47. 

Shepard, Benjamin, 120. 

Shepard, Edward M., 150. 

Smith, Justin H., 126. 

Steele, Thomas S., 94. 



Thomas, Frank R., 94. 

Webb, William C, 48. 
Bradford, Major William, 1624- 
1704. Dep. -Gov., Plymouth Col- 
ony, i682-'86-'89-'92. Deputy, 
1657. Assistant, 1658, '68, '82. 
Commanded Plymouth Forces, 
Great Swamp Fight. Commis- 
sioner of the United Colonies. 
Council of Mass., 1691. 

Chapin, Samuel A., 31. 

Haughton, Richard, 63. 

Richardson, Frederick A., 133. 

Shepard, Edward M., 150. 

Smith, Justin H., 126. 
Bradley, Samuel, 1746, Con- 
cord, N. H. Member of Capt. 
Ladd's Co. of Concord (Rumford), 
N. H., and as such, while going 
with six others under command of 
Lieut. Jonathan Bradley, to a 
garrison on Aug. 11, 1746, were 
attacked by an Indian ambush. 
Five were killed, including Samuel 

Barrows, John S., 80. 
Bradstreet, Col. Dudley, 1648- 
1702, Andover, Mass. Lieut., 
i677-'8o; Capt., i68o-'93; Maj., 
i693-'98; Col., 1698-1702. Dep- 
uty, 1677, tt seq. Member Gov. 's 
Council, 1698-1702. 

Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 183. 
Bradstreet, Lieut. Dudley, 1707- 
1750, Groton, Mass. Lieut., 
Capt. Warner's Co., 4th Mass. 
Regt., at siege of Louisburg, 
I745~'46. In command of Fort 
Dummer, Vt., 1747; scouting 
service, 1748. 

Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 183. 
Bradstreet, Humphrey, 1594-1655, 
Ipswich. Representative, 1635. 

Perkins, William H., 99. 
Bradstreet, Major-Gen. John, 
1711-1774. Lieut. -Col., siege of 
Louisburg, 1745. Gov. of St. 
Johns, Newfoundland, 1746. 
Capt., 60th Foot, Royal Ameri- 
cans, 1757. Lieut. -Col., York 
Regt., 1757. Col., 1758. Deputy 
Q. M.-Gen., 1760. Col., British 
Army, 1762. Maj. -Gen., 1772. 

McVicker, John A., 39. 

Bradstreet, Gov. Simon, 1603- 
1697, Salem, Mass. First Sec. 
of Mass. Bay Colony, 1630-36. 
Assistant, i630-'78. Commis- 
sioner of the United Colonies, 
1643, '63-'66. Dep. -Gov., 1672- 
1679. Gov., 1676-1686, '89. 

Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 183. 

Godwin, Joseph B., 67. 

Hoyt, Charles W., 36. 

Morse, Edward E., m. 

Thornton, James B., 100. 
Brady, Capt. John. Capt. Penn. 
Regt. engaged against Indians, 

Brady, Cyrus T., 118. 
Braine, Thomas. Capt. of Privateer 

Braine, Clinton E., 29. 

Braine, Lawrence F., 29. 
Brattle, Capt. Thomas, 1624-1683, 
Boston, Mass. Cornet, Suffolk 
Troop, 1670. Lieut., 1675. 
Capt., 1676. King Philip's War. 
Deputy, i67i-'72-'78-'8i. 

Webber, William O., 96. 

Brett, Lieut. Roger, 1721, 

Fishkill, N. Y. Lieut, in Expedi- 
tion against Canada, 1714. 

Brett, Martin W., 29. 
Brewer, Daniel, 1624-1708. A. & 
H. A. Co., 1666. 

Booth, Charles E., 83. 

Brewer, William A., 172. 
Brewster, Benjamin, 1633-1710, 
Conn. Lieut, in New London 
Co., 1673; Capt. Norwich Co., 
1693. Deputy, i668-'97. 

Hawks, James D., 189. 

Richardson, Albert E., 133. 
Brewster, Jonathan, 1593- 1659, 
Duxbury, Mass. Representative, 
Mass., i639-'4i-'42-'44. Dep- 
uty, Conn., 1650, '55— '58. Mem- 
ber of Capt. Myles Standish's 
Duxbury Co. Military Commis- 
sioner, Pequot War. 

Haughton, John P., 63. 

Hawks, James D., 189. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 

Kennan, Thomas L., 192. 

Richardson, Albert E., 133. 

Turner, Philip F., 208. 
Brewster, Elder William, 1560- 
1644. Fourth signer Mayflower 



Compact. Member and Chaplain 
of the first Military Co. organized 
at Plymouth under Capt. Myles 
Standish, and served against the 
Indians. Deputy, 1636. 

Bassett, Charles F., 52. 

Brown, Philip G., 205. 

Cady, Guy B., 188. 

Crocker, Clarence P., 118. 

Fuller, Austin W., 132. 

Hawks, James D., 189. 

Hulbert, Henry C, 54. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 

Kendall, Henry M., no. 

Kennan, Thomas L., 192. 

Nickerson, Philip T., 99. 

Rice, Calvin W., 43. 

Richardson, Albert E., 133. 

Smith, Thomas H., 142. 

Thomas, Douglas H., 56. 

Thomas, Douglas H., 75. 

Truman, Henry H., 120. 

Turner, Philip F., 208. 
Bridge, John, 1576-1665, Cambridge, 
Mass. Deputy, i637-'39-'4i . 

Solis, Andrew J., 93. 
Brinton, William. Member Prov. 
Assembly, Penn., 1713. 

Corbit, Daniel W., 196. 
Brocklebank, Capt. Samuel, 1627- 
1676, Rowley, Mass. Capt. 
Rowley Foot Co., 1673. Killed 
at Sudbury, King Philip's War, 
April 21, 1676. 

Cobb, Carolus M., 84. 

Brodhead, Capt. Daniel, 1667. 

Officer, service of Charles II., 
under Col. Sir Richard Nicolls, 
1664. Commander of the Forces 
at Esopus, 1665. 

Russell, Averley C. H., 112. 
Bronson, John, 1600-1680. In the 
Pequot War. Deputy from Farm- 
ington, 1 65 1, Colony of Conn. 

Ward, Christopher L., 197. 
Brooke, Gov. Robert, 1602-1665. 
Commander-in-Chief of a new 
county in Maryland, and a mem- 
ber of the Council. Commander 
of Charles Co., 1650. Appointed, 
1652, by Cromwell's Commission- 
ers, President of the Council and 
Acting Governor. 

Fleet, Alexander F., 212. 

Fleet, Henry W., 147. 

Fleet, John S., 147. 

Hopkins, Alfred F., no. 

Hopkins, Neville M., no. 

Williams, Mason L. W., 76. 
Brooke, Major Thomas, 1632-1676. 
Major Maryland Forces, 1660. 
Served in Expedition against 
Indians, 1667. Member of As- 
sembly for Calvert Co., 1663-1676. 

Johnston, Christopher, 74. 

Williams, Mason L. W., 76. 
Brooke, Dep.-Gov. Thomas, 1660- 
1730. Member of Council, Prov. 
of Md., i692-i707-'i5-'24. Com- 
missary Gen., 1 70 1. Pres. of 
same and Dep.-Gov., 1720. 

Johnston, Christopher, 74. 

Williams, Mason L. W., 76. 
Brooks (Brooke), Capt. Thomas, 
1667, Concord, Mass. Dep- 
uty, 1642-1662. Capt., 1643. 

Page, Walter G., 206. 
Brown, Dep.-Gov. Elisha, 1717- 
1802, Providence, R. I. Dep.- 
Gov., R. I., i765~'67. 

Allin, George A., 28. 

Brown, Major Hackaliah, 

1784, Rye, N. Y. Westchester 
Co. Militia, 1752. Judge, 1755. 
Served under Lord Amherst, 

Requa, Robert R., 43. 
Brown, Jacob, 1691-1764. At Fort 
William and Mary, Newcastle, 

Webb, William S., 134. 
Brown, James, 1623-1710, Mass. 
Lieut. Swansea Co. Troops. King 
Philip's War, 1675. Asst., Ply- 
mouth Colony, 1665. 

Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 
Brown, John, 1st, 1584-1662, Swan- 
sea, Mass. Comm'r to the United 
Colonies, i644~'56. Assistant, 
1636, et seq. Member Council of 
War, 1642, et seq. Patentee, with 
Edward Winslow, of Rehobotb, 

Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 
Brown, Ens. John, 2nd, 1601-1662, 
Rehoboth, Mass. Ens., 1654. 
Member Council of War, 1658. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 



Brown, John, 1630-1706, Providence, 
R. I. Gov.'s Asst., i665-'66. 
Manton, Leon W., 38. 
Brown, Capt. Joseph, Mass. Capt. 
of Attleboro Military Co. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Brownell, Thomas, Commissioner, 
1655, '61, '63. Deputy, 1664. 
Tompkins, Hamilton B., 201. 
Bryan, Alexander, 1602-1679. 
Gov.'s Asst., Conn., i668-'79. 
Brereton, Tallmadge H., 29. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Bryan, Col. Richard, Jr., Milford, 
Conn. Ens., 1756. Lieut., 1759. 
Capt. of Train Band, 1762. Col., 
Bryan, Frederick C, 108. 

Bryant, John, 1684, Scituate, 

Mass. Deputy to the Plymouth 
Col. General Court, 1657, '62, '67. 
Turner, Herbert B., 95. 

Buck, Cornet John, 1697, 

Scituate, Mass. Cornet of First 
Body of Plymouth Horse. 
Turner, Philip F., 208. 
Buckminster, Col. Joseph, Jr., 
1 697- 1 780, Framingham, Mass. 
Deputy, 1 738, et seq. Col., Fram- 
ingham Militia, 1738. Com- 
manded in French and Indian 
Wars, 1744, '57. Representative 
28 years. 
Williams, Robert B., 100. 
Bucknam, Joses, 1641-1694, Maiden, 
Mass. In Capt. Thomas Wheel- 
er's Co., King Philip's War. 
Bates, George W., 188. 

Budd, Thomas, 1697, Burlington, 

N. J., and Philadelphia. One of 
the Proprietors of West Jersey. 
One of the Receivers General 
for the collection of debts, 1681. 
Regulator of Weights and Meas- 
ures, 1 68 1. Land Commissioner, 
i68i-'83. Member of Gov.'s 
Council, i682-'83 Member of 
Assembly, i682-'83-'85. Treas. 
of Province, 1683. Commissioner 
to England, 1685. 
Huidekoper, Frederic W., 115. 
Budd, William, i649-i72i-'22. 
Member West Jersey Assembly, 
Darrach, Henry, 67. 

Buel, Lieut. Abel, 1714-1798. Ens., 
1749. Lieut., 1752. Lieut, in 
Capt. Fitch's Co., Fort Wm. 
Henry, 1757. 

Potts, Charles E., 42. 
Buel (Buell), Capt. Samuel, 1641- 
1720, Killingsworth, Conn. Ens., 
1708. Capt., 1718. Deputy. 

Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Buell, Capt. Jonathan, 171 7-1 796 
Capt. of West Company, Goshen 
Conn. Lieut., 1759. In Capt 
King's Co., 1 761. 

Buell, William C, 30. 

Buell, Peter, 1769, Killings 

worth and Coventry, Conn. Lieut. 
1726. Capt., 1744. Justice, 1735 
Deputy, 1726, et seq. 

Briggs, Southwick C, 108. 
Bull, Capt. John, 1730-1824. Capt. 
1 758— '59, Penn. Present at cap 
ture of Fort Duquesne. 

Rittenhouse, David, 112. 
Bull, Capt. Thomas, 1606-1684 
Lieut, in Pequot Fight, 1637 
Lieut. 1653, and Capt. of Hartford 
Co., defence of Saybrook, 1675. 
Deputy, i648-'49. 

Booth, Charles E., 82. 

White, Henry K., 173. 

Worthington, George, 134. 
Bullock, Col. William, 1716-1810, 
Mass. In Maj. James House's Co., 
Col. Dwight's Regt., in Expedi- 
tion against Crown Point. Lieut., 
Capt., Col., in 1st Regt. Militia 
in Bristol Co. 

Clark, William B., 71. 
Bunce, Thomas, 1683, Hart- 
ford, Conn. In Pequot War, 

Worthington, George, 134. 

Burd, Col. James, 1 726-1 793. 
Capt., 1754. Coram., Braddock's 
Expedition. Maj., 3rd Battalion, 
Augusta Regt., 1756. Lieut. - 
Col., 2nd Battalion, 1757. Col., 
1 758-1 760, Provincial Forces of 
Schall, John H., 46. 

Burgess, Col. William, 1622-1686. 
Burgess for Anne Arundel Co., 
Md., 1659-1660, 1669-1682. 
Member of Council, 1682-1686, 
andDep.-Gov., 1684-1686. Lieut., 





1659; Capt., 1661; Maj., 1675; 
Col., 1676; Militia of Anne 
Arundel Co. Commander-in- 
chief, 1677, of Maryland Forces 
against Eastern Shore Indians. 

Morrison, Samuel T., 180. 

Morrison, William F., 180. 

Williams, Mason L. W., 76. 
Burlingame, Edwin. (See 

genda, p. 386.) 
Burnham, John, 1618-1694. 
Pequot War, 1637. 

Burnham, Charles L., 30. 
Burnham, Thomas, 161 7-1688, 
Hartford, Conn. Soldier in King 
Philip's War. 

Douglas, Walter B., 147. 
Burnham, Lieut. Thomas, 1623- 
1694, Ipswich, Mass. Soldier in 
Expedition " for service to the 
Indians," 1643. Ens. in Gen. 
Denison's Regt., King Philip's 
War, 1675. Lieut, in Capt. Sam- 
uel Appleton's Co., 1683. Dep- 
uty, 1 683-1 685. 

Adams, Walter W., 28. 

Burnham, Kingsley A., 84. 
Burr, Andrew, 1696-1763, Fair- 
field, Conn. Lieut., Train Band, 
1731. Capt., 1733. Maj., 1739. 
Col. in the Conn. Forces at the 
Siege of Louisburg, 1745. Speaker 
of Assembly, 1745. Col. 4th Regt. 
of Fairfield, 1750. Deputy for 
Fairfield, i727-'47- Judge, 1745- 

Tweedy, Frank, 113. 
White, Alain C, 49. 
Burr, Benjamin, — 

ford, Conn. In 

1637, under Capt. Mason. 
Case, John E., 139. 
Burr, Daniel, 1695. Comm. 

Fairfield Co., French and Indian 

Hubbell, Henry W., 54. 


Abington, Mass. Sergt. in Cap- 
tain Moses Parker's Company at 
St. John, 1760. 
Palmer, William L., 91. 


Member Mass. Prov. Congress, 

1681, Hart- 
Pequot War, 

Burrill, Drayton, 30. 

Burt, Henry, 1662, Springfield, 

Mass. Member of First Military 
Co. in Springfield ; and its Clerk 
in 1657. 
Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Burt, Deacon Henry, 1663-1748. 
Served against Indians, 1698. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Homer, William B., 147. 
Burt, Deacon James, 1703- 1782, 
Granville, Mass. In French and 
Indian War, 1748, 1755. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Burt, James, Jr., 1733-1781, Gran- 
ville, Mass. In French and In- 
dian War, 1756. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Burt, Jonathan, 1632-1715, Spring- 
field, Mass. In King Philip's War, 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Burt, Lieut. Nathaniel, 171 1— 
1755, Longmeadow. Capt. Co. 
in Col. Ephraim Williams's Regt. 
Killed in battle at Lake George. 
Burt, Eugene, 162. 
Burton, Robert, 1725. Mem- 
ber Penn. Assembly from Sussex 
Co., Del., 1700. 
Burton, Robert, 74. 
Bussing, Capt. Arent Harmanse, 
■ 1718. Magistrate at Har- 
lem, 1673. Schepen, 1673. Corp. 
2nd Co. Night Watch at Harlem, 
Dos Passos, Louis H., 32. 
Suydam, Walter L., 55. 

Butler, Deacon Richard, 

1684, Conn. Deputy, 1656, '60. 
Booth, Charles E., 81. 

Butler, Sergt. Thomas, 1688, 

Conn. Hartford Company. 
Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Butterworth, Ens. John, 1651- 
1730, Rehoboth, Mass. Ens., 
1690, under Capts. Joseph Syl- 
vester and John Gorham. 
Richards, William S., 45. 
Butterworth, Lieut. Noah, 1689- 
1736, Rehoboth, Mass. Lieut, in 
Rehoboth Co., 1 720-1 725, Father 
Rasle's War. 
Richards, William S., 44. 



Byram, Nicholas, 1687, Bridge- 
water, Mass. In King Philip's 
War, 1676. 
Howard, Harry S., 130. 

Calef, Sergt. John, 1741-1808, 
Hampstead, N. H. In Capt. 
Ladd's Co., Col. Hart's Regt., 
Crown Point Expedition, 1758. 
Sergt. in Capt. Philip Johnson's 
Co., Col. Goffe's Regt., Invasion 
of Canada, 1760. 

Farwell, John W., 86. 
Calkin (Caulkins), Hugh, 1600- 
1690. Gloucester and Lynn, Mass., 
New London and Norwich, Conn. 
Deputy from Gloucester, Mass. 
Bay Colony, 1650-165 1. From 
New London and Norwich, 1652, 
et seq., Colony of Conn. Com- 
missioner to enlist men for expedi- 
tions against the Indians, 1653— 

Douglas, Walter B., 146. 

Dyer, Horace E., 132. 

Lathrop, Charles G., 172. 

Macpherson, Robert B., 38. 
Calvert, Gov. Leonard, 1 606-1 647. 
1st Gov. of Maryland, 1634-1647. 

Baughman, Louis V., 71. 
Campbell, John. Member E. Jersey 
Assembly, Deputy from Perth 
Amboy, 1686. Member Court of 
Common Rights i686-'87. 

Freeman, Alden, 121. 

Freeman, Joel F., 118. 
Candee, Samuel, 1678-1749, West 
Haven, Conn. Lieut., 1731. 
Capt., 1737. 

Clephane, Lewis P., 109. 

Canfield, Matthew, 1673, 

Conn. Representative in General 
Court, 1654. Named in Royal 
Charter uniting Conn, and New 
Haven Colonies. Judge of Fair- 
field Court. 

Peelle, Stanton C, III. 

Capell, John, 1758, Newtown, 

Mass. Expedition to Lake George, 
Capt. Read's Co., Col. Ruggles's 
Regt., 1758. 

Capelle, William C, 84. 
Capron, Capt. Joseph, 1691-1770, 

Attleborough, Mass. Capt. 2nd 
Foot Co., 1757. 

Wheelock, William B., 213. 
Carder, Richard, 1675, Bos- 
ton, Mass., Portsmouth and War- 
wick, R. I. Deputy, R. I., 1659, 
et seq. Commissioner, i664-'66. 

Felton, Edgar C, 62. 
Carman, Caleb, 1 684-1 746. In 
Capt. John Carpenter's Co., 
Jamaica, L. I., 1715. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Carr, Gov. Caleb, 1624-1695. Com- 
missioner from Newport to Gen- 
eral Court, 1654, et seq. General 
Treasurer of the Colony, i66i-'62. 
Deputy from Newport, 1679, et 
seq. Gov., 1695. 

Cooke, Thomas F., 180. 

Carter, Col. John, 1669, Va. 

Member House of Burgesses from 
Nansemond,i649; from Lancaster, 
1654, '57-'6o. Member of Coun- 
cil, 1657— '58. Col., commanding 
expedition against Rappahannock 
Indians, 1654. 

Offley, Cleland N., III. 
Carter, Capt. John, 1616-1692, 
Woburn, Mass. Ens., 1651. 
Lieut., 1664. Capt. in King 
Philip's War. 

Dixon, Willis M., 170. 

French, Leon Le L., 109. 
Carter, Robert, 1663-1732. Speaker 
of House of Burgesses, Va. Treas- 
urer of Colony, and pending Gov. 
Goch's arrival, Acting Gov. 

Hoge, Peyton H., 166. 

McCulloch, Champe C, 51. 

Wright, William H., 173. 
Carter, Samuel, 167S-1738, Lan- 
caster, Mass. Served in a garrison 
under Lieut. Nathaniel Wilder, 

Carter, Robert A., 30. 

Carter, Thaddeus, 1735 . In 

Capt. James Wadsworth's Co., 
Col. Nathan Whiting's 2nd Regt., 
1758. In Capt. Joel Clark's Co., 
1760. In Capt. Joseph Hoyt's 
Co., 1761. 

Carter, Colin S., 30. 

Carvill, John, 1709. Member 

Md. Assembly from St. Mary's 
Co., 1692. 



Hill, Malcolm \V., 74. 
Hill, Norman A., 72. 
Cary, Col. Miles, 1620-1667, War- 
wick Co., Va. Maj., 1654. Lieut. - 
Col., 1657. Col. and County 
Lieut., i659-'67. Burgess, 1659- 
'63. Member of Council, 1663- 
'67. " Shott by ye Dutch" in 
defending fort at Old Point Com- 
fort, and died June 10, 1667. 
Tyler, George T., 65. 
Cary, Col. Miles, 2nd (of " Rich- 
neck"), 1655-1709, Warwick 
Co., Va. Burgess, 1692, et seq. 
Surveyor-General of Va., 1699 to 
1709. Naval Officer of York 
River, 169810 1709. Capt., 1691. 
Lieut. -Col. , 1701. Col. and County 
Lieut., 1704. 
Tyler, George T., 65. 
Case, Capt. James, Conn. In Ex- 
pedition to Port Royal, 1709. 
Capt. in Train Band, Simsbury, 
1745. Representative in General 
Assembly 13 sessions. 
Case, Francis M., 139. 
Case, Capt. Josiah, Simsbury, Conn. 
Capt., Simsbury Train Band, 1745. 
Case, John E., 139. 
Case, Josiah, Conn. Capt. 5th Co. 
Train Band, Simsbury, 1765. 
Case, John E., 139. 
Case, Capt. Richard, 1669-1746. 
Capt. of South Co., Simsbury, 
Conn. Headed scouting party to 
Litchfield, 1724. 
Chapin, Samuel A., 31. 
Caswell, Lieut. John, 1690-1773. 
Ens. and Lieut, in Expedition to 
Nova Scotia, 1 744-1 745. 
Austin, George W., 80. 
Caswell, Thomas, Mass. Member 
of Taunton Military Co., 1643. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 

Catlett, John, 1670. Killed 

by the Indians while defending 
fort at Port Royal, Va. 
McGuire, James C, 39. 
Chadwick, John, 1601-1680, Charles- 
town and Maiden, Mass. In Capt. 
Nathaniel Davenport's Co. in 
King Philip's War. 
Wills, Henry LeB., 177. 

Champlin, Joshua, 1716 . 1st 

Lieut, in French and Indian War, 

1755- In campaign at Lake 
McCulloch, Walter B., 38. 
Champney, Daniel, 1644-1691, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Under Capt. 
Thomas Brattle, King Philip's 
War, 1675. Also in Captain 
Thomas Prentice's Troop, 1676. 
Appointed by the General Court 
to redeem Indian Captives near 
Wachusett, 1677. 
Solis, Andrew J., 93. 
Champney, Samuel, 1636-1695, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. In King Philip's 
War. Muster Master, 1690. 
Deputy, i686-'95. 
Hicks, Lewis W., 88. 
Chandler, Henry, 1667-1737, Conn. 
Ens., Andover Co., 1720. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Chandler, Major Job, Maryland 
Prov. Forces, 1 651-1656. Re- 
ceiver-General of Prov. and Coun- 
cillor, 165 1 and 1656. Justice 
Provincial Court and Commis- 
sioner, 165 1. 
Chandler, Walter, 121. 
Chandler, Capt. Thomas, 1630- 
1703, Andover, Mass. Lieut., 
1683, Capt., 1690. Deputy, 1678, 
et seq. 
Benton, Arthur B., 170. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Chandler, Lieut. Thomas, 1654 

, Roxbury and Andover, 

Mass. Lieut., 1683. Deputy, 
i678-'8i, '90. 
Flint, James M., 115. 
Chapin, Sergt. Caleb, 1701-1755, 
Springfield, Mass. Served from 
1 722- 1 75 5 in French and Indian 
Chapin, Clifford S.,84. 
Chapin, Gershom, 1 707-1 788. In 
Capt. Phinehas Lovett's Co., Col. 
Abraham Williams's Regt., relief 
of Ft. William Henry, 1757. 
Chapin, Samuel A., 31. 
Chapin, Japhet, 1642-1712. Of 
Capt. Turner's Co. In the Falls 
Fight, King Philip's War. 
Brown, Paul, 137. 
Chapin, Capt. Josiah, 1639-1726, 
Mendon, Mass. Sergt., 1685. 



Ens., 1687. Lieut., 1689. Capt., 
1692. Deputy, 1689, etseq. 

Chapin, Samuel A., 31. 

Chapin, Deacon Samuel, 1675, 

Springfield, Mass. Appointed by 
the General Court of Mass. Bay 
Colony to govern Springfield. At 
its burning in King Philip's War, 
was a participant in repelling the 
attack from fortified houses. 

Brown, Paul, 137. 

Case, John E., 140. 

Chapin, Samuel A., 31. 

Homer, William B., 147. 

Norris, Henry McC, 155. 

Robinson, Hamline E., 149. 
Chapin,, Capt. Seth, 1668-1746. 
Capt. of Mass. Colonial Forces at 
Mendon, 17 14, et seq. Repre- 

Chapin, Samuel A., 31. 

Chapman, Edward, 1675, Conn. 

Soldier in King Philip's War, and 
died from wounds received in at- 
tack on Fort Narragansett. 

Chapman, Edwin L., 108. 
Chapman, Capt. Robert, 1616-1687, 
Conn. Served in the Pequot War 
under Lieut. Lion Gardiner, and in 
King Philip's War. Capt., 1675. 
Deputy from Saybrook, many 
years, and Assistant, 1681-1684. 

Bates, George B., 29. 

Booth, Charles E., 82. 

Chapman, Frank M., 31. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 
Chapman, Samuel. Capt. of Train 
Band, Tolland, Conn., 1755. At 
siege of Louisburg in command of 
9th Conn. Co. 

Robinson, Charles L. F., 200. 

Chappell, George, 1 709. 

Served in Pequot War. At Fort 
Fight, 1637. 

Douglas, Walter B., 147. 
Charlton, Thomas, Sr., 1743-1761, 
Maryland. (No services reported.) 

Charlton, Thomas J., 183. 
Chase, Corp. Isaac, 1817, Ha- 
verhill, Mass. In Militia, 1757. 
Corp. at Fort William Henry, 
1757. In St. John Expedition, 

Chase Charles H., 84. 

Chase, Daniel E., 84. 

Chase, Daniel E., Jr., 84. 
Chase, Thomas, 1654-1732, New- 
bury, Mass. In Maj. Appleton's 
command, King Philip's War. 
Palmer, William L., 91. 
Chase, William, 2nd, 1622-1685, 
Yarmouth, Mass. Drummer in 
Pequot Wars and in Narragansett 
Expedition. In Yarmouth Mil. 
Co., 1643. 
Brown, Paul, 137. 
Chastaigner, Alexander Thesee. 
South Carolina. Member of As- 
Macbeth, Malcolm, 148. 
Macbeth, Ravenel, 148. 
Chauncey, Col. Elihu, 17 10-1790. 
Col. of Regiment, French and 
Indian War. Chief Justice, Col- 
ony of Conn. 
Parker, Charles W., 119. 
Checkley, Capt. Anthony, 1636- 
1708. Atty.-Gen. of Prov. of 
Mass., 1689-1703. Ens., 1675, 
of Foot Co. Sergt. of Artillery Co., 
1677. Lieut., 1683. Capt., 1695. 
Frazier, William W., 62. 
Chenery, Isaac, 1 742-1822. InCapt. 
Timothy Hamant's Co., i762-'63. 
Chenery, Leonard E., 170. 
Cheney, Sergt. Ebenezer, 1741- 
1828, Orange, Mass. In Am- 
herst's Division, 1759, French 
and Indian War. Sergt. in Capt. 
Jones's Co., Crown Point Expe- 
dition, 1759. 
Ballou, Hosea S., 98. 
Cheseborough, Nathaniel, 1630- 
1676. In King Philip's War. 
Reed, Latham G., 55. 
Chesley, Thomas, 1644-1667, Dover, 
N. H. Killed by Indians at Oyster 
River, Nov. 15, 1667. 
Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 
Chester, Col. John, 1 703-1 771, 
Wethersfield, Conn. Ens., 1724. 
Capt., 1725. Lieut. -Col., 6th 
Regt., 1739. Col., 1756. Mem- 
ber of Committee of War, 1745, 
and in 1754. Deputy, 1727, et 
seq. Deputy-Governor's Assist- 
ant. Commissioner to the Confer- 
ence with the Six Nations at 
Albany, 1 75 1. 
Inches, George B., 89. 



Chew, Col. John, 1590-1655. Mem- 
ber House of Burgesses of Virginia 
from Hog Island, i623-'24-'29, 
and from York Co., 1642-1644. 
Sharp, George M., 73. 

Chew, Col. Samuel, 1634-1677. 
Member House of Burgesses, 

1659, and Gov.'s Council, 1669- 
1677. Chancellor and Secretary 
of Province. Colonel Provincial 
Forces of Maryland, 1675. 

Sharp, George M., 73. 
Chickering, Deacon Francis, 

1658, Dedham, Mass. A. & H. 

A. Co., 1649. Deputy, 1644- 

1653. Ensign. 
Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 
Pratt, Dallas B., 55. 
Richards, William S., 45. 
Childs, Capt. Timothy, 1686-1776. 

Scout in Queen Anne's War. 

Lieut, under Capt. Kellogg in 

Norridgewock Fight; as Capt. 

stationed at Deerfield, Mass. 
Smith, Augustus L., 207. 
Chittenden, Gov. Thomas, 1730- 

1797. Major 14th Regt., 1767- 

1770, and Lieut. -Col., 1770- 1773. 

Deputy, i765-'69-'72, Colony 

of Conn. Gov. of Vermont. 
Fletcher, Frank F., 162. 
Chittenden, Major William, 1593- 

1660, Guilford, Conn. In 1643 
elected principal military man of 
New Haven Colony. Magistrate 
of the Plantation. Deputy, 1643, 
etseq. Sergt., 1648. Lieut., 1653. 

Case, John E., 139. 
Clephane, Lewis P., 109. 
Chubbuck, Lieut. John, 1648-1690, 
Hingham, Mass. Lieut, in Phips's 
Expedition, 1690, in which he 
lost his life. 
Turner, Howard C, 95. 
Church, Ens. Joseph. 

Irish, Edward S., 177. 
Churchill, Sergt. Joseph, 1649- 
1699, Conn. Sergt. in Train 
Band, 1697. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Claggett, Capt. Thomas, 1640- 
1703. Capt. Calvert Co. Md. 
Militia, i683-'96. 
Chew, Samuel C, 74. 
Claiborne, Col. William, i 587— 

1676. Sec. of State, Va., 1625, 
etseq. Member of Council, 1625- 
1660. In 1642 made Treasurer 
for life; 1653, Deputy-Governor. 
Commanded against Indians in 
1629 and 1644. 

Dearing, William, 183. 
Clapp (Clap), Capt. Roger, 1609- 
1692, Dorchester, Mass. Lieut., 
Dorchester Co., 1644. 2nd Sergt., 
A. & H. A. Co., 1646. Lieut., 
1655. Capt. Dorchester Co. Capt. 
at the Castle, 1665-1686. Deputy, 
i652-'7 3 . 

Clapp, Edward E., 118. 

Emerson, Justin E., 188. 

Fox, Walter S., 86. 

Rumrill, Frank, 92. 

Walker, Bryant, 189. 
Clapp (Clap), Maj. Samuel, 1634- 
1708. Capt. Dorchester, Mass., 
Militia. Deputy, 1689-1699. 

Rumrill, Frank, 93. 
Clark, Daniel, 1623-1 710, Windsor, 
Conn. Lieut., 1st Troop under 
Capt. John Mason, 1657-1658. 
Capt., 1664. Sec.Colony of Conn., 
1658-1666. Assistant, 1662, '64- 
'67. Deputy, 1657-1661. Magis- 
trate, 1 662-1 664. Named Assist- 
ant in Charter of Charles II. 

Bliss, Chester W., 81. 

Harris, Frederick, 88. 
Clark, George, 1610-1690. Deputy, 
General Court of Conn., 1666. 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 

Clark, Capt. John, 1677, Conn. 

Representative from Saybrook, 
i65i-'64. Commissioner, 1664. 
One of original grantees of Say- 
brook . 

Webb, William S., 134. 
Clark, John, 1608-1712. In Pequot 

Edwards, Charles L., 103. 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 

Fish, Henry M., 33. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 

Pratt, Dallas B., 54. 
Clark, Thomas, 1 599-1697. Dep- 
uty, Plymouth Colony, 1651-1655. 
In Pequot War. 

Smith, Curtis N., 176. 
Clark, Lieut. William, 1609-1690. 
King Philip's War. 



Clark, Emory W., 188. 
Clark, Lorenzo E., 188. 
Thompson, William B., 115. 
Clarke (Clark), Hugh, 1613-1693, 
Roxbury, Mass. Member of the 
Roxbury Artillery Co., 1666. 
Green, Robert M., 87. 
Clarke, Capt. Jeremiah (Jeremy), 
1652. Assistant, Pres., Re- 
gent, and Acting-Gov. R. I. Col- 
ony, 1648. Treas., 1644-1647. 
Lieut., 1642. Capt., 1644. 
Briggs, Southwick C, 108. 
Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 
Pratt, Dallas B., 54. 
Clarke, Joseph, 1618-1690. Named 
as Governor's Assistant in the 
Rhode Island Charter of 1663. 
Assistant in 1648, et seq. 
Clarke, Fabius M., 31. 
Clarke, Gov. Walter, 1639-17 14. 
Governor's Assistant, 1673; Gov. 
of Rhode Island, King Philip's 
War, 1676, et seq. 
Morgan, Fisher C, 64. 
Clarkson, Matthew, 1699-1739. 
Capt. N. Y. Militia, 1738. 
Cox, John L. 66. 

Clayton, Hon. William, 1691. 

Member of Governor's Council, 
Penna., 1 68 1. President of Coun- 
cil and Acting Governor, 1684. 
Presiding Justice of Upland Court, 
Penna., 1681. 
Sharp, George M., 73. 
Clement (Clements), Robert, 1590- 
1658, Haverhill, Mass. Deputy, 
Flint, James M., 115. 
Clements, John, 1653-1692, Haver- 
hill, Mass. In Lieut. Benj. 
Sweet's Co., King Philip's War. 
Flint, James M., 115. 
Ci.esson, Sergt. Joseph, 1683-1753. 
In various companies in Indian 
warfare 1 708-1 725. 
Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 
Cleveland, George. In Capt. Wm. 
Bacon's Co., Col. Gridley's Regt. 
in Expedition against Crown Point. 
Cross, William Pierce, 199. 
Cleveland, Moses, 1624-1 701/2, 
Woburn, Mass. Member of 
Militia, 1676. In garrison at 

Chelmsford, Mass., 1675. In King 
Philip's War. 
Cleveland, Henry E., 31. 
Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 

Cleves (Cleeves), George, 

1666. Founder of Falmouth (now 
Portland), Me.; Dept.-Gov. of 
Province of Me., under Gov. 
Gorges, in charge of the Province, 
1640. Deputy, i663~'64. 
Moseley, Edward A., 115. 
Norris, Henry McC, 155. 

Clows, John, 1687. Member 

Penn. Assembly, 1683, '84. 
Hough, Oliver, 68. 

Cobb, Henry, 1679, Barnstable, 

Plymouth Colony. Deputy, 1645- 
Fairbanks, Henry N., 208. 
Cocke, Richard, 1600-1665. Mem- 
ber Va. House Burgesses, 1632, 
1644, and 1654. 
Goodrich, William, 68. 
Cocke, Thomas, 1 638-1 696. Mem- 
ber Virginia Assembly, 1667. 
Goodrich, William, 68. 


1601-1678. Assistant, Mass. Bay 
Colony, 1630-1637. Treasurer, 
1634-1636. Deputy, 1636-1637. 
Gov. Portsmouth and Newport, 
R. I., 1640-1647. Gov. of the 
Colony, 1 674-1 678. 

Palmer, Lucius N., 41. 
Codwise, Adjutant Christopher, 
1689-1767. Adjutant Kings Co. 
Militia, 1722. Field Officer, 1728. 

Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Codwise, George, 1 732-1814. Com- 
manded the sloop Charming Polly, 
6 guns, July, 1757. 

Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Coe, Robert. 1 596-1672, Conn. 
Deputy, 1653. Magistrate, Ja- 
maica, L. I., 1662. 

Hatch, Josiah O., 185. 
Coffin, Tristram, 1605-1681. Com- 
missioner at Salisbury, Mass., 
1655. Chief Magistrate for Nan- 
tucket under Gov. Lovelace, 1671. 

Clark, Byron N., 129. 

Clark, Rufus W., 190. 

Coffin, Charles E., 212. 

Coleman, Leighton P., 31. 

Conner, John S., 156. 



Conner, Phineas S., 156. 

Gerrish, William L., 205. 
Coffin, Lieut. Tristram, 1632-1704. 
Lieut, at Newbury, 1683. Deputy, 
i6a5-i700-'o2. Colony of Mass. 

Conner, John S., 156. 

Conner, Phineas S., 156. 

Elwell, Walter E., 205. 

Gerrish, William L., 205. 


R. I. Pres. Colony and Prov. 

Plantations, 1647. Gov.'s Asst., 

1640-1644. Moderator, 1647. 

Deputy, Mass., 1634-1637. 
Cooke, Thomas F., 180. 
Haughton, John P., 63. 

COGGESHALL, JOHN, 2nd, 1618-1708. 

Dep.-Gov., 1686-1690. Gov.'s 
Asst., 1663, et seq. Major of the 
Island, 1683-1685. General Re- 
corder, 1676, et seq. General 
Treasurer, 1664, et seq. Deputy, 
1665, et seq. 
Haughton, Richard, 63. 

Coggswell, John, 1st, 1592 . 

Deputy, i634-'37. 
Snow, Edgar M., 143. 

Colcord, Samuel, 1655-1736. Lieut. 
Representative, 1682. In garrison 
at Oyster River, 1696. 
Colket, Charles H., 66. 

Colden, Lieut.-Gov. Cadwallader. 
Lieut. -Gov. of N. Y. Col., 1761- 

Ruggles, Charles H., 192. 

Colegate (Colgate), Maj. Rich- 
ard, 1675-1721. Member Mary- 
land House of Assembly, from 
Baltimore Co., 1 709-1 721. 
Shoemaker, Murray M., 155. 
Coleman, Thomas, 1 598-1674. Ap- 
pointed to procure men and neces- 
saries for the expedition against 
Ninigret, Narragansett War, 1654. 
Deputy, Conn., i65i-'54, '56. 
Converse, Charles A., 66, 131. 

Collier, William, 1670. Gov.'s 

Asst., 1 634-1 665, Plymouth Col. 
Commissioner to United Colonies, 
1643. Representative, Member 
Council of War, 1642, et seq. 
Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 
Snow, Edgar M., 143. 

Collins, Edward, 1 603-1689. Dep- 
uty, Mass., 1654-1670. 
Collins, Holdridge O., 172. 
Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Collins, John, 1616-1670, Mass. and 
Conn. A. & H. A. Co., 1644. 
Clephane, Lewis P., 109. 
Colton, Quartermaster, George, 

1699, Springfield, Mass. 

Q. M. Hampshire Co. Troop, 
1663. In King Philip's War. 
Deputy, i669-'7i-'77. 
Colton, Allen L., 188. 
Homer, William B., 147. 
Lyman, Elias, 132. 
Salter, Jasper C, 55. 
Wilder, Edward B., 151. 
Comstock, Daniel, 1632-1683, New 
London, Conn. Volunteer in 
Narragansett War, 1676. 
Hall, Clarence L., 104. 
Conant, John, 1652-1724, Beverly, 
Mass. In King Philip's War, 
Capt. Appleton's Co. 
Conant, Henry E., 125. 
Conant, Gov. Roger, 1592-1679, 
Beverly, Mass. Gov. Colony at 
Cape Ann, 1625-1626, and Salem, 
1627-1629. Deputy, 1634. 
Church, William C, 31. 
Conant, Henry E., 125. 
Moore, Howard P., 40. 
Coney, William, 1 727-1 805. In 
first Louisburg Expedition. 
Morse, Willard S., 177. 
Converse (Convers), Dea. Edward, 
1590-1663, Woburn, Mass. Dep- 
uty, 1660, Mass. Bay Colony. 
Converse, Charles A., 131. 
Converse, John H., 129. 
Dixon, Willis M., 170. 
Converse, Lieut. James, 1620-1715, 
Charlestown and Woburn, Mass. 
Lieut., King Philip's War. Dep- 
uty, 1679. 
Dixon, Willis M., 170. 
Converse, Major James, 1 645-1 706, 
Woburn, Mass. Deputy, 1679- 
1692. Speaker, 1699, 1702-1703. 
Commander at defence of Storer's 
Garrison, 1601-1692. Major. 
Dixon, Willis M., 170. 
Converse, Capt. Josiah, 1684-1771, 
Woburn, Leicester, and Brookfield, 



Mass. Representative, 1715. Capt. 
of Woburn Co. 

Dixon, Willis M., 170. 
Converse, Lieut. Josiah, 1710-1775, 
Woburn and Leicester, Mass., 
and Stafford, Conn. Representa- 
tive, I733> from Leicester. Lieut, 
of Leicester Co. 

Dixon, Willis M., 170. 

Cooch (Gooch), Capt. Thomas, 

1788. Capt. Del. Colonial Militia, 
French and Indian War, 1756. 

Evans, Charles, 196. 
Cook(e), Major Aaron, 1610-1690, 
Westfield, Mass. Member of 
Windsor Troop of Horse, 1658. 
Maj. of Hartford Troop, 1658. 
Deputy, 1668. Ens., 1676. Capt. 
of garrison at Westfield in King 
Philip's War. 

Brown, Paul, 137. 

Lunt, William W.,99. 

Parker, George T., 148. 

Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 
Cook, Capt. Aaron, 2nd, 1641-1716. 
Ens., 1663. Capt., 1678-1713, 
Hadley Militia. Deputy, 1689, 
et seq. 

Brown, Paul, 137. 

Woodruff", Frederick S., 50. 
Cook(e), John, 1612-1694, Dart- 
mouth, Plymouth Colony. Soldier 
King Philip's War. Deputy, 1666, 
et seq. 

Ives, Anson, Jr., 185. 
Cooke, Francis, 1 583-1663. The 
17th signer of the Compact on the 
Mayflower, Nov. II, 1620. 
Member of Myles Standish's Co. 
and in expedition against the In- 
dians. Member of Plymouth Mili- 
tary Co., 1643. 

Bennett, Robert R., 108. 

Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 

Pollock, Edwin T., 171. 

Vail, Henry H., 56. 
Coolidge, John. Ens. in King 
Philip's War. 

Lincoln, George H., 200. 
Coolidge, William (1604-1691). 
Deputy from Watertown, Mass., 
1658, et seq. 

Clark, Byron N., 129. 
Cooper, John, 1689. Soldier, 

1645. Deputy and Gov.'s Asst., 
1676. Member of Council of War. 

Hatch, Josiah O., 185. 
Cooper, Thomas, Sr., 1617-1675. 
Lieut, in Maj. John Pynchon's 
Hampshire Regt. and was killed 
by the Indians Oct. 5, 1675. 

Roberts, Richard H., 45. 
Cooper, Lieut. Thomas, 1619-1675. 
Commanded rescuing force at 
Brookfield, Mass., 1675. Killed 
at burning of Springfield. 

Dominick, Henry B., 32. 
Corbett, Robert, Mass. Referred 
to in a petition to the Gov. and 
Council as " then on the fron- 
teer," to be recalled " for the pro- 
tection of their own homes." 

Richards, John B., 200. 
Cornell, Thomas, 1 595-1656, West- 
chester Co., N. Y. Ens., Ports- 
mouth, R. I., Militia, 1642-1644. 
Served under Gov. Kieft against 

Brokaw, George T., 29. 

Haughton, John P., 63. 

Wing, John D., 49. 

Wing, John M., 49. 

Wing, Louis S., 50. 

Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 

Corning, Samuel, 1694. Ens., 

Beverly, Mass. Bay Colony, 1677. 

Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Cornwall (Cornwell), Lieut. 

William, 1678, Hartford, 

Conn. In Pequot War, 1637. 
Sergt.-at-Arms, 1639. Representa- 
tive from Middletown, 1654, et seq. 

Booth, Charles E., 83. 

Clephane, Lewis P., 109. 

Norris, Henry McC, 155. 
Cotton, Sergt. William. Member 
of A. & H. A. Co., Boston. 

Theopold, Herbert C, 163. 
Coulter, Thomas, 1 737-1814, Sussex 
Co., Del. Member of Capt. John 
Wright's Co. of Penn. Militia in 
Regt. commanded by William 
Denny, 1759. 

Connell, Robert, 114. 

Coursey, Col. Henry, 1697. 

Member of the Council of Md., 
1660-1670, 1676-1684. Secretary 
of Md., 1660-1661. Col., com- 
manding Foot of Cecil and Kent 



Counties, 1676, 1678, 16S1. Chief 
Justice of the Provincial Court, 
1684-1685. Commissioner to ne- 
gotiate treaty with Northern In- 
dians at Albany, 1677 and 1682. 
Burgess for Talbot Co., Md. 
Williams, Nathan W., 76. 

Cowles, John, i°75> Farming- 
ton, Conn. Deputy, 1653-1654. 
Booth, Charles E., 81. 

Cowles, Ens. Joseph, 1777. 

Ens., 8th Co., 15th Regt. Train 
Band, Conn. 
Cowles, William N., 172. 

Cox, Robert, 1731, Marble- 
head, Mass. Member of Capt. 
Gardiner's Salem and Marble- 
head Military Co. in King Philip's 
War. Wounded in Great Swamp 
Russell, Harry B., 93. 

Cram, Benjamin, 1666 , Hamp- 
ton, N. H. In garrison Fort 
William and Mary, Newcastle, 
1708. In Capt. John Gilman's 
Co., 1710. 
Webb, William S., 134. 

Cram, Benjamin, 1 716-1804, Hamp- 
ton, N. H. In Capt. Prescott's 
Co., N. H. Regt.. 1745. At 
capture of Louisburg. 
Webb, William S., 134. 

Crandall, John, 1676. Com- 
missioner, i658-'62-'63. Dep- 
uty, R. I., from Westerly, 1670- 


Crandall, Arthur L., 146. 
Crane, Sergt. Amariah, 1 731-1823. 
Served in expedition against 
Crown Point, under Capt. Jedu- 
than Baldwin, 1755. 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Crane, Capt. Henry, Sr., 1635- 
171 1, Killingsworth, Conn. Lieut., 
1675. Capt., 1704. Governor's 
Assistant, 1665. Deputy. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

Pratt, Alexander, D. B., 43. 

Primrose, John S., 43. 
Crannell, Robert, about 1670. 
In Lord Cornbury's Independent 
Co. of Fusileers, 1708. Staff 
Officer in Col. Robt. Hunter's 

Crannell, Clarke W., 32. 

Crawford, Gideon, 1651-1707, 
Providence, R. I. Deputy, 1690, 
et seq. 
Allen, Crawford C, 80. 
Cripps, John, 1690. Member W. 
Jersey Assembly, 1682. 
Schwartz, Frank N., 64. 
Schwartz, John L., 65. 
Cripps, Nathaniel, 1746. Mem- 
ber of W. Jersey Assembly, 
1708, '09. 
Schwartz, Frank N., 64. 
Schwartz, John L., 64. 
Crosby, Simon, 2nd, 1637-1725. In 
garrison, at Billerica, and scouting, 
King Philip's War. In Capt. 
Lane's Troop, 1706. Deputy, 
1 69 1, et seq. 
Crosby, Henry A., 192. 

Crosby, Simon, 3rd, 1663 . 

Billerica, Mass. In Indian War 
under Capt. Lane, 1706. 
Richards, William S., 44. 
Crosman, Robert, Mass. A. & H. 
A. Co., 1644. 
Freeman, Alden, 121. 

Cummings, Abraham, 1733 , 

Ware, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Jacob Cummings's Co. for relief of 
Fort William Henry, 1757. 
Brown, Charles A., 84. 
Curtis, John, 1st, 1698. Mem- 
ber First Assembly, held by 
William Penn at Philadelphia, 
i683-'84-'86, and of the Council, 
Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Curtis, Richard, ■ 1695. Mem- 
ber Penn. Assembly from Kent 
Co., Del., 1690. 
Burton, Robert, 74. 
Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Curtis(s), Capt. William, — — 
1702. Capt., Train Band, Strat- 
ford, Conn., 1672. Capt. Forces 
of Fairfield, Conn., i673-'75- 
Member Com. of Safety, 1673. 
Deputy, 1667, et seq. 
Curtis, Roderick P., 103. 
Moffat, R. Burnham, 39. 
Cushing, John, Sr., 1627-1708, 
Scituate, Mass. Deputy, Plymouth 
Col., 1674, et seq. Gov.'s Asst., 
1689-1691. Deputy, Mass., 1692. 



Porter, Alexander S., Jr., 92. 
Simmons, Walter E., 93. 
Stearns, Frank W., 94. 
Custis, John, 2nd. Member of Coun- 
cil, and Maj. Gen. in Virginia. 
McMurran, William, 162. 
Cutler, James, 1606-1694, Lexing- 
ton, Mass. In King Philip's War. 
Member of Lexington Military Co. 
Armsby, James K., 137. 

Cutler, Dr. John, 1715. Hin g" 

ham, Mass. Surgeon in Capt. 
Appleton's Co., Great Swamp 
Weisse, Faneuil S., 49. 
Cutler, Lieut. Thomas, 1 648-1 722, 
Lexington, Mass. Lieut, of the 
Lexington Militia under Capt. 
Armsby, James K., 137. 
Cutter, Gershom, 1653-1738, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Under Capt. Dav- 
enport, King Philip's War. 
Granted land for services in the 
Narragansett campaign. 
Swan, Reuben S., 94- 
Cutter, Richard, 1621-1693, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 
1643. Leader and officer of 
Militia at Cambridge, Mass. 
Cutter, Watson G., 85. 
Goshorn, Alban O., 166. 
Cutting, John, 1649-1689. Trooper 
in Capt. Prentice's Co., King 
Philip's War. 
Douglas, Walter B., 147. 
Cutts, John, 1681, New Hamp- 
shire. Pres. of Council of N. H., 
Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 
Cutts, Richard, 1676, Ports- 
mouth, N. H. Rebuilt and com- 
manded Fort at New Castle, 1660. 
Deputy to General Court of Mass. 
Bay Col., 1665, '69, '72. 
Parker, Henry R., 126. 

Danforth, Capt. Jonathan, 1628- 
1712, Billerica, Mass. Lieut., 
1675. Capt., 1683. Dwelling used 
as a garrison, King Philip's War. 
Deputy, 1685. 
Bush, Joshua D., 197. 

Danforth, Nicholas, 1 585-1 638, 
Cambridge, Mass. Representa- 
tive, 1 636- 1 63 7. 
Allen, Crawford C, 80. 
Bush, Joshua D., 197. 
Dashiell, James, 1697. Mem- 
ber Maryland House of Bur- 
gesses, io78-'82. 
Dashiell, Nicholas L., 71. 
Davenport, Addington, 1670-1736, 
Boston. Representative, 171 1, 
'12, '13. Councillor, 1 7 1 4- ' 1 9 • 
A. & H. A. Co., 1692. 
Rumrill, Frank, 93. 
Davenport, Ebenezer, 1 706-1 785, 
Dorchester, Mass. Served in 
1746, and under Capt. Estes 
Hatch in 1747. 
Holmes, William B., 89. 
Davenport, Isaac, i 730-1 799, Dor- 
chester, Mass. Served in 1746, 
and under Capt. Estes Hatch in 

Holmes, William B., 89. 

Davenport, Capt. Richard, 

1665, Boston. Ens., 1634. 
Lieut., 1637. Wounded in Pe- 
quot Expedn. Capt. of the Castle, 
1642-1665. A. & H. A. Co., 
1639. Representative, 1637. 
Rumrill, Frank, 92. 
Davis, Aaron, i 709-1 777, Roxbury, 
Mass. Deputy to Provincial Con- 
gress, i774-'75- 
Palmer, Charles D., 99. 
Davis, Lieut. John, 1651-1717, 
Roxbury, Mass. Lieut, to Capt. 
Andrew Gardner in Suffolk Co. 
Rumrill, Frank, 93. 
Dawes, Lieut. Ambrose, 1642-1705. 
Lieut., King Philip's War. 
Wounded at Fort Pemaquid, 
Maine, 1692. 
Davies, Julien T., Jr., 53. 
Day, Capt. Benjamin, 1704-1777- 
Lieut., Colchester, Conn., 1747- 
Capt., 3rd Co., 1750. Served in 
defence of Fort William Henry 
and Fort Edward, as Capt. in 
Col. Trumbull's Regt. 
SherriU, Charles H., 55- 
Day, Benjamin, 1731-1811. Served 
in Colchester, Conn., Co., com- 
manded by his father, Capt. Benja- 



min Day, in Col. Trumbull's 
Regt., in defence of Fort William 
Henry and Fort Edward. 

Sherrill, Charles H., 55. 
Day, John, 1677-1752, Conn. Dep- 
uty, 1 746- 1 749. 

Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Day, Timothy, 1680-1757, Glouces- 
ter, Mass., and York, Me. On 
Sept. 21, 1707, he was one of 
eight men and a boy in two shal- 
lops at Winter Harbor, Me., who 
were attacked by a large force of 
Indians in many canoes. After 
a hot fight, the Indians were re- 
pulsed with a loss of about thirty. 
Under Ensign Wm. Hilton, Nov. 
8, 1 71 1, aided in recapture of 
sloop taken from York Harbor 
by French and Indians. 

Day, Fred N., 85. 


New York and Conn. Member 
of Capt. Wiselton Brock's Co., 
171 1. Member of Independent 
Co. of Livingston Manor, 1 715. 
Dutcher, Frank J., 85. 


1 596-1 670. Commander at Man- 
hattan Island, i640-'45. Sent to 
defence of Fort Good Hope, 1641. 
Supreme Councillor under Gov. 
Kieft, i638-'46. Member of Stuy- 
vesant's Council, i647-'56. Vice- 
Director Fort Orange, i656-'64. 
Member of Convention of 1653. 
Commissioner of Fortification, 

Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Delano, Lieut. Jonathan, 1647- 
1720, Dartmouth, Mass. Under 
Capt. Church, in King Philip's 
War, 1676. Lieut., 1689. Rep- 
resentative, 1689. 

Johnson, Stephen S., 119. 


noy), Abraham, 1642-1707. 
Corp. Burgher Corps, New Am- 
sterdam, 1653. 
Schenck, Charles L., 55. 

de Meyer, Major Nicholas, 

1690. Capt., 1679. Major, 1685, 
in command of the Militia of the 
City and Co. of New York, Proc- 

lamation of the Duke of York as 
James II. 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 57. 
Deming, Sergt. John, 1615-1705, 
Wethersfield, Conn. Represent- 
ative, 1646, etseq. Named in Conn. 
Charter of Charles II., 1662. 
Sergt., 1687. 

Booth, Charles E., 82. 

Goodrich, William, 68. 
Denison, Maj.-Gen. Daniel, 1612- 
1682. Mass. Colonial Forces. 
Capt., Pequot War, and Maj.- 
Gen., 1652-1680. Deputy, 1635- 
1652. Colonial Secretary, 1653. 
Commissioner for the United Col- 
onies, 1654-1662. 

Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 
Denison, Capt. George, 1620-1694. 
Capt. New London Co. Forces, 
King Philip's War, under Major 
Mann and Major Talcott. Second 
in command to Major Treat, Great 
Swamp Fight. Served on the 
frontier. Captured Indian Chief 
Canonchet, 1676. Capt. of the 
Volunteers, 1689. Chosen, with 
Major Mason, to assist the Pequot 
Chiefs to govern their tribes. As- 
sistant and Deputy from Stoning- 
ton, Conn. 

Brooks, Henry G., 83. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

Denison, Henry H., 146. 

Kennan, Thomas L., 192. 

Palmer, Lucius N., 41. 

Parker, Charles W., 119. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 

Reed, Latham G., 55. 

Robinson, Henry S., 104. 

Sheldon, Theodore B., 47. 
Denison, John, 1 646-1 698, Stoning- 
ton, Conn. In King Philip's 
War, Narragansett and other 

Kennan, Thomas L., 192. 
Denison, William, 1 586-1 653. Dep- 
uty, 1634. Member Roxbury 
Militia, 1636. 

Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 

Richards, William S., 45. 

Dent, Thomas, 1676. Justice 

for St. Mary's Colony, Md., 1661- 



1669. High Sheriff, 1664. Bur- 
gess, 1 669-' 74-' 76. 

Williams, Mason L. W., 76. 
de Peyster, Col. Abraham, 1657— 
1728. Cadet of Burgher Corps, 
1673. Col. of Militia, Albany, 
1689. Capt., New York Forces, 
1689. Col., 1695. Alderman, 
1685. Mayor, io9i-'95. Chief 
Justice and Member of the Royal 
Council, 1698. Acting Gov., 1700. 
Treasurer, Provinces of New York 
and New Jersey, i"jo6-2\. 

de Peyster, Johnston L., 32. 
de Peyster, Capt. Johannes, 1666- 
1719. Ens., 1686. Lieut., 1689. 
Capt , 2nd Battalion Foot, New 
York, 1698. 

Cox, John L., 67. 

de Peyster, William M. D., 32. 

Rockwood, Charles C, 121. 

de Rapelje, Joris Jansen, 1665. 

Representative from Waal-boght, 
1641. One of the Twelve Men. 
Magistrate, 1655. 

Frye, Jed, 34. 

Lefferts, William H., 54. 

Richards, William S., 45. 

Wood, Spencer S., 50. 
Desborough, Nicholas, 1612-1683. 
In Capt. Mason's Co. from Hart- 
ford, Pequot War. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

DE SlLLE, NlCASIUS, 160O-1694. 

Council, 1653-1660. Schout Fis- 
cal, New Netherlands, 1658-1660. 

Austin, Eugene K., 28. 

Lefferts, William H., 54. 

Stanton, Frank McM., 47. 

Van Blarcorm, Jacob C, 150. 

de St. Julian, Pierre, 1669 , 

South Carolina. Member of Gov. 's 

Macbeth, Malcolm, 148. 

Macbeth, Ravenel, 148. 
Dewey, David, 1716-1760. In Ex- 
pedition to West Indies under 
Capt. Stephen Richards, 1740. 

Teachout, Oscar L., 150. 
Dewey, Sergt. Josiah, 1640-1732, 
Lebanon, Conn. Sergt. at West- 
field, Mass., during King Philip's 

Dewey, Henry S., 85. 
Potts, Charles E., 42. 
Teachout, Oscar L., 150. 

Dewey, Cornet Thomas, 1648. 

Cornet of Windsor, Conn., Troop. 
Noble, Robert, 133. 
Williams, Nelson B., 142. 
DeWitt, Andries, 1657-1 710, Kings- 
ton, N. Y. Member of Capt. 
Hendrickus Beekman's Co. of 
Troopers, Kingston, 1686. Capt. 
Kingston Co., Associated Ex- 
DeWitt, George G., 32. 
Dey, Col.Theunis, 1 726-1 787, Preak- 
ness, N. J. Member N. J. House 
of Assembly, 1 761— '75. 
Lilly, John M., 212. 
Dickerman, Lieut. Abraham, 1634- 
171 1. Lieut., New Haven Train 
Band, 1683,^^. Deputy, 1682- 
Hatch, Josiah O., 184. 

Dickinson, Sergt. John, 1676, 

Wethersfield, Conn. Sergt., 1657. 
Slain in Falls Fight. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Dickinson, Nathaniel, 1615-1676, 
Conn. In HampshireGuard under 
Capt. John Pynchon, 1663, against 
the Indians. Deputy, 1642. 
Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Snow, Edgar M., 143. 
Digges, Gov. Edward, 1621-1675. 
Member of Council, 1644. Gov. 
of Va., 1 656-1 668. 
Knott, Aloysius L., 72. 

Digges, Col. William, 1698. 

Member, Maryland Council. 
Knott, Aloysius, L., 72. 
Dixie, William, 1608-1690, Mass. 
Capt. of Beverly Co., 1677. 
Platch, Josiah O., 184. 
Dodge, Amos, 1690-1766, Mass. 
Served in French and Indian War. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Dodge, Lieut. John, 1631-1705, 
Wenham, Mass. Cornet, Beverly 
and Wrenham Troop, 1683. Dep- 
uty, 1676, et seq. 
Booth, Charles E., 83. 
Dodge, Capt. John, 1636-1728, Bev- 
erly, Mass. In Troop of Horse 
under Capt. John Whipple in 
King Philip's War, 1676; also 



under Capt. Cur win. Capt. of 
Beverly Troop, 1690. Represen- 
tative, 1693, et seq. 

Perkins, William H., 100. 
Doolittle, Col. Ephraim. Capt. 
of Co. at breaking out of the 
French War. Was with Gen. 
Amherst at Ticonderoga, 1759. 
Subsequently, Col. 24th Mass. 

Bird, Francis J., 162. 

Dorsey, Col. Edward, T 7°5- 

Col. of Militia, Anne Arundel Co., 
Md., 1694. 

Ball, Samuel B., 146. 

Kenly, William W., 36. 
Dorsey, Hon. John, 1663-1715. 
Member of Lower House of As- 
sembly, Md., 1692. Member of 
Upper House, 1701. Gov.'s 
Council, Prov. of Md., 1711. 

Chew, Samuel C, 74. 

Williams, Mason L. W., 76. 
Dotey (Doty), Edward, i 599-1655, 
Plymouth . In " First Encounter, ' ' 
Dec. 8 (O. S.), 1620. Member 
of Capt. Myles Standish's first Mil- 
itary Co., 1621, at Plymouth. 
Also 1643. 

Ludlow, George McM., 141. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 

Thomas, Frank R., 94. 

Turner, Philip F., 208. 
Douglas(s), William, 1610-1682, 
New London, Conn. Com. of the 
Army, Prov. of Conn., King 
Philip's War. Deputy, 1672- 

Douglas, Edward L , 125. 

Douglas, Walter B., 146. 
Douglas, William, Jr., 1 645-1 725. 
Soldier in Narragansett War, 1675. 

Douglas, Walter B., 147. 
Dow, Capt. Henry, 1634-1707, 
Hampton, N. H. Ens., Hampton 
Military Co., 1689. Capt., 1692. 

Webb, William S., 133. 
Dow, Sergt. Joseph, 1639-1703, 
N. H. In Hampton Company. 

Webb, William S., 134. 
Downing, Emanuel, 1585-1658, 
Ipswich, Mass. Assistant, 1639- 

Rumrill, Frank, 92. 

Drake, Joseph, 1662-1731. Lieut, 
of Militia, Prov. of N. Y., East- 
chester, 1700. 

Drake, William W., 32. 
Draper, Alexander. Member Penn. 
Assembly. Justice, Lewes, Del., 

Draper, James A., 196. 

Draper, James A., Jr., 196. 
Dresser, Capt. John, 1 640-1 724, 
Rowley, Mass. Prov. Forces, 
Foot Co., i69i-'98. Sergt., 1686. 
Lieut, of Rowley Co. Represent 
tative, 1691, et seq. Capt., 1705. 

Hicks, Lewis W., 88. 

Drury, Lieut. Hugh, 1689, 

Boston. A. & H. A. Co., 1659. 
2nd Sergt., 1664. Lieut, of Capt. 
Daniel Henchman's Fifth Boston 
Foot Co., 1675. 

French, Leon Le L., 109. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 
Drury, Lieut. John, 1646-1678, 
Boston. Private in Capt. Samuel 
Moseley's Co., Mount Hope Ex- 
pedition, 1675. Ens. in Capt. 
Nathaniel Davenport's Co. at 
Great Swamp Fight, 1675. Sub- 
sequently Lieut. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 
Drury, Capt. Thomas, 1668-1723. 
Sudbury, Mass. Deputy from 
Framingham, 1701. Capt. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 
Du Bois, Louis, 1626-1695. Led 
expedition against the Indians, 
1663. In the Colonial Forces 
against Indians, 1670. 

English, William E., 212. 

Giles, Stephen W., 34. 

Sharp, George M., 73. 

Walling, William E., 213. 
Dudley, Gov. Joseph, 1647-1720, 
Roxbury, Mass. Deputy, 1673- 
'75. Assistant, i676-'85. Chief 
Justice Supreme Court, Prov. of 
New England and N. Y. Pres. 
of New England by commission 
from James II., i685-'86. Pres. 
of the Council, i687-'89. Member 
of Andros's Council. Gov. of 
Mass., 1 702-1 71 5. Chaplain on 
Gen. Josiah Winslow's Staff in 
King Philip's War. 

Rumrill, Frank, 93. 



Dudley, Lieut. Joseph, 1674 , 

Saybrook, Conn. Ens. and Lieut, 
at Saybrook, i"]2^-2?>. Deputy, 
1 72 1. 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 
Dudley, Samuel, 1610-1682, Salis- 
bury, Mass. Deputy, 1641-1645. 
Associate Judge at Salisbury, 
N. H. Lieut, there under Capt. 
John Underhill, i63i-'32. Chap- 
lain, King Philip's War, under 

Smith, Joshua B., 126. 
Dudley, Gov. Thomas, 1576-1653, 
Roxbury, Mass. Third Gov. of 
Mass. Bay Colony, 1634, et seq. 
Dep.-Gov. 1630, et seq., ad int. 
Gov.'s Asst., 1635,1646, et seq. 
Commissioner for United Colonies, 
1643, et seq., and twice Pres. of 
United Colonies. A. & H. A. Co. 

Chamberlain, Paul M., 140. 

Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 

Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 183. 

Gardner, Edmund LeB., 118. 

Hoyt, Charles W., 36. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 

Morse, Edward E., ill. 

Prouty, D wight M., 92. 

Rich, James R., 100. 

Rogers, Frederick P., 189. 

Rumrill, Frank, 93. 

Smith, Joshua B., 126. 

Strong, Alan H., 120. 

Thornton, James B , 100. 
Dudley, William, 1639-1 700. Dep- 
uty, Conn., i682-'85, '87, '92-95. 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 
Dudley, Col. William, 1 686-1 740, 
Roxbury, Mass. Col., Suffolk 
Regt., 1710-1713. In Expedi- 
tion against Port Royal, 1710. 
Member Genl. Ct., 1 719-1728. 
Speaker, 1 724-1 728. Councillor, 
i729-'40, '42, '43. 

Rumrill, Frank, 93. 


Kingston, N. Y. Cadet in com- 
pany of soldiers sent by Dutch 
West India Co. to Director-Gen- 
eral Stuyvesant. Member of Mil- 
itary Council in second Esopus 

Moores, Charles W., 213. 

Moores, Merrill, 213. 

Dunham, Capt. Benayah, 1640 . 

Appointed Capt. at Piscataway, 
N. J., 1673, by Council of War. 

Talmage, Robert S., 56. 
Dunham, John, 1589-1689, Plymouth, 
Mass. Deputy, 1639. 

Healey, David A., 98. 
Duston (Dustin), Thomas. In Capt. 
Benj. Swett's Co., King Philip's 

Moore, Howard P., 40. 

Dwelley, Richard, 1692, Scitu- 

ate, Mass. In Narragansett Fort 
fight in King Philip's War, 1675- 

Turner, Philip F., 208. 
Dwight, Brig-Gen. Joseph, 1703- 
1765, Brookfield, Mass. Col., 
1 744. At Louisburg under Lieut. - 
Gen. Pepperrell, 1745. Member 
of Council, Mass. Bay Colony, 
1 731—1732, et seq. Commanded 
a Brigade of Militia, Ticonderoga 
expedition, 1756. 

Napier, Charles D., 40. 
Dwight, Capt. Timothy, 1639-1718, 
Dedham, Mass. Cornet of Horse 
and Capt. of Foot. In ten Indian 
expeditions. Deputy. 

Dwight, Frederick, 33. 

Dwight, Oliver F., 192. 

Dyckman, Jan, 1715- Corp. 3rd 

Co. Night Watch Harlem, 1673. 
Magistrate at Harlem, 1686. 

Dos Passos, Louis H., 32. 

Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Dyer, Jones, 1737-1831, Bristol, R. I. 
Served through French War under 
Col. Rogers and others. Private 
in Expedition to Louisburg, and 
in Expedition against Indians on 
Lake Champlain, which destroyed 
an Indian town. 

Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 
Dyer, Thomas, 1612-1676, Wey- 
mouth, Mass. Deputy. 

Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 
Dyer, William, 1667, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Sec. Providence 
Plantations, 1639. Col. of R. I., 
1640— '42. Gen'l Recorder, 1647- 
'48. Commissioner at Newport 
to act against the Dutch, 1648. 
Commissioner to the Assembly 
from Providence, 1655; from 



Warwick, 1661; from Newport, 

Dyer, Daniel B., 129. 
Dymoke (Dimock), Ens. Shubael, 

1644-1732. Ens. and Deputy, 

Plymouth Court. 
Goodspeed, Benjamin F., 35. 

Earl (Earle), Capt. Ralph, 1600- 
1678. Capt. Troop, Colony of 
R. I., 1671. 
Earle, Frank B., 140. 
Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 
Eastman, Philip, 1644-1714. In 
Capt. Benj. Lovett's Co., King 
Philip's War. 
Whitin, Ernest 8., 49. 
Easton, Joseph, 1 742-1824. Soldier 
from Suffield and Windsor, Conn., 
in Regt. of Gen. Lyman, at 
Montreal, Sept., 1760. 
Gamble, Joseph, 53. 
Easton, Gov. Nicholas, 1593-1675. 
Pres. of R. I., 1650. Dep.-Gov., 
1666. Gov., i672-'73-'74. Gov.'s 
Asst., 1640. Deputy, i665~'66. 
Cooke, Thomas F., 180. 
Eaton, Gov. Theophilus, 1590-1657. 
Gov., New Haven Colony, 1639- 


Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 

Pennell, Henry B., 206. 
Eddy, Samuel, 1601-1688. Member 
of Plymouth Co., 1643. 

Eddy, George S., 140. 

Eddy, Thomas H., 140. 

Porter, Valentine M., 149. 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Edsall, Samuel, 1 630-1 706. Esopus 
War, 1663. Member Gov. Car- 
teret's Council, Prov. East Jersey, 
1668, etseq. Indian Interpreter, 
New Castle, on Delaware, 1675— 
'76. Councillor under Leisler, 
Prov. N. Y., i689-'9i. 

Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Eells, Major Samuel, 1639-1709, 
Milford, Conn. Sergt., 1669. 
Lieut., 1676. Commanded Garri- 
son at Dartmouth, Mass., King 
Philip's War. Deputy, Milford, 
167$, et sag. Capt., 1683. Com- 
missioner, i683-'87. Representa- 

tive, from Hingham, Mass., 1705— 

White, William H., 105. 
Elder, Col. John, 1706-1792. Col. 
Penn. Militia, 1763. 

Reily, George W., 64. 
Eliot, Col. Philip, 1602-165 7, K° x " 
bury, Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 
1638. Col., Mass. Militia. Dep- 
uty, 1 654-' 5 7. Commissioner for 

Dutcher, Frank J., 85. 

Richards, William S., 44. 

Whitin, Ernest S., 49. 
Eliot, Robert, 1640-1720, New- 
castle, N. H. Member Gov. 
Cranfield's Council, 1682-86, and 
Gov. Allen's, 1692, etseq. Mem- 
ber, from Scarborough, of last 
Assembly of Me., 1685. 

Gerrish, William L., 205. 
Ellsworth, John, 1671-1720, 
Conn. Lieut., 1 713 . 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Ellsworth (Ellswerth), Capt. 

Jonathan, 1669-1747, Conn. 

Lieut, and Capt. in Queen Anne's 

War and Indian Wars, i702-'24. 

Chapman, Edwin L., 108. 
Ely, Capt. William. Ens., 3rd Co., 
Lyme, Conn., 1738. Lieut., 
1740. Capt., 1745. Louisburg 

Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 

Winslow, Howard S., 157. 

Emery, Dr. Anthony, 1713-1781. 

Surgeon, Louisburg Expedition, 

1745, and in Col. Blanchard's 

N. H. Regt , Crown Point, 1755. 

Peirce, Jonathan F., 192. 

Emery, ■ James, 1630 , Kittery, 

Me. Deputy, Mass., i693-'95« 

Emery, Ralph, 205. 
Endicott, Gov. John, 1588-1665, 
Salem, Mass. Gov. Mass. Bay 
Colony, 1629, et seq. Deputy - 
Gov., 1 64 1, etseq. Pres. of United 
Colonies, 1658. Col. Third Regt. 
Mass. Militia, Pequot War, 1636. 
Gen. in command of Block Island 
Expedition, 1636. Maj.-Gen., 
i6 4 5-'49. 

Endicott, William C, 85. 



Eno, David, Simsbury, Conn. Served 
under Capt. Preston, and was 
killed, 1745. 
Case, John E., 139. 
Eno, James, 2nd, Windsor, Conn. 
Soldier in King Philip's War. In 
Swamp Fight. 
Case, John E., 139. 

Ensign, John, 1676, Scituate, 

Mass. Capt. of Train Band, 
i672-'73. Killed at Pawtucket 
Howard, Harry S., 130. 
Evans, John, 1 700-1 738. Member 
of Penn. Assembly, i734-'37- 
Huidekoper, Frederic W., 115. 

Ewell, Henry, 1681, Scituate, 

Mass. In Pequot War. 
Chapman, Joseph W., 177. 

Ewen, Major Richard, 1660. 

One of the commissioners to 
govern Md. under Cromwell. 
Member of Assembly and Speaker, 
1657. Member House of Bur- 
gesses, i659-'6o. Capt., 1655. 
Maj., 1658. 
Sharp, George M., 73. 

Fairbanks, Moses, 1740 , Ded- 

ham, Mass. In French and 
Indian War against Crown Point, 
and invasion of Canada, 1759, '60. 
Brown, Charles A., 84. 

Fanning, Capt. John, 1657-1739, 
Groton, Conn. Volunteer in Nar- 
ragansett War, and granted land 
for his service. Lieut, and Capt. 
of Groton Co. 
Breed, Charles N., 83. 

Farmer, Edward, 1640-1727. Sol- 
dier against Weymesit Indians. 
House used as garrison, Billerica, 
Richards, William S., 44. 

Farnsworth, Matthias, 1612-1689, 
Groton and Lynn, Mass. Served 
in 1675 with Maj. Willard. 
Langworthy, Charles F., no. 

Farnum, Capt. John, 1711-1786, 
Andover, Mass. Trumpeter in 
Capt. Richard Kimball's Troop, 
1725. Lieut, in 3rd. Co. of An- 
dover. Capt. in Lieut. -Col. Os- 



good's Regt. which marched to 
relief of Fort Wm. Henry. 

Frye, Jed, 34. 
Farrar, Jacob, 1642-1675. Killed 
in Monaco's raid upon Lancaster, 
King Philip's War. 

Morse, Willard S., 177. 

Farrar, William, Sr., 

Member of Va. Council, 

McGuire, James C, 39. 

Farrar, William, Jr., 

Burgess for Henries, Va., 
'60; i66o-'76. 

McGuire, James C, 39. 
Farwell, Ens. Toseph, 1 642-1 722, 
Chelmsford, Mass. Ens. in Mili- 
tary Co., Chelmsford, i667~'95. 

Ferris, Hiram B., 203. 
Fay, John, 1648-1690, Marlborough, 
Mass. In Marlborough garrison, 
King Philip's War. 

Converse, Charles A., 132. 

Whitin, Ernest S., 49. 
Fay, John, 1669-1747. In Expedi- 
tion to Canada, 1690. 

Whitin, Frederick H., 57. 
Fayerweather, Cornet Benjamin, 
1670-1725. Cornet Fairfield Co. 

Hubbell, Henry W., 54. 
Feake, Lieut. Robert, 1610-1663. 
Lieut., Capt. Patrick's Co., Co- 
lonial Forces, 1632-1636. Gen- 
eral Court, Col. of Mass. Bay, 
i6 3 5-' 3 6. 

Carpenter, Charles W., Jr., 30. 

Thomas, Robert McK., 48. 

Wing, John D., 49. 

Wing, John M., 49. 

Wing, Louis S., 50. 

Fenn, Dep.-Gov. Benjamin, 

1672, Milford, Conn. Gov.'s 
Asst., i654-'65-'72. Col. of 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 
Fenner, Arthur, 1622-1703, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Commissioner to 
the Assembly, 1653, et seq. Dep- 
uty, 1665, et seq. Assistant, 1657, 
et seq. Commander King's Gar- 
rison, Providence, 1676. 

Allen, Crawford C, 80. 

Rhodes, William C, 200. 



Field, Major Peter, 164 7-1 707, 
Henrico and New Kent Co., Va. 
Justice of Henrico, 1678. High 
Sheriff, 1682. Capt. and Burgess, 
i692-'93. Maj., i705-'o7. 
Deen, William, 121. 
McGuire, James C, 39. 
Field, Capt. Seth, 171 2-1 792, North- 
field, Mass. Under Capt. Kellogg, 
1733. Capt. in Col. Israel Will- 
iams's Regt., 1759, French and 
Indian War. 
Field, Frank H., 129. 
Field, Zachariah, 1 596-1 666, Hart- 
ford, Conn., and Hatfield, Mass. 
Soldier from Hartford in Pequot 
Field, Kirke H., 170. 
Hatch, Josiah O., 184. 
Fifield, Benjamin, 1646- 1706, 
Hampton, N. H. In Queen 
Anne's War. 
Fifield, Benjamin F., 132. 

Fifield, Edward, 1678 . Capt. 

of Militia at Portsmouth, N. H., 
Moore, Howard P., 40. 
Fifield, William, 1615-1700, Hamp- 
ton, N. H. In King Philip's 
Fifield. Benjamin F., 132. 
Finck, Ens. Andrew. In N. Y. 
Militia under Sir William Johnson 
at Fort William Henry, 1 757— 
1763. Ens., 1758. 
Finck, Leon C, 188. 

Fish, John, 1688. In Narragan- 

sett War, 1675, as volunteer from 
Fish, George F., 33. 
Fisher, Anthony, i 590-1670, Ded- 
ham, Mass. Deputy, 1649. A. 
& H. A Co., 1644. 
Robinson, Haline E., 149. 
Fisher, Capt. Daniel, 1620-1683, 
Dedham, Mass. Sergt., 1658. 
Ens., 1660. Capt., 1673. 
Whitin, Frederick H., 57. 

Fisher, Daniel, 1707. Taunton 

Militia, Indian Wars. 
Richards, William S., 45. 
Fisher, Capt. John, 1656-1736, 
Needham, Mass. In Capt. Will- 
iam Turner's Co., King Philip's 

War. Capt., Needham Horse, at 
overthrow of Gov. Andros. 

How, John G., 36. 
Fisher, William, Sussex Co., Del. 
Member for Sussex in the Provin- 
cial Assembly of Penn., 1682, '83, 
and 1699. 

Connell, Robert, 114. 

Fiske, Capt. Phineas, 1673, 

Wenham, Mass. Capt. of Wen- 
ham Co. Deputy, 1653. 

Booth, Charles E., 83. 
Fiske, Capt. Thomas, 1630-1707, 
Wenham, Mass. Capt., 1683. 
Deputy, 1671, et seq. 

Booth, Charles E., 83. 
Fitch, Rev. James, 1622-1702, 
Bocking, Eng., and Norwich, 
Conn. Chaplain of the Conn. 
Forces, King Philip's War, under 
Maj. Treat, 1675, an d Maj. John 
Talcott, 1676. 

Hawks, Edward C, 35. 

Hawks, James D., 188. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 

Pratt, Dallas B., 55. 
Fitch, Capt. Thomas, 2nd, 1630- 
1690. Ens., 1665. Commissioner, 
1669. Capt., 1673, King Philip's 

Hubbell, Henry W., 53. 
Fitch, Gov. Thomas, 1696-1774. 
Dep.-Gov., i75o-'54. Gov., 
i754-'66, Colony of Conn. 

Rowland, Henry, 46. 
Fitzhugh, Col. William, 2nd, 1721- 
1798. Col., Maryland Troops, 

Fitzhugh, Charles L., 62. 
Garland, Hugh A., 196. 

Flag(g), Lieut. Gershom, 1641- 
1690, Woburn, Mass. 1st Lieut., 
French and Indian War. Killed 
near Lee, N. H. 
Flagg, Stanley G., Jr., 62. 

Fleete (Fleet), Lieut. -Col. 
Henry, 1 600-1 670. Member Md. 
Assembly, i637-'38. Captured by 
the Anacosta Indians, 1623. Ran- 
somed, 1627. Captain-General, 
to make treaty of peace with the 
Susquehannas, 1644. Burgess, 
Lancaster Co., Va., 1652. 



Fleet, Alexander F., 212. 
Fleet, Henry W., 147. 
Fleet, John S., 147. 
Fletcher, Samuel, 1632-1697. 
Trooper under Capt. Wheeler at 
Groton garrison, King Philip's 
Hawks, James D., 189. 
Folsom, Col. Nathaniel, 1726- 
1790. Capt. in New Hampshire 
Regt. in Crown Point Expedition. 
Maj.,1767. Col., 1767-68. Mem- 
ber N. H. Assembly, 1774. 
Nichols, Willard A., 173. 
Fonda, Capt. Giles, 1 727-1 791. 
Served in Indian Wars, 1759. 
• Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Foote, Nathaniel, 1st, 1 593-1644. 
Deputy, Conn., i64i-'44. 
Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Brown, Paul, 137. 
French, Leon LeL., 109. 
Hill, Malcolm W., 74. 
Hill, Norman A., 72. 
Foote, Q. M. Nathaniel, 2nd, 1647- 
r 7°3- Q- M -» Capt. William 
Turner's Co., Falls Fight, King 
Philip's War. 
Brainard, Morgan B., 103. 
Norris, Henry McC, 155. 
Foote, Lieut. Robert, 1629-1681. 
Lieut., Branford, Conn., Militia, 
Davies, Julien T., Jr., 53. 

Ford, Thomas, 1676, Windsor, 

Conn. Deputy, 1638, et seq. 
Brown, Paul, 137. 
Cowles, William N., 172. 
Cox, John L., 67. 
Rumrill, Frank, 92. 
Foster, Abraham, 1703 Read- 
ing, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Green's Co. for relief of Fort 
William Henry, 1757. 
Foster, William H., 125. 

Foster, Edward, 1644, Scituate, 

Plymouth Colony. Assistant, 1637, 
Pequot War. Deputy, i639~'4i. 
Turner, Philip F., 208. 
Foster, Isaac, 1 725-1 796, Mass. In 
Capt. Buck's Co., 1758; in Capt. 
Wells' Co., 1759. 
Foster, Everett W., 109. 
Foster, John, 1 702-1 760, Deerfield, 
Mass. Sergt. at Fort Massachu- 

setts, i747-'48; under Capt. Buck, 

Foster, Everett W,, 109. 
Foster, Joseph, 1650-1721. Served 
under Capt. John Lane, in relief 
of Dunstable, 1706. Given charge 
of garrison in Billerica, Mass., 
by Selectmen. 

Richards, William S., 44. 

Foster, Sergt. Thomas, 1684. 

Sergt., against Weymesit Indians. 
House used as garrison, Billerica, 
1675. In Capt. Wheeler's Co., 
King Philip's War, Groton garri- 
son, 1676. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Foulsham, John. In militia, Hing- 
ham, Mass. 

Clark, Rufus W., 190. 
Fox, Jabez, 1 705-1 756. Governor's 
Council, i752-'55. Representa- 
tive, Mass., i745~'47, '5o-'52. 

Moseley, Edward A., 115. 
Fox, Samuel, New London, Conn. 
Volunteer in Narragansett War. 

Hall, Clarence L., 104. 
Freeman, Edmund, 1 590-1682, Sand- 
wich, Mass. Assistant, 1640— 
1 645 . Member of Council of War, 
1642. Deputy, 1646. 

De Cormis, Louis, 85. 

Kendall, Henry M., no. 
Freeman, Maj. John, 1 627-1 719, 
Barnstable, Mass. Ens. of Mili- 
tary Co., Waltham, 1654. Capt. 
in fight against the Indians at 
Taunton, 1675. Maj. in Expedi- 
tion against the Indians at Sea- 
konet, 1677. Maj. of Barnstable 
Troops, 1685. Member of Coun- 
cil of War, i667~'76. 

Kendall, Henry M., no. 

Nickerson, Stephen W., 99. 
French, Sergt. Edward, 1 667-1 737. 
Member of Salisbury Train Band. 

Webb, William S., 134. 
French, Sergt. Jacob, 1640-1713, 
Billerica, Mass. Sergt. of Militia. 
His house garrisoned, 1676. 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 
French, Corp. John, 1635-1712, 
Billerica, Mass. Wounded at 
Quaboag, 1675. 

Richards, William S., 45. 



French, Capt. William, 1604-1681, 
Cambridge and Billerica, Mass. 
Lieut., 1647. A. &H. A. Co., 
1638. Junior Sergt., 1643. First 
Sergt., 1646. Ens., 1650. Capt., 
1681. Representative, i66o-'63. 

Eagle, Clarence H., 33. 

Ferris, Hiram B., 203. 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 

Fish, Henry M., 33. 

Morse, Willard S., 177. 

Potts, Charles E., 42. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
French, Lieut. William, 1687-1745. 
Sergt. in Jonathan Butterfield's 
Co., 1722. Lieut, in Dunstable 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Frost, James, 1640-1711. Soldier 
against Weymesit Indians, Billerica 
garrison, 1675. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Frost, Hon. John, 1681-1732. Mem- 
ber of Council, Prov. of N. Hamp., 
1724, et seq. 

Haven, William, 180. 
Frye, Capt. James, 1653-1725, An- 
dover, Mass. King William's 
War, 1702. 

Edsall, Samuel C, 162. 
Fuller, Edward, 1654-1743, Lynn, 
Mass. Soldier under Major Rich- 
ard Walderne, King Philip's War. 

Lindsay, John D., 37. 
Fuller, Lieut. Jeremiah, 1658- 
1743. Soldier in King Philip's 
War. Lieut., Newton, Mass., 

Fuller, Alfred W., 86. 

Fuller, Arthur G., 86. 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Fuller, Lieut. John, 1631-1695, 
Lynn, Mass. Ens., 1661-1674, 
Essex Regt., Maj. Daniel Denison; 
also at Lynn, 1677. Corp., 1675, 
Capt. Moseley, mustering at Ded- 
ham; served at Woodcock's Gar- 
rison, same year. Lieut., 1 691. 
Deputy, i674-'78. 

Lindsay, John D., 37. 
Fuller, John, 1645-1719. Served 
in King Philip's War. Corp. in 
Capt. Moseley's Co., and wounded 

in Narragansett fight, Dec. 19, 
Shailer, William G., 47. 

Fuller, Capt. Joseph, 1652-1740. 
In Capt. William Turner's Co., 
Falls Fight. Capt. Newton Foot 
Richards, William S., 44. 

Fuller, Capt. Matthew, 1610- 
1678. Sergt. under Myles Stan- 
dish, 1643. Lieut, at Barnstable, 
1652. Lieut., Capt. Standish's 
Expedition against Manhattoes, 
1654. Chairman, Council of War. 
Lieut, of the Forces against the 
Saconet Indians, 1671. Surg.- 
Gen., 1673. Capt., King Philip's 
Fuller, Austin W., 132. 

Furber, Richard, 1 725-1807. In 
Expedition against Louisburg, 
1745, in Capt. Fellow's Co., Col. 
Moore's Regt. 
Pickering, McLaurin J., 41. 

Furness, Capt. John, 1 733-1810, 
Boston. Capt. in General Timothy 
Ruggles's 2nd Worcester Regt., 
Crown Point Expedition, 1759. 
Furness, William T., 86. 

Gallop (Gallup), Capt. John, 1616- 
1675, New London, Conn. Capt. 
of the 1st Co., Conn. Forces, 
Maj. Robert Treat, Great Swamp 

Parker, Charles W., 119. 

Gallop (Gallup), John, 1650. 

Boston. In a fight with the 
Pequot Indians off Block Island, 
1636, called the first naval engage- 
ment in New England waters. 

Dennis, Otis A., 32. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 
Gallop (Gallup), William, 1658- 
1731. Ens. in Conn. Forces, 
1705. Lieut., 1 713. In Narra- 
gansett War. Deputy from Ston- 
ington to Genl. Court, i703-*25. 

Parker, Charles W , 119. 

Gantt, Capt. Edward, 1714 . 

Capt. of Militia, Calvert Co., Md., 

Williams, Mason L. W., 76. 



Gardiner, Lieut. Lion, 1599-1663, 
Gardiner's Island, N. Y. Lieut, 
in English Army. Engineer in 
construction of fortification on 
Fort Hill, Boston, i635~'36. Con- 
structor of fort at Saybrook, Conn., 
i636-'37. In command of same 
against the Pequots until 1639. 
Assisted Capt. Mason in his assault 
on Mystic, May 26, 1637. 

Gay, Ernest L., 86. 

Mulford, Ernest D., 119. 

Tuttle, Joseph F., Jr., 177. 
Gardner, Capt. John, 1624-1706, 
Mass. Capt. of Militia, 1680 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Rockwood, Charles G., 121. 
Gardner, Dep.-Gov. John, Newport, 
R. I. Ens., Newport Co., 1722. 
Lieut., 1726. Capt., 1730. Maj., 
1732. Lieut.-Col., 1734. Col., 
1st Regt., Newport, 1734-43. 
General Treasurer of the Colony, 
1743. Asst., 1748. Dep.-Gov., 
I754~'63. Committee of War, 

Allin, George A., 28. 
Briggs, Southwick C, 108. 
Gardner, Capt. Luke, 1674. 

Burgess from St. Mary's Co., Md., 

1659, et seq. Lieut., Foot Co., 

1660. Capt., 1661. 
Key, Edward, 72. 

Gardner, Richard, Sr. Born in 
England. Member of Md. As- 
sembly, 1637, '41, '42 (undername 
of Richard Garnett, Sr.). 
Key, Edward, 72. 
Gardner, Richard, 1687. Bur- 
gess, St. Mary's Co., Md., 1685- 
Key, Edward, 72. 
Gardner, Thomas, 1592-1674, Salem, 
Mass. Deputy, 1637. 
Cox, John L., 67. 

Gassaway, Col. Nicholas, 1691. 

Successively held commission as 
Capt., Maj., and Col. in Provincial 
Militia, and various offices of honor 
and trust in Maryland. 
Kenly, William W., 36. 
Gennings, Jonathan, 1654-1733, 
Windham, Conn. In King Philip's 
War, i675~'76. A Narragansett 
Murdock, Joseph B., 91. 

Gerard, Thomas, 1 600-1 673. Member 
of Assembly from St. Mary's Hun- 
dred, i638-'39. Member of Coun- 
cil, 1643, etseq. Commissioner of 
Proprietary, and Lord of St. Clem- 
ent's Manor, Prov. of Md. 
Knott, Aloysius L., 72. 
Gerrish, Capt. John, 1646-1714, 
Newbury, Mass., and Dover, N. H. 
Capt., 1672. Capt. of Horse, in 
Province ofN. PL, i68o,andCapt. 
in King William's War, 1690. High 
Sheriff, 1683. Member Special 
Assembly, 1684. Deputy, 1684, 
et seq. Royal Councillor, 1692. 
Gerrish, Orville K., 86. 
Gerrish, William L., 205. 
Nutter, Charles R., 91. 
Gerrish, Lieut. Jonathan, 1726 

, Dover, N. H. Sergt. in 

Capt. John Alcock's Co. in Col. 
Gilman's Regt., 1755- Lieut, in 
Col. Goffe's Regt. at Crown Point, 
Gerrish, Orville K., 86. 
Gerrish, Col. Timothy, 1684- 1756, 
Dover, N. H. Capt., 1 719. Dep- 
uty, 1709, et seq. Col., York 
Co. Militia, 1725. Royal Coun- 
cillor, Prov. of Mass., i730-'35. 
Gerrish, William L., 205. 
Gerrish, Capt. William, 1617-1687, 
Newbury and Boston, Mass. Capt., 
Military Co. of Newbury. Capt. 
in King Philip's War. Com- 
manded garrison at Newbury. 
Deputy, 1650, et seq. 
Clark, Rufus W., 190. 
Gerrish, Orville K., 86. 
Gerrish, William L., 205. 
Webber, William O., 96. 
Gibbon (s), Dep.-Gov. Ambrose, 
1600-1656. Dep.-Gov. of N. H., 
1630. Capt., Portsmouth Alarm, 
Godwin, Joseph B., 67. 

Gibbs, Ens. Zebulon, , New 

Haven. Ensign, 1758. 
Orton, Edward, Jr., 156. 
Gibson, John, Jr., 1641-1679, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Soldier in Capt. 
Thomas Prentice's Troopers, 
Mount Hope Expedition. In battle 
at Swansea, June 18, 1675. In 
Lieut. Edward Oakes's Troop, 



i675-'76. In Capt. Daniel Hench- 
man's Foot Co., 1676, at Hadley. 
Gardner, James B., 86. 
Giddings, George, 1608-1676, Ips- 
wich, Mass. Deputy, 1646, et seq. 
Perkins, William H., 99. 
Rowe, Arthur E., 100. 
Giddings, Lieut. George, 1639-1691, 
Ipswich, Mass. Deputy, 1653. 

Lieut., . 

Rowe, Arthur E., 100. 
Giddings, Lieut. John, 1639-1690, 
Ipswich, Mass. Lieut, of Militia, 
1675. In campaign against Nar- 
ragansetts. Deputy, 1653— '55. 
Perkins, William H., 99. 
Webber, William O., 96. 
Gilbert, Ens. Benjamin, 1691-1760, 
Brookfield, Mass. Capt., Dodge's 
Co., Col. Robert Hale's Regt., 
Louisburg, 1745. 
Gilbert, Shepard D., 98. 

Gilbert, John. ! 723, Ipswich, 

Mass. In King Philip's War, in 
Artillery Co. which served with 
Capt; Turner in the West. 
Healey, David A., 98. 
Gilbert, Jonathan, 1 618-1682, Conn. 
Cornet, 1668. Deputy, 1677, '78, 
'81. Messenger in Indian Wars, 
to Sequasson, Chickwallop, Ma- 
nasanes and other Chiefs. 
Converse, Charles A., 66, 132. 
Gilbert, Vice-Admiral Thomas, 
1645-1709. Commanded 2nd 
Squadron, Canadian Expedition, 
Sir William Phips; and in Swan 
captured French ship Saint yacob, 
in the St. Lawrence, 1692. 
Murphey, Chauncey H., 40. 
Gilbert, William, 1 735-1 790. Served 
under Gov. Tryon, in N. C. Troops, 
1 771. Wounded at battle of Alla- 
Rodes, Frank, 149. 
Giles, John, Jr., Mass. Served under 
Maj. Turner of Salem, in French 
and Indian Wars. Wounded at 
Haverhill, 1768. 
Giles, Frank W., Jr., 121. 
Giles, Howard E , 121. 
Gillett, Nathan, 1st, Windsor, Conn. 
Soldier in Pequot Fort Fight, 1637. 
Case, John E., 139. 
Gillett, Nathan, 2nd. Soldier in 
Narragansett War. 

Case, John E., 139. 

Gilman, Capt. John, 1624-1708, Exe- 
ter, N. H. Lieut., 1669. Member 
Council Prov. N. Hamp., 1680. 
Assembly, 1693-1697. Speaker, 
Gilman, Daniel C, 74. 

Gilman, Nehemiah, 1720-175 7, New 
Market, N. H. Killed by Indians 
at Fort William Henry, Aug. 10, 

Robie, Guy S., 213. 
Robie, William J., 213. 
Glascock, William, Virginia and 
Georgia. Delegate to Provincial 
Phinizy, Barrett, 185. 

Glover, Henry, 1689, New 

Haven Colony. Commissioner of 
Fortifications, 1644. 
Hatch, Josiah O., 184. 
Godfrey, Richard, Jr. Soldier in 
King Philip's War. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Goffe, Daniel, 1680-1742, Boston, 
Mass. Constable, 1713. A. & H. A. 
Co., 1 712. Sergt., 1 7 14. Lieut., 
1734. Lieut.-Col. Militia. 
Hatch, Josiah O., 184. 
Gold, Lieut.-Gov. Nathan, 1663- 
1723, Conn. Dep.-Gov., 1707. 
Chief Justice Supreme Court, 1712. 
Lieut.-Gov., i7o8-'23. 
Clephane, Lewis P., 109. 

Goldsmith, Maj. Samuel, 1671. 

Appointed member of Committee 
for Baltimore Co., Md., to raise 
quota of provisions for Indian War. 
Kenly, William W., 36. 
Gooch, Thomas. (See Cooch.) 

Gooch, Major William, 1655. 

Member House of Burgesses for 
York Co., 1654, and Council of 
Virginia, 1655. 
Thomas, Douglas H., 56. 
Goodhue, Cait. William, 1645-1712, 
Ipswich, Mass. Capt. in Col. 
Appleton's Regt. Representative, 
1691-1711. One of the Committee 
to consider the surrender of the 
Charter to Governor Andros. 
Tried, imprisoned, and fined ,£20 
for so doing. 
Hobbs, Franklin W., 89. 
Goodman, Sergt. Richard, 1609- 
1676, Hadley, Mass. Inspector of 



arms, 1664. Sergt., Hadley Militia, 
1663. Killed at Hockanum, King 
Philip's War. 

Goodman, Richard J., 103. 

Nicoll, Fancher, 40. 
Goodrich, Col. David, 1667-1755. 
Lieut., Capt. Matthew Allyn, Ex- 
pedition against Indians, 1704. 
Capt., Hampshire Co., March, 
1712. Adj. and Q. M., Wood 
Creek Expedition, 1709. Capt., 
Father Rasle's War, I723~'24. 
Col. and member of Council, 1724- 

Case, John E., 139. 

French, Leon Le L., 109. 

Parker, Charles W., 119. 
Goodrich, Capt. Ephraim, 1663- 
1739. Ens., 1698. Lieut., 1710. 
Lieut., South Co., 1713. Capt., 
1 7 16. Deputy, 1702. 

Hack, Mervin R., 129. 

Hack, Thomas H., 130. 
Goodrich, Lieut. Joseph, 1 691-1768, 
Conn. Lieut. Militia, 1740. 

Goodrich, William, 68. 

Goodrich, Ens. William, 1676, 

Wethersfield, Conn. Ens. under 
Capt. Samuel Welles. Deputy, 

Case, John E., 139. 

French, Leon Le L., 109. 

Goodrich, William W., 35. 

Hack, Mervin R., 129. 
Goodridge, Lieut. Philip, 1669-1729, 
Newbury and Lunenburg, Mass. 
Lieut., Newbury Co. 

Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 184. 

Goodspeed, Ebenezer, 1655 , 

Barnstable, Mass. In Narragansett 
Wars under Capt. Thomas Homes. 

Goodspeed, Benjamin F., 35. 
Goodwin, William, 1 598-1 673, Cam- 
bridge, Mass., and Hartford, Conn. 
Deputy from Cambridge, 1634. 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 205. 

White, Henry K., 173. 
Goodyear, Dep.-Gov. Stephen, 1603- 
1658. First Dep.-Gov., New 
Haven Col., 1641-57. Died in 
office. Commissioner for United 
Colonies, 1643. 

Goodyear, Charles P., 184. 

Johnson, Henry L. E., 110. 

McClintock, Emory, 121. 

Gookin, Maj.-Gen. Daniel, 1612- 
1687, Cambridge, Mass. Capt, 
1648. Deputy, 1 649- 1 65 1. Speak- 
er, 1 65 1. Assistant, 165 2-1 686. 
Commissioner to the Indians, 
1656. Maj.-Gen. of the Mass. 
Forces, 1681. 
Baker, Roy B., 80. 
Gordon, Alexander, 1635-1697. In 
Capt. Timothy Hall's Co., King 
William's War. In garrison at 
Exeter, N. H., 1696. 
Richardson, Frederick A., 133. 
Gorham (Gorum), Capt. John, 1621- 
1676, Barnstable, Plymouth Col. 
Deputy, 1653. Lieut., 1673. Capt. 
2nd Barnstable Co., under Major 
William Bradford, Great Swamp 
Coleman, Leighton P., 31. 
Eldridge, Edric, 85. 
Henshaw, Joseph G., 199. 
Woodruff, Edward L., 50. 
Gorham, Lieut.-Col. John, 1652- 
17 16. In Great Swamp Fight, 
King Philip's War; Canadian 
Expedition, 1690, and second in 
command under Col. Church, 1703. 
Coleman, Leighton P., 31. 
Whittemore, James M., 105. 

Gorton, Capt. Benjamin, 1699. 

Capt. R. I. Militia. Deputy, 1686. 
Felton, Edgar C, 62. 
Gorton, Samuel, 1 592-1677. Assist- 
ant, 1649. Commissioner to the 
Narragansett Indians. Deputy, 
R. I., 1651, etseq. 
Felton, Edgar C, 62. 
Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 

Gorton, Samuel, 1723. Deputy, 

R.I., 1708. 
Felton, Edgar C, 62. 
Gould, Capt. Jacob, 1 703-1 787, 
Topsfield and Lunenburg, Mass. 
Private in Capt. Thomas Wilder's 
Co., Col. Wilder's Regt., in ex- 
pedition for relief of Fort William 
Henry, 1757; afterward, Capt. of 
Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 184. 
Gould, Capt. John, i 635-1 710, 
Topsfield, Mass. In Lieut. William 
Hasey's Three County Troop, King 
Philip's War. Ensign, 1679. 
Lieut., 1684. Capt., 1693. 
Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 184. 



Gould, S. Seward, 35. 
Healey, David A., 98. 
Gould (or Gold), Major Nathan 
(Nathaniel), 1694. Assist- 
ant, i657-'62-'94. Major, 1666. 
Member of Committee of Defence 
against Dutch, 1662. Represent- 
ative to the first Colonial Congress 
inN. Y., 1690. Major of Dragoons, 
Clephane, Walter C, 109. 
Jennings, Oliver G., 104. 
Northrop, Frank, 40. 
Gould, Nathan, 1734-1816, Boxford, 
Mass. Private in Capt. Aaron 
Rice's Co., Col. Brown's Regt., 
1756. In Exp'n against Crown 
Point. In Capt. James Mirick's 
Co., South Hampshire Regt., 1756. 
In Capt. Nathaniel Wolcott's Co. 
for the relief of Fort William 
Henry, 1757. 
Healey, David A., 98. 
Gove, Lieut. Edward, 1635-1691, 
Hampton, N. H. Representative, 
i68o-'82. Lieut., Hampton Mili- 
tary Co., 1690. 
Clark, Byron N, 129. 
Gowan (Gowen), Nicholas, 1667 

, Kittery, Me. Deputy, 1701, 

et seq. 
Lord, Calvin, 90. 
Graham, Col. James, 1660-1701. 
Att.-Gen., N. Y., 1685-1687, and 
1691-1701. Member and Speaker, 
Prov. Assembly, N. Y. First Re- 
corder of N. Y., 1683-1700. 
Watson, Samuel N., 156. 
Granniss, Capt. John, Conn. Lieut., 
Train Band, New Haven, 1718. 
Capt., 1733. 
Granniss, Robert A., 118. 

Graves, George, 1673, Conn. 

Deputy, 1646, i657-*58- 
Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Graves, Rear-Admiral Thomas, 
1605- 1653, Charlestown, Mass. 
Rear-Admiral in British Navy. 
Killed in action with the Dutch. 
Booth, Charles E., 83. 
Gray, John, 1729-1813. In Capt. 
Robert Lothridge's Co., Col. Israel 
Williams's Regt., relief of Fort 
William Henry, 1757. 
Gray, Alfred W., 192. 

Green (e), Lieut. Henry, 1638- 
171 7, Maiden, Mass. Deputy, 
1689, et seq. Lieut, in King 
Philip's War. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 

Webb, William S., 134. 
Green, Isaac, 1 652-1 713, Hampton, 
N. H. Served in Hampton Com- 

Webb, William S., 134. 
Green, Corp. John, 1636-1691, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. In Lieut. Edward 
Oakes's Troop, 1675— '76. Corp. 
under Lieut. Wm. Halsey, King 
Philip's War, 1675. 

Hicks, Lewis W., 88. 

Greenbury, Col. Nicholas, 1697. 

Member of the Council, 1692. 
President, 1694. Acting-Gov., 
Prov. of Md., 1693. Comm.-Gen. 
of the Prov., 1692. Chancellor 
and Keeper of the Great Seal, 
1692-94. Field Officer, Anne 
Arundel Co., 1694. 

Fetter, George G., 166. 

Kenly, William W., 36. 
Greene, John, 1 597-1 658, R. I. One 
of the original Proprietors of Prov- 
idence. Commissioner to England, 
1644. Commissioner to the Court 
of Commissioners, 1654— '57. Mag- 
istrate, 1655, '56. 

Felton, Edgar C, 61. 

Greene, William M., 199. 
Greene, Dep.-Gov. John, 1620-1708. 
Commissioner to the General 
Court, i652-'63. Atty.-Gen., 1657- 
'60. Assistant, i66o-'90. Colo- 
nial Agent to England, 1670. 
Member of Gov. Andros's Council, 
1686. Deputy, i664-'8o. "Major 
for the Main," 1696. Dep.-Gov., 
1690-1700. Capt., 1676. Maj., 
1683. Col. of R.I. 

Carpenter, Richard, 212. 

Cooke, Thomas F., 180. 

Felton, Edgar C, 61. 

Greene, Richard McC, 176. 
Greene, Thomas, Sr., 1628-1717. 
Commissioner to Gen. Assembly, 
1662, et seq. Assistant, Colony of 
R. I., i6 7 8-'8o, '84, '85. 

Felton, Edgar C, 62. 

Greene, Thomas, Jr., 1662 ,R. I. 

Deputy, 1698. 

Felton, Edgar C, 62. 



Green (e), William, , Woburn, 

Mass. In King Philip's War. 

Hull, Frederick M., Jr., 185. 

Greenfield, Maj. Thomas, ■ 

1715. Maj., Colonial Militia, 
1694. Member of Md. Council, 
1708-' 1 5. Md. Assembly, 1692. 

Duvall, Richard M., 71. 
Greenleaf, Capt. Edmund, 1600- 
1671, Newbury, Mass. Ens., 1639. 
Lieut., 1642. Capt., 1645. 

Clark, Byron N., 129. 

Gerrish, William L., 205. 
Greenleaf, Capt. Stephen, 1630- 
1690. Drowned during Expedi- 
tion against Port Royal, 1690. 
Ens., 1670. Lieut., 1685. 

Clark, Rufus W., 190. 
Gregson, Thomas, 1611-1646, Mass. 
Treas., i64i-'42. Deputy, 1640- 
'43. Magistrate, i643~'44. 

Hatch, Josiah O., 184. 

Griffin, John, 1681, Windsor, 

Conn. Deputy, 1670. Temporary 
Commander, at Simsbury, 1673. 
Sergt., 1675. 

Case, John E., 139. 
Griswold, Lieut. Daniel, 2nd, 1729- 
1817. First Lieut, in Capt. Har- 
ris's Co., Col. David Wooster's 
Regt., Crown Point Expedition, 
1756, and in 1761. 

Tefft, ErastusT.,48. 
Griswold, Edward, 1 607-1 691, Conn. 
Built "Old Fort," Springfield. 
Deputy, Windsor and Killings- 
worth, Conn. Deputy, i656-'63, 

Booth, Charles E., 81. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

McNair, Eben O., 39. 

Potts, Charles E., 42. 
Griswold, Capt. Jacob, 1690-1772. 
Ens., 1729. Lieut., 1729. Capt., 
1733, 13th Conn. Regt. Deputy, 
1742. Captured by the Indians, 
Father Rasle's War, 1722. 

Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 
Griswold, John, Conn. Soldier in 
Narragansett War. Representa- 
tive from Killingsworth, 1697-1702. 

Brown, Paul, 137. 
Griswold, Lieut. Matthew, 1620- 
1698, Lyme and Windsor, Conn. 
Lieut-Deputy, 1667, et seq. 

Converse, Charles A., 66, 131. 

Converse, John H., 129. 
Griswold, Gov. Matthew, 1714- 
1799, Lyme, Conn. Capt., '39. 
Maj., 3rd Conn. Regt., 1766. 
Representative, 1751. Member of 
Council, 1 759-1 765. Chief Justice, 
1766-1769. Dep.-Gov., 1771- 

Lane, Wolcott G., 37. 
Grout, Capt. John, 1619-1697, Sud- 
bury, Mass. Ens., commanding 
the Sudbury Forces, defending the 
town, 1676. Capt. Sudbury Mili- 

Holton, Henry D., 130. 

Habersham, James, 1712-1775, Ga. 
Secretary, Prov. of Ga., 1754. 
Pres. King's Council, 1767. 
Colquitt, William N., 183. 
Hack, William, 1663- 1738. In Sir 
William Phips's Expedition, 1690. 
Hack, George E., 129. 
Hack, Mervin R., 129. 
Hall, Capt. Asahel, 1717-1795. 
Ens., 9th Co., Wallingford,Conn., 
1757. Capt., 2nd Co., 1764, 
French and Indian War. 
Hall, Henry O., 1 10. 
Hall, John, 1606-1676, Conn. In 
the Pequot War. Deputy, 1653— 
Hall, Henry O , 109. 
Hall, Capt. John. Capt., Penn. 
Militia, 1748. 
Cox, John L., 67. 
Hall, Richard. Burgess for Calvert 
Co., Md., 1666-70, 1674-85. 
Williams, Mason L. W, 76. 

Hall, Lieut. Richard, 1691, 

Dorchester, Mass. Lieut, in Capt. 
John Capen's Co. of Foot, Dor- 
chester, 1683. 
Brown, Charles A., 83. 
Hall, Henry, 87. 
Hall, Henry L., 88. 
Hall, Maj. Samuel, 1 718-1807, Ports- 
mouth, N. H. Capt. in Col. Samuel 
Moore's N. H. Regt. Maj., 1745. 
Sweetser, Arthur L., 94. 
Hall, Timothy, 1 732-1 784. Under 
Capt. Wolcott, Mass. Troops, re- 
lief of Fort William Henry, 1757. 
Hall, Victor J., 170. 



Hallett, William, 1616-1706, Flush- 
ing, L. I. Deputy, 1664. Magis- 
trate, i662-'64. 
Brush, Louis T., 30. 
Nicoll, Fancher, 40. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Hallett, Capt. William, 1647-1729. 
Capt. of Foot Co., Newtown, L. I. 
Brokaw, George T., 29. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Winslow, Howard S., 157. 
Halsey, Thomas, 1592-1681. Adjt., 
Train Band, 1650. In Indian Wars. 
Deputy from Southampton, Colony 
of Conn., 1664. 
Halsey, Samuel A., 118. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Hamilton, William, 1 636-1 677. 
Member of Md. House of Bur- 
gesses from Talbot Co., 1666, et 
Hambleton, Frank S., 71. 
Hamlin, Hon. Jabez, i 709- 1791. Col. 
of Militia, 1733. Dep. from Middle- 
town in 65 sessions of House of 
Deputies, and frequently its 
Speaker between 1731-1773- Asst., 
i758-'66, 1773— '78. Judge in Hart- 
ford Co., 1 754-1 784. 
Scudder, Marvin, 46. 
Hammond, Daniel, 1 727-1777. In 
Capt. Brown's Co., Col. Williams's 
Regt. in Expedition against Can- 
ada, 1758. In Capt. Angier's Co., 
Col. Frye's Regt., in Expedition 
against Nova Scotia, 1760. 
Baker, Charles E., 180. 
Saxe, Edward T., 46. 
Hammond, Maj.-Gen. John, 1643- 
1707. Col., Forces of Anne Arun- 
del Co., Md., 1699. House of 
Burgesses, 1692. Maj.-Gen. of 
Western Shore, 1707. Member 
of Council, and Judge, High Court 
of Admiralty. 
Ball, Samuel B., 146. 
Orrick, Henry A., 73. 
Sharp, George M., 73. 

Hammond, Col. Thomas, 1724. 

Capt. Troop of Horse. Appointed 
Commander of Baltimore Co., Md., 
1694. Member of Assembly, 1701, 
'04, '12, '14. 
Orrick, Henry A., 73. 
Sharp, George M., 73. 

Hancock, Nathaniel, 1638-1719, 
Lexington, Mass. Town Drum- 
mer, Cambridge. 
Solis, Andrew J., 93. 
Hanson, Samuel, 1665-1740. Mary- 
land Legislature, i7i6-'28. 
Stone, Samuel H., 167. 
Hapgood, Shadrach, 1 642-1675, Sud- 
bury, Mass. One of eight slain in 
fight with Indians, Brookfield, Aug. 
2, 1675. 
Ballou, Hosea S., 98. 
Farwell, John W., 86. 
Taylor, Charles H., Jr., 94. 
Wilder, Edward B., 151. 
Hapgood, Thomas, 1669-1764, Marl- 
borough, Mass. Impressed and 
sent to fight at Piscataqua under 
Capt. Converse, 1690. Wounded 
so that he was crippled for life. 
Ballou, Hosea S., 98. 
Haraden, Edward, 1683, Glouces- 
ter, Mass. In service under Capt. 
Joseph Gardiner, King Philip's 
War, i675~'76. 
Rowe, Arthur E., 100. 

Harmon, John, 1712, Mass. In 

King Philip's War. 
Booth, Charles E., 83. 
Harriman, Rev. John, 1647- 1705. 
N. J. Assembly, 1693. Speaker, 
1694, et seq. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Harrington, John, 1651-1741, Water- 
town, Mass. Served under Capt. 
Richard Beers, King Philip's War. 
Wounded twice in fight at North- 
Swan, Reuben S., 94. 
Harris, Daniel, 1 652-1 733. Soldier 
in King Philip's War. 
Harris, Alfonso S., 88. 

Harris, Capt. Daniel, 1701, 

Middletown, Conn. Deputy, 1678- 
'84, '87, '89. 
Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Harris, Francis, 1710-1771, Georgia. 
Lieut.-Col., 1st Regt. Foot Militia, 
1757. Col., 1759. Member of 
King's Council, 1762. Speaker, 
1st Genl. Assembly in Savannah. 
King, Harris M., 185. 
Harris, Robert, 1690-1765, Va. 
Burgess from Hanover Co., 1 736, 
et seq. 



Rodes, Frank, 149. 
Shelton, Richard T., 149, 
Harris, Wii liam, 1610-1681. Com 
missioner to Court of Commis 
sioners, i66o-'62, '63. Deputy, R 
I., 1665, et seq. Gov.'s Asst. 
1666, et seq. General Solicitor 
Allin, George A., 28. 
Nickerson, Thomas W., 99. 
Harris, William, 1650-17 12. Mem- 
ber Md. Assembly from Kent Co., 
1688, '92, '94; from Cecil Co., 
1 698-1 704. 
Hill, Malcolm W., 74. 
Hill, Norman A., 72. 

Harris, Capt. William, J 7i4» 

Middletown, Conn. Capt., . 

Deputy, 1687. 
Booth, Charles E., 83. 

Harrison, Benjamin, 1698. 

Council of Va. Member of House 
of Burgesses, i68o-'82, and 
Speaker of same. 
Harrison, Russell B., 212. 
Hoge, Peyton H., 166. 
Hart, Lieut. Elijah, New Britain, 
Conn. Ens. of Train Band, 1752. 
Lieut., 1756. 
Case, John E., 139. 
Hart, John, 1651-1714. Member 
Penn. Assembly, 1683, '84. 
Hough, Oliver, 68. 
Hart, Stephen, 1605- 1682. Cam- 
bridge and Farmington, Conn. 
Under Maj. John Mason, Pequot 
War. Deputy, 1647, et seq. 
Case, John E., 140. 
Hart, Albert B., 88. 
Hart, Richard H., 176. 
Hart, Capt. Thomas, 1644-1726, 
Farmington, Conn. Ens., 1678. 
Lieut., 1693. Capt., 1695. Deputy, 
1690-1711. Speaker, I700-'o6. 
Case, John E., 139. 

Hartshorne, Joseph, 1652 . 

Soldier in King Philip's War with 
Mass. troops. In Capt. Poole's 
Co. at Quaboag, and at defence of 
Hatfield, 1675. Corp. in Capt. 
Turner's Co. at Falls Fight. 
Macpherson, Robert B., 38. 
Hartwell, John, 1 641-1703, Concord, 
Mass. Soldier in Capt. Thomas 
Wheeler's Co. in King Philip's 

Bates, Theodore C, 98. 
Hartwell, Lieut. Jonathan, 1690- 
1778, Littleton, Mass. Ens., 1737. 

Lieut., . 

Bates, Theodore C, 98. 
Hartwell, Q. M. William, 1613- 
1690, Concord, Mass. Corp., 1671. 
Quartermaster, Middlesex Co. 
Troops, Capt. Thomas Wheeler, 
1673. Soldier in King Philip's 
War, i675-'76. Cornet in Troop 
of Horse of Middlesex Co. 
Bates, Theodore C, 98. 
Gardner, James B., 86. 
Loomis, John H., 141. 
Nickerson, Stephen W., 99. 
Hasey, Lieut. William, 1619-1689, 
Boston. A. & H. A. Co., 1652. 
Cornet in Three County Troop, 
1665; Lieut., 1674. In 1675 com- 
manded Co. in King Philip's War. 
Green, Robert M., 87. 
Haskell, Capt. William, 1617-1693, 
Gloucester, Mass. Lieut, of Train 
Band, 1681. Capt., . Repre- 
sentative, 1672, et seq. 
Perkins, William H., 100. 
Haskell, William, i 690-1 766, 
Gloucester, Mass. Representative, 
Perkins, William H., 100. 
Hastings, Thomas, 1605-1685, Water- 
town, Mass. Deputy, 1673. 
Parker, George T., 149. 
Hatcher, William, 1614-1680. Mem- 
ber Va. House of Burgesses, 1644, 
et seq. 
Clarke, Bailey T., 166. 
Hathaway, Ens. Jacob. Soldier in 
King Philip's War. 
Brown, Paul, 137. 
Hathaway, John, Barnstable, Mass. 
Soldier in Narragansett War. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Hathorne, Major William, 1607- 
168 1, Salem, Mass. Deputy to 
Genl. Ct. 1635, et seq. First 
Speaker, House of Deputies, 1644, 
also Speaker, 1645, et seq. Gov.'s 
Asst., i662-'79. Commissioner, 
United Colonies, i650-'54, '73. 
Capt., Salem, Co., 1645. Maj., 1656. 
Member of Committee on Articles 
of Confederation of United Colo- 
nies, 1648. Member of Commit- 
tee for Preservation of Charter, 



1661. Asst, i66a-'79. In charge 
of Military affairs, Marblehead, 
1666. Judge, i667-'78. 

Hewins, James, 98. 
Haughton, Richard, 1682. Vol- 
unteer at siege of Fort Uncas, 
Narragansett War, 1657. 

Lathrop, Charles G., 172. 
Haven, Sergt. Richard, 162c— 1700, 
Lynn, Mass. Sergt. under Capt. 
Samuel Brocklebank in King 
Philip's War. 

Murren, George M., 40. 
Hawes, Daniel, 165 2-1 739, Dedham, 
Mass. In Great Swamp Fight, 
under Major Samuel Appleton. 

Critcher, Edward P., 32. 
Hawes, Edmund, 1693, Yar- 
mouth, Mass. Deputy, i645-'6i. 
Selectman, i665-'88. Town Treas- 
urer, 1667. Council of War, 1676. 

Eldridge, Edric, 85. 
Hawkes, John. In King Philip's War, 
in battle against the Narragansett 

Hawks, James D., 188. 

Hawkins, Anthony, 1674, Far- 

mington, Conn. One of the Paten- 
tees of Conn, under Charter from 
Charles II. Dep., i668-'70. Gov.'s 
Asst., 1668-70. 

Case, John E., 140. 
Hawks, Eliezer (Elizeur), 1647- 
1727, Hadley, Mass. In Capt. 
William Turner's Co., Falls Fight, 
King Philip's War. 

Converse, Charles A., 132. 

Converse, John H., 129. 

Hawks, William I., 35. 
Hawks, Sergt. John, 1 643-1 721, 
Deerfield, Mass. In Falls Fight, 
Hatfield, 1676. Under Capt. 
Thos. Watts, 1697, ™ pursuit of 
Indians at Hatfield. 

Bates, William O., 212. 
Hayden, William, 1 600-1 669, Wind- 
sor, Conn. Deputy, 1667. In 
Pequot War. In Maj. Mason's 
Troop, i657-'58. 

Primrose, John S., 43. 

Snow, Edgar M., 143. 
Hayes, Richard. Member Pa. As- 
sembly, 1 704, et seq. 

Levick, Lewis J., 64. 
Haynes, Gov. John, 1594-1654, 
Hartford, Conn. Gov., Mass. Bay 

Colony, 1635. Gov. of Conn. 
Colony. Pres., First General 
Court, 1637. Gov. alternate years 
until death. Commissioner of 
United Colonies, 1650. Col. of 
Regiment raised against the In- 
dians, 1636. 

Barney, Howard, 154. 

Edwards, Charles L., 103. 

Jackson, John D., 104. 
Hayward( Haywood), Lieut. Joseph, 
1 71 5-1802, Concord, Mass. Lieut, 
in Maj. John Minot's Co., and 
Capt. Thomas Adams's Co. In 
Col. Ebenezer Nichols's Regt., 
French and Indian War, 1757. 

Nickerson, Philip T., 99. 
Hayward, Nathaniel, Mass. In 
King Philip's War, with Bridge- 
water Band. 

Freeman, Alden, 121. 
Hayward, Thomas, 1681, Dux- 
bury, Mass. In Capt. Myles Stand- 
ish's Co. 

Hayward, William E., 212. 
Hayward, William, 1659, Brain- 
tree, Mass. Deputy, 1648. 

Hatch, Josiah O., 185. 

Hazard, Capt. Nathaniel, 1750. 

Capt. N. Y. Militia, 171 5. 

Cox, John L., 66. 
Hazard, Thomas, 16 10-1680, Mid- 
dleburg. Governor's Council, 1654. 
Magistrate, i652-'55. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 

Pratt, Dallas B., 54. 
Heald, Israel, 1660-1738. With 
Mass. Troops, in Expedition to 
Canada, 1690. 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Heald, Sergt. John, 1689. Un- 
der Maj. Williard, King Philip's 
War, 1675. Sergt., Concord Co., 
raised for French and Indian Wars, 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Heald, Lieut. John, i 666-1 721. 
Lieut, of Concord, Mass., Military 
Co., raised for Indian Wars. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Healy, Capt. Joshua, i 702-1 762, 
Dudley, Mass. Capt. of a Co. 
for relief of Fort William Henry, 

Corbin, Elbert C, 61. 
Heard, James, Maine. Ens., 1659. 
Colket, Charles H., 66. 



Heard, Capt. John, i 667-1 752, 
Maine. Capt., York Co., i7ii-'22. 
Colket, Charles H., 66. 
Hearsey, Thomas, 1 734-1810, Hing- 
ham, Mass. Soldier in Col. Lin- 
coln's Regt. for relief of Crown 
Point, 1 755. Clerk in Capt. Samuel 
Thaxter's Co., 1756. 
Hersey, Alfred H., 88. 
Hebard, Qkyv. Zebulon. Ens., 1760. 
Lieut., 1765. Capt., 1766,5th Co., 
3rd Regt. 
Hebard, Frederic S., 141. 
Hedge, Capt. William, , Yar- 
mouth, Sandwich, Mass., and 
Lyme, Conn. Ens., 1653. Capt., 
Yarmouth Co., 1659. 
Smith, Thomas H., 142. 
Henry, Patrick, i 736-1799. Bur- 
gess, Va., i765-'83. 
Holliday, Jacquelin S., 212. 
Hext, David. Member of South Car- 
olina Assembly, 1743. 
Macbeth, Malcolm, 148. 
Macbeth, Ravenel 148. 

Hext, Hugh, 1732. Member of 

South Carolina Assembly, 1698, 
Macbeth, Malcolm, 148. 
Macbeth, Ravenel, 148. 
Hichborn, Thomas, Mass. Drummer 
under Capt. Henchman in Mt. 
Hope Campaign in King Philip's 
War, and a private under Capt. 
Moseley at Dedham. 
Favor, Otis S., 140. 
Hicks, Capt. Thomas, 1640-1741. 
Under Capt. John Hicks, Fort 
Neck, 1653. Capt. of Militia at 
Lyon, George E., 148. 
Hicks, Zachariah, 1 628-1 702, Cam- 
bridge, Chelmsford, and Dracut, 
Mass. Deputy, 1647. Council of 
War, 1653. In Capt. Joseph Sill's 
Co., King Philip's War. 
Hicks, Lewis W., 88. 

Higgenson, Capt. Robert, 1644. 

Commander at Middle Plantation. 
Rec'd grant of land for services 
against the Indians. 
McGuire, James C, 39. 
Higley, Ens. Brewster, 1682-1760, 
Simsbury, Conn. Ens. North Co., 
Case, John E., 139. 

Higley, Capt. John, 1649-1714, Sims- 
bury, Conn. Ens., 1687. Dep- 
uty, 1689. Commissioner. Lieut., 
1690. Capt., 1698. 
Case, John E., 139. 


1688, Woburn and Chelmsford, 
Mass. Sergt. in the Military Co. 
prior to 1663. Served until 1664. 

Langworthy, Charles F., no. 

Hill, John, 1664, Dorchester, 

Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 1647. 

Hill, Edward M., 88. 

Hill, Henry H., 88. 

Holbrook, Levi, 98. 

Richards, William S., 45. 

Hill, Nathaniel, 1660 , Dover, 

N. H. Capt. and commanded a 
garrison in N. H., 1725. 

Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 

Hill, Capt. Ralph, 1695, Bil- 

lerica, Mass. Sergt., in command 
of his house used as a Garrison 
House, 1675, King Philip's War. 
Ens. of Billerica Co., 1683. Capt., 
1692. Deputy, 1689, et seq. 

Hill, John P., 71. 

Hill, Capt. Richard, 1700. 

Capt., Anne Arundel Co. Militia, 
i675-'8o. Member Md. House of 
Burgesses, i682-'88. 

Chew, Samuel C, 74. 
Hill, Samuel, 1715-1798, Billerica 
and Cambridge, Mass. Private in 
Col. Brattle's Regt. for relief of 
Fort William Henry, 1757; in 
Capt. Lane's Co., 1762. In Capt. 
Hannant's Co., 1763. 

Hill, John P., 71. 

Hill, Valentine, 1661, Mass. 

and N. H. A. & II. A. Co., 1638. 
Deputy, from Dover, N. H., to 
General Court of N. H., i652-'55, 
and 1657. 

Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 
Hills, Capt. Joseph, 1 602-1688, New- 
bury, Mass. Deputy from Charles- 
town and Speaker of the House, 
1647 ! f rom Maiden, i650-'56, '60- 
'64; from Newbury, 1667, '69. 
Capt. Maiden Military Co. 

Farwell, John W., 86. 

Hardwick, Charles C, 118. 

Hills, William, Jr., 119. 

Wheelock, William B., 213. 

Wills, Henry LeB., 177. 



Hinckley, Gov. Thomas, 1618-1706, 
Barnstable, Mass. Deputy, Ply- 
mouth, 1646. Asst., 1658-80. Com- 
missioner of Plymouth Col., 1675- 
'76. Commissioner for United Colo- 
nies, i678-'92. In Great Swamp 
Fight. Dep.-Gov., 1680. Gov., 
1681-92. Councillor of Province, 
1686. Member of Council under 
Gov. Andros, 1687. Commissioner 
from Plymouth Co. in charge of 
Military Forces against King Philip, 
i675-'76. Assistant, Prov. of Mass. 

Bowman, George E., 83. 
Hinman, Benjamin, 1662-17 ^.Wood- 
bury, Conn. Deputy, 171 1. 

Hurd, Ethan O., 156. 

Hinman, Sergt. Edward, 1681, 

Stratford, Conn. With Capt. John 
Underhill, under Stuyvesant, 
against the Indians. 

Hurd, Ethan O., 156. 
Hitchcock, Lieut. John, 1642-1712. 
Ens. in Falls Fight in Capt. 
Wm. Turner's Co., King Philip's 
War. Made Lieut, for gallant ser- 

Brown, Paul, 137. 

Hitchcock, Capt. Luke, Sr., 

1659, Wethersfield, Conn., 1644; 
soldier and Capt. in early Colonial 

Brown, Paul, 137. 
Hite, Col. John, 17 10-1792, Fred- 
erick Co., Va. In 1744 Capt. in 
charge of a precinct. Maj. and 
Council of War, 1756. Col. in 
French and Indian War. 

English, William E., 212. 

Sharp, George M., 73. 

Hoar, John, 1704, Scituate and 

Concord, Mass. Member Scituate 
Co., 1643. King Philip's War. 

Homer, William B., 147. 
Hobart, Edmund, 15 70-1 646, Hing- 
ham, Mass. Deputy, i639-'40-'42. 

Evans, Ira H., 132. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 

Reed, John L., 74. 

Turner, Philip F., 208. 
Hobbs, Josiah, 1 649-1 741, Boston and 
Lexington, Mass. In Capt. Joseph 
Sill's Co., King Philip's War. Nar- 
ragansett grantee. 

Stratton, Solomon P., 94. 

Hodsdon, Benoni, i 647 , Kittery, 

Me. Deputy, 1692-93. 
Lord, Calvin, 90. 
Hoffman, Col. Martinus, 1707-1772. 
Adjutant of Regt. in Dutchess Co., 
1739. Col. of Militia in Dutchess 
Co., i756-'58. 
Hoffman, Charles F., 35. 
Hoffman, Samuel V., 119. 
Hoffman, William M. V., 35. 
Holbrook (e), Thomas, 1 624-1 697, 
Braintree, Mass. In Capt. John- 
son's Co. 
Whitin, Ernest S., 49. 
Holcomb, Hezekiah, 1 728-1810, Conn. 
Deputy from Simsbury, 1773. 
Stiles, Edward H., 150. 
Holcomb, Joshua, 1640-1690. Dep- 
uty, Simsbury, Conn., i670-'90. 
Stiles, Edward H., 150. 
Holcomb, Joshua, 1 672-1760, Conn. 
Deputy from Simsbury, 1756. 
Stiles, Edward H., 150. 
Holcomb (e), Lieut. Nathaniel, 

1648 . Deputy, Simsbury, 

Conn., I703~'o6. Lieut., 1716. 
Case, John E., 139. 
Holcombe, Thomas, Windsor, Conn. 
Soldier; Deputy, 1649. 
Case, John E., 139. 
Holden, Lieut. Charles, 1666-1717, 
R. I. Deputy, i7io-'i6. Lieut., 
1 716. 
Felton, Edgar C, 61. 

Holden, Charles, Jr., 1695 • 

Deputy, R. I., 1749. 
Felton, Edgar C, 62. 
Holden, Capt. Randall, 1612-1692, 
Warwick, R. I. Marshal and Corp. 
at Portsmouth, R. I., 1638. Asst., 
1647, et seq. Capt., 1664. Deputy, 
Briggs, Southwick, C, 108. 
Felton, Edgar C, 61. 
Murdock, Joseph B., 91. 
Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 
Pratt, Dallas B., 54. 
Holgrave, John, 1580-1670, Salem, 
Mass. Deputy, 1634-5. " Over- 
seer of powder and shott," 1634. 
Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 
Inches, George B., 89. 
Hollingsvvorth, Valentine, 1635- 
17 10. Penn. Assembly, 1682. 
Huidekoper, Frederic W., 1 15. 



Hoi.uster, Lieut. John, 1612-1665, 
Wethersfield, Conn. Deputy, 
Mass., 1644. Conn., i645-'56. 
Lieut., Hartford Co. Militia, King 
Philip's War. 

Hubbell, Henry W., 53. 

Miller, Eddis N., 39. 

Thompson, William B., 115. 
Holm an, Jonathan, 1732-1814, Sut- 
ton, Mass. In Expedition for re- 
lief Fort William Henry, 1757. 
Later, Col. 5th Mass. Regt. 

Holman, Charles B., 89. 
Holme, Capt. Thomas, 1624-1695. 
Council, Prov. of Penn., 1683. 

Butler, Thomas, 129. 
Holmes, Lieut. John, 1649-1712,^ I. 
Deputy, 1682, i704-'o5. Gen. 
Treas., 1690, et seq. Lieut., 1698. 

Briggs, Southwick C, 108. 
Holmes, Nathaniel, 1639-1713, Dor- 
chester, Mass. Served under Capt. 
Edward Hutchinson at Mount 
Hope, 1675. Representative to 
United Colonies, 1689. 

Holmes, William B., 89. 
Holmes, Obadiah, 1607-1682. Mem- 
ber Special Governor's Council, 
King Philip's War. Representa- 
tive, at Newport and Portsmouth, 
R.I., 1656. 

Allin, George A., 28. 

Hall, David A., 199. 

Hall, Nelson R., 199. 

Haughton, John P., 63. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 

Pratt, Dallas B., 55. 
Holmks, Samuel, 1726-17S6, Dor- 
chester, Mass. Served under Capt. 
Phineas Stevens, 1748. Under The- 
ophilus Curtis in Col. Miller's Regt., 
1757. Under Capt. Samuel Bill- 
ings in Col. Timothy Ruggles's 
Regt., 1758. 

Holmes, William B., 89. 
Holton, Joel, 1 738-1821, Northfield, 
Mass. In Capt. John Buck's Co., 
Col. Timothy Ruggles's Regt., 

Ferris, Hiram B., 203. 

Holton, Henry D., 130. 
Holton, William, Northampton, 
Mass. Deputy, 1664-67, '69-'7i. 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Graves, Carroll S., 203. 

Holton, Henry D., 130. 

Holyoke, Edward, 1660. Dep- 
uty from Lynn, Mass., 1639, et seq. 

Inches, George B., 89. 
Holyoke, Capt. Elizur (Eliezer), 
1618-1676, Springfield, Mass. 
Ens., 1653. Lieut., 1657. Capt., 
1663. Deputy, 1656. Second in 
command at Springfield and Had- 
ley, King Philip's War. 

Dewey, Charles, 132. 
Hone, Philip, 1743- 1798. In Capt. 
Tobias Van Zandt's Co., N. Y. 

Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Hoogeboom, Col. Jeremiah, 1712- 
1784. Capt., 1st Battalion, Al- 
bany Regt., Col. Wm. Johnson, 
French and Indian War, 1748. 
Lieut. -Col. and Col. 

McNamee, Theodore H., 39. 

Hooke, Gov. William, 1654. 

Gov. of New Somersetshire, 1639. 
Deputy, i643-'47. Representative 
from Salisbury, Mass. 

Webb, William S., 133. 
Hooker, Rev. Thomas, 1 585-1 647, 
Leader of Expedition which 
founded the Colony of Conn , 

Wilcox, Frank L., 105. 

Hoopes, Daniel, 1670 , Chester 

Co., Pa. Assembly, !7o8-'09. 

Thorn, William H. De C. W., 75. 

Hoopes, Joshua, 1723, Buck's 

Co., Pa. Member Assembly, 1686, 
et seq. 

Thorn, William H. De C. W., 75. 
Hopkins, Giles, 1 605-1 690. Vol- 
unteer against Pequots, 1637. 

Kendall, Henry M., no. 

Requa, Robert R., 43. 

Snow, Edgar M., 143. 
Hopkins, Lieut. John, 1 665-1 732. 
Sergt., Conn. Colonial Troops. 
1714. Ens., 1715. Lieut., 1716. 

Ward, Christopher L., 197. 
Hopkins, Stephen, 1644, Ply- 
mouth. In the " First Encounter 
with the Indians," Dec. 8, 1620. 
Member of Gov.'s Council, 1633- 
'36. Council of War for Plymouth, 
1642. Volunteer in Pequot War. 

Bickford, Robert S , 80. 

Kendall, Henry M., no. 

Nickerson, Stephen W., 99. 

Requa, Robert R., 43. 

Smith, Thomas H., 142. 



Snow, Edgar M., 143. 

Vaill, Frederick S., 208. 

Wolcott, Roger, 97. 
Hopkins, William, 1644, Strat- 
ford, Conn. Asst. Gov., 1642. 

Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Hopkinson, John, 1 647-1 704, Rowley, 
Mass. King Philip's War, Capt. 
Brocklebank's Co. 

Fish, Charles M., 141. 

Fish, Henry M., 33. 
Hoskins, William, Taunton, Plymouth 
Colony. In King Philip's War, 
i675~'6. Wounded at the Narra- 
gansett Swamp Fight. 

Brown, Paul, 137. 

Hoskins, William, 1695, Scitu- 

ate, Mass. Member Plymouth 

Brown, Paul, 137. 
Hough, William, 1683. En- 
gineer at New London. In King 
Philip's War. 

Douglas, Walter B., 147. 
Houghton, Joseph, i 657-1 737. In 
Capt. Wilder's garrison, Lancaster, 
Mass., 1704. 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Houston, Sir Patrick, 1698-1762. 
Lieut., Light Infantry Co. of Sa- 
vannah, Ga., 1774. Member Coun- 
cil of Safety. 

Anderson, Clarence G., Jr., 183. 
How(e), Edward, 1644, Water- 
town, Mass. Deputy, 1635, et seq. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 

Hill, John P., 71. 
How(e), John, Sr., 1687, Marl- 
borough, Mass. Commanded a 
Garrison House at Marlborough, 
King Philip's War. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 
Howard, Lieut. John, i 625-1 700, 
Ens., Bridgewater Military Co., 
1664. Lieut., 1689. Deputy, 
i6 7 8-'8 3 . 

Howard, Harry S., 130. 

Howard, Oliver O., 130. 

Moran, Charles, 54. 
Howland, John, 1592-1673. "First 
Encounter," Great Meadow Creek, 
1620. Gov.'s Asst., i633-'35. ^ n 
command of Kennebec Trading 
Post, 1634. Deputy, 1641, et seq. 

Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 

Coleman, Leighton P., 31. 

Eldridge, Edric, 85. 

Fairbanks, Henry N., 208. 

Howland, Shepard, 89. 

Woodruff, Edward L., 50. 
Hubbard, Jonathan, 1 718-1759. 
Served under Col. Joseph Blanch- 
ard, New Hampshire Troops, 
i754-'55- Adjt., 1755. 

Hubbard, Robert M., 148. 
Hubbard, Richard, 1719, Salis- 
bury, Mass. Cornet . Rep- 
resentative, I704-'o6. 

Perkins, William H., 100. 
Hubbard, William, i 594-1670, Ips- 
wich, Mass. Deputy, 1638, el seq. 

Dyer, Leonard H., 114. _ 

Hubbard, Paul M., 89. 
Hubbell, Lieut. John, 1 734-1810. 
Lieut., in the 2nd Troop, 4th Conn. 
Regt., i76g-'75- 

Hubbell, Henry W., 53. 
Hubbell, Sergt. Richard, 1627- 
1699. Sergt. of Militia, Fairfield, 
Conn., i677-'99. Deputy, 1678. 

Hubbell, Henry W., 53. 

Hughes, Lieut. James, 1766, 

Augusta Co., Va. Lieut, in Militia, 

Owen, William O., III. 
Hull, Lieut. Cornelius, 1626-1695, 
Fairfield, Conn. Lieut., King 
Philip's War. Messenger of Council 
of War, 1675. Lieut., Maj. Treat's 
Life Guard, 1675. Deputy, 1676. 

Enos, Alanson T., 33. 
Hull, John, 1624- 1683. Master of 
the Mint. Treas., Colony of Mass. 
Bay, 1676, and Assistant. 

Davies, Julien T, Jr., 53. 

Hull, Capt. Theophilus, 1710. 

Ens., 1705. Lieut., 1709. Capt. of 
West Military Co., Fairfield, Conn., 
1709. Member Committee of War, 

Enos, Alanson T., 33. 
Humphrey, Charles, Conn. Mem- 
ber of scouting party under Capt. 
Richard Case, 1724. 

Case, John E., 139. 
Humphrey (Humphreys), Hope- 
still, 1 649-1 73 1, Dorchester, 
Mass. Under Capt. Isaac John- 
son, King Philip's War. In Great 
Swamp Fight, 1675. 

Douglas, Walter B., 147. 



Humphrey, John, 1650-1697, Sims- 
bury, Conn. Sergt., Train Band, 
Case, John E., 139. 

Humphrey, Michael, 1695. ^ n 

Windsor Dragoons, 1667. Deputy 
from Simsbury, Conn., 1670. In 
service at Windsor, i675~'76. 
Case, John E., 140. 

Humphrey (Humphreys), Lieut. Sam- 
uel, 1 656- 1 736, Simsbury, Conn. 
Deputy, i702-'25. Lieut., 17 10, 
in command of a company sent to 
fight the Indians in Hampshire 
Co., Mass. 
Case, John E., 139. 

Hunt, Jonathan, 1637-1691, North- 
ampton, Mass. Representative to 
Genl. Court, 1690. 
Hunt, Arthur K., 205. 

Hunt, Josiah, Jr. Soldier in West- 
chester Co., N.Y. Militia Co., 1 732. 
Underhill, Frederic E., 56. 

Hunt, Thomas, 1693. Volunteer 

Expedition to Albany, 1690, Capt. 
Jocob Milborne's Co. 
Underhill, Frederic E., 56. 

Hunter, Capt. David. Commanded 
Co. in Forbes' Expedition, 1758, 
French and Indian War. 
Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 

Huntington, Capt. Jabez, 1719— 1786. 
Deputy for Norwich, i750-'53. 
Lieut., 1st Co., 1745. Capt. of 
Troop, 3rd Regt., 1754. Speaker, 
Haughton, John P., 63. 

Huntington, Jedidiah, 1743-18 18. 
Ens., 1st Norwich Co., 1769. 
Lieut., 1 771, Capt., 1774. Col., 
20th Conn. Regt., 1774. 
Haughton, Richard, 63. 

Huntress, Christopher, 1728 . 

Volunteer from New Hampshire, 
in Expedition against Louisburg, 

Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 

Hurlbut, Lieut. Thomas, 1671, 

Wethersfield, Conn. Under Lion 
Gardiner in the Pequot War. 
Clerk of Train Band, 1640. Dep- 
uty, 1644. Lieut, at the Saybrook 
Bancroft, Levi H., 192. 

Hussey, Christopher, 1 595-1686. 
Member of Council, 1680. Repre- 
sentative, Mass., i658-'6o. 

Parker, Henry R., 125. 

Woodruff, Edward L., 50. 
Hutchins, Francis, Mem- 
ber Md. House of Assembly, 1694. 

Fleet, Alexander F., 212. 

Fleet, Henry W., 147. 

Fleet, John S., 147. 

Sharp, George M., 73. 

Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Hutchinson, Capt. Edward, 161 3- 
1675, Mass. Chaplain, A. & H. 
A. Co., 1657. Deputy, 1658. 
Chaplain of "Three County 
Troupe," i659-'74. Capt. of Ex- 
pedition against Nipmuck Indians, 
and died from wounds received in 
fight, Aug. 2, 1675. 

Nichols, Willard A., 172. 
Hutchinson, Gov. William, 1586- 
1642. Representative to General 
Court of Mass., i635-'38. Gov. 
of Portsmouth, R. I., 1639-40. 

Nichols, Willard A., 172. 
Hyde, Daniel, 1694-1770, Conn. 
Capt., 3rd Norwich Co. Militia, 
1746, etseq. In French War, 1748. 

Lathrop, Charles G., 172. 
Hyde, Jonathan, 1 626-1 71 1. In Capt. 
Thomas Wheeler's Co., scouting 
near Sudbury and Marlborough, 
King Philip's War. 

Ferris, Hiram B., 203. 

Potts, Charles E., 42. 
Hynson, Charles, 1662-171 1. Mem- 
ber Md. Assembly from Kent Co., 

Hill, Malcolm W., 74. 

Hill, Norman A., 72. 
Hynson, Thomas. Commissioner for 
Kent Island, Md., 1654. Gen- 
eral Assembly, 1654. Burgess from 
Kent Co., 1659. 

Hill, Malcolm W., 74. 

Hill, Norman A., 72. 

Ingalls, Capt. Henry, 1 719-1803. 
Capt., 1 755— '56, Crown Point Ex- 
Frye, Jed, 34. 

Ingersoll, Lieut. George, 1618-1694, 
Salem, Mass., and Falmouth, Me. 
Lieut, and Military Officer of Fal- 
mouth, 1668. Lieut., York Regt., 



King Philip's War, 1675— '76. 

Representative, General Court of 

Mass. Bay, 1683, '85. 
Rowe, Arthur E., 100. 
Ingersoll, Samuel, , Salem, Mass. 

In King Philip's War. A Narra- 

gansett grantee. 
Rowe, Arthur E., 100. 
Ingoldsby, Gov. Richard, 1719- 

Major and Commander-in-Chief of 

the Forces, N. Y., 1691. Lieut.- 

Gov., 1709. Col., British Army, 

Woodruff, Charles H., 57. 
Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 
Isham, Capt. Henry, 1628-1676. Capt. 

of Militia Henrico Co., Va. High 

Sheriff, 1669-70. 
Thomas, Douglas H., 75. 

Jackson, Edward, 1602-1681. Dep- 
uty from Cambridge, Mass., 1647, 
et seq. 
Reed, John L., 75. 

Jackson, Col. John, 1735. Long 

Island Militia. Member of As- 
Brokaw, George T., 29. 
Jackson, Sebas, 1642- 1690, Newton, 
Mass. In Capt. Poole's Co., King 
Philip's War. 
Coleman, Leighton P., 31. 
Palmer, Charles D., 99. 
Whitin, Ernest S., 49. 
Jackson, Lieut. Timothy, 1 726-1 774, 
Newton, Mass. Lieut., Colonial 
Forces, French and Indian War. 
Coleman, Leighton P., 31. 
Jacob, Capt. John, 1630- 1693, Hing- 
ham, Mass. In Capt. Hobart'sCo., 
1675. In Capt. Johnson's Co., de- 
fence of Medfield, 1676. 
Jacobs, Henry B., 72. 

Jacob, Nicholas, 1657, Hing- 

ham, Mass. Deputy, 1648-1649. 
Green, Robert M., 87. 
Jagger, Jeremiah, 1658, Stam- 
ford, Conn. In Pequot War, 1637. 
Comstock, George, 103. 
Janes, Abel, 1 644-1 690, Lebanon, 
Conn. In Capt. William Turner's 
Co., Falls Fight. 
Douglas, Walter B., 147. 
Janes (Jeanes), William, 1610-1690, 
New Haven, Conn., and North- 
ampton, Mass. Member General 

Court, New Haven, 1648. Deputy, 
Northampton, 1657. 
Douglas, Walter B., 146. 

Janney, Abel, 1671 . Member 

Pa. Assembly, 1 700-1 721. 
Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 

Janney, Thomas, 1695. Member 

of the Council of Penn., 1684- 
Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Jarboe, Lieut.-Col. John, 1619-1674. 
Member of the Lower House of 
Assembly of Maryland, St. Mary's 
Co., 1671-1674. Lieut., 1658. 
Lieut.-Col., 1660. 
Key, Edward, 72. 
Jefferson, Capt. Thomas, Va. Capt., 
Henrico Co., 1706. High Sheriff, 
1718— '19. Member House of Bur- 
Deen, William M., 121. 
Jenckes, Gov. Joseph, 1650-1740. 
Dep.-Gov. of R. I., I7I5~'27. Gov., 
1727— '32. Major of the Main, 
Jenks, Nathan, 189. 
Jenkins, William, 1648-1712. Mem- 
ber of Assembly, 1 690-1695. Mem- 
ber of Council, Prov. of Penn., 
Lea, William, 196. 

Jenney, John, 1664, Plymouth, 

Mass. Gov.'s Asst, 1637— '38, '40. 
Deputy to General Court, 1641, 


Jenney, Bernard, 89. 
Jewett, Jeremiah, 1637-17 14, Ipswich, 
Mass. Soldier in King Philip's 

Stearns, Melvin Hall, 150. 
Johnson, Capt. Abner, 1 702-1 751, 
Wallingford Militia, 1749. 

Johnson, William S., 36. 
Johnson, Captain Edward, Sr., 
1599-1672, Woburn, Mass. One 
of the founders of A. & H. A. 
Co., 1637. Ens. in Capt. George 
Cooke's Co., 1638. Lieut, of 
Middlesex Co. Troop, 1643 ; Capt., 
1644. Surveyor-General of the 
Military Stores of the Colony, 1659. 
Deputy, 1 643-'47, '49-'70. Speak- 
er, 1655. 

Hopkins, Alfred F., 1 10. 

Hopkins, Neville M., no. 

Swan, Reuben S., 94. 



Johnson, Capt. Isaac, 161 5-1675. 
Capt. A. & H. A. Co., 1667, and 
of the Roxbury Militia, 1653. 
Killed in Narragansett Fort Fight. 

Binney, Charles C, 61. 

Lung, George A., 38. 

Stimson, Daniel M., 48. 
Johnson, Jacob, 1674-1749, Walling- 
ford, Conn. Deputy, 1736. 

Hall, Henry 0., no. 
Johnson, John, 1 600-1 659. Roxbury, 
Mass. Was " Surveyor of all ye 
Armyes." Deputy to the General 
Court, 1634-1659. 

Binney, Charles C, 61. 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Norris, Henry McC, 155. 

Stimson, Daniel McM., 48. 
Johnson, Lieut. Thomas, 1631-1719, 
Andover, Mass. Lieut, of An- 
dover Co., 1697. 

Moore, Frank R., 90. 
Johnson, Capt. Timothy, 1 679-1 771. 
7th Co., Col. James Stevens's 4th 
Mass. Regt. Expedition against 
Louisburg, 1745. Representative, 
1 737-1 745. 

Allen, Charles E., 131. 
Johnson, William, 1606-1677, 
Charlestown, Mass. Under Capt. 
Nathaniel Davenport, King Phil- 
ip's War, 1675. 

Wills, Henry LeB., 177. 
Johnson, William Samuel, 1727- 
181 9, Stratford, Conn. Lieut., 
1757; afterward Capt. Member 
Gen. Assembly, 1761/65, '72. In 
Colonial Congress, N. Y., Oct. 
1765. Agent for Conn., in Mo- 
hegan cause before Lords in 
Council, London, 1 767— '71. Judge 
of Superior Court, Conn., 1762. 

Johnson, Charles W. L., 72. 
Johnstone, Dr. John, 1661-1732. 
Member of King's Council for 
Prov. of N. J., 1 686-1 690, for 
N. Y., 1716-1723. Represented 
Middlesex Co., in the General As- 
sembly. Speaker. 

Parker, Charles W., 120. 
Jones, Elisha, 17 10-1775, Weston, 
Mass. Magistrate. Col. of Regt. 

of Militia, . Representative 

from Weston, 1754, et seq. 

Deshon, George D., 85. 

Jones, Lieut.-Col. John, 1 721-1797. 
Maj., 3rd Middlesex Regt., 1762. 
Lieut.-Col., 1 771. 
Stimson, Frederic J., 94. 
Jones, Capt. Josiah, 1640-1714, 
Watertovvn, Mass. As Lieut, of 
Militia, commanded one of the 3 
Military Precincts of Watertown, 

viz., Weston. Capt., . 

Jones, Charles A., 89. 
Jordan, Corp. Edmund, 1711-1756, 
Hardwick, Mass. In Capt. Eleazer 
Melven's Co., 1748. In Capt. 
Buckminster's Co. at Fort Dummer, 
1749. Corp. in Capt. Samuel Rob- 
inson's Co., Col. Ruggles's Regt., 
1755— '56. Died in service. 
Dutcher, Frank J., 85. 

Jordan, Miles, 1663, Taunton, 

Mass. In Taunton Military Co., 
Dutcher, Frank J., 85. 
Joy, Jacob. Soldier in Narragansett 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Judd, Sergt. Benjamin, 1671-1764, 
Conn. French and Indian War, 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Judd, Lieut. John. (No record of 
services received.) 
Francisco, Israel H., 132. 
Judd, Thomas, Circ, 1 608-1 688, 
Farmington, Conn. Deputy from 
Hartford to General Assembly, 
1646, etseq.; fromWaterbury, 1662, 
et seq.; from Farmington, 1667, 
et seq. 
Booth, Charles E., Si. 
Douglas, Walter B., 146. 
Judd, Lieut. Thomas. (No record 
of services received.) 
Francisco, Israel H., 132. 
Judd, Sergt. William, 1633-1690. 
Sergt. at Farmington, Conn. 
Douglas, Walter B., 147. 
Judson, Capt. James, i 650-1 721. 
Lieut, of Dragoons, 1690, Strat- 
ford, Conn., 1697, King Philip's 
War. Capt., 1698. Deputy, 16S9- 
Enos, Alanson T., 33. 
Parker, Charles W., 1 19. 
Judson, Lieut. Joseph, 1 619-1690. 
Ens., Stratford, Conn. Committee 
to defend the coast, Stratford to 



Rye, against the Dutch, under Ad- 
miral DeReuter. Lieut., 1672. In 
King Philip's War. Lieut., Wood- 
bury Train Band, 1684. Deputy, 
i68 4 -'86. 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Enos, Alanson T., 33. 

Moffat, R. Burnham, 39. 

Kane, John. Member of Capt. Isaac 
Ter Bush's Co., 1762. 
Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Keeler, Samuel, 1st. In Narragansett 
Fight in King Philip's War, Dec. 
IQ > 1675. For services received 
grant of land in Norwalk, Conn. 
Conrow, Wilford S., 32. 
Keen, Matthias, 1667-1714. Provin- 
cial Assembly, Penn., 1713. 
Stryker, Samuel S., 65. 
Keep, John. Slain by Indians, March 
26, 1676, in King Philip's War. 
Nye, James W., 141. 
Kellogg, Lieut. Joseph, 1627-1707. 
Lieut, at Hadley, 1662. Sergt. in 
Capt. William Turner's Co., Falls 
Fight, 1676. 
Chapin, Samuel A., 31. 
Kellogg, Frank B., 162. 
Kellogg, Harry L., 192. 
McMillan, Philip H., 189. 
Kelsey, Lieut. John, Conn. Ens. 
and Lieut in Killingsworth Train 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Kelsey, Lieut. John, Jr., Conn. Lieut, 
in Killingsworth Train Band. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Kelsey, William, Conn. Deputy from 
Killingsworth, and Magistrate. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Kemp, Ebenezer, 1 729-1 766 (?), Gro- 
ton, Mass. Bayonet man in Capt. 
Prescott's Co., Lieut.-Col. Wins- 
low's command. In P'rench and 
Indian War, 1755. 
Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 183. 
Kemp, Samuel, 1 662-1693 (?), Bil- 
lerica and Groton, Mass. Mem- 
ber of West Regt. of Middlesex. 
In garrison at Groton under Lieut. 
Lakin, i69i-'92. 
Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 183. 
Kendall, Lieut. Samuel, 1682- 1764. 
Lieut., Mass. Militia, 1732. 
Kendall, Henry M., no. 

Kenney, Thomas, 1656-1687, Salem, 
Mass. In Capt. Gardiner's Co., 
1675, at Great Swamp Fight, King 
Philip's War. 
Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 
Kennon, Richard, 1650-1696, Hen- 
rico County, Va. Justice from 
1678. Burgess, i685-'86. 
Peter, Armistead, Jr., in. 
Peter, George F., in. 

Ketcham, Lieut. John, 1697, 

Huntington, L. I., Militia. 
Ketcham, Arthur C, 36. 
Ketelhuyn, Lieut. Daniel. In Col. 
Ingoldsby's Regt. in Expedition 
to Canada. 
Kittle, Charles A., 37. 
Key, Philip, 1696-1764. Member As- 
sembly from St. Mary's Co., Md., 
1729, et seq., also from Charles 
Co. Council, 1763. 
Montgomery, James H., 64. 
Kidder, Lieut. Ephraim, 17 10-1756. 
Lieut, in Capt. Flint's Co., Col. 
Ichabod Plaister, Crown Point 
Expedition. Fort William Henry, 

.I75 6 - 
Richards, William S., 45. 
Kidder, Ens. James, 1626-1676, Bil- 
lerica, Mass. Ens., Lieut. Dan- 
forth's Co., Middlesex Regt., 1675. 
His dwelling used as a Garrison 
House, King Philip's War. 
Ferris, Hiram B., 203. 
Salinas, Christopher E., 186. 
Kierstede, Dr. Hans, 1666. Sur- 
geon, Colonial Forces, Fort Or- 
ange, 1645. 
Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Killen, William, 1 722-1803. Mem- 
ber Colonial Assembly of Del. 
from Kent Co., 1774. 
Porter, Willard H., Jr., 196. 
Kimball, Cornet Benjamin, 1637- 
1695, Watertown, and Bradford, 
Mass. Cornet of Horse Troops 
under Capt. Appleton, i683-'84. 
Moores, Merrill, 213. 
Kimberly, Eleazer. (No record of 
services received.) 
Wilder, Edward B., 151. 
Kimberly, Thomas, 1673, Strat- 
ford, Conn. Marshal of New 
Haven Colony, i653~'6i. Dep- 
uty, 1639. 
Hurd, Ethan O., 156. 



King, Capt. John, i 629-1 703. Lieut., 
1692, Northampton, Mass., under 
Capt. Preserved Clapp, Indian at- 
tack on Quabogue. Capt. Deputy. 
Caldwell, Frank E., 30. 
King, Nathaniel, 1 730-1822. In 
Capt. Thos. Terry's Co., 1758. 
Enlisted, 1759, in Capt. B. Tut- 
hill's Co. 
Gunther, Clarence E., 35. 
Gunther, Franklin L., 35. 
King, Richard, 1718-1775, Scar- 
borough, Me. Commr. of the 
Troops destined for Annapolis 
Royal, i745-'48. 
Carpenter, George W., 30. 
Kingman, Henry, 1592-1666, Wey- 
mouth, Mass. Deputy, 1638, '52. 
Bennett, Robert R., 108. 
Kingsbury, Ephraim, 1681-1756, 
Conn. Ens., Plainfield Train Band, 
1725. Representative from Plain- 
field, 1720-1741. 
Sanborn, Kingsbury, 171. 
Kingsbury, Capt. Joseph, 2nd, 1682- 
1757, Norwich. Deputy, 1731, et 
seq. Ensign, 1719. Lieut., 1727. 
Capt., 1748. 
Graves, Carroll S., 203. 
Kinshen, William, Sr., 1690-1757, 
North Carolina. Member of Leg- 
islature from Bertie Co., 1733. 
Rodes, Frank, 149. 

Kinsman, Q. M. Robert, 1629-1712, 
Ipswich, Mass. In Capt. Nicholas 
Manning's Co., King Philip's War. 
Q. M., 1684, 1691. Representa- 
tive, 1692. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 

Parker, Henry R., 125. 

Kip (or Kype), Hendrick, 1576 . 

One of Nine Men. Member of 
Council of New Amsterdam. 

Austin, Eugene K., 28. 

Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 

Kitchell, Ens. Samuel, 1633-1690, 
Guilford, Conn., Ens., 1665. At 
Newark, N. J., 1673. 
Brokaw, George T., 29. 

Kneeland, Edward, 1640-1711. 
Private, Capt. Whipple's Co., King 
Philip's War. 
Burton, George L., 166. 

Knight, Lieut. Jonathan, 1 720-1 784, 
Cranston, R. I. Lieut, of 5th Co. 
of Providence, i748-'53. 
Bennett, Robert R., 108. 

Ladd, Nathaniel, 1651-1691. Private 
in King Philip's War. Private in 
King William's War, 1690, and 
died from wounds received in fight 
at Maquoit, Me., Sept. 22, 1690. 
Nichols, William A., 173. 
Lakin, Lieut. William, 1625-1700, 
Groton, Mass. Ens. of Groton 
Foot Co., 1673; Lieut, of same, 
1673. In King Philip's War. 
Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 184. 

Lamberton, Capt. George, 1646, 

New Haven, Conn. Member Genl. 
Court, 1640. Deputy, i643~'45. 
Converse, Charles A., 66, 131. 
Lane, Job, 1 620-1 697, Bedford, Mass. 
Served in his own Garrison House, 
King Philip's War. Deputy from 
Bedford, 1678-79; from Maiden, 
1685, '93. 
Gould, Levi S., 98. 
Lane, Col. John, 1661-1715, Billerica, 
Mass. Lieut., 1693, King Will- 
iam's War. Capt., 1699. Maj., 
West Regt. of Horse and Foot, 
171 1, Queen Anne's War. Dep- 
uty, 1702. Col. of Mass. Militia. 
Page, Walter G., 206. 
Lattimer, John. In Capt. Mason's 
Wethersfield, Conn., Co. Troops, 
Smith, Charles S., 55. 
Lawrence, Eleazer, Groton, Mass. 
Member of Military Co. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Lawrence, John, 1 609-1 669, Groton, 
Mass. In King William's War. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Lawrence, Peleg, 1646-1 692, Groton, 
Mass. Served in Garrison House, 
King William's War. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Wead, Leslie C, 100. 
Lawrence, Major Thomas, 1625- 
1703, Newtown, L. I. Major, 
Queens Co. Forces, 1689. 
Lindsay, John D., 37. 
Lawrence, Capt. William, 1623- 
1680. Queens Co. Militia, 1665- 
1680. Commanded Flushing Co. 



at surrender of N. Y. to the Dutch, 


Lawrence, William M., 141. 

Nicoll, Fancher, 40. 
Lay, Robert, 1618-1689, Saybrook, 
Conn. Deputy, i666-'78. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 
Learned, Benoni, 1657-1738, Sher- 
born, Mass. In King Philip's War, 
1676. Deputy, 1701. 

Hicks, Lewis W., 88. 

Leaycraft, Capt. Viner, 1784. 

Capt. of Privateers King George, 
1758; Elizabeth and Mary, 1759. 
War Commissioner, 1758. 

Leaycraft, John E., 37. 
Lee, Col. Richard. Colonial Secretary 
of Va., under Sir William Berkeley, 
Pres., Council of State, 1641. 

Mackoy, Harry B., 154. 
Leech, Tobias (Toby), 1651-1726. 
Member of Penn. Assembly, 1713, 
et sea. 

Levick, Lewis J., 64. 

Perkins, Charles P., 64. 

Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Leeds, Daniel, 1652-1720. Member 
of Lord Cornbury's Council be- 
tween years 1701-8-10. Member 
of N. J. Assembly, 1682. 

Leeds, Warner M., 37. 

Leeds, William B., 37. 
Leete, Gov. William, 161 3-1 683, 
Guilford, Conn. Deputy, 1644. 
Secretary, 1646. Gov.'s Asst., New 
Haven Colony, 1 653-1 658. Dep.- 
Gov. ,1658-1661. Commissioner for 
the United Colonies, 1655-1679. 
Gov., 1661-1665. Gov.'s Asst., 
Conn. Colony, 1665-1669. Dep.- 
Gov., 1669-1676. Gov., 1676- 

Andrews, Herbert C, 170. 

Brooks, Isaac W., 103. 

Clephane, Lewis P., 109. 

Comfort, Benjamin F., 188. 

Peck, George L., 41. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 

Wolcott, Roger, 97. 
Leffingwell, Lieut. Thomas, 1622- 
1714, Norwich, Conn. Deputy 
to General Assembly, 1661-1710. 
Rendered important aid to Uncas 
when besieged by hostile Indians. 
Ens., 1672. Lieut., 1676. In 

King Philip's War, and Capt. 
Denison's Co. 
Haughton, Richard, 63. 
Lippitt, Costello, 104. 
Macpherson, Robert B., 38. 
Smith, Thomas E. V., 104. 
White, William R., 96. 
Legrand, Sergt. Alexander. Sergt. 
of Volunteers attached to 1st Regt., 
Va., under Maj. Andrew Lewis, 
French and Indian War. 
Lancaster, Edwin W., 37. 
Leighton, Capt. John, 1661-1724. 
Ens. and Capt, Queen Anne's 
War, 1704. Representative, Mass., 
Leighton, George B., 148. 
Leisler v. Leysseler, Lieut.-Gov. 

Jacob, 1691. Soldier from 

Frankfort to New Netherland, 1 660. 
Capt. of the Fort and Military 
Commandant. Lieut.-Gov., 1689. 
Gov. Prov. of N. Y., 1689-1691. 
Thomas, Robert McK., 48. 
Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 57. 
Leland, Benjamin, 1715-1790, Graf- 
ton, Mass. Member of Train 
Band, 1757, under Capt. Sam- 
uel Warren. In Capt. Maynard's 
Co., Col. Willins' Regt., for reduc- 
tion of Canada, 1759. 
Hicks, Lewis W., 88. 
Leland, Joshua, 1 705-1 772, Sher- 
born, Mass. Alarm List, Capt. 
Joseph Perry, French War. 
Leland, Herbert M., 90. 
Le Maistre, Claude, 1610-1683. 
Cadet against Esopus Indians. 
One of the 30 provided with 
pound of powder each for service 
at Harlem. 
Dos Passos, Louis H., 32. 
Suydam, Walter L., 55. 
Lempriere, Clement. Capt. of the 
frigate Centaur, at the siege of 
Havana, 1762. 
Prince, Laurence L., 149. 
LeNoble, Henri, South Carolina. 
Member of Gov.'s Council. 
Macbeth, Malcolm, 148. 
Macbeth, Ravenel, 148. 
Leonard, James, 1621-1691, Taun- 
ton, Mass. Defended his garrison 
house, King Philip's War, 1675. 
Leonard, William A., 154. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 



Leonard, John, 1676, Spring- 
field, Mass. Killed, King Philip's 
Snow, Edgar M., 143. 
Leonard, Maj. Thomas, 1641-1713, 
Taunton, Mass. Ens., 1665. 
Capt, 1690; afterwards Maj. in 
command of Bristol Co., Mass., 
Troops. Deputy, i68o-'90. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Leonardson (Leonard), Samuel, 
1683-1718, Mass. and Conn. 
Kidnapped by Indians, 1695, an( ^ 
escaped with Mrs. Hannah Dus- 
ton, after killing their captors. 
Bennett, Robert R., 108. 
Leverett, Gov. John, 1616-1679. 
A. & H. A. Co., 1639. Sergt., 
1642. Lieut, 1652. Agent of 
Bay Colony to the English Court. 
Maj. -Gen., Mass. Forces, 1663- 
1673. Member of General Court, 
1663, '64, '65. Speaker, '63, '64. 
Gov.'s Asst., 1665— '71, 1673- 
Johnson, Charles W. L., 72. 
Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 
Levis, Samuel, 1649-1734. Member 
Gov.'s Council, 1692, Penn. 
Warner, Edward T., 196. 
Lewis, Capt. James, Stratford, Conn. 
Ens., 1709. Lieut., 1714. Capt., 
2nd Co., 1 714. Deputy. 
Jones, Charles L., 194. 

Lewis, Maj. John, Sr., 1635 • 

Member House of Burgesses, Va. 
Capt. of Horse in New Kent Mili- 
tia, 1680. Justice, 1675. 
McGuire, James C, 39. 
Lewis, John, Jr., 1669-1725. Mem- 
ber of the Virginia Council. 
McGuire, James C, 39. 
Lewis, Maj. John, 1683-1739. Served 
in the Colonial Wars. 
Lewis, John C, 166. 
Lewis, Capt. Leonard. Capt. of Foot 
Co., N. Y., 1700. 
Richards, William S., 44. 
Lewis, Sergt. Samuel, 1648-1732, 
Farming ton, Conn. Sergt., Farm- 
ington Military Co., 1676. 
Sheldon, Frank P., 142. 

Lewis, Sergt. William, 1683, 

Conn. Deputy, 1641, et seq. 
Booth, Charles E.,8l. 

Lewis, Capt. William, 1690, 

Conn. Deputy, 16S0-1690. 
Booth, Charles E., 81. 

LlBBY (LlBBEY), JOHN, l602-l682, 

Scarborough, Me. First Select- 
man, 1669. Bore arms in defence 
of Scarborough, 1675. Defended 
Black Point against Indians, 1676. 
Miller, Ben de M., III. 
Lincoln, Cornet Samuel, 1650-1721, 
Hingham, Mass. In Capt. Isaac 
Johnson's Co., Narragansett Cam- 
paign, King Philip's War. Soldier 
in Foot Co. of Hingham, 1679. 
Green, Robert M., 87. 

Lindsay, Christopher, 1669. 

Soldier and wounded in Pequot 
Lindsay, John D., 37. 

Lindsay, Eleazer, 1669. Served 

in King Philip's War in Capt. Jos. 
Gardiner's Co. 
Lindsay, John D., 37. 

Lindsay, John, 1728 . Soldier in 

Va. Troops in French and Indian 
Rodes, Frank, 149. 
Lines, Ebenezer, 1 718-1798. Served 
in Capt. Peck's Regt., 17 days. In 
1st Co. 2nd Regt. under Maj. Hub- 
bard " in ye late alarm for ye 
defense of Fort William Henry 
and Parts Adjacent," 1757. 
Lines, Theodore T., 37. 
Linnell, Robert, 1663, Barn- 
stable, Mass. In Barnstable Co., 
Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 
Lippett, Christopher, 171 2-1 764, 
Cranston, R. I. Deputy, 1756. 
Felton, Edgar C, 61. 

Lippett, Moses, 1703, Warwick, 

R. I. Deputy, 1681, et seq. 
Burlingame, Edwin A., 199. 
Felton, Edgar C, 61. 

Lippitt, Moses, Jr., 1745, R. I. 

Deputy, 1 71 5, et seq. 
Felton, Edgar C, 61. 
Lispenard, Capt. Anthony, 1683- 
1758, New Rochelle, N. Y. N. Y. 
Colonial Forces. Spanish Expedi- 
tion, 1 740-1 742. 
Mickle-Saltonstall, Andrew H., 54. 
LisrENARD (L'Espenard), Antoine, 
1643-1696. Bearer of military 
despatches from Gov. of N. Y. to 



Gov. of Canada, 1687. Returning 
alone in the dead of winter, he 
warned the English of the French 
Expedition, known as the " Snow- 
shoe Expedition," which resulted 
in its defeat. 

Mickle-Saltonstall, Andrew H., 54. 
Lispenard, Col. Leonard, 17 15-1790. 
Capt, French and Indian War, 
1759. Member N. Y. Colonial 
Assembly, 1 759-1 768. Member 
First Colonial Congress, 1765. 

Mickle-Saltonstall, Andrew H., 54. 
Litchfield, Lawrence, 16 14-165 7, 
Barnstable and Scituate, Mass. A. 
& H. A. Co., 1640, and of Lieut. 
Thomas Dymoke's Co., in active 
service with the Indians, i643-'44. 

Litchfield, Edward H., 38. 
Little, Moses, 165 7-1 691, Newbury, 
Mass. In King Philip's War. 

Elwell, Walter E., 205. 

Gerrisb, William L., 205. 

Little, Thomas, 1671, Plymouth 

and Marshfield, Mass. In Ply- 
mouth Co., 1643. 

Little, Edward P., 148. 
Livermore, Corp. John, 1606- 1684, 
New Haven, Conn. Corp. in the 
New Haven Co., 1647. 

Chapman, Joseph W., 177. 
Livingston, Major Gilbert, 1689- 
1746. Major of Foot, 1737. 

Pillot, Peter S., 41. 

Sanford, Henry G., 46. 
Livingston, Col. Robert, 1654-1728. 
1st Lord of the Manor of Livings- 
ton. Member of Council, Prov. 
of N. Y., 1698-1701. Member of 
Assembly, 1709-17 11. 

Hunt, Ridgley, 36. 

Jones, Oliver L., Jr., 36. 

Pillot, Peter S., 41. 

Sanford, Henry G., 46. 
Lloyd, Edward, 1615-1695. Burgess 
from Lower Norfolk Co., Va., 
1644-1645. Commander of Anne 
Arundel Co., Md., 1650. Com- 
missioner to make treaty with Sus- 
quehannock Indians, 1652. Gen- 
eral Assembly, 1654. Council, 

Merrit, Simon W., 72. 
Lloyd, Dep.-Gov. Thomas, 1640- 
1694. Member and President of 
Council, and Dep.-Gov. of Prov. 

of Penn. during William Penn's 
absence. Chief Magistrate of 
Prov., 1684-1693. First Master 
of Rolls, and Keeper of Great 

Lloyd, Malcolm, Jr., 64. 
Locke, Lieut. John, 1626- 1696, 
Portsmouth and Hampton, N. H. 
In Indian Wars. Killed by the 

Parker, Henry R., 125. 
Lockwood, Lieut. Jonathan, 1639- 
1688, Norwalk, Conn. Colonial 
Forces of Conn. Deputy. 

Reynolds, John J., 55. 

Lockwood, Sergt. Robert, 1658. 

Sergt., Fairfield, Conn., Regt., 
Capt. Nathaniel Seeley. 

Crandall, Arthur L., 146. 
Long, Robert, 1 593-1 664, Charles- 
town, Mass. A. & H. A. Co. 

Dixon, Willis M., 170. 

Walton, Charles S., 171. 
Longfellow, Ens. Willl\m, 1651— 
1690, Newbury, Mass. Ens. in 
Expedition against Canada under 
Sir William Phips, 1690. Drowned 
near Anticosti. 

Longfellow, Alexander W\, 90. 
Loomis, Joseph, 1 590-1658, Windsor, 
Conn. Deputy, i643-'44. 

Booth, Charles E., 83. 
Loomis, Nathaniel, 16S8, Wind- 
sor, Conn. Trooper under Maj. 
John Mason, 1st Conn. Cavalry, 

Douglas, Walter B., 146. 

Loomis, Lieut. Samuel, 1689, 

Westfield, Mass. Ens., 1674. 
Lieut., . 

Booth, Charles E., 83. 

Loomis, John H., 141. 
Lord, Capt. Abraham, 1699-1779, 
Berwick, Me. Capt. York County 
Troop, Col. Sir William Pepperrell's 
Regt., 1757. Capt. of Blue Troop 
of Horse. 

Lord, Calvin, 90. 
Lord, Capt. Richard, 1611-1662. 
Capt. 1st Troop, Colony of Conn., 

Cox, John L., 66. 
Lord, Richard, 1636-1685, Conn. 
Deputy, 1669, et seq. 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Fish, Henry M., 33. 



Lord, Lieut. Richard, 1647-1727. 
Ens., Lyme, Conn., Train Band, 
1703. Lieut., 1708, of New Lon- 
don Co., Queen Anne's War. 
Fish, Charles M., 140. 
Lord, Lieut. Richard, 1669-17 12, 
Conn. Lieut., 1700. Commis- 
sioner, Mohegan Land Claim , 1 705 . 
Cox, John L., 66. 
Loring, Ens. Benjamin, 1672-1723. 
Hull, Mass. Ens. in Hull Military 
Bates, Theodore C, 98. 
Loring, Capt. John, 171 5-1 756, Ply- 
mouth, Mass. Commanded Co. 
in Col. Joseph Thatcher's Regt., 
Crown Point Expedition, 1 755— '56. 
Sleeper, Henry D., 93. 
Sleeper, Stephen W., 93. 
Lovett, Major Daniel, Mendon, 
Mass. Lieut., 1730. Capt., 1735. 
Maj., 1743. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Lovett, Capt. James, Mendon, Mass. 
Sergt., 1689. Ens., 1693. Lieut., 

1710. Capt. . 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

Low, Major Anthony, 1 752, R. I. 

Militia, 1726. Deputy, 1713, etseq. 
Felton, Edgar C, 62. 
Low, John, R. I. Deputy, 1682. 
Felton, Edgar C, 61. 

Low, Lieut.-Col. John, 1731 , 

Warwick, R. I. Deputy, 1773- 
'74-' 75. Lieut.-Col., 1774. 
Felton, Edgar C, 62. 

Low, Col. Stephen, 17SS, R.I. 

Deputy, 1746, '51, '52, '61. Maj., 
1 75 1. Lieut.-Col., 1752. Col., 1757. 
Felton, Edgar C, 62. 
Ludlow, Dep.-Gov. Roger, 1590- 
1665. Gov.'s Asst, Mass. Bay 
Colony, 1630. Dep.-Gov., 1634. 
With Mason in Pequot War. Dep.- 
Gov., Conn., 1639. Com. -in- 
Chief of Conn. Forces in antici- 
pated conflict with Manhattoes and 
Nicoll, Fancher, 40. 
Lyman, Lieut. Benjamin, 1674-1723. 
Lieut, in Northampton, Mass., Co. 
Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 
Lyman, Lieut. John, 1623-1690. In 
command, after death of Capt. 
William Turner, of Northampton 
soldiers, Falls Fight, 1676. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 

Moseley, Edward A., 1 1 5 . 

Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 
Lyman, Lieut. Jonathan, 1684-1753, 
Lebanon, Conn. Ens. of North 
Co. of South Society in Lebanon, 
1726. Lieut, of same, or Train 
Band, in the First Society, 1729. 

Lyman, George H., 90. 
Lyman, Moses, Jr., 1689-1762, Mass. 
Capt. from Northampton in French 
War, and in service after fall of 

Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 
Lyman, Capt. William, 171 5-1 774. 
Lieut. Mass. Militia, 1746. Capt., 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Lynde, Ens. Thomas, 1615-1693, 
Maiden, Mass. Sergt., Maiden 
Co., 1658. Ens., 1675. 
Morse, Willard S., 177. 
Lyon, Thomas, 1 673-1 720. In Robert 
Hunter's Co., Fusileers, 171 1, 
Frontier service. 
Hincken, Cort R., 35. 
Stephens, Thomas C, 48. 
Lyon, William, 1620-1692. A. & H. 
A. Co., 1645. In King Philip's 
War, 1675. 
Rumrill, Frank, 92. 
Whitin, Frederick H., 57. 
Lyttleton (Littleton), Nathaniel, 

1654. Councillor of State to 

Gov. Berkeley, Va., 1652. 
Savage, William L., 68. 

Macey, Capt. George, 1630- 1693, 
Taunton, Plymouth Colony. Lieut, 
of Taunton Military Co., 1665. In 
King Philip's War. Capt., 1690. 
Deputy, i672-'77, '86. 
Hatch, Josiah O., 184. 
Murdock, Joseph B., 91. 

Macklothlan, Robert, 1690. 

Served against French and In- 
dians, 1688. 
Claflin, William B., 31. 

Macy, Thomas, 1608-1682, Salisbury 
and Nantucket, Mass. Commis- 
sioner and Representative from 
Salisbury to General Court. Chief 



Magistrate Nantucket, 1675. First 
Recorder of Deeds Nantucket. 

Barnard, Job, 1 14. 
Magruder, Samuel, 1654-1711, Md. 
High Justice and Capt. of Militia, 
Pr. George's Co., 1696. Member 
House of Burgesses, i704-'07. 
Commissioner, 1697. 

Magruder, Caleb C, Jr., no. 
Manning, John. Soldier in Sir Will- 
iam Phips's Expedition to Canada, 

Fish, Charles M., 141. 

Fish, Henry M., 33. 
Manning, Ens. Samuel, 1644-1710. 
Representative, 1695. Ens. in the 
Militia, Colony of Mass. 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 

Fish, Henry M., 33. 
Manning, Samuel, Mass. In Capt. 
John Stevens's Co., Tovvnsend, 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 
Fish, Henry M., 33. 
Mansfield, Joseph, 1694 . In 

Capt. Appleton's Co. In King 

Philip's War at storming of Nar- 

ragansett Fort. 
Lindsay, John D., 37. 
Mansfield, Maj. Moses, 1639-1703, 

New Haven, Conn. Lieut., 1675. 

Capt., 1676. Maj. commanding, 

1694. In Indian Wars. Deputy. 

Asst., 1 69 1. 
Brereton, Tallmadge H., 29. 
Lines, Ernest V. R., 37. 
Lines, Harvey K., 37. 
Lines, Theodore T., 37. 
March, Clement, New Hampshire. 

Col. of Horse Guards under Gov. 

Wentworth. Representative from 

Greenland in Genl. Court. 
Clark, Rufus W., 190. 
Marsh, John, 1643-1727, Hartford, 

Conn. Under Maj. Savage, King 

Philip's War. Deputy, 1693. 
Cowles, William N., 172. 
Marsh, William, Conn. Soldier in 

Great Swamp Fight. Deputy, 

1 774- 

Douglas, Walter B., 147. 

Marshall, Eliakim, 1669 ,Conn. 

Soldier in King Philip's War under 
his father, Samuel Marshall. 

Chapman, Edwin L., 108. 

Marshall, Capt. Samuel, 1675, 

Windsor, Conn. Killed in attack 
on Ft. Narragansett, King Philip's 
War. Ens., 1675. Capt., 1675. 

Cavnak, Louis, 183. 

Chapman, Edwin L., 108. 

Loomis, John H., 141. 
Marshall, Lieut. Thomas, 1730- 
1802. In French and Indian War, 
Va. Militia. House of Burgesses, 

Marshall, David P. B., 38. 

Marshall, James M., 167. 
Marshfield, Samuel, 1626-1692, 
Springfield, Mass. Deputy, 1680- 
'83-'8 4 . 

Cox, John L., 67. 
Martian, Nicholas, 1 591- 1657. Mem- 
ber of the Va. House of Burgesses, 

Fetter, George G., 166. 
Martin, Capt Abram, 1716-17S0. In 
command with Col. Washington 
and Gen. Braddock on their way 
to Duquesne. 

Howard-Martin, Edmund, 36. 

Martyn, Richard, 1694. Gov. 

Cutt's Council, 1680. In New 
Hampshire Legislature, and 
Speaker, 1692. 

Dyer, Leonard H., 1x4. 

Shepley, George L., 200. 
Marvin, Matthew, 1600-1687. ^ n 
one of Winthrop's outposts on the 
Conn., i636-'37. Deputy, 1653. 

Case, John E., 139. 
Marvin, Lieut. Reinold (Rein- 
hold), 1 633-1 676, Lyme, Conn. 
Sergt., Saybrook Train Band, 1661. 
Subsequently Lieut. Deputy from 
Lyme, i670-'75. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 

Pratt, Dallas B., 54. 

Webster, Edward K., 126. 
Mascarene, Maj.-Gen. Jean Paul, 
1684-1760, Boston, Mass. Senior 
Capt., 40th Regt. of Foot, 171 7, 
and Lieut.-Col. 1742. Defended 
Annapolis Royal, and Lieut.-Gov. 
Nova Scotia, 1744. Maj.-Gen. 
British Army, 1758. 

Hubbard, Paul M., 89. 

Mason, Col. George, Sr. County Lieut. 

Stafford Co., Va., 1675. Represented 

his Co. in Bacon's Assembly, 1676. 

Espoused the popular side in the 



House of Burgesses. Indian Wars, 
I 675-1 684. 

Carleton, Henry G., 123. 

Robinson, Charles B., 167. 
Mason, George, 1725-1792, Doeg's 
Neck, Va. Member House of Bur- 
gesses, 1759. Member last Colonial 
Assembly before Revolution; Au- 
thor of Bill of Rights, 1776. 

Wallace, Elliott L., 113. 
Mason, Capt. Hugh, 1 605-1 678,Water- 
tovvn, Mass. Lieut, of Train Band, 
1645. Capt., i652-'78. Deputy, 
1635, ei seq. Council of War, 1676. 
Commander of Volunteers against 
" the Monhatoes," 1664. Com- 
manded company in Sudbury 
Fight, King Philip's War. 

Farwell, John W., 86. 

Stevens, William S. B., 94. 
Mason, Maj. John, 1600-1672. Lieut, 
under Sir Thomas Fairfax in the 
Netherlands. Commanded in Pe- 
quot War, 1637. Asst., 1641-59. 
Dep.-Gov., i659-'69. Commis- 
sioner for United Colonies, 1647- 
'61. Dep.-Gov. under Charter from 
Charles II., 1662. Maj. and Com- 
mander-in-Chief of Conn. Militia. 
Organized first Troop of Horse in 
the Colony, i657~'58. 

Buel, Clarence, 30. 

Mason, Amos L., 90. 

Norris, Henry McC, 155. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 

Pratt, Dallas B., 54. 
Masterson, Edward, 1 705-1 760. 
Soldier of Va. Troops in French 
and Indian Wars. 

Rodes, Frank, 149. 
Maverick, Samuel. Commissioner 
from the King regarding govern- 
ment in New England. Commis- 
sioner to hear appeals from Courts; 
also Commissioner to settle bound- 
ary of Mass. Colony. 

Hawks, James D., 188. 
Mayhew, Gov. Thomas, 1592-1681. 
Deputy from Watertown, Mass., 
ID 36-'37- Gov., i647-'8i, and 
Commander of Martha's Vineyard, 
Prov of N. Y., under commissions 
from Govs. Lovelace and Nichols. 

Burroughs, William B., 183. 

Tupper, James B. T.. 112. 

Woodruff, Edward L., 50. 

McDowell, Andrew, 1778, of 

Scotland and Pennsylvania. Col. 
of one of the Associator Regts. of 
Chester Co., Penn., 1 747-'48. 
Huidekoper, Frederic W., 115. 

McDowell, Capt. Samuel, Sr., 1735— 
1817. Private, Capt. Samuel Lewis's 
Co., Augusta Co., Va. Braddock's 
defeat. In Dunmore's War in Col. 
Charles Lewis's Regt., at Point 
Pleasant in command of his Co. 
Capt. Co. of Scouts against Shaw- 
nees. House of Burgesses, 1765- 


McDowell, Hervey, 167. 

Smith, Irvin McD., 155. 
McPherson, Capt. Robert, 1730- 
1789. Capt. in 1st Regt. of Penn., 
1758. Member Prov. Assembly. 

Russell, Alexander W. , Jr., 64. 
Mead, Samuel, 1 706-1804, Harvard, 
Mass. In Col. Whitcomb's Bat- 
talion, 1755. In Capt. Israel 
Taylor's Co., Col. Wilder's Regt., 
for relief of Fort William Henry, 
1 757. Corp. in Capt. Whitney's 
Co., Col. Bagley's Regt., 1758. 

Patch, Andrew W., 91. 
Mead, Zebulon. Lieut., in Capt. Peter 
Vanderburgh's Co., Dutchess Co., 
N.Y., 1755. 

Mead, Lewis H., 162. 
Meriwether, Francis, Va. Clerk of 
Essex Co., 1692. Member House 
of Burgesses from Essex Co., 
1706, '12. 

Stewart, Joseph A., 167. 
Merrick (Meyrick, or Mirick),Capt. 
James, 1 698-1 790, Springfield 
and Monson, Mass. Ens., 1747. 
Capt., 1754— '56. In expedition for 
relief of Fort William Henry. 

Merrick, Cyrus H., 180. 

Merrick, Henry S., 180 
Merrick, Lieut. William, 1602-1689, 
Eastham, Plymouth Col. Lieut., 
Council of War, 1658. 

Snow, Edgar M., 143. 
Merrill, Daniel, 1642-1717, New- 
bury and Salisbury, Mass. In 
Newbury Co., under Capt. Thomas 
Noyes, 1688. In Lieut.-Col. 
Thomas Noyes's Co. of " Snowshoe 
Men," 1706. 

Merrill, Thomas D., 163. 



Merriman, Lieut. Caleb, i 707-1 770, 
Wallingford, Conn. Ens., Train 
Band, 1749. Lieut., 1st Co. of 
Wallingford, 1756. Justice, 1758— 

Hall, Henry 0., no. 
Merriman, Capt. Nathaniel, 1613- 
1693, Conn. Sergt. of Militia, 
New Haven, 1665. Lieut, at Wall- 
ingford, 1672. Capt. of Troop, 
New Haven Co., 1675. ^ n Pequot 
and King Philip's Wars. Deputy 
from Wallingford, 1674, et seq. 

Hall, Henry O., 109. 

Tuttle, Joseph, F., Jr., 177. 
Merwin, Lieut. Miles, 1 721-1786. 
Lieut., 10th Conn. Troop, 1764. 

Brereton, Tallmadge H., 29. 
Miles, Richard, 1663, New Ha- 
ven, Conn. Deputy, 1648-49. 
Clerk of Artillery, 1648. Judge, 

Hatch, Josiah O., 185. 
Miller, Lieut. John George, 1715- 
1762. Lieut.- Col., James Burd's 
Regt., Prov. Forces, 1760. 

Lobingier, Andrew S., 170. 

Miller, William, 1690, Ipswich, 

Mass. Served against Indians. 

Webb, William S, 134. 
Miner, Dr. Joseph, 1 636-1 71 2, New 
London and Stonington, Conn. 
Deputy, 1 696-1 706. In King 
Philip's War. 

Reed, Latham G., 55. 
Miner (Minor), Thomas, 1 608-1690, 
Pequot, Conn. Sergt., 1649. Dep- 
uty, i650-'5i, et seq. Capt., King 
Philip's War. Chief Military Offi- 
cer at Mystic, 1665. 

Byrns, Robert A., 30. 

Miner, Karl R., 39. 

Suydam, Walter L., 56. 
Miner (Minor), Ephraim, Stoning- 
ton, Conn. In Narragansett War. 
Deputy, 1676. 

Suydam, Walter L., 56. 
Minot(t), Capt. James, 1653-1735, 
Concord, Mass. Deputy, I70o-'oi. 
Capt., 1684. 

Depew, Chauncey M., 53 
Minot(t), Col. James, 1694-1759, 
Concord, Mass. Col., French and 
Indian War, 1 756. 

Depew, Chauncey M., 53. 

Miserole, Capt. Jan, 1 685-1 756, 
Brooklyn. In Capt. Daniel Aer- 
sius' Kings Co. Militia, 1715. 
Capt., 1728. 
Richards, William S., 44. 
Mitchell, Experience, 1609-1689, 
Duxbury, Mass. In Militia, 1643. 
Vail, Henry H., 56. 
Mitchell, Matthew, 1590-1645. 
Deputy, 1637, when was voted that 
" There shalbe an offensive warr 
against the Pequoitt." Asst., 1638. 
In Pequot War. Indian Fight, 
Conn. River, 1636. 
Hatch, Josiah O., 184. 
Hurd, Ethan O., 156. 
Stebbins, Albert K., 193. 
Monroe, William, 1669-1759, Lexing- 
ton, Mass. Ens. of Militia. 
Hopkins, Alfred F., no. 
Hopkins, Neville M., no. 
Monsall (or Mousall), John, 1596- 
1665, Mass. Deputy, 1635. A. 
& H. A. Co., 1 641. 
Goshorn, Alban O., 166. 
Montague, Peter, 1603-1659. Mem- 
ber House of Burgesses, Va., from 
Nausemond, i652-'53; from Lan- 
caster Co., 165 1 -'58. 
Anderson, John F., 108. 
Montfort, Lieut. Peter, 1 652-1 726, 
Flatlands, L. I. Lieut, of Foot 
Co., Kings Co., Militia at Amers- 
fort, 1700. 
Richards, William S., 45. 
Moody, Dr. Caleb, 1637-1698, New- 
bury, Mass. Deputy, 1677-78. 
Sergt. Newbury Co. 
Fall, Charles G., 85. 
Moore, Archelaus, 1 722-1 786. 
Served 148 days in Indian War, 
from July 4 to Dec. 4, 1746. 
Moore, Howard P., 40. 
Moore, Sergt. Isaac, i 622-1 705, 
Farmington, Conn. Sergt., Train 
Band, 1649. Deputy, i657~'58. 
Booth, Charles E., 83. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Moore, Hon. James, 1 640-1 706, 
Charleston, S. C. Deputy, 1683. 
Member of Council. Receiver 
General. Gov., 1 700-1 702. 
Postell, John C, 186. 

Moore, Gen. James, 1723, South 

Carolina. Col. Tuscarora War, 



1 7 1 2. Lieut.-Gen., Yamassee War, 
1715. Gov., 1719. 
Postell, John C, 186. 
Moore, Hon. John, 1 658-1 732. Mem- 
ber Gov.'s Council, South Carolina, 
Haughton, Richard, 63. 

Moore, John, 1677. Deputy to 

the General Court of Conn., 1653, 
et seq. 
Douglas, Walter B., 146. 
Moore, Col. John, 1686-1749. Capt. 
of Militia, N. Y. City, 1738. Col., 
1738. Member Gov.'s Council, 


Haughton, John P., 63. 

Haughton, Richard, 63. 
Moore, Joseph, 1 647-1 725. Served 
in Mt. Hope campaign. Under 
Capt. Prentice as Trooper from 
Middlesex Co. 

Simmons, Joseph F., 47. 

Moore, Capt. Samuel, 1662-1717. 

Capt. Militia, Newton, L. I., 1689. 

Under Maj. Thomas Lawrence, 

after the burning of Schenectady. 

Frye, Jed, 34. 
Morgan, Capt. Jacob, 17 16-1792. 
Capt., 1759— '65. French and In- 
dian Wars, Prov. Forces of Penn. 

Wetherill, Richard B., 213. 
Morgan, Capt. Miles, 1616-1699. 
Built a block house which he de- 
fended against the Indians, sack- 
ing of Springfield, Mass., 1675. 

Collins, Holdridge O., 172. 

Goodwin, Walter L., 104. 
Morrill, Isaac, 1 588-1661, Roxbury, 
Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 1638 

Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Morris, Anthony, 2nd, 1654-1721. 
Prov. Council of Penn., i695-'97. 
Justice Supreme Court, 1694. 

Morris, Roland S., 64. 
Morris, Joshua, 1713-1802. Member 
of Penn. Assembly, 1 751— '55- 

Levick, Lewis J., 64. 
Morris, Hon. Lewis, 1671-1746. 
Chief Justice of New York, 1720- 
'38. 1st Gov. Prov. of N.J. , 1738- 

Burrill, Drayton, 30. 

Jones, Arthur S. H., 36. 

Van Buren, Laurens II., 48. 

Watson, Samuel N., 156. 

Wyeth, George E., 51. 

Morris, Morris, 1 677-1 764. Mem- 
ber of Penn. Assembly, 1718, et seq. 
Levick, Lewis J., 63. 
Morse, Capt. Samuel, 1639-1718, 
Medfield, Mass. Representative 
in Genl. Court, 1707. 
Butler, Edward A., 208. 
Morton, Lieut. Ephraim, 1623-1693, 
Plymouth. Lieut, of Plymouth 
Military Co., 1656-64. Deputy to 
General Court of Plymouth Co., 
i66o-'76, '78, '86. Representative 
to Mass. General Court, 1692. 
Council of War, i68i-'88. 
Palmer, William L., 91. 
Morton, John, 1 724-1 777. Member 
of Penn. Assembly, 1 756, et seq. 
Mcllvaine, Edward M., 64. 
Mosely, Robert, Virginia. Officer in 
Colonial Militia, 1767. 
Butt, Archibald W., 108. 

Moses, John, 1683, Windsor, 

Conn. In Maj. John Mason's 
Troop, in Indian Wars against 
King Philip and the Narragansetts. 
Case, John E., 139. 
Moss, John, 1604- 1707, New Haven 
and Wallingford, Conn. Trooper 
under Maj. John Mason. Repre- 
sentative, i667-'73. 
Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Mottrom, Col. John. Member Va. 
House of Burgesses from North- 
umberland Co., 1645, '52, '56. 
Stewart, Joseph A., 167. 
Moulton, Jacob, 1688- 175 i, Hamp- 
ton, N. H. Under Capt. John 
Gilman, 1710. 
Peirce, Jonathan F., 192. 
Moulton, John, 1 599-1650, Hamp- 
ton, N. H. Deputy, Mass., 1639. 
Parker, Henry R., 125. 
Moulton, Ens. John, 1638- 1705, 
Hampton, N. H. In King Philip's 
War. Ens., 1690. 
Parker, Henry R., 125. 
Peirce, Jonathan F., 192. 
Moulton, Gen. Jonathan, 1 726-1 797, 
Hampton, N. H. Under Capt. 
John Ladd, 1757. Lieut.-Col. 3rd 
Regt. of Militia, 1760. Brig.-Gen., 
N. H. Militia, 1785. 
Peirce, Jonathan F., 192. 
Porter, Horace, 120. 
Mudge, John. Soldier under Capt. 
Samuel Moseley in Narragansett 



War, 1675; also under Capt. Joseph 
Sill in King Philip's War, 1676. 

Baker, Alfred L., 137. 

Mudge, Solomon H., 148. 
Munson, Capt. Thomas, 1612-1685. 
In the Pequot War under Mason 
as Sergt, 1642. Ens., i66i-'64. 
Lieut., i664-'76. Under Capt. 
Treat in King Philip's War. Capt., 
1676, New Haven Co. Militia. 

Brokaw, George T., 29. 

Johnson, William S., 36. 
Murdock, Capt. Samuel, 1698-1769, 
Windham, Conn. Cornet of Wind- 
ham Co. Troop, 1739. Capt. of 
Troop of Horse in Fifth Regt., 
1 741. Deputy, 1756, et. seq. 

Murdock, Joseph B., 91. 
Muse, Adjt. George. Maj. in English 
Army. Adjt. in Spanish Wars. 
Instructor of George Washington 
in the art of evolution of troops. 

Clark, Rufus W., 190. 
Mygatt, Capt. Eli, 1 742-1807, Conn. 
Capt. of 1st Co. Train Band, 16th 
Regt. Conn. Colony Troops, 1774. 

Adams, Asael E., 154. 

Adams, Whittlesey, 154. 
Myrick, Capt. Isaac, 1 665-1 731, New- 
burg. Capt. in Col. Church's Port 
Royal Expedition, 1704. 

Kellen, William V., 89. 

Nash, Lieut. Samuel, 1602 , 

Duxbury, Mass. Private, Lieut. 
Holmes's Co. against Pequot In- 
dians, 1637. Sergt., Duxbury Co., 
1643; Lieut., 1645. Sheriff of 
Plymouth Col., 1652. Chief Mar- 
shal of General Court, 1652. 
Deputy, 1653. Member of Coun- 
cil of War, 1658. 
Nickerson, Thomas W., 99. 

Nash, Lieut. Timothy, 1626-1699, 
Hadley, Mass., and New Haven, 
Conn. Lieut., Hadley Military 
Co., 1678. Deputy, Mass., 1690, 

'92, '95- 
Converse, Charles A., 66, 131. 
Nason, Ens. Richard, 1 606-1 697, 
Kittery, Me. Elected and con- 
firmed July 4, 1653. 
Lord, Calvin, 90. 
Neale, Lieut. Anthony, 1659-1723. 
Lieut, in Capt. Brandt's Militia Co., 
Charles Co., Md., 1686. 

Knott, Aloysius L., 72. 
Neale, Capt. James, 1615-1684. Prov. 
Council, 1643, et seq. Member 
House of Burgesses, 1666. Com- 
missioner of the Treasury, 1643. 
Capt., 1 66 1, to raise troops against 
the Dutch. 

Fleet, Alexander F., 212. 

Fleet, Henry W. , 147. 

Fleet, John S., 147. 

Knott, Aloysius L., 72. 
Neale, Capt. John. Member Council 
of Md., i643~'44, '6o-'6i. Burgess 
from Charles Co., 1666. Com- 
missioned to make war upon the 
Dutch, 1660. 

Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Nelson, Thomas, 1677-1741, York- 
town, Va. Founder of Yorktown, 


Offley, Cleland N., 1 1 1 . 

Newberry, Capt. Benjamin, 1634- 
1689, Windsor, Conn. Dep. Gov.- 
Asst., 1685. Member Council of 
War. Capt. in King Philip's War. 
Ewing, Alonzo P., 188. 
Loomis, John H., 141. 
Newberry, Thomas, 1636. Dep- 
uty, Mass. Bay Colony, i634-'35- 
Douglas, Walter B., 146. 
Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Newcomb (e), Lieut. Andrew, 1640- 
1708, Edgartown, Mass. Lieut., 
1 69 1 ; in command of the fortifi- 
cation there. 
Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 
Newcomb, Harry T., ill. 
Newlin, Nathaniel, 1 660-1 729, 
Chester Co., Pa. Member of As- 
sembly, 1698, et seq. 
Sharp, George M., 73. 
Newlin, Nicholas, 1699. Pro- 
vincial Council of Penn., 1685. 
Sharp, George M., 73. 

Newton, Capt. James, 1735. 

Capt. of 1st Co., Colchester, Conn., 
1716. Deputy, 17x3— '16. 
Newton, Charles H., 156. 
Newton, Capt. Samuel, 1646-1708. 
Ens., King Philip's War. Capt, 
Baldwin, Elbert F., 118. 
Newton, Thomas. Deputy, Conn., 
Newton, Charles H., 156. 



Nicholas, Dr. George. Member of 
Virginia Assembly, 1727-' '34. 
Tyler, George T., 65. 
Nicholas, Robert Carter, 1728- 
1780. Member Virginia House of 
Burgesses, 1 756— '6i, 1 765— '76. 
Sanders, Dallas, 64. 
Nichols, Col. Ebenezer, 1 703-1 770, 
Reading, Mass. Sentinel under 
Col. Tyng, 1722. In Capt. Blan ch- 
ard's Co. of Volunteers, 1725. 
Col., 1757— '59, French and Indian 
War. Deputy, nine terms from 
1752 to 1767. 
Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 184. 
Nicholson, Capt. James, 1 737-1804. 
Commanded a vessel from Md. at 
capture of Havana, 1762. 
Gallatin, Albert E., 34. 

Nickerson, William, 1604 , 

Chatham, Mass. Deputy, 1665. 
First proprietor and founder of the 
town of Chatham (Monomoy). 
Nickerson, Thomas W., 99. 
Nickerson, William, 1658-1721, 
Yarmouth, Mass. Soldier of Yar- 
mouth, Fourth Expedition, 1675— 
'76, in Co. of Capt. Michael Pierce, 
of Scituate. 
Kendall, Henry M., no. 
Nickerson, Philip T., 99. 
Nickerson, Stephen W., 99. 
Nickerson, Thomas W., 99. 
Nicoll, Lieut. John, 1737-1783. 2nd 
Lieut, in Foot Co. under Capt. 
Wm. Ellison, 2nd Regt. Ulster Co., 
N. Y. 
Nicoll, Henry D., 40. 

Noble, Col. Arthur, j 747j 

Georgetown, Me. Lieut. -Col. 2nd 
Mass. Regt., Siege of Louisburg, 
1745. Upon return made Col. by 
Gov. Shirley. Killed at the battle 
of Minas, Nova Scotia. 
Rice, Arthur N., 92. 
Noble, Capt. Daniel, 1721-1757. 
Capt. North Militia Co., New Fair- 
field, 1753. Capt. in Col. Ebenezer 
Marsh's 13th Conn. Regt., relief 
of Fort William Henry, 1757. 
Nicoll, Fancher, 40. 
Noble, Ens. David, 1695-1760. En- 
sign North Military Co., New Mil- 
ford, Conn., i743-'48. 
Nicoll, Fancher, 40. 
Noble, Capt. Stephen, 1686-1755. 

Capt. of Militia at New Milford, 
Conn. Twenty years' service 
against the Indians. 
Averill, Charles S., 28. 

Noble, Thomas, 1632- 1704, Westfield, 
Mass. Deputy, 1692. 
Booth, Charles E., 83. 

Northey, John, 1731, Scituate, 

Mass. Soldier in King Philip's 
War under Maj. James Cudworth, 

Chapman, Joseph W., 177. 

Norton, Capt. Francis, 1667, 

Charlestown, Mass. Captain, 
Charlestown Train Band, 1646. 
Solis, Andrew J., 93. 
Norton, John, 1657-1725. One of 
the Brookfield Garrison, 1675. 
Representative, i68o-'8i-'82. 
Winslow, Chauncey R. , 157. 

Norton, John, 1 709, Farmington, 

Conn. Deputy, i68o-'82. 
Booth, Charles E., 83. 
Nott, Sergt. John. Commanded men 
from Wethersfield, Conn., Pequot 
Webb, William S., 134. 
Noyes, Rev. James, 1640-17 19. Chap- 
lain in Capt. George Denison's 
Expedition that captured Canon- 
chet, Chief Sachem of Narragan- 
sett Indians, 1676. 
Palmer, Lucius N., 41. 
Noyes, Timothy. Soldier in King 
Philip's War. 
Noyes, David A., 141. 
Wills, Henry LeB., 177. 
Nutter, Anthony, 1 630-1 685. Dep- 
uty, Mass. King's Councillor, 1682. 
Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 

Odiorne, Jotham, 1675-1748, New 
Hampshire. Representative, N . H ., 
1 71 5, et seq. Councillor, N. H., 
Godwin, Joseph B., 67. 

Offley, David, Boston. A. & H. A. 
Co., 1638. 
Offley, Cleland N., in. 

Ogden, John, 1610-1681, Elizabeth 
Towne. Magistrate, 1656. Upper 
House, General Court, Conn., 
i66o-'6i, King's Council, N. J., 
1665. Schout and Acting Gov. of 
English Col. in East Jersey, 1673, 
Dutch Occupation. 



Camak, Louis, 183. 

Simpson, Frank B., 47. 

Smith, Charles S., 55. 

Woodruff, Henry G., 51. 
Ogden, Col. Josiah, 1679-1763, New- 
ark, N. J., Representative, N. J. 
i7i6-'38. Maj., Col. Johnson's 
Regt., 1718. Col. to raise troops 
for Spanish War, 1740. 

Chandler, Walter, 121. 
Oliver, Capt. Peter, 1618-1670, Bos- 
ton. Cornet in Suffolk Co. Troop 
of Horse, 1652. Lieut, in Nar- 
ragansett Expedition under Maj. 
Willard, 1654. Capt., A. & H. A. 
Co., 1669. 

Webber, William O., 96. 
Opdyke, Gysbert. Commander at Fort 
Good Hope, succeeding Sergt. 
David Provoost. 

Osborn, William U., 40. 
Ormsbe (Ormsbee, or Ormsbey), 
John. Member of Gallup's Co., 
in Phips's Expedition to Canada, 

Armsby, James K., 137. 
Ormsby, Ens. John, 1720-1805, Pa. 
Ens. under Gen. Forbes, Expedi- 
tion against Fort Duquesne, 1758. 
Commissary and Paymaster at Fort 
Pitts, 1759-60. 

Phillips, Duncan C, III. 
Orrick, Capt. Nicholas, 1 725-1 768. 
Commanded Co. of Militia in Balti- 
more Co., Md., 1756. 

Orrick, Henry A., 73. 
Orton, Thomas, 1613-1688, Farming- 
ton, Conn. Deputy, 1684. 

Hurd, Ethan O., 156. 

Orton, Forrest H., 163. 
Osborn, Capt. John, 1728-1814, 
Litchfield, Conn. Capt., Train 
Band, 1769. 

Hurd, Ethan O., 156. 
Osborn, Capt. Richard, 1 606-1 6S2. 
Under Lieut. Ludlow, Pequot War. 

Hubbell, Henry W., 53. 
Osgood, Capt. John, Jr., 1630-1693. 
Sergt., Andover, Mass., Militia, 
i658-'6i. Lieut., 1666. Capt., 
1683, King Philip's War. Repre- 
sentative, 1668. 

Frye, Jed, 34. 
Otis, John, 1621-1684. In King 
Philip's War, in Capts. Hench- 
man's and Moseley's Cos., 1675. 

Coleman, Leighton P., 31. 

Howard, Harry S., 130. 

Otis, Charles T., 141. 

Otis, Ralph C, 141. 
Otis, Joseph, 1665-1754, Scituate, 
Mass. Judge, Court Common 
Pleas, Plymouth Co., i703-'i4- 
Rep. to General Court, i7oo-'i3. 

Moseley, Edward A., 115. 

Pabodie (or Peabody, or Peabodie), 
William, 1620-1707, Duxbury, 
Mass. Little Compton, R. I. In 
Capt. Myles Standish's Co., 1643. 
Deputy, 1654, et seq. 
Fish, Charles M., 140. 
Fish, Henry M., 33. 
Tompkins, Hamilton B., 201. 
Woodward, Samuel W., 113. 
Paddock, Robert, 1650. Mili- 
tary Co., Plymouth, 1643. 
Coleman, Leighton P., 31. 
Porter, Valentine M., 149. 
Page, Sergt. John, i62i-i7ii,Groton, 
Mass. Deputy, 1700. Garrison 
duty, 1691. 
Page, Walter G., 206. 
Page, Lieut. Joseph, 17 14-1799. Corp. 
in Capt. William Lawrence's Co., 
King George's War, 1746. Sergt. 
in Capt. James Prescott's Co., 1758. 
Page, Walter G., 206. 
Page, Robert, 1604-1679. Represent- 
ative Mass., i657-'6S. 
Parker, Henry R., 125. 
Weeks, Stephen H., 207. 
Palmer, Gershom, I7 I 9- Vol- 
unteer in Narragansett War, 1701. 
Palmer, Lucius N., 41. 
Palmer, Nehemiah, 1637-1718, Ston- 
ington, Conn. Deputy, 1668, et seq. 
Palmer, Lucius N., 41. 
Park, Ens. Joseph, Penn. and Georgia. 
Ens., Associate Regts., Chester Co., 
Pa., 1747-48. 
Park, Robert E., 185. 
Parke, Robert, 1573-1662, New 
London, Conn. Colonial Assembly, 
1642 and 1652. Selectman. 1651. 
Inches, George B., 89. 
Parke, Thomas, 1648- 1697, Wethers- 
field, Stonington, New London and 
Preston, Conn. In King Philip's 
Macpherson, Robert B., 38. 



Parke, William, 1595-1685. A. & 
H. A. Co., 1638. Represented 
Roxbury, Mass., in the General 
Court, 1 635-1 667. Surveyor-Gen- 
eral of Arms and Ammunition for 
the Colony, 1660. 
Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 
Potts, Charles E., 42. 

Parker, Abraham, 1652 , Mass. 

Soldier in King Philip's War; in 
garrison at Dunstable, 1676. 
Chapman, Joseph W., 177. 
Parker, Capt. Elisha, 1660-1717. 
Capt. of Provincial Forces, N. J., 
1707. Member of Gov.'s Council, 
Parker, Charles W., 120. 
Parker, Capt. James, 161 7-1 701. 
Lieut, 1673. Capt., 1678. Com- 
manded garrison at Groton, Mass. 
Parker, George T., 149. 
Walton, Charles S., 171. 
Parker, Capt. James. Capt. in Can- 
ada Expedition, 1746. Member 
King's Council of N. J., 1764— '75. 
Parker, Charles W., 120. 
Parker, Sergt. John, 1640-1698, 
Reading, Mass. In King Philip's 
War in Capt. Poole's Co., 1675; 
under Capt. Henchman, 1675— '6. 
Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 184. 
Parker, Col. John, 1 693-1 732. Mem- 
ber Gov.'s Council, Province of 
N. J., 1718-1732. Col., Provincial 
Forces, 1721. 
Parker, Charles W., 120. 
Parker, William, 1 703-1 781. Ports- 
mouth, N. H. Representative in 
Provincial Assembly, 1765- 1774. 
Parker, Henry R., 126. 

Parry, John, 1740. Member of 

Penn. Assembly, 1724, et seq. 
Cox, John L., 67. 
Partridge, Col. Oliver, 1712-1792. 
Representative. Delegate to Con- 
gress at Albany, N. Y., 1754, to 
confer with Six Nations. Also 
delegate to first Colonial Congress, 
1765. One of a committee, 1746- 
1747, for rebuilding Fort Massa- 
chusetts. Col., Mass. Bay Forces, 
capture of Fort Ticonderoga, 1758. 
Ward, Frederick W., 133. 
Ward, Henry L., 133. 
Patten (Patton), Thomas, 1636- 
1690, Billerica, Mass. In War 

against the Weymesit Indians, his 
house used as garrison, 1675. 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Patten, William, 1668. Mem- 
ber Cambridge Militia, i636-'42, 
Pequot War. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Patterson, James, 1633-1701. House 
used for garrison. King Philip's 

Hill, John P., 71. 
Paull, George, i 733-1 779, Westmore- 
land Co., Pa. In command of Fort 

Sargent, George P. T., 213. 

Pawling, Col. Henry, 1692. 

Schout at Esopus. Capt. and Col. 
of Militia, i674-'88. 

Russell, Averley C. H., 112. 
Peabody, Lieut. Francis, 1 614-1697, 
Topsfield, Mass. Lieut., 1668. 

Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 

Brush, Murray P., 71. 

Hicks, Lewis W., 88. 

Lunt, William W., 99. 
Peabody, Capt. John, 1642-1720, 
Boxford, Mass. Deputy, 1689, et 
seq. Ens., 1683. Lieut, 1691. 
Capt, 1699. 

Lunt, William W., 99. 

Pearson, John, 1693, Rowley, 

Mass. Representative, i6j8, et seq. 

Perkins, William H., 100. 
Pearson, Lieut. John, 1650-1728, 
Lynnfield, Mass. Deputy, 1702- 

Pearson, Arthur E., 91. 

Pearson, William H., 91. 
Pearson, John, 1 706-1 775. Built, in 
1756, the first fort on the Ten- 
nessee River. 

Macbeth, Malcolm, 148. 

Macbeth, Ravenel, 148. 
Peck, Jathniel, 1660-1742, Rehoboth, 
Mass. Served in the Indian Wars. 
Representative, i72i-'3, i726-'3i. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Peck, Joseph, 1 587-1664, Rehoboth, 
Mass. Commissioner for Hing- 
ham, 1639. Deputy, i639-'42. In 
Rehoboth Co., 1643, raised for the 
Indian Wars. 

Brown, John B., 52. 

Peck, Raymond E., 180. 

Richards, William S., 44. 



Peck, Deacon Paul, 1608- 1695. Mem- 
ber Militia, Plymouth Colony, 


Enos, Alanson T., 33. 

Peck, William, 1601-1694, New 
Haven, Conn. One of the founders 
of the Colony, 1638. Deputy, 
1 640-'48. 
Tupper, James B. T., 112. 

Peet, Lieut. Thomas, 1 698-1 760, 
Stratford, Conn. Lieut, of Militia, 

Hubbell, Henry W., 54. 

Pell, Major John, 1 643-1 702. Styled 
Sir John Pell in New Rochelle 
Records. Second Lord of Manor 
of Pelham, 1669. First Member 
Assembly, i69i-'95, for West- 
chester Co., Prov. of N. Y. Com- 
mittee for Defence of Frontier and 
Chairman of the Grand Committee. 
Capt. of Horse, 1684. Maj., 1692, 
French and Indian War. 

Lindsay, John D., 37. 

Pell, Harrison A., 51. 

Pell, Stephen H. P., 41. 

Pell, Theodore R., 41. 

Pell-Haggerty, Howland, 41. 

Pemberton, Benjamin, 1708, 

Mass. A. & H. A. Co. 

Hatch, Josiah O., 185. 
Pendleton, Maj. Brian, i 599-1 681, 
Portsmouth, N. H. Capt. of Ports- 
mouth Mil. Co., 1664. Maj., Saco, 
1668. Deputy to Mass. General 
Court from Watertown, 1635, et 
seq.; from Sudbury, i638-'39; 
from Portsmouth, i652-'54- Dep- 
uty Gov. for Province of Maine. 

Pendleton, Edward W., 189. 

Turner, Everett P., 95. 
Penhallow, Samuel, 1665-1726. 
Dep., 1698. Speaker, 1699. 
Treas., 1 699-1 726. Asst., 1702. 
Sec, 1704. Chief Justice. 171 7— 
'26. Commissary Gen., 171 2, New 

Reed, John L., 75. 
Perham, Sergt. John, 1667-1743, 
Groton, Mass. In garrison at Gro- 
ton, Mass., i6<ji—()2, under Lieut. 
Jonas Prescott, Sergt. in Lieut. 
Seth Wyman's Co., 1706. 

Hawks, James D., 189. 

Perkins, David, 1653-1736, Bridge- 
water, Mass. Deputy, 1692. 
Newton, Charles H., 156. 
Perkins, Elisha, 1 656-1 741, Tops- 
field, Mass. Representative, 1705- 
Perkins, William H., 100. 
Perkins, Isaac, 1 650-1 726, Ipswich, 
Mass. Served at Brookfield, King 
Philip's War, 1676. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Perkins, Sergt. Jacob, i 624-1 701, 
Ipswich, Mass. Sergt., Ipswich Co. 
Wills, Henry LeB., 177. 
Perkins, Sergt. John, 1 590-1654, 
Ipswich, Mass. Sergt. of the 
Allied English and the friendly 
Indians under Masconomaat Aga- 
wam (Ipswich, Mass.) in the War 
with the Tarratines, 1631. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Perkins, Q. M. John, 1614-1686. 
Saved Ipswich from destruction in 
1633, defeating a band of Indians. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Perkins, John, 1 685-1 750, Topsfield, 
Mass. In King Philip's War. 
Perkins, William H., 100. 
Peters, Andrew, 1634-1 713, Andover, 
Mass. Soldier in Narragansett 
Campaign, King Philip's War. 
Hewins, James, 98. 
Pettibone, Lieut. John, 2nd, Sims- 
bury, Conn . Representative, 171 5— 
'16. Lieut., South Co. Train Band, 
Case, John E., 139. 
Pettibone, Lieut. Samuel, 1672- 
1 747, Simsbury, Conn. Ens., South 
Co., 1 721. Lieut., 1723. Scout 
under Capt. Richard Case, 1724. 
Case, John E., 139. 
Phelps, Capt. Nathaniel, 1677-1746. 
Deputy from Hebron, Conn., 1726, 
'31. Capt. of Hebron Train Band, 
White, William H., 105. 
Phelps, Capt. Timothy, 1639-17 19, 
Windsor, Conn. Lieut, under Col. 
William Whiting, Queen Anne's 
War. Capt. of Train Band, 1696. 
Phelps, George N., 92. 
White, William H., 105. 
Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 
Phelps, William, 1599-1672. One of 
the Eight Commissioners appointed 



by the Bay Colony, March 3, 1636, 
to govern the people of Connecti- 
cut. Gov.'s Asst., i636-'42, '58- 
'62, and Member of Council, 1637. 
Pequot War. 

Austin, Eugene K., 28. 

Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 

Demorest, William C, 32. 

Parker, George T., 149. 

Phelps, Luis J., 54. 

White, Henry K., 173. 

White, William H., 105. 

Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 
Phillips, Joseph, 1718-1788, N. J. 
In Colonial service, I757~'62; at 
Fort Pitt, 1 759 ; at siege of Havana, 

Phillips, Duncan C, III. 
Phillips, Maj. Philip, 1678-1740, 
N.J. Capt., 1722. Maj. in Col. 
Reading's Regt., 1727. 

Phillips, Duncan C, III. 

Phillips, Theophilus, 1636 . 

Watertown, Mass. Soldier in King 
Philip's War. 

Hicks, Lewis W., 88. 
Phillips, Major William. Com- 
mander, York Co. Forces, Maine, 
1663. King's Commissioner and 
Justice for settling the affairs of 
New England. Major Command- 
ant, Military Forces, Province of 
Maine, 1665. In the Indian 
troubles in 1675, his house and 
mills at Saco were burned, and his 
garrison sustained a long and ter- 
rible siege. 

Van Syckel, Nehemiah D., 65. 
Phillipse, Frederick, 1627-1702. 
Member of Council, 1675, et seq. 
Secretary of Pro v. of N. Y., 1688. 
First Lord of Phillipse Manor. 

Pillot, Peter S., 41. 

Sanford, Henry G., 46. 
Phipps, Samuel, 1647 , Charles- 
town, Mass. Town Treas., 1687- 
'88. Commissioner of Claims, 
1700. Representative, 1692. Capt. 
of Militia, 1704. 

Hatch, Josiah O., 184. 
Pickens, Maj.-Gen. Andrew, 1739- 
181 7, Penn. and So. Carolina. 
Soldier in French and Indian Wars 
under Marion and Moultrie. 

Banks, Charles H, 183. 

Pickering, Capt. Thomas, 1 703-1 786. 
Ens. at capture of Louisburg, 1745. 
Capt. in Expedition against Crown 
Point, 1755. 

Gerrish, William L., 205. 

Pickering, McLaurin, J., 41. 
Pierce, Abraham, Mass. Member of 
Plymouth Mil. Co., 1643. 

Brown, Paul, 137. 
Pierce, Col. Daniel, 1 638-1 704, 
Newbury, Mass. Capt., Newbury 
Foot Co., 1678. Col. Essex Regt. 
Deputy, 1 682-'83. Member Coun- 
cil of Safety, 1689. Representative, 
1692. Councillor, 1693-1703. 

Nichols, Richard J., 91. 
Pierce, Isaac. Soldier in Narragansett 

Brown, Paul, 138. 
Pierce (Peirse), Captain Michael, 
161 5-1676, Scituate, Plymouth 
Colony. Ens. under Capt. James 
Cudworth, 1673, for service against 
the Dutch. Capt., commanding 
force of whites and friendly Indi- 
ans, and killed in ambuscade near 
what is now Central Falls, R. I. 
King Philip's War, 1676. 

Murdock, Joseph B., 91. 
Pierson, Rev. Abraham, 1613-1677. 
Chaplain Colony of New Haven, 
Expedition against Dutch under 
Lieut. Robert Seeley. 

Brokaw, George T., 29. 

Kitchel, William L., 37. 
Pike, Capt. John, 1614-1698. Lieut., 
1669. Capt., 1673— '81. English- 
Dutch Wars, 1664 and 1673. 
Member of Gov. Carteret's Coun- 
cil, i670-'72, East Jersey. 

Chapman, Joseph W., 177. 

Hazelton, Gerry W., 192. 
Pillsbury, Capt. Caleb, 171 7-1 778, 
Amesbury, Mass. Capt. 2nd Regt., 
Essex Co. Militia, 1771. 

Pillsbury, Rosecrans W., 126. 

Pinhorn, Judge William, 1720. 

Judge of Supreme Ct., N. J. 
Speaker of Assembly, N. Y., 1685. 
Asst. Justice, Supreme Ct. N. Y., 
1 69 1. Member Gov.'s Council 
N. J., 1698, 1702. Commander- 
in-chief, N. J., 1709. 

Woodruff, Charles H., 57. 

Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 



Pitkin, Col. Joseph, i 696-1 762, Conn. 
Ens., 1730. Lieut., 1733. Capt., 
1738. Lieut.-Col., 1741. 

Cox, John L., 66. 
Pitkin, William, 1st, 1636-1694. 
Deputy, 1675-1690. Atty.-Gen., 
1664. Treas., 1676. Asst, 1690- 
'94. Commissioner for the United 
Colony of Conn., 1678. 

Cowles, William N., 172. 

Cox, John L., 66. 
Pitkin, Chief-Justice William, 2nd, 
1664-1723. Deputy, 1696. Asst., 
1697. Member Committee of War, 
1702, War of the Spanish Succes- 
sion. Chief Justice Colony of 
Conn., i7i3-'23. 

Cox, John L., 67. 
Plum (Plumb), John, i 594-1 648, 
Conn. In Capt. Mason's Co., 
Pequot War, 1637. Deputy from 
Wethersfield, i636-'42. 

Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 

Moseley, Edward A., 1 15. 
Plympton (Plimpton), Sergt. John, 
1620-1677, Deerfield, Mass. 
Sergt., 1674. Captured by the 
Indians and killed, 1677. 

Cutler, Samuel M., 166. 

Reeves, Jesse S., 213. 
Pollard, Thomas, 1660-1 724. Served 
in war with Indians, i705-'o6, 
under Capt. Lane. At relief of 
Groton, Dunstable, and Dracut. 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Pollard, William, 1698 Lan- 
caster, Mass. In Capt. Israel 
Williams's Co., 1754— '55. In Capt. 
Thomas Wilder's Co., of Leomin- 
ster, relief Fort William Henry. 

Gilson, Arthur S., 205. 
Polly (Polley), John, 1618-1689, 
Roxbury, Mass. In Capt. Daniel 
Henchman's Co., King Philip's 

Rumrill, Frank, 92. 

Whiten, Ernest S., 49. 
Pomeroy, Medad, 1638-1716. Dep- 
uty, Mass., 1677, et seq. 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 
Poole, Capt. Jonathan, 1634-1678, 
Reading, Mass. Appointed Q. M. 

by General Court, 1 67 1 . Cornet of 
Three County Troop, 1674. Capt., 
Reading Co., 1677. Deputy, 1677. 
Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 184. 

Pope, Col. Nathaniel, 1660. 

Lieut.-Col., Westmoreland Co., Va., 

Pope, George L., 167. 
Porter, Aaron, 1 729-1820, Conn. 
Ens., 1773. 
Booth, Charles E.. 82. 
Porter, Experience, Sr., 1676-1750, 
Hadley, Mass., and Mansfield, 
Conn. In Troop under Qm'r Dick- 
inson, 1695, for service against 
Indians. Deputy, Conn., 1625- 
Barrows, John W., 177. 
Porter, Sergt. John, 1596- 1676, 
Salem, Mass. Sergt., 1646-1657. 
Deputy, Hingham, 1644; Salem, 
Armsby, James K., 137. 
Porter, John, Sr., 1 590-1648, Wind- 
sor, Conn. Deputy, 1639, et seq. 
Booth, Charles E.,81. 
Converse, Charles A., 66, 131. 
Cox, John L., 67. 
Porter, John, Jr., 1620-1688, Conn. 
Trooper, 1658. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Porter, Captain Joseph, 1 702-1 759, 
Conn. Capt. of Wintonbury Co., 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Porter, Lieutenant Timothy, 1689- 
1764, Conn. Lieut., 1717. Dep- 
uty. I745» '47> '48. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Porter, Capt. William, 1695-1749. 
Capt., Penn. Militia, 1747-48. 
Porter, Augustus D., 64. 
Postell, John, 1 717-1782, South Car- 
olina. Capt. in Cherokee War, 
Postell, John C, 186. 
Potts, David, 1 670-1 730. Member 
of Penn. Assembly, i728-'30. 
Colket, Charles H., 66. 

Powers, Capt. Peter, 1757. Capt. 

of the 3rd Co., Col. Joseph Blan- 
chard's Regt., Crown Point Expedi- 
tion, 1755. 
Forbes, Harry R., 125. 
Praa, Capt. Pieter, 165 5- 1740, Brook- 
lyn. Capt. of Foot Co., Kings Co. 



Regt., Col. Stephen Cortlandt, 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Pratt, Aaron, 1732-1817, Rehoboth, 
Mass. In Expedition to Crown 
Point, 1759. 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Pratt, Daniel, Hartford and Colches- 
ter, Conn. Trooper in 1st Conn. 
Cavalry, 1658. 

Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Pratt, Ens. John, 1644- 1726, Say- 
brook, Conn. Ens., 1684. Dep- 
uty, 1684, et seq. 

Edwards, Charles L., 103. 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 

Fish, Henry M., 33. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 

Pratt, Dallas B., 54. 

Pratt, John, 1655, Cambridge, 

Mass., and one of the founders of 
Hartford, Conn. Deputy from 
Hartford, 1639, and later. 

Reynolds, Frederick P., 112. 

Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Pratt, John, 1 693-1 780. In Capt. 
Ebenezer Beal's Co., relief of Fort 
William Henry, 1757. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Pratt, Joseph, 1637- 1720, Weymouth, 
Mass. In King Philip's War. 

Richards, William S., 45. 

Pratt, Lieut. Joseph, 1671 , 

Conn. Sergt. and Lieut, of Mili- 
tia, 1700, 1723. Deputy from Mil- 
ford, 1700. 

Reynolds, Frederick P., 112. 
Pratt, Phineas, i 590-1 680. Skir- 
mishes with Indians, Weymouth, 
Dorchester, and Ipswich. 

Richards, William S., 45. 

Talbot, Archie L., 208. 
Pratt, Lieut. William, 1622-1678. 
Lieut. Saybrook Forces under 
Mason, Pequot War. Deputy, 
1666, et seq. Council of War, 

Edwards, Charles L., 103. 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 

Fish, Henry M., ^- 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 

Pratt, Dallas B., 54. 

Prence (Prince), Gov. Thomas, 1600- 

1673, Plymouth. Asst., Plymouth 

Col., 1635, ei se 9- Gov., 1634, 

et seq. Member Council of War, 

and served against Pequot Indians, 
1637. Commissioner for United 
Colonies, 1645, et seq. 

Bickford, Robert S., 80. 

Bowman, George E., 83. 

Hulbert, Henry C, 54. 

Kendall, Henry M., 110. 

Nickerson, Philip T, 99. 

Smith, Thomas H., 142. 
Prentice, Capt. Thomas, 1621-1710. 
Lieut., Mass. Troop, 1656. Capt., 
1662. Pequot and Narragansett 

Baird, William, 114. 

Prentice, Samuel O., 104. 
Prentis, John, 1631-1691. Deputy, 
Conn., 1668. 

Converse, Charles A., 131. 
Prentis, Capt. Joseph, 1 701-1773, 
New London, Conn. Lieut., Conn. 
Militia, 1737. Capt., 1748. 

Converse, Charles A., 66. 
Prentis, Stephen, 1666-1758, New 
London, Conn. Deputy, 171 2, et 
seq. Capt. of Militia, 1 714. 

Converse, John H., 129. 
Prescott, John, i 604-1 681, Lancas- 
ter, Mass. Served in Garrison at 
Lancaster against Indians, 1675 
and 1676. 

Greenlaw, William P., 87. 

Kent, Daniel, 89. 
Prescott, Capt. Jonas, 1 648-1 723. 
Capt. Groton Co. in King William's 
War, 1689. Deputy, 1699, et seq., 
Colony of Mass. 

Grover, Oliver D., 141. 

Langworthy, Charles F., 110. 

Warren, Joseph D., 200. 
Prescott, Capt. Jonathan, 1643- 
1721, Concord, Mass. Capt. of 
Militia, Garrison duty. Deputy, 
1692, et seq. 

Goodrich, William, 68. 
Prescott, Jonathan, i 675-1 755, Ken- 
sington, N. H. At Fort William 
and Mary, 1696; under Capt. 
John Gilman, 17 10. 

Palmer, William L„ 91. 
Prescott, Capt. Jonathan, 1696- 
1746, Hampton, N. H. Capt. in 
Sir William Pepperrell's Expedition 
against Louisburg, 1744-5, where 
he died after the capture of the 

Palmer, William L., 91. 



Prescott, Col. William, i 726-1 795, 
Pepperrell, Mass. Lieut., 1755, in 
expedition against Acadians. Capt. 
of Pepperrell District Co., 1771. 
Clerk of Military Co., 1746. Col. 
of Regt. of Minute Men, 1775. 
Wolcott, Roger, 97. 
Preston, Eliasaph, Conn. Deputy 
from Wallingford, 1679-91, '96. 
Hall, Henry O., 109. 
Price, Capt. Thomas, 1732-1795. 
Capt. in Penn. Regt., 1759; in 
Md. Rifle Co., 1775. 
Johnston, Christopher, 74. 
Prichard, William, 1675, Brook- 
field, Mass. One of the founders 
of Brookfield; second Sergt. of 
Military Co., 1673— '75 ; killed by 
Baxter, William E., 80. 
Priest, Degorie, i 580-1 621, Ply- 
mouth, Mass. Under Myles Stand- 
ish, Indian Wars. 
Richards, William S., 44. 
Prince, Charles. Lieut, on frigate 
Mercury at siege of Charleston, 
Prince, Laurence L., 149. 
Prince, Thomas, Eastham, Mass. In 
King Philip's War. 
Smith, Thomas H., 142. 
Prioleau, Samuel, 1690-1752, South 
Carolina. Member of Council, 
and Col. of Regt. of Horse Guards, 


Macbeth, Malcolm, 148. 

Macbeth, Ravenel, 148. 
Proctor, John, 1 694-1 783, Mass. 
Served in the " Snow Shoe Co." of 
Chelmsford, 1724, in 4th Indian 
War (LovelPs War). 

Langworthy, Charles F., 1 10. 

Proctor, Robert, 1697, Mass. 

In King Philip's War; also in 
garrison at Chelmsford, 1691— '92. 

Langworthy, Charles F., 110. 
Provoost, Sergt. David, i6o8-'56. 
Commander at Fort Good Hope, 
i642-'47. First of the "Nine 
Men," 1652. Sergt., Blue Flag 
Co., Burgher Corps, New Amster- 
dam, 1653. First separate Schout 
at Breuckelen, 1655. Schout and 
Sec. of Breuckelen, Amersfoort and 
Midwout until his death. 

Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 

Pinkney, Cornelius S., 42. 

Pinkney, Townsend, 42. 

Shirley, Rufus G., 47. 

Thomas, Robert McK., 48. 
Provoost, Col. David, 1670-1724. 
Capt. in Col. Abraham de Peyster's 
Regt., N. Y. City, 1700. Major, 
1 710. Member of General Assem- 
bly, I702-'ii. Lieut. -Col., 1716. 
Col., 1 71 8. Member of Council, 
1 70S-' 10. 

Thomas, Robert McK., 48. 
Provoost, Capt. David, 1695-1781. 
2nd Lieut, in Capt. Cornelius Van 
Home's Co., 1737; 1st Lieut, 
under Capt. Paul Richard, 1738. 
Capt. of a Co. of Troops, 1740, 
Spanish Expedition. 

Thomas, Robert McK., 48. 
Provoost, Jonathan. Soldier enrolled 
in New Orange, N. Y., 1673. 

Shirley, Rufus G., 47. 
Purefoy, Thomas, 1656. Mem- 
ber Va. House of Burgesses, 
i629-'3o. Member of Council, 
1631— '37. 

Thorn, William H. DeC. W., 75. 
Pusey, William, Chester Co., Pa. 
Member of Assembly, i725-'26. 

Sharp, George M., 73. 
Putnam, Capt. Benjamin, 1644-17 15, 
Salem. Lieut., Capt., I 7o6-'ii. 

Boynton, Charles S., 131. 
Putnam, Ebenezer, 1719-1782. In 
Col. Josiah Williams's Co. at Fort 
Dummer, 1746, and Capt. Ste- 
phens's Co., Charlestown, N. H., 


Putman, Ralph W., 133. 
Putnam, Maj.-Gen. Israel, 1718- 
1790, Brooklyn, Conn. French 
War, 1755, he raised a company at 
Pomfret, Conn. ; Capt. in Lyman's 
Regt.; Lake George and Crown 
Point. Rogers's Rangers, 1755. 
Maj., 1757. Lieut.-Col., 1759. 
Havana Expedition, I76i-'62. 
Col., 1764. 

Thompson, Ebenezer, 95. 
Putnam, Lieut. Nathaniel, 1619- 
1700, Salem Village, Mass. Dep- 
uty, i690-'9i. Lieut., Foot Co., 
Salem Village, 1683. 

Cochrane, James F., 84. 

Flint, James M., 115. 

Fyre, Jed, 34. 



Putnam, Seth, 1695-1775, Charles- 
town, N. H. In Capt. Phineas 
Stephens's Co., 1751-55. 

Putnam, Ralph W., 133. 

Putnam, Warren E., 133. 
Pynchon, Col. John, 1625-1703, 
Asst., 1655-1686. Member of 
Council, 1688, 1 693- 1 703. Capt., 
Maj., Lieut, and Col., 1688. 

Lyman, Elias, 132. 
Pynchon, Lieut.-Col. John, Jr., 1647- 
172 1. Commissioner for United 

Lyman, Elias, 132. 
Pynchon, Gov. William, 1590-1662, 
Springfield, Mass. Asst. Treas- 
urer, i632-'34. Gov. of Spring- 
field, 1641-1650. Governing Mag- 
istrate of Conn., 1637-38. 

Babcock, Harry W., 28. 

Cox, John L., 66. 

Dewey, Charles, 132. 

Haughton, Richard, 63. 

Inches, George B., 89. 

Lyman, Elias, 132. 

Perrin, William R., 142. 

Wolcott, Roger, 97. 

Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 

Quincy, Col. Edmund, 1627-1698, 
Braintree, Mass. Deputy, Maj., 
Lieut.-Col., Suffolk Regt., 1698. 
Davies, Julien T., Jr., 53. 

Randolph, Col. Thomas of Tucka- 
hoe, 1689-1730, Henrico and 
Goochland Cos., Va. Major and 
Burgess, 1 7 20-' 2 2. Presiding Jus- 
tice, Col. and Co. Lieut, of Gooch- 
land, 1727. 
Thomas, Douglas H., 75. 

Randolph, Lieut.-Col. William, 
1651-1711. Member House of 
Burgesses, I700-'o5. Capt., Hen- 
rico Co. Forces, 1680. Lieut.-Col., 
1699. Atty.-Gen. and Member 
Royal Council of Va. 
Hodge, Peyton H., 166. 

Ravenel, Rene, 1656 , South 

Carolina. Member of Assembly. 
Macbeth, Malcolm, 148. 
Macbeth, Ravenel, 148. 

Raymond, Lieut.-Com. William, 
1 635-1 709, Beverly, Mass. Nar- 
ragansett Campaign, 1675. Capt. 
and Lieut, of Salem and Beverly 

Troop, 1683. Canada Expedi- 
tion, 1690. 

Kendall, Henry M., no. 

Raymond, George L., 112. 

Read, Esdras, 16S0, Boston. 

Deputy from Wenham, 1648-51. 

Read, Charles F., 92. 

Read, Robert L., 92. 
Read, John, 1640-1670, Rehoboth, 
Mass. Killed by Indians at Pierce's 

Hall, Nelson R., 199. 
Reade, George, 1600-1671. Sec. 
Col. of Va., 1637. Acting Gov., 
1638. Member House of Bur- 
gesses, James City Co., 1649. 
York Co., 1656. Member Royal 
Council, 1657— '71. 

Fetter, George G., 166. 

Glenn, Garrard, 184. 

Lipscomb, Francis A., 185. 

McGuire, James C, 39. 
Reade, Joseph, 1694-1771. Member 
Prov. Council of N. Y., 1764-71. 

Pillot, Peter S., 41. 

Sanford, Henry G., 46. 
Reed, Corp. John, 1723-1795. Corp. 
in Capt. William Burns's Co. in 
Spanish and Indian Wars of 

Turner, Philip F., 208. 

Reynolds, Capt. Nathaniel, 

1708. A. & H. A. Co., 1658. 
Lieut., 4th Co., Suffolk Regt., 
Maj. Thomas Clarke. Lieut, and 
Capt., King Philip's War. Com- 
mand of Chelmsford Garrison, 

Haskell, Charles O., 208. 

Reynolds, Philip, 1 740-1 775. In 
Capt. Dunbar's Co., Crown Point 
Expedition, 1762. 
Haskell, Charles O., 208. 

Reynolds, Catt. Samuel, i 720-1810, 
Waterbury, Conn. Capt. of Train 
Band in the Parish of West- 
borough, Waterbury, Conn., 1765. 
Bates, William O., 212. 

Rhoades (Rhoads), Samuel, 1711- 
1784. Mayor of Philadelphia, 1774. 
Member of Assembly, i76i-'63; 
1 770-'74- Member of the Conti- 
nental Congress, 1774. 
Baker, Frederick D., 61. 



Rhodes, John, 1658-1716, R. I. Dep- 
uty, 1 702- '04, 1708. 

Felton, Edgar C., 61. 
Rhodes, Zachariah, 1603-1665, 
Providence, R. I. Commissioner, 
i658-'63 Deputy, 1659, '6i-'65. 

Felton, Edgar C, 61. 
Rice, Edmund, 1594- 1663, Sudbury, 
Mass. Deputy, 1640,^5^. 

French, Leon LeL., 109. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 

Holbrook, Levi, 98. 
Rice, Corp. Henry, 1616-1711, Sud- 
bury, Mass. Corp., 1686. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 
Richards, Capt. George, New Lon- 
don, Conn. Deputy. Ens., 1726. 
Lieut., 1736. Capt., 1739. 

Haughton, Richard, 63. 
Richards, Nathaniel, 1648-1726, 
Dedham, Mass. Served under 
Capt. Thomas Prentice and Maj. 
Savage in King Philip's War. 

Guilford, William W., 87. 

Hill, James F., 88. 

Richards, Elijah L., 92. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Richardson, Ezekiel, 1602-1647, 
Woburn,Mass. Deputy, 1635. 

Lunt, William, 99. 
Richardson, Lieut. James, 1641- 
1677, Chelmsford, Mass. In King 
Philip's War, 1675. By Gov.'s 
order in command of fort at West 
Chelmsford, April, 1676. Com- 
manded party of scouts in search 
of hostile Mohawks. Lieut, under 
Capt. Benjamin Swett, of force 
sent by Mass. Bay to protect 
settlements in Maine. Killed at 
Scarborough, June 28, 1677, in 
fight with hostile Indians. 

Hall, William S., 88. 
Richardson, Joseph, 1643-1710, Wo- 
burn, Mass. Under Maj. Samuel 
Appleton in Great Swamp Fight. 

Swan, Reuben S., 94. 
Richardson, Capt. Josiah, Sr., 1635— 
1695, Chelmsford, Mass. Capt., 
West Regt., Middlesex Militia, 
during portion King William's 
War, i689-'97. ^ n garrison at 
Chelmsford, \bq\-^2. 

Hill, John P., 71. 
Richardson, Nathaniel, 1651-1714, 
Woburn, Mass. In Capt. Pren- 

tiss's Co. Wounded in the Great 
Swamp Fight. In Lieut. Hasey's 
Three County Troop, 1676. 

Boynton, Charles E., 29. 

Boynton, Frederick C, 29. 

Dixon, Willis M , 170. 

Farwell, John W., 86. 

Goodspeed, Benjamin F., 35. 
Richardson, Samuel, 1643-1719, 
Provincial Councillor, i688-'95. 
Member of Assembly fourteen 
terms, Prov. of Penn. 

Campbell, Shiras, 30. 
Richardson, Samuel, 1646-1712. 
Woburn, Mass. In King Philip's 
War, under Lieut. William Hasey, 
1675; a g am > 1676. 

Richardson, Albert E., 133. 

Richardson, Frederick A., 133. 

Richardson, William, 1697. 

Member of Md. Assembly, 1678- 
'84, from Anne Arundel Co. 

Sharp, George M., 73. 
Richmond, John, 1594-1664, New- 
port, R. I. Member of R. I. 
Court of Commissioners, 1656. 

Brown, Paul, 137. 
Richmond, Col. Sylvester, 1698- 
1783, Dighton, Mass. Represent- 
ative, 1 74i-'47. Col. of the bixth 
Mass. Regt. in the Expedition to 
Louisburg, 1744. Planned assault 
which led to fall of Louisburg, and 
received a French flag at capture 
of fortress. 

Tobey, Rufus B., 95. 
Ricker, Ephraim, 1696-1773, Dover 
and Somersworth, N. H. In 
Capt. Job Clement's Co. of Guards, 
1 748; in Capt. John Titcomb's 
Co., Col. Nathaniel Meserve's 
Regt., Crown Point Expedition, 
1757; in Capt. John Pickering's 
Co. , Col. John Hart's Regt., Crown 
Point Expedition, 1758. 

Ricker, Everett W., 92. 
Ridgely, Charles, 1 702-1 772. Mem- 
ber Md. House of Burgesses, 1 75 1- 

Chew, Samuel C, 74. 

Ridgely, Lieut.-Col. Henry, 

1 708. M em ber of Assembly, 1 692. 
Member of Gov.'s Council, Maj. 
and Col. of Militia, Anne Arundel 
Co., Md. Commissioner, 1683. 
Lieut.-Col., i694-'99. 



Ball, Samuel B., 146. 
Hill, John P., 71. 
Rindge, Capt. Daniel, 1656- 1738, 
Ipswich, Mass. In Narragansett 
Fight, King Philip's War as Corp., 
Sergt., Lieut., and Capt. 
Todd, Thomas, 95. 
Todd, Thomas, Jr., 95. 
Ring, Andrew, 1617-1692. Member 
of Plymouth Military Co. 
Vaill, Edward G., 207. 
Ringgold, Major James, 1636-16S6. 
Lord of Eastern Neck Manor, Md. 
Maj. and Commander of Militia, 
Kent Co., in Nanticoke Expedi- 
tion, 1678. 
Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 

Roberts, Gov. Thomas, 1674. 

Last Colonial Gov. of New Hamp- 
shire, 1640. 
Talmage, Robert S., 56. 
Robertson, John, Virginia. Officer 
in Colonial Militia, 1761. 
Butt, Archibald W., 108. 
Robertson, William, Virginia. Re- 
ceiver of York River, and Sec. of 
Council of State under Gov. Spotts- 
Butt, Archibald W., 108. 
Robie, Henry, 1618-1688, Hampton, 
N. H. Member of Gov.'s Coun- 
cil, N. H., i683-'84. Judge. 
Parker, Henry R., 125. 
Robinson, Cafi\ Andrew, 1679-1742. 
Representative in Genl. Court of 
Mass., i738-'39. 
Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 
Robinson, George, 1630- 1702, Mass. 
In Maj. Clarke's Co., Boston, 1681. 
Robinson, Hamline E., 149. 
Robinson, George, 1 656-1 724, Reho- 
both, Mass. In King Philip's War 
under Maj. William Bradford. A. 
& H. A. Co., 1694. 
Robinson, Hamline E., 149. 
Robinson, Roswell R., 92. 
Robinson, George, 1680-1752, Mass. 
A. & H. A. Co., 1710. 
Robinson, Hamline E., 149. 
Robinson, William, 1668, Dor- 
chester, Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 
Robinson, Daniel W., 133. 
Roe, Nathaniel, Flushing, L. I. Un- 
der Capt. Jonathan Wright, 1715. 
Roe, Frank O., 46. 

Rogers, James, 161 5-1 687, Conn. 
Deputy, i662-'66, '73. Commis- 
sioner for New London, 1660- 
'61. Commissioner to treat with 

Converse, Charles A., 66, 131. 

Converse, John H., 129. 

Rogers, John, 1692, Duxbury, 

Mass. Member of Capt. Myles 
Standish's Co., 1643. Deputy, 
1657, Plymouth Colony. 

Brown, Paul, 137. 

Rogers, Lieut. Joseph, 1678, 

Eastham, Mass. Member of the 
Duxbury Co., under Capt. Myles 
Standish. Lieut, in Capt. Matthew 
Fuller's Co., 1647. Member of 
Council of War, 1658. 

Bickford, Robert S., 80. 

Rogers, Harry L., 163. 
Rogers, Richard, 1 703-1 742, Ipswich, 
Mass. Representative, 1730- '41, 
and a Justice. 

Dyer, Leonard H., 1 14. 
Rogers, Samuel, i 709-1 772, Ipswich, 
Mass. Representative in General 
Court, 1761-63. Col. of a Regt. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 
Rolfe, John, 1582-1622. 1st Secre- 
tary and Recorder of Colony of 

Hoge, Peyton H., 166. 
Rombouts, Capt. Francis, 1 635-1 691. 
Member of Council, Province of 
N. Y., under Gov. Slough ter, 1691. 
Schepen, New Orange, 1674. 
Mayor, New York, 1679. Capt., 

Brett, Cornelius, 118. 
Rose, Robert, Sr., 1594-1664, Conn. 
Representative from Wethersfield 
to General Court, 1641, '42, '43. 

Rose, John C, 73. 
Rudd, Jonathan, 1648-1689. Soldier 
in Saybrook and Norwich Troops 
in Indian Wars. Rec'd land grants 
Nos. 65 and 141 for service in 
Narragansett War. 

Macpherson, Robert B., 38. 
Ruggles, John, 1633-17 13, Roxbury, 
Mass. Under Capt. Nicholas Man- 
ning, 1676, Lieut. Gilman's Co., 
Maj. Savage. Trooper under Capt. 
Davis in King Philip's War. 

Rumrill, Frank, 92. 



Ruggles, Capt. Samuel, i 629-1 692. 
Sergt., 1675. Lieut., 1675. Capt., 
Roxbury Militia, 1692. Actively 
engaged in overthrow of Andros, 
1689. Deputy, 1689-1692. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 

Rich, James R., 100. 

Snow, Edgar M., 143. 
Ruggles, Capt. Samuel, 1659-1716. 
Capt. of Roxbury, Mass., Militia. 
Deputy four years. 

Rich, James R., 100. 

Snow, Edgar M., 143. 
Russell, John. Member Barnstable 
Co., Plymouth Colony, under Lieut. 
Thomas Dymoke, in active service 
against Indians, 1643- '44. 

Wing, John D., 49. 

Wing, John M., 49. 

Wing, Louis S., 50. 
Russell, Ens. John, 1728-1811, 
Marblehead. Capt., Jeremiah Rich- 
ardson's Co., Col. Waldo's Regt., 

Lord, Calvin, 90. 

Russell, Lieut. Jonathan, 1700- 
1774. Ens. of Train Band, Bran- 
ford, Conn., 1 73 1. Lieut., 1737. 
Deputy, 1 738, et seq. 
Rose, John C., 73. 
Rust, Col. Henry, 1726-1807. Judge 
of Probate Court, Stafford Co., 
N. H., under the Crown. 
Parker, Henry R., 126. 
Rust, Quartermaster Nathaniel, 
1639-1713, Ipswich, Mass. Q. M., 
Expedition to Canada, 1690. 
Deputy, i690-'9i. 
Parker, Henry R., 125. 
Rust, Edgar C., 93. 
Rutgers, Capt. Anthony, N. Y. City 
Militia, 1 726-'46. Member N. Y. 
Colonial Assembly, 1726-3']. 
Mickle-Saltonstall, Andrew H., 54. 
Rutgers, Harman, 1711. Burgh- 
er Corps, New Amsterdam, 1653. 
Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 57. 
Rutter, Thomas, 1660-1730. Mem- 
ber Penn. Assembly 1713, et seq. 
Cox, John L., 67. 

Sage, Capt. David, 1 703-1 798, Conn. 
Capt. of 8th Co., 6th Regt., 1761. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 

Sage, John, 1668-1751, Conn. Dep- 
uty, 1 71 7, et seq. 

Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Saltonstall, Sir Richard, 1586- 
1660, Watertown, Mass. Assist- 
ant, i628-'3i. 

Phelps, Samuel F., 41. 
Sanborn, Lieut. John, 1620-1692, 
Hampton, N. H. Ens., 1679. 
Lieut, of Hampton Military Co., 
1685. Representative, 1685. 

Chase, Charles II., 84. 

Chase, Daniel E., 84. 

Chase, Daniel E., Jr., 84. 

Moore, Howard P., 40. 

Sanborn, John E., 46. 

Weeks, Stephen H., 207. 
Sanborn, Capt. John, 1649- 1723, 
Hampton, N. H. In garrison Fort 
William and Mary, 1708. In 
French and Indian War. Lieut., 
Hampton Military Co., 1678. 
Capt. at New Castle, 1690. 

Clark, Byron N., 129. 

Conner, John S., 156. 

Conner, Phineas S., 156. 
Sanborn, Ens. John, Hampton, N. H. 
Soldier in 1708, and Sergt. with 
31 men under him, in Lovewell's 
War. Subsequently an Ensign. 

Weeks, Stephen H., 207. 
Sanborn, Richard, 1655 . Sol- 
dier in the Garrison at Oyster 
River, 1696. 

Weeks, Stephen H., 207. 
Sanborn, Tristram, 1683 . King- 
ston, N. H. Ensign. Built and 
owned a garrison house. Repre- 
sentative, i636-'37. 

Conner, John S., 156. 

Conner, Phineas S., 156. 
Sanborn, William, 1622-1692, 
Hampton, Mass. Under Maj. Sam- 
uel Appleton, King Philip's War, 

Sanborn, Kingsbury, 171. 
Sanborn, William, 1682-1718, N. H. 
Private in Capt. Woodman's Co. 
from Hampton at Oyster River. 
Private in Capt. Walton's Co. at 
Fort William and Mary, 1708. In 
Capt. Dana's scouting party, N. H. 
troops, 1 71 2. 

Sanborn, Kingsbury, 171. 



Sanderson, John, 1677 > Water- 
town, Mass. Deputy, 171 i-'i2. 

Sanderson, William K., 207. 
Sands, Capt. James, 1622-1695. Dep- 
uty, New Shoreham Co., R. I., 
1665. Assistant Warden, 1676. 
Commanded the Militia Co. in 
King Philip's War. 

Darrach, Henry, 67. 

Sands, Benjamin J., 46. 

Thomas, Robert McK., 48. 

Sanford, Pres. John, 1653, 

Portsmouth, R. I. Cannoneer for 
Fort at Boston, 1634-36. Com- 
mittee as to Ordnance, Boston, 
1634. Surveyor of Ordnance and 
Ammunition at Boston, 1636. Dis- 
armed, 1637. Constable, 1640, 
at R. I. Lieut, 1644. Gov.'s 
Asst., i647-'49. Pres. of Ports- 
mouth and Newport, 1653. 

Briggs, Southwick C, 108. 

Moriarty, George A., Jr., 90. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 
Sanford, John, Jr., 1 633-1687. Gen. 
Treas. of R. I., i655-'65- Com. 
Portsmouth, 1656, et seq. Genl. 
Recorder, 1657-1686. Gen. Atty., 
1663-1670. Gov.'s Asst., 1664-65, 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 
Sanford, Gov. Peleg, 1 639-1 701. 
Maj., 1679. Lieut.-Col., 1687. 
Member of Andros's Council, 
1687. Gov. R. I., i68o-'83. 

Palmer, Lucius N., 41. 

Savage, John, 1624 . Member 

Va. House of Burgesses, 1 667-'76. 

Savage, William L., 68. 
Savage, Capt. John, 1 652-1 726, Mid- 
dletown, Conn. Ens. Middletown 
Co., 1700. Lieut., 1703. Capt., 
1 71 1. 

Savage, Albert R., 207. 
Savage, Maj. Thomas, 1607-1682, 
Boston, Mass. Capt., A. & H. A. 
Co. Lieut., 1641. Lieut., 1651. 
Maj. commanding the Mass. Forces 
in Mount Hope campaign, 1676, 
Deputy, 1654, et seq. Speaker, 
i659~'7i. Assistant, i68o-'8i. 

Weld, Charles R., 96. 
Savage, Thomas, 1714-1798, Judea 
(Washington), Conn. In Capt. 
Gideon Stoddard's Co., Col. Whit- 

ing's 2nd Conn. Regt., French and 
Indian Wars. 
Savage, Albert R., 207. 

Savage, Capt. William, 1668- 1726, 
Middletown, Conn. Lieut. Mid- 
dletown Co., 1717. Capt, 1719. 
Deputy, 1715-1726. 

Gardner, Freeland B., 109. 
Sawtell, Joseph, 1738-1822, Groton, 
Mass. In Capt. Thomas Lawrence's 
Co. and Capt. Ephraim Wesson's 
Co., Col. Nichols's Regt., in move- 
ment for reduction of Canada, 
French and Indian War. 

Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 183. 
Sawtell, Zacharlvh, 17 16-1752, 
Groton, Mass. In Capt. William 
Lawrence's Co. in King George's 

Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 183. 
Sawyer, Joshua, 1655-1738, Lancas- 
ter, Mass. Member Capt. Daniel 
Henchman's Co., King Philip's 

Dixon, Willis M., 170. 
Schenck, Roelof Martense. Capt. 
of Horse, Kings Co., N. Y., 1690. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Schuyler, Capt. Arent, 1662-1730. 
N. Y. Forces, French and Indian 
Wars, 1693-1696. 

Goodspeed, Benjamin F., 35. 

Schwartz, Frank R., 64. 

Schwartz, John L., 65. 
Schuyler, Col. Johannes, 1668-1747. 
N. Y. Forces, French and Indian 

Hamilton, Henry N., 35. 
Schuyler, Capt. Nicholas, 1692- 
1748. Expedition to Onondague, 
171 1. Capt. of the Fort at Al- 
bany, 1 747-1 748. 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 56. 
Schuyler (Van Schuyler), Capt. 
Philip, i 628-1683. Captain in 
N. Y. Provincial Forces, 1667. 
Capt. Fort at Schenectady, 1669. 

Booth, Edward H., 118. 

de Luze, Philip S., 53. 

Goodspeed, Benjamin F., 35. 

Parker, Charles W., 119. 

Schwartz, Frank N, 64. 

Schwartz, John L., 65. 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 56. 



Schuyler, Lieut. Philip, 1666-1724. 
Albany, 1 704. Officer Fusileers, 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 56. 
Schuyler, Col. Pieter ("Queeder"), 
1657-1724. Lieut, of Horse, 1685. 
Commanded a Co. at Schenectady, 
N. Y., 1689. Commanded Fort at 
Albany, 1689. Delegate to Coun- 
cils of Five Nations. Led expedi- 
tion which ended in capture of 
Fort La Prairie. Pres., King's 
Council, 1662-1720. Acting-Gov. 
of the Prov., 1709. 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 56. 
Scott, John, 1640-1677. Wounded 
at Pawtucket, King Philip's War. 

Mowatt, Charles G., 40. 
Scranton, John, 1609-1671, Conn. 
Deputy, 1664, 1669-70. Marshal 
New Haven Colony, i66i-'62. 

Clephane, Walter C, 109. 
Seaman, Capt. John, 1610-1695. In 
Indian Wars, i668-'76. 

Brokaw, George T., 29. 

Davies, Julien T., Jr., 53. 

Richards, William S., 44. 

Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Sears (Sares), Richard, i 590-1 676. 
Member Yarmouth Co., Lieut. 
William Palmer. Deputy, Ply- 
mouth Col., 1662. 

Barnard, Job, 1 14. 

Coleman, Leighton P., 31. 

Hulbert, Henry C, 54. 
Seaver, Robert, 1608-1683. In King 
Philip's War. 

Moore, Howard P., 40. 
Seavey, Moses, 1737 , Ports- 
mouth, N. H. Soldier in War, 1756- 

Parker, Henry R., 125. 
Sedgwick, Maj.-Gen. Robert, 161 3- 
1656, Charlestown, Mass. Capt., 
1636. Capt. A. & H. A. Co. Com- 
mander of Castle, 1641. Council 
of War, 1643. Maj.-Gen. Mass. 
Forces, 1651. Expedition against 
Acadia, 1656; against Jamaica, 
where he died. 

Johnson, William S., 36. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 

Sedgwick, Theodore, 163. 
Seeley (Seelye), Capt. Nathaniel, 
4th Co. Conn. Regt., 1675. Killed 
in Great Swamp Fight. 

Quackenbush, Claire C, 186. 

Seeley, Frederick S., 104. 

Seeley (Seelye), Robert, 1668, 

Conn. Lieut, in Pequot War. In 
1654 led force against Province of 
New Netherlands. 

Quackenbush, Claire C, 186. 
Severance, Jonathan. Served in 
French and Indian War, in Brook- 
field Co., commanded by Capt. 
Thomas Wells. 

Severance, Cordenio A., 163. 
Sevier, Capt. John. Settled in Shen- 
andoah Valley, Va. Active in war- 
fare with Indians. Capt., 1772. 
Distinguished himself in battle, 
Point Pleasant, Oct. 10, 1774. 

Fuller, Oliver C, 192. 
Sew all, Henry, 16 14-1700. New- 
bury, Mass. Deputy, 1661. 

Davies, Julien T., Jr., 53. 
Sewall, Henry, 1620-1665. Princi- 
pal Secretary of Md., 1661-1665. 
Deputy, 1661, et seq . Gov.'s Coun- 
cil, 1 66 1. 

Johnson, Christopher, 74. 

Knott, Aloysius L., 72. 

Williams, Mason L. W., 76. 
Sewall, Dep.-Gov. Nicholas, 1655- 
1737. Sec. Prov. Council, Md., 
1686. Dep.-Gov., 1689. Major 

Johnston, Christopher, 74. 

Williams, Mason L. W., 76. 
Sewall, Samuel, 165 2-1 730. Assist- 
ant and Chief Justice, Colony of 
Mass. Bay. 

Davies, Julien T., Jr., 53. 
Seward, Capt William, 1627-1689. 
Sergt. Guilford, Conn., Militia. 
Lieut, and Capt. Deputy, 1683- 

Clephane, Walter C, 109. 

Seymour, Capt. Richard, 1655, 

Hartford and Farmington, Conn. 
Capt. Seymour Fort (Kensington). 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Seymour, Capt. Thomas. Ens. of 
Southside Co., Hartford, Conn., 
1713. Deputy from Norwalk, 1690. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Winslow, Howard S., 157. 
Sharp, Col. Isaac. Member N. J. 
Assembly 1709, et seq. Col., 1716. 
Perkins, Charles P., 64. 



Shepard, Eldad, i 740-1806. Private 
in Col. Nathan Payson's Co., Conn. 
Troops, 1758— '59. 
Shepard, Edward M., 150. 

Shepard, Isaac, 1639-1676, Concord> 
Mass. Killed in King Philip's 
Douglas, Walter B., 147. 

Sheppard (Shepard), Sergt. John, 
1652-1707, Hartford, Conn. In 
Indinn War, Expeditions to Deer- 
field and Albany, 1692, Capt. John 
Shepard, Edward M., 150. 

Sherburne, John, 1615-1693, Ports- 
mouth, N. H. Sergt. of Militia, 

Morse, Edward E., ill. 

Sherburne, John, 1 650-1 729, "of ye 
Plains." Lieut, of Militia, N. H., 
i704-'i5; was styled "Captain." 
Morse, Edward E., III. 
Sherman, Capt. John, 16 14-1690, 
Watertown, Mass. Ens., 1654. 
Capt., 1680. Deputy, 1651. 
Depew, Chauncey M., 53. 
Sherman, Philip, 1610-1689. First 
Sec. Providence Plantations, 1639. 
Court of Commissioners, 1656, 
Deputy, i665~'67. Council, King 
Philip's War. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Lathrop, Charles G., 172. 
Sherman, Samuel, 1618-1684. Dep- 
uty, Gen. Court of Conn., 1637* 
which declared war against Pe- 
quots. Asst., i663~'68; on com- 
mittee to defend coast against 
Dutch, 1665. 
Stebbins, Albert K., 193. 
Sherwood, Capt. Matthew, 1643- 
1715. French and Indian Wars. 
Ens., Conn. Militia, 1685, Lieut., 
1690. Capt., 1690. 
Haughton, Richard, 63. 
Hubbell, Henry W., 54. 
Sherwood, Thomas, 1 585-1 655. 
Conn. Deputy, from Hartford, 

Stiles, Edward H., 150. 
Shippen, Edward, 1639-1712. A. & 
H. A. Co., 1669. Speaker of As- 
sembly, 1695. Member Provincial 
Council, Penn., 1696-1712. Dep.- 

Gov., 1703. Pres. Provincial Coun- 
cil, I702-'04. 

Huidekoper, Wallis, 63. 
Shippen, Paymaster Edward, 1703- 
178 1. British and Provincial 
Forces, French and Indian War, 
under Gen. Forbes Stanwix. Mayor 
of Philadelphia, 1744. 

Lynch, Jasper, 119. 
Short, Rev. Matthew, 1 688-1 731. 
Chaplain at Fort William, Saco, 
Me., i7i6-'22. 

Perry, Ralph Percy, 194. 
Sill (Syll),Capt. Joseph, 1 636-1 696, 
Lyme, Conn. In King Philip's 
War, and Expeditions against In- 
dians in Mass., Maine, and New 

Banning, Kendall, 125. 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 

Fish, Henry M., 33. 

Simmons, Moses, 1689, Plymouth, 

Mass. Member of Duxbury Mili- 
tary Co., 1643. 

Snow, Edgar M., 143. 
Sinclair, Richard, 1730-1813. Pri- 
vate, 1760, in Capt. Jer. Marston's 
Co., of Col. Gofte's N. H. Regt., 
French and Indian War. 

Sinclair, Henry H., 171. 

Skelton, Joseph, 1705. Served 

in King Philip's War. 

Whitin, Ernest S., 49. 
Skinner, Ebenezer, 1684 , Mai- 
den, Mass., and Colchester, Conn. 
Sergt. Colchester Militia. 

Skinner, Charles M., 150. 
Slayton, David, 1740- 1794. In Capt. 
Sylvanus Walker's Co. for relief 
of Fort William Henry, from May 
15 to Dec. 27, 1759. 

Slayton, William H., 47. 
Sleght, Sergt. Cornelius Barent- 
sen. Sergt. Military Co. which 
built Esopus Stockade. Member 
first Board Schepens, 1661. At 
Indian attack on Wiltwyck, 1663. 

English, William E., 212. 

Sharp, George M., 73. 

Shirley, Rufus G., 47. 
Smead, William, 1 635-1 704, North- 
ampton, Mass. In Falls Fight, 
under Capt. William Turner. 

Converse, Charles A., 132. 



Smith, Arthur, 1655, Conn. In 

Pequot War. Deputy, 1643, '46. 
Booth, Charles E., 83. 
Smith, Lieut. Charles. Ens. under 
Washington at Great Meadows. 
Lieut, at Braddock's defeat, 1755. 
English, William E., 212. 

Smith, Daniel, 1692. Rehoboth, 

Mass. Gov.'s Council, 1686. Dep- 
uty, i672-'78. Asst., 1679. 
Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 
Richards, William S., 44. 

Smith, Edward, 1675. Gov.'s 

Asst., R. L, 1654. Member of 
Council, 1658. Deputy, from New- 
port, 1655, et seq. 
Felton, Edgar C, 62. 

Smith, Sergt. Edward, 1693. 

Sergt, 1662. Deputy, R. I., 1665, 
et seq. Asst., 1671. 
Felton, Edgar C., 61. 
Smith, Elnathan, i 738-1 826, New 
Britain, Conn. Soldier in French 
and Indian War. 
Webster, Edmund K., 126. 
Smith, Col. Francis, Va. Justice, 
1740. Maj. of Horse, 1753. 
Afterwards Col. Burgess from 
Essex Co., 1752-58. 
Stewart, Joseph A., 167. 
Smith, Henry, 1682. Commis- 
sioned, 1636, by Mass. Bay Colony 
to govern the first settlement of 
Cox, John L., 66. 
Smith, Lieut. James, 1645- 1690, New- 
bury, Mass. In Phips's Expedition, 
Hazelton, Gerry W., 192. 

Smith, John, 1690, Taunton, 

Mass. Soldier in Expedition to 
Canada, 1690. 
Dutcher, Frank J., 85. 
Smith, Capt. John, 1 698-1 776. Capt. 
of Militia in Augusta Co., Va., 
1 742-1 760. In command of Fort 
Vause, captured June 26, 1756, and 
sent as prisoner of war to France. 
Returned, 1758. 
Smith, Rogers M., 167. 
Smith, Hon. John, 1 722-1794, Balti- 
more, Md. Justice Cumberland 
Co., Pa., I757~'64. Member of 
Assembly, Cumberland Co., 1754- 
'57. Member of Committee of 

Correspondence, 1774. Member 
of Md. Convention of 1776. 

Tyler, George T., 65. 
Smith, Nehemiah, 1646-1727. Ens. 
of Train Band, New London, 
Conn., May, 1697 Lieut., 1706. 
Deputy from New London, 1690, 
et seq. Gov.'s Council, 1703, et seq. 

Reed, Latham G., 55. 
Smith, Lieut. Philip, 1633-1684, 
Hadley, Mass. Lieut., Town Troop 
and Troop Hampshire Co., 1678. 
Deputy, i6So-'S4. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

Smith, George K., 150. 
Smith, Lieut. Richard, 1625-1685. 
Lieut. Md. Militia, 1650. Bur- 
gess, 1661-1665. Atty.-Gen., 
1655— '80. 

Williams, Mason L. W., 76. 
Smith, Richard, Jr. Served from 
Conn, in Narragansett War. 

Treat, Edward A., 48. 
Smith, Lieut. Samuel, Sr., 1602- 
1680, Hadley, Mass. " Antient 
Serjeant " at Wethersfield, Conn., 
and Deputy, 1640-61. Lieut, of 
Hadley Troop, i66i-'78, and Dep- 
uty to General Court of Massa- 
chusetts Bay, i66i-'73. Commis- 
sioner to the Mohawks, 1667. 

Brown, Paul, 137. 

Houghton, George C, 35. 

Lefferts, William H., 54. 

Stearns, Frank W., 93. 

Stebbins, Albert K., 193. 

Wilder, Edward B., 151. 
Smith, Samuel, 1672-1718. Mem- 
ber N. J. Assembly, 1709, '16, '18. 

Levick, Lewis J., 64. 
Smith, Col. Samuel, 1687-1760, 
Durham, N. H. Royal Council- 
lor, 1 742-1760. On important 
committees during French and 
Indian Wars, including Committee 
on Louisburg Expedition. Many 
years in militia, attaining rank of 

Smith, Forrest S., 126. 
Smith, Col. Walter, 1711. Bur- 
gess from Calvert Co., Md., 1696- 
1704, I7o8-'ii. Major, 1695, and 
later Col., Militia of Calvert Co. 

Williams, Mason L. W., 76. 



Smith, Walter, 1 734. Burgess 

from Calvert Co., Md., 1719-22. 
Williams, Mason L. W., 76. 
Smith, William, Cumberland Co., Pa. 
In Capt Richard O'Cain's Co., 
Col. Chambers's Regt, 1747-48. 
Sargent, George P. T., 213. 
Snelling, Capt. Jonathan, 1 697-1 754. 
Commanded Frigate Ccesar at the 
Siege of Louisburg, 1745. 
Snelling, Samuel, 93. 
Snow, Capt. Mark, 1628-1695, East- 
ham, Mass. Deputy, 1675, et se 9- 
Capt. 1659. Member of Council 
of War, 1675. Member of Militia, 
Nickerson, Philip T., 99. 

Snow, Nicholas, 1676. Plymouth 

Militia, 1643. Deputy from East- 
ham, Mass., 1648. 
Smith, Thomas H., 142. 
Snow, Edgar M., 143. 

Snowden, Capt. Richard, 171 1. 

Capt. Prov. Forces of Md., 1700- 
Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 

Soule, George, 1680, Duxbury, 

Mass. In Lieut William Holmes's 
Co., Pequot War. Representative, 
Vaill, Edward G., 207. 
Southworth, Gen. Constant, 1615- 
1679, Duxbury. In Pequot War, 
1637. Ens., Duxbury Co., 1646. 
Deputy, i646-'47. Lieut., 1653. 
Deputy Treas. of Plymouth Colony. 
Member Council War, 1658. 
Commissioner for United Colonies, 
1668. Commissary-Gen., King 
Philip's War. 
Haughton, John P., 63. 
Long, Harry V., 90. 
Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 
Seabury, Frederick C, 55. 
Snow, Edgar M., 143. 
Spalding, Lieut. John, 1633-1721, 
Chelmsford, Mass. In King Phil- 
ip's War under Capt. Nicholas 
Manning. Lieut., under Lieut. 
Wm. Tyng, 1704, and under 
Lieut. -Col Jonathan Tyng, 1702. 
Spaulding, John W., 207. 
Sparrow, Capt. Jonathan, 1630-1695, 
Eastham, Mass. Lieut., Capt. 
John Gorham's Co., King Philip's 
War, Narragansett Swamp Fight. 

Deputy, at Plymouth, and at Bos- 
ton after the union of the Colo- 
nies. Capt., French and Indian 
War, 1690. 

Smith, Thomas H., 142. 
Sparrow, Richard, 1660, Ply- 
mouth Company, 1643. 

Smith, Thomas H., 142. 
Spencer, Ens. Jared, 1610-1685, Had- 
dam, Conn. Commissioned, 1656. 
Ens., Train Band, Lynn, Mass., 
1656, and in Haddam, 1675. Rep- 
resentative, 1674, et seq. 

Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Spencer, Nicholas, Va. Pres. of 
Council from Sept. 17, 1683, *° 
April 16, 1684. 

Thorpe, Spencer R., 173. 
Spencer, William, Mass. Lieut, of 
Militia. One of the four founders 
of A. &. H. A. Co. Representa- 
tive from Cambridge, i634-'38. 
Deputy, 1639. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

Case, John E., 139. 

Spencer, Lieut. William, 1640. 

Lieut., Newtown, 1636. Deputy, 
Mass., 1638; Conn., 1639-1640. 

Parker, George T., 148. 
Spofford, David, 17 10, . Town- 
send, Mass. In French and Indian 
War, 1 757— '58, at Siege of Louis- 

Crockett, Edward S., 84. 
Spofford (Spafford), John, 1648- 
1697, Rowley, Mass. In Capt. 
Prentice's Troop, Narragansett 
Campaign, King Philip's War, 

Fish, Charles M., 141. 

Fish, Henry M., 33. 
Spofford, Capt. John, 1 678-1 735, 
Rowley, Mass. Prov. Forces, 

Fish, Charles M., 140. 
Spotswood, Major-Gen. Alexan- 
der, 1 676-1 740. Lieut.-Gov., 1710. 
Deputy Postmaster of the Colonies. 
Major-Gen., 1740. Gov. of Va. 
twelve years. 

Offley, Cleland N., in. 

Robertson, Kenneth, 163. 
Sprague, Ebenezer, 1682-1731. Dep- 
uty to R. I. Assembly from Provi- 
dence, 1721. 



Cowen, Benjamin R., 154. 

Cowen, Benjamin S., 154. 
Sprague, Cafi\ John, 1627-1692, 
Maiden, Mass. Capt., 1685. Dep- 
uty, 1690. 

Bates, George W., 188. 
Sprague, Lieut. Ralph, 1 603-1 650. 
Sergt., 1634. A. & H. A. Co., 
1627. Lieut, in same. Deputy, 
Mass. Bay Colony, 1635-1650. 

Bates, George W., 188. 
Sprague, Samuel, 1640-1710, Marsh- 
field, Mass. Representative, 1682- 
'84, '86. Sergt., Marshfield Train 
Band, i682-'S6. Sec, Plymouth 
Col., i686-'92. 

Gilbert, Edward W., 87. 
Spring, Henry, 1628-1697. Soldier 
in King Philip's War under Lieut. 
Oaks and Capt. Edward Poole. 

Douglas, Walter B., 147. 
Springer, Ens. James, 1698 . En- 
sign in 10th Co., Capt. Moses Pear- 
son, 1st Regt. Mass., Col. Pepper- 
rell, Louisburg Expedition. 

Page, Walter G., 206. 

Squier, Corp. Philip, 1692, 

Boston, Mass. In Capt. William 
Turner's Co., King Philip's War. 

Richards, William S., 45. 

Staats, Major Abraham, M.D., 

1694. Capt., 1669, and Major of 
Foot at Albany. Surgeon at 
Rensselaerwyck. Member of 
Council, Beverwyck, and its Presi- 
dent, 1644. 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 56. 
Staats, Samuel, M.D., 1657-1715. 
Member of Gov. Leisler's Council, 
1690, and later. 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 56. 
Stacy, Mahlon, 1 638-1 704. Mem- 
ber Pa. Assembly. Member of 
Council, Prov. of N. J. 

Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Stainborough, Tobias, 1652-1709. 
Among the " Rangers," maintained 
by Maryland as protection against 
Indians. In 1695 was granted 
4,200 lbs. of Tobacco for 7 months' 

Wilson, William T., 73. 

Standish, Capt. Myles, 1584-1656, 

Plymouth. Military Commander 

(Capt.) at Plymouth (the first 

military commission given in New 

England), February 27, 1621, and 

until his death. Assistant, . 

"General-in-Chief" of all the 
Plymouth Colony Companies, 1649. 

Blackmer, Henry R., 81. 

Lawton, Fred C, 200. 

Lock wood, Thomas St. J., 90. 

Perkins, John C., 206. 

Standish, Charles D., 189. 

Vaill, Edward G., 207. 
Stanley, Capt. Caleb, 1642-1718. 
Lieut , Conn. Militia, 1683. Capt., 
1689. King William's War. Dep- 
uty, 1683, '84. Assistant, 1691- 

Cox, John L., 66. 
Stanley, Capt. John, 1624-1706. 
Sergt., 1669. Ens., 1674. Lieut., 
1675. Capt., 1676, Hartford Co. 
Militia. In King Philip's War. 

Barrows, John C, 146. 

Stanley, Alix W., 104. 

Stanley, Charles B., 104. 
Stanley, Thomas, 1663, Hart- 
ford, Conn. Deputy, Mass. Bay 
Colony, 1635, '43, '49. 

Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Stanley, Timothy, 1603- 1648, Conn. 
Deputy, 1 64 1, et seq. 

Booth, Charles E., 81. 
Stanton, John, 1641-1713. In King 
Philip's War under Capt. Denison, 
capture of Canonchet. 

Root, William S., 46. 
Stanton, Robert, 165 3- 1724, New 
London, Conn. Interpreter, Pe- 
quot War. 

Reed, Latham G., 55. 
Stanton, Thos., 1616-1677. Indian 
Interpreter to John Winthrop the 
younger, in Conn., before Pequot 
War. In Pequot War, and ren- 
dered valuable services at Say- 
brook Fort. Indian Interpreter to 
the General Court of Conn, in all 
controversies between the whites 
and Indians. Deputy, 1666. 

Brown, Paul, 13S. 

Converse, Charles A., 66, 131. 

McAlpin, Benjamin B., 38. 

McAlpin, Edwin A., 38. 
Starbuck, Edward, 1604- 1690, Do- 
ver, N. H., and Nantucket, Mass. 
Representative, Dover, 1643-46. 

Barnard, Job, 114. 


Starkey, John, 1712 . In Capt. 

Tyler's Co., Attleborough, Mass., 


Wheelock, William B., 213. 
Starkey, John. In Capt. Tyler's Co. 
from Attleborough, Mass., 1757. 
First Co. of Militia of Train Band. 

Crane, Albert, 103. 

Starr, John, 1704, Duxbury, 

Mass. Served under Capt. Samuel 
Wadsworth, 1676-7; in garrison 
at Mendon and Wrentham, King 
Philip's War. 

Ballou, Hosea S., 98. 
Starr, Capt. Josiah, 1693-1778, Dan- 
bury, Conn. Lieut., 17 10. Capt., 
1 71 3. Capt. of a Co., Expedition 
to Cape Breton, 1745-46. 

Goodell, George A., 162. 
Starr, Dr. Thomas, 1616-1658, Mass. 
Surgeon of Forces against Pequots. 

Booth, Charles E., 81. 

Myers, William S., 72. 
Starr, Lieut. William, 1730-1763. 
Lieut. 6th Co., 1st Conn. Regt., in 
British and Colonial Expedition 
which captured Havana, Cuba. 

Myers, William S., 72. 
Stebbins, John, 1 626-1 679. In Capt. 
Samuel Moseley's Co., King Phil- 
ip's War. 

Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 
Stebbins, Lieut. Thomas, 1 620-1 683. 
Lieut, in Capt. Turner's Co., Falls 
Fight, King Philip's War. 

Moseley, Edward A., 115. 

Stebbins, Albert K., 193. 

Steele, James, Conn. Ens. of Train 

Band on " the Southside of the 

riverett," Hartford, 1708. Lieut., 

1708. Capt. of the Troops, 1710. 

Robinson, Charles L. F., 200. 

Steele, John, 1665, Hartford and 

Farmington, Conn. Deputy, Mass., 
i634-'35; Deputy, Conn., 1636- 
'37. Commissioner to govern Col- 
ony and as such declared war 
against Pequots. 

Case, John E., 139. 

Douglas, Walter B., 146. 
Steele, Lieut. John, 2nd, 1687- 1 751, 
Farmington and Woodbury, Conn. 
Ens., Farmington Train Band, 
1734. Lieut., Woodbury Train 
Band, 1739. 

Case, John E., 139. 

Steele, Capt. William, 1 707-1 780. 
Capt., Associated Cos. of Lancaster 
Co., Penn., 1756. 

Frazer, Reah, 62. 
Stetson, Cornet Robert, 1613-1703, 
Scituate, Plymouth Colony. Dep- 
uty, 1655. Council of War, 1661, 
'71, '81. Cornet, First Body of 
Plymouth Horse, 1659. Press Mas- 
ter, 1675. 

Caldwell, Frank E., 30. 

Moore, Howard P., 40. 
Stevens, Lieut. Erasmus, 16S6-1750. 
A. & H. A. Co., 1720. Second 
Sergt, 1724. Lieut., 1739. 

Cox, John L., 67. 
Stevens, Sergt. John, 1606-1662, 
Andover, Mass. Sergt., Andover 
Military Co., 1661. 

Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 184. 

Morse, Willard S., 177. 
Stewart, Charles, 1 709-1 794, Pa. 
Capt. Bucks Co., Militia, 1755— '56. 
In Indian Wars. 

Todd, George D., 167. 
Stickney, Abraham, 1703-1783, 
Tewksbury, Mass. Under Lieut. 
Peter Abbot, 1722, relief of Fort 
William Henry. Ens. in Col. 
Tyng's Regt., 1757— '58. 

Stickney, Herbert W., 48. 
Stickney, Lieut. William, 1592- 
1665. Rowley, Mass., 1639. Lieut., 
1 661. 

Flint, James M., 115. 

Stith, Drury, 1770. Burgess 

for Brunswick, Va., 1748, '52. 

Johnston, Christopher, 74. 

Stockett, Capt. Thomas, 1671. 

Capt., Colonial Militia, i66o-'6i. 

Duvall, Richard M., 71. 

Hill, John P., 71. 
Stockton, Lieut. Richard, Flushing, 
N. Y., and Princeton, N. J., 1606- 
1707. First Lieut., 1665. Flush- 
ing, L. I., Troop, 1669. 

Edwards, Charles L., 103. 

Francine, Albert P., 62. 

Stockton, John W., 94. 
Stone, Gregory, 1 590-1 672, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Deputy, Mass. Bay 
Col., 1638. 

Cutler, Elbridge G., 85. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 

Parker, George T., 149. 



Stone, John, 1618-1683, Cambridge, 
Mass. Deputy to General Court, 

Green, Robert M., 87. 
Stone, Rev. Samuel, 1602-1663, Hart- 
ford, Conn. Chaplain, Pequot 
War, Capt. John Mason. 

Booth, Charles E., 81. 

Converse, Charles A., 66, 131. 

Cowles, William N., 172. 

Seymour, McNiel V., 163. 
Stout, Col. Joseph, 1686-1767. Or- 
dered by Gov. Belcher to be in 
readiness to march with Penn. 
Troops, Nov. 12, 1755- Fur- 
nished 60 men in defence of Morris 
and Sussex Cos. In French and 
Indian War, 1755. 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 42. 
Stowe (Stow), John, i 595-1643, 
Roxbury, Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 
1638. Deputy, 1639. 

Inches, George B., 89. 
Stratton, John. Under Maj. Appleton, 
Narragansett Campaign, 1675— '76. 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Stream, Ens. John, 1621-1685. Ens., 
1665, Colonial Forces of Connecti- 

Brereton, Tallmadge H., 29. 
Street, Rev. Nicholas, 1602-1674. 
Member Taunton Militia, 1643, 
under Capt. William Poole. 

Hatch, Josiah 0., 184. 
Strong, Elder John, 1605-1699. 
Deputy, 1 64 1, et seq., Plymouth 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Moseley, Edward A., 115. 

Thompson, William B., 115. 
Strycker (Stryker), Capt. Jan, 
1615-1697. Member Great Land- 
tag, New Amsterdam, 1664. Mem- 
ber Hempstead Convention, 1665. 
Schepen, 1673. Capt. Military 
Co. at Midwout, L. I. Deputy, 
Great Conference at New Orange, 

Richards, William S., 44. 

Strycker, Samuel S., 65. 

Veazey, Duncan, 76. 

Whitin, Ernest S., 49. 
Strycker, Capt. Peter, 1 697-1 784, 
Flatbush, L. I. In Capt. Van der 
Vere's Co., King's Co. Militia, 
1 7 15. Capt, 1758-1760. 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Stryker, Pieter Janse, 1653-1741. 
Capt. Kings Co., N. Y., Militia, 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Stuyvesant, Petrus, 1602-1682. The 
last Dutch Director-General of 
New Netherlands. 

Pillot, Peter S., 41. 

Sanford, Henry G., 46. 
Sullivan, James, i 744-1 808, Mass. 
King's Attorney. Member Prov. 
Congress, Mass., 1775. 

Schley, John S., 186. 
Swaine, Capt. Samuel, 1610-1682. 
Lieut., Conn. Colonial Forces, 
1663. Newark soldiers. Capt. 
Robert Treat, 1667— '73. Capt., 
East Jersey Prov. Forces. Dep- 
uty, Conn., 1663. Deputy, and. 
" Third Man," Provincial Assem- 
bly of East Jersey, 1673— '76. 

Chandler, Walter, 121. 
Swaine, William, 1585-1664. Deputy, 
Mass. Bay Col., 1636. Commis- 
sioner to establish and govern the 
new Colony of Conn., 1636. Asst, 
First Gen. Court, 1637. Deputy, 
New Haven Col., 1653-57. 

Chandler, Walter, 121. 
Swan, Gershom, 1654- 1708, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. In King Philip's 
War, under Capt. Sill, 1675, anc * 
in garrison at Springfield, 1676. 

Swan, Reuben S., 94. 

Swan, Richard, 1678, Rowley, 

Mass. In King Philip's War and 
Expedition to Canada. Deputy, 

Owen, Frederick D., 115. 

Swan, Robert O., 48. 
Swan, Robert, 1628-1698, Haver- 
hill, Mass. In Great Swamp Fight, 
Lieut. Benjamin Swett's Co. 

Owen, Frederick D., 115. 
Swartwout, Jacobus, 1 692-1 749, N. Y- 
Prior to 17 10 Capt. of Co. of 
Orange Co. Militia in Queen 
Anne's War. In Capt. James Ver- 
nooy's Co., in Ulster Co. Regt. of 
Col. Jacob Rusten, 1 715. Super- 
visor Dutchess Co., 1 722-' 30. As- 
sessor, i730-'43. Justice, 1743- 

Swartwout, Frank A., 112. 






N. Y. Held office of Schout of 
Esopus. In Indian fight June 7, 
1663. Member of Gov. Leisler's 
Council in War with France. 

Swartwout, Frank A., 112. 
Swartwout, Thomas, 1 660-1 723, N. Y. 
Served in Militia Co. of Capt. 
James Vernooy in Ulster Co. Regt, 
Jacob Rusten Col. 

Swartwout, Frank A., 112. 
Swords, Lieut. Thomas. 55th Regt. 
of Foot, British Army, Fort George, 
Albany, and N. Y. City, last French 

Cook, Robert B. M., 32. 

Sylvester, Nehemiah, 

Sergt. in Expedition to 
Point, 17=15. 

Caldwell, Frank E., 30. 
Symonds, Dep.-Gov. Samuel, 

1678, Ipswich, Mass. Deputy, 
i638-'43. Asst., i643-'73- Dep.- 
Gov., 1673— '78. 

Jordan, Fitz H., 208. 

Sands, Edward P., 93. 

Tabb, Humphrey, 1659. Mem- 
ber Va. House of Burgesses, for 
Elizabeth City, 1652. 
Thorn, William H. De C. W., 75. 
Wilson, George H., 167. 
Tainter, Benjamin, 1 725-1810. Sol- 
dier at Fort Massachusetts Fight, 
and captured by the Indians and 
taken to Canada; exchanged by 
the French, 1747. 
Tainter, Frank S., 112. 
Tainter, Joseph. Served with three 
of his sons in King Philip's War, 

Tainter, frank S., 112. 
Tainter, Lieut. Simon. Lieut, in the 

Colonial Forces at Watertown, 

Tainter, Frank S., 1 1 2. 
Talcott, John, 1600-1660, Mass. and 

Conn. Deputy, Mass, i634~'36. 

Conn., 1st General Court, 1637- 

'54. Assistant, i654-'6o. Treas., 

i652-'6o. Commissioner, 1656- 

Clephane, Walter C, 109. 
Sanford, Henry G., 46. 
Talcott, Lieut.-Col. John (Jr.). 

1620-1688. Ens., 1650. Capt., 

1660. Sergt. -Maj. Conn. Col. 
Troops, 1672. Maj., 1673. Com- 
mander-in-Chief, Colony of Conn., 
1673. Lieut.-Col. Dutch Restora- 
tion; King Philip's War, 1675. 
Gov.'s Asst. and Treasurer, 1662- 
'76. Asst., i678-'87. Council, 
1663, et seq. Commissioner for 
United Colonies, 1663, et seq. 
Clephane, Walter C, 109. 
Cobb, Morton E., 84. 

Talcott, Gov. Joseph, 1 669-1 741. 
Hartford, Conn. Dep.-Gov., 1724, 
Deputy, I7o8-'io. Asst., 1711- 
'23. Gov., i725-'4i. 
Sanford, Henry G., 46. 

Talcott, Capt. Samuel, 1635-1691. 
Hartford Troop, Deerfield, King 
William's War. Lieut., 1677. 
Capt., 1 68 1. Deputy, i669-'84. 
Asst., i685-'9i. 
Evans, Ira H., 132. 
Talcott, Edward C, 48. 

Tapp, Edmund, 1653. Judge, 

1639. Magistrate after the Union. 
Gov.'s Asst., 1644. Council of 
War, 1644. 
Brereton, Tallmadge H., 29. 

Tarbell, Thomas, 17 17, Groton, 

Mass. Served in Capt. Thomas 
Wheeler's Co., King Philip's War. 
In Groton garrison, i69i-'92. In 
an engagement with Indians about 
1704, when his sons John and 
Zachariah were captured. 
Langworthy, Charles F, 110. 

Tarbox, Sergt. Samuel, 1647-1715. 
In the Long March in the Nipmugg 
country and Great Swamp Fight. 
In Capt. Gardner's Co., io75-'76. 
Sergt., 1689. 
Primrose, John S., 43. 

Taylor, Lieut.-Col. James, 1732- 
1814. Adjt. under Washington, 
Braddock's Campaign. Lieut.- 
Col. of Caroline Co. prior to Revo- 
lution. Member House of Bur- 
gesses, Va. 
Norman, Albert C, 185. 

Taylor, Capt. John, 1641-1704. Capt., 
Hampshire Troop Killed by In- 
dians after destruction of Pasco- 
muck, Queen Anne's War. 
Pollock, Edwin T., 171. 
Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 



Taylor, John, M.D., 1695-1756. 
Prov. Assembly, Penn., i730-'3i. 

Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 

Teller, Lieut. William, 1 620-1 701, 

Albany, N. Y. Corp. at Fort 

Orange, 1639. Lieut., Foot Co., 

under Capt. Abraham Staats, 1669. 

Schwartz, Frank N., 64. 

Schwartz, John L., 65. 
Ten Broeck, Major Dirck Wes- 
sels, 1 638-1 7 1 7. Maj., 1688. 
Dispatched to Canada. Served 
under Gen. Winthrop, Canadian 
Expedition, 1690. Mayor of Al- 
bany, i696-'98- Commissioner 
Indian Affairs, 1691. 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 56. 
Terry, Nathaniel, Va. Justice and 
Sheriff Halifax Co., 1752. Mem- 
ber House of Burgesses, 1768, '72, 

Terry, Alvah L., 167. 

Terry, Capt. Samuel, Jr., 1661-1731, 
Conn. Capt., Enfield Train Band, 
Collins, Holdridge O., 172. 
Terry, Stephen, 15 90- 1668. In 
Windsor Troop, 1658. 
Nicoll, Fancher, 40. 

Tew, Richard, 1673. Deputy, 

R.I., 1654,4^.^7. Asst., 1657. 
Allin, George A., 28. 
Thatcher (Thacher), Anthony, 
1589-1667, Yarmouth, Mass. Rep- 
resentative, 1643, et seq. Militia 
and Council of War, 1642. 
Eldridge, Edric, 85. 
Thatcher, Col. John, 1639-1713. 
Lieut. Barnstable Military Co. 
Capt. and Maj. Plymouth Coun- 
cil of War. Gov.'s Asst. Plymouth 
Col., and Councillor, Mass. 
Totten, John R.,48. 
Thaxter, Capt. John, 1626-1687, 
Hingham, Mass. Deputy, 1665- 
'66. Ens., 1675. Lieut., 1664, 
under Capt. Hudson. Capt. of 
Troop of Cavalry, 1680. 
Green, Robert M., 87. 
Thaxter, Col. Samuel, 1665-1740, 
Hingham, Mass. Col., 1725. Dep- 
uty, 1697, ei se 1- Asst. Member 
of Council. Commissioner on the 
Canadian Embassy, 1724. 
Green, Robert M., 87. 

3 6 

Thomas, Capt. Nathaniel, 1610-1674, 
Ens., Plymouth Colony, under 
Capt. Myles Standish, 1640. Lieut., 
1643. Capt., 1644. Pequot War. 
Moseley, Edward A., 115. 
Thomas, Capt. Nathaniel, 1643-17 18, 
Marshfield, Mass. Representative, 
1672, et seq. Capt. King Philip's 
War. Gov.'s Council. 
Moseley, Edward A., 115. 
Thomas, Lieut. Philip. With Col. 
Bennett headed Parliamentary 
party against Lord Baltimore; won 
victory, capturing Gov. Stone and 
his force, March 24, 1654-5. Ap- 
pointed High Commissioner of 
Provincial Court, 1656-7. One 
of the Commissioners to return 
the Province to Lord Baltimore, by 
command of Cromwell, 1658. 
Ellicott, William M., 71. 
Sharp, George M., 73. 
Thomas, Reese, 1660- 1748. Member 
Penn. Assembly, 1702, '05, '19. 
Williams, Francis H., 68. 
Thomas, William, 1573-1656. Gov.'s 
Asst., Plymouth Col., i642-'43. 
Council of War. Deputy, i640-'44. 
Moseley, Edward A., 115. 
Parish, Edward C, 41. 
Thompson, A n t h o n y , 1612-1647. 
Signer of " Compact " with Gov. 
Eaton and Rev. John Davenport, 
at New Haven, 1639. Soldier in 
Indian Troubles, 1642. 
Ferris, Hiram B., 203. 
Thompson, Thomas, 161 7-1655, Farm- 
ington, Conn. Deputy, 1650. 
Booth, Charles E.,83. 

Thorndike, Capt. Paul, 1643 , 

Beverly, Mass. Lieut, in Capt. 
Dixie's Foot Co., 1677. Capt., 
1689. Deputy, 1681. 
Goldsmith, Oliver, 190. 
Hawks, James D., 189. 
Thorp, Samuel, 1711-1745, Ded- 
ham, Mass. In Maj. Twing's Co., 
Col. John Choate's Regt., 1745. 
Louisburg Expedition. Died at 
Cape Breton. 
Wheeler, Bertrand T., 96. 
Thrall, William, 1606-1679, Wind- 
sor, Conn. Under Capt. John 
Mason, in Pequot War, 1637. 
Case, John E., 139. 


Thurston, Edward, Rhode Island. 
Commissioner, 1663. Deputy, 
1667, et seq. Gov.'s Asst., 1675, 
et seq. 
Tompkins, Hamilton B., 201. 
Tibbals, Sergt. Thomas, 161 5-1 703, 
Milford, Conn. In the Pequot 
War. Sergt., 1671. 
Brereton, Tallmadge H., 29. 
Tibbits, George. (No record of ser- 
vices received.) 
Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 

Tilley, John, 1621. Under 

Myles Standish in first encounter 
with the Indians at Great Meadow 
Creek, Dec. 8th, 1620, three days 
before the landing of the Pilgrims. 
Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 
Coleman, Leighton P., 31. 
Tingley, Benjamin. In Col. Ephraim 
Leonard's Regt. for the invasion 
of Canada, 1759. 
Dexter, Henry C, 199. 

Tisdale, John, 1675, Taunton, 

Plymouth Col. Deputy, 1674. 
Killed by Indians, 1675. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Tolman, Thomas, 1633-1718, Dor- 
chester, Mass. In King Philip's 
War, under Thomas Swift. 
Bird, Robert, 80. 
Tourneur, Corp. Daniel, 1626-1673. 
Corp. Military Co., at Midwout, 
for defence against English, 1654. 
Against Indians, 1660. Magistrate, 
i66o-'63. Patentee of Harlem. 
Dos Passos, Louis H., 32. 
Tower, John, 1609-1702. Of Tower's 
Garrison House, King Philip's 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Towne, Ens. Jacob, 1632-1704, Tops- 
field, Mass. Ens., 1687-1704. 
Perkins, William H., 100. 
Townsend, John. Commissioner in 
R. I., i652-'54. 
Felton, Edgar C, 62. 

Townsend, Richard, 1739. In 

Capt. John Hicks's Co., Queens Co., 
N. Y. Militia, 1738. 
Scudder, Townsend, 47. 

Tozier (Tozer), Richard, 1675, 

Kittery, Me. In Capt. Wincott's 
command, 1675, and killed by 
Indians while under command of 
Lieut. Plaisted. 

Lord, Calvin, 90. 

Pickering, McLaurin J., 41. 
Tracy, Lieut. Jonathan, 1st, of Pres- 
ton, Conn. (No record of ser- 
vices received.) 

Tracy, Charles A., 160. 

Tracy, Thomas H., 160. 
Tracy, Lieut. Thomas, 1610-1685, 
Norwich, Conn. Ens. 1st Co. Mili- 
tia, Conn., 1666. Lieut., New Lon- 
don Co. Dragoons, 1672. Mem- 
ber of General Court. Commissary. 
King Philip's War. Deputy, 1662, 
et seq. 

Haughton, Richard, 63. 

Lathrop, Alanson P., 162, 189. 

Macpherson, Robert B., 38. 

Robinson, Charles L. F., 200. 

Tracy, Charles A., 160. 

Tracy, Thomas H., 160. 
Trask, Capt. William, 1 587-1666, 
Salem, Mass. Capt., 1632, et seq. 
Commanded Salem Co. in Expedi- 
tion under Col. John Endicott, 3rd 
Mass. Regt., against Pequot In- 
dians, 1637. Representative, 1635- 

'37' '39- 

Enos, Alanson T., 33. 
Trask, William, 1 640-1 691. In King 
Philip's War. 

Enos, Alanson T., 33. 
Treat, Lieut. James, 1634-1709, 
Wethersfield, Conn. Trooper In- 
dian War, 1658. Gov.'s Council. 

Smith, Charles S., 55. 
Treat, Capt. Joseph, 1 662-1 721, Mil- 
ford, Conn. Sergt. Ens. Lieut. 
Capt., 1708. Deputy, 1707-08. 

Brereton, Tallmadge H., 29. 
Treat, Hon. Richard, 1584-1669, 
Wethersfield, Conn. Deputy, 1637- 
'44, for Wethersfield Co. Asst., 
1657— '65. Patentee under Charles 
II. Charter, 1662. Gov. John 
Winthrop's Council, i663~'65. 

Beardsley, Samuel F., 103. 

Booth, Charles E., 83. 

Hack, Mervin R., 129. 

Hack, Thomas H., 130. 

Hay, Charles C, 35. 

Miller, Eddis N., 39. 

Thompson, William B., 115. 

Treat, Gov. Robert, 1622-1710, 

Milford, Conn. Lieut., 1654. 

Capt., 1661. Commanding at 

Great Swamp Fight. Maj. com- 



manding Conn. Troops, Hadley 
and Springfield, 1673. Dep.-Gov., 
i6y6-'82. Appointed Gov., 1683. 
In the encounter with the Indians 
at Bloody Brook, Sept. 18, 1675, 
his arrival on the scene of action 
with the Conn. Forces turned the 
tide. Col., 1687. 

Bickford, Robert S., 80. 

Brereton, Tallmadge H., 29. 

Downes, John I. H., 103. 

Goodwin, Augustus F., 125. 

Hayes, Charles H., 119. 

Lindly, John M., 180. 
Tripp(e), John, 1610-1678. Commis- 
sioner, 1655. Deputy, 1648, et seq. 
Asst., 1670, et seq. 

Peck, Raymond E., 180. 
Trippe, Lieut.-Col. Henry, 1632- 
1697, Dorchester Co., Md. Maj. 
of Horse, 1689. Lieut.-Col. of 
Field Officers, 1694. Lower House 
of Assembly, i67i-'8i. 

Trippe, James McC., 73. 
Trow, Bartholomew. Capt. 9th Co., 
Col Moulton's Regt. at siege and 
capture of Louisburg. 

Blodgett, John T., 199. 
Trowbridge, Lieut. Thomas, 1632- 
1702. New Haven Troop, Capt. 
William Russell, King Philip's 

Trowbridge, Edmund Q., 105. 

Trowbiidge, Hayes Q., 105. 
Tuck, John, 1652-1742, Hampton, 
N. H. Deputy, 1696, 1717. 

Palmer, William L., 91. 
Tuck, Jonathan, 1697-1781, Hamp- 
ton, N. H. Deputy, 1754, 1758. 

Palmer, William L., 91. 
Tucker, Robert, 1604-1682, Milton, 
Mass. Deputy, 1669, '80, '81. 

Wheeler, Bertrand T, 96. 
Tupper, Thomas, Sr., 1578-1676, 
Sandwich, Mass. Founder of town, 
1637. Capt. and Member of Coun- 
cil of War. Deputy, 1644, et seq. 

Tupper, James B. T., 112. 

Turner, Humphrey, 1673, Scit- 

uate, Mass. Representative, Ply- 
mouth Col., 1640, et seq. Private 
in Military Co. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 

Turner, Philip F., 208. 

Turner, Capt. Nathaniel, 1647, 

New Haven, Conn. Block Island 

Expedition, Gen. John Endicott, 
1636, and Pequot War. Gov.'s 
Asst., 1639. First Magistrate of 
New Haven, 1639. Capt., Salem, 
Mass., 1634. 
Upson, William F., 120. 

Turner, Capt. William, 1675. 

Capt. King Philip's War. Killed 
in " Falls Fight," 1675. 
Adams, Benjamin B., 199. 
Turner, Philip F., 208. 

Turpin, Lieut.-Col. Thomas, 

1790. Militia of Cumberland Co., 
Virginia, 1754. 
Turpin, Frank B., 171. 
Tuttle, Lieut. John, 1596- 1656, Ips- 
wich, Mass. Representative, 1644. 
A. & H. A. Co., 1644. 
Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 
French, Leon LeL., 109. 
Tuttle, Capt. John, 1646- 1720, 
Dover, N H. Lieut., 1689. Capt., 
1692. Representative, i692-'93. 
Robinson, Charles L. F., 200. 
Tuttle, Hiram A., 126. 
Tuttle, William, 1609-1673. Served 
on the Night Watch at New Haven, 
Brokaw, George T., 29. 
Tyler, John, 1 725-1 794, Attleboro, 
Mass. Qm. and Lieut, in Third 
Bristol Co. Regt., Troop of Horse, 
Carpenter, Wheaton A., 84. 
Tyng, Edward, 1 600-1 681, Boston. 
Deputy, i66i-'62. Asst., 1668- 
Rumrill, Frank, 93. 
Tyng, Capt. William, 1653, Bos- 
ton and Braintree, Mass. Capt. of 
Militia at Braintree. A. & H. A. 
Co., 1638. Ens., 1640. Treasurer 
of Colony, i640-'44. Commis- 
sioner New England Colonies, 
1643. Deputy from Boston, 1639- 
'43, '47. From Braintree, 1649- 

Webber, William O., 96. 

Underhill, Capt. John, 1597-1672. 
Officer, A. & H. A. Co. In 
Pequot War. Gov. of Exeter and 
Dover, N. H., 1641. Led the 
Dutch Troops against the Simaroy 
Indians, 1644. 
Wing, John D., 49. 



Wing, John M., 49. 

Wing, Louis S , 50. 
Updike, Gilbert, 1605-1654, New 
Amsterdam, N. Y. Member of 
Council of War, 1645. Commander 
of Fort Good Hope, 1638, et seq. 

Hagan, Gilbert H., 199. 
Upham, Lieut. Phineas, 1635-1676, 
Maiden, Mass. Lieut, in Capt. 
Wayte's Co., King Philip's War. 
Lieut. 4th Mass. Co. under Capt. 
Isaac Johnson, in the Great Swamp 
Fight, 1675. After Capt. Johnson 
was shot took command until 
wounded. Died from effect of his 
wounds in Oct., 1676. 

Gould, Levi S , 98. 

Green, Samuel S., 98. 

Hall, Henry H., 118. 

Hey wood, Henry B , 212. 

Upham, Charles H., 48. 

Upham, James B., 95. 

Upham, Robert H., 95. 

Woolson, Charles A., 130. 

Valentine, Col. Benjamin, 1650- 
171 2. Dragoon in Colonial service. 
Lindsay, John D., 37. 

Van Brugh, Capt. Johannis Pieters- 
zen. Corp. Blue Flag Co., Burgher 
Corps, i652-'53. New Amsterdam. 
Prest. of the Bench, 1662. Pro- 
vincial Envoy to Amsterdam, 1664. 
Burgomaster, i673-'74. Capt., New 
Orange, 1673-74. 

Davies, Julien T., Jr , 53. 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 56. 

Van Brunt, Col Joost Rutgers, 

1746. Ens. Foot, Kings Co. Militia. 
Lieut., 1700. Capt., 1705. Lieut. - 
Col., 1 71 5. Col., 1722. 

Schenck, Charles L., 55. 
Van Cortlandt, Col. Oloff Steven- 
sen, 1600-1684, New Amsterdam. 
Col. Burgher Corps, 1649 and 
i65S-'6 4 

de Luze, Philip S., 53. 

Parker, Charles W., 119. 

Storm, Clarence, 120. 
Van Cortlandt, Col. Stephanus, 
1 643- 1 7 10. Kings Co. Regt., 
i67i-'93. Member King's Council, 
1 680- 1 700. 

Parker, Charles W., 120. 

Van Cowenhoven, Jacob Wolfert. 
One of the " Nine Men," i647~'58. 
Capt. of Burghery in Netherland. 
Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Van Cowenhoven, Wolfert Ger- 

retse, 1630 . One of the 

Eight Men; also one of the Twelve 
Men under Gov. Kieft, i643-'44. 
Hutton, Arthur L., 36. 
Richards, William S., 45. 
Suydam, Walter L., 56. 
Van Der Bogaert, Harmen Myn- 
dertse, 1612-1647. Surgeon 
West India Co.'s ship Endraght, 
at New Amsterdam, i630-'33. 
Commissary at Fort Orange, 1645. 
Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Van Deusen, Abraham Pieterson. 
Lance Corp. in 2nd Burgher 
Corp., New Amsterdam, 1653. 
One of the "Twelve Men," Aug., 

1 64 1. One of the " Eight Men," 
Nov., 1643. One of the " Mounted 
Guards," 1653. 

Shirley, Rufus G., 47. 

Van Dyke, Hendrick, 1655. 

Ens. under Gov. Kieft, against 
Indians of Westchester, i639-'42. 
Under Capt. Underhill on Long 
Island, 1644. Member of Council, 

1642, et seq. Schout Fiscal, 1645- 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 57. 
Van Gelder, Johannes. Musketeer 
in Fort in New York, June 12, 
Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Van Guysling, Myndert, 1691-1772, 
Schenectady, N. Y. In 2nd Foot 
Co., of Schenectady, N. Y., 1 715. 
Van Guysling, George E., 95. 
Van Kleeck, Capt. Baltus. Capt. of 
Foot Co., Ulster and Dutchess 
Troop, Lieut. -Col. Jacob Rutsen, 
1693 and 1700, for attack on 
Richards, William S., 44. 
Van Kleeck, Lawrence, 1690- 1769, 
Poughkeepsie. In Capt. Barend 
Z. Van Kleeck's Dutchess Co. 
Company, 1 7 15. 
Richards, William S., 44. 

Van Luvanigh, Ens. Zachariah, 

1789. Ens., 1756, French and 
Indian War, Upper Regt., New 
Castle Co., Delaware. 



du Pont, "Victor, 3rct> 196. 

Wainwright, Zachariah, 68. 
Van Naerden, Pieter Casparse 
Mabie, 1663. Corp. Burgh- 
er's Corps, 1653. Ens., 1658. 
Lieut., 1660. Died on Expedition 
to Esopus, 1663. 

Mabie, Hamilton W., 1 19. 
Van Schaick, Capt. Goosen Gerritse, 
1676. Lieut., 1670, at Al- 
bany, Rensselaervvyck and Schen- 
ectady, 1672. Capt., 1673, Dutch 
reoccupation of New Netherland. 

Cox, John L., 67. 
Van Schuyler. (See Schuyler.) 
Van Slichtenhorst, Brant Arent, 
1610-1668. First Resident Di- 
rector of Colony of Rensselaer- 
wyck, 1646- '48. Commander of 
Fort at Rensselaerwyck. 

Pillot, Peter S., 41. 

Sanford, Henry G., 46. 

Schwartz, Frank N., 64. 

Schwartz, John L., 65. 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 56. 
Van Vreedenberg, William. Soldier 
in Dutch West India Co., 1658- 

du Pont, Henry F., 196. 
Van Whickel (or Winckel), Jacob 
Walingsen. One of the 12 Men, 
Aug. 29, 1 64 1. 

Corbusier, William H., 52. 
Vassall, William, 1593-1655. Gov.'s 
Asst., Mass. Bay Colony, 1629- 
'30. Council of War, Plymouth 
Colony, 1642. 

Collins, Holdridge 0., 172. 
Vaughan, George, 1 676-1 724. Vol- 
unteer in Expedition against Port 
Royal, 1 710. Lt.-Gov. of N. H., 

Shannon, Richard C, 47. 
Vaughan, Capt. Robert, 1 600-1 668. 
Commander of Palmer's Island, 
1637. Lieut., 1640; Capt., 1647. 
Commander of Kent, Md., 1647. 
Privy Councillor, l648-'5o. Mem- 
ber of Assembly, 1642. Burgess 
for Kent, 1650, '62. 

Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Vaughan (Vaughn), Maj. William, 
1640-1719. Lieut, of Horse, 1672. 
Capt., 1680. A Royal Councillor 

in Charter granted 1679, constitut- 
ing New Hampshire a separate 
province. Councillor, i690-'98. 
President of Council, i7o6-'i5. 
Commanded Provincial Militia, 
1690. Later Major. 
Parker, Henry R., 126. 

Veazey, Col. John, 1 700-1 777. Col. 
Provincial Military Force in Cecil 
Co., Md., i756-'58. Commander 
of Cecil Co., 1755— '58. 
Veazey, Duncan, 76. 

Vermilye, Isaac, 1 601-1676. Com- 
manded Harlaem Volunteers in 
Expedition to Esopus, 1663. 
Dos Passos, Louis H., 32. 

Viele, Arnout Cornelise. Raised 
arms of Duke of York at Onon- 
tague, 1684. Prisoner of the 
French, 1687. Secured the cap- 
ture of le Chevalier d'Eau, 1689. 
Gave notice of Indian War, 1689. 
Warning of French and Indian 
raid, 1695. Ordered to watch In- 
dians at Onnondage, 1699. Mili- 
tary Interpreter. 
Porter, Valentine M., 149. 

Vose, Lieut. Thomas, 1641-170S, 
Milton, Mass. Lieut, in Capt. 
Samuel Wadsworth's Co., 1676. 
Brown, Charles A., 84. 

Vrooman, Adam, 1 649-1 730. Lieut, 
in Foot Co., Schenectady, 1700. 
Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 

Wade, Thomas, Mass. Capt., Ipswich 
Troop, 1689. In King Philip's 
War. Justice, Court of General 
Sessions, 1691. 
Merrill, John L., 119. 
Wadsworth, Capt. Joseph, 1650- 
1729. Ens. and Lieut., King 
Philip's War. Afterward Capt. 
Cowles, William N., 172. 
Hungerford, Newman, 104. 
Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 

Wadsworth, William, 1677. 

Deputy from Hartford, 1656-75. 
Cowles, William N., 172. 
Wainwright, Francis, 1 609-1 692. 
In Pequot War. Bloody Brook, 
King Philip's War. 
Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 183. 
Rumrill, Frank, 92. 



Wainwright, Col. John, 1618-1708, 
Ipswich, Mass. Representative, 

Rumrill, Frank, 93. 
Wainwright, Capt. Simon, 1656-1708, 
Haverhill, Mass. Capt., Military 
Co., 1 694-1 708. In command of 
house of refuge, killed defending 
it, 1708. 

Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 183. 
Wait, Sergt. Benjamin, i 647-1 704. 
Under Capt. Turner, Falls Fight, 
King Philip's War. Relief of 
Deerfield, and slain in the Meadow 

Converse, Charles A., 132. 

White, Henry K., 173. 
Waite, Capt. John, 1618-1693, Mai- 
den, Mass. Deputy, i666-'84. 
Speaker, 1684. Ens., Maiden 
Train Band, 165 1. Lieut., 1654. 
Capt., i662-'84- Led detachment 
of soldiers to Marlborough, 1675, 
and served subsequently in Maj. 
Pynchon's command, King Philip's 

Clarke, Charles E. F., 84. 

Farwell, John W., 86. 

Wheelock, William B., 213. 

Waite, Sergt. Thomas, 1665, 

Ipswich, Mass. Sergt., 1664. 

Howard, Harry S., 130. 
Wakeman, Capt. John, 1601-1661, 
Conn. Signer New Haven Com- 
pact, 1639. Deputy, 1 64 1, etseq., 
New Haven Col. Capt. of Colonial 
Forces. Treasurer, i655-'6o. 

Clephane, Walter C, 109. 
Wakeman, Capt. Joseph, 1670-1726. 
Lieut., 1704. Capt., 1708. Com- 
mittee of War, 1709. Asst., 1724- 

' 2 5- 
McClintock, John, 38. 

Walbridge, Amos, 1727-1793, Conn. 
Ens., 1st Regt., 1759, French and 
Indian War. Capt., 17th Co , 5th 
Regt., Train Band. 
Dixon, Willis M., 170. 

Waldo, John, 1700, Windham, 

Conn. Served at Quaboag under 
Capt. Wheeler, King Philip's War. 
Brown, Charles H., 52. 
Waldron, Daniel, 1650. Wounded 
in their Majesties' service at White- 
hall, March 19, 1691. 
Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 

Waldron, Resolved, 1613-1690. 
Commissioner to Md. to vindicate 
the Dutch title on the Delaware. 
One of the Night Watch, 1675. 

Dos Passos, Louis H., 32. 

Foster, Frederick de P., 33. 

Pinkney, Townsend, 42. 

Shirley, Rufus G., 47. 
Waldron (Walderne), Major Rich- 
ard, 1617-1689, Dover, N. H. 
Deputy to General Court Mass. Bay 
Col., i654-'79. Speaker, 1 666-'68, 
'73- 79- Member Council of N. H., 
i68o-'82. Vice-President, 1680. 
President, 1 681. Captain, York- 
shire Militia, 1672; Sergt.-Maj., 
1674. Commander-in-chief of the 
Expedition against Penobscot and 
Kennebec Indians, King Philip's 
War. Commander of Provincial 
Forces of N. H., i679-'89- Killed 
by Indians at Dover, June 27, 

Gerrish, Orville K., 86. 

Gerrish, William L., 205. 

Livermore, John R., 38. 

Parker, Henry R., 125. 

Webber, William O., 96. 
Waldron, Col. Richard, 1650-1730. 
Deputy, 1691. Councillor, 1692. 
Colonel in Militia. 

Parker, Henry R., 125. 
Walker, Capt. Richard, 1 592-1 687. 
Reading and Lynn, Mass. Deputy, 
1640, et seq. Lieut, defending 
Lynn, 1632. Ens., 1637. Pequot 
War. Capt., 1656. Member of 
the A. & H. A. Co., i622-'38. 

Walker, Joseph B., 126. 
Walker, Ens. Robert, 1607-1687, 
Lynn, Mass. Ens. Militia, Capt. 
Nathaniel Turner. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

Walker, Capt. Samuel, 161 5-1684, 

Woburn, Mass. Capt. of Woburn 

Co. At Black Point with Capt. 

Scottow, 1677, King Philip's War. 

Walker, Joseph, 95. 
Waller, Benjamin, 1717-1786, Vir- 
ginia. Member House of Bur- 
gesses, 1 744, et seq. 

Waller, Robert T., 186. 
Walley, Lieut.-Col. John, 1643- 
1712. A. & H. A. Co., Com- 
mander, 1679. Asst., Plymouth 
Col., i684-'9i. Council, Col. of 



Mass., 1691. Commander of the 
Land Forces against Quebec, 1690. 
Judge Superior Court, 1700-1711. 

Davies, Julien T., Jr., 53. 
Wallingford, Capt. Thomas, 1697- 
177 1, Portsmouth, N. H. Capt. 
of" the Military Co. of Somers- 
worth, N. H., 1746. 

Pickering, McLaurin J., 41. 
Walton, Lieut. John, Jr., 1710-1785, 
Mass. In 1762 Lieut., Capt. Green's 
Co., of Col. Fyng's 2nd Regt., 
Middlesex Co. Militia. 

Walton, Charles S., 171. 
Ward, Hon. Andrew, 1587-1658. 
One of the Commissioners appoint- 
ed by the Bay Colony, 1636, to 
govern the people of Conn. Asst., 
First General Court. Magistrate 
of Stamford, 1643. One of the 
five worthies who declared war on 
the Pequot Indians. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

Enos, Alanson T., 33. 

Hubbell, Henry W., 53. 

Primrose, John S., 43. 

Ward, Christopher L., 197. 
Ward, Gen. Artemas, 1 727-1800, 
Worcester, Mass. Maj. against 
Canada, 1758. Col., 1759. Com- 
mander of Army of New England, 


Baldwin, Ward, 154. 
Ward, William, 1 597-1 687. Deputy 
from Sudbury, Col. of Mass. Bay, 
1644. Deputy, 1644, '66. In gar- 
rison at Sudbury, King Philip's 
Converse, Charles A., 66, 131. 
Reed, John L., 75. 
Ware, Capt. John, 1646-1718, Wren- 
tham, Mass. In Capt.Thos. Brat- 
tle's Co., King Philip's War, 1675. 
Commanded at Indian Rock. 
Lieut. 1st Military Co., Wrentham, 
1 689-1 704. Capt., 1 71 5. 
Green, Robert M., 87. 
Nash, Louis P., 91. 

Ware, Robert, Sr., 1699, Ded- 

ham, Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 1644. 
Green, Robert M., 87. 
Waring, Capt. Basil, 1683-1733. 
Capt. of Militia, 1715. 
Duvall, Richard M , 71. 
Waring, Samson, 1618-1668. Mem- 
ber Md. Council, 1655-1659. 

Duvall, Richard M., 71. 
Warner, Andrew, 1610-1684, Hart- 
ford, Conn., and Hadley, Mass. 
In Troop, Maj. Mason, 1658. 
In Hampshire Troop, Capt. Pyn- 
chon, 1663. 

Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 

Case, John E., 139. 
Warner, Augustine, Sr., 16 10-1674. 
Burgess from York Co., Va., 1652; 
Gloucester Co., 1655. Council, 
1 659-' 74. 

McGuire, James C, 39. 
Warner, Augustine, Jr., 1 642-1 681. 
Col. commanding Colonial Forces 
and receiving submission of Bacon 
the rebel, 1676. Speaker of the 
Va. House of Burgesses, 1675-77. 
Member of Council, 1680. 

Jackson, Nathaniel F., 185. 

McGuire, James C, 39. 
Warner, Ens. Daniel, 1643-1692, 
Hadley, Mass. Ens. Foot Co., 

Brewster, Samuel D., 52. 
Warner, John, Sr., 1615-1679, Far- 
mington, Conn. Served in Pequot 
War, and received grant of land 
for his services. 

Bates, William O., 212. 
Warner, William, 1 627-1 706. First 
Council Prov. of Penn., 1681. 

Kite, Thomas, 154. 

Thorn, William H. DeC. W., 75. 
Warren, Daniel, 1628 , Water- 
town, Mass. Member of Water- 
town Train Band, 1653. In Capt. 
Nathaniel Davenport's Co., King 
Philip's War, Great Swamp Fight, 
1675. In Sudbury Fight, 1676. 

Warren, Nathan, 95. 
Warren, Jacob, 1 642-1 723, Chelms- 
ford, Mass. Member of garrison 
in West Regt. in Middlesex. 
Chelmsford, 1692-3, under Lieut. 
Ephraim Hildreth. 

Warren, Albert C, 95. 

Warren, Walter B., 95. 

Warren, Richard, 1628. In 

" First Encounter " with Indians 
at Great Meadow Creek (East- 
ham), Dec. 8th (O. S.), 1620, 
three days before the landing at 

Bouve, Charles O., 83. 

Murdock, James B., 91. 



Palmer, William L., 91. 
Thomas, Frank R., 94. 
Tildeti, John P., 56. 
Vaill, Edward G., 207. 
Warriner, James, 1 640-1 727. Sol- 
dier under Col. Pynchon, 1668, '75. 
Built Gilbert Fort, Brookfield. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Washburne, John, Sr., i 585-1670, 
Duxbury, Mass. First Secretary 
Mass. Bay Colony. Under Capt. 
Myles Standish, 1643. In Expe- 
dition against Narragansetts, 1645. 
Newton, Charles H., 156. 
Vail, Henry H., 56. 
Washburne, John, Jr., 1621-1686, 
Duxbury, Mass. Pequot Alarmi 
1645, Narragansett and King 
Philip's Wars, under Capt. Church. 
Newton, Charles H., 156. 
Washington, John, 1633-1677, West- 
moreland Co., Va. Member House 
of Burgesses, 1666, i675-'79. Col. 
of County Forces in Indian War. 
Justice of County, 1662. 
Offley, Cleland N., III. 
Washington, Capt. Laurence, 1661- 
1697, Va. Capt. Member House 
of Burgesses, 1685, et seq. 
Offley, Cleland N., in. 
Waterman, Lieut. John, 17 19-1790, 
Halifax, Mass. Lieut, in Capt. 
Tosiah Sturtevant's Co., Col. Geo. 
Wattson's Regt., 177 1. 
Waterman, Frank S., 95. 
Waterman, George H., 96. 
Waterman, Resolved, 1638-1670. 
Deputy, R. I., 1667. 
Felton, Edgar C, 61. 
Waterman, Richard, 1590-1673. 
Deputy, R. I., 1655— '56-'58. 
Felton, Edgar C., 61. 
Waterman, Robert. In Plymouth 
Militia, 1643. 
Waterman, Heman A., 133. 
Wayne, Capt. Isaac, 1699-1774. 
Prov. Forces of Penn., Indian War, 

I75 6 - 
Wirgman, William W., 65. 

Webb, Christopher, 1630-1694. 
King Philip's War Punckapauge 
(Punkapoag), Mass., garrison, 
1676. Deputy, 1689, '9°- 
Booth, Charles E., 83. 

Webb, Lieut. Joseph, 1674-1740. Ens. 
of Train Band of Stamford, Conn., 
1 71 6. Lieut., 1 72 1. 

Webb, William S., 134. 
Webster, David. Sergt. and Lieut, 
in Capt. Hazen's Co., New Hamp- 
shire Regt., " Seven years' War." 

Russell, Alfred, 189. 

Webster, Gov. John, 1590-1661. 

Deputy, 1637. Gov.'s Asst, 1639- 

'55. Dep.-Gov., 1655. Gov., 

1656. First Magistrate, 165 7— '59. 

Chapin, Samuel A., 31. 

Cowles, William N., 172. 

Hunt, Arthur K.. 205. 

Shepard, Edward M., 150. 

Webster, Edmond K., 126. 
Webster, John. Soldier in Foot Co., 

Smith, Thomas H., 142. 

Webster, Lieut. Robert, 1677, 

Middletown, Conn. Lieut., 1654. 
King Philip's War, 1675. 

Shepard, Edward M., 150. 
Weeks, Capt. Samuel. Served the 
New Hampshire Colony, as per 
allowance on muster roll by com- 
mittee for auditing the public ac- 
counts, at Portsmouth, Nov. 19, 

Weeks, Stephen H., 207. 
Weire, Major John. Burgess from Old 
Rappahannock Co., Va., 1663. 

Key, Edward, 72. 
Weld, John, 1623-1691. In garrison 
at Quaboug, King Philip's War. 

Fuller, Austin W., 132. 
Weld, Capt. Joseph, 1 595-1 646, Rox- 
bury, Mass. Capt. Militia, 1636- 
'46. John Winthrop, Col. Ens., 
A. & H. A. Co., 1638. Deputy, 
1637, et seq. 

Booth, Charles E., 81. 

Fuller, Austin W., 132. 

Goodrich. William, 68. 

Myers, William S., 72. 

Weld, George F., 96. 
Welles (Wells), Hugh, 1590-1645, 
Wethersrield, Conn. Ens. Militia. 

Converse, Charles A., 131. 

Wells, Edward, 134. 

Wells, Frederick H., 134. 

Wells, Frank R., 134. 
Welles, John, 1730-1801. Ens., Conn. 
Militia, 1770. 

Cox, John L., 67. 



Welles, Capt. Samuel, 1693-1760. 
Lieut., Conn. Militia, 1736. Capt., 

Cox, John L., 66. 

Welles, Gov. Thomas, 1598-1660, 
Wethersfield, Conn. Magistrate, 
i637-'6o. Asst., i639-'54. Sec- 
ond Treas., i639-'5i. Sec, 1640- 
'48. Gov. pro tern., 1651. Dep.- 
Gov. 1654, et seq. Gov., 1655— '58. 
Commissioner for the United Colo- 
nies, 1 649, et seq. 

Andrews, Alfred H., 137. 

Andrews, Herbert C, 170. 

Booth, Charles E., 83. 

Case, John E., 139. 

Chapman, Edward L., 108. 

Jones, Charles L., 194. 

Morse, Glenn T., 90. 

Parker, Charles W., 1 19. 

Postley, Sterling, 42. 

Root, Charles S., 112. 

Root, Cyrus, 1 12. 

Sparrow, Jackson W., 155. 

Wells, Henry J., 163. 

Williams, George G., 105. 

Williams, John C, 120. 
Welles, Thomas, 1 620-1 676. In King 
Philip's War. 

Moffat, R. Burnham, 39. 

Root, William S., 46. 

Wells, Edward, 134. 

Wells, Frederick H., 134. 

Wells, Frank R., 134. 

Wright, Joshua B., 51. 
Welles, Hon. Thomas, 1 627-1 668. 
Q. M., 1658. Deputy, 1662. Asst., 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Wellington, Benjamin, J 709, 

Watertown, Mass. In the Forces 
of Mass. Col. Expedition against 
Narragansett Fort. 

Whitin, Ernest S., 49. 
Wells, Col. George. Member of 
Gen. Assembly in Patuxent, 1654. 
Comr. for reducing Province to 
authority of England. Judge of 
Prov. Court in Md. in 1655 and 

Kenly, William W., 36. 
Wells, Richard, 1667. Com- 
missioner of Maryland, 1654. 
Member of Prov. Court, 1655. 

Hill, John P., 71. 


Wells (Welles), Thomas, 1605- 
1666, Ipswich, Mass. Ens. " Mili- 
tary Co. of the Massachusetts," 
Holbrook, Levi, 98. 
Welsh, Sergt. Thomas, 1 622-1 701, 
Charlestown, Mass. Sergt. Charles- 
town Train Band, i68i-'86. 
Welsh, Willard, 96. 
Wendell, Capt. Johannes, 1649-1692, 
Albany, N. Y. Capt. of Infantry 
at Albany, 1684. 
Davies, Julien T., Jr., 53. 
Wendell, Barrett, 96. 
Wentworth, Lieut.-Gov. John, 1671- 
1730, Portsmouth, N. H. Council, 
1711. Lieut.-Gov. N. H., 1717- 
Pope, Percival W., 92. 
Wentworth, Elder William, 1616- 
1697, Dover, N. H. Saved Heard's 
garrison, 1689. 
Pickering, McLaurin J., 41. 
West, Col. John, 1689. Presi- 
dent of the Council, and Captain- 
General. Gov. Va., 1635— '37. 
Aylett, Patrick H., 146. 

Westcott, Daniel, 1702. Voted 

land for military services, Stamford, 
Conn., 1676. Deputy, 1691, '92, 


Hill, Malcolm W., 74. 

Hill, Norman A., 72. 
Westcott, Stukely, 1592-1677, 
Providence, R. I. One of the 
Founders of the Providence Plan- 
tations. Deputy, 1650. Com- 
missioner, 1651-53. Gov.'s Asst., 
1656 . 

Bailey, Gilbert L., 154. 

Nickerson, Stephen W., 99. 

Snyder, Charles E., 120. 

Westcote, William J., 49. 
Westwood, William, 1607-1669, 
Commissioner appointed by the 
General Court of Mass. to govern 
Conn., 1635. Deputy. 

Brown, Paul, 137. 

Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 
Wetherbee, John, 1643-1711, Marl- 
borough, Mass. Soldier in gar- 
rison, King Philip's War. 

Green, Robert M., 87. 
Wetherell, Capt. Daniel, 1630- 
17 19. Capt. and Commissary at 
New London, King Philip's War. 


Kennan, Thomas L., 192. 
Wetherill, Thomas. (No record of 
services received.) 
Levick, Lewis J., 63. 

Wetherill, Christopher, 171 1. 

Council of Proprietors of West 
Jersey, 1 688-1 707. 
Levick, Lewis J., 63. 
Wetherill, William C, 176. 
Wheeler, Capt. Philip, 1698-1765, 
Rehoboth, Mass. King Philip's 
Thompson, William B., 115. 
Wheeler, Capt. Timothy, 1604- 
1687, Concord, Mass. Militia. 
In King Philip's War. Deputy, 
1663, et. seq. Ens., 1646. Capt.. 
Depew, Chauncey M., 53. 
Wheeler, Ens. Thomas, 1 660-1 734, 
Concord, Mass. Ens. of the Con- 
cord Co. 
Hurd, Ethan O., 156. 
Wheelock, Ralph, 1600-1683, Med- 
field, Mass. Deputy, 1663, et seq. 
Hicks, Lewis W., 88. 
Wheelwright, Col. John, 1 664-1 745. 
Garrison House, Wells, Me. Un- 
der Major John Converse. Sta- 
tioned at Fort Mary on the Saco. 
Deputy, Mass., 1692-1742. Mem- 
ber of Council, I7o8-'33. Indian 
Commissioner, I7i4-'4i. 
Clark, James B., 31. 
Clark, Rufus W., 190. 
Clark, Samuel A., 31. 
Wheelwright, Lieut. Samuel, 1635- 
1700. Lieut., 1665, Mass. Bay 
Col. Militia. Gov.'s Asst., 1695- 
Clark, Rufus W., 190. 
Whipple, Ens. Jeremiah, 1 683-1 721. 
Ens., 6th Co., 2nd Regt., Nova 
Scotia Expedition, 1707. 
Farnum, Arthur W., 162. 
Whipple, Capt. John, 161 7-1685. In 
King Philip's War under Capt. 
Roger Williams; commanded an 
expedition into the Indian coun- 
try. One of defenders of Provi- 
dence when it was attacked by 
Indians. Deputy, 1666, et seq. 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Felton, Edgar C, 61. 
Page, Walter G., 206. 

Whipple, Capt. John, 1626-1683, Ips- 
wich, Mass. Cornet in Capt. John 
Appleton's Troop, 1668. Lieut, 
in Capt. Nicholas Paige's Co., 
Mount Hope Campaign, King 
Philip's War, 1675. Capt., Ipswich 
Troop, 1676. Marched against 
Indians, Marlborough, 1676. En- 
gagements, Quabog and Salisbury, 
1677. Deputy, 1674, et seq. 

Gould, Levi S., 98. 
Whipple, Col. Joseph, 1662-1746, 
Providence, R. I. Deputy, 1698- 
1728. Gov.'s Asst., 1714. Col. 
of Land Forces, 1719-20. 

Felton, Edgar C, 61. 
White, Lieut. Daniel, 1639-1713. 
Lieut., Hatfield, Mass., Co., 1692. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 205. 

White, Elder John, 1595-1684, 

Hadley, Mass., and Hartford, 

Conn. Deputy, General Court 

Mass. Bay from Hadley, 1664, '69. 

Booth, Charles E., 81. 

Cox, John L., 67. 

Hunt, Arthur K, 206. 

White, William R., 96. 
White, Capt. John, 1685. Dele- 
gate from Somerset Co. to Md. 
Assembly, i678-'8i. Capt. of 
Horse, Somerset Co. 

Duer, Henry L., 71. 

White, Capt. Nathaniel, 1629-1711, 

Middletown, Conn. Deputy, 1659, 

1661-1710. Lieut., 1679. In King 

Philip's War. Capt., 1690 and 1699. 

Booth, Charles E., 83. 

Hatch, Clarence, 184. 

Hatch, Josiah O., 184. 

Sayres, Edward S., 68. 

Wells, Edward, 134. 

Wells, Frederick H., 134. 

Wells, Frank R., 134. 

White, William H., 105. 
White, Capt. Peregrine, 1620- 1704. 
Capt. of Mass. Troops. Plymouth 
Council of War, 1675. 

Hoyt, Charles W., 36. 

Tilden, John P., 56. 
White, Capt. Thomas, i 599-1679, 
Weymouth, Mass. Militia. Dep- 
uty, i637-'7i. 

Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 
Whiting, Lieut. Charles, 1 692-1 788. 
Lieut., Conn. Militia, 17 19. 

Haughton, Richard, 63. 



Whiting, Rev. John, 1635-1686. 
Chaplain. Hartford Forces, King 
Philip's War. 
Foster, Frederick de P., 34. 
Rose, John C, 73. 
Whiting, Col. John, 1719-1770. 
Capt., 1758. Maj, 1759. Lieut. - 
Col., 1760. Col., 1 761. 
Haughton, Richard, 63. 
Whiting, Jonathan, 1667-1728, 
Dedham, Mass. In Capt. John 
Whittington's Co., Suffolk Regt., 
Maj. Thomas Savage, Expedition 
to Canada, 1690. 
Rumrill, Frank, 93. 
Whitin, Ernest S., 49. 

Whiting, Major William, 1647. 

Deputy to General Court, 1637. 
Asst. and second Colonial Treas- 
urer, Conn., i643~'47. Maj. in 
Colonial Forces. 
Collins, Holdridge O., 172. 
Haughton, Richard, 63. 
Rose, John C, 73. 
Whiting, Col. William, 1 659-1 724. 
Deputy, i7io-'i5. Speaker, 1714. 
Capt., Maj., and Col , French and 
Indian Wars, 1693-1709. Com- 
manded Expedition to Port Royal, 
Haughton, Richard, 63. 
Whitman, Ens. John, 1 603-1 692, 
Weymouth, Mass. Ens. of Foot 
Howard, Harry S., 130. 
Whitman, Valentine, Mass. Com- 
missioner, 1658. Deputy, 1675, et 
Brown, Paul, 138. 
Whitmarsh (Whitemarsh), John, 

1708, Weymouth, Mass. In 

King Philip's War under Capts. 
Johnson and Jacob. 
Freeman, Alden, 121. 
Reed, John L., 74. 
Whitmore, Sergt. Francis, 1625- 
1685, Cambridge, Mass. In Maj. 
Simon Willard's Command, King 
Philip's War, 1676. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Whitmore, Lieut. Francis, 1650- 
1700, Middletown, Conn. Lieut., 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 

Whitmore, John, 1648, New 

Haven. Deputy, i642-'43. 

Booth, Charles E., 81 . 
Whitney, John, 1 624-1 692, Water- 
town, Mass. In Capt. Hugh Ma- 
son's Co., King Philip's War. In 
the Sudbury Fight, 1676. 
Whitney, Ralph H., 96. 
Whitney, Richard, 96. 
Whitney, Robert B., 96. 
Whitney, William. (No record of 
services received.) 
Foster, Frederick de P., ^^. 

Whittingham, Capt. John, 

1649, Ipswich, Mass. A. & H. A. 
Co., 1638. Ens., 1644. Capt., 
1645. Lieut, at Ipswich, 1645. 
Dyer, Leonard H., 114. 

Wickenden, Rev. William, 

1670. Deputy, R. I., 1647, et seq. 
Hough, Oliver, 68- 
Wickes, John, 1609-1675. Deputy, 
165 1, et seq. Gov.'s Asst., 1650, 
'56, '66. Killed by Indians in 
King Philip's War. 
Felton, Edgar C , 62. 
Wickes, John, 1671-1741. Deputy, 
R. I., 1706, et seq. Assistant, 1715, 
et seq. 
Felton, Edgar C, 62. 

Wiggin, Gov. Thomas, 1667. 

Gov. Upper Plantations, N. H., un- 
der Lord Saye and Sele and Lord 
Brooke, i63i-'36. Deputy, Mass. 
Bay Colony, 1645, Hampton, 
N. H. Gov.'s Asst. i654-'6o. 
Godwin, Joseph B., 67. 
Hoyt, Charles W., 36. 
Morse, Edward E., in. 
Wightman, Valentine. Commission- 
er, 1658. Deputy, 1675, et seq. 
" One of those who staid and went 
not away in King Philip's War." 
Wilcox, Howard D., 200. 
Wilbur (Wilbour), William, Rhode 
Island. Deputy from Portsmouth, 
Tompkins, Hamilton B., 201. 
Wilder, Lieut. Nathaniel, 1630- 
1 704. Charlestown and Lancaster, 
Mass. Lieut, at Charlestown, 
1704. Killed by Indians. 
Wilder, Edward B., 151. 

Wilkinson, Lawrence, 1692. 

Deputy, R. I., 1667, '73. 
Hough, Oliver, 68. 



Wilkinson, Thomas, 1757. 

Member of Md. Assembly from 
Queen Anne Co., 1738, et seq. 

Williams, Nathan W., 76. 
Willard, Major Simon, 1605-1676, 
Groton, Mass. Deputy, i636-'54. 
Gov.'s Asst., 1 654- 1 676. Com- 
mander-in-chief of the Expedition 
against Ninigret, 1655. Battle of 
Brookfield. Commanded the Mid- 
dlesex, Mass., Regt. in King 
Philip's War. 

Crane, Albert, 103. 

Goodwin, Charles A., 103. 

Meigs, Peveril, Jr., 39. 

Melcher, John S., 39. 

Oddie, Orville, Jr., 40. 
Wii.lett, Col. Thomas, 1645-1722. 
Commander, Queen's Co. Militia, 
1 683- 1 689. Member of Govern- 
or's Council, Prov. of N. Y., 1690- 

Pratt, Alexander D. B., 43. 

Sanford, Henry G., 46. 

Willets, John, 1688 . Judge, 

Cape May Co., N. J. Member of 
N.J. Legislature, 1743. 

Atkinson, John B., 166. 
Williams, Sergt. David. (No rec- 
ord of services received.) 

Kulp, John S., 170. 
Williams, Ebenezer, 1650-1718, Dor- 
chester, Mass. In Capt. Wads- 
worth's Co., 1676. 

Brown, Charles A., 83. 
Williams, Ensign George, 1717- 
1803, Taunton, Mass. Ens. of 3rd 
Foot Co. of Taunton, Ebenezer 
Dean, Capt., and Ephraim Leon- 
ard, Col., 1754. Served in French 
and Indian War, 1757. Taken 

Williams, Charles J., 97. 
Williams, Isaac, 1638-1707. Com- 
manded a Troop at Newton, Mass. 
Lieut, of Foot Co. In King 
Philip's War. Deputy, 1692-1705. 

Potts, Charles E., 42. 

Williams, Gordon, 49. 
Williams, Col. Joseph, 1 708-1 798, 
Roxbury, Mass. Col , Mohawk 
War, 1755. Also in Canadian 
Campaign, i758-'6o. 

Beal, Boylston A., 80. 

Hoyt, Charles W., 36. 

Rumrill, Frank, 93. 

Williams, Robert, 1608-1693, Rox- 
bury, Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 1644. 

Potts, Charles E., 42. 

Rumrill, Frank, 92. 

Williams, Gov. Roger, 1 599-1 683. 

Capt., Providence, R. I., King 

Philip's War. Gov., i654~'56. 

Asst., 1647, et seq. Deputy, 1667. 

Bates, George W., 188. 

Brown, Charles H., 52. 

Cooke, Thomas F., 180. 

Dennis, Arthur W., 199. 

Dyer, Daniel B., 129. 

Dyer, Louis, 140. 

Felton, Edgar C., 61. 

Huntington, Henry A., 141. 

Kimball, Charles D., 199. 
Williams, Capt. Stephen, 1 640-1 720, 
Roxbury, Mass. Capt. of Troop 
serving at the Eastward, i704~'o5; 
on Frontier, 1707-'! 2. Guard to 
Col. Schuyler, and the Maqua In- 
dians, 1 710 

Rumrill, Frank, 93. 
Williams, Stephen. Member from 
Currituck Co., North Carolina As- 
sembly, 1733. 

Williams, Nathan W., 76. 
Willing, Capt. Charles, 1 710-1754. 
Commanded a company, Asso- 
ciated Regt. of Philadelphia Foot, 
i747-'48, Col. Abraham Taylor. 

Bayard, Thomas F., 196. 


1658. House of Burgesses for 
Elizabeth City, Va., i629-'32. 
Of the Council, 1 644-'46-'50. 
Thomas, Douglas H., 56. 

Wills, Daniel, 1 633-1 698, New Jer- 
sey. Prov. Councillor, i682-'85. 
Jaggard, Edward A., 162. 

Wilson, Col. Benjamin, 1747-1827. 
Lieut., Dunmore Army, Expedition 
against Chilicothe Indians, 1774. 
Smith, Benjamin W., 213. 

Wilson, Rev. John, 1581-1667, Bos- 
ton, Mass. Pastor of First Church, 
1630. Military Chaplain in Pequot 
War under Capt. Israel Stoughton. 

Allen, Crawford C, 80. 
Wilson, John, 1650-1715. Lieut., 
Mass. Militia, 1692. 
Richards, William S., 45. 
Wilson, Col. William, 1646-1713, 
Hampton, Va. High Sheriff, 1693- 



'94. Burgess, 1685, et seq. Naval 
Officer of James River, 1699, 171 1. 
Mayor, 1691. Col. and County 
Lieut., 1698. 

Tyler, George T., 65. 

Wilton, Lieut. David, 1678. 

In King Philip's War, Forces of 

Loomis, John H., 141. 

Wingate, Col. Joshua, 1679-1769, 

Hampton, N. H. Capt. in Col. 

Hawkins's Regt., 171 7. Maj., 1730, 

Col., 1744. At Louisburg, 1745. 

Reed, John L., 75. 
Winn (Twing or Wing), Increase, 
1641-1690. Under Capt. Brattle, 
King Philip's War. 

Wheelock, William B., 213. 

Winne, Pieter, 1696. Town 

Major in Militia, Albany, N. Y., 
1689. Commissioner to treat with 
Indians, 1690. Magistrate, 1650. 

Stringer, Edward C, 163. 

Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Winship, Lieut. Edward, 1613-1688, 
Cambridge, Mass. A. & H. A. 
Co., 1638. Ens., 1647. Lieut, 
1660. Deputy, 1663, et seq. 

Depew, Chauncey M., 53. 
Winsley, Samuel, 1663, Salis- 
bury, Mass. Deputy, 1642,^5^. 
Commissioner, 1652. 

Webb, William S., 134. 
Winslow, Col. Edward, 1669-1753, 
Boston. A. & H. A. Co., 1700. 
Sergt., 1702. Lieut., 171 1. Capt. 
I7I4~'29. Maj. of Boston Regt., 
1729. Col., 1733. 

Winslow, Erving, 97. 
Winslow, Lieut. Job, 1 641-1720, 
Freetown, Mass. In Fight at 
Swansea, 1675. Deputy, 1692. 

Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 

Winslow, Howard S., 157. 
Winslow, John, 1597-1674, Plymouth. 
Member of the Council of War, 
1646. Deputy, i653-'55. 

Howard, Harry S., 130. 

Nichols, Willard A., 172. 

Vail, Henry H., 56. 
Winslow, Josiah, 1605- 1674, Marsh- 
field, Mass. Deputy, 1643,^5^. 

Snow, Edgar M., 143. 
Winslow, Kenelm, 1599-1672, Marsh- 
field, Mass. Member of the Marsh- 

field Military Co., 1643. Repre- 
sentative, i643-'44, i649~'53. 

McGrath, John, 154. 

Stone, Edgar M., 143. 

Williams, Nathan W., 76. 

Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 

Winslow, Howard S., 157. 
Winthrop, Gov. John, 15 87- 1649. 
First Gov. of Mass. Bay Colony, 
1629. Asst, 1635 and 1641. Dep.- 
Gov., 1636 and 1644. Commis- 
sioner for United Colonies, 1643 
and 1645. Col., Suffolk Regt., 

Caldwell, Frank E., 30. 

Smith, Hamilton, 150. 

Smith, Joshua B., 126. 

Smith, Ralph L., 150. 

Smith, William D. G., 126. 

Smith, William D. G., 150. 
Wise, Maj. Ammi Ruhami, 1689- 
1749, Mass. Representative, 1739- 
'40. Commanded Company from 
Essex Co. in expedition against 
West Indies, 1 740. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 
Wise, Rev. John, 1652-1 725, Ipswich, 
Mass. Chaplain, Narragansett 
Campaign, and in Phips's Expedi- 
tion, 1690. Deputy, Mass., 1689. 

Hunt, Arthur K., 206. 
Wiswall, Elder John, 1601-1687. 
In King Philip's War. 

Morse, Willard S-, 177. 
Wiswall, Capt. Noah, 1st, 1638-1690, 
Newton, Mass. Marched to re- 
lief of Casco, now Portland, Me., 
1690. Killed at Wheelwright's 

Richards, William S., 45. 
Wiswall, Noah, 1699-1786, Newton, 
Mass. In Expedition to Cuba, 

Richards, William S., 44. 
Wiswall, Lieut. Thomas, 1668-1709. 
Lieut, in Militia Co., Newton, 
Mass., 1695-1 700, King William's 

Richards, William S., 44. 

Woelpper, John David, 1708. 

Served under Washington in Ex- 
pedition against Indians, 1759. 
Later appointed by Honorable 
Congress Capt in German Bat- 
talion. Lieut, in Virginia, 1759. 

Harding, Hammond L., 35. 



Wolcott, Gov. Henry, 1578-1655. 
Deputy, 1639. Magistrate to 
Asst. Gov., 1643— '55. 
Converse, Charles A., 66, 131. 
Converse, John H., 129. 
Douglas, Walter B., 146. 
Homer, William B., 147. 
Wolcott, Henry, Jr., 1610-1680. 
Representative, i655-'56-'6i. 

Gov.'s Asst., 1662. Council of 
War, 1675-76. 
Douglas, Walter B., 147. 
Wolcott, Col. Oliver, 1 726-1 797, 
Litchfield, Conn. Deputy, 1764- 
'67-'68-'7o. Gov.'s Asst., 1771— 
'74. Maj., 13th Regt., 1771. Col., 
17th Regt., 1774. 
Wolcott, Roger, 97. 
Wolcott, Gov. Roger, 1679- 1767, 
Windsor, Conn. Deputy, 1709. 
Commissary, Expedition of 1711. 
Councillor, 1714. Dep.-Gov., 1741. 
Commander of Conn. Forces, Ex- 
pedition to Cape Breton, 1745; 
Maj.-Gen. Gov., 1750. 
Griggs, Robert F., 104. 
Wolcott, Samuel, i 656-1 695, Conn. 
Deputy, 1685. 
Douglas, Walter B., 147. 
Wolfe, Reece, 1733-1797. Lieut. Es- 
sex Co., Delaware Militia, 1756. 
Wolfe, Daniel R., 151. 
Wolfe. M. Good, 151. 
Wood, Benjamin, i 725-1805, Frank- 
lin, Conn. In French and Indian 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Wood, John, 1656-1735. Rowley, 
Mass. In King Philip's War. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Wood, Thomas, 1635-1687, Rowley, 
Mass. In King Philip's War. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 

Wood, Thomas, 1691 , Bradford, 

Mass. In French and Indian War. 
Booth, Charles E., 82. 
Woodbridge, Rev. John, 1613-1695. 
A. & H. A. Co., 1644. Gov.'s 
Asst., Mass. Bay Col., i683-'84. 
Snow, Edgar M., 143. 
Woodbury, John, 1580-1641, Con- 
stable at Salem, 1630. Dep., 1635— 
'37-'38-'39. Selectman. 
Ober, Gustavus, 72. 
Woodman, Lieut. Edward, 161 2 
. Lieut., 1637. In Pequot 

War. Deputy, 1636, et seg., Mass. 
Bay Col. 
Gamble, Thomas, Jr., 184. 
Woodruff, Ens. Jacob, 171 7-1 790. 
Ens., 1753, 3rd Co. of Foot, 13th 
Conn. Regt. Deputy, 1759-68. 
Magistrate, i759-'90. 
Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 
Woodruff, Capt. Nathaniel, 1687- 
1758. Ens., 1733. Lieut., 1736. 
Capt., 1738, 1st Co. Foot, Little- 
field, Conn., Regt. 
Babcock, Harry W., 28. 
Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 

Woods, Isaac, 1700 , Mass. "Cen- 

tinel" in a Co. in His Majesty's 
Service, from Groton, under Lieut. 
Fairbank. Served from Novem- 
ber, 1723, to June, 1724. 
Walton, Charles S., 171. 
Woodson, Dr. John. Accompanied 
Sir Harvey to Virginia, Surgeon 
Militia, 1623. Stationed at what 
is now James City Co. 
Clarke, Bailey T., 166. 
Woodward, Henry, i 7 2 0-1 756. 
Killed in French and Indian War, 
June, 1756. 
Page, Carroll S., 133. 
Woodward, John, 1688, Taun- 
ton, Mass. Tn First Squadron of 
Taunton, 1682. 
Woodward, Theron R., 142. 
Woodward, Jonathan, i 740-1840, 
Dunstable, Mass. In Capt. Leon- 
ard Whiting's Co., 1761. In Capt. 
Benjamin Edwards's Co., 1762. 
Dyar, Perlie A., 85. 
Woodward, Peter, 1603-1685. Rep- 
resentative from Dedham Mass., 
to General Court, 1665, '69, '70. 
Rose, John, C, 73. 
Woodward, Peter, Jr., 1638-1721. 
Soldier in King Philip's War, from 
Dedham, Mass. 
Rose, John C, 73. 
Woolsey, Joris, "George," 1610- 
1698. Cadet Burgher Corps. 
Brokaw, George T., 29. 
Winslow, Chauncey R., 157. 
Woolson, Thomas. In Capt. Pren- 
tice's Co. in Mt. Hope Campaign, 
1675. In Capt. Poole's Co., 1676. 
Douglas, Walter B., 147. 
Woolson, Charles A., 130. 
Worden, Peter, 1609-16S1. Mem- 



ber of Yarmouth, Mass., Co., un- 
der Lieut. William Palmer, 1643. 
Snow, Edgar M., 143. 


Justice A. A. Co., Md. 1692. Bur- 
gess, 1699. Capt. in Militia. 

Ball, Samuel B., 146. 

Wright, Capt. Edward, I 7 3> 

Sudbury, Mass. In King Philip's 

Hicks, Lewis W., 88. 
Wright, Sergt. Samuel, i 630-1 675. 
Sergt., King Philip's War. Killed 
at Northampton, Mass. 

Brown, Paul, 138. 

Woodruff, Frederick S., 50. 
Wyllys, Gov. George, 1602-1645, 
Hartford, Conn. Trooper in 
Pequot War. Gov.'s Asst., 1639. 
Gov., i64i-'42. 

Edwards, Charles L., 103. 

Lyman, Elias, 132. 
Wyman, Col. Isaac. At Fort Massa- 
chusetts and in French and In- 
dian War, I747~'48 and 1760. 
Lieut., 1754. Capt., 1755. Com- 
manded Fort Massachusetts, 1756. 
Representative, N. H., 1773. 

Rainforth, Selden Irwin, 155. (See 
Corrigenda, under Ohio Society.) 
Wynne, Dr. Thomas, 1630-1692. 

First Provincial Assembly, Penn., 

Sharp, George M., 73. 
William, Francis H., 68. 

Yardley, Thomas. Member Pa. 
Assembly, 1715, '22. 

Tyson, Malcolm V., 75. 
Yates, Capt. Christopher, 1737— 1785. 
Wounded at Ticonderoga, 1758. 

Sanford, Henry G., 46. 
Yates, Joseph, 1660-1730, Albany, 
N. Y. Colonial soldier, 1689, '97, 

Myers, James F. C, 185. 
Yeamans, Sir John, 1674. Mem- 
ber of Council. Lt.-Gen Gov. of 
Carolina 1671 and Commissioner- 
Governor of Co. of Clarendon 
near " Cape Faire." 

Postell, John C, 186. 
Youngs, Col. John, 1623-1697, South- 
old, L. I. Capt., Militia at South- 
old to aid in capture New Amster- 
dam, 1664. In command when the 
Dutch landed at Southold, 1673. 
Member Gov.'s Council, 1686, 
et seq. Col., 1693. Commissioner 
of United Colonies, 1654. 

Tuttle, Joseph F., Jr., 177. 

Vail, Henry H., 56. 



I. General Register of 1902. 


Page 75. Under Dudley, Edgar Swartwout, in place of 7th from Roelff 

Swartwout, read 7th from Roeloff Swartwout. 
Page 85. Under Gilfillan, William Whitehead, in place of 4th from Pay- 
master Hezekiah Hutchins, read 4th from Paymaster Hezekiah 

Page 119. The name, Montanye, James de la (with its lines of descent), 

should be transferred to its proper place on page 71, and read 

de la Montanye, James, etc. 
Page 149. The name Saltonstall, Andrew Hutchins Mickle, should read 

Mickle-Saltonstall, Andrew Hutchins, and be transferred to 

its proper place on page 1 1 7. 
Page 157. Under Smith, Charles Stewart, in place of 6th from Hon. Richard 

Smith, read 6th from Hon. Richard Treat. 

Page 201. The name Lardner, James Laurence, should read Lardner, James 

Page 224. Under Burton, Robert, in place of 5th from John Curtis, read 5th 
from Jehu Curtis. 

Page 350. The name Folsom, William Henry, should read Folsom, William 
Under Hale, Thomas Wright, in place of 8th from Capt. Samuel 
Shackford, read 7th from Capt. Samuel Shackford; in place of 7th 
from Capt. William Shackford, read 6th from Capt. William 

Page 360. Under Allen, Charles Edwin, read 7th from Capt. Josiah Standish. 
Under Allen, Heman W., in place of 7th, before John Alden, read 6th. 
Under Benedict, George Grenville, in place of 4th, before Capt. 
Stephen Dewey, read 3rd. 



Under Boynton, Charles Smith, in place of 9th, before Lieut. 

Nathaniel Putnam, read 5th. 
Under Converse, Charles Allen, in place of Lieut. Joseph Prentis, Joseph Prentis. 
Page 361. Under Dewey, Hon. Charles, in place of 8th, before John Talcott, 

read 7th; in place of 7th, before Capt. Samuel Talcott, read 6th. 
Under Dillingham, William Paul, in place of 4th from John Dil- 
lingham, read 3rd from Sergt. Paul Dillingham. 
Under Dyer, Horace Edward, in place of 8th, before Capt. Robert 

Chapman, read 7th. 
Under Fifield, Hon. Benjamin Frank, in place of 4th, before Capt. 

Edward Fifield, read 5th. 
Page 362. Under Forbes, Charles Spooner, in place of 8th, before John 

Alden, read 7th. 
Under the same name, in place of Gov. Constant Southworth, reaa 

Gen. Constant Southworth. 
Under Fuller, Austin Weld, in place of 10th, before Gov. Thomas 

Prince, read 9th. 
Under Haskell, Horace Stuart, in place of 5th, before Lieut. 

Adam Hinman, read 4th. 
Under Hathaway, Forrest Henry, in place of 9th, before Capt. 

Isaac Johnson, read 8th. 
Under Houghton, James Clay, in place of 7th, &y&r* John Houghton, 

raz</ 6th. 
Page 363. Under Huse, Hon. Hiram Augustus, in place of 8th, before Lieut. 

Thomas Cooper, read 7th. 
Under Jones, Wylie Brantley, in place o/9th, before Col. Ebenezer 

Johnson, read 8th. 
Under Kimball, Robert Jackson, in place of 4th, &?/<?r* Robert 

Bradish, read 3rd. 
Under Lyman, Hon. Elias, in place of 6th from John Lyman, read 

6th from Lieut. John Lyman. 
Under Morton, Frederick Nash, in place of 6th, before Col. 

Thomas Ellison, read 5th. 
Under Noble, Robert, in place of 5th, before Capt. Eli Noble, 

read 4th. 
Under Page, Carroll Smalley, in place of 8th, before William 

Hyde, read 7th. 
Under Peck, Hon. Hamilton Sullivan, in place of 8th, before 

Joseph Peck, read 7th. 
Page 364. Under Peck, Theodore Safford, in place of 5th, before Lieut. 

Joseph Peck, read6th; in place of 6t\i, before Elias Keyes, read 5th. 
Under Putnam, Eben, in place of 8th, before Capt. John Putnam, 

read 7th. 
Under Putnam, Ralph Wright, in place of 8th, before Lieut. Thomas 

Putnam, read 7th. 



Under Richardson, Albert Emore, in place of 6th from Ezekiel 

Richardson, read 8th from Elder William Brewster. 
Under Richardson, Frederick Albert, in place of 7th from 

Ezekiel Richardson, read 6th from Samuel Richardson, Jr. 
Under Roberts, Rev. William Shields, in place of 5th, before 

Capt. William Brockway, read 4th. 
Under Smith, George Gregory, in place of 7th, before Hezekiah 

Brainerd, read 6th. 
Under Telford, Worthington Smith, read 7th from Lieut. Samuel 

Under Tuttle, Albert, in place of gth, before Capt. Thomas Miner, 

read 8th; in place of 8th, before Capt. John Miner, read 7th; in 

place of Gov. William Bradford, read Maj. William Bradford. 
Under Van Patten, Charles Strain, in place of 6th, before John 

Douglass, read 5th. 
Page 365. Under Van Patten, Hon. William James, in place of 5th, before 

John Douglass, read 4th. 
Under Ward, Frederick W., in place of 7th, before Col. Samuel 

Partridge, read 6th. 
Under Ward, Henry L., in place of 7th, before Col. Samuel Partridge, 

mi!<f 6th. 
Under Webb, William Seward, in place of 7th, before Sergt. John 

Nott, read 6th. 
Under Wells, Edward, read Capt. in place of Lieut, before 

Nathaniel White (make same substitution under the three names 

which follow). 
Under Woodbury, Urban Andrain, in place of 5th, before Peter 

Woodbury, read 4th ; in place of 9th, before Gov. Thomas Dudley, 

read 8th; in place of 8th, before Gov. Simon Bradstreet, read 7th ; 

in place of $th, before Capt. John Porter, read ^th. 

Page 414. Under Edwards, Charles Lincoln, in place of 6th from Lieut. 
Richard Stockton, read 10th from Lieut. Richard Stockton. 


Page 471. Under Barrows, John Wright, omit Lieut, before John Spalding. 

Page 475. Omit the line: 55. Jewett, Walter Kennon, Colorado Springs, 
2987; and place the list of ancestors thereunder beneath the follow- 
ing line, viz. : 53. Jewett, William Kennon, Colorado 
Springs, 2987. The ancestors credited to Walter K. Jewett in 
the Index should be credited to William K. Jewett. 

Page 498. Under Knight, Stephen Herrick, M.D., in place of 9th from Capt. 
Edmond Greenley, read gth from Lieut. Edmund Greenleaf. 




Page 505. In place of the name Ralph, Percy Perry, read Perry, Ralph 

Under the same name, in place of 6th from Rev. Nathan Short, read 

6th from Rev. Matthew Short. 
Page 507. Under Usher, Ellis Baker, in place of 5th from Capt. John Lane, 

read 5th from Daniel Lane. 


Page 534. In place of Jones, Edmund Clarence, read Jones, Edward Clar- 


Page 578. Under Brodhead, Capt. Daniel, etc., in place of Russell, Averly 

C. H., read Russell, Averley C. H. 
Page 583. Omit Buknham, Thomas, Ipswich, etc. 

After Burnham, Thomas, 1617-168S, insert Hartford, Conn. 

The record of Burnham, Lieut. Thomas, Jr., should read as 

follows: Burnham, Lieut. Thomas, 1623-1694, Ipswich, Mass. 

In Pequot and King William's Wars. Ens. and Lieut. Ipswich 

Co. Deputy, 1683-1685. 
Page 589. Under Carr, Gov. Caleb, in place of Jones, Edmund C, read Jones, 

Edward C. 
Page 594. Under Cheney, Sergt. Ebenezer, in place of Morse, William S., 

read Morse, Willard S. 
Page 598. Under Claypoole, James, etc., omit Connell, Robert, 318. 

Before Clayton, Capt. John, insert Claypoole, Norton, 1688, 

Penn. Member of Provincial Assembly of Penn. from Sussex Co., 

1686. Connell, Robert, 318. 
Page 600. Under Coefin, Tristram, in place of Jones, Edmund C, read Jones, 

Edward C. 
Page 601. Under Coggeshall, John, 2nd, in place of Jones, Edmund C, reaa 

Jones, Edward C. 
Page 609. In place of Curtis, John, 2nd, read Curtis, Jehu. 
Page 610. Under Custis, Col. William, in place 0/ Curtis, J. B. Gregg, read 

Custis, J. B. Gregg. 
Page 617. In place o/Dillingham, John, read Dillingham, Sergt. Paul. 
Page 621. Under Dudley, Gov. Thomas, in place of Goodwin, Joseph B., reaa 

Godwin, Joseph B. 
Under Dudley, Gov. Thomas, and Dudley, Gov. Joseph, in place 

0/Saltonstall, A. H. M., read Mickle-Saltonstall, A. H. 
Page 625. Under Easton, Gov. Nicholas, in place of Jones, Edmund C, read 

Jones, Edward C. 



Page 627. Under Ellis, Lieut. Richard, in place of Morse, Samuel W., reaa 

Morse, Willard S. 
Page 646. Under Gordon, Alexander, in place of Capt. Timothy Hall's Co., 

read Capt. Kinsley Hall's Co. 
Page 648. After Gove, Ebenezer, 1671, insert 1758. 
Page 653. Under Guild, John, in place of Morse, William S., read Morse, 

Willard S. 
After Hack, William, 1663, insert 1738. 
Page 664. Under Hills, Capt. Joseph, in place of Morse, Samuel W., read 

Morse, Willard S. 
Page 677. Under Hutchins, Hezekiah, omit Gilfillan, William W., 84. (See 

also correction on page 782.) 
Page 685. Under Keen, Matthias, in place of Keene, George B., readKeen, 

Gregory B. 
Page 689. Under Lane, Col. John, omit Usher, Ellis B. 

Under Lane, Daniel, and record of service, insert Usher, Ellis B. 
Page 701. After Lyman, Lieut. John, and record of services, insert Lyman, 

Elias, 363. 
Page 710. Under Miller, Lieut. John George, omit Talbot, Archie L. 

Before Miller, Lieut. Robert, etc., insert the following : Miller, 

John, 1737-1807. In Capt. Benjamin Pratt's Co., Plymouth 

Colony; in Col. Thomas Doty's Reg't., expedition to Canada, 1758. 

Talbot, Archie L., 536. 
Page 714. In place of Morton John, 1616 , etc., substitute the following : 

Morton, John, 1616-1673. Deputy to General Court from Ply- 
mouth, 1662; from Middleborough, 1670, '72, '73. Talbot, Archie 

L., 536. 
Page 743. Under Revell, Randall, in place of Curtis, George W. N., read 

Custis, George W. N. ; in place of Curtis, J. B. Gregg, r^«</Custis, 

J. B. Gregg. 
Pages 751, 752. Under Salstonstall, Gov. Gurdon; Col. Gurdon; Col. 

Nathaniel; Sir Richard ; and Sergt.-Maj. Richard, in place 

of Saltonstall, A. H. Mickle, read Mickle-Saltonstall, A. H. 
Page 756. Under Sears, Richard, in place of Morse, Samuel W., read Morse, 

Willard S. 
Page 761. In place of Short, Rev. Nathan, read Short, Rev. Matthew; 

and in place of Ralph, Percy P., read Perry, Ralph P. 
Page 766. Under Spalding, Lieut. John, omit Barrows, John W., 471. 

Under Spa(u)lding, John, include Barrows, John W., 471. 
Page 775. Under Strong, Elder John, in place of Colony of Mass. Bay, read 

Plymouth Colony. 
Page 777. Under Sweetsir, Benjamin, in place op Jones, Edmund C, read 

Jones, Edward C. 
Page 781. Under Thayer, Richard, in place of Morse, Samuel W., read 

Morse, Willard S. 
After Thomas, William, in place 0/1673, read 1573. 



Page 782. Under Thompson, Paymaster Hezekiah, include the name of Gil- 

fillan, William W., 84. 

Page 800. Under Warner, John, 171 7, omit Bates, William 0., 429. 

Insert before Warner, John, the following: Warner, John, Sr., 

1615-1679, Farmington, Conn. Served in Pequot War and received 

grant of land for his services. 
Page 802. Under Wayte (Waite), Capt. John, in place of Morse, Samuel W., 

read Morse, Willard S. 
Page 811. Under Willard, George, in place of Morse, Samuel W., read 

Morse, Willard S. 
Page 816. Under Winthrop, Gov. John; Gov. John, 2nd; and Maj.-Gen. 

Wait-Still, in place of Saltonstall, A. H. Mickle, read Mickle- 

Saltonstall, A. H. 
Page 818. Under Woodcock, John, in place of Morse, Samuel W., read 

Morse, Willard S. 

II. Supplement of 1906. 



Page 28. Under Andrews, James Madison, in place oj 5th from William 

Andrews, read 4th from William Andrews. 
Page 31. Under Church, William Conant, in place 0/ 9th from Roger 

Conant, read 5th from Roger Conant. 
Page 32. Under Conrovv, Wilford Seymour, in place of 7th from Samuel 
Keever, 1st, read 7th from Samuel Keeler, 1st. 
Under Dos Passos, Louis Hays, in place o/8th from Arent Harmanus 
Bussing, read 8th from Arent Harmanse Bussing. 
Page 33. Under Fish, Henry Manning, in place of 5th from John Manning, 
read 6th from John Manning. 
Under Foster, Frederick de Peyster, in place of 8th from William 

Beekman, read 8th from Lieut. Wilhelmus Beekman. 
In place of 9th from William Whitney, readgih. from William Whiting. 
Page 34. In place of 8th from Rev. John Whitney, read 8th from Rev. John 
In place of 9th from Thomas Newbury, read 9th from Thomas 

Under Frye, Jed, in place of 6th from Joris Rapelje, read 6th from 
Joris Jansen de Rapelje. 
Page 35. Under Goodspeed, Benjamin Franklin, in place of 6th from Arent 
Schuyler, read 6th from Capt. Arent Schuyler. 



Under Hawks, William Irving, in place of 6th from Elizur Hawks, 

read 6th from Eliezer Hawks. 

Page 36. Under Hutton, Arthur Lefferts, in place of 10th from Gerretse 

Wolfert Van Cowenhoven, read 10th from Wolfert Gerretse Van 


After Johnson, William Schuyler, in place of Booneville, read 

Under the same name, in place of 9th from Maj.-Gen. Robert Sedge- 
wick, read 9th from Maj.-Gen. Robert Sedgwick. 
Page 38. In place of McPherson, Robert Barclay, read Macpherson, 
Robert Barclay. 
Under the same name, in place of 6th from Lieut. Leffingwell, reaa 
6th from Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell. 
Page 39. Under McNamee.Theodore H., in place <?/4th from Jeremiah Hoge- 
boom, read 4th from Jeremiah Hoogeboom. 
Under Meigs, Peveril, Jr., in place of 8th from Simon Willard, read 
8th from Maj. Simon Willard. 
Page 41. Under Peck, George Lyman, in place of yth from Gov. William Lute, 

read 7th from Gov. William Leete. 
Page 42. Under Potts, Charles Edwin, in place of 9th from William Park, 

read 9th from William Parke. 
Page 44. Under Richards, William Stiger, in place of 6th from Capt. Jan 

Meserole, read 6th from Capt. Jan Miserole. 
Page 45. In place of 9th from Wolfert Gerretse Van Couwenhoven, read 9th 
from Wolfert Gerretse Van Cowenhoven. 
In place 0/8th from Corp. Philip Squires, read 8th from Corp. Philip 

In place of 6th from Lieut. Peter Monfort, read 6th from Lieut. Peter 
Page 49. /;/ place of Weisse, Faneuil Suydam, read Weisse, Faneuil Suy- 
dam, M.D. 
Under Westcote, William Joseph, in place of 8th from Stuckley 

Westcott, read 8th from Stukely Westcott. 
Under Whitin, Ernest Stagg, in place of 8th from Jan Strycker, 
read 8th from Capt. Jan Strycker. 
Page 50. Under Winant, Frederick, in place of 7th from Joseph Bishop, read 
7th from James Bishop. 
Under Wood, Spencer Shepard, in place of Joris de Rapelje, read 
Joris Jansen de Rapelje. 
Page 51. Under Wright, Joshua Butler, in place of 9th from Thomas 

Welles, read 9th from Gov. Thomas Welles. 
Page 52. Under Brewster, Samuel Dwight, in place of 7th from Lieut. 

Andrew Newcombe, read 7th from Lieut. Andrew Newcomb. 
Page 53. Under de Luze, Philip Schuyler, in place of 7th from Philip Pieterse 
Schuyler, read 7th from Capt. Philip Pieterse Schuyler. 



In place of jlh from Oloff Stevense Van Cortlandt, read 7th from Oloff 

Stevensen Van Cortlandt. 
Under Hubbell, Henry Wilson, in place of 9th from Commissioner 

Andrew Warde, read 9th from Commissioner Andrew Ward. 
Page 54. Under Lefferts, William Henry, in place of 8th from Joris Jensen 

de Rapelje, read 8th from Joris Jansen de Rapelje. 
Page 55. Under Suydam, Walter Lispenard, in place of 6th from Corp. 

Arent Harmanus Bussing, read 6th from Corp. Arent Harmanse 

In place of 7th from Claude Le Meistre, read 7th from Claude Le 

Page 56. In place of 9th from Wolfert Garretse Van Couwenhoven, read gth 

from Wolfert Gerretse Van Cowenhoven. 
In place of 7th from Ephriam Miner, read 7th from Ephraim Miner. 
In place of Underhill, Frederick Edgar, read Underhill, Fred- 
eric Edgar. 
Under Vail, Henry Hobart, in place of 7th from Col. John Young, 

read 7th from Col. John Youngs. 
In place of 8th from John Washbourne, Sr., read 8th from John 

Washburne, Sr. 
Under Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt Schuyler, in place of jib from 

Capt. Johannes Van Brugh, read 7th from Capt. Johannes Pieterszen 

Van Brugh. 
Page 57. In place of 8th from Col. Garardus Beekman, read 8th from Col. 

Gerardus Beekman. 


Page 60. Under Treasurer, William MacPherson Hornor should read 

William Macpherson Hornor. 
Under GENTLEMEN OF THE COUNCIL, Dr. Richard A. Clee- 
man should read Dr. Richard A. Cleemann. 
Page 61. Under Binney, Charles Chauncey, 8th from Capt. John Johnson 

should read 8th from John Johnson. 
Under Corbin, Elbert Augustus, Jr., 7th from Joshua Healy should 

read 5th from Joshua Healy. 
Page 62. Under Fitzhugh, Gen. Charles L., 5th from Col. William Fitzhugh 

should read 3rd from Col. William Fitzhugh, 2nd. 
Page 63. Under Haughton, Richard, 4th from Jedediah Huntington should 

read 4th from Jedidiah Huntington. 
Pages 63, 64. Under Levick, Lewis Jones, 6th from Toby Leach should read 

6th from Toby Leech. 
Page 64. Under Perkins, Charles Penrose, 5th from Isaac Sharp should read 

5th from Col. Isaac Sharp. 
Page 65. Under Tyler, George Trotter, 6th from George Nicholas should 

read 6th from Dr. George Nicholas; 8th from Archibald Blair should 

read 8th from Dr. Archibald Blair. 



Under Wharton, Charles, Jr., 5th from Ensign Andrew Boggs 

should read 4th from Ensign Andrew Boggs. 
Page 67. Under Darrach, Henry, 7th from William Budd should read 6th 

from William Budd. 
Page 68. Under Goodrich, William, 9th from Richard Cocke should read 8th 

from Richard Cocke ; 8th from Thomas Cocke should read 7th from 

Thomas Cocke. 
Under Hough, Oliver, 8th from William Wickenden should read 8th 

from Rev. William Wickenden. 
The State Society No. of Savage, William Lyttleton, should be 65 

and not 165. 
Under Sayres, Edward Stalker, 9th from Capt. Nathaniel White 

should read 7th from Capt. Nathaniel White. 
Under Wainwright, Francis King, 8th from Andrew Bankson 

should read 7th from Andrew Bankson ; 5th from Zachariah Van 

Luveneigh should read 5th from Zachariah Van Luvanigh. 
Under Williams, Francis Howard, 7th from Hugh Wynne shoula 

read 7th from Dr. Thomas Wynne. 


Page 71. Clark, William Bullock, should read Clark, William Bullock, 

Page 72. Johnson, Charles William Leverett, should read Johnson, 

Charles William Leverett, Ph.D. 
Myers, William Starr, should read Myers, William Starr, Ph.D. 
Page 73. Trippe, James McCorky, should read Trippe, James McConky. 


Page 80. Allen, Carter Crawford, should read Allen, Crawford Carter. 
Page 83. Bouve, Charles Osborn, should read Bouve, Charles Osborn. 
Page 85. Under Dutcher, Frank Jerome, 5th from Rudolph De Duyster 

should read 5th from Ruloff De Duyster. 
Page 87. The General Society No. of Green, Robert Montraville, should 

be 3519, and «<tf 3819. 
Page 90. Under Lord, Calvin, 7th from Nicholas Gowan should read 7th from 

Nicholas Gowen. 
Page 93. Under Rust, Edgar Carter, 8th from Quartermaster Nathaniel Rust 

should read 7th from Quartermaster Nathaniel Rust. 
Page 98. Under Healey, David Alden, 7th from John Dunham should read 

8th from John Dunham. 


Page 108. Under Briggs, Southwick Cary, in place of 9th from Pres. John 
Sandford, read 9th from Pres. John Sanford. 



Page in. Under Offley, Cleland Nelson, in place of 7th from Maj.-Gen. 
Alexander Spottswood, read 7th from Maj.-Gen. Alexander Spots- 
After Owen, William O., Maj., U.S.A., in place of Monterey, Col., 
read Monterey, Cal. 


Page 130. Hack, Thomas Henry, should read Hack, Thomas Henry, M.D. 
Holton, Henry Dwight, should read Holton, Henry Dwight, 

Under Woolson, Charles Amasa, in place of 5th from Lieut. 
Phineas Upham, read 6th from Lieut. Phineas Upham. 
Page 131. Under Converse, Charles Allen, in place of Dep. Edward Con- 

vers, read Dea. Edward Convers. 
Page 132. After Evans, Ira Hobart, Maj., U.S.V., in place of Montpelier, read 
Austin, Texas. 
After Fuller, Austin Weld, Capt., U.S. V., in place of St. Albans, 
read North Cambridge, Mass. 


Page 146. Under Ball, Samuel Boyd, in place of 7th from Henry Ridgeley, 
read 7th from Henry Ridgely. 


Page 155. Insert before 64 Shoemaker, Murray Marvin, Cincinnati, 3295, 
the following: 62. Rainforth, Selden Irwin, 3162, 5th from 
Col. Isaac Wyman. 


Page 161. Edward Hickman Gheen, U.S.A., should read Edward Hickman 

Gheen, U.S.N. 
Page 162. In place of *McMuran, William Thomas, read *McMurran, 

William Thomas. 


Page 169. Under GENTLEMEN OF THE COUNCIL, in place of Henry 
Kirk White, read Henry Kirke White. 


Page 184. Under Hatch, Clarence, in place of 9th from Capt. Nathaniel 
White, read 10th from Capt. Nathaniel White. 




Page 196. Under DU Pont, Victor, 3rd, in place of Henson Zaacharia Van- 
voluzi, read 5th from Ens. Zachariah Van Luvanigh. 
Under Warner, Edward Tatnall, i?i place of 6th from Samuel 
Lezis, read 6th from Samuel Levis. 


Page 199. Under Burlingame, Edwin Aylsworth, in place of 8th from Edwin 
Burlingame, read 8th from Moses Lippitt. 


Page 203. Under Ferris, Hiram Burns, in place of 7th from Ensign Joseph 
Kidder, read 7th from Ensign James Kidder. 


It is suggested to members of the Society of Colonial Wars that 
whenever a member discovers in the Register or Supplement any 
error relating to his own record or that of another member, he 
should communicate such error with its correction to the Registrar 
General. This will greatly aid in securing, in the near future, an 
accurate Register