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Supplement to Preliminary List of the Coleoptera 
of the West Indies. / 

By Charles W. Leng, B. S., Honorary Curator of Coleoptera 
and Andrew J. Mutchler, Assistant. 

Vol. XXXVII, Art. V, pp. 191-220. 
New York, February IS, 1917. 

(Continued from 3d page of cover.) 

Vol, XIII. Anthropology (not yet completed). 
*Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. IX. 
Part I. — The Yukaghir and the Yukaghirized Tungus. By Waldemar Jochelson. Pp. 
1-133, pll. i-vii, 1 map, 1910. Price, $3.40. 

Vol. XIV. Anthropology. 
*Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. X. 
Part I — Kwakiutl Texts. Second Series. By Franz Boas and George Hunt. Pp. 1-269. 

1906. Price, $2.80. 
Part II. — Haida Texts. By John R. Swanton. Pp. 271-802. 1980. Price, $5.40. 


New Series, Vol. I. 
Part I. — Crania of Tyranosaurus and Allosaurus. By Henry Fairfield Osborn, pp. 1-30, 

pll. i-iv and text figures 1-27. 1912. 
Part II. — Integument of the Iguanodont Dinosaur Trachodon. By Henry Fairfield Osborn. 

Pp. 31-54, pll. v-x, and text figures 1-13. 1912. Parts I and II are issued under one 

cover. Price, $2.00. 
Part III. — Craniometry of the Equidse. By Henry Fairfield Osborn. Pp. 55-100, text 

figures 1-17. 1912. Price, 75 cents. 
Part IV. — Orthogenetic and Other Variations in Muskoxen, with a Systematic Review of 

the Muskox Group, Recent and Extinct. By J. A. Allen. Pp. 103-226, pll. xi-xviii, 

text figures 1-45, 1913. Price, $2.50. 
Part V. — The California Gray Whale (Rhachianectes glaucus Cope). By Roy C. Andrews. 

Pp. 229-287, pll. xix-xxvii, text figures 1-22. 1914. Price, $2.00. 
Part VI. — The Sei Whale (B alamo ptera borealis Lesson). By Roy C. Andrews and H. von. 

W. Schulte. Pp. 289-502, pll. xxvii-lvii, 1916. Price, $6.00. 


Jesup North Pacific Expedition. 
Ethnographical Album of the North Pacific Coasts of America and Asia. Part 1, pp. 1-5, 
pll. 1-28. August, 1900. Sold by subscription, price, $6.00. 

The matter in the ' Bulletin ' consists of about 24 to 36 articles per volume, which 
relate about equally to Geology, Palaeontology, Mammalogy, Ornithology, Entomology, 
and (in former volumes) Anthropology, except Vol. XI, which is restricted to a 'Cata- 
logue of the Types and Figured Specimens in the Palseontological Collection of the Geological 
Department,' and Vols. XV, XVII, and XVIII, which relate wholly to Anthropology. Vol- 
ume XXIII and the later volumes contain no anthropological matter, which is how issued 
separately as 'Anthropological Papers.' 




















-86 Out of print 

-90 Price, $4.75 

-91 " 4.00 

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1.1902... " 1.50 
II, " .75 

III, 1905.. .Out of print 

IV, 1905. . . Price, $ .75 
V, 1907... " 1.25 

Volume XVIII, Part 


-1907 . 

I, 1902 Price, 
II, 1904 

" III, 1905 

" IV, 1907 







Part I, 1908 . . . 




























XVII, " V;i907... "'"1.25 " XXXVi 

Vols. I-XIX, 1908-1916. 

The 'Journal'-is a popular record of the progress of the American Museum of. Natural 
History, issued monthly, from October to May inclusive. Price, $1.50 a year. Volumes 
I -XVI, 1900-1916. 

*The Anatomy of the Common squid. By Leonard Worcester Williams. Pp. 1-87, 
pll. i— Hi, and 16 text figures.. 1909. 

^Chinese Pottery of the Han Dynasty. By Berthold Laufer. Pp. 1-339, pi. i-lxxv, 
and 55 text figures. 1909. 

For sale at the Museum. 
♦Published by E. J. Brill, Leiden, Holland. Not on sale at the Museum. American 
Agent, G. E. Stechert. 151-155 West 25th Street, New York City. 




By Charles W. Leng, B. S., Honorary Curator of Coleoptera 
and Andrew J. Mutchler, Assistant. 

In the preface to the Preliminary List of the Coleoptera of the West 
Indies x we asked our readers to communicate any papers or manuscript 
notes bearing on the subject and expressed the hope of publishing later the 
records of the collections in this and possibly other museums. We have 
received a number of such communications in response to our request and 
have examined the material in the National Museum. To all who have 
thus aided us we are grateful, but particularly to Mr. E. A. Schwarz, to 
whose great knowledge of the subject and great patience and liberality in 
communicating his knowledge to us we owe much more than we can repay. 
In addition to the identified specimens, now added to the published records, 
there exists in this and other museums, a mass of unidentified material con- 
sisting largely of undescribed species of which at present no satisfactory 
records can be published. The additions (about 200), corrections, and 
notes that follow are derived either from the sources named or from the ex- 
tensive West Indian material accumulated in American Museum and are in 
each instance credited to the proper source by an abbreviation. The ex- 
planation of such abbreviations and, concurrently, the authorities are given 
in the following list. 

A. M. N. H. Specimens in American Museum of Natural History collections 

identified by Andrew J. Mutchler. 
Arrow, Gilbert J. In letter, and Ann. and Mag. Nat. Hist., 8th ser., VIII, 1911, 

p. 151; ibid., 8th ser., XV, 1915, p. 443. 
Ballou, H. A. Bull. Entom. Research, 1913; and West Indian Bulletin, XIV, 1914. 
Barber, C. A. Supplement to the Leeward Islands Gazette, Jan. 25, 1894. 
Barber, H. S. In letters, and Proc. Entom. Soc. Washington, XV, 1913, pp. 188-193 ; 

XVIII, 1916, pp. 113-117. 
Cameron, M. Entom. Monthly Magazine, 2d ser., XLIX, (XXIV), 1913, p. 175. 
Case}', Thos. L. Memoirs on the Coleoptera, VII, 1916. 
Champion, G. C. Entom. Monthly Magazine, 3 ser., LI(I), 1915, p. 121; Trans. 

Entom. Soc. London, 1916, pp. 61-62. 
Clavareau, H. Coleopterorum Catalogus, part 59, 1914. 
Cockerell, T. D. A. Journal Jamaica Institute, 1891-1893. 
Coquerel, Charles. Ann. Soc. Entom. France, 2d ser., VII, 1849, pp. 450-452. 

1 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History, XXXIII, Art. XXX, 1914, pp. 391-493. 


192 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 

Desbordes, H. Bull. Soc. Entom. France, 1914, p. 234. 

Ehlers, W. Trans. Amer. Entom. Soc, XI, 1883, p. 36. 

Fleutiaux, Ed. In letters, and Liste des Coleopteres de la Guadeloupe par Fleutiaux 
et Salle, Ann. Soc. Entom. France, 6th ser., IX, 1889, pp. 351-484; supplements 
by A. Raffray and A. Grouvelle: ibid., LXXI, 1902, pp. 756-769; ibid., LXXVII, 
1908, pp. 33-64; ibid., LXXI, 1912, pp. 289-312. Revision des Trixagidse, 
Melasidse et Elateridse des Antilles, ibid., LXXX, 1911-1912, pp. 235-264. 

Grieve, Symington. Proc. Roy. Phys. Soc. Edinburgh, IX, 1913-1914. 

Grouvelle, A. Bull. Soc. Entom. France, 1916, pp. 84-87. 

Gundlach, Juan. Annates de la Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural, serie II, 
tomo secundo, 1894, pp. 601-658 (Fauna Puerto Riquena, pp. 287-344). This 
work was inaccessible to us at the time the Preliminary List was written; it 
contains a large number of Porto Rico records. Some of the species cited have, 
however, never been described and are not included by us. 

Hopkins, A. D. U. S. Department of Agriculture, Office of the Secretary, Report 
No. 99, 1915. 

Horn, Walther. Genera Insectorum, Coleoptera, Fascicule 82, a, b, c. 

Jones, Thomas H. Insects Affecting Vegetable Crops in Porto Rico. Bulletin of 
the U. S. Department of Agriculture, No. 192, 1915. 

Kerremans, Ch. Monographic des Buprestides, I-VII, pt. 8, 1906-1914. 

Kleine, R. Berl. Ent. Zeitsch., 1908; Ent. Blatter, VI, 1910. 

Lameere, A. Coleopterorum Catalogus, pt. 52, 1913. 

Leng, C. W. and Mutchler, A. J. Bull. Amer. Mus. Nat. History, XXXV, pp. 681- 

Mann, W. M. Psyche, XXII, 1915, pp. 163, 164. 

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Mutchler, A. J. Bull. Amer. Mus. Nat. History, XXXIII, 1914, pp. 345, 346. 

Putzeys, J. Stett. Ent. Zeitung, 1878, p. 25. 

Quaintance, A. L. Proc. Entom. Soc. of Washington, XV, 1913, pp. 75-82. 

Robinson, Col. Wirt. In letters. 

Schwarz, E. A. In letters. 

Shoemaker, Ernest. A series collected in St. Thomas by Clarence Shoemaker, which 
has been at our disposal for inspection, has furnished some records. 

Spaeth, F. Coleopterorum Catalogus, part 62, 1914. 

U. S. N. M. Specimens in the United States National Museum, identified by E. A. 
Schwarz; records copied by permission of Dr. Leland O. Howard, Honorary 
Curator, Dept. of Insects. 

Urich, F. W. Trinidad Field Nat. Club, I, 1892. 

Wickham, H. F. In tetters. 

The statement in the Preliminary List " total absence of the Silphidse", 
requires modification. While true of Silpha and Nccrophorus and of Bury- 
ing Beetles in the sense we intended, it is not true of all Silphidae, as that 
family is composed in the Henshaw Check List. There is a species of 
Aglyptonotus in the British Museum from St. Vincent and Grenada (Ent. 
Mont. Mag., LI., p: 121). Mr. Schwarz has collected a species of Aglyp- 
tonotus at Cayamas, Cuba, and the National Museum contains specimens 
of a Ptomophagus or Choleva from Porto Rico. These are certainties; there 

1917.] Leng and Mutchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 193 

is furthermore a probability that species of Scotocryptus or Parabystus will 
be found, as they are inquilinous on Melipone bees, which occur in the West 
Indies (Schwarz). 

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago, which are politically part of the 
West Indies, are situated close to the mainland of South America, of which 
faunistically they become part. In Cicindelinre the introduction of Trin- 
idad records would require the addition of four species of the genus Odon- 
tochila (Trinidad Field Nat. Club, I, 1892, p. 109, and Walther Horn in 
Gen. Ins.) and, in other families, many similarly alien records. We shall, 
therefore, in future omit from the West Indian List species and genera 
occurring only in the islands above named. 

In the following pages the additional records of distribution and the 
species to be added to our Preliminary List, the latter being indicated by 
asterisks, are arranged according to that List; errors which have been 
noticed are corrected, and various other items of interest are included. It 
will be noted that an atmosphere of doubt, necessarily surrounding records 
based on the various identifications of different authors in difficult groups, 
is indicated, but this cannot be dissipated until each of such groups is 
studied in detail. 

Family I. CARABID^. 

Subfamily Cicindelinfe. 

The authors have published (Bull. American Mus. Nat. Hist., XXV, 
1916, pp. 681-698) a Descriptive Catalogue of the West Indian Cicindelinse 
which involves the separation of the records for Tetracha sobrina and Cicin- 
dela suturalis to show the distribution of their varieties, the revival of 
Fleutiaux and Salle's variety pallipes under argentata, the description of a 
new variety of T. sobrina from Antigua, and of two new species of Cicindela 
from Cuba. On account of these changes and of numerous additional rec- 
ords, we think it advisable to publish a complete revised list of this sub- 

Tetracha Hope. 

Tetracha acutipennis (Dejean). Hispaniola, Cuba. 
Tetracha sobrina (Dejean). St. Bartholomew?. 

Tetracha sobrina var. infuscata (Mannerheim). Hispaniola, Porto 
Rico, St. Croix, St. Bartholomew. 

Tetracha sobrina var. antiguana Leng and Mutchler. Antigua. 

Tetracha Carolina (Linne). Cuba. 

Tetracha Carolina var. occidentalis (Klug). Cuba, Grand Cayman. 

194 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 

Cicindela Linne. 

Cicindela marginata Fabricius. Bahamas, Cuba. 

Cicindela cardini Leng and Mutchler. Cuba. 

Cicindela hoops Dejean. Cuba, Hispaniola, Porto Rico. 

Cicindela olivacea Chaudoir. Cuba. 

Cicindela trifasciata Fabricius. Bahamas, Cuba, Grand Cayman, His- 
paniola, Porto Rico, St. Thomas, Jamaica, Barbuda, Antigua, Guadeloupe. 

Cicindela suturalis Fabricius. Hispaniola, Porto Rico, St. Thomas, St. 
Bartholomew, Barbuda, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Barbados, St. 
Vincent, Grenada. 

Cicindela suturalis var. hebrwa Klug. St. Domingo, Porto Rico, Antigua. 

Cicindela suturalis var. guadeloupensis Fleutiaux and Salle. Guadeloupe. 

Cicindela viridicollis Dejean. Cuba. 

Cicindela argentata var. pallipes Fleutiaux and Salle. Guadeloupe. 

■Cicindela cubana Leng and Mutchler. Cuba. 

Subfamily Carabine. 

Bembidium fastidiosum (Laferte). Antigua (Putzeys). 

* Tachys picturatus Putzeys. Antigua (Putzeys). 

Tachyta autmnnalis Bates. Cuba, Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). 

* Pterocharis eggersi Ehlers. St. Thomas (Tr. Am. Ent. Soc, 1883, p. 36). 
Lachnophorus leucopterus Chevrolat. Porto Rico (A. M. N. H.). 
Selenophorus alternans Dejean. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Selenophorus chalybosus Dejean. Jamaica, Bahamas (U. S. N. M.); 

Antigua (Putzeys); Guadeloupe (Fleutiaux). 

* Selenophorus integer (Fabricius). Guadeloupe (Fleutiaux). 
Selenophorus discopunctatus Dejean. Haiti, Porto Rico (U. S. N. M.) ; 

Antigua (Putzeys). 

Selenophorus fiavilabris Dejean. Porto Rico (A. M. N. H. ). . 

Selenophorus parumpunctatus Dejean. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Selenojihorus propinquus Putzeys. Antigua (Putzeys). 

Selenophorus pyritosus Dejean. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Selenophorus sinuatus (Gyllenhal). Antigua (Putzeys). 

Putzeys (Stett. Ent. Zeit., 1878) treats S. cuprinus Dejean as a synonym 
of S. discopunctatus Dejean and S. ameocupreus Dejean as a form of S. 
beauvoisi Dejean, established on darker specimens with the sides of thorax 
less rounded and other details. 

Gynandropus guadeloupensis Fleutiaux. Porto Rico (U. S. N. M.). 

1917.] Leng and Mutchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 195 

Amblygnathus vitraci Fleutiaux. Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 

* Euphorticus pubeseens var. wneohis Bates. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 
Colpodes ellipticus Chaudoir. Guadeloupe (U. S. N. M.). 
Ste?wus tibialis (Chevrolat). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Panagceus fasciatus Say. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Panagceus thomoe Schauta. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). This has been 
treated as a synonym of the Mexican quadrisignatus but is possibly distinct. 

Panaga?us quadrisignatus Chevrolat. Cuba, Porto Rico (A. M. N. H.). 
Aspidoglossa vulnerata Putzeys. Cuba, Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Clivina bipustulata (Fabricius). Cuba (A. M. N. H.); it is possible 
that this and the preceding records refer to the same insect. 

Oxydrepanus rufus (Putzeys). Guadeloupe (Fleutiaux). 

Stratiotes iracundus Putzeys. Dominica (A. M. N. H.). 

Morio monilieornis (Latreille). Porto Rico, Culebra, Jamaica, Haiti; 
possibly introduced in pine lumber from the United States (Schwarz). 

C optoder a f estiva Dejean. Jamaica (U. S. N. M.). 

Rhombodera flavipes (pallipes err. typ.) Leconte. Occurs also in Jamaica 
(U. S. X. M.). 

Rhombodera bicolor Leconte which may be a variety of flavipes (Leconte), 
(compare G. H. Horn, Tran. Am. Ent. Soc, X, p. 159) and possibly not 
different from atrorufa Reiche. Porto Rico (Gundlach and Van Zwaluwen- 

Lebia viridis Say. Dominica, Porto Rico (A. M. X. H.). 

Lebia bitceniata Chevrolat. Dominica, Porto Rico (U. S. X. M.). 

* Lebia elevata (Fabricius)? Guadeloupe. The identity of the Guade- 
loupe insect is doubtful. See Fleutiaux, Ann. Ent. Soc. Fr., 1889, p. 361. 

* Apenes opaca Leconte. Bahamas (Wickham). 

Apenes parallela Dejean and A. morio (Dejean) may be synonymous. 
Apenes parallela (Dejean). Bahamas (A. M. X. H.). 

* Apenes variegata (Dejean) . Antigua (Putzeys) . Under this name both 
Van Zwaluwenburg and Gundlach record a species from Porto Rico in the 
genus Cymindis; it seems probable, however, that all the West Indies species 
recorded in that genus really belong to Apenes. 

* Zuphium americanum Dejean. Porto Rico (Gundlach, A. M. X. H.). 
Brachinus gilvipes Mannerheim. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Galerita beauvoisi Chaudoir. Barbados (Cockerell). 

* Casnonia insignis (Chaudoir). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Calosoma alternans Fabricius. St. Croix (U. S. X. M.); St. Vincent, 
Barbuda (W. I. Bull.). 

The American species, * C. calidum (Fabricius) is also credited to Porto 
Rico by Van Zwaluwenburg, but the identification may be subject to revi- 

196 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 


Megadytes fraternus Sharp. Porto Rico (Gundlach, U. S. N. M.). 

Megadytes gig aniens (Castelnau). Porto Rico (Gundlach and Van 
Zwaluwenburg). The Cuban species may not be identical; it is labelled 
I'herminieri in U. S. N. M. Coll. 

Eunectes occidentalis White is a synonym of E. sticticus (Linne); also 
the citation on p. 398 of Eretes sticticus (Linne) for the Guadeloupe species is 
an error, there being but one species involved. The author of E. occidentalis 
appears to be Erichson. 

Thermonectes margineguttatus (Aube). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Thermonectes circumscriptus (Latreille). Porto Rico (Gundlach); St. 
Thomas (U. S. N. M.). 

Rhantus calidus (Fabricius). Haiti (A. M. N. H.). 

Copelatus posticatus (Fabricius). Porto Rico (Gundlach); Haiti, St. 
Vincent (U. S. N. M.). 

Copelatus angustatus Chevrolat. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Celina grossula Leconte. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

Laccophilus americanus Aube (—proximus) Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Pachydrus obniger (Chevrolat). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Family IV. GYRINIMl. 

Dineutes longimanus (Olivier). Porto Rico (Gundlach); Jamaica (U. S. 
N. JVL). 

Dineutes metallicus Aube. Porto Rico (Gundlach) ; Guadeloupe (Fleu- 
tiaux); Jamaica (U. S. N. M.). 

Gyrinus rugifer Regimbart. (?) Dominica (A. M. N. H.). 


Hydrochus pallipes Chevrolat. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Hydrochus rugosus Mulsant. Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 

Derallus rudis Sharp. Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 

Stethoxus intermedins (Jacquelin Duval). Culebra (U. S. N. M.). 

According to Mr. F. Winters teiner, who has studied our collections of 
Hydrophilidae, the West Indian species intermedins (Duval) is not identical 
with the Central American species ater (Olivier). 

1917.] Leng and Mutchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 197 

Stetkoxus insularis (Castelnau). Porto Rico, St. Kitts (U. S. N. M.). 

Hydrophilus tenebrioides (Jacquelin Duval). Martinique (U. S. N. M.); 
Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Tropisternus chalybeus Castelnau. Cuba, Montserrat, Porto Rico 

Tropisternus lateralis (Fabricius). St. Thomas, Jamaica, Porto Rico, 
St. Kitts, Culebra (various). 

Tropistermis collaris (Fabricius). Culebra (U. S. N. M.); Porto Rico 

* Tropisternus ovalis Castelnau. Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 

* Philhydrus nebulosm (Say). Porto Rico (A. M. N. H.) r 

* Philhydrus ochracea Melsheimer (?) Porto Rico (A. M. N. EL). 
Philhydrus melanocephalus (Olivier). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Separate the genera Dactylosternum to Pelosoma as Family Sphseridiidse. 


Dactylosternum abdominale (Fabricius). Cuba, Montserrat, Barbados 
(U. S. N. M.). 

Daciylosternum flavicorne (Mulsant). Porto Rico (Gundlach); Haiti 
(U. S. N. M.). 

* Dactylosternum advectum Horn. Porto Rico (A. M. N. H.). 

The authority for D. subdepressum should be corrected to Castelnau. 
Phamonotum estriatum Say. Dominica, Jamaica, Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 

* Phainotypus pahnarum (Schwarz). Dominica (A. M. N. H.). 

* Oosternum costatum Sharp. Cuba, Porto Rico (U. S. N. M. and A. M. 
X. H.). 

Cercyon nigriceps (Marsham). Jamaica (A. M. N. H.). 

* Cercyon variegatum Sharp. Dominica (A. M. N. H.). 

* Cercyon quisquilius (Linne). Jamaica (A. M. N. H.). 

The identifications of the American Museum material of Hydrophilidse 
and Sphseridiidae were made by Mr. F. Wintersteiner. 


The genus Ephimia Reitter appears in Deutsche Ent. Zeit., XXVII, p. 
34, as Ephymia. 

* Fustiger haytiana Mann. Haiti (Mann). Psyche, Vol. XXII, 1915, 
pp. 163, 164. 


198 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 


* Lispinus claviger Cameron. St. Vincent (Cameron). 

* Lispinus impar Cameron. St. Vincent (Cameron). 
Lispinus insularis Fauvel. Guadeloupe (Fleutiaux). 

* Thoracophorus guadalupensis Cameron. Grenada, Haiti (Cameron). 
Trogophloeus aridus Jacquelin Duval. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Trogophloeus smithi. The author of this species should be Cameron. 
Oxytelus insignitus Gravenhorst. Jamaica (A. M. N. H.). 

* Thinobius miricornis Cameron. St. Vincent, Grenada (Cameron). 

* Holotrochm smithi Cameron. St. Vincent (Cameron). 

* Osorius fauveli Cameron. Haiti (Cameron). 

* Pinophilus vermifdrmis Cameron. Mustique (Cameron). 

* Pinophilus latipes Gravenhorst. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Palaminus insularis Cameron. Jamaica (Cameron). 

* Palaminus coriaceus Cameron. Jamaica, Haiti (Cameron). 

* Poederus thoracicus Erichson. Martinique (Marshall). 

* Stilicopsis circumflexus Cameron. Mustique (Cameron). 

* Stilicopsis auripilis Cameron. Grenada (Cameron). 

* Stamnoderus bernhaueri Cameron. Jamaica (Cameron). 

* Stamnoderus dissimilis Cameron. Jamaica (Cameron). 

* Stamnoderus apicalis Cameron. Jamaica (Cameron). 

* Stamnoderus varians Cameron. Grenada, St. Vincent (Cameron). 

* Musicodcrus nigrococruleus Cameron. Jamaica (Cameron). 

* Megalops loeviventris Cameron. Grenada (Cameron). 

* Megalops humeralis Cameron. Grenada (Cameron). 

* Megalops smithii Cameron. St. Vincent (Cameron). 

* Stenus (Mesostenus) lucens Cameron. Grenada (Cameron). 

* Monista per sonata Cameron. Grenada (Cameron). 

* Echiaster ivaterhousii Cameron. Grenada (Cameron). 

* Echiaster bupthalmus Cameron. Mustique, Grenadines, ' St. Vincent 

* Echiaster sharpi Cameron. Jamaica (Cameron). 

* Echiaster distinctus Cameron. Jamaica (Cameron.). 

* Echiaster impressicollis Cameron. Grenada (Cameron). 

* Stilicus jucundus Cameron. St. Vincent (Cameron). 

* Stilicus agnatus Cameron. Grenada (Cameron). 

* Stilicus insularis Cameron. Jamaica (Cameron). 

* Stilicus cupreus Cameron. Jamaica (Cameron). 

* Ophiomedon anthr acinus Cameron. St. Vincent (Cameron). 


I JtiTJLo 

1917.] Leng and Mutchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 199 

* Medon cingulatus Cameron. St. Vincent, Grenada (Cameron). 

* Aderocharis conifer Cameron. St. Vincent (Cameron). 

* Aderocharis obscurior Cameron. Grenada (Cameron). 

Strike out Sciocharis bakeri and Sciocharella pertenuis duplicated on 
same page in Thinocharis. Also add near Scopoeus and Lathrobium, the new 
genus *Micranops Cameron, and new species brunneus Cameron. Jamaica 

* Thinocharis fuscina Cameron. Grenada (Cameron). 

* Thinocharis smithi Cameron. Grenada (Cameron). 
Lithocharis ochracea (Gravenhorst). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Scopceus marginatus Cameron. Jamaica (Cameron). 

* Scopoeus simplicicollis Cameron. St. Vincent, Grenada (Cameron). 

* Scopoeus antcnnalis Cameron. Haiti (Cameron). 

* Scopoeus umbra Sharp. Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica (Cameron). 

* Scopoeus angusticollis Cameron. Grenada (Cameron). 

* Scopoeus auripilis Cameron. St. Vincent, Grenada (Cameron). 
Belonuchus gagates Erichson. Jamaica (A. M. N. H.). 

Cilea pulchellus (Erichson). Jamaica (Cockerell). 
The genus Coproporus is possibly not distinct from Erchomus 

Family IX. PTILIIDyE. 

Under Throscidiuvi change the author of invisible to read (Nietner). 


* Litolibrus princeps (Schwarz). Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Acylomus quadrispinosus Casey. Cuba (Casey). 

* Acylomus detr actus Casey. Cuba (Casey). 

* Acylomus cubiensis Casey. Cuba (Casey). 


Sacium instabile Matthews. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

200 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 


Megilla maculata (DeGeer). Cuba (A. M. N. H.); Martinique (U. S. 
N. M.); Guadeloupe (Fleutiaux). 

, The record of Hippodamia 13-punctata (Linne) from the Antilles is 
questioned by Mr. Schwarz; the species being distinctly northern and its 
occurrence almost impossible unless introduced. In the same category may 
be placed the recent records of * H. convergens Guerin, Porto Rico (Van 
Zwaluwenburg) ; and * Coccinella 9-^notata Herbst, Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 

Psyllobora nana Mulsant. Haiti (A. M. N. H.) ; Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Psyllobora lineola (Fabricius). Porto Rico (Gundlach); Jamaica 

Cycloneda sanguinea (Linne). Barbados (Cockerell); Antigua (Mar- 

Chilocorus cacti (Linne). Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 

Cladis nitidula (Fabricius). St. Lucie (U. S. N. M.). 

Exochomus uva Mulsant. Dominica (A. M. N. H.); Martinique 
(Marshall); Guadeloupe (Fleutiaux). 

The name of the genus at the foot of page 410 should read Thalassa. 

Hyperaspis connectens (Schonherr). St. Kitts (U. S. N. M.). 

Hyperaspis apicalis Weise. Haiti (A. M. N. H.). 

Scymnus ochroderus var. * cyanipennis Mulsant. Antigua (Cockerell). 

Scymnus thoracicus (Fabricius). Porto Rico (Gundlach); Guadeloupe 

Scymnus loewii Mulsant. Antigua, Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). 

The spelling of the specific name under Cryptol&mus should be montrou- 


Mgiihus clavicomis (Linne). Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 
Brachysphoenus marginatum (Olivier). Dominica (A. M. N. H.). 
The position of the genus Diploccelus is doubtful and it may have to be 
removed from Erotylidag. 


Euxestus piciceps Gorham is the same as E. minor (Sharp), see Champion 
Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond. 1913, p. 79, and E. erithacus (Chevrolat) is probably 
not more than a variety of E. parki Wollaston. 

1917.] Leng and Mutchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 201 ' 

Philothermus puberulus Schwarz. Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). 

* Nematidium mustela Pascoe. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

Auloniiin bidentatum (Fabricius). Guadeloupe (Fleutiaux, A. M. 
N. H.). 

The genus Botrodus Casey belongs probably to Murmidiinse; the same 
applies to the genus Lapethus Casey (Grouvelle, Ann. Soc. Ent. France, 1912, 
pp. 297, 298). The genera Stylulus and Cryptzoon are misplaced, but there 
is some doubt as to their family position. 

Synchita laticollis (Leconte). Montserrat, Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

Synckita granulata Say. Haiti, Cuba (U. S. N. M.). This and the 
preceding species probably belong to Acolobiciis. 

* Acolobieus lineaticollis (Horn). Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Ditoma carinata (Leconte). Haiti, Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Lobogestoria gibbicoUis Reitter. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 


There is a question as to whether the genus Moncedus was described by 
Horn or Leconte. The description of the type species appears in a paper by 
Horn but Leconte's authorship of the species is clearly indicated by Horn's 
statement that Dr. Leconte communicated the description. The author of 
the genus, nevertheless, appears to be Horn and our citation should be cor- 

* Monoedus guttatus Leconte. Cuba (Champion). 

Adimerus dubius Sharp is a synonym of Monoedus guttatus Leconte. 
(Champion, Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond., 1913, p. 73.). 

Monoedus lecontei Fleutiaux. Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). 


* Hemipeplus marginipennis Leconte. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 
Inopeplus proeusta Chevrolat. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Telephanus strictus Grouvelle. Jamaica (Grouvelle).**^' $'$• •* / *•/»•»** 

* Telephanus cribratus Grouvelle. Jamaica (Grouvelle). " * " ^ 
Losmophloeus pusillus (Schonherr). Porto Rico (U. S. N. M.). 

* Loemophlceus iteratus Sharp. St. Vincent, Grenada (U. S. N. M.). 

* Loernophloeus adustus Leconte. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Sihanus surinamensis (Linne). Porto Rico (Van Zwaluwenburg) . 

* Sihanus rectus (?) Leconte. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 
Ahasverus advena (Waltl). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

202 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 

A ausibius .dentatus (Marsham). Porto Rico (Gundlach) ; Haiti (A. M. 
N. H.). This species is treated as a synonym of N. clavicornis Kugelann by 
Casey (Trans. Am. Ent. Soc, XI, p. 74), Sharp (Biologia Cent. Am., Coleop, 
II., pt. 1, p. 556) and Blatchley (Beetles of Indiana, p. 564.). 

Lathropus costatus Grouvelle. Cuba (U. S. N. M.) is probably identical 
with the American species. 


Subfamily Ckyptophagin^e. 

Loberus testaceus Reitter. (?) Porto Rico, Haiti (U. S. N. M.). 
* Tomarus acutus Reitter. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). Possibly identical 
with a species described from Florida. 


Typhcea semirvfa Chevrolat. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Berginus bahamicus Casey. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

The genus Berginus should be removed to Lyctidse, according to some 

Litargus balteatus Leconte. Montserrat, Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 


* Dermestes caninus Germar. Jamaica (Cockerell). 
Dermestes camivorus Fabricius. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Dermestes vulpinus Fabricius. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Globicornis fulvipes Guerin. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Trogoderma insulare Chevrolat. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Cryptorhopalum scutellare Arrow. Mustique (Arrow). 


* Acritus atomulus Marseul. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 
Acritus analis Leconte. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Carcinops troglodytes (Paykull). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

1917.] Leng and Mutchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 203 

Epierus loaterhousei Marseul. Porto Rico. 

* Epierus cubensis Casey. Cuba (Casey). 

The species cited as Paromalus parallelus Leconte may be P. laterirectus 

* Isolomalus nanulus Casey. Cuba (Casey). 

* Abroeus dufaui Desbordes. Guadeloupe (Bull. Soc. Ent. Fr. 1914, p. 

Atholus confirm (Erichson). Porto Rico (U. S. N. M.). 
Omalodes ruficlatis Marseul. Haiti (U. S. N. M.). 
Omalodes klugi Marseul. . Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Lioderma interruptum (Marseul). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Lioderma quadridentatum (Fabricius). Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 


* Smicrips hypocoroides (Reitter). Cuba, Bahamas (U. S. N. M.). 
Paralindria partita Olliff. Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). The citation of 

the species as bipartita by Fleutiaux and Salle, was followed by us in the 
Preliminary List. 

Lobiopa insularis (Castelnau). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Stelidota geminata (Say). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Stelidota ruderata Erichson. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Haptoncus luteolus (Erichson). Porto Rico (Gundlach). Cosmopolitan, 
in stores. 

Conotelus conicus (Fabricius). Jamaica, Montserrat (U. S. N. M.); 
Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Brachypeplus mutilatus Erichson. Guadeloupe (Fleutiaux). 

Macrostola lutea Murray. Montserrat (Hubbard, Insect Life, VII, pp. 

* Platychora lebasi Erichson. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

Carpophilus hemipterus (Linne). Haiti (A. M. N. H.); Porto Rico (Van 
Zwaluwenburg) . 

Carpophilus dimidiatus (Fabricius). Porto Rico (Van Zwaluwenburg). 

Carpophilus dimidiatus var. mutilatus Erichson. Vieques, Montserrat 
(U. S. X. M.). 

Carpophilus (Colopterus) amputatus (Erichson). Bahamas (U. S. N. M.). 

Carpophilus (Colopterus) truncatus (Randall). Cuba. 

Rhizophayus keydeni should be heydeni. 

204 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 


* Coluocera maderce (Wollaston). Haiti (Mann). Cs^t^^ c<J,«_ t Ms.yn.h<e LK ^ 
Lobogestoria Reitter should be transferred to Colydiidse. (Schaeffer, 

Proc. Ent. Soc. Washington, VIII, 1906, p. 141.) 

* Melanophthalma distinguenda (Comolli). Cuba (U. S. N. M.). Cos- 

* Corticaria ferruginea Motschulsky. Cuba (U.-S. N. M.). Cosmopoli- 


The authority for Nemosoina should be Latreille not Reitter. 

* Temnochila hubbardi Leveille. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

Tenebroides transversicollis (Jacquelin Duval). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 


Chelonarium punctatum Fabricius. Porto Rico (Gundlach). The posi- 
tion of the genus Chelonarium is uncertain; its species live on bushes, not 
on the ground like the Byrrhidse. It is treated as a separate family by Brues 
and Melander, and is placed in the subfamily Chelonarinse under Byrrhidse 
by Sharp (Biol. Cent. Amer... II, pt. 1, 1902, pp. 684-696); Plate XX 
referred to in the text was, apparently, never published. 


Mr. Schwarz has verbally called attention to the differences shown by 
Peyerimhoff, between the larva? of Helodidse, Cyphonidse and Dascillidse. 


Adelocera subcostata Candeze. Antigua (Marshall). 
Hemirhipus fascicularis (Fabricius). Haiti (A. M. N. H.). 
Chalcolepidius obscurm Castelnau. Montserrat, Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 
* Chalcohpidius validus Candeze. Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 
The authority for Ischiodontus oblitus should be Candeze. 

1917.] Leng and Mvtchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 205 

Dicrepidius ilegans should be elegans. 
Dicrepidius notus should be ignotus. 

Monocrepidius bifoveatus (Beauvois). Bahamas, Haiti (U. S. N. M.). 
All the species listed as Conoderus should be listed as Monocrepidius. 
/Eolus elegans (Fabricius). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
* Megapenthes sturmii (Germar). Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 
The authority for Anchastus rufescens should be Candeze. 
For Pyrophorus ongipennis read P. longipennis. 
- * Mspkes decolor at us (Say). Antigua (Marshall). 
Glyphonyx quadraticollis Champion. Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 


Drapetes tunicatus Bonvouloir. Haiti (U. S. N. M.). 


According to Kerremans' Monograph, the following changes should 
be made: 

Polycesta thomoe Chevrolat is a synonym of P. porcata (Fabricius); P. 
angulosa Jacquelin Duval is a synonym of P. excavata Blanchard; Acmoeodera 
contigua Kerremans is a synonym of A. flavomarginata (Gray); Halecia 
aureomieans (Xonfried) and Hilarotes chalcoptera (Jacquelin Duval) are both 
synonyms of Halecia nitidicollis (Castelnau); Gyascutus carolinensis Horn 
belongs in Hippomelas. 

The identity of Psiloptera aurifera (spelled in error aurifer) and aurata is 

* Pelecopselaphus strictus (Linne). Antilles (Kerremans). 
Polycesta porcata (Fabricius). St. Thomas (Kerremans). 
Acm&odera cruenta (Olivier). Haiti (Kerremans). 
Buprestis decora Fabricius. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Buprestis lineata Fabricius. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

These and other species of Buprestis are probably not native but com- 
mercially introduced in timber. See also Fleutiaux (Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr., 
1889, p. 405) for similar Guadeloupe records. 

Melanophila notata (Laporte and Gory). Bahamas (A. M. N. H.). 

Chrysobothris lepida Castelnau and Gory. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Chrysobothris tranquebarica (Gmelin). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Chrysobothris denticulata Castelnau and Gory. San Domingo, intro- 

206 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 


A descriptive catalogue, in which the numerous changes will be included, 
is in preparation. 


The spelling of the family name requires correction, as above. 



Thanoclerus should read Thaneroclerus and the locality Guadeloupe 
should be inserted for T. girodi Chevrolat; Fleutiaux (Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr., 
1889, p. 417) records T. buqueti (Lefebvre) with T. girodi as a synonym, but 
buqueti being East Indian (Schenckling in Gen. Ins.) girodi is probably the 
the Guadeloupe species. 

Family XLIV. PTINID^. 

Gibbium psylloides Czempinski. Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). This is a 
cosmopolitan insect — as are many of the family. 

Ptinus niveicollis Boieldieu. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

Lasioderma serricome (Fabricius). Cuba (U. S. N. M.); Porto Rico 
(Van Zwaluwenburg). 

Champion's paper, in Trans. Entom. Soc. Lond., 1913, makes some 
changes in this family: Ozognathus is not Antillean and the species referred 
thereto may be a Cryptorama; Petalium pulicarium (Gorham) is a synonym 
of P. antillarum (Pic); Mirosternus Icevis Gorham belongs to Eupactus 
Leconte; Priotoma brevisl Gorham is P. insularis Champion. 

Xylographus belongs in Cioidae. 

Calymmaderus bibliothecarum (Poey). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Atractocems Palisot (not Latreille) belongs in Lymexylonidse. 

Atractocerm brasiliensis (Laporte and Serville) of which A. antillarum 
Vitrac (Insecta, III, 1913, p. 168) is treated as a synonym by Schenckling 
(Coleopterorum Catalogus, pt. 64, 1915). Jamaica (Cockerell). 

1917.] Leng and Mutchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 207 


Lyctus should be separated as family Lyctidse which includes also 
* Minthea rugicollis Walker (Lyctopholis foveicollis Reitter), St. Domingo 
(U. S. Tech. Ser. 20, part 3, 1911, p. 138). 

The genus Xylopertha should be expunged; the species sextuberculata 
is Zylomeira torquata (Fabricius) ; the species minutus is cosmopolitan and 
belongs in Dinoderus. 

Hetcrarthron gonagra (Fabricius). Jamaica, Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 

* Heterarthron plicatus (Leconte). Cuba, Jamaica (U. S. N. M.). 
Rhizopertha pusilla (Fabricius). Porto Rico (A. M. N. H.). Cosmo- 
politan species or introduced from the United States in timber. 

* Sinoxylon floridanum Horn. Antigua, Jamaica (U. S. N. M.). Cos- 
mopolitan species or introduced from the United States in timber. 

Apate francisca Fabricius. Porto Rico (Van Zwaluwenburg) . 

* Apate terebrans (Pallas). Jamaica (reared from Anacardium occidentale) . 

Family XLVI. CIOID.E. 

Ennearthron delicatuluvi Jacquelin Duval. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Strike out Ceratocis, transferring the species to Ceracis. 


Passalus tlascala Percheron is a Neleus. 

It is doubtful that Passalus unicornis (Serville) occurs in Cuba or 

Passalus interruptus (Linne). Martinique (Marshall). 


Chceridium insulare Chevrolat. Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). 

* Canthidium melanocephalum (Olivier). According to Olivier (Ent., 
I, 3, pp. 173, 174,) the type of this species was described from Guadeloupe 
but von Harold, in Coleopterologische Hefte, I, pp. 29-30, gives Brazil as 
the locality for the species and more recent authors have followed the latter 
record, excepting Fleutiaux and Salle, who very likely followed Olivier, as 
they had no specimens of this species to verify the records. 

208 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 

Aphodius granarius (Linne). Jamaica (A. M. N. H.). 
Aphodius granarius var. undescribed. Porto Rico, Cuba, Martinique 
(U. S. N. M.). 

* Atoenius figurator Harold. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 
Atamius gracilis (Melsheimer). Jamaica (A. M. N, H.). 

Atamius imbricatus (Melsheimer). Haiti, Porto Rico (A. M. N. H.). 

Atamius rhyticephalus (Chevrolat). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Atamius stercorator (Fabricius). Porto Rico (U. S. N. M.). 

Atamius terminalis (Chevrolat). Haiti, St. Thomas (U. S. N. M.). 

Athyreus tridentatus MacLeay var. castaneus (Guerin). Bahamas 
(A. M."N. H.). 

Trox suberosus Fabricius. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Clwotus rufopiceus Arrow. Dominica (A. M. N. H.). 

Phyllophaga (Lachnosterna) patruelis (Chevrolat). St. Kitts (W. L, 

* Anomala undulata Melsheimer. Jamaica (Cockerell). 
Macraspis tristis Castelnau. Dominica (A. M. N. H.). 
Cyclocephala notata (Illiger). Jamaica (A. M. N. H.). 
Cyclocephala tridentata (Fabricius). Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 
Rutela formosa Burmeister. Bahamas (A. M. N. H.). 
Leucothyreus mcentiw Arrow. St. Lucie (U. S. N. M.). 

Dyscinetus barbatus (Fabricius). Porto Rico (Gundlach, Van Zwalu- 

Dyscinetus trachypygus (Burmeister). Porto Rico (Van Zwaluwen- 
burg) . 

Dyscinetus picipes (Burmeister). Porto Rico (various). 

Ligyrus cordatus (Fabricius). Guadeloupe (Fleutiaux). 

Ligyrus juvencus (Fabricius). Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 

* Ligyrus fossulatus Latreille. (= fossor Latr.?) Porto Rico (Gund- 

Strategus antozus (Fabricius) is an error for syphax (Fabricius) ; S. juli- 
anus Burmeister is possibly also an error in determination of the species 
from Grenada (Schwarz). 

Strategus tricornis (Verrill) is a synonym of vulcanus (Fabricius). 
(Arrow) . 

Dynastes argentata, D. lagaii and D. vulcan Verrill are synonyms of D. 
hercules (Linne). (Arrow.) 

It may be well to repeat that species described from Trinidad, of which 
there are several in Scarabseidae, are not included because that island is 
really South American in respect of fauna. 

1917.] Leng arid Mutchler,- Coleoptera of the West Indies. 209 


Parandra loevis Latreille. Jamaica (Waterhouse, Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond. 
1878, p. 303). 

Mallodon spinibarbis (Linne). Dominica (A. M. N. H.). 

Xothopleurus ma.villosus (Drury). Porto Rico (Gundlach). The "Bar- 
bados" record for this species should be Barbuda. 

Stenodontes exsertus (Olivier). Mona (Lameere). 

Prosternodes cinnamipennis (Chevrolat). Bahamas (A. M. N. H.). 
. M. Lameere's work in Coleopterorum Catalogus makes Dendroblaptus 
and Callomegas subgenera of Callipogan, Prosternodes dominicensis Gahan 
a Derancistrus, Solenoptera a subgenus of Derancistrus, Orthosoma brunneum 
a Derobrachus. 

Methia punctata Leconte. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Criocephahis cubensis Mutchler. Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 

The spelling of Achryson Surinam should be surinamum. Marshall calls 
the specimens found in Antigua var. pollens (Fabricius). 

Chloridaf estiva (Linne). Montserrat, Haiti (U. S. N. M.). 

Eburia decemmaculata (Fabricius). Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 

Elaphidion glabratum (Fabricius). St. Lucie, Dominica, Antigua 
(W. I. Bull.); Bahamas (A. M. N. H.). 

Elaphidion irroratum (Linne). Porto Rico (Gundlach); St. Kitts (Bal- 

Elaphidion nanum (Fabricius). Porto Rico (Gundlach); Bahamas 
(A. M. N. EL). 

Elaphidion signaticolle Chevrolat. Bahamas (A. M. N. H.). 

Elaphidion tomentosum Chevrolat. Montserrat, Porto Rico (U. S. 
N. M.). 

* Heterachthes ebenus Newman. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 
Cylindera flava (Fabricius). Porto Rico, Bahamas (A. M. N. H.). 
Cylindera puberula (Fleutiaux & Salle). Haiti, Bahamas, Jamaica 

(A. M. N. H.). 

Merostenus attenuatus (Chevrolat). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Plectromerus dentipes (Olivier). Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 
Pentomacrus fasciatus Gahan. Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 

The generic position of the species assigned to Stizocera requires investi- 
gation, they may belong to Periboeum; also those assigned to Heterachthes 
may belong to Compsa. 

Callichroma elegans (Olivier). Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 

Euryscelis suturalis (Olivier). Bahamas (A. M. N. H.). 

210 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 

Trachyderes succinctus (Linne). St. Thomas (A. M. N. H.); Martinique 

Teeniotes scalaris (Fabricius). Martinique (Marshall). 
Adetus Iherminieri Fleutiaux. Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). 
Oncideres amputator (Fabricius). Jamaica (U. S. N. M.). 

* Batocera rubus (Linne). Barbados (Quaintance) ; St. Croix (U. S. 
N. M.) ; introduced from China. 

Steirastoma depressum (Linne). Jamaica (Cockerell); Martinique 
(U. S. N. M.); a serious pest on Cacao (Quaintance). 

Lagochirus araneiformis (Linne). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Leptostylus argentatus (Jacquelin Duval). Haiti (A. M. N. H.). 

Leptostylus prcemorsus (Fabricius). Dominica, St. Lucie (W. I. Bull.), 
Antigua (Marshall). 

Leptostylus, the species credited to Dejean or Dejean Cat., make Gahan 
the authority (see Trans. Ent. Soc. London, 1895, pp. 135, 136). 

Lepturges guadeloupensis Fleutiaux and Salle. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Onychocerus scorpio (Fabricius). Grenada (U. S. N. M.) received 
from H. A. Ballou. 

* Monohammus titillator (Fabricius). Cuba, Porto Rico (Gundlach); 
perhaps introduced from the United States. 


Lema confusa Chevrolat. Jamaica (U. S. N. M.). 
Lema dorsalis Olivier. Haiti (U. S. N. M.). 

* Lema intermedia Suffrian: Cuba, Haiti (U. S. N. M.). '' 

* Cryptocephalus squalens Suffrian. Cuba, Bahamas (U. S. N. M.). 
Cryptocephalus viridipennis Suffrian. Jamaica, Porto Rico (A. M. N. H.). 

* Eumolpus imperialis Baly. Martinique (Clavareau, Coleopterorum 
Catalogus) . 

* Glyptoscelis ceneipennis Baly. Grenada (U. S. N. M.). 

* Glyptoscelis hobsoni (Curtis). Cuba (Clavareau, Coleopterorum Cata- 
logus). < ' "^l^t- 

*Mctachroina terminalis Horn. Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 

Numerous changes are made by Clavareau in the Coleopterorum Cata- 
logus, pt. 59: Noda fusca is placed in Glyptoscelis; N. luteicornis is placed 
in Colaspis; Colaspis suffriani Weise is proposed for C. nigricornis; Chalco- 
phana furvida is placed in Colaspis, all other species of Chalcophana in 
Phanceta; Heteraspis nana is placed in Glyptoscelis; Metachroma cubozcola 
Clavareau is proposed for M. pwicticollis; M. suffriani Clavareau is pro- 

1917.] Leng and Mutchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 211 

posed for M. suturalis; Myochrous brevicornis is placed in Glyptoscelis; 
M. denticollis is not cited as West Indian. 

Colaspis cbasi should read Colaspis lebasi. 

The following species recorded from the West Indies, in many instances 
on excellent authority, are cited by Clavareau, in Coleopterorum Catalogus, 
pt. 59, only from the following localities but probably without the intention 
of discrediting the published records of West Indian occurrence: Rhabdop- 
tera picipes (Olivier), Massachusetts to Dakota to Carolina; Colaspis fasti- 
diosa (Lefevre), Colombia, Venezuela, Panama; C. obscura Fabricius, South 
America; C. lebasi Lefevre, Columbia, Central America; C. femoralis 
Lefevre, Columbia, Panama; Typophorus viridicyaneus (Crotch), Virginia 
to Nicaragua. 

Cerotoma ruficornis (Olivier). Haiti (A. M. N. H.). 

* Cerotoma trifurcata (Forster). Porto Rico (Van Zwaluwenburg). 
Luperus placidus Suffrian. Grenada, Haiti (U. S. N. M.). 
Malaeosoma detritum (Fabricius). Montserrat (A. M. N. H.); Dominica 

(U. S. N. M.). 

Diabrotica bivittata (Fabricius). Haiti (A. M. N. H.); Cuba (U. S. 
N. M.); Porto Rico (Gundlach, Jones). 

Diabrotica graminea Baly. Cuba (A. M. N. H.); Vieques, Haiti (U. S. 
N. M.). 

Diabrotica innuba (Fabricius). Culebra (U. S. N. M.). 

Diabrotica melanocephala (Fabricius). Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). 

Diabrotica ochreata (Fabricius). Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). 

Diabrotica pmlchella (Jacquelin Duval) is a Phyllobrotica (Schwarz). 

Strike out Hypolampsis nigrina Clark, St. Paul's Island being not West 
Indian; also Omototus fidvopubescens Clark, the Cuban citation being errone- 

CEdionyckis cyanipennis (Fabricius). Haiti (A. M. N. H.). 

Homophwta osquinoctialis (Fabricius). St. Croix (A. M. N. H.) ; Jamaica, 
Porto Rico, Antigua, treating albicollis as a synonym (U. S. N. M.). 

* Haltica subaurea Suffrian. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Haltica ignita Illiger? Bahamas (U. S. N. M.). 

Epitrix fuscata (Jacquelin Duval). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Epitrix parvula (Fabricius). Bahamas (U. S. N. M.). 

* Epitrix cucumeris (Harris). Porto Rico (Jones, Van Zwaluwenburg). 
The identity of the Porto Rican insect with E. cucumeris of the United 
States is insisted upon by Mr. Schwarz, who made the identification. 

Systena basalis Jacquelin Duval. Haiti (A. M. N. H.). 

Lactica scutellaris (Olivier). Jamaica (A. M. N. H.). 

Aphthona compressa (Suffrian). Haiti, Bahamas, Culebra (U. S. N. M.). 

212 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 

Aphihona maculipennis Jacoby. Porto Rico (U. S. N. M.). 

Choetocnema apricaria (Suffrian). Jamaica, Vieques, Haiti (U. S. N. M.). 

Homophyla krugi Weise. Guadeloupe (Fleutiaux). 

Megistops granulatus Jacoby. Guadeloupe (U. S. N. M.). 

Chalepus sanguinicollis (Linne). Vieques (U. S. N. M.); St. Thomas 
(A. M. N. H.). 

Elytrogona bulla Boheman. Haiti (Spaeth). 

Elytrogona quadrimaculata (Latreille), change to E. quatrodecimmaculata 

Chelymorpha polysticha Boheman. Dominica (U. S. N. M.); St. 
Bartholomew (Spaeth). 

Chelymorpha swarzi Thunberg change to C. swartzii Thunberg. See 
Schonherr, Syn. Ins., II, p. 229. 

Omoplata distincta Boheman. Martinique (Spaeth). 

* Batonota rugosa Wagener. Haiti (Mitt. Munch. Ent. Ver. V. 1881, 
p. 44). 

* Calaspidea grossa (Linne). Jamaica (Spaeth). 

* Oxynodera variegata (Linne). Antilles (Spaeth). 

* Physonota gigantea Boheman. Antilles (Spaeth). 

Strike out Aspidomorpha bajula Boheman, which according to Spaeth 
is a synonym of the East Indian A. sanctce crucis (Fabricius). 

A number of changes in position, etc., are proposed in Coleopterorum 
Catalogus, pt. 62, as follows: Mesomphalia amea (Olivier) is placed in Pseu- 
domesomphalia Spaeth; M. exclamationis (Linne) is placed in Hilarocassis 
Spaeth; Chelymorpha angusticollis Suffrian, C. flavicollis Boheman and C. 
swartzii Thunberg are placed in Stoiba Spaeth; C. argus (Lichtenstein) is 
treated as a variety of C. cassidea (Fabricius) and C. polysticha Boheman 
as a variety of C. multipunctata (Olivier). The other generic names under 
which Spaeth catalogues the species formerly placed in Coptocycla are not 
yet adopted by the authors. 

Coptocycla bistripunctata Olivier. Antigua (U. S. N. M.). This name 
was probably cited in error by Fleutiaux and Salle for sexpunctata Olivier. 

* Coptocycla propinqua (Boheman). Haiti (A. M. N. H.). 
Coptocycla subsignata (Boheman). Haiti, Porto Rico, Cuba (A. M. 

N. H.). 

Coptocycla guttata (Olivier). Porto Rico (Van Zwaluwenburg, Jones); 
Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti (U. S. N. M.). (Champion, in Biologia). 

* Coptocycla guttata var. fuliginosa (Olivier). Guadeloupe (Champion, 
in Biologia Cen. Am., Col., VI, pt. 2, pp. 194-195). 

According to Champion, I. c, guttata Boheman nee Olivier, 1808, and 
hamulata Boheman are synonyms of signifera (Herbst), but he appears to 

1917.] Leng and Mutchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 213 

have overlooked the discrepancy between Olivier's original publication in 
1790 and his later work (Cf. H. S. Barber, Proc. Ent. Soc. Washington, 
XYIII, 1916, pp. 117-118) by which guttata (Olivier) is validated. 

Family LII. BRUCHID^. 

Bruchus chinensis (Linne). Porto Rico (Van Zwaluwenburg) . 
* Bruchus amicus Horn. Porto Rico (Van Zwaluwenburg). 

* Bruchus sallei Sharp. Porto Rico (Van Zwaluwenburg). 

Bruchus obtectus Say should be substituted for B. obsoletus Say, when 
that name is used for the bean weevil; add the locality Porto Rico (Van 
Zwaluwenburg) . 

Bruchus rufimanus, change author to Boheman. 

Bruchus sinuatus Fahraeus (fide Horn) is a variety of B. quadrimaculatus 

Bruchus tetricus Gyllenhal. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Caryoborus nucleorum (Fabricius). Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 
Spermophagus hoffmanseggi Gyllenhal was proposed to replace robinice 

Olivier nee Fabricius. It is not equivalent to robiniw Fabricius as we have 
it in the Preliminary List but to robinice erroneously cited in Olivier, Ent., 
TV, 1795, no. 79, p. 7, pi. 1, fig. 4 a, b. 


By a regrettable error, the recor.ds for the genus Ccelotaxis derived from 
Guadalupe Island in the Pacific Ocean, were included in our Preliminary 
List. ' They should all be stricken out, as well as the record for Conibius 
on page 461. 

Dacoderus dominicensis Horn. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Phaleria variabilis Quedenfeldt. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Strike out Rhipidandrus micrographus, as a misidentification of Eutomus 

Strike out Cherostus as synonymous with Eutomus and C. jamaicensis as 
synonymous with E. cornutus. 

Change Eutomus sulcatus Gorham to Rhipidandrus sulcatus (Gorham). 
Numerous references to these genera are given in two papers: Proc. Ent. 
Soc. Washington, XV, 1913, pp. 188-193 and XVI, 1914, pp. 175-177. A 
letter from H. S. Barber states that he has recently examined larvse of Euto- 
mus fuhomaculatus (Dury) and E. cornutus (Arrow) and finds that they 
agree closely with the larvae of Eledona and Bolitotherus. 

214 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 

Platydema antennatum Castelnau & Brulle. Haiti (U. S. N. M.). 
Platydema apicale Castelnau & Brulle. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Platydema picicome (Fabricius). Cuba, Haiti (U. S. N. M.). 

* Tribolium confusum Jacquelin Duval. Porto Rico (Van Zwaluwen- 
burg) . 

Tribolium ferrugineum (Fabricius). Porto Rico, Cuba (Gundlach). 
Uloma retusa (Fabricius). Dominica (A. M. N. H.); Montserrat 
(U. S. N. M.). 

* Diaperis maculata Olivier (hydni Fabricius). Porto Rico (Van Zwalu- 
wenburg); Cuba (U. S. N. M.); Jamaica (Cockerell). 

Change the authority for Antimachus to Gistel and the authority for 
roudeni to Fleutiaux and Salle. 

Alphitobius piceus (Olivier). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Alphitobius diaperinus (Panzer). Jamaica (Cockerell). Cosmopoli- 

* Ulosonia biimpressa (Latreille). Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 

Zophobas morio (Fabricius). St. Thomas (Shoemaker); Porto Rico 
(Gundlach, Van Zwaluwenburg) ; Culebra (U. S. N. M.). Evidently widely 
distributed in West Indies. Compare also Ann. and Mag. Nat. Hist. 
8th Ser., XIII, 1914, p. 487. 

Cyrtosoma Iherminieri (Chevrolat). Montserrat (U. S. N. M.); Domin- 
ica (A. M. N. H.). 

Pyanisia undata (Fabricius). Cuba, Haiti (U. S..N. M.). 

Pyanisia tristis Castelnau. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Change Rhacius sulcatus Dejean to Rhacius sulcatidus Champion. 


Allecula flavipes Jacquelin Duval. Bahamas (U. S. N. M.). The ref- 
erence of West Indian species to Allecula, which is possibly an exclusively 
Old World genus, is questionable in the opinion of Mr. Schwarz: as is also 
the identification of Isomdra sericea Say, which should perhaps read I. valida 
Schwarz, described from Florida. 


Hyporhagus ameus Thomson. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). This species prob- 
ably belongs to Aspathines Champion. 

Hyporhagus marginatus (Fabricius). Bahamas (U. S. N. M.); Porto 
Rico (Gundlach). 

1917.] Leng and Midchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 215 


Definite records in this family are few. The single species mentioned in 
our Preliminary List may be more properly placed in Alleculidse and, though 
we have information of species of Orchesia, Canifa and Conomorphus occur- 
ring in Cuba from Mr. Schwarz, not one of them has been described. 

* Phloeotrya mexicana Champion is said to occur in Dominica (Ent. 
Mont. Mag., 1916, p. 37). 

Family LIX. (EDEMERID^. 

For Nacerdes Schmidt read Nacerda Stephens. 

Copidita tenella Waterhouse. Haiti, Jamaica (U. S. N. M.). 

Alloxacis dorsalis (Melsheimer). Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 

Ananca vittata (Fabricius). Jamaica, Vieques, Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

S. Schenckling, in Coleopterorum Catalogus, part 65, makes some 
changes in this family by which the species simplex is transferred to 
Copidita and dorsalis to Alloxacis, etc. 


Mordella sculellaris Fabricius. Cuba (Gundlach). 

Family LXI. PEDILID^. 

Change the spelling of Macrataria to Macratria. 


* Xylophilus (Hylophilus) halticioides Champion. Grenada (Champion). 

* Xylophilus (Hylophilus) atomarioides Champion. St. Vincent (Cham- 


216 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 


Change the author of Horia maculata from Swederer to Swederus; the 
author of H. auriculata from Duges to Champion; the name Cantharis to 
Epicauta; and Nematognatha to Nemognatha. (Schwarz.) 

Horia maculata Swederus. Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 

Tetraonyx I^-maculatus Fabricius. Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). 

Epicauta annulicornis Chevrolat. Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 


Change Rhipidophorus to Rhipiphorus and transfer sordidum to Macro- 
siagon. (Schwarz.) 

Macrosiagon basalis (Gerstaecker) . Cuba (Gundlach). 
Macrosiagon discicolle (Gerstaecker). Lesser Antilles (Gundlach). 
Macrosiagon sordidum v. major (Quedenfeldt). Cuba (Gundlach). 
* Macrosiagon cruentum (Germar). Cuba (A. M. N. H.). 


The genus Acamptopsis is misplaced; it should follow Cryptorhynchus. 

Change Propodes to Prepodes. 

* Pachnceus citri Marshall. Jamaica. 

* Pachnams marmoratus Marshall. Jamaica. 
Neocyphus pudens (Boheman). Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). 
Diaprepes abbreviatus (Linne). St. Lucia (W. I. Bull.). 
Diaprepes comma Boheman. Guadeloupe (Gundlach). 

* Diaprepes balloui Marshall. Dominica. 

* Diaprepes famelicus barbadensis Marshall. Barbados. 
Lachnopus curvipes (Fabricius). Tortola (W. I. Bull.). 

Lachnopus valgus (Fabricius). Anguilla (W. I. Bull.); Porto Rico 

Change Tetrabothymus to Tetrabothynus. (Schwarz.) 
Anchonus suillus (Fabricius). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

* Hypoptus insidaris Champion. Grenada, St. Vincent (Biologia C. Am. 
Col. IV, pt. 3, p. 302). 

Change Sternuchus to Sternechus. 

* Sternechus pectoralis Suffrian. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 


1917.] Leng and Mutchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 217 

Sternechus vicinus Fleutiaux. Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 
Change Hiliplus to Heilipus. 

* Heilipus elegans Guerin. Jamaica (U. S. N. M.). (Introduced.) 
Attelabus bipustulosus Jekel. Porto Rico (U. S. N. M.). 

Strike out Attelabus mutabilis Jekel, the St. Paul locality being not West 
Indian; A.foveipennis Suffrian is also probably not West Indian. 

Strike out Ludovix Castelnau and transfer the species morio Suffrian to 

Change Botanobius to Botanebius. 

* Anthonomus elegans Leconte. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Anthonomus jidichi Dietz. Cuba (IT. S. N. M.). 

* Anthonomus varipes Jacquelin Duval. Cuba, Bahamas (U. S. N. M.). 
(Injurious to egg plant, Quaintance). 

* Derelomus albidus Suffrian. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Analeis fuhicornis Suffrian. Cuba (U. S. N. M.) 

Polyderces zonatus change author to (Swederus) and add: Dominica 
(U. S. N. M.). 

* Conotrachelus coronatus Leconte. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Conotrachelus lineola Suffrian. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Conotrachelus presbyta Suffrian. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Chalcodermus pupillatus ? Suffrian. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Uosomus furo Suffrian. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

* Ulosomus laticaudis Suffrian. Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

Euscepes porcellus Boheman has been redescribed by Leconte under the 
name Acalles longidus (Champion, Biol. Cent. Am., Col., IV, pt. 4, p. 496). 

Cryptorhynchus batatoe Waterhouse. Porto Rico (Jones); Jamaica 
(U. S. N. M.); Grenada, St. Vincent, Antigua, St. Kitts, Nevis, Virgin Is. 
(W. I. Bull.). The larvae of this species tunnel the sweet potato (Quain- 
tance). It belongs to Euscepes and according to Faust, no true Crypto- 
rhynchus occur in America except the introduced species lapathi. 

* Cryptorhynchus longus (Leconte). Cuba (U. S; N. M.). 
Pseudomus semicribratus Boheman. Haiti (U. S. N. M.). This genus 

seems to be peculiar to the West Indies, except that two or three species 
reach the U. S. 

Styracopus phaseoli Marshall. Dominica, St. Vincent. t '-v )/•*«•*» </ C*^,. f(^, x / 

Macromerus lanipes (Olivier). Dominica (U. S. N. M.). ' 

Trypetes guildini Fahraeus. Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 

Peridinetus maculatus Rosenschoeld. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Peridinetus poeyi Jacquelin Duval. Porto Rico (U. S. N. M.). In this 
genus there may be some species synonymous* with species described from 
South America. 

»£«*»♦••„ fw<«- *^*4U*. t~ U *"* '»«« <*"* ** *** ~ U " 

218 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII, 

* Eurhinus festivus (Fabricius). Haiti, Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 

Baris tabaci (Salle). Haiti (U. S. N. M.). 

Cylas formicarius (Fabricius). Porto Rico (Van Zwaluwenburg, Jones). 
On sweet potato. 

Apion portoricanum Gerstaecker is a synonym of subceneum Gerstaecker 
(Wagner, Mem. Soc. Belg., 1912, XIX, p. 36).' 


Trachelizus linearis SufTrian. Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Belophorus maculatus (Olivier). Cuba (U. S. N. M.). 
Belophorus militaris (Olivier). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 
Rhaphidorrhynchus nitidicollis Gyllenhal. Dominica (U. S. N. M.). 
Brenthus anchorago (Linne). Dominica, Montserrat (U. S. N. M.). 
Brenthus turbatus Boheman. Haiti (U. S. N. M.); Porto Rico 


Rhynchophorus palmarum (Linne), Martinique; the larvae, locally called 
"grou-grou," are common in dead stems of Areca (Marshall). 

* Bynamis politus (Gyllenhal). St. Vincent (Biologia). 
Metamasius sericeus (Olivier). St. Kitts, St. Lucie (U. S. N. M.). 
Sphenophorus liratus Gyllenhal. Dominica (A. M. N. H.); Martinique 

(Ann. Soc. Ent, Fr., VII, p. 447). 

Sphenophorus quadrisignatus Gyllenhal. Dominica (A. M. N. H.). 
Sphenophorus sordidus (Germar). Dominica (A. M. N. H.). 

* Sphenophorus sacchari Gyllenhal. St. Kitts (Barber). 
Sphenophorus longicollis (Olivier) to be dropped is a native of China, 

'Ceylon, etc. (Ann. Soc. Ent. France, 1885, p. 288). 

Calandra linearis (Herbst). Dominica (A. M. N. H.). 
Calandra oryzae (Linne). Haiti, Mona (A. M. N. H.); Jamaica 

Cossonus impressus Boheman. Mona (A. M. N. H.). 

The authority for Cossonus hamiltoni should be Slosson, not Champion. 

For Macrorhy coins read Macrorhyncolus. 

1917.] Leng and Mutchler, Coleoptera of the West Indies. 219 


The studies of Dr. A. D. Hopkins have made many changes necessary. 
The family name Scolytida? is restored and many species names are added, 
though it may be that some of them are intended to represent taxonomic 
units, which may later be shown to constitute a smaller number of biological 
units. Assuming for the present that each represents a species, the following 
list of Cryphalince is to be substituted (fide Hopkins, Rept. 99) for that given 
in our Preliminary List. 

Hypothenemus Westwood. 

H. obscurus (Ferrari). Cuba. 

H. lineatijrons Hopkins. Cuba. 

H. sacchari Hopkins. Nevis. 

H. parvus Hopkins. Cuba. 

H. fiavipes Hopkins. Cuba. 

H. abdominalis Hopkins. Cuba. 

H. brunneipennis Hopkins. Cuba. 

H. amplipennis Hopkins. Cuba. 

H. moschatoe (Schaufuss). Guadeloupe. 

H. ceiboe Hopkins. Cuba. 

H. pilosus Hopkins. Cuba. 

Stephanoderes Eichhoff. 

S.flavicollis Hopkins. Cuba. 

S. elongatus Hopkins. Cuba. 

S. unicolor Hopkins. Cuba. 

S. subconcentralis Hopkins. Cuba. 

S. gossypii Hopkins. Cuba. 

S. depressus Eichhoff. Antilles. 

S. opacifrons Hopkins. Porto Rico. 

S. squamosus Hopkins. Cuba. 

S. minutus Hopkins. Cuba. 

S. nitidipennis Hopkins. Cuba. 

S. nitidulus Hopkins. Cuba. 

S. obliquus Hopkins. Cuba. 

S. subopacicollis Hopkins. Cuba. 

S. obesus Hopkins. Cuba. 

S. setosus (Eichhoff). Guadeloupe. 

S. cubensis Hopkins. Cuba. 

220 Bulletin American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XXXVII. 

Xylocleptes Ferrari. 

X. carbonarius Ferrari. Cuba. 
X. ? limbatus (Blandford). Cuba. 

Coccotrypes Eichhoff. 

C. ? robustus (Eichhoff). Cuba. 

C. thrinacis Hopkins. Isles of Pines. 

C. bakeri Hopkins. Cuba. 

C. anonoe Hopkins. Cuba. - 

C. hubbardi Hopkins. Montserrat. 


Theoborus Hopkins. 
T. theobromce Hopkins. Dominica. 

Xyleborus Eichhoff. 

X. inermis Eichhoff. Cuba. 

X. sacchari Hopkins. St. Vincent. 

X. affinis Eichhoff. Cuba. 

X. grenadensis Hopkins. Grenada. 

In addition, the following notes are derived from various sources : Kleine 
treats Hypothenemus eruditus Westwood and plumerice as identical ; he also 
cites Cryphalus mucronijer Wollaston from St. Vincent. 

Xyleborus ferrugineus (Fabricius). Porto Rico (Gundlach). 

Xyleborus inermis Eichhoff. Cuba (Kleine) ; Porto Rico (Van Zwaluwen- 
burg) . 

Xyleborus grenadensis Hopkins. Porto Rico (U. S. N. M.). 

Xyleborus sacchari Hopkins. Porto Rico (U. S. N. M.). 

Xyleborus perjorans (Wollaston). St. Kitts, Barbados, St'. Vincent 
(Barber); Jamaica (Cockerell). 

It is to be not^d that where these names are not repeated in Dr. Hopkins's 
list it is possible that the same insect is there recorded as a new species. 
Until his paper on Scolytid synonymy is published such matters can not be 
definitely treated. 


* Aro?cerus fasciculatus (De Geer). Jamaica (Cockerell). 



The publications of the American Museum of Natural History consists of the 'Bulletin,' 
in octavo, of which one volume, consisting of 400 to 800 pages and 25 to 60 plates, with 
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Each Part of the 'Memoirs' forms a separate and complete monograph, usually with 
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i-iii, and 14 text figures. September 15, 1893. Price, $2.00. ' 

Part II. — Republication of Descriptions of Fossils from the Hall Collection in the American 
Museum of Natural History, from the report of Progress for 1861 of the Geological 
Survey of "Wisconsin, by James Hall, with Illustrations from the Original Type Speci- 
mens not heretofore Figured. By R. P. Whitfield. Pp. 39-74, pll. iv-xii. August 
10. 1895. Price, $2.00. 

Part III. — The Extinct Rhinoceroses. By Henry Fairfield Osborn. Part. I. Pp. 75- 
164, pll. xiia-xx, and 49 text figures. April 22, 1898. Price, $4.20. 

Part IV. — A Complete Mosasaur Skeleton. By Henry Fairfield Osborn. Pp. 165-188, 
pll. xxi-xxiii, and 15 text figures. October 25, 1899. 

Part V. — A Skeleton of Diplodocus. By Henry Fairfield Osborn. Pp. 189-214, pll. 
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Part VIII. — The Reptilian Subclasses Diapsida and Synapsida and the Early History of 
the Diaptosauria. By Henry Fairfield Osborn. Pp. 449-507, pi. xl, a^d 28 text fig- 
ures. November, 1903. Price, $2.00. 

Vol. II. Anthropology. 
Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. I. 
Part I. — Facial Paintings of the Indians of Northern British Columbia. By Franz Boas. 

Pp. 1-24, pll. i-iv. June 16, 1898. Price, $2.00. 
Part II. — The Mythology of the Bella Coola Indians. By Franz Boas. Pp. 25-127. 

pll. vii-xii. November, 1898. Price, $2.00. 
Part III. — The Archaeology of Lytton. British' Columbia. By Harlan I. Smith. Pp. 

129-161, pi. xiii, and 117 text figures. May, 1899. Price, $2.00. 
Part IV. — The Thompson Indians of British Columbia. By James Teit. Edited by 

Franz Boas. Pp. 163-392, pll. xiv-xx, and 198 text figures. April, 1900. Price, $5.00. 
Part V. — Basketry Designs of the Salish Indians. By Livingston Farrand. Pp. 393- 

399, pll. xxi-xxiii, and 15 text figures. April, 1900. Price, 75 cts. 
Part VI. — Archaeology of the Thompson River Region. By Harlan I. Smith. Pp. 401- 

442, pll. xxiv-xxvi, and 51 text figures. June, 1900. Price, $2.00. 

Vol. III. Anthropology. 
Part I. — Symbolism of the Huichol Indians. By Carl Lumholtz. Pp. 1-228, pll. i-iv, 

and 291 text figures. May, 1900. Price, $5.00. 
Part II. — The Basketry of the Tlingat. By George T. Emmons. Pp. 229-277, pll. v-xviii, 

and 73 text figures. July, 1903. Price, $2.00. (Out of print.) 
Part III. — Decorative Art of the Huichol Indians. By Carl Lumholtz. Pp. 279-327, 

pll. xix-xxiii, and 117 text figures. November, 1904. Price, $1.50. 
Part IV. — The Chilkat Blanket. By George T. Emmons. With Notes on the Blanket 

Designs, by Franz Boas. November, 1907. Price, $2.00. 

Vol. IV. Anthropology. 
Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. II. 
Part I. — Traditions of the Chilcotin Indians. By Livingston Farrand. Pp. 1-54, June, 

1900. Price, $1.50. 
Part II. — Cairns of British Columbia and Washington. By Harlan I. Smith and Gerard 
Fowke. Pp. 55-75, pll. i-v. January, 1901. Price, $1.00. 

(Continued from bth page of cover.) 

Part III. — Traditions of the Quinault Indians. By Livingston Farrand, assisted by W. 

S. Kahnweiler. Pp. 77-132. January, 1902. Price, $1.00. 
Part IV. — Shell-Heaps of the Lower Fraser River. By Harlan I. Smith. Pp. 133-192, 

pll. vi-vii, and 60 text figures. March, 1903. Price, $1.00. 
*Part V. — The Lillooet Indians. By James Teit. Pp. 193-300, pll. viii and ix, 40 text 

figures. 1906. Price, $1.80. 
*Part VI. — Archeology of the Gulf of Georgia and Puget Sound. By Harlan I. Smith. 

Pp. 301-442, pll. x-xii, and 98 text figures. 1907. Price, $3.00. 
*Part VII. — The Shuswap. By James Teit. Pp. 443-789, pll. xiii-xiv, and 82 text figures. 

1909. Price, $6.00. 

Vol. V. Anthropology. 
Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. III. 
Part I. — Kwakiutl Texts. By Franz Boas and George Hunt. Pp. 1-270. January, 

1902. Price, $3.00. 
Part II. — Kwakiutl Texts. By Franz Boas and George Hunt. Pp. 271-402. December, 

1902. Price, $1.50. _ 
*Part III. — Kwakiutl Texts. By Franz Boas and George Hunt. Pp. 403-532. 1905. 

Price, $1.40. 

Vol. VI. Anthropology. 

Hyde Expedition. 

The Night Chant, a Navaho Ceremony. By "Washington Matthews. Pp. i-xvi, 1-332, 

pll. i— viii (5 colored), and 19 text figures. May, 1902. Price, $5.00. 

Vol. VII. Anthropology (not yet completed). 
Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. IV. 
Part I. — The Decorative Art of the Amur Tribes. By Berthold Laufer. Pp. 1-79. pll. 
i-xxxiii, and 24 text figures. December, 1901. Price, $3.00. 

Vol. VIII. Anthropology. 

*Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. V. 

Part I. — The Haida of Queen Charlotte Islands. By John R. Swanton. Pp. 1-300, 

pll. i-xxvi, 4 maps, and 31 text figures. Price, $8.00. 
Part II. — The Kwakiutl of Vancouver Island. By Franz Boas. Pp. 301-522, pll. xxvii- 
lii, and 142 text figures. 1909. Price, $10.00. 

Vol. IX. Zo'logy and Palaeontology. 
Part I. — The Osteology of Camposaurus Cope. By Barnum Brown. Pp. 1-26, pll. i-v, 

December, 1905. Price, $2.00. 
Part II. — The Phytosauria, with Especial Reference to Mystriosuchus and Rhytiodon. 

By J. H. McGregor. Pp. 27-101, pll. vi-xi, and 26 text figures. February, 1906. 

Price, $2.00. 
Part III. — Studies on the Arthrodira. By Louis Hussakof. May, 1906. Pp. 103-154, 

pll. xii and xiii, and 25 text cuts. Price, $3.00. 
Part IV. — The Conard Fissure, A Pleistocene Bone Deposit in Northern Arkansas, with 

Description of two New Genera and twenty New Species of Mammals. By Barnum 

Brown. Pp. 155-208, pll. xiv-xxv, and 3 text-figures. 1907. Price, $2.50. 
Part V. — Studios on Fossil Fishes (Sharks, Chimseroids, and Arthrodires) . By Bashford 

Dean. Pp. 209-287, pll. xxvi-xli, and 65 text figures. February, 1909. Price, $3.50. 
Part VI. — The Carnivora and Insectivora of the Bridge Basin, Middle Eocene. By W. 

D Matthew. Pp. 289-567, pll. xlii-lii, and 118 text figures. August, 1909. Price, 


Vol. X. Anthropology. 

* Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. VI. 

Part I. — Religion and Myths of the Koryak. By W. Jochelson. Pp. 1-382, pll. i— xiii , 

1 map, and 58 text figures. 1905. Price, $10.00. 
Part II. — Material Culture and Social Organization of the Koryak. By W. Jochelson. 

Pp. 383-811, pll. xiv-xl, and 194 text figures. 1908. Price, $12.00. 

Vol. XI. Anthropology. 

*Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. VII. 

Part I. — The Chuckchee: Material Culture. By W. Bogoras. Pp. 1-276, pll. I-xxxi, 

1 map, and 199 text figures. 1904. Price, $8.00. 
Part II. — The Chuckchee: Religion. By W. Bogoras. Pp. 277-536, pll. xxxii-xxxiv, 

and 101 text figures. 1907. Price, $4.00. 
Part III. — The Chuckchee: Social Organization. By W. Bogoras. Pp. 537-733, pi. 
xxxv, and 1 text figure. 1909. Price, $3.00. 

Vol. XII. Anthropology (not yet completed). 

*Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. VIII. 

Part I. — Chuckchee Mythology. By Waldemar Bogoras. Pp. 1-197, 1910. Price, $1.25. 

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